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iii 2 11,53 3 is si f A. , ,, : A. V ' f :3f'Q1?i2 !? T1g', f, 7 2 M 2 24 -V j 1 ' Q A-'wggigggiiggg ' , Q f . - ' , A -- - -4- ! Y "1 -- -bf ' A-H ' V"i"f-"S-g . , -' : as-In ,y .wee , -' , 4- v-',, , , , . - ' - ' ' , ., :'1a,' 1 1 'TTA W- , ' V 'A ff .- , - ' ' V. - - , , K V Q. ' , K, ,r f Zhigfvrvi A: A A ' 1 , ,X , 4fsA?i,g?Q-4,Q,..,1yV,-5,,.,l,j-,T, Tf.:.g, ,,.v:V: M A 1 N - - - A Z T - - H - , f - . ' q A hp v. ,. - P V H . ,L 1- -5, E Shan Siiqkimous Owblw-X Srmusp , in is iifiiilfffi? lfiniwi www I EE X5 umm brag om 'Waq Sm Tl9funn3'ol9.1?wud:- l ff . , . AVA 3 Umm f ' I as I , 4 + , V . -, ,- , 1 V' Q ' -A k ' 9,1 A Q..A ' Y ' V N" , ff5Q lf J K 1. 4 HQ, , A,. k W hiv fwf IQ WE, H f- aw J is HE .2553 M ii And- . Rfmqgv out g 2355523 Q U AMW Hwm Om- ww ow f'N iumowgohmgoon ......... is -if ,q W , A ' ww , 4 , 5 M 1 ' pl 8. lvrlisw' mwiil 7'-iw.-f ' defy? ' A, A E I X 4j 47 . - 'Vu K I, ,L in J ,. 0 4 KN FBS CWI sv W me 19511 cflhfof 3 0l'l'll'l'lel'lf Wfe present a new and, we hope, u lvet- ter hook to the Class of 1940. We know it will long remain as a remem- brance to you of the year 1940 at New Trier. John Roth, Editor-in-Chief IQ Y ' , if A I pifnilgiig . l A. f-fx n D f , A we V357 X, x lr 7-, "4 1 , Q I 42 L , ,J w 7l.Yr' - ff l fl A l l l ll Lg' U l lqlflx r ,.4g. 1. -Q 4 Q i5'.54..,.,, Q .v ,- 5 My 1 : ,gm ag :gifs A,,., 't- .- , Q., it A' . - .- w . v , 4 .5, ,., frf. 343' '..' N , . ,,.,': 1c..w' ,..,.f, W-ff. , 'ff' sf , K far? E taxi- ay -1 K A 23 I" 5 all ff? 1 QQ' 2 3 A x 1 N -- ,L f g my " in ' X 57 Qfffasf i 2 i ,M we Afro OUQI' CGLVWIU bl!! and i UM ' ' ' ron? CGW r f XV! rf , X, wziklig W., aff shi., L' V , 31-f,,,. , 3 ,rw L w !,x,'..4 J ,Q 73' ,i .wma A refracing oar' dielazi again an again . , Q on 'P mf ' 1-.1 g-,723 n ,V ,J .. x,,.f. 5' Q 11. 7 zu - , X: n iw at -vm ME ,,,. A, , 4Q I y . ug . 'I' 1 'J Ig Q -I if K5 I gif .,- Q---,1,s , mg' . , S f 3 , A W . 1 , 1 f' ,K-gl--13115 3 . . . A 3 ,V 15 . . . 1 ,, , 1 5 , 1 I 1 . , fx , 1. y , , , 1 1 , 1 '3 ' 1 ' 3 S 1 Y 5 1 S I 4 I V 1 1 3 G 1 WX, 1 22 2 1 15:4-,gf ' X 5- ' A , A W f X 1 - 'fig' E. f ' if lp , s Y F ,- ,. U .lil 'A ' 1 :V 'gig ' . Y, . I ,. ,pg jg' . Q ,. , ,, . . 1 2 . Q rf xg, -1 f ..-gi 23.55-f gi A554515 ,ug1f,5Efg51 2 1 47.113 2 .2'i':E:!-11525: " O O I Esffsifzi-g:i':'. A252225 2 1 1 : 2 1 :G fjlgilii 2212321 5 'Z 5 5 1 3 5 1 15322327 7 3 ' ' ' " ' f 'A 'liffi . 1. - .. . 1 L. , '. V 'HW' i 123, . f -3 5?P??5Quf fix? ' 'Z' ,.,,, M 'I' ii ., L7 - 6, A My , . 'H "mln: bw 1, ,. -gxfiggflitlfg M1 W -xfzmf ,f :Q . nik W.-:fn xwfm ww. i r JN i f -A gg- , ' Am gw ,7 "0 AT ,Qu vu -7' 5- W fqggt ufffl Q N. I 4 'lf 'Hi' fi ,f I 1 ' 5.414 X, K -I, 4 W ig lf' 'X nn f 1 0 Olfll' Iflfle Ls! Mwwwm H ,mi 'n x . 1 -' . - . P.. g, , 'wf 'aa . -X 4 , 4 . 1- - WS 31,-S, iS,g'm?4'.wY- , ' '-'. , -, - . .5 -' - .A xx' W7 , tg X -' '-T ... t 3 K nf- 1 ' E' .- 'if' . , x ' . K 5' ' gg X 4'-JA' N' ' 1 A A '... "8 Y ' n .. Q ' ' .npxwy 'ff P : J T-sbp' rf 4' 'S 'x' 'I -,.f 1. U'f.v"-w 2 M ,'t'-fx' ' ' . ' AQ 1 Q, '39 ' . V-. 1 . "v - 'YW' 1 ' f Q - - gl! Q 'A Ex , f. f ,kia --faq' w , .Ak na.: f -. - ' A Y , . ,X A 69:4 x, . ,Q .I .,x,,., Q ki .aw ff .Qf-inf N, , ' ', Q- -"5"f nw, w 'V 4-5 yy. 4, - 3 ' wk 'A i g',,kh 4,.,4- . fa ,iiggy 1""E oqgwl if 1 5' "QV yr Q Q 13375, .Q ni ' - v X Q' . 43" " ' w Q. . f ffl., r 4' u 4 lj M57 '. 'a,,. A N' . -JA. :idk grvvaggehk WJ . . 1f,:g.,,l-F .sifiigl 'YH' ,QQ I ' '-I X .4 ,f-QAM, ".. ' - ' " s 1 ' lgxi x.'ie4'.,t"Q,?" A if s J' rl-Q'-4 4 x qs , -'5"2r."s - . QL ev - . 1 "2 . 1 Q if A., .7-wg, .' 4' f' H," YQ, f " N ,qai?4fmx?, A , X' .' "y x ' .,'a,'5' . ' Y , 1 - X 'il . . N we --,mA .0 fv .WZ-,J , ,gi 'X ,J f A , . " 1 . , L ' i P- .5'fe .K, W- .. . - -- 9 .4 :V ff, ,::,'-.. S' ,. 'J ' - '. 4 x. z ' IH, "3 " f tA fe' , Q Nr . My llc, i.V.W' ..4,l'A , Q ft-Q: ,W'.. .A,U'V3lI" . 'wgygl 1 . X' Y 15:5 Q. Hu .Aff ,ff N: ff-Yi Q- flfzx V 'uw Rl .x AM, 5,, .'h ,K ,nt .V h .1 X. ,M . .. -L iv.: 1:-, - fr ... -'- -,vyq sa- ., L fqx gk-g.3'3ffj'f ,Af .- F, Q. , ':,j"'m i ' ' if ' "'! fj,'25' 5 . Y - -W' vw,-Ki , X, f-.wg ,,, , aw .wb Af 'gh :Y , , , , J, , ' Y. . . I Q fy Lf fms- , ,. -'Xb-2 if f -1595412 f 'Hz - X' a 1 -1-u,g,f 'L 4'f' as ' A ., 53.819,- ax .hh - Q K W 5, 'iw 21 E 'FQ .. Q ...six .1 rv' 'sn 74, ,M W Q. "K W I A ..2g .ffzfzw Jr! , , Jqv .0 ' 1 1 . 'f 51" ,,,,q.!-A ml 15 ' ff- ' H ' nr QW, gt 5 Srvlgn . L. f gms-A -f W , 4 , Sw' "' a 2,14 ,Q-.,,Q.' J-., If f,,. , htvy Awww W N vi.. -W: mf Q ' 'py N Wbwlsfmw- .r " V 'WL- fk . "' ' lv- .:-'L 1, .Jw-.EJ jg ,v I AS A 'fn 'x.:v" 'J' 'V+ ui, Q v. ' "1f:"o',"":'g ,' . , 'ia ,,nK.TE, fl 43.5-M,. ,H sw, uw! 'gf f ,nf ' .vs og, X-'ping' Q Qa, . AL., 4 1'1-uw. 'WWQQ 4 V H ffiggf ' -Q ,- , i.. Nw .W ..--.,,., V.. MR. BALLMAN MR. PETERSON MRS. ALDRICH MR. BARNETT MR. PUTNAM ew Pier .xdvlminiafra fion MR. GAFFNEY New Trier students owe the administration and the Board of ,Education a great deal of appreciation for improving the school facilities, and seeing that everything in school runs smoothly and properly. Mr. Matthew P. Gaffney, Superintendent, has been work- ing diligently for the past nine years to achieve this end. He has attained one of the highest scholastic ratings in the country and has striven continuously to better the relations between the faculty and the students. Miss E. E. Packer, Assistant Superintendent and Dean of Girls, Mr. Frederick A. Kahler, Dean of Boys, Mr. Harry H. Herron, Registrar and Oflice Supervisor, Mr. Wesley L. Brown, Business Man- ager, and Mr. R. F. L. Biesemeier, Supervising Engineer, have all helped Mr. Gaffney wonderfully. Mr. Ballman, president, Mrs. Aldrich, Mr. Barnett, Mr. Peterson, and Mr. Putnam, of the Board of Education, have worked diligently to accomplish all matters to be settled by them. It is their task to see that all school affairs and activ- ities function properly. MR. KAHLER MISS PACKER MR. HERRON MR. BROWN I2 .Simlenf .fgofminidfra fion Q Led by its very able officers, the Senior Class has earned for itself a very fine reputation in the minds of tlle student body. To Gordon Laughead, president, Betty Ross, vice- president, Marge Clark, secretary, and Jim Mahle, treasurer, go the honors for a splendid Senior Hop which was held at the Edgewater Beach Hotel on June 1. These officers ar- ranged class assemblies and took care of all other matters concerning their class. I Jo Hathaway, president, John Ball, vice-president, Nancy Schipfer, secretary, and Grant Ellis, treasurer, did a very fine job on the Junior Prom which was held in the dining hall on May 18. With their help and assistance, the Junior Class was very busily engaged in accepting the duties and responsibilities of upper-classmen. I '4The Sophomore Circusf, held on March 30, was very successfully staged by the class officers, Allan Gilbert, presi- dent, ,lean Schiebel, vice-president, Margaret Munson, secre- tary, and Mark Eberle, treasurer. Although these officers did not have a great deal to do throughout the year, they did prove themselves very competent to help carry on the duties of upper-classmen. I The Freshman officers were elected purely on an honorary basis, as the class does not have a party or any other class event. However, Jim Clark, president, Ann 0'Conor, vice- president, Jean Shanesy, secretary, and Ed Devlin, treasurer, show great promise for fine sophomores and upper-classmen. I3 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Gordon Laughead Betty Ross President Vice-President Marge Clark Jim Mable Secretary Treasurer JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Jo Hathaway John Ball President Vice-President Nancy Schipfer Grant Ellis Secretary Treasurer SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Allan Gilbert Jean Schiebel President Vice-President Margaret Munson Mark Eberle Secretary Treasurer FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS ,lim Clark Ann 0'Conor President Vice-President Jean Shanesy Ed Devlin Secretary Treasurer W. S. BROWN MRS. MABEL ARNOLD GOTTFRIED SANDVIG ,gn em oriam Sleep on dear friend, for you have peace. For you the glare of life is done. ln heaven's roof you find surcease From burdened careg your course is run. In my heart there is a memory. A grotto of good loves and deep. The raging crest of loss there gently Flows to pools in thought of your calm sleep. And thinking thus you live on still. 0ur lives inseparalmly entwine. For your ideals surge from their rill Of death to the ocean's living chime. Clayey rest alone can seize us. Life's mystic crux and greater part Is immortalg you do not leave us. Your life will warm my weary heart. Your soul must live for man to liveg The body is hut dust to lease. You find holy truth is but to giveg Sleep on dear friend, for you have peace. Bill sway, 340 .fdcluider Cdairmen KAHLER MALONEY VERNON BRADY GRINNELL HURST REILEY SHAW WafAemafic6 elaarfmenf I The newest venture in the Mathematics Department pro- gram is an attempt to produce a course for those students who have found mathematics a bit difficult. The course con- sists of a six semester program, three of which are basically Algebra, and three basically Geometry. Each semester's work creditably done gives 2K3 credits toward graduation from high school but not necessarily credit for college in Algebra or Geometry. If a student plans to go to college, it is possible to receive a unit for Algebra and a unit for Geometry toward college entrance on the recommendation of the teacher which will be based largely on the ability and preparation necessary to do the Junior Algebra course. Mr. Snyder, the head of the department, wrote the first two semesters' work while in Santa Monica, California, last Summer and is now writing the third semester's work. He will return to California this Summer to write the next three semesters, work which includes the Geometry. Special re- medial work for the two slowest groups is carried on by Mr. Funkhouser in connection with this General Mathematics course. MATHEMATICS DEPT. FACULTY Mr. W. A. Snyder Department Head Mr. W. J. Aschenbach Mr. H. D. Caton Miss E. M. Evans Mr. D. K. Funkhouser Mr. R. E. Gadske Mrs. M. M. Gallic Mr. C. 0. Crater Mr. R. A. Harper Mr. L. P. Hoskins Mr. C. H. Jones Miss H. Maloney Miss N. Sleigh! Miss D. D. Walker Mr. C. 0. Waters Miss E. Webb SNYDER ' ASCHENBACH CATQN EVANS FUNKHOUSER GADSKE GALLIE GRATER HARPER HOSKINS . JONES MALONEY SLEIGHT WALKER WATERS WEBB I5 ENGLISH DEPT. FACULTY Mr. L. A. Hutchens Department Head Miss G. V. Benthey Mrs. M. A. Cook Mr. R. B. Carpenter Mr. F. P. DeLay Miss L. W. Durgin Miss L. C. Hamilton Mr. N. S. Lehman Mr. C. E. MacLean Mr. A. McKinnie Miss M. A. Payton Mr. R. S. Peterson Mr. H. C. Pifer Mrs. K. C. Smith Miss E. Stanwood Mr. C. Van Kirk Miss M. E. Vlasto Miss H. Walkup Miss E. White Miss R. Whitfield Miss W. E. Wilson Miss L. E. Wright I'lg65A mepdffment I Since language is the tool of thought, the medium of communication, and the avenue of understanding, the in- fluence of the English department is all-pervasive in the life of the individual and the school, and to attempt to speak of its peculiar function is a good deal like trying to discuss the air we breathe. Perhaps the growing realization of this truth explains one of the most significant developments of the last year or two in the department and the school-the tendency to look upon English as the center around which a more highly in- tegrated curriculum may be built. The result has been the introduction of many new units and courses in which English and other subjects, such as music, art, history, and science, are correlated. Other innovations are introduced every year in the effort to approximate the normal relationship which exists between linguistic activities and life itself. The use of the radio, motion pictures, the phonograph, club activities, student publications, dramatization-these are a few of the varied means employed. Almost from its very beginning, New Trier has held a high reputation for turning out graduates well trained in English. It need hardly be said that the credit for this is due to a highly efficient departmental faculty, now number- ing twenty-two members, many of whom are specialists in particular phases of English teaching. MQQLEAN MQKINNIE PAYTON I PETERSON V PIFER SMITH t STANWOOD VLASTQ I6 oreign anguage O Correlation was a prominent objective this past year in the Foreign Language Department under the guidance of Dr. Small. The French Department broadened its cultural areas by closer affiliation with the Art Department, and the pantomimes presented by several of the classes enjoyed the cooperation of the Dramatic Department. The Latin De- partment produced, with the assistance of the Dramatic Department, Girls, Athletics, and Music Integration, two plays, "Iarbas" and MB. C. 63," written by Dr. Small and presented at New Trier for the Latin teachers of the state attending the Illinois Classical Conference. The Spanish Department introduced a new cultural course, entitled "Spanish Life," which enjoyed the added services of the Library and the Art and Workshop Departments. The Ger- man Department presented several artists who entertained and instructed in folk dancing. All groups of the Foreign Language Department made much use of visual and auditory educational aids. This year for the first time, with the crea- tion of the Latin Club, every language department was represented hy a language club. 2l06lI"il'l'l ell f FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPT. FACULTY Mr. C. R. Small Department Head Miss L. Brady Miss F. A. Bredin Miss E. L. Brcidenhach Mr. A. Bridges Mrs. V. S. Brooks Mrs. E. Carlson Mrs. M. S. Cockrell Mrs. J. S. Collins Mr. P. Dempsey Miss V. B. Donham Mr. M. E. Duckles Miss F. J. Flentye Miss L. D. Fulton Mrs. M. S. Hildebrand Miss E. Karst Miss M. H. Paul Mr. J. G. Prendergast Miss E. M. Shaw Mrs. H. Stolle COLLINS ' DEMPSEY DONHAM BUCKLES FLENTYE I FULTON I-IILDEBRAND KAIIST I1 F I PAUL I PRENDERGAST I SHAW sroue ocia SOCIAL STUDIES DEPT. FACULTY Miss L. F. Ullrick Department Head Mr. M. T. Coburn Miss O. B. Cole Mr. F. D. Frisbie Mr. J. W. Cannaway Miss A. E. Hurst Mrs. S. S. Kimball Mr. J. M. Nay Mrs. P. R. Pinn Mr. C. W. Reiley Mr. B. W. Shearer Mrs. D. C. Simonds Mr. A. W. Troelstrup Mr. R. Wehr Miss F. A. Weiler KQUAQ5 eldafthleflt 0 Each year the Social Studies Department undertakes two important projects. Last Winter the production 6'What So Proudly We Hail" was presented. About seventy-five stu- dents of history classes took part in this dramatization of in- cidents in American history, which was directed by the Dra- matic Department. The second semester a Mock Republican Convention was held, with the Republican candidates por- trayed by students. This convention was under the direction of Mr. Gannaway and included about five hundred students. This Spring one of Mr. Wehr's classes presented a panel discussion concerning labor problems which was broadcast from the Progressive Education Convention at the Palmer House. This group, about 25 students, first listened to a radio broadcast and then discussed it before the teachers at the convention. Although there were no changes in the faculty, there are several interesting notes about present members. Miss Weiler, a teacher of history, completed her work for a Master's degree at Northwestern University during the past year. Mr. Troelstrup of the Economics section is at present engrossed in writing a text book on economics which is expected to be finished by the end of the summer. At a recent board meet- ing a new course was proposed by Mr. Shearer, a course on Democracy, which is expected to start in summer school. As usual, excursions were conducted by various classes to museums and other establishments. Mr. Frisbie's Sociol- ogy class again worked at the Northwestern Settlement on the West Side. The History Museum in room 344 has been augmented from time to time by Mr. Leslie Cooke, its sponsor. ULLRICK COIURN COLE FRISIIE GANNAWAY HURST KIMIALL NAY PINN ' i REILEY fi SHEARER I A SIMONDS TROELSTRUP WEHR WEILER I8 cience an rf lelaarfmen fri Q The Science Department is one that no student can avoid. As a result of this, New Trier has a very well-equipped scien- tific establishment, including complete and up-to-date physics, chemistry, and biology laboratories. Two new addi- tions, the greenhouse in the M. E. court and the Hildebrand Memorial Museum were completed last year. Among the activities, during the year one of Mr. Windoes' physics classes conducted an unofficial Babcock test for the butterfat con- tent of milk which caused quite a furor at the Borden- Wieland Dairy. A biology class'conducled by Mr. Reynolds made interesting experiments concerning nutrition of ani- mals and other forms of life both in the biology lab and in the greenhouse. This year Mr. Clader was added to the Science Faculty. 0 The most outstanding activity of the Art Department this year is the addition of a fine new studio. Mr. John Stenvall, a well-known Chicago artist, was the new teacher in charge. All crafts, but especially that of metal, has been stressed in his course. As in other years, art exhibitions, this year the American Index of Design and the W.P.A. exhibitions, were hung in the main corridor. Also work done by our students was sent to exhibitions in different parts of the country. This year the department is making a series of colorful murals to be hung in the Commerce Department of the school. SCIENCE DEPT. FACULTY Mr. F. C. Windoes Department Head Mr. N. C. Christensen Mr. C. Clader Mr. V. H. Condon Mr. P. G. Delaporte Mr. G. D. Edwards Miss M. C. Johnston Mr. R. S. Ream Mr. C. W. Reynolds Mr. A. W. Van Deursen Mr. S. S. Vernon ART DEPARTMENT HEADS Miss C. M. Murphy Department Head Mr. F. E. Holland Mrs. M. A. Holland Mr. J. Stenvall WINDOES CHRISTENSEN CLADER CONDON DELAPORTE EDWARDS JOHNSTON IEAM REYNOLDS VAN DEURSEN VERNON MURPHY A F. HOLLAND M. HOLLAND STENVALL I9 ommerce ana! Wudic elaarfmen fd COMMERCE DEPT. FACULTY Mr. D. E. Johnson Department Head Mrs. E. C. Dell Miss A. Flemington Mr. A. L. Grinnell Miss E. M. Hadden Miss H. C. Henningsen Mr. H. H. Herron Mr. J. W. Rau Miss H. Reinhardt Mr. J. R. Smith Miss E. E. Thorne MUSIC DEPARTMENT FACULTY Mrs. M. Cotton Department Head Mrs. A. J. Bradburn Mr. J. C. Schumacher Mr. G. Swigart MUSIC INTEGRATION DEPARTMENT Mrs. E. A. Kidd I Picture on page 222 0 The Commerce Department, during the year 1939-40, continued to give a good general business education to stu- dents who wanted to learn to manage their own personal financial aifairs and to give additional training to those planning a business career with or without a college edu- cation. All courses continued to be popular. The success of the experimental class in Store Practice IV assures it a perma- nent place on the program. The faculty remains unchanged and no notices of withdrawals for next year have been re- ceived. Many of the questions asked of teachers in regard to the content of commerce courses can now be referred to the New Trier Handbook for answers. Plans are constantly be- ing considered for closer cooperation between the Commerce Department and other departments of the school. The past year saw increased cooperation with the Social Science Department and new relationships with the Art, Manual Education, and Dramatics Departments. O Staging several brilliant musical performances, the Music Department has displayed to the township the highest caliber of musical training and workmanship. Under the direction of Mrs. Marian Cotton-known affectionately to her students as '6Mama" - these productions have set a precedent in superb productions which will not be equaled for some time to come. Of course, 6'Mama" has not done all this alone, for she is very ably assisted by Mrs. Bradburn, Miss Ander- son, Mr. Swigart, and Mr. Schumacher. O Music is combined with many other subjects at New Trier High School and this new work, known as music integration, is developing rapidly and is serving many diilferent music needs throughout the school. JOHNSON DELL FLEMINGTON GRINNELI. I-IADDEN I-IENNINGSEN HERRON RAU REIN HARDT SMITH TI-IORNE COTTON ANDERSON BIIADBUIIN SCHUMACI-IER SWIGART ome conomicd, .gncluzifriaf ana! ibramafic O The courses of the Home Economics Department are designed expressly to train students in the domestic arts. Courses are offered in cooking, clothing, and home furnish- ing. Again this year the department assisted in the costumes for the productions of the dramatic and musical organiza- tions. In the Foods course many enthusiastic housewives en- rolled for night work in the Cooking School. As a result of excellent guidance in sewing, the students were able to put on a worthwhile fashion show near the ,end of the term. Q The Industrial Arts Department includes in its curricula courses in mechanical and architectural drawing, and wood, auto, and machine shop. The emphasis in this department is placed on giving the students consumer information which will enable them to judge products more wisely, and not necessarily on developing various skills. The courses, how- ever, do provide the necessary background for the pre-engi- neering student. 0 The Dramatic Division, only three years old, has offered during the year 1939-1940 eight different courses in which more than 200 students have been enrolled. Speech im- provement and training in acting gave us better performers for student plays. Stage craft and Theatre Arts make possible the more elaborate and attractive settings provided for these plays. el06U"il'l'l en tif HOME ECONOMICS DEPT. FACULTY Mrs. J. W. Lighter Department Head Mrs. H. O. Brander Mrs. L. T. Ireland Mrs. M. LaMetre Miss I. Moschel Miss R. Whitesel INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPT. FACULTY Mr. R. L. F. Biesemeier Department Head Mr. H. B. Aram Mr. G. H. Flaningam Mr. B. H. Landwer Mr. W. H. Nickels Mr. W. W. Smith Mr. H. R. Whitby DRAMATIC DEPT. FACULTY Miss E. Stanwood Department Head Mr. M. Coburn Miss P. Feeney Mr. R. Harper Mr. C. H. Jones Miss L. Lambert Mrs. J. Lighter Mr. G. Van Kirk W BIESEMEIER ARAM FLANINGAM LANDWER menus sum-I wl-urnv Qi C E,, +, . 'l, , is K LIGHTER BRANDER IRELAND LQMETRE MOSCHEL WHITESEL FEENEY LAMIERT pkgdicaf glvlucafion an QQAA lelddftnlen td Q During the year 1939-1940, the Girls' Physical Educa- tion Department enjoyed several changes, both within the department and in its relations with other departments. The girls, gym periods were lengthened to 80 minutes and several special classes were held in rhythms and swimming. This year the department assisted with the operetta, with a dramatic class, the Badminton Club, and the Gym Get-Together. Miss Anderson, Miss Veach, and Miss Burk- hard were new-comers during the year and Mrs. Rehage and Miss Adair departed. O Whether or not they realize it, each boy in New Trier owes the Physical Education Department a vote of thanks. The faculty of this department not only conducts the gym classes, but in doing so helps lay a foundation for intra-mural sports by endeavoring to teach the rules of the game and good sportsmanship. As a part of his gym training, each boy receives instruction and practice in the major sports, which, it is hoped, he will put in use in his outside activities. While the swimming is under Coach Jackson, 6'Duke" Childs, Department Head, and his efficient faculty, conducted the other classes. Mr. Lauer is the only new addition to the faculty. Q The Health Department with its conscientious workers is one of the most important functions of the school. Estab- ,lished to handle emergency cases, take charge of physical exams and health and safety campaigns, it has also given blood pressure tests to all students who participated in ath- letics. - GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPT. FACULTY Miss I. Boulton Department Head Mrs. E. M. Abbott Miss E. Healy Miss R. Stone Miss B. Veach Mrs. V. Wells BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPT. FACULTY Mr. W. L. Childs Department Head Mr. W. P. Happ Mr. E. B. Jackson Mr. C. F. Lauer Mr. D. Showley H EALTH DEPT. A FAC ULTY Mrs. M. Moore Department Head Mrs. K. Schonenberger BOYS' LOCKER ROOM SUPERVISER Mr. J. Schmitt MUSIC INTEGRATION DEPARTMENT Mrs. E. A. Kidd iSee page 203 BOULTON ' Anson HEALY A srons vncu-4 wins mocks samenu..-g.r 'lnl1ll-Ill nnr I . an-:vu-:vu -.-1-.. sc:-mm :uno ' 22 ALTER I OROFF IURKHARD ELLIS X GIBSON HAUPT HELIIG HOAGLAND HOLZINGER KOLL PARKER E ROSSIERGER STORNER DIXON LIIIEY TODD HOWARD ROISON izice aneoud fam! Mrs. G. Alter Miss K. Borroff Miss L. Burkhard OFFICE STAFF Miss C. Haupt Miss R. Helbig Miss R. Hoagland Miss R. Koll Miss H. Parker Miss G. Poole LIBRARY STAFF Miss E. R. Libbey Department Head SPEECH IMPROVEMENT Mr. C. Howard Miss F. Ellis Miss L. Holzinger Miss B. Rossberger Miss D' G' Dixon CAFETERIA Mr. C. Gibson Miss F. Storner Mrs' E' M' Todd Miss E. Robson GIRLS' OFFICE STAFF g'l2..'f."n'ZTEZ E3S1?E.,G.e.'?I.i.1ffI.1f..5'... mst, E' A""'Z1' H' Kaempfer' VISUAL OPERATORS c0RPs Second Row-M. Sestervhenn. J. Wagner, V. Smith, P. Duckum, E. Lar- First Row-F. MacKenzie, D. Emmet, D. Miller, F. Bonner C 0 Glb vneth M. Hole, P. Butler, N. Meyer, P. Van!-Iorne. son-Sponsor, E. Freundlich, J. May, D. Shimp. -f :cg ,N rf- V QQ ,LLI Qtr ,IJ N Yblzi, 55 - H, M' N kg ': ,,"f.M'-, j fi H QE, 1' Y . -6' FPA' R5 5,5 ,. an I h me ,M K n' L , ,,,x, X24 J' ,- n, mf , , 'f. ,Q w wa ,, ,afzgfaaw mega --Q.-..:... ui, l 3 ' x.:niuL-va-IM-1 " I J if . ,gg I X v X V . 5. H quasi fwvwi i Y A ,, .um , fS ',j,1' V . ,Q fl., -:5,.y1 f A f . , ga" 3. The Summer of u39', had gone by, And only fond memories remainedg Days with the sun in a warm blue sky, But those carefree months had now waned. Then high in the tower the old school bell rang And thoughts of the school year ahead Flashed through the minds of all the old gang, As back to New Trier they sped. 1. Back to school 2. King Football again reigns 3. The Activities Ticket Drive 4. The Tri-Ship Opener 5. First Matinee Dance 6. The Girls' Friendly Banquet 7. Seniors campaign for class elections 8. Boys' Athletic Dinner 9. The Football Award Assembly 10. Publicizing a Student Forum 11. The Forum 12. Girls vend magazines in Annual Drive 13. Trelawny of the tGWells', 14. Parents attend night school 15. Annual Homecoming X R M ' 'Q 5 ' - 5 ,M 3241 ,, N ,M , QR 2 H lav a? f , fw.-.w.w..A.. Wimpfrd -xv . Mimi ww: 2 1 .K . f X it 1 3 Q 'C' ,M , Mmwvgg ai MJ H M as - ww.f5 'Yvi7 .Q Q if i ii Q 5 ,yn , g N ' V.. f 4,43 K' . V. Q 5 R ,. Ex K pl 63 ' V 2' A M g g A'7".- f' ' as -- ,F ' , Z f 1M yi ,. , 1,5 v gg Q, 4. 3, Q., if E931 M :ami L5 I, X' Another Winter engulfed New Trier, But the days were balmy stillg Surely Nature was acting queer, For the weather had no chill. But then the days grew dark and cold, An icy north wind did blowg And frigid Father Winter bold, Brought forth his ice and snow. Winter hits New Trier The College Exhibit New Trier singers in Christmas Concert Treverian swimmers plow up Lake New Trier Cagers leap for ball in crucial game A couple of talented Lagniappe performers The Latin Play What So Proudly We Hail Mother and Daughter Banquet Seniors struggle with three hour English exams Flags unfurled in classrooms A Christmas party Enchanted April Echoes drive launched with publicity skit tal Hun a K -.iw 2 , A .. if-2 'Q .ay Y G, is I Q 5 we it if 'V is S W x, W I, ik. 4 I 1 The ice-covered streams began to thaw, And the white blanket left the earthg According to Mother Nature's old law, Again came the season of mirth. Spring had arrived, and with it a plague Of Spring fever hit New Trierg And young men's hopes were no longer vague, For there were girls and good cheer. 1. Spring fever 2. New Trier Tracksters dash for League H0 3. The cry of "Batter Up!" sounds again 4. Two cute Leap Year Lurchers 5. The Pirates of Penzance 6. Sophomores brawl at Splash Party 7. The Gym-Get-Together 8 . Square dancing hits New Trier 9. At the Father and Son Banquet 10. The Award Assembly 11. Three revelers at the Sophomore Party 12. Sophs entertain classmates at party 13. New Trier Band makes ready for Concert 14. The Youngest 15. The sad day arrives Cflrafluationj Il0l'S , V. ..,. Q 5357, ,, ii, me A . A z fi ' ' K,-ilisgfw ,AY 8 I , if: 1 ' g 1 ! 2 i 'f . ' ,: ' -3172 fv 'Q' !f t f fag' if Y 1, N . ,M f 'www' F-2-41", 'W' ' . '9 f M, ' Y V- gg: ' - W m .. K ' . f' w,QE,,.,f, ,, iff? U SQL 'inn 'M " g, if I' 2' ff-'f 1 -f 3.4455 ' 1 4 N X v, K-, fi? -S' 4 1 5' 'Q 4 My O ' m ff: .,,1 CLICK! CANDID CAMERA FIENI 'T Asylum for intellectuals Baby wins a new pair of shoes! Tellis all about it! "Father', and 65Angels.,' Can I borrow a nickel? They satisfy? Keller: ul Lovett? .ge Caution-Men at work. Eye it, try it, huy it. Dewey love it! Just cooling him off. Z-Z-Z-z-z-z-z-z- Bull's eye! Boy-what illustrations! A good sign! Hey-youse mugs. Where's Romeo? Brrrr! These heavy overcoats. NVADES NEW TRIER CAMPUS . . . CCJCAQ5 5fll,6!2I'lt5 in lfil'lC0l'l5Ci0ll,6 l'l'L0l'FLel'lt5 .. jQxN006Li . . ECHUES CAMERAMAN INVADES THE i FORBIDDEN LAIR OF A SENIOR STAG i PARTY First the dear boys sit down to a delicious cup of tea. 1. CW'ell! Slap my wristU But one of the hoys is naughty and does not like tea, and so 1 2. filly goodness! It's a hrawllj Three good lit- tle boys look on with wonder and glee. 3. flley you slugs! Take it easy.D But now con- gratulations are in order for 1 4. CVVell! Wmvlll Put'er there Brother Hoodlj Now the boys feel like singing with furor CFuehrerj and -- 5. CSweet - a - do - lineee.j Now one hood relieves the rest of their marbles. 6. fFor shame, Father!j then- 7. fQuiet!j One of de boys is a contortionist. 8. Qllghhhlj Now one of the seniors serenades a self-made woman. 9. C0-solo-miolj And to top off a strenuous eve- ning, the hoods trip the light fantastic. 10. CHmmm-Legslj 34 Lb. gag.. AND W'HAT CALS T001 THE ECHOES SNAPS THEM IN ACTION! NEW TRIER HAS LONG BEEN FAMOUS FOR ITS BEAUTIFUL QUEENS. IF YOU DON,T BELIEVE US, JUST CAST YOUR EYES ON THIS PAGE! WOW! 1. Come on-Jump! 2. Zulu influence V 3. Miflnight Raid! 4. Hot Stull'-the sand 5. She's got it! 6. Pretty corny 7. Trouble w i t h those heads together 3. Veni-Vidi-Vici 9. Sweet Ad-o-o-o- 10. Gleesome Threesome 11. Studic1us-LWell- 12. Gruesome Twosome 13. Fresh-Softies 14. Hic! 15. Soup's On! 35 ' , L A W' 4, K, Ei l 1 - S ,.. 1 Q sw 4 2 if A mm FW R V Q. In g'g'f"'fi?""f?.4 , Q ., L E3 i 1 6, ,Q O if f ' 5 """'-M, D Ay. r I 1 O 1 . . : I W ,Y ' : 4 A 91 WE WONDER . . BUT THE ECHOES CAMERAMAN SHOWS US THE ANSWER BY CATCHING CANDIDLY THE STUDENTS AT PLAY . . . . CENSOREDI . Reeeeeeeec- . Female wantecl . Une he-milk please . Don't you believe a word of it . VVe Weisllaar was in the water . You forgot tlle lreer . Day Dreamer . Smily sophs . Wfalsh the matter . We want some elevator tickets . Mall frans- . Get off the lawn . Feed lrag . Two scholars and athletes 37 41,04 . . AT THE STUDES OF OLD N.T. IN THE CLAS SROOMS AND ON A SPREE . 'Sno way to act . Gut! . Getting up in the world . "Ooftie" . Some chassis . Neilson at work Cscllool- workj . Figuratively speaking . Find the missing link . Oh Dave, you flatterer .Wfhatcha looking at, Bill? . W7ho threw that? . Brenda and Cobina . Hurlhutt and Co. . I've got my eyes on you . Ask the lnan who owns one .Please place refuse in container 38 ieill ON THE NEW TRIER CAMPUS AS REVEALED BY SNAPSHOTS TAKEN HERE AND THERE IN AND AROUND THE OLD ALMA MATER The real McCoy Wll6P6,Il that hand come from? The lion roars Blond or brunette? Wll3l,S new? Easy does it Boo! Betty Coquette Oh say can you sling? A heehive of industry T.N.T. girls with T.N.T. What a physique-ist The champ! Who's afraid of the big had wolf? De boys at Des Moines He looks on the hall Yum! Shoot! Who lmlew out the flame? Caroless Haven of screwlralls 39 lgazifimezi 0 cfiue jfeueriana . . A W -W. "W- x 4-nw ,Ja 1" if ,.- ra 1-if-1' 4-rf, 4894 4, ,,, aw " ' ' W ,W 1' K. ,ii HADDEN TROELSTRUP Under a new plan of organization, the Student Council this year has made great strides towards that much-vaunted democracy which has been its goal. The introduction of daily meetings into the regular schedule has done much to alleviate the problem of finding time for discussion and has DODDS McNlTT FRYE CUSHMAN RODGER DAILY STEIF NELSON STUDY HALL SUPERVISERS-BOYS also given the committees more opportunity for work. In- stead of a large unwieldy organization made up of repre- sentatives from the adviser rooms, as has been the system in previous years, eight members of each class chosen by their classmates, the committee chairmen and the officers comprise the Council, but much of the committee work could not have been accomplished had it not been for the assist- ance lent by members of the student body. After fostering Council through its infancy for several years, Mr. Van Deursen had to relinquish his duties as spon- sor because of other faculty obligations. Since the work was comparatively new to the new sponsors, Miss Hadden and Mr. Troelstrup, much of the work fell on the shoulders of the officers which they did well. However, Mr. Van Deursen gave some of his time as special adviser. First Row-McQuide, Menary, Weil, Sittig, Ellis, Matthews, Dodds. STUDY HALL SUPERVISERS'GIRLS Second Row-Rodgers, Peterson, Moon, Sullivan, Jones, Holland, First Row-Hill, Pierson, Rosenheim, Duncombe, Hathaway, But Wilson R Dodds. ler, Meinig. Third Row-Dewey, Reebie, Ball, Hoeier, McNitt, Walker, Bap- Second Row-Marx, Adams, Nelson, Cleary, Belding, Barnett tsta Lippincott. Ragsdale, Chiquoine. VW 'aw COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES First Row-Nelson, Terzakes, Etterwind, Cody, Thompson, Beeler, Farwell, Starrett, Kaempfer Hazelet. Second Row-Weese, Casterline. Ball, Drucker. Cloud, Anderson. Fager, Barnett, Rosenhelm Third Row-McNitt, Kriebel, Walker, Schmick. Hughes, Markus, Davis. Meyers, Mlzener Daily COUNCIL COMMITTEES First Row-Brown, Kraft, Kritzer, Meyers, Ranstead, Farr, Bowen, Davis, Duncombe. Neilson. Second Row-Hill, Idler, C. Hill, Miller, Wetterer, Green. Warden. Kletzien. Smith, Gaffney, Booth. Third Row-Matthews, Davis, Stransky, Frei, Watts, Monahan, Pittman, Michael, Dodds, Davis. Wilson. The first big job of the Council and Finance Committee was to sell activities tickets. A new peak was reached this year as the number sold exceeded 2300. The next large un- dertaking was the College Exhibit which was held earlier than usual this year on December 2 and 3. Approximately 80 colleges and universities were represented at this show, the details of which were handled by the Publications Com- mittee. Late in April, the Hobby Show was staged under the management of the Social Committee with 130 exhibitors displaying their hobbies. Also noteworthy achievements this year were the student supervised study halls under the Study Hall Committee, notably those of the second semester, "The Suburban Communicatorf, a publication put out by the Inter- school Relations Committee to bring the suburban schools closer together, student forums, and the cooperation with Skokie School and municipal authorities to curb pilfering. Thus has been Council's contribution of New Trier's flame of democracy. It is hoped that the fires are kept burning. 