New Smyrna Beach High School - Live Oak Log Yearbook (New Smyrna Beach, FL)

 - Class of 1951

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New Smyrna Beach High School - Live Oak Log Yearbook (New Smyrna Beach, FL) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 76 of the 1951 volume:

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' ' 5102501246 '6Get Out Those Old Recordsi' Hearing a special song can always recall to memory a special occasion. Hoping to remind you of your school days, we have related songs with the features of school life in this Hit Parade Edition of the Live Oak Log. In the future years when you hear these songs or look through these pages may you have pleasant memories of New Smyma Beach High School and the Class of '51. ,455 Wmwfogfgff ,, '.-A- 5-1!'.i':4,Iff 115. l' .bfi-1 'fl' ', Q-i -.51'Ei"Q,2tffa'i'15.m ,'H5jfX,:r':f3fJ1 ' in L4--.-m'e':q 4'-'Eff' Y ,,-E71 ai Li rt zfjrvg -any... -r '- za.1a,2ga1e.f,f'gum-3334315 ' 5,2--fi-v1,f-1?4'-4353'fffi?- . ' ' ' '92 -"'?-1"E'--W-+rf2' "',. .' 5.5: E .L 4. r". - :geef--f,f+Qi'1H5gqg5af .LQ fl, 0.f:'E'fk? 3 i-'-txgg' .' 1-5451 sg'.,z?1g2'fAS.i 'xgiggg Lv--'z a -M,,f ' - i 55.5 f55'iu..5f,gg.ZJi'!F,f-'I",.: 'si gzffxii miiay v-- ,tr -1 11' 1, :gal -L 'I3i?1q?1-3j2V5:5:i?1.s1?-at ' . 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S' ' ' ' 2526444 "Thou Swellv The Class of 1951 takes deepest pride in dedicating this Hit Parade Edition of the Live Oak Log to Miss Julia Dilzer, who throughout our junior and senior years has been an in- spiration to each of us. Her determination to make us think for ourselves of the deeper things in life and the love and integrity with which she looked into our minds and hearts will cling to our memories throughout our lives. 1 an Rogers Betty ads dt X Eckha' Kar igfliphecy Dorothaganue ii' cCOTmick tt n M, Betty' EQZ0taw,ns 4 Q it 3. ,g, te Lf Xa W QXHSIDS 2023! P fzmmf agffzlff HAS If I Didn't Have Enough 0,1 My Mmm, PWM b 0 Hllfloyjf y .1 Ann Cabell Class Background Marie Benedict Editor agfliRob1fzSch ss WJ!! 0 L' ' A we 75 4 . - Sofft-:US H eta . 0Wa 532531655 Manager Asszstant Bugiigm Lucrena Non ,lager Sna On P36013 Maehek Sandra S Cro b totes . W0 S Y F D0 Pictures Pzczures cpe Spam, ew x212zc1'zzk' Qffexxages Dear Seniors: It has been a pleasure and a job for me to have been associated with you. During 5 this time I am wondering to what extent you have learned to be friendly. Do you praise people, not only honestly, but generously? Do your friends feel safe with you? Is your first desire to help others? If you have reached these goals you have gained much and your teachers have done a splendid job. The test of any man's character is the number of friends he has and the length of time he keeps them. H. A. Schubiger Supervising Principal Seniors of 1951: You are leaving a good record here in New Smyrna Beach High School and my sincere hope is that we have helped you in widening your horizon so much that all your memories of high school will be pleas ant ones. Regardless of where your paths may lead from here, remember, we will record your heartbreaks with sadness and your advancement and joy with pride. we knew you when ----- . J. william Cowen High School Principal A as QQQQ x I S nv f4f?1lQyS-E?fiAD1N Qkcuffy D Tliy LE WLPUCP A D W Jzffymmegc COX fi 1 1 E"e1,g,?lL5ER Ho ERE D0 L. Lhfllkl, Why En' fffc-CE L5Lf'7ii3"-w'i Phys. ESLENFC lf. 41, 41 ' HAL c -211, L 152' 'CZ'n""1e., LELAXQ' Ed KENEA1 fl,4L'7'f I?E11i9g,. ER P "ya 5? LA W PP fnan Can A nyone Explain P 57 , 3' ' W 1... A' 'C 'ZW 23 qt. xiii.. ,A . PAUL D. LEAR Science FAITH LEE Art LOUISE LOURCEY Social Science LOUISE S. LOVELL Home Ec. H. M. MacEDWARDS DCT ANNETTE MATHIS Social Studies CHARLES E. MEYER Shop MARGARET MOFIELD Home Ec. R. C. ROSA Social Science MARTHA K. SHELDON Mathematics W. R. SNOWDEN Band CLYDE WARD Languages Not pictured: RUTH HENDERSON Music LIMA PAICE SMITH Mathematics Lgefzwx AJ -'R . h""':: N Nb - ix u iv f55'M,l'I4'if, Q- fxxtm .' x -Q pi 'Ah ' T Y .3 ,I V 'Sli' ff ls.. " ,. ,Vw lass "We Couldrft Do A 57101304 Thing Www ut You" fi 'Q gf V Wd? f ' i WRENCE C- Aff' HAP1araEl.kSvi5or Clfglni WMD 41 dV1501. .Q .14 ,. 1 L. :-,:,"'ff" . -:uf f LELA KEESEY A,muaX .laswrs CLADIN ass AdViS0r agenfbfts CLASS MOTTO "Quill erimus, nunc facimusf' e now becoming." hat we are to be we ar W , CLASS COLORS Dark Blue and White CLASS FLOWER American Beauty Rose DAM r f i -1 :5 uff,'iS'denf senior CI 0 SETTLE J Student ass- p . ' R- .E vp 1' gpm. I .55 Basketball Covemm' resident H- ' 'fi any B.z:zuf00fba1i'!f t ' ' et C i I 3 Yea I ufzerglgacpmmigealub, Senatorgegr? Senfsr women ., fader gf m 0 rcem-an 5 ' i en and fl fall Dwer of a FAREWELL Our lantern of wisdom has been lighted now, Many a light will flicker and die, Its start was the spark of content. Leaving the road unlighted. Each flicker will brighten the road for us, Some will stray from the beaten path As on to success we are bent. To other roads unguided. Installed as the wick is our earnest hope, When long years have passed, and hopes are ful- And faith will be the fuel. filled, Learning will guide us along the road, We'll remember our high school years, d happiness rule. And understand then what confuses us now, Which replaces our smiles with tears. ' d wisdom supreme Where health an ' h rd, The road may be long, the Journey a The sacrifices greatg Few will reach the end to claim The treasures which await. ember the guidance an l d ess We'll rem at Smyrna with g a n , . ' l ates and Of our teachers And long for a day with our schoom friends, ' b' f sadness. Perhaps with a wee it o -GLORIA JOHNSON cgefzzbfzg Dome SANDRA Swooeia Vice President Senior Ciassg genatorgigip Ciuimg President Sophomore assg 3 P Tri-Hi-Yg President Sunior Ciassg Beta Ciubg fevretar ATRICIA junior Pixy Sl-aiig Script Giri Senior Piay: jOf'Crf.lar5' Senior JOYCE Steering Cummins:-. Ch' and 5 Slhilnish Class. SARQQE "The two noblest things, which are sweetness Conffr Lggglor Pla Club: gn-erin NT and light." f-T Ing Pr- YC ' AA. g C ,I Q , HSN y T . Om . Sflzjovlvfllli-SSH 'iaay 01161-nBEgg ClEZHigYi':1ffS" .' ' o - 3 n true r FHAkf'na,0 fgve C H0 rf 'lever mp' did fun WALTER Cnosiw Few I B Treasurer S1-nior lliassg Pep Liubg Key Unix, !Xii-i'.onin-rn-nw Fooliwaiig Fooiivaii 3 ya-arsg AREA Vmasm-iiaii 3 years. Ba-ska-lbaii 3 years: junior fffwisur RA WIL and Fa-nior Yiay Cash linnuai Slaiip Hi-YQ pyflior If: Span' HELMIN 54-nainr. ayg Hy f' 'Sh . AA "You can tell the rhararfer of every man "S1,f,taffJ Prii'rrn1if1ti1.Ula: T 'LEXAND when you see how he rereives praise." wf'0,voun' Cjomril Annuzil-HLY ER 'S ' I ro11r,esL!tf-P- Staff- IHA, reaps 1 . em Q ffie or nd-Sllinh 1, cgmms JOA NAN N A BEEBE Gsonora losnu A ARNOLD, ht. Play Castg 4-H Ciubg Giee Ciubg lun- 'tteeg Prom Committee: Pm- B I Footbaii. t A Dilszness T . bostty fmer Cosynatic digging Aw .. Hive. fP ard- S g A fn ' C lze lzvesgglsgacziiilifzllgi Cgub Awa d Ce with ai? Clligr P11 3 ' mankind U Y Senior ior Play Conmn nnai Committee: 2 years "He drawth the thread of his ver he staple ol his argument? than t H0 WAR D EDWARD B Mmm ELEAN on Biansmcr Steering Cummitteeg Giris' State Awardg An- nuai Editorg Senior Piay Castg Script Giri K 'mr Way: Vniicemanl Senatorg President Gif-V Club . ernmental Secretary-Tv?