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li . r ij , , ,Y wg., E' F . 394- 5 , -Ilia ,Y -H V- f - .- , -1 ' 4: 2 1 . V - V V " .QL 4 A 1 - I A - Y K . , ' -J ' 1 ' X , k 1 ' , ' ' V Y A 3 --' . -' . f , AL' , i -f4LMz41 V , 1, f" , Letou1?'U0iCe.s'loQiZdly ringing . , Proclaim rw!! fmi Cl1'l'd:116d?',' A i , 0ZfZ',l0'U6fZl?Zd our ldyalztyifaif qurischoal. 1 if1gQd'fi0 all geg'e fhold e?Uef dearg QA ' , , , V 1 f C0me,Stcz1zto n': som and wb"el'pjra is.eV7zEr, 5' L k YTh,e world wiZlAnoz.1:ell "- .ofnlierfam-e, Q 'A ,n, T illdofwnl the long twin' of zfliel ages, " ' ' Ki Sftlilll ethb' old, A-Sfantoindsmb Qmimeg I In V '- T?zAis 'wbi7flci sweeping 7'I2Aig7hZfil,1' i 011'6f'J6l7'6i, :W'z'll 1wli iten,0-1416 fiend! with -its years, .V W Bzltfiefver Awe'e!f'gre:et- Alma Ma te'r , ' ith full liegirty and swelling ch eers M- MQ- .R .,i..,,.,., -k...,Q ...' The 1954 STAN TO IA NEW STANTON CONSOLIDATED AND JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Hemptield Area Joint School District Westmoreland County New Stanton, Pennsylvania 'k Edifvl'-in-Chief -A' Literary Editors "Good Morning, Boys and Girls," Iet's relive the 1953-54 term at Stanton." i Faculty Advisors Janie Davey Pauline Viziola Connie Powers Page 1 Mrs. Buchalter Mr. Tomkon Mr. Fox 1954 S TAN TONIAN STAFF Editor-In-Chief .... . ...,. Ianie Davey Associate Editors .... ..... C onnie Powers Ioan Sullenberger Literary Editor ............. ..... P auline Viziola Assistant Literary Editors ..... ...Marcia Kintigh Faye Teichert Carolyn Bisping Candid Camera and Art Editor. . . ...... Allan Cribbs Advertising Manager ,......,.. . ....... Mr. Fox Circulation Manager .... lack VV'i1kinson Faculty Advisors .... . . . .Mrs. Buchalter Mr. Tornkon , Mr, Fox Typist. . . .... Mrs. Poorman From the bottom up: Left - Janie Davey, Pauline Viziola, Carolyn Bisping, Faye Teichert, Allan Cribbs, Mrs. Buchalter Right: Connie Powers, Marcia Kintigh, Joan Sul- lenberger, Jack Wilkinson, Mr. Fox, Mr.,Tomkon FOREWORD The majority of adults look back upon their school days as the happiest days of their lives. Generally, they look back upon the humorous situations, the pleasantness and friendliness of associa- tions with class members, the fun at games, dances, and incidents in their classes. The remembrance of things past is pleasant. We hope this book may serve in the future to help you remember those past incidents in which you were a vital part at Stanton. Our Staff In Action TABLE OF CONTENTS Board of Education ..... .... Administration ..... .... Faculty .... .... Supervisors and Technicians ..... .... Transportation ..... Lunch Project ...... .... Parent-Teacher Association .... ..... Primary and Elementary I Personnel and Activities .... ...... 1 1 - 42 Junior High Personalities .... ..... 4 3 - 58 Junior High Activities ..... ..... 5 9 - B8 Advertising .... ..... 6 9 - 76 Page 3 0 R BOARD OF EDUCATION JOINT COMMITTEE Front row: Mr. Wolfe, Mr. Mough, Mr. Lauffer, Mr. Kerr, Mr. McKlveen, Mr. Silvis, Dr. Greene Back row: Superintendent T. W. Fullerton, Mr. Kauffman, Mr. Shaner, Mr. Wineman, Mr. Bolling, and Mr. Keefner As the school term ends, the School Board must evaluate the activities of the year and make plans for the next school year. As an evaluation, the Board must consider the benefits derived for the pupils in re- lation to the tax dollar available. During the past year, numerous improvements have been added as services for our children, additional nursing service. additional time for elementary school art and music, services of a home-school visitor, speech correctionist, additional transportation service, and plans for the building program becoming a reality. Plans for next year are now being formulated in an effort to continue the best facilities possible for our children. The School Board extends best Wishes and hopes for a bright future to each and every student and pat- ron and Wants you to know that their untiring' and sometimes thankless task is done for the benefit of the school population of the entire Hempfield Area. HEMPFIELD AREA JOINT BOARD . ,... . ....,,... 1.1, V . Front row: Glenn E. Wolfe lYoungwoodl, Henry G. Byers lYoungwoodl, Paul A. Mough lYoungwoodl, Harmon J. Lauffer lManorl, William H. Kerr lHempfieldJ, Donald P. McKlveen lHempfieldl, J. H. Silvis, Jr., lHempfieIdJ, Dr. D. L. Greene lHempfieldl. Middle row: John Kauffman lHempfieldl, Wade Tompkins lAdamsburgl, Mrs. Betty Blackson lYoungwoodl,Mrs. Hel- en Robinson lAdamsbur9l, Mrs. Esther Bruhn lAdams- burgl,' Daniel G. Bolling lAdamsburgl, Clarence B. Page 4 Heasley lAdamsburgl. Back row: Martin L. Dvorsky fManorJ, J. Edwin Shaner lManorl, George W. Barton lManorl J. Paul Wineman lYoungwoodl, Billy R. Latta lHunkerl, and R. E. Keefner lHunkerl. Members not pictured: Paul Latta lHempfieIdl, Robert E. Cummings lHempfieldJ, H. F. Maurer lManorl, R. O. Sutor lHunkerl, Mrs. Dorothy Gault lHunkerJ, and Mrs. Eleanor Sutor lHunkerl. OUR ADMINISTRATORS I The school publications of a school are ex- cellent opportunities for pupils to obtain first hand experience in reporting, Writing and group cooperative organizational activities. Generally these activities represent consider- able effort on the part of the faculty in prepar- ing the material for final presentation to the publicg however, this publication is an excel- lent opportunity for the public to become ac- quainted with the activities of the school. I take this opportunity to congratulate the student body, the faculty and patrons of the community who have made this publication possible. I am sure many pupils have bene- fited from the experience and will cherish their books in the future years. T. W. Fullerton Theo W. Fullerton, Superintendent ' Paul E. Deputy Page 5 Paul W. Wolfe, Director of Child Atccounting Www t , ,:::::qm '.. X -' ...,,. , . ..,...:..... 't' E":: -' :3,::: rr' Q .. ., t ..... grasses irvg:fsr2:'W:'i . me 24-2 avi? s.W.3gst..:,":,.:es:a:i1 was T 2 I-al W 4 4 M 5 , EY? ..,. . twiki fi .eggs 2 . . U A is K ...,.........,......,..-..- . . . , . .. .. ,..... -1 as . ,,..,ss.:lE, 'X . . . . Ms, 2 -g, . . -.f..-.---.- 1 , f-.- A--, 4 M W gyyqva, . t-:far A 1 . .Q .was spam. 53223232 F545 .5 - Www - if-V 1- 2-I -I xz' W ' Q " .sm , s.. .. .. Q ,. .. 'si 'gg ' - -:,g: -ss::.:::-:2:s22:.:2 2 .2551 eff a w ! .ws . W .. :.,..:. ,. .,,,.,4.,, vm ' 'ii' . 5 " I'. iZ .I. ,I 14552. 1' QUE , .fit Qi H 4 ri: K f . - ,gy ii: 'X i i 5:'ii'5az ': . , 22 53 1 fig: if K 253322515 :Z i 3 2231 in Zhai ,A at mg 5125 sf' ' git? " - h UQF' ttf few. .w.Mw2mL:5 w Q E V sNWs..VrM0.-WD. awww Q Mwst www... .tw :lf if fi - Ligier if V V eg, X. gig.. W -. . X V Q Paul W. Fox Principal 0 R FACULTY Dear Students, .ln extending greetings and good 'Wishes to you on behalf of your teachers and myself, l am concerned Whether the past term has been as productive for you as it should have been. By this, l mean have you taken advantage pi every opportu- nity, has the year made you a better person, a more loyal citizen of your school and your community, and are you gradually acquiring the learning and traits of character which will enable you eventually to make your best possible contri- bution to society? What is important is that you did your best, you gained confidence in yourself, you lived happily with us and your fellow students, and you were a good, kind, honest, and sincere person. We most sincerely extend to you our very best Wishes for the future. Most sincerely, Paul W. Fox ,Mrs. Gerhart, First Grade Miss Taylor, First Grade Mrs. Baker, Second Grade Mrs. Brown, Third Grade Miss Jeffrey, Third Grade Mrs. Taylor, Fourth Grade Miss Hamilton, Fourth Grade Miss Altman, Fifth Grade Miss Wolford, Fifth Grade Mr. Kemp, Sixth Grade Miss Verna Long, Sixth Grade Miss Hazel Long, Sixth Grade Miss Rosmus, English Mrs. Buchalter, Science 81 Math Mr. Gerhart, Social Studies Mr. Shields, Geography Mr. Kauffman, Math. Mr. Shrader, General Shop Mr. Snively, Physical Ed. Mrs. Dell, Second Grade Mrs. Wienand, Hunker Intermed Miss Bechtold, Vocal Music Mr. Tomkon, Art Mr. Vonada, Inst. Music Mrs. Poorman, Secretary Mrs. Kettering, Home Ec. ,ss c,..,,t-ew-mmm S UPER VIS ORS AD TECH ICIA S Darwin P. Miller Area Elementary Supervisor Mrs. Miriam McCauley, Nurse Everylowne reallizews thalt he,a.l:th ldirelcltly infl'u-ences. 'pupil 'pmo,grwe:ss. Relbasrdlamivoln is all ltoo frequently fcauslewd by rphysliezal amd emoltlionall ldisabihtlefs. Lt ds mhe sehool nurses aim rto creamer in pupils. a desire to develop habits, abtimudels, and aipprlelcia- tion which wbennd to slafewguarld fclmeia' own health. Also, mo encourage pfamewnts :to fol- lolw through with ltlhe remedial mearsuvews rlecowmme-nlded for lclomrectioln off defects found in ftheim' childmen. Mrs. Charlene Moreau, Speech Correctionisl Dleflewotive' lspewech and Hbaiby talk" among b9lg?llIL1'1fB1'lS is quite fcommoln and it is sur'- PI7llSllI'1vg howw lewawsily dt can be colrmelctleld. More swerliolufs clofndmolns resulting from physical fhzmdiclalpsl can also be corrected with proper' proeedumel. Mrs. Shirley Cole, Vocal Music The aim of the elelmfentary music pro- gram is to provide malny muslifcfal awcltivimies for all :s'cuden,tss. Aslildvef frofm srinlgifnxg, the children play im rhythm bands, dacmcfe valrifofus- folk -damlces', and Learn mulsilcal theolry. Silnlglng provides SlOfCiE1vl. recmeartliolng rhythm bafnzdfs melaeh ,afttefmtioln and ClOlOlI'ldfl- natliomg 'd3lI'LCf8wS pwovide meoneealtionn wafnld eo- ordinaltiolng and ,thewowry helps sovwnld logical tlhinzlsinlg. We want to ma-ke owur chillrdlrecn sound Well-adjluswted citizeums. Miss Barbara Carlson, Arl' Theme is no beltfver' medium for expres- sliaoln of wo1me's perwsonality than ltlmnough Art.. This is just as :time with the crude' drawing of lthle first grader as dit is with fuhe yofulng ahowwslewvwilfe Jin, swelxevcztsmg 'hlerllivilng mom eolocr sleheme. It ds fesserntial fthalt. cnhildren be given lthifs lolpfplortuniby and dprasming. Page 7 Arthur A. Armbrust, Area, Trans-portation Supervisor TRANSPORTATION Four thousand five hundred children are transported daily to and from the Hempfield Area Schools in twenty - three modern buses owned and operated by the school district. These buses make 1504 stops daily along the 1900 miles traveled. Nine of these buses serve the children enrolled in the five buildings in our area where about 952: are transported. Much planning is done in order that these children get the best poss- ible service with the facilities available. Every possible pre- caution is taken to insure their safety. The buses are manned by very capable, alert, and qualified drivers and Mr. Arrnbrust does an excellent job of supervision. The buses are cleaned inside and disinfected daily and are constantly checked and kept in the best possible mechanical condition. We owe respect and gratitude to the men who are so con- cerned with our welfare and who try so hard to make our daily trips to and from school safe and pleasant. We are usually too selfish or too thoughtless in giving praise, and we fail to realize the great responsibility these men have, but "Hats off" to our crew of faithful bus drivers for a hard job well done. t Front row: Sylvester Smith, Tony Vesco, George Back row: Roland Kettering, George Pushic, Yurko, Pete Vesco., .John Sanner, Frank Ralneri, Robert Cameron, Norval Eisaman, Frank Nemec, Fred Yearsley, Wllllam Armbrust, Arthur Arm- Kenneth Burkholder, James Walthour, Thomas brust, Curtis Armbrust, and Thomas Logan Zundel, Charles Gockel, Bryan Baum, Milton Moro- zovich, Clyde Poole, and Wilbur Wineland OUR LUNCH P120 JECT An adequate school lunch is very essen- tial for the physical and mental growth of any student. To meet this need for the more than 6071 of our students and teachers who do not care to carry a lunch, complete lunches includ- ing a hot dish, milk, sandwiches, and dessert were served daily in the New Stanton, Paint- erville, and Kamerer Buildings. These lunches were prepared in the New Stanton building by our regular employes, Mrs. Helen Moore, Miss Leora Shoat, and Miss Mae McMeekan, Mrs. Eunice Hepler served in the Kamerer Building and Mrs. Grace McClain in the Painterville Building. Our lunch project here was sponsored by our School District and was one of the many in the area. Mrs. Donna Anthony was the Die!