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'4 I 4 4 4 3 4 4 v 14 A 4 , 4 O 5 I I 4 i l ,4 4 , 41 44 4 QQ 4 ,E 4 " 144 A 4 Q4 4 4 '. 4 4 4 F. 4 44 -4 4: 4 Q ,- E 6 4 4 45 ' 31 ,J 3? ' Q4 4 21 4 4 . 4,4 L U 4 1 3 V 4 i 4 ?4 f - 4 4 . E, , 4 3 W4 Q I 4' ' . ky .4 4 4 34 4 if A 4 1 ,, J: , T H 3 f , 4f 4 ,lg 4 4, 1 I :I N ECHOES ,,,nY,xW...,..v':enqe.r"wf"'-'- ,vang-v?,,,, ev, ., ,--aww,-v'nM,.'viT..-.,. ,.,....,, Tw.. ,WL ,......-.f--....x-.,.- 4.-.A.-.,1-....,, .-.,- ---f I ,Q Effttv.-. Copyright by NEW Tnmn Hmr-I ScHooL WINNETKA, ILLINOIS gfwmrzmnza rdf- . ' , , Ji 4-543 er f '1 ,ml THE SENIOR CLASS Of NEW TRIER HIGH SCHOOL presents The ECI-IOES WINNETKA IL J U N E 1932 DEDICATION DURING THE PAST YEAR, A NEW HAND HAS GUIDED THE STUDENTS OF NEW TRIER, A NEW PAIR OF SHOUL- DERS HAS BORNE THE GREAT RESPON- SIBILITIES OF THE PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE, A NEW FACE HAS BEEN AMONG US TO LEND CHEER AND HAPPINESS. WE DEDICATE THE 1932 ECI-IOES TO OUR NEW PRINCIPAL AND FRIEND, MATHEW P. GAFFNEY. x l -fwfwv-,iw V. ,, WM ,..'f-wfmzsff---::1xf-f M W B 1 3 Q Q f E 5 2 3 7 S .. 5 4 Q 1 S s 5 5 21 : Q W 2 E 5 3 1 2 5 2 , H . 2 5 5 'E Q ,LJ . f mmf-2,1 '-mf , Q J fwx-in-1-+4 , 'Fi 5 FOREWORD THE EDITORS ORIGINALLY INTENDED TO COMPARE THE EXPANSION IN BUILDINGS AT NEW TRIER WITH THE MENTAL AND SPIRITUAL DEVELOP- MENT OF THE STUDENTS. THEY HOPED TO MAKE "THE CHAMBERED NAUTI- LUS" THE THEME OF A RECORD OF NEW TRIER STUDENTS' ACCOMPLISH- MENTS. DURING THE YEAR, WORK ON THE NEW BUILDINGS STOPPED. YET STUDENT PROGRESS DID NOT CEASE. THIS BOOK IS A RECORD OF THAT ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT-OF BUILD- INGS BUT NOT OF PEOPLE. dup 121' GRDER GF BUCKS INTRODUCTION GUIDANCE HEALTH ACTIVITIES CLASSES ADVERTISEMENTS I X x X 1 A 1 1 1. v K J 3 9 6 Yiwu" ma! li-' , ' ' QNHFU ' .' ' ' ' 'i-Cif5Avl,Kwu'i'thSFiAwt!hv-18VQs6A?1mvlA!tnk21 ' ' V V - R L s r Q ,, 'l'Kv1-1-mae'-H--+ -,,.a::v.:.':::' 1-r'w4m.::,-:J af- , ff-avvmm-nu.::.:: YzT,,mffn--:,x:::z1.a3,g:::.-g1- -A .xifzaz ,qw-1.21 1,2--:-A-1 - ' V 1 , I K . , K , , .. X' 'N w 1 X X n Xxx -X XX Ri' ' 4"-X lx XX X 1 ' Q X x,: ' ' , Nm. E R Xxx K 3. A It 4 ' "-X K ' ' ' . Q iw DAX: '- , A X 4' V 3 7 K X Ji P x x ifk X X , ,s a A Y Q Q I . , I .Q , - I ' Q -1 Kg.. K 45 ' y' 4 1 .,..4z.-LQ.-:""""1"'1--v-'f.:.g-1 qi ik' rd ,an 1, ,, ,Y uw-MlNL6M,--m----f- W.-.,,,,, it I - 1 S 5' A - ff' ' 72 "AN W X I . - Q z ' AM k l " . 2':fL JA- ' 'N N -K 4, , Q . ul 1 . A ., -.L-. QR X ,A K 4. -ff' N X 'Q I if ' ' w Q,-ggi I -4,5 N, , 41 .U 1, W " :. X . ,-- N br 1 'L - 1 3X 'J 1: is s 1 W f ' A A"" 7' My v ' V ' 5 5 K If If K . I 'H ir V1 XX x I X if f ,Qi ' ,. Q i R V4 . 11. X 5'-I - Xg ,. 4, i X f . f , , . .www .. V. r , - . 1 fx -rr lv . Q 3- .hx I gm!!-, ld, lf ., 5 Q if y - ,, ,- -A f 'wr' 'f 2- Qi- , wt -' --A - .,, X v- . , A - - 'fx 'A,, , . ,A , Q r 15 I :Q . iv 1 X af N' ff vi :rf 4 .4 ,I 'X , -.-1 V fx ., xo, -lik, I ,t, 3 , Y , 9 IM XB h f fa, MS. ,gk 1 ' ' .. 'QE ' im' if Q. ,l IV" ' AQ4 5 A N xl 9 'I ,. .Q 'why ' I :L -' 25 , "ap A .. - ' """ . 53 X '- F-N 1 2 F, 'MP 'wx .,. . ..4 ., 4, L - . . Q lf A -, gli, 4' is ff' he ' ' X- ", A 'iw M ' wr F - f .'., Y ' I 1 ,ff X P' , S ,I L dll , Q.-Jgfyflg' 1 1 f V ' "' ff" 4t .7'f ' f .. 9E . V X ,f'5ffQ6-A A ,A "2 R., , Q 1 E 1 5 f x 5, RX Q ' A K I . ' I A 5,531 S ,. ,.. , xf L 1 f 3 K-M415 ' . W . ' " . f " X.:-"M x I I' f I ,N , X X 'L 5' A i 'W 4 L E U 5 , 1 X , x mfxffr-14 ,ff R e xif v - wr' --., ' ,., -. ,i Xxx Xf'-5' , .Af xi .K 2 ,fy ,A ff- ,E 5 e ,-- .... if if QQ E W N-W N-Q. ...W--,. .,....,,.A,,....-m..... W,,NNwM,, .,,, ,mv-.www f E . . , , i 1 ,, ...- -1,-4, I. ' '. , r- YZ- .,., -, l :gm -fad wia si 51' f Q Av ' 0 X93 3:-'J 1 lf 7 li V K I , . ,,,. ., ,H . k, -L .W N V -..,....,......-A,.........,f.-.,-..,.,,.,.....-,,,..,,,,.v,,,,,.,,,,,,,. M,,,-,MMRwmN,.,u iHELE?-mcfeumow .. ' q 4 vu-A----A-0 ------fs--nn-:-f.--.1.- --.-vw---fr.-4..e-nn.-xw rms mninvzv-sve':wfvw.'1:1-Inf-,,..,.-mfg, ..-r-,,.-.,--an vrmvgy ,Q-,MV 5,5-,.,,,.,.,,,.,,,,,,,JM,5g45RW!uHg', 1 ximian-sm -:rH.rL .:.-1.32-mQ..w::-,as-4:-.ff. Lv.: . 1 .-.' pf,-5-,wx-azu-1ea.v.wm4 wuz,--'-.J-W..--LQ..- W.-.wg ..-am-Q-1--,,-0.--m.,,,,.,.,,,,-,.., RN. ...,,4,..-..-,.A,1,,,,....,.,.N-,,:,,,K5 MR. GATHERCOAL President Mn. GAFFNEY Principal CLASS PRESIIDENTS pi " .-ff-q1?1f '- ""lIf5':fW'S b' -' . I Q , , ,3 , -gm ,ffnfb f Q2 1 rg l fSfs?g-a ffix x 'V " 'giqj ,.e-fx i ,g 1, I,-rm , -" -and-4 . 3. ,- .-..- ,- ,,. ---- , Page 10 Mn. BARNETT Mas. GORDON BDARD MR. PHELPS MR. ELLIS Page I I 1 WOMEN FACULTY First Row-Miss Mickey, Miss NVilen, Miss Shaw, Miss Wagner, Mrs. Banker, Miss Bredin, Miss Donham, Miss Burchard, Dean Packer, Miss Grover, Mrs. Abbott, Miss Hurst, Miss Hubsch, Miss Smith, Miss Boulten, Miss Wilen, Miss Hamilton. Second Row-Miss jones, Mrs. LaMetre, Mrs. Lighter, Miss Lorimer, Miss Karst, Miss Flentye, Miss Rossberger, Miss Paul, Miss Altman, Miss Murphy, Miss Sentney, Miss Wilson, Miss Fogg, Miss Stanwood, Mrs. Mundell, Miss Brady, Mrs. Cooke, Miss Evans. Third Row-Miss Koll, Miss Cole, Miss Maloney, Miss Fulton, Miss Moschel, Miss Fitch, Mrs. Boice, Miss David, Miss W'altz, Mrs. Cotton, Miss Payton, Mrs. Moore, Miss Walkup, Miss Haddcn, Miss Hall. MEN FACULTY First Row-Mr. Grater, Mr. Flanigan, Mr. Brown, Mr. Ashenbach, Mr. Biesemeier, Mr. Herron, Mr. Snyder, Mr. Gaffney, Dean Kahler, Mr. Vernon, Mr. Childs, Mr. jackson, Mr. Condon, Mr. Edwards, Mr. Small. Second Row-Mr. XVehr, Mr. johnson, Mr. jones, Mr. Peterson, Mr. Carpenter, Mr. Hildebrand, Mr. Deluport, Mr. Persing, Mr. Nay, Mr. Showley, Mr. Shearer, Mr. Oaks, Mr. Duckles, Mr. Van Kirk, Mr. Brown. Third Row-Mr. Reiley, Mr. Funkhouser, Mr. Routsong, Mr. Rau, Mr. Smith, Mr. Frisbie, Mr. Grin- nell, Mr. Pifer, Mr. Hutchens, Mr. Varney, Mr. Ream, Mr. Aram, Mr. Schumacher. Page 12 3 i HEADS OF DEPARTMENTS First Row-Miss Libbey, Mr. Biesemeier, Miss Ullrick, Mr. Childs, Mrs. Lighter, Miss Fogg. Second Row-Mr. Snyder, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Windocs, Mr. I-Iutchens, Mr. Smarll. ADVISER CHAI RMEN Second Row-Mr. Herron, Mr. Vernon, Mr. W'indoes, Mr. Grinnell. First Row-Miss Hurst, Miss Shaw, Miss Flentye, Miss Maloney. Page I 3 Mr. Frisbie Quinlan Wliite Ostrom Finlayson TRI-SHIP CLUB CITIZENSHIP-SPORTSMANSHIP-FELLOWSHIP OFFICERS George Quinlan . . . ............... ....... P resident Bob White ....... ..........,. ,... V i ce-President . Ren-nolds Ostrom .. ........,......... Secretary Colin Finlayson , . . ........,.......... Treasurer Frank Church ..... .... D inner Committee Chairman Harry Gillogly ..,,.............,.. Room Committee Chairman John Struggles ...........,....,.. Charity Committee Chairman Ray Kimbell ....... Inter-Scholastic Relations C077Z7l1iffC0 Chair-man Bud Thackerey ........................... Publicity Claairman Every boy enrolled in New Trier automatically becomes a member of the Tri-Ship Club, with the privilege of using the Club Room, which is furnished with chess and checker tables, roomy leather couches and chairs, and a radio. The organization of the club is composed of one representative from each of thirty boys' advisor rooms. The officers and committee heads are elected by popular vote of the boys in school. These representatives, officers, and committee heads meet every Monday morning to talk over conditions and problems raised by the various advisor rooms. If a decision is reached concerning the problem, a recommendation is made to the faculty administration. Thus cvery boy in school has a voice in the running of the school. . TRI-SHIP REPRESENTATIVES - W - -1 Page 14 1 l .--J -E.. l- - f, Struggles Thackery Gillogly Church Kimbell Although most of the Club's energy was directed at the charity porblems, the social activities sponsored by the Club were numerous and well attended. Two boys' dinners were planned and put over, speakers and entertainers being featured. Beside the dinners two dances were successfully held. New students fupper classmenj were helped to become acquainted with the school by the Inter-Scholastic Relations Committee. The first semester, all such students were taken to pre-season football game, having been furnished with complimentary tickets. The second semester, they were guests at one of the boys' dinners. During the year a demand came from the boys for some sort of student control of problems relating to misuse of school property. A Student Boys' Committee was selected by the representatives, and was composed of: Seniors-Paul Netterstrom, A1 Lind, Colin Finlayson, Renolds Ostrom, Ray Kimbell, and Ted Wachsg Juniors- Stanton Schuman, Bill Nordburg, Bob White, and John Ballengerg Sophomores-Charles Dostal and Phil Ogang Freshman-Dave Miller. This group functioned entirely with the cooperation of the student body. Any case of misconduct was to be reported in writing by the witnesses, and the matter then handled by this "committee of thirteen," as it was called. As was expected, as soon as the existing conditions were put before the student body as a whole, the rowdyism stopped, and few cases came before the committee. USHER CORPS First Row-D. Green, F. Putt, B. Burns, D. Oliver, H. Kinne, F. Bennett, H. Maynard, D. Cardy. Second Row-E. Sawyer, J. Kingery, L. Buckmaster, N. Shapker, J. Wilson, L. Krupnick, B. Lang, D. Pavlicek. Page 15 5 Halley Dostal Miss Wright Fowler Lindstrom GIRLS' CLUB OFFICERS Agnes Halley . . . .,.......... .... P resident Betty Dostal . . . . . .Vice-Presia'ent Mary Fowler ....., ,... S eeretary Margaret Lindstrom . . . ..A..................... Treasurer Elizabeth Balhatchet ,,.. .... C bairrman of Financial Committee Ann Linn ........,,.,......... Cbair-man of Charity Committee Jane Horder-Janet McNulty ..... Chairmen of Friendly Committee Jane Erickson ............. Chairman of Employment Committee Mary Jane Rich .... ........ C bairman of Social Committee Frances Payne .... . . .Chairman of Arrange-ments Committee Miss Wright .... . . . ..... Faculty Sponsor We girls at New Trier are tremendously proud of our Girls' Club. It is incorporated by the state and we, as New Trier girls, automatically become members of it. Its purpose is to promote friendship among the girls with its mutual activities and give financial aid to those who need it. Many charitable undertakings are also accomplished. We raised money this year for our expenses in various ways. On the opening day Page 16 Balhatchet Linn McNulty Erickson Rich Payne of school wre sold sandwiches, lemonade and iced tea. During the football season we sold hot-dogs, candy, taffy-apples and arm bands from our little stand on the field. On December 5, the club gave a very successful beneit bridge tea. Magazine sub- scriptions were taken throughout the year, Christmas cards were sold at Christmas, and candy was sold at the plays. As this is written, plans are underway for a Spring Concert on May 14, to be given by the Music Department and managed by the Girls' Club. The Glee Clubs, choruses, and orchestra will all participate. A bake sale will be held in Wilmette on April 23. So much for how we earn our money. It is spent in varied and useful Ways. One of our most important expenditures this year was the purchase of 51,000 worth -'if Tax Anticipation Warrants. On the social side of our activities, the Friendly and Social Committees welcomed the Freshmen girls to New Trier at an afternoon dance and entertainment in the Mess Hall early in the year. These committees also gave several teas throughout the year to bring the girls to-gether. We also had the pleasure of having representatives from clubs of neighboring schools at tea at different times. The Charity Committee conducted the Red Cross and Christmas Seal drives and sent representatives to the monthly meetings of the Chicago junior Red Cross Council. Another charitable enterprise undertaken in cooperation with the Tri-Ship Club and Post-Graduates Students, was the collection and distribution of sandwiches which were sent once a week to the Northwestern University Settlement in the river district of Chicago. Representatives from the Tri-Ship and Girls' clubs visited the settlement and saw the sandwiches distributed. The Employment Committee worked overtime this year finding work for the girls. A new Committee of Arrangements was created to take care of the pride of our hearts, our club room. On the whole we feel the year has been successful despite the depression. W'e will always remember the Girls' Club and the happy times it has given us. Page 17 T. N. T. T. N. T. is an organization whose purpose is to recognize unusual ability and leader ship on the part of students at New Trier. Scholarship, Activities, and Service are factors in the selection. Six boys and six girls from the senior class and the same number from the junior class are elected to this organization in April of each year. They are elected by the active members of the organization upon recommendation of advisors, advisor chairmen and deans. The officers this year are Colin Finlayson, President, Betty Dostal, Vice-President Tom Sinding, Secretary. The name T. N. T. stands for the Latin phrase, Tcnax, Nobilv, Triumjzbans, CStead fast, Noble, Victoriousj. Membership in this organization is held to be the highest honor attainable by a student at New Trier. Balhatchet, Elizabeth Culver, Elea-nor Fraser, Agnes Holton, Helen Kahler, Margaret Rich, Mary Jane Bickham, Emma Burge, Alison Loomis, Margaret Mcllraith, Beth McNulty, Janet Romig, Sally Ethel Anderson QP.G.j elected as extra candidate for conspicuous service to the school. Church, Frank Howard, Edward fBudj Netterstrom, Paul Struggles, John Wachs, Ted Wfolff, Leonard Ballenger, John Knapp, Charles Nordburg, William Seiler, Robert Schuman, Stanton White, Robert lohn Borino QP.G. Colin Finlayson Claude Hamilton john Hicks QP.GJ Albert Lind Rennolds Ostrom George Quinlan Tom Sinding William Sundlof Betty Dostal Mary Fowler Agnes Halley Esther Kriebel Margaret Lindstrom Jane Snyder Mary Jeanne Tansill Page 1 8 Boys Foster Bennett Arthur Boyajian Edward Bristol Jack Broad Stephen Brooks Cameron Brown George Cole John DeBeers John Dernahl George Everitt John Hellmuth Harry Keator Shelley Miner b Neil Putnam Gordon Ray Charles Venrick Milton Vore Ted Wachs HONOR SOCIETY Arthur Weldon Paul Williams Walker Wolford Girls Elizabeth Balhatchet Grace Bartling Daphne Bjorklund Phyllis Bosley Helen Bower Jane Dement Betty Dostal Beatrice Driver Alice Ebeling Margaret Gould Helen Green Mildred Hemple Helen Holton Margaret Kahler Jacinta Kampmeir Lucy Murdison Helen Rathbone Ellen Sager Jane Snyder Mary Jane Thomas Elsie Wade Caroline Yerkes Less Tban Three Sefnesicrx in Afferldancz' Charles Larson John Robinson Note-Jerome Straus is not being listed with the Senior 1932 Honor Society because he was listed on the Senior 1931 Honor Society Group. First Row-J, Broad, J. Kampmier, S. Miner, M. Kahler, G. Cole, H. Holton, S. Brooks, J. Snyder, J. Hellmouth, M. Eberling, C. Brown, B. Driver. Second Row-B. Dostal, C. Venrick, E. Balhatchet, D. Bjorklund, WY V'olford, H. Rathbone, E. Wade, T. Waclms, H. Bower, H. Keator, P. Bosley, N. Putnam, G. Bartling. Third Row-M. Vore, J. Debeers,'iC. Yerkes, P. Willian1s, H. Greene, A. Weldon, J. Dement, F. Ben- nett, M. Gould, E. Bristol, G. Ray, J. Dernehl, E. Sager, A. Boyajian. Page 19 k Pagz' 2 0 DON ' , BRXNG YOUR 'Yhf chef rzrum. w 1N5 c.iraLS 5 i 4 1 f L mf' x .1 's PL EE ,L ,L E if K' L !N'1W'f'fQ'.2r1-w,4-L:f.La.s:.4p.-44331-QL-fxfemirfix I wi:-if,a'?1Q','g4:Lgx.+4f:.g-wx vw: cg."ggl:SiqEQQQ'35Lfh'iqvmzzmyx-jfnreuga,-wfwfeff':fWwx-wwgg wzwgmgvg,,m,,,,f,,,4L,fy43W-K J N:x11:.,',-..-.WML-V Q-r..-W..WH...grimLQ.Q..--qw-N-z-an-vxxfl-ff-w,.s+,m.:wwF-xm-M,,4eQ0nw.x1wwaa:fn-ffdfxmwmwaf vOQf+S-Wv-iP3v'+HJ-'-4Wf1v1'f4f'ff-fv's,.1v.gL,.,g. ,L WN.-,Mu - A . si 45 5 , Lf s -M L-J LL f w 1 'K 5 f in ,',1": L 3, ,,,,,.rH - I 5 L .L.. ..W, L L UK tl kg, k ff 5 : .J ,J-ys 2 5 Y: V ln. W., ...Wm-v '-i- VL-L....n..Qf NW'--f f N' L I 1 fir f- 1- X LWLLLLLLLLLL ,, Mwfi V E 2 A? 5 ' I 5, 1',:f:f?'j ' q"f"i+w----'--N-5 3 ' ' X 7125 ' 5' ff fu fp Z 2' s' il .5 E Jil ,r Q K - 3 X 5 L LL, , A, , L .LQ 1,Lfg:,f- , L fi Lg ag N ...M '41, --L - K L f, L L, w L I- r I L if YP Wwx -N R L LL LV 'fVi?Swf4iM. 14 as L N Lf N? ' ' 'M'--""' ----4-,W 12: 'f fm L ", 'LQ -mm, LL L ' """"""' k. I' NM Y NN.-.BN , K L l'-,qw . -LLM x:,, Q sg 'NM L N-' -L-..,iL 1 L V X - - f L MX-L, L If L' L ' L " " ' L --L' L L N ' ' k - L- f' ' 5 S Km, -V SL LLL L L E: -I-,L -, 1,,,,L L- . , AL ,Lf :L L f g 'L L 4 , ,L p . . V tw 1 -. LMIV ZFP- . A V L - -L,-QM it L wh V g 3 r 5 lg f S' 5 ..-L -V X .-kglvfg gtg- xf3p.. 1 - LL l X Y R. Q A if ,I 75 - , L ' S L,,LL ,." V L L Llzgg- L 'L E ' ' ' L " ff s A w w f L V 5 1 g f if 4 Q ' 2 M- " 'va . ELL L 1 L Q' f L fi fi 1 W ' ' df-L' A , ' -L L. 3? 3 2 K- Y Ll f J, 1 6' Ik " 'W-41.1 E ' sg I ,V i y '-ff -as 'Q L In L I , ' , 5 Q25 3 XL VVSSKT 5 'A ' A :iIf? "iLF5,f' ' " A' L 3 LI A 'QL ' L -fadxfx! Q Q' sua",-I WPA-i2"'fkf A1 -' 13 kb J 5' ii' , 1-, f 4 fx y ' L - :L ,gr f yy he -LQ, L 5 La' ff - 'TT-Xf!3"'5' :LL L L 1 L 'P Jw' ' V ' . L ' ' 1 . LL.. Ez- L, ' "Q ' T ,RT -- Q-if lffifi' 'xv -L I . L 4 .31144 "W" A' ' Xi f "H f. ' f ' 3.157 3 ' ,fag L ff x L lv fq L 41 ' A' f ff Ls ' " - LTL V 4 1 , 2' ' 3 L L M -' ' 11' ' Lx jL , ' ,L L 'Rf-L. L ff 2 " L --yy 3' A f -. 5 ,,,, y. , ' L Ly in- . 3 V' L .L ' m.,-- rf .--.LL-L...-... Lg'-f-f--mf-' - -- -L L -FY ... H - Jim' k " 1' is S A '-"- 3' L',.L-Q' L, ' fi" ' X L L L , '9 is 1 ,ff V ,2,5f,4,,+f' ,.fL1?f5i1L J k ffl' ,f Z FS 5 if af' f J' 5 ' ' 1 Y X-.L i 2 - -L ,j xg. 'L g - Q he -L W ' Li Mhxuq 2 . 1 - - 'NX " L 2 M ,L L ,L4 ' 3 I 2 5 3 lu -'xslf 'W ' fa 25 Qx f' L f ? - -WA - g Q , L, ,I ff L LL QT f ' " 1 3 . 5 I K if " -s. 'F' W-,J L L eg In if "MP" "''"'L'5'f""'2f22-"Aww-:.:vz:args-vfxr: Lf-fffL',- -- H -vi. N-J? 3 5' A .av 1: 'N 1 -fix -. Y f 'fi . .5 3 3 'f.LL5l 'ff '-up gf: 4-:vi Lf , lx 1 , , 5' Q V 'L va Ji Q. L E Q .n q 93 3 rin. L L- VL.-2 L 1 5 1 3213 ' Wig iii LL, mf X1 X 5 L :L rs ' ., nil Z "" m -'Q-LZ: 1 - -L 'fu fp E L gr 3 .Y 2 - L V-.0-L.m..LL....-LLL.,..........Lx--........-.V-,.....w....-.-L-.---q--Lv-..-......LL,L..,....,.W...,.5 Q fy ' I s-seLENweLoof4-- L S -i.,-asa:-edfhwc..-are-'Asa-r.m4-J-u::-evQ1af.g.-gN,iL,5,k5,,,,,y9.g,g,f.w,,,:q-w1i:av-vrVa:'Q-.yyver-A-1-rebkfsuffife if-M221-Z'a:E'if'1sf'. ww '-1 wt--21 vue. -44-1-wee-2a..2 a iz!! M' ' ff-'wiv -f-H'-Kin-if - 1- vi ' - ww-wrap ' . L f 0 Lind Wolff Mr. Aschenbach Smale FOCTBALL The history of the 1931 New Trier football teams holds many stirring accounts of victory won in hard fought battles, in which the Green and Gray warriors fought their way to third place in the Suburban League standings with five wins, a tie, and two losses. New Trier has not been so handicaped with injuries since 'iaway back whenf, Prac- tice began on September 155 after the first game the squad numbered fortyg when the season finished one quarter of this number were unable to play because of injuries. This even went so far that in the Waukegan game the entire backfield was composed of second team men. For the first time in history the Gray and Green team was headed by two captains. Albert Lind and Leonard Wfolff were elected to this position of honor. Co-Captain Albert Lind played center, being backed up by Foster Bennett. The New Trier team had four equal guards to do its blocking: Phil Ogan, Hugh Fleming, Henry Crawford and Stanton Schumann. Ted Wachs and Frank Riley, who was all- state, filled up the holes at tackle with the aggregate 400 pounds. Reserve tackle material was found in Ray Kimbell, Renny Ostrom, Jerry Wilson, and "Chuck" Dostal, another one of those ever promising sophomores. Co-Captain Wlolff, who won All- Suburban honors, and Dick Preston, a sophomore, were the ones to terminate end runs and receive Bill Nordburg's passes. - Page 2 1 The backfleld had its difficulties, Harry Gillogly, a stellar fullback, going out for the season with an injured shoulder in the second game of the year. In two games he made enough points to take second place honors in scoring. Harry's place was taken by Al Nicollozzi and "Swede" Waters, who were backed up by Gielen and Simonds. In the third game of the season at Proviso, New Trier's most able field general, Colin Finlayson, was lost for the remainder of the season with a sprained shoulder. Bill Nord- burg, whose passes were a winning factor in every game, shifted from halfback to iill this vacancy. Don Alford, Claude Hamilton, and Earl Weinstock also directed the team from this position. Captain-elect Sam Smale, "Goog" Dahl, Bob Seiler, John Ballenger, and Jack Foster were a quintet hard to beat in running, kicking and passing at the halfback posts. Q A total of 84 points were scored in eight games against their opponent's 35, an aver- age of 11 to 4, per game. The team was coached by Mr. Walter Aschenbach assisted by Mr. Caton and Mr. Delaporte, who were in charge of the line. New Trier 6, Proviso 0. New Trier opened its Suburban League title chase against Proviso on October 10 at Maywood. Displaying a versatile attack, they wore down a stubborn Proviso team in a Held of mud covered with water. This was the day Northwestern and Notre Dame battled to a scoreless tie and Proviso almost held New Trier to the same fate. ' New Trier 6, Morton 3. A strong Morton team received New Trier October 17 at Cicero. New Trier sensed its first defeat of the season when Kopecky stepped back and booted a perfect fifty yard placement kick over the crossbars to give Morton a three point advantage. But New Trier came back in the same quarter when Wolff caught a forty-yard pass from Nordburg for a touchdown. New Trier 6, Oak Park 12. On October 24, with the stands at Phelps Field packed to capacity, the outcome was one of the most important of the year. New Trier opened up the game by passing to a touchdown in five startling plays. Oak Park also scored in the first quarter by march- ing forty yards to a touchdown by Schwartz. Following this Smale and Ballenger left the game with injuries. The score remained a tie until the third quarter when Belzer of Oak 'Park passed the ball forty yards to Zinkil, who caught it over the goal for a touchdown. The to-be champions of the league held New Trier until the final gun announced the "Grey and Green's" first defeat. .fa K f .A . Page 22 . ' FACULTY COACHES First Row-C. I. Persing, R. Welxr, P. Delaporte, C. Grater, E. jackson, G. Flannigam. Second