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New Trier Township High School - Echoes Yearbook (Winnetka, IL) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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EDITOR IN CHIEF JANE DODS ................. ASSOCIATE EDITOR ROBERT MATSON BUSINESS MANAGER '43 fig, , qw' 3 3-if , 'z f- - 4.3 ' 1 Mis, 'f fz Y , 5 X ' W 2 2 Q 121-5 FU if 3 0 3 Q , , 4 c h A, 1 f Q 9 , X-::' f E -21, , , K 1:::,,:f , Y ' 5.195 ,A ,W QW YSY., .X fx- K qlwff Q V X, K xif'2uf WN XX xy M EXW W QW tif The fclwu xv vfwim New Thief? a 1941 6 f I K E ga Un tote, . k 0 The year 1940-41 at New Trier has been outstanding in progress and ac- complishment and rich in memorable events. It has been our aim to have the form and content of your Echoes of 1941 reflect this progressive spirit and to highlight the activities, undertakings and events of the year. It is our sincere hope that you may find this volume a treasure of memories ufnrp 1 of our great school and of at happy, f r 2, 1 eventful year. ., iii Z: 711 . 4? rf if 3- 5 fgizelllllfiilllllflllj 1, J,- 1 Zmlistt 'Hifi if I: gli - - 5531 11 .! ,I "' . ,...,. Mull -15 3' , A - -- . .. 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GAFFNEY The mini f df bn New 7 27 MR. BALLMAN MR. PETERSON MRS. ALDRICH I2 0 The New Trier students owe the ad- ministration and the Board of Educa- tion a great deal of appreciation for improving the school facilities, and see- ing that everything in the school runs smoothly and properly. Matthew P. Gaffney, the superintend- ent, has been working diligently for the past ten years to achieve this. Through his efforts the school has attained the highest scholastic ratings in the country and has striven continuously to better relations between the faculty and the students. The list of people that have aided Mr. Gaffney to achieve this are: Miss E. E. Packer, Assistant superin- MR. BARNETT MR. PUTNAM tendent and Dean of Girls, Mr. Frederick A. Kahler, Dean of Boys, Mr. Harvey H. Herron, Registrar and Office Supervisorg Mr. Wesley L. Brown, Business Manager, and Mr. R. F. L. Biesemeier, Supervising Engineer. Mr. Ballman, president, Mrs. Aldrich, Mr. Barnett, Mr. Peterson, and Mr. Putnam, of the Board of Education, have all worked hard to accomplish their numerous duties. It is their task to see that all school affairs and activities function properly. This group has done splendid work in coordinating these activities and maintaining the high status for which the school is noted. ,dfwfimow-45 PACKER KAHLER BROWN HERRON dallwr Clan' men . I3 Ml. famous r wma Milam-sousss amass: c-Anus HARPER HOSKHNS JONES 'Lili MALONEY SUEEGHT A WALKER WATERS ' WEBB jbfex- Ji,,w - if fx 'jf F C 1-. ,lf-1 ffyb, ,rffia X1-.ff ,crib M :Auf mv fy .ff w 5 J K I A ff 4' R.: l.,Sf.jy,fffM,zs. af. CffiQ:5f , 0 The Math Department attempts to teach students to think clearly and to master the various subjects it teaches. Special new courses for the stu- dents who find Mathematics a bit difficult and for the faster students are given. Math at Ne rier ranges from General Mathematics to College Algebra and Trigo o etry. . fi aww ai t f' lr iff' 0 The list of unusual things done in the Science Department this year includes the celebration of Apple Week by Mr. Condon's classes in coopera- tion with the Art and Home Economics departmentsg the extensive study of deficiency diets on the health and reactions of white ratsg and the urenaissancen the entire greenhouse underwent this spring, which filled the place with countless seedlings and cuttings. During this summer and fall these plants will be doing their part in making the world a "better place in which to live." 0 Some of the outstanding activities this year in the Art Department have been the making of colored slides and the use of our new kodachrome equipment by Mr. Holland, the entry of six murals in The American Magazine Youth Forum Contest, and an interesting integrated art exhibition. This year the Art Department has sponsored about twenty art exhibi- tions. A one-man show of paintings by Julio de Diego was probably the most of the shows. The mural project for the year is the painting of an Indian the of a mural for the natatorium. ' CLADER' CONDQN DELAPORTE EDW REYNOLDS YA'-.N DEURSEN VERNON fx MURPHY F. H3'l.l.AND V LETENVALL , F , p x X . , aw , ,I ,I ,fx if FN .. U' J' if -I 5, ,- I 1 -A ' ', 4 I N A tt! 1 A J 'gf 4 FJ N- ff J: 3, K ,g 1- X, ' ,rM,'Q,N'V I'j'I3,lt!,l,-"I LJ v vtwf L- t tw- ,rs W WJ. 0 As language is vital to daily life, English plays an important role in the New Trier curriculum. The growing realization of this importance is per- haps the most significant development of the last few years in the depart- ment and the school. This tendency to look upon English as the center around which a more highly integrated curriculum would he huilt has resulted in the introduction of many new units and courses in which English and other subjects, such as Music, Art, History and Science are correlated. fffvca ,,. ' .i7Lf. DE LAY H ULC HENS COOK MAC LEAN McKINNIE VAN KIRK WALKUP WHITE WHITFIELD WILSON WRIGHT , 3, -64 LEHMAN VLASTCI IIIYII I EIESEMEIER ARAM FLANINGBIM LANDMER - NICIIELS ' UAIKS WHITQQY ,ffm WN fm ffl I' JI!!! f ff' IXT7 O .. Af , if KIM lj ff 77 if IV' flfj, Af-, JA Hyqfj .4 ' H 4 ,wg ff -1-Ny' up if aff aff M GLM! Qmlf.-f' Q a 0 The Industrial Arts Department includes in its curricula, courses in mechanical and architectural drawingsg and wood, auto, and machine shop. The emphasis in this department is placed on giving the students informa- tion which will enahle them to judge products more wisely, and not neces- sarily on developing various skills. I5 f' ff: A ,vt V W fr, 0 ,JI ,C ,A '75 ' 55- 'T fm il? t 'Sify' F YS C1f'6r1az36lr1 fig, as ffl. I The Social Studies Department of New Trier offers the student a great variety of courses, ranging from ancient through to modern history. It also includes history of Latin America, Sociology, Civics, and Geography, so there is certain to he some course interesting to each student. Two years lof social studies are required for graduation. CQEURN REILEY CORE FRISEIE GANNAWAY HURST KIM ALL NAY WEHR WALTZ WEILER GREEN GRINNELK. HADDEN RAD' p' A REENHARDT SMETH THORNE ' ROBSON KEITH LAMBERT fig' 3 ,fa r jf. 7' C v -fftfi' ff F257 FV J W7 iffy A I ,MJ If sIj3'L,f..,5 ,A ji of as Lf slime N f I' rd ff , "tg ff-,frP,-'7mfI13'b'7"T ?!,f'f',fTf2f' , 4 fx ,I -.,,'ff I, :MN ,xr 1.,, ,ey Qkaga iL,4,f miie Lee! wise a , . , , Q f ,, 'V '54, , 7 V F' .7 ,J ,fa sid, , 4 xg , x Y, K -.,. -, s.. .V I6 0 The Cafeteria under Miss Robson daily provides the school with ex- cellent food. She is assisted by a large staff of cooks. O The Draniatics Department produced three large plays this year, which were very successful. 0 The Commerce Department continued to give a good business education to students who wanted to learn to manage their personal finances. It also gave additional training to those planning a business career with or with- out college education. Store Practice IV was a success again this year. tw- N ' w , , ,-, 0 This year the Foreign Language Department has been active in many projects vitalizing classroom activities: plays, films on foreign life and customs, visits to the Mexican and other foreign quarters, and 66Carmina,,' "Schreiberei," and "4Le Flamheau," the departmental annuals. Participa- tion in the State Latin Contest and the awarding of the Sentney French Scholarship complete the activities. f . . L -fat -ff-:fJfo2fM4f N . 'J' "V EREDE5-L3 EE?aEEDENEfi.CH SEEDS-:WEE fZ3.EiEl.SEN F"QC-,KF LL . S S Sfwi r-.,,nfvrzv yftgffwyw 1:1 1.JJk.nLl.u.b 7' 'F' fl be f THU P''D VGA- ST fy Sl-ILVJ' Sllfliill. STULLE DSXUN UJEMPEIET TUBE! I ,-ff fr lik 1 ' f Wm, ,. r + ERADEULQZHJ 51:2-awmpczfcsa swiss-mmf mm. How. me J N ft f iff. J , gijfl I The Library serves the school by providing reading and reference material. The book collection consists of approximately 14,000 volumes and there are about 6,000 pamphlets and clippings. -f,r 1, f , 1 f f f ,Q f fd", 1 1 f ,H 1 r , w Lf 1 sf -,J 0 The Music Department under the leadership of 6gM3Hl3,, Cotton put on the Christmas Concert, an opera, and the Spring Concert. fx ft 1,-x J! J J f" -"N Q-, J ,' f 1 if ,Q F' ' f ' ' --t lf? x 7 ,f1 ,ft f' . ff' f' A ff' f' ,' QQ' Q 'Q v 'w 31.11, xl ,.f,L'I,,",1A 3 W: Lfaxy If I4 Y Lf' Lf? f"frf-,.2,f If g I :'W' -'f 1 ,ff Ulf 1' ff rf! f H ,,.,C MW F ffl ,' J W' f 12' X7 ,I ,f ff ,F 'Wil l X, , ., V, . K ,X A 5 ,, l.,, . e ,f g of M -Q1 Kee Q lx ,f cw 0 The Home Economics Department is for the express purpose of train- ing students in the domestic arts. Cooking, clothing and interior decor- ating are among the courses offered. 1.17. C' X 1 f5 0-n-A 1 5. '7 4 IU ta mmm Mosqzmst . WHITESEL 1 MQORE SCHONENBERGER CHILDS ,M e GIALLOMBARDO JACKSON ,L-3 EUUELTUN A OTT HEAVH' Y STONE VEACH WELLS As,, Oimwff--4f,4Qv,c BHOROFIF BURKHARD ELMS GB SON HAUPT HOLZINGER KQELL PARKER POQLE PRATT ROSS ERGER STORNER ,- NJ 4,1757 'V ff' e ff L f'V' fW,lr! ,A O lf' fffj ,JI Z O I 71,63 1,-N Cx ff fi,,I!f pf? :XA figjiff ff gl., ff? K faq!! If X flfj, fwfff bf , 1 if I L V"CX5f'fCf,ifff' f t to an ' t Iwi L cf f Lt ft a UCL .v,LJ,,f V 37 yea, M- t if 'Jn cf B. of cf.: .ef NQJ aft! w .fu J Q , . , , . 4 ,f U O Health, physical efficiency and fun are main objectives of the Depart- ment of Physical Education. There are many others. The program includes setting up exercises, gymnastics and training for nearly all sports. A 7 A ,. 4 Q , A .A is ,Q Maggy -M ppp! ,A , so h I QA IMM- Mum Q I 'Pla qtfical fducat 'on 0 The keynote of Girls' Physical Education for 1940-4-1 was the relation- ship between activity and democratic living. The trend has been toward coordination of the physical education program with the school curricu- lum and the inclusion of more co-educational activities. 0 fice Staff 0 The precision and efficiency with which the school is operated would be seriously impaired were it not for the Ofiice Staff. Many responsibilities are carried by this small, but capable staff. SENIOR GIRLS OFFICE STAFF STUDENT VISUAL EDUCATION STAFF First Row: Holste, Bergh, Boston, Masser. First Row: Panichelly, Felsenthal, Lloyd, Shimp. Second Row: Pifer, Reschke, Christensen, Wolff. Second Row: Bonner, Hoetger, Gibson. Q1-IA' 0 ice Staff 0 Annually Miss Maloney obtains volunteers from among the senior girls to assist in the registrar's office at the counter and in the front office. Twenty girls are selected from the list and assigned one period per day. Ui ual fducativn p Staff 0 Sponsorship and technical supervision of the Student Visual Education Service Staff is centered in the registrar's office. Delegation of authority and responsibility for this work has been placed in the hands of Mr. Charles Gibson who is assisted by seven New Trier boys. I9 K' W 1 W, . A Ja V. "+V, F - if ,, if ct' itieA x., ,Q , Q . , , Q3 , g1:j:. 1: Al , -. , 1 fl i ff ' 4 X 2 X :gl 'f , A 4 , 1 5, 6 1 I 4 I S i 5 1 5 S E i i S I . i i I 7? 2 , 7 ' ' WWW! 90756217 Ji' -If7'1'4 fYW',-1?-Wff VV ""i'SV"' "AZVNC?'ZLL-V!i"h04,IL'fI"'7f wifi ff770347JfC Lf'W1LC4.f1 VM 'Vs l?'7,,15 -f,ffk?I2WAKg'1MQ!'1,Yf'f ,XL 7 521.21011 if 5 ,HW 'fic 7,,',"'Wv'if?i'iw' flX'l1A?2f!lK Ul'1AYET.:1'.5Q.YXl 5 WMHI' KJ4 653.5 L05 '52 f. .' ' ' ER f' . WWNWMO QEN?"Fi?'t 4-"'-s, f ff? fiffni X , f f ff' X, , ' ,- if X F,-6:1 fm y fjfp. ff f 1-,fm fri LX-.ijvyx 7 , i, K XX ,- f .nj X mf' an . to fi 1. f H. if L! KW, Ni, L, , , L. X., ffm fi f f C ff. F i i f in :x-pix-?!,.if'C,x V ,"! -'X Km X v gr, V , Q Q Ez sf f-Q' BALL FULLER PITTMAN WEESE DRUCKER MONAHAN LIPPINCOTT KREER MEYERS AISHTON FARWELL MIZENER SQSNA DE BERARD 1 1 1 , w O This was the second year the New Trier Student Coun- cil has functioned under the new organization. Daily meetings alleviate the problem of finding time for discus- sion and also give the committee more opportunity for work. Eight members of each class are chosen by their classmates and with the committee chairmen and the officers make up the student council. However, much of the work could not have been accomplished had it not been for the assistance lent by members of the student body. The Career Guidance Exposition was ably handled by the Publicity Committee. This was the first exposition ever given, and it was a huge success. About thirty-five different careers were represented. The new contact plan of the Publicity committee drew much attention. Its purpose was to have more con- tact between the students and Council through forums, bulletins, and assemblies. Progress was made this year by the Study Hall committee, also, in the form of student supervised study halls. Council again cooperated with Skokie School and the municipal authorities on the problem of pilfering and also on that of bicycle riding. John Ball was president, Dick Fuller vice-president. Sue Weese secretary, and Knowles Pittman treasurer. Bob Drucker and Tom Monahan were heads of the Pub- licity committee, Len Sosna and Phil DeBerard of Build- ing and Grounds, Lincoln Lippincott of Assembly, Pres- ton Aishton of the Study Hall, Bill Mizener and Nancy Farwell of Social, Bob Meyers of Inter-school Relations, and Knowles Pittman of Finance. TROELSTRUP HADDEN STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Fzrst Row: Capp, MacKenzie, Hale, Evans, Darling, Etterwind, Oatis, Davis. f Second Row: KixMiller, Baer, McNitt, Davis, Spoehr, Steitz, Hurl- butt, Petersen, Chiquoine. ,f H A D1 K Third Row: Booth, Dunn, Thompson, Riley, Watson, Luclfordzfgy 'wx Henderson, Fager, Miller. 0 STUDY HALL SUPERVISORS: CCirlsJ is ,,,, First Row: Schipfer, VanArsdale, Kaempfer, Welborn, Bray, Weese. Second Row: Miller, Beeler, F., Warden, Chiquoine, Tideman, X Wolff. W 4 X w 4 I it 58 X Ski N 1, 1 e w SX l -If ,-4'-will luv' bv.. STUDENT COUNCIL COMMITTEES First Row: Bovbjerg, Oppenheimer, Hill, Duncomhs, Miller, Mun- son, Lee, Davis. Second Row: Tideman, Rapp, Smart, Miller, Davis, Cleveland Allen, Fisher. Third Row: Mosser, Steif, Kaempfer, Cody, Manson, Oman, War- den, Meyers, Kracha. STUDY HALL SUPERVISORS: fBoysJ First Row: Munson, Mosser, Casterline, Drucker, French, Fager Hill, Randall. Second Row: Ellis, Walworth, Greenberg, Markus, Miller, Huba chek, Pittman, Fisher. K Third Row: Ellis, Stillman, Mizener, Seiler, Gilbert, Mitchell Fuller, Ball, Gaffney. 23 s?,t43. 1 WUICHET LA BONTE BRAY CRAIG VILTBERGER THOMPSON 24 PUTNAM SCHIPFER WELBORN NEILSON LOUCKS , ' ,Af 1 -,J rp -.,m,f ,im , In ,f J' if .' , -, f it , V wma:-li 0 The girls of New Trier working with their able oflicers Anne Wuichet, Jean Putnam, Eleanor La Bonte, and Nancy Schipfer have had an unusually prosperous year. The Financial Committee headed by Len Welborn has made it possible for the girls to add 32000 to the Scholar- ship Fund. This was accomplished by the sale of hot dogs, magazines, and most important of all, the Bazaar. GIRLS' CLUB COMMITTEES, First Semester First Row: Levy, Cloud, Rose, Koch, Beck, Beeler, Shanesy, Beeler, F. Chancellor, Kirschbraun, Barnett, Miller, Bach mann, Wolf, Van Arsdale, Bard, O'Conor, Cody. Second Row: Craig, Duncombe, Watson, Warner, Davies, Tideman, Raymond, Gubbins, Quinlan, Tuhby, Cooter King, Claar, Wilds, Weldon, Hutchinson, Munson, Bovbjerg, Dillon. Third Row: Mitten, Olson, Tuttle, Petersen, Scheibel, Pulfer, Smith, Cooper, Martin, Stembridge, Dods, Everitt, KixMiller Randall, Lindstrom, Kemp, Weishaar, Frei, Moulding, Kleckner. GIRLS' CLUB COMMITTEES, Second Semester First Row: Kaempfer, Farwell, Fisher, Stein, Vogt, Halldorson, Van Arsdale, Guthridge, McDonald, Brown, Wooden Buhai, Raymer, Ungaro, Katz, Schuster. Second Row: Engelhard, Lindstrom, Pulfer, Woolf, Fitch, Alsen, Elliott, Ward, Beach, Moulding, Hinners, Wyman Weir, Green, Carroll, Oatis, von Glahn, Olson, Myren. Third Row: Meacham, Grauer, Feltman, Fleming, Scheiner, James, Tefft, Baggaley, Raymond, McConnell, Cook, Peck Dods, MacKenzie, Lascelles, Olson, Gaffney, Bizer. , Q , , ,, . V HH u H1 E ,-' ai I ' Y lv 1.2km 1" it Bi, 25762251 WW 9 9 1 9 GIRLS' CLUB REPRESENTATIVES CFirst Semesterj First Row: Chapin, Schuttler, Morrison, Weishaar, McConnell, Grassell, Beaven, Peck. ,, 4.5 Second Row: Baggaley, Martin, Murphy, KixMiller, Warner, Lukens, Moulding, Heiser. 13, Third Row: Duncan, Sears, Flint, Meany, Hall, Leech, Lascelles, Marshall. '3 GIRLS' CLUB REPRESENTATIVES CSecond Semcsterj I iliiiil: First Row: Wilson, Becker, Olson, Ehrlich, Strauss, Cushman, Hall, Johnson, Wyman, Marshall. lc Second Row: Kleckner, Lyman, Martin, Warner, King, Zipprodt, Lee, Carpenter, Albrechtson, R Johnson, Jacobsen. 1 Third Row: Prouclfoot, Leech, Whiteside, Green, Crowill, Stange, Eldridge, McConnell, Meany, Chapin. i s .- Some of the very successful social functions planned I ' N . I l 3 hy the Friendly and Social Committees with Frances Neilson JOU and Barbara Bray as chairmen were the Freshman-Senior I.,-1,1 square dance, the tea for new upper-class girls, the Friendly Col-Ll Supper, the Senior Suppers, the Father and Daughter Ban- P05 quet, and a tea for hoard mothers. I-'irfiav :Iv-,i '5 ig ' The Charity Committee headed hy Catherine Loucks P conducted the Thanksgiving and Christmas Drives and the W' Junior Red Cross Drive. More than fifty girls found ways of earning money through the help of the Employment Committee with Vivette Thompson at its head. Peg Wiltberger and the Arrangements Committee have f done a fine job of caring for the Girls' Club unit. The Publicity Committee headed by Julia Craig publicized the .l 5,3 Cluh's activities. ' Altogether the girls and their Cluh have had a very successful and enjoyable year. C.Gusouvf 0 ffysfv fwf7 . if f QD! ff: ff rg W stiff il-fi? 'KJ L1 J ,LQ XXX? 5? fi ffl R 94,144 we STILLMAN DODDS ELLIS. G. ELLIS, R.. HILL. M. BERLIN SEILER HUBACHEK BROWN BRANDT ROYCE HILL, C. DUNN 26 x 0 The Tri-Ship Club was organized fifteen years ago to promote better Citizenship, Sportsmanship, and Fellowship throughout the school and community. It is now one of the most important organizations at New Trier. Besides the usual officers, four class chairmen were elected to bring closer contact be- tween the officers and the students. The president was Charles Stillman, vice-president Bob Dodds, and secretary-treasurer Grant Ellis. The class managers were Ted Seiler, Junior Class chairman and also Publicity head, Don Royce, Sophomore Class chair- man, and Maurice Dunn, Freshman chairman. Again this year the TriQShip sponsored the all student produced and directed show, uLagniappe.,' Under the direction of Bob Dodds, it was an out- standing success and helped to make a large scholar- ship fund. The club sponsored '5Dads' Dayf' which was very well attended by the fathers and many old grads. Under chairman Mike Hall, the student aid com- mittee was very active this year providing financial aid for many needy students. They collected food, money and clothing for poor families in the com- munity and in Chicago at Thanksgiving and Christ mas time. The Tri-Ship also helped several deserv- ing boys to go to college through scholarships. f...........v-f Bob Ellis was chairman of the Intersehool Re- lationsg Curt Brown was in charge of the Clulm Room GANNAWAY FRISBIE TRI-SHIP REPRESENTATIVES First Row: Kritzer, Brewer, Cahn, Condon, Hill. Chacharon, Schaefer, Watkins, Nuzum, Lourie, Allison. Second Row: Lidecker, Meyers, Jacobson, Freelove, Kramer, Brown, Redding, Engelhardt, Jackson, Darley, Fisher. j?4:y!i'N. Third Row: Clarke. Cleary, Smart, Trienens. Mack, Mclntosh, Anderson, Walworth, Ellis, Chew. 1' if ' USHER coRPs 53, jf, A First Row: Maeser. Bryson, Clark, Fisher, Schwietrt, Ludwig, Tark, Gilbert, Lundin, Dougherty, Munson, Randall, Canning, ' fi Q2 Flanagan. Buehler, Berlin. dk 1 Second Row: Lippincott, Melia, Eberle, Hurlburt, Farrar, Klagstad, Allen, Prins, Brandt, Kennedy, Aishton, Rapp, Jones, Sosna, I' X, 3,5 Idler, Hill, Hinners. ,if 2 Third Row: Mizener, French, Ellis, Hosbein, Hubachek, Markham, Walworth, Ma k, Monahan, Van Horne, Brittain, Miller, ji X, Farmer, Cordon, Riley. Campbell. Drucker. r 1' 3 , DOOR GUARDS L Q First Row: Frische. Baird, Drey. Ball, Barber, Johnson, Reisner, Jorjorian inf e , Abele, Paulsen. ' i, ,qprnnrl Raw- Aanlnnri l-Tnlffmqn l-lm..-.1 Xi.-.n LL..-..,. l":.-...L,...,..-.. D..L-1. . n1-..., 1i,f...l tr 11 rw - 1 n I N My EA'Tp'iYaausu M 'rf'-x 27 , .. - ",5" '-4' '? I-Ilia 1 TRI-SHIP COMMITTEES First Row: Smith, Bryson, Hinners, Sittig, Cunningham. Second Row: Woolson, Allen, Gilbert, Miller, Davis, Fisher. Third Row: Cordts, Lippincott, Platt, Van Horne, Shafer. INFORMATION DESK First Row: Shefte, Buehler, Idler, French, Randall, Scheitert, Maeser. Second Row: Van Horne, Cordon, Walworth, Ellis. Farmer, Woolson, Fisher. Third Row: Compere. Platt, Cordts, Foust, Mack, Olson, Underwood, Allen, Farrar. TRAFFIC SQUAD First Row: Warren, Vedder, Pemble, Rodgers. Second Row: Christian, Leech, Hoetger, MacDonald, Kennedy. CHEERLEADERS First Roux' Vernon, Ellis. Smith. Second Roni: Jones, Sethness, Boyle, Gottmann. 9542 Q3 1 X I 'QD it in Z1 i' Z 1, - Qxvieo new Q' Ei numnltluumullllllllllluln'"""""' 'll Under Bill Hubachek the dance committee provided the students with many excellent dances. The Dinner Chairman was Arnie Berlin. The Usher Corps under Johnny Brandt performed their duty very well at all school events needing their services. One of the most valuable services ren- dered by students in New Trier is that of the members of the Traffic Squad. Fifteen boys are charged with the responsibility of main- taining safety in automobile traffic before and after school and during special events when large crowds are involved. The faculty sponsors of the Tri-Ship are Mr. F risbie and Mr. Gannaway. 28 919 0 Tl1e Sports Club was organized by Mr. DeForrest Showley for the purpose of promoting intramural sports. The members of the club act as officials, and discuss protests and rule changes. From the Sports Club every year are chosen several I-M managers to aid Mr. Showley in direct- ing the many intramural sports activities. This year three seniors were given this ofliceg they were Howard Trienens, Bob Stordeur, and Bill Misch. The senior managers and their staff sacrifice every afternoon after school in manag- ing the intramural games. 0 The Manager Corps is an organization of all the unsung heroes of the various athletic teams about the school: they are the managers of these teams. One senior and two juniors are assigned to each of the five major sports, and under them are as many sophomore managers as are needed. They take care of all equipment and look after a multitude of details. The purpose of the manager corps is to unite the managers and enable them to work together toward the im- provement of the neglected activities in New Trier sports. Fred Gordon was their senior president. A SPORTS CLUB First Row: Deily, Tuttle, Ketcham, Kloepfer, Zaleski, Maeser. Second Row: Showley, Trienens, Murphy, Misch, Stordeur. MANAGER CORPS First Row: Wescott, McNaughton, Edmiston, Gordon, Smart, Maeser. Second Row: Slayton, Fischer, Trienens, Stiles, Warren, Stordeur, Misch. Third Row: Browne, Shaw, Becker, Liepold, Dauchy, Stenson. 29 l?WW I KLETZEIN BOURLAND KAEMPFER ETTERWIND STEIN CHANCELLOR BRERETON JAMES RENNACKER 30 , W L7 ff W i S cf ff V 5 is i f ,. W, N H' Q K WI ,yy X, If Cf lf' .J' xy' .I 5 W G fx rf i i f O 1 C 1 iS!! Vw JJ' X7 J I Y! Q X ,HX WJ 5 if iff XF' If 1' Lg Qi J My Eff M K-5 4,17 A A, CD X Q ff 5 1 f ,f Q X71 'T ,, 2' -s, A J! A li Krf"A"'5 if ,J -"ll ii "Ii fi' LJ 'ii pf ffl!! N ,N f N f ,f yn, 5 q r fm fu ,f , Q, if Lyfzf-if 605 ,sf U UQ I M of G.A.A. REPRESENTATIVES First Row: Becker, Sears, Nordburg, Kirschbraun, Ward, Leach, Giddes, Wuichet, Moody, Palmer, James, Noble. Second Row: Simonsen, Andrews, Peterson, Nix, Chalmers, Michelsen, Ericsson, Sherwin, Stewart, Morris, Bruns, Schlung. Third Row: Arkema, Lukens, Rogers, Cassell, McEwan, Lindsay, Bond, Prince, DeVinny, Stern, Cogswell, Allport. G.A.A. COMMITTEES First Row: Hodges, Kirschbraun, Kracha, Wuichet, Hale, Hazelet, Smith. Second Row: Keefer, Chancellor, Randall, Yates, Meyers, Williams, Shields. Third Row: Eisenberg, O'Conor, Koch, Carlson, Davies, Stube, Baron. -m Z ,iff ':',,,ff1'Z?ZZEf ' "' "W2ZL"X' f G.A.A.-300-point Award G.A.A.-600-point Award G.A.A.-300-point Award .V "H '- -f .' Cl' GS, HOIWCCD, KirSCl1br21uI1, UUSHTO, First Row: Robertson, Kracha, Grail, Brere- First Row: Langford, Steele, Stein olseY, Leech I . ton. Leach. iEg2iZ'7iMgi1lQC S l, 'Z my i xu fzakesf Schemerf Second Row: Carlson, Cummings, Scheibel. iiionglilggizrgslohnston, Henderson, Klet A s s HEAD o - C.A.A. e.A.A. CLASS MANAGERS A First Row: mpson, S ele, arson, aiimser. First Row: Kracha, Koch, Arkema, Hazelet, Waldorf. Second Row: lsr: shaw, Clgir, X . for Nielson. SecondfRow: Levy, Leech, Graff, Moulton, Morner. . glgird Row: .laI1"'3 i, Wihbefge KHUICS, H6I1d6rS0H, Lamb, Johns- Row: Bergh, Williams, Cook, Cummings, King, Scheiner, 5. ni ,i' i'?2f 0 The Girls' Athletic Association promotes and creates an interest in sports and has also proved to be a successful prescription for all girls in furthering social contacts. by Introducing the officers: Betty Kletzien, Presidentg Betsy Etterwind, Secretaryg Phyllis Kaempfer, Treasurerg Frannie Bourland, Vice-Presidentg Martha Stein, Intra-Mural .Sports Chairman and the board to the freshmen H' and new girls was accomplished by an assembly early ln the year. Marjorie Rennacker, Publicity Chairman, led the many publicity X, 5 projects. All sports oflicials worked under Mary Antha James. Two studio 'Ei couches show the progress the Arrangements Committee made with Peg 3, Brereton guiding in office redecoration. This committee also cooperated Y with Imogene Chancellor's Social Committee in the planning of the in- y t .A formal Mid-year Award Supper and the initiation banquet held at the end .. ' A f l I Inuit of the year, at which the new board and officers are announced, and initiates 'f f'q,m.g.:gs officially become members of G. A. A. after a ceremony the same afternoon. E . ,-v 3l New 12 'et may I mai qtivmv Swigart. 0 Another important year will go down ln the history of New Trier Music. The musical productions of 1940-41 were among the finest that have ever been presented at New Trier. Over one thousand students partlcl pated in some phase of the productions The New Trier music department is famous throughout the country, but this year, it has set an even higher standard of musical ex cellence. All this has been accomplished through the conscientious efforts of Mrs Cot ton, affectionately termed 66Mama" by th students, ably assisted by Mrs. Bradburn, sMiss Anderson, Mrs. Schumacher, and Mr A ' J, 'fill f WL 1,-Aj ,flax M '1 lin px ,-'17 .ffJ"jff , ' f , N Tr wr, is First Violins: Marion Olsen, Concert- meister, Bruce Smith, Betty McDonald, Lucile Rogers, Barbara Rogers, Mario Pagliarulo, Allan Thompson, John Marshall, Dorothy Cole, Arthur Arms, Morton Cahn, Harry Doolittle, Bob Humphreys. Second Violins: Rhoda Tanner, Principal, Claire Rubel, Marion Hakansen, Doro- thy Rose, Barbara Grant, Sidney Katz, Dixie Fanckboner, John Booz, Sylvia Hobbs, Jacqueline Michelsen, Brenton Smith, Janet Finney, June Swanson. Cellos: Anna Schauffler, Principal, Marion Horween, Hobart Gary, Bill Fanck- boner, Carol Kahn, Elsie Van Burens. Violas: Dick Fischer, Mason Gaffney, Bob Geppert, Jack Scarff, Charles Haake, Anne Hall. Basses: Don Alfvin, Roy Johnson, Jack Tyner. Trumpets: Tom Hoyne, Joe Elliff, George Miller. Trombones: Dick Talbot, Dick Jerrarfl, Tom Rosenow, Jerry Lewis. French Horns: Bob Mestjian, Ed Devlin, Roger Trienens, Charles Pollack. Percussion: Dale Koenig, Phil Tuttle. Uboes: Charlotte Wilds, Frank Stowell. Clarinets: Fred Kilner, Warren Rapp, Jack Spangler, Ken Soderblom. Flutes: Steve Finney, Nancy Claar, Bob Matson, Allan David, Dorothea Hin- man. Bassoon: Allan Claar. Bass Clarinet: Bill Davis. Accompunist: Alice Marshall. ru. ,f fi ,KA , sgfff' Z... Um ff" ' H wif: 2 f ' f f t ,gf X fe ,fa tai' inf, QU W Tympani Drums: Don Anderson, Philip Tuttle, Charles Morrison, James Moore, James Haase. Drums: George Lindsay, Bill Bassler, Raymond Neuman, Bill Norris, Don Lutter, Tor KolHat, Victor LaFave, Edwin Wentz, Tom Hoyt, Bill Walter. Solo Cornets: Fred Shelile, Edward Melia, Lawrence Jones, Don Deno. First Cornets: Anthony Reinwald, James Schaefer, Bruce Radder, Robert Getchow, John Coleman. Second Cornets: Richard Siegle, Jerome Pearson, James Ludford, Dave Moulton, Donald Purse, Carl Bretzlaff. Third Cornets: Donald Allen, Richard Rudd, Robert Allen. Fourth Cornets: John Corrigan, Martin Anderson, Robert Leis, Pierre de Guerre, Raymond Bruckhouser, William Kraft, Tom Reed. Oboe : Frank Stowell. Solo B-Flat Clarinets: Grantham Seder, De Wolf Stanley, Russ Foust, Don Lyons, Gordon Hinners. First B-Flat Clarinets: Edward Plamondon, Mason Aldrich, Fred Skinner, Bruce Woodcox. Second B-Flat Clarinets: Bill Collius, John Van Horne, Richard Fuessle, John Manson, Don Haase. Thirrl B-Flat Clarinets: Henry Greene, Bert Colfman, Charles Davis, Marg Wilsoll. Fourth B-Flat Clarinets: Richard Arms, Kay Slimm, Dick Stern, Bill Jennett, Paul Stade. French Horns: Robert Mestjian, Ted Paulsen, Bob McClane, Glenn Hayes. Basses: Bill Boll, Paul Hollingshead. Alto Sax: Bob Ludford, George Dalstrom, Jerome Finnin- gan. Tenor Sax: Elliott McCauley, Frank Tripicchio. Baritone Sax: Charles Parfitt. Euphonium: Dick Thatcher. Piccolo: Robert Matson. Flutes: Eugene Fuessle, James Harris, Marilyn MacArthur. First Trombones: Gerald Lewis, Keith Wellili. Third Trombones: Jack Happ, Don Anderson. Xylophone: Frances Maher. The band, under the direction of Mr. Schumacher, though little publicized, plays at all the athletic events and assemblies throughout the school year. Its crowning per- formance is its annual concert given in the spring of the year. On the fifteenth of December, the combined choral groups and orchestra presented the twenty-third annual Christmas concert in two performances in the afternoon and evening. The brilliance of the music was greatly en- hanced by the background of appropriate scenery made by the Stage Crew, and by the efforts of the Light Crew. Immediately after Christmas vacation, the Opera Groups began to work on Gilbert and Sullivanis 66Gondoliers," which was presented on the fourth and fifth of April with GIRLS' ENSEMBLE First Row: Beck, Liepold, Rose, Beach. Second Row: Rogers, James, Bond. MUSICALE First Row: Borregaar, Stekoll, Braaten, Bergman, Briggs, Gridley, Stein Halldorson Van Horne, Kidd fsponsorJ, Larson, Rose, Smith, Van Horne S., Conger, Morner, Michael, Strauss, Neiglick Second Row: Willett, Fossum, Armstrong, Dawson, Figueira, Meacham, Jackson, White, Helmstadter, Van Home E., Kuhn Bond, Hoetger, Albrechtson, Hoewe, Stephenson, Yust, Hall A., Schifiiin. Third Row: Hinkley, Nilsen, Forstall, Ludgin, Strasser, Forstall, Smith, Goodsmith, Collier, Howe, Harper, Gross, Geppert, Taft, Foldi, Norton, Wells, Stewart. BOYS' ENSEMBLE First Row: Glenn, Smith, Wells, Hinners, Kreer, Fager. Second Row: Aldrich, Meyers, Peterson, Lundin, Harbeck Mitchell. CONCERT COMMITTEE OF MUSICALE First Row: Ludgin, Meacham. Second Row: Gross, Smith. CHOIR First Row: Liepold. Graham, Schramm, Sandy. Hyde. Gird- ing. Beeler F.. Chancellor. Bee- ler M.. Bray. Rose. Binner, Burl- ingham. Beck. Moreau. Beach. Royal. Second Row: Glenn. Fager, Pau- coe. Foldi. Ickes. Rogers. Rog- ers L.. Haake, Lucas. Loucks Bur ee, James. Elliot. IVells Mc: P W Quide. Aldrich. SmIth. Hagen. Third Row: Hinners, Mitchell Meyers. Berndt. Dalgety, Har: beck, Bonner. Woolson, Wood suis, Kreer, Brandt. Hall, Pet: erson. Sleininger, Bryson. Gaff- ney. BOYS' OPERA GROUP First Row: Mitchell. Pancce Flanagan. Id'er. Foldi. Berndt Ickes, Sleininger. H'uners. Fager Glenn, Wells, Bryson. Gaffney. Second Row: C'ark. Townsend Connor. Oman. Van l-Io'ne. Ham- ley. Lippincott. Aishton. Carey Kreer. Hall. McQuide. Darley Murphy. Hildebrand, Buck. Third Razr: Casterl'n-3. Riley Baer. Brandt. Ivoolson. Hughes Wood. Peterson. Dalgety. Bon ner, Jerrard, Ellifi, Harbeck Bradford, Hagen. Smith. GIRLS' OPERA GROUP First Row: James, Bourland Bond, Sandy, Carlson, Snyder Schempp, Haake. Second Row: Macqueene, Lucas Henderson, Burpee, Ludden Koch, Thorgersen, Binner. a brilliant cast, including: '6Bugs" Baer, as Don Alhambra, Bob Cleveland, as the Duke of Plaza-Toro, Jeanne Moreau, as the Duchess of Plaza-Toro, Sidney Smith, as Luiz, Betty Beck, as Casilda, Bill Harbeck, Marco, Marion Beeler, Giannetta, Gordon Hinners, Giuseppe, Frances Beeler, Tessa, Catherine Loucks, Inez, Nancy Rose and Janice Liepold, Fiametta, Joe Elliff, Antonio, Joan Englehard, Vit- toria, Dan Pettee, Giorgio, Virginia Graham, Giulia, John Brandt, Francesco, and Lee Mitchell, Annibale. Supporting this magniiicent cast was a chorus of fifty of New Trier"s best vocal talent, and the New Trier Symphony Orchestra. Calh- erine Loucks and Jack McQuide were co-managers of the Opera, James Flanagan was in charge of ticket sales, and 46Bugs" Baer handled publicity. lett. Falasco, Dillon. - L . 