- itian and Supervisor of the entire area: project. Mrs. Donna Anthony, Dietitian and Manager A familiar scene in our Cafeteria from 11:30 until 12:20 Daily. Fourth Grade children are being served by Mrs Moore Miss Shoaf, and Miss McMeekan, our regular staff who prepare and serve. Page 9 FOUNDER'S DAY SCENES Our 1953-54 Officers The Youngwood Harmoneties The Snack Bar The Male Trio Past Presidents being Sfudeni' Quarfeife honored OUR PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION South Heunpfield P.T.tA. ended aa. successfuil year with a humwdmed amd fifty one meinlbierss. Officers vverwe, Pnesidfent, Mrs. David H. Coyinlemg Vice-Pmesidienrt, Mns. Waimea' Keltlyg ?eene1t'a'riy, Mrs. J ovhn Radyg and Trfeawsumer, Mrs. John Mick- ow. The programs for the yeawr' zawrrtaungetd by pmognaan chair- man, Mrs. Kelly, were vairiifed tend 'instiewnesitifngg one iocf the highlights being the Fowu.-nrdiens Dfaxy pfnotgnem. in Eeuhmuwanny. An 'historical -play, "'OLir Mamch of Events", deinnecmed by Miss 'Gainherine Halmiltoin, was pnesented with members of the chowus Wearing period eosbunies. .Pest pmeisidxerits were hofniered end presenxbed with pins. Mrs. 'David K. Bfair, his twonniam, gave a brief ihisttzo-ry of wowufr' P.T'.fA. Some of the speehens iait foutr prognaims tinaluecied Mr. T. W. Fullemtoin, Assoc'iafce 'SllDBlI'1iI1IUE5'fMdEII1lt of Hempfield. Area scthomols, Mr: C. Walid Eieher, iassismtiamnnt Dlifsttrriet .Aitstsomnriey noi Wesitmoirelaind County, end Wafliarce Kal11awu.gher, Direc- 11o4r -off Reenesartion tin JiE!1HLIUIl8fml9'. A combination slidie-fislimstufipi pirojeetor was pneswenhed tio the school a4t. the Noivenibetr' meietxing which .Wes held on P.aatmonn'is Night.. F-our wthe frirszt. mime, four ptnesidient. rartrtwendied the sxteibe eomv+entio1n which west held in Phiiedieipthia. in Oebober. Extra. aicrtwivities. durtintg fthe year irueluded a squiaurie dance held lin Decxeniberrx Pmoeeeds heipxed piaxy for candy given aft the Ohnisibmans ptamty in st1he sehofol for the finsat six gariadfes att which Ewgeme Albright piayed Senmai. The iamiual St. Piaetniek Day ham dinner was a huge suzcfcvesws. Profit. :fmom the dimmer atmeofuruting vtfo 3205.75 was. given .to the school cbor the yteatr hook. Teri dotilamls 'vvas given Ito rbhe P.T'.A. Satwucient Loxasn. found to be used in Westmonelaznd Gommty. Tvvoi five ,dollar awards were given. for wofurttsstnawnriivnsg 'avchievemenms to former' Stamp-n satuciemshs uioiw wgrieciwamimg einem GiIW618ll'kS1bUiITg', end Y-oiutnvgvvowod High Sichools. 350.00 was given the Pmess Club to help pray for .a minieognatph machine. Oommsimtwee chavimntein for the year tvvene: Mns. Roy Mech- limg, memehemsihipg Mns. Geomge Evans, bwdget. ,amd Lfinentcs-eg Miss Gweuievieve Jeffrey, rpfwblieityg Mins. Roy Shaw, hos- pfietwalityg Mrs. Watlmesr Kelly, lpnoignafmg end Mns. William Kem' .anntd Mms. Eugense' Alfbinighit, piutbliealbiioxrusi. Mr. Paul Eox vvass paunhiamentianriawn, Mns. John Bwafmai, PmeSchoo1 RosuwndeUp wchasirman, -and Mrs. Greee Kefotveming, sehowol iumh ehatirmaul with MDS. Delbent Ptofoirmaln :in eharrge of Pino- eediume book. Tthfe Meal' tended vvith a mea im May, hofnming the Iteawchfetrws. Offfieens for' 'n1eX.t. yeafr same Priesfidient., Mms.. David Coy- nemg First Vieeelireisiicienst, Mrs. Weloer' Keilyg Sieeoinid Viee- Pmesident, Mins. .Mawuriee Lotngg Seenetairy, Mms. Roy Sihawvg Troeessmfer, Mrs. John Micklow. Kemps room in. Kememeir School wvonn the most. room pnizes ion' best pvamerit aautmheamiatnee during fthe year. Ham Dinner View Business, pleasure and work Page 10 PRIMARY Ami ELEMENTARY PERSONNEL and A CTI VITIES Page 11 FIRST GRADE Kathy Thomas Alan Shrader Barbara Kargle Gary Ryan Sharon Soles Charles Overly Jeanne Zundel Darrell Trout Sharon Simpson William Moore Dick Rhea K Zane' Thorne Craig Miclclow Charlene Stinebiser Linda Rutter Linda Peterman Howard Wolfe Janet Packe Jay D. Light Calvin Miller Charles Woodman Betty O'Dell John Matthews Margaret Onorato Scott Merch ling Russell Moore John Smith Robert Packe Gerald Smith The pupils enjoyed expressing their town ideas in many different designs by means of finger pawinting. We were busy making spatter painting pictures. The children were curious to lift the screen to see how much paint had been dropped as a good picture must not have paint spots. ' Ou-1' room has made their second continued reading story on the baick of wallpaper. Each group has made a reading bioeklet aibout their particular reading unit. When the children studied the farm uniit, we made many farm afnimals from houne made clay. We had three reading corners, one for each group. On the wall was a display of -suitable pictures with printed sentences which contain the new Words that relate to each unit. The children were always anxious for the new dis- play to see if they could read the sentences. The children found their writing class interesting when they provided the s.entence.s. We made spelling booklets from oiur papers that had been kept from our class which was held every Friday. The children looked forward to play period in the audit- orium where they learned many games and square dances. On-ce a Week we had rhythm band in room 9 with Miss 'llaylor's and Mrs. Baiker's children. Top photo: We always enioy the busy period in our room but of course when the photographer comes we must look up with a great big smile. Bottom photo: Gary Smith, Barbara Kargle, Darrell Trout, Gerald Smith, Alvin Mellinger, Charles Overly, Gary Ryan, Jay Light, Jeanne Zundel, Sharon Soles, and Linda Rutter so happy that now they can read so well. Mrs Gerhart, our teacher, is also pleased very much. FIRST GRADE Tommy Leeper Marty Dillon Jayme Mauk Duane Ames Cheryl Morris Catherine Gross Jimmy Kerr Ralph Prinkey Mary Hohn John Hilewick Howard Calhoun Ernesl' Leasher Judy Butler Roberr Hollzer Wayne Downs Becky Jo Hower Richard Bosch Marvin Chellman Kathleen Lighl' Gran? Reagan George Krolik Charles Bossarl' Bonnie Myers Dick Logan Tommy Guzy Joe Brown Arihur Daily Pauline Ebner Roberi- Coleman Terry Griffin The enrollment in Room 9 this term was 22 - boys and 12 girls. In addition to our regular school work the . children participated in the following activi- ties: rhythm band once a week and folk danc- ing and singing games each day at recess period. They memorized the following poems: "The Flag Story", "The Turtle", "Spring', "The Woodpecker", and "My Cupboard". The boys and girls had lots of fun making a toy farm while reading the stories of the farm in their basic reading book. Iohnny Hiler- wick was chainnan of the committee and he brought the fence. Others who brought materi- al were Pauline Ebner, Marty Dillon, Dick Log- an, loe Brown, Iimmy Kerr, Barbara Kuhns, Ian- ice Watkins, Wayne Downs, Tommy Guzy, Marvin Chellman, Tommy Leeper, George Krolik, Becky Hower, and Terry Griffin. We made Writing booklets telling about Spring. We received a seal in Writing every period this term. Considerable progress was made in Spelling. The Print-Writing which was introduced this term made it easier for the children to write their spelling words. The boys and girls in our room enjoyed do- ing finger painting and spatter painting at the noon intermission under the supervision oi Mrs. Gerhart. The posters of the children who did the best work were posted on the bulletin board in the hall. For the Spring Music Concert, we had a group of "Songs" and two Dances, and also played in the Rhythm Band. We wish all the teachers and students a pleasant vacation this summer. I Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and Recess were so 1 much fun. We were so happy our first year in school we hate to see it end so soon Page 15 SECO D GRADE Top Row: Joan Theis, Gary Jacobs, Karen Cole, Sammy Van Dyke, Joanne Jordon, Richard Peterman Second Row: Judy Robinson, Joseph Hewett, Janet Trout, Maureen Sullivan, William Hix- son, Daniel Poorman Third Row: Ronald Kauffman, Leah Simons, Eileen Trout, Thomas Kelly, Sammy Van- Dyke, Karen Perbonish Fourth Row: Judy Armbrust, Jill Latta, Ronald Anthony, Carolyn Hyde, Sally Lou Brisbane, Ronald Long Fifth Row: William Bishop, Joan Hoak, Cassandra True, Philip Fox, Betty Lou Bosch, Sandra Morris Bottom Row: Jeanne Weyandt, Kenneth Trout, Donna Carlson, Paul Sabota, Becky Jo Hillis Page 16 School opened September the eighth with thirty five boys and girls enrolled in room fourteen. On November sixteenth Donald Koontz entered our school from Mt. Pleasant Township. We soon found out Donald was very good in art. Halloween was our first holiday. How beau- tiful some of us looked and how terrible oth- ers looked. We had a grand parade, followed by a party in our room. It seemed as if we had just gotten started well on our school work when it was time 'io get ready for Christmas. At first we thought we would play some rhythm band numbers but to put on a play and rhythm band both would take too much time from our regular school work. So we eliminated the rhythm band but continued it after Christmas with Tommy Kelly as director. First and second grade then decided to present the operetta, "The Isle of Christmas Dreams." We portrayed many toys and animals and enjoyed getting it ready very much. The first week in May we presented the playette, "Down on Old MacDonald's Farm" with all the animals on the farm taking part. Our rhythm band at this time made their first appearance. See what we made and look at the "guys" and "gals" who made lf. . Relaxing for our picture in our happy workshop. Page 17 SECOND GRADE The second grade children in room fifteen had a very busy time all year long reading three basic readers: CFriends and Neighbors: More Friends and Neighbors: and What Nextl: learning to spell many new words and work- ing with addition and subtraction combina- tions. Mondays were special days with Miss Carl- son coming for art or Mrs. Cole for music. In between their visits the children Worked on music and art projects. They especially en- joyed making things from clay and then paint- ing them to make look real. Each holiday was celebrated in some way. At Halloween the children had a party with everyone wearing a funny costume. Christmas time meant helping first grade with their pro- gram. For Thanksgiving the children made a blackboard border of turkeys, pilgrims and log cabins. Valentine's Day was best of all with a large fancy box full ot Valentines for everyone. When spring arrived the children enjoyed playing their new playground equipment at lunch time. Spring also brought the annual spring con- cert and the boys and girls in room fifteen did their part to make it a big success. Some of the children danced the Virginia Reel while others danced around the Maypole, weaving it into a beautiful basket pattern. This brought to a close the end of the sec- ond year of school for the children of room fifteen. RECESS IS OVER AND BACK T0 OUR BOOKS WE LIKE PLAYING BALL BEST AT RECESS ' Top Row: Richard 0'Neal, Donna Barna Clarissa Rhea, Randall Carlson, Jo Ann Dell Robert O'DeIl Second Row: James Teaters, Dean Gaffney, Patricia Holtzer, Bernice Ross, Sammy De- Armint, Beverly Trout Third Row: Allan Steiner, Carol Reigh Charles Kunkle, Merle Fox, Linda Lydic Roger Corbiser Fourth Row: Gloria Fulmer, Wayne Kramer, Nancy Wallace, Janet Sager, Stephen Cholak, Howard Jones Fifth Row: Jeffery Wilkins, Alverda Brink- er, Jeffery Long, Richard Mellors, Carolyn Smith, Jean Smith Bottom Row: Darrell Hill, Shirley Coons Shirley Leasher, James Eisaman I THIRD GRADE Top Row: Kathleen Morris, Dianne Frye, Jane Fultz, Paul Kaylor, Nancy Sager, Billy Guzy Second"Row: Douglas Corbiser, Betzy, Thorne, Bar- bara Breegle, Wayne Sanner, Myrtle Overly,-Larry-A Mottle , A A , . Third Row: Carol Lankey, Danny Predaina, Georgia Page 20 Hileman, Patty Kunkle, Dick,Trout, Joyce Butler Fourth Row: Mary Alice Griffith, Mary Etta Mur- dock, Billy Hart, Patty Lengyel, Peggy Oplinger, George Ross Bottom Row: John- Smith, Linda Daily, Carol Sad- ler, Bobby Fox, Jimmy Nelson f Third grade ienjroyed daraswin,g and C:Ol'OlZ"ltI'lg clowns laesit fall. Also every ioine wats interiefst- ed tn, our Indiiain-Pilgrim project. 