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' 1 Q I QA-L ' A AAAA A - 4 :A -' -52+ if ' 'HA A, A .A Q ,,, ' A A M - A 1 gyAgf Q 'I -X A k x 3 A ' X f - f . -A J M f ' A Q I A . I 1 , A g A A I p A A ' i Af V 5 Q A N ,A l ' 'V A - , ' fi? A '1, ' IA C ' V A A f - A Af If I' .A...tQ-ug I I If? " W, A ' ' E7 ' N NAA f W -A 'ff Q' ff 1 qjff- " ' 2 Ag! ff - 9 f5AfA ' I -.3 , LA ,ff Aff 1 I - Hag ' 54' f-gg gf A fm-f U f - A A g,.I-,. ' f- A " ' , 5 ' I I4 W IA I A - ' s....f I K I I """"F KA." I I' II 1 V Jw , I H ,, A. Y 1 ' U A A Q x KA-A-f ' ' "' A A AQ - if Q ff K5 A K ' AAI! A 'f-M ' gfg A gf' X Q A A A f ' X3 7 f . -fgm m, L.. nf A I I A ' f , I A- L A if A A J A - " A QE, ' I A kj I ' 6'-IIIAZ' IIS A AA .Ag II ' A Q L J 3 I -"A?m.,A is-X I A f A - 1 I 3 - A A I -' ' I L 7 ,f n NWN '- fy , 5 2 A wif sf ' :tg 'f L. A V , f V' A .mul ' AA P5 1 A V :Ig I II 1 ' ' V, Us-Q' ' gf! L15 " A-Ig CMI 5-yi I I Afl- 'A X 3 -- ' A , A-1A'TT7'kj - fig-TW g L fi I f N K i M K I if S-A Q K A -J I ,A I. is N Q :I K3 O I A X A I!LI,A:":IIIA I I I I A ,I in J X I - '-A ' X " - ' "L 1 , I I IA X. A, ' A - x QIQ. . - I 1 ' AAA A A fl X Xlx 5 Y' 3 A I A -if-if 9 Ohm Amvac - -5 IAAAIIAAIQ ' ' II I .A 'Q I ' ,.I ' N. A4 ' I, ' , A, If A A s -A- V " - A A V A , 1 ' - ' - X, K f' - Af A A 1 ' A A T f A A H, A A X I A ' f ' A' ' -'Mi 2?-lf? 5 AA-:-1,1113 fi 3 A 1 ' A Al5A.AfAf 11 4 ' A' ' 1 ,VA V AA A 1 W A II! I I IIAIII II III. IIIIII IIIIA I I: III I AI A I I A f'I-I ,I A I AA - A , gn-W-.l m up g - A .,,IIIIi I f1,.?III- I II ,fig A- IIIA :I VI I I I M wg, im S 'YQ' coo? fqgvq' N U 'N X J .KX W 55XMUKV,Q6r' Q Q-um.- .. 1-..,-- . s I. ,1 I . H " of -V-'rf W, Al 3 , t V V A. xl U Ihvfy iz J 7,32 fl! I nifgksmw :V I ,V 5, - J, ,iTX. xX,2 lV,,. W W if ,V vin VKNA KL, -Cy ' xt , lx ' Acfgf My Q Q . 1, A Y X V V XIOUJ Qff J M J , N X .,,. XLQX fi, ju 3 Vpyxwk' f, I Udgvxfd H ,. V X xA"'. X W X I ,W off ,I wc- XX ,J Xp ,, ' ' N 05' A X , , , l RO YQ Q, yujjdkxgm xv ,K Nbxn ,N if-L2 J kr 'C '- L ff'-XX ,, 4 ' . - , L N K., Er QC ee' H2 if QQ ,M .ilk I' f fl-f gf CWM 1 X ,ur - Q . LX UMW fi' ,V ff f' Q9 'X if YA X , fkx 1 w, P, xt, f ' 1 5 -114. ' W fu, X ly 'Q f :XY Grlubxkf ww Q , , I Mb V, ij ,ri A , fm X . U , fi 5 ,V . , f - KN L ' . ACA J- ,Q . , I f 1 5 1 X ,V J I ffm J j ,HN j V 5 I4 , 1 , , .V I ffl f' 5' A J Ae ONORROLL STEPHEN E. STAFFORD W. WILLARD E. GUSTAVE G. BROOKS "' DRAKE, JR. " CLAPPER "' BEBAS "' THOMAS M. EUGENE RICHARD P. ROBERT G. FREAD DRAKE WASHBURNE KRAFT 4' "' Kiiled Page 4 ' I an I W. PHILIP SCOTT GORDON X ALLAN JEROME McNULTY, II 'I' SIMPSON 'I' LANE I I X' GOTTLIEB 'I' HARVEY 'I' I , I . r , I J, fa' 1 , f'..' A I . 1 , 'I' V .a W an Q "" f in 1. , x .. f + Q ' I 2 a n 4 5 6 .,, gk 5 5 . K a RQ r RICHARD MATHIAS' GEORGE BASSLER' JAMES CLARKE' KENNETH WAYT' RICHARD RUDD DONALD M. MACOMBER' JOHN T. WILLIAMS' MELVIN DANNER' WILLIAM L. MITTEN JOHN R. BROWN, JR. 3 F 7. I., 5 ' I .Q 5 I . JLJIL 6- i ,-.. . W , L 1 I f 1 ., I 5 ,A-Ili' 4 K' M. A S. Q I M ..-:FIRE . iw 5 I WILLIAM W. CASSELL' HARRY M. HANSEN' DAVID LEBESON' STEWART P. SULLIVAN' WILLIAM M. COOTER 3 I I6 I7 I8 I9 20 CHARLES KREMER FERGUS MEAD, JR." RICHARD THATCHER NORMAN L. CRAIG' HARRY GRANT' ALBERT A. SARGENT' F. 2 I 22 23 24 25 J- I 1 I8 5. 1 A25 I SPRAGUE STEPHEN EDDY, JR." LINDOUIST' WALTER CARL L. CAMPANA' GEPPERT JOHN P. LAWRENCE M. HICKS MURPHY ROBERT JACK SPECHT' FREEMAN JOHN J. JAMES YOWELL, JR. MUSSON "' Killed V I I I I 1' I I I I I I I A ICon'I'.I 'A HA I IO 3 9 R I I , Ib I4 I THOMAS J STEFFENS 'K 7 JOHN H. COYNE I 3 OSWALD E. ASPLUNDH - 2 ARTHUR J. AUGDAHL 'I' GEORGE J. BEINLICH, JR. 'I' DONALD SWINGLEY ROBERT GALLAGHER JEROME HUDDLE "' JAMES W. HAASE 1' CHARLES D. HALL ' JOHN S. KETCHAM "' FRANK M. ROBINSON "' I3 RJ L .5 VHV: . ' fl if I I I Z I I7 ALFRED s. 6 DONALD L. ABELES ' MILLARD + MARTIN c. JACK HELKE 1' BROWN '- JAMES c. KINGSLEY 1' Killed L V S I fi: e if Z9 X 'Q X . . Z2 4 A5 5' ,IZZQ Z if . In R xx V , nf ,' .L 5: 5 lily, f .9 ' if Mx dr n ,, . ANYV' 4 f 5' Q W, ,1,y,7',,'SQ1f'f!?, .H J My ff- ! " 'flffiiix ' Wifi? in 112 Th va..- mm fe:-.ia -51 -f w5"'fF"-5""N""""" "sTifnl0:e5fli1'??544Qw' I ,e,'i+ff2mff.f- nagging vw, Arm -filfmiw-Q. f rztlffx KX x -myfzixx Xa ' -fu . ,, 2 W. ff, ..,j53i-'Y,,,, 7 Nw' . Af- 1 Wm Page 9 L95 E S T 2 VT. '57 X ',. . . Nl if 0 v , UAL 'j ' 0 , M' if waltz Fl 4 . .N ,X .S 1 1 tx. 'D 0 1 1 A' g YR s ! 'Q ' ' i 9 , 'lk 'Al a g Q? 5 5, fr , n... . Irifua, :ia Ls x, - H I - s Fw tv , pn 2 W w14x -a ' " W 'infwlqfh ,415 , " 0' . F '11 . 'T-A"'.' - ' 'F '1'M 'nfl' 'S ,.. 'iff --mg -. .5 K , - .W af' -- '. ' F, ' 1' ' "" .-K' .- P-Q ' ,. .L +R 'Q , , Q: '-3-X X 4-'M -1-' A .-We N, QA4 V 'Q J f' F. 'it' H., 1 'W G' A f ' ., K' 1 . X 'ir' 'L .FQ ., ' sm. .tlzsxg 4 . .Z 16,o4l2d.n. QQ'.,IKtj.,,6- x . I 9. i , 'ff' 'W .as s ' 5. va '. gs ' AJ 'xx Y' if - ,. HI ..,u. 'fb X Qu- , . , ,, N - 1 A 1-y. it 1: ..l ' W, g - 1- , .4 Q ' , r I x O .. ' ,I wL i I " ' ' . ,, 'p-Q.. gig t A Ivgifa A , -' . , E , ., 1.5-ef, .. J, S., i K M V, 'EVA Q" , K' ' "'wv 51" "- ' N ' 'QQ X- , P ' 1, y in-. a - .. 5 , , ,Q ,W A 1 Q , M ,. x A i. 'Q , , ,. . . . K L N 3 Y K ' na' Q. . v f' . L . A , it : - N . 1 A. ' fb . ,. - , ' I A ' V I 5 1 nqq., JN """"--g..,1..., I i ,..,,, . - , A WM" -A Q . "if?'- Q, , - ,f 'AV " . s. ff. 3 b . . ,, to arf Q. MR. GAFFN EY ADMINISTRATION Q Mallhew P. Gaffney, our principal for Ihe pasl Iilleen years, has worlced unlir- ingly Io improve New Trier's already ex- cellenr facully, school Iacililies, curriculum, and special evenlrs, such as assemblies lea- Iuring prominenl spealcers. Mr. Gaffney has been aided by Mr. W. I.. Brown, Business Manager and Assis- Ianl Superinlendenl: Mr. H. H. Herron, Regislrar and Office Supervisor: Mr. F. A. Kahler, Dean of Boys: Miss Helen H. Ma- loney, Dean of Girls: and Mr. R. F. L. Bieserneier, Superinlendenl ol Buildings and Grounds. Acling as a linlc belween Ihe school and +he villages, The Board of Educalion also works lor improvemenls in all phases of New Trier's organizalion. The presidenl of Ihe board is Harold H. Anderson, Kenil- worlh: The board members are Chrislian E. Jarchow and Paul W. Culler, Wilmelle: Berl M. Kohler, Glencoe: and Ralph G. Hinners, Winnelka. ANDERSON CUTLER HINNERS JARCHOW KOHLER Page I 2 KAHLER MALONEY BROWN HERRON BIESEMEIER .fgaluiwr Cimirmen ADVISER CI-IAIRMEN O The eighl' adviser chairmen-Miss Maloney and Mr. Kahler, seniorg Miss Hamilion and Mr. Vernon, iuniorp Miss Hursi and Mr. Grinnell, sophomore: and Miss Shaw and Mr. Ream, freshman-have charge of all class affairs, such as The eleciion of class officers, Ihe Senior Hop, Junior Prom, and Sophomore Parly, as well as heading Jrhe adviser room work Ihroughoui Ihe year. ana! .ibeparfmenf ,Mudd DEPARTMENT HEADS O The deparlmeni heads Ihis year have done an excellenl iolo Ieaching classes in adcliiion +o Iheir principal and very irnporlrani iolo of direciing Ihe aciivilies, supervising. plan- ning Jrhe courses, and seleciing Ihe Iexlboolcs 'lor Illejr re- speciive deparlmenls. , Ty' l 4" . JJ' ,,--f I i IR A I ' f if KAHLER MALONEY VERNON HAMILTON GRINNELL HURST REAM SHAW Ari Commerce English Languages HeaI'Ih Home Economics IncIus'rriaI Aris MURPHY JOHNSON HUTCHENS SMALL SCHOENEN- LIGHTER BIESEMEIER BERGER Library Mafhemaiics Music LIBBEY SNYDER COTTON Page 13 l I Physical Educafion Science Social Sfudies IGirIsI IBoysI WINDOES ULLRICK BOULTON CHILDS ENGLISH - DRAMA DEPARTMENT Mr. L. A. I'IuTchens DeparTmenT Head Mr. R. H. CarpenTer Mrs. M. A. Cook Miss M. D. Deames Mr. F. P. DeLay Miss L. W. Durgin Miss L. G. Hamilfon Mr. E. W. Kahler Mr. N. S. Lehman Mr. L. Lighfner Mr. C. E. MacLean Miss E. PaHerson Mr. R. S. Peferson Mr. H. C. Pifer Mrs. K. C. Smifh Mr. G. VanKirk Miss M. E. VIas+o Miss H. Walkup Miss E. WI'1iTe Miss R. Whiffield Miss W. E. Wilson Miss L. E. Wrighf Miss E. Sfanwood Mrs. E. A. Cavanaugh Miss W. N. Gahagan Mrs. A. H. Thurman ENGLISH-DRAMA DEPARTMENT I Headed by Mr. I'IuTchens, The English DeparTrnenT has been proTiTabIy augmenTed This year by a new Teacher, Miss Deames, and a reTurned veTeran, Mr. DeLay. These Teachers and The resT oT The capable English TaculTy have conTinued To give us a sound English ToundaTion, including sTudies oT IiTeraTure, and oral and wriTTen English. This year, insTead oT The regular TourTh year English course, a IimiTed number oT seniors could eIecT The new "GreaT Books" course. The Treshman, sophomore, junior, and senior TesTs were held, and The Junior Theme occupied many a worried iunior's mind. In conclusion, may we Thank The DeparTmenT Tor a Tine year. The DramaTic Division, direcTed by Miss STanwood, oTFers Dra- maTics, Public Speaking, Voice and DicTion, Choric Verse Speaking, and The Junior and Senior Verse Speaking Choirs To The would-be acTor. Two innovaTions in The curriculum This year were The Tall Talkers, a dramaTic group Tor Treshman boys, and The Junior Verse Speaking Choir. Miss Gahagan is a new member oT The sTaTT. 'N F 'Q Wa E--sr f HUTCHEN CARPENTER COOK DEAMES DE LAY DURGIN HAMILTON LEHMAN LIGHTNER MacLEAN I PETERSON PIPER K. SMITH i VAN KIRK VLASTO I WALKUP hi E WHITE WHITFIELD Y WILSON RIG T STANWOOD CAVANAUGH GAHAGAN I THURMAN Page 14 SNYDER ASCHENBACH CATON EVANS FUNKHOUSER GALLIE - GRATER HARPER A YW.. HOSKINS JONES SLEIGHT D. SMITH SWAIN ' UDE C. O. WATERS Page 15 MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT C The MaThemaTics DeparTmenT, under The able leadership oT Mr. Snyder, has mainTained The high sTandards ThaT iT has seT in previous years. Everyone who has had any conTacT wiTh The deparTmenT knows whaT excellenT work iT has done This year. The sTaTT members have rendered New Trier a greaT service, noT only by excelling in The Teaching OT Their courses, buT also by parTicipaTing in orher school acTiviTies such as sponsoring clubs, coaching Teams, and adviser work. The maTh courses oTTered This year were The same as usual. They are General MaTh, Algebra, GeomeTry, lnTermediaTe Algebra, and The more advanced courses oT TrigonomeTry, Solid GeomeTry, Slide Rule, and College Algebra. All These courses build up a subsTanTial background Tor TurTher maThemaTics aT college or in oTher Tields. We are sorry To announce ThaT one oT our besT maTh Teachers, Mrs. Beach, Tormerly Miss DoroThy Walker, is no longer wiTh The deparTmenT. She and her husband have moved To Ames, Iowa. Mr. Simonds and Mrs. Brooks are also no longer wiTh us. They are now Teaching in The social science Tield. We appreciaTe The help They gave us in The emergency, and we are sorry To lose Them. The de- parTmenT has added one new member To iTs sTaTT This year. She is Miss Kelso Trom Glencoe CenTral School. A new MaThemaTics Club was Tormed during The year. The Tac- ulTy sponsor is Miss SleighT. T MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Mr. W. A. Snyder Deparfmeni' Head Mr. W. J. Aschenbach Mr. H. D. Cafon Miss E. M. Evans Mr. D. K. Funkhouser Mrs. M. M. Gailie Mr. C. O. GraTer Mr. R. A. Harper Mr. L. P. Hoskins Mr. C. Jones Miss N. Sleighf Mr. D. F. Smiih Mr. H. G. Swain Mr. N. E. Ude Mr. C. O. WaTers fi O A Kljglhlu-lCghffTif7lCivJ ii Er. N 'of' ren! SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT Miss L. F. Ullriclr DeparTmenT Head Mr. M. T. Coburn Miss M. CriTche'H Mr. F. D. Frisbie Mr. J. W. Gannaway Mr. L. E. Henderson Miss A. E. HursT Mr. J. M. Nay Mr. B. W. Shearer Mr. R. Simonds Mrs. L. WaTers Mr. R. Wehr Miss F. A. Weiler SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT I The Social STudies DeparTmeriT, headed by Miss Ullriclc, offers a wide and varied curriculum. Among The many courses open To sTu- denTs are AncienT HisTory, Civics, Economics, LaTin American His- Tory, Modern HisTory, Sociology, and UniTed STaTes HisTory. These courses aTTord an excellenT opporTuniTy Tor all sTudenTs To gain a beTTer knowledge oT The world, Trom iTs very beginnings up To The presenT Time. ln order To give The sTudenTs more compleTe informa- Tion in The hisTory oT arT and music. many oT The hisTory courses in- clude Music and ArT lnTegraTion, TaughT by lvlrs. Kidd and Mr. Holland, respecTively. The museum, mainTained by The hisTory de- parTmenT, conTains many inTeresTing and worThwhile collecTions de- signed To give The sTudenTs a chance To TurTher Their undersTanding by acTual observance. The Simpson Award discussions oT currenT viTal problems and quesTions have also been an imporTanT parT oT This year's worlc. Page 1 6 wmooes I CLADER ci-IRISTENSEN CONDON EDWARDS ' HOYT REAM REYNOLDS J. R. SMITH STEWART VAN DEURSEN VERNON MURPHY CASELLA HOLLAND KLEIN 'SCHUMACHER SCIENCE DEPARTMENT O The Science DeparTmenT, under The oTTers courses To sTudenTs in each oT Their General Science, English-Science, and Physiology are oTTered Tor TirsT year sTudenTs. Radio and Biology are oTTered To sophomores, Trier. and Advanced Radio and ChernisTry To juniors. Seniors may Take eiTher Physics or ChemisTry. Biology is TaughT aT Three diTferenT levels, and ChemisTry and Physics aT Two levels. Senior boys who have a good background in MaThemaTics and Physics may eIecT AeronauTics. ART DEPARTMENT O The ArT DeparTmenT, headed by Miss Murphy, oTTers Applied ArT courses To sTudenTs oT each oT The Tour years. Minor courses are ArT AppreciaTion and Design Workshop. The courses are ouT- lined so ThaT They will provide a good ToundaTion Tor more ad- vanced arT sTudy, and be helpful as a means oT general culTure. Three new classes oT Design Workshop have been added This year To The deparTmenT. Mr. Fearheiley is The insTrucTor, and has in- cluded wood work and meTaI, in addiTion To The weaving and plasTic work TeaTured in Miss KIein's workshop class. MR. SCI-IUMACI-IER O Mr. Schumacher assisTs The dean by Taking charge OT checking The cars in The parking loT, helping To keep The lunch hall in order, and assisTing in giving special TesTs To sTudenTs. I'Ie is also The sponsor oT The Chess Club. Page 1 7 SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr .F. C. Windoes Deparfmeni' Head C. W. Clader N V. G L. . G. Chrisfensen H. Condon . D. Edwards A. Hoy'I' R. S. Ream G. . J. W. Reynolds R. SmiTh Mrs. A. S. STewarT Mr. A. VanDeursen Mr. S. S. Vernon ART DEPARTMENT Miss C. M. Murphy DeparTmenT Head Miss G. Casella Mr. F. A. Holland Miss V. P. Klein Mrs. G. OTis ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Mr. J. C. Schumacher FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Dr. C. R. Small DeparTmenT Head Miss L. Brady Miss F. A. Bredin Miss E. L. Breidenbach Mrs. J. L. Collins Miss V. B. Denham Mrs. H. D. Eisler Miss F. FlenTye Mr. E. W. Kahler Mr. R. W. McDowell Miss G. L. Moeller Mrs. M. L. Morris Miss M. MudgeTT Mrs. F. Mundell Miss E. PaTTerson Miss M. H. Paul Mr. J. G. PrendergasT Miss E. M. Shaw FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT C This year, as usual, The Foreign Language DeparTmenT, direcTed by Dr. Small, oTTers courses in French, Spanish, German, and LaTin, This year, Tor The TirsT Time, a course in French has been oTTered To Treshmeng Thus sTudenTs will now be able To compleTe Tour years OT French, insTead OT The usual Three. Many OT The Toreign language classes parTicipaTe in The music inTegraTion program. AbouT Twice a monTh They meeT wiTh Mrs. Kidd, who Tells Them someThing abouT The songs and musical insTru- menTs OT The counTries whose language They are sTudying. The sTu- denTs Themselves sing songs in The diTTerenT Toreign languages. The deparTmenT suTTered a loss when Mrs. Coclcrell reTirecl so ThaT she mighT ioin her husband. Miss MuclgeTT and Miss FaTTerson were added To The sTaTT as Teachers OT Spanish and LaTin, respecTively. Muoeisrr SHAW Page 18 'M 0 JOHNSON FLEMINGTON GRINNELL HADDEN HENNINGSEN RAU REINHARDT THORNE COMMERCE DEPARTMENT O The Commerce DeparTmenT, under The direcTion oT Mr. Johnson, oTTers many courses To New Trier sTudenTs who are preparing Tor careers in The business world. OT-Tice PracTice, which includes work- ing in The RegisTrar's OTTice, and Typing, are Two courses ThaT were parTicularly popular This year. The book sTore conTinues iTs policy oT carrying a compleTe sTock oT all books and supplies needed by The sTudenTs Tor academic work, and selling These aT cuT prices. ProTiTs are Turned over To The STudenT AcTiviTies Fund To help keep The price oT acTiviTies TickeTs down. STudenT clerks and The mana- ger's secreTary deserve much crediT Tor The smooTh operaTion oT The sTore. New Trier will deeply Teel The loss oT Mr. David E. Johnson, head oT our Commerce DeparTmenT Tor The pasT 34 years. Mr. Johnson conTribuTed a greaT deal To The school, including esTablishing and managing The book sTore. He also served as promoTer oi The CounTy Teachers' AssociaTion, and was recog- nized Tor his work in The STaTe Commerce DeparTmenT. Mr. Johnson was well-known and respecTed by all New Trier sTu- denTs and TaculTy members. MUSIC DEPARTMENT O The purpose oT The Music DeparTmenT is To oTTer various Types oT musical acTiviTies To sTudenTs who are TalenTed or inTeresTed in music. Under The capable direcTion oT Mrs. CoTTon, The deparT- menT has successTully compleTed many proiecTs This year. The an- nual GilberT and Sullivan opereTTa, which This year was The "PiraTes oT Penzance", and The ChrisTmas and Spring ConcerTs were pre- senTed. All The music groups conTinued To be very popular among The sTudenTs. The whole deparTmenT has kepT up iTs high sTandard in compleTing anoTher year' oT musical enTerTainmenT. Page 1 9 COMMERCE DEPARTMENT Mr. D. E. Johnson DeparTmenT Head Miss A. Flemingfon Mr. H. L. Grinnell Miss E. M. Hadden Miss H. C. Henningsen Mr. J. W. Rau Miss H. ReinhardT Miss E. E. Thorne MUSIC DEPARTMENT Mrs. M. CoTTon DeparTmenT Head Miss F. J. Anderson Mrs. A. J. Bradburn Mrs. A. Lavery Mr. S. A. Mages Mrs. A. Ream DLJLC ARTS DEPARTMENT Mr. R. L. F. Biesemeier Deparfmenf Head Mr. H. B. Aram Mr. R. Fearheiley . G. H. Flaningam . B. H. Landwer Mr. W. H. Nickels Mr Mr HEALTH DEPARTMENT Mrs. K. W. Schoenenberger Head of Depar+men+ Mrs. Lois M. Hendrick HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT Mrs. J. W. Lighier Deparlmeni' Head Mrs. E. Bond Mrs. H. H. Borhek Mrs. A. F. Hail Mrs. M. LaMe+re LIBRARY DEPARTMENT Miss E. R. Libbey Deparfmenf Head Miss I. M. Hansen Mrs. E. M. Flood INDUSTRIAL ARTS O Among Jrhe courses offered by Ihe Induslrial Arls Deparimenl, headed by Mr. Biesemeier, are Wood Shop, which emphasizes bench work and wood Iurning: Aulo Shop, in which Ihe paris and Ihe Jrheory ol: The aulomobile are srudied: Machine Shop, which enables sludenls Io make paris and gears Tor machines: and Mechanical Drawing. HEALTH O Mrs. Schoenenberger and Mrs. Hendrick, Ihe nurses, check Ihe sludenls relurning Io school afler an illness, and care for sludenls during school hours in case of an accidenl or illness. Also, +his de- parlmenl Teaches Physiology Io Ihe 'Freshman girls, and Home Nurs- ing Io prospeclive Service Club girls. HOME ECONOMICS O The Home Economics Deparlmenl, direcled by Mrs. Lighier, offers courses in Consumer Educalion, Inferior Decoralion, Foods, and Clolhing. These courses lay a foundalion for Turlher work in Ihis field, or for Jrhe managemenl of a home. ' LIBRARY O Twice a year, a Iisl of new books purchased by The Library is prepared by Miss Libbey, head of Jrhe Library Deparlmenl, and dis- Iribuled To all adviser rooms. The I4,5OO books in Ihe library en- able sludenls Io read exlensively according Io Iheir inleresls. The reserve book syslem is especially helpful Io sludenls in doing as- signed work in Iheir courses. BIESEMEIER ARAM FEARHEILEY FLANINGAM LANDWER NICKELS SCHOENEN- HENDRI LIGHTER BOND . BORHEK HALL LA METRE LIBBEY HANSEN FLOOD Page 20 eagffr - ome conomicgi - rar? lglaydicaf gillucafion, fmic GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT O The primary aim oT The Girls' Physical EducaTion DeparTmenT is To make acTiviTy a parT oT every girI's'daiIy paTTern oT Iiving. The cIeparTmenT, under The abIe guidance oT Miss BouITon, weIcomed Miss AusTin, Miss CasTner, and Miss I'IencIerIiTe This year To assisT in carrying ouT iTs program. Miss Healy reTurned To The sTaTT second semesTer, aTTer a Three year absence. MUSIC INTEGRATION O Adding inTeresT To many Ianguage, hisTory, and English classes is The Music InTegraTion DeparTmenT. The Tine coIIecTion oT ancienT insTrumenTs is exhiIoiTed, and sTudenTs sing songs OT o+her Iands and Times. Mrs. Kidd has her own speciai Toreign Ianguage song Ioooks, compiled Through much research. She and her new assisTanT, Miss I-Iaser, Teach These various inTegraTed courses. CAFETERIA O In spiTe oT The war and shorTages, Miss Robson has done an ex- ceIIen+ job of managing The caTeTeria and serving The sTudenTs nourishing Iunches. BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT O The Boys' Physical EducaTion DeparTmenT, capably direcTed by Duke Childs, aims To develop eTTicienT bodies. "SouTh gym", The commando course, apparaTus work, TumbIing, wresTIing, boxing, TooT- baII, baskeTbaII, basebaII, Track, and swimming all accomplish This purpose, and have done a good job in condiTioning The Iooys Tor The rigorous Training programs oT The armed Torces. PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Miss I. BouITon DeparTmenT Head Mrs. E. M. ABBOTT Miss M. Ausfin Miss L. Casfner Miss M. E. GiIberT Miss M. E. Healy Miss M. HenderIiTe Miss B. J. King Miss B. Veach MUSIC INTEGRATION DEPARTMENT '. Mrs. M. H. Kidd CAFETERIA Miss E. Robson BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Mr. W. L. Childs DeparTmenT Head Mr. W. O. AIsTrom Mr. M. D. Clausen Mr. T. CramIeT Mr. P. A. Franfzen Mr. E. B. Jackson Mr. C. F. Lauer Mr. D. Showley BOULTON ABBOTT AUSTIN CASTNER GILBERT HEALY , ws. Kino RossoN g T' re f"x Y' .J s .7 , . i "'..J XJ ff f- . ' r J 'T ,X T rl . X r""V Xgg..