44 Small. Zander, Boyle, Daily. Bjork, Iredale. Ogden, Rymer. McDonald. Beach, Geppert, Booth. t Gross, Smith, B., Glenn The Spring Concert was the last big appearance of the year for the vocal groups. It was given on May 16 in the Leslie F. Gates Gymnasium. The concert marked the end of a glorious year for the Choir, Opera Groups, Ensembles, Glee Clubs, Choruses and Orchestra. - The Senior Music club is composed of members selected for their musical skill at the beginning of the year by the executive committee of the club. The club is sponsored by Mrs. Cotton, head of the New Trier Music Department. There have been many interesting meetings held this year at which the members enjoyed playing for and listening to the members of the club. GIRLS' FIRST GLEE CLUB First Row: Smith, Bovbjerg Kaempfer Monroe, McConnell. Nordburg Mc Adams. Strauch, Bishop Reinhard Van Horne S., Armitage, Vesey Lar weth, Guthridge, Jacobsen Rennacker Van Arsdale, Schiillin, Palmer Tremb Second Row: Meacham, Carpenter Mac Lean, Pickett, Davies, Hod es Ph llips Murray, Green, Caldwell, Carroll Lind Strom. Anderson, Sutherland Mac Dowell, Schlung, Bakkemo Lipman Bodkin, Bassett, Campana Jackson Third Row: Stephenson, Hart Tnttl C Pifer, Van Horne E.. Carpenter Peck Morse, Tideman, Benner Williams Everitt, Warden, Terzakes K1xlVl1ller Ellis, Jansson, Whiteside Schempp Bowen, Ogle, Kremm, Weber Kuhn 'BOYS' FIRST GLEE CLUB First Row: McCauley, Rockca tle Rem hard, Emmet, Vernon, Blake Davis Best, Greene, Deily, Claar Rigler Second Row: Fox, Jones 'VlcN1tt Evans, Smith, Abele, Reddln Clarke Devlin, Davidson, Liepold Mat on Third Row: Hostnick, Schmick Ste tz Mathias, Carroll, Cleary B1 ckhurn Gockel, Lewis, Royce, Wiese Reckord SENIOR MUSIC CLUB First Row: Beeler F., McConnell Beck Cole, Halldorson, Gerding Ro e Mey er, Munson, I-lorween Schauiiier Thogersen, Spangler, Liepold James Second Row: Cahn, Smith S Fager Claar, Marshall, A., Haake Hinman Rogers, L.. Cassell, Rogers Meacham, Graham, Olsen K1xM1llr Third Row: Fischer, Wells Pagllarulo Hinners. Mitchell, Meyers Kreer Kohn son, Alfvin, Marshall, J Gaifney The Junior Music Club is composed, for the most part, of freshmen and sophomores who enjoy playing an instru- ment or singing, and who like to hear their fellow students perform. Prospective members must perform before a try- out committee before they are elected to the club. All mem- bers are active and perform at least once a year. The club is sponsored by Mrs. Bradburn. Musicale is a club for students who enjoy music. The club has built up a large collection of records and sponsored several concerts. Mrs. Kidd is the sponsor. GIRLS' SECOND GLEE CLUB ' First Row: Frei, Bucher, Layne, Mar- maduke, Darling, Cooter, Miller. M'ze- ner, Conger, Copp. Hinners, Hirsch. Williams, Hazelet, Luecke. Second Row: Peterson, Weishaar, Hurl- butt, Jeffery, Elliot, Reichmann. Hus- sey, Schaufller, O'Connor, Hassan. Roessler, Frische, Braaten, Jones, Rose, Becker, Beatty, McKenna, Oman, Booze, laruis, Wooden, Perkins. Murdock. Third Row: Randall, Wyman, Hawley, Hefferan, Warren, Brady, Kemp, All- port, Feltman, DeBerard, Holway, Jenness, Pickus, Henderson, Stewart, Towner, Wright, Hartwell, Powell, Toel, Skinner, Lundberg, Dundas, Jones, White, Becker F., Sundblom, Hale. Fourth Row: Burnet, Kreger, Tilton, Saxby, Cogswell, Baker, Hoetger, Light- ner, Johnson, Burns, Bauer, McEwan, Craig, Buhai, Leander, Simons, Snort, Spaulding, Hamilton, Van Cleave, Bard, Oilar, Eldridge, Knight, Petersen. BOYS' SECOND CLEE CLUB First Row: Arms, Sherman, Taft, Hill, Leekley, Moyer, Pickus, Shaw, Wolf, Clauson, Haley, Fox, Cohrs, Snyder. Second Row: Everson, Macey, Travis, Hoesli, Brown, Diamond, Kahler, Holl- inger, Torrey, Schoeneck, Genge, Slay- ton, Davis. Third Row: Loewenherz, Sollitts, Allen, Towle, Tichmond, Meyers, Collins, Bergquist, Brueggeman, Burg, Palmer, Corper, Quaintance. JUNIOR MUSIC CLUB First Row: Lapat, Sherwin, Monroe, Briggs, Schlung, Rubel, Hakanson, Love, Hall. Second Row: Mrs. Bradburn, Tilton, Porter, Fanckboner, Pope, Grant, Stew- art, Stewart B. Third Row: Peterson, Green, Pagliarulo, Gridley, Spangler, Waldorf, Stevenson, Schaufiler. l 37 l l 'T , ,Zmafem74wa 1 I 0 T 1 Gloria. AQQHZUS , , . .. ewy 0 The Gavel Club had a very successful year under sponsor MacLean, and presidents W. Dougherty and C. Allen. 0 The Debate Team this year continued the truly amazing record compiled by New Trier debate teams other years. In January the team took a wonderful trip into Indiana to meet some of the finest teams in the country in the La Porte Tournament. Out of the forty entries New Trier tied for third. The New Trier Debate Team also made fine records in the State Tournament and the Metropolitan Debate League. Our frosh-soph showed great promise in winning the Elgin t011I'I'li:lIl'1el'1t. Veteran varsity members on the affirmative include Seymour Stein, captain, Martin Appelbaum, and newcomer Tom Olin. On the negative Ward Dougherty, captaing Frank Salomon, and John Manson. if GAVEL CLUB First Row: I annottz-1, Sher' win, Wale, Geist, Dough- erty, MacLean Qsponsorl, Allen, Wood, Rooney, Taradash, Schoenberg. Second Row: Dougherty: Clauson, Mayer, Morand, Dowd, Lindsay, Becker, Lederer, Lutter, Swat. DEBATE TEAM First Row: Lederer, Ap- pelbaum, Stein, Mayer, Manson, Dougherty, MOI- and. Second Row: Allen, DIC- bes, Aldrich, Olin, Blade' burn, Christian, MacLean' Third Row: Beebe, Robin- son, Marmaduke, Jacob' son, Dowd, Coons, Salo mon. 38 QUILL CLUB SCRIBLERUS CLUB First Row: Christerson, Proudfoot, Simonsen, Hayson, Jones. First Row: Oakhill, Beeler, Dalstrom, Bodkirl. Plckusf Von Glahn' Second Row: Wolsey, Baker, Murray. ,Second Row: Cleary, Buhai, Russell, Pifer, King, Eldridge, Hutch- inson. Third Row: Campbell, Eliot, Houston, Gardiner, Monroe, Raymer. JOURNALISM CLUB First Row: Simonsen, Frische, Hale, Wagner, Mrs. Todd fspon- sorl, von der Lippen, Miller, Hodges. Second Row: Cleary, Meyers, Rockwell, Howett, Collier, Ginz- berger, Oakhill, Michelsen. Third Row: Butler, Coutre, Beaven, Luby, Goldblatt, Bergman. 0 Scriblerus is the advanced writing club of New Trier. Students must qualify for the club by writing some kind of composition, which is then read and judged by the faculty sponsors. 0 The Journalism Club was organized for students who are interested in the journalistic form of writing. Two meetings are held during each six weeks grade period and at every other meeting a speaker, outstanding in some field of writing, is presented to the club. Trips to newspaper plants and book binders are also arranged. 0 Under the competent sponsorship of Miss Wilson, Quill Club is main- tained for freshmen talented in writing. The compositions of various members are read at each meeting. 39 CIMA I The Radio Club is one of the oldest clubs in New Trier. This is its seventeenth year and it's still going strong. The club now includes eighteen members who are Federal licensed "hams,' or amateurs, and the school itself has a station. Mr. Smith sponsors the club. W9GXY, Bob Chittenden W9ICI, Jack Octigan WQIEF, Al Pinmy W9IHI, Mario Pagliarulo WQINN, Bill Fanckboner W9LAL.. Kenneth MacAfee W9I,LB, Bob Steel W9NZD, Don Deno YV9CZX, Ed Marwick W9GEX, David Lebesox WQIKZ, Edna Cummings W9Lov, Dale Shimp W9MAC, Jim Abele W90UY, Wally Benklle W9NVL, Andy Mueller WQPRW, Mae Bereew W9RRV, Jack Tyner W9QVI, Frank Morehouse W9QFI, New Trier RADIO OPERATORS First Row: Mueller, Ber- caw, Cummings, Chitten- den, Shimp, Deno. Second Row: Marwick, Smith fsponsorj, Octlgan, McAfee. Third Row: R a b el e. Behnke, Tyner, Steel. RADIO CLUB DBI. Afee, Marwick, Smith. Third Row: Brown, Lebe son, Bercaw, Padder, Pag liarulo, Farrow, Lyford. 40 First Row: Sacco, Bur- rows, Octigan, Cummings, Chittenden, Moser, Wag- Second Row: Tyner, Ban- nard, Behnke, King, Mc- --1. hmfiigsy, ,aw LENS CLUB First Row: Lee, Ruhel. Weisberg, Kracha, Wilson bwanson. Second Row: Nelson, Al- len, Miller, Cleary, Cordts Hough. Third Row: Nielsen, Mor and, Hill. Weisberg R. SCIENCE CLUB First Row: Carlson D. Carlson O., Olson, Cardin er, Masser, Olson C. Pepoon, Schaufller S. Schaufller A., Marwick Fisher, Holste, Zihhle Burgert, Tuttle. Second Row: Babcock SWHHS, Smith, Lyons Davis, Jones, Wente, Pifer Cummings. Hum hre 's. Loeb, Smith, Ogborrle Rought, Geppert, Nix Feinberg. Third Row: Lebeson, Taft Booz, Maston, Doolittle Wilson, Foote, Eldridge Murphy, Sollftt, Bell Howett, Ehrhardt, Mich- ael- FOUSL Ogden, Ekman, s 0 The Lens Club is composed of some forty members who are interested in various phases of photography. This year the club heard several very worth while talks on table-top photography, composition, color, and the arts of developing and printing. The Lens Club has a new constitu- tion this year and gave one of the most enjoyable of all Lens Club parties. The ofhcers this year were: president, George Miller, vice-presidents, Nancy Rubel and Robert Cordtsg secretary, Frances Krachag and treasurer, John Allen. 0 Any student sincerely interested in any phase of science is welcomed to the Science Club. The club, among other things, has field trips, special outside speakers, and many movies on various subjects connected with science. The club is divided into groups of members with the same particular interests, but the club acts as a whole in such mat- ters as taking charge of the Science Museum and contributing to the Hobby Show. , 6:5 -' gt- F3 Q .Tx If AJ V-.un r JN? V? ' A Jkryffgffs-st fthe. ,,fft2AwM'q"s'E2r 4 Rfiix ,ifsg Y of W 4 EQ wgjci-fr, me 3 rag, Q15 'se-,ffaltiq tn: lxigll fy' NN Y 'V M ul S l ,cf L q...., ral, l li? f i 4 ,5 lIT"f"1L:'j fmt CDV? illlrllsitllly P v-11 r -f'5, if-' sf' ' ff'1+-mf-fi U ZPLQZK O ::i K Q1 ,sf ejiifg swfsgrr yo? yn ga F 611464 First Row: Weldon Stein, Hobbs, Hirsch, Koch, Bray, 0 One of New Trier's most popular clubs is the French Club, with an enrollment of over one hundred students. Under president Patty Wyman, vice-president Marge Oatis, secretary-treasurer Betty Jane Moulding, frequent and active meetings have been held. Lectures, skits in French, French singing, talks with colored slides by both members and outside speakers, not to mention refreshments at almost every meeting, are what make French Club so attractive. Every year the club publishes a literary magazine, '6Le Flambeauf' It contains stories, jokes, poems., crossword puzzles, as well as art work composed by members of the French department. The entire book is in French. The president of the club, Patty Wyman, is also the editor of the magazine. The sponsor of the club is Mrs. Brooks. 0 Latin Club was started with the purpose of giving the same oppor- tunities to the Latin students that were given to the members of other foreign language clubs. The customs and culture of old Rome were studied, and the meetings were conducted like the government of ancient Rome. '6Consuls,' are the heads of the club, 'tpraetorsf' 'caedilesf' and uaugursw organized the meetings, atribunesv and 'lcensorsn looked after the members while the records were kept by a ascribe." The members adopted Roman names and the magistrates wore togas. Sponsors were Miss Breidenbach, Mrs. Cockrell, and Miss Paul. FRENCH CLUB Henderson, Fitch, Williams, Pickett, Hogarth, MacLean, Thorpe. Second Row: Moulding, Hofeld, Pierce, Aubineau, O'Leary, Saxby, Jones, Thompson, Strasser, Grauer, Wyman, Mitchell, Graff Karnes Vogl, Nelson, Smith, Keehn, Pomeroy, Battee. Third Row: Dunn, Oatis, Schipfer, Chancellor, I., Farwell, Chancellor, B., Lindstrom, Kritzer, Duncombe, Black, Carlin, Campana Fisher Snorf, Hodges, Melchior, Jeffery, MacDowell, Lytton, Schifilin, Yust, Morner, Munson, Lamb. Fourth Row: Forstall, Bourland, James, Bachmann, Kraft V., Kraft C., Haugan, Castle, Jacobsen, Cuthridge, Woolf, Belnap, Morse Cook Frei, Stembridge, Christensen, Cassell, Olson, Schuster, Reinhard, Dawson, Baker, Murray M., Murray B., Stephensen, Haake. I i f - 5 X' ,2.QlnS+sI S , 6, ,iV. W 1 4- 0 German Club was organized to acquaint its members with the music, literature and art of Germany, and many lecturers have been enter- tained by the club for this purpose. This year's officers were: President, Bert Buehlerg vice-president, Barbara Warner, secretary, Dick Glenn, treasurer, Anna Schaulfler. Also, a magazine, 66Schreiberei," edited by Steve Finney, was published by the club, and contained stories, jokes, and poems in German. The club is sponsored by Miss Karst. 0 This year the Spanish Club was reorganized under the able sponsor- ship of Mr. Duckles. The meetings were spent in learning more about Spain through motion pictures and talks given by both students and adults. Jean Scheibel was elected president, Dave Allison, vice-presi- dent, Betty Baggaley, secretary, and Lloyd Freelove, treasurer. LATIN CLUB First Row: K a u f m a n, Hobbs, Jackson, Schul- theis, Van Horne, Ander- son, Harper, Baker, Nilsen, Wyman, Anderson A., Smith. Second Row: Kemp, Stern, Lyman, Kern, Homan, Van Horne E., Billings, Shin- nick. Loewe, L u d g i n, Small, Reichmann. Third Row: P e te r s o n, Wertheimer, F o 1' s t al l, Dodd, Taft, Kagan, Davis, Forstall P., Moore, Lud- gin E., Kempner, Van Glahn. GERMAN CLUB First Row: W a r r e n, Luecke, Bovhjerg, Miss Karst fsponsorl ,Schaui'Her, Burgert, Olson, Bucher. Second Row: B l a c k, Merkle, Lewis, Meyer, Mc- Pherson, Davies, Doolittle Ehrhardt. Third Row: Puronas Loucks, Farrar, Palmquist, Rapp, Drebes, Helde, Con- ner, Turgeon. 1 v SPANISH CLUB First Row: Walker, Hart- well, L e a c h, Peterson Ebbert, Marschall, Moody. Second Row: Porterfield Coutre, Miller, Scheibel Williams, Butler, Wilson. Third Row: Gray, Cooter, Baggaley, Hildebrand, Ginsburger, Robson, Bin- ner, Meyers. e 7 43 640669 C6464 44 ART LEAGUE First Row: Rygel, Walker, Henderson, Mrs. Holland, Dillon, Tremblett. Second Row: Thom, Wallach, Stembridge, Crum- lish, Borregaard, Snyder, Odh. Third Row: Gary, Morris, Knight, Keefer, Levy. PSYCHOLOGY CLUB First Row: Rymer, Kagan, Morton, Harper. Second Row: Collier, Doolittle, Howett. r CHESS CLUB First Row: Jones, Jerrard, Ludgin, Harris. Second Row: Schumacker, Kinnear, McAfee. 1 Davis. 0 The Art League combined with the Sketch Club is composed of students interested in art. Various lectures were given on different phases of art. The club is sponsored by Mrs. Holland and Nancy Borregaard is president. 0 The membership of Psychology Club is composed of students interested in the study of the make up of the mind. This unusual club is sponsored by Mr. Carpenter. 0 The Chess Club, sponsored by Mr. Schumacher, is open to any student interested in this game. 0 Coin Club is composed of students interested in collecting and studying unusual coins. 0 This year the Geography Club studied the geography of New Trier Township and also current events of world-wide interest. 0 The members of Stamp Club are mainly collectors and those who make a hobby of stamps. 0 Archaeology Club was designed for students interested in the lives of peoples and civilizations before the beginning of history. COIN CLUB First Row: Forstall, Harris, Denis, Norton. GEOGRAPHY CLUB First Row: Deily, Babcock, Taft, Forstall. Second Row: Roemer, Brueggeman, Stein, Mar wick. STAMP CLUB First Row: Forstall, Crocker, Strasser, Stenson, Brewer, Jarvis, Pancoe. Second Row: Pifer, Coltman, DeClerque, Howett, Cleary, Kilner, Pancoe, Taft. ARCHAEOLOGY CLUB First Row: Taft, Harris, Leavens. Second Row: Kimbell, Hammond, Haupt. 45 . :.: 0 Service Club is composed of a selected group of Junior and Senior girls. There are usually between fifty and seventy-five in the group. They serve in the nurses' office two periods a week, treating minor bruises and ailments. This year the girls assisted in giving the tuberculin tests. Nc demic 61 6 ll -. 'l 04" ' f uf, IIISJTQ, W i wif l 2, r " E ' 9 T E ' ,,- 3- '-5 Q 6 . ,N . -..- 4 K '15 viffll 577 cnc. 46 Mrs. Schoenenberger is the sponsor, and Blossom Fisher the president of the club. 0 Any student taking one or more business courses may become a member of the Commerce Club. The club's pur- pose is to promote educational and social activities among students in the Commerce Department. It helps the students to secure good positions and their advancement in the busi- ness world. The club also has an Honor Division, formed of students considered by the faculty to have exceptional ability in business subjects. Commerce Club is sponsored by Mr. Johnson and Miss Henningsen. 0 The purpose of the Boys' Career Club was to assist its members in choosing their life work. At the lneetings vari- ous speakers spoke on careers for boys, giving important information about each one. Donald Michael is president. I The purpose of the Girls' Career Club was to stimulate interests in careers, and also give the girls an idea of the training and experience needed in given careers, and the opportunities open. Vivette Thompson is president. Q , c,., -'.. .,...,, .,., ,. , , , ..,..p, ' Y "Q II . 'f.. :Ar .,., 3 ,. . ,,.,, , , , V E, 57,7 2 r Q' fU17"fifyfg?Tf',.f-"4 .. f Nw- -- ,.e,.fw1s. y A. ,,-ws --Sims..-. f -. f, . -1 Q64 - Q f ff.. r ,. , , , f .cw .- 4 4.4 yy., ft, . f,fAf , Z K, k . W, A .,,, M, -Q.-gs,-sg--. ,f ., wbzg-sq, 2-Ms -,, ,. . -, .1-, ,QM .,,.... f. - 1-1 .. .. ., , , . 4. f- af,-1' f-4-Na.-,,-M mv - r - , , f , .if f 1- A-f V. ,c,,. , Sqn, . xg-QQ, Xhfqk-5 1- 1 V ,. , , y.. , .,,, ,..,. , , .,.c , ,,., 'V , -, , 1.-MM. ay -' 5, 7: , 1,, ,Z .,.ia., g,,n,,,L.l'.,, .,,.. 1 f. A jf ' . .r A . , 19, ?. . N ua ,. f W ,U W, M - H r, ' , ,f y .Wg V , ...SN ..,,A. . ., 1. Q- Z. V .ip . V M , if .. . , M 3 NEW 9, ,ting Q M ,661 f ra ir' - . V- 1 . .- f' I ' ..,.. V - mf- ' " "' 3 ' , ' ,.',-' 'nv' f . 'fp f p," ' ff' f ' if-, -V. , -V WE, A - , ' ' 'f ' . .1 ,. .1 ,,-f -.W I if y K A . ,1 , ,vw , , . ,, V! ,- , Kg. f , af, K ., 5 ,Yr r X 1 Q, V 'Q A 77, A I L H t f Q , Q ,JZ W N D T A so . . ' in-'f af- , 7- - E : l T ' 933 n ' 9' ' QV " 'f - H 'i-h'. , W A'ih . 7 ., - r- 1+ - 1 , - ,-Q. - fm f ,- 1 14 ' f J, 1 'f r ' V 1 4 vi, - ,. L 'Q 7 , ,C ,lv X V,-V -4 ,2 0. ,- , C, 1 W. - 1 sb ' - A ' , - 9 f ."' f ' I .f ' W rf Y- V -' V V S -f,' , ' 4- z,.f v X ' , t r f f ' f - ' , , ,Q fl .1 SERVICE CLUB First Row: Sutherland, Graff, Maetarlane, Fisher, Zibble, Thompson, .lef- freys, Macqueene, Bartsch, Backmann, Schoenberger, Cartier, Langford, Ren- nacker, Lytton, Reich- mann, Tuttle, Brady, Leach, Bassett, Kirchner. Second Row: Johnston, Lindsay, Dillon, Wiese, Elftman, Kern, Burk- hard, Kneip, Miller, Nel- son, Gaifney, Bray, Die- terich, Martin, Carlson, Schlung, Roemer, Hell- strom, Bizer, Luecker, Jarvis, Hartwell, Craig, Conger. Third Row: Brereton, Gray, Meacham, Borre- gaard, Horn, Carlson G., Randall, Albrechtson, Snorf, Peck, Kletzien, Ol- son, Prince, Helmstadter, Pifer, Carlson O., Hoff- man, McDaniels, Mack, De Berard, Sandy, Saxby, Elliott, Claar. COMMERCE CLUB First Row: Roemer, Os- borne, Henningsen Cspon- sori, Ransdell, Schneider, Henricks, Johnson fspon- sorl, Steiner, Zihble, Nackel, Holste. Second Row: McDaniels, Herbon, Hoffman B., Hoff- man 'L., Carlson, Ander- son, Schwall, Wuegner, Schwall, Mahnquist, Schmitz. - 1 r f mf F ' 'A 'M' '-"3bfkfr--s-:sas-,Y BOYS' CAREER CLUB First Row: Taradash, Reimers, Melia, Weisberg, Buehler, Idler, Melia, Ekman, Jones, D., Cunningham, Wells, Becker, Gudbrandsen, Jones, A. T., Ball, Lobdell, Pancoe. Second Row: Hildebrand, Brockmeyer, Flanagan, Davies, Dixon, Skog, Ryan, Salomon, Allen, Boyle, Davis, Reck- ord, Chase, Michael, Campbell, Kennedy, Henningsen, Moody, Wright, Munson, Oman. Third Row: Jennett, Bannard, Denis, Guy, Brenner, Olin, Platt, Mann, Faville, Monahan, Trienens, Schnur, Gor- don, Kreger, Meyer, Lindsay, Kilner, Wilson. GIRLS' CAREER CLUB--SENIOR First Row: Johnston, Mersbach, Porterfield, Lindsey, Ungaro, Levy, Katz, Claar, Thompson, Jeffreys, Smyth, Engel- hard, Dressel, Bartsch, Bacon, Wolf, Smith, Nelson, Kearns. Second Row: Bray, Kracha, Strasser, Macqueene, Hodges, Borre, Zibble, Lucas, Tremblett, Guthridge, Jacobsen, Rennacker, Binner, Waltari, Weldon, Hofeld, Olson, Mitchell, Ayers, Ward, Bachmann, Miller, Roberts. Third Row: Edwards, Loegler, DeVinny, Koch, Baggaley, Raymond, J., Snorf, Langford, Berg, McMaster, Bassett Leach, Steele, McDonald, Graff, Henkins, Murray, Sandy, Kremm, Lindstrom, Boston, Roemer, Wyman, Marshall, Beach, Graham, Wuichet. Fourth Row: Oatis, Brereton, Olson, G., Schipfer, Chancellor, Burnet, Raymond S., Gaifney, Martin Stange, Sed wick, Steen, Cooper, Olson, D., Olson, P., MacDowell, Sutherland, Christensen, Prince, Grauer, Wolsey, Black, Carl: son, James, Hellstrom, Janicki, Helmstadter, Battee, Kletzien. GIRLS' CAREER CLUB-JUNIOR First Row: Donnelly, Ryan, Moody, Booze, Dieterirh, Klein, Engels, Brenchley, Haugan, Kritzer, Larsen, Dods Borregaard, Strauss, Ward, Murray, MacLean, Pickett, Hogarth, Williams, Munson. Second Row: Murphy, Bond, Pulfer, Ehrlich, Duncombe, Allison, Hazelet, Harkness, Kingsbury, Morse, Woolf Michael, Farwell, Kaempfer, Bovbjerg, Schifllin, Lylton, Morner, Keehn, Moulding, Conger, Smith, Melchior, Eb: bert, Castle. Third Row: Anderson, Theis, Bucher, Burgert, Fox, Hartwell, Petersen, Gray, Reinhard, Benner, Jeffery, Warner Davies, Hill, O'Leary, Saxby, Parkinson, Warren, Scott, Lukens, Lundberg, Ward, Small, Dawson, Tuttle, Robson Frei, Tremblett, Dillon, Madden, Stephenson, Johnson, Miller, Bodkin, Lipman. Fourth Row: Halldorson, Sweeney, Olson, Gardiner, Herb, P'uronas, Holway, Menden, Belnap, Butler, Chancellor: Fitch, Scheibel, Meyers, Brady, Woolf, Starrett, Henderson, Chiquoine, Warden, Stembridge, Cassell, Bond, Baker, Jackson, Cook, Bowen, Dunn, McEwan, Liepold, Beck, Van Cleave, Carlson, Whiteside, Lamb. 9 s 1 BADMINTON CLUB First Row: Axelrood, Birkelund, Thorpe, Hill, Robertson, Fisher, Palmer, Keehn. Second Row: Cory, Rosenberg, Reichert, Arms, Cordon, Moore, Humphrey, Loewe. Third Row: Copp, Reschke, Lytton, Lundberg, Masser, Smith, Schiillin, Robson. RIFLE CLUB First Row: Whiting, Hayes, Fox, Hawley, Andrews, Oman, Kracha, Michael, Stekall, White, Loewe, Flint, Becker, Etterwind, Petersen, Kreger, Vogl, Bolling, Nash. Second Row: Neeves, Cazel, Brooks, Lyons, Baird, Hollinger, Armstrong, Bauer, Percy, Millard, Burg, Dunlap, Carlin, Harris, Arms, Carney, Keefer, Wolf, Volny, Pancoe. Third Row: Davis, Raymond, Harris, Warner, Fox, J., Henningsen, Lauer, Groh, Cordes, Rodenkirk, Foote, Arms, A., Bergquist, Sieck, Cloud, Allen, Reichert, Stowe, Moon, Jester, Macey, Macdonald. 1 1 W f , Y, f, ff H! X , J XX fu tuj, 1 f , ,f f 2 ,f ,J ,fa Jaffa R if fyf Ifff fl E ffysf ,l ,gg ,I t t, L if Q Q, t ,I w,' ' S at Y ,fx X ,KXH A 1' 1 1 'F 1 " H "- I K, 1 K . l,ll 4' Xl -.D ,,-, X 1 Y x ,-1' gf' 1 N 0 The Rifle Club, open to boys and girls, is organized for the purpose of giving instruction and training to those who wish to learn to shoot. Supervised shooting and proper train- ing in how to handle firearms insure the greatest degree of safety. The club is afliliated with the National Rifle Associa- tion, and members compete in N. R. A. competitions. Mr. Lehman is the faculty sponsor. 0 One of our newer clubs, Badminton Club, was organized to encourage the boys and girls in coeducational games. As the name of the club implies the meetings of the club are spent in playing badminton, and enthusiastic players are given a chance to make the game a part of their school activities. Meetings are held every Sunday afternoon. Mr. Clader is the faculty sponsor. 0 The main purpose of the Travel Club is to acquaint stu- dents with the countries of the world and to learn more about our own as well as the foreign nations. Both students and teachers tell of their various experiences while traveling, and several outside speakers have shown motion pictures and colored slides. Mr. Shearer is the faculty sponsor. I The Public Address Corps has been of invaluable assist- ance to the school. This group of boys has taken charge of the Public Address System whenever it was needed. The boys are to be congratulated on their fine work. Mr. Smith is the sponsor. PUBLIC ADDRESS CORPS First Row: Brown, Mueller, Farrow, Kassim. Second Row: Bercaw, Bannard, Mr. Smith. TRAVEL CLUB First Row: Catre, Kelly, Wagner, Stubbe, Hart V well, Koch, Waltari. Second Row: Linwood, Murray, Tranzi, Christen sen, Stembridge, Walpole, Murray, Mr. Shearer. Third Row: Strauss, Petersen, Taft, Battee, Aub ineau. 49 his e... L BROADCASTING CLUB First Row: Melvoin, Ayers nacker. Second Row: Ward, Dawson Borregaard, Bond, Gordon Mark, Buehler, Green, Ban- Meacham, Strasser. Grauer, Stange 0 This year the members of Broadcasting Club were chosen by the re- sults of a vote taken by dramatic faculty. Those who were voted upon had tried out previously and were picked by elimination. Radio productions are given at each monthly meeting. The purpose of the club is to promote interest in all fields of radio. lb:-ama C44 M Martin Gunther Irma Gunther .. Samuel Brockton Winnifred Baxter Karl Gunther Karl Gunther, ,lr Anna ....... . . . Lisa Gunther .... Alex Hewitt ,... Helen ...... Ruth . . . Cast . Charlton Heston SArnold Berlin .. . .. .loan Grauer :iVirginia Ward Warren MacKenzie t2Blair Vedder . . . . . Nancy Dunn 2:Patricia Stange . . .. Willard Cary SfArthur Green Russell Foust sfRobert Dodds Katherine Bingham :'cHelen Ayers Catherine Tideman :?Margaret Munson Everett Kennedy :iRobert Ellis ....... Betty Miller :f:Eleanore LaBonte Suzanne Weese 'f:Edde Henderson DRAMATIC CLUB BOARD First Row: Miller, Dodds, Engelhard. Second Row: Heston, Berlin. Immigration Officials .ludge Hewitt ...... . . Dr. Squires .... Mrs. Kennedy .... Mrs. White .... Otto Heinrich .... Clara Heinrich .... A Political Speaker Another Political Sp William Kloepfer Jr. Hayward Becker .. Frederick Gordon . . . . Harry Doolittle ...... ,loan Stevens Betty Lee Carpenter . . . . Horst Ehrhardt . . . . . . Vivette Thompson ZErna Strasser . Charles David Hall eaker Joseph Frank Salomon A School Teacher .......... Dorthea Haake :iAnne Hall Antonio Colletti ........ Robert McDermott Factory Workers . Melville Hill, James Flanagan, William Munson, Smith Cobb, Hobart Gary, ,lack Boettiger Mrs. Brockton .............. Gloria Battee Mrs. Hewitt ................ Blossom Fisher Master of Ceremonies ....... Horton French Mayor McEvoy ...... .. Samuel .lorjorian Dr. MacFarland .... Albert Buehler Jeff ........................ Sidney Smith DEATH TAKES A HOLIDAY Cast Cora .................. Fedele ......... .... Duke Lambert Madame Alda ..... Duchess Stephanie .. Princess of San Luca Baron Caesarea ..... Rhoda Fenton ...... Eric Fenton .... Corrado ........ . Grazia ...... ....... His Serene Highness, Alexandria ......... Major Whitread .... Promptor .......... . . . Gladys Dalstrorn David Williams . Lincoln Lippincott . . . Eleanor LaBonte . ....... Joan Grauer . . . . . . . Blossom Fisher . . . . Warren MacKenzie Anne Bowen biMary Lamb . . . . . Charlton Heston ........ Horton French iArthur Bryson . Mary Anne Meacham Prince Sirki, of Vitalbo, ......... Allan Gilbert .lack Scarli .. . . . . .Gladys Dalstrom i:Played on Saturday Night. 50 Mrs. Squires ......... Dorothy Butler Tommy .................... William Ayers Two Gay Young Blades .... Richard Matthias and Sumner Sollett ,lim McLennon, as Theodore Roosevelt- Evald Anderson Eddie Blake, as William Howard Taft John Coleman Betsey Davis ................ Dorothy Jarvis Miriam Squires . . . ....... Betty Pomeroy The Captain .... .... L incoln Lippincott A Minister .... ......... .l ack Scarii .lulia a ed 23 Phyllis Kaempier Bassett, Heston, Wolsey, De: Lay Csponsorj, Dalstrom, Com. pere, Engelhard, Fisher, Ren. 7 9 9 7 Q 5 Mary, aged 24 .... Ed Lorenz ........ ,lohn Williams .... Henry Courtney . Miss Price ..... Maid ......... Bank Clerk .... Bund Leader .... . . . . Betty Srnanek George Randall . . .. Nathan Davis Richard Jones . . . . . .Jean KiXMiller Martha Gaffney . . . William Penick . . . Robert Drucker Policemen .................. Richard Prins and George Wescott i'Played Thursday and Saturday nights. DADDY LONG-LEGS Cast .letvis Pendleton ......... James McBride ..., Cyrus Wykoff ..... ..... H orst Ehrhardt Abner Parsons .... .... Benja in Codman m Griggs ...... ..... . . . Walters ......... Judy ........... Miss Pritchard .... . . . Mrs. Pendleton .... . . . .lulia Pendleton . . . . . Sallie McBride .... .... Mrs. Semple ..... Mrs. Lippet Sadie Kate Gladiola ..... Loretta . ....... . Mamie ........... Freddie Perkins Ginger ..... . . . Carrie ...... . . . . .lohn Manson ArtGreen David Collier Warren MacKenize Hobart Gary . . . Bertil Peterson Betty Miller . . . . . Paula Miller Carol McClelland Nancy Warren .. .loan Engelhard Phyllis Burlingham . .. Virginia Ward Virginia Booze Carolyn Stein Barbara Weishaar Helen Lapat . . . . . Kenneth Leal i1Dick Holway .. Marilyn Miller loan Grauer Promptor .................... Elaine Smith i'Played on Friday Night. am X 0 The past year's dramatic productions have been exceptionally good, both in the excellent selection of the plays and in the fine actinv -1 Z x, 0 lm" y twat dmd IC r Q , X The season was opened with the presentation of Jean Webster s Daddy Long-Legs. This play of a poor orphan girl who was adopted hy a rich father was very well portrayed. VERSE CHOIR First Roux: Stange, Dalstrom, Murray, Warren, Olson, Burgert, Doderlein, Robertson, Weilbrenner. Second Row: Miller, B., Miller, P., Meacham, McClelland, Kremm, Carlson, Ludgin, Bowen, Dunn. STAGE CREW First Row: Seder, Steitz, Swarts, Finnigan, Leach, Gottman. Second Row: Stiles, Hallsteen, Lutter, Kimeor, Matson, Stein. Third Row: Rockwell, Everson, Mathias, Garcia, Parke, Fox. PROPS CREW First Row: Odh, Kaempfer, Bray, Nelson. Second Row: Tuttle, Smith, Rogers, Lukens, McEwan. LIGHT CREW Kahler, Steitz, Walworth. f 1 ' W 'f ,,,, -.J T iasiiai l J as The second play was Death Takes A Holiday, by Walter Ferris. The theme of the play is that Death, curious about life in this world, takes a holiday and visits the home of an Italian nobleman. The events following his entrance into the world of the living made a very exciting and highly dramatic play. This year the seniors gave The American Way, by Kaufman and Hart, as their own play. It was one of the largest productions ever undertaken at New Trier with a cast of over one hundred and fifty. It had an extended and successful run of four nights. The story is of an immigrant family that comes to this country and becomes part of the American Way of life. The play takes you from 1391 up to the present times. At intervals of three or four weeks an afternoon program of one-act plays is given by the Actoris Guild. Practically everyone who is interested in having an opportunity to appear in a play may do so. These plays were very popular with the students. The oflicers of tl1e Dramatic Club are as follows: President-Bob Doddsg Vice-President-Arnold Berling Secretary-Betty Millerg Publicity Chairman-Bill Kloepferg Program Chairman-Chuck Hestong and Social Chairman-Joan Engelhard. The Stage, Light and Props Crews in their important contributions to the finished productions helped to make this past year a success. The In lelingtf 0 Traditions were broken right and left when the 1941 Inklings went to press. Due to an insuflicient amount of material approaching Inkling's high standards there was no issue in December. But . . . when the 1941 issue did come out it was placed in New Trier archives as a worthy addition to the library of New Trier publications. Under the critical scrutiny of a smaller but more united staff passed a wealth of material. The choicest of this material went into a one- hundred page issue, packed full of stories, essays, poems and a fine assortment of illustrations. Betty Oakhill and Don Michael, the editors, promised a superior issue to those of other years. This promise was fulfilled. Inklings came out bigger and better, with the same familiar cover, but more illustrations, capably handled by Tom Hoyne, master artist, and an increase in page space that made up for the loss of the December issue. In the background, but none the less active, was Sponsor Peterson who gave generously of his time and counsel to make it the issue it turned out to be. Inklings of 1941 sets a high standard, thanks to the contributors, editors, staff and sponsor. MR. PETERSON Sponsor INKLINGS EDITORS INKLINGS STAFF First Row: Oakhill, Michael. First Row: Raymer, Cunningham, Lamb, Werthimer Second Row: Gordon, Greenberg. Second Row: Tuttle, Greenberg, Fisher. 