New Summerfield High School - Hornet Yearbook (New Summerfield, TX)

 - Class of 1958

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New Summerfield High School - Hornet Yearbook (New Summerfield, TX) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 76 of the 1958 volume:

A ' -15 ,y . .. . " Y Q, , L . g.,,.M, .j. 4 Af. Q., , 7 , 1 -mu. 4 ,Ulf ' gi, Lfafezsa ' A 7 -gg V - ' " ' V ' 4 -1 ,f ' M M ' A.. :h..:x.vM:4Q-x.m.,sn4-sm -it-Y"""' "'i'f'M'1ff' 'C-f""f'21 u 5 F 5 a , . E I r P u 5 K I 1 E E I F I E I J n E i H . 1 2 5 E 1 n A To Mr, Edgar Summerlin whose entire life was spent in boundless energy, untiring effort, and a sincere interest in the welfare and benefit of improving the minds of young people, and whose sound advice and counseling were sought by manywho knewhim - and none knew him, but to love him - we, the seniors, dedicate our annual. To Mrs. Onie Summers whose kindness of heart toward all the members of the Basketball Club, and whose presence, at almost all our games, encouraged us to play better ball, we, also, dedicate this annual. THE SENIORS TO THE SENIORS OF 1958: As you open your HORNET today, even as you read this note, I hope you are as happy because of your stay here as we have been, as I am. You have made and indelible impression upon the hearts of your teachers and fellow students, It has been a joy to know you, and to have youg in the future it willbe a pleas- ure and a source of pride to claim you as finished products of New Summer- field School. With keen interest and abiding confidence we shall watch your progress as you go out to do justice to yourselves and render service to mankind. When sorrows and disappointments come, remember they are essential to deepen, enrich, and strengthen you for greater things. No matter, in the years to come, whether you are here or afar, - From Greenland's icy mountains, From India's coral strands, you will have always, my congratulations for your success, mysincere hope for your health, happiness, and welfare, and with all my BUS DRIVERS COOKS Mrs. McLeod Mrs. Wallace Mrs. Dickson .TANITOR Mr. Mitchell Messers. Clyde Tennison, Coy Dickson, Boyd Houghton. BOARD MEMBERS Messers, Clavis Greenwood, Armon Darbyg Doyle Sessions, Secretary, O. R Perkins, Superintendent, Bernice Underwood, President, Dick Tipton, Roscoe Gi ' ,. rm' U 1 ss S' :ii-fi.f' if gg . - A if? ,. . . . '::f:-235 To the student body: We are proud to present you with the 1958 Hornet. We wish to express our thanks and appreciation to the advertisers, stu- dent body, and teachers who have contributed in any way to make this annual possible. We hope that this annual will bring back many pleasant memories days spent at New Summerfield High School. If it does, our work has not been in vain. E716 Stay Editor-in-Chief Co-Editor BETTY LINKINHOKER FREDDIE HEATH Business Manager sports Editors LEONARD MURPHY GEORGE TIPTON JAMES WHITESIDES Secretary Sponsor BETTY HERRING MRS. RUBY CHAPMAN of Treasurer MUTT WALLACE Snapshots DON WORK MELVIS WORK A X GoT MY EYES ot! I'oU" i H9 93, X 9,2 mr U O. R. PERKINS Superintendent EMMETT BATTISE Math - Coach RUBY CHAPMAN English - Typing DAVID IRWIN Agriculture CAMILLA RISINGER Home Ec - English MARSHA LL TREA DW ELL Seventh - Eighth OTTIE MAE SOUTH Fifth - Sixth ELLEN ALEXANDER Third - Fourth JANIE JONES Second - Third HELEN TREADWELL First - Second "Rol.X. IIKE A B16 WHEEXI' Qnoyn x :sf 2 -9 343 : Af ' I , . ' 1 iii! u I D ,wi - - w ywv... .i Z 