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4 1151! I 6' Q. Y II Q nffg O 0 'I 0 D. A. IC Tu F' N We L 3,3 xg! HoME OF THE BRHQE HNDTHE FUSE 'Z ' I X:-5 .mi GJ-1.6 gn' BCT mxaruen mdo owenr R Z- gg Q JQLX wJ' .6 4 . G N-U ll M-muu Q 'U 0 EN EK PW-- MneHaTR FANTH ,. GND 50 DE X35 'TRI SMH? HOT Y EDT N1 f VOC ,I J..r.. W fx x KELLY ,DN GN UN' LLHND - L ,..-, ,.. ., . . ,.-.-...,'.1... - - ,. ,,..4,, A- , , ,, ... A.. , .--,4....,. bb XA N QQ, f M MW SW Yip? ,' i -J M BMJ 5' Q5 W .XJ - f JJ of www gy' Nw K my Wk QFXQNZQYX Q 'M Ugiiyx Q, gig' ???7b7Qj5aw 0 f'igQfqfQ2 C4356 QQ Lui? if 3592552 Qikyxghfr faxed-f ,L ,G , K. C525-a fa 12 KX -2 Q Oi ' 6? 6 cel'-2. 15? jf GU? fx gf, X .A H . -' ..J 1174: -5' 41 Q35 .A 4.9 21 ' , A XM V, fl" ' X 1 . , 1 v n ,vii 'V . 1 H 5 ,EV 65,1146 QW, f' -, . me OM' Q36 ww ADW EW TH 2Z?Lf EX N ,f xl X rf? +,:'w. ff' 'jean Q ha ' cf fdfw W ,fm-M yyluch 'fhlfffff 04146 LQLKQE ug VH? I V Q t L,LfbLs Nkj' I .- ECHUES A . , X, V dfglafqafw .P co., Q Cu 0-'Nb 60 X 1 iw xx I A x V 5 ,Q , , ,gfbx SC .QZQ.,,. ,.J , ,Cx .A ' ,-- x - 1 F. KG X f fx' ' K 5 5 I X O25 5,2 A, ' klxw, .f Q swM LSE! i5b"'7f ,Z 1 2 ULQLC' gkeofffi . I GDOMQOC 1 3 64 A. 1. ,ff 1' ' i I, , f , , V '3 1 1 ay . Q I-, X I A 1' Ii!! 6- 4, X ,I W ,Z ' fxf V Af' N r , w ly . .LJ WML 1,7 1 iw S' t I 1,7 1. f- ff f ' .N "V my " ' K -A . f-43-5 "nz ..,'9X a' 'A ' , ' XA fo 13 5 ' '-J 1 L' 1 Q A36 . 'T Cf' f ' 1 N X 5 jp xsiq 'fx' T 'Jig -:gg . ' , , A x x fYf77 ages' 1 , V aa, 'V ,X , f' QU XS A V MQF: W' f if 'J' ' . . ,f f ff X Nqr Lff . a f A mi Li QW l gf spite of the discord Around us this year, We've had a harmoniou Here at New Trier. The Tax Referendum, Dramatic Club plays, College Exhibit, Cool autumn d .,faLtf7 W s one ays. Winnetkals "gas out," Talent show, Gym program, Ice and "lolanthe," SHOW. Chicken a la king, Walking Campaign, ll thi Z C, adleyis swing s we offer echo the ways In which we passed Our New Trier school RROLL to'r CHORALE COOK Associate Editor if K' W Lv W., In M, tiff? ,: , T I' X rf ' 1 X I 1 ,N Us yu' P 1 1 6 J 'nf mi E2 all ilu 4. ,N- if ,,.x ., , ag I, ,Q ., at J 351, ra 1 :Z Z li 1? 1? li li la if 3 :WT 21 , vf G , xiiw s si . ,A R Z X Q, we f OJ, 2 V 7224, ,gh 5 . 31' Q. F,...,.,f, ' A, Q ,--77. -f-rn .4 .-www-up 'P , X iv W WT-W Y,-, WW, WH i fy JWMw,,v...1Qvfff1!,jZmmZ!7j W ? Wm 6 cn wk Jaw Qfmjw M f M, QM, ! 0 55 l MR. BALLMAN MR. PETERSON MRS. ALDRICH MR. BARNETT MR. PUTNAM The New Trier students owe the admin- istration and the Board of Education a great deal of appreciation for improving the school facilities and seeing that everything in the school runs smoothly and properly. Mr. Matthew P. Gaffney, superintend- ent, has been working diligently for the past eleven years to achieve this. Through his efforts the school has attained an exceed- ingly high scholastic rating and he has striven continuously to better relations be- tween the faculty and the students. UIMINISTH TIU 8 PACKER KAHLER BROWN HERRON . X DEPARTMENT HEADS Ari' Commerce English Foreign Languages Healih Home Economic Industrial Arfs MURPHY JOHNSON HUTCHENS SMALL MOORE LIGHTER BIESEMEIER X Library Mafhemaiics Music Physical Physical Science Socldl Sh-Idlei LIBBEY SNYDER COTTON Educafion Educaiion WINDOES ULLRICK lGirlsl lBoysl BOULTON CHILDS In recognition of Mr. Gaffney's work, Colgate University this spring awarded him the Doctor of Letters degree. Miss E. E. Packer, Assistant Superintendent and Dean of Girls, Mr. F. A. Kahler, Dean of Boys, Mr. H. H. Herron, Registrar and Office Supervisor, and Mr. W. L. Brown, Business Manager, have all been of great help to Mr. Gaffney. The administration has been assisted and encouraged by a fine Board of Education. The members of the Board have done everything in their power to make New Trier the finest school in the country. L The department head correlates the program of his own department with the programs of others. lt is also his duty to integrate the courses within his own department and to supervise the selection of textbooks. The adviser chairmen are the faculty sponsors of the classes. They are in charge of all class affairs, such as elections, parties, collections of class dues, appointments of class committees, etc. They also direct the program of the adviser room work through- out the year. Whenever any difficulty arises which, in the judg- ment of the adviser, should be referred to the administration, such difficulties go first to the adviser chairman. The adviser chairman is the connecting link between the adviser and the dean. ADVISER CHAIRMEN KAHLERL I MALDNEY VERNON BRADY GRINNELL HURST REILEY SHAW NON-ADVISERS ABBOW ARAM BRADBURN BRANDER BREIDENBACH COLE COLLINS DAHLKE DIXON K DUCKLES FLANNIGAM FLENTYE FRISBIE FULTON GAUME GIALLOMBARDO HEALY JACKSON KIDD LQMETRE MacLEAN', McDOWELL MOELLER X MUNDELL PAYTON KX RAU ROBSONX I SCHOENENBERGER SHOWLEY SMITH STANWOOD STENVALL SWIGART TODD D VEACH WALKUP WHITBY WRIGHT I0 Wwfooz sms elssou KOLl. PARKER POOLE ROSSBERGER ZIMMERMAN Also BURKHARD, CARPENTER ROBERTSON IQIFFIIIE ST Plz' The precision and efiiciency with which the school is operated would be seriously impaired were it not for the Office Staff. Many responsibilities are carried by this small but capable group. Annually Miss Maloney obtains volunteers from among the senior girls to assist in the registrar's office at the counter and in the front office. Twenty girls are selected from the list and assigned one period per day. ' Sponsorship and technical supervision of the Student Visual Education Service Staff is centered in the registrar's office. Dele- gation of authority and responsibility for this work has been placed in the hands of Mr. Charles Gibson who is assisted by seven New Trier boys. VISUAL EDUCATION OPERATORS STAFF GIRLS OFFICE STAFF Row 1: Stowe, Bonner, Gibson, Law, Terry. Row 1: Schiiflin, Knott Baron Baker Dawson Mayer Row 2: Jackson, Bercaw, Pollock, Lloyd, Thompson. Row 2: Michael, Morse Lammers Biederer 0 Leary Booze ,X I '74 344 Q, m mg fy aff: Q53 x ,MM WJ M,,1 g,,Q 0f,,,,0,g,,!,,,M,,,,,fj STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Bob Drucker ...,.......,A... President Bill Mizener ...... . . . Vice-President Janice Chiquoine . . , . . . Secretary Arthur Bryson .,...., , . .Treasurer Lincoln Lippincott , . . . . . .Assembly Committee Dave Booth 2 Bob Steitz . j """ Mary Lamb 1 Addis Jones j "A" Steve Chase Q Jim MacDonald 5 "" Jean KixMi11er 1 Tom Spoehr 5 "'i' .,..Building and Grounds Committee . .... Inter-School Relations Committee . . . .Publicity Committee , . . .Social Committee TROELSTRUP HE The primary aim of the Student Council is to increase the opportunity for students to live in a democratic society within the school. The Council has tried for years to promote the ideals and practice of democracy throughout the school by encouraging the individual student to accept his share of responsibility. It has applied these democratic ideals to school life in projects such as student supervised study halls and student forums. Its success cannot be measured in terms of one year's accomplishments, but must be regarded as a slow, gradual process over a period of years.. B The Council began the year by selling the Activities Ticket and reached a new peak in the number sold. Cn the seventh of December the annual College Exhibit was pre- sented jointly by Evanston's and New Trier's Student Coun- cils with over 120 colleges and universities present. Council's newly organized Defense Committee began the sale of De- fense Stamps at New Trier and promoted other types of war STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Row 1: Johnson, Carpenter, Lamb, Bowen, Warfield, Nuzum. Row 2: Markus, Baldwin, Kemp, Cleary, Cushman, Copp. Row 3: Treveiler, Freelove, Lundin, Coons, Jacob. 5lM 2Qi Z , HADDEN Work. A change was made the second semester when all seniors were afforded the opportunity of being -members of student supervised study halls. Here- tofore only students recommended by their advisers had been included. Also noteworthy achievements were the pro- motion of meetings among suburban councils to increase friendly relations, the social survey, and the work done on pilfering. Much credit for the success- ful year goes to Miss Hadden, Mr. Troelstrup, and Mr. Van Deursen, Council sponsors. STUDY HALL SUPERVISORS CFirst Semesterl Kaempfer, Farwel.l, Shanesy, Miller, Chancellor, Randall. Devlin, Barr, Spoehr, Scheibel, Bayard, Ball, Schaefer. STUDY HALL SUPERVISORS QSec01'1d Semesterl Cody, Shanesy, Tideman, Scheibel, Miller, Kaempfer. Williams, Meyers, Freelove, Spoehr, Lundin, Bowen, Rogers Lippincott, Vedder, Bayard, Ball, Schaefer, Marison, Ickes. STUDENT COUNCIL COMMITTEES Row 1: Bowen, Miller, Henderson, Murray, Hinners, Copp, Steif, Sherwin, Raymer, McConnell, Mizener, Waldorf, Reichmann, Warfield, Engelhard Booth, Kunze, Duncombe, Spangler,, Moeller. Row 2: Kloepfer, Huettel, Philipsborn, Stein, Williams, Tuttle, Weber, Kemp, Hale, Green, Cody, Shanesy, Terzakes, Cassell, Bowen, B11-kelund Shinnick, Keefer, Meyers, Steinhoif, Morse, Loewe, Condon, Chace, Claar, Cahn, Hildebrand. Row 3: Morand, Werthimer, Watkins, Glexm, Everson, Ritterspoon, Zander, Newmans, Treveiler, Wiese, Fox, Ball, Ellis, Redding, Liepold Rosen berg, Meyers, Miller, Corpeir, Dowd, Lutter, Kinnear, Reichert, Steitz, Nix, Kassel. ' 4,5 '7' 4. P4 D 0 W 4 ver I I6 GIRLS' CLUB REPRESENTATIVES CFirst Semesterj Row 1: Allison, Kiddo, Nuzum, Bachmann, Ketcham, Hammerman, Weishaar, Hinners, Steif. Row 2: Donnelly, Bryson, Allport, Spaulding, Wheeler, Foulke, Jackson, Mathias, Hess, Riblett GIRLS' III, GIRLS' CLUB OFFICERS Dunn ...., ..................., P resident Harshaw . . . ..... Vice-President Scheibel .... ..... S ecretary Kaempfer . . . ..... Treasurer Davis ...... ..... C harity Committee Bovbjerg . . . ..... Friendly Committee Moulding . . ...., Publicity Committee Farwell . . . ..... Social Committee Shanesy .,... ..... A rrangements Committee MacFarlane . . , ..... Employment Committee Starrett ..... ..... F inancial Committee 7 The girls of New Trier, Working together with the Girls Club Board and their sponsor, Miss Wright, have made pos- sible another successful year for our club. On the first day of school in September We sold sand- wiches and cokes, netting quite a large amount of money. Hot dogs, cokes, and other refreshments were sold by the girls at the football games. We were exceptionally fortunate this year in having seven home games at which to sell. GIRLS' CLUB COMMITTEES Row 1 Braaten, Pagliarulo, Wuichet, Booze, Towner, Murdoch, Proudfoot, Schaufiler, O'Conor, Jones, Cooter, Flogus, Knudson, Nordberg, Moody Bishop Marmaduke, Evans, MacKenzie, Beaven, Way, Sclnfflin, Snyder, Riblett. Row 2 Lundberg, Reichmann, Pepoon, Kieft, McKa Leech F ' B th A. Wh't y, , rel, oo , 1 e, M. L. White, Olson, Hall, Brown, Monroe, Butler, Weber, Brady Sherman Condon, Morse, Steinhoff, Bingham, Small, Ebbert, Oman, Belnap, Burkland, McConnell, Larson, James, Parkinson, Sears. Row 3 Fox Bond, Shinnick, Gray, Stephenson, Yerkes, Carlson, McEwan, Rogers, Jackson, Stewart, Spaulding, Baker, VanHorne, Graflis, Grossberg Cody H111 Tuttle, Lightner, Yates, Sandberg, Cogswell, Kearney, Zipprodt, Bowen, Murray, Carpenter, Spangler, Petersen, Green. The Very important magazine drive, under the direction of our Vice-president, Hope Harshaw, extended from Octo- ber to Christmas. Inter-class and inter-adviser room com- petition was keen and resulted in gratifying returns. The ten girls with the highest individual sales records were re- warded with free ECHOES, and the next live girls received dollar certificates at the book store. Early in the school year the senior and freshman girls had a grand time at the barn dance sponsored by the Girls' Club. Later, in October, a "get-acquainted" supper was held for the new junior and senior girls in the Girls' Club Room. The two major banquets of the year were undeniable successes. The Friendly Banquet in October was held for all MISS WRIGHT Sponsor GIRLS' CLUB REPRESENTATIVES Second Semester Row 1: M. Ritter, Ebbert, Warner, N. Ritter, Vedder, Hinners, Warfield, Halldorson, Lamme, Raymer. Row 2: Leahy, Siefkin, Fifer, Wagy, Rich, Toel, Shinnick, I-Ioetger, Henderson, Stewart, Mayer, Hartshorne. the girls in school. The entertainment consisted of a program with members of the audience participating, and then a skit relating the "trials and tribulations" in the day of the average New Trier girl. In March both the mothers and daughters had a wonderful time at their banquet. For entertainment, selections were given by the Girls, Ensemble and the Verse Speaking Choir, followed by a group of mothers and daugh- ters in two hilarious skits. R The Girls' Club, in cooperation with the other student organizations, participated in the Thanksgiving Drive, the Christmas Drive, and the Red Cross Drive. Through the efforts of the Employment Committee, many girls found positions in the neighboring villages. In the spring about S1500 was provided for those senior girls desirous and de- serving of scholarship aid. Near the close of the school year, the Girls' Club decided 5 'J . . . . . , ,JN ,ffto curtail their usual activities and concentrate all their 'f A jvxb R efforts toward helping with the National Defense Program. ' . QiQa . 2 GQ? ' " 4 CO ' 'X 1 f J ' . 'f l . 1,-:ff f' H1--un X L, we we Milli! X , FF XA! p E., 5155? ' ff? " , - f gg? X - wp.:-l V g- if J X Z r 'C FT ' T X X 6 4 Q F4 UA dxgyh ,ll ,il ,fl JLEAQ JLM, swf' Q IH I8 TRI-SHIP OFFICERS 1941-1942 THI-SHIP CLUB The activities of the Tri-Ship Club have, in its seven- teenth year, been varied and extensive. In promoting these activities, the club has done a great deal to foster its three ideals of Citizenship, Sportsmanship, and Fellowship among its members, which includes every boy at New Trier. Arnold Berlin ...A Raymond Anthony Raymond Rapp .. Ted Seiler ....... Allan Gilbert .... Robert Davis .... Walter Boyle .... Tom Ryan ...... Edward Devlin . . . Graham Davis Maurice Dunne .. Charles Steingraber President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Head Usher Dance Chairman Inter-scholastic Relations Chairman Student Aid Chairman Clubroom Chairman Dinner Chairman Junior Class Chairman Sophomore Class Chairman Freshman Class Chairman-2nd Semester am'ma.nw 4 we . an ,,, . - ,, , .F - .- H--'-'v f .W mga .WLM 2 'TETTLTE L 1 , ,f.'w:1.i.'nv 1. MTSU' USHER CORPS Row 1: Gilbert, Manson, Erwin, Allrich, Marmaduke, Steitz, Macdonald, Hurlbutt, Seiler, Dowd, Werthimer, Fisher, Bryson, Booth, Claar, Darley. Row 2: Judson, Kinnear, S. Smith, Brewer, Salaman, Vanl-Iorne, Barr, Brown, Davidson, Redding, Jackson, Royce, Zander, Davis, Mough, Coons, Plamondon, Wiese, Chase, Hildebrand. Row 3: Ketcham, Dalgety, Bayard, Shafer, Davis, Markus, Miller, Slamin, Anderson, Ellis, Schmick, Mooney, Zehr, B. Smith, Attridge, Calhoun, Edmonds, Vedder. TRI-SHIP REPRESENTATIVES DOOR GUARDS Row 1: Fischer, Burnett, Stake, Anderson, Ellis, Adams, Row 1: Kahler, Macey, Snider, Bernardi, Lieberman, Camp- Goodrich, Fox. bell, Carroll, Lake. Row 2: Clarke, McNair, Marshall, Scarff, McAfee, Ely, Row 2: Allison, Icker, Dunbar, Ward, Glenn, Yowell, Kreger. Radder. Row 3: Matson, Davies, Blaesing, Behnke, Tyner, LaQueur, Beebe. Among these various activities, have been the Student- Faculty Party, the Parents, Day Football Game, five en- v: joyable Tri-Ship Dances, the Athletic Dinner, at which sports- commentator Bob Elson was the speaker, the all-student talent show, Lagniappe, the Father and Son Dinner with Dr. Harold W. Dodds, President of Princeton University as the speaker, a very successful Christmas Drive, and an im- portant Red Cross War Drive. Several scholarships were again awarded to especially deserving boys, along with pro- f viding necessities to certain students who would otherwise be unable to remain at New Trier. The club again presented the Tri-Ship Award to the boy who, in the eyes of his fellow- students, most nearly exemplifies the three ideals of the club. 'A This year it was awarded to Arnold Berlin. 20 1 Among the numerous service organiza- tions sponsored by the Tri-Ship Club are the Usher Corps, the information desk boys, door and hall guards, traffic squad, library monitors, and the group of senior boys who have again helped in Freshman Boys, ad- viser rooms. The Class Chairman System and the adviser room representatives again functioned very successfully. Cf the great- est value and assistance to the Tri-Ship Club again this year, were our two sponsors, Mr. Frisbie, and Mr. Gannaway. TRI-SHIP COMMITTEES Row 1 Brown, Bayard, Davis, Scarif, Mack, Wiese, Marshall. Row 2 Watkins, Slamin, Anderson, DeClerque, Salvi, Marcus, Freelove, Cohrs. Row 3: Merkovich, Rigler, Judson, Redding, Davidson, Nuzum, Wer- tlumer, Rockcastle, Chase. TRAFFIC SQUAD Row 1 Tyner, Ward, Campbell, Volny, Graf, Psenicka. Row 2 Mooney, Warren, Knott, Vedder, Stowe, Wright. FRISBIE GANNAWAY 2 I INFORMATION DESK Row 1: Allen, Miller, DeC1erque, Ellis, Marshall, Flallavhan, Kahn. Row 2: Schaefer, Freelove, Bjork, Bonner, Anderson, Wood, Wright. Row 3: Hollis, Jennett, Newman, Kramer, Dowd, Macey, Pagliarulo, Kingery. CHEERLEADERS Row 1: Vogl, Gottman, Sethness, VonEbers fl-Ieadj, Vernon, Mr. Gial- lombardo. Row 2: J. Allen, D. Allen, Rockwell, Scheafer, Bearson. New Tr1er s muslcal standards whlch known through out the country have been the outcome of t work and effort of the muslcal department under on of Mrs Cotton Mama as she lS affectlonately ably asslsted th1s year by Mrs Bradburn Mlss And Qwlgart Mr Schumacher and Mrs Phllhps An lmportant muslcal orgamzatlon though recelvlng llttle publ1c1ty 1S the band under the dlrectlon of Mr Schumacher It plays at all athletlc events and assemblles and at the close of the year presents lts annual concert Of lmportance too 1S the New Trler orchestra whlch lS one of the Hnest hlgh school orchestras 1n the country Under the dlrectlon of Mr Swlgart and Mama Cotton lt always manages to turn ln splend1d performances at the Chrlstmas and Sprlng Concerts opera productlons and school plays 22 . , . . , .. 2 2 cc 77 - - . . , ' 2 LJ 7 - , - . 2 2 2 ' ' 2 2 2 . -- - - cc 77 ' .. . , 2 ' - ' THE UHEHESTH THE BAN VIOLINS Bruce Smith Morton Cahn Claire Rubel Marian Hakanson Barbara Grant Jim Rodgers Allan Thompson Sylvia Hobbs Dixie Fanckboner Katherine Lloyd Carolyn Shearon Ellen Finney Brenton Smith Marilyn Wells Marcia Henderson Ralph Horween June Swanson Mildred Carlson Ruth Zinniker John Booze VIOLAS Jack Scarff Anne Hall Susan Engelhard Robert Geppert VIOLIN CELLO Marian Hoween Bill Fanckboner Jean Stem Joan Mitchell Carol Cahn Richard Mathias BASSES Roy Johnson Jack Tyner Sally Brooks Paul Clovis CORNET Raymond Beebe Homer Boggs John Corrigan Richard Dahl Pierre De Guerre Don Deno Marjory Hollingshead FLUTES Eric Nix Mac Bercaw OBOE Frank Stowell Kenneth Jack Spangler Grant Seder BAE Alan BASS VN Don rson Dale Koening PIANO Dorothy Ross Gordon Robert William Paul Jones lvflvfilliam illiam Rankf shmet Donald Lyons Noble Macfarlane Alvin Mecklenburger James Rice Paul Stade TROMBON E Lawrence Coons Gerald Lewis Clarence Schildgen John Thull Keith Wellin OBOE Robert Hammond FLUTE James Harris Marilyn MacArthur FRENCH HORN Glenn Hayes Robert Mestjian Theodore Paulsen DRUMS Aaron Jones Ralph Klein Darwin Klinetop Donald Lutter Charles Murphy William Norris William Nugent Jerome Pile BARITONE Marjory McArthur XYLOPHONE Frances Maher TYMPANI James Moore Charles Morrison BARITONE SAXOPHONE Charles Parfitt TENOR SAXOPHONE Frank Tripicchio E FLAT CLARINET Robert Wagner ALTO SAXOPHONE David Wallers '- tm if fmt A highlight in the musical year is the Christmas Concert in which the Choral Groups, first and second Glee Clubs, Opera Group, Choir and Ensembles take part. December 14, was the twenty-fourth Christmas concert and marked a new high in New Trier musical productions. After Christmas, the Opera Group concentrated on their forthcoming presentation, Gilbert and Sullivan's Hlolanthef' ln true democratic fashion, the Opera Group chose the following cast: Nancy Ros'ef"'and Betty Beck sharing the role of Phyliss, Dick Glenn, Strephong Vesta Bond, Fairy Queen, John Darley and Dan Pettee, Lord Chancellor, Joe Elliff, Lord Mountararatg Bill Dalgety, Lord Tolloler, B. J. Moulding, Mary Lamb, Ruth Luecke, Patty Pickett, fairies. I SENIOR MUSIC CLUB D. Rose, Rubel, Hokanson, Horween, Monroe, McConnell Row 1: Porter, Flogus, Zelznick, Farwell, Lane, Armitage, Waldorf, N. Rose, , Schauffler Halldorson Moulding. M d 3 I Row 2: Best, Hagen, Meacham, Beck, Liepold, Hefferan, Spangler, Cassell,'Rogers, Grant, KixMiller, Tuttle, Bond, Thogerson, en en, Davies, P. Nix, Hall, Bryson, Geppert. Row 3: Cahn, E. Nix, Pettee, B, Smith, Gross, Davis, Lewis, Rymer, Sollitts, Marshall, Mathias, Glenn, Elliff, Bonner, Peterson, Black burn, Darley, Booth, Clark, Dalgety, Barr. JUNIOR MUSIC CLUB 1 E lhard Fisher Mitchell Bennett Moore Figley Dennett Gaulick, Moon, Schauffler, Monroe, Rubel, Rose. Row I nge , , , , , , , Row 2: McNeill, Briggs, Siefkin, Williams, Lloyd, Wire, Matteson, Lightner, Wright, Green, Blunt, Pagliarulo, Baver, Lipman, Mrs Bradburn. Row 3: Darley, White, Forbes, Farr, Gunn, Borland, Hinners, Simpson, Rippberger, Gruhn, Gridley, Schreiner, Pearson, Lapat, Booth. 1 . f f ' ' ,, ,f ,rg - . i , ,l f , . QL, U ' s ii . Q ' it , K I ,ii K " ,:5fiWF. ' U! fini - 1 - ' 'iq " f '- Ci CHOIR Row 1: Hefferan, Liepold, Lamb, Davies, Luecke, Snyder, Moulding, N. Rose, D. Rose, Strauch, Larson, Farwell, Kaempfer, Bovbjerg, Thogersen, Porter, Beck, McConnell. Row 2: Davis, Blake, Casterline, Ickes, Hagen, Best, Williams, Rogers, Stephenson, Hogarth, Carpenter, Tuttle, Kuhn, Bond, KixMiller, Menden, Cook, Henderson, Meacham, Glenn, Clark, Herlocker, Hildebrand. Row 3: Lewis, Pettee, Bjork, Jones, Foldi, Davidson, Redding, Liepold, Booz, Townsend, Iredale, Ellis, Mathias, Peterson, Rymer, Bonner, Elliff, Devlin, Dalgety, Darley, Lippincott. ' BOYS' OPERA GROUP Row 1: Dalgety, Clark, Jones, Best, Hagen, Austin, Bernardi, Blake, Dougherty, Reinhard, Sharp, Claar, Davis, Wood, Casterline, Hildebrand. Row 2: Smith, Lewis, Rigler, Bjork, Foldi, I-Ioesli, Devlin, Darley, Lippincott, Kramer, Vernon, Deily, Pettee, Lewis, Elliff, Sollitt. Row 3: Matson, Zander, Liepold, Davidson, Redding, Townsend, Iredale, Ellis, Mathias, Rymer, Herlocker, Peterson, Blackburn, Bonner, Glenn GIRLS' OPERA GROUP Row 1: Bovbjerg, Nordburg, Hamilton, Schifflin, Hefferan, Porter, N. Rose, D. Rose, Luecke, Jackson, Bishop, Strauch, Larson, Moulding, Paulick, Schreiner. Row 2: McConnell, Carroll, E. Smith, Campbell, Gray, Benner, Davies, Tideman, Armitage, Menden, VanHorne, Thogersen, Murray, Falasco, Knott, Stephenson, Farwell. . Row 3: Snyder, Lamb, Meacham, Williams, Beck, Liepold, Hogarth, Ellis, Rogers, KixMiller, Cook, Carpenter, Bond, Tuttle, Mahan, Weber, Ogle, Walpole, Kaempfer, Small. 25 26 T FIRST GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Row 1: Cogswell, Allport, Wright, Steif, I-linners, Copp, VanHorne, Bosen, N. Wright, Hoetger, Monroe, Kolb, Stewart. Row 2: Campana, Becker, Layne, E. Jones, Murdock, Towner, Schauffler, G. Jones, Wells, Wheeler, Powell, Oman, Becker, Wooden, Ramser, Saxby, Haskell, Homan. Row 3: Warden, Lundberg, Mizener, Wuegner, Willett, Sundblom, Bauer, Steel, Kreger, Cody, Becker, Green, Crowell, Caldwell, Pratt, Eldrige, Johnson, Gott, Sherman. Row 4: Kemp, Jeffery, Elliott, Donnelly, McCandlish, Lipman, McElroy, Hall, Gunn, Loucks, Terzakes, Lightner, Whiteside, Theis, Toel, Cooter, Yust, MacLean, Bersie. FIRST BOYS' GLEE CLUB ' Row 1: Lucas, King, Knubfer, Bleser, Shaw, Hinners, Lewis, Bray, Roliing, Chacharon, Talbot, Genge, Diamond, Moyer. Row 2: Torrey, Pickus, Hill, Frische, Townsend, Baldwin, Roddick, Schoeneck, Blaesing, Hollinger, Loewenherz, Baker. Row 3: Fox, Roberts, Calhoun, Allen, Palmer, Brueggeman, Corper, Walworth, Taylor, McKewen, McGuineas, Groves, Slaton. The next musical event of importance was the Spring Con- cert. Music of the Nativity, heard in the Christmas Concert, Was replaced by joyous light Works suggesting spring. This concert was the last appearance of the choral groups and orchestra, and it marked the close of another successful year in the history of New Trier musical productions. An organization giving opportunities for students of musical talent to perform and hear good music is the Senior Club. Sponsored by "lVlama7' Cotton, it is composed of the outstanding musicians at New Trier. QLQL, tw O!! Ji 27 3 0 .me W ,J76J.. 497 Junior Music Club is run along the sarne lines as Senior Music Club, and is Considered the stepping stone to the rnore advanced club. Mrs. Bradburn supervises the activities of the club and serves as the faculty sponsor. SECOND GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Row 1: Dolores, Foley, Bach, Skinner, Christensen, Halvorsen, McKnight, Ritter, J. McElroy, Herzog, Matteson, A. White, Bower, Borland, Kemp, Iliff, Hannen, Borgeson. Row 2: Chapin, McDonnell, B. Cody, Walsh, Bergman, Schinler, Thalman, Weishaar, Powell, Devwey, Marmaduke, N. Varde, Kinney, Lee, Cush- man, Nelson, Balkin, Figley, Berlin, M. L. White, Moore, Briggs, Everham. Row 3: McLean, Sullivan, Stewart, V. Lee, Hinkley, Hawky, Core, Weber, Youngberg, Hochuli, Hale, Huffaker, F. Jones, Johnson, Price, Willett, Happ, Walters, Bauer, Freyer, Metzger, E. Greigg, Booth, Wire, Dermett, Steel, Lapat, Palmer, E. Smith, Finney. Row 4: Bredemeier, V. Price, Curtiss, B. Greigg, Gruhn, Beaven, M. White, Loelfell, Bond, Foley, McEwan, Hess, M. Olson, L. Menden, Bryson, Sutherland, Hoesch, Gridley, Pifer, Woolson, Knight, Keefer, Niehaus, Shaw, J. Foley, Moon, Jorjorian, Warfield. SECOND BOYS' GLEE CLUB Row 1: Harper, Hillner, Sterling, Ramser, Warfield, Treveiler, Ballman, Coulter, Eisenberg, Moulding, Martin, Edwards. Row 2: Libbin, Morrison, Ellis, Peterson, Hendricks, Steingraber, Richmond, Warnes, Gershman, Wisehart, Rogers, Henning. Row 3: Cutter, Carpenter, Sawle, Byrne, Miller, Blietz, Snyder, Todd, Woldenberg, Boorman. 535' f -If 1 U GIRLS' ENSEMBLE BOYS' ELSEMBLE Row 1: D. Rose, N. Rose, Pickett, Moulding, Farwell. Row 1: Clark, Hagen, Pettee, Best Bryson Row 2: Porter, Liepold, Beck, Bond, Rogers, Chancellor, Hefferan. Row 2: Glenn, Darley, Peterson, Bonner Elliff BJork SIE Musicale was formed several years ago in an effort to ac- quaint New Trier students with the music of the Andrew Carnegie Musical Library and since that time it has served as a major attraction to students with musical interests. This year, the club, under the direction of Mrs. Kidd, spon- sored the very successful Concert Series which consisted of con- certs by the Illinois Symphony, a recital by the Jubilee Singers, and a program of popular music featuring Will Bradley and his orchestra. MUSICALE CLUB Row 1: Weise, Hicks, Darley, Briggs, Hahneman, Powell, Neiglick, N. Rose, Halldorson, Michael, Stekoll, Levinson, Nilsen, Mitchell, Willett, E. Smith. Row 2: Walpole, Figueira, Fitzgerald, Lane, Hess, VanHorne, Loewe, Kuhn, Yust, Dawson, Antoville, Ham- merman, Pearson, Frazier, Smith, Thorpe, Jarvis. Row 3: Mrs. Kidd, Meacham, Stephenson, Lewis, M. Kuh, Ludain, Forstall, Strasser, Gross, Harper, Forstall, Norton, F. Kuh, Wertheimer, Hall, Gaume. '51 ll 1? 1 ,Q 31i' I3'uyV! H Row 1 Weise Melvom Ward Lee Larsen Kreger Sutherland h K hn Barr, Dawson J kson Schultz Lederer Manson. A Very "Admirable Crichtonl' was pre- sented last November and New Trier dra- matics opened with a bang. Not to be out- done was the splendid cast that presented the difficult "Arms and the Man" in Jan- uary. The sophomores and juniors came through with an excellent "What A Lifew a short two months later. In everyone's opin- ion, this was a most successful season on the New Trier stage. The credit goes to crews, classes and clubs, as well as casts. Few know that the Light, Stage, Props, Make-Up, and Costume Crews worked after hours and on holidays 29 59 5? N, mx 4,g I -W-fffxs J yy, 'hfgiaf 'gxL1,5f ' ,4 51' f 46' pg Vs ff? uv. , ,, " f i l l 0 'af avi? 5' 555,27 f fm MQ? M la' . 4: -' . fi ', ff: , 1.3" 'A gy-,. f n V .,,.,"'! f f , . . WJ' A BL? wj gxg1':g,,,,A-z - ,g jf f ,34 J ,Z A f ,X . - 4 f yZ4iQw,,,f fy Z ,ze A 4 4 f . ,nw ff gm j 5 -ww ,W V ,Q - fx 4 K 1 M,- 52 S 'Y 6 , peg,- 5 4 4. if x r ff f J ggi ml ' ,KH My ,f X 42 I 1' 7 fig 3,9 4 ff 4 f f f 1 2 M, Nw 4 ' ,Q 70 f af, 1 " f f f , , M ,. f mv '4 f by. X X fbi if W1 f WWf,2!v,f,., , ,WWW V , 'H-,E . M 'b Vx. lm:-aft- ,Q:, n .. . Q 1 PROPS CREW h STAGE CREW Row 1: Lutter, Arms, Swarts, Leach, Steitz, Schaefer. Row 2: Stein, Gaecia, Rowe, Reichert, Fox, Hallsteen Kinnear. Row 3: Everson, Droege, Starbuck, Pollock. Row 1: Odh, Mackenzie, Walker, McEwan. Row 2: White, Petersen, Lukens, Tuttle. LIGHT CREW Row 1: Kahler, manager, Walworth, assist- ant manager. Row 2: Moulding, Horner. VERSE CHOIR Madden, Stevens, Bingham, Larsen, Shulman, Woolson. Tuttle, Stephenson, Henderson, Bowen, Miller, Stein. Row 3: Beaven, Conger, Melvoin, Sager, Warren, Robertson, Pagliarulo Braaten, Row 1: Carlson, Row 2: Murphy, to 'present the plays as the ground for New Trier talent audience saw them. The training was in the classes taught by Miss Stanwood, Mrs. Zeigler, and Miss Keith, and in the Actor's Guild. The Dramatic Club Board and committees were responsible for the excellent management of the business end of the plays. This year there were several new items on the dramatic bill-of-fare. One was the curtain-raiser given before "Arms and the Man", another, the presentation, away from New Trier, of Actor's Guild and major productions. Along this same line were the fine and little-publicized programs given by the Verse Speak- ing Choir. Great thanks should be given to Miss Stanwood, Miss Keith, Mrs. Zeigler, Mr.' Van Kirk, and Mr. Coburn, as well as to many teachers from other departments, for their exce ent direction and guidance. "Ladi s the Jur H as a particularly s ndi al to this year's wo k n dr atics. HAMA IIASTS The Ladies of 'Phe Jury Whcrl' u Life THE JURY Miss Shea ............. Jo Ann McKeown rs. Livingston Baldurie Crane Mr. Nelson .... .....,. B ill Markus .,...,........,.....Katherine Bingham Lily Pratt Cynthia Tate . .. . . . . . . . .Virginia Ward Joan Stevens . . . .Hope Harshaw Betty Pomeroy Mayme Mixture ....,.., Edde Henderson Mrs. Dace .... Mrs. Maguire Jay J. Pressley pencer Dazy Virginia Booze . . . .Margaret McEwan Paula Miller . . . .Elaine Smith . . . . ...Frank Salaman . . . ..... Blair Vedder onzo Be .......,...... Raymond Real . . , .Louise Mayer Gladys 5 house maids. . . Nancy Farwell eodophulus ........ Arnold Berlin Steve Bromm ............ Robert Maston Andrew MacKaig .... James MacDonald THE OTHERS Judge Fish ........... Lincoln Lippincott Halsey VanStyle ....... Charles Morrison Rutherford Dale ..,..,.. Herbert Schultz Dr. Quincy Adams James Jr. . I ...,....................Dav1d W1ll1ams Art Dobbs ..........,.....,. James Barr Mrs. Gordon CYvette Yvetl ......................,...MarlynBusch Evelyn Shaw ,.... Susan Miller Mr. Patterson .. Miss Pike .... Bill ............. Miss Eggleston .....,. Miss Johnson . .. Mrs. Vecchitto .... . Henry Aldrich .. Barbara Pearson G-ertie ....,..... Mr. Bradley .. Miss Wheeler . .. George Bigelow . .. Mrs. Aldrich . ., Mr, Ferguson . . . Mary ........ . . . . .James Clarke . . .Jean KixMiller ..Stuart Adamson Jeanne Lindeman Dixie Fanckboner .. . . .Polly Homan . . .. . .. .Alan Claar Barbara Weishaar . . . . . .Doris Miller . . . .Roger Miller . . . . .Helen Lapat . . . .Bill Hefferan . . . . .Carolyn Stein . .James Schaeffer . . . .Louise Willett STUDENTS Barbara Raymer John Holmes Helen Evans Verne Condon Joan Johnson Evald Anderson Marion Peterson Prompter .............. J Arms and 'Phe Man Raina Petkoh? .............. Anne Bowen tMary Anne Meacham Catherine Petkoff. . .Betty Lee Carpenter iSue Cassell Rosamund Monroe 'tMary Lamb Louka .... .......... Captain Bluntschli ......... Allan Gilbert i'Lincoln Lippincott Russian Officer .... ......... J ack Scarff :Uames Macdonald Major Petkoff ...... Samuel Lewis tRobert Drucker Nicola . . . . . ........ Herbert Schultz iiRobert Hildebrand Major Sergius Saranoff. .Charles Morrison tJohn Darley Assistant Directors 'giiadi iflilfllgson iP1ayed part on Saturday night 7 Two SlaH'erns and a King Chance .................. Eleanor Lukens King .... Tidy . . Slut . . . ......Si Morand . . . .Sally Wallach 'kE1sie Russell Philip Leekely Marilyn Melvoin Torn Hoyt Joan Logsdon Frank Stein Barbara Core Raymond Real .Barbara Beaven :Louise Berry 'Played part on Saturday night J The Admirable Crich'l'on Crichton .............,..... Blair Vedder Ernest Woolley ....... Franklin Salaman Lady Agatha Lasenby .... Dorothy Larsen Lady Mary Lasenby ........ Susan Miller Lady Catherine Lasenby. .Katherine Fox The Reverend John Treherne Manson Lord Loam ................. James Barr Lord Brocklehurst ..... Robert Hildebrand Lady Brocklehurst ........... Vesta Bond Mrs. Perkins, the housekeeper .........................Barbara Baker Mr. Fleury, the chef...Charles Morrison Mr. Rolleston, Lord Loam's valet .......................James Schaeffer Mr. Tompsett, the chauffeur .......................Gilbert Blaesing Mlle. Jeanne 1 ladies' Elsie Russell Miss Simmons Q maids ...... Anne Bowen Miss' Fisher j Jeanne Crowell Thomas l William Kahn John j footmen """' Kenneth McAfee Jane 1 Helen Lapat 32 Tweenyj David, the page Naval Officer . . . Sailors ..... Understudy .... Prompter .... Gerry Bovbjerg . . . . .Samuel Lewis . . , ,Kenneth McAfee John Darley . . . Cy Morand Lawrence Jones . . . . .Helen Lapat . . . . .Anne Bowen GAVEL CLUB Row 1: F. Kuh, M. Kuh, Lewis, Stein, Treveiler, Appel baum, Darwin. Row 2: Stake, Libbin, Dowd, Allen, Blackburn, Salaman MacLean. Row 3: Schaeffer, Gudbrandsen, Marmaduke, Ball, Lloyd Dodd, Dougherty. DEBATE TEAM fer, Ball, Dougherty, Appelbaum. Dowd, MacLean. Stake. BLISH EL BS The clubs at New Trier are run in much the same democratic Way as Student Council, Tri-Ship, and Girls, Club. Although all the clubs offer oppor- tunities for social gatherings and making friends, their sizes and purposes vary greatly. Some clubs are purely for recreation and pleasure, such as the Chess Club and Badminton Club, but at the same time the serve a m lasting purpose in building in their mbers t inciples of good rtsman- hip. fella.. Row 1: Dodd, Marmaduke, Gudbrandsen 1CaptainJ, Schaef- Row 2: Beebe, Blackburn, Salaman, Brueggeman, Allen, Row 3: F. Kuh, Stein, M. Kuh, Booz, Kearney, Salaman, FOREN SIC BOARD Row 1: Dodd, Stake, Allen, Booz, Lieber, Lloyd. Row 2: MacLean, Salaman, Blackburn, Dowd, Ball, Marma- duke. NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE Row 1: Appelbaum, Salaman, Schaffer, Dodd, Stake, Mac- Lean. Row 2: Beebe, Marmaduke, Dowd, Allen, Blackburn, Sala- man, Manson. Each club member is given an opportunity to voice himself in affairs he knows something about. It gives him a greater knowledge of his subject by a pooling of faculties and information in the group. The clubs develop greater enthusiasm on the part of the students for those subjects in which they have already shown some degree of interestg they give the student a chance to explore for work, that is, to investigate new and different fields of interest with an eye to a future occupation. O mxwfgpf OPERATORS OF W9EDC RADIO CLUB Row 1: Lebeson, Marwick, Tyner, Behnke, Steel. Row 1: Bowen, Behnke, Tyner, Quaintance, Barthold, Marwick, Row 2: Bercaw, Smith, Deno, Burrows, Workman. ,V .- Al1d9f50Uf-f.W,.,.,., ,V H 1 G A., ,,. . V V p s ' Row 2.: , a an Mplzfiord, Moser, Canning, Holllnghead, Workman, I V H, , . ,,,.1 .t 9e 5 Q5ca:' l ':l2'-- ifmlf ' v-ag, 1' 55 14 " ' - , ' aff' -W . 1:2 1 . Q A- Row 3: NICISEH, Lebes,9n,1Bannard, Deno, Bercawlwpengston, Bur- ' . K rows, Feir1bgjgfff4Ifa1nes. . V 1 V -lik'-Qysyii-,, psf- , A-ffifffifl M .V 715 -v-. ,- ,,,-fff?f,,'. A if ' 'i 'Af f ' ' . A Vw . J' ' '.,, R -a' "9 f :P V "WBA , 4 r , ',,4v'4'A If it ' R. 5 2 '. ef' ' HH 1 Q if , arf" Y . ffl' ' 'Giard ' X' ,. 329-wif' V, mv. V Y- if V Q.,.ai1sPil4 V. V,,,,.:g,f'u,.,g,-t .r Thiggspefcial interest clubs .,,. - i o . . that purpose. 1S an excellent R example. In that k lffewgffindamentals of radio J radio enag l gare studied and H p K. . 7 st, + t'1s given an excellent opportumty and back- ,555 3: , ound for more advanced Work. The badminton and Ha ,eiiglhl 4 .. X' chess clubs, and the other clubs of that . D . l Wsvarqff., ...Q .fb wuswifvblbjzl A K E 1 strive to promote good sportsmanship and character, and to build 'tm T357 . , ?:ift'?5'f5f:'Ei??9f'4fl3-4-Aj1'9,'-A ,.,f fm.: y 'J student mentally kandphysically, While at the same '1l's 't 4, time he is doipigfflsomething useful and ha'qing.,.f:uadlkifW' ' L if J,u,,v-me-f--' ,nw fav-- ifii-2?7tk'b2gg:33gggw-wiv' V kklf A I mwxi jqqaw p 4 - -fl V2 A ,ffsjygiffw V wvhr wk?F,,,s , U L" -.-ff.aa3gg"frf"'L'ff"'fW-fw-1v-au....4g , HM I f' +1'W?fa rs. erm.. M w'l" it KW' V H,,,, ,,., IW I ., ...Te ryan my 'kbbigp In ,W .,,p,, ,guy f5w5i:Hif4a1eY11:'AiSnH3.,Q,3,, m,mm1?' wi we 1-.1 psadpgrjxy-,n.,- 4:-QW' 'W 'H 4 " J M' if mis' K Y ,-5 .. ,A 'Gina -N-'f1'. LENS CLUB SCIENCE CLUB Row 1 Treveiler, Yowell, Rudich. Row 1: Davis, Slayton Black White Pifer Dennis Row 2 Raymond, Stein, Watkins, Row 2: Peifer, Woolson Reed Lyons Zebold Wente Marwlck Row 3: Bergman, Nix Loeb 0 Pexfer Noonan Swarts Others, such as the Service Club, devote them- selves entirely to serving the school. Giving up study halls or evenings, as the case may be, and seeking no recognition, they are one of the reasons that New Trier is rated tops among all the high schools of the country. Qgf C, . --11-fs-Elmffsfi,,z:5Lgfs.4,hQ.,51fRQ,,155-,QTLAlf, , k ,:,q5,.s-,55j?.i-K 51511: 11+ "ii 3 are sfwzfwlfir' -,mv fr'-f .,.-P, ' ' fb:-., o-QW' . V . "I, ' ' W .,,, rwvs 1 -v l - Le., A - A ,ll K,Mf if :E f,?,,',:1: f- .15 xr." Aa- v " 7 The language clubs aresyery active. In them the students of language not on ,app-mve acquainted vxlxiq with the languages of various D U ,, .. ,.., ww: obtain a better and deeper understanding of the peoples of those countries through study of their ,,Ue,,3,A:pg?wiag 'i M- ,Q .-s ,Q f,c.f,+'r V 1 5 ..:i:f5's ' f'a'NP'2:5':' ' -i fa'3'f'.xj'?'f ' ' customs, costumes, and culture. The members, as a , . r,,,, .if ' X, ,g-,J gf 99" t .cxixiiaff F' rule, find the food of these countries particpuwlarlyef- enjoyable. ,fps.l ,i XM J W. . .e 231 'I' ,ffl dv' V,- X 37 FRENCH CLUB Row 1: Draper, Halldorson, Wooden, McConnell, El1ing,'lMoody, Sears, Reeyer, Hobbs, Hirsch, Melvoiu, Allport, Odh, Tuttle, Pomeroy, Zelznick. Row 2: O'Conor, Huifaker, Parkinson, Lundberg, Eldridge, King, Campbe1l,Von Glahn, Barnett, Frei Sternbridge, Stephenson, Simmons, Morris, Thom, Billings, Cogswell, Wright, Varde, Marmaduke, Pickus, Leech, Schjfflin, f Row 3: Zeisel, Vichers, N. King, Buha.i, McElroy, Jackson, Fo:g,,.Liepold, Hess, Cassell, KixMiller, Forstall, Peterson, Green, Smith, Lytton, Brady Hill, Weir, McEwan, Warren, Keehn, Miss Jackson wlfgponsofl. ' UQ f ZMQMQQ Of great value are the inter-scholastic meetings and tournaments in which our clubs participate. In these meetings they pool their ideas, and the mem- bers are able to profit greatly from them. The inter- scholastic tournaments, especially in the oratory clubs, are a spur to competitive spirit and help to retain- active interest in their own particular Held. Certain of the clubs, usually the scientific clubs, occasionally take field trips which are most helpful in increasing the understanding and appreciation of their specific subject. GERMAN CLUB Row 1 Gle B nner F s he Scartf Canning, Allrich, Meyer. Row 2 McDowell Lue ke Do elly Hollis, Wuegner, Deno, Weber, Zander. 38 x is-FFL a-,.,,..,....,.....,...,..,,W....,,,,,,,m N , ,h 5 i L x 5 , K O 1. I X 1 14' ' Q - ,aa ,g - M , . Jaw . , ,, ,V ,uw - Y lf' I QM' 1 fl, 5, , I X? K x K NX :ef f 'YO :sk Q O' L K , M 'Qm'9i:fkqu J e A 51, W ff i Ny, fi Mm. ,f ' u li X lt :Ll ll Some of the clubs mi filwloe called a aditio ' k While others of them2ki"5iSere formed quite X cently. Among this year's additions are the Swing --. I5 ero- nautical Of course, there are occasionally clubs become dated and these are gradually Weeded out, and the new ones replace them, so that New, 1 :1w,iF5"' ' ' , ,,azr.sl1l'1 aafvfsl' cigar! - H ' A Q Q' U Aa- I LATIN CLUB Row 1: DaSig1-H - - - ' '51-.f"' if'ii1"FFi M efliin,Helle13,"SoitzeAi3,L'Bu t aster, Hobbs, Strauss, Glaser, Horner, Rosenthal,, Pearson, I-Ioehne. ' ' , Row 2: Blunt, Von Glahn, Small, Loewe, Court, Robinson, Kemp, Billings, Baker, peary, Taylor, Weke, Vedder, Antoville, Kaufman, Paul. Row 3: Vaughan, Wertheimer, Fisher, Frazier, Harper, Kempner, Lugnginggfaabklil, P. Forstall, D. Forstall, Wolsey, Van Horne, Nilsen, B. Werthimer. , .V Q-Aw-FPWSQ ' A ASPANISH CLUB Row 1: Moody, Buena, Umbach, Jon B edemeier, Sabin, Hayson, Simonsen, Mesa, 0'Brien, Proudfoot, Brown, Day, McLean. Row 2: Von Glahn, Barnet, Wer er, Adams, Draw, Christensen, Bluhm, Dathan, Cleary, Theis, Wolf, Johnson, Steel. Row 3: Eckel, Robson, Gray eyers, Benner, Carringtom, Edmonds, Dowd, Rockwell, Zander, Deily, Campbell, Larson, Tanner, Drey. ART LEAGUE CHESS CLUB Row 1: Emmet, Jensen, Spew, Henderson, Bauer, Walkee, Morris, Thom. Row 1: Jerrard, McAfee, Ostergaard, Harris. Row 2: Homes, Olin, Rand, Umbach, Kendall, Miss Casella, Wiegman, Skinner, Refgel. Row 2: Davis, Schumacher, Olsen. Many valuable friendships have arisen through club meetings. These friendships areoften deepened and broadened through the common interests of the members. As a rule the meetings are held once every two Weeks, most of them being held at school in the afternoon after classes. The size usually varies from about ten members to over two hundred. .. QQ QQ Kawffm.. 9 Y HUBBY CLUBS The mam functlon of some of the larger clubs, such as Career Club lS to mvlte guest speakers who are experts m some part1cular field to come ana enllghten the members on the part thelr partlcular mterest plays m the World and famlllarlze them also Wlth the trlals and trlbulatlons of that partlcular subject, and the opportumtles lt offers Thls year We have had some Very fine speakers at the meetmgs ARCHEOLOGY CLUB Row 2 Harper Morton Rymer Maston Thayer Ogden P11e Row 1 Babcock Forstall Nxlsen Knupfer Row 3 Davrd Rltter Anderson Jacobson Barnett Klrschbraun Row 2 Taft Stern Vasels MRIWICK , . . . 7 Row 1 F1sher, Kemp, Fleming, Diettrich, Allport, Billings. GEOGRAPHY CLUB I 3 J 5 3 . 3 . ' ' 7 i ! 5 7 1 ' A survey was taken this year throughout the school which showed that sixty-five percent of the students are members of New Trier's clubs. This is a twenty percent increase over the last survey which was taken two years ago. This increase in popularity is a favorable indication of the increasing interest arnong the students in school activities. BARN DANCING Row 1: Hinners, Forstall, Lamb, Coons, Mc- Ewan, Mathias, Brenchley, Smith. RECITAL GROUP man, Weber. Row 2: Vanl-lorne, Hinkley, McElroy, Abrahms Hatowski, Williams. i42 E Row 1: Weise, Moon, Coleman, Mahan, Berg- COMMERCE CLUB PUBLIC ADDRESS CORPS Row 1: Schwall, Seyller, B. Hoffman, Pinkowski, Biederer, Drew. Row 1: Nielsen, Feinberg, Moser, Merrill, Burrows, Workman. Row 2: Johnson, L. Holfman, Neiween, Davis, Wuegner, Henning- Row 2: Hagan, Bannard, J. R. Smith, Barthold, Lyford, Behnke. sen. Row 3: M. Bohn, Schneider, Fritch, Hoesch, Malmquist, E. Bohn, Brady. ff S All New Trier clubs are sponsored by the Student Council which charters new clubs and discards ones which are becoming inactive. Council stabilizes dues and other club rules to fit into the school's extra- curricular activities. The social committee of Coun- cil handles the clubs while the whole of Council votes on any big club plans or new charters. Under this plan clubs are it intricately into the school curricu- lum and are organized so that all members get the greatest possible benefits for their work in the groups. X133 E DEMIE EI. B5 43 GIRLS' CAREER CLUB QSe!1iorJ Row 1: Elliott, Jeffery, Reinhard, Moody, Booze, Bucher, Dillon, Larsen, Peck, Andreae, Morse, Steinhoff, Lammers, Miller, Carroll, M. Woolf, Pulfer, Draper. Row 2: Simonsen, Sweeney, Cooke, Larson, Schifflin, Hartwell, McKay, Nilles, Cartier, Ehrlich, Zelznickg Halldorson, Hobbs, Hawxhurst, Mendern, Robertson, Jasper, Murray, Sabin, MacLean, N. Rose, Ryan, Mayer. Row 3: Miss I-Ienningsen, Klein, Gray, Bermer, Saxby, O'Leary, Madden, Doruielly, Lundberg, Gardiner, Olson, Warren, Thogerlsen, Bingham, Dodds, Ward, McEwan, Korsgren, Smith, Stephenson, Conger, Lamme, Riblett, Jarvis, Thorpe, Michael, Melchior, Leech, Miss Durgln, Miss Weller. Row 4: Hill, Newman, Brady, Nelson, Steiner, Lytton, Chalmers, Walpole, Campbell, Fitzgerald, Hess, Bond, Cassell, Baker, Williams, Hogarth, Whiteside, Frymire, Weber, Symons, Jackson, Bowen, Robson, Meyers, Scheibel, Woolf, Murch, Parkinson. BOYS' CAREER CLUB Row 1: White, Matthews, Crocker, Smith, Claar, Rigler, Burnett, Plamondon, Casterline, Jennett, Travis, Seder, McClane, Volny, Macdonald, Becker Edwards, Brewer, Newman, Salaman. Row 2: Schurmeier, Blair, Rosenberg, Freelove, Barr, Warren, Burg, Brown, Darleiy, Zander, Jackson, Liepold, Wright, Rockwell, Dauchy, Devlin Huettel, Allrich, Schaefer, Lewis, Kraetsch, Coons, Eccles, Erwin, Steel, Hildebrand, Hoskins. Row 3: Davis, Mills, Moulton, Heerens, Anderson, Bishop, Cleary, Lundin, Kahn, Lasater, Smithers, Ellis, Sturgis, Davies, Stowe, Miller, Royce, Cohrs Gudbrandsen, Marmaduke, Dowd, B. Davis, Chase, Deno, Beebe. All the clubs are democratic organizations with- in themselves. They elect officers to run the meet- ings, collect dues, and carry on the meetings as they see lit. Although clubs are mainly for enjoyment they also give a chance for outsiders, not active in all-school organizations, to be leaders. This leader- ship is Very beneficial to many people in the school. Students learn how to Work with teachers who are sponsors, besides having fun in all the well-planned meetings. H 44 MW Qtr, 5 f E M I E l at , R li '1 li r N STAMP CLUB Row 1: Forstal, Stein, Taylor. Row 2: Jarvis, Strasser, Pifer fsponsory, Gignilliat. CLUBS Some, such as the Latin Club or French Club, are limited to students taking those subjects in their academic programs. Though these clubs are pri- marily social, having parties and the like, they give the members added interest and background in their subjects. One of the main projects of the French Club is to put out the annual publication, "Le Flambeauf' 45 GIRLS' CAREER CLUB mmiorsy Row 1: Bergstrand, Chapin, Thompson, Myren, Skinner, Wallack, Russell, Willett, Moulton, Morris, Keefer, Green, Sears, Knudson, Varde, Nordburg, Tanner, Marmaduke, Tippens, Keckner, Drev, Spangler, Moberg, Griegg. Row 2: Stephens, Borgeson, Buhai, 0'Connor, Case, Van Horne, Odh, Campana, Vickers, Neiglick, Kirchbaum, Ritter, Freyer, Bishop, Percy, IliE, Armitage, E. Jones, G. Jones, Noble, Horween, Layne, Kemp, Diettrich. Row 3: Shanesy, Cody, Gordor, Kutz, Rich, Wynhoop, MacLean, Herbuveaux, Link, I-Iuffaker, Etterwind, Hedman, F. Jones, Caldwell, Hemphill, Crowell, Carroll, Coopesky, Zeisel, Hutchinsan, Dewey, Wooden, Kempshall, Brown, Eldridge, Strauch, Carlson, Raymer, Pickus, Stekoll, Willett, Hayson, Olson, Gardes, Gudbransen, David. Row 4: Wilson, Wiegman, Schwarting, Van Glann, Tefft, Allport, Vanlflorne, N. King, Eldridge, M. King, Wh.ite, MacArthur, Doepel, Lokken, Shulman, Grams, Scheiner, Thyberg, Greigg, Cunliff, Lindeman, Dovenmuehle, Billings, Cogswell, Yerkes,, Spaulding, Johnson, Schildberg, Petersefn, Flogus, Lightner, Henderson. f t i l Y t i 1 Special credit and appreciation go to the faculty sponsors of the clubs who have so willingly given up their time to lead these organizations. They have been of invaluable service and are always on hand to advise the students. SERVICE CLUB Row 1 Schultheis, Gorder, Borgeson Nitto, Brenchley, Miller, Moody, Conger, Robertson,rLytton, Saxby, Jarvis, Meckleburger, Row 2 Schoenberber, Bergstrand, Keefer, Brady, Steinhoff, Pulfer, lWoolf, Gray, Doderlein, J. Brown, Spangler, Dawson, Row 3 Oilar I-Iedman, Etterwind, Simons, Fitch MacFarlane, Symons, Lee, Kutz, L. Peterson, Kearney, Marwick, Yerkes, RIFLE CLUB Row 1 Hagan, Bartsch, Grossberg, Levinson Vatter, Walters, Spear, Gordon, Hillman, Loewe, Stekoll, Michael, Schultheis, Row 2 Fox, Lewis Jlrgel, Brooks, Philipsborn, Rogers, Veneglasen, Stoetzel, Plumer, Foster, Stein, Appelbaum, Tool, Snyder. Row 3 Moser, Arms, Earp, Masters, McLean, Merkle, Burg, Boorman, Tholl, Strasser, Thatcher, Harris, Downs, Pile, Maeser. I W45dif, 'Y ' S I HA Hn'-i?M" Y 51 U' BADMINTON CLUB AERONAUTICAL CLUB Row 1: Spew, Middleton, Holland, Cory, Loewe, Birkelund. Row 1: Gourky, Travis, Lewis, Burt, Zander. Row 2: Cook, Siefkin, Jensen, Dillon, Murch, Steif, Forstall. Row 2: Taylor, Smith, Davies, Bergquist, Schumeier fvice presi Row 3: Berlin, Draper, Copp, Blom, White. deno' Row 3: Weser, Hildebrand Qpresidentj, Workman. The clubs play a definite and important part in the curriculum at school and are of great value in various Ways to many of our students. These are a few of the things that the clubs endeavor to do and We are proud to say that they are living up to their high standards. 5 W7 Jai! 47 i INKLINGS STAFF flst Semestery Row 1: Rubel, Proudfoot, Ludgin, Steii, Nilsen. Row 2: Nilles, Butler, Bowen, Loewe, Cleary, Brown. I Iilll ES This year saw the inauguration of a new policy in regard to lnklings, New Trier's literary magazine. lt was decided to publish only one issue a year, and emphasis will be placed more upon creative writing and constructive criticism than on only the publica- tion of the magazine itself. For this purpose a class in creative writing, called Inklings Workshop, was organized the second semester by Mr. Peterson, the sponsor of lnklings. This class meets three days a week to gain experience in writing and from it will come the staff of next year's magazine. Mr. Peterson and the staff feel that this new plan will be very successful, as this year's issue of lnklings was one of the best. X 407,055 wif OW W The entrance of the United States into the field of world conflict found the New Trier News ready and on the job. Throughout the latter half of the year the entire staff devoted itself to helping the war eiort by giving publicity to all types of defense projects. Realizing the gravity of the world situa- tion the editorial pages of the News were given over to interpreting our role in the present crisis. One of the cardinal aims of the staff this year has been to give the students more of a share in the publication of their newspaperg more students have been active this year than ever before. Along the same line a News-sponsored journalism class was started by the faculty sponsor, Mr. Arnold Bridges. The class, which gives minor credit, was started be- cause of the necessity of training future editors. Meeting three times a week the class was able to learn many valuable journalistic lessons. This year marked the beginning of a new type of Newsg up to this time most of the powers of the paper were centered in the hands of the editor-in- chief but under the new policy the various editors were responsible for their own individual depart- ments. This decentralization process was for the most part responsible for the fine quality of the '41-'42 News. THE EWS NEWS EDITORS Row 1: Fisher, Ward, Moulding, Small. Row 2: Teeter, Mattheissen, Werthimer, Allport, Mathias, Watt YBICS. MR. BRIDGES Sponsor CTOPD Row 1: Jackson, Dixon, Rock- well, Rittersporn, Ball. Row 2: W 0 0 d e n, Morand Coolidge, Fischer, Cooter. Row 3: Parliament, Mizener, Best, Fisher, Rygel. 50 NEWS STAFF fMidd1eJ Row 1: Hahneman, Schifflin, Lee, McConnell, Wade. Row 2: Dodge, Billings, Stern Mann, Cogswell, Mathias. Row 3: Ribblett, Nix, Meany Steel, Dawson, Wertheimeri. 7 fBottomJ Row 1: Nordburg, Pomeroy, Engelhard, Hotchinson, Pic kus. Row 2: Loewe, Walker, White Buhai, Steif. 5 In order to present the stu- dent body with a higher type of newspaper the feature staff worked overtime to find interesting materialg the sports staff gave complete coverage to every major athletic activityg the photog- raphy staff labored long to produce fine and unusual photos. The news staff, in the face of increased activ- ity around school, presented the student body with the factual information. The entire News staff wishes to express their ut- most gratitude to Mr. Ar- nold Bridges who is leaving us for service with the armed forces. Without his capable leadership and direction the News would never have be- come the ine newspaper that it was during the past year. We'll miss your cheerful countenance and deskful of chocolate bars "Arnie," old boy. 'THE IEIIHIJES MR. WATERS MR. HOLLAND In this year's Echoes We have tried to portray as accurately as possible the interesting and important events of your school year. To do this We have instigated several new features. The adviser room pictures have been omitted entirely, and in their place there are the accordian fold class pictures with a large margin for autographs. This extra margin is also found in the senior picture section. CLAAR KLAGSTAD c0oK CARROLL CROCKER Asst. Editor Adviser ssoc. Editor Editor Asst, Editor X X ..frnC2 ff C972 dfufb' I f , 1 It is with deep regret that we bid good-bye this year to one who has been a continual inspiration and has given in- valuable assistance throughout her many years of service at New Trier. Elizabeth E. Packer is retiring but her spirit will live on in the hearts of all who have known her. May her years of retirement be filled with all the good things of life. PHOTOGRAPHY Row 1: Manson, Mizener. Row 2: Marschall, Lechner. Bernie Studios has been very cooperative in taking the senior pictures, the class officers, and the large group pictures. The Pontiac Engraving and Electrotype Co. has done excel- lent Work with the engraving. Lloyd Hollister has done a fine job of printing the publication for us. W Our gratitude and thanks go to Bob Klagstad, a former editor, Mr. Waters, and Mr. Holland for their assistance in putting out this book. We, the staff of the l942 Echoes, have tried to make this the best issue ever. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy it, and that it Will meet with your approval. , WRITING Row 1: Stembridge, Dawson, Tester, Ellis, Yust, Loewe. Row 2: Steif, Williams, Nix, Cook, Frye, I-Iayson. SENIOR SECTION BUSINESS Row 1: MacLean, Melchior, McConnell, Lightner. Davis, Larsen, Barr. Row 2: Riblett, Leach. 3 1i -'f' rg V I' i' ' f- ,aff Afierrfiailj I ' Hi-yo Theodore! 'f Q 1 N, X x W if 'Q Tar-1, Coy lsee definifionl No ierk, Jerk? Gehin' green in springtime .- J-brkY'1!Y4A5 6klaQF?1ff6?.'Q-i5k' l , f Y . 'I K-id' :.f"lQ 1 ' V . ' 2521 "Q , ,, l E. P +L WorkA-day girls Whni"s ihe ma'H'er, babe? K 1, , V V . TVV1 Lk lx, mi N ll 5 x 4 t ' Til Cf Us ? , 1. X 'X F ,,,, W N K 'Q 5s- fiq,?, ,v 'F I-n 4 TBM, . ' 4 L k , ' X N X ,1 . -x 1 1 Muscles ' Q Look fn 'de birdies, dey nyg , I . W i, H E ? E 2 I 1- , 6, N. ,, We fhree Q Tish, Tish. boys! Whaf in hail--? Bi Wlshful dreaming A Slgn up here boys Why so engrossed Pe+e7 Nonnyifrifion Wha dai? A A Gafe Keeper The Arm of 'Phe Law Legs for Shlpmenf The Brush-off Mm. .mga ffj I ' f fix' 62 WZ- BCMQQWWJ a New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier. . . New Trier. . . New Trier. . . SCORES OF THE 1941-42 SEASON Waller ......... G Dubuque ....... 0 Waukegan ...... 7 6 Morton . ....... . Highland Park . .13 Proviso ........ 12 Oak Park ....... 13 Amundsen ..... 6- Evanston ....... 6 VAH5 ITY PU THALL There have been quite a few football teams in previous years at New Trier that have won more games and placed higher in the league standings, but not one had the competitive spirit equal to that of the 1941-42 team. As soon as the 1940-41 season was over these boys got together regularly and proceeded to make plans for the coming season. They organized the Father's Committee to promote more interest among the parents of the student body as well as to serve as a source of inspiration to themselves. When the season began the Green Wave, as they were dubbed, started out with a real bang. Along with their bolstering spirit, SEILER the team had a series of iine new plays mapped out by Coach Aschenbach. Then after the first few games, something happened and things began to turn against our boys. Nevertheless, every team that was able to subdue the Green Wave admitted that it had been one of their toughest games. New Trier felt very proud when it was announced that Don Raggio had made the All-State High School Football Team, and that Captain Ted Seiler, Tom Ryan and Ray Rapp had received honorable mention. Again there was reason to be proud when these same boys made the All-Suburban Football Team. VARSITY FOOTBALL Row 1: Rapp, Smithers, Gilbert, Lippincott, Ryan, Raggio, Salvi. Row 2: Schaefer, Campbell, von der Hoff, Urban, Seiler, McNitt, Davis, Hurlbutt, Lake, Rodgers. Row 3: Aschenbach Ccoachj Beuttas Donah B , , ue, ruce, Jefferis, Lauer, Miller, Jackson, I-Iasselberg, Bowser, Gud- brandsen. Row 4: Schafer, Gockel, Faville, Richmond, McNain, Royce, Danner, McKeighan ftrainerl, Fischer Qmanagerj, Rlgler Cmanagerj. 63 J. V. FOOTBALL Row 1: Devlin, Cohn, Dalgety, Sawle, Burg, Bayard, Allison, Brueggeman, Meyers, Davidson, Claffey. Row 2: Kreger, Pettee, Ogden, Hefferan, Lederle, Allen, S. Smith, Kennedy, Cleary, Penny, Tiers, Cohn, Watt. Row 3: Kent, Dudley, J. Cleary, Maynard, Drey, Starkel, Van Horne, Wade, Shaw, Smullen, Funkhouser fcoachj. JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES New Trier 7 New Trier 6 New Trier 24 New Trier 0 New Trier 7 Oak Park 12 Waukegan 0 Waukegan 0 Oak Park 6 Evanston 6 FRESHMEN FOOTBALL . .FUIJTB LL The boys on the Junior Varsity team play football because they enjoy the game, not because they receive glory, for seldom does anyone attend their games. This squad acts as a training team for the varsity squad and gives many fellows a chance to play who would not make the varsity. One thing that the Junior Varsity team has to its credit that none of our other teams have this year is a victory over Evanston. Captain Charlie Bayard says that two juniors who will be good varsity material next year are Steve Sawle and Chuck Smullen. reshmen Pnnthall All the school has heard of the frosh-soph football team but few know anything about the "B" squad. The "B" squad is really the junior varsity of the frosh-soph team. It is composed mainly of freshmen and a few sophomores. This squad works especially on the fundamentals and training in football. "BH squad members never have interscholastic competition, but toward the end of the season they have inter-squad games to get some playing experience. "B" squad is really the reserve of the frosh-soph and deserves as much credit as the members of HA" squad. Row 1: Martin, Kemler, McNulty, Bowler, Shearer fcoachy, Bassler, Van Zuylen, Smullen, Salberg. Row 2: Wehr fcoachj, Davis, Merkle, Thompson, Morrison, Jester, Newman, Parsons, Howard, Woldenberg, Brower, Hoskins Ccoachj. Row 3: Pile, Cohrs, Van Arsdale, Carruth, Jarvis, L ' Do l Veneclausen, Smith, Glenn, Wolff, EIS, y e, Bartling, Hilbreth. It 64 X M - x R W--,V . . . -- V : - .,.. fy' . ' V Q25 This past season was a very successful one for the Frosh-Soph team, as can readily be seen by the records. This team came very close to winning the League championship losing only A two games during the season. This team was 1, 5 X not a flashy one, it was made up of a hard driv- 3 K E ing line, a fast but not independent backfield, ' a very iine Managers Corps, and most important TX of all, one of the best coaches in the land, Mr. XVX -' Gadske, assisted by Mr. Coburn. The team was so excellent as a whole that it is hardly fair to 1 uxxxxx set up separate players as superior to the rest, G5 S 0 but since the backfield receives most of the field Qxbbwx recognition, we think it is only fair to say that ,' without this year's fine line we would have found the Frosh-Soph near the bottom of the heap. ' l New TM18 As for the outlook for next year, it is very Q .xqyevy-'Iliier 6 .pg ..... bright. Besides the several lettermen who will , 16 1 be returning, there are many Sophornores who New Trier 13 Park 0 . l N T . 13 P , 6 will form the nucleus of the team, and you can I'OV1SO ew mer never tell about those Freshmen. New Trier 6 .... Park 7 New Trier 31 6 4 X Z I - C+-' FROSH-SOPH FOOTBALL it Row 1: Cowan, Hill, Davis, Levy, Ludford, Musson, Pickus, Saunders, Coburn Ccoachj. ' Row 2: Butler, Burkhart, Neiweem, Nicolazzi, Kolflat, Kritzer, Donahue, Shannon, Harvey, Danner, Wood. ' Row 3: Quinlan, Corrigan, Rapp, Adamson, I-Iozsli, Spink, Carney, Arms, Ludford, Carlin, Gadske fcoachj. Row 4: Currie, Tentter, Dunham, McNulty, DeCa.rlo, Lauer, Gilbert, Ellis, Kletzien, Weiss, Steingraber, Moyer, Warfield, Ely. l a 65 ..BA5KETB LL This year's J. V. basketball team had a successful season under the able tutelage of Coach Chuck Lauer. After losing their first five games they swept to victory in their last five. Standout performances were turned in by forwards Bill Markus, Eugene Hasselberg, George Wallace, centers Bob Cleary and Ed Donahue, and guards Nevin Bowser, Bill Zehr, and Dave Bruce. The most outstanding game was the victory over Evans- ton which was gained by sheer iight and heart. FHESHMAN SHETB LL Although their won-lost record was not particularly impressive, the Freshman Basketball squad proved to be difficult foes for their opponents. Losing the first five games by close margins, they snapped out of this losing streak and IS ,Z proceeded to win their last four combats. The team played a 2 regular Suburban League schedule and worked Saturday X mornings in conjunction with the Junior-Varsity team. Mr. Clader, the coach, expressed the opinion that this 1941-42 team was one of the pluckiest and most courageous teams in New Trier's history. He also pointed out that several Freshman players would be valuable additions to next yearls Frosh- Soph team. 66 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Row 1: Wallace, Zehr, Bowser, Cleary, Hasselberg, Donahue , , , Marcus, Bruce. Row 1: Anderson, Baldwin, Lauer, Stemgraber, Tentter, Richmond, Neuk an Row 2: Lauer fcoachj, Wagener, Kolb, Atwater, Franco, Lederle, Row 2: Davis, Farrar, Chace, Thompson, Howard, Butler fmanagerj Neggmeyer, Schmick, Vernon, Baldwin, Patterson, Hahn. Row 3: Clader, Callaway, Dunbar, Edgerton, Kletzein, Weiss, Abrams VARSITY BASKETBALL Row 1: Stenson fmanagerj, Titus, Scully, White, Delaney, Gudbrandsen, Chase, Coons, Miller. Row 2: Gatling, Eccles, Edmonds, Bishop, Lynch, Lasater, Raggio, Hopp, McNitt. V HSITY SHETB LI. The Varsity Basketball season of 1941-1942 proved to be one of the most disastrous seasons for New Trier in recent years. At the beginning of the season the outlook was not very bright because of the lack of seasoned material with only one returning letterman who was out most of the season due to sickness. The team won two and lost two games against non- league teams and ended up in the cellar of the Suburban League losing all twelve of its league encounters. After Christmas vacation Coach Grater decided to start building for next season by using live juniors in the starting lineup, consisting of Red Delaney, Cal Titus, Kent White, Bruce Gatling, and Captain-elect Den Scully. Their first test was against the State Champs from Morton. To the surprise of everyone the Trierites were leading at the half 24-23. Then the Mustangs turned on the steam and ran up the terrific score of 60-36. The second half let-down was characteristic of the rest of the games. The Grey-Green cagers played their best game of the season against Evanston in the last game, in which their rally fell short by three points as the final score was 36-33. The prospect for next year's squad is the brightest it has been in many years. There are seven returning lettermen including Willbur Hopp, John lVlcNitt, Delaney, Titus, White, Gatling, and Scully. The latter two were mentioned for All- Suburban honors. These seven will have a real fight to hold their positions because of the strong J. V. team which is coming up. 4 A senior team of Bishop, Eccles, Coons, Raggio, and Lynch ably substituted the Juniors. Gudbrandsen, Chase, Jorgenson, Lasater, Edmonds, Miller and Glenn also saw considerable action. J ORGEN SON o FHUSH-SIQIPH B SHETB LL The frosh-soph basketball schedule called for two games with each team in the League. The boys succeeded in de- feating every one of these except Evans- ton, but they also lost to every one. 