--U 'x ' A X' .im CHILDS ALSTROM CLAUSEN CRAMLET F-RANTZEN JACKSON LAUER sriowif Page 21 STUDENT OFFICE STAFF Row I: Casad. Doherfy, Wehrheim, Triebold, Linicll, Reich, Leipold, Daeschner, Phelps Row 2: Warden, Spinlc, Spielmann, Bergdorf, FerreHi, Browne, Mccarfhy, Johannesen, Robinson OFFICE STAFF Row 3: Morrill, Miller, Shaw, Lind, Scribner, Podolslry, Baumgardner, Gardiner, Slewari' C The oiciice siaii consisls of ihirieen members who are responsible for siudenl records, credii lranscripls, program changes, ailendance, ihe school calendar, scheduling of school iacililies, mimeographing, secrelarial work, and many olher Jrasks. This eiciicienl slari is under 'rhe direciion of Mr. I-Ierron, Regisirar. The sludeni girls' oI'lice siaii is made up of iunior and senior girls, assigned lo eilher ihe Regisirans ollice or Jrhe ironl office ai Ieasl one period a day. These volunieers assisl The regular slalii in ihe performance oi many imporiani services. The sludeni assisianls noi only receive excelleni Training, bul also perform a valuable service +o ihe school as a whole. GYM ASSISTANTS Q The gym assislanis have done a iine iob ihis year ialcing care oi Jrhe locker rooms, issuing sporls eguipmeni, and giving Iirsl aid in case oi an iniury. 44i41fcm1f4 OSLAND SCHMITT Page 22 SERVICE CLUB C Service Club is made up oT abouT sevenTy-Tive iunior and senior girls, recommended by Their advisers, who are inTeresTed in helping in The nurse's oTTice. ATTer Taking The Red Cross I-lome Nursing course, The girls are assigned To The nurse's oTTice Two or Three peri- ods a week, where They assisT Mrs. Schoenenberger and Mrs. Hen- driclc in caring Tor The sTudenTs who come in. The girls also give exTra Time in helping wiTh T.B. TesTs and physical exams. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Q The Library AssisTanTs are a group of sTudenTs who volunTarily spend an average of one period a day in The library, working in The reserve and magazine secTions, and doing various oTher iobs neces- sary Tor The smooTh running of The library. VISUAL EDUCATION C The Visual EducaTion assisTanTs, under The direcTion oT Mr. Don- ald SmiTh, give a greaT deal oT Their Time and perTorm an imporTanT service by showing The IOOO diTTerenT educaTional Tilms which classes see ThroughouT The year in connecTion wiTh school courses. SERVICE CLUB eruice CLA Og vary Midliczlfzlfd idnafgjucafion Row I: Mrs. Schoenenberger, Wroe, Jenness, Porler, Dyer, Main, Broclsell, Mink, Sinclair, Bahr, BallanTyne, Bohne, Cahn, Johansson, Triebolcl, B. Lind, Mrs. Hendrick Row 2: Duvall, Reich, Casad, Mercer, Gefman, Prasse, Millhouse, McCarThy, Selclc, G. Lind, Knapp, Schawe, Wells, Halper, Paley, Molner, , 28. Lund Row 3: Lindberg, Cory, Smifh, Belding, Boofhe, Teglmeyer, Parsons, Peferson, Sawle, Edgerfon, Barnes, HaclreTT, Burgoyne, Wilson, Holmes, Flanagan, Gridley, Prendergasf I . f I rr. . 'A M ,'i -. .,, 1 Vql, V H, Q' -', W - ' E W- . as , .V 1. ,f i I 1 ff: fi' if , Q Nu' I , T f 2 W, I 1' ' P is 2 A I I r - . A if rf. ' as A as Q , . 1 i ,vkz Tlll yi ,.,,r l vi 3 A 5 if , if S Y . A V U e- -: ,,, -:, -3, 1 ,VE v - L ,E I z Q Ii -Eg , -1 , I 1 11, ' . ,Q W - , '- ig I Q 'V ' ' f' A f' I , - ' A 1 - A LIBRARY ASSISTANTS VISUAL EDUCATION Row I: Greller, Pofler, Nelimann, LeggiH, Marlens, Lindsey, Bosch, Swanson, Johansson Row I: NuTini, Samuelson, Smith, Keller, DoTTer, Russell Row 2: Ferris, Sfewarl, Rye, AcTon, Miles, Clausen, Roberson, HawThorne, Birks, Sfowe Row 2: TebbeTTs, Humphrey, Behan, Schinleber, Sibley Row 3: Newhall, Schopen, Powers, Sibley, Munch, Newcomb, HarTneTT, Haag, Boyden Row 3: Simpson, Eisenberg, Morgansrern, Rux, Carey, Kallvan Page 23 swf Kr N .,, Q ' of f 0 0 x'Q?Y! ,gf 1 , ,W Y ,A b - In , ', of 1, , f 1' , '7 N .. -A Q -J L L W Q1 X ea e " ,., -5 6-Je? gf 2 Q2 1, s we 2, .Q sta 1 STUDENT COUNCIL C During The I945-I946 school year, STudenT Council, under The able leadership oT Mel Carney, presidenT7 Bill WhiTehead, vice- presidenT: BeTsy l-lollingbery, secreTaryg and Dick CrawTord, Treas- urer, has carried ouT iTs aim oT giving New Trier sTudenTs represenTa- Tion in The governmenT oT The school. The 'organizaTion has soughT To solve many oT The maior problems oT The school, presenTed To Them by The sTudenT body. Council has Tried To inTroduce some new courses Tor The school program, and has solved many OT The diTTi- culTies ThaT presenTed Themselves in regard To The lunch hall, sTudy halls, school rules, and The general conducT oT The sTudenT body. Much oT Council's work is done by The various board members and Their commiTTees. The Assembly DeparTmenT, headed by Bill VAN DEURSEN HADDEN WEHR CARNEY Presidenf WH ITEHEAD Vice-PresidenT HOLLINGBERY SecreTary CRAWFORD Treasurer FRAZIER Dining Hall DREW Dining Hall HAWKINS Publicify STACKHO USE Service CLARKE Sfudy Hall BURNS Social WAGENER War LINDBERG War GUTHRIDGE Honor Page 26 Whilehead, sponsors all Council assemblies and has charge ol Hue sludenl-lacululy lorumsy Hue I-lonor Deparl- menl, under Hue direclion ol Frannie Guulluridge, has charge ol Hue luonor syslem, and sponsors honor syslem discussions, Marilyn Frazier and Roger Drew, Co-heads ol Hue Lunch Hall Deparlmenl, direcl Hue organizalion ol adviser room managers who help lo keep Hue lunch hall clean: Mimi l-Iawkins' Publicily Deparlmenl keeps busy making posulers, wriuing arlicles for Hue New Trier News and Hue I-lollisler papers, and publicizing all ol Councils acliviliesg Hue Service Deparlmenl, headed by Ed Slackluouse, sponsors building and grounds cam- COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Row I: Adams, Dempsey, Dearborn, Macdonald, Belnap, Chase, Bushman, Hollingbery, Gordon Row 2: Nielsen, Redding, McMar+in, Clingman, K. Schmidi, R. Schmidl, Morrill, Hurley, Benson, Leonard Row 3: While, Rifiersporn, Moore, Davis, Roberls, Mahan, Sfeele, Hillis, Chalmers, Ellis, Jenness COUNCIL COMMITTEES Row I: Bushman, Jones, Dearborn, Adams, Dempsey, Tinsley, Chase, Belnap, Macdonald, Hammerman, Gordon, Greller Row 2: Shinniclr, Goodsmifh, McMar'rin, Wilson, Middlelon, Ward, Hackeff, Bufler, Lind, Sclumidl, Morrill, Dallas, Weiner Row 3: Ball, Nielsen, Jannoffa, Schifflin. While, Johnson, Roberls, Benner, Mahan, Green, Mayer, Leonard, Redding li Q M Page 27 if Row Row Row Row Row Row I, l .i f F iff, 1 if K, f N 1 ,,'f,f,'fffi l 1 ,f-ffl! f,',i'fi fi .,,,,,fi. -, rx. , i.,, x paigns, has charge oT The gym jams in cooperaTion wiTh The Social DeparTmenT, and This year presenTed The hobby showy The War De- parTmenT, direcTed by Joan Lindberg and Don Wagener, has charge oT The sale oT War STamps and The bond drive: The STudy l-lall De- parTmenT, under The direcTion oT Bob Clarke, Takes charge oT The honor sTudy halls and Their supervisors: The Social DeparTmenT, headed by Barbara Burns, plans gym iams along wiTh The Service DeparTmenT, presenTs Treshman club day every year To acguainT The Treshmen wiTh New Trier's many clubs, and has charge oT The clubs, which were all recharTered This year: and The SaTeTy DeparTmenT, new To The Council board This year, direcTed by Phil Nielson, has IST SEMESTER STUDY HALL SUPERVISORS Collins, Nuveen, Wafkins, Koch, Hilfon, Drew, Johannesen, Gallaway, Hallsfeen, Merriam, Lund, Saunders, Knapp, Murray, Paidar, Tripplehorn, Bohne, Williams, Davis, TegTmeyer, Mercer Dickson, Bray, Cory, Sfade, Mayer, Nielsen, Jones, McConnell, Anderson, Jacky, Tufeur, Ross, HunT, Marsh, Amici, Ferris, Barnfhouse, Meyer, Ward Campbell, Roberfson, RiTTersporn, Hosbein, Garrison, Merkle, Breen, Lauer, Jacobi, Carney, McDonald, Bauer, Lindsay, GraTer, Mayer, Jeangerard, Meyers, Crawford, Herbon 2ND SEMESTER STUDY HALL SUPERVISORS Flanagan, George, Burns, Cory, Williams, Dickson, Lipe, Robinson, Funkhouser, WaTkins, Merriam, Drucker, Brown, Schumacher, Gallaway, Hirsch, Miller, Weil, Saunders, Buisf, Loewe, Osfergaard, Schurmeier, Rice, OTis Spaulding, Tufeur, RoberTson, Thornfon, Boudreaux, Barneff, Riffersporn, Thiessen, Ward, Collins, Davidson, JannoTTa, Jacky, Tucker, Hunf, Chrisfoph, SchulTheis, Schnell, STade Harf, Rennacker, Hinrichs, Campbell, Eckhart Carney, Law, Uhl, Taylor, Cloud, Green, Mills, Clark, McKee, Bauer, Weldon, Johnson, PenberThy, Black, Haines Page 28 Q4 4, 4, .Q - 1 A meal -. LUNCH HALL MANAGERS Row l: Warden, Nelson, Gardiner, Lind, Jamison, Engelhard, Slown, Ferraro, Greller, Poller, Chavlnin, Kalmes, Sergenl, Nellis, Williams, Bushman Row 2: Misanloni, Besl, Marfin, Monk, Cory, Ely, Lindeman, Davidson, Rye, Sepp, Mendelsohn, Bauman, Youngberg, Rambeau, Marshall, Drew, Frazier, Ellis Row 3: HoFFman, Anderson, Ludgin, Bray, Lulzeman, Badger, Liepold, Green, Jeangerard, Jorgenson, Uhl, Hal fwfr" 7 ,25 ' Flelcher, Elia, Beclzen, Horen, Paxlon X 5 f CAQWLX Q!"'iQ,. , s , ',..l- ,723 charge of The safely poslers in lhe classrooms, and safely assemblies, and is planning a drivers' Training course. Supplemenling 'rhe board are lhe represenlalivesz Dorolhy Belnap, Nancy Chase, Peggy Gordon, Marion Macdonald, Scoll l-lillis, .lim Roberls, Diclc Rilfersporn, and Parlc Taylor-seniors: Susan Hurley, Nancy McMar+in, Ada Morrill, Rosina Schrnidl, Ken Chalmers, Phil Nielson, John Mahan, and Ted Sleele-juniors: lla Adams, Kennnar Bushman, Marlha Dearborn, Carol Dempsey, Aldy Davis, Diclc Leon- ard, Bill Redding, and Bob While-sophomores: Shirley Bauman, Elhel Clingman, Ann l-lollingbery, Kalrina Schnnidi, Milce Benson, Bill Ellis, AI Jenness, and Bob Moore-freshmen. INTER-SCHOOL COUNCIL Sealed: Carlin lEvans+onl, Leffel lEvansfonl, Bray lNew Trierl, Tinsley lNew Trierl Sfanding: Calhoun lEvans+onl, Beaven lNew Trierl, Mehlig lEvanslonl, Drew lNew Trierl, Marquardl lEvans+onl, Biggs lEvanslonl, Carney lNew Trierl, Clark Evansfonl, Edwards lNew Trierl, Slowers lNew Trierl J Page 29 N L f , . gf fi 45 cixq i N 3 xii' 1 Ki , A ef,N Pi ,iff li " f ,X I ii ,qty "l L E' 110 1 ,. -'eff I , . L - 0 T i i T Li STOWE RS PresidenT LOCKYER Sfudenf Aid GENTLES Service RegisTer PEARSON, S. Traffic DirecTor CAMPBELL Lagniappe Co-DirecTor ROBERTSON Junior Class Chairman PEARSON, R. BRAY Vice-PresidenT SecreTary-Treasurer BROWN JANNOTTA Clubroom Public Relafions MTCHINARD FARRINGTON lnTerscholas'fic Dance Chairman RelaTions FREY MARTIN Head Usher Head Cheerleader MEYERS JACKY Dinner Chairman Lagniappe BRUCE Co-Director Freshman Class HAMMOND Chairman Sophomore Class Chairman TRI-Sl-TIP O This year The Tri-Ship Club again lived up To iTs high sfandards by working hard To insTiil ciTizenship, sporTsmanship, and fellowship in all The boys of New Trier. A very successful efforT was made To acquainf The freshman boys wiTh The purpose and acTiviTies of The club. This was done in Two ways. FirsT, The Public RelaTions commiTTee ediTed an excellenT book- leT wiTh boTh picTures of The commiTTees and explanaTions of Their TuncTionsg This was given To every freshman boy and new sTudenT. Second, The freshman adviser rooms were given a chance To meeT in The Tri-Ship Club Room, where board members Talked To Them and gave Them a chance To ask quesTions abouT The organizafion. The five ever-popular Tri-Ship dances were aTTended by a greaT many sTudenTs. The dances were ouTsTanding This year because beTTer bands were obTained and They were well publicized. ln cooperaTion wiTh The Dads' Club, The annual Tall FooTball Ban- queT was quiTe a success, having Three very prominenT speakers- Leo Fischer, Jay Berwanger, and Tug Wilson. In February, The bi- annual FaTher and Son BanqueT, sp nsore by Tri-Ship, had an over- ca aciT crowd of seven hundred To he i MaiorQJohn Craig, ace p Y T, WQQQ9 Til Zi, VH' ,H 'T - 0 , ,. . jk! XX. E v, Q XJ s XX ., W 'qv,,'L1V,f A' ' J JW K we ,, ., xii' 1 FRISBIE GANNAWAY Page 30 e 1: iklr- in 'Y TRI-SHIP REPRESENTATIVES Row I: Byrum, Noonan, Barham, Bennefl, Tuclxer, Lyons, Brown, Kroeschell, Crofoof, Kadylr Row 2: Harlray, Ramsey, Williams, Baldwin, Jenness, Pasinalo, Kilner, McConnell, Rich, Kranfz Row 3: McDonald, Sleele, Hodgson, Donahue, Bauer, Kunzelman, Showers, Black, Harrison, Taylor, Giffen cameraman of lhe Ninih AAF, spealc and show piclures ol lhe war in Europe and Africa. Belween semeslers lhe sludenl ialenl show, Lagniappe, was pre- senled io lhree conseculive lull houses, proving lo be an unparalleled success. This year, Lagniappe was unique in lhai il had no aclual Joel Qs ,Wi fr ploi, buf a wide variefy of acls. Anolher marlced improvemenl in our relalionships wilh olher schools was borne our by lhe infer-school parly wilh Evanslon, and clean-cul compelilive spiril shown in alhlelics. Neighboring leams were enlerlained by Tri-Ship, and given a chance ailer games lo gel acquainled wilh New Trier boys. l A+ Ihe beginning of lhe year, lhe Tri-Ship Club Room was redec- oraled, and lhe lurnilure rearranged. ll served ils purpose well, because il was open lo seniors in honor sludy hall during 'rhe day. and used by boys in all classes during lhe lunch periods. TRI-SHIP COMMITTEES Hanison, Leahy, Rilfersporn, Lewis, Sullivan, Rich, Vedovell, Barnefl, Ross, Fender, Mayer, Baldwin, Redding, Jannolla, Richmond, Drew, Merrifield Penberfhy, Hemphill, Porler, Hosbein, Woods, Wagener, Kilner, Ragland, Swanson, Weldon, Miller, Harfray, Green, Tuclter, While, Vaughan, Blackburn Hosbein, H. Green, R. Miller, Taylor, Hodgson, Sfeele, Kuhn, Cloud, Augur, Brown, Mayer, Peflibone, Rice, Lauer, Roberfs, MCG-anney Row I: Row 2: Row 3: '42 Page 31 BoTh The school and commiTTee beneTiTed Trom The STudenT Em- ploymenT. STudenTs wanTing work were noTiTied oT people who wanTed boys Tor iobs such as shoveling snow and washing windows. The Usher Corps again lived up To iTs high sTandards by ushering aT plays and oTher TuncTions oT borh school and ouTside organizaTions. The Class Chairmen were lcepT busy carrying baclc To The adviser room represenTaTives parTiculars abouT coming evenTs such as din- ners and dances, which The represenTaTives in Turn carried baclc To Their adviser rooms. The Chairrnen's greaTesT responsibiliTy was Tc disTribuTe Ticl4eTs Tor bangueTs To all The boys. This was carried ou'i careTully by all The Chairmen. The school was proud To be able To depend on Those service com- miTTees: TraTTic Squad, l-lall Guards, lnTormaTion Deslc, Library Monie Tors, and Cheer Leaders. These are commiTTees wiThouT which The school could noT be run as eTTicienTly. Their praise is unsung, bur They are deeply appreciaTed by all. This year diTTered somewhaT Trom The Tour preceding years in ThaT ..,, A 4. ' i , l fgs,g,"'mW"' mb, 4 as LAGNIAPPE COMMITTEES Row I: Chase, Barber, BuTler, Jameson, Ward, AlTheimer, Burns, WaTkins, Crane, Dallas, Knapp, DalgeTy, Saunders, McMarTin Row 2: Brenchley, Whifehead, Mendenhall, Fender, Drechsler, Anderson, Herloclcer, Clarke, Ross, Elia, Fox, Arms, Phipps, Kadylx, Hilliard, Sfade Row 3: Zidelc, Ramsay, Black, Johnson, Mills, Galey, Roos, Crampton, Proud'fooT, B. Clarke, Green, Chalmers, Miller, Lie pold, Showers, Loclrerbie USHER CORPS Row I: Mahan, Woods, Sfowers, Frey, GenTles, Miller, Roberlson, Rennaclxer, Green Row 2: McConnell, Thornfon, Weldon, Johnson, Taylor, Crawford, Geniesse, JannoTTa, Blackburn Row 3: Myers, Rice, Buclc, Proudfool, Brown, McKee, Merlrle, Galey, MarTin Page 32 fr- A99 iT was our TirsT year in high school wiThouT war. BuT sTill There re- mained jobs ThaT had originaTed in The war ThaT had To be Tinished. There were paper collecTions which The boys willingly worked on Through The lasT scrap drive. ATTer December 7, l945, The Service RegisTer commiTTee began an exTensive and Thorough invesTigaTion To compile a compleTe lisT oT alumni who had been in The service. This Took Time and diligence on The parT oT several boys, buT The compleTed lisT will remain permanenTly in The halls oT New Trier. The school had gone Through drive aTTer drive Tor Tood and cloThing, and The sTudenTs were sTill responsive aT ChrisTmas Time, when ioinTly The Girls' Club and Tri-Ship puT on Three drives aT once To collecT giTTs Tor The Thousands oT hospiTalized soldiers, warm cloThing Tor Those oT desTiTuTe Europe, and money To help sponsor a school in Belgium. Each drive was a marlced success oT which The school can be proud. Words cannoT express The appreciaTion and crediT due To Tri- Ship's sponsors, Mr. Frisbie and Mr. Gannaway. The success oT The organizaTion lies greaTly in Their inTeresT. CHEERLEADERS LIBRARY MONITORS Row I: Schneider, Sfaub, Jones, TrauTwein, H. MarTin Row I Swanson Ross Miller Kadylr LlTTle Weldon Row 2: Melvoin, Wheeler, J. Marlin, Seaberg, Haase Row 2 Geniesse Merkle Rice McDonald Cravens McElroy DOOR GUARDS INFORMATION DESK Row I: H. Drury, N. Drury, Sufers Row I Uhl Ferris Rich Law FIeTcher McConnell Row 2: Levy, Robson, Showers Row 2 Green Miller ProudfooT Karp Myers Jarchow Page 33 BEAVEN Fresideni' SCH UMACHER