53 Z " 'V' WJ 'WWW ' f L, "4W iL '1-. -' N. 'J ,nf NEW TRIER NEWS STAFF First Row: LaBonte, Beaven, Drey, Condon, Werthimer, McMillin, Kloepfer, Burnett, Boyle, Lindsay, Warner, Pancoe, Horner, Matthiessen Jones, Peck, Dunn, Michelsen. Second Row: Brereton, Johnston, Raymer, Pickus, Proudfoot, Iannotta, Evans, Weisherg, Lee, Sager, Murray, Moulding, Sedwick, Peck, Porter field, Schultheis, Smith, Schifflin, Schlung, Lane, Melvoin, Peterson, Nordburg, Steif, Neilson. Third Row: Duncombe, Hodges, Rosen, Hinman, Mersbach, Rygel, Walker, Percy, Bishop, Diare, Greigg, Buhai, Rosen, Shulman, Cassell, Chan cellor, Wolsey, Christensen, Cummings, Helmstadter, Black, Pifer, Bassett, Rennacker, Basset, M., Weldon, Henkins, Cleary, Kracha, Steel, Chris taison, Gardiner, Borregaard, Green. Fourth Row: Saunders, Hosbein, Sittig, Mosser, Buehler, Flanagan, Michael, Rockwell, Genge, Hubachek, Hill, Miller, McNaughton Compere, Hughes, Mann, Ketcham, Reilly, Schwietest, Fisher, Lewis, Sosna, Rittersporn, Jones, Weisherg, Dixon, Bryson, Harbeck. The We A 0 More than 130 students participated during the past school year in publishing the NEW TRIER NEWS. These students served as reporters, writers, typists, office assist- ants, photographers, and advertising solicitors. With the whole-hearted co-operation of both the business and edi- torial staff, the NEWS was able to produce a paper that excelled even last year's unusually fine publication. The NEWS surpassed its former achievements in pre- senting to the school a more complete, concise, and accurate account of school activities and a more diversified line of MR. BRIDGES features than had ever been attempted before. Early in the SPo"s"' school year, under the capable leadership of Editor De- Berard, the NEWS adopted a new format, entirely revised and modernized. Throughout the year, constant changes and improvements were made in this new style. With the elimination, to a large extent, of the use of car- toons, the Photography staff assumed considerably more importance. With Bob Cordts as Photography Editor, the staff as organized was one of the largest and best that the NEWS has ever had. Again probably the most popular column of the season was Libby LaBonte's '6My Daysf' '6Tower Topics" made its appearance later in the season and was widely read for its timely and pertinent content. An unusually well-received number of tl1e NEWS was tl1e second annual All-Girls' issue which was published immediately after Spring vacation. Frannie Kracha served as editor-in-chief for this special issue. In January a News-sponsored journalism class, meeting twice weekly after school, was formed to give interested students an opportunity to learn the technique of publish- ing a high school newspaper and to help organize a trained stalf so that further improvements might be made in the future publication of the NEWS. The class was conducted by Editor De Berard with the assistance of Associate Editor Marshall McGuineas. All persons attending the class regu- larly were given actual assignments in gathering and writ- ing news. During the spring months, the class was responsi- ble for publishing two of the regular issues of the NEWS. An unusually large number of lower classmen took advan- tage of the training oHered and will serve as an excellent nucleus for building the 1941-42 staff of the NEWS. fxwawfv, f, f,r,,wgga2 gif , I , 1' Yi ,va-, If A wp, 'Ir V if , f A f X , , u' I 1 I Q , 5 i i E- 'gm vu kgs W, fy A hazy --.Vx if-P'-E A 0 Many new features are included in the 1941 Echoes under Robert Klagstad, editor-in-chief, ,Ianey Dods, associate edi- tor, and Bob iMatson, business manager. With the aid and assistance of Mr. Waters and Mr. Holland, the two sponsors, this year's Echoes has grown. The picture of every student in the school, the different division pages, and the large candid shots all go to make a new, and we hope, a better If f W, yearbook. 4 A ,fy , fi M' ,xg ,ff 5,0 , Y w A 1 w . . . . . . l JXQFZJ f X, xg A1 it W The edltorlal staff consists of Assistant Editor Bill Carroll, l, ' Senior Section Editor Len Welborng Photography Editor Boh Cordts, Circulation Manager Bill Riley, Boys' Sports Editor John Smart, Girls' Sports Editor Marge Rennackerg Art Editor Sheridan Crumlishg Publicity Editor Buzz French and Snapshot Editor Hayward Becker. The staff was one of the finest the Echoes has had in its 341 years. EDITORIAL STAFF PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF GIRLS' SPORTS STAFF Matson Klagstad, Dods, Carroll. Brandt, Cordts, Manson. Kirschhaum, Rennacker, Williams SENIOR SECTION SNAPSHOT STAFF Dunn, Borregaard, Welborn, Cook, Claar, Melchoir. Manson, Nelson, Becker, Tideman, McKewan. CIRCULATION STAFF BOYS' SPORTS STAFF Riley, Jones, Flanagan, French. Carey, Davis, Mack, Smart, Fisher. ' P I I 'i'Kh'l'x2li5l1Ml 'J A ff ..jZx'4ffJJ4K.W ' V"""L' " fI Ql f 1" FIFX - W.. MR. WATERS and MR. HOLLAND Sponsors of publication. The excellence of their various sections bears out this statement. Without the aid of their stalls the editors could not pos- sibly have met the difficult time schedule. The typing staff was of much help but unfortunately space does not permit personal recognition of individual members of the staff. The aid and cooperation received from the Bernie Studio and Mr. Bernie in obtaining the excellent Senior pictures cannot be praised enough. The assistance of the Pontiac Engraving and Electrotype Company which produced the excellent half tones and zines was of great help to the edi- torial staff. The Lloyd Hollister organization again demon- strated its skill in the excellent printing of another Echoes. Our thanks to all these people for their aid in making the Echoes a better book. Sn4pAlwtA ag.. ,,, w-vw-gum mn--wk - X -gcc, I. HF. v. ' 1 5: 8 , .ti n-f..7.u-..., ,V Tv, W I f f f f X ,ZW W fWfWf7WZ7?W7WM6f!!ff 477 if f ffWOfZ X 1 ' ' -f W -'A-f 3 k.,' 1 if-fi ..-A fxyf I .,--g . -'-,- ','- 1 ..f' 3 .qi , .'J. -,,.-..,- 3 g, , 5,- , 1 'G ,i f, if l 'nw SANKA, sos: f NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY. KEITH! .H 4I" f W ' ' -fr ,wp , SH! GAPOSIS SEX LESSGNS-1 CLefi'l: PLAYBNG HGUKEY fi, Y, if W fl -'N' w rf? i-A A Tv 4' I "-"VN 'W-X ff? 'w ff- ., - x 3 ,X vf fy. y -' .yx A ,I N- ! 4' H ,N I, Xp' wi" ,T 1' ff," If yir J' J? 5 lf ,Lf if s inf 5 xt Aii' 11 f t"Q3,x Lf' L11 Lf" uf-X' 'RX DQ f VXQV' w RJ I .FKQW 'W ,A 5 ,-Q5 N Ur 1' 'V 3' QI Vw N - ., Y,' J .ia 77 X? 'fs X X 1, Ari! YQ rf F1 my wfjflyxhxk My Rf! VX' XJ' H ? -Qwubrw QQ DHSFATCH FROM EELRLLHN WWW - ' f 7 4, ' Q .f ,K K 1 f . fy QHWCLE SAM WANTS YOU! Of, 45, WlH!AT'S SEI LFli1NIN3EY, BUYS? bl , , 'f ,f 4 Q PSE: ,f ff-4 W 4, K W , , , , ' I Q f V, M- , , ey W,,jQyg,g M-WM 1 Y , " " K ,, , 4 . Q, ff , W, .fy wg-'f - ff,y ' ' Mg! W fy' My ff H lil! X W 3, mifsf V 1 f , M Y Q I I ,MMM ffwfydy' if fy WU' el ' , X 7 ' , , f W, , W I V , I , 2 K! ,A I, ,Z M7472 f ,," , W ' W ' W, AQ ,f 7 fm wzilff f img? If V ffyff ,, . - ,Auf sw, . 4-fn Wil ' 'ff DGUELE TROJUBILE 1 v. Mr ffj km 'N I - :xxx 1' 1. 4 1' DUT GN A LIME Yf w. fl p',f f ' M Apfffi-ff, Rvf ff , 5 V ., iff 1 ff- JA f A-...A W. , ,R gh, fr , Q ' I' 'N tx, 1 xx, X 4 V143 ma WHAT Ta-me 2-mans Gow' ow 2-zmvaz? THE RUSSELL OF SPRING 'W E 'fx . :I rw. YJ? V7 ,F 0' h ,' f F V Y, fd If, p If 4. Q jf 5, W, EJ, f L, NF 3,3 r 'J -fl 1" I ijfxrf P ff X7 W fx 1' f W i ' ml W7 yi ' U, " W , A, E Ubifiw if Nl ff I ,fjiflf 6' 1 THAT DEMON LIQUOR ,f 1 . , . WW' 'CATCHUNG FLEIES, AL? 4 DRIPS AND A PUDDLE Will? AMD FHHILLY, BIEENG SlllLU.'Y4' iK0lMIJ'E4UJ A.N39Dv JUILLIET nf, X wx r"', If 1' Ffa . ,fn , If-X5 fy? ff .f , 5 J MF 55 if ,f""S.f..,iff v 49" R, EIRIDEHNG: OFFBCBALS, EH, BOB? ,, W' f A A! fp? K LX. ,-fax , 1 ff , if ,V Ng' 5 f' ff rl ,ff '1- QL ff C-M M :R 1- V' x,- 1' xi' Xa, ' fu H ., H fy In 'll CN? ,rv 'f 'nl P,,T?iJV',7 NLf!1 W 2x,,51,Yi DP if 5 M.-6-Q fl 'jj-1 fry X, if X yy, f, if if Z K LJ iff! U,-LW Iv? 21, gf x-ML: 9gk,f-'I If R'--.iii kxgff QQ? H4 fy K,j"iv kv, KJ" RWM if S 1. PE NS SUMVEVS THE QUEENS REBER mga-ndseogmg f X x xm f,f,f M mf f f f. ff , ff! I I fff ff ffm QAA4 , , lf' 1 ,ffm Q f , ,f , ZW Z f f fj xg, J.-.,, ,,,..-.xx , X Y, X X. If r, Alf-' "'7 f 'z, , .fv fu FT fi mx , f , " ' 3 If fy Q V, f x ' Aff' ff WSJ ,fd 5 ,f',Q V5 ,LX fr r! it ff 1 1 I- , 5 f Q if ' 4 j If 'Nf , N, l- 7 V uf L, f , XQN W' 1 9 .' C ,,f A W ,fu , ,f ff ,ff ff ,..f',f , X f 0' ,,f M F V54--A ,W Lf f 5 ,f , Q ,if . QM. xj .f , gt -- -V 2 1 ,NYY , fi 1 AI, Y R--I 'X-iff' , w Aj f 1 19' Z 'wif P4zfC,v:6, JZ . f-0 , J J X W' , , fwfOff 1 Xa Mwyw .MUCH 'Q--mm - mf K f-Mig 1: .4 4fb.'i'2P'y -. N- f skip YUM L TA TUUGH MFE, SQERAWNY - VW-EAT PRINCE GLAMQUR? , 'T' kj Jgvliv K Al r,vfvnqg5..:l f V .,,.KK,..m.. S THE 3Um rs r s mm GFQGUNDS SUWWWWS CRADLE SNATCHERS! K SOME HAY BE CUTE, BUT THEY'RE MORSE SO! "BUNDLES FUR--?" RIGHT: "HT LLL COMES OUT IN THE 'JL,'zlSH" "MY DAZE N'11"VM sw N V! 1 V ff 1 1 1 t , 4 . if qv mf' 4 'Mad ENV? ml YW 5' Q Q , It gn 421. V. A I k I 'Yi Suv I 4,4 f I , , , ,W I., 4 Qian! s, , , , 4 , 'W ,Q e"'n.,, ' P225 QUOWE LOOKS HAPPY, WHILE "CHAR" ADMLEYERS THE KNEW' WINNLETUUR 'MLW '? ? ? f . 1 V VQFHEHI-QARMEIR, TAKES A WIFE ALL TU-'HS ifwllb IHIEASNEINQ, TORO, EE-ii, CLARK? Bzi.RR'E'M0lRUE'5 'Gv1C2'CMD', WBSVUIT HFS 1"ElDJrDER 69 14tlaleticA , 1 -f ff? Jae? 1, 2,1 U fi! A' E - qw 1 Q 21 'Q x if 4-4? 2,4 'Z U22 ' 1 I ,W "ff 'JVT I QZEWBKMR W4 I W" 4 Y, 24 , , ' y 7 by nf., ' 1,-.-wa r '-' f P- Q-N' it Kg' . X7 yt f AT' f 1 2 jf T Vi f esyt T JV GW J f if i , C J 0 This year s team was much better than fourth place in the Suburban League would seem to indicate. 'There were nine lettermen on the team plus just as many more Varsity veterans. The team started the season by winning their first three games. They were one of the few teams to defeat Amundsen, who won the North Section Championship in Chicago. They gained a 6-0 victory over Dubuque, the Mississippi Valley Champions. They won their opening Suburban League game by defeating Waukegan for the first time in three years. In the fourth game of the season they lost a close, hard-fought game to Oak Park, 13-7. The next week they lost an even more heart-breaking 72 ,gig 41, MW 'N WM- Maacpncv Varsity New Trier I2 New Trier 6 New Trier 6 New Trier 7 New Trier 0 New Trier 0 New Trier 6 New Trier 6 New Trier O Football Amundsen Dubuque Waukegan Oak Parlc High. Park Proviso . Morton . Evanston Moline . T 1 T fl ,WW 30 T. ' .g i 1 fff' i ll! t R I T .f' f ii X 0 f1 J f miami' fr ll ff ,,g:,33,gi'J2f2, if , , l ii is P5 .' -Mmik CURT BROWN game to Highland Park, 6-0, for the game ended with New Trier's ball on the Parker's six-inch line. However the Trierites still had a chance for the Suburban League Championship, as Highland Park wasnit in the Suburban League. The big game came with the undefeated Proviso eleven. Although it was a close game from the start to finish, the Proviso Pirates came through in the last quarter to win, 6-0. On Dad's Day the team lost another close game to Morton, 13-6. In the annual New Trier-Evanston game, held at Dyche Stadium, New Trier was in front 6-0 at the half. But Evanston came back with three con- secutive touchdowns in tl1e second half to win, 21-6. On Thanksgiving Day the team journeyed all the way to Moline, Illinois, to play Moline High School, the Northwest Conference Champions. Moline won this last game of the season, 14-0. Coaches Aschenbach and Caton and their staff produced, as usual, a line team. The outstanding linemen were Captain Brown, Ellis, Guy, Sul- livan, Farmer, Benson, Meyers and Prins, who missed the last half of the season due to an arm injury. There were plenty of good backs this year, the most prominent of whom were Sinclair, Captain-elect Seiler, Lippincott, Warheld, Conners, Kennedy and Mitchell. . The signals were called by Meyers from end position. Most of the kick- ing was done by Warfield and Sullivan, who was All-Suburban tackle. Miller, Fuller and Warfield did most of the passing, with Meyers and Benson on the receiving end. Most of the points scored were brought about due to the team's splendid passing more than any of their opposing teams. There will be at least seven returning lettermen to the lineup next year, and with a little better luck than this year's team had, they ought to go a long way. 73 VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM First Row: Meyers, Canning, Guy, Hoffman, Brown, Schmitz, Shaefer, Fager, Sittig, Hill. Second Row: Randall, Kreer, Seiler, Sittig, Conner, Rapp, Kennedy, Warfield, Munson, Mitchell. Third Row: Caton fcoachl, Lauer fcoachl, Walworth, Prins, Benson, Campbell, Edminston, Cockel, McGurk, Farmer, Gilbert, Ellis, Raggio, Sinclair, Sullivan, Guinan, Lippincott, Huhachek, Davis, Faville, Shaefer, Aschenbach Ulead coachl. The Season's Scores New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier Oak Park .,.,. 6 Oak Park ..... 6 Evansion . Northbrook ...I3 Fi i T ifw 'Ai 'CH if f X r' LL! fhig J ,iff ,fan 'xl ii V TJ VA rf TN..-f 'I ,--f""'i if f f Y fi F9 'rp f' V," V5 in I, V ,r K xii fiixf lft xqfffxgj frmw :QF-3 i-,Fifi Q I' T35 JK fi f' LJ if ,,..?f' J ,J ,h ff if SJ J, fi 1 , , f 'T f L . ' f J' i ij ,' L, N., ffl I 7 5 K li .fi f fr 1' n-UF KWXPJ f f' 1' 'f 5 f' - F I if .F f'.ff" T i 1 fi ff fi f 1' ' ,f ix LN UA ii if, I 1 Q L Q f T " ' J NN! Lf' Z af ip'-'J ,f" il if M! cw, 0 This year's Junior Varsity Football team, skillfully coached by Mr. Funkhouser, displayed a vast amount of potential strength which next year will make up the bulk of New Trier's Varsity squad. Although the pur- pose of a Junior Varsity squad is to furnish the Varsity with practice, this yearis team went further than that and won more than several games. All during the season the team held practice scrimmages with the North Shore Country Day School of Winnetka, but the only full length games were played against our own Frosh-Soph team and the Junior Varsity squads of Oak Park, Ev- anston, and Northbrook High Schools. The Gray-Green gridders downed the Parkers twice: 7-6 and 13-6 but met defeat at the hands of the other teams. The Evans- ton eleven trimmed the J. Vfs 13-0, while Northbrook High and the Frosh-Soph won out by the scores of 6-0 and 18-0 respectively. 74. i JUNIOR VARSITY First'Row: Lasater, Kindt, Nitto, Moody, Ryan, Cunningham, Penny, Salvi, Fuller. Second Row: Allrich, Matson, Wade, Schneider, McCaully, Melhope, Allen, Warren, Carruth, Lynch. n Third Row: Beuttas, Rigler, Kopper, Osborne, McNaughton, Markum, Palenske, Bayard, Campbell, Schnur, Wallace, Urban, Herrons, Funk houser, CCoachD . . - NGNLA ...V C FROSH-SOPH FOOTBALL First Row: Borre, Danner, Royce, Lauer, McNitt CC11pt.J, Ogden, Harvey, Richmond, lefferis. Second Row: Donahue. MacFarland, Keeler, McShane, Shannon, Hasselberg, Cahn, Cohrs, Kritzer, Bowser. Third Row: Coburn kffoachl, Shearer QCoachl, Neiween, Wigglesworth, Heffernan, Beebe, Cohn, Nicolazzi, Braggaley, Hoesli, McNair, Cleary, Diamond, MacGu1neas, Burg, Tiers, Edwards, Glade, Miller, Bruce, Kent, Brewer, Lee, Homan, Gadske fC'oachJ, Mclntyre, Stiles, Shaw. ,r 1 11 f :er ff Y ,f , 1 f' .1 f A N, N U , Y!!!-T ' 1 ,wr J1 K I 2 V, 5' Al ,fi ,fi A, . ,I rj f, , J, 15 1" 1' X QL. Jax--:N PM Vx If ' 1 J zpxiiza WYE,-Am ,X If-1-if Z , UL l F? fm 'iq V ,WX H., Kg fj.L. V," KC' Ab - :iff 1,1 , ,. ,1 11 far , 11 , ...J s, . 1,1 ,1 ,, , , I , ,., 1, , 1 , 1, , .1 1, ff , , i V , J" 1 Y, 1 ' y ' 4 l'v' ' ' 'V 1 ' 1 , ' l,"1' '4 ' V ' , Y 1 ' 1 1 Yi 1 x .,f1, 1 ,,., 2, 1 1 111 . if +152 1, 11,1 if 1 f 1 , 1 fl," Y-f '-' LCN! lv if 'J H, fi-1. ' he 'W' ,r 1 lk! XJ! i kj 4,2 if fi' W: '-J .df 9 Although the records might not prove it, New Trier had a very able Frosh-Soph Football Team. They man- aged to score in every game, a feat few pony teams have ever accomplished. Injuries plagued the squad through- out the season and two or three regulars were usually out of action each week. The Ponies led Proviso, Wau- kegan, and the Championship Oak Park eleven, but due to weakness from injury they couldn't stay ahead. Near the end of the season the team reached its peak and as a result decisively defeated Morton and the J. V's. There were many excellent players on this yearis squad. Outstanding in the backfield were Capt. McNitt, the triple threat star and signal caller, Jefferis, the key blocker and high scorer, and Hasselberg, considered one of the league's best passers. Lauer, Ogden, Mac- Farland, Bowser, McIntyre, and Shannon also saw plenty of action behind the line. Unfortunately New Trier lost five ends during the season. Heffernan, Dudley, Zehr, and Cahn were usually at the position. McShane, Cleary, Cohrs, and Neiween were at tackle while Capt.-elect Kritzer, Danner, Keeler, and Royce added strength and ability as guards. Harvey, another freshman, was the regular center while Rich- ards was an able substitute. A There were four freshman lettermen so that next year's prospect is bright. The Frosh-Soph team showed extreme courage and iight in the face of injury and well deserves the praise that has been given it. The New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier Season's Scores . . I3 Amundsen .. 6 Waukegan .. 7 Oak Park . .. 7 High. Park , . 6 Proviso . . . ..I9 Morton . . 6 Evanston . K Q 1... J is 2 4 'i .lily 'I e '-' I SMILEY CLEVELAND CHUCK STILLMAN ww E . T T Q 4 f Qliiarff U4 Aitq K4 leet64l o The Varsity Basketball Team had high hopes of going far during the 1940-41 season, and with five returning lettermen the outlook did indeed seem very bright. However, many injuries, bad breaks, and the lack of a consistant returning punch ruined all chances of a Suburban League title. The team subsequently finished in a fourth- place tie with Proviso. In as much as the second place team suffered four defeats, the Terriers were never out of the running, being van- quished only six times while winning the same number of games. After the three practice games in which New Trier was victorious in two, the regular season began against Evanston. The Wildkits won a close decision over our cagers by the score of 26 to 23. In quick succession followed two stunning one-point defeats at the hands of Oak Park and Waukegan. In the last contest before the Christmas holidays the Terriers played their best game of the season, coming from behind to down Proviso in the last 30 seconds of play, 32 to 30. The Grey-Green cagemen were definitely an in-and-out ball club for the rest of the season. Against Highland Park, Waukegan, Evans- ton, and Oak Park they looked particularly impressive, while at Mor- ton and Proviso the Terriers couldn't hit their stride and were thoroughly trounced. Statistics show that the quintet outscored their opponents on an average of four points a game. The punch was there but just didn't come through on the right nights. This however does not end the story. At the close of the regular season Coach Crater decided to enter his charges in the State Tourna- Cx , q. .,.1,Q fi! FM mam iiiiixotir re" Varsity Basketball Record New Trier . .40 New Trier . .25 Niles Center. . 47 Zion-Benton .. Zion-Benton . . New Trier . . New Trier . .23 Evanston . . . . New Trier . .27 Oak Park . . . . Waukegan . . . New Trier . .3I New Trier . .32 Proviso .... . New Trier . .26 Wells ...... . New Trier , .44 New Trier . .2I Morton .... . New Trier . .3l Evanston . ,. . New Trier . .39 New Trier . . 40 New Trier . .25 Proviso .... . 34 32 High. Park . . . Oak Park .... Waukegan . . . New Trier . . New Trier . . High. Park . .. Morton ..... Regional Tournament New Trier . .58 Zion-Benton . . New Trier , .29 Palatine .... . New Trier . .35 Waukegan . . . Sectional Tournament New Trier . .39 Dundee .... . VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM First Row: Connely, Jorgenson, Cleveland, Crater Kcoachi, Still- man, Brandt, Hinners. Second Row: Benson, Chew, Kreer, Baer, McGurk, Sinclair, Brown. Third Row: Meyers, Olson, Ellis, Hamley, Clark. 76 1 ww h F 5 Vi' Lx, X' itil? . l W 11. .- ' Qt. W 'I 5 ' L i w K Rv. tl Q" iifil lff' , . lim H T Pm-m ment being conducted first at Waukegan. Playing superb basketball, the Green Wave washed over Zion-Benton, Palatine and Waukegan to annex the Regional Championship. However in the first game of the larger Sectional Tourney New Trier was eliminated by Dundee. The personnel of the 1940-41 squad was one of the best in recent years. Five of the team members were mentioned for All-Suburban Honors. Co-Captains Smiley Cleveland and Chuck Stillman formed the nucleus of the team and the Terriers potential powers were built around them. New-comers Don Hamley, Bill Ellis and Bob Meyers rounded out the iirst string quintet while very able replacements were found in Pete Kreer, Bob Chew, and John Connely. Dick McGurk, Bob Clark .and John Brandt also saw a good deal of service during the year. Frosh-Soph Basketball New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier Zion ....... Niles Center Zion .. Evansion . . . Oak Park .... Waukegan , . . Proviso ,.... Wells ....... High. Park . . . Morion ..... Evanston .... Oak Park .... Waukegan . . . Proviso ..... High. Park .. Morton ..... FROSH-SOPH BASKETBALL First Row: Chacharon, Mclntyre, Delaney, Campbell, Wallace, Shannon, Baker. Second Row: Mr. Clader, Stenson, Hopp, Townsend, Marcus, Scully, Maeser, Mr. Ream. Third Row: Suttle, Carlin, Fisher, McNitt, White, Gatling, Clark. is fkmla -Soplc K4 leet64l 0 The Frosh-Soph basketball squad did not have a very successful season as far as the won-lost record is concerned. They won only four games and finished sixth in the Suburban League with two victories and ten defeats. However, one glance at the records will show that most of the losses might just as easily have been wins. Mr. Rearn's Ramblers played on even terms with nearly all of their foes, only to be nosed out in the final minutes or have their rally just fall short. A first team was determined early in the season. Kent White, who developed an excellent set shot, was usually at a forward. Bill Marcus and Wilbur Hopp alternated at the other forward, Marcus serving some duty as a guard. John McNitt was at the pivot position and his hard fighting game was the chief factor of the Ponies' defense. 6'Moose7' Dunne, a freshman, handled the back guard spot while Bruce Gatling served as fioor guard and was the teamis leading scorer. White, Hopp, and lVIcNitt also contributed heavily to the point total. A second team, Blackburn, Delaney, McIntyre, Titus, and Scully played a good part of the games in the latter half of the season. This quintet was the chief factor in the crushing Waukegan victory. Wal- lace, Campbell, and Townsend also saw action. 78 FROSH-SOPH SYVIMMING TEAM First Row: Lipman. Hoy. Second Row: Mr. Jackson, Flalrlavlian, Barnes, Lloyd, Howell, Davis, Wiese, Hadley, Mack, Mcblullen. Third Row: Mr. Happ, Moore, Talbot, Bercaw, Hoyt, Clarke, Hill, Watson, White, Kraetsch, Buchanan, Van Horne. Fourth Row: Redding, Roberts, Steele, Balz, Sampson, DeClerque, Robinson, Robertson, Katz, Spoehr. 720 la-Sepia wimming o The Frosh-Soph swimming team of this year, under the help- fully critical eyes of Mr. Jackson and Bud Happ, pulled down an enviable record. In the Suburban League tests, the boys won five of their meets, dropping one to Morton. With this record they tied for the Suburban League Championship. Led by Co-Captains Graham Davis and Ray Wiese the team splashed home to victory also in the Suburban League meet, held at Evanston. In this meet they attained a score of more than twice that of their closest com- petitors. Throughout the year, the fifty yard free style event was excel- lently taken care of hyISonny 0'Brien, Leo Hadley and freshman Art Watson, O'Brien and Watson took first and third in the league meet respectively. The championship relay team composed of O'Brien, Wallace, Davis, and Flal-Iavhan set a new record in their event by covering the distance in one and five-tenths seconds less than the previous record. Co-Captain Wiese also pulled himself a Suburban League crown in the fifty yard backstroke, while Co- Captain Davis took a very close second in the seventy-five yard free style. Throughout the year the fifty yard breast stroke positions were held by ,Tack Mack, John Buchanan, and Chuck Hill. Our divers of this year, Robinson, Robertson, and Katz, made line show- ings throughout the season. Q79 The New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier Season's Scores N38 ..45 H49 H29 ..48 25V2 U39 ..40 N50 Schurz ...... I9 Crane ...... 2I Proviso ,...., I7 Morton ..... 37 Waukegan . . I8 Maine .... 4I Ifz High. Park .. .27 Oalc Park ..., 26 Evanston .... I6 New Trier tirst in Suburban League Meet VARSITY SWIMMING TEAM First Row: Ellis, McKearnan, Cobb, Mack, Yowell, Seiler, Lippincott. Second Row: Jackson, Idler, Sosna, Hill, Iudsen, Hough, Bricker, Ware, J. Anthony ' Third Row: Happ, Foote, D. Ellis, Reilly, Atbridge, Foust, Reinhardt, Davis, I-Ioetger, Murphy, """" 45- -'N'- McNaughton. A X Fourth Row: Mizener, Ley, R. Anthony, Boyle, Slamin, Swartz, Norman, Reece, Ball, Wells, Drucker. TOM HOUGH 4 Aitq w inmin 0 Starting the season with none too bright an outlook, the New Trier coaches developed one of the strongest teams in the history of the school. They came through with one win after another to complete with a perfect undefeated season. In the first four meets the swimmers splashed their way to easy victories over Schurz, Crane, Proviso, and Des Moines, Iowa. In the fifth meet the boys journeyed to Danville, Illinois and trounced the highly rated Maroons with a 4-2 to 24 score. The next week the Mermen took Morton with an almost identical score. During the mid-year weekend the swimmers were kept busy by winning three meets in the next four days against Waukegan, Maine and Rockford. Their next two victims were Highland Park and Oak Park. In the final dual meet of the year the Mermen clinched the league crown by literally swamping Evanston with a 54 to I2 score. This was their sixth consecutive Suburban League Championship. The Mermen completed this great season with a grand climax by scoring more points in the Suburban League meet than all the six other league teams combined. In the last two and a half years Coaches Jackson and I-Iapp haveseen their Mermen chalk up thirty-one consecutive victories in dual meet competition against some of the strongest teams in the state. For the final meet of the year New Trier held its first Annual Invitational Swimming Relays. 'Swimmers came from all over the state to compete for individual honors. No team winner was determined. Due to the overwhelm- ing success of this meet it is hoped that it will become an annual affair at New Trier. Among the outstanding freestylers were Ben Bricker, Jack Hoetger, Russ Foust, Tubby Ellis, Pete Rinehardt, Bob Norman, Len Sosna, Ted Seiler, Russ Attridge, Hank Slamin, Wally Boyle, and Pete Reece. The fastest fifty yard freestyle time of the year was made by Bricker in the Carl Schurz meet. He swam the amazing time of 23.6 seconds! Ben also broke the pool record at Danville in the forty yard free style, with the equally amazing time of 19.2 Seconds. Jack Hoetger won the league crown in the hundred yard free style. Ted Seiler will be the team's mainstay next year in the free style event. New Trier had two strong breaststrokers this year. They were DON JUDSEN Varsity Swimming ResuI'l's Co-Captain Tom Hough and Chuck Mack, who took first and second New Trier Cari Seiii-'rl in the suburban, respectively. The most outstanding backstroker New Trier Crane Tech was Chuck Wiells. He won in every dual meet of the year, with the New Trier Pr0Vi50 - -- exception of Dansille. Other backstrokers were Co-Captain Don New Trier Des Moines Judsen and Dick Idler. New Trier Danville . New Trier Mor'l'on . . New Trier Waukegan New Trier Maine . . . New Trier Rockford . New Trier High. Park New Trier Oak Park . 9 New Trier Evanston . Q J K Xsagz in New Trier iirsi' in Q . ..- , ' ' Suburban League Meer Pg - ' - , , , 9 9 I -X X N if C I tk f " "fl-ci' I "95:"'N---'S-fM.r1.n. THE GUARD First Row: Jackson Csponsorj, Attridge, Bercaw, FlaHavhan, Bricker, Ball, Jones, Ellis, Lippincott Second Row: Hadley, Wiese, Spoehr, Redding, Judsen, Davis, Happ fsponsorl. Third Row: Slamin, Hoetger, Mizener, Norman, Drucker, Boyle, Hill, Idler. -'-ref ' ' "fi k i --. lh Z' 7M411l?h " M ' VlQ: ,gf XX- X-' f fx ,Y 1'-x Klan .Q ' X A au e F w jf w -" lf 'Q 1 -. K , '-' E '. v w Louis Ware ably defended his league crown in the diving by winning first place for the second consecutive year. He was strongly fisupported by Ray and Joe Anthony. will There will be thirteen remaining lettermen on next yearis squad U when they hid for their seventh consecutive league championship. ,ww ,T 'V Q5 1. l 4, i. , - '4' " . cf .. - ' is X p4 w,,,,-if -gf v, fs: g T , xgag, X ff Aff? 4 "" ' ' , r.fN.qrigg?Qm K, z - P jx Y 1 ji"-an N., 1N,g't .7 1' -5 fr7:fi7C"7" 'Y ' 'Rf-mf 1 , ,Q .Qp gy., ,X , kx-+-, f' V A lf, : ff 'lf ' - XAQX L , 1 xxx 'btifg - 5- rx Y X 1-we Wag, ' 1 ff W.- A ,Q-1 wx. Srg :-.,-u- -+45 :X " ET -I-f f..---I-2:""'-"-N-X Ks- ,Wk ,413 C'ugn,'i.f,',j fx -ff' 1: xl ,, ---nn ..-.. f.,.? 1, 3' if W' ,-: fi g:- wf -w ,wi xx J U: a.U'i'.l' P i 1, 4qngwWf,. 82 --. i":glLL-ef-Marg .mg W 545- . lslw 1" 4 o x , . I. 5 Q "i ,Zyl I it J noon . We In-So lu c 12 4 0 This year's frosh-soph thinclads were a great deal stronger than the results indicate. Coach Nay, working with the runners, and Coach Dela- porte, working with the hurdles and field events, produced some of the best trackmen in the league. They won easy victories in their first two meets against Sullivan and Maine. However, in the Evanston meet, handi- capped by injuries, they suffered a heart-breaking three-point loss. The following week they took second in a triangular meet with Oak Park and Wheaton. In their last home meet, with Evanston, the ponies again met defeat. In the suburban league meet, the team still handicapped with the absence of both Tom Evans, star high-jumper, and Tom Barber, star hurdler, took fourth place, 4lQ points out of second place. The outstanding dash man of the team was Ed Devlin, who was first in the suburban league. He is the fastest dash man the team has had in three years. The star high jumper was Tom Evans, who came close to breaking the frosh-soph high-jump record. The hurdles were taken care of by Tom Barber and John Spink, who took a third in the league lows. The shot putters were Ogden, Harvey, and Breuer, who was second in the league. The broad jumperswere Smith, Woocl, and Bob Ludford, all of whom were freshmen and should go a long way next year. The two star 660 runners were Ed Fee and Tom Kent, both of whom were among the best runners in the league. The relay team, of Devlin, Torrey, Wood, and Smith, was undefeated in dual meet competition and was second in the league. Atleast half the squad were freshmen and next year's team should be outstanding. FROSH-SOPH TRACK First Row: Kent, Niggemeyer, Munson, Spink, Torrey, Wood, Smith, Fee. Second Row: Dauchy, Butler, Elliott, Clarke, Meyers, Mclntosli, Ogden, Sullivan. Third Row: Ludford, Breuer, Beuttas, Davidson, Devlin. i2i f .i New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier Indoor Season . .35 Sullivan . . .54 Maine . . .3625 Evanston . .28 Oak Park Wtieaton . .32 Evanston 23 3I 40V3 60 I0 45 Suburban League-New Trier 4th Outdoor Season North Shore Invitational New Trier vs. Oak Park Suburban League W ,W ' , 9f"WW, JIM WARFIELD DAVE ALLISON 0 For a number of years the New Trier Track teams, under the magnificent coaching of 44Uncle John" Nay and Paul Delaporte, have been among the top three teams in the league, this year was no exception. In the first two meets the thinclads won easy victories from Sullivan and Maine. Their third victims were the mighty Evanston thinclads. Although New Trier won, it was in this meet that their weakness in field events came out and continued to hamper them for the remainder of the season. In the following meet, however, they were second in a triangular meet with Oak Park and Wheaton. In the last dual meet of the year the Naymen again trounced Evanston by a mere three-point margin which wasn't gained until the relay team won in the last event. In the suburban league meet, New Trier had its chance' to avenge its defeat from Oak Park. However, due to some tough breaks the team took third place behind Oak Park and Evanston, only 7M points out of first place. N AN The only two first-place winners in the Suburban were Co-Captain Jim Warfield, who won the sixty-yard low hurdles and was second in the sixty- yard highs, and Ruph Hansen, who won the sixty-yard high hurdles. Charley Berringer was fourth in the lows. Warheld was the high-point man through- .I at New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier r 4 U4 Aitq qc Indoor Season . .75 ..59V2 use . .29lf2 . .49 Sullivan . Maine . . Evanston Oalc Park Wheaton Evanston Suburban League .....l9 35V2 .....38 ....80 WV: ....46 Oak Parl: 29, Ist: Evanston 26, Znclg New Trier 2Ilf2, 3rd, Oak Park Relays-New Trier 5tl1. Outdoor Season Wheaton Relays, Evanston 58, Ist: Oak Park 5I, 2ncl: New Trier 46, 3rcl. Proviso Relays, District Meet, State Meet, Suburban League. VARSITY TRACK First Row: Flanagan, Munson, Hildebrand, Lake, Allison, Warfield, McQuide, Oman, Clark, Mehlhope. Second Row: Delaporte Ccoachl, Kreger, Murphy, Gilbert, Lundin, Hughes H., Hughes B., Peter- son, Asplundh, Ellis, Nay fcoachl. Third Row: Smart fmanagerl, Bryan, Beringer, Guinan, Freelove, Hansen, Wood, Cram, Beuttas, Betcone, McKeighan. Y-'iHY'7fgifH.fZ7?7V 84 T, .