'fx In 1549 ' v -. Ng, ,-I A Xxxkg.--Ir, "Moose" Dunne, the only returning J . , 1? i ff jp X letterman, was a great help to the team J, , Hffig v , i vly, with his drive and rebound ability at cen- ter. Carroll and Chacaron alternated at one forward while Fisher was usually found at the other. Harvey and McAllis- ter, at the guards, rounded out the first team. 15 A lot of credit should be extended to Coach Ream who developed much new 2 q material. I ' UEAN Aunlsrifa New Trier ........... 31 New Trier .... ..... 2 3 New Trier .... ..... 1 7 New Trier .... ..... 2 7 fed New Trier .... ..... 3 1 New Trier .... ..... 2 4 New Trier .... ..... 2 1 New Trier .... ..... 2 7 New Trier .... ..... 2 5 New Trier .... ..... 3 2 New Trier .... ..... 4 1 New Trier .... ..... 3 1 New Trier ..., ..... 2 2 New Trier .... ..... 3 4 New Trier .... ..,.. 3 2 FROSH-SOPH BASKETBALL Row 1: Clark, Bettinghaus, Fisher, Suttle, Harvey, Carroll, Dunne, Baker. Row 2: Lee fmanagerj, Lawton, Rapp, Mayer, Carney fmanagerj, Ream THE SEASON 'S SCORES Evanston .... Morton ....... Highland Park Proviso ...... Waukegan . . . Oak Park . . . Evanston .... Morton ....... Highland Park Proviso ...... Niles ........ Waukegan .. Oak Park .... Niles Center . Palatine ..... fcoachj. FHUSH-SUPH SW MMINE As one can readily see, the frosh- soph swimming team came out on the top of the heap again this year. The success- ful season was not due to a small group of stars but to a versatile all-around team coached to victory by the competent Edgar "Grandpa" Jackson, Bud Happ, and Mr. Condon. This coaching combina- tion is undoubtedly the best that any high school could hope to have. During the season the team had very few close meets because of their superiority and unusual spirit to win. They also showed their ability in the Suburban League Meet by breaking two records, one, broken by Art Watson, was the 75-yard free-style with the excellent time of 41.2 seconds, and the other was the 150-yard medley broken by Barnes, Robertson, and Watson, cutting off the old record of 1132.6 by 2.2 seconds. These highlights, supported by all-around solid support, won the meet for them, ending the season in a blaze of glory. FROSI-I-SOPH SWIMMING , lokfqwuf Ng N Q N , J 1 ft." XJ Z , N X. ASIAN H A UQSNESS 45,32 Stienmetz .... Crane Tech .. Oak Park ,... Waukegan .... Highland Park' ' ' ' ' ' Maine ........ Evanston . . . . . Proviso ...... SCORES . New . New . New . New . New . New . New . New Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Won Suburban League Championship Row 1: Jackson Ccoachj, Fox, A. Fones, Mack, Watson, Garrett, Mullins, McMullen, Salaman, Condon qcoachj. Row 2: Giallambardo, Redding, Terry, Hlavacek, Hoy, Bannes, Lehman, Schipfer, Davis, Snider. Row 3: Harris, Robertson, Bucher, Hill, Ramser, Ellis, Lepman, Harper, Bernardi. .H . ' . 1 i n 7 nr If QQ k E .. t 7 v z Q , 11 ........... 46 12 ...,....... 54 21 ........... 45 Morton ....... .22 New Trier ........... 44 30 ........... 36 12 ' ........... 54 19 ........... 47 16 ........... 50 16 . .......... 50 69 I ' LEM.. .raw VARSITY VARSITY SWIMMING SCORES Steinmetz ........... 22 New Crane Tech . . . .... 31 New Oak Park .... .... 3 5 New Morton ..... .... 2 3 New Danville ..... .,.. 1 5 New Clinton, Ia. .... .... 2 3 New Waukegan .......... 23 New Highland Park ...... 20 New Maine ......... .... 2 0 New Evanston .... .... 2 5 New Proviso .... .... 1 2 New Rockford ............ 16 New Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier 44 44 31 43 52 43 43 46 55 41 54 59 SUBURBAN LEAGUE SCORES New Trier ........... 41 Highland Park ...... 3 Oak Park .... .... 2 9 Morton .............. 2 Evanston .,.. .... 1 4 Proviso .....,.. . . . 1 Waukegan 5 STATE SCORES New Trier ........... 40 Lane . . . . . . .40 SWIMMING-VARSITY ATTRID GE New Trier has had championship swimming teams as long as it has had a pool, but there never was a state championship team among them, that is, not up until this year. When the season opened the team did not look as good as the teams of previ- ous years, because there did not seem to be any out- standing material left from last year's varsity team. However, the boys were undefeated up until the Oak Park meet, which was lost to a very fine team. Several people felt that this was a favorable experi- ence, because it proved during the balance of the season that New Trier swimmers have the "will to win." After the Oak Park meet, which lost them the Suburban League title, a change came over the team, they worked hard, and with a determined spirit retaliated and overcame the Oak Park tearn as Well as the others by practically doubling the score in the annual Suburban League Interscholastic. Row 1: Mr. Jackson, Anthony, Mcliearnan, Boyle, Attridge Cco-captainl, Slamin fco-captainj, Jones, J. Anthony, McKeown, Mr. Condon. Row 2: Happ, Flal-Iaven, Swartz, DeClerque, Ellis, Foote, Johanson, Davis, Lippincott, Van Horne. Row 3: Ball, Reece, Wallace, Weise, Yowell, Kraetsch, Spoehr, Roberts. ti. aiiflf 'L "' , 41 70 'f Li -- - FY? S SLAMIN Then the boys went down to Champaign, Illinois, for the state meet, intent upon giving Lane Tech, the state champs for the past four years, the tough- est competition that they had ever experienced. This they did in no uncertain terms! In fact, they suc- ceeded in tying Lane Tech for the championship. However, since New Trier won three first places to Laneis one place, the New Trier boys were consid- ered superior. Every fellow did his part well regard- less of where he placed. But we were especially proud of the two juniors who received first places, Graham Davis and Don Johanson. Then there was that two hundred-yard relay team of which Co- Captain Russ Attridge was a member. Co-Captain Hank Slamin swam on the medley relay team down- state, and, along with Russ, played a great part in keeping the morale of the team high. The coaches of the New Trier team, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Happ, Mr. Condon, and a new member, Mr. Gialombardo, are known to all of us for their outstanding ability. Those of us who are members of this year's squad will long remember and value the friendship and experience gained from these men. 7I SWIMMING HE SWIMMIN Uflllll The swimming guard is one of the most important activities of New Trier but it receives no formal recognition. lt is a voluntary group of boys and it is the backbone of the swimming organization. These boys help teach swimming to gram- mar school children every Saturday from 9:00 to 12:00 o'clock. They guard every Wednesday evening for the adult classes and help at school parties and intramural swimming. The boys do excellent work headed by Bill Mizener, Mr. Happ, and Mr. Jackson. SWIMMING GUARDS Row 1: Jackson Qcoachj, Slamin, Ball, Boyle, Attridge, Flal-Iavhan, Wie e Walla e Lpp ncott Row 2: Robertson, Hill, Watson, Spoehr, McKeown, Davis, De Clerque H pp 1 o chj FROSH SOPH TRACK Row 1: Spoehr, Wood, Greenebaum, Bahr, W Ii Row 2: Spink, Wood, Free, Pickus, Corrigan Sh O1 J b Row 3: Noz, Dunne, Ludford, Morrison, Ely. C1 k y B th p FHUSH-SIJPH TRACK The frosh-soph track team Went through the entire indoor season undefeated and finished the season by Win- ning the Suburban League Meet. This team showed strength in both running and field events. High-point man, and undefeated throughout the season in both the high and low hurdles, was John Spink. Also placing in the League Meet were Warfield in the highs and B. Wood, who placed in the broad-jump as Well as taking a second in the lows. Also running in the hurdles was Chire- man. A record was broken this year in our fieldhouse in the shot-put by Harvey. The o rd was 51 ft. 7 in. and his record is 52 ft. 8 in. second in the League Meet and Dunne was pole-vaulters the team has seen in who not only tied for first in pole the broad-jump in the League. Another m Went undefeated throughout the er ran the 660-yard dash. Also runni , G. Wood, and Spoehr. The relay rrigan, Ely, and Olson -three freshmen m vely, ended well ahead of the oth meet. ,fly t VARSITY TRACK Row 1: Kingery, I-Ierlocker, Torrey, Kennedy, Lake, Devlin, Best, Peterson. Row 2: Hough. Hildebrand, Edwards, Kindsay, P. Beuttas, B. Beuttas, Drueggeman, Davidson, Eberle, Breuer. Row 3: Noz, Hosbein, Gilbert, Hanson, Cram, Freelove, Lundin, Wood, Enright, Seiler, Clarke, Delaporte. I-lH5ITY TH Eli FREELOVE S Q LUNDIN lt has been many years since New Trier has had a track team which was not able to take a high place in every meet, and this year's team did not let down this high standard. ln the indoor season they have to their credit three wins, two seconds, and two thirds. But coaches "Uncle Johnw Nay and Paul Delaporte know that it takes plenty of good hard work to produce a team like this. The team was strong in some events and weak in others. The first meet, with Hyde Park and Sullivan of Chicago, showed a great deal of strength in the runningevents, the three distance events, and the hurdles in particular, but a weakness in the field events in general. As New Trier entered in competition with the other schools of the Suburban League this division became more evident. The two third places came in the Suburban League Meet where we finished behind our traditional rivals, Oak Park and Evanston, and in the Oak Park Relays, in which teams from the entire state com- pete, where we finished behind Oak Park and Du Sable of Chicago. VARSITY TRACK SCORES Sullivan, Hyde Park New Trier .... .... 1 st Maine ............. 40V2 New Trier ......... 671!2 Triangle at Oak Park New Trier ......... 2nd Evanston ........... 48 New Trier .... ..... 4 7 York ................ 39 New Trier .... ..... 5 5 .3rd .Brd .2nd New Trier .... . . . New Trier ........ New Trier Suburban League Oak Park Relays Wheaton Relays One break from which the team suiered severely was the loss of their very promising co-captain, Lloyd Freelove, at the very begin- ning of the season. On our track this year one record fell and one was tied. The former record in the 880 was set by Jack Jennings five years ago. Co-Captain Johnny Lundin broke the record this year by 1.7 seconds, setting the new mark at 2:04.2. The other record was in the 50-yard high hurdles which was set last year. Twice Rupert Hansen tied the mark of 6.4 seconds, but he was unable to break it. Also running the 880 was Bob Enright who placed in the League Meet. Working on both the high and low hurdles with Rupert was Jim Clarke, who obtained many valuable wins and places. Unfortunately Rupe's S u b u r b a n League Championship was taken by an Oak Parker. During the entire indoor season Dick Wood was undefeated in the mile run. This includes the Suburban League and the special mile of the Oak Park Relays. Bob Ke , always just a short distance behind Dick, t ok second in the League. Charles Cram, wxoi- usually had complete control of iirst place in the 440, was forced to take a second in the League. New Trier's sprintmen were Ted Seiler and Ed Devlin. Al Gilbert and Adam Brewer represented the team in the shot put. E 451 I if MX. t WERK xii i vt , T 141 K 5. ff .? T r AHSITY As the Echoes goes to press the 1942 edition of the New Trier baseball team has taken the field against very few of its opponents. However, from all indications, the team shows signs of definite ability. This season saw the return of Captain Schwe- ger, Mclntyre, Slamin, Schaefer, and Graff. This nucleus of players was supported by several jun- iors and a host of seniors. Coach Aschenbach's chief problem seemed to be pitching because with all of last year's hurlers taken by graduation, experienced men were lacking. But there was one bright spot on the pitching squad in the person of Don Schaefer. Don, who had little hurling experience, took the mound against Proviso and Waukegan, holding both outfits to a mere four hits. Aiding on the squad, however, were seniors Bower, Anderson, and Smithers, and juniors Kus- mertz, White, Thatcher, and Jacobson. The num- ber of juniors on the squad indicates good material for our future teams. BASEBALL The infield was one of the better parts of the team. Hank Slamin at this point leads the team 1n hitting and runs batted in. His experience was invaluable in helping newcomers Speilrnan, at short, and Bishop, at first, to get settled. Rog Speilrnan was the surprise of the year and his speed and hitting was much welcomed. Returning to third base was Charley Graff. Ed Bishop played his initial season at first base and showed power on this spot. The infield found able replacements in Baldwin, Bayard, Happ and Cohn. The outfield was one of the strongest in the league. In center field Capt. Rod Schweger was back for his third year of varsity baseball. As usual he hit well and his speed and powerful arm made him the enemy of opposing batters. In left field was Jack Mclntyre who proved to be the tean'1's long ball hitter. In right was little Joe Welter. Rapp, Ludwig, and Peterson also showed service. The duties behind the plate were in the hands of Jim Warren, a catcher possessing a good arm and varied experience. Also helping out at this spot was Stu Richmond. W N N Wd gif .2 f,,VVf V. V fl 11 .Q X 6 l 7 X , gp , , 1 J S ut.. in X ll ' X fra K ' lv. affair xxxxkx . fi JJ Q ,ref ,fvi WNW? wx f X f M fl ff lyk A if f VARSITY BASEBALL Row 1: Bayard, Warren, Schweg- er, Welter, Baldwin, Schaefer. Row 2: Mclntyre, Richmond, Rapp, Slamin, Spielmann, Has- selberg, I-Iopp. Row 3: Warren, White, Cahn, Graf, Kusmertz, Anderson, Bis- hop, Bower, Aschenbach. s,,,,--Q FHUSH-SUPH B SEB LL This year the frosh-soph baseball squad took the field under a new coach, Mr. Lionel Lightner, a new faculty member, who promises to turn out a scrappy ball club, if not a winning one. Under his excellent leadership all players out for the team were given a chance to participate in intramural squad games even if they did not get to play in the scheduled league games. Of the players who are returning from last year's squad there are only three letter-men, these being the battery of Mayer, pitcher, and Harvey, catcher, and Musson, whose superb fielding is one of the bright spots on the team. Their first game of the season was shortly after the beginning of practice, against the power- ful Oak Park team ch they managed to keep from being shut score of 6 to 1. Morton, last year's also tasted victory at our hands by out 4 to 0. But the team won their Park's expense by the 9 to 0, Dole only all this of the season, expect from the 'Z' ph squad. Chai! .qi J EYMNASTIIIS BHD P Gymnastics at New Trier has prog- ressed in great strides. The excellent facilities have given our gymnasts the opportunity of engaging in a sport that does wonders toward building fine bodies. As you know, gymnastics deals with the learning and execution of stunts on the sidehorse, longhorse, horizontal and parallel bars, flying rings, and tumbling. During the year our gymnasts have per- formed at basketball games, school assemblies, and in gymnastic meets at New Trier and many other schools. A gymnast's goal is to compete in the National A.A.U. gym meet. In our continuous effort toward mould- ing fine character, good sportsmanship, and individual achievement, we can say that gymnastics does its share. SIGMA AMMA SIGMA A new organization of future magnitude is contained in the 4'Sigma Gamma Sigma" club organized and controlled by varsity letter win- ners, under the careful sponsorship of Mr. Deforest Shawley. The club was formed in an eifort to increase athletic morale, and integrate varsity athletics. Immediately after its forma- tion, the organization took on the direction of I-M sports as a regular job. The officers selected five board members to direct each major I-M sport and also to guide the club's other activi- GYMNASTICS GROUP Row 1: Pearson, Bernardi, Hickey, Kaye, Von Ebers. Row 2: Giallombardo, Spoehr, Snyder, Rockwell, Olson. Row 3: Bryson, Bergesen, Barnthouse, Thatcher, Caley SIGMA GAMMA SIGMA Row 1: McKearnan, Cram, Ball, Attridge, Gilbert. Row 2: Jones, Davis, Wood, Ellis, Lundin, Scully ties. The membership of the organization is limited to letter winners of the previous school years. Provision however, has been made for senior varsity letter men. The officers this year are: Addis Jones, president, Don Raggio, vice president, Henry Slamin, secretary, and Russ Attridge, treas- urer. Board members include Rap Rapp, foot- ball, Bob Jorgensen, basketball, Rupe Hansen, track, Don Schaefer, baseball, and Graham Davis, tennis. 79 GOLF TEAM Row 1: Mazzetta., Wood, Davis, Lat- nzi, Judson. ta Row 2: Gillengerten, Scully, White, Atwater, Aram. GULF A ll TENNIS 80 TENNIS TEAM Butler, Abrams, Hoy, Neeves, Mos- ser, Binder, Miner, Anthony, Chase, ' S h fe Er ' Edd Davis, c ae r, win, y, Goodrich, Stenson, Clader fcoachj. New Trier's golf team started out the year with hopes of equaling the unblemished record set by the 1941 squad. They had just gotten started when they had two "off" days and were beaten by McHenry and the strong Highland Park squad. These defeats practically insured the loss of the Suburban League championship for our boys. One particularly bright spot to be remembered is the sound licking our team handed the Evanston team 115-35. The team average was a 78 for that match. In spite of the two earlier defeats the team has hopes of taking the State Championship, in spite of Highland Park. The number 1 to 9 men are respectively Judson, Davis, Mazzetta, Scully, Atwater, Gillengerten, Wood, Lattanzi, and White. The outlook for next year's team is very bright with all but Mazzetta, Gillen- gerten, and Lattanzi returning. Bob Judson turned in the lowest score of the season, a 75. As the Echoes went to press before the season really got under way, iinal results of the tennis team cannot be published. This year,s tennis season looked to be the most promising since the state championship team in 1935. Led by Howe Atwater, Bob Davis, Addis Jones, and captain Joe Anthony, the team will travel downstate in an attempt to bring back the coveted state trophy. Last year's team placed second in the state meet, and since many team members returned this year we believe that the squad will tower above this triumph. Mr. Clader, coach, and Sam Abrams, manager, have aided tremendously in the team's winning spirit as have Steve Chase, Andy Goodrich, John Shafer, and Sprague Eddy, the other mem- bers of the team. FOOTBALL CHAMPS AND BASKETBALL CHAMPS Row 1: Marshall, Coons, McClane, Seder. Row 2: Matthews, Anthony, Calhoun. BUYS' I THAM HAL5 Varsity athletics are not the only active sports groups in New Trier. A great part of our competitive spirit is found in the intra- mural activities. This is made up of competition in many diiferent sports during the whole year among the adviser rooms as groups or just a few representatives of these rooms. Something new was added this year, however! Never before have the advisers been permitted to participate in intramural activities, but this year they were allowed to enter all the group competition. It tended to raise the morale and the spirit to a height never attained here before. The school champions in touch football last fall were the members of Mr. Gadske's adviser room and the lightweight was won by Mr. Reynold's room. The arrival of the basketball season again enabled Mr. Gadske's boys to walk oif with the prize, this time in the heavyweight division of that sport. Again Mr. Gadskels boys triumphed, this time in the volleyball com- petition. In addition there are the school champions who are either sole representatives or groups from the different adviser rooms. In the football skills are punting for accuracy, won by Henry iii QM Q D xl I A L!-I"',fl,x'q,.',, i -VIVN P -vs 'Abi' -AAAANWQ 'wx' - VJ- XXAA Wy Q 4 I-M CHAMPS Row 1: Woods, Stenson, Kassell. Row 2: Wehr, Mack, Niggemeyer. Slarnin, punting for distance, by Ray Anthony, drop-kicking, by John Mack, football run for time, by Bertil Peterson, and passing for accuracy, by Ed Kolb. In the track relays the one-lap relay was Won by Mr. Aschen- bachls representatives, Drey, Petty, Millard, and Brown. The two-lap relay was Won by Delaporte's adviser room with Happ, Murphy, Currie, and Spielman running. The three-lap relay was also Won by Mr. Delaporte's boys, this time with Moyer, Smith, Peterson, and Sherman running. The 50-yard shuttle relay was Won by Delaporte's group, represented by Engels, Roshong, Bowser, and Wallace. In the novice track meet the pole vault was Won by Ludford, the high jump by Peterson, the shot-put by Harvey, the 50-yard dash by Heffernan, the one-lap run by Herlocker and Torrey, a tie, and the broad-jump by Hoffmeyer. are Niggemeyer and Mr. Wehr singles champ is Kassell and doubles Pancoe. The tennis doubles was Won olf competition was Won by G. Wood D Won the horseshoe doubles. The handball Cadviserj, the tabl champs are Jaco by Stenson and and Dunne and 3 There Were eventsyet to be finished at 0 the time the y press so this list is incomplete. J U . N if , K a -42 NRL --- if 4533? A ' '-1 426, Q? I I' - 41? , ggrit A xfv-x Q,,,,,.,x ,N,,,x.,r...-- 4- f 3'EAN HAu:1'aNE S3 X -lf-fp? ,1,.-4"'ii-i 1 Q I K G.A.A. REPRESENTATIVES Row 1: Odh, Wallach, Cunliff, Terzakes, Carl- son, Billings, Cogswell. Row 2: Michael, Pomeroy, Warren, Clausing, Clark, McKnight, Hill, Tresch, Hassan. Row 3: Glaeser, Segil, Lewando, Booth, Loewe, GIRLS' ATHLETIC SSIJIIIATIU Copp, Williams, Noble. Treasurer ........ . Arrangements Committee fu f, President .................., Vice-President . . . . . . . . Secretary .......... . . . . . Intra-Mural Sports .......... Social Committee .......... Publicity Committee . ....... Due to the outbreak of the war G.A.A. has met many added responsibilities and has formed a different outlook on many of its activities. This year more than ever before physical education has been stressed as an important factor in the defense of our country. One of the foremost steps taken for this defense project was the Walking Cam- paign, the purpose of which was to save tires, cars, stimulate awareness of the critical situation and to build up our bodies as a second line of defense. The success of the party at which the new girls acquainted themselves with the officers and with each other was only the beginning of many successful events. Next came the Hockey Playday. Girls from Oak Park, Evanston, Highland Park, and Royce- more, as well as girls from New Trier represented their respective schools. The girls played hockey and speedball and after the games they trooped up to the Girls' Club Room for hot chocolate and doughnuts, hungry from their strenuous workout. These schools returned the invitation and at the end of the fall season the girls had made many new friends. G.A.A. OFFICERS Edde Henderson Catherine Tideman Nora King Lois Hale Sally Hazelet .Mary Lamb Barbara Murray Sue Miller One of the biggest and best events of the year was the mid-year banquet. Following a delicious supper the girls received awards which they had earned during the year. Uproarious skits were given by class representatives. The most enjoyable skit was the one given by the Board which was likened to Miss Boulton and her senior gym classes. Events of a more serious nature followed. Among these were the nutrition exhibits which were sponsored by G.A.A. and shown at various parent nights. Sue Cassel was in charge of this project which went hand in hand with the Walking Campaign for the defense program. With spring came the initiation of new girls into G.A.A. which was enjoyed by all, even by the initiates, though they wouldn't admit it. The Spring Banquet was the climax of initiation. The initiates gave skits after the supper and the officers for the coming year were announced. It was an eve- ning which everyone enjoyed greatly, but it also held a note of significance and meaning for every girl who attended. 500 POINT AWARD 300 POINT AWARD 800 POINT AWARD Row 1: Kemp, Hinners, Nix, Warren, Horween, Lund- Row 1: Ritter, Walker, Moulton, Wyman, Waldorf. Row 1: Horween, Scheibel, Cassell, Ter berg. Row 2: Cogswell, Phillips, Flogus, McConnell, Zakesw Kemp- Row 2: Murray, Baron, Stern, Cassell, King, Scheiner, Way, Hill- ROW 22 Baron, BUWCI1, Scheillefl Warren- Bowen. Row 3: Copp, Lapat, MacKenzie, Eisenberg, Hall- dorson. HEADS OF SPORTS Row 1: Nordburg, Walker, Baron, Bowen, Warren, Reichmann. Row 2: Cook, KixMille1', Cassell, Terzakes, Williams, Starrett, Nilles. CLASS MANAGERS Row 1: Lyons, Scheibel, Cleary, McConnell, White- side, Scheiner. Row 2: M. L. Ritter, Odh, Lundberg, Kemp, Moulton, ' Stein. Row 3: Copp, Wilson, Hinners, Smith, Nobel, Hor- iween, N. Ritter. GIRLS' THAMU G.A.A., like the frosh-soph swimming team, has broken most of its own records this year. In addition to its annual playdays, the VValking Campaign, and an exceptionally good water pageant this spring, it managed successfully the ambi- tious job of sponsoring the Graff Ballet. TELEGRAPHIC SWIMMING JUNIOR AND SENIOR SPEEDBALL Row 1: Reddingbon, Phillips, Watson, Mullins, Fleming, Flogus. Walker, Hazelet, Vanllorne, Lundberg, Allport, Scheibel, Row Z: Ramser, Bowen, Price, Scheiner, Cody, Cloyd, Hale. Yefkes, KixMiuer, Terzakes- SENIOR SWIMMING HOCKEY Row 1: Phillips, Mullins, Cloyd. Smith, Reichman, Lundberg, Harshaw, Kaempfer, Eves, Scheibel, Warner, Henderson, Row 2: Ramser, Bowen, Knott. Hazeletf Michael- NORTHWESTERN BASKETBALL TEAM Row 1: Van Horne, Curtis, Warfield, Reichmann, Walker. Row 2: Copp, Seder, Clark, Warren, Alport. Row 3: Day, Gott, Weber, Loucks, Eldredge, Horween. ILLINOIS BASKETBALL TEAM Row 1: Dodge, Waldon, Chapman, Williams, Nilles, Halldorson. Row 2: Brown, King, Lundberg, Pepoon, Nitto, .Ritter, Scheiner. Row 3: Scheibel, Lyons, Terzakes, Cassell, Ellis, Holland, Jackson. G.A.A. SENIOR CHAMPIONSHIP BASKETBALL TEAM Weber, Warren, Walker, Reichmann Qcaptainj, Kaempher, Brown, Scheibel. Although Chorale Cook and her amateur Bill Tildens were rained in last fall, Qthey made up for it this springj, the Weather- man Was kind for a bit, and the day of the Speedball and Hockey Playday was bright and sunny. Four schools were represented, and when teams were made up, the girls Were so thoroughly mixed that the nearest familiar face was usually fifty yards behind. When Old Man Winter drove us all indoors, enthusiastic par- ticipation in sports continued. Volleyball head, Betty Williams, found her sport so popular that extra practice nights had to be scheduled. x x f. f- A change at the lllinois- yed in basketball Ruth Reich- in the same Northwestern gam instead of hockey mann, head, fo predicament had to find eyball, and The athletic with Maybe the girls or Wide-spread. e army, too. Dorothy Baron n ad o. a ia ge g oup of girls vga j and the nllnber of be- The es ga in advanced rh rn ginners was 1 that came out for recrea onnie Star- rett a problem enough space for every one. cing, u Margaret Brenchl unpr c e ted popu- laritylf- gyvheekly'-Ee parties were given. One was led by dancers from Tennessee and the other was a student- faculty dance at the end of the season. iWe were so good that a group of our dancers demonstrated barn dances at the Union League Club in Chicago. 87 TENNIS TEAM Row 1: Lundberg, KiXMi1ler, Baker. Row 2: Lightner, Terzakes, Cook. ADVANCED RHYTHMS Row 1: Baron, Kee-fer, Brooks, Vickers. Row 2: Knott, MacKenzie, Spangler, Nix, Repoon. Row 3: Keith, Lamb, Abhroms, Schauffler, Powell Row 4: Dawson, Dodge, Fanckboner, Lukens, Farr w 1 4 . A . s .2 I 1 WCM W, J' fl V f ' if 1 I b 1 " 7 ' nl I J, f! Aw! fl I f , I1 1 IU U I , ,, KX Wx ' X n K X N X N E f x V i X Kyxxxg A A 'M ' .4 V Xu wr -. 's.Q kN,,L.J . , ff pf JIM Z W 'Q 'HQQLWJMZMV t FRESH The freshman class this year participated in many events. The fathers and sons had mixers in the gym to get acquainted with each other and New Trier's athletics this fall. ln the spring the girls' adviser rooms gave teas for their mothers which proved to ELY MOELLER President Vice-President N UZUM JACOBS Secretary Treasurer be very successful. Each freshman adviser room had a senior student who assisted the adviser. This system was a great help . at the first of the year when the freshmen were 'just becoming acquainted with New Trier. All the freshmen were oiered opportunities to join various clubs in which they were interested. The field of sports was also opened to them. The freshmen are very grateful to Miss Shaw and to Mr. Reiley, the adviser chairmen, and to the other members of the faculty who helped them during their Hrst year at New Trier. 