1 v'5 sax ,-X -,,-, - o TONY WALLACE BETTY LINKINHOKER LEONARD MURPHY FREDDIE HEATH DON WORK GEORGE TIPTON JAMES WHITESIDES MELVIS WORK 511155 Will Betty Linkinhoker wills her pretty legs to Oleta Magee and her ability to play basketball to Maudie Gilbreath. Wheatseed Whitesides wills his long, curley hair to Jerry Wayne and his whittling to John Traylor and Wayne Tennison. Freddie Heath wills his grades to anybody smart enough to make them and his big feet to Don Cox. Mutt Wallace wills his ability to pop firecrackers in the school building to Jay Aldrich and his singing ability to Mack Cameron. Melyis Work wills his ability to stack chairs to anyone slick enough to do it without getting caught and his sideburns to Kenneth Bolton. Leonard Murphy wills his mustache to James Greenwood and his loud mufflers to Mrs. Chapman. George Tipton wills his cowboy boots to Jerry Rex Murphy and his slow driving to James Durrett. Don Work wills his figure to Joe Roy Case and his ability to study to Wayne Parsons. The Seniors will to the Juniors their good looks and their ability to get along with MI. Perkins. ,Q oH! WHBT DREAW We' DIPLOHA E359 ' Lge' " as O 0 O O Nix V.. 0 1237 Q36 if ? i f WAYNE PARSONS SHIRLEY UNDERWOOD JERRY MURPHY yurzivrs DIANE MAGEE DEW EY TIPTON JERRY ADAMS BRENDA MAYFIELD ROBERT DICKSON 'MY HBTX' oN THE SIDE oF NNY HE kD X Jerry Waldrup Judy Stewart Wayne Tennison John Traylor Faye Sessions Jerry Richards Dewey Prater Jeannie Tipton Thomas Hayton James Greenwood Mary Murphey Joe Roy Case Maudie Gilbreath Jay Aldrich Sue Sessions Sharon Davis Linda Davis " THE IEAST SAY THE M T "W, Qisglr X Q 0 X G0 V N , 2, ,7 X m Y fig 5 !,' 7 if f' Y mm,...'S' 0 - '0 lm 7 Q I QQ ie-'f q x 'Q ' 'X X , - KT FRESHMEN 9 Ray Dotson Dorothy Carpenter J. D. Davenport Pete Summers Bernadine Roper Ronnie Houghton James Durrett Katherine Clardy Tony Gill Kenneth Bolton Genie Shippy Gayle Parsons David Linkinhoker Diane Davis Paul Denny Don Cox Oleta Magee Mack Cameron -,,... " KITTENJ' " fx fx fX6,, 'C' 9:0 Sh 0 oo HOV' T QQ' -+.-f.-O O "' ELEMENTARY Seventh Grade Robert Edwards, Polly Stockton, Richard Bird Darlene Whitesides, Robert Magee, Carl Linkinhoker, Carol Hall, Grady Womack, Joyce Work, James Gibbs, Eula Traylor, Leonard Roper, Tony Tipton, Glyn Dotson, Kitty Houghton. Szylzflz Qradc Carlene Tipton, Michael Garner, Linda Tipton, Phil Waldmp, Freada Payne, Gary Brazier, Frankie Hohnston, Shirley Hayton, Donna Sue Tipton, Reggie Cox, Sue Etheridge, Kenny McLeod. Patricia Brown, Noah Cummins, Phyllis Darby, Sylvia Davis, 'Linda Johnston, Linda Keel, Sylvia Sessions, Linda Tipton, Her- schel Tipton, John Underwood, Kathy Wallace, Jeannie Thomason, Beverly Cameron, Judy Gilliam, Glenda Work, Gloria Limbough, Michael Davis, Betty Edwards Barry Martin, Ricky Tipton, Elva McMichael, .Wffh and Sitffh First row: James R. Davenport, Billy Williamson, Charlotte Underwood, Waylon Tipton, Tyson Richards, Wayne Prater. Second row: Jerry Mcfarland, Norman Leadbetter, Freddie King, Don Kennedy, Joe Hayton, Vicki Greenwood, Johnny Gilbreath, Betty Davenport, Elaine Darby, Robert Cox, Dewayne Brown, John Bergstresser. Ufird Grade g0lll'ffI Joy Birdwell Raymond Neal Wanda Yancy Roy Prater Sheila Tipton Roger Parsons Carolyn Tipton Jimmy McClenny Sandra Martin Johnny Hughes Deenan Lott Johnny Davis Paula Brazier Floyd Cummins grade Catherine Summers Larry Gill Roy Walley Nona Roper Curtis McLeod Dixie Mcfarland Orval Tipton Patty