Row--J. Nay, C. H. Jones, R. Carpenter, B. Shearer, H. Aram, W. J. Aschenbach, C. V'nters. New Trier 19, Deerfield 0. New Trier resumed the league invasion against Deerfield the following Saturday. This proved an easy game. Touchdowns were scored by Bob Seiler, Leonard NVolff, and Jack Foster, who intercepted a pass and ran 50 yards for his touchdown. New Trier 0, Evanston 7. New Trier and Evanston battled for charity, November 25, at Dyche Stadium, Evanston. This, the most important game of the year, was sponsored by the Junior League of Evanston. More than ten thousa-nd supporters witnessed the highlight of North Shore prep football. STUDENT INTRA-MURAL COACHES First Row-K. Stilling, H. Whidden, B. Racine, J. Bartlett, J. Mitchell. Second Row-C. Zipprich, G. Gromis, B. Howard, J. Howe, J. Hicks. Page 23 FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL This year's Freshman-Sophomore football squad had a fairly successful season. Under the supervision of coaches Ream and Funkhouser a powerful and well balanced team was produced. It will undoubtedly furnish some fine candidates for next year's varsity squad. The schedule for this year consisted of six games. Of this number New Trier won two and lost four. The opening game was played at Proviso and resulted in a 15 to 0 defeat for the Green and Gray. Our boys also lost the next game by a score of 13 to 0 when they tried in vain to hold Morton on the opponents field. The third game of the season also resulted in defeat. This time the New Trier team lost by a score of 32 to 0 to the powerful and fast Oak Park team. However, in the next game their luck changed and New Trier was victorious by a score of 12 to 0. The following week Deerfield invaded the New Trier field but was sent home with a 16 to 0 loss against their record. The last game of the season was played against Evanston at Dyche Stadium. The game was very even throughout the four periods. However, the Green and Gray was edged out of a victory by a single point. The score was 7 to 6 in favor of Evanston. Knight was the most outstanding player on the team. He played at half back and scored most of New Trier's touchdowns. McFadzean and Happ also played at hall back and made good showings. McKinnon played at full back. Farwell and Rail directed the team's activities from the quarter back position. At end Bridges and Wilder did their best. Fox and Burrill worked at tackles. White and Struggles played as guards while Kyle and Burrill snapped the ball to the backfield. Page 24 Page 25 k Mr. Grater Church Finlayson Mr. Ream HEAVYWEIGHT BASKETBALL The team terminated a very successful season, winning twelve out of fifteen games, and tying with Oak Park for the Surburban League Heavyweight Championship. Prac- tice games were played with Englewood, Lake View, and Hyde Park. New Trier de- feated all of them very decisively and approached the league season. The team was composed of Joslin and Co-Capt. Church, two of the first three high scprers in the league, Gordon, Sinding, and Co-Capt. Finlayson. Injuries to Finlayson and Warble, which put them out for the rest of the season, and the graduation of Gordon during the mid-semester holidays severely handicapped the team, but they were replaced by Williams and Wolff, both very capable guards. Letter certificates were awarded to Co-Capt. Frank Church, Co-Capt. Colin Finlay- son, Robert Gordon, Thomas Sinding, and Leonard Wolff. Letters went- to Albert Clay- ton, Victor Hansen, Edward Howard, Richard Joslin, William Kidd, Fred Mitchell, Richard Preston, Alan Rossman, Clyde Warble, and Cecil NVilliams. The senior man- ager's letter went to George Cole. First Row--C. Williams, L. Wolff, T. Sinding, F. Church, R. joslin, F. Mitchell, R. Clayton. Second Row-W. Kidd, R. Preston, R. Wagner, A. Rossman, S. Luensman, V. Hanson. Third Row-C. Warble, NV. Meier, Coach Grater, B. Howard, E. Meier. Page 26 'o I 'Q LIGHTWEIGHT BASKETBALL First Row-R. Flynn, R. Steen, C. Murphy, R. Huck, F. Baker, E. Haight. Second Row-j. Stackhouse, C. Wright, Murphy, G. Waidner, Belmont, J. White. Third Row-Coach C. O. Grater, C. Knapp, A. Rohol, C. Brown, R. Bartleman, D. Routsong. LIGHTWEIGHT BASKETBALL New Trier finished fifth in the final league standing, but must be congratulated for developing from a green, untried team to a very fast, smooth working quintet. Letters were awarded to Richard Huck, Fred Baker, Eugene Belmont, Richard Flynn, Edgar Haight, Carroll Murphy, John Simon, Jack Stackhouse, Richard Steen, George Waidner, and Joseph White. A letter certihcate was awarded to Jack Kelly. FRESH-SOPH BASKETBALL First Row-E. Horn, G. Green, Bridges, C. Dahl, Hallquist, Miller, J. Cullen. Second Row-T. Finlayson, Chape, S. Knight, I. Sinding, S. Fox, B. Burrill. Page 27 I' .-- Mr. jackson Ostrorn Hoffman Mr. Condon SENIOR SWIMMING DUAL MEETS N. T.-3 63 Kenosha-19. N. T.-30, Waukegan-29. N. T.-295 Englewood-26. N. T.-3 05 Morton--29. N. T.-175 Oak Park-42. N. T.-373 Evanston--22. N. T.-49, Deerfield-12. N. T.-363 Proviso-22. N. T.-22, Kenosha-33. New Trier was represented this year by the best swimming team in its history. Not content with merely being strong in all events, the New Trier swimmers set some all time New Trier records. While handing Evanston its first dual meet loss in three years, the 160 yard relay team set a new record time of 1:21. Ned Shapker set another record during the Suburban league meet in the 40 yard swim in 19:6 seconds. Then Eddie Hoffman upset the old 100 yard time by the fast time of 5819. The New Trier swimmers tied for the Suburban League championship with Evanston, each team losing one meet. SENIOR SWIMMING First Row-R. Rosenberg, H. King, Mr. Condon, E. Hoffman, R. Osrrom, Mr. Jackson, J. Davis, C. Enchelmayer. Second Row-B. Howard, J. Rosenberg, J. Pearson, B. Paulson, B. Seiler, H. Crawford, E. Banning. Third Row-I-Iapp, Bryant, L. Blaylock, P. Palenske, B. Nason, N. Shapker, Hein, A. Barker. Page 23 JUNIOR SWIMMING New Trier 47, Kenosha 8. New Trier 40, Kenosha 7. New Trier 26, Englewood 24. New Trier 42, Waukegan 11. New Trier 8, Oak Park 24. New Trier 35, Morton 18. New Trier 25, Deerfield 28. New Trier 16, Evanston 37. New Trier 33, Proviso -. The Junior swimmers, under the guidance of Head Coach jackson a-nd Asst. Coach Condon, splashed through to third place in the Suburban league, winning six of the nine meets. For a new team this was quite a-n excellent record. Next year all indica- tions tend to prove that the Juniors will swim to first place in gallant style. The relay team, main backstay of the Juniors, consisted of Patton, Prosser, Silverman, and Bryant. They always held up their part of the meet and could be relied upon to help win the meet. Nason, Bryant, Prosser, and Patton had charge of the crawl events. Back stroke events were handled by Byrne, Bryant, Fitzhugh and Schuman. The fancy divi-ng crew was Putman and Barnard. Andrews, Silverman, and Putman turned in points for the breast stroke event. Though several of the Junior swimmers will be on the Senior Team next year, the youngsters will be very strong again and will bear watching as they will be fighting hard for the top of the Suburban league. The entire team made a very fine record dur- ing the past season. The following received numerals: Bernard, Bryant, Byrne, Nason, Patton, Putnam, Prosser, and Silverman. Junior Manager: Robert Matheson. Second Row-R. Matheson, Mgr.: Pfutzenreuter, Pfutzenreuter, R. Silverman, N. Boehmer, B. Burrill Byrne, Watt, Coach Jackson. First Row-D. Andrews, T. Adler, W. Putnam, B. Patton, Coach Condon, B. Prosser, Barnard, A. Schu- man, E. Ruschli. Page 29 pn,- -B..-Q... . , .. . -...w......... e Q .127 W l I U15 - 5 a dw :,,. . , kk K ,, VK M! I xxrlgjfx K , A ' 'Fl V rkk t 'V K A gf A .1 A A k r A xA Q 'K ' I I ' Xxx k . , ' :QW P K f K, 'H , , , . 1+ FS j X E Af 'A A 3 153. L 1 J N Egiflsd, -K my .K f , . K K ,. -. AV! 5 ' N ' ff '1 -if Rx ' LX ffm Ex XV X - 1 . ii i . m' m' ' 5 h 5. ,' L , x Q fx 1 , A N 2 llxx xg XFN 1 M Nx 'M 54:1 KA' W Q,k' 'X me X 1 ' ,, Xi I 'W 'wg' YT, A 3 f 1 A , ,. x2iXNX Q A ,K , , ' Q., M i y 7 'S 1y',X - k . ' t ig E ! ' 4 l 25W : X X yi S . gl as if mx 4 "'. iEf5,E-f9z' - K 3 3 -. VM' Q-' L K 2 - 125: -ffl i f " " ' A Pagc 0 1,,w.l si. -.. . J. ' K i . I - l l Mr. Nay Quinlan Mr. Delaporte SENIOR TRACK New Trier had a very well balanced team this year. There was an abundance of ma- terial i-n almost every event. Captain George Quinlan, Walter' Wanger, Alex. Newton, Claude Hamilton, Rex Martin, and Dick Fairbairn ran the shorter sprints. New Trier was represented in the quarter-mile run by George Quinlan, Walter Wanger, Earl Weinstock, John Kirby, and Bob Seller. The half-mile was run by Don Pavlicek and Bartlett Price, while Laurence Buck- master and John Davidson ra-n the mile. Alex Newton, Bill Holmes, and Ben Brion represented New Trier in the hurdle events. In the field events Stanton Schuma-n and Frank Hilpert put the shot, Bob Thorsen did the high jumping, and our representatives in the pole vault were Jim Kingsley and John Ballenger. The team this year was very successfully and efliciently managed by the senior man- ager Bob Leonard. Page 31 INTRAMURAL TRACK First Row-j. Struggles, R. Delander, K. Weld, H. DeTamble, B. Waters, S. Harkness, G. Cole, E. Procknow, C. Weed. Second Row-A. Lind, P. Dempsey, B. Grifiin, J. DeBcers, B. Moran, J. Hoffman, B. Hess, E. Fosland, A. Barker. JUNIOR TRACK-19 3 2 A most promising junior track team carried through the indoor season. The freshmen who through intramural activities had showin an unusual amount of interest and skill in track comprised a most successful team toward the end of the season. The success of this seasoxfs junior team shoots the expectations of next year's seniors to a new high mark. . JUNIOR TRACK First Row-Mr. Nay, L. Bollerson, B. Martin, M. Hutchinson, B. Hcrmanson, D. Hall, A. Streubling, P. Hola, K. Hess, J. Barnard. Second Row-T. Smith, R. Varney, G. Laing, J. Buhlke, F. Woleban, A. DeLang, B. Famanvillu, C. Brown, R. Nanzig. Page 3 2 a 1 +1 i - 3 2 1 1 1 1 a 1 E Mt. Aschcnbnch Church M r. XVehr or BASEBALL The 1932 Suburban League baseball season, though hardly under way, promises a winning combination and great success for New Trier. With approximately half of last year's squad lost through graduation, Coach Aschenbach is confronted this year with building up a powerful and title-contending team. Al Lind and Clarence Dahl, 1931 letter men, are scheduled to appear behind the bat with the able assistance of Willard Meier and others. The pitching department, though not exceptionally strong, boasts again of Ray Kimbell and Dick Huck and such veterans as Jack Sinding, Walter Foslund, Ed Meier and Woodrow Wilson. Captai-n Frank Church holds the first sack in his inimitable manner. Leading the team in hitting last year, Frank should now prove to set the pace for the entire league. Harry Gillogly, New Trier "find" in 1931, will again function at second base. Short- stop George Cole celebrates his fourth year on the squad with another season of fine field work, and Victor Hansen has the call for the "hot corner" at third. The outfield is composed wholly of former players, numbering such stars as Gus Bebas, Paul Williams, Ed Nicoll, and Eric Lindahl, all of whom have seen previous service on the Green and Grey diamond. These men promise to complete one of New Trier's best outfields in her baseball history, if not in the history of the Suburban League. . i -ffl' --fwrisy s , .5 UL. , Page 33 Page 3 4 Q f I i Page 35 TENNIS TEAM 'First Row-B. Condy, C. Knapp, Mr. Flaningam, A. Rohl, S. Miner. Second Row-C. Warble, A. Swalmcher, T. Sinding, W. Pnvey, R. Wagner, D. Routsong GOLF TEAM J. Francis, J. Kirby, Vlfortlxington, Mr. Aram, C. Weed, J. Simon, A. Bcrnardi. Page 3 6 HEALTH COUNCIL The Health Council is made up of one representative from each advisor room. They meet in two groups because of the large number. The Freshman and Sophomore coun- cilors meet one week and the Junior and Senior councilors meet the next week. The rnain task of this body of students is to see that the students have their teeth taken care of. At the beginning of the year the councilors are given dental certificates, which they take to their advisor rooms and distribute. The students then take these certificates to their dentist and he examines their teeth and signs the certificate. There is a time limit set on the returning of these certificates and if a student is lax in getting his signed he is sent to Mrs.'Moore. The student uses the same certificate for each year. This is an extremely difficult task and it is performed very creditably. Each year there is almost a hundred per cent return. Besides the certificates the councilors are given literature to distribute. This literature concerns the treatment of colds, etc. This organization is a decided aid to Mrs. Moore for without it she could never carry on such an extensive program. i Page 37 I 1 .SO SWE L ' L f """f' LighT h 5 A' Q EK ' ' - ,1 , , K V :vf, Q Q",-'-',r ,qq . . Mg , Q, . , . fe f E YZ? ff I . 1' HL fig l f A ALWAV5 E'4f'?Y9 j PLEASE EATW Mess HALL!! Page 3 8 1 1 l I l C V. ..,,, . S Miss Bolton Kriebel Holton Varney Driver G. A. A. Esther Kriebel . . . , . ...,... ...... P resident Helen Holton .... . . .Vice-Prcsirleni Louise Varney . . . ......... ,..... . . .Secretary Beatrice Driver . . . ................... Treasurer jane Waidner. , . ,... After-scbool-sports Chairman Jean Haskins . . . .............. Social Chairman Jane Snyder ................i...........,.... Publicity Head The Girls' Athletic Association's activities of 1931-193 were carried on very success- fully under the leadership of these officers. . Numerous assemblies and pep meetings held throughout the year acquainted the members and prospective members with the work of the association and afforded an opportunity for awarding numerals and emblems. So far this year, eleven girls have earned the "N" and thirty the 300 Point Award. The number of sports offered during the year was increased along with the number of participants, for the girls could join in as many sports in one season as they chose. Tennis and golf tournaments were run in the fall as well as in the spring, and an extra HEADS OF SPORTS First Row-M. J. Miller, L. Anderson, J. Waidner, E. Cai-len, V. Smith. Second Row-A. Fraser, E. Balhatchet, E. Culver, F. Ellis, L. Tucker. Page 39 4 Tucker Boynton Huff adviser room tournament in fistball was held between the fall and winter sports. Also, an opportunity was given the soccer and fistball champions to test their prowess against that of the faculty. Hockey enthusiasts received an extra treat in the National Women's Hockey Tournament, for in addition to the women's teams there were two high school girls' teams on which New Trier had five representatives. And those interested in dancing witnessed a most enjoyable program showing the work of the girls during the winter. This spring the picturesque sport of archery was added to the ever- growing list of sports offered to New Trier girls. Under the leadership of the heads of sports, class managers and coaches, student officials and assistant coaches were active in all sports for the practice work and adviser room tournaments. This gave many girls valuable experience in a different phase of athletics. A social branch of G. A. A. was developed in connection with the inter-class tourna- ments, for at the close of each season a tea was given for the team members. Still, the outstanding social event of the year is the Banquet, when the final awards are given and new members accepted. However, the highest award of all is made in an entire school assembly, where two girls with the greatest number of points are honored. Last year Pauline Spiegel and Helene Adler received the honor, and this year again there are many closely contesting candidates. Page 40 JUNIOR FISTBALL First Row-V. Smith, F. Mills, H. Booz. Second Row-E. Burke, P. Wlleelock, M. Meyer. BASKETBALL The basketball season was welcomed by a large number of girls. Those receiving G.A.A. credit from the various classes were: 164 Freshmen, 109 Sophomores, 85 Juniors, and 70 Seniors. Miss Fulton's Junior girls defeated Miss Evan's Seniors in the finals of the upper-class tournament, composed of Sophomore, Junior, and Senior teams, by a score of 30-26. The winner of the Freshmen tournament, L. Hamilton, lost 26-24 to Fulton after an exciting game. This made Fulton school champions. In the first team games the Seniors were victors over the Juniors 32-23. The Freshmen were crushediby the Sophomores 37-11. In the finals the Seniors beat the Sophomores 42-10 for the in- ter-class championship. The referrees and umpires for these games worked loyally. Miss Boulton supervised the upperclass games, and Mrs. Abbott was the Freshmen coach. GIRLS' FIRST TEAM BASKETBALL Front Row-N. Harris, M. Lauer, P. L. Burpee. , ' Top Row-I-I. McDermott, J. Crawford, L. Anderson. Page 41 L GIRLS' SWIMMING First Row-P. Burpee, E. Culver, M. Lauer. Second Row-A. Fraser, H. McDermott, M. Thiel. SWIMMING The managers for swimming this year were: Senior, Palyma Burpeeg Junior, Barbara Wilderg Sophomore, Margaret Taylor. The Head of Swimming was Eleanor Culver. Girls' swimming has been divided into three divisions this year. The first division, which lasted the entire first semester, was for recreation purposes only, and to give the freshmen a chance to get acquainted with the different strokes to be used for making the teams. The second division was from the beginning of the second semester until Spring Vacation. For each practice attended, G.A.A. points were given. Meets were held and class teams were picked at the end of an unusually successful season. Instead of the "General Swim" the Third division Cfrom Spring vacation until the end of the school yearj Senior and junior Life-Saving were given. JR. CLASS BASKETBALL First Row-J. Kehl, M. Waters, K. Thompson, B. Mcllraith, B. Buchard, M. Iverson. Second Row--D. Vollman, B. Mearns, D. Brcnncman, M. Ermine, F. Ellis, D. J. Orr, J. Brunson. Page 42 GIRLS SENIOR CHAMPS QSOCCERJ First Row-J. Orwig, M. Thiel, P. L. Burpee, H. Bower, J. Crawford. Second Row-M. J. Miller, E. Culver, N. Wilde, M. Lauer, M. Fowler, B. Fraser. SOCCER Soccer this year proved itself the usual popular sport. Miss Smith was the coach in place of Miss Biesmeier who filled that position last year. Last year's plan which included a head of soccer and four class managers was again successfully employed. Post-gradu- ates and students assisted by ofliciating at the games. The Freshmen had the largest turnout of 104, which attendance shows the interest of this up and coming class. I The Winning teamwas a combination of Miss Cole's and Miss Fulton's Junior adviser rooms, with Sentney-Burchard Sophomore team runners-up. The inter-class tournament was not completed owing to the condition of the rain- soaked field. BASKETBALL CHAMPS First Row-J. Engel, J. Horton, A. Nord, J. Kehl, T. Tucker. Second Row--M. Waters, R. Offner, F. Ellis, G. Johnson, M. L. Lepman, M. Iverson. -Page 43 SENIOR HOCKEY TEAM First Row-J. Lundahl, F. Payne, E. Hirsch, H. Holton, E. Kriebel. 'Second Row-G. Hirschberg, N. Harris, O. Brower, T. Anderson. HOCKEY The hockey season of 1931'was the best ever in accordance with the usual predic- tion. The fact that 225 girls attempted hockey may be accredited to the new attend- ance system of having two practice days instead of one, and the new location of our hockey Held fit usedto be a terrible trudge from Indian Hill after a hard gamej. We had the usual advisor room games at the first of the season, and the team which was cornposednof girls from Miss Wilson's, Miss Donham's, Miss Hadderfs, and Miss Mosh- el's advisor rooms won the championship. Following this, teams were chosen and the regular interclass games closed the season. SENIOR HOCKEY CHAMPIONS First Row-E. Hirsch, H. Holton, E. Balhatchet, A. Linn, E. Erickson. Second Row-N. Harris, G. Hirschbcrg, D. Tansill, O. Brower, T. Anderson, B. Simpson. Page 44 DANCING The natural dancing class has had a most successful year due to the able leadership of Miss Smith and with the assistance of Miss Hubsch, the pianist, and Babe Fraser, head of dancing. The class has done something this year which has never been done before. This was the presentation, in the form of a recital of "Original Interpretation in Dance Form." Of the thirty girls enrolled in the class, twelve made Hrst team and five made second. Because of the extreme popularity of the- clogging classes last year, it was found neces- sary to limit the classes this year to Juniors and Seniors. Among the accomplishments of the two classes were the two dances, called "The Newsboyv and "Reuben and Ra- chel." The teams were picked at che end of the season by Miss Smith and Elizabeth Balhatchet, who has been assisting in the clogging classes. There were twelve who made first team and nine who made second. Under the new point system credit is given for attendance rather than for making teams and in this way every girl has a chance to receive G.A.A. credits. Page 4 5 1 NVi1d Springi- They're OFF. An Alpine Flower P 6 They Learn 'em Temp+QrS The Monkey Team How Ru ns' ' Thad' Sweet Vo I ce Calling. Amusing fha Children. Smiles- and Cl Hide owl-. Page 4 ' OUR BEAUTIES TOULATE w Page 4 8 MAKEup, 7VlUjs' Q3 DORIS' WSVO FUNNX x 2 A 4.,,,,.K,T,,,,,,,,,e,,.,,,,S,,.,,,M,m,,,,.1,,,,,,u,,,fi1.,rx:-..4,fii-vu-r'.b2z-c-v.a:.,z,rf,1c:s.-:T'.,f.,,v-wi,,...q.f.:1.. u,.swme-mu-4---f.4-A-E: T A-4-1.-Q1 - A-:.:.T?-.-1-1-if--xmaagax-.5 ..,.,,t,J,Nf3,, A Y : 521 Q . X I Q Q53 V A L . ' ,' gf' .. .- F- Af: 44--f M , . , ... 1 ff - W - wwf- . ' km 1 .M -- P' ,M 1-ff" -' 7 is I W E A."'m"""K,.:'?" ""--1z- """""""" "" 31' ' X- V. Q ag , ., 1 52- 1 W- --2 ,Q-s.. --X V W,,,w W x, L S . f, r- 2' , C XX jg-. ,W ,A ' " 'N ,Nx"5N-,, i if Y 1 N, vi 4? A E mxjyxx . w '-wkaulxmvuq-.',,xx4-i 4 f, '. I- V ,fu 3' 131, I . 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'11 f-'PW' - ' ,,f"" - ' ' 'S 3, -Q 2 f 4 , wt gzf af ff' ,, ' ' X Q K if 2 . .,.., 2 J V , ,, ,n:, 5 Q N vi , 2 J f f,w ,fig::.ff 4 f E 3 J Q-'11-x L 'f"iff7'ZQ4'iffu' 3 1 5 i if ' .gg fx..