New Smyrna Beach High School - Live Oak Log Yearbook (New Smyrna Beach, FL)

 - Class of 1957

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New Smyrna Beach High School - Live Oak Log Yearbook (New Smyrna Beach, FL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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I' 470. f49m7f4fce iue Oni' 01,09 .7 'lfclkffon N S 'K A5 TI-IE WORLD TURNS S Class of New Smyrna Beach I-'lorlda Hxgh School Pubhshed by Xthe emor Km? ' YK N . .5 I. Sf I ' L . X , K V , X. .. ,xf ,Q . H5, -:If x' x x ' ' , .Ki "' Tiff- -1 ,K s - I ' x hx X ' gf 5 L F' . X . , '1-Flxxxiqfvqg. ' s A - Q -, :xy ,kfv 23 'N K -X . ,. , fi ' ., er . ff . I I V 'Jimi' V K A .,, H . fg35 'A',g1f,, ' Q, 3 ' I ,- 'X 'V H- 11 Z' Az 5' H' N ' 1 ff" : ' ,WN 6? Af' . ff- gi? Q-wg y , j' Yvliafliaf fp, 57 " T M wif' -V ' 'HI , 2 .' ' ,ff 1 I '-M. , ' V if hiv I md' QIQLL A55 'SN Q and cflfffly 9 gO.4. lbevhca tion Y J MW Q Because of her patmence understandmg and gumdance through out our hmgh school years the Semors of 1957 w1sh to dedlcate th1s T V ed1t1on of the Lwe Oak Log to Mrs Jean Poulsen She has been an msp1rat1on and a true fmend and we hope that thls w111 partmally repay her for her endless efforts 0 -' , 1 , . , . , . - Y , . . . , . . N W , I ll I Ill l" ll'l - - llll Illl llll llll ,..,l,1.,....-v+A.-fv- ---Y - Illia 5? Fred Bley Assistant Edrtor Benny Meyer Annette Krug Bus gr s t B M r Margte Jones Edrtor Ann McGrath Ronnie Johnson Nancy Bogdon Mrlton Bailey Elarne Brshop Ads Art Art Art Pxctures 15 Gwen Davis Dan Cory Eileen Wrlcken Gayle HCSICI Judy Katz Snap Shots Sports Sports Quotes Background Q-,N QL Denny Matthews History Pat Shaw will ITU LQ Barbara Hayek Cecxlia Collv pecial Features Senioristxes ,-xkqnx Tl-IE R X J I JO CHALLENGE ,f X Ruth Henderson B, Mus. , Stetson W.W, Andrews A.A,, A,B,, Fla. Christian B.S,, U. of Tampa Cecil Boyd A.B.. Stetson Maxine Campbell H,A, Schublger M.S,, Stetson Supervising Principal jacuk AOB!! FCSOUD Fred W. Grant B.S,, M,S,, Ala. Amy Gross B,S., New York U. M.A,, Columbia Faith Lee Virginia L. Francis Sganga 5.5, Ohio State Jolly M.S., U. of Florida School Secretary H.O. Lawrence Peter Maman B.A., Oglethorpe M.S., U. of Fla. Fla. Southern XlacEdwar s Mich. State Normal Cravce Kenemer B S, ED., G.S.C. Dorothy Cladln 3.5.. M.A. Stetson J. William Cowen B.S,, M.A., U. of Fla. Robert Hall B,S,, Clemson M.A., Stetson Lela Keesey A,B., F,S.U. Louise Lourcey B.Sn. F.5.U. Louise Lovell BCS!! MOAOI Peabody Robert Ragsdal B.A., Rollins M.A, U. of Louise Rice A.B,, Randolph Macon Martha Sheldon 3.5. , Stetson W.R. Snowden M.A., Stetson Fla Lois Cox Ass't. School Sec. Julia Dilzer A.B.. F.5.C.W. M,A., Northwestern Hoke A.B. Dowdy , M.A., Stetson Annette Margaret Jean Poulson Mathis Mofield B,S., Stetson Stetson Ken. State 6 UAW Tre trme rs l94a the place New Smyrna Beach Elementary School Everythrng rs just as rt was then The only drfference IS We were there The Second World War has been over a few short months and the soldrers are all comrng home The Unrted States rs startrng an age of mans drscoverres Lrndsay Carr Tommy Jones Larry lwlarchrnton Marshall McCullough .ludr Grllram Robert Wrllrams Helen Graber Gayle Hester L12 Hoffman Barbara Jones Margre Jones Annette Krng Joanna fV13CKl.SS1C Elwyn Fretwell Elzre Norman Lucrlle Ragland Joe Huskey Mrlton Exum and Grlbert Chrsholm are rn on the frrst brg drscovery They frnd out what the rnsrde of the New Smyrna Beach Elementary School looks lrke The trme 1S now 1956 other screntrsts Jomtng the group are Denny Matthews Danny Cory and Elarne Blystone They drscover that you can t read a book upsrde down Ronme Johnson Benny Meyer Nancy Bogden and Kay Werss Jorn the group for the thrrd brg drscovery They drscover that books have somethtng rn them besrdes prctures In 1949 we were jorned by Fred Bley Mlke McCracken Doyle Lowe and Frances Hall We now drscover that school rs not always gorng to be one recess after another Rlchard Lopez Aubrey Pope Joe Watkrns and Ann McGrath yom us for the frfth world shakrng drscovery that grrls are good for somethrng besrdes chasrng Our growxng group IS now Jomed by lwlrlton Barley, Marlrn Kennard Rudy Hafner Barbara Hayek and Pat Shaw We drscover that we are the hrghest grade rn elementary school and we are not prcked on by the older bullres any more Wrth the era of drscoverres half over we are proud to be startrng Jumor Hrgh next year We are Jorned by Rrchard Kersey James Brooks Jon Brown Betty Petrrcek Erleen Wrlcken and Rrchard Ohlson from the North wrth hrs profound knowledge of Chryslers Oar seventh drscovery rs that we are no longer the domrnate group There are tall boys and grrls towerrng over us Some of these upper classmen decrde to rnrtrate us rnto therr socrety by cuttrng our han and drowmng us with water We also drscover that one teacher 15 not enough for our eager mrnds rt now requrres srx In our erghth year Cecrlra Colly Jotns us We drscover that the cookre does not always crumble our way The teachers have devrsed a sneaky plan to keep us from watchmg Lassre Flash Gordon and The Lone Ranger on T V Thrs plan rs called Operatron Homework Whrle we are conductrng our nrnth experrment we frnd Davrd Fort James Goodrrch Loure Cannavale Judy Katz and Gwenny Davrs hrdrng behrnd the door They had found out before us that rf you mrx potassrum nrtrate sulfur and charcoal rn the correct quantrues and add a suffrcrent amount of heat you mrght Just blow up We have been rn school a long trme now and we begm to slow down a good deal After berng Jorned by Nelson Harvey Larry Maves Roger Kelly Marte Seufert Verda Thomas and Barbara Larrabee we make our tenth drscovery lf you are tardy for class three trmes rn a row you have to stay after school We are becomrng a large group now wrth many old frrends and pleasant memorres Wayne Eddleman Dan Dooley John Harrrs Charles Kumm Elarne Brshop Carolyn Farmer and Barbara Srrrano Jorn us as we make our eleventh drscoxery We drscover that although the courses are becomrng harder there rs much fun to be had rn our Junror year We have much fun puttrng on our Junror Play Boy Wanted and gorng to the Junror Senror Prom We also drscover that the Cudas can beat Seabreeze at football Now much trme has passed srnce our fust drscovery rn 1945 We have gone a long way and made many drscoverres Robert Mxles jorns us for our twelfth research problem that shows our Senror year rs the best of all We have a super superlor tlme puttrng on our Senror Play Room for the Groom preparing copy for the annual and enjoyrng all the prrvrleges that come wrth berng a Senror We drscover that four crates of oranges make frfteen gallons of Jurce not countxng that on the floor and cerlrng We also realrze that wearrng caps and gowns for our prctures IS a fore cast of the Brg Day Thrs has been a very eventful twelve years years I m sure we ll all remember Now rt 15 trme to leave New Smyrna Beach Hrgh School and see what dlscoverres wt can make rn lrfe 8 I - 4 , ' . i Y . . . , V , I , . . - I II , II , . I I I O I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 2 I I - . , . I I I - I I I ' I I I I - - ' I I I - , . , I I I I I . . ' , . . - I - - II - II II II II II I I I - - I II - II I I I I I ' I I I . I . I I I I I I - , . , . - . . . I I - I I I I I I - - II , II - - - - A , I I ' - - - - II II - . . I I I ' I ' - - I I - - K' 1. "' " 5 J 9 'A ,, 1 I, ' BWI ' ' 'U 0 f0ff ,f Q Q Q . 'V ,, . 'hifi 4 f F W 9 'E " 9' 'QL' S5 ' " 'o.A .'.' - ,' N fE'!""' -f f r 4 7 'B 'W we Fig l f 'x-'if' JP . in ff:-'nr ,V xnxx ff" 1 fi., , .34 S ,. ' ' ' Pl x ,, '.' 