-asurer C012 1?01iCLB0yS, S amentariang ri-Hi-Y Commrgteelmang gfarf. AW URCH "W mittee., Sem Yea, afd- th Ffh- ,A Off' sF'S'ud E sPfeC1,'L"fd.t""'Uf11 lay s netball. en' C . 119,168 hC0mmi:aff: J , Steefluun, 01110, tee Unior 'Ing are 6:10 Play qllenc e Man lunu Student bov Beta Ciuiig FHA Pari Secretary: President 4-H Ciub. "Tis best reward for a thing well done, knowledge of having done it." 5501345 DOROTHY Eu GENE CANTRELL Junior and Senior Pixy Committeeg FHAQ GAAQ Giee Ciubg 'Z years Basketbaii: Annual juni SA SMS: . ,, Cvmoi and LLY AN Art snll has truthg take refuge there. mltgee Senior P N CARS Hslgym lay C ON g liltfe ommftt . , llllhki CC: A ng mu nnual Chfn 1- Lmim Euox-mr, V, Poiicemang Footbaiig DCT: Junior and ben- ior Piay Committeeg Prom Committeeg An- D nuai Committee. Casketbal ' ' hermit dwell, on a rock or in a Ommittegi Juni ' IUAN CL cg J or Alma 455,11 day Ca . ON ys glggfinent Costs' Seni K, neverzgii, or Play "Shall I like a II?" FC 4. , MIM5 DQT Preglll-gl??Alfol5C??21ZI? SEI:::f?3lay Com- vv bam An- """ee:f5aii'yu2fi0?,'i,'i' Zifltifi 1450, be?" XCK UAV lgastl Fool ,y 'Y' FREDSWW Phi' ghs an care. Keyx fggxtgiigiggleileart that lan null .-A rn EL EANOR JosEPH1NE FRANETICH Clee Clubg FHA: Annual Committee: Senior u Play Committeeq Basketball 2 yearsg Annual A ,, Commit' Committee: Tri-Hi-Y. VIULDZ PNY mee- "Far may we search before we MARXE , jumoa Commv' gentle, good and ' " mg., 55 S15 ' el? , Resfepxav - swf Gxd Senxgi' nd falfr tee: uTt1ll a find a gb! so lrmd. embwg SUANYYA IOAN FRETWELL hmiur and Sm-ninr may Commiuve-g Vick- Prvs- idvm Skunk-nl Gnwrnnu-mp Xunior Class Sec- J ,V ra-Katy: Vu-tu llhxhg Ufffg VQHH-nxan. Fllnior p I ANFY "Above our life we' love a steadfast friend." Hllubg 'pifillil f'aNtA LEE Fl fffnfl: W " 'J B , ILL 600' xlfyflivrl E: GA?f?iFffl,3l1 FR rrmlpfl :LU iiy Cami! .Annualfanagp Ilphv. fiery bil?-P: Anffnnhzl-.tI,.p .ooh-sh arm! 'If-P. Hpsey Y- ' . and 17 P Anmmafsa Duvmsn GP-LBREATH Fxxlxl .NnnuaX f.0llXllXiUQ't'Q Senior Phxy Cum- mmwl jmhm' Vhxy Slaiig llhurusg Yrnm Q C ' 'nm-. '."'1if,, A30 ' ' 0 short to waste." FHA. Play f-H LE IMAP .Though I7 111r1zi1f,,h.'4CRANT .Y P 6 ' A nnu 65111 - al F I "ln V urfe, .dw is f- lnu"f-f- lfrpe, -. Lomun " Llfe ls to A gafzfbfls ? N NCY Wm V" iisffxav Wu' A AA. Prom 5185 mo, CXa?s6. mary DCT? e,Presid0n' gponsor cre . . xc - Se mmxttee, Homecgmmg stale her . C0 i, mg wi tom Senior Play S igher, nor cus uAge cann0F ww infinite vafww- fiieball ?,I,iLI-4M JAMES CRIFF1 8 p p:0m3CYe-arsg Jr:I1i0BasketbaU 2 N H14 lionommiffee, r and Seniorygusg FOO:- tlzzhgy, Umong ladies ' IHY Castg ls a m 0 . st dzsturblhg in.. I-a.-11-1Aw i L ---.. - A HSK YRANCX5 EDC! Yxay Comm 1 Play eegfgnityearsg CAA u CI IEINS 10 , ff ef: A ' ee 1 . . aid Sen 'mf 1 am the ve nnlfal Committeub' Senior I E www R -H K tee? An. .ot at QT: W" - gee- . our 5 ?xuaX C0mmxiKe0P fum y ry e. Punk of c0,,,,esy.,, mmg ...M DONALD Ouv Annuai Commineeg junior and Senior Piay Committee: Prom Committee. 'A .fA progiier man as anyone shall see in a sum- Bg:'I11.Y' P mer's ay." PI 3 C1u'b lay "1uuH ..Hfg Comngi Juniif-ading SMITH ways ou,-et Life, AnP1ay gommit win ay Hu Om . iff-- ana' al Com n?'ltPf-5' JNHAJ a Ch fr' Pl . Ish easln m't'PP. fnior d 6 plat-e. vig grace wif, al. Pump BENsoN Howie Bamig Baseivaii 4 years: Xunior ami Senior Play Commim-og Hi-Yg Poiicemanq Annuai CAA GL0 Cummiltee. P 5 RIA "A man after his own heart." Crom CBaSkerb DEAN Umm- Umm- all 3 .IOH tee' lifes: Pttef-J Ju y.,-arg. CIEJSQN rggew p Club' Hlor v hear are I y FHA and Q Lf'-a , may Ii J Annx enibr def: o U 1 P1 someghings 3 Comms? Un Sibfe ,, G XX Sm! M5 JACKIE Hfmvny Jomzs Junior Play Castg Prom Committee- Annual Y gm, Committee: Vice President Key Cluliz Printer XQLL T: , t School Paper: Senior Play Committee. N DC Com .. . IA AN .Ha-Y: Play They are never alone llzal are accompamed LOB V 'fn' Qengor Cmb. ,, with noble llzouglzlsf' Soilballi and 'Beta 5, he0"' nl ' Q . u - Kees H8 ua nylC dfnt . Ann t ma - Q60 ' des it l mx44Th6 ml Lewis KAY Lgwfg Policeman' Senator- Juni P1 ' v S ffg ' 7 DER rs: F0iZ'!'f"1 3 years. or ay ta Twk ON KW H 2 Yeemg I 'fl H01 fury, I fhst ronserve my energy," PEYT BH5eb?50 and Ptav R1-QUE 2 Yearsgerence Iunaor Baskeiball Au'Cx?mWeel . TS' Co 11 Banda H 3 ye?r0m king. ba - . h a Fo0' Cxubv U16 Kev even' Cast- "-Ay' agefzfkwg ELIZABET H E Emvxoxw OSCAR LYONS. XR. iii-X1 Ve-p Ciuiig Cin-L-r Lx-adn-rg DCT: Xian- uge-r Fumiiaiig Nianagvr Bam-iaaiiq junior and V, Sn-ni.-r Play Cast: Sm-nawr: Annuai llummix- Hfvf' pre U' ' -nan. S 'nu-0 flf ent N ' ' van be luis parallel." Asif: gpozfi-Hi-Y MCCORM ual Sf lor P1 Snr '48l PPD ICK "4 ,,jjff- ay Caqfnfl -49C1u1,. ' - : : 2 F ng of beau, I ' Sgudpn-funior EA: J I5 gjoyfor f.nun,.i??' C'I'p,.-. is-vp Vohcu "None but lumsely Dmmuas ANN MACIXHCK Vim' i'n-1-ish-nt FUN: Vrvsinia-nk 'fri-iii-YL Junior Way Cask: 4-H lliuiaz Mixmai Sully K J Uwlu Ciuis: Vim- Vrvsimil-nt Skudvm Kluwrn- BW fjl OSEPH L nwm: 5:-ninr Viay Stailg liiris' Stun- riwarlit fflnrl: ullfi Haw, LOYD DAR linmi K'.ili1.a-nsiiip Awunig Trip in 4-H ..?"'ln1itf,"'ftIrall'lall: Q M.4Ll Cungra-ss, I ' H hffl' HEL ' Proirllni'fr plaiilkh tongue as the pen of a really wnter. WMP .mnnfl mm" ' 141170 I If-P, lllffpl onfy ' Ann fc ' Sian!! U31 Gnd I 4'!Iff.u .. Huy ,SQIIJMX Y K CABELXJ UN MART OLANDA KAY MARZILLI EPCFHIHFY-C1431 Secretary Tri-Hi-YQ Band: onzf-coming .punsor '50g Pep Clubg Band i bl PHY Librarian: Junior and Senior Play Cams: Bag. ,la LW qt-ff' kPIba11 2 years. H ANN -Mtn! FHlVMlaniSh ".UV heart IAS' whole, my fancy frp AABET .N Xmihri.Hi'N 'wwip fn, PNY small man, r1'o1z 'z bother " ELK? nd Vx ,tv Y fonxmxx Hfnu 1. h.gK if Iuudlllvgoln for BIN ' H . Prlwxfmi U? wt.: S, jun' kngss- Rf'at1'1uxx1l'ut X SWG . of ww - P ' nlla , I. 'I An Herts nulsdon ew 5' fer 'P' .. 441011 P. fllfl U11 INF. PATRICIA JOAN Mossy Sc-Vregaryz FILM Vim: Prrsidvnt FHA: Sf-ninr R- , am Umm -39' Nliff: Tn-asur:-r junivr M00RE,!x 5,-mor Class: Kvy Club Swwlllirarf: Str-e-ring Com- LOPP wr an' znittve-. MK. -g Jun i' "Her rnire zum e-fer sol' L ek , ge- . C0 ,gt . Jn .. MAL 00,9111 Fil his III a woman. K vnu? hw- 'rc' the de Baum kHuu11'l-all will gl VW .fHe Sf' lf, an PII' ellen! Ming Lgifubfix LUCRETXA ANNE NORTON LW GAAQ Tri-Hi-Y: Se-nior Play Cast: FHA3 Baskn-lhallz Honwcoming, Sponsor '50, K THOM "Leave silenre In saints, l am but human." FUEL' Club As ALEX C Otball 5 C1 , AND 412Z1igt..3.YZa,?j sllub: ER NORWO -H ww, anna, , OD 5 a soliulf- Club. f4'1n,,, . 