- 'A ' Jw , Q 3 E X 4183 J, Va' ' 5 i KF ' x 2 ' I f 2 '. ' 4 -, '- , 1 f ' ' 2? E 5-fvwa-wkwuglan gLw.,,.,n317,.5,..,i5,5,,l,1,H,,,,e,,:,L,,5,,55,?Wy,g,f:,-gmhliprgyqigmamww . ' .zwfrmb ' 'ivxfiddsaliskmhwuxwmfiiwuivlvdzwaza-ww,w.4eC-"s':-1lfwnA+u.f:',i-!fvr-5f4wPPfa'fa.'ffv Lazy A f:mm:eff:+'f1f-vssm - A . A . bmavrzm. -zfmsvwkamwmmz-zfz, ' , .esseewlrsfwfiwsfwfxcfwvazawsiase-so-my ' i I .4-Ag Mrs Cotton Holton Delandcr SENIOR ORCHESTRA Elaine Angelbeck Edward Arden Teddy Ballard Ruth Bersch Ernest Bostrom Frank Christensen Elinor Clark Sylvia Boynton Margaret Jean Cree Dora Crawford Ameri Edinger Margaret Freyn Mary Alice Hayes Sarah Jane Haven Willard C. Hopkins Dick Julian Leonard Krupnick Walter Lempke Jack Long Margaret Loomis John Mathieson Katherine Maxwell Norman Modine Raymond Nelson William Nordburg Jane Olson Glen Porter Ellen Sager Mary Alice Seig Ted Smith Eleanor Steen Robert Walker Janet Wright Clyde Warble George Hunt Roger Delander Ethel Anderson Paul Hoffman Ralph Kline Virginia Lang Mary Jean Lewis Sherbunne Byron Simpson Dudley Veneklasen Paul Veneklasen Louise Wagner Page 49 V SENIOR MUSIC CLUB First Row-T. Hosking, E. Bostrom, V. Lang, XV. Jenkins, S. J. Haven, L. Field, J. Kampmeir, Miss Mickey, Mrs. Cotton, R. Delnnder, E. Sager, M. Loomis, B. Blair, D. Ycttcr, H. Orvis, F. Christiansen. Second Row-D. Crawford, R. Bersch, M. Kahler, A. Edingcr, W. Katz, B. Mclllraith, P. McCabe, B. Sheldon, M. Cree, R. Thompson, I.. Bauman, J. Spinncy, B. Levinson, R. Walker, J. Benson, M. E. Hayes, P. Dubsky, C. Wachs, J. Wright. Third Row-J. Olson, D. Goode, J. Matheson, S.-Minor, B. McFadzean, B. Guthrie, E. Anderson, E. Cozzens, P. Burpee, L. Wagner, F. Sellery, L. Krupnick, E. Culber, N. Modine, J. Phillips, G. Ellis, R. Olson, B. Nordberg. JUNIOR MUSIC CLUB First Row-B. Meyer, J. Becker, E. Clark, P. Gilpert, A. Ebeling, A. Jones, H. Green, R. Merriman, D. Yetter, A. Sandig, M. Seeg, M. Falvery, M. Bryan, E. Angelbeck. Second Row-D. Julian, B. Grant, A. Booz, R. Gries, B. Clark, M. Friedlander, G. Sprague, J. Bryson, B. Taylor, E. Mangel, R. Felsenthal, A. Levitson, L. Gritchever, M. Lewis, E. Steen, C. Well- beloved, L. Eldridge. Third Row-R. Greengard, T. Smith, B. Smith, J. Rusnak, D. Deacon, M. Harris, E. Boldenwick, D. Simpson, B. Simpson, R. Nelson, E. Hearn, J. Brown, J. Olson, P. Hoffman, M. Cree, M. Truesdale, D. Hcrzig. Page 50 GIRLS GLEE CLUB First Row-H. Clark, C. Wachs, M. Warner, R. Rounsfull, G. Sprague, M. Meleney, M. Waugh, R. Anderson, E. Ricks, E. Carlcn, J. Moore, V. Lang, M. Ebeling, H. Booz. Second Row-M. Frcdlander, B. Taylor, R. Thompson, M. Taylor, J. Johnson, H. Dillon, B. Levinson, A. Burnham, M. Watsoii, D. Volman, J. Engle, H. Green, M. Kahler, E. Piepmeier, D. Ingham, A. Burge, V. Grigsby. Third Row-V. Smith, D. Goode, E. Englehart, B. XViley, H. Shepard, S. Romig, F. Sellery, J. Olson, G. Ellis, M. F. Rogers, E. Boldenwick, R. Seymour, B. Hawley, J. Weston, A. Fraser, H. Holton, N. Fisher, B. Mcllraith. BOYS GLEE CLUB ' First Row-D. Torrey, M. Dethloff, W. Katz, B. Hillner, A. Snyder, B. Blair, F. Christiansen, W. Jenkins, D. Barnard, B. Martin, R. Rockwood, T. Ballard, T. Hoskings. Second Row-G. Faymonville, B. Brown, P. Wright, B. Fletcher, F. Kriebal, J. Bartholomew, A. Acker- mann, D. Oliver, J. McNamee, J. Philips, B. Thackery, B. Walpole, A. Katzel, B. Miller, L. Williams. Third Row-R. Brill, J. Bailey, B. Cassel, L. Field, D. Denis, E. Sloan, R. Shortridgc, A. Becklekima, L. Smith, V. Lunsman, D. Olson, B. MacFadzean, B. Guthrie, S. Schuman. - Page 51 MADRIGAL CLUB First Row-M. Friedlander, B. Edmondson, V. jones, S. Mitchell, Miss Mickey, A. Burnham, E. Chiches- ter, R. Chatard, A. Hollawagy. Second Row-A. Booz, A. Edmonds, N. May, l... Sandburg, C. Hoffmeyer, B. K. Morgan, V. Grigsby. Third Row-K. Reynolds, J. Horsting, F. Ellis, E. Hearn, E. Olson, E. Gossett, V. Moyer, L. Huck, V. Anderson. THE ORCHESTRA The New Trier Orchestra has done unusually ine work this year. In addition to playing at each of the dramatic events, the Orchestra took part in the Christmas Cantata and the Spring Music Festival. It has also assisted at outside functions includ- ing a mass meeting at the Kenilworth Club, a meeting of the Wilmette Rotary Club, and at the dedication of the Winnetka Community House. Among the Works studied this year, are the-first movement of Caesar Franck's D minor symphonyg Nickolai's Overture to "The Merry Wives of Windsor"g and the first movement of Schuman's A minor concerts. BOYS OCTET 'First Row-A. Katsil, F. Christiansen, Miss Mickey, B. Jenkins, T. Hosking. Second Row-W. McFadzen, R. Olson, R. Guthrie, J. Phillips. l i i Page 5 2 Art Adler Glen Ammer Donald Andrews Henry Appel Frank Appleyard Foster Bennett Art Boyajian Bill Bruse W'arren Cozzens Art Delan g Don Easterberg Lewis Eldridge Bert Falkenberg Erwin Foslund Don Frankel Peter Gelbert Raymond Graw John Hansel Frank Hilpert Douglas Hindley Paul Hosking Ted Hosking George Hunt THE BAND John Kirby Bob Klemm Fred Kriebel Walter Kuhl Mary Lauer Jack Long John Mathison Frank McCabe William Myers Ted Nakutin Hubert Pelott Marshall Peterson Richard Pickard Art Rice Robert Robertson Bob Rothschild Ralph Sinsheimer Theron Smith Bob Smith Jerome Straus Robert Thiel Dudley Veneklasen Kenneth Wakeford Henry Hunt Bob Walpole Walker Jensen Janet Wright George Jones Russell Wyle Bruce Karnes This organization is indispensable to the welfare of the school. The band has upepped up" every football and basketball game this year with its spirited music. The most out- standing performance of the year occurred on May 6th at the annual Band Concert. Page S 3 BOYS, GLEE CLUB Stanton Schuman ..................,. ...... .... P r csidellt Dick Steen ...... . . .Sccreiary Victor Lunsman ...............,..,............... Librarian To date, the Boys' Glee Club has performed only once this year, although its mem- bers are planning to sing with the Girls' Glee Club at the Spring Concert and at the Commencement exercises in June. The appearance referred to above was made at Christmas time, and in keeping with the spirit of the season. "Now Let Every Tongue Adore Thee" was rendered. The very excellent Octet, composed of eight members of the Glee Club, reflected the painstaking direction of Miss Mickey in a concert at Great Lakes as well as on numerous other occasions. Instead of an opera, the Spring Concert is planned for the outstanding musical event of the year. The concert is to take place on May 14th with the Glee Clubs, choruses, and the orchestra combining to make this event a traditional New Trier success. The main score is to be "Hiawatha's Wedding Feast,', followed up by some old Southern melodies and English nursery rhymes. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Phyliss Dubsky . . ........................ . . .Prcsirlcnt Ellen Cozzens .........,........ ..,. S ecretary Eleanor Culver .......,......,..,.. . . . .Treasurer Alison Burge and Margaret Kahler ................... Librarians Mrs. Cotton has directed the Girls' Glee Club to another very successful year. The Club performed first in combination with the Boys' Glee Club, the Madrigal Club, and the orchestra, in the Leslie F. Gates gymnasium. At this Christmas Festival, Phyliss Dubsky sang the solo part of "The Lord Is My Shepherd," by Peter Christian Lutkin. Following up this performance with another success, the Glee Club sang very beau- tifully at the Winnetka Congregational Church on Easter morning. SENIOR MUSIC CLUB Senior Music Club is made up of 50 members who, besides being normal students, are considered the best musicians in the school. Every instrument, from the accordion to the human voice, is represented in our club. This allows the bi-monthly programs to be varied as well as interesting. Once in a while, some of our more talented members have played pieces of their own composing. Of course we cannot say that all the interest lies in the programs. The club is noted for its refreshments, and never yet has a member gone away from a meeting in a famished condition. Perhaps this is the reasw: the students attend the programs so regularly. Surely Mrs. Cotton and Miss Mickey would not admit that their sponsorship and genuine interest in the club had anything to do with it. JUNIOR MUSIC CLUB It is sometimes hard to say whether the enthusiastic members of this organization come to the monthly meetings for the interesting programs or for the "eats" afterwards. While the latter proves to be an important attraction, Miss Jones, the sponsor, has created a real interest in music and prepares people for membership in Senior Music Club under the leadership of Mrs. Cotton. This club cannot boast of any great geniuses but rather a friendly group of boys and girls showing interest and inclination toward musical lines. Who knows but that using the Junior Music Club as a just stepping stone to the Senior Club some of our students may bring back great fame to New Trier in the musical world in years to come? Page 54 . .. . . , . ,,,, ,rr , Miss Stanwood Broad Mr. Van Kirk DRAMATICS The Dramatic Club is justly proud of its record for 1932. The Club's Social Com- mittee undertook to arrange for the regular monthly meetings and has acquitted itself of the task nobly. Through the efforts of the Committee, such interesting programs as, a walking rehearsal by members of the Faculty Dramatic Club, a lecture on "makeup" by Mr. Baird of Northwestern, and other equally good programs have been presented. Aside from the meetings, by far the most important activity of the Dramatic Club is the production of plays. This year a total of three plays was given. "Little Women" by Louisa May Alcott was presented in March with an all-school cast. The story, which is almost a part of Childhood, is known to everyone. New Trier greeted the play enthusiastically and Went away feeling that full Value had been re- ceived. This large attendance at the opening performance was highly gratifying to the Dramatic Club and lent much assurance to its later efforts. Two one act plays, "Man Who Married a Dumb Wife" by France and "The Ghost Story" by Tarkington, were presented by the freshmen and sophomores on March 19th. The underclassmen took hold of their parts in a very professional manner much to the elation of fathers, mothers, relatives, and the rest of the audience. CAST OF PURPLE NIASK First Row-N. Shapker, M. E. Collyer, W. Sundlof, H. Holton, P. Husting, L. Champlin, W. Merrill, M. E. Graham, R. Delandcr. Second Row-D. Cardy, Knowles, G. Browning, G. Van Treuren, L. Buckmastcr, N. Harriss, J. Broad, C. Schmidt, R. Hess. Third Row-J. DeBeers, J. Dement, K. Stilling, B. Sparks, M. Cobb, L. Krupnick, F. Ellis, E. Howard. Page 55 ACTIVE DRAMATIC CLUB Third Row-B. Howard, R. Romig, H. Kinne, P. Dubsky, N. Putnam, E. Culver, D. Simpson, M. Cobb, E. Cnzzens, I. Bull, G. Yeoman, C. Hanson, P. Phillips. Second Row-B. Ellison, E. Bickham, A. Brown, V. jones, L. Buskmascer, K. Hepburn, B. Merriman, E. Cassel, D. Rnutsong, A. Edmonds, G. Bersch, F. Sellery. First Row-A. Ackermnnn, N. Fisher, C. Brown, R. Hoagland, V. Flannery, B. Brown, J. Kampmeier, M. Kahler, B. Sheldon, C. Orvis, B. Fletcher, J. Moore. In May the seniors and juniors climaxed the season with a presentation of "The Purple Mask" by Paul Armont. Unbelievable kidnappings, dark intrigue, a-nd tender romance, are all characteristics of this fast-moving drama. The settings for the five acts of the play represent a vast amount of work on the part of the Stage Crew and Property Staff and certainly a large measure of credit is due to these organizations. PROBATIONARY AND PLAYER DRAMATIC CLUB First Row-N. May, E. Hirsch, ij. Broad, kj. Dcment, 'l'S. Date, 41. Haskin, M. E. Graham, L. Moore. Second Row-C. McGivern, H. Orvis, T. Robertson, B. Weston, A. Burge, R. Sager. Third Row-J. Strauss, 'l'j. Lauritson, L. Maguire, QP. Hosking, QR. Sparks, C. Davis, B. Bishop. 'Players Page 56 . CAST OF LITTLE WOMEN First Row-J. Kampmeier, D. Simpson, S. Romig, D. Routsong, M. Kahler. Second Row-J. Bull, S. Date, J. Dement, B. Brown. As in previous years, Miss Stanwood and Mr. Van Kirk have shaped the course of Dramatics at New Trier to a successful conclusion. They have given unstintingly of their time in coaching the plays :md in guiding the destiny of the Club. In return for this, the members of the Dramatic Club tender their deep appreciation to both Miss Stanwood and Mr. Van Kirk. The stage crew and property staff assist greatly in producing the high quality plays that distinguish New Trier. The six boys who make up the Stage Crew have, under the direction of Miss Grover, contributed much in the way of sets and scenery. to the three major productions of the year. The settings for the Senior play were the most elaborate, and therefore the most difficult piece of work undertaken. STAGE AND PROPERTIES CREW First Row-G. Yeoman, R. Hoaglund, J. Lauritson, I. Haskin, P. Hosking. Second Row-L. Russell, A. Ackermann, F. Carey, J. Moore. Page 5 7 '.,.., f . - . . Mr. Carpenter Kinne Ostrom ECHOES 19 3 2 The Echoes Staff this year faces problems more difficult than in any preceding year. Not only the ever-present "Depression," with its ensuing lack of ready cash and difficulty in obtaining advertisements, but in March the possibility of New Trier's closing stood in our way. There was a lengthy discussion over the differently priced books, but this Echoes won. We feel that in it we have successfully carried out our aims: we have an inexpensive book, yet one in which all activities and events are fully and interestingly covered, a book which represents to the Seniors a summary of their four years' work, and which we hope will be a guide and inspiration to the members of the other classes. If we have done these things successfully, if We have lived up to the high standards set us by our predecessors, and if we have perhaps set a new goal for our successors, we feel more than repaid for the hard work and long hours we have spent on this book. We hope you like it! EDITORS OF ECHOES First Row-T. Waclis, Erickson, H. Kinne, Mr. Carpenter, R. Ostrom, E. Howard, E. Wade, J. Broad. Second Row-I. Haskin, P. Philips, H. Holton, L. Wolf, B. Kidd, B. Dostal, H. Widdcn, E. Kriebel, J, Mcllraith. Page 58 1 i ' E r I Ed itors-in-Chic f Harry C. Kinne Rennolds Ostrom Snapshots Albert Ackerman, Asst. Sarah Cardy Frank Eager Janet Mcllraith, Editor Bob Hess June Nelson Marie Skog Grace Hirschberg Craig Stoddard Harriet Wright Boys' Athletics George Browning Laurence Buckmaster Frank Church Colin Finlayson, Editor Harry Gillogly Bill Kidd, Ast. Charles Leonard Bill Miller Bill Pavey Donald Pavlicek Tom Sinding Group Pictures Albert Barker Bud Howard, Editor Virginia Jones Dick Oliver Ada Reasner Clyde Warble, Asst. Associate Editor Janc Erickson Business Manager Paul Philips Album Section Betty Dostal, Editor Margaret Gould Bruce Griffen Bob Leonard Margaret Lindstrom Mazic Mouat James Will Organizations Don Alford Daphne Bjorkland Helen Holton, Editor Ray Kimbell Anne Linn Harriet McDermott Bob Wagner Activities John Beckman Alison Burge Phyllis Dubsky Lucy Jonas Earl Moss Bob Nason Nancy Rutledge Girls' Athletics Eleanor Culver Margaret Ebeling Esther Kriebel, Editor Beth Macllraith Frances Payne Jane Sundlof Margaret Thiel Aflvertising Ralph Burkhardt Dolores Chatard Donald Cardy Dwight Green Kathleen Harvey Grace Hirschberg Dorothy Hazlewood William Jackson Ruth Johnson Jane Lundahl Albert Reichmann Katherine Thompson Jack Waxler Harvey Whidden, Mgr. Circulation Marion Barber Jane Dement Martha Gilhofer Claude Hamilton Albert Lind Janet McNulty, Asst. Eugene Procknow Virginia Rich Girard Schilbach John Struggles Leonard Wolff, Editor Typing Staff Olive Brower Isabel Haskin, Head Typist Eleanor Mayer Mary Thaleg Ojicv Staff James McNulty Robert Nickel Page 59 GAVEL CLUB The Gavel Club is an organization that is sponsored by Mr. MacLean. The purpose of the club is to further interest in debating. At the meetings, which are held monthly, debates are held, which are given by the members. Debating questions are discussed and occasionally an outside speaker is brought in who is likely to be interesting to all the members. Anyone interested in debating is eligible for entrance. The underclass- men are welcomed because it is hoped they will furnish material for future New Trier teams. This hope has been realized as several underclassmn formerly members, are now on the team. Mr. MacLean gives a great deal of aid to the club. The debates give the students practice in extemporaneous speaking as well as in prepared speeches. The club had a very successful year, giving one party at the home of a member. F ORENSIC BOARD Under the able sponsorship of Coach Chester E. MacLean, the Forensic Board worked very successfully this year. Leonard Krupnich was the manager of the Board and Carl Enchelmayer, assistant manager. Albert Ackermann, Alice Freeman, john Griiiith were other members who did outstanding work. The purpose of this Board is to act as executive body for the Debate Teams, and the Gavel Club, an organization which aims to give its members practice i-n debating and extemporaneous speeches. The Board was also able to secure a number of prominent speakers throughout the year. Maj. Griffith of XVinnetka, the commissioner of athletics for the Big Ten, and the Honorable Ray West, former Secretary of the Interior, are only two of the speakers. The members of the Board are: Paul Netterstrom, Albert Ackermann, John Curtis, Don Nelson, Tom Antrim, and Lambert Maguire. The Riley Memorial Cup for Effective Debating was awarded last year to Paul Netterstrom, the captain of the Negative Team, and the Elmer Baker Memorial Trophy for Loyalty, Cooperation, and Perseverance, to john Curtis CSZQ. GAVEL CLUB First Row-J. Elder, G. Pancoe, L. Krupnick, A. Lupean, L. Maguire, M. Leslie, T. Antrim, E. Sichapiro. Second Row-A. Freeman, W. Kline, J. Grifiith, B. Ellison, G. Walker, T. Wax. Third Row-A. Ackerman, R. Oliver, C. Wai-ble, E. Bolderwick, H. Kinne, E. Howard, J. Kingery. Page 6 0 1 FORENSIC BOARD First Row-J. Griflitli, Alice Freeman, Chester Maclean. Second Row--A. Ackerman, L. Krupnick. GAVEL CLUB OFFICERS Lambert Maguire . . . ........... ...... 1 'resident Tom Antrim .... . . .Vice-President Mary Alice Leslie. . . ....... Secretary John Griiiith ........,............................ Treasurer The Gavel Club, one of the Forensic Activities, under the Forensic Board had an unusual number of members this year. DEBATE TEAM First Row-J. Kingery, B. Klein, A. Lupein, Mr. McLean, G. Pancoe, G. Walker, L. Krupnick. Second Row-B. Ellison, T. Antrim, J. Donahue, L. Maguire, D. Nelson, A. Ackerman, J. Griffith. Page 61 l H ORATGRY Because of a change of policy on the part of the Daily News, our orators did not have the usual opportunity of participating in the National Oratorical Contest. In past years, this contest and the Union League Contest have always aroused the greatest interest both in the student body and in the speakers themselves. As could be expected, there was much disappointment when the Daily News an- nounced it would no longer sponsor the National Contest in the Chicago district. However this fact did not serve to keep John Beckman from capturing a third place in the Union League event. John is probably New Trier's outstanding possibility for 1933. On December 11, a Freshman Oratorical Contest was sponsored by the Wilmettc Rotary Club with four cash prizes for the winners. From a group of twenty-seven contestants, Marjorie Flanigan was awarded first placeg Anna Marie Booz and Ralph' Rockwood tied for the next two prizes, and William Cassell carried off the remaining honors. This was the first venture into a Freshman contest at New Trier and judging from its success there should be many more to follow. Mr. Reiley looks forward to next year's work with a justifiable degree of optimism and confides to the Echoes that his highest hopes are centered on the Illinois Literary Association Contest and on the National Oratorical Contest in 1933. First Row-NV. Cassell, M. Flannigam, J. Beckman, F. Reily, L. Krupnick, A. M. Booz, R. Rockwood. Second Row-R. Fletcher, M. Petersen, J. Horsting, M. West, M. Vleiler, J. Tinner. Page 62 .5 4 I Fvvnamwmvw.-fwvwmnwwwvmfw,rwwmMav.-w'vLfHF-"'!-ig" '11-:r.,,+1f ilxvae-fs-af-wv.K.2-iff-"5-'f'f:"1'f'm?'?""'J':"""""""'j,f"""""' I NA r' , Q ,' 1 ,. ' ' " E 'Y""""""f xx ,R H5 f fr , 5 2 5 K 'XX-.M ,,,. V 11 ,, f , gg Q 1 , N Q ' Z i I 1, X ' fl ' - 57:7 ,s f Q L, g g v4,:A,:L,74 'l-4 3 ig X an H 7 V, , V Y - V , , - 63- U fl I "A'N' -4: 1 'H 'Mag , ' 'X If 'L w f F ' 2 f ' 2. ,. A f " g x + A ii 2 lf A 1 YQ I , H525 vw i L- 'Q' 'f 1 M ' Q .ff 1-'fffi . 'Q-V, - H 4 Q ii W2-.ff w f b- , X-. pie 1 Q Q 5 , Rh 4 , ,I i ANAL., - ritn? if i Wg, A,,V,f qginjzl V V .Ka I f , 3 -,.- -ff' S ' ' A' --'QMS A Qi- 75-,V if 3 2 N .' ,f ,ff ,- -"N: W -', Q JEL NH 5 5 H EE , .1 gf? -gl 3 3 -15 ' 5 f, 2 A V , k' 'SC' I .Ji . X" f' f-J 9 , 3 4? .' " -- Z E 5-'Fil' ' 4'7" W 'QV' .,, 5 " 4 'haf' 7' 5 4 6:1 ff ' if ' ' ,. ' ii 11 I, ,iff jug XL N M "'xx i ',7ir"" . ..- .y X4.- 3 ' S 1 2 ? if42'ANQ1'f ' -' J 3 E 5 3 'Sf-:gn I, .73 ' 3 5 C Jxils 5 I hi 4 4 . N-?fi:.,f I 'W"'f'- 'fwfff A A " z:,wLP l I A 5 i vw., A ' Q g 7-Q-7'1,iTN f1sf -fjfigljf . v 55 , i 5 1 Y ' F "" hu' TM' .4. ,. LHFJ' ' , J f "' ' i ge A F V1,R 'w exwfff 'XXV' 5 V i ax-'."N:,""4' I E 'sf L ' 6 M 'K' 1' ffblflw ' ful" "I Q if 4 .i Q 5:52 f 5, Nlffi '. 4 'X 2 A 1 2 2 2' if Eff Q I V I, mn- . U i., W i ,Hg A, V Q 5 ' 2 1 5 .5 lsfhlx r , s " A E -- ff--'--'-M' "' 'V ? fi g ,, Y YQ .f Xu 2 if Q +-M 2 X 5 2 f , N Xi-Q H f ' A 2' xg F 3 ' .J L , 342 J Q 6 inf,-we-ezafm,:,ff..1w1wm.1:a':ffMfww.:-Y7.-my yw':w:,A- -,.,,-yr ,-mfgs.-4' V..-1,-fw,-10,34-..fa+-wp.,,.,4.,,..N4,Q,:3.,,4,,,11:a,,g,4a,5A5,,,h,t,,,ge-,,,,3,A,,,,Q,,,y.,4f,,3.g,.