3,5-Z , - 'ifyiw-15.3 ,Q fu: "!A'9T,'4" ' 0 ' 5' C F F .1 Iva' Q. Q 8 A . . Q- A urs Q H . ,Q QV QA ff , .,- ' - v 7 Y Q h Q Q 1 4 .J Y, ' 7 'em sw' T' , . W 5,1 , jg A x Q. tv- Q, . , H Q QA -.A ..4 2. -if ' ' . ' 'V'- 6.'f'V.mWFlJ, - ,' o . Q 1 1 0 I o .1 2,1 H,O. Lawrence Advisor Miss Amy Gross Play Director Mrs. Lela Keese Annual Advisor jke Cfaaa of I 95 7 Mrs. Jean Poulsen Advisor ,xgcluid ora ,ff Rrchard Elmo Lopez Sr Class Pres Homecomrng Sponsor Senror Play Cast Glee Club Pres Football 2 yrs Baseball 4 Yrs Basketball 3 yrs Key Club Pep Club Student Council Juntor Play Cast Radlo Cast Spamsh Club Sec Baccalaureate Usher 1956 Senror Play Usher 1955 He preaches well who llves well LCel'5 James Nelson Harvey Senror Class Vtce Pres Key Club Sec Beta Club Band 4 yrs Junror Play Cast Spanrsh Club Student Council Basketball l yr Football 2 yrs Track 2 yrs Graduation Usher 1956 Senior Play Usher 1955 He that rs of merry heart hath a conttnual feast Franklm Thomas Jones Ir Senror Class Sec Beta Club Key Club Spanish Club Basketball l yr Football 2 yrs Baseball 2 yrs Bus1ness" It s qurte simple lt s other people s money Lawrence Ltndsay Statter Carr Jr Senlor Class Treas H1 Y Pres Senror Play Cast Lrons Club Sportsmanshrp Award 1956 Most Valuable Football Player of the year 1956 57 Lrttle State Football Honorable Menuon 1956 Football Capt Basketball 2 yrs Baseball 4 yrs Football 3 yrs junior Play Staff He thtnks lrke a phrlosopher and acts lrke a krng ll Milton Lorenza Bailey Annual Staff, Jr. Play Cast, Sr. Play Staff, Key Club, Spanish Club, Track, Footballg Baseball, Barracuda Staff, Baccalaureate and Sr. Play Usher, 565 "Who is so deafe or so blindf as is hee, that will fully wil neither heare nor see?" en lord fel! gf f' l X Nancy Lee Bogdon Annual Staffg Beta Club, Sr. Play Staffg Sr. Band. 4 yrs., Pep Clubg F,H.A,, Vice-Pres.g Jr. Play Comm.g Jr. Steering Comm., Student Councilg Student Government Day City Clerk, Sophomore Class, Vice-Pres.g G,A,A,g Camera Clubg Baccalaureate and Sr. Play Usher. 'All passes. Art alone stays enduring to us." lames Pasco Brooks, lr, D.C.T. Club, Treasurer, 2 yrs., State Federatim D.C.T. Club Rep., Key Club, Frederick Carl Bley, Jr. Annual Ass't Editor, Sr. Play Cast, Sr. F.H.A, Big Brother, Glee Club, Pres.p Jr. Play Student Director, Spanish Clubg Radio Staff, Glee Club Show, Director, Student Council Rep. 5 Pep Club, Steering Comm. Jualynn Elaine Bishop Annual Staff, Homecoming Queen, 56, Senior Play Cast, Ir. Play Castg Pep Club, Cheerleader, Barracuda Staff, F,H,A.: G,A,A,, Graduation Usher, Sr. Steering Comm., Student Gov. "The heart has reasons of which reason has no knowledge. " Mildred Elaine Blystone Office Staff, Spanish Club, Spanish Honor Society. "Manner, not gold, is woniank best adornment. " Football, lyr. ' ' 'Virtue and riches seldom settle on one man." , I 1 Y X v X 1 Jon Dale Brown Hi-Y, Football, 2 yrs, Spanish Club, Student Gov. "I never think of the future. It comes soon enough. " s Aubrey Gilbert Chisholm Homecoming Sponsor, 1956, Basketball, 2 yrs., All-Conference Basketball. 1956, Football, 3 years, Key Club. "I never met a man I didn't like." Martha Cecilia Colly Annual Staff, F.H,A., Senior Play Cast, Beta Club, Beta Club State Secretary, Senior Steering Comm., Junior Play Cast, Junior Class Secretary, Freshman Class Secretary, Baccalaureate Usher, 1956, Senior Play Usher, 1955. Louis Joseph Cannavale Key Club, Senior Play Comm., DCT Club, Junior Play Comm., Baccalaureate Usher, 1956 "l've taken my fun where I've found it." en iam .-Her very frowns are fairer far than smiles, I y of other maidens." I 'I t 4.1 1 I Xt- fl ,A 1 ,If Q X - ,, X. " ' fl ' K' . ' v I It J X fx - , , ,l I ' r J l . 1 . ' " 1 N. 1 ' -f U ,uk X L x wx ill . gh., f X, i ,Xt . , f I Al P U. a-. l. 1 ' I ,tri V A' 'L' .ff - , . ,sf- 1 .' t Q Daniel Wilson Cory Annual Staff, Key'Club, Sec. and Treas, 2 years, Senior F.H.A. Sweetheart, 1956, Barracuda staff, Glee Club, Sec., Junior Play Comm., Radio Staff, Spanish Club, Pep Club, Football, lyear, Baseball l yr. Basketball, lyr., Senior Play Usher, 1955. "Peop1e who make no noise are dangerous." Gwendolyn Faye Davis Annual Staff, Homecoming Sponsor, 1956, Senior Play Cast, Spanish Honor Society, Historian, Library Staff, Office Staff, GAA, Junior Play Comm., Spanish Club, Junior Steering Comm., Graduation Usher, 1956. ' "Ido not beguile the thing I am by seeming otherwise. " Daniel Michael Dooley Spanish Clubg Jr. Play Staffg "All I know is what I read in the papers." eniom 7 fc.le.f,, - E 1 1 yu! , f Sydney David Fort Senior Play Castg Junior Play Staffg Spanish Club. "l am a lone lorn creetur. . ,and everything goes contrairy with me. Elwyn Vance Fretwell D,C.T. Club, Vice-Pres.g Hi-Yg Basketball, l yr. "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men. " Leonard Wayne Eddleman Student Councilg Track, l yr.g Glee Clubg F,F,A, "Habit with him was all the test of truth." John Milton Exum Key Clubg Spanish Club. "There's a good time coming, boys! A good time coming." Carolyn Lillian Farmer Annual Staff: Special Attendant for Homecoming, 565 F,H,A,g Treasurer, Sr. Play Staffg Library Staffg Office Staffg Pep Clubg Ir. Play Staff: Graduation Usherg Sr. Play Usher. "She hangs upon the cheek of night like a rich jewel. " Judith Frances Gilliam D.A.R. Award, l957, Annual Staff, Spanish Honor Society, Barracuda Editor, Spanish Club, Sr. Play Cast and Committee, Beta Club, Merit Scholar- ship Test, Library Staff, Junior Play Cast, Spanish Honor Award, 1956, Glee Club Secretary and Treas urer, Radio Staff, Pep Club. "Doing easily what others find difficult is talent, do- ing what is impossible for talent is genius. " Helen Margaret Graber Band, 5 yrs.: Senior Play Comm. Spanish Club, Office Staff, Junior F.H.A. "Still to be neat, still to be drest. " Rudolph Edward Hafner Key Club, Football, l yr. "If all the world were just, there would be no need of valour. " eniord James Broward Goodrich Key Club. "Good words are worth much 1 and cost little. " Wx - F , fi 'Z X Helen Frances Hall Pep Club Pres., Head Majorette, F.H. A., Senior Play Cast, Junior Play Cast, Beta Club, Junior Steering Comm., Radio Staff, Student Government, Rep., State Convention Delegate, 1955, GAA, Homecoming Sponsorg 1954, Senior Play Usher, 1955. "And all that's best of dark and bright meet in her aspect and her eyes." John Conley Harris D,C.T. Club, Pres.: Jr. Play Staff, Baseball, lyr., Track, lyr.g Glee Club. "He had the dialect and different skill catching all passions in his craft of will." Barbara Ann Hayek Annual Staff, Band, 5 yrs., Sr, Play Cast, Sr. Play Staff, Student Council, Library Staff, Glee Club, Jr. Play Staff, F.H,A,, Spanish Club, Glee Club Show Choreographer, Pep Club, X G,A,A., Radio Staff. ' "Dancing is the loftiest, the most moving, the most beautiful of the arts-as she well knows. " E I Ronald Maurice Johnson Annual Staff, Sr, Steering Conznng Library Stiiff, lili,A, big Brother, Sr, Play Staff, mrraciidu Staff, Mnjorettc lrisiriiutor, lcp Club, Glec Club Show Cnorcgrgiplry Dirt-mor. l a... .1 man, ant. nothing 'iuxzznn gan be of ..,,.ifferent'c lU1lg,U Barbara Ann Jones F,H.A., Historian, Senior Play Comm., Spanish Honor Society, Vice-Pres,, Home- coming Sponsor, 1956, Jr, Play,, Prompter, Barracuda Staff, Pep Club, Library Staff, Spanish Club, GAA, Graduation Usher 1956. "No spring, no summer beauty hath such grace. " Adrianne Gayle Hester Annual Staff, Sr. Steering Comm., Sr. Play Cast, Jr, Play Cast, F,H,A,, Pep Club, Barracuda Staff, Ir, Class Vice-Pres., Student Council, Delegate to State Convention, Homecoming Sponsor, Radio Staff, Glee Club, G,A,A,g Sec., Baccalaureate Usher, Senior Play Usher, Office Staff, "An angel, if not, an earthl paragon. " I ' Y en ford Elizabeth Ann Hoffman Pep Club, Band, 5 yrs., Student Council, Beta Club, Sec. and Treas,, Jr. Play Staff, Sophomore Class, Sec., Freshman Class, Vice-Pres., Office Staff, Graduation and Sr. Play Usher. "Where your treasure is there will your heart be also. " Joseph Virgil Huskey Senior Play Staff, Hi-Y, Band, 5 years, Spanish Club, Pep Club, Track l yr., . Radio Staff, Dramatic Club, Vice-P1jes.g "Life is just one damned thing after . I - i . c .' X, another." , J' N' ,V "L, x .Q LQX ."' nf' .IX ,JJ F CTS Ta ff" Af' 5. g wg.. A sfbljvb-i," , -. x xA' ' fs MARJORIE ELIZABETH JONES Annual Editor, Student Council Cabinet Member, Delegate to Convention, Senior Play Staff, Radio Staff, Barracuda Staff, Library Staff, Pep Club, Sec., Band Sec., F.H.A,, Sec., Delegate to Con- vention, Ir. Play Staff, Sr. , lr. , and Soph. Steering Comm. Baccalaureate Usher. "The rule of my life is to make business a pleasure and Pleasure my Business. " RICHARD MARLIN KENNARD Football, 2 yrs. "O, It is excellent to have a giant's strength." RICHARD EDGAR KERSEY Beta Club, Student Council, Vice- Pres., Sr. Play Cast, Key Club, Pres., Jr. Play Cast, 4-H Club, Soph. Class Pres., Football, 4 yrs., Track, 2 yrs., Graduation and Sr. Play Usher. "There is no great genius without some touch of madness. " JUDITH ELAINE KATZ. Annual Staff, Sr. Play Staff, Beta Club, Office Staff, Junior Play Cast, Spanish Club, Pres., Girls' Glee Club, Vice- Pres., Radio Staff, Barracuda Staff, G.A,A, "She made a virtue of necessity. " ROGER THOMPSON KELLY Football, 2 yrs., Key Club, Spanish Club. L Ihonestly believe it iz better tew ' 4.1 A know nothing than tew know sh-at N6 ,YQ a1n't so. - 6016, ANNETTE cactus KING 7 53' og' Annual staff, sera Club, F.H.Ai9J X- J we 'to Pres., Sr. Steering Comm., Student t hy' Council State Rep., Band 4 yrs., G,A,K,, ,., . . . 