90 FRESHMAN HONOR GROUP Row 1: MacFarlane, L. King, Bray, Lynch, Ballman, Coulter, G. Treveiler, A. Olson, Bowen, Hill, Lersch. Row 2: Illium, Jackson, Chapman, Loeffell, I-Ioehne, Bower, White Warfield, Bacllmann, Nuzum, I-Iatowski, Schwab, Shinnick, Kieft: Row 3: Barker, Williams, Gunn, Lippincott, Hatch, Hess, Perry DeForest, Taylor, Lloyd, Bowen, Bauer, Leisch, Seder, Henricks d te' McCla.ry, Swanson, A. McClary, Sheriffs, Williams, Fischer, I-Iaszagh, Noble, Allrich, Darley, Wagner, Becker, Cooksy, Biederer, Benne-tt, Glaeser, Herzog, Cunningham, Siekin, McDonnell, Ward. Blaise, Borland, Wolsey, Morris, Fisher, Bryson, Robinson, Hartlett, Bazelon, on, Blunt, Below, Armstrong, Billow, Cook, Pearson, Farr, Frazier, McNeill, Harris, G01 s mn. Row 4: Steingraber, Storch, Moulding, Yowell, B. Baldwin, Nukranz, D. Baldwin, K. Fox, Talbot, H. Fox, Anderson, Merkle, Thayer, Terry, Treveiler, Davis, Newman, Kletzien, Moyer, Callaway, Garshman, Bowler, Stake, Ellis, Kent, Long, Simpson, Anderson, Chace, McDonald, Martin, A. Jones, Ludovice. , , ,M ' A , -if THE FHESHMEN 7 E ,V x,,.. . i. f . A 'af -ir ' -vnnms-are .11'fi:a:41- 1 1 . df: gf I ,gl I saw-www 1 C . S. I Q. Loucks, Sue Ellen Matteson, Donna C. McMaster, Mary Louise Miskell, Carolyn S. Nowosel, Elizabeth C. Olin, Andrea Parliament, Jean Paxton, Nancy L. Perry, Judith V. Schopen, Louise M. Slayton, Mary Lou Smith, Barbara J. Soderblom. Kathrine Spatholt. Ruth E. Weber, Darliene L. Whitaker, Orma C. Williamson, Gloria Windes, Nancy E. Wolberg, Charlotte VLASTO Allrich, Margaret L. Antoville, Joy L. Baird, Barbara A. Booth, Judith G. Bowden, Jeanne BRIDGES Baldwin, Davis W. Brady, Aylward J. Canning, Jack S. Cederberg, William C . Chace, Thomas C. DeCarlo, Herman R. Dunham, John H. Ellis, Robert C. Farrar, Louis V. Fox, Edward A. Goss, William R. Green, Edward W. Hadley, J. Michael Hendricks. Charles J. Hughes, Albert R. Kavanaugh, Donn Kearney, Richard J. Konner, Kenneth C. Lascelles, Robert J. Lauer, Lawrence G. Lersch, Eugene W. Lewis, Mitchell I. MacFarlane, Noble T, Marshall. Gordon E. Martin, Ralph H. Nance, James B. Nugent. William W. Rion, Harvey T. Shaw, Arthur F. Swift, George B. Sykes, J. Wesley Tentler, Albert R. Townsend, John E. Underwood, Richard C. van Arsdale, Wilson Weiss, Richard L. ' DE LAY Beebe, R. Beach Beinlich, William P. Burt, Harold S. Carney, John J. Coulter, Joseph S. Deuss, John F. Edwards. Robert B. Elias, John W. Fischer, J. Richard Grauer, Millard J. Hammond. Robert H. Jeangerard, Jack J. Kolbe, Frederick Kroeschell, William Kuh, Frederick W. Martin, Dickinson P. Masters, William M. Mecklenburger, Alvin F. Merkle, Frank P. ' Montrose. Robert E. Pearson, C. Edmund Ramser, Harold A. Rosberg. Donald L. Scully, James P. Serafin, Florian R. Sheppard. Charles R. Simpson, David E. Stake, Arthur F. Veneklasen, Jerry Wagner, Robert J. Warnes, Byron L. Welter. Charles R. Wittenberg, Robert B. Freshmen liirls Uf.nnt'dl Bower, Nancy J. Burgert, Joyce H. Carolan, Mila Chilcote, Jane E. Curtiss, D. Anne Eberle, Gloria Foley, Patricia L. Gillogly, Nancy M. Glaeser, Georg' Ann Hartlett, Dorothy D. Hlavacek, Margaret A. Hoffman, Rosemarie Hopkins, Elizabeth A. Kresge, Phyllis I. Littlefield, Sally-Byrd Lloyd, Katharine M. MacFarlane, Nancy V. Marmaduke, M. Joan McKinney, Evelyn J. Merrifield, Martha H. Moon, Mary L. Nuzum, Mary C. Porter, Nancy L. Reling, Lois K. Rodger, Jo Ann Schildberg, Dorothy J. Shearon, Carolyn B. Smith, Sue Ann Trom, Rosemarie C. Urice, Carol I. Woods, Mina O. Zinnicker, Ruth WALTZ Baldesweiler, Adeline L. Bender, Frances C. Benson, Anne Bleser, Jane F. Chapman, Phyllis J. Corra, Norina L. Edmonds, Anne D. Eggert, Jean L. Erwin, Elizabeth Goldstein, Irene Hammerman, Joanne Harris, Jacqueline I. Hatowski, D. Ann Hellstrom, Joanne H-ess, Virginia S. Himmel, Dionne B. Horner, Nancy A. Huyler, Margaret E. Kieft, Barbara R. Lumpp, Emily L. Mann, Marjorie Martin, Dorothy M. McMahon, Mary K. Mead, Nancy P. Middleton, Jean Ritter, Nancy S. Smithers, Constance P. Symons, Doris H. Tancredi, Josephine Wagner, Jean L. Walters, Myrna L. Weeks, Dorothy E. Wheeler, Rae M. WHITFIELD Anderson, Eleanor E. Barthold, Sylvia J. Becker, F. Elizabeth Carlsen, Gladys M. Coleman. Jeanne A. Cowan, Miriam Darley, Harriet W. Davis, Helen L. Duncombe, Fritzie FRESH BUYS GANNAWAY Allans, James N. Anderson, Roger C. Anderson, Roy T. Auston, Richard F. Baldwin, William W. Barnes, Robert C. Briggs, Philip A. Collison, Herbert L. Coolidge. Leslie H. Dooley, Richard M. Fiegen, Robert J. Gershman, David C. Greene. Gordon D. Haigh, William R. Haines, Robert R. Henning, William K. Hodgkins. David O. Knight, Newell S. Knupfer, Paul. W. Leech, Paul N. Lepman, Richard D. McClary, Andrew McClary, George B. Neiweem, John B. Newcomb, Curtis S. Olson. Richard K. Rudolfi, Emanuele P. Schildgen. Clarence J. Shanesy, Thomas L. Smullen, Richard A. Stein, Andrew M. Tucker, William A. Vaughan. Robert C. Vincent, Leland G. von Drasek, Richard J. JONES Allen, R. John Baer, Frank Barnthouse, Carl W. Benson, John R. Bowen, Theodore Christian, Lloyd H. Coyl, Charles E. Currie, William C. Eisenberg, Karl S. Fox, Donald Fraser, William G. Garday, Robert J. Henkle Thomas Johnson. Geoffrey H. Jost, Edward R. Keller, David P. Lashmet, Rankin S. Lau, Werner Leichsenring, James S. McDonald, Sherrill R. McLaughlin, William H. Plumer, Bruce W. Roe, Earl O. Rosenow, Robert L. Schmidt. Richard Sharp, James H. Sherwin, John G. Southworth. Dean L. Sterling. Qeorge,L. Vollath, Hugo K. Wallers. David J. Wilde, Roger C. Wright, George LIGHTNER Anderson. Gordon L. Bowler, William J. Brower, Hugh K, Bull, Robert P. Burgert. R. James Fisher, Karl W. Fitch, Joseph S. Greenberg, Richard H. Haugan, Jevne Huszagh. Fritz James, William MCG. Kahn, Lee K. Keating, John C. Kent, Robert E. Lieberman. Barney B. Luecke, William W. Nelson, Roy W. Peterson, Earl H. Shaw, H. Gaylord Stephens. Fred S. Thull, John J. Treveiler, A. Robert Treveiler. Paul J. Urban, Richard J. Ward, Joseph E. White, Roger B. Wolff, Arthur C. Wyman. Austin L. Zipprich, James C. SHEARER Andrews, Rush Ballman, John S. Brailsford, Walter R. Bratschi, Raymond W. Carpenter, Louis B. Collins, Campbell Davis, Stephen F. Droege, Richard L. Fox, Hubert D. Fox, Kenneth L. Glenn, Robert R. Harms. Robert S. Hildreth, Owen R. Hill, H. David Jacob, William H. Kaufman. Donald J. Lenhart, Lindsay L. Little, Henry Long. Richard G. Lynch, Jack A. Maeser, William C. Marsh. Walter R. Moulding, Thomas S. Neukranz. Donald W. Parsons, Richard Pomeroy, Ralph J. Rippberger, James J. Shefte, Dalbert V. Starbuck, Charles W. Sutherland, James M. Talbot, Cyril Terry, John E. Todd. Lowell F. van Zuylen, William A. Wong. Wilbur Workman, John S. SWAIN Bartling, H. William Bartsch, John R. Boesch. Henry J. Bushnell, George D. Butler, James L. Cajka, John C. Cohler, Edmund U. Dunbar, Lee H. Fegers. Louis Field, Charles K. Force, John C. Hillner, Edgar Howard, Eugene A. Howe, A. Murray Keiser, Thomas G. Loebl. James D. Maughan, Thomas W. McKearnan. Thomas J. McNulty. William Moyer, Frank H. Noble, William N. Olson. Lester V. Pile, Jerome G. Reinwald, Charles J. Rice. James McC. Smith, Donald H. Stone, Joseph L. Thayer, Keith B. Thompson, W. Page Tuttle, O. Jerry White. Lynne L. Zeivel, Raymond J. TROELSTRUP Bahr, C. William Behnke, Gordon C. Beitzel, Robert J . Brand, Gordon S. Callaway, Benjamin A. Dusham. David W. Ebbert, Howard H. Ely, Warren G. Foster, Albon L. Gerschefske. Richard F. Hartmann, Edward Hearne. Thomas W. Hilton. Howard H. King, Lindsay R. Kipp, Edward D. Leszczynski, John T. Libbin, David C. Markus, Richard B. McClane, Allan R. McKeldin, Stuart A. 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Lawrence Hassenauer, Robert L. Jirgal, John L. Jones. Aaron J. Kletzien, William O. Klinetob. Darwin D. Lang. William R. Ludovice, William G. Nilsen, Arnulf T. O'Brien, Richard Olson, John M. Peirce. Stanley K. Rosenberg. Roy R. Shepler. William H. Smith. James H. Snyder. Robert M. Stein, Herman W. Swanson, Thomas G. Toeppen, David R. Triplett. Dennis C. Vyskocil, Raymond C. Warfield. Richard L. Werner, James H. Woldenburg, Jay M. WATERS Anderson, Wallace H. Appelbaum, Robert D. Barnes, Jess H. Barthell, J. Peter Bernardi, Bernard Biederer, J. John Bray, George P. Byrne, Paul S. Edgerton, David R. Gaughan, Martin G. Gignilliat, Leigh R. Gilbert, Henry A. Gilbert, Leonard B. Harrington, R. Harry Hathaway, Warren K. Hinners, George O. Horween, Ralph Keefe, James E. Kemler, Edward A. Klein, N. Ralph Lehman, Howard M. Lewis, John D. Lowe. David B. McAllister, John W. Meier, Roger E. Murphy, Donald .T. W. Murphy, Robert T. Newman, Henry E. Noble, Fred G. Olson, Stuart K. Rogers, Lester C. Schmidt. Harold E. Williams. Norman H. COCKERELL COOK CRITCHETT DURGIN JOHNSTON KEITH SLEIGHT VLASTO WALTZ WHITFIELD BRIDGES DELAY VAN DEURSEN GANNAWAY JONES LIGHTNER SHEARER SWAIN TROELSTRUF WATERS COCKRELL Anderson, Shirley M. Armstrong, Sally J. Becker, Barbara A. Borgeson, Laurel J. Borre, Dorothy L. Buhrke, Lois E. Caldwell, Jane S. Corra, Irma A. Dalton, Dwayne Danley, F. Elizabeth Dennett, Allis C. Esler, Vera B. Fisher, Ruth G. Hansen, Jane M. Hathaway, Betsy A. Ickes, E. Anne Jacobs, Nancy Kennedy, Alice E. Levy, Arlene B. Lyon, Sally J. Mitchell, Joan B. Morris, Mary Lou Murphy, F. Norine Osman, Gene Paulick, Patricia G. Piner, Gloria V. Robinson, Mary M. Rothermel, Ann T. Schaefgen, Barbara J. Schreiner, Susan L. Shinnick, Nancy I. Taylor, Patricia J. Warner, Mary Ellen Williams, Margarete F. COOK Armstrong, Virginia M. Bederman, Jeanne I. Blunt, B. Ann Borland, Olive M. Butterworth, Donna L. Carey, Elizabeth C. Cody, Barbara C. Cook, Elizabeth A. Cormany, Catherine G. Derby, Helene FRESHMEN ADVISERS PHESHME BIHL Farmer, Frances L. Ferraro, Florence V. Goldblatt, Renee D, Hassan, Banu K. Herzog, Barbara J. Kemp, Marjorie A. Ketcham, Cynthia Krause, Dorothy A. Kurz, Maxine A. Leonard, Barbara M. Meling, Betty Jane Nfoore, Mary Elizabeth Palmer, Ann Rand, Shirley L. Ratner, Dolores S. Schwab. Dorothy E. Smith, Ellen G. Spitzer, Virginia M. Strom, Evelyn A. Wagner, Elizabeth M. Warfield. Hildegarde White, Alice Mary Wieland, Arlene R. Williams. Nancy J. Willmarth, Joan P. CRITCHETT Allison, Mary P. Bartling, Joan M. Beck, Phyllis E. Benge, Janet L. Biederer, Jeanne M. Clark, Eleanor M. Cooksey, Marion J. Ehrhardt, Jean E. Figley, Jane M. Finney, Ellen R. Fischer. Katherine E. Fritch, Evelyn A. Glaser, Margaret L. Haase. Charlotte H. Hartshorne, Elizabeth L. Leisch, Joanne Leonard, Doreen B. Levinson, Joan Lewando, Joy A. Loeffell, Julie C. V 1 McCarthy, Joan McDonnell, Jean G. Nicolazzi, Joan W. Oughton, Marthana Rosenthal, Joan Stevenson, Julia A. Strauss, Carol F. Struve, Eleanor B. Torrey, Laverne Watson, Pamela C. Wong, Daisy G. Yoder, Jean H. DURGIN Ashley, Mary L. Bachmann, Barbara D. Balkin, Rivia E. Becker, Francine N. Carlson, Mildred B. Carpenter, Sara A. Crowell, Mary C. Dalstrom, G. Janet Daly, Florence J. Everham, H. Hope Goode, Donna M. Gunn, Nancy D. Hahl, Marianna Halvorsen, Dorothy B. Hatch, Odette E. Hawkins, Louise Hicks, Beverly J. Hillman, Alice A. Hobbs, Lois J. Ingwersen, Barbara L. Johnson. Amelia M. Kiefer, Dorothy I. Kirchberg, Patricia M. Martin. Margaret Moon, Diana R. Pearson, Marilyn E. Savage, Joan M. Seder, Mary Lynn Serafin, Dolores L, Sweeney, K. Marjorie Trudeau, Patricia A. Turskay, Mary Jane Tuveson, Laverne E. Van Winkle Barbara J. Vedder, Nancy M. Wroe, Shirley JOHNSTON Backlin, Mildred E. Bazelon, Donna I. Borre, Ruth M. Court, Roberta J. Craig, Dorothy J. Cunningham, Madge C. Dodge, Nancy A. Dougherty, June E. Engels, Lauretta E. M. Ferguson, Marie N. Forbes, Barbara J. Haan, Marilyn J. Hanson, Lillian K. Henrickson, Mary Ann B, Hoehne, Barbara J. Hoffman, Joan M. Hollingshead, Marjoiry Johnson, Marjorie Jorjorian, Mary L. Killian, Marianne Kochlefl, Anna F. Lattanzi, Pierina Lippincott, Judith E. Meyers, Nancy M. Moron-ey, Beatrice C. Pollen, Jean Reddington. Sue F. Riva, Elda E. Schneider, Virginia A. Smith, Anne W. Spies, Beverly Talley, Barbara V. Troy, Margaret M. Vaughan, Anna Louise White, Sally A. Ziegler, Nancy E. KEITH Bauer, Barbara A. Below. Barbara A. Bennett, Helen M. Bryson, Nancy A. Corra, Gina A. Gerhard, Patricia Glezen, Janet G. Gudbrandsen, Margaret Heston, Lilla A. Hoffmeyer, Gay G. Hueckler, Ruth V. Illium, Joan E. Jackson, Mary L. Kerr, Mary Lou Kirscht, Evelyn S. McCabe, Ruth A. McKnight, Janet B. Meyer, Marjorie M. Miller, Alice H. , Murphy, Keating A. Odh, Audrey Reidy, O. Constance Siefkin, Elizabeth C. Smith, Patricia Taylor, Jill Tissen, Carol L. Walker, Marilyn P. Wallgren, Winnifred A. Ward, Violet White, Mary Louise Wire, Lydia C. SLEIGHT Berlin, Leona Billow, Lynne Blaise, Shyrl R. Bowen, Sarah E. Clark, Virginia A. Clausing, Patricia A. Curtis, E. Marian DeForest, Barbara V. Doherty, Margaret H. Durham, Marion A. Farr, Anne B. Ferretti, Mayrne E. Foley, Jean A. Kiddoo, Helen L. Ladish, Aileen F. Lau, Louise M. Leahy, Kathleen M. Lidecker, Dorothy J. I 1 V 1 . e , , A if I' 31 1 , -s 29 M .' I 1 VI T N 4, , . I 3' I i i i .1 fi I I .3 , i i, 3 ,Q f I f 5 i Qi The main function of the sophomore class is the planning fi of the sophomore party. The Ofhcers did a fine job of staging gi it, and everyone had a Wonderful time. A great deal of credit goes to the sophomore adviser chairmen, Miss Hurst and Mr. 5 Grinnell, for the effort they gave toward making the get- L together a real success. - We could not Write about the sophomore class Without mentioning the advisers. These same advisers, Miss Hurst j and Mr. Grinnell, have been of great help to us throughout our high school career, and have done much to improve the i ADAMSON MILLER President ' Vice'PfeSide'1t status of the entire class. l p CUSHMAN CORPER ' S t T asurer , - f we My re Although there is not a great deal of Work for the officers jj- to do, other than conducting class meetings and managing fl the party arrangements, they have been a credit to their class, and have proven themselves competent to help carry on the work of the upperclassmen next year. , ' 92 SOPHOMOR-E HONOR GROUP Row 1: Synnestvedt, Proudfoot, Steel, Richlman, Prussing, Eliot, Pagliarulo, Wright, Stein, Simonsen, Washburn, Plinutt, Giddes, Day. Row 2: Briggs, Evans, Condon, Williams, Miller, Dodge, Sherman, Hamilton, Sager, Hahneman, Bratten, Rose, Waldorf, Smith, Weishaar, Van Horne, g Rubel, James, Melvoin, Latimer, Tuttle, Weir, MacKenzie, Nix. Row 3: Fox Rockcastle, Martin, Atkinson, Eshbach, Wuegner, Rugen, Krensky, Wertheimer, Stewart, Adams, Zebold, Dobbin, Bauer, Foulke, Kirtley, Lindsay, McConnell, Bond, Cleary, Birlcelund, Ellis, Heiser, I-loetger, Masser, Eisenberg, Wyman, Dodd, Schweer, Dougherty, Nelson. Row 4: Ludgin, Emmet, Rolhne, Purdy, Wisehart, Trienens, Harris, Nuzum, Leekley, Taft, Lanham, Saunders, Sollitts, Bell, Spangler, Collins, Walworth, Lideckey, Raymond, Holmes, McLain, Roddick, McKewen, McDermott, Mullins, Thatcher, Swan, Earp, Kloepfer, Adamson. 'gil P-1 i.. .ilii , i 1 ii 2 YF E. Iv, If 5. ge 52 3 1 .I, 4. "' if' .3 1 I I 11 .1 1 1 51 . si? 5 , 1.1, I Q11 -if I I 1 5 I 115 , '96 I if 1-fs 1 If- 1 1 ,EE 111, I 'z MP1 ,.. 321 5, If, I I 1 I 1? I If If 1 A 1 ' 1 I P11 I I 1 1 1 '1 ji 1' ' .E I II , , II tI 1 1 EI' 1 I I 1 1 I I 1 , THE SUPHUMUHES X. f 'M 11 3 f 1 1 l 1 l l l I l l l I i l l I Q l l l . l l l .T , l ' l ,... Kolb, Mina E. Kolstad, Frances A. Korte, Carole R. Kurschner, Marilyn C, Lee, Mary MacArthur, Marilyn McElroy, Jane M, Morf, Barbara M. Niehaus. N. Jeanne Omen, Doris J. Pepoon, Gloria L. Prussing, Beverly A. Schmitt, Ann L. Schwall, Evelyn F. Stewart, Jean Unger, Ruth D. Van Horne, Betty Vollmar, Elizabeth M. Wade, Martha J. CHRISTENSEN Becken, Charles W. Bell, George I. Carlin, William L1 Carruth, James F. Coleman, George R. Downs, Paul C. Earp, fob? ra M .Rabat Gf 22'i'ifg:gAerte1n',' Robert J . Goodsmith. Willoughby Gordon, William Hagan, Jack W. Hohlfelder, Edwin C. Hoy, Ross M. Jackson, Willis J. Journeay, Albert Klauke, Walter H. Loewenhorz, Michael H. Martin, Dana G. Philipsborn, Thomas D. Pollock, Charles F. . Purdy, Roger Quaintance, Dick C. Raymond, Spencer H. Richardson, Charles R. Rockcastle, Charles H. Ross, David W. Schinler, Ray F. Snyder, Robert L. Steffens. Richard J. Tool, William L. Watkins, Myron H. Wood, John H. C. CLADER Allen, Carnot R. Beich, Albert W. Bettendorf, James R. Braun, Arthur J. Busch, Joseph S. Clavey, Rudy K. De Spain, Frank J. Edwards, Kenneth Fox, Charles H. Hagan, James A. Jost, Wallace A. Klein, Edward L. Kraft, Walter P. Kuhnen, Jack A. La Fave, Victor M. Lederer, Fred E. Linman, Marc A. Ludgin, Earle I. Lundquist, Peter B. McDermott, Robert B. Mullins, Kenneth B. Ridolfi, Andrew R. Rugen, Herbert E. Salaman, Joseph W. Sampson, John W. Sesterhenn, Cletus F. Spangler, Jack L. Thorsen, James O. Wall-Zren, Howard L. Wolf, John J. it -Uk., Snphnnnne Bhis Walner, Carol M. White, Frances Woolson, June M. Wyman, Roberta Gay WHITESEL Amis, M. Patricia Beatty, Carolyn C. Beris, Frada Cleveland, Geraldine C. Crocker, Jane A. Dennis, Patricia Dobbin, Barbara J. Evert, Margaret E. Grassell, Martha J. Hamilton, Carolyn R. Jannotta, Diane Johnson, Joan H. Kaufman, Barbara J. Kossow, Rose Marie Loewe, Mary C. McKenna, Jean M. Powell, D. Lee Puhlman, Joan H. Ringholm, Shirley A. Rubel, Claire Sager, Naomi L. Sanborn, Shirley Sandberg, Shirley Scott, Nancy E. Shaw, Joan M. Steif, Joan Stewart, Phoebe Synnestvedt, Jacqueline Wells, Marilyn D. Westine, Mary E. Wuegner, Nancy M. Zebold, Virginia L. SUPHUMUHE GRATER Baker, David S. Bettinghaus, J. Hunter Blietz, Bruce S. Brandt, Kenneth L. Bucher, Phillip E, Coltman, Bertram W. Corrigan, John E. David, Robert G. ,S Raymond J, Falk, riaxhard B. Fisher, John C. Gregory, Douglas P. Haffenberg, Howard G. Haley, Charles D. Hamza, Frank G. Heinzen, David M. Jupp, Harry M. Kritzer, Henry E. Lee, Herbert C. Leis, Robert E. Levy, Arthur K. Mack, John P. Mayer, John W. Mosher, Richard N. Neiweem. Bernard B. Quinlan, John C. Schipfer, John D. Schweger, Donald E. Shannon, C. George Taft, John A. Youngquist, Albert HARPER Arms, Richard E. Beinlich. Allan E. Boggs, Homer G. Bredin, John W. Brown, H. Donald Bullard. Donald W. Cohrs, John S. Collins, William R. Donahue. Louis F. G-ehlert, Fred A. Grenning. Robert M. Harper, Peter G. Holbik, Michael C. Jones, Paul C. Lawton, Harold E. Leekley, Philip A. Lohmann, Raymond L. Morrison. John J. Neeves, Houston Nelson, Lawrence U. Nielsen, Peter A. Nuzum, John W. Peterson, Harold Radke, Joseph J. Rennolds, W. Donald Roddick, .T. William Skinner. Fredrick F. Vogl. Alexander J. Wisehart, W. Rennolds . .Dx HOLLAND Adamson, Stuart S. Balz, William Braun, Louis Burkhart, Thomas B. Cajka, Louis M. Carson, Walter Dole, Arthur Ekholm, Arvid F. Ekholm, Robert G. Hayes, James A. Hlavacek, Frank Hoesli, John Holway, Richard Keefer, Charles F. Kempner. Thomas Kivland, Paul J. McAllister, Bruce McLain. Robert Miller, Bruce F. Murphy, Charles Norris. William Orr, William Ruckmick, John C. Schaefer, James A. Smith, Roderick W. Spatholt. Harry J. Suttle, Philip N. Talbot, Charles E. Tarrant, Ross JACKSON Barnett, Laurence T. Barthold, Lionel O. Bolling, George W. Butler, Clifford L. Carney, Thomas J. Colton, Richard Cook, Granger Cowan, George W. Fillingham, Jack H. Full, Jerome K. Garrett, John N. Groves, Everett C. Hayes, Glenn G. Hill, Charles I. Himmel, Dave Hoffmeyer, Arnold Howell, Richard E. Johnston, Charles R. Ludford, James M. Ludford, Robert-E. McCoy, Eugene McMullen, Hugh N. Moser, Allan H. Sacco, Edward F. Spoehr, Dave A, Stein, Harry P. Straub, John W. Sullivan, Bert O. Thatcher. Walter E. Whiting. Thomas C. Wolff, Morton C. W. Wood, F, Bartles Zimmack, Harold L. fEunFdj WILSON Adams, Frances J. Bergman, Joyce R. Branscome, Louise M Buford, Nancy J. Cory, Suzanne S. Dodge, Grace C. Foley, Barbara J, Gassmann, Marilyn B. Giddes, Gloria A. Gott, Laura J. Henderson, Marcia D. Hill, M. Millicent Holland. Sarah L. Keith, Mary P. Kirtley, Muriel A. Krensky, G. Elaine Latimer, Patricia Lyons, Barbara A. BUYS LAUER And-erson, Arthur G. Babcock, James N. Barnes, Charles O. Bassler, William A. Bergman, Arthur W. Clarke, John M. Danner, Earl B. Davis, Warren T. Eddy, W. Sprague Harvey, Jerome J. Henderson, Richard F. Hohlfelder, Ronald J. Holmes, John S. Jester, Oden F. Kelley, Fenton Lammers, Jack Mason. Craig L. McMillin, W. Reuben Nicholson, Robert B. Platt, James W. Rapp, George J. Regan, Charles A. Rogers, James L. Rowe, Royce G. Rymer, William N. Schoeneck, Willard N. Sollitt, Sumner N. Specht, Charles A. Swan, C. Jerome Townsend, John Wentz, Edwin R. Willis, William R. NAY . Blair, Thomas B. Clark, Samuel H. Clauson, Paul S. Corliss, John Dalstrom, George A. Davis, Courtenay A. Denson, Deale E. Dunne, Maurice F. Halvin, Thomas P. Hartnett, Gene O. Hollister, Richard L. Hoyt. Tom D. Kadyk, David J. Kahler, Hugh M. Kolflat, Tor Lanham, John L. Leal, Kenneth C. Lederle, Frank Lidecker, Robert K. Lucas, Herbert L. Lyford, Thornton McCarthy, James E. Morrison, Charles R. Murray, James O'Conor, Vincent J. Refoy, Sherman G. Reinhard, Philip L. Rosenow, Thomas L. Sargent, Albert A. Saunders, Richard Shireman, Charles G. Stowell, Frank H. Taylor, Vernon A. Thorsness, Donald C. Watson, Art D. Willett, Robert L. Williams, John P. ...Z-.. Malizio, Lena M. Mathias, H. Jane McGrath, Patricia J. Merrill, Dorothy H. Murphy, Marilyn A. Reize, Barbara A. Rooney, Mary Rose Rugen, Lois M. Schoenberg, Anna M. Smith, M. Lee Stein. Carolyn W. Sundblom. Patricia L. Sutherland, Nancy E. Tuder, R. Ann Weber, June G. Wertheimer, Betsy Wright, Nancy E. Youngren, Elizabeth V OAKS Atcheson, David M. Berlin, Marshall N. Borre, Kenneth E. Brooks, William T. Canning, Thomas B. Cazel, Clell N. Clovis, Paul C. Cordes, Elmer H. de Guerre, Pierre R. Dougherty, Maynard W Dunlap, Richard J. Fountain, Samuel B. Fox, John F. Hoffman, Douglas J. Klo-epfer, David J . Lewando, Frederick G. Little, Robert J . Lutter, Donald W. Paramore, Richard A. Pickus, Arthur M. Pierson, Homer W. Robertson, David H. R'ugen, David F. Spaulding, John P. Thomas, Lee B. Toppan, William H. Trienens, Roger J, Uttenreuther, Robert J. Vasels, William B. Wagner, Harvey J . Walworth, James C. Welter, Thomas J . Wood, George M. REAM Allen, Donald J. Beck, William L. Bengston, Phillip S. Booz, John T. Borre, Earl A. Carey, Franklin H. Chacharon, Themis T. Condon, Verne H. Corper, Phillip L. Dodd, Walter H. Emmett, Robert L. Fee, Edward P. Feinberg, Robert H. Hahn, Richard F. Harris. Elihu M. Holg, Charles Jarvis, G. Robert Kiefer, Edwin B. McKewan. Rudd. S. McLean, Cyrus R.- Musson, David C. Oswald, Michael M. Pearson, Jerome C. Rolfing, James E. St. Clair. Richard Snider, Charles C. Spink, John H, Swift, Malcom K. Taylor, Stanton A. Wellin. Keith . Wolf, Harry H. I, l -. --.-vpn WMAM EVANS HADDEN HAMILTON MOSCHEL STEWART x X. N. l H g j wr-MTESEL WILSON XX CHRISTENSEN C. CLADER annex G. CLADER Brady, Jean D. Brooks, Betty M. Buena, Victoria J. Christensen, Eleanor F. Cleary, Dorothy Anne Copp, Phyllis J. Cornell, Jeanne E. Drew, Betty Jane Evans, Helen A. Fischer, Grace T. Gridley, Gloria R. Gruhn, Georgine M. Hahneman, Betty M. Hefferan, Marie C. Heiser, Marilou J. Hoesch, Audrey F. Jeffery, Marion M. Kracha, Anne M. Lawrence, Ann P. Masser, Shirley A. McConnell, Marilyn McCoy, Margaret McEwan, Joan B. Mueller, Shirley C. Murdock, Eleanor Pope, Louise A. Shinnick, Margaret V. Speredes, Lorraine Tuttle, Gay A. Wagner, Virginia E. Walsh, Lorely J. Weisberg, Joan C. Wigglesworth, Ruthann Wuichet, Eugenie DON!-IAM Adams, R. Shirley Alexander. Iris J. Bauer, Peggy J. Beamsley, Jo-Ann C. Blom. Betty C. Braaten, Dorothy R. Briggs, Alice M. Charrey, Therese M. Farrall, Margaret L. SOPHOMORE ADVISERS n Lllllkl SUPHIJMUHE GIRLS Feldman, Ruth Foskett, Patricia J. Haskell, Carol J. Hassan, Zahra Hilgendorf, Patricia Kuehnle, Carolyn L. Lipsch, Leota N. MacKenzie, Marilyn B. Maher, Frances C. Meany, Patricia Ogren, Ellen M. Peck, Suzanne Rugen, Evelyn M. Rundquist, Barbara V. Salomon, Leila J. ' Sandberg. Jane I. Sherwin, M. Elizabeth Shimonek, Joan Rae Smith, Nadia F. Stoker, Gloria J. Sullivan, Loise Barbara von der Lippen, Jean Way, Patricia A. Wood, Marjorie G. EVANS Arkema, Shirley R. Armstrong, Priscilla J. Beaven, Barbara A. Brennan, Barbara Camerano, Mary Louise Core, Barbara Eliot, Rosemary G. Enerson, Joanne V. Feinberg, Ruth Ann Fisher, June C. - Foulke, Elisabeth F. Gockel, Eunice M. Grant. H. Barbara Hale, Lois M. Hendricks, Dorothy L. James, Betty Jean M. Levernier. Mary Louise Logsdon. Joan Mahan, Patricia McKeighan. Doris J. Moulding, Marjorie J. Murphy, Marynell S. Pagliarulo, Gloria R. Perkins, Anne F. Peterson, Barbara J. Rose, Dorothy R. Savocchi, Lucy M. Schmitz, Mary Louise Schoenberg, Lillian G. Shearon, Nancy L. Thorsen, Mary Louella Toel, Susan B. Waldorf, Mary Louise Wheeler, Bernice HADDEN Brown, Joan G. Carlson, Alice Cleary, Emily Condon, Anne L. Crist, Elizabeth A. Cushman, Virginia Dantonet, Mary Elizabeth Dathan, Esther M. A. Day, Beverly W. Elling, Shirley A. Enright, Mary L. Gardiner, Jane J. Goldblatt, Mavis L. Hawley, Lois M. Hoth, Jane M. Kiewik, Annabelle Koch, Joan Lichter, Dolores R. Lindsay, Joan D. Mazzetta, Virginia Miller, Marian R. Mizener, Jane Porter, Nancy A. Price, Mary Anna Purse, Audrey L. A Schauffler, Katherine S. Sherman, Jacqueline Steel, Dorothy J. Tuveson, Ellinor V. Washburn, Patricia A. Wertheim er, Marguerite S. Weyl, Patricia A. ....-.. ....,..- L ..-..... .,.. ,1... 1. is Williams, Karen E. Wright, Helen E. HAMILTON Arns, Betty J. Atkinson, Judith Balaban, Gloria A. Birkelund, Barbara R Curran, Constance M. Dault, Theresa V. DeBerard, Anne C. DeMand, Ruth A. Eshbach, Frances Evert, Pauline A. Goldblatt, Salli J. Hammond, Phyllis A. Hinkley, Ellen Hoetger, Nancy J. Koll, Helen E. MacKenzie, Marjorie Martin, Betty Matros, Fern McLean, June L. Mesa, Mary Jo Mitchell, Barbara Nix, Margaret Proudfoot, Dorothy Rand, Virginia Rosen, Eunice R. Shapiro, Janet Simonsen, Frances M. Steffens, Betty J, Stevenson, M. Jane Tait, Shirlee M. Taradash, Roslyn Umbach, Ann Weir, Betsy Weishaar. Barbara Wille, Gloria MOSCHEL Anderson, Lois J. Bach, Helen A. Bersie, Marilyn J. Brady, Ruth M. Camphausen, Janet KEAMM' ' Christerson, Mary J. Day, Nancy A. Doane, Priscilla Ericsson, Caryl Gordon, Marjorie L. Hakanson, Marian V. Hall, Margery J. Hinners, Barbara A. Hochuli, Alice L. Jensen, A. Barbara Johnson, Shirley C. Kreger, Barbara J. Lapat, Helen P. Lundberg, Lucy J. Marston, Jetty J. McNeil, Betty Lou Melvoin, Marilyn Miller, Doris L. Noonan, Jean M. O'Brien, Nancy E. Pifer, Marjorie R . Schmidt, Anne C. Schuber. Margaret A. Spero, Nancy Steel, Carol E. Talbot, Joan Tanner, Rhoda J. Tresch. Carole H. Youngberg, Marjorie STEWART Abrahms, Marjorie C Bauer, Dolores O. Began, Barbara A. Bond, Frances C. Bonner, M. Elizabeth Borregaard, Cecilia Carson, Margaret Coffield, Carolvn L. Duncan, Joan E. Eisenberg, Lorraine Haubt, Corinne R. Hoffman, Lucille G. Kendall, Mary E. Kirscht, Laverne S. Kivland, Patricia A. fw if Z 46 Under the able leadership of their officers, the junior class has been busily engaged in accepting the responsibil- ities of upper-classmen. Their Junior Prom, held at the close of the year, was proof of the capabilities of this class. Held for the first time at the Kenilworth Club, the dance Was a social highlight of the year. Open only to juniors and seniors, the Prom, as usual, was a program dance and no stags were admitted. Its unprecedented success was due to the tireless efforts of the class ofhcers and social committee members. Juniors, also, were proud of their outstanding participa- SEARS SPOEHR - - - - - - President Viceqpresidem tion in school activities, their Whole-hearted support of all MARKUS BARNETT defense measures, and their determination to uphold the Treasurer Secretary standards set by former classes. The junior adviser chairmen, Miss Brady and Mr. Vernon feel certain that this yearis class is capable of undertaking all future responsibilities entrusted to them, and that they are Well suited to the role they must play next year as the leaders of the school. 94 , JUNIOR HONOR GROUP Row 1: Cogswell, Cooper, KixMil1er, Buhai, M. King, Monroe, Hutchinson, Pickus, Neiglick, Flint, Flogus, N. King, Eldridge, McKeown, I-Ioman, Rich, Russell, Billings, McConnell. Row 2: Borgeson, Halls, Bergersen, Wallach, Eldredge, Freyer, James,.Nilsen, Peifer, Lane, Bluhm, Horween, Tark, Bishop, Armitage, Smoniotto, Von Glahn, Wiegman, Schwarting, E. Johnson, Thom, Henderson, Cunliff. Row 3: P. Johnson, 0'Connor, Chapin, Crowell, Newman, Brewer, Anderson, Ludovice, Deily, Cahn, Forstall, Vernon, Jacobson, Nix, Bishop, Rigler Schaeffer, Vickers, Buchanan, Kassel, C. Davis, Shulman, Petersen, Kemp, Gulbranson, Jackson, Van Horne. Row 4: Kramer, Gimbel, Hones, Morand, McAlvey, Foldi, Pettee, Kraetsch, Towle, Fischer, Matson, Palmer, Smith, Royce, Crocker, Zander, Darley M. Davis, Horner, Stineman, Miner, Binder, Slayton, Beebe. 1 9 Q THE JUNIUHS X Qi Hg xi, NE YB QQ S""q l LX X x X-J 3 5 . Y ff 1 . X F I . iA ix xy lavwv MAL., G, If I I I i I I e I I I I I I I I I I a I I I I I Kia: Ez-1-Mm.. I ,,,,.,- W1-M ' " My , ,, f .WF I Fa" ..a ,If If 4 'lk'-I- 4 ' I iw r 1 4 ,., E ri i i ,, i E E 3 li fi le l 1 . Ui 5 J. li ' i Z I t 5 3 J li - Q7 ll 'i . Q Q53 J : Jackson, Janis B. Kemp. Virginia A. King, Mary E. Kleckner, Millicent F. Klein, Dortha F. Lucchesi. Gloria H. . Mitten, Elizabeth Morrison, Barbara F. Nilles, Lucy S. Rand, Elizabeth G. CARPENTER Allport, J . Davies Becker, H. Kirke Behnke, Wallace Blair, Gordon R. Brueggeman, David C. Burlingham, William Claar, Alan Daily, Orville G. Denner, Melvin I. Foldi, Andrew H. Fuidge, James R. Getschow, Robert E. Gubbins, David T. Hinkley, Homer Horner, John F. Hoyt, Landon M. Jones. Lawrence Kurschner, John R. Markus, N. Williams Matthiessen, Richard P. McIntyre, Jack McNair, David G. Nevins, John M. Nix, Eric Norwood. John K. Peifer, Oliver B. Radder, Bruce M. Richmond, C. Stewart Rodenkirk. Robert F. Sampson, Charles Strasser, Alfred D. Torrey, Jay K. Tyner, John T. Zandenllenry CATON Atwater, Howe Bannard, Hibbard E. Bishop, John Caley, Thomas H. Coolidge, Robert Dahl, Richard N. Darley, John W. Delaney, Robert O. Eliff, Joseph Finnigan, James R. Gatling, Bruce H. Keating, James Leighty, Richard E. Lewis, Charles E. McGuineas, Bruce G. McNitt, John Miner, H. Jay Moore, Willfred G. Morrison, Charles T. Ogden, Robert Paulsen, Theodore T. Peters, Guilford B. Rudd, Richard P. Smith, Edward W. Stineman. Russell Wallace. J. Emerson E. Young, Mark A. Zeddies, Robert F. COBURN Anderson, Evald O. Baggaley. John H. Bennett, William Bercaw, McClain M. Bleser, William N. Bradfield, Bruce A. Dank, Gordon J. Drum. Stuart I. Forstall, Richard L. .luninr Birls Ulnnfdl Ritter, Mary Louise Russell, Elsie J. Spangler, Shirley Swanson, Mary E. Thalman, Jane A. von Glahn. Barbara Wallach, Sylvia Weldon, Elizabeth White, Marian D. Wood, Helen Mae ZEIGLER Adams, Elizabeth E. Beglen, M. Claire Brown, Joanne Cahn, Beatrice B. Collins, Doris L. Cunliff, Elizabeth S. Doepel, M. Elise Dovenmuehle, Elizabeth D. Happ, Charlotte D. Hemphill, Patricia W. Horween, Marion G. Iliff, May L. Jones, Geraldine A. Knight, Dorothy E. Knudson. Dorothea L Layne, Marjorie E. Lindeman, Jeanne T. MacLean, Mary Ann Menden, Lila L. UNIUH BUYS Foss, Arthur R. Gourley, John H. Hasselberg, Eugene F. Hogue, Robert L. Keller. Edward M. King, William H. Kirschke, Wilbert A. Lewis, Reuben A. Lloyd. William R. Merrill, William H. Miller, Roger H. Rittersporn, Bernard A. Royce, Donald Smith, E. Sawyer Steitz, William R. Vernon, Keith O. Wagener, Owen E. Walther, Cole L. Wennlund, Warren E. White, Kent M. Wiese, Ray M. DELAPORTE Bench, Denton D. Block, David P. Borre, Lester F. Bowser, Nevin G. Buethe, William B. Clarke, James T. Cleary, Robert M. Cohn, Robert H. Currie, Neil N. Davison, Donald J. Engels, Nickolas J. Fitzgerald, Roy H. Garcia, Lorenz Happ, Robert R. Herlocker, William R. Herman. Clyde W. Judson, Robert D. Lindop, John C. Moyer, James L. Murphy, G. David D. Peterson, Otto Purse, Don A. Reed, Thomas B. Roshong, Philip J. Sherman, Donald W. Smith, Arthur T. Spielman, Roger Susen, Conrad T. Tenney, Edward B. Viall, Ralph S. Wallace, George W. Zehr, William W. EDWARDS Baldwin, Thomas E. Balmes, Richard B. Binder, Richard L. Breuer, Adam A. Chilcote. William C. Cutter, Darrell E. Dauchy. Peter Davis. Milford H. Enright. Robert H. Cavin, Richard I. Gimbel. Sidney L. Graf, Robert Haase, James W. Hostnick, Burton A. Lang, Rodney Lechner, Paul T. Loeb. William E. McGuire, Cloyd C. Morrison, William L. Phelps, Edwin P. Sawle, W. Stephen Siegel, Richard J. Soderblom, Kenneth S Steele, Lowell R. Walsh, John P. Wiemers, William B. Zeivel, John G. HAPP Anderson, W. Gilbert Campbell, Samuel E. Childs, George C. Christian, David L. Devlin, Edward FlaHavhan. Holland L. Fuessle, Richard E. Genge, Charles D. Hotze, Richard W. Jerrard, Richard P. Johanson. Donald T. Kassel, Theodore Koerber, William B. Kraetsch, Ralph B. Lauer. Frederick W. Lederle. James L. Lewis, Samuel B. Lyons, Donald H. Mills, H. Jefferson Morton, Donn O. Mosser, Donald W. Moulton, David H. Newman. Richard T. Palmer, James L. Parfitt, Charles R. Pettee, Daniel S. Redding. John A. Scully, Dennis J. Smullen. Charles A. Spoehr. Thomas Tiers, Louis Wagner. Warren A. Whiteside, Robert R. LEHMAN Andrews, James B. Barnthouse, Robert W. Beebe. Christopher K. Best, Richard F. Cahn, James A. Creagh, James G. Diamond, William R. Felsenthal, James G. Franz, Edward F. Gere, George M. Homann, Robert W. Janows, Sherwin Jefferis, George C. Kinast, Leroy C. Kusmertz. Russell H. Lieoold, Robert Lighthart. Roger G. Macev. William C. McGuire. Patrick G. Morand, Simon J. Pierson. Thomas Rigler. Robert G. Schaeffer, James W. Tripicchio, Frank C. Vickers, John M. Whedon, John F. IVICKINNIE Brewer. Thomas F. Crocker. John