43 LA UGHEAD NEEF SOSNA MITTEN WRIILHT jf., fem Again the Girls' Club has come through with a successful year to their record. Under the able leadership of Joan Goodnow, Marion Woolhiser, Peggy Pierson, and Jeanne Cleary and with the full cooperation of every girl in the school the club has done many worthwhile things. At the beginning of the year the Girls, Club room was redecorated and a new rug was bought. Along with the newly redecorated room the ofIicers, the members of the board and the representatives planned a social program that was very successful. First came the Tea which the club gave for the freshmen and the seniors. Then came the Tea for the new girls, the Senior Suppers, which are new this year and very successful, and the very popular card party which came at the end of the year. As usual the Girls' Club was in charge of selling hot dogs at the football games. From this a lot of money was made for the Scholarship Fund. Also, as the five hundred dollar bonus was made on the magazines, another welcome sum was pro- cured. In adding up all the money made by the girls this year, they found they had 31,600 The money will be used for scholarships for deserving members of the Girls, Club who would not otherwise be able to go on to college. GIRLS' CLUB REPRESENTATIVES fFirst Scmesterj First Row-Moon, Maddock, Starr Gubhins, Claar, Bishop, Wiltberger Hutchinson, Hall. Second Row-Kemp, Megowen, Clark, Stoerk, Hill, Van Horne, Husak, Har- shaw, Tideman. Third Row-Bowen, Carroll, Warren McClelland, Johnson, Bingham Schexbel, Wilson, Cooper. v v v s GIRLS' CLUB REPRESENTATIVES CSecond Scmesterj First Row-Kemp, Edwards, Guth. ridge, Starr, Jones, Hall, Butler Brown, Varde. Second Row-Megowen, Raymond, Royal, Roberts, David, Husak, Hill, Clark, Stoerk, Becker, Woolf. Third Row-Barnett, Strasser, Mac- Farlane, Troy, Loucks, Merkle Grossberg, MacArthur, Brewer, Tideman. v v 44 ,ws 1. " L" - a C 1 f ' G'RL5' CLUB - - , 'F-' , AVF 1 t- omcens ' - in 's ...,, 1 V 1 - 5 5 1 H f" 'fn , fpoodnow 1, , g i f Cleary A ,A,., b ,V V V lnicrson , 2' . L ,,,, g rig, Q. ,gg K, 1,f.,i1gfiesvsrs,f ,z Adanls Burge- lloesli Lidecker Roscnha-ini Ross Wlvishaalr Ag fflianksgiving and at Christmas the girls contributed ff!! rfyQ,':'fX Q .gif willingly to the charity drive which was conducted hy the cluh. 4' f, il! X Foodstuffs and warm clothing, as well as hooks and games Il were collected. " "flu A I 4' X? ET: if 175 L.: ,SQQ ..,.." . ' .fs It was the mothers' turn to he invited to the annual Girls' fftlglj ' -f X a 1' 1 ,wi ' , ,. '- qu Cluh Banquet this year. After a good dinner the mothers and ,kw 75- Ye 1- 5--as ,,,', , Pi daughters were entertained in the auditorium hy student tal- A -EEL-rg? .k r F 5, ,rw f i 1 rf 1 . X 7 ent. The Friendly Banquet was also a great success this year. ,lr I fin i lf ll Q E Q33 ' s Much credit for the successful year goes to Miss Wriglit, XT fg j X to the four officers, and the hoard memhersg Val Adams, i -YUM X X H ' F , 1 , l Barbara Burffe Mar Lidecker Bett Ross Beezie Rosen- X X C X J. NJ 1 J ' ,ll , I 1 n v Y 2 y 9 . kb 1 'Ft V af I I . 5 7 I W ' .,-N, .. ...., ,AM n- 'X A -,,1,. AL A hcim, Nan W'eishaar, Ellie Hoesli and to the members. E' -'P' r' - 5' 5 ' ,J GIRLS' CLUB COMMITTEES Clst semester, First Row-Brereton, Katz, Tuteur, Merrill, Shiverick, Maddock, Bray. Crosby, Gere, Engelhard, Larson, Andreae, Braaten, Bonner. Second Row-Baggaley, Wuichet, Nelson, Raymond. Edwards, Liepold Smith, Mathieson. Mehlhope, Biser, Edwards, Becker, Wieland, Marsh Marx, J, Mitchell, Wyman, Belding. Third Row-Starrett. Olson, Cook, Chiquoine, Warden, Harmon, Hall steen, Knight. Hill, Borregaard, Loucks, Hahn, Johnson, Mercham. GIRLS' CLUB COMMITTEES 12nd semesterj First Row-Robinson, Broemel, Hartwell, Jetfreys. Castle, Fox, Renfro, Jones, Wagner, Larson, Nielsen, Elliott, Monroe, Penfield, Strasser. Second Row-Wiltberger, Beach, Stube, David, Petersen, Worsfold, Christian, Wuichet, Megowen, Wetterer, J. Thompson, Mehlhope, Wright, Henderson, Warren, Rose, Scott, Lascelles, Jansson, Gaffney. Third RowwJ0hnston, Hyde, Borregaard, Fitzgerald, Meyers, Johnson, Kuby, Christensen, Craig, Bell, Merkle, Phillipshorn, Meyer, Doven- muehle, Wilds, Withrow, Bowen, Kearney, Dunn, Griltin. as .xr 1 X , 1 it K 'Ja' -s, glsgyi I T ., . 'W gif as-.tie , f ,-15 5 ,WX 1' ' 2 f ,t 1. A sa :,f2f'?Ycf? -,-PL. H ,f , .i. 2 4- L. A- - .. Mi., :Wx J Q. scsi Q 4 , 1, 5,3 I U, 91'- TRI-SHIP OFFICERS Organized fourteen years ago to promote better Citizen- ship, Sportsmanship, and Fellowship throughout the school and community, the Tri-Ship Boys' Club is today one of the most important organizations at New Trier. Jack Wiese was its president this year when a new system was introduced. To develop discussion in the class representative groups, and to make closer contact between the ollicers and the students, four class chairmen were elected. They were respectively Bob Bennett, the vice-president and business manager, for the seniors, Bob Dodds, the publicity manager, for the jun- iors, Arnold Berlin for the sophomores, and both Allen Thompson and Don Royce, one semester each, for the fresh- men. This system worked very well. Under Jim Mahle, the Student Aid Committee was very active this year providing financial aid for many needy stu- dents. They collected food, money, and clothing for poor families in the community and in Chicago at Thanksgiving and Christmas time. The Club will also help several deserv- ing boys to go to college by their scholarships. New at New Trier was the all student produced and di- rected show, Lagniappe, which was sponsored by the Tri- Ship Club. Under the direction of Gordon Laughead, it was an outstanding success and helped to make a large scholar- Wfiese Bennett Buengcr hi , f n L B.-.lin Dodds Holland 5 I u ' PM 51453211 Slglixlgin Thlgzcgm The club also sponsored the second annual Homecoming, Wilder P I which was well attended, and paved the way for such events in the future. Increased in size this year, the Usher Corps, headed by Eugene Holland, was honored by being asked to usher at the Progressive Education Association Convention which was held at the Palmer House. USIIER CORPS First Row-Murray, E. Keller, H. French. J. Lang, M. Hill, G. Powell, C. Stillman, E. Holland, K. Landis, T. Wilson, A. Matthews, E. Ellis, W. Peterson, P. Cloud, P. Aishton. Second Row-G. Laughead, J. Menary, G. Rothermel, L. Mitchell, B. Wetzel, Wilson, C. Reebie, S. Rothermel, W. Clark, C. Barber, B. Frei. D. Buenger, J. Ball, G. Hinners. R. Williams, J. Allen. Third Row-Fargo, J. Walker, 0. Olson, R. Starrett, B. Christerson. P. Petersen, D. Watts, B. Steen, W. Peterson, Sibley, R. Jones. D. Kriebel, McNitt, L. Campbell. .L ', . T, if --j?.Qff.g4Q 5, . 46 ,ya f-M Q I Y, - , I, 4' TRI-SHIP COMMITTEES First Row-Platt, Strauss, Badger, Woodbridge, Randall, Drucker. Hill, Chase, Brandt, Ellis. Second Row-Clark, Wilson, Steitz, Esler, W. Clark, Barber, D. Judson, Frei, Hubachek. Third Row-Fuller, M. Simpson, S. Rothermel, Maxwell, Steen, Landis. R. Jones. Gordon, TRI-SHIP REPRESENTATIVES First Row-Garcia, Willing, Zander, Darley, Felsenthal, Kramer, Binder, Smith, Davis, Clark, Wiese, Mills, Merkle, Stade. Second Row-McGraw, Melia, Slayfon, Pederson, Tark, Ball, Norman, Chronic, Canning, Mitchell, Eberle, Booth. Bryson. Third Row-McKeown, Smith, Zick, Campbell, McAfee, Woolson, Reebie, Kelly, Mack, Rothermel, Clark, Platt, Erwin, Shafer. The Tri-Ship Dinner Committee under Chuck Stillman put over two very successful evenings. Glenn Cunningham was the guest speaker at the Athletic Dinner. The Father and Son Banquet with novel entertainment drew the largest at- tendance of any such previous affair of its kind. Jim Lang with his committee furnished the school with a well rounded and entertaining dance schedule. There were five evening Tri-Ships and six equally successful matinee dances. H . The Interscholastie Relations Committee, under Ralph Starrett, continued to serve refreshments to visiting teams in the clulrroom after many of the games. Unfortunately they had to postpone the Sports Carnival until next year he- FRISBIE cause of conflicting dates on the school calendar. Dick Buenger was secretary-treasurer and Dave Wilfler was in charge of the eluhroom. Both of them filled their jobs well. 47 Kelly, Cordts. Cleveland GANNAWAY A ,, , . ...VE ., , f fwiiif?'?57?Ef'?Zri'5f'"5Tf?fj'7f??'f"775f7TE34f41'ff5Z,11'fY'?2Lf" ' A .X f 'X f-,A f 5. fl 1 f iq X . -ul 1 . i' xjyiq H Fw Xifft,.f'.3L, . - xl My ' ff 'jXJ"' r fist Clfiliv' 'il . Q- . - if rv-.Lf DOOR GUARDS First Row-Hamley, Brown, Whittington. Klaner, Johnson. Rusney, Skog, Ball, Randall, Osborne, Peterson, Strauss Holst. Buhrke. Second Row-Brittain, Meredith, Perrill, Dicttrich, Builey, Hadley, Jamieson, Lau, Laser. Schnur, Smith, Dorman Wilson. McKee. Third Row-Howell, Fuller, Connor, Borchardt, Kelly, Hughes, Asplundh. Long, Reed, Wilson, Sinclair, Quaintance Betcone. Wetzel. INFORMATION DESK TRAFFIC SQUAD First Row-G. Rothermel, L. Zick. A. Matthews. W. Brown. First Row-Farrar, Randall, Long. Pickett McKah R. Roemer, F. Badger, E, Keller, J. Cox, W. Peterson. Second Row-T, Koppel.. S' Kopper. Leech Hoetg Second Row-D. Maxwell, J. Wilson. C. Reebie. P. Kelly, Murphy, Wilson. W. Clark, S. Rothermel, R. Frei, R. Bendel. Third Row-J. Steel, J. Esler, Ringholm, D. Watts, C. Mc- Coy, M. Hoefer, R. Jones, Holst. CHEERLEADERS First Row-Von Ebers, Sethness, Gottmann. Second Row-Murray, Ellis, Williams. Other organized groups under the supervision of thc club included Cheerleaders, headed by Raleigh Williallls, the Door Guards, the Traffic Squad, and the Information Desk Boys. They all were of great service to the school. The high point of the school year was the election of the boy to receive the Tri-Ship Award. This is given to that boy, who in the eyes of other boys, best exemplifies the ideals of the club. The winner of the award this year was Bill Dodds. It was thought that the other ten boys on the first ballot also deserved recognition, thus each was given an engraved cer- tificate for his permanent remembrance. Mr. Frisbie., the sponsor, and Mr. Gannaway, assistant sponsor, deserve much credit for the smooth way the club functioned. W'ithout their help, carrying on from year to year would be very diflicult. 48 O Were it not for the Sports Club, the conduct of Intra- Mural Sports would not be on the high plane it now is. The club's members are at work almost every afternoon endeavoring to fulfill the aims of the Sports Club, which are to sponsor, promote, and conduct as many Intra-Mural Sports as possibleg to educate in methods of playing, officiat- ing, and managing the various sportsg to develop sportsman- ship in all interscholastic and intra-mural sports among spectators, officials and players. Mr. Showley is the club's sponsor. O For years it had been apparent that while New Trier's athletics were constantly being bettercd, the required stu- dent organization was woefully backward. Yvhile a part of New Trier's athletic program was supported by the school as a whole, there were some parts of it which through lack of organization, facilities and other causes held their games and meets in what amounted to a complete privacy. The Manager Corps was organized with the improve- ment of these neglected activities as a principal purpose. MANAGER CORPS First Row-G. Rothermel, B. Henoch, E. Keller, T. Wilson, J. Wilson, P Kelly, B Strauss J Vanl-Iorne. S Abrams Second Row-B. Kahn, F. Gordon. J. Smart, B. Maeser, J. Boyle, SPORTS CLUB R McKeighan, D. Baird. B. Buehler. L. Smith. First Row Murphy Seddon Sachse Misch Brand Third Row-B. Fisher, C. McNaughton, J. Fisher, G. Randall, M. Hill. Second Row Deily, Matthews Stordeur Trienens, Mr Showlev Sponsor D Glenn. A. Edmiston, G. Wescott, B. Canning, T. Fischer. Will Davidson Bryson McClane 'Q il 1 Q I . x kk ,AP , A uf' 9 iw. QM G. A. A. OFFICERS Glenn V. Huck Henderson Chancellor Crawford Kaempfer Brown C. Huck Hammond Qing ifdfdific .14 0 The aim of the Girls' Athletic Association is to promote more interest and enjoyment in sports. It was ably headed this year by Beverly Glenn. Vice-president Virginia Huck had charge of all awards. Edde Henderson took all minutes and Imogene Chancellor managed the finances. Pat Craw- ford held the position of Intra-Mural Sports chairman and Miss Healy continued as sponsor. The G. A. A. Board consists of the oflicers, committee chairmen, and heads of sports. The board meetings were held tenth period on Friday with the adviser room repre- sentatives coming in twice a month. A drive toward bigger and better publicity was one of the projects of this year's board. Publicity chairman Jean Hammond led this drive. Once a month the G. A. A. an- nounced the most active girl and she was publicized as the "Girl of the Month" in the News. The board started redecoration of the G. A. A. oflice and G.A.A. REPRESENTATIVES First Row-W. Thompson, M. A. Lafferty, Putnam, C.Gubbins, M. J. Latferty, Bach, D. Burns, C. Boone, F. Jones, B. Green, B. Bard, E. Kirschbraum, E. Jorgensen, F. Billings. Second Row-Duncombe, F. Weber, Marshall, Thogersen, Boyie, Morse, C. Davies, Eves, S. Robertson, S. Pierce, D. Percy, M. A. MacLean, M. Wiegman, G. Dundas, M. H. Marmaduke, P. Wright, M. G. Kinney. Third Row-Fleming, Yates, Stoetzel, Pettee, Kletzien, Wuichet, James, Stube, Fredericks, Petersen, Knight, M. Rankin, N. Weber, M. Johnston, Burlingham, Warren, Dunn. 300 POINT AWARD First Row-Kracha, Kuby, Cummings, Hazelet, Rosenheim, Ranstead, Hallsteen. 600 POINT AWARD Second Row-Beach, Robertson, Borregaard, Tideman, Scheibel, Lamb, Mitchell, Chalmers, First Row-Stephens, Kaempfer, Henderson, Steele. . 800 PUINT AWARD Third Row--Ross, Hoesli, Bowen, Williams, Carlson, Karnes, Second Row--Bourland, Langford, Stein, First Row-Glenn, Mehlhope, Goodnovs Hellstrom, Johnston, Putnam, Wuichet. Third Row: Leach, Mitchell, Williams, Edwards. Second Row-Larson, I-luck, James, Sn - ff , :vw-is .mvsumsnss C. A. A. SPORTS HEADS First Row-P. Brereton, J. Putnam, V. Adams, M. Woolhiser, V. Gere, J. Edwards. Second Row-M. Stein, G. Langford B. Pettee, B. Ross, J. Stube, F. Bourland, B. Larson, F. Wagner. G. A. A. CLASS MANAGERS First Row-H. I-Iarshaw, S. I-Iazelct, M. Parkinson, S. Miller, V. Steele M. Keefe, W. Thompson, M. Kend- rick, J. Mitchell. Second Row-P. Kaempfer, F. Kra- cha, M. Ward, B. Ramser, N. Schip- fer, C. Marx, 0. Carlson, H. Chi- quoine, M. James, N. Larson, F. Weber. v G. A. A. FIRST SEMESTER COMMITTEES First Row-Carroll, Link, Leach, Thompson, Starr, Bach, J. Graff, Macqueene, Stevens, Johnston. Second Row-Bard, Persson, Cor- mack, M. Graff, Peck, M. Ren- nacker, Van Arsdale, Dovenmuehle M. King. Third Row-N. Meyer, K. Phillips- ' born, R. Halley, N. Eves, S. Tide- man, M. Lamb, M. Rankin, M. Christian. y a movement was started to repeal the state law prohibiting competition in girls, sports between different schools. Helen Kaempfer headed the officials who refereed at all games. Frannie Brown and Charlotte Huck, as Social and Ar- rangements Chairmen, jointly planned all G. A. A. social affairs. The first affair of the year was a tea at which the freshmen became acquainted with the organization. The Winter Supper, an innovation this year, was held to give awards. Supper was followed by skits planned hy the representatives. The evening was closed by the faculty's uproarious imitations of New Trier's gym classes. The year wound up with the Annual Spring Banquet and the long awaited announcement of the 1941 officers of the G. A. A. SI MAMA" COTTON THE NEW TRIER BAND One of the largest departments in the school from point of service rendered is that of music. Throughout the year over 1000 students take part in the different organizations, including the Band, Orchestra, and vocal groups. The Band, under the direction of Mr. J. C. Schumacher, and the Orches- tra, with Mrs. Cotton as its director exhibited the prowess of our instrumentalists to the community, while the Choruses, Glee Clubs, Opera Groups, and Ensembles comprised the vocal endeavor. First to show its quality is the Band, under the direction of Mr. Schumacher. This little-publicized group of students plays at football games, basketball games, school assemblies, and gives an Annual Concert in the Spring. This concert is the crowning performance of the Band and a great deal of work goes into making it superb as it was this year. On December 17, the combined Choral Groups and Or- chestra presented the Twenty-second Annual Christmas Con- cert in two performances in the afternoon and evening. The brilliancy of the music was enhanced by the background of appropriate scenery made by the Stage Crew which was sup- plemented by the ever-faithful Light Crew. Immediately after this Concert, the Opera Groups began work on the Opera, which was the Gilbert and Sullivan favor- ite, '6Pirates of Penzance." This was presented on March 15 and 16 with a brilliant array of singers in the leading roles. The cast was as follows: Bob Wiese, the Pirate Chief, Bill Harbeck, Frederick, the pirate apprentice, Barbara Barton and Shirley Schlung, Mabel, Russell Locke, the Major-Gem eral, Pete Kreer and "Bugs,' Baer, the Sergeant of Police, Jean Moreau, Ruth, a pirate maid, Jean Swarts, Kate, Bar- 52 Orck ea fm 2146011112 FIRST VIOLINS P. Pierson Concertmeister M. Olsen B. Smith I.. Rogers B. Geppert B. Rogers B. McDonald M. Pagliarulo R. Peterson D. Cole SECOND VIOLINS A. Arms J. Marshall J. Scarff D. Fanckboner R. Humphrey K. Philipsborn H. Doolittle S. Katz J. Michelsen C. Scherzer J. Sclmeider BRASS B. Mestjian F. Eccles E. Devlin R. Talbot R. Jerrard G. Miller J. Elliff BASSES W. Jarchow R. Johnson D. Alfvin WOODWINDS C. Wilds R. Neukranz M. Davis W. Rapp F. Kilner J. Cox S. Finney N. Claar B. Moon B. Matson A. David CELLOS A. Schauffler Principal J. Moreau H. Gary M. Horween W. Fanckboner C. Kahn TYMPANI Henry Reilly Dale Koenig 501161 Ql"ff0l'U'l8 WOODWINDS A G. Hinners D. Taylor R. Nicholson M. Aldrich R. Foust D. Stanley J. MacDonald B. Plamondon D. Lyons J. Hoetger J. Kanberg SAXES H. Borehardt F. Tripicchio J. Mills E. McCauley WOODWINDS B B. Morrison G. Sider J. Manson C. Reimers D. Fuessle J. Van Horne J. Ladd D. Haase BRASS BASSES B. Merkle H. Reilly R. Lichter P. Hollingshead PICCOLO 8: FLUTE B. Matson BRASS Cornet G. Miller F. Shefte E. Peterson C. Van Home E. Melia W. Jacobson J. Coleman D. Derro B. Maston D. Moulton D. Rudd TROMBONES B. Edmonds T. McCracken Lewis Krampe Jerrard Thatcher Ranstead Anderson PERCUSSION H. Diettrich P. Tuttle D. Anderson J. Allen J. Haase E. Movely D. Koenig G. Lindsay -f. fa C, 9 ..- THE NEW TRIER ORCHESTRA I I VL ' W B il my O M 1 1 Y Ni. if l 5, ' 1' T? A VN My Za .M X f xg . YY- , YV ,R . , -0 "C 2 ,A K ' Wk. i K., , 'bu ' '1 f' "U o ' i4'qW hir W J "P 'I' W 'A X.-. WY X 'f 1 1. 1 i .f S if M 1 -V- nr i . -l f-1 iff' E XV X .'f. 4 ii . Y . 7 -all i--Tl '- - nl A' - Q f ".. 4 bara Edwards, Edith, Dolores Neef, Isabel. Supporting these leads were 60 members of the Opera Groups and the 50 piece Orchestra, to make the "Pirates,' a milestone in New Trier musical history. Ken Cushman and Bill Christerson were co-managers, and Bob Bennett was in charge of the ticket sales. The Annual Spring Concert was the last big performance of the vocal groups in the Music Department. It was given on Hay ll in the Leslie F. Gates Gymnasium. An audience of about 3,000 people thoroughly enjoyed this gala and picturesque production. This concert climaxed a successful year for the Choir, Glee Clubs, Ensembles, Opera Groups, and Choruses. A .. .gg CHOIR First Row-J. Swarts, M. A. Christian, D. l-laake. F. Wag- ner. B. Bray, I. Chancellor S. Schlung, D. Neef, M. Myr- land, P. M. Bliss, Danley. Hartwig, B. Barton, C. Hill. Second Row-G. Aldrich, D. Chronic, G. Hinners, M. Beach, B. Edwards, E. Merri- man, P. Burlingham, B. Glenn, F. Beeler, M. James, B. Vernon, S. Fix, C. Loucks, T. Lewis, C. Wells, H. Fager. Trhird Row-R. Locke, H. Smith, D. Ickes, S. Smith, J. Lundin, R. Wiese, D. Ellis, B. Christerson, D. Watts. G. Sibley. P. Kreer, S. Rother- mel. B. Dalgety. B. Moss, B. Harbeck, L. Mitchell. GIRLS, OPERA GROUP First Row - Daily, Neiglick, Herbert. Mitchell, Danley, Glenn, Bray, Bliss, Schlung, Neef. Second Row-Hartwig, Jen- sen, Myrland, Cormack, Horn, Torrey, Wagner, Barton, Ed- wards. Third Row-M. A. Christian, P. Dungan, L. Rogers, I. Chancellor, C. Loucks, J. Moreau, M. A. James, B. Vernon, D. Haake, J. Swarts, M. Beach. BOYS' OPERA GROUP First Row-M. Berndt, S. Smith, G. Hinners, R. Merkle, C. Wells, M. Cahn, S. Ald- rich, D. Ickes, B. Penick, J. Sleininger, C. Van Horne, H. Fager, A. Matthews, J. Wil- son, W. Pancoe, R. Sherman, J. McQuide. Second Row-P. Aishton, D. Hall, C. McNaughton, B. Carey, G. Leal, B. Dalgety, H. Smith, B. Harbeck, R. Locke, D. Idler, M. Oman, R. Cleveland, J. Flanagan, hurst, K. Cushman. Third Row-G. Sibley, D. Christerson, F. Huggman, D. Watts, B. Johnson, D. Ellis, B. Wiese, H. McAllister, D. Kriebel, S. Rothermel, P. Kreer, L. Mitchell, B. Con- nor, J. Van Horne, J. Lundin. T. Lewis, D. Baird, P. Hawx- Hamley, B, Peterson, B. 54 GIRLS' ENSEMBLE BOYS, ENSEMBLE First Row-Merriman, Chancellor, F. Beeler, M. First Row: Wells, H. Smith, I-Iarheck, S. Smith, Hinners, Aldrich, Locke, Fager Beeler, Bliss, Royal, Vernon, Edwards. Barton. second Row-Brown, Seated-Swarts. Seated-wieset This year, the Senior Music Club, which is the highest goal of those pupils interested in playing and hearing the music of others, reached its peak in membership. Meetings were, for the most part, held at school as the former custom of meeting at the members' homes did not allow enough room, although the Christmas meeting was at Joan Kilner's. At the tryouts in the Fall, only seniors, juniors, and soph- omores were admitted and ensemble, as well as solo play- ing, was encouraged. Officers of the club were Peggy Pierson, president, Bar- bara Edwards, vice president and program chairman, Mason Gaffney, secretary, Don Finney, treasurerg and Marjorie Beach, and Val Adams, social co-chairmen. Mrs. Cotton is the sponsor. 55 Christerson, Sibley, Mitchell. , - S iff. V . ..lec ef L A . ., I 1 1 -A A A . , . q I . ,Q lzi. A ,, . . 41 ew? 9 Rf 1. 5 5. 3.5. Q 'mf . , mzm k 'v f - ' 6 .V N ,,mV,V Q . D: I V B . . .,..,: X f 1 .b 'I fi . .rf I n . ' F , - ,, '- , lk ij " . , ,. j ,ESF vi "r , 2 -,.-a if ,' L , - . - ,s 2 i . V --zy ' K , if f . L 1 . . . Q, i A . 3, , , , 5 .4 JIM., 4 , 5. . A W ... .A c . M , . . I if , , A R: . .2 A S U " S7 M . ani. W ' A Y 5 L,yi . - ,,. S V f,. 'fp if k i it ' , ...fe AAAAZ , f .I A .. J, E l . ,,.. f 1 ..,, ...K ' ' ' ' f . 5 4 ie V 5 , .' I 'M E . Y .A VL , , f . . we . .f I ' :A1 . i f :" ' J I' ' L y 'V M ,FF ':' l AM'A if 1 '.,V 3 " " "' . A . I L' f . . . - . . .D .. 1. A. h a f -- f A . V-,E Q Q .- E E i i 5 ... W 'L ' ,. . . 'S 3- .if f - ' Y ii- 4 "" ' K Dr - v . - i - . sim 5 -3. ,L M .- -. KJ Q , R. w ,..f K7 ' Q s N 6 , ,. A. K ,,g ., 4 5, K .. . ' . . - .... i n K, ,E ,. . av W .. .I . g - I .ui in ,K LIA ,V . . ,- . 4 . I I U H A V Q is - Q s Q is as A .fmwz 1 fe ,I f. , H k . f ,QQ - -I "1 K , A' - ,ku 7 ' , -' A l .f I . . A V A Q Q ,.,., , I ig , . E .jf Q l-I I A 0 K ,, . . t r .. , 1 f. . - . . 1 '-", l -' Y , . -""' 1. . . . . X. . . a . i . if-L c . . ,, I i F L, J l f ,. A " J 1 X' ' ffwillii K 5 " 1 ' f . 1 -1 - . . , ,, ., . if. I . ,sr .. . .gx ., ,, , ,M . r 5 Q., I W I . ,, V -1 U :,,,...M ' 'M H .law -. M V4 :V 5, -s ,J nj, , V. ,. . ...Q f f ,N E ' Q . ' f' ' . V .gg . ' .. - " , R. A X A A i , ' " .-1 H M ' ' ' ,.,. my .... . , '--' '- ---" - GIRLS' FIRST GLEE CLUB First Row-Sutherland, L. Peterson Lanson. Jeffreys, V. Thompson, L Snyder, M. Stephenson, Meyer, Sehifflin. Bakkema, N. Dillon, Rose, Smith, Koch. E. Waltari, Anhalt, Jansson. Rosen- eim. Second Row-Rennacker, Jacobsen. J Lundberg, Farwell, P. Kaempfer Moulding. Engelhard, D. Petersen Broemel, Miller. Anderson, Bovbjerg S. Miller. Lawrence. Hobbs. Palmer J. Tremblett, Guthridge. VVelborn. Ram- ser, Binner, Thogersen, F. Brown, J Sinsheimer. Third Row-Herbon. V. Huck. Goodnow H. Schipfer, M. J. Laflerty, N. Wal- pole. M. A. Lalferty, Kresge. Putnam. Raymond, Menden, Steinhoff. Morse Boyle, Merrill. G. Treinblett, Bourland Bizer, P. Davidson, P. Donohue, B Chancellor. B. Stinson, J. Michelsen. B. Baggaley. M. Woolhiser. J. Hama mond, J. Edwards. B. Ross. P. Var Horne, P. Kirchner. S. Peck. G. Lang- ford. Fourth Row - VVolf, G. Carroll. F Schramm. Kletzein, Hill. Cleary. Smith. Tuttle. B. Williams, 0. Carlson. J Hogarth, Cassell. Liepold. Beck. VVar- den, Craig. Kubicek. F. Schempp. Gerd- ing, M. Lucas, Carpenter. Graham. Mar-Dowell, Magner, Prince, Sloetzel, Dawson, Ludden. Cook. Weber. Pena field, Lamb. BOYS' FIRST CI.EI+1 Cl.lfli First Row-Johnson, Drey. Jones. Zan- der, Darley. Claar. Foldi. Inius. Hilde- brand, Rodgers. Swartz. Caslerline, Bryson, Bliss. Second Row-Buck, Townsend, Pettee Beyer, Redding, Jorjorian, Bovle. Sit! tig, Murphy, Smith, Glenn, Cobb, Elliff Pancoe, Vernon. Third Row-Barthold, Carruth. Goekel Cleary, Bower, Bonner. Maior. Hughes Welch. Collier, Kahn. Ambler. Kopper Reckord. Jerrard, Lippincott, Meyers GIRLS' SECOND CLEE Cl.l'B First Row-Darling, Hurlhutt, 0'Con nor, Vesey, Falasco, Sutherland. Alonzi Henderson, Lammers, Bishop, Straueh Stein, llirseh, Robertson, Monroe, Kahn Marmaduke. Black, Simmons. Second Row-Bergesen. Maughan, Lar weth, Bierratzki. Warren, Mitchell, 01 son, Small, Rydstrom. Meacham. Kuhn Dundas, Oilar. Lipman. Kleckner, Hart well. Schlung. Hazelet, Campbell. Chal mers, Becker. Cody, Whiteside. Conger Bate. Third Row-Wuichet. Nordbnrg, White DeVinny. Berg, McCandlish, Kunze Butler, Frei, Shervington, Phillips. El liott, Lightner, Watson. MacLean Crosby, VanHorne. Layne, Dighe Vviese, Lindstrom. Belding. VanArsdale Ogle. Wilder, Epsteen, Stekoll, Hart Lukens, Schempp. Fourth Row-Carroll. Bard. Kremm Jackson. Lindberg. Starrett. Davies Green, Crowell. Burns, Bennes. Ford VanCleave, Tideman, Eves. Meyers Chiquoine, Green, Kixmiller. E. Van Horne, Kraft, Cooke, Seifert, Bond Pifer. Lodwick, Borregaard, Bowen DeBerard, Randall. BOYS' SECOND CLEE CLUB First Row-Shefner. May. Smith, Tor rey. Moyer. Liepold. T. Brewer. Mat thiessen, Best. Davis, Borgenson, J Kanberg, Mabry, Rigles, Leach. Travis Devlin. Second Row-Sherman. Davies. Evans Dowd, Diamond. Wayt, Ellioll, Ander son. Drucker, G. Matson. Skog. B Phillips, D. Landon, W. Bernardi, J Zick, 0. Daily, R. Fitzgerald, David son. Kramer, Osborne, M. Paniehelly B. Reece. Third Row-Hostnick. Bjork. Carroll Blackburn. S. Kopper, J. MeNitt. R Rapp, C. Bayard, K. McAffee. Steitz J. Foy, Schmick, J. Benson. J. Mc Shane, B. Allen. R. Wiese. Royce, S Bergquist, F. Epson, B. FlaHavhan J. Clarke. SENIOR MUSIC CLUB First Row-Haake. Barton. Swarts. Pu nam, Wolf, Neilson, Pierson. Adam Edwards, Myrland, Schlung. Maddoc Rnble, McDonald, Olsen, Rose, Burn Second Row - Miller, Liepold, Bec Hinnian, Rogers. Vernon. Merrima Bliss, I, Chancellor, M. Beeler, Royal, Beeler, Beach. Meyer. Claa Wilds, Moreau, Lee, Neukranz, Schau ler, Marshall. Third Row-Aldrich, H. Smith, Hinner Matson, Drebes, D. Brown. L. Mitchel B. Christerson, G. Sibley. R. Wies Alfvin, Harbeck, R. Fischer. F. Badge R. Locke, M. Gaffney. S. Smith. Fi ney. D. Booth. C. Wells. Fager. 56 JUNIOR MUSIC CLUB First Row-Farwell, Stewart, McConnell, Lar- weth, Tudor, Horween, Kahn, Halldorson, Thogersen, Munson. Second Row-Michelsen, Moulding, Cole, Ben- ner, Fanckboner, Kixmiller, Cassell, Spanger, Tuttle, Lamb, Menden. Third Row-Cahn. Drucker, Bryson, Berlin. Peterson, Geppert, Smith. MUSICALE First Row--Trudeau, Henderson, Vanl-Iorne, Conger, Meyer, Duncombe, Forstall, McCue, Rose, Schiftlin, Redfield, Powell, Willett. Second Row-Figueira, Kaempfer, Christian, Jacobsen, Wiese, Smith, MacLean, Kuhn, Mc- Elroy, Murray, Miller, Jackson, Meacham, Halldorson. Third Row-Mrs. Kidd-Sponsor, Lindeman, Schwall, Inom, Foldi, Shapiro, Smith, Green, Gross, Strassen, Baker, Yust, Dawson, Johann- son, James, Mitchell. SWING CLUB First Row-Herlocker, Hadley, Mills, McMil- lan, McCauley, Caley, Palmer, Morand, Koh- ler, Kahherg, Jacobson, Bliss, Noel, O'Dally, Frische, Whitted, DeClerque, Stenson. Second Row-Dundas, Oilar, Chase, Aubineau, Dewey, Boyle, Starr, Lawrence, Clark, Flynn, Mrs. Kidd-Sponsor, Pancoe, Howett, Bishop, Bovbjerg, Miller, Kinney, Wooden, Nordburg. Third Row-Brewer, Foreman, Murray, Ford, Kleckner, Watson, Andrews, Moulton, Sieg- fried, King, Willett, King, Johnson, Bradbury, Chiquoine, Kuby, Digre, Barnett, Etterwind, Link, Carroll, Carpenter, White, Adams, Eb- bert, Coolidge, Lourie. Fourth Row-Cohn Ta lor Oman Mittle Y , - man, Davies, McShane, Boettiger, l-lurlbutt, Bryan, Compere, Cleary, Lundin, Kloepfer, Wiley, I-Ioetger, Maston, Markham, Fargo, Karsten, Bruce, Doty, Buehler, Lindsay, Ellis, Hildebrand. 57 Q The members of the Junior Music Club are mostly fresh- men and sophomores who enjoy playing an instrument or singing. Each year prospective members perform before .za try-out committee before they are elected to the club. All members are active and perform at least once a year. Mrs. Bradburn is the club's sponsor. I A club for those who enjoy listening to the best in record- ings. This club has undertaken to bring to the student body the large collection of records given to New Trier by the Carnegie Corporation. V 0 A club for those who want to study swing music and to take part in a jam session. This is a new club, founded, according to the constitution, "to promote interest in swing music, to provide a place in the school for the study of swing musicf, Hrs. Kidd sponsors both clubs. A ... . l fl ldblfdblli 0 -SZMALM CM - Qui! CM ' ourna idm KOOL 6 ug SCRIBLERUS CLUB First Row-Glenn, Oakhill, Baker, Bray, Cleary, Crowder. Reebie, Craig, David, Steif. JOURNALISM CLUB First Row-Shaw, Thompson, Howett, Sutherland, Bowen, Knight, Wilson. Second Row-Petersen, Sweeney, Panichelly, De Berard, Smart, Buehler, Oakhill, Graff, Michelsen, A ffef wmfzng . . . Q Scriblerus is the highest literary organization at New Trier. Membership is determined by quality of original compositions. At the meetings the members read poems. stories and essays which they have written. This is followed by friendly and helpful criticism by the members. The club is sponsored by Miss Hanlilton and Mr. Pifer. Q The Quill Club is one club that the freshmen can call their own. It is for those underclassmen interested in writ- ing. The club is sponsored by Mrs. Cook. Contributions from the members are often read and literary games played. O The purpose of the Journalism Club is to further the interest of those who enjoy newspaper and other journal- istic work. Each program is designed to help and inspire the members. One of the highlights of the year was a trip to the Chicago Tribune which was sponsored by this club. Mrs. Todd is the club's sponsor. Q Last year the Book Club was organized under the guid- ance of Mr. Peterson with the purpose of acquainting stu- dents with the better books of the day. Since many students do not have much time to spend in reading, the club helps them choose the most interesting books. QUILL CLUB First Row-Farwell, Harshaw, Small, Hayson, MacArthur, Eldridge, Pickus, Peterson, Bovbjerg, Lamb. Second Row-Reichmann, Von Glahn, Kritzer, Rogers, Borregaard, Grossberg, Cassell, Jackson, Yust, Snyder, Dawson. BOOK CLUB First Row-Burkheimer, Stephens, Butler, Elliott, Forstall, Bliss, Lonesgan, Staufert, Haskin, Reimann, Clavey. Second Row-Jones, Johannson, Lukens, Arnason, Hallsteen, Loueks, Bull, Petersen, Stange, Belding. Meyers, de Guerre, Trudeau. XM Q, jg isa, ,.., af' i .. 'bs . . .Q iv 1 i s 9 S 1 GAVEL CLUB First Row-Boyle. B. Fisher, Kracha. F. Fisher, W. Lehman. F. Dowd, W. Dougherty, J Mosser H. Wood, A. Turck, P. Hamer, F. Jones, I. Terzakes. Second Row-Klein, Strauch, Chase, Kamerman, H. French, J. Kanberg, S. Morand S Lewis, F. Stein, M. Guthrie, H. Becker, R. Dormitzer, Marwick, Lightner. Third Row-C. E. MacLean-Snonsor. Appelbaum, Stein. Manson. Shefner, Beebe. Michael Pet erson, Borregaard, Dudley, C. McGuire, Locke, W. Jacobson. DEBATE TEAM First Row-J. Mosser, H. French, W. Dougherty, S. Stein, Mr. C. E. MacLean. J. Ball, G. Ran- dall, D. Stern, D. Michael. Second Row-Drebes, Manson. S. Chase, F. Dowd, Borregaard, K. Beebe, M. Appelbaum, W. Bachrach. 0 The Gavel Club was the starting point for all of the debat- ing organizations which have ever existed at New Trier. It is similar to any other club in the manner in which it carries on its business, but its chief function is that it is a training ground for future debaters. At its meetings debates are held and the club is addressed by prominent people in many walks of life. 0 Outstanding but underpuhlicized is New Trier's excellent Debate Team. This organization, under the sponsorship of Mr. MacLean, defends the school's enviable record of seven- teen years of debating. Throughout the school year meets were held with neighboring schools on the subject, this year, of government ownership of railroads. The students of each school represent both sides of the question and some- times the more adept ones switch topics in the course of a series of debates. There is much friendly feeling created through these meets and frequently they are accompanied by a banquet and some form of entertainment. 59 ' owe! 'ledafe .lam I? w , A 1 1 2 X X52 .. sa, RADIO CLUB NAUTICAL CLUB First Row-Fanckboner, Pagliarulo, Booth, J. R. Smith-Sponsor, Full, First Row-Vedder, Shaw, Jones, Barber, Randall, Hill, Wiggleswornh, Smith Fragassi, Chittenden, Morehouse. Second Row-l-I. Farrar, R. Davis, D. Major, Van Cleave, l-loetger, Miller Second Row-Bercaw, Keating, Bannard, 0. Carlson, Cummings, Danby, R. Jolmson, E. Ball, C. Ball, Bliss. P. Wagner, D. Deno, Feinberg. Third Row-Lebeson, McAfee, Steel, Marwick, Kraft, King, Behnke, W. PZIICOB. Waufica! H1650 CM Q The Nautical Club is an organization for those who are interested in sailing and maritime subjects. To further their program, members of the club did considerable sailing dur- ing the Fall and Spring. For instruction in boat mainte- nance during the winter months, a fourteen-foot whaleboat was obtained. Meetings on days not suitable for sailing were devoted to work on the whaleboat, outside speakers, and motion pictures. Q The Radio Club had the best year in its sixteen years of existence. Construction activity in the 'Sshackw of Station W9EDC resulted in the addition of two new transmitters to the club's already excellent equipment. Club operators can now communicate with other radio stations on all of the amateur 6'bands" from 5 to 160 meters. The technical staff was increased by approximately ten new operators who re- ceived their Federal licenses during the year. The programs of the regular bi-weekly meetings, presented mainly by members of the Club, were unusually interesting and well attended. Mr. Smith is the clulfs sponsor. J 60 LENS CLUB SCIENCE CLUB First Row-Hallsteen, Hofeld, Rubel. B. Brown, Watts. Mathews. Wilt- First Row-Danby, Roemer, Bate. Baumiller, Zibble, S. Smith, Schaufl berger, Kuby, Mlchealsen. ler, Michael, Ekman, Marwick, Lightner, Jones, Beggs. Second Row-C. Van Horn, Murray, Herlocker, Bruns, Starr, Grossberg, Second Row-Gary, Lane, Loeb, Jones, Meredith, Pifer, Carlson, Cum Krocha, Smith, Walsh, Burnett, Lechner, Hill, Davis. mings, Knight, Hirsh, Lebeson, Mosser, Shapiro. Third Row-Haigh, Allen, Long, Hougwh, Bonner, Stransky, Scott, Fargo, Third Row-Mr. Christensen-Sponsor, Calkins, Rathy, Ehrhardt, Doo- McAllister, Marshall, Stein, Vogt, Aishton. little, Gordon. Murphy, Scott. Hayes, Murray. Mackenzie, Talbot, Weil. Q One of the more active clubs during the past year was the Lens Club, numbering about 50 active members. The club's numerous activities included talks and demonstrations on ' end ur photographic subjects and movies shown by several non- members. As usual, the annual party was a great success, the members having been entertained by three orchestras, 0 cience C ug a movie, and a floor show. Those members with a wider knowledge of photography were admitted to the Inner-Lens Club which numbered about 20 members. Mr. Bridges is the club's sponsor. O Since its organization under the late Louis E. Hilde- brand, the Science Club has been to New Trier a place where aspiring young scientists show their enthusiasm for the vari- ous aspects of science through numerous field trips and by working out various problems together. lt has long been one of the more important clubs at New Trier, building up the Science Museum and aiding the Hobby Show by many contributions. The club is under the sponsorship of Mr. Christensen. 