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2 -av 2' . .af x fs---A--sv 53511 lt-H. 1. I ,, .. , . F K , . - " t lf f-' t E. . L ,. E L 6. . ..., R . '73l3L.a., gas 0 T. T. is an organization whose purpose is to recognize unusual ability and leadership on the part of students at New Trier. Scholarship. Activities. and Service are factors in the selection. Twenty- seven members of the senior class and fourteen mem- hers of the Junior class were elected to T. N. T. in April hy the twelve active members. Fourteen of these members were selected from the senior boys. thirteen from among the senior girls. seven from among the junior boys. and seven from among the junior girls. The active and new members of T. N. T. voted to change the Constitution making it possible to enlarge the number of members by a unanimous vote of the active members. This was done because they felt that there would not always be the same number of deserving people. The ollicers of T. N. T. this year were Bud Still- Juniors Elected Junior Year .loan Goodnow Lois Pittman Ken Cushman , , ,X . ,.t fif, SPONSORS Miss Hadden Mr. Windoes man, Presidentg Dick La Bonte, Vice Presidentg and Marg Walker, Secretary-Treasurer. The name T. N. T. stands for the Latin phrase, Tenax, Nobile. Triumphans fsteadfast, noble, vic- toriousl. lVle-mbership in this organization is held to be the highest honor attainable by a student at New Trier. Seniors Elected Senior Year Dick Durr Ed Benson Martha Siefkin Anne Hearne Marjorie Bellows Rosemary Mclieighan wi, , , sfwvik I Y ,lean Cleary Cyrena Nelson Bill Steif Carol llill Bill Dodds Bob Frei Peg Pierson Beverly lllenn Betty Chancellor Patty llarshaw Marg: Walker Mary Wilder xlfillll Rodger Gordon Laughead Seniors Elected Junior Year Mickey Bl8f'.'kllSlF1' .lane Records .lack Lawson Jack Davis John Wiese Bud Stillman Bob Landon Dick La Bonte Don Garretson Aimee Wolff Betty Baker Gertrude Weinstock .lane Drucker Frances Schipfer joan Gerwe ,loan Felsenthal T .N.T. ,lean Kritzer Barbara Hypes Don French Tommy Ellis Mickey fNIcFadzean Pete Oliver Bob Farwell First Row-Records. Walker. Bellows, Mclieighan, Wolff, Baker. Weinstock, Drucker, Harshaw, Schipfer, Gerwe, Macalister, Pierson, Glenn. Second Row-Rodgers. Stillman, Felsenthal. Hill, Goodnow, Siefkin. Cleary, l-learne, Kritzer, Hypes. Wilder, Chancellor. Pittman, Laughead. Dodds. French. Third Row-Lawson, Oatis, LaBonte, Ellis, McFadzean, Oliver, Farwell, Durr, Benson, Mclieown, Garretson, Landon. B. Wiese. D. Cushman, Barnett, Frei, K, Cushman, Steif, Drucker, J. Wiese. Ed lIcKeown Yince Oatis Bob Wiese Don Cushman Jack Barnett Bill Drucker Ted Rockwell Ixwxwewi- niitlraimn x :tx all t 0 This years senior class. noted for its unorthodox ways. upheld its reputation in its selection of the place and benefit of the Senior Hop. This year the Hop, held at Chicago's Edgewater Beach Hotel. was a tremendous success and a credit to the senior ofh- cers. The proceeds went to furthering the field of scholarships presented by the Tri-Ship and Girls' Club, and was not spent o11 a definite class gift as in previous years. This was decided upon since the SENIOR ADVISERS First Row-Miss Dorothy Walker, Mrs. Margaret Gallie, Mrs. Inga Page, Miss Eva Thorne, Mrs. Margel Hildebrand, Mrs. Helen Stolle, Miss Louise Hamilton. Second Row-Mr. Paul Delaporte, Mr. Robert Carpenter. Mr. Jerome Prendergast, Mr. R. Stanley Peterson, Mr. Nelson Lehman, Mr. Miner Coburn, Mr. Harold Caton, Mr. Roland Wehr. Mr. George Edwards. A l in , SENIOR ADVISER CHAIRMEN Miss Helen Maloney. Mr. Frederick Kahler. school could not avail itself of many previous gifts. and it was thought better to have a Senior Hop which would be enjoyed more. The selection of graduating apparel was the subject of more than one heated assembly and was brought up for election numerous times. The final decision was for summer formals. but the type was left to each individual. The Tri-Ship award. our school's highest appreci- ation of a student's service and benefit to the school. was presented this year to Dewitt lBudl Stillman. one of the few Tri-Ship presidents to receive the award. Dick LaBonte and Jack Davis were the other leading contenders for the award and tension was high upon its presentation. The D.A.R. award was won this year by Marv Wilder. This award is unique in that it stands not for service but for citizenship. Like the Tri-Ship award it is decided by the vote of the school. f xx X X Wx, n i we T By . V .nr L K' 4 .DK X I X, ij, lg V,-1.5 N-7, E Iolyggtyf.-til mi Arthur B. Adair 0'6Art," Kenilworth: Honor Group 3,4: Tri-ship Business Manager 4: Tri-ship Student Aid Committee 4: Track 2,3: "R.U.R." 3: Lens Club 2: D1'amatic Club 3: Usher Corps 4: U.C.L.A. Sally Adams 0"Sue." Kenilworth: Girls' Club Social Committee 4: Swimming .lunior Life-saving 3: Hockey 1.2: News Stafl' 3.4: Echoes Staff 3: Spanish Club 2.3.4: Prom Committee 3: Marywood Academy 1: Chicago. Richard Aishton 0 "Aysh," Winnetka: Stage Crew 1: Glec Club 2,3: "Trial by Jury" 2: "Chimes of Normandy" 3: "H.M.S. Pinaforeu 4: Opera Group 3.4: Dartmouth. Doris Alldredge 0Wilmette: Treble Clef 2: Glee Club 3 Eleanor Altman 9Wilmette: G.A.A. 2.3.41 Volleyball 4: German Club 2.3: Lens Club 4: Moser. Carol Cecile Andersen 0g'Andie." Wilmette: Glee Club 3.4. Marcia Anderson i Wilmette: Honor Group 2.3: Girls' Club Friendly Committee 2: Girls' Club Pub- licity Committee 4: Soccer 2.3: Speedball 4: Rhythms 2: Numerals 2: G.A.A. 2.3.41 300-point Award 2: Treble Clef 1: Glee Club 2.4: Inklings Illustrator 4: Lens Club 2: Art Staff Echoes 4: Art League 2: Actors' Guild 4: Beloit. Mitzi Anderson "'Andy," Kenilworth: Honor Society 4: Lens Club 2,41 Lake View High School 1.3: Grinnell. Richard Andrews 0 "Andy," Wilmette: Football 2,4-: Letter 4: Basketball 3.4: Letter 4: Glee Club 1: Michigan. William Andrews "Andy," Winnetka: Honor Group 2: News Staff 4: Evanston 1: Cornell. Charles Antle 9 Winnetka. 100 sk V "?A'.'i.'Z5f Bettyjcan Arcus 0"Betty." Wilmette: Girls' Club Repre- sentative 2: .lunior Life-saving 3: Treble Clef 2: Glee Club 3,4: Lens Club 3.4: Travel Club 4: Monticello. Nancy Ann Arms 0"Nan." Wilmette: G.A.A. 3.4: Treble Clef 1: Glee Club 2: Opera Group 3.4: Choir 3.4: Ensemble 4: "Chimes of Nor- mandy" 3: "H.M.S. Pinafore" 4: French Club 2.3: Senior Music Club 4: MacMur- rav. M. Denise Armstrong 9 "Dennie." Wilmette: Rhythms 2: Basket- ball 2.3: News Stall 3: Lens Club 3: French Club 3.4: Travel Club 4: Holly- wood. Florida 1: Evanston 1: Northwest- ern. Raymond W. Armstrong "Bumps," Wilmette: Rifle Club 4: Illi- nois. Crawford G. Bailey Q Wilmette: Three-lap Relay 4: Sports Club 4: Evanston 3.4: Armour. cttw 45? gf ir' I X N If I X 1 52 ' I E T C il i ff bp ,f 'C " 1?-ff ttuotw 5' Betty Alice Baker 0Winnetka: T.N.T. 4: Honor Group 1,2,3: Honor Society 4: GA.A. 2,3,4: Rifle Team 2: Hockey Manager 4: Girls' Club Arrangements Committee 2: Publicity Committee 4: Council Social Committee 4: "The Witching Hour" 4: "H.M.S. Pina- fore" 4: Treble Clef 1: Glee Club 2,3: Opera Group 4: Choir 4: Ensemble 4: Inklings Stalf 4: Contributor 1,2,3,4: Quill Club 1: Rifle Club 2,3: Senior Music Club 4: Dramatic Club 4: Scriblerus Club 4: S.H. Supervisor 4: Williams Prize 3: Prom Committee 3: Rockford. Olivia R. Baker 9 "Ruthie," Winnetka: Girls' Club Repre- sentative 4: Council Representative 1,22 Council Charter and Contact Committee 2: French Club 2: Lens Club 3: Illinois. Jacqueline R. Balhatchet ' "Jackie," Wilmette: G.A.A. 2,3,4: Girls' Club Charity Committee 1: Arrangements Committee 3: Representative 2: Treble Clef 2: Drivers' Club 2: Vice-President 2: Lens Club 3: Northwestern. Marion Balmes 0 "Becky." Winnetka: Commerce Club 2.4: Natural Science Club 3. John F. Barnett 0 "Jack," Glencoe: T.N.T. 4: Co-chairman Council Publications Committee 4: Stage Lighting Crew 1: Basketball 1: News Staff 2: Sports Editor 3: Co-Editor-in-Chief 4: Echoes Staff 2: Dartmouth. W'alter J. Baron 0 "Bubbles," Wilmette: Touch Football 1: Purdue. Arthur Barrett 9 "Mac," Winnetka: Light Crew 3,4: News Staff 4: Echoes Staff 4: Radio Club 1.2,3, 4: Vice-President 3: Lens Club 3.4: Vice- President 4: Traliic Squad 4: Princeton. Benjamin S. Barrett 0Wilmette: Swimming 2: Echoes Staff 1.2: Information Desk 4: Miami. William H. Bartlett 0"Bill," Basketball 1: Natural Science Club 1,2: Chess Club 2: Geology Club 2: Spanish Club 4: Travel Club 4: Illinois. 74.6 5bAoe5 SE ,f "" , x 43 4 A, s 's Wi, , 'Mitra K , . N X tu X f H 1 3. 1 . fu lh9Qac JJ l' J I Natalie A. Bartling 0"Tink," Glenview: Honor Society 4: Honor Group 2.3.4: Archeology Club 2: lnklings Contributor 2: Beloit. Lillian L. Baumiller 0 "Lil," Wilmette: Hockey 1: Library As- sistant 3: Moser. Lucille M. Bayles 0 "Cily." Wilmette: French Club 3.4: El Paso, lllinois 1.2: Antioch. Miriam Berry Bazelon 0 "Mimi," Glencoe: Riding 2.3: French Club 2: Hirsch 1: Michigan. Ernest A. Beck "'Emie.,' Winnetka: S'Tom Sawyer" 1: Glee Club 1: Opera Group 2.3: "Mikado" 1: "Trial by Jury" 2: Usher Corps 4: Kenyon. Elizabeth J. Becker 0 "Betty," Kenilworth: Girls' Club Repre- sentative 3: Charity Committee 4: G.A.A. 2,3,4: Stephens. Lorraine Beecher 0"Lorry," Wilmette: Honor Society 4: Honor Group 1.2,3,4: Girls' Club Publicity and Arrangements Committee 1: French Club 2.3: Science Club 2: Carroll. James Beirnes 0"Nic," Wilmette: Honor Society 4: Honor Group 2.3: Council Representative 1: Tri-ship Representative 1.3: Lens Club 2,3: Career Club 4: Exeter. jig QA... l0R ACTI Charles H. Belfield 0"Chuck." Wilmette: Table Tennis Dou- bles Champion 3: Stamp Club 2.3: Ar- l'Il0Lll'. Leonard R. Bell 9 "Chick," Winnetka: B a s e b al l 1.2.3: Numerals 2. Murial H. Bell 0 "Micki," Glencoe: G.A.A. 2.3.4: North- western. Margery A. Bellows 0 "Midge," Glencoe: T.N.T. 4: Honor So' ciety 4: Honor Group 1,2.3.4: Council Representative 2: Assembly Committee 2: Chairman Girls' Club Arrangements Com- mittee 4: Financial Committee 2: Charity Committee 3: G.A.A. 2.3,4: Dramatic Club 3.4: Players 4: Props Crew 3.4: Co-Head 4: Treble Clef 2: Glee Club 3.4: News Stall 3.4: Echoes Stall' 4: Quill Club 1.2: Scriblerus Club 2.3.4: Vice-Pres ident 3.4: French Club 2,3.4: President 4: Inklings Staff 3.4: Service Club 3.4: Penn Hall. Inga A. Bengston U "Bengie." Winnetka: Honor Society 4: Honor Group Baseball 2: News Staff 4: Commerce Club 2.4: Secretary 4. Edwin B. Benson "'Bud," Wilmette: T.N.T. 4: Council Representative 1: Tri-ship Representative 1: Football 2: Opera Group 1.2,3.4: Choir 2.3.4: Ensemble 3.4: "Trial by Jury" 2: 5'Chimes of Normandy" 3: "H.M.S. Pina- fore" 4: Senior Music Club 3.4: Trafiic Squad 4: Northwestern. Nancy A. Bercaw 0 Wilmette: Honor Society 4: Honor Group G.A.A. 2,3,4: Representative 3.4: Chairman 4: 300-point Award 2: 500- point Award 2: 600-point Award 2: 800- point Award 3: Oliicials 2: Hockey 2.3.4-: Basketball 2,3,4: Swimming Rifle 1.2: Baseball 2,3,4: LaCrosse l.2.3.4: Vol- leyball 4: Orchestra 1: Junior Music Club 1.2: Michigan. Marcia J . Bernd! 0 '5Marsh." Wilmette: Lens Club 3: Arch- eology Club 4: Travel Club 4: Lake Forest. Marge Joy Best 0"Maggie." Wilmette: Treble Clef 2: Glee Club 3: Lens Club 2: Sketch Club 4: lnklings Contributor 4: Stephens. ITIE Harry Knox Betlinghaus 9 Wilmette: Council Representative 2: Tri-ship Representative 3: News Staff 4: Echoes Stall 3: Track 2.4: Spanish Club 2: Illinois. Janet R. Bichl ' "lan," Wilmette: Girls' Club Represen- tative 1: G.A.A. 3.4: Treble Clef 2: Glee Club 3.4: Quill Club 1: French Club 3: Archeology Club 4: Secretary 4: DePauw. Virginia E. Bittner 0"Gin." Wilmette: Honor Group 3.4: G.A.A. 2.3.4: Head of Recreational Sports 2: Art Club 1.2,3: Lens Club 4: Mac- Murray. Betty B. Bleser 0 Wilmette: French Club 2: Service Club 4: Evanston Business. Raymond P. Bloom 9 'SRay," Wilmette: Honor Group 2.3: ln- formation Desk 4: Touch Football 4: Ten- nis Doubles 3: Orchestra l.2.3.4: Glee Club 1.2: "Mikado," 1: "Trial by Jury" 2: "Chimes of Normandy" 3: "H.M.S. Pina- fore" 4: News Staff 4: Echoes Staff 4: Stamp Club 2.3.4-: Secretary 4: Rifle Club 2.4: Lens Club 4: Antioch. Burton W. Blow 0 Winnetka: Baseball 2.3: Commerce Club 0 John E. Blum "il" Wilmette: Council Representative 4: Building and Grounds Committee 4: Information Desk 4: Usher Corps 3: Foot- ball 2.3,4: Numerals 2: Letter 4: Relay Team 4: Purdue. Thelma Bondy 9 Winnetka i H f QV 'muobiib lOl ,U 1 55 'Fh- 513: -3... as Yu .313 : 3 Q 9? I E Jolm F. Bonner 0 i'Stack." Hubbard Woods: Baseball 3.42 Letter 3.4: Football 4: Harvard. Sally Bonner 0"Bonnie." Winnetka: French Club 2: Morgan Park 1: American Conservatory of Music. Elizabeth Bonnet 0 "Bonnie," Kenilworth: Girls' Club Vice- President 4: Arrangements Committee 2: Dramatic Club 2.3.-1: Player 4: Proper- ties Crew 2.3.4: Echoes Staff 3: Riiie Club 1.2: Lens Club 1.2: French Club 4. Colo- rado College. Bob Bookless 0"Booky," Glencoe: Football Champs 3: News Staff 4: Commerce Club 3.4: French Club 1: Broadcasting Club 2: lnklings Contributor 2.4. Carey Ellen Boone 0"Foxie." Kenilworth: Honor Society 4: Girls' Club Representative 4: Publicity Committee 4: G.A.A. 3.4: Board 4: Clog- ging 3: Rhythms 3.4: Speedball 4: Numer- als 3. 300-point Award 3: Official 4: Head of Rhythms 4: 600-point Award 4: 800- point Award 4: Archaeology Club 3: French Club 3.4: Service Club 4: Travel Club 4: Austin 1: Hyde Park 2: Wellesley. Earl Walter Borre 'Wilmette: lnfonnation Desk 3.4: Bas- ketball l,2.3.4: Captain 4: Baseball 1.2.3. 4: Football 4: Southern California. Robert J. Boyle 0 "Bob," Wilmette: Rifle Club 3.4: Team 4: Nautical Club 3: Spanish Club 4: Ev- anston 1: DePauw. ,j CSN fr If ff? ' ,, fi x 'Ml QMXWDXEW 104 I0lt.AC Arthur Jefferson Boynton 0Winnetka: Council Representative 1,2: Basketball 1.2.3: Football 4: Letter 4. Nathan T. Brenner 0"'Nat," Kenilworth: Band 1.2.3: Stamp Club 2: Lens Club 4: Nautical Club 4: Purdue. Eleanore E. Briggs 0"Elly," Wilmette: Girls' Club Repre- sentative 3: Soccer 1.2.3: Rhythms 1.2: Archery 1.2.3: Volleyball 3: Baseball 2: French Club 1.2.3: Archaeology Club 2: Northwestern. Annabelle Brown 0 Wilmette: Honor Group 4: Treble Clef 2: Glee Club 4: Commerce Club 3: Frances Shimer. C. Kimball Brown "'Kim." Wilmette: Track Cap- tain 4: Numerals 1: Varsity Letter 2.3.4: Football 4: Minor Letter 4: News Staff 3.4: Vanderbilt. Martha Brown 0 "Marty," Wilmette: Treble Clef 1: Glee Club 2: Driving Club 2: Spanish Club 1.2: Broadcasting Club 1: lllinois. William W. Brown 9"Bill." Hubbard Woods: Tri-ship Rep- resentative 1: Football Numerals 2: Letter 4: Swimming 1.2.3: Numerals 2: Glee Club 2: Arizona. Betty M. Bruce 0"Boop." Wilmette: Honor Group 2,4: Girls' Club Publicity Committee 4: G.A.A. 2.3,4: Echoes Staff 1: Lens Club 1,2.3,4: Secretary 4: Quill Club 1: French Club 3.4: Mary Baldwin. Dorothy F. Bruchhauser 0 "Dottie," Wilmette: St. Mary - of - the - Woods 1: Evanston Business College. Anne Bruggeman 0 Hubbard Woods: Shaker Heights 1.2.33 Wellesley. Al Bruschini "LBertie." Winnetka: Honor Group 1: Football 2: Numerals 2: Baseball 1,2,3.4: Numerals 1.2: Letter 3.4. Tl ITIE 1 N' X L IX get 'xxgffgv " .. 461, Francoise Brush 0 "France," Glencoe: Honor Group 3: Girls' Club Publicity Committee 4: G.A.A. 2.3,4: Treble Clef 2: Lens Club 2: French Club 2.3.41 Service Club 4: lllinois. John G. Bulger 0 Winnetka: Canterbury 1.2.3: Lowell. Barbara Burch 0"Barb," Winnetka: Girls' Club Repre- sentative 2: Social Committee 2: Charity Committee 3: G.A.A. 2.3,4: Speedball 3: Echoes Staff 2.4: Business Manager 4: Art League 1,2,3: French Club 2.3,4: Pine Manor. Eileen A. Butler "'Butter." Wilmette: Girls' Club Repre- sentative 4: G.A.A. 3.4: Soccer Champs 3: Numerals 3: Spanish Club 2,3.4: Glee Club DePauw. Edna M. Butzow 9Glenview: German Club 4: Luther ln- stitute 1.2. Dorothy Jeanne Byrne 0"Dodie." Glencoe: G.A.A. 2.3,4: Treble Clef 2: Glee Club 3: Lens Club 2,3: Spanish Club 2,3: lnklings Contributor 4: Lake Forest. Alice M. Callender 0 "Al," Wilmette: Honor Group 3: Girls' Club Representative 3: Glee Club 3: Lens Club 3: Rifle Club 4: Amundsen 1,2: Westminster. .748 QA... E Illll ACTIVITIE WWW XS sd fl Sf X nop "3-Bi Bavlwjll' Harry S. Canfield Uulce House," Glencoe: Rifle Club 4: Illinois Frances P. Carey 0 "Shrimpy,', Hubbard Woods. Bruce R. Carlson 9"Bruce," Winnetka: Honor Society 4: Honor Group 1,2,3,43 "H.M.S. Pinaforeu 4-3 Lens Club 3.43 Career Club 43 Senior Music Club 2.3.42 Princeton. Tom Carney 9"Percy,', Wilmette: Football 2.3.43 Nu- merals 23 Letter 3,43 Track Letter 1.2.3,42 T.C.U. Clinton A. Carpenter 9 "Clint.,, Wilmette: Honor Society 43 Honor Group Council Representa- tive 13 Orchestra 1.2.3343 "Mikado,' 13 "Trial by Jury" 23 "Chimes of Normandy" 33 "H.M.S. Pinaforen 43 Rochester. Phillip M. Carpenter 0"PhiI.,' Wheeling: Tri-ship Representa- tive 43 Washington and Lee. Theodore Carpen tier 9"Carpie." Winnetka: Nautical Club 233, 43 German Club 2.33 Debate Team 4: Princeton. Bruce Carson 9 Winnetka. Paul Casterline 0 "Casty," Wilmette: Honor Group 13 Tri- ship Dance Committee 43 Council Repre- sentative 33 Information Desk 43 Track 2.3.43 Letter 23 Tennis 3.4: Nautical Club 23 Career Club 4. we 524.025 Edward J. Cerven 0 Wilmette. Dorothy Patricia Chancellor 0"Patty," Wilmette: T.N.T. 3.43 Council Representative 33 Interschool Relations Committee 3.4: Secretary State Council 4: G.A.A. 12.3.43 Social Chairman 3: 300- point Award 23 600-point Award 33 Hockey 1,2.3.4: Numerals 13 Swimming 3: Base' ball 1.23 LaCrosse 1: Rhythms 2: Girls' Club Charity 2: President of Girls' Club 4: Treble Clef 1: Glee Club 2.33 Opera Group 43 "H.M.S. Pinafore" 43 Echoes Staff 3.4: Service Club 3.43 Vice-president 33 Connecticut. Rosemary ,Ioan Chubb 0"Chubby.,' Wilmette: Treble Clef 43 Lens Club 4: Stanford. Eugenia M. Church 0 "Turk," Wilmette: Soccer 2.3: Numerals 23 300-point Award 3: Oflicials Award 43 Red Cross Award 33 Broadcasting Club 23 Natural Science Club 2: Spanish Club 43 Miami. Johnson Clark 0 "Johnny." Winnetka: Football 43 Letter 4: Swimming 2.3.41 Letter 2,3.4: Echoes Staff 3: Co-Business Manager 4: Stamp Club 23 President 23 Guard 2.33 Prince- ton. Marian Arlene Clark 9 "Irish," Wilmette: Basketball Champs 33 Lewis Institute. Helen E. Clarke 0"Helen." Wilmette: Honor Group 4: Hockey 1.3.43 Soccer 23 Speedball 4: Bas- ketball Fist Ball 1.23 Volleyball 3.43 Swimming 1.2.3343 Handball LaCrosse G.A.A. 300-point Award 23 600-point Award 2: 800-point Award 33 Officials 43 Oratory 4: Michigan. Matilda M. Clark 0"Tillie." Winnetka: Honor Society 4: Honor Group 1.2: Council Charter and Contact Committee 3: G.A.A. Girls' Club Employment Committee 13 Charity Committee 43 Orchestra "Chimes of Normandy" 33 "H.M.S. Pina- fore" 4: Glee Club 3: Opera Group 4: Wellesley. Mary Elizabeth Cleveland 0 "Betty." Winnetka: Friendly Committee for Girls' Club 33 Charity Committee 4: Treble Clef 3: Glee Club 4: Senior Music Club 2.3.4: Honor Group 2.3.4: Convent of the Sacred Heart 1: Northwestern. Betty J. Clifford 9 Winnfftka. W'illiam S. Cloud "'Willy." Wilmette: Baseball 3.1: Light- weight Basketball Champs 1: School Hand- ball Champ 3.4: lleall of 131 llanfllrall 4: California. W'illiain F. Coale 0"Bill." W'innetka: Honor Society 43 Honor Group 1.2.3: Tri-ship Representa- tive 33 Touch Football Champs 4: Table Tennis Champ 3: "Wake Lp. Jonathan" 2: Dramatic Club 2.3.41 Michigan. Mary Virginia Cohrs 0"Ginger." Glencoe: GAA. Soccer 3: Basketball 3: Riding 3.43 French Club 3: Rifle Club 3: Lens Club 3: Dramatic Club 4g Starrett 1.2: Pine Manor. Randolph Buck Coleman 9"Randy." Wfinnetkaz '6The Witching Hourq 43 Rifle Club 2.3.43 Team 3.4: Treasurer 43 Career Club 4: Lens Club 3.42 Science Club 4: North Shore School of Concentration. Jo Ann Collyer ' ".loan." Wilmette: Girls' Club Social Committee 4: Charity Committee 33 G.A.A. 2.3.43 French Club 33 Lens Club 3. Robert F. Compton 9"Bob." Glencoe: Basketball 3: Volley- ball 23 Glee Club 2.33 Opera Group fl-3 "H.M.S. Pinafore' 4: News Staff 3: Echoes Staff 43 Lens Club 3,43 Rifle Club 4: Traffic Squad 4: Amherst. . ' f xexsx A 5 3' . 'fx Z X , f XFX Vx l -'Ein ns.. ' 33 A f is Q ,., 1 .ft x Z IYKWKQ v gf X Q A.R. lLNo MARY' 105 others diminished in importance, until in 1923 they disappeared and the yearbook appeared alone. In 1926 R. H. Carpenter appeared on the scene, and the following year the Echoes boasted a hard cover, more pictures and more names, and assumed the appearance of a modern yearbook. Since then the improvement has been a steady one, with no outstanding jump in one year. The New Trier News had sustained many changes and knocks since it first appeared. We have already touched upon its pre-war history under Messrs. Kahler, Pifer and Small in that order. After 1918 it reappeared under the sponsorship of Mr. Hutchens, now head of the English department. But interest seemed to dwindle, and it was dropped for a year for lack of funds. At the beginning of the school year 1924-25 the figure of Robert H. Carpenter darkens the journal- istic horizon, as he steps in, and takes the News in his able hands. Smooth stock appeared and the News was run on a Goldwynian scale. There were at times literally scores of students working on the News, at one time, 10 co-editors! After another relapse because of expenses, an agreement was made with 1-lollister,s publishing company and '4New Trier News Notesi' appeared as a department in the local Hollister papers as a tem- porary substitute. These were dark months for the school and not the least hit were the News and the Echoes which were considered luxuries. According to the 1932 Echoes: HDue to the depression, heat and light were turned off at 3:30 and the staffs had to labor diligently in the cold, dark typing roomf' With the advent of the activities ticket the News took new life, and since a large subscription was assured, high pressure sales techniques were aban- doned, and a better paper resulted. Since the adop- tion of the smaller size two years ago little change has occurred. In this, the first year since Mr. Carpenteris resig- nation, both the News and the Echoes have succeeded in advancing New Trier's journalistic frontiers. ECHOES 1 X ri. ,Y fr . 6 . 1Hli.. Q J' ,,,, 11915 s xg- xi fl 1 ,1 l . ' wwf PW 'fi w i th A 51 . , CHRl2j'i4 8a30.a.Q I fx Qi ' Q We mcowffftr A I' if Lx X' - 'A 'lea f is X ' N X A K Q ' tis JM 2 pxckw no X-X -is X j - 3' i 2 5 QS QQ f S X 'W Q K aw wi E o Kuugucf Z Evlwifs J, ' f WHHPPED ' -JV-" - jg I Q lgwg 'Q f -M :ij 1 A El 'r H E jf . Wx Q Q af.. N ' ,143-4-.4du,. wvafw- 'MW41 - QQMTR 6531-if 'MAX A SE O c X 4, ts l . ts. X Y o N F "ng if 3 Q ff mf Q or ' fi 979 BY Frank L. Condi! 0 "Pancho" Wilmette: Tri-ship Repre- sentative l: Council Representative 42 "Trial by Jury" 2: "Chimes of Normandy" 3: "H.M.S. Pinaforeu 4: Glee Club 2.3: Choir 3.4: Ensemble 4: Usher Corps 4: Grinnell. E. Gardiner Cook 0 Winnetka: Deerfield Academy 3: Brown. John W. Cook 0 Winnetka: Tri-ship Representative 4: Club Room Committee 3: Dinner Commit- tee 4: Football Manager 3: Letter 3: Track Manager 3.4: Letter 3.4: Orchestra 1: Echoes Staff 2: Ilsher Corps 3.4: Rifle Club 1: Lens Club l: Dartmouth. William Mattison Cooter 0 '6Bill." Kenilworth: Tri-ship Representa- tive 4: Stamp Club 1: Drivers' Club 1.2: President 2: Lens Club l.2.3.4: Presi- dent 4: Broadcasting Club 4: Career Club 4: Dramatic Club Player 4: "Tom Sawyer" 1: "Quality Street" 2: "Royal Family" 4: Information Desk 3.4: lsher Corps 4: Northwestern. Richard Cordts 9"Corky." Wilmette: Tri-ship Represen- tative 2: Football 4: Basketball 1.2: Track 2: Glee Club 3.4: Stamp Club 1: News Staff 3,4: Northwestern. Porter G. Cormany 0 "Port," Winnetka: Rifle Club 3.4: Team 3.-1: Assistant Range Ollicer 4: Centre. Daniel J. Coyne "'Dan." Wilmette: Swimming 2: Nauti- cal Club 2.3: Spanish Club 2.3.4: Loyola Academy 1: Cornell. 108 l0R ACTIITIE Elizabeth Ann Crawford 0 "Bets," Wilmette: Honor Group 2.4: G.A.A. 2.3.4, Representative 4. Soccer 2,3, Champs 3: Clogging 3.4: Head 4: 300 point Award 3: Girls, Club Financial Com- mittee 4: Science Club 1: Archeology Club 2: French Club 3: Lens Club 4: Serv- ice Club 4: Carleton. Lorraine Ruth Cross "'Red," Wilmette: Treble Clef 2: Glee Club 3.4: Commerce Club 1.2: Lens Club 3: Evanston Academy of Fine Arts. Juliet R. Crowder 0"Doodie," Winnetka: Honor Society 4: Honor Group l.2,3.4: G.A.A. 2.3.4: Repre- sentative 3.4: Girls' Club Social Commit- tee 3: Friendly Committee 4: Council Representative 3: Charter and Contact Committee 3: Properties Crew 3.4: Lens Club 2: Scriblerus 2.3.4: Dramatic Club 4: French Club 3,4: Vice-President 41 News Staff 3: Echoes Stall 4: Service Club 3.4: Williams Literary Award 1,23 lvellesley. ft: John A. Cummings 0'i,lack." Niles Center: St. George 1.2: Dayton. Mary K. Cunningham 0 Kenilworth: Aviation Club 2: Lens Club 3: Stephens. Sarah Jean Curley "Sue," Wilmette: G.A.A. 2.3.4: Service Club 4. Don C. Cushman "'Cush." Glencoe: T.N.T. 4: Honor Group 4: Track 2.3.4: Numerals 2: Letter 3.4: Touch Football 3: Tri-ship Represen- tative 4: Glee Club 2: Opera Club 3.4, "Chimes of Normandy" 3. "H.M.S. Pina- fore" 4: News Staff 4: Rifle Club 1: Nau- tical Club 3.4: Inklings Contributor 2: Traihc Squad 4. Frances H. Dahncke "'Franny," Wilmette: Treble Clef 2: Glee Club 3: Opera Group 4. "H.M.S. Pinafore" 4: Natural Science Club 2: Ger- man Club 3.4: .lunior Music Club 2: Northwestern. Roger Dailey 0Winnetka: Track 2,3,4: Numerals 2: Letter 3.4: Tri-Ship Representative 3: Evanston 1: Northwestern. Grover Daly 0 "Groover," Niles Center: Honor Society 4: Honor Group 1,2,3.4: Tennis 2.3.4: Letter 2.3.4: Tennis Champ 1: Track Re- lay Champ 4: Council Representative 4: Editor of Echoes Group Pictures 4: Princeton. Willianl Frank Dathan 0 "Bill," Glencoe: Track 1,2,3.4: Numerals 1.2: Letter 4: Spanish Club 3: News Stall 3: Illinois. John F. Davis ' flank." Glencoe: T.N.T. 3,4: Honor Cioup 4: Class President 4: Council Rep- resentative l,3: Finance Committee 3: President 4: Tri-Ship Representative 2: Dinner Committee 3: Football 3.4: Letter 3.4: Swimming 2.3,4: Letter 2,3.4: Swim- ming Award 2: Guard 4: Baseball l.2.3,4: Numerals 1.2: Letter 3.4: Senior Music Club 4: Glee Club 1,2.3: Opera Group 4: Choir 4: Ensemble 4: News Staff 3: Er-hoes Staff 4: U.S. Naval Academy. Robert A. Davis 9"Bob." Glencoe: Baseball 2.3.4: Letter 2.3.4: Basketball 1: Glee Club: Illinois. Stuart Davis 0 Wilmette. William H. Davis "'Stinky." Wilmette: Tennis 3.4: Track Manager 3.4: IM Featherweight Basket- ball 1: Swimming Champs 3: News Stall' 3.4: Echoes Stall 3.4: Washington and Lee. Donald Decker U "Star," Winnetka: Dorchester High, Wis. Kenneth G. Decker 0i'Ken." Winnetka: Aviation Club 3: Dorchester High. Wis. Robert DeVinny 0 "Bob," Wilmette: Football 1.2: Numerals 1.2: Track 1,2,3,4: Numerals 1: Letter 2,3,4: Spanish Club 3: Washington and Lee. 4742 576095 E Richard H. Dewar 9"Dick," Wilmette: Baseball 3,43 Letter 43 Evanston 13 Beverly Hills 2. James Ervin Dewey 9 "Jug," Winnetka: Council Charter and Contact Committee 33 Tri-Ship Clubroom Committee 43 Usher 43 Information Desk 3.43 Football 2,3,43 Letter 3.43 Basketball 33 Baseball 1,2.3,43 Numerals 1.23 Captain 23 Letter 3,43 Captain 43 Rifle Club lg Dartmouth. Pierino DiCesare 9 "Pierre," Winnetka: Glee Club 3. Jeanne Valerie Dickerson 9 "Dicky." Kenilworth: Honor Group 1.2,3,43 Council Representative lg Publica- tions Committee 13 "Wake Up Jonathan" 23 Treble Clef 1,23 Glee Club 2.3.43 Lens Club 1.2.33 French Club 2.33 Quill Club. 23 Dramatic Club 2.3.43 RiHe Club 43 lnklings Contributor 33 Duke. 4-09510 FJ iii .QT A ff 4, 1 . 0 M33 ANZ, xzuyetf' ,lean L. Dickey 9 "Dickey," Winnetka: Honor Society 43 Honor Group 33 Girls' Club Representative 33 G.A.A. 3.43 Social Committee 43 French Club 3,43 Mount Hebrun 13 Montclair 23 Smith. Robert Mathias Didier 9"Rocks." Wilmette: Commerce Club 2.3.43 Metropolitan Business. Robert William Dierker, Jr. 9"Bill," Winnetka: Baseball 33 Football Champs 33 "The Witching Hour" 43 Stamp Club 23 Lens Club 43 Dartmouth. Virginia Louise Dietz 9 "Ginny," Winnetka: Honor Group 1,23 G.A.A. 1,2,3.43 Soccer 1,33 Basketball Champs 13 Numerals 33 Treble Clef 23 Glee Club 3g Opera Group 43 'GH.M.S. Pinafore" 43 Spanish Club 43 National College of Education. UAB 524095 I0lt.AC Name. -Qin 3... Patricia Dillon 9 "Pat," Winnetka. Joan Dartt Dittmar 9".Iohnny." Wilmette: Rifle Club 43 Washburn 1.2. Dora J. Dougherty 9'iDods," Winnetka: G.A.A. 2.3.43 Glee Club 33 Echoes Staff 43 Radio Club 2,33 Aviation Club 2g Sketch Club 3: Library Assistant 33 Ward Belmont. Orrin King Dowse 9 "Paduka," Winnetka: Football 2.3.43 Numerals 23 Letter 43 Joliet 1: Amherst. Shirley L. Doyle We C313 kfkxr 9 "Shirt," Glencoe' rench Club 2.3.43 Lens Club 33 Wardie . Jane Mary Drucker 9 "Boo," Wilmette: TNT 43 Honor Society 43 Honor Group 1,2.3.43 Council Represen- tative 1.2.33 Assembly Committee 2, Inter- School Relation Committee 33 Girls' Club Social Committee Chairman 43 Publicity Committee 33 G.A.A. 2.3.43 Swimming 23 "The Witching Hour" 43 Orchestra "Trial by Jury" 23 "Chimes of Normandy" 3: "H.M.S. Pinaforeu 43 News Staff 33 Echoes Staff 2.33 Co-Chairman Circulation Staff 43 Junior Music Club 1.23 Senior Mu- sic Club 3.43 Quill Club 1: German Club 33 Lens Club 33 Dramatic Club 43 Smith. William Richard Drucker 9"Bill," Wilmette: TNT 43 Tri-Ship Treasurer 43 Club Room Committee 33 Usher Corps 3,43 Information Desk 43 Swimming Numerals 1.23 Letter 3.43 Co-Captain 43 Guard 2.3.43 Captain 43 Echoes Staff 33 Co-Chairman Circulation Staff 43 Debate 2.33 Gavel Club 23 Na- tional Forensic League 43 Amherst. Richard H. Durr 9 "Dick," Kenilworth: TNT 43 Class Treas- urer 43 Tri-Ship Chairman of Student Aid Committee 43 Information Desk 43 Foot- ball 1.2,3.43 Letter 2.3.43 Basketball 1.2, 3.43 Letter 2.3.43 Baseball 2.3: Letter 2.33 U. S. Naval Academy. Jane F. Ebbers 9 "Jamey," Wilmette: Commerce Club 3.4: Mallinckrodt 1.2. NMR.. TI ITIE Adeline P. Ebert 9 "Susie," Glencoe: G.A.A. 1.23.43 Soccer 1, Baseball 2, Numerals li German Club 2.43 Moser. Hugh D. Eckert 9Kenilworth: RiHe Club 43 Team 43 Letter 43 Lane Tech 13 Culver Military Academy 23 Boeing. Mary A. Eckert 9 Wilmette: "Witching Hour" 43 Dramatic Club 43 Hirsch 13 National College of Edu- cation. Mary Jane Eddington 9"lIaje." Wilmette: G.A.A. Representa- tive 13 Treble Clef 1.23 Glee Club 3.4: Sketch Club 43 L'.C.L.A. Jeanine Ann Edwards 9 Wilmette: Archeology Club 2.3: Travel Club 43 Stephens. Jeane F. Ehrler 9 "Skook." Winnetka: Commerce Club 2: Vogue Art School. Lois Eisenberg 9 Winnetka: Honor Group 33 Girls' Club Representative 33 G.A.A. Archery Treble Clef 2: Glee Club 3: News Staff 2.3.-1: Connecticut. Leroy C. Elkin 9"lloose." Wilmette: Sports Club 33 Monroe. ZX, fQyX 3 l vtvieif' ' 109 Nl A. V -. in if QA .YL 'li Filhy Fir 'Q an 1112 S- E "'Rickey." Wilmette: Sketch Club 4: Gavel Club 2.3: Quill Club 1.2: Chicago. Nora Mae Elliott J. Ellis Leon F. Ellis 0 "Tom." Kenilworth: TNT 4: Vice-Presi- dent Class 3: Tri-Ship Representative 2,3: Student Aid Committee 3: Secretary of Tri-Ship 4: Football 1.2: Varsity Football Manager 3.4: Letter 4: Swimming Letter 2.3: Guard 2.3.4-: Career Club 4: Dartmouth. I -1 62" .XV nf Al" or 04,100 Roberta Ely 0 "Bobsie." Glencoe: Lens Club 2: Rock- ford. Patricia Empfield "Pat," Wilmette: Girls' Club Employ- ment 3: G.A.A. 2.3,4: Lens Club 2.3: Drivers' Club 2: Rifle Club 4: William and Mary. Charles Dix England 9 Winnetka: Rifle Club 1. Benjamin F. Epson U "Benny the Boom Boom," Wilmette: Rifle Club Nautical Club 2.3.-4: Lens Club 3.4: Georgia Tech. Grace M. Erickson 0 'fGracie," Winnetka: Illinois H2 IOR ACTIITIE Harold C. F. Ernst 9 "Pee YVee." W'innetka: Rifle Team 3.4: Rifle Club 3.4: Stamp Club 3: Lane Tech 1.2: Illinois. Alberta G. Evans "'Abie." Wilmette: Bloom 1.2: Vogue School of Fine Arts. - 4 S, Norman H. Evans x ' 0 "Norm.i' Winnetka: Football 1.2: 'Num- erals 2: Junior Varsity Letter 4: Band 1,2, 3.4: Montana. . 1 ' X' ' .1 l . X, Antonlefalk - ' A 0 'Toniefb' Glenview: Commerce Club 4: Sketch Club 4: Travel Club 4: Sullivan 1: Ferry Hall 2: Illinois. Wirt Farley, Jr. 0 Winnetka: Honor Group 2: Council Rep- resentative 1: Usher Corps 4: Swimming Manager 3.4: Rifle Club 2: Purdue. Robert L. Farwell 0 "Bob" Winnetka: TNT 4: Honor Society 4: Honor Group 1,2.3.4: Council Represen- tative 2: Tri-Ship Dance Committee 4: Track 3: "Trial by Jury," "Chimes of Normandy," "H.M.S. Pinaforef' Opera Group 2,3,4: Choir 3.4: Ensemble4: Senior Music Club 4: Amherst. Victor Faulshck 9 Kenilworth. Dorothy J. Faville 9 "Dot." Wilmette: G.A.A. 1,2,3,4: Hockey 2: Dramatic Club 3,4: "Clarence,'l "Trial by .lury": "Chimes of Normandyw: L'l'I.M.S. Pinaforeq: Orchestra 1.2,3.4: Senior Mu- sic Club 2.3,4: Quill Club 1: Treasurer 1: Lens Club 2: Colorado. Barbara J. Faxon 0 "Barb." Winnetka: Girls' Club Friendly Committee 2: Social Committee 3: G.A.A. 2.3,4: Dancing 3: Treble Clef 3: Glee Club 4: Inklings Contributor 2: Staff 3: Quill Club 1: Secretary 1. Fred C. Feichtner 0 "Fritz." Glenview: Glee Club 2. Joan A. Felsenthal 9 "Felsie." Glencoe: TNT 4: Council Rep- resentative 1: Inter-School Relations 1: Girls' Club Publicity 2,3: Chairman 4: Financial 3: G.A.A. 1.2,3,4: 300 Point Award 3: Rhythms 1,2,3: Clogging 3: "Chimes of Normandy": Treble Clef Club 2: Glee Club 2: Opera Group 3,4: Choir 4: Inklings Contributor 3: News Staff 3: Business Manager 4: French Club 2,3,4: Study' Hall Supervisor 3: Massachusetts. ' f ' J Don W. Fergusson "'Flat Foot Fergief' Wilmette: Basket- ball 3: Commerce Club 3: Iowa. I J FT C 3 ,.. X'3'i", if ' E ' 6 109' 1 , 'QI czus ov PNN Elvera J. Ferrarini 9 "Babe," Wilmette: Commerce Club 3,4-: Mallinckrodt 1,2. Marilyn Evelyn Fillis 0 Winnetka: Honor Group 4: Choir 1,2: Inklings Contributor 1,2,3,4: Schreiberer 3: Scriblerus Club 2,3,4: Williams Prize 1.2: Chicago. Richard A. Finney 0 "Professor," Wilmette: Honor Society 4: Honor Group 1.2,3,4: Information Desk 4: Scriblerus Club 1,2,3: Junior Music Club 1: Secretary 1: Senior Music Club 2,3,4: Treasurer 4: Chicago. Jeanine L. Fitch 0 ",Ieanno," Winnetka: Girls' Club Ar- rangement Committee 2: Friendly Commit- tee 4: Hockey 1: Rhythms 2: Swimming 3: Treble Clef 1: French Club 3,4-: Sullins. Nancy A. Fitzgerald 0"Fitz," Winnetka: Girls' Club Social Committee 2: Financial Committee 3: Sullins. we gbAoe5 SE Janann Fleming l"Jan." Glencoe: Council Representative 2: S. H. Supervisor 4: Girls' Club Social Committee 4: G.A.A. 2,3.4: Numerals 1: 300 Point Award 4: Hockey 1.2: Swim- ming 1.2.3,4: Echoes Staff 2.3: Rifle Club 1.2.3: French Club 2,3.4: Mary Baldwin. William F. Fletcher 0 "Bill.,' Wilmette: 'iTom Sawyer 1: "The Witching Hour" 4: Dramatic Club l,2,3,4: Lens Club 3.4: Career Club 4: Purdue. Bernard J. Flood 0"Speedy," Wilmette: Touch Football Champs 1: Orchestra 1,2,4: Broadcasting Club 2: Senior Music Club 1,2: St. ,l0seph's Academy 3: Virginia. Rennie C. Fontham 9 "Round Boy." Wilmette: Honor Group 1: Football 2: Glee Club 2,3: Opera Group 4: Choir 4: "Chimes of Normandy" 3: "H.M.S. Pinaforeu 4: Nautical Club 3: U. C. L. A. IG . sg' C lt, A- Q :- . A 3 N x X fm .1 fe . .. V11 it sf- 351305 x ' ' , Vxwevg Muriel J. Foreman 0 Glencoe: LaCrosse 2.3: 300 Point Award 3: Swimming 3: Girls' Club Financial Committee 3: Friendly Committee 4: French Club 2,3,4: Lens Club 2,3,4: Mu- sicale 3,4: Rifle Club 3: Team 3: Colby. Jean L. Forstall 0 Winnetka: Honor Group 4: Girls' Club Arrangements Committee 3: C-.A.A. 1,2,3,4: Hockey 3,4: Swimming 2: LaCrosse 2: 300 Point Award 2: 600 Point Award 4: News Staff 2,3,4: Copy Editor 4: Echoes Stall' 3: Quill Club 1,2: Archeology Club 2: French Club 3.4: Musicale 3: Sketch Club 3: lnklings Contributor 2.4: Mount Holyoke. June L. Fountaine 0 "Jackie," Glencoe: G.A.A. 3: Soccer 1.2,3: Numerals 1: Basketball 4: 300 Point Award 3: Broadcasting Club 2: Atlanta. ji.. GA... IOR ACTI Gus Franehi 9 Glencoe. Helen P. Frayser 0 "Babel, Wilmette: Commerce Club 3.4: Central, Indiana 1.2: Moser. Winston W. Frederick 0"Win." Kenilworth: Honor Group 3: Tri-Ship Representative 2: Football Champs 3: Track 3.4: Letter 4: Radio Club 1.2: German Club 2: Spanish Club 4: Gavel Club 1.2: Northwestern. Donald R. French 9"Don." Wilmette: TNT 4: Basketball Manager 3.4: Letter 3,4: Echoes Staff 3.4: Sports Club 3.4: President 4: Gavel Club 4: President 4: Debate Team 4: Letter 4: National Forensic Board 4: Garden City. N. Y. 1.2: Williams. Lee W. Freundlich 9 Wilmette: Rifle Club 1.2: Lens Club 3.4: Spanish Club 4: Sports Club 4. Donald M. Frissell 0"Don." Winnetka: Honor Society 4: Hon- or Group 1.2.3,4: Tri-Ship Representative 2: Golf 4: Table Tennis Champ 4: Michi- gan. Matt Gaffney, Jr. "'Gufl." Winnetka: Honor Society 4: Honor Group 1,2.3.4: Tri-Ship Student Aid Committee 4: Council Charter and Con- tact Committee 3: Information Desk 3.4: Glee Club 1.2: Opera Group 3: "Trial by Jury" 2: "Chimes of Normandy" 3: Stamp Club 3: Secretary-Treasurer 3: Career Club 4: Harvard. Virginia C. Galante "'Ginny," Glencoe: Honor Society 4: Honor Group 1.2.3,4. Donald E. Garrelson 0"Garry." Hubbard Woods: TNT 3,4: Honor Society 4: Honor Group Usher Corps 3,4: Tri-Ship Representative 2.3: Dance Committee Chairman 4: Inter- scholastic Relations Committee 3: Council Representative 1: Swimming 1.2.4: Letter 1.2,4: Guard 2,3.4: Glee Club 2.3: Opera Group 4: "H.M.S. Pinaforei' 4: Rifle Club 1,2.3: Team Award 2,3: Science Club 1: Princeton. Charles Gatles 0 Kenilworth. ITIE Jacqueline A. George "'.lackie.', Wilmette: Girls' Club Repre- sentative 1,4: C.A.A. 3.4: Riverside. Wi-- consin 2: Wiscrinsin. Donald E. Georger "'Don." Wilmette: "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" 1: "The Royal Familyn 4: Lens Club 3: Nautical Club 2.3: Broadcast- ing Club 4: Dramatic Club l.2.3.4: Player 4: Cornell. Joan Gerwe 0Wilmette: TNT 4: Honor Society 4: Honor Group 12.3.41 Girls' Club Represen- tative lz Chairman of Friendly Committee 4: Social Committee 1.3: Soccer Manager 1.3: Baseball Manager 2: Duke. Howard R. Gill 0 "Howie," Winnetka: News Stall' 3: Rifle Club 2.3: Lens Club 3: Northwestern. Evelyn Gingles 0 'fliggsf' Winnetka: Moser. ZS g t L i Xt. Q' Dgfllki DD1E"Ys f 5,5 ti EU-1053 Robert Arthur Gockel 0 "Rexx," Wilmette: Football 2.3.4: Letter 3.4: Track 1: Glee Club 1.2.3: Opera Group 4: "H.M.S. Pinaforeu 4: Michigan. Edna J. Goldberg 0 "Eddie." Wilmette: Volleyball 4: Tuley 1.2: Lake View 3.4. Ruth D. Goodhue 0 lvinnetka: G..