'Dhe follow- ing vwoirdis remiifnd luis of the ctuin we had mafk- ing 'itz Indian, squaiw, icihief, piafpofofsiei, toma- hazvwk, tepee, log cabin, pilgrim, icranoe, and boww and arrow. A de'li.ghtiul Chrflsitimas parity was given in the auditorium by 'the P. T. A. In our home moms we hard an exichravnge' of gifts, siaing carl tolls, and Thad move fun. In tart cliaiss we direwv pictures :tor iillusttraate the "Olmri.sztmas Story". We were pleiatsied to disiplay tahreese' loan. the hall bulletin boafrd. In Jasnuasry we miafcle ra blaickbotatrtd bomdm' of piicmturefs to 'Hluisitiraitei Eskimo Life, cocnrelrat- ing Language, Geiognaiphy aind Ant. We liettere ed isieintefnwcres 'explainsing the pictures. Our next rprrojieicft was a deisemt. We miafdwe afn oasis in the middle of lt. .Ioisfhiuat tzrees, ciacitiusieis, jack rarbblts, coyoitzeis, maid muinzners, prairie dogs, diesemt watts, elif iolvvfls and dmezswewft flowers vweme made of paper. Lizands, horwniefd toads, snea.lQe's arnd iturtliess were mroldeid of clay. Flowems and flower designs were idmamm aind cioliomeid as 'our most interesting spring activity. lt was fun decorating the "Heart Tree" for Valentine Day We Ilked to picture the stories found In our new readers THIRD GRADE Top row: Melvin Helzel, Donald Princeler, Donald Fourlh row: Benny Willell, Kennelh Harrold, Don-I Wagner, Thomas Mauk, Shirley Switzer ald Schullheis, Linda Boclnar, Linda Lighl' Second row: Linda Slinebiser, James Zundel, Pafly Bollom row: Harry Leashure, Pa'H'y Young, Dale Drog, Sally Kintigh, Catherine Hollen Shields, Karen Lynch, Eileen Mechling, Rebecca Third row: Lois Simpson, Peggy Dehner, Kennelh Wallorl Eisaman, George Troul, Charles Springer Page 22 Third grade started the year's ac- tivities with an Indian project. The sand table provided the setting for an attractive Indian Village. Everyone participated in making the tepees, canoes, people, forest and many objects of Indian life. A log cabin was added, a rough table made, and some Pilgrim figures helped the Indian de- pict The First Thanksgiving. Our Christmas table was a spark- ling castle in Santa Land. Next We made a dairy tann. It was complete with house, barn, silo, garage, sheds, animals, tractors, farm machinery, fields of corn and Wheat, pastures for grazing, and a pond. We next constructed a village. Houses were measured, cut and put together out of pasteboard boxes. They Were then given several coats ot enamel paint. COne very sad incident occured at this time - one which we would all like to forgetl. Stores, garages, and filling stations were added. Some Reading activities Were: an animal chart, a class scrapbook ot pictures illustrating stories read inde- pendently, a Lincoln mural done in chalk, and a I-lobby show which prov- ed quite interesting. Clifford Kern, Linda Light, and Kenneth Eisaman working on a Lincoln Mural done in chalk Jim Zundel, Kenneth Harrold, Becky Walton, Dale Shields. Donald Wagner, Kehqefh Elsamgh Cllfliafd Kern, Donald Princler, and Harry Leasure, proudly display their farm prolect which WGS 3 e09"aP Y Reading - Spelling Class activity. Page 23 FO RTH GRADE Pfagiew 24 Daniel Reigh James O'Neal Daniel Overly Nicki Plesz James Willett Barrie Bridges Nancy Kauffman Luther Koring Jack Bryant Kathleen Coyner Merrell Sager Gary Bossart Susie Kerr Rheda Davis Merle Cramer Amber Latta Mike Smith Marleen Ahlborn Eileen Chellman Fred Frye Delmos Trout Annette Bisping Becky Markle Ronald Smith Kathryn Brown Robert Smith Johnny Lynch Lydia Gaffney Emma Gross Jean Barna James Fox On Nov. 9, 1953 our Fourth Grade observed American Education Week by having a pro- gram called "A Glimpse of Our School Week". In this program We had 2 plays, dances, poems, and speeches. Many patrons and friends attended. The first flute band at Stanton School was started this year. Every pupil in our room be- longs in the band. You heard the band play at our Spring Program. ' Our Spring Program was "Italy", It was a correlation of music, art, English, and social studies. The boys and girls dressed like Itali- ans. Peep boxes or 3 Dimensional Picture boxes were made of events and people we studied in social studies. An Audubon Bird Club was founded. The pupils paid' 15 cents to belong. They got a button, certificate, charts, and much information con- cerning birds from the National Audubon So- ciety, Whose headquarters are in New York City. The ping-pong table was quite a busy place at noon. Everyone was anxious for his turn to come. The boys and girls appreciated the ball and bean bag which the School Board bought them. Enthusiasm ran high as the time came for our trip to Pittsburgh. We visited Heinz where We toured the huge plant and saw how prod- ucts are cooked, processed, canned, and ship- ped. Everyone gathered in the beautiful dining roorn where a luncheon was served. We visit- ed the flower show at Phipp's Conservatory, the zoo, and museum. In lVlay We picnicked at Silvis' l:'arm's tables and later took a trip through their dairy. Everyone of us has a flute and we hope you liked the music we made at our Spring Musicale on May 21 We learned very much through our Social Studies proiects which included the making of 3 D peat boxes and special raised physical maps of salt and flour. Page 25 FOURTH GRADE First row: Plummer Dehner, David Teaters, Sharon Fourth row: Martha Hostoffer, Dennis Raffensperger, Trout, Lindsay Albright, Roy Shaw, Judy Reagan John Magill, Alice Thomas, Bonnie Schaeffer, William Second row: William Kramer, Jay Niehenke, Lois Hyde, Brinker John Ames, Donald Bossart, Kay Logan Bottom row: Evelyn Weyandt, Nancy Shaffer, David Hen- Third row: John Krolik, Ray Proctor, Richard Altman, ry, Ronald Moore, Curtis Marks, William Wells Ralph'Smith, Lewis Baker, Norma Lewis Page 25 r Oufr year was filled vviwtlh many 'inteneswting arct- ivitles. We contrilbuwted lto fthe Stanton Pmess re- gullamly Wirth Bofnnle iSc,haeffem and Lois Jane Hyde being ohre chief rieplombeus. We eelefbriasted Halloivveen by masking, staking part. in the iplalrwavdle, and having a lunch. We -vvlill always remember itlhe real looking Tu-nkeys We made alt Thanksgiving and Salnt:a'ls. visit, heme. walt Cwhlrzlstwmlars for fthe plaarlty ln. fthe. aiuld.isto4rilu,m. lt Wars fufn 'tor have exichaxnged names sinee many ef us were awble to give lsometihinag to our sweet- heamts or beans, Eafsvter was also fun wlth Mrs, Taylor playing "bunny" land puatting goodsies in tshe Easwter Bawskets We iso earlefuilly made. The meawl highlight. of 'tlhe yeawr was our participa- tion with lbhe other ,inbermeldiiawtle rooms in. our Spnlng Progreaim given on Mary 21. We chose Holl- and as our theme from our ,slluudy in Geograiplhy and United to put on .a fshow as the boys and girls ztlheme. It vvals fun 'trying to looik like the Holland ehzildren with vvooden shoes, craps, and long drfesses. Our skit vvals 'C1E1lll'Efd, '2Afr:t,hnr in Holland" Wirth, Lindsay Albright acting as 'Ilo'a,sitim'isltness. Plummer! Dehner ivvas wAnthulr Godfrey. Dances and songs were clone 'by Daivid Henry, Billy Birlilnkfer, Billy Wells, Lewis Ballmer, Joihn Magill, Jay Niehenlee, Donald Bossamt, Danlel Overly, Ciurstliis Mawrks, Dennis Raff- ensperger, Ralph Smith, Richer-d Altman, and Billy Kramer. The Coimmericlael Wars 'by Ronald Moorrle. "Ka1tninka7' Evelyn Weyafndt sang 'fWho Stole De Weclcling B'el.l?' 'Ilhe Tuilip Glrls were Kay Lolgavn, Judy Reagan, Bonnie Sohaiefflfer, Lois Hyde, Nancy Shaffer, Shainonn 'Ilrout and Alice Thomas. "Gretchen" Judy Reagaen :slang "In Our Little Wooden Shoes". A dance was done by Leis Hyde, John Krolik, Bonnie Sohaleffer, Roy Shaw, Judy Reagan, John Ames, Kay Logawn and Ray Brioohoir. David Teaoervs was ithe shook. Bonnie Slchafeffer and. Roy Shalw sang "My Wooden Shoes". Martha Hositofier gave ia re- ciiltaftloln and Plummer Dehner spun a yiamn with his rneersehanm pipe. Each of us has a flute and we really like the music we make wilh them A favorifellinfermission acliyify that all enioyegil so much is square dancing FIFTH GRADE Top row: Darla Cole, Ronald Wagner, Marion Hohn, Wil- liam Schrock, Cassandra Reigh, Wesley Hillis, Patricia Holsopple Second row: Melvin Smilh, Sandra Hill, Delbert Fox, Linda Zedek, Bing Thorne, Carolyn Mechling, David Currie Third row: Rulh Ann Sphon, Ronald Snedden, Rebecca Bates, James Overly, Kay Clawson, Ralph Orbin, Frances Dorman Fourfh row: James Bisping, Thelma Fulmer, Keith Verna Overly, William Downs, Suzanna Nalepa, Ira T Fiflh row: Joan Eisaman, Donald Rumbaugh, Linda Richard Prinkey, Phyllis Moore, Barrie Wilkins, Katherine Markle Bolfom row: Alan Miller, Conslance Micklow, Helen Sag Jack Lydic, Geneva Freeman, Meredilh Kemerer, Rona Sager At the first of the year each of us sent to a different state for sample soil and information about the state. Billy Downs and lack Lydic drew a big map of the United States. Connie Micklow, Linda Shaver, Geneva Freeman, Ira Trout, Ronald Wagner, and Iames Overly put the products of the ,states on the map. They use-d the real products, or else pictures of the products. After Christmas each of the children in our room brought a quarter for Weekly Readers. Some of us joined the Weekly Reader Pen Pal Club. We have fun reading Mr. Potts and Corky. We also enjoyed reading good books. We now have over 85 books in our library. Phyllis Moore, Carolyn Mechling, David Currie, Richard Prinkey and Ira Trout brought books. We also borrow some from the Greensburg Library. We have kept a chart to see who reads the most books. We thought it would be nice to keep a citizeriship chart, too. Each week we elected someone to be in charge of the room. At the end of the week if your name Wasn't down more than three times, you got a star. We Wanted to see who could get the most stars. David Currie suggested the idea. This year we have had some science projects. We studied about the weather. Darla Cole brought in the weather reports from the paper and Billy Downs told us what the radio man said. We watched to see if the