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New Straitsville High School - Scarlet and Gray Yearbook (New Straitsville, OH) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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l fi I ATION DEDICATED TO WORLD WAR II DEAD The Scarlet and Gray has been dedicated to the ones in the New Straitsville District who so bravely gave their lives in World War II that their fellowmen could have freedom and security. Z ,XX STAFF Managing Editor-J'o Ann Ennis C opy Editor -L ois Wilson Editorial B usiness Art-Ramona Mohler Manager-Nancy Hartman P hotography- J ack C heethatn Assistants - Assistants- Roy Grandy Bill Rushia HarryStrain, J'r. L etha S mith L aura E ckhart Juanita B abbs B arbara Harris Ruth Evelyn B urgess 3 Ann Williams C arolyn Howdyshell B ill B eck FINANCIAL STATEMENT This annual is an experiment after an absence of several years. I hope that you like it and that you will help us shed tears over our mistakes. The financing of an annual at any time is a heavy expense. During inflation, it is extra heavy. We were fortunate in securing a publisher who cushioned the shock of this responsibility. They helped us to secure one hundred and thirty dollar's Worth of advertising, which amount would ordinarily hardly cover the cost of such an attractive format. For this amount, the publishers gave us thirty-five copies free of cost to us with the exception of our photographic and incidental expense. At the beginning, fifty student subscriptions were secured. This meant that fifteen annuals would have to be paid for. So we multiplied the fifteen by ninety cents fregular subscription price of each annual over thirty- fivej and divided by fifty, thus sharingequally the benefit of the free copies among the subscribers. This actual cost, twenty-seven cents, plus an estimated incidental cost of twenty-three cents was the price charged to each subscriber. Later, others changed their minds and decided to subscribe. To them we were compelled to charge the publishers rate of ninety -cents. At this date our treasury shows a profit of exactly zero. We refrained from speculation and ordered no extra copies. A11 copies received have been paid for and delivered. E. B . Kellar Advisor 4 1 H ACULTY Mr. C. Guisinger, Miss J. Tharp, Miss M. Rye. Mr. W. Jones, Mrs. I. Sapp, Mr. L. Cook, Mr. R. Hoy Mr. N. Davis, Mr. E. Kellar. Mr. H. Davis. l 1' NEW STRAITSVILLE? HIGH SCHOOL 6 THE FACULTY WILLIAM J'. JONES --Local Superintendent, New Straitsville High S chool, A.B . and M.A., Ohio University. Teaching subject: Science. JOAN THARP--Homeroom eleventh grade. Hemlock Village High school. Bachelor of Social Science, Ohio State University. Teaching subjects: History, Science, and Civics. NATHAN DAVIS --Homeroom tenth grade. Shawnee HighSchoo1. B .S. in Educa tion, Ohio University. Teaching subjects: Mathematics and Geography. CHARLES GUISINGER --H omeroom ninth grade. Junction C ity High S chool. A.B . , Ohio State University. Teaching subjects: Latin I, II, General Mathe- matics, Industral Arts, and Public Speaking. MARY E. RYE--Horneroom Eighth grade. Hamilton HighSchool, Mississippi. B .S . in Horne Economics, Mississippi State College for Women. Teaching subjects: Health, Writing, and Home Economics. EDGAR B. KELLAR--Horneroom seventh grade. Sisterville HighSchool, West Virginia. M.A. in English, Marietta C ollege, A.B ., Ohio State University. Teaching subjects: 'English. --L etha S mith 7 l . , IO ANN ENNIS "Ennis" KS he has common sense in a way that is common.j 3 years Glee Club 1 year Band Z Operettas 1 year C heerleader 2 Junior C lass Plays 1 Senior Class Play Treasurer 11 ANN WILLLAMS "Annie" fThis girl has some bewitching charm.j l year Cheerleader lJ'unior Class Play - 1 Senior C lass Play DON BROWN "B ig Wheel." QGi1-ls and clothes how I 1ove'em.l 3 years B asketball l Junior C lass Play I Senior Class Play Treasurer 9 President l0 ROY GRANDY "B uck' ' fNever a serious thought., 4 years B and Z years Glee C lub 1 Operetta 1 Junior C lass Play 1 S enior Class Play Treasurer 10 President 1 1 VELMA BACKUS "Honey" fGood temper is like a sunny day., LETHA SMITH "Smitty" fSmile. and the world smiles with you., 3 years Glee Club 2 Operettas l Junior Class Play 9 JAMES WALDIE "Phoebe" QA Romeo with many J'ull.ete.j 4 years Basketball 1 year Glee Club 3 years Band 1 Junior Class Play NANCY HARTMAN "Nui" QA thing of beauty in a joy forever., 2 Operettas 3? years Glee Club Z years B and 1 year Cheerleader 1 Senior C lass Play Treasurer 9 Secretary 12 LAURA ECKHART "Lucky" KLove'em but don't Ieeve'em.J 1 year Cheerleader 4 years Majorette Z Operettas 3 years Glee Club 1 Senior Clan Play S ecretery ll BILL RUSHIA "Vitamin" QMuelc hath charm and so has 3111.3 4 years Basketball 4 years Band Z Operettas 3 years Glee Club 1 Senior C lass Play 1 Junior Class Play Vice-President 9 Treasurer 12 10 RAMONA MOHLER "M0nle KOut of those dark eyes mischief doth peep., 3 years Glee Club 2 Operettas Z Junior C lals Plays Secretory 10 President l2 FRED AUKER --Frog" KT hey blessed him with a cheerful gri.n.j l Senior C len Play Vice-President 10 LOIS WILSON "Ellie" fl-ler wit and beauty make her e pleasure to 3 years Glee C lub 4 years Majorette Z Operettas Z Junior C