-LA. 2.3.42 Glee Club 2.3: Opera Group 4: "H.M.S. Pinaforen 4: Rhythms 1.2.3: Junior Music Club 1.2: Senior Music Club 3.4: Northwestern. H3 Q5 'lf' I .aff T .Q, L .I --v . n HANLQ ..-ul in 'I JU' A A Pioneer in New Trier Education E 0RY 0F MR. ILLI PHELP O Thr- spring ol l9f58 marked the passing of Mr. Phelps. one of the most prominent men in the history of New Trier. Nlr. Phelps served on the Board of lfdut-ation for seventeen years. l9l7 to l934. during which time his keen interest in the school was felt lay all organizations 1,-onne4'led with New Trier. Muvli of his servive on the Board of Education was in the captivity of chairman of the Student Com- mittee. While- in this position lVlr. Phelps was responsilile for the forming of the Student Affairs Committee. whivh was one of the chief organizations of the Student Council. Mr. Phelps was also extremely interested in the physival development of the student body. To in- 4-rf-ase the far-ilities toward this end. he was the 8 primary force hehind the purchasing of the boys' athletic field. 1 Mr. Phelps was so engrossed in New Trier High School that he attended all school affairs of any nature. On the rare occasions when it was not posi- sible for him to attend. his absence could not help hut he noted. Even after his retirement from the Board of Education. he continued to spend much of his time in and around the school. Three years prior to his death the athletic field was named in his honor, Phelps Field. This is but a small tribute to the man who devoted so much of his time to the well-being of the school. His kindly presence is greatly missed by all who knew him, and his many deeds will he long remembered. ,762 6:26065 E ,f KX ,I ,ff Ki rw? y, . f 1 1 Ct! ....- I :ir , Ni ex 1 f ' NNY 4 H. Wallace Gormley "'Wally." Winnetka: Drivers' Club 2: Lens Club 2.3: Northwestern. Jacqueline D. Goss 0 "Jackie," Wilmette: Principia 1.2: Stan- ford. Marion R. Gourlay 0 "Monie," Winnetka: Hockey 1.2,3,4: Numerals 1: Basketball 1.2,3.4: Fistball 2.3: Volleyball 1.4: Clogging 3: Baseball 1,2.3: LaCrosse 1,2.3.4: Rhythms 1.2: Golf 3.4: G.A.A. l,2.3,4: Publicity Chairman 4: 300 Point Award 2: 500 Point Award 2: 600 Point Award 3: 800 Point Award 4: Treble Clef 2: Glee Club 3: National Col- lege of Education. Edward D. Gourley 0 "Moose," Northfield: Swimming 2,4: Glee Club 2.3: Echoes Staff 4: Broadcasting Club 2.4: Lens Club 4. Millicent Grant 0"Mill," Glencoe: Honor Group 1: La- Crosse 2: G.A.A. 3.4: Girls' Club Repre- sentative 2: Arrangements Committee 3: "Tom Sawyer" 1: Junior Music Club 1: Senior Music Club 2,3.4: President 4: Orchestra 1,2,3.4: Concertmeister4: "Mika- do" 1: "Trial by Jury" 2: "Chimes of Normandy" 3: "H.M.S. Pinafore" 4: Dra- matic Club 1.2.3,4: French Club 3: DePauw. Kenneth D. Greenhalgh 0 Winnetka: Track 4: Radio Club 1: Rifle Club 3. James Stuart Gregory "'.lim." Wilmette: Football Champs 3: Southern California. Betty M. Grenning 0 "Bets," Glenview: Saint Scholastica 1,2. H6 IOR ACTI Edmund J. Grossberg 0 "Buzz," Glencoe: "The Royal Family" 4: News Staff 3.4: Echoes Staff 4: Inklings Contributor 3.4: Dramatic Club 3,4: De- bate Team 4: Forensic League 4: Hyde Park. Chicago 1,2: Northwestern. Dorothy L. Hackett 0 'iDot." Glencoe: Debate 4: St. Mary's of Notre Dame 2: Northwestern. Marilyn Laletha Hagan 0 "Mimi," Kenilworth: Honor Society 4: Honor Group l,2.3.4: Girls' Club Repre- sentative 2.3: Charity Committee 4: Council Representative 4: Financial Com- mittee 4: Golf 1.2: French Club 2.3.4: Lens Club 2.3: Debate 4: Northwestern. John Hale 0 Wilmette: Honor Group 4: Tri-Ship Rep- resentative 2: Swimming Letter 3. 4: Radio Club 1.2: Lens Club 2.3: Guard 2.3.4. Martha Hale 0Kenilworth: Class Vice-President 4: Girls' Club Friendly Committee 3: Council Representative 1: Building and Grounds Committee 4: G.A.A. 2.3.4: Echoes Stafl 4: French Club 2.3.41 Northwestern. Betty M. Haley 9 Wilmette: G.A.A. 1,2.3.4: Treble Clef 2: Glee Club 3.4: Drivers' Club 2: Arche- ology Club 3,4. Jane Hamilton 9",lanie," Winnetka: G.A.A. 2.3.4: Dra- matic Club 4: ,lunior Music Club 1.2: Senior Music Club 4: Treble Clef 1: Glee Club 2: Opera Group 3.4: Choir 4: En- semble 4: 'iChimes of Normandy" 3: "H.M.S. Pinafore" 4: Archeology Club 2.3: President 2: French Club 3.4: Colo- rado College. James T. Hanley 9 "Sweed." Wilmette: Council Representa- tive 4: Football 2: Numerals 2: Track 3.4: Stamp Club 1,2,3: Notre Dame. Betty Jeanne Hanisee 9i'Hag." Winnetka: "Clarence" 3: "The Royal Family" 4: Lens Club 3: Dramatic Club 3.4: Broadcasting Club 4: Play Di- rector 4: Sarah Lawrence. Marvin W. Harms 0 g'Bill," Wilmette: Honor Society 4: Hon- or Group Information Desk 4: Council Representative 4: Baseball 1,2.3.4: Letter 2: Football 4: Minor Letter 4: Basketball Champs 1: Stanford. ITIE Taylor W. Harris 0 "Harpo," Glencoe: Football 1,2,3,4: Numerals 1.2: Letters 3.4: Basketball 1: Track Champs 1,2,3,4: "Witching Hour" 4: Dramatic Club 4: North Carolina. Patricia Ruth Harshaw 0 "Pat," Winnetka: TNT 3,4: Honor Soci- ety 4: Honor Group 1,2,3,4: Girls' Club Representative 3: Financial Committee 1, 3: Chairman 4: Hockey 1: Numerals 1: LaCrosse 1: Swimming 1: Basketball 1: 300 Point Award 2: Riding 2,3: G.A.A. 1.2,3,4: Representative 2: Treble Clef 1: Glee Club 2.3: News Staff 2: Clubs Editor 3: Echoes Staff 3,4: Co-editor Snapshot Section 3: Assistant Editor 4: Quill Club 1.2: President 1: lnklings Staff 3: lnklings Contributor 3.4: S.H. Supervisor 4: Vlfellesley. Lysbeth A. Hart 9 "Betty," Winnetka: Treble Clef 3: Glee Club 4: Spanish Club 2.4: Lens Club 3: Stephens. Martha A. Hartman 0",Iimmi." Wilmette: Honor Group 4: Girls' Club Representative 4: Golf 1.2,3,4: Art League 2.3: lnklings Contributor 3: Penn Hall. Ma rylinn Elizabeth Hartwell 0 "Bette," Winnetka: Prompter 3: .lunior Music Club 1: Senior Music Club 2,3,4: German Club 2: Glee Club 2,3: Opera Group 4: Orchestra 4: Riverside 1: North- western. Georgia J. Hawkins 0 "Jo," Wilmette: Service Club 3,4: Com- merce Club 3.4: Schurz 1. Donna Hayden 0 Glencoe: Honor Group 1: G.A.A. 1.2,3,4: Soccer 2,3: Speedball 4: 300 Point Award 4: Treble Clef 3: Lens Club 2.3: Dark- room Committee 3: French Club 3,4-: Northwestern. FZNPZ A 9 x '- N -SQ-X' ff: A X " l C " f til' 1 :' ei xii. 'i Ll XX 12 o H EEHNU5' - o-xii? HZKSYATQ5' UA.. cfllm E Suzanne N. Hazelet ' "Sue," Winnetka: Girls' Club Financial Committee 4: G.A.A. 1,2,3,4: Representa- tive 23 300 Point Award 2: Baseball 1,23 Numerals 1: LaCrosse 13 Hockey 2g Ten- nis 43 Treble Clef 13 French Club 43 Colorado College. Ann Hunter Hearne 0"Hunter," Winnetka: TNT 43 Honor Society 4: Honor Group 1.2,3,43 Girls' Club Arrangements Committee 23 Financial Committee 3: G.A.A. 1.2,3,43 Vice-Presi- dent 43 Head of Riding 33 Swimming 1,2,33 Basketball 2,3,4: Hockey 3,43 "Chimes of Normandy," "H.M.S. Pinafore"3 Treble Clef 13 Glee Club 2g Opera Group 3,42 Choir 4: French Club 4: Wheaton. Robert Heath 9 "Bob," Winnetka: New Rochelle 1.2.3. Margot J. Hedman 0 "Marty," Winnetka: Girls' Club Friend- ly Committee 2g G.A.A. 2,3,43 Hockey 23 Numerals 2g Swimming 1,2,3: Treble Clef 2,32 Glee Club 43 Spanish Club 2.33 Lens Club 3: Stephens. Lucille M. Heerens 9 "Louie," Wilmette: G.A.A. 2.3.43 Repre- sentative 33 300 Point Award 3: Soccer 13 Numerals 13 Tennis 1,33 Baseball 33 La- Crosse 3: Speedball 43 Rhythms 4: "l-l.M.S. Pinafore" 4: Treble Clef 13 Glee Club 2,33 Dpera Group 4: Travel Club 4: Blackburn. Robert Heinrichs 0 "Bob," Wilmette. s?323F gi QW? MS. we 524005 IOR AC Martin C. Helke 0 "Marty," Glencoe: Glee Club 3: Evans- ton Business College, Verna G. Henderick 9 "Red," Glenview. Betty Hens 0 Wilmette. Jeannette Dawn Herbuveaux 0 "Dawn," Wilmette: Council Inter-School Relations Committee 3: Girls' Club Friend- ly Committee 4: Lens Club 33 French Club 3.4: Service Club 43 Sullins. Beatrice Ann Herrmann 9 "Bea," Wilmette: Baseball 23 Treble Clef 2: Natural Science Club 2: Moser. Louise G. Herz ig 0 "L," Glencoe: Honor Group 2.3.43 G.A.A. 2.3.43 Baseball 2: Soccer 2. Dick W. Hickman 9Wilmette: Nautical Club 23 Aviation Club 2: Central Y.M.C.A. Helen M. Higginboltom 9 "Higgie," Wilmette: Edgewood, Pennsyl- vania 1,21 Moser. Logan S. Higginbottom 9 6'Log," Wilmette: Honor Society 43 Hon- or Group 3,43 Football 3.4: Letter 4: Edge- wood, Pennsylvania 1.2: Cornell. Walter H. Hildebrand 0"Hilde.', Wilmette: Honor Society 4: Honor Group 2.3.4: Dramatic Club 3.4: Stage Crew 3.43 Drivers' Club 2: Chess Club 2: Spanish Club 23 M.l.T. George M. Hilgendorf UNC," Winnetka: Council Representative 1: Tri-Ship Representative 1: Track 4: Letter 4g Glee Club 2.33 Echoes Staff 4: Broadcasting Club 23 German Club 2,4: Oratory 4: Princeton. Calvin H. Hill 0 S'Cal." Wilmette: Track 2.3.4: Letter 2.4: Radio Club 2,43 Secretary-Treasurer 4: Colorado. Tl ITIE rj sa .fee :Z K-'lx X" , X- af - J Q' 1 . X ,J Mite?-9' ,rsuryi 52 Uw """"+-X ,X .- Lon Carrington Hill, III 9 "L.C.." Winnetka: Honor Group 1: Coun- cil Representative 2: Publicity Committee 2: Tri-Ship Publicity Committete 3.43 Usher Corps 3.4: Basketball 1: Tennis 43 Touch Football Champs 1: "The Adven- tures of Tom Sawyer" 13 Dramatic Club 2.3.43 Aviation Club 2. Lens Club 2,32 News Staff 3,43 Echoes Staff 3.4: Editor of Photography Staff 4: lnklings Contributor 1,23 Staff1,2,33 Williams. Ralph N. Hillner 0 Winnetka: Council lnter-Scholastic Re- lations Committee 33 Lightweight Basket- ball Champs 1: Football Manager 2.3.4-: Minor Letter 33 Letter 4: "Adventures of Tom Sawyer" 1: Dramatic Club "Mikado" 1: "Trial by Jury" 2: "Chimes of Normandy" 3: Glee Club 1.2: Opera Group 3,43 President 4: Rifle Club 1. Robert B. Hinman 0 "Haggart." Winnetka: Honor Society 4: Honor Group 1.2.3,4: "Mikado" 1: "Trial by Jury" 2: "Chimes of Normandyu 3: "H.M.S. Pinafore' 43 Orchestra 1.2.3.-1: Rifle Club 1: Senior Music Club 3.4: French Club 43 Chicago. Howard R. Hinrichs 0 "Howie," Winnetka: Honor Group 1.2: Tri-Ship Dance Committee 4: Baseball 1: Letter 1: Basketball 1.2: Letter 2: Foot- ball 2.3.4: Letter 2.3.4: Track 4: Letter 4: Lens Club 3: Illinois. Richard B. Hirsch 0 "Dick," Wilmette: Honor Group 2: Base- ball 2.3.4: Letter 2.4: Football Champs 4: Michigan. Susan J. Hobbs 0"Sue." Northfield: Commerce Club 3' Yice-President 3: MacMurray. W'alter W. Hochuli 0 "Hock." Wiinnetkaz Football 3.4: Lnion. H7 if WV- in as -'xi H 9 s 1?g mf, -...RA vp, U, NT wagn- -4- 5 J . S ' B f N ,MJ 4 4 'K X . 7.5 p , s- .ll s 1 4 5 X 3 5 'K - , .. .JN I , . S ' 'Q . x . Nw. -Si :Fr-fem Q za-.i Wt' lkx,w. QfYJACKS0N A E A - 1T,Q j vw 'Q A - , A - ' X 41-4 .- Y 1: 'T f , , JORGENSEN,O.? ,ft za 5:2 .-, .. j Ia 21' nv! i?HN f EER E ' E Wilcox H. Hodgkins 9 "Howie." Kenilworth: Gavel Club 1,23 Radio Club 1,233.43 President 43 Council lnterschool Relations Committee 33 Debate Team 33 Letter 33 Traffic Squad 43 George Washington. Jerome R. Hofeld "',lerry.', Winnetka: Honor Group 43 Council Representative 1: Gavel Club 1.2, 3.43 Secretary 43 Lens Club 23 Science Club 3.4: Stage Crew 43 Carleton. Edward J. Hoffman 0Wilmette: Honor Group 23 IM Touch Football 4. Geraldine F. Hoffman 0 "Gerry," Wilmette: G.A.A. 2.3.43 Hockey 1.23 Baseball 1.23 Riding 33 Speedball 43 Volleyball 43 Numerals 43 Basketball 42 300 Point Award 43 Quill Club 1.23 Avi- ation Club 23 Archeology Club 2.33 Rifle Club 1. French Club 43 St. Mary's of Notre Dame. Winifred D. Hoffman 0"Winnie." Wilmette: German Club 33 Junior Music Club 13 Senior Music Club 2.3.43 Orchestra 2.3.43 "Trial by Jury" 23 L'Chimes of Normandy" 33 "H.M.S. Pina- fore' 4: MacMurray. Richard A. Hoifmeyer 0 "Lefty," Wilmette: Football Champs 43 Commerce Club 3. Ellen D. Hohlfelder 0 "I-lolief' Glencoe: Honor Group 13 Ger- man Club 2g Moser. .' NK. K 3 N - 31 W K S ' -I --4. 5 f J X K5 2 2 ff VN har. hffsllw' 120 l0R AC Mary R. Holbik 9 "Mar," Winnetka: Moser. Richard W. Hooker "'Dick," Wilmette: Rifle Club 1.2. Jerry R. Horak 9 Winnetka: Honor Society 43 Honor Group Tri-Ship Representative 13 Swimming 2.3.43 Letter 3.42 Guard 3.4: IM Football 4g Glee Club 2,33 Northwest- ern. Robert F. Horn U "Bob," Winnetka: Football 23 Baseball 2: Glee Club 1.2.33 Pasadena. Mary K. Houser 9 "l'louz." Kenilworth: Honor Society 43 Honor Group 1.2.3,43 Girls, Club Repre- sentative 2: Charity Committee 3: Lens Club 33 French Club 33 Evanston 13 Deni- son. Mary Adele Howard U Chicago: Honor Society 43 Honor Group 1.2.33 Council Representative 13 Girls' Club Arrangements Committee 43 G.A.A. 3.43 Archeology Club 23 Treble Clef 23 St. Mary's of Notre Dame. Robert G. Howell 0 "Dixie," Winnetka: Football 2.3.43 Num- erals 23 Letter 4: Basketball 2.3.43 Glee Club 23 Dartmouth. Mary J. Hoyne ' "Joe," Winnetka: Honor Group 43 G.A.A. Representative 13 LaCrosse 1.2.33 Head 33 Soccer 1.21 Rhythms 33 Fistball 33 Official 3.4: 300 Point Award 2: 500 Point Award 33 Service Club 3.43 Lens Club 33 Library Assistant 43 National Park. Betty M. Hoyt U "Hoytie." Wilmette: G.A.A. 43 Glee Club 4: French Club 43 Montclair 1.2.33 Michi- gan. Thomas Huck 9 "Tom," Wilmette. Ruth E. Hudson 0 Winnetka: G.A.A. 2.3.43 Baseball 1.2.33 Soccer 1.3.43 LaCrosse 1.2.33 Manager 3, 43 Numerals 1. Tl ITIE Robert C. Huettel "'Soc." Winnetka: Basketball 13 Swim- ming 33 Quill Club lg Sports Club 1,23 Purdue. William Karl Humphrey 9Winnetka: Honor Society 43 Honor Group 1.2,3.43 Orchestra 2,3,4Q "Chimes of Normandy" 33 "H.M.S. Pinaforen 43 Radio Club 1.2,3.43 Senior Music Club 2.3.43 Career Club 43 Harvard. Russ E. Hunt "'Russ,', Glencoe: Glee Club 33 Opera Group 43 Choir 4g "H.M.S. Pinaforen 43 News Staif 2.3.42 Radio Club l,2,3,43 Presi- dent 33 Broadcasting Club 2.3.42 Armour. Jeanne M. Hurley 'Winnetka: Honor Group 3,43 G.A.A. 3.43 Girls' Club Representative 43 News Staff 3.43 Clubs Editor 43 Echoes Staff 33 Quill Club 23 Archeology Club 2.33 French Club 3: Musicale 3g Service Club 43 St. Scholastica 13 St. Mary's of Notre Dame. Vernon Z. Hutchings 0 "Duke," Wheeling: Football Champs 4g Volleyball Champs 23 Band 1,2.3.43 Letter 23 Illinois. 10 T is fs? gl I 1 1 ,Allies evict Donald D. Hutchins 0 "Hutch," Wilmette: IM Sports Manager 2.3.43 Swimming 33 Orchestra 1,23 Band 13 .lunior Music Club 2g Lens Club 2g Utah. Joan Hyatt 0"Pokey.'i Glencoe: G.A.A. 3,43 Class Secretary 43 Girl's Club Publicity Com- mittee 33 Council Representative 1,23 "Wake Up Jonathan" 23 Dramatic Club 2.3.43 Treble Clef 33 French Club 3,43 Lens Club 33 News Staff 43 Bennington. .740 gg .oe5 E Barbara Hyman 9 "Barnie.', Winnetka: Honor Group 1,4: Girls' Club Representative 3: Arrange- ments Committee 3: Publicity Committee 4: G.A.A. 2,3,4: Representative 4: Basket- ball Manager 3: 300 Point Award 3: Treble Clef 2: Echoes Art Editor 4: Art League 2: Lens Club 3: lnklings Contribu- tor 4: Evanston Academy of Fine Arts. Barbara Hypes 9 "Barb," Glencoe: TNT 4: Honor Group 2.3: Council Representative 3: Character and Contact Committee 3: Social Com- mittee 4: Girls' Club Representative 1.4: Arrangements Committee 3: Financial Committee 4: G.A.A. 2.3.42 300 Point Award 4: Echoes Staff 3.4: French Club 2.3,4: Lens Club 2,3: Rifle Club 2: Ink- lings Contributor 3: Wells. Jeanette Isbister 9 ".lenny." Glencoe: Girls' Club Represen- tative 1: Arrangements Committee 4: G.A.A. 2.3.4-: Representative 2.3.4: Dra- matic Club 3,4: Props Crew 3.4: Players' Group 4: News Staff 3: Echoes Staff 4: Spanish Club 2.3: Lens Club 3: Service Club 3,43 Secretary-Treasurer 4: National College of Education. C to -J if " ? -"A , , - ' 0 S ATNCINU John D. Iverson 9 "Jake," Glenview. Robert W. Jackson 9 "Bob," Winnetka: Baseball 1: Swimming 2.4: IM Featherweight Basketball 1: Grin- nell. Henry J. Janaes 9 "Heinie." Wilmette. Ze 5 oea IOR AC Richard Jemison 9 Glencoe. Edward V. Johnston 9 "Benny," Wilmette: Tri-Ship Represen- tative 4: Football 3: Orchestra 2.3: Band 2.3: Broadcasting Club 2: Indiana. Ellsworth O. Jones 9 "Jim," Winnetka: Tri-Ship Clubroom Committee 4: Basketball Manager 3: Let- ter 3: Nautical Club 1,2.3,4: Olivet. Oscar C. Jorgensen 9 "Ocky." Winnetka: Basketball 1.2.3.-iz Minor Letter 2: Letter 4: IM Lightweight Basketball Champs 1. Stan R. Jorgensen 9"Swede." Winnetka: Basketball 1.2,3.4: Minor Letter 2: Baseball 2: Letter 2: Football Manager 2: Swimming Champs 3. Annagrace Jorjorian 9 "Anne," Wilmette: Treble Clef 1: Glee Club 2.3: Opera Group 4: Junior Music Club 1.2: "H.M.S. Pinafore" 4: French Club 2.3.42 Drivers' Club 2: Archaeology Club 3.4: President 4: Travel Club 4: Mu- sicale 4: Cornell College. Esther S. Jost 9 "Patches,,' Glencoe: G.A.A. 2,3,4: Treble Clef 2: Glee Club 3.4: Service Club 3,4. William S. Joyce 9 "Bill," Winnetka: IM Football Champs 3: Notre Dame. Melvin A. Kahn Tl ITIE Doris J. Keckley 9 "Do," Glencoe: G.A.A. l.2.3.4: 300 Point Award 3: Soccer 1.2.3: Numffrals 1: Swimming 2.3.4: Telegraphic Team 3: Girls' Club Social Committee 1: Bradford. Jane M. Keeler 9 "Janie," Tvilmettez Drivers' Club 2. Spanish Club 3: lmmaculata 1: National College of Education. Edith M. Keller 9 "Edie," Glencoe: Kentucky. Marny E. Keller 9 "Marny." Wilmette: Glee Club -1: Secre tary 4: Lake View 1.2: Stephens. Katherine Kendall 9 "Kay," Winnetka: French Club 3: Serv- ice Club 4: Science Club 3.4: Vice Presi- dent 4: West. Wisconsin 1: Stephens. Charles Thomas Kent 9 "Chick," Wilmette: Track Champs 1.4: Duke. Laura Elizabeth King 9"Laurie." Wilmette: Honor Group 4: Treble Clef 2: Lens Club 3.4: Spanish Club 3.4: Travel Club 4: De Pauw. Richard Wilson Kingery 9 "Buzz," Winnetka: Track 3.4: Glee Club 1.2: Stanford. 9"Kubla." Glencoe: Football 2.3: Num- erals 2: IM Track 4: Drivers' Club 2: 2 Vice-President 2: Riverside Mititary Acad- 'X ff " emy 3. " A 4 ' ' 'J iw ,QC F Yi ij-.Q Edward Katz Q CE 9 Winnetka: Honor Society 4. ' jx " - Barbara Jean Kearney X1 , , 9"Babs," Glencoe: G.A.A. 2,3.4: News DI, Stall 3: Quill Club 1: Vice-President 1: ' U French Club 3: Driver's Club 2: Service Club 3.4: Northwestern. 121' ,4-nv' lil" ,fav Af". ...rf --P' ill' JPG 5. .fn Qi . .ff.f KJ' ' 'i,xmU Ev - Wk' - 1 Q, lx . Y X , C' f v K 0 X- I , :YY of Yr, - Y v v 3 X-JC: xslt' .r -G Xxjb MJ' '15 Emu 00 if-Qs-' fc 'A5,, 'S Af WJ I 4 'f"' ,..-nw J a rs. Av ,QQ AW ,1 ay.- , A,,fgf.Sga4.... ,c i 2 5 .A-,I -li x f., Asian , ci sf ff' 3 s xt s si NK.- a , -A -t A :T -leg 5 l if Nw... :S . -.9 XX 6 Q tr EB' 0 We cl' iw' Pernel Kipp 9 "Kippie." Wilmette: Glee Club 4: Com- merce Club 1: Moser. . x bg. we. M54 0 "Mary Kay." Wilmette: TraixT?'l Club 4: G eene 123' Northwestern Z vkjxovfl Mary Kirkpatrick U "Mary." Wilmette: Girls' Club Charity Committee 4: G.A.A. 2.3.4: Treble Clef 2: Glee Club 3.4: Spanish Club 3. Elizabeth F. Kissam "'Liz." Glencoe: Girls' Club Financial Committee 1: Glee Club 2: Opera Group 3.4: "Chimes of Normandy" 3: "H.M.S. Pinaforeu 4: News Stail' 3: Lens Club 2.3: French Club 2.3.4: Sketch Club 4: Stephens. Harriet Klein 'ul-lattief' Wilmette: Spanish Club 3: Marymount. Frank Knoop ' "Sailor." Kenilworth: Council Repre- sentative 1: Financial Committee 2: Chair- man of Tri-Ship Club Room Committee 4. Dinner Committee 3: Track 2.3.4: Letter 2.4: Football 2: Echoes Staff 4: Nautical Club 2.3.42 President 2.3.4: Rifle Club 2: Dartmouth. Mary Elizabeth Koch 9Winnetka: Honor Society 4: Honor Group Council Representative 4: Study Hall Committee 4: Girls' Club Financial Committee 4: Treble Clef 2: Glee Club 3: Opera Group 4: "H.M.S. Pinaforeu 4: Lens Club 2.3.-1: Travel Club 41 Wellesley. Emil Kochlefl 0"Emil." Northfield: Honor Society 4: Honor Group 1.2.3.-1. 124 IOR ACTI Frank Kocol 9 Wilmette. Adelaide Johanna Koenen 0 "Addy.', Wilmette: Honor Group 4: Basketball 1.2.3,4: Numerals 1: Letter 2: Soccer 1.2: Fistball 1.2.3: Speedball 3.4: Baseball 1.2.3: Head of Riflery 3: 300 Point Award 2: 600 Point Award 3: 800 Point Award 4: Glee Club 2.3: Rifle Club 2.3.4-: Treasurer 3: President 4: Coe. Paula Krafthefer 0"Polly." Wilmette: St. Mary's of Notre Dame. Richard J. Krause 0 "Dick," Kenilworth: Usher Corps 3.4: Football 2: German Club 2.3,4: Vice- President 4: Lens Club 3.4. Edward G. Kreusch 9 "Shadow," Wilmette: Armour. Eleanor J. Kritzer 0 ",lean." Glencoe: TNT 4: Honor Society 4: Honor Group 1,2.3.4: Council Rep- resentative 3: Inter-School Relations Com- mittee 3: Social Committee 4: Girls' Club Publicity Committee 2: G.A.A. 1.2. 3.4: Class Manager Baseball 4: Hockey 2.3: RiHe 2: 300 Point Award 1: 500 Point Award 2: 600 Point Award 3: 800 Point Award 4: News Stall 2,3.4: Feature Editor 4: Echoes Staff 3: lnklings Con- tributor 4: German Club 2.3.41 President 4: French Club 3: Lens Club 2.3: Dra- matic Club 4: Vassar. Harold Fred Kufeldt ' "Harrits." Glenview: Golf Champion 1: Touch Football Champs 3, Robert W. Kuipers 0 "Bob." Wilmette: Lens Club 3.4: Loyola Academy 1: Michigan. Franklin M. Kulp "Scoop," Wilmette: Honor Group 3: Tri-Ship Representative 3: Football 1: Track 3.4: IM Basketball 4: Dramatic Club 1.2: "Tom Sawyer" 1: News Staff 3.42 Missouri. Richard H. La Bonte 0"Dick." Wilmette: T.N.T. 3.4: Class President 2: Council Representative 2: Vice President of Tri-Ship 4: Tri-Ship Publicity Committee 2: Chairman 3: Glee Club 1.2.31 Opera Group 4: Usher Corps 3: News Staff 1,2.3,4: Feature Edi- tor 3: Co-Editor-ln-Chief 4: Echoes Staff 2.3.4: Associate Editor 3: Inklings Con- tributor 4: Yale Club Award 3: Colgate. ITIE Rose A. Lancione 0 "Sunshine," Winnetka. Robert B. Landon "'Bob." Winnetka: T.N.T. 3.4: Honor Society 4: Honor Group Council Representative 2: Acting Treasurer 3: Tri-Ship Business Manager 4: Ushers Corps 3.4: Football 2,3,4: Numerals 2: Letter 3.4: "Wake Up Jonathan" 2: Glee Club 1: German Club 3.4: Lens Club 1: Dramatic Club 2.3,4: Cornell. Robert MacFarlane Lawrence 9"Benney." Wilmette: Swimming 1.2.3: Letter 1.2: IM Basketball 1: Track 2: Glee Club 1.2: Opera Group 3.4: '5Mikado" 1: "Trial by Jury" 2: "H.M.S. Pinafore" 4: Goodhue Contest 3.4: Cheer Leader 2. John H. Lawson ' "Dan'l Boone." Kenilworth: T.N.T. 3.4: Council Representative 2.3: Finance Com- mittee 3: Tri-Ship Dinner Committee 3: Usher Corps 3.4: Head Usher 3.4: Base- ball Manager 2.3: "Wake Up Jonathan" 2: "The Witching Hour" 4: Echoes Staff 3.4: Lens Club 1.2,3,4: Dramatic Club 2.3.4: Information Desk 4: Dartmouth. Jeannette M. Lechler 9Wilmette: G.A.A. 2.3.4: Volleyball 4: Girls' Club Representative 4: Art League 1.2.3: Service Club 3.4: Lens Club 4: McMain. Louisiana 3: lowa. 4 ' . Richard F. Lechlerx ' 1. 0 "Dick," Wilmette: Riiie Club 1: Nautical Club 2: German Club 2.3: Fortier. Louisi- ana 3. Frederic George Leeman 0"Fred." Wilmette: Council Representa- tive 4: Glee Club 4: Northwestern Mili- tary and Naval Academy 1.2.31 lllinois. , K .WWW IJ' N 4 sd 'a as-I-3' WP "a- ii- onvem .748 gb 005 x E John Leggitt 9 "Johnny," Wilmette: Honor Society 4: Honor Group 1.2,3: Usher Corps 2: Tennis 4: Career Club 4: Gavel Club 3.4: Study Hall Supervisor 3: Debate Team 4: Ham- mond 1, Evanston 2: Illinois. George Leichsenring 9"Moe," Winnetka: Honor Society 4: Honor Group 1,2.3: "Mikado," "H.M.S. Pinafore": Band 1,2,3,4: Drum Major 4: Executive Committee 4: Letter 1.3: Or- chestra 1,3,4: German Club 3.4: Informa- tion Desk 3.4: Usher Corps 4: Carleton. Jean Levy 9 Glencoe: Girls' Club Financial Com- mittee 3: Swimming 1,2.3.4: Numerals 1: G.A.A. 2.3.4: "Witching Hour" 4: Dramat- ic Club 4: Quill Club 1: Sketch Club 4: Winner of Girls' Club Magazine Drive 3.4: Scripps. Bruce Lippincott 9 "Lip," Wilmette: Council Representative 4: Swimming 4: Nautical Club 3.4: Secre- tary 4: Tabor Academy 1: Wisconsin. Eleanor Lipsch 9 "El," Wilmette: G.A.A. 4: Rhythm 3.4: Band 1.2.3,4: Letter 1,2.3: Commerce Club 1: Bryant and Stratton. Hoyt Livingston 9"Strikee," Winnetka: Usher Corps 4: Lightweight Basketball 2: Football 1,2.3.4: Letter 4: Northwestern. C' x" 00" ff' V' ffbtbt' x . - C. 4 6 CV xopgglfh fuer? io' 1 f rx, ' bs .5 X O xv 4" 1 00 9 "Loc," Winnetka: Volleyball 2: G.A.A. 3.4: Representative 4: Junior Music Club 1.2: Senior Music Club 3.4: Orchestra 1,2,3,4: Travel Club 4: Spanish Club 2,3,4: Lens Club 3: Sketch Club 1,2.3: Beloit. 2 x f 'x ,, x Sth 6 as.. Us I Z iq. 4 ' M " Ng' g : HQ ADRJLN., MPVN' we 62 oea l0R ACT Teresa M. Logan 9 g'Terry," Wilmette: G.A.A. l.2.3.4: Girls' Club Representative 4: Numerals 1: 300 Point Award: Letter 2: 600 Point Award 3: Hockey Fistball Head 4: Tennis 1: LaCrosse 1.2.3: Baseball 1.2.3: Archery 2.3: Basketball 1.2,3.4: Treble Clef 2: Glee Club 3.4: Rifle Club 2.3.4: Lens Club 2.3.4: Northwestern. Janet Lorene Long 9 "Jan," Winnetka: Lake Forest 1: Hins- dale 2.3. John Sherman Long 9 "Curly," Glencoe: Honor Group 4: Bas- ketball 4: Baseball 4: Lake Forest 1: Hins- dale 2.3: Wabash. Thomas Lucas 9K'Lucius," Wilmette: Football Manager 2.3: Letter 3: Track 2.3: Orchestra 3.4: "Chimes of Normandy" 3: '5H.M.S. Pina- fore" 4: Echoes Staff 4: Career Club 4: Traffic Squad 4: Northwestern. Marion Lukasek 9 "Luky." Glencoe: Senn 1.2.3. Costo Lulias 9 "Gus." Wilmette: Football 3: Orchestra 2.3: French Club 2: Purdue. Edgar Lutter 9"Ed," Glenview: Golf 3.4: Letter 3: Armour. Suzanne Lyon 9 i'Sue," Wilmette: G.A.A. 4: Girls' Club Representative 1.4: Publicity Committee 3: Gavel Club 1: Lens Club 1.2.32 French Club 3.4. Mary Macalister 9 "Mickey," Wilmette: T.N.T. 3.4: Honor Group 1.2.3: Class President 3: G.A.A. 1.2.3,4: Treasurer 3: 300 Point Award 2: 600 3: 800 3: Soccer 1.2.3: Manager 2: Rhythms 1.2.3: LaCrosse 1.2: Clogging 3: Girls' Club Secretary 4: Charity Com- mittee 1: Financial Committee 2: Dramatic Club 3.4: Player 4: Properties Crew 3.4: Glee Club 2.3: Secretary 3: News Staff 3: Echoes Staff 3.4: French Club 3.4: Rifle Club 1.2: Team 1.2: Service Club 3.4: Study Hall Supervisor 3.4: Connecticut. Jackson MacLow, Jr. 9Kenilworth: Honor Society 4: Honor Group 1,2.3.4: "Tom Sawyer" 1: "Quality Street" 2: "The Stolen Princeu: Glee Club 2: Gavel Club 1.2,3: President 4: Geology Club 1: Science Club 2.3.4: Junior Music Club 1.2: Senior Music Club 3.4: Dramat- ic Club 1.2.3,4: Lens Club 2: Scriblerus Club 4: Chess Club 1.2: Inklings Staff 3.4: Contributor 3.4: Williams Prize for Poetry 1938: Chicago. I ITIE if I X1 , iff 'Q .0 1 , : , io. ., X 1- os? .. 0 - 'K -M466 x. J Q45 QS, Tom J. MacMorran 9 "Tom," Wilmette: Golf Captain 3.4: Champ 1: Track 1.4: Glee Club 1.2.3: Northwestern. Hurd MacQueene 9 Winnetka. Richard K. Magner 9"Dick." Wilmette: Council Representa- tive 4: Social Committee 4: Horseshoe Doubles Champion 2: Football 4: Band 3.4: News Staff 3.4: Radio Club 1: Spanish Club 3: DePauw. Janette D. Maguire 9 ",lannee." Winnetka: Council Repre- sentalive 2: Student Relations Committee 2: Aviation Club 2: Archeology Club 3: Sketch Club 4: Scriblerus Club 4: Suc- cess. Mississippi 1: Illinois. Walter C. Maguire 9 "Mac." Wilmette: Loyola Academy 1.2.3: Loyola. Lawrence F. Markus 9"Lorny." Wilmette: Honor Society: Honor Group Table Tennis 3.4: Glee Club 2: Chess Club 1: Natural Sci- ence Club 1: German Club 3.4: Gavel Club 4: Chicago. Robert A. Matthews 9 "Bob," Glencoe: Honor Group 3.4: In- formation Desk 4: News Staff 4: Nautical Club 2.3.42 Lens Club 4: Career Club 4: Inklings Contributor 3.4: Michigan. Carl H. Mayer 9 Wilmette: Honor Group 4: Feather- weight Basketball 1: Table Tennis Singles 4: "Chimes of Normandy" 3: "H.M.S. Pinaforeu 4: Band Orchestra 3.4: Senior Music Club 4: Illinois. 123 Summer leaves turn to gold, heralding the beginning of a new school year , I 'Q' Y- 11 2' in 1 .l A .Sv . .N 5 'L 5' ' , ie qc A-b """i- LCX'S. S wl,.,fF5fmWf A K-2-Sb JW, I 'UN' 'iv fcf.S2U.,4Q.45t Pe L. M H? 'K 'IQ Q5 X 24, 'N s E Adeline E. Mazzetta 9"Pepper." Glencoe: Honor Group 15 G.A.A. 1.2.3,45 Soccer Champs 15 Com- merce Club 2.3.4. Jocelyn McAlister 9 "Bonnie.', Wilmette: Quill Club 25 Lens Club 35 Newtown 15 Purdue. Roy J. McCall 9 "Mac," Wilmette: Track 3.4, Letter 35 Football Champs 45 Point Winner, Track 35 Quigley 1.25 Loyola. Dan S. McCallum 9"Scotty," Wilmette: IM Football 35 Blackburn. Nelson C. McClary 9 "Mac," Winnetka: Radio Club 15 Nau- tical Club 2.45 Dartmouth. .. '-fr it S, tx: s 3, wx..-Q lc Y s 1936456125 Thomas S. McEwan 9 "Tom," Winnetka: Chess Club 15 Broad- casting Club 2,35 Lens Club 45 Rifie Club l,2,3,45 Science Club 4: Radio Club 152,345 Yale. Iames C. McFadzean 9 "Mickey," Winnetka: T.N.T. 45 Chair- man of Tri-Ship Interscholastic Relations Committee 45 Usher Corps 3,45 Football 1,2,3.45 Numerals 15 Letter 2,3545 Track l,2,3,45 Letter l,2.3,45 Basketball 1.35 Numeral I5 Letter 35 Chairman of Sports Carnival 45 Northwestern. James Mclntyre 9 "Scotty," Glencoe: Honor Group 35 Glee Club 25 Opera Group 3,45 Choir 2,3,45 "Trial by Jury" 25 "Chimes of Normandy" 35 "H.M.S. Pinafore" 45 Evanston Academy of Fine Art. 128 5 IOR ACTIITIE Rose Mary McKeighan 9"Mac," Wilmette: T.N.T. 45 Honor Society 45 Honor Group 1,2.3.4: Council Representative 2,35 Publications Commit- tee 2,35 Co-Chairman 45 G.A.A. 2.3.45 Girls' Club Publicity Committee 35 Quill Club 1.25 Archeology Club 25 Vice Presi- dent 25 French Club 35 Properties Crew 25 Treble Clef 1: Glee Club 2.35 Opera Group 45 "H.M.S. Pinafore" 45 Echoes Staff 2,35 Editor of Senior Album 45 News Staff 3,45 Desk Editor 45 Inklings Contributor 45 Chicago. Edwin S. McKeown 9 "Dictator," Winnetka: T.N.T. 45 Honor Society 45 Honor Group 1,2,3,45 Tennis 45 Swimming 2.35 Tri-Ship Representative 35 Publicity Committee 45 Spanish Club 2,3.4: President 45 "R.U.R.', 35 Echoes Editor-in-Chief 45 Princeton. William C. McLaren 9 "Bill," Winnetka: Tri-Ship Representa- tive I5 Gavel Club 15 Lens Club 35 Band 1.3,45 Letter 35 Honor Group 1,2,35 Coun- cil Representative 35 Publicity Committee 35 News Staff 2,3.45 Exchange Editor 3,45 Washington and Lee. Rosamond McMillan 9"RoSie," Wilmette: Honor Society 45 Honor Group 1,2,3,45 Accompanist Glee Clubs 1,35 Orchestra 25 .lunior Music Club 15 Senior Music Club 2,3,45 News Staff 35 Quill Club 1,25 Archeology Club 2,35 Secretary, Treasurer 35 Chicago. Leo McShane 9"Whiskey,', Winnetka: Football 2,3,45 XX Letter 45 Band 1.2,3.45 Lens Club 25 In- diana. Donald W. Meier 9 "Don," Wilmette: Honor Group 2,35 Football 2,3,45 Numerals 25 Minor Letter 45 Aviation Club 25 Purdue. William E. Melvin 9'LBill," Winnetka: Football Champs 25 Band 3,45 Letter 35 Lens Club 2,35 Oregon. Frederic H. Mende 9"Doc," Wilmette: Track 25 Band 1,25 Orchestra 45 Echoes Staff 45 Broadcasting Club 25 German Club 45 Dartmouth. Edith L. Mendum 9"Edie,,' Wilmette: Honor Group 3,45 Girls' Club Arrangement Committee 45 Volleyball 3,45 Soccer 2,35 Speedball 45 Basketball 3,45 Baseball 3,45 Basketball Champs 35 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 300 Point Award 25 600 Point Award 35 Head of Volleyball 45 800 Point Award 45 News Typist 35 Typing Editor 45 Echoes Typist 35 Rifle Club 15 Lens Club 25 Inklings Contributor 45 Lawrence. John C. Meng 9".Iack," Glenview: IM Football 35 IM Lightweight Basketball 35 Northwestern. Joseph A. Merrill 9 i'.loe," Winnetka: IM Manager ' Band 2,35 Letter 35 Chess Club 25 Club 2,35 Nautical Club 35 Sports Club 3,45 Colorado. 3,4 , Ri He Margaret L. Mershon 9"Marty," Winnetka: Quill Club 1,25 Depauw. Marion L. Mesick 9 "Meese." Kenilworth: Lens Club 45 Gulf Park, Mississippi 15 Roycemore 2,35 Southern California. Ruth M. Mestjian 9 "Mes," Wilmette: G.A.A. 2,3,45 Treble Clef 15 Glee Club 25 Opera Group 3,45 Choir 45 "Chimes of Normandy" 35 "H.M.S. Pinaforew 45 Natural Science Club 15 Art League 2: Moser. .. N W? 1 flier. ' ss' ff ,t I A -23 ,Q I X' 9 1X , sz i JJJ ii-.IJ Helen M. Meves 9 Wilmette: Lens Club 45 Honor Society 45 Honor Group 3.45 Roosevelt, Washing- ton, D. C. 1,25 Chicago Art Institute. Emilie J. Mickey 9 "Mick," Wilmette: Speedball 45 Volley 45 Basketball Champs 15 Volley Ball 15 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Representative 15 Treble Clef 45 Drivers' Club 25 Archeology Club 45 Library Assistant. William D. Millard 9"Bill," Wilmette: Honor Group 152,35 Information Desk 45 Council Representa- tive 15 Purdue. jAe 62 085 E Charlotte R. Miller 9 "Char," Kenilworth: Lens Club 3: Serv- ice Club 3,4: Glee Club 4: Girls' Club Representative 4: Spanish Club 4: Chevy Chase. John J. Miller 9 "Weasel," Wilmette: Council Represen- tative 1: Baseball Letter 2: Basketball 4: D1 Basketball Champs 1: Swimming Champs 3: Grinnell. Sallee Miller 9 Glencoe: French Club 3: Honor Group 1: News Staff 3. Principia. John Clarence Miskell 0 "Tiny," Glenview: Football 4: Letter 4: Basketball 4: Letter 4: Dwight 1.2. Bernice J. Mitchell 9 "Bee," Wilmettez Maine 1.2: Stephens. lfQ'il SXX 432 N2 'A g jf li El' Im s 'EYIW V f 4? ' 41 X fag sf - r b g g A r 51 I-rf ggwv. Jeanne L. Mitchell 9 "Mitch." Winnetka: Basketball 3: Coun- cil Representative 4: Swimming 3: G.A.A. 2.3,4: Numerals 2.3: Social Committee 2.3: French Club 2.3: Treble Clef 1: Glee Club 2: Opera Group 3.4: L'Chimes of Normandy" 3: "H.M.S. Pinafore" 4: Prom Committee 3: Bennet. Roberta Mizener 9 "Bobby," Wilmette: G.A.A. 2,3.4: Girls' Club Charity Committee 4: Quill Club 1,2: lnklings Contributor 4: DePauw. Erwin Moeller 9 S'Sonny," Glencoe: Baseball 2: Illinois. jk Cib!LoeA IOR All Harold Molter, Jr. 9"Harry." Wilmette: Honor Society 4: Honor Group 2.3.41 Council Representative 3: S. H. Supervisor 4: Swimming 1.2,3.4: Guard Cheerleader 4: Letter 4: IM Football Champs 3: Swimming Champs 2: Information Desk 4: News Staff 4: Echoes Staff 4: Lens Club 3: Nautical Club 3: Principia. Florence I. Molyneaux 9 "Floatie." Kenilworth: Swimming 4: French Club 3: Lens Club 3: Maywood 1: Nlarymont. Evan J. Moore 9 Evanston: Track 3.4: Letter 3.4: North Park College Academy 1.2: Southern Cali- fornia. George E. Moore 9 Wilmette: Honor Society 4: Honor Group Council Representative 3: Driv- ers' Club 2: lnformation Desk 4: lnklings Contributor 3: Northwestern. Richard Moreau 9 "Dick." Wilmette: Track 1.2.3.-1: Letter 2.3.-1: Football 2: Golf 3.4: Orchestra 1: Debate Team 4: Northwestern. Robert C. Morris 9 "Bob," Winnetka: Swimming 2,3.4: Guard 2,3.4: Tennis Manager 4: IM Swim- ming 2: Band 1.2.3: U.C.L.A. Eleanor M. Morrison 9 "Ellie." Kenilworth: Spanish Club 2.3: Stanford. Robert T. Morrison 9 "Bob," Winnetka: Honor Group 2: ln- formation Desk 4: Usher Corps 4: Radio Club 1.2.3,4: Vice President 2: Chief Oper- ator 4: Traffic Squad 4: Purdue. Patricia B. Morse 9 "Pat," Winnetka: Council Representative 2: Building and Grounds Committee 2: Spanish Club 3: Stephens. Robert A. Moss 9"Cowb0y." Kenilworth: Football 4: Minor Letter 4: Glee Club 1.2: Opera Group 3.4: Choir 2.3.4: "Trial by Jury" 2: Sports Club 1.2: Commerce Club 1.2: lllinois. TI ITIE Margaret E. Meyers 9"Meg," Winnetka: G.A.A. 2.4: Girls' Club Charity Committee 4: Lens Club 2: French Club 4: German Club 4: Echoes Staff 4: Oakland. California 3: Swarth- more. John L. Nau 9 "Boobin." Winnetka: Council Represen- tative 2.3: Golf 3: Letter 3: IM Volleyball 3: Lens Club 2.3: Rifle Club 1,2: Echoes Staff 3: St. George 1: Arizona. Polly Neeves 9 Glencoe: Co-Chairman of Council Inter- school Relations Committee 4: G.A.A. 1.2, 3.4: Soccer 1.2: Basketball 1: Tennis 1.2.32 Swimming 1.2.3: 300 Point Award 2: Girls' Club Friendly Committee 2: Social Com- mittee 3: Spanish Club 2.3: Arizona. a. fied in 5' o 1-I nl if' ,QQQA5 if? S w LR? t Q4 X 1 X- Nznm, Edith A. Neiglick 9 "Edie," Winnetka: Honor Group 2: G.A.A. 2.3.41 Spanish Club 4: Treble Clef 3: Glee Club 3.4: Northwestern. Joseph P. Neiweem 9 Winnetka: Football 3: Commerce Club 2. Ralph J. Neiweem 9 Winnetka: Tri-Ship Representative 4: Commerce Club 2. Richard K. Neukranz 9 "Noisy," Wilmette: Orchestra 1.2,3,4. 129 X 4 4 '26 if 'Q'- "f"wZ."' hum-4 k huns-f' 'AIN' 5 C.' "s'.:" ' .Eff P 0 R T1"i.BLaJ F ,f - fff , - ' fflfiig 5 -'-'S ' Ak' Zn 1 Rf , . to ff 7,2-T"' if X ...ff 4' r- 1 .uv ' f N- i L..w'g.k VI-X xX A .,- J My .Mn -..Lx M,k,1-'f- X WW 1 Q. ,,v ,. .v-, . p... . . u . ....,,' 5'-' n 7 ' -., K I 5 ' L 4 ,..