--.-,., 5 si FRC? ,lx We lx 'ff gif . N, F out the indoor season. Johnny Lundin and Co-captain Dave Allison took second and third in the half-mile, respectively. Allison has clipped our field- house record in the 4410 by two tenths of a second with the amazing time of :56.6. The four-lap relay team, of McQuide, Hughes, Allison and Compere, although disqualified in the suburban, was second in the more important Oak Park Relays by only two-tenths of a second. In the Wheaton, Relays, the thinclads captured third place against the strongest teams in the state. The low hurdle shuttle relay team of Warheld, Hanson, Berringer and Munson, broke the meet record by two-tenths of a second. Allison, Compere, Betcone and Hughes broke the four-lap record by one and six-tenths of a second. The high-hurdle shuttle relay team of Meyers, Freelove, Warfield and Hanson, and the football relay team of Guinan, Sinclair, Seiler and Meyers, also won first places. A lhufi A lfti as ,L . f 1 -fa, n iiigfxx 4 fwfn 42 RQMFQXQ aww X ,,' if BA f If AQYQ M jf .. U fQ riff 'x J -gil? ND-'-vw 0 The Varsity Baseball team of 19411 had just completed its fifth game of the season as Echoes went to press and although they had won two of these contests, the Gray-Green banner was Boating in last place in the Suburban League. Walter Aschenbach again took over the duties as baseball ment0r,N and aided by eight returning lettermen promised to turn out a powerful aggrega- tion. The squad was noticeably improving in hitting and fielding with 86 .aww msmnasssaaaxxxsawsamwfswfs dmmwnemaf -Y -XX ' x 1 o VARSITY BASEBALL First Row: lNlcCurk, Scliwietert, Bower, Warren, Shimp, Welter, Brockmeyer, Mark, Mclntyre. Second Row: Anderson, Schoefer, Miller, Peterson, Fuller, Ellis, Guy, Clark, Slamin, Searcy. Third Row: Dean, Graf, Hamley, Jackson. Farmer, Schweger, Stillman, Cleveland, Mr. Aschenbach. 4 Aitq gd e641 every game and promised to give its opponents a real battle during the rest of the season. Various combinations were tried by Coach Aschenbach before the open- ing game and with the season in progress, new faces appeared in the line-up. Captain Dick Fuller took over the duties of first base and seemed to have the situation well under control. Marty Searcy was an able replace- ment whenever called upon and holds high promise for next year. The catching department was well taken care of by former infielder Don Hamley and Charlie Guy. Jim Warren also added his able assistance. Don's arm was one of the most feared in the league. Patroling the outfield were Dick McGurk and Rodney Schweger, re- turning lettermen, and sophomore Jackie McIntyre. This combination added much to the power at the plate and turned in creditable performances. Reserves Ellis, Farmer, Peterson, and Welter showed to good advantage when used. The pitching department was one of the best in recent years but weak support had to be straightened out before its effectiveness was shown. Bobby Clark, Grant Dean and Keith Jackson all took their turn at the mound and were aided by Phil Mark, Tommy Brockmeyer and John Bower. The state championship tournament, held for the first time this year, gave the diamond men a good opportunity to show their abilities. Varsity Baseball New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier 87 Schedule e ..l4 North Shore . 4 .. 8 Niles Center . 0 . . 0 Oak Park .,.. 8 . . 2 Proviso ..... ll .. 6 Morton ..... 7 DICK FULLER FROSH-SOPH BASEBALL First Row: Lutter, McAlvey, Franco, Crepas, Fragassi, Kritzer, Shannon, Mayer, Musson, Baldwin, Corrigan, Blair, Watt, Patterson, Dole. Second Row: Mullins, Fisher, Kurschner, Walgren, Neiweem, Stein, Zick, Thatcher, Lanke, Gatling, Harvey, Bowser, Cahn, Carney, Toppan, Carroll, Towle, Davis. Third Row: Mr. Crater, Hopp, White, Rapp, Ledexle, Dudley, White, Jacobsen, Richmond, Hassel- berg, Tievs, MacFarland, Titus, Kusmertz, Collins, Saunders, Schinler, Zimmack, Psenicka. Fourth Row: Fisher, Hadley, Dunne, Talbot, Townsend, Tiers. ya 1.-svpx. 4. ebqll New Trier . . . New Trier . . . New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier 88 5 Proviso . 3 8 0 Evanston Oak Park Morton . 9 Waukegan Proviso Oak Park Morton Evanston Q f'54."qQi . ts?"-vi: -- 0 As the Echoes goes to press, we see the Frosh-Soph Baseball team swing into action. Although they lost their first game, Coach Crater has high hopes for his team. He bases his hopes on his returning let- termen and a few exceptional freshmen. The team is fairly well balanced, with a good infield and an out- field that is equally promising. Thatcher, a letterman, will in all probability handle third base. He is an excellent fielder as well as a power hitter. The shortstop position will be handled by Gene Hassel- berg, another letterman. Hasselberg is a fast-moving player with a good arm and a hard hitting bat. The second base job will be in the hands of Rodger Spielman. Wilbur Hopp will take care of first base in his capable manner. The pitching staff is one of Coach Grater's problems, but he seems confident that the material that he has will carry him through the season with flying colors. The pitchers include Rus Kusmertz, a letter- man who is expected to be the mainstay of the pitching staff, Jacobsen, White, and Freshman Mayer. The catching positions will be iilled by Richmond, Zick and Harvey. The outfield positions will be held by lVIacFarland, Titus and one or more of the hitting pitchers or catchers. The F rosh-Soph is in reality the team that gives the young players a chance to play the game and get experience for the days when they will be playing Varsity baseball. Coach Grater cant be thanked for turning out many players that developed into Varsity material, and as has been said many times before he does his job well. 8 Qi f 4' Aff ' V U ,, A". ol f " T f Ili ' 5 , 0 New Trieris outstanding Golf squad turned in another champion- R ship season. They overwhelmed most of their opponents in match play, winning by lopsided scores. Coach Aram had excellent material to work with. He had three returning lettermen, Capt. Aldo Mez- l zetta, Bob Chew, and Oscar Olson who were number 1, 2, and 4 men, respectively. Sophomores Graham Davis and Bud Judson completed , -- " T the first fivesome. Both of these boys are outstanding prospects for M' hui' -Z! V N 5 Munson future years and with Capt. Mezzetta also returning, next year's out- look is just as bright as was this yearis. The other members of the squad were Jim Wilson, Pete Gillengerten, Den Scully, Bill White, and Bud Lattanzi. All except Wilson will be back next year. Golf Season New Trier started the season off with a bang winning their first New -mer I6V2Maine 'VZ live matches with little diiiiculty. Then came the traditionally difii- New Trier H Bensenvme 4 cult encounter with Highland Park. The Terriers managed to eke New -mer I0 McHenry 5 out an 8 to 7 victory over the Parkers, thereby avenging the defeat New Trier MV2 Evandon V2 at their hands the year before and practically cinching the Suburban New Trier I 4 Waukegan I League title for the third year in a row. New Trier 8 Highland Park 7 The average of the squad this year was around 81, one of the New Trier I3 Morlhon IV? best high school golf averages in the state. Capt. Aldo Mazzetta New Trier I4V2BenSenVme 3V2 turned in the best score of the season, a 75. New Trier Niles Cenlier New Trier Proviso New Trier Oak Park New Trier McHenry First Row: Lattanzi,tilvcdi-eixfglglezlrijviifiazzetta, Wilson, Judson. New Trier second in Dislliricin Meeli Second Row: Aram, Scully, Davis, Chew, Olson, White. W t fi We M f Y, ,nn ,MH fam, f. an iw,, 89 TENNIS TEAM Mann, Greenberg, Atwater, Davis, Kreer, Goodrich, Weisberg, Anthony, Mr. Clader. 114 itz, Tenni 0 We do not have all the scores as the season had just started when the Echoes went to press. So far the team has been very successful, however, we cannot be sure of the Hnal results. The team has easily approached previous standards and a strong finish is hoped for. The team won the District meet and every game up to the present time except one practice game with Crane. Mr. Clader, the tennis coach, has had much experience in the game and was of valuable aid to the team. Among the outstanding members of the team this year are Paul Greenberg, Howe Atwater, Bob Davis, Andy Goodrich, Pete Kreer, Dick Weisberg, and Joe Anthony. The manager this year has been Ed Mann who very ably filled his position. Last year's team won the Suburban League Meet and since many team members returned this year we believe the squad will repeat this triumph. Tennis Schedule New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier ...5 Loyola ..... ..2 ...2 Crane ..... ..3 ...5 Waukegan ...0 ...4 Evanston ...4 Morton .... ..l ...7 Loyola ..,.. ..0 Oak Park Proviso High. Park New Trier second in Sl'al'e Meel' New Trier 'Firsl' in Districl' Meei' l 2 .Qi , ' ' I is ii. . '7i i ' 1 ,p , -f x , f , Wie ' 66 - : 1 f i f 473 . x. Q it " v. I 2 J -V ,, 'fc' Q 'Dx - 5- S ' I , ' i I Wu- Q i Y 'IA fl XX 90 : .D -2 '- ". -IX .Al ..-,.-Q' ' K ' Q W? 4 J-f Q x , 'uf if 5,-'..g-'r A - ' Thx -gt: Fl, Es if FOOTBALL CHAMPS Fzrst Row Bradford Jones, Pittman, Second Row Aishton Octigan, Olin, BASKETBALL CHAMPS Ftrst Row Feather Weights - Full, Whiting Thatcher Straub Bolling, Bar- Scconfl Row Light Weights-Anderson, Ketcham Marjerison Kaufmann, Ab- Thzrzi Row Heavy Weights H- Ball, 50:14 Int amu 41512070 0 The year 194-0-1941 again proved the popularity of Intra- mural sporls at New Trier. This was shown by tl1e very high enrollment in every activity presented. Mr. Delforrest Showley, the successful director of I-M sports, was primarily respon- sible. However, these contests could not have been carried through without the help of the Sports Club. Most active in the club were three senior managers and high point men Bill Misch, Bob Stordeur and Howard Trienans. Mr. Showley had so much faith in them that he turned the entire management of I-M sports over to them for one week, late in April. FALL The Fall season started off with touch football. Mr. Gann- away's seniors overcame Mr. Bridges' and then took on Mr. Gadske's junior champs. After an exciting game, Gannaway finally pulled through to win the school championship. Later in the Fall, the individual football skills were held. Seventy boys entered these contests. From Mr. DeLay's senior adviser room came '6Bugs" Baer who won the punting for distance event by booting the ball 56 yards. Bob Chew, a fellow advisee, turned out to be the best drop kicker. Mr. 9I 5 . if Jones also had two winners. jim Schwietert rolled up 60 points in punting for accuracy, while Bob Childs did I1 seconds in running for time. Not to he outdone, a junior, LeRoy Moeller, came through in the passing for accuracy contest. Two Rau men, Corra and Maneck, took the horseshoe doubles tourney and a junior, Austin Moore, the singles. In golf, Jim Wilson and Boh Judson took first and second re- spectively. In the racquet division, namely tennis, Steve Chase and Hal Jackson worked together to win the doubles, while indoors, a sophomore, Ted Kassel, withered all opposition in the table tennis singles. WINTER When the temperature dropped, the basketballs were pumped up and put into hard use by the Jones boys who triumphed by first heating Whithy's GA" team and then Mr. Gadske,s. In the lightweight division, Reynolds won with Mr. Dempsey's freshmen second. Fred Kilner, a senior, took the first position in the free throwing contest. Down in the fieldhouse, the activity was just as great. The DeLay team took the one-lap relay away from Aschenhach in I:17.8. Rau triumphed twice, once in the two- and again in the three-lap relay, 4:39.2. Sophomore Ed Devlin showed his speed by winning both the one-lap in 19.3 and the 50-yard dash, 5.8. The high jump record of 5 feet, 7 inches was set by Al Fargo, while Stan Tate broad-jumped a distance of 18 feet, 3 inches. As always, there was a large enrollment in volleyball. It did not get started until late this year and not even the class champions were decided when this was written. p SPRING No spring sports were started soon enough to he men- tioned here, hut baseball, tennis, golf, horseshoes, and others are played each spring. ADVISER ROOM ATHLETIC MANAGERS First Row: Kent, Boldwin, Kassel, Browne, Hoffmeyer, Matteoni. Second Row: Kirschke, Yowell, Dowd, Child, Edininston, Gudbrandsen. Third Row: Cordts, Stordeur, Misch, Corra, Kurschner. X., J X, r KTTH? fx,-X-A na A f -, , , X, f ,H E, rf' E. f J ,V , .X Xf X Xi X, , W, 'W t 1 ,N ' , X .J 1' . . ,' . , -, - X .X , X , X X L: , ,X , X , X- X- , 1, wX ,X 1 ,X 4, X1 , If , ., X.. .X X , R , Y-Mu , 1 J , - w pa Xv , - NX X X , ,, . X , , .H ,N ,f fl! A W Q X Xl, - ., 1 W X L X X f ' ' W X C Y' , " ,' J - f' , N v ,J ,' 9 J ,f" fl ' ' , J , H ' 1 f I ,' ' A ' ' f J ' x f f I I ,' ' w r JJ 1,4 . X,-XfJr Xyf f Xr,,ffXX,, I V , K, ,, , , , W W ' I 54 - X " ' v ' 1 , ! 1 1 ' 1 X 1 f LJ L, eff tf xi to -V. 1,1 sf, X 1, ,Y xv, we- -,IX H.,-, X 'V' L X, X, X, L ' X, , s C 0 Each day a girl participates in a sport she receives 5 points. After acquiring 100 points and being initiated she becomes a member of G.A.A. Hockey, the ever popular fall sport, was headed by Hope Har- shaw. The Juniors were the school champs. The Illinois team won the Illinois-Northwestern tourney, 1-0. Players were chosen to attend a playday at Country Day School. Several girls from N. T. were selected by tryouts to play on North Shore All-School Girls' Team against Chi- cago teams. Dot Karnes led Speedball tournaments that resulted in the Junior- Senior 163111 winning the School Championship. The Northwestern- Illinois tourney declared winner to be Northwestern, 6-5. The Tennis season included beginners' instruction and class tourna- ments. The team consists of Champs and runners-up. It won all tournaments held with other schools. The score with Evanston 56-45 was reported by Frances Neilson, head of Tennis. The Swimming team under Barbara Ramser won the State Tele- graphic Meet by 40 points and broke thc 40-yard freestyle and back- stroke record. The Juniors were champs of the class teams and on their team were three A.A.U. Champions. Rhythms with Mrs. Dahlke as instructor and Judy Janicki as head presented a dance called "Festival Spiriti' at the gym carnival and at Morton High School in a Dance Symposium made up of Chicago groups. The season was climaxed with a dance program given in May. , ,. KN., L-N ,f .,-1-,f 1' RECREATIONAL SPORTS CHAMP HOCKEY TEAM First Row: Wight, Copp, Evans, Johnston, Johnson, Lawrence, Koch. Schwertgen, Hazlett, Pomeroy, Franco, Harshaw, Renchmann Lundberg Second Row: Snyder, Kracha, Cummings, Grossberg, Stern, Kemp, Leech. Kaempfer, Henderson, Scheibel. VOLLEYBALL TEAM SENIOR HOCKEY TEAM First Row: Waltari, Cummings, Leach, Johnston, Brereton Steele, Stein, Danley, Leach, Graff, Oatis, Warren, Elliott, Kletzien, Cummings. Second Row: Karnes, Frederick, Christensen, Carlson Mer bach W H' fl 111' ':2ff zL'if22WffQ",,45- Sr' whim, I CQ TELEGRAPHIC SWIMMING TEAM BARN DANCING ILLINOIS SPEEDBALL TEAM First Row: Ramser, Hale, Bowen, Levy. First Row: Kracha, Leach, Brereton, First Row: Proudfoot, Pagliarulo, Balahan, Way, Sherman, Second Row: Scheiner, Williams, Kletzien, Cloycl. Bourland' Nix- BASKETBALL TEAM First Row: Kletzien, Kracha, Langford, ,Fredericlg Second Row: Carlson, Cummings, Mers- h Second Row: I-lalmeman, MacKenzie, Beicli, Van Arsdale, bac . Scheibel, Moody, James. E . Elliott- RIFLE TEAM Vans .Sgecond Row: Karnes, Christensen, Fisher, Stube, Mich- M V ws Stein, Stekouj Michael. b ' NORTHWESTERN. SPEEDBALL TEAM if 9 Sen- ecwldw Wow.. Grossberg- ffgf gf:-QQJ jFirst Row: Arkema, McKenzie, Bourland, Shearon, Waldol- I, f 6 .. econd Row: Stein, Walker, Lammers, Stewart, Karnes. SPEEDBALL CHAMPS-FRESHMAN E Gif kim 'd Row: Weishaar, Copp, Frederieks, Kirschner, Stovall. First Row: Hinners, Maher, Waldorf, Wright. Ango is , , Second Row: Way, Pagliarulo, Copp, Giddes, SY, SENIOR SWIMMING TEAMm,M,Qg,,lf09hW3,, JUNIORSENIOR SPEEDBALL TEAM Third Row: Lyons, Mathias, Sherman, MaCKf,miE., First Row: Levy, Stein, Macqueene. Qlfirsl Borregaard, Stewart, Walker, Robertson, Larson- Lindsay. ,fl H Ultflecond Row: Kletzien. I B wllieconci Row: Stovall, Karnes, Bourland, James, Micl16lSCI1- il J X wif, K A XF v,,! X ,ly fl, N, l ll V l Xixfix r . Q ' I I A 2 I X f U' if fi "1 nfl X My it my , U Qi CNA l ,f i Xgxlgla! 1 E5 ll f' ,,,,,f-J' l ' ls LQ I 4, I H , l X F 1' .-",-' J , 9 . Jffx I x N .NE :N ' h, 'Q Y ,ff li, li,,, f ,,si I 1 r Ili All iiil . ll lf at i rL.l'527f x a 1 A ' 7 x l N Fl, fm' 'V , 9 Nl x, 3' X 6 ,Q l - as N L, f lu X L vm KR J .qi FI N R' l f I nn 1.5, na- V. HQ 7' ' hftf -L. , Third Row: Lyons, Eisenberg, Lindsay, Carlson, Warren, Lea X he 95 EXW, First Row: Cook, Kracha, Neilson, Putnam, Henderson, Hazelet. Second Row: Smith, Kletzien, Wiltberger, Terzakes, Kirtley, Chris- ICISOII. First Row: Farwell, Lundberg, Harshaw, Kirshbaum, Moulton, Square Dancing was a newly organized mixed group under Mary Lamb and Mrs. Dalhke who also took part in the Gym Show. Basketball recalls to Miss Veach and Mrs. Wells, the Faculty in- structors, and Eddc Henderson, head of sport, the Faculty-Student game won by the Faculty--by a score of 20-19. The Juniors became All-School Champs by a very close margin over the Seniors. During the Winter season tournaments in Riflery were staged and from the best targets, Barbara Murray and Mr. Lehman, head of sport and Faculty sponsor, chose the first and second teams. Marjorie Johnston of recreational sports sponsored tournaments for all girls in the school in Badminton and Ping-pong. Shuffle-hoard, Dart Throwing and Indian Club Swinging were all included in the schedule which Miss Abbott organized. Nancy Larson aided Miss Abbott and Mrs. Wells in carrying on adviser room and class tournaments for Volleyball championship. New Trier rode at the Northbrook Stables under guidance of Mr. Novak and Nancy Claar, head of riders, who wrote a book on various forms and fine points of riding. The girls displayed the latter at the Horse Show closing the season. Jerry Langford and Mrs. Wells led Spring Baseball and Virginia Steele led La Cross in League and All-School Championships. The Golf Season was short in the Fall but in the Spring tourna- U ments were successfully played at Techny Field. Golf has no class ' managers so Peg Wiltberger carried the responsibility with Miss Veach instructing. Spring Archery under the instruction of Miss Abbott and sport head Olive,Carlson conducted class tournaments with beginners and advanced divided. Advanced winners and runners-up were the All- School Team. NORTHWESTERN HOCKEY TEAM First Row: Eldridge, Reichmann, Davies, Miller, Hazlett, Woolsey Second Row: Lamb, Stube, Graff, Pomeroy. Third Row: Kaempier, Henderson, Olson, Stein, Kunze, Fox. TENNIS TEAM ADVANCED RHYTHMS First Row: Bovhjerg, Bourland, Baron, Lamb, Brooks, James. ILLINOIS HOCKEY TEAM Langford. Second Row: Anderson, Moody, Schauftler, Alma, Rennacker Second Row: Rector, Kemp, Nilles, Kixmiller, Etterwind, Schweit- Abrahns. Zer' Third Row: Tuttle, Hellstrom, Keefer, Janicki, Carlson, Stephen Third Row: King, Buhai, King, Scheiner, Franco. son, Battee, Burpee. ii, id.. i l.f.f.L1 f Q 1 ii- f wX-'f9,'leKTZ'.- Ma! -mf tqdenw .4 K X SX X 'X Z fllf 441Z!?M4i S55 z X . ,Q N ,-gf, U Q' 1 cf X - wx A A X N Vx, -f . 1.41 1,2 21' ' ' , : 3. 'fd-hfw ' mx A . x Q Eh: M XR X xx ,XS-. 5 1 ' X gy X . .. Q: . X 3 gx KW, ff Wm If nl' DQ' ' . f'f'Q1v.v,:"E17'5f FRESHMAN HONOR GROUP First Row: Nielsen, Harper, Dodd, Harris, Swani, Adamson, Trienens, Bengston, Rogers, Holway, Condon, Kloepfer, Brooks, Leal, Roddick Rockcastle, Reinhard, Axelrood, Fox, McDermott. Second Row: Branscome, Weir, Dodge, Lapat, Sager, Hinkley, Van Horne, Masser, Eshbach, Proudfoot, Simonsen, Rubel, Waldorf, Stein Giddes, Rose, Tanner, Jamers, Melvoin, Briggs, Bergman, Stewart, Wuegner, Rugen, Pagliarulo, Hendricks. Third Group: Busch, Purdy, Mueller, Wertheimer, Eliot, Camphausen, Tuveson, Olson, Newman, Lindsay, Foulke, Kirtley, Eisenberg, Wyman McConnell, Risley, Pifer, Ellis, Adams, Hoetger, Bond, Birkelund, Toel, Cleary, Steif, Kivland, MacKenzie, Nix, Sherman, Weishaar, Con don, Williams, Wright. Fourth Row: Thatcher, Kahler, Lee, Tansdell, Kritzer, Dunlap, Collins, Lidecker, Welles, Hoesli, Baker, Mullins, Spangler, Morrison, Clark Quaintance, Bell, Loewenherz, Borre, Carruth, Sullivan, Holmes, Leekley, Henderson, Raymond, McKewen, Nuzum, Emmet, Mayer, Dole Stowell. , 0 The officers of the Freshman Class are elected on a purely honor- party or any other event. Bart Wood is president, Joanne Johnson ary basis. This is due to the fact that they do not have a class is vice-president, Ann DeBerard secretary, and Howie Walgren treasurer. In the fall the sophomore girls' advisor rooms give parties for the freshman girls' advisor rooms, the purpose being to ?f2e Inman make the freshman feel more at home. Also both the boys and girls have mixers with their fathers and mothers. Aside from arrange ing for the ubig sisteri' parties and the mixers the officers have no 4 A duties. Thememhers of the freshman class show great promise as i Shaw are the advisor chairmen for the freshmen. fine sophomores and upper classmen to be. Mr. Reily and Miss WOOD JOHNSON DE BERARD WALGREN Q C lif' 1 7 BENTHEY First Row: YVuichet, Murdock, Wag- ner, Massir, H o e s c lr, Fisher, Tuttle, W ei s b e r g. Hahnernan, Lawrence. Second Row: Evans, Christensen. Cleary, Jeffery, McEwan, Pope, McConnell, Shinnick, H e i s e r Gridley, Kracha. Third Row: Copp. Gruhn, Jackson, Campbell, Mueller, Drew, Hef- feran, Rietheimer, Channer, Rob- ertson. CHRISTENSON First Row: Hohlfelder, Slellans, Rockcastle, Jackson, Tool. Hagon, Hoy, Philipsborn, Boulit, Wood. Second Row: Martin, Coleman, Loewnheiz, Carlin, Quaintance, Bell, Hclauke, Frankland, Wlhite, Perdy, .lourneau. Third Row: Wlatkins, Downs, Car- ruth, Schirler, Abel, Block, Sny- der, Becker, Ross, Raymond. DONHAM First Row: Salomon, Peck, Braaten. Alexander, Hassan, Stoker, Feld- man, Hayner, Blom. Second Row: Shimonek, Way, von der Lippen, Foskett, Rundquist, Farrall Leander Ellis Mean s s a YQ Wood. Third Row: Haskell, Briggs, Cable, Sandberg, Lipsch, Adams, Mac- Kenzie, Kuehnle, Maher. CLADER First Row: Newman, Ridolfi, Sester- henn, Lipman. Fox, Clavey, Led- erer, Busch, Salomon. Second Row: Kalmen, Rugen, Mul- lins, Sompson, Allen, Jost, Wal- gren, Wolf, Gunn. EVANS First Row: Wheeler, Hale, Peterson, Pagliarulo, Waldorf, Rose, Thor- sen, James, Anderson, Levewar. Second Row: Olson, Arkema, Mur- phy, Logsdon, Wale, Mahan, Grent, Toel, Beaven, Armstrong, Goekel. Third Row: Neuman, Shearon, Fish- er, Schmitz, Feinberg, Eliot, Moulding, Hendricks, McKeighan, Schoenberg. GRATER First Row: Brandt, Corrigan, Bet- tinghaus, Baker, Levy, Haley, Mosher, Hamza, Schweger. Second Row: Blietz, Jupp, Psenicka, Fisher, Neiweern, Mack, David, Qinnlavri Cottman. Third Row: Schipfer, Ransdell, Taft, Reynolds, Gregory, Kritzer, Falk, Shannon, Doyle. HADDEN First Row: Purse, Elling, Cushman, Washburn, Schauftler, Goldblatt, Amendola, Hoth, Crist, Lichter. Second Row: Enright, Steel, Van Alstine, Gardiner, Koch, Cleary, Dathan, Lindsay, Porter, Price, Fraber. Third Row: Mizener, Wright, Dan- staret, Wertheimer, Day, Sherman, Miller, Williams, Condon, Brown. 99 as L, L01 1 5 V ,r , JW ,W 791,172 A 1.42.5 HARPER First Row: Nielsen, Harper, Vogl Beinich, Neeves, Wisehart, Hol bik, Lohmann. Second Row: Bullard, Donahue Nelson, Collins, Arms, Gehlert Brown, Leekley. Third Row: Radke, Skinner, Gren mind, Cottrs, Cooke, Peterson Nilson, Rennolds, Roddick. HAMILTON First Row: Arns, Mitchell, Steffens Simonsen, MacKenzie, Hartke Eshbach, McLean, Dault. Second Row: Rosen, Hinkley, Birke- lund, Hammond, Hoetger, Koll Goldblatt, Wille, Wheelock, Tait Third Row: Weishaar, Stevenson, Murch, Balaban, Weir, Meca Proudfoot, Nix, Umbach. HOLLAND First Row: Cajka, Leavens, Kemp- ner, Talbot, Brown, Schaefer, Nor- ris, McLain. Second Row: Dole, Keefer, Burk- hart, McAllister, Hoesli, Collyer Kivland. Third Row: Lee, Balz, Suttle, Rvek- mick, Adamson, Miller. HARPER First Row: Pepoon, Coffiela, Kuscht, Duncan, Oman, Van Horne, Lee McElroy, Bonner. Second Row: Kendall. Woolson, Borregaard, Unger, C o r in a c k Morf, Luhite, Bond, Kuvschuer Bauer. Third Row: Prussing, Wade, Car- son, Kolstad, Stewart, Niehaus Haupt, Walner, Kivland. JACKSON First Row: Sacco, Barnett, Bazner, Whiting, Bolling, Richcordan, Gar- rett, Hill. Second Row: Himmer, Barthold, Sullivan, Howell, Garynam, Groves, Colton, Carney. Third Row: McMullen, Cowan, Straub, Maser, Wolff, Ludford, Fillingham, Spoehr. A MOSCHEL First Row: Doane, Schuber, Talbot Day, Hakanson, Bach, Tanner, O'Brien, Hinners, Hochuli. Second Row: Kreger, Ericsson, Gor- don, Hall, Anderson, Pifer Schmidt, Wright, Spero, Carde. Third Row: Youngberg, Bersie BradY, Jensen, McNeil, Melvoin Christerson, Steel, Lapat, Miller Johnson. r 7 9 1 1 y 7' 1 r v LAUER First Roux' Kelley, Platt. Bassler. Babcock. Rogers. Goss. Hender- son. Mchlillin. Second Row: Welles. Regan. Town- send. Sollitt. Clarke, Barnes. ,les- ter. Anderson. Third Roux' Holmes. Swan. Rvmer Mason. Smith. Earl. Edeiz. Stand- er. Schoeneck. YYHITESEL First Row: Hamilton. Powell, .lohn son. Crocker. Sager. Wright. Steif Channer. Kossow. Second Row: McDonald. Dennis Borre. Loewe. lY'uegner. Wells Beris. Kaufman. Third Row: Sanborn. Stewart. Cleve- land. Ringholm. Scott. Westine Shave. Crossell. NAY First Rout: Leal. Wihett, Rosenow Lucas. Reinhard, Dalstrom, Mur ray. Halpin. Davis. Second Row: Stowell, Liclecker Saunders, Denson. Dicunl, Clark Refoy, Watson, Morrison, Thors ness. Third Row: Brown, Lanham, Mc Carthy. Shireman, Lyford, Hoyt Kahlo, Blair, O'Coner, Hollister VVILSON First Row: Branscome, Stein, Scho enberg. Merrill, Reize, Sondblom Malziol, Smith. Second Row: Moyer, Sutherland Krensky, Cory, Gage, McGrath Kirtley, Rooney, Wright. Third Row: Gott, Murphy, Cass mann, Hill, Foley, Dodge, Hohen garten, Wertheimer. OAKS First Row: Rugen, Kloepfer, Foun tain, Wood, Fox, Welter, Robert son, Clovis. Second Row: Paramore, Pierson Cordes, Borre, Dunlap, Little Vasels, Walworth. Third Row: Trienens, Hoffman Wagner, Pickus, Thomas, Brooks REAM First Row: Allen, Holg. Borre, Fein herg, Chacharon, Fee, Oswald Pearson. Second Row: Musson, Spink, Booz Corper, Wellin, Peebles, Munson Third Row: Condon, Jarvis, Mc- Kewen, Dodd, Emmet. I 0 I v 1 0 Ed Devlin was elected president of the Sophomore class this DEVLIN ETTERWIND GREEN REDDING year, and vice-president Betsy Etterwind, secretary Barbara Green, and treasurer Jack Redding are the remaining oflicers. The biggest A social event of the Sophomore class was. their party, held March 26 e in the Dining Hall. Over five hundred sophomores attended. Six senior boys and six senior girls acted as mixers or ugigolosf' and before the dancing there was entertainment by some of the more 0 om talented members of the class. Besides this large gathering, three smaller parties were given, which were held in the gym and were also for the purpose of having the members of the class become better acquainted with each other. The sophomore advisor chair- 4 men are Miss Hearst and Mr. Grinnell. H 102 SOPHOMORE HONOR GROUP First Row: Mosser, Buchanan, Walsh, Nix, Jones, Gourley, Hill, Vickers, Forstall, Pancoe, Swarts, Ludovice, Deily, Schaelier, Bishop, Miner Kassel. Second Row: Headsten, Synnestuedt, Lee, Lindeman, Cogswell, Humphrey, Layne, Pickus, Wooden, Cahn, Noble, Halls, McConnell, Lane Sabin, Chapin, Jackson, Raymer, Armitage, Van Horne, Horween, Monroe, Cok. Third Group: Claar, Morrison, Loeb, Ketcham, Foldi, Walker, Kemp, Wallach, Eldredge, Van Bueren, Van Horne E., Billings, Turck, Homan, Shulman, KixMiller, Peterson, King, White, Carroll, O'Conor, Cody, Bredemeier, Cooper, King M., Knudson, Buhai, Eldridge, Schwarting Darley, Smith, Peters. Fourth Row: Fuller, Brewer, Liepold, Steitz, Coleman, Zander, Lang, Wiese, Smith, Royce, Drummond, Matson, Stineman, Davis, Markus Schmick, Palmer, Hefferan, Lewis, Dank, Cahn, Zehr, Slayton, Towle, Kraetsch, Davis, Judson, Newman, Rigler, Binder, Reed. 7 a 9 CARPENTER First Row: Cubbins. Matthiessen, Foldi. Becker. Torrey. Burling- ham. Fuidge. Strasser, Himer, Claar. Second Row: Norwood. Mclntosli. Rodinkirk. Maclsain. Sampson, Markus. Richmond. Brueggeman, Jones. Kurschner. Zandes. Third Row: Nevins. Behnke. Daily, Everson. Hoyt. Donner. Tyner. Rudder. Nix, Horner ,ffl BREDIN Nl X, First Row: Brooks. Engels. Nord- burg. Becker. Anderson. Jackson. Joshelski, Towner. Humphrey. Second Row: Cassman. Schinler. Brown. MacArthur, Yerkes, Tefft, Van Horne. Montonato. Katz. Schildberg. Hedendorf. Dundas. Third Row: O'Connor. Maltz. Lee. Lane. Keefer. Mack. Nilsen, Chatt- man. Shanesy, Craig, Curtis. CATON First Row: Leighty. Greene, Marsh, Paulsen. Coolidge. Zaleski. Young, Dahl. Second Row: Rudd, Caley. Ogden, McShane, Stineman, Bannard, Darley. Third Row: Atwater, Delaney. Cat- ling, Mcfluineas, Miner, Bishop. GALLIE First Row: Wooden, Freyer, Van Horne, Darling, Sears, Mecklen- burger, Vickers, Case, Specht. Second Row: Tanner, Rosen, Thom, Shulman, Johnson, Cooter, Cooper, Cody. Third Row: Sabin, Tilton, Zipf, Cogswell, Thompson, M c C all, Bond, Bucher. COBURN First Row: Forstall, Wagener, Ber- caw, Hogue, Vernon, Gourtey, Smith, Steitz. Second Row: Bleser, White, Miller, King, Hasselberg, Wiese, Bag- galey. Third Row: Coleman, Engelhardt, Royce, Marshall, Lewis, Kirschke, Rittersporn. LAMBERT First Row: Happ, Lynnestredh, Wil- son, Layne, Cahn, Jones, Wolsey, Peterson. Second Row: Brown, Siegfried, Wil- lett, Headsten, Porter, Menden, Mullins, Spaulding, Swanson. Third Row: Moulton, Hemphill, Illif, Collins, MacLean, Stern, Lindeman, Bord. DELAPORTE First Row: Peterson, Tenny, Bori, Wallace, Reed, Jensen, Judson, Bench. Second Row: Ellif, Clark, Fitzgerald, Cohn, Cleary, Murphy, Block, Zahr. Third Row: Wilson, Herlocker, Davidson, Keating, Barber, Smith, Reece, Purse, Bowser. IO3 STOLLE First Row: Golden, Makar, Baglen Caldwell, Jones, Marmaduke Meng. Second Row: Latimer, Link, Lok kew, Krohl, KixMiller, Houston Fisher. Third Row: Cable, Becker, Jonnes King, Raymer. EDWARDS First Row: Ellmore, Graf, Soder blom, Gimbel, Dauchy, Walsh Loeb. Second Row: Haase, Baldwin, En- wright, McGuire, Hostnick, Davis Third Row: Crepas, Wiemers, Brew- er, Hardt, Ba,l,m'e s, Jacobson Binder. 