Treasurer VERNON Employmeni NORRIS Financial SHERMAN Vice-PresidenT FU RST Social DAVIS Arrangemenfs M U RRAY Charify CO RY SecreTary THOMPSON Friendly WILLIAMS PubliciTy WRIGHT GIRLS' CLUB C Under The able sponsorship oT lvliss WrighT and The leadership OT iTs oTTicers-Virginia Beaven, presidenT: Suzanne Sherman, vice- presidenTg PaT Cory, secreTaryg and lvlary Ann Schumacher, Treas- urer-Girls' Club has cornpleTed anoTher successTul year. The TirsT social evenT was The New Girls' Supper. Following closely were The Freshman-Senior ParTy, which aTTorded The Treshrnan and senior,girls an opporTuniTy To geT acquainTed, and The annual Friendly Dinner. Second semesTer, The girls enTerTained Their moThers aT The lvloTher- DaughTer BanqueT. These evenTs were made possible by The com- bined eTTorTs oT The Friendly and Social commiTTees, headed by Mary Thompson and EdiTh FursT, respecTively. This year's magazine drive, under The direcTion oT Suzanne Sher- man, surpassed all oThers: The money was placed parTly in a scholar- ship Tund, and parTly in The Girls' Club FoundaTion Fund. A secre- Tary was engaged To handle all subscripTions. Free ECHOES were awarded To The Ten girls who sold The mosT magazines, and boxes oT candy were given To The winning adviser rooms. nfl A A Ar r LIL Page 34 Julie Norris' Financial commiTTee sold sandwiches The TirsT Two days oT school, buT The main underTalcing oT This commiTTee was The sale oT hoT dogs aT all home TooTball games. This year Tor The TirsT Time, Girls' Club also sold colces aT The basl4eTball games. WiTh The end oT The war, Laurie Murray's ChariTy commiTTee had many imporTanT TuncTions To TulTill, such as The Red Cross drive and paclcing boxes aT ChrisTmas Time Tor wounded veTerans. The French War RelieT drive was very successTul, and a large Truclcload oT warm woolen cloThes was senT overseas To France. Amy Davis and her ArrangemenTs commiTTee kepT up The Club Room, which was used by many school organizaTions ThroughouT The year. The EmploymenT commiTTee, headed by Ginny Vernon, was oT invaluable assisTance To The Township in Turnishing more Than 200 baby siTTers, moThers' helpers, and girls Tor various oTher posiTions. The PubliciTy commiTTee, direcTed by Gwain Williams, made banners and posTers, and publicized all The acTiviTies oT Girls' Club. Girls' Club success This year was made possible by The Tine leader- ship oT The oTTicers as well as The cooperaTion OT all The girls. GIRLS' CLUB REPRESENTATIVES Row I: BarTon, Leafon, Taylor, Legner, Komafsulxa, Munns, McQuide, Mooney, N. Adler, S. Adler, Kaufmann, Manierre, Lord, Waflrins Cederberg, McLaTchie, Weyl, WhiTal:er, Reich Row 2: Bray, Holmes, FiTspaTrick, Marshall, Schladen, PoTTer, Merriam, Preslon, BeuTTas, Williamson, OTis, Johannesen, Rambeau, Paschen Bauer, HaseI+ine, Snell, Lind, Taylor Row 3: Lawson, Cooper, Weare, Tomei, Miller, Zeiss, Jorgenson, Hass, Donaldson, Walzeley, ScoTT, Whife, Holmes, Shaw, McCosh, Roinson Lindberg, McAfee, Erwin . , A 4-Qin- GIRLS' CLUB COMMITTEES Row I: Compfon, Jamison, Robinson, Linde, Koch, HiI+on, LeaTon, Erilrsen, Lindell, Mercer, Cahn, Lund, Miller, MonTgomery, Mooney, Linicl: HurIbuT, PenningTon, Hughes, Johansson, Jones, CulberTson, Keller, Cederberg, Frei, Weber, Moseley, Donaldson Row 2: Cannon, Mason, Kennedy, Meacham, McCosh, Miller, Beuffas, Mendelsohn, Droegemueller, Alfheimer, Hoy, Brown, HarFF, Roeddiger Wroe, Hinman, HalIsTeen, Leggiff, Selclr, Paiclar, Rofhermel, Munns, Henderson, Harkness, Queenan, McManus, Merriam, Barnes Buegler, McKenzie, Billow, Turle, Bulley, Nichols, Weil Row 3: Turner, Brown, Price, Spielmann, Goldreich, Liebman, Schladen, Boofhe, Nuveen, Branch, Collins, Price, Crane, Hypes, Wilson, Cross Hoyd, Barnes, Scribner, Ofis, Belding, Theissen, Tomei, Lind, Presion, Norris, G. Fish, Broadhursi, Cooper, N. Fish, STephens, Williams ercer Page 35 Z ! PRES' fu on If om X ' iw1llu11uJI1m ix r . ,Q X l xx 'Q' -5' Eci-loss EDITORS SiH'ing: Nicholson, Tuclxer, Duvall, Sfackhouse Sfanding: Green ,1 -.- ECI-IOES C The ediiors of ihe I946 ECHOES have Jrried To produce a year- book difierenf and beller Than Those of former years. Some of lhe changes and improvemenfs in fhis year's boolc include: +he omission of ihe senior aclivilies seclion, according io a voie Jralcen among +he seniors: Jrhe seniors' full names, insiead of iusf Jrheir lasf names, under lhe senior piclures: pre-war paper, heavier and slighily larger 'rhan +ha+ used in Jrhe pasf lwo years: dirfereni Type prinling for +he head- ings-The firsf change in four years: a brush mark +o lend color in- sread of Jrhe usual colored prinling for headings: and Jrwo more pages of snapsho+s. This year's ECHOES was headed by Bob Tucker, Edifor-in-Chief: and 'Four Associafe Ediiorsz Ann Duvall, Head of Wrife-ups: Ed Siaclchouse, Head of Business: Brandl Nicholson, Head of Phoiog- raphy and Snapshofs: and Jay Green, Head of Ari. ECHOES SPONSORS Holland Wa+ers Page 38 ffl 08550000 ECHOES PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Nicholson, Marfin Missing 'from picTure: BaxTer ECHOES WRITE UP STAFF Row I: Kenney, Chrisman, Duvall, Brown ECHOES SNAPSHOT STAFF Shade, Schifflin, Nicholson Missing from picTure: BaxTer, Hosbein ECHOES ART STAFF Molner, Green ECHOES ASSISTANT EDITORS Row 2: Middlefon, Donaldson, Wilson, BaIlanTyne, Halldorson Si++ing: Badger, LiTTle, Fischer, Loclcerbie Missing from picfurez LeaThers, Branch, Lind, Hoy, MarTin Sfandingz McDonald, Williams Missing from picfure: Thompson, EclrarT, Friedlancler To Mr. WaTers and Mr. I-lolland, The TaculTy sponsors, go our ap- preciaTion and Thanks Tor Their helpTul suggesTions and indispensable guidance. Also deserving oT Thanlcs are Mr. Bernie oT Bernie STudio, Tor The senior class, class oTTicers, and large group picTuresg The PonTiac En- graving and EIecTroType Company Tor The engraving: The Shelby CraTTco CorporaTion Tor The covers oT This year's ECI-IOES7 and The Economy AdverTising Company oT Iowa CiTy, Iowa, Tor Taking over The prinTing and doing a Tine job, when The sTrilce aT I-IollisTer's pre- venTed Their prinTing The ECHOES This year. We would also like To Thanlc The Music DeparTmenT Tor our use OT room 29I, and The TaculTy Tor Their cooperaTion in excusing sTudenTs Trom classes To have Their picTures Taken Tor The ECI-IOES. We regreT ThaT because The deadline This year was March I in- sTead oT April I, There were some picTures which we were noT able To include in This year's boolc. Page 39 Q FTW I ' W I 5223 ff O 1 Af 1, ' f fffffg ff! , ' gmllmwlis no 3 2 N EWS SPONSOR CarpenTer NEWS Q The "News", sponsored by Mr. CarpenTer, plays a very imporTanT parT aT New Trier. NOT only does iT provide enTerTainmenT and arTiCles OT currenT inTeresT, buT iT also gives publiciTy To all The school organizaTions. The clubs, deparTmenTs, and sporTs programs all receive some sorT OT recogniTion Trom The "News". The ediTor oT This year's "News" was Jeanne Tinsley, who did a grand iob, assisTed by The Tollowing sTaTT: fXssisTanT EdiTor, Ellen Ward: SporTs EdiTor, Jud MarTin: fXssisTanT SporTs EdiTor, Tom Rigler: News EdiTor, STan Taylor: AssisTanT News EdiTor, Bob Miller: FeaTure EdiTor, JaneT Wil- liams: Copy Deslc EdiTor, Ann MiddleTon: AdverTising Manager, Sally Warden: Business Manager, John McDonald: CirculaTion Manager, Joan Moseley: and Typing l-lead, Barbara Moyer. AlThough The "News" came ouT raTher irregularly during The TirsT semes- Ter, due To The laclc OT money, IT wenT baclc To iTs weelcly schedule second semesTer. Some oT The TavoriTe arTicles ThaT appeared in The paper were 'lln The SpoTlighT", "Adios . . .", "333", and "NoTes and CommenTs". The whole sTaTT has done a splendid iob This year, and They deserve all The crediT we can give Them. a TW' ..,. A L if 5,1 L . 51' 'ff' 6 THU fig. Y " M -5- NEWS EDITORS SeaTed--Warden, Moseley, Ward, Tinsley, Williams, MiddleTon Sfanding-McDonald, Marfin Moyer, Miller, Taylor Page 4 U f rf NEWS CIRCULATION. ADVERTISING. TYPING Eriicsen, Ogden, Grelier, Jamison Halldorson, Rice Casad, Miller, Bond, Norris, Shin- nick, Davidson Beclcen, Wheeler, Segil SPORTS AND FEATURE STAFFS D. MiIIer, Robinson, Hinmen, Moi- ner, Gimbel Rigler, Glass, Kahn, Friedlander, Sharpe REPORTERS, COPY DESK STAFFS Ogden, Leichsenring, Kenyon, Pe- asfer, Greller, Linick Arnheim, Wroe, Goodsmifh, Burns Salmen, Nahanberg, Paddock YusI', Saiberg, Lamme, Nuveen, Morrill, Bishop, Weiner Page 41 INKLINGS STAFF Row I: Mendelsohn, Broclxell, PeasTer, Kenney, AlTheimer, Duvall Row 2: Dalgefy, Cooper, Sizer, Lloycl, Scribner, Wilson, Halldorson O JNKLINGSZ X X l l f V5 qos? x ff xxx fy ,A b,es QQ 305' 1 0 TNQ? A QQ-.VM N iii if lf, 'ip 1 I I I I I .F X ,QQ 1 -' ,. , f if 9, ff x T Y-A s I 4,1 ' V- Q I GX 47" . W ,' ' 1' ' f , I - su ,Qf N, Q55-7 :gf Jfiii ,T ,ggfw -ii'--i. ' '- . . ' - fa-.vs N X ' 'i N: yi' V , Q ., 'fl X, -I 'll ' ii l fn' A - Q 4 ' T ,1g.....f-e INKLINGS Pefe INKLINGS Q "lnlclings", The annual liTerary magazine OT New Trier, depends upon each year's TalenT. This year, The sTaTT has Tried To bring To The resT oT The school The besT essays, sTories, and poems ThaT have been wriTTen ThroughouT The I945-I946 school year. Encouraging and helping The sTaTT is The sponsor, Mr. PeTerson. Several underclassmen are new To The sTaTT This year. They will be able To direcT The "lnlclings" in a Tew years. Also deserving OT crediT is The Ari' DeparTmenT, which provides The various illusTraTions. The sTaTT works during The second semesTer. ATTer possible maTe- rial has been collecTed, Through eiTher English Teachers or The sTu- denTs Themselves, several sTaTT members read each composiTion and by grading and voTing meThods, deTermine which should be pub- lished. ComposiTions may be published in eiTher The original or modiTied Torm. "lnlclings" has a TwoTold purpose: To give some sTudenTs an op- porTuniTy To show Their liTerary abiliTy, and To give oThers experience in publishing a magazine. The resulT provides a source oT enioymenT loolced Torward To by all New Trier sTudenTs. SPONSOR rson Page 42 SCI-IREIBEREI Q Since The German word Tor "lnklings" is "Schreiberei", ThaT is whaT The annual magazine sponsored by The German Club is called. This year The publicaTion celebraTed iTs TenTh anniversary wiTh one of The besT issues ever prinTecl. All conTribuTions oT arT, prose, poeTry, and puzzles were clone by The members oT The German classes. LE FLAMBEAU Q A volunTeer commiTTee, TogeTher wiTh The oTFicers oT The French Club, have again This year published The annual French magazine, "Le Flambeauu. The pages oT This publicaTion are olevoTecl exclu- sively To prose ancl poeTry wriTTen in French by sTudenTs in The French classes. Page 43 zgyweiberei SCHREIBEREI Row I: Simmons, Janis, Fen der, Crampfon, Trense LE FLAMBEAU Row I: Knapp, OTis, Queen an, Schurmeier, Davis, Dal Qefv W 15 df 4:3iQ1f I QJ .' 5 'I V g ' o "'... ' I :gi fl, L86 I., ff ,Kylix I .J . v ev' fi' 1. fl, vb J, . " . mg, 2 a ir .. A. , I Q, ? rg' .4-11,3 M f DRAMATICS Q This year again, under lhe direclion oi Miss Slanwood, Mr. Co- burn, Mr. Vanliirlc, and Miss Gahagan, four very successful plays have been presenled. They were "Seven Keys To Baldpaleu, "The Far-OIT l-lills", "Junior Miss", and "The Royal Family". Membership in lhe New Trier Dramalic Club is granled lo par- licipanls in The major produclions, The club is sponsored by Miss Slanwood, and lhe oiiicers are: Sluarl Law, presidenl: James Ram- sey, vice-presidenlg Virginia Gosling, secrelary: William Blaclc, pub- licily chairman: Allin Proudiool, program chairman: and Margarel Bond, social chairman. Al ils meelings lhe club presenis programs, lalces in new members, and serves reireshmenis, all oi which go lo provide inleresl and enioymenl for all. CHOIR Row I: Jensen, Miller, Lewis, Rossberger Row 2: Cra ne, Row 3: Tomei, Lloyd, Bond, Sawle, Branch Smilh DRAMATIC CLUB Row I: Wallrins, Leafhers, Duvall, Loewe, Noble, Abrams, Dallas, Hammerman, Peasler, Engelhard, Burr, McQuide, Macdonald, Brown, Gadslle Row 2: Ball, Rice, Vernon, Sherman, Williams, Olis, Buller, Schladen, Lloyd, Bond, Gosling, McCready, Robinson, Burns, Bauer, Fender Row 3: Perkins, Krueger, Galey, Liepold, Thompson, O'Neil, Black, Law, Giflien, Proudfool, Augur, Beebe, Ames, Copello, Crane, Melvoin, Ramsey Page 46 VERSE SPEAKING Pallal, Gadslce Peasler, Berg, Noble, Vernon Melzger, Loewe E. Bauer, B. Bauer Tlniessen, Fullon Row Row Row Row Row Row The Broadcasring Club is for lhose sludenls who are inleresled in 'lhe dirlerenl phases of radio producrion. The members of 'rhis or- ganizarion, sponsored by Mrs. Cavanaugh, produce radio plays using Their own sludio and conlrol room, wriling lheir own scripls, and doing The acling lhemselves, lhus learning lhe acring and direcling rechniques used in lhe field of radio. L Anolher imporranr dramalic organizafion is Jrhe Aclors' Guild. This club consisls of sludenrs who 'rake parr in 'rhe shorr plays pre- senled during rhe year. These one-acl plays give +he sludenls an N opporrunily for experience in acring. Mrs. Thurman sponsors Jrhe group, and 'rhis year's oriicers are. Allison Augur, president Marion Macdonald, vice-president and Shirley Buller, secrelary. Page 4 7 BROADCASTING CLUB Beckpr, McCoy, Weiner, Loewe, Jensen, Dallas, Hammerman, Macdonald, Mendelsohn, Mink, Mefzger, Nay or Roberls, Feuer, Gelderman, Robinson, Bauer, Lloyd, Hicks, Schreiber, Clark, Wehrheim, Cahn, Ball Crane, Segil, Black, Liepold, Lane, Augur, Thompson, Krueger, Perkins, Buchanan, Paddock ACTORS GUILD Scheib, Maher, Anderson, Hammerman, Jensen, Bauer, Bufler, McQuide, Engelhard, Peasfer, Rion, Macdonald, Connell, Lord, Mendelsohn, Linick, Bond, Jones Mink, Noble, Lind, Kempner, Vernon, Williams, Tomei, Rice, Boolhe, Fulfon, Lloyd, Linde-man, Meyer, Robinson, Wild, Hicks, Schreiber, Mefzger, Loewe Unger, Van Schaak, Maison, Brown, Ross, Phipps, Crane, Black, Giffen, Beebe, Augur, Thompson, Thom Eklund, O'Neil, Melvoin, Paxlon, Feuer, Paddock, Kadyk, Ball, Rose N oe. Row Row Row Row Row Row Row rama,LLic5 qc:0n+.i LIGHT CREW Nasaiir, Seashore, Fender, Hicks, Jones, Digel Drechsler, Galey, CrampTon, Gilifen, MonT- gomery, Phipps STAGE CREW Brenchley, Zidek, Mendenhall, Coafes, Crane, NewTon Clarke, Foxy, Roos, Arms, Lockerbie, Elia MAKE-UP CREW Hinman, Queenan, Nichols, Murphy, Lind Linick, Reich, Gadske Lowell. Mink, Schladen, Rose, Johannesen, Becker, Cowhill, Brady Boo+he, Parsons, BuTler, Miller, Rouse, FulTon, PeTerson, Gridley, Salberg EssenTial To The producTion oT plays is The Technical sTaTT made up oT The STage Crew, Lighf Crew, ProperTies Crew, and Make-up Crew. These workers who never appear in sighT oT The audience. louild, painT, and lighT The seTs, find and arrange all TurniTure and properTies, and add Those Touches oT make-up which someTimes are needed To make The acTors look years older Than They really are. The Verse Speaking Choir provides opporTuniTy Tor The enioyrnenT oT poeTry Through choral inTerpreTaTion. This group consisTs oT TwenTy-Tive girls, under The direcTion oT Mrs. Thurman, and has given several programs during The year. Page 48 "SEVEN KEYS TO BALDPATE" "JUNlOR MlSS" Eliiah Quimby Mrs. Quimby William Howell Magee. . John Bland . Mary Norlon . Mrs. Rhodes Pe+ers lfhe hermiil . . Myra Thornhill Lou Max . . Jim Cargan Thomas Hayden Jiggs Kennedy Owner of Baldpale . Police . . l 'i Assislanls To The direcior . . Guslav Spero . Lenore Pancoe . Ralph Beebe Clifford Krueger Barbara Robinson Margarel' Bond . James Ramsey Barbara McCready . Harold Ames Clair McAllis+er . Allin Proudfoof . Allison Augur . . Sluarl Law Hugh Melvoin Rollin Thompson Milzi Dallas Kalherine Lloyd Judy . . Jane Anderson Puffy . Carolyn Wolf Grace . . Jean Miles Lois . Phyllis Mason Hilda Lilian Pererson Ellen . . Marion Clark Harry . . . Bob Gihfen J. B. Curlis . . John Slamin Willis Reynolds Roger Eklund Barlow Adams . . . Harold Sherman Haskell Cummings . . . Sluarl Fewer Weslern Union boy . . Marshall Maison Marshall Feurbach . . . Richard Kemper "THE FAR-OFF HlLLS" Palrick Clancy .... Richard Liepold Marian J h S Barbamra BaLier Duc r His Dau +ers N Dorol Bass er FRENCH CLUB PLAY Per Y l Q JeannineyPeas+er Maifre Pafhelin .... Mark Baxler Oliver O'Shaughnessy . . . Mark Crane Guillemeffe - - AVCleTlW lVlaUPln Dick Delany . . . . Edward Perkins l-en DVaPle' - - - Davis MCCGH1 Harold Mahony . . Richard O'Neil Th1baUl+ Aqnelei - - Sam BaClQ?" Susie Tynan . . Belly Jo Calverl Le JUQG - - - - Bob Elia Seamas Hegarry . . . Daniel LiHle Ellen Nolan .... Mary Jane Abrams Assisianl 'ro fhe direclor . Marion Macdonald "SEVEN KEYS TO BALDPATEH FRENCH CLUB PLAY "LA FARCE DE MAITRE PATHELIN McCready, Beebe, Proudfoof, Ames, Krueger, Ramsey, McAllis+er Elia, McCarn, Maupin, Badger Missing from picfure: Baader Page 49 ENSEMBLES, CHOIR, ORCHESTRA, AND BAND O Some oT The mosT imporTanT musical groups aT New Trier are The girls' ensemble, The boys' ensemble, The choir, The orchesTra, and The band. The ensembles are made up oT The mosT TaIenTed voices in The school. This year, They noT only have sung aT The annual concerTs, buT They have sung up aT GreaT Lakes. The girls' ensemble is di- recTed by Miss Anderson, and The boys' ensemble by Mrs. CoTTon. The choir is a larger group made up oT boTh boys and girls. Under The direcTion oT Mrs. Bradburn, They have sung aT various places such as OrchesTra Hall, and They sang carols aT Marshall FieId's during The ChrisTmas season. The orchesTra, led by Mrs. CoTTon, has played aT all The concerTs and guiTe a Tew oT The plays given during The year. The band has also done some wonderTuI work under The leadership oT Mr. Mages. They have played Tor all The award assemblies and TooTbaII games, and have given Their own concerT. BOYS ENSEMBLE GIRLS' ENSEMBLE Row I Lagerlof Rice Zldek Paxfon Seeley Row I: Fish, Linick, Belnap, Main, Jameson Row 2 Allen Lewls Ramsey MarTln Blackburn Row 2: Lord, McDermoTT, Small, Vernon, BroadhursT, Ferguson Row 3 Llepold Clark Buck Mills Johnson Benner Row 3: P'FuTzenreuTer, GuThridge, Gibbons, Wolf, Drum, Norris 1 A . .. .md CHOIR Row I Moyer PfuTzenreuTer Hallsieen Maupin Jameson, McDermoTT, Gibbons, Noble, Brown, Belnap, DalgeTy, Cahn, Sinclair, Bahr Murray McQulde Lord Ferguson Mann Fish Gadske, STorch, Funkhouser Row 2 Bray Drew Rice Sex PaxTon BroadhursT Small, Vernon, Edwards, Dawson, Norris, Lyman, Donaldson, Wolf, Drum, Gulhridge Collins Chrishan Nuveen Bausferl' Mann Browne, TrauTwein, PaxTon,Zidek Row 3 WhlTel'1ead Fender Ramsey ScoT+ S Johnson Benner, Lagerlof, Poling, Liepold, Clark, Buck, RoberTs, Proudfoo+, Mills, Galey, R Johnson Cannon Marhn Campbell CoaTes Lewis, Spero, Brown, Rigler Page 50 FLUTE - PICCOLO Coafes Conney Logan Mills Mink Myers Schreiber Sfreel' Taylor B-FLAT CLARINET Braafen Bridges Bruecks Carlson Cloas Craig Dofy Draper Elrod FIRST VIOLINS Johnson Snell Pinkham Schmidf Phipps Zeiss Fosfer Orfh EngIehard+ Nedved Gadske Page 51 Fiorio Macey Marcon McKnigh+ Nelson Norlon Pafullo Peierson PeHibone Posey Richmond Schmi+z Sco++ Simpson Sfoesslein Unger Williams ALTO CLARINET Johnson Macdonald SECOND VIOLINS Jones Calkin Townsend Spiesman Goddard Roe Oberg Zimmerman Sander OBOE Mafson CONCERT AND CADET BAND BASS CLARINET BARITONE Giffen SAXOPHONE Kahn Bray OBOE Matson , CORNET - TRUMPET Welns+eln Bemus BASSOON 30,1-,ek Clgge Roos Craig ALTO sAxoPHoNE F'SCI'e' Erman Gordon Harris Haag Large Hesse Macomber Henning Sfuarl' Krohl TENOR SAXOPHONE Lukemfn Augur Melvoin Corrigan M0nI90mefY Hellsfrom Norris Trom Pair ORCHESTRA VIOLAS STRING BASS Hakansen OINBII Brooks Jung Gefhman Smifh Th0mpS0f'l CELLOS LOW' Meyers Mercer Codes Schmid? Jones CLARINETS Shaykin McKnigh+ Dushkin Posey Lebeson Carlson Sfade Peferson Schneider Spiegel Sieinhoff Wolf Wrighf FRENCH HORN Bolle D'Asaro Haworih Traufwein TROMBONE Ambler Badger Kroschell Lagerlof PoHs Worl'hing+on BASSOONS Roos Piail' TRUMPETS Melvoin Borhek Close HORNS Haworih Bolle Traufwein BARITONE Burr Jacobs Monfgomery BASSES Brooks Carey Gefchow New+on PERCUSSION Ball Fisher Hend rickson Kuh Levilefz Parker Pfufzenreufer Roberfs Schmiiz TROMBONES Worfhingfon Badger PERCUSSION Pfufzenreufer Kuh ACCOMPAN ISTS Wanner Ellmore r , P if 29h ,Gy 51,5 W I. ' ii ,rf fx-I f-fly:-II Sf' fgift ' ii gh. 