- --- .' -- 5, ., . '- ' A u E 9 "Dee Dee." Wilmette: Honor Society 4: Honor Group 1,2,33 Girls' Club Represen- tative 23 Employment Committee 43 G.A.A. 1.2,3,43 300 Point Award 23 500 Point Award 33 LaCrosse 13 Hockey 1,2,33 Rhythms 1,2,3.43 Drivers' Club 1.23 French Club 23 Lens Club 33 Northwestern. jane E. Newman John G. Nichols ' "Junior," Wilmette: "Adventures of Tom Sawyer" 13 Glee Club 2.33 Opera Group 43 "H.M.S. Pinafore" 4. Robert B. Noble 0 "Bob," Wilmette: Lens Club 33 Broad- casting Club 33 Mitchell. South Dakota 1,23 Southern California. Melvin B. Nylund 0 "Mel," Wilmette: Track 3.43 Horseshoe Doubles Champ 23 Orchestra 1,2.3.43 "Trial by Jury" 23 "Chimes of Normandy" 3: News Staff 3: Music Club 33 Rollins. Vincent P. Oatis "'Vince," Glencoe: TNT 43 Swimming 2.3.43 Letter 2.3.43 Co-Captain 43 Tri- Ship lnterscholastic Relations Committee 43 Information Desk 43 News Staff 4: Echoes Staff 3,43 Sports Editor 43 lnklings Contributor 33 Michigan. Burton E. Offner 0 "Burt," Winnetka: Honor Group 43 Tri- Ship Representative 2,33 lnformation Desk 43 Football 33 News Stall 3.43 Echoes Staff 43 Rifle Club 23 Team 23 Gavel Club 43 Broadcasting Club 43 Career Club 4: Debate Team 43 Forensic League 4-3 Grinnell. Richard B. Ogilvie 9"Ogie," Wilmette: Basketball 13 Num- erals 13 Football 2.3.43 Numerals 23 Letter 43 Spanish Club 4. fe--'--'-Q., i .. , I fp .. ' "'7SJ1ee 132 IOR ACTIITIE Barbara J. Oilar 0"Barby," Wilmette: Honor Group 4: Girls' Club Arrangements Committee gl Clogging 3,43 Numerals 33 French Club 33 Musicale 4g Secretary-Treasurer 43 S.H. Supervisor 43 De Pauw. Harry Maynard Oliver 0 "Pete," Winnetka: TNT 43 Co-Chairman of Council lnterschool Relations Commit- tee 4: IM Swimming 33 Letter 33 "Wake Up Jonathan" 2: "R.U.R." 33 "Royal Family" 43 "The Witching Hour" 43 Dra- matic Club 2.3.43 Players 4: President 43 News Staff 2: Echoes Staff 2.4: French Club 2g Gavel Club 33 Debate Team 3,43 Varsity Letter 33 Forensic League 3,43 ln- formation Desk 4: Williams. Dwight C. Orcutt "'Skipper," Glencoe: Football 1, Track 23 Rifle Club 1.2: Drivers' Club 23 Treas- urer 23 Lens Club 23 Usher Corps 43 Miami. Douglas M. Orwig 0 'Doug," Winnetka: Council Representa- tive 13 Football Champs 33 Drivers' Club 23 Lawrence. Gordon E. Osterstrom 0 "Oscar," Wilmette: Council Representa- tive 43 Tri-Ship Representative 13 Usher Corps 43 Track 2,3,43 Letter 2,3,43 Geol- ogy Club 1.23 President 23 Natural Science Club 2,3.43 Treasurer 33 President 43 Radio Club 43 German Club 3,43 Dramatic Club 4. "Royal Family": Michigan. Nathalie Otis 0 "Nat," Hubbard Woods: Girls' Club Rep- resentative 33 G.A.A. 3.43 French Club 3,43 George Washington, New .lersey 1.2. Fiora G. Pagliarulo 9 "Fi," Wilmette: Honor Society 4: Hon- or Group 1.2.3,43 G.A.A. 1.2,3,43 Repre- sentative 3: 300 Point Award 23 500 Point Award 4: Rifle Team 13 Hockey 1: Rhythms 2,3,43 LaCrosse 23 Junior Music Club 2: Senior Music Club 3.4: Quill Club 1: Broadcasting Club 23 French Club 2.3.43 Art League 3.43 Spanish Club 43 Illinois. Louis J. Pantle 9"Red," Hubbard Woods: Football 3. James Carter Parry 0 "Jim," Wilmette: Lens Club 2.33 Duke. Patty Anne Patterson "'Pat," Winnetka: Girls' Club Social Committee 43 Girls' Club Representative 43 News Staff 23 Lens Club 1,21 Drivers' Club 2: Musicale 43 Art Club 33 North- western. gf '24 fs kiii ' 75 ze V Q lk fit' , X gf' ,M u It - " auf' X ow5e'HNU5' -3 N I JEEEFYATSS Donald Andrew Paulson 0 "Don." Winnetka: Tri-Ship Representa- tive 13 Junior Music Club lg Senior Mu- sic Club 2,33 Glee Club 23 Opera Group 3,43 Choir 2.3,43 "Trial by Jury" 2g "Chimes of Normandy" 33 "H.M.S. Pina- fore" 4. Louise E. Peach 9 "Peaches," Wilmette: G.A.A. 43 Volley: ball 43 Band 3,43 Lens Club 43 Oak Park 1.23 Rockford. Marge E. Pearson 0 Wilmette: Honor Society 43 Honor Group 1.2,3.4: Art League 1. Richard R. Penberthy 9 "Pem," Wilmette: Honor Group 13 Foot- ball 23 IM Football Champs lg "R.U.R." 33 Glee Club 1.22 Opera Group 3.43 Choir 4g Ensemble 43 "Trial by Jury" 23 "Chimes of Normandy" 3g lnklings Contributor 43 Amherst. Mary V. Penick 0 "Pat," Wilmette: Girls' Club Representa- tive 13 Financial Committee 43 Council Representative 43 Soccer 1.2: Fistball 33 Manager 13 Basketball 43 Manager 43 300 Point Award 33 Props Crew 33 Sullins. Barbara N. Perry 0"Bay." Wilmette: Commerce Club 4-3 Dress Designing School. Oliver H. Perry 0 "Ozzie," Wilmette. Caroline E. Petersen 9 "Elise," Kenilworth: Hacienda Del Sol, Arizona 1,23 Colby. Ze 62 oe5 E jane V. Peterson 9"Petey," Glencoe: Honor Society 4: Honor Group 1.2,3.43 Treble Clef 1.2: Echoes Staff 43 Moser. Richard D. Pettibone 9 "Dick," Winnetka: Tri-Ship Representa- tive 4g Swimming 3,4: Letter 3,43 Tennis 43 Orchestra 2,3,43 Dartmouth. Gladys I. Phelps 0 "Imp," Wilmette: Treble Clef 23 Glee Club 3,43 Commerce Club 33 Art League 33 Service Club 3,4. Donald E. Pick 0 "Pick," Winnetka: Baseball Manager 33 Letter 3: IM Football Champs 4: IM Drop Kicking Champ 43 French Club 2,33 Sketch Club 43 Illinois. Bill F. Pickall 0 "Bill," Wilmette: IM Swimming Champs 3g Swimming 43 Radio Club 2,33 Cornell. Madeleine Pierce 9 "Mad," Glencoe: Honor Society 4: Hon- or Group 2.4: Girls' Club Publicity Com- mittee 4: Rifle Team 23 300 Point Award 33 Rhythms 3: G.A.A. 2,3,43 Echoes Stall 4g French Club 2.3.41 Lens Club 2: Art League 33 Sketch Club 3: Senn 13 Arling- ton Hall. Nancy Virden Pierson 0 "Nan," Wilmette: Honor Group 2: Council Charter and Contact Committee 2: Social Committee 43 Girls' Club Charity Committee 23 G.A.A. 2,3,43 Treble Clef 1: Glee Club 23 Opera Group 3,4: Choir 43 "H.M.S. Pinafore" 4g Carleton. Marjorie Pope 0'5Marge," Wilmette: Honor Group 43 Girls' Club Charity Committee 23 Employ- ment Committee 3g Arrangements Commit- tee 43 Archery 43 Art League 2,33 French Club 33 Lens Club 33 Service Club 43 De Pauw. jf.. cfllma IOR AC Mildred V. Portenhauser 0 "Millie," Wilmette: G.A.A. 2,3,43 Stamp Club 13 Drivers' Club 23 German Club 3,43 Commerce Club 3.4: Treble Clef 23 Illinois. William G. Porter 0 "Bill," Winnetka: Basketball 1.3.43 Base- ball Manager 3.43 Letter 3.43 IM Basket- ball Champs 23 Tri-Ship Representative 1,2,3,43 Traffic Squad 4: Chief 43 Radio Club 3: Glee Club 1,23 Opera Group 3.4: Choir 2,3,43 "Mikado" 1: "Trial by Jury" 2: "Chimes of Normandy" 3g i'H.INI.S. Pinaforen 43 Purdue. Donald L. Powell 0 "Don," Winnetka: Chess Club 23 French Club 23 Dramatic Club 2.3,43 "Quality Street" 23 "Witching Hour" 4: Glee Club 1.2: Stage Crew 3,4: Goodman Theatre. John Vaughn Powell 9 "Itchy," Evanston: Football Numerals 1,23 Letter 3,43 Basketball 1,23 Baseball 1: Numeral 13 IM Baseball Champs 43 Texas Christian. Jane Pratt 9 "Peter," Winnetka: G.A.A. 2.3.43 Rhythms 2,43 Riding 13 Girls' Club Repre- sentative 33 Scriblerus Club 3.43 Arche- ology Club 3g Lens Club 3: Art League 43 Sketch Club 43 Williams Prize 2: Ink- lings Contributor 2.3.4. Helen R. Pugsley 0 "Pug," Glencoe: Honor Group 13 Echoes Stall' 43 Moser. William J. Ramser 0 "Bill," Winnetka: Honor Group 13 IM Football Champs 3. Adele N. Rasmessen 9 "Slug," Wilmette. G.A.A. 2.3.41 Repre- sentative 43 Numerals 33 300 Point Award 3: Rhythms 1.2: Soccer 33 Speedball 43 Baseball 33 Drivers' Club 33 U.C.L.A. Richard C. Ravenhill 9 "Rich," Kenilworth: IM Football Champs 3: Aviation Club 13 Chess Club 1.2: Northwestern. Robert M. Raymer 9 "Bob," Hubbard Woods: Honor Society 43 Honor Group 1.2,3,4: Council Publi- cations Committee 43 News Staff 3.4: Sports Editor 3g Managing Editor 1: Echoes Staff 3,43 Track 2g IM Feather- weight Basketball Champs 1: IM Swim- ming Champs 33 Sports Club 1.2.33 Chicago. Margaret Raymond "'Maggie," Kenilworth: Honor Society 43 Honor Group 1,2.3.4: G..-LA. 2.3.41 Girls' Club Social Committee 3: Speed- ball 43 Junior Music Club 23 Art League 2,33 Scriblerus 4: Inklings Contributor 3.4: Inklings Staff 3.4: Co-Editor 43 Vassar. Tl ITIE ,lane Records "Rainy," Winnetka: TNT 3,43 Honor Group I: Chairman of Girls' Club Employ- ment Committee 43 Social Committee 1: Friendly Committee 23 G.A.A. l,2.3.4: Rep- resentative 13 Secretary 23 Head of Intra- mural Sports 33 Social Committee Chair- man 43 Numerals 13 Cheveron 2: 300 Point Award 2: 600 Point Award 33 800 Point Award 4: Council Representative 1, Charter and Contract Committee 1: Hockey 1.2.3,-1: LaCrosse 1.2.31 Basketball 13 Baseball 1,23 Properties Crew 3.43 Co- Chairman 43 "Clarence" 3: Dramatic Club 3.4: Player 43 Glee Club 23 Opera Group 3.41 Choir 43 "Chimes of Normandyn 3g "H.M.S. Pinafore" 43 French Club 2,33 Connecticut. George Hyde Redding ' Wilmette: Honor Group 43 Tri-Ship Rep- resentative 3: Dance Committee 4: Glee Club 1.2: Opera Group 3.4: Choir 43 "Mikado" 1: "Trial by Jury" 2: "Chimes of Normandy" 3: "I-l.M.S. Pinaforeu 43 Council Representative 33 Finance Com- mittee 33 Stamp Club 13 Drivers' Club 23 Treasurer 2: Rifle Club 23 Lens Club 3: Career Club 43 Treasurer 43 Washington and Jefferson. Robert S. Reebie "'Ribs." Winnetka: Honor Society 43 Honor Group 1.4: Class Treasurer 1: Tri- Ship Representative 13 Tennis 4: Radio Club 4: Career Club 43 President 4: Choate School 2.33 1I.I.T. Jean Regan U Wilmette. Susan Reichmann U "Sue." Glencoe: Honor Society 4: Hon- or Group l.2.3.4-: Girls' Club Financial Committee 4: Treble Clef 2: Glee Club 3: Opera Group 4: "H.M.S. Pinafore" 4: Lens Club 2.33 Service Club 3.4: French Club 4: Carleton. Ralph W. Reinwald 0 "Burrhead." Wilmette: Commerce Club 1.2. S X:- ll . 'P I AX xl' 37 3 'M ,--1"',i ,"' we fb' I -3. 133 'QQ' Sz. 'Q' fi:-,S fa ...av- '1- 1: as V-F , A ,VF 'A P rs, D ,. Nv- + A-4? E FALLFEATURES Sc-11001 Qpeus. , Ex-trippers use steam train no . M I D n durtng North Shore strike. The R3lllb0WN' Romp -First Trl-Slnp. 2. Eme,genCy Smdempolice Corps Emerson Football Game. 0 handles trafic' Q. Temporary arrangement of Defeat at WHllk0gHll. corps becomes permanent. -, , , 4. VT ' f 1 .- Y lctory at Morton. Pl'OVlS0, and Highland Park. Qgfgmous game em Se S X "The Highland Fling," a "5Cl1eap"' Tri-Ship. 5' Three N-71 L ' ' ' " , -"ik s all suburban. xf-X 5 Annual Fall Play-Wllhe Royal Family." 6. genio, ,,,,,,, ineeS , p k, X ,r . Oak Park Game. , bb' , , - N 1. Nortlzslzore bclzoolgzrl oc Activities Ticket Campaign. Team lfy-0l1lS- , , 8. Hail Alma Mater- surlaf tx - Class Elections. 9 F . reslzmen get a tas . 1 f CTOSSC. FALL, A D THE BEGINNING E -I ffmfff ,t fv 4-'19 , F Ye? ' if fffb-J 5 4. gl X -1'l " - ,. ie WTA Harry J. Renken 9 Winnetka: Evanston 1: Harvard. Robert M. Rennak 9 "Bob," Glenview: Honor Society 4: Honor Group 3.4: Rifle Club 4: Team 4: Purdue. Carl J. Renneckar 9"Bob." Glenview: Band 1.2.3,4: Letter 2.3.4: Spanish Club 4. Lloyd H. Repke 9 Northfield. David F. Reynolds 9 "Mac," Winnetka: Swimming 1.2: Bas- ketball Champs 1: Spanish Club 4: Ari- zona. Richard O. Reynolds 9"Orv." Winnetka: Tri-Ship Representa- tive 1.2: Football Co-Captain 3: Numerals 1: Letter 2.3.4: Basketball 1.2.3. Benjamin Richards. Jr. 9 "Moo." Kenilworth: Stage Crew 1: Band 1.2.3,-1: Student Conductor 4: Lens Club 1: Chess Club 1.2: Nautical Club 2.3.4: Vice-President 3: Traliic Squad 4: Indiana. Nancee Rogers Rietheimer 9 "Fagin." Winnetka: Class Vice-President 1: Girls' Club Representative 1: Friendly Committee 1.2: Social Committee 2: Bas- ketball Champs 2: Glee Club 2: Echoes Stafi 4: Art League 1: Broadcasting Club 2. Sharon Clay Risk 9 Winnetka: Honor Society 4: Honor Group l.2.3,4: Tri-Ship Representative 3: Football 2: IM Football Champs 3: Glee Club 1.2.3: Opera Group 4: "Trial by Jury" 2: Usher Corps 3.4: Echoes Staff 3.4: Lens Club 3.4: Gavel Club 4: Debate Team 4: Princeton. 136 I U IOR ACTIITIE James E. Robertson 9 "Jim," Winnetka: IM Manager 3: Sports Club 2.3,4: Vice-President 4: Spanish Club 4: Michigan. Theodore Rockwell III 9 "Ted,', Winnetka: TNT 4: Honor Society 4: Honor Group 2.3.4-: Rifle Team 3: "Ad- ventures of Tom Sawyer" 1: Glee Club 1.21 Opera Group 3: "Mikado" 1: "Trial by .lury" 2: "Chimes of Normandy" 3: News Staff 3.4: Echoes Staff 4: Co-Feature Editor 4: Inklings Stafi 1: Contributor 4: Science Club 1.2.3: Lens Club 3.4: Career Club 4: Cornell University. Janet A. Rogers 9 "lan," Wilmette: Council Representa- tive 4: Girls' Club Financial Committtee 4: G.A.A. 2.3.4: Treble Clef 1: Lens Club 3: French Club 3.4: Sullins. Nancy Rogers 9 "Nan." Winnetka: Honor Group 4: Girls' Club Employment Committee -1-: Glee Club 3.4: Inklings Contributor 4: S.H. Super- visor 4: Hinsdale 1.2: Oberlin. Jane Ross 9 Winnetka: G.A.A. 3.4: Rifle Team 3: Woodbury 1: William and Mary. Wlilliam J. Ross 9 "Bill." Winnetka: W 0 o d Ii u r y 1.2: Wooster. Elaine M. Rothermel 9 "Ruthie," Kenilworth: Honor Society 4: Honor Group 1.2.3.-1-: Spanish Club 2,3,4: Lens Club 3: Rifle Club 4: Northwestern. Reginald F. Rounsfull 9 "Reggie.'l Golf: Baseball l.2.3.4: Letter 2.3.4: IM Track Champs 4: Band Letter 1.3: Stamp Club Rifle Club 2: North Park. Martha H. Russell 9"Toby." Wilmette: Honor Society 4: Honor Group 3.4: Council Representative 3: Student Relations Committee 3: "Cradle Song" 3: "The Witching Hour" 4: Dra- matic Club 3.4: Players 4: Glee Club 2.3: Opera Group 4: "H.M.S. Pinaforef' 4: Broadcasting Club 2.3.4: Secretary 1: Roycemore 1: St. Petersburg 2: National Park. Philip Russell 9"Phil." Glencoe: Track 4: IM Track Champs 4: Chess Club 4: Woodrow Wil- son. Washington D.C., 1.2.3. Art A. Russo 9 Wilmette: Baseball 2.3: Letter 2: Track 3: IM Basketball Champs 1: Glee Club 2: Nautical Club 3: Sports Club 3: Grinnell. Virginia L. Sampson 9 "Ginny," Glencoe: Illinois. Richard Charles Sauer 9 "Joe Blow," Winnetka: Council Repre- sentative 1: Football 1.2.3,4: Numerals 1.2: Track 1.2: Letter 2: Baseball 1,2.3: Numerals 1.2: Letter 3: Basketball 1,2.3.4: Numerals 1.2: Minor Letter 4: Glee Club 1.2: "Trial by Jury" 2: Opera Group 3: Notre Dame. Robert F. Sauer 9 "Be-aglef' Winnetka: Council Represen- tative 3: Finance Committee 3: Basket- ball 1.2: Numerals 2: Manager Letter 4: Stamp Club 3: Spanish Club 3: Arizona. Shirley J. Scarratt 9 "Shirl." Kenilworth: Honor Society 4: Honor Group Council Representa- tive 1: Girls' Club Publicity Committee 1: Arrangements Committee 1: Friendly Com- mittee 3: Social Committee 4: G.A.A. 2.3. 4: Props Crew 2.3: Dramatic Club 3: Or- chestra 1: Glee Club 3: Opera Group 4: Choir 4: Ensemble 4: "H.M.S. Pinaforeu 4: Art Club 3: Senior Music Club 4: Con- necticut. Robert Scheibel 9 "Bob," Wilmette: Class Treasurer 2: Information Desk 3: Football 2.3.42 Nu- merals 2: Letter 3.4: Basketball 3.4: Minor Letter 4: S.H. Supervisor 4: Grinnell. X 'I sl' 'N X 4 f f ff- 1-tw, , "1 l :ii r f m ,l l V , ' W' c C! ' NNY 4 fl. QA... E IOR ACTIVITIE Ruth Scheibel 'i'Rufus," Wilmette: Class Secretary 33 Girls' Club Charity Committee 33 S.H. Supervisor 43 G.A.A. 1,2,3.43 100 Point Award 13 300 Point Award 33 Swimming l,2,3,43 Numerals 13 Speedball Champs 43 Speedball 43 Baseball 23 Soccer 2,33 Head 43 Soccer Champs 33 Echoes Staff 43 Spanish Club 3.43 Treasurer 33 Vice-Presi- dent 43 Art League 23 Denison. Robert E. Schenk 0 "Bob," Wilmette: Football 43 Swimming 13 IM Football Champs 13 IM Track Champs 43 Glee Club 13 "Mikado" 13 Northwestern Military and Naval Academy 33 Colorado College. Frances P. Schipfer 9 "Frannie,', Winnetka: TNT 43 Girls' Club Treasurer 43 Friendly Committee 13 Council Representative 23 Building and Grounds Committee 23 G.A.A. 1.2,3,43 Rep- resentative 2.33 300 Point Award 33 Hockey 1.2,3.43 Basketball 13 Swimming 33 Glee Club 2,33 Service Club 3.4: Mary Baldwin. Lloyd A. Schipfer 0 Winnetka: Swimming 2.3.43 Guard 2.3.43 German Club 2,3.43 Colgate. Robert Edward Schmalholz 0 "Bob,,' Wilmette: Commerce Club 1,2,4. Loretta M. Schneider 9 Glenview: Northbrook 13 Mallinkrodt 2 3 ' 9 s Joseph N. Schneider "'Joe." Wilmette: Golf 3: Commerce Club 2.3.43 Treasurer 33 President 4: Quigley Prep 13 Northwestern. , i-jx 0 is 32 -sz- N A I .X , V. 64' 4 , 20' ff cws om 2,9 Cfi:Aoe.5 Jeanne Isabell Schrei 0 "Jean," Kenilworth: G.A.A. l,2,3,43 300 Point Award 23 600 Point Award 43 Soccer 1,3,43 Basketball 1,2.3,43 Baseball 3,43 LaCrosse 33 Fistball 43 Glee Club 43 Radio Club 33 Lens Club 33 Monmouth. Jean Schultz 0 "Schultzie,', Wilmette: German Club 3,43 East Junior, Minnesota 13 Northwestern. Nicholas J. Schwall 9 "Nick," Wilmette: S.H. Supervisor 4. Suzanne Scofield 0 "Suz," Glencoe: Treble Clef 1,23 Secre- tary 23 Glee Club 3,43 President 43 Art Club 2.33 French Club 43 National College of Education. Charlotte M. Seabron "iSebe," Glencoe: Broadcasting Club 2. 3,43 Wilberforce. John P. Seeley 9 "Wolf," Glencoe: Football 43 Track 43 Spanish Club 2.33 Colorado. Daniel L. Seiden 0 "Dan,', Wilmette: Honor Society 43 Hon- or Group Tri'Ship Publicity Com- mittee 33 Stage Crew 2.3.43 Co-Manager 33 News Staff 1,33 Echoes Staff 33 Dramatic Club 3,43 Publicity Chairman 3,43 Player 43 Harvard Club of Chicago Award 33 Library Assistant 33 S.H. Supervisor 43 Swarthmore. Marguerite E. Sethness 0 "Prinny," Winnetka: Girls' Club Repre- sentative 3: C-.A.A. 2.3.43 Representative 33 LaCrosse 13 Glee Club Service Club 3,43 MacMurray. Marilyn T. Shane ' Wilmette: Girls' Club Arrangements Committee 43 G.A.A. 2.3.43 Head of Golf 43 Hockey 23 Golf 3.-1-3 Head 43 Aviation Club 2: Lens Club 33 French Club 33 Stephens. Francis James Sherwin 0 "Pinky." Glencoe: Student Council Rep- resentative 13 Track 43 "Tom Sawyer" 13 "Witching Houri' 43 Echoes Stal? 43 Dra- matic Club 1,2.3.43 Nautical Club 23 Rifle Club 13 Career Club 4: Washington and Lee. Helen G. Sieber 0 Glencoe: Honor Group 2.3.43 Girls' Club Charity Committee 43 Treble Clef 2. Spen- ish Club 43 lnklings Contributor 33 Oratory 43 Ames. ww ,7- if X I 3 li I, 1 df! ap Xtifslwwi Barbara W. Sieck 0 "Barb,i' Winnetka: Girls' Club Employ- ment Committee 43 G.A..-X. 2.3.43 Head or Riding 43 Treble Clef 1.3: German Club 43 Prom Committee 33 Black Mountain. Martha E. Siefkin 9 "Sleepy." Glencoe: TNT 43 Honor So- ciety 43 Honor Group Girls' Club Representative 33 Financial Committee 3.4: Council Representative 43 Social Commit- tee 43 G.A.A. 300 Point Award 33 Chairman of Arrangements 43 Props Crew 3.43 Actors' Guild 43 Treble Clef 13 Glee Club 3.43 Lens Club 2.3: French Club 3: Dramatic Club 43 Swarthmore. George L. Simon 0 "Si." Kenilworth: Track Nu- merals 1.23 Letters 3,43 Football 43 Letter 43 HI Football Champs 1: III Horseshoe Champs 33 IM Track Champ 13 Gavel Club 3: Forensic Board 3. Wlilliam Simon, Jr. 0 "Bill," Lens Club 13 Nautical Club 2.3. 43 Brown. Scott Sheldon Simpson 0 "Simp." Winnetka: Track 2.3: Lens Club 3.4: Nautical Club 33 Career Club 43 Oregon. Marjorie R. Sinding 0 "Harge." Kenilworth: GAA. 2.3.43 "Tom Sawyer" 13 "The Cradle Song" 33 Dramatic Club Gwendolyn D. Small 9 "Mic-key." Kenilworth: Girls' Club Char- ity Committee 3: Social Committee 3: Council Representative 2: G..-X..-K. 2.3.43 Representative 2.3: Ritle Team 2: Numerals 2: Quill Club 13 Vice-President 1: Service Club 3.4: President 43 Rifle Club 1.3: Rifle Team 23 lnklings Contributor 23 S.H. Supervisor 43 News Staff 4: Echoes Staff 43 Denison. 137 l ,I JA x Q1 x 7 gil' i' ,-n" 4 9'5:u 5 I-ufxf 542' ,,-and 'U gal-N SE Arthur J. Smith 9 "Art," Winnetka: Quigley Prep 1: Saint Bernard's Abbey. Betty J. Smith 0 'iSmitty," Glencoe: G.A.A. 2,3.4: Soccer 1.2: Soccer Champs 1: Commerce Club 1: Honor Division 1: Treble Clef 2: Glee Club 3: Moser. Lois A. Smith 9 "Squeaky." Winnetka: Girls' Club Rep- resentative 4: G.A.A. 3,4: Swimming 3: French Club 3.4: Glee Club 3: Ridge- wood. New ,lersey 1: Hinsdale, Illinois 2: Smith. Marguerite A. Smith 0 Winnetka: Northwestern. Murray Smith "Smitty," Winnetka: Tennis 4: Stamp Club 2. . 3231, 3 f f , . t .Q Q57 xi S, . 1 f 5' 'T j "'x,f .Q . ll C- TI C ofvfinwf' BW-.E yr , If - Virginia E. Smith 0 "Ginnie," Glencoe: Girls' Club Friendlv Committee 4: Council Representative 1: G.A.A. 2,3,4: Lens Club 2: French Club 3.4: Sarah Lawrence. Perry L. Smithers 'Winnetkaz lill Swimming 3: Dramatic Club 1.2.-3.4: Players 4: "Que-en's Husbandll 2: "Wake Up Jonathanll 2: "R.Li.R." 3: "Royal Family" 4: lnklings Stall 2: Career Club -1: lllinois. Robert R. Snoddy 0 "Bob," Evanston: Football 3: Stamp Club 1.2: Northwestern. Jayne A. Soergel 0 "Sorg." Glenview: G.A.A. 1.2.3.-l: Rhythms 1.2. 140 l0R ACTI Virginia V. Sowers 0"Gige," Winnetka: Honor Group 4: Girls' Club Representative 3: Publicity Committee 1: Arrangements Committee 1: Social Committee 4: Council lnterschool Relations Committee 4: "Wake Up Jona- than 2: "Cradle Song" 3: "Royal Family" 4: Orchestra 1.2: Dramatic Club 2.3,4: Secretary 4: Player 4: Oratory 4: North- western. James C. Spaulding "'Jim." Winnetka: White Plains, N.Y., 1.2.3: Amherst. Carol G. Specht 0 Wilmette: Honor Group 4: G.A.A. 1.2, 3.4: Representative 2: 300 Point Award 3: Basketball 2.3.4: Baseball 2.3,4: Soccer 2.3.4: French Club 3.4: Drivers' Club 2: Archeology Club 3.4: Colorado. Mollie Spillane 0 "Mon," Wilmette: Girls' Club Represen- tative 2: Employment Committee 3: Soccer 1: Rhythms 2: Swimming 2g Marymount. Robert J. Stall 9"Stobby," Wilmette: Honor Group 23 Baseball 2,3,4: Basketball 3.4: Letter 4: Grinnell. Jeanne M. Stark 9 "Starky." Wilmette: G.A.A. 2,3.4: Girls' Club Social Committee 3: "The Royal Family" 4: Dramatic Club 4: Junior Mu- sic Club 2: Orchestra 1.2: Lens Club 3: French Club 2: Denison. Ralph W. Starr 9 "Ralph,'l Kenilworth: Tri-Ship Repre- sentative 2: Dance Committee 4: Glee Club 3: Opera Group 4: "H.lNI.S. Pinafore" -l: German Club 2.3: Archeology Club 3: Lens Club 4: Career Club 4: Echoes Stall 3: Prom Committee 3: Kenyon. Bernice Stein 0 Wilmette: Honor Society 4: Honor Group G.A.A. 2,3.4: Rhythms 2,3,4: French Club 2,3: 3rd Place in Union League Oratory Contest 4: 2nd Place in Divisional Latin Contest 3: Oratory 4: Northwestern. Edward J. Sternberg 0 "Eddie," Glenview. ITIE' Donald R. Stewart 0 "Don," Evanston: Lens Club 3,4: Colgate. DeWitt S. Stillman, Jr. U "Bud," Kenilworth: Tri-Ship Award 4: TNT 3.4: President 4: Honor Society 4: Honor Group 1,2,3,4: Class President 1: Tri-Ship President 4: Dinner Committee Chairman 3: Council Representative 2: Chairman of Board Committee 2: Basket- ball 1,3: Football 2,3,4: Letter 4: IM Ten- nis Champ 1: "Wake Up Jonathan" 2: Glee Club 2: Opera Group 4: Choir 4: "H.M.S. Pinafore" 4: German Club 4: Career Club 4: Dramatic Club 2,3,4: Vice-President 3: Echoes Staff 3: Deep Springs. Virginia L. Stordeur 9"Loie," Winnetka: Honor Group 3,4-: G.A.A. 2,3,4: Commerce Club 2: Honor Division 2: French Club 3.4: Lake Forest. THAI UQQQ kim Frederic P. Strauch, Jr. 0"Fred," Wilmette: Glee Club 2: Band 1,2,3,4: Letter 3,4: Chess Club 1,2.3.4: Stamp Club 1,2.3,4: President 4: RiHe Club 3.4: Lens Club 4: Illinois. John J. Straus 0 Glencoe: Tri-Ship Representative 3: Swimming 1: Illinois. Gerda Streicher 0 Wilmette: Honor Society 4: Honor Group 1.2.4: Orchestra 1: Commerce Club 1. Marilin Stuhe 0 "Stube," Wilmette: Council Representa- tive 1: G.A.A. 3,4: Basketball Champs 3: Chevrons 2: Glee Club 1,2,3: French Club 2: Service Club 3,4: Miami. .749 M005 E Frances Leona Sublette 0 "Sister," Glencoe: Lincoln 1,2: Central Y.M.C.A. Stewart Sullivan 0 Hubbard Woods. Maurice B. Sunderland 9 "Maury.', Wilmette: Honor Group 2.3: Council Representative 2: IM Swimming Champs 3: Driving Club 2: Aviation Club 2: Lens Club 4: Grosse Ile, Michigan 1: Purdue. Nancy Jane Swan 'Glencoe: Girls' Club Social Committee 4: Friendly Committee 2: G.A.A. 2.3,4: Representative 3: Rhythms 1: French Club 3,4: Inklings Staff 2,3,4: Contributor 3.4: Class Secretary 2: Wells. fi 3 NW N H . ' 1 l ,ir . I1 Qbgfsffi T: : Jo ' X f V 65 . til f , ' f Shirley B. Sweet 9 "Sweetie," Kenilworth: Girls' Club Ar- rangements Committee 4: French Club 4: Glee Club 4: Opera Group 4: "H.M.S. Pinafore" 4: Honor Group 3: News Staff 4: Evanston 1,2: Randolph-Macon. Emma Tagliapietra 0 Glenview: Commerce Club 4: Highland Park 1,2.3. C. Stuart Taylor 0 "Hi-Stu," Winnetka: Wisconsin. S. William Taylor 0Kenilworth: Track 1: Football 2,3: Tri-Ship Representative 4: Illinois. UA. ill... IOR AC Edmund O. Templeton 0 "Ted," Northbrook: S.H. Supervisor 4: German Club 3,4: Sports Club 3.4: Chair- man 4: Council Representative 4: Carle- ton. Ruth E. Tentler "'Tent,', Wilmette: G.A.A. 1.2,3,4: Bas- ketball 1: Ping-Pong I: Official 3: Natural Science Club 3: National Park. George C. Terzakes 0 Wilmette: Honor Society 4: Football 2,3,4: Numerals 2: Letters 3.4: Glee Club I,2: Opera Group 3: "Mikado" 1: "Trial by Jury" 2: Information Desk 3.4: Usher Corps 4: Council Representative 1.4: Chair- man of Assembly Committee 4: Chicago. Clare B. Thalman 9 Wilmette: Commerce Club 3.4: Library Assistant 4. Anthony P. Thalmann 0 "Tony." Wilmette: Commerce Club 3.4: Treasurer 4. Lucille E. Thalman ' "Ceal." Wilmette: Commerce Club 3,4: Mallinckrodt. 1.2: DePaul. Mildrid L. Thalman 0 "Millie," Wilmette: Commerce Club 3,4: Mallinckrodt, 1.2: DePaul. Antoinette Thomas 9"Toni." Glenview: Swimming 2: Com- merce Club 2: Honor Division 2: North- brook 1. Frederick Thomas 0 "Baldy," Winnetka: Information Desk 4: Usher Corps 4: IM Track Champs 3,4: Baseball 1.2: Tennis 4: Echoes Staff 4: Stamp Club 1: Sports Club 2: Dartmouth. Norman Tinker 9 "Norm," Evanston: "The Royal Family," 4, "The Witcbing Hour," 4: Band 3.4: Let- ter 3: Debate Team 4: Dramatic Club 4: Ridgewood. New Jersey 1,2: Northwestern. Marion Toogood 0 Winnetka: Rhythms 4: Archeology Club 3: Art League 4: Sketch Club 4: Secretary 4: Washington, California, 1,2: Harring- IOH. TI ITIE Byron Towle "'By," Wilmette: Band l.2.3.4: Letter 1.,2,3,4: German Club 4: Illinois. Elvira Tranzi 9 "El," Winnetka. Doris Trego 0 "Dori," Wilmette: Treble Clef 3: Glee Club 4: German Club 2.3: Art Institute. Natalie Triplett ' "Nah" Wilmette: Drivers' Club 1: Law- rence. 3 g I V 'D -J ' 6.1 v ff, ' r f Q 'Wife IN 0 Phyllis Trump 9 "Phil," Kenilworth: G..-LA. 2.3.4: Girls' Club Interschool Relations Committee 3: "Quality Street" 2: "Chimes of Normandy" 3: "H.lI.S. Pinaforeu 4: Treble Clef 1: Glee Club 2: Opera Group 3.4: Choir 3.4: Secretary-Treasurer 4: Ensemble 3.4: Dramatic Club 2.3.-1: Players 3.4: Sen- ior Music Club 3.4: DePauw. Damon Tunnicliff 0 Wilmette: Lsber Corps 4: Information Desk 4: Tri-Ship Representative 2: Dance Committee 4: Ill Track Champs 4: Dra- matic Club "Players" 3,-1: "The Jade God" 3: Stage Crew 1.2.3: Manager 3: S.H. Supervisor 4: Stamp Club I: Lens Club 3: Spanish Club 4: Illinois. 141' 49' vs .gi 1 .. K Y ,-QQ' vg- .-ff .as Fi 'xi Qfff' . ii 13 - 4 af Q ,J Ll, 52413. Q - Lg-L-'-:Y ., ,.. m f! alt' ' is FQ, ff' 4. Q 5 .25 43, 4. yfQ,:2mf" "'- K ,E H , .f', 'f ,mf 1? -L' , .5 W .A f fi if . 'iv ,hiv 'E fffff .1 . 345 rw J.-f J, 4-ni' 1'Q4 i. , Q E549 .ff X L 7 .TR D, 'pf A z w V , v 'up 'Z ng 1' E Ardath J. Uebel 9 Wilmette: Geology Club 2: Senior Mu- sic Club 3: Archeology Club 3: Senn 1: Miami. Albert Van Acker 9Winnetka: Honor Society 4: Honor Group 3,4: Tri-Ship Representative 3,4: Football 3: Basketball Manager 2.3.4: Stage Crew 1: Echoes Staff 3,4: Panel Group 3: Debate 4: Michigan. William Van Arsdale 9"Van." Kenilworth: Band 1,2.3.4: Glee Club 4: Commerce Club Lens Club 1.2.3: Stage Crew 1.2: Chess Club 4: Forensic Board 4: Treasurer 4. Albert E. Vatter 9 "Al," Glenview: Stamp Club 1.2.3: Sci- ence Club Vice-President 3: Bird Club 1.2.3: Bird Group 4: Astronomy Group 4: Geology Club 2: Goodhue Award in Science 2: 1st Prize Barnett Bird Essay Contest 2. Elaine Vaught 9Kenilworth: Honor Group 3.4: Girls' Club Representative 1: Orchestra 1,2,3,4: "Mikado" 1: "Trial by Jury" 2: "Chimes of Normandy" 3: "H.M.S. Pinafore" 4: Senior Music Club 2.3.4-: Secretary 4: Spanish Club 4: Wellesley. , Sam B. Vernon 9"Sammy." Kenilworth: Tri-Ship Inter- scholastic Relations Committee 4: Swim- ming 1.2,3,4: Letter 2.3.4-: Guard 2,3.4: Cheerleader 1.2.3,4: Head 4: Football 2: Band George Williams. Elsie J. Von der Lippen 9 "Etz." Wilmette: Girls' Club Arrange- ments Committee 4: G.A.A. 3.4: Riding 2: "Tom Sawyer" 1: S'Quality Street" 2: "The Witching Hour" 4: Dramatic Club Players 4: Art League 1.2.3: Sketch Club 3: Carleton. Richard C. Wade 9"Dick," Glencoe: Honor Group 2,3: Council Representative 1: Information Desk 4: Tennis Letters 1.2.3,4: Captain 3.4: Track 1.2.3: Letter 2: Foot- ball 3: Scriblerus Club 2: Broadcasting Club 2: News Stall 3.4: Inklings Contribu- tor 2: North Carolina. as 2 Q 111 olugkl 3 144 IOR ACTIVITIE Herbert N. Wainwright 9"Herbie." Wilmette: Cheer Leader 2: IM Football Champs 4: George Williams. Cynthia A. Walker 9 Winnetka: Treble Clef 2: Glee Club 3.4: Opera Group 4, "H.M.S. Pinaforel' 4: Bird Club 2: French Club 3: Art League 3: Musicale 4: Junior Music Club 2: Okla- homa. Margaret N. Walker 9"Marg.', Winnetka: TNT 3.4: Honor Group 1.2.4: Council Treasurer 4: Student Relations Committee 3: Girls' Club Pub- licity Committee 3: G.A.A. 1.2,3.4: Board 3: Head of Tennis 3: 300 Point Award 2: Hockey 1: News Staff 3: Echoes Staff 3: Editor of Girls' Sports Section 4: Rifle Club 2: Lens Club 3: Service Club 3: Secretary-Treasurer 4: Head of Student Supervision of Girls' Study Halls 3: Wel- lesley. Harline Ward 9 Wilmette: Honor Society 4: Honor Group Girls' Club Friendly Committee 4: G.A.A. 2.3.41 Representative 1.4: Class Head of Archery 4: 300 Point Award 4: "Cradle Song" 3: "Royal Family" 4: "Witching Hour" 4: French Club 3: Dra- matic Club 3.4: Players 4. Nancy W'ard 9 "Nan." Glencoe: Girls' Club Social Com- mittee 2: Friendly Committee 3,4: Repre- sentative 1.4: G.A.A. 2.3.4: Soccer 2.3: 300 Point Award 4: Lens Club 2: French 3.4: Bradford. Lyman Ware Warfield 9"Ware." Winnetka: Track 3,4: Letter 3.4: IM Track Champs 1: Rifle Club 2: S.H. Supervisor 4: Cornell. Ellen G. Watson 9 "EL" Glencoe: Honor Group 2.3: Council Representative 4: Finance Committee 4: Girls' Club Arrangement Committee 4: G.A.A. 1,2.3.4: 300 Point Award 3: Soccer 1.2: Glee Club 2: Opera Group 3.4: "H.M.S. Pinaforev 4: Rifle Club 2.3: Principia. Robert Frank Weeks 9 "Bob," Wilmette: Commerce Club 4. Robert M. Weigel 9 'LBob," Wilmette: Volleyball 3: Purdue. Gertrude Weinstock 9 "Genie," Wilmette: TNT 4: Honor So- ciety 4: Honor Group 1.2.3,4: Girls' Club Financial Committee 1: Publicity Commit- tee 2: G.A.A. 1,2,3.4: 300 Point Award 2: 600 Point Award 3: 800 Point Award 4: Rifle 2: LaCrosse 2: Hockey 2,3,4: Champs 3,4: Head of Hockey 4: Basketball Champs 3: Treble Clef 1: Glee Club 2.3: News Stall 4. Echoes Staff 3: Snapshot and Feature Co-Editor 4: Quill Club 1: Lens Club 3: French Club 3: Connecticut. 1 -are vt S 0,1139 ptl ' Patricia M. Weinstock 9 "Pat" Winnetka: Honor Group 4: Girls' Club Representative 2: G.A.A. 2,3,4: Rep- resentative 3: Service Club 3,4: Lens Club 3: French Club 4: Grinnell. Curtis R. Welborn, Jr. 9 "Curt," Winnetka: Council Representa- tive 1: Glee Club 2: Opera Group 3,4: Choir 2: "Trial by Jury" 2: "Chimes of Normandy" 3: "H.M.S. Pinaforen 4: Washington and Lee. Barbara Holbrook Welch 9"Barb." Glencoe: Girls' Club Repre- sentative 1: G.A.A. 2,3,4: Head of Clog- ging 3: Glee Club 3,4: Lens Club 3: Sketch Club 4: President 4: Art League 4: President 4: Musicale 4: Marshall Field Contest Winner 3: Michigan. Verna Bell S. Weld I 9 Wilmette: Honor Group 3: Girls' Club Representative 2: Glee Club 2,3,4: Serv- ice Club 4: Simpson. Betty Anne Wells 9 Glencoe: Council Representative 1: Girls' Club Friendly Committee 3: "Qual- ity Street" 2: Prompter 4: Art League 1: French Club 2: Dramatic Club 2,3,4: Denison. Hugh J. Welter 9"Huey," Wilmette: Water Rugby 4: Miami. Richard J. Werthimer 9 "Dick," Glencoe: Honor Group 1.3: Football Champs 3: Band 4: Radio Club 1.2: Scriblerus Club 2,3,4: President 4: Career Club 4: News Staff 3,4: News Edi- tor 4: Inklings Staff 2,3,4: Co-Editor 4: Carleton. .748 AG 08.5 E :limi 232.3 pl C-'fs' RJX .-.S -'QAIL A Phyllis Wheelock 9i'Phil," Wilmette: Honor Group 2: G.A.A. 2.3,4: Representative 43 Girls' Club Representative 1: Employment Com- mittee 4: Properties Crew 3.4: Treble Clef 1.2: Glee Club 3.4: Lens Club 1,3,4: French Club 2,3,4: Dramatic Club 4: Denison. Lois Margaret Whitehead 9Wilmette: Honor Society 43 Honor Group G.A.A. 3.43 Drivers, Club 2: French Club 3: Service Club 3,4: Treble Clef 2: Glee Club 33 lnklings Contributor 3: Grinnell. Doris N. Wiese 9'iDory," Wilmette: G.A.A. 3.4: Girls' Club Employment Committee 3: Treble Clef 2: Opera Group 3.4: Choir 4: '4Chimes of Normandy" 33 "H.M.S. Pina- foreu 43 Drivers' Club 23 German Club 2.3: Northwestern. Robert J. Wiese 9"Bob." Kenilworth: TNT 43 Honor Society 4: Honor Group 1.2.3,-1-3 Council Representative 4: Assembly Committee 4: Swimming Team 2,3.4: Letters 2,3.43 Guard 2.3.43 1M Football Champs 3: Glee Club 43 Spanish Club 4: Secretary 4: Usher Corps 4: Assistant Head 4: Oratory 43 Michigan. Mary D. Wilder 9 'aillaref' Glencoe: D.A.R. Award 4: TNT 3.4: Honor Group 1: Co-Chairman of Council Social Committee 4: G.A.A. 1.2, 3,43 President 4: Class Manager LaCrosse 1.2: Hockey 23 Head of Golf 3: Hockey 1,2,3.43 Numerals 13 Hockey 43 Basketball 1,2,3: 600 Point Award 33 800 Point Award 4: 300 Point Award 2g Official 2,33 Girls' Club Arrangements Committee 2,33 Treble Clef 23 Echoes Staff 4: Smith. me 524,025 l0R ACTIITIE Patricia Reynolds Will 9"Pat," Kenilworth: Honor Group 3,42 National Park. Richard Oliver Wilson 9"Dick," Wilmette: Tri-Ship Represen- tative 4: Usher Corps 4: Swimming 2.3,4: Numerals 2: Letters 3.41 Football Champs 3: Guard 2.3.43 Spanish Club 4: Career Club 4: Nautical Club 3: News Staff 43 Prom Committee 3: Yale. Nancy R. Wincup 9"Nan," Wilmette: G.A.A. 3.4: Girls' Club Representative 1: Lens Club 2: Chess Club 2: Rifle Club 4: French Club 23 Western State Teachers. Richard M. Winfield 9"Dub." Winnetka: Basketball 1: Dra- matic Club 43 Stage Crew 4: Northwest- ern. Joseph A. Wiltterbotham 9",loe." Winnetka: "The Royal Family" 4: Dramatic Club 3.4: Natural Science Club 4: Tralhc Squad 4: lowa. Yvonne Wioerner 9 Wilmette: G.A.A. 2.3.41 Rhythms 2.3.43 Modern Dance Team 3.4: Financial Com- mittee 2: Commerce Club 1.23 Junior Mu- sic Club 1.2: Lake Forest. Aimee L. Wolii' 9 6'Aim." Glencoe: TNT 4: Honor Society 4: Honor Group Girls' Club Rep- resentative 3: Council Finance Commit- tee 43 Hockey 2.3.4: Numerals 1: Swim- ming 2.3: Basketball 2.3: Ping Pong Champ 1.2: LaCrosse 2: Head Hockey 3: lntramural Sports Chairman 4: 300 Point Award 2: 600 Point Award 3: 800 Point Award 3: French Club 3: News Staff 3.4: Echoes Staff 4: S.H. Supervisor: Mills. Arthur Wood 9 "Art." Glencoe: Varsity Track 4: School Golf Champ 1.2: Sports Club 1: lllinois. James W. Wloods 9 "Jim," Wlinnetkaz Honor Society 4: Honor Group 2.3: Council Representative 1: Tri-Ship Publicity Committee 4: Glee Club 1: Opera Group 2.3.4-: Choir 3.4: En- semble 4: "Trial by Jury" 2: "Chimes of Normandy" 32 "H.l1.S. Pinaforeu 4: Echoes Staff 4: Rifle Club 2.3: Senior Music Club 4: Yvilliams. Subi Wooten 9Winnetka: Honor Society 4: Honor Group 1.2.3: Glee Club 2: Choir 3: "Chimes of Normandy" 2: lnklings Con- tributor 3: Senior Music Club 3. Charles Joseph Wright 9 "Chuck." Kenilworth: Glee Club 2: Opera Group 3. Louise N. Yates 9"Weezie." Kenilworth: Honor Society 4: Honor Group 1.2.3: Swimming 2.3: Girls' Club Charity Committee 3: Chair- man 4: Glee Club Opera Group 3.4: Choir 3.4: Ensemble 2.3.4-: "Chimes of Normandy" 3: "H.1l.S. Pinaforew 4:7 Dramatic Club 3.43 Northwestern. Emilie Jeanne York 9 "Lee" Glencoe: Rhythms 2.4: Glee Club 1.2: Opera Group 3,42 "l'l.Xl.S. Pinaforeu 4: German Club 2.4: Broadcasting Club 4: Highland Park 33 lllinois. Arthur C. Youngberg 9 'SArt." Wilmette: Council Representative 1: Lens Club 3: Information Desk 4: Pennsylvania. Doris C. Youngberg 9 "Cary" Wilmette: Choir 3.4: Ensemble 4: "Chimes of Normandyu 3:1 "H.3l.S. Pinaforeu 4: Jr. Music Club 2.3: Arche- ology Club 2,3: Sr. Music Club 3.4: De Pauw. Edward T. Younglove 9 "Bud," Glencoe: Honor Group 2: Foot- ball Numerals 1.2: Letter 4: Basketball 1.2: Numerals 2: Baseball 2: Numerals 2: Glee Club 1: Opera Group 2.3.4: "Trial by Jury" 2: "Chimes of Normandyv 3: "H.11.S. Pinaforeq 4: Spanish Club 4: Dramatic Club 4: Career Club 4: "The Witching Hour" 4: llsher Corps 3.4: Echoes StaFf 4: Dartmouth. Emily A. Zeivel 9 "Em." Wilmette: Commerce Club 3.4: News Staff 4: llallinckrodt 1.2. Rose Marie Zielinsky 9 "Zink." Winnetka: Glee Club 3.-1: lit'- Henry 1.2: Northwestern. Henry P. Zrozik 9"Hank." Glencoe: Northwestern. ,Z fx X., ,sbeyvi 1 QUT! X, XX DQTUR. DDIEN- 1 Q5 LG N 145 ani-' fJ7"'Y ,Z L QE fl s ff -.Hr LQ CLASS We Seniors who from New Trier roam Leave to you within this poem The better things that we have known And sprouting seeds that we have sown. As your eyes o'er the following pass Youill find what's needed to make a class. We can't leave the people we list below But their qualities on you we shall bestow. Our better selves we now bequeath So please accept what lies beneath. A football team we can't imagine Without another Mickey lVIcFadzean. A ringing cheer and a rising shout Need Sammy Vernon to bring them out. -A 1 Q" , f t I, , If If .V ,X A Y ,. I 5 :Xe I iwqrt A F B W . f New I WM M6 Ep Y X pl ' Ala ? ic' 1, 'Q WTA' '-'xi ,'X In , X K Xi Q It "1 C' - Mi-X' l of 22. i i T lui . V E ' T Hjljlli f5Q,2r'4 A lllllss V ' ff Q j1l"X9Q,L' QNtlklliN',lll' YD' 'Q a 3 ' x 1 x' ggfxxs 1 Z W A D z WZ A T ' K 5 . ,kU,4,,,,flLvl 'in , wflllll, Taira' l fgof' 2 Horak'S, McKeown,s and Carlson's brains " Al-SO l'lA."" Are about the best that New Trier trains. X Qs 'lg G , 1 , La Bonte and Barnett with their dry wit X E ' ' 9- X l l f ff Can throw a classroom in a fit. ' A X With Davis, Durr, Hyatt and Hale A Senior class will never fail. D 5 ' ib y KA A f The Tri-Ship has Stillman to lead the boys l X X A l? ' While Girls, Club has Chancellor to add many joys. l lx M For music, we,re proud of our Farwell and Yates iecfasocr ibn? And the voices of Condit and Trump really rate. 'E I E CQMINJ Rowvl ' -di? 2 A Garretson's Tri-Ships would surely lack noise lu' 5 , gif 1 '4 Without the playing of Ed .lohnston's boys. W, xv JA x,, " s -f 1 The acting of Hanisee and Harline Ward ,ELG C' Has never yet made an audience bored. vi? X dll X O Dramatic Club's proud of its "Gig', and Pete , J' Mun Whose grand work has been quite a big feat. QL' lggxo KI We've the Scheibels and Druckers as two sets of twins G X' ff QQ v And in whatever they do they're bound to win. , 5 RFC 5 ' 1 E . . , l. A X 0 'QI' The swimming team we couldn t pass up 5 ' wit vg if , gf We Q3 'W fdj For Oatis and Clark have won many a cup QM 1 51 CX 4 Z af , i , f ' ' f l jgw : fo as J T v S A1 fltvwfl M , gl!Qn'i?F ? qf 1 tiff? ji ill- Tlllleif 55, 1 so N ff , X 0 T ' f 2 - V ' i..