New Ross High School - Blue Jay Yearbook (New Ross, IN)

 - Class of 1958

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John F. Golladay MR. RALPH MILLER Trustee A. V. PURDUE Principal, Mathematics 61 Science Advance High School B. S. Central Normal College Indiana State Teachers College Indiana University M. S. Purdue University Ball State Teachers College Butler University MR. MAX BARNETT Asst. Coach and Mathematics Crawfordsville High School A. B. Wabash College Indiana State Teachers College MRS. HULIM HELMICK English and Languages Royal Center High School A. B. Indiana University MRS. KATHRYN BROWN Home Economics Pleasantville High School B. S. Indiana University Butler University MR. RICHARD DIMITT Agriculture and Science Western High School B. S. A. 6- M. S. E. Purdue University MISS VIRGINIA SHILLINGS Commerce - Library Crawfordsville High School B. Ind. State Teachers College M. S. Ind. State Teachers College MR. DONALD SONDEL Speech Elgin Academy High School University of Wisconsin Southwestern College Western Washington College A. B. San lose State College Butler University Purdue University MRS. FRANCES JOHNSON Music Medaryville High School B. S. Ball State MR. THOMAS SPEAR Coach and Social Studies Brookston High School B. P. E. Purdue University Qqlflfl, VIQTSON Hesfdeht KNNNNNN N NNN 4 Vice B-esfdent NNNXXN 3 Baslretball XXNNNNNNN 1, 2 3 Track NNNNNNXN NNN 12.3 r. P. 4. N N-NNNN-NN 1 2 4 fudglns' Team -xxx l, 2, 4 Sentinel NNN NNNNNN 4x8 NNN NNNNN 4 Junior LGSUSPNN NN 3 ASSIUSUF NN Health NNNXX N Treasurer N N Annual Staff Asst. Editor Hwlzazfq Family" Senlor Play C8408 DUIVOAIV Tfaasurer esss NNN 444444 Seo. CS Treas sessa Annual staff ssaaa N M, 4 Bus. flf1gr.,N NM ,M 4 Sunsnlne NNN N 1, 2,3 4 ftesldent N essa NNN 4 Treasurer eseess ee 3 flf5C4.NNN NNl234 Secretary N NNNN Q 51 L. 4. rseas NN 4 ' 'uester staff eseaaa 3 4 Vzat A Panllly' sese N ar. Play eeeses NN Girls ' State Alt O. 4. 1? Vale ' NNN . -flwa Oioto Pd N PIG Ba 1' ll rack F Blflce 5 ll.qlfQYG esldent NNNN asketball NNN seba N N N NN .4 g Te lla! N I NNXNN 1 --NNN 1, a 4 am eeeeeee l, 3, 4 Staff ee-ee-e ssNNNN 4 5'dltorNln NClz1et' eNNN N 4 Bluester Staff NNNNN NNNNN 'N 4 Boys ' State 4122 NNNNNN 3 "What A Pam1lJ"' N Senior Play C3408 KGLLFR ec-reta,-y seesseesa aaaaaaa 4 Alqnual Staff eeeeee ess.a N N 4 Gluester staff sesessa ae.t N , 4 Q S- L. 4. ee-e se-ssse N N Vice fi-esldent NNNNN Cbolr NNNNNNNNN Variety Sho "What 4 r Senlor s N N 1 an11ly Play ROBFRT GSIUGUI Repo Health a fun! afety NNNN eader N N N creation and NN NNNNNNN a NNNNNNN-N-NNN 3 N-NNN-NNNNNNN--1, 2, 4 Chorus NNNNNNNNNNNNN 1, 2, 4 Cheerleader NNNNNNNNNNNNNN 4 . S. L. A. NNNNNNNNNNNNNN 4 Presldent NNNNNNNNNNNNNNN 4 Bluester Staff NNNNNN l, 2, 3, 4 flqnual Staff NNNNNNNNNNNNN 4 Layout Edlzor Ne-Ne-NeN-eN 4 ""V2,at-4 Pan1ll,v" NNNNNNNNN N 3 Senlor Play NNNNNNNNNNNNee 4 R01-41VD HENDERSON dnnual Staff sseeeseN NNNNNN 4 6.VNOut Editor N-Nsee NNNN 4 sketbqll NNNNNN sNNNN NNNN 1 86-995511 NNNNNN NNNNNNNN N N 1 'I P. 4. NNNNNNN eeeses 2 , 3, 4 7reasurer eeNeNNNNNN NNNN 4 ludolng Team eeesNN N 2, 3, 4 YW NNNNNNN NNNN