6I - - A. 1 FRENCH CLUB , First Row--Black, Halldorson. Saxhy, Warren. Crosby, W. Thompson, Lundberg, DeBerard, Pomeroy, Schipfer, Weese, l Meyer, Edwards, Lenney, Hayson, Leech, Zeiss. Y Second Row-Fellows, Welborn, Lascelles, McClelland, Biernatzki, V. Thompson, Hobbs, Fox, Kritzer, Miller, Bond, Adams, Keefe, Cormack, Belnap, McEwan, Liepold, Braaten, Sager, Guthridge, Prins, Johannson. Third Row-Mitchell, Jackson, Craig, Blackburn, Becker, Burlingham, Graff, Vanllorne, Torrey, Quinlan, Warner, James, Chase, Aunineau, Karnes, Michelsen, MacDowell, Schifflin, Bachmann, Kuby, Kraft, Snort, Gaffney, Wilson, Farr, Schwall, Lindstrom, Kaempfer. Fourth Row-Wuichet, Miller, Bowen, Olson, Smith, Lukens, Baker, Bliss, Nelson, Chancellor, Neukranz, J. Thomp- son, Cassell, Wood, Collier, Aldrich, Ellis. Ward, Biser, Mehlhope, Borregaard, Griffin, Ward, Herb, Merkle, Craft, Raymond, Jenness. Mrs. Hildebrand-Sponsor. or fkofie w enjoy or ign anguagerl 0 The French Club has had, without doubt, one of its most successful years under the leadership of Mrs. Hildebrand ' IAQIQCA and the officers: Valerie Adams, president, Mary Lou Cor- mack, vice-president, and Nancy Schipfer, secretary-treas- urcr. Outstanding among the speakers who entertained and informed the club this year were Mrs. Daniel Brush of Glen- French Club members working on the second edition 000, and Helen Halperin, 3 Senior at New Trier, who is of of NLR F""""ff"'1-'i the claws """""'l magazine' Russian parentage, was born in Germany and attended W school in France. She told of French schools and of her impressions of America. A feature of each meeting was an original skit in which members participated. French Club members this year published the second edition of '5Le Flambeauf' a magazine consisting of lively stories and jokes in French, interesting letters from French correspondents, and other entertaining features. 6'Le Flam- beau" was edited by Valerie Adams and enjoyed by all New Trier French students. Q The Latin Club was started near the end of last year to give to Latin students the same opportunity to study the customs and culture of old Rome that the members of the French and German Clubs had to study the countries they were interested in. Last year's meetings were carried on according to the government of old Rome. "Consuls', presided at the meet- ings, Hpraetorsf, 'saedilesfi and Maugursw took charge of the programs, utribunesw and "censors" looked after the members and the minutes were kept by a 'gscribaf' Mem- 3 lc' .63 hers were requested to adopt Latin names before entering the club and Roman togas were worn hy the magistrates. Most important of the year's events was a uslave auc- ' Ll, tion" at which freshman members were 'tsoldv at one mcet- ing and Nfreedu at the following one. 1 Consuls of the club were Jim Moore and Hope ITarshaw. 9 epnqan ML Sponsors are Miss Breidenbach, Mrs. Cockrell, and Mlss Paul. Q The German Club is for students who take German and who would like to learn lnore of the music, literature and art of Germany. The officers this year were: Richard Kriebel, 5 ",,,, ' f ' ,f fi? presidentg Dolores Neef, vice-presidentg Diane Kremm, sec- , fr retaryg Michael Olmsted, treasurerg and Leonard Helke, ' 'J f , X . . f sergeant-at-arms. The sponsor is Miss Karst. The club had -v some very interesting meetings including a Strauss program, , f 'yy' , i N , ' LI. " 1 ffr, xx. V , aff, , W ie 'f Ss sw E X A 4 + fa. , i V l' ,y f l Q. fl y ! up I l ll ,El when music by this composer was played, and a folk dancing ,'V'n" h' eq? lx 1.7! if l A 111 U I l LL ll ' l W l f '4 , 'f ' ff N ef lx ln ll df 51 program, at which the members were shown and taught - f ' " ' various German folk dances. At one meeting Dr. Goedsche " 1 ' l ' ' , . if of Northwestern University spoke of the German schools. A , ,N X , very colorful program was given when the club members ,E . 'V . took part in HA Bayerischer Abendi' CAn Evening in Bavar- Xp 1 V2 M u.o, ' ia.Q Near the end of the year a play was given and afterwards open house was held for the parents of the club members. LATIN CLUB GERMAN CLUB First Row-Beum, Schauffler, Holste, Helke, Kremm, Kriebel, Miss First Row-Kern, Ludgin, Fischer, Lyman, Harswhaw, Moore, Small, Baker- Eberle' Karst-Sponsor, Neef, Olmsted, Lau, Luecke, Bizer, Warren, Lindeman. Second Row-Miss Breidenbach-Sponsor, Van Horne, Homan, Fisher, - lh , - I Second Row-Albach, Hollis, Lewis, Black, Adams Butzow, Blaesing, lgoacllEflSliSv1Ygxcigor,CtleI1isEl Pgi1l2lgI50hgg:?taul Wyman! She'V"'gt""' Mrs Matthews, Shiverick, Green, Platt, Buehler, Ebman: Stem. Third Row-Kagan, Frischer, Chapin, Moon, Hamer, Sutherland, Smith, Third Row-Merkle, Cook, Randall, Christian, Petersen, Drebeus, Davies, Munson, Peterson, Van Horne, Reichmann, Andeson, Harper. Kelly, Farrar, Chittenden, Glenn, Wiggleswurth, Hirsch, Shapiro. . f -- sir gs 1. LQZA QQF5 'FA , .2 Ag q i el J: W Q--fs---w-sa nbiij. ,f,lm',,..,, F, 5 Q' 4 S 5 fl W F ' I iff gg ' G f ' . l Q lfg 'sei 2 xc ' 5 mfiifff i' 5 5 ' WM 5 . E f . ,qw H 3 2 ' M ,f 1 fp, 4 .Jia ff -we pf ..-ai... . T55 5 'f l 2 'TM ,R ,V ,X ffl., Y 37 1 x i x 'n 1 'gfamp ' oin ' eogralalzy '.f4rcAae0 ogy First Row-Harris, Denis. French. Mosser, Smedley, Wilsey, GEOGRAPHY CLUB First Row-Dodulein, Forstall, Roemer. Stephenson, Brady, Miss Flemington-Sponsor. Second Row-Deily, Cummings, Aldrich, Stanley. 0 One of the special interest clubs is the Stamp Club, with Mr. Pifer as sponsor. All of the members, about 25, are ardent stamp enthusiasts, and the principal activities of the club are trading stamps and preparing for the annual exhibit. Q The Coin Club, with Dr. Small as its sponsor, gave those students interested in collecting coins an opportunity to get together and talk shop. Trading coins, an auction, and oc- casional door prizes were featurcs of the club. I The Geography Club was organized this year with Miss Flemington as sponsor. During the year the club worked on a survey map of the township. Although the club is small, it looks forward to a bright future. 0 The Archaeology Club, now in its fifth year, is expressly for those students interested in archaeology. Though it is a small club, it was very active, and under its sponsors, Mr. Lellman and Mrs. Kimbell, provided very interesting and en- tertaining material at its meetings. STAMP CLUB First Row-Forstall, Strasser, Borre, A. Pancoe, W. Pancoe, M Stanley. Second Row-Geppert, Herlocker, Smith. ARCIIAEOLOGY CLUB 011011 First Row-Mrs. Kimbell-Sponsor. McCue, Kagan. Harris. Mr Lehman-Sponsor, Blake. Talbot, Fischer. ' mari M tw '33, w 1 g 5 ,M H6 6 YQ, ff! 4 L X ,N W, -Hi.-zwfhi I 5 W ,T -,,f,,f , ,,f,,:5 . xg.-Avf "LL, 125-S f if M A -f 5 5 eg-sf x'--' 'xwfff ,-.k 2- f is Y sfg.a.,.,.wv'f H ,gr ,-.k Q A QM E ifiifilse'--Q, . 51 2 , 3 , it f xr 'AVR av . x x E X Y x BOYS' CAREER CLUB First Row-Anderson, Meredith, Vanl-Iorne, Emmet, Cutler, Badger, Woodbridge, Matthews, Starrett, Reehie, Fread, Chapin, Platt, Laughead, McCandlish, Powell, Fifer. Second Row-Taylor, Dale, Kelly, Kraus, Sullivan, Seddon, Holland, Eves, White, D. Brown, Prins, Bayard, Walker, Koerber, Rapp, May, Crowder, M. Anderson, Wiese. Third Row-Huffman, Stransky, Sibley, Christerson, Dewey, Borregaard, Nelson, Bennett, Brigham, Watts, Petersen, Jones, McAllister, Hoefer, Esler, Sherman, Mitten, B. Brown, Williams, Kahn, Maxwell. GIRLS' CAREER CLUB First Row-Mincheff, Bowen, Porteriield, Bachmann, Duncombe, Wuichet, V. Thompson, Kletzien, Hammond, War- ren, Claar, McDonald, Rubel, Clavey, Reimann, Neef. Second Row-Zibble, Leach, Browne, Clark, Burns, Stephens, Lonergan, Johannson, Carney, H. Jones, Barnett, Smith, Olson, J. Graff, M. Graff, Erickson, James, Macqueene, Johnston, Miss Henningsen-Sponsor. Third Row-Lee, Boyden, Peck, Roemer, Schramm, Wolsey, Welborn, Nelson, Schipfer, Chancellor, V. Adams, Haake, Hinman, Christensen, Larweth, Beggs, Versino, Arns, Derckum, Fisher, Lindstrom, Davidson, Robinson, Marsh, Weishaar, Woolhiser, Boston. Fourth Row-Frye, White, Glass, Crawford, Lukens, Bull, Becker, McClelland, Prince, Stange, Shaw, Knight, Peter- sen, Janicki, Jones, Helmstadter, Martin, Carlson, Arbogast, Boyle, Harmon, Hill, Herbert, Oakhill, Edmonds. GIRLS' CAREER CLUB First Row-Dalstrom, Bassett, Thalman, Marty, Kneip, Shiverick, Anhalt, Hobbs, Wolf, Bray, Swarts, Berg, De- Vinny, Sutherland, Mattoon, Trudeau, Fellows, Maddock, Brown. Second Row-Boone, W. Thompson, Larson, Neiglick, Stevens, Kracha, Langford, Sager, Katz, Kirchner, Schopen, Oakhill, Becker, Broemel, Koch, Brereton, Davis, Mersbach. Third Row-Kearns, Rennacker, Kirschet, Ungaro, Lindeman, Hendrickson, Belding, Troy, Loegler, Cummings, Boyd, Chiappe, Widen, Stetfens, Sesterhenn, Altman, David, M. J. Adams, Marshall, Wyman. gd an gif 6 :See ' Q The purpose of the Boys' Career Club is to help its mem- lflg CCl,l"eeI"5 . . . hers find their life work. Mr. Nelson was the sponsor the , first semester, Mr. Hoskins, Mr. Showley, Mr. Christensen, ' if 6 ctlneeln MA and Mr. Funkhouser were sponsors the second semester. 0 The Girls' Career Club has primarily the same aims as that of the boys. Sponsors were Miss Henningsen, Miss ' ' f A 6LI"88I" 5 U Weiler, Miss Durgin, and Miss Whilhelcl. 65 I l COMMERCE CLUB First Row-Clavey, Oalihill, Holste, Mincheff, Miss I-Ienningsen-Sponsor, M. Roemer, B. Anderson, Reimann, Biederer, Schweitzer. Second Row-Kelly, Simonsen, Steiner, Barber, Henderick, Leil, Lehmann, Allen, Henricks, Ransdell. Third Row-Smith, K. Hotfman. Herbon, Larweth, B. Hoffman, Weeks, D. Schneider, Armstrong, Mazzetta, Rugen, Staak. First Row-Fisher, Oppenheimer, Second Row-Badger, Scofield, S. McAfee. i 2 Mr. Johnson-Sponsor, Frost, Roemer, Tranzi, Nyborg, Belmont, Outzen. Widen, Hoffman, T. Anderson, Reed, B. Barber, CHESS CLUB Stein, Gaffney, Eliot, MacDonald, Jones, Jerrard, Nix. I Smith, Gordon, Mr. Schumacher-Sponsor, Greenblatt, Harris, L. Smith, Glen or racfica experience . . I One of the smaller and lesser known competitive organi- zations in New Trier is the Chess Club. However, these limi- ' Q66 u, tations in no way detract from the merit of the club. As a Illattel' of fact, according to Mr. Schumacher, who has been ' ommerce sponsor of the club for several years, the Chess Club has been quite successful in its tilts against other schools ever since he became sponsor, not having lost an inter-school match until upset by Sullivan High this year. Q The Commerce Club which is primarily for those students taking commercial subjects had a membership of about Hfty this year. The usual Halloween Party at Mr. ,Iohnson,s home and the Christmas Social Hour in the Dramatic's Room were very much enjoyed by the members. The Spring Party was also a great success. Educational events consisted of movies, talks, and mental contests. Mr. Johnson is the club's sponsor. 66 jf. L- ,..- ' if ' A K... .,,n,, f :fi 'V N Q .su 'lf' .T f PM set 3 ,af -4:15 kiffww :W W Ks . T TRAVEL CLUB First Row-Burkheimer, Oatis, Bachmann. Koch Hallsteen, Christensen, Reimann, Clavey, Elliott: Staufert. Second Row-Jones, Glass, Nelson, Black, Mers bach, Arnason. E. Lukens, B. Lukens, deGuerre, Herbert, Trudeau, Stein. Third Row-Lonergan, Olson, Johannson, Step hens, Arbogast, Loucks, Petersen, Warren, Bizer Johnston, Levy, Haskin. KNITTING CLUB First Row-Lascelles. G. Olson, Staufer, Dewey, L. Jones, Fox, D. Elliott, Hackett, Larson, Herbert. Second Row-Porterlield, Graff, Robertson, Berblinger, Johannson, Lonergan, E, Elliott, Wright, M. Daily, Buehler, Halldorson, Noble. Third Row-Wiese, Martin, Stange, Biernatzki, Neetz, Iliff, Arnason, Collins, Stern, MacArthur, Ranstead. B. Williams. Mattoon, Weishaar, McCall. Lindstrom. Fourth Row-Olson, Warren, D. Olson, McClelland, V. Ogilvie. Altman, Hayson, V. Lenney, M. Braaten, P. Marsh, C. Marx, M. Lidecker, M. Gaffney, M. A. MacLean, N. A. Rygel, J. Walker, M. Bacon. Q The Knitting Club was formed this Fall under the able sponsorship of Miss Rossberger. The club was formed for social purposes and all the meetings were just friendly gath- erings. There were no speakers. However, through Miss Rossberger and the Girls Club Charity Committee, the club has been able to do some good work by providing those .jgiifiing ' rave! members who wished to work with needles and yarn fur- nished by the Red Cross, with which they have been knitting sweaters, socks and other wearing apparel for the Red Cross. Some twenty girls worked on this project. Q Formed the latter part of last year the Travel Club is a very worthwhile organization. The main purpose of this club is to acquaint and familiarize the members with foreign places through the medium of movies and talks. Both stu- dents and teachers spoke at the meetings and refreshments were usually served. Mr. Shearer is the sponsor. 67 1 ff 9 3 5 :r'fr'ee-Q ul . if ' ,Q L-ieiwar fi ' I ,Q I . ,wi fi -A" if 07118 5flfL6!6l'lt6 Q QI' fda MJQMMF. . ' eruice CM - J. -x 1' l 0 ki my 1 - -, iiiieffg 1' A ,,,. 5 E .gy RIFLE CLUB First Row-MacDonald, Becker, Hill, King, Siegfried, Stein, Browne. Gere, Andrews, Powell, Mehlhope, Pierson, Makon, King, Armstrong Wuichet, Childs. Second Row-Sethness, Katz, Macey, Beaumont, Lighthart, Stiles, Boor man, Hawxhurst, Davies, Moon, Barber, Kraetsch, Chamberlain, Lang ford, Steele, Coleman, Jones, Pancoe, Bliss. Third Row-Cook, Rockwell, FlaHavan, Christian, Thompson. Anderson, Fox, Reichert, Greenblatt, Borregaard, Sieck, W. Sieck, Aldrich, Tuttle Baer, McKee, Mincheff, Swarte. K Y K 1 , If -2? Q V 5 fx, 'Mg-is ,X . , HA I U 1 0 An organization that does not receive much recognition, but is indispensable to the school is the Service Club. This organization consists of seventy girls of whom the officers are: Janet Hill, presidentg Marjorie Rennacker, vice-presi- dent, and Catherine Marx, secretary-treasurer. The girls are taught first aid and simple nursing under the direction of the nurses, Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Schoen- berger. At the completion of this course they are given a certificate by the Red Cross. Each member gives two or three hours of her time to work in the Nurses' Office keeping records, files and other routine duties. In this way the club is able to offer practical experience to its members. Q The Rifle Club of New Trier works on a competitive as well as a recreational basis. Following this pattern the club scheduled several telegraphic meets, during the year, with various high schools. In these it upheld the standards of good shooting. The club's aim is merely to offer opportunity to those who would like to learn and enjoy the art of riflery. SERVICE CLUB First Row-Nelson, Cormack, Zibble, Jenness, McCue, Burns, Hill, Mrs. Schoenennerger. Marx, Rennacker, Ward, Larson, Thompson, Maughan, Elliot, Kirchner, Sutherland. Second Row-Mitchell, Wiese, Hoesli, Marsh, Arbogast, Pifer, Mack, - Pettee, Albrechtson, Mehlhope, Biser, Stube, Burkhard, Hammond, Blum, Fisher, Whitehead, Torrey, Macqueene. Third Row--Graff. Brown. Halley. Adams, Hahn, Black, Bull, Peck, White. Lukens, Jones, Becker, Belmont, Kern, Richland, Snorf, Brereton, Van Horn, Lindeman, Anhalt, Hobbs. QT35 'W ... . - ,A Jjydgwm J" Kffffi' www' 'rw-, A ,w'?':?13 , 7, f v, My 5 if 5 E '5 A'-..f' I E ,J l ni" Aily xx 2?-Ti ,f A P. 1 x 1? 5, 68 I N ff? vs ew . 0 Newly formed this year, the Badminton Club was or- ganized to give the addicts of the sport an opportunity to play badminton as a part of their school activities. The club met every Sunday under the auspices of the Social Commit- tee of the Student Council. Miss Boulton acted as sponsor of the club during its first season of activity. This year the season was rather limited because of its late starting date, but next year holds new opportunities for the Badminton Club. Q The Sketch Club and Art League is composed of students who want to sketch as a hobby or a vocation. In this club, sponsored by Mrs. Holland, work is done in all mediums, and in the Spring the work of its members is exhibited in the main corridor. 0 Organized for students whose hobbies are rather out of the ordinary, the Hobby Club, under the leadership of Mr. Hoskins, is a boon to those students whose hobbies are not included in the other clubs at New Trier. BADMINTON CLUB ' gaclminfon -sw 64.4 -44.44, 54.4 First Row-Berlin, C. Van Horne, Schifflin, Van Horne, Frederick, Starrett, Van Arsdale, Liepold, G. Powell, B. Davis. Second Row-Carruth, Gordon, White, Desmond, Arms, Tellis, McAllister, Smith, S. Walker, Walter, Swartz. SKETCH CLUB irst Row-M. Craig, B. J. Elliott, W. MacKenzie, B. Katz, C. Heston, N. Dillon, M. J. Olson. HOBBY CLUB :cond Row-E. Leech, N. Borregaard, B. Knight, M. Richland, E. Strasser, H. Sweeny, V. Anthony. First Row-E. Ketcham, B. Liepold, J. Darley, W. Pancoe '. Holland-Sponsor. Second Row-H. Zander, D. Royce, L. P. Hoskins-Sponsor hird Row-B. Stembridge, M. Wright, J. Best, S. Crumlish, M. Graff, L. Johnson, B. Stinson. T. I-Iowett, R. Wiese. .Q v ' '- W' . A Q. ,H J , ' X fig? is Z5 E . if :"'r"Jf . "li f 1 f 1 V ' w pf. .,F .3 ,. ,ff K .. .wa A V- if --1 -A . ,.,. why? N ,, . e sf"t-efxff .T - r E Q L. gf- . ,,.-. we 3 fda H i' TRELAWNY OF THE "WELLS,' 'A' ENCHANTED APRIL 'k THE YOUNGEST 'A' THE POOR NUT if ai ' iii i R 6 , IL , W QL xy' if .WV I 1 f ff f 'lif- DRAMATIC CLUB BOARD First Row-Walker, Adams, Duncombe, Dodds. Second Row-Keller, Smith, Landis. LIGHT CREW Mat-Kenzie, Shaw. Q The dramatic productions of the past year have been exceptionally good, both in the excellence of the plays selected and in the actors themselves. The directing of the plays was done by Miss Stanwood, Mr. Coburn, Miss F eeney, and Mr. Van Kirk, in the order in which the plays were presented. The 1939-40 season opened on the 10th and 11th of November with Sir Arthur Pinerois play "Trelawny of the 6Wells.' " An interesting feature of this production was the setting of the fourth act. After elaborate sets for the first three acts, the fourth was played on the bare stage. The second play was Kane Campbell's 6The Enchanted April,,' a romantic drama taking place in a beautiful castle on the Mediterranean. The tryouts for this play were by invitation only, which allowed the casting to be made of students whose abilities were known. The Sophomore-junior play was Philip Barry's "The Youngest." It is a light modern comedy with the very small cast of nine, and each person portrayed his character ex- ceptionally well. 6'The Poor Nut" by J. C. Nugent and Elliot Nugent was the Senior play. Under the presidency of Jack Walker, the Dramatic Club has had some very interesting and worthwhile meetings. Es- pecially notable were the movies of WML Scroogew by Dave Bradley, a talk by Mr. Kahler, and another talk by Mr. Mc- Creery concerning his experiences with the stage. The Actors' Guild, newly formed last year, has shown remarkable success under the direction of Miss Lambert, and has given a total of 13 plays this season. The Stage, Light, and Props Crews, in their integral parts of the finished productions, have contributed immeasurably to the success of the past season. 70 VERSE SPEAKING CHOIR First Row-G. Dalstrom, B. Meyer, Berblinger, P. Stange, M. Cooley, M. Morgan, A Shapiro B. Ludgin. Second Row-Miss Feeney, B. Miller, S. Merrill, V. Adams, M. Hahn, A. Bowen, B Day, E La Bonte, M. Daderlein, J. Engelhard. TRELAWNY OF THE "WELLS" THE YOUNGEST Theatrical Mrs. Charlotte Winslow ..........,......, .... B etty Miller Oliver Winslow ...,...... ...,.... J ack Scartf T0m Wrench ..................... ..... C harlton HCSISOII Mark wmsiow ..-..A.,.'. ..---Y--. A I-noid Berlin Ferdinand Gadd "'- William Dodds Augusta Winslow Martin ,... Catherine Tideman James Telfer ...,.. ....... R alph Jones Alan Martin ...,'..--4.'."- ..4.--. R oben Ellis Augustus Colpoys ,, ....,. Turner Wilson Martha iMnfD Winslow iHAnne Bowen Rose Trelawny ..,. Avonia Bunn ..... Mrs. Telfer ...... Imogen Parrott Mr. Denzil ...... Mr. Hunston Miss Brewster Prompter ....... Hallkeeper .... .. .Eleanor La Bonte . . . . .Barbara Barton . . . . . . .Jeanne Moreau .Phyllis Burlingham .......Keehn Landis ....Hugh Petersen , . .Mardean Hole . . .. .John Sborner ....Tom Crowder N on-Theatrical Folk Vice Chancellor Sir William Gower.. ..,...,... Robert Wiese Miss Trafalgar Gower ............. .... M arguerite Hahn Arthur Gower ............... Clara De Foenix ............,. Captain Fredrick De Foenix ..... . Charles ....................... .... Mrs. Mossop Mr. Ablett .... Sarah ....... Mrs. Rose Arbuthnot Miss Adams ..... . .... . . Lady Caroline Dester Thomas Briggs ........ Mrs. William Fisher DOIIIBIIICO . . . ......... FTHIICBSCR. ......... Mellersh Wilkins .... Ferdinand Arundel .... . . . . . .Richard Buenger . . . .Patricia Quinlan . . . .William Kloepfer .Warren MacKenzie . . . . . .Valerie Adams ., . . .Claude Reebie . ...Sarah Merrill ENCHANTED AP Mrs. Lotty Wilkins .................... .... ....Vera Ruth Lenny RIL . . . . .Betty Ranstead ..Mary Lou Morgan . . . . .Dale Wetterer . . . . .Russell Locke . . . .Joan Engelhardt . . . .Amelio Fragassi .. . . . . .Esther Alonzi .William Christerson . . . .Fredrick Gordon Richard Winslow Nancy Blake Katie ......... Colonel Small .. Marjorie Blake ., Julia Winters John Miller . .. Hub Smith ..... Magpie Welch Spike Hoyt ....... Wallie Pierce ...... Professor Deming Coach Jackson . .... Doc Spurney ..... Official Starter .......JohnBall .. .. ...Mary Lamb . . .Gerry Bovbjerg THE POOR NUT Watts ....Beverly Glenn, Mary Martha Gedge ... . . . . .Mardean Hole, Valerie Adams Walker ..,........Bill Steen . . . . .Gordon Laughead ...........Jack Wiese . . . .Bruce Borregaard . . . ....,....... Bill Stelf ..,......Dick Kahn , ...... Tom Crowder . . . . . . . . . .Leonard Eisenberg Announcer ..... ..........,....... D ale Chronic Freshmen .... Steve Walker, Gordon Shaw Betty ...... ...,. J anet Hill, Frances Wagner Reggie ......... Shirley Fix, Beverly Day Helen ............... ...Sarah Merrill, Jean Berkheimer Two Ohio Runners ................ David Dennis, Bud Fifer I Charles McCoy Three Wisconsin Runners. . .. .... 4 Bob Wetzel L Lee Simpson S u pernumeraries Barbara Pettee, Jane Edwards, Winifred Thompson, Doro- thea Hartwig, Barbara Larson, Martha Sesterhenn, Pat Hubert, Jane Holmes, Jeanne Persson, Cyrena Nelson, Helen Bull, Lillian Jones, Jean Mitchell, Barbara, Vernon, Bob Bartlett, Hans Brand, Lawrence Solari, Frank Badger, Stanley Cohn, Fred Lewis, Jim Wilson, Marion Biser, Marshall McGuiness, Bob Bennett. Trelawny of the 5'Wells" Enchanted April The Youngest PROPS CREW First Row-L. Rogers, B. Lukens, J. Smith, B. Bray, J. Treveiler, M. Cooley. STAGE CREW First Row-A. Cooke, B. Matson, L. Solari, L. Eisenberg, J. Boyle, Y. Ban- nard. Second Row - Leach, Chapin, Steitz, Crowder, Hallsteen. roa carifing A Q The Broadcasting Club was organized to give students a chance to work before the microphone. Although the majority of the members are primarily interested in acting, the club also gives training to those who prefer directing, technical work, announcing and writing. Besides putting on shows for the club members, some of the students have performed for teachers, conventions and school assemblies. The club also has a library of scripts collected from various universities and broadcasting studios. The Broadcasting Club is under the sponsorship of Frank P. DeLay. BROADCASTING CLUB First Row-Miller, Ranstead, Swarts, B. Miller, Ayers, Kracha, Merrill, Wilson, Mr. DeLay-Sponsor, Wiese, Dalstrom, Quinlan, Burkheimer, Barton, Strauss, Tack, Conger. Second Row--Bowen, Day, D. Carlson, Black, 0. Carlson, Smythe, Wolsey, Fisher, Dungan, Hahn, Thogersen, Hall- dorson, Ward, Becker, Bond, Trudeau, Hartke, Davis, Meacham. Third Row-Buehler, Flanagan, Wilson, Chronic, McQuide, Lebeson, I-Ieinzen, Heston, Johnson, Mark, Shrimp, Mac- Kenzie, Weil, Brown, Eisenberg. 1 V .f sw.-:,..amsr.. , X SA. J1,.M,.,4 ,swf In the brief space of six years Inklings has established it- self among the 'Gbig three", of New Trier publications. Since its birth in the Spring of 1935, the Treverian literary maga- zine has grown from a mere stripling of some forty-odd pages to a robust youngster of almost twice its original size, and in almost the same proportion, the quality and variety of the literary book has increased. This year with Claude Reebie and Jeanne Cleary as co- editors and Bill Steif as managing editor, the publication has broadened out and improved in a number of ways. First, and perhaps one of the most radical departures from the magazine's tradition, was the standardization of the cover. This, previously always a headache to the editors, has pro- vided each edition with an attractive binding, meanwhile keeping the cover's cost, formerly a large item, down to a minimum and giving the students more magazine within the binding. Another innovation carried over from the Spring of 1939 when it was first tried, was a policy of liberally sprinkling each edition with illustrations and photographs done by the students, thus giving the Art Department its in- ning. One more novelty which was successfully attempted last year was the HI. QP' flnklings Quotientj test which was run in the Spring issue. Much credit should be given to Mr. Peterson, who, since conducting the magazine into the Gray-Green world in 1935, has sponsored and watched over each edition. It is to the credit of the students of New Trier that they have been able to contribute so great a mass of stories, poems, book reports, and editorials as to have made Inklings the successful and prosperous magazine that it is today. , INKLINGS STAFF 73 First Row-Glenn, Oakhill, Lee, Craig, Tuttle, Lamb. Second Row-Michael, Steif, Cleary, Reebie, Wilson, Werthimer. INKLINCS EDITORS Reehie, Cleary, R. S. Peterson-Sponsor, Steii Aa? , f A V,, A. I , at L. FREI CUSHMAN BRIDGES During the past school year The New Trier News has progressed to such a degree that it has succeeded in estab- lishing for itself, in the minds of the student body, a fine and well earned reputation. Although the News has not accomplished anything greatly spectacular or wonderful this year, it has earned its reputation by the splendid organ- ization of the staff. This difficult feat was made possible through the combined efforts of the paper's sponsor, Mr. Arnold Bridges and its editors, Bob Frei and Ken Cushman. Under this plan of organization, no student was too heavily overburdened by responsibilities and duties, and every student, who wished, had an equal chance to work on the paper. By this means, many more students felt that the News really belonged to them rather than to a chosen few. A great deal of the success of the News has been due to this plan. The policy of the paper has been to give the students, to the greatest possible extent, what they want in way of reading material. Jeanne Cleary's, Eleanor La Bonte's, and Bill Steenis feature columns were very popular throughout the year. The best liked editorials were the Board Ad, Letters to the Editors, and The Comment, all of which ap- peared nearly every week. More cartoons and pictures were used to brighten up the paper and to illustrate the various stories. A great amount of originality and imagination has been shown throughout the year in almost all the issues. This NEWS STAFF First Row-Morand, Geppert, Murray, Brown, Hubachek, Ellis, Fifer, Flanagan, Weisberg, Pancoe, Shefte, Guthrie, Van Horne, Shapiro, Brewer, Dickson. Second Row-Pettee, Graff, Meacham, Small, Kracha, Bray, Duncombe, Sutherlahd, Wagner, Thompson, Harshaw, Snyder, Schifflin, Davis, Trudeau, M. Thompson, Snort, Shlverick, Day. Third Row-Steen, Kraft, Peck, Cooper, Kletzien, Baker, Wuichet, Smith, Chancellor, Green, Shaw, Neukranz, Knight, Bowman, Wetterer, Marx, Borregaard, Hole, Kaempfer, Sesterhenn, Whlte, Wilson, Peck, Boyden. Fourth Row-Weil, I-Ienock, McCoy, Tellis, Hughes, Kraus, Murphy, Cordts, Farmer, DeBerard, 4 Monahan, Stransky, I-I. Murray, Panichelly, Glenn, Booth, Wilson, Slttxg, Matthews, Taylor, Smart, 7 Ball, Barber. 5---... ffm point can be proved by the fact that more 12-page issues were printed this year than ever before and the Christmas issue consisted of 16 pages, a really great accomplishlnent in itself. The girls of the staff were given the opportunity to show the school what they could do when they put out one issue of the News hy themselves, entirely without the assistance of any boys. This was the first time an experiment of this kind has ever been tried in the history of New Trier. lt not only proved a great success but it showed everyone that the girls are capable of striking out for themselves and ac- complishing the so-called impossible. One of the foremost ideas of the editors of the News this year has been to discover new talent and encourage old. By this means the News was represented by more and varied students which in turn helped circulation. 75 NEWS EDITORS First Row-Nelson, Welborn, Bowen, Cleary, Craig. Second Row-Kriebel, Frei, Watts, Kloepfer, Steen, Cushman, Steif The 1940 Echoes under the guidance of John Roth, Editor-in-Chief, Violet Widen, Associate Editor, Merrill Hoefer, Business Managerg and the two sponsors, Mr. C. O. Waters and Mr. F. E. Holland, embodies many features which make it slightly different from any Echoes that has been produced in the last three decades. A brilliant white cover, a color picture of New Trier, division pages of inter- esting pictures on rich black mounts, less writing and more pictures, and the large size senior pictures which were intro- duced in the 1939 Echoes are some of the features of the 1940 Echoes. The editorial staff consisting of Assistant Editors Clark Van Horne and Bob Klagstadg Senior Section Editor Nancy Weishaarg Photography Editor Dey Watts, Circulation Man- ager Barbara Ragsdaleg Sports Editors Cliff' Weil and Frances Brown, Feature Editor Turner Wilson, Art Editor Harry Carrollg and Snapshot Editor Ralph VVilliams, was one of the finest, if not the finest, editorial staff the Echoes has had in its 33 years of publication. The excellence of their sections bears out this statement. Sponsors Edlwl' in Chief! JUN! Roth Assistant Editors Ml. C 0 waters Business Manager: Merrill Hoefer Bob Klagstad Mr F E Holland Clark Van Horne SPO,-is Editors Art Ecutor Harry Carroll Photography Ediwrr Dey Watts Boys Chu- well Circulation Manager: Barbara Ragsdale Feature Editor: Turner Wilson Girls Frances Brown Senior Section Editor: Nancy Weishaar Snapshot Editor: Ralph Williams mu? ECHOES SPORTS, FEATURES, AND SNAPSHOTS STAFF ECHOES BUSINESS AND CIRCULATION STAFF First Row-Larson, van Horne' Edwards' llgin-srteglgglvia Burge Melchior Claxey Relmann Ranstead Bowen Second Row-Glenn, Kfiebelf Clwhmanf Kelly- Second Row Moulding Haskm Black Steen Murray Wallers Dawson Yust ECHOES PHOTO AND GROUP PICTURE STAFF First Row-Woodbridge, Matthews, Rubel, I-Ioesli, Van Horne. First Row welborn Green Adams Mehlhope Levy Second Row-Holland, Sibley, Stransky, Miller, Long, Hill. Second Row WIcCoy Baker Brown Buehler Frykman Of course, without the aid of the staffs, the editors would not have been able to carry on their work or to get it done on time, but space does not permit each staff member per- sonal recognition. The cooperation received from the Bernie Studio in respect to the excellent senior pictures and many of the group pictures cannot he praised enough. The excellent half-tones and zincs are the products of the Pontiac Engraving and Electrotype Co. whose aid and assistance was always at the editor's call. The laurels for the excellent press work in the 1940 Echoes go to Lloyd Hollister Inc., who once again demonstrated their skill in the printing of a year hook. 77 :W I 5 -Yflail ffm. , , Ifwvzffzi atm L :wk JI . '7 'V+ F .- z 'N V , '., .bf fi 07 ' ks ,Chl A 4 hu' 1 n 4 -1 m SL S I Q- u' 9 f Vw f ii.:-A IQ 4. fa- la' ' - f ,', ' 7 4: 9 Q 5 4 -Y YN1 . .LQ-J if. N x a a ? f X 'Q P' f'ihT'fV'M H WYif,"Q "" " TW? ' A' - K, Q , ',.fi:2- .Q -A .W ., . . 