0 ff' Q Sr Play Staff Glee Club Pep Club K7 Graduation and Sr. Play Usher., Radicicxjfq 55" , Staff, FHA Convention, Student Counciloff f S ..vf4'c Cabinet Mem., Of ice taff. "Happiness is the only good. " ggi. wi CHARLES LOUIS KUMM "Make haste-slowly. " BARBARA ANNE LARRABEE Cheerleader Captaing Pep Club: Barracuda Staffg Library Staffg Student Government, Treas, F,H,A,g Junior Play Comm.5 G,A,A.g Spanish Honor Society. Spanish Club. "1t's love, it's love, that makes the world go 'round. " I I iff? If ffitf, f eniord MARYAN ELIZABETH MCGRATH Annual Staffg Beta Clubi Sr. Play Castg F,H.A. Reporter and Parliamentariang Office Staffg Student Councilg Spanish Honor Societyg Spanish Clubg Jr. Play Castg Pep Clubg Glee Club: G,A,A, "Do you not know that I an. a woman' when I think I must speak. " .IOANNA VERA klavKIbSIC Beta Club, Barracuda Staffg Sr. Play Castg Pep Clubg E,H,A,, Treasw Student Councilg Jr, Play Cast, "Light of step and heart was she," DOYLE EDWARD LOWE Football, 2 yrs.g Track, 2 yrs.g Student Councilg Key Club, Vice Pres.g Junior Play Comm.g Senior Play usherg Homecoming King. "Man is the only animal that blushes. Or needs to. " MICHAEL EARL MCCRACKEN Hi-Yg Pep Club. "Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself. " LOUIS MARSHALL MCCULLOUGH D,C,T. Clubg Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Foot- ball, l yr., Baseball, lyr. "So live that you can look any man in the eye and tell him to go to ROBERT LARRY MARCHINGTOIN H1 Y F00tball 2 yrs Jr Play Cast Life 15 not a spectacle or a feast rt IS a predicament -yn' ell L 015 HARRY DENNIS MATTHEWS Annual Staff- Student Council Pres Hi-Y, Sec., Beta Clubg Track, lyr Band, 5 yrs., Camera Club, Spanish Club, Pep Club, Graduation Usher, Sr Play Usher "Knowledge is power KENNETH LAWRENCE MAVES Student Councilg Hi-Y, Spanish Club Band, 4 yrs., Movie Projection Club. "Chielly, the mold of a man's fortune is in his wngfjds. " 4,1 , 1 1 BENJAMIN THOMAS MEYER Annual Staffg Beta Club, Pres.g Barracuda, Ass't. Ed.g Key Club, Sr. Play Staffg F,H.A. Sweetheart, Football, lyr.g Track, lyr.g Student Council, Ir. Class Pres., Junior Play Cast, Spanish Clubg "His heart was as great as the world. " ROBERT LEE MILES Office Staff. Cfransferred from Huntington, Virginia in Sr. yr.J "I was a stranger, and ye took me ln. " ELZIE LEMIRE NORMAN Key Clubg Basketball, 2 yrs., Track, lyr., Football, 1 yr., Spanish Club. "By nature wise, not learned much by art.' V ,, I? en ford Wg Y RICHARD PAUL OHLSON Hi-Y, Vice-Pres., Sr. Play Staff, Band, 3 yrs., Football, l yr., Basket- ball, lyr.g Baseball, 3 yrs. "No man is happy that does not think himself so." ELIZABETH ANN PETRICEK DCT Club, Beta Club, FHA, Treas.g Office Staff, Junior Play Cast, GAA: Glee Clubg Pep Club. "I breathed a song into the air." AUBREY DICKSON POPE Spanish Club. ' i X. ,,,. F , Y . Y u "There is a time for speaking and a time f C . , - Q i . 1 xl 3? LELA LUCLLLE RAGLAND FHA, Glee Club, Pep Club, Junior Play Staff, GAA, Spanish Club. "Be good, sweet maid, and let who can be clever. " MARY ANTIONETTE SEUFERT FHA, Sr. Play Comm., Pep Clubg Glce Clubg GAA, "We easily believe that which wc wish. for keeping still, " PATRICIA ANN SHAW Annual Staffg Beta Clubg Girls' State l956g National Merit Scholarship Testg Band, 4 yrs.g Spanish Clubg Spanish Honor Societyg Ir. Play Cast. "Women are wiser than men because they know less and understand more. " VERDA MLLDRED THOMAS Spanish Clubg G,A,A "lt is quality, rather than quantity that matters. " JOSEPH GRADY WATKINS IR Band, 4 yrs. "Ask me no questions, and I'l1 tell you no fibs. " BARBARA T SIRIAINO Glee Club D C T Club Library staff with malice toward none with charity for KAY ,TUNE WEISS F,H,A,g Sr, Play Staffg G,A.A.:J1'. Play Staffg Spanish Clubg Pep Club. "The time to be happy is now." EILEENMARY WILCKEN Annual Staffg F.H.A.: Library Staff: Sr. Play Staffg Student Councilg Jr. Play Staff: Camera Clubg G.A'.A.: Glee Club: Pep Club. "I shall take an oath of happiness. " Y ROBERT BENJAMIN WILLIAMS Football, l yr., Bas- ketball, 1 yr., Spanish FRANKLIN MAURIECE BREWER D,C.T,, Sergeant-ab arms. Q GARY VAN SACKETT DAY D.C.T., Library Staff, Projectionist. 'Travel is a part of education Club. "They are only truly "The mould of a man's fortune is in his own hands. " great who are truly good." COLORS-Pink and Silver CLASS EMBLEMS FLOWER-Pink Rose MOTTO-"We came, We Saw, We Conquered. " CLASS POEM As we, the Seniors, bid thee adieu: Classes, lectures, and test papers, too, The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The We, halls where we spent many years, pep rallys echoing many cheers, library, the gym, and the office, too, glee Club, the art class, the pictures we drew, assemblies, activities, the meetings we skipped, notebooks, the papers, the book-covers we ripped, dances, the soc-hops, the formals we had, parties and good times that outweighed the bad, Junior play cast, the prompters, the "lights", year that the Senior play ran for two nights, report cards, the failing list every three weeks, tests, and the "quizzes", the ensuing shrieks, band, the contests, the high ratings we drew, projects, the parties, and the Orange Juice, too, sports, the cheerleaders, the tournament games, faces remembered, forgotten the names, the Seniors, leave too all these Happiness as a heritage. Judi Gilliam THE FORWARD LOOK uJ1l0l' C155 William Meares President Sue Warren Vice Presrdent ,4 J ,4J.,.,.,,, Pat Shockey Secretary Francis Sganga Advisor ofpm, n I Annette Mathis Gary Sams Advisor Treasurer 24 Georgianne Ford at . ,mi .1 Q 1, 1 1 mv! fs :sw H51 T253 ,K S 1 ., .4 n Q ' 3? " , A 53, 2 :JY ' z J PE? fc ,ii ff 9? ff' f7A Wfhonawes My name rs Mrke Antony For many years rt has been my prrvrlege to be assocrated wrth that group of phrlanthroprsts known as the New Smyrna Beach Hrgh School Class of 1957 lust before they were ready to leave the school for parts unknown they each called me rn and asked me to announce to the students who were left the large bequest that each donor was makrng lt rs now my prrvrlege to announce these bequests CHARLES KUMM wrlls to Bobby Hanna hrs rgnorance ELZIE NORMAN wrlls to Bob Baker hrs abrlrty to get all hrs General Language assrgnments and strll farl the note book tests ROBERT WILLIAMS wrlls hrs Ford skeeter to Fred Tate hoprng he gets as much fun out of rt as Robert drd FRANCES HALL wrlls her abrlrty to argue and always come out on top left to her by Jrmmy Conely to Gary Sams rn hopes he wrll wrn many arguments JON D BROWN wrlls to Robert Cooke the abrlrty to drrve RICHARD OHLSON wrlls to Reggre Ashley hrs unsurpassed abrlrty to Judge cars wrth utmost accuracy fand the promrnence and prestrge of belongrng to the Hi Y J JOE WATKINS wills to Betty Ogden the key to hrs car fthe one that unlocks the trunk J ELWYN FRETWELL wrlls hrs abrlrty to stay away from the cops