'fide , Spill! UMW and,-ally ir, lr bla IP!!!-P ,, MARGARET SUE PARKER Band: XL330!'t'lh'1 Hmm-wuuing Sponsor '491 Ch.-Q-r Lead-rg DCT: FHA: Pe-p Club: Junior FH -IANIC and Seuiur Play 9-taiig Annual Committee. C0 A: Ba E GER "With all her faults we love her STILL." mnI:1n1ir19efk,EbaH TRUDE R ve, , ro J Jun. ITC "Lau "' Com 'Of an HIE glib, mit! 'l S, . 62 z . "P: 'UI allruzg, and! Annuglr fljlay 1111 .n "ln. o f lung, Y 6721345 Nix S 51 :diana y W BEKT5 L now RAYMOND RO. 6 Senior N HA ars' Basebaui Jumor in H Beia CI ORMA CARYL Fooibaug ygueet . of the flesh' P"0m Cub: Tri.H- ROBITZS PXaY Comm' - weafmfss Pla Ummm . "Yr A CH tudy L5 G f. Y Staff. ef, FH Hnual saMuCh 5 Vessels lv Senator A: Jun. Cgnlmit boals Maisie may. ve :or and sexi 'Nur free P Il e 'Ho ear S1,ore.,, re, but mile l. ETTY JEAN YXXTREAA. sem: FI . . . 151853 .' ' , nz Y' PIM: Bef ""1" D0 Eax5'Qim::a,f PM EM' ..,:: Sofzlfiizfv 'lm ' 1 0 . 11 0 , s I- - , Teenslwliloodigi Erggrsfill work tflgethef- C0mmictez Omore CZIZKF glay 15235 Junior " CTI ff ' Q Q Ana' vm-ue lk ll enatorg Stlifxs. ' .2 er ow n rffwqraf' y, mms ms STEVENS H EN Roamw Lo , Hawk 5:-vrvlary Hi-YL KPY Chlhl SUNNY PXHY Flaiig 'Ste-4-ring Curnnxhu-eg may Rvadihg Hi.Y R l'.mn1uhh-Q-1 S1-niur Phy Qlmmnmm-z Annum 'Flip' 5 Sem YHERB Uuuxmxhwe-3 Bash-than. .,"f'- "V PI ERT W uRf'H'l'lYP Ihr' fury of a patient man." 7hf- , . ay Cul, . bTRU liner ,I , lllllfll ETT 1m,1l.v .f-5 A ' f1'1.l7Pr nllual i ,l7gn Lolly. 0 "fn, U11-H 1M1Qum,xNRLHZTQRLAY fri-Hi-N1 Vwla Chxbg -1-H llluhg juniur and N 51-ninr V.lllllllliHl'!'1 FHA1 :NnnuaX llmxxxuxhln-4-. lgugk QLYDF "Thnsv who lend nsvfuf lin-vs svlrlnnl haw' fA-mn"!1,nII- 'ODFLI time im idlv gossip." "'itt,., ' 51-ni' A ' VA ' -. 'f 'rl N Tm1'q,.l, va? l.'1,,,KI'EECK ' 's'l'orl ""ir I lr- . 111411 10,110 e-. Annual 'fo 14.-YA 1. Lgmfbfls E Wxom' D BARBARA SEANN Lam Club: '5Ch00X Pavff SUM? Baskdban R ON 2 5' . - 19 8 - year "Still achieving, still pufwmg- JBf-ra CISJEDWARD W A A i all 1 un. J k .A B0Ys'3Sye3iEf Hd ggi? Club.ILxLLIAMS v . 01- 2 ice P Pol' far 'PP f' A ay K nlfini S, wafflg Ang '50liy Cast. residpn Tzyne Hfvrlng C !lnua1vQSpanighBaSkett oes not Egrmineg taff: Senclub .. 000294 ' 3101-., Sgt-red D 1 Al 1b0'Q05Y aiisggk K . Q A is N 1 . Q' s ihdgypfmblm Romawr EMERSQN Wows B , b Hg F lbalh Wresdingg Senior Play Czxniiueeg 0'?T8Ck3 SPOTTSYWU Club? Sens' Band. :CHN ALB 'aw Key Clubldixrlnllax Smell. l win the flizhnuzil gotball BERT YEL " ' k I WL GWGYS , 0 .5 V His loo s an Smtliiens-,, eresllgrzgilxeelaskerballg FQIYEIITON ouglr " ' fOr w ' BaSeb Ol Inv all: hearts of all the m e go, I0 d 03, . Z 4 1 3 yu 7-1175 ZHSA R fhgn rg- 'Tb 'Hwe mvvhinwhe, ' ' . t 3 'G okich 'RQ QHQT " 8 F SB 1 f - , , , L L ., an KZ g 1 t 'f J 01154 onhrs 5 N 1 232,23 A CRcn.rLk8.R 5 V' -1 Cl-9.530 .F ff ff E 997453 F I fi A- 5'i"1 X' ' A-T 0' 'Pl' '1 ' -Pee? P 'Q , ,. Amson A". Q I nw, fm "L-'4"Ux Dwi! C4l0'f-- mud' Ll H i 'Q 56155 kfaly 'The Thingi' CLASS or '51 I, VI. We're the Class of '51 You've heard so much about, People stop and stare at us Whenever we go out. We're full of truth and wisdom In everything we do, Other people like us We hope you like us too. II. We started off in Live Oak School One bright and sunny day, When we saw a wooden box a- Lying in our way. We opened it up and looked inside And much to our surprise, We discovered- Nancy Lee Fuller, Lloyd Clifton, Donald Hendricks, Kay Marzilli, Betty Ellen McCormick, Damon Settle, Howard Burch. Right before our eyes. III. During this time at Faulkner Street They also found a crate. Little did those teachers know What soon would be their fate. When they finally opened it up And much to their dismay, They discovered- Phil Howie, Patricia Sorrells, Jackie Torlay, Lloyd Mallard, Joan Highsmith, Harold Roberts, Sandra Swoope. Margaret Sue Parker, Karlyne Eckhardt, John Yelvington, Donald Williams, Gloria Johnson, Francis Hardy, Crosby Few, Adrienne Galbreath, Robert Stevens. And demanded higher pay. IV. We picked them up and ran to school As happy as could be. We took them to a teacher And shouted out with glee. But this is what she hollered at us As we walked in her room, Get out of here with the '51 Class Before I get the broom. V. We wandered all around the town Until we chanced to meet. Some strangers who were looking for a Handout on the street. We said we would take any ole thing We were a desperate clan, But when they showed us- Emory Lyons, Tennessee, Juanita Fretwell, Bunnell, Sally Carson, Jacksonville, Tommy Coyle, New York, Ann Cabell, Texas, Dolores Machek, Marie Benedict, Tommy Norwood, George Arnold, Sam- sula, Betty .lean Rogers, W. Virginia, Caryl Robit- zscfi. Georgia, Gloria Jolly. Massachusetts. We turned around and ran. And then upon the door there came A loud and forceful knock. Little did the class know then Who were the coming flock. When they finally opened the door They found before their eyes, This outstanding part of the senior class- Nancy Gravlin, Mainland, Dorothy Cantrell, Janice Ritchie, Jackie Jones. Patty Mosby, Ethel Clinton, Raymond Redding, Oak Hill, Eleanor Franetich, W. Virginia, Pat Sargent, Pennsylvania, Barbara Alexander, South Carolina. And What a surprise. VII. Now we all are in our senior year As proud as we can be, But it even made us prouder When the following we did see- Bob Wolfe, Fred Cotton. Joan Beebe, Pennsylvania, Lucretia Norton, Lakeland, Henry Struett, Illinois, Janet Hawkins, Connecticutt, Carole Grant, West Palm Beach, Clyde Van Kleeck, Mainland, Barbara Wight, Virginia. We thought we were the smartest The school has ever had, But it doesn't seem as if we knew The difference of good from bad. VIII. We wandered on for a few more months A victim of our fate. Until one day we came upon Mr. Schubiger At that gate. He handed out diplomas as We walked along so slow, And then he told that Senior Class Just where it could go. SEVENTEENTH SUMMER V Senior Class Play Dranzntized by Ann Couller Martens-From the book by Maureen Daly .l' , a'!Vlem0ries" -fx! We particularly enjoyed giving SEVENTEENTH SUMMER because the problems it portrayed were so nearly like our own, and the lesson of truc friendship versus false infatuation was so Clearly drawn. Angie's parents, her sisters and her friends were all real people. and the characterization by the members of the cast made the play seem more like real life than drama. The members of the Class of 1951, like Angie. "will never forget that SEVENTEENTH SUMMEK7, 676255 zahiecy "My How The Time Goes By" THE TIME MACHINE IS OUR LATEST INVENTION. THROUGH ITS EYES WE SEE EACH SENIORS' INTENTION. IAS TO WHAT THEY WILL BE DOING IN '61 ARE THEY WORKING HARD OR HAVING FUN?l BARBARA ALEXANDER as a receptionist we see Sitting very snug a'top her boss' knee. GEORGE ARNOLD as a lawyer is putting his arguments in use, He is now working on the case of the