1 fi" if , ,010 , g ,,,,f":fjfiP' " , af - ,Xlf-1" THORNE ' First Row: Etterwind, Hedman, Wancer, Rygel, Hodges, McCon- nell, Moberg. Second Row: Hurlbutt, Kirschbraun 7 Barnes, Metzger, Grossberg, Ho- man, Billings, Oilar. Third Row: Crowell, Carroll, Bel- nap, Bess, Murphy, Dewey, Greigg, Luly. HAPP First Row: Richard, Kassel, Smul- len, Beitzel, Lederle, Lewis, Mos- SCY. Second Row: Pettee, Redding, Moul- ton, Palmer, Mills, Tiers, Scully, Lyons. Third Row: Devlin, Childs, McMil- lin, Lauer, Whiteside, Kraetsch, Spschr. WALKER First Row: Hayson, Tark, Halls, Kinney, Johnson, James, Morten- SCH. Second Row: Smith, Terzakes, Schfeiner, Petersen, Thybony, Olson. Third Row: Monroe, Flogus, Car- penter, Laird, Hartke, Chapin. LEHMAN First Row: P i e r s o n, McGuire, Schaeffer, Diamond, Cahn, Best Morand, Kinost. Second Row: Felsenthal, Liepold Lighthart, Walter, Kusrertz Creagh, Franz. WEBB First Row: Morris, Kahn, O'Conner David, Boyle, Baldesueiler, Borge son, Wells, Klein. Second Row: Corra, Wiegrnan Neetz, Odh, Dusham, Reberson Graffis, Van Bueren, Gorden. Third Row: Allans, Gorzi, Eldredge Brooks, Ogle, Lightner, Marwich Ferretti, Frische. I04 1 9 a 7 1 McKINNIE First Rolf: Zander. Thompson. Jacob- son. Prusso. Mabry, Workman. Franco. Fragassi. Serorza' Ron-: D i c k s o n. Matson. Evans. Titus. Thompson, Pike, White. Third Row: Hussey. Kent. Eggert Crocker, Doty. Brewer. Wagner. 1 YVEILER First Row: Scharting, Bohn. Carla son. Percy, Bishop, Noble, Willett, Schultheis, Haugsness. Second Row: Murray. Morrison, Langr. Lindberg. Skinner. Straurh Olsyna. Barnett. Pratt. Third glow: Fossum, Bergesen ei J Turck D re. Eldridge st. ', ig . Neiglick. Stephens. NICKELS First Row: Bassler. Ransom. Dor- niitzer. Sullivan. Borre, Hoffman Yott, Atwater. Second Row: Hahn, McNolty. De- clerque. Fisher, Conn, 'Lewis Murphy. Third Roux' Hollinger. Drummond Samelson. Roberts. Harper. Kra- mer. Anderson. WHITE First Row: Von Glahn, Flind, Drey Enright, Thalman. Bergstrand Dahncke, Spangler. Second Row: Kleekner, Bluhm Kemp, Swanson, Morrison, White King, Henderson. Third Row: Fanckboner, Allport Russell, Wallach, Greigg, Ritter Nilles, Kruson. PETERSON First Row: Brand, Hill, Buchanan Browne, Fuller, Shaw, Barry, Tark Lourie. Second Row: Clark, Ward, Ketcham Bray, Donahue, Munson, Town send, Ostergaard, Burlingham Campbell. Third Row: Davis, Cahn, Wuichet Beuttas, FlaHavhan, Imus, Thomp son, Johnson, Stenson. PRENDERGAST First Row: Kaye, Patterson, Rudick Compton, Bradway, Fletcher, Hel ke, Matteoni. Second Row: Gross, Cohrs, Hopp Schmick, lunge, Hefferan, Slay ton, Canning. Third Row: Edwards, Goodrich Fischer, Heinzen, Davis, Arm strong. WEHR First Row:-Niggemeyer, Stein, Deily Werthimer, K a s t r u p, Barber Bauer, Hickey. Second Row: Smith, Meyers, Mac farland, Bruce, Dudley, Purdy Parker, Towle. Third Row: Rockwell, Zick, Allen Davis, Burg, Hadley, Thatcher. IO5 ...wvx v 1 1 1 9 7 7 9 1 MILLER LIPPINCOTT HAZELET HURLBUTT 'String 0 Sue Miller, president, Lincoln Lippincott, vice-president, Sally In f if H Hazelet, secretary, and Dan Hurlbutt, treasurer, of the Junior Class K if XJCQJK did a very successful job in staging the Junior Prom. The dance X was held in the Dining Hall on May 24. Open only to juniors and O seniors, it was a program dance as is customary, and no stags 1 fry VM 7 M were admitted. The proceeds of the dance went toward aiding the C W !!! xy E7 seniors in the installation of a new Public Address system which is C5 Ji li X to be their class gift. The Junior Class is proud of its out- x,f standing participation in school activities, and the election of four- ffp teen of its members to T.N.T. The advisor chairmen for the Junior f ,f 4 Class are Mrs. Brady and Mr. Vernon. 5 j ,AX Q W i ' , j. KX 'Ll kff'slFf5"f!if'Keff GIRLS' JUNIOR HoNoR GROUP ' First Row: Smith, Jarvis, Woolf, Woolf, Booze, Moody, Newman, Fox, Kingsbury, Duncombe, Munson, Bovbjerg, Larson, Farwell, Moulding, Melchior, Lundberg, Stephenson. Second Row: Dunn, Warren, Small, Dawson, Hoffman, Hall, Lame, Warner, Davies, McCandlish, Campbell, Clayd, Lipman, Frei, Ran- dall, Carpenter, Borregaard, Gray, Halldorson, Meacham, Yust. Third Row: Peckett, Williams, Lukens, Tranzi, Thornton, Raymond, McElroy, Meyers, Scheibel, Butler, Tideman, Cook, Starrett Chiquoine, McEwan, Rogers, Cassell, Baker, Tuttle, Yates, Kuhn. BOYS' JUNIOR HONOR GROUP First Row: Pagliarulo, Merkle, Eccles, Fisher, Allison, MacDonald, Burnett, Casterline, Allrich, Aldrich, Kaufmann, Moore, Bryson. Second Row: Warner, Stade, Coons, Lutter, Jackson, Seiler, Rapp, Berlin, Chase, Glenn, Davis, Yowell, Schmidt. Third Row: Morehouse, Fox, Smith, Mooney, Scarff, Reichert, McAfee, Bower, Eberle, Wright, Carey, Marshall, Hildebrand. 7 I06 , s-LQ, , M..-. , ANDERSON First Row: Bodkin, Farwell, Hall, Duncombe, Hillis, Luecke. Castle, Reichnmnn. Second Row: Chancellor, Figueiru, Carpenter. Tuttle. Symons, Ran- dall, De Berard, Hendrick, Dunn. Third Row: Hall, Didier, Olson, Fitch, Kristof. Chalmers. Lamb. ASCHENBACH First Row: Osborne, Coolidge. Schmitz, Macdonald. Von Ebers. Lindquist. Van Horne. Second Row: Steel, Hurlbutt. Jena nett. Dixon, Boyle, Rodgers, Wein- stock. Third Row: Brown, Bonner, Shafer, Kreger. Vedder. Reichert, Hough. BROOKS First Row: Walker, O'Leary, Thorpe, B o h n, Billingsley, Robertson, Hazelet, Steinhoff. Second Row: Williams, Stubbe, Hill, Theis, Murphy, Chiquoine, Stein- er, Carlin, Kritzer. CONDON First Row: Allison B son Men , 1 TY v g Allrich, Husjagh, Steffens, Smith Second Row: Anthony, Gillengerten Kjngery, Samelson, Srch, Schultz Hicks. Third Row: Moon, Naethans, Tate Rosenberg, Swanson, Schmidt. FLEMINGTON First Row: Kraemer, Marschall Keehn, Kingsbury, Belnap, An dreae, Klein, Franco. Second Row: Fox, Pickett, Tideman Cook, Hogarth, Engels, Franco Petersen, Scott, Phillips. Third Row: Nilles, Schlung, Lytton Carlson, Watson, Strauss, Schiff- lin, McKay. F UNKHOUSER First Row: Oppenheimer, Schaefer, Travis, Bengston, Hollingshead McKeown, Lewando, Marmaduke Second Row: Kinnear, Morehouse Smith, Trux, Marwish, Beitzel Fischer, Dowd. 1 9 9 1 a GREEN First Row: Bovbjerg, Simonsen Strauss, Lundberg, Cartier, Mic hael, Larson, Falasco. Second Row: Eves, Haugan, Warden Cassell, Hoffman, Beck, MacLean Third Row: Harkness, Miller, Woolf Murray, Saxby, Roessler. GADSKE First Row: Geier, Hollis, McClane Jorgenson, Bretzlaff, Weeks, Sedf er, Leach, Weser, Nicholson. Second Row: Eccles, Matthews Coons, Warren, Kennedy, Cal: houn, Searcy, Smith, Marshall Widen. Third Row: Siens, Steitz, Faville Palenske, Raggio, Rapp, Murray Maynard. HENNINGSEN First Row: Melchior, Reinhard, Halldorson, McAdams, Zelznick, Rose, Canger, Newman. Second Row: Davies, Jeffery, Wal- pole, Zipprodt, Bond, Campbell, Gardiner, Ryan. Third Row: Murray, Dawson, Lukens, Ludgin, Tranzi, Andrews, Krueger, Donnelly, Draper. HOSKINS First Row: Carrington, Burnett, Er- win, Wright, Chase, Tumpp, War- ren. Second Row: Salomon, Yowell, Jack- son, Carroll, Dalgety, Neukranz, Hildebrand. Third Row: Anderson, Shields, Ire- dale, Ellis, Kraft, Smith, Good- rich. HOLLAND First Row: Raymond, Corrigan, Stewart, Snyder, Leech, Ward, Benner, Bond. Second Row: Munson, Scheibel, Stovall, Ericsson, Kubicek, Yates, Stembridge, Kraft, Baron. LANDWER First Row: Lindsay, Collyer, Lebe- son, Trego, Fischer, May, Seyller. Second Row: Warner, Bjork, Schur- meier, Willmarth, Halsteen, Gra- ham, Starkel. Third Row: Bower, Scarff, Hanna, Peacock, Corra, Pinkowski. PAUL First Row: Butler, Small, Miller, Brady, Bucher, Elliot, Dillon, Schneider. Second Row: McEwan, Lee, Meyers, Yust, Korsgren, Puronas, Ward, Weber. Third Row: Warren, Eckel, Sweeney, Woolf, Wheelock, Rietheimer, Eckert. I08 9 v 7 9 9 PIFER First Row: Bevis, Jones, Cudlmrand- sen. Ryan. Wade. Norton. Second Row: Mocken, Freelove, Manson. Bohn. Peterson. Fox. Third Row: Beuttas. La Queur, Birg- quist. Edmonds. PINN First Row: Burgert, Jarvis. Ehrlich, Zschau. Peck. Wagener. Kelly. Second Row: Kearney. Baker. Mul- lins. Thornton. Simons, Cazel, Bowen. Third Row .' Barber. Schempp. Meacham. McCandlish. Gray. Lipman. REYNOLDS First Row: Kaufmann. Heinrichs. Ketcham F.. Abrams, Welter, Moore. Ketcham T. Second Row: Frische, Burrows, May- enson. Bosbein, Eberle. Barrs. Teeter. Kearney. 'Third Row: Davies. Ferguson. Mooney. Barthold. Maston, Stev- enson. Glenn. REINHARDT ,First Row: Morner, Parkinson, Schweitzer, Biederer, Brenchley, Lau, Corra, Nelson, Second Row: Miller, Stevens, Wil- liams, Kuhn, Larsen, Dods, Mac- Farlane, Henderson, Hussey. Third Row: Kaempfer, Liepold, Prins, Frei, Tremblett, Simmons, Cloyd. SCHUMACHER .First Row: Davis, McKeighan, Gott mann, Harris, Hagen, Stanley Finnigan, Casterline. .Second Row: Pearson, Kayser, Merg ener, Merkle, Mestjian, Moeller Bonker. 'Third Row: Stowe, Bishop, Cleary Swartz, Salvi, Neiweem, Ceraurd SMITH ,First Row: Hartwell, Hirsch, Coutre Pulfer, Schmitz, Moody, Booze Rugen. ,Second Row: Hancock, Robson Bowen, Herb, Stephenson, Mad- den, Hopp. Third Row: Smith, Morse, Warner Redfield, Kirscht. VAN KIRK First Row: Ogden, Fisher, Forstall Bernardi, Plamondon, Williams. ,Second Row: Carey, Wood, Black burn, Sethness, Lasater, Booth. 1Third Row: Johnson, Brittain, White Zimmerman, Slamin. IO9 s T. N. T. First Row: Lamb, LaBonte, Nelson, Weese, Farwell, Kaempfer, Bovbjerg, Bray, Claar, Chancellor, Schipfer, Welborn, Neilson, Putnam Miller, Kracha, Rennacker. Second Row: Henderson, Dunn, Bourland, Oatis, Tideman, Meyers, Ellis, G., Ball, Brandt, Stillman, Drucker, Sosna, Lippincott, Loucks Smith, Wuichet, Kletzien, Thompson. Third Row: Hill, Fuller, Cleveland, Berlin, Dodds, Hubachek, Monahan, MacKenzie, De Berard, Miller, Aishton, Mizener, Gilbert, Ellis, B Baer, Michael, Seiler, Fisher. C C C 0 The highest honor that a New Trier student can receive is that of being elected to T.N.T. The letters T.N.T. stand for the latin phrase, Tenax, Nobilis, Triumphans, which means Steadfast, Noble and Victorious. Fourteen juniors and twenty-six seniors were elected to the society this year. They all have records of con- scientious and sustained participation in school activity. Only the most prominent workers in school are elected be- cause T.N.T. does not attempt to recognize all the services rendered to the school. It seeks only to recognize the most outstanding work done by juniors and seniors. Because of this, T.N.T. is considered the highest honor a student may attain aside from the Triship and D.A.R. awards, which are won by only two students. The members of T.N.T. were elected by the juniors chosen last year. This year's oflicers were Bob Dodds, presi- dent, Anne Wuichet, secretary-treasurer. The sponsors are Mr. Windoes and Miss Hadden. HADDEN WINDOES IIO lvlonoft vc kata, 0 The Honor Society is the ultimate goal of those who hope for high scholastic records. This year, as always, the students upheld the high scholastic standing of the school hy admit- ting to the society eighty-six students, thirty-nine boys and forty-seven girls. These students have all attended New Trier for at least three semesters and have maintained an average of 3.20 or higher. The highest ranking student in the senior class is Mason Gainey with an average of 4.00 for his four years work. To these students goes much of the credit for making our scholastic standing what it is today. I I I HONOR SOCIETY First Row: Porteriield, Johnston, Jeffreys, Sager, Henricks, Ransdell, Rubel, McDonnell, Claar, Bray, Guthridge, Wolf, Lafferty, M. J., Laf- ferty, M. A., Olson, McDonald, Koch, Ungaro, Craig, Roemer. Second Row: Stein, James, Beach, Warren, Wolff, Marshall, Raymond, Hinman, Lyman, Olson, D., Fisher, Grauer, Ludden, Christensen, Jan- icki, Rogers, Haake, Cooper, Ross, Wuichet, Smith, Kletzien, Boston, Robinson, Bourland, Gaffney. Third Row: Helke, Smith, Finney, Klagstad, Kilner, Farrar, French, Michael, Platt, Dodds, Aishton, Van Horne, Walworth, Appelbaum Arms, Monahan, Guy, Trienens, Foust, Carruth, Collier, Kreer, Kahn, Greenberg, Davis, Gordon, Chittenden, Meyers. , ,, ,,,,,-,-, , ., ,,,,,, ,,.,.,,,, , , f I I B, In V L. he en bk I DODDS RENNACKER HUBACHEK CHANCELLOR f-xx I I ff Q A "ji, ,Af ' .x ,I lI2 0 Au Revoir, Class of '41 . . . . Look back over four years - four short years, crowded with memories. Remember that September morning in '37 when you first became a part of New Trier? From the moment you walked through its doors as inexperienced freshmen, you seemed pre- destined to become a class of great leadership, energy, and ambi- tion. You have fulfilled this destiny. You have upheld the principles of democracy on every occasion. The spirit with which you have made constructive criticisms and carried on open dis- cussions of school problems will be an inspiration to future leaders for years to come. Through your sincere interest in New Trier activities, school loyalty has reached a new high. As a result of your enthusiastic efforts to offer the students an insight into various fields of vocation, the Career Guidance Exhibit was created, and due to the ceaseless labor and careful planning you gave to the exhibit it will soon join the ranks of traditional events at New Trier. Each new task that you undertook was given your undivided at- - X. tention, and was set aside only upon completion. Your charity 'S 2 drives, forums, dramatic productions, opera, talent show, and Gym- l it carnival were conducted and carried through with an excellence 592329 K? that will be difficult to parallel in future years. You completed wa - vm, your four years appropriately with an unforgettable Senior Hop. I 1 Your scholastic record, your mature attitude, your fine spirit and 0 5 co-operation have served to make you an object of pride and in- I ' w K T spiration to both school and community. A 2: A ' 9 And now we have come to the parting of the ways . . . you If Q' L' are standing at the crossroads - no longer a part of New Trier as fx a body, but always a part of her in spirit. It is with pride that we Q--.Q say good-bye and send you out into a new world. For you have left your mark on the construction and development of a liner spirit and higher ideals among our student body, just as you will leave ,V your mark in every successful walk of life . . . J ' Au Revoir, Class of '41 . . H01 ,W BREIDENBACH BRIDGES COCKRELL COOK , De LAY DURGIN FULTON GANNAWAY JONES KIMBELL RAU U SHEARER SIMONDS SLEIGHT TROELSTRUP VAN DEUBSEN VLASTO WATERS WHITBY WHITFIELD QW M1-www' IMLDYEEQH !i2aLFYz7M25 AQ.LEl?f:32 AE,LHSQvN fVX5E'U7"WQ6EN?f 731 'X A- W Mm IZZQMQ, Ju, L, !ixmliDEE?ZSKCiHEM, EE. URN U E ESQ NE A 'R E? L ill' W. :LF E+ w ww L? f54NHfQLU.T ,fiQ,FFEU..EHiNgFM ALEQMJS ,sEmHEuv'ES':1?"!P?gQQD!N3G MEANS WNELNJW QJLVWY JY., T EEEAZQHMZMNW FEXMQQWE Ami-Imffm-1 5 fi A D., S EQ E E5 EZ M 5 A L FL, E.. wfaasz 'A ' fix KL. .5 QT vw 'C 5, L: J- Jig? 5 N S53 EQ T H Q L M All Y T S C H B A 5, S E T T. B, C, H A S S E T Tf 31 Ft' K, ,V .wx BF: ,Z ni ' " 1'-1'-vvrgw vw 74" "' W 'X A 1 ' EEQLQTAEA, P+. iwikvn-.1.L,.Em, H. EQENSLGH QEYCQHE .X R.. ,,fr. V F" 57' 3' VJ "w , 5' GT n SMJMQJCLQ 113' Li KS 42 QQ Ivy, nj R R+ -w .21 Jw Ju 1-Q LH 1 162 - I f 1, J xg, 2 , Nt i 3' X s ,wwwm Q '-,, Q, ,A f , -V wr Q Y BY U91 U M 1? Jil v- r- a Pr- ff f- Xa P-4 ff H ""I151 P' 'Y 'IU N! W' Qasmsumsk. 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CANNENQW CARELSQlN1,Gv CARLSQN 0 CHANCELLQRA CHATTAMQW5' KX N Q Wi X X X X N X X X X N X X fi 5 Qsxx X X N XXX Q X N Q We X X xx L K Y L w1"i gl .vw A .. sy ,dm L 1 NX x 4 va-Wi I X -xXXi1X X QWX QS-MLB CZHUTTENEBJEN CHEQUS Q , -Lip Xi We 1. L W L A Q X 535 2' , 1, K CLARK, . . L W LQRXX X5 gg 'NG 'Q-if-.....,,,, QI Nl CQEURHST AN CQLAAIK QZLAIFIFLY L-xg., CLARK, CLAVLEY CLEVELAND CLQQJUJD CQBURN .pwf-"4" CQLLLER ii if 'M is CQNNELQ CQNNLEY CQQENTNOR COOKE CCJMPERE Wim CQGPER vq-new-vi CCJRDTS CGLQIRA CRAFT G!3RAI1G,J3. CRAEG.M. CPQQSESY CEQLDMLHSH CRUTTENDEN CUWJMENGS CLHNNENGHAM, -JL CLBNNENGHAM fig, Q ,------,--. f , , 25 pi , f Di-KWLEY DAULT IDAVHD AEUDAWHES 1 X f 9 ,W www W , ,, ,, , F3 A V ZW vs F3 A ii Ev ET TE Ex? E S D LE N 'E' Q N , ' 4' DETHLGIQWFF VENNY EQTJUIETEEEECZYE DQLTZ EHDDDS . m. k f , f V ' 5 4, f 5 ,,, If 5' 'yy A 1 f 'f 1 f of f f 1 f ,aff 4 f f, 4 I , . . f -Q 1 DQSWDPS Hf2?f31 QELE'E'TE,E D4i'51fL5f3EfUEERTTf EDEIEEESEES EDURESSEE. ECETUEE. 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R, if , In WOCD WOIFF WOLSCHON WOLSEY WITT WOLF mail? MV' WGOD WOQLSON 'WH EN-id WUMCHET WYMBQN WVWEKOOI T X itz k fy, SCHEL ZIBBLE BORREGAARD HAYES NESS ELKIN KREUSCH REINHARDT Seniot 14cti 't' A James Abele 9 Wilmette: l.M. Class Champ Football 33 Glee Club 2,3,43 Door Guard 43 North Park College. A. Beecher Abeles 9 Wilmette: Career Club 43 Lens Club 33 Chafley Union High School 1,2,33 Northwestern Univer- sity. Louise Adkins 9 Wilmette: Indianapolis, lnd. 1,23 Ardmore, Pa. 33 Lindenwood Col- lege. Preston K. Aishton 9"Dutch,', Winnetka: T.N.T. 43 Honor Society 43 Honor Groups 1,2,3,43 Council Representative 13 Financial Committee 13 Study Hall Committee 33 Chairman 43 Usher Corps 3,43 Assistant Head Usher43 l.M. Football Champ 43 Glee Club 13 "Pinafore" 23 "Gondoliers" 43 Echoes Staff 33 Lens Club 33 Dart- mouth. Alice May Albrechtson 9 Winnetka: Girls' Club Represen- tative 43 Service Club 3,4Q Musi- cale 3,4. Mason Packard Aldrich 9 Winnetka: Information Desk 43 Band 1,2,33 Sport Club 33 French Club 3g Rifle Club 33 Geography Club 33 Band Letter 1,2,33 Traffic Patrol 3,43 Northwestern Univer- sity. Donald Wesley Alfvin 9 Winnetka: Honor Society 43 Honor Groups 1,2,3,43 Orchestra 1,2,3,43 "Chimes of Normandy" 13 "H.M.S. Pinafore" 23 "Pirates of Penzance" 33 "Gondoliers" 43 Sen- ior Music Club 2,3,43 Amherst College. John W. Allen 9Wilmette: Honor Society 43 Honor Groups 1,2,33 Information Desk 43 Usher Corps 3,43 Football 1,2,3,43 J.V. Letter 43 Band 1,2,33 "Lagniappe" 3,43 Nautical Club 23 Lens Club 1,2,3,43 Swing Club 2,33 Career Club 43 Dartmouth. David Reeves Allison 9Wilmette: Honor Society 43 Honor Groups 2,3,43 Tri-ship Rep- resentative 43 Track 2,3,43 Letter 2,3,43 Co-captain 43 Spanish Club 43 Denison. Rav E. Ambler 9 Wilmette: Football 43 Manager 33 Letter 33 Basketball 23 Baseball 13 l.M. Football Champs 43 Glee Club 1,2,33 Rifle Club 33 Spanish Club 43 North Park. Donald Anderson 9 Winnetka: Baseball Manager 23 Football Manager 33 Rifle Club 2. Elizabeth Anderson 9 Wilmette: Commerce Club 1,2,4. I32 Howard Anderson 9 Wilmette: Honor Group 23 Ca- reer Club 334. Alice Anhalt 9Winnetka: G.A.A. Representa- tive lg Glee Club 1,2,33 Opera Group .33 Career Club 33 Service Club 3,43 President 4. Martin Appelbaum 9Winnetka: Honor Society 43 Honor Groups 3,43 Debate Team 3.43 Forensic League 3,43 Gavel Club 3,43 Chicago High School 1,23 University of Chicago. Arthur Arms 9Wilmette: Honor Society 43 Honor Groups 2,3,43 Orchestra 1,2, 3,43 "Chimes of Normandy" 13 "H.M.S. Pinaforen 23 4'Pirates of Penzance" 33 "The Gondoliers" 43 Badminton Club 3,43 Rifle Club 43 Syracuse University. Carrol Armstrong 9 Northbrook: Service Club 3,4. Robert Arns 9 Wilmette: Tennis 4. Oswald E. Asplundh, Jr. 9 Glenview: Tri-Ship Representa- tive 13 Track 43 Football 43 Band 33 Door Guard 2. Jeanne M. Aubineau 9 Kenilworth: Honor Group 32 Council Representative 1,23 Speed- ball 13 Soccer 13 Baseball 23 Ink- lings Contributor 33 Quill Club 1.23 French Club 2,3,43 Knitting Club 33 Swing Club 33 Travel Club 43 Lens Club 43 Sweet Briar. Alice Belle Austin 9 "Al," Winnetka: Palatine 1. Helen A. Ayers 9Winnetka: G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 "The American Way" 43 News Staff 33 Broadcasting Club 2,3,43 Musicale 13 Career Club 43 MacMurray Col- lege. Iris J. Bachmann 9Winnetka: Honor Groups 2,33 Girls' Club Arrangements Commit- tee 23 Publicity Committee 43 French Club 2,3,43 Career Club 3,43 Travel Club 3,43 Secretary 33 Service Club 43 Colby. Mary Elizabeth Bacon 9 "Merrie,7, Wilmette: Girls' Club Friendly Committee 33 Knitting Club 3g Career Club 43 Wisconsin. Whitaker William Baer, Jr. 9 "Bugs," Wilmette: T.N.T. 4: Council Representative 43 Council Assembly Committee 43 All-School Assembly Committee 43 Vice-Presi- dent 43 Swimming 13 Basketball 2,3,43 Letter 2,43 Baseball 3,4, Let- ter 43 l-M Punting for Distance Champion 43 Glee Club 1,23 "Pi- rates of Penzance" 33 "The Gondo- liers" 43 Dramatic Club 3,43 Am- herst. Elizabeth Harlan Baggaley 9 S'Betty," Winnetka: Girls' Club Representative 43 Financial Com- mittee 33 Charity Committee 43 Class Social Committee 23 G.A.A. 3,43 Hockey 23 Numerals 23 Chev- ron 23 Glee Club 2,3,43 Career Club 3,43 Spanish Club 43 Secre- tary 4. Rodney J. Baird 9 Glenview: Rifle Club 2,3,43 Base- ball 23 Swimming 43 Door Guard 43 Northwestern. Joanne C. Baker 9".lody,', Glencoe: Honor Group 33 Treble Clef 23 Glee Club 33 Spanish Club 2,43 Musicale 43 Journalism Club 43 Swing Club 3. Elsie Bakkemo 9 Winnetka: Treble Clef 13 Glee Club 1,2,3,4. Edward H. Ball 9 Winnetka: Assembly Committee 43 Tri-Ship Representative 23 Ush- er Corps 3,43 Nautical Club 1,2333 Rifle Club 13 Career Club 43 Swing Club 33 Yale. John W. Ball 9Winnetka: T.N.T. 3,43 Honor Group 33 Student Council Repre- sentative 1,33 Inter-School Rela- tions Committee 3, Publicity Com- mittee 3, President 43 Class Vice- President 3, Prom Committee 33 Usher Corps 33 Baseball 23 "The Youngest" 33 'cLagniappe', 43 Glee Club 2,3, President 23 "The Gon- doliersn 43 News Staff 33 Debate Team 2,33 Forensic League 2,33 N.F.L. Award 33 Gavel Club 2g Dramatice Club 33 Student Super- visor 3,43 Dartmouth. Yorke H. Bannard 9 Winnetka: Stage Crew 2,33 Dra- matic Club 2,3,43 Career Club 43 Colgate. Robert W. Bartholomay 9 Winnetka: Honor Society 43 Honor Roll 1,3,43 Swiming 1,2,3,4, Letter 23 Glee Club 13 "H.M.S. Pinafore" 23 Cornell. Catherine Mary Bartsch 9 Wilmette: French Club 2,33 Service Club 43 Career Club 4. Bettina C. Bassett 9 Wilmette: Broadcasting Club 4g Service Club 43 Quill Club 13 Career Club 3,43 Bennington. Beverly Bassett 9 Wilmette: News Staff 43 Grosse Point, Mich. 1,2,33 University of Michigan. Diane C. Bale 9 Glencoe: Glee Club 33 Science Club 3,4. Gloria Battee 9 Wilmette: Honor Group 13 "Lag- niappev 43 4'The American Way" 43 French Club 2,3,43 Career Club 3,43 Lens Club 43 Travel Club 43 Drake. Janet W. Bauer 9 Wilmette. Marjorie Beach 9 Winnetka: Honor Society 43 Honor Groups 1,2,3,43 Student Council Representative 13 Student Relations Committee 13 Girls' Club Charity Committee 33 Social Com- mittee 43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 300-point Award 33 "Pirates of Penzance" 33 "The Gondoliersn 43 Glee Club 1,23 Choir 3,43 Ensemble 43 Jun- ior Music Club 13 Senior Music Club 2,3,43 Career Club 43 Smith. William Beaumont 9 Winnetka: News Business Man- ager 2,3,43 Rifle Club 23 Shaw H.S. lg Ohio State. Oscar Beck 9Wilmette: Commerce Club 2,3,4. Arlene B. Becker 9 "Atl," Glencoe: 'gMr. Scrooge" 23 Dramatic Club 2,3,43 .lunior Music Club 23 French Club 23 Broadcast- ing Club 23 Career Club 33 Service Club 3. Hayward C. Becker 9Winnetka: Honor Group 3g Usher Corps 43 Echoes Snapshot Editor 43 "The American Way" 43 Gavel Club 3,43 Treasurer 3, Sec- retary 43 Career Club 43 Univer- sity of Chicago H.S. 1,23 Dart- mouth. Frances E. Beeler 9Winnetka: Honor Group 33 Girls' Club Social Committee 43 Friendly Committee 33 "Pinafore" 2g "The Gondoliersn 43 Choir 2,3, 43 Ensemble 3,43 Opera Group 43 Psychology Club 43 Scriblerous 3,43 Vice-President 43 .lunior Mu- sic Club 23 Senior Music Club 3,43 Stephens. Marion Beeler 9 Winnetka3 Honor Group 33 Stu- dent Council Representative 33 So- cial Committee 3,43 Girls' Club Charity Committee 2,43 "H.M.S. Pinafore" 23 "The Gonodliers" 43 Choir -2,3,43 Ensemble 3,43 Glee Club 13 .lunior Music Club 1,22 Senior Music Club 3,4. Helen Belmont 9 Winnetkag Honor Group 13 Com- merce Club 1,2,33 Service Club 3,43 Broadcasting Club 33 Bryant and Stratton. Frances M. Bennett 9 Glenview. Dexter L. Benson 9Wilmette: Tri-Ship Representa- UV9 12 Usher Corps 3.4: Football 1.2.3.-L: Letter 1,3: Certificate 2.4: Basketball 1.2.3: Letter 1.3: Cer- tificate 2. Jean C. Berg 9 Wlilmette: Girls' Club Publicity Committee 2: Treble Clef 2: Glee Club 3: Spanish Club 2: Girls' Career Club 3.4: Knitting Club 3: Miami University. Margaret E. Bergh 9 'iitlickief' Winnetka: G.A.A. Lacrosse 2: Baseball 2: Manager 4: Rhythms 1.2: Numer- als 2: Chevron 2. Bertil G. Bergquist 9 Kenilworth: Northwestern. Charles R. Beringer 9 Wilmette: Football 3: Letter 3: Track 3: Letter 3: Onorgo Military School 1.2: Babson. Morgan Berndt 9 Wilmette: uPirates of Penzance" 3: Choir 4: Glee Club 2.3: Lens Club 1.2: Rifle Club 2: Swing Club 3: Illinois College. James H. Betcone 9 "Jim," Winnetka: Class Baseball Champs 3: Football 4: Track 4: Letter 4: Intramural Track Relay 4: Door Guard 3.4: Roosevelt Jun- ior High 1: Allerdice High 2: Colorado College. William Carl Bettendorf 9 Wilmette: M ai n e Township: American School. Manila. P. I.. 1,2,3. Nicholas Biederer 9 "Nick," Wilmette. Dorothy Binner 9 Winnetka: Glee Club, 2,3: "The Gondoliers" 4: Choir 4: Spanish Club 4: Career Club 4: Art League 4. Helena Bizer 9Northbrook: Honor Groups 3: Girls' Club Charity Committee 4: G.A.A. 3: Treble Clef Club 2: Glee Club 3: German Club 2,3,4: Travel Club 3: Service Club 4: Elm- burst. Anders Bjorklund 9 Wilmette: Senn High School 1.2. LaVerne Black 9 Wilmette: News Staff 2,4: French Club 2,3,4: Lens Club 2.4: Gavel Club 2: German Club 3,4: Broadcasting 2,3: Career Club 4. Dorothy L. Blackburn 9 Glencoe: G.A.A. Social Commit- tee 4: News Staff 3: Treble Clef Club 2: Travel Club 2,3: French Club 3,4: Career Club 3,4: Sullins. Thomas Blake 9 Northfield: Glee Club 1,2: News Staff 3: Rifle Club 1: Lens Club 2: Northwestern. Vincent R. Bliss 9 Glencoe: Swimming 3: Glee Club 2,3: Rifle Club 1,2,3: Swing Club 3. Jack Boettiger 9 Glencoe: Tri-Ship Representative 1.2: Football 2: Track 2: Football Letter 2: '6American Way" 4: Swing Club 3: Career Club 3: University of Miami. Charles R. Bohn 9 Glenview: Football 3: Door Guard. Marvin Borgeson 9 Wilmette: Honor Group 2: Foot- ball Manager 2: Glee Club 2,3,4: Sports Club 1,2: Rifle Team 1: Northwestern. Alice Barbara Borre 9 Wilmette: Career Club 4: Com- merce Club 2: Northwestern. Nancy Borregaard 9 Kenilworth: Honor Groups 1.2,3, -l: Girls' Club Employment Com- mittee 2: Class Social Committee 2: G.A.A. l.2.3,4: Speedball 3: 300-point Award 2: Numerals 3: Glee Club 2.3: Echoes Staff 2,3,4: News Staff 2,3,4: Art League 1.2. 3.4: President 3.4: French Club 2. 3.4: "Le Flambeau" staff 2,3,4: Quill Club l,2: Career Club 3.4: Broadcasting Club 3.4: Service Club 3,4: Bennington College. Dorothy Boston 9Winnetka: Honor Society 4: Honor Group 1,2.3,4: Council Fi- nance Committee 3: Career Club 3.4. I. Frances Bourland 9 Wilmette: T.N.T. 4: Honor So- ciety 4: Honor Groups 2.3: Girls' Club Representative 3: G.A.A. 1.2,3: Speedball 2,3,4: Basketball 4: Co-head Rhythms 3: Numerals 2: Chevron 2: 300-point Award 3: 600-point Award 3: 800-point Award 3: Glee Club 3: Treble Clef 2: 'iThe Gondoliers" 4: French Club 3.4: Vice-President G.A.A. 4: Columbia Junior High School 1: Northwestern. Marilyn E. Bowser 9 Wilmette: News Staff 4: Buffalo High School 1: Pittsburgh High School 2.3: Dennison. John J. Boyle 9 Winnetka: Tri-Ship Representa- tive 2: Usher Corps 4: Football 1, 2.3: Track 4: Baseball 1.2: Base- ball Manager 3: Stage Crew 2,3,4: Glee Club 3: News Stall 3: Career Club 3,4: Sports Club 3,4: Dra- matic Club 3,4: Virginia Military Institute. Dudley Bradford 9Winnetka: Intra-mural Football Champs 4: "Pinafore'l 2: "Pirates of Penzance" 3: Rifle Club 1: Career Club 4. Barbara Elizabeth Brady 9 Winnetka: Honor Group 2: Girls' Club Representative 2: G.A.A. 1, 2,3 gg Baseball 1: Numerals 1: Geog- raphy Club 3,4: Career Club 3. Robert Brady 9 Wilmette. John R. Brandt 9 "Scrawny," Wilmette: T.N.T. 4: Student Council Representative 1, 2: Tri-Ship Representative 3: Din- ner Committee 3: Head Usher 4: Usher Corps 3,4: Information Desk 3: Football l,2,4: Basketball 1.2,3, 4: Letter 2,4: Track 2,3: Letter 2: Glee Club 1.2: "Pirates of Penz- ance" 3: "The Gondoliers" 4: Choir 4: Echoes Stafl 3,4: Dart- mouth. Barbara K. Bray 9 Glencoe: T.N.T. 3,4: Honor So- ciety 4: Honor Groups 1,2,3.4: Girls' Club Representative 2: Ar- rangements Committee 2: Friendly Committee 3: Chairman Social Committee 4: G.A.A. 1,2,3,4: La- crosse 1: Volleyball 2: Numerals 1: Treble Clef 1: Glee Club 1.2: Choir 4: L'Pirates of Penzancel' 3: "The Gondoliers" 4: News Staff 3: lnklings Contributor 1.3: Quill Club 1, Secretary 1: Junior Music Club 2: French Club 2,3,4: Dra- matic Club 3,4: Career Club 3.4: Scriblerus 3.4: Student Supervisor 4: Wells. Louis Brenner 9 Kenilworth: Glee Club 2: Career Club 4. Margaret L. Brereton 9 "Peg," Evanston: Honor Groups 4: Girls' Club Arrangements Com- mittee 3: Class Social Committee 2,3: G.A.A. 1,2,3.4: Swimming 1: Speedball 1.2: Archery 2, Head 3: Chairman Arrangements Committee 4: 300-point Award 2: 600-point Award 4: Treble Clef 1: News Staff 4: Career Club 3,4: Rifle Club 1: Service Club 3,4: Marjorie Webster. Benjamin S. Bricker 9 "Ben," Winnetka: Swimming 1, 2.3,4, Letter 1,2,3,4: Guard 1.2,3: Swimming Champs 2: All Ameri- can lnterscholastic Swimming Team 4: University of Michigan. Thomas Brockmeyer 9 "Lefty," Winnetka: Track 2: Baseball 4: Rifle Club 1.2,3: Career Club 4: Loyola University. Curtis W. Brown 9Wilmette: Tri-Ship Clubroom Chairman 4: Class President 1: Football 1,2,3,4: Co-captain 2, Cap- tain 4: Letter l,2.3,4: Basketball l,2,3,4. Letter 2,4: Baseball 4: Illi- nois Wesleyan. Marv R. Bruns 9 Wilmette: G.A.A. Representative 4: Lens Club 3: Career Club 3: St. Scholastica l,2. Elsie Bruschini 9 Wilmette. James Bryan 9 "Tex," Glencoe: Class Secretary 1: Track 2,3,4: Letter 2,3: Foot- ball 2,3: Letter 2,3: Sports Club 2: Swing Club 3: Northwestern. Frederick Buck 9 "Ted," Northfield: Honor Groups 1.3: Student Council Representa- tive l,2: Social Committee 1: Building and Grounds 2: Class So- cial Committee 2: Glee Club 1,2.3: "The Gondoliers" 4: Career Club 4: Northwestern. Albert C. Buehler, Jr. 9"Bert," Kenilworth: Honor Group 2: Class Social Committee 2,3,4: Usher Corps 4: Tennis Manager 3, Letter 3: 4'The Ameri- can Way', 4: News Stall 3: Echoes Staff 3,4: Swing Club 3: German Club 3,4, President 4: Journalism Club 3: Career Club 3,4: Broad- casting Club 3,4. Stewart W. Buhai 9Winnetka: Football 1: 1-M Table Tennis Champs 3: Lens Club 1: University of Illinois. Robert Buhrke 9 "Bob," Glenview: Honor Group 1,2: Door Guard 1,2,3: Captain 4: Radio Club 3: Sports Club 3: University of Illinois. Virginia Burkhard 9 Winnetka: Commerce Club l,2: Service Club 3,4: Bryant and Stratton. Phyllis Burlingham 9Winnetka: "Whappin' Wharf" 1: "The Christmas Caroll' 2: "Trelawny of the Wells" 3: "Daddy Longlegs" 4: Glee Club l,2: "The Gondoliersw 4: Choir 3,4: Latin Club 2: Travel Club 3: French Club 3: Dramatic Club 1,2,3,4. Geraldine Burnet 9 Kenilworth: Glee Club 4: Treble Clef 2: French Club 4: Career Club 4: Ferry Hall 3: Bradford. James T. Burns 9 "Tom," Glencoe: Basketball 4: Mamaroneck High School: 1.2.3. Jean Burpee 9Wilmette: Swimming 1.23: "Pirates of Penzance" 3: 'LThe Gondoliers" 4: Glee Club 1.2,3: Choir 3.4. Betty Burton 9Evanston: Honor Groups 13 Spanish Club 4: Evanston High School 3: Colorado Springs. William G. Butler 9Winnetka: Tri-Ship Representa- tive 3: Usher Corps 3: Basketball 1: Football 2: Student Supervisor 3: Colorado College. Harold Buzan 9Wilmette: Honor Society 4: Honor Groups 2,3,4: Track 1: Baseball 2: I-M Football Champs 1,2,3: Echoes Staff 4: Inkl.ngs Contributor 4: Career Club 4. Edith R. Campbell 9 Winnetka: Laurie Campbell 9Wilmette: Council Representa- tive 1,4: Buildings and Grounds Committee 3,4: Tri-Ship Dance Committee 3: Representative 1,2,3: Usher Corps 3.4: Information Desk 4: Football 2,3,4: Letter 4: Tennis 2: Baseball 4: University of Michigan. Robert Canning 9 "Bob," Wilmette: Honor Group 3: Tri-Ship Representative 3: In- terscholastic Relations Committee 4: Usher Corps 4: Football 1,2, 3,4: Letter 2,4: Swimming 1,2,3: Letter 2: Manager Corps 3,4: Secretary-Treasurer 4: Glee Club l,2: Illinois. Gladys E. Carlson 9Winnetka: Knitting Club 3: Service Club 4: Commerce Club 4: North Park College. Olive Carlson 9Wilmette: Girls' Club Repre- sentative 1: G.A.A. l.2,3,4: Repre- sentative 2: Manager of Archery 3: Head of Archery 4: Numerals 1: Chevrons 1: 300 point Award 3: Baseball 3: Basketball 1: Hockey 4: Science Club 3,4: Career Club 3,4: Broadcasting Club 3: Radio Club 3: Knitting Club 3: Treble Clef Club 2: Glee Club 2,3: Opera Group 4: Service Club 4: Illinois. Hill Carruth 