M. Davis, Robert C. Dickson, George G. Eggert, Edward H. Fragassi, Nello R. Franco, Daniel Huettel, Alfred E. Hussey, Frank L. Jacobson, Richard Kent, Robert D. Kolb, Edward A. Mabry, Thomas Matson, Gordon N. Merfeld, Bill Pancoe, Arthur Pike, William C. Ransom, Charles Real, Raymond G. Shafer, Glen Shannon. Frank Thompson, Ernest H. Titus, Calvin W. White, William T. Workman. James W. Zander, Richard W. NICKELS Anderson, Richard C. Atwater, Charles D. Bassler, George B. Borre, Edward M. de Clerque, E. Steve Dormitzer, Robert C. Drummond, Evan G. Fisher, Charles J. Geppert. Robert R. Hahn, Thomas E. Harper, Donald W. Heffernan, John W. Hoffman, Thomas P. Hollinger. Wayne F. Kamerman, Robert A. Kirby, Robert S. Knott, Stuart B. Kramer, Ralph Lewis, Gerald M. McNulty, W. Philip Murphy, Walter P. Ransom, Edward H. Roberts, Edwin B. Samelson. L. Russell Sullivan. Howard H. Voss, John C. Watt, Thompson R. Witt, Robert J. Zanzucchi, John PETERSON Bachrach, Walter V. Barry, John E. Beuttas, Robert H. Bray, A. Richard Browne, Harry C. Buchanan, John J. Burlingham, Preston Cahn, Morton D. Campbell, Richard Clark, Coleman Davis, Charles F. Davis, Philip D. Donahue. Edward J. Imus, Philip A. Johnson, Thomas A. Ketcham. Edward M. Kuh, Michael Lourie, Donald K. Mathias. Richard L. Munson, Arthur R. Moulton, Suzanne R. Mullins, Patricia G. Nitto, Vivian E. Peterson, Lila M. Porter, Joanne P. Spaulding, Jane D. Stern, Jean P. Swanson, June F. Willett, Louise Wilson, Mary H. Murphy, Lloyd F. Ostergaard, J. Kroy Reece, William S. Schreiner, Gerald S. Shaw, Clarence E. Stenson, William A. Swarts, Charles L. Thompson, Allan G. Townsend, Donald L, Ward. William C. Wente, William Z. PRENDERGAST Armstrong, Richard W. Blaesing, Gilbert W. Borre, James H. Brigham, Lucius W. Canning, George E. Cohrs, James C. Compton, John D. Davis, Edward A. Edwards, Roy S. Fischer, Fred A. Fletcher, Robert P. Goodrich, Andrew L. Gross, Edward W. Hefferan, William S. Heinzen, Donald J. Helke, James C. Hopp, Wilbur H. Kaye, John R. Lane, Gordon D. Law, John R. Ledig, Richard H. E. Matteoni, James I. McAlvey, David N. Merfeld, Gerald R. Patterson, John M. Petersen, Ralph P. Rudich, Richard A. Slayton, Robert E. Spatholt, Louis C. Zrazik, Stanley J. WEHR Allen, Robert W. Barber, Thomas H. Bauer, Judson W. Blake, Charles B. Bruce, David R. Burg, George R. Davis, Graham Deily, Fredric H. Dudley, Theodore Foss, Richard L. Fox, William W. Gormley, William Hadley, Leo C. Hickey, John H. Katz, Sidney M. Ludovice, Donald J. Meyers, William F. Newman, Philip Niggemeyer, William P Parker, Volney Rockwell. Robert C. Smith, Bruce C. Stein, B. Franklin Stiles, Lee H. Thatcher, Richard E. Towle, Philip L. Volney, Jerry Watt, John C. Weller, Paul J. Werthimer. Jerrold L. Zick, John W. BREDIN GALLIE STOLLE THORNE WALKER WEBB WEILER WHITE ZIEGLER CARPENTER CATON COBURN DELAPORTE EDWARDS HAPP BREDIN Becker, Lucille T. Brooks, Sally J, Burkland, Jean D. Chattmon, Harriette V. Engels, Jean E. Gassman, Lorayne C. Hart, Margaret R. Herbuveaux, Nanette J . Humphrey, Elizabeth E . Jackson, Bette J. Keefer, Helen L. Kutz, Bernice A. Lane, Anne P. Lee, Virginia M. MacArthur, Marjory Maltz, M. Jean Montonaro, Patricia E. Nilsen, K. Irene Nordburg, Marcia I. Schildburg, Joanne C. Scheunemann, Caryl L. Schinler, K. Joyce Shanesy, H. Jean Smith, Jo Ann Strauch, Mary Anne Tefft, Margaret Lee Towner, Margaret E. Van Horne, Elizabeth C Yerkes, Anne W. Zeisel, Phyllis R. GALLIE Bond, Nancy C. Bucher, Shirley A. Case, Irene P. Cody, M. Ann Cogswell. Margaret P. Cooper, Patricia Cooter, Shirley C. Darling, Beverly L. Freyer, Susan B. Hutchinson. Barbara Johnson. Elaine E. Jones, Florice Knight, Laverne C. Mazzetta, Mary A. LEHMAN McKINNIE NICKELS PETERSON PRENDERGAST WEHR JUNEOR ADVISERS .IU IUH GIRLS Mecklenburger, Mart Nixon, Consuelo Rosen, Elaine E. Sears, Maribel N. Shulman. Betty E. Tanner, Elizabeth M. Thom, Shirley A. , Tippens, Anne C. Van Horne, Shirley L. Vickers, Kathleen Wooden, Jean M. STOLLE Becker, Frances E. Beinlich, Nancy E. Buford, Anne Buhai, Carolyn S. Cable Mar'orie , fl Caldwell, Elizabeth B. Dinauer, Helene C. Gompert. Grace E. Hannen, Barbara B.' Houston, Cvnthia J. Hutchins. Carol P. Jannes, Gladys M. Jones, Erlene M. King, Nora J. KixMiller, Jean P. Krohl, Dorothy M. Latimer. Anne H. Link, Sally Lokken, Helen I. Makar, Sonia G. Marmaduke. Mary H. McKeown, Jo Ann R. Meng, Marilyn A. Meyers, Patricia R. Pickus, Joan S. Raymer. Barbara Rector, Marjorie Varde. Nancy R. Wright, Margaret J. TI-IORNE Armitage. Martha J. Barnes, Donna V. Belnap. Nancy a Bess, Audrey E. Billings, Florence M. Borre. Eileen M. Carroll, Ann S. Crowell, Jeanne Dewey, June B. Diettrich, Nina Mae Etterwind, Elizabeth A. Flint, Barbara R. Greigg, Elizabeth A. Grossberg, Marilyn J. Hedman, Carol G. Homan, Polly M. Hurlbutt, Barbara Jorgensen, Elinor R. Kirschbraun. Edna McConnell, Charlotte Metzger, Frances L. M0berE. Marilyn L. Oilar, Mary Lou Reifenberg, Ruth E. Rygel, Nancy A. Schmidt. Muriel A. Straus, Barbara L. Walker, Jean L. WALKER Ber ersen Constance O. 3 , Chapin, Margaret A, Coleman, Norma Esch, Josephine M. Flogaus, Barbara B. Foreman, Joan K. Halls, Ruth H. Hayson, Fannie H. Heckendorf, Frances Ives, Virginia M. James, Catherine M. Johnson, Patricia T. Jones, Doreen B. Keller, Mary Anne Kempshall. Dorothy Kinney. Mona Gail Laird. Lois I. Maddock. Doris A. Monroe. Rosamond E. Mortensen, Marjorie V. O Grady, Rosemary C. xOlson, Meryl 1. Peifer, Eleanor Petersen, Marian L. Powell, Alma E. Scheiner, Margaret M. Sevander, Phyllis Tark, Iris A. Terzakes, Irene E. Thybony, Gloria Turner, Jean Wynkoop. Marcia Zrazik, Stella L. WEBB Allans, Bessie Berry, Louise J. Bettendorf. Marilynn C. Borgeson, Jeane L. Campana, Anna M. Corra. Cizera R. David, Martha L. Edwards, Elaine S. Eldredge. Sally G. Gorder, Shirley L. Graffis. Marion E. Green, Barbara A. Gulbransen, Nelda J. Kahn, Carol J. Klein, Helen L. Lightner, Saradonna Marwick. Julia F. Morris. Mona M. Neetz, Mary H. O'Conor, Anne M. Odh, Vivian Ogle, Frances D. Peterson, Lorraine Wells. Patience A. Wiegman. Marion Younghusband. Judy A Zorzi, Marian J. WEILER Barnett. Barbara K, Bergesen, Irene Bishop, Beatrice M. Bohn, Mathilda E. Burt, Gerrie M. Carlson, Eleanor V. Digre, Joanne Eldridge, Marylin C. Feltman, Eleanor O. Fleming, Doree Fossum, Sylvia Gardes, Irene Geist, Joy A. Haugsness, Jean J. Huffaker, Gail S. Lang, Rosa Ann Malmquist, Dolores M. Morrison, Jane Murray, Betty J. Neiglick, Emily Newberry, Gloria Lee Nicolazzi, Madalyn L. Noble, Nancy A. , Percy, Doris E. Pratt, Phyllis E. Rich, Marguerite L. Schultheis, Jean L. Schwarting, Marilyn J. Skinner, Edna H. Smaniotto, Josenhine M Stekoll, Emmy Lou Stephens, Ann A. Turck, Anita Willett, Florence W. WHITE Allport, Harriet H. Bergstrand, Phyllis R. Bluhm, Barbara J. Brainerd, Rosella Bredemeier, Verona Dahncke, Olive I. Drey, Barbara Enright, Jane F. Fanckboner. Dixie Lee Flint, Dorothy J. G1-eigg. Barbara J. Henderson, Beverly J. 96 HADDEN WINDOES T.N.T. is an organization whose purpose it is to recognize unusual ability and leadership on the part of students at New Trier. Scholarship, activities, and service are factors in the selection. The name T.N.T. stands for the Latin "TenaX Nobile Triurnphansn standing for steadfast, noble, victorious. Mem- bership in this organization is held to be the highest honor attainable by a student at New Trier. This yearls officers of T.N.T. were President Arnold Berlin, Vice-President Bob Drucker, Secretary-Treasurer Nancy Farwell. Miss Elizabeth Packer's years of untiring devotion and service to New Trier were acknowledged this year when she was awarded an honorary membership to T.N.T. The Tri-Ship Award, the schoolis highest appreciation of a student's service and benefit to the school, was presented this year to Arnold Berlin. The D.A.B. Award was won this year by Nancy Dunn. It is decided by the vote of every girl in school. T.N.T. Row 1: Shafer, Macdonald, Manson, Vedder, Mizener, Devlin, Werthimer, Booth, Schultz, Chase, Bryson. Row 2: Dunn, Henderson, Ward, Starrett, Davies, Miller, Harshaw, Kaempfer, McEwan, Tuttle, Moulding, Monroe. Row 3: Scheibel, Butler, Tideman, Meacham, Bowen, Chiquoine, Cassell, Cook, Terzakes, KixMiller, Cogswell, Cody, Lamb, Farwell, Bovbjerg, Fisher Seiler. Row 4: Wiese, Clarke, Rapp, Berlin, Lundin, Gilbert, Lippincott, Scarff, Steitz, Mathias, Royce, Davis, Darley, Drucker, Bower, Hildebrand. Hlfl UH SIQIIIIETY I The Honor Society, which has existed almost ever since the beginning of New Trier, is composed traditionally of all the students who have obtained an average of 3.20 or more, during the iirst seven semesters. The number of students of chosen is never below 10? of the class, but this year the senior class is proud to be one from which almost 206k were chosen for this group. Out of a class of 575, 100 honor roll students were elected to this year's Honor Society. This is something to be proud of, as the scholastic record of New Trier has been consistently improving, culminating in the maxi, - excellent representation of this year's class. HONOR SOCIETY LGIRLSU Row 1: Dunn, Moulding, Sabin, Booze, Moody, Fox, Lammers, Miller, Davies, Jarvis, Bovbjerg, Kaempfer, Farwell, Harshaw Row 2: Strauss, Hall, Tideman, Tranzi, Hoffman, Cloyd, Pickett, McEwan, Cassell, Baker, Rogers, Kuhn, Carpenter, Tuttle E. Smith, Warren. Row 3: Melchoir, Starrett, Lamb, Woolf, Small, Stephenson, Yust, Dawson, Yates, Meacham, Cook, McElroy, Gray, Menden Leech, Randall, Frei, Lipman. HONOR SOCIETY fBOYS'J Row 1: Fisher, Rosenberg, Glenn, Allrich, Allison, Marjerison, Merkle, Macdonald, Booth, Wright. Row 2: Berlin, Seiler, Schultz, Rapp, Calhoun, Jackson, Shafer, Bower, Morehouse, Mestjian, Marshall, Bryson, Chase, Drucker Row 3: Reichert, Lutter, Smith, Mooney, Schmick, Davis, Scarff, Johnson, McAfee, Steitz, Gilbert, Moore, Hildebrand. J 97 W W , WMA H . gl' . .- Mum, mnfemaaaszauf-w,m1.1, wzfawmmmwuwalxwmav K, n, ' ff 1 murals 4 M QDG1f.QoL,fa0Z! ME SE IDB EL S5 The senior class of 1942 has ended its four years at New Trier with an excellent record. Under its direction many changes have taken place which Will long be remembered. Honor study halls Were organized in which the Whole senior class was placed under student supervision. The class has shown its fine sense of cooperation and ability to carry out new plans in the success of these study halls. . 1 My f,,.y H ,MW , V. f , Q if . f ' T t:4Z9ffe'Y0 ' . . V- if ff nn, ,Q ' . I I GAS I A i Y- .wi Q' T A , A v' lui' J .- ,4 f i Q A ,ff Q ' Ei wi ,fl ltl' fu ' J 5 . ,,.il ' J, if , X I N X751 X if lx, I M : ,X wp, . f V. J 1 l I , .-f"" SEILBR. STARRETT L -Q 1 res del t Vice-President BOYLE ANDREAE Treasurer Secretary . f ,N S ANDERSON 'E in H WW: Y, 9' x v A K s df ' A 4 H Ki 5 ayzvtgffzrifll I .4 A if- 1 5 5: I. P 7 x 5s . Z A , f ' x 3 i? x x I Q I B. CHANCELLOR C.CHANNER S.CHASE I-LCHATTMAN ,J.C-HIQUOINE o.coRnA YLCORRA R.comueAN, J.'COUTRE 'CQCRAM- 4 CVUQLEY w. DALGETY M. DAULT cz. n:-.vets Rf u: f'Q .aw 3 A.nAvas ' R.DAvls DAVIS H. DAWSON J. DeBERARD D. DENO M DIDI M DIETRICH M DI D . X fifi f 1192, f Q , f f Q 15 kkk K A -.55 m"D Q., D DD7f f f Z , W z 'ff of f f I' N DIALLQN G DIXON D.DOANE MQDODERLEIN 1s.oous c,ooNEY n.ni56i1NEu.Y P.uoNol-lu: raoown D M. EBBERT IO4 L RLE R. ECKEL R. EDINBERGF Y .QQ my X GW ff, W I Q J i IOS 2 L 2 E i 3 F I i N. FARWELL W. FAVILLE R. FAVRETTO W. FERGUSON J. FIGUEIRA J. FINNIC-EARN' F. FISCHER R. FISHER T. FISCI-IER , M. FITCH 1 B. FITZGERALD E. FOOTE I 2 . ........ H,-'guru A . -. Fox K. Fox ga. FnAN.,o R. FRANCO R. Fnosl..aa:w , 'E '4 P , K w 6 i 5 L m X i r V ,f V. ., AI 1 , L w , X fl, I Fi I I II' ,. .f I l 5 R L if 1. 'L i P I K . 7,514 f f, ' ' - , ff LFREELOVE B.FREl E. FREUNDLICH R.FRISCHE A. FRYMIRE F.GARDlNER R GEIER L GERARD N GERSDORF A GILBERT P GILLENGERTEN R GLENN C GRAYLING G GOCKEL E GOODRICH E GOTTMANN C GRAF C GRAY' A C. GUDBRANDSEN R. HAGEN ' A. H Ll. M. HALL R. HALLDORSON W. HALLSTEEN J. HANCOCK W.HANNA R.HAVNSEN V. HAPP J.HARRlS H. HARSHAW I06 ARTWELL S.HAUGAN N.HAWXHURST S. HAZELETN A.HEERENS W. HEINRICHS ENDERICK E.HENDERSON V.HERB J.HESS .LHICKS R. HILDEBRAND N.HILL ,W.HlLL N.HILLlS .LHIMMEL C.HlRSCH S.HOBBS HOFFMAN J. HOGARTH P. 'HOLLINGSHEAD W. HOLLIS, B. HOLWAY J. HOSBEIN l L 5 I, 1 P.:-:oss ' R.:-nous:-I D.HURLBUTT, n.HuszAGl-I D.lCKES ' w.lReoAus nov , 3 v I fl x 2 . , , , , J l08 MMM ,Lf,, 4 , E M. KEARNEY R. KEARNEY M. KEEHN R. KEISER ' M. KELLY J. KENNEDY E-'Qf'E Tc.HAM T. KETCHAM M. Klewlcn' H. Kmeenv L. ' E D.KlRSCHT J.KLElN R.KNOBEL P. KNOTT D. KOENIG L KOLTZ M KORSGREN D KRAEMER R KRAFT KRA C.KREG R P.KREJCI M.KRlST0XE B.'KRlTZER G.KRUEGER E . - i! J. KUBICEK R. KUHN L. KUNZE 'L .E. LAK M. LA'M'B QE F. LAMME A.LAMMERS S. LANE E. LANCIONJE' H. LA QUEURL . . V. . . yagg Y1 I , ,, f y 2 L f K ,Z , , , , . , ,Zi ,,,, 1 V V' ' 4.5.1-.LARSEN E. LARSEN N. LARSON -R. LASATER E. LA. ,ffl .NeQ.',.., .-..-.. ,HN ,,,........,,..... ,,,,,., ,..,...,-...M ,,.,.. -,,,.,.,.,...,.,,, ,,,,-,,, , ,M ,, , ' ' 1 ,,LL. , ,A ,f L N 1 N + C. LAW N. LEE R. LICHTER L. LIPPINCO R, LUMP D. L Y N C H L L Y T T O N J MACDONALD J MacFARU fXEE'U yy Z Wg f Q f T 1 , Y ,I P J 3 M . .f .WW 252. 5 M. MADDEN J. MANSON M. MARCUM H. MARJERISON R. MARMADUKE C. MARSCHALL J. MARSHALL E. MARWICK R. MASTON W. MATTHEWS W. MAY L. MAYER. R. MAAYNARD A. MAZZETTA M. McADAMS K. McAFEE F. McCANDl.lSH A. McCARTHY R. McCLANE P. McCONNELL B. M c E L R O Y M. M c EAW A N M. M c K AY R. McKEAVRNAN R. McKElGHAN 1 I Y a 1 . ... , j gjgQjg.g5., .,. QQEACHAM R. MELCHIOR J. MENDEN R. MENG 5' I I 1, RP MERGENER R MERKLE R MESTJlAN W MEYER C MEYERS L MICHAEL KV D.MlLLARD G.MILLER P.Mll.LER R R.MILLER S.MlLLER S.MlLLER R.MlNCHEFF MI OR W.MlZENER R.MOCKLER LMOELLER E.MOODY WQGHM-W P.AMO0NEY A.MOORE J.RMO0RE N. MOREHOUSE T.MORNER E.MORRlS H.MORSE B.MOULDlNG P.MULLINS B.MURCH' T.MU,RPHY B.MURRAY R H2 f . 5 x Y A J K A X V2 W "H J? x 2 ini "' f-:riff 0 5? ' S.MURRAY E.MURRAY J.MYERS ILNAETHANS J.NElWEEM . 9, 1 i B. o ' L E A mr c. o L s o N J. QPPENHEIMER D. o R vu s M. PAGLIARUIQ F ,X i 1, If A X J. PALENSKE M. PARKINSQN G. PEAcocK W w. PsAnsoN s. PECkl, V M A l l D-g 451sLe F. PENNEY' A.PEnuzzA'ro n. PETERSEN B.PETE!i ?Qb?1'lx!1 - G.PETTY J.PHILLIPS P.PlCKETT G.PINKOWSKl W. PLAMONDON A I ' -.-. VW ,9:1 ,7i wif-, 5? ' , ,liifff f D.PLOTKIN B. POMEROY J.PRINS P.PULFER E.PURONAS O B. RAMSER M. RANDALL R. RAPP M. RAYMOND B. REDFIELD P.REECE J. REICHERT M.REINHARD A.RElNWALD 'D.ROMPEL S.ROBERTSON D.ROBSON W.ROBSON W. RQDGERS J. ROESSLER B. RIBLETT M. U1 W"ww'wvwwwmwwwwf:y',wwwv,wo1 5 J P n Fen J.scHAws J.Scl-nausea. e.scl-IEMPP J.SCHlFFLlN P.SCHlPFERf K v R X ICK G. Cl-IMIDT I-LSCHMITZ D.SCHNEIDER W.SCHNEIDER AH.SCHULVTZ D SCHWALL R SCHWEGER P SCHWEITZER D SCOTT II6 - uni. ,, IVKDIIHEEXIKEILI no-an-nu .v,..,.,,,,,,,,, vyw----vw-4' Wi ir +4s?f fww-v-"" R. STEITZ M. STEMBRIDGE M. STEPHENSON H. STEVENS J. STEVENSON B. STEWART J.STOVALL G.STOWE G.STRAUSS P.STRAUSS V.STUBBE R.STURGlS . igdirvwwmf-w War S q'9'Y"w-W 406, A.SWANSON W.SWARTZ H.SWEENEY P.SYMONS R. TALBOT S.TATE J.TEETER P.THEIS QLTHOGERSEN AP.THORPE C.TIDEMAN B.TODD v,TRANzl M.TREEs Rnrnseo n.TnAvls J.'rRlPl.E'rr J.Tnux II7 T i iw C. H8 J. TURGEON A.TUTTl..E C. AN 1 ,, ,f 1511 3, 1 , , '-A Q4 1 DDER L.VODOZ J. VOLLER WALKER N. WALPOLE N. HOFF D. V' W 1. V. WA ENER R. WAGY 2 P su cr ffl Z P 5 P su z H1 so ,lava i., Q9 M. WARNER Wiki J. WARREN K. WARREN R. WARREN C.WASl-'IBURNE M.WATSON X: ATHIMQQ L JE ,c. 1, 2 E H1 W l'l'l N 11" E ITI Z V5 -I 0 0 R 5- S I11 I"" -l H1 I F 2 ff! VI I1! N P E H1 -I -I H1 I l'l'I Z P' 2 A I A -1 E I'Il .zfilaazfm D WIL WOLF E WO D ZIMMERMAN P garvylgoor ,ri ' K ' , , X XXX 0 X Q 4 sl V fi fr: M , 1 .-4 1' ,L-iff . ' ' . 9. my .V c..,kg,. I - - 35,113 f 3 fy Y ci Pc 12,24-5 1 was ,+:':.4P-i1'4 5 J 4:4 1 ,4fw,gsm:w:- Q ,'s'!3q-Sires,-3-s', - rv .pisjgfy -- 11 . 42, X HBA- -AV" if ez f c 1-Q . 1. I' . Q-Nssyrgvx L ' 1 .,,, v 'f ' tzi' lf V AMS E.WlLLIAMS M.WlLLl-AMS W.WILLMARTH J YO m vcnunn p Mtv Ms! 1 X. A SABIN y R. WADE Bob Wade was lost to, the class of '42 on April 25th. While in school Bob was especially fond of baseball, basket- ball and was a member of Junior Varsity football squad, and engaged in many Intra-Mural sports. His ability to draw was shown -by his cartoons which appeared in several daily papers. A map of Mexico hangs in the Foreign Lan- guage office which Bob made during his Sophomore year. All through his long illness his was a bright and brave spirit and he will always be remembered by his many friends. ff-X R WOOD P. CASTLE V. HORGAN f OOLF , W. .41 ,K i l l H9 fr,-Js -- --w .-'Sv+aP1sww'wf.-Ts-T-fvf-eHffVP-'?- vf2f-rvrr-f"Sf . ,. 5-R?f:v':e-Lflfeae--H -v ce: -2--"1 vv 34.1-N, -Y 111.1 Abrams, Sam: Winnetka Honor Group 23 I. M. Basketball Champs 33 Managers Letter 43 Managers Club 23 Glee Club 33 Sul- livan High School 13 University of Illinois. 95 Allison, Annis: "Annie : Winnetka Student Council Representative 13 Girls' Club Representative 13 News Staff 43 French Club 23 Career Club 3,43 Swing Club 23 University of Michigan. Allison, Louis M: "Lou": Winnetka Honor Groups 1,2,33 Honor Society 43 Door guard 43 Football 2,41 Letter 43 IM Basketball Champs 23 Glee Club 1,23 Rifle Club 1,23 Northwest- ern. Allrich, Robert W: "Pouchy": Winnetka Honor Group l,2,3,43 Honor Society 43 Student Council Exhibit Commit- tee 43 Tri-Ship Representative 13 Usher corps 43 Information Desk 43 Football 33 IM Basketball Champs 2: Inklings Contributor 3,41 News Staff 43 German Club 2,3,43 Career Club 43 Brown. Anderson, Donald A: Wihnette Honor Group 1.2.43 Tri-Ship Repre- sentative 33 Dinner Committee 4: Usher Corps 43 IM School Track Champ 33 "Rose and the Ring" 1: Actors Guild 1,2Q "Lagniappe" 43 Band 1,2,33 Career Ciub 3,43 North- western. Anderson, Robert E: Wilmette Student Council Representative 2: Social Committee 23 Baseball 2.3.41 Letter 43 Glee Club 23 University of Illinois. Anderson, Thomas: Wilmette Glee Club 13 Commerce Club 1.2.3. Andreae, Margaret Lois: "Loie": Winnetka Student Council Representative 13 Study Hall Committee 3,43 Study Hall Supervisor 33 Girls' Club Charity Committee 23 Class Social Committee 33 Secretary 43 G.A.A. l,2,3,43 Hockey 1: Basketball 23 300 Point Award 23 Glee Club 23 Echoes Staff 33 French Club 23 Career Club 3,43 Treasurer 43 Bradford. Andrews, Patricia P: "Patt": Glenview Baseball 1,2,33 Hockey 23 Speedball 1,33 Basketball 11 G-A-A 1-2.3.42 300 Pt. Award 33 Actors Guild 23 Rifle Club l,2,3,43 French Club 2,33 Archeology 13 Newcomb. Anthony, Joseph R: "Joe": Glencoe Tri-Ship Representative 33 Tri-Ship Dance Committee 43 Swimming 1,2, 3,43 Letter 1,2,3,4Q Tennis 2,3,43 Let- ter 2,3,43 Swing Club 23 Northwest- ern. Anthony, Raymond J: "Ray": Glencoe Swimming 1.2,3,4I Letter l,2,3,43 IlVI Baseball Champ 3. Aiitridge, Russell G. Jr: "Russ": Evanston Honor Group 2,41 Tri-Ship Student Aid Committee 43 Usher Corps 43 Swimming 2,3,43 Letter 2.3.43 Co- captain 43 Guard 43 Sigma Gamma Sigma 43 Robinson High 13 Evanston High School 13 Northwestern. Bacon, Shirley: Wilmette Book Club i, University of Illinois. Baker, Barbara: "Barb": Winnetka Honor Group 1.13.43 Honor Society 43 Girls' Club Friendly Committee IZO SE 4: Glee Club 33 News Staff 23 Ink- lings Contributor 3: G.A.A. 2,3,4: "The Admirable Crichton" 43 Quill Club 13 Scriblerus 2,33 Lens Club 13 Career Club 3,43 Latin Club 2,3,43 President 33 Secretary 43 Dramatic Club 43 Lawrence. Ball, Daniel H: "Dann: Winnetka Student Council Student Relations Committee 3,43 Study Hall Super- visor 43 Information Desk 43 Door Guard 33 Swimming l,2,3,43 Letter 2,3,43 Guard 2,3,43 IM Volleyball Champ 1: Cheer Leader 43 News Staff 43 Debate Team 43 Forensic League 43 Sigma Gamnia Sigma 43 Gavel Club 43 Career Club 33 Wash- ington and Lee. Barber, Dody: Glenview DePaul. Barker, John F: "Johnny": Football 1. Wilmette Baron, Dorothy: "Dottie": Wilmette G.A.A. 1,2,3,4I Archery 23 Head of Rhythms 43 Publicity Committee 33 300 Point Award 13 600 Point Award 33 800 Point Award 43 Baseball 3. Barr, James: "Jim": Glencoe Usher Corps 3,41 Information Desk 43 Football 33 "The Admirable Crichton" 43 "Ladies of the Jury" 43 "American Way" 3: Actors Guild 33 Echoes Business Editor 43 Ink- lings Contributor 33 Senior Music Club 43 Broadcasting Club 3,43 Dra- matics 3,43 Career Club 43 Senn High School 1,23 Princeton. Barthold, Walter J. Jr: Winnetka Honor Group 2,33 Tri-Ship Repre- sentative 13 Glee Club 1,23 Univer- sity of Chicago. Bartling, Joanne: "Jodie": Kenilworth University of Illinois. Bassett, Marilyn: Wilmette "Lagniappe" 43 Glee Club 3.41 News Staff 3,43 Career Club 43 Roosevelt High, Utah 13 Gross Point High, Michigan 23 Colorado University. Bayard, Charles J: "Chuck": Winnetka Tri-Ship Representative 13 Tri-Ship Dance Committee 3,45 Interscholas- tic 43 Junior Prom Committee 33 Information Desk 4: Baseball 1,2,43 Letter 23 Football l,2,3,43 Letter 43 Glee Club 1,23 Study Hall Supervisor 43 William and Mary. Beck, Barbara: Northfield Honor Group 43 Our Lady of Angels, Iowa 1,2. Beck, Elizabeth: "Bets": Kenilworth Student Council Assembly Commit- tee 3g Girls' Club Charity Committee 33 "Lagniappe" 33 "Gondoliers" 3: "Iolanthe" 43 Glee Club 1,23 Choir 3,43 Opera Group 3,43 Ensemble 3,43 Junior Music Club 13 Senior Music Club 2,3,43 Career Club 33 Oberlin. Beinlich, George: Glencoe Beinlich, Richard: "Dick": Glencoe IIJH Belnap, Barbara: "Barb": Winnetka Girls' Club Social Committee 33 G.A.A. l,2,3,43 Hockey 1,23 French Club 2,3,43 Career Club 3,43 Lawr- ence. Bengston, John A: Wilmette Benner, Joan M: Wilmette Girls' Club Arrangements Commit- tee 23 G.A.A. 2,3,4: Treble Clef 23 Glee Club 2,33 Opera Group 43 News Staff 13 Junior Music Club 1,23 Book Club 2,33 Career Club 3,43 Spanish Club 43 DePauw. Bergeson, Monrad M: "Monty": Winnetka Football 33 Moody Bible Institute. Bergquist, Steve: Kenilworth Glee Club 2,33 Opera Group 43 Ride Club 2,43 Aeronautical Club 4. Berggren, Ruth: "Ronnie": Wixmetka "Lagniappe" 33 "Ladies of the Jury" 43 Swing Club 33 Lake Forest 13 Highland Park 23 Rollins. Beris, Norman: Chicago IM Football Champ 4. Berlin, Arnold: "Arnie": Glencoe T.N.T. 3,41 Trip-Ship Award 43 President 43 Honor Group 1,2,3,4Q Honor Society 43 Council Publicity Committee 33 Tri-Ship Dinner Com- mittee Chairman 33 Sophomore Class Chairman 23 Representative 13 Usher Corps 3,43 "The Youngest" 2: "The American Way" 33 "Ladies of the Jury" 43 Dramatic Club 2,3,43 Vice-President 33 Junior Music Club 23 German Club 33 Career Club 33 Badminton Club 2,41 Princeton. Bernardi, Wilbur R: Winnetka Door Guard 3,43 Gymnastic Team 3,43 Letter 43 Choir 23 Handstand Club 43 Illinois School of Pharmacy. Beuttas, Paul J: Winnetka Football l,2,3,43 Letter 2,41 Track 2,3,43 Letter 2,3,43 Basketball 13 Baseball 13 Career Club 33 The Citadel. Biederer, Grace: Glenview Honor Group 1,2,43 Volleyball 33 Commerce Club 43 Secretary 4. Billingsley, Violet: "Vi": Winnetka Bingham, Katherine: Winnetka Honor Group 43 Student Council Student Relations Committee 43 Girls' Club Representative 23 Friend- ly Committee 43 "The American Way" 33 "Ladies of the Jury" 43 Broadcasting Club l,2,3,43 Presi- dent 43 Career Club 3,43 Dramatic Club 3,4. Bishop, Edward M: "Ed": Winnetka Football 23 Baseball 23 Letter 23 Basketball 3,43 Letter 43 Career Club 43 Badminton Club 43 Rifle Club 13 Purdue. Bjork, Leslie V: "Les": Glenview Honor Group 13 Tri-Ship Representa- tive 33 Usher Corps 43 Information Desk 43 Glee Club 2,33 Choir 43 Ensemble 43 Opera Group 4: "Iolanthe" 43 News Staff 23 Sports Club 23 Swing Club 2,33 Sen.n High School 13 Northwestern. Blackburn, Donald K: "Blackie": Evanston Swimming 3,43 Glee Club 2,33 Opera Group 43 "Iolanthe" 43 News Staff 43 Debate Team 3,43 Forensic League 3,43 Gavel Club 3,43 Lens Club 33 Rifle Club 33 Senior Music Club 43 North Shore Country Day 13 Princeton. , Blair, Lois: "Loie": Winnetka Career Club 33 French Club 23 Stephens. Bohn, Bernice: "Berdle": Glenview Glee Club 3,43 Treble Clef Club 3. Bohn, Edward C: "Bud": Commerce Club 4. Glenview Boll, William: "Bill": Winnetka Band 1,2,3,4. Bond, Betty B: "Bets": Winnetka Student Council Publicity Committee 43 Girls' Club Publicity Committee 43 French Club 2,33 Cflreel' Club 2.33 Art League 13 William and Mary. Bond, Vesta C: "Ves": Wilmette Honor Group 1,23 "L3EH1aPD6" 31 "The Gondoliers" 33 "Iolanthe" 43 Glee Club 2,33 Choir 3,43 Opera Group 3,43 Ensemble 4: Broadcast- ing Club 2,33 Career Club 3,43 Dra- matic Club 43 Doumers Grove Town- ship High 13 Cornell. Bonner, Francis A: "Bud": Winnetka Information Desk 3,43 "The Gon- doliers" 33 "Iolanthe" 43 Glee Club 1,23 Opera Group 3,43 Choir 3.41 Ensemble 43 Lens Club 1,23 Rifle Club 13 German Club 43. Career Club 43 "Lagniappe" 42 Visual Service Staff 2,3,43 Harvard. Boorman, Earl Jr: Winnetka Honor Group 13 Rifle Team 1,2,3: Glee Club l,2,3,43 Rifle Club l,2,3,43 Princeton. Booth, David: "Dave": Winnetka T.N.T. 3,43 Honor Groups l,2,3,43 Honor Society 43 Student Council Representative 1,33 Study Hall Com- mittee 1,2,33 Building and Grounds Committee 33 Chairman Community Properties Committee 33 Co-chair- man Building-Grounds Committee 43 Town Hall Meeting 3,43 Tri-Ship Representative 23 Usher Corps 42 Red Cross Delegate to Convention 2,3,43 Track 23 Handball 1,21 Actors Guild 33 Orchestra 23 News Staff 23 Junior Music Club 1,23 Senior Music Club 3,43 Gavel Club 23 Stu- dent Supervisor 43 Harvard. Booze, H. Virginia: Wilmette Honor Group 2,3,43 Honor Society 43 Girls' Club Financial Committee 43 G.A.A. 2,3,43 "Daddy Long Legs" 33 "Ladies of the Jury" 43 "The Ameri- can Way" 33 "Lagniappe" 43 Glee Club 3,43 French Club 43 Knitting Club 23 Career Club 3,43 Dramatics 3,43 Bristow High, Oklahoma 13 Wellesley. Bovbjerg, Gearldinez "Gerry": Wilmette T.N.T. 3,43 Honor Group l,2,3,43 Honor Society 43 Student Council Social Committee 33 Representative 13 Girls' Club Friendly Committee 33 Chairman 43 G.A.A. l,2,3,43 Swim- ming 1,23 Social Committee 33 300 Point Award 33 "The Youngest" 23 4 l E . l x 4 A I l li 4 1 i 2 ni ll ll L ,I 1 5, ' 11 4 3: ri 1 v 1 i A 1 1 V . 1 L 'e I I "The Admirable Crichton" 4: Glee Club 33 Opera Group 43 Choir 43 "Iolanthe" 43 Study Hall Supervisor 43 Make-up Crew 3,43 Editor of Schreiberi 43 Inkling Contributor 33 Dramatic Club 2,3,43 Quill Club 1,23 President 13 German Club 3,43 Sec- retary 33 Swing Club 23 University of Chicago. Bowen, Anne L: Wilmette T.N.T. 43 Student Council Repre- sentative 1,43 Assembly Committee 33 Study Hall Supervisor 43 Class Social Comrnittee 33 "Lagniappe" committee 43 "The Youngest" 23 "Death Takes a Holiday" 33 "Ad- mirable Crichton" 43 "Arms and the Man" 43 Players 43 Glee Club 2,31 Opera Group 43 Career Club 33 Verse Speaking Choir 2,3,43 Serv- ice Club 33 Broadcasting 3,43 Carle- ton. Bowen, Barbara L: "Barb": Winnetka G.A.A. 1,2,3,4Q Swimming 1,2,3Q Baseball 13 Basketball 1,31 Volley- ball 33 Swimming Guard 3,43 Tele- graph Team 2,3,43 Arrangements Committee 33 300 Point Award 13 600 Point Award 33 800 Point Award 43 Numerals 13 Head of Swimming 43 Archery 3,43 G.A.A. Representative 43 Treble Clef 23 Glee Club 3,43 Spanish Club 33 Career Club 43 Coe College. Bower, John L: "Bosco": Winnetka T.N.T. 43 Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Honor Society 43 Chairman Defense Com- mittee 43 Football 23 Letter 23 Base- ball 3,43 Swimming 13 Glee Club 1,23 Study Hall Supervisor 4. Boyle, Walter D. L: "Waldo": Kenilworth Student Council Representative 13 Building and Grounds Committee 13 Study Hall Supervisor 43 Tri-Ship Student Aid Committee 3: Chairman 43 Information Desk 33 Usher Corps 33 Financial Committee 43 Class Treasurer 43 Football Team 23 Let- ter 23 Swimming 2,3,43 Letter 2,3,43 Cheerleader 3,43 Sigma Gamma Sigma 43 "Rose and the Ring" 1: News Staff 3,43 Dramatic Club 1,2,3,4Q Career Club 3,43 Washington and Lee. Brady, Patricia M: "Pat": Kenilworth Rifle Team 13 Glee Club 3,41 News Staff 3,43 Career Club 3,43 Service Club 3,41 University of Wisconsin. Brenchley, Margaret A: "Midge": Wilmette G.A.A. 2.3,43 Head of Square Danc- ing 4j 300 Point Award 43 Career Club 33 Service Club 43 Moser. Bretzlaif, Carl W. Jr: Wilmette Honor Group 33 Orchestra 1,21 Band 1,2,33 Northwestern. Brewer, William: "Bil1": Wilmette Glee Club 1,23 Rise Club 1. Brown, Edwin B: "Bucky,': Winnetka Honor Group 23 Tri-Ship Representa- tive 23 Student Aid Committee 43 Usher Corps 43 Track Team 2,32 lnformation Desk 43 IM Track Champ 43 Career Club 43 North- western. Bruchhouser, Ray: Wilmette Band 2,3. Bryson, Arthur E. Jr: "Art": Winnetka T.N.T. 43 Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Honor Society 43 Student Council Repre- sentative 13 Publicity Committee 33 Treasurer 43 Study Hall Committee Chairman 43 Tri-Ship Representative 1 :JEL .Y IITI TITIE 23 Inter-scholastic Relations Com- mittee 33 Usher Corps 3,43 Gymnas- tics 33 Swimming 23 "The Rose and the Ring" 13 "Death Takes a Holi- day" 33 "The Gondoliers" 33 Glee Club 1,23 Choir 3,43 Opera Group 3,43 Ensemble 43 News Stalf 33 Junior Music Club 23 Senior Music Club 33 Sports Club 23 Dramatic Club 1.2.3,-43 Haverford. Bucher, Rosemary: "Rosie": Glencoe Career Club 3,43 German Club 3,43 Moser. Burget, Violet J: Wilmette Science Club 1,2,33 German Club 33 Career Club 3,43 National College of Education. Burkhardt, Henry S: "Hank": Northwestern. Glencoe Burnett, Joseph G: "Joe": Glencoe Honor Group 33 Tri-Ship Represen- tative 43 Usher Corps 3,43 News Staff 3,41 Lens Club 1,2,33 Career Club 33 Colorado Schools of Mines. Burns, Ellen: Wilmette Glee Club 1,2,3,43 Career Club 43 Make-up Crew 3,43 Miami Univer- sity. Burns, Nancy: Glencoe Honor Group 33 Treble Clef 13 Glee Club 2,33 Junior Music Club 13 Senior Music Club 2,3,4j Randolph- Macon. Burrows, Robert W: Winnetka Rifle Club 1,2,33 Radio 3,43 Secretary 43 Northwestern. Burt, June: Glenview Career Club 43 Stephens. Busch, Marilyn: Glenview Honor Group 43 Actors Guild 43 Sullivan High School 1,2,3. Butler, Dorothy L: "Dotty": Wilmette T.N.T. 43 Honor Group 2,33 Student Council Representative 13 Town Hall 43 Girls' Club Representative 23 Charity Committee 43 Senior Hop Committee 43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Basket- ball 2,33 Baseball 23 Glee Club 23 Inklings Staff 43 Contributor 3,43 "The American Way" 33 Career Club 33 Spanish Club 33 Book Club 2,33 Dramatics Club 3,43 Service Club 43 French Club 23 Journalism 33 Connecticut School of Nursing. Calhoun, Roland B: "Cal": Glencoe Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Honor Society 43 IM Football Champ 2,33 Informa- tion Desk 4j Door Guard 43 Glee Club 1,23 Latin Club 1,23 Stamp Club 23 Dartmouth. Campbell, Ann S: Wilmette Honor Group 3,43 G.A.A. 43 Repre- sentative 43 "The American Way" 33 Glee Club 2,33 Opera Group 43 "Iolanthe" 43 Travel Club 23 Coin Club 23 Quill Club 23 Musicale 23 Spanish Club 3,43 Radio Club 3,43 French Club 3,43 Career Club 43 Dramatic Club 3,43 Girls' Latin School 13 Northwestern. Campbell, Robert: "Bobf': Kenilworth Football l,2,33 Letter 23 Career Club 3. Carlin, Patricia E: "Pat": Wilmette Honor Group 33 G.A.A. 3,43 French Club 33 Career Club 43 Cornell. Carlson, Doris J: "Doey": ' Wilmette Honor Group 23 Girls' Club Arrange- ment Committee 43 G.A.A. l,2,3,43 Volleyball 13 Archery 13 Clogging 23 Oiiicial 33 300 Point Award 13 600 Point Award 23 800 Point Award 33 Representative 43 Manager of Square Dancing 43 Verse Speaking Choir 43 Glee Club 2,33 Broadcasting Club 33 Science Club 2,33 Service Club 3,43 Career Club 33 University of Illinois. Carpenter, Betty Lee: "B, Lee": Wheeling Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Honor Society 43 Student Council Representative 43 Exhibit Committee 43 Girls' Club Representative 33 Arrangements Committee 33 Social Committee 43 "American Way" 33 Actors Guild 