to Brll Meares RUDY HAFNER wrlls hrs abrlrty to drrve slow to John Norwood WAYNE EDDLEMAN wills hrs abrlrty to make Ones ln Mrs Rrce s trrg class to Andy Baboulls JOHNNY HARRIS wrlls his parking place on the beach to Red Swann so that he can watch the submarrne races BETTY PETRICEK wrlls her abrlrty to Just look at food and get fat whrch was willed to her but never drd her any good to Polly Morrrs GILBERT CHISHOLM wrlls Frank Farmer hrs basketball shoes hoprng he wrll be able to frll them JAMES GOODRICH wrlls hrs abrlrty to skip school and not get cuaght to Freddy Jones AUBREY POPE wrlls hrs srze 13 shoes to Fred Jones BENNY MEYER wrlls hrs entrre supply of drrty holey socks to be worn only on specral occasrons to Blll Meares JUDY KATZ wllls her natural red hart to Mary Russell and her freckles to anyone who wants them ELAINE BLYSTONE wrlls her seat rn bookkeeprng class to Mona Mosher rn hopes she wrll have as much fun as Elarne drd even though rt drdn t pertarn to bookkeeping! DAVID FORT berng of soundless mrnd wrlls hrs sense of humor to Robert Watson BARBARA LARRABEE wrlls her long skinny legs whrch were wrlled to her by Kay Kennedy to Barbara Crow ANNETTE KING wllls to Beverly Cadman her hearty appetrte ln hopes she wrll be able to consume as much lunchroom food as she did' RICHARD KERSEY wills his probrng machmery and prlot s lrcense to half brother Brll King MICHAEL McCRACKEN wills Long Tall Sally s telephone number to Peter Klep JUDI GILLIAM wrlls her small feet willed to her by Betr Wrlllams to Marjone Brshop in hopes that she will frnd them more useful GWENNY DAVIS wills her ability to spread srrnshrne around the school which was willed to her by Sharon Rader whrch was wrlled to her by Betty Saxon Lorenzen whrch was willed to her by Lynn Ann Ellrot Saxton to Ronnre Unger HELEN GRABER wrlls to Nancy Bates her book of pictures taken on band trips ffor black marl purposesj MARGIE JONES wllls her ablllty to get a new car every year to Gary Mon roe Sams ln hopes that he can obtarn a safety driving record as good as Margre s by hlttrng no one but the cops KAY WEISS wrlls her ability to make rt from the Bull Corner to Miss Drlzer s room rn 8 seconds flat to Lrz Gower CECILIA COLLY wills her pack of fags whrch was wrlled to her by Carol Patche Hanna whrch was willed to her by Wanda Strock who received them from Carolrne Lorrng to Sue Slapp rn hopes that Sue can control her desrre for smoking LARRY MAVES wllls to Valann Boucher hrs abrllty to do nothing and do rt well falong with the hope that she gets more good out of lt than he drdl JAMES BROOKS wills the parking meter for the Yacht Club Island which Ridley Garlty wllled to him last year to his brother Tommre Ln hopes that he will take good care of the island for hrm NANCY BOGDON wills her road map to Garnesvllle to Liz Gower willed to her by Carol Patche Hanna BARBARA JONES wrlls her abllrty to clown around and have fun everywhere she goes to Lulu Highsmlth MARIE SEUFERT wrlls to Jewell Dukes her lazrness and hopes Jewell wlll be as lazy as she was EILEEN WILCKEN will her abrllty to be happy no matter what to Agnes Spradley DOYLE LOWE wills to Lynn Wright his track shoes and hopes that he has as mud: luck wrth them as he drd DENNY MATTHEWS wrlls the prominence and prestige of belonging to the superior club to the school the H1 Y to Burton Jordan 28 I s n I - - n U - A ' , . I I I . , . . . . . , . I . - II of ' I I , . I I ' , I . . . , . - . . . . ,, ,, I I ' I I 0 . . . , . - . , . II I Iv I I I I l I ' - -- - . r , . g . - - n n - I - - I I I I I I I I . g . 1 - In In I I I ' I ' - ANN MCGRATH wrlls all the fun she s had rn her Senror year to Elarne DeF1sher hoprng that she wrll enjoy rt as mucr as she drd CAROLYIN FARMER wrlls to Sue Slapp ner place on the Senror Homecomrng float of 57 and hopes that she wrll have as much fun as she drd LINDSAY CARR wrlls hrs nrckname The Krng and hrs crown to Burton Jordan FRED BLEY wrlls the Senror float letters to Mrs Poulsen hoprng that they wrll brrng as mcuh luck to the class 58 as they drd the the Class of 51 PAT SHAW wrlls to Rosre Pleterskr what s left of her car rn hopes that she keeps the road between Samsula and New Smyrna as hot as Pat drd LUCILLE RAGLAND wrll her Bravery to Ronnre Unger and hopes that she wrll be as brave as Lucrlle was rn her Senror Year BARBARA SIRIANO wrlls her Hoop to Sandr Corl and hopes that rt wrll brrng her a Hoop full of pleasure MARLIN KENNARD wrlls to Fred Tate hrs football abrlrty LOUIE CANNAVALE wrlls nothrng to nobody because he arn t got nothrrrg to wrll TOMMY JONES wrlls hrs crutches to Reggre Ashley who wrll be a quarterback next year ROBERT L MILES wills to Mr Schubiger a set of offrce grrls GAYLE HESTER wrlls her nrckname Prggy to Barbara Crow rn hopes that she won t get teased about rt qurte as much as Gayle drd RICHARD LOPEZ wills hrs abrlrty to prtch a curved ball and strll let the opposrng team hrt home runs to Brll Krng ELAINE BISHOP wrlls to Sue Warren her abrlrty to make people thrnk she knows what she s talkrng about fwhen s e really doesn tj BARBARA HAYEK wrlls to Peggy Mrles her dancrng shoes ln hopes that she wrll be able to someday Jorn the June Taylor Dancers LIZ HOFFMAN wrlls her rndrfference to work wrlled to her by Pat Wood to Joan Ackerman RONNIE JOHNSON wrlls hrs blue suede dancrng shoes to Dave Harrrson in hopes that he won t let anyone step on them JOE HUSKEY wrlls hrs good looks and lack of conceit to Lynn Wrrght JOANNA MACKISSIC wrlls her back seat rn Mrss Drlzer s Englrsh class whrch was willed to her last year by Harrrette Farmer Gesselman to Polly Ann Morris MILTON BAILEY wills hrs abllrty to uphold the South to Wrlbur Turner MILTON EXUM wrlls the key to success to Ralph Waldo Frazrer DAN CORY wrlls all the hard work he drd for the GREAT Key Club to John Farmer hoprng John has a much fun as he drd DAN DOOLEY wrlls hrs seat rn Mrs Poulsen s room to Reggre Novenskr VERDA THOMAS wrlls her abrlrty to be bashful and strll have a ball to Bobbre Lou Turner LARRY MARCHINGTON wrlls hrs abrlrty to krll many squrrrels when he goes huntrng to Bill Mears MARSHALL MCCULLOUGH wrlls to Bob Tant a bowl of grrts ROGER KELLY wrlls hrs abrlrty to get along rn the busrness world to Ralph Frasrer Together the senrors wrll to the Junrors and underclassmen all the orange Juice they can squeeze Crf they can get the orangesl They also leave the echo of therr melodrous vorces rn the halls classrooms and lrbrary and the advice that even though therr answers are often wrong graduation day arrrves eventually 29 , , . r , . - , , . ' . . . of in hopes that he too make all-conference for the opposing team. . . . . , . h U . . . ' . . t I a - . . . . ' ' A ' ' ' . 1 i . THE LITTLE RASCALS UNDERC LASSIVIEN I I E s s U ' s 1. 9 k S x 4, , ' f U 'Y n 1 - ' , . ,. . . . , K , Q 1 ' v n ., 'M I 0. , 1 'K , I , 1 . ,. m r Ar 4 J, gg, 'i vb .M fy 4 Rfk' M .su .Bv- my., 43 A if if -Q f Q fa, 7' V .J , ' -1 I , 3' iw I 412 ff- w si Q if x if 'F W A 52? if 47 1. 1 is 4 5' 'Q ll " Q 0 1 A .1 2' 'A 'f' Q' 494 I wb I E Q riff, 3 9' ik '31 S FkQl'g,f L jg, -' sf 'Fifi 45 :E ff? Q , ' ."" .'YYf 1,4 . W x ' mal rfflx ,Sf jr ,403 , ' 4 .mm Ai 350 A- . My v H, W4 95 be 'S W . A 151. I1 57 "QR wi xx Egwf Y. 'fb ' 'Ziggy :aw A953 , ' . Ti! 4 ? M' 535, 1 ,?r 1 . 11? "V ,. ,jg aaa? fr 1 A94 ' :A W W xiilw Y , .4 "nik 1 w A , eff' Q , JV 32 ,al , .. . I' ,fun WT? ,M A , V aa W., 4V,:, iff? W if Aff, ,A-ILZJN A 3 ig? W . mf 5, N My , if, 7 f Q V golf? , ul U LW1 . 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Q17 1 g b I -. 6 . 9 1. .4 ' -mpg Qlflla Ra! 1 1 . .35 HQ ' Eze: V. ',-f.,,nnw 'swf Q, If ,, qt. 1 'r 6'7- .1. A 0 ' A F I O x1 5 Us Most Dependable Ev 52 V 5 3 I , f ., 79- M if L .HT ,fm , if f 'ff , -V ' 8, . gf, Wai V ff Q Kg , ' 'ww V f Af' Wf-54Q4f'4TNs: ,I Sq? '55 Q ,Q J Q fw ' xv , ,f.'.,. - , f I ,fi Q Vycflfs g z 22 , f ref 'iff Q Q W 4 5 if ,y ,ff.,-hw. 