9Winnetka: Honor Society 4: Honor Groups 1,2,3: Football 1,2, 3,4: Baseball 2: J. V. Football Letter 4: Glee Club 2,3: Rifle Club: Psychology Club 4: Illinois. Edward T. Cassin 9 "Ted," Kenilworth: Loyola Acad- emy l,2: Notre Dame. Virginia O. Chalmers 9Wilmette: Girls' Club Charity Committee 2: Glee Club 4: G.A.A. 2,3.4: Baseball 2: Lacrosse 1.2: Volleyball 3: Speedball 2,3: Basketball 3: Numerals 2: Chev- ron 2: 300 point Award 3: Oili- cials 3: 600 point Award 4: 800 point Award 4: Milwaukee, Wis- consin 1: University of Iowa. Imogene Chancellor 9Winnetka: T.N.T. 3,4: Honor Group 4: Council Representative 4: Inter-School Relations Commit- tee 4: Girls' Club Social Commit- tee 2: Girls' Club Bazaar Commit- tee 4: Class Secretary 4: Hockey 1, 2,3: Baseball 1.2,3: Basketball 1.2,3: Lacrosse 1.2,3: Swimming 1.2,3: G.A.A. 1,2,3: Treasurer 3: Social Committee Chairman 4: Chevron 2: Numerals 1: 300 point Award 2: Treble Clef Club 1: Glee Club 1.2: Choir 3,4: En- semble 3,4: "Pirates of Penzance" 3: "The Gondoliers" 4: Echoes Stafi 3: News Staff 2,3,4: Career Club 3,4: Badminton Club 3: French Club 2,3,4: Senior Music Club 3.4: University of Wisconsin. .I33 Oachi Chattman 9Glencoe: Proviso High School, Waukegan, Township High School 1,2: Illinois. Robert Chew 0 "Bob," Winnetka: Honor Group 3: Tri-Ship Representative 4: Golf 3,4: Letter 3,4: I-M Class Golf Champ 3: I-M Basketball Champs 3: Basketball 4: Letter 4: Career Club 3,4: Jeannette, Pennsylvania 1,2: Northwestern University. Robert Watson Child, Jr. 0 "Bob," Glencoe: Honor Groups 1,2,3: Information Desk 4: Usher Corps 4: I-M School Champions Free-Throwing 1,2: News Staff 2: Hobby Club 3: Psychology Club 4: Cornell College. Robert M. Chittenden 0 Winnetka: Honor Society 4: Honor Groups 1.2,3: Radio Club 2,3,4: President 4: German Club 2,3: Latin Club 2: Travel Club 2: Kalamazoo College. Gladys V. Christensen 0 Glencoe: Honor Society 4: Hon- or Groups 1,2,3,4: Girls' Club Friendly Committee 2: Archery 2: Volleyball 3: Basketball 4: 300- point Award 4: News Staff 4: Travel Club 2,3,4: Secretary 3: Career Club 3.4: French Club 4: Northwestern University. John W. Christian 0 Wilmette: Debate Team 4: Rifle Club 3,4: German Club 3: Traffic Squad 3: Great Neck High School 1: University of Illinois. Nancy Joanne Claar "'Nance," Wilmette: T.N.T. 4: Honor Society 4: Honor Groups 1,2,3,4: Girls' Club Representative 2,3: Social Committee 4: G.A.A. 1,2,3,4: 300-point Award 2: Head of Horseback Riding 4: "Chimes of Normandy" 1: "Pinafore" 25 "Pirates of Penzance" 3: "Gon- doliers" 4: Orchestra 1,2,3,4: Ink- lings Contributor 3: Echoes Staff 4: Lens Club 1,2: Junior Music Club 1: Senior Music Club 2,3,4: Career Club 3,4: Treasurer 4: Psychology Club 4: Service Club 4: Smith. Edward Claffey 0 Wilmette. Dean Clark 0 Winnetka: Council Building and Grounds Committee 2,3: Usher Corps 3: Track 1,2,3,4: Letter 2,3,4: Glee Club 2: Swing Club 3: Vice-President 3: Rifle Club 1,2: Denison. Robert N. Clark 0 Winnetka: Tri-Ship Dance Com- mittee 3: Basketball 1,2,3,4: Foot- ball 2: Baseball 1,2,3,4: Letter 2,3: Glee Club 2: Colgate. Robert G. Clavey 0 Glenview. Robert Cleveland 0"Smiley," Winnetka: T.N.T. 4: Honor Group 4: Student Council Representative 4: Publicity Com- mittee 4: Inter-Scholastic Rela- tions Committee 4: Tri-Ship Rep- resentative 1: Club Room Com- mittee 3: Usher Corps 3,4: Golf 1: Track 2: Baseball 2,3,4: Letter 2,3,4: Basketball l,2,3,4: Letter 2.3,4: Co-captain 4: I-M Football Champs 4: 4'Wl1apoin' Wharf" 1: "Pirates of Penzancev 3: 'iGon- doliers" 4: Glee Club 2: Dramatic Club l.2,3: Career Club 3,4: Notre Dame. Charles Cloud ' Wilmette: Honor Group 4: I-M School Champions Handball 4: Rifle Club 3: Purdue. I34 Jean Coburn 0 Winnetka: Glee Club 1.2: French Club 3: Lawrence. S. David Collier 'Wilmette: Honor Society 4: Honor Groups 1,2,3,4: Student Council Representative 1,2: As- sembly Committee 2: Social Com- mittee 3: Glee Club 2,3: Inkllngs Contributor 3: Travel Club 2,3: President 2: Latin Club 2,3,4: President 2, Vice-President 3: French Club 2,3,4: "Le Flambeau" Staff 3,4: Archeology Club 1,2: Science Club 2,3: Book Club 2: Gavel Club 1,2: Musicale 4: Psy- chology Group 3,4, Secretary- Treasurer 4. Newton L. Compere "'Newt," Kenilworth: Informa- tion Desk 4: Usher Corps 4: Track 3,4, Letter 3,4: News Staff 3,4: Swing Club 3: Broadcasting Club 4, Vice-President 4: Hyde Park High School 1: Princeton. Cordelia Conner 9 Winnetka: Treble Clef 2: Glee Club 2,3: German Club 3,4: Bad- minton Club 1: University of Chi- cago. John Connley 0 Kenilworth: Basketball 2,3.4, Letter 2,4: I-M Football Champs 4. Frederick F. Connor 0 "Buzzie," Winnetka: Football 1,2,3,4: Letter 2,4: Swimming 1: Track 1,2: Tennis 1,2,4: Door Guard 3: Glee Club 1,2: "Pirates of Penzance" 3: "The Gondoliers" 4: Lens Club 1: Swing Club 3: Cornell. Leslie L. Cooke, Jr. 0 Winnetka: Lake Forest Academy 1,2: Los Alamos 3: Purdue. Nancy P. Cooper 0Winnetka: Honor Society 4: Honor Groups 1,2,3,4: Girls' Club Representative 3: Financial Corn- mittee 4: News Advertising Staff 2,3: Advertising Manager 4: Career Club 4: DePauw Uni- versity. Robert Cordts U "Corky," Wilmette: Tri-Ship Dance Committee 2,3,4: I-M Class Champs Football 2.3: Echoes Staff 3: Photography Editor 4: News Staff 2: Photography Editor 4: Lens Club 1,2,3,4: Vice-President Lens Club 4: Badminton 4: In- formation Desk 4: Northwestern University. John Corra ' 0 Glencoe: Golf 1,2,4: Track 3,4: Horseshoes 1,2,3,4: Sports Club 2,3. Donna Craft 0 Kenilworth: Girls' Club Repre- sentative 1: G.A.A. 2,3: French 3: Science 1. Julia H. Craig 'Winnetka: Honor Group 1: Girls' Club Representative 2: Girls' Club Publicity Committee 3: Girls, Club Publicity Chairman 4: G.A.A. 2.3,4: Chevron 2: Glee Club 2,3: News Staff 2: Club Editor 3: Literary Editor 4: Ink- lings Staff 2,3,4: French Club 2,3: Inklings Contributor Staff 3,4: Art League 4: Scriblerus 2,3: Arizona. llluriel V. Craig 'Kenilworthz Honor Society 4: Honor Groups 1,2,3: Gi'ls' Club Representative 2: Finance Com- mittee 4: G.A.A. 2.3: Soccer 1: Treble Clef 2: Glee Club 3: Opera Group 4: Spanish Club 2: Musi- cale 3: Sketch 3. Seniv? Denise Crosby 0 Glencoe: Honor Groups 3,4: Council Representative 1,2: Girls, Club Publicity Committee 3: Career Club 4: Baseball 2: Treble Clef 2: Glee Club 3,4: French Club 2,3,4: Travel Club 2,4: Knit- ting Club 3: G.A.A. 2,3,4: North- western. Sheridan Crumlish 'Wilmette: Musicale 1,2: Bad- minton Club 3: Art League 3,4: Antioch. Walter Wemple Cruttenden 'Highland Park: Council Build- ing and Grounds 4: Todd 1,2: Lake Forest Academy 3: North Shore School of Concentration 3: Kenyon. Edna C. Cummings 9 Wilmette: Honor Group 1,2,3,4: G.A.A. 1,2,3: Archery 2,3,4: Bas- ketball 2: Volleyball 2: Numerals 2: 300-point Award 2: 600-point Award 4: Official 4: Radio Club 1,2,3,4: Science Club 2.3.4: Geog- raphy Club 3: Girls' Career Club 3: News Staff 3: Knitting Club 3. James C. Cunningham 0 Glencoe: Honor Groups 2,3: "Lagniappe" 4: RiHe Club 1: Lens Club 2: Serving Club 4: Michigan. Robert Emmet Cunningham 0 Wilmette: Tri-Ship Dance Com- mittee 4: Football 4: .lunior Var- sity Letter 4: I-M Football, Basket- ball, Table Tennis: Inklings Staff 4: Swing Club 3: Career Club 4: Loyola Academy 1,2: "American Way" 4: Notre Dame. Kenneth Cushman ' Glencoe: T.N.T. 3,4: Council Representative 2,3: Building and Grounds Committee 2,3: Treasurer 4: Track Team 2,3: Letter 2.3,4: Dramatics HMI. Scrooge" 3: Glee Club 2,3: 6'Pirates of Penzance" 4: Echoes Staff 3: News Staff 3.4: Associate Editor 4: Dramatic Club 3,4: Gavel Club 2,3: Treasurer 3. Gladys Dalstrom ' Wilmette: Honor Groups 1,2,3,4: "Death Takes a Holidayn 4: Echoes Staff 3: News Staff 3,4: Inklings Contributor 4: Travel 2: Gavel 2: Broadcasting 2,3,4: Secre- tary 3: President 4: Dramatic Club 4: Scriblerus 4: Iowa Uni- versity. Suzanne G. Danley 'Winnetkax Honor Group 2: Hockey 1,2.3,4: Basketball 1,2: Baseball 1,2,3: 300-point Award 2: 600-point Award 4: "Pirates of Penzance" 3: Glee Club 1,2: Choir 3: Chicago. Florence S. Dault 0 Winnetka. Allan L. David ' Glencoe: Honor Society 4: Hon- or Groups 1,2,3: Baseball Manager 1: Tennis 3: "Pirates of Penzance" 3: Orchestra 2,3: Junior Music Club 1,2: Treasurer 2: Tri-Ship Representative 2: D.A.R. American History Contest 3. Esch Davies 0Chicago: Tri-Ship Dance Com- mittee 2: Tri-Ship Representative 1: Usher Corps 3: Rifle Club 3,4: German Club 3,4: Latin Club 3: Boys' Career Club 4: Swing Club 3: Northwestern. Nathan S. Davis 9 Winnetka: Honor Society 4: Honor Groups 1,2,3: Student Coun- cil Publicity Committee 4: Swim- ming 2,3,4: Letter 4: "The Ameri- can Way" 4: Echoes Staff 3: Career Club 4: Harvard. Grant Dean 'Glencoe: Baseball 1,2,3,4: Let- ter 2,3,4: Northwestern. Philip E. De Berard 0 "Phil," Wilmette: T.N.T. 4: Honor Group 3: Student Council Representative 1: Co-Chairman Building and Grounds Committee 4: Tri-Ship Representative 2: Usher Corps 4: Football 1.2: Let- ter 2: News Staff 3: Editor-in- Chief 4: Journalism Club 3: Dart- mouth. Albert P. Degen 'Winnetka: Honor Group 3: Track 4: St. .lohn's Military Academy 1,2. David R. Denis 0 Winnetka: Honor Group 2: f'Mr. Scrooge" 2: "The Poor Nut" 3: Echoes Staff 1,2: Inklings Con- tributor 2: Coin Club 3,4: Career Club 4. Virginia Denton 'Wilmette: White Cloud High School 1,2,3: National College of Education. Doris J. Dethloff 0 Winnetka: Glee Club 2,3: "Pirates of Penzancei' 3: Choir 4: German Club 3. Katherine De Vinny 'Wilmette: Girls, Club Social Committee 2: G.A.A. 1,2,3,4: Representative 2,4: Glee Club 3: Treble Clef 2: Spanish Club 2,4: Career Club 3,4: Northwestern. Marv Di Cesare ' Winnetka. Robert Dieterich 0 Wilmette: I-M Football Champs 4: Basketball 3: Lane-Senn 1,2. Gordon J. Diltz 0 Wilmette: I-M B a sketb all Champs 2,3: Glee Club 2: Rifle Club 3. Robert G. Dodds 0 Wilmette: T.N.T. 3,4, President 4: Honor Society 4: Honor Groups 2,3,4: Student Council Social Committee 3: Tri-Ship Junior Chairman 3: Inter-Scholastic Re- lations Committee 2: Vice-Presi- dent 4: "Whappin' Wharf" 1: f'Mr. Scroogei' 2: "The American Way" 4: Dramatic Club 1,2,3,4: Vice-President 3: President 4: Senior Class President 4: Sports Club 1,2.3: Treasurer 3: Broad- casting Club 2, President 2: Yale Club Award 3. Jane Dods 9 "Jamey," Winnetka: Girls' Club Publicity Committee 4: Echoes Staff 3: Associate Editor 4: Ink- lings Contributor 4. ' Harry C. Doolittle 9Winnetka: Honor Groups 2,4: Usher Corps 3.4: Swimming 2: I-M Football Champs 4: Orches- tra 1,2,3,4: "H.M.S. Pinafore" 2: Nc ti itie "The Pirates of Penzance" 35 "The Gondoliers" 45 "The Ameri- can Way" 45 Ride Club 1.25 Junior Music Club 1: Science Club 3,45 Senior Music Club 2,3,45 German Club 45 Career Club 3,45 MacLean Public Speaking Cup 4: Northwestern. J. Wfardle Dougherty "'Ward." Winiietkaz Honor Group 45 Glee Club 15 Debate Team 1,2,3,4, Captain 45 Forensic League 2,3,45 Treasurer 35 Gavel Club 1,2.3.45 President 35 Elmer Baker Award 35 Forensic Board 35 President 35 Badminton Club 45 Northwestern. Raymond G. Drebes 'Wilmette: Swimming 2.35 Or- chestra 'LChimes of Nor- mandy" 15 'iH.M.S. Pinaforen 25 'iPirates of Penzance" 35 Glee Club 1.25 Choir 45 Debate Team 3.45 Senior Music Club 35 Ger- man Club 3.4: Northwestern. Dolores Dressel 0 Wilmette: Student Council Rep- resentative 15 Inter-Scholastic Re- lation Committee 15 Girls' Club Charity Committee 25 Nautical Club 35 Career Club 4. Ned S. Eckel 'Wilmette: Roger Sullivan High School5 Northwestern. Alan R. Edmiston 0 W'ilmette: Tri-Ship Student Aid Committee 45 Dance Committee 45 Football 2,3,45 Letter 2,35 Swim- ming Manager 35 News Stall 3, Sports Club 2,35 Rifle Club 35 Carrizozo, New Mexico 15 Iowa. Salle Edwards 0 Wilmette: Honor Groups 1,35 Girls' Club Publicity Committee 35 Representative 25 Treble Clef 25 Lens Club 15 Gavel Club 25 Knit- ting Club5 Career Club 45 North- western. Horst Ehrhardt 0 Northfield: "Lagniappe" 3,45 "Daddy Longlegs" 45 "American Way" 45 Science Club 3,45 Chess Club 35 Psychology Club 45 Ger- man Club 45 Dramatic Club 45 Shortridge High School 15 Central High School 25 University of Chicago. Harry John Ekman 'Wilmette: Echoes Staff 35 Sci- ence Club 3, Treasurer 35 German Club 2,35 Career Club 35 Stamp Club 25 University of Chicago. Charles Eldridge 0 Winnetka: I-M Class Champs Football 2,35 Orchestra 15 Science Club 35 Northwestern. Leroy Elkin 0 Wilmette. Shirley R. Elftman 'Wilmette: Treble Clef 2,35 Service Club 4. Betty Jane Elliott 'Glencoe: Honor Groups 3545 Girls' Club Representative 15 Pub- licity Committee 45 G.A.A. 45 Hockey 4, Numerals 45 Chevron 45 Glee Club 1,25 "H.M.S. Pina- iore" 25 "The Gondoliers" 45 Choir 45 Inklings Contributor 45 Quill Club 1, Vice-President 15 Art League 35 Service Club 45 Northwestern. Grant R. Ellis 'Kenilworth: T.N.T. 3,45 Tri- Ship Secretary-Treasurer 45 Rep- resentative 25 Inter-Scholastic Re- lations Committee 25 Dinner Committee 35 Class Treasurer 35 Football 152,3,45 Letter 2,3,45 Swimming 1,2,3,4, Letter 2,3,45 Captain 25 Swimming Guard 1,2,3,45 Echoes Staff 35 Student Supervisor 3,45 Dartmouth. Robert M. Ellis "'Bob," Wilmette: T.N.T. 3,45 Honor Group 35 Class Social Com- mittee 25 Tri-Ship Representative 15 Chairman Inter-Scholastic Re- lations Committee 45 Usher Corps 3,45 Cheerleader 152,3,45 Letter 3,45 Track 45 I-M Punting for Accuracy Champ 35 Junior Or- chestra 1,25 News Staff 2,35 Cir- culation Manager 45 Latin Club 2,35 French Club 2,35 Swing Club 35 Dramatic Club 3,45 g'The Youngest" 35 "The American Way" 45 Student Supervisor 35 Amherst. William H. Ellis, Jr. 'Wilmette: Tri-Ship Representa- tive 2,45 Information Desk 3,45 Football 1,2,35 Basketball 2,3,45 Letter 2,45 Glee Club 1,25 Stu- dent Supervisor 45 Colorado. Joan Engelhard 0Winnetka: Student Council So- cial Committee 35 Girls' Club Social Committee 35 Friendly Com- mittee 45 Riiie Team 15 Numerals 15 300-point Award 25 "Enchanted April" 35 "Daddy Longlegs" 45 Treble Clef 15 Glee Club 2,35 "The Gondoliers" 45 Lens Club 15 Broadcasting Club 2,3,45 Dramatic Club 3,45 Career Club 45 William and Mary. Ruth Erickson 0 Winnetka. William Everham 'Wilmette: Football 2,45 Swim- ming 2,3,45 Baseball 2,45 Illinois. Mary Everitt 0 Winnetka: Girls' Club Charity Committee 45 Glee Club 45 Royce- more 1,253. Howard Fager 0 Winnetka: Honor Groups 1,2,35 Student Council Representative 3,45 Charter and Contact Commit- tee 15 Publicity Committee 45 Football 2,45 Letter 2,45 Baseball 1,2,4, Letter 2,45 Basketball 1,2,35 Letter 25 I-M Football Champs 15 Glee Club 15 Choir 2,3,45 En- semble 2,3,45 President 45 Opera Group 3,4, Vice-President 3: "H.M.S. Pinafore" 25 "Pirates of Penzance" 35 "The Gondoliers" 45 "The American Way" 45 "Lagniappe" 3,45 Ihklings Con- tributor 2,35 Science Club 35 Ger- man Club 45 Northwestern. Allen Fargo 'Glencoe: Honor Group 25 Stu- dent Council Building and Grounds Committee 45 Tri-Ship Representa- tive 35 Usher Corps 35 Baseball 1,25 I-M School Champion High Jump 45 Rifle Club 15 Lens Club 35 Swing Club 35 Badminton Club 35 Amherst. Charles Richard Farmer 0"Dick," Winnetka: Honor So- ciety 45 Honor Group 1,2,35 In- formation Desk 3,45 Class Social Committee 2,35 Usher Corps 3,45 Baseball 1,2,45 Letter 25 Foot- ball 2,3,45 Letter 45 Echoes Staff 45 News Staff 45 Sports Editor 45 Rifle Club 1,25 Wesleyan. Holden Farrar 0 Winnetka: Honor Society 45 Honor Groups 153,45 Information Desk 45 Usher Corps 45 Football 1,25 Tennis 35 Golf 45 I-M Foot- ball 3,45 I-M Basketball 2,35 I-M Baseball 15 Echoes Staff 45 Nau- tical Club 1,35 German Club 3,45 Dartmouth. C. William Farrow 0 Wilmette: Radio Club 45 Chess Club 45 Clayemore School, Dorset, England 1,2,35 Northwestern. Betty A. Faulstick ' f ' Kenilworth. Stephen I. Finney 'Wilmette: Honor Society 45 Honor Groups 2,3,45 Usher Corps 35 Orchestra 1,2,3,45 "Chimes of Normandy" 15 "Pinafore" 25 "Pirates of Penzance" 35 6'Gon- doliers" 4. Richard S. Fischer 0 Winnetka: Honor Group 45 Or- chestra 1,2,3,45 "Chimes of Nor- mandy" 15 "Pinafore" 25 "Pirates of Penzance" 35 "Gondoliers" 45 Junior Music Club 15 Senior Music Club 2,3,45 Treasurer 4. Blossom Fisher 0"Blos," Winnetka: Honor So- ciety 45 Honor Groups 1,2,35 Girls' Club Representative 45 Arrange- ment Committee 45 Basketball 1,3,45 Archery 35 Manager 25 Ride 15 Chevrons 15 Numerals 35 "Death Takes a Holiday" 45 "American Way" 45 Gavel Club 35 Broadcasting Club 2,3,45 Service' Club 3,45 President 45 Science Club 3,45 Career Club 35 Dra- matic Club 45 Wisconsin. Frances Fisher 'Winnetka: Girls' Club Repre- sentative 15 Basketball 25 Numer- als 25 Lens Club 152,3,45 Gavel Club 3,45 Broadcasting Club 2,3,45 French Club 3,45 Purdue. John W. Fisher 'Wilmette: T.N.T. 45 Council Social Committee 35 Study Hall Committee 45 Tri-Ship Representa- tive 45 Interscholastic Committee 45 Chairman Class Gift 45 Usher Corps 45 Information Desk 45 Football 15 Basketball 25 Letter 25 Athletic Manager Corps 35 Echoes Staff 35 Student Super- visor 45 Lens Club 45 Career Club 35 Washington and Jefferson. James F. Flanagan 0 "Mike," Kenilworth: H o n o r Group 35 Usher Corps 3,45 Track 45 "Pirates of Penzance" 35 g'Gon- doliers" 45 Glee Club 1,25 Echoes Staff 3,45 News Staff 3,45 "Ameri- can Way" 45 Broadcasting Club 35 Swing Club 35 Spanish Club 45 Career Club 3,4. C. Scholle Fleming 0Glencoe: Tri-Ship Representa- tive 25 Dance Committee 45 Foot- ball 1,2,3,45 Letter 25 Swimming 1,2,3,45 Guard 2,35 Rifle Club 2,3. Helen M. Flynn 'Winnetkax Girls' Club Repre- sentative 15 Friendly Committee 35 Glee Club 35 Swing Club 35 Secretary-Treasurer 3. James Fonda 0 "Jim," Winnetka. Ted Fossberg 'Wilmette: Tri-Ship Representa- tive 15 Service Staii 3. Matthew H. Fountain 'Glencoe: Football 1,2,35 Base- ball 1,2,3. Russell A. Foust, Jr. 0Winnetka: Honor Society 45 Honor Groups 1,2,3,45 Infomia- tion Desk 45 Swimming 1,253,45 Letter 2,45 "American Way" 45 Band 152,35 Letter 1,2,35 Rifle Club 1,2535 Radio Club 15 Stamp Club 2,35 Secretary5 Fencing Club 35 Science Club 45 Massa- chusetts Institute of Technology. Lois Fox 'Wilmette: Honor Group 35 Gavel Club 1,25 Nautical Club 35 National College5 Duke Univer- sity. Amelio Fragassi ' Winnetka: Tri-Ship Club Room Committee5 Football 25 Letter 25 "Enchanted April" 35 Radio Club 1,2,35 Dramatic Club 3. Marilyn Lee Frederick 0 "Freddy," Kenilworth: G.A.A. 2,3,45 Speedball 1,2,45 Basketball 45 Swimming 45 Volleyball 45 G.A.A. Representative 45 Social Committee5 300-point A w a r d5 Treble Clef Club 25 "Lagniappe" 35 Badminton Club 35 Syracuse. Horton French 0 "Buzz," Wilmette: Honor So- ciety 45 Honor Groups 1,2,3,45 Usher Corps 3,45 "Whappin' Wharf" 15 News Staff 3,45 De- bate Team 35 Forensic League 35 Class Social Committee 2,35 Echoes Staff 45 Information Desk 3,45 "Death Takes a Holiday" 45 "The American Way" 45 "Lagniappe" 45 Student Super- visor 45 Swimming Team 1,25 Dramatic Club 1,2,3,45 Gavel Club 35 Duke. Eugene W. Fuessle 0 Wilmette: Band 1,2,3,45 Letter 1,35 Chess Club 25 Door Guard 4. Richard C. Fuller 0 Wilmette: T.N.T. 45 Student Council Vice-President 45 Tri-Ship Inter-School Relations Committee 35 Door Guard 2,35 Usher Corps 45 Junior Prom Committee 35 "Lagniappe" 3,45 "The American Way" 45 Football 3,45 Letter 3,45 Baseball 2,3,4, Letter 2,3,45 Cap- tain 45 Debate Team 35 Student Supervisor 3545 Wellesley, Mass. 1,25 Dartmouth. Merril Mason Gaffney 'Winnetka: Honor Society 45 Honor Groups 1,2535 Student Council Representative 15 Student Relations Committee 15 Publicity Committee 35 "ML Scrooge" 25 Orchestra 1,2,3,45 "Chimes of Normandy" 15 "H.M.S. Pinafore" 25 "Pirates of Penzance" 35 "The Gondoliers" 45 Choir 45 Inklings Contributor 15 Science Club 1,2,3,45 Junior Music Club 15 Senior Music Club 2,3,45 Secretary 35 Chess Club 3,45 State Latin Champ 15 Harvard Club .Award 35 Student Supervisor 45 All- School Assembly Committee 45 Harvard. l35 Martha B. Gaffney 'Kenilworth: Honor Group 25 Girls' Club Social Committee 3: Arrangements Committee 45 6'The American Way" 45 Student Super- visor 45 G.A.A. 3,45 French Club 2,35 Knittfng Club 2,35 Career Club 45 Service Club 45 Evanston High School 15 Bradford. Hobart J. Gary 9 "Hoby," Wilmette: "Daddy Longlegs" 45 "The American Way" 45 Orchestra 1,2,3,45 'fH.M.S. Pinafore" 25 "Pirates of Penzance" 35 "The Gondoliers" 45 Glee Club 15 Archaeology Club 1,25 Science Club 1,2,35 Musicale 15 .lunior Music Club 1,25 Art League 45 Dramatic Club 45 Carleton. Avron Gensburg 0 Hubbard Woods: Lens Club 45 Senn High School 1,2,35 U. C. L. A. Carl Geppert 'Wilmette: Rifle Club 1,25 Lens Club 15 Purdue. Jacqueline S. Gerding 'Winnetkaz Treble Clef 15 Glee Club 2,35 Choir 45 Lens Club 2,35 Junior Music Club 2,35 Senior Music Club 45 Musicale 45 French Club 45 Penn Hall. Joseph A. Gingles 0 Winnetka: Iowa State. Richard S. Ginzburger 0 Winnetka: Door Guard 45 Jour- nalism Club 45 Spanish Club 4. Dulcy Goldstein 0 Winnetka: G.A.A. Representa- tive 15 Junior Music Club 15 Broadcasting Club 25 Career Club 25 John Marshall High School 1,35 Grinnell. Fred C. Gordon 0Winnetka: Honor Society 45 Honor Groups 1,2,35 Student Council Representative 25 Pub- lications Committee 25 Tri-Ship Student Aid Committee 35 Man- ager Corps 35 I-M Tennis Doubles Champs 35 "Enchanted April" 35 Inklings Staff 35 "The American Way" 45 Chess Club 2,35 Broad- casting Club 35 Badminton Club 35 Science Club 2,35 Dramatic Club 2,35 Franklin Merritt Ten- nis Award 3. Jeanne Graff 9Winnetka: G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Fist- ball 25 Hockey 1,2,3,45 Basketball 2,35 Volleyball 1,25 Representative 25 Awards Committee 35 300-point Award 25 Numerals 25 600-point Award 45 Chevron 45 News Staff 35 Latin Club 25 French Club 2,3,45 Career Club 3,45 Service Club 3,45 Miami. Virginia Graham 0 "Ginny," Winnetka: Girls' Club Employment Committee 25 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Swimming 15 Numerals 15 Senior Orchestra 15 "Chimes of Normandy" 15 "The Gondoliers" 45 Glee Club 35 Choir 45 French Club 35 Senior Music Club 45 Career Club 45 DePauw. John L. Grant 0 Glencoe: University High School 15 Andover 25 Dartmouth. Joan Grauer 'Wilmette: Honor Society 45 Honor Groups 3,45 Girls' Club Financial Committee 45 "D:'d'ly Longlegs" 45 "Death Takes a Holi- day" 45 "The American Way" 45 Dramatic Club 4: Broadcastng Club 45 French Club 45 Career Club 45 Sacred Heart Convent 1,2. Charles Grayling 0Winnetka: Track 1. I36 Arthur L. Green 0 Wilmette: Honor Group 35 'gDaddy Longlegs" 45 "The Ameri- can Way" 45 'SRose and the Ring" 25 Glee Club 15 Choir 25 Ensemble 25 "Chimes of Normandy" 15 "H.M.S. Pinafore" 25 Inglings Con- tributor 3,45 Science Club 3.45 Musicale 1,2,35 Senior Music C'ub 25 Scriblerus 3,45 Broadcasting Club 45 Dramatic Club 45 Ohio. Paul Greenberg 0Winnetka: Honor Society 45 Honor Groups 1,2,3,45 Tri-Ship Representative 25 Football 1,25 Tennis 2,3,45 Letter 3,45 Cantain 45 I-M Tennis Champs 35 Table Tennis Singles 35 Doubles 35 Or- chestra 1,25 Inklings Staff 3,45 Editor 45 Student Supervisor 45 Stanford. Harold Grenning 0 Glenview. Gordon Groh ' Wilmette: Glee Club 1,25 Sports Club 1,25 Rifle Club 45 Fencing Club 15 Northwestern. Gloria Guastapalia 'Wilmette: Mallinckrodt 1,2. Carolyn M. Gubbins 'Kenilworth: Girls' Club Repre- sentative 35 Social Committee 45 G.A.A. Representative 35 Career Club 35 French Club 25 Rifle Club 15 Bradford. James J. Guinan 'Winnetkaz Football 3,45 Letter 45 Track 2,3,45 Letter 2,3,4. Cythera E. Guthridge 0 Wilmette: Honor Society 45 Honor Groups 1,2,3,45 Girls' Club Representative 35 Financial Com- mittee 45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Soccer 15 Arrangements Committee 45 Numerals 15 Treble Clef 15 Glee Club 2,3,45 Travel Club 35 French Club 3,45 Northwestern. Melvin Guthrie 0 Winnetka: I-M Football Champs 1,2,35 News Staff 2,35 Deba'e Team 2,35 Forensic League 2,35 Nautical Club 1,2,3,45 Gavel Club 1,2,35 Lens Club 2,35 Albian. Charles H. Guy 'Wilmette: Honor Society 45 Honor Groups 3,45 Football 2,3,45 Letter 2,45 Basketball Letter 25 Boys' Career Club 3,45 Birming- ham, Alabama 1,25 U. S. Naval Academy. Dorothea Jean Haake 'Winnetkaz Honor Society 45 Honor Groups l,2,35 "American Way" 45 "H.M.S. Pinafore" 25 "Pirates of Penzance" 35 "Gon- doliers" 45 Glee Club 15 Opera Group 2,35 Choir 3,45 Archeology Club 15 French Club 2,45 Latin Club 2,35 Senior Music Club 3,45 Northwestern. Donald Haase 9 Winnetka: Band 2,3,45 Letter 35 Radio Club 15 Science Club 45 Nautical Club 45 Purdue. Carter Hadley ' 0 Wilmette. Marjorie L. Haigh 'Wilmette: Commerce Club 3. David C. Hall 'Glencoez Student Council As- sembly Committee 45 Tri-Ship Dance Committee 45 '4Lagni:1pae" 3,45 2Lagniappe" Music Director 3,45 Tennis 3,45 "American Way" 45 6'Pirates of Penzance" 35 Study Hall Student Supervisor 35 Pawl- ing School 15 Dartmouth. Senivt Donald Frederick Halnley 0Glencoe: Baseball 1,25 Letter 25 Football 25 I-M Basketball Champs 35 School Champ Passing for Accuracy 35 Opera Group 35 Glee Club 1,25 Sports Club 1,2. John H. Happ 9 Winnetka: Badminton Club 3. Shirley Jean Harrison ' Glenview: Girls' Career Club 4. James Hart 0 Winnetka. David Harvey 0 Wilmette: Football 15 Swim- ming 1,25 Nautical Club 25 Study Hall Supervisor 35 Swimming Guard 2. Joanne Hathaway 9Kenilworth: Student Council Assembly Committee 35 Student Council Representative 25 Build- ing and Grounds Committee 25 Class President 35 G.A.A. Repre- sentative 15 Lens Club 2,35 Secre- tary 35 Rifle Club 15 Bradford. Leonard R. Haupt ' Glenview: Track 3,45 Rifle Club 45 Sports Club 45 Northern nois State Teacher's College. Ralph R. Hawxhurst, Jr. 0 Kenilworth: Glee Club 15 Opera Group 2,3,45 "Pirates of "Penz- ance" 35 News Stall 45 Rifle Club 1,2,3,45 Notre Dame. Samuel G. Hayes 'Winnetka: Rifle Club 25 Chess Club 25 St. Albans 15 Todd 45 Iowa Wesleyan. Geraldine M. Heffernan ' Wilmette. Leonard W. Helke 0 Glencoe: Honor Society 45 Hon- or Groups 1,2,3,45 Inklings Con- tribution Staff 35 German Club 2,3,45 Rifle Club 1,25 Lens Club 1,25 Northwestern Technological Institute. S. Karen Hellstrom ' Wilmette: Honor Roll 45 Base- ball5 300-point Award5 Officials Committee5 Spanish Club 45 Girls' Career Club 45 Service Club5 Uni- versity of Arizona. Doris Marie Helmstadter 'Wilmette: Girls' Club Repre- sentative 35 Soccer 25 News Staff 45 Girls' Career Club 3,45 Musi- cale 45 Service Club 45 William Woods. Harold G. Henderson 0 Wilmette: Tri-Ship Representa- tive 15 Football 1. t Nancy Henderson 0 Wilmette: "Gondoliers" 45 Glee Club 35 Choir 45 French Club 35 Treble Clef Club 25 Northwestern University. Norma Henkins 'Glencoez News Staff 45 Girls' Career Club 45 Evanston Hgh School 1,2,35 University of Illinois. Jack Henningsen 'Chicagoz RiHe Club 1,2,3,45 Radio Club 1,25 Lens Club 1.25 German Club 25 Career Club 3,45 Rifle Team Awardg Door Guard 3,45 Northwestern University. Verna Henricks 'Glenview: Honor Society 45 Honor Groups 1,2,3,45 Commerce Club 1,2,3,45 President 45 Bryant and Stratton. Bernice A. Herbon 'Wilmette: Glee Club 35 Treble Clef Club 25 Commerce Club 45 Metropolitan Business School. Joan Hess 'Wilmette: LaCrosse 15 Class Manager 25 Kemper Hall 35 Northwestern University. Charlton Heston 0 "Chuck," Wilmette: Honor Groups 2, 35 Football 1,25 6'Whappin' Wharf" 15 "Trelawney of the Wells" 35 "Death Takes a Holiday" 45 'The American Way" 45 Inklings Staff 35 Art League 1,2,35 Vice-President 35 Drama Club 1,2,3,45 Broadcasting Club 3,45 Rifle Club 1,2. Wesley Hickman ' "Wes," Wilmette: J. V. Foot- ball 45 .lunior Orchestra 25 Knox. Melville Hill "'Mike," Wilmette: T.N.T. 3,45 Honor Group 15 Student Council Representative 15 Council Pub- licity Committee 1,2,3,45 Tri-Ship Representative 25 Student Aid Committee 35 Chairman 45 Usher Corps 3,45 Swimming 1,2,3,45 Let- ter 45 Guard 1,2,3,45 Senior Foot- ball Manager 45 "Whappin' Wharf" 15 "American Way" 45 Echoes Staff 1,2,35 News Staff 3,45 Dramatic Club 1,2,3,45 Lens Club 2,35 All-school Assembly Committee 45 Student Supervisor 4. Leonard Hillinger 0 Wilmette. Dorothea Hinman 0Winnetka: Honor Society 45 Honor Groups 1,2,3,45 Student Council Representative 15 Student Council Contact Committee 15 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Hockey 1,25 300- point Award 25 Junior Orchestra 2,35 Orchestra 45 Glee Club 2,35 News Staff 45 Coin Club 2,3,45 President 25 Vice-President 35 .lunior Music Club 25 Senior Music Club 3,45 Girls' Career Club 35 Smith. R. Gordon Hinners 0 Winnetka: Honor Group 15 Student Council Representative 15 Student Council Student Relations Committee 15 Tri-Ship Inter-Schol- astic Relations Committee 45 Usher Corps 3,45 Baseball 15 Basketball 1,45 "Lagniappe" 45 "Chimes of Normandy" 15 "H.M.S. Pin:-1fore" 25 "Pirates of Penzance" 35 "The Gondoliers" 45 Band 1.2,35 Opera Group 1,2,3,45 Choir 2,3,45 Ensemble 3,45 Senior Music Club 3,45 Study Hall Student Supervisor 3,45 Dartmouth. Barbara J. Hodges 0 Wilmette: Honor Group 35 G.A.A. 1,45 Publicity Committee 45 Glee Club 1,45 News Staff 45 Career Club 45 Journalism Club 45 French Club 45 Michigan City, Indiana 25 Westville, Indiana 35 University of Indiana. John Hoettzer 0'4Iack," Kenilworth: Swimming 2,3,45 Letter 2,3,45 Band 1,2,35 Nautical Club 3,45 Swing Club 35 Guard 2,3,45 Traffic Squad 3,45 Purdue. 