--ff i 7 hx I W Q f N- - B' ,WI x t.. f swift i' L Xyh X gx-4-kfgi f X 3 9 IN , r xy H70 sg, A415 f X I Y . tx" fx' 4, of 1 A JS i Lil .. a s, f ' on-f A . W t 1 - ' , ' 4 X ' N f -Vi f , ' i N sv N ' y Q7 Q I vp X N yy x M" . ti 0 '79 is W 1 'A 3. Z rfdpkx , , t in X. ow i -lx X 'X X X 400 ,Row I e we l If-NX X lI1!7.4 Q V m XX I fx l W,- Q' S Ea Go? an N' x ft , lf. Fx" tix Qlsxifi-vi gf QW l la " Z N il i . RP 'iw HN A M W '99 5055 ' ILL i Of capable girls we own quite a few For there's Bellows, Small and Certie too And Gerwe, Schipfer, Records and Hearne Have all done a lot, each in her turn. The boys, too, have all done their share For Landon, Ellis, Lawson and Adair Have done their work with a willing heart And each has done much more than his part. Marcia has her drawing, Barnie Hyman her joked At tennis, Daly and Walker are far from old pokes. Mary Wilder has golf, Betty Baker her poems While 'cStinky's,' birthday is known in all modern homes We have Terzakes to add to the fun And leave it to Harshaw and Mickey to get things done We've got Burchis beauty and Bonner's physique What more could we have to add to the treat? Inklings loses much with Raymond and Swan And we all get a kick from those drawings by Lon. Without Monie, Hattie, Jean, Sally or Flo The fun at the dances is bound to be low. "De boys" who range from shorts to talls Will surely be missed around the halls. Of Keller, Houser and Empfield we,re proud Who all with red hair have been endowed. Benson and Cushman gave the opera a dash While DeVinny and Brown at track are a flash. That's the endg true, there are more But of our class they are the core. -v 9 . . if A. ,. ' nl: 102i'w,, Stags and Hogs on the Loose a. The Rah! Rah! boys. h. 'Snow fair! c. Marg shovels it, or does she? d. My Reverie. ' 1 e. "IFS great to he alive!" fwilowie d0in'? y B Saturday night hag party. h. Look me over, girls! Lovely leading lady left in lurch. Bill ln' Boh. Don, do that! l. Water life! nl. WI must down to the seas again . . ." n. 6'It might he a little easier if they took the nets down." CneoL X.-gk 35 us, XX Sw-or ww X WJSNDINX SNq'l.lvvsY' sql QS'l HQVSQ sbovffl. Us SV4-XX xL'." V-su1'tLF""N X X 7 I lf' We Come to Pursue Learning and-U Five nasty old wolves went out on a tear . . . Look out, Little Red Rid- ing Hoods! Younglove in bloom. Puzzle! YVhat's missing in this picture? Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, B Baker's man. Mutiny on La Bonte. Raymond and Dewey 1 alone in a crowd. They're on opposite sides of the fence now. Stillman in a re-Morse-ful mood. Her eyes have "il!,' Moral: Uneeda Baker. r- x- A if mfg JT 5x.,Hfl5"-JELQER ,f2"f'-7:-'fxlcixmng 1 RR 'F ew 1 QF QI M .An O I 7 m pl 'Q-..-Y A all Work' and No Play - - - a. Six silly seniors on a Sun- day afternoon. lm. Records takes a day oil. e. :,."f:!:kS? flliilfsl-unqllote. d. 65,Iitney"'-hugs. e. Florida peach blooms in the sun. f. Johnny! Johnny., whoops., Johnny g. Typical N.T. student. h. See me! i. "So I said to him, 'If that's the way you feel about it 9 99 j. Have a nice trip? k. "B0obin" swears off fagainj. l. Patty Pretties Puss. m. 4GDare you to come down here, I hope notli' n. It can walk: it can talkg it can even wiggle its ears! o. 66 'Neath the spreading chestnut tree? p. Lovely radiator! q. Ed. Ed: '6Don't believe a a word of it." f 7? 3 Q , if Close-ups of 'Clif-MjJS a. Maifoo Cuffo stuffs it in. b. Edgewater, Medinah, Drake, Palmer House, Stevens-remember? c. Wllhe honor of your pres- ence is requested . . ." d. Mac studying?We can't Barrett! e. "Baldy" goes a-sailing. f. Hold tight, hold tigllt, etc. g. fMargej Best legs. h. "Swede" sixteen, and . . we don't believe it! i. 66Tll3t,S Finney, she was here a minute ago." j. On the wagon? k. Popular radiator, yes? l. We Tucker picture, but she didn't like it. m. The Athletic Type. n. Wun-Wey Rockwell. 0. But only God can make a tree. p. Dick me-Andrews along. q. Tuhlly or not Tuhby, that is the question! r. 4-H girl. s. "What the 'Ellis wrong?" We ffgi V - J .aff Y , l , ,e L' ff K Q X e -gs? 1-gn, I ,H The Wloulders 0 Ulll' fllinds a. Gym rlanclies. lr. Fris: G6Sociologically speaking . . ." c. Carp: 6'Grasp your well- sharpened pencil, or seize your well-filled pen . . ." cl. Benthey: 6'Keep smiling." e. Hammy: 66l'm not looking at you, Pm looking straight through youlw f. Arnie: ul never said a funny thing in my life." g. Collie: 4'Cut . . . I" ll. "Orrler! Order!" Wfwo heersf' i. Christie: G'ProlJably . . ." j. The Wrigllt way to sleep. k. Hear no evil, see no flitto.. etc. l. Ye Gaclske! m. Yvaters: G40nly a fool is positive . . ." 1 S. X , N f ' ' Z in-ffg -' V iff 'A 'S' 91 1 'AN , ,.1. F ' 1.-.fF'.". .' 4 '- '. Q 4v1'p ll . 4, , 2 , -- '- ' - 45' , Q ' 'RYA an I ug ., ,.g " '-w . 'ff' f' H 1 - um. - 'J . u x F- ' ,ll 5 ' wr 1 u s v 1 r ' D . ' l . v , ' ,r .mf A "-51' 1 i N 1. 3. 1 Q I, S51 1 C. 5 . ' . ff..- . x a 1. .,-5. 4, . . H., A. ,U 1 y-,, 3 " iw -. ,'J-'. '-7 ,Qs " 1' A f : .u v 'O' 55 lb V La' M H ' fr Y. r ftrq 1 H ' 4 . ' 'I 'G' " 6 11.4 x , , il! n v., ' 1 N-v 1 . , - 4 V 11-F1l'50', ', '7 'ifQ. " ' V' 'Q ' ' R . '.' '?'-IL. . +' P -' ' .- fa . ba. ". " 1 , ' ' .,,. 1 D ' R A, ,,, Y, wg, . . lm V. 4.5-1. f, -'r4.f ' ' A , 4 . W., 1 " 'WN n Uv' . - Ak, 4, . J .Pjfe Q Rf V, . , V v-..! . Q -v 'i L 6 ' Y' lk .. . Q ' . 'J f , . .W 4 T 1'1- N ' - "fs - i'ig KJ: r ' 1, llA"', 'latbf V7.1 ' Q. ,v -vi M b . ,U',:x' Y. X '- A , 'X r Q ., , Vx. P'U.,Sf' ' Q g ny! . iv Q 1 '-f 4 ' W' ' , '. ' . , 'SQ ' , Agil , .,.', -, f f -1 , '-1 f Q ' A 4 ' . .-4 UTM I 3, mg' if -- . .--R' J x , . Q .. Q ' . kdm! 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Evanston Game at Dyche Stadium Lowell Thomas Lecture. Freshman Night. Wllite Plains Game. Basketball at Lake Forest. X .JN tv-R X IX G.. st' Trier dmini tration I Administrators Step Ahead in Improving School Facilities and Maintaining New Trier Scholastic Standing 0 While we are enjoying our summer vacation the administration staff is still working in full force. Their work is to see that everything in the school runs smoothly at all times. They prepare all pro- gram cards. they assign all lockers. prepare the daily bulletin and spe- cial bulletins. issue all driving per- mits. and complete the personal history cards which must he kept for each student. These and all the other duties which ordinarily tall upon the Registrar of a school. are cared for hy Mr. H. H. Herron and his stall. Witll the aid of the boys on the Information Desk. the olhce stall makes it possihle for any student to he contacted at any time during the day. Beside this they must see that every teacher receives all papers pertaining to his or her students. Besides those who are in charge of running the school. there are those who are in charge of the hnance of the school. and of the opera- tion and maintenance of the plant as a whole. Mr. Brown has made ends meet for the school for many years without skimping upon the quantity or the quality of the sr-hool's equipment. He is aided in this to a great degree. by Mr. Biesemeieris excellent work MR. KAIILER MISS PACKER MR. M. l'. GAFFNEY in maintaining the equipment that the school already has. He is in charge of maintenance of the entire school plant. New to the school this year is Mr. M. P. Nelson. He has made several vocational sur- veys in past years. With his arrival at New Trier. a new service to our seniors was inaugurated. Every sen- ior. who wanted to find which voca- tions he or she was best suited to, was subjected to a series of tests. By studying the results of these tests. of various inquiries, and of personal conferences. Mr. Nelson is able to reach a conclusion. Little need be said of the achieve- ments of our school Superintendent, Mr. M. P. Gaffney. He has given eight years of incomparable service to New Trier. During these eight years the school has attained one of the highest scholastic ratings in the country. During all of these years, Mr. Gaffney has striven continuously to better the relations be- tween students and the faculty. Two others who aid New Trier immensely are Mrs. Alter. secretary to the superintendent. and Mrs. M. B. Arnold. secretary of the Board of Education. MR. HERRON MR. BROWN I4 8... 574.2 524085 . 42.5. ask- ' 1 MR. PETERSON MR. BALLMAN MRS. ALDRICH MR. BARNETT MR. MILFORD Board ot Education 9 The Board of Education is an especially im- portant group connected with the administration of the affairs of New Trier High School. It is their diflicult task to see that all school activities function properly. This group has done splendid work in coordinating these activities and maintaining the high standing for which the school is noted. Within the Board of Education there are three committees. all of equal importance: the Financial Committee, the Educational Committee. and the Building and Grounds Committee. During the past year this governing body has been led by Mr. Barnett and ably assisted by Mrs. Aldrich, Mr. Ballman. Mr. Peterson, and Mr. Mulford who is retiring. Mr. Mulford 0 New Trier High School has been most fortunate in having a man who has been as interested in help- ADVISER CHAIRMEN Mr. C. W. Reiley, Mr. Samuel Vernon, Miss Alma Hurst. Miss Ella Shaw, Mr. Frederick A. Kahler. Miss Helen Maloney. Mr. A. L. Grinnell, Miss Lucille Brady. jjlre M005 ing to guide the destinies of the school, as Mr. Mul- ford. He is a man of splendid character. gracious personality, and was untiring in his efforts toward the advancement of New Trier. in educational and recreational activities. We cannot help but have the utmost regard for our friend and benefactor. Mr. Mulford retired from the Board of Education in April of this year, having served as chairman of the Education Committee. Our new building and beautiful natatorium repre- sent but two of the many accomplishments gained through his interest and influence. Among his numerous activities. he was instru- mental in devising a plan whereby it was possible to collect taxes during the uncertain days of the depressiong thus assuring the continued operation of New Trier. He was also responsible for installing better business methods in the school. and was the guiding light in the promotion of vocational guidance. The realization that Mr. Mulford will no longer be actively engaged in the immediate problems of the school fills us with deep regret. OFFICE STAFF First Row-Miss Bernice Rossberger, Miss Ruth Hoagland. Miss Frances K. Storner. Miss Rhea A. Koll. Miss Carol Haupt. Second, Row-Mrs. Gertrude Alter. Miss Helen Parker. Mr. Charles Gibson. Miss Gertrude Poole, Mrs. Mabel Arnold. 15 ,M W. , v mba-.Mwt . 4 ,X . Q T ,,,mu,:. d.,,fwLMfvi'ivf 1 dwfnhnq ilafzuuaul-111 dim- bod! 'Edge' bathe 'NWC buvf'-'a A-luwf emjfddvjuwm enllup- bun! adm--'IWW CAUNJ-0'T0'l0L lldflii' C1015 lv 6,011-kin if-vo .fxwlf--c0'FdfI" qudmzx. aovlov fqfvvi- tnfuv w:Il12vM- 80511110 01,545 0' foilw-Uwmmin n--fwm .,aJy1d1-- ,wqu d,.:Ju,.. .Wow ,4.J.,.- wiufm doilhw--fad .wi-f-wuz: A Heap- nobvll dalfvu- uillfwm dfmbvu- J.nq'Z,Jn-dfda:-thlnlin. :films-FJ-M Jdl,mM- ,iran-ohzqhoviqw Qlnq Ju-vw nmlnddfavilom- qw- Mm cdwawb--fmmzcl.nPM--n kv wvnbmq-' Ie 1041 JUM- ,www mul- d!f5l-- 7084 dltw if -,,,pww"' www- aiwlwiufalb- wht! 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Largely responsible for the two successful parties held by the sophomore class were their class officers Chuck Stillman, presidentg Lois Waage, vice-presi- dentg Eleanor LaBonte, secretaryg and J im Wiggles- worth, treasurer. The freshmen elected for honorary leaders Bob Drucker, presidentg Happy Chiquoine, vice-presidentg Bob Davis, treasurerg and Sis Tideman, secretary. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS JOHN DAVIS JOAN HYATT President Secretary MARTHA HALE RICHARD DURR Vice-President Treasurer 'WSI- QQ JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS MARILYN FRYE JOHN RODGER President Vice-President OFFICERS I6 SOPHOMORE CLASS I Charles Stillman ......,.,. President -gf Lois Waage ....,...,, Vice-President Eleanor La Bonte .,,, , .Secretary " Jim Wigglesworth .... i .Treasurer FRESHMAN OFFICERS Robert Drucker ....,...... President Happy Chiquoine .... Vice-President Catherine Tideman ....... Secretary Robert Davis ..... Treasurer MARIAN BROWN JOHN WIESE Secretary Treasurer UA.. QAM 'A 0 0 '- Tri- hip for Bo - Citizenship ' Sportsmanship ' Fellowship Ii O Thirteen years ago, in order to promote citizen- ship, sportsmanship and fellowship throughout the school and the community, the Tri-Ship Club of New Trier was organized. Every boy is automatically a member of this club upon entering school, and it is the endeavor of the club to have as many boys as possible participating in its activities. For years the club has been highly successful in the furthering of its three ideals and the development of New Trier boys through such active participation. but this year's record has been particularly outstanding. The club . this year has more than equaled its former reputa- MR. FRISBIE tion in raising funds to help the needy in the school Sponsor and in the community. having been instrumental in starting the charity drive for the Northwestern Chi- cago Settlement in cooperation with the Girls' Club. Through the efiicient administration of its many and varied activities under the capable leadership of Bud Stillman. the Tri-Ship Club of 1938-39 greatly increased its significance as an integral part of New Trier. We were extremely fortunate this year to obtain as a guest speaker, Mr. Lowell Thomas, adventurer and radio news commentator. who presented a very interesting program. Other notables who graced the New Trier auditorium this year were Lew Fonseca. former head of the American League, Bill Stewart and Paul Thompson, coach and captain respectively Assistant Sponsor ofthe Chicago Black Hawks. all of whom were guests at the very successful Athletic dinner in the fall. We MR. GANNAWAY j fa ' P1 is 3 TRI-SHIP OFFICERS Stillman ........,.,. President Drucker ..........., Treasurer Landon .,.,Business Manager Garretsou ,,. .......... Dance Mt-Fadzean Inter-scholastic Relations Buenger ............ Publicity LaBonte ...... Vice-President ' Ellis .., ...... .... S ecretary v Q TRI-SHIP COMMITTEES Lawson A-mnead Usher First Row-Ellis, Jones, Dodds, Wilson, Stillman, Hill, Starr, Tunnicliff. Durr ...,.. ..... S tudent Aid Second Row-Clark, Lippincott, Ketcham, Wade, Casterline, Dewey, Simpson, Dodds. Knoop ..., ....., C lub Room Third Row-Redding, Starrett, Wilson, Bennett, Gaffney, Brittain, McKeown, Farwell. Holland ..,..... Dinner X were also most fortunate to have Mrs. Edouard Benes, wife of the former president of Czecho-Slovakia, as guest of honor at the biennial Mothers, and Sons' Banquet. which was promoted by Eugene Holland. The record smashing attendance at this banquet, due to a large extent to the Publicity committee under Dick Buenger, did much to further the spirit of friendliness and cooperation for which the Tri-Ship Club is continually striving. Of course the year would not be complete without the popular Tri-Ship dances. There were seven of them this year, and each one a success, thanks to Don Carretson, dance committee chairman. Proh- ably the most novel dance of the year was the USadie Hawkins Hop," which was not only a costume dance, but also a turnabout for the girls. In addition, the Tri-Ship Club sponsored a number of matinee dances this year in an attempt to make it possible for a greater number of students to dance: therefore, the charge for these dances was purposely made very low. This was the first time that anything like this had ever been done. and through the untiring efforts of the business manager Bob Landon, the attendance of five and six hundred proved their supreme success. Always ready and efficient was this year's Usher Corps under the direction of Jack Lawson, which served commendably at the numerous school and community functions. Starting as a branch of the Usher Corps. a new organization. the Traffic Squad, was formed in order to relieve the morning traffic congestion. The information Desk and the door guards also proved themselves of great service to the school. Another new event in the Tri-Ship calendar this year was the institution of a homecoming football game and program, with Bill Drucker, our treasurer, as chairman. Many alumni will vouch for the day's success, which wound up in a victory cele- brating alumni dance. It is hoped that in future years this day will enable more and more alumni to return and see the school. One important Tri-Ship committee is Dick Durr,s Student Aid committee, which handles a great deal of the Club's income. Witli the money placed at their disposal, they buy meal tickets, gym equipment, books, train tickets, and other necessities needed to help some of the Tri-Ship Club's less fortunate mem- bers. Every year at Christmas and Thanksgiving, in cooperation with the Girls, Club, the committee organizes a school wide drive for food, money and clothing, which are distributed among the local relief societies. A few scholarships are also given each year to help start two or three boys on their college careers. Another innovation of this year was a talent show which the Tri-Ship Club was unable to present on account of an over-filled calendar. However, Vice President Dick LaBonte was able to lay plans for an enterprise similar to this in the future. Tom Ellis was a very elhcient secretary this year. Carrying on the Tri-Ship endeavor to increase the sportsmanship and good will between schools, the interscholastic Relations committee, under ,lim Mc- Fadzean. served refreshments to the visiting athletic TRI-SHIP REPRESENTATIVES First Row-Wigglesworth, Idler, Stillman, Baird, Keller, Mc- Keighan, Stade, David, Hubachek, Hicks, Platt, Anderson. Second Row-Pettibone, Wilson, Lynch, Cloud, Campbell, Cush- man, Bayard, Berlin. Cobb, Van Acker, Starrett. Third Row-Greenberg. Neiween, DeBer:1rd, Jones, Scott, Bap- tista, Johnson, Steitz, Stern, Greenblatt. Porter. t 5 5 2 4 1 SWE X1 .s n- i.. 7,7 i , 1 ' t l -. , 1 t 1 MOT TRAFFIC sotpm First Row-Richards, Starrett. Porter. Morrison. Winterbotham Fontham. Second Row-Lucas. Benson, Barrett, Cushman, Long. teams in the Tri-Ship Club Room. Tl1is proyed to be mutually beneficial to the teams. and afforded a chance for the members of each team to get acquaint- ed. The committee also successfully 111a11aged. in cooperation with the athletic depart111e11t. another annual intramural sports carnival. which was held 011 March 24. A cheer contest sponsored by tl1e committee in the fall resulted i11 a few 11ew cheers for the cheerleaders, who are under tl1e direction of this committee. The club room, which is maintained by Frank Knoopis Club Room committee. is fll1'lllSll6Cl with modern furniture. a radio. and tables for playing checkers. This room is for the use of the boys of the school and any organization which llllgllt XVLEIII to use it for their meeting. This year the committee sponsored a number of free afternoon movies i11 tl1e club room in order to acquaint underclassinen with the room and to encourage them to make use of it. One of these movies was Lew Fonseca's American 746 film 1 LSHER CORPS First Row-Redding, Morrison. Risk. Reebie, Younglove. Welborn, Lawson. Farley. Lang. McFadzeart. Carlson. Terzakes. BIcNitt. Second Row-Garretson. Benson. Tnnnicliif. Cooter. Wilson. Drucker, Condit. Leichsenring. Stillman. Holland. Hill. Landis. Frei. Dewey. Third Row-Farwell. Brittain, Davis. J. Wiese. B. Wiese. Clark. Ben- nett. Watts. Knoop. Krause, Risk, Starrett. Buenger. Wilson. INFORMATION DESK First Row-Finney. Cooter. Dewey. Oliver. Leichsenririg. Second Row-Moore, Millard. Gaffney. Bloom. Thomas. Oatis. League baseball picture wl1icl1 was shown free of charge in the auditorium for every boy in school. The annual checker tournanient was also directed by this committee. and it created its usual interest. Each year tl1e Tri-Ship Club makes an award to the boy. who by the vote of all tl1e boys in school. best exemplifies tl1e club's ideals of citizenship, sportsmanship a11d fellowship. This year llltl award went to Bud Stilhnan. A great deal of credit for the successful adniinis- tration of tl1e Clubis activities goes to the sponsors, Mr. Frisbie Hlltl Mr. Cannaway. Mr. Cannaway was a new addition to the orgaiiization this year. and assisted Hllll the ie-po 1 nlity of t 1 an the ttatlit quid lt 111 aut expeliente of it ponso Q5 y lad eflet 111 1e 1 Wll ie ll lent laboi wt tiese men that tie t 1 1 m 3 I " ' Q nil ' ' D' i l "-T ' TQ, 5 ' Ll " ' S 1 . l lvt rx " '.l .' " ' N 'ss, Q --'ixtw club can change hands each ye. any 1- ' ' c s ' tl tansitit . ant it s .. tl L 'K ' 's t T l Q ' l 1 , ' gg Q to exist. ' X X ' X X I9 I l' G nh. ' Qs his Trier tudent ouncil Student Supervised Study Halls X K W X 1 X College Exhibit ' Hobby Show STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS John Davis-President Gordon Laughead-Vice-President Lois Pittman-Secretary Margaret Walker-Treasurer John Rodger-Social Mary Wilder-Social Pete Olive r-Inter-School Relations Polly Neeves- Inter-School Relations Rose Mary Mclieighan-Publications John Barnett-Publications Robert Bennett-Building 8: Grounds James Lang-Building 84 Grounds George Terzakes-Assembly MR. VAN DEURSEN 0 The chief objectives of the Student Council are: To develop in the individual student the ability to accept his share of responsibility, give the student a chance to take part in the workings of a democratic organization, and to promote greater interest among the students in extra-curricular activities. This year the Student Council under president ,lack Davis has striven to accomplish these things through the activ- ities of the various committees. A Social Committee under Mary Wilder' and John Rodger was formed this year. This committee de- cided to investigate the statements, made by people outside the school, that there was a usocial problemn at New Trier. The committee sponsored a census concerning participation in extra-curricular activities, and a thought-provoking student-faculty conference on the same subject. tThe idea of having student faculty conferences has grown in popularity this year, and, by virtue of this, is sure to be continuedj Through these movements the Social Committee gath- ered enough enlightening information to formulate a plan to overcome these deficiencies. They did this by sponsoring various types of entertainment to en- courage better acquaintance among students. Another way in which social activities were encouraged, was the expansion of the club program. The committee helped interested students to form new clubs, and helped the old clubs with parties and various types of projects. The Committee also sponsored an excel- lent Hobby Show which gave students, clubs, and members of the community an opportunity to exhibit some extremely interesting hobbies. This Committee, too, was responsible for the charters of the different clubs and organizations throughout the school. George Terzakes' Assembly Committee brought several worth-while speakers before the student body. Some of these were Dr. Hugh Elmer Brown of Evans- ton, and Mr. George Getgood, Director of Community House. Wiiiiietka, who spoke on Armistice Day. Dr. Luccock of Evanston also presented a very interest- ing and clear account of the war in China. This Committee presented an assembly to the freshmen at the beginning of the year, the purpose of which was to acquaint the incoming students with the clubs and organizations available to them. They also pre- sented a concert by the Illinois Symphony Orchestra. The Inter-School Relations Committee. with Pete Oliver and Polly Neeves as co-chairmen, concen- trated chiefly, this year, on a survey of clubs in other schools throughout the United States. They wrote to various high schools, asking for lists of their successful clubs, and filed the replies for future reference. Representatives from this committee at- tended the District Conference at Maine High School and reported back to the Council. They conducted an investigation on the Hpoint system" question, which was also filed for future reference. The Com- mittee sponsored the delegation which was sent to the State Convention at Peoria. This Convention was found extremely interesting by the delegation. The Publications Committee organized and man- aged the extremely popular second annual College Exhibit with great success. The aim of this exhibit was to furnish information and assistance to seniors and juniors in the selection of their colleges. Approxi- mately seventy colleges sent representatives. armed with literature and information, to talk with those interested. The Publications Committee under Jack Barnett and Rose Mary Mclieighan further developed the existing policies of the publications of the school, such as the lnklings, New Trier News, and the Echoes. They also edited the Freshman Handbook. The Building and Grounds Committeeis main work this year has been on the g'Mess Hall situation." The acquisition of the new radio enabled the Committee to furnish swing recordings during the lunch periods -which the students seem to welcome as an agree- able supplement to luncheon. With further reference to the dining hall situation-at the beginning of the year the Committee found that there was a minority of students, who were not cooperating with their ruling that no food was to be taken into the audi- torium, while listening to the music. They evolved a plan which eliminated this minority by the use of little cards. which were needed to gain entrance to the auditorium. The Building and Grounds Com- mittee also worked in cooperation with the Regis- trar's Office concerning the bulletin boards. They O.iK.'d everything that went on the boards. thus tending to eliminate messy bulletins. Another committee organized this year was the Study Hall Committee under vice-president. Gordon Laughead. and secretary. "Ducky" Pittman. The aim of this committee was to improve the system of student supervision in the study halls. and to develop 31-1' STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES d i' First Row-Pierson, Baker, Neilson, Rosenheim, Watson. VanArsdale. Lukens. Sipp, Roemer. 1, N Thompson, Royal, Hathaway, Kaempfer, Munson, Andreae, M. Bowen, Hoffman, Crawford. ,Q A 7 Melchior, Hirsch, Harkness, Hazelet, Mcllraith. Q- ff" , Second Row-MacLeish, Meyers, Hill, Nelson, Koch, Rogers, Starbuck. Lodwick. A. Bowen, Oatis. N, X Smith, Kletzien, Janicki, Lidecker, Hagan, P. Nielsen, Wolff, Siefkin, Hahn. Burge. Thorp, Kritzer. Williams. Mitten, Bryson, Miller. Hanna. Third Row-Boyle Mestjian, Dodds, Sosna, Cushman, Leeman, Macomber, Hughes, McNitt. Raggio, B. Wiese, Condit, Magner, Templeton, Lippincott, Osterstrom, Michael. Collier, Whitting- N ton, Gordon, J. Wiese, Kriebel. Kinnear, Wells, Buck, Booth. ix K .Qu , 'eliance in each student. At the . . e . e 'sion but toward the end the girls how d tht i v tould understand for what the i imittee 1 . iving. The Committee organized iirteen studv halls under student supervision, nine X , N - 5 e . gf-gn.-1 o ti year the hoys had a monopoly on ' d s . I w ' R1 boys and four girls., ln addition to organization of the study halls the committee debated the advis- ahility of having student supervision and tried to get the student body as a whole to accept the idea of student supervision and what it stands for. The council feels that student supervision is one of its most important projects, and sincerely believes that the feasibility of such a project has been proved this year. and will het-ome a tradition at New Trier. BOYS' STUDENT SUPERVISORS OF STUDENT STUDY HALLS First Row-Lippincott, Holland, Small, Horak, Petersen, Leggitt, McNitt. Second Row-Buttner, Baptista, Howell, Bennett, Scheibel. I-loefer. Treasurer Marg Walker and her Financial Com- mittee sponsored the Activities Ticket, as usual. In this connection the Committee was of great assistance to students in Working out their activities tickets. The Financial Committee was also in charge of the Council expenses, budgeting, bookkeeping, contingency fund, and other things of this nature. Too much praise cannot he given to Miss Hadden and Mr. VanDeursen, the Council sponsors. They have both worked cheerfully and untiringly to help the Council. Credit must he given to the advisor representatives for their constructive cooperation. The year. 1938-1939, has heen one of the best for the Council since it was organized. GIRLS' STUDENT SUPERVISORS OF STUDENT STUDY HALLS First Row-Small, Raymond, Bruce, Bonnett, Baker, Macalister. Second Row-Scheibel, Meinig, Smith, Fleming. Adams, Lidecker, Pittman. 53 MISS WRIGHT Faculty Sponsor Girl ' Club 0 The Cirlsl Club of New Trier was founded mne- teen years ago under the able sponsorship of Miss Lulu Wright. Its aim was to promote friendship and unity among the girls, and to provide financial as- sistance for those girls needing it. in order to continue their education. Every girl automatically becomes a member of the club when she enters New Trier. Our predecessors set excellent examples and ideals for us to emulate. We are proud to say that the Girls' Club of 1938-39 has accomplished many worth- while objectives, and has had an exceptionally fine year financially. This could not have been achieved without the cooperation of all the girls, and the ability of the Board to direct and manage the numerous events that took place during the year. There are four otlicers in the Girls' Club and seven committee chairmen. The omcers are elected by the vote of all the girls: committee heads are then chosen from the remaining list of nominees by the new officers and the Board of the previous year. The committee members are chosen each semester upon GIRLS' CLUB REPRESENTATIVES First Row, left to ri ht-Crai Katz, Henderson, Rietheimer. Hillis, Smith, Murch, Weese. Waage. S S, Steen, Bray. Second Row, left to right,-Scheiner, Rennacker, Brown, Jones, Butler, Hole, Torrey, L. Smith. Lyon, Tuteur, Staufert. Third Row, left to right-Beeler, George, Hypes, Adams, Haberborn, Cleary, Cook, Hurley. Miller. Stembridge, Kritzer. .746 52 0.5 1 .,...4Lmr..z..g..x...... ,'.L.:, .. ,. 'Q 1 1 X - QS X I N X . 'sX- 6 ., 1, g g T y r Y ' .S'-.. ."b q-. ,1- 'S xvvfo 0 teh! N 2,0-o AU ,XG 0 GIRLS' CLIAB OFFICERS Chancellor Macalister . Drucker Harshaw Felsenthal Bonnett Schipfer Gerwe Records Bellows .....,,,..President .Secretary .. . . .Social ...........Financia1 , . , ,Publicity .......Vice-President . . ......... T1'93.Slll'61' Friendly . , , , . , . .Employment ......,Arrangements X ates .... ......,, 23 .Charity ., f WELL, alma.. F , r,,.,st,,.....s ,MH 5, A U Q F 4. 1111151 Sntvinsinu f ' -"1 f' A ' ' GIRLS' CLUB COMMITTEES sg' their advisors' recominendations as to their depend- ability. cooperation. and readiness to work. During the year each committee has certain duties to per- form. Representatives are elected by every girl's advisor group to attend. and report the weekly meet- ings. which are held in the Girls' Club Room. This system has proved very satisfactory. and has given more girls a chance to actively participate in the work. The biennial Bazaar was the big success of the year. because almost every girl in school did her part and helped in some way. Approximately 351.300 was cleared. and this all went into the scholarship fund. The Bazaar Committee was headed by Mickey Macalister. secretary of the organization. This year's Magazine Drive was also very success- ful. as managed by Betty Bonnet. vice-president. Free lfchoes were awarded those girls selling the most subscriptions. and recognition was given at an sembly. President Patty Chancellor and Franny Schipfer. treasurer. had no one particular responsibility, but worked hard throughout the year at their respective jobs-the one to keep the Girls' Club well organized and to carry on the long-established traditions of the Q4 First Row-Anderson, Fitch, Starr, Weese, Duncombe, Welborn, Bray, Cooley, Von Der Lippen, Newman, Kraft, Berg, Rosenheim, Swan, Buehler, Craig. Second Row-Becker, Schipfer, Lyon, Weinstock, Thompson, Herbu- veaux, Lascelles, De Vinney, Kaempfer, McNeal, Putman, Weishaar, Persson, Wheelock, Beeler, Graham, Sewers, Clarke. Third Row-Halley, Adams, Sweet. Lukens, Hyatt, Xsbister, Stoetzel, Myers, Sieber, Foreman, Burge, Pope, Vernon, Rogers, Siefkin, Cormack. Mitchell. SECOND SEMESTER GIRLS' CLUB COMMITTEES First Row-Mendum, Chalmers, Hall, Jacobsen, Wolf. Bachmarm, Shane, Neilson, Bowen, Glenn, Lawrence. Hazelet, Lau, Ward. Second Row-Crawford, Goodnow, Day, Watson, Brush, Torrey, Farr, Howard, Rogers, Hartke, Thompson, Huck. Jasper, Rennacker, Bruce, Baker. Third Row-Steen, Wilder, Putnam, Oatis, Neukranz, Chancellor, Hagan. Lodwick, Koch, Hypes, Fleming, I-lole, Hayden, Hammond, Bourland. clubg the other to keep accounts straight. pay bills, and keep expenses as low as possible. The Financial Committee. with Patty Harshaw as chairman. undertook the sale of hot dogs at all the home football games last fall, and cleared a nice profit. Another project of this committee was a bake sale in the spring. Throughout the year they sold sandwiches. pop. candy. school stationery. emblems, and banners. on various occasions. The main pur- pose of this committee. and it is a very important one, is to enlarge the scholarship fund, so that as many girls as possible can be helped with their college ex- penses. This year about 3l5l000 will be available for this purpose. Girls receiving these scholarships, up- on finding themselves in more favorable financial jlle 52' oea , re- t mt Q X UN ROW 'B I fff-ffwivx WN 7 lx conditions, have often returned the money to the club so that it might be used again. This, of course, is not compulsory, nor even expected. Margery Bellows and her Arrangements Commit- tee took care of the clubroom and kitchenette, both furnished entirely with money earned by the Girls' Club. This year we purchased a 116W carpet and various smaller items. The clubroom was used al- most daily for meetings. faculty parties, teas, honor study hall, and many other social and business func- tions. It is not meant to be used as a lounge, but purely as a social roomg among the furnishings are a lovely piano and a radio-victrola. This year's publicity for all events was managed by Joan Felsenthal and her committee. They made posters and wrote articles for various publications. advertising the numerous functions of the Cirls' Club. The Employment Committee. headed by ,lane Records, worked individually and quietly. They were responsible for securing positions for many girls in need of jobs. Louise Yates and her Charity Committee also func- tioned inconspicuously. The work of this committee was almost unrewarded, except for the personal grati- jle 526025 fication the girls received from helping the less for- tunate. Jane Drucker and Joan Cerwe headed the Social and Friendly Committees. Wo1'ki11g together on all their projects. these committees accomplished a great deal. Their tasks were not easy. but the results were worth the effort. The first large affair was the Girls' Club Friendly Banquet, in the fall. The freshman- senior tea. the Christmas open house. a tea for the officers of the Evanston Pentangle Club. and the lVIother-Daughter tea were all given for the purpose of promoting greater social friendliness among the students. their friends. and their parents. The bi- ennial Father-Daughter Banquet was also managed by these committees. Vife know that our fathers look forward to this affair because it enables them to meet their daughters' friends socially. Special recognition must be given Miss W-right for her untiring effort and ceaseless encouragement. Under her splendid leadership the Girls' Club of 1938-39 was very successful. and the Board enjoyed working with her immensely. The ofhcers and committee chairmen all did their jobs faithfully and well. and in return learned a greater sense of leadership and responsibility. Q3 1 J ' 5,511 idlnl : vu ,faqygaffng Mapa., O - bzirldz ,,,,wrw-1-- IU, ' L-1,,uuc.."Mu. dfbw-' ' Q- nab'-vidbvfl ' ' M1411 Ai 1 qfflhull ,dn17f"aal!q acfaziifi'-a.,,,,,, a1Jfr'la1wdo'17-J fmdvffi A . vw a,l1I,,,Wn..avwPamJuu0fl- frnnwrl- unawwdi "Q,g!UiWH1g,3w , , .,,.. , W fnhhnlfi amwvuw' w7lll'amv amdlwm- aPw.K!'J dn14fl-- Zrfl qfmn allwbv- N N ',,g3,,,,,,,,n.51,,,,uy.. ,m4,.m1vd,,vnf3ln.n1q-- w.w-Md bnzlupplillq baiuu- afwzi hive--. 