1:4 V 7 f M, 'Wm-x Q 'A ,,3.iWWX ww Wfla K "-A --....., -4-.,.M... ,Mug R, ff, -f-,Y-px ,. FZ- X4 Mmm? L -an f" E E amif oofda! wi 4 , y A rf : J X-A ,Q T 'V xi ea on E 7' -" 1. - , 1 ' 2 ,J,,,,, .NT'J,U1'n !2,. Q , ' OX -Li v e Q Although New Trier's football record is not very im- N. N W pressive, the grid squad gave every opponent a hard, in- ? X N teresting battle. Coaches Aschenbach, Caton and Delaporte fl.f" R 1' p, SX realized from the start of the season that the material this .W X H year was not as good as in some previous years, and did V pl -sig X ,WG l g W well to develop as strong a team as they did. I' VWVA X X 74 ,1 The team was one of defense rather than of offense, MZ W for it scored only 13 points in Suburban League competi- 9: ff X V 7 ,3 f tion. It held its League opponents to an even 50 points, how- . : p M147 ever, 20 of which were scored by Evanston on long runs in ' Wk Q X X the annual game at Dyche Stadium. The champion Oak Park X .Q XX eleven was held to two touchdowns, as was Emerson, the i X traditionally strong team from Gary. 41 N . I, J- - The team was captained by quarterback Gordon Q" H ,Mi ,,f ni,X..iL . W ' Laughead, one of the two returning lettermen, and half- O Y 'A 3' fi back Ronny May. Ronny was responsible for the touchdowns Left top: The team works as Co-Captain May takes a siesta. Left bottom: A formidable backfield sweeps around right end. Right: Why follow the Interference? which beat both Morton and Amundsen. Rounding out the backfield were Buhby Miller, the second of the returning lettermen, and Jim Warfield, who did a good deal of the team's punting. A second backfield quartet which saw con- siderable service was composed of Jack Walker, Jim Sinclair, Dick Fuller and Gordy Powell. The fact that Warfield, Sin- clair and Fuller are all juniors give a bright outlook for next year's team. An impressive array of ends was headed by Ozzie Red- Held, who won honorable mention on the All-Suburban Eleven. Ozzie accounted for the touchdown against Pro- viso, while end Don James caught a pass over the High- land Park goal line to give New Trier a tie in that battle. Other ends who saw considerable action were Wendell Clark, whose injured shoulder kept him out of several games, Jack 8l VARSITY FOOTBALL First Row-Redfield, Sullivan, Bayard, Laughead, May, Brown, McNitt, Miller, Benson, Sinclair. Second Row-Steel, Berringer, Whittington, Powell, I-Iurlbutt, James, Simpson, Cloud, Fuller, Holland, Ellis, Prins, Walker, Rothermel. Third Row-Mr, Aschenbach-Coach, Salomon-Manager, Guy, Munson, Jamieson, Perrill, Merkle, Mitchell, Judson, Luedeka, Canning, Anderson, Kennedy, Esler, Mr. Caton-Coach, Clark, Wartield, Hill-Manager. Elser, Dex Benson and Fred Hurlbutt. At the tackle positions were Bob McNitt and Paul Sullivan, who were the work- horses of the team. Their able understudies were Jim Jamie- son, Charlie Berringer and Dick Prins. New Trier's sole representative on the All-Suburban Eleven was Steve Bothermel, who started the season as a backfield man, but was soon shifted to guard, where he developed into one of the best players in the League, and was continually dropping back into the backlield to get off a beautiful kick. At the other guard position Joe Bayard was a fixture. Others who saw service as guards were Tubby Ellis, who will be back next year, Sparky Whittington and Jim Steel, who was out much of the season with a broken arm. In the center of the line was Mickey Simpson, junior Curt Brown, or Eugene Holland. Much credit is due those boys who served on the Junior Varsity Eleven and gave the Varsity players some much needed practice. Next year's outlook is very bright with eleven lettermen expected to return. Together with the many promising sophomores who will move up to the Varsity, they should form a powerful team for 194-0. N. T. .... 8 Amundsen 6 N. N. Varsity Football Scores T. ..,. O Emerson ..... I3 T. ..., 0 Waukegan . . . 3 T. .... 6 Morton . . . . . 0 T. .... 7 Proviso ..,... I4 T. ,... 6 Highland Park. 6 T. ,.,. O Oak Park ,... I3 T. .,., 0 Evanston ..., 20 Bottom: Puzzle: Where's the ball? Right: Co-Captains Laughead and May. MM' FROSH-SOPII FOOTBALL First Row-McNitt, Schmitz, Smithers, White, Naenhans, Lippincott, Campbell, Edmiston, Gilbert, Raggio, Schweger, Rapp. Second Row-Schaefer, Cohrs, Johnson, Benson, Smith, McShane, Crowley, Bower, Faville, Warren, Boyle, Ryan, Cleary. Third Row-Mr. Flmkhouser-Coach, Heerens, Pearson, Lake, Gudbrandsen, Wright, Hurlhutt, Zehr, Jeffers, Donahue, Ogden, Clarr, Beuttas, Burnside, Glade, Breuer, Gockel, Butler, Mr. Gadske--Coach. 3l"05A'.S?0,0A Z-loom! 8635011 Frosh-Soph Football Scores N. T. .... 45 Niles Center . 0 N. T. .... 7 Waukegan . . . 6 N. T. .... I3 Morton ..... 0 N. T. .... I3 Proviso ...... I2 N. T. .,.. 0 Highland Park. O N. T. .... 0 Oak Park .... I3 N. T. .... 0 Evanston .,.. I3 Q The F rosh-Soph Football Team, coached by Messrs. Funk- houser and Gadske, came close to wearing the Suburban League crown this year. Starting the season with a bang, they baffled the Niles Center Junior Varsity Team to the tune of a 45 to 0 beating. With this to look back on, the Ponies started into their League schedule with a trip to Waukegan. They returned with the victorious score of 7 to 6. After bearing home two more League wins, from Morton and Pro- viso, the Ponies were stopped by Highland Park, a non- League team. The Gray-Green team then went down in defeat to Oak Park and Evanston in that order. The Evanston team, playing on her own field, had the game pretty much her own way most of the time, as the 13 to 0 score shows. If the tallies made in this game had been on the opposite sides of the ledger, the New Trier Ponies would have held the League title for the first time. As the records stand, the Frosh-Soph squad finished third with three wins and two losses. The results of the season are four wins, two losses, and one tie. The team rolled up a total of 78 points, the last three games were scoreless on the part of the Ponies. Captain Campbell led the New Trier team on defense, while Lippincott, Schmitz, and Schwerger led the scoring. 82 FROSH-SOPH BASKETBALL First Row-Campbell, Miller, Bushnell, Jorgenson, Wigglesworth, Mclntyre. f ,fl gl Q, r' -' Q X' iz. ELT 5 I f J L1 X: Second Row-Mr. Ream-Coach, Markus, Palenske, Raggio, Townsend, Schmick, Donahue, Maeser- Manager. Third Row-Hopp, Lynch, Benson, Heerens, Blackburn, Titus, Murphy. Q Tremendously handicapped by lack of height, New Trier's F rosh-Soph Basketball Team went through a disastrous year. The Ponies, overbalanced in every game by their lack of suHicient stature, which no amount of fight could over- come, ended the season with but one win. This was in their second game with Oak Park. However, throughout the year the team showed such a good spirit, even in losing, that they merited the approval of the school, and it is felt that they should have been rewarded by victory more than once during the season. The playing was consistently just above mediocrity, but never spectacular. Among the regular players, Jack Benson and Bobby Miller held the forward positions. Substitutes for this fast moving pair were Bushnell and Jorgenson. ,Iorgenson usual- ly played guard in the latter part of the season. In the scor- ing, Benson proved himself the most adept at basket shoot- ing, while Jorgenson was second and Miller third. The center position was mainly played by Don Baggio. However, he was ably assisted by Hopp and Campbell when the need for substitution arose. These three boys were al- most the only tall players on the team who saw any amount of action. At guard the regulars were Lynch and either Schweger or Jorgenson. Becoming better as the season advanced, 'gDuke" Lynch became more and more a fixture in the lineup, while Bob Jorgenson proved to be a good partner for him to team up with. Other guards who saw service were Wigglesworth, Heerens, and McIntyre. As there were a number of freshmen who saw active service, next year's team has good potentialities. 83 wif? Wi' fi seg. f, fe-1 , --.L X f K x -fl ..1 I xi S l x vi, 4 2 4- fu: 5f',,.f. Z?afsLef6af 00,5071 Frosh-Soph Basketball N. T. .... 29 Niles Center . N. T. .... I9 Oak Park .... N. T. .... I6 Morton .... . N. T. .... I8 Evanston . . . . N. T. .... 24 Waukegan . ., N. T. .... 25 Sullivan .... . N. T. .... 27 Proviso .... . N. T. .... I4 Highland Park. N. T. .... 28 Morlon .... . N.T.....23 Evanston N.T.,...27 Waukegan N. T. .... 26 Oak Park .... N. T. .... I7 Wells ...... . N. T. .... 24 Proviso .... . N. T.. .. , I0 Highland Park, 43 22 25 43 44 26 29 29 37 39 37 25 27 37 34 ami, Z?mLefL6J 0615011 The 1939-40 basketball season proved to be a disastrous one for New Trier, in spite of the fact that on paper the cage squad seemed to be pretty good. Although the Varsity won all of its non-League encounters, it could manage to gain only two League triumphs in twelve attempts, and conse- quently finished in sixth place in the Suburban League con- test. With only one warm-up game in which to test their strength, the Trier cagers embarked upon their Suburban League campaign, and promptly lost four straight games before the Christmas holidays. After Christmas New Trier seemed to have an improved squad which gave every team it met a hard battle. Following a practice victory over Sullivan High of Chi- cago, the team lost a heart-breaking overtime battle to Pro- viso by the score of 36 to 34. Next came the squad's first League victory of the season, a last minute 29 to 26 victory over Highland Park. The following Friday evening Mortonis titlebound quintet came up to Winnetka with an unblemished record of six straight triumphs. The Cougars met an in- spired New Trier five, however, which played its best game of the season, and upset the League leaders on Bob Dewey's overtime basket at the end of the most thrilling contest seen in many years. It was Morton's only League loss of the year. After this New Trier was seriously hampered by poor luck. Evanston won a well earned victory over the Green, finishing 46 to 36, after the score had been tied at the end of the third quarter, but Waukegan won only in the final minutes of play, as did Proviso and Oak Park-the latter in an overtime period. This was our team's third overtime game of the season. New Trier played its worst game in the second one witll Highland Park which was lost, 27 to 13. This gave New Left: Captain Wilson soars to new heights. Ri ht g : hug. Number 67 tries a mass bear 84 - VARSITY BASKETBALL First Row-Burns, Wigglesworth, Brown, Wilson, Cleveland, Clark, Connley, Second Row-Walker-Manager, Stillman, Sinclair, Price, McGurk, Ellis, Meyers, Brandt, Mr. Grater-Coach. Third Row-Baer, Olson. Baptista, Dewey, Hoefer, Lindberg, Redfield, Benson, Kreer. Trier the unique distinction of being the only team to beat Morton and the only one to lose to Highland Park. Various combinations were tried by Coach Crater throughout the season in an attempt to produce a winning team. Captain Don Wilson, Bob Baptista, and Ozzie Redfield were almost certain starters, although Baptista and Redfield shifted their positions upon occasion. The remaining starters were chosen from a group consisting of Dick McGurk and three Bobs: Co-Captain elect Cleveland, Dewey and Lindberg. Others who saw considerable action were Andy Price, Mer- rill Hoefer, Dex Benson, Pete Kreer and Co-Captain elect Chuck Stillman. Kreer and Lindberg were hampered by ill- ness, a fact which weakened the team considerably. The out- look for next year's squad is exceedingly bright in view of the fact that Cleveland, Stillman, McGurk, Benson and Kreer are all juniors. Thus exists a team which might well have finished several rungs higher on the Suburban League ladder. Its power was demonstrated in the second game with Morton, and in the two games with Proviso's second place squad, both of which were lost by one basket or less. Its poor luck, or perhaps in- Varsity Basketball . ,... 49 Niles Center , . .,.. I7 Oak Park,... . .r.. 24 Morton .... . . ..,. 34 Evanston ..,. . .,.. 37 Waukegan ... . ,... Zl Sullivan ..,.. . .,.. 34 Proviso .... . . .... 29 Highland Park. T., U39 Morton T. .... 36 Evanston .... T. .... 26 Waukegan . .. T. .... 29 Wells ....,.. . .... 45 Proviso .,... T. ,.., I3 Highland Park. . ..,. 34 Oak Park , , . . ability to hold out in the final minute pinches, is demon- strated by the fact that four of the losses suffered after Christ- mas vacation were games tied until the final minute of play. Bottom: Things are looking up. 85 Right: Dewey goes into the stretch. . -Lift, I I I amify Sw'mmin9 ecwon Q This year New Trier's Varsity swimming team set a record that will undoubtedly stand for some time as a goal for future teams to strive to equal. Our lnermen were unde- feated in all twelve of their dual meets, they captured the Suburban League crown for the fourth consecutive year and they took second place to Lane Tech of Chicago in the State Meet for the second year in a row. This Hne record would be the envy of any coach, and full credit goes to our line swim- ming coaches: Mr. Jackson, Head Coach, Mr. Happ, Assistant Coach, and Mr. Condon, Diving Coach. The team this year possessed two outstanding stars in the ' lu, I I ' ,'w In Il L ,V y I iq. I 'G Im L I I 1 I 'TU' JJ! III II I I II IfII,..I - ,.WL N.Wf ' ,ii, I T55 -w3+- ' T I, K I! IIWTI I I p I !! -V' Jill ,f I I VI I mf I I I f I v f 4 I I A 1 I I I ! I L' X I1f"l: j . 4 f1?f4 2fH? , XF ,. I , - ff, .,,I.e,5,.Il,WE,.,g I XI ' W I 'T-2:22 L junIIlmI ! I . 1 Y I 1 5 ' I 'I 4 I f I I I I 'If ' I dzalflil '.' l-X Zz, ,YH -ff Tai--gf-- f-Tiff? Varsity Swimming Scores N.T. .... 56 Senn ..,.... I8 N.T. .,., 42 Crane ...... 30 N. T. ..,. 42 Evanston .... 24 N. T. ..., 43 Proviso ..... 20 N. T. .... 46 Oak Park .... 20 N. T. .... 52 Rockford .... 23 N. T. ,... 54 Morion ..... I 2 N. T. ,... 43 Maine ...... 32 N. T. .... 5I Waukegan . . I5 N. T. ,... 47 Highland Park. I9 N. T. .... 47 Des Moines . . I9 N. T. ,... 4l Culver ...... 34 First in Suburban League Second in S+a'Ie Meet free style division: Bob Bennett and Ben Bricker. Bob broke his old Suburban League record in the 100-yard free and was a close second to Amundsen of Lane Tech in the State 200-yard. Ben finished a good second in the Suburban 50-yard free, and was just touched out by Heinicher of Lane Tech in the State 100-yard free style. The 200-yard relay team, composed of Jim Mahle, Don Lippincott, Ralph Jones and Ben Bricker, set a new Sub- urban League record in this event and placed second in the State Meet. This relay team won consistently throughout the season. Another important part of our swimming team was the Medley Relay team made up of Don Judson, Tom Hough and Bob Bennett. They were first in the Suburban League Meet, setting a new League record, and came in second in the State Meet. GUARD First Row-Mahle, Stubbs, Menary, Mizener, Bennett, Ellis, Lippincott, Bricker. Second Row-Mr. Jackson-Coach, Jones, Ball, I-loetger, Brigham, Wells, Cobb, Mr. I-Iapp-Coach. Third Row-Cooper, Fleming, Wilder, George, Sosna, Hill. '7!x fa? '37 I sa I .. lx. LSJLZJ I YI if 5 Y Q Q I ff, Q , J XMQFIIL J T! ' , 2, ..-f' X 3 , ,,,. ..!L" ,NJ X,-f , 5....f' Pg! , IWW: Backstroker Jack Wiese won the 100-yard race in the Suburban, and placed third in the State. He was ably as- sisted throughout the season by Wells, Williams and Idler. Since Wells and Idler are both juniors, the outlook for the coming season in this division is bright. Our diving department was taken care of by Louis Ware and Joe Bayard. Ware took first in the Suburban Meet and fourth in the Stateg while Bayard placed second in the Sub- urban and third in the State. All during the season these boys put on line exhibitions. Of the breaststrokers, Al Cobb, Co-Captain Jerry Miz- ener, Tom Hough and Dick Buenger all lent their strength and support to the team. An unfortunate blow was struck in this department when Al Cobb was taken ill during the latter part of the season, but his fellow breaststrokers took up the cause and finished the season with a fine showing. Our distance men, Co-Captain Menary, Bennett and Hoetger, were an outstanding feature of the team. Hoelger came in third in the State 200-yard race, and next year the coaches will count on him to win a lot of races. VARSITY SWIMMING TEAM Wiese and Williants look pretty for the cameraman. First Row-E. B. JacksonfCoach, Stubbs, J. Wiese, L. Ware, J. Menary, J. Mizener, B. Bennett, R. Jones, J. Hoetger, B. Brigham. 87 Second Row-V. H. Condon--Diving Coach, Idler, Ellis, C. Ball, Wilder, D. Lippincott, Mahle, Kelly-Manager, Mr. Happ-Assistant Coach. Third Row-R. Williams, C. Wells, L. Sosna, T. Hough, J. Bayard, D. Buenger, D. Judson, H. Cooper, B. Bricker. Q ix WAX., x, Y' ' 5 . :mx .323 P 2 ii 5 Y aw .si .U It -Zia gf. .2 . . 3 g if ? ze 2, gg , 'S' ' uns' J 3 . i , ""'1.,,.. - K sl, ,1 fx Jig-ff' f Q' 15 ,f -fi? w i.. . ' 1 Top left and right: Co-Captains Mizener and Mellary poised for the take-off. ffgff if W L i .,r,.. 'ff ,gjijf g, , N E .fOf5g: A Center: Look out for the ceiling, 2 Louie! Bottom left: Bennett, swimmer extraordinaire. Bottom right: Handsome, are they not? , Q "'i ffwx jx. WMM! ,.., f The splash boys made quick work of the Suburban League Meet by taking all the cups there were to be had and making three of the four new records. This season the squad made the longest trip in New Trier's swimming history, traveling to Des Moines, Iowa, where they beat the home squad by the score of 4-7 to 19. As most of this year's team is comprised of seniors, next year's outlook is not as bright as it was for this year, but there are a lot of potential possibilities which are capable of holding up our high standards, although they may not reach the admirable status of this year's squad. 88 l"05A".SD0l0A Swimming evwon Q New Trier's 1939-40 Frosh-Soph Swimming Team lived up to the high standards which have been set by previous teams. Although they lost the meet to Crane Tech, which was the only nleet lost by a New Trier Frosh-Soph squad in two years, they Hnished otherwise undefeated in all other meets including the Suburban League championship which was won by our Pony team. The 200 yard relay team, composed of McKeown, Attridge, Slamin and Seiler, was undefeated throughout the season. The medley relay team, composed of R. Wiese, Reece and Stubbs also made a Hne showing, winning their event in the Suburban League meet. In the free style, Stubbs, the Frosh-Soph Co-Captain who won a Varsity letter, won the Suburban 50 yard sprint in 26 seconds even, break- ing Bennett's two-year record of 26.4 seconds. The breast stroke section was ably taken care of by Reece, J. Cobb, and L. Lippincott. Reece won his race in the Suburban meet, and while doing so, he broke Al Cobb's two- year record of 33.2 seconds by finishing in nine-tenths of a second less time. D. Ball, R. Wiese, Spoor and Swartz made a strong back- stroke section. Ball was our best representative backstroker in the Suburban meet. The diving was taken care of by Joe and Ray Anthony. Joe won the Suburban diving championship, breaking Jack Davisis three-year record, while Ray followed close behind. FROSH-SOPH SWIMMING TEAM First Row-E. B. Jackson-Coach, J. Anthony, A. Jones, Stubbs, H. Slanun G Spaulding G. 0'Brien, J. McKeown, L. Hadley. Second Row-V. H. Condon-Diving Coach, J. Cobb, P. Reece, D. Ball R Wiese G Davis 89 L. Lippincott, C. McNaughwn, W. Happ-Assistant Coach. Third Row-McKearnan, Attridge, B. Cobb, D. Ellis, B. Zeddies, B. Flallavhan B Swartz T Seller -ir. Q Q- Ht 1 ffwxffr rl VARSITY TRACK TEAM First Row-Klein, Davis, D. Clark, Frei, H. Diettrich, W. Clark, McQuide, Compere, Cushman, Pickett. . Second Row-Mr. Delaporte-Coach, Henoch, Osborne, Bryan, Mehlhope, Merkle, W. Peterson, Hill, Walker, Simp- Third Row-Oman, Berriiiger, Warfield, Guinan, Sullivan, Redfield, Allison, Desmond, Walsh, McNitt, Hansen, Ma- 6U"6lfg 3"6tCL .SQCIAOIQ K 27 'Qs ., , Emi f i son Burlingame, Munson Laubach, Mr. Nay-Coach guire, Schaefer. VARSITY TRACK SCORES Indoor Season New Trier ....,.. 62 York ......... 33 Triangular a+ Oair Park ..... New Trier, 2nd New Trier ..... 70M Hammond . .33'f3 Triangular at New Trier ..... New Trier, lst New Trier ..,.... 57 Evanston ...... 38 Suburban League Meet .... New Trier, 2nd Quadrangular a+ Oak Park. .New Trier, 2nd Oak Park Relays .......... New Trier, 3rd Outdoor Season Trier in Wheaton Relays Trier vs. Evanston Trier in District Meet Trier in State Meet Trier in Suburban Meet New New New New New Looking back on the records of the indoor track season, we note that out of eight meets the New Trier Track Team has won four, taken second place in three and third place in one. Any team has reason to be proud of a record like this one. Starting out the season with a non-League meet, the Cindermen showed their strength by beating the last year's state champions, York, and almost doubling the latter's score in the process. Next followed a triangular meet with Oak Park and York. The Parkers, who proved to be our main worry, walked off with the meet, leaving our team in second place. The next three meets gave us a promising outlook for the Suburban League contest, since our Greenmen easily conquered Hammond, Maine and Highland Park, and Evans- ton in that order. But the strong Oak Parkers grabbed the Suburban League championship, while New Trier finished tied for second with Evanston. In a quadrangular meet with Evanston, Highland Park and Oak Park, the Trierites again took second place to Oak Park. For the fourth time this year Oak Park beat out the Greenmen and captured first place in the Oak Park Relays. However, this was partly expected, whereas the nosing in of Maine to capture second place by a mere three-quarters of a point was not. This left our Cindermen in second place to Oak Park in the League race. At the conclusion of the indoor track season hurdler Wendell Clark led the field in individual points. Following are Don Klein, a promising junior, Heinie Diettrich and Dan Sullivan. Klein is one of the top-notchers in points because 90 of his sprinting skill, while Captain Diettrich owes his success to his persistence in the half mile, an event he entered after also having been successful in the mile. Sullivan left the high jump last year and took up pole vaulting because of the over-abundance of good high jumpers. The stiff competition of last year's high jumpers account for the fact that Davis did not jump until this year. However, he gathered about as many points as hurdler Warfield. Jim is a junior now, and he shows promise to be a first class hurdler next year. An- other promising junior is Dave Allison. Already a veteran in the half mile, Dave has followed Heinie to victory many a time. Following in the footsteps of his brother is Ken Cushman, star miler, who approached Wiarfield in the point table. In the last part of the season Ken was an important part of the indoor two mile relay team. The sprint division of the team has been below average this year, probably due to the loss of many of last year's stars. Peterson and Klein have been doing most of the sprinting with the able assistance of Bob McNitt, Jim Guinan and Dean Clark. Simpson and Steel have been putting the shot and gather- ing points here and thereg while Don Maguire and Newton Compere are tearing up the quarter-mile after experimenting with the mile and the half-mile. Newt has another year yet, and will undoubtedly be one of the stars of next year's squad, as will Jack McQuide in the high jump and Tex Bryan in the distance runs. A , ills f f ' ya sssss is p Z ., . ,-s.s- w t ,,s1f+:f- f Nag-grgg, ""' ' TL11--si e as e -s is .- fy. gal-gig--'Li Yfd4d,i-i..ifY-Titifgg, 1 Top Left: Over the top, boys. Top Right: ,lust like greased lightning. Bottom Left: Fresh as a daisy. Bottom Center: Half twist, layout position. Bottom Right: Turn on the personality, Heinie. SAM ,Q 4' gl"05A'.SJ0l0A EMIC .SZCLJOIQ FROSH-SOPH TRACK SCORES Indoor Season New Trier ...,... 47 York .,....... I 2 Triangular ai' Oak Park .... New Trier, 2nd Triangular ai' New Trier ..,., New Trier, lst New Trier ....... 39 Evanston ...... 38 Suburban League Meet .,.. New Trier, 3rd Outdoor Season New Trier vs. Evanston New Trier vs. Oak Park Suburban League Meet FROSH-SOPH TRACK The Frosh-Soph Pony Tracksters finished in third place in the Suburban League indoor meet to bring to a close a successful season of three firsts, one second, and one third. Rupert Hansen took high point honors this year by his repeated victories in both low and high hurdles. His only associate was Barber, a freshman, who seems to be quite skilled in this event. Hansen was one of the few sophomores to run Varsity and he really did well. Two more freshmen who deserve recognition are Vernon, a hurdler, and Devlin, a sprinter, both of whom gave fine exhibitions of running, all through the season. The pit men played an important part in the last season. Lloyd Freelove set a fast pace by consistently jumping over 19 feet. He was assisted by Clark and Ed Lake, who also pole vaulted, being the only pole vaulter on the team. John Gately and Alan Gilbert were the sole shot putters. Both were reliable point winners in that event and are ob- viously Varsity material. John Lundin dominated the 660, at times assisted by Dick Oyen. Lundin also ran an occasional Varsity half mile or multi-lap relay, being on a winning team in the Oak Park Relays. Mittleman, another sophomore who occasionally ran Varsity, has been one of the fastest dash men that Coaches Nay and Delaporte have ever turned out. This yearis Ponies gave such a fine showing that next year's Varsity squad cannot help but be an outstanding one. First Row-Casterline, Ludwig, Freelove, Lake, Vernon, Evans, Hansen. Second Row-Mr. Nay-Coach, McKeighan-Manager, Booth, Brown, Daily, Clarke, Devlin, Herlocker, Diettrich, Smart-Manager. Third Row-Lundin, Gately, Beuttas, Waters, Barber, Gilbert, Lippincott, Breen. 92 FROSH-SOPH BASEBALL First Row-Wigglesworth, Spielmann, McIntyre, Welter, Jones, Marmaduke, Warren. Second Row-Peterson, Price, Zick, Slamin, Schaefer, Anderson, Edenberg. Third Row-Hopp, Naethans, Rapp, Smithers, Glade, Kusmertz, Baird, Mr. Grater-Coach gl"06A'.S?Ol0A g6L5e66'L!f.Q6'l,50l'l Although Coach Grater's boys had not yet played their first game before the Echoes went to press, we are confident that this year"s squad will be a big improvement over last season's team. The infield is the best reason for our high expectations. Slamin, a letterman and short-stop last year, has been shifted to second base this year and he seems to fit better in this spot. Bob Naethans is a first baseman who can field well and also is one of the team's best long distance hitters. Don Schaefer is the probable third basemang his best feature being a good arm. At short-stop is a freshman named Mcln- tyre who canmake hard plays look simple. Utility infielders are Baird, Bayard and Spielmann. The pitching situation is in the very capable hands of Edenburg, Kusmertz, Welter, Hopp, and Glade. Of these boys Edenburg seems to have the best possibilities, being a good hitter as well as a good pitcher. The players who will probably do the catching are Rapp, Wigglesworth, Warren and Jones. Coach Grater's chief problem is his outfield. He has Peterson from last year's squad, but all outfield positions were uncertain at the time this text was written. Warren will probably be seen in the outfield, as well as some hitting pitchers. The main purpose of all frosh-soph teams is to build up material for the Varsity and we can say without a doubt that Mr. Crater did this splendidly. Frosh-Soph Baseball New New New New New New New New New New New New Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Proviso Oak Park Niles Center Niles Cenfer Proviso Morton Waukegan Oak Park Morton Evansion Waukegan Evans'l'on 93 n lf, I Nt IN of g B gf N N 1 I , L ' 1 i?QX' in 'fif -- ' Kr? ' .ff 4 , x lx t , , 'Qifiii 0 X ' X B c Z, l' ., amifg Z? affagbcwon , "- Q , ' x . l ,X t y tw Talk v W., l ' L ' ' 1251. , ,,, 1 09 may F5 X' if fr yllhfgg "Hifi-'J' A p B T M7 'fffjm I I 5 ,Z W - - gg QW, - A :JW at -WJQW -mmfirag .fggf at E Top Left: He-ee-ez safe! or is he? Bottom Left: Swing where the ball is, batter. Right: Don't say anything we can't print. The New Trier baseball season had barely gotten under way when the Echoes went to press, but the outlook for the season at that point was as good as could be expected. Due to the sudden and unfortunate death of Mr. Gott- fried Sandvig, the coach of last year's team, the team started the 1940 season in the hands of a new mentor, Mr. Aschen- bach, head football coach. Because of cold and rainy weather and insufficient time for preparation of the season's schedule, the opener against Highland Park had to be post- poned by the coach, but the two games already played, both against Niles Center, came out very successfully for the Greenmen. In the initial contest at Niles Center the Terriers came out on the long end of a 5 to 2 score. In the next game of the two game series the Greenmen overwhelmed the Centerites, 16 to 2. These scores indicate the potential offensive and defensive powers of this season's team. The line-ups for both of these games are somewhat in- dicative of the probable regulars throughout the season. The pitching staff problems have been put on the capable shoulders of Hopp, Dean, Fuller and Cleveland. To date the most skilled members of this quartet have been Hopp and Dean. The combined staff has allowed only four runs, which shows promise of our having one of the best pitching outfits in the league. The receiving end of the batteries is made up of Fred Quick and juniors McGurk and Conant. Both Quick and McGurk are top-notch hitters. The in- field, in the eyes of '4Asch,', is the most dependable part of the team in defense. At the hot corner on third base Bob Dewey, a retuming player of last year's team, seems to have things pretty well under control, with Ed Rugen giving his very able assist- ance. Near the keystone sack Captain Bob Lindberg is performing ably as shortstop, while juniors Chuck Stillman and Bob Cleveland are holding down the second base bag. At first base Bab Shaer, regular from last year's team, again VARSITY BASEBALL First Row-Fountain, Smith, Reisner, Mueller, Brown, Nitto, Shimp, Schwietert, Van Horne, Wig- glesworth. Second Row-Quick, Fuller, Mark, Enright, Parliament, Redfield, Ambler, Baer, Greenblatt, Clark, Schweger. Third Row-Conant, Rothermel, Hopp, Cleveland, McGurk, Dean, Stillman, Lindberg, Dewey, Schaer, Mr. Aschenhach-Coach. has been installed. Dick Fuller will take over in case of any need for such a change. Patrolling the garden for the Greenmen will be an untried bunch of hustlers who show signs of giving the Terriers good fly-chasing this Spring. In outfielders Rothermel, Bayard and Baptista, all seniors, the team has a trio of slug- gers. Sophomore Rodney Schweger, who has been pro- moted from the Frosh-Soph, is one of the most powerful hitters on the squad, and up to now he has accounted for a goodly number of the teamis hits. In the two games to date the pill has been pounded well by our boys, with Quickehitting' the firsthomer of'the season and Shaer slapping out the second. Captain Lindberg is probably the most dependable hitter, with others mentioned above almost on a par. Of course, the Suburban League competition will be a tough fight all along, with Morton, the defending cham- pions, and Proviso providing keen opposition. If the Ter- riers demonstrate the hustle and fight which is character- istic of all our squads, they will have a fine chance to snatch the League crown this year. The prospects for next year are very good with many juniors vying for regular positions and showing great abil- ity all around. Those for this year seem quite good to all observers, including Coach Aschenbach. Varsity Baseball New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New' Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier Niles Center Niles Center Proviso Oak Park Proviso Morton Morton Highland Park Waukegan Oak'sPark -' Highland Park Evanston Waukegan Evanston Bottom, Left: Will he make lt? Tune in next week. Bottom Center: Seventh xnnmg stretch. Bottom Right: "Well lt s this way, coach . . . 'i g.,ef5z..,,,. Golf New Trier vs. Bensenville New Trier . McHenry New Trier . Highland Park New Trier . Evanston New Trier vs. Lake Forest New Trier in District Golf Meet New Trier . Waukegan New Trier State Finals New Trier . Oak Park New Trier . Morton New Trier Suburban League Meet New Trier . Proviso New Trier . McHenry New Trier . Bensenville New Trier . Lake Forest New Trier . Culver At the beginning of the Golf Season this year it looked as if the team had a good chance of equaling the unblemished League record of the 1939 squad. Even at this early time Coach Aram spoke in a very optimistic manner and seemed to think that there was more than just a bare possibility of the teamis finishing the season on the top rungs of the Sub- urban League ladder. In the try-outs for the 1940 season there were eleven players who rounded the links in well under ninety strokes, and these boys make up the personnel of this year's team. The squad's new members were Bob Chew, Bill Hohlfelder, Oscar Olson, Pat Petti, Bob Montenero, Ozzie Redfield and Don Wilson. The fact that there are four experienced letter- men, Gordon Sibley, Peter and Aldo Mazzetta and Richard Sachse, who are returning this year makes the goal of an undefeated season come exceedingly closer to our grasp. The fact that eight of these boys are seniors gives a not too favorable outlook for next yearis season, as there will only be three experienced men to keep our school in the high golf brackets. The first two meets, which were the only ones held before the Echoes went to press, were against Bensenville and Mc- Henry, and our boys won them both by scores of 13M to IVZ and 16 to 2, respectively. VARSITY GOLF First Row-A. Mazzetta, Montanaro, I-Iohlfelder, Wilson, Petti, P. Mazzetta. Second Row-Mr. Aram-Coach, Olson, Sibley, Sachse, Chew, Redfield, Hall. 96 VARSITY TENNIS First Row-Goodrich, Platt, Schuttler, Weisberg, Atwater, Burlingame. Second Row-Strauss-Manager, Stran- sky, Steif, Liebschutz, Hall, Kreer, Mr. Clader-Coach. Third Row-Sibley, Reebie, Watts, Pe- tersen, Greenberg, Mcliahan, Welch. ennizi eadon The Tennis Season this year had not yet begun until after the Echoes had already been sent to press. For this rea- son the actual ability of the team cannot be discussed prop- erly in this text. However, anyone who has watched the boys try out must admit that the team has a good chance to ap- proach, if not reach and surpass, the high standards of past years. This yearis tennis coach, Mr. Clader, an experienced man in this sport, states that there is a possible deficiency in the doubles department. The singles section of the squad may make up for this deficiency, however, if one can judge skill before the acid test of close competition takes place. It is not very probable that there will be many really out- standing singles men, but perhaps the team as a whole will be good enough to give an average showing on the desired high level. In close competition the team may even surpass present expectations and surprise us all. The boys who are in the highest standing, and therefore make up the nucleus of the team, are Pete Kreer, Bob Davis, Addis Jones, Joe Anthony, Howe Atwater, Paul Greenberg, Dave Hall, Richard Weisberg, Bill Steif, John Shafer, Bob Burlingame and Bob Bennett. The fact that there are only three seniors mentioned above means that there will be a good number of experienced players to uphold the prestige of old N. T. in 1941. 