less Pllyl Z yearn Cheerleader MARY LOU SNYDER "Shorty" KS he hee e heart with room for many JOYI., 3 youre Glee C lub 2 Operettas HARRY STRAIN "Major" lLlve. love. and Leu-n.J Z years B asketball 4 years Glee C lub 3 years Band Z Operettas 1 Senior Clase Play Vice-P resident IZ JACK CHEETHAM "Chrilly" fThe world needs great minds. I am here., 3 years Glee Club 4 years Band Z Operettas 1 Senior Class Play CAROLYN HOWDYSHELL "H Uwdy' ' fSi1ence is golden., Z Operettas 1 year Band Z years Glee Club Vice-President ll 11 F' CLASS HISTORY The members of the class of 1949 were first organized inSeptember 1945, under the able direction of Mrs. Helen McGinnis. There were twenty-eight of us from New Straitsville Elementary School, St. Augustine Parochial School, and Maxville Elementary School. Our class officers were: President, Dolores Coakleyg Vice- President, Bill Rushiag Secretary, David Jones: and Treasurer, Nancy Hartman. Our Freshrnan class had a larger number of members in the band than did any other class in school. Dues were assessed at the rate of twenty-five cents for each six-weeks period. We made money by selling high school badges. Our Halloween Dance was considered a great success since all reported a good time and the financial returns helped to swell our treasury. We received our share of the profits from the operetta, SUNBONNET SUE. We became Sophomores in 1946 and our class officers were: President, Don Brown, Vice-President, Fred Aukerg Secretary, Ramona Mohler, and Treasurer, Roy Grandy. This year there were 26 members in our class. we brought the same amount for dues this year. Also, to increase our bank balance, we sold Scarlet and Gray pennants. Due to a shortage of teachers this year our class had many advisors. These advisors were: Mrs. Esther Bigley, Mrs. Irmgard Terrell, Mrs. Lottie Porter. and Miss Elizabeth Robinson. Our Junior year started in 1947. Our class enrollment was decreasing every yearg we now had only 20 members. Our class officers were: President, Roy Grandyg Vice-P resident, C arolyn Howdyshellg Secretary, Laura Louise Eckhartg and Treasurer Jo Ann Ennis. Our Junior Class Play, "THE CHARMING INTRUDERU, was directed by Miss Joan Tharp. We gave a reception for the Seniors on May 14, 1948. We pur- chased beanies to sell at the home basketball games for the 1947-1948 season. Some of the members of the Junior English C lass, with the help of our Junior C lass Advisor, Mr. Edgar Kellar, published THE SCARLET AND GRAY, our first school paper in several years. To enlarge our treasury, we sold pop and potato chips at the basket- ball games. After three years of studying, we reached our Senior year. We now had 17 members. Our Senior Class officers were: President, Ramona Mohlerg Vice- President, Harry Strain,Jr.5 Secretary, Nancy Hartmang Treasurer, Bill Rushia. This year we were represented in the operetta, WILD ROSE. We gave our Senior Class Play, "TOBY HELPS OUT", on December lO, 1948. It was also directed by Miss Joan Tharp. We gave a very successful candy sale and bake sale with the help of our Senior Class Advisor, Miss Edna Price. We sold pencils in our school colors this year. From these activities, we obtained a rather large sum which, with the dues collected in both Junior and Senior years, we intend to use to take a trip. Our destina- tion is yet unknown. ---Jo Ann Ennis 12 SENIOR PROPHECY As I was buying my ticket at the train depot yesterday, whom should I meet but my old friend, Ramona Mohler. I was more than delighted when I learned that she and I could have a whole day together, and I eagerly asked about some of my school churns. She told me first of Lois Wilson, and as I had supposed, she is happily married to Dick Dishon. They live in Columbus, and Lois is kept busy by their darling twin boys. Mary LouSnyder is working as a private secretary in Flint, Michigan. She told us all along she wouldh't be married before she was thirty, so she might make it after all. Velrna B ackus is happily married to J' ohnny Williamson and they are living in our old home town. She is the proud mother of a bouncing baby boy, named Johnny, I r. Jimmy Waldie is working in Dearborn, Michigan, and is making quite a suc- cess of himself as an engineer. Ann Williams, now Mrs. Chuck Spencer, is living in Columbus near the Port Columbus Navy Base. She has two sweet little daughters. Harry Strain is still trying to make the grade as a State Highway Patrolman. Maybe he will before too long. Jack C heetham now has his own Photographic Studio in Logan, Ohio. He is doing a fine job of it. Roy Grandy is driving a truck for his future father-in- law, Bill Neal. Ruth Ann still hasn't said "YES ". Io Ann Ennis has received her degree from Ohio State and is now fulfilling her ambition to be a first grade teacher. Letha Smith is now Mrs. Gerald Culbertson. They are living in Arizona, and they have two sons and one daughter. Don Brown is now full owner of a "55" Ford. He is manager of a filling station in New Lexington. Fred Auker owns his own farm near Lancaster. He also has a wife and two sons. Carolyn Howdyshell is now chief dietitian at the White Cross Hospital in C olumbus, Ohio. Q Nancy Hartman is married and has a three year old daughter. She is making her home in N ewark. Bill Rushia has become a very valuable chemist for the National Government. His course in Physics wasn't wasted after all. Ramona ended by telling me that she has a fine office job at a bank in Columbus. I caught a glimpse of a ring on her finger and I hope I get an invitation to the wedding. I told her that I had married Francis Hanning and I have a handsome son four years old. Well, this is the end of the line and we have to separate, but I hope it won't be ten years before I see you again. 