stolen celery juice. Brains galore! They say at every campus teepeeg And of course they are speaking of Dean .IOAN BEEBE. The other day we saw MARIE BENEDICT over Casadaga way, She'd just bought the hall and was feeling mighty gay. HOWARD BURCH is President of the Shrimp Association, He's the best shrimper in the entire nation. ANN CABELL lives in the Hoosier State, Shoveling snow and watching kids is her fate. "Artist Gone Mad" was the headline news the other day, lt was just DOROTHY CANTRELL trying to paint the Milky Way. In the library of Smyrna we saw SALLY CARSON, She said she never did care to be a Greer Garson. Received word from the Buick Company the other day or so, That LLOYD CLIFTON is really hauling in the dough. ETHEL CLINTON has studied her skits, Now she's another Zazu Pitts. FRED COTTON was recently voted "Fly Boy of the Year," When he takes off in his rocket. he always strips the gear. I saw a cabin cruiser. sailing by just now, And there sat Admiral THOMAS COYLE waving from the bow. KARLYNE ECKHARDT was once an Edgewater pearl, But now out in Hollywood she's a movie star girl. Poor CROSBY FEW is at college working hard for graduation day, But many years have come and gone, his hair is turning gray. ELEANOR FRANETICH is making money galore, In her West Virginia five and ten cent store. At the Buick Company in New Smyrna Beach, Is ,IUANITA FRETWELL, she's the boss' peach. NANCY LEE FULLER went to college and got an education: Now she's married to a guy who runs a filling station. ADRIENNE GALBREATH is a cycle cop in Deland, She drives that Harley without even one hand. Clangl Clang! Fire chief CAROLE GRANT now comes to your aid, Oak Hill surely has no rest since she made the grade. Longfellow, Whittier. and Shakespeare must all make way for GRAVLIN She has become quite famous for her tales of love and travlin'. IIILLY GRIFFIN is a Colonel in our Army Air Corps, He has fifty medals and says "Just one more." This is FRANCIS HARDY speaking from Station D O G, Give your doggie "Grow-Pup"-Not D D T. Here-'s JANET HAWKINS dressed in white. a nurse of great exception, She brings your meals, she bathes your heels. in time for A. M. inspection DONALD HENDRICKS in the Air Corps we see, Doing his duty. mostly K. P. HlGHSMITH'S Monument Company is now run by Joan, When she lays a head stone the corpses moan. The Cincinnati Reds now have a first baseman star, HOWIE cus-sing the umpire can be heard both near and far. v 675255 lifiiiiy GLORIA JOHNSON now has become a surgical nurse, She cuts the rug when the doc calls the hearse. GLORIA JOLLY now is a doctor in Britain, Her job is to see that all new babies are hittin'. JACKIE JONES made no delay, Obtained his second million just the other day. ARTHUR'S still an important man, you bet! KlNDER'S an aviation secretary in the president's cabinet. LEWIS K. LEWIS is giving lectures on love In Miami Beach-now girls, don't shove. EMORY LYONS went to college to be an engineer, But now in the U. S. Air Force, he's a bombadier. BETTY ELLEN McCORMICK lives high on a hill, With J. B. and their children in the town of Nashville. A bright new florist shop we now see in Samsula, DOLORES MACHEK says those glads can sure bring in the moola. LLOYD MALLARD has just returned from the 888, He's still trying to obtain an admiral's degree. Nurse KAY MARZILLI is the men patient's petg For rising temperature, she's sure the best bet. When you see MALCOLM MOORE looking at the stars, Do you suppose he's dreaming of those captain's bars? PATTY MOSBY is working at the Chamber of Commerce in Oak Hill As secretary she attracts the tourists with her beauty and good will. LUCRETIA NORTON has married that red headed boy, For the past ten years she's had lots of joy. TOMMY NORWOOD hitched his mule to a star, As a farmer he's gone mighty far. MARGARET SUE PARKER tried life as a Wave., But now as Tommy's wife, she's an ardent slave. Playing her piano, JANICE RITCHIE we see On a mountain top in good old Tennessee. Recently we looked down in the Everglade, There was HAROLD ROBERTS sitting in the shade. CARYL ROBITZSCH is now at her peak, Working in the five and ten for a hundred a week. Nursing in Orlando we see BETTY JEAN ROGERS, She's sure a big flirt with all the old codgers. PAT SARGENT is a house-wife of most desirable means, But she's always trying to boil her baked beans. DAMON SETTLE'S a business man, for a very good reason, He has sixteen secretaries for every season. PAT SORRELLS is a medical secretary today, Lists every one's ailments and files them away. ROBERT STEVENS, who in school made a noise like a bomb, ls now in Africa with his little tom-tom. HANK STRUETT, who set out with much endurance. Has finally been able to sell the president insurance. A kindergarten teacher SANDRA SWOOPE would be, she said, But now she's married to Stanley and teaches her own instead. Big business is taking place in DeLand, come what may, And in back of it all is friend JACKIE TORLAY. CLYDE VAN KLEECK, in the navy was he, But now a happy forester we see. Living in New York is BARBARA WIGHT, As a model she's doing all right. DONALD WILLIAMS is a general indeed, Teaching Physics at West Point, all juniors take heed. BOB WOLFE is now at the height of his career, At Peabody Auditorium he's making his premier. JOHN YELVINGTON has just finished exploring Turtle Mound, Now fo the Smithsonian with turtle eggs he is bound. zmfbfzg Q Www A 'ij A f 4 sp! ws X Nw ff l ff."ff"'1f .X 4 f, nl 1: il n:- I 4 "' 5 ?" af W ,J WT-Hx N f w 0 Q fa dygih xv! v 64,111 l g Q ,A , M W W ww Gu HM Q 5 " QW ! M M ' f X ' 1' 6 X A Qv N Q Q3 29 Qwgbwww Saughtet Mar .5 :1?i1F75?', 5 V ' 'V Jo Fa k - Seropfesmdent zce Preslyez Bud Y Wong dy Od' Sanglzretafy Tfewarerm Paul Lear Annette Mathis R' C' Rosa 'GN Dorothy Allen Ellzabeth Brooks Ann Bochxardy ,luamta Brown Mary Bryant Catheryn Cory Barbara Eason Bllllff Ann Mary Lou Minton Llttleton Barbara Jane Sapp Rosemary Exum Marlene Farmer Libby Fergueson Charles Hall Joan Hilldale Jean Stewart Mary Mae Whaley Charles Hall Cuilda Lamb Joe Travls Betty Yarbrough fic' N" M Q Zoo-gf Je, 8,59 Q NGS, xg' x K . Q A30 VJ? 'X Qgc imrln Cegn . , s 0-Pg Q-1' X473 X ,ggi is in J rv, O 00 XP DEQ' X A e s. A Q- 5 Q 1 . ,,-1 i Ri2:TmaQ3" 0 li Eng wg, , .gm i Jn Lkr js Virginia Howell Jimmy Humphrey G 1 H 35. 14" 1 ' M , Charles Mainwood Al Moreton ,,,,.