97 New New New New New New New New New New Tennis Trier vs Loyola Trier vs Evanston Trier vs Proviso Trier vs Highland Park Trier vs. Maine Trier vs Waukegan Trier vs. Morton Trier vs. Maine Trier vs. Loyola Trier vs. Oak Park .yn il"6U'I'llfl.l"6l. The Intra-Mural Sports Administration has gone through another year, and in many ways this year was one which the I-M organization may look back on with much pride in future moments of reverie. The school year 1939-1940 was one of exceedingly high enrollment in all Intra-Mural activities, and this fact is certainly a fine indication of how well the Sports Administration succeeded in one of its main efforts: that of getting as many boys into sports activities as possible. This achievement was due almost entirely to the efforts of Mr. DeForrest Showley, chief of Intra-Mural activities, and his Sports Club. Mr. Showley's hard-working student assist- ant was Bill Misch who was the junior Intra-Mural manager, and, up to the latter part of the year, acted as senior man- ager, too. Hans Brand, high-point member of the Sports Club and eflicient sports official, has obtained the position of senior Intra-Mural manager, and up to the end of the year has been of great assistance to Mr. Showley and Bill. In touch football last Fall Mr. Nay's senior adviser room succeeded in beating the late Mr. Sandvig,s team, which is now under the wing of Mr. Lauer, and then taking on the junior champions, Mr. Bridges' boys, and obliging the lat- ter team to be satisfied with school runner-up position. While the thermometer was low in the wintry months, The Nay boys again triumphed, and it was over Mr. Lauer's team, to secure their second title of the year. This time it was the heavyweight basketball championship. The Lauer adviser room was not to be daunted, however, for their lightweight team paid no heed to their heavier brothers' loss, and they went on to win the lightweight basketball championship of the school from Mr. McKinnie's freshman team. In the second water rugby season in New Trier Intra- Mural history Mr. Nay's splash boys conquered all senior comers. In the sophomore class Mr. Gadske's team beat that of Mr. Hoskins and did likewise to the other sophomore teams. Up to the time this text was written only the soph- omore and senior tournaments were played off. In volley ball this year there was a record enrollment of over 630 boys participating. On the Friday before Spring vacation Mr. Ream's team came from behind and beat both the Nay team and, until then, undefeated Jackson team. On the Monday following the vacation Ream's team again beat Jackson's and thus made themselves senior champions. Mr. Showley made the statement that the games between Ream,s and Jackson,s teams were the finest examples of high school 98 parks volley ball he had ever seen. In the inter-class series Mr. Reamis boys again triumphed, this time undefeated all the way through, and Mr. Waters' junior players were left in the position of school runners-up. That is as far as the team sports had proceeded up to the time of this write-up. In the individual contests none of the Spring tourneys had been played far enough along for mention in this write- up, but all others had been played off. Last Fall there was a series of contests called Football Skills. In the passing for accuracy junior Don Hamley was best with 44 points. There was a tie between junior Bob Ellis and senior Bob Bennett in the contest to see who was the most accurate punter in the school. There was a tie in the drop-kicking division, also, which was between Bob Cleveland and Rigo Marchini, both boys having totaled 40 points. The boy who punted the pig- skin the longest distance in the air was Edwin Brown, one of Mr. Aschenbachis advisees, who booted it 44 yards. Gilbert Schmidt, a sophomore in Mr. Condon's room, won the singles tournament in horseshoes. Paul Greenberg, a junior, beat Bob Davis, a sophomore, for the tennis singles championship. Gilbert Schmidt chalked up another cham- pionship title for himself when he beat Bob Chew, a junior in golf last Fall. In the table tennis singles tourney Paul Greenberg defeated another junior, Jordan Tark, for the title. Stewart Buhai and Paul Greenberg made up a winning table tennis doubles team which beat the team of Lewis and Mann last Fall to snatch the championship in this sport. As Winter crept up on us, Stephen Chase defeated Stewart Buhai for the badminton singles title, and Harold Langford, a Waters man, beat Ted Kassel of Mr. Happ's room to obtain the title of best handball singles player in the school. ADVISER ROOM INTRA-MURAL ATHLETIC MANAGERS First Row-Cordts, Kaufmann, Freundlich, Smith, Bassler, Gub- bins, Borre, Shaw, Crepas, Jones, Osborne, Ludwig, Buck. Second Row-Boyle, Jorjorian, Edwards, Storner, Kent, Anderson, Chase, Korra, David, Barber, Gatling, Waters, Evans, Jorgenson. Third Row-Sibley, Janows. Wood, Rapp, Coons, Fuessle. Mona- rhan, Seddon, Flaflavhan, Edmonds, I-Ioetger, Kidd, Boyle, Has- selberg. I.M. FOOTBALL CHAMPS First Row-Henoch, Sachse, Koerber, Tentler, Watts, Hill. Second Row-Crowder, Stransky, Seddon, Will, Mockler, Monta- naro. I.M. BASKETBALL SCHOOL CHAMPS First Row-Sachse, Seddon, Henoch, Montanaro. Second Row-Cloud, Hohlfelder, Stransky, Koerber. SENIOR VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS First Row-Moon, Borregaard, Kriebel, Wilson. Second Row-Fisher, Wiese, Brigham. 99 JUNIOR-SENIOR SPEEDBALL TEAM First Row-M. Sesterhenn, P. Crawford, R. Lee, B. Ross, M. A. James, F. Bom-land. Second Row-V. Thompson, M. L. Cormack, V. Huck, R. Halley, M. Meinig, F. Wagner. ILLINOIS SPEEDBALL TEAM First Row-S. Moulton, I. Terzakes, R. Halley, M. L. Mexni M. L. Cormack Q 7 Uf' 5 Lyn fl"0U'l'Llfl.l"6t1 0 To become a member of the Girls' Athletic Association, a girl must have accumulated at least 100 points. Five points are awarded to a girl each time she comes out for any sport. Ten points are given for a position on a first team, and five, if she is on a second team. Initiation is late in the Spring. This year a plan slightly modified from last yearis was tried with success. Awards are also given for 300, 600, and 800 points. One of the most popular fall sports was hockey, headed by Betty Kletzien. After adviser room games, class teams were chosen. From tryouts in which girls from every class participated, two teams were chosen. These teams were named Northwestern and Illinois. In hockey, the North- western girls were victorious. Speedball began early in September with Betty Ross as the head. First and second teams were organized for the freshmen and sophomores and a combined team for juniors and seniors. After five good fast games the Junior-Senior Team came out on top. The best players from all classes were chosen for the Northwestern and Illinois teams. This year, after a hard fight, Illinois emerged victorious to claim the honors that ofiicially ended the season. There was a large turnout for tennis this year, large enough for a tennis team to be started for freshmen and sophomores. A doubles tournament was held in which Jeanne Persson and Carol Hill were the winners. The head of tennis, Marion Woolhiser won the senior singles tourna- ment, J oy Smith, the junior, and Polly Kuby, the sophomore. JUNIOR-SENIOR HOCKEY TEAM E - . Second, Row-M. MacArthur, P. Cogswell, M. Mehlhope, First Row-B. Glenn, M. Stem, M. Keete, M. B. Grail, M A, James, P. Crawford, K. Marx, J. Edwards, B. Pettee, K. Phillxpsborn. l00 laoria Riding, under Jean Putman, was held in the Fall and the Spring. The girls were divided into three classes, beginners, intermediates, and advanced. Until a girl shows her abil- ities she is put in the beginners group. The girls rode at the Northbrook Saddle Club. In the Spring a horse show was held in which any girl who had taken riding at New Trier was eligible. Golf, with Barbara Ragsdale as its head, was offered during both Spring and Fall quarters. Because of uncertain Fall weather, most of the practices were in the field house. In the Spring, the girls played Thursday afternoons at school and Saturday mornings at Techny Field. The basketball quarter, with Jane Edwards as head, got under way with a bang. The juniors and seniors chose teams. After hearty practice games were played, the inter- class tournaments were started. They ended with the jun- iors as uchampsw of the school. To finish up the season, an enthusiastic game between faculty and junior class champs was held. With the aid of a cheering crowd of both faculty and students, the students overpowered the good-natured faculty without much trouble. Clogging again had a new instructor in Mrs. Wells. The whole season was spent this year in preparing a dance that was presented at the G. A. A. banquet. Val Adams, head of clogging, helped in selecting the teams. The Rhythms' program was presented in March. The instructor, Miss Stone, worked out a lecture dance, which was illustrated by the rhythms' classes. The groups were TELEGRAPHIC SWIMMING TEAM First Row-M. Graff, M. Scheiner, B. Kletzien, P. Mullins, J. Green, P. Kuby. B. Pettee, P. Crawford. NORTHWESTERN HOCKEY TEAM First Row-S. Hazelet, B. Pomeroy, R. Reichmann, S Danley, M. Leach, S. Robertson, M. Keefe, L. Kunze D. Nitles, P. Kaempfer, M. Graff, K. Marx, B. Pettee K. Phillipsbom. Second new-J. Phillips, B. Bowen, N. Mcxearnan, J. SENIOR SWIMMING TEAM Cloyd, E. Levy, R. Hackett, M. Stein, B. Ramser, F. First Row-B. Ross, M. Graft, P. Crawford, R. Hackett Neilson. B. Pettee, J. Green. IO! ir orffi composed of advanced, intermediate, and junior classes. Early in March a group of girls went to Morton High School for a dance symposium. They gave a dance and were given instruction by well known modern dancers. Frannie Wag- ner with the assistance of Frannie Bourland planned a very successful program. With Mr. Lehman, new instructor and Vera Gere, head of sport, rifiery advanced steadily. All awards were re- ceived through the National Association in Washington. The freshmen and sophomores proved the most enthusiastic riflemen. Marty Stein had a busy year as head of swimming. The year ended up with the "water pageant" late in May. For the first time in several years, New Trier came in behind Peoria in the Telegraphic Meet. The girls took a close second. The sophomores won the class championship with the juniors as second, then the freshmen, and last but not least, the senior team. Friday afternoons, the gyms and field house were opened for recreational sports. Badminton, shuifleboard, horse- shoes, darts, and other individual sports were offered. With Mrs. Abbott as sponsor and Barbara Pettee as head, the pro- gram proved very successful. Volleyball was headed by Barbara Larson. After prac- tice games, class teams were chosen. The juniors came out on top, by defeating the sophomores. Pat Wiltberger led the Junior Team to victory. Baseball and Spring seem to be synonymous and this Spring a large number of girls turned out for this sport. This year, baseball was headed by Jeanne Stube, with Mrs. Wells as instructor. At the end of the season class teams were chosen and a tournament was played. With May came La Crosse. Gerry Langford headed these players. The freshmen and seniors played the juniors and sophomores in an inter-class tournament. G.A.A. RIDING First Row-Stekol, Porter, Gaffney, Ungaro, Hartke, Day, Mitchel. Second Row-Wyman, Meyers, Raymond, Lucas, Keefer, Stern, Goldstein. G.A.A. LACROSSE First Row-Henderson, Chancellor, Browne. Second Row-Lamb, Kaempfer, Steele, Miller. Third Row-Leach, Schipfer, Langford, Chalmers. G.A.A. ARCHERY First Row-Mitchel, Lamb, Breretaon. Second Row-Cummings, Carlson. G.A.A. BASEBALL First Row-Kaempfer, Henderson, Lamb, Miller, Steele, Bowen. Second Row-Kuby, Schipfer, Chancellor, Robertson, Mehlhope, Carlson. G.A.A. GOLF First Row-Buehler, Steen, Wiltberger. Second Row-Eberhart, Clark, Ragsdale, Quinlan. I02 RHYTHMS First Row - Johnston, Good- now, Wagner, F a r w ell Thompson, Rennacker, Mit chell, Boone, Stephens. Second Row - Bourland James, Meyer, Farr, Tuttle S t a r b u c k, Best, Murray Gratf. FIRST SENIOR BASKETBALL TEAM First Row - Neilson, Graff, Pettee, Edwards, Keefe. CLOCGING First Row-Thogersen, Ran- stead, Larson, S t e p h e n s, Adams, Schipfer, Burt. Second Row - Horween Didier, Tilton, Carlson, Boone Baron, McCall, Brenchley. v , FIRST SENIOR 'VOLLEYBALL TEAM First Row-Steffens, Thomp- son, Larson, Sesterhenn. Second Row-Broemel, Marx, Philipsborn, Kirscht. CLASS WINNERS IN TENNIS First Row-Kracha, Neilson, Woolhiser, Persson. Second Row-Chiquoine, Ed- wards, Kuby, Hill, Smith. RIFLE TEAM First Row-Powell, Michael, Becker, Browne, Stein. Second Row-Penfield, Mar- wick, Grossberg, Cogswell, Mehlhope, Gere. IO3 is K, fs Y, jeu L, . , V, 1 .,f , C, f xx I -W, ,AE if f K ' Q, 2, 2'.e"JQR Q , " fm' ldlfeffelfl m llfl -KEY L ,sr f -fs -T fy' ,W v. un M? "3-"" HONOR SOCIETY First Row-Williams, J. Wilson, Stephens, Smith, M. Jones, Klagstad, Badger, Buenger. Second Row-Holland, Frei, Starrett, Strauss, T. Wilson, Weil, Zick, Brown, McCandlisah, Steif, Van Horne, Lang, Emmet, Locke. Third Row-Quinlan, Biser, Stevens, Wagner, I-Iayson, Reimann, Clavey, Ranstead, Neef, Schlung, Glenn, McCue, Keefe, Lenney, Mattoon. Fourth Row--Huck, I-loesli, Marx, I-I. Jones, Persson, Lee, Kirscht, Pettee, Lukens, Schwall, Nelson, Larson, Pierson, Halley, Adams, Woolhiser, Hill, Crawford, Widen, Gratf, Stoerk. Fifth Row-Anderson, H. Petersen, Lindberg, McCoy, P. Petersen, J. Walker, Christerson, Fischer, Prins, Olmsted, Landis, S. Walker, Sweeney, Peterson, Crowder, Tellis, Wiese, Kriebel, I-lopp, Maxwell. w rieriiagzdofafvfic C amloiond I The Honor Society is the ultimate goal of those who hope for high scholastic records. Again this year the students of New Trier have upheld the high scholastic standing of the school by admitting to this group 37 seniors, 44 girls and 43 boys, the largest number in its history. Only students whose averages are in the upper tenth or over 3.20 are admitted to the Honor Society. To this type of student goes the credit for making our scholastic standing what it is today. Each year the senior boy whose four year average has been the highest receives the Dernehl Award, given hy Mr. and Mrs. Dernehl in memory of their son, John, who died very suddenly in 1932. At that time John was the ranking senior. This year the award was won by William Anderson and Paul Kelly as the result of a tie. The Harvard Book Award goes to the ranking junior. Q The Honor Groups at New Trier are an outgrowth of the grading system adopted 15 years ago. Students with an average of 3.20 or over for a semester's work are admitted to one of these groups. Although there is no senior honor group, the seniors this year had 138 students of Honor Roll average, the greatest number of any of the classes. The freshmen were next with 128 and the juniors and soph- omores had 107 and 97' respectively. As recognition for high scholarship in the lower classes, the Honor Groups are very successful. I06 JUNIOR HONOR GROUP First Row-Humphrey, Degen. Smith. Gaffney. Schweitert, McNaughton. Green, French, Helke, David, Buhai, Stein Finney, Fager, Mosser, Ball, Canning. Second Row--Thompson, Jeffreys, Dalstrom. Ungaro, Rubel. Craig, Bachmann, Guthridge, Wolf, M. A. Lafferty L. Fox, M. J. Laffcrty, V. Koch, M. Olson, Kracha, Bray, Welborn, Ransdell, Henricks, Redfield, Marshall, Claar, Katz Third Row-Smith. Cummings, Olson, Aubineau. Lindstrom, Robinson, Sipp. Wyman. Bizer. Shervington, Roemer, Fisher Stube. James, Bourland, Ross, Cooper, Johnston, Christensen. Stoetzel. Wolff. Boston. Ludden, Beeler. Lyman, Hinman Kern, Beach, Becker, Sheppard. Kletzien. Fourth Row-Wuichet. Wolsey, Trienens. Walworth. Farrar. Meyers, Child. Carruth, Gordon, Farmer. Guy, Foust, Long Collier. Octigan, Riley, Platt, Aishton. Allen, Alfvin. Monahan. Kilner, Ellis, Hubachek, Michael. Arms, Kahn, Davis SOPHOMORE HONOR GROUP First Row-Drucker, Fisher. Merkle, Allrich, Moore, Schultz, Abrams, Finnigan, Aldrich, Macdonald. Plamondon, Stade, Allison, Lebeson, Bryson, Eberle, Schmidt. Second Row-Menden, Starrett, Davies, Warner. Woolf. Booze. Jarvis. Sutherland, Warren, Fox. Lammers. Moulding, Lamb, Farwell. Kaempfer. Frei, Ehrlich, Harshaw, Lundberg, Smith E., Lipman, McElroy, Raymond, Strauss. Third Row-Broemel, Kuby, Butler, Leech. Dawson, Yust, Tranzi, Yates, Baker, Cassell, Bond, Borregaard, Carpenter, Kuhn, Carlson, Sperry, Dunn, Hoffman, I-Iolway, Pickett, Small, Thornton, Meacham, Tuttle, Lukens. Fourth Row-Rosenberg. Manson, Pagliarulo. Marshall, Hildebrand, Wright, Lutter, Morehouse, Edmonds. Mestjian, Geraurd, Steitz, Bower. Rapp, Berlin, Johnson, Carey, Smith, McAfee, Cobb, Freelove, Seiler. Shafer, Glenn, Chase, Kingery, Salomon. FRESHMAN HONOR GROUP First Row-Goodrich, Towle, Elliff, Mills, Huettel, Fuidge, Stineman, Kramer, Watt, Loeb, G. Anderson, D. Anderson Mosser, Bishop, Murphy, Danner, Kraetsch. Second Row-Crocker. Nix, Tenney, Rubich, Thompson, Forstall, Miner, Schrieffer, Rigler, Claar, Davis, Darley Ludovice, Beinlich, Vernon, Niggemeyer, Fischer. Pancoe. Deily, Gourlcy. Third Row-Lewis, Tudon, Horwcen, Drey, Brown. Jackson. Frische, Siegfried, Armitage. Neiglick, Sabin. Dewey. Kirschbraun, Barnett, Cody, Buhai, Bergstrand. Von Glahn. Odh, Chapin, Raymer, 0'Conor, Wagener. Fourth Row-Kamerman, Davis, Pederson. Foldi, Grossberg, Homan, Johnson. Lindberg, Wachter, Rygel, Walker Eldridge, N. King, M. King, KixMiller, Wallach, Billings, Snulman, Wiegman, Kemp, Russell, Van Horne, Krohl, Hay: son. Ives, Matson. Blake, Cahn, Brewer, Jones, Steitz, Judson. Fifth Row-Strasser, Geppert. Stiles, Zander. Wiese, Royce, DeClerque, Schmick, Kassel, Pettee, Cohn, Slayton, Beebe, Zehr. G. Davis, Markus. Mathias. Blair, Bruce. Walter, Blackburn, Miller. Cahn, Gross, Thatcher, Smith, Jerrard, DE'Vlil'l. 3I0l'21lld, COIBITIHII. v v T. N. T. First Row-Adams, Chancellor, Schipfer, Weishaar, Duncombe, Bray, Glenn, Neilson, Rosenheim, Pierson, Neef, Bow- en, Crawford, Pittman. Ro Second Row-W. Dodds, Stillman, Rodger, Cushman, Goodnow, Smith, Wuichet, Brown, Ross, Cleary, Frye, Nelson, Graff, Pettee, Woolhiser, C. Hill, G. Ellis, M. Hill, T. Wilson. w-MacKenzie, Roth, Buenger, Starrett, J. Wilson, Steif, Mahle, Holland, Reebie, Frei, B. Ellis, Wiese, Ball, R. Dodds, McNitt, Kriebel, Meyers, Watts. T. N. T. Members Valerie Adams John Ball Mary Bowen Barbara Bray Frances Brown Dick Buenger Imogene Chancellor Jeanne Cleary Pat Crawford Ken Cushman Bill Dodds Bob Dodds Barbara Duncombe Bob Ellis Grant Ellis Bob Frei Marilyn Frye Beverly Glenn Joan Coodnow Mary Grail' Carol Hill Mike Hill Eugene Holland Betty Kletzien Dick Kreibel Gordon Laughead Fred MacKenzie jim Mahle Bob McNitt Bob Meyers Dolores Neef Frances Neilson Cyrena Nelson Barbara Pettee Margaret Pierson Lois Pittman Claude Reebie John Rodger Betty Rosenheim Betty Ross John Roth Frances Schipfer Joy Smith Ralph Starrett Bill Steif Chuck Stillman Jack Walker Dey Watts Nancy Weishaar Jack W'iese Jim Wilson Turner Wilson Marion Woolhiser Anne Wuichet T. N. T. is a purely honorary society. It gives the only formal recognition New Trier affords to students who have served their school in the various extra-curricular activities. To be elected to T. N. T. a student must have a record of conscientious and sustained participation in several activities. Only the most prominent workers in school are elected be- cause T. N. T. does not attempt to recognize all the services rendered the school, it only tries to recognize the most out- standing work done by juniors and seniors. Because of this, T. N. T. is considered the highest honor which any New Trier student can attain, aside from the Tri-Ship and D.A.R. awards, which are won by only two students. The name T. N. T. comes from the Latin phrase Tenax, Nobilis, Tri- umphans, which means steadfast, noble, and victorious. The oflicers this year have been Bill Dodds, president, Gordon Laughead, vice-president, and Joan Goodnow, secre- tary-treasurer. They were chosen last Spring by the other members also elected to T. N. T. as juniors. Mr. Windoes and Miss Hadden are the faculty sponsors of T. N. T. The 14 seniors who were elected as juniors last year met and deliberated long hours this Spring considering the quali- fications of fellow students for T. N. T. Then they elected 26 additional seniors and 14 juniors. These were chosen be- cause the active members considered that they had been the most outstanding students in extra-curricular activities and had made the greatest contributions to their school. Aside from perpetuating T. N. T. by elections every Spring and the T. N. T. party held every year after the awards are given, the organization is non-active and purely honorary. I08 Ze .gznior for . . . Class of 1940, you will never be forgotten. You have instilled in New Trier new ideas and superior methods to meet the changing needs of the passing of' time. You in- augurated the reorganized Student Council and Tri-Ship Club. You proposed and developed the Managers Corps. You staged a superb Talent Show. You innovated the Stu- dent Forum. Certainly such deeds will long be remembered. Following the precedent set by the Class of 1939 you held your "Hop," which turned out to be one of the finest in the history of the school, at the Edgewater Beach Hotel. From your midst two students were chosen as being the two whose services were the most beneficial to the school and who best typified the qualities of good citizenship. These two admirable personalities were Bill Dodds, who received the Tri-Ship Award, and Jeanne Cleary, to whom was pre- sented the D.A.R. Award. Class of 1940, you have shown that you are prepared for the outside world. You have clamored for democracy. You have taken a great interest in school affairs and have formed your own opinions, but more than that you have expressed those ideas. Lastly, you have proven by four years of successful study that you are mentally prepared to progress into other fields. You leave behind you a wake so colored and embellished with outstanding events that it cannot be dimmed by the in- evitable passing of time. You will go on into other walks of life, but your memory of New Trier will never be lost. Like- wise., New Trier cannot forget you. You and she are insep- arable. Together you rise or fall. Her success depends on you as your training has depended on her. IO9 9 If l i f i' if f ,I Zh ff KIA 4 NN ft ff tit ,f . , If it M W I , A QV' 'tp fj t t .ffl p 21 U af , f ,W ff , t'ifi ffl t !7L',x'i W' W 'Wd ff. M nz n ff 1 yi' ml p f p 'nf X t nl W ,I f if K, X w ,J Wy0Pi.9?n,l Nx t -ass ,,,,g uf iwNail..",gQgf1p1 f W P1191 MW WM. my ' fr lnitr be nv V' 5 . HARPER JACKSON JOHNSTON LAUER MOSCHEL NAY REAM WHITESEL WILSON ADAMS. M. J. ADAMS. V. ALFORD ALLEN ALONZI ALTMAN ANDERSON, B. ANDERSON, M. ANDERSON. R. ANDERSEN. R ANDERSON,W. ANDERSON, Y. ANTHONY ARBOGAST ARMSTRONG ARNASON ARNS AVEYARD BADGER BAER -ef A , A BAILEY BAKER BALL BAPTISTA BARBER, C. BARBER, R. BARNETT BARTLETT BARTON BAUMILLER "'-w..,NH.,,W BAXTER BAY BAYARD BECKER BEGGS W. BEINLICH BELDING BELL BELMONT BENDEL BENNETT,L. BENNETT,R. BERBLINGER BERGQUIST U BEST Q. I 19l"""'W ,,B.,, BIEDERER BISER BJORKLAND BLACK BLACKWELL , W' 'Q' E. ff BLAESING BLISS BLUM BOHN I BONDY BOOTH BORCHARDT BORREGAARD BOUDART BOUSQUET BOWEN BOWMAN BOYD BOYDEN BOYLE BRAATEN BRADLEY BRAND BRICKER BRIGHAM BRISTOL BROEMEL BROWN. D. BROWN. F. BROWN, H. BROWN, M. BROWN. N. BROWN,W. BROWNE,G. BUEHLER BUEBNGBEBKB auu. suncse BURKHEIMER BURLINGAME BURNS BUTLER BUTTNER BUTZOW CADENHEAD CAMPANA CARNEY CARROLL CHAMBERLAIN CHANDLER Tiff. f Q. vL,Af1:4yEigjf'i.f ' . S' X ,L ,. Q 5? D K 3 v .jf Q ' gawk! . vb gm Q ,.,gg:W,.1:f, 5 .- 5 ' . CHAPIN CHERRY CHIAPPE CHILD CHITTICK CHRISTERSON CHRISTIAN CHRONIC CLAFFEY CLARK, M. CLARK.W. CLARKE, K. CLAVEY.G. CLAVEY, R. CLEARY N, WP I CLOUD COATTA COBB COHN COLTON COOK.G. COOK. J. M. COOKE.A. COOLEY COONS NY' COOPER CORMACK COX COYL CRAWFORD 1-ICN' CRAY CROOKER CROWDER CUNNINGHAM CUSHMAN CUTLER DAILY DALE DANBY DAVID wage DAVIES DAVIS D DAVIS J DAY DEGUERRE DEJOIE DEMMA DENIS DERCKUM DESMOND QM, DEWEY DIETTRICH DII.I.ON DODDS DONAHUE DONOVAN DOOLITTLE DORMAN DOUGLAS DUNCOMBE NS x DUNDAS T DUNGAN DWYER EASTERBERG EBERHART EBERLE EDMONDS EDWARDS.BT. EDWARDS. J. EGGERT EISENBERG. J. EISENBERG. L. ELIOT ELKIN ELLIOTT EMMET ENGELHARDT ENRIGHT ERICKSON ESHBACH ESLER EVES FARR FEINBERG FELLOWS FIFER FISCHER. J. FISCHER, L. FISHER. R. FIX FONDA FOUKAL FOX FRAGASSI FRANCHI FRANKE FREAD FREI FROST FRYE FRYKMAN FULL 'vi 11-42 GAUL GEDGE GEIER in Bmw GEORGE GLASS GLENN GOLDSTEIN GOODNOW GRAFF GREEN GREENBLATT GRENNING GRIFFIN HACKETT HADLEY HAHN HALL, E. HALL,R. HALLBAUER HALLET HALLEY HALLSTEEN HALPERIN HAMMOND. J. HAMMOND,J. HAMMOND,S. HARBECK HARMON HARTKE HARTWIG HARVEY HASKIN HAYES wil!! HAYSON HEINZEN HELM HENDRICKSON HENOCH HENS HERBERT HERBON HERZIG HICKS A aug-C Y' 'pow' we ur . R L. KIDD KILNER KIRBY KIRSCHBRAUN KIRSCHT Q. H 'W' N F 5 KLAGSTAD KLANER I KNIGHT KOERBER KOMEN KOTEE KRAFT.D. KRAFT. M. E. KRAUS KRIEBEL KRISTOF KRAUEGER LANDIS LANE LANG LARSEN LARSON LARWETH LASER LAU ...-if sm :zo LAUBACH LAUGHEAD LEE LEHMANN LENNEY 1 as. if 3 3 N gg W 9 5 S LEWIS LIDECKER LIESS LINDBERG LINDEMA F Q Q 3 5 5 5 LINK LIPPINCOTT LITTLEFIELD LOCKE LONERGAN ai X LONG.A. LONG.-I. LOVETT LUDWIG LUEDEKA LUKENS LYDING MacGREGOR MacILRAlTH MacKENZIE MADDOCK MAGUIRE MAHLE MANN MARCHINI MARCUM MARSH MARX MATHIESON MATTHEWS,A w W 1. w N 1 ? , 5 l22 123 AH . L,,,,,,.n wif? ',., hw MEYER.N. MILLER. R. MILLER. L. MlLLER.M.B. MINCHEFF ,. '5q""'k,x .f , 1- -L ,Y I .I SS 'R SSSS A R i X if W "' I f!E5 If Hg ,Al 1,gi SLIS .,' " S MINOR MITCHELL MITTEN MIZENER MOCKLER My ,fi 1 . -if f' 5 2 I 3 X 3553 V A. .,.'?:fu. , r ONTONARO MOON MOORHEAD MORGAN MORRISON MOSS MUNDEE MUNSON MURPHY "' wr W JE im, .I. A ,A ? MURRAY.R. MYRLAND NEEF NEIGLICK NELSON, C. NEUKRANZ NICHOLS N gay' s NIELSEN MURRAY, H. NELSON, B. hu... NORMAN ,QQ - 2 1 NYBORG ' O'BRIEN I OCTIGAN I OHLAND t OLMSTED OLSON, R. A OLSON.W. U OUTZEN PALMER PARLIAMENT PARSHALL n PAULSON PECK,B.J. PECK.P. U PERRILL PERSSON PETERSEN. E. PETERSEN.H. PETERSEN.P. PETERSEN.P. ihgqw PETERSON R PETERSON W PETERSON. W. PETTEE PETTI Winn-w , I - PHILIPSBORN PHILLIPS PICKETT PIERSON PITTMAN RRLATT Powsu. rnssToN PREVALLET rR1cE.A. Q PRIRCE,R. rams ' Quick QUINLAN RAEMER RAGSDALE RANSTEAD RAPP REDFIELD REEBIE ew REECE REED REIMANN REINHARDT RENFRO f'V"f A ,R 4 RENSCH RICH I RICHLAND RIETHEIMER RINGHOLM ROB R RODGER ROEMER ROGERS.P ROGERS.R """"'-1... ROSE ROSENBLATT ROSENHEIM ROSENOW ROSS 'swhw 2 ROTH ROTHERMEI-.S. ROTHERMEL.G. ROULET ROWLEY iff: W Q RUDD RUGEN RYDSTROM SACHSE SARGENT r"'Ql"'9f"" W SCHAEFER SCHAER SCHEINER SCHLUNG SCHMIDT 2 VS SCHWALL. F. SCHWALL.J. SCOFIELD SCOTT SEDDON S sesrsns-:ENN sHArlno,A. sHAruzo.A. su-:Aw sl-:amen Q t Q I27 if SHERMAN SHIVERICK SIBLEY SIECK SIEGEL E 'uw SIMENSON SIMPSON, L. SIMPSON, M. SIMPSON. N. SMITH, G. 5 M Qs. V A Ai. Sei .WL. , SMITH. J. SMITH.M. SMITH. V. SOBEL SOLARI SONNENSCI-IEIN SPEAR Y SRNANEK I STAAK I STARBUCK STARRETT STAUFERT STEEL STEELE. M. STEELE. W. W' STEEN,M. STEEN,W. STEFFENS.G. STEFFENS, L. STEFFENS,R TROY TRUDEAU TUTEUR VAN CLEAVE VAN HORNE.C VAN HORNE,P. VEHE VERNON VERSINO VICTOR VLEGELS WAGNER. F. WAGNER.H. WAGNER.J. WALKER, J. WALKER.S. WALLERS WALSH WATERS WATTS WAYT WEBER WEIL WEISHAAR WETTERER Vw WETZEL WHlTE,H. WHITE, J. WHITE, S. WHITESIDE 'HW' WHITTINGTON WIDEN WIELAND WIESE.J. WIESE. R. WILDER. D. WILDER. N. WILL WILLIAMS. R. WlLLlAMS,R WlLSON.D. WILSON. J. WILSON. J. WILSON. T. WlLSON,W. wlNANns wl1'l-mow ' wrrr ' wooosnloss wooonuss WOOLHISER WORSFOLD' WRIGHT YATES YOUNG.G. is YouNG,L. zlcx Mceumess' NEWMAN ' PAGE Mary ,Jane Adams U "Janie," Wilmette: G.A.A. 1,23 Biology Club 23 German Club 43 Girls' Career Club 43 Riverside High School lg Chicago Normal. Valerie Jean Adams U "Val," Wilmette: T.N.T. 4g Honor Society 43 Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Student Council Repre- sentative 23 Student Relations Committee 23 Girls' Club Repre- sentative 33 Financial Chairman 43 Publicity Committee 3g G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Clogging 33 Head 43 Num- erals 33 300 Point Award 2g "Knave of Hearts" lg "Trelawny of the Wells" 43 Glee Club 13 Junior Music Club lg President 23 Senior Music Club 3,43 Service Club 3,43 French Club 2,3,43 President 43 Dramatic Club 132, 3,43 Secretary 43 Girls' Career Club 43 Inklings Contributor 3g "Le Flambeau" Editor 43 Verse Speaking Choir 43 Study Hall Supervisor 43 Northwestern. John Alford U Wilmette. Shirley June Allen U Glenview: Moser Business Col- lege. Esther Teresa Alonzi U "S," Kenilworth: Girls' Club Friendly Committee 43 "Enchant- ed April" 43 Dramatic Club 43 Lens Club 43 Senior Girls' Oiiice Service Staff 43 lmmaculata 1g Vogue College. Florence Edna Altman U Evanston: German Club 23 Lens Club 33 Knitting Club 43 Girls' Career Club 43 Gregg Business College. Betty Anderson U "Bobbie," Winnetka: Evanston Hospital School of Nursing. Marshall Nels Anderson U "Marsh," Winnetka: Football 2,3,43 Letter 23 Junior Varsity Letter 43 Glee Club 13 Boys' Career Club 43 University of llli- nois. Richard Wendell Anderson U "Andy," Wilmette: University of lllinois. Robert Harry Andersen U "Andy," Kenilworth: Football 13 Glee Club 13 San Diego Army and Navy Academy 2. William Lippincott Anderson U "Bill," Winnetka: Honor Group 3,43 Swimming 43 Rifle Club 43 Boys' Career Club 43 Badminton Club 43 Door Guard 43 North- western. Yvonne Anderson U Kenilworth: Social Committee 33 Lens Club 2,33 Chess Club 33 Lake View 13 Grinnell. Virginia Gail Anthony U "Ginger," Kenilworth: G.A.A. Awards Committee 33 Art League 3,43 Sketch Club 3,43 Rockford. Jeanne Mervyn Arbogast U "Jeannie," Winnetka: Service Club 43 Travel Club 43 Career I3I i eniolgfdcfiuified Club 43 Lower Merion Senior High School 1,2,33 Colby. Harriette Louise Armstrong U "Hattie," Wilmette: Glee Club 1,2,3,43 Commerce Club 4. Hulda Arnason U "Huldy," Wilmette: G.A.A. 3, 43 Knitting Club 43 Book Club 43 Travel Club 43 Career Club 43 University of Illinois. Mary Helen Arns U "Sis," Wilmette: Treble Clef 2,33 Glee Club 3g Career Club 43 James Modeling School. Audrey Marie Aveyard U Wilmette: Lens Club 43 Mary- wood 1,2333 Colorado College. Frank Kelly Badger U "Kelly," Wilmette: Honor So- ciety 43 Honor Group 1,23 Tri- Sbip Room Committee 43 Infor- mation Desk 43 "Chimes of Nor- mandy" 23 "Pinafore" 33 Choir 2,3,43 Ensemble 33 Glee Club 13 Senior Music Club 3,43 Stamp Club 13 Chess Club 43 Boys' Career Club 43 News Staff 13 Northwestern. Walter Baer U "Lula Belle," Glencoe: Swim- ming 43 Hartford High School 13 Bergor High School 2. James Stuart Bailey U "Buster," Winnetka. Maxwell R. Baker U 6'Max," Winnetka: Tri-Ship Representative 33 University of Texas. Charles Allis Ball U "Chick," Winnetka: Tri-Ship Representative 43 Door Guard 43 Swimming 2,3,43 Nautical Club 43 Purdue. Robert Charles Baptista U "Bap," Winnetka: Honor Group 2,33 Tri-Ship Representative 33 Basketball 2,3,43 Letter 2,3,43 Baseball 33 Swimming 13 School Free Throw Champ 13 Study Hall Supervisor 33 Hampten-Sidney. Carter Barber U "Cart," Winnetka: Tri-Ship Student Aid 43 Usher Corps 43 Class Social Committee 23 "Wake Up, Jonathan" 13 Nautical Club 1.2,3,43 President 43 Dramatic Club 1,2,3.43 Lens Club 1,23 Rifle Club 43 News Staff 3,43 Yale. Robert Eugene Barber U "Bal," Glenview: Door Guard 43 Commerce Club 4g Minnesota. Katherine Ann Barnett U "Taffy," Glencoe: Honor Group 33 Student Council Publications Committee 43 Student Council .Representative 43 Class Social Committee 33 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Treble Clef Club 23 Second Glee Club 33 French Club 23 Lens Club 23 Girls' Career Club 43 News Staff 33 Study Hall Supervisor 43 Stephens. Robert Glenn Bartlett U "Bob," Wilmette: Broadcasting Club 2,4. Barbara Barton U "Bobbie," Winnetka: "Pina- fore" 33 "Pirates oi Penzance" 43 First Glee Club 23 Choir 3343 Jun- ior Music Club 23 Senior Music Club 3,43 G.A.A. 43 "Warpin' Warf" 23 "Mr. Scrooge" 33 "Trelawny of the Wells" 43 Dra- matic Club 2,3,43 Broadcasting Club 2,3,43 Highland Park 1. Louise Lillian Baumiller U "Mouse," Wilmette: Science Club 43 Art League 13 Presby- terian Hospital. Betty Baxter U Glencoe: G.A.A. 13 Life Sav- ing 1,23 Lens Club 1,23 Natural Science Club 2,33 Musicale 2.33 Archeology Club 33 French Club 33 lnklings Staff 3. James N. Bay U "Jim," Kenilworth: Aviation Club 13 Northwestern. Joseph Lambert Bayard U "Pud," Winnetka: Usher Corps 43 Door Guard 33 Football 1.23.43 Letter 2.43 Swimming 1.2.3,4: Let- ter 2,3,4: Baseball 1.23.43 Letter 23 Glee Club 13 Boys' Career Club 43 Cornell. Rosalind Becker U "Pepi," Winnetka: Girls' Club Representative 43 Girls' Club Fi- nancial Committee 4: G.A.A. 2. 3.43 Rhythms 1.2.33 Clogging 3: Art League 1,2,33 Sketch Club 1.2.33 Girls' Career Club 4: Travel Club 43 French Club 43 Colorado College. Doris Margaret Beggs U "Dudsie," Wilmette: Glee Club 2.33 Treble Clef Club 1: Span- ish Club 2,3: Science Club 3.4: Musicale 33 Girls' Career Club 4. Lewis George Beinlich U Glencoe. Mary Elizabeth Belding U Glencoe: Girls' Club Arrange- ments Committee 43 Treble Clef Club 33 Glee Club 43 Lens Club 23 French Club 3: Book Club 3.4: Girls' Career Club 43 Study Hall Supervisor 43 Northwestern. Barbara Bell U Winnetka: Honor Group 1,2,3, 43 Girls' Club Arrangements Com- mittee 43 French Club 3,43 Lens Club 33 Radcliffe. Marv Dorothy Belmont U Winnetka: G.A.A. 13 LaCrosse 1,23 Soccer 13 Basketball 1,23 Baseball 1,23 Commerce Club 13234. Ralph Gustar Bendel U Winnetka: lnformation Desk 43 lowa State College. Leonard W. Bennett U "Carp," Glenview: Rifle Club 1. Robert Case Bennett U "Bob," Highland Park: Stu- dent Council Representative 23 Chairman Building and Grounds 33 Information Desk 43 Traffic Squad 33 Usher Corps 33 Tri- Ship Representative 13 Publicity Committee 33 Vice-President 43 Class Social Committee 33 Swim- ming 1,2,3,43 Letter 1.2,3,43 Frosh- Soph Co-Captain 23 Tennis 233,43 Guard 1,2,3,43 Echoes Staff 33 News Staff 33 Lagniappe 43 Scriblerus Club 3,43 Swing Club 33 Boys' Career Club 3,43 Michi- gan. Nancy ,Jean Berblinger U "Nance," Wilmette: Girls' Club Representative 23 G.A.A. 3,43 "Pinafore" 33 Glee Club 23 En- semble 33 Lagniappe 43 Quill Club 13 President 13 Rifle Club 13 Spanish Club 33 Junior Music Club 1,23 Book Club 43 Knitting Club 4: Verse Speaking Choir 43 Grinnell. Bertil G. Bergquist U "Bert," Kenilworth: Illinois University. Jeanne Sinclair Best U Wilmette: G.A.A. 2,3,43 Soccer 25 Hockey 43 Rhythms 43 Treble Clef 23 Sketch Club 2,3,43 Art League 43 Arlington Hall. Marion Catherine Biederer U "Sis," Glenview: Commerce Club 43 Mallinckrodt 1,23 North- western. Marion Biser U "Sunny," Wilmette: Honor So- ciety 43 Honor Group 2,33 Girls' Club Representative 23 Friendly Committee 43 Service Club 43 French Club 2,3,43 Goucher Col. lege. Anders Bjorklund U Wilmette: Senn High 1,233. Elisabeth Ayers Black U "Betty," Winnetka: Girls' Club Representative 43 French Club 43 Travel Club 43 Girls' Career Club 43 News Staff 43 Colorado College. Charles Claiborne Blackwell U 'i.lim," Wilmette: Rifle Club 23 Science Club 3,43 Libertyville High School 13 Northwestern. Adeline Elizabeth Blaesing U "Blondie," Glenview: Treble Clef 23 German Club 3,43 Moser Business College. Paula Marie Bliss U Glencoe: Honor Group 13 Girls' Club Representative 13 Girls' Club Financial Committee 13 Soccer 13 Numerals 13 Treble Clef Club 13 Glee Club 23 Choir 3,43 Ensgm. ble 43 "Pinafore" 33 "Pirates of Penzance" 43 Quill Club 1,23 French Club 3,43 Senior Music Club 43 Book Club 43 President 43 Scriblerus 43 Inklings Con- tributor 1,233,43 Radcliffe. Anita Katinka Blum U "Aneet," Wilmette: German Club 2,3,43 Service Club 3,43 Stephens. Charles Richard Bohn U "Dobber," Glenview: D o o r Guard 2,33 Varsity Football Team 33 Iowa. Virginia Wydelle Boudy . saBabe,91 Club 233. Wilmette: Commerce Irving Wesley Booth 9 "Irv," Winnetka: Glee Club 3: Choir 43 Radio Club l,2,3,43 Chief Operator 43 Miami, Florida 1. Howard Louis Borchardt 9 "Porkey," Northbrook: Door Guard 3,43 Frosh-Soph Basketball 23 Band 1,2,3,43 Chicago Conser- vatory. Bruce Hay Borregaard 9 Kenilworth: "Wappin' Wharf" 23 Dramatic Club 2,3,43 Rifle Club 3,43 Boys' Career Club 43 Leland- Stanford. Raymond Edward Boudart 9 Wilmette: Football 43 Letter 43 Commerce Club 2,3. 