13 --I, aura Louise Eckhart Harry Strain D on B TOWI1 Nancy Hartman Jimmy W aldie L etha S mith Ann W illiams Fred Auker .To Ann Ennis Bill Rushia Laura Eckhart C arolyn Howdyshell Mary Lou Snyder Roy Grandy R amona M ohle r V elma B ac kus Jack C heetham L ois W ils on M ary L ou Snyder Jo Ann Ennis CLASS WILL Wills his chewing gum to Donald Hamilton. Gives his stamping grounds in Logan to Freeman Williams. fProviding that Freeman stays away from Don's girl friend., Wills her ability to go withShawnee boys to Barbara Harris. Wills his ability to carry the torch for two people at the same time to Dannie Forrester. fWatch it Danny, don't get into trouble the way .Timmy did., Leaves her bashfulness toSonny Moulton. fAs if he needs it., Wills her ability to get engaged to Bill B eck. fKeep trying, Bill, Shirley may say yesf, Gives his ability to flirt with all the girls to Richard Eckhart. Wills her good attendance record to .Tack Miller. Wills his curly hair to Roland Pierce. Wills her ability to go steady to Margaret Lewis. Bequeaths her height to Kenny Starr. qs tart growing, Kenny., Wills her bottle of bleach to Juanita Babbs. fProviding she wills it to some one in the following class., Wills his high grades in school to Vernon Bourne. fNow work hard, Vernon., Wills her ability to be quiet to Doris Good. QS peak up, Dorisf, Gives her black hair to Mary Williamson. Leaves his ability to bluff in all his classes to Billy Nixon. fBe sure, Bill, not to follow in J'ac:k's footsteps., Wills her tinyness to Thelma Hillyer. Wills her sillyness to Frank Donley. Gives her curly hair to Mary Miller. --Ann Williams 14 SENIOR PRAYER Our small boat of life sets sail, H Sets sail on the sea of time: We trust it is weather-proof To sail in forty-nine. Gone are the days of books, Books and lessons galoreg But there are new things to discover And there are new fields to explore. The things that we have accomplished The things that I call mine We pray that they will help us To sail in forty-nine. As we emerge from the battle, We know that it's not to rest' For the job is but half-way finishedg And we pray for added zest. Now we must leave our fun, Our fun and our friends behindg We must leave our sports and our pastime For they will fade into time. Sacrifice, glory, and trouble, Trouble mixed with joy Is ever the normal life Of the high school girl and boy. We wish each other good fortune, Good fortune, good luck, and good timeg For we may ne'er meet one another After sailing in forty-nine. We shall not worry the future, Of dangers we will not paleg For they are but phantoms of darkness, And we will not fear nor fail. The future is waiting for us The past is put behind, God help us to dream of the future, And ever our faith to find. And when our life is over We pray that our mourners will find That with courage we upped the anchor To sail in forty-nine --Jack W . C heetharn 15 ODE TO SENIORS In the very first row, and the very first seat, Sits Harry Strain, who thinks Rita is sweet, He's tops in his line with speech sublimeg Ask any admirer that you may find. Well, here is Cheetham, first name's Jack: Jokes and comments, and lots of stale cracks: If, in your shell ears, these words harshly do ring, Don't be mad at me, I just wrote the thing. Jim Waldie, a sailor, to the navy he's true. When he leaves home, some girls feel blueg In basketball he ranks with the best: Sometimes I wonder why he ne'er takes a rest. The next sleepy character on this list Is William Rushia who's never been kissed: When dressed in his suit, the girls say he's cute, But all we can say is, Oh rooty-toot-toot. Now comes Roy, who's last name is Grandy. He thinks Colmnbus is very unhandyg When your motor stalls and your blood boils thick, Just call on Grandy, he'l1 turn the trick. Next comes charming Lois, Wilson that is, Who in her studies is really a whiz: When poor Dick calls, she is always so sweet, This gal's a master of parlor technique. Then Nancy Hartman, a too lovely creature Just the kind of glamor for a double featureg Sometimes she's wrong or maybe right, But she's always ready for agood fight. Right in the front row is Letha Smith, The pleasantest girl to be out or in withg She's one bright spot in everyone's life, I'l1 bet she'll make someone a corkin' good wife. Why there's Laura Eckhart, who's very, very bright, And is nearly always sometimes rightg She used to like Maxville as a place to play, But now she'll take Francis any old day. Ramona Mohler, sweet young thing-- To count her beaux would take an adding machineg Her gay disposition and beguiling smile Makes a date with her well worth anyone's while. Carolyn Howdyshell's learning to skate, Oh! say Carolyn, is this what you are using for bait? Now don't forget this word of