weather man was right. Ruth Ann Sphon brought in some tadpoles for us to watch grow into lrogs. Others have brought in their ets. P We ended our year with a Spring program about the Irish. lt was fun learning Irish songs and dances. Give us some balls and more recess and we could go to school forever C We are just one big, happy family at books or at play Page 29 FIFTH GRADE Top row: Patty Niehenke, Robert Zundel, Linda Wilkinson, Ronald Yex, Carole True, Jimmy Templeton, Sylvia Markle Second row: Charles West, Esther Smith, Walter Shotts, Eileen Sweitzer, John Rady, Mildred Prinkey, Robert Myers Third row: Gaye Simpson, Ivan Latta, Diane Moats, George Huggins, Sharon McGill, Dennis Holtzer, Rosella Loucks Fourth row: Edward Eisaman, Marsha Kelly, Ronald Dvor- cak, Rose Mary Hastings, Richard Dunlap, Beverly Gary Dorman Fifth row: Judy Breegle, Edward Bridges, Lee Ann Donald Baird, Catherine Harrold, Ronald Basso, Hilewick Bottom row: Jerry Bosch, Margie Beehner, Gary l Karen Bossart, Donald Bridges, Carol Bosch, Mrs. Ana: Forty-two fifth grade pupils were in. our room at Painterville at the begi:n.n'ing of the school term. Some were new to this area because of coming by bus from the Kennedy area, fbut soon all were acquiainteid and en- joying school work and activities. During Pennsylvania Week we talked awbout and learn- ed some 'important and intleresting things about our state. In .oib-sie-rvancie of National Education Week, Room 2 pre- sented a play to us, and we in turn gave ai play for them at Thanksgiving time. The boys and girls always enjoy the visits of Miss Carlson and Mtrs. Cole. We had fun making art projecls and iesipe-cially .liked 1'QH!I'I'l!lIlig to sing two-part songs. As Christmas drefvv near, we were ready for a vacation but before vacation, on December 17, the P. T. A. and teach- ers gave tus a nice party iin. the New Stanton Auditorium. It alimost seemed as if we were beginning a new school year when on January 4, Miss Woliford rephaoe-d M-rs. Anderson. Early 'in .Ianuairy Patty Niiehennke received Home Bound Instruction so welve tried to keep' in touch with her and she with us by writing letters and sending pictures itio each oitrhfer. These two pnojectis weane correlat- ed with our English and Art classes. Own February 15, Sylvia Markle transferred fnom our school to- Southwest Greenesiburg. To replace her Patty Edwards caime to our room on March 2. We are avid readers both at school and at homeg to partially satisfy our craving for books Welve secured quite a feiw from the Greensburg Library. We are very giraltieful to them for their pfartin brioadieindlnfg 0ll1!I"hiOTilZ01'1S. On the night of orur Spring Priognalm we were "Czecho- slovaki.a.n.s". We really looked forward to that night. Our last big event for this year-the school picnic at Idlewild on June 10-and so another year has flown. But where did it fly? Our map proiects proved most interesting Good-bye, Painferville, if was nice being here fora fwo whole years. Page 31 SIXTH GRADE J Top row: Curfis Royer, Charles Ridenour, Alice Ann Evans, Pearl Nifferrighf, Donald Miller, and Larry Daugherty Second row: David Kerr, Lenora Leasher, Eleanor Noon, Roberl' Long, James Jordan, and Carole Coyner Third row: Shirlene Lydic, John Bair, Irvin McElroy, Blanche Oplinger, Beverly Myers, and James Poorman Fourth row: Evelyn Robinson, Daniel Schulfheis. Alfon Kauffman, Sylvia Fox, Beverly Geckle, and Edwin Jones Fiffh row: Waller Loucks, Donna Lee Pervoy, Rose Barna, Eric Plafe, Harry Bisping, and Judith Newhouse Boffom row: Paul Sanfmyer, Donald McClain, Joyce Beck, Linda Book, Delmar Overly, and Rand- all Ramsay A lSince January 1954 the children. in. Mr. Kemps roowm have been confductinzg the opening exercises, We like the Bilble reading the best and nearly everyone has p1arti'cipla:ted in it one or more times. We have one-hundred books in our liibrfary. Twenty books were bought with award money at P. T. A. Meetings. We also have maga- zines which our teacher brought. Alice Ann Evans and Blaanohc Oplinger are the librarians. Beverly Myers, Linde Book, El-ea-nor Noon, Alizce Ann Evans and Shirlene Lydic .take turns playinwg the piano every day. We 'dance to radio music at noon. Linda Book hes collected 3708.82 :in lunoh money so far this year and expects to collect over 31,000 by the end of the year. The boys in the Color Guard consist of: Eddie Jones, James melon, David Kerr, Donald Miller, Ricky Plate, Daniel Scthulthies, and Curtis Royer. The Honor Guard consists of: Bev-erly Myers, Alice Ann Evans, Linda Book, Judy Newhoiuse, and Rose Barna. They raise and loiwer the flag when the weather is permissatble. CLASS PROPHECY Roe Barna - Model Donna Lee Pervoy - Pedialrist Joyce Beck - Secretary Evelyn Robinson - Chemist Linda Book - Secretary James Jordan - Scientist Canole Coyner - Gardener ' Alton Kauffman - 'Ile-archer John Bair - Mechanic David Kerr - Astronomer Harry Bisping - Doctor Robert Long - Aviator Larry Daugherty - Aviator Walter Lofucwks - Janitor Edwin Jones - Ciarpenter Donald McClain - Aviator Alice Ann Evans - Petdivatrist Donald Miller - Aviator Sylvia Fox - Pianist Irvin McElroy - Artist Beverly Geckle - Model Delmar Overly - Farmer Lenora Leasher - Singer Ricky Pl-ate - Carpenter 'Shirlene Lvdic - Secretary James Poonmarn - Policeman Beverly Myers-Airline Steiwardess Randy Ramsay - Chef Judy Newhouse - Secretary Charles Ridenour - Coast Guard Pearl Nitterright - Secretary Curtis Royer - Policeman Eleanor Noon - Doctor Paul Santrnyer - Artist . . Blanghe i0tpi1i1n.ger - Secretary "Raising the Colors" a daily 'rouhne 'This is our workshop where we have spent an enioyable and Pl'0fifable Year- Page 33 SIXTH GRADE Top row: Donald Ballew, Jack Armitage, Ellen Alex- Packe, Cheryl Kramer, James Carlson ander, George Markle, Judy Sell Fourth row: Daniel Adams, Barbara Barkley Second row: Kenneth Reigh, Nancy Ames, James Patricia Gaffney, Steve Predalna, Earl .Berkley Logan, Robert Harrold, Dorothy Bryant Bottom row: Robert Anthony, Patricia Hoak, Third row: Jay Johnston, Howard Crise, Patricia Patricia Haynes, Elizabeth Fry, Teddy Beluschok Page 34 Our school enrollment includes Daniel Ad- ams, the artist: Nancy Ames, a leader in music and the champion girl baseball player: Robert Anthony, the student with perfect at- tendance: Ellen Alexander, the champion girl speller: Iohn Armitage who was very sick: Donald Ballew, good in music: Theodore Bel- uschok does neat Work: Barbara Barkley, the quiet one: Earl Berkley, a .leader in music and makes perfect in spelling: Dorothy Bryant, the good writer: Iames Carlson, the greatest artist: Patty Hoak, the picture collector: Howard Crise, a busy fellow and good at art work: Betty Fry, known for good memory: Patty Gaff- ney, the scrap book maker: Patty Haines, who can crochet: Robert Harrold, does neat work and owns many books: Sandy lohnston, the librarian: Cheryl Kramer, the pianist: Iames Logan who can call figures for square' dances: George Markle, the happiest of all: Patty Packe, an excellent writer: Steve Predajna, the baseball pitcher: Kenneth Reigh who likes to do art: and Iudy Sell whose mother donated her piano: to our school. Sports are enjoyed by all the pupils. The girls play soft ball, basketball and hopscotch. In the school room they enjoy jacks. Boy's favorite games are baseball, catchers, basketball, football and soccer ball. Among the hobbies exhibited at school were collections of dolls, old car models, mod- el airplanes, match books and shells. Our Christmas program consisted of two part songs, dances and plays. At the spring concert We did two and three part songs and square dances. Indoor activities during intermissions in the winter were en ioyed at marbles, Jacks, cards and other games. We always enioyed Mrs. Cole when she came to instruct us in music. Music was one of our best classes with two and three part songs. Page 35 SIXTH GRADE TOP YOWI AleXHl1del' WNSOHI JHWISS Trout, Delila Fourth row: Donald Wian, Dennis Strosko, Vercla Goswick, Theresa Strosko, Melton Swartz, Ronald Trout, Darla Smith, Carl Summy, Robert Sirianni Yurinak Fifth row: Carl Schweinsburg, Delores West, Patty Second row: Charles Sullenberger, Phoebe Teichert, Wilkins, Jack Sullivan, William Willbanks, Jean Patty Wall, Kenneth Sheetz, Ronald Wagner,Betty Springer Jane Smith . Bottom row: Beverly Rowe, Thelma Trout, Eugene Third row: Judy Smith, Ernest Shifko, Carl Todaro, Thomas, Frank Smartnick, Janet Young, Rona Gail Davis, Peggy Woodman, Charles Vensko Sweitzer Page 36 Charles Vensko has been writing poems for the Srtarniton Press throughout the year. V Jean Springer and Verda Trout rbelong to the Girl Scouits. Thiis past 'seafsom .Robert Silriafnmli, Roinalid Wazginer and Charles Sullenberger played basketball for the Foxtown Rockets, while James Trout, Kenneth Sheetz and Carl Todaro were with the Panthers. The following pfufpils are enrolled in our room from the Weav- erls Old Stand School, Rona Sweitzer, Eugene Thomas, Judy Smith, Iilrialnk Slmarftinifck, Densnfis Shrioisikor, Phoebe Teicherit, Charles Vemsko, Ernest Shifko, Louise Srtrosko, and Sandy Wilson. Books were loaned to us from the Greensbwrg Library several limes this year. Miss Heller, the Librariaen was glad to let us have these books as it helped with their rcirculation. Jairrelt Youinsg, Roberit. Sirdianinii, RlOl1'liHil-C1 Waigineer, Gaiiil Dalvirs, aind. Virginia Yochum walk to school every morning. Writing seals have been received each period for having our writing up to standard. Our school sold candy all year. The money was used to buy Weekly Readers which were muoh enjoyed. The pupiils at Kem-erer presented a play entitled "The Asada". The setting was the paimplas of Argentinza. Several had speaking parts, while the rest participated in sonigs and dances. 'Charles Vensko has been aibsenr the most days of school this term while Jealn Springer, Carl Summy, Patty Wall, and Pihoebe 'Ile-ichert had perfect attendance. W We have been singing two and three part songs. Verda Trout and Peggy Woodman sing the solo parts in some of our numbers. Geography maps showing the natural resources of Mexico and Central America were made by Donald Wian, James Trout, Delila Goswick, 'and Phoebe Teichert and relief maps were done by some of the pupils, usiing a mixtwre of flour and salt, later these were painted. i I j A new book we received this year for history was, "Living in Latin America". This book is interestinig with mainly facts. The news reporter for our room was Phoebe Tcichert. My, how we worked to complefei 'rhis proiecr bu isn'+ if nicer? We can'1' hardly wait until next Term when we will be in Junior High! Paige 37 Page 38 Flin. H..- -V. HU KER PRIMARY Judy Pastorius Robert Marks Verna Ruth Hudock Sammy Overton Gregory Sutor Lee Mason Janet Barnhart Tommy Schrader Lois Seymour Kathleen Filicky Bobby Ansell Judy Mason Jay Schrader Catherine Mason Tommy Hudock Gretchen Keefner Jill Storey Dennis Chapman John Ritenour Diane Errett Scott Sutor Kathy Robertson Larry Marks Our school term opened Sept. 8 with Miss Horns as our teacher. 