'gnssfl 'L 'ia rem QW fu 'Yi .1tif"'a fi. in nf ale Al Row I GIRLS' OPERA GROUP Sinclair, Small, Jameson, Calverf, Place, Pfulzenreuler, Rider, Johnson, Rose, Lloyd, McDermoH, Thomas, Brown, Dawson, Behr, Harlshorne Row 2: Marsh, McQuicIe, Cahn, Doheny, Harff, Busby, Phelps, Birks, BuH, Cady, Ferguson, Trau+wein, Gadslre, Sosna, Schaeffer, Peasler, Hirsch, Malfz, Lord, Ellmore, Fall, Cedersfrand, Slorch, Liniclc, Belnap, Main, Hawlhorne Row 3: Fish, Hallsleen, Droegemueller, Murray, Henderson, Gibbons, Sesferhenn, Snider, Middlelon, Nuveen, Goodsmilh, Burns, Leisch, Acfon, Lawson, Chrislian, Collins, Edwards, Radder, Schuller, Bauslerl, Drew, Funkhouser, McMarfin, Mercer, Snell, Baxler, Colburn, Hufzmann, Roberfson Row 4: Vernon, Lyman, Broadhurs+, Halldorson, Barnes, Genge, Smiih, Salberg, Greenhalgh, Barber, Lindberg, Gufhridge, Drum, Wolf, Sepp, Edgerlon, Cross, Donaldson, Gridley, Schrnidf, Meyer, Browne, Mann, Jorgenson, McCosh, Norris, Korlh, Fellers, Walser OPERA GROUP AND Tl-IE OPERA O This year, lhe opera group, direcled by Mrs. Collon, was larger Than ever before. ll was iherelore necessary lo dIvIde lhe group, - a nd a ga I n have a seco n d o pera g ro u p. , , ,M A+ lh e be g I n n I n g ol lh e se co n d se m e sie r, lh e o Q6 ra g ro u p be g a n III 3 li7f,J'lfllQi ?i Sfllflilj l-f55lr1'I1iT:,!"fll'L, - I - - I I - ' Wo rl4 o n lh I s yea r s G I l b e rl a n d S u l l I va n o pe rell a , T h e P I ra le s ol 51' Pe nza n ce . Be ca u se ol lhe a b u n d a n ce of la le n l lh I s yea r, lh e le a d s I n Is: IM . , lhe operella were lrIple casl. The lollowmg people were chosen lor IIu'Vw-wpalyhwawfyk? ' lhe principal pa rls: M a bel-Pal Lord, Cha rlene M ain, a ncl Alice 'I GIbbonsp Rulh-Donna Well, GlorIa l3Ish, a nd Leon'rI ne Jameson 1 z,, .4 , Lg L 1 1 . g,,sw' . . . . . FrederIc-Bob Kohler, BIll Ones: PIrale Kmgfslay Buclc, Roger Johne r f' I . . . . . son, a nd Rusly M I lls: Ma 'or General-J I m Ra rnsey, BIII WhI+ehead: Sergeanl-John Lagerlol, Diclc Liepold, anol Allin Proudlool: Samuel -Bill Paxlon, Bob Coales, and Burdelle Marlin: Edilh-Cindy Small, Barbara Broadhursl, a ncl Ginny Vernon: Kale-Sharon Liniclc, Dor- olhy Belna p, a nd Dolly Plulzenreuler. 2maMniq5L33uk'i1P33.Bxa1m?wWWEfF52E '?g.gu1,i3"f'?,73s..,'9'55.is4..Efi'Ys5:.:i :Aww ,mess Page 52 61 BOYS' OPERA GROUP Rowllz H. Marfin, B. Paxfon, Hohlfelder, Cas+erIine, Ramsey, Fender, Sfaub, Sex, G. Paxion, Zidek, Traufwein, PoHs, Rose, Siubbs, Siinson, Seeley, Cahn, Geier, Kadyk, McDermoH, Drew Row 2: Rice, McElroy, Rennacker, Lagerlof, B. Marrin, Cannon, Coaies, Aishion, Crawford, R. Johnson, Badger, Rigler, Sco++, Herlocker, Hinkley, Babcock, Talley, Janis, Spero, Lewis Row 3: Halperin, Weldon, Clark, Rosberg, Harmas, Conner, Graier, Noonan, MiIIs, Snyder, Buck, Lechner, Proudfoof, King, Beebe, Galey, Sampson, Bray, Allen, Shuman, Salmon, Furs+, Poling, Liepold Q N - L - BOYS' GLEE CLUB Row I: Cessna, Beglen, Shaw Lyons, Molner, Logan, Ma+son Jamieson, Craig, Borkovih Donnelly, Langdon, McGrew noiia, Benson, Craven, Fisher Hackbarfh, Seaberg, Teeple Johnson, Husak, Horen, EIIis Row 3: Kroeschell, Ross, Felfes nilz, Perkins, Bolle, Humphrys Krumm, Lerch, Taylor Page 53 Row I: Row 2: Row 3: IST GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Wallace, McGrew, Soper, Corning, Taylor, Murphy, Wanner, Jenness, Hinman, Grayer, Seely, Kroeschell, Ticknor, PiaH, Ackley, Monigomery, Scheib, Hammerman, Kuh, Mead, Brockell, Bassler, Keller, Emrich, Kimbark, Raguisi, Frei, Gilchrisf Porfer, Sfull, Morrill, Bucher, Calvi, Pallai, Braue, Frankensiein, McCready, Dowd, Scheinfeld, Turner, Koch, Hollingbery Brown, Remy, Barnefi, Cannon, Billow, Lindberg, Monk, Wells, Selck, Rice, King, Hakanson, LaRoy, McLa+chie, Davidson, McGowen, Powell, Dyer, Bray, Marschall McMahon, Nichols, Schoeneck, Smiih, Gardiner, Dank, Parsons, Lind, Bauer, Wade, Elmer, Pavlik, Richardson, Henderick, Peferson, Wakeley, Wilson, Norris, Mason, Bond, Holmes, Branch, Salmen, Muyers, Ehrhard+, Jones, Pope, Herb, Os+er- gaard, Burgoyne, Erwin, Suyker, Wilder, Abrams, Buckingham, Geiman Row 2: Brown, Shepard, Jan- Barnich, Simmons, Segil, Trag- QA S . Row I: Row 2: Row 3 2ND GIRLS' GLEE CLUB, PERIOD 3 Jung, Leichsenring, Forbes, Weinsfien, Blalre, Sfancoe, LeaTon, Lawson, HoTh, Leipold, Connell, Bulley, Hawes, Hagen, Ross, Weber, Frei, Whifmere, D. Marfens, P. Marfens, Rion, Nay James, Misch, Hollingbery, Musson, Gafling, Clarlr, Sensiba, Kubialc, JohnTz, de Tarnowsluy, Hoerger, Selby, Campbell, Meng- hinelli, Spinlr, Bullen, Sckopen, Penney, Chapin, Cambridge, McClellan, Maurer, Nelson, Severson, Trees, Freiler, Pasinalo Dolniclc, Bufler, Kline, Bigelow, Greenwood, Moore, Thompson, Fry, Spencer, Danforfh, Marr, Wells, Seyler, Roe, Miller, Jones, Berlin, Thompson, Gerwe, Collins, Allen, Tegfmeyer, Belding, Bishop, Zipprodf, Pauley Row I: Row 2: Row 3: GLEE CLUBS 2ND GIRLS' GLEE CLUB, PERIOD 8 Carey, Kenney, HurlbuT, Sfowers, KraeTsch, Mooney, Powell Daylon, Berg, RibleH, Maclrenrofh, Thompson, Roesing, Beffs Kulberg, Cloud Wylie, Marcus, McCoy, LeggiTT, Paidar, Glaser, WITT, HinTernho'Fl Sfillwell, Wild, Swindell, McSloy, BeaTTy, Lovgren, Parlcin, Wolf Queenan, Kelley, Meacham Jones, Schladen, Doland, Kemler, Clingman, Vennard, King Clark, SchmidT, Rouse, Neumann, Sherman, Zeiss, Danner, Rod- dick, Krueger, Housfon O The glee clubs malce up alrnosT half OT all The music groups. They are very popular, and aTlord Their members a greaT deal oT pleasure and experience in group singing. The presidenTs oT The diTTerenT glee clubs This year were as Tollows: TirsT girls' glee club, Gerry Lind: TirsT boys' glee club, John MonTgomery: second girls' glee clubs, Sue Sensiba and Jane Meacham: and second boys' glee club, Bill Ellis. The main proiecTs ThaT The glee clubs worlc on during The year are New Trier's Two annual concerTs, The ChrisTmas ConcerT and The Spring ConcerT. Tl-IE CONCERTS C Every year The Music DeparTrnenT presenTs Two concerTs, one aT ChrisTmas and one in The spring. ParTicipaTing in These concerTs are The ensembles, choir, opera groups, glee clubs, Treble cleT, and chor- uses. The ChrisTmas ConcerT This year included such numbers as "LeT All Toge+her Praise Our God", "Turn Back O Man", "ChrisTmas Day", and The "l-lalleluiah Chorus", which is sung every year, as well as many OT The TradiTional carols. The Spring ConcerT, presenTed in May, was The oTher big underTalcing OT The choral groups. BoTh con- cerTs were beauTiTul and inspiring, and marked a greaT"success Tor The Music DeparTmenT. Page 54 Row I: Row 2: Row 3: SENIOR MUSIC CLUB Sforch, Traufwein, Shell, McDermoH, Lebeson, Wanner, Ferguson, Row I: Schaeffer, Sosna, Ellmore, Phipps, Engelhard, PiaTT, Fish, Lord Gadske, Oberg, Droegemueller, Roe, Walceley, Lyman, Smifh, Row 2: Gibbons, Cross, Wolf, Vernon, Small, Collins, Pavlilr, Broadhursf, OrTh, Hawlhorne, Liniclr Halcanson, Jameson, Jones, Zeisel, Zidelc, G. Paxfon, Melvoin, Fox, O'Neil, Proucl'Foo+, Johnson, Liepold, B. Paxion, Rice, Zeiss, Weiner, Schreiber, Risser JUNIOR AND SENIOR MUSIC CLUBS O The Junior and Senior Music Clubs are made up oT TalenTed sTu- denTs oT New Trier who are inTeresTed in music. The clubs give The members a chance To hear good music by having The members per- form during The meeTings. TryouTs Tor membership are held every year. The clubs are boTh conducTed on The same principles, The dillierence being ThaT 'Junior Music Club is Tor The mosT parT made up of underclassmen, and The members are noT as advanced as Those of Senior Music Club. Mrs. CoTTon is The TaculTy sponsor oT Senior Music Club. The oTTi- cers are: LeonTine Jameson, presidenTg Gloria Fish, vice-presidenT7 Charlene Main, secreTaryg Roger Johnson, Treasurer: and Nancy Zeiss, social chairman. The Junior Music Club is under The sponsorship oT Mrs. Bradburn, and The oTTicers are: Margie Nuveen, presidenT: BeTTy SchaeTTer, vice-presidenT: June Gadslqe, secreTary: Bill Fox, Treasurer: and Mary Jean Brown, social chairman. Page 55 Row 3: JUNIOR MUSIC CLUB Hagan, Phipps, Schaeffer, Sosna, Henclriclison, Kenyon, PiaTT Engelhard, Peasler, Burr, Aclcley, Ellmore Thomas, Wolf, Leggiff, Dofy, Droegemueller, Abrams, Or'lh Weiner, PorTer, Murphy, Taylor, Gaclske, Richmond Salberg, MicIdIe'Ion, Nuveen, Pavlik, Schmidf, Leisch, Griclley, Roe Walueley, STeinberger, Wild, Koch, Clingman xl RECORDER GROUP Row I: Anderson, Miss Haser, Mrs. Kidd, Ludgin CONCERT COMMITTEE Row I: Kuh, Anderson, O'NeiI MUSICALE Row I: Hawfhorne, Forbes, Legner, H. Kuh, Freiler, Mrs. Kidd, Miss Haser, Hammerman, Jirgal, Powell, Johnson, Wi+T Row 2: Howard, Busby, Birks, David- son, Miles, Fulfon, Wells, Penney, Weclrler, Phelps, Bullard Row 3: Goclrel, Korfh, Ludgin, D. Kuh, Draper, O'NeiI, Anderson, Levernier, Gelderman, Mar+ens, Mayer fion, MUSICALE O Musicale is a club open To any sTudenT inTeresTed in lisTening To good music. The general group meeTs every oTher Monday, and The inner group, which hears longer composiTions, meeTs on The alTernaT- ing Mondays. Members may belong To eiTher or boTh groups. RECORDER GROUP O STudenTs in-TeresTed in playing The recorder, an ElizabeThan TluTe, comprise The Recorder Group, which rneeTs during lunch periods, CONCERT COMMITTEE O The ConcerT ComrniTTee makes The arrangemenTs Tor New Trier's concerT series. This year some oT The concerTs have included The Indianapolis Symphony, The Don Cossaclcs, and The Golden GaTe QuarTeT. Page 56 C The DeIoaTe Team is made up oT New Trier sTudenTs who show proficiency in speech. This year New Trier won 26 ouT OT 30 debaTes in The IvIeTropoliTan DebaTe Union, and I5 ouT OT I6 in The Hammond TournamenT. Team members doing ouTsTanding work in inTerschoIasTic de- baTe are eIecTed To The NaTionaI Forensic Honor SocieTy, which has over 40,000 members and 450 chapTers. The Forensic Board assisTs in The organizaTion oT all debaTe acTiviTies. The Order oT The Gavel, a discussion group. gives Training in speech. Every year, The HilTon Ira Jones. Solon Reily, Elmer Baker, and Emil STaIce awards are given To The besT debaTers OT The year. TXN FORENSIC BOARD Row I: Law, Mr. MacLean, McConnell Row 2: Schupp, Thompson, Crane, Per- kins Ir: Page 5 7 Row I: Row 2: Row 3: Row I Row 2 Row I Row 2: DEBATE TEAM Baldwin, Schupp, D'Asaro, Mr. Mac- Lean, Ramsay, Henderson, MacDoug- all McConnell, Crane, Williams, Jai-chow, Perlxins, Munch Law, Thompson, Roberfs, Luensman Birheland, Tyler FORENSIC LEAGUE Henderson, MacDougalI, Law. Mac- Lean, McConnell, Perkins Baldwin, Crane, Thompson, Roberts, Jarchow, Williams ORDER OF THE GAVEL Bullen, Schupp, D'Asaro, Mr. Mac- Lean, Ramsay, Henderson, Zeiss Crane, Baldwin, Thompson, Law, Per- Icins, MacDougaII, Siegel li, ll SPANISH CLUB C The Spanish Club was reorganized This year, under The sponsor- ship oT Miss MudgeTT. The orlicers are: Sally Brown, presidenTg Nancy Wilder, vice-presidenT7 Edie FursT, secreTary: and Anne PeTer- son, Treasurer. One oT The highlighTs of The year was The pinaTa parTy, held aT ChrisTrnas Time. CMJ FRENCH CLUB I The French Club, sponsored by Mrs. Morris, had anoTher suc- cessTul year under The leadership oT iTs oTTicers: Mary Hurlbur, presi- denT7 Quinn Ellis, vice-presidenT: DoroThy Belnap, secreTary-Treasurer: and Ann MicldleTon, social chairman. All The rneeTings were con- ducred in French. This year, as usual, The French Club had charge oT publis ' 65 "Le Flarnbeaum, The annual French magazine. r ',f e,M,,4Cl' W- SPANISH CLUB Alimann, Millhouse, Weil, Duvall, Brooks, Loewe, Miller, Tripplehorn, Merriam, Seely, Scully, Hollisfer, Thomas, Gallaway, Laurine Hurley, Spielmann, Price, Wilson, BroadhursT, Dawson, Halls+een, Orfh, Gardiner, Roeddiger, Eisler, Scheib, Brown, McMarTin Snider, McCready, Robinson, Knobel, Gridley, Schoebeck, Donagher, Elmer, Gunfher, Selck, Rice, Brown, Halldorson, Paidar, Turner,'Linde Row I: Macdonald, Doherfy, Spank, Pallaf, FosTer, Schuller, Wessel, Jamison, Ballanlyne Row 2: Row 3: Baus+erT, BeuHas, Presfon, Sheehan, Chalmers, Wilder, Gefman, Scheinfeld, Dowd, Williamson, Rowe, Collins, Salberg, Meyer, George Barnes, Fulfon, Bond, Hicks, Alffilisch, Holmes, Scribner, SolliTT, Wade, Sepp, LiTchlield, Branch, Miller, McCosh, STull FRENCH CLUB Row I: Spencer, Wanner, Goldreich, Jaeger, PiaH, Bremer, Brucker, Wroe, Snell, Noble, Hinman, Kenney, Grauer, Doheny, Adler, Gallaway, Halper, Mink, Murphy, Hafowski, Goldberg, Hawes, Bealfy, Phipps, Jirgal, Sosna, Linick Row 2: Wakeley, Koch, Fox, Mason, Campbell, Hoy, Alfvin, Parsons, Gadske, Langendorf, Queenan, Vaughan, Small, Elwood, GoodsmiTh Burns, WaTkins, Koch, Dolnick, Gormley, Lyman, Snider, Davis, Freeman, Walser, Kempner, Ogden, McMahon, Leichsenring, Levy: Jones, SmiTh, Nelson, Reich, Belnap, RibIe++, Wal'lace, Mooney Row 3: Meacham, Hari, Severson, Bishop, McClellan, Alfheimer, Tomei, Boorhe, Calvi, Peirce, Olis, Midcllefon, Janney, Vandercook, Rowe, Barnes, Wilson, Elmer, Jones, Beloungy, Bauer, Flanagan, Donaldson, Ellis, Ehrhardf, Crane, Mercer, Pierre, Becker, Cowhill, Beasley Hurlbuf, Williams. Sherman, Schaeffer, Emery Page 58 .... .ala .T"1i LATIN CLUB Row I: Lind, Norris, Maurer, McClellan, Mason, Miss Paul, E. Hammerman, Hoy, Scribner, Engelhard Row 2: RibIeH, Redmon, Marr, Wells, Meacham, Thomas, Seely, Lovgren ,NeIson, Severson, I. Hammerman Row 3: Spencer, Pavlik, Bishop, Roof, Fox, Miles, O'MaIIey, Walser, Brady, Smifh, Dolnick Q. An. ' , -gy GERMAN CLUB Row I: Hockmuller, Wolff, Ramsay, Zidek, Hicks, Morrison, McDowell, KorTh, Harff, FosTer, Drury, Fender, Kaclyk Row 2: STeinberg, STowl, HarTray, WiTTenberg, Segil, HarT, Janis, DuVall, NasaTir, Babcock, STeinfield, Trense Row 3: Jackson, Simmons, Conney, Levy, Heizer, CrampTon, Roos, Cravens, Galey, Lowrey, Charles, McKee GERMAN CLUB Q The German Club, sponsored by Mr. McDowell, con- Tinued To be very popular among The German sTudenTs This year. AT iTs regular meeTings, The members sTudied The cusToms and culTure OT old Germany and The Ger- many oT Today. In addiTion, The club published iTs an- nual magazine, "Schreiberei". ouiLL CLUB . LATIN CLUB C The LaTin Club is organized like The old Roman gov- ernmenT, and iTs oTTicers go by Roman TiTles. The pur- pose oT The club is To learn more abouT Roman civiliza- Tion and cuITure. The sponsors This year are Miss Breiden- bach and Miss Paul, and The oTTicers are: Jane l-loy and Barbara Burns, consuls: Enid I-lammerman, scribag BeTsy Norris, Treasurer: Mary Engelhard and Joyce Flack, aediles. C The Quill Club, led by Miss Wilson, is a liTerary organizaTion open To underclassmen only. The purpose oT The club is To sTudy Tamous wriTers, and To learn To wriTe wiTh as much skill as possible. QUILL CLUB Row I: Marcus, Myer, Arey, Leichsenring, Manierre, Coburn, Hogan Row 2: Sergeanf, Hinrichs, Lebeson, Fischer, Frankenberger, Chapin Row 3: Gould, Nay, Hickey, Spence, Gefhman, Clausen, GaIanTe RADIO CLUB Row I: Harr, Thorpe, Snoolc, Smifh, Bufler, STaub, Kadyk Row 2: CoaTes, S+ahI, Blind, Schroeder, Sfefany, Challinor, Phipps RIFLE CLUB Row I: Siinson, Cessua, Walfers, Mr. Fearheiley, Alley, Kuiken, Arfhur, Van Schaaclc Row 2: Anderson, Rice, McCarThy, Teb- beHs, Kurschner, Jordan, Dean, Logs- don Row 3: PeTers, Boydon, Behan, Ives, Johnson, Fursf, Wiclcman, Ramsey, Lafimer CHESS CLUB Row I: Leach, Henderson, D'Asaro, Jones, Mr. Schumacher, YosT, BraaTen, Van Schaaclr Row 2: SmiTh, Macdonald, Nedved, O'NeiI, Yager, Lerch, Moller, Barnes, Haas, Lafimer RADIO CLUB Q The Radio Club is an organizaTion oT licensed AmaTeur Radio OperaTors, and sTudenTs sTudying To pass The license examinaTion. The club owns and operaTes AmaTeur STaTion W9EDC. The sponsor is Mr. J. R. SmiTh. RIFLE CLUB I To The girls and boys inTresTed in riTlery, The Rifle Club, spon- sored by Mr. Fearheiley, oTTers opporTuniTy To enioy This sporT. Members, spurred on by compeTiTion, beTTer Their skill and marks- manship, and also learn imporTanT saTeTy measures. CHESS CLUB - C The purpose oT The Chess Club is To increase one's abiliTy To concenTraTe by playing The game oT chess. The club is sponsored by Mr. Schumacher, and The presidenT is Dave McDonald. Page 60 ART LEAGUE Q The ArT League, sponsored by Miss Klein, is open To sTudenTs in all classes. Various programs oT The group This year included spealcers, movies, and Trips To com- mercial and Tine arT sTudios and sl4eTch classes. GEOGRAPHY CLUB O The Geography Club, cponsored by Miss EIemingTon, has compIeTed many inTeresTing proiecTs This year, in- cluding a sTudy oT The hisTory and indusTries OT MeTro- poIiTan Chicago. IT was a very successTuI year Tor all The members. THEORETICAL SCIENCE CLUB Q The TheoreTicaI Science Club, under The leadership oT Mr. Ude, was Tormed To acquainT sTudenTs wiTh cur- renT advances in scienTiTic Theory. The club is open To all who are inTeresTed. The presidenT is Ferdinand Fender. AERONAUTICS CLUB O The AeronauTics Club, sponsored by Mr. Clader, is an organizaTion Tor all sTudenTs inTeresTed in airplanes. The members spend much oT The Time consTrucTing model airplanes. Hugh Melvoin is The presidenT. ART LEAGUE Row 3: Pavlilr, Morifz, Slxoclocelc, Leisch, Coules, PeTerson, Miller, Peferson, Roih, Salberg Row 2: Greller, Lowell, Severson, Gross, Nilsson, Cedershand, Van Deusen, Mooney, Fox Row I: Berner, Roeddiger, LeRoy, STewarT, Klein, Mercer, Wahl, Taylor, Fonder GEOGRAPHY CLUB THEORETICAL SCIENCE CLUB AERONAUTICS CLUB Row I: Smiflu, Gelb, Logan Row I: Fender, Hicks, Ude, Henderson, Row I: Dean, BurT Row 2: Agar, Ludgin, Cogswell, Miss Hari' Row 2: Jones, Jaclcson, Melvoin FIeming+on Row 2: Krueger, Cramp+on, Thompson, Galey, Perkins, Janis Page 61 T l l L CKMA5 icon.: BOYS' CAREER CLUB O The Boys' Career Club, under The sponsorship oT The TaculTy Career Club commiTTee, headed by Mr. ChrisTensen, is open To all iunior and senior boys oT New Trier. ITS purpose is To presenT Talks on various proTessions, each Talk given by a specialisT in his parTicular Tield, in order To help The sTudenTs make more inTelligenT educaTional and vocaTional plans. Some oT The speakers Tor The club This year were: Mr. Jarchdw, who spoke on business adminisTraTion: Mr. WiTTenberg, who spoke on engineering: Mr. Howard VincenT O'Brien, who spoke on iournalism: and a panel discussion on college enTrance given by Mr. GaTTney, Mr. Kahler, and