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Second Row-Mr. William HHDP. Mr. Gottfried Sandvig, 0 This year's physical education staff remains un- changed since the addition of Mr. William "Bud" Happ last year to the group of hard working in- dividuals who make possible the athletics at New Trier. Reigning supreme is Duke Childs. esteemed head of our physical education department. while Mr. Showlcy and Mr. Sandvig carry on the work of instructing classes and promoting intra-mural and inter-scholastic athletic competition. Lord of the natatorium and all swimming activities is Hr. Edgar B. Jacksoii. who is ably assisted by Nlr. Happ. a gray-green alumnus of some years past. These bye are the nucleus bf-hind all athletics at New Trier. Through their fine work an extensive physi- cal Q-tlut-atioii program is available to every boy. SPORTS CLIB OFFICERS Don French. President: Bill Dodds. Treasurer: Jim Robertson, Vice- Prcsidentg Paul B. Kelly. Secretary. port Club 0 Synonymous with intra-mural athletics at New Trier is the Sports Club. an organization established in 1928 for the purpose of furthering intra-mural sports at New Trier. The club owes its origin and continued success to the head of intra-mural sports, Mr. Showley, who is sponsor of the club. The objects of the Sports Club are: first, to spon- sor. promote. and conduct as many intra-mural sports as possible. to educate boys in methods of playing, ofliciating and managing the various sports, and lastly to develop sportsmanship and a spirit of fair play among spectators. officials and players. In order to carry out these objectives, meetings are held every Wedliesday, at which time, methods of officiating, discussion of the rules and talks by the athletic coaches are presented. Aside from the valuable experience gained, in- dividual members receive points for ofiiciating. Vlfhen 600, 1,200 and 2,400 points are acquired. mono- grams are awarded to the individuals. Any senior acquiring 600 points or more receives a silver medal, especially designed for the club. One or two outstanding Sports Club members, who have contributed unselfish service to the club and in the promotion of intra-mural sports at New Trier, are honored each year by having their names engraved on the Sports Club trophy. This year Bill Dodds received a 1.200 point award while Art Seddon, Mal Hill. Joe Merril. and Don French each received a 600 point award. The latter two also received the club medals. WATER RUGBY CHA MPS First Row-Tentler, Peuckert. Brown, Seddon. Second Row-Parliament, Simpson. Wilder-captain, Mockler, Hill. S... Touch Football C The opening gun of a highly successful Intra- mural athletic program was the fall touch-football tournament. This year every advisor room in school entered a team in the tournament. A double eliinina- tion system was used so that when a team lost the first time. they would have a chance to vindicate themselves before being eliminated. The class champs and runner-ups entered into a tournament to decide the school champion. A new championship team was crowned this year, when Edwards. the senior champs. defeated Wlehr. the de- fending school champs, 27-O. Other class champs were juniors-Sandvig. sophomores-Bridges. and freshman-Gadske. All-star teams were chosen in each class. and there was talk of a contest between these all-star teams. However this never materialized as old man winter had already closed another successful football season. SPORTS CLLB First Row-French. Robertson, Sittig, Shefte, McCand1ish, Weisberg. Hill, Burnside, Bill. Korra. Second Row-Kelly. Dodds. Hall. Frcundlich, Seddon, Merrill. Mona- han, Eves, Will. Latimer, EHgl9llI1l'dl. Dodds. Sachse. Bailey. Hoefer, Showley-sponsor. TOLCH FOOTBALL CHAMPS First Row-McCall, Hoffmeyer, Kufeldt. Hutchings, Hochuli. Wain- wright. Second Row-Link. Pick, Neiweem. Bloom, Hirsch. Small. Water Rugby 9 One of the outstanding events of this years lntra- mural season was the successful introduction of a new sport. water rugby. This game was devised hy the mentors of the swimming pool. Messrs. lack-on and Happ. The principle is similar to that of rugby. and from this you may gather that it is far from being a sissy game. The games were refereed by members of the Guard and a single elimination tournament was held. Fresh- men class champs were Cadske. and the sophomore champs were Troelstrup. The finals for the school championship were held in connection with the Steininetz vs. New Trier swimming meet. and were between Nay. the junior class champs and Vhehr. the senior champs. The result was an ll-8 victory for Nay. who thereby became the hrst school champions in a game destined to prove very popular at New Trier. INDIYIDLAL I. M. SCHOOL CHAMPS First Row-Cloud, Wilson. Mayer. Sachse. Second Row-Cram. Brittain, Stransky. ADYISER ROOM ATHLETIC MANAGERS First Row-Anderson. Vance. Sachse, Sittig. VonEbers. Hall. Jones, Chase. Second Row-Matthews. Coons. Neiweem. Wiese. Sibley. Hoefer. Mizener, Casterline. David. Third Row-French, Ball. Storner. Hutchins. Tunnicliff. Horak. Hillner, Hoetger. Shefte. "' 'T'? .. ,- Z' ty! 47 K' x fi. xii. I N GRIDM Fmzsh Second in League COACHES - FOOTBALL Mr. Walter Aschenbach, Mr, Harold Caton, Mr. Richard Gad- ske, Mr. Paul Delaporte. 0 Though the records do 1lOt show it, this year's var- sity football team was one of the best that has repre- sented New Trier in many years, 1935 included. The total of five wins, three losses, and one tie does not look particularly impressive, but those who attended the games saw a lot of good football. A great deal of the success of the team must be accredited to the line, which was considered the best in the Suburban League. Their fine blocking made possible the threats of the backs and their defensive merit was without question. In the Evanston and Oak Park games particularly. they displayed their ability by turning back both of these strong teams at the goal line. It is hard to pick one outstanding lineman, but it may be said that Howie Hinrichs was the sparkplug and pace-setter. His excellent passing from center position and unusual skill at backing up the line were a great part of the team's strength. At times he was replaced by Jack Bonner, and Logan Higgin- bottom, and later by co-captain Dick Reynolds, all being very effective. Due to a shortage of guards, Ted Harris and George Terzakes got very little rest during the nine game schedule. Both of these boys played a good part of each game in their opponent's backfield. Bud Still- man, Leo lVlcShane, and Bob McNitt showed ability and spirit as replacements. The tackles fought all year for starting positions, the race being very even between Bob Landon, Bob Cockel, Bob Howell and John Miskel. The job of pass catching and breaking up inter- ference was handled well by a fine group of ends. Dick Durr and Rob Scheibel played the majority of the time and were ably replaced, when necessary, by Art Boynton, Dick Andrews. King Dowse, and Bill Brown. The backfield this year was one of the finest all around groups ever to play at New Trier. Co-captain Jim lVlcEadzean was the standout back for both his offensive and defensive work. In this third year of varsity football, lVlickey's performance in every game made him one of the best backs in the league. Be- cause of an arm injury received in the Evanston game he was unable to play in the White Plains con- test. The team felt his absence keenly. However, he was replaced by Tom Carney, an excellent passer and ball carrier. While McFadzean and Carney covered the left halfback spot, Jack Davis and John Clark shared the right half position. Davis was an effective kicker, passer, and runner while Clark's speed, power, and shiftiness made him a hard man to stop. Demonstrat- ing courage, ability, and versatility, John Powell played at either right or left half as the occasion de- manded. He ran and passed excellently in spite of being the teamis lightest back. The only junior on the first string was Gordon Laughead, quarterback. He performed his duties as safety man and signal caller very well. Bud Young- love distinguished himself as alternate field general VARSITY FOOTBALL First Row-McNitt, Laughead, Miller, Durr, Howell, Harris, I-Iinrichs, Reynolds, McFadzea.n, Terzakes, Gockel. Scheibel, Davis, Boynton, Simons. Second Row-Risk, Kahn, May, Landon, McShane, Brown, Powell, Miskell, Younglove, Carney, Stillman, Dewey, Andrews, Clark, Liv- ingston, Moss. Third Row-Walker-Manager, Evans, Johnson. Meiers, Jemison. Seeley, I-Iigginbottom, Brown, Sullivan, Dowse, Blum, Schenk, Ester, Clark, Rothermel, Anderson, Bayard, Lang, Wilson-Manager. X ,--.. i fltf. rv B..- B Till Co-captains Jim Mclfadzean and Q Dick Reynolds in action by some fine signal calling, and a beautiful run back of a punt for a touchdown against Morton. Co-captain Dick Reynolds also played this position before being shifted to center. The fullback position changed hands several times during the season, starting with Buzz Sullivan. a sophomore sensation, and then going to Jim Dewey and Lawrence "Bubby', Miller. All three contributed much to the squad's success, and Miller, particularly. turned in a fine game against Evanston. Bubbv's plunging i11 this game was a sight that would have thrilled any football fan and the result was a six to nothing victory over the Wild Kits. The season's opener against Riverside was an ideal start for the Green team. Although a bit unseasoned the boys romped to a 20 to O Victory. The following week a 6 to 6 tie with the strong Emerson team from Cary. Indiana. gave indications of a very successful campaign. Gary later became Northern Indiana champions. Morton's eleven was neatly removed in the highest scoring game of the season. being taken 28 to 13. .Qtr Q K fl' x IX g X 'S X -X Gray-Green eep 011 O V a few t rnes could the Cicero team question the supremacy of the Trrerites. The rumors of Proviso's deception and speed brought a little anxiety to New Trier, but the 20 to 0 outcome speaks for itself. The Green Wave not only bottled up Proviso's tricky backfield but played an aggressive. alert game themselves. This was unques- tionably their best game. The first setback came at Warrkegan on the next Saturday. The reason for the defeat is unknown, for the team seemed to dominate the play. Warrkegarris star Otto Graham was responsible for the score which upset New Trier's hopes for an undefeated season. Coming back in the second half, the Wave chalked up another victory by downing Highland Park 13 to 7. The game was in the fire for a long time, but Bubby Millers touchdown brought the expected victory. Witlr the championship at stake. New Trier received its second defeat at the hands of Oak Park. As so often happened, the team was master of the second half. but was unable to overcome the 14 point lead which the Parkers rolled up in the first. Oak Park became Suburban League champions. Most important of all games every season is the encounter with our ancient rivals. Evanston. Held for the second year in Dyche Stadium the game proved to be a great satisfaction to the Grey-Green. As the success of the season is estimated by the out- come of the Evanston tilt. the 1938 campaign was close to being perfect. The 6 to 0 revenge over last year,s scoreless tie brought contentment to many of the Trierites, who participated in the 1937 contest. The high spot of the year, in spite of the 19 to 0 shellacking taken by the team, was the trip to New York. This was the longest trip ever taken by a team representing New Trier and those whose good fortune it was to go on the trip will never forget it. Quartered in a first class hotel, provided with tours through New York and Washington, the thirty players and coaches experienced a trip which surpassed many taken by college teams. The game on Saturday Nov. 17, was played in a drenching rain. The field was a pool by the end of the first half. and spectators could not distinguish between the home team and the visitors. Again the Green was powerful in the second half, and almost succeeded in scoring on a beautiful pass by John Powell. The ball was taken in New Trier territory by King Dowse who streaked down the sidelines to the Vffhite Plains, 10 yd. line. However, the New York team held fast, and, New Trier was unable to put it over. Much credit must go to head-coach, Mr. Aschen- bach, line-coach, Mr. Caton, and end-coach, scout, and trainer, Mr. Delaporte. Their enthusiasm and guidance carried the team over many a rough spot. standing but very promising Although nearly all of the first two strings will be lost by graduation a good upply of eager sophomores 'md Juniors will move up to fill their places. The prospects for next year's squad are not out- s ' i ' ' .3 . ' ' ' X Scores N. T. .... 20 Riverside ..... 0 N. T. .... 6 Emerson ..... 6 N. T. .... 28 Morton ...... 13 N. T. .... 20 Proviso ...... 0 N. T. .... 0 Waukegan .... 7 Highland Park. 7 N. T. .... 13 N. T. .... 7 Oak Park .... 14 N. T. ..,. 6 Evanston ..... 0 N. T. .... 0 White Plains . .19 Fro h- oph Football Q If the lnain purpose of the freshman-sophomore football team at New Trier is to build up and give actual playing experience to future varsity material, then this year,s frosh-soph team was successful. If it should build in the fellows an unquenchable, never- say-die, fighting spirit, then the season was highly successful. If the purpose is to make an impressive won and lost record, the team wasnit so good. This year, head coach Funkhauser, assisted by Messrs. Waters and Shearer, had only two returning lettermen. They were center Curt Brown, last year's freshman captain, and Dex Benson. However, there were also quite a few sophomores who had seen some action the year before, and the team was rated quite highly. Before the first game of the season Curt Brown and Lee Mitchell. shitty quarterback, were elected co-captains. The team for the whole season showed signs of being a second half team. This fact was borne out in the Highland Park and Oak Park games, in both of which they held their own after disastrous first halves. ln the closing game of the season, against our traditional rivals from Evanston, the story was the same. Outstanding players for the season were linemen co-captain Brown, Benson, Ellis, Eager and Meyers, and in the backfield co-captain Mitchell, Warield, Miller and Ambler. SCORES New Trier . . . . . 6 Waukegan . . . . . 6 New Trier . . .... 27 Morton ...... . . . 0 New Trier . . .. . 6 Proviso ....... . . . T New Trier . . . . . 0 Highland Park . . . . .13 New Trier . . . . . 6 Oak Park ...... . . .27 New Trier . . . . . 0 Evanston .... . . .13 FROSH-SOPH FOOTBALL First Row-Benson, Canning, Nitto, Connor, Ellis, Brown fCo-Capt.J, Fager. Sittig, Schwietert. Munson, Riley. Second Row-Jorjorian, Randall, Warfield, Montonara, MacLeish, Bryan, Fragassi, Meyers, Hart, Miller, Sittig, Prins, Wescott, Borgeson CManagerJ. Third Row-Shearer fCoachJ, Walker QManagerj, Taylor, Gilbert, Peterson, Fleming, Boettiger, Mitchell QCo-Capt.J, Kennedy, DeBerard, Walworth, Hough, Ambler, Hill fManagerJ, Funkhouser iliead Coachl, Waters QCoachJ. X X - FH I' l1' T X I fl E, S I ei t ' Athletic Department -A U- , y 5 c.A.A. OFFICERS l A , Q - 7 3- Mary Wilder ......, President 'Q Q. 1 .- 3' .3 Q - ' ' Ann Hunter Hearne , , , ' , . N Q I ........,..... Vice-President T r A Q, -' Q., 5 'MQ ., , ' Carol Hill .......,.. Treasurer , V . ., , ., X . , ' - 'ee ' Frances Neilson ...Secretary ' I ' Aimee Wolff M y ' A ' Q ' ......... Intral-Mural Sports 1.51. 5 . W '- 'D 4572: , bf... ,.' li. M. - t.nx:...,.. M... usda... YYILDER HEARNE HILL NEILSON W'0LFF 0 The Girls' Athletic department reaches every girl in New Trier. and its main objective is to adapt gym classes to the individual needs and abilities of the girls. Special classes are planned for those who need the training in both individual and team sports. Under this program one of the most outstanding developments is the work in posture. Each fresh- man and sophomore girl is given a posture examina- tion. and those with noted postural defects are placed in special corrective classes. Thus one can see the close relationship between gym classes and health improvement. Coeducational classes in badminton, dancing and swimming are being further developed each year. and the program has proved a very successful one. The purpose of this is to put students socially at ease. Student leadership is provided by the C. A. A. The girls are chosen for such offices as advisor room and class managers and the higher offices of G. A. A. Then too, any girl that wants to. may take the train- ing and be an ollicial for the competitive sports. The G. A. A. was first discovered by the freslnnen on September sixteenth. when an assembly was held G.A.A. FACULTY First Row-Miss Anna Borroff, Miss Iris Boulton, Mrs. Elizabeth Rehage. Mrs. Ella Abbott. Second Row-Miss Ruth Stone. Miss Lillian Zettergren, Miss Mar- garet Healy, Miss Jane Adair. to inform them about it. The officers, sportheads, and committee heads were introduced, and each explained her particular duties. In this way, the freshmen found out what sports they were offered throughout the year. and they realized their oppor- tunities. That afternoon some ripper classinen put on exhibition Hockey and Soccer games. The day was concluded with a tea, where more acquaintances were made, and the C. A. A. rose in freshman favor. The board decided it would be advisable to change the method of picking G. A. A. advisor room repre- sentatives this year. A committee chose three cap- able girls from each advisor room, and one out of these three was elected by the girls in her particular advisor room. By this method the representatives were responsible and interested. This fall an attempt was made to establish a new tradition at New Trier. All girls, gym classes were divided into two teams. and for identification they chose two University names, Northwestern and Illinois. The teams competed all season in what- ever sport the class was playing, and all scores posted so that the score of each team accumulated. At the end of the season with the score nearly tie and the G.A.A. COMMITTEE HEADS Gourlay tPublicityl, Bercaw t0fIicialsb, Records tSocialJ, Siefkin 1ArrangementsJ. enthusiasm high, a final double header was played. An Illinois and Northwestern team were selected by tryouts for hockey and speedball teams of all classes. After all scores were tabulated. the Illinois team emerged the victors by exactly one point. and so half of the New Trier girls proudly wore their orange and blue ribbons. An attempt was made this year to work on the problem of defaults. and it was successful to a cer- tain extent. "Black lists" are sent out after the third week of each new season to all those who have signed up. and have not participated. This plan makes each girl feel her sense of individual responsibility. Jane Records. social chairman. and her committee carried out several very successful plans for get-to- gethers. They took charge of the initial program for the freshmen. Later there was a hockey game between sixty-five north shore and New Trier girls. O11 October twenty-sixth. about thirty attended the tea for advisers. The purpose was to enthuse them. so that they would arouse their advisees' interest in G. A. A. In the spring the social committee has an important job in planning the initiation of the girls G.A.A. COMMITTEES Huck, Cleary. Wheelock, Chancellor. Leech. who have earned a hundred points. and planning the C. A. A. banquet. the biggest social event of the year. The publicity committee. headed by Marion Courlay takes care of all bulletin boards and posters. Wfith grand fall weather and a batch of brand nf-xx hockey sticks. the conditions seemed extremely favorable for a good hockey season. The girls worked up their skill with a number of good prac- tice games. in which all classes xx ere well represented. ln the tournament. this yea tis senior class managed to hold their championship for the third consecutive year. The sophomore and junior teams offered little opposition. but the freshman played with amazing skill that looks promising for the future. They were the only team that managed to score a goal against the champions during the whole tournament. Even as rank beginners. the freshmen humiliated the sophomores by holding them scoreless in a chal- lenge game during the early part of the season. The G. A. A. Board had a good battle when they chal- lenged the freshmen to a game. Gertrude Wieinstock was head of Hockey. C.A.A. CLASS MANAGERS First Row-Thompson. Chancellor. Stube. Langford. Hess. Huck. Second Row-Kirsh. Church. Logan. Kritzer. Fisher. Stern, Ward. Edwards. C.A.A. REPRESENTATIVES First Row-Bercaw. Williams, Mullins. DeVinny. Bronson. Crowder. Hyman. Y Second Row-Ramser, Scheibel, Havgan, Holfman, Isbister, Rogers, McDonald. Melhope, Pierson. Browne. Third Row-Carlson, Magner, Goldstein. Merrill, Loco. Crawford. Murphy. Ward. Hinman. Rasmessen. New Trier was well represented on the North Shore School Girls, team by four of the star senior players: Mary Wilde1', Jane Records. Marion Gourlay and Nancy Bercaw. The climax of the season came with the tryouts and final game between Northwestern and Illinois, the teams which had been competing all season in gym classes. The Illinois team carried off the vic- tory in hockey, and with this grand finale, hockey sticks and shin guards were regretfully put away for another year. This year speedball was substituted in place of soccer as a fall sport. The two games are very similar. the main difference being that in soccer the ball is always on the ground, and speedball is a combination of passing and kicking. Consequently speedball is faster, but all that ventured to participate in the new game apparently approved of the change. The season began with some practice games, so that beginners could get used to the rules and improve SENIOR HOCKEY First Row-I-Iearne, Schipfer, Records, Weinstock, Wolff. Second Row-Logan, Chancellor, Clarke. Gourlay, Bercaw, Wilder. SENIOR SPEEDBALL First Row-Specht. Boone. Mendum. Mickey. Raymond. Hayden. Second Row-George. Hoffman, Hudson. I-Ieerens, Rasmessen, Scheibel. their skill under the direction of Mrs. Rehage. The class teams were chosen and the tournament got underway. The seniors, who had had a year of speedball before, won every game and were pro- claimed "Champs.,, The freshmen should receive special notice, because they held the juniors to a tie game. Barbara Larson did an excellent job as head of speedball and she was assisted by class man- agers, Ruth Scheibel, Margery Rhydstrom, and Nancy McQuin. To finish up the tournament, the Northwestern and Illinois teams played a final game With picked teams. The tryouts were attended enthusiastically, and teams were chosen containing a few players from each class. Tryouts were considerably enlivened by the appear- ance of an Indian Wildcat, which turned out to be our distinguished faculty, Miss Adair and Miss Healy in humorous disguise and whimsical mood. In the final game the Northwestern team won, bringing the first speedball season to a successful close. ILLINOIS HOCKEY TEAM First Row-Bercaw, Records, Woolhiser, Edwards, Weinstock, Wolff, Bovbjerg. Second Row-Schipfer, Chancellor, Langford. Cassel, Kritzer, Farwell, Wilder. NORTHWESTERN SPEEDBALL First Row-Ramser, Bourland. Mendum, Mickey, Wagner, Henderson. Second Row-Robertson, Rasmessen, Hudson, I-Ieerens, Huck, Kaemp- fer, Hillis. wwecer SIC DEPART E T Christmas Concert Draws Large Crowds HH. M S. Pinafore" Sails for Third Time 0 The year of 1938-1939 will go down as an im- portant milestone in New Trier musical history. Not only was the participation in musical organizations increased over any previous year-nearly one-half of the school participated in some branch of the organization. but all previous attendance records for concerts and the opera were broken also. But still more important than the attendance records, are the new records for excellence of pro- duction which were set. New Trier is known through- out the nation for its excellent musical department. and its name has always been associated with the best in high school music. but this year Mrs. Cottone known to her pupils as "Mama"-assisted by Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Bradburn. and Mr. Swigart and Mr. Schumacher, set new precedents for musical ex- cellence at New Trier. Always the first musical organization to show results is the New Trier Band. This group of boys and girls, under the direction of Mr. Schumacher, prob- ably does more work for less credit than any other organization in the school. They not only play at all home football games and some out-of-town games, GIRLS' ENSEMBLE Seated-Trump, Youngberg. Standing-Hamilton, Yates, Johnson. Merriman, Arms, Kilner, Baker. Scarratt, Swarts. law-X, 4 l MUSIC FACULTY First Row-Mrs. Adelaide Bradburn, Mrs. Marian Cotton- Department Head. Miss Frances Anderson. Second Row-Mr, George Swigarl. Mr. J. C. Schumacher. but also at all home basketball games and all-school assemblies. They also play at certain village cele- brations such as Armistice Day. Mr. Schumacher deserves great credit for the superior bands which New Trier has always turned out. The next musical organization to blossom forth to any large degree. is the New Trier Orchestra. The BOYS' ENSEMBLE Seated-Benson. Standing-Badger, Kidd. Farwell. Harbeck. Dun- das. Condit. Smith. Davis. Woods. I in-ffg -' V iff 'A 'S' 91 1 'AN , ,.1. F ' 1.-.fF'.". .' 4 '- '. Q 4v1'p ll . 4, , 2 , -- '- ' - 45' , Q ' 'RYA an I ug ., ,.g " '-w . 'ff' f' H 1 - um. - 'J . u x F- ' ,ll 5 ' wr 1 u s v 1 r ' D . ' l . v , ' ,r .mf A "-51' 1 i N 1. 3. 1 Q I, S51 1 C. 5 . ' . ff..- . x a 1. .,-5. 4, . . H., A. ,U 1 y-,, 3 " iw -. ,'J-'. '-7 ,Qs " 1' A f : .u v 'O' 55 lb V La' M H ' fr Y. r ftrq 1 H ' 4 . ' 'I 'G' " 6 11.4 x , , il! n v., ' 1 N-v 1 . , - 4 V 11-F1l'50', ', '7 'ifQ. " ' V' 'Q ' ' R . '.' '?'-IL. . +' P -' ' .- fa . ba. ". " 1 , ' ' .,,. 1 D ' R A, ,,, Y, wg, . . lm V. 4.5-1. f, -'r4.f ' ' A , 4 . W., 1 " 'WN n Uv' . - Ak, 4, . J .Pjfe Q Rf V, . , V v-..! . Q -v 'i L 6 ' Y' lk .. . Q ' . 'J f , . .W 4 T 1'1- N ' - "fs - i'ig KJ: r ' 1, llA"', 'latbf V7.1 ' Q. ,v -vi M b . ,U',:x' Y. X '- A , 'X r Q ., , Vx. P'U.,Sf' ' Q g ny! . iv Q 1 '-f 4 ' W' ' , '. ' . , 'SQ ' , Agil , .,.', -, f f -1 , '-1 f Q ' A 4 ' . .-4 UTM I 3, mg' if -- . .--R' J x , . Q .. Q ' . kdm! 'YV 's ,n , 6 Q A if N I' 1 s N. p Q ' . BOYS' FIRST GLEE CLUB First Row-Sherman. Wayt. Lewis, Baird, Wright, Smith. McNaugh- ton, Orcutt, Aldrich, Flanagan, Van Horne, Merkle, McQuide, Morris, Hawxhurst. Second Row-Idler, Rothermel, Dorman, Ellis, Zick, Lawrence, Con- nor, Brandt, Stillman, Sosna, Cushman, Drebes, MacLeish, Percy. Third Row-Hamley, Kriehel, McAllister, Roth, Baer, Ellis. Mc- Donough, Watts, Wilson, McFadzean, Huffman, Ambler, Woolson. Rudd. Taylor, Cook. orchestra has always been one of the finest high school orchestras i11 the country, and this year under co-directors, Cotton and Swigart, it rose to new peaks of perfection. The orchestra plays at all school plays, at the opera, and at the Christmas and Spring con- certs. Always a staunch supporter of student govern- ment. the first thing on '6Mama's" program is the election of ofhcers for the various groups under her control. The orchestra elected as President, Clinton Carpenter. assisted by an executive committee of Peg Pierson, Millicent Grant, Willard Jarchow, and Frances Bickham. Next on the list of musical groups to come into the public eye fand earj, are the Girls' and Boys, Ensembles. These organizations represent the best in New Trier singing. Their personnel is chosen only after extensive trials by Miss Anderson, and 36 GIRLS, FIRST GLEE CLUB First Row-Hammond, Thompson, Scofield. Scheiner, Weese, Daily, Rosenheim, Bray, Glenn, Larson, Noonan, Anhalt, Bakkemo, Palmer, Meyer, Cross. Second Row-Neiglick, Myrland, Faxon, Neilson, Treveiler, Cooley, Russell, Rogers, Arcus, Sweet, Jones, Loucks, Roth, Baker, Binner, Beach, Englehard, Torrey, Weld. Third Row-Perkins, LaBonte, Guthridge, Rennacker, Hole, Tucker, Anderson, Butler, Wheelock, Dethloff, Horn, Farr, Eddington, Beggs, Armstrong, Stinson, Coburn, Burlingham, Schipfer, Jones, Stoerk, Coyl, Phelps, Wagner, Danley. Fourth Row-Jensen. Brown, Herbert, Van Horne, Keller, Dickerson, James, Siefkin, Welch, Rogers. Moreau, Neukranz, Fix, Burpee, Chancellor, Joyce, Zielinsky, Woolhiser, Cormack, Frye, Eisenberg, Paulson, Anderson, Walker, Cleveland. Mrs. Bradburn, conductors of the Girls, and Boys, Ensembles respectively. They have built up a coun- try wide reputation for their performances, and it is one of New Trier,s greatest musical honors to be admitted to either of them. This year these two groups sang at many places in and around the Chi- cago Area, besides singing at many New Trier affairs. Needless to say, the excellent standard of the past was not only continued, but raised. The members of the Girls, Ensemble were Ruth Lee, Jean Swarts, Shirley Scarratt, Joan Kilner, Betty Baker, Louise Yates, Phyllis Trump, Elsa Merriman, Jane Hamilton, Lois Johnson, Nancy Arms, Doris Youngberg, While the Boys, Ensemble numbered among its members Frank Condit, Bill Harbeck, Bob Dundas, Sidney 5749 62 08:5 Yfj NJ-0" I fx 99 ,Z f' ll "lx, Y N 1 V "5 " ? Q, , ef I x f 4 as . ' L f. ' I f ' Nw Em3'fL?,,Q Q , s M I3 gd 3 H H as-3 3 shag gjy' A rm in E ,A i Q Qi 2 Q M s E55 I X 'x 'i5N .-V ., .AQX4 ,Ln .1 GIRLS' OPERA GROUP First Row-Mitchell. Edwards, Hamilton, McNeal. Swarts, Berblinger, Jorjorian, Baker, Mclieighan, Neef, Felscnthal, Records, Watson. Pierson. Second Row-Kilner, Merriman. Mestjian, Scarratt, Todd. Joluison, Beeler, Royal. Beeler, Haake. Elliott. Barton, Hill, Bliss. Trump. Third Row-Brown. Yates, Hearne. Bickham, Reichmann, Dungan. Heerens, Dahncke, Youngberg, Arms, Koch, Lee, Chancellor, Clark. Smith. ,lack Davis. l'larlan Kidd, Frank Badger, Bob Farwell. Ed Benson. and ,lim Wloods. Another well known music group at New Trier is The New Trier A Cappella Choir. The choir, under the direction of lVlrs. Bradburn had numerous appear- ances. and finished up the season by singing as usual at Commencement. President of the Choir was Ed Benson, while the secretary was Phyllis Trump. The first public appearance of the Girls' and Boys' Opera Groups. First and Second Glee Clubs. and Choruses was at the Christmas Concert. This concert by all of the New Trier musical organizations, with the exception of the band. has become one of the most noted affairs at New Trier. Every year it is held in the Leslie Gates Gymnasium. and every year hundreds are turned away for lack of room. This 38 BOYS' OPERA GROUP First Row-Hunt. Welborn, Deacon, Wells, Hinners, Fager, Hillner, Badger, Smith, Aishton, Howell, Moss, Paulson. VanHorne. Second Row-Wright, Cushman, Condit, Kidd, Harbeck, Brown, Aishton, Younglove. Porter, Kreer, Mitchell, Stillman, Matthews. Bradford. Third Row-Risk, Wood, Hough, Farwell, Sibley. Compton, Woods. Davis, Benson, Garretson, Olson, Cobb, LaBonte, Lindberg. year more people than ever were turned away. All of the singing organizations commence to work upon music for this concert as soon as school opens in the fall. ln fact, the program of this yearis concert was planned before school let out last year. The excel- lence of this concert was emphasized by the work of the soloists: Louise Yates, Phyllis Trump, Frank Condit, Bob Dundas, and Harlan Kidd. So great was the impression made upon the audi- ence that the Opera Groups, First Glee Clubs, Choir, Ensembles, and the Orchestra were invited to repeat the performance at St. Luke's Episcopal Pro-Cathe- dral. At this performance they were heard by the renowned Alec Templeton, who said that the concert was one of the most remarkable he had heard. The President of the Boys' Opera Group was Ralph ,763 gb oe5 SENIOR ORCHESTRA First violins-Grant Qconcertmeisterj. Pierson, Vaught, Olson, Flood, grebes, Gedge, D. Neukranz, Drucker, Faville, Gaffney, Peterson, ogers. Second violins-Mann fprincipall, McDonald, Scarff, Pagliarulo, B. Humphrey, Arms. Katz, Lucas, Halpin, H. Doolittle, Clarke, PhilipsA born, Hobbs, Michelson. Violas-Fischer fprincipalj, Bickham, Loco, Shapiro. Cellos-Schauifler fprincipalj, Pettibone, Hoffman, Jarchow, Moreau, Nylund. Cassidy, Gary, Fanckboner, Kendall, Greenberg. Double basses--Hinman, Alfvin. Bassoon-Bloom. Oboes-Wilds, B. Neukranz, Robertson. Tympani-Brown. Drum-B. Doolittle. Trombones-Leichsenring, McDonough. Trumpets-Carpenter, Hoyne. Horns-Mayer, Mestjian. Flutes-Finney, Moon, K. Humphrey, J. Kilner, Matson. Clarinets-Cox, F. Kilner. White, Rapp. Hillner. and later Dick Aishton. while the Secretary was Bud Stillman. Louise Yates and Shirley Scar- ratt were President and Secretary of the Girls' Opera Group. while Mickey McFadzean and Bob Wiese held corresponding positions in the Boys' First Glee Club, and Suzanne Scofield and Marny Keller in the Girlsi First Glee Club. lncumbents of these othces in the Boys' and Girls' Second Glee Clubs were Presidente-John Ball. and Secretary-Bob Myers in the Boyss, and President-Betty Ross, and Secre- tary-Jean Putnam of the Girls' Glee Club. After the Christmas Concert. the Opera Groups immediately went to work on the opera for the year. Gilbert and Sullivan's HH. M. S. Pinaforef' Only a single cast was used, with the exception of one part. Ula CQAM DALY!! rug Mason Aldrich, John Allen. Dick Anderson, Howard Borchardt. Dick Clark, Jack Davies, Henry Diettrich, Norman Evans. Russ Foust. Eugene Fuessle, Bud Hallet, William Hayes. Gordon Hinners. Jack Hoetger, Jack Homan, Vernon Hutchings, Harlan Kidd. George Leich- senring, Eleanor Lipsch, Bob Matson, Carl Mayer, Elliot McCauley. Bill McLaren, Fergus Mead, Ed Melia, Bill Melvin, Bill Merkle, George Miller. Bob Nicholson. Dudley Orvis, Robert Ostermann. Louise Peach, Bud Perrill, Ed Peterson, Betty Ramsted, Carl Ren- neckar, Ben Richards, Jim Rosenow. Reg Rounsfull, Fred Shefte, Fred Strauch, De Stanley, Norman Tinker, Byron Towle. Bill Van Arsdale, Sam Vernon, Karl Wehmeyer. as the opera was to be put on earlier than usual. to allow more time for preparation for the Spring Con- cert. The performance of "Pinafore" started the third cycle of Gilbert and Sullivan operettas at Xew Trier. as Pinafore was the first operetta ever given at New Trier. The cast was as follows: Louise Yates-But tercup. Phyllis Trump-Josephine. Frank Condit- Ralph Backstraw. Bob DundasfCapt. Cocheran. Fd Benson-Dick Deadeye. Don Cushman-Boatswain. Bob Farwell-Joseph Porter K. C. B.. and Barbara Barton and Jean Swarts alternated as Cousin Hehe. The opera was characterized not only by the super- latively line work of the principals. but also by the excellent work of the 85 person chorus. Both Fri- day and Saturday night performances were sell outs. Needless to say. without the excellent assistance of Miss Stanwood and Miss Stone who handled the .ict- ing and chorus movements. the stage- :and lighting crews under Mr. Harper and Mr. Jones. the co-tunie department which was handled by Miss Lighter. and fl - .QQ .I lfNlOR MUSIC CLUB First Row-Wolf. Munson, Bray, Thompson. Rubel QSecretaryJ, Lewis fTreasurerJ, Neilson tPresidentJ, Putnam QVice-Presidentj, Rose, Halldorson. Second Row-Stewart, Farwell, Katz, McDonald, Olson, Hoffman, Moulding. Benner, Goldstein, Raymond. Third Row-Peck, Hinman, Gerdirig, Rogers, David, Matson, Liepold, Tuttle, Beck. the make-up department under Mr. Coburn and Miss Feeney. the opera would not have been the success which it was. The next important event was the Spring Concert, in which all of the musical organizations but the band gave one final big performance. This concert. too. demonstrated the progressiveness of the New Trier Musical Department. as one of the main features of the concert was the singing of the modern composi- tion "Song of the Bayou." with an accompaniment by Ed Johnston and his orchestra. Another musical organization in school is the Senior Music Club. This club is composed of those people in the school who have musical ability and who enjoy good music. The meetings are held at different members' houses. and the programs are MUSICALE First Row-Oakhill, Johnston, Sipp. Forstall, Duncombe, Cleary, Martin. Second Row-Olson, Walker, Mrs. Kidd fSponsorb, Hultgren fPresi- dentl. Baxter, White, Shapiro. made up of pieces performed by the members. The Senior Music Club finished the year with a stunt night. to which all parents were invited. President of this group was Millicent Grant, while the Vice- President was Louise Yates, with Elaine Vaught as Secretary, and Dick Finney as Treasurer. Faculty Sponsor of this group is Mrs. Cotton. The Junior Music Club follows along the same lines as the Senior Music Club. The Facility Sponsor of this group is Mrs. Bradburn, while the President is Frances Neilson, and the Vice-President is Jean Putnam. Still another group is the Musicale Club, spon- sored by Mis Kidd. and formed for those ho enjoy listening to good music. The the fine collection of iecord - . ' . a wk . . . ki' Marjorie I-Iultgren. while Betty iler is fb SENIOR MUSIC CLUB First Row-Swarts, Faville, Maddock, Trump, Yates, Vaught, Grant, Finney, Bickham, Drucker I Baker, Hamilton. Schlung, Pierson, Barton. Second Row-Arms, Kilner, Lee, Merriman, Pagliarulo, Adams, Loco, Neukranz, Schauftler Marshall, Claar, Youngberg, Hoffman, McMillan, Beach. Third Row-Hariwell, Finney, Mayer, Maclow, Gaffney. Altin. Harbeck, Dundas, Benson, Davis, Pettibone, Carlson. Jarchow, Farwell, Condit, Humphrey. Badger, Myrland. V - a 'X' e 0 V - , r. 'ht l Y acquiring. The president o N - v X , I N A o fi v I ! 1 4 v vweeiilm N it-x 5 fx I 1 4 1 A ,A-W - - . hx X -Q A? ,, X- 1 f ' -iggzi :X 3 X -- 771- XX f, f, -., 'f...1 X V-ixxtiv, 1 'f A -V K' x -' -73' V V, 'V ,l,-TL? NT' X sf' 7-5 Xa, 5-5- 1 .' RNY-f z, X Ai' 'N 3 J'-gs " ' Q5 S X iq ,. -1- Sf- , Nt f Q X -1 , . XL! X X-X 47 jf ..:i', if W Wir ing 6.4 'ru Rui.. rlupl all 'i '6Scrooge" is Christmas play. Girls' Club Bazaar. Annual Christmas Concert. Parties at Edgewater, Medinah, Drake Palmer House and Stevens. Matinee Dance. Record-breaking Snowfall. Sophomore Party. 'Tween-Semesters Tri-Ship dance. Beginning of new semester. WINTER FEATURES I. Five gala Clzristnzas dances giv- en during vacation. 2. Bali! Humbugl Scrooge sounds of in tlze junior play. 'I J. 800 students participate in an- nual Christmas concert. 4. S1200 for sclzolarsliips raised by Girls, Club Bazaar. 5. Afternoon dances inaugurated at New Trier. 