'ef x ' JoAnna MacK1ssic Larry Marchington ,ff Q 'fhnav 1 -.N 'f w"' QM' x A X , m,,.s 4, VA x . cy Xml ' f ' .4 s P' A is f' i EQ 14, r f 41, YA 'y . as , 'li A -ff ., yr' 'x n . W " lf " 1 s Kay YW ' ' fi H 4 I fi X X X XX x X XXX X X X ""ngf,,. i V I E 'W 1 41" ,, 2'nqQ,f, 'fi R A 3 .Q A ' 1- v' N "8-..,. 5 ai? ' 'Ls ., 1 s " A Z6 ,gf VK? sg.. :Q '-Q '2 1 J QE' qeix " 2 .Z A W 62,- 51,5 '5- 5? 6 'iv f 5 y i Y H, '9 ' .,,, Most School Spirit , ,1,, ,.,i,wff W., 'M 9 M fi' 'WE' iffy 4 , ny! "W, J. 1 A, , 5,3 wh 5 74' " '77 41' Vffi,3,he?,:'1'a. NW zf, -Cp wr' ffl pr, yogi f'flgpz:Qf3fQ,,, .yy , 'wr L ,ij is My . ,Q j4.,Q',' Qilwfi. GL WZ? -:wa-liz. 4 V v " fl'.?f'.3 'va L. w Zz 1, A lfcfyy 11Q:z?2f 3, fJ f - , 9 , ,, , , W ff 5 5 W K , if M451 fi H 395:35 I ' f ,F inf ' 2 WU - nz Ai' f, ffwggvggy 7 A N X5 1 1 Y 5 MT' if 1 Hi 4 W' JW, 17Zzv,4'x5 4' ff ,ig " ., M22 fi ey . PZ ,, 7 J Ji' mf, fffz' ' '55 1-94' Z, ,KV H, Q" 4 4' , f ,J VL ' !"f1w, gf' Q2 ,fn ,451 .ff IM, , 3, , .,,f A wa, 4 57 53,5 ,., .. , '7 ??g2W:1 ww . .wr ill, 'ff 1 Most Vlvaclous W. W, V 3 H ,K 'W'3,?Y" , . We-41-:V Jak?-fl? -c ef , 4 . 1.2. is 1,49 ."': f..f11: . W . ,. f fvfzfiff. Q ' 'fig Q A fffffiil? 951 53 : i , . -f 4' '- f. 'Q f f 4.4: it Wiz. f,fwH4?.,t:w, wiv w - ' I K-zntgwtf ' , I. my ,mf Q il A 251- : :-ss., , f- 1" 'A 4 V 1 J .7 if -Ax . 21 fi- ' -1 V' .J Q Lmvgiig " " M , x gb. A, , 4. . seg, 'NE ,A qi' 'iii A ' ' ' f 4 iw e if f , 3 ' a I ,Q 4,553 , L, , -15, 4 iff' B Dressed , ,Q ,hr ' . ' '5'?,,,, 'Sm 'VT' D -' x , amffa Q f, ' f ' Q ,.,,m-M F ffvgrf U ' ... wg - ,LAL 4 "?'Wsv' -1 7225 .,-M., , , 31 - '- V, M M t .vi N! I vi Il - ,ww- was , ff' ' I x,,g2f,- k ef' ff' f,"g'1 aim- ' , , -I is J, r ,viiqn 5 1, V .- 'ffi"j-,S 4 f f 'f ,Y Q wfiigii :jj ' 2. 173.4 W 1 542 HM W: .iv A f 1-my X 35 , JLIA V :WMM 7 gif ' .J Q 1 'fi 74 Hi ' 'f K 2 f ., 5' .. 3, - iw X3 f1??i1i1". 1 , ,tg .a Sr J ctw I turned on my TV set recently and was turnrng the channel selector at random when I was suddenly faced wrth a person who looked startlrngly famrlrar Puzzled I left the dral where rt was the program turned out to be Thrs Is Your Lrfe lt really was no wonder that the face was so famrlrar because they had prcked the Senror Class of 1957 to present that nrght I settled down rn my charr and warted to see what my classmates had made of themselves thrs rs what l found out RONNIE JOHNSON rs swamped by all the models and stars of hrs TV show That darlrng crew cut rs the marn attractron TOMMY JONES loved crutches so much he started manufacturrng them He Just set a new speed record for crutches 40 mrles per hour Flash' ' ' ' ' MARLIN KENNARD rs the new Bantam Werght Champron of the World' The name RICHARD KERSEY may now be seen rn neon lrghts Looks lrke he gave up hrs ambrtron to become a vet to follow rn Elvrs footsteps After many years of hard work JOE HUSKEY was rn formed that Rrchard Kersey had beaten hrm to rt BARBARA LARRABEE CHISHOLM can no longer be seen cheerrng She works patrently at home mrxrng formulas ROGER KELLY and DOYLE LOWE are strll the best of chums They re closer than ever now rn a 2X4 cell Uarl that rsJ JOANNA MACKISSIC voted the neatest rn the Senror Class has been elected Dungaree Doll of 1982 CHARLES KUMM has really reached fame He s now known as the Crsco Krd instead of Pancho ANN MCGRATH Smrth has a new address Rarford State Penrtentrary She sard she got trred of berng a pool hall widow and decrded to become one rn fact BETTY PETRICEK the opera star of Broadway rs havmg qurte a brt of trouble srngrng Whrle she was trlllmg a high note someone shot a pea down her throat The boy who seemed destrned to go so far can be seen washrng the streets and srngrng at the top of hrs lungs every nrght at 10 Wonder what happened to our class presrdent RICHARD LOPEZ? ANNETTE KING was re elected Presrdent of the Sprnster s Club for the 10th ume Poor Net never could make up her mrnd LARRY MARCHINTON lrked the nickmane Porky so much that he started hrs own prg farm JUDY KATZ just divorced her 13th husband She hates the nickname Red MARGIE JONES recently won the trtle Racer of the Year She owns a fleet of MGs and races them regularly MILTON BAILEY one of our class artrsts has frnally made the grade He s chrckenfat smearer for Mad comrcs FRED BLEY has fulfrlled the promise he showed rn hrgh school He s set desrgner for the Uncle Walt show JAMES BROOKS liked parkrng places so much that he stays rn touch wrth them James ls the cop who grves trckets for parkrng overtrme JON BROWN the best drrver of the class has lost hrs license On his way to recerve an award for 25 years of safe drrving he ran a stop srgn and a semr hrt hrm LOUIE CANNAVALE strll has his old Plymouth He s an antrque car dealer DAN DOOLEY can be seen on TV every Thursday at 8 00 p m He s been well recerved as Groucho s successor LUCILLE RAGLAND rs a great success Her naturally curly harr landed her a Job advertrsrng Revlon harr spray MARIE SEUFERT and PAT SHAW are makrng brg successes of therr farms Seems they marrred Samula boys and rarsed therr own farm hands BARBARA SIRIANO has made her fortune ln the busrness world She s just been voted the most lrkely to srt on the boss knee VERDA THOMAS has her own TV show The Sponsor thought 30 minutes of silence would be a nice change JUDI GILLIAM chose her trtle of most rntellectual to fulfill She has taken Mrss Dllzer s place rn the English department KAY WEISS Ackerman has just grven brrth to twrns a boy and a girl Wouldn t you know rt? The boy has Jim s cruly harr EILEEN WILCKEN ls still a Western Electrrc widow but three Llttle Perrys keep her hands full LINDSAY CARR rs a real pro football player complete wrth cereal commercrals GILBERT CHISHOLM has lost hrs basketball rnterest He s now a door to door salesman of elevator shoes DANNY CORY is a hit rn the musrc world He s the only person in the world who plays Mary Had a Lrttle Lamb on a car horn' ' ' DENNY MATTHEWS rs a behrnd the scenes man rn TV He plays that excrtrng music for The Lone Ranger MIKE McCRACKEN lrked hls old car so much that he souped it up and rs now entered ln the Daytona races MARSHALL McCULLOUGH and AUBREY POPE are stlll playing therr guitars They ve flnally learned to play Show Me the Way to Go Home BENNY MEYER had to learn to play the prano A TV talent scout saw hrm and decrded he could rrval Liberace wrth the women BOB MILES rs still working ln the school office He lrked rt so much he couldn t leave He rnsrsts he doesn t mrnd berng Janrtor In chref LARRY MAVES was so conscientrous that he went rrght out and got a Job with a brg corporatron He puts stamps on all outgorng mail ELZIE NORMAN just couldn t get away from basketball He s the assrstant to the assistant coach for the Jr hrgh team RICHARD OHLSON rs now workrng for Chrysler Corporation He blows on the rearview mrrror before It s polrshed rn the factory ELAINE BISHOP has finally gotten her Senior lrfe saving badge Every time she went over to the beach the water was too cold and too wet' JOE WATKINS has Just had a break with his dad Seems he wants to open a Cadrllac garage ROBERT WILLIAMS has just grinned Jack lescoulie fannouncer for the Jackre Gleason showl out of a Job Seems hrs smile was more modern bigger and better ELAINE BLYSTONE has replaced Mr Ragsdale as teacher of the short hand class She not only writes it she speaks ltl ' 1 ll 51 6 6 7 7 o c L5 5 L 0 , . . , I , - - Q H , . H . . , : . . I . . - 1 1 ' - - I , . . . . . . 9 ' l . 1 1 ' ' 11 - - 11 11 11 - . - . . . . - 11 11 - - ' . . . . . . . I . - , . . . . I - ' - . . , . 11 11 - - 11 11 f - - 11 11 - 11 11 , . . - - 1 - 11 11 l l ' . . . . , . . . . . I . . I . ' . . . ., .,, . . - . . . , . , , , . . , . . . , . . . , . . , . . . I ' , . . 1 - 11 - 11 ' l . ' , 1 ' . . . , - - ' ' 1 11 ' 11 . . - - , . . ',, 11 . 