--an .. at ! I h William Morgan Richard Rutherford Us F' J 1 George Johnson Joe Kennard Albert King Patricia Loveland 'NA Dolores Tumblin Jeanette Williams Harriett Wingate My CZUW "My Best To Youf' We, the Senior Class of New Smyrna Beach High School, County, Volusia, and the State of Florida, being of unsound mind and disintegrating memory after four strenuous years, do hereby make, publish, and declare this as our last and best will and testament, hereby revoking all former wills, bequests, and devises of whatever nature by us already made. FIRST-We give, devise and bequeath to the Junior Class, Clyde Ward, Lewis Cladin, and Happy O. Lawrence, our sponsors, and all memories, bitter, sweet, or otherwise of New Smyrna Beach High School. SECOND-To our teachers we leave our everlasting thanks and good will for their kind assistance. THIRD-Be it hereby known that all members of the Senior Class generously, with charity for all and malice toward none, bequeath the following personal and class belongings to underclassmen to help them in the pursuit of happiness: 1. Our dignity and good sense we leave to the Junior Class, may they apply it with rapid and spreading strokes. 2. To the Sophomore Class we leave our quick wits, rapid elucidations, and, best of all, our ability to play hooky without having to make up double for the lost time. 3. To the high school infants fFreshmenJ we leave our utmost sympathy and our ability to absorb English, science, math, and all those studies which are beyond the comprehension of their undevel- oped mental capacities. Individually we leave: BARBARA ALEXANDER'S ability to graduate without studying to her sister, DORIS ALEX- ANDERg GEORGE ARNOLD'S ability to discuss in Miss Dilzer's class to VIRGINIA HOWELLg JOAN BEEBE'S First Aid Book to JOAN SHELDONg MARIE BENEDlCT'S ability to skip Phys. Ed. and get away with it to BILLIE ANN LITTELTONg HOWARD BURCH'S ability to pass two years of Latin to CLAUDE SWINDELLg ANN CABELL'S ability to get out of taking Phys. Ed. to ROSEMARY EXUMg DOROTHY CANTRELL'S height to MARY BRYANTg SALLY CARSON'S ability to read good books and get along with Miss Dilzer to ARLENE UTZINGER3 LLOYD CLIFTON'S build and height to RICHARD EDWARDS, ALBERT KING gets ETHEL CLIN- TON'S ability to think up bright sneery remarksg FRED COTTON'S ability to sleep in Miss Dilzer's class to BUDDY ODINg TOMMY COYLE'S ability to get along in Gen. Lang. without doing any work to CHARLES MAINWOODQ KARLYNE ECKHARDT'S little feet left to her b E l J ' k' y ve yn asms 1 to JOAN HILLDALE, in hopes she will keep them south, of New Smyrna, BILLY SHADLE gets CROSBY FEW'S b'l't t d ll h' h ' ' ' a ll y o o a is ome work in the fifteen minutes before schoolg ELEANOR FRANETICH'S ability to go to school and miss only five days out of 12 years to KITTY CORYQ J UANITA FRETWELL'S ability to get along in Miss Dilzer's room to her brother, JOHN tHe will need it? 5 NANCY LEE F ULLER'S name "funnel mouth" to SANDRA FURLONG which was left to her by Baryl Mack KHere's hoping that Sandra gets as much use from it as Nancy Lee did.Jg VIOLET GOWER gets CAROLE GRANT'S ability to cook in Home Ee., NANCY GRAVLIN'S ability to keep all the teachers under her thumb and still get along good with them to MARLENE FARMER in the hope that she will do the sameg JANET HAWKIN'S luck she never had to EFFIE FUTCHQ DONALD HENDRICK'S ability to get the front seat in M' D'l ' I iss izers cass t MARION CEGLAR: JOAN HIGI-ISMITH'S ability to pass Phys. Ed. to BILLIE ANN LITTELCT TONg PHIL HOWIE'S ab'l't t b I ' 1 1 y o at c eanups for four consecutive years on the baseball teamg GLORIA QCRIPJ JOHNSON'S height to BETTY BROOKS so people will "look up" to her instead of "down upon her"g GLORIA JOLLY'S ability to get good grades in conduct and cooperation to her sister, BETTYQ JACKIE J ONES' weight and height to JOE TRAVISg EMORY LYONS' good grades in Miss Dilzer's class to CHARLES MAINWOOD3 BETTY ELLEN McCORMICK'S ability to play checkers in Phys. Ed. to ARLENE JONESg DOLORES MACHEK'S gym suit and tennis shoes to BETTY BROOKS in hopes that she will make better use of them than she did lBe sure to have the left shoe repaired? 3 LLOYD MALLARD'S ability to smile at Miss Dilzer, do no work, and still get by to CHARLES HALLg KAY MARZILLI'S treasured nickname "cuddles" to LIBBY FERGUSON and may she have a cackling good time with it' PATTY MOSBY'S ab'l't t b d , ll o e tea so much on the bus to JEAN STEWART: LUCRETIA NORTON'S ability to giggl: at the mills! inopportune moments to MARY JO FARRQ TOMMY NORWOOD'S ability to go steady for two years to RICHARD EDWARDS with the highest complimentsg MARGARET SUE PARKER'S b eauty box of freckles to HARRIET WINGATE, JANICE RITCHIE'S excess weight to JOE TRAVISg HAROLD ROBERTS' battered features during football season to BILLY MORGAN: CARYL ROBITZSCH'S ability to take dictation in shorthand to BETTY YARBOROUGHg BETTY JEAN ROGERS' ability to skip Phys. Ed. five times a week goes to EVELYN CLARK: PAT SAR- GENT'S ability to grow one-half inch in one year to BETTY BROOKSg DAMON SETTLE'S lavish red hair and outstanding freckles to JIMMY HUMPHREY because he couldn't give them to anyone elseg PATRICIA SORRELLS' General Language notebook to BETTY YARBOROUGH so she can fill in the blank pagesg ROBERT STEVENS' recedin hair li t HARRY ' g ne o OGLE, HENRY STRUETT'S one and only dime to GEORGE LAUCKg SANDRA SWOOPE'S place in Phys. Ed class to BARBARA WOOD JACKIE 3 TORLAY'S ability to go dancing Thursday night and get to school on time Friday to J EANETTE WILLIAMSQ CLYDE VAN KLEEK'S ability to get by, by the skin of his teeth to GENE HAWN: BARBARA WIGHT'S ability to ask questions to MARY MAY WHALEYg DONALD WILLIAM'S left-handed claw hammer in shop to AL MORETONQ BOB WOLFE'S beautiful girl friends to BUDDY ODIN: JOHN YELVINGTON'S ability to pay it cool to J IMMY HUMPHREY, who will know how to make full use of it. BC' I1 S4 'O Hlfvams? ' Mm gf. Couul.'9q'3'!f-SC, The Sfveagfl Ser-dogg? W .,,, .ff. -ix" wo .sun Y My ,, . S-. A , B- A , 00'- .fwv QYTQ H v -- 5 ,.Mf".vj ' f -1 :'af""'. 1"afQfL,?4,4?g'k Lvavnna- FimQCf aff? Hwncfso me kr, C-oc.uf'lC.! CN 71 ja MZ 5557 6,1 Q ff 24 E, J i First row: Douglas Cole, Barbara Wood, John Fretwell, class officers. Second row: Eleanor Howell, Tommy Crawford, James Schauwecker, Virginia Teague, Connie Mitchell, Betty Jo Middleton, Joan Ward, Shirley Poole, Beverly Dobson, Dorothea Blankenship, Carole Gravlin, Lois Duncan, Violet Gower, Arlene Jones, Dorothy Mae McCormick. Third row: Helen Clayton, Jerry King, Marvin Walka, Jeannette Cothron, Judith Jacobson, Drew Mae Vickery, Mary Louise Kiep, Nancy Hall, Nancy Kling, Patricia Wooley, Ruth Evans, Barbara Saxon, Doris Alexander, Eleanor Blystone. Fourth row: Buddy Carver, George Wilkinson, Marie Williams, Patricia Shupe, Margie Heselton, Willene Skipper, Ruth Gurganious, Shirley Hofreiter, Sally Ann Wright, Nancy Ferguson, Elizabeth Tumblin, Robbie Slaughter, Eleanor Nabakowski. Fifth row: Billy Carr, Bobby Minton, Bobbie Roberson, Jo Ann Elderton, Virginia Lapp, Sylvia Clifton, Jerry Fricsh, Geneva Capallia, George Stuck, Gene Wilson, Harold Norman, George Green, Wayne Drawdy, Robert Midgett. Sixth row: Robert Hawkins, Dona Roby, Evelyn Clark, Margie King, Lillian Wolfe, Anna Faye Lopez, Mary Grace Buttery, Arvena Dafoe, Leigh Davis, Billy Shadle, Ronnie Hanna. Seventh row: Lewis Pfister, Billy Ray Wilder, Harry Ogle, Noel