advice, Always look for men, don't look for mice. 16 Say, there's handsome Don lAndrew HJ B rown, I have heard, he's quite a man about town. As Donald would say, don't be a big heel. Try to be like me and be a big wheel. Her name's VelmaBackus, she'.s my sweet cousin J"ust like a bee she keeps always a buzzin, Knock, Knock, who's there, why J'ohn's come to call Quick Velrna, hurry up and get on the ball. In the very last row, and the very first seat, To Ann Ennis resides throughout the week: She's an A-1 student, real cute and sweet. And tries to help whom ever she may meet. Here's Io' Ann Williams who thinks sailors are cute Is that why Junior wears that blue suit? Memorizing is wonderful, is it not? Just be careful and don't blow your top. Freddie Auker, with a smile ear to ear Seems to be the symbol of everlasting good cheer, Ten years from now he'll own hissown farm With corn and taters and a big red barn. At the end of the line is a nice little blonde Mary LouSnyder of whom we are fond: ' Don't fear for she will never harm, And that is a part of her wonderful charm. 17 SENIOR C LASS PLAY The class of 1949 presented their annual class play, "TOBY HELPS OUT" on December 10, 1948 in the high school auditoriurn. The play was directed by Miss Ioan Tharp. The cast included the following: Don Brown as Johnny, Io Ann Ennis as Jane, Nancy Hartman as Molly, Harry Strain as Dave, Jack C heetham as Mortimer, Ann Williams as B etty Lou, Roy Grandy as Toby, Laura Eckhart as Mrs. Harvey, and Fred Auker as Mr. Phelps. The members of the cast presented a vanity case to the director, in appreciation of her efforts. The class advisor, Miss Edna Lois Price han- dled the business details and netted a nice profit for the class treasury. 18 UND RGRADS Us tbl: H. -- .U-.,.'f:w, g 5'u..,, ,WJ , 7 N 5524. bl 4 iv . 5 : 'Vu .fu iqzkxi 4 . LEU- 571' vi. nail" '. 1' 1' 9' , p 9 ' ai ,233 -5 ff. 'fV7f"T7 f ,'4 1 .j' -2,11 9 .. x-' Kia .B .1 '6 . ...., . .n .Y ,. .. A . AW. I W... ' - vfkizv. '? , 1 I If -' L'-,Fei E n . x "eww Q ..- ,J Us f Q 1' SOPHOMORES LEFT TO RIGHT: T. McQuade. W. Nixon. M. Alvis. B. Wade, D. Bourne. C. Thompson. G. Hanning, D. Anglo, E. Stephenson. S . Ruahia, G. Vick:-oy, D. Smith. B . Foster, C . Strawn, A. Fletcher. B. Blosser. M. Green, D. Kemper, R.. Eberts, L. Carpenter. B. Sayre. B. Boyd, D. Plumley, J. Be11.M. Smith. N. Davis. xi ' A V- 'Le-af 'f' ' 1 " A 1? "2 'Tia igfgfin I. ' ' ' b 7 "..:l..' 4 ' M X WWF ' 1. gl'-. :f e.5fi5iQ!' 4' ' I L. ' ' ls: if' ' X 1 .4-Qs ' 44713 V wuz.--V - -1 1 ' - f -9-11 -. . -1 fr -wx .?""- 5? " fb .1 A 1 V. A ,e .wi Qi iii. '77 uf-5:!'fS.-. N gr? X, 1 I J . 4... .,-- ' -1 '-Q gg- -7.5,-my jf:-M , 352.15-., .9 l g A wwf' "fi 1. 'V - -- --xi' ,. - - my V :Z-'--V-1. - - . ...T 2 . f .hiaffz - Q.. '?f3fE'gE375Zi."1f".f . .- Y -ff- f ' wish ' . . fm".-' , , - n - - . L . 161511-." ' -'B V ' '- -.3'f .r . J " : 1' ' f wr , wmffx " " w. . an +. 17, - . .- X 1- . In 1. 'iff' It ' , M- 'Nl .4 5 Uni, ..LV-:J ., 1 .3 4,5111 fu lflff' . iygfifl.. .T -Aw' 5 ,- 1 4+ f Rfk.. -o -jg-E ' -, 'f ,, 5 S .H 5, ig ff 'Q:.1J.'f:Ij1g , ,I .G , l'.i'7Ej: iff? " . : A I ' 5 T .4 ., T B :Qi - f' 1 --. 1. -iv.-Ma. - ff , , z. T B+. L ,, 4 W 57ffE"f4fW' fb "5 fav , 3, . "' . T ... A' rw f- -i ,. 3 , f-ci -7L??5'i'u .' .'-J 1" 9 P " na J IM ' ' . ' 'L of ' P -n if :1 T " .arf ' '. .,. - w . . , -. .- .. -. Z , .. . . , tl. .54 . - ig ,Av s 9' gg.. , 4. E531 y 5 if Tiki? "lQk,'f'p..:,,.!."' 'X k W F U' '4-- - ' 4' ' ' ' . ' g:5s..f.fw 'Q f .f"1F"' :'1"5"- J X ' 5 Fyslki 'QTHG' WT ' ' Q El,:S--lf! Y :.'z :Vt ' " ' ga. 4 '. ,Z , j'21f:3:""': "A 1. ...... 3. . wr' "1 . . M 'wi-2-.. .' - iff ' vi T ' .T .5551 ' i ' + gg. as FE' .4 ' . " lj fr! . ' 1 - 'ffl 8 , , 1. . 5-' 1-'.'fLs , E451 ! ' .: ,,z-4'- If-.Aa 1 A ," - ' .",'3.f54 - '. rg '- Q Y' . "QF-41,5 2-. 1 M 5.1,-Q Y 5 W. - o -mel '1f.f,.g-21f- . . - .lo . M.. 5 'N .. Q? Pie: 'gf B f . 2 3.4 T' X. f , -Q ' Q B V WA T W Th .TUNIORS LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Forester, M. Williamson, D. Willilml, T. Hillyer. F. Donlay, M. Miller. J. Bubba, K. Starr, M. Lewis, B. Beck, D. Good. D. Hnrniiton, V. Bourne. B. Hlfffln R. Pierce, J. Miller, B. Nixon, R. Eckhart, S. Moulton. I. Tharp. Z0 C B J' E .T , Dodd, . C. Self, L. Rittgers, F. SEVENTH AND EIGHT!-I GRADES . Donlay, D. Craig, N. Iewitt, P. Jones. B. Hoops, J'. Babbs, H. Plumley, T. Thomplon.lC. Fry, . Fletcher, W. Wooten, D. Plumley, P. Wallace, P. Pierce, J. Houston. J. Weaver. K. Stephenson, . Kemper, L. Hamilton. P. Procter, G. Hillyer, B. Thompson, R. Wooten, L. Guilinger, J'. Nye. . Hamilton, R.. Henning, E. G1-andy, L. Ambrose, B. Petyon, B . Waldie. B. Morrison, B. Lloyd. Glennaman, B. Leadbetter, R. Litman, R. Nixon. L ,. .M , . . .G L S K. . . 1.1.5.-El ' , M ,M M M, .524 1. .R ... nf f--N-Vfaggff :lm - I 'sql-iQ ..-'K - 1,3 5 ' V' "gf , 1 ' ' AV .fgif " 52 V' ew. U 4' .'- 1 ' V':-1' 5,3 ,-. . - ...A 'I , IRL 351531. VV ' ff x . in ' +5-' ', , ,.i,"- 5 :g . V . -5-151, - V" , V' .V. v os M. :. A-gif' 5 , ,L , J ' Q I NY-1 'ff' - 'X-l:"f5?'?F " W fa me gf ' "4" VIN' 'I' 9' Sf 'ir 6 - A V-a .Q-. I., I-kj, A 3, A V , ,- '- B - .. ,'V.'i v 'N . .egg 1, ,,..g..a, A ,VI-. j . 