Mr. Suelberger, Dean oT Men aT NorThwesTern. The oTTicers TirsT semesTer were: Dick Erey, presidenT: Don Brown, vice-presidenT: Mel Carney, secreTary: and Ed STackhouse, Treasurer. NexT year's oTTicers, elecTed The second semesTer, are: Bob Geniesse, presidenT: Jack ThornTon, vice-presidenT: Les WiTTenberg, secreTary: and Chuck l'loban, Treasurer. GI RLS' CAREER CLUB O The Girls' Career Club, sponsored by Miss Weiler and Miss l-lenningsen, is an organ- izaTion oT juniors and seniors who meeT once a monTh To hear diTTerenT speakers Talk on Their chosen proTession. These inTormal Talks help girls who are undecided as To Their career, and give added inTormaTion To girls who have chosen a parTicular Tield as The one They wish To Tollow. The subiecTs oT some OT The Talks This year include law, poliTics, nursing, journalism, social service, and inTerior decoraTion. The oTTicers are: Gwain Williams, presidenT: Anne Boyle, vice-presidenT: Joanne Schumacher, secre-Tary: and Sonia Thiessen, Treasurer. The commiTTee heads are: Peg Rose, Membership: JaneT Cooper, Social: Quinn Ellis, Program: and Marilyn Frazier, PubliciTy. AND OFFICERS Row I: ThornTon, Zidek, Barre'H', WH- Tenberg, Sfackhouse Row 2: Hoban, Geniesse, Brown, Car- ney, Friedlander, Frey BOYS' CAREER CLUB BOARD Page 62 4 n.. ., 4 .. A Row I: Row 2: Row 3: Row 4: Row I: Row 2: Row 3: Row I: Row 2: Row 3: Row 4: Page GIRLS' CAREER CLUB A-G Eisler, Browne, Donnelly, Collins, Frisch, Brockell, Schumacher, Cory, Bausrerf, Barber, Goldreich, Drucker, Elmer, Gunfher, Brown, Droege- mueller, Donaldson de Tarnowsky, Eriksen, Doheny, Cahn, Belnap, M. Campbell, Campbell, Cady, Dalgely, Amici, Allmann, Brooks, Adler, Caika, Brown Dyer, Bray, Buckingham, Barfhell, Bremer, Casad, Emery, DeI'Iar'I, Bucher, Fonder, Gallaway, Duvall, Doherly, Ballanlyne, Funkhouser Goodsmirh, Beasley, Greeley, Boyle, Collins, Broadhursf, Dawson, Genge, Colfman, German, Corning, Davis, Gadske, Drew, Brown, Crane Busby, Frazier, Gardiner, Grauer, Gormley, Buis'I', Baumgardner, Belding, Be-uI'+es, Alfvin, Frankensfein, Dallas, Bruning Dowd, Elwood, Branch, Becker, Cowhill, Buller, Gulhridge, Greenwood, Bauer, Donaldson, Ellis, Ehrhard+, Burgoyne, Cooper, Garcia, Con- over, Edgerlon, Barnes, Cross, George, Fulfon, Bond, Flanagan, Cusiek, Chalmers, Braue, Calverf, Alffilisch, Alfheimer, Edwards, Boolhe Chrislian, Dickson, Calvi GIRLS' CAREER CLUB H-N Johansson, Miller, Hawrhorne, McQuide, Macdonald, Lund, Millhouse, Lindell, Mercer, Johnson, Kenney, Kroeschell, Hinman, Halper Linick, Lundeen, Chase, Jamison, Moseley, Hollisler, Lawson, Newhall, Lind, Mallz, Fosrer, Murray, Hendrickson, Holh, Morrill King, Henderson, Hoy, Lamme, Nuveen, Jenness, Knobel, Mink, Harf'F, Laurine, Menghinelli, Jones, Hallsleen, Loewe, Moore, Middlefon Marfens, Harrshorne, Kullberg, King, Johannesen, Hufzmann, May, McManus, Nichols, Merriam, Lloyd, Lips, Knapp, Maupin, Leafhers Halldorson Marschall, Hurley, Linde, McCready, Nilsson, Lichier, Moore, F. Mercer, Muler, Hollingbery, Hillon, Koch, Lind, Norris, Hicks, HuHen Houghlon, Janney, Miller, Jorgensen, Holmes, Meyers, I'IackeH, Liebman, Meyer, A. Miller, Learned, Hypes, Jones, McCurdy, McKahan McCosh, Mann, Hurlbul, Hobe GIRLS' CAREER CLUB O-Z Oslergaard, Spielmann, Turner, Wilson, Spiegel, Roberison, Soper, Price, Thompson, Warden, Wafkins, Schumacher, Slull, Snell, Shaw, Selck Porles, Rice, Sepp Scully, Pofier, Schuller, Phelps, Schwall, Reich, Porrer, Wanner, PaIIa'I', Spink, Pauscherf, Weil, Wroe, Scheib, Ogden, Thomas, Roeddiger Tripplehorn, Riggs, Wehrheim, Omori, Triebold, Phipps, Seely, Re ize, Walfher, Sforch Wellin, Prasse, Smilh, J. Williams, Vernon, Preslon, PoH'er, Wilder, Oberg, Orfh, Reingardf, Thompson, Walser, Schmidf, Small, Schawe Schoeneck, Rose, Paidar, G. Williams, Sherman, Saunders, Snyder, Sensiba, Harkness, Schaeliler, Queenan, Snider, Wessel. Pfulzenreufer, Peirce, Woods, Wade, Richardson, Scheinfeld, Robinson, Wilson, Pope, Peferson, Schladen, Tomei, Thiessen, Smifh, Tegrmeyer Parsons, Wilson, Rye, Tourlelof, Sawle, Schuller, Salmen, Williamson, Sheehan, Rowe, Ofis, Price, Solliff, Scribner, Skodacek, Sizer, Salberg Showers, Schurmeier 63 GX 54 553 4' f I 1 f Wrfvv' f1KWhy,zif- V I Q4 fi fx y VE? xg - , ,iff mx? f f V! f 0 -Sybgbladtbof Hubba Hubba f' H160 PAA. YNho's Who Kim! John Pflfqe 66 .,,wqwc:r" Page 67 1 Y A W'hfff'Gf 'P M Lgmew-the wirmakf Rouqn Racers Vvh WHO'g ffla CT, Cha dai!! R fgny? ft? C' W: Kenifworfh G-als ed :Ja Vfy Bcvunce Tm, Phi! D fm! fence me: gn Page 68 Herr OH'o - Echoes da Y For SEAS Page 59 Abdudo IXJCQ1- Expressbn 21 '12 an 'R Mr. Schumacher! . Pa'-W Time ,v JC' as WL Male ' Poker Game? We Hunk you're good lookin' foo! page 70 ,w ,4- ooo' Hang on, Herne sad' The w-H1-adn' up-' Chloe ,,.....a 40,40 V-wlnnj-" To' Vs. 961' Tokex Page 71 Amalons i-.:.1wr'1'w pm Hoag? Jr. asia Abe .- Page 72 x xv? N ew 7,59 ,K N JA 3 Cfericds Crwdxz V fbfgfjg- 'apwpnfxfgww ' Page 73 Soap Op'ry Aufo graph' Meiodic Three Page 74 FOG Q N ,- rug Page 75 Suggeshoni. De BOYS V-:-girls Please S w. 'Nl u YR w-J Q Q w. YJ 7,3 I . 'L A N.. R X ,mn , rg ,, X 15 E 2' Q W, F' I- " ,'lOl",'-Chan Qed ? CHrls+y'5 kids I Q'-W--Qmwm.. J L Sullivan? Hdpless? Beni Po S14 . S weef Slxfeen Soufhern hospiiahiy Pigmy Page 76 Crushed 00' The Open A . is-.2 Page 77 Crowded? Sub C1955 'fob A 09 9a ning ? 'I 1 MUUGCHI .fa ' ' ,, gf 'U -if F S The Trio 531: mum: l "ky M uf, , rom' Suzie emu Naqhh Law :dun-........ She gens Sea shelk is E' T- H- , Page 78 Page 79 Honqr S. 3:30 P. M. The YQun , Hoyfs Boys No Name Showman -1' H. 20l 99" Sei 4X'f KN I S f , ff J W l:l l - IU' ul I-I' 5:5 I FJW' ff '11, ll, IIA, 7, f sf Ulf! L h filfg MICHINARD CapTain VARSITY FOOTBALL C WiTh six leTTermen reTurning To The Team Tor I945, Coach Asch- enbach's TooTball squad looked like The besT in The Suburban League, and as probable champions Tor The second sTraighT year. BuT They losT a couple oT close games and Tinished in TourTh place wiTh Two wins and Three losses. The record doesn'T do Them iusTice, Though, as They came wiThin Two poinTs oT beaTing Oak Park's TiTle winners, and They scored as many Touchdowns as The Villagers did all season. Playing beTore close To 3,000 people, who crowded inTo Phelps' Field Tor The crucial league opener, The Green Wave overcame an early Oak Park score To lead in The second guarTer, I9-7. The Huskies scored again beTore The guarTer ended, and again on a TourTh guarTer pass Through To win, 21-I9, by a margin oT only Two poinTs aTTer Touchdowns. ln The line, LiTT Clark and Chuck l-loban, The only iunior on The Team, were boTh good ends. Bob PenberThy was a sTeady subsTiTuTe aT end. Flanking CapTain Ray Michinard aT cenTer were Tour rugged guards in ScoTT Hillis, Bill Mayer, Bud Bray, and Rudy Vedovell, who alTernaTed aT The sTarTing posTs. AT Tackle were Bob Pearson and RusTy Mills, The mainsTays oT The line. Fullback Roger Drew led The Triermen as The second highesT scorer in The league. AT leTT halT, Jack Lockyer was raTed The besT passer in The league, buT he was hampered by a leg iniury all season. CliT STowers and Marv Ross Tilled ouT The backfield wiTh speed and power aT righT halT and guarTerback. Top honors wenT To LiTT Clark aT The end oT The season when he was named All-STaTe Tor his greaT oTTensive and deTensive play. He and Rog Drew were boTh honored wiTh posiTions on The All-Suburban Team. Included in The All-Suburban selecTions were Pearson, Mich- inard, Lockyer, STowers, and Mills. The new Gene Hasselberg Memorial Award Tor sporTsmanship, Team play, and clean living was presenTed To Ray Michinard by The voTe oT his TeammaTes. Row I: Mills, Ross, Michinard fCapT.l, Pearson, Sfowers, Drew, Bray, Hoban, Lockyer Row 2: Roberfson lTrainerl, Hillis, Mayer, Weldon, Ross, Leahy, PenberThy, Lauer, HunT, MisanToni, Young, Meyers, Mahan, Vedovell, ThornTon Row 3: CaTon fcoachl, Clark, KenT, Yoder, Rice, Henricks, DalTon, Bowler, Brown, GraTer, Campbell, Rief, Rogers, Taylor, Rennacker, Aschenbach lcoachl Page 82 VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES 1 1 New Trier Sciiurz New Trier Easi Aurora New Trier Highland Park New Trier Tlwornion New Trier Oak Park New Trier Morion New Trier Proviso T New Trier Waukegan New Trier Evansion i I ll , K, 4 I f 3 1-fe ru f X f""F Q- K ..i J I " ,W i V, .Y i f v,.. f-1 3' 11 W A' K T XT: iixfiig 1 - 'ff ' T ix., ,Z T -Qvzgrnf 'X TTTTX ff 1 W' V! r -- T N 'A .Q Z 5 X4,ihi,Al L :VA iw 1' A -qi .Nm-MI 5 -A--B -IPY 4, :f"4"i- " 7' i Page 83 BUCK Capfain JV FOOTBALL C New Trier's 1945 JV TooTball Team, alThough high-spiriTed and Tough in every game, had a disappoinTing year as They losT all Their six scheduled games. The gridders dropped one each To Oak Park, Waukegan, Zion, and all Three oT Their baTTles wiTh EvansTon's WildkiTs. The lasT game oT The season, which was aT EvansTon, was a 25-I9 seTback, bu+ a moral vicTory Tor The Team. lT was Their closesT and hardesT ToughT game oT The year, and The Grey-Green deserved To win. EvansTon walked oTT aT The end oT The TirsT half wiTh a I9-O lead, buT The Triermen ouTplayed Their opponenTs in The second halT as Touchdowns by John Bender and Jim BarnThouse made The margin I9-I3, beTore The WildkiTs inTercepTed a pass and scored. Rog Underhill scored, and New Trier pushed deep inTo enemy TerriTory again beTore some bad breaks and darkness cuT Their rally shorT wiTh The score, 25-I9. The line, coached by Mr. Funkhouser and Mr. Clausen, had depTh and weighT. AT The ends were Dick CrawTord, Bill Campbell, Bill STreeT, and Jim Lisburg. AT Tackle were CapTain Jay Buck, Bob Geni- esse, and PeTe lvlerkle. The guards were Les WiTTenberg, PaT Ander- son, and Al Lanphear, wiTh Dave Bull and Don Anderson aT cenTer. In The backfield were Jim Breen, George STone, and Dickson Young aT guarTerback, halTbacks Rog Underhill, Jim BarnThouse, John Bender, and Mark Wells, and Roger Johnson aT Tullback. Row I: Falk, WiTTenberg, Pope, Buck, Miller, P. Anderson, Well, Lundin, Sfreef, Lamphear Row 2: Carlson, Cafon, Marcon, Carp, Schure, F. Smifh, Davis, Underhill, Fisher, MaToT, Bemus Row 3: Mr. Funkhouser, Bull, Geniesse, Vaughan, Merkle, Lisberg, STone, Bender, D. Anderson, BarnThouse, O'Brien, Breen. Kuh, McNair Page 84 A ,dl if lv, . I 1 ., .4 , I 3 . ws- c- i, ii I 2, '.,,. JP05 17, f il FROSI-I-SOPI-I FOOTBALL O Coach Chuck Lauer's I945 Frosh-Soph loolball leam was oul- slanding lhroughoul lhe season as lhey rolled over all nine ol lheir opponenls lo be lhe lirsl New Trier leam lhal has ever won lhe Frosh-Soph Suburban League Championship. In going undelealed and unlied, lhe Ponies resel lhe Suburban League scoring record wilh 22 louchdowns and I3 exlra poinls lor a lolal ol I45 poinls in live league games. Delensively, lhey had only lwo louchdowns scored againsl lhem in lhe league, and only 20 poinls scored againsl lhem all season. Every lineman deserves an equal share ol lhe glory lor lheir greal season. Flanking Dave Lyons al cenler were Caplain Bill Redding and Bill Erman al righl and Iell guard. Al lhe lackles were Ralph Horn and Brad Glass, who booled all ol lhe kick-olfs, backed up by Arl Dunne and Jack I-liles. Al lhe ends were Chuck Snorl, who was a largel ol a lol ol Iong passes, and Phil Belhke, who swilched wilh Bob While several limes. Dick Leonard was always a lhreal al Iell hall as a runner, passer, and punler, Ioul he was surrounded by olher good backs. Bud Layer made a good guarlerback and valuable leam player, and Joe Demp- sey averaged a louchdown a game al righl hall. Fullback John Pelers lied Leonard as lhe high scorer in lhe league wilh 6 louch- downs, and he was as good al backing up lhe Iine as he was bucking lhrough il. Page 85 FROSI-I New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier -SOPI-I I3 39 I9 3I I3 33 33 35 3I GMU. FOOTBALL SCORES Schurz O Easl Aurora O Highland Park 7 Thornlon O Oak Park 7 Ivlorlon 6 Proviso O Waukegan O Evanslon O 3? 'vi 1 ,475 ll' 'si T' ra W WMC f 3 , f x. a .?.- X VARSITY BASKETBALL Q The I945-46 baskeTball Team was one oT The besT ThaT New Trier has had in many years. The VarsiTy Team won six ouT oT Their Ten Suburban League games To Tie Tor second place wiTh Oak Park. A mid-season slump, which cosT The Green Wave Tive sTraighT losses, gave Them a ToTal oT I3 vicTories and 9 deTeaTs Tor The season. Three oT The losses were To league Toes, buT because The compeTiTion in The league was so Tough and evenly maTched, They shared second place despiTe Their hard luck. WiTh Tour ouTsTanding leTTermen reTurning To The Team, Coach Chuck Lauer had one oT The sTrongesT quinTeTs in The league. Park Taylor combined his dazzling shooTing, dribbling, and ball handling To oTTseT his heighT handicap aT Torward, and aT The oTher posT was Mike Zeddies, The mosT consisTenT high-scorer on The Team. 6' 3" Jim RoberTs developed inTo one oT The leagues besT cenTers, and aT guard, Jack Lockyer was ouTsTanding boTh on oTTense and deTense, and Jim Myers was one oT The besT deTensive players in The league. Y s BASKETBALL Row I: Bray, Chew, Myers, RoberTs, Brown, Zeddies, Taylor Row 2: Cannon, Clark, RiTTersporn, Kuhn, Cloud, Selby, MesTiian, McGanney, Lauer, Morgansiern Row 3: Perkins, Munch, RoberTs, Marsh, PeTTibone, Peierson, Reif, Wells, Ragland, Mayer Page 86 gwfefbaf The Wave opened The season wiTh one-sided wins over BarringTon and Niles beTore They dropped a close game To Dundee. They crushed Riverside and Then opened The league season wirh a 46-35 Triumph over lVlorTon. They whipped The highly-TouTed Proviso Pi- raTes, 48-3l, and Then Took a close decision over EvansTon's lasT place Wildkirs beTore going inTo Their Tail-spin. Oak Park, Arnund- sen, Waukegan, Dundee, and lVlorTon Tripped The Terriers beTore They came back To crush boTh Proviso and EvansTon. They surprised Oak Park wiTh a 44-37 Trouncing, bu+ playing Tor The championship beTore a crowd Thar packed The gym, They were nosed ouT by Waukegan's league champs, 47-46, To end The season. War 'PWM ' A am asm f"""'W"'V"'7m"T W Page 87 K FROSH-SOPH BASKETBALL C AlThough They displayed a Tine brand ol baske+baIl several Times during The season, PeTe FranTzen's Frosh-Soph Team was Too in- consisTenT To cop The Suburban League crown. They won six ouT oT Ten league games To Tie MorTon Tor second place, and Their season record was Twelve wins and Ten losses. Pro- viso and Oak Park were The only Teams ThaT The Ponies beaT Twice, while Waukegan beaT The sophs Twice, boTh Times when The Gray- Green had a chance To Take The lead in The League. Forward Dick Leonard, cenTer John PeTers, and guard Louie KranTz, paced The sophs, wiTh Torwards Lyle Richmond and PeTe Burn- side, and guards Don Hurley and Dick Chris- Tiansen alTernaTing during The season. f i . FROSH SOPH BASKETBALL Row I Rowl Kranh Massey Hurley Layer, DeCarlo, Dempsey, Peffi, Richmond Row 2 Rice Spechf Chrishansen Lyons, Bacon, Leonard, Franhen Row 3 Gomperf Moore Ellloff Davis Burnside, Hackbarfh, Pefers, Whiie Page 88 WRESTLING Row I: Schmidf, Sfeel, Sfade, Clinfon, Ellis, Barn+house, GroTThuss, Kifazalri Bd R'dkfR KT F'S'Tl'1KTR Row 2: ou reaux, in s op, amsay, ar man, errus, mi , u z, ose Bray, EbberT, Bender, Jeangerard, SchmiTz, NuTini, ShelTon, Keller Row : Mafof, Hey, Glass, Dunne, Bapfisfa, Neuman, HarTray, Sibley Row 3: 4 WRESTLING Q New Trier's newesT sporT, wresTling, enjoyed comparaTively good success during The I945-46 season. The Team Tinished iTs second year wiTh a record of 7 wins and 5 losses. The grapplers baTTled only MorTon in The Suburban League, buT Their schedule included oTher meeTs wiTh six of The ToughesT schools in The sTaTe. The only experienced wresTlers reTurning To The Team as The season sTarTed were STan ClinTon and Jim BarnThouse, boTh OT whom had been ouTsTanding Their TirsT year, in The lighTweighT brackeTs. As The season progressed, Coach Dick Clausen developed more Than a dozen oTher boys To make a young buT Tough Team. Some oT his Top wresTlers were KenT Ellis U03 lbs.l, Gordon Ramsey and Henry Smifh lI2O lbs.l, Bob Grove and Don Boudreaux U27 lbs.l, Dick Eb- berr and CapTain Dick Ferris U33 lbs.l, John Bender U38 lbs.l, Carl Hey and Dick SchmiTz U45 lbs.l, Ralph Jeangerard U54 lbs.l, Roger Drew U65 lbs.l, and Brad Glass lheavyweighTl. ClinTon, Ramsey, EbberT, and Glass, on The basis of Their good won and losT record during The season were good prospecTs Tor a place in The sTaTe Tinals. ProspecTs Tor nexT year's Team are very good as only Grove, Eb- berT, Hey, and Drew will graduaTe in June. Page 89 New New New New New New New New New New New New WRESTLING SCORES Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier MorTon ThornTon Elgin Riverside JolieT Schurz MorTon Riverside JolieT Amundsen Elgin Amundsen MAYER JANNOTTA Co-Capfains VARSITY SWIMMING I New Trier's VarsiTy Swimming Team climaxed anoTher unde- TeaTed dual season wiTh The TwelTTh Triumph in The Suburban League meeT held aT Oak Park. The Team's closesT rival, I-lighland Park, did noT swim in a dual meeT wiTh New Trier, buT gave us a scare when They finished Three poinTs behind in The League meeT. The closesT dual conTesTs oT The year were wiTh Danville, when New Trier had To Take The lasT evenT in Their Two meeTs in order To win. The VarsiTy This year was diTTerenT Trom oTher years in Thar iT had Two sophomores swimming regularly-Lechner and Warner-and on occasion, a Treshman, Bud Wallen. Special recogniTion is given To Lechner, who Tinished TourTh in The IOO-yard Tree sTyle in The League meeT. The Team was hard hiT by The loss oT lasT year's seniors, buT was well bolsTered by versaTiIe Bob Copp, who Took TirsT in The Sub- urban IOO-yard backsTroke, by backsTrokers Co-CapTain JannoTTa and Wagener, by breasTsTroker Sam GenTles, and by TreesTylers Co- CapTain Mayer, Fried, Cook, and FarringTon. In addiTion, IasT year's VARSITY SWIMMING Row I: Hargreaves, Harnsberger, Haase, Frische, HarT, STowers, Seeley, Rigler, Hinrichs, Copello Row 2: Coach Jackson, Hosbein, STeele, Wagener, PorTer, Mayer-co-capTain, JannoTTa-cc-capTain, McKee, Copp, Bowler, Blackburn Row 3: RoberTson, MacTaggarT, Levy, GenTIes, Showers, Snycler, Lechner, Lowell, Warner, FarringTon, Fried, Cooke, Brown Page 90 VARSITY SWIMMING SCORES I945 - I946 New Trier . 48 STeinmeTz . . 9 New Trier . 34 DanviIIe . 32 New Trier . 50 EvansTon . 25 New Trier . 52 Proviso . . 23 New Trier . . 47 Waukegaiw . 28 New Trier . 49 Maine . . 26 New Trier . 36 Danviile . . . 30 New Trier . . 57 Oak Park . . I8 New Trier . . . 50 IVIorTon . . . . 24 New Trier . . . 56 WesT Rockford . . I0 League IvIeeT aT STaTe MeeT aT Oak Park New Trier IsT, New Trier . . 38 IsT. Lane . . . 64 2nd, I-IighIand Park . 35 2nd, Highland Park . 26 3rd, EvansTon . . 26 3rd, New Trier . . I4 . 'F I . championship Frosh-Soph Team produced imporTanT maTeriaI Tor our. j varsiTy. Peirce McKee, undeTeaTed all season, came Through in The TNS' Tinal meeT, esTabIishing a new League record in The 200-yard Tree sTyIe wiTh The Time oT 2:I8.2. The breasT sTroke was well Taken care 'x of by John Snyder, who Took second in The League meeT, and Jim A PorTer, who pIaced Third. OTher TreesTyIers who will be mainsTays of nexT year's squad and who saw acTion This year are Mark LoweII, who Tinished Third behind McKee in The 200, 5eeIey and Blackburn. Reid I-Iinricks is a promising iunior backsTroker, as is Chuck Nadler. if his heaITh aIIows him To regain his oId Torm. ThroughouT The year. The Team diving was done by STeeIe, I-Iosbein, STowers, Bowler, and I-Iarnsberger. New Trier This year dropped To Third pIace in The sTaTe meeT, ac- cumuIaTing onIy I4 poinTs. Lane Tech of Chicago Took TirsT pIace 7 - !' I wiTh 64 poinTs, and I-IighIand Park was second wiTh 26 poinTs. D uw. T 'Tc 4 T'i,,.