1 Joseph C. Bousquet 9 "Bokay," Winnetka: Echoes Staff 33 Evanston 1,23 Evanston Academy of Fine Arts. Mary Eleanor Bowen 9 Hubbard Woods: T.N.T. 43 Student Council Representative 2, 33 Publicity 2,3,43 Interschool Re- lations Committee 43 Girls' Club Arrangements Committee 33 Hoc- key 13 News Staff 1,2,33 Copy Desk Editor 43 "The Dyspectic Ogre" 13 Gavel Club l,2,33 Vice- President 33 Quill Club 1,23 Vice- President 13 Dramatic Club 1,2, 3,42 Musicale 23 Book Club 33 Natural Science Club 13 Journal- ism Club 43 Girls' Career Club 43 Denison University. Bettie jane Bowman 9 "Betts," Winnetka: Swimming 2,31 Verse Speaking Choir 43 News Staff 4. Marjorie Mae Boyd 9 "Marge," Niles Center: Musi- cale 2,3,43 Girls' Career Club 4. Mary Priscilla Boyden 9 "Pussy," Winnetka: G.A.A. 1,2, 3,43 French Club 23 Sketch Club 2,32 Art League 33 Girls' Career Club 43 News Staff 43 Sullins. Margaret Louise Boyle 9 "Peg," Winnetka: G.A.A. 1,2, 3,43 G.A.A. Representative 43 La Crosse 13 Numerals lg Treble Clef Club 23 Glee Club 3,43 Girls' Career Club 43 Travel Club 43 Stephens. Muriel Frances Braaten 9 Wilmette: Honor Group l,2,33 Girls' Club Publicity Committee 43 Senior Girls' Office Service Staff 43 Lens Club l,2,33 French Club 2,3,43 Travel Club 33 Knitting Club 43 Archaeology Club 33 Lawrence. Lee Louis Bradley 9 "Bill," Winnetka: Honor Group 3,43 Door Guard 33 Glee Club 33 Choir 43 Rifle Club 2,3,43 Rifle Team 2,33 Letter 3,43 Broadcast- ing Club 43 Washington Jr. High 13 Beloit. Hans Heim Brand 9 Wilmette: Usher Corps 43 Sen- ior I.M. Manager 43 Boys' Career Club 3,43 German Club 33 Sci- ence Club 33 Sports Club 43 Handelsakedemie, Vienna 1,23 New York University. 0I'll0l" Ben Smith Bricker 9 Winnetka: Tri-Ship Social Com- mittee 33 Swimming 2,3,41 Letter 3,43 Guard 33 University of Michi- gan. Robert Doyle Brigham 9 "Brig," Winnetka: Usher Corps 43 Door Guard 33 Information Desk 43 Swimming 2,3,43 Letter 2,3,43 Boys' Career Club 43 Deni- son. Dorothy Bristol 9 Wilmette: Honor Group 33 French Club 33 Senior Girls' Office Service Staff 4. Phyllis Ann Broemel 9 "Phil," Winnetka: Girls' Club Social Committee 43 Volleyball 43 First Glee Club 43 Girls' Career Club 43 West High School l,2,33 William and Mary. David V. L. Brown 9 "Daisy," Winnetka: Football 2, 3,43 Letter 23 "Pinafore" 33 "Pir- ates of Penzance" 4g First Glee Club 33 Choir 43 Ensemble 43 Opera Group 43 President 43 Sen- ior Music Club 43 Boys' Career Club 43 Princeton. Frances Heame Brown 9 "Frannie," Winnetka: T.N.T. 4g Honor Group 23 Girls' Club Pub- licity Committee 33 Girls' Club Representative 33 G.A.A. l,2,3,43 Basketball 2,3,43 Swimming 2,3,43 Hockey 2,33 Head of Basketball 33 Numerals 23 300-point Award 23 600-point Award 43 G.A.A. Social Committee 23 Chairman 43 Glee Club 2,3,43 President 43 Sci- ence Club 13 French Club 43 Lens Club 23 Girls' Career Club 43 Service Club 43 Echoes Girls' Sports Editor 43 Inklings Con- tributor 43 Wheaton. Horace Ralph Brown 9 "Hurry," Glenview: D o o r Guard 4. Marion R. Brown 9 "Huckie," Winnetka: C l a s s Secretary 33 Social Committee 33 Student Council Social Commit- tee 3,43 "Chimes of Normandy" 23 "Pinafore" 33 Treble Clef Club 13 Choir 3g Spanish Club 33 Knitting Club 43 Swing Club 43 Lens Club 43 News Staff 2,33 Northwestern. Nadine Brown 9 "Nay," Wilmette: Treble Clef Club 23 French Club 33 Girls' Career Club 4. William Baird Brown 9 "Bill," Glencoe: Honor So- ciety 43 Honor Group l,2.3,43 Usher Corps 43 Information Desk 43 Glee Club 23 Broadcasting Club 3,43 Lens Club 1,2,3,43 Treasurer 33 Vice-President 43 Boys' Career Club 43 Swing Club 43 News Staff 43 Echoes 43 Wash- ington and Lee. Gloria Ethel Browne 9 "Glo," Wilmette: G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 La Crosse l,2,33 Hockey 2,43 300- point Award 23 Treble Clef Club 23 Rifle Club 3, 43 Lens Club 1,23 Cfllflflefi French Club 43 Girls' Career Club 43 Knitting Club 43 Senior Girls' Office Service Stafl 43 North- western. Barbara Eleanor Buehler 9 "Barb," Kenilworth: Girls' Club Bazaar Committee 33 G.A.A. 3,43 Spanish Club 33 Knitting Club 43 Senior Girls' Office Service Staff 4. Richard Elmer Buenger 9 "Dick," Winnetka: T.N.T. 43 Honor Society 43 Honor Group l,2,3,43 Tri-Ship Secretary-Treas- urer 43 Tri-Ship Publicity Com- mittee Chairman 33 Usher Corps 3,43 Football 23 Letter 23 Swim- ming 1,2,3,43 Letter 2,3,43 Junior Orchestra 13 "Knave of Hearts" 13 "Trelawny of the Wells" 43 Ger- man Club 33 Editor of "Schrei- berei" 4g Boys' Career Club 33 Dramatic Club 1,2,3,43 Princeton. Helen Bull 9 Glencoe: Honor Group 13 Stu- dent Council Representative 13 Swimming 13 Basketball 13 "ML Scrooge" 33 Rifle Club 13 French Club 33 Dramatic Club 33 Book Club 3. Barbara Hiatt Burge 9 "Barney," Wilmette: Student Council Representative 33 Build- ing and Grounds Committee 33 Girls' Club Friendly Committee 33 Chairman of Publicity Committee 43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Social Commit- tee 23 Hockey 23 Baseball 13 300- point Award 23 Numerals 13 Sec- ond Glee Club 23 Lens Club 1,23 French Club 2,32 Service Club 43 Echoes Staff 43 Senior Girls' Office Service Staff 43 Colorado. Jean Burdelle Burklfleimer 9 Winnetka: Student Council Publications Committee 43 Gavel Club 33 Book Club 43 Broadcast- ing Club 43 Girls' Career Club 43 Senior Girls' Office Service Staff 43 DePauw. Robert Marlin Burlingame 9 "Burly," Wilmette: Tri-Ship Representative 23 Student Coun- cil Financial Committee 13 Stu- dent Council Representative 13 Varsity Track 43 Tennis 43 Ohio Wesleyan. Dorothy Louise Burns 9 "Wood," Kenilworth: Girls' Club Charity Committee 43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Swimming 43 Manager 43 G.A.A. Representative 43 Girls' Career Club 43 Service Club 43 Rifle Club 43 Travel Club 43 Stephens. Peggy Butler 9 "Peg," Wilmette: Honor Group 33 G.A.A. 13 Basketball 1,33 Base- ball 1.23 French Club 3,43 Span- ish Club 33 Senior Girls' Office Service Staff 43 Northwestern. William C. Buttner 9 "Bill," Winnetka: Study Hall Supervisor 33 Principia. Laura Butzow 9 Glenview: German Club 3,41 Service Club 3. Derelle Cadenhead 9 Winnetka: Treble Clef 2,3,43 Knitting Club 43 Charleston. Walter D. Campana 9 "Wally," Wilmette: Football 43 Band 2,33 Northwestern. Minnette Carney 9 Wilmette: Treble Clef Club 3,4Q Girls' Career Club 4. Harry Clarence Carroll 9 "Slug," Wilmette: Student Council Representative 33 Door Guard 33 Swimming 23 Echoes Art Editor 43 Purdue. William Hoyt Chamberlain 9 "Bill," Glencoe: Honor Group 43 Rifle Club 43 South Pasadena High School l,2,33 Purdue. Robert Grant Chandler 9 "Chink," Wilmette: Rifle Club 13 Carleton. Sprague Lynn Chapin 9 "Sprugee," Wilmette: Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Stage Crew 2,3,43 Chess Club 13 Dramatic Club 2,3,43 Boys' Career Club 43 Purdue. Betty Cherry 9 Glencoe: Michigan. Marv Emily Chiappe 9 "Chap," Glencoe: Hono 1,23 Girls' Career Club 4. Elizabeth Louise Child 9 "Lizzy," Glencoe: Honor Group 23 G.A.A. 1,2,3.43 Quill Club 13 Treasurer 13 American Academy of Arts. r Group Elaine Chittick 9 Wilmette: Girls' Club Social Committee 23 G.A.A. 2,3,43 Social Committee 23 Treble Clef Club lg Glee Club 23 "Mr. Scrooge" 33 Actors' Guild 3,42 French Club 2,3,43 Rifle Club 13 Dramatic Club 3,43 Quill Club 13 News Staff 23 Ward-Belmont. William Kelley Christerson 9 "Bill," Wilmette: Honor Soci- ety 43 Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Usher Corps 43 Class Social Committee 33 Football 23 Glee Club 23 Choir 43 Ensemble 43 "Pinafore" 33 "Pirates of Penzance" 43 Senior Music Club 43 "Wake Up, .Iona- than" 13 "Mr. Scrooge" 33 "En- chanted April" 43 Dramatic Club 1,2,3,43 Players 3,43 Broadcasting Club 33 Boys' Career Club 33 Yale. Mary Alice Christian 9 "Skeet," Winnetka: Girls' Club Financial Committee 43 G.A.A. Social Committee 43 "Pirates of Penzance" 43 Choir 43 Musicale 43 Montclair High School 1,2,3. Dale Emerson Chronic 9 "Dale," Wilmette: Student Council Representative 1,23 Inter- School Relations Committee 23 Tri-Ship Representative 43 "Chimes of Normandy" 23 Choir 2,43 Nautical Club 23 Rifle Club 33 Broadcasting Club 4. Edward Claffey 9 Wilmette: I32 Marjorie Elizabeth Clark 9 "Maude," Winnetka: Girls' Club Representative 43 Class Social Committee 2g Class Secretary 43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Golf 3,43 Hockey 43 Spanish Club 2,33 Girls' Career Club 43 Knitting Club 43 Brad- ford. Wendell Harris Clark 9 "Wendie," Kenilworth: Honor Group 33 Student Council Finan- cial Committee 23 Student Coun- cil Representative 23 Track 2,3,43 Letter 2,3,43 Football 3,43 Letter 43 Tri-Ship Representative 1,3,43 Publicity Committee 33 Dance Committee 43 Usher Corps 43 Bad- minton Club 43 Information Desk 4. Kenneth Edward Clarke 9 "Ken," Wilmette: Usher Corps 43 Glee Club 23 Band 33 Lens Club 2,32 Boys' Career Club 43 Northwestern. Grace Edna Clavey 9 Glenview: Honor Society 43 Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Commerce Club 43 Girls' Career Club 43 Travel Club 4g Book Club 43 Moser Business College. Robert George Clavey 9 "Ozzie," Glenview. Kathryn Jeanne Cleary 9 Kenilworth: D.A.R. Award 43 T.N.T. 3,43 Girls' Club Represen- tative 33 Financial Committee 13 Arrangements Committee 33 Secre- tary 43 G.A.A. 2,3,43 Hockey 23 Treble Clef Club 23 Glee Club 3,43 Quill Club 2g French Club 2,33 Scriblerus Club 3,43 Secre- tary 33 President 43 Service Club 33 Musicale 2,33 News Stall 3,42 Feature Editor 43 Inklings 3,43 Editor 43 Study Hall Supervisor 43 Trinity. Peter Warner Cloud 9 "Pete," Glencoe: Honor Group 1,31 Student Council Representa- tive 1,43 Publications Committee 43 Building and Grounds Commit- tee 13 Football 1,2,43 Letter 4g Track 1,23 Traffic Squad 3. Ester Coatto 9 Glenview: Lake View High School. Albert Wheelwright Cobb 9 "Al," Winnetka: Honor Group 13 Student Council Dinner Com- mittee 33 Dance Committee 4g Tri-Ship Representative 13 Swim- ming 1,2,3,43 Letter 2,32 Guard 2,3,43 Glee Club 1,22 Opera Group 3,43 Washington and Lee. Stanley Howard Cohn 9 "Stan," Wilmette: Travel Club 33 Book Club 33 Swing Club 43 Actors' Guild 43 Austin 13 Lake Forest Academy 23 Oberlin. Robert John Colton 9 "Bob," Wilmette: Illinois. Gordon Lawrence Cook 9 "Gordy," Kenilworth: Plainfield High School, Wardlaw School 1,2,33 Colgate. l33 eniolgxdcfiuified J. M. Cook 9 "Don," Chicago: Opera Group 1,2,3,43 Rifle 43 German Club 1,3,43 Secretary 43 Wheaton. Arthur W. Cooke 9 "Art," Kenilworth: Radio Club 1,23 Stage Crew 2,3,43 Dramatic Club 4. Mildred Cooley 9 "Mickey," Winnetka: Honor Group 1,2,33 Student Council ln- terscholastic Relations Committee 23 Girls' Club Representative 23 Charity Committee 23 Social Com- mittee 3g Props Crew 33 Co-Head 43 Treble Clef Club 13 Glee Club 2,33 Rifle Club 23 Dramatics Club 3,41 Verse Speaking Choir 43 Centre College. John H. Coons 9 "Coonie," Glenview: Football 1,23 Baseball 23 Door Guard 4. Henry N. Cooper 9 "Hank," Winnetka: Football 13 Swimming 1,2,3.43 Sports Club 13 Cheer Leader 13 Door Guard 43 Colorado College. Marv Louise Cormack 9 "Marv Lou." Glencoe: Girls' Club Representative 13 Social Committee 33 Class Dance Com- mittee 4: G.A.A. 1.2,3.4: 300-point Award 3g Sneedball Fist- ball 2.33 Clogging 3: Publicity Committee 4: Treble Clef Club 2: First Glee Club 3: "Pirates of Penzance" 43 Lens Club 2: French Club 2.3.4: Vice-President 43 Service Club 43 Rosemont, Pa. John Allen Cox 9 Wilmette: "H.M.S. Pinafore" 33 "Chimes of Normandy" 23 "Trial by Jury" 1: Orchestra member Light Crew 3: Junior Music Club 1,23 Lens Club 1.23 Rifle Club 1,32 German Club 2.3: Chess Club 23 Information Desk 43 Echoes Staff 43 DePauw. Marv Margaret Coyl 9 "Murdee," Wilmette: Glee Club 2.33 "Pirates of Penzance" 43 Chevy Chase. Pat Crawford 9 Wilmette: T.N.T. 43 Honor Society 43 Honor Group 1,3,43 Student Council Representative 13 Inter-School Relations Committee 13 Girls' Club Financial Commit- tee 33 I.M. Chairman 43 G.A.A. Volleyball 33 Basketball 1.3,43 Baseball 1: Soccer 13 Swimming 1,42 Speedball 3.4: 300-point Award 33 600-point Award 3: 800-point Award 4: Awards Committee 4: Quill Club 1.3: President 13 Senior Girls' Ofiice Service Staff 43 News Staff 3. Julia Mae Cray 9 "Julie," Northfield: H o n o r Group 4. Charles Kenneth Crocker 9 "Ken," Kenilworth: Stage Crew 33 Lens Club 1,2,33 Nau- tical 1,2,3,43 Rifle Club -1,3,4Q Stamp Club 3. Thomas Reid Crowder 9 "Tom," Winnetka: Honor So- ciety 43 Honor Group 3,43 Stage Crew 23 Light Crew 2,33 Rifle Club 13 Science Club 3,43 Dra- matic Club 3g Scriblerus Club 3,43 Boys' Career Club 43 Inklings Contributor 2,32 News Staff 43 Dartmouth. James Calvin Cunningham 9 "Jim," Glencoe: Honor Group 2,33 Rifle Club 13 Lens Club 23 Swing Club 43 Lagniappe 43 Purdue. Kenneth Cushman 9 "Ken," Glencoe: T.N.T. 3,43 Honor Group 13 Student Council Representative 2,3Q Building and Grounds Committee 2,33 Treas- urer 43 Chairman Financial Com- mittee 43 Track Team 2,3,43 Let- ter 2,3,43 Class Publicity Com- mittee 43 "Pirates of Penzance" 43 Co-Manager 4g Glee Club 2,33 Opera Group 43 "Mr. Scrooge" 33 Gavel Club 2,33 Treasurer 33 Dra- matic Club 3,43 Echoes Staff 3,43 News Staff 3,43 Associate Editor 43 Forensic League 33 DePauw. Thomas Grant Cutler 9 "Cut," Wilmette: Information Desk 43 Usher Corps 43 Tri-Ship Representative 1,2,33 "Trial by Jury" 13 "Chimes of Normandy" 2g Glee Club 13 Choir 1,23 "The Knave of Hearts" 13 Boys' Career Club 43 Dartmouth. Mary Ellen Daily 9 "Mel," Wilmette: Student Coun- cil Social Committee Chairman 43 Clogging 33 Numerals 33 Glee Club 3g Treble Clef Club 23 Opera Group 43 "Pirates of Penz- ance" 4g Lens Club 2,33 French Club 33 Knitting Club 43 Bad- minton Club 43 Junior Music Club 23 Rifle Club 23 Bradford. David 0. Dale 9 "Red," Kenilworth: Rifle Club 1,2,3,43 Chess Club lg German Club 33 Boys' Career Club 43 Illinois. Violet Doris Danby 9 "Vi," Glencoe: Science Club 4: Radio Club 43 National College of Education. Virginia Louise David 9 "Ginny," Winnetka: Girls' Club Social Committee 4g Girls' Club Representative 4g Scriblerus Club 43 Girls' Career Club 43 Garden City, L. I., N. Y. 13 Whitefish Bay, Wis. 2,33 Carleton. John H. Davies 9 "Jack," Wilmette: Band 2,3,43 Letter 2g Lens Club 2g Illinois. Dorothy Virginia Davis 9 "Dot," Glencoe: Student Coun- cil Interschool Relations 43 Gavel Club 33 News Staff 43 Knitting Club 43 French Club 43 Service Club 43 Travel Club 43 Broad- cast 43 Girls' Career Club 43 Mary- wood 1,23 William and Mary. John Ransford Davis 9 "Ranny," Winnetka: Radio Club 1,2,3,43 Science Club 2,3Q second prize Williams Contest 3. Beverly Jane Day 9 "Sunny," Wilmette: Girls' Club Friendly Committee 33 G.A.A. 2, 3, 43 300-point Award 23 Glee Club 33 News Ad Stafl' 3,43 Lens Club 33 Broadcasting 3,43 Verse Speaking Choir 43 North Park High 13 DePauw. Marie Antoinette deGuerre 9 "Tony," Wilmette: Honor Group 13 La Crosse 23 Girls' Career Club 4g Book Club 43 Travel Club 43 National College of Education. Prudhomme John F. Dejoie 9 "Prudy," Glencoe: U. of S. C. Annette Frances Jean Demma 9 "Dee," Winnetka: Commerce Club 1,2,3. David Randolph Denis 9 "Red," Winnetka: Honor Group 33 "Mr. Scrooge" 33 Dramatic Club 3,43 Coin Club 43 Echoes Staff 1,23 Contribution Stafi 23 Illinois College. Pearl Frances Derckum 9 Wilmette: Honor Group 1,33 Musicale 33 Girls' Career Club 43 Shorthand Club 43 Senior Girls' Office Service Staff 43 Proviso 23 Moser Business College. Phillip John Desmond 9 "Sleepy," Hubbard Woods: Usher Corps 43 Track 3,43 I.M. Sports Manager 23 Nautical Club 23 French Club 33 Denison. Robert Dewey 9 "Rod," Winnetka: Tri-Ship Representative 2g Door Guard 33 Football 1,23 Letter 23 Basketball 2,33 Letter 2,33 Baseball 1,2,3Q Letter 2,3Q Yale. Henry John Diettrich 9 "Heinie," Glencoe: Tri-Ship Representative 43 Door Guard 43 Swimming 13 Track 2,3,43 Letter 2,3,43 Captain 43 Orchestra 1,2,33 Band 1,2,3,43 Junior Music Club 23 Michigan. Patricia Marie Dillon 9 "Pat," Kenilworth: French Club 33 Marywood 13 St. Mary's of Notre Dame. William Hector Dodds 9"Hector," Wilmette: Tri-Ship Award 43 T.N.T. 3,43 President 43 Honor Group 3,43 Student Coun- cil Representative 33 President 43 Social Committee 33 Chairman of Hobby Show Committee 33 Class President 13 Social Committee 33 Dinner Committee 3g Letter 23 "Wake Up, 13 "Trelawny of the Tri-Ship Band 13 Jonathan" Wells" 43 Echoes Stall' 33 News Staff 2,33 Debate Team 33 For- ensic League 33 Lagniappe 4: Sports Club 1,2,3,43 1200-point Award: Secretary 2g Treasurer 33 Vice-President 33 Yale Club Award: 33 Washington and Jeffer- son. Patricia Ann Donahue 9 "Patty," Wilmette: G.A.A. 2,3, 43 Soccer 1,21 French Club 33 Lens Club 2g Miami University. Mary Virginia Donovan 9 "Dinky," Winnetka: Girls' Club Friendly Committee 33 G.A.A. 43 Treble Clef 2,33 Glee Club 42 Echoes Circulation Staff 43 Stone- leigh. Burling Cregg Doolittle 9 "Burlap," Winnetka: Football 2,3,43 Letter 23 Swimming 23 Baseball 1,2,43 Letter 13 Orches- tra 33 Swing Club 33 Broadcast- ing Club 23 Lagniappe 43 North- western. Clark Harold Dorman 9 "Corky," Wilmette: Door Guard 43 Glee Club 2,33 Rifle Club 43 A. and M. Polly Patricia Douglas 9 "Pat," Winnetka: Treble Clef Club 1,23 Glee Club 33 Quill Club 13 Sketch Club 23 Musicale 4: Woodbury. Barbara Duncombe 9 Winnetka: T.N.T. 43 Student Council Publications Committee 43 S.H. Supervisor 43 Girls' Club Representative 13 Financial Com- mittee 33 Class Social Committee 2,33 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Representative 43 Hockey 13 Treble Clef Club 13 "ML Scrooge" 33 French Club 3,43 Musicale 3,43 President 43 Service Club 33 Dramatic Club 3,43 Board 43 News 43 Girls' Career Club 43 Treasurer 43 Sweet Briar. Robert Hilton Dundas 9 "Capt'n," Winnetka: "Trial by Jury" 13 "Chimes of Normandy" 23 "Pinafore" 33 "Pirates of Penz- ance', 43 Glee Club 13 Choir 2,33 Octet 33 Junior Music Club 13 Senior Music Club 2.3,43 Dramatic Club 3,43 Nautical Club 1,23 Northwestern. Patricia A. Dungan 9 "Pat," Wilmette: 'iPinafore" 33 "Pirates of Penzance" 43 Treble Clef Club 13 Glee Club 23 Art League 1,2,3,43 French Club 2.33 Rifle Club 13 Broadcasting Club 43 Art Institute. Donal Dwyer 9 Wilmette: Latin Club 1,23 Sci- ence Club 33 St. John Military Academy 13 Beverly High School 2,33 U. C. L. A. Douglas Edward Easterberg 9 "Doug," Winnetka: Student Council Representative 13 Tri- Ship Representative 23 Football Team 2,43 "H.M.S. Pinafore" 33 Glee Club 1,23 Opera Group 33 Washington and Lee. Marie Elizabeth Eberhart 9 "Betty," Evanston: Spanish Club 2,33 Sullins. Dolores C. Eberle 9 Winnetka: Honor Society 43 Honor Group 1,2,43 Girls' Club Representative 23 University of Illinois. Helen Frances Edmonds 9 "Turk," Winnetka: G.A.A. 3,43 Career Club 43 Wausau, Wiscon- sin Junior High 13 University of Arizona. eniorjdcfiuified Barbara Bohlen Edwards 9 "Barbie," Winnetka: Girls' Club Friendly Committee 4g Treble Clef 13 Glee Club 23 Choir 3,43 Ensemble 43 "Pina-tforev 33 "Pirates of Penzance" 43 Junior Music 1,23 Secretary 23 Senior Music Club 3,43 Vice-President Dramatic Club 43 Northwestern. Jane Edwards 9 "Janie," Glencoe: Girls' Club Arrangements Committee 43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Hockey 1,2,3,43 Baseball 1,2,33 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Hockey Manager 33 300-point Award 13 600-point Award 43 Numerals 13 Head of Basketball 43 Freshman Play 13 Glee Club 3,43 Treble Clef 23 Rifle Club 1,23 French 3,42 Dramatic 1,2,3,43 Colorado. Glenn Frank Eggert 9 Kenilworth: Football 3. June Shirley Eisenberg 9 "Junie," Winnetka: Honor Group 1,23 Student Council Rep- resentative 13 Treble Clef 13 Glee Club 2,33 French Club3 Briar- cliff. Leonard Sterling Eisenberg 9 "Izzy," Wilmette: Honor Soci- ety 43 Honor Groups 2,3,43 Stu- dent Council Representative 23 Traflic Squad 3,43 Stage Crew 1,2,3,43 Archaeology 13 Dramatics 2,3,43 Broadcasting 43 Sullivan 13 Michigan. Sigdon A. Eliot 9 "Sig," Winnetka: Rifle Club 1,2,33 Team 33 Letter 3g Chess Club 3.43 President 43 Stamp Club 1,2 3 M.I.T. LeRoy Elkin 9 Wilmette. Eileen Elliott 9 Wilmette: Girls' Club Friendly Committee 43 Treble Clef 23 Service Club 43 G.A.A. 3,43 Book Club 3.4: Treasurer 4: Knitting 43 President 43 Travel Club 43 Sullivan High 13 Cornell College. Richard Colf Emmet 9 "Dick," 'Wilmette: Honor So- ciety 43 Honor Group 3,43 Lens Club 33 Boys' Career Club 43 Philadelphia. Pennsylvania 13 Ev- anston High 23 University of Chicago. Jack Engelhardt 9 Winnetka: Tri-Ship Represen- tative 2: Football 23 Sports Club 33 De Paul Academy 13 North- western. ,John Richard Enright 9 "Jack," Northbrook: D o o r Guard 3,4. Pearl Eleanor Erickson 9 Wilmette: Honor Group 2,3,43 Soccer 13 Numerals 13 "Knave of Hearts" 13 Dramatic Club 13 Treble Clef 1,23 Southern Cali- fornia. John Robert Eshbach 9 Kenilworth: Track 43 Radio Club 43 Elkins Park, Penn. 1,2,33 Northwestern. Jay Knight Esler 9 "Jack," Winnetka: Football 1, 2,3,43 Letter 2,43 Swimming 23 Tri-Ship Club Room Committee 43 Information Desk 43 Usher Corps 43 Boys' Career Club 43 Hamilton. Wayne Parvin Eves 9 Kenilworth: Sports Club 33 Boys, Career Club 43 Usher Corps 43 Dartmouth. Carolyn Bryson Farr 9 Glencoe: Student Council Rep- resentative 1,23 Interschool Re- lations Committee 2,43 Girls' Club Arrangements Committee 33 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 300-point Award 43 Rhythms 2,3,43 Glee Club 2,33 Treble Clef Club 13 Junior Music Club 1,23 Lens Club 33 French Club 43 Girls' Career Club 43 Junior Red Cross Life Saving Award 13 Western College. Alan Richard Feinberg 9 "Ari," Glencoe: Radio Club 43 Hyde Park High School 1,2,33 Northwestern. Bettv Lou Fellows 9 Wilmette: Girls' Club Charity Committee 13 Treble Clef Club 23 Glee Club 33 French Club 2, 3, 43 Travel Club 3,43 Musi- cale 23 Girls' Career Club 43 Northwestern. Charles Norman Fifer 9 "Bud," Wilmette: Honor Group 2,3,43 Tri-Ship Representative 13 "Wake Up, Jonathan" 13 "ML Scroogei' 23 "Trial by Jury" 13 "Chimes of Normandy" 23 Orches- tra 1,23 Junior Music Club 1,23 Secretary 23 Broadcasting Club 33 Dramatic Club 1,2,33 Actors' Guild 3,43 News Staff 43 North- western. John Lyle Fischer 9 "Jack," Glencoe: Honor Soci- ety 43 Honor Group 2,3,43 Sci- ence Club 2,3,43 Latin Club 3,43 Vice-President 43 Archaeology Club 3,43 Secretary 43 Hobby Club 43 Secretary 43 Harvard. Lawrence Wenter Fischer 9 "Larry," Wilmette: Honor Group 33 Nautical Club 43 Rensselaer Polytechnical Institute. Richard Herman Fisher 9 "Dick," Winnetka: Lewis and Armour Institute. Shirley Mae Fix 9Wilmette: G.A.A. 3,4Q Repre- sentative 43 "Mr. Scrooge" 33 Opera Group 43 Choir 43 Glee Club 2,33 "Pirates of Penzance" 43 French Club 23 Dramatic Club 1,2, 3,43 Broadcasting Club 4g North- western. James Everett Fonda 9 "J im," Winnetka. Helen Louise Foukal 9 Winnetka: Musicale 3g Com- merce Club 4. Frances Page Fox 9 "Foxy," Winnetka: Clogging 33 Archery 33 Numerals 33 Natural Science Club 1,23 Gavel Club 1,2, 33 Knitting Club 43 Duke. Nancy Lydia Fragassi 9 "Nan," Winnetka: Soccer 4. Gus Franchi 9 Glenview: Door Guard 3,43 Foot- ball 2. Ray Leonard Franke, Jr. 9 "Leno," Glencoe: Fencing Club 23 Wisconsin. Tom Magill Fread 9 "Spanky," Wilmette: Honor So- ciety 43 Honor Group 3,43 Band 4g Boys' Career Club 43 Red Bank High School, N.J. 1,23 Washington and Jefferson. Robert Reed Frei 9"Bob," Wilmette: T.N.T. 3,43 Honor Society 43 Honor Group 1, 2,3,43 Student Council Representa- tive 13 Financial Committee 43 Tri-Ship Representative 13 Inter- Scholastic Relations Committee 43 Class Social Committee 2g Usher Corps 3,43 "Knave of Hearts" 13 Track 43 Glee Club 23 Informa- tions Desk 43 Chess Club 23 Boys' Career Club 3,43 Dramatic Club 1,2,3,43 News Staff 2,3,43 Sports Editor 33 Editor-in-Chief 43 Echoes Staff 3,43 Princeton. June Ruth Frost 9 "Boots," Glenview: Commerce Club 43 Senior Girls' Oflice Service Staff 4. Marilyn Frye 9 "Maril,', Glencoe: T.N.T. 43 Honor Group 33 Secretary of Stu- dent Council 43 Girls' Club Repre- sentative 23 Class President 33 Prom Committee 33 Chairman Dance Committee 43 Glee Club 1,2,33 Treble Clef Club 13 Quill Club 1,23 Gavel Club 23 French Club 2,33 Lens Club 23 Girls' Ca- reer Club 43 "Lagniappe" 43 Briar- clifl. John Bruce Frykman 9"Johnny," Wilmette: Tri-Ship Publicity Committee 23 Nautical Club 43 Echoes Staff 43 Univer- sity of Illinois. Elliott Dudley Full 9Winnetka: Radio Club 1,2,3,43 Vice-President 33 President 43 Purdue. George W. Gaul 9 Wilmette: Glee Club 13 Nautical Club 33 Rifle Club 2,33 Fencing Club 2g Vice-President 23 Stein- metz High School 13 Northwestern. Mary Martha Gedge 9 "Marnie," Winnetka: Girls' Club Publicity Committee 23 Friendly Committee 33 Class Social Com- mittee 33 "Trial by Jury" 13 "Chimes of Normandy" 23 i'Pina- fore" 33 Orchestra 1,2,3,43 French Club 23 Northwestern. Dorothy Barbara Geier 9 '6Dot," Wilmette: Honor Group 13 Commerce Club 13 French Club 43 Girls' Career Club 43 Illinois. Moxie George 9 Wilmette: Swimming 3,43 River- side High School, Milwaukee 1,2. l34 Norma Louise Glass 9 "Norm," Glencoe: Lens Club 15 Girls' Career Club 45 Travel Club 45 Gulfpark, Miss. Beverly Maxine Glenn 9"Bev," Winnetka: T.N.T. 3,45 Honor Society 45 Honor Group 1, 2,3,45 Student Council Representa- tive 25 Charter and Contact Com- mittee 25 Girls' Club Charity Com- mittee 35 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 President 45 Numerals 15 Hockey 1,45 La- Crosse 1,2,35 Class Manager 25 Head 35 Speedball 35 Basketball 25 Rhythms 1,2,3,45 300 point award 25 600 point award 35 800 point award 45 "Dyspeptic Ogre" 15 "Royal Family" 35 "Queen of Hearts" 15 "Iarbus" 45 "Chimes of Normandy" 25 "Pirates of Penz- 45 Glee Club 2,35 Treble ance" Clef Club 15 Choir 45 Dramatic Club 1,2,3,45 Quill Club 1,25 Scrib- lerus 3,45 Vice-President 45 Senior Girls' Office Service Staff 45 Ink- Contribution Staff 1,2,3,45 lings Chicago. Harry Goldstein 9 Winnetka: Illinois. Joan Goodnow 9".I0anie," Glencoe: T.N.T. 3,45 Secretary 45 Honor Group 15 Girls' Club President 45 Social Commit- tee 35 Representative 25 Class Sec- retary 15 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Secretary 25 Soccer 1,25 LaCrosse 25 Clog- ging 35 300 point award 25 600 point award 35 800 point award 45 "Queen of Hearts" 15 "ML Scrooge" 35 "Chimes of Norman- dy" 25 Glee Club 25 Dramatic Club 1,2,3,45 Junior Music Club 15 Echoes Staff 35 Inklings Con- tribution Staff 35 Wellesley. Mary Burton Grail' 9 "Meribee," Hubbard Woods: T.N.T. 45 Honor Society 45 Honor Group 1,2,3,45 Girls' Club Repre- sentative 25 Class Social Commit- tee 35 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Hockey 1,2, 3,45 Class Manager 25 Swimming 1,2,35 Class Manager 35 Rhythms 1,2,3,4: Basketball 1,45 Numerals 15 300-point Award 25 600-point Award 35 800-point Award 35 Rep- resentative 15 Publicity Committee 45 Telegraphic Swimming Team 25 "Chimes of Normandy" 25 Gavel Club 25 Girls' Career Club 45 Knitting Club 45 Art League 45 Sketch Club 45 Journalism Club 45 News Stall 35 Miami University. Elsa Jeanne Green 9 "Greeno," Wilmette: Student Council Building and Grounds Committee 35 Social Committee 45 Assembly Committee 45 G.A.A. 2, 3,45 Tennis 45 Treble Clef Club 35 Glee Club 45 German Club 3,45 Lens Club 25 Girls' Career Club 45 Badminton Club 45 News Staff 3,45 Echoes Staff 3,45 DePauw. Howard Nathan Greenblatt 9 "Greenie," Winnetka: Tri-Ship Representative 35 Baseball 1,2,5 Basketball 1,2,35 Letter 25 Spanish Club 35 Rifle Club 45 Chess Club 45 Michigan. I35 eniolgfdcfiuifieri Harold Frederick Grenning 9 "Bud," Glenview: St. George 15 Evanston 25 Illinois. Marjorie Adeline Griffin 9 "Margie," Wilmette: Girls' Club Publicity Committee 45 French Club 3,45 Lens Club 45 Inklings Contribution Staff 45 Faulkner High 1,25 Northwestern. Ruth Anne Hackett 9 Glencoe: Lens Club 45 Knitting Club 45 St. Mary's 15 Grinnell. Alfred Carter Hadley 9"Had," Wilmette: Door Guard 3,45 Nautical Club 45 Northwest- ern. Marguerite Elizabeth Hahn 9"Midge," Wilmette: Honor Group 1,2,3,45 Student Council Representative 35 Social Commit- tee 45 Girls' Club Representative 15 Financial Committee 45 Hockey Manager 15 French Club 2,35 Broadcasting Club 3,45 Service Club 45 Dramatic Club 45 Girls' Career Club 45 "Trelawny of the Wells" 45 Verse Speaking Choir 45 Northwestern. Eugene Lorin Hall 9 "Yoyo" Wilmette: Baseball Man- ager 3,45 Sports Club 1,2,35 Ripon. Richard E. Hall 9 "Dick," Wilmette: Honor Group 35 Student Council Representative 15 Northwestern. Raymond M. Hallbauer 9 "Ray," Chicago: Band 25 Chess Club 25 Purdue. Harold A. Hallet 9 "Bud," Wilmette: Swimming 25 Band 1,2,3,45 Letter 25 Lens Club 25 Rifle Club 15 Nautical Club 25 Colorado. Ruth Jane Halley 9 "Goofy," Glencoe: Honor Society 45 Honor Group 1,3,45 Girls' Club Employment Committee 25 Pub- licity Committee 35 Class Social Committee 35 Soccer 1, Basketball 15 Speedball 3,45 Volleyball 35 G.A.A. 1,2.3,45 Social Committee 45 Numerals 15 300 point award 45 French Club 35 Service Club 45 Ohio Wesleyan. Carolyn Gehm Hallsteen 9 "Carol," Kenilworth: Honor Group 1,35 Girls' Club Social Com- mittee 45 Archery 35 Numerals 35 Senior Manager Recreational Sports 45 Musicale 2,35 Lens Club 2,35 French Club 2,35 Travel Club 45 Vice-President 45 Book Club 45 Wellesley. Helen Halperin 9 "Frenchy," Evanston: French Club 45 Lycee de Sevres, Paris l,2,35 Grinnell College Jean Sterling Hammond 9Winnetka: Girls' Club Charity Committee 35 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Head of Tennis 35 Head of Publicity Committee 45 300-point Award 45 Treble Clef 25 Glee Club 3.45 Echoes Photo Staff 45 Girls' Ca- reer Club 45 President 45 Service Club 3,45 Sarah Lawrence. Joanne Catherine Hammond 9 "Hammy," Glencoe: Hockey 1,25 Baseball 1,25 G.A.A. 1,2,35 300 point award 25 Numerals 15 Glee Club 35 Treble Clef 25 "Dyspeptic Ogre" 15 Dramatic Club 15 Lens Club 25 Travel Club 3. Shirley May Hammond 9Winnetka: French Club 2,3,45 Girls' Career Club 45 Knitting Club 45 DePauw University. William James Harbeck 9"Bill," Glenview: Honor Group 35 Door Guard 2,3,45 Choir 3,45 Opera Group 3,45 Ensemble 3,45 Glee Club 1,25 Senior Music Club 3,45 "H.M.S. Pinafore" 35 "Pirates of Penzance" 45 Illinois. Jane Anne Harmon 9 "Skip," Hubbard Woods: Honor Group 35 Girls' Club Representa- tive 25 Baseball 25 G.A.A. 2,3,45 French Club 35 Girls' Career Club 45 Libertyville Township High 15 University of Arizona. Betty Ann Hartke 9 Wilmette: Girls' Club Represen- tative 35 Broadcasting Club 3,45 Marywood 1,2. Margaret Dorothea Hartwig 9 "Wig," Wilmette: G.A.A. 2,3,45 Treble Clef 25 Glee Club 35 "Pi- rates of Penzance" 45 Choir 45 Lens Club 15 Art League 2,35 Sketch Club 2,35 Travel Club 4. David Eugene Harvey 9"Moose," Wilmette: Swimming 1,25 Football 15 Studyhall Super- visor 45 Notre Dame. Georgia Louise Haskin 9 "Geordie," Wilmette: Glee Club 35 Treble Clef 25 Commerce Club 25 Travel Club 45 Book Club 45 Career Club 45 Senior Girls' Office Service Stall 4. William Rose Hayes 9Winnetka: Band 1,2,35 Debate Team 1,2,35 Radio Club 1,2,3.45 Science Club 3,4. Henrietta Marie Hayson 9 "Hank," Wilmette: Honor So- ciety 45 Honor Group 1,2,45 Girls' Club Representative 25 G.A.A. 1,2, 3,45 300-point Award 35 La Crosse 1,25 Volleyball 2,35 Lens Club 1,25 3,45 French Club 3,45 Travel Club 35 Musicale 35 Knitting Club 45 Grinnell. Robert Joseph Heinzen 9"Bob," Wilmette: Usher Corps 45 "Wake Up Jonathan" 25 "Mr. Scrooge" 35 Broadcasting Club 3, 45 Actors' Guild 3,45 Dramatic Club 1,2,3,45 Northwestern. Charles Edwin Helm 9 "Mouse," Winnetka: Tri-Ship Representative 25 Door Guard 35 Football 2,45 Letter 2,45 Track 45 News Staff 35 Swing Club 45 Ger- man Club 45 Western Military Academy 15 U. of New Mexico. Dorothy Ann Hendrickson 9 "Henry," Kenilworth: Girls' Club Publicity Committee 25 Com- merce Club 15 Girls' Career Club 45 St. Anthony Hospital, Rockford. William Weil Henoch 9 "Bill," Chicago: Track Manager 3,45 Letter 3,45 Football 45 Archae- ology Club 15 Stage Crew 1,25 Sci- ence Club 3,45 News Staff 45 Echoes Sports Staff 45 Lawrence. Marion Ruth Hens 9 "Mike," Wilmette. Patricia Joyce Herbert 9 "Pat," Evanston: Honor Group 35 G.A.A. 3,45 Glee Club 35 "Pi- rates of Penzance" 45 Travel Club 45 Archaeology Club 35 Knitting Club 45 Girls' Career Club 45 Shortridge, Indianapolis 1, 25 Mon- ticello. Evelyn Herbon 9 "Herbie," Wilmette: G.A.A. 1,2, 3,45 Representative 45 Soccer 15 Commerce Club 4. Helen Sylvia Herzig 9 "Peanuts," Glencoe: Honor Group 4. William Donavon Hicks 9 "Bill," Glencoe: Rutgers. Carol Irene Hill 9 "Hilly," Winnetka: T.N.T. 3,45 Honor Society 45 Honor Group 1, 2,3,45 Student Council Publications Committee 45 Girls' Club Friendly Committee 15 Class Social Com- mittee 35 G.A.A. Member 1,2,3,45 Treasurer 35 Hockey Team 2,35 Basketball 25 Sports Administra- tion Committee 25 300 point award 2: Numerals 25 Choir 35 "Chimes of Normandy" 25 "H.M.S. Pina- fore" 3: "Pirates of Penzance" 45 Props Crew 3,45 Quill Club 1.25 Lens Club 25 News Staff 45 Ink- li1pg's Contributor 45 Mount Holy- o e. Janet Cowan Hill 9".Ian," Wilmette: Honor Group 2,35 Student Council Representa- tive 25 Girls' Club Financial Com- mittee 45 G.A.A. 45 Representative 35 Numerals 15 Glee Club 3.45 Rifle Club 1,25 Lens Club 15 Driv- ers' Club 25 Service Club 35 Vice- President 35 President 45 Girls' Career Club 4: Inklings Contribu- tor 3,45 News Staff 45 Colorado. Malcolm Ward Hill 9 "Mac," Wilmette: Honor Group 2.45 Tri-Ship Representative 1,25 Sports Club 2,3,45 President 45 600 points5 Nautical Club 1, 25 University of Texas. Walter James Hirsch 9 "Hershey." Winnetka: "Wake Up Jonathan" 15 Stamp Club 15 Dra- matic Club 1,2,3,4: German Club 2.3.45 Science Club 45 North- western. Helen Lorraine Hobbs 9 Winnetka: Treble Clef 25 Glee Club 3,45 French Club 3,45 Girls' Career Club 45 Knitting Club 45 Irving High 15 Illinois. Merrill Clayton Hoefer 9 "Haef," Wilmette: Information Desk 45 Student Council Study Hall Supervisor 3,45 Trallic Squad 35 Basketball 2,3,45 Letter 25 Sports Club 1,2,35 Stamp Club 1,25 Echoes Staff 35 Business Manager 4. Eleanor Parkhurst Hoesli 9"Ellie," Winnetka: Honor So- ciety 45 Honor Group 1,2,35 Girls' Club Charity Committee 25 Social Committee 35 Arrangements Chair- man 45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Fistball 15 Speedball 35 300-point Award 45 Glee Club 2,3,45 Lens Club 25 Musicale 35 Service Club 354. Donald C. Hoffman 9"Don," Wilmette: Door Guard 2,3,45 Commerce Club 2,3,4. Howard Hoffman 9 Wilmette. Phyllis Hoffman 9 "Phil," Wilmette: Student Coun- cil Assembly Committee 35 Finan- cial Committee 25 Representative 2,35 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Hockey 1,25 Lacrosse 25 Representative 15 G.A.A. Publicity Committee 45 Numerals 15 300 point Award 45 Jr. Music Club 2,35 Whitworth College. Sylvia Hoffman 9 McAllen High School 1,2,3. Robert Hoffmeyer 9"Bob," Wilmette: Rifle Club 1, 25 Commerce Club 25 Radio Club 4. illiam Frederick Hohlfelder "Bud," Glencoe: Colorado U.S. C.C.A. W 0 Mardean Hole 9 "Mud," Winnetka: Honor Group 2,35 Girls' Club Financial Com- mittee 25 Friendly Committee 25 Representative 35 Glee Club 2,35 "Pirates of Penzance" 45 "Tre- lawny of the Wells" 45 Dramatic Club 45 News Staff 45 Senior Girls' Office Service Staff 45 National Park Junior College. Eugene Holland 9 "Euie," Glencoe: T.N.T. 45 Honor Society 45 Honor Group 1, 2,3,45 Student Council Representa- tive 1,25 Financial Committee 25 Chairman Tri-Ship Dinner Com- mittee 35 Usher Corps 3,45 Head Usher 45 