14cti itie Connie L. Hofeld 9Winnetka: G.A.A. 2,3,4: Soccer 13 Numerals 13 Glee Club 32 Treble Clef 2g Art League 33 Lens Club 3g Knitting Club 33 French Club 3,42 Carleton. Kathryn Y. Hoffrnan 9Wilmette: Baseball 1: B21Slit'l- ball 13 Commerce Club 1.2.3. Kenneth R. Hoffman 9 Wilmette: Football 4: Letter 43 Rifle Club 1.2. Norman Hoifman 9WVilmette: Football 1,2.4: Door Guard 43 Northwestern. Pauline M. Hoffman 9Northfield: Service Club 43 Burham. Gertrude L. Holste 9 "Trudie." Northbrook: G.A.A. 3,43 Baseball 2,33 Basketball 33 Numerals 33 Chevron 23 Com- merce Club 3,43 German Club 2,33 Service Club 43 University of WVis- consin. John F. Homan 9Glenview: Rifie Club 23 Door Guard 43 Northwestern. Grace M. Horn 9 Winnetka: Glee Club 1,23 "Pir- ates of Penzance" 33 Service Club 4. Tom E. Hough 9 Winnetka: Tri-Ship Interscholas- tic Relations Committee 43 Foot- ball 1,23 Letter 23 Swimming 2,3,43 Letter 2,3,4, Co-Captain 49 I-M Swimming Champs 13 Glee Club lg "Pinafore" 23 Choir 23 Information Desk, 43 Dartmouth. Edwin C. Howell 9"Ned," Winnetka: Swimming 2,3,4: Football 43 'gPinafore" 23 Glee Club 1. Thomas R. Howett 9Wilmette: Inklings Contributor lg Travel Club 2, Secretary-Treas urer 23 Archeology Club 1,23 Sci- ence Club 1,2,3,4, Presidgnt 23 Hobby Club 2,3, President 2,33 Journalism Club 2,3,4, Secretary- Treasurer 3, Vice-President 43 Swing Club 2,33 President 23 Stamp Club 2,3,4, Secretary-Treas- urer 3, President 43 Psychology Group 43 Musicale 43 North- western. Tom Hoyne 9 Winnetka: Orchestra 1 2 3,43 "Chimes of Normandy" I3 '6H.M.S. Pinafore" 23 "Pirates of Penz- ance" 33 "The Gondo'iers" 43 Echoes Staff 33 Inklings Staff 4. Frank B. Hubachek 9 "Bill," Glencoe: T.N.T. 43 Hon- 01- Groups 1,33 Tri-Ship Repre- sentative 1,23 Dance Comm'ttee 33 Chairman 43 Class Social Com- mittee 3,43 Class Treasurer 43 Usher Corps 43 Football 1,2,43 Let- ter 43 News Stairt 3,43 Student Supervisor 43 Yale. Thomas R. Huck 9 Wilmette. John Hughes 9 Wilmette: Honor Group 43 Stu- dent Council Representative 2,33 Social Committee 2: F'nance Com- mittee 33 Usher Corps 3: Track 172,33 Letter 2,43 Glee Club 2,33 President 33 Opera Group 4.3 President 4: Spanish Club 43 UU" versity of Wisconsin. Robert K. Humphrey 9 Winnetka: Honor Society 43 Honor Groups 1,2,33 Orchestra 1, 2,3,4: "Chimes of Normandy" 13 "H.M.S. Pinafore" 23 "Pirates of Penzance" 33 "The Gondoliers" 43 .lunior Music Club 13 Career Club 33 Science Club 4. Kenneth R. Hunt 9 Winnetka: Honor Group 13 Baseball 2g French Club 2. Robert Calvin Huntsman 9 Glenview: Rifle Club 3. Fred Hurlbutt 9 Winnetka: Football 33 Letter 33 Track 2,33 Swimming 13 Swing Club 33 Lens Club 3. Sally G. Hyde 9 Winnetka: Girls' Club Publicity Committee 43 Glee Club 33 Choir 3,43 "Pirates of Penzance" 43 Ink- lings Contributor 3,43 Francis Parker 1,23 Olivet College. Richard D. Idler 9Wilmette: Student Council So- cial Committee 33 Finance Com- mittee 43 Tri-Ship Representative 23 Club Room Committee 43 Swimming 1,2,3,43 Letter 1,2,3,43 Guard 43 I-M Football Champs 43 Junior Orchestra 13 Glee Club 1,23 Career Club 3,43 "The Gondoliers" 43 Cornell. Doris Iverson 9 Winnetka. Evelyn Jacobsen 9 Wilmette: Girls' Club Financial Committee 23 Representative 1,43 Glee Club 2,3,43 Musicale 3,43 French Club 43 Career Club 4g Spanish Club 43 Northwestern. Mary Antha James '9 Wilmette: Honor Society 43 Honor Groups 1,2,3,43 Girls' Club Publicity Committee 43 Rhythms 1,2,3,43 Soccer 13 Speedball 2,3,43 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Volleyball 23 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Representative 33 Numerals 13 Chevron 13 300 Po'nt Award 23 600 Point Award 23 800 Point Award 33 Officials Chairman 43 Glee Club 1,2, Secretary 23 Treble Clef 13 "Pirates of Penz- ance" 33 "The Gondoliers" 43 Choir 3,43 Ensemble 4g French Club 2,3,43 Career Club 3,43 Mus- icale 33 Senior Music Club 4. Julia Janicki 9 "Judy," Wilmette: Honor Society 43 Honor Groups 1,2,3,43 Student Council Representative 23 Study Hall Committee 23 Girls' Club Representative 13 Rhythms 1,2,3,43 LaCrosse 13 300 Po'nt Award 13 600 Point Award 23 800 Po'nt Award 33 Career Club 3,43 Uni- versity of Washington. Phyllis Jansson 9Winnetka: Girls' Club Repre- sentative 23 Publicity Committee 33 Glee Club 2,3,4. Arminda J. Jeffreys 9 Glencoe: Honor Society 43 Hon- or Groups 1.2,3,43 Girls' Club Rep- resentative 13 Arrangements Com- mittee 3,442 .Iunior Prom 33 G.A.A. 1.2,3,43 Treble Clef 13 Glee Club 2.33 French Club 2,3.43 Travel Club 2,343 Journalism Club 2,33 Service Club 43 Sweet Briar. Lyman Jeffreys 9 Glencoe: Science Club 33 Arch- aeology Club 4. John T. Jerrard 9 Winnetka: I-M Basketball Champ 23 Glee Club 33 "The Gon- doliers" 43 Rifle Club 1,2,3,43 Nautical Club 4. Kirgis Johnson 9 Wilmette: Nautical Club 1,2,33 Lens Club 33 Riflle Club 13 Stamp Club 3. Ralph Johnson 9 Wilmette: Tennis 23 Basketball Class Champs 23 Lens Club 2,33 "Lagniappe" 43 Illinois College. Marjorie M. Johnston 9 Wilmette: Honor Society 43 Honor Groups 1,2,3,43 Girls' Club Friendly Committee 33 G.A.A. 1,2, 3,43 Social Committee 33 Recrea- tional Sports Manager 33 300 Point Award 23 600 Point Award 33 800 Point Award 43 Musicale 2g French Club 33 Travel Club 33 Career Club 3,43 Service Club 43 News Staff 43 Lawrence. Richard V. Jones 9 Kenilworth: Cheerleader 1,2,3,43 Letter 43 "American Way" 43 Glee Club 23 Nautical Club 1,2,3, 4, Secretary 2, Treasurer 3, Pres- ident 43 Echoes Staff 43 News Staff 4. Samuel K. Jorjorian 9 Wilmette: Football 1,23 Glee Club 2,33 Service Staff 43 "Amer- ican Way" 4. Kenneth W. Jost 9Glencoe: Basketball 1,23 Letter 2. Patricia Joyce 9 Winnetka: Glee Club 1,23 Treble Clef Club 13 G.A.A. 1,2,3, 43 Social Committee 23 Swimming 23 Soccer 2g Syracuse University. Donald Bradford Judsen 9 Wilmette: Honor Group 33 Tri- Ship Inter-Scholastic Relations Committee 33 Football 33 Swim- ming 3,43 Letter 3, Guard 3,4, Co- Captain 43 Student Council Study Hall Committee 43 Usher Corps 43 Loyola Academy 1,2. David Kelly Kagan 9Winnetka: Honor Groups 1.23 Building and Grounds Committee 13 Council Representative 13 Bas- ketball 13 Football 13 News Staff Feature Editor 43 Inklings Con- tributor 33 University of Chicago. Richard Kahn 9 Wilmette: Honor Society 43 Hon- or Groups 2.33 Track 23 Glee Club 2,33 Lens Club 1,2,33 Swarthmore. Lillian Kale 9 Wilmette: Neillsvell High School 1.2. Dorothy J. Karnes 9Wilmette: G.A.A. 1,2,3.43 Base- ball 1,33 Volleyball 33 Speedball 1,4, head 43 Basketball 3,43 Chev- ron 33 Ollicials 33 300-point Award 33 600-point Award 43 Treble Clef 23 French Club 3.4: Northwestern. Lucy E. Kaspar 9 4'Lou" Wilmette: G.A.A. 23 Bas- ketball 23 Commerce 2,3. Bertha Elizabeth Katz 9"But" Winnetlta: Honor Group 43 Girls' Club Friendly Commitlee 4: Glee Club 33 Trebel Clef 2: Opera Group 43 Art League 1,2,3. 4, Secretary 2,3, President 3, Treis- urer 43 Sketch Club 1.2.3, Secre- tary 2, President 33 Cra't Club Secretary 2: Career Club 3,41 Musicale 43 Purdue. Jacqueline L. Kat.: 9 Wilmette: Honor Groups 2,3 4: Girls Club Representative 2g Fi- nancial Committee 33 Orchestra 2,33 Inklings Contributor 2,33 French Club 2,33 Career Club 3.43 Junior Music Club 23 University of Wisconsin. Betty Ann Kearns 9 Winnetka: Knitting Club 33 Career Club 3,43 Marywood 1,2. Everett Kennedy 9Wilmette: Student Council Building And Grounds Committee 33 Tri-Ship Dance Committee 3,42 Dinner Committee 3,43 Usher Corps 3,43 Information Desk 4: Football 1,2,3,4, Letter 2,3,4: Track 33 Career Club 343 Lens Club 43 "The American Wayf' Janet R. Kern 9Wilmette: Honor Groups 1,32 "Whapp'n' Wharf" 13 Lens Club 13 Dramatic Club 1,2,3,43 Service Club 3,43 Latin Club 2,3,4, Vice- President 3, Secretary 43 Stephens. John Ketcham 9 "Jack," Winnetka: Tri-Ship Student Aid Committee 23 Inkings Contributor lg News Staff 43 German Club 23 Cornell. Ed Ketchum 9 Wilmette: Career Club 33 Web- ster Groves High School 1,2,3. Frederic H. Kilner 9Kenilworth: Honor Society 4: Honor Groups 1,2,3,43 Orchestra 1,2,3,43 "Chimes of Normandy" 1: "H.M.S. Pinafore" 23 "Pirates of Penzance" 33 "The Gondoliersv 4: Stamp Club 43 Career Club 4: Dartmouth. Alfred D. King 9 Winnetka: Honor Group 2. Margaret Jean Kirchner 9 Wilmette: Honor Group 1: Treble Clef 23 Glee Club 33 Serv- ice Club 3,43 Kahler School of Nursing. Margaret M. Kivlan 9 Wilmette: Commerce Club 1. Robert Klagstad 9 "Bob," Winnetka: Honor Society 43 Honor Groups 1,2,3,43 Usher Corps 43 Echoes StaH 3, Editor-in Chief 43 M.I.T. Elizabeth H. Kletzien 9 Winnetka: T.N.T. 3,43 Honor Society 43 Honor Groups 1,2,3,4: Student Council Representative 2, 33 Publicity Committee 2,33 Class Social Committee 2,33 G.A.A. 1,2, 3,4, President 43 Head of Hockev 3: Hockey 1,2,3,43 Swimming 1.2, 3,43 Baseball 1,2,33 Basketball 1. 2,33 Numerals 13 Chevron 13 300- point Award 23 600-po'nt Award 33 800 point Award 43 Treble Clef 23 Glee Club 33 News Staff 2,33 French Club 2,3,43 Career Club 3. 43 All School Assembly Committee 43 Wisconsin. J. William Kloepfer, Jr. 9"Bill," Glencoe: Honor Groups 2.43 Student Council Publicitv Committee 43 "Rose and the Ring" 23 "Trelawney of the Wells" 33 "The American Way" 43 News ,Staff 1,2,3,4, Feature Editor 4: Inklings Contributor 4: Spanish Club 2, 4: Career Club 3.43 Swing Club 23 Dramatic Club 2,3,4: Coe College. Margie M. Kneip 9 Wilmette: Honor Groups 2,3,4: Girls' Club Representative 33 Treble Clef 23 Commerce Club 1,23 Career Club 33 Service Club 43 Bryant and Stratton. I37 Virginia H. Koch 9 Winnetka: Honor Society 4: Honor Groups 1,2,3,43 Girls' Club Financial Committee 33 Charity Committee 43 G.A.A. 3,43 Awards Committee 43 "The Gondoliers" 43 Glee Club 33 Treble Clef 23 Lens Club 1,23 French Club 3,43 Travel Club 2,3,4, President 33 Career Club 3,43 Wellesley. Edward Kopper 9"Ted," Winnetka: Track 1,22 Glee Club 1,2,3,43 Trallic Squad 3,43 Nautical Club 13 Career Club 4g Williams. J. Stephen Kopper 9Winnetka: Football 1,33 Track 2,33 Glee Club 13 Nautical Club 13 Trafiic Squad 3. Frances Kracha 9Wilmette: T.N.T. 43 Honor Groups 3,43 Student Council Rep- resentative 43 Assembly Committee 4g G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Representative 23 Arrangements Committee 43 Basketball 2,3,43 Tennis 1,2,3,4. Manager 1,2,3,43 Volleyball 2: 300-point Award 23 600-point Award 43 News Staff 3, Copy Desk Editor 43 Lens Club 2,3,4, Secre- tary 43 Gavel Club 1,2,33 Broad- casting Club 2,33 Career Club 3,41 Stamp Club 13 University of Colo- rado. Charlotte L. Kraft 9 Winnetka: Treble Clef 23 Glee Club 33 News Staff 33 French Club 2,3,43 Rifle Club 13 Marjorie Webster. PeterKreer 9 Winnetka: Honor Society 4: Honor Groups 1,2,33 Usher Corps 3,43 Football 4, Letter 43 Basket- ball 1,2,3,4, Letter 1,2,3,43 Tennis 1,2,3,4, Letter 2,3,43 Co-Chairman udent Council Assembly Com- St mittee 43 Glee Club 13 Choir 2,3. 43 Ensemble 3,43 '4H.M.S. Pina- fore" 23 "Pirates of Penzance" 3: Inkling Contributor 33 Senior Music Club 3,43 Princeton. Diane K. Kremm 9 "Dy," Winnetka: G.A.A. 1,2,3,4: LaCrosse 13 Numerals 13 300-point Award 33 Glee Club 2,3,43 "The- American Way" 43 German Club 1,2,3, Secretary 33 Broadcasting Club 33 Knitting Club 3,43 Career Club 4g Mary Baldwin. Alice C. Kresge 9Wilmette: Girls' Club Repre- sentative 13 Friendly Committee 13 G.A.A. Representative lg Glee Club 2,33 Treble Clef 23 Rifle Club 23 Knitting Club 33 Denison. Harvey F. Kreusch 9 Wilmette. Vera A. Kreusch 9Winnetka: Honor Groups 3,43 Art League 3,43 Lake View High School 1,2. Kenneth Krueger 9 Glenview: Baseball 2,32 Door Guard 1,2,3,43 University of Michi- gan. Eleanor Sue La Bonte 9"Libby," Wilmette: T.N.T 43 Honor Group 2,3,43 Student Coun- cil Financial Committee 33 Pub- licity Committee 43 Girls' Club Representative 1, Secretary 4: Publicity Committee 13 Social Committee 33 Class Secretary 23 G.A.A. 2,3,43 "Mr, Scrooge" 23 "Trelawney of the Wells" 3: "Death Takes a Holiday" 43 "The American Wa5f" 43 Opera Group 33 "The Gondoliers" 43 Treble Clef 13 Glee Club 23 Choir 4: I38 Echoes Staff 2,3,43 News Staff 1. 2,3,43 Inklings Contributor 33 Broadcasting Club 23 Dramatic Club 2,3,43 Players 43 North- western. Marjorie Ann Lafferty 9Kenilworth: Honor Society 4: Honor Groups 1,2,33 Girls' Club Employment Committee 1, Repre- sentative 23 G.A.A. 1,2,33 Hockev lg Numerals 13 Representative 1, 3: Treble Clef 13 Glee Club 23: "The Gondoliers" 43 "Lagniappe" 3,43 Colorado College. Mary Jane Lafferty 9Kenilworth: Honor Society 4: Honor Groups 1,2,3,43 Girls' Club Social Committee 13 "Lagniappe" 3.43 "The American Way" 4: Treble Clef 13 Glee Club 2,32 Opera Group 43 Colorado College. Geraldine 0. Langford 9 Wilmette: Honor Group 23 Girls' Club Representative 33 G.A.A. 1, 2,3,43 Head of Baseball 43 Base- ball 2,33 Basketball 1,2,3,43 La- crosse 1,23 Hockey 2,3,43 Volley- ball 23 Head of Lacrosse 33 300- point Award 23 600-point Award 33 800-point Award 43 Numerals 1: Chevron lg Glee Club 23,4: "Illinois" Hockey Team 2,3,4: Girls' Career Club 3,43 Spanish Club 43 Northwestern. Harold T. Langford 9 Wilmette: Baseball 23 1-M Hand- ball Champ 33 RiHe Club 3,4. Richard James Lapat 9Wilmette: Loyola Academy 1, 2,33 Illinois. M. Anne Lascelles 9 Wilmette: Honor Groups 2,3,43 Student Council Representative 13 Building and Grounds Com- mittee 13 Girls' Club Repre- sentative 43 Friendly Committee 23 Charity 33 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4: Rhythms 13 Treble Clef 23 French Club 2,3,43 Knitting Club 3: MacMurrary. Amelia Mary Lattzani 9 Winnetka. Norma J. Lazzarelto 9 Glencoe: Honor Group 13 Serv- ice Club 3,4. Martha Leach 9Wilmette: Soccer 13 G.A.A. 1, 2,3,43 Lacrosse 13 Hockey 2,4: Volleyball 2,3Q Publicity Com- mittee 23 Omcials Committee 33 300-point Award 2g 600-point Award 3g Officials 2g Career Club 3,43 Spanish Club 43 Service Club 43 National College of Edu- cation. George D. Leal 9 Wilmette: Glee Club 1,23 Opera Group 3,43 A.T.l. Russell Leech 9 Wilmette: Trafhc Squad 3,43 Door Guard 3,43 I-M Football Champs 43 Lens Club 2,3,43 Hob- by Club 33 Career Club 43 Duke. Warren Lehman, Jr. 9 "Bill,'l Glencoe. Edith Levy 9Glencoe: Honor Groups 3,41 Girls' Club Publicity Committee 43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Hockey 23 Swimming 1,2,3 3 Telegraphic Team 33 Echoes Staff 33 Inklings Contributor 33 Travel Club 2,32 Book Club 23 Career Club 4: Sophie Newcombe. Sanford I. Lewis 9 W i l m e t t ez "Lagniappe" 33 Broadcasting Club 3. Seni 7 Jack Ley 9 Wilmette: Swimming 2,43 Radio Club 23 Rifle Club 2g Marist Col- lege lg Notre Dame. Leonard Liebschutz 9 Winnetka: Honor Groups 3,43 Tennis 2,3,43 University of Penn- sylvania. Patricia Lind 9Winnetka: Girls' Club Repre- sentative 1,33 Knitting Club 3: Lens Club 43 Spanish Club 2. Grace Lindsey 9Winnetka: Honor Group 23 G.A.A. 2,3,43 Representative 4: Baseball 23 Numerals 23 Career Club 3g Service Club 43 Musicale 43 Spanish Club 43 Monticello. Jean E. Lindstrom 9 ".leaner," Wilmette: Honor Group 1,3,43 Treble Clef 23 Glee Club 3,43 Girls' Club Employ- ment Committee 43 French Club 2,3,43 Career Club 3,43 Knitting Club 33 North Park Junior Col- lege. Bette R. Linwood 9 "Lin," Winnetka: Lake View High School 1,2,3. Mariam Loegler 9 "Mimi," Wilmette: Career Club 3,43 Evanston High School 1,2: Denison. Norman Long 9 Winnetka: Honor Groups 1,2,3: Chess Club 2,3. Catherine Loucks 9Kenilworth3 T.N.T. 43 Honor Group 13 Girls' Club Representa- tive 1,2,33 Charity Committee 3, Chairman 43 Class Social Com- mittee 33 G.A.A. 3,43 Speedball 23 Volleyball 33 Glee Club 1,23 uPirates of Penzance" 3g "The Gondoliers" 43 Choir 3,43 Echoes Staff 33 News Staff 2,3,43 Inklings Contributor 3,43 Spanish Club 2, 43 .lournalism Club 2,33 Career Club 3g Book Club 2,33 Travel Club 2,3,4, President 43 German Club 4. Mary Louise Lucas 9 Wilmette: G.A.A. 1,2,33 Chevron 23 Glee Club 33 Treble Clef 2: "The Gondoliers" 43 Choir 4: Quill Club 13 Career Club 43 Wisconsin. Marianne G. Ludden 9 Glenview: Honor Society 4: Honor Groups 2,35 Glee Club 2,33 Opera Group 43 Art League 3: Sketch Club 2g Moser. Kiki Lulias 9Wilmette: G.A.A. 1,2,33 Volley- ball 2,33 Baseball 1,23 Basketball 2,33 Numerals 13 Chevron 2,33 "Pirates of Penzance" 3g Opera Group 43 Glee Club 2g Lens Club 1,23 Gavel Club 2,35 Musicale 4. Eleanor Lundberg 9Winnetka: Badminton Club 4: University of New Mexico. William M. Lundberg 9Winnetka: Student Council Fi- nancial Committee 13 Swimming23 Gavel Club lg Chess Club 2,3,43 Rifle Club 33 St. Johns. Katherine E. Lyman 9 Winnetka: Honor Society 4: Honor Groups 1,2,3,43 Girls' Club Representative 43 Lens Club 1: Quill Club 1,23 Latin Club 2,3,43 Knox. Arthur MacDonald 9 Wilmette: Information Desk 4: Traflic Squad 3,43 Book Club 2: Travel Club 2g Illinois. Shirley MacD0well 9 "Sherrie," G.A.A. 23 Glee Club 2,3,43 Lens Club 13 Travel Club 23 French Club 3,43 Career Club 43 Denison. Gerald S. MacFarland 9 Wilmette: West Philadelphia High School 1,2,3. Carol L. Mack 9Winnetka: Service Club 3,43 Evanston Cradle. Charles Mack 9 "Chuck," Glencoe: Tri-Ship Representative 3,43 Infonmation Desk 43 Usher Corps 43 Swim- ming 1,2,3,43 Letter 2,43 I-M Foot- ball Champs 43 Echoes Staff 4: Science Club 1,23 Badminton Club 3g Michigan. Warren MacKenzie 9 Wilmette: T.N.T. 43 Honor Groups 2,3,43 "Whappin' War-f" 13 "Trelawney of the Wells" 33 "Dad- dy Longlegs" 43 "Death Takes a Holiday" 43 'The American Way" 43 Light Crew 3,4, Head 43 Dram- atic Club 1,2,3,43 Player 43 Art League 1,2,3, President 3. Nancy Macqueene 9Winnetka: Girls' Club Repre- sentative 23 G.A.A. 2,3,43 Speed- ball 1,2,33 Basketball 1,23 Base- ball 1,2,33 "Christmas Carol" 2: Glee Club 13 Dramatic Club 2,3,4: Career Club 3,43 Service Club 3,43 William Woods. Robert W. Maeser 9 "Bob," Kenilworth: Usher Corps 43 Information Desk 43 Football 23 Basketball Manager 3,43 Let- ter 3,43 "Lagniappe" 3g Stage Crew 2,3,43 Orchestra 13 Band 1, 2g News Staff 3g Dramatic Club 2,3,43 Spanish Club 2,43 Rifle Club 23 Chess Club 23 Sports Club 2,43 Illinois. Eloise H. Magnet 9Wilmette: G.A.A. 1,2,33 Soccer 13 Speedball 23 Basketball 1,23 Representative 33 Numerals 13 Glee Club 2,3,43 Service Club 43 DePauw. Marilyn Malmquist 9 Wilmette: Honor Group 43 Commerce Club 4. Walter W. Maneck 9 Glenview: Rifle Club 3. Edward D. Mann 9Glencoe: News Stafl' 43 Career Club 43 Hyde Park High School 1,23 Antioch. Kenneth V. Mann 9 Wilmette3 Glee Club 2,3. Philip Mark 9 Wilmette: Door Guard 43 Base- ball 3,43 Football 13 Broadcasting Club 3,43 Loyola 23 Northwestern. Thomas H. Markham 9 Wilmette: Swing Club 33 Nau- tical Club 33 Gavel Club 33 Loy- ola 1. 14cti it? Alice H. Marshall 9 Glencoe: Honor Society 45 Hon- or Groups 1,2,3545 Girls' Club Rep- resentative 45 G.A.A. Representa- tive 35 Orchestra 4: "The Gondo- liers" 45 Glee Club 45 French Club 1,2535 Travel Club 2.3542 Career Club 354: Junior Music Club 15 Senior Music Club 253,41 Journalism Club 35 Mills. Gloria A. Martin 9Wilmette: Girls' Club Repre- sentative 45 Financial Committee 45 French Club 35 Knitting Club 35 Career Club 45 Columbus, Ohio 1,25 Northwestern. Jeanne Martin 9 Kenilworth: G.A.A. 1.253.4: Speedball 2: Ofhcial 2: 300-point Award 25 Quill Club 1 2.3545 Mus- icale 1.25 Science Club 35 Career Club 35 Service Club 3,45 Con- necticut. Catherine E. lllarty 9 Wilmette: Treble Clef 2: Girls' Career Club 35 Commerce Club 2: DePauw. lllichael P. lllarudas 9 "Mike," Wilmette: Band 45 Ra- cine Washington Park 1,2535 North- western. Arlene Masser 9 Wilmette: Honor Group 4: Science Club 45 Von Steuben 1,2. 35 Principia. Robert Morse Matson 9 Wilmette: Honor Groups 1: Stage Crew 152535 "H.M.S. Pina- fore" 25 "Pirates of Penzance" 35 Orchestra 15253545 Band 1,2531 Letter 1,2535 Lens Club 15 Ger- man Club 25 Junior Music Club 1,25 Senior Music Club 35 Dram- atic Club 1,2.35 Echoes Business Manager 45 Illinois. Cyril Matthys 9 Glenview: Honor Group 1. Shirley Maughan 9 Wilmette: Honor Group 253: Girls' Club Financial Committee 4: G.A.A. 1,253,45 Rhythms 1.2.3545 Glee Club 253545 Treble Clef 1: Service Club 35 Travel Club 2. Donald Maxwell 9 Wilmette: Evanston High School 25 Northbrook High School 15 Illinois. Marjorie E. Mayer 9 Wilmette: Class Social Com- mittee 2 5 Orchestra 1,25 Junior Music Club 152. Ann lllarie Mazzetta 9 Winnetka: Commerce Club 15253: U.C.L.A. James Elliott McCauley 9 Winnetka: Class Social Commit- tee 2,35 Band 2,3545 Letter 23 Eflll' oes Staff 35 I-M Swimming Champs 3: Chess Club 25 Swing Club 32 Traflic Squad 35 Loyola 1- Caryl B. McClelland 9 Wilmette: Girls' Club Represen- tative 35 "Daddy Longlegs" 43 News Staff 25 Lens Club 25 French Club 35 Knitting Club 35 Career Club 35 Dramatic Club 45 De- Pauw. Rosemary J. McDaniels 9Wilmette: Musicale 35 French Club 25 Commerce Club 25 Serv- ice Club 35 Marywood 1- Elizabeth McDonald 9'iBetty5" Winnetka: Honor So- ciety 45 Honor Groups 2,35 Girls' Club Social Committee 45 G.A.A. 25 Representative 25 Volleyball 2: Orchestra 1,2,3,45 "Chimes of Nor- mandy" 15 "H M.S. Pinafore" 25 'iPirates of Penzance" 35 "The Gondoliersw 45 Junior Music Club 1,25 Senior Music Club 3,45 Ca- reer Club 3,45 Northwestern. Ann McDonnell 9 Winnetka: Honor Society 4: Honor Groups 2535 Student Council Representative 15 Building and Grounds Committee 15 Class So- cial Committee 35 G.A.A. 1,2,3 4: Representative 35 Baseball 15 Bas- ketball 15 Soccer 15 Numerals 15 Publicity Committee 25 Ollicial 3: Treble Clef 15 Glee Club 2,35 Lens Club 15 Musicale 25 Career Club 35 Spanish Club 2,45 Oberlin. Marshall T. McGuineas 9Wilmette: "The Poor Nut" 3: News Staff 3,4, Associate Editor 45 SufEeld Academy 1,2,35 North- western. Richard McGurk 9 "Dick," Wilmette: Basketball 3.4, Letter 35 Baseball 3, Letter 3: Champion Academy 1525 Colorado College. Marjorie McKee 9Glencoe5 Shaker Heights High School 253. Jeanne McMaster 9 Wilmette: Career Club 45 Senn High School 1,2,3. Cameron McNaughton 9 Wilmette: Honor Group 3: Swimming 1, Manager 3,4. Letter 45 Football 4, Letter 45 Track 4: Baseball Manager 25 "Lagniapne" 35 Glee Club 1.25 Opera Group 2.3545 News Staff 45 Sports Club 1525 Carleton. ' Mary F. McPhelim 9 Wilmette: Lens Club 35 Spanish Club 4. Duncan McPherson 9 Winnetka: German Club 45 Western Reserve Academy5 Kings- ley. John C. McQuide 9 "Jack," Wilmette: Usher Corps 3.45 Track 2,3545 Letter 2,45 Glee Club 1525 "Pirates of Penzance" 3: "The Gondoliers" 45 Choir 4: Sports Club 15 Dramatic Club 3: Broadcasting Club 35 Career Club 45 Student Supervisor 35 Colgate. Marcia A. Megowen 9Wilmette: Girls' Club Repre- sentative 1535 Friendly Committee 35 Financial Committee 45 News Staff 35 Glee Club 25 Psychology Group 45 Thompson Falls, Mon- tana 25 Northwestern. John F. Mehlhope 9Wilmette: Track 1,2.3 4. Letter 2.3.45 Football 2545 Glee Club 2.3: Rifle Club 1,2,35 Student Super- visor 45 Illinois. Richard Meleney 9Winnetka: Light Crew 35 Uni- versity of Washington. J. Earl Melia 9 Wilmette: South Orange, New Jersey 152. C. Edward Melia 9 Wilmette: Band 2,3,45 Letter 3: Usher Corps 45 Football 45 c'The American Way" 45 Career Club 3,45 Vice-President 45 South Orange, New Jersey 15 Notre Dame. Cora Mae Mersbach 9 Wilmette: Treble Clef 12,35 Travel Club 1,2535 Career Club 3. Betty Lou Meyer 9Wilmette: G.A.A. 15253,45 Glee Club 2,35 Treble Clef 25 Opera Group 45 French Club 25 Senior Music Club 35 Colorado. Robert Jackson Meyers 9 6'Monk5" Winnetka: T.N.T. 354: Honor Society 45 Honor Groups 152,3,45 Student Council Represen- tative 152,35 Chairman Interscho- lastic Relations Committee 4: Class Treasurer 15 Usher Corps 3.45 Football 1,2545 Letter 2545 Bas- ketball 2,3,4, Letter 2545 Tra'k 1545 Letter 45 Golf 45 Letter 4: Echoes Staff 35 Glee Club 253: "The Gondoliers" 4: Choir 45 En- semble 45 Princeton. Donald N. Michael 9Glencoe5 T.N.T. 45 Honor So- ciety 45 Honor Groups 152354: Student Council Representative 2: Assembly Committee 25 Publicity Committee 3,45 Inklings Contribu- tor 15253,4, Staff 3,45 Editor 45 De- bate Team 35 Forensic League 3: News Starf 45 Science Club 15253,4, President 2,35 Career Club 3.4, President 45 Gavel Club 3: Broadcasting Club 25 National Forensic Board 35 Harvard. Jacqueline F. Michelsen 9Wilmette: G.A.A. 1.253545 Base- ball 35 Basketball 45 Arrange- ments Committee 45 Numerals 3: Chevron 25 Orchestra 152354: "H.M.S. Pinafore" 25 "Pirates of Penzancev 35 "The Gondoliers" 4: Treble Clef 25 Glee Club 3: French Club 2535 Junior Music Club 35 Lens Club 2,35 Journal- ism Club 3545 Career Club 4. W. Margaret Mickey 9 Wilmette: Treble Clef 15 Arche- ology 2. Elisabeth A. Miller 0 "Betty," Wilmette: T.N.T. 4: Student Council Study Hall Com- mittee 3545 Publicity Commi'tee 45 Girls' Club Bazaar Committee 45 "Mr, Scrooge" 25 "The Young- est" 35 "Daddy Longlegs" 45 "The American Way" 45 "Lagniappe" 3545 Inklings Contributor 35 Broad- casting Club 2.35 Vice-President 35 Dramatics Club 253545 Secre- tary 45 William and Mary. George W. Miller 9"Bud," Wilmette: T.N.T. 4: Junior Prom Committee 3: Usher Corps 35 Football 1,2535 Baseball 2: Orchestra 152535 Band 1.2,3: Echoes Staff 152535 Lens Club 1.2.35 Nautical Club 35 Dart- mouth. Pernod S. Miller 9"Mickey," Winnetka: Football 253.45 Letter 2545 Track 35 Base- ball 45 Letter 45 Mt. Carmel 1: Illinois. William B. Misch 9 Glencoe: Honor Group 2: Ink- lings Contributor 35 Coin Club 2. Vice-President 25 Sports Club 1.253545 Secretary 35 President 4: Stamp Club 1. President 15 Travel Club 25 Stanford. Gloria M. Mitchell 9Wilmette: G.A.A. 2.3.45 R'din'I 2535 Glee Club 3545 French Club 3545 Career Club 45 Maine High School 15 Sullins. Lee C. Mitchell 9Wilmette: Tri-Ship Representa- tive 1,35 Club Room Committee 45 Senior Class Gift Committee 45 Usher Corps 35 Football 152 354. Letter 253545 Swimming 15 "I-I.M.S. Pinaforel' 25 uPirates of Pen- zance" 35 "The Gondoliers" 4: Glee Club 15 Choir 2,3545 Ensem- ble 2,3545 Dramatic Club 35 Sen- ior Music Club 253545 Student Supervisor 45 University of Min- nesota. 5 Theodore A. Mockler 9 Wilmette: University of Alaska. Edward L. Monahan 9Evanston: Football 25 Cliaft Club 15 Northern Illinois State Teachers' College. Thomas V. Monahan 9 Winnetka: T.N.T. 45 Honor So- ciety 45 Honor Groups 253,45 Stu- dent Council Publicity Committee 35 Co-Chairman 45 Football 25 1-M Featherweight Basketball Champs 15 Echoes Staff 35 News Staff 3: Associate Editor 45 Inklings Con- tributor 35 "Lagniappe" 45 Dra- matic Club 3545 Sports Club 2535 Spanish Club 25 Career Club 45 Princeton. Michael M. Montonara 9 "Bud," Kenilworth: Football 1,2535 Letter 25 Track 1525 Glee Club 253. Elbridge R. Moody 9Wilmette: Football 3545 Band 35 Career Club 45 South High School 1525 Iowa State College. E. Jeanne Moreau 9 Wilmette: G.A.A. Representative 15 "Trelawney of the Wells" 3: Treble Clef 15 Glee Club 25 Choir 45 Ensemble 45 Orchestra 152,35 "Chimes of Normandyi' 15 "Pina- foren 25 "Pirates of Penzance" 3: "The Gondoliers" 45 Junior Music Club 15 Senior Music Club 253,45 Lens Club 2,35 Dramatic Club 354: Northwestern. John D. Mosser 9 Glencoe: Honor Society 45 Hon- or Groups 15253545 Tri-Ship Repre- sentative 15 Student Council Pub- licity Committee 45 "The Ameri- can Way" 45 News Staff 45 Ink- lings Contributor 35 Debate Team 3: Forensic League 35 Chess Club 2.35 Secretary 35 Coin Club, 253. Treasurer 2, President 35 Gavel Club 3, Treasurer 35 Rifle Club 25 Science Club 2,35 Stamp Club 15 All-School Assembly Commit- tee 45 Princeton. Albert A. Mueller 9 Glencoe: Honor Group 45 I-M Basketball Champs 25 German Club 25 University of Illinois. Andrew Mueller 9 Wilmette: Rifle Team 35 Radio Club 45 Illinois. Willialn YV. Munson 9Winnetka: Student Council So- cial Committee 45 Tri-Ship Repre- sentative 25 Usher Corps 3545 "The American Way" 45 Football 1.253545 Letter 2.45 Track 1.253545 Letter 2,45 Basketball 15 Echoes Staff 35 Career Club 45 Student Supervisor 45 Nebraska. Clement J. Murphy 9Wilmette: Football 1,25 Swim- ming 152,3,45 Career Club 3545 Northwestern. Laurence M. Murphy 9 Wilmette: Track 1,2,45 Glee Club 2,35 News Staff 35 Chess Club 15 Lens Club 25 Rifle Club 35 Science Club 4. I39 Marilyn L. lVlurray 9Wilmette: French Club 43 Career Club 43 Highland Park, Michigan 1,2333 Northwestern. Beth Myren 'Wilmette: Girls' Club Friend'y Committee 43 G.A.A. Representa- tive 23 Knitting Club 33 North- western. Robert F. Nackcl 9 Wilmette: Commerce Club 4. Frances J. Neilson 9"Fran," Winnetka: T.N.T. 3,43 Honor Groups 1,33 Student Coun- cil Representative 23 Financial Committee 23 Publications Com- mittee 33 Girls' Club Financial Committee 23 Chairman Friendly Committee 43 Class Vice-President 13 G.A.A. 1,2.3,43 Swimming 1,2,3: Telegraphic Team 1.2,33 Speeflball 1,25 Soccer 1,23 Volleyball 33 Ten- nis 1,2,3,43 Head 43 Secretary 22 300-point Award 33 Numerals 13 Treble Clef 13 Glee Club 1.2, News Staff 2.43 Quill Club 13 .Jun- ior Music Club 1.23 President 2: Senior Music Club 33 Bradford. Bernice M. Neiweem 9 Winnetka. James J. Neiweem 9 Winnetka. Marjorie Nelson 9"Marge," Glencoe: T.N.T. 43 Honor Groups 1,3,43 Girls' Club Representative lg Publicity-Com- mittee 23 Arrangements Committee 33 Props Crew 43 Treble Clef 2,33 G.A.A. 43 Volleyball 43 News Stall 2,3,43 Circulation Manager 33 Girls News Editor 43 Quill Club 1,23 French Club 2,3,43 Career Club 3,43 Service Club 3,43 Travel Club 3, President 33 Dramatic Club 4g Northwestern. Peter Nitto 'Wilmette: Student Council In terscholastic Relations Committee 3,4Q Usher Corps 43 Football 2,43 Letter 43 Basketball 23 Letter 2: Baseball 3,4Q Information Desk 4. Lawrence H. Noel 9 Wilmette: Florida Southern. Rosemary Nolan 9Evanston: St. Clara Academy 1,2. Robert Norman 9"Bob," Chicago: Honor Group 13 Tri-Ship Representative 1,3,43 Swimming 1,2,3,43 Letter 2,43 Guard 2,3,43 Class Social Commit- tee 33 Usher Corps 4. Betty Y. Oakhill 9Wilmette: Inklings Staff 3,43 Editor 43 Contributor 1,2,3,43 Musicale 1,23 Scriblerus 2,3,43 President 43 Journalism Club 3.43 President 43 Northwestern. Georgette J. Oakhill 9 Wilmette: Commerce Club 33 Des Moines, Iowa 1. Marjorie M. Oatis 9 Evanston: T.N.T. 43 Student Council Representative 2,43 Pub- licity Committee 23 Social Com- mittee 43 Class Gift Committee 43 Girls' Club Publicity Committee 23 Friendly Committee 43 G.A.A. l,2,3,43 Hockey 1,43 Numerals 13 News Staff 33 French Club 2,3,43 Vice-President 43 Travel Club 2,33 Treasurer 33 Career Club 43 Northwestern. James V. O'Brien 9Kenilworth: Campion Academy 1: Loyola 2,33 Colorado. I4O John F. Octigan 9 "Jack," Wi n n e t k a: Honor Groups 1,3,43 Usher Corps 43 I-M Football Champs 43 Radio Club 1,2,3,43 Vice-President 43 Stan- ford. Virginia F. Ogilvie 9 Wilmette: Student Council Rep- resentative 13 Building and Grounds Committee 13 Knitting Club 3. Tom Olin 9Kenilworth: Honor Groups 1,43 Glee Club 1,23 I-M Football Champs 4g Debate Team 43 Career Club 4. Marion L. Olsen 9Winnetka: Orchestra 1,2,3,43 Concertmaster 43 "Chimes of Normandy" lg "H.M.S. Pinafore" 23 "Pirates of Penzance" 3g "The Gondoliers" 43 Junior Music Club 23 Senior Music Club 3,43 G'rls' Club Representative 43 6'Friendly Committee 43 Northwestern. Doris L. Olson 9 Wilmette: Honor Society 43 Honor Groups 2,3,43 Girls' Club Arrangements Committee 33 Knit- ting Club 33 Career Club 43 Art League 2g French Club 33 Journal- ism Club 33 North Park Academy 1,23 Northwestern. Gloria A. Olson 9Wilmette: Girls' Club Repre- sentative 43 Friendly Committee 43 .Journalism Club 33 Career Club 43 Knitting Club 33 North Park Academy 1,23 Northwestern. Lady Margaret Olson 9 Winnetka: Girls' Club Financial Committee 33 Glee Club 43 French Club 3,43 Service Club 43 Career Club 43 Pine Manor. Marjorie J. Olson 9Glencoe: Honor Society 4g Honor Groups 3,43 G.A.A. 3,43 Glee Club 33 Art League 2,3,43 Sketch Club 2,33 Career Club 3,4- Knitting Club 33 French Club 43 Travel Club 33 Evanston High School lg Rockford. 1 Oscar Olson 9 "Ole," Winnetka: Honor Group 13 Usher Corps 3g Football 1,23 Basketball 2,3,43 Letter 23 Golf 3,43 Letter 33 I-M Golf Champ 23 Glee Club 13 Opera Group 3,43 "H.M.S. Pinafore" 23 Illinois. Morton E. Oman 9 Winnetka: Student C o u n c il Study Hall Committee 43 Class Social Committee 33 Football 1,23 Track 2,3,43 Letter 2,43 I-M Foot- ball Champs 43 Opera Group 3,43 Career Club 3,43 Swing Club 2,33 Cornell. Edward Osborne 9Wilmette: Tri-Ship Representa- tive 13 Band 1,2,33 Glee Club 1,2,33 Football 23 Baseball 2,33 Door Guard 43 Commerce Club 1,3,43 Science Club 2,43 Career Club 33 Stamp Club 3g Wisconsin. Harry H. Osborne 9Glencoe: Track 1,2,33 Football 23 Rifie Club l,2. Robert Ostermann 9 Kenilworth: Honor Group 13 Football 2g Band 13 Ride Club 23 French Club 1,2,33 Foun- tain Valley School, Colorado Springs 3. Died December 7, 1940. Senivt Curtis C. Palmer 9 Winnetka: Swimming 2,33 Latin Club 23 Swing Club 2,33 Spanish Club 4. W'arren A. Palmer 9 Evanston: Northwestern. Don W. Palmquist 9 Kenilworth: Lens Club 43 Ger- man Club 43 Von Steuben lg Lane Tech 2,33 Northwestern. Walter Pancoe 9 Wilmette: G'Pirates of Penzance" 33 Glee Club 2,33 News Staff 2,33 Stamp Club 1,2,33 President 33 Rifle Club 2,33 Swing Club 33 President 33 Hobby Club 3. Maurice A. Panichelly 9 Wilmette: Glee Club 3,43 News Staff 3,43 Debate Team 33 Chess Club 1,2,33 Rifle Club 2,33 Journalism Club 33 Nautical Club 2,33 Chicago. Louis A. Paulson 9 "lack," Glenview: RiHe Club 33 Door Guard 43 Northwestern. Harold Peacock 9 Glenview: I-M Football Champs 43 Spanish Club 23 Art League 43 Door Guard 43 Journalism Club 4. Elizabeth M. Peck 9'ABetty," Winnetka: Student Council Assembly Committee 43 Girls' Club Representative 43 Ar- rangements Committee 43 News Staff 3,43 Junior Music Club 2g Service Club 43 Bennett. William M. Penick 9"Bill," Kenilworth: "Pirates of Penzance" 33 "The American Way" 43 Northwestern Military Academy 1. Howard Percy 9 Wilmette: Glee Club 1,23 Career Club 43 Rifle Club 43 Lens Club 13 Armstrong 33 Northwestern. Patricia Perkins 9 Winnetka: G.A.A. 1,2,33 Hockey lg Lacrosse lg "The American Way" 43 Glee Club 1,2,3Q Career Club 43 Denison. Edward A. Peterson 9 Winnetka. Lois Ellen Peterson 9 Wilmette: Glee Club 2,3,43 Treble Clef 2g Spanish Club 2,43 Knitting 3. George B. Petty 9Northfield: Football 3,43 Track 43 St. George lg Loyola Academy 2. ' Sue Pierce 9 Winnetka: G.A.A. Representa- tive 33 French Club 43 Hamilton, Ohio 1,23 Gulf Park. Anna Jean Pifer 9 Kenilworth: Orchestra lg Treble Clef 23 Glee Club 3,43 Science Club 1,2,3,43 Treasurer 33 Career Club 3,43 Service Club 3,43 Archeology Club lg Ohio Wes- leyan. Knowles L. Pittman 9Winnetka: Student Council So- cial Committee 33 Treasurer 43 Tri-Ship Club Room Committee 23 Swimming 2,3,43 Football 1,23 Nautical Club 1,2,3. .,,Hk John H. Platt 9Winnetka: Honor Society 43 Honor Groups 1,2,33 Tri-Ship Representative 2,33 Tennis 3,43 Career Club 4g University of Michigan. Patricia A. Porterfield 9"Patsy," Wilmette: Honor So- ciety 43 Honor Groups 1,2,3,43 Girls' Club Representative 23 Class Social Committee 23 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Lacrosse lg Numerals 13 Treble Clef 23 Spanish Club 2,43 Girls' Career Club 3,43 Publicity Committee 33 Knitting Club 33 Spanish Club 43 DePauw. Jeanne E. Potter 9 Glencoe: Marywood 1,23 Sullins. Jacquelyn L. Prince 9 Winnetka: G.A.A. 2,3,43 Repre- sentative 43 Treble Clef Club 2g Glee Club 3g Girls' Career Club 3,42 Service Club 43 Denison. Richard H. Prins 9Wilmette: Honor Society 43 Honor Groups 2,33 "The American Way" 43 Student Council Finan- cial Committee 33 Tri-Ship Repre- sentative 33 Usher Corps 43 Information Desk 43 Football 2,3,43 Letter 2,3,43 Swing Club 33 Career Club 33 Senn High 13 Carleton College. Sherwood E. Prusso 9 Wilmette: Banning High School lg Medford High School 23 Louis- ville Male High School 3. Margaret J. Psenicka 9Wilmette: Treble Clef 1,23 Art League 1,23 Art Institute. Jean C. Putnam 9"Putty," Wilmette: T.N.T. 4g Student Council Study Hall Com- mittee 43 Girls' Club Financial Committee lg Bazaar Committee 2g Friendly Committee 23 Repre- sentative 13 Vice-President 4g G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Soccer 13 Tennis 43 Head of Riding 33 Representa- tive 2,33 Numerals 13 300-point Award 2g Treble Clef 13 Glee Club 2,3, Secretary 23 French Club 2,33 Lens Club 2,33 Junior Music 1,23 Vice-President 23 Sen- ior Music Club 33 Dana Hall. Robert F. Quaintance 9 Wilmette: Honor Group 33 Tri- Ship Club Room Committee 3g Usher Corps 43 Glee Club 1,2,33 Lens Club 2,33 Carleton. Mary Ellin Quinlan 9Winnetka: Honor Group 23 Girls' Club Representative 23 So- cial Committee 43 Class Social Committee 23 French Club 2,43 Trinity. George Randall 9Wilmette: Honor Group lg Tri-Ship Club Room Committee 33 Football 1,2,33 Letter 23 De- bate Team 2,33 "The American Way" 43 German Club 2,33 Nau- tical Club 2,33 Broadcasting Club 2,32 Manager Corps 33 Traflic Squad 3. Katherine M. Ransdell 9Glenview: Honor Society 43 Honor Groups 1,2,33 Commerce Club 3,4. 