-rw-1 .f-,.Qu-,fy ,Q-1 ,,-,.3,.,-,,.,....,,.f,,,f,-..,,g,.,-1.w-..,..,,,L,W ',-7 gx5g+4fg5mfH121Fwwwx,,,: sefawhiw-1-Mf'S'rfJa1 F' ,,..,,,, 1,,hp ,,d,J,, VU., Q, ,, 1.,,,.4.,,. ,mi ,,,,,:,,,,Q,g,.q,J 'G gc r .f l l M 1 1.. v V i I l I 1 v i I E L... Curtis Bickham THE NEWS NOTES New Trier has had no independently published school paper for the past three years, because of lack of support on the part of the majority of the student body. Instead, school news had been printed in the weekly local papers through the kindness of Mr. Lloyd Hollister of Wilmette. In January of this year, the News N'otes staff started work under the direction of Mr. Robert H. Carpenter of the faculty. He appointed Mary Jane Curtis as editor-in-chief and Emma Bickham as her assistant. Work slowly got under way, and in three weeks was running smoothly. Due to the depression, heat and light were turned off after 3:30 and the staff had to labor diligently in the cold, dark typing room until closing hours. The ambitious journalists felt that the work was worth the extra and unusual labor however, as they were very anxious that New Trier township parents and students should have some definite means of obtaining news of New Trier activities. The editors are to be commended for their unceasing work, and the staff, in turn, for their cooperation. The feature writers did excellent work with their columns. Bob Hess had the humor column, Mary Elizabeth Collyer the Inquiring Reporter, Eileen Burke the Girls' Athletics, and Bob Leonard and Laurence Buckmaster the Boys' Athletics. NEXVS NOTES STAFF First Row-B. Hicks, M. Mockler, E. Burke, M. E. Collier, B. Leonard, M. J. Curtis, Editor, E. Bickam, L. Cowan, M. Waters, E. Moss, J. Orwig. Second Row-J. Cosner, J. Straus, McConnell, B. Mcllraith, A. Burge, D. Deacon, B. Clark, L. W'hite, J. Horton, J. Kehl, B. Burns. Third Row-C. Warblc, V. Grigsby, H. Kinne, M. Mouat, G. Everett, L. Krupnick, F. Scllery, S. Schuman, E. Culver, B. XVerden. Page 6 1 LENS CLUB OFFICERS Bob Hess ........ ..,........ ....... P r esident, Janet McNulty .... .... V ffl?-PP'C'Sil1iE'lIf Lauretta Anderson . . . ....... Secretary Ed Doyle .,....... . . ..... .... ..... T 1' vasurer If the popularity of a club can be determined by the size of its membership Lens Club rates very highly with the students of New Trier, having an active membership of 180. But what can make a club so popular? No doubt it is the pleasing and con- genial personality of its sponser, Mr. Herron, coupled with the vast amount of interest photography offers. Lens Club meetings are held once a month at which time the members are entertained by the talent in the club, short reels, and talks on photography. At one of the meetings the all-school movie, "Two Eggs and a Chicken," was shown to the club. This amusing film was taken by last year's Lens Club and the scenario was written by Fred Wetterer. Plans are being made for another school movie to be begun immediately after Spring Vacation. Two scenarios submitted by Fred Wetterer and Ned Shapker are being con- sidered and others are in the making. The scenes are laid in and around New Trier and the actors are New Trierites. The movie is being looked forward to with much anticipation and interest. The aim of the club is to encourage and promote interest in photography among its members. The club inspires the photographers toward perfection by having them turn in snapshots each meeting, the best of which are posted on the bulletin board. A committee of four enjoyed a trip to the photographic department of the Daily News. - Any student can become a member of this fascinating club if he shows sufficient interest in photography. Page 64 THE COMMERCIAL CLUB I 1 I Q OFFICERS I Walter Wanger . . . ........... ....... P rcsirlenzf - Ruth Johnson .... Vice-President , Anita' Johnson .. ..,... Secretary Norman johnson . . ........ Treasurer f Dorothy Fox .. ...Social Chairman The purpose of the Commercial Club is to promote social and educational activities among the students of the Commerce Department. Any student taking one or more Commerce subjects may join. The club has 65 members this year. The irst social event of the year, a Hallowe'en Party at the home of the Club's sponsor, Mr. Johnson, was a great success. Other social affairs' included a Christmas meeting with presents and refreshments for all, a spring party at the home of a member, and finally a beach party. Educational events consisted of the showing of several interesting films and the staging of a business play in the Girls' Study Building. During the May meeting of che club all members, whom the Commerce teachers were quite certain they could recommend to the best kind of business positions, were elected to the Honor Division of the club and were presented with the Honor Division Emblem by the Sponsor. The history of the Club over a period of ten years indicates that the judgment of the teachers in selecting those thus honored is quite accurate. There are no failures to date among Honor Division members who have started business careers. First Row-E. Rouley, E. Peterson, E. Steele, R. Peuckert, W. Wenger, D. Fox, Mr. Johnson, R. John- son, N. johnson, M. Meyer, M. Borre, E. Riva, R. Swanson, H. Beck. Second Row-F. Schmitz, G. Coley, A. Struebing, A. Coutre, H. Middendorf, R. Balmes, R. Horky, S. Zaremba, E. Engelhardt, K. Harvey, J. Scrimgeour, A. Komen, H. Sticken, I. Clegg, A. Lundquist, M. Schauffler, L. Steffens, M. Koza, V. Anderson. Third Row-D. Chatard, C. Davis, M. Thruman, R. Anderson, D. Bergh, W. Hawkinson, M. Russell, H. Reinwald, L. Walkey, XV. Schmidt, M. Hiebner, H. Sauvage, M. Thalman, F. Rochlitz, V. Lance, V. Anderson, P. HHPP, M. Benz. Page 65 -A THE SPORTS CLUB The motto of the Sports Club is "Sports and Sportsmanship for all." Athletes-barring the rowdy type-are universally in accord with the belief that sports become more appealing if they are promoted in a business-like manner and officiated efficiently. It was with this thought in mind that Mr. Showley orga-nized the Sports Club four years ago when we came into the use of the new Leslie F. Gates gymnasium. Since every graduation has depleted the Club of its more experienced members, there has always been a rebuilding process taking place in which it has been necessary to assign less experienced oilicials to some games. High school refereeing at the best cannot hope to approach the professional officiating which is seen at the interscholastic games. It is true that some protests are entered occasionally, but on the whole, improve- ment in the players' attitude towfard the work of the Sports Club has been noticeable in the 1931-'32 season. A very important project undertaken by the Club this year has been the supervision of the field house during the lunch periods. This was done because the School Board found it necessary to ask that some organization protect property and maintain order. It was decided that the best Way to keep students from getting into trouble in the gym was to furnish some recreation. The Sports Cl'ub has given up its time to the issuing of equipment for indoor ball games, ping-pong, and golf driving practice. All in all, the Club has enjoyed a very profitable season. Its real worth, however, will be proven only with the successful development in years to come of those new members taken in during their Freshmen and Sophomore years. First Row-G. Cole, H. DeTamble, J. Melcher, A. Morris, D. Showley, W. Kidd, G. Everett, C. Leonard, L. Buckmaster. ' H Second Row-P. Crawford, F. Taber, R. Leonard, J. Zinner, L. Lcpman, R. Torrey, D. Rahn, D. Har- rison, L. Greenbaum. Third Row-F. Eager, L. Skog, J. Vandervries, A. Barker, F. Gilgis, M. Frankel, QP. Hola, E. Arden. Page 66 William Smyth .. Marie Skog .... Arthur West .... THE RIFLE CLUB OFFICERS William Ray ........ John and Jas. Luke. Clinton Demmon ..... .... Mr. W. S. Brown. . . . , . . .President . . . .Vice-President . . . . . . .Secretary . . . . . .Treasurer . . . .Range Officers . Team Manager Faculty Sponsor The Rifle Club was organized in 1925 for the purpose of acquainting the boys and girls with the rudirnents of rifle shooting and the care and safe use of firearms. The club is affiliated with the National Rifle Association and members are eligible to compete for diplomas and medals through all the stages to Expert Riflemen and Distinguished Rifleman status. In the National Interscholastic Tyros Team match which we won in 1930 and 1931 our two teams placed 3rd and 4th. The high five members of the placing 3rd received N. R. A. medals, so Arthur West, Wm. Ray, Gardiner Johnson, Jas. Luke and Walter Wanger are no longer Tyros. The Girls' team took part in the Girls' Interscholastic National team match, che result of which has not come to hand. So far the record of the team has been extremely good, having Won more than three- fourths of its matches. New Trier's 1932 team broke all former records by scoring 498 out of a possible 500. The club has an enrollment of 60 members, 30 of whom shoot regularly as a member of one of the three teams. 1 Y, 1 Page 67 RADIO CLUB The Radio Club is a small group that is interested in amateur radio. There are seven licensed operaters in the club that have government licenses. This year two more operators passed their examinations: Torn Hildebrand and Carlton Ross. The club has featured some very unique talks by outside speakers. In room 411 there is a modern short wave S0 watt transmitter and receiver which has been rebuilt this year. Mr. Jones is che club sponsor. The ofiicers of the club are as follows: President, Ben Brion W9BGOg Vice-President, Bob Howard NV9VMg Secretary, Lewis Birdsall W9BSV3 and last but not least James Richs, Chief Operator, W9DHH. First Row-R. Hoffman, B. Brion, Mr. Jones, J. Ricks, B. Howard, L. Birdsall. Second Row-L. Kornblith, R. Pickard, R. Barret, R. Blomcier, J. Millington, B. Noya. Page 6 8 SERVICE CLUB OFFICERS Mazie Mouat .. .......... .... P resident Marion Barber ........ . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Svcrelary The Service Club consists of about forty students. These girls volunteer two periods a week to assist in the Nurses, ofiice. The Club is affiliated with the Junior Red Cross and at the end of each year the members who complete the work receive the Red Cross certificate for Home Nursing and First Aid. Under the able leadership of Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Boice the girls have become more and more valuable to the administration of health in the school. They do clerical work, help to care for the equipment and supplies in the Health office, learn the rudi- ments of home nursing and attend to the students who come to the ofhce in need of first aid. This frees the Health counsellors for educational work. At the end of the year the girls receive Service Club pins, which are given by the School in acknowledemgnt of their helpful efforts and the sacrifice of time and energy. In addition to this, they gain in poise and in professional attitude and acquire consid- erable knowledge of simple nursing procedure. Year by year the Service Club has grown into more usefulness in serving others. The Service Club was formed in 1925. The requirements for membership are: a fairly good record in scholarship, the parents' signature and a desire to serve. The attitude and general character of the club are most satisfactory. The girls are more than wiilling to do their share of the work and they all try to give the best service they can. Because of this assistance the Health Department is able to carry on better and more quickly the many activities necessary in the prevention of illness among the students. The girls have done as well this year as they have done in the past. First Row-J. Gourlay, H. Leach, C. Wagner, O. Brower, G. Van Trueron, F. Gripe, Mrs. Moore, M. Mouat, Mrs. Boice, M, Barber, J. Brunson, L. Moore, J. Nelson, M. Lepman, S, Stoerk. Second Row-J. Smith, E. Stiles, M. Nevins, M. Kahler, R. Wilkins, S. Cardy, A. Fraser, A. Halley, M. Kirkwood, A. Burge, M. Adegaand, V. Smith, M. Strauss, G. Vosburgh, J. Wilder, V. Guoudane, B. Kirwan. Third Row-C. Mompier, E. Chichester, J. Hankins, M. Fowler, F. Ellis, J. Russell, J. Scarrett, N. Haugan, E. Culver, H. Bower, L. Wagner, J. Dement, F. Nelson, D. Bersch, E. Balhatchet. Page 69 FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS Margaret Gould ..., ........... ....... P r esident Charles Pick ..... .... V ice-Presin'eut Louise Varney . . . ......, Secretary James Kingery . . . ..... Treasurer The French Club has been reorganized with the sole purpose in mind of furthering acquaintance with the French language and the French people. Since this is the purpose the laws have been changed to permit anyone interested in French to become a member regardless of grade, which formerly restricted membership. This year the meetings have been held once a month and have brought forth a big attendance. Among the speakers have been Miss Sentney wlho spoke on her recent trip to Japan, Mlle. Jenart who spoke on the French colonial exposition, and Mr. Simpson who gave movies of Paris with explanations. These have served to give glimpses of French life and to hear French. Business meetings conducted in' French and a tea at which we sang, played French games and worked cross-word puzzles in French gave us a chance to try our own French on each other. Dues were not collected this year for obvious reasons. The only collection was for the tea since the coffers were nearly emptied by the purchase of a tax warrant of gen- erous denomination. However, we have gotten along well without full dues and we Wish following clubs as much success as we have had. 'Page 70 CHESS CLUB OFFICERS Eugene Harper . . , ............. President Herbert Savage .. ..,.....,. 'Vice-President Lucy Ann Jonas .... .... S erretary and Treasurer Eugene Harper .... .......... T cam Captain The New Trier Chess Club is one of the most important clubs of New Trier, about which, however, very little is known. Although the club has a good enrollment the majority of the student body knows little or nothing concerning the activities. This club is an organization founded for the purpose of furnishing competition for the chess players of the school and, most important, of building up the intellect of those who wish to join. The game of chess is one that cannot be played and won by mechanical skill alone, it requires the power to think correctly. You do not have to know how to play chess to become a member of this organization for the game is taught to those who desire to learn it. However, knowledge of the game will be very helpful. A chess team is chosen from those ranking highest in the "Round Robin' tournament which is maintained throughout the entire year. This team plays interscholastic matches with teams of other high schools. In the past New Trier has been very successful in her chess matches, for only upon rare occasions has she been defeated. There is constant, keen competition within the club, for all the members play to protect their individual positions from their aspirants and if possible to supplant one of the players in the rank above them. Consolation games are held at practically every meeting and at times between meetings. In this way many helpful suggestions are garnered and chess problems solved.' Different types of attack and defense are shown and discussed to the advantage of every player. Although the New Trier Chess Club does not guarantee to make an ace of every member it does guarantee to improve his playing to a great extent. First Row-R. Sefar, B. Youngquist, R. Thompson, J. Schumacker, F. Gripe, W. Norris. Second Row-H. Bakkems, T. McCann, J. DeBeers, E. Harper, E. Schmidt, M. Heberholtz, H. Sanvage. Page 71 GEOLOGY CLUB OFFICERS Milton Vore ....,. ..,........ ....... P r esident Paul Netterstrom , . . ..., Vicr'-President Frank Williams . . ..... Treasurer Bill Pavey ........... ,... . . . . . . . . .,.. Secretary During the past year the Geology club, under the able sponsorship of Mr. Hildebrand, has been engaged upon a geological study of the Chicago region. Every two weeks talks and discussions have been given by the members of the club on subjects relating' to the geological history of our section of Illinois. The field trips proved to be very popular as evidenced by the number of persons who were always ready to go exploring in the Lyman's yellow Ford car. The limestone quarries at LaGrange, the open pit coal mine at Wilmington, and the Indian mounds at Lewistown were some of the localities visited during the year. More than ten trips have been made this year. For several years the Geology Club has been affiliated with the Illinois Junior Academy of Science. In this way it is able to keep in touch with other clubs of similar nature. Contrary to belief, members of the Geology Club are 'not "fossils" but are very much alive and able to carry on the work of the club. One does not have to be versed in geology to have an interesting time at the meetings or on field trips. A First Row-V. Green, M. Mouat, G. Browning, V. Davis, P. Netterstrom, Mr. Hildebrand, A. Dei-nehl, T. Hosking, R. Schilback, P. Leach. Second Row--H. Savage, F. Polzen, T. Robertson, S. Everett, J. Millington, R. Balmcs, H. Meyer, D. Cardy. Third Row-D. Longini, H. Schmidt, F. Hilpert, joliansnn, W. Pavey, R. Nelson, L. Huff, G. Yeoman, . R. Samway. Page 72 GERMAN CLUB OFFICERS i Arnold Sobel . . ........... ....... P resident Ruth Moll ...,... . , .Vice-Prcsidcrzt Cornelia Kuc-:Ener .. ..... Secretary Theo Robertson ............................,...... Treasurer The German Club is under the able sponsorship of Miss Karst. The club aims to increase the knowledge of its members concerning German culture and customs and the meetings which are conducted in German are planned with such an aim in view. The meetings are held once a month and attendance of the 25 members is strictly emphasized. At Christmas time a delightful party was held. During the year members of the club have entertained with their talent, and a German student at Northwestern Uni- versity lectured to the club. At one of the meetings Mrs. Paul Gilbert was presented, she sang several German selections. Two German plays were produced on April 29, "Gunstige Vorzeichenn and "Eigen- sinn." For those readers who do not understand German it is best that We mention that the former play means "Good Omens" and the latter, "Stubbornness.,' The club hopes that its purpose has been fulfilled and that it has furnished its mem- bers with many hours of pleasure. K First Row-A. Borovieka, A. Goelz, C. Kueifner, T. Robertson, Miss Karst, A. Sobel, R. Moll, E. Thompson, V. McConnell, E. Angelbeck. Second Row--G. Reinhardt, G. Vonlleinsberg, H. Woldenberg, V. Raclin, A. Gruber, "F, Mueller, M. Hecht, J. Kampmeier, J. Griiiith, S. Brooks. Third Row-V. Lang, A. Ebeling, C. Knapp, D. Meves, J. Beckmann, E. Boldenwick, P. Netterstrom, M. Russell, M. Benz, G. Birlane. Page 73 SCRIBLERUS CLUB OFFICERS Virginia McConnell . . ....,..,... , .,..... President Jerome Straus ..., .......... V ice-President Sylvia Boynton ..,. . . .Secretary and Treasurer The Scriblerus Club is a literary organization composed of the "intellectuals" of New Trier. A membership is very exclusive and one to be proud of, for the number of members is limited to one person for each hundred pupils i-n the school. The total membership for this year is 19 choice students. Application for membership can be made by submitting some form of literary work which is read and voted on by the members of the club without knowing who the author is. Of the 40 who tried out only 10 passed approval. The club is restricted to 2 sophomores and upper classmen. Miss Hamilton and Mr. Pifer are the sponsors of Scriblerus and a great part of the success of the club is due to their efforts. Meeti-ngs are held twice a month during which time the members are entertained by outside speakers or work on their own material. Mr. VanKirk of the English De- partment who has made an extensive study on versification of poetry gave a series of talks and with his aid the members attempted to try their skill at versification. Another prominent speaker was Mr. Neil M. Clark, a writer for the American Magazine, who discussed the art of Writing. Each year the works of the members are entered in the Scholastic Literary Contest the results of which are revealed in June. Plans are being made for a picnic in the Forest Preserves sometime in May. To help its members write better and more easily is the aim of the Scriblerus Club. First Row-B. Klein, G. Glenz, J. Straus, S. Boynton, Mr. Pifer, V. McConnell, B. Rothschild, R. Moll, R. Coale. Second Row-B. Levinson, J. Mathieson, M. Suibold, F. Carey, G. Hunt, M. Gilhofer, D. Martin, E. Bickham, B. Fletcher, E. Moulding. Page 74 ORNITHOLOGY CLUB OFFICERS John Davidson . . . ........... . . ,....,.... Presirlent Ewing Johansen ,,... . . . ........... Vice-President John Kirby .....................,..... Secrcfary and Treasurer The Ornithology Club, which was organized to promote the interest in birds among the students, has succeeded fairly well this year by having thirty-five active members. At the first meeting of the year Mr. Hildebrand gave the club a very good outline to study the birds frequenting this territory. This outline was followed by students giving talks on the various points. The subjects dealt with the description, habits, and migration of birds that one may see in this section of Illinois. These helpful talks were supplemented by pictures, both movies and slides, taken by Mr. Hildebrand which depicted some of the key characteristics of birds. The club was very fortunate in having four federal bird banders as active members. The art of catching and banding birds cannot be acquired by everyone, and the infor- mation offered by these four members .was very beneficial to the rest of the club. A brief summary of what the Ornithology Club has produced since its organization may be of 'interest to the readers. Rolland Williams, the first student to acquire a ,federal bird banding permit, was very influential in exciting the interest of other members of the club. Harold Spinney, Dorland Davis and Robert King soon had permits and were doing great work in the field of banding. Ever since then others have stepped in to take their -place as they graduated. David Davis and Ted De Lang were the last to graduate and John Davidson, Paul Netterstrom, Stephen Brooks, and Ewing Johansen stepped in to take their place. The interest was so overwhelming that 8,000 birds were banded-by cooperators in this territory. Each spring the club is well represented in the Barnett Bird Contest which gives prizes for the best essays on birds. These are wise birds! First Row-E. Johansen, D. Cardy, E. Mayer, J. Davidsburg QPres.j, B. Schilbach, Mr. Hildebrand, A. Dernehl, P. Netterstrom. Second Row-E. Buchen, G. Browning, R. Baumes, P. Leach, I. Millington, R. Samway, M. Truesdale. Third Row-S. Brooks, B. Schmitt, H. Sauvage, G. Everitt, G. Yoeman, M. Meier. Page 7 5 r N INFORMATION DESK First Row-H. Fleming, B. Racine, J. Struggles, L. Farwell, B. Rothschild, D. Cardy, F. Williams, B. Long, A. Sobel, C. Weed. Second Row-J. Rosenberg, J. White, B. Leonard, A. Barker, F. Putt, B. Burns, I. Laing, H. Kinne, C. Brown, S. Minor. Third Row--J. Miller, R. Kimbell, B. Howard, M. Vore, B. Conliaim, F. Bennett, P. Hosking, G. Ray, A. Rice, N. Putnam. FRESHMAN BOYS' SERVICE CORPS First Row-A. Henrckson, B. Hillner, D. Weinstock, B. Candy, B. Wagiier, B. Robertson, C. Morean Second Row-R. Rockwood, R. Wilson, T. Hildebrandt, W. Lehle, L. Skog, H. Gottlcib, T. Smith, E. Ballard Page 7 6 GIRLS' OFFICE SERVICE CORP First Row-M. J. Collyer, C. Orvis, M. Meleney, E. Anderson, G. Vosburgh, M. Huddy, E. Alberga. Second Row-H. Jones, F. Kelley, D. Kunzer, M. Ericson, M. Skog, B. Loeb, H. Wright, M. J. Kellogg. Third Row-J. Dement, H. Green, L. Gnughman, F. Olson, A. Gerken, G. Hirsclmberg, G. Bkartlixgg, C. Yerkes, S. Za remba. SERVICE DESK GIRLS I First Row--C. Wagner, E. Kresge, J. Kehl. Second Row-M. Gilhofer, C. Holmes. Page 77 DOMECON CLUB First Row-R. Pavelcik, B. Collins, V. Buck, R. Johnson, M. J. Rich, Mrs. Lighter, C. Lawrence, C. Schmidt, L. Moore, G. Vosburgh, J. Knowles, A. Edmonds. Second Row-M. Thiel, J. Spinney, D. Hazelwood, J. Murray, J. Ericson, B. Schilback, K. McGivcn, H. White, R. Patton, M. A. Leslie, S. Samms, S. Wax, M. Macfadzean, E. Anderson, G. Burch. Third Row-M. Mouat, K. Harvey, A. Jarret, R. Wilkins, R. Seymour, J. Scarrett, M. F. Rogers, M. Wegncr, D. Tansill, H. Sexmith, J. Russell, M. Kirkwood, P. Happ, B. Bennett, D. Good. ENGINEERING CLASS First Row-F. Rados, L. Smith, C. Hamilton, B. Waters, J. Enright, Mr. Biesemeier, W. Kunz, M. Doose, J. Dewar, L. Kossow. Second Row-J. Lauretson, J. Zipprich, N. Putnam, C. Williams, A. Katzel, D. Johnson, J. Straus, M. Gerringer, A. Chambers. ' ' Third Row-D. White, K. Reinhold, K. Simons,,D. Grantstrom, M. Eddinger, F. Appleyard, D. Walker, B. Smith, G. Eber, H. Cole, D. Norris. Page 7 8 RESERVE DESK LIBRARIANS First Row-E. Mayer, M. Watson, E. J. Bell, E. Strom, U. Wilson. Second Row-H. Orvis, N. Fischer, A. Burge, J. Moore, C. Orvis. LIBRARIAN CLASS First: Row-J. Moore,-V. Koomjian, R. Hoagland, I. Haskin, L. Brenner, H. Clarke. Second Row-B. Hirsch, V. McConnell, F. Mack, D. Bell, H. McDermott, L. Noyes, B. Loeb. Page 79 They Must be Popuiar i f. . p : fJVnJ9'S ' ' HQ1a. Yo uv Ha-ff! 7 S1fu s"' O, Nurse!! AAO f A r H Some Rubmgxlff Pg so USGS and the Boy! Ho doesm' Like it! 3 M - - -f A' W- . A ' .. 