11 11 . ' 1 11 11 . - - , . . , , . . . . ' 1 1 - - . . , , ' ' n . . NANCY BOGDON rs strll wearrng Tommy Crawford s frat prn She s been marrred to hrm for H vears now but Tommy can t afford a rrng yet CECILIA COLLY has frnally put her sewrrrg talents to use She keeps busv rnakrng clothes for Rrchard and the chrldren GWENNY DAVIS has Justrfred her nomrnatron as class athlete Her grrl s basketball team rs scheduled to play the Celtrcs rn Madrson Square Garden next week CAROLYN FARMER has taken Mrs Keesey s place rn the lrbrary Carolyn can t understand why Mrs Keesev laughed so hard as she cleaned out her desk IA NIES GOODRICH has caught the world s record frsh werghrng three brllron pounds The only complarnt he has rs that he can t come out of the water RUDY HAFNER rs havrng trouble frndrng grrls tall enough for hrm He grew uplate and all that stored up energy pushed hrm to the herght of 9 feet 10 rnches tall MILTON EXUM rs now the owner of the Town Club JOHNNY HARRIS has frnally gotten smart and traded hrs Ford for a car BARBARA JONES as usual rs helprng Danny Cory by sharrng hrs success rn the musrc world ELWYN FRETWELL has taken Mr Mac s place a DCT Coordrnator He d rather watch work than do rt DAVID FORT has frnally succeeded rn gettrng a call through on hrs radro all the way to Oak H111 MAURICE BREWER rs now the owner of a charn of crgarette machrnes NELSON HARVEY rs no longer as brg a flrrt as he used to be Supportrng a famrly has rather cramped hrs style HELEN GRABER rs now head of a prrntrng frrm The profrts aren t too hrgh though because she won t accept anythrng except Joke books WAYNE EDDLEMAN has become a polrtrcran He got a lot of practrce by grvrng sermons rn hrgh school and rs among the country s best publrc speakers FRANCES HALL rs head majorette as Clemson She lrkes havrng exchanged the nrckname prg for Trger ' ' BARBARA HAYEK has become a famous dancer She appears on the Duval Show every Monday nrght GAYLE HESTER got so good at wrrtrng letters that she publrshed a book How to Wrrte Lowe Letters to Formosa LIZ HOFFMAN Just won the 100 yard dash at the Olymprcs When asked to what she owed her success she sard I was always havrng to run from my fans when l was the coolest grrl rn town As I turned off the T V set I thought to myself how glad I was to hear the news of my former classmates and I decrded to wrrte down what I had heard Perhaps some members of the Class of 5 have not seen the broadcast and wrll be rnterested rn what I have wrrtten 52 , , . . , . , . . f, u L I I , I ' ' 1' f- ' , .. . . I , V . . . V, . - 4 V . . . I , . . . . . , r .. , .. , . , , . . , . , , I - . . . , . . , . , . , . . . , , A - . . . n . . - - I - - .1 - -1 -v - u V , . . . ,, . Y ,, 1 . ' ' ' u ' I . . . ,, . . , 1 . . v T I l THE BG Q 7 'S-ev' 450611 Y ,Q s f. PLAYBA K 1 i 'TBMMV ng A O 4'g' NHARD Lovsz Buck ONES 'BACK WNFR HEuv Cumao 'Dons Hamm KENNAQD-RQCKLE Tacunno Messy .BACH. R Gun -rezsncn Cws AWARD ILUBMS Nason Hmzvey G-UAIZU 'Bm Kuo 'BACIL an Q52 Tbuy Mm.: -asf' 'rn H12 4' B 2: 28, 5-ga TACK LE i Passat T3nyAu Snvwm GUARD ,RNALD Qvvmnnma BACE BAcz END B Lynn Wmeur BAC!! 'Fenun -Fal2.MERn BACK Qemz Asmev 'Denms Ogunze . . - Acid. STEVE Jomus-ron ND- 'DICRIE 'P OBEIZTQ -TALlLL:- iw qi vw? A2 A, f ,.w,.' W .S 1 .Q Q - ,5 , , ,A A - I 3: ? Q 2' h is ' , 9 1 'Q f. ei' , ' 'LV A jf' L, H an 1 " Q 'f , ' " , iris, 'f"'7 ,Q y f 1 K f 5 f A I .. ,?V'w f VA ,,f. I ' Q .i t ,Y A : 5' R ' 1? X, L 2 V, YI q A R .. X' , ,E " X' .11 fi 12 Q' uf! Qf"g' fix: f i if T K .ftssg , ' A I Z X Q A if an 1 7' l f., X V? Y , i " If , I 2, Y ' - - X' , 0, A ,if W 41 f I nf. f . ,, f4, , w- W ml My W, , ,A, r XG, I 'A x , 1, .gx .L M. L- - -1 , 1 .A -x '- - , A v ,A ,lf K in , K M4 2. A Mfg' 4' fy 2 Q- , 5 e . f- 'ggi 'Y jawn, x if-:.f?, LJ- ' A 1i . ,.4,j"i:1-,'1 S11 f f' X 1 M gg 4 ' gh -sz-51335: X .ff 1 J 5 ? 5,,,ff at Q ,M I L 55" 4- '59 1 A 1 A '4' .-1" -4- Ev 4 . S J 419- ' , , , ,S .'1',, -dl- AL .fa ff PA--ef g4:'5,,.,,,,1 Standing left to right-Manager Jim Lawrence, Lindsay Carr, Robert Baker, Elzie Norman, Gilbert Chisholm, Burton Jordon, and Manager Billy Hall. Kneeling-Bill King, Bryan Shipman, Dickie Roberts, Lynn Wright gaaLelAaf g' Squull Standing left to right-Jimmy Watts, David Harrison, Bill Hester, Steve Johnston, and Russell Walker. Kneeling-Robert Crawford, Frank Farmer, David Wilder, and Bobby Tant ?1 2 P JJ -,. V. 'XXX V. JE 1 0 S . GE, Wx 4.3 A f , fi 7 f . X Q SY YSU57 AELUeLal?,lSgudM! FIRST ROW: flineelingj Richard Lopez, Tom McKinney, Bill Meares, Lindsay Carr, Russell Walker, Burton Jordan, Richard Ohlson. SECCJND RCJWg fStandingj Benny Cubbage, Managen Coach Walker, BH1 King, Leonard Sonellm Lynn McLarty, Roger Maler, Frank Emerine, Ralph Frasier, Tonlmy Jones, Fred Hines, Manager. 12-- -- 12-- 19-- ' -- 16-- 22-- -- 17-- Knot pictured-Lynn Wrightl March Cocoa Home Pierson Home DeLand Away 26--Fla. Mil. Sch. Away 29--Pierson--Away April 2--Mainland--Home 5--Seabreeze--Away 9--DeLand--Home 60 April 26 30 May Seabreeze-- Home Mainland-- Away 3--Fla. Mil. Sch. 7-- Home if 5? X "" T X in Q 13 f ' , .32 , . gf, 1. 54, 1 'zzz 5 ,- V919 ,V "sf , r. . nf 8 I , . h 'f by i -4,4 .V uf" 4 heart 11.1. DL .J k r1Le pre,-er L 1 11. ILM L1 lld 1 L Dau 0111 Doole ,ne Ldd1L11 tt L1111 1 arolvn 1111 mrhara lone g1e loner o 11W Io LS 1 Pxdll N1ar1111 1'xL1lIl 111.1 Qrthard lxervey Roger Ixellx Annette Krng 1 natles Ku ll barbara Larrrbee R1L1l3l'd Lopez Doxle Lox-L Larry b.1arc111ntor1 Dtnnrs K luthew Larrx Maxeb Davrd F011 L1v.x'1 Fretwell 1111.11 b11l1a wil' 1.0 rw A 111o1L 'mat er tu 1 arol b11111c 11ear1 hreaner 4 11111. 'lmull 111111. Lent. Lont. Ranger 'Xml aneho Barb shotgun Drcx wtead 1 Fork Denny the Xlenaoe Larry '111 1'OUQlt, Cu Lcbmr Ei 11101. o1ato salad 11113 11.1 '1a1 nurger wquab Toa W uteua 1r1ed f-1l14,14k,l'l 5111111 '1 utra 1-bertx uhortcaxc, Frred C1llCkCll hearts 511Xl1T"J Orange lurte IOOD Frted fro C 5 Gopher u..v. liarrhurgers 1.13 LL crean 1g ll J bleak Frlet Nhgnon 1I1CG Ch1caL11 F1-h Pmeapplt. 5pag11e1t1 'iamburgcr Frret. C 111C-11,11 loo ne' Q 31lIU1lx,st. Ql'l0l'l5flC5 Vu -L41 1 w 1111 YLLVU .L ALCN OU 11. Lum me 1x1K 1.11311 1 ure d ll 11111 leatl 1.1 11151 11 'I au lplll .1 11111 Howdx B116 You dot 1 wax Mart a ll mule I1 breaka 1111 11L ar Aw rrght aw ready 11: 5 N1ox.x along 11old11er Lufrew 5111. s headrng for the ea prtch Caensored Oops 1111. cops' There arc. mme thrngs lean aL2i1'lLl Honey Au kruger N11 boodneas Let 1 111054. forth Farce meex and ou bhall frnd Well, I'1l BL darned 11ov. 13 feel 111,1, T11L"1, 'xL.L, ere L l 1. lou. 1Jardc.1 of L 1 1 '11 1 L T lr. 100 71 Young Low 1 1 orhr Yot11g1oxL 15UL1lL 111 1111. l1LL1o,, wlllhlmg 11L blue ul bl liolx C111 Ioo 'xiuth 1w111n14L liuarness l wo D11fe1en1 world Young Lowe Heartbreak 11o1L Young Low. Red lleaded stranger DlXlC kv11o111tN1,l11e 111 the Ear 11111 Dandx Lowe ML Watcha Gonna do now Young Lowe The love of ood A1n'1L1otNo1lo11.e Moonlrght uambler vwonderlng Young Loxe Nloonlrght bar' bler brngrng Lflt. Bluff 1 v C11111 Z wrath ,t C1011 eoallng p111Q 1 5011 Harhx Ialnlr harbre 1 lkrng 1J1rds vv L la. 11,1 SI ALL! o 11 '111o11L 11 fe tw. Sleeprng Dotng 1lOl1llIlg flung Lheclung out the town Wrrtrng letters Danny N11.r1d111g fny broken Walkrng on crutthea 1' ychoanalyzrng 11u111a1111 liunttng partymg Liillllg sleepmg Probrng 81 chasrng bogrea Partx lllg Bemg Nrce G1.lbert Xxalkrng oI'cru1c11es F1g1111ng 1. 1111 Ela me Eatmg, flz1lL1'lg, and gula Un rhat orderj Gangooferatrn argurng srahrng 111ad :1 paxtrrne .srrtrng 11 1 nat ,1111 11La11 1 11LaLl a't,111d I I SICK 75.11 ,, ".' A .'. 1 . ' Ii, E fillf. fl-l.'.'1 1'1fL 5.13.15 71.23.11 P11111 1.z1'1::1' w1f.1t, faabi 1:11, 3.1102 Emarlul- ,fm nor- 2.115 Fra' Pau:11I11 f.llA1'1.f.3.f1QU13 hiexlrzrg flrouna 21311111 511511, Qarmc E5 11113 . .13 1'-a PIa,'11.511:1I"1j5 if g?:,1:,g 111. D 15 le E' "' '15 Freda, '15 1 1?-::LwE1 151- Flo 1 1 '- 1,111 11'-5.1y.1ei Evolt' L1-1" Anon 151-114-2 Llarie 5:11.-1.1111 Lage Hacarurzr fit Joke' . 1 Lie 'Q .l1f.c'. 'Lge 1' Tiaiixl. F11 xi iirrifij 111111. -r-' 7-if, fffil fa.1P11. 'Lg 1o 31:11-'.1l1e flag! ' 11 3' 1111: ' 'I rfdi. ' ' J lazzfx 'ir 1,11 Pas- Praza I 'Lie No. Al, '1'C ntep ' W1g.e ft - ,111 Ei 1 '11 1L1,,51e' w11r1't1p l 112 LE' Q 1 ' 7 I Party111' 11.1 ' ' :1 Lou1sCa1111ava1c wprcaen. liarzxhurger Hey, the top: 11:11 Dandy 1781111112 1.1111 1111: Klflg " ' l'7t. 