3,43 Board 43 Make-up Crew 43 Glee Club 1,2,33 Choir 43 Opera Group 43 Dramatic Club 3,4. Carrington, George: Wilmette Carroll, Gloria D: Winnetka Girls' Club Representative 1,2,3j Financial Committee 33 Publicity Committee 43 Glee Club l,2,31 Echoes Staff 43 Sketch Club 1,23 Swing Club 2,33 Career Club 3,4. Carroll, William P: "Bill": Winnetka Glee Club 2,33 Echoes Assistant Edi- tor 33 Editor-in-Chief 43 Rifle Club 2. Cartier, Jeanne: Winnetka News Staff 23 Inklings Editor-in- Chief 43 Treble Clef 13 Service Club 3,41 Career Club 3,43 Radio Club 43 University of Wisconsin. Cash, James H: "Jim,': Glenview Football 13 Baseball 2. Cassell, Sylvia Elizabeth: "Sue": Winnetka T.N.T. 43 Honor Group 1,2,3Q Honor Society 43 Girls' Club Representa- tive 23 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4: Hockey 13 Basketball 33 Swimming 33 Pub- licity Committee 33 Representative 33 300 Point Award 23 600 Point Award 43 800 Point Award 43 Head of Riflery 43 Council Representative 43 Social Committee 43 Class Com- mittee 43 Glee Club 1,23 News Staff 33 "Rose and the Ring" 13 "Ameri- can Way" 33 "Arms and the Man" 43 Actors Guild 43 Quill Club lj Jun- ior Music Club 1,21 French Club 2,3,4: "Le Flambeau" poetry Editor 43 Senior Music Club 3,41 Rifle Club 33 Dramatic Club 1,2,3,4Q Wellesley. Casterline, William: "Bill": Wilmette Honor Group 3,43 Student Council Representative 23 Publicity Commit- tee 23 Finance Committee Head 43 Social Committee 43 Tri-Ship Sub- Chairman of Club Room Committee 43 Track 23 Letter 23 "The Gondo- liers" 33 "lolanthe" 43 Glee Club 23 Choir 43 Opera Group 43 Study Hall Supervisor 33 Career Club 43 Badminton Club 43 Grinnell. Castle, Priscilla: "Cilla',: Glencoe Girls' Club Finance Committee 23 Career Club 2,33 French Club 2,33 Quill Club 2,31 Journalism Club 23 Gulf Park. Cazel, Lenore : Wilmette Career Club 3,43 American Academy of Art. Chalmers, Lucie M: Wilmette Girls' Club Bazaar Committee 13 Treble Clef 13 Glee Club 2,3,43 Career Club 43 Lawrence. Chancellor, Barbara: "Channie": Winnetka Student Council Publicity Committee 2,33 Girls' Club Representative 33 Charity Committee 13 Social Com- mittee 23 Friendly Committee 23 G.A.A. l,2,3,43 Award Committee 23 Social Committee 33 "Lagniappe" 3,41 Glee Club 1,23 Opera Group 3,41 Ensemble 43 Study Hall Super- visor 43 French Club 3,43 Spanish Club 33 Career Club 33 Book Club 33 Swing Club 2,31 Bennett. Chamier, Constance S: Ogantz "Connie": Glencoe Chase, Stephen: Kenilworth T.N.T. 43 Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Honor Society 43 Student Council Publicity Committee Co-head 43 Tri-Ship Din- ner Committee 33 Inter-Scholastic Committee 23 Usher Corps 3.43 Basketball 43 Letter 43 Tennis 3,43 Letter 3,42 IM Tennis Champ 1,2,43 Volleyball Champ 13 IM Badminton Champ 33 Debate Team 23 Forensic League 23 Gavel Club 2,3,43 Presi- dent 43 Carleton. Chattman, G. Horace: Glencoe Door Guard 43 Football 13 Basket- ball 13 Track 2,3,43 Letter 33 Rifle Club 43 Handstand Club 43 Whittier. Chiquoine, Janice G: "Happy": Winnetka T.N.T. 43 Honor Group 3,43 Student Council Representative 33 Assembly Committee 23 Publicity 33 Study Hall Committee 33 Student Relations Committee 33 Secretary 43 Girls' Club Friendly Committee 23 Class Vice-President 13 Prom Committee 33 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Hockey 1,23 Base- ball 1,22 Numerals 13 Glee Club 23 Swing Club 23 Connecticut. Claffey, Thomas: "Tom": Wilmette Tri-Ship Representative 33 Class Social Committee 1,2,33 Football 1.2.42 Letter 43 Basketball Champ 43 Career Club 4. Clapper, Willard: Winnetka Clay, James H: "Jim": Walton' Wilmette Cleary, Gerald V: "Jerry": Winnetka Tri-Ship Representative 33 Door Guard 3,43 Football 1,2,3,4Q Letter 2,41 Glee Club 2,32 Lens Club 33 Swing Club 13 Stamp Club 33 Career Club 43 Dartmouth. Cloyd, Jane: Winnetka Honor Group 3,43 Honor Society 43 Girls' Club Arrangement 33 Repre- sentative 33 Swimming 3,43 Glee Club 43 Shortridge High School 1,2. Cobb, John P: Winnetka Honor Group 1,21 Tri-Ship Repre- sentative 13 Council Defense Com- mittee 43 Swimming 1,2,33 Letter 2,33 Guard 2,3,43 Sigma Gamma Sigma 43 Glee Club 1,23 Harvard. Cobb, Smith D. Atkins: "Skip": Kenilworth Tri-Ship Representative 13 Dance Committee 43 Usher Corps 33 Class Social Committee 33 Swimming 2,3,43 Letter 23 Football 23 Letter 23 Ink- lings Contributor 33 "American Way" 33 Dramatic Club 3,41 Rifle Club 1,21 Career Club 43 University of Illinois. l2l Collyer, William A: "Bil1": Wilmette Conger, Juli Ann: Wilmette "American Way" 33 Actors Guild 33 Glee Club 33 Echoes 43 News Stair 4: Verse Speaking Choir 3,43 "Lag- niappe" 43 Career Club 33 Musicale 1,2,33 Service Club 33 Dramatic Club 3,43 Broadcasting Club 2. Cook, Chorale Mayo: Winnetka T.N.T. 43 Honor Group 1,2,3,4Q Honor Society 43 Council Exhibits Commit- tee 43 Girls' Club Friendly Commit- tee 2,33 Representative 13 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Speedball Team 13 Tennis 33 Head of Tennis 43 Social Committee 33 Numerals 13 300 Point Award 23 Treble Clef 13 Glee Club 2,33 Opera Group 43 Choir 43 Echoes Staff 33 Associate Editor 43 French Club 2,33 Career Club 33 Secretary 33 Welles- ley. Cooke, Ramona K: "Mona": Glencoe Glee Club 1,2,3Q Swing Club 33 Career Club 3. Coolidge, Wellington, Jr: "Bill": Wirmetka Swing Club 43 University of Wyom- ing. Coons, David: Glenview Honor Group 1,2,3Q Honor Society 43 Student Council Representative 43 Building and Grounds Committee 43 Tri-Ship Publicity Committee 43 Usher Corps 43 Study Hall Super- visor 43 IM Baseball Champion 13 Basketball 3,43 Letter 43 Debate Team 2,3,43 Baker Award 33 Career Club 43 Carleton. Copello, Alta T: "Al": Wilmette Honor Group 43 Broadcasting Club 4. Cooper, Robert S: Winnetka No picture. Cordell, Arthur J: Winnetka Corra, Orlando: Glencoe Door Guard 43 IM Basketball Champ 4. Corra, Yolanda M: Glencoe Corrigan, Ruth: "Sandy": Northfield Coutre, Joan H: "Jo": Winnetka Travel Club 33 Journalism Club 33 Spanish Club 33 Lawrence. Cram, Charles D: "Tony": Wilmette Football 1,2,33 Letter 23 Track 2,3,43 Letter 2,31 Spanish Club 43 Career Club 43 Gavel Club 33 Duke. Curley, George: Wilmette Dalgety, William D. Jr: "Bill": Winnetka "Pirates of Penzance" 23 "Gondo- liers" 33 "Iolanthe" 43 Glee Club 13 Choir 2,3,4Q Opera Group 2,3,43 En- semble 4. Dault, Mary Jane: "Janie": Winnetka Treble Clef 23 Glee Club 3. Davies Coralie: "Lee": Kenilworth T.N.T. 43 Honor Group 2,3,43 Honor Society 43 Girls' Club Charity Com- mittee 33 Chairman 43 Class Com- mittee 33 Class Committee 43 G.A.A. 2,3,43 Hockey 2,3,43 Basketball 23 Social Committee 33 Representative 23 Glee Club 2,33 Choir 43 Ensemble I22 SE IUH 43 German Club 2,33 Career Club 33 Senior Music Club 43 North Shore Country Day 13 Smith. Davies, Richard: "Dick": Wilmette Door Guard 43 Glee Club 2,33 Rifle Club 1,2,3I Aeronautical Club 4. Davis, Abel: "Abe": Glencoe Davis, Robert A: "Bob": Glencoe Student Council Representative 13 Social Committee 13 Tri-Ship Club Room Committee 33 Inter-Scholastic Relations Committee Chairman 43 Class Treasurer 13 Usher Corps 3,43 Information Desk 43 Football 3,43 Letter 43 Tennis 1,2,3,43 Letter 1.2, 3,43 Echoes Staff 33 Junior Music Club 13 Career Club 43 Sigma Gamma Sigma 43 U. S. Naval Academy. Davis, William W: "Bill": Glencoe Honor Group 33 Student Council Inter-School Relations Committee 23 Information Desk 43 Usher Corps 3,43 Football 1,2,33 Basketball 1,2, 3,43 Badminton 33 President 43 Career Club 43 Cornell. Dawson, Hilary: "Hickory": Winnetka Honor Group 1,2,33 Honor Society 43 Rhythms 3,43 Actors Guild 3,4Q Make-up Crew 3,43 "Lagniappe" 43 "Ladies of the Jury" 43 Treble Clef 13 Glee Club 23 Echoes Staff 2,3,43 Inklings Contributor 3,43 Quill Club 1.23 Musicale 1,2,3,43 French Club 3,43 "Le Flambeau" Staff 33 Career Club 33 Broadcasting Club 3,4. DeBerard, Jeanne: Wilmette Girls' Club Representative 13 Glee Club 2,33 French Club 3,43 Univer- sity of Wisconsin. Deno, Don: "Gong-Gong": Wilmette Band 1,2,33 Radio Club 1,2,33 Chess Club 33 University of Illinois. Didier, Marian: "Marnie": Wilmette G.A.A. 2,3,43 Glee Club 33 Treble Clef 23 Service Club 4. Dietrich, Marion L: Wilmette Girls' Club Arrangements Commit- tee 43 News Staff 43 "Lagniappe" 43 Career Club 3,4Q Service Club 3,4. DiFrancesco, Mary: "Little Mary": Winnetka Glee Club 1,25 Musicale. Dillon, Nancy A: "Tumper": Kenilworth Honor Group 1,41 Girls' Club Pub- licity Committee 33 G.A.A. 3,43 Representative 2,33 Glee Club '1,2,3Q "Lagniappe" 43 Service Club 33 Art League 1,23 Spanish Club 2,33 Career Club 3,43 Badminton Club 43 Colo- rado. Dixon, Gordon B: Winnetka Honor Group 23 Usher Corps 3,41 News Staff 33 Rifle Club 1,23 Lens Club 2,33 Career Club 3,43 Purdue. Doane, DeWitt H: "Ding": Wilmette Band 23 IM Basketball Champ 43 Brockton High School l,2. Doderlein, Muriel: "Murrie": Wilmette Verse Speaking Choir 2,3,4Q Geog- raphy Club 23 "Lagniappe" 43 Career Club 33 Service Club 3,43 University of Minnesota. Dods, Elizabeth H: "Betty": Winnetka Girls' Club Publicity Committee 33 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 News Stan? 13 Career Club 3,4. Doney, Catherine: "Katie": Wilmette G.A.A. Representative 13 Glee Club 23 "Lagniappe" 43 News Staff 1,2,33 Texas State. Donnelly, Ruth: Kenilworth Honor Group 23 G.A.A. Representa- tive 43 Friendly Committee 43 Treble Clef 33 Glee Club 43 Career Club 3,43 German Club 43 Runny- mede Collegiate High School 1,23 Northwestern. Donohue, Patricia: Winnetka Glee Club 1,2,33 French Club 2,3j Southern California. Dowd, Frank J. Jr: Winnetka Actors' Guild 33 Glee Club 2,31 De- bate Team 2,3,43 Gavel Club 1,2,3,43 Treasurer 23 Forensic Board 2,3,4. Dowdle, Nash J: Wilmette Draper, Julie: Glencoe G.A.A. Representative 43 Tennis 43 Career Club 43 Badminton Club 43 French Club 43 Geneva Community High School 1,23 Ferry Hall 33 Smith. Drey, Alan: "Bud": Wirmetka Student Council Student Relations Committee 43 Information Desk 43 Door Guard 33 Football 1,2,43 Base- ball 2,4Q Swimming 23 Glee Club 2,31 News Staff 3,43 Career Club 43 Swing Club 33 Carleton. Drucker, Robert H: "Bob": Wilmette T.N.T. 3,43 Vice-President 43 Honor Group 1,2,4Q Honor Society 43 Student Council Representative 23 Study Hall Committee 23 Publicity Committee 23 Publicity Co-Chairman 33 Presi- dent 43 Tri-Ship Student Aid Com- mittee 1,21 Class President 13 Usher Corps 33 Swimming 2,3,43 Letter 43 Guard 33 "Rose and the Ring" 13 "American Way" 33 "Arms and the Man" 43 "Lagniappe" 43 Glee Club 23 Echoes Staff 13 News Staff 13 Debate Team 1,23 Forensic League 1,22 Junior Music Club 1,23 Dra- matic Club 1,2,3,4Q Study Hall Super- visor 33 Harvard. Duncombe, Marian H: Winnetka Honor Group 3,43 Student Council Publications Committee 2,31 Student Relations Committee 43 News Stal-'E 33 Exchange Editor 43 French Club 3,43 Career Club 3,43 Inklinas Staff 43 Contributor 43 Sweet Briar. Dimn, Nancy: Wilmette T.N.T. 3,43 Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Honor Society 43 Student Council Representative 33 Social Committee 33 Girls' Club Charity Committee 23 President 43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Hockey 1: Volleyball 13 Numerals 13 Repre- sentative 23 "American Way" 33 Echoes Staff 33 "Lagniappe" 43 Verse Speaking Choir 3,43 News Staff 2,31 Inklings Contributor 3,43 Study Hall Supervisor 43 D.A.R. Award 43 French Club 2,3,4Q Career Club 3,4Q Service Club 3,45 Dramatic Club 3,43 Wellesley. Ebbert, Margaret: "Pegg'y": Wilmette Honor Group 43 Girls' Club Finance Committee 33 Representative 43 Treble Clef 23 "Lagniappe" 43 Spanish Club 23 Career Club 3,43 Swing Club 23 DePauw. Eberle, Marcus H: Glencoe Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Honor Society 43 Tri-Ship Dinner Committee 33 Tri-Ship Inter-Scholastic Committee 43 Tri-Ship Representative 2,4Q Class Treasurer 23 Class Social Committee 43 Usher Corps 3,43 Information Desk 43 Track Team 43 University of Wisconsin. Eccles, Frank: "Ex": Wilmette Honor Group 3,43 IM Football Charn- pion 1,2,3,43 Handball Doubles Cham- pion 33 Basketball 43 Letter 43 "Pirates of Penzance" 23 Orches- tra 1,2Q Miami University. Eckel, Roberta S: "Bobbie": Wilmette Career Club 3,43 Spanish Club 43 Sullivan High School 1,23 Idaho. Eckert, Nancy: Kenilworth Honor Group 13 Student Council Committee 33 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4j Speed- ball 13 Basketball 1,23 Numerals 13 Publicity Committee 43 Treble Clef Club 23 Glee Club 33 Smith. Edinberg, Robert A: Wilmette Baseball 1,23 Letter 1,23 IM Basket- ball Champion 23 Rifle Club 1. Edmonds, William T: "Bill": Winnetka Honor Group 23 Usher Corps 3,43 Basketball 33 IM Basketball Cham- pion 13 News Staif 43 Spanish Club 43 President 43 Career Club 3,43 Band 1,23 Northwestern. Ehrlich, Evelyn A: "Evie": Winnetka Honor Group 23 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4Q Girls' Club Representative 33 Quill Club 13 Career Club 3,43 Ride Club 33 French Club 23 Wisconsin. Elliott, Doris J: "Dodie": Wilmette Glee Club 3,43 Knitting Club 23 Travel Club 1,21 Career Club 3,43 Spanish Club 2,33 Latin Club 13 Bad- minton Club 1. , Ellis, Davis: Winnetka, Student Council 'Student Relations Committee 33 Swimming 1,2,3Q Let- ter 2,33 "Pirates of Penzance" 33 Glee Club 13 Choir 2,33 Opera Group 2,3. Engles, Grace M: Wilmette Girls' Career Club 3,4. Ericsson, Dorothy: "Dodie": Connecticut. Glencoe Erwin, Charles W: Winnetka Tri-Ship Representative 23 Usher Corps 43 Track Team 23 Swimming 23 Career Club 4. Evangelista, Benny D: Winnetka 4 1 f i 1? 5. E? 1 5 I, .i g S. L V 1 sg iii 'skki it-. CJ-. Zi' :L 'L 5, E, I5 ,iii 3 5 . nj 5 v: L, . 'E' 5453 " fi-Q , Q ' - v 9 :vw N ' 3,-.. , . ,. 5.-YL rr.-2 Lg.: f 111.2 F91-' 391112 ' 95 7 is ' l - .tl F 712 -V .1 3 E5 SEQ' 3 .lil . r ., , .,-, f, nf 1 7 H 5,1 .SL ,I if sf I - i f : V ,, 4' s 1. f r 4 1 3 J ,ff 4 5 ,if I X Eves, Nevelyn: "Nevy": Kenilworth Girls' Club Representative 23 G.A.A. 1.2,3,4Q Hockey 13 Volleyball 33 Basketball 23 Riding 13 300 Point Award 23 Glee Club 2,43 Girls' Career Club 33 Spanish Club 33 Frances Shimer 33 Lawrence. Falasco, Ann: "Annie": Kenilworth Glee Club 2,33 Opera Group 43 "Iolanthe" 4. Fanckboner, William E.: "Moose": Wilmette Orchestra l,2,3,43 Radio Club 1,2,33 Broadcasting Club 43 Senior Music Club 43 IM Basketball Champ 43 Public Address Corps 4. Farrow, Cecil William: "Bill": Wilmette Honor Group 43 Door Guard 43 Radio Club 43 Public Address Squad 4. Farwell, Nancy: Winnetka T.N.T. 3,43 Honor Group 1,2,3,4Q Honor Society 43 Student Council Representative 23 Assembly Com- mittee 23 Social Committee Chair- man 33 Girls' Club Friendly Com- mittee 13 Chairman 43 Class Social Committee 33 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Hockey 13 Basketball 1,33 Numerals 13 300 Point Award 13 600 Point Award 23 800 Point Award 33 "American Way" 33 "Lagniappe" 3,43 Study Hall Supervisor 43 Glee Club 1,23 Opera Group 3,43 Choir 43 Ensemble 43 "Gondoliers" 33 "Iolanthe" 43 Ink- lings Contributor 3,43 Quill Club 1,23 Junior Music Club 1,23 Senior Music Club 43 French Club 33 Career Club 43 University of Chicago. Faville, William A: "Bill": Wilmette Football 1,2,3,43 Letter 2,41 IM Water Rugby Champ 1,23 Junior Orchestra 1,23 Band 23 Career Club 3543 Swing Club 33 Riile Club 13 ale. Favretto, Rosemary: Wilmette Miami University. Ferguson, William H: "Bill": Winnetka IM Basketball Champ 43 Rockford High School 1,21 University of Illi- nois. Figueira, JoAnn K: Wihnette Journalism Club 23 Musicale 1,2,3,4Q Career Club 43 Lake Forest College. Finnigan, Jerome W: "Jerry": Wilmette Honor Group 1,2,33 Honor Society 43 Information Desk 43 "Lagniappe" 33 Band 1,2,33 Dramatic Club 3,43 Stage Crew 2,33 Northwestern. Fischer, Forrest: "Bud": Winnetka Orchestra 3,43 News Staff 3,43 Wabash. Fisher, Robert Jay: "Fish": Glencoe T.N.T. 43 Honor Group 1,2,3j Honor Society 43 Usher Corps 43 Echoes Staff 33 News Staff 2,3,43 Editor-in- Chief 43 Inklings Staff 33 Contribu- tor 33 Badminton Club 2,33 Chess Club 23 Stanford. Fisher, Thomas C: "Tom": Glencoe Honor Group 2,3,43 Tri-Ship Repre- sentative 43 Usher Corps 3,43 Foot- ball Manager 2,3,43 Letter 3,43 Coin Club 13 Lens Club 43 Harvard. ACTI ITIES Fitch, Marcia: "Marcy": Winnetka Girls' Club Social Committee 33 Book Club 3,41 Career Club 3,43 Service Club 43 French Club 3,43 Spanish Club 3,43 Swing Club 1,23 Sullins. Fitzgerald, Barbara A: "Fitzie": Wilmette Musicale 43 Career Club 43 Welles- ley High School 13 Evanston High School 3. Foote, Eric: Winnetka Swimming 3,43 Letter 3,43 Rifle Team 33 Letter 33 Rifle Club 33 Science Club 33 Lens Club 33 Psy- chology Club 33 Lake View High School 1,23 Northwestern. Forstall, Philip L: "Phil": Winnetka "LeFlambeau" Staff 33 Inklings Staff 4g Contributor 43 Musicale 1,2, 3,41 Vice-President 33 Book Club 1,2,3,4Q Stamp Club 1,2,3,43 Chess Club 13 Oberlin. Fountain, Matthew: Winnetka No picture. Fox, John S: "Jack": Wilmette Honor Group 33 Student Council Building and Grounds Committee 43 Community Properties Committee 43 Senior Hop Publicity Cominittee 43 Information Desk 43 "Lagniappe" 3,43 Echoes Stall' 43 Study Hall Supervisor 43 Glee Club 1,2,3,43 Dramatic Club 2,3,43 Rifle Club 1,2,33 Spanish Club 3,43 Stage Crew 2,3,43 Northwestern. Fox, Katherine D: "Katie": Winnetka Honor Group l,2,3,4Q Honor Society 43 Student Council Publicity Com- mittee 43 Girls' Club Publicity Com- mittee 2,43 G.A.A. 2,3,43 Hockey 1,23 Class Manager 33 G.A.A. Publicity Committee 43 Study Hall Supervisor 33 Glee Club 13 Inklings Contribu- tor 1,32 Echoes Staff 33 "The Ad- mirable Crichton" 43 French Club 2,3,43 Career Club 3,43 Dramatic Club 43 Wheaton. Franco, Beatrice: "Bee": Glencoe Franco, Ruth: "Ruthie": Winnetka G.A.A. 2,3,43 Archery 13 300' Point Award 23 Numerals 13 Chevrons 23 Treble Clef 23 Glee Club 33 Mon- mouth. Fredock, Elizabeth: "Bette": No picture. Winnetka Freelove, Arthur Lloyd: ' Wilmette Honor Group 1,2,4Q Student Council Representative 43 Publicity Commit- tee 43 Tri-Ship Representative 1,31 Dinner Committee 43 Information Desk 43 Study Hall Supervisor 43 Track 2,3,43 Letter 2,3,43 Co-Captain 43 Spanish Club 33 Career Club 3,41 Sigma Gamma Sigma 4. Frei, Barbara J: Wilmette Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Honor Society 43 Student Council Exhibit Commit- tee 43 Girls' Club Finance Commit- tee 23 Girls' Club Friendly Com- mittee 43 G.A.A. 2,3,43 Echoes Staff 3,43 Treble Clef 13 Glee Club 2,33 French Club 3,43 Career Club 3,43 William and Mary. Freundlich, Edward .Az "Ballgo": Wilmette Baseball 23 Ride Club 13 Geography Club 23 Door Guard 43 Southern California. Frische, Robert H: "Bob": Glenview Glee Club 43 IM Swimming Cham- pion 13 Swing Club 2. Froelich, Ralph: Wilmette Frymire, Adele: "Del": Wilmette Opera Group 43 Career Club 43 "Lagniappe" 43 Senn High School 1,2Q Marywood 33 Colorado College. Gardiner, Frances: "Frannie": Wilmette Science Club 3,43 Career Club 3,4. Gately, John: Winnetka No picture. Geier, Russell: Winnetka Geraurd, Lawrence P: Winnetka Honor Group 1,23 Tri-Ship Social Committee 43 Northwestern. Gersdorf, Norman: "Norm": Wilmette Gilbert, Allan A: "Al": Kenilworth T.N.T. 3,43 Honor Group 2,33 Honor Society 43 Tri-Ship Dance Commit- tee 2,33 Head 43 Defense Committee 43 Class President 23 Tri-Ship Social Committee 33 Information Desk 33 Usher Corps 3,43 Football 1,2,3,43 Letter 1,2,3,43 Track 2,3,43 Letter 23 Baseball lj "Death Takes a Holi- day" 33 "The American Way" 33 "Arms and the Man" 43 Dramatic Club 3,43 Sigma Gamma Sigma 43 Princeton. Gillengerten, L.: Peter: "Pete": Wilmette Honor Group 1,2,43 Honor Society 43 Golf 3,43 Letter 3,43 Sigma Gamma Sigma 43 Northwestern. Glenn, Richard E: "Dick": Winnetka Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Honor Society 43 Student Council Building and Grounds Committee 43 Tri-Ship Din- ner Committee 3,43 Usher Corps 43 Senior Finance Committee 43 Door Guard 43 Actors Guild 23 Basket- ball 43 Letter 43 Glee Club 1,23 Opera Group 3,43 Choir 3,43 En- semble 3,43 "Gondoliers" 33 "Iolan- the" 43 Echoes Staff 2,32 News Staff 2,3,43 Sports Editor 33 Asso- ciate Editor 43 German Club 2,3,43 Secretary 33 President 43 Senior Music Club 33 Chess Club 1,23 Man- agers Corps 2,33 M.I.T. Gockel, George W: "Rev": Wilmette Football 2,3,43 Letter 2,43 Glee Club 1,2,33 Valparaiso. Goodrich, Edward W: Winnetka IM Volleyball Champ 33 Career Club 3,4. Gottman, Ernst A: "Porky": Glenview Honor Group 13 Cheer Leader 2,3,43 Letter 2,3,43 Dramatic Club 33 Stage Crew 2,33 Northwestern. Graf, Charles L.: "Chuck": Wilmette Baseball 2,3,43 Letter 33 IM Horse- shoe Champ 33 Door Guard 43 Trafllc Squad 4. Gray, Caroline B: "Carol": Winnetka Honor Group 2,3,43 Honor Society 43 Club Arrangements Commit- Treble Clef 33 Opera Group Girls' tee 43 43 "Iolanthe" 43 Spanish Club 33 Career Club 3,43 Service Club 3,42 President 43 Ridgewood High School 13 Carleton. Grayling, Charles: Winnetka Track Team 13 IM Baseball Champs 1. Gudbrandsen, Charles G: "Goodie": Winnetka Honor Group lj Student Council Re- lations Committee 43 Usher Corps 43 Football 2,3,43 Letter 23 Basketball 3,43 Debate Team 43 Swing Club 2,33 Career Club 3,43 University of Indiana. Hall, Amie: Glencoe Honor Group 3,43 Honor Society 43 Girls' Club Employment Committee 43 "American Way" 33 Orchestra 3,43 "Gondoliers" 33 "Iolanthe" 43 Junior Music Club 33 Senior Music Club 43 Dramatic Club 3,41 Musicale 3,43 J.A.M. School, New Jersey 13 Garden City High School, New York 23 Northwestern. Hall, Mary Louise: "Sis": Wilmette Student Council Publicity Committee 33 Exhibit Committee 43 Girls' Club Social Committee 13 Representative 23 G.A.A. 2,3,43 Basketball 23 Numerals 23 Glee Club 3. Halldorson, Rosemary: "Rosey": Wilmette Honor Group 1,2,3,4Q Girls' Club Representative 43 Arrangements Committee 33 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4Q 300 Point Award 33 Speedball 43 Junior Music Club 1,23 Senior Music Club 3,43 French Club 2,43 Musicale 1,2,3, 43 Secretary 43 Broadcasting Club 1,23 Career Club 3,43 Lawrence. Hallsteen, Walter: Kenilworth Class Social Committee 3,43 News Staff 3,43 Stage Crew 1,2,3,4Q Dra- matic Club 1,2,3,4Q Information Desk 43 Purdue. Hancock, Jeanne J: Wilmette G.A.A. Representative 13 Career Club 3,43 Make-up Crew 3,43 Spanish Club 43 North Park College. Hanna, William C: "Bill": Wilmette Honor Group 23 Student Council Representative 13 Building and Grounds Committee 13 IM Basket- ball Champ 43 Rifle Club 13 Lens Club 13 Career Club 3,43 Purdue. Hansen, Rupert: "Rupe": Winnetka Student Council Inter-Scholastic Re- lations Committee 43 Information Desk 43 Class Committee 33 Track 1,2,3,4Q Letter 1,2,3,43 Sigma Gamma Sigma 43 Colorado College. Happ, Virginia E: "Ginny": Northfield Glee Club 3,43 Hobby Club 2. Harris,' James T: "Jim": Wilmette Band 1,2,3,43 Chess Club 1,2,3,43 Archeology 1,2,3,43 Rifle Club 3,41 Coin Club l,2,33 Xavier University. IZ3 Z Harshaw, Hope H: Winnetka T.N.T. 43 Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Honor Society 4: Student Council Representative 23 Study Hall Super- visor 43 Girls' Club Representative 23 Charity Committee 33 Vice-Presi- dent.43 Delegate to Red Cross Con- vention 33 Class Committee 43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Hockey 1,2,3,4Q Head of Hockey 33 Numerals 13 300 Point Award 33 "Ladies of the Jury" 43 News Staff 1,2,33 Club Editor 33 Inklings Contributor 2,32 Quill Club 13 Latin Club 1,2,3Q President 23 Rochester. Hartwell, Crystal R: "Crysie": Winnetka Honor Group 13 Girls' Club Repre- sentative lj Friendly Committee 23 Volleyball 13 Treble Clef 13 Glee Club 2,3,4: Spanish Club 33 Travel Club 33 Career Club 3,43 Service Club 33 Lawrence. Hagen, Raymond D: "Ray": Winnetka Information Desk 43 Glee Club 2,3: Choir 43 Ensemble 43 "Gondoliers" 33 "Iolanthe" 4. Haugan, Shirley: Glencoe Student Council Study Hall Commit- tee 43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Representative 13 News Staff 43 French Club 2,31 Career Club 3,43 Swing Club 2,33 Rifle Club 1. Hawxhurst, Nancy: "Hawkie": Glencoe Student Council Representative 13 Girls' Club Representative 23 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Swimming 43 300 Point Award 33 Rifle Club 1,2,3Q French Club 2,33 Career Club 43 Service Club 43 Frances Shimer. Hazelet, Sally P: Libertyville Student Council Representative 1,2,33 Publications Committee 23 Girls' Club Financial Committee 33 Class Secretary 33 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4Q Tennis 1,2,3,43 300 Point Award 23 600 Point Award 33 800' Point Award 43 Treble Clef 23 Glee Club 3. Heerens, Alden J: "Bud": Wilmette Basketball 1,22 Letter 23 Glee Club 23 Career Club 43 Rifle Club 43 Uni- versity of Illinois. Heinrichs, William M: "Bill": Wilmette IM Basketball Champ 3. Henderick, Florence E: Glenview Honor Group 1,2,3: Commerce Club 2. Henderson, Edde: Wilmette T.N.T. 3,43 Honor Group 13 Student Council Representative 3: Social Committee 33 Properties Committee 3,43 Defense Committee 43 Exhibit Committee 43 Girls' Club Repre- sentative 13 G.A.A. Secretary 23 G.A.A. President 43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,41 Baseball 1,2,3Q Hockey 1,2,3,4Q Vol- leyball 1,2,33 Lacrosse 13 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Tennis 1,2,3Q Northwestern Speedball Team 1,21 300 Point Award 13 600 Point Award 13 800 Point Award 23 "The American Way" 33 "Ladies of the Jury" 43 Glee Club 23 News Staff 33 French Club 2,33 Career Club 33 Swing Club 23 Dra- matic Club 43 Verse Speaking Choir 43 North Carolina. Henderson, Harold G: "Dink": No picture' Wilmette Henderson, Nancy: Wilmette No picture. I24 SE Herb, Virginia E: "Toni": Kenilworth Honor Group 43 Hockey 23 News Staff 2,31 French Club 2,33 Swing Club 23 Career Club 3,43 South gralnge Junior High 13 Arlington a . Hess, Josephine: "Jo": Wilmette Girls' Club Representative 43 Bas- ketball 43 Glee Club 43 French Club 43 Career Club 43 Musical Club 43 Weeks High 13 Newton High 2,31 Carleton. Hicks, John P: "Jack": Glencoe Tri-Ship Representative 13 IM Bas- ketball Champs 23 News Staff 33 Manager Corps 1,23 Illinois. Hildebrand, Robert B: "Bob": Wilmette T.N.T. 43 Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Honor Society 43 Student Council Corn- munity Properties Committee 3,41 Chairman 43 Building and Grounds Committee 43 Defense Committee 43 Football 13 Track 3,43 "Lagniappe" 33 "Admirable Crichton" 43 "Arms and the Man" 43 Glee Club 1,23 Opera Group 3,43 Choir 43 "Gondo- liers" 33 "Iolanthe" 43 Spanish Club 33 Swing Club- 23 Career Club 3,43 Vice President-'43 Aeronautical Club 43 President Q2 Dramatic Club 43 D.A.R, American History Contest 33 M.I.T. 1 Hill, Noma S35 Winnetka, Honor Group 1,33 Girls' Club Rep- resentative 23 G.A.A. 2,3,43 300 Point Award 33 G.A.AgW Representative 43 Volleyball 33 Badminton Club 2,33 French Club 2,3,43, Career Club 3,43 Purdue. tw 'l Hill, Warren P: Wilmette Honor Group 1,23 Cornell. Hillis, Nancy S: "Hi1ly": Q Wilmette Girls' Club Representative 1,23 Reg- istrar's Office 43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Speedball 23 Numerals 43 G.A.A. Representative 33 Swimming 3,43 News Staff 33 Treble Clef 33 Glee Club 43 Spanish Club 33 Swing Club 1,2,3Q Public Speaking Cup 43 North Carolina. it Himmel, Jean: "Beanie": Wilmette Career Club 43 Kemper Hall 33 Coe. Hirsch, Carolyn: Wilmetfte Student Council Representative 13 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Baseball 23 Glee Club 2,33 French Club 3,43 Career Club 3,43 Knitting Club 33 Musical 43 News Staff 43 Echoes Staff 43 Wis- consin. Hobbs, Sylvia: Winnetka News Staff 43 "Pinafore" 13 "Pi- rates of Penzance" 23 "Gondoliers" 33 "Iolanthe" 43 Senior Orchestra 1,2,3,4Q Latin Club 1,2,3,43 Career Club 3,43 French Club 3,43 Illinois. Hoffman, Bernice: Wilmette Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Honor Society 43 Commerce Club 2,3,4. Hogarth, Janet C: "Jan": Winnetka Honor Group 13 Treble Clef 13 Glee Club 23 Opera Group 3,43 Choir 43 French Club 33 Career Club 3,41 Sullins. Hollingshead, Paul T: Wilmette "The American Way" 33 Band 43 Radio Club 4. IUH Hollis, William: "Bill": Winnetka Honor Group 1,2,33 Information Desk 43 Orchestra 1,23 German Club 2,43 German Magazine 2,31 Citadel. Holway, Barbara N: "Barb": Winnetka Honor Group 2,32 Treble Clef 23 Glee Club 33 "Lagniappe" 43 Knit- ting Club 23 Career Club 33 Spanish Club 43 DePauw. Hosbein, John W: Glencoe Honor Group 43 Tri-Ship Represent- ative 33 Usher Corps 33 Information Desk 43 Track 3,43 News Staff 2,31 Notre Dame. Hoss, Patricia: "Pat": Glenview Arlington Heights 1,2,3. Horgan, Valerie A: Winnetka No picture. Hough, Richard T: "Dick": Winnetka Honor Group 33 Usher Corps 43 Information Desk 33 Track 3,43 IM Track 33 Rifle Club 23 Lens Club 2,33 Lake Forest Academy 13 Cor- nel University. Hurlbutt, Daniel C: "Da.n": Winnetka Honor Group lj Student Council Committee Head 43 Representative 33 Study Hall Committee 33 Pub- licity Committee 33 Class Treasurer 33 Usher Corps 3,43 Assistant Head Usher 43 Football 1,2,4Q Letter 2,4Q Baseball 1,23 Letter 23 Basketball 33 IM Track Champs 33 Student Super- visor 3,41 Sigma Gamma Sigma 43 Cornell. Huszagh, Don W: Winnetka Honor Group 3,43 sentative 33 Study 43 Track 3,4. Tri-Ship Repre- Hall Supervisor "Don": Winnetka Study Hall Supervisor 43 Door Guard 43 Choir 1,2,3,4Q Pinafore" 13 "Pirates of Penzance" 23 "Lag- niappe" 3,43 Music Director 43 Antioch. Ickes, Donald W: Iredale, Walter: Winnetka "The American Way" 33 Glee Club 33 Choir 43 Opera Group 4. Jackson, Harry Jr: "Hal": Winnetka Honor Society 43 Tri-Ship Repre- sentative 33 Usher Corps 43 News Staff 43 "Lagniappe" 3,43 Swim- ming Team 2,33 IM Volleyball Champion 23 IM Table Tennis Doubles Class Champion 33 Chess Club 13 Broadcasting Club 3,43 Career Club 43 Cornell University. Jackson, Keith W: "Jack": Wilmette Basketball 33 Baseball 3,41 Letter 3,43 Football 43 Letter 43 Evanston High School 1,23 University of Ken- tucky. Jackson, Ruth M: Winnetka G.A.A. 2,3,43 Swimming 43 G.A.A. Representative 43 Girls' Club So- cial Committee 43 Quill Club 1,23 Musicale 1,2,33 French Club 2,3,4Q Smith. Jacobsen, Fred: Wilmette Baseball 1,23 Letter 1,21 Glee Club 12 ' Jarvis, Dorothy: "Dottie": Winnetka Honor Group 1,2,33 Honor Society 43 Glee Club 33 "The American Way" 33 Recital Group 33 French Club 2,33 Knitting Club 23 Service Club 33 Spanish Club 33 Dramatic Club 33 Musicale 33 Career Club 43 Ohio State. Jasper, Mary Frances: "Pidge": Glencoe Girls' Club Financial Committee 13 Girls' Club Representative 13 Career Club 43 Phillips High School 23 Gulf Park. Jeffery, Margaret: "Jeff": Wilmette Treble Clef 13 Glee Club 3,43 French Club 33 Career Club 33 Groose Point High School 13 DePauw. J enness, Laura: Winnetka Treble Clef 23 Glee Club 33 News Staff 43 "Lagniappe" 43 French Club 2,3. Jennett, William: Winnetka Honor Group 3,43 Honor Society 43 Information Desk 43 Band 3,43 De- bate Team 3,43 Career Club 3,43 Secretary 43 Loyola Academy 1,2. Johnson, E. LeRoy: Glencoe Honor Group 1,2,33 Honor Society 43 Door Guard 33 "Lagniappe" 2,31 Orchestra 1,2,3,4Q "Gondoliers" 33 "Pirates of Penzance" 23 "Iolanthe" 43 Senior Music Club 33 Colorado School of Mines. Johnson, Marilyn: Kenilworth Art League 33 Career Club 33 Book Club 3. Johnson, Robert: "Bob": Winnetka Lakewood High School 1,2,3Q North- western. Jones, Addis T: "Honest Add": Glencoe Honor Group 13 Student Council Student Relations Committee 43 Stu- dent Council Finance Committee 43 Tri-Ship Student Aid Committee 33 Usher Corps 33 News Staff 3,43 "Lagniappe" 2,31 Swimming Team 1,2,33 Letter 23 Tennis 1,2,3,43 Ten- nis Letter 2,3,4Q Captain 23 IM Ten- nis Champion 13 Sigma Gamma Sigma 43 President 43 Career Club 33 Princeton. Jorgenson, Robert: "Rabbit": Winnetka Basketball 1,2,3,4Q Letter 2,3,4Q IM Football Class Champion 1,2,3,43 IM Baseball Class Champion 1,2,3Q IM Volleyball Class Champion 2,31 Sig- ma Gamma Sigma 43 Salinas. Kaempfer, Phyllis: "Phy1": Winnetka T.N.T. 3,43 Honor Group 1,2,3,4: Honor Society 43 Student Council Study Hall Committee 1,31 Finance Committee 23 Study Hall Supervisor 3,41 Girls' Club Social Committee 33 Treasurer 43 Props Crew 2,3,43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4Q Baseball 13 Swim- ming 1,23 Hockey 2,3,4Q Speedball 13 Basketball 1,33 Volleyball 13 Treasurer 33 Numerals 13 300 Point Award lj 600 Point Award 23 800- Point Award 33 "American Way" 33 "Ladies of the Jury" 43 Make-up Crew 3,41 Inklings Contributor 33 Glee Club 23 Lens Club 13 Career Club 33 Service Club 43 Dramatic: Club 2,3,4Q Wellesley. Kahn, William H: "Bill": Glencoe Information Desk 43 Usher Corps 3,43 Basketball 43 Basketball Man- ager 2,33 News Staff 43 "Admirable Crichton" 43 Rifle Club 1,23 Broad- casting Club 43 Career Club 43 Dramatic Club 43 University of Michigan. Kaufman, John: "Josh": Wilmette IM Basketball Champ 33 Golf Champ 3. Kayser, H. Frederick: Wilmette Senn High School 1.2. Kearney, Marjorie: "Marg": Glencoe Girls' Club Representative 43 Ar- rangements Committee 23 Social Committee 43 Echoes Staff 43 Quill Club 13 Career Club 4. Kearney, Robert L: "Bob": Door Guard 3. Glencoe Keelm, Marjorie Ng "Midge": Winnetka Honor Group 43 G.A.A. 2,3,43 French Club 2,3,43 Badminton Club 2,3,43 Career Club 3,43 Service Club 43 Briar Cliff. Keiser, Richard: Wilmette Newton High, Mass. l,2,33 Maine. Kelly, Mary Ellen: Winnetka Honor Group lj Baseball 13 Speed- ball 13 Commerce 1,23 Travel Club 33 Journalism Club 33 Bryant-Strat- ton. Kennedy, James A: "Jim": Kenilworth Traffic Squad 33 Track 2,43 Letter 43 Football 43 IM Football Champ l,2,33 Football Manager 23 Spanish Club 23 German Club 33 Norwich Academy. Ketcham, Frank B: "Snort": Kenilworth Aeronautical Club 43 Purdue. Ketcham, Thomas C: "Ketch": Kenilworth Honor Group 13 Student Council Aid Committee 43 Usher Corps 43 Class Committee 3,41 Stage Crew 3,43 Aeronautical Club 43 Career Club 43 Purdue. Kiewik, Maryann: "Mirmie": Winnetka Kingery, Hugh M: Winnetka Honor Group l,2,33 Tri-Ship Rep- resentative 43 Information Desk 43 Track 43 Glee Club 13 Iowa State College. Kingsbury, Lolita: "Lita": Glencoe Honor Group 33 Girls' Club Arrange- ments Committee 23 G.A.A. Rep- resentative 13 Study Hall Supervisor 33 Swing Club 23 Career Club 33 French Club 33 Bradford. Kinnear, Kenneth J: Wilmette Honor Group 2,41 Student Council Representative 13 Information Desk 33 Usher Corps 3,45 Stage Crew 3,43 Chess Club 33 DePauw. Kirscht, Dorothy: "Dot": Wihnette Commerce Club 2,33 Career Club 4. Klein, Jane F: Wilmette Career Club 3,43 Moser. Knobel, Ruth F: Winnetka Knott, Patricia: Glencoe Girls' Club Representative 43 Girls' Club Friendly Committee 43 Opera Group 43 "Iolanthe" 43 Girls' Career Club 43 Baugor High School 13 Newton High School 2,33 Oberlin. Koenig, Dale G: Wilmette Orchestra 1,2,3,4Q Band l,2,33 Let- ter 13 Science Club 23 University of Michigan. Kotz, Leroy E: Winnetka Kopper, J. Stephen: Winnetka No Picture. Korsgren, Muriel R: "Midge": Glencoe Treble Clef 1,21 Spanish Club 33 Career Club 43 BelHaven. Kraemer, Deborah A: "Debby": Winnetka Treble Clef 13 Glee Club 2,33 Stamp Club 23 Treasurer 2. Kraft, Robert G: "Bob": Wilmette Rifle Team 13 Radio Club 1,2Q Pub- lic Address Corps 3,4. Kraft, Virginia I: "Ginnie": Winnetka Orchestra 13 Golf 33 French Club 2,3,4Q Career Club 43 DePauw. Kreger, Charles H. Jr: "Chuck": Winnetka Tri-Ship Representative 43 Usher Corps 3,43 Football 2,43 Track 3,43 IM Class Track Champion 43 Base- ball 2j Study Hall Supervisor 43 Lens Club 13 Career Club 3,43 Pur- due. Krejei, Peter G: Northfield Kristof, Mildred: "Millie": Winnetka Kritzer, Barbara J: Glencoe Girls' Club Representative 13 Stu- dent Council Study Hall Committee 43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4j Hockey 13 Tennis 3,43 Treble Clef 23 Rifle Club 13 Quill Club 23 Swing Club 23 French Club 2,33 Career Club 33 Bradford. Kreiger, Grace M: "Gertie": Glenview Kubicek, Josephine: "Jo": Winnetka Treble Clef 13 Glee Club 23 Opera Group 3,43 Inklings Contributor 23 Broadcasting Club 1,21 Rifle Club 1,23 Gavel Club 13 Sketch Club 1,23 Lens Club 13 Commerce Club 1,23 Career Club 33 Moser Business School. Kuhn, Rosemarie: Wilmette Honor Group 2,3,43 Honor Society 43 Glee Club 2,31 Choir 43 Opera Group 43 Musicale Northwestern. 