6. Even snou' is on Llze ball at New Trier. 7. lY. Tfs King of Swing swings out at a Tri-Slzip dance. 8. Ejicient door guards serve at Xmas dance, 9. Craternzen talfe district Clldlll- pionslzip. IU. Smile for Bernie. First Eclzoes group pix Zalfen. fs rs -r -. , rw, ,X , , wt X ,. y ., , W , X F, X A ,A Q W1 Q x J. f i1JTj,+j T.7LilLlfJJ ...... ,Qu Y.. ...V .. 4. 4.4. .LL i fi L, v! Y 4 JU., S. ng . , ,' , '- 'f-140 uf .. fi ' ' .M yq' N 1 im' v 1 Q QP . 3 4' . th, 1, '2-Ir 7 V an E I. x, A ,A -'y jif .' .. wr, 5, I, ,,, ,, .- sl tj tl 'ly 1 7 v . ., .5 , -, a f ,4 wfx 1512 1' l 1' wx f 'f fy ,fli":Yx.EZ..::"-Ei " ' if mf'-gilfzf ff? .' 'O' " 4321 ,- , , Q-..-aa, V, Y 1,4- iff 1, 1 ,fwfr i..!.J,, . 1 ,f ww .,1gx.75YjJv.'iX ...fa-,,. ,Q-,,-v - sq.. Y -... wt. .f -e 5 sat-. 1-s- ' f f 'N '-.,11 '-.1-:qw . .' ,X ak.. ' ' Q -Q, xgfN1,.'-4-.Tia t , . . .-"LF . 1 w. F -5--sghr,-1,3 . w ' ', ,i M W It Q ' 'fg,'N7aJ17fVa.i,i-'. HT ' . . ,gy xiQ5'A.,rr,1Vf:fg+-1' ', W. '. L .F lf, 1 R I '. " - S,.1 - Jfutiilrsa FEATURES 1. iGTl1e Witclzing Hourv furnislzes a pleasant evening. 2. Mermen cop Suburban title. talfe second place in. State. fl o. Knoop talfes off, as did numer- ous Trevians. -1. New Trier sllivers under a ll0ll'II.Y blanket of snoux 5. Talking English, but it's Latin at tlle Language Festival. 6. Music. language students give first Language Festival. 7. He didn't get tlzat ilift' from a Camel. R. Students ring up 1800 Echoes sales-neu' record. 9. Record blizzard, record absence, but sclzool continues. - .f Q -Y. I iv! 'Z ' 'i ' 1 5 V 1 - 1 t , 15' ': ' , . .B ' 1 Lv... ul... -.!.L ts -.1 1 -JY----4 'N Illinois Symphony Orchestra concert New students' get-together. Lincoln Assemblies. N. T. night school begins. Suburban swimming meet. Second semester Girls' Club committees announced. State Championship swimming meet Echoes drive begins. Track tean1's undefeated indoor season. '4Tl1e Witching Hour" is senior play f -X --A A ',- -l-Y A -- rw in-ffg -' V iff 'A 'S' 91 1 'AN , ,.1. F ' 1.-.fF'.". .' 4 '- '. Q 4v1'p ll . 4, , 2 , -- '- ' - 45' , Q ' 'RYA an I ug ., ,.g " '-w . 'ff' f' H 1 - um. - 'J . u x F- ' ,ll 5 ' wr 1 u s v 1 r ' D . ' l . v , ' ,r .mf A "-51' 1 i N 1. 3. 1 Q I, S51 1 C. 5 . ' . ff..- . x a 1. .,-5. 4, . . H., A. ,U 1 y-,, 3 " iw -. ,'J-'. '-7 ,Qs " 1' A f : .u v 'O' 55 lb V La' M H ' fr Y. r ftrq 1 H ' 4 . ' 'I 'G' " 6 11.4 x , , il! n v., ' 1 N-v 1 . , - 4 V 11-F1l'50', ', '7 'ifQ. " ' V' 'Q ' ' R . '.' '?'-IL. . +' P -' ' .- fa . ba. ". " 1 , ' ' .,,. 1 D ' R A, ,,, Y, wg, . . lm V. 4.5-1. f, -'r4.f ' ' A , 4 . W., 1 " 'WN n Uv' . - Ak, 4, . J .Pjfe Q Rf V, . , V v-..! . Q -v 'i L 6 ' Y' lk .. . Q ' . 'J f , . .W 4 T 1'1- N ' - "fs - i'ig KJ: r ' 1, llA"', 'latbf V7.1 ' Q. ,v -vi M b . ,U',:x' Y. X '- A , 'X r Q ., , Vx. P'U.,Sf' ' Q g ny! . iv Q 1 '-f 4 ' W' ' , '. ' . , 'SQ ' , Agil , .,.', -, f f -1 , '-1 f Q ' A 4 ' . .-4 UTM I 3, mg' if -- . .--R' J x , . Q .. Q ' . kdm! 'YV 's ,n , 6 Q A if N I' 1 s N. p Q ' . DRAMATIC FACULTY First Row-Mrs. Jane Lighter, Miss Polly Feeney. MiSS Elizabeth Stanwood. Second Row-Mr. Miner Coburn. Mr. C, Herbert Jones. Mr. Gordon Van Kirk, Mr. Robert Harper, The Royal Family Fannv Cavendish ......,..,.4............. Betty Hanisee Julie Cavendish .,.. ... Virginia Sowers Gwen Cavendish . . . ...... Jeanne Stark Tony Cavendish , . ..., Don Georgel' Herbert Dean , . , . .... Perry 5miYh9I'S Kitty Dean ...,.. ,....... H arline Ward Oscar Wolfe .... .... G orclen Osterstrom Perry Stewart . . , , ..,....,.. Bill Cooter Gilbert Marshall . . , ........ Pete Oliver Della ,......,..... . . Vera Ruth Lenney Joe .,. ......,.. ... Joe Winterbotham McDermott . .. ...... John Storner Nurse , ,,,,, .,.......,.,,. B everly Glenn Chauffeur . .. .............., Norman Tinker Hall Boys ... ... Claude Reebie. Ernest Keller Gunga .,,. ..........,.....,, E cl Grossberg 9 This year. according to expert opinion. New Trier dramatics experienced probably the most successful year in its history. Under the capable direction of Miss Stanwood. Miss Feeney. Mr. Coburn and Mr. Van Kirk. the past dramatic policy of New Trier has been carried out to the fullest extent. resulting in the presentation of several time plays. The Dramatic club opened this season on the 4th and 5th of November with the presentation of the colorful. Ferber-Kaufman play. "The Royal Family." This play concerned a family of actors and actresses. similar to the Barrymores. who were blessed with some rather queer ideas on life. all of which tended S'l'AGlC CREW First Row-Leach. Eisenberg. Scirlen, Hildebrand, Powell, Steitz. Second Row-Matson, Maeser, Woodruff, Clausing, Bannard, McCoy, uhn...n.... fy-.n..... ..-Mah... Dramatic to make the play more enjoyable to everyone. Every performer was really outstanding in this highly suc- cessful presentation which was acclaimed as one of the best in New Trier History. However, special mention went to Don Ceorger, Betty Hanisee and Virginia Sowers for their excellent interpretations of three of the foremost characters in the play. The second play of the dramatic calendar was Ashley lVliller's 6'lVlr. Scroogef, based on Dickens' famous "Christmas Carolf, The cast for this play was made up of sophomores and juniors. all of whom did splendidly in their parts. The part of old Mr. Scrooge was outstandingly played by ,lack Walke1'. The settings of this play were very good as there were many dilhcult scenes very uniquely staged. The highlight of the dramatic season was reached on February 241- and 25 with the presentation of the senior play. "The Witcliiiig Hour." This play was built around the idea of mental telepathy, by which an accused killer is saved from the electric chair. Special honor went to Cordon Laughead. the lone junior in the production. for his outstanding interpre- tation of an old Supreme Court justice. Other note- worthy performances were turned in by Pete Oliver and Harline Ward. After Saturday's performance of the play, the usual reception in the dining hall was held in keeping with the occasion. The Dramatic club is composed of both students who have been members of various casts. and those PROPS CREW First Row-Smith, Huck, Wheelock, Cooley. Second Row-Isbister, Crowder, Lukens, Bellows. Records, Kraft, Siefkin. k vim. ffm' I 'pq af :ik 1 'fm' ,". ' ' 3 P Q N If 1 f 1 ,, ,, ,it . yn 4 E Q1 1 ' f X,v ' X K V I a gg ,f B f I , .. 1 f f K, if gg . , 3 1 K . ' 6 2 x A k, xi 1 ! 4 Pg Q' 'my XxYi1'a"4P'W3 ki x M XX at M J 1 ,f gaiiaig sw X uw , Q wu,L'l?lE A , DRA'MCsTxr.A it CLUIZPLEF M CQME TO Grd 1-X,-,J ,,,,,'l ..-XL 1. v sw'-5' X ' W 9 ei. X , fm ' . D ADJ E y NN? : in f5 lg.fiv?' J x ' 1 as I gk k - ig , ' gg r 5' p , , .:, an The Rose and the Ring .. .Walter Bovle Gruffanuff ......................,....... H , Countess Gruffanuff ,,.,..... Renee Small, Patty Zipprodt Fairy Blackstick ..... Queen ...........,.. Angelica ........ .,...............Colette Lundy Cassell ... . .Nancy Worden, Sue Miller Betginda ,,,, ............,..... J ean Seidel King ....,. .,....,,....,,.. J ack Scarff Gigiio , , , ......... Bill Cary Bulbo ...,, ....,. D on Anderson Hedzoff ...,... .... F rank Solomon Glumboso ..,... ...... F red Weinstock Chancellor ...,... ...l... K enneth McAfee Baron Sleibootz ...... ..,., L oring Armstrong Tomaso Lorenzo ....... ....,,..., A rt Bryson Smith, a student ,,........ ..... D avid Levesey Jones, another student .... ,.,.... B ob Drucker The Archbishop ........ .... F red Weinstock , . David Williams .. . . .Bob Drucker Page .....,.....,..... Servant .......... .... acting on the various crews which help in production. Memberships are given to those who have had a major part in a play. or have contributed valuable work in the staging of the play. The players' group is composed of those who have taken a major part in at least two plays. They are chosen by the directors and must be outstanding members of the Dramatic club. During the year the club presents to its members various personalities connected with the dramatic field. The club also utilizes its own talent by putting on various programs for its meetings. Junior and senior hopefuls who didn't quite fit the parts for the senior play have organized a new BROADCASTING CLUB First Row-Swarts, Weil, Wilson, Fifer, Shapiro, l-lalm. Second Row-Barton, Dalstrom, Fisher, Kracha, Ayers, Morgan, Faville. Hartke. Third Row-Russell, Engelhard, Lcnney, Merrill, Miller, l-Ianisee, Waage, LaBonte. Fourth Row-Cooter. Heinzen, Dodds. Mr. Delay tSponsori, Walker, Christerson, Randall. institution at New Trier called "The Actoris Guildf, This made it possible to have matinees, consisting of two one-act plays given twice a month. The newly formed Actor's Guild has met with great success, and constitutes another great step in the history of dramatics at New Trier. The crews form an important part of production, and although they are seldom heard of, production without them would be impossible. The stage crew under the direction of Mr. Harper has charge of making scenery for the plays. The light crew under Mr. Jones is responsible for the excellent lighting effects. The properties crew has an unlimited ability in providing the difficult special 'Gpropsf' and is under the supervision of Miss Stanwood. Great steps have been reached in promoting en- thusiasm for speech work at New Trier by Miss Feeney. who has conducted several classes for the students. offering advantages to them in new fields. Voice and Diction. one of the new classes. has helped many students to find their speech weaknesses and to correct them. Choral Speaking. the other new class has also given a chance to a great many inter- ested choral speakers. These classes have not only helped the students to help themselves, but have also opened up a new and interesting field for them to explore. The freshman class brought the dramatic season to an end this year with the highly successful Green- hough play, "The Rose and the Ringf, The new material found in this play gave the club great en- couragement as to the talent and interest in dramatics of the freshman class. Everyone in the cast turned in a fine performance. - . 'f hc- wil in li h 0 English is one of the most important departments at New Trier. since everyone must take at least the three years required for graduation. There is also a fourth year which students planning to go to college are urged to take. Two semesters of Public: Speaking may he taken in addition to the regular English courses. Quill Club 0 The Quill club was organized primarily for under- classmen who are interested in writing. The officers are always chosen from the freshman class. ln addi- tion to writing, the club spends much of its time in reading original compositions offered by the members. This ambitious group of young writers profited great- ly by the fine programs that were held this year. Some delightful afternoons were spent with Mr. Peterson and Dr. Small ofthe faculty. and Mrs. M. T. Harshaw. giving suggestions. This group is spon- sored by Mrs. Cook and has just completed a very successful and enjoyable year. QUILL CLUB First Row-l-larshaw, Snyder. Strauss. Ehrlich. Zipprodt. Second Row-Elliott. Dawson. Small, Farwell, Bovbjerg. Yust. Smith, Baker. Third Row-Cassell, Lyman. Sutherland. Martin, Wolsey, Borregard. ENGLISH DEl'AR'I'MENT First'Row-Mrs. Marjorie Cook, Miss Alice Burchard. Miss Laura Durgm, Mr. L. A. Hutchens-Head, Miss Geraldine Benthey, Mrs. Kathryn Smith, Mrs. Inga Page. Second Row-Miss Mahelle Payton. Miss Helen Walkup, Miss Marea Vlasto, Miss Winifred Wilson, Miss Louise Hamilton. Miss Ruth Whitfield. 'Ihird Row-Mr. Robert Carpenter. Mr. R. Stanley Peterson, Mr. Frank Delay. Mr. Nelson Lehman, Mr. Gordon Van Kirk. Mr. Chester MacLean. Scriblerus Club 0 The Scriblerus club is a group similar to the Quill club. It is however, composed of members who have advanced in the art of writing. and is limited to upperclassmen only. To become a member of Scriblerus the aspirant must submit an original com- position to the club and have it voted upon favorably. Membership of the club is limited to one student for every one hundred students in the school. Two meet- ings are held every month. at which time composi- tions are constructively criticized. Guest speakers have been a great aid ill discussing different styles of writing. Miss Hamilton and Mr. Pifer sponsor the club. This YCHITS officers were: Dick Vtierthimer. presidentg Midge Bellows. vice-president: secretary- treasurer. .lean Cleary. SCRIBLERLS CLl'B First Row-Pratt, Crowder. Raymond, Cleary. Werthimer flfresidentb. Bellows. Baker, Glenn. Maguire. Second Row-Fillis, Crowder, Oakhill. Mr. Pifer fSponsorJ. Baker. Steif. T , uW,,,, Y lJBRARY'FACULTY Miss Genevieve Dixon, Miss Eleanor Libbey, Mrs. Elizabeth Todd. Library 0 Last year a new course in Library Science, which consists of practical experience in the library. was permanently added to the curriculum. The student works for six weeks. tirst as a monitor. next at the magazine desk. and last in the reserve section. More than fifty students are employed in this Held. The three librarians are aided materially. as it is prac- tically impossihle for them to handle the large daily circulation of volume. and at the same time supervise and aid the students who use this great collection of hooks for their reference work. The main library and two adjoining rooms will accommodate about two hundred and twenty-tive students during one school period. An average of twelve hundred pupils use the library daily. every third person checking out a hook. Uratory 0 The past year has seen a remarkable rise in the student interest in oratory. Part of this interest is due to the fact that the best students in each of the many public-speaking classes were selected and put in a special class with special preparation for ora- torical contests. Representatives from this class were chosen hy competition to represent New Trier in various district, county. and state speech tournaments. Bernice Stein won the original oratory contest of the American Legion Auxiliary and represented this unit in the district meet. from which she went on to further honors. Leo Mcshane represented New Trier in the state contest which was held in Bloom- ington. Don Ceorger and Marjorie Binding were runners-up in the preliminaries. Some of New Trier's foremost orators and their specialties were: Leo McShane foratorical declama- Orator tionj, Bernice Stein fverse-speaking and original oratoryj, Bill Cooter thhumorous dramatic readingl, and Virginia Sowers fserious dramatic readingj. However, those who were not fortunate enough to engage in all these contests have had the satisfaction of knowing that their public-speaking work will pro- vide an invaluable background for the future., and that is what Miss Payton had in mind when she started this work at New Trier many years ago. N. F. L. CNational Forensic Leaguej Founded in. 1926. There are 486 clzapters. MEMBERS FOR 1939. NEW TRIER CHAPTER Seniors Burt Offner John Leggitt Norman Tinker Bill Drucker Ted Carpentier ,Terry Beman Don French Ed Grossberg Juniors Bill Dodds Richard Shetifner Sophomores John Ball lvard Dougherty Seymour Stein Freshmen Bob Drucker ORATORY First Row-McShane, Sinding, Stein, Sieber, Schrei, Kirk, Werthimer. Second Row - Cooter, Pickall, Leggitt, Wade, Powell, Kuipers, Fletcher, Cummings, Winterbotham. Debate 9 For the first time in the history of the school regular classes in debate, which give major credit, were formed this year. Early in the year, Coach MacLean selected 21 members for the varsity squad out of 90 students who tried out. Those whom he picked to be on the debate team were: John Ball. Bill Dodds, Bob Drucker, Bill Drucker, Melvin Guth- rie. Ed Grossberg. John Leggitt, George Randall. John Sweeney, Wa1'd Dougherty, Burt Oilner, Ted Carpentier, Don French. Seymour Stein. Dick Shef- ner, Sharon Risk, Bob Bookless, Jerry Beman, Rich- ard Stern. Al Van Acker, Dick Moreau. and Glenn Anderson. This year, the Big 122 Debate League changed its name to the Metropolitan Debate Union because of the admittance of more schools. A different system. from that of last year, was used in the method of presenting the arguments. in that there were three men on each team, instead of 2, as there had been in previous years. By this 'lstreamlinedw method. the first affirmative speaks for 5 minutes. followed by the first negative for the same time: then comes the second affirmative for 7 minutes and the second negative for an equal amount of time, and then the third man of each side talks for 3 minutes. For the DEBATE TEAM First Row-Drucker, French, Stein, Otlner, MacLean fSponsorJ Dougherty. Randall, Guthrie. Leggitt. Second Row-Dodds, Risk, Sweeney, Grossberg, Carpentier. Stern Shefner, Ball. me rebuttal. two men of each team argue for 5 and 3 minutes, alternately. The subject of the 1939 debates was: "Resolved, that the United States should establish an alliance with Great Britainf, Throughout the season, which lasted from January to May, the team engaged in about 75 debates. enter- ing the Wvheaton Tournament. the Hinsdale Tourna- ment and many other important contests. ln April. a speech tournament was held at New Trier. in which there were contests in debate. oratory. and extempor- aneous speaking. Although the material was inex- perienced at the beginning of the year. the debaters did outstanding work. winning a majority of the contests. and building up for next year what should be one of the best teams in the history of New Trier. On various occasions. the team entertained the debaters of the visiting schools with splash parties in our natatorium. The Forensic Board is a neces- sary organization to debate activities. as it schedules the debates and entertains the visiting teams. The members of this body are: Ken Cushman-publicity manager, Don French George Simons Ted Gar- pelltlel Bill Yan AINd3l6 and John Green FAX EL CLIB First Row MacLon Trudeau Bowen Jensen hracha Dalstrom Lewis Second Row Qtem Dowd Merkle Marshall Cushman Le it French fPres1dentJ Third Row Blade Guthrie Elliott Shefner NIacLean lspon or Edwards F01 Lullas Nliller .xi ot cience stiente department the students are m en ed foi the mental enlargement and generous cooperation, which this branch of our educational system has offered. Besides the several well- I1 3 , ,. ,4 '-Tw 1' I . ' n ". Q' f ' . ' equipped chemistry, physics, and biology laborator- ies, the school now has a new greenhouse in the M. E. court. This year the Hildebrand Memorial Museum was completed and dedicated. A movie sound projector, which the department has added to its equipment, is proving very useful in the visual education program of the whole school, as well as the science section. A trip was sponsored to the Swift's Packing Plant by the science department. The department also awards the Bausch and Lomb Award to the person who does the most outstanding scientific work, and the Coodhue Award to the stu- dent who constructs a working model, showing the greatest originality and perfection of construction. Many of the department's activities are reflected in the accomplishments of the Science Club, spon- sored bv Mr. Christenson. Cordon Osterstrom pre- sided as president the first semester, and Don Michaels succeeded him for the remainder of the year. Art Shapiro handled the job of being both secretary and treasurer until the end of the first semester when he relinquished the duty of treasurer to Anna Jean Pifer. The club presented the Murl Duesing lecture. and the accompanying movie, Birds Afielfl. Mr. Cunningham. a flower enthusiast, lec- lurczl. and a magician demonstrated scientific magic SCIENCE FACULTY First Row-Mr. Archibald Van Deusen, Mr. Vern Condon. Miss Margaret Johnston, Mr. Robert Ream, Mr. Norman Christensen. Second Row-Mr. George Edwards. Mr. Frederick Windoes, Mr. Arthur Van Deursen, Mr. Samuel Vernon. Mr. George Reynolds. 52 to the group. The conducted trips to the Abbott Laboratories, the Field Museum, the Adler Plane- tarium, the Morton Arboretum at Lisle, and the Northwestern crime laboratory, where the lie detector was inspected. The club held its party at the lzaak Waltoii league cabin near Wvheeling. The main pur- pose of the club was to go beyond the realm of class- work into the field of science. The Lens Club pursued the advancement of new ideas on photography under the guidance of president Bill Cooter, vice-president Mac Barrett, secretary Betty Bruce, Bill Brown as treasurer, and sponsor Bridges. Experimentation in movie photography was one of the major achievements of the year, as attested by the successful movies which were taken on Freshman night. Talks by Dr. Charles Blake, inventor of a developing process, president Cooter, member Jack Lawson, camera enthusiast Lon Hill, and Mr. Vance, who presented movies of the North- western football team, rounded out the clubis educa- tional program. Entertainment in the form of movies, and the much heralded Lens Club party which was one of the high spots in club recreation, gave the 95 members a well filled out year. The use of the club's dark room facilities, was made possible for every member. Meeting every other Thursday, the Nautical Club spent most of the winter season in studying practical seamanship. Led by skipper Frank Knoop, treas- urer Ellsworth Jones, and secretary Bruce Lippincott, and advised by Mr. Peterson, the sailors spent a good part of the spring in actual sailing on some of the members' boats. An interesting trip to a ship- yard also was taken in the spring. The purpose of the group is to give each person a more thorough knowledge of the sea. Maintaining world-wide contact the Radio Club's station, WQEDC, ably represented New Trier in this activity. Guided by Mr. Smith as sponsor, and about six licensed operators, members of the club kept the station's two transmitters in constant operation. The oflicers were Wilcox Hodgkins as president, Elliot Full as vice-president, Cal Hill serving as secretary- treasurer, and chief operator Bob Morrison. The club held two auctions to help members and to finance the club. Besides listening to talks by radio-engineers, they journeyed to inspect the transmitter of station WBBM. The Radio club gives the amateurs a fine opportunity for experience and discussion of new ideas in this field. le cfltm NAUTICAL CLUB First Row-D. Jones, Lippincott, Knoop 1SkipperJ, E. Jones, Cush- man, Guthrie. Second Row-Wetzel, Strauss. Randall. Crocker, Barber. Third Row-Kelley, Wilder, Baker. RADIO CLUB First Row-Collyer, Osterslrom, Full, Morris. Hodgkins qPresidentJ Hill, Davis. Lebeson, Fanckboner, Fragassi. Second Row-Reebie, Octigan, Hayes, Humphrey, Ingwersen, Kraft, Pagliarulo. Hunt, Deno. Third Row-Mr. Smith fSponsorJ, Munson, Goodrich, McEwan, More house, Ilosbein. McAfee, Travis, Ley, Barrett. LENS CLLB First Row - Warren. Barrie. Burnett, Helke. Cordts. VanHorne. Guthrie, Plamondon. W. Hill, Freundlich. M. Hill, Lewis. Murray. Matthews. Shapiro. Second Row-Kuby. Fisher. Farr. McPhelim. Lonergan. Kaempfer, Adams. Black. McCelland, Stephens. Braaten, Barrett. Bruce. Cooter fPresidentJ. Brown, Mattoon. Kracha, Claar. Wiltberger, Putnam. Hathaway. King. Bowen. Morrison. Third Row - Hanna. Blake. Davies. Emmet, Quaintance. Strauch. Coleman, Rockwell, Mooney, Mittelman. Baker. Arcus, Hallsteen. Petersen, Fleming. Stoetzel, Day, Daily. Roth. Reckford. Berndt. Kahn. Taylor, Raemer, Fletcher. Murphy. Fourth Row-Peterson. Epson, Williams. McCoy. Leech. McEwan. Carlson, Sunderland, Matthews. Compton. Dierker. Watts. Weathers. Bloom. Disk, Major. Long, Lawson. Stransky. Keller. Mclieown. Bonner, Kreger. SCIENCE CLUB "A First Row-Steele, Fager. Fisher, Knight, Shapiro. Michael qPresi- ,,.'k,--ff X..-- dentj, Smith, Pifer, Kendall. Gary, Ekman. "' f ' '-711' xv, .- Second Row - Baxter, Coleman, Winterbotham, Mr. Christensen ,ff :QT-ie. JSZ' QSp0nsorJ, I-Ienoch, Gordon, Gaffney, Jones. ' '7 ,K I5Y3-.:5e.'j Aff - Third Row-Osterstrom. Howett. Fischer. McEwan, Vatter, Welch. Zvi.,-1,7.f' - "' Xlcxf Kendall, Crowder, Meredith. rNfe,XX'.-pf"-L ' xexs' Qfx C 9'-htm" . , '. , se.: ar.-.' . in F K7 -ni-' - jjfze Ccliow .Q-.., H 53 ' ' l vi ii t , J I , 11.7 ' ,. .If 'z Q , I Language Language Festival Tremendous Success 0 Blessed with a fine group of instructors. headed by Dr. Small the language department ended another very successful year. The biggest innovation of the year was the Language Festival. "Words and Music." Lndoubtedly the largest program ever performed by a school group. the music drama festival concentrated the interests of over 500 students. Witli the priceless cooperation of the music department and Mrs. Kidd, the presentation attracted an overflow crowd. Miss Karst directed the German classes in a Deutsch play entitled "Geburstagsspiel." while the Latin students dramatized the adventures of Aeneas under the tutelage of Mrs. Hildebrand. Led by Mrs. Stolle and Miss Bredin. the Spanish and French groups enter- tained with brilliant song and dance presentations. Mrs. Kidd Continued to conduct classes in foreign music throughout the entire year. Spanish Club - The ollicers of the Spanish club presented. without question. programs more enter- taining than ever before. President Edwin Mc- Keown. along with Buth Schiebel. vice president and head of the program committee. secretary Bob Wiese. and treasurer Mary Lidecker. obtained celebrities from many of the Spanish speaking countries. as well as Spanish travelers from the North Shore. Mrs. FOR EICN LANGUAGE FACULTY First Row-Miss Laura Fulton, Miss Lucille Brady, Mrs. Helen Stolle, Mr. C. Russell Small, Miss Frances Bredin, Miss Mary Paul, Miss Elsa Karst. Second Row--Miss Ella Shawulelrs. Margel Hildebrand, Mrs. Mar- garet Cockrell. Mr. Myron Dhdkles, Mr. Jerome Prendergast. Miss Virginia Smith. Miss Elizabeth Breidenbach, Miss Frances Flentye. W i Callie, an inhabitant of Costa Rica for a good many years. and Donato Juarez of Mexico gave two very fascinating lectures. Mrs. Callie spoke on reminis- cences of South America. and Senor Juarez on the political aspects of Mexico. Interesting moving pic- tures were shown by Mr. Vlfhitby of the school faculty. and Mr. Lee Simpson, also from the North Shore. French Club-Mrs. Daniel Brush of the Glencoe French Club. whose interesting viewpoints of a French citizen's first impressions and experiences in America, amused tl1e students at the club's first meeting. fur- nished an exemplary beginning to a group of fine programs. The year was delightfully sprinkled with talks. slides, and moving pictures offered by mem- bers of the organization. The officers of the club were: Marjorie Bellows. president. Wiinifred Thompson. secretary-treasurer3 and Juliet Crowder, vice-president. German Club -President Jean Kritzer and the other German Club oflicers. vice-president Dick Krause. and secretary Ruth Shiverick. ably con- ducted a series of very interesting meetings. A Ger- man band. composed largely of Ed Johnson's band men. entertained club members at one of the earlier meetings by imitating Herr Lottie and his Hungry Five. Later on in the season. European travelers Dick Finney and Dick Buenger. gave talks. and Mr. Dela- porte showed pictures from his trips into the Rhineland. ' SPANISH CLUB ,L 11- First Row-Scheibel, Clark, McDonnell, Craig, Stevens, Zibble, Larson, Wieland, Rothermel, Buehler, Church, King, Neiglick. Rennacker, Berg, Devinney, Trudeau, Wetterer. Second Row--Hedman, Butler. Morse, Marsh, Pagliarulo, Sieber, Lidecker, Butler, McPhelim, Peterson, Rasmejslvj Ross, Colvin, Nelson, Sutherland, Davidson, Burton, Baker, Thorp, Ragsdale, Adams, Tucker. - I Third Row-Small, Bartlett, Boyle, Frederick, McKeown, Wilson, Younglove, Wiese, Greenblatt, Kloepfer, Monahan Robertson, Davis, Johnson, Tunnicliff, Freundlich, Maeser. GERMAN CLUB First Row-Green, L. Butzow, Schultz, E. Butzow. Wiese, Shiverick, Neef, Lau, Holstc, Matthews, Staufert, Ebert Lindeman, Blessing, Warren. Second Row-Stoerk, McCandlish. Osterstrom, Cook. Stillman, Markus, Mende, Dahncke, Sieck, Kritzer lPresidentJ Myers, Kremm. Blum, Biser, Matson, Randall, Hirsch, Hilgendorf. Third Row-Small. Kriebel, Henningsen, Leichsenring, mmsted, Tentler. Winands, Schipfer, Landon, Krause, Long Wiese, Buenger, Roberts, Merkle, Towle, Helke, Cox. FRENCH CLUB First Row-Waltari. Jeffreys, Jenness, Bayles. Hobbs. Stephens, Mitchell. Mathieson. Norman. Wetterer, Boone Hamilton, Hazelet, Bonnet, Becker, Lascelles, Bachmann, Biernatzki, Butler, J. Smith, Schwall, Smith, Hoyt. Second Ron-Macalister, Bristol. Baxter, Weishaar, Duncombe. Thompson, Bray, Burch, Hypes, Brush, Doyle, Hagan Sweet, Crowder, Bellows lPresidentJ, Thompson, Braaten, Mattoon, Jorjorian, Scofield, Treveiler, Gaffney, Crosby Pierson, Biser, Becker, Wheelock. Third Row-Kletzien, Stordeur, Weilbrenner. Bartsch, Quinlan, Keefe, Griffin, Belding, Chittick, Bliss, Oatis, Putnam Steen, Burlingame. Graff, Herbuveaux, Rogers, Felsenthal, James. Bull, Marshall, Quinlan, Dillon. Hemphill, Frye Jones. R. Jones, Torrey, Mehlhope, Edwards, Cormack. Rogers. Fourth Row-McKewen. Hoffman, Meyer. Zeiss, Hammond, Otis. Hearne. Dickey, Philipsborn, Hallsteen, Forstall Reichmann, Craig. Hunt, Stein, Latimer, Ostermann, Collier. Simpson, Cleary, Hahn. Burge. Adams, Wolsey, Raymond Snorf. Hayden, Halley, Kendrick. Thompson, Harmon, Black. one 1 'F f it Echoes Staff Faculty Sponsor. . Editor-in-Chief .... Associate Editor. . ...,,...John W. Rau . . . .Edwin S. McKeown . . . . . . .Patty Harshaw Business Managers ..... Barbara Burch, John Clark Art Editor ...................... Barbara Hyman Features Editors. . Ted Rockwell. Gertrude Weinstock Sports Editor ..... Girls, Sports. . Group Pictures. . Senior Section .... Photography Editors, . . . Circulation Editors. B Ruxqu ..................VinceOatis . . .Margaret Walker ..........Grover Daly . ..... Rose Mary McKeighan . . . . . .John Roth, Lon Hill Bill Drucker, ,lane Drucker U' W on 'm'v1 Qxuxmgfb .yi ff' gtsiiceiiteal tudie Department Many New Clubs Formed 0 Two important projects are undertaken by the history department every year, one each semester. This year the first semester project was the special broadcast presented over the school loudspeaking sys- tem on Lincohfs birthday. dramatizing some of the long remembered incidents in his life. This was done by members of a United States History class. During the second semester a Township Guide- book was planned which will be published next year, covering many facts on population. industries, and important men of the villages of New Trier Town- ship with maps showing the locations of places of interest. This work was done under the supervision of Miss Cole. Two well-directed panel discussions were held be- tween New Trier and Waukegan on the subject of "Propaganda in the United States," and between New Trier and Maine on the subject of "Freedom of Speech. AIllCflL'il.5 Birthright." Miss Ullrick, head of this department went to Lima. Peru, for the Pan-American Conference at which she was the only Illinois delegate. STAMP CLUB First Row- Tremhlett. Bloom. Stauch, Stoerk, Raggio, Kramer. Second Row-Ekman. Boyle, Mr. Pifer-sponsor, Forstall. Moore. The Stamp, Coin, Travel, and Archaeology clubs are under the supervision of this department. The Travel club. This club. while rather small, was just organized at the beginning of the year as an opportunity for those students who were interested in travel and world events. Two major activities were carried on throughout the year: many student- members gave reports on their experiences of travel in and out of the country. and several movie-lectures were shown on different parts of the country. The Archaeology club was formed. under the guidance of Mrs. Kimbell and Mr. Lehman, for the students who expressed an interest in archaeology as a hobby or as a possible future vocation. A series of interesting reports and informal talks were given throughout the year by students and teachers alike. One of the most absorbing activities of the club has been taking field trips to places of archaeol- ogical interest in order to make a complete study of the pre-historic burials of the mound-builder type. The club elected Anna Grace Jorjorian. president. The Coin club was organized under the sponsor- COIN CLUB First Row-Misch, Hinman, Wiley, Norton. Second Row-French, Woolsey, Harris, Stoerk. FAlIlTL'I'Y First Row-Mrs. Sue Kimbell, Miss Alma Hurst, Mrs. Pauline Pinn, Miss Laura Ullrick. Mrs. Doris Simonds, Miss Florence Weiler. Second Row-Mr. C. William Reiley, Mr. J. William Gannaway, Mr. Rowland Wehr, Mr. Archie Troelstrup. Mr. F. Donald Frishie, Mr. Bailey Shearer, Mr. Miner Coburn. ship of Dr. Small for students who either collect coins as a hobby. or who are otherwise interested in the subject. The club subscribes to a technical magazine on this subject which forms the basis for group discussions and special talks. as well as for reference purposes. This year the coin club had an exhibit at the Hobby Show displaying the different rare and valuable coins that have been collected by the various members. The club elected Dorothea Hinman. president: Bill Mish. vice-presidentg and Lucile Rogers. secretary. The Stamp cluh is composed of twenty-five meni- TRAVEL CLUB First Row-Berndl, Falk, Armstrong, Levy, Uebel, Braaten, Hayson. Jelfreys. Second Row-Elliott. MacDowell, Mershach. Colvin. Ross. Tremblett. Smyth, Lonergan, Johannson, Jorjorian, Crosby, Shiverick. Third Row-Bartlett, Christensen, Stoetzel, Heerens, Wolsey. Kirk. Collier. Howett, Jones, Koch. Sipp. Stoerk. Reimann. Maughan, Kohler. Fourth Row-Johnson, Bradbury, Johnston, Dahncke, V. Koch. bers, all of whom are stamp enthusiasts. At the meetings the members exchange stamps and in-per-t the collections of the others. ln April of each year an annual stamp exhibit in held. and many of the members show their collections at the Hobby Show. The club also visited the Evans- ton Stamp Club with the purpose of trading and show- ing their collections to each other. The club was sponsored very ably again this year by Mr. Pifer. Fred Strauch. Wayne Stoerk. and Ray Bloom were president. vice-president. and secretary-treasurer. respectively. ARCHFOLOGY CLl'B First Row-Braatcn, Jorjorian. Mrs. Kimbell. sponsor. Mattoon, Berndt. Second Row-Kagan. Mickey. Specht. Haley. Murphy. McCue. Harris. E. J. Mickey. CHESS CLUB First Row-Oppenheimer, Gordon, Jackson, Yowell, Ranstead, Smith, Wynkoop. Harris, MacDonald. Blatthews. Second Row-l-lysragh, Reebie, Strauch, Mosser, Eliot, McAfee, Shefte, Maeser, Sargent. Third Row-Fuessle, Reckord, McKee, Johnson, Schumacher tsponsory, Tuttle, Latimer, Lundberg. Mathematic 0 The lVlathematics department attempts to teach students to think clearly and to master the various subjects it teaches, rather than to merely Hgetv their lessons. For the faster pupils, the regular and experi- mental classes are adequate. but for the students whose facility with mathematics is not quite so de- veloped. lVlr. Snyder. head of the department, has planned several new courses. ln place of those now being taught for the slower students and for those not interested in college preparatory work. next year there will be two courses, the first course con- sisting of foundational work in mathematics liberally sprinkled with algebra. and the second course made up mostly of geometry. These will cover three years. although the student will get only two years, credit towards graduation. This will allow the slower pupils to become more mature and develop their mathematics along sounder lines. and the better stu- dents in these two courses to transfer to regular classes if they become accomplished enough. Even those who have trouble in mathematics will be passed as fX long as some effort is put forth. One more change in curriculum is in the third year algebra classes. Here, the students who are permitted to omit algebra 3a will not be put in classes with students who have already had 3a, allowing the 3a pupils to continue their class as a unit and letting both groups go along at their own speed. These changes, added to the capable faculty and curriculum, should stabilize the Math department's already enviable position at New Trier. The Chess Club has this year been one of the most active and thorough-going clubs at New Trier. It is a matter of pride to the club that each of its 45 mem- bers not only paid his regular dues, but also played at least 15 matches. There are two divisions of the club: class A for the members who are better players and play more regularly. and class B for those members of the group who are beginners or do not play as frequently as some of the clubis other members. This allows the more expert players to have competition that is keener and more in their class. while the less adept at the ancient game get a chance to come to the top. in each of these classes there is a challenge board to promote competition. According to lVlr. Schumacher, faculty sponsor of the Chess club. New Trier has never lost an inter- school match. This spring several matches were organized and the New Trier boardmen continued their record. The president of the club was Leland Smith. the secretary, John lVIosser, and the treasurer, Jack Yowell. FACULTY First Row-Mr. Walter Aschenbach, Miss Norma Sleight, Mrs. Alice Fairbairn, Mr. William Snyder fheadj, Mrs. Margaret Gallie, Miss Dorothy Walker, Mr. C. 0. Waters. Second Row-Mr. Clyde Grater, Mr. Herbert Jones, Mr. Leonard Hoskins, Mr. Robert Harper, Mr. Harold Cawn, Mr. Kenneth Funk- houser. Mr. Richard Gadske. KI - - - COMMERCE CLUB First Row-Bondy, A. Mazzetta. Kotee, Marty. A. Thalmann. Bengston. L. Schneider. Sesterhenn. Johnson fsponsory, Kelly, Baltistello. C. Thalmann, Falk. Reimann. Second Row-Ludwig. M. Mazzetta, Staak. Henricks, Lazzaretto, Perry, Stetfens, Frayser, Nyborg. Hawkins, Kriesant, Kirscht, M. Roemer, K. Hoffman, Zievel. 