'Arr' .A.1li'1,1'1111lf1 5, X .'1g1::1e 111 1211111131 11 52.1144 P ' 11?N1'RlFJ'1'."1.E11.1g1 1 A' .ev 1 441111: Let X ' 1 '1 Kiltm Dor' 15 d He " lg 111.3 ' , A 1311121111 tfetrge .' 1. f- Ye., lx ' 1 , - ' ' 111 ' 1:1-11 E " . o:1 V l- rf 1' 1 la 1 '1l" 51 " " ' ' -1111, Day 1 1' '11 1:1511 tj 1, 11 1g1t ' 1 - ' '-2 .1 'jx Ra 1111111111 .i ll ' ' KI' 1, " 15011 Q ' 'r-at. - I 1 :dn f 11 ' 431' , iioy 1' Q A' : 111.1 N11 . 'rr "-4.11111 1 " 1' 1 " . ' ' '-If ' ' ' C I' -1 :mer Q' ' 1, 1' I A" ' ' - - " S 5.1111 ' i - - -' ' ' ' 11 1 ' ' - ' . 'V ' Y 1 I 1 1 :111 I' Il' Q - Y ' ,I WHBI7 " ' 1 ' 11111. Red " -' , - 1 S' "' , ' '- . .. 1 I , t' 1 . , , 1. 1 1' ' I , ' 1 g- - .' . -,K- . P. 1 3 fn . , ' X , , ', ' , 1 , , ' ."' 1 ' , ' X - V ' 1 V I I' 'z 111 P ' ' . 11" ' ' S 1 ' I ' 't r 5 ' . , Q , 5 A 5 - , , N I S-U , A - I' .-- , 1 ' ' Lil James Qoouriti. llt-len Graber Rug, Hafner Ftzrtrtscs Hall John Harris Nelson Harvey' Barbara Hayek Gayle Hester Elizabeth Hoffman Joe lluskey Ronnie Johnston Vlike McCracken Marshall McCullough Ann McGrath Joanna MacKissic Benny Meyer Bob Miles Elzie Norman Richard Ohlson Betty Pemcek Aubrey lopt Lutille Ragland arte Seufrtt lat sh tv 1 rhara siriar N lf is he s Filuen ksilcktn Rotmert william f-Iffrl IQATJL Ji:t,:..y. Grah-er Snooky Frannie Johnnie ..J.. Nelson Barbie Piggy iz Deacon Butch Nine Foot Capt Fish Annie Elvis Miles Long ohn Olee Pete v Honot L JCN S in 3 atb t wnook Lefty r.' 'ft lil I L Exit il fiai, A .I en Mears Jator :agi Crab naeat Steak and French fries Fried Chicken Steak and Tarhonya Pork Chops and french ries Piaza Rattlesnake Steaks Pizza Fried Shrimp Grits Fried Chicken Choclate eclairs Glazed donuts irs Hayek s Frted chicken Steak Main Lobsters Potato vantrke eold Coon n tollatds Turku Turku Tater s a e 'roi ue hake ILA U C ILLSL S lllp en0ri5 fied l.'-Ntiklll. Ylflu IJ1un'tlme that l'l1 tninf. or something Do:1'tattso srnzple tl-o-o-o-h Teach me to- night Beat Scabreeze Oh! Don't get all shook let me tell you what did I do HOW Well then there now Fabulous I reckon Hands off Sonny That s the way the crackers crumble what Say Vyhat Say That s the 'ay it goes first your money then your clothes I don t know OW Who Me Birdseed ntll How 'wut L looks olutt IN Oi rt r oo v. Lytt U l L tolls Bur I MIOIL l r' '..t':iIiL M f.x- Eleavett oz' Hartz, Do:1't Exe L,tuel Ready. Teddy Yo.1'il Neyer Mala Alone Young Love I Milk me Line Who's Little Boy' High and Mighty Love Me Baby Let ' a House Love Me Tall Boy Aint Nuthin But a Hound Meddtng Bells You ll Never walk Alone Love Me who s Little Girl Stolen Moments Blue Moon of lxentut ky Yotutg Love s ldwood Flower solitude t our g l oxe LX 1 t tthing ro u NU se! lL 1-LNL Ile e 'tftlril IE. l.'m'l'lf.1L hohhlc Listening to lilxil Presley. records Jumping out of boats Boating Sports Bob and dancing Being contented Fighting with Louie working at Jehu Dancing Just looking around Girls Planning my wedding Going out with Bill Water skiing Barbie and Basket a Eat drink and be 'netry Some hunting more fishing and most nothing Playing Elwi Presle re ord 5 et. 'll l Q4 L nal QTL :LL L L PX 3 M K. llbff f. 'U , ' , , y', 's ll y' ' 's , . A V .. . , . , . D08 , , Jo , , , . . ' '! . . rs I , , , . , - ' M ' , b ll . I H I v J h . 1- A , . I 3 's Q 5 .fri . is ' "i . , ,, XXXAIIQ " ' . t J A 1 1-' I v', N' V ' D.:.Zlt'.IlL TJ' '- ' -'ll . 'A '. ' Rat" " 1 . ' Bullet- 't ng ' . .1 P t " ' al tl . L , 1 tlra I ."',rtt.s I-lying .r lm' l sta tl i"t it' T11 ' f ' .tt in is Pima it 1' e so Ian. Sing :tg ll.e Blue- ming vw1'.. Qf:.z,a:1 Vettla Thomas Pee J-we Fried Shrimp 1don'tknov- 'iouzzg Low Skit ping l dvn't tate lot' lgryxm. rrezztf. frins, I r S 'nz Hlhlltlllipl on he tr 1 s tt it 3l'. ' y ting Qotner -Avo " -' "Q mt.: ou All ue 'f r s ,fo Bi. "ay "ts F-1. "r :ti E. re- Ania, gariadtan. ri" txulliyl'-lIIiJ1Ii. 3" A I A ll 1' " ' A Q 's Piriza 'Nha 's :gf 'lt A' H ' le xg .si 1 Ja A this tiu.c' L' ' s 4 snr 1' Hur, '-snj. nor' L walk t -Lint har, urn: , n' :J if y, C24 ofafe OU! FRONT ROW: Denny Matthews, Pres., Burton Jordan, Vice-Pres., Dick Roberts, Treas.g Linda McKee, Sec. gala CM FIRST ROW: Cecilia Colly, SUSIE Sec.g Benny Meyer, Pres., Liz Hoffman, Sec.g Bill Meares, Ass't Sec., Annette King, Nancy Bogdon, Judi Gilliam, Betty Petricek, Ann McGrath, Richard Kersey Nancy Holly, Judy Katz, Joanna MacKissic, Delia Hemmingway, Nelson Harvey, Denny Matthews, Pat Shaw, Tommy Jones, Sue Warren, Nancy Walker, Roni Unger, Gary Sams, Burton Jordan. xS?uJ0l1t Olleflllnelll Pat Shawg Gwenny D Davisg Miss Campbell, sponsorg Barbara Jonesg Jane Alleng Duane Goldeng Nancy Hollyg Barbara Larrabeeg Walter Mintong Ann McGrath panld 0Il0l' Ofletg P ani5A Pres.-Ray Powellg Vice Pres.-Suzanne Youngg Sec.-Alma Dreggorsg Treas.-Janice McQuiddy Reporter-Janice Maki Danny Cory, Treas,g Richard Kersey, Pres.: Doyle Lowe, Vice-Pres., Nelson Harvey, Sec.g Walter Minton, Milton Bailey, Benny Meyer, Robert Crawford, Richard Lopez, Tommy Jones, Lynn Wright, Gary Sams, John Farmer, Frank Farmer, Louie Cannavale Milton Exum, James Goodrich, Steve Johnston, Mr. Cowen, Sponsor, Gilbert Chisholm, Roger Kelly, James Brooks, Bill King, Rudy Hafner, Elzie Norman. Lindsay Carr, Pres.g Denny Matthews, sec. and treas.g Burton Jordan, Chaplain, Marshall McCullough, Joe Huskey, Bill Meares, Larry Marchington, Sgt. at Arms, Larry Maves, Elwyn Fretwell, Fred Tate, Bobbie Hanna, Ron Swindling, Randy Elliott, Ion Brown, Reggie Ashley, Mike McCracken, Mr. Hall, Sponsor. Not pictured Richard Ohlson, Vice- Pres. Je, cm Carolyn Farmer, Treas.g Betty Petricek, Sec.g Nancy Bogdon, Vice-Pres Annette King, Pres., Ann McGrath, Reporter, Mary Evans, Parlimentariang Barbara Jones, Historian, Mrs. Mofield, Sponsor. Big Brothers, Fred Bley, and Ronnie Johnson. Sweethearts, Danny Cory and Benny Meyer. 3 AMEORHZA eniora ufure omema era of America union ,,, 5, L, FRONT ROW CENTER, Iris Yarbrough, Sec. Shelly Dobbs, Pres.: Mrs. Lovell, Sponsor Sweethearts, James Watts and Dickie Roberts. iueraihecl Cooperaliue raining rogram TRAINEES TODAY CHAFTSMEN TOMORROW SEATED E1a1ne DeF1sher Edward Swann Sue Slapp Edward Saccomano James Brooks Laurrlla Howre Barbara Larsen Elrzabeth Petrl Sue Herron 70 CC STANDING Marshall McCullough Delbert Shehorn John Browning John Harrrs nor prctured Horrense Day Shrrley Brrck Tommy Lee Elywn Frerwell Barbara Siriano Frederick Jones . . k . Gary Sams, Pres.g Walter Minton, Vice- Pres.g Jackie Springs, Treas.g Cheryl Collins, Sec.: Mrs. Cladin, Sponsor. Le CM pp cu 1 Band Honors '55-'56 District Contest: Concert--Superior Sight reading-- Superior, Marching- Superior, State Contest: Concert-- Excellent Sight reading-Superior Marching--Excellent . ,' "nj A1 fgizffffnw 2 L " , fi 5 -4.4 Ir C51 "" '51 c " m f -sy C... Q, h ' X m,,.i . , ., ,gf Sharon McLane Burton Jordan Frances Hall ' Nancy Jones Dale Middleton tx Mona Mosher 3 I 4 Q, y I f Board of Directors Nancy Bogdon Denny Matthews Annette King Richard Ohlson Barbara Hayek Larry Mayes Frances Hall Elizabeth Hoffman Joe Watkins Joe Huskey Elwyn Frerwell Nelson Harvey Pat Shaw Helen Graber Burton Jordan Robert Cooke Walter Minton Bill Ixlcares Mona Mosher Johnette Cochran Andy Baboulis Sue Warren Nancy Walker gl lf' J .Q 3 1 Hex ,, A I cf?" fi E T wax At, i - . M I 1 . 1 50: n X. -2.4-ivf-'ar' '94 -i f Q , 'X I i ll "f"'5,4f' 312123 f' ?ff1u 'W' ' ll 'PEA' P2'193A XM " ,Q -r L.. ia- , , n'EWUf?jQ.52 ,- mini I i l jg I- """f5U 7 me - sf,+! !' ,1x 'f -.Q I , 1, 19 1"-,I 7 . ' I 3,192--gh 1-L Q I ' ..LQf's I ,jfm 'fs if , YT'i"Tig'7f7f ?.x-f is ' fff?'jflm: f-g-if-ft' "ffu':-."x ' I 40.9 r A 5: I I 4 ,.' 1 4 ,V vb " 35'X I, 3, gg I I IMP -ff "lf -fg miePf '. gg LW: f p fans 'f'l'.,g4"' K . Y ep .vw fi gm 8' 5 3' ' X ' Y- '6-Z:f,f,.,' v. -WE ev 1, if gc 510' 'ik all . 