1:7 Q xi 5 KJ 5 Fi i w Q n 'S il if 2' .- ii i .v x v fi :E ,. 5 3 , 'K . fi' 5 3 3 3 " s Ei 4 3 5 ag E ,. A 3 1, gk x 5 11 sk K' .5 1 . 2 X' f KX , ... , 1 wa g 1 7 ' X sf is 'Sli ,V X z f Q X . in c - bmx' MMS-w--A-r --12. , limi " ' -f'- . rf X- MM . ' nk N IL fqgyk 9 i A 'vi-Q, ff 'f "+ kN:ff.Q ,Q z 1 f Q Q N .La 1 A , 1 i Q l 1 La , 1 'Iw i ' P lx' ' 'W ' N f f if x ' fl- ' Y K , 4 A ,Rf , W1 f,, . 'N 1 - - y " ' Y ' ' 3 . " V . qu -+2 1 ..' . , AA K Q Xi Q ax Hg 5 . 'f' ?'?A MK L fffa X :Q V ' A , 1 1 f f 2 ' 'L ." - N 1 , X L - ,-1' '.. f f . JR?-.ff 4. 'V 'ax lf jx Yg?45?'B ' W ' , I TT T'M"'1"""N':1 1 ' ,K x Q. .1 M ' ' I 'b 1 x H ' , ,L -A +17 if:: .7 1 ., QL 3' ,fb , ,,,1f+jN Va X i if 9 : , , 'F Q L ' kf 5 f 'b-,,k 1 . V Q. ,J-. : 1x5 I' X , Q 1 5- x.4 1 . H, ki-14 - Vqkl VIV 'gy V wi,k ,Kg ,b xg ig, , f E .Q . f lf us, ' Q 1 I , g i. Jkk 4 ' Q71 , 1 A Q Q- If 3 5? .X 3 I . 15 7 15' A -nf . , , - 'kfazg fl ' ' 1 2 K -, F' '. yfffs . F 5 il V f 'lv +f f fill ff - up , J i ix i I , 3, L N ,v-L ,V - Ji? Q ! ii , ' 2 g Q-,sy QW ' ' ' fr R- sh .' -5, si K M- V, , . wq NM., qt -,gl . ig N., t . -, J ji , 1 N? XJ- , dia 74, - 5!Kt'RN , ' 1, V' 2 I 23' ,'. 'l 1 I - ,V , '.,, , - r Y 'kt F 15 -. 'Q E M I . 1 ' A ,311 f" ' i Q 32 frggsfff f fgf' J?" f 5 f -R If Ni Q' , YM- k M-wwmwm M s 4' lt, ' fb -J' iffy! f,-5 4 Q Aff ' , , E I ,Lm.- , ,m, , . s M--2 V -' .I I -Nfgl. ii' 4 ' F ' V. ffv- ' 3Nx.,WA rw-'T' vw' VY f X . S, f Q ' ' X' b X Q 'JN " . I 2 p ..,.A.., ..-, -J9.fx,r',.,-v:..:Q-fr-2-fe-1, : ,-H - --L' rr- -7'--,L -,V.VY, Y ..,A,,,,5,,,,v .,n.v1-uvwwm--ns-w-w..4..,..,.. , s 1 f - , , , X f A 2 - ,V :J 'f : .. . 1.4 X :ff ak ' 'Q :asf :saw L Q- - ,L 'A , fi if .V N. , ,J b .-h - N. Q., l x E- :u.van:.v-.,.,-Qr..4a.u..,.,,4..n.-ww-.,sV-w-.f,v1,,f-,,E-,,..g,..-.Nwu.M-.,,....,...v.-.........,,,,,,,,.,,.,,,,.,Q..Q.-A....,,.,., ,..,,,,,,..w,.., X g' X H5 L.fiN WEL. :Q-A L ...L QQMMMWWYHA-,'w,--.X-1',-Q:f.M.:,-fmmw:-as-,.,,W..,..v1.4 X-f::f'f+w--A'-frgwffegz 1- ffmx1'1'M'W" bm.-Q-x,,.f ..Av-Kmzwwqvmfaw.-mm:w'm:ff-w-w'w'K Lywng.z.,..:f..1..f-tsmiwsfx-.Q .:.'.w-nz qx,....4..4.i.4agg5sg xvmzf-ef? P:-H -wma uxfslxpseffcff-c'f+vii'kQfz .Q-4e3:bs54fir'wxx'-1g'f.e1m'-:Ek af, W 5.1.5,-515 --:ncbi . Netterstrom Fraser Driver Church STATEMENT OF CLASS PRESIDENT Through four years the Class of 1932 has been united by common endeavors and mutual friendships. We have encountered difficulties on the way, but they have been ' suecessfully overcome. Now We are approaching the end of .our journey, and the road divides. We do not know where these diverging paths lead, nor what adventures await us. May We meet our futures joyously! Page R1 Joseph I. Adler, jr. "Buff, Winnetka Lens Club 33 Northwestern Mili- tary and Naval Academy 1, 2. Illinois Elaine Alberga. "Shorty,' Wilmettc G.A.A. 43 Numeral 33 Dancing IQ Tap 33 Dramatic Clubg Pro- bationary IQ Active 22 Blue Bird 23 Senior Service 43 Spanish Club x,2. Evanston Academy of Fine Arts Don Kent Alford A ' Winnetka Co-Chairman Dance Committee 45 Football 43 Swimming 3, 45 ju- nior Swimming 2, 31 Track ZQ Or- ganization Staif of Echoes 43 Rifle Club I, 2, 33 Team 2, 33 National Tyro Champions 33 Senn High 1. Michigan ' Eleanor Anderson "Andy', Winnetka Domecon Club. Michigan Lauretta Anderson Wilmette Swimming IQ Lens Club 1, 3, 4Q Secretary 4Q French Club 2, 3. U. of Southern California Loretta Anderson "Ret" Winnetka G.A.A.3 N.T.G.3 A.A. 2, 3, 45 N. 3, 43 Track 1, 25 Tumbling 1, 22 Baseball 33 Basketball 3, 42 Hockey 2, 3, 4g Basketball Head 3, 42 Ornithologist's I. Undecided ' Page 82 'Y ' .,i':P' Vera Anderson "Swede" Winnetk: Commercial Club x, 43 Domecoi Club 43 Health Council 4. Illinois Severt M. Anderson "Seve" Winnetka Int. Basketball I, 2, 3, 4g Basel ball I, 2, 3. Art .School Edward Richardson Arden "Ed" Wilmetn Class Social Committee IQ Foot- ball Manager 2, 3, 43 Numerals 3 Letter 42 Playground Ball r, 2, 3 43 Swimming I, 2, 3, 43 Junioi Orchestra IQ Senior Orchestra 1, 3 4Q Manager and Librarian 3, 4: Sports Club 4. Iowa State Fred Baker "Set-shot" Wilmetti Lightweight Basketball 4Q Letter 43 Track 42 Baseball 43 Central High, Syracuse, New York r, 2, 3. Notre Dame Margaret Baker "Marcie" Wilmettc Elizabeth Balhatchet "Bal" Wilmettt Junior Prom Chairman Decora- tionsg Senior Hop Social Chairmang Girls' Club Financial Chairman 43 Committee 31 G.A.A. rg N.T.G. A.A. 33 N. 42 Clogging 3,43 Head 3, 45 Hockey 23 Nat. Dancing r, 25 Probationary Member Dramatic Club IQ "Bluebird" rg Service Club 4g Student Council IQ Sports Board 3, 43 T.N.T. 43 Honor So- ciety 4Q News Representative xg Class Social Committee 2. Wellesley , , . I-al, . li' lbert F. Barker "Al" Wilnmette Senior Swimming Managerg Let- r 4g Football rg Track 4, Sports lub 2, 3, 4Q Lens Club 45 Group icture Staff Echoesg Information esk 4. Georgetown, Ky. race Bartling Glenview Class Social Committee 3, 43 ervice Club 3g Leaders Corps r, 3 Honor Group r, 2, 33 Honor ocicty 4g Registrar's Office 45 Stu- ent Council Alternate 2. Michigan us Bebas A Wilmette Baseball 2, 3, 4g Letter 3, 4g vanston High I. eter G. Bebas "Pete" Wilmettc Football SQ Evanston High 1. Alabama Don Becker W"iln1ette Golf 3, Lake Forest Academy 1,2. Rollins, Fla.- Robert James Beda "Jim" Glenview Rifle Club 3, 43 Team 3, 4g Lens Club 4. Notre Dame Foster Bennett . NVilmette Football 3, 4, Letter 4Q Fresh- Soph Football 15 Numerals ZQ Band I, 2, 3, 4, Honor Group r, 25 Usher Corps 45 Information Desk 4. Undecided Janet Raemy Benson "Benny" Wilmette Junior Orchestra IQ Senior Or- chestra 2, 3, junior Music Club rg Senior Music Club, 2, 3, 4. Beloit Dorothy Bergh "Dot" Winnetka G.A.A. 2, 3, 4g Commercial Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Service Club 4: Honor Division Commercial Club xi 2, 3, 4' Moser Daphne Bjorklund "Daffy" Wilmettc Class Program Representativeg Senior Gift Committee 42 Honor Society 43 Echoes Organizations Staff 45 Westport High School, Kansas City, Missouri 1, 2. Sullins Calvin Blair "Cal" Winnetka Basketball 2, 3, 4Q Volley Ball 3g Swimming r, 2, 3, 42 Water Polo zg Tennis Doubles 22 Golf 33 Baseball 1, 2, 33 Int. Football 1, 25 Stamp Club r, 2, 3, Rifle Club 4. Northwestern Doris Bland Glencoe Chess Club rg Stamp Club xg Lens Club 2. Wisconsin Page 35 -..,x Earle Blomeyer Winnetka Champion Basketball 4g Radio Club 42 Southwest High School, Kansas City, Mo. 1, 2. Northwestern Elaine Blumenthal "E" Glencoe G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Soccer 1, 2. University of Chicago Phyllis Bosley "Phil" Kenilworth Girls' Club Charity Committee 35 G.A.A. 2, 3, 4g French Club ZQ Chess Club I, 25 Honor Group IQ Honor Society 4. Illinois Helen Bower "Hay" Wilmette Class Program Committee x5 Class Decoration Committee 35 Girls' Club Financial Committee 23 Girls' Club Arrangements Commit- tee 45 G.A.A.5 N.T.G.A.A. 3, 4g Soccer I, 2, 3, 45 Student Council I, ZQ French Club 35 Lens Club 3, 4i N,T.O. ZQ Stamp Club ZQ Honor Group 2, 33 Honor Society 42 Echoes Advertising Staff 33 Echoes Snap-shot Staff 45 Service Club 3, 4- . . Swarthmore Arthur Boyajian ' Wilmette Class Runner-up Basketball 4g Band I, 2, 3, 41 Honor Group 35 Honor Society 4. Northwes tern Sylvia Patricia Boynton "Sliv" Winnetka Class Social Committee, 35 'Class Gift Committee 45 G.A.A.5 School Doubles Tennis Champions 42 Or- chestra z, 45 Scriblerus Club 2, 3, 43 President 35 Secretary 45 Chess Club IQ News Stat? 35 Leaders' Corp 1, lg Head of Tennis 4. Oberlin Page 84 l Ben Brion 7 Glencoq- Track z, 3, 45 Radio Club 2, 33 President 4. Purdue , Ed Bristol Wilmette John William Broad "Jack" Wilnxett Class Social Committee x5 Clas Gift Committee 4g Chairman Tri ship Dance Committee 43 Dramatic- Club x, 2, 3, 45 Player 3, 45 Pres- ident 45 "Bluebird" IQ "Disraeli" 25 "Purple Mask" 45 Student Coun- cil IQ Honor Group 1, 2, 35 Honor Society 45 Echoes Activity Staff 12 Staff Editor 4Q Gavel Club 3. Northwestern Stephen Elbert Brooks , "Steve" Wilmettel German Playg German Club 42x Spanish Club 35 N.T.O. 2, 3, 45 Secretary 32 Honor Group I, 2, 31 Honor Society 42 Barnett Bird Prize 4. Undecided Thomas Ludwig Brooks, Jri Winnetka Stage Crew 35 St. johns Military Academy 1, z. M.l.T. Olive Brower "Teenie" Wilmette G.A.A. i, 2, 3, 45 N.T.G.A.A. 35 N. 45 Hockey 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 35 Swimming 35 Echoes Typing Stal? 45 Service Club 3, 45 Runner Up Tennis Doubles 3. University of Washington ameron Brown "Cam" Glencoe Lightweight Basketball 45 Swim- ing IQ Track QInt.j 35 Int. Foot- all 43 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4Q Bluebird" x5 Mantuan 35 Rifle lub IQ Student Council IQ Alter- atc 25 Honor Group 2, IQ Honor ociety 42 Information Desk 4. Dartmouth Betty Brown "Brownie" Wilmette Girls' Club Friendly Committee 5 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4g N.T.G.A.A. , 4g Baseball I, 2, 35 Basketball x5 ealth Council z! Senior Service lternatc 4. Goucher George Browning, Jr. "Red" Wilmette Football Publicity Manager 4Q asketball Manager 4Q Band IS ramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 42 "Blue- ird" IQ "Mr. Scrooge" 2g Science lub IQ Lens Club 35 Geology lub 2, 3, 4g Echoes Sports Staff, 4. Armour ill Bruse Wilmette Orchestra 1, 21 Band I, 2, 3, 43 tudent Council I, 2. Undecided eorgia Burch "Georgie" Wilmette Dramatic Club 2, 3, 45 "The ittle Princess" lg Lens Club IQ omecon Club 45 Registrar's Of- ce 3. Illinois - illets Burnham Glencoe Robert McNeil Burns, II "Bob" Kenilworth Scriblerus C'lub I, 2, 33 Secre- tary 23 Lens Club 22 Usher Corps 42 News Notes 3, 45 Information Desk 42 Swimming Manager 31 Representative to Suburban League Council SQ News Staff 4. Michigan Palyma Lee Burpee "Palm" Wfilmette G-A-A I, 2, 3, 45 N.T.G.A.A. 3, 45 N. 4Q Basketball r, 2, 3, 41 Soccer 2, 4g Baseball I, 22 Swim- ming 35 Orchestra IQ junior Mu- sic Club IQ Senior Music Club. Undecided Paul Hudson Campbell Glencoe Basketball Champs 45 Int. Foot- ball 45 Roosevelt High, Yonkers, N. Y. 1, 2. Northwestern Donald K. cardy "Nemo" Glencoe Class Prom Committee 32 Track Champions 35 Swimming Cham- pions 35 Dramatic Club 4Q The Purple Mask 45 Geology Club 4Q Ornithology Club 4Q Spanish Club ZQ Commercial Club 25 Rifle Club ZQ Lcns Club 2, 3, 4g Radio Club' lg Health Council 25 Echoes Ad- vertising Staff 45 Information Desk 4g Ushers Corps 4. Northwestern Sarah Cardy Glencoe Girls' Club Charity Committee 45 G.A.A.5 Service Club 43 Echoes. Snap-shot Staif 4Q Spanish Club 25. Stamp Club 25 Lens Club SQ Com-- mercial Club 3. Northwestern Worthy Chambers "Worth" Winnetka Football 25 Track 2, 35 Base- ball 25 Swimming x, 4g Rifle Club 3. Chicago Academy of Fine Arts Page 85 Lesley Kirk Champlin f'Sis" Glencoe G.A.A. 43 Natural Dancing 2, 4g Junior Orchestra IQ Senior Or- chestra zg "Pirates of Penzance" 32 Glee Club 2, 3, 42 Junior Music Club rg Senior Music Club 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Pro- bationary IQ Active 23 Player 3, 45 "Blue Bird" IQ "Mr, Scrooge" zg "Little Princess" zg "Daddy Long Legs" 3g "The Purple Mask" 4g Rifle Club 3, Vice-President 39 Girls' Team 33 Health Council 1. National Collge of Education Dolores Chatard Wilmette G.A.A.g Health Council xg Lens Club 45 Commercial Club 43 Echoes Advertising Stai 4. Michigan Catherine Elizabeth Childs "Katie" Glencoe Health Council 3, 49 Commer- cial Club 33 Domecon'Club 4. Moser Thomas Christie "T. K." Glencoe Probationary Dramatic Club 35 "Mantuan" 35 Lens Club 3, 4. Chicago Frank Church '. "Doonie" Wilmette Int. Football IQ Football 2, 3, 41 Baseball 2, 3, 4, Captain 4g Bas- ketball I, 2, 3, Co-Captain 4g T.N.T. 4g Class Treasurer 4Q Tri- ship Dinner Committee 4. Illinois Frederick Clerk "Freddie" ' ' Winnetka Football 4g Swimming 1, 45 Baseball xg Information Desk 43 Rifle Club 4g International School Geneva, Switzerland xg .Morgan Park Military Academy 2, 3. Carleton Page 86 Robert T. Clore "Bohn Winnetka Michigan 1 Margaret V. Cobb "Peggy" Winnetka G.A.A.g Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4 "The Little Princess" 2Q "The Pur- ple Mask" 45 Gavel Club 2, 3l French Club 2, 3, 45 Debating Team 35 Health Council I. Northwestern , Delia Cole "Smiley" Glenview German Club 2, 4. l l George Cole "King" Winnetka Baseball 1, 2, 3, 42 Int. Track 4l Lightweight ,Football 45 Sperm Club 2, 3, 4. Dartmouth Harold F. Cole "Harry" Glenview Immanuel Church School, Glen- view, Ill. IQ Bryn Athyn Academy Bryn Athyn, Penn. - " ' Armour Charles Colesf ' "Chuck" Hubbard Wood Evanston High 1, 2, 3. Purdue vw' Mary Elizabeth Collyer "Wizzy" Whmette Hockey 32 Baseball 35 "The Purple Mask 45 French Club 45 News Staff 45 Registrar's Office 42 Marywood School for Girls 1, 2. Northwestern Robert L. Conhaim "Bob" Glencoe Volley Ball 35 Baseball r, 2, 3g Basketball 2, 33 Stamp Club 2, 35 Spanish Club 15 Information Desk 4. University of Pennsylvania Alice Josephine Coutre "Al" Nvinnetka Commercial Club 2, 3, 4g Lens Club 3, 4. Moser Ellen Cozzens Wilmettc Swimming Champs 35 "Pirates of Penzance" 35 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 junior Music Club 25 Senior Mu- sic Club 3, 42 Dramatic Club 35 Health Council 2. Northwestern Henry B. Crawford "Hank" Wilniette Football 3, 45 Letter 3, 45 Swim- ming 45 Int. Football I5 Baseball 2, 35 Volley Ball 35 News Staff, 3. Illinois Jane Crawford Wilmctte G.A.A. r, 2, 3, 45 N.T.G.A.A. 22 N. 35 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Soccer 3,45 Baseball 1, 25 Clogging 35 Geology Club. Leland-Stanford Amy Crumlish Wilmette Eleanor Culver "Enner" Wilmette Class Social Committee 1, 35 G-A-A- I, 2, 3, 45 N.T.G.A.A. 2, 3, 4: Star 3, 45 Soccer x, 2, 3, 43 Swimming 2, 3, 45 Head 3, 45 Baseball 23 Leaders Corps r, 25 "Pirates of Penzance" 35 Glee Club 3, 4, Treasurer 45 Senior Music Club 43 Dramatic Club 3, 45 Pub- licity Chairman 45 "Daddy Long Legs" 35 T.N.T. 45 News Flashes 45 Echoes Staff 4g N.T.O. 1, 35 Service Club 45 Honor Group IQ Stamp Club 2. Northwestern John 'Harris Curtis , Glencoe Gavel Club I, 2, 35 Debating Team 1, 2, 35 Letter 2, 33 Student Council 1. Chicago Mary Jane Curtis Wilnmette G.A.A.5 Rifle Club 25 Ornithol- ogist Club 2, 35 News Flashes 2, 35 Editor 35 Literary Staff Echoes 2, 35 Tuscan High School, Ari- zona I. Northwestern John H. Davidson "Johnnie" Wilmette Track 3, 45 Volley Ball 25 Band 1, 2, 35 Ornithologist Club I, 2, 3, 4, President 45 Barnett Bird s Prize 3. 4, Michigan State xxx l A ,I Virginia Davis "Gin" Kenilworth Wisconsin I-Iigh5 Erasmus Hall, N. Y. Undecided 'T ' 1 "' 59 5 ' ' i L 1 Page 87 H- . 1 Joh-n Sterling deBeers "jack" Glencoe Track 25 Int. Track 41 Volley Ball 35 Basketball 3, 45 Baseball 2, 35 Chess Club 3, 45 Lens Club ZQ Science Club IQ Honor Group 1, 2, 3. Undecided Roger Delander "Rag" Wilmette Int. Track 4,5 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Track 3, 45 Swimming 2, 35 Senior Music Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 45 Student Council 2Q Honor Group 22 Usher Corp 3. Purdue Gladys Delang Wfilmette Class Decoration Committee 4Q Girls' Club Social Committee 42 Lens Club 35 Kemper Hall 1, 2. Northwestern Jane Dement Kenilworth Girls' Club Financial Committee 4Q G.A.A.5 Dramatic Club 3, 4, Active 3, Player 4, Secretary 4Q "Daddy Long Legs" 35 "Little Women" 42 "The Purple Mask" 4g Lens Club 45 French Club 33 Honor Group 1, 2, 35 Honor So- ciety 4Q Circulation Staff of Echoes 45 Student Council Alternate IQ Registrars' Oiiice 41 Service Club 4. Northwestern Bernard Dempsey "Demse" Wilmette Track AQ St. George, Evanston I, 25 Campion, Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin 3. Yale John Edward Dernehl "Rusty" Wilmette Tri-Ship Charity Committee 43 Tri-Ship Dinner Committee 4g Baseball Manager 2, 3, 4Q Numer- als 33 Letter 45 Featherweight Basketball ZQ Class Baseball Champs 2, 35 Boys' Glee Club 1, 35 Pro- bationary Member Dramatic Club 32 "The Mantuan" 31 Stamp Club I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, Pres- ident 45 Honor Society 45 Harvard Award 35 Echoes Advertising Staff 35 Athletics Staff 4. Post-Graduate Page 8 8 Howard -De Tamble "Howie" Wilmette Int. Track 45 Lightweight Box- ing Champ 3, 45 Sports Club 3, 41 Lens Club 2, 35 St. George I. Michigan Mary Louise Doran Hubbard NVoods Wisconsin Betty Dostal Glencoe Class Secretary lj Class Social Committee 1, 2, 45 Vice-President Girls' Club 45 Social Committee Girls' Club 35 G.A.A. 2, 3, 4Q N.T.G.A.A. 3, 4Q N. 45 Soccer 3, 4Q Tumbling 1, 25 Swimming IQ Leaders Corp 1, 25 Probationary Member Dramatic Club r, 25 Stu- dent Council lg Honor Group 1, 35 T.N.T. 3, 4, Vice-President 45 Honor Society 45 Editor Album Staff 41 Typing Staff of Echoes 3. Northwestern Edward J. Doyle, Jr. Winnetka Lens Club 4, Treasurer 45 Fall Dance Committee 45 Tri-Ship Dance Committee 43 St. George High School 1, 2. Cornell University Beatrice Driver "Bege" Kenilworth Secretary Class 45 Girls' Club Financial Committee IQ G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 43 N.T.G.A.A.5 Soccer 23 Track x, 2, 35 Tumbling 25 Probationary Member Dramatic Club x5 Student Council IQ Honor Society 4Q Stamp Club 1. Wellesley Phyllis Anne Dubsky "Dubby" Kenilworth "Pirates of Penzance" 35 Glee Club 2, 3, 4, President 45 Senior Music Club 2, 3, 44 Dramatic Club 3, 42 Student Council 25 Honor Group 25 News Flashes 35 Echoes Staff 3, 42 French Club 2, 3. Bryn Mawr lMargaret Louise Ebeling Wilniette G.A.A. 2, 3, 43 N.T.G.A.A. 32 Hockey 2, 3, 4g Baseball 3, Head 43 Glee Club 42 Student Council IQ Honor Group r, 2, LQ Honor Society 4g Girls' Athletics Staff of Echoes, Runner-up in Tennis Doubles. Rockford Wfm. Frederick Eberle "Scotty" Golf Football 1. Illinois Alice Edmonds "Al" ' Wilmette Madrigal Club 45 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Probationary 2, Active 3, , Properties Crew 2, 3, Domecon Qlub 4Q French Club 4. National Kindergarten College Mary Louise Eldredge Wilmette Plymouth High, Plymouth, Wis. 2, 3. Evanston Academy of Fine Arts Gus Elias Jeanne Elmer Wilmette Stamp Club 3, 4Q Lens Club 4. Northwestern Philamena Epifani "Phil" Wilmette Commercial Club 3. Jane Erickson "Erich Glencoe Class Vice-President 25 Class Refreshment Committee xg Class Decoration Committee IQ Class En- tertainment Committee zg Girls' Club Unemployment Chairman 43 Girls' Club Charity Committee 23 Girls' Club Financial Committee 35 G.A.A.g Baseball 25 Student Coun- cil xg Domecon Club 4g Associate Editor Echoes 43 Advertising Staif 2g Literary Staff 32 Student Man- ager of Concert 4, Duke Martha Ericson Wilmetre G.A.A.g Health Council xg Sci- ence Club ig Spanish Club 25 Lens Club 32 German Club 3, Regis- trar's Otiice 43 Honor Group 2. University of Chicago Thelma Erickson "Thelie" Hubbard Woods G.A.A. 3, 4g Clogging 35 French Club 2, 3, 43 Commercial Club 39 4' Rockford Sibley Everitt l'Bud" Kenilworth Geology Club 45 Lens Club 43 Evanston High 1, z, 3. ' Yale George Bain Everitt Winnetka Class Gift Committee 42 Tri- Ship Public Affairs Committee 43 Award Committee 3g Dance Com- mittee 42 Baseball 2, 3, 41 Volley Ball 33 Probationary Member Dra- matic Club 3g "The Mantuan" 33. Sports Club 3, 4, Treasurer 41 N.T.O. 2, 3, 4Q Student Council Alternate IQ Honor Society 43 News Staff 4Q Athletic Staff Echoes 3, 45 Senior Debate Assembly 4. Duke or Kenyon Page 89 Richard Fairbairn "Dick" Winnetka Track 2, 3, 43 Int. Baslvtball 2, 3g Int. Football lj Spanish Club 23 Dramatic Club IQ Evanston High 1, 2. Northwestern Loring C. Farwell Winnetka Class Basketball 45 Rifle Club 3: 4- M.I.T. Lindsay Field "Ella" Glenview "Pirates of Penzance" 33 Glee Club 3, 45 Music Club 43 Dra- matic Club 1, 23 ist Prize, Water Colors, Women's Club. Art Institute Osmond Field Glenview Lafayette Colin Finlayson "Coke" Wilmette Int. Football IQ Football 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 42 Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Yale Club Award 35 T.N.T. 3, 4, President 43 Tri- Ship Club Treasurer 43 Editor Athletic Staff Echoes 3, 4. John Fischer "Johnny" Glencoe Class Basketball 2, 3, 4Q Class Football 3, 43 Class Baseball I, 25 Swimming ZQ Radio Club 23 Stamp Club 1, 25 Information Desk 4. Illinois 1 Page 901 P .Robert L. Flandreau, Jr. "Bob" Wilmette Dramatic Club 43 Active 43l "Little Women" 43 Tri-ship Dance, Committee 41 XVithrow High School, Cincinnati, Ohio, x, 2, 3. Cornell University Hugh P. Fleming "Butz" Winnetka Class Decoration Committee IQ Basketball 2, 33 Letter 35 Frosh- Soph Football 1, ZQ Varsity 3, 45 Letter 43 Class Baseball 1, 2, 33 Class Swimming IQ Band x, 2, 33 Health Council, Vice-President 33 Information Desk 4. Prep School James Flynn "Rabbit" Winnetka Fresh-Soph Football 25 Varsity 33 Class Football r, 2, 3, 43 Class Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Lightweight Football Coach 4. American Academy of Arts Erwin Foslund- Wilmette School Track Champs 43 Int. Basketball 1, 25 Int. Baseball IQ Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 2, 33 Lens Club 3, 43 Geology Club 3. Mary Fowler Winnetka Class President 33 Girls' Club Secretary 43 Girls' Club Social Committee 22 Girls' Club Friendly Committee 33 G.A.A.3 N.T.G.A.A. 