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Starner, Mr. Guisinger. Z1 FRESHMAN CLASS The class officers of the Freshman Class are as follows: President-. Rita B irdg Vice-PresidentsDon Lettg Secretary:-Evelyn Good: Treasurer-Nancy Forrester. We have had only one student on the honor roll for the first part of the year. This student is Ruth Burgess. She has 5 A's in every six weeks period. We also have sold refreshments at the home basketball games this year. TOURNAMENT SPONSORS The class of '51 had charge of selling advertisement space in the Perry C ounty B asketball Tournament program, which was published by Thornville High School in February. The spaces of one and one half by three and one half inches were sold to the following firms: Wilson's Grocery, and Ward's Confectionery, a C . M. Smith's Service Station, all of New Straitsville, and Grandy's Auto Supply, Logan Ohio. Members of the committee for selling the spaces were: Tillie McQuade, Marilyn Miller, Shirley Rushia, and Marian Smith. A profit of fifty percent was put into the class treasury. The Sophomores have had several people on the honor roll during the semester. They are as follows: first six weeks: Dorothy Angle, Barbara Boyd, and Marian Smith. Second six Weeks: Dorothy Angle and Marian Smith. Third six weeks: Dorothy Angle and Marian Smith. THE JUNIOR CARNIVAL The Juniors started the year right by giving their annual carnival. This was given on October ZZnd. With the help of Miss Tharp, Junior Class Advisor, we began work on the carnival. Donations for bingo prizes were contributed generously by the school patrons. Then We decided what other games were going to be had. Knowing that the prizes donated would not be enough, we bought other prizes such as: pottery, games, horns, etc. The next step was to start on a one act play entitled "THE DUMMY". Five characters chosen by Miss Tharp were: Mrs. Hitchcock-B arbara Harris, Mr.. Hitchcock-Roland Pierce, Emma-Juanita B abbs, Policeman-Kenny Starr, T ed Mannings -Danny Forrester. Refreshrnents were under Miss Rye's supervision assisted by several parents. Since the Junior Class decided to have something different we secured the services of Professor Minnie, a fortune teller. After the carnival, Miss Tharp and Miss Rye were presented with red rose corsages. We hope that other classes in the future will have as much co-operation as we had. JUNIOR PLAY The Junior Class gave its annual play, "Here Comes Charlie", on April 29th, under the direction of Miss Joan Tharp. It was a three act farce-comedy by Jay Tobias. Larry Elliott, a young broker thought he was to become a guardian of a small boy, but was jolted to find he had taken a girl to raise, seventeen and pretty. Charlotte is called Charlie, hence the error. Why the jolt? Well, Larry is engaged to the imperious Vivian Smythe-Kersey. Charlie arrives and starts calling Larry "Papa", Larry takes her on a trip to try to change her from a "hillbilly" to a dignified lady. He succeeds and all ends well. HONOR ROLL Q During the first three six weeks period the Juniors have had several students on the honor roll. They are as follows: first six weeks period: Vernon Bourne and Doris Good. Second six weeks period: Vernon Bourne. Third six weeks period: Vernon Bourne and Doris Good. Z2 I 1948 S eptember October November D ecember 1949 J anuary F ebruary March April May 'U' T entative 7 ZZ 26 5 9 19 Z3 30 3 7 9 10 14 17 Z1 4 7 11 14 18 2.1 l 4 8 9 ll 22 8 pr 144' 29 134' 224' 271' CALENDAR First Day of School Junior C arnival Qfun for everyone, B asketball boys travel to Murray C ity 'Our team played at Shawnee Moxie's team came to New Stra1tsv1lle High School Junction C ity ftherej C 01-ning fherej Union Furnace fherej Thornville ftherej Murray C ity fherej 1 McLuney ftherej Senior Play, TOBY HELPS OUT S omerset ftherej Glenford fherej Holy Trinity Qherej H oly T rinity ftherej S hawnee Qherej Union Furnace fthere Junction C ity fherej C orning ftherej Thornville fherej McLuney fherej S omerset fherej Glenford ftherej S quare Dance sponsored by Maxvllle Farm Bureau Moxie ftherej This boy cut down the cherry tree S quare Dance sponsored by Maxville Farm Bureau Operetta, WILD ROSE B and C oncert Junior Play, HERE COMES CHARLIE Junior-S enior Prom B acc alaureate C ommenc ernent Z4 ,fu .- I! - - 2,f Zx.."C-." , ':2"f,7.r'- 5 J., 1-71' 31 . ,zjsgm ' , Ili bi .,j,3. ,fa l. igmfn, gk ,.. .. - ,if ,.. P H. " "L: ' 1 1 L k ft"wiP1 , ' j fe Ltr Fi , ,W lim 1: . -A LL? v ' ' 1 , 'J A , . ,A 2, ' X -' , ,fi :fi ' 2 l,'m5'g5,.,f4-X, 3 Y ' k ' -A-N . 1. 74, . -' v. .af ' :wwf ,+L 'Q' EAM .- "T ' 7 siif 4 5311, X W.'Y,gi? 3 -" 'A -" , u f .sl x ,Qi-j,?..' 1 ' Tim.-. ' . 1 ' . 1 ibmv,f5gEiEl:-rj..-gig!!! Z, . wap- -'1.,.'- - . ' L71 GW f4f'S.'Q' ' K ., . ' 4T"x1f:', lf' H'-Q, -1 , Ygigjijis '- E ' , y r lifrii 1 , :fw '1! G L: 1-'rf-1 xp-5:4--,-11:11--1--3::.fu -- 1 V-J.,-f-YQ, 'GT .5 5. -11 ' 11,-2..':v:21:'S.n'i"'f,:,3'gq,.. . ' rg--3' . 1 'g...'ws1feQ km fF,f-mai, 1 R-:Q L -. -rf .1 '. z--'Y vi' ' , f'?.1f!5pi -1:5 ,Q , ,M , 'l tn- ,fbi 242' u X - 'if-V ,,.,1f,- L.-. ' 'Hg' 5 W is 55.9, - ' ffJ,325,.-was 94 Lg' 1,,,,, h ts. , - 5 . 4- 1 1 VF Tfwshfw - ., 3 ff? L' ' ' , .,1FFy,f .-1.11132 ' ' ' 'T P33-"' fifz.-:Jn idii ' -We ,fizai ffrw:..w?5 .- iz?-'rg ' ' 'fum' " !, - 5132'- -,f5E,a, 1... is?-1' - , 'FSA 3,6 -Q,"-?'