Silvers, Robert De Loach. Bob Wheeler, Daniel Gilkes, Jackie Clancy, Joseph Maier, Dick Powell, William Thomas, Charles Hayek. L. L. Dugger Sponsor F RESHMEN First row: Class Officers-Buddy DeLoach, president, Lynn Ann Elliott, vice-pres- identg Nettie Jane Kennard, secretary, Billy Warren, treasurer. Second row: Marledene Thomas, Mona Wolfe, Nellie Rogers, Arva Ann Minton, Patsy Johnson, Florence Buttery, Frances Benedict, Shirley Dresser, Donna Moore, Hilda Seitz, Ann Lynch, Sonia Ann Williams, Janet Hoague, Marcia Matthews. Third row: Mildred Warmack, Kathryn Sharpe, Katheryn Hargrove, Lona Morgan, James Hanna, Howard Gilkes, Jeannette Whaley, Eileen Zimmel, Betty Bayles, Ann Cannady, Patricia Copeland, Jackie Altman. Fourth row: Roger Zaunere, Joe Tomazin, Lois McDonald, Barbara Mouseder, Dolores Andrews, James Kitchens, Paul Blystone, Ronald Smith, Robert Allen, James Gilliam, Robert Howard. Fifth row: Patricia McDaniel, Pat Buckels, Pat Farrell, Joan Birch, Johnny Craus- well, Wilbur Wright, Carl Morey, Luther St. John, Gary Britt, Edward Eslinger, Walter Sawyer, Jimmy Peguesse, Horace King, Tommy Tulner, Preston Swain. Sixth row: Wynnelle Poole, Phyllis Stewart, Helen Reichel, Jackie Wallace, Raymond Simmons, Marvin Clifton, Bobby Benzel, Thomas Brown, Terry Sargent, Lamar Alleng Carter Harvey, Leon Rabitzsch, Richard Horvath, Edgar Smith. Seventh row: Julia Crawford, Alyce Langford, Catherine Moreton, Charles Chisholm, Dennis Ropar, Barney Bowman, John Pleterski, Willard Dobson, Steve Hester, Ray Clark, Ronald Bell, Le Ray Harper, Wallace Isaacs. Hoke Dowdy Class Sponsor ASL EIGHTH GRADE 1- 'fl if SEVENTH GRADE I I. -wh,-,,,,........ Udyafzlbzzhbfzs I if Q H W NI! '50, V f ff I xx. ff as 2 , Hx: SL. g I f " ' N lf- Q , l, .1 f X was 4 k " 1 Q' L t .J HEnj0y Yourself? V! i . ' N ' , I n K f 4' N I 53 if I x .0 IW Xil l""'N I 7 A44 ff f 5 V1 xg, ' STUDENT COUNCH. Ulf It Ainit One Thing Itis Anothera, First row: Patty Sargent, Naney Hall. Sandra Morey, David Neeley. Second row: Edra Furlong: lluelfly D:-l,oavh. treasurer: Marie.Benedict, presidentg Jimmy DeLoaeh. Third row: Jackie Altman: Sonia Williams, secretary, Juanita Fretwell, vie:--pre-sitlentg Fred Chanler. Fourth row: Sandra Furlong, Libby Ferguson Jerry Mathews. Silvia Clifton. Fifth row: Charles Mainwomlg Charles llallg Mr. Ernest. sponsor: Steve Hester, Tommy Coyle. 4- CLEE CLUB 6'It's a Grand Night for Singing" First row: Lois Duncan, Virginia Teague. Valla Mae Spradley, Margret Smith, Alice Mickler, Bar- bara Shepard, Mona Wolfe, Doris Powell. Second row: Donna Bollinger, Jimmy Conley, Frank Raulerson, Donald McCullough. Dick McGrath, Eleanor Howell, Virginia Howell, George Arnold. Third row: Claudette Cannady, Barbara Blackketter, Mary Alice Simmons, Ann Yelvington, Anna Lou Vogt, Wanda Strock. Cail McCracken, Dorothy Cantrell, Janet Hawkins, Mary Jo Farr. Fourth row: Ruth Davis, Margeret Bell Walker, Wylene Skipper, Lillian Wolfe, Ann Faye Lopez, Betty Bayles, Joan Burch, Mildred Warmack, Arvena Dafoe. Fifth row: Gary Britt, Billy Morgan, Joe Kennard, Carter Harvey, Lemar Allen, Phil Howie, Frank Albro. 1' f X , 1 , ,,, 155 H -'x 'ld' Vx E Y ix t' k' x l X X X X l X L fl X 4' X 4 Qgji ' f 1 f was r..fNmo r fr 'I4'N'n . rs. I Q. -fri '. ' iQ , Starting with front row, left to right: Howard Burch, presidentg Lloyd Mallard: jackic- ,lonos vice-president: Dorothy Mae McCormick, sweetlwartg Fred Cottong Billy Jolmsong Betty Brooks sweetheartg Robert Steve-nsg Billy Morgang Tommy Norwood: Bob Wolfeg J. W. Cowen, sponsor: Joe Travis. me 6711! 'cflsk M N e 0 Questionsa' ' First row: Ann Cabs-ll. president. Second row: Euda Mary Aldern W ian. treasurvrg Marie Benedict, secretary: Betty Yarbrough, vice president. Third row: Caryl Robitzsch, Barbara Ann Eason. Mary Bryant, Gloria Jolly. Fourth row: Pat Sorrells, Jackie- Torlay, Marlene Farmer, ,loan Sheldon. Fifth row: Libby Ferguson. Barbara Jane Sapp, Lynn Carrigan, Joan Beebe, Joan Highsmith. Sixth row: Patty Sargent, B t B ' e ty rooks, Juanita Fretwell, Sandra Swoope. Sc-ve-nth row: Jerald Slaughter, Donald Williams, Howard Burch. Eighth row: Charles Mainwoo fl. Damon Settle. 1 OFFICERS-lln frontl: Betty ,I SENIOR o Middleton, historiang Dolores Macheck, vice-presidentg Joan Hillsdale, president: Silvia Clifton, treasurer: Nancy Kling, secretaryg Marie'Benedict, parliamen- tariang Lynn Carrigan. song leader. Mrs. Margaret Mofield ufuxze amemzzemx gjyfflillbd "If I Knew You Were Coming, lid a Baked a Cakei' l' JUNIOR OFFICERS--lln frontl: Annie Lou Vogt, parliamentariang Eileen Zimel, reporter: Joan Ceitgey vice-president, Frances Benedict, presidentg Anne Lynch, secretaryg Edra Furlong, treasurerg Jackie Altman, song leader: ,loan Burch, historian. Mrs. Louise Lovell Sponsor GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION llulll First row: Swvvthvarts-,lininiy Humphrey, Damon Settlff. ,lov Kennard. Charles Mainwoml. Sf-mind ruw: Edith Gln-n. sponsurg Lucretia Norton: Patty Sargvntg Sandra Furlungg Nancy Lv: Fullmr Vluriaj h h' ' S - 3 . ' in nson, istorian: . ally Ann Wright, trvasun-r: Kay Marzilli. svvrn-tary: ,Ivanvttv XVII" - - - -' 1 ldHl5. vue pr: sul: nt, Mary .lo Farr, presiwlc-nt. 'l'liir1l rnw: Alu 't' Il ' Il' I ani .1 rown, armara jam- Sapp, ,Ioan Hilldalr Eucla Mary Alfie-rman Mar Ma- ' A V . y .A Whale-y, llurothy Allan. Carol Cravlin. Ann Iloirharcly. .Iam-t Hawkins. lfnurlli ruw: Libby Fe-rguson, Lynne- Carrigan.-Ilf-tty Yarbrough. Billie- Ann Littlvton, Kitty Cory. llnruthy Canlro-ll, Ilona Roliy. Fifth row: llarliara Eason. Nancy Evrgusnn, Alice' Harmun. Sylvia Cliftnn. Jn Ann Elrle-rton, Mary llryant. Sliirle-y Hofrf-its-r. Nanry Hall. L, GIRLS' TENNIS TEAMS C. A. A. PLAYDAY Reading from top: Miss Ward, sponsor: Virginia Lapp: Joan Sheldon: Barbara Saxon: Bobby Min- ton: Pat Wooley: Nancy Kling: Mary Bryant: Barbara Wood: Charles Hall: Sylvia Clifton: Robbie Slaughter: Pat Farrell: Pat Buekels: Gene Wilson: Bob Midgett. SPANISH CLUB LATIN CLUB Reading from bottom: Mr. Dugger, sponsor: Daniel Gilkes, secretary: Jeanette Williams, treasurer, Lynn Carrigan, vice-president: Eleanor Blystone: Doris Alexander: George Greene: Ronnie Hanna: Billy Ann Littleton: Wayne Drawdy: Barbara Alexander: Noel Silvers: Nancy Ferguson: Sally Ann Wright: Tommy Norwood: Eleanor Nabakowski: Dorothy Allen: Margie King: Mary Louise Kiep: Betty Jo Middleton: Sara Ruth Evans: ,lo Ann Elderton: Libby Ferguson: Connie Mitchell: Charles Mainwood: Mary ,lo Farr: Pat Sargent. DIVERSIFIED COOPERATIVE TRAINING 1 if .V , , ,' ' H .M I ...Q L . Juanita Fretwell, Bookkeeper. with Supervisor. was 5 ogg. Electrons! G59 Lloyd Clifton, Automotive Parts, with Supervisor. MEMBERS OF THE DCT PROGRAM-Standing: Runkle, Cain. Clifton, Mcfiray. Sevoml row: Cravlin, Griffin, Par- ker. Jnlly. S1'ilIt'Il in rear: Lyons, Hoague, Fretwell. Seated in front: llf-utlley. Coyle. W. 2 Q6 6, . 