'Ihird Row--Anderson, Balmes. M. Thalman, Kasper, Bookless, B. Roemer. Weeks, D. Hoffman, McDermott, Unger. J. Schneider, L. Thalman, Neiweem. Belmont. Kneip. Clavey. 0lllIIl0l'C6 0 This department offers a total of sixteen courses for the purpose of giving students fundamental preparation in the principles of business, whether they are interested in it as a vocation. or merely for general information or college preparation. For adults of the township also. the commerce department has inaugurated several night school courses which have thus far proven very successful. A new addi- tion to the department's faculty is Miss Helen Rein- hardt, herself a resident of w7llll16ltC and a graduate COMMERCE FACULTY First Row-Mrs. Edith Dell. Miss Elizabeth Hadden. Miss Hennri- ette Henningsen, Miss Adah Flemington. Miss Eva Thorne. Miss Helen Reinhardt. Second Row-Mr. John Rau. Mr. David Johnson. Mr. J, Raymond Smith, Mr. A. L. Grinnell. Mr. Harry Herron. of New Trier, who previously taught at Arlington. Illinois. This year a new policy was adopted in regard to the book stores staff. Wlorkers are now chosen from the commerce students. who have made a good record in a semester of salesmanship. and who are taking the departmentis store practice COlll'S6'. Also. in connection with the book store. a large display window was built in the summer. and made available for the use of the entire school for all types of exhibits. It is located at the book store. facing on the hall. The Commerce club. sponsored this year bv Miss Reinhardt. Miss Henningson. and Mr. Johnson was organized to give social as well as educational pro- grams to its members. ART FACULTY First Row-Mrs. Marie Holland. Miss Catherine Murphy Qdepartment heady, Mrs. Henrietta Brander. Second Row-Mr. Robert Harper, Mr. Frank Holland. 0 During the past year the art department has con- tinued its fine job of making the whole school art conscious. Several outstanding exhibitions have been hung in the front corridors. These exhibitions have included oil paintings, water colors, crafts, commer- cial art and photography. Among the well known people of the art world who spoke for the benefit of all interested art stu- dents were: Mr. Carl Scheffler, director of Evanston Academy of Fine Arts: and Elsa Gullberg, of Stock- holm, on Swedish Arts and Crafts. A new feature which was established this year. was the use of art movies, such as "From Clay to Bronze" and other films which stimulated an unusual Art interest and enthusiasm in art among the students. Exhibits of art work done by our students were sent to Notre Dame, Ohio Wesleyan, Illinois, and other places of interest. The after-school sketch club, sponsored by Mrs. Holland, was still very popular among students who did extra work for school, or for their own entertain- ment. Wvork such as this was done in all mediums. The most recent project of the art department is the series of colorful murals, which are being painted by advanced art students on the walls of the corridor, just north of the library. These depict characteristic figures from several of the most prominent coun- tries of the world. SKETCH CLUB AND ART LEAGUE First Row-Shapiro, Toogood, MacKenzie, Welch, Heston, Katz. Second Row-Anthony, Olson, Adams, Munson, Boyden, Best, Mrs. Holland, Becker, Hartwig. Third Row-Ludden, Knight. Maguire, Eddington, Pratt, Elliott, Kuby, Carroll, Borregaard, Marcum, Pagliarulo, Jones, Pick. 111- in-'75 s K Health 0 This was by far the busiest year that the Health department has ever had. ln addition to the regular physical examinations given everybody in school annually, each student who participated in athletics had a blood pressure test. These were given in an attempt to single out the students for whom athletics might prove dangerous. Helping the two nurses, Mrs. K. Schoenenberger and Mrs. W. Moore are about fifty Service Club girls whose president is Mickey Small. They are taught simple first aid, and upon completion of the course receive a certificate stating that they have passed the standard course, as prescribed by the American Red Cross. They also assist in the regular routine mat- ters in both offices, such as filing and keeping track of each student's visit to the office. These girls were extremely helpful during the recent flu scare, when as many as fifty people would want to go home during one period. At the height -" H 'if tl 59' 'is 2'5- 'Ff . ar I ' Y t... W f s f 'Q J NURSES Mrs. Margaret Moore, Mrs. Katherine Schoenenberger of the epidemic, more than one-fourth of the school was absent, with about five hundred signing in the following Monday morning. Some of the regular functions of the Health depart- ment are little known. Starting this year, a month was set aside during the year in each physiology class for lessons in simple first aid. The students were taught how to bandage and take care of invalids in an emergency until the doctor comes. All safety campaigns are carried out by the department, and a record kept of all accidents whether they happened at home or school. At the end of a month a record is sent to each advisor to be read to his advisees. At Christmas and Thanksgiving lists are given out to various advisories of families that need help, and baskets of food and clothing are sent. For students financially unable to get through school. a special fund is set aside throughout the year to help in buy- ing lunches and carfare. SERVICE CLUB First Row-I-lerbuveaux, Boone, Phelps, Weishaar, Duncombe, Sethness, Small tpresidentj, Hill Qvice presidentl, Isbister Qsecretary-treasurery, Hoyne, Curley, Whitehead, Macalister. Brush. Second Row-Mrs. Katherine Schoenenberger fsponsorj, Bercaw, I-lultgren, Jost, Weld, Stinson, Crawford, Marsh, Lidecker, Hawkins, Hammond, Torrey, Larson, Mehlhope, Leclxler, Schipfer. Mrs. Margaret Moore fsponsorl. Third Row-Jones, Butzow, Blum, Lukens, Adams, White, Hurley, Reichmann, Cleary. Richland. Miller, Pope, Bellows, Chancellor, Crowder, Kendall. I, ... IL ' ,. . - . V . 3 e if . . . A r - ,, 1 V A c , f., x - 2 s-A, ,V . u A-5. :ss . .. I r -, f A Q y 1 - . Y -, , . . , ' . Q p . is s 2 ,xii ig- 5 WW' 3 Gt' Indu tri ff ,wasfi nw FACULTY First Row-Mr. Grover Flaningam, Mr. R. L. F. Biesemeier fdepartment heady, Mr. Wesley Brown. Second Row-Mr. Orville Oaks, Mr. Harry Aram, Mr. Harold Whitby. 0 The Industrial Arts or Manual Education De- partment olfers one of the finest curricula for students. ln this course there is opportunity for those students who intend to continue engineering in college to learn the fundamentals. There is also enough prac- tical work for those students not intending to go to college. The courses in Manual Education include mechanical drawing, architectural drawing, wood shop. auto shop a11d machine shop. Mechanical drawing is offered in three courses, namely: general. engineering and architectural. The general and architectural drawing courses offer elementary and advanced work of two semesters each. Engineering drawing, which is of primary interest to engineering students, may be taken for four semesters. al Art The work in the woodshop consists of learning to use hand tools as well as power machines. The advanced course gives an excellent opportunity to learn wood-turning and advanced bench work. This is very practical in the home workshop, since it teaches the student the successful use of this equip- ment. Machine shop gives two or more semesters, the enrollment being limited to juniors and seniors. This course is primarily for pre-engineering students, but it is also designed to include practical machine shop work. Aviation mechanics and primary flight instruc- tion are also included in the course. From the practical side, auto shop is one of the most appealing courses in this branch of education. It includes, besides text study, actual handling of the parts of automobiles, which is very valuable in this machine age. The last portion of the course is devoted to the actual assembling of an automobile motor. One of the highlights of the school year, was a trip to Kenosha, Wisconsin, to visit the Nash Motor Plant. Here, those who took the trip, witnessed the complete assembling of a Nash car. Other trips were made to numerous automobile showrooms on the north side. The purpose of these trips was to find out from the sales managers of the different automobile Hrms the outstanding motor fea- tures of their cars. ln addition to the trips made to automobile firms. an intensely interesting trip was made through the airport where the various types of aeroplanes were inspected. l tulrm-7.6! f-'N-'41 Q ' Home Economic 0 Each year it may be noted that there are improve- ments and additions to buildings at New Trier. Also there is the trend to do more in the way of improving conditions and promoting activities. ln the past year, in the home economics department, there have been advances from both of these standpoints. The completion of the suite in the fourth floor department will pave the Way to the possibility of more activities in that department. The suite here- tofore consisted of a large living and dining room with a library adjoining, but this year the addition of a kitchenette with facilities for serving large groups of people, completed the suite. Events which have taken place in the living room are numerous, including advisory parties, card par- ties, luncheons for students, teas for committees, as well as teas for the mothers of freshman students. The room is used on an average of three afternoons a week. The regular monthly departmental meet- ings of the English, History, Foreign Language, and Music departments are also held in the living room. Much of the food which is prepared in the regular cooking classes is served at the meetings and events which take place in the apartment. The past year a trend which is becoming more and HOME ECONOMICS FACULTY First Row-Mrs. Henrietta Brander, Mrs. Jane Light- er, Miss Rita Whitesel. Second Row-Mrs. M. LaMetre, Miss Irma Moschel. more evident, began to take effect in the home eco- nomics department. That trend has been. namely. the integration of the home economics department with other departments such as the music. dramatic, and science departments. The clothing division of the department has helped with the costuming of several productions of the year. The interior decorating section has cooperated with the dramatic department in helping with stage settings. Within this division there have been fash- ion shows of the garments which were made by the students. Ba ketball Sectional 9 ln the warm-up games preceding the first Subur- ban League contest against Oak Park the New Trier varsity appeared to have a fairly strong team. An expected loss to a powerful alumni combination, and a close. one-point defeat at the hands of lVlooseheart, were interspersed with two victories over Lake For- est. A successful season was expected. in view of the fact that the sophomore and freshman classes of two years before had produced a team that just missed the frosh-soph championship. However. the three junior regulars of last year did not return to the floor this season, and with only two other lettermeu playing. many of the members had not had much experience. As a result, when all six league teams had faced New Trier for one game apiece, it was found that the gray-green five had bowed down in defeat to every one. A glance at the scores of these games will indicate that. with a few breaks, many of them might easily have been won. An eight-point margin was the wid- est, and in two encounters there was only the differ- ence of one free throw. Constant shuliiing at last found a combination that clicked for the Proviso game. ,lack Long and Don Wilsoii at the forward spots and Dick Durr, alternat- ing with "Tiny" Miskell, at center contributed most 64 ,ai- VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM First Row-Long, Stall, Price, Borre, Wilson, Miller, Jorgensen. Second Row-Dewey, Porter, Schaer, Baptista, Jorgensen, Long, Scheibel, Andrews. Third Row-Walker Qmanagerj, Mr. Grater fcoachj, Hoefer, Howell, Durr, Miskell, Redfield, Roemer Qmanagerj, Taylor Cmanagerj. Victors of the scoring while "Dixie'l Howell and "Ocky" ,lorgenson prevented the opponents from dropping in too many baskets. Witli Captain Borre providing able assistance, these players formed the backbone of the team for the rest of the season. The score against Proviso read 32-21 and the victory bolstered the team considerably. The main fault of previous contests had been wilting under pressure in the final stages, but this error did not appear in the game with the Maywood outfit, simply because there wasn't any pressure. The team cap- tured the lead at the start and held it throughout. Of the remaining five games, two were won and three lost. The bad news quintet from Oak Park administered quite a decisive loss to New Trier, but victories over Highland Park and Evanston balanced defeats by Morton and Watlkegaii. So ended the Suburban League season with three successes and nine disappointments. lVloving on to the state high school tourney, the New Trier five surprised many by winning the re- gional championship. However, the only real com- petition here was offered by Waiikegaii. Against the first opponent, Libertyville, the score was 34-30. Niles Center, which had-defeated Highland Park the night before, was next in line, and it succumbed 342 cf2A0a to New Trier's worthy squad hy the score ol 37-25. Then. in the most exciting game of the entire season the Cray-Green came out on top oyer Waukegan. as guard Jorgenson dropped a free throw through the hoop for a 30-29 yietory. just as the timer was getting ready to fire the final gun. The trophy acquired through this triumph is very impressive. and repre- sents the hard work and long hours that were spem. hoth hy team ll1Cll1l'l6'1'S and Coaeh Crater. in winning. ln the larger sectional tournament the squad niet Genoa in the first encounter. going down to defeat 29-28. ,lack Long. newcomer this year to New Trier. hut veteran hasliethaller in other schools was high scorer for the team with 99 points to his credit. and he placed 10th in the League standings. Close hehind was eaptain-elect Vtiilson. who did not appear regularly until the season was well under way. Long was awarded one of the forward positions on the 2nd string all-sulruilran squad and Wlilson. along with center Miskell and guard Howell. received honor- ahle mention. ln team scoring. Borre. Durr. ltlisliell. Jorgensen followed the two leaders in that order. The latter. although a guard. dropped in 20 baskets and 12 charity tosses for a 52-point total. and along with Miskell and Durr aided the forwards greatly in point making. Others seeing eonsiderahle aetion were seniors Stall. Andrews. and Porter and juniors Baptista and Dewey. In summarizing the season. New Trier played six- teen games, excluding the state meets. of which iiye were won and eleven lost. It is interesting to note that the team made 472 total points while their op- ponents seored only 471. The strength was there but it just didn,t come at the proper occasions. New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES . .... 21 Alumni .... . . . . .37 Luke Forest . . . . .25 Hooseheart . , . . .30 Lake Forest . . . ..2-1 Oak Park ... . . . .25 Waukegan . . . ...25 Proviso ..... . . . .32 Highland Park . . . .19 Evanston . . . . . .25 Morton . . ...32 Proviso ..... ...30 Oak Park ... . . . .-14 Highland Park . . . .43 Wvaukegan . . . . . .28 Evanston . . . . . .31 Horton . . 24 20 26 14 32 26 32 3-1 24 29 21 43 35 46 26 34 S- . . K5 ...X Qlqvf ,,g,5'! qtLv:aa.':-'.Hj3- 'VWMQ 'fu:4L,k-but ' - V .-.-v - Jn, 4l?l .. hu' - - X., . Mu M 6- 1 . E V 1 X N A,,TIb4 A L n , 1 I' R' f 'u i ,J ' ,.-. Jw, s 'Oh 4 , 1 g,,..1g4-:- -,V .'5"'r 55' gif! M. -akin' , 4 L., , v I . ' -1' . A, HL. J,. 1, L 'rf' 1 535 ,,,o,p H-f A V. -,MN ,,,.,f.ef,g..f,.,.,, . - 4, 4 t . A .., Q Y f - .fn ' , . 7 .. . fs- ... 1 N " -'Mx , ' S iff '--Q5 1 . ,5 F. r' a A In-P M, tr, .,. r K ., ,, ki, ,,,,.., -9+-467, ,- vs on ol.- 0 1 Q I M 1 fwawfz Fro h- oph 0 This year New Trier's highly capable frosh-soph basketball team proved itself as good, if not better than any quintet the Suburban League was able to produce. But for a short, but costly, late season slump Mr. Ream's lads might well have shared the frosh-soph title with the champion Proviso team. Although they lost four games during the league season. only once were the gray-green ponies de- feated in a convincing manner. This completely unexpected defeat at the hands of an inferior Wari- kegan squad, coupled with a disastrous one-point loss to Highland Park tolled the curfew on New Trieris championship aspirations. The final standing found the greensters sharing second place with Morton. New Trier was the only team to throw a scare into the high-flying Proviso team as they handed the blue and white their worst defeat, 30-20. The Trevians dropped their other contest with the champs by a one-point margin. The green,s other defeat was an overtime loss to Morton, which was later revenged by another overtime victory over the same team. An overtime triumph over Highland Park brought a sur- prising total of three in one season. New Trier placed three men among the leagueis FRESH-SOPH BASKETBALL First Row-Miller, Wigglesworth. Jorgenson, Fager, Nitto, Connley, Stillman. Second Row-D. Benson. Meyers, Cleveland, Brown, Schweger, Beuttas, Palenske, Fisher. Third Row--Ellis, Baer, Heerens, J. Benson, Olson, Raggio, Ream fcoachj. Missing When Picture Was Taken-Kreer, Brandt. Ba ketball three top scorers. Benson and Kreer, sole returning lettermen, finished second and ninth respectively while Clevelandas fine offensive work earned him the fifth spot among league scorers. This trio was almost entirely responsible for the team's rating, as the second highest scorers while Howie Fager and Curt Brown, regular guards, kept enemy rallies to a minimum. Effective substitutes were always avail- able in forwards, Bare, Brandt, Ellis, Stillman and Wigglesworth and in the guards Connley, Meyers and 6lson. There were no freshmen lettermen, and al- though this means a fresh start in building next year,s frosh-soph, it insures a bright varsity outlook. THE SEASON'S SCORES New Trier, 21 ...... Lake Forest fliglltweightsj, 23 New Trier, 30 ................... Mooseheart, 6 New Trier, 13 ...... Lake Forest, Qlightweightsj, 17 New Trier, 34 . . ............... Oak Park, 30 New Trier, 26 . . . .... Waukegan, 14 New Trier, 31 . ................. Proviso, 32 New Trier, 24 ...... Highland Park, 22 fovertimeb New Trier, 33 . . ................ Evanston, 20 New Trier, 32 . . . . . .lVIorton, 30 fovertimej New Trier, 27 . .......... Oak Park, 25 New Trier, 19 . . . . .Highland Park, 20 New Trier, 25 . . . ........ Waukegan, 34 New Trier, 30 . . . ............ Evanston, 20 New Trier, 25 . . . .... Morton., 24 fovertimeQ Intra- ural port This year,s table tennis tournament showed that New Trier has a fine array of paddle pushers, thanks to "Duke'7 Childs' stressing of the sport and the pro- vision of excellent equipment. ln the end Don Frissel, a senior, defeated Dick Sachse, a junior, for the school championship. The final check up of this seasoifs standing of the intra-mural basketball teams found Mr. Nay's junior advisor room victors over lVIr. Coburn's senior advisor room in the final play-off for the lightweight crown. In the heavyweight division Mr. Carpenter,s basketeers proved themselves superior to Mr. Leh- man's team, which resulted in a championship for Carpis advisees and the Lehmanites taking the run- ner-up position. The close fought contests in each division showed that basketball is still a favorite among the I. M. participants. Fortunate indeed are the gray-green warriors to have Joe Schmidt to care for their many needs in the locker room. To Joe goes the work of supervising all the athletic teams' uniforms and equipment, of caring for all gym classes, and of providing for all after school participants in the intra-mural program. For many years now Joe has been carrying on this work with unfailing regularity and has come to know almost every boy who has gone through New Trier. Because of Joeis ability to remember names and peo- INDIVIDUAL I.M. CHAMPS First Row-Child, Wigglesworth. Second Row-Stransky, Sachse, Frissell. 6' X , JOE SCHMIDT ple he encourages a much better spirit among com- petitors in gray-green athletics. Although he is helped considerably by the various athletic managers, it is still a tremendous job that he does every day. FEATHERWEIGHT BASKETBALL-Hoskins. First Row-Bushnell, Chase, Neukranz, Erwin. Curley. LIGHTWEIGHT BASKETBALL-Nay. Second Row-Montanara, Koerber, l-Ienoch, Seddon, Hill, Stransky. HEAVYWEIGHT BASKETBALL-Carpenter. Third Row-Zrazik, Terzakes, Cloud, Dewey, Gaffney, Merrill. t i S W i m m in First in League . . . Second in State 0 For the third consecutive year New Trier's var- sity tankmen splashed their way to a Suburban League victory and wound up high in the State Meet. Most of this was due to expert and experienced training of Head Coach Jackson. Assistant Coach Bud Happ, and Diving Coach Condon. The only dual meet that was lost was to Rockford. The most gratifying victory was over Shorewood. Wisconsin champs, who defeated us last year. New Trier now holds every Suburban League record except the one in the 50-yard free style event. Three new records were made. two of which New Trier had already held. the 200-yard relay team composed of Ralph Jones, Jack Menary, Vince Oatis, and Bob Bennett set a new record. winning one of the three cups given at the Suburban League Meet. The Medley relay team captured its event to win another cup, and thus created a new league record. This team of Johnny Clark. Al Cobb. and ,lack Wiese was a sure first place throughout the entire season. Also, Bob Bennett in the 100-yard free style event slashed a four-year record. Then came the State Meet which was the greatest moral victory of the season. Our team placed sec- ond: second only to Lane Tech of Chicago. the Na- tional High School Champions. Also in placing second the mermen beat Rockford which had defeated the tanksters in a former dual meet. Co-captain Bill Drucker, Bob Brigham, Raleigh Williaiiis and Bob and ,lack Wiese, constituted the backstroke division. Drucker began the season with practically all firsts and Jack Wiese, a very close second. When Drucker injured his arm Bob Wiese came up to carry on with his brother. Co-Captain Drucker surprised everyone at the end of the season after his arm had healed, by miraculously taking a third in the State meet and a second at Culver. Johnnie Clark was the high point free-style man, with Oatis and Bennett close seconds. Of the breast strokers Dick Pettibone, Dick Buenger, Jerry Mizener, Steve Rothermel, and All Cobb all lent their strength and support to the team. Since all of these swimmers are Juniors except Petti- bone, the prospects for next year's breaststroke de- partment look quite bright, although this season was not so gratifying. The distance men in the 200-yard free style were GUARD First Row--Morris, Molter, Menary, Bennett, Drucker Qhead guardj, Brigham, Ellis, Oatis, Vernon. Second Row-William Happ tassistant coachj, J. Wiese, Cobb, Hale, Horak, Wilson, Norman, Hill, Edgar B. Jackson fhead coachj. Third Row-Bricker, Sosna, Lippincott, Schipfer, Wilder, B. Wiese, Garretson, I-loetger, Mahle, Gillfillan. F .S ' L VARSITY SWIMMING First. Row-Bricker, Bayard, Lippincott, Buenger, Rothermel, Williams. Second Row-Mr. Jackson Qhead coachj, Menary, I-lorak, Molter, Clark, Drucker qco-captainy. Oatis Qco-captainj, B. Wiese, J. Wiese, Vernon. Third Row-Farley Qmanagerj, Davis, Mahle, Brigham, Schipfer, Wilder, Cobb. Pettibone, Bennett, Mr. Happ Qassistant coachl, Mr. Condon fassistant coachj. Fourth Row-Ball, Hale. Jones, Wilson. Lippincott, Garretson, Morris, Mizener, Ellis. Bob Bennett. Jack Menary. John Hale. and Ben Bricker. The diving department was amply taken care of by Jack Davis, Jerry Horak. Harold Molter. and Joe Bayard. Davis was the mainstay of our divers. with the others all fighting for next place. This YCHIJS team set up a high standard for any team due to their splendid cooperation and fighting spirit. Next year's squad will have to go far to equal their mark. It is pleasing to note, however. that there were a goodly number of juniors on the squad who will form the backbone of next season's team. New New New New New New New New New New New New Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier VARSITY SWIMMING SCORES Steinmetz... ...57 Crane.... ...47 Morton . . . . . .47 Evanston . . . . . . . .32 Rockford . . ...42 Proviso.... . . . . . .47 Shorewood . . Oak Park . . . Highland Park Maine ...... Culver .... Wfaukegan .. ...48 ...43 ...40 First in Suburban League Second in State Ileet rio n- topn Swimmin 9 Keeping up with the Varsity's winning pace, the 1938-39 Frosh-Soph team showed its worth by Win- ning every dual meet of the season. To top it off they took first place in the Suburban league meet, with their closest opponents trailing by many points. With this year's team record. plus the records of the 1936 and '37 teams. the Frosh-Soph has amassed 26 consecutive wins and three league Championshipsg this is certainly a record that New Trier should long be proud of. The two hundred yard relay team, consisting of Norman. Ellis. Canning. and Sosna. won first place in the Suburban meet. as well as winning in every one of the dual meets. The team depended on them for many of its points. The medley team composed of Idler. Craig. and Hoetger. also came out on top in the Suburban. but not quite so well in the dual meets. In the breast stroke. Craig did amazingly well for a freshman. since he had an almost undefeated sea- son to his credit. He was amply supported by Mack and Hough. The free stylers. led by Captain "Tubby" Ellis and Jack Hoetger. splashed their way to many a victory for New Trier in the fifty and seventy-live yard free style events. These two. and Bricker. 70 FRESH-SOPH SWIMMING First Row-Seller, Norman, R. Anthony. Second Row-Mr. Jackson fhead coachj. J. Anthony. Slamin, Wey- meyer. Wells, Foust, Sosna, Canning, Idler, Gilliillan. Third Row-Mr. I-Iapp tassistant coachj. Hough. Macomber, Stubbs, Ware, Hoetger, Mack, Kelly fmanagerj, Mr. Condon tassistant coachj. Sosna, Norman, Canning, were depended on for points against any opposition. Carl Wey111eye1', Chuck Wells, and Dick Idler, were New Trierls challenge in the backstroke depart- ment. with Weyliieyei' placing in the Suburban. The diving, led by sophomore Louis Ware. was definitely one of New Trier's strong points. Louis took top honors in the Suburban meet, and often helped the varsity in dual meets. He was aided by two very promising freshmen, the Anthony twins, Ray and Joe, who will be part of the backbone of next year's squad. All in all, the Frosh-Soph mermen enjoyed a very creditable season and have very good prospects for next year in spite of the fact that they graduated many of their best tankmen into the Varsity squad. FROSH-SOPH SWIMMING SCORES New Trier ....... 42 Steinmetz ......... 15 New Trier . . .49 Crane ..... .... 1 7 New Trier . . .44 Morton . . . . . .22 New Trier . . .43 Evanston . . . . . .13 New Trier . . .43 Proviso ...... . . . . 18 New Trier . . .51 Oak Park ......... 15 New Trier . . .43 Highland Park .... .18 New Trier . . . . . .43 Maine ..... . . . . .18 New Trier ....... 54 Waukegan . . .... 12 First in Suburban League we 5:4095 FIRST RIFLE TEAM-G.A.A. First Row-Browne, Gere, Stein. Second Row-Bercaw, Koenen, Clarke. G.A.A. SENIOR SWIMMING TEAM Clarke, I-Iearne, Bercaw, Neeves, Keckley, Scheibel, Fleming. SENIOR VOLLEYBALL First Row-Lechler, Altman, Church, Mickey. Second Row-Hoffman, Bercaw, Schrei, Mendum. Third Row-Gourlay, Logan, Hudson, Peach, Clarke. SENIOR BASKETBALL-G.A.A. First Row--Bercaw, Fountaine, Mendum. Second Row-l-learne, Koenen, Clarke. Girl' inter port 0 Following two different programs, Franny Brown, head of Basketball, kept the season very lively. The freshmen and sophomores played advisor room games, While the upper classes elected six captains who in turn chose teams. Helen Clarkeis team was victorious among the seniors and Mary Ellen Kraft's team, among the juniors. Edith Mendum followed almost the same program with volleyball. While the seniors again beat the juniors, the spunky freshmen were victorious over the sophomores and met the seniors in the closing game of the season. The outstanding players in the finals were Edde I-Ienderson, Polly Kuby. freshmen. and Nancy Bercaw, Helen Clarke. and Ruth Hud- son, seniors. Ready . . . Aim . . . Fire! And the girls shot steadily through the winter under the leadership of sharpshooter Adelaide Koenen who has been rifle head for two successive years. Both the beginners and the advanced shooters try to advance through .748 QAOEJ perfection of aim from Hpro-marksman', class to "distinguished" class. This advancement is secured by registering all their targets with the National Riflery Association in Washiiigtoii, D. C. The girls' rifle team prepared all year for their grand finale- a challenge match with the boys in the sports car- nival which event ended the 1939 rifle season with a bang. The swinnning season opened with a splash and a gurgle under the mermaid manager, Helen Kaempher. The first quarter was spent in recrea- tional swimming for all classes. The second quar- ter. however, was for freshmen and sophomores. exclusively. Instead of being individually timed during practice, the girls were placed on teams which competed against each other in preliminary meets. The points which each girl collected were recorded for her team, and also served as a basis for selection of the class teams. The freshmen won the frosh- soph meet by o11e point. The last lap of the swim- ming season was closed with the telegraphic meet. 71 ...J Rille O Thrice weekly. on Tuesdays. Vlfednesdays. and Thursdays. throughout the school year. the New Trier Rifle Club. and Bifle Teams n1eet on the range. It is located in an obscure. but large room off the track in the held house. The facilities lllCllld6 six ranges with manually operated target carriers. six .22 caliber rifles. two spotting "scopes," and numer- ous shooting jackets and other incidentals. There are two teams of ten members each. They are chose11 in relation to their marksmanship. They compete in bi-weekly matches which are held nation- ally. under the auspices of the National Rifle Asso- ciation. The present first team members are: L. Bradley. A. Tellis. A. Koenen. H. Eckert. and Bill RIFLE TEAM First Row-Coleman. Rennak. Bradley. Adler. Second Row-Mehlhope. Tellis. Mr. W. Brown tsponsory, Cormany. KOQIIZIII. Carroll. M. Melhope. B. Rennak, R. Coleman. B. Adler, P. Cormany, H. Ernst. The Rifle Club has two groups called the f'Cen- tury" and H999 clubs. They are composed of mem- bers who have shot a possible 100 or 99 out of 100, respectively. This year there was o11e new member in each. Lee Bradley ill the "99', club and Hugh Eckert in the "Century" club. lThe club wishes to express its regrets in regard to the untimely death of Hugh in an automobile accident this spring.j The club officers are elected at the beginning of the year by all members. This year the President is Adelaide Koeneng Vice-president was, Hugh Eckertg Range oflicers. Lee Bradley. Dick Schefner, and Porter Cormanyg Treasurer, Randy Colemang and Secretary, lVlargaret Melhope. Mr. W. S. Brown is the instructor and sponsor. RIFLE CLUB First Row-Larson, Watson. Callender, Wincup, Empfield, Cormany, Coleman, Eckert. Koenan, W. S. Brown tsponsorj, Mehlhope, Bradley, Adler. Pierson. Rennak. Second Row-Welles. Weiler, Murray. Novascone. Helke, May, Smith, Anderson. Macser, Stoerk, Nelson, Cobb. Mehlhope. Schultz, Lebeson, Van!-Iorne, Macdonald. Third Row-Pancoe, Brandt, Yowell, Wells, Tuttle, Bergquist. Hughes. Kraft. McEwan. Scarff. Bloom. Tellis. Strauch, Henningsen, Epson. Mc-Dermolt, Boyle, Kahn. ai?" 1 'r ra' 'ff ' E- .Q X ,fx -- - -.Ae-U5 . Q.-.K .., -. -'-'i.gN',:ii-me "A 'E-'P u- -'wzsf ., , . gg .M Q V aggbsffit ,- f 3' ,sg--, .5 v 9. Q,'fQ'ff,""!',g -' YQ , . -fwrsfw L , QQ-.R A. , 'M .,,-MV . X Miwwsfx ' ' ' -gl- ftiarfll of Event Identification pictures taken. Mother-Son Banquet. College Day. Frosll-Soph splash party. Suburban League track meet at Oak Park. Sadie Hawkins Hop. H.M.S. Pinafore. Father-Daughter Banquet. Fourth annual Sports Carnival. Oak Park Relays. Second Sophomore Party. SPRING FEATURES Seniors graduate in forrnals after heated discussions. The iron man of football surveys spring practice Honze rurzl Baseball season opens with a bang. The snow recedes stubbornly as spring comes to NT. The band plays at Memorial clay services. A deep appreciation. of spring is expressed by all Spring football gives a bright outlook for next year Track team takes every opponentg no ties, no losses Bobbie puts the flag at half mast for Hugh Eckert The newly organised career club poses for its picture. Y' ll rt 3 ' ' E' "' ,fx fx " ' ,. 'u N pi J 14 u-V315 x +2 lL! 7' " 4 "' , :QQ 1.1 f :lf-J 'ary QIFQ fill Eng If l 1 5 by I l ' If if 5 li In 3 f 9 42 to IQttiEt't, tri-Sli' 5, Ir ck ee N. -'fJ,'.: 5111... Nur-1' gl 1 225 'Q- - J , wg-yy X ' fi., -izw? '. N zu. - QQIQJN' Y' A". is --irr- 1 i Tgs gx , I X, .,,. is 'K Z, s. . , Q-fi sf-r W4 4 :Fe N 1 'f'f:55,ii .-4. ,en N 0 ,4uW'. D . 5 1 ' or 4 'V , MV! 1 itll. 1 'C P - wmv '-. -' ' 'f . vw iv q mx . I -lf, 'IH np Pk v I gs I .wel if an Ly - N fn, V ' ' .r+"'eff .s .N 1 , 1 ul .1 ,v l 1' n I 9 5 ' s, Q. 'H ' ' ' In 1: -di' P Q N -I ' I jf 1,3 u!5"bg J . " " f'- ' v"Y1" 'bww' ,Lf ' 'Q f' 5 if - iffggbul . 4. 'n .II .K .I x ,q I , 'Z 5 - r .. . fn . gl' x w 4. I HI, , 41, b ffl ' ,Z . gg, K F ,, ' 1 .1-Ib fi FP I, l - fill v w" 5g,j,,Mp3,. ,., .1 ,ees-S" Q-m1""X -A I' - Q 2 , '4 Z 'Z , 'f if If ' . U 5 I In - . Iv Y. N II if 1 1- 1 ' ,inf - M 43 - f 1. f' 'z if . ' 5? ' ' -1 7 .. , ' JUWM 14 4 ' 1 1 'U 5.2095 I, . ,Ki ' I, :S if M , I 2 12 ' ' Ji' I I - N. 1, 13 'TE " s V 'ft iii' t'fF'?'f3 -. .:- W -SQ -E-if If ., I F I II R ., . , K '., .fiuf 'I :.I4 ,I . I: mg, 'Vi' . A X I ., I , I A MI, A ra, ..I Ie I ,.g:,1a:a35 I, IWIAI- . v . I II.. vIII..f " IIII rf, I ' ,,QS:,f4 I . , ' f 1 5,--1,-' :i,IIfQII,!,I,,uI+ T ijgq 1 . , , I 1. ., . 5, f,,,1 ,w4i: A fi" 3.-gy - lwiff .. I . ' QFQQ ' 1 nf Ji. ' - ,I i sQ, .'f I , , ., I -II -g' I J I v' 1 II, W ,Q . , ., ...-gym' -fr Igrfifn Iigg I v- I ' ,' I I -1 fry Iffrikigl W ,H I If . - 1- tIf1nQ I' :fvbylm II R - "" " xg ,'I ' Y A - H ' A " .Q -- "ff: 1.-1 'J .ft ,I r- ,.- , I ,, M . , - '1.. . 1 1 . . ' . A44 - mg - I+ -.. . 4+ . I VSV ? ,,-- ' ,Gif f . :R," fg2," 4: N ' f- 4.5: I .ff 3 b- . 1-. , . ' 1' 1 s 134: ' -- ' If .-,,g.-.fU- g . ug --. ra- I 1:- , nge .. 16 ,5 W' .Kuff -I IHS, ' +,' . ' -'J ff, ' ,f N- , 4. - - .fn '1- 5 'f ,-Q' ' ' ' -1 ' -' .jI 4- Q 31 ...M-V ' ' . " " ' "R S52-a5'f"" 1'-SG-ff"":Af .Q '. ' .ff ' fn Q 'f I"' ' ' , A '.g4 . 5 --:ll ' -Sig A-'-:'i.'f, ' . ' E A. , 'AVQQ J 7' Xi' IQKYZ-1, PQEQ -IN - 'IJ 'L '.7'tf g- K' ' ,QE "A N ' 'ff' A K-5 Ji '9- - Z' "ff l-'r 'Q -V - iwf'-P '-'97' . n-X ' ' - w x??TwQ Acli - '51 1 'by'-'T. ,-.. I 'II Af I-III II ,Isnt III I - . is-,Y . a j I SI: .f-- Cf' ?5,:i II?-3 , ' - x l -- . up--, -. x 1' 1- - ' " , 1 jg . .- ',., 1. 'ff " -I' .,'-' I' .-5 -KCI "T l?f,giFgf u- , - PTH 2iv.'F-, -yiif13,7Vf1-, a n g . ' 5. 3 ' " 1,45 'f -132-Sp. Q-I, 4 JAWT3' bi'-, 1".'1Z"5 42' 'Z -.1f?L'iY2-f .-.231 - ' 3--. ..9aL+1alk'fr-flf' 1:31 'W' Lhwv"fi'i3'., T ff f- 1 ' n" iffm - ' 1 -' ' 'if " - L 5 .4 42 iff? M vm K .,, I , II I - Q II :K I ' .I P '10 H M "'7 SPRING FEATURES Door Cuarfls organized for lunch period jam sessions. Dearl-eye Dick thrills tzvo paclfefl houses. Coach Crater zvarrns up. lllaflanze Benes is guest of honor at Mothers,-Sons, banquet. The 1939 ECHOES starts the annual rush for signatures, Mountain dress is featured at the Sadie Hawkins Hop The fair sex goes a-golfing as the mercury soars. Pinafore starts Gilbert anal Sullivanls 3rfl whirl at NT 79 Colleges strut their stuff on NT,s college day. New system of driving rules inaugurated. will of Event Baseball season opens. Spring vacation. Honor assembly - T.N.T., Honor Society, Tri-Ship award. Hobby Sllow. Smoky Stover Stomp. Junior Prom. Spring Concert. G.A.A. Banquet. Senior Hop. C0llllllCllC6ll16Ill. F WE? fn u X.. 3 fs ,Q x ' xxx t . if 5' y A.