1,2,3,4Q Secretary 13 Kunze, Lois E: "Loie": Kenilworth Student Council Study Hall Commit- tee 43 Girls' Club Representative 23 Girls' Club Friendly Committee 33 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Speedball 1,23 Hock-- ey l,2,33 Tennis 33 Basketball l,2,3: ITIE Numerals 13 300 Point Award 23 Treble Clef 23 Glee Club 33 Swing Club 23 Career Club 3: Bradford. Lake, Edward W: "Eddie": Wilmette Tri-Ship Representative 23 Football 1,2,3,4j Letter 2,41 Track 2,33 Letter 23 Gavel Club 23 Indiana. Lamb, Mary J: Wilmette T.N.T. 3,43 Honor Group l,2,3,43 Honor Society 43 Student Council Interschool Relations Committee 33 Student Council Student Relations Committee 43 Student Council Rep- resentative 43 Class Social Commit- tee 33 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4Q Speedball 13 Swimming 1,23 Volleyball 13 Arch- ery 13 Basketball 13 Hockey 33 Swimming 13 G.A.A. Social Commit- tee Chairman 43 G.A.A. Arrange- ments Committee 23 300 Point Award 13 600 Point Award 33 "The Young- est" 23 "Death Takes a Holiday" 33 "Gondoliers 33 "Iolanthe" 43 Glee Club 1,23 Opera Group 3,41 Choir 43 Inklings Staff 2,33 Junior Music Club 23 French Club 33 Career Club i33 Quill Club 23 Rifle Club 13 Welles- ey. Lamme, Frances A: "Franny": ' Kenilworth Girls' Club Representative 43 G.A.A. 43 G.A.A. Social Committee 43 Girls' Career Club 43 East High School l,2,33 Northwestern. Lammers, Ann M: Wilmette Honor Group 2,3,43 Honor Society 43 G.A.A. 2,33 Basketball 23 Base- ball 23 Speedball 33 Inklings Con- tributor 43 Glee Club 2,43 Career Club 33 French Club 2,33 Evanston High School 13 Shaker Heights High School 3. Laucione, Edo J: Winnetka IM Ping Pong Champion 23 IM Bas- ketball Champion 23 IM Golf Cham- pions 4. Lane, Sandra: Winnetka Albert Lea High School 13 Albion High School 23 Oak Park High School 3. La Queur, Howard: Glenview Larsen, Dorothy J: "Dottie": Winnetka, Echoes Staff 43 "Admirable Crich- ton" 43 Verse Speaking Choir 43 Girls' Career Club 3,43 Broadcast- ing Club 43 Dramatic Club 43 North Park Academy 13 University of Colorado. Larsen, Elly: Winnetka Girls' Club Representative 43 Honor Group 43 Blanch Kellogg High School 13 Christiamsted High School 2,3. Larson, Nancy: "Lars": Wilmette Honor Group 1,31 Girls' Club Finan- cial Committee 13 Girls' Club Char- ity Committee 43 G.A.A, l,2,3,43 Volleyball 23 Speedball 1,33 Swim- ming 33 Head of Volleyball 43 300 Point Award 33 G.A.A. Arrange- ments Committee 43 "Gondoliers" 33 "lolanthe" 43 Treble Clef 13 Glee Club 23 Musicale 33 Rifle Club 13 Knitting Club 23 Career Club 33 Uni- versity of Rochester. Lasater, Robert L: "Las": Winnetka Student Council Student Relations Committee 43 Study Hall Supervisor 4. jggranz, Robert Bruce: fiootbau L, "Noisy": Wilmette 33 IM Basketball Career Club 3,4. 3,41 Letter 43"Q3m matic Club 33 RSL- Gamma Sigma 43 11.. ship High School 1 ' -tka , 4: ' ' 'Elfie" : Wilmette Service Club 4. Lau, Elfrieda M: German Club 2,3,43 Law, Charles E: "Chuck": Winnetka Visual Education Staff 43 University of Illinois. Lawrence, Audrey R: Kenilworth Student Council Assembly Commit- tee 13 Student Council Building and Grounds Committee 23 Girls' Club Friendly Committee 23 Girls' Club Representative 13 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Speedball 13 Swimming 13 Numerals 13 Glee Club 1,2,3,43 News Staff 33 Swing Club 1,21 "Lagniappe" 33 Bradford. Lazzaretto, Madeline: "Maddie": Glencoe Commerce Club 2. Leach, David: "Davey": Wilmette Stage Crew l,2,33 Manager 3,41 Dramatic Club 1,2,3,4. Lebeson, David R: "Leb": Winnetka "The Rose and the Ring" 13 Radio Club 1,2,3,4Q Science Club 1,2,3,4Q Dramatic Club 1,2,3,4Q Rifle Club 1,23 Chess Club 1,23 Swing Club 23 Broadcasting Club 23 Purdue. Lee, Nancy: Kenilworth Girls' Club Representative 33 Serv- ice Club 43 Evanston High School 1,23 Northwestern. Leech, Esther D: Winnetka Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Honor Society 43 Girls' Club Publicity Committee 3,43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 G.AQA. Publicity Committee 43 G.A.A. Awards Com- mittee 43 G.A.A. Representative 13 300 Point Award 33 Echoes Staff 43 Art League 1,23 Lens Club 13 Career Club 3,43 French Club 2,3,4Q Vice President 43 "Le Flambeau" 2,3,43 Art Editor 33 Miami University. Lewando, Royal D: "Roy": Winnetka Student Council Publicity Commit- tee 3,43 Class Publicity Committee 43 Rifle Club 23 Arizona, Lewis, Albert T: "Ted": Glencoe Student Council Building and Grounds Committee 43 Glee Club 1,23 Opera Group 3,43 "Pirates of Penzance" 23 Junior Orchestra 1,23 Swimming l,2,33 IM Volleyball Champion 33 Lens Club l,2,33 De- bate Club 2,33 Rifle Club 13 Junior Music Club l,2,33 Senior Music Club 43 German Club 43 Musicale 4. Lewis, B. Frank: Wilmette Junior Orchestra 1,21 Glee Club 33 "Iolanthe" 43 Football 1,2,43 Track 43 Swimming 33 German Club 2,3,43 Career Club 3,43 Swing Club 23 Pur- due. Lichter, Raymond J: "Ray": Wilmette B-and 1,2.33 Letter 33 Commerce Club 1,21 Rifle Club 2,33 Lewis Aero- nautical School. l25 Harshaw, Hope H: Winnetka T.N.T. 43 Honor Group, QSM' Honor Society 43 Stuflgq Representative 23 Stgzp 'Q33' visor 41 Girls',J'6'5,Z,tfQ,A"sb 21 Charity 0,3270 1,0 ,2,'i?',4-q dent 43 r .agony 'P ' Venti' ooqj O? -N 06 f- -. so 4, O99 -'lub N 'M 'fqejbg .' QVOQQDQ fb-34 Q ,nor Music Q. 4,4 Q- 4' Wfs1cw'Club 2,3,43 ' Q Q ,aefniversity of Iowa. x, ...Fr ,..-ndiiiiist, Steve: "Tarzan": Northfield Lindsay, George: "Crown: Wilmette Tri-Ship Representative 2,41 Track 1,2,3,4Q Band 1,2,33 Letter 1,23 News Staff 2,33 Career Club 3,43 Gavel Club 2,33 Sports Club 1,2,33 Presi- dent 3. Lipman, Patricia A: Evanston Honor Group 2,3,43 Honor Society 43 Glee Club 2,33 News Staff 23 Chess C1ub,13 Recital Group 2,33 Career Club 33 Junior Music Club 43 North- western. Lippincott, Lincoln H: "Linc": Winnetka T.N.T. 3,43 Honor Group 23 Student Council Assembly Committee Chair- man 3,43 Tri-Ship Dance Committee 33 Class Vice President 33 Class Decorations Committee 23 Usher ,Corps 33 Glee Club 2,33 Choir 43 "Gondoliers" 33 "Io1anthe" 43 "Death Takes a Holiday" 33 "The American Way" 33 "Ladies of the Jury" 43 Football 1,2,3,43 Letter 2,3,43 Swimming 1,2,3,4Q Letter 2,41 Track 1,23 Brown. Ludgin, Mary Barbara: "Bibs": Winnetka Honor Group 13 Verse Speaking Choir 2,33 Inklings Contributor 2,3,4Q Inklings Staff 43 Latin Club 1,2,3,43 President 43 Chess Club 33 Secre- tary 33 University of Chicago. Ludwig, Herman P: "Dugger": Winnetka Football 13 Track 2,33 Letter 23 Baseball 3,43 IM Sports Manager 23 California Tech. Luecke, Ruth M: "B0ots": Winnetka Actors Guild 2.33 Glee Club 31 Choir 43 Opera Group 3,43 "Iolan- the" 43 Service Club 3,43 Colorado. Lukens, Eleanor: "El1ie": Winnetka Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Honor Society 43 Girls' Club Representative 33 Girls' Club Financial Committee 43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4Q G.A.A. Representa- tive 33 Advanced Rhythms 33 Senior Rhythms Manager 43 Properties Crew 3,43 Glee Club 1,23 "Two Slat- terns and a King" 43 Travel Club 23 Book Club 23 French Club 2,33 "Le Flambeau" staff 33 Career Club 3,43 Dramatic Club 3,43 University of Illinois. Lumpp, Richard: Wilmette Limdberg, Joan: Winnetka Honor Group 2,33 Honor Society 43 Girls' Club Financial Committee 43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4Q Speedball 13 Hockey 2,3,43- Volleyball 1,2,33 300 Point Award 33 G.A.A. Publicity Commit- tee 43 Inklings Contributor 3,43 Costume Crew 33 French Club 2,31 Glee Club 1,2,33 Career Club 33 Smith. Lundin, John M: "Johnny"I Wilmette T.N.T. 43 Honor Group 31 Student Council Publicity Committee 4: Student Council Representative 42 l26 , SE ri-Ship Dance Committee 43 Usher Corps 3,43 Glee Club 13 Opera Group 2,3,43 Choir 2,3,43 Ensemble 33 Echoes Staff 43 Track 2,3,43 Letter 2,3,4Q Captain 43 Swing Club 23 Career Club 43 Sigma Gamma Sigma 43 University of Illinois. Lundquist, Leila: "Lee": Glencoe Girls' Career Club 3,43 Thornton Township High School 1,2,33 North- western. Lutter, Alfred: "Al": Wilmette Honor Group 2,3,43 Honor Society 43 Student Council Publicity Commit- tee 43 Student Council Defense Com- mittee 43 Stage Crew 2,3,4Q Dra- matic Club 3,43 RiHe Club 43 North- western. Lynch, Duke: Wilmette Tri-Ship Representative 13 Football 43 Letter 43 Basketball 2,43 Letter 2,4Q Wabash. Lytton, Lucy Ann: "Lucy',: Winnetka G.A.A. 2,3,4j -300 Point Award 33 French Club 2,3,43 Career Club 3,43 Service Club 3,43 Badminton Club 1,2,33 Gulf Park. Macdonald, James W: "Mach: Winnetka T.N.T. 43 Honor Group 2,3,43 Honor Society 43 Student Council Publicity Committee 3,43 Chairman 43 Band 1,23 "Ladies of the Jury" 43 News Staff 43 "Arms and the Man" 43 Chess Club 1,23 Rifie Club 1,2,3,41 Rifle Team 33 Career Club 43 Dra- matic Club 43 Cornell. MacFarlane, Jean E: Northbrook Girls' Club Employment Commit- tee 13 Chairman 43 Financial Com- mittee 33 Representative 23 Treble Clef 23 Service Club 3,41 Pine Manor. MacLean, Phoebe V: Wilmette Girls' Club Representative 43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4j Representative 13 300 Point Award 33 Volleyball Manager 43 Treble Clef 13 Glee Club 2,3,43 Echoes Staff 43 Musicale 2,33 French Club 33 Career Club, 3,43 Denison. Madden, Marjorie: "Marge": Wilmette Verse Speaking Choir 43 Career Club 3,43 Service Club 43 Current Events Club 43 Saint Anne 13 Saint Scholastica 23 Sullins. Manson, John B: "Johnny": Wilmette T.N.T. 43 Honor Group 2,33 Student Council Study Hall Committee 33 Interscholastic Committee 43 Usher Corps 3,43 Information Desk 43 Bas- ketball 2,31 "Daddy Longlegs" 33 "Admirable Crichton" 43 Band 2,31 Echoes Staff 3,43 Photography Edi- tor 43 Senior Class Committee 43 Debate Team 2,33 Forensic League 2,33 Dramatic Club 3,43 Board 43 Lens Club 43 Broadcasting Club 3,43 Wausau High School 13 University of Illinois. Marcum, Mildred I: "Dixie Lee": Glenview Actors Guild 2,3,43 Glee Club 13 Opera Group 43 Choir 43 Chicago Musical Conservatory. Marjerison, Mitchell: Wilmette Honor Group 3,43 Honor Society 43 IM Basketball Champ 33 Belmont High School, Mass. 1,23 Dartmouth. Illll Marmaduke, Robert A. Jr: "Bob": Kenilworth Honor Group 43 Baseball 1,21 Band 1,23 Inklings Contributor 3,43 Debate Team 3,43 Forensic League 43 Treas- urer 43 N.F,L. Membership 43 Career Club 43 The Citadel. Marschall, Charleen: Kenilworth Girls' Club Representative 13 Treble Clef 13 Glee Club 23 Echoes Staff 4. Marshall, John: Glencoe Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Honor Society 43 Student Council Building and Grounds Committee 4: Tri-Ship Rep- resentative 43 Club Room Commit- tee 43 Inklings Contributor 33 In- formation Desk 3,43 IM Football Champs 1,2,33 "Pirates of Penzance" 2, "Gondoliers" 33 "Iolanthe" 43 Orchestra 1,2,3,4Q Rifle Club 13 Gavel Club 13 Latin Club 23 Presi- dent 23 Music Club 33 Harvard. Marwick, Edward F: "Ed": Glencoe Honor Group 13 Radio Club 2,3,43 Science Club 3,43 Psychology Club 3,4. Maston, Robert: "Bob": Wilmette Door Guard 3,41 Band, 1,21 "Ladies of the Jury" 43 Science Club 2: Psychology Club 3,43 Swing Club 33 Dubuque. Matthews, William: "Uncle" : Wilmette Usher Corps 43 IM Football Champs 43 Career Club 3,43 Sports Club 1,23 Chess Club 13 Northwestern. May, Kenneth: "Ken": Wilmette Glee Club 1,2,33 Rifle Club 13 Uni- versity of Illinois. Mayer, Louise P: "Weezie": Winnetka Girls' Club Representative 43 Class Committee 33 Actors Guild 43 Dra- matic Club 43 Career Club 43 Sulli- van High School 1,23 University of Illinois. Maynard, Rodney: Glencoe Football 1,2,3,4. Mazzetta, Aldo: Glencoe Golf Team 1,2,3I Captain 33 Letter 1,2,33 IM Golf Champion 1. McAdams, Marquerite: "Maggie": Winnetka Glee Club 2,33 Swing Club 23 Steph- SHS. McAfee, Kenneth B: "Ken": Wilmette Honor Group 1,2,3,4Q Honor Society 43 "Rose and the Ring" 13 "Admir- able Crichton" 43 Dramatic Club 1,2,3,4Q Cornell University. McCandlish, Frances: Chicago Honor Group 33 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Hockey 23 Treble Clef 23 Glee Club 3,43 French Club 2,32 Musicale 3,43 Latin Club 23 Career Club 43 North- western. McCarthy, E. Allen: "Mac": Wilmette Rifle Club 3,43 Science Club 33 Uni- versity of Arizona. McClane, Robert: Glencoe Honor Group 13 Band 1,2,3,43 Sports Club 2,33 Traffic Squad 43 The Cita- del. McConnell, Phil: Winnetka Baseball 3,43 Football 1,23 "Rose and the Ring" 13 German Club 2,33 Armour Institute. McElroy, Barbara: Glencoe Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Honor Society 43 Girls' Club Friendly Committee 33 Class Committee 33 G.A.A. Rep- resentative 33 Treble Clef 33 French Club 2,3,43 Musicale 13 Quill Club 13 Vassar. McEwan, Margaret W: "Peggy": Winnetka. T.N.T. 43 Honor Group 1,2,3,4j Honor Society 43 Student Council Repre- sentative 13 Girls' Club Friendly Committee 43 G.A.A. 2,3,43 Repre- sentative 33 Chevron 33 Treble Clef 1,23 Props Crew 3,43 Co-Head 43 "Ladies of the Jury" 43 French Club 2,3,43 President 43 Career Club 3,43 Dramatic Club 3,4. McKay, Margot A: Wilmette Girls' Club Arrangements Commit- tee 43 G.A.A. 3,41 Volleyball 23 Award Committee 33 Numerals 33 Career Club 43 University of Wis- consin. McKearnan, Robert T: "Bob": Northbrook Swimming 1,2,3,4j Letter 2,43 Foot- ball 13 Sigma Gamma Sigma 4. McKeighan, Robert A: "Bob": Wilmette Tri-Ship Representative 13 Usher Corps 42 Track Manager 23 Track Letter 23 Football Manager 33 Band 1: News Staff 1: Door Guard 4. McKeow'n, John C: Winnetka Meacham, Mary Anne: Kenilworth T.N.T. 43 Honor Group 1,2,33 Honor Society 43 Student Council Inter- School Relations Committee 43 Girls' Club Representative 13 Publicity Committee 13 Charity Committee 33 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 "The American Way" 3: "Death Takes a Holiday" 33 "Arm and the Man" 43 Players 43 Glee Club 2,33 Opera Group 43 Choir 43 "Iolanthe" 43 News Staff 23 Mu- sicale 1,2,3,4Q Vice President 33 Broadcasting Club 2,3,43 Senior Mu- sic Club 3,43 Rochester. Melchior, Ruth J: Wilmette Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Honor Society 43 Student Council Representative 13 Finance Committee 13 Girls' Club Representative 23 Arrange- ments Committee 43 Treble Clef 23 Echoes Staff 1,2,3,43 Senior Section Editor 43 News Staff 3,43 Career Club 3,42 French Club 2,33 Lens Club 13 University of Michigan. Menden, Jean M: Glencoe Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Honor Society 43 Girls' Club Representative 13 "Gondoliers" 33 "Iolanthe" 43 Glee Club 1,21 Choir 43 Opera Group 3,43 Junior Music Club 1,23 Career Club 3,43 Art League 13 Senior Music Club 43 Mills. Meng, Robert H: "Bohn: Glenview Door Guard 2,33 IM Basketball Champ 23 University of Illinois. Mergener, Philip L: Wilmette IM Basketball Champs 33 Rifle Club 3,43 Science Club 33 Northwestern. Merkle, Richard: Wilmette Honor Group 1,2,3I Honor Society 4: Tri-Ship Representative 23 Glee Club 13 Opera Group 2,3,41 Gavel Club 13 German Club 2,3,4Q Dramatic Club 1. Mestjian, Robert: "Bob": Wilmette Honor Group 1,2,3,4Q Honor Society 43 Student Council Representative 13 Tri-Ship Representative 43 In- formation Desk 43 "Pinafore" 1: "Pirates of Penzance" 23 "Gon- doliers" 33 "Iolanthe" 43 Orchestra 1,2,3,4Q Band 1,2,3,4: Dramatic Club 33 Northwestern. Meyer, William F: "Bill": Wilmette Student Council Exhibit Committee 43 Football 3,43 News Staff 3,43 Career Club 3,43 German Club 3,42 Treasurer 43 Evanston High School 1,21 Carleton. Meyers, Charlotte: "Char": Winnetka Honor Group 3,43 Student Council Student Relations Committee 43 Girls' Club Social Committee 23 Representative 43 Class Committee 43 G.A.A. 2,3,43 Social Committee 33 Book Club 2,33 Study Hall Super- visor 43 Career Club 3,43 Spanish Club 3,41 Journalism Club 33 Deni- son. Michael, LilaClaire: Glencoe G.A.A. 1,2,3,4Q Baseball 1,2,33 Rifle 2,33 300 Point Award 33 Hockey 43 Social Committee 43 Senior Office Staff 43 Career Club 3,41 Rifle Club 3,43 Musical 3,43 Grinnell. Millard, Donald: Wilmette Rifle Club 2,3. Miller, Geraldine: "Gerry": Wilmette Service Club 3,43 Spanish Club 33 Travel Club 3,43 Journalism Club 3,43 Bryant and Stratton. Miller, Paula R: Wilmette Student Council Exhibit Committee 43 Defense Committee 43 Girls' Club Representative 43 "Ladies of the Jury" 43 "Daddy Longlegs" 33 Ac- tors Guild 3,43 Verse Speaking Choir 3,43 Broadcasting Club'2,4: Dramatics Club 3,43 French Club 43 Study Hall Supervisor 43 Carleton. Miller, Robert M: "Moats": Wilmette Student Council Representative 1,33 Buildings and Grounds Committee 3: Information Desk 43 Basketball 1,2,3Q Letter 2,42 Gavel Club 13 Debate Team 13 Grinnell. Miller, Stanley: Wilmette Honor Group 43 Illinois College. Miller, Susan: "Sue": Winnetka T.N.T. 43 Honor Group 1,2,3,4Q Honor Society 43 Student Council Inter- scholastic Relations Committee 22 All School Assembly Committee 3,43 Study Hall Supervisor 43 Class Com- mittee 43 Class President 33 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4Q Hockey 1,2,3Q Basketball 1,2,33 Volleyball 13 Tennis Manager 23 Head of Publicity Committee 43 Numerals 1: 300 Point Award 21 "Rose -and the Ring" 13 "Adm1rable Crichton" 43 "Ladies of the Jury" 43 Players 43 Glee Club 1,2,33 French Club 2,31 Career Club 3,4. Mincheff, Rex Harold: "Minnie": Glenview Service Club 33 Rifle Club 2,31 Door Guard 2,3,4. Minor, Merrie: Winnetka AIITIVITIE Mizener, Wilson: "Bill": Wilmette T.N.T. 3,43 Honor Group 2,3,43 Stu- dent Council Vice President 43 Rep- resentative 23 Chairman of Social Committee 33 Tri-Ship Talent Show Committee 3,41 Usher Corps 33 Class Committee 43 Swimming l,3,43 Let- ter 43 Guard 3,41 Captain 43 Glee Club 1,22 Study Hall Supervisor 3,43 Northwestern. Mockler, Richard C: "Dick": Wilmette Honor Group 1,2,3Q Honor Society 43 Information Desk 3,43 German Club 43 Chess Club 1. Moeller, LeRoy W: "Bruz": Glencoe Honor Group 43 Lawrence. Moody, Eleanor L: Wilmette Honor Group 2,3,43 Honor Society 43 Girls' Club Financial Committee 43 G.A.A. 2,3,43 G.A.A. Representative 33 Volleyball 23 Numerals 23 Base- ball 33 Senior Baseball Manager 43 "Lagniappe" 43 Knitting Club 23 Spanish Club 3,43 Career Club 3,43 Grand High School 13 Colorado Col- lege. Mooney, Paul: "Snorty": Kenilworth Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Honor Society 43 Usher Corps 3,43 Swimming 2,33 Traffic Squad 33 Lens Club 1,23 Michigan. Moore, Austin: "Buster": Glencoe IM Tennis Class Champion 33 IM Horseshoes Champion 3: IM Basket- ball Champion 3,43 West Virginia State. Moore, James B: Glencoe Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Honor Society 43 Band 1,2,3,4Q Latin Club 1,2,3,43 Stamp Club 1,2,3,4Q Rifle Club 3,41 First Rifle Team 4. Morehouse, Nye F: Winnetka Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Honor Society 43 Door Guard 3,41 Radio Club 1,2,33 University of Michigan. Morner, Theo-Nina: Glencoe French Club 2,31 Musicale 33 Career Club 3. Morris, Eugene G: "Gene": Glenview Senn High School 1,2,3Q Louisiana State University. Morse, Helen: "Fritzie": Winnetka Student Council Study Hall Com- mittee 43 Girls' Club Representa- tive 23 Girls' Club Social Commit- tee 43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4Q Hockey 1,22 G.A.A. Representative 23 Class Nu- trition Committee 43 Class Dance Committee 43 Glee Club 1.2,3: French Club 33 Career Club 3,43 Swing Club 23 Bradford. Moulding, Betty Jean: "B.J.": Wilmette T.N.T. 43 Honor Group 1,2,3,4: Honor Society 43 Student Cotmcil Commu- nity Properties Committee 33 Stu- dent Council Inter-School Relations Committee 43 Girls' Club Repre- sentative 33 Girls' Club Employment Committee 33 Girls' Club Publicity Head 43 Class Entertainment Com- mittee 23 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Glee Club 2: Opera Group 3.43 Choir 41 Girls' Ensemble 43 Treble Clef 13 "The Gondoliers" 33 "Iolanthe" 43 Echoes Staff 1,23 News Staff 2,33 News Busi- ness Manager 3,41 Junior Music Club 1,23 French Club 2,3,43 Secre- tary 33 Career Club 33 Senior Music Club 3,41 Wellesley. Mullins, Priscilla: Winnetka G.A.A. Representative l,2,33 Ink- lings Staff 23 Swimming Team 23 Broadcasting Club 1,23 Career Club 33 Radio Club 43 Monmouth. Murch, Barbara C: Winnetka Girls' Club Representative 1,23 News Staff 43 Badminton Club 3,43 Swing Club 23 Spanish Club 33 Career Club 3,43 Gulf Park. Murphy, Theresa: "Tam": Winnetka Honor Group 3,43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4j G.A.A. Representative 23 G.A.A. Publicity Committee 33 Girls' Club Representative 33 Girls' Club Pub- licity Committee 43 Career Club 3,4. Murray M. Barbara: "Bobbie": Glencoe Honor Group 33 Girls' Club Repre- sentative 13 Girls' Club Arrange- ments Committee 33 Girls' Club Charity Committee 43 G.A.A. 2,3,4Q Basketball 23 Riflery 23 Head 33 Manager of Archery 43 Arrange- ments Committee Chairman 43 Chevrons 2: Numerals 23 300 Point Award 2: 600 Point Award 43 Musi- cale 13 French Club 23 Career Club 3.41 Travel Club 2,3,43 President 43 Make-Up Crew 3,41 Verse Speaking 3,41 Middlebury. Murray, Margaret E: "Betty": Glencoe Student Council Finance Committee 4: Class Social Committee 2: G.A.A. 1.2,3,43 Volleyball 43 Rhythms 1.2,3: Swimming 23 300 Point Award 2: 600 Point Award 43 News Stat? 3: Inklings Contributor 43 Inklings Staff 43 Treble Clef 23 Glee Club 3: Opera Group 43 Travel Club 2,3,4: Scriblerus 23 French Club 33 Career Club 3: Northwestern. Murray, Sinclair: Wilmette Lens Club 33 Boys' Career Club 33 Post Intermediate 13 Northern High School 23 Washington and Lee. Myers, Jacqueline: Winnetka St. Catherine's High School l,2,3. Naethans, Robert G: "Bob": Wilmette Honor Group 13 Usher Corps 43 Football 1,2,3j Letter 23 Baseball 1,2,3,43 Letter 23 IM Basketball Champs 23 Purdue. Neiweem, Edward Peter: "Jack": Winnetka Commerce Club 4. Nelson, Arleen Lois: "Nettie": Glenview G.A.A. Representative 43 Career Club 4. Nelson, Beverly: Kenilworth West Allis High School, Wisconsin. Nelson, Charles Edward: "Chuck": Winnetka Honor Group 4: Rifle Club 1,2,32 Chess 1,23 Secretary-Treasurer 23 Career Club 33 Sen Cristobal Valley School 3. Neukranz, Robert Bruce: "Noisy": Wilmette Basketball Team 33 IM Basketball 13 Orchestra 1,23 Career Club 3,4. Newman, Muriel: Winnetka Honor Group 33 News Staff 43 Echoes 43 Career Club 43 Musicale 43 Libertyville Township High School 1,23 Blackburn. Nicholson, Leo P: "Nick": Wilmette IM Champs Football 2,33 Water Polo 2,33 Volleyball 2,33 Baseball 2,31 Northwestern. Nilles, Dorothy E: "Dottie": Wilmette Honor Group 33 Girls' Club Repre- sentative 43 Hockey 23 Baseball 23 Basketball 13 Inklings Staff 4x "Ladies of the Jury" 43 Service Club 43 Career Club 4. Noel, Lawrence H: Wilmette Norton, Robert A: "Bob": Winnetka Inklings Staff 43 Coin Club 1,2,3,43 President 43 Career Club 43 Musi- cale 3,41 Travel Club 33 Swing Club 43 Michigan University. Ogden, Dana. P: "Skit": , Winnetka J. V. Football 43 Science Club 33 Psychology Club 43 Yale. O'Leary, Betty: Glencoe Student Council Study Hall Commit- tee 23 G.A.A. 2,3,4Q G.A,A. Repre- sentative 33 French Club 2,33 Career Club 3,43 St. Scholastica 13 Beloit. Olson, Carol L: Wilmette Honor Group 3,43 Girls' Club Finan- cial Committee 1,41 German Club 3,4Q Career Club 3,43 Science Club 3,43 Secretary 3,43 Highland Park 23 Northwestern. Oppenheimer, John G: "Opie": Wilmette Honor Group 13 Chess Club 1,2,3,4j Vice President 33 Gavel Club 2,3,4. Orvis, Dudley I: Winnetka Honor Group 1,3,4: Honor Society 43 Band 1,23 Chess Club 13 Uni- versity of Michigan. Pagliarulo, Mario R: "Maru: Wilmette Honor Group 1,2,3,4j Honor Society 43 "Lagniappe" 43 Information Desk 43 "Pinafore" 23 "Pirates of Pen- zance" 23 Orchestra 1,2,3,43 Radio Club 1,2,33 Senior Music Club 33 2nd D.A.R. Award 33 Purdue. Palenske, John B: "Squeaky" Wilmette Information Desk 33 Basketball 1,2,3Q Letter 1,23 Football 2,33 Baseball 33 IM Baseball Champs 3. Parkinson, Mary T: "Parky": , Winnetka Girls' Club Charity Committee 43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Basketball 1,31 Vol- leyball 1,33 Hockey 13 Baseball 13 Numerals 1: 300 Point Award 23 Basketball Manager 33 600 Point Award 43 French Club 2,3,41 "Le Flambeau" Staff 3,43 Editor 43 Pine Manor. Peacock, Glenn: Glenview Pearson, Walter: "Wally": Football 1,2. Wmnetka Peck, Shirley: Winnetka Student Council Social Committee 23 Girls' Club Representative 43 Glee Club 1,2,3Q Career Club 43 Arizona. I27 Pemble, Herbert: "I-lerby": Kenilworth Traffic Squad 3.43 IM Champions, Basketball 43 Michigan State. Penny, Freeman: "Buzzy": Wilmette Information Desk 43 Football 1,2,3,43 Letter 43 Stamp Club 13 Arizona. Perizzato, Albert: "Turggy": Glencoe Peterson, Bertil M: "Pete": Glencoe Tri-Ship Representative 43 Usher Corps 3,43 Baseball 1,2,3,4Q Letter 2,43 "Daddy Longlegs" 33 "Pirates of Penzance" 23 "Gondoliers" 33 "Iolanthe" 43 Glee Club 13 Opera Group 2,3,4I Ensemble 3,43 Choir 3,41 Junior Music Club 23 Senior Music Club 43 Latin Club 23 Career Club 43 Northwestern. Peterson, Dorothy J: "Petey": Wilmette Volleyball 13 Glee Club 1,2,31 Career Club 3,43 French Club 2,33 Travel Club 33 Lake Forest College. Petty, George B: "Jeep": Northtield Football 33 Letter 33 Loyola 1,23 Washington and Lee. Phillips, Joanne L: "Jody": Glencoe Swimming 2,4Q Volleyball 43 Man- ager of Swimming 43 Ride Club 3,43 Opera Group 3,43 Bennett. Pickett, Patricia A: "Patty": Wilmette Honor Group 2,3,4Q Honor Society 43 Girls' Club Representative 33 Social Committee 33 Glee Club 33 Choir 43 Ensemble 43 Inklings Contributor 33 "Iolanthe" 43 French Club 33 Career Club 33 Randolph-Macon. Pinkowski, George: Wilmette Commerce Club 4. Plamonden, William N: "Bill": Winnetka Honor Group 1,23 Student Council Study Hall Committee 43 Usher Corps 43 Information Desk 43 Door Guard 43 "The American Way" 33 Band 1,2,31 News Staff 43 Rifle Club 13 Lens Club 1,23 Dramatic Club 33 Career Club 43 Yale. Plotkin, Dolores: "Dolly": Chicago Senn l,2,33 Northwestern. Pomeroy, Betty: Winnetka Honor Group 43 Girls' Club Friendly Committee 43 G.A.A. 2,3,43 Hockey 1,21 Basketball 2,33 Baseball 2,33 Publicity Committee 43 Representa- tive 43 Numerals 23 "American Way" 33 Actors' Guild 2,3,4Q "Lag- niappe" 43 "Ladies of the Jury" 43 Treble Clef 23 News Staff 43 Inklings Contributor 43 French Club 2,3,4Q "Le Flambeau" 33 Art Editor 43 St. Scholastica 13 Colorado College. Prins, Jeanne S: "Prinzy": Wilmette French Club 2,33 Stephens. Pulfer, Patricia: "Pattie": Winnetka Student Council Student Relations Committee 43 Inter-Scholastic Rela- tions Committee 43 Girls' Club Friendly Committee 23 Arrange- ments Committee 3: Class Commit- tee 33 French Club 23 Swing Club 23 Career Club 3,43 Service Club 43 North Shore Country Day 1. l28 HE lllll Puronas, Eleanor: Wilmette Career Club 33 German Club 3. Raggio, Donald: "Don": Kenilworth Student Council Representative 13 information Desk 33 Basketball 1,2, 3,43 Letter 2,43 Football 2,3,4Q Let- ter 2,3,43 Sigma Gamma Sigma 43 All Suburban Team 43 All State 43 Chicago District Team 43 Glee Club 23 Stamp Club 1. Ramser, Barbara L: "Barb": Winnetka G.A.A. 1,2,3,4Q Speedball 13 Swim- ming 1,2,3,43 Head of Swimming 33 Manager 23 Representative 13 Vol- leyball 43 Basketball 33 Numerals 13 300 Point Award 23 Glee Club 1,2,3,43 Lawrence. Randall, Martha: "Martyn: Wilmette Honor Group 1,2,3,41 Honor Society 43 Girls' Club