001 f The Executive Board of the DCT Club 4' " 1 f iff' ., I Q' X 0 -i tz-' . ' ' 9' FAIAVI Q iiiiii . i xi g8"iv. ' ' , 5 I I A 85 er5i "vhs, Reels! L 5 ' Bedpans! 'cLet Me Call You Sweetheart" uri ll' TRI-HI-Y Wk Clockwise, starting in front with Dolores Machek, president, Pat Sorrells, treasurer, Kitty Cory, Billie Ann Littleton: Sandra Furlong, Lucretia Norton, Libby Fergusong Mary Jo Farrg .loan Hilldaleg Barbara Jane Sapp, Betty Yarbrough, Lynn Carrigang Dorothy Allang Nancy Lee Fuller, Euda Mary Alderman, Rosemary Exum, Bobby Mintong Sara Ruth Evans, Barbara Alexander, Nancy Hall, Sally Ann Wright, Dona Roby, .Shirley Hofreiterg Betty Jean Rogers, Kay Marzilli, secretary, Patty Sargent, chaplain. Center: Edith Glenn, sponsor. .A- HI-Y I 1 ia., xl ! E E First row: Damon Settle, chaplain, Gene Hawn, secretary, Charles Mainwood, president, Donald Williams, vice-president, Jerold Slaughter, treasurer, Phil Howie, sergeant-at-arms. Left side up: Charles Hall, George Green, Buddy Odin, Richard Rutherford, Croxby Few, John Yelvington, Jackie Clancy, Bobby Paddon. I Right side up: Bobby De Loach, Ronnie Hanna, Wayne Drawdy, Leigh Davis, Henry Struett, Rich- ard Edwards, Billy Carr. Sponsors: Jack Cox fcenterl 3 Hoke Dowdy fbackl . W 1 f 4 ' a- s w. - A , , f mga Z! F A Y 'A' N it , N .4 5 is iii K W if ff -"fi fi 31,-. W.. - iv Wi Q 4: D p E 1 M , .gf ""'f JV.. 1 J Wg, R " A ' f , ,M , ,, dl 2 1 ww W, z 5 J zXf,, 5, N.. f, 5 Q . 4' Af'4 ' E - ., xi, K 3 5, 1 5 ev' . F 4 5 J' 'Z Q, I sd., v -f K Xillfhi 5,6648 HHeap Big Smoke But N0 Firev Art Kinder-Back All E.F.C. '49, '50 Midstate Second String . ,GHMA I Cfosb Axbefww?fc.15o M-' A11yFe"'XE W H0I1orab1e 0 xg, Menffvn Idgtate ,5 nd -.fy ea YQQ I 1 aww 0 Ward Burc Chafxes NX COACH jx A I1XTgCkle Happy" Lawrence vow 0 befwz gntion at 0 H Qflor O' All-Slate xA V10 ble M COACH addon xgack R. M. Hall S06 Keno af af eww' arles HQHXB 801: ova COACH Ted Rosa . V a :CHX mon S QV ery Yxvawi Hsu eXBaCk 15 B :woo ,Goa ob Wolfex 'Y OHHTW N0 Back Buddy Thomas-Center 'Q X505 r" 1 Q sohn Q ,ew eXX , 7 H X w sxgack fl? ff X .P 'md ' uafa Ennis R ,G Tied Comm operXT HC-kle A L10 , Bm Cauftn J fl Mall., mx Richard Edwards-Manager End fgzzsaefiaff F First row: Bobby DeLoach, Charles Mainwood, Damon Settle, Donald Williams, Billy Carr, Charles Hall. Second row: lVlr. Hall-Coach, Buddy Odin, Gene Hawn. Bob Paddon, Crosby Few, Albert King. Third row: Mr. Lawrence-Coach, George Lauck, Ronnie Hanna. First row: Ann Boichardy, Barbara Eason, Mary Jo Farr, Libby Ferguson, Kay Mar- zilli. Second row: Edith Glenn-Coach, Joan Hilldale, Mary Bryant, Janet Hawkins, Nancy . Lce Fuller-Manager. Third row: Patty Copeland, Barbara Sapp, Jeanette Williams, Alice Harmon, Juanita Brown, Lynne Carrigan. Not pictured: Gloria Johnson. ,Q- agcvfa f gram! :'Mu,sic, Maestro, Pleasev Q 5 -, I S f I, f ,f x 1' t"' First row: Joan Hilldale, Arlene Jones, Dorothy McCormick, Nettie Jane Kennard, Juanita Brown. Second row: Harry Ogle, Robert Stevens, Margie King, Bobby Hawkins, Shirley Hof- reiter, Sally Wright, Eileen Zimmel, Mary Grace Buttery, Mary Bryant, Ann Bochiardy. Third row: Noel Silvers, Jerry Mathews, Donna Van Nest, Harriet Wingate, Mike Mitchell, Charles Ingle, Billy Ray Wilder, George Wilkinson, Elizabeth Tumblin. Fourth row: Tommy Crawford, Fred Michels, Danial Cilkes, Steve Hester, Buddy Thomas, Raymond Simmons. Fifth row: Bert Hydorn, Bobby Del..oach, Ronnie Bell, Ned Morgan, Sandra Furlong, Donald Williams. Sixth row: Jimmy Humphrey, Lloyd Mallard, John Yelvington, Phil Howie. W. R. Snowden Director QL' tgmw homies Those Foolish Things NAME FOOD SONG SAYING PASTIME Alexander, Barbara Steak and French Fries Harbor Lights I know what you mean Wggiiglgiafg South Arnold, George Fried Shrimp Always So What! Rollerskating Beehe, Joan Apple Pie I Can Dream Can't I Golly Ned Listening to the radio Benedict, Marie Barbecued Pork Tennessee Waltz Suey Dancing Burch, Howard Pea-nut Butter Soup I'll Never Be Free Ugh! Terrible WOIHFII Cabell, Ann Rhubarb The Roving Kind Iophosaphate I-00kiiill i0i' "Him" Cantrell, Dorothy Fried Chicken Some Enchanted Evening du flicher Lmiiing Carson, Sally Mince Pie Somewhere Over the It's immaterial to me Reafiinll iiif' 0iHS5iC5 Rainbow Clifton, Lloyd Hamburgers Tennessee Waltz You're not kidding Rmfiing novels Clinton, Ethel Fried Chicken Rhapsody in Blue Well? Trying to look cute Cotton, Fred Ice Cream Blueberry Hill Good gracious Gifis Coyle, Tommy Eckhardt, Karlyne Few, Crosby Franetich, Eleanor Fretwell, Juanita Fuller, Nancy Lee Galbreath, Adrienne Grant, Carole Gravlin, Nancy Hardy. Francis Hawkins. Janet Hendricks. Donald Highsmith, Joan Howie, Phil Johnson, Gloria jolly. Gloria Jones. .lackie Kinder, Art Griffin, Billy Hamburgers with Onions Pickled Lamb's Tongue Chitlins Apple Strudel Apple Pie Hamburgers Fried Shrimp Fried Chicken French Fries Chicken Steak-French Fries Banana Splits Lemon Pie Shrimp and French Fries Shrimp Steak Steak Steak Spaghetti Hot-rod Races A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody My Heart Cries for You Sentimental .Iourney Stardust Blue Moon It Had To Be You Again Tennessee Waltz Peg of My Heart Sometime Remember Me It Had To Be You Heartaches To Each His Own Ave Maria The Thing All the Things You Are Stars Will Remember Hoopdeedoo You know . . . You ain't got nothing to lose Love of mike Golden Rule Bull Oh, Pill Horrible No! ! ! That's a bunch of malarki Hi! Maybe ,leepers Cussess! l I'm serious about it Oh -Dear Shut up! You think so? Huh? Girls Looking at my engage- ment ring Chewing tobacco Embroidering Reading character studies Sitting in Davis's Drawing pictures Giving whammmies Seeing T. C. Rollerskating Skating Hunting Reading Driving the '33 Messing around Nursing at Sunny South Fishing Snooker Going places NAME Lewis, Lewis Kay Lyons, Emory Machek, Dolores Mallard, Lloyd Mazilli. Kay McCormick, Betty Ellen Moore, Malcolm Mosby, Patty Norton, Lucretia Norwood. Tommy Parker, Ritchie, Margaret Sue Janice Roberts, Harold Robitzch. Caryl Rogers. Betty ,lean Sargent, Pat Settle, Damon Sorrells. Patricia Stevens, Struett. Robert Henry Swoope, Sandra Turley, Jackie Van Kim-eek. Clyde Wight. Barbara Williams, Don Wolfe, Bob Yeltington, John FOOD Lettuce Fried Chicken Barbecued Pork Fried Shrimp Hot Dogs Shrimp French Fries Fried Shrimp Shrimp Cocoanut Cake Shrimp Liver-onions Shrimp Potatoe Chips Lettuce Chocolate Nut Sundaes Spaghetti and Meat Balls Steak and French Fries Cheeseburgers all the way Peanut Butter Soup Fried Shrimp Barbecued Pork lee Cream Steak Shark Steak Shrimp ami French Fries Steak SONG Dream a Little Dream of Me Always My Heart Cries for You Sometime Thinking of You Mona Lisa Old Piano Roll Blues Dream a Little Dream of Me Begin the Beguine Tennessee Waltz It's Magic Georgia Three Years With the Wrong Woman Moving On Dream a Little Dream of Me Where Are You All