'Ilhere were 23 pupils enrolled with no withdraxwals or new entnants during the year. Thfis being our first year in the Hemipfield Area, we wbenefiqted in various. ways. We enjoyed and were helped by the visitation of Mrs. Cole, Music Supervisor and Miss Carlson, Art Srupenvisor. The writing in first lgnafde 'was made easier with the rintnowduscitioin out Pr'intaWriting. We enjoyed heading the boo-ks from the Roving Library, our Wieefkly Readers, and the Stanton. Press of which we were glad t-o have ra part. Orur attendance was poor during the months of February and lVLar'c'h, due itor muwmps and severe colds. Larry Marks and Lee Mason had perferct attend- ance. Our sehool :is very attractive with nice lavatories, toiunltain, new seats land nicely fpainted walls. These donations were made: Sailvatilon Army Z55.40g March of Dimes 35.705 Junior Red Cross 31.55. These after school aictivities have helped us do better work in our rclasses. Every Friday morning some purpil from 2nd or 3rd Grade conducted the morning exercises. Our 'Christmas and spring programs were well attended by our parents and friends. They were well pleased by -the way we did our parts. Open House was held on May 10th. Quite a lot of our work was on display and 'much appreciated by the patrons. We had lots off fun at our Easter egg hunt. When the Easter Bunny heard us sing Peter Cot- tontail, he came right in and put jelly beans and eggs in our Easter baskets made in art class. We like our sehool. The school term closed on June 10th with a picnic at Idlewild Park. "PIay time" is considered by many of us as The best parf of The school day "Down on The farm" was a proiecf which we enioyed working on very much. Page 39 HU KER INTERMEDIATE y Betty Mason Larry Ansell Dennis Stout Joan Melville Sandra Kelly Harry Smith Sandra Latta Jackson Sutor Ruth Anderson Richard Barnhart Carol Minarcl Albert Hudock Joan Gretz Eugene Barnhart Sandra Allegro John Lishego La Wanna Sutor William Gault James Whetsel Kathleen Marks Carole Weibel Barry Sutor James Slorey ' Pauline Pastorius Richard Davis Richard Bargerstock Addison Errett Margaret Melville Joseph Anderson Jeffrey Anderson Hunker Borou g h School District became a part of the Hempfield Area Io-int School District at the beginning ot the 1953-54 school year. There are two large class rooms in the building which is well equipped wth modern toilet rooms for the girls and boys and a supply room. The large playground fur- nishes ample recreation ior the children. The merry-go-round seats about twenty children. There are swings, a slide and a see-saw. This playground equipment was one of the pro-- jects of the I-lunker Lions Club. There is also a baseball dia- mond and a basketball court. We feel I-lunker Community will be benefitted by the joint- ure and that the Hemptield Area has acquired a profitable addition. Grades one through six have been taught in these rooms for a number of years, three grades in each room. It remains to be seen wheth- er any changes will be made in the multiple grade situation. Carol Minard was chosen to be May Queen at the May' Day Exercises. We administered Standard Tests to our pupils Dec. l.l. 1953. High scores were as tol- lows in each grade: Gail Sey- mour, Grade 4: Sandra Kelly, Grade 45 Keith Anderson, Grade 55 Eugene Barnhart, Grade 5: Betty Mason, Grade 5: Kathleen Marks, Grade 65 Carol Minard, Grade 6. lack Sutor and Billy Gault were patrol boys this year and we think they did a good job. Dennis Stout will probably live on a western ranch some-- day. He may be an artist be- cause he is always drawing pictures of horses and they are realistic. Iefirey and Ioe Anderson are twin newsboys for the Tribune and Review. They are in sixth grader this year. Hurry, recess and a bali game is coming up! HUNKER GIRL SCOUTS: Front row: Betty Mason, Sandra Lafta, Joan Gretz, Carol Minard, Kathy Marks, and Sandra Allegro. Back row: Peggy Melville, Carol Weibel, LaWanna Sutor, and Ruth Anderson. Page 41 JUNIOR HIGH PERSQNA LITIES Page 43 First row: Shirley Shaffer, Charles Frye, Beverly Trout, Joyce Selepchak, Donna Kern, Ronald Wise, William Mc- Guftey, Cora Jean Black, Lois Woodman Second row: Joanne Nesta, Lynn Price, Kenneth Miller, Carolyn Noon, Miriam Fisher, William Mottle, Ray Turn- er, Therla Croft, Gary Mensch Third row: Turnpike Bryant, Richard Anthony, Shirley SEVENTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS President .... .. Walter Gross Vice President . . . , . . Carolyn Schuck Secretary .. Ronald Wise Treasurer . . . . . . Carolyn Noon Hixson, Russell Soles, Maxine Frantz, Nancy Zundel, War- ren Chellman, Joan Overly, Larry Ahlborn Bottom row: Terry Reed, William Templeton, Dennis Kunkle, Michael Barbour, Beverly Hill, Dennis Poole, Danny Demoise, James Wilkinson, William Hayes, Jean Elliott, Andrew Guzy .Tufnioir High. School has been qwihe a pleasant ienpierlienoe for ds. For all of 'urs irt was oulr flnswt year in al high school ahd for others the first mimic they had ridden ia school has to school. lt was much differenet from :elemienltry school lirn rmainy ways. We had mome subjecits and wthey were aroahgfed so trhialt everyday seemed differeht. The majority of ufs had men 'teaohers for ithe fiareswt time and we ,thought they were gifahd. Having a differien-t oeaehiea' yfor eawch subject and Chilrllglillwg classies blI'Oikl6' the mofnoborny built, up 'ln eliemehtmary school and .ian itvhiifs: way fa clalssmoom. waes idewowted to the one subjiecit taught there. The social aietiviities seemed to be :the moist liked. We :saw edulcait- iohal movies pertaining 'to our subjiecft. and comwirc ones in asisemibly. The baisieball games weufe very pooulam' ass were the basketball games. We all 'enjoyed -the exchange plays with Mahor and H ld . W . i X 1 1 i T arrow Schools. The noorn time dahcmg 'was quime .a fbreait and many isewenfhh graders leardled TO' dwafnoe. B0f0h young iahd old iaittenrdieid llhe ievfenihg moyles. Thi l i T i ' e daances wene fun and a few mothers chaoeronied the pupils. We had many new lsrubjeets 'Sll1lClh. as gyvm, rshop, and home ec- ohemics. The girls had lofts of fum 'll613lI"I1lllI'llg fto cook semen though they had ia few failumes. We also had .hun masking Easter eggs. The boys made practical items in shop class. We were given ia lot of fihe opporbwnilxles. We learned how to cook, sew, and who build stools, ahd sltahds. The omcheshra and band held mahy oipipomtuhitiiies for hhossfe 'ifnbemested in a mulssieal cameier and provided ah outlet for the mawlehts off all music lovers. The Glee Clusb wars moist, liked for mamy hook pfamt im lt. We had a chance .to wriite for the paper and year book iahd -had many chances to talce paht in playis and cluhs lhait were formed. Quime a few isevenmh ignadersi fell inf love for sbhe lfimslt lime. You could valwvays tell the glial ithart had her Heeafu piilcfked, ibIE'C-3v1lS'8' a UVVTlJI'1lk1iE' would appear in hier reyes when his name was iIIl6II'1ltlOl1'1iSld. A gneat 'moment for etihe girls' iwais when they had lo have an, even- ing gown :Soir the Siphlng 'COHCl6lIlt'. For most, off lthiem filt was fbhen' first and il. held quiime a rthnill for the-m ho choolse and wear ofnie. Our Home- Room Teachers Mrs. Buchaller and Miss Rosmus Firsl row: Nanc Zimmerman, Robert Tealers, Raymond Third row: Waller Gross, Georgelfa Fulmer, BSVBFIY Crouse, Sandra yNewhouse, Annie Hohn, Gerald Prince- Draskovich, Harold Allshouse, Shirley Sulleinberger, Ier, Annabelle Hamborsky, Carolyn Schuck, Frank Nancy Jaynes, Pele Barna, William Lynch, Ronal Marlin Mclqlveen Bollom row: Eugene Trout, Kennelh Nelson, Roberf Second row: Bonnie Sager, Kathy Plale, Augusl Nelson, Gordon, James Overly, Connie .Fox, Isabel Bash, llsloberl Judy Thomas, Connie Hillis, Thomas Ryan, Sandra Har- Allman, Thomas Barbour, Kellh Sholfs, Paul core, rold, William Brisbane, William Long GSOYQE Th0ma5 w?ff'3,""' 'L' , ,fiifiu : -WE NMSHWS We f iQzma+swzs+:A': I ez wx EIGH TH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS President ,,.,. .. Jerry Dorsey Vice President , . . . . Richard Markle Secretary .,. .. Blaine Calhoun Treasurer . . . . , Faye Teichert Top row: Robert Oplinger, Judy Harrold, Paul Trout, Paul Sager, Anna Shetler, Marcia Kintigh, Jerry Stoner, Richard Raffensberger Second row: Dorothy Ohler, Carolyn Bispinfg, Thomas Gretz, Gloria Exton, Ronald Mellinger, Lyle Smith, Roy Cope, Ronald Cramer Third row: Joan Sullenberger, Stephen Vudragovich, Gloria Poole, Marlin Liberty, Dorothy Sprung, Charles Masarik, Nancy Schrock, Charles Ohler Bottom row: Maurice Kimmel, Homer Trout, Geraldine Gel- ler, Gordon Kimmel, Nina Graham, Richard Shaver, Gene Overly, William Smartnick " Our year in Eighth Grade and for many of us the last term at Stanton was quite exciting. We got over the "seventh grade jitters" and finally learned our Way around. Our classes meant more to us and We took a more active part in extra- curricular activities. We also began to "pair up" and attended the evening social functions more regularly. Realizing that our schooling at Stan- ton Was preparing us for future school- ing and eventually life, We "buckled down" and finally began to show grat- itude to our teachers for their guidance and help. Those of us who will be forced to leave Stanton on account of increased enrollments in the primary grades, will always remember the teachers, noon dancing, glee club, ball games, dances, movies, and the general good time along with our hard productive Work. Top row: Frank Mough, Lulleen Roland, Jerry Dor- sey, Wanda Begdanowicz, Richard Capozzi, Phyllis Gallen- fine, Richard Markle, David Beistel Second row: Ruth Murdock, Gerald Phillabaum, Martin Detvfiler, Frances Sprin er Jackie Plate, Donald Shifko, 9 1 Katherine Vensko, George Nelson, Our Home Room Teachers Mr. Shields, Mr. Kauffman, and Mr. Gerhart Third row: Nancy Smith, Kay Currie, Dennis Kish, Blaine Calhoun, Betty Geller, David Poole, Jackie Andrews and Albert Shetler Bottom row: Paul Hill, Nancy Proctor, Faye Teichert, Jerry Berkeley, Herbert Stout, Francis Henry, Robert Walton, Avrel Pickford BLISS ' REMEMBER ROOM 4 OUR SONG BIRDS OUR SIMILING SECRETARY COLES AT 'III-IE HAM DINNER OUR NOON ORCHESTRA THE BUSY BEES AN EDUCATIONAL FILM LITTLE LEAGUE ACTION OUR THESPIANS MAGAZINE CHAMPS SANTA WAS HERE YUM, YUM! JIM GETS HIS PRIZE WINTER IS FUN CHEEK T0 CHEEK A BIROWNIE FUNCTION NOON CONFERENCE WANNA PIE? 3:20 WHAT WILL I DRAW? WHO SPILLED IT? COME AND 'GET IT. REMEMBER JOHN and NO. 11 P. T. A. SONGS-TERS PM HUNGRY! ,SHE LOVES ME NIN TH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS President .,.... John Fanchalsky Vice President . . . . A . Rose Freeman Secretary ..,. . . . Saundra Gunder Treasurer ..,. .... E rnie Maddox Our Home Room Teachers . Shields and Mr. Kauffm NINTH GRADE FLOYD ANTHONY Floyd. . .a jovial iboy. . .quite ' the picture of innocence when caught in the act. . ,finds it easy to pull jokes on others. . .can also take a joke. . .an exceiptionail dancer. . . on-e of the 'best-dressed boys. RONALD BAIRD Butch. . .an unusually quiet boy. . .'doesn't like to read books.. . an active member of the Boy Scouts ...gloats over sports of all kinds ...icollects coins for entertain- ment. . .dark-haired. NANCY BALLEW Nan.. .giggles and merry-making top a continuous stream of talk- ing. . .always cracking a joke. . . pmefers sports and dances to homework . . . pals around with Janey Davey. . .aims to be -a sec- retary. CORNELIUS BARNES Neil. . .an animal lover. . .derives pleasure in dogs aind horses main- ly. . .long lashes and blue eyes. . . light 'brown hair. . .finds electri- city fascinatinfg. . .avoids home- work. . .an ardent ilover of girls. PAUSE BETWEEN CLASSES CUTTING IN Lei our voices loudly ringing, EDWARD BELUSCHAK Eddie. . .always seen with :a .smile . . .witty personality. . .spends free time getting photos of cars .fen- joys shop. . .doesn't like English. . .another carefree soul.. .this un- forgettable lad is liked by all. PAUL BRISBANE Bris. . .a quiet, loyal chap, . .pre ters science to English revels in watching television and work- ing. . .dark and tall. . .Floyd An- thony's number-one guy. ALLAN ROGER CRIBBS A. R .... light brown hair... ad- mired by girls. . .active member of Press Cluwb and Year Book staff. . .an excellent artist. . . 