Arrangements Com- mittee 3j Representative 43 Student Council Study Hall Committee 43 G.A.A. Social Committee 33 Golf 23 Tennis 23 Inklings Contributor 33 Glee Club 2,33 Book Club 33 Service Club 3,41 French Club 2,31 Latin Club 13 Swing Club 33 Northwestern. Rapp, Raymond: Winnetka T.N.T. 43 Honor Group 1,2,3Q Honor Society 43 Tri-Ship Representative 33 Secretary-Treasurer 43 Student Council Publicity Committee 33 Class Financial Committee 43 In- fonnation Desk 33 Usher Corps 33 Football 1,2,3,4Q Letter 2,3,43 Base- ball 1,2,43 Letter 23 IM Volleyball Champs 33 Glee Club 23 German Club 33 Dartmouth. Raymond, Mary Anne: Glencoe Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Honor Society 43 Girls' Club Representative 13 Publicity Committee 33 G.A.A. 1,2, 3,4: Inklings Contributor 3,42 Travel Club 2,33 Career Club 33 Connecticut. Redfield, Barbara: "Barb": Glencoe Honor Group 3,43 Inklings Staff 2,3,43 Contributor 2,33 Scriblerus 2,31 Sec- retary 33 Girls' Club Representative 43 Roycemore 13 St. Lawrence Uni- versity. Reece, Peter V: "Monk": Glencoe Swimming 1,2,33 Letter 2,31 IM High Jump Champ 3,43 Riiie Club 13 Colorado. Reichert, John M: "Doc": Chicago Honor Group 2,3,43 Honor Society 43 Student Council Publicity Committee 43 Defense Committee 43 Stage Crew 43 News Staff 43 Rifle Team 2,33 Stamp Club 1,23 Dramatic Club 43 Amherst. Reichmann, Ruth: Glencoe Student Council Publicity Committee 43 Defense Committee 43 Inter- scholastic Relations Committee 43 Girls' Club Arrangements Commit- tee 43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Hockey 1,2,3,43 Basketball 2,3,43 Swimming 33 La- Cross 33 Head of Basketball 43 Treble Clef 23 Glee Club 33 News Staff 23 Latin Club 1,23 Career Club 33 Book Club 33 Quill Club 1,2Q Service Club 3,43 Carleton. Reinhard, Margaret R: "Peggy" Wilmette Treble Clef 23 Glee Club 3,4: French Club 33 Broadcasting Club 43 Serv- ice Club 33 Career Club 3,43 Raub Junior High 13 DePauw. Reinwald, Anthony: "Tweep": Wilmette Door Guard 3,41 Band l,2,3,4. Riblett, Merribeth: Kenilworth Girls' Club Representative 43 Social Committee 43 G.A.A. 43 News Staff 43 Echoes Staff 43 Career Club 43 East High School, Denver, Colorado 1,2,3: Northwestern. Robertson, Sara: "Sally": Winnetka G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Baseball 2,33 Speed- ball 23 Archery 33 Representative 33 300 Point Award 13 600 Point Award 33 Treble Clef 13 Glee Club 23 French Club 33 Verse Speaking Choir 3,43 Badminton Club 13 Career Club 3,42 Service Club 43 Lindenwood. Robson, Dorcas: Winnetka G.A.A. 3,43 Volleyball 33 Baseball 33 Basketball 43 Numerals 33 Spanish Club 3,4: Career Club 3,43 Bad- minton Club 33 Scripps. Robson, William W: Winnetka "The Rose and the Ring" 13 Rifle Club 2,3. Rodgers, Wallace A: "Wally": Wilmette Traffic Squad 2,3,43 Football 43 Let- ter 43 Glee Club 1,2. Roessler, Jeanne: Wilmette G.A.A. 3,43 Glee Club 33 Treble Clef 2. Rogers, Barbara E: "Barn: Winnetka Honor Group 2,3,43 Honor Society 43 Study Hall Supervisor 4: Girls' Club Social Committee 43 Actors Guild 33 "Lagniappe" 33 "Pinafore" 13 "Pirates of Penzance" 23 "Gondo- liers" 33 "Iolanthe" 43 Orchestra 1,2,3,43 Glee Club 1,23 Choir 3,43 Ensemble 3,43 Quill Club 23 Lens Club 13 Junior Music Club 1,23 Senior Music Club 3,43 President 43 Smith. Rompel, David: Glencoe Rondthaler, Renny: Wilmette Rose, Nancy Ann: Wilmette Girls' Club Financial Committee 23 Charity Committee 33 G.A.A. 2,3,43 "Gondoliers" 33 "Iolanthe" 43 Glee Club 1,23 Choir 3,43 Opera Group 3,43 Junior Music Club 13 Senior Music Club 2,3,43 Musicale 2,3,43 Secretary 33 Career Club 43 Lawr- ence. Roseman, Warren: Glenview No picture. Rosenberg, Charles I: "Rosie": Wilmette Honor Group 1,2,33 Honor Society 43 Student Council Publicity Committee 43 Building and Grounds Committee 43 Echoes Staff 43 "Lagniappe" 3,43 Senior Class Committee 43 Spanish Club 43 Badminton Club 3,43 Career Club 43 Syracuse University. Roth, Irene: Winnetka Treble Clef 2. Rugen, Frances: "Frannie": Glenview Honor Group 13 Southern California. Ruggio, Anthony: Wilmette Career Club 3. Ryan, Genevieve: Kenilworth Glee Club 33 Career Club 3,43 Sketch Club 13 Art League 13 DePauw. Ryan, Thomas F: "Tom": Winnetka Honor Group 13 Student Council Publications Committee 33 Repre- sentative 13 Study Hall Supervisor 43 Tri-Ship Club Room Chairman 43 Information Desk 33 Usher Corps 33 Football 3,43 Letter 2,43 Baseball 1,3. Sabin, Ann: Wilmette Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Honor Society 43 Treble Clef 23 Glee Club 33 Quill Club 1,23 Spanish Club 3,43 Career Club 3,43 Purdue. Salaman, Franklin J: "Frank": Winnetka Honor Group 2,3,4Q Information Desk 43 Usher Corps 3,43 Door Guard 33 Junior Class Committee 33 "Rose and the Ring" 13 "The American Way" 33 "Admirable Crichton" 43 "Lagniappe" 3,43 "Ladies of the Jury" 43 Debate Team 2,3,43 National Forensic League 2,3,43 National Forensic Board 3,43 Swimming 2,33 Letter 33 Football 23 Dramatic Club 3,43 Radio Club 13 Rifle Club 23 Career Club 3,4, Salvi, Albert S: "Alu: Wilmette Honor Group 13 Tri-Ship Club Room Committee 43 Study Hall Supervisor 43 Football 43 Letter 43 Baseball 43 Letter 43 Career Club 43 Notre Dame. Samelson, John D: "Donn: Northfield Honor Group 43 Far Rockaway High School 1,2,3Q Northwestern. Saxby, Mary-Serene: Glencoe G.A.A. 2,3,43 Treble Clef 1,23 Glee Club 3,43 French Club 2,33 Service Club 3.43 Career Club 3,41 Beloit. Scarfl, Jack L: "Big Stoop": Winnetka T.N.T. 43 Honor Group 1,2,3,4Q Honor Society 43 Tri-Ship Repre- sentative 4: Student Council Inter- scholastic Relations Committee 3,43 Study Hall Supervisor 43 Orchestra 1,2,3,43 News Staff 23 Director of "Lagniappe" 43 Nutrition Commit- tee 43 "H.M.S. Pinafore" 13 "Gon- doliers" 33 "Iolanthe" 43 "Rose and the Ring" 13 "The Youngest" 23 "Death Takes a Holiday" 33 "The American Way" 33 "Arms and the Man" 43 Players 43 Dramatic Club 1,2,3,4: Science Club 2,33 German Club 2.4. , Schaefer, Donald: "Donn: Wilmette Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Student Coun- cil Study Hall Committee 33 Tri- Ship Representative 2,33 Tri-Ship Publicity Committee 33 Tri-Ship In- terscholastic Relations Committee 43 Study Hall Supervisor 3,4Q Football 1,2,3,4j Letter 2,43 Baseball 1,2,3,4j Letter 2,3,43 Echoes Staff 23 News Staff 3: Career Club 43 Sigma Gam- ma Sigma 4. Schawe, Joe W: "Tex": Kenilworth Baseball 43 University of Texas. Scheibel, Jean M: Wilmette T.N.T. 43 Honor Group 2,31 Student Council Publicity Committee 33 Girls' Club Representative 23 Girls' Club Arrangements Committe 33 Girls' Club Secretary 43 Class Vice President 23 Study Hall Supervisor 43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Soccer 13 Basket- ball 1,2,3,43 Manager 43 Baseball 2,31 Manager 33 Swimming 3,41 300 Point Award 23 600 Point Award 33 800 Point Award 43 Career Club 3,4: Lens Club 33 Spanish Club 3,43 President 33 Lawrence. Schempp, Grace E: "Gracie": Kenilworth Treble Clef 13 Glee Club 2,33 Career Club 43 Earlham. Schifflin, Elisabeth J: "Joann: Winnetka Girls' Club Bazaar Committee 23 Girls' Club Financial Committee 33 Girls' Club Charity Committee 43 "Iolanthe" 43 Glee Club 1,2,3.43 Opera Group 43 News Staff 1,2.3.43 Musicale 1,2,3,43 French Club 2,3,43 Badminton Club 2,3,43 Career Club 3.43 Colorado College. Schipfer, Paul: Winnetka Glee Club 1, Schmick, William M: "Bill": Wilmette Honor Group 1,2,3,4Q Honor Society 43 'Student Council Representative lj Tri-Ship Representative 1.23 Usher Corps 3,41 Glee Club 1,2.3: Opera Group 33 Basketball 1,33 Football 23 Career Club 3.43 Cornell University. Schmidt, Gilbert M: "Nicky": Winnetka Honor Group 1,2,3.43 Honor Society 43 IM Horseshoe Champion 23 IM Golf Champion 23 IM Ping Pong giatrrigion 23 Latin Club 1,23 Sports u . Schmitz, Helene A: "Shorty": Wilmette Glee Club 23 Commerce Club 1.2.3. Schneider, Doris A: "Dorrie": Glenview News Staff 43 Volleyball 43 Com- merce Club 2.4. Schneider, Willard J: Wilmette Schopen, Frank A: Wilmette Schultz, Herbert G. Jr: "I'Ierb": Wilmette T.N.T. 43 Honor Group 1,2,3,4Q Honor Society 43 "Lagniappe" 43 "Rose and the Ring" 13 "The Ameri- can Way" 33 "Arms and the Man" 4: "Ladies of the Jury" 43 Dra- matic Club 1,2,3,4Q Dramatic Club Board 43 Rifle Club 13 Science Club 23 Badminton Club 2.3. Schurmeier, Harris: "Bud": Winnetka, Boys' Career Club 43 Aeronautical Club 43 California Tech. Schwall, Dolores: Wilmette G.A.A. Representative 33 Baseball 23 Commerce Club 3.4. Schweger, Rodney: "Rod": Wilmette Door Guard 43 Baseball 1.2,3,43 Football 2.43 Letter 43 Basketball 2,3,43 Letter 33 Captain 4. Schweitzer, Patricia: "Pat": Glenview G.A.A. 3,43 Hockey 33 Volleyball 33 Hockey 33 Numerals 33 Commerce Club 23 Pass Christian High School 1. Scott, Dorothy: "Scotty": Wilmette G.A.A. 1.2,3,4. Jean E: "Scottie": Glencoe Girls' Club Representative 43 Girls' Club Social Committee 1,2,4Q G.A.A. 2.3.41 G.A.A. Arrangements Com- mittee 43 Career Club 33 Travel Club 2.3.42 Vice President 43 Carleton. Scott, CTI ITI S Seder, Grantham: "Grant": Wilmette Honor Group 2,43 Inklings Contribu- tor 33 "The American Way" 33 IM Football Champion 2.3.43 IM Bas- ketball Champion 2.43 IM Water Rugby 2.31 Orchestra 43 Band 2.3: News Staff 43 Lens Club 23 Stage Crew 2,31 Aeronautics Club 3,43 Career Club 43 University of Illinois. Seifert, Jane: Janie": Wilmette Honor Group lj Study Hall Super- Yisor 43 Glee Club 2,33 Iowa Wes- yan. Seiler, Theodore C: "Ted": Winnetka T.N.T. 3.43 Honor Group 1.2.3,43 Honor Society 43 Tri-Ship Junior Class Chairman 33 Class President 43 Usher Corps 33 Head Usher 43 Student Supervisor 3,41 Football 3.43 Letter 33 Captain 43 Track 3,43 Let- ter 3,43 Swimming 1.2.33 Letter 33 Geography Club 2. Sethness, William H: "Willy": Winnetka News Staff 43 Junior Orchestra 1.23 Actors Guild 33 Cheer Leader Letter 3,43 University of Illinois. Seyller, George: Wilmette Commerce Club 4. Shafer, John R: "Johnny": Glencoe T.N.T. 43 Honor Group 1,2,3,4: Honor Society 43 Student Council Study Hall Committee 43 Tri-Ship Representative 23 Tri-Ship Club Room Committee 33 Tri-Ship Stu- dent Aid Committee 43 Usher Corps 3,43 Swimming 1,23 Tennis 2,3,4Q Football 3,4: Letter 43 Class Track Champion 33 Track 3.43 Student Supervisor 43 Rifle Club 13 Sigma Gamma Sigma 43 Cornell. Shields, Joseph E: "Joe": Winnetka Riiie Club 13 Northwestern. Siens, Jim: Wilmette Basketball 3,41 Volleyball 3.43 Nash- ville High School 1.2. Simons, Eunice: Wilmette Honor Group 43 Treble Clef 1.23 Glee Club 2,33 Presbyterian School of Nursing. Simmons, Marjorie C: "Simmy": Kenilworth French Club 33 Musicale 23 William Woods. Simonsen, Meta: Glenview G.A.A. 2,3,4Q G.A.A. Representative 33 Archery 23 Commerce ClUb.2Q Career Club 4. ' 3 Sinsheimer, Joan: "Joannie": Winnetka Student Council Representative 13 News Staff 13 Glee Club 1,2.3Q Travel Club 1. Slamin, Henry A: "I-Iank": Winnetka Honor Group 13 Student Council As- sembly Committee 43 Student Coun- cil Student Relations Committee 43 Tri-Ship Representative 13 Class Social Committee 2,33 Usher Corps 3,42 News Staff 33 Echoes Staff 33 Swimming 1,2,3,43 Letter 1.2,3.43 Co-Captain 2,43 Baseball l,2,3Q Let- ter 1,2,3Q Captain 23 Sigma Gamma Sigma 43 Notre Dame. Small, Renee R: "Renny": Winnetka Honor Group l.2.3,43 Honor Society 43 Girls' Club Publicity Committee 2.41 G.A.A. 2.3.41 Glee Club 2.32 Opera Group 43 Actors Guild 2,3,4Q Make-up Crew 3.43 "Rose and the Ring" 13 "Iolanthe" 43 "Le Flam- beau" Staff 3,43 News Staff 2.33 Fea- ture Editor 43 Inklings Contributor 33 Quill Club 1,23 Latin Club 2.3.41 President 23 Career Club 33 Dra- matic Club 2.3.43 Bryn Mawr. Smith, Brenton N: "Smitty": Wihnette Honor Group 1.2,3,43 Honor Society 43 Usher Corps 43 "Gondoliers" 33 "Iolanthe" 43 Orchestra 2,3,4Q Glee Club 1,23 Opera Group 43 Rifle Club 1,23 Chess Club 43 Aeronautics Club 4: Northwestern. Smith, Elaine D: Glencoe Honor Group 1.2,3Q Honor Society 43 Student Council Interscholastio Relations Committee 3,43 Girls' Club Representative 13 Girls' Club Charity Committee 23 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4Q Hockey 1,2,3,4Q Archery 2.33 G.A.A. Pub- licity Committee 33 300 Point Award 13 600 Point Award 23 800 Point Award 23 Treble Clef 13 Glee Club 2,33 Opera Group 43 News Staff 33 Inklings Contributor 33 "Daddy Longlegs" 33 "The American Way" 33 "Ladies of the Jury" 43 Latin Club 1.2.33 Musicale 1.2.3,43 French Club 3,43 Badminton Club 33 Career Club 3,41 "Le Flambeau" 3.43 Dra- matic Club 3.4. Smith, Gordon P: "Snufl'y": Winnetka Honor Group 43 Football 1,23 Let- ter 2, Smith, Howard M: Evanston Rifle Club 13 Career Club 4. Smithers, Edward D: "Ted": Winnetka Football 2.43 Letter 2,43 Baseball 2,43 Basketball 43 Career Club 43 University of Illinois. Snyder, Margaret L: "Weezie": Winnetka Honor Group 43 Student Council Representative 13 Girls' Club Fi- nance Committee 43 G.A.A. 1.2.3,43 Hockey 1,23 G.A.A. Social Commit- tee 43 300 Point Award 23 Glee Club 1.23 Opera Group 3.43 Choir 43 News Staff 23 Inklings Contributor 2,33 Travel Club 2,31 Quill Club 1.2,3,. Lens Club 13 French Club 33 Bad- minton Club 33 Career Club 33 Musicale 2,31 Colorado College. Stackhouse, Mary Neill: Wilmette Career Club 43 Noorestown Friends High School 1.2.3. Stade, Paul: Wilmette Honor Group Honor Society 43 Student Council Finance Commit- tee 43 Tri-Ship Representative 1.23 Tri-Ship Clubroom Committee .33 Band 3,43 News Staff 3,43 Sports Club 2.33 Journalism' Club 33 Musi- cale 23 Career Club 3.43 Stanley, DeWolf M: "Stan": Winnetka IM Basketball Champion 33 Band 1.2.32 "American Way" 33 Stamp Club 1.2.31 Latin Club lj Geography Club 23 Career Club 43 Swing Club 43 University of Michigan. Starkel, Richard L: "Dick'i: - Wilmette Football 3.43 Letter 43 Band 1,23 Traffic Squad 3,43 Door Guard 3.43 IM Basketball Champion 43 Career Club 3,43 Illinois. Starrett, Nancy: "Nonny": Kenilworth T.N.T. 43 Honor Group 1.2,3.43 Honor Society 43 Student Council Representative 2,3Q Student Council Publicity Committee 23 Student Council Assembly Committee 3,43 Girls' Club Finance Committee 23 Head 43 Class Vice President 43 Nutrition Committee 43 G.A.A. 1.2. 3.43 Speedball 13 Basketball 2: Hockey 2.33 Head 43 Recreation Sports 43 Glee Club 2,33 Career Club 33 Badminton 2.3.4. Steel, Robert: "Bob": Wilmette Honor Group 3,43 Honor Society 43 Radio Club 2,3,43 Loyola 13 North- western. Steflins, Thomas J: "Tom": Wilmette Steiner, Jean D: Wilmette G.A.A. 3,43 G.A.A. Representative, 43 Commerce Club 1,2,3,4: Career Club 43 Moser. Steinhoff, Mary: Winnetka Student Council Study Hall Commit- tee 43 Girls' Club Friendly Commit- tee 2,43 Girls' Club Social Commit- tee 2,33 G.A.A. 2.3.43 G.A.A. Rep- resentative 43 Baseball 23 Glee Club 1,2Q Opera Group 33 French Club 2,31 Swing Club 23 Career Club 43 Service Club 43 Smith. Steitz, Robert: Wilmette T.N.T. 43 Honor Group 1,2,4: Honor Society 43 Student Council Repre- sentative 33 Student Council Build- ing and Grounds Committee 33 Chairman 43 Tri-Ship Representa- tive 13 Tri-Ship Clubroom Commit- tee 23 Usher Corps 43 Study Hall Supervisor 43 Stage Crew 1.23 Light Crew 3,43 Glee Club 2,31 Football 1,2.3.43 Dramatic Club l.2,3Q Master Technician 2,33 Northwestern. Stembridge, M. Elizabeth: "Beth": Glencoe 'Honor Group 13 Student Council Representative 23 Girls' Club Repre- sentative 1,23 Girls' Club Bazaar Committee 31 G.A.A. 2,3,4Q Speed- ball 23 Make-up Crew 3.43 Echoes Staff 43 Art League 2,31 Sketch Club 2.33 French Club 2,3,43 Career Club 3.43 Travel Club 3.43 Science Club 43 William and Mary. Stephenson, Marion: Northbrook Honor Group 1,3,43 Honor Society 43 Girls' Club Publicity Committee 43 G.A.A. 2,3,43 300 Point Award 33 G.A.A, Social Committee 43 Glee Club 1,2,3Q Opera Group 43 Choir 43 "Iolanthe" 43 Inklings Staff 43 French 'Club 3,41 "Le Flambeau" Staff 33 Musicale 2.3.43 Career Club 3.43 Service Club 43 Connecticut College. Stevens, Harriet J: "Joanie": Wilmette Honor Group 1,41 Verse Speaking Choir 43 Make-up Crew 3,41 "The American Way" 33 "Arms and the Man" 43 "Ladies of the Jury" 43 "Lagniappe" 43 Dramatic Club 3.43 Emerson High School 13 Shaker Heights High School 23 North- western. Stevenson, Jim: "Steven: Winnetka Football 3.43 Rifle Club 23 Career Club 3. l29 Stewart, Bettye: Glencoe G-A-Ah 213,41 G.A.A. Representative 2,33 Speedball 33 Volleyball 23 Bas- ketball 2,33 Baseball 23 Orchestra 1,2,3,4: Glee Club 33 Junior Music 531517 1.2,3,43 Chicago Teachers' Col- e e. Stovall, Jean L: Glencoe G.A.A. 2,3,4Q Speedball 33 Basket- ball133 Volleyball 33 Numerals 23 Chevrons 33 Commerce Club 43 Howard University. Stowe, Gordon N: Northfield Rifle Club 2,32 Career Club 3,43 Tradic Squad 3,4. Strauss, Gene: Wilmette Honor Group 23 Honor Society 43 Student Council Exhibit Committee 43 "The American Way" 33 Quill Club 13 Musicale 33 Travel Club 3,41 Dramatic Club 3,4. Strauss, Patricia: "Pat": Glencoe Girls' Club Representative 33 G.A.A. 1,2.3,43 300 Point Award 43 Swim- ming 43 Quill Club 13 Knitting Club 33 Broadcasting Club 23 Career Club 3,43 Carleton. Stubbe, Virginia R: "Ginny": Winnetka Honor Group 23 'I'ravel Club 33 Career Club 43 Moser. Sturgin, Robert: Winnetka Lake Forest Academy. Swanson, Alex: Glencoe Swartz, William: "Bill',: Glencoe Usher Corps 43 Door Guard 43 Glee Club 23 Opera Group 33 Swimming 1,2,3,4Q Letter 2,41 Ride Club 1,23 Badminton Club 3,43 Career Club 3,43 Washington. Sweeney, Helen K: Wilmette G.A.A. 2,3,43 Journalism 2,33 Book Club 33 Art League 23 Career Club 3,43 University of North Carolina. Symons, Patricia H: "Sybe": Wilmette Career Club 43 Service Club 4. Talbot, Richard: "Dick": Glencoe Tri-Ship Representative 23 Usher Corps 33 "Lagniappe" 2,33 Band 1,22 Orchestra 1,2,3,43 "The Pirates of Penzance" 23 "Gondoliers" 33 "Iolanthe" 43 Science Club 23 Geology Club 23 Archeology Club 23 Latin Club 23 Lawrence. Tate, Stanley W: Glencoe Ride Club 33 Genesee Wesleyan, New York 1,23 Door Guard 43 Talladega College. Theis, Patricia: "Pat": Kenilworth "Lagniappe" 43 Glee Club 43 News Staff 43 Career Club 33 Spanish Club 43 Mundelein. Thogersen, Jlme E: Wilmette G.A.A. 2,3,43 300 Point Award 23 "The American Way" 43 "Gondo- liers" 33 Opera Group 33 Glee Club 23 Choir 43 Dramatic Club 3,43 Junior Music Club 1,23 Senior Music Club 3,41 Broadcasting Club 23 Career Club 4: DePauw. l30 SEN Thorpe, Paula: Winnetka Honor Group 3,43 G.A.A. 2,3,41 French Club 2,33 Career Club 43 Badminton Club 33 Lawrence. Tideman, Catherine: "SiS": Kenilworth T.N.T. 3,43 Honor Group 1,2,3,4Q Honor Society 43 Student Council Representative 13 Study Hall Com- mittee 3,43 Publicity Committee 33 Girls' Club Representative 23 Social Committee 33 Class Secretary 13 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4: Riding 1,33 Hockey 13 Speedball 33 Swimming 2,33 Head of Awards Committee 43 Vice-Presi- dent 43 Social Committee 33 300 Point Award 23 Manager of Speed- ball 33 "The Youngest" 23 "Ameri- can Way" 33 Talent Show Repre- sentative 2,3,43 Glee Club 2,31 Opera Group 43 Echoes Staff 33 Inklings Contributor 2,33 Dramatic Club 2,3,4. Teeter, John: "Jack": Winnetka Honor Group 43 Echoes Staff 43 Sports Editor of News 43 Lens Club 43 Great Neck High School, N. Y. 1,2,33 Northwestern. Todd, Bonnie Lee: Glenview Wayzetta, Oregon 1,23 Southwest 3. Tranzi, Virginia: Winnetka Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Honor Society 43 Commerce Club 2,33 Travel Club 3: Moser. Travis, Robert: Wilmette Honor Group 13 Glee Club 3,43 Career Club 43 Aeronautical Club 43 Radio Club 13 Parks Air College. Trees, Mary E: Winnetka Treble Clef 23 Glee Club 33 French Club 23 Rollins. Trego, Richard H: Wilmette Triplett, Joyce: Wilmette University of Colorado. Trux, John: Wilmette Turgeon, James W: "Willie": Wilmette Ride Club 13 German Club 3,43 Uni- versity of Illinois. Tuttle, Alice L: Glencoe T.N.T. 43 Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Honor Society 43 Student Council, Exhibit Committee 43 Civilian De- fense Committee 43 Girls' Club Rep- resentative 23 Finance Committee 33 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Archery 23 Rhythms 1,2,33 300 Point Award 13 600 Point Award 23 Numerals 23 Props Crew 1,2,3,43 Co-Head 43 Glee Club 1,2,33 Inklings Staff 1,2,33 Contributor 1,23 Dramatic Club 1,2,33 French Club 33 Service Club 31 Career Club 3,43 Science Club 33 Service Club 33 Junior Music Club 1,23 Secretary 2. Urban, J. Charles: "Chuck": Wilmette Football 3,43 Letter 43 Track 3,43 Baseball 43 Echoes Staff 33 Mar- quette University High School 1,23 Notre Dame. VanHorne, John E: "Johnny": Kenilworth Usher Corps 43 Door Guard 33 In- formation Desk 43 Swimming Man- ager 3,43 Letter 3,43 Football Man- ager 23 Football 43 Letter 43 Band 1,2,33 Ride Club 13 Career Club 43 Washington and Jefferson. 'UH Vedder, Blair: Winnetka T.N.T. 43 Tri-Ship Traffic Squad 2,3,43 Student Council Finance Com- mittee 43 Tri-Ship Publicity Com- mittee 43 Class Publicity Committee 43 Study Hall Supervisor 43 "Lag- niappe" 43 Usher Corps 43 Safe Driving Award 33 "The American Way" 33 Players 43 "Ladies of the Jury" 43 "Admirable Crichton" 43 Nautical Club 23 Rifle Club 2: Dra- matic Club 3,43 President 43 Prince- ton. Vodoz, Lorraine G: Wilmette Career Club 3,43 Beloit. Voller, Joseph: Wilmette VonderHoff, Hugo: Wilmette Football 1,2,43 Letter 43 Springfield. VonEbers, Donald: Winnetka Baseball Manager 13 Cheerleader 1,2,3,43 Head Cheerleader 4. Wade, James: "Jim": Winnetka Career Club 3,4. Wagener, Grace A: "Gracie"3 Wilmette News Staff 23 Journalism Club 33 Travel Club 33 Mallinekrodt 13 Moser. Wagy, Ruth Ann: Winnetka Girls' Club Representative 43 News Stadt 43 Lamphier High 1,23 Colo- rado 33 University of Illinois. Walker, Charlotte L: "Char": Winnetka Honor Group 43 Student Council Community Properties Committee 3,43 Defense Committee 43 Girls' Club Representative 33 Social Com- mittee 33 Props Crews 43 G.A.A. 3,43 Baseball 33 Rhythms 33 Volleyball 33 LaCrosse 33 Speedball 33 Spanish Club 3,43 Vice-President 43 Career Club 43 Shorewood, Wisconsin 1,23 Northwestern. Walpole, Nancy 3 Winnetka Glee Club 1,2,33 Opera Group 43 Lens Club 13 Travel Club 33 Lawr- ence. Ward, Nancy: Glencoe French Club 23 Career Club 3. Ward, Virginia I: "Ginny": Wilmette T.N.T. 43 Honor Group 1,2,4Q Girls' Club Representative lj G.A.A. 1,2, 3,41 Volleyball 33 Baseball 23 300 Point Award 33 Representative 23 "Daddy Longlegs" 33 "American Way" 33 "Ladies of the Jury" 43 Costume Crew 3,43 News Staff 3,43 Copy Desk Editor 43 Girls' Edition Editor-in-Chief 43 Broadcasting Club 2,3,43 Career Club 3,43 Lens Club 13 French Club 2,33 Dramatic Club 3,43 Board 43 Lawrence. Warden, Nanoie G: "Nance": Kenilworth Honor Group 43 Student Council Representative 1,43 Publicity Com- mittee 1,2,31 Exhibit Committee 43 Defense Committee 43 Girls' Club Friendly Committee 23 G.A.A. 2,3,43 Swimming 2,33 Numerals 23 "Rose and the Ring" 1: "Daddy Longlegs" 33 Class Committee 43 Study Hall Supervisor 33 Treble Clef 23 Glee Club 3,43 French Club 23 Dramatic Club 1,2,33 Career Club 3. Warner, Alice: Winnetka Honor Group 2,3,43 Honor Society 43 Girls' Club Representative 2,33 Friendly Committee 33 Social Com- mittee 23 Charity Committee 43 Study Hall Supervisor 43 French Club 33 Career Club 3,43 Vassar. Warner, Mason R: "Bob": Winnetka Honor Group 3,43 Glee Club 1,23 News Staff 33 Art League 1,22 Sketch Club 1,23 Badminton Club 33 Ride Club 3,43 Chess Club 23 Princeton. Warren, James: "Jim": Winnetka Baseball 1,2,3,4Q Letter 1,2,43 Foot- ball 2,3,43 IM Basketball Champ 43 Band lj University of Michigan. Warren, Katherine L: "Kay": Glencoe Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Honor Society 43 Girls' Club Arrangements Com- mittee 23 Class Committee 33 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Hockey 43 Basketball 43 Head of Hockey 43 Volleyball 2,31 LaCrosse 33 Numerals 23 300 Point Award 13 600 Point Award 33 800 Point Award 33 News Stai-1' 33 Treble Clef 23 Glee Club 33 French Club 2,3,43 Career Club 3,43 Lawrence. Warren, Robert M: "Bud": Kenilworth Honor Group 13 Tradic Squad 3,43 Baseball Manager 2,3,43 Basketball Manager 3,43 Lens Club 13 Career Club 43 Williams. Washburne, Chandler: Winnetka Watson, Mary Jayne: Kenilworth Student Council Representative 13 Girls' Club Friendly Committee 33 Class Committee 2,33 G.A.A. Rep- resentative 23 Ride Club 1,23 Swing Club 2,3. Weber, Norma L: Winnetka Honor Group 4: Student Council Publicity Committee 43 Girls' Club Arrangements Committee 43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Basketball 2,33 Representa- tive 23 300 Point Award 33 Glee Club 2,33 Opera Group 43 Career Club 43 Colorado. ' Weinstock, Fred: Wilmetka ' Honor Group 23 "Rose and the Ring" 13 Dramatic Club 1,2,33 North- western. Welter, Joseph F: Wilmette Baseball 2,3,43 Letter 23 IM Basket- ball Champs 3,43 Geography Club 23 University of Illinois. Weser, Kenneth: Glenview IM Football Champs 2,3. Wetterer, Robert J: "West": Wilmette White, Robert P: "Bob": Glencoe Tri-Ship Representative 33 Club Room Committee 43 Usher Corps 43 Information Desk 43 Football 23 Let- ter 23 Track 33 Career Club 43 Ride Club 33 Loyola Academy 13 Notre Dame. Whiteside, June: Wilmette Honor Group 1,2,4Q Girls' Club Rep- resentative 33 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4Q Rep- resentative 23 Hockey 23 Glee Club 2,3,43 "Lagniappe" 43 Career Club 3,43 Chicago Academy of Art. Widen, Lester H: Glencoe IM Football Champs 4. Williams, David K: "Dave": I Winnetka Swimming 1,4: "Rose and the Ring" 11 Death Takes a Holiday" 33 Actors Guild 23 Dramatic Club 1,2, 3,41 Career Club 4. Williams, Elizabeth J: "Betty": Wilmette Honor Group 33 Girls' Club Repre- sentative 33 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4j Tele- graphic Swimming Team 33 Volley- ball 1,2,3,4Q Head of Volleyball 43 300 Point Award 23 600 Point Award 33 800 Point Award 43 Class Com- mittee 33 Treble Clef 13 Glee Club 2,32 Choir 43 Opera Group 43 "Iolanthe" 43 French Club 2,33 Career Club 3,43 Musicale 33 Con- necticut. ' Williams, Mary Jane: "Mickey": Wilmette G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Swimming 33 Base- ball 23 Treble Clef 23 Glee Club 33 Echoes Sports Editor 43 University of North Carolina. Willmarth, William W: "Bill": Glencoe Band 1,2,33 Chess Club 1,23 Aero- nautical Club 43 Purdue. Wilson, George W: "Jake": Glencoe Science Club 33 Purdue. IITIVITIES Wilson, Shirley B. J: Winnetka Girls' Club Representative 23 Treble Clef 23 "Lag'niappe" 43 Career Club 33 French Club 2,31 Ride Club 23 University of Illinois. Wolf, Betty Lou: Wilmette News Staff 43 "Lagniappe" 43 Spanish Club 3,43 Beloit. Wood, Elizabeth: "Lizzie": Winnetka Treble Clef 23 Glee Club 3. Wood, Richard J: "Dick": Winnetka Tri-Ship Representative 43 Usher Corps 43 Information Desk 43 Track 2,3,43 Letter 2,3,43 Swimming 23 Career Club 43 Sigma Gamma Sigma 43 Northwestern. Woolf, Margaret: "Maggsie": Winnetka Honor Group 2,3,43 Honor Society 43 Girls' Club Representative 23 Fi- nancial Committee 33 Class Commit- tee 33 Echoes Staff 33 Study Hall Supervisor 33 French Club 33 Career Club 3,43 Roycemore 13 Lawrence. Woolf, Martha: "Marsie": Winnetka Honor Group 33 Hockey 13 Girls' Club Representative 33 Study Hall Supervisor 33 Career Club 3,41 Book Club 33 Secretary 33 Service Club 33 Secretary 33 Roycemore 13 Lawr- ence. Wright, David: "Red": Winnetka Honor Group 1,2,3,4Q Honor Society 43 Usher Corps 33 Football 23 Letter 23 Information Desk 43 Door Guard 43 Traffic Squad 3,43 Career Club 3,43 Treasurer 43 Purdue. Yates, Nyhla Beth: "Babe": Wilmette Honor Group 2,3,4Q Honor Society 43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4j Speedball 13 Publicity Committee 33 Girls' Club Charity StaE 43 Asso- Committee 43 News ciate Editor of Girls' Issue 43 Grin- ne 1. Youngquist, David: Wilmette Yowell, John J. Jr: "Curley": Glencoe Honor Group 1,33 Information Desk 43 Door Guard 3,43 Head 43 Swim- ming 2,3,4j Chess Club 1,2,3,41 Treasurer 13 Rifle Club 1,22 Lens Club 3,43 President 43 Beloit. Yust, Jane A: Winnetka Honor Group 2,3,43 Honor Society 42 Girls' Club Representative 13 Class Committee 23 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4I Cos- tume Crew 3,43 Echoes Staff 43 Quill Club 1,23 Treasurer 13 Musi- cale 1,2,3,43 French Club 33 Career Club 33 Northwestern. Zelznick, Inez Verne: Wilmette Honor Group 43 News Staff 43 French Club 43 Career Club 43 Senior Music Club 43 Senn High School 1,23 Uni- versity of Michigan. Zimmerman, Donald G: "Zim": Glenview Door Guard 43 Basketball 4. Zipprodt, Patricia: Kenilworth Honor Grou 1 4' Girls' Club Repre- Committee 32 43 "Rose and D , , sentative 33 Social Publicity Committee , the Ring" 13 Verse Speaking Choir Glee Club 33 3,43 Treble Clef 23 Inklings Contributor 33 Service Club 33 Dramatic Club Club 3 43 Bradford. 1,2,3,4Q Career Zschau, Narcissa L: "Narcy": Glencoe Career Club 3,43 Mizen Academy of Art. i l H. I3l I 9 IJ E X I-M Sports ...... ..... 8 1 I-M Champs ......... ..... 8 2 Information Desk .... ..... 2 1 Administration ' Adviser Chairman - ----------.. -.-. 3 1 Inklmgs ............ ..... 4 8 Aeronautical Club ....47 unior Class .....95 Archaeology Club .... 41 Advisers ....... .....96 Art League -------- .. Honor Groups .... ..... 9 4 Athletics ........ . . 60 Roll .............. , .... 96 Badminton Club ......... .,.. 4 7 Junior Music Club "" ""'24 Barn Dancing .... 42 , Baseball, Varsity 1 L3.t1H ....... ..... 3 3 Basketball, Varsity ..,. Lens Club '-" --'-' 3 1 Junior Varsity H Crew ......... ..... Frosh-Soph ..... Freshman ....., Boys' Career Club Broadcasting Club Organizations . . . . . . . .22 28 Forensic Board .....34 Career Clubs ...... Forensic League .....34 Cheerleaders ..., News Editors .....49 Chess Club ...... Tr1er News Staff . . . .. . . .50 Choir ......... Commerce Club 11 Committees, Girls 25 Student Council . .. 23 Tri-Ship .......... 4 31 Debate Team ., ..... 43 Department Heads . Door Guards ....... 35 Dramatics, Activities .... ..... 3 5 C3.StS ............. Club Board ....... 46 Echoes Editors Echoes Staffs 36 Ensembles ...".. Activities ...... .... 1 20 Class ............ .... 1 00 Football, Varsity -- Class Advisers .... ..... 9 9 JU1'1i01' VHTSUSY Music Club .... ' ..... 24 F1'0Sh'S0Ph 4 ---- Section ........ ..... 9 8 Freshman .... Club ........... ..... 4 6 French Club -..-.. Gamma Sigma .... ..... 7 9 Freshman Class -..- Section ..... ..... 5 3 Advisers .......... C1355 , , , , , , ,93 Honor Group ..... 94 R011 Group 92 94 Heads G A A 84 Crew 31 G.A.A Class Managers Point Awards Re resentatives Club 45 p 7 Council 14 Sports Heads 15 Gavel Club 14 Hall Supervisor 154 Varsity 70 691 Junior ......... 72 Girls' Club ...... Committees Representatives, Fir t Semester Second Semest Girls' I-M Sports . Geography Club German Club Girls' Career Club S 96, Team .... 4 .... 80- Varsity .... 7. ..... 74 - ' .... ..... 3 . Girls' ofacs Stair gffffdsoph Z1 Glee Clubs First .... Award """ "" ' 97 Glee Clubs, Second ' ' ' ""' 19: Golf Team .... .. 21 Guard ....... ,.. I. . 20, Gymnastics Group A .... 3 ..... Honor Groups, Freshman .,..... ........ 9 0 Usher Corps ........ ..... 2 0: S h .............. ..... 9 2 J3iioti'm?Ti3 ............... ..... 9 4 Verse Speaking Choir ......., .,... 3 1, Honor Society . . . ..... 97 Visual Education Operators . . . . . . . .11 .kfjlfidlvihlldiildiiw.954-.SiH.nYi9ExI3lEak,AZQn 2AmA.41Vak?u.lQ ' ',:v'Gf'.J'?.-3 V .,.Li:2,iQfJf' v S 4 IC Tu H QE 9 g 'I 13 ROME Or THE BRFJLJE HNDTHE FITEE fiffx Q I X l 17 - . 4. 5 C Q ! 1 EQ, E mlxrnex ado M Mas 0 EN ERN. mneHnTh FANTHEF1 Ax-1,0 so E wi fir fn TB! sm? I-iiim ER H OT vocf CNNLLIHW URN D X X , X LIN KELLY Q ' 'Y -L-4 ., ., wb, .E 1 --MA A -,V

Suggestions in the New Trier Township High School - Echoes Yearbook (Winnetka, IL) collection:

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