14cti it? Warreii Rapp 'Wilmette: iiH.H.S. Piuafore" 2: i'Pirates of Penzance' 3: Orches- tra 2.3: Radio Club 4: Junior Music Club 2: Northwestern. Jeanette Raymond 9Glencoe: Honor Society 4: Honor Groups 2,3,4: Girls' C'ub Representative 4: Arrangements Committee 4: Journalism Club 3: French Club 2,3.4: Travel Club 2.3: Career Club 4: Oak Park High School l: Smith. Sally E. Raymond 9 Kenilworth: S tu d e n t Council Building and Grounds Committee 4: Girls' Club Social Committee 3: Representative 3: Friend'y 4: Class Junior Prom 3: G.A.A. 2.34: Rep- 4: Glee Club 23: Committee Committee resentative Junior Music Club 2: French Club 3: Career Club 4: Vassar. Mabbett K. Reckord, Jr. 9'iRickey," Wilmette: Glee Club l,2.3: Chess Club 1.2: Lens Club 2,3: Career Club 3.4: Northwest- em. Gwendolyn Reading 9"Gwen," Wilmette: South Orange Junior High School 1: Roosevelt High School 2: Senn High School 1: DePauw. Henry J. Reilly, III 9 Winnetka: Baseball Manager 1: Orchestra 4: News Staff 4: Lake Forest Academy 2,3: Illinois. Robert S. Reilly 9 Winnetka: Swimming 3,4: Glee Club 1: Career Club 3: Williams. Charles H. Reimers 9 Evanston: Band 2,3: Career Club 4: Morgan Park High School 1: Northwestern. Peter Reinhardt 9Highland Park: Swimming 4: Letter 4: Hill School 1,2,3. Walter J. Reinhardt 9 Winnetka: Band 3. George Reisner 9Wilmette: Door Guard 1,2,3,4: Baseball 2,3: Football 1,2: Illinois. Marjorie Rennacker 9 Wilmette: T.N.T 4: Girls' Club Representative 1: Social Commit- tee 2: Class Social Committee 2,3: Class Vice-President 4: G.A.A. 1,2,3,4: Publicity Committee 3: Chairman 4: Volleyball 2: Numer- als 1: 300-point Award 2: 600- point Award 3: Treble Clef 2: Glee Club 3,4: President 4: News Staff 2,4: Echoes Girls' Sports Editor 4: Inklings Contributor 4: Quill Club 1: Spanish Club 2,4: Broadcasting Club 2,3,4: Career Club 3,4: Service Club 3,4: Vice- President 3: All School Assembly Committee 4: Michigan. Pauline A. Reschke 9Winnetka: German Club 1,2,4: Badminton Club 4: Miami. William Riley 9 "Bill," Winnetka: Honor Groups 1,3: Student Council Representa- tive 2,3,4: Buildings and Grounds Committee 2: Assembly Commit- tee 4: Study Hall Committee 4: Class Social Committee 3: Foot- ball 2,3,4: Letter 2: I-M Volley- ball Champ 3: Glee Club 2: "Thr- Gondoliersw 4: Echoes Circulation Manager 4: Dartmouth. Mary Lou Roberts 9Winnetka: Girls' Club Repre- sentative 3: Career Club 3: Span- ish Club 4: Marywood 1,2: Wil- liam Wood. Janet B. Robinson 9Highland Park: Honor Society 4: Honor Groups 1,2,3,4: Girls' Club Social Committee 4: G.A.A. Publicity Committee 2: Dt-Pauw. Margaret C. Roemer 9Wilmette: Honor Society 4: Honor Groups 1,2,3,4: Student Council Representative 2: Inter- scholastic Relations Committee 2: G.A.A. l,2,3,4: Commerce Club l,2,3,4: Vice-President 3: Geog- raphy Club 2,3,4: Secretary 3,4: Science Club 3: Career Club 3,4. Lucille Rogers 9 'LLu," Winnetka: Honor Society 4: Honor Groups 1,2: G.A.A. 1,2,3: Hockey 1: Numerals 1: Props Crew 3,4: Co-Head 4: Or- chestra 1,2,3,4: 5'Pinafore" 2: "Pirates of Penzance" 3: "The Gondoliers" 4: Glee Club 1,2: Junior Music Club 1,2: Senior Music Club 3,4: Coin Club 1,2. Robert L. Rogers 9Winnetka: I-M School Tennis Champs 3. Warren J. Roseman 9Glenview: Football 2: North- western. Betty J. Rosenstiel 9 Wilmette. Joan Elizabeth Ross 9Kenilworth: Honor Society 4: Honor Groups 1,2,3: Girls' Club Representative 2: Treble Clef 1: Spanish Club 3: Travel Club 2: Musicale 4. Dorothy Y. Roth 9 Glencoe: Honor Group 4: Glee Club 2: Treble Clef 1: Choir 4: Lens Club 2: Montclair High School 3. Ann Royal 9 Wilmette. Sally Royal 9 Wilmette: Student Council Rep- resentative l,2: Building and Grounds Committee 1: Interschol- astic Relations Committee 2: So- cial Committee 3: Girls' Club Friendly Committee 1: Arrange- ments Committee 2: G.A.A. 1,21 Hockey 1: Basketball 1,2: Swim- ming 1,2: Telegraph 1,2: Chevron 2: "H.M.S. Pinafore" 2: "Pirates of Penzance" 3: "The Goncloliers" 4: Glee Club 1: Choir 3,4: En- semble 3,4: Junior Music Club 1,2: Senior Music Club 3,4: DePauw. Nancy Rubel 9Winnetka: Honor Society 4: Honor Groups 1,2,3.4: G.A.A. 1,2,3,4: Rhythms 2,3,4: Echoes Staff 3: Inklings Contributor 2,3: Junior Music Club 1.2: Secretary 2: Senior Music Club 3.4: Girls' Career Club 3: Lens Club 3,4: Vice-President 4: R o c h e s t e r Athenaeum and Mechanics Insti- tllle. Edwin Franklin Rugcn, Jr. 9 Glenview: Door .Guard 4. Marie J. Rugen 9Glenview: Glee Club 3: Com- merce Club 3. Jane Rushmore 9Wilmette: Service Club 4: Miami University. James S. Ryan 9 "Jim," Winnetka: Football 1,2: Usher Corps 4: Career Club 4: Cornell University. Esther S. Sager 9Wilmette: Honor Society 4: Honor Groups 2,3,4: G.A.A. 2,3: Glee Club 3: French Club 3: Career Club 3,4: University of Wisconsin. Adelaide B. Sandy 9Glencoe: '4The Gondoliers" 4: Glee Club 2,3: Choir 4: Girls' Career Club 3,4. John Sargent 9Wilmette: Chess Club 2. Florence R. Schempp 9 Kenilworth: Glee Club 2,3: Treble Clef Club 1: Opera Group 4. Helen Schinler 9 Glencoe: Girls' Club Representa- tive 1: Knitting Club 3: Bryant and Stratton. Nancy L. Schipfer 9 Winnetka: T.N.T. 3,4: Girls' Club Charity Committee 2: Treas- urer 4: Class Secretary 3: G.A.A. 1,2,3: Hockey 2: Lacrosse 1,2: Clogging 3: 300-point Award 2: Numerals 2: Class Manager Swim- ming 3: Treble Clef Club 1: Glee Club 2,3: French Club 2,3,4: Secretary-Treasurer 3: G i rl s ' Career Club 3,4. Jerome Schneider 9 Wilmette: Baseball 1,2,3: Track 1,2,3: Football 1,2,3,4: Golf l,2,3,4: Junior Orchestra 1,2,3,4: Commerce Club 2,3,4: President 4: Junior Varsity Football 4: Let- ter 4. Jerome C. Schnur 9 Glencoe: Football 4: Door Guard 3: Career Club 4: Minne- sota. Catherine L. Sehopen 9 Wilmette: Commerce Club 1: Spanish Club 2: Career Club 3: Stamp Club 1: Knitting Club 3: Feit and Tarrant. Frances Sehramm 9 Winnetka: Treble Clef Club 2: Glee Club 2,3: Choir 4: Ensemble 4: "The Gondoliers" 4: Girls' Career Club 3: Evanston Business College. Lawrence J. Schufreider 9 Glenview: Northwestern. G. Benjamin Schurmeier 9 Football 3: University of Minn. l,2. Ruth H. Schuster 9 Winnetka: Girls' Club Social Committee 4: French Club 4: Goldschmidt High School, Berlin. Germany 1,2,3: Northwestern. Margaret M. Schwall 9Wilmette: Commerce Club 1,2,3,4. Betty Marie Schwarting 9 Wilmette: Honor Group 4: News Staff 4: Sullivan l,2,3: Michigan. James A. Schwietert 9 Winnetka: Honor Group 3: Tri- Ship Representative 1: Information Desk 4: Usher Corps 4: Football 2,3: Baseball 2,3,4: Letter 2.3: I-M School Champ Printing for Accuracy 4: News Staff 3,4: Sports Editor 4: Carleton. Edith L. Sedwick 9 "Edie," Kenilworth: News Staff 4: Lens Club 3: Career Club 4: Milwaukee-Downer Seminary 1,2: Vanderbilt. Delia F. Shaifer 9 Wilmette: El Paso 1,2: Austin 3: Arizona University. Julia Shaifer 9Wilmette: El Paso 1,2: Austin 3: Arizona University. Tanya Shapiro 9Winnetka: "Mr. Scrooge" 2: Orchestra 3: Band l,2,4: Glee Club 3: "The Gondoliers" 4: Dra- matic Club 2,3: Art League 1,2: Broadcasting Club 3: Senn 1: Illinois. Mary Shaw 9 Wilmette: Student Council Pub- licity Committee 4: News Staff 3,4: Advertising Manager 4: French Club 3: Journalism Club 3,4: Career Club 3,4: Broadcast- ing Club 3: Saint Scholastica 1,2: Northwestern. Frederick W. Shefte 9Kenilworth: Class Social Com- mittee 2: Iniormation Desk 4: Usher Corps 3,4: Band 1,2,3,4: Glee Club 2: Chess Club 2: Sports Club 4: Lens Club 4: Duke. Ruth M. Sheppard 9Northfield: Honor Group 1,2,3. Carolyn Shields 9 Winnetka: Santa Cruz High School 1,2,3: Mills. Dale H. Shimp 9Wilmette: Baseball 3,4: News Staff 2: Radio Club 1,2.3,4: Broadcasting Club 3,4: Visual Edu- cation Staff 2,3,4: R.C.A. Institute. William A. Schinnick 9 Wilmette: Alice Deal Junior High School 1. William W. Sieck 9Winnetka: Rifle Club 3,4: Mon- tana State. James D. Sinclair 9Winnetka: Football 3,4: Letter 3.4: Basketball 3,4: Letter 4: Track 3,4: Letter 3: Door Guard 3: Shaker Heights High School 1.2. Eugene A. Sittig 9 "Yaco," Glencoe: Student Coun- cil Study Hall Committee 3: Tri- Ship Dance Committee 3,4: Foot- ball 1,2,3,4: Letter 4: I-M School Swimming Champions 1: Glee Club 1,2,3: News Staff 3,4: Sports Club l,2: Radio Club 3: Career Club 4: Student Supervisor 4: Colorado College. William A. siuig 9 Glencoe: Football 1,2,3,4: Letter 2,4: News Staff 4: Rifie Club 3: Sports Club 3: Career Club 4: Colorado. Reidar M. Skog 9 "Ray" Wilmette: Glee Club 3: Lens Club 1,2: Career Club 4: Rennselear Poly-Technical Insti- tute. James R. Sleininger 9 'iJim," Wilmette: Honor Group 1,2: Glee Club 3,4: "Pirates of Penzance" 3: "The Gondoliers" 4: Choir 4: News Staff 4: Lens Club 2: Stamp Club 3: Swing Club 3: Senn High School 1: Northwestern. John S. Smart 9 "Pinky," Winnetka: Student Council Finance Committee 4: Tri-Ship Representative 4: Track 1: Manager 3,4: Letter 3: Mana- gers Corps 3,4: Glee Club 2: News Staff 3.4: Echoes Sports Editor 4: Journalism Club 3: University of Michigan. l4l David B. Smith 9 Glencoe: Honor Society 43 Hon- or Groups 3,43 Sullivan High School 1,23 Purdue. Katherine Joy Smith 9Glencoe: T.N.T. 3,43 Honor So- ciety 43 Honor Groups 1,2,3,43 Student Council Representative 2,33 Social Committee 2,33 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Hockey 23 Tennis 3,43 Rhythms 33 300-point Award 23 600-point Award 43 Numerals 23 Dramatic Club 2.3,43 Dramatic Board 33 Props Crew 1,2,3,43 Co- Head 43 "Lagniappe" 3,4: Glee Club 2,33 News Staff 33 Quill Club 1,23 French Club 3,43 Career Club 43 Smith. Sidney S. Smith 9Winnetka: Honor Group 23 "Pinafore" 23 "Pirates of Pen- zance" 33 "The Gondoliersf' 43 Glee Club 13 Choir 2,3,43 Octet 2,3,43 Science Club 2,3,43 Senior Music Club 2,3,43 Chess Club 3,43 Musicale 3,4. June E. Smyth 9 Winnetka: "Mr. Scrooge" 23 Dramatic Club 2,3,43 Broadcasting Club 2,3,43 Travel Club 23 Career Club 4. Marcellene R. Snorf 9 Wilmette: Girls' Club Represen- tative 2,43 Friendly Committee 23 Arrangements Committee 33 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Hockey 23 Treble Clef Club 33 Glee Club 43 News Staff 33 Service Club 3,43 French Club 2,3,43 Career Club 3,43 Bradford. Leonard Sosna 9Winnetka: T.N.T 43 Honor Group 13 Student Council Repre- sentative 1,23 Co-Chairman Build- ing and Grounds Committee 343 Assembly Committee 1.23 Swim- ming 1,2,3,43 Letter 1,2,3,43 Guard 1,2,33 Class Champs Football 1,2,33 "Lagniappe" 3,43 Glee Club 1,23 News Staff 2,3.43 Inklings Con- tributor 2,3Q Wharton School of Finance and Commerce. Betty Srnanek 9 Winnetka: "American Way" 43 French Club 23 Lens Club 33 Niles High School3 Arizona. Patricia D. Stange 9 Winnetka: Girls' Club Publicity Committee 33 Representative 43 G.A.A. 3,43 Publicity Committee 33 "American Way" 43 Knitting Club 3,43 Book Club 3g Career Club 3,43 Broadcasting Club 43 Gulf Park. Dorothy Starr 9Kenilworth: Girls' Club Repre- sentative 33 Employment Commit- tee 23 G.A.A. 2,33 Social Commit- tee 33 Soccer Team 13 Treble Clef 1,23 Lens Club 2,33 Swing Club 33 Badminton Club 43 Northwestern University. Elizabeth A. Steele 9 Winnetka: F r e n c h Club 23 Doroon Grammar I. Virginia D. Steele 9Winnetka: Honor Group 13 G.A.A. 2,3,43 Hockey 1,2 3,43 Hockey M a n a g e r 33 Lacrosse 1,2,3,43 Lacrosse Head 43 Basket- ball 1,2.33 300-point Award 2: 600- point Award 33 800-point Award 43 Girls' Career Club 43 Lawrence. Phyllis Anne Steen 9Winnetka: Honor Group 1.43 Girls' Club Representative 23 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Publicity Commit- I42 tee 43 Glee Club 23 Treble Clef 13 News Staff 2,3,43 Advertisng Manager 43 French Club 23 Career Club 43 Denison. Lester J. Steifens 9 Wilmette. Lorraine F. Steffens 9 Wilmette: Commerce Club 1. Patricia Anne Steffens 9 Wilmette. Peter Steffens 9Wilmette: Radio Club 2,3,43 R.C.A. Institute. lVIartha Stein 9 Glencoe: Girls' Club Charity Committee 43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Hockey 1,2,3,43 Swimming 1,2,33 Rifle 2,33 Volleyball 23 Head of Swimming 33 I-M Sports Chair- man 43 300-point Award 13 600- point Award 23 800-point Awa'd 33 Numerals 13 Chevron 23 Treble Clef 23 Glee Club 33 Lens Club 33 Travel Club 3,43 RiHe Club 2,33 French Club 43 Mills. Seymour Stein 9 Chicago: Honor Society 43 Hon- or Groups 1,2,33 Debate Team 2,3,43 :Forensic League 2,3,43 Presi- dent 33 Reilly Cup 33 Gavel Club 2,3,43 French Club 2,33 University of Illinois. John A. Stephenson 9 Wilmette: Stage Crew 23 Geog- raphy Club 3g St. Bede Academy 1. Richard I. Stern 9"Dick," Glencoe: Football 23 Baseball 2,33 Debate Team 233 Forensic League 33 Tri-Ship Rep- resentative 13 Dance Committee 13 Information Desk 43 Usher Corps 43 Band 43 Gavel Club 2,33 Carleton. Charles H. Stillman 9 "Chuck," Kenilworth: Tri-Ship Award 43 T.N.T. 3,43 Student Council Interscholastic Relations Committee 13 Tri-Ship Repre- sentative 1.23 Dinner Commit- tee 23 Chairman 3: President 43 Class President 23 Usher Corps 3,43 Baseball 1,2,3,43 Captain 23 Letter 2.3,43 Basketball 1.2 3,43 Letter 2,3,43 Co-Captain 43 Opera Group 33 Glee Club 123 Echoes Staff 33 Career Club 43 Student Supervisor 3,43 Dartmouth. Wayne C. Stoerk 9 Wilmette: Honor Groups 1.33 Glee Club 13 Stamp Club 1,2,33 Vice-President 23 President 33 Rifle Club 1,23 German Club 2,33 Swing Club 233 Vice- President 33 Secretary 23 Book Club 2,33 President 23 Hobby Club 2,33 Secretary 23 Coin Club 2,33 Travel Club 23 Jour- nalism Club 33 Presfdent 33 Absentee Pupil 3,4. Died April 26, 1941. Rose S. Stoetzel 9 Glencoe: Honor Group 33 Girls' Club Representative 43 Financial Committee 23 Arrangements Com- mittee 43 G.A.A. 1.2.33 Treble Clef 13 Glee Club 2,33 Lens Club 23 Travel Club 2,3,43 Journalism Club 3,43 French Club 3,43 Michigan. Suzanne J. Stone 9 Evanston: Francis Shimer 1,2,33 National College, of Education. Robert W. Stordeur 9 Winnetka: Sports Club 33 Min- nesota. Dorothy Storer 9 Winnetka: Lawrence. Senior? Erna Charlotte Strasser 9Winnetka: Honor Groups, 3,43 Girls' Club Representative 33 Ar- rangements Committee 33 Sketch Club 3g Art League 33 French Club 3,43 Career Club 3,43 "The American Way" 43 Budapest, Hungary 1,23 Wisconsin. Thelma G. Strom 9 Kenilworth. Jeanne Stube 9 Wilmette: Honor Society 43 Honor Groups 1,2,3,43 Girls' Club Charity 33 G.A.A. 1,2 3,43 Soccer 13 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Volleyball 23 Hockey 2,3,43 Baseball 1,233 Head 33 "Northwestern" Hockey Team 43 Numerals lg 300-point Award 23 Career Club 3,43 Serv- ice Club 3,42 Secretary 43 Miami. Paul D. Sullivan, Jr. 9 Glencoe: Swimming 23 Letter 23 Football 1,2,3.43 Letters 1,2,3,43 Parks Air College. Virginia O. Sullivan 9 "Ginny," Honor Group 33 War- renton High School 1,23 Evanston Collegiate Institute. Suzanne W. Sutherland 9 Kenilworth: S t u d e n t Council Publicity Committee 33 Girls' Club Representative 23 Glee Club 2,3 43 Treble Clef 13 News Staff 33 Quill Club 1.23 Spanish Club 23 Journal- ism Club 3,43 Knitting Club 33 Career Club 3,43 Service Club 3,43 Miami. Robert A. Swan 9 Wilmette: Football 1,23 Iona Prep 1,23 Illinois. Donald M. Swingley 9Wilmette: Glee Club 23 Rifle Club 3. Warren L. Taradash 9 Wilmette: Book Club 3,43 Jour- nalism Club 3,43 Wisconsin. Jordan N. Tark 9Wilmette: Tri-Ship Representa- tive 23 Ping Pong Champ 1,2,33 Usher Corps 43 Cornell. John M. Taylor 9 Winnetka: Honor Groups 1,23 Student Council Publicity Commit- tee 33 Stamp Club lg Swing Club 2,3. Lewis T. Taylor 9Wilmette: Tri-Ship Representa- tive 13 Football 13 Basketball Manager 2,33 Letter 33 Football Manager 23 Swimming lg I-M Bas- ketball Champ 13 News Staff 3,43 Debate Team 43 Forensic League 33 Stamp Club 1,2,33 Secretary- Treasurer 33 Swing Club 2,33 Gavel Club 33 Nautical Club 3. Jean Marie Temple 9Wilmette: Girls' Club Friendly Committee 43 Representative 23 Glee Club 2.33 Evanston High School lg Arizona. Annabelle D. Thalmann 9"Ann," Wilmette: Career Club 3: Commerce Club 2,33 Metro- politan. Vivette Thompson 9 Winnetka: T.N.T. 43 Honor Groups 2,33 Student Council Rep- resentative 2,33 Publicity Commit- tee 23 Assembly Committee 3g Girls' Club Charity Committee 13 Employment Chairman 43 G.A.A. Speedball 33 Soccer 13 300-point Award 13 Numerals 33 Chevron 23 Glee Club 2,33 French Club 2,3 43 .Iunior Music Club 1,23 Service Club 43 Career Club 3,43 Presi- dent 43 "The American Way" 4g D.A.R. Award 43 Denison. Lewis R. Travis 9 Wilmette: I-M Basketball Champs 1. Gail A. Tremblett 9 "Umpteen," Winnetka: G.A.A. 3,43 Swimming Manager lg Glee Club 1,2,33 Stamp Club 13 Career Club 4g Stephens. Howard Trienens 9Wilmette: Honor Society 43 Honor Groups 1,2,33 Sports Club 1,2,3,43 Vice-President 43 Career Club 3,43 Rifle Club 1,33 North- western. Raymond W. Tripicchio 9 Wilmette: Commerce Club 4. Patricia J. Tubby 9 Wilmette: Girls' Club Arrange- ments Committee 43 Evanston High: School 1,23 MacDonald Hall. Joan C. Tuteur 9 Winnetka: Student Council Building and Grounds Committee- 3,43 Girls' Club Representative lg French Club 2,33 RiHe Club 13: Career Club 33 Wildcliff. Philip C. Tuttle 9Glencoe: Student Council Rep-- resentative 13 Publicity Committee 13 Band 2,3,43 Letter'2,33 Orches- tra 43 Rifle Club 1,2,3,43 Radio- Club 13 Chess Club 23 Sports Club- 43 Nautical Club 33 Stanford. Frank C. Underwood 9 Kenilworth: "La gn iapp e" 43 Usher Corps 3,43 News Stall 43 Northwestern. Patricia Ungaro 9 "Pat," Winnetka: Honor Society' 43 Honor Groups 1,2,33 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 300-point Award 3g Chev- ron 43 Treble Clef 23 Ink'ings Contributor 33 Broadcasting Club- 1,23 Travel Club 33 Career Club 3,43 French Club 43 Smith. Patricia Van Arsdale 9Kenilworth: Student Council Representative 1,23 Charter and Contact Committee 13 Assembly Committee 2,33 Speedball 1.2,43 Volleyball 43 G.A.A. Social Com- mittee 43 Numerals lg- 300-point Award 33 Lens Club 33 Knit'ing Club 33 Badminton 43 Student Supervisor 43 University of Colo- rado. Donald G. Vance 9 Hubbard Woods: B as eb all 1,2,3,43 Armour Institute. Beniamin Van Cleave 9 Winnetka: Tri-Ship Representa- tive 1: Information Desk 3g Swim- ming 1.2,3,43 Chess Club 1.23 Nau- tical Club 4: Rifle Club 23 Lens Club 3g Antioch. deti in John H. Van Horne 9 Winnetka: Honor Society 4: Honor Groups l.2,3: Tri-Ship Rep- resentative 3: Dinner Committee 4: Information Desk 4: Usher Corps 3,4: Football 1,2: "H.M.S. Pina- fore" 2: Glee Club 1: Opera Group 2,3.4: Antioch. Margaret F. Vesey 9 Wilmette: Honor Group 3: Glee Club 3.4: Treble Clef 2: Com- merce Club. Helen Eleanor Vogl 9 lVilmette: Girls' Club Charity Committee 4: French Club 4: Im- maculata High School 1.2.3: North- western University. Selden Warrexl Von der Hoff 9lVilmette: Tri-Ship Representa- tive 1: Glee Club 1: Rifle Club 1,2,3: Ripon. Lois Waage 9 Wilmette: Honor Group 3.4: Student Council Representative 4: Publicity Committee 3.4: Girls, Club Representative 2: Class Vice President 2: Hockey 1: Soccer 2: G.A.A. 2,3.4: Glee Club 3: News Stall 3: Radio Club 2,3: Career Club 4: Rifle Club 1. Thomas Wallace, Jr. 9 'iTom," Winnetka: Football 3,4: Letter 4: "American Way" 4: Fairfax High School 1,2. Robert Walsh 9 'Knobbyf' Wlilmette: Track 4: Boys' Career Club 4: Marmion Academy 1,2: University of Illinois. Lillian Waltari 9 Glencoe: Honor Group 4: G.A.A. 1.2,3,4: Volleyball 3: Glee Club 3,4: Treble Clef 2: French Club 2,3,4: Travel Club 3: Career Club 4: National College of Education. David H. Walworth 9"Dave," Wilmette: Honor So- ciety 4: Honor Groups 2,3: Tri- Ship Representative 1: Information Desk 4: Football 2,3,4: Letter 4: Baseball 2: Glee Club 1,2: Uni- versity of Rochester. Marguerite Ward 9 "Marge,,, Wilmette: G.A.A. 1,2,3,4: Basketball 1,2,3,4: Speed- ball 3: Basketball Manager 3: Numerals 1: Chevron 1: 300-point Award 2: Career Club 4: Service Club 3: Evanston Hospital School of Nursing. Louis R. Ware 9 Winnetka: Swimming 1,2,3,4: Letter 2,3,4: Cornell. James D. Warfield 9Winnetka: Honor Group 1,2,3: Track 1,2,3,4: Co-captain 4: Letter 1,2,3,4: Football 2,3,4: Letter 2,3,4: Inklings Contributor 2: Stu- dent Supervisor 3: Princeton. Barbara R. Warner 9Winnetka: Student Council Rep- resentative 1: Interscholastic Re- lations Committee 1: Girls, Club Representative 2: Hockey 1: Vol- leyball 3: French Club 3: Career Club 3: Rifle Club 2. Barbara Warren . 0 "Barb," Glencoe: Honor Soc'ety 4: Honor Groups 1,2,3: Girls' Club Representative 3: G.A.A. 1,2,3,4: Rhythms l,2,4: Hockey 4: Senior Class Speedball Manager 4: 300- point Award 2: Chevron 2: Treble Clef 2: Glee Club 3: News Staff 3: German Club 2,3,4: Vice-Presi- dent 4: Travel Club 2.3.4: Career Club 3: Vice-President 4: Law- rence College. Suzanne Weese 9Kenilworth: T.N.T. 4: Honor Group 1: Student Council Repre- sentative 3: Secretary 4: Study Hall Committee 3: Publicity Com- mittee 4: Girls' Club Representa- tive l,2: Arrangements Committee 2: .lunior Prom Committee 3: G.A.A. 1,2,3: Social Committee 1: Soccer 1: Speedball 2: Swim- ming 2,3: Basketball 3: Volley- ball 3: 300-point Award 3: Numerals 1: "The American Way" 4: Treble Clef 1: Glee Club 2,3: News Staff 4: Lens Club 2,3: French Club 3: Wheaton College. Edward Weigel 96'Ed." Wilmette: Science Club 1.2: Barnett Bird Prize 2: Michi- gan University. Jean D. Weilbrenner 9 Winnetka: Verse S p e a k i n g Choir 4: French Club 2: R.He Club 1: Miami University. Cecilia Weiler 9 Winnetka: Girls, Club Represen- tative 2. Richard K. Weisberg 9Glencoe: Tennis 3: Letter 3: I-M Basketball Champion 1: I-M Class Tennis Champ 1,2: News Staff 3,4: Sports Club 2: Lens Club 3,4: Career Club 4: Brown University. Len Welborn 9Winnetka: T.N.T. 4: Honor Group 3: Girls, Club Financial Committee 2: Chairman 4: G.A A. 1,2,3,4: Rhythms 1,2: Hockey 2: Northwestern Hockey Team 2: Numerals 2: 300-point Award 2: "Gondoliers,' 4: Echoes Staff 3: Editor Senior Section 4: News Staff 2: Advertising Manager 3: Circulation Manager 3: Associate Editor 4: French Club 3: Career Club 3: Student Supervisor 4: Sweetbriar. Richard E. Welch. Jr. 9 Glencoe: Usher Corps 3: Swim- ming 1: Letter 1: Track 2,3: Tennis 2,3: Football 3: Glee Club 1,2,3: Science Club 1,2,3: Nautical Club 1,2: University of Texas. Margery Weldon 9 Winnetka: Girls' Club Arrange- ments Committee 4: News Staff 4: French Club 4: Girls' Career Club 4: Downer Seminary 2,3: North- western. Charles Wells 9 "Chuck," Glencoe: S t u d e nt Council Representative 2: Pub- licity Committee 4: Usher Corps 4: Swimming 12,3-49 Letter 2,3-45 f'Chimes of Normandy" 1: '6H.M.S. Pinaforev 2: HPirates of Penzance" 3: "Gondoliers', 4: Choir 1,2-3.43 Ensemble 3,4: Senior Music Club 3,4: Rifle Club 1,2,3: German Club 3,4: Iowa State University. Julia Wengryn 9 Winnetka: Honor Roll Group 4: Baseball 1. George V. Wcscott 9Wilmette: Student Council Fi- nance Committee 3: Usher Corps 3: Football 2: Letter 2: Manager Corps 3,4: Rifle Club 1: Swing Club 3: University of Illinois. William R. Westine 9 "Bill," Winnetka: M a r sh all High, Minneapolis, Minn. l,2: Beloit. Janet Whitehead 9 Wilmette: Basketball 1,2,3: Hockey 2: Baseball 1,2: Volley- ball 2: Numerals 1: 300-point Award 2: Service Club 3,4. John B. Whitted, Jr. 9 Glencoe: Baseball 4: Glee Club 1: Gavel Club 3: Swing Club 3: RiHe Club 1,2: Badminton Club 3: University of Illinois. Elvira L. Wiese 9"Al," Wilmette: Honor Group 1,4: Soccer G.A.A. 1,2,3: Numerals 1: Glee Club 2,3: Treble Clef 1: German Club 2: Knitting Club 3: Musicale 3: Service Club 3,4: Northwestern. James D. Wigglesworlh, Jr. 9 "Wiggs," Winnetka: Student Council Inter-school Relations Committee 4: Tri-Ship Representa- tive 2: Dinner Committee 3: Class Treasurer 2: Social Committee 2: Football 1,2: Basketball 1,2,3,4: Letter 2,4: I-M School Badminton Champ 1,2: "Whappin, Wharf" 1: German Club 3,4: Nautical Club 3: Badminton Club 3,4: President 4: Whittier. Charlotte Woodruff Wilds 9Kenilworth: Girls, Club Finan- cial Committee 3: Publicity Com- mittee 4: Swimming 1: G.A.A. 2,3,4: 300-point Award 3: Numer- als 1: "Chimes of Normandyi' 1: "H.M.S. Pinafore" 2: "Pirates of Penzancev 3: "The Gondoliersv 4: Senior Orchestra 1,2,3,4: Junior Music Club 1: Senior Music Club 2,3,4: Art League 3: Bennington. .loseph H. Wiley 9 Winnetka: Usher Corps 3: Water Rugby Champ 2: News Staff 3: Coin Club 2,3: Book Club 2: Swing Club 3: Redford High School, Detroit 1. Earl Wilsey 9 Glencoe: Student Council Repre- sentative 2. James C. Wilson 9 Winnetka: I-M Basketball Champ 1: Class Volleyball Champ 1,2: Class Golf Champ 3: "Pirates of Penzancel' 3: "Gondoliers" 4: Glee Club 2,3: Nautical Club 3,4: Swing Club 3,4: Career Club 3: Spanish Club 4: Annapolis. Jordan R. Wilson 9Hubbard Woods: Door Guard 3,4. Margaret Wiltberger 9 6'Peg," Kenilworth: Honor Group 3: Girls' Club Representative 3: Chairman Arrangements Commit- tee 4: Social Committee 3: G.A.A. l,2,3,4: G.A.A. Representative 2: Volleyball 3: Golf 3: Head of Golf 4: Treble Clef 3: Lens Club 1,2,3: Bradford. Frederick E. Witt 9 "Fred," Wilmette. Mary Jane Wolf 9Wilmette: Honor Society 4: Honor Groups 1,2,3: Girls' Club Social Committee 1: Friendly Com- mittee 2,4: G.A.A. Representative 1: Treble Clef 1: Glee Club 2,3,4: Junior Music Club 1,2: Senior Music Club 3: Career Club 3: Ohio Wesleyan. Ricka Wolff 9 Wilmette: Honor Society 4: Honor Groups 1,2,3,4: G.A.A. 1,2,3S French Club 3: Swarthmore. Dolores Wolschon 9 Winnetka: Honor Group 2. Marjorie Wolsey 9Winnetka: Honor Group 3: News Staff 3,4: Quill Club l,2: Travel Club 2,3: Coin Club 2: French Club 2,3: Latin Club 2: Broadcasting Club 3,4: Secretary 4: Career Club 3,4: Musicale 3: Journalism 4: Scriblerus Club 4. Dorothy K. Wood , 9 Winnetka. Joseph D. Wood 9 "Joe," Glencoe: Honor Group 2: "Chimes of Normandy" 1: "H.M.S. Pinaforen 3: Orchestra 2,3: Choir 2,3: Gavel Club 1,2: French Club 2,3: Latin Club 2,3: Historical Club 2: President 2. Robert Woolson 9 "Bob,,' Winnetka: Honor Group 2: Tri-Ship Representative 1,3: Dance Committee 2,4: Information Desk 4: "Pirates of Penzancev 3: A'Gondoliers" 4: Opera Group 3: Choir 4: Radio Club 3: Iowa Wesleyan. W'illiam Wright 9Wilmette: Glee Club 2: Stamp Club 1,2: Northwestern. Anne Wuichet 9Glencoe: T.N.T. 3,4: Secretary 4: Honor Society 4: Honor Groups 1,2,3,4: Student Council Represen- tative 1: Charter and Contact Com- mittee 1: Student Relations Com- mittee 2: Girls' Club President 4: Arrangements Committee 1: Em- ployment Committee 3: Class So- cial Committee 3: Archery 2: Hockey l,2: G.A.A. 1,2,3,4: Rep- resentative 3: 300-point Award 3: Second Glee Club 3: Treble Clef 2: News Staff 3: French Club 2,3: Travel Club 2,3: Career Club 3,4: Vice-President 3: All School Assembly Committee 4: Mount Holyoke. Patricia Joyce Wyman 9 Glencoe: Honor Society 4: Hon- or Groups 1,3,4: Girls, Club Charity Committee 3: G.A.A. 3,4: Repre- sentative 4: News Staff 3,4: Ink- lings Contributor 3: Le Flambeau 3,4: Editor 4: Quill Club 1: Travel Club 2: Latin club 2,3,4: French Club 3,4: President 4: Career Club 3,4: Wellesley. Wlalker E. Wynkoop 9 Winnetka: Chess Club 2: Rifle Club 1. Jeanne Zeiss 9Kenilworth: G.A.A. Class Man- ager 2: Recreational Sports 2: Volleyball 1: Treble Clef 1,2: French Club 2,3: Musicale 2: Career Club 4: Whitworth College. Lorraine Zeutschel 9 Wilmette: Bryant Stratton. Ruth Zibble 9 Wilmette: Baseball 3: Numerals 3: Spanish Club 2: Science Club 3,4: Girls' Career Club 3,4: Serv- ice Club 3,4: Commerce Club 4: University of Wisconsin. I43 A Administration ...... ..... . . . Adviser Chairmen .... . . . Archaeology Club .. Art Department .... Art League ..... Athletics B Badminton Club ....... . . . Band ................ . . . Baseball-Frosh-Soph . . . . . . Varsity .............. . . . Basketball-Frosh-Soph Varsity ..........,. Boys' Career Club .... Broadcasting Club .... .. . C Career Clubs .... ........ . . . Cheer Leaders Chess Club Choir Coin Club ...... Commerce Club ..... Committees-G.A.A. . . . . . Girls, Club ...... Student Council .... Tri-Ship Club ...... D Debate Team . . . . . Door Guards ......... Dramatics-Activities . Casts ............. Department ....... E Echoes ........... . . Editors' Comment ,... English Department . . Ensembles F FootballEFrosh-Soph . Junior Varsity .... Varsity ..... ......... ........ . . . Foreign Language Department . . . , . . . French Club ................. . . . Freshman Class . G G.A.A. ....... ..... . . . Committees ..... Class Managers Point Awards . .. Representatives . . . Sports Heads I44 In dex Gavel Club ...... Geography Club .... German Club ...... Girls' Career Club .... Girls' Club ...... Committees ...... Representatives .... Girls' 1-M Sports Girls' Office Staff Glee Clubs ..... Golf Team . . . Guard .... .... H Health Department ......... Home Economics Department Honor Groups-Freshman .. Sophomore ............ Junior ...... Honor Society I I-M Sports ............... Industrial Arts Department . Information Desk ......... Inklings ....... J Journalism Club ......... .lunior Class ....... .lunior Music Club .... L Latin Club .. .... Lens Club . . . Light Crew .... M Manager Corps .......... Mathematics Department Music Department .......... Music Integration Department Music Organizations ........ Musicale Club .....,... N New Trier News ....... Editors ........ Staffs .. 0 Office Staff .... .... Opera Groups .... Orchestra . . . 38 ...45 43 ...47 ...24 ...25 24 ...93 19 36-37 ...89 ...81 . ...18 ...18 98 .....102 .....105 .....111 ...91 . ...15 28 53 ...39 .....106 ...37 43 41 51 29 ...14 ...17 ...17 . ...32 ...34 55 54 18 ...35 33 P Physical Education Departments Props Crew ............. Psychology Club .... Public Address Corps .... Q QuillClub .... R Radio Club .... .... Radio Operators .. Rifle Club ..... . . S Science Club ......... Science Department . . . Scriblerus Club Senior Activities .. Senior Class ...... Senior Music Club .. Senior Section Service Club ...... Snapshot Section ........ Social Studies Department Sophomore Class ........ Spanish Club .... Sports Club .......... Sports Heads-G.A.A. Stage Crew ......... Stamp Club ..... Student Council . . . Committees ..... Representatives . .... . . Study Hall Supervisors .. Swimming-Frosh-Soph .. Varsity ............... T T.N.T. ...... ....... . Tennis Team ......... Track2Frosh-Soph .... Varsity ............ Traffic Squad Travel Club Tri-Ship Club . .. Committees . . . Representatives . U Usher Corps .... .. V Verse Speaking Choir Visual Education Corps .. -ZQf1fi?'i-an-'-W lm f Z5 fb fc? khan r fpiiw ' Nkzg ' A '4 'ml' fw ' j t 3 Q Q ?:j7'a 7 . Q.. A . A 3, 1, W ' QI QQ , -I-ri , Q V , ,..A .' .7 P ' L H , -555, HW , - X I, "Yi '.v::Kg..',' L. V ,- vff. 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Suggestions in the New Trier Township High School - Echoes Yearbook (Winnetka, IL) collection:

New Trier Township High School - Echoes Yearbook (Winnetka, IL) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


New Trier Township High School - Echoes Yearbook (Winnetka, IL) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


New Trier Township High School - Echoes Yearbook (Winnetka, IL) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


New Trier Township High School - Echoes Yearbook (Winnetka, IL) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


New Trier Township High School - Echoes Yearbook (Winnetka, IL) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


New Trier Township High School - Echoes Yearbook (Winnetka, IL) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


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