-ff Page 91 PARFITT Cap+ain FRGSI-I-SOPI-I SWIMMING U This year New Trier's Trosh-soph swimming organizaTion had an- oTher successTuI season, beaTing every Team buT Oak Park, To whom They Iosr by only a Two poinT margin, 34 To 32. Our mermen were a Ii++Ie disappoinTed in The League meeT as They Took a close Third place behind EvansTon and Oak Park, buT The exceIIenT prospecTs Tor nexT year's Team make up in large measure Tor The loss oT The rneeT. This year The Treshmen were nearly as prominenT as The sophomores. Some oT These ouTsTanding individuals are Tom Kroeschell, a consis- TenT winner in The breasT sTroke, who placed in The League meeT, Green and JannoTTa, who did well in The 50 and 75-yard Tree sTyle all year, and GoTTman and Sealey, who also swam The Tree sTyle. The diving was also done by Two Treshmen, Elwood and Carson. Co- CapTain Tom ParTiTT, Bond, and Warren did well in The backsTroke, ParTiTT gaining TirsT and Bond TourTh in The Tinal meeT. Suriano and Ambler swam The 50-yard Tree sTyle in consisTenTIy good Time, The Tormer being on The medley relay Team. Besides Kroeschell, EbberT and WesTrich were good breasTsTrokers, usually gaining seconds in meeTs. Allrhough The Trosh-soph didn'T Take The TiTIe This year, in view oT The prospecTs Tor nexT year's squad, iT looks as Though The championship may well come back To New Trier again. FROSH-SOPH SWIMMING Row I: Sfaub, Thornfon, Goff mann, Carson, Ebl::e'r, Warren Wallen, Gillespie, Hammond Tucker Row 2: Jackson, Burr, Elwood Wesfrich, Ambler, Bond, Par feH', Sealy, Green, JannoHa Kroeschell, Suriano, Gabel Condon Row 3: Cramlef, Pickup, Barker Wiseman, Macomber, S+ahI son, TempIeTon, Pfufzenreufer HiIdreTh, Seaberg, Parsons Hargreaves, Taylor, Roberfson Brown Page 92 Wolf, Crowe, Gefschow, Samp- :ocff Ollvffliq WMM GUARD Q One of +he leasl glorified organizalions in our school, The New Trier Guard is considered Jrhe backbone of lhe enlire swimming or- ganizalion. Hs members include boys who have volunreered ro be of service lo lhe school by helping olhers +0 learn how To swim and +0 ac+ as swimming assislanls. All members who sign up for Jrhe Guard fully realize +ha'r if is a group for rendering service +o oihers wilhoul receiving an award ol any lcind. To be chosen head guard by Coach Jaclcson is lhe highesl honor oblainable in lhe swimming organizalion. During lhe I945-l946 season, +he Co-l-lead Guards were Bob Copp and Jim Hargreaves. Page 93 l' QL? -f -ff-1 V ,. X l Ulla ,P I k,g..,- ' Laxrm , x, V A Mi xy Y E Q-Z,,,,... k.. 92 . !1f2 P fx.2v-Egir. 1 GUARD Row I: McKee, Hosbein, Wage- ner, Mayer, Hargreaves-Asst Head Guard, Copp-Head Guard, Jannoffa, Genfles, Blackburn Row 2: Jackson, Jannoffa, Tay- lor, Wesirich, Wiseman, War- ren, Sampson, Lechner, Mac- Taggarf, Hildrefh, Wallen, Seeley, Burr, Tucker 1 I f ,f KX t IX I X 4 A y 1' Ls-s , , J css X X X XX m x 2 K is ig N. , x VARSITY TRACK C Coach John Nay's I946 VarsiTy Track squad appears To lack The experience OT The Tine Teams oT previous seasons. As The season wears on, however, The cindermen are improving TasT, and several members oT The Team should guaIiTy in The sTaTe championships. LiTT Clark, who placed Third in The sTaTe meeT IasT year, undoubT- edly will be ouTsTanding again This year. Also looking Torward TQ, anoTher good season is hurdler Bob Kunzelman. I The bulk oT This year's squad is composed oT juniors, oT which sev- eral are Tine prospecTs. George Jacobi has Turned in The graTiTying Time oT 2:O4.5 Tor The half mile, while I'IunTer GiIberTson's work in The mile has been equally good. Chuck Young, Jim Swanson, Dick STeTFey, and Don Weldon also show greaT promise. OTher boys who have proven Themselves To be consisTenT poinT- geTTers include Phil KenT, RusTy MiIIs, Bob Per1berThy, John RoberT- son, John Spaulding, Don McElroy, Ben MisanToni, and Ted Rennacker. While The I946 Team may Iose as many meeTs as iT wins, The season musT be classed as a successTuI one Tor developing Time maTeriaI Tor coming years. L VARSITY TRACK ers, Herlocker, Melvoin, Mayer, KenT, Spaulding Row 2: MisanToni, Young, Maher, Penberfhy, McElroy, Weldon, Rennacker, Herbon Row 3: Mr. HoyT, Ingram, Roberfson, Gilberfson, Swan- son, Johnson, MiIIs, Kunzel- man, Clarke, Jacobi, Lun- din, HoI:aarT, Adams, Mr. Nay Page 94 Row I: Whife, Grafer, Mey- Page 95 P05 FROST-I-SOPH TRACK C Since The sTarT oT The season, The I946 Trosh-soph Track Team has im- proved so much ThaT iT is a deTiniTe ThreaT To Talce The Suburban League championship. Tom Hilliard has proven To be an excellenT sprinTer, and several Times has been cloclced aT 105.6 Tor The TiTTy-yard dash. Chuck SnorT's worlc in The hurdles has been pleasing. ln The Tield evenTs, Bill Erman and Craig Richard- son have shown marked abiliTy. The Team has a number OT good disTance men, including Chuck Dold, Mack McLaughlin, and Bill Newcomb, who should be valuable during The ouTdoor season. Many oT The boys on The Trosh-soph squad will move up To The VarsiTy divi- sion nexT year, where They will rnalce valuable conTribuTions To The squad. Row I: Dold, Erhman, ScoTT, Baldwin, Haag, Woalfalls, Spoehr Row 2: Coolrsey, Kemper, McGrew, Krihzhield, Baller, Shanahan, Killiard Row 3: Mr. Hoyf, Ingram, WaTlxins, Wolf, Clark, Newcomb, McLaughlin, Pierson, Lamberf, Randau Fisher, Lindsay, Mr. Nay Mlllllllll ev T. ull llliimiallfliiiiii T ll 6 , ., ITTPI, - i j 41. ' .i -W A . A- y VARSITY BASEBALL C PredicTions were all ThaT could be made abouT Coach Dick Clausen's I946 baseball Team aT The Time oT The ECHOES' deadline, buT iT wasn'T going ouT on a limb To TorecasT a very promising season Tor The Triermen. WiTh Tive leTTermen reTurning Trom lasT year's second place Team, and several good prospecTs coming up Trom The Frosh-Soph Team, They looked like one OT The besT Teams in The league. Jack Lockyer, one oT The besT hurlers in The league las+ year, and Gene Selby, The number Two piTcher on lasT year's Team, made The piTching sTaTT ouTsTanding. CapTain Bud Bray, hard-hiTTing second baseman, Park Taylor, sure-Tielding shorTsTop, and heavy-hiTTing Ray lvlichinard aT TirsT, comprised The reTurning Trio oT inTielders. Dick RiTTersporn added experience To The crew oT ouTTielders, and Bill Cowhill was The lone reTurning caTcher. Two iuniors, caTcher Bob Lauer and shorTsTop Dick Mayer, already had played a Ii++le varsiTy ball. OTher prospecTs Trom The Frosh-Soph Team included inTielder Bob ChrisToph, and ouTTielders Don McAlvey and Reed l-linrichs. ,. . 'fe-..-.-. - -- . ! BASEBALL Row I: Michinard, Uhl, BarThold, Pavlilr, Cowhill, JannoTTa Row 2: Bray TCHPTT. RiTTersporn, Selby, MesTiian, Taylor, Coach Clausen Page 95 GOLF O LasT year's golT squad surprised everyone by placing Third in The sTaTe, and many members oT ThaT squad are back again This year. WiTh These veTerans as a nucleus, Mr. Aram's I946 Team should be very sTrong. As The ECI-IOES goes To press, The oTFiciaI rosTer oT The golf Team has noT been announced, buT Harry Schwall, Don Wagener, Dick CrawTorcl, Dick Leonard, Joe Corrnack, and Tom BarneTT are seen as likely prospecTs. TENNIS C The prospeclrs oT The Tennis Team are greaTIy enhanced This year by The reTurn oT virTuaIIy all OT lasT year's sTars. Coach Flaningam has noT chosen his Team as The ECHOES goes To press, buT prob- able members include Dick Kilner, Ned McGanney, Jay Green, Jim Meyers, Reg Rice, Phil Nielson, and Henry Brown. Kilmer and MCG-anney, working as a doubles Team, did well againsT Tough opposiTion lasT year, and should have anoTher good season in I946. 4 If gm M rl , r X Q f. Q D. A"':T 5 Q 'Q L.. gi- I TENNIS GOLF Row I: Flaningam, McConnell, Kilner, J. Rice, Ball Row I: Weldon, Aram, BarneTT Row 2: Myers, Peffibone, McGenney, R. Rice, Wolf Row 2: Leonard, Crawford, Wagener in Page 97 'X F .HM M Week? Helix? .a-is Wi we Yi T Xfvf 'I if' 5 I 1 ffl st uf 1 ' 1 5 if 1' ' ,ff .553 'F-,9,1iPi il wg M I+ 4 1 5 M .ii rm. ' ' ' ...gk ,,5i,,gQsLrij:+ -I wp '1 ff' if?k,,. A 1' I ff 4' Q2,sf,fsfF'rv14 ' 12 ' JN' " 'pi ,, , .pa ,Tal r .-T..-,.v-i1w1i'w,A1H, -gf ,Q i Miglia: , fi' ..i'7'I"Ju N 1 K 'gi ,,. J-"Tix .iN " i ., 6 F' f Y X 4 INTRA-lvl URAL SPORTS C The inTra-mural sporTs program is designed To give as many sTudenTs as possible The opporTuniTy To compeTe in sporTs and games, and To develop Their inTeresTs in any oT a wide varieTy of sporTs. Boys can enTer by signing up Tor The sporTs oTTered. They are: handball, Tennis, horseshoes, Table Tennis, golT, TooTball skills, and wresTling TournannenTs. WiTh Their adviser groups, The boys can par- TicipaTe in soccer, basIceTball, volleyball, and Track relays. AT The beginning oT each sporT season, sign-up sheeTs are senT To each ad- viser roorn. The adviser room aThleTic managers have charge oT The signing-up. This year ivlr. E. Kahler's adviser room won The soccer championship. Under The supervision and guidance oT Mr. DeFor- SPORTS CLUB Row I: Gilberfson, Swanson, Sfone, Newman, Wells Row 2: Casferline, McGee, McDougal, Tucker, Jones INDIVIDUAL I. M. CHAMPIONS Row I: Cannon, Melvoin, Adams, Casferline, Michinard Row 2: Crawford, WhiTe, Hein, Kirchberg, Walker, Leahy, Benne'H' MSDKQQ "I" T LATE Page 98 resT Showley, and The assisTance OT SporTs Club members, The inTramural sporTs program TuncTions very smooThly. In order To make The compeTiTion more Tair, iT is evened by disguaIiTying Those aThleTes ouT Tor maior sporTs, and by seTTing up classiTicaTions according To class and weighT. The purpose oT SporTs Club is To develop sporTsmanship and leadership, and To Teach The members knowledge and apprecialrion oT The various sporTs. The oTTicers This year are: Bill Mayer, president Jim Swanson, vice-presidenT7 and lvlarlc Wells, secreTary-Treasurer. The sponsor is Ivlr. Showley. The club meeTs every Thursday morning during adviser period. Members of SporTs Club acT as reTerees, Timers, and scorelceepers aT all inTra-mural games. AT The end oT The year, The senior who has conTrib- uTed The mosT To The club's worlc is awarded a Trophy, and cerTiTicaTes are presenTed To oTher members who have done ouTsTanding worlc during The year. FEATHERWEIGHT BASKETBALL Row I: KiTazaIri, Boyle Row 2: McGregor, PoHs I. M. TRACK Row I: LiHIe, Mills, Zelznick, Shanahan McAIvey, Spaulding Row 2: Rummler, Carlson, A 1 'fn 1 'X ? li I Page 99 01 21 Ur I G. A. A. EXECUTIVE BOARD EDWARDS DRUCKER WATKINS Presideni- Vice-Presidem' Treasurer JONES ROSE BERGMANN SecreTary InTra-Mural Service ELLIS Sporfs Chairman RIGGS Social DONALDSON Head of Officials Publicify HEADS OF SPORTS AND ASSISTANTS Row I: McOuicIe, Knapp, Miller, Dalgefy, Jensen G. A. A. O Under The able leadership OT Nancy Edwards, presidenT, and MargareT Drucker, vice-presidenT, G. A. A. has had a very success- Tul year. Edirh WaTkins, The Treasurer, kepT Tinances ouT OT The red. and Mary I-Ielen Jones, The secreTary, kepT a careTuI record OT The meeTings. MargareT Rose managed The inTra-mural sporTs. Miss I-Iealy, The Tormer sponsor OT G. A. A., reTurned To New Trier aTTer Three years OT service in India, where she served as a supervisor OT American Red Cross clubs. During her absence, Miss BouITon Took over The sponsorship, which she had Tormerly held Tor a period OT Ten years. Early in The fall, G. A. A. arranged a parTy Tor all The Treshman and new girls. ExhibiTion hockey and speedball games were sTaged, and The girls meT oThers ThaT were inTeresTed in G. A. A. The mid-semesTer and spring banqueTs were G. A. A.'s biggesT social evenTs OT The year. The enTerTainmenT Tor The mid-semesTer banqueT consisTed OT skiTs by The TacuITy and sTudenTs. The spring bangueT marked The iniTiaTion OT a greaT many girls. The iniTiaTes puT on skiTs ThaT were enioyed by everyone. The Tall sporTs-hockey, speedball, Tennis, and riding-were very popular. The sophomores won The hockey TOurnamenT, and The Treshmen were The speedball champions. Volleyball, recreaTional games, rhyThms, swimming, and riding were The sporTs oTTered during The second quarTer. The swimming Team sTarTed Training Tor The meeTs. The juniors ouTdid Themselves aT The class meeT, and won wiTh quiTe a Tew poinTs To spare. The volleyball TournamenT was very close: The Treshman and sophomore Teams Tied Tor The greaTesT number OT poinTs, buT The iunior TirsT Team was The besT individual Team. CLASS MANAGERS Row I: Kenney, Meacham, Paidar, Billow, Kroeschell, Kline Row 2: Spielmann, Dawson, Schurmeier, Hurlbui, Belnap Row 2: Kempner, Peterson, Chrisiion, Collins, Dearborn, Cannon, Lamme Row 3: Nuveen, Kraefsch, Flanagan, Sizer, Calvi Row 3: Hoerger, Loewe, Cooper, Clark, Rouse, Schladen, Kenney, Bruning Schumacher Page 100 During The winTer season, rhyThms, Tumbling, baslcelrball, and swimming were oTTered. Adviser rooms and class baslceTball Tourna- menTs were held. The spring sporTs were swimming, baseball, archery, golT, Tennis, and riding. The highlighT oT The early spring was The waTer pageanT. There had noT been a waTer pageanT Tor Three years. This year beauTiTul cosTumes, comloined wiTh rhyThmic swimming, made a Tine producTion. Some oT The girls who conTrilouTed a greaT deal To G. A. A.'s success were The page girls, who helped in The gym oTTice: girls who helped Teachers wiTh swimming classes: and The girls' pool guard. Two oT The TacTors ThaT made This year so successTul were increased parTicipaTion and hard work by The girls on The G. A. A. board and commiTTees. Row I: G. A. A. COMMITTEES Row I: Paidar, Hurlbui, Dallas, Bassler, Kenney Row 2: Row 2: Burr, King, Turle, Elwood, Malfz Row 3: Row 3: Koch, Midcllefon, Lloyd, Buhai, S+ewarT f f' lj I AXK 4 'J 4 Z -qfi 'fl g al, 41, ,. Wm. OFFICIALS Turle, Kimbarlc, Bremer, Druclter Brown, Maliz Mason, Micldleion G. A. A. REPRESENTATIVES Babcock, Murphy, Siegel, PaIIaT, Johansson, Halldorson, Chase, RibIeH, IvIonTgomery, Ehrlich Weil, McKenzie, Smifh, Burgess, Schaeffer, King, Bauer, Turle, Paidar Morrill, Gram, Chrisfian, Schladen, Cross, Rouse, Fargo, Booihe, DeNike, Peferson, B. Frankenberger, Waldorf Page I 01 Row I: Triebold, Millhouse, New- hall, Langendorf, Riggs, RibIe+T, Row 2: Burr, Doheny, Kenney, Bal- lanfyne, PoTTer, Bauer, Moyer, Row 3: Paider, Meyer, Buhai, Rofh, Cross, Vanclercoolr, OHS, Shodacelr, Icom Row Row X Row ' G99 Row 4 ' f R w N l ui , X 0 323, WW, i, 513' ROW 'ls It ' ' 'Q '+P 'iff' A I I egg , " ll Ill I 'Il Q3 4 V -X. ,.,. l, gk C Q."-.Info 2 3 Z 3 600 POINT AWARD Paidar, Harlrness, Ogden Knapp, Kenney, Chase, Hirsch Kempner, Calvi, Peferson, Hurlbuf, Burns POOL GUARD Peferson, Kroeschell, M u r r a y Drucker, Cederburg Sherman, Bulley, Meacham, Knapp, Merriam, Bruning Burns, Hurlbuf, Hari, Donaldson Chrisman, Wilson, Elwood Row Row Row Row 300 POINT AWARD Culberrson, Krae+scI'1, Weinsfein Adler, Dawson, Billow, Paidar Turle, Heinzen, Hari, Jones, Coop- er, Kline, Hoerger Sherman, RibIeH', Lamme, David- son, Dempsey, Johnson, ScoH Gram, Burr Meacham, Shinniclr, Spencer, Col- lins, Meyer, Salmen, Jones, George Vandercoolc, Crane 800 POINT AWARD Row I: Malfz, Ogden, Sherman Row 2: Peferson, Burgoyne if WM: Page 102 '7 . .K , 1142? A 1 1 'I f ' fficfAf7'W' Q' il PAGE GIRLS Row I: Phelps, Dank, Elmer, Ro+I1, Robinson, Scheinfeld Minns Row 2: Burr, Weil, Morrill, Vandercoolr, Harf, Bassler Row 3: Gallaway, ScI'1waII, Shaw, Salberg, Pierre, Calvi Donaldson JUNIOR VOLLEYBALL Row I: Scheinfeld, Holmes, Bruning.. Row 2: Kenney, Calvi, Chrisiian, Scully Row 3: Hollingbery, Waflrins, Gridley, Schoeneclr RECREATIONAL GAMES Row I: Adler, Hoerger, Bremer, Kline Row 2: Marr, Calvi, Goldreich, Jones Row 3: Kempner, Barfhold, Rouse, Andrews ARCHERY Row I: Jones, Adler, Moore Row 2: Miller, Peferson, Dabrolaua G. A. A. GOLF Row I: Young, Crane, Flanagan, Pererson, Waflcins Page IU3 Row Row Row Row if' jf. .,,,,,,fy lQc:szf'V'r.l SWIMMING ASSISTANTS RIDING I: Kenney, Kroeschell, Queenan, Schurmeier, Merriam Row I: Rowe, Langendorf, Fischer, Cook, Powell, Weinslein 2: Elwood, Donaldson, Calverf, Hioks Row 2: Kinsloe, Fodor, C. Kraelsch, Baxfer, Buller, Jones, Mayer TELEGRAPHIC SWIMMING Row 3: Burgess, Colburn, J. Kraelsch, James, Gridley, Ehr- I: Kennedy, Wilson, Ogden, Paidar, Meacham, David- hardl' Size' son, Hari SOPHOMORE BASEBALL Row I: Kline, Meacham, Jones, Bishop Row 2: Adler, Heinzen, Dempsey, Hoerger 2: Scribner, Wilson, Branch, Jones, Braue, Burns, Bruning, Clarlc, Wilder, Monl: FRESHMAN SPEEDBALL Row I: Anderson, Eclcarl' RHYTHM5 Row 2: Hulh, Holmes, Marshall, Weare Row l: Weinslein, Dawson, Chrisfensen, Hafowslri Row 3: Loewe, Fargo, Rouse, Gelhman, Andrews Row 2: Lawson, Salmen, Calverl, Jameson Page 104 Row I: Row I: Row 2: Row 3: JUNIOR SWIMMING TEAM Wilder, Wilson, Bruning, Braue, Burns, Branch Scribner TUMBLING Row I: Dallas, Edwards, Peferson, Knapp, Jones Row 2: Rion, Spifz, Wilson, Gram Row 3: Ogden, Dalgely ADVISER ROOM MANAGERS Culberlson, Hoerger, Spence, Moore, Leafhers, Selclc, May, Jaeger Doheny, Newhall, Donaldson, McCaIIen, Poller, Ballanlyne, Hurlbuf, Adler, Eclcarf Calvi, Redmon, Sherman, Moyer, Schoeneclc, Slew- ar'I', Clarlr, Obermeier, Dempsey, Bard, Wilson Musson, Rion SENIOR BASKETBALL Row I: Rose, Sherman, Ogden Row 2: Edwards, Burgoyne TENNIS Row I: Sherman, Dawson, Schreiber, Jensen Row 2: Radder, Leonard, Hollingbery LACROSSE Row I: J. Adler, Lind Row 2: Bulley, Mallz, Kline, Hoerger Row 3: Bassler, N. Adler, Kline, Hoerger SENIOR HOCKEY Row I: Chase, Jensen, Ogden, Belnap Row 2: PoHer, Cooper, George, Peferson, Schurmeier dev W 'E Page 105 ? 