- - a N n--,H Y r 949 u...,,,-.1 W N? -nf X X X .X l f 2 O Though the ' seball season was scarcely under way as the Echoes went to press, it could be said with assurance that this year's team ranked among the best in New Trier baseball history. As the result of a slight change in the school's diamond coaching staff, the squad was led this year by former frosh-soph coach Gottfried Sandvig, while ex-varsity mentor Clyde Crater tried his hand with the frosh-soph team. So abundant was the supply of veteran material returning from last seasonas varsity and frosh-soph squads that Coach Sandvig was able to put on the field a team composed entirely of experienced players. Holding down the left side of the infield were the teamis two heaviest hitters and most reliable fielders, Earl Borre and Captain Jim Dewey. Earl, formerly a first baseman, this year played on the hot corner while Jim operated from the short-stop position. In the games played to date this pair had borne the brunt of the offensive load. At the keystone position a battle royal was waged Ba eball between Reggie Rounsfull, varsity veteran, and Bob Lindberg, a promising junior. The former held a slight edge in the fielding phase of the game while Lindberg was a more impressive hitter. Bob Schaer, also a junior held down the regular first base job. Capable reserve infield strength was found in the persons of Bob Dewey, John Miller, Bob Stahl, and Bud Younglove. Patrolling the outfield were Howie Hinrichs, a senior newcomer to the squad and Marvin Harms, a pitcher on last year's team. The other outfield spot Was an open position. Both Harms and Hinrichs were good but inconsistent hitters. Upon their ability to hit more consistently rested a large share of the team's hopes for a successful season. The third out- field post was efficiently taken care of by J ack Davis when he was not burdened with pitching duties. With ,lack on the mound, however, Dick Hirsch, Leroy Zick, Bob Stahl, or Dick Dewar could be found in the garden. Behind the bat was veteran Al Bruschini who could be counted on to do a satisfactory job of receiving as well as contributing an occasional base hit. Although VARSITY BASEBALL First Row-Holst tmanagerj, Coale, Rounsfull, Stahl, Bruschini, J. Dewey, Borre, Harms, Young- love, Miller. Schneider qmanagerj. Second Row-Mr. Sandvig tcoachy, Kelly fmanagerj, Dewar, Hirsch, B. Dewey, Lindberg, Miskell. Schaer, B. Davis, Hinrichs, Zick. Quick, Benson Csenior managerj. he was kept on the bench because of injuries, junior Fred Quick carried a large share of the catching load during the rest of the season. John Miskell also spent some time behind the mask. The pitching department was a literal tower of strength and the main reason for the optimistic prophecies. The Davis boys, Bob and Jack, bore the brunt of the pitching load effectively last season, and with a better team behind them were more suc- cessful this year. Bob sent 27 men down by the strike out route in his first 11 innings. Though less spectacular, Jack, who throws from the port side, was an equally dependable hurler hitter as well, a fact which explains his outfield service. Ready and willing to assist the Davis lads, who, incidentally, were no relation to each other, were moundsmen Bill Coale and Bill Cloud. These two rounded out a pitching staff which ranked second only to Mortonis star-studded corps. In the early league games the team was not very successful due to a lack of hitting power but this was straightened out. VARSITY BASEBALL SCORES New Trier . . .10 New Trier .... 4 New Trier .... 3 New Trier .... 0 New Trier .... 3 New Trier .... 6 New Trier .... 0 New Trier .... 2 New Trier .... 0 Niles Center . .6 Evanston ..... 3 Proviso ...... 4 Oak Park .... 3 Waukegan .. . .0 Proviso ...... 9 Highland Park 1 Morton ...... 1 Morton ...... 5 .7fze CfbAoe4 7 9 Fro h- oph Ba eball 0 By its performance to date the frosh-soph base- ball squad upheld the fine record established by New Trier's junior nines in the past few seasons. Powerful bat wielders, Mr. Grater's lads pounded out an average of ten hits per game in their first five encounters. although two of these games were lost by one run margins. As the ECHOES went to press the frosh-soph, led by sophomores Hamley and Stillman and freshmen Schweger and Wvarren, was batting .306 as a team. Although far from perfect fielders. lVlr. Crater's infield. composed of third-baseman Hamley. short- stop Cleveland. second sacker Stillman. and first- baseman Fuller, performed with a fair degree of skill. There was no lack of supplementary infield talent for able substitutes could be had in Ball, Bayard. Haut. Hypes. Nathen, Nitto. Slamin, Schae- fer. Walworth. and Wlelter. The outfield was made up of Farmer. Schweger, and Vlfarren and gave little cause for criticism. This trio fielded well and supplied a real punch at the plate. Subs Mueller. Peterson. and Tark completed the garden squad. Conant and ,loust carried the catching duties creditahly and freshman Rapp also saw service be- hind the hat before the season ended. ln the pitching department was the teanfs one real weakness. Haut, listed above as an infielder, was primarily a hurler and carried more than his share of the load. Grant flflizzyl Dean pitched a great deal last year as a freshman and was expected to carry on this season but Dizzy, a true Dean, developed a sore arm and was of little service. Searching for another pitcher Coach Crater took Dick Fuller off first base and tried him on the mound where he was successful, beating Watikegali, 6-3. This makeshift pitching staff was augmented by Fager, who was wild in his early efforts, and Edenberg. Although hampered by the pitching situation. it seemed likely that this year's frosh-soph would find a berth well up in the Suburban League standings. In their first five games the Trierites whipped Evans- ton 8-3, Watikegan 6-3, and Proviso. while losing to Oak Park 7-6. and Proviso 5-4. FROSH-SOPI-I BASEBALL SCOREQ New Trier Evanston New Trier Proviso . New Trier Proviso . New Trier Oak Park New Trier Waukegall New Trier Morton . New Trier Morton . FROSH-SOPH BASEBALL First Row-Peterson. Warren. Ryan, Fager, RBPP1 Welter, Stillman, Edenberg, Jost, Tark, Srhweger. Second Row-Hamley, Gilbert, Slamin, Mueller. Bayard. Ambler. Dean. Ball. Conant, Naethans B. Miller. Haut. a Third Row-Mr. Grater fcoachb, Schwieteit. Nitto, Coons. Schaefer, Krueger, Cleveland, Fuller Anderson, Millard, B. Miller, Langford, McNaughton. Hall. Fourth Row-Marmaduke. Hinners, Fargo, Everham, Beuttas. Baird, Ferrar. Carruth, Meyers, Baer, Lewis, Bowers. Hynes, Salvi, Walworth. ff W Track 2 1 Suburban League Champions I Fine balance and strength in almost every event made coaches John Nay's and Paul Delaporte,s track team one of the strongest, if not the strongest, in New Trier athletic history. After 12 meets, 5 of them relay affairs, the teamls record remained un- blemished by either tie or defeat. The early meets of the indoor season proved to be little more than intra-squad run-offs as the team piled up one-sided scores against such teams as Evanston, York, and the Indiana state champion, Hammond. Although the indoor meets provided no close scores, they did furnish a few thrills for the track fans in the form of broken records. Dick Moreau cracked the field house high jump record by clearing 6 feet 11A inches. Other jumpers who helped to make this department strong were Carney and Hill. George Simon's ll foot 2 inch pole vault broke the standing field house mark. Si1non's running mate in this event was Sullivan. The third record was hung up jointly by Tom Carney and Mickey McFad- zean in the broad jump. Both boys jumped 22 feet 115 inches. Bob DeVinny consistently tied the low hurdle record of 6.1 seconds. Brown and Clark were never far behind in this event and Tom Carney took it up late in the season. Laubach did well in the dashes until forced out for a large part of the season, making this the only weak place. One of the most decisive victories in the history of Suburban indoor meet was attained by New Trier when the team finished almost 30 points ahead of the runner-up. Ware Wareheld beat out Captain Kim Brown by a step to establish a new league record in the high hurdles. Knoop and Usterstrom. who cap- ably handled the weight throwing throughout the year, finished first and second in the meet. Evan Moore took the 411-O in stride, to add another first. Maquire, McNitt, Luedeka, and Ken Cushman. have also shown themselves point-getters in this event. Don Cushman and Art Wood, each an outstanding miler, took points in their specialty as they did throughout the season. Diettrich, the star half miler, placed second. Dathan and Fredericks were also conspicuous in the half. The relay team of Dailey. McCall. Moore and McFadzean placed second. while the rest of the team also helped with the overwhelm- ing victory. VARSITY TRACK First Row-Moore, Hill, McCall, Casterline, Simpson, Osterstrom, Brown, Leudeka. K. Cushman. Peterson, Dathan, Lang. Second Row-Sullivan, Fredericks, Hanley, Clark, Guinan, Wood, Carney, Maguire. Laubach, Schaefer, Diettrich, D. Cushman. Third Row-Mr. Paul Delaporte Ccoachj. Davis fmanagerj, Whittington, Warfield. Dailey, DeVinney, McFadzean, W. Warfield. Kingery, Knoop, McNitt, Moreau, Risk, Cook fmanagerj, Mr. John Nay fC0aChJ. The story was much the same in the Oak Park relays as the undefeated team won its third consecu- tive relays title. ln the Proviso relays New Trier again took first against some of the best teams in Illinois and Vllisconsin. Excellent showings in these meets as well as in the early season outdoor meets established New Trier as one of the favorites in the State Championship meet at Champaign. On the 20th of May the team went down-state with high hopes. These were lessened when some of our best runners failed to qualify. but the team did get second place to York high school. whom they had previously trounced in a dual meet. The reason for York's supremacy lay in its shot-putter who took two firsts. New Trier's star. and only first place winner. was Dick Moreau who won the high jump in a strong field with a beautiful leap of 6 feet 4 inches, almost three inches higher than his previous record. Also outstand- ing was ,lim Mr-Fadzean. who took fourth in the 220 and also in the broad jump which he had won last year. in addition to running anchor on the relay team. which placed third. Our strong hurdle department had had luck, but Kim Brown took fourth in the highs and Bob Devinney got a third in the lows. Tom Carney placed tifth in the broad jump. New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier New Trier York . . . VARSITY TRACK SCORES Y0rk...... ...12M ...63 Evanston.. ....24 ....75 Hamm0ncl.........20 Schurz............20 . . .59 Oak Park. . .44 Evanston. . .16 Highland Park Suburban 48 3 '5. . .lst Evanston, 201 'XS . . .2nd Quadrangular Relays .........1st OakPark.. ...2nd Oak Park Relays 50 3,'4. . .lst Oak Park, 29 3f4. . .2nd Wheaton Relays 60 ....... 1st Evanston, 35 ...... 2nd Proviso Relays 26 1 2...1st Proviso, 15 ...2nd District Meet 67 ....... 1st Evanston, 45 1 2 . . .2nd State Meet ....22 NewTrier.. ...17 82 .748 M085 X Fro h- oph Track - O A fast relay team furnished a climactic ending to the first frosh-soph meet of the 1938-39 season, when anchor man Guinan pulled in of a lap ahead of the York runner to win the meet for New Trier by a score of 34-25. The youngsters dropped their next contest to Evanston, 32-27, due to a fine exhibition by an Evanstonian named Alvin Kieth, who took three firsts and a second. In a dual tangle with Schurz High, the five points gathered by the relay team in the closing minutes were not quite enough to over- take a six point lead which the visitors had gained and the meet was lost by a one point margin. The following contest, a triangular affair between Evans- ton, Oak Park, and New Trier, saw the young cinder- tramplers succumb to a fast field of entries and finish third. However, against Highland Park a few days later, the team came back with a 25-7 victory. The indoor season culminated when they placed second to Oak Park in the Suburban League Meet, outpoint- ing Evanston, their neighboring rivals. By taking third in the first of the outdoor meets, the North Shore Invitational, in which eight teams competed, the youngsters demonstrated unusual potency and afforded a promising outlook for the remaining meets. Despite a shortage of good shot putters and pole vaulters. the coaches were fortunate in having plenty fyvvf of jumpers. Rog Craig, who also did some vaultin took care of the high jumping along with Jack Maguire and Russ Breen. John Brandt led all others at broad jumping. Jim Warfield, considered by Coach Delaporte as one of the best hurdle prospects New Trier has ever had, was the main cog of the hurdle section. Along with him in his mainstay, the highs. was Rup Hanson. Both had fast company for the low barriers in Bill Munson, a consistent point getter, and Mort Oman. Guinan, Bryan, and Clark were the dash men, while Allison, whose improve- ment outdoors was an important factor. and Hughes gleaned many points for the gray-green cause in the 660. The relay teams were usually composed from Cuinan. Bryan, Clark. Munson. and Brockmeier. FROSH-SOPH TRACK SCORES New Trier ......... 34 York ........ . . .25 New Trier . . . . .27 Evanston . . . . .32 New Trier . . .... 33 Schurz . . . . . .3-I Triangular Relays Evanston . .lst Oak Park . .2nd New Trier. .3rd New Trier .... .... 2 5 Highland Park ...... 7 Suburban Oak Park ......... lst New Trier . . . . .2nd North' Shore Invitational Evanston . ......... lst New Trier . . . . .2nd FROSH-SOPH TRACK First Row-Hanson. MeLhope, Brandt, McQuide. Oyen. Breen. Second Row-Murphy. Allison. Cleve- land. Munson, Oman. Clark. Bryan. Third Row-Mr. Paul Delaporte fcoachj. Cook fmanagerl. Warfield, Guinan. J. Hughes. B. Hughes. Copper. Brown, Mr. John Nay Kcoachj. Xxx If fi x . M6 a i Z S S Go ' Although only four of the ten members of last year's varsity golf team returned this spring. three of the four had been regulars on the previous squad and Coach Aranfs task of molding a customary cham- pionship outfit was not as difhcult as it might have been. The tryouts produced five new members-Rigo Marchini. Don Frissell. Dick Sachse. Aldo Mazzetta, and Bill Victor. These. added to the four veterans. Tom Maclllorran, Captain Cordon Sibley. Ed Lutter. and Pete Mazzetta. composed a team that has shown considerable promise at the time of this writing. The season was started in line fashion by a victory over Culver Military Academy at the Culver course. Quite an exciting contest it turned out to be and had not hlaclllorran dropped a 30-footer on the last green. the cadets very likely would have won. The putt proved to be the margin of the 10-8 victory. Little competition was encountered in the match with Niles Center. and New Trier came out on the long end of a 6-l score in a nine-hole match. The average score for the T-man team was under 42 and 84 GOLF TEAM First Row-Sachse, A. Mazzetta. P. Mazzetta, Lutter. Second Row-Mr. Aram fcoachy, MacMorran, Frissell, Marchini, Sibley. Missing when picture was taken-Bill Victor. li it showed that the players were rapidly getting into summer form, as the average at Culver had been slightly over 87 for the 18-hole route. Against Loyola, the outcome was again decisive, the final count showing 91fQ for the gray-green and only 2lfQ on Loyola's side. ' ln the district meet to decide representatives for the state meet, New Trier's golferis were off form. Al- though the team took second place, no one qualified for the finals. GOLF SCORES New Trier . . .10 Culver ..... . .3 New Trier .... 6 Niles Center. . .1 New Trier . Loyola . .... New Trier . . .11 Proviso . . . . .4 New Trier . . .15 Morton .... . .0 New Trier . . .11 Lake Forest. .10 New Trier . Oak Park . New Trier . . .14 Bensenville . . .4 New Trier . 1321 Waukegan . New Trier .1215 Evanston .. jf.. CQAW5 TENNIS First Row-Connor, Jones, Davis, Cochran, Wade, Pettibone, Platt, Casterline, Campbell, Davis, Hill, Daly Ccaptainj. Second Row-Mr. Flaningam qcoachj, Leggitt, Gatfney, Adler. Green- berg, Bennett, Kreer, Welch, Thomas, McKeown, Reebie, Robertson tmanagerj. Tenni 0 Although there were only two veterans from last year's squad. the tennis team demonstrated consid- erahle ability. The two veterans were Dick Wlade who was always a sure winner. as first singles. and Captain Grover Daly almost equally consistent as sec- ond singles. The third singles position was less defi- nite since it alternated hetween Pete Kreer. a sopho- more and Dick Durr. with often some other suh- stitutions. There was a constant struggle for the two doubles positions. hut the teams of Dick Pettihone and Lon Hill. and Bob Reehie with Ed McKeown saw most of the service. Ahle substitutes were found in Burt Cochran, Paul Greenberg. Buzz Connor. and Matt Gaffney. In the district meet which came early in the season. New Trier qualified four men for the finals down- state. Wade defeated Daly in the finals of the district singles and the team of Mclieown and Reehie won the doubles. while Hill and Pettihone were elimin- ated in the semi-finals of the latter. Special mention should go to last year's captain, Dick Wade, who culminated his four years of varsity me gh oed tennis hy winning every match. lndications were that he would go high in the state championship which was scheduled for late in May. ln the early dual meets New Trier did fairly well, defeating Maine twice and Proviso once. Later Evanston. Wau- kegan. and Morton were heaten so the team went into the state meet undefeated. The team tied for third place in total points in the state tennis meet. Grover Daly was eliminated in the quarter-finals hy the ultimate champion and Dick Wade succumhed to him in the semi-finals. Both of them fought well and put up unexpected resistance. The douhles team of Reehie and Klclieown won their first match. hut lost the next one in three sets. SCORES New Trier .... 5 Maine . . . . .O New Trier .... 5 Maine . . . . .O CHQ-turn Hatchj New Trier First in District Hee! New Trier .... 3 Proyiso ...... 2 New Trier .... 3 Evanston ..... 2 New Trier .... 5 Watikegan .... 0 New Trier .... 3 Horton . . . . .2 85 Editor' Comment 9 The past year has been one of changes-in our school. in our nation, in the world. Most significant to us are those we have watched take place in our fellow students through their hopes, their disappointments, and their victories. We have illustrated on the following pages the activities through which these changes took place-in the class room. on the field of sports, behind the footlights, at play . . . a book of re- minders for the class of 1939. a record for the whole school, a tribute to New Trier. EDVYIN S. MCK1-:owN-Editor PATTY HARSHAW-.4ssocz'ate Editor e ti, Xml' f A ' D I 1 ll html X? 3 in till l 1 V I I - '28, ' :LTL 1. lf-,rf ,S A -,' - 'f 5, nu: ,. - AQ. 4' 'I '.: 5' , .V I I A K ,f -4 ' .,:1- V. ,, , . . .,1,--" ff- -A-- . , , ., ,Q .S-1-, ww M ,ywf 0 The poste v rating the gym corridors were en- tries in the P ' poster contest advertising spring sports, for which the girls received points towards their awards. Because the board felt that the honor pin, which was given to the two seniors who had the highest number of points, did not represent the honor sufficiently, they sponsored another contest. Pat Dungan received the three dollar prize for designing the best pin. This spring the board had a special splash party for themselves and the representatives, and on May 5th they spent the night at the lzaak Walton cabin. The girls were very fortunate in having Mr. Kranz, Head of Physical Education at Northwestern, as their guest speaker at an award assembly. He gave a very interesting talk on the "Significance of Sportsf, The awards were presented by Miss Virginia Smith, a present member of New Trieris language department and a former vice-president of CAA. CLOGGINC-GAA First Row-Adams, Huck, Cormack, Fox, Schipfer. Goodnow, Weis- haar. Torrey, Thompson. Dailey. SENIOR BASEBALL-GAA First Row-Schrei, Mendum, Clarke. Second Row-Koenen. Bercaw, Hudson, Heerens. .. 'rlsg Sprin port The girls' swimming team not only won first place sf XX , ,T I uf, in 'A in the state telegraphic swimming meet, but they scored thirteen places in seven events, while Polly Neeves broke a state backstroke record. New Trier riders could be found on spring and fall afternoons at the Crestwood stables in Glenview. Under the guidance of Captain Wold and Mrs. Tay- lor they became familiar with the various forms and fine points of riding. The supper rides for each class, organized by riding head Barbara Sieck, were the big events of the fall, while the spring season was cli- maxed by the annual horse-show in which the riders were given an opportunity to display their skill. ln the spring Charlotte Huck with her archers, along with Jean Hammond and the tennis team took an excursion to Oak Park for a day of competition against Oak Park and Evanston. ln the fall the girls' LACROSSE--GAA First Row-Bercaw, Schrei, Clarke. Second Row-Gourlay, Logan, Hudson, Heerens RHYTHMS-CAA First Row-Thompson, Glenn, Stein, Newman, Toogood, Rennacker, Stephens, Ranstead. Second Row-Engelhard, Beach, Starbuck, Graff, Mitchell, Maughan, Bourland. Woerner, Wagner, Lipsch. Third Row-Boone, Farr. Kremm. Pagliarulo, James, Heerens, Meyer, Hurley, Forstall, Johnston, Goodnow. tennis team was defeated in a tournament with Evans- ton high school. Besides the regular matches for all classes tennis oifered several unusual features this year. Some of the best players, such as Jean Ham- mond, Marg Walker, Peg Nielsen, Aimee Wolff, and Marion Woolhiser, were given special training by the Wightman Cup Association. The golf season teed off with Marilyn Shane as head. This fall for the first time, the girls teamed up with the boys in a two ball foursome match. It is hoped that this novelty will be an annual event in years to come. The baseball enthusiasts had a hard time because of the damp weather in the early season, but interest quickened when the sun came out in May. 0 Recreational sports are for girls who enjoy par- ticipating in such games as badminton, shuffleboard, darts, croquet, deck tennis and horseshoes, but who are not necessarily experts in them. This recreational program is comparatively new and has proven so successful that it was offered for both the fall and winter seasons. Frances Bickham, with the assist- ance of Eugenia Church, Jean Treveiler and Jean Zeiss was responsible for its success. GAA HEADS OF SPORTS First Row-Glenn, Shane, Weinstock, Mendum, Larson. Second Row-Boone, Clark, Sieck, Bickham, Koenen, Kaempfer, I-luck. GAA ADVANCED RIDING First Row-Eves, Kirk, Treadwell, Claar, Mitchell. Clogging underwent many important changes this year as its new sponsor, Miss Ruth Stone, introduced a new idea. Although sophomores, juniors, and seniors participate, there is a beginning and an ad- vanced class. The beginners this year learned a new dance in which they acted out nursery rhymes while the class of advanced cloggers was divided up and each division practiced a different dance. These groups were arranged to typify the classes. The seniors portrayed the more sophisticated type of tap- ping, the juniors typified a jazz style, the sopho- mores, a usilly sophw style, and the freshmen were represented by a very enthusiastic dance. The clog- ging teams, chosen on the basis of ability as well as the number of times the person had participated, were made up of Joan Goodnow, Mel Daly, Frances Fox, Betty Crawford, Virginia Huck, Margaret Mel- hope, Nancy Weisliaai' and Valerie Adams, advanced tappersg Nancy Schipfer, Winnifred Thompson and Marilyn Torrey, beginning dancers. Rhythms, or modern creative dancing, as it is sometimes called, began right after the Thanksgiving vacation with Mrs. Rehage as the sponsor and instruc- GAA GOLF First Row-Becker, Shane, Clark. Eberhart. Second Row-Hagan, Hypes, I-Iearne, Ragsdale. GAA TENNIS First Row-Sue Hazelet, Woolhiser. Second Row-Meacham, Wilds, Wollf, Putnam, Huck, Tideman. Dickey Second Row-Kracha, Neilson. Sally Hazelet. GAA 800 POINT First Row-Graff, Boone, Weinstock. Second Row-Huck, Gourlay, Kritzer. Koenen. tor. Carey Ellen Boone was the head of rhythms with Vivelte Thompson as an able assistant. The groups were divided into three parts-begiir ning. intermediate, and advanced. These groups of "rhythmeers" worked especially on form and tech- nique. Then, at the beginning of the second semester all work was concentrated upon the Spring Program. This program, called The Modern Dance in the Modern Style, was given on May 25th for the final P.T.A. meeting, thus winding up a successful season of Rhythms. GAA 600 POINT First Row-Larson, Boone, Goodnow. Second Row-Graff. Pettee, Pagliarulo, Schrei. AA A ard inner 0 Any girl who has received 100 points is eligible for initiation into G.A.A. It is possible to earn 5 points each time one participates in a sport. Special awards are given to those girls who show even greater inter- est by earning 300, 600, or 800 points. It is an honor to wear the emblems which signify these awards. The highest award offered by the G.A.A. is the honor pin. These are won each year by the two senior girls who have accumulated the greatest number of points throughout their four years at New Trier. GAA 300 POINT First Row-Persson, Hammond, Kraft, Stephens, Kaempfer, Hender- son, Weber, Leach, Mehlhope. . Second Row-Meyer, Edwards, Engelhard. Graff, Stein, La,ng'fdrii, Kracha, Whitehead, Hoffman. Schipfer. '. ' ' . 4 Third Row-Adams, Hayson, Kletzien, ChanceI10r,,Ct!rmaick Rasmts- ' I I sen, James, Stube, Brown, Hill, Brereton. ' ' N T ' ' X ri I fi ' -'K' , 'rw li 'fe' I Y ig 'nf ..e.f:f'W .ff- 88 7192, AL ft. .at fl fZtff'1iQ'ffU0fx7f'Z,tW Vffjtiffiidwwr wtf i T fa! INKLI NGS STAFF First Row-Baker, Cleary, Swan, Bellows. Second Row-Reebie, Ray- mond. Glenn. Werthimer. INKLINGS EDITORS AND SPONSORS Dick Werthimer, Mr. Pet- erson, Mr. Lehman, Mar- garet Raymond. .- f ,v ,,,....,,. .f f .,. - , Nt 3, , , f gf 4.5 . K.. V I, 1...,,-,,,- I H -. ,, 0 lnklings. five years old this winter. has grown and improved to such a point. that it has become a fixture in New Trieris literary life. Founded by a group of ambitious students interested in putting out a quality literary magazine. and sponsored by Mr. Peterson, Inklings has survived the trials and tribulations encountered by every young magazine. and has found a definite place in the New Trier scheme of things. Wlhile Mr. Peterson was in Scot- land. Mr. Lehman took his place yery efficiently. and he still continues as assistant sponsor. This year the co-editors were Dick Wierthimer and Mar- garet Raymond. To lnklings. all aspiring neophytes submit the fruits of their labor: prose. poetry. or essays. what- - do 576085 1 V , . Af 'ss' N eyer they may be. and in lnlilings. each fall and spring. the best of these are printed. It is the job of the lnklings' staff to read and check all contribu- tions. to sort out the best for publication. and to re- turn the rejected manuscripts to the writers. together with reasons why that writing was turned down. ln addition. the art department illustrates many of the stories tllltl poems which are printed by Inklings. To make the magazine more attractive than eyer. the Editors this spring brought forth a streamlined creation with special features. more humor. and many photographic selections. The popularity of this literary magazine. how- ever. rests upon its continual high quality and the inspiration it furnishes for Xew Trier authors. SO , ?.fQf - f ' .N"n- if 's 51" j M ,,.. -- Xki' ff fa vi., fgff 7 ,f ,if iffy ff f , uf' v 4 ' X ' fl 'X .fi ., AT 'L A -'A BBE U 0 6 , f-F' 2 ,,- xLkAq.v,.- y' 'J .,..'-1: 'Qs ff J K V , V ' ', . , l, -4.. 0 This year theiichoes had a new sponsor in addi- tion to the annual change in the editorial staff. Tak- ing Mr. Carpenter's place was Mr. John W. Rau of the commerce faculty, who had been in charge of all club finances and the activities ticket. Mr. Waters served as assistant sponsor and Mr. Holland helped as art director. In June and September, Editor-in-chief Edwin McKeown and Associate editor Patty Harshaw, chose their assistants and work began at once. At the beginning of the year the editors decided to omit all advertising from the book on the basis of results of previous years. This gave business managers, Johnnie Clark and Barbara Burch, little to do. The Echoes, editors this year followed a new policy which they believe accomplished three things: it made the book a much better organized epic of wa.-.a.:xm,1 nnvrnnnn the school year, it made it better looking and more attractive throughout, and lastly it made the work very much easier than before by distributing it more or less evenly over the whole year instead of letting it all pile up in the spring. Grover Daly was rendered great assistance in the group pictures section by Bob Compton, Tom Lucas, and Mickey Macalister. The foremost assistants of art editor Barnie Hyman were Madeline Pierce and Marcia Anderson. In addition to the co-editors, Lon Hill and John Roth, most of the photographic assignments were handled by 'gMac" Barrett and Ray Bloom. Of special assistance to boys' and girls' sports editors, Vince Oatis and Marg Walker, were Joan Goodnow., Cordon Sibley, Frank Sherwin, and Bob Frei. ECHOES SPONSORS Mr. Frank Holland QArt Sponsorj, Mr. John Rau tSp0ns0rj, Mr. C. 0. Waters CAssista.nt Sponsorj. 1..':x , ml Rose Mary McKeighan was helped greatly with the senior section by Mickey Small, Dora Dougherty, Jane Records, Midge Bellows, Juliet Crowder, and Al Van Acker. Gertie Weiiistock and Ted Rockwell were aided with the feature section by Bud Younglove, Ruth Scheibel, and Eleanore La Bonte. In the spring, circulation managers Bill and Jane Drucker presented a series of interesting school assemblies which were largely responsible for the record-breaking sale. Most of the typing was done by Violet Wideii, Jane Peterson, and Helen Pugsley. W'RITING STAFF First Row-Woods, Hale, Pittman, Myers, Mende. Second Row-McKeown, Sherwin, Hoefer, Grossberg, Thomas, Cush- man, I-lilgendorf. CIRCULATION, TYPING, BUSINESS First Row-Widen, Peterson, Pugsley. Moulding, Melchior, Sowers. The staff would like to express its appreciation for the valuable help of Bernie Studios, Pontiac En- gravers, and Lloyd Hollister's without whose effort- and advice the book would have been impossible. PHOTOGRAPHY AND FEATURES First Row-Weinstock 4Co-Editor Featuresj, Hill fCo-Editor Photog- raphyl, Roth fCo-Editor Photographyj, Rockwell tCo-Editor Featuresj. Second Row-Flynn, Barrett, Watts, Scheibel, Miller, Hill. ART STAFF First Row-Brown, Hyman 4Editorj, Pierce. Second Row-Gourley, Bousquet. BOYS' AND GIRLS' SPORTS First Row-Wilder, Wolf, Goodnow, I-lypes. Second Row-Molter, Davis, Walker tGirls' Sports Editorj, Oatis 1Boys' Sports Editorj, Bennett, Frei. SENIOR SECTION AND GROUP PICTIRES First Row-McKeighan tEditor Senior Sectionj, Daly qEditor Group Picturesj, Dougherty. Second Row--Smithers, Lucas, Compton. 2 X xx gf Dick La Bon ' z Z I . .4 A e - .. ......, . M lack barnett C0'EditOrS Bob Rdymex .. .... anaging Editor Bob Frei ......... .Sports Editor Rosemary McKeighan ..Copy Editor ,lean Forstall ....... .... D esk Editor Jean Kritzer .. Feature Editor lean Hurley . . ..Club Editor Bill Beaumont .. Bill Doddsl Bill Steen l"' . . . . . . .Business Manager . . . .Co-Advertising Managers 0 Ender Mr. Arnold Bridges who assumed spon- sorship of the NEWS when Mr. H. H. Carpenter resigned at the opening of school last fall. Co-Editors Barnett and La Bonte have guided their charge through an illustrious year of publication. It can definitely he called a year of progress for the New Trier NEWS. In every one of their forty- NEWS MANAGEMENT D. LaBonte QCo-Editory, J. Barnett 100-Editorj. Mr. Arnold Bridges 4Sponsor3. odd issues the editors have endeavored to present all of the news in a racy, easy-to-read style, and to further embellish each with interesting, amusing feature material. Their regime, which actually began with the final six issues of last year, was punctuated by a number of special surprise editions which did more than anything else to heighten interest in the paper. The first of these was an edition in the tabloid style of the Chicago Times, which appeared toward the end of last school year. This contained uscoopw news on the results of the G'Big Three" elections. and fea- tured a number of big black headlines, accompanied by pictures on the first page. NEWS EDITORS First Row-Steen CCO-Ad-Editory Felsenthal fBusiness Managerj. Frei fSports Editor-J, Forstall fCopy Editorj. Second Row-Kritzer lFeature Editorj, Mclieighan 4Desk Editorj, Raymer 1Managing Editorj, Dodds U20-Ad-Editorj, Werthimer fFeature Editorj. JUNIORS ON NEWS STAFF First Row-Barnett, Bowen. Second Row--Watts, Nelson. Dodds. Cushman. l1 - V its " A NEWS STAFF First Row-Brown. Barnett. Clark. Armstrong, Wolff, Bengston. Mendum. Rennacker, McCue. Bowen, Hinckley, Kraft, LaBonte, Hyatt. Second Row-A. Matthews, Bookless, Ellis, Molter. M. Steen. Thorp, P. Steen, Cooper, Sweet. Bellows, Nelson, Hurley, B. Cordts, Rockwell, Mclieighan. Third Row-Steif, K. Cushman. D. Cushman, Davis, Barrett, Bloom, Watts, B. Matthews, Gross berg, Bennett, Kriebel, Hill. Kulp, Otfner, D. Cordts. This issue gave a forewarning to student-readers as to what to expect, this year, in the field of depar- tures from the conventional. Starting with the start- ling picture of freshman Richie Cole standing in the palm of Dick Durr's hand which was promientlv displayed on the fro11t page of this year's first issue. the editors have brought their readers. in quick suc- cession, any number of interesting and amusing novelties and features. Best received among these were an issue in nearly perfect Time magazine style. Monday morning extra on the White Plains football game complete with story and picture by wire. and the New Trier News Hnewspaper of tomorrow" which was marked by the absence of capital letters. by rocket headlines. and by a large picture of Ted Harris lying "dead" upon the New Trier stage. Other features which seemed to be enjoyed most by News readers were the special investigator stories written in part by Co-editor La Bonte. in part by Ted Rockwell. the "Gettin' Round" columns by E. L. B.. the columns produced by the Cleary'Hyatt team. and the other special articles, written by the editors. In a number of ways this year's News has de- parted from the traditional and formal style of high school journalism. as part of a plan for moderniza- tion. One of these was the elimination of a definite editorial and feature page. Editorials when they were published were placed in the "Down From the Towern column on the front page. but the weekly and popular Hlsetters to the Editors" section sup- planted editorials to some extent. Features. on the other hand. were spread throughout the entire paper. instead of being confined to 0116 page. A definite attempt was made to enliven each weelis front page with at least one picture. a thing which is diiiicult for any high school paper. Headlines were printed in modern clean-cut type faces. '7 jhe il oea 9.2 HONOR SOCIETY First Row-Rennak, Daly. Frissell, Coale, Molter, Wolff, Weinstock, Drucker, Ward, Leggitt, Finney, Moore, Horak. Humphrey, Markus. Second Row-Russell, Newman, Meves, Baker, Peterson, Stein, Wooten, Whitehead, Galante, - .' Bengston, McKeighan, Anderson, Streicher, Pierce, Rothermel, Boone, Howard. Hzizrd Row-Gerwe, Scarratt, Dickey, Harshaw, Hearne, Beecher, Hagan Siefkin Yates Pagliarulo, 's1"frf- AJ14 McMillan, Kritzer, Bellows, Reichmann, Pearson, Bercaw, Clarke,'Bartling, Houser, Crowder. If Qiyy ,flfourth Row-Hinman, Farwell, Seiden, Leichsenring. Raymer, Reebie, Risk, Terzakes, McKeown, 1 -44 ft' ,-"-'---, ,, , V w"Garretson, Landon, Higginhottom, Wiese, Carlson, Gaffney, Woods, Hildebrand, Van Acker, Stillman. 'flff fr If V4 . , r ,A-gt ff if ., 4 J- F-Q, 1 1 A 0 Agaiin New Trier's scholastic average has gone up. A new all time high was reached this year of 2.43 as against. last year's 2.37. This average is the highest in the history of the school. as well as one of the highest in the country. To encourage high scholarship the upper ten per cent of the graduating class and any other seniors whose averages are 3.20 or ahove are admitted to the Honor Society. No one is admitted whose average is helow 3.00, nor are students included who have attended New Trier for less than three semesters. The Honor Society does more than any other organization in the school to promote high scholarship among the students. With 43 girls and 37 boys admitted this year, the Honor Society is larger than ever hefore. The senior hoy, whose average for four years has lieen the highest. receives the Dernehl Award. estah- lished hy Mr. and Mrs. Dernehl. It is given in memory of their son, John. who died very suddenly on Memorial Day in 1932. At that time John was the ranking senior. The award this year went to Bruce Carlson. The Harvard Book award goes to the ranking junior. 94' ffe ' .T a he h 0 I a t 1 c H 0 n 0 r Honor Groups Wliexi the present system of grading was intro- duced about fourteen years ago the Honor Groups were organized. There are three honor groups, 0116 for each of the under classes. Students having an average of 3.20 or better are admitted to these groups. This year the girls, averages were better than the boys' with the senior girls having an average of 2.69. The junior girls were next with 2.48-the sophomores ran a close second with 2.47. The boys' scholastic achievement was hetter this year than last. The seniors got 2.22, the juniors 2.30, the sophomores 2.29, and the freshmen 2.44. The purpose of the honor groups is to stimulate and recognize high scholarship among the under- classmen-a purpose which they have fulfilled very well this year. NTL? 52 oed

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