My Love Humoresque Goofus Pony Boy Remember Me Remember Me, Remember Me Whiffenpoof Song Begin the Beguine Why Do l Love You Blueberry Hill SAYING But, honey . . . What's it to you, buh? Crazy! l didn't have anything to do with it Biddie Foots Don't talk so loud, Norton l think so My goodness Really! Shucks! Meat hook? By durn Imagine that Oh fiddle How tender Reallyl ? ll l'll be durned Quit! Gad! !?"1"'Il"'l l? Don't Get Excited Don't worry about it Work fascinates me 'l'hat's it Wow! Oh-shut up ,lust anything appro- priate PASTIME Snooker Seeing Pat Dancing Dating girls that go steady Sitting in Davis's J. B. Playing piano Square dancing Humphrey Fishing Going to the post office Fishing in the moun- tains Wasting time Spending the night with Ann Going to the post office Being with Don Sports Seeing Emory Going to Daytona Sharpening Pencils Stanley Dancing Sleeping and Eating Swimming Being with Pat Sleeping, Eating, Drinking Sports L74 JQQZTPH W 071 Youfve C h MyHgIGhT It D0,em'r Ylzie a f Crbyrtal Ball to See YOUR FUTURE IN TELEPHONE WORK Ifyou choose a Telephone career you may he sure of: - Good pa-vfrom llze Jlrzr! - Frequent srlzmfzzfeff rfzifaf - Fr1'w11flv fo-workcrf - Hcljgffzf .v11pc'rL'i.vor.v - l11lc'rv.fli11g, imporlzml work - Pfwzgv of 017f707'f1HllfX' for fmivzzfcwzfwff One of lhc' bw! .vifkzlexs-bwzcjfff .I7L'I1.f1.01l pffznx in nf! 1'1111'1r.f!1ly Om' '1.'1'.r1'f fo our c'lllf7!Q1'!llc'llf .r11fn'1'-vziror wi!! .fAOTi"1'0l1 1f5jz'11iie'0f Trim! you nm f'.x'fJw'f in fflffnj' f71'0gl't'. a'.-' ion rlllrf bfilfylff, mm' fzow tfzv 111f'U1111f11gf'.r qffrfrfvhozn' Qrorl' nm fnfff up fo 11 1'f'11f-filflzwxfbz' YOU. SOU'l'IIl+2RN BELL 'lE'EI,EI'IIONIi AND 'l'EI,EGRAl'II FUNIPANY 5705A GM" x SMNJ High School Annuals-1951 CompIimenI's of 64,2 ZLWV BUICK CO. 307 N. Orange S+. Phone 7I7 SaIes and Service CompIimenIs of NEVV 5 FVIV F2 INI A f5zzz'f0QM Qdpffy Q. 204 Canal Sfreei' and 533 Canal SI'ree1' Phone 274 and 299 CONGRATULATIONS +0 Ihe SENIOR CLASS ON THEIR GRADUATION Or Besi' Wishes for Their Confinuous Success +hrough Iife. BANK OI: Wad fmgfznaif 5 ELECTRIC SERVICES I-V S D. E. SeH'le I07 N. Orange Telephone 3I6 YOUR PHILCO DEALER Eleclfica' and Gas Never samfaed "Tm u-R' Appliances New Smyrna Beach, Fla. FOR ALL Your Building Needs SEE NIITCI-IELL 8. ALEXANDER "Serving fhe Need of a Growing Communi+y" 538 N. Orange S+. Phone 355 Best Wishes from T-HE CITY OF-' WW' fmgzfzm firm! We Are Proud of our Boys and Girls. All Good Wishes from Your VERY BEST FRIENDS in Building 720 Magnolia Sfreei' Complimenfs of I-IOBBS DEPT svorae 500 Canal S'rree+ Phone I7 Bring Your Camera Visii' Amazing TROPICOLOR FANTASY FIorida's MosI' Unique Affracfion PhoI'o I'he Rare and Unusual FREE PARKING CompIimenI's Io Ihe Seniors of '5I May Success Be Your Reward ROGERS SEA FOOD BAR U.S. I Norfh of Airpor+ The Home of Good Foods . Come Io TURNBULL CASTLE LODGE U.S. Highway I ai' Spruce Creek Complimenrs of Z ' W 9912 XA E. I5 zdzn c: O. J R ' 333 Canal SI'ree+ Oak HiII, Florida Phone 43 KM074. K THE REXALL STORES C5009 LITTLE DRUG CO. ,COFFEE Phone 6' REDMoND's RESTAURANT DAVIS PE31EiiEl20STORE U.S. No. I Edgewafer, Florida IWhere Good Friends MeeI'I Pmlggagalxsken Orders +o Take Oui' MATHER OF NEW SMYRNA Good 8: Bad Furni+ure Philco Radios and Refrigerafors Florence Sfoves and Healers Canal a+ PaImeH'o Telephone 423 CENTRAL EAST COAST GROWER S Co-operaiive Associafion Roufe I Samsula New Smyrna Beach, Florida QJQWZQQ B V2 O S. RED 81 WHITE FOOD STORE You Can Meef yE5! All Your Friends Phone 45 We Deliver AI 624 Canal Sfreef MIKE and HOWARDS Roufe I New Smyrna Beach BEST WISHES FROM Qaghia, Boo nc 5-rome 703. 232 S. Beach Sfreei' Dayiona Beach Florida Phone 6457 and 6458 Compliments of BAlLEY'S TRUCK STOP B 81 W GARAGE SLEEPY HOLLOW MOTOR CO TONY PAPAS SMOKE SHOP FREDDIE EDGAR L. B. BOUCHELLE Real Es+aI'e and Insurance MIKE'S PLACE - Samsula PALM'S CORNER - Samsula HANNAH 8: JEANNE BONNET Realfors U RT ORANGE Knew H3 Soullw Orange Telephone 563 W Besl' Wishes +o The Class of 'SI .,j,,,,.-,,, , ,..e,,W,.......,...,.....w... 1 -esceusucnfre WZ? zfg 5 TO RE l II7 N. Orange Complimenls of Qfyeamkm l"l OTE L. I40 S. A'l'lan'l'ic Avenue Dayfona Beach, Florida Plworee 2-I784 DICK STARK COMPANY. Carpels-Furni+ur5BedspreadS for Horels, Courfs, Aparfmenrs and lnsfifurions Dick Sfarlz l6I Soufh Aflanfic Dayrona Beach EDGAR BROS. CONC. PROD. Sfeam Cured Block Floyd Edgar Owner So. Ridgewood af Reed Canal, Daylona Beach Genre ly SUPERMAIQKET MARGY JONES .na 3 Josepr-uns SCHLEGEL Whai your goal may be We wish you The bes+ of success FLORIDA GAS 81 FUEL CO. 525 - 528 Canal Sheer Phone 549 - 550 Congraiulafions ro fhe Seniors of '5I STEVENS FURNITURE CO. 525 - 528 Canal Sfreef Phone 549-550 1- Student 4 2 d Hundreds ot thousands ot students throughout the nation wiki treasure their 74qlom-mad! Yearbooks tor many years to come. Thousands ot teachers and schooi administra- tors weicomc their 7a,qlo1'made Annuais as ' ' a necessary part at their Parent and Pubiic u reiations program. . M A 3.5! We are proud to have had a part in preserving the memories, traditions and achievements at 'hr' schoois ot America. 5' ' 5 1 is i In F . 'Ti i S 'si ,. ,,. -1 x --1' ,yy . f V, 'big -. -'li 'Q A ix.: 1 uf!! 'RAW 1 V G , J '-.47 -X f ,, if sv! "' ,, 1,,x'V1:f4.f2,r -F' NS, J v 'iw X hi' w pffs. 0 , 7, i ,Jim , , . 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V X V., ,Av .WV - . . , , ,, V V. . w A AV-Nf'g:'f ,fp Q A VV ' V ,,-'V Jr I- I 1 VA, k Vk., - , ' V V . , -, . 5 VV -af ' fx . 1 , V 14V , , V. , ' I f. . , V , 1 :w-.F'f--,5-.- A ' , - V V , - f ' ':V-'VE'7V' V " V- " ' 21 VV ' H, ,V -, V V x .K ,, V V - W .' VVV,-- I' 4 A V , ,- , V - , ' E ' ' ' . ' 'K , ,r.-f- . ' -' . ,f -V- --V tp-wx J -L . ix V il:-f j VV ', . - - Q " -7 . . - .- V - V, V V ,V -.,-A fa- , . 4 V , V V . V V . H- u A . . , V .V g V 3, . M ,A ' Q' f

Suggestions in the New Smyrna Beach High School - Live Oak Log Yearbook (New Smyrna Beach, FL) collection:

New Smyrna Beach High School - Live Oak Log Yearbook (New Smyrna Beach, FL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


New Smyrna Beach High School - Live Oak Log Yearbook (New Smyrna Beach, FL) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


New Smyrna Beach High School - Live Oak Log Yearbook (New Smyrna Beach, FL) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 65

1951, pg 65

New Smyrna Beach High School - Live Oak Log Yearbook (New Smyrna Beach, FL) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 19

1951, pg 19

New Smyrna Beach High School - Live Oak Log Yearbook (New Smyrna Beach, FL) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 74

1951, pg 74

New Smyrna Beach High School - Live Oak Log Yearbook (New Smyrna Beach, FL) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 33

1951, pg 33

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