5, i. N KM all new X 2 fl!!! "' , 5 S, I-'wvfk ' 2 5 Q"Bxxx if 0 0 a- -f" 'f 'IGI da TPRJIJ. FRESHMAN O The Treshmen This year have parTicipaTed in a wide varieTy OT acTiviTies and have upheld The repuTaTion oT The preceding Treshman classes in enThusiasm and inTeresT. The TaThers and sons had mixers in The gym, and The girls gave adviser room Teas Tor Their moThers in The Girls' Club Room. There were also "big sisTer" parTies given Tor The Treshman girls by The sophomores. All oT These acTiviTies helped The Treshmen To become beTTer acquainTed wiTh each oTher. The ouTside acTiviTies mosT widely parTicipaTed in by The Treshman boys were sporTs, some oT These including Traclc, TooTball, baseball, and baslceTball, while The girls Took an acTive parT in G. A. A. aTTer- school sporTs. ln addiTion To This, many opporTuniTies were given To Treshmen To ioin various clubs. J'::N'il?TilA V,RO:SllfldG The adviser chairmen, Miss Shaw and Mr. Ream, as well as The res' en Ice- res' em advisers, deserve a greaT deal OT crediT Tor helping The freshmen ad- Ons PENNWGTON iusT Themselves To The school and overcome The diTTiculTies oT Their Treasurer Secreiary TirsT year aT New Trier. The oTTicers are as Tollows: presidenT, Ned JannoTa: vice-presi- denT, Ann Roesing: secreTary, Joanne PenningTon: Treasurer, Jim OTis. FRESHMAN HONOR GROUP Row I: Row 2: Row 3: Clingman, McCoy, Franlcenberger, Do+y, Paschen, Cook, Taylor, Wilson, Jones, Marcus, Meyers, Mannix, Burlingame, Rye, BeHs, Koch, Raymond, DayTon, Kenney, Hurlbu+, Chapin, Brown, BuTler, Nixon, Lemon, Jones, Gould, Nay, Parlrin Sfaub, Roberfson, Washburn, Seng, While, Beglen, Unger, Roesing, LeggiTT, Spence, Hufh, Haseliine, Schmidf, Hinrichs, STeinberger, Miles, Rouse, BarThold, Mallen, Elrod, Schoeneck, Jones, Nielsen, Richmond, Jones, Logan, PaxTon, Alley, Samuelson, Craig, Gibbons Maison, Sharpe, Cooper, Brown, Randau, Dalfon, Sex, Wallen, JannoTTa, Baldwin, Moore, Tragnifz, Scofl, FelTes, Bray, Whife, Elclund, Digel, Huclr, Helper, Ellis, Jenness, Core, WaTTs, LaTimer, Dean, Carson, Teeple, Carson ,f , 'r if Page 108 Row I: Row 2: Row 3: Row I: Row 2: Row 3: Row l Row 2 Row 3 Row 3 Row 2 Row I Row I Row 2 Row 3 Row I Row 2 Row 3 Row I Row 2 Row 3 COOK Hendrickson, Maher, Luslgarlen, Raymond, Mrs. Cook, Shupe, Rog- ers, Schedler, Webb, Grefzbaugh Grimm, Allegan, Feairheller, Ser- geanf, Hodgson, Devine, Spence, Boor, Wild, Vincenl, Van Devenler Gamble, Carey, Anderson, Meincke, Mclnlosh, Swanson, McCallen, Williams, Roe, Shapiro, Daulf, Swindell CRITCHETT Wriqhf, I-lellis, Nickol, Nolan, Crilchelr, Cloud, McBain, Selby, Eckarf, Walberg Schmidr, VanValkenburgh, Price, Zimmerman, Paxlon, Miles, Rouse, Cowles, Harbison, Nay, Eriksen, Dofy Seng, Prasinos, McSIoy, Torrey, Schopen, Clark, Daugherfy, Hur- ley, McCoy, Sergenl, Richmond, Taylor DEAMES Lewis, Bauman, Miller, Powell, Miss Deames, Faifh, Hovey, Queenan, Beinlich, Thompson Vennard, Berg, Schmidr, Herrsch- ner, Herberf, Fargo, Clark, Cam- bridge, WiH', Gavin Rogers, Sfevens, Andersen, Lund- sirom, Allen, ScoH', Bosch, Linnig, Messing, Sigel DURGIN Nafenberg, Brown, Buller, Srenfi- ford, Sloker, Lindberg, Jung, Pen- ney, Josf, Wennerberg Rippberger, Kelley, Houslon, De- Nike, Gefhman, Sfeinberger, Pow- ers, Weis, Wells, Borre Lee, Richburg, Howard, Hahl, Miss Durgin, Heberling, Rosenrhal, Holmes, Rye, Wigglesworfh . GAHAGAN Anderson, Hagan, Berry, Coburn, Miss Gahagan, Nineman, Musson, Johnson, Babcock Mannix, Mifchell, Clingman, Van Deusen, Roddewig, Marcon, Peler- son, Jones. Holmes Marshall, Krueger, Gallaway, Paul- ey, Binner, Hendry, Galanle, Cook O GAN NAWAY Shaw, Schilgren, De Vilfo, Tucker, Myers lSr. Ass'I'l, Mr. Gannaway, Richer, Washburn, Koelling, Mal- son Spiegel, Magie, Bruecks, Hoffman, Karslake, Wiley, Grassel, Warren, Kallman, Ellis, Bray Pacini, While, Talley, Johnson, Spoehr, Jannofla, Sloesslein, Rich- ardson, Logan, Sleel HENDERSON Bergquisf, Moser, FerreHi, Parker- son, Mr. Henderson, Campbell, Monfgomery, Pair, Braalen, Rose Cooksy, ScoH, Burch, Perkins, While, Dielerich, Moore, Conner, Evans, Bergman, Pasinalo, Lyle, Spellman Shepard, Kolsrod, Colkins, Happ, Horen, Richardson, Bray, Bayden, Van Devenfer, Fischer, Schupp, Wilgman, Langdon JONES Row I: Goffman, Misanfoni, Bemus, D'Asaro, Mr. Jones, BenneH, Neuman, Aulh, Blaise Row 2: Moore, Barnich, Simon- sen, Haag, Helke, While, Kufz, Harris, Sharpe Row 3: Borkovifz, Parker, Burke, Ohlson, Goldsmifh, Carson, Lederle, Sfewarl, Fisher, Ried- ler, Logsdau LIGHTNER Row I: Kuiken, Burkhardf, Wade. Sfaub, Mr. Lighfner, Michinard lSr. Helperl, Paxfon, Doherly, Levifefz, D. Wrigh+ Row 2: W. Wrighf, O'Brien, Dalfon, Krohl, Gaihercoal, Kerr, King, Perkins, Dean, Nor- ris, Amdur, Peferson, Billingsly Row 3: Cooper, Jenney, Schu- macher, Geier, Moody, Wood, Wafson, Machinnon, Lafimer, Van Schaach, Beglen, Sfubbs me MOELLER Row I: Townsend, Kalmes, Caley, Carlson, Miss Moeller, Wahl, Rowe, Mackenrofh, Builer Row 2: Widau, Donohue, Gould, S+ekoll. Obermeier, Whelan, M c D o n a ld, Frankenlaerger, Weare, Maurifz, Andrews Row 3: Granf, Sparberg, Schuy- ler, Davis, Bard, Haselfine, Buckingham, Mayer, Dayfon, Wolf, Kelley, Ripley MUDGETT Row I: Nelson, Linn, Arey, Miss MudgeH', James, Sfowers, Cum- mings, Hollingbery Row 2: Libeson, Huck, Sherman, Hinlernhoff, Huddles+on, Hufh, Wessel, Leggifi, Andrews, Dushkin Row 3: Gilberfson, Arnheim, Manierre, Meling, Wells, Cleve- land, Schifflin, Lemon, Hedges 0 PIPER Row I: Leaion, Unger, Thomp- son, Gross, Mr. Pifer, Plamon- don, Hayes, Craig, Jersic, Lin- deen Row 2: Huyler, Huck, Eklund, Fragnifz, Kivland, Elliof, Mc- lver, Hargreaves, MacFarland, Sfoffers, Allen Row 3: Sealey, Madson, Slade, Rubin, Gersdorf, Merrill, Abegg, Jewell, Alley, Cessna REYNOLDS Row I: Core, Trysleif, Schmidf, Free, Mr. Reynolds, Don Brown lsenior ass'I'I, Jones, Halper, Large, Ackerman Row 2: Hinshaw, Pearson, Samp- son, Berger, BenneH, Smifh, Thiessen, Krumm, Benson, Ofis Row 3: Diefz, ScoH', Lang+ry, Pope, Bergman, D. Jones, Granl-, Brown, Snook, Bishop 1 W"'l+ W 51151.56 Page 110 SHEARER Row I: Coolidge, Kilazaki, Bur- Swaim, Selby lsenior goY'Ie' ass'll, While, Nelson, Polls, Croll Row 2: Wallen, Woolfolk, Shel- lon, Wallace, Harlshorne, Cross, Templelon, Baldwin, Bales Row 3: Frazier, Beinlich, Tel:- bells, Randau, McGrew, Mis- anloni, Cooper, Samuelson, Norman, Teeple , ill' SLEIGHT Row I: Roclell, Eccles, Shaykin, Adler, Miss Sleighl, Bells, Johnson, Hurllaul, Choale Row 2: Neumann, Hinrichs, Dan- ner, Burgess, Gulhridge, Hunl- er, Nielson, Parkin, Hickey Row 3: Wilson, Edwards, Pasch- en, Chrislensen, Chapman, Scoll, Koch, Marcus, Gilberl SWAIN Row I: Elwood, Wallers, Hassan, Mr. Swain, Whilehead ISr. Ass'll, Carson, Sherman, Walls Row 2: Wickman, McDermo'H, Slreel, P'Iul'zenreul'er, Harlnell, Lucchesi, Norlon, Digel, Jen- ness Row 3: Pelli, Jacobs, Green, Chrislensen, Balmes, Feuer, Olfaviani, Fa rrancl VLASTO Row I: Siegel, Myer, Koefz, Madden, Miss Vlaslo, Schnei- der, Trom, Mal'ol', Nixon Row 2: Kemler, Elrod, Rayburn, Clinlon, Nyhus, Auslin, Slill- man, Salberg, Jones, Kenney Row 3: Hoffmann, Barlon, Schoe- neck, Humphrey, Schladen, Adlkinson, Elserle, Baird, Fox W C. O. WATE RS Row I: Gillespie, Peacock, San- der, Yosf, Mr. Walers, Tucker ISr. Ass'll, Roberlson, Murphy, Bridges, Benevenli Row 2: Chellain, Sex, Heinzen, Sprague, Walfers, Wolf, Rulh, Johnson, Mickey, Cooke, Leach W WHITFIELD Row I: Brown, Kimbark, Mead, Hughes, Mlss Whillield, Pen- ninglon, Munns, Morris, Peck, Filzpalrick Row 2: Lynch, Price, Loeffell, Reiley, King, Reckill, Barlhold, McMichael, Jamison, Clausen, Vodoz, Wooden, Waldorf, Funk- houser, Buchanan Row 3: Woodruff, Ruggio, Bar- reH', Chapin, Jones, Roddick, Loewe, Sensiba, Burlingame, Chavkin, Olis, Marshall, Feldon f. erlsafo-amy, V wr:-, ,m..1.esg,,,ls.e.,.:..f,v, -mQiwHi2LilfE:,aiE.J..maK,m.:1..,a12sifE,.,.mf"E'wii,pg1max.23'QEQ':Q5Q?ie,L-:H.a.4:s:f:s.7fh:.7lRff, ..zsgeZv:?fz5iik5'i'r'i.5llsai2'sei-FL-K..1 1 ,lgf:1,.-Lear: meowM:vLm.S:,,,,ss1,l,f.,.",.,H' .ea :,,:..:..a, I z1::.-' i.fa.:L,,QJ11lf.-z,- m,,e:aw1:.Qra Page 111 SOPHOMORE CLASS O Under The leadership oT Tour compeTenT oTTicers, The sophomore class seT a high sTandard oT leadership, sporTsmanship, and parTici- paTion Tor sophomores of The TuTure. The class oTTicers are: Jean Kemper, presidenT: Mary Davidson, vice-presidenT: MarTha Dear- born, secreTaryg and Bob Shanahan, Treasurer. l'lighlighT oT The year Tor The sophs was The Sophomore ParTy, held March 2. The sophomores Themselves provided skiTs and individual TalenT Tor The enTerTainmenT, which was Tollowed by The grand march inTo The din- ing hall, where They danced To The music oT Chuck Kraemer's orchesTra. Much crediT is due Miss l'lursT and Mr. Grinnell, The sophomore adviser chairmen, Tor The help and guidance ThaT They so willingly have given ThroughouT The year. The advisers, Too, deserve recogni- Tion Tor Their Tireless eTTorTs in aiding Their advisees. The sophomores may look back proudly on Their record Tor parTici- paTion in school acTiviTies. This year The sophomore girls won The CLASS OFFICERS KEMPER DAVIDSON G. A. A. inTer-class hockey TournamenT, and The boys won The Frosh- presidenf v3ce-p,e,ide,,+ Soph TooTball Suburban League' championship Tor The'TirsT Time in DEARBORN SHANAHAN New Trier s hisTory. Mrs. Morris adviser room ranked highesT among Secrehry Treasurer The sophomore girls in magazine sales in The Girls' Club magazine drive. This year's sophomore class, aided by Their advisers and oTTi- cers, have proved Themselves well deserving oT New Trier's praise. SOPHOMORE HONOR GROUP Row I: Zipprodl, Buehler, Shinniclr, McDonnell, Forbes, Torrison, Dempsey, Bullen, Chrisfenson, Billow, Bushman, Mooney Wardley, Culberfson, Krae+sch, Gilchrisr, Ehrlich, Wallace, Ellmore, Sosna, SchaeFfer, Nichols, Haiowski, Burr, RibleH, Hanser, Emrich, Wilson, Cannon Row 2: Misanioni, Sherman, Tomei, Baker, Rice, Robson, TrauTwein, Young, Ballard, McAfee, Erwin, Lowell, Davis, Free- man, Korfh, Walxeley, Leisch, Vandercook, James, Gram, Kidder, Harf, Jones, Haug, Craig, Ross, Zelznick Ramsay, Crcfoof. Kolflaf, Henderson Row 3: ShafTon, Taylor, Mariin, Seaberg, Richmond, Schaeffer, Beckman, Har+ray, Crane, Fox, Lerch, Hackbarih, Warner, Bray, Birkelunal, Giffen, Yusf, Aish+on, O'NeiI, Paddock, Barnes, Powell, Simmons, Liebman, Clarke, Trense Hemphill, Braun, Layer, Coafes, Brown, Fageni Page 112 23352:- EW 6 meg? Mg W 21. 3,5 Q Mr R55 ff Af Q, , S w was J' 5? Q S :x-Kwik . , J 1 ffwwww ,, f , :Singh ff Q - : 17' 9 E ' ' . lf f , ' 1' L Ah f A ,png MM, ...,- AQ. ri 1 5 6,5 GRATER Row I: Shafion, Tomei, Dunn, Wong, C. O. Graler, Traul- wein, Robson, Gabel, JenneH Row 2: Parfiff, Hess, BenneH, Arms, Hancock, Davis, Posey, Krippes, McCoy, Slamin, Mc- Nully Row 3: Burleigh, Siegel, Ross, Layer, Dempsey, Burke, Gra- ham, Zeivel, Hammond, Befhke W HADDEN Row I: Hafcwski, Peasfer, Beand, Hoffman, Kuh, Miss Hadden, Cederberg, Frei, McMas+er, Schreiner Row 2: Julian, Chubb, Monf- gomery, Bauer, Pierre, Hamil- Ion, Phelps, Erwin, Freeman, BeaH'y, McCarI'hy, Redmon Row 3: Ackley, Cannon, Buck- man, Billow, Meacham, Paidar, Elmore, Abrams, Murray, Thal- man, Larson, Kraeisch W HARPER Row I: EIIis, Drew, Prue, Lurie, Mr. Harper, Henderson, Hoag, Sfanford, CIin'I'on, Halls Row 2: Devine, Cro'Foo+, Crane, Lowrey, Lyons, Harmas, Krafsch, Simmons, Clarke, Behan, O'NeiI, Rix Row 3: Hochmueller, Levifefz, Srowe, Clausen, Dewey, Chal- Iinor, Gimbel, Theis, Smirh, Craig, Drury 6 HOLLAND Row I: Schaelifer, R. Evensfad, Aish+on, Bevier, Mr. Holland, Misanfoni, Bucher, Scheyer, Bufler, Brown Row 2: Smifh, Monfgomery, Gonzalez, Aishfon, Whire, Cu- sick, Randau, D. Evens+ad, Maylham, Meyers, Bray, Bul- lard Row 3: Phibbs, Harfray, Hunl, Lukemen, Thalman, Aronson, Pesafuro, Furs+, Cormack, Wesl- rich, Parsons, Zaring 0 KING Row I: Kinsloe, Behrendf, Murphy, Goldberg, Miss King, Engel- hard, Hagen, Trees, Burke, Ross Row 2: Brannen, Danforih, Rob- inson, Norris, O'Grady, Vander- cook, McCarn, Jones, Fry, Vedovell, Hawes, Gerwe Row 3: Legner, Jensen, Sosna, McDonnell, Quayle, Bulley, Fischer, Schmidf, Pasinafo, Cook, Ehrlich W KLEIN Row I: Packard, Jones, Cam- beII, Zipprodr, Beckmann, Miss Klein, Gufhrie, Murphy, Moon- ey, Adler, Bassler Row 2: Muller, Wallowiiz, Shin- nick, Ferraro, Kalk, Taylor, WiH', Evans, Roberrson, Cull, Glaser Row 3: Braun, BuIIen, Lorgren, Harbison, Schaeffer, S+eFFens, Sfewarf, Brady, Lawson, Clark I- -1,-sr f .ir-Q-8--qviwaay-f-i..w.ww,KW .-., , Q ,Wea hy., N-W-W . ,Wf,,,,, ,ifswffwffn"-e"'z'.rf'-ff?'r2fea1i , .. , W, I ,-..,,.:.,, ,, . so fi 4aos,:?ef rr,-,L .auizmhga I I -z'g,ff'.,. 73 a ,, ' ,,,'w if, I- F . f .1 A sw- ,i1.f..x'v'f4"5o9ymeas3'f:Wf.'. .. ,. af ,, M., MW f.,w11a.1m:e.aiizr.. up M .ren vhiygamiigzifiaefafmniwesfzuoaszufglkig Page 114 LAUER Row I: Frederickson, Ball, Tomas sene, Brigham, Brower, Lever- nier, Rice, Jacobs, Hilliard Baur Row 2: Ives, Burnside, McDoug al, Schmifz, Sfreef, Chrislian sen, Pelers, Glass, Shade Hemphill, Humphrys, Kelso Mr. Lauer Row 3: Schwarfing, Bargam Weiler, Pendlefon, Braun, Leon- ard, De Carlo, Hifes, Gelder- man, Schneider, Coleman Thorn'ron LEHMAN Row I: Kellogg, Slinson, Larson Lloyd, Robson, Taylor, Macey Carlson, Mills Row 2: Dalkin, Homan, Collison Buena, Benevenfi, Page, Fox Tripicchio, Arubler, Jordan Row 3: Eggleslon, Scholl, Chapin Kraniz, Fiorio, Salmen, Papier: ski, MacDougaII, Fagen 9 MORRIS Row I: Campbell, Mayer, PiaH Leichsenring, Mrs. Morris, Ken: yon, Levy, Wallace, McGrew, GiIchris+ Row 2: Hans, Marr, Kidder Schmidf, F. Johnson, B. John: son, Monk, Young, Goddard, Blake, McKenzie Row 3: A. Kendrick, Klein, Nich- ols, Doluick, Hammerman, Weber, Davidson, D. Kendrick, Fall 0 NAY Row I: Hinkley, Del Re, Mac- donald, Baker, Poppell, Mr. Nay, Houghfon, Johnson, Bel- nap, Baldwin Row 2: Lucas, Brooks, Higbee, Close, Allen, Snorf, Dunne, C. Macomber, B. Macomber, Eis- enberg, Hawor+h, Wiseman, Elliff Row 3: Shannon, KoIFIa+, Black- well, Fisher, Pierson, Schneider, Mills, Mackenzie, Freyer, Bech- man, Hildrefh, Taylor, Lindsay W SIMONDS Row I: Coaies, Krasberg, Mc- Kee, Charles, Mr. Simonds, Wolff, Kendrick, Allen, Hal- perin Row 2: Slahl, Henning, Clark, Kahn, Yusf, Wolf, Alger, Cra- ven, Tyler Row 3: Weisman, Segil, Worfh- inglon, Hurley, Powell, Powers, Fischer, Thalmann 0 STEWART Row I: Bell, LuHer, Bolfon, Eflel- son, Mrs. S+ewar+, Berner, Abrahms, Rion, Slown Row 2: Wakeley, Maurer, Roof, Severson, Evans, Roe, Zeiss, Selkregg, Rossberger, Brown, I Thompson Row 3: Hang, Slephenson, Dear- born, Dempsey, Jannes, Chris- iensen, G-osseH', M u r r a y, Moore, Connell, Misanloni rss? Page 115 LIND Presidenl BRAY Secrelary Row 3: Row 2: Row I: JUNIOR O The junior class, led by ils ollicers-Belly Lind, presidenl: Jack Donahue, vice-presidenl: Diana Bray, secrelaryy and Bob Lauer, lreasurer-climaxed a very successlul year wilh lhe annual Junior Prom. The ollicers, along wilh a commillee consisling ol one slu- denl lrom each adviser room, succeeded in making il a wonderlul parly. Miss I-lamillon, chairman ol junior girls, and Mr. Vernon, chairman ol junior boys, devoled a greal deal ol lheir lime lo help- ing wilh lhe Prom. There were several changes in junior advisers lhis yearg Mrs. Talham look over Mrs. Cockrells adviser room, Mrs. Walers look over Mrs. Birlman's, Miss Pallerson look over Miss Becker's, and Mrs. Thurman look over Mrs. Fish's. Mr. Hoskins, who has relurned lrom DONAHUE service in lhe Navy, look over Mr. Van Deursen's group. VIce'P'esIde"I Because lhe college problem is becomingly increasingly dillicull, LAUER Miss Maloney gave a lalk al lhe beginning ol lhe second semesler Tfeasufef lo all lhe molhers ol lhe junior girls. This helped lo clear up any cjueslions lhal arose in regard lo colleges. Nol only did lhe juniors keep lheir scholaslic average high lhis year, bul lhey also lound lime lo parlicipale in exlra-curricular acliv- ilies. A lew ol lhe juniors became members ol lhe TNT Eleclion Board. JUNIOR HONOR GROUP Kadylr, Paxlon, Johnson, Spaulding, Wells, Brown, Kahn, Coales, Williams, Eclrharl, Ingram, Hodgson, Sleele, Geniesse, McKee, Lillle, Snyder, Janis, Thompson, Brown, Levy, Loclzerbie, McCarn, Copello, Bowler, Weldon, Nasalir, Harl, Mendenhall Weare, Fischer, Elwood, Middlelon, Nuveen, Pope, Allheimer, Noble, Wilson, Parsons, Aclon, Robinson, Burns, Snider, Fulfon, Barnes, Rye, Bond, Rice, Branch, Collins, Chernin, Lafferly, Greeley, Peirce, Scheinleld, Hurley, Brown, Tomei, Rowe, Seeley Selck, Schoeneclr, Hoy, Harllf, Lagerlorf, Casad, Schawe, Olaerg, Brown, Beasley, Broolrs, Loewe, Gadske, Fonder, Hollr, Kenney, Kroeschell, Bremer, Roeddiger, Wesser, Liniclr, DeHarl, Omori, Cajlca, Busby, Holh, Funkhouser, Wanner, Laurine 5 r 1 z . Page 116 Vu Row I: Row 2: Row 3: Row I: Row 2: Row 3: Page 117 BORHEK Hussander. Griswold, Gerling, Emery, Mrs. Borhelc, Broclcell, Phipps, Madden, Murphy OHS, Suylcer, Richardson, Collins, Koller, Thompson, Davis, Podolslry, Naienberg Laing, Linde, Wilson, Brown, Oberg, King, Kive, Becker BREDIN Row I: Schneider, Galleway, Marsh, DeHarf, Miss Bredin, Omori, Srancoe, Busby, Harishorne Row 2: BeuH'as, Calvi, Ferreffi, Wilson, Bruce, Slcodacek, Bruning, Morrison, Smilh Row 3: Minns, Presse, Bray, Mabry, Walser, Mccarfhy, Turner, Warden, Grauer, Braue CATON Ross, Ferris, Mayer, Ziegler, Mr. Caion, Bowser, Young, Grofihus, Packard Anderson, Rennaclrer, Chalmers, Smifh, Lauer, Harris, Robson, Fried- Iander, Marfenson Roberfs, Keller, Mills, Drechsler, Pinlcham, Greear, Hinrichs, Brown, Warner CLAUSEN Row I: Shuarf, Wells, Ramsay, Zidelc, Mr. Clausen, Morihiro, Boudreaux, Rindsltopf, Sfeinfeld, Goronsen Row 2: Adams, Enrighf, Buclrlin, McDonald, Munch, Roberfs, Nodler, Roos, Balmes, Mau, Newman, Johnson Row 3: Lanphear, BarneH Henriclrson, Eclcarf, Sibley, McElroy, Shine, Bender, Perkins, Swanson, Thompson, Newfon COBURN Row I: Ta'f+, Weare, Beucher, Lindeen, Mr. Coburn, Conlon, Paxfon, Keller, Nasaiir Row 2: Sione, Rice, McKee, Pope, Tolman, Himes, Daves, S'Iree'I', Geniesse Row 3: Lee, Bowler, Grafer, Crawford, Eckhart Ross, Kohler, Bercaw, Miller COCKRELL Row I: Marschall, Newhall, Lawson, Mrs. Cockrell, Leipold, Fosfer, Orfh Row 2: WIH, Elmer, Scheinfeld, Schmidf, Selclc, Alfvin, Schmifz, Bramhall Row 3: Gunlher, McDermoH, Franlrensiein, Berdorf, Gormley, GoeHsch, Cowhill CONDON Row I: Ludgin, Babcock, Amici, Barnihouse, Mr. Condon, Akers, Johnson, Perkins, Haase Row 2: Cravens, Maiof, Cu+Ier, Sfrue++, Aflcinson, Obermeier, Hoban, Donahue Row 3: Coafes, Bondy, Nu+ini, Laqerlof, McCarn, Klauke, Thom Page 118 CRAM LET Row I: Hayes, Vaughan, Uyefani, Sfeinberg, Mr. Cramlel, Kilroy, Sleinholif, Johnson, Ryan Row 2: Moller, Young, Ragland, Heizer, MacTaggar+, Gabel, Reif, Mueller, Clapp Row 3: Jupp, Williams, Frische, Hass, DuVall, Jackson, Koerber, Korsgren, Hayden, Claibourne W GALLIE Row I: Thompson, Schoeneclx, Ba renbrugge, Fonder, Mrs. Gallie, Gadslce, Hinman, Goodsmilh, Gerschefslci Row 2: Middlelon, Kraelsch, Henriclcs, Gridley, Williamson, Miller, Mayer, Jones, Parsons, Cusiclr, Belding Row 3: Eisler, deTarnowslty, Shaw, Reinhardf. Funlchouser, Waflcins. Burns, McMar+in, Lindsey, Bauer, Rice Q HOSKINS Row I: Marlin, Mendenhall, Casferline, Jochum, Mr. Hoslrins, Schmilz, Rigler, Brenchley, Drury, Kaiaolra Row 2: Loclcerbie, Haas, Beman, Johnslon, Brown, Snyder, Showers, Roberlson, Levy, Rocltcaslle, Humphrey Row 3: Porler, Rasmussen, Basquin, Carlson. Buchanan, Wells, Wallgren, Badger. Zeivel, Rosnagle W PATTERSON Row I: Wanner, Radlce, Holifmeyer, Cady, Miss Palferson, Chililras, Dyer, Sensiba, Thomas Row 2: Berlin, Baumgardner, Salberg, Bond, Widau, Pope, Holmes, Chrisfian, Flaclr Row 3: Roeddiger, Dabrohua, Jenness, Hollisler, Clingman, Noble, Carlson, Kroeschell, Kenney Page 119 '7V"l?'5"'mi3'?"f'5?7'7'?f', Q7vi5ZFg77'f'fl5f.''fJi7C?fQl22Y,f'Fl4ffTqi'i:l,:Hf'V1"7Afif?f5iY,Y? lfG"53fQ fixiif-"f'3 r,,:9f 'Buff Rvyk "'ki"fEQQ7"' vf"f'l" Q ',f""15I 'jfhf "f.'Wf'f5':'f'A,'TT4f:fflirT3?,fLk '77 'll'ff L54 'Y' ,Y iff' X1 V, A in L' ,ua:m3,:::e:.::.,:1 ,Ju iw use,famy.minussarsisw.Q-.wrmmamwmai.m3L:1::5,e.ff f5l:M::,"fi.,,leuf: Q1.:.:.