5 feet 'Wg inches of talent and am- bition. . .polite and sincere. ANDREW CARNEGIE CURRIE Andy.. .goes for girls, planes, basktetlball, and movies . . . disap- proves of being idle and 'baseball ...short, blonde hair, and blue eyes. . .youngest in 9th grade. . . on basketball team . . . a future scientist. NO TIME FOR A DRINK NINTH GRADE l ELIZABETH JANE DAVEY J Janey . . . a blwe- eyed blonde. . , .sweet personality. . .head -of Press Club and Year Book staff . .. on girl's basketball team. . .avoeatiton is collecting movie stars' pictures ...plans to join Air Force. JUANITA RUTH EACHUS Nita . , . the vivaeious miss who pals around with Connie Simpson . . .bluish-es easily, . .loves to go swimming, skating, and dancing.. .dislikes cats and gossip. . .the seamstress of the class, , .nice to be Hwith. JOHN JOSEPH FANCHALSKY Butch.,..a1nbtitiotus and -well-man nerefd. . .goes all out for girls, tel- evision programs, and dances. .. very wpopular with the girls. .. County Cholnus Alto.. .9th 'grade class president. ROSE MARIE FREEMAN Honey. . .lbrown - eyed beauty. . . popular with boys and girls. . . in- terested in boys that have man- nerws. . .editor ef Stanton Press. . . added to 'County Chorus. . vice- t president of the class. HUNT AND PUNCH RELAXA1-ION Proclaim Io all far and near JOHN CHARLES FRY Bucky...'the angel-faced fun lov- ing fellow. . .pulls practical jokes . . .goes for girls, food, and money . , ,detests dententiotn hall. . . lit- tle guy 'with lots of energy. . . Bob Stame-nc.ha.k"s companion. AUDREY JOANN FURLONG Jo, . .the typical teenager. . . finds girls, tmusic, and food enjoyaible . . .tshanes everyones joys and sor- rows. . .fun tot be with. . . compan- iable, trustworthy . . , wishes to join the Waves. . .thatfs Jo. MARY KATHLEEN GAFFNEY Mary. . .lblue -eyes and mischiev- ofus grin. . .willing and sable. . . enjoys dancing, television, and boys. .'t care for science. . . a typical Irish lass. . .aims to be an English teacher. WILLIAM GAFFNEY Bill. . .ta quiet, yet 'devilish fellow . . .raves about sports. . .intelli- gent and tat bit iniswehievotus. , . loatlhes reading books . . . light Iorotwn hair . . . typical 'teenaged boy. . .an honor student. SWEET TOOTH NINTH GRADE WILLIAM GALLENTINE Jerry. . .wa sports-minded boy. . . tall, dark, and handsome. . . raves about Patty Andrews and wood- working. . .draws pictures of cars . . .won basiketiball team. . .talented and hardworking sums up this per- sonality. ROBERT JAMES GRIMME Girimm...ltall, dark, and very good-looking. . .takes pleasure in any kind of sports. . .a friendly guy. . .stays mostly with his own gnoup. . .a shorter school year would make him happier. SAUNDRA GUNDER Sugar....a neat fbundle of sun-- shine...'our own five-foot-two, eyes of 'blue doll...delights in horseback riding. . .on girls' bas- ketball team.. honesty, versatili- ty, anld modwerruess all in one. GRANT HILLIS Pete. . .the intellectual sort. . . craves sipaghetti, television, gym, and shop...a short, dark fellow . . ,full of curiosity. . .ihappy when working. . .the 'futurre holds much for this intelligent lad. Our love and loyalty for our school ROSALEE HILLIS R-osy. . .qu:it1e a seamstress. . . fond of animals. . .pet peeves are chalk that ".screeiclh" and snobbish people...takes a 'fancy to music and civics. . .jolly and nice to With. . .full of bliss. JOSEPH HIRN Joe. . .nicknamed Josephine 'by the girls. . .good-looking. . . goes for fe- males, sports, and shop...cla.ims he is always getting into trouble . . .girls admire this package of fun and laughs. ROBERT KERN B0b..,1lQhl brown 'hair and fair oomp'l1exio.n.. .fluids pleasure in watching basketball games .. 'dis- apiproves of de,tentio1n hall.. .has a large amount of games and books. . .revels in movies and stage plays. JUNE LORRAINE LOUCKS June. . .another of our blondes with blue eyes.. . .doesn't object to 'dancing and s1k,ating...can't get Civics and stcienrce. . .ready with a smile. . .fussies over sewing ...pals around with Mary Gaff- ney. HI' COUSIN THREE'S A CROWD ONE IN EVERY SCHOOL NINTH GRADE PATTY ANN LOVE Pat. . ,a quiet lass. , ,conscierutous pupil.. .a member of the Junior Auxiliary. . .enjoys collecting mov- ie stars' pictures. . .delights in popular music...cambil'ious to be a .navy nurse. ERNEST MADDOX Ernie. . .Sta.nton's heairst-throfb . . dark, curly, hair.. .famous for his neat shirts . . . good dancer . . . member of basketball team . . never dull . . . his mischievous laugh peps. up classes. CARL LEE MAKARSKY Curly.. .the outdoor type ..likes spi:1r.s and music. . .vvon't let any- thing bother him unless rnwecessary , . .hates tests , . .makes go-od grades . .a likeable personality. .. a boy with a bright future. RONALD MENSCH Bebo...lives on ice cream .. a mischievous sort of free, easy-going type. , .has a. rie- mark for any.hing said. , .gets along With everyone. , .finds pleaf sure in teasing the girls. WATCH YOUR FINGERS n And to all we hold ever dear. LEONA MILLER Leona. . .a 'brown hair miss. . , orb- jects to having her picture taken . . .could live on potawto chips. . . plays the a.c'cordio.n and piiano. .. usually found chewing gum. . . has a 'taste for music and reading stories. ALBERT PALANGIO Bessie . .small and humorous. . . has fun with the giu'l.s1...doesn,t like detaenrbiiori hall. . .missed a lot of school this year due ntlo broken ankle. . .goes for 'Oldsmobile in a big waxy. CONNIE LOU POWERS Con. . ,big hear-ted. . .1t.alqe.s plea- sure in television, tall boys, and cats...vvon't stand for snorbioish people. . intelligent, witty, talent- ed, and frsiendly. . ,active in Year Book Staff. MINNIE ROSE Min. . .la dependaiblve Worker. . . strives for perfection. . .dark hair and complexion. , .compiles movie stars, photos and post cards . . finds pleasurre in school, . .excited anbeut dances and shows. OBSERVING NINTH GRADE DAVID RAUSE Dave. . .an amiafble chap. . .runs around with Bob Griimme. .. lex- cels in art...1tall, dark, and oh- soahandsome. .. the future lady killer.. .an occasional trip to de- tention hall keeps Dave aictivwe in school. CHARLES REIGH Chuckie. . .a typical teen age boy . . .dark-haired. . .exalts in shops gym, and girls. . .has no taste for Math, English, and Science. . . vvooclworking pleases him . . . a steady member of detention hall. ROBERT SEANOR Bob. . .an enj oyialolie lad. . .rejoices in gym and shop. , .craves food. . . detesits Algebra and English. . . gives all the girls a tumble. . . intelligent . . . :compiles airplane pictures and model airplanes. JAMES SPHON James. . .ia youthful boy. . .leaves class for onchesftra practice. . . tn- telligent, witty and attentive. .. sometimes fa very ornery lad. .. one who enjoys games that are neally funny.. .his future looks bright. SMILE But ever we'el greet Alma Maier, CONNIE SIMPSON Con. . .one of our blondes. . .a blue-eyed be:aulty...a:mong the best dressed. . .Ithis fair' maiden relishes swimming, skating, danc- ing, and icaimpfing. . .always seen with Juanita Eachus. . .an active mewmlbwer of 4-H club. BERNARD SPOR Fats. , .an active lad who can be seen anywhere. . .goes for girls, sporvts and thot-rods. . .has his own amusing persionaility. . .a jolly lit- tle wchap Who makes friends easily . . .baskeftbarll team member. ROBERT STARENCHAK Bob...bas1ks in marking things .. this lblueeeyed dneiafmlooait is a vary captivating guy. . .finds life' a journey :for pleasure...s1hudders at the thought of detention. hall. . l .goes for shop.. .seen with John Fry. ELWOOD THOMAS X Happy. . .a friendly sort of fellnwv . . atypical of Tom Sawyer. . in-- dulges in Woodworking and spzzrts . . .an Explorer Scout and mefmfher of the National Riflemenfs Asso- ciation. . .hopes to be a truck driv- er some day. ' woon Bu1'cHERs NINTH GRADE With fulQ hearis and loud swelling cheers" DAVID THORNE Davie. . tall, igioloid-Llookhneg lfaid. . . makes tall the girls swvvooen. . .en- gages in mawnry isipiomtfs. gay, cwarzefrvee and fenmerge-tic. . .ovvns a ignefalt deal of will powvecr aind tpersevenaanclei. WANDA TROUT Cookie. . .lthe preachierrfs rdaughter .. .gay and easy going.. .quite 11 temper when distiuirbed.. lovaible as :a kitten, .liloes everyone ,. enjoys collecting 'movie stars, pic- tures as do all the other girls. PAULINE ROSE VIZIOLA Paul Hpersosnality and charm are woven in with her :intelligence . . cannot pass wp the candy dish . . big bmown eyes :and black wavy hafir. . .eyes always glued to a book .and ears to the radio. BONNIE WILKINS Dimples. . .has pretty light-ibrown hair. . .jazzy in hee' 'manner .. born with her own successful manner of conversing with others ...raves awbout a 'boy with brown eyes and ved ha1ir..,a ,neat trick indeed! POOR HOUSEKEEPING WHERE ARE THE BOYS? JACK WILKINSON Wilky. . .the actor and salesmain of the school. . .loves to tease the poor defenseless girls . . . maiszes rabbits .. . collects stamps and coins. . ,good-naltured, talented, in- telligent, a sharp iarrguer. GLORIA WILLET Gloria. . .a 'comical chamaciter. . . full of good humor. . .a hard-work ing lass. , .raves iarbout braseball. , . has a pile of movie stains' pictures . . ,flashing White teeth show Glor'ia's winning smile. CARL WILLIAMS Willy. , .tall and good looking. . , talkers pleasuwnes :in hunting, fish- ing, :and swimming. . .English is not to his liking . .indulges :happi- ly in woodworking. , .an azrdent member of church aiotivities. TYRONE WOLFE Ty. . .quite the silent type. . .may have hidden talents. . .likes al- most everything except school... active in hunting and fishing. .. never let-you-down type. .. am- brition to be a farmer. WE CAN DREAM 0113 NINTHAGRADE SUPERLATIVES Most Humorous Saauurnldma Gxunder Emile -Maddox Most Talkative 'Jolhn Frye June Lowucks Most likely to succeed Most Attractive Most Talented Jalclk Wilkinsfozn Rowswe Fneemaln Most Polite John, Ezmclhallsky Wanda Trout dank Wilkinson LIom1i1ew Davey Llowhsn Falndhawlsky Ernie Maddox Savu-ndra Gundea' Most Intelligent Most Popular Erumile Maddox Home Freeman John Fanchals-ky Janie Davey Best Dancers Allan 'Cribbs lS2l1IUD1dl'3. Gunder Ernie Maddgx Most Athletic Saundra Gundam Page 56 CLASS PROPHEC Y 336 Locust Street Greensburg, Pa. May l, 1970 Dear Pauline, On Saturday morning I went to the Deluxe Beau- ty Salon operated by Wanda Trout to get my hair set. While I was there I met Rose Freeman. She and Allan are happily married and have two litttet Cribbs. She told me Allan and Ierry Galentine are partners in an automobile business. Bernard Spor and Carl Williams work as mechanics for them. Saundra Gunder is touring the states with her hus- band and when she comes back she'll be their sec- retary for a while since their present secretary, Nancy Ballew, will be going on her vacation. After I left the beauty parlor I went to Ioanne Fur1ong's restaurant to eat. Mary Gaffney and Iune Loucks are employed there as waitresses. A lot of truckers come there to eat, and who should some of them be but Bob Starenchak. Robert Kern, and Grant Hillis. Robert and Grant are married, but Bob prefers to stay a bachelor. I understand Elwood