?"'i-2 1-. g -'Q 1l5i',vj-gr' -' L: LEE ,wg fw "5"'-.J ,,., 5-, , "JY," 21 e , ln I-iylyr 'I ,iw f Q ',,,M',51g 1. Q-. ,new J -4 25 A - 't:I , . . Q1 :,.m -...gk . . T, ,- ,"'im .V rv, I s r 2, X by i Q ju H ,i 'Y H YYI, 5, . 1 X l f.. Vs wf xw 2131 .fs ' L:3m B . CRAIG gg-j,,'r'g"' I E ' 3 , W2 N gm 1 V, H K 1 , I! ., , . l QSM , A ITL.. Win , , A 'I "I" .1 ' . - I Q Mg, 'Q , 'iff B. BECK R. PIERCE 2 ,. g.ii',,,,n.,, I . WALDIE 1 YF: 7'-wwf B. RUSHLA Z7 T ,... . , ,, 5111? L sf' ,af :ik ,V 1 -54 - .gf . .1 .1 G. HANNING 5? 5 i 1 F . DONLEY E. STEPHENSON N..S.H.S N.S.H.S N.S.H.S N.S.H.S N.S.H.S N.S.H.S N.S.H.S. N.S.H.S N.S.H.S N.S.H.S N.S.H.S N.S.H.S N.S .H .S N.S.H.S N.S.H.S N.S.H.S N.S.H.S N.S.H.S N.S.H.S N.S.H.S. N.S.H.S N.S.H.S N.S.H.S. N.S.H.S N.S.H.S N.S.H.S N.S.H.S THE SCORE BOARD Murray C ity 50 S hawnee 49 Moxie 52 Junction C ity 89 C orning 39 Union Furnace 41 Thornville 61 M urray C ity 39 MCL uney 38 S omerset 82 Glenford 49 Holy Trinity 35 Holy Trinity 40 S hawnee 40 Union Furnace 40 Junction C ity 104 C orning 76 Thornville 48 R. ockbridge 3 9 M CL uney 58 S omerset 57 Glenford 65 Moxie 67 TOURNAMENT SC ORES Somerset 68 McLuney 50 Junction C ity 86 Glenford 78 Z8 OUR SQUAD The Big Reds made the semi-finals at Zanesville and missed third place by only seven points in the consolation game with Glenford. The following were on the varsity team: Jim Waldie and B ill Rushia, Seniorsg Bill Beck, Frank Donley, Walter Moulton, and Roland Pierce, Juniors, George Hanning, Don Plumley, Richard S ayre, Bob C raig, and Eugene Stephenson, Sophomores. Special note must be made of Jim Waldie's tournament record. Jim scored a total of one hundred and seventeen points in the four games withSomerset, McLuney, Junction C ity, and Glenford. In the Somerset game he rang up the impressive total of forty-six points which broke all previous tournament records. Congratulations to Jim, and to the other varsity players for a good fight. We are proud of you. We should bear in mind that competition is exceptionally tough in Perry County. A glance at the record shows that Perry C ounty has produced the District Champions for the past eleven years. W e feel that New Straitsville High S chool ranks quite favorably with many C ham- pions in counties where the competition is not so tough. Although the county tournament, was the climax of the basketball season, still fresh in our minds are the league games in which the varsity, reserve, and even the up-and coming Junior High showed us their stuff along with a grand display of sports- manship. , In extending our thanks we cannot overestimate the importance of a good coach. This we have in the person of Harry L. Davis, who has spent endless hours of hard, patient work in making possible a record of which we are proud. Our thanks too, go to all the patrons who have attended the games and given freely of that all important moral support. Our special appreciation is to the school itself, and the free educational system which we are privileged to have. In every competitive sport there are winners and losers. The test of good sportsmanship is to accept both victory and defeat graciously- with no malice toward those who defeat us and with no bigoted sense of superiority toward those whom we defeat. We should keep in mind those lines from Kipling-"If you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two imposters just the same-." p Even though we were not the county basketball champions, we can be champions of good sportsmanship and fair play. Of the two, the latter is the one more worthy of the striving. --Ruth Evelyn Burgess 29 RESERVES B. Wade, D. Kemper, D. Lett, B. Wallace, C. Harble, E. Nye, I. Blosser. R.. Bird, D. Burgess B . Spicer, C . Thompson. G. Vickroy I. Roegge, J. Beattie, E. Gx-andy. 1 . BUT-CH SAYRE DONALD P1-'UM1-EY WALTER MOULTON 3 O JUNIOR HIGH TEAM There was only one champion team from our school this season. It was the Junior High team coached by Mr. Nathan Davis. It was Dick Wade with his left-handed hook who made many a bucket. Raymond Hanning, the red-headed wonder forward, did his share of throwing them in too. Bill Thompson, also a forward, opened his mouth and showed his false tooth when a man got too close. Eddie Joe, the ladies' man, slopped them in from all sides. Then the one and only Bob Lloyd, the one with no hair, was as cool as a cucuxnber through all the games of the season. Others, who didn't quite make the team but who are expected to play good ball next year, are: Delmar Plumley, Lincoln Rittgers, Robert Litma.n, Jack Nye, Bob Leadbetter, Bill Peyton, Frank Glennaman, Roy W ooten. This season's scores are as follows: New Straitsville Junior High S chool T hornville 12 here New S traitsville Junior High S chool Hemlock Z0 here New Straitsville Junior High S chool S omerset Z6 here New Straitsville Junior High S chool Hemlock Z5 there New Straitsville Junior High S chool S hawnee ze there 31 - -D on L ett ' f? GLEE CLUB R. Bird. N. Hartman. L, Wilson, M. L. Snyder, L. Eckhart, S. Rushia. J. Downs, E. Good, J. Beattie B. Wade, B. Boyd, D. Angle, B. Foster, C. Thompson, M. Williamson, L. Weaver, D. Burgess, J'. Ennis, .T. Blosser. B. Harris. R. Moh1er,P.Cla1-ke, B. Sheets, G. Brenner-nan, W. Nixon. E. Stephenson, G. Henning. H. Strain, I. Babbs, M. Smith. L. Smith. W. Stimmel. R. Pierce. D. Lett, B. Rushia, L. Sanborn, B. Wi11iams.Mrs. Sapp. g,g,y.g.:T,5g- ,X X ,.:. .A---fm.