-L,l:.:o,:..:.,L,5fe.,.1 4 .::r.f:,:::f1a.Q: T9 :ff-r,.f:1wi:4:Ec.m PETERSON Row I: Marsh, Hunf, Chrisfoph, Cannon, Balkin, Hargreaves, Hari-, LiHIe, Miller Row 2: Thompson, Sfarlcee, Cram, Balmes, PeHibone, Sfeele, Maher, Woods, Cogswell Row 3: Morgensfern, Lindsay, Hoyne, Lowell, Jones, BarreH-, Blackburn, Herbon Williamson PRENDERGAST Row I: Carlson, Magglos, Es+es, Janis, Mr. Prendergas'I', Johnson, Pseniclca, Hohfelder Row 2: HoggaH-, Hosbein, Rummler, Hodgson, Jacobi, Monfgomery, McAIvey, Elia Row 3: Phipps, Elcman, Rose, Wi'H'enberg, Herbon, Copello, Misan+oni, Spaulding THURMAN Row I: Doherfy, James, Lulras, Holk, Mrs. Thurman, Callaway, Moyer, Donaldson, Vanzuylen Row 2: Mercer, Alfheimer, Lichfer, Acfon Branch, McKahan, Peferson, Nuveen, Miller Row 3: PaIIaI', Spinlc, Hurley, Tegfmeyer, Jacob, Brown, Kivland, Phelps, Weilder VEACH Row I: Glauner, Laurine, Garfy, Evans, Miss Veach, Gillman, Barfhell, Schuller, Kalmes Row 2: Mann, Pollen, Dowd, Robinson, Fulfon, Wilder, Kenney, Hilfon, Price, Prendergasi' Row 3: Knobel, Loewe, Yerlces, Windes, Droegemueller, Baxier, Roberfson, Showers, Brown, Harff Page 120 L. WATERS Row I: Hofh, Lamme, Campbell, Casad, Mrs. Wafers, Snyder, M. Smi+h, Soper, Malfz Row 2: Sherman, Menghinelli, Elwood, Tomei, Buford, Meyers, D. Smifh, Moore, Morrill, McCosh, Mar+ens Row 3: Koch, Schumacher, Hollingbery, Schawe, Greeley, Donnelly, Scully, Scheib, Kullberg, Leaihers WEHR Row I: Sullivan, Schnell, Schull-heis, Fosfer, Mr. Wehr, Thornfon, O'Brien, Sufers, Fischer Row 2: Seashore, Peierson, Lundin, Mahan, Dudley, Green, Carey, Beebe, Brainerd, Haines Row 3: Moon, S+eFFey, Poling, Claris, Meyers, Jeangerard, Herlocker, Weldon, Kcelling, Geier Beebe, Ferraro, Siaalc WEILER Row I: Brooks, Curry, S+uII, Walfher, Miss Weiler, Cailxa, Row 2: Woods, Dickson, Collins, Rofh, Sheehan, Scribner, Trom, Hypes, Ehrhardf Row 3: Bremer, Weber, Marfins, Werner, Drew, Bausferf, Boyle, Weclcler WHITE Row I: Huck, Fodor, Miller, Miss Whife, Bengsfon, Deaschner, Liniclr Row 2: McCurdy, Greenwood, Peirce, Lifchfield, Barnes, Wade, Sepp, Chernin Row 3: Mink. Johannesen Langendorf, Bucher, Brigqs, Spies, Nelson, Reich Page 121 BOYS' HONOR SOCIETY Row I: Melvoin, McConnell, Rich, Nelson, Anderson, Hefler, Whiiehead, Harnsberger, Fender, Sfrobel, Mills, Evensiad Row 2: Rugen, Myers, Yager, Kilner, Genfles, Rux, Edmonds, Krueger, Perkins, Wagener Row 3: Ynfema, Mills, McGanney, Dudley, Brown, Carney, Crampfon, Taylor, Galey, Law GIRLS' HONOR SOCIETY Row I: Ballanryne, Sesferhenn, Moseley, Traulwein, Jones, Drucker, Riggs, Fish, Main, Jameson, Adler, Tinsley, Dalgefy, Doheny, Lund, Maupin, Duvall, Lind Row 2: Mendelsohn, Wafkins, Goldreich, Sfephens, Moyer, Gufhridge, Schurmeier, Lindberg, Leonard, Bergmann, Vernon, Beaven, Williams, Cooper, Frazier, Dallas, Fursl, Gordon Row 3: Small, Bauer, Crane, Norris, Price, Wilson, Hackeff, Hicks, Ekholm, Lloyd, Cross, Donaldson, Ellis, Woleben, Chrisman, Hurlbuf, Edwards, Cooke . . . unc! .Amor oczfefy HADDEN WINDOES T. N. T. ELECTION BOARD Row I: Williams, Edwards, Tinsley, Rose, Beaven, Vernon Row 2: Whifeheacl, Campbell, Carney, Clarke, Slowers, Bray, Siackhouse f x A ' ' I-IONOR SOCIETY AND T. N. T. 0 The I'Ionor Sociely is composed of sludenls who for seven semeslers have mainlained grades which average 3.20 or above. Those who have Transferred from olher high schools musl have allended New Trier for a minimum of Three semes- Iers Io be eligible for Ihis honor. T. N. T. is Ihe highesr all-around dislinclion a sludenl can win al New Trier. II is awarded for leadership and parlicipa- lion in school acfiviries. The Iellers T. N. T. sfand for The Lalin words Tenax, Nobilis, Triumphans, meaning Sleadiasl, Noble, and Vicrorious. Each year The senior members of T. N. T. and nexl year's eleclion board are chosen by Ihe board se- lecled 'rhe previous year. Because Ihe new members of T. N. T. and Ihe winners of Ihe Tri- Ship and D. A. R. awards had nor been chosen al Ihe lime Ihe ECI-IOES wenl Io press, Iheir pic- lures could nor be included in Ihis years book. Page 122 SENIOR CLASS Q This year's senior class is The TirsT in Tour years To graduaTe in peace Time. TT has led many acTiviTies, and worked hard on drarnaTic producTions, The opera, chariTy drives, liTerary publicaTions, banqueTs, and Lagniappe. Problems arising wiThin The class were discussed by The STeering CommiTTee, which consisTed of The class oTTicers and one member Trom each adviser room. The CornmiTTee also had charge oT collecTing class dues, The class giTT, and organizing The annual Senior l-lop, which This year was held June 8 aT The EdgewaTer Beach l-loTel. The Tine spiriT and enThusiasTic eTTorTs oT The class oT '46 have helped To malce New Trier whaT iT is Today. The seniors will carry This spiriT wiTh Them wherever They go, and will conTinue To meeT obligaTions and responsibiliTies equally well. The class is very graTeTul To Miss Maloney and Mr. Kahler, The senior adviser chairmen, Tor iT could noT have accomplished all ThaT iT has wiThouT Their advice and skilhful guidance. f ii Mcdowslf T PAUL RETNHARDT D. smm-i px. smm-i une Page 123 SENIOR OFFICERS ROBERT CLARKE Presidenf VIRGINIA SAUNDERS Vice-Presidenf MARY LO U HACKETT Secrefary JAMES FARRINGTON Treasurer STEERING COMMITTEE Row I: Saunders, Queen- an, HurIbu+, CIarIce HacIceH', Edwards, Sher- man Row 2: DaIge+y, Pen- berfhy, Tucker, EIIis McGanney, Green, Fra- zler Page 124 E. CHARLENE JOANN RICHARD D. GEORGE E. BETTY J. JEANNE L. ADKINS ADLER ALLEN ALMGREEN ALTFILISCH ALTMANN SENIUII HAROLD F. COLUMBINE AMES AMICI DONALD A. EUGENE M. JOHN A. EDWARD K. MOSELLE E. SUZANNE L. ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDREWS ATWATER ATWATER ALLISON L. AUGUR 'Q' ,-2'- "-:f I II- : Q .--,..., ,. ,,,, :bq .I I. , , I I MARI A A. BARBER JOHN B. GRACE A. JEAN H. WILLIAM J. JAMES V. BAER BAHR BALLANTYNE BALMES BAPTISTA If STANLEY JANET BARBARA A. DALE R. MARK H. BARTHOLD BASSETT BAUER BAUER BAXTER NORMAN F. VIRGINIA W. ALBERT C. GERALDINE M. DOROTHY A. CALVIN L BEACH BEAVEN BECKEN BEERLING BELNAP BEMUS THE 1946 GEORGIA ANN MARTHA JEAN BENCH BENGSTON WILLIAM C. SHIRLEY M. I MARGARET ANN EUGENE P. LEON P. I ROBERT BLACK BLIETZ BOHNE BOUDART BRANSCOME BRAVE JAMES J. BARBARA J. PHILIP BARBARA DONALD O. SALLY L. BREEN BRICKER BRIGGS BROADHURST BROWN BROWN T DAN'L H. I JAY K. LAWRENCE M. JANET DAVID ROBERT E. BRUSH BUCK BUESCHER BUIST BULL BULLARD SENI U P1 BRUCE MARY KAY JO ANN RUTH J. DAVID R. SHIRLEY S. ELAINE H. DIANTHE I BURMEISTER BURNS BURT BUTLER BUZAN CAHN BETTY JO ERNEST F. KATHERINE MARTHA B. WILLIAM C. BARBARA J. CALVERT CAMPBELL CAMPBELL CAMPBELL CAMPBELL CANNON V LAWRENCE J. MEL C. BURTON D. CHARLES E. NETTIE CAROL J. I CARNEY CARNEY CARTER CATON CEDERSTRAND I CHALMERS NANCY s. KENT DONALD D. LENA CHASE CHETLAIN cr-new cr-uuKAs BARBARA L. LITTRELL J. CHRISMAN CLARK THE 1945 C. ROBERT DONALD E. CLARKE CLOUD ALICE L. A JOAN A. EVE JANICE N. COLBU RN COLTMAN COMPTON CONOVER JANET L. ROBERT B. MARTHA ELAINE COOPER COPP CORY COUTRE BENNETT W. CAROLINE COOKE COOKE WILLIAM J. ARTHUR R. COWHILL CRAMPTON PATRICIA M. PATRICIA GEORGE DELANO JEAN CRANE CROSS CRITTENTON DALGETY E. MITZI ' MAURICE J. DALLAS DALTON WILLIAM V. JEAN L. ELINOR S. JOYCE G. AMY JILL DANNER DAULT DAVID DAVIDSON DAVIS DAWSON SENIIIII PASQUALE JOAN M. on CESARE DIDIER .fqfqzgguk AUGUST J. CECILIA PATRICIA M. JOSHUA ' JANE A. EDITH DI VENANZO DI VENANZO DOHENY DOI DONALDSON DOTTAVIO NANCY LOU WALTER D. ROGER L. MARGARET F. ROSEMARY LOIS K. I DOWER DRAPER DREW DRUCKER DRUM DU MONG KATHLEEN ANN RICHARD H. CARRIE LEE JANE B. SAMUEL P. DUNN DUVALL EBBERT ECKHOLM EDGERTON EDMONDS NANCY A. M. OUINN GLORIA J. CHARLOTTE A. ROSEMARY A. SHIRLEY C. EDWARDS ELLIS ELY EMRICH ENGELS EPP THE 1945 EDITH A. PAUL K. I ERIKSEN EVANSTAD ' DALE R. JAMES W. JOAN H. FERDINAND F. EUGENE T. L. ANN FALK FARRINGTON FELLERS FENDER FERGUSON I FERGUSON GLORIA C. JAMES B. PATRICIA ROSEMARY DANIEL H. I LOUIS R. FISH FISHER FLANAGAN FLEISCHMANN FLETCHER FLINKER MADELON I ELIZABETH ANN EDWARD J. MARILYN RICHARD K. HERBERT D. FORSYTHE FOX FRAKE FRAZIER FREY FRIED . , , I JOAN D. JIMMY EDITH A. JOHN A. PHILIPPA JUNE FRISCH FUKIMOTO FURST GALEY GARCIA GAYLORD I SENIIIII WILLIAM R. I MARY eel-ILERT GELB B. JOAN SAMUEL T. JOCELYN ALICE A. I PATRICIA JOAN E. . GENGE GENTLES GEORGE GIBBONS GILL GIMSE DIVO A. RUTH A. LOIS M. I MARY MARGARET FRANCIS M. VIRGINIA W. 'L GLORIO GOCKEL GOLDREICH GORDEN GORMLEY GOSLING A DONALD R. HOWARD JAY W. NANCY J. WILLIAM ROY GRAY GREEN GREEN GREENHALGH GRIES GRIEVES I In ROBERT FRANCES E. MARY LOU LILLIAN L. DONALD H. AUDREY GROVE GUTHRIDGE HACKETT HAKANSON HALE HALLDORSON THE 1946 JEANNE G. LENORE J. HALLSTEEN HALPER CAROL D. NANCY A. DONALD A. ROBERT A. BARBARA A. DAVID C. HAMANN HARKNESS HARNSBERGER HARRISON HARTWIG HASCALL CARL H. MIMI JOAN M. CHARLES M. ANNA J. SUZANNE V. HAUG HAWKINS HAWTHORNE HAYES, JR. HAYNES HEDGES MITCHELL J. GREGORY B. JOAN N. DONNA M. MARY LOU ARLENE HEFTER HEIN HENDERSON HENDRICKSON HERB HERMAN CARL O. ROBERT B. VINNIE PHILIP B. SCOTT W. MAXINE HEY HICKS HICKS HILLINGER HILLIS HIRSCH E IUII CHARLES ROBERT E. HOLG HOOD ROGER L. NANCY T. FRANCES L. ROBERT J. MARY JANE ROBERT J. HOSBEIN HOUGHTON HOWERTON HUDSON HUEBNER HUNTER MARY W. MARGUERITE JOHANNA M. HANNAH E. CAROL M. J. PETER HURLBUT HUSSEY HUTTEN HUTZMAN ILC-5 JACKY ELAINE C. LEONTINE NANCY J. ESTHER A. AVIS M. JOSEPH E. JAEGER JAMESON JAMISON JANNEY JANNES JANNOTTA LAWRENCE E. JENS T. MURIEL E. KARIN M. DORIS I. ELAINE G. JARCHOW JENSEN JENSEN JOHANSSON JOHNSON JOHNSON THE 1945 ROGER F. STUART L. JOHNSON JOHNSON BARBARA M. DUDLEY S. ANDREA EVELYN E. LESLIE NANCY V. JONES JONES JORGENSON JOST JOST JUNG SUZANNE M. ALAN VIRGINIA E. PATRICK G. IRVIN M. DOROTHY KALMES KARP KARSTEN KEIG KELLER KEMPNER PHILIP J. RICHARD B. BARBARA E. JOHN A. WILLIAM E. DONALD KENT KILNER KING KING KIRCHBERG I KIRSCI-IBRAUN PATRICIA L. ROSA S. JANE P. JOHN G. MARGOT G. MARY JANE KNAPP KOMATSUKA KOPPER KOROPP KRENSEL KRENSKY SENIUH CLIFFORD W. DAVID H. KRUEGER KUH ERNEST JOHN H. ROBERT C. MARGARET E. STUART WILLIAM S. KUHN KUIKEN KUNZELMAN LAING LANE LANE JAOUELIN l CHRISTIE L. ' RAYMOND w. STUART O. THOMAS M. BETSY B. LA ROY LASATER LAss LAW LEAHY LEARNED BARBARA M. EDWARD J. JAMES. R. JORDAN J. BARBARA RICHARD C. LEONARD LESZCZYNSKI LEWIS LEWIS LIEBMAN . LIEPOLD GERALDINE R. JOAN M. VIVIAN C. JANIS M. SHIRLEY MAY JAMES A. LIND LINDBERG LINDEEN LINDELL LIPS LISBERG THE 1945 KATHERINE J. MARGARET E. JOHN H. PATRICIA M. JOHN R. MARI LOUISE D. MARION E. LOCKYER LORD LUENSMAN LUND LYMAN MACDONALD MARY L. CHARLENE M. GEORGINE E. WILLIAM D. DONALD G. JEANNE L. MAHER MAIN MALMOUIST MALONEY MARCON MARSH JOSEPH P. JOYCE JUDSON B. ELIZABETH M. ARDETH MARY LOU MARSHALL MARTIN MARTIN MARX MAUPIN MAWICKE JACQUELINE J. DAVID WILLIAM L. CLAIR S. JACK PRISCILLA P MAY MAYER MAYER McALISTER, JR. McCONNELL McEWAN SENIUII EDWARD J. GEORGE E. McGANNEY McKENZIE WILLIAM M. LOIS P. MARY ALICE SALLY A. CAROL J. HUGH J. McKNIGHT McLATCHIE McMANUS McMARTIN McOUIDE MELVOIN JO ANN BETTY LOU DOROTHY K. ROBERT B. CHARLES T. HARRIET A. MENDELSOHN MERCER MERRIAM MERRIFIELD MESTJIAN METZGER RAYMOND P. AUDREY J. MARIE M. MARILYN L. SHELDON P. ROBERT W. MICHINARD MILLER MILLER MILLER MILLER MILLER JOHN R. RICHARD J. SARA BETH DONALD H. LOIS H. RO JENE MILLS MILLS MILLHOUSE MOBER6 MOLINARE MOLNER THE 1945 LORETTA R. MARY S. MONTONARO MORRISON JOAN F. BARBARA E. JAMES E. JANE BETTY C. PATRICIA MOSELEY MOYER MUNDELL MUNNS MUNROE MURPHEY LAURIE ANN JAMES L. BARBARA B. KIMBALL EDWARD F. HERBERT J MURRAY MYERS NAYLOR NEDVED NELSON NELSON ROY JOAN BRANDT ANN MARIE JUNE G. ARLINE R. . NELSON NICHOLS NICHOLSON NILSSON NOBLE A NORMAN JULIANNE C. ANN A. MARY E. DOUGLAS A. LOIS J. MARILLYN J NORRIS ODELL OGDEN OGILVIE OSTERGAARD PAIDAR SENIUII I ' PALEY PALMIERI MARJORIE E. C. DINA CALVIN A. LENORE GLORIA J. PAT A. ROY D. RICHARD D PALMOUIST PANCOE PARKER PAUSCHERT PAVLIK PEARSON I I , E ROBERT G. STUART' E. RICHARD A. ROBERT J. MARJORIE DARLENE J. E PEARSON PEARSON I PEMBLE A PENBERTHY PETERSEN PETERSON HERBERT J. DOROTHY A. DANIEL M. - HILDA MARION L. A MELVILLE C I PETERSON 4 PFUTZENREUTER PIERCE PILKA PLACE POKORNEY. E... ,...,..,... .-... .AA ,.,. . , .. . ' . RICHARD A. S. SUSIE ' JOAN D. RUTH M. JOAN ALLIN W. POLK POTTER POTTER PRESTON PRICE PROUDFOOT THE 1945 I JOSEPHINE c. JOAN My PSENICKA OUEENAN I SUSAN J. LOIS R. LOIS M. I JOHN S. ANNA MARIE CLIVE J. I RADDER RATEIKE RAYBURN REECE REINHARDT REINWALD I Q PAUL H. ELIZABETH MICHAEL J. TERRY A. BRUCE J. JANET E. I REINWALD REIZE RICH RICHTER RIDER RIDER ROBERT R. MARY G. MARGARET G. I RICHARD C. JAMES M. PAUL D. RIEMENSCHNEIDER RIGGS RISSER RITTERSPORN ROBERTS ROBERTSON HAROLD F. MARGARET L. MARVIN M. JOYCE CAROLYN M. SHIRLEY M. ROGERS ROSE ROSS ' ROTHERMEL ROWE RUDOLPH SENIUII . ROLAND J. JAMES H. RUGEN J RussELL JANE C. WILLIAM H. ARLINE E. VIRGINIA ANN J. CAROL J. RUTAN RUX SALMEN SAUNDERS SAWLE SCHAEFFER PHILIP H. JOAN B. I JOSEPH I CATHERINE L. I MARGUERITE ARTHUR B. SCHIFFLIN SCHLADEN SCHMITZ SCHREIBER SCHULLER SCHULTZ MARY ANN WILMA ELIZABETH L. CAROLYN M. HARRY H. PATRICIA A. SCHUMACHER SCHUPP SCHURMEIER SCHWALL SCHWALL ' SCRIMGEOUR GENE FRANCIS W. WENDY CHARLES LORETTA M. SUZANNE ROBERT A. SELBY SELZER SENG SESTERHENN SHERMAN SHUMAN THE 1945 DONALD J. ELIZABETH W. SHURE SIECK MARVIN J. HOWARD E. DOROTHY A. JANET I. SUZANNE EARL SIEGEL SIMONSEN SIMONSON SINCLAIR SIZER SLOAN MARY LUCINDA I FRANK S. GLORIA T. GUSTAV A. CARYL J. DONALD H SMALL SMITH SMITH SPERO SPIEGEL SPIES JOCELYN H. EDWARD L. WILLIAM A. GEORGE D, ROBERT J. ROGER TA. SPITZ STACKHOUSE P STADE STAHL STALLER STEFANY DONALD J. JOANN L. PEGGYE J. HOLGER BARBARA MARGUERITE STEFFANS STEPHENS STEWART STOCKHOLM STOKER STORCH SENIIIII CLIFTON H. GUSTAV STOWERS STROU BEL CAROL J. WESLEY SHIRLEE M. G. PARK STANTON H. CLARADEL SUNDBLOM SYKES TAIT' TAYLOR TAYLOR TELLIFERO SONJA M. WILLIAM J. BARBARA R. MARY K. KEITH H. JEANNE A. THIESSEN THOMAS THOMPSON THOMPSON THORP TINSLEY DAVID JOANNE P. SANDRA M. ANNA L. ALICE A. ALBERT G. TOMLINSON TOURTELOT TRAUTWEIN TRIEBOLD TRIPPLEHORN TSUGAWA ROBERT J. WILLIAM M. BRUCE F. ROY ANDREW GLORIA TUCKER TUTEUR UHL UYETANI VAN ESSO VAUGHAN THE IIIIII RUDOLPH J. VIRGINIA D. VEDOVELL VERNON DAVID B. DONALD H. JAMES D. ELLEN M. MARILYN L. DONNA J. VERNOOY WAGENER WALKER WARD WATKINS ' WEBER ' DIXIE J. LORRAINE M. JANE ELIZABETH H. CI-IARLEEN K. I RUSSELLENIQI WEHRHEIM WEIS WELLIN WELLS WELTER WHEELER WILLIAM V. GWAIN R. JANET L. DOROTHY A. NANCY A. ELINOR A. WHITEHEAD WILLIAMS WILLIAMS WILSON WILSON WITT L EULALIE H. I DONNA J. I VINCENT C. JOHN E JACK D. WOLEBEN WOLF I YAGER YNTEMA A YODER SENIIIII MICHAEL B. mc:-:ARD c. I ROBERT zeonnss A zusssu. DUDLEY Page 145 si? ,. , f 7 ' - EDWARD I I ' PERKINS ilu Hklemnrram Lois RAYBURN I927 I946 Lols Ilved In KemIworI'h aHended grammar school I'here and enfered New Trler as a 'Freshman In I942 She was a conscuenhous worker and assumed wlI'h courage responslblllhes beyond her years manner endeared her 'Io all who knew her Loss had chosen nursing for her profession mdlcahve of her humamfaruamsm and we aII regrei' 'Ihai' her unhmely deafh cu'I' shorI' her promising car er I AII'hough inclined Io be quief and reserved, her IoyaI+y and pIeasan+ IRVING J. YOUNG VVHBV ., .W L S.f,gi'-I 3 ul... 1 "' four lrayg i .N ws. X' 'Nr x., -., u KSA-. . . 5 Q.. Spdng Fever K N! N. 1. Marine, A S 'Q 'af ,. iw ,gf . Q Q K 3 Q " ., ,f I 4 of , V s my oo o ef ' emi .woo K K I i f -1, A Q :K ,.lwv' Y :,'. vs :4 "' Q . G , 4 L fgv' . A. Q? , wi: Ape Tobacco Road Page 146 Aclors' Guild ....,. Adminislralion Adminislralive Group Adviser Chairmen A Deparlmenl Heads A Mr. Gallney ..., School Board A A A Aeronaulics Club A AA Arl Deparlmenl .... Arl League ..., Baseball lVarsilyl .,... Baskelball lVarsi'ryl .... Baslcelball lFrosh-Sophl A Boys' Physical Educalion Broadcasling Club .,.. Caleleria A .,,... A Career Club lBoysl ..,. Career Club lGirlsl .... Cheerleaders ...... Chess Club . .u... A Choir ......,....., A Commerce Deparlmenl Concerl Band ,....... Concerl Commillee A A Debale Team A A A Door Guards A A Dramalic Club A.. Casls ............ Dramalic Deparlmenl A A ECHOES Fdilors A A A ECHOFS Slalls .,,.,.. English Deparlmenl. AA Ensemble lBoys'l ...., Ensemble lGirls'l A AA Foolball lVarsilylA A A Foolball lJVl ....,.... Foolball lFrosh-Sophl A A ijgpi ,... A Foreign Language Deparlmenh A AA Forensic Board .....,. French Club Freshman Class Adviser Rooms A Honor Group AA. Ohlicers ,,,,,, G. A. A. Adviser Room Managers Class Managers ..u. Commillees A A A OAPiicers AA .A Ohficials Page 147 INDEX Page Girls A A A Poinl Awards Pool Guard A A Represenlalives A Sporls Heads ,,.., A Swimming Assislanls A A Teams ,..,..s...,.. Gavel Club A A A AA Geography Club AAA German Club A A A Girls' Club Commillees A Oliicers ,......,..,. Re presenlalives ...,,. Girls' Physical Fducarion Dept A A A Glee Clubs Boys' ......s.,..., A Girls' Firsl ...,,,.,.. Girls' Second lPeriod 3l Girls' Second lPeriod 8l AA AA Golf ...,......,,.u... Gym Assislanls .,... Heallh Deparlmenf A Home Economics Deparlmenl AA Honor Roll ,... .,.,,,. Honor Sociely ..., A lM Sporls lBoys'l AAA,A,A lnduslrial Arls Deparlmenl A lnlormalion Deslc A AA A lnlclings AA,.,..A,AAA A A lnler-School Council AAAA Junior Class Adviser Rooms A A Honor Group A A A Ollicers AAAAAAA, Junior Music Club A A Lagniappe Commillee A Lalin Club AAAAAAA A A Le Flambeau AAAAAA Library Assislanls A A A Library Deparlmenl A A Library Monilors A A A Lighl Crew AAAAAAAAA Lunch Hall Managers A Malce-up Crew AAAAAAAA Malhemalics Deparlmenl Musicale AAAAAAAAAAAAA Music Deparlmenl A M usic lnlegralion Deparlmenl AAAAA Naiional Forensic League "News" Fdilors A "News" Slalls AA.. Ollice Slahf AAAA Opera Groups AAAA Orcheslra AAA. Quill Club AAA. Radio Club AAAAAA Recorder Group AAAA Rifle Club AAAAAA A Schreiberei AAAAAAAAA Science Deparlmenl AAAA Senior Class Advisers .A A Gllicers AAAAAAAAAA Piclures A,AA.A...AAA Sleering Commillee A A Senior Music Club AAAAAA Service Club AAAAAAAAA. Snapshols AAAAAAAAAAA 66 79 46 Social Sludies Deparlmenl Sophomore Class Adviser Rooms A A A Honor Group AAAA Olllicers AAAAAAA Spanish Club A A Sporls Club AAAA Slage Crew AAAAA Sludenl Council Commillees AAAA Ollicers AAAAAAAAAA Represenlalives AAAAAA Sludy Hall SupervisorsA A A Swimming lVarsilyl AAAA Swimming lFrosh-Sophl A Swimming Guard AAAAAA Tennis AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Theorelical Science Club T. N. T. Fleclion Board. Traclc lVarsilyl AAAAAAA Traclc lFrosh-Sophl A A Tri-Ship Commillees AAAA Chiicers .AAA AAAAA Represenlalives AAAA Usher Corps AAAAAA Verse Spealcing Choir A Visual Educalion AAAAA Wreslling A A x N. T, Stag Parlyl Sl, Pleezel Ei!!! Q 3 Culver Girls , lw Playboy SOP Halqqgw-mvuw me-vnvauinrf Flying Clif Speciflc Gravif Y Page 148 - A A 3 f ' ' .' ,, A, .. .,VY :U , ,. , i A A ., I , x A . If ,. 51 A, K V C f I K i i 'ZmfbN f K x qwf! . 'V L in WwM f,, I I ff Q K N'Q' X XR K Ar ,lk A U, X. ' Xfa. , 59 . . ff 1 ,Q fwf . Y Q I 'x Q R 5 ? 1 . U AX, lam W + 1 ' Q IU .ff if r Nm Q gg g +'f'22-f1'yQhL1', XX! A 1 , V Q H A ., 61539, 1 Q X , ffl-'UE fi lim q 5 ,,,b'k4 5 E ,w..99XfAf2f,NN C! . 515 Q, 0 O , . Q'M5Af ?gQAmH.f5 If if 2 V Na: f A M fs QL' ,H 0,7 5' - X, 3 LQ Ggbgx e Q , ' J mg ff 5 CA ,Q 7 535 -E ffm" QE' 1 0 rf? Q fl x 'b Q 720 Cx frf " X , ,-ala, . " V.. Q1 -5...,q' bawjh... g -, , --V -V '-A V , f " TK Qxgcgx, Q6 AA ,K N f .vgi.,- U I a""'n a iif- X 5 R --""i!7 Pi , A 'PN lily, , Xnfe 1vr:,,5' If xLv Yo, 3x J ' JP bf P' in--Q K'9"1 JY L... 'kv k -qv' W? M we -rf ' 6 fi 2 QQ KX z.. 0 wg" ff J ki ,P Q ZQLQQQ5 ff K 'Q' ? V fx? fp , gi - , if X, QM f as ff g J' ,ff ' A C' 7 N y' K . V QA 4 i i, J f ,.fj,ff, iq .f 5 N

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