Football 1,2,3,45 Letter 2,45 Boys' Career Club 3,45 Echoes Staff 2,45 News Staff 25 Princeton. Jane Holmes 9"Brandy," Wilmette: G.A.A. 2, 3,45 Sketch Club 3,45 Art League 45 Debate 25 Illinois. William P. Holst 9"Bill," Glencoe: Honor Group 3,45 Usher Corps 45 Football 25 Track 25 Baseball Manager 2,35 Rifle Club 1,25 Dramatic Club 1, 2,35 Freshmen Play5 Northwestern. Elizabeth Annette Homan 9 "Slim," Glenview. John Frederick Hopp 9Wilmette: Honor Society 45 Honor Group 1,2 3,45 Northwest- em. Alice Mary Horitz 9 "Allie," Glenview: Moser. Charlotte Stephena Huck 9"Chippy," Palatine: Honor So- ciety 45 Honor Group 1,2,3,45 Girls' Club Friendly Committee 15 Publicity Committee 35 Represen- eniorjgcfiuified tative 15 Class Social Committee 25 Soccer 1,25 Speedball 3,45 La- Crosse l5 Basketball 1,2.3,45 North- western Speedball 35 Fistball 25 Volleyball 35 Archery 35 Head 35 Clogging 35 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Head of Arrangements Committee 45 300-point Award 25 600-point Award 35 800-point Award 45 Rifle Club 1,25 Spanish Club 35 Echoes Photography Staff 45 Wellesley. Virginia Adelaide Huck 9 "Ginny," Palatine: Honor Group 2,35 Girls' Club Arrangements 15 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Vice-President 45 Soccer 1,25 Speedball 3,45 Swim- ming 1,2,35 Basketball 1,2,3,45 La- Crosse 1,25 Fistball 1,2,35 lntra- mural Sports Committee 25 Social Committee 35 300-point Award 15 600-point Award 25 800-point Award 35 Numerals 15 Glee Club 2,3,45 Treble Clef Club 15 Rifle Club 1,25 Dramatic Club 3,45 Props Crew 2,35 lnklings Contribu- tor 45 Wellesley. Frank Carleton Huffman 9 "Hufiie," Wilmette: Glee Club 2,35 Junior Music Club 1,25 Treas- urer 25 French Club 3,45 'fPirates of Penzance" 45 Boys' Career Club 4. Marjorie Alice I-Iultgren 9"Marge," Wilmette: Honor Group 15 Student Council Repre- sentative 25 Glee Club 25 Musicale 2,3,45 Craft Guild 3,45 Latin Club 3,45 Service Club 3,45 Inklings Contributor 45 University of Chi- cago. Edward Hurst 9 "Eddie," Glencoe. Alice Jane Husak 9 "Al," Wilmette: Girls' Club Rep- resentative 45 Broadcasting Club 25 Spanish Club 25 Musicale 35 Badminton Club 45 News Staff 45 Echoes Staff 45 Sullivan 15 Cor- nell. Sally Hyde 9"Pepper Britches," Winnetka: Girls' Club Publicity Committee 45 Glee Club 35 Choir 45 "Pirates of Penzance" 45 Francis Parker School 1,2. Muriel Jacobi 9 "Mur," Wilmette: Lens Club 3,45 Marywood 15 Stephens. Joseph Nels Jacobsen 9 "Jake," Wilmette. Donald B. James 9 "Don," Wilmette: Football 45 Letter 45 East High, Denver 1,2,3. James M. Jamieson 9 "Jamie," Wilmette: Door Guard 2,3,45 Football 3,45 Letter 45 Radio Club 1,25 Lens Club 35 Purdue. Stella Skiff Jannotta 9 "Skill," Kenilworth: Class Vice- President 15 Social Committee 15 Study Hall Supervisor 35 Girls' Club Employment Committee 25 French Club 1,25 Lens Club 25 Travel Club 35 Knitting Club 45 Pine Manor. Willard Runyon Jarchow 9Wilmette: Honor Society 45 Honor Group 3,45 Swimming 35 "1arbas," 35 "Chimes of Norman- dy" 25 Orchestra 2,3,45 Senior Mu- sic Club 2,3,45 "Pirates of Penz- ance" 45 Swarthmore. Lyman Wood Jeffreys 9 Glencoe: Science Club 35 Arche- ology Club 45 Purdue. Margaret Ruth Jenness 9 "Peggy" Wilmette: French Club 3,45 Service Club 45 lowa Wes- leyan. Betty Clarice Jensen 9 "California," Wilmette: Chaffey Union High School 1,2,35 Univer- sity of Minnesota. Virginia Jensen 9"Jinnie," Glencoe: Girls' Club Arrangement Committee 45 Glee Club 2,35 Lens Club 15 Quill Club 1,25 Spanish Club 25 Gavel Club 35 Travel Club 35 "Pirates of Penzance" 45 News Stall 45 Serv- ice Club 45 Dramatic Club 45 Freshman Play 15 Lawrence. Eileen Bernice Johannson 9 "Jo" Wilmette: G.A.A. 3,45 Travel Club 3,45 Book Club 3, 45 French Club 45 Knitting Club 45 Vice-President 45 Girls' Career Club 45 Musicale 45 Senior Girls' Oiiice Staff 4. William Vernon Johnson 9 "Bill," Winnetka: Glee Club 35 Chess Club 35 Broadcasting Club 45 "Pirates of Penzance" 45 Al- bany Academy 1,25 Union. Clifford Johnson 9 "Cliff," Wilmette: Honor Group 1,2,3,45 Spanish Club 35 Door Guard 45 Northwestern. Kirgis Johnson 9 "Dogger," Wilmette: Nautical Club 2,3,45 Rifle Club 15 Miami. Lois Johnson 9 "Loie," Winnetka: Honor Group 45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Representative 35 LaCrosse 15 Numerals 15 "Chimes of Normandy" 25 Treble Clef 15 Choir 35 Girls' Ensemble 35 Girls' Club Publicity Committee 45 Art League 45 Sketch Club 45 American Academy of Art. Patricia Gertrude Johnson 9 "Trebe," Glecnoe: Knitting Club 45 Stephens. William Sage Johnston 9 "Bill," Wilmette: Football 1,2,3, 45 Minor Letter 45 Door Guard 45 Michigan University. Harriette Jones 9"Hattie," Wilmette: Honor So- ciety 45 Honor Group 2,3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Girls' Club Representative 35 Fistball 15 Glee Club 2,35 French Club 2,35 Quill Club 15 Lens Club 25 Rifle Club 15 Swing Club 45 Girls' Career Club 4. Lillian Azelle Jones 9"Gabby," Wilmette: Honor Group 1,2,45 Speedball 25 La- Crosse 25 G.A.A. 45 "Mr. Scrooge" 35 Treble Clef 25 Glee Club 35 Art League 1,2,35 Sketch Club 2,35 Broadcasting Club 15 Travel Club 3,45 Service Club 45 Book Club 45 Knitting Club 45 Musicale 45 Girls' Career Club 45 Park. Marion Roberta Jones 9"Betsy," Wilmette: Honor So- ciety 45 Honor Group 2,3,45 Girls' Club Representative 45 Charity Committee 45 German Club 25 American Academy of Fine Arts. Ralph Kenneth Jones 9 "Carp," Winnetka: Honor Group 1,25 Tri-Ship Representative 1,35 Dinner Committee 45 Usher Corps 45 Student Council Social Commit- tee 45 lnformation Desk 45 Swim- ming 1,2,3,45 Letter 2,3,45 Track 2,35 Letter 25 "Trelawny of the Wells" 45 Boys' Career Club 45 Swing Club 45 Dramatic Club 45 Northwestern. Rosemary Pallette Jones 9 "Rosie," Wilmette: G.A.A. 1,2,3, 45 Girls' Club Representative 4-5 Rifle Club 25 French Club 35 Ink- lings Contributor 35 Dennison. Raymond James Jost 9 "Ray," Glencoe. Helen Agnes Kaempfer 9Winnetka: Honor Society 4-5 Honor Group 1,2,45 Girls' Club Charity Committee 35 G.A.A. 1,2., 3,45 Hockey 1,25 Swimming 2,35 Head 35 Numerals 15 300-point Award 25 600-point Award 35 Officials' Head 45 French Club 45 Musicale 45 Senior Girls' Office Service Staff 45 News Staff 45 Lawrence. Richard Louis Kahn 9 "Dick," Glencoe: Student Coun- cil Representative 35 Football 1,2, 45 Letter 45 "Knave of Hearts "15 "Wappin Wharf" 25 Dramatic Club 1,2,3,45 Boys' Career Club 45 Pennsylvania. George Kaspar- 9 Wilmette. Mabel Marie Keefe 9"Sue," Glencoe: Honor Society 45 Honor Group 1,2,3,45 Girls' Club Representative 1.45 Hockey 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,3,45 LaCrosse 15 Baseball 3,45 Manager 45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Awards Committee 35 300-point Award 25 French Club 2,3,45 Lens Club 25 Rifie 1,25 Wells. Dorothy Mary Keil 9 "Dot," Winnetka: Honor Group 25 Commerce Club 4. Carolyn Bowen Keller 9 Glencoe: Honor Group 25 Stu- dent Council Publicity Committee 45 Lens Club 45 American Acad- emy of Fine Arts. Ernest A. Keller 9"Hip," Glencoe: Honor Group 35 Student Council Representative 25 Tri-Ship Representative 25 Sen- ior Track Manager 45 Club Room 45 Usher Corps 45 Information Desk 45 "Wappin' Wharf" 25 "Royal Family" 35 "Mr. Scrooge" 35 Lens Club 2,35 Sports Club 35 Dramatic Club 2,3,45 Broadcasting Club 45 News Staff 45 Chicago. I36 Paul B. Kelly, Jr. 0 "2 Beer," Kenilworth: Honor So- ciety 43 Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Tri- Ship Representative 1,43 Inter- School Relations Committee 43 Usher Corps 43 Information Desk 43 Door Guard 43 Swimming Man- ager 3,43 Baseball 2,33 Letter 33 Manager Corps 43 Nautical Club 1,2,3,43 Vice President 43 Sports Club 2,33 Secretary 33 600- point Award 33 German Club 43 Boys' Career Club 43 Echoes 43 Cornell. Marv LeMoyne Kendrick 0 Winnetka: Honor Group 43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Volley Ball 3g Sen- ior Manager of Basketball 43 French Club 2,33 Rifle Club 1. Tom Kent 'Wilmette: Swimming 13 Sports Club 13 Sullivan High School 33 Purdue. Harlan Ayres Kidd 0 Glenview: Honor Group lg Foot- ball 43 Freshman Plays 13 "Pina- fore" 33 Choir 33 Band 33 Letter 33 Ensemble 33 Glee Club 1,2,33 Stamp Club 13 Drivers' Club 13 News Staff 33 Michigan. Joan Louise Kilner 0 "Jo," Kenilworth: Honor Society 4g Honor Group 1,2,3,43 G.A.A. 1, 2,3,43 Soccer 1,23 Speedball 3,43 Basketball 1,21 Baseball 1,23 Vol- leyball 1,23 Fistball 1,2,33 Basket- ball Manager 33 Numerals 13 300- point Award 23 "Trial by Jury" 13 "Chimes of Normandy" 23 "Pina- fore" 33 Orchestra 1,2,33 Glee Club 23 Choir 3, 43 Ensemble 3.43 Junior Music Club 13 Senior Mu- sic Club 2,3,43 Wellesley. John Coleman Kirby 0 "Jack," Wilmette: A m u n d s e n High School 1. Jack Kirschbraun 0 "Little Jack," Glencoe: Honor Group 1,23 Michigan. Grace Gertrude Kirscht 'Wilmette: Honor Society 43 Honor Group 1,43 Baseball 1,2Q Archery 3g Volleyball 43 Art League 13 Commerce Club 33 Girls' Career Club 4. Harold Leonard Klagstad 0"Klag," Winnetka: Honor So- ciety 33 Honor Group 1,2,43 Stu- dent Council Representative 13 Archeaology Club 13 Fencing Club 33 Harvard. Peter W. Klaner 0 "Pete," Glencoe: Student Coun- cil Representative 2g Tri-Ship Rep- resentative 13 Football 1,23 Door Guard 4. Betty Jane Knight 9"B. .I.," Evanston: Girls' Club Publicity Committee 43 G.A.A. 2, 3, 43 Representative 43 Art League 1,3,43 Science Club 2,3,43 Lens Club 23 Sketch Club 3,43 French Club 43 Girls' Career Club 43 Journalism Club 43 News Staff 4g "Le Flambeau" 43 Stephens. l37 eniolgfgcfiuified George Henry Koerber 0 "Shotsie," Wilmette: Sports Club 1,23 Boys Career Club 4. john Komen 'Winnetka: Baseball 1,23 Nauti- cal Club 1,23 Commerce Louise Kotee ' "Lou," Glencoe: Commerce Club 33 South Haven, Mich. 1,23 Mosei. Dorothy Lorraine Kraft 0 "Krafty," Wilmette: Treble Clcf Club 13 Commerce 13 Musicale 23 Service Club 43 Sherman Hospital. Mary Ellen Kraft 0"Cheese," Wilmette: Honor Group 2,43 Student Council Social Committee 43 Girls' Club Repre- sentative 13 Financial Committee 23 Friendly Committee 33 Class Social Committee 2g G.A.A. 1,2, 3,43 LaCrosse 1g Soccer 23 300- point Award 33 "Wake Up, Jona- than" 13 Rifle Club 13 Lens Club 23' Dramatics Club 1,2,3,43 Props Crew 1,2,3: News Staff 33 Contrib- utor to Inklings 3g Colorado Col- lege. Donald S. Kraus 0 "Lard," Glencoe: Football 1,2, 3,43 Letter 23 Swimming 2,32 "Queen of Hearts" 13 Boys' Career Club 43 Swing Club 4g News Staff 43 Alabama. Charles Richard Kriebel 0"Dick," Wilmette: T.N.T. 43 Honor Society 43 Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Student Council Represen- tative 3,43 Study Hall Committee 33 Tri-Ship Representative 23 Usher Corps 43 Publicity Class Committee 43 Freshman Play 13 Glee Club 2,33 "Pirates of Penz- ance" 43 German Club 2,3,43 Treasurer 33 President 43 Boys' Career Club 3, 4: Vice-President 43 News Staff 33 Sports Editor 43 Echoes Staff 4. Beatrice Elizabeth Kristof 0"Bea," Winnetka: Musicale 3g Mallinckrodt 1. Kenneth Erwest Krueger 0 Bud," Glenview: Baseball 23 Door Guard 43 Michigan. Keehn Landis 0"Bud," Glencoe: Honor Society 43 Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Tri-Ship Representative 23 Student Council Assembly 43 Usher Corps 3,43 As- sistant Head Usher 43 Class Social Committee 33 Stage Crew 23 Avia- tion Club 23 Rifle Club 23 Nauti- cal Club 33 Traffic Squad 33 Dra- matic Club 2,3,43 "Trelawny of the Wells" 43 Actor's Guild 43 Princeton. William Lane 0"Bill," Wilmette: Honor Group 2,43 Football 23 Swimming 2,3,43 Purdue. James Alan Lang 0 "Jim," Winnetka: Honor Society 43 Honor Group 2,3,43 Student Council Representative 23 Finance Committee 23 Chairman Building Sz Grounds Committee 33 Tri-Ship Dance Committee Chairman 4: Usher Corps 3,43 Track 2,33 Foot- ball 2,3,43 Letter 23 Minor 43 Dartmouth. Marjorie Larsen 9 "Midge," Wilmette: Girls' Club Charity Committee 23 Soccer 13 Baseball 2: G.A.A. 1,233.43 Treble Clef Club 23 Lens Club 13 Knox. Barbara Ann Larson 9 "Bobbie," Wilmette: Honor Su- ciety 43 Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Girls' Club Finance Committee 43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Speedball 2,3,43 Manager Z3 Head 33 Basketball 2,3,43 Volleyball 2,3,43 Head 4: Baseball 132,33 Numerals 23 300- point Award 23 600-point Award 33 800-point Award 33 Treble Clef Club 23 Glee Club 2,33 Service Club 3,43 Spanish Club 33 Career Club 4g University of Rochester. Eileen F. Larweth 0 "Ikie," Glenview: C o m me r c e Club 43 Girls' Career Club 43 Sen- ior Girls' Office Service Staff 43 South Bend, Indiana 1,2,33 Moser Business. Theodore John Laser 0"Ted," Northfield: Door Guard 3,43 Purdue. Katherine Margaret Lau 9"Katie," Wilmette: Girls' Club Employment Committee 33 Ger- man Club 2,3,4. Norbert William Laubach 9 "Norm," Wilmette: Student Council Representative 2,33 Build- ing 81 Grounds Committee 2,3Q Tri- Ship Representative 33 Track 2,33 Letter 2,33 Football 23 Information Desk 43 Rifile Club 23 Commerce Club 23 Quigley Preparatory Sem- inary 1. Gordon Laughead 0 Glencoe: T.N.T. 3,43 Honor Group 13 Student Council Vice- President 33 Representative 2g In- ner Council 33 Assembly Commit- tee 23 Chairman Study Hall Com- mittee 3,43 Class President 43 Football 1,2,3,43 Letter 1,2,3,43 Track 1,23 "Witching Hour" 33 Broadcasting Club 1,23 President 2g Boys' Career Club 43 Director of Lagniappe 43 Usher Corps 4. Ruth Lee 0"Ruthie," Hubbard Woods: Honor Society 43 Honor Group 1,2, 3,43 Speedball 3,43 Basketball 33 Awards Committee 1,43 G.A.A. 3, 43 Glee Club 1,23 Choir 3,43 En- semble 3,43 'Chimes of Normandy" 23 Inklings Staff 43 Girls' Career Club 43 Senior Music Club 43 Radcliffe. Margaret Barbara Lehmann 9"Marge," Glenview: Woodstock Community High 1,23 Commerce Club 4. Vera Ruth Lenney 0 Chicago: Honor Society 43 Honor Group 1,2,43 Student Coun- cil Representative 2g Finance Com- mittee 23 Girls' Club Arrangement Committee 33 "Wappin Warf" 23 "Royal Family" 3g "Enchanted April" 43 French Club 2,3,43 Mu- sicale 33 Broadcasting Club 33 Dramatics 2,3,43 Player 43 Ink- lings Contributor 43 Girls' Career Club 43 Knitting Club 43 Senior Girls' Ofhce Service Staff 43 North- western. Frederic Dewhurst Lewis 0 "Fred," Winnetka: Tri-Ship Rep- resentative 23 Swimming Manager 2g Managefs Letter 23 Lens Club 13 Driver's Club 1. Mary Katherine Lidecker 0"Mar," Kenilworth: Student Council Representative 33 Finance Committee 33 Student Supervisor 3,43 G.A.A. 3,43 Treble Clef Club 23 Spanish Club 33 Treasurer 33 Service 3,43 Knitting Club 43 Girls' Club Employment Commit- tee Chairman 43 Dennison. Virginia Audrey Liess 0 "Ginnie," Wilmette: Student Council Representative 2,33 French Club 2,33 Service Club 43 Senior Girls' Office Service Staff 43 North- western. Robert Lindberg 0"Lindy," Winnetka: Honor So- ciety 4g Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Stu- dent Council Representative 13 Baseball 1,2,3,43 Captain 43 Letter 2,3,43 Basketball 43 Letter 43 "Pinafore" 33 "Pirates of Penz- ance" 43 Glee Club 23 Northwest- ern. Katherine ,lane Lindeman 0 "Kay," Winnetka: German Club 2,3,43 Service Club 43 Musicale 43 Knitting Club 43 Girls' Career Club 43 Schreiberei Staff 43 Ran- dolph-Macon. Richard D. Link 0 "Robbi," Winnetka: Cornell. Donald Lippincott 0 "Lipp," Wilmette: Honor Group 43 Swimming 2,3,43 Letter 2,3,43 Tri-Ship Room Committee 33 Nau- tical Club 23 Taber Academy, Mass. 13 University of Illinois. Joan Littlefield 0 Winnetka: Girls' Club Represen- tative 23 Class Social Committee 33 Ferry Hall 1,2. Russell F. Locke, Jr. "'Rusty," Winnetka: Honor So- ciety 43 Honor Group 2,3,43 Tri- Ship Representative 13 Usher Corps 3,43 "Pinafore" 3g "Pirates of Penzance" 43 Glee Club 23 Choir 3,43 Ensemble 43 "En- chanted April" 43 .lunior Music Club 13 Senior Music Club 2,3,43 Gavel Club 43 Secretary 43 Dra- matic Club 43 Lagniappe 4. Elizabeth A. Lonergan 0Lonnie," Wilmette: Drivers' Club 1,23 Lens Club 2,33 Book Club 2,3,43 Vice-President 43 Travel Club 3,43 Spanish Club 3g Girls' Career Club 43 Knitting Club 43 Treasurer 43 St. Maiy's of Notre Dame. Albert Stoneman Long 9 "Al," Winnetka: Honor Group 1,23 Traffic Squad 3,43 Football 2,33 Door Guard 2,3,43 "larbas" 43 Study Hall Supervisor 43 Bowdoin. John Reed Long 0 Golf: Honor Group 1,2,4Q Usher Corps 43 Lens Club 2,3,43 German Club 33 Boys' Career Club 43 Northwestern. James Edward Lovett 0"Stinko," Winnetka: Honor Group 1,2Q News Staff 43 Lagni- appe 43 Union. Mary Antoinette Ludwig 0"Mar," Hubbard Woods: Com- merce Club 3,43 Library Assistant 1,2,3,43 Moser. William Arthur Luedeka 0 "Bill" Winnetka: Track 3,43 Let- ter 43 Football 2,3,43 Letter 41 Boys' Career Club 43 Virginia Mil- itary Institute. Barbara Irene Lukens 0"Lukey," Winnetka: Honor So- ciety 4g Honor Group 1,2,3,43 SIU' dent Council Representative 33 Building and Grounds Committee 33 Girls' Club Publicity Commit- tee 23 Charity Committee 33 G.A.- A. 1,2,3,43 LaCrosse 1? Rifle 1,23 G.A.A. Representative 23 Nu- merals 13 300-point Award 33 Tre- ble Clef 23 Rifle Club 1,23 Secre- tary 23 French Club 2,43 Dramatic Club 2,3,43 Players 3,42 Knitting Club 43 Travel Club 43 Service Club 3,43 Props Crew 1,2,3.43 Co- Manager 43 University of Illinois. Barbara Jayne Lyding 0 "Bobby," Winnetka: Hyde- Park High 1. Margaret Linda MacGregor l 0 "Scotty," Winnetka: Swimming 13 Moser Business College. Don Neil Macllraith 0 "Mac," Wilmette: Honor Group 1,43 Student Council Financial Committee 2g Tri-Ship Represen- tative 1,33 Cornell University. Fred James MacKenzie, Jr. 0 "Mac," Wilmette: T.N.T. 43 Honor Group 1,33 Tri-Ship Repre- sentative 13 Junior Music Club 13 Dramatic Club 1,2,3,43 Light Crew 1,2,3,43 Chief Electrician 2,3,43 Broadcasting Club 43 Science Club 43 Visual Education Staff 1,2,3,43 Chief Operator 2,3,43 California Institute of Technology. Mary Jayne Maddock 0 "Jaynie," Winnetka: Girls' Club Charity Committee 43 Girls' Club Representative 43 G.A.A. 23 Rep- resentative 23 Junior Music Club 13 Senior Music Club 2,3,43 Girls' Career Club 43 University of Miami, Florida. Donald Franklin Maguire 0 "Mac," Winnetka: Honor Group 23 Track 3,43 Letter 3,43 Football 43 Letter 43 University of Illinois. James P. Mahle 0 "James que," Wilmette: T.N.T. 43 Student Council Representative enior 1,23 Assembly Committee 1,23 Tri- Ship Dance 3,43 Student Aid 43 Class Social Committee 33 Senior Class Treasurer 43 Swimming 2,3, 4g Letter 2,3,43 Guard 3,43 "Mr. Scrooge" 33 Rifle Club 1,23 Dra- matic Club 3,43 Beloit. Robert Gordon Mann 0 "Bob" Wilmette: "Chimes of Normandy" 23 "Pinafore" 33 "Pi- rates of Penzance" 43 Senior Or- chestra 1,2,3,4. A Rigo Marchini 0 "Peancho," Northfield: Honor Group 2,43 Football 1,2,3,43 Let- ter 1,2,33 Baseball 1,2,33 Letter 1,22 Basketball 1,2,33 Letter 1,2,33 Golf lg lllinois Wesleyan. James Samuel Marcum 0"Jimmy," Glenview: Commerce Club 3,4. Margaret Jean Marsh 0 "Peggy," Kenilworth: Honor Group 2,3,43 Girls' Club Friendly Committee 43 G.A.A. 2,3,43 Arch- ery 33 Fistball 23 Service Club 3,43 Spanish Club 33 Girls' Career Club 4g Knitting Club 43 North- western. Catherine Barclay Marx 0 6'Katie," Kenilworth: Honor So- ciety 43 Honor Group 2,43 Girls' Club Representative 23 Social Committee 43 Arrangements Com- mittee 43 Class Publicity Commit- tee 43 G.A.A. 2,3,43 300-point Award 33 Hockey 1,2,3,43 Volley- ball 43 Treble Clef Club 13 Serv- ice Club 43 Secretary 43 Knitting Club 43 Rifle Club 13 News Staff 4g Study Hall Supervisor 43 Wel- lesley. Isabel Mathieson 0 "Izzie," Kenilworth: Girls' Club Charity Committee 43 Junior Music Club 1,23 French Club 3,43 Rosary College. Alan Herbert Matthews 0Glencoe: Honor Group 3,43 Council Assembly Committee 43 Study Hall Supervisor 43 Usher Corps 43 Information Desk 43 Glee Club 23 "Pinafore" 33 Opera Group 3,43 "Mr, Scrooge" 33 Lagniappe 43 News Staff 3,42 Inklings Contributor 33 Gavel Club 2g Lens Club 3,43 Treasurer 43 Broadcasting Club 3,43 Dra- matic Club 3,43 Boys' Career Club 43 Secretary 43 Lawrence. Jeanne Helen Matthews 9 "Jeanie," Wilmette: Girls' Club Representative 33 Treble Clef Club 13 German Club 2,3,43 Na- tural Science Club 33 Purdue. Annamarie Mattoon 'Wilmette: Honor Society 43 Honor Group 2,3,43 G.A.A. 43 Lens Club 2,33 French Club 33 Junior Music Club 33 Service Club 43 Girls' Career Club 4g Knitting Club 43 Von Steuben 13 Illinois. Donald Senseney Maxwell 0 "Don," Wilmette: Honor Society 43 Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Tri-Ship Student Aid 43 Usher Corps 43 t o at o C ll!! left Information Desk 43 Orchestra lg .lunior Music Club 13 Boys' Career Club 43 Antioch. E. Maurine May 0 :'Tiny," Wilmette: Commerce Club 3. Ronald May 0"Ronnie," Football 1,2,3,43 Let- ter 2,43 Co-Captain 43 Track 1,23 Glee Club 13 Swing Club 43 Boys' Career Club 43 Lagmkzppe 43 U. of S. C. Arthur James Mayland 0 "Jim," Wilmette. Peter Mazzetta 0 Glencoe: Golf 2,3,43 Captain 43 Letter 2,3,43 Basketball 2g Let- ter 23 Northwestern. Holden Swift McAllister "'Hodie," Glencoe: Class Social Committee 33 Glee Club 2,33 "Pirates of Penzance" 43 Lens Club 1,43 Boys' Career Club 43 Stage Crew 13 Duke. Charles S. McCandlish 0 'fMac," Wilmette: Honor So- ciety 43 Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Student Council Representative lg Tri-Ship Representative lg Ger- man Club 2,3,43 Chess Club 1,23 Boys' Career Club 43 Sports Club 2,3,43 Stage Crew 1,23 North- western. Charles Shrader McCoy, Jr. 0 "Chuck," Winnetka: Honor So- ciety 43 Honor Group 1,2,3,43 ln- formation Desk 43 Usher Corps 43 "Mr, Scrooge" 33 Band 13 Dra- matic Club 33 Lens Club 1,2,3,43 Broadcasting Club 3,43 Stage Crew 2,33 News Staff 3,43 Echoes Staff 43 Lagniappe 43 Cornell. Thomas Northrop McCracken 0"Cracker," Glencoe: Tri-Ship Representative 1,23 Baseball 23 Letter 23 Football 43 Band 1,2, 3,45 Dartmouth. Mary Jane McCue 0"Mac," Glenview: Honor Soci- ety 43 Honor Group 1,2,3,43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Numerals 23 Baseball 23 Riding 1,2,3,43 Swimming 23 Archaeology Club 1,2,3,43 Vice- President 33 Musicale 2,3,43 Treasurer 2,33 Science Club 1,2,33 Lens Club 1,23 Art League 1,2,3: Scriblerus 43 News Staff 33 Chicago. Willard E. McDermott 0 "Mac," Wilmette: Commerce Club 33 Rifle Club 33 Illinois. Ronald Whyte McGraw 0 "Ronny," Glencoe: Tri-Ship Representative 43 Door Guard 43 Track 2,3,43 Rifle Club 13 Radio Club 13 Chicago Tech. Marshall McGuiness 0 Wilmette. Robert C. McKahan 0 "Mac," Wilmette: Traffic Squad 43 Notre Dame. William Henry McKee 0 "Bill," Glencoe: Door Guard 43 Football 23 Rifle Club 1,2,3,43 Chess Club 3,43 Purdue. Don West McLain 0 "Mac," Wilmette: Honor Group 1,2,43 Tri-Ship Representative 13 Social Committee 33 Varsity Base- ball Manager 23 Rilie Club 13 Northwestern. Robert Richardson McNitt "'Mac," Winnetka: T.N.T. 43 Student Council Representative 3,43 Vice-President 43 Chairman of Assembly Committee 43 Inter- school Relations Committee 3.43 Usher Corps 3,43 Track 1,2,3,43 Letter 1,2,3,43 Football 2,3,43 Let- ter 2,43 Junior Orchestra 13 Boys' Career Club 33 Cornell. Mary McPhelim 0 Wilmette: Spanish Club 33 Lens Club 3g St. Mary's of Notre Dame. Margaret Elizabeth Mehlhope "'Maggie," Wilmette: Honor Group 13 Girls' Club Employment Committee 43 Class Social Com- mittee 33 G.A.A. 1,2,33 Soccer 1,21 Basketball 23 Baseball 1,23 Speedball 3,43 Clogging 33 300- point Award 33 Rhythms 43 600- point Award 43 Service Club 3,43 Rifle Club 1,2,3,43 Secretary 33 President 43 French Club 3,43 Lens Club 23 Musicale 33 Echoes Staff 43 Pembroke. John Earl Melia "'Shopie," Wilmette: Tri-Ship Representative 43 Columbia High School, New Jersey 1,23 North Carolina. Margielou Arline Meinig "'Maggie," Glencoe: G.A.A. 132, 3,43 Soccer 1,23 Speedball 33 Numerals 13 Lens Club 23 French Club 2,43 Bradford. John Roy Menary ' "Jack," Evanston: Usher Corps 4g Information Desk 43 Swimming 1,2,3,43 Co-Captain 43 Numerals 13 Letter 2,3,43 Guard 1,2,3,43 Swing Club 43 Echoes Staff 33 Study Hall Supervisor 43 Notre Dame. Thomas Hughes Meredith 0 6'Tom," Kenilworth: Door Guard 43 Science Club 3,43 Boys' Career Club 4g Kenyon. William Henry Merkle 'Wilmette: Football 2,43 Letter 2,43 Basketball 23 Track 3,42 Glee Club lg Band 2,3,43 German Club 33 Gavel Club lg Carleton. Apoline Regina Meronek 0 "Polly," Kenilworth: St. Joseph's Academy 1,23 P. J. Jacobs High School, Stevens Point, Wis. 33 Wisconsin State Teachers College. Sarah Elizabeth Merrill 0 "Hairless Jo," Winnetka: Hon- or Group 2,3,43 Girls' Club Repre- sentative 33 Publicity Committee 43 G.A.A. 2,3,43 G.A.A. Represen- tative 33 Soccer Team 23 Numerals 23 Glee Club 3,43 Treble Clef Club 23 "Mr. Scrooge" 33 "Trelawny of the Wells" 43 Lens Club 2,32 Quill Club 13 Dramatic Club 3,43 Broadcasting Club 3,43 Vice-Presi- dent 43 lnklings Contribution Staff 33 Verse Speaking Choir 43 De Pauw. I38 Elsa Merriman 9 Glencoe: Honor Group 1,2: Girls' Club Representative 1,2: Employment Committee 3: Class Social Committee 3: "Chimes of Normandy" 2: "Pinafore" 3: "Pir- ates of Penzance" 4: Treble Clef Club 1: Choir 3,4: Ensemble 3,4: Senior Music Club 2,3,4: Girls' Career Club 4: DePauw. Pearl Mervis 9 "Squirrely," Kenilworth: Girls' Club Representative 2: Glee Club 1,2,3: Wildclifl. Joseph Meyer 9 Wilmette: Illinois. Nancy Helene Meyer 9 "Nanny," Glencoe: Council Representative 1: Girls' Club Representative 2: Financial 4: G.A.A. 2,3,4: Fistball 1: 300- point Award 2: 600-point Award 4: Awards Committee 4: Glee Club 3: Treble Clef Club 2: Junior Music Club 2: Rifle Club 1.2: French Club 2,3,4: Musicale 4: Secretary 4: Echoes Stafl 4: West- ern College. Richard Miller 9 "Dick," Glenview: Armour Tech. Student Lawrence Miller 9 "Bobby," Glencoe, Football l,2, 3,4: Letter 1,2,3,4: Track 2: Let- ter 2: Band 3: West Virginia. Marv Barbara Miller 9 "Bobbie," Winnetka: First Glee Club 4: Senior Music Club 4: Musicale 4: Park School of Cleve- land 1: Port Clinton High 2,3: Oberlin. Petrana Irene Mincheff 9"Pat," Glenview: Baseball 2: Commerce Club 4: Girls' Career Club 4. Charles Mates Minor 9 "Chuck," Winnetka: St. Albano, Sycamore, Ill. 1,2,3. Jean Miriam Mitchell 9Glencoe: Girls' Club Charity Committee 4: G.A.A. l,2,3,4: Archery 3: 300-point Award 3: 600-point Award 4: Musicale 3,4: Glee Club 1,2: "Pinafore," 3: "Pirates of Penzance" 4: Lens Club 1: French Club 2,3,4: Serv- ice Club 4: Senior Girls' Oflice Service Staff 4: Rockford. William Lawrence Mitten 9 "Bill." Kenilworth: S t u d e nt Council Representative 3: Co- Chairman Building and Grounds Committee 4: Glee Club 2: Bird Club 1: Career Club 4: Northwest- ern. Jerome Mizener 9"Jerry,,' Wilmette: Football 2: Swimming 2,3,4: Co-Captain 4: Letter 3,4: Guard 4: Aviation Club 2: Washington State. Ted A. Mockler 9 "Groucho," Wilmette: Rifle Club 1: Alaska. Robert Charles Montonaro 9 "Bob," Kenilworth: Football 2, 3: Ripon. I39 enior.x4 Benjamin Harley Moon 9 "Ben," Wilmette: Honor Group 3,4: Football 2: Letter 2: Orches- tra 2,3,4: Glee Club 1: "Chimes of Normandy" 2: "Pinafore" 3: "Pirates of Penzance" 4: Purdue. Mary Louise Moorhead 9Wilmette: French Club 3,4: Northwestern. Mary Lura Morgan 9 "Mary Lou," Winnetka: Treble Clef Club 2: "Enchanted April" 4: Quill Club 1: Broadcasting 3,4: Actors' Guild 3: Sketch Club 2,3: Rifle Club 2: Dramatic Club 4: Mills. Beverly Greene Morrison 9 "Bev," Winnetka: Honor Group 2: Class Social Committee 2: G.A.A. 3,4: Quill Club 1: French Club 2: Lens Club 3: Mary Bald- win. Robert A. Moss 9"Cowboy," Kenilworth: Door Guard 5: Football 4: Minor Let- ter 4: "Trial by Jury" 2: Glee Club 2,3: Choir 2,3,4,5: Sports Club l,2: Commerce Club 1,2: Illinois. Joseph Donald Mundee 9 "Tyrom," Wilmette. Everett S. Munson 9"Ev," Wilmette: Glee Club 1: Radio Club l,2,3: R. C. A. Insti- tute. Edward Paul Murphy 9 "Ed," Wilmette: Usher Corps 4: Traflic Squad 3,4: Science Club 2,3,4: Archaeology Club 2,3.4: Treasurer 3,4: larbas 4: Loyola Academy 1. Harold Taggart Murray 9 6'Had," Glencoe: Student Coun- cil Representative 1: Tri-Ship Representative 3: Cheerleader l,2, 3,4: Letter 3,4: Usher Corps 4: Class Social Committee 3: Swim- ming 2,4: Glee Club 2: Rifle Club 1,2: French Club 2: Lens Club 2,3,4: Aviation Club 2: Sci- ence Club 4: Badminton Club 4: Todd School 2: Hamilton. Ross Gordon Murray 9 "Rosie," Glencoe: Lens Club 3,4: Rifle Club 2,3: News 4: Echoes 4: "Iarbas" 3: B. C. 63 4: Wash- ington and Lee. Marilyn Dorothy Myrland 9 Wilmette: Glee Club 2,3: Choir 4: "Pirates of Penzance" 4: Junior Music Club 2: Senior Music Club 3,4: Broadcasting Club 2,3: Act- ors' Guild 4: Illinois. Dolores Neef 9 "Dee," Glencoe: T.N.T. 4: Hon- or Society 4: Honor Group 1,2,3,4: Student Council Representative 2: Inner Council 3: Charter and Con- tract 2: Inter-Sfchool Relations 1,2,3: Chairman 4: Publications 4: G.A.A. 1,4: Numerals 3: Speed- ball 3: "Chimes of Normandy" 2: "Pinafore" 3: "Pirates of Penz- ance" 4: Treble Clef Club 1: Choir 3,4: Chess Club 1: Editor of Schreiblerei 3,4: Broadcasting cfiuifieri President 4: Girls' Career Club 4: Mills. Edith A. Neiglick 9 Winnetka: Honor Group 2: G.A.A. 2,3,4: Treble Clef Club 3: Glee Club 3,4: Spanish Club 4: Northwestern. Bradley Nyhus Nelson 9 "Brad," Winnetka: Usher Corps 4: Basketball l,2: Boys' Career Club 4: Dartmouth. Cyrena Nelson 9"Cy," Winnetka: T.N.T. 3,4: Honor Society 4: Honor Group 1,2,3,4: Student Council Repre- sentative l,2,3,4: Publications Committee 3: Chairman 4: G.A.A. l,2,3,4: Spanish Club 3: News Staff 3: Managing Editor 4: Ink- lings Contributor 3: Black Moun- tam. Florence Marie Neukranz 9 '4Flip," Wilmette: Student Coun- cil Representative 2: Student Re- lations Committee 2: Girls' Club Financial Committee 3: Treble Clef Club 1: Glee Club 2,3: Jun- ior Music Club l,2: Senior Music Club 3,4: Musicale 3: Girls' Career Club 4: French Club 4: Service Club 4: News Stall 4: Senior Girls' Office Service Stall 4: Denison. Doris Neuman 9 Wilmette. Robert Thomas Nicholson 9 '6Nick," Wilmette: Band 1,2.3,4: Letter 3: Chess Club l: Rifle Club 1: Lens Club 2: Cornell College. Margaret Nielsen 9 "Peg," Winnetka: Student Coun- cil Representative 1,2,3: Building and Grounds 3: Girls' Club Finan- cial Committee 4: Basketball 1,3: Baseball 1,3: Tennis 1,2,3: Single Champ 1,2,3: Doubles Champ 1.2,3: Glee Club 2: Treble Clef Club 1: News Staff 3: Connecticut. Rosemary Norman 9 "Normie," Wilmette: Fistball 1: Treble Clef Club l,2: Glee Club 3: Gavel Club 1: French Club 3,4: U. C. L. A. Karen Marie Nyborg 9 Glencoe: Commerce Club 3,4. Shirley McCormick 0'Brien 9 '6Squirrel," Winnetka: Roycemore 2: Bennett School 3: Finch. Thomas Clark Octigan 9 "Tom," Winnetka: Honor Group 4: Door Guard 2,3: Student Supervisor 4: Wabash. William Ray Ohland 9 "Bill," Wilmette: Hackett High School, N. Y. 1: American School 2,3: U. C. L. A. Michael Seymour Olmsted 9"Mike," Winnetka: Honor So- ciety 4: Honor Group 1,2,3,4: Tri- Ship Representative 2: German Club 2,3,4: Latin Club 3: Har- vard. Robert G. Olson 9Wilmette: First Glee Club 4: Musicale 4: Moody Bible Insti- lllle. Walter Kermit Olson 9"Ollie," Kenilworth: Baseball l,2: Letter 2: Football 3,4: Let- ter 4: Rifle Club 2: Commerce Club 4. Mary Elizabeth Outzen 9 "Kid," Winnetka: Commerce Club 4. William Page 9 Winnetka. Warren A. Palmer 9 "Tiny," Evanston: Stevens. Howard E. Parliament 9 "Parley," Glencoe: Baseball 3,4: Glee Club 1: Colorado University. John Kinney Parshall 9 "Johnny," Wilmette: Armour. Margaret Lillian Paulson 9Wilmette: Honor Society 4: Honor Group 2,3,4: Treble Clef Club 1: Glee Club 2: University of California. Betty Jane Peck 9 "Peck," Winnetka: Sketch Club 3: Art League 3,4: Lindenwood. Patricia Stevens Peck 9 "Patsy," Winnetka: Honor Group 2,3: G.A.A. 2,3,4: Hockey l,2: Oflicial Committee 4: Serv- ice Club 4: Girls' Career Club 4: News Staff 4: Sullins. Rodney Stuart Perrill 9"Bud," Wilmette: Door Guard 4: Football 3,4: Letter 4: Band 1,2,3: Purdue. Jeanne Marie Persson 9 "Jeanner," Winnetka: Honor Society 4: Honor Group l,2,3,4: Student Council Representative 1: Building and Grounds Committee 2: Girls' Club Representative 3: Financial 2: Publicity 3: Class Secretary 2: Dance Committee 4: G.A.A. 1,2,3,4: 300-point Award 3: Hockey 3: Tennis 4: Basketball 4: Baseball 2: Arrangements Committee 4: Lens Club 1: Bad- minton Club 4: Smith. Edward Allen Petersen 9 "Pete," Winnetka: Band 1,2,3,4: Letter 2,3: Broadcasting Club 1: Rifle Club 3: German Club 4: Boys' Career Club 4: Northwest- ern. Hugh Gerhard Petersen 9 "Hugh," Kenilworth: Honor Society 4: Honor Group 3,4: Tri- Ship Representative 4: Student Council Social Committee 3: Class Dance Committee 4: Information Desk 3: Usher Corps 3,4: Dra- matic Club 4: Los Alamos Ranch School l,2: Princeton. Margaret Adelaide Petersen 9"Peg," Wilmette: Honor Group 4: G.A.A. 1,2,3,4: Representative 4: Numerals 2: Swimming 1,2: Girls' Club Charity Committee 4: Art League Club 1: Spanish Club 2,3: Lens Club 3: Travel Club 4: Journalism 4: Book Club 4: Girls' Career Club 4: National College of Education. Philip John Petersen 9'LPhil," Kenilworth: Honor So- ciety 43 Honor Group 3,43 Usher Corps 43 Student Council 13 So- cial Committee 33 Glee Club 3g Actors' Guild 43 French Club 33 Boys' Career Club 43 Los Alamos Ranch School 1,23 Princeton. Robert James Peterson 9"Bob," Chicago: Honor Group 23 Orchestra 1,2,3,43 M.I.T. Wallace Peterson 9 "Wally," Glencoe: Honor Soci- ety 43 Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Usher Corps 43 Rifle Club 2,33 Lens Club 43 Inner Lens Club 43 Debate Team 33 Echoes Staff 43 North- western. Warren I. Peterson 9 "Pete," Wilmette: Study Hall Supervisor 33 Tri-Ship Represen- tative lg Track Team 2,3,43 Letter 2,3,43 Senior Orchestra 1,23 Junior Music Club 13 Senior Music Club 1,23 Information Desk 43 Door Guard 43 Usher Corps 43 Ripon. Barbara Star Pettee 9"Peetie," Winnetka: T.N.T. 43 Honor Society 43 Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Girls' Club Bazaar Com- mittee 33 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Recrea- tional Sports Head 43 Hockey 2,3,43 Swimming 2,32 Telegraphic 23 300 point award 23 600 point award 33 800 point award 43 Bas- ketball 43 Props Crew 3,43 "lar- bus" 3,43 Junior Music Club 13 Gavel Club 2g French Club 43 Dramatic Club 4: News Stafl 43 Echoes Staff 43 "Le Flambeau" 43 Smith. Pasquale Carl Petti 9"Pat," Winnetka: Venice, Cal. 33 Kenyon. Katherine Philipsborn 9"Hedy," Glencoe: Girls' Club Friendly Committee 4: G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Hockey 2,3,43 Swimming 23 300 point award 23 Officials' Committee 43 "Trial by Jury" 13 "Chimes of Normandy" 23 "Pina- fore" 33 "Pirates of Penzance" 4: Orchestra 1,2,3,43 French Club 33 Smith. Bradford Eastman Phillips 9 'LBrad," Wilmette: Tri-Ship Rep- resentative 33 Band 43 Glee Club 43 Lens Club 13 Drivers' Club 13 Rifle Club 1,2,33 Swing Club 3,43 French Club 33 Knox. Clint A. Pickett, Jr. 9 "Murph," Wilmette: Door Guard 33 Traffic Squad 43 University City High 1,23 Illinois. Margaret Frances Pierson 9"Peg," Wilmette: T.N.T. 3,43 Honor Society 43 Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Girls' Club Arrangements Committee 2g Treasurer 43 Hockey 1,2,33 LaCrosse 1,23 G.A.A. 1,2,3, 43 Representative 1,35 Numerals 13 300 point award 23 "Trial by Jury" lg "Chimes of Normandy" 23 "Pinafore" 33 "Pirates of Pen- zance" 43 Concertmeister 43 Junior Music Club 13 Senior Music Club 2,3,43 