Thomas, Ed Beluschak. Ronald Baird, and William Gaffney are truck drivers too. Did you know Iohn Fry and Andy Currie are both scientists? They teamed up and created a new atomic energy wave machine for the ladies which is just terrific. I saw Connie Simpson with one of their waves, and of course while I was admiring it, we started to chat. She said that Iohn Fanchal- sky is a public accountant: Paul Brisbane and Charles Reigh own big fannsp and Carl Makarsky runs a radio repair shop. I forgot to mention that Iohn Fry has been married three times and is try- ing his luck again. On Tuesday I went to the airport to meet my girl- friend, Ianey Davey, who just flew in from Texas where she left her husband, Iohn, to run the ranch. She said that Robert Seanor was her pilot and Bon- nie Wilkins, her stewardess. We drove home in my car and she stayed overnight. The next afternoon at lunch we were interrupted by a banging of machinery, but of course it was only lack Wilkin- son landscaping our lawn. Recently I visited Minnie Rose.. who has just had her seventh child in the hospital. On the way. Page 57 I picked up some flowers for her at a floral shop. Leona Miller, who works there arranged them for me. Patty Love and Juanita Eachus are nurses at the hospital. My husband and I dined at the famous Black Cat Night Club owned by Floyd Anthony. lames Sphon plays the trumpet and Gloria Willettlthe vio- lin in his orchestra. Seated at another table-were Ernie Maddox and Robert Grimme. They're getting places with their looks. Rosalee Hillis was wearing one of her pretty dresses she made at. her, dress shop. I . It looks like I have found out about the whole freshman class except a few, so out of curiosity 'I located the rest under the Missing Persons Bureau. They told me Ronald Mensch is an electrical en- gineer, David Rause an auto mechanic. Toe H1111 CI truck driver and Tyrone Wolfe a glass blower. QAI- bert Palangio is an undertaker in 'Chet IeSide11fi0f1 section of town, while Dr. Neil Barnes gives him plenty of business. David Thorne is a chef. I read your new book and it was sensational. The critics must think so, too, because an article in Life magazine said, "Pauline Viziola, greatest writ- er of this age". Q By the way, did I mention to-you that I wrote, a secretarial guide and my picture was printed in the book also? Perhaps that will account' for the headlines in yesterday's paper, "Y0111'1Q' author composes unusual. techniques '. Your friend, Connie Powers Class of 1953-1954 We, the students of 9th grade, being in full pos- session of sound mind cmd memory do hereby an- nounce and publish this, our last will and testa- ment. First: ' To Mr. Fox we leave our good intentions. Second: S ' . ' . To Mrs. Poonnan and Teachers: We leave our report cards, books, paper wads, chewing gum, and other trinkets so'that they will have no trouble with said articles after our departure. Third: ' ' To the 7th and 8th grades: We leave our good times in classes and our friendship of the teachers. Fourth: Floyd Anthony leaves his fun making in Eng- lish classes to Charles Ohler. Ronald Baird leaves his quietness to Blaine Calhoun. Nancy Ballew leaves her friendship with San- dy Newhouse to Faye Teichert. Neil Bames leaves his curly hair to Ierry Stoner. V Eddie Beluschak leaves his good voice to lefr- ry Berkley. Paul Brisbane leaves his place as a stage crew member to Warren Chellman. Allan Cribbs leaves his talent in art to Bill Hayes. Andy CLu'rie leaves his voice echoing in room 6 to Tom Gretz. laney Davey leaves her extra-curricular work to Carolyn Noon. luanita Eachus leaves her experience from the 4-H Club to Anna Shetler. Iohn Fanchalsky leaves his success with the girls to Robert Altman. Rose Freeman leaves her popularity to Donna Kern. Iohn Fry leaves h-is knowledge in Science to Marlin Liberty. lo Ann Furlong leaves her boys to Carolyn Bisping. T Mary Gaffney leaves her good luck to Beverly rout. William Gaffney leaves his quietness in Alge- bra to Paul Hill. lerry Gallentine leaves his broad shoulders to Raymond Crouse. Robert Grimme leaves! CLASS WILL Saundra G-under leaves her pretty blue eyes to Miriam Fisher. Grant Hillis leaves his intelligence to Paul Moore. Rosalee Hillis leaves her sewing ability to Nancy Proctor. Ioseph Hirn leaves his unused books to Gerald Phillabaum. Robert Kern leaves his slyness to Turnpike Bryant. Iune Loucks leaves her memories of Ronald Martin to Ruth Murdock. Patty Love leaves her small footsize to Lulleen Roland. 'Ernest Maddox leaves his humor and good- looks to Avrel Pickford. Carl Makarsky leaves his intelligence to Gor- don Kimmel. Ronald Mensch leaves his wittiness to his brother, Gary. Leona Miller leaves her baking ability to Ioan Overly. Albert Palangio leaves his bright smile to Dennis Kunkle. Connie Powers leaves her good grades to Iudy Harold. Charles Reigh leaves his laughs in Civics class to lames Overly. Minnie Rose leaves her black shiny hair to Sandra Newhouse. Robert Seanor leaves his devilishment to Gene Overly. Connie Simpson leaves her smiles to Nancy Zimmerman. Iames Sphon leaves his ability in Science to Danny Demoise. Bernard Spor leaves his wittyness to Thomas Barbour. Bob Starenchak leaves his friendship with Mrs. Buchalter to Martin Detwiller Elwood Thomas leaves his girls to David Poole. David Thorne left! Wanda Trout leaves her acrobatic ability to Dorothy Sprung. Pauline Viziola leaves her boy friends to Kay Currie. Bonnie Wilkins leaves her dimples to Wanda Bogdanoweiz. lack Wilkinson leaves his good salesmanship lo his brother, lim. Carl Williams leaves his height to Frank Mough. Gloria Willet leaves her nickname of "Apple- sauce" to Phyllis Gallentine. Tyrone Wolfe leaves his quietness to Frank McKlveen. Signed, sealed, and delivered this tenth day of Iune in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine- hundred and fifty-four. Page 58 JUNIOR HIGH A CTI VITIES VARSITY BASKETBALL Mrs. Buchalfer, Girls' Coach . , Q ., , . i it-E .,p::' 1 , ' I , - .,..,-te.. LE QM ,Vg . A Z 1 I, . . 'f YLEAQ 35221. rigid? ig , Eiiigiifags 2 -M , ge af, 5 - ' .,.. - x w 5 is . . ,.. 5 an - 'Q 4 ,ikgggwv EW ' Ea W e ng, W if 2 ,.-- 1 ra'-: I--5:-.':- I-'I -I-:..sZ3.'3: -I "-:-:IL-.m.:iaI:5jg2g:25".1' :.: My Z,-: .-,S-grjgig, .,..,. ,.QfQ,25g5,5-,951 fr, , E 5 A ,J av ,ie gg We 2 Z xx? :ch a higiwi Mr. Snively, Boys' Coach Kneeling: Juanifa Eachus, Rufh Murdock, Nancy Ballew, Janie! Davey, Marcia Kinfigh, Saundra Gunder Standing: Connie Simpson, Phyllis Gallentine, Lulleen Roland, Carolyn Bisping, Geraldine Geller Rear row: Dennis Kish, Ronald Mensch, William Hayes, Robert Seanor, Ernie Mad- dox, Marfin Defwiler . Fronf row: Bernard Spor, Richard Shifko, James Sphon, Richard Capozzl, Andrew Currie 'X Page 60 OUR. SOFTBALL SQUAD Kneeling: Bernard Spor, Albert Palangio, Richard Standing: Mr. Snively, Ernie Maddox, David Thorne, Anthony, Dennis Kish, Donald Shitko, Jerry Stoner, Francis. Henry,, Roy. Cope,, Paul. Sager, Floyd Jerry Dorsey, Richard Capozzi Anthony ' OUR BASEBALL SQUAD Front row: Bernard Spor, Dennis Kish, Jerry Ston- Mensch er, Ronald Cramer, Floyd Anthony, Robert Seanor, Back row: Mr. Snively, Roy Cope, Robert Altman, Paul Sager Ernie Maddox, Martin Detwiler, Francis Henry, Second row: Joe Hirn, Harold Allshouse, Richard William Gallentine Capozzi, Andrew Currie, Gerald Dorsey, Ronald P-age 61 0 R CHOR S lf you would .have visited Stanton Iunior High any W'ed- nesday afternoon you would have seen sixty-six boys and girls on their Way to the auditorium at about 2:30 for Chorus rehearsal. Naturally you would have found some students a little more eager than others to get to their assigned places on the stage but on the Whole you would have observed a very cooperative group. The past year's activities have included a program in our school for American Education Week and a Christmas Pro- gram vvhich was presented at the Manor and Harrold Iunior High Schools. Our Glee Club also participated in various As- rsemblies. We presented our Annual Spring Concert in May. This concert was the result of many pleasant and enjoyable Glee Miss Bechtold Vocal Music Director llavlcl row: Minnie Rose, Pauline Viziola, Connie Simpson, Connie I'ov:ers, Nancy Ballew, Janie Davey, Jo Ann Furlong, Kathy Plate Second l'0'i.'I Rose Freeman, Jackie Plate, Joan Overly, Bev- erly 'll1'nut, Maxine Frzrnt-Z, Carolyn Noon, Shirley Hixson, BEND' Geller, linrry Ahlborn, Ytiilliaili Gnllentine Third 1-nw: Robert Gordon, Russell Soles, Cornelius Barnes, Daniel 1lCl!l0lSC, Robert Vfnlton, John Fanchalsky, Allan Club rehearsals. Two of our members, Bose Freeman and Ruth Murdo k participated in the County Chorus Festival. Cribbs, Sandra Harrold, Vtfarren Uhellman, VVa11er Gross Fourth rolvz Connie Hillis, Isabel Bush, Therla Croft, Lois VVoodnmn, Ronnlcl Martin, Thomas Ryan, Jerry Stoner, Mir- iam Fisher, Joan Nesta, Patty Love Front row: Vtlanda, Bogdanowe-iz, Faye Tciuhert, Gloria, Poole, Ruth Murdock, Nancy Ziinrnerinzm, Juanita linchus, Mary Gaffney, June Loucks 0 R URCHESTRA Our Orchestra consisted of thirty-seven members. Since we lost so many members due to promotions and assignments to our schools we were forced to organize anew this term with fourteen seventh graders and four from grades lower. Our members Worked hard and We were able to contribute several numbers to the Spring Festival presented on May 26. Several members are in the Township Band also and have been practicing faithfully on Tuesday evenings in preparation for the busy summer parade activities. Mr. Vonada Instrumental Music Director Left z Robert Altman, Herbert Stout, Floyd Anthony, Robert Walton, Ronald Wise, James Sphon, 'l'o1n1ny Ryan, Vllilliam Gallentine, Peter Barrio, John Rady Dennis Kunkle, Turnpike Bryant, Gerald Princeler, Judy Tliomas, Dennis Poole, Barry Bridges, Marcia Kintigh, Sandra Newhouse Right: Connie Fox, Jack Wilkiiison, Lois Vlfoodmcin, Therla Croft, VVa.lter Gross,XVill1am McGuffey, Phyllis Gallentine, Beverly Draskovioli, Eddie Bridges, Allan Cribbs, VVillia1n Smartniek, Roy Shaw, NV1llia1n Lynch, Mr. Vonada, Shirley Shaffer HOME EC. CLUBS Our Home EC. Clubs having been very active with the Ninth Grade meeting each Monday during Activity Period, the Eighth Grade each Tuesday and the Seventh Grade each Friday. Mrs. Kettering was the sponsor of each group. Our Activities were many and interesting. We made ear- rings for Christmas Presents for our Mothers, some made pocketbooks and some Worked on their sewing during club periods. We had a lot of fun making chocolate Covered Easter Eggs. We also made cookies for our open house program on May 13. We enjoyed the cooking demonstrations and the educa- tional films. , We closed our activities for the year by having a basket picnic. Our Sponsor and'Home Ec. Teacher A Mrs. Kettering Standing: Mrs. Kettering, Janie Davey, Patty Love, Furlong, Rose Freeman, Saundra Gunder Rosalee Hillis, Pauline Viziola, Bonnie Wilkins, Seated: Gloria Willett, Nancy Ballew, Juanita Minnie Rose, June Loucks, Mary Gaffney, Jo Ann Eachus, Connie Simpson Page 164 SEVENTH GRADE Left: Standing: Mrs. Kettering, Alnnabelle Hambors- ky, Shirley Shaffer Seated: Sandra Harrold, Connie Hillis, Shirley Sullenberger Center seated: Nancy Zimmerman, Beverly Hill, Donna Kern, Beverly Draskovich Right: Front row: Carolyn Schuck, Shirley Hixson, Cora Jean Black, Nancy Jaynes Second row: Annie Hohn, Nancy Zundel, Beverly Trout, Joan Overly, Kathy Plate, Isabel Bash Back row: Miriam Fisher, Carolyn Noon, Nancy Sager EIGHTH GRADE Gloria Poole, Dorothy Sprung, Marcia Kintigh, Carolyn Bisping, Geraldine Geller, Mrs. Kettering, Wanda Wolfe, Anna Mae Shetler, Ruth Murdock, Gloria Exton, Faye Teichert, Jackie Plate, Nancy Schrock, Wanda Bogdanowicz, and Frances Springer Page 65 Folding and stapling the pages as for the Feb. 