------- --.VN -- ----V 1 -Q, , A --f .. ..,X,,,f.-.-.,, . B... - , ,, :'5F4,ff. 1:-rg r .. , .,., ' e ' " - . ' ' W . HQ f . V - . X . V , V ,mg .5-4, , -. .4-Q: A X , X . J 1XXX XX XXXXXXXXX XX 7:1 ,X X , ifw. Y , XX. - V X -X X 1-1 X , 3' . hl , W , ' 'Q XX 'XX X W - CX, .1 I X '. ,NE ..E,k X. . X , L XX x J. ff? , W , X, 'J-N In X R Xelnifai , . X 4-.Q,,,q"'1, X :X ,fix 'k s Tl' J'11X,,... . -X N X - ' ' 0 '. , 'LST -2- ' 'j " 4- cgi.. .X -.. - '- f ' ' 'H 9 img -V A , I J I - g'.-.s- ,V . SRX ,F ,r .1 . , :g.:5:' Xg Y - '.- ' , ' XI, , '- -- D . . , X " XX fi , -' X " 1 -' V? Q' L Al a ' f f .-ea. 'W "' 1 .X 4 ... , . X M " . ,.,X .X XX - V, .' ..,, . 1. f .1 V- . . ' : Q X-iz M A ix-"'NV gi A ZN it . .SX i 1? 3115. X .i-.QA ' in A-,gin JJ 1. 'Q r.. .V T , 1. 'T S 'ff . ' 1' '- 3 ,, -S I5 'fr-' N., ' 1 A -,. .ar - V. , s.,,55"l X, gf V , P.. - Q Q, - , - . :- .-' 1 -Vs, ' -, ,,-W, 3-if, V ,V Lewefh. A , w4f. 3 L M'f V- 2 Lf' x,w,l- if mft' '.e- 'u. , 12. '1 :g,.. F he .' , .s-M1751 A 'V . 1 W ' l 'ga " " .. ' D'ff .. V . 11' " f' X I A g-X ': ,Q - Z X, dw. ' - . , "1 Vaci- VJ- ' '., ' , .- . nf ew? 'Air-X '. .. 1 .V V .. , - 2 ' fo yi ' 3 ' 5, ' QX' 'XQVLJ-'. , fd: ' "1,,,.if .' 2 e X X.. Q2 - ' ,L 1-' .111 Q ' -' ' ' I ?5 ' ' ff ' ' ' 7 V V 5.14 V df '- 7' 1- -V Y M' ' ' " 'T' V7-.. jfJff:Yf "igi.l""1g',!i 'af L E .. ' iff: ' . 'Z ' - - ' ' . g 1' ' ".1?g':g wi f 1 , ffl, " -"F 1-Q' ' A- XX ,JEfl? i g 5- Y - ...Q ,f 2 ? f y1g4,.a1 1.35. ig V. - . V X.. - -1 5 ' A . Q V . .5 .5 ,, , , ' . ' ' f . , f . . r gffifi - " ' , V' ' . -, is X. x- , V. X ,. 1 :L gh X, . : 53 .?7.. I X I ZX?-f'f55.:.X Q-- .XI X X X XX Y ,X V'--?'f'7i13'V-F52-f--f" 1 -'i:?Af11f3'-5 H' " N " QR' -xii' '- K4 ' r ,. 'TV' V f"ffff'V A 3 .1, - fi ' N ' ' .. . ' .W WE." '- yX.,:ff , - J. . ,. V' XX.'jX.-j:Xj.-. ,V.f,- XXX1V'j.- X. X. rr- w ' ff.. -X ' 1 . f i' .ff1l:Q3:V'f' X ' af 'I 275 - I-Qggvf I 'V ii .f.'. 3, ' 'XL X9g2Q'1fiw'X'.A ' ' - .' . . 1 . . V , LX - 5 - pig: 'f1j'.s?--3'q1r:'jg'2..fQrL,Af. '-'Eve' f. f 3.51 I X, 'V - ' M .- 'N ,Q HPV- 'V " . I I' 15.5-N lL 'PFI'-553' Biff, 'fi' 1 5 ' ,L.V ' '1 -7 " I I 7'fi5?1-15X 1 qi- -' - , . pq- .--- -. cyfjgrg wr . mst: . - F , ,1m1'f22?-,. . Y -,, ,, Xf,,"VIU1H" I '-51 V ' '. 1: V V4 V:5?'K': E!--egele ffMfTVf ff Lf 1575 Li 1-V'- '3f??f.4ffTg5'A -V'Wffua'h'fL4' .fr R"' H W-, .f 'W V r '- . ' "'-" . ,, ' ' Ml2'?5T.'?'5"'5"A-i. " ' -gnew l-iw . A ' - , ,-J . w k. "L :fr 'af LE... 4:...VE3.'LQQl4.T..QIwL'153.Jia.:QV.1iE.Ll5z..uf-Julia...' BAND L. Eckhart, C. Donley. D. Smith, P. Wallace. S. Snyder, C. Fry, M. Alvis, P. Jones. R. Pierce, B. Rushia, I. Waldie, D. Wade, L. Wilson, L, Cook, B. Williams, L. Sanborn. R. Wooten, J'. Babbs. A. Lanning, M. Green, I. Roegge, A. F1etclEr. B . Boyd, B. Foster. R. Eberts, B. Wallace, L. Bell, P. Pierce, H. Plurnley, R. Bird, S. Rushia, B. Harris, M. Smith. J. Babbs. B . Leadbetter. F,Wi11iams, R. Grandy, D. Burgess, D. P1um1ey,J'. Cheatham. 33 OPERETTA T he High S chool C horus presented the Mus ic al C omedy "Wild Rose" on the evening of April lst, in the school auditorium. The entire vocal group took part and helped make the program a success. The story was of a gypsy queen who, many years before had switched her gypsy baby with that of a rich friend. The whole trick of the baby switching was disclosed by the queen when the two girls had boy friend, troubles. All turned out well as the real gypsy girl married a rich gypsy boy and the rich girl married a rich 3:-iety boy. The cast of characters were as follows: Mrs. Dora Valentine-Jo Ann Ennis, Luther Valentine-Roland Pierce, Rose Valentine-Barbara Foster, Mrs. Nella Stafford-Lois W ilson,Norman Stafford-Harry Strain, Jr., B renda Stafford-S hirley Rushia, Queen Malena-B arbara Harris, Rose Malena-Ramona Mohler, .Toe-George Hanning, Theodore Willingham-B ill Rushia, Lenore Hastings-Marian Smith, Gladys-Rita B ird, Keene- Jack C heetham, C larabelle-Nancy Hartman, Imogene- Juanita B abbs, Z elena-Dorothy Angle, Floretta-B arbara B oyd. The chorus made up of Servants, Gypsies and Guests, were the following: Johnny B eattie, Joe B losser , Garnieta B renneman, D onald Burgess, Patty C larke, Janet Downs, Nancy Forrester , Evelyn Good, Don Lett, L ee S anborn, B etty S heets , S ue S nyder, Wilma S timmel, Lola Weaver, B ob W illiams, Anna F letcher , W ray Nixon, C arl Thompson, B ill Wade, Mary Willemson, Gene Stephenson, Laura Eckhart, C arolyn Hlowdyshell, Letha Smith, M ary L ou Snyder. Bob Craig was in charge of stage properites and curtain pulling. CHRISTMAS PROGRAM On December 2.2, 1948, the High School Chorus. combined with school Band, gave an assembly program for the entire school. The band director, Mr. Cook, directed the ensemble with Mrs. Sapp assistingj The music was from "The Christmas Story" made up of all the old much loved Christmas C arols everyone knows. The program was enjoyed by all and should set a precedent for all other years to come. 34 LETS MAKE MUS IC One of the greatest factors in determining a successful school is the band. We are very fortunate to have one. There are only three other