President 43 Dramatic Club enionfgcfiuified 13 Lens Club 23 French Club 33 Rifle Club 43 Girls' Career Club 43 Wellesley. Lois Williams Pittman 9 "Ducky," Winnetka: T.N.T. 3,43 Class Social Committee 33 Girls' Club Representative 2g Student Council Secretary 33 Study Hall Committee 3,43 Representative 2.43 Echoes Staff 3,43 Study Hall Su- pervisor 3g French Club 2,33 Scrv- ice Club 43 Erskine. Robert William Platt 9 "Bob," Winnetka: Honor Group 2,43 Tri-Ship Representative 33 Dinner Committee 4g Usher Corps 3,43 Athletic Manager 23 Tennis 3,43 Track 43 German Club 4: Boys' Career Club 43 Purdue. Gordon Corbet Powell 9 "Gordie," Winnetka: H o n o r Group 13 Usher Corps 43 Football 43 Track 43 Boys' Career Club 43 Badminton Club 4g Princeton. Roderick Preston 9 "Rod," Glencoe: Student Coun- cil Representative 13 Rifle Club 1, 2,33 Boys' Career Club 4. Bill August Prevallet 9 "Booper," Wilmette: Baseball 1, 23 Letter 2. Andrew Tone Price 9"A," Winnetka: Basketball 1,2, 3,43 Letter 1,2,33 University of Virginia. Robert Stevenson Price 9 Winnetka: Honor Group 1,43 Nautical Club 23 German Club 3. Richard Henri Prins 9 "Dick," Wilmette: Honor Group 2,3,43 Football 2,3,43 Letter 2,3,43 Boys' Career Club 43 Swing Club 43 Senn 13 Purdue. Fred John Quick 9Kenilworth: Baseball 1,2,3,43 Letter 2,3,43 Football 1,23 Letter 23 Basketball 1,2,3,4. Patricia Colleen Quinlan 9 "Pat," Winnetka: Honor Society 43 Honor Group 2,3,43 G.A.A. 1,2, 3,451 "Trelawny of the Wells" 4g French Club 3,43 Dramatics Club 43 Broadcasting Club 43 Trinity. Bill Evans Raemer 9 "Bronc," Glencoe: Lens Club 33 Dramatic Club 2,33 Chicago Aero- nautical College. Barbara Godfrey Ragsdale 9"Barb," Wilmette: Class Social Committee 33 G.A.A. 3,43 Golf 3, 43 Head of Golf 43 Glee Club 2,33 Lagniappe 43 Spanish Club 2,35 Echoes Staff 3,43 Circulation Man- ager 4g Study Hall Supervisor 43 Dennison. Elizabeth Ann Ranstead 9 "Rannie,,' Wilmette: Honor So- ciety 43 Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Stu- dent Council Interscholastic Rela- tions 43 G.A.A. 2,3,43 Numerals 23 300-point Award 33 S 0 c c er 23 Rhythms 2,33 Golf 33 Clogging 43 '6Enchanted April" 43 Broadcast- ing Club 3,43 Chess Club 33 Knit- ting Club 43 Dramatic Club 43 Echoes Stall 43 Band 2,3,43 Letter 2,33 Sullivan 13 Northwestern. Charles J. Rapp 9 'LChuck," Glenview: Honor Group 33 Track 13 Football 2,33 Letter 23 Boys' Career Club 3,43 Spanish Club 33 Wisconsin. Duane Redfield 9 "Ozzie," Glencoe: Football 2,43 Letter 2,43 Baseball 2,43 Letter 23 Basketball 2,3,43 Letter 43 Golf 43 Track 43 University of Oregon. Claude Seymour Reebie 9HC.B.," Winnetka: T.N.T. 43 Student Council Assembly Com- mittee 43 Hobby Show Commit- tee 33 Tri-Ship Representative 43 Usher Corp 43 Information Desk 43 "Royal Family" 33 GLMY. Scrooge" 33 "Trelawny of the Wells" 43 Lagniappe 43 Actors' Guild 33 Boys, Career Club 33 Treasurer 43 Dramatic Club 3,43 Chess Club 33 President 33 Scrib- lerus Club 43 Inklings Staff 1,3,43 Editor 43 Contribution Staff 3,43 Study Hall Supervisor 43 Williams Award 33 The Choate School, Conn. 23 Williams. Holly Reece 9 Inklings Contributor 4g Lens Club 23 Rifle Club 23 Notre Dame Art Award 33 Grinnell. Roy Spencer Reed 9 "Cowboy," Glencoe: Door Guard 4g Glee Club 13 Dramatic Club 1.2,43 Broadcasting Club 23 Rifle Club 13 Commerce Club 43 Echoes Staff 4. Patricia Louis Reimann 9 "Pat," Glenview: Honor Society 43 Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Com- merce Club 3,43 Travel Club 3,43 Book Club 43 Girls' Career Club 4. Walter James Reinhardt 9 "Wally," Winnetka: S t u d e n t Council Representative 13 Tri- Ship Representative 13 Band 3,43 Nautical Club 2,3,43 Parks Air College. Thelma Alice Renfro 9 "Snooks," Winnetka: Girls' Club Representative 43 Friendly Com- mittee 43 Broadcasting Club 23 Commerce Club 1,3,43 Lagniappe 43 Fenger 1. Paul Alfred Rensch 9 Wilmette: Drivers' Club 23 Col- orado College. John Rich 9 Wilmette. Muriel P. Richland 9 "Mew," Glencoe: Lens Club 1,23 Broadcasting Club 23 Quill Club 13 Sketch Club 43 Echoes Stafl 43 Grinnell. Nancee Rietheimer 9 Winnetka. Howard Ringholm 9 "Howie," Wilmette: Informa- tion Desk 43 Football 43 Rifle Club 13 Kenyon. John B. Robertson 9"Jake,', Wilmette: Orchestra 1, 2,3,43 .lunior Music Club 13 Lens Club 23 Denison. John Manly Rodger, Jr. 9"Johnny," Winnetka: T.N.T. 3, 4g Student Council Representative 1,23 Interschool Relations Commit- tee 1,23 Inner Council 1,33 Co- Chairman Social Committee 3,4Q Tri-Ship Dance Committee 33 Class Vice-President 33 Badminton 43 Glee Club 23 President 2g "Wap- pin' Wharf" 23 Rifle Club lg Dra- matic Club 2,33 Boys' Career Club 33 Michigan. Robert Joseph Roemer 9 "Doc," Wilmette: Tri-Ship Rep- resentative 1,23 Information Desk 43 Basketball Manager 33 Letter 33 Football 23 Baseball 2g Com- merce Club 3,43 President 43 Illi- nois. Patricia Rogers 9 "Patty," Wilmette: Girls' Club Financial Committee 33 Swimming 33 Colby. Russel Bracon Rogers 9 "Russ," Wilmette: Usher Corps 43 Swimming 1,23 Glee Club 23 Study Hall Supervisor 43 De Pauw. John Rose 9 Evanston: Northwestern. Betty Jane Rosenblatt 9Kenilworth: Girls, Club Repre- sentative lg French Club 2,3,43 Girls' Career Club 43 Quill Club 13 University of Chicago. Betty Jane Rosenheim 9"Beezie," Winnetka: T.N.T. 43 Honor Group 33, Student Council Representative 1,3,43 Buildings and Grounds Committee 13 Financial Committee 3,43 Publications 43 Girls' Club Bazaar Committee 3g Social Chairman 43 Class Social Committee 4g G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Base- ball 2,33 300-point Award 33 Glee Club 3,43 Treble Clef 2g Lens Club 23 Smith. James Warren Rosenow 9 "Rosie,,' Wilmette: Football 1,2, 3,43 Letter 2g Baseball 13 Orches- tra 23 Band 1,2,33 Letter 1,2,33 Rifle Club 13 Cornell College. Betty Ann Ross 9 "Bets," Winnetka: T.N.T. 4g Honor Group 43 Class Social Com- mittee 23 Class Vice President 43 Girls' Club Charity Chairman 43 Arrangements Committee 2g G.A.A. Member 1,2,3,43 Hockey Team I3 LaCrosse 23 Swimming 1,33 Man- ager 33 Basketball 1,33 Telegraph- ic Team 1,33 Speedball 2,33 Head 43 300-point Award 13 Numerals 13 Glee Club 3,43 President 33 Treble Clef 23 President 23 Lens Club 23 Quill Club 13 Secretary 13 Denison. John Wallace Roth 9' Winnetka: T.N.T. 43 Honor Group 1,2,43 Glee Club 2,33 Choir 43 Lens Club 1,2,3,43 Boys' Career Club 43 Ornithology Club lg Echoes Staff 1,2,3,43 Photography Co-Editor 2,33 Editor-in-Chief 43 Carleton. I40 George Rothermel 9Kenilworth: Honor Group 13 Tri-Ship Representative 23 Usher Corps 3,43 Northwestern. Stephen Wilson Rothermel 9"Spider," Winnetka: Honor Group 2,32 Information Desk 43 Tri-Ship Representative 43 Stu- dent Council Inter-School Rela- tions 4g Usher Corps 3,43 Foot- ball 1,2,3,43 Letter 2,43 Baseball 23 Letter 23 Swimming 1,2,33 Let- ter 2,33 "Trial by Jury" 13 "Chimes of Normandy" 23 "Pi- rates of Penzance" 43 Choir 43 Dartmouth. Mary Louise Roulet 9"Mimi," Glencoe: "Wake Up, Jonathan" 13 Sketch Club 1,23 Dramatic Club 1,2,3,43 Rifle Club 1,23 Northwestern. James V. Rowley 9 "Jimmy," Wilmette: Football 23 Beverly Hills High School, Cali- fornia 33 University of Southern California. Robert Joseph Rudd 9"Bob," Wilmette: Football 23 Glee Club 2,33 Commerce Club 1,4. Edwin Franklin Rugen 9 "Ed," Glenview: Door Guard 43 Michigan. Marjorie Joy Rydstrom 9 "Skid," Glenview: Girls' Club Representative 43 Soccer 23 Speed- ball 33 Manager 33 Numerals 3: Glee Club 43 Immanuel Church School 13 Goodman School of Dra- ma. Richard Fred Sachse 9 "Dick," Wilmette: Golf 33 Let- ter 33 Sports Club 33 President 43 Princeton. Virginia Frances Sargent 9 "Sarge" Wilmette: Evanston School of Nursing. Peter Lawrence Schaefer 9 "Firebug," Wilmette: Track 2.3, 43 Letter 23 Rifle Club 23 Rifle Team 23 Letter 23 St. Ambrose. Robert Eugene Schaer 9"Ripper," Northbrook: Basket- ball 1,2,33 Letter 23 Baseball 1.2, 3,43 Letter 2,3,43 Door Guard 13 Band 13 Wabash. Betty Scheiner 9 Winnetka: Honor Group 1: Girls' Club Representative 33 "The Dyspeptic Ogre" 13 Glee Club 2, 33 French Club 2,32 Northwestern. Shirley Gladys Schlung 9 Wilmette: Honor Society 43 Honor Group 3,43 Glee Club 33 Choir 43 "Pirates of Penzance " 43 Junior Music Club 33 Senior Mu- sic Club 3,43 Broadcasting Club 3g Actors' Guild 3,43 Senn 1,2. Janet Bertha Schmidt 9 Northbrook: G.A.A. 4. Frances Schwall 9 Wilmette: Mallinckrodt High School 1,2. Virginia Darling Schwall 9 "Ginnie," Winnetka: Honor So- ciety 43 Honor Group 1,3,43 G.A. I4I eniorjcfiuified A. Representative 13 French Club 3,43 Musicale 3,43 Knitting Club 43 Chess Club 33 Girls' Career Club 43 News Staff 43 Evanston Township High School 23 De Pauw. Robert Wells Scofield 9 "Bob," Kenilworth: Social Com- mittee 33 Door Guard 3,43 Stage Crew 33 Light Crew 43 Chess Club 3,43 Jamaica High School, N.Y. 1,2,33 Illinois State Normal Col- lege. John Howard Scott 9 "Scottie," Glencoe: Honor Group 13 Tri-Ship Representative 33 Band lg Glee Club 23 Science Club 43 Lens Club 43 Rifle Club 13 Carle- IOII. Arthur Hugh Seddon, Jr. 9"Art," Wilmette: Honor Group 2,43 Basketball 2g Sports Club 1,2,3,43 Boys' Career Club 43 Pur- due. Martha Catherine Sesterhenn 9 "Mart," Wilmette: Honor Group 3.43 Baseball 1,33 Speedball 43 Volleyball 43 Numerals 1: Glee Club 3,43 Treble Clef Club 23 Commerce Club 33 Girls' Career Club 43 News Staff 43 Senior Girls' Oflice Service Staff 4. Angela Lea Shapiro 9 "Angel," W i n n e tk a : "ML Scrooge" 33 Dramatic Club 3,43 Verse Speaking Choir 43 Senn High School 1,23 National College of Education. Arthur Lee Shapiro 9 Wilmette: Student Council Rep- resentative 23 "Trial by Jury" 13 "Chimes of Normandy" 23 "Pina- fore" 33 "Pirates of Penzance" 43 Senior Orchestra 1,2.3,43 Lens Club 1,2,3,43 Science Club 2,3,43 Treasurer 23 Secretary 3,43 Broad- casting Club 13 Musicale 2,3,43 Craft Guild 3,43 President 33 Nau- tical Club 2,3,4Q German Club 4. John Gordon Shaw 9 "Gordy," Winnetka: Stage Crew 1,23 Light Crew 3,43 Dramatic Club 1,2,3,43 Player 3,43 Ohio. Richard Gilbert Shefner 9"Dick," Wilmette: Swimming Team 3,43 Gavel Club 1.2,3,43 Science Club 2,3,43 Rifle Club 2, 3,43 Rifle Team Letter 2,33 De- bate Team 3,43 Forensic League 43 Chicago. Roger M. Sherman 9"Bud," Wilmette: Football 43 Basketball 3,43 Glee Club 1,2,33 '6Pirates of Penzance" 43 Rifle Club 23 Boys' Career Club 43 Uni- versity of Chicago. Ruth Ann Shiverick 9"Ruthie," Glencoe: Girls' Club Committee 43 German Club 2,3,43 Secretary 33 Girls' Career Club 4. Gordon L. Sibley 9 Glencoe: Honor Group 1,31 Golf Team 1,2,3,43 Letter 1,2,3,43 Cap- tain 33 "Pinafore" 33 "Pirates of Penzance" 43 Glee Club 1,2,33 En- semble 43 Choir 43 Senior Music Club 43 Spanish Club 33 Boys' Career Club 43 Echoes Staff 43 Inklings Contributor 33 Lagniappe 43 Washington and Lee. Herbert Sieck, Jr. 9 "Herby," Winnetka: Nautical Club 2,33 Rifle Club 43 Purdue. Frances Mary Siegel 9 "Fran," Wilmette: Lincoln lligh School of Wisconsin Rapids, Wis- consin 1,2,3. Geneva Simenson 9Kenilworth: G.A.A. 43 French Club 43 Sayner High School 1,23 Immaculata 3. Lee B. Simpson 9 "Simp," Hubbard Woods: Usher Corps 43 Class Social Committee 33 French Club 33 Stamp Club 33 Travel Club 33 Actors' Guild 3: Carleton. Mitchell Kendell Simpson 9"Mickey," Winnetka: Tri-Ship Student Aid Committee 33 Usher Corps 43 Inter-School Relations Committee 4g Information Desk 3, 43 Football 1,2,3,43 Letter 2.43 Track 2,3,43 Letter 43 Glee Club 1,23 Opera Group 43 Miami Uni- versity. Nancy Simpson 9 Evanston: Girls' Club Repre- sentative 13 Friendly Committee 4. George Neilan Smith 9"Nick," Glencoe: Door Guard 43 Nautical Club 43 Senn High School 1,23 Northwestern. Janet Elizabeth Smith 9 "Ian," Wilmette: Honor Society 43 Honor Group 1,2,33 Girls' Club Employment Committee 23 Lens Club 13 Art League 23 French Club 3,43 Colorado College. Murray Smith 9 "Smitty," W i n n e tk a : Door Guard 3g Tennis Team 43 Frank- lin Merritt Memorial Tennis Cup 43 Stamp Club 23 Kenyon. Vivian Charlotte Smith 9 Wilmette: Baseball 33 Numerals 33 Commerce Club 43 Girls' Career Club 43 Senior Girls' Oflice Serv- ice Staff 43 Moser. Harriet Sobel 9 Wilmette: Honor Group 33 Tre- ble Clef Club 23 French Club 43 Sullins. Lawrence Solari 9 Wilmette: Track Team 43 Dra- matic Club 43 Stage Crew 43 Gey- serville High School 1,2,33 Uni- versity of California. William Sonnenschein 9 "Bill,,' Glencoe: Swimming Team 43 Guard 43 Lake Forest Academy Cranbrook School 1,2,3. Mary Benedict Spear 9"Spear," Winnetka: Lens Club 43 Echoes Stafl' 4. Anne Srnanek 9 "Roxy," Winnetka: Baseball 2,33 Basketball 23 Knitting Club 43 University of Alabama. Lorraine Jeannette Staak 9 "Rainie," Glenview: Commerce Club 2,3,4. Margaret Starbuck 9 "Peg,', Winnetka: Student Coun- cil Representative 33 Publicity Committee 33 G.A.A. 3,43 Glee Club 23 French Club 23 Senior Girls' Office Service Staff 43 Hyde Park High School 1,23 Wells. Ralllh W. Starrett 9 "Buster," Kenilworth: T.N.T. 4: Honor Society 43 Honor Group 1, 2,33 Student Council Inter-School Relations Committee 2,43 Tri-Ship Representative 1,31 Inter-Scholas- tic Relations 43 Usher Corps 43 Boys' Career Club 3,43 Dra- matic Club 3,43 Princeton. Louise Kay Staufert 9"Lou," Wilmette: Girls' Club Representative 33 Lens Club 1' Sketch Club 2 3 Art League 2 German Club 33 Book Club 43 Knitting Club 43 Travel Club 43 De Pauw. .lim Kennedy Steel 9 Wilmette: Information Desk 43 Football 43 Letter 43 Track 4' Duke. w Merritt G. Steele 9 Winnetka: Science Club 33 Ri- He Club 4. William John Steele 9 "Shotsy," Wilmette: Spanish Club 33 Lens Club 33 Boxing 43 Regis 13 St. George 13 Loyola 23 Notre Dame. Marjorie Louise Steen 9 "Marge," Winnetka: Girls' Club Representative 33 Arrangements Committee 23 Friendly Committee 3: G.A.A. 1,2,33 French Club 3g Echoes Staff 23 News Staff 2,3. William Eugene Steen 9 "Ooftie," Wilmette: Class Social Committee 23 Usher Corps 3,4: Information Desk 43 Tri-Ship Stu- dent Aid Committee 43 Freshman Plat' 1: "Wappin' Wharf" 2g Glee Club 1,23 Dramatic Club 1, 2.3: Lens Club 2,33 Science Club 23 Broadcasting Club 1,23 News Staff 2g Ad Manager 3g Feature Editor 43 Hamilton. Germaine Mary Steffens 9 "Steif," Wilmette: Honor Group 43 Volleyball Team 43 Commerce Club 33 Girls' Career Club 4. Lester John Steffens 9 "Les," Wilmette: Baseball 4g Commerce Club 4. Robert George Steffens 9"Stef1'," Wilmette: Baseball 23 Letter 23 Commerce Club 13 Northwestern. William Steif 9"Bill," Winnetka: T.N.T. 3,43 Honor Society 43 Honor Group 1, 2,3,43 Student Council Represen- tative 13 Co-Chairman Publica- tions Committee 43 Class Social Committee 33 Latin Plays 43 "Mr. Scrooge" 33 Stamp Club 1,2,33 Ri- fle Club 23 Boys' Career Club 33 Dramatic Club 3,43 Echoes Staff 33 Editor Senior Section 43 News Staff 3,43 Inklings Staff 4g As- sistant Editor 43 Inklings Con- tributor 1,2,3,43 Amherst. Phyllis Romaine Stephens 9"Phyl," Kenilworth: Honor So- ciety 43 Honor Group 2,3,43 La- Crosse 23 Rhythms 43 G.A.A. 2,3, 43 300-point Award 33 600-point Award 43 Lens Club 2,33 French Club 3,43 Musicale 3g Book Club 43 Travel Club 43 Girls' Career Club 43 Colorado College. Barbara Stevens ' 9"Stevie," Winnetka: Honor So- ciety 43 Honor Group 1,2,33 G.A.A. 2,3,43 Baseball 1,23 Manager 2g Numerals 2g lntra-mural Sports Committee 43 Spanish Club 2.33 Lens Club 23 Girls' Career Club 43 De Pauw. Betty ,lane Stinson 9"Stinse," Wilmette: Glee Club 2,3,43 Service Club 33 Art League 43 Echoes Staff 43 Stephens. Joyce Margaret Stoerk 9 Wilmette: Honor Society 4: Hon- or Group 1,2,33 Girls' Club Repre- sentative 2,3,43 Employment Com- mittee 23 Glee Club 2,3,4. John Storner 9 "Johnnie," Glenview: Door Guard 43 "Trelawny of the Wells" 43 "Wappin' Wharf" 23 "Royal Family" 33 Glee Club 13 Dra- matic Club 1,2,3,4Q Northwestern. Edward Jackson Stransky, HI 9 "Ed," Glencoe: Honor Group 2, 33 Student Council Representa- tive 13 Financial Committee 43 Tri-Ship Representative 23 Base- ball 13 Tennis 43 Door Guard 43 Glee Club 1,23 Natural Science Club 23 Lens Club 3,43 BOYS' Career Club 43 Echoes Staff 3,43 News Staff 43 Colorado College. Robert Edward Strauss 9 "Bob," Wilmette: Honor Society 43 Honor Group 1,2,3.4-3 TYi'ShiP Representative 33 Club Room Com- mittee 43 Usher Corps 43 Door Guard 43 Lens Club 2,33 Nautical Club 2,33 Athletic Manager Corps 43 Purdue. Daniel Edward Sullivan 9 "Sully," Wilmette: Honor Group 2,33 Track 2,3,43 Letter 2,35 BOYS' Career Club 43 University of Tex- as. Paul Denis Sullivan 9"Buzzie," Glencoe: Football 2, 3,43 Letter 2,3,43 Swimming 2,32 Letter 23 Ryan School of Aero- nautics. Stewart Paul Sullivan 9 "Stew," Glencoe: Track 2,33 Football 2,3. William C. Sunkel 9 "Bill," Winnetka: Lincoln High School 1. ,lean Louise Swarts 9 "Swartie," Winnetka: G.A.A. 1, 2,3,43 "Chimes of Normandy" 2g "Pinafore" 33 "Pirates of Pen- zance" 43 Choir 3,42 Ensemble 3,43 Junior Music Club 23 Senior Music Club 3,43 Broadcasting Club 3,43 Dramatic Club 3,43 Girls' Career Club 43 lnklings Contributor 13 Carleton. eI'll0l".!4 John Easter Sweeney 9 "Johnny," Wilmette: Honor So- ciety 43 Honor Group 1,23 Glee Club 33 Debate Team 33 Letter 33 Forensic League 33 Rifle Club 2,43 Drivers' Club 13 German Club 23 Dramatic Club 2,3,43 .lohns-Hop- kins. Donald Moore Swingley 9 "Don," Wilmette: Glee Club 23 Rifle Club 3. William Henry Symons 9 "Bill," Wilmette. Donald Rhore Taylor 9 "Don," Wilmette: Door Guard 43 Band 3,43 Boys' Career Club 43 Sports Club 43 Swing Club 43 St. George High School 1,23 Univer- sity of Texas. Evarts Taylor 9 Glencoe. Alexis Vsevolod Tellis 9"Alex," Winnetka: Honor So- ciety 4i Honor Group 1,2,3,4: Rifle Team 23 Letter 23 Actors' Guild 43 "larbus" 43 Junior Music Club 2: Broadcasting Club 2,43 Radio Club 23 Rifle Club 23 News Staff 3,43 Hyde Park lg Yale. ,lean Temple 9 Winnetka: Girls' Club Friendly Committee 23 Glee Club 2,33 Evanston High School 1. Robert Lewis Tentler 9 "Bob," Wilmette: Honor Group 13 Tri-Ship Representative 13 Ger- man Club 2,33 U.S. Coast Guard, New London, Connecticut. Joanne Thompson 9"loannie," Glencoe: Girls' Club Publicity Committee 43 Lens Club 23 French Club 2,3,43 Colorado University. Mav E. Thompson 9 Wilmette: Honor Group 43 Girls' Club Representative 1,2,33 Employ- ment Committee 33 G.A.A. 2,3,43 Natural Science Club 23 Lens Club 23 Spanish Club 23 Journalism Club 43 Girls' Career Club 43 De- Pauw. Winifred Thompson 9"Winnie," Winnetka: Honor Group 3,43 Student Council Rep- resentative 2g Financial Committee 23 Girls' Club Representative 13 Publicity Committee 33 G.A.A. 1,2, 3,43 G.A.A. Representative 43 Vol- leyball 3,43 Lacrosse li 1st Glee Club 2,33 Junior Music Club 23 Vice-President 23 French Club 3,43 Secretary 33 Service Club 43 Girls' Career Club 43 News Busi- ness Staff 43 Ohio Wesleyan. Eunice Josephine Thorp 9 "Eunie," Winnetka: Student Council Representative 1,33 Assem- bly Committee 33 Girls' Club Pub- licity Committee 23 G.A.A. 1,2,33 Spanish Club 33 Girls' Career Club 43 Swing Club 43 Echoes Stall 33 News Staff 2,3. Virginia Ruth Todd 9 "Toddie," Wilmette: Glee Club 23 Treble Clef 13 "Pinafore" 33 "Pirates of Penzance" 43 Quill Club 13 Senior Girls' Office Serv- ice Staff 43 Monticello. Harry George Todtman 9"Todtie," Winnetka: Tri-Ship Representative 23 Glee Club 23, Rifle Club 23 Northwestern. Marilyn Torrey 9 Wilmette: Girls' Club Represen- tative 1,2,33 Social Committee 33 Soccer 13 Treble Clef li Glee Club 2,33 "Pirates of Penzance" 43 French Club 2,3,43 Rifle Club 3g Service Club 3,4. ,lane Elizabeth Travis 9 "Travie," Glencoe: Swimming 13 Service Club 3,43 Rifle Club 23 Badminton Club 43 Career Club 43 Northwestern. ,lean Ethel Treveiler 9 "Trevie," Hubbard Woods: Honor Group 1.3,4: Class Manager of Recreational Sports 33 Props Crew 3,43 Glee Club 2,33 French Club 2,33 Career Club 43 Service Club 43 Dramatic Club 43 Centre College. Marv Helen Troy 9"Troysie," Wilmette: Honor Group 1,43 Girls' Club Represen- tative 43 Girls' Career Club 4. Virzinia Trudeau 9"Ginny," Hubbard Woods: G.A.A. 3,43 300-point Award 43 Spanish Club 33 Gavel Club 33 Book Club 4: Broadcasting Club 43 Knitting Club 43 Musicale 43 Girls' Career Club 43 News Stall 43 Marywood 1,23 Cornell Univer- sity. Marilyn Tuteur 9 Winnetka: Girls' Club Represen- tative 3: Social Committee 43 Spanish Club 23 Grinnell. Ben Durham Van Cleave 9 Winnetka: Swimming Team 1,2, 43 Glee Club 23 Chess Club 23 Rifle Club 23 Colgate. Arthur Clark VanHorne, Jr. 9 Glencoe: Honor Society 43 Honor Group l,2,3,43 Glee Club 2,33 "Pi- rates of Penzance" 43 Band 3,43 Lens Club 3,43 Stamp Club lg Boys' Career Club 43 Badminton Club 43 News Staff 43 Echoes Staff 4g Assistant Editor 43 Prince- ton. Pauline Van Horne 9 "Pogy," Kenilworth: Girls' Club Representative 43 Treble Clef 23 Knitting Club 43 Glee Club 33 French Club 43 Senior Girls' Ollice Service Staff 43 Lincoln, Nebraska: 13 Stephens. Robert R. Vehe 9 "Tinner," Chicago: Sullivan High School 1,2,33 Dartmouth. Barbara ,lean Vernon 9 "Barby," Kenilworth: Girls' Club Arrangements Committee 33 G.A.A. 2,3,43 Soccer 13 Numerals 13 "Mr, Scrooge" 33 "Pinafore" 33 "Pirates of Penzance" 43 Glee Club 1,23 Choir 33 Ensemble 33 Natural Sci- ence Club 1,2,3,43 Dramatic Club 3,43 Girls' Career Club 43 Journal- ism Club 43 Senior Music Club 43 Frances Shimer. it ui hed Margaret Annette Versino 9"Meg," Wilmette: Commerce Club 13 Spanish Club 33 Stamp Club 13 Girls' Career Club 43 Knitting Club 43 Evanston Busi- ness School. William Victor 9 Wilmette: Student Council Rep- resentative 1,23 University School, Pasadena, California 3g Rollins. Mary Vlegels 9 "Buddy," Glencoe. Frances Barbara Wagner 9"Wag," Wilmette: Honor S0- ciety 4g Honor Group 1,2,3,43 Girls' Club Arrangements Commit- tee 43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Baseball 1, 2,33 Volleyball 3g Speedball 3,43 Rhythms 3,43 Head 43 300-point Award 3g Glee Club 2,35 Choir 43 "Pirates of Penzance" 43 Com- merce Club 23 Vice-President 23 News Staff 43 Coe. Harold R. Wagner 9 Wilmette: Football 2. Jeannette Ann Wagner 9 "Jeanne," Glenview: Baseball 23 Glee Club 33 Treble Clef 1,23 Commerce Club 43 Senior Girls' Ollice Service Staff 4. John Craig Walker 9 "Jack," Winnetka: T.N.T. 43 Honor Society 43 Honor Group 1, 2,3,43 Student Council Represen- tative 1,43 Assembly Committee 43 Football 43 Letter 43 Track 43 Usher Corps 43 "Wappin' Wharf" 23 "ML Scrooge" 33 Dramatic Club 2,3,43 President 43 Bird Club lg Science Club 1,2,3Q Broadcast- ing Club 33 Harvard Club Award 33 Princeton. Stephen P. Walker, Jr. 9"Steve," Winnetka: Honor So- ciety 43 Honor Group l,2,3,4Q Ushers Corps 43 Football Man- ager 2,33 Basketball Manager 33 Basketball 2,3,43 Letter 3,42 Football 33 Boys' Career Club 43 Badminton Club 43 Echoes 43 University of Rochester. Dorothy Eleanor Wallers 9"Dotty," Wilmette: Treble Clef Club 2g Moser. Robert Forrest Walsh 9 "Knobby," Winnetka: Track 43 Baseball 43 Art League 4g Marm- ion Military Academy 1,23 Texas A. and M. David M. Waters 9 Glencoe: Lawrence. Dev Wadsworth Watts 9 "Daisy," Glencoe: T.N.T. 43 Honor Group 3,43 Student Council Publications Committee 43 Usher Corps 3,43 lnformation Desk 43 Glee Club 2,33 Tennis 43 Choir 4g Lens Club 1,2,3,4Q President 4g Rifle Club 23 Boys' Career Club 3,43 Echoes Staff 3,43 Photo Editor 43 News Staff 3,43 News Editor 43 Amherst. Kenneth Wayt 9 Wilmette. I42 Frances Bryant Weber 9 "Franny," Winnetka: Student Council Representative 15 Build- ing and Grounds Committee 15 Girls' Club Representative 25 Charity Committee 25 Social Com- mittee 35 Financial Committee 45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 G.A.A. Representa- tive 45 Basketball 4: Baseball 15 Numerals 45 Lens Club l,2,5 Sen- ior Girls' Oliice Service Staff 45 Lake Erie College. Clifford Mandel Weil 0"Cliff," Winnetka: T.N.T. 45 Honor Society 45 Honor Group 1,2,3,45 Student Council Represen- tative 25 Tri-Ship Representative 15 Usher Corps 45 Plays 1,3,45 Dramatic Club 1,2,3,45 Broadcast- ing Club 3,45 Science Club 45 Echoes Stall 3,45 Sports Editor 45 News Staff 3,45 Trailic Squad 35 M.I.T. Nancy Weishaar 0"Scoop," Kenilworth: T.N.T. 45 Honor Group 15 Girls' Club Representative 1,25 Chairman Friendly Committee 45 Charity Committee 35 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 300- point 35 Numerals 15 Soccer 1,25 Speedball 3,45 Class Manager 45 Volleyball 25 Basketball 1,2,35 Clogging 35 Archery 25 Fistball 2, 35 Iarbas 35 Treble Clef 25 Glee Club 3,45 ,lunior Music Club 25 Lens Club 35 French Club 3,45 Service Club 3,45 Musicale 35 Knitting Club 45 Girls' Career Club 45 Senior Section Editor of Echoes 45 Stephens. G. Dale Wetterer 0"Googie," Wilmette: Honor Group 15 Student Council Repre- sentative 15 Girls' Club Publicity Committee 45 Assembly Committee 45 Hockey Manager 15 Swimming 2,35 Treble Clef 25 "Wake Up Jonathan" 15 "Enchanted April" 45 French Club 35 Lens Club 45 Broadcasting Club 1: Dramatic Club 1,2,3,45 Echoes Photo Staff 45 News Ad Staff 45 U.C.L.A. Robert Guy Welzel 0 "Bob," Wilmette: Door Guard 45 Usher Corps 45 Nautical Club 3,45 Lens Club 35 Rifle Club 15 North- western. Harry Edward White 0 "Slug," Winnetka: Ushers Corps 45 Basketball 15 Football 3,45 Let- ter 45 Track 45 Boys' Career Club 45 Badminton Club 45 Swing Club 45 Dartmouth. Jean White 0Winnetka: Musicale 35 Royce- mnre 1,2. I43 enior fiuifiefn Shirley Adele White 15 Science Club 35 Glee Club 45 0 "Saw," Winnetka: Hockey 15 Baseball 15 Spanish Club 25 Serv- ice Club 3,45 Swing Club 35 Girls' Career Club 45 News Staff 45 Beloit. Pierce Allen Whiteside 0 "Sneaky," Wilmette: F r o s h - Soph Basketball 15 University of Colorado. Roy Kelly Whittington 0 "Sparky," Kenilworth: Student Council 1,2,35 B u i l d i n g and Grounds Committee 35 Door Guard 45 Football 2,3,45 Letter 2,45 Track 1,2,35 Letter 1,2. Violet Betty Widen 9 Glencoe: Honor Society 45 Honor Group 2,3,45 Girls' Career Club 45 Commerce Club 45 Echoes Staff 35 Associate Editor 45 Moser. Dorothy Agnes Wieland 0 "Dot," Kenilworth: Girls' Club Social Committee 45 G.A.A. 3,45 Treble Clef 25 Spanish Club 35 Knitting Club 4. John Levering Wiese ' "lack," Kenilworth: T.N.T. 3,45 Honor Society 45 Honor Group 1, 2,3,45 Student Council Representa- tive 1,25 Tri-Ship President 45 Usher Corps 3,45 Class Treasurer 35 Swimming Team 1,2,3,45 Letter 1.2,3,45 "Mr, Scrooge" 35 Dramatic Club 3,45 German Club 35 Career Club 45 Yale. Robert James Wiese 0"Bob," Kenilworth: T.N.T. 45 Honor Group 1,2,3,45 Honor So- ciety 45 Student Council Assembly Committee 45 Usher Corps 45 Assistant Head Usher 45 Swimming 2,3,45 Letter 2,3,45 Guard 2,3,45 "Trelawny of the Wells" 5: Glee Club 45 Secretary and President 45 Boys' Ensemble 55 "Pirates of Penzance" 55 Senior Music Club 55 Dramatic Club 55 Spanish Club 45 Secretary 45 Oratory 45 Broad- casting Club 55 President 55 Study Hall Supervisor 55 Princeton. David Whipple Wilder 9"Wilke," Winnetka: Student Council Representative 15 Inter- school Relations Committee 15 Tri- Ship Representative 35 Tri-Ship Chairman, Club Room Committee 45 Swimming 1,2,3,45 Guard 2,3,45 Letter 3,45 Nautical Club 1,2,3. Nancy Phipps Wilder "'Nance," Glencoe: Girls' Club Representative 25 Girls' Club Finance Committee 2,35 G.A.A. 1, 2,3,45 G.A.A. Representative 35 Soccer 25 Rhythms 15 300-point Award 45 Numerals 25 Rifle Club Service Club 45 Badminton Club 45 Frances Shimer. Bradford Will 3 "Brad," Highland Park: Honor Group 15 Track 45 Sports Club 3,4. Raleigh Thomas Williams 'Winnetkaz Honor Society 45 Honor Group 1,2,3,45 Student Council Representative 35 Building and Grounds Committee 35 Tri- Ship Representative 15 Usher Corps 45 Swimming Team 2,3,45 Swimming Letter 2,3,45 Cheerlead- ing Squad 1,2,3,45 Head Cheer- leader 45 Aviation Club 15 Boys' Career Club 4. Ralph Williams U Wilmette: Honor Group 2,35 Gavel Club 45 Lens Club 2,3,45 Echoes Photo Staff 45 Niles Town- ship 15 DePauw. Donald Elbert Wilson ' "Willie," Glencoe: Honor Group 2,3,45 Tri-Ship Representative 15 Class Treasurer 25 Basketball 1,2, 3,45 Captain 45 Letter 2,3,45 Swim- ming 15 Track 15 Oregon. James Douglas Wilson 0 "Jimmie," Wilmette: T.N.T. 45 Honor Society 45 Honor Group 2, 3,45 Student Council Representa- tive 15 Finance Committee 45 ln- formation Desk 45 Student Aid Committee 45 Usher Corps 45 Door Guard 3,45 Football Manager 2,35 Athletic Manager Corps 45 Presi- dent 45 Aviation Club 15 Broad- casting Club 45 Inklings Staff 45 Contributor 35 Echoes Staff 45 News Staff 45 Study Hall Super- visor 45 Notre Dame. J. Jean Wilson 0 Wilmette: Honor Group 3,45 La- crosse 25 Numerals 25 Actors' Guild 3,45 Lens Club 25 French Club 35 Journalism Club 45 Girls' Career Club 45 News Staff 3,45 Carroll. Turner Wilson "'Wils," Kenilworth: T.N.T. 45 Honor Society 45 Honor Group 1,2, 3,45 Student Council Assembly Committee 45 Tri-Ship Publicity Committee 35 Representative 15 Usher Corps 3,45 Class President 25 Publicity Committee 45 "Wap- pin' Warf" 25 "Mr. Scrooge" 35 "Trelawny of the Wells" 45 Glee Club 25 Broadcasting Club 1,3,45 Treasurer 45 Aviation Club 15 Lagniappe 45 Dramatic Club 1,2, 3,45 German Club 45 Echoes Staff 35 Feature Editor 45 Cornell. Walter David Wilson 9 "Wally," Wilmette: Trailic Squad 45 Loyola Academy 1,25 Princeton. Frank Winands 9 Kenilworth. Mary Frances Withrow 0 "Frame," Wilmette: Girls' Club Charity Committee 45 Quill Club 15 Lens Club 25 French Club 35 Badminton Club 45 Girls' Career Club 45 Chevy-Chase. Fred Edward Witt 0 "Fritz," Wilmette. Robert Shepherd Woodbridge "'Woody," Wilmette: Tri-Ship Club Room Committee 45 Career Club 45 Lake Forest. Richard King WoodruE 0 "Dick," Winnetka: Tri-Ship Rep- resentative 25 Class Social Com- mittee 35 "Mr. Scrooge" 35 Stage Crew 3,45 Manager 45 Dramatic Club 3,45 Hamilton. Marion Clark Woolhiser 9 "Woolie," Winnetka: T.N.T. 45 Honor Society 45 Honor Group 1, 2,3,45 Student Council Building and Grounds Committee 1,35 Fi- nancial Committee 45 Inter-school Relations Committee 15 Girls' Club Vice-President 45 Financial Com- mittee 15 Social Committee 25 Class Vice-President 25 Hockey 1, 2,35 Basketball 1,2,35 Fistball 35 Baseball 35 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 300- point Award 25 600-point Award 35 Class Tennis Winner 1,2,3,45 Head of Tennis 45 Treble Clef 15 Glee Club 2,35 Lens Club 15 Career Club 45 Leland-Stanford. Barbara Erwin Worsfold 0 "Bobbie," Kenilworth: Girls' Club Social Committee 45 Senior Girls' Oliice Service Staff 45 Metro- politan Business College. Mary Ellen Wright 9"Mel," Glencoe: Girls' Club Friendly Committee 45 Art League 45 Sketch Club 45 Knitting Club 45 North High School, Sheboygan 1,2,35 Miami. William K. Yates 9 HW. K.," Wilmette: Baseball 1, 25 Football 25 Texas A. 81 M. George Adkins Young 0 "Squirrel," Glencoe: Freshman Play 15 Dramatic Club 1,2,35 Uni- versity of Kentucky. Lawrence Young 0 "Larry," Wilmette: Illinois. Leroy Earl Zicli 0 "Zeke," Hubbard Woods: Honor Society 45 Honor Group 1,2,35 Trailic Squad 35 Information Desk 4: Baseball 1,2-33 I-EUCP 2.3: "Pi- rates of Penzance" 45 Glee Club 1,2,35 Lawrence. A Page Administration .......... .... 1 2 Administration, Student . . 13 Adviser Chairmen ....... .... 1 5 Archaeology Club . .. .. 64 Art Department .... .. 19 B Badminton Club ...... .... 6 9 Band ................ .... 5 2 Baseball-Frosh-Soph . . . .... . . 93 Varsity ............ . 94-95 Basketball--Frosh-Soph . . 83 Varsity ............ 84- 85 Book Club ........... .... 5 8 Boys' Career Club . . . . . . . 65 Broadcasting Club .. .... 72 C Career Clubs .... . . . . . . . 65 Cheer Leaders . - - 48 Chess Club .... . - 66 Choir ......... .-.- 5 4 Coin Club .......... -..- 6 4 Commerce Club ....... .... 6 6 Commerce Department . . . . . . . 20 Committees-G.A.A. . . . . . . 50 Girls' Club ....... .--- 4 5 Student Council .. . . 4-3 Tri-Ship Club . . . . . 47 D Debate Team .... . . . . . . . 59 Door Guards ..... . - 48 Dramatic Activities 70-71 Dramatic Casts ....... .... 7 1 Dramatic Department . . . . . . . 21 E Echoes . . . . . -76-77 Editors ....... - - 76 Staifs ........... .... 7 7 Editors' Comment . . . . . . . 5 English Department . . . . . . . 16 Ensembles ......... .... 5 5 F Feature Section ...... 26-31 Football-Frosh-Soph .... . . .... 82 Varsity ...................... .... 8 0-81 Foreign Language Department . . . . . . . 17 French Club ................. .... 6 2 G G.A.A. ......... .... .... 5 0 -51 Class Managers .. . . 51 Committees ..... . . 51 Point Awards . . . . 50 Representatives -' '. . . . 50 Sports Heads .. . .. 51 a9l'l6!0X Gavel Club ...... Geography Club German Club ....,. Girls' Career Club Girls' Club ........ Page 59 64 63 65 ....44-45 Committees ..,. .... 4 5 Representatives ...... 44 Girls' I-M Sports .. .... 100-101 Girls' Office Staff .... ........ 2 3 Girls' Sports ...... .... 1 02-103 Glee Clubs .... .... 5 6 Golf ........ . . . 96 Guard ....86 H Health Department .......... .... 2 2 Hobby Club .................. .... 6 9 Home Economics Department . . . . . . . 21 Honor Groups ................ .... 1 07 Honor Society .. . .... , 106 I Industrial Arts Department .... .... 2 1 Information Desk ........... .... 4 8 Inklings .......... .... 7 3 In Memoriam .... .... 1 4 I-M Sports . . . .... 98-99 J Journalism Club ...... .... 5 8 Junior Music Club .... .... 5 7 K Knitting Club . . . . . . . . . . 67 L Latin Club.... ....63 LensClub... ....61 Light Crew .... .... 7 1 M Managers Corps .......... .... 4 9 Mathematics Department .... .... 1 5 Miscellaneous Staffs ..... . .... 23 Musicale Club .............. .... 5 7 Music Department ............ .... 2 0 Music Integration Department . . . . . . . 20 Musical Organizations . ....... N Nautical Club . . . . . . New Trier News .. Editors ....... Stalls . . . . . . .52-57 60 ....74-75 75 74 0 Opera Groups . . . . . . Orchestra ..... P Physical Education Departments Props Crew .................... Q Quill Club .. ..... .. R Radio Club .... .... Rifle Club . . . S Science Club ......... Science Department .... Scriblerus Club ...... Senior Music Club Senior Section .... Senior Story . . . Service Club .. Sketch Club ............ Snapshot Section .......... . . Social Studies Department Sports Club ............ Sports Heads-G.A.A. . . . Stage Crew .......... Stamp Club ..... Student Council .... Committees ....... Representatives ...... Study Hall Supervisors .. Swimming-Frosh-Soph . Varsity ............. Swing Club .. . T Tennis . T.N.T. ........... . Track-Frosh-Soph . . . Varsity ......... Traffic Squad .... Travel Club ..... Tri-Ship Club .... Committees .... Representatives . . U Usher Corps . . . . . . . V Visual Education Corps .. Page 54 53 22 72 58 60 68 61 19 58 56 110-144 ....109 68 69 ..32-39 18 4-9 50 72 64 ..42-43 43 43 42 89 . .86l88 57 97 ....108 92 ..90-91 43 67 ..46-48 47 47 46 23 I44 in Q .M H 1 X, 5 Z Syiiiiiib Cnmgwq .1., ,W Q E Q W U H039- OWL 'mo' "'1" W' Um H f f if 'X 5355315533 5 5 his EYE fgmiii? i ga in , M if Hmu'KCo Owx UWN3 M uw bmw mam BME Q 5335535 4 iii E E 5mT0fMU0,3fqW6"qJ' cmd, EU .. .... mf, jTUJ-Qfuihdt EMM- L if 1 535333523211 , 30? Om SCKOOQA ....... ROHJRQQMA XLJavLUwT50f'Vm'L E Q9 2 .Hr Oi J . ...,.., 3 ff X E 93.53321 tha Honmcm BSL """ L-JOM' wma H.- -1' Al' , Ai' W I ? i?J 555 5? ii , 3 35 3 5 maqwfnomwmcwdbm Ui ,Q if .LS 5 fi g ondfdu mw4,m1 mm Sm nwm if E f Mid :sm fm 3 553 .Pg ii iii? ..., 8 .... .Emi sf? ff' "" W

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