'l2 issue proved quite enioyable. PRESS CLUB Our school paper Was designed to acquaint our palrons with the activities of our school, to recognize accomplishments, to keep the students up to date on the "sense" and "non- sense", and also to give the students an oppor- tunity to express themselves. Many teachers and sludenis conlributed to the Slanton Press and We believe We had one of the better school papers of the area. VV'e published seven issues durlng the 'teffln and had a circulation of more than 708 coptes fer each issue. The Stanton Press was alrno-sl entirely rin- oznced through evening student dances and movies which were Well attended. Seated: Janie Davey, Rose Freeman, Daniel Dem- Standing: Mr. Fox, Allan Cribbs, John Fanchalsky oise, Carolyn Bisping, Betty Geller, Wanda Bogdan- Jerry Stoner, Shirley Shaffer, Kathy Plate oweiz OUR LIBRARY STAFF We enjoyed helping Miss. Rossmus in the Library on Tuesdays and Fridays during act- ivity periods. About one hundred books were loaned to students during each period with the girls being more avid readers than the boys. Many new books were added this year which made our job more pleasant. Seated: Pauline Viziola, Connie Powers, Minnie Rose, June Loucks, Jo Ann Furlong Standing: Miss Rosmus, Mary Gaffney, Nancy Ballew, Janie Davey Hall Guards Top to bottom Phyllis Gallentine Jerry Stoner Joan Sullenberger Andrew Currie CUR HOBBY CLUB Front row: Mrs. Buchalter, Sponsor, Maxine Frantz, Shirley Hixson, Carolyn Noon, James Wilkinson Second row: Joyce Selapchak, Beverly Trout, Nancy Zundel, Kenneth Nelson, and Joan Overly Third row: Miriam Fisher, Beverly Hill, Donna Kern, Russell Soles, Turnpike Bryant, Cora Jean Black X Top row: Dennis Poole, Raymond Turner, Warren Chellman, Terry Reed, William Mottle, William Long Page 67 STAGE CREW Stage Crew Sponsor Mr. Shrader, and members Cornelius Barnes, Allan Crlbbs, Ernest Maddox, and William Gallentine DRAMA TIC Opp'ortufn'i1ties for isstaqgpe presen- tE1itIl01I1S vwelne foiifemed who studiernis as wtiimxe for rehearsals permitted. Own :accounnt of our bus SlC1l'1xB'dl11'BS, amd stiudenttes living quite a dis- tance from our swchoiowl, .ait1erssoh1o.o1 prawcitlicses were 'ailtmost iwmp:osslifb11'e. However, we dfiad observe' all howliidays with faupvproipri-ate! pmo- grams amid ihawd many other piro- grams in which ,S1'E3l1diEi'12US piafritiei- pa:tfefd which Were very much womtyh whilze. Our majtor' pr'o.dutc:'ciom1s were "The GT6w8'I1'9NI' Grwassf' priessenfwd during American Educaition Week to our P. T. A., and 'lLeave Lt. To Joie" presented as a iptamt of our Sprung Program. These fproduct- ions were directed by Miss Ros- mus. Our stage .crew neawliy consisted of more wSt1l1id'S'ITlf1S wthaun the four pietumewd here. They had many jobs but fthe task mf arrawnfghng and dismanetlinng the aiuditotriwm sweat- ing for your Weekly assemblies was quite er task mawny will ,Icing ne+ memhewr and espweciiallwy Richard R.awffewnspiefrgeir iawnd his stalwarvt a1s'sisita'nts. Mr. 'Tovmkown and this Arzt iStu- denzts disd a masterful joib on: the slcemery for 'our' Swpwring Prograams. Seventh Graders James Wilkinson and Terry Reed in a skit on the occasion of our celebration of LincoIn's Birthday while other' members of the cast, Beverly Trout, Miriam Fisher, Shirley Hixson, William Hayes, Lois Woodman, Joan Nesta, Therla Croft, Warren Chellman, Carolyn Noon, Ray Turner, and Turnpike Bryant watch and listen. "Good afternoon, boys and girls, we hope you had a pleasant day." Page 68 IN APPRECIATION Since the publication of a yearbook is a difficult and tedious undertaking, the Staff is deeply appreciatxve of all the help it has received from' each and every person who contributed even in a small part to the completion of this book. ' To Mr. Paul Fox for his encouragement and support. To Mrs. Buchalter and Mr. Tomkon for their guidance in making this book ipossible. To the Staff members who helped in many ways. To the advertisers whose financial support is invaluable. . To the members of the faculty and student body for their cooperation and help. Cwompliments of HARBAUGH COAL COMPANY MADISON, PA. Res. Phone Youwngwozotd 7415 Mme Ph-one: Hermnue 4181 Koolvent Aluminum Awning Company of Youngwood P1l1104I1lB 7251 Ctomplimtentts fof DELMONT FUEL COMPANY J. W. MARTIN FUNERAL HOME YOU NGWOO D, PA. Phone: Yukon YUKON LUMBER CO YUKON, PA. 23171 1 Compliments of SCl'lALl..ER'S BAKERY GREENSBURG, PA. EAT AT MAC'S RESTAURANT AT THE TURNPIKE NEW STANTON, PA. HUNKER LUMBER COMPANY HUNKERS, PA. Phone Ywd. 5281 Lumber, Paint, Glass. Hardvwamet and Building Material HEPLER'S FEED STORE Ywd. prhtone 7321 Seeds, Feeds, rand Garden Supplies Feed Mill wart New Smanbown Phonwe Ywd. 7607 Page 69 DAVID K. BAIR INSURANCE - ALL KINDS YOUR LOCIAL AIGENT NEW STANTON, PA. Compliments oi' "JAKE" RIDENOUR NEW STANTON, PA. GIIOCETISSSI and fGom:6eotiomaery THOMAS H. HOWER CHIROPRACVDOR Marirn, Svbneiewt G RE E NSBU RG J. c. P1-:NNEY Co. MT. PLEASANT, PA. W. D. SHRADEH GENERAL GONTRACTOR E- :Pm-m1N'1'mNG - mfmmon - Exrmmon C4an11 Us For Arn, Esmimarbe Phone 7255 Yaumlgwood, P. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK YOUNGWOOD, PA. IN NEW STANTON, PA. IT'S 'PHE BEAUTIFUL STARLITE MOTEL MODEST and ULTRA MODERN UNITS ROUTE 'I19 SOUTHWEST OF TURINPIKE JOHN R. MARSHALL AGENCY COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE McM'umvay Bldg., 13 N. Qnh Sft. YOUNGWOOD, PA. Wreck Rsebuilddnng Aumd General Aumo Repainimg TED BELL'S GARAGE PHONE 3887 HAY Armsnson at sous 2011 Unifty Way Gmewenssbumg, Pa. Dfealems pf Bzifbumiumous Coal CLAY and CEMENT Pnonucrs co. New STANTON, ,,ENNsYLvAN,A Phone Youngwood 7567 Plume Ymmgvwoofd. 9251 On Route 119 Hunkery Pa. PHONE. 7221 ACTIVE SERVICER KELLY'S FLOWERS YOUNGWOOD PHONE 7338 AND I Henry Scubuta, P4aLnUn1erI 'Derry 'Gmilffim Pamunrer Flowers. amd Gilfhs Eovr All Occasrioms For Your Every Auto Need PAUL L. KELLY 19 South. Fourmh St. Pmpriemoxr Yorumigvwolod, Pa. Page 7Q BEATTY FUNERAL HOME James M. Beamty, Dimeclhom' Imfwahd Car Service MADISON, PENNA. PhIoInIe HeIUmiInIie1 3951 WALTER HARROLD COAL - EXCAVATING - DITCHING GENERAL HAULING Phone - 6921 P. 0. Box 182 RAGER'S CLOVER FARM STORE HUNKER5, PA. HALL'S SERVICE STATION AMOICO PRODUCTS ARMBRUST - GREENSBURG ROAD POMCO FOOD, PASSES ALL TESTS YOUNGWOOD, PA. Jvohn L. Sachrs - OWIIIIGII' , COLONIAL STUDIO ' " WEDDINGS Candid Albums and Studio " FAMILY GROUPS " CHILDREN Call YIoIuInIgw1oIod 7355 314 1761101 St- Yoiunigwood, Pa. COMPLIMENTS OF LEWIS PHARMACY. 1' Wm. M. Lefwis, Ph. G ' Prescriptiolns YOUI1:gWO10d, Pa. PHONE 6551 JOE MICHAELSON WESTINGHOUSE SALES 81 SERVICE PHONE 7306 S. 4TH ST. YOUNGWOOD, PA. MOORE BROS., INC. TIRES and TUBES - RECAPPING SERVICE BATTERIES - TELEVISION - RADIOS - APPLIANCES L Y 205 W. Piltlbsburgh Street GREENSBURG, PA. IIIIEENSBUIIII 1111111 1011 NEW CAR DEALERS ASSOCIATION I Congratulations, Best Wishes, and a successful future to the CLASS OF 1954 John O. Hilewick, Jr. New SDHIHITAOIII, Pa. Devaler in SiIpIe's Plainms Phone Ywd. 7636 Page 71 NEW STANTON MOTEL AAA NEW STANTON PA ENJOY KECK'S CARBIONMED BWERAGES CUT AND BOTTED FLOWERS FOR ,ALL OCCASIONS HENDERSON'S GREENHOUSES R D NO. 2 Phone Greensburg 3819 BAKER'S CLOVER FARM STIORE QUALITY FOODS We Deliver New Sbamabon, Pa GRIMM .IFUNERAL HOME MT. PLEASANT, PA. Phsomse 2442 KING'S SERVICE STATION LOCAL TEXACQO DEALER l 13,o1u4t1e' 119 Nomtih Hlncme Ywd. 7339 Pihacme Y4ounagvwcxod 7261 WILKINSON NURSERY ARMBRUSIT, PENNSYLVANIA Vlisitors Wfeloomfe JOHN WILKINSON LANDSCAPE Owner SERVICE SMITH'S REST NEST MOTEL ON U. S. 119 It t P T pk NEW STANTON PA KENNEDY PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION To Keep Wyaarm And Dry Call TRADES of YOUNGWOOD SHEET METAL WORK ROOFING 4' HEATING Fred and George Wonodwamd 304 Depot St. Phone 7282 Page 72 Youngwood Lumber 8: Supply Co., Inc. A. H. ELDER 8: SONS Lumlmefr' - Miillwfomk - I-Iamdwame FLOQR 3, WAL1 CTOVERING Bwuihduarcsf Supplies - Plafmt - Ghawsws UALRPET REPALRJNG Oomnem of Oafk 8x 'Dlmimd Sms. 1529 BROAD ,STREET YOUNGWOOD, PA. PHONE 7226 PHONE: 1857 S' :G4R,EENSBURG, PA 'Bebeuphcmneu Ywd. 7630 GENE'S RADIO ELECTRIC HIXSON TRAILER COURT C s ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Radio - Sales 81 Service - Telev V4 Mi. So. if T mmpwkaeu fc PHONE 7368 NEW STANTON, PENNSYLVANIA YOUNGWOOD, PA Complimenfs of A FRIEND COMPLIMENTS OF THE STANTON COMMUNITY FAIR ASSOCIATION Page 73 coMPl.lMEN'rs OF HUNKER LIONS CLUB J. GUY VONADA . We sell and service musical insfrumenfs Individual Instruction "WE CLEAN EVERYTHING IN THE GARMENT AND FUR LINE" ,fy xp . l l PICKUP AND DELIVERY SERVICE 229 South Third St. Phone Jnt. 821-R PHONE 7204 JEANNETTE, PA. i our ELECTRIC SERVICE . . . for you, for the price you pay, than most any- thing you buy. necessary to deliver your light and power is a multimillion dollar investment - and it must be on the I job at all times. used in handling power from the gen- erators across country to you - are built in South Greensburg. on all the big power systems in this country and abroad. R8iIE EQUIPMENT IJIVISIUN I-T-E Circuii Breaker Co. South Greensburg Page 74 WALT'S GARAGE NEW s'rAN'roN, PA. AMOCO GAS and OIL REPAIRING - TOWING YOUR LOCAL FORD DEALER COMPLIMENTS OF YOUNGWOOD BOOSTER CLUB f. 2 S. ROBERT A. TRUE Plumbing - Heating - Wiring HOT POINT . APPLIANCES Phone 4101 YOUNGWOOD, PA. 4TH A Reminder' From Bayer's Pharmacy "There ls No Substitute For' Quality" Let Us Fill Your Next Prescription Free Delivery BAYER'S Rexall PHARMACY ST. PHONE YOU NGWOOD, PA. 3111 HARROLD LUMBER CO. Try Us First - We Will Probably Have What You 'SlmemwinfWi11Lilamws Handvwarle Plairubs Sz Varnlislh Pialszber Board Blulildilnzg Miasberilals Brick Roolfinlg .Mactterdlals Donors Sz W!1lH1dlOWS Sidtimg ,Flfolorinlg Millwork Insulaltlicm Maaterifals Want WHEN ORDERING MILK FROM YOUR Gnocelz ALWAYS SAY SILVIS MILK and DAIRY PRODU'Cl"IlS IF HE CANNOT Oornlcrfelte Bllofcks-1 Kyalnlize Papinltsl SUPPLY YOU Clelmferut Ma:ndO'JWar' Pafimtis PHONE GREENSBURG mates. 7242 139 SILVIS FARMS Walnut 8. 3rd Streets YOUNGWOOD, PA. GREENSBURG, R. D. 1 Page 75 V.. if NEW STANTON JUNIOR WOM!-lN'S CLUB Ballmer, Malry !Bowarr1d, I-Iawtie' Chalpmaln, Alvelrfda Oox, Eula Ooughlenfolwr, Inelne Ounrmy, Wlolet Ervwilnl, Ewelyln Eiseuls, Imesnlel Eorfsymhe, Verma Hillewilclk, Elizalbeth Hilssem, Goldlife Complimelnts fof the NEW STI-INTON SENIOR WOMAN'S CLUB President ........ Vice - President 1954 OFFICERS Recording Secretary ...... Corresponding Secretary Treasurer .............. Assistant Treasurer ROSTER Homer, 'Salma Kelly, Oliwe Kelly, Flomemee King, Mabel Kllinlel, lval Laltmal, Lalucna Long, Izeltlta. Lynch, Inma, Mc:Guifey, Nelllile Miller, Maude' Molomel, Gentle . Beatrice Walt .. Clara Overly . Evelyn Erwin Alberta Shaffer Azie Stoner Nellie McGuffey Negri, Lucy Overly, Clalnal Schein, 'Ollamloltlte Slmaifelr, Albemtla: Springer, Malry Stoner, Azie Quamtz, Pauline Thelils, Nell Walt, Belalbrice Woodwamd, Edith Page 76 W'Q"YW' ,. ,Q noBEnTsHAw LOCAL 1163 UNITED STEELWOBKERS OF AMERICA ROBERTSI-IAW ' FULTON CONTROLS ' YOUNGWOOD, PA. .ann-.f.g,, .L 5 J , fini' , ,.-xv- - .. .

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