'YZ' I GINNAH sri I -3223 I --1, I ----' - su 'f 2'i 1 ,rl V . .A I. , CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS CENTRAL EAST COAST GROWERS COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION SAMSLJLA WOMANfS CLUB S. N, P. J. LODGE I 1:1-uc-, CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS YS A THE HOSP T PH ICI NS OF SOUTHEAST VOLUS I AL DISTRICT f A W Y Y WATKINS FORD INCORPORATED COMPLIMENTS QF MR AND MRS WILLIS S SETTLE N SETTLE FUNERAL HOME GA 8 4440 d GA 8 8465 FOR. THE LATEST H, U1 ff Crm L' I spun-'sooo THE SPORT CENTE-R I4 N th C OA 8-2841 q Wm, MR. AND MRS. L. s. CARR X, sooo LUCK SENIORS OF 1957 Ts 1' I A W 'f G f : 'Q TROUP IMPORTED MOTORS, INC. 'tn SALES AND SERVICE JOHN F. TRIAY - II7 N. ORANGE "'5' XJxL 'Uffmn Lei wa HILL mjewx. vwuid., BOND HOWELL LUMBER COMPANY JACKSONVILLE ST AUGUSTINE DAYTONA BEACH NEW SMYRNA BEACH LAKE CITY LIVE OAK C H SAMS DISTRIBUTOR GULF GULF OIL PRODUCTS NEW SMYRNA BEACH FLORIDA T 5212- f57?5?,i,-'-L,-QED-T55111, ,T ' QT: Lf 'Af-- 'f: A , 3--iff f A -A f A A fx Q iii' :ii -,fY' tx , ' Y , ' m ' Y I1 ,lj-Y Jvj' ' , -'ij' ,- : It A1i51 ei ,-L ,HEX ,Eiw A i4i , gT'f'1,.gH f ff '--1-----1 f -A f 1,-ffl f L Q ji 1' ,L 'E M35 A ff' A 'A -',, -- A -f'-"-'TN , 1-H- -:- :-:V fl, 'tfif ,Si'l+QQf 1,:Tf'2v!l 4li gigs 'ii 7 5 Y f ,Q L Z' '-- ' Y - 1-Lf- 7, ,W -- -' - ! Vg gf" ,.,-Y 5- -Y 7 Y -,-- 777 sw-Y - 7:7 Y 1 3 - T ' ""' - - Zigi , ' Y- - ' , Y 5 - - , E - , - , A , Y ,- ,,"+ TA' 'Y "' ' - 'V 77+-1 ' '-,O ' gr?---' Q 5 s Q - I . . , SENIOR CLASS OF 1957 Y BANK OF NEW SMYRNA BEACH NEW SMYRNA BEA Congratulations fa The On our Graduation Education is not cz Part of Life - - -It is Life Itself" T Y O F CON RATLJLATION TO THE ENIORS O I957 IDEAL LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS GOOD LUCK SENIORS HALLS MACHINE SHOP V T F H LL GA 82371 Refresh y COCA COLA BOTTLING COMPANY DAYTQNA BEACH FLORIDA BEST NJISHES TO THE SENIORS OE T957 DUNN BROTHERS HARDWARE COMPANY I T M T54 S DAYTONA BEACH . G I S 5 I3 I OOOOI ." is I Q. ff J . . A Phone - l .F 5 ' U Illlfx X A , , K "The Sore Wi h on iIIion Items" Outh Beech CONGRATULATIONS. O AL S ESS SH C Shop ai' MORGAN S DRESS SHOP c GOOD LUCK THOMAS PHARMACY y C C GOOD LUCK SENIORS DENNIS RADIO 81 TV I on T4-IM' Ex SERVICE is DWIGHT S 6 STATIONERY SCHOOL SUPPLIES BANK OF NEW SMYRNA BEACH LITTLE DRUG COMPANY c BEST WISHES DAYTONA BOOK STORE 232 S th B I DAYTONA BEACH FLORIDA lcusvnomrf I Of NIEBURGER CHEVROLET COMPANY 203 N th O pf I P ' , D R O P 227 cmc1I Street 4I3 cmol Street ! I "Professionc1II orrect" 223 OROI SIVSGI "Every hing in EIectronics" cmd coRoNADo PHARMACY 328 CONC' Street Beachside f 7754 O O A .. J GS r, Q l 501 ortcxl Street Across From The Complimerm s , 230 - ou eoch S reet or rcmge BEST WISHES! COLONIAL AMBULANCE - -A,Af,A F"' 'Il JM C-CLA GOOD LUCK! SAPP'S SUPER MARKET CQNGRATLL TON TO THE S O I WRIGHT 81 HESTER REALTORS INSURANCE GENERAL CONTRACTORS COMPLIMENTS or JOHN K SHACKLETT BEST OF LUCK WRIGHT 81 FORD MILLWORKS COMPLIMENTS OF OWENS BROTHERS CONCRETE INC READY MIX CEMENT NEW SMYRNA BEACH POLICE DEPARTMENT GOOD LUCK SENIORS OF T957 PAT PARKER SHOPS 4 C W R FERREIRA 106 S GN 2 IA I I S CLAS F 957 ' - Registered JeweIer A ricam Gem Society I , . 720 Patmetta Street TERRAZZ0 FLOORS fC"f'De".!ENwTS Qu I 24 anaI Street, New Smyrna Beach ' ' outh Beach Street, Daytona COMPLINENTS bca ker s Womens Masses c1ndJunlo Fczshlons 408 ConoI S e OUP' JENTS OF R S WILLIAMS HUGH S REAVES NICHOLAS A ESTERHAY COMPLIMENTS OF NEW SMYRNA BEACH CHAMBER OF COMMERCE SALES PROPER T MANAGAMENT INSURANCE cz d RENTA S HANNAH DETWILER BONNET REALTOR Phon GA 8 916B 81 GA 8 2976 COMPLIMENIS OF S E A G U SANDWICHES FOUNTAIN SERVICE SUNDRI S 4 FIQQI T GA 89I36 BEST WISHES HATHAWAYS FOOD STORE 3OI Flogle A enue GA BQI76 BEST WISHE MUSSON S FLORISTS FLOWERS TELFGRAPHED GA 8 2-554 Sou IT B ndge Rood COMPLIMENTS OF 306 FIogIer Avenue QOMRLIMENTS O H W G R E CONGRATULATIONS' SYDS BEACH SHOP Spotsweo fo GUYS ond DOLLS BEST OF LUCK SENIORSI THE BARREL HOUSE RESTAURANT GOOD LUCKI MARGARET G. STONE REALTOR COMPLIMENTS OF MAGNOLIA GIFT SHOP SHELL and COSTUME JEWELRY Soles RentoIS Properfy Monoqemenf 402 Flagler Avenue I GREATER 3IBFIJgIer ' THE LL IO' e -F - ELBERTA'S . . EN Gcod LUCRI NEW SMYRNA MOTORS SALES - SERVICE U 'JQQCIQI S 32' GA 8,1215 CONGRATULATIONS, BROWN'S TEXACO STATION ffwHERE YOUR BUSINESS IS ARRRECIATED BEST VVISI-IES, MARGlE'S BEAUTY SHOPPE BEST OF LUCK, HARV'S HOUSE OF NUTZ Home of The T5 pint Ice-Cream Cone! CONGRATULATIONS' NEW SMYRNA ABSTRACT CO BEST WISHES CROWELL EXUM OIL CO COMRLIMENTS OF LOUIE GOODSON COIVIPLIMEIXITS OF WILLIAM G BURTON WATCH MAKER ond IEWELER pl e-IS THE BEACH GROCERY Flo e Ae e odLCkS os MARY ANN S FLOWERS Phones GA 8 495I GA 8 2072 GA 8 8687 IO5 Mag ol C1 Street EEST VVISHES SUNOCO SERVICE STATION GOOD LUCK JAMES B FELMET REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE THE TIP A MUG DRIVE IN GodL PATIO DINER 8I DRIVE IN BOB Q d MARION WILCKEN THE PLACE FOR THE TEENS' PINECREST DRIVE IN I l o - , o"'Anv , . I COITT TTI VT Of, . 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D'oo'e'o' I ' I In - ir n ii i - I L 500 Conoi Street I ' I ll r r ll " s isi I " Rome I, Som UIQ, rido , II II! T I I 4 ' I 1 1 , ' I . Com I I SIO moI reef - I H " 0 an s r BEST OF LUCK! TUMBLIN'S INSURANCE O TTD I'Te"TS Of THE DAIRY QUEEN COVPL MEINTS CE, WATERS MENS STORE AGO CORGI? Sweet COILIRLIRIENTS GF FRED ROEIRIOS SWISS WATCH CENTER 329 CODOI Sfreet FIRE DEPARTMENT OF NEW SMYRNA BEACH COMPLIMENTS OF, WESTERN AUT ASSOCIATE STORE 4I9 CCITIOI Street GOOD LUCY' COPPER KETTLE RESTAURANT 322 COTIOI 5166-T BEST WISHES B Y DAYTONA BEACH FLORIDA COINORATDLATIONSI RIVERVIEW HOTEL FIogIer A GTTU6 A GREAT NAME IN CLOTHING SUITS THE SOUTH H W O B I DAYTOISIA DEACEI FLORIDA BEST WISHES TO TI-IE CLASS FREEZETTE DRIVE IN BEA I-ISIDE GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS' HALLS BEAUTY LOUNGE IAETITS E ORANGE BAKERY THE LLOYD COX COMPANY COMPLI AEIN S OF BEACHSIDE WASHETERIA IIQFOQ6 GASAOBI K SENIORS PRYERS BOAT MART L ERCDR OUTBOARD SALES Q d SERVICE R, I D O ' S r I S C L T v , I I ' 1 C CCDVRL A N C , DTITCNA EEACH , MI 'TC , GOOD CUC C I 1 A Y I I f AIIICITUQ - V1 NEW SMYRNA BUILDERS SUPPLY MITCHELL and ALEXANDER LUMBER COMPANY S gTHNd f G QC fy .xgufograp 4 I X l " ervin e ee S O U rowin ommun' ' r'-D x ,,V., F,.,,,.,,, T. 'Nl' ,'-'Lf '4 , J -4 - f E, , . -,. .,'.g"' M' Qefnemim panacfan D fiemeaniw pafzaqon D Qememim pmaqan GRADLATIU NMA oday Awe are prlnters of the y Tomorrow as you seek your future In 6 the yearbook of your school prOfe5SlOnS lndustry and commerce lu li we In 1j4l1Hu at Paragon hope to serve you with rf' the essential Prlntlng and Llthography Gb, you wlll need ln the pursuit of your career Many of our best customers came to us through frlendshnps xflx formed around the annual planning table or from former g ads lake yourself who first saw our work ln thenr annual , Ghz aragnn rms unu1'rnMERY ALABAMA BILL BOSTALN DICK SANDERS GAINESVILLE FLORIDA kl 6 I ff' N ff . ff W Q G- . . m g , f 2 - 3' ,! ia L . . . . lf" L .1 .-.-EF: I as - - . 5 :-QE? N -' jj .f2'?f5:s I 'ff dffe' I , 'Fm' '- ,--1'L':.z" at A :rs , I , Ei :lil lk I 2 . P. O. Box 513 Phone FRon in -7492

Suggestions in the New Smyrna Beach High School - Live Oak Log Yearbook (New Smyrna Beach, FL) collection:

New Smyrna Beach High School - Live Oak Log Yearbook (New Smyrna Beach, FL) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


New Smyrna Beach High School - Live Oak Log Yearbook (New Smyrna Beach, FL) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


New Smyrna Beach High School - Live Oak Log Yearbook (New Smyrna Beach, FL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 59

1957, pg 59

New Smyrna Beach High School - Live Oak Log Yearbook (New Smyrna Beach, FL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 35

1957, pg 35

New Smyrna Beach High School - Live Oak Log Yearbook (New Smyrna Beach, FL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 40

1957, pg 40

New Smyrna Beach High School - Live Oak Log Yearbook (New Smyrna Beach, FL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 86

1957, pg 86

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