schools of our class in Perry C ounty that have a band. Do you know why? B ecause they have the town back of them at all times. Very few people realize the work that is necessary to make it successful. Each year there is a great deal of time and money spent to keep up the band. New instruments, repairs, and new music are only a few of the things that must be paid for. , During the past four years the school and community have been show- ing a greater interest in the band. When the war started we were left without a director. Miss Irene Irvin rendered her servic-es to keep the players together. After three years of successful directing she gave up her position, leaving the band in good condition. There were new instruments, a good supply of music, and a new set df flags. After Miss Irvin, came Mr. James Horwell, who had directed bands for several years before taking over the position. By this time the uniforms, which consisted of hat and cape, were in poor' condition. Mr. Horwell and faculty and school board members decided to buy new uniforms. This presented the problem of money. Mr. Horwell suggested that the parents of the band members organize a band boosters club to raise funds for the band. They did so and within a year's time had raised S 2,000, enough to buy forty uniforms. They put on dances, bake sales, and many other things to raise money. The next year presented greater difficulties. Mr. Jones had looked all surnmer for a band director, but to no avail. Finally after the first six weeks of school, he was able to locate Mr. L. N. Cook, of Ohio University our present director. This year the band has appeared in several parades. On April 15th, a Spring Concert was given in the school auditorium under the direction of Mr. L. N. Cook. The concert was opened by a Descriptive Fantasia, The Haunted House by Sa.ffertyL Next was a modern piece, Boogie-W oogie B and, by David Bennett. The band then played three of the best known Marches of John Phillip Sousa, El C apitan, King Cotton and, The Thunderer. Next was a Choral Melody, Komm Susser Tod, when translated means, C orne Sweet Death, by Bach. To close the program was one of L.V. Metcalf's best known pieces, Rondo Abaca. The last event on the calendar will be the big parade on Decoration Day. This is when several of us will have to give up our places to the younger members. 35 I Gqufog 'mpg cqufog 'mpg 5. cqufoj fcaflga Jfriag' ". xl-n-, WALSWORTH Luna,-.pina s. nom-4 by wmswowm anornsns M.,-1.1m-. Mu.. u. s. A. 39 A JP CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS STRAITSVILLE BRICK CGMPANY NE 2641 NEW STRAITSVILLE, O Compliments of Ambrose's Home Store Phone 2121 New Straitsville, Ohio Congratulations Seniors! A C. M. Smifh's Service Station Groceries - Meats - Notions SOHIO Tires and Accessories New Straitsville, Ohio We Aim to Please Wilson Bros. Groceries - - Meats Phone 2301 Free Delivery New Straitsville, Ohio Hannah Bros. Furniture Stores Complete Home Furnishings Phone 2911 ' New Straitsville Phone 2811 Shawnee Refrigerators :: Westinghouse - Philco - Crosley Radios :: Westinghouse - Philco - Crosley - Zenith Hoover Sweepers Television Sales and Service Logan Music 84 Appliances RCA Victor Radios-and Television Frigidaire Appliances -- We have School Plan Purchase Musical Instruments -- Rental and Easy Payment Plan Instruments Supplies - Sheet Music - Records LOGAN MUSIC 8: APPLIANCES Telephone 443 72 West Main Street Logan, Ohio J. A. Thomas Gulf Service Station Gulf Service Station and Garod Television New Straitsville, Ohio Compliments of E L B E R F E L D ' S Logan, Ohio GRANDY AUTO SUPPLY Wholesale and Retail Automotive Parts and Accessories - Tires and Tubes - Batteries Toys and Novelties Retail Store and Office - 58 West Main Street - Logan, Ohio John Allen Claude Hammon UNION CLOTHING CO. Men's Clothing Suits - Sportswear - Topcoats t'AlWays Right in Price" 44 East Main Street Logan, Ohio KING LUMBER CO. Logan, Ohio Dealers in Lumber and Builders' Supplies Branch -- New Straitsville, Ohio Congratulations to the Class of '49 We are Always Thankful for Our Business Relations with Our New Straitsville People ACHAUERlS MEN'S SHOP 30 East Main Street Logan, Ohio Compliments of CASES DRUG STORE Drugs - Jewelry - Watch Repairing Phone 8 Logan, Ohio Compliments of CARPENTER HARDWARE CO. Phone 147 Logan, Ohio We Deliver Established 1886 F. W. WEILAND, Jeweler 54 West Main Street Logan, Ohi0 SHAWNEE DRY GOODS CO. Ladies' and Gents' Ready-to-Wear - Dry Goods - Etc. J. R. Abram, Proprietor Shawnee, Ohio LEHMAN HARDWARE 24 W. Main Street Logan, Ohio Hardware - Plumbing Supplies - Wallpaper - Bottle Gas ELLODY CONFECTIONERY Sundaes - Sandwiches - Fountain Service Shawnee, Ohio LUCKOFF'S MUTUAL STORE Complete Line of Ready-to-Wear for the Entire Family Phone 14 Logan, Ohio TANSKY MOTORS, Inc. DODGE PLYMOUTH Sales and Service Shop Service 'Till Midnight 297 E. Main Phone 465 Logan, Ohio ' CANTER GREENHOUSE Funeral Work Our Specialty - Corsage Work - Potted Plants Phone 2891 Shawnee, Ohio Home and Auto Supplies Firestone Tires HERMANNS FIRESTONE DEALER STORE Phone 54 119 E. Main Street Logan, Ohio WE WISH TO THANK THE ADVERTISERS FOR HELPING MAKE THIS BOOK POSSIBLE 34

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