Sessions Micah Murphy Ronnie Perkins Brenda Underwood Harvey Mcfarland Geraldine Davenport Dorothy Gilliam Judy Brown Carolyn Chupp Sherree Gray Jerry Durrett Hrs! Grade Lee Carpenter Don Darby Jimmy Davis Vinson Roper Russell Stafford Tippy Tipton Archie Underwood Rexal Works Terry Yancey Gary Davenport Beverly Parson Suzanne Treadwell Marilyn Greenwood Dewey Stafford Odell Wells Second Grade David Corbin Donnie Davenport Wanda King Carolyn Fitch Andy Cox Johnny Birdwell Jenny Campbell Billy Gray Sandra Whitesides Nina McFarland Judy Sessions David Limbaugh Georgie Tennison Mike Walley Jimmy Davenport Helen Tipton Carolyn Greenwood Dola Keel Robert Klement Janice Neal ,Q f 'J' '.... 1 Q g 6 A H W 4 WELL,YoU7QE THE CUTEST THIXXC-V' 1 f 'E ig-: -iw '1ilh:W 'Viv' Q , 3 - ,Q x 'if N X A 23? QQ iv E' EX EU 1 3- 'P W 21 -1 .J JW x in Q13 XE . 5 fx lg - Hff,lmqx 'Q h'7- IM .xx S 6 F594 T f A K A L . f f .. , ,, .v-k ,I A ' 5 . Q Q is e ' --WY -if .ag w igf. , i 3 45 Ji? - 3 Q- 'L i t I ' E 1 I flemcufary 5'awri!cs First Grade Second Grade MARILYN GREENW OOD CAROLYN GREENWOOD ARCHIE UNDERWOOD MIKE WALLEY Third Grade Fourth Grade PAULA GAY BRAZIER MICAH MURPHY JOHNNY LEE DAVIS PATTY SESSIONS Fifth Grade Sixth Grade JEANNIE THOMPSON CHARLOTTE UNDERWOOD O RWO YSON RI HARDS Seve-nth Grade I HN UNDE OD T C Eight Grade DARLENE WI-HTESIDES CARLENE TIPTON GLENN DOTSON GARY BRAZIER QI-IA LLOWEENQ f lIf1 "C1oNE GPsTHERINC1.S"' QSM UFS Q ORGANIZATS J Z ZA. M. Cameron, L, Murphy, J, Waldrup, J, Richards, I. Traylor, I, Adams, W, Tennison 1. Aldrich, R. Houghton, P. Summers, Second row: K. Bolton, P, Denny, I. White- sides, W, Parsons, Judy Stewart fSweetheartj, R. Murphy, R. Dickson, R. Dotson, D. Linkinhoker, D, Cox. Third row: T, Hayton, G. Parsons, J. Case, D. Tipton, T. Wallace, G, Tipton, F, Heath, D. Prater, T. Gill, David Irwin, -1 . --A r n .lice 46:3 QL xl ff , fa f F It ly F ' K My , 'll L o'9'CTix39 I TIO 0 A X-Q I DAVID IRWIN ZH44 First row: B, Roper, F. Sessions, James Whitesides fSweetheartJ, M. Gilbreath, I. Stewart, O. Magee. Second row: S, Underwood, E, Thedford, B, Mayfield, M. Murphy, K. Clardy, D. Carpenter, G, Shippey, Third row: Camilla Risinger, L, Davis, S, Davis, D. Davis, S. Sessions, WQMAKER5- 'P Q3 +0 , OC, 5? 9 ,E 'S 5aL....EbW 5 W Y gb 151 0 xo NEW HO CAMILLA RISINGER Q? SHAKERATTLE Jr qs 5 'X X1 x l 5 K Q X as X Tqf- Q f h Q 5 ' QL ,, 2 'ylmilkx f-, fx J V f J 5 CLD j em1:nL.1.. A K f Irv X W f Z 7 f if Jff..-AIM'--. ...xxu-...nlf. , ',x -QM, ......ulfI,, Q ...-un.. ' ...--Ill ml "' SPORTS ll li, ni BASKETBALL BOYS GROUP Standing, left to right: Don Work, James Greenwood, Melvis Work, Coach Emmett Battise, George Tipton, Dewey Tipton, Wayne Tenni son. Kneeling: Wayne Parsons, Dewey Prater, Tony Wallace, Freddie Heath, Leonard Murphy. Jerry Murphy, James Whitesides. BASKETBA LL GIRLS GROUP Standing, left to right: Diane Magee, Diane Davis, Betty Linkinhoker, Sharon Davis, Brenda Mayfield, Coach Emmett Battise. Kneeling: Jeannie Tipton, Shirley Underwood, Maudie Gilbreath, Mary Murphy, Judy Stewart, Oleta Magee. I, Whitesides L, Murphy M. Work G. Tipton Co-Captain Co-Captain C0-Captain Co-Captain F. Heath Co-Captain M. Wallace Co-Captain D. Work Co-Captain Jerry Dewey Wayne James Murphy Tipton Parsons Greenwood W Dewey Prater Wayne Tennison Xl ?g Diane Magee Belly Lillkirlhoker Sharon Davis Captain Judy Stewart Brenda Mayfield Shirley Underwood Jeannie Tipton iii? Mary Murphy Diane Davis Maudie Gilbreath Oleta Magee "Mufflers" "The lonesome cat' 'Gripes the sap 'Ha ha ha' "The Summerfield cats of '58" 'I'urkey" 'Lover-boy' "1-lm-m-m" f S I 1 i E 5 Q I E 3 Z 2 3 2 Q 1 ? 