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 32 Soccer 1, 3, 42 Tumbling I, 23 Track I, ZQ Student Council I, 23 Service Club 5, 4Q T.N.T. 3, 43 Echoes Picture Staff 3. Ogontz - Dorothy Mae Fox "Dottie Mae" Winnetka G.A.A.3 Commercial Club 2, 43 Social Chairman 43 Commercial Club Plays 2, 4. Montana . Agnes Marjorie Fraser "Babe" Kenilworth Class Vice-President 45 Class S0- cial Committee I, 2Q G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 N.T.G.A.A.5 N.5 Soccer 1, 2, 3, 45 Dancing 1, 41 Track IQ Swimming 1, 2, QQ Glee Club 4Q Pro- bationary Member Dramatic Club lj "Bluebird" IQ Student Council I, lg Service Club 45 T.N.T. 42 Lens Club. Northwestern Hope Freeman Glencoe G.A.A. 3, 45 French Club 3, 4. Knox Margaret Freyn Winnetka Senior Orchestra I, 4g Pinaforc IQ Girls' Glee Club 42 Health Council IS North Shore Country Day 2, 3. Sarah Lawrence Helen Frimand Wilmette Lewis Institute. Northwestern Jack Frost Winnetka Student Council IQ Student Football Coach5 East Denver High School 2, 3. Lehigh Rose Marie Gash Wilmerre Commercial Club 2, 35 Dome- con Club 3. ' Arc Institute Margaret Gazlay Winnetka Doinecon Club 3, 45 Hughes High iSchool, Cincinnati, Ohio, r, 2. Northwestern Anna L. Gerken "Ann" Glenview Commercial Club 32 Registrars Office 4. Harry Ivers Gillogly, Jr. "Gil,' Winnetka Tri-Ship Chairman Clubroom Comm. 4g Tri-Ship Award Com- mittee 35 Football 3, 4g Letter 3, 45 Baseball 35 Letter 35 Fresh- Soph Football 1, 25 Fresh-Soph Basketball I, 25 Basketball 35 Sports Staff Echoes 4. Michigan Charles Goit "Chuck" Kenilworth Int. Swimmingg Class Swimmingg Southwest in Kansas city. Northwestern Doris Goode "D.D." Wilmette Clogging 35 "Pirates of Penzance" 33 Glee Club 2, 3, 4g Sr. Music Club 45 Geology Club 25 Dome- con x, 45 German Club 3. National College of Education Madge Gossett Winnetka Service Club 3, 4Q Student Coun- cil Alternate 21 Evanston High 1. Undecided Page 9 I Margaret Louise Gould "Peggy" Winnetka Class Assembly Committeeg G. A.A. 2, 3, 45 Baseball 35 French Club 3, 42 President 43 Secretary 33 Lens Club 3Q Honor Group I, 2, 35 Honor Society 4Q Album Staff Echoes. NVellesley Mary Ellen Graham "Emmy" Winnetka G.A.A. 3, 44 Clogging 4g Dra- matic Club r, 4Q Probationary IQ Active 41 "Blue Bird" IQ The Purple Mask" 42 French Club 4g Shorewood High School, Milwau- kee, Wis., 2. Denison Helen Green Wilmettc G.A.A.3 Tumbling ZQ "Pirates of Penzance" 33 Glee Club 3, 4Q jr. Music Club 2, 13 Vice-Presi- dent 43 A Cappella Choir 43 Pro- bationary Member Dramatic Club IQ "Blue Bird" IQ French Club 2, 4Q Domccon 33 Honor Society 4. Northwestern Bruce McConnell Griffin "GriE" Glencoe Football 4Q Numerals 4g Track 1, 2, 33 Numerals ZQ Int. Football 3Q Int. Track 3, 4Q Golf Cham- pion 33 Album Staff Echoes 42 Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 45 Letter 3. Dartmouth Ann Griffith XVilmette Girls' Club Friendly Committeeg Health Council Secretary 4. Florence Marguerite Gripe Winnetka Girls' Club Social Committee IQ Girls' Club Friendly Committee 11 G.A.A. 3, 43 Soccer IQ Service Club 3, 4Q Chess Club 45 Rifle Club 4Q Rifle Team 45 Honor Group IQ Typing Staff 4. Undecided Page 92- Dora Grubb Elbert Edgar Haight "Bugs" Glencoe Tri-Ship Dinner Committee 45 Lightweight Basketball 43 Letter 45 Featherweight Basketball 22 Class Baseball 2, 35 Band IQ Sports Club 1, 2g Student Council ZQ Cheer- leader I, 2, 3, 4. Michigan Betty Jane Haigh "Farina" Wilmette G.A.A.3 Soccer3 Commercial Club 2, 33 N.T.O. 33 Spanish Club 2. , Robert D. Hall "Bob" A Wilmette Lake Side Press. Agnes Halley "Ago" Glencoe Class Social Committee ZQ Girls' Club Friendly Committee 23 Chair- man Employment Committee 33 President Girls' Club 45 G.A.A. 4g Soccer 23 Intre-Club Board QQ Service Club 3, 45 Commercial Club 35 Vice-President 33 Lens Club 35 Student Council I, ZQ T. N.T. 3, 43 Honor Group 2. Northwestern Claude Hamilton Kenilworth Class President 2g Class Treas. 32 Football 4Q Letter 4j Track 1, 2, 3, 4Q Jr. Numera'l IQ Sr. Numeral 2, 3, 4g Fresh-Soph Basketball 21 Numeral 25 Int. Track 33 T.N.T. 3, 43 Circulation Staff Echoes 4. Purdue Betty Hamilton ' Winnetka French Club 42 Oak Park High I l Northwestern Jane Hankins Glencoe Preissel Happ "Boots" Winnetka German Club 2, 33 Commercial Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Honor Division 35 Domecon Club 4. Northwestern Margaret Harris "Peggy" Wilmette Hockey lg A Cappella Choir 45 jr. Music Club 4Q Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Lens Club 2. Beloit Nancy Harris W'innetka Class Gift Committee 45 Hock- ey 45 Basketball 41 Dramatic Club 43 Purple Mask 45 French Club 4Q Park School, Buffalo, N. Y., IQ Sewickley Academy, Sewickley, Pa., lg The Baldwin School, Bryn Mawr, Pa., 3. Sarah Lawrence Gladys Harrison Glenview Glee Club 35 Student Council r, 2. Passavant Hospital for Nurses John Harrison Wilmette St. George High School, Evans- ton. Notre Dame Kathleen Harvey "Tubby" Wilmette G.A.A.5 N.T.G.A.A. 45 Lens Clubg Domecon Clubg Commercial Clubg French Club5 Advertising Staff Echoes 45 Mary Wood 1, 2. Northwestern Isabel Haskin "Dutch" Wilmette "Pirates of Penzance" 35 Glec Cluh 3, 45 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Probationary 2, Active 3, Players 45 Property Crew 1, 3, 45 Mana- ger 3, 43 Spanish Club I, 22 Li- brary Science 43 Head Typist Echoes 4. Moser Louise Hauck Glencoe Madrigal Club 4. Chicago Normal Walter Hawkinson "Hawley" Wilmette Baseball 4Q Int. Football 25 Int. Basketball 22 Class Baseball 2, 35 Commercial Club 3, 45 Spanish Club 3. Southern California Virginia Hawley "Ginner" V'ilmerle G.A.A.5 N.T.G.A.A.5 N.5 Swim- ming I, 21 Evanston 3. Page 93 mf Winifred Hawxhurst 'LI-inn" Glencoe Scriblcrus Club 32 Edgewood High r, 2. Art Institute Dorothy Hazelwood "Dotty" Wilmette French Club 35 Domecon Club 43 Lens Club 41 Advertising Staff Echoes 4. Undecided John Nelson Hellmuth Winnetka Int. Football5 Class Volley Ball5 Probationary Dramatic Club 35 The Mantuan 3Q Chess Club 32 N. T.O. 2. Harvard Robert Donald Hess "Bob" Wilmette Class Social Committee 2, 35 Track 2, 35 Swimming IQ Football 1, 25 Int. Track 43 Glee Clubg Lens Club 3, 4, President 45 Com- mercial Clubg Humor Editor News Staff 45 Snap-Shot Staff Echoes 45 Asst. Football Trainer 3, 45 Lens Club Movie 3, 45 Cheer Leader x, 2, 3. Kentucky Frank Hilpert - "HUP" Winnetka Swimming IQ Track 2, 35 Nu- merals 35 Letter 4g Class Swim- ming I, 25 Class Basketball I, 2, 35 Band I, 2, 3, 45 Geology Club 2, 3, 42 German Club 2, 3. Carleton Edith Hirsch Winnetka G.A.A. 1, z, 3, 4: N.T.G.A.A. 41 Hockey 3, 42 Baseball 3, 45 Manager 45 Probationary Member Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4g "Blue- bird" I. Illinois Page 94 Grace Hirschberg Glencoe G.A.A. I, li N.T.G.A.A. 3, 4Q Hockey 1, 1, 3, 42 French Clubg Advertising Staff Echoes 45 Snap Shot Staff5 Senior .Service 4. Bryn Mawr Virginia Hoar "Ginnie" ' Wilmette. Domecon Club 35 Commercial Club 3. Edward Hoifman . I "Ed" Winnetka Swimming 1, 2, 3, 45 Numeral 25 Letter 3, 45 Class Tennis Sin- gles Champ 1. XVisconsin James Edward Hoffman "1immy" ' Wilmette Int. Football I, 4Q Class Track 4. Defrees Holmes 4 Kenilworthl Class Gift Committee 42 Chessl Club IQ Radio Club' I, 2, 3, 4. Northwestern i Helen Holton "Slim" Wiiinetka Class Social Committee IQ Class Decoration Committee 21 Girls' Club Employment Committee 21 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 45 N.T.G.A.A. 3, 42 N. 45 Hockey I, 2, 3, 45 Manager 35 Swimming Champs IQ "Pirates of Penzance" 35 Glee Club 3, 45 Secretary and President 4Q Dramatic Club 42 "The Purple Mask" 4Q Student Council rg Alternate 25 Lens Club 3, 4Q Honor Group lj Honor So- ciety 41 T.N.T. 43 News Flashes 35 Organization Editor Echoes 43 ,Snap Shot Staff 35 Leaders Corps 2. Swarthmore lPaul Carpenter Hosking "Skinny', Wilmette Class Decoration Committee 33 lBand I, 2, 3, 43 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 43 Probationary 23 Active 33 layer 45 School Electricians 2, 3, 3 Chief 3, 4Q Student Council Al- ernate IQ Debate Team A'lternate 22 Gavel Club ZQ N.T.O. 23 Class Gift Committee 43 Information Eesk 4Q Health Council lj Science lub 2. Purdue Catherine Mary Hoth "Cac" Wilmette Commercial Club 35 The Mal- linckrodt Girls' School 1, 2. Moser Nancy Haugan Wilmette G.A.A.Q Soccer 4g Lens Club 3, 41 Service Club 43 Domecon Club 33 Evanston High x, 2. Wisconsin lEdward Howard "Bud" Wfilmette Tri-Ship Chairman Fall Dance 43 Dramatic Club 3, 4Q Active 41 "Boomerang" 32 "The Purple Mask" 45 Debate Club QQ Sports Club 1, 23 Health Council 2, 35 T.N.T. 43 News Staff 33 Editor Group Pictures Echoes 42 Student Council 23 Basketball 4Q Letter 42 Lens Club Movie 3, 4Q Honor Group IQ I. M. Football Coach 4. Margaret Jane Huddy "Peggy" Evanston Reserve Desk 3, 43 Senior Serv- ice 4. Lyman C. Huff Winnetka Geology Club x, 2, 3, 4. Boston Tech. Donald Ewing Hughes "Don" Glencoe Int. Track 31 Dramatic Club IQ "The Gypsy Trail" IQ Cheerleader I, 2, 3, 43 Letter 33 Sports Club Purdue or M. I. T. Rosa Louise Humphryes "Lou" Wilmette G.A.A. 3, 43 Probationary Mem- ber Dramatic Club r, 23 Rifle Club 3, 4, Team 43 Lens Club 33 Health Council 3. St. Francis Hospital Paul John Husting "Mert" Wilmette Tri-Ship Club Room Commit- tee 43 Track IQ Class Baseball Champs I, 2, 33 Dramatic Club 42 "The Purple Mask" 4g Chess Club 23 Geology Club ZQ Information Desk Alternate 4Q Usher Corps 42 News Flashes 3. Northwestern , Doris Ingham "Dorn-ie" Wilmette "Pirates of Penzance" SQ Glce Club 3, 4Q A Cappella Choir 4. Lasell Seminary Marian Frances Jannotta Glencoe Health Council 33 Lake Wales High IQ Frances Shuur Girls' School 2. Madison Helen Janows Wilrnette Stamp Club 43 Carl Schurz 2. Chicago or Northwestern Page 95 4 '1 1 N.. 77 -1 .af Alice M. Jarrett "Jerry" Kenilworth St. Katherines School, Davenport, Iowa. Southern California Anita June Johnson ' Wilmette Commercial Club I, 2, 41 Span- ish Club 2. Vogue Art School Ruth Johnson Kenilworth Girls' Club Friendly Committee 45 G.A.A.5 Vice-Pres. Commercial Club 45 Sec. Domecon 45 Adver- tising Staif Echoes 45 Girls' Col- legiate School, Glendora, Cal., 3. National Kindergarten College George Robbins Jones I "Shorty" Wilnmette Int. Golf 4Q Orchestra 1, 2, 35 Band 1, 2, 3, 42 Glee Club I, 2, 35 Spanish Club 21 Sr. Music Club 25 Boys' Octett 2, 35 School Dance Orchestra 2. Northwestern Helen Marr Jones Wilmette French Club 2, 35 Health Coun- cil 1, 4Q Registrar's Office 4. Richard G. Joslin "Dick" Kenilworth Basketball 1, 2, 45 Football 41 Ping Pong 43 Class Handball 1, 2, 35 Int. Football 1. Michigan Page 9 6 James Joyce "Jim" Wilmette Track 2, 3, 45 Letter 35 Int. Trackg St. George 1. Notre Dame Margaret Kahler l Winnetka Class Social Committee IQ Class Refreshment Committee IQ G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Leaders Corps 1, 23 Soccer 1, 3, 45 Manager 41 Swim-l mins: 3: Tumbling IQ Basketball 254 Band IQ A Cappella Choir 4Q "Pi-4 rates of Penzance" 35 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Librarian 42 .Senior Music Club 3, 45 Dramatic Club 45 "Lit- tle Women" 42 Student Council IQ Alternate 25 French Club 4Q Serv- ice Club 3, 45 Honor Group I, 2, 35 Honor Society 45 T.N.T. 43 2nd League of Nations Prize 45 Echoes staff 2. ' Illinois Virginia Kain "Ginny" Wiiinctka Chess Club 45 Lens Club 4. Clarke Jacinta Kampmeier "Cintie" Wilmette G.A.A.5 Orchestra 1, 2Q jr. Music Club IQ 'Sr. Music Club 2, 3, 45 Secretary 45 Dramatic Club 45 "Little Women" 45 Science Club I1 German Club 35 Leaders Corps 1, ZQ Honor Society 45 Honor Groups 1, 2, 35 League of Nations Prize 3. Oberlin Harry F. Keator, Jr. "Bud" Glencoe Int. Football 2, 45 Rifle Club 1, 2, 35 Science Club 35 Lens Club 3, 4g N.T.O. 42 Honor Group IQ Honor Society 4Q Echoes Athletic Staff 4g Information Desk 4. Gilbert Lewis Keith "Gil" Wilniette Class Social Committee 1, 25 Tri-.Ship Dinner Committee 22 Football Manager 1, 2, 3, 45 Letter 43 Swimming IQ Numerals IQ Int. Football Coach 35 Int. Football 41 Band IQ Spanish Club 1, 22 Lens Club 35 Geology Club 35 Com- mercial Club 45 News Staff 1, lg Stud:nt Council IQ Alternate 25 Usher Corp 3. Illinois Jean Keith "Pink" Kenilworth Commerce Club 41 Emma Will- ard School 1, 2, 3. Colorado University Frances Jefferson Kelley "Frankie" Wilmette G.A.A. 1, 3. 4: N.T.G.A.A.5 Soccer IQ Baseball lg Clogging 2, 3, 45 Senior Service 4. Undecided Francis Kelley UFYHHU Wilmette Usher Corps 45 St. George High School, Evanston, IQ Miami High School 2. Notre Dame Mary Jane Kellog Wilmette Dancing 1, 45 Clogging 1, 45 Rifle Club, Girls' 'Team 42 Hyde Park High. Illinois William Caughey Kidd "Bill,' Winnetka Class Social Committee 1, 35 Basketball 45 Letter 45 Int. Foot- ball 45 Band 1, 1, 3, 45 Sports Club 3, 4, President 42 News Sports Edi- tor 35 Asst. Sports Editor Echoes 4. Tri-Ship Interscholastic Relations Committee 45 Golf 4. Oberlin Raymond Grant Kimbell "Ray" Xvilmette Chairman Interscholastjc Rela- tions Committee 45 Football 3, 42 Letter 3, 4Q Baseball 1, 1, 3, 45 Letter 32 Basketball 25 Int. Foot- ball x5 Int. Basketball 35 Band 1, 25 Health Council 1Q Boys' Stu- dent Committee of 135 Organiza- tion Staff Echoes 45 Fresh-Soph Football 25 Letter 2Q Fresh Basket- ball IQ Numeral 1. Rochester, N. Y. Kenneth Hunter King "Kenny" Wilmctte Swimming 3, 42 Letter 45 Class Basketball 35 Class Baseball x, 2, 3, 45 Geology Club 1, 35 Rifle Club 35 Commercial Club 3. Northwestern Harry Kinne Wilmette Class Social Representative I, 2, 35 Usher Corp 2, 3, 45 Head Ush- er 3, 45 Tri-Ship Dance Commit- tee 3, 45 Tri-Ship Charity Com- mittee 45 Publicity for Opera x5 Publicity Manager 35 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 45 Publicity 35 "Mr. Scrooge" 25 "The Mantuan" 35 Information Desk 45 News Staff 3, 45 Editor of Group Pictures 35 Co-Editor-in-Chief of Echoes 45 Echoes Staff 2. Colgate Norman William John Kirby "johnny" Glencoe jr. Track I5 Golf Champ 45 Track 1, 3, 42 Letter 2, 3, 45 Golf Team 1, 3, 45 Letter 3, 45 Golf Runner Up z, 35 Int. Bas- ketball x, lg junior Orchestra x5 Band 1, 2, 3, 42 Geology Club IQ N.T.O. 45 Secretary-Treasurer 4. Colorado "Aggies", Ft. Collins, Colorado. Marie Kirkwood "Kirkie" Wilmette Service Club 42 Commercial Club ZQ Honor Division 22 Health Council 33 Domecon 4. Northwestern ' Robert L. Knauer "Bob" Kenilworth Track I, 45 Int. Basketball 25 Class Volleyball 32 Glee Club I, 25 Rifle Club 1, 3: I-GHS Club: News Staff. Illinois Marcel Kneip "Salty" Wilnxette Int. Track 32 Int. Football 35 St. George High. Notre Dame Page 97 Jane Knowles Winnetka G.A.A.5 N.T.G.A.A.5 Swim- ming IQ Track rg Probationary Member Dramatic Clubg Lens Club 35 French Club 3, 45 Domecon 4. St. Luke's Hospital Virginia Koomjian "Jinny" Wilmette Reserve Desk 45 Library Science 43 Honor Group ZQ 3rd Place League of Nations Contest. University of Chicago Ann Loretta Kozel "Kozy" Wilmette Spanish Club 25 Sullivan Jr. High, Chicago, r. Undecided Esther Kriebel "Essie" Winnetka Girls' Club Charity Committee x, 25 G.A.A.5 N.T.G.A.A.5 N.5 Hockey 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 35 Treasurer G.A.A. 3, President 42 T.N.T. 3, 42 Girls' Athletics Staff Echoes 35 Editor Athletics 4. Cornelia Kueffner "Neal" Wilmette German Club z, 3, 4Q German Play 45 Secretary 41 Commercial Club 23 Domecon 3. National Elementary College Mary Huntington Kultchar Glencoe G.A.A.5 "Pirates of Penzance" 35 Glee Club 3, 45 Health Coun- cil SQ Stamp Club IQ Chess Club ZQ N.T.O. 1, 2, 35 French Club 3, 4. Connecticut Page 98 Wilbert Kunz I Wilmot Jr. Track IQ Numerals IQ S Track 2, 3, 4g Letter 35 Fresl Soph Football ZQ Numerals 5 Health Council 1. 5 Northwestern l Dorothy Kunzer "Dot" Wilmer Registrars' Oifice 45 Domeec Club IQ Commercial 2, 3, 4. Chicago Business College James Laing "Jimmie" Wilmetw Sr. Orchestra 23 Band 1, 2, 3 Rifle Club 33 Spanish Club 25 Ir formation Desk 4. University of Illinois Dent. School Virginia Lang "Jinny" XVinnctlc Jr. Orchestra IQ Sr. Orchestra 3 45 Band 1, 2, 31 "Pirates of Pen: ance" 35 Glee Club 2, 3, 41 Soci: Chairman 3Q Music Club 2, 3, 4 Social Chairman 31 A Cappell Choir 45 German Club 45 Studen Council I. Northwestern Mary Evelyn Lauer Wilxlietl G.A.A.5 N.T.G.A.A.5 N.5 Soc cer r, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Swimming 2, 3, 41 Clogging 2, 4 Track ZQ Baseball 1, 2, 35 Jr. Oi chestra IQ Band x, 2, 4. Illinois Charles Larson Winnetk Northwestern Tom Larsen Winnetka Tennis Team 2, 3, 45 Radio Club Secretary r, Treasurer 2. General Motors Institute of Tech Carol G. Lawrence "Pat" NVilmette G.A.A. 2, 3, 45 Soccer 2, 35 Baseball 2g Madrigal Club 45 Dra- matic Club 43 "The Purple Mask"5 Domecon 4g President 45 Leaders Corp I, 25 Health Council I, 2. Penn Hall Harriet Leach Wilmette Class Social Committee 1, 25 Decoration Committee 33 Girls' Club Social Committee 4Q G.A,A.5 Tumbling I, 25 Hockey 25 Service Club' 2. Northwestern Robert Owen Leonard "Red" Wlilmette Tri-Ship Dinner Committee 42 Track Manager 3, 45 Numeral 3Q Letter 4Q Int. Football 25 Sports Club 3, 45 Publicity Mgr. 43 Lens Club 2, 35 Spanish Club 25 Honor Group 25 News Staff Sports Edi- tor 45 Album Staff Echoes Staff 45 Information Desk 4. Northwestern Mary Alice Leslie "Les" Winnetka G.A.A.5 Soccer IQ Baseball 25 Basketball 25 Gavel Club 45 Secre- tary 4Q French Club 4Q Domecon 4g Health Council 25 Student Council Alternate IQ Rifle Club IQ Taylor .Alderdice High School, Pittsburg, Penn. Frances Shimcr Junior College Edward G. Levinson "Ned" Winnetka Tennis 3, 45 Letter 42 Tennis Singles Champ 45 Tennis Doubles Champs IQ Class Tennis Singles 2, 3, 4g Stamp Club I, 2, 3. 45 SCl'ib' lerus Club 3, 45 News Staff 35 2.- Literary Staff Echoes 4. Northwestern Katherine Jane Lightbody "KJ," Glencoe G.A.A. 2, 3, 45 Honor Group 3g Health Council 2. DePauw' Albert Lind "Al" XVilmettc Class Vice-President 35 Class So- cial Committee 2, 35 Football r, 2, 3. 43 Medal I5 Numeral 25 Letter 3, 43 Captain 45 Basketball 1, 2, Numeral 25 Baseball 2, 3, 45 Let- ter 3, 4S T.N.T. 3, 45 Committee of "Thirteen"5 Circulation Staff Echoes 4. Northwestern Margaret Linne Lindstrom "MV-ISS" Wilmettc Class Social Committee 1, 2, 33 Girls' Club Friendly Committee 31 Girls' Club Treasurer 45 G.AiA.5 Hockey 35 Student Council Alter- nate 25 Lens Club 2, 35 T.N.T. 3, 4Q Snap Shot Stag Echoes 25 Sta- tistics Statf 35 Album Staff 45 Health Council 15 Chairman 2. Dennison Ann Boyd Linn Wilmette Girls' Club Charity Committee Chairman 45 Girls' Club Employ- ment Committee 35 G.A.A. 2, 3, 4g N.T.G.A.A. 35 Dancing r, 22 Leaders Corps r, 25 Dramatic Club Probationary Member If "The Blue Bird"5 Lens Club 35 Student Coun- cil ZQ Honor Group r, 25 Organi- zation Staff Echoes 4. Vassar Bernice Loeb "Berry" Hubba rd Woods Hockey 35 French Club 3, 45 Honor Group 31 Registrars Oiiice 42 Library Science 45 Milwaukee Downer Seminary 2. Northwestern Robert B. Long "B. Long" Wilmette Class Social Committee 1, 23 Track 33 Class Waterpolo 33 Lens Club 1, 2g Stamp Club IQ Geology Club IQ News Flashes5 Snapshot Staff Echoes 42 Ushers Corp 45 In- formation Desk 4. Illinois Page 99 Jane Lundahl Kenilworth G.A.A. 3, 45 N.T.G.A.A. 3Q N. 4C Hockey 3, 42 Advertising Staff Echoes 45 French Club 45 Royce- more r, 2. Wellesley Frances M. Mack "Fran" V'innetka G.A.A. 2, 3, 45 Mock Election I. N.I.S.T.C. Lambert Maguire "Bert" Wilniettc Track 2, 35 Numerals lj Int. Track 35 Probationary Member Dramatic Club 35 "The Mantuan" 35 Debating Team 3, 45 Gavel Club 45 President 45 Usher Corp 4. Northwestern Philip James Marqua W'innetka Baseball 2, 33 Fresh-Soph Foot- ball I5 RiHe Club x, 2, 3, 4Q Treas- urer 2, President 3, 4. Illinois Dexter Martin "Deck" Winxietka Sr. Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Band r, 2, 35 Glee Club 25 Probationary Member Dramatic Club I, 2, 35 "The Bluebird"5 "The Mantuann 35 Founder and Editor of "New Trier Special" 22 Health Council IQ Geology Club 35 Scriblerus Club 4. Dartmouth Eleanor Dorothy Mayer "Ellie" Winnetka G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 42 N.T.G.A.A. 45 Swimming 32 Soccer 31 N.T.O. 2, 3, 45 French Club I, 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 25 Chess Club I, 25 Echoes Typing Staff 45 Neyvs Staff5 Reserve Desk 4. Wisconsin Page I 00 Janet McConnaughey Wilme French Club 35 Lens Club Domecon Club 35 Scriblerus Cl QQ New Trier Flashes 3. Art Institute Harriet McDermott "MaC,' hvilme G.A.A. 3, 42 Soccer 35 Bask ball 4g Clogging 35 Swimming French Club 3, 45 Organizati Staff Echoes 45 Library Science Mallinckrodt r, 2. Clarke Mary H. Mcliadzean "Mac" XVinnetl G.A.A. 45 Health Council Domecon 4. Evanston Hospital Lawrence McHale "Laurie" XVilmet Basketball I5 Glec Club 2, 3 Health Council r. Notre Dame janet Mclllraith ujanu . Xvilmet' Girls' Club Decoration Commi tee IQ Dramatic Club 45 Lens Clu 3, 4Q French Club 35 News Sm 25 Snap-Shot Editor Echoes L Staif 3. Arlington Hall Margaret Elizabeth McKenzi "Mig" XVinnetlf G.A.A. 2, 3, 45 Hockey IQ J Orchestra I5 Sr. Orchestra 2, 3 "Pirates of Penzance" SQ Rif Club 2. Northwestern larjorie McNee "Marj" Winnetka ,G.A.A.g Commercial Club 33 iomecon Club 3, 45 Student Coun- l Alternate r. University of Southern Cal. .alph Meaker "Starky" Wilmette Class Basketball 4. Undecided E. Meier "Bob" Wilmette Class Social Committeeg Basket- iall 4: N.T.O.g Geology Club, churz High School, Chicago. ' Northwestern W. Meier N "Bill" Wilmette Basketball 45 Baseball 45 Int. asketball zg Student Council lg lass Social Committee 45 News lashes: Lens Club 4g Schurz High, hicago, I. Northwestern virgaret Meleney "Leney" Winnetka G.A.A.g "Pirates of Penzance" ng Glee Club 3, 4g Lens Club 3, ng Stamp Club 45 Registrars Office Carleton May E. Melzer "Mazie" V Glenview German Club 2, 39 Commercial 'Club 4g Immanuel Church School National Kindergarten College Carlotte Merrifield "Cai-lie" Winnetka Domecon Club 2, 3. Ashland College, Ohio Helen Louise Micldendorf "Shrimp" Wilmette Commercial Club 1, 2, 3, 41 German Club 4. Moser Bob Miles Wilma-tie Rifle Club I, 1 Betty Miller Glencoe Jr. Orchestra IQ Health Coun- cil r, 2, 3Q Domecon Club 1, 35 Reserve Desk 3, 4. Home Economics School, Chicago John Miller "Hermosa" Wilmette Track 45 Baseball z, 35 German Club zg Commercial Club 3, 43 Honor Group 43 Information Desk 4. Southern California Mary June Miller Wilmctce Class Social Committee 2g G.A. A.g N.T.G.A.A. 3, 4Q N. 4Q Soccer 2, 3, 4Q Head 4Q Basketball I, 2, 33 Glce Club 31 Lens Club 3g Student Council 21 Alternate 1. Grinnell Page l0I Paul F. Miller "Bud', Glencoe Morgan Park Military Academy. Oak Park High School Richard john Miller "Dick" Wilmette German Club 15 Football 1. Notre Dame. Carl Shelley Miner, Jr. Glencoe Tennis 45 Int. Tennis JQ Band IQ jr. Music Club xg Sr. Music Club 2, 3, 43 Chess Club 25 Honor Group x, 2Q Honor Society 45 In- formation Desk 4. Cornell Frederick Arthur Mitchell uF!'Cd" Winnetk Light B3SkB'flJ2lll 2Q Heavywgighi Basketball 45 Int. Baseball 35 Band 1, 23 Geology Club 32 Information Desk 43 Football .Coach 4. Rochester Ruth Moll , Glencoe German Club 2, 3, 45 Secretary 35 Vice-President 45 Scriblerug Club 4Q Honorable Mention Wil- liams Prize Contest 3g German Club Play 4Q Evanston High I. Northwestern Lorraine Moore "Tiny" Winnetka Dramatic Club 1 1 Stu s -s 3: 45 ' dent Council Alternate 3Q French Club 45 Domecon Club 4. Lake Forest Page 102 ' 'Y Bill Morris Evanston Swimming 2, 5, 4j Tennis Sin- gles Cliamp 25 Doubles lg Morgan Park Military Academy. Northwestern Mazie Mouat Wilnmette Class Decoration Committee x5 G.A.A. 2, 3, 45 Hockey IQ Bas- ketball IQ N.T.O. 2Q French Club 32 News Staff 3, 4Q Album Staff Echoes 3, 45 Service Club 3, 45 President 42 Library Science 4. Leland-Stanford Nesbitt Movery Lucy Murdison Wilmette French Club 3, 4g Honor So- ciety 4Q Student Council 2Q Honor Group 2, 3. Northwestern Carroll Dean Murphy "Muff" Winnetka Basketball 1, 4Q Fresh-Soph Basketball ZQ Int. Basketball 35 Geology Club 35 Student Council IQ New Trier Special Staff 2. Janet Murray Winnetka Class Refreshment Committee SQ Class Decoration Committee 33 Charity Committee Girls' Club 4g Clogging IQ French Club 4g Lens Club 43 Domecon 3, 4. Northwestern obert Miles Nason "Bob" Wilmette Swimming 42 Numerals 45 jr. rack IQ Int. Footballg Probation- ry Member Dramatic Club IQ Blue Bird"5 Activities Staff Echoes Dartmouth une Margaret Nelson "Juny" Glencoe G.A.A.5 Chess Club I5 Lens lub 2, 3, 43 Service Club 3, 45 nap-shot Staff Echoes 4. National Park Seminary euben R. Nelson "Rickey" Winnetka Texas ichard Lawrence Nelson "Dick" Winnetka Tennis 45 Int. Tennis 25 Class Baseball 2, 35 Class Volley Ball 3Q Stamp Club IQ Geology Club 3, 45 Honor Group 1, ZQ New Trier Special Staff 1. Chicago Paul Wagner Netterstrom Winnetka Senior Class President 45 Dra- matic Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Player 25 Vice-President 35 "Bluebird"5 "Disraeli"5 "Mr. 5crooge"5 "Lit- tle Princess"5 "Daddy Long Legs"5 Chairman Boy's Student Commit- tee 43 German Club 3, 45 Geology Club 2, 3, 4, President 3, Vice- President 45 N.T.O. 2, 3, 42 Vice- President 35 T.N.T. 42 Barrnett Bird Prize Q11 25 Reilly Debate Trophy 3g Debating 35 Team Leader 3. University of Chicago Clarisce Newha gen Winnetka Edwin Nicoll "Red" Golf Baseball 3, 45 Letter 3. M. Charlotte Nielson Wilmette Domecon Club 2, 34 Stamp Club 41 Lens Club 4. Richard C. Norris "Dick" Winnetka Texas Jean O'Brien Ursula O'Hern Winnetka Sullivan Jr. Highg Senn High. Undecided Florence Olson "Flo" Winnetka Health Council lj Registrar's OHice 45 Leaders Corp x, 25 Honor Group 2. National Kindergarten Page 103 Ruth Olson ' Wilmette Senn High 4A5 Institute Elfe- nan, Berne, Switzerland 1, 2, 3. Northwestern Clara Orvis Winnetka Dramatic Club r, 25 "Bluebird" IQ "Little Princess" 25 Senior Service 45 Reserve Desk 41 Health Council 3Q Geology Club 2, 35 N. T.O. 2. ' University of Arizona Helen Baker Orvis "Orwall" Winnetka G.A.A. 3, 45 Jr. Music Club I, 2, 35 Sr. Music Club 4g Dramatic Club IQ "Bluebird"5 Honor Group 25 Reserve Desk 4. Oberlin ' June Katherine Orwig Wilmette G.A.A. 3, 43 Numerals 4: Soc- cer 3, 41 Baseball I, 25 Stamp Club x, 2, 35 Chess Club I, 25 Lens Club 35 News Staff 4. Knox Harold W. Osborn . "Oz" A Wilmette Int. Swimming 25 Student Coun- cil Alternate x5 Rifle Club 3. Northwestern Rennolds Ostrom "Ren" Wilmette Tri-ship Award Committee 4, Secretary 45 Football 3, 45 Letter 3, 4: Swimming 3. 4: Letter 3. 4: Captain 4Q Fresh-Soph Football lg Numeral 25 Committee of Thir- teen5 T.N.T. 3, 45 Co-Editor in Chief Echoes 45 Echoes Staff 3. Dartmouth Page 104 Evelyn Otten ' Glencoe G-A-A It 2, 5, 42 N.T.G.A.A. 39 Hockey x, 2, 3, 4g Baseball 1, 3-'v 3: 4' University of Chicago Florence Page "Fl0" Kenilworth Commercial Club 3, 45 Lincoln Hih, Wis., Rapids, Wis. Miami 5 William J. Pavey "Ab" Winnetka Swimming ZQ Tennis Manager 3, 42 Letter 3, 43 Rifle Club 23 Geol- ogy Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Secretary 4g Athletic Staff Echoes 4. Northwestern Donald Pavlicek "Stick" Wilmette Track 2, 3, 42 Letter 35 jr. Track IQ Numerals IQ Int, Track 35 Usher Corp 4Q William K. Teu- cher Award C21 35 Athletic Staff Echoes 45 Student Council 1. Northwestern Frances Payne "Franny" Winnetka Girls' Club Friendly Commit- tee 25 Charity Committee 35 Chr. Arrangements Committee 4Q G.A. A. r, 2, 3, 4Q N.T.G.A.A. 2, 3, 45 N. 4g Leaders Corp I, 2Q Hockey 1, 2, 3, 45 "Pirates of Penzance" 35 Glee Club 35 Student Council 15 Girls Athletic Staff Echoes 4. Connecticut Jane E. Perkowitz "Perky" Wilmettc Commercial Club I. '. W. Philips Kenilworth Dramatic Club 3, 41 Electrician 3, 41 Echoes Staff 43 Business Man- ,ger3 South Side High School of lort Wayne, Incl. rp, 2. Michigan Ester Pieprneier Winnetka Girls' Club Program Committee 3 G.A.A. 45 Glee Club 45 South- vest High School, Kansas City, lo., 1, 2. Northwestern frank Shields Polzin Wilniette Int. Basketball 21 Class Volley- iall 33 School Runners-up Base- -all 33 Geology Club 3, 4, Secre- ary 33 Gavel Clubg Echoes Staff a 31 4' ihirley Popp "POPPY" Wilmette Commercial Club 2, 33 Rifle Club 33 Domccon 43 News Staff I. Lake Forest Glen Porter, Jr. "joe" Winnetka Int. Volleyball3 Sr. Orchestra3 E3and3 DeWitt Clinton3 De La- alle3 Boonton. Notre Dame Caroline Preston, "Carol" Wilmette Orchestra 15 Senior Music Club e, 3, 43 French Club 2, 33 Science Club IQ Advertising Staff Echoes 43 Health Council. Eugene S. Prochnow "Gene,' Wilmettc Track 43 Int. Track 2, 33 Int. Basketball 25 Commercial Club IQ Student Council IQ News Staff 1, 25 Circulation Staff Echoes 4. Brown Neil Putnam "RuSty" Wilmette Dramatic Club 3, 43 Stage Crew 3, 43 Rifle CIUDQ East High, Rochester, N. Y., x. 1. Frank Allen Putt, Jr. Glencoe Track 33 Usher Corp 43 Infor- mation Desk 4. Annapolis George A. Quinlan, Jr. Wilmette Class President IQ Tri-ship Vice- President 3, President 41 Football 33 Letter 33 Basketball 23 Letter 23 Fresh-Soph Football I, 21 Numer- als, r, ZQ Fresh-Soph Basketball xg Jr. Track IQ Numerals IQ Sr. Track 2, 3, 43 Letter 2, 3, 43 Cap- tain 45 T.N.T. 3, 45 Athletic Staff Echoes 3. Undecided Bill E. Racine "Rabbit" Winnetka Class Social Committee 3, 43 Int. Baseball 33 Dramatic Club 3, 43 "Boomerang" 33 Football Coach 43 Information Desk 4. Denison Helen Burnell Rathbone Kenilworth French Club r, 2, 33 Senior Service 43 Service Club 33 Lens Club 33 Honor Group I, 23 Honor Society 43 W'ard-Belmont 3B. Connecticut Page105 Marjery Raub "Marge" Hubbard Woods Lens Club 3, 4. DePauw Gordan Norton Ray uG0fClY,' Winnetka Tennis 45 Ping Pong 4, Singles Tennis Champion 33 Class Doubles Champion 33 Class Volleyball 3g Class Baseball zg Honor Group 32 Honof S0ClCfY 49 Information Desk 4. Indiana Ada Jane Reasner . Hubbard Woods Class Social Committee 4g Girls' Club Financial Committee 45 G.A, A- 3, 45 Echoes Staff 4. .Sullins Clark Lewis Reed "Loose" Glencoe Int. Basketball 45 Lens Club 35 Saugatuck High 1, Chicago Helen Regan NVilmette G-A-A- 3, 4: Soccer 35 Spanish Club 25 Domecon Club 3, 43 Leng Club 41 Crystal Lake High I. National College of Education Albert Reichmann "Bert" Wilmette Tri-ship Club Room Committeeg Class Basketball 45 Echoes Adver- tising Staff 42 St. George High 1, 2. Illinois Page 1 06 Dorothy Reynolds "Dot" Glencoe Class Gift Committee 42 French Club 45 Lens Club 4Q Evanston High 1, zg NVard-Belmont 3. Northwestern Arthur Rice Wilmette Class Basketball Runners-upg Band z, 3, 4: W"illiam K. Tencher Award 35 Lens Club 3g Todd School x. Illinois Mary Jane Rich - "Babe" Wilmettc Class Vice-President xg Class So- cial Committee 1, zg Girls' Club Social Committee x, 3, Chairman 4Q Dramatic Club 4, "Purple Mask" 4, Domecon, Vice-President 3, President 45 T.N.T. 43 News Flashes 33 Advertising Staff Echoes 35 Album Staff 4. Virginia Rich Winnetka Class Gift Committee 45 Girls' Club Arrangement Committee 4: G.A.A.g Circulation StaE Echoes 4. Sarah Lawrence Theo Robertson "Teddy" Wilmette Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Pro- bationary x, Active x, 2, 3, 42 Pro- Crew I, zg German Club 2, 3, 4: Geology Club 2, 3, 4g Vice-Presi- dent 3Q German Club Play. Knox Fred Robinson Wilmette Int. Track 3, 4g Band 1, 2, 3, 4Q Stamp Club I, zg N.T.O. I, 2, 3. Illinois john R. Robinson Wilmecte Sullivan Jr. High. Northwestern Frances Maydelle Rochlitz "Grannie" Glencoe Domecon Club 35 Commercial Club 45 Lens Club 4. Helen Rodgers Winnetka G.A.A. Alfred Henry Rohol "Al" Wilmette Basketball 45 Tennisg Tennis Doubles Champ 42 Lens Club 3, 4Q St. George High 1, 2. Notre Dame Jerry Rosenberg . Wilmette I Swimming 1, 2, 3, 43 German Club 2, 33 Treasurer 32 Geology 'Club 2, 3: Stamp Club rg In- formation Desk 4. Pennsylvania V William Rothschild "Rocky" Hubbard Woods Dramatic Club 1, zg "The Gyp- sy Trail" IQ Scriblerus Club 45 Information Desk 41 Health Coun- cil 2. Carleton Jeanette Rugen Glenview Natural Dancing 33 Student Council Alternate 25 S t u d e n t Council 22 Winner G.A.A. Emblem Contest 3. Wfisconsin Leroy William Rugen "Rug" Glenview Undecided Ellen Sager Glencoe Girls' Club Arrangements Com- mittee 4g jr. Orchestra IQ Sr. Or- chestra 2, 3, 43 jr. Music Club rg Sr. Music Club 2, 3, 4, Vice- President 45 Scriblerus Club 3, Vice-President 33 Honor Group 1, 2, 35 Honor Society 45 Williams Prize 2. Oberlin K Shirley Samms 'fSlxirl" Winxaetka G.A.A. 2, 3, 45 Domecon Club 4. National Park Seminary Jane Sampson "Sammy" Winnetka Girls' Club Employment Com- mittee 21 Tennis Champion 4: School Double Champion 45 G.A. A.g Domecon Club 3. . Gulf Park, Miss. Jane Schaeffer Wiilnetka G.A.A. 2, 3, 43 French Club 2. Northwestern Page 107 Girard Schilbach "Shorty" Wilniette Geology Club 2, 3, 45 Chess Club 3, 43 N.T.O. 41 Chess Cham- pion 35 Circulation Staff Echoes 4. Kentucky Catherine Schmidt "Smitty" Wilnaette Clogging QQ Dramatic Club 4: "The Purple Mask" 42 Domecon 4, Treasurer 43 Lens Club 35 Sin- sinawa 1. 2. Harry L. Schramm "Scram" f Glencoe Class Runner-up Basketball 4. Undecided Henrietta Jane Sexrnith "Hiney" Glencoe G.A.A.g Soccer 25 Domecon 41 Rifle Club SQ Spanish Club ZQ Leaders Corp 1, ag Girls' Rifle Team 3. National College of Education Iva R. Sherburne Winnetka Health Council 4g Elkhart High, Elkhart, Indiana, 1, 2, 31 Calumet, Chicago, 4A. ' Page 108 John Simon E Kenilworth Golf 3, 42 Letter 3, 42 Light Basketball 4, Letter 4Q Sports Club 2, 35 Spanish Club lg Geology Club 35 Information Desk 4. Wisconsin Kermit Simons "K" W'ilmette Football 4. Purdue Betty Simpson "Simp" Glencoe Girls' Club Charity Committeeg G.A.A. 2, 3, 4: N.T.G.A.A.g Clogging 3, 4g Dancinig 2, 33 Pro- bationary Member Dramatic Club I, 2, 33 "Bluebird" 1: Student Council I, 23 Lens Club 4. Northwestern Thomas A. Sinding "Tom" Kenilworth Class Social Committee 45 Trif ship Publicity Chairman 33 Tri- ship Dinner Committee 4g Football 2, 3, 43 Letter 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Letter 3, 45 Tennis 2, 3, 4, Captain 4g Letter 3, 43 Varsity Ping Pong 4g Inter-club Board 4: T.N.T. 3, 43 Secretary 45 Athletic Staff Echoes 4. Marie Christine Skog Wiln1ette Lens Club 4Q Rifle Club 4Q Vice- President 43 Spanish Club ag Snap- shot Staff Echoes 4: Senior Serv- ice 41 Student Council Alternate 35 Kemper Hall I. Northwestern Robert Smith "Smitty" Winnetka Band I, 2, 3, 4. Lewis Institute Jean Smith "Smithers" Glenview Service Club 3, 43 Health Coun- cil 25 G.A.A. Typing StaH 43 Im- manuel Church School 1. Evanston Hospital Ames Smithers Wilmette Deerfield Academy, Mass. Jane Snyder "Nyder" Q Hubbard Woods Class Social Committee Chair- man IQ Girls' Club Charity Com- mittee IQ Financial Committee 3, 4Q G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4Q Publicity Committee Chairman 43 N.T.G.A. A. lg N. 4g Baseball 1, 2, 33 Lead- ers Corps I, 21 "Pirates of Pen- zance" 35 Glee Club 2, 32 Secretary 33 T.N.'I'. 3, 4g Honor Group I, 2, 35 Honor Society 45 Rifle Club 3, 45 Team 4. Radcliffe Arnold Sobel Vfilmette Glee Club 2Q German Club 2, 3, 4, President 4g Information Desk 4. Michigan Robert William Sparks "Sparky" Wilmette Dramatic Club I, 2, 3, 4g Player 4Q "Little Princess" 23 "Daddy Long Legs" 35 "Mr. Scrooge" 21 "Seventeen" 42 Stagecrew x, 2. Northwestern Jane Louise Spinney "Speed" Wilniette Class Social Committee 35 Girls' Club Friendly committee xg So- cial Committee 33 G.A.A.3 Senior Music Club 2, 3, 4Q Domecon Club 3, 43 Secretary 33 Student Council 1, ZQ Health Council 3. Briarcliff Jack Stackhouse Wilmette Basketball 4Q Golf 3, 43 Sports Club 1, 33 Geology Club 22 Span- ish Club 2. Michigan Greta Stanning Evelyn Frances Stevens "Stevie" Hubbard Wood Undecided. Edna Stiles "Eddie" Wilmettc Class Social Committee 23 Class Decoration COD1miItC8Q G.A.A, '43 Spanish Club 23 Service Club 3, 4g Health Council SQ Student Coun- cil 25 Alternate 3. Northwestern Kenneth Stilling "Ken" Winnetka Football 33 Football Coach 45 "The Purple Mask" 4g Health Council 4. Craig Stoddard , "Beer" Wilmette Swimming 33 Int. Valley Ball 35 Glee Club 1, 23 Lens Club 43 Sports Club 2, 33 Spanish Club 23 News Stag 43 Snap-shot Staff E c h o e s 3 42 Chairman Warrant Drive 4Q Information Desk 4. Michigan i Page 109 jerome Straus W'innetka Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Honorary Mem- ber Dramatic Club 45 Scriblerus Club 2, 3, 43 News Staff 3, 4Q Rifle Club IQ Honor Group 33 Williams Literary Prize 2, 33 Lit- erary Staff Echoes 4. Armour Institute of Technology Evelyn Tryon Strom "Evvie" Winnetka Class Financial Committee 41 French Club 33 Health Council 3Q Reserve Desk 4. Moser John E. Struggles A Winnetka Class Social Committee IQ Class Treasurer 2g Tri-ship Charity Committee 41 Football 45 Int. Track 43 Fresh-Soph Football 2Q Numer- als 23 Class Runners-up Football 1, 35 Information desk 41 T.N.T. 43 Circulation Staff Echoes 4. Miami Helen Stultz "Skeeter" Winnetka G.A.A. 1, 2, 41 Service Club 41 Villa Victoria, Switzerland 3. Illinois Helen Taft "Taffy" Wilmette Class Decoration Committee 43 G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 43 Secretary IQ N. T.G.A.A.3 Tumbling 1, 25 Swim- ming 1, 2, 33 Basketball IQ Adver- tising Staff Echoes 4. Briarcliff Doris Tansill Wilniette Class Social Committee 23 Class Decoration Committee 33 Girls' Club Social Committee IQ Friendly Committee 32 G.A.A. 2, 3, 43 N. T.G.A.A. 42 Sr. Music Club 1, 2, 33 Glee Club 33 Lens Club 22 French Club 32 Domecon 45 Stu- dent Council li Advertising Staff Echoes 2, QQ Typing Staff 3. Page 110 Margaret Bernice Thiel Glenco G.A.A.Q N.T.G.A.A. 23 N. 33 Soccer 2, 3, 45 Tumbling 1, 2g Swimming 2, 3, 42 Track 2, 45 Clogging 3, 43 jr. Orchestra IQ Sr. Orchestra 2, 33 Domecon 4Q Girls' Athletic Staff Echoes 4. NVisconsin Mary jane Thomas "Tommy" Wilnicrte French Club 23 Stamp Club 23 Service Club 4g Honor Group 1, 23 Honor Society 43 Kendall Hall, Boston, Mass. 3. t Ruth Thompson Kenilworth Glee Club 4: Senior Music Club 43 A Cappella Choir 43 Chess Club 4: Hastings High IQ Roosevelt Hiffh School, Des Moines 2, 3. Knox Gertrude Van Trewe-n "Trudie" Kenilworth SCI'ViCC 3, 4Q Commefcigl Club 2, 33 Reserve Desk 4. Northwestern Edna Varney Wilinette Dudley Veneklasen "Dud" Wilmette Orchestra 43 Band 4g Oak Park and River Forest High x, 2, 3. Northwestern Charles Franklin Venrick "Gunner" Winnetka Class Social Committee :g Honor Group 33 Honor Society 45 Oma- ha Central High x. Dartmouth Milton Vore "Cyclone" Glencoe Geology Club 3, 43 President 43 Honor Group 2, 33 Information Desk 4. Michigan Georgia Alice Vosburgh "Goga" W'ilmette G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 43 N.T.G.A.A. IQ N. 2g Tumbling IQ Swimming 2, 3, 45 Track I, 23 Dancing3 Swimming Head 33 Dramatic Club 13 "The Bluebird" IQ Stamp Club IQ Domecon Club 3, 41 News Staff IQ Senior Service 43 Service Club 4. Rockford Theodore Wachs "Ted" Winnetka Football 3, 42 Fresh-.Soph Foot- ball 25 Fresh-Soph Basketball 23 Band I, 22 T.N.T. 45 Honor So- ciety 42 Echoes Staff 3, 4. Dartmouth Elsie Knight Wade Wilniette Class Decoration Committee IQ Class Social Committee 23 G.A.A. 25 N.T.G.A.A.3 Dancing 2, 31 Tumbling 25 Student Council r, 23 Lens Club 32 Spanish Club IQ Hon- or Group 33 Honor Society 43 Ad- vertising Staff 33 Editor Literary Echoes Staff 4. Denison Litchfield Robert Wagner "Bob" Glencoe Basketball 43 Tennis 2, 3, 42 Tennis Doubles 43 Organization Staff Echoes 43 Health Council 33 Winclmestcr High, Mass.3 Columbia High, N. Rochester, N. Y. Kenneth Wm. Wa g-ner "Ken" Wilmette Football 3, 45 Commercial Club 2. Illinois Walter Weil Wanger "Wallie" Wfinnetka Class Social Committee r, 23 Track I, 2, 3, 42 Numerals rg Letters 2, 3, 4g Rifle Team 42 Int. Baseball 25 Lens Club 2: Commer- cial Club 3, 4, President 4g Rifle Club 4. Carleton Clyde Warble Wilnmette Tri-ship Dance Committee 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Tennis 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 3, 49 Band I, 25 Group Pictures Staff Echoes 3, 4. Northwestern Robert Allen Ward "Bob" Glencoe Band I, 2, 3, 41 Information Desk 43 School Dance Orches- tra 4. Northwestern Marion Jayne Watson Hubbard Woods "Pirates of Penzance" 35 Proba- tionary Member of Dramatic Club I, 2, 33 Bluebird IQ Reserve Desk Librarian 3, 4. National College of Education Page 111 Robert Waters "Swede" Wilmette Fresh-Soph Football 1, 25 Nu- merals 1, Z3 Football 4Q Letter 41 Commercial Club 25 Lens Club 3. Wisconsin John C. Waxler "Jack" Wilmette Advertising Staff 45 Olney Town- ship High. Medical School Ruth Webster Wilmette G.A.A.5 Numerals 35 Clogging 3. Beloit Charles Frederick Weed "Chuck" Glencoe Golf 3, 4Q Letter 3, 4g Informa- tion Desk 45 Shattuck School 1, 2Q Captain Golf Team 4. Northwestern Margaret Wegner ' "Margie" Wilmette Class Gift Committee 42 G.A.A.5 Hockey IQ Natural Dancing IQ Probationary Member of Dramatic Club 1, z, 3Q Bluebird IQ Domecon Club 4Q Student Council 2. Northwestern Eunice Weld Glencoe Page 112 Kenneth Weld "Ken" Glcnc Arthur Weldon Wilnmet Orchestra I, 2, 35 Honor Gro I, 2, 32 Honor Society 4. Northwestern Jerry Westerfeld W'innctk Frederick Welterer "Freddy" Kenilwort Lens Club 3, 4g Author "Tw Eggs and a Chicken" 3. Northwestern Harvey Whidden Kenilwort Tri-Ship Charity Committee - Student Football Coach 42 Gail man Club 35 Information Desk 4 Advertising Editor Echoes 45 Che ate School, Wallingford, Conn. Northwestern Joseph White "Joe" Glenc Dinner Committee Tri-Shi Basketball 43 Letter 4Q Band 1, ' 32 Athletic StaE Echoes 45 Cheed leader 1, 2, 3, 45 Head 3, 4Q Let ter 3, 45 Basketball Manager 1, 5 Numerals 3Q Information Desk 4. Michigan irginia White "Ginny" Glencoe Health Counselor 35 Sacred Heart onvent 1, 2. Mundelein ack Wiedlin "Bud" Wilmette W Track I, lg Spanish Club ZQ Lens Club 4Q Commerce Club 2. Notre Dame Joan Wilder "Jokie" Glencoe G.A.A.g Commerce Club 1. St. Luke's Hospital James Will "Alex" Winnetka junior Track Numerals 2Q jun- ior Orchestra 1, 22 Sports Club 1, 21 Spanish 2Q Snapshot Staff Ech- oes 4. Frank Kendrick Williams Kenilworth Geology Club 2, 3,243 Treas- urer 4. Northwestern George Paul Williams Wiliiiette Baseball 2, 3, 42 Letter 3, 42 Student Council lg Honor Group 2, 32 Honor Society 4. Denison 1 Anne Marie Wilson Wilmette Domicon Club 45 French Club 4g Echoes Business Staff 4. Rollins, Florida Eunice Wilson "june" Wilmette Science Club 1, zg R e s e r v e Desk 4. Stephens Jerry Wilson Football 3, 45 Fresh-Soph Foot- ball 22 Numerals 2, Usher Corps 4. Undecided john Withrow Wilmette Spanish Club 2. Leonard Wolf "Lenny" Wilmette Football I, 2, 3, 4: Numerals IQ Letter 2, 3, 45 Co-Captain 43 Bas- ketball 2, 3, 4Q Numeral ZQ Letter 3, 43 Track 45 Int. Basketball Champs lg Fresh-Soph Basketball 1, 2Q Captain 22 Band I, 23 T.N. T. 4Q Editor of Circulation Staff Echoes 4Q Information Desk. Northwestern Martin Wolf Wilmcttc Football 2, 3, 4Q Blewett of St. Louis. Ohio Wesleyan Page 113 Walker Wolford "Wuggie" Glencoe Honor Groups zg Honor Soci- ety 4. Dartmouth Marjorie Wood "Marge" Winnetka G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 25 Soccer IQ French Club 35 Dom- econ 4. Stevens Albert Worm "Al" Winnetka Page114 John Zipprich "Zip" Wilniette Frosh-.Soph Football zg Numeral zg Runners-up Basketball 4. Purdue Mildred Hemplc Kenilworth Honor Group 1, 2, SQ Honor So- ciety 4Q Service Club 3. Northwestern Fred Wickersheimer L Harriet Ann Wright "Hat" Winner French Club 3, 4g Snapslx Staff Echoes 42 Senior Service 4. National College of Education Carolyn Margaret Yerkes Winner. Gavel Club 33 Rifle Club 3, Girls' Rifle Team 3, 43 Manager Honor Group 2, 3g Honor Socie 42 Registrar's Ofiice 43 Powell Ju' ior High, Washington, D. C. Undecided l Sally Zaremba l Kenilworx Commerce Club 2, 45 Hom Group zg Senior Service 4. l l l Annette Baumgnrten Locke Carruthers XVilmettc Maxine Choate Wilmettc Frances Copthorne K "Frannie" xvlllllftkd Hockey IQ G.A.A. 1, 3, 4g Class Social Committee 4g "Little Wom- en" 45 Active member of Dramatic Club 41 Student Council 25 Alter- nate IQ Girls' Club Friendly Com- mittee 43 Health Council IQ Christ- mas Cantata I, z. Art Institute Helen Mehren Wixinetka Dramatic Club 1, 3, 42 Proba- tionary z, Active 3, Player 45 Properties Crew z, 3, 4g French Club BQ Lens Club 5. Undecided Jane Nordstrom Ada Pancoe Henry Silk Mary Thnleg "Molly" Wilnictte Class Decoration Chairman rg G.A.A.g Soccer 25 Dramatic Club 1, 3, 42 Probntionary ZQ Active 35 Player 45 Property Crew 1, 3, 4Q Spanish Club 2Q Service Club 4g Rifle Club I, 2. Nationnl College of Education Fay VanKries Niles Ccntcr Charles Whetston Page 115 Ackerman, Albert Post, Jeanettc i Mcllraith Knapp Horder Seiler JUNIOR CLASS The third year of the class of 1933 has almost reached its completion. In every way the members of the class have proven true upperclassmen. Leap year was carried out in full fashion this year by giving the girls the opportuni- ties for managing affairs. A girl was elected president, and the girls did the dating for the first semester's party. This novelty aroused great interest. Two school orchestras provided continuous dancing, and the "depression" decorations were unique, to say the least. Due to the hard times it was agreed to abandon the Junior Prom, but at present a number of Junior boys, who are especially desirous for this party, are hoping to stir up enough enthusiasm for its usual success. During the student tax-warrant campaign in March the boys and girls cooperated splendidly. The Junior class alone raised over 522,000 in these two weeks to help the school stay open. Miss Flentye 'and Mr. Vernon have helped us unsparingly, and we feel indebted to them. We sincerely hope we will have no trouble in filling the place of the class of 1932 next year. JUNIOR HONOR GROUP Holmes, Charles Barrett, Roger Bicham, Emma Birdsall, Lewis Bremer, XVilliam Brown, Charles Burge, Allison Burke, Eileen Campbell, Virginia Carey, Florence Carlen, Elsa Chatten, Janet Crawford, Dora Date, Sydney Eisendrath, David Felsenthal, Margery Fox, Judith Frazer, Edmund Hepburne, Catherin Heinrichs, Arthur Page 116 C Holmes, Cynthia Horton, Jane Huddlc, Polly Hunt, George Jackson, William Jenson, Sarajane Johnson, Edward Kehl, June Knapp, Charles Kresge, Eleanor Merrill, Walter Modine, Norman Monpier, Cora Munn, Barbara Nash, Mary Nordberg, XVillia Noyes, Lillian Oliver, Dick Parker, Helen Pickard, Richard IT1 Rolling, William Routsong, Dave Rutledge, Nancy Scarratt, Jeanne Schuman, Stanton Seibold, Marjorie Shepard, Helen Smith, Virginia Stauning, Greta Stebbins, Jack Stout, Jeanne Vandar Vries, Jack Wagner, Cecelia Warshawsky, Roy XVeber, Burton Wcesc, Harry Weston, Betty White, Leila XVilder, Barbara 1 i 1 - A 1 Dostnl Burnham Moulton Thackcry SOPHOMORE CLASS The Sophomore class points with modest pride to the splendid records it has set. In scholastic work, its standing has been aboveiaverageg in athletics and other extra curri- cular activities our class has produced talent that achieved real distinction. Only one party was held this year, due to the fact that the class decided to buy tax anticipation ,warrants with class dues. The enthusiasm with which every class member participated in this patriotic endeavor shows the real spirit of our class. The energy and hard work of the committees and the support of Miss Hurst and Mr. Grinnell was indeed an inspiration. We feel that we have set an enviable record for the succeeding Sophomore classes and as we look forward to our junior year we shall strive to make our record as juniors equally outstanding and successful. SOPI-IOMORE HONOR GROUP Anderson, Ruth Barden, Elizabeth Bisbee, Jane Bowen, Bill Buchen, Esther Burnham, Anne Calloway, Caroline Cole, Ruth Conrad, John Crawford, Perry Crawford, Wallace Ebeling, Alice Ellis, Anne Felsenthal, Ruth Fogg, Howard Freeman, Alice Gilbert, Peter Gillette, Paul Glass, Elwood Gritiith, John Hall, Richard Heames, Esther fi l ,aff Hoffman, Francisffl Holloway, Alicefff Holway, Kathlyn Hvid, Mary Jacobs, Dorothy J. Jasper, David Johnson, Gardner Johnson, Mary Katz, Billy Kellner, Ursula Kingery, James Klein, Louis Kriebel, Fred Levinson, Beatrice Long, Jack Lundquist, Alma Mathison, John Mauland, Jane Maxwell, George McCabe, Peggy Moe, Ethel Jane Mosser, Anne Moulton, Dorelle Munster, Virginia Olson, Dick Prevallet, Eileen Rich, Betty Rogers, Locke Rugen, Vernon Sager, Ruth Schauffler, Marion Shapiro, Eleanor Shields, Dorothy Sieck, Marion Stevenson, Mary Jane Strube, Florentine Turck, Betty Warshawsky, Everette Woldenberg, Harry Young, Warren V - v Page 117 FRESHMAN HONOR GROUP Miller Vfaidner Booz Mee FRESHMAN CLASS The class of '35 is one of the largest that has yet attended New Trier, and we hope to live up to the old saying "The bigger the better." We had a chance to show some New Trier fight during the tax warrant drive, and we think we did our part. The class has made quite a good scholastic record as well as making a fine athletic showing. The Freshmen were well represented in Frosh-Soph football and basketball, junior track and swimming, and in the various girls' sports. Some of our members are promising material for varsity sports Within the next year. The Freshman-Sophomore plays this year were not unusual but they showed some very promising talent as well as fine coaching. ' We had one very successful dance, much to the credit of Miss Shaw and Mr. Herron, who are adviser chairmen of the class. The class feels that if we are as successful in the following years as we have been this year we will not be a discredit to New Trier. Adams, John Ballard, Ellis Banall, jannette Barr, Elizabeth Bayless, Anne Benz, Marie , Born, jerry N Booz, Anna Marie Broad, Charles , Brooks, Virginia Christerson, James Clark, Elinor Cunningham, Judith i Cree, Margaret Demmon, Roy Dempsey, Paul Dernehl, Alice Donovan, James Ennis, Marcia Farwell, Jeanette Garrettson, Robert Glenz, Virginia Page 118 Gooder, David Gordan, Nancy Gottlieb, Harry Hall, Marion Harris, jane Henrekson, Alan Henschel, Amy Herman, Edith Hildebrandt, Thomas Hoaglund, Jeanette Holway, Dorothy Homann, Fred' Horsting, Jane Huff, Martha jcnsen, Walker johnson, Carl Katz, Alma , Kehl, Marilyn Kram, Helen Lamberg, Lois Lawrence, Jean Levine, Harry Maistrovich, Mary Martin, William Mathews, Gordan McAdams, Joan Mee, Edward Newton, Harriet Newton, Pauline Olson, Jane Perrill, Jean Reich, Richard Scribbins, Jean Stowell, Frances Wagner, William Walsh, Cynthia Weber, Janet Weiller, Marjorie Weston, Jane Wetzler, Robert Whitmarsh, Harry Williams, Eleanor Wolfe, Lois Wood, Mary Thalman, Margaret S Trng, gk -5 f., X isbn .N A5 Q 3 lf-fi! W.-An In . igw 5 . S E Q "" .. if L im' , - EI if F? ,mn,if. Q Fgxg' Af . 1 :, ,. . V V 1 x. Mary Ellen Graham. 4. Jane: Murray. 7. Paul Hosking. 2.. Judy Fox and Bugs Haight. 5. Ed Bristol. S. Marie Skog. 3. Sammy Smale. 6. Fr:mnyPayne. 9. 'Nyder. Io. Janet Mcllrairh. xx. Bob Hess. Page 119 gz. Ada Reasner. 13. Sis Champlin. x4. Al Lind. Page 120 Q9 l n Janet Demen t. Helen Bower, june Nelson. Slim Holton. x 9. Eleanor Culver zo. Doris Goode. z x. Bert Maguire. rf' zz. Dudley Veneklasen. 15. Frannie Copthorne. 29. Kenneth Wakeford. 23. Jimmie Laing. 26. Isabel Haskin. 30. jack Broad. 2.4. Elaine Mangcl. 27, Beth Mcllraich. 31. Marion Watson. 18. Helen Jones. Page 121 1 I I lie. ff fr .gag---.X ' ' es are 'K 1' T7- 17 - it trili'-V: ' K iw 2-fn T250 2- iii. S . -, , f . fai r Q12 415-' f -- afar? , , - f r . ma, . 2, 1 frm 'wr K. .. .-f, ,. . IQ wi - f- f. -i-g.,,.gn -f ,, -.. .wr . , fr-. w rc 44, Wnw. w X . -, . N? 'l f-nf iff ' . .... - X. ,f 4' .Q 'QF . . - . .,,..... . .,. ......q...r , . . . - --- 3 r. Daphne Bjorklund. 3 5. Gladys Delang. 39. Janet Benson. 32. Pat Lawrence. 36. Mary Thaleg. 40. Shirley Popp. 34. Georgia Bersch. 37. Betty Lindstrom. 41. Sarah and Don Cardy 38. Mary Elizabeth French. Page 122 X Q it Q, Ill - V . 454- . r .. ' Lf "' ., '5 h 1 . J 1 ' g " ... . 14. ffl Q f n 1 .5 f ' I. ,E . ' f is ' L W' S Hp - 1 f A . ,ga y , ' I I- .. ' 1v'3i.19?f3CPY . MVBM, . if fgvllwliwmgxw-vp::.ie2 Yq3'HT.Ns5-gg., 143 r:1...gaf5.-sqm gfsgwq-fy .fmyrs-1-W 53.54 ,d1Qg35y,y-Y,.9,,,,m?,g,:,x:gi,MT5,yx-E,MW55g8e3,Klw,WQEammyg 1 s w r 1 i ' 1 i I 'k w ijfawmvrvwvuwvf-'VYT""'Y"'N""V "'f"w'wm.41u,f-sen -nw .-www mum-Hwvw.w.w-br m.wvwf.wnz4amwe-rm-mn-any--4--mv-lwvvn N , 5 1 A - . , 54 , . ,Q . W I w Q E , IF 1 A 2 lx Pk! 'K N, ' K. Q I 1 ., -X x 'Q A ' ai 5 w - X A ' 2' 2 .2 ?f ' -W mis .gb , , a ' 'ax N ,K M i Q -Us W - f A 5 ":...: vi' W.-4' Q'11-:gf-N45f114.-. 15, - ....Q- V EJ: 7 y fi 5 L S . '- 5 li -'Pk-1' ff ' x:'fW'M . ,ff l s--Lf if A 1 '1- Q ' "" - , gif'-: f LQ yn: ' Q x ffilf .5 ,Sf ' M' I - ' . I -- . ke i A. 'ffjnf ,frail y3ff4,5w k f fx WL f Xxx, .LJ 4'-s' 'J' - vw , e 1' fl 4, x - " - - fffx. if I' - f? - f -, 1 X1'f4l"f,3' f,, lg A ,. 4'A- 43 - wg A 'iff ff f ,fi 5 '- ii gx ' ' ' 'l --ge' if .' X X 1 2: A-N125 v 371 'V' Fw ' 5 4 5 3 X W .gf :Zi ,N A A1 ... , --M - gl .ii gm ,f E, 1' Q - ' 12.1 LA ' vs - 4 I 'ff' -i A -- . 1- 1 . ,QV 1 Q 1 H1 -, L 4 -.N ff ' 1 4 .-- . Y' Q-,iivg - - ,A fm b . f ' lg wm..ig , . ig -,,,f7vjp ,fgifzlgkq 4 1 Q A is fiffff W1 x M ' ,a 2 f" UN 4 rg gi . H .., 1- J 1 fi KM Sf 5 fl N' ' ' ' f V- :I "WL . r ' ' A, 2 W ., , 1 pa. ,f - b :Q xi W F , f- , fJisW"' H Av n "K-ff-N-W ,il H " - 531-Y W' 3' 'xx ' 31 Vi 2 i '-- 1 'L 5 ,E A WM ,A .,,,m r 0 . ai U5 I is 4 .4-fx-ff ,rg ' 51 tx ix '--"1-'---M , v ,f- Y M , C1 K Q ,. k " --T ,,,,, -,ix my -i W' "W-"' 'V ' J A V : . ,I """""--,., X- -R '12 A I fe. J N'-X , IL 5 - . if ww. A lg fi W ZJNXMXE if 54 L 15 :X 'tb-'f5f1':4. .v...- ,X ' N 3 II' ,,-- r - -V-', I K, v X ' X 'ff---ff' MV XX 3 Q ,A X. -' + L 4 X Y 6 A ,J --.W , . , K ' . R V 5 .,,-....A...,...,.,A,,1-,,G-, ....,,Q.M,,.,,w,Y, ,l.. ,, 74 ,, Mqwmwv 7 Q 1 f fa 1 Z 11 1 Qi N A -, x Cui X 1 W gr , . I E 2 3 .ig ami K 1 li b 5 1 -'- i. Q. . . ,,, A ,1.,,,,.-, -wr. ,,-. .N-xww -ff, .,..b..4 .,.,,..,,...,.......,.. N.,...1-vu-.4-an... ......,-.mM-.,... ..4...,.....,.......,,,,,,x..,.,,,,.,,,,M,,,. , ,WA ' F Q , , 5' , 5. 2 A ' gf i H25 L N i s". '- h l K U Iurwwwuwmrm 'Magda iwvxawkwwwkkmmmlmwimwkx 4:-lm-'uhm an!-muamwswnw-v-mmrga-immmmf ff-1 x fwwfmw ,Q,w.v-N WMUif-U'-59N"dIfIrfivrsr-v-.-2:1'.':-Qrvws-v?.i"+4x2M-bwxdiirxmfiiwH-1-2s.:r..'a1t-:Qwwwcnxwfzamwewwxwa-wiiwiw+s.'wz-:mme-Purzmsehlbmrvv-M..A , ' 'wmvhr 5 . orth Shore Laundry SS 6 CHESTNUT AVENUE WINNETKA Telephone Winnetka 602 W We Extend Hearty Covzgratulations to floe Graduating Class of 1932 Pg 123 Q RIDGE AVENUE PHARMACY 901 Ridge Avenue WILMETTE Phone: Wilmette 3 16 WILMETTE CAFE 1 181 Wilmette Avenue WILMETTE Good Food Prompt Serwce V V V Phone: Wilmerre 2782 D U N C A N S T U D I O S 5762 LINCOLN AVENUE Winnetka 2272 GX? INTERIOR DECORATIONS Y OCCASIONAL FURNITURE Y WEDDING GIFTS 'f BRIDGE PRIZES Alice Beauty Shop 503 Chestnut Street WINNETKA, ILLINOIS Phone 8 0 0 v v PERMANENT WAXVE ...., FINGER WAVE ............ FINGER WAVE, Under Dryer OIL SHAMPOO ............ Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday SHAMPOO and FINGER WAVE MANICURE ............... Page 124 S65 Lincoln Avenue G1 ts Fo1'Grarluatio11 E. A. LINDAHL 525 Davis Street DRAP12R1Es UPHOLSTERING SLIP Covlsks New Trier Shade and Drapery Shop JAMES B. MACFARLANE EVANSTON 4 Interior Decorator :xo 1117 Greenleaf Ave. Wilmetce, Ill. Wilmerre 2228 SERVICEH- ELSIE THAL To serve each customer as Ibougb bc' or sbs were our only cusfomer is fbi' crccrl of Ihr' Mil- len organization. Thai you will refurn tomor- row and - on 0 t b c 1' tomorrows - is 111 o r e imporfanf fo 11X fbzm forlafx purchase. M I L L E N HARDWARE COMPANY 1219 WILMETTE AVENUE Phone Wilniette 3060 WINNETKA 1 Jaunty Clothes for the Swagger Miss and Distinguished Sportswear for the Thoroughbred Sportswoman Page 125 Complimenls of WILLIAM H. SCOTT Undertaker S54 CENTER ST. WINNETKA 1118 GREENLEAF AVE. NVILMETTE UNUSUAL For A Limitenl Time Om' 310 Permanent 36.5 0 Personality Rin glette Bob S7. 5 0 Open Thursday Evenings ELIZABETH HAIR SHOPPE 727 RIDGE ROAD Phone Wiln1ette 235 N. L. MCBRIDE, D. V. M. Assisfamf State Veterimzrimz 1021 DAVIS STREET EVANSTON Phone Ullilf'CY5lfj' 1700 BLA NN PHARMA C Y TOILET ARTICLES FOUNTAIN SERVICE DRUG SUNDRIES l.....,.,..,. All Prescriptions Carefully Filled RALPH G. BLANN, R.PH. Kenilworth 3200 Page 126 9 Tel. Winnetka 991 The SHOE BUILDER . STORE Hou-'c your sbocs rebuilf, not repaired New Sbors Made to Order Phyllis Lorraine, Inc. S74 Lincoln Avenue WINNETKA Charmingly individual HATS at sharp reductions but the reductions are in price only. Our standard of style and quality which you expect and always have re- ceived remains unchanged. Q20 736 ELM STREET R. WAGNER WINNETKA, ILL. E C K A R T HARDWARE CO. "For Beifer Things To Eat" 7 35 Elm Street ' GROCERY AND MARKET . INCORPORATED Pamts, Tools Cutlery 1144-48 Central Avenue Glass WILMETTE, ILLINOIS V WINNETKA, 1LLINo1s 'M Telephones: 843-844 Phone Wilmette 420 to 425 Page 127 Yound, Lafe Whazzamaiter? Apoem Lovely as a Tree. MCLHS S'1'uFf. The Day is Done. Ain? We ? 1t's 'the Depression Pg18 Better Pictures Better Values '23 rlergrartrrrs Mrturmre 1 6 23 Sherman Avenue EVANSTON Phone University 8998 SHOWING ALL THE LATEST AND BEST TALKING -- SINGING AND DANCING ATTRACTIONS Qcfatro del Lago No Man'5 Lana' EXTENDS HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 1932 GRAD- UATES OF NEW TRIER AND WISHES THEM A FULL MEASURE OF LIFE'S BLESSINGS AS THEY JOURNEY ALONG THE PATH- WAYS OF THE FUTURE. -SAM C. MEYERS Pg no Earl Weinslock, Vice-Pres. Sc Gen. Mgr. WINNETKA M. L. ADAMS COAL-LUMBER CSMP ANY Barber Shop Selected COAL, COKE, FUEL, OIL, LUMBER AND MII ', WORK fi? sls Elm Street S 94 CENTER STREET WINNETKA WINNETKA, ILLINOIS Phone 409 Phbne Winnetka 734-5 C0,,,l,1ime,m Robert J. Jaeger, Pres. Of Mr. and Mrs. B- JA E G E R 'O-3 ELURISTS INDIAN HILL DRUGS AND GIFTS 454 XIVINNETKA AVENUE WINNETKA, ILLINOIS MAIN AT HINMAN Evanston, Ill. Greenleaf 3 842 Pg 131 PACKING MOVING Skokie Motor S T O R I N G IH 3.11 C0 P V RUG-CLEANING vvv 44 :J Chairs and Tables For Rent F O R D For All Occasions Cars 44 as Parts Service R E N S C H FIREPROQF WAREHOUSE' v v v STORAGE S21 Main street, WILMETTE, ILL. 435 MAIN STREET Vfilmette 32 University 7317 Phone Wilmette 95 5 O L D M A N S E SALUTES NEW TRIER xarv Compliments of DUTCH MILL 'CANDIES Shops in WILMETTE f LAKE FOREST And All Over Chicago !4'a.9Q.5-5 OELERICH 86 BERRY Co. CHICAGO Page132 . A STATE BANK Of WINNETKA A Strong Progressive Bank Ready to Serve Your Persomzl Needs Established 19 O9 f C H EVROLEl," ' i Your Neighborhood Chevrolet Dealer NORTH SHORE CHEVROLET SALES and SERVICE 611 MAIN STREET, WILMETTE Wilmette 4414 A phone cull will bring our flemonslraior fo your door Direrlly Opfrosife lbs' Defra! Let Us Service Your Car W'hen Taking the Train STATE BANK A TRUST CO. fclgarA.Shevens.lne l6Q.4,, onnmc.-ron Avenue Q- v-A N S T og N mmf Chief wa CCZ40'zm if Q Ny JD i X A L An imziiation is extemled' to the Students of New Trier to Visit the Illinois College of Chiropody and Foot Surgery 1321-27 NORTH CLARK STREET Chicago I The Foot Clinics of Chicwo are conducted by the College, treating over 13,000 patients annually V A Two Year Course with a High School Diploma Required DR. WM. J. STICKEL, Dean. Page 133 'd 'SC Q 5 Q 3 B o Girls THERE'S no need to be zi spendthrift, if you shop at Lnleunesse. There's no need to live beyond your means, if you shop at Lajeunesse. Because for all the fine quality of our merchandise, we are kind to your budget. Now, more than ever, you can indulge your taste for fiue clothes. For Lajeunesse, always famous for fair prices, has priced with an eye to smaller budgets, and now even the loveliest wardrobes conform to the trend ot' the times. LAJEUNESSE, INC. JUNIORS' and GIRLS' WEAR 1168 XVilmette Avenue XVILNIETTE f-LDQQE i'DG'?'i A New UV 8 ,, and Improved "4', LIB WINNETKA MCTOR CO. Pboue Us for a DL'llI0lISfl'Ilff0f1 Winnetka 3491 664 Center Street Page 134 Sensational! I The New Dr Wesfs 4 1 -v 9 . 1 X I, 2 , x X n at Co Z 6, ' f'L: use S 'JSE g X 2 eff' Bnstles Water roofed! if Bristles Waterproofed! Cleansing efficiency increased Gow by secret: process which SgaIm'if1GIq5g! protects bristles from weakening effect of water. No more soggy tooth brush! No xoo'Z1 germ-proof-surgically more bristle shedding! sterile-not one germ in a dozen SOC Adult size carloads. The new package pro- h, , vides the utmost in sanitary pro- 35C Your S S122 Q , u tection as well as appearance. 25c S SIZC LIEBSCHULTZ BRCS. FANCY'GROCER1ES FRESH FRUITS and MEATS Page 135 T A X W A R R A N T S accepted here at par in exchange for merchandise. TEXACO FIRE CHIEF GASOLINE GENERAL and CENTURY TIRES QUAKER STATE MOTOR OILS TIRE REPAIRS PENNZOIL SIMONIZING HAVOLINE ' WASHING TEXACO GOLDEN MOTOR OILS GREASING HUBBARD WOODS SERVICE STATION Tower Road and Center Street Winnetka 6 17--1 8 34 HUBBARD WOODS, ILLINOIS INTRAMURAL FEATHERWEIGHT BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS Pngc 136 "The Student Eating Place" CLUB BREAKFAST HOT OR COLD LUNCHES PLATE DINNERS Delicious Fozuztain Specials jewelery Watches Electric Clocks Silverware Q70 LEE NELSON Wrightfs 1626 ORRINGTON AVE. UNIVERSITY 0461 For Over 30 Years An 464 WINNETKA AVE. INDIAN HILL Ewmshm Jeweler Winnetka 3080 Established 18 94 WINNETKA TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK A State Bank CAPITAL AND SURPLUS S150,000.00 M. K. MEYER, President William A. Pope HEATING AND POWER PLANTS INDUSTRIAL PIPING ALFRED D. HERRMANN, Vicc-Presidrnt PWC ALLEN T. WEINSTOCK, Cashier JAMES O. BROOKS, Asst. Cashier Savings and Checking Accounts 26 N Jefferson Street Solicifed CHICAGO WINNETKA, ILLINOIS Page 137 Q v . 1 ,, I I I 7 STAN HDAJIRIID IIQHGDGIFGD HEENQHRAWNQQ A ARTISTS 69' ENGRAVERS HALF-TONES 1 ZINC ETCHINGS 1 COLOR PLATES --r4QN?t-- 16 South Market Street Phone Franklin 4475 Chicago Pg 138 'W in SWB ENE iw H5225 ILIINIDIEN IDIRIINWVIING one 507 JWDLUHHTH JIIEIFIFIEIRMDN .KWVIPJEIUF : ' CrH1II1EAlE0,II ILILIINUIII ' 5 Q! l W W 1 cfrocluce rs fl mnnuazs - J. ,xi J. X. N KECDILILIEGIE ANID THTIIGHH JGINMDUIL V 1, IPUIBILIICAJVIIUN IPIPJHQHFIEIPJ 'T I 5623 M223 3W .. , ,. , . . 5933 ? Page 139 N ' . .W Help! Help! Work is Furl L Blue Slips. 'x ' 'xg .Drooping Rosebuclr Learnin' Her Rhyme. '4 fe ,lk vii 'L 'sqzsw-5-muqw. W. - - W -.W 5. f- - . . . .. , , . N A . .. , .'1 .mf 3316.1.n.':,.x..-fxf1d?:ffe1'n1..1,'aia-,QQSJ:1uf..:fr,1,,-Ivm.,.N:,T -A U W1 ' -' u2,.'-5,-'ez-1.,.,:. , ii 4. Z 'Q , , .,:ru-anrfsbx-v1'afwWQ-sldlmnvxmwv-1-.'sHwPAfH'rritlivzuruux-.i f4.zzzgg1.,,g,1,,,4vQ,w,:NNM WF ,xv I . U .. -.1113 ...yin-,Q-y f.1':.-y:,ffu-v.4,- v,,,,,,r,x,M,,.,,,,,,,,,, H: I , , A V I Q gh J Q Qi ' 4, l ' fi. ' 1, 3 1 c 1 5 . 'V I 45 'I ' Au ' I V xx 1 ' All! ' 'I -I X, S e 4 X' my W-A ' . . f ' X 12 5 - ' 'Ja " ' N E 5? 5 . fi , L. 21 ff' 1512 - - , ' gi? W K 4 51 f 5.15 if-V . ' L. 'F ' 1-p X - J' .f 3 5 1 I' -N Q., , Rl 'L " f - ,-" I fi' , m if qw: AQ- . A 3 Bi 1 F Q 2 v f 0' Q' ' Ui? - ., '-L 7' 4" f 5' 654. w 4t'wf3:'4 Sl -L 'Ig Q' 5" 4?Qyf'W Jj X5 . Wf??,?fu1X.,,, - 9 17 L' 4 1 :., J ww ,' ,f Q VV I r I . N I E is Z A ,tk ,,A, .4-S P 3, . gh 4 I U Qurg. 3 X3 , ,- 'gm - . N I W ,E Sm Rx l U ' 1' 1 E9 Q' I E - ' 1' B - , D 7 X A ' -. Y S 2 W ' ,iwwfziiv N l - X E i2..,..,,.-,,,,.,.,x ., .-.x"' M L If E - K V -K , 1 se ' 2 5 5 C1 W NLS, X, S ji if f 'Ri' f I 'F Q ' Q 'WE ' I F , 5 AA.. . Q A..,. KAL, f i 1 3 HELEN xwemom- A 'Wm' A" T5:A' gQ"' , 'nimenw-:Axim-.41xv,fmvnxmvmuumuxvgf-3-,Lw.'h1em:-ne,-e-:eff-felvsLf.112f:::1-veunzuv-li-'Esaugm-.:Z,I-,Q M'g,,.,,,:-h,:4,nMumRgJ Q 'u.'iiQNx3rGf---1f.--- A , Ln. :'JQrf,'a,.Ti-+99amz.a.mu3uf5s,gep,Zgnfpmxk-i,i,3,y,mg,9,:,5J,gghuqnqmenuwrg. vgxdG,.k:QFNtv-in A W X . hh . .L 1 Wii'!BHr3Pi iY3f4f6!.HNl1A'X-uoKb3'7-S"6l41'1q5.g,5.3:b, - 1 . ,- ,qw .V wx 'D fy A Lax una, u t Saw K M ,Nix M VL ESM Q . A.. -x Wg s-Y' G? , , 7 Q 5 Q . I ' . , ' C X ' Q R K x I "' Y I . x ' ' IEA X 'KW 1:,'Ff7ff'?!lii7:" 'U' , jf' ggi: ' 33553 ' . 1' ? x C lrilfzfcx . ff , 'him if . I in . g raw W 5 5 ,1 - Ak. b . ,,.-,. - !' l ,I , h uk T ,,5 l ,vhv X ,.. gf. . ., J V Z'-xx JJ 1' I N N xx 2 Y X M. Y ,v e K I 'wx mx ,Q B X 1 Q f Q M, we ' ' xl xg L Wir x ' Q W . QE : . Q f Xl Q-ae-H-- Page 141 F' ... Lallvl' L . '-J ii Page 142 Excav ahon Stes 'PERM' lip I a Wonk The Hola Swummmgf Pool 'Fon ndafi Oh, W Readij 'ko Sian-k ' V' J dl ISK -me 5:93 D1-rch! N4-an-ly 'Finished Cons1-ruci-ionul SCGt1CfSf I K' Locker Lizzavds' Con+ovtionisfica1B1 SYop hie+iccL+es Yov'ch andflnthusinm . Does He Wdvvy ? Page 143 s i 5 I 2 5 i i n I 1 i Pa Dimpled Jakey S0144 Children Like 'em - He Puts 'em to Sleep Bvcks Roost. Behind Bars. Hana ours Innocence DYG pcs' The Hero The Poseurs A S'napsho++er Fro Si-bi++en 46 The You+h is Lec1Ynim1 Ifs 'Pure Joy! S cori ng Touchbacks Up and. at Em. The Song of' ihe Lark Amomq Our Wimmin See Small Russel P All ' A 'Tw i ++eY Three Birds b The Children Gather Bill and Axxie Page I 47 C Pagc 148 -Really FU' tht q mourners CUC CoKe W? -5 ' . it K 2- V NX, , RQQUIQYS A Fraeze Budches Ah! A Thought The Unemployed.. I . . 9 Pg149 4 ,.,..Y . 2 Page 150 LL M Handso mes Ufrconscm 1 1 ? Page 151 o si1 U nus'uaHy Alone o o Nguth. with a As'Human o.sThay Seem o o a.pu'to.tnon. o o o g Thru and Over. A Guy Looks On MQ and My Shadow o Page 152 Nobody Cares o o These Guys Exercise g ' -f f-an -, ,,......,,...,..,..,,.... ..... . t K i V MW Noble Browns Poor One CloxvlfS Enough Girl A Hang Over Proud of it Pansies APair oFJeo.n9 Page153 - .. , .1325-.K -Q-aff - 1 5 , Z E I 5 Y e 1 i Page 154 s'omeehmg's Coming gig-5Q5Q and Happy R ,QV AUTOGRAPHS S2355 Pg 155 -:lug Pg 156 AUTOGRAPHS rv. 5. F I I I I If I I ' Q ,sl-'f I I I pez- I J. " I I Sup N I f- 1 I II, I .X ri I: I I 1 11 I I I' U I . I Vi. -Q 'P. I' I' IS", I , 'g ,lit II, fi I I A . I ,If I , ,IEW I ' an ' I II! ' I kg I in I X EN I I . ., +, fr I I I I 2 II A , II I - ' M. I 5 ,I , I 'I Q3 I: I A . I I I I I. II ' I. 196 1 II ' - , , IH ' ' I L -I I f , ' I I I I I 5, I Ii I "I ' S I lx I . , H: I I , 1 -' , A ' ? I 3 Q I' I . ': II ' II I 1 I , ' . I I X I I V I I I , I I I Y .1 , I F I II I I I I ' . ' 1 I I I I I I I ' I ,. 5 I! I 5 I I , I I I . I I I A I I I I' ' 'I I I 1, I ' I I I I I I 1 I f I I I N I I I g I Q , F I K I I ': I I e I I ' ' I 3 I 1 I II I I I 'I I III I I I III 1 I I I I

Suggestions in the New Trier Township High School - Echoes Yearbook (Winnetka, IL) collection:

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