5 2 s S w M"'Y"' ' 1 swx'was-fwziff fwf fsezw 1 U ,Q 2 is J. 'r 515 1129- 95 wig r 41' Qi an iv 4' ' x H sw n ,Q 1 9' V """"'-x . Au -,uw Q, Q 41 Bl: ' ,Nz -:M :nw mil as 4 x w ,rg I 'lil K""f':32P 'ff 1 X A ,W im . .P 5 1 Q Qfsklfif .gp 'HQ M.k,...wiAQ-4m,...,.5,w,,, K' ,S ink Uv? L 1.--...,..r "NEIL, ITE' T E To G 99 we QVER 5 nw we 1 GYM' acfwg, CRA Y QXVSFL Q 0 rg, 04 WX XM ADS Q OR f' SMALL WE WELCOME YCUR ACCOUNT Conapliments of FIRST NATIONAL BAN 14 AND TEXAS BANK AND TIQLJST COMPANY Members of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation A Future of Better Living Is Yours Electrically Live Better Electrically ELECTRIC SERVICE COMPANY A T exas C ompany Operated by Texans Serving Texas Citizens SCDLJTI-I VVESTETQ N Jacksonville Q 6 if if O. I... NOLCCDNAE AND SONS DEQ 39 e UIIAIVIY KEVIN! 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N :-fi,-jf YOU! f STATION ' : ii f is haf z'2emfzzQ5 BARBER SHOP New Summerfield, Texas New Summerfield, Texas 3 IIIVESTIGATE SAVIIIGS... fi CO. , INC. J. C. PEN NEY Jacksonville, Texas For CLAV I ON '-' EU W See , , v , 1 'V W T FEED AND SUPPLY sl! IN GILLESPIE Your Purina Dealer ly ,V v ,A MOTORS ' Ginn Num! Rusk, Texas Jacksonville, Texas Zum 745464 Wax y MEN'S WEAR Rusk, Texas Compliments of 120514 MOTOR SALES Authorized Ford Dealer Rusk, Texas Compliments of TIQOLJP TRUCK 81 TRACTOR CO. Troup, Texas Compliments of S 1 if 1 'I CHAMPION DEER - HUNTERS 1- . N QDEWEY, CLOYD, TUBBYJ New Summerfield, Texas Compliments of PAUL B, COX ----------- - County Attorney W. J, DICKSON - - - - Deputy Sheriff MISS BERNICE WILLIAMS - - - County Treasurer BILL PARROT --.------ - - District Clerk Rusk, Texas -6" mann QQ "For Your Grooming Needs" .flux hjvvg ISI 'a-: asvfassi-' A I E. E. CAVENESS New Summerfield, Texas me BEAUTY SHOP New Summerfield, Texas S gt Inf Bm vnrtmok- Aff TAVLOR MADE IANOR PUBLISHING COMPANY DALKAS TEXAS f'l"'-'I'1't97'7" '- an -1, . -M... , 1 I A... , N,.,4V, K., my--, - .N 'T--,i,1,.: K. . Aa, ,, -A ', '.-5' ' A.: .,..,, Ax v-,wi ., r Kuff :it fl.. -k 1-, - f P Hx .V 1' J, f . f-f.n.--f A ,zkgixr 1- '. 'inf , Tm' f- '-fag5,fff-'fs V, Y- - "'1'75y?' . - 2.1. ik 5,2 1 YY I I 74:33,-i 1 u ' -' ,5':f?27!:" 1- Y i A ' V if 'Q 4 .sw . ' , ,125 . --1 , -A :L :",,.,, , fi - '---:-Q,-f ' . N ixfwf. Q: -1 3 : '-Eifff .- V ,-53'Zi5'1: ffiliwi, W - "'f:J.!1.'lG f f I :'L'Z.7'f'.'4,f:V - - vw .2f:p9e:s'1. , , , :-,-' Vg- , Y LV , S.-f1,1.Lv "-A '1-- . ,,.,A . Q... 4 L. T K- -:w-gg, NJ. 4. " as ' 'L'- -,'- +":,,,"fzq m' ," , 4' ' 'K 1? 4'-. -1- - 4- ,VM Ju, W.: an X. .v 145 ' , 421,-fgaflflf. - x+ +-.a .,..-1 ,A-5 - if ..,,.., " .Jw Nu, f-wx my .W

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New Summerfield High School - Hornet Yearbook (New Summerfield, TX) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 22

1958, pg 22

New Summerfield High School - Hornet Yearbook (New Summerfield, TX) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 32

1958, pg 32

New Summerfield High School - Hornet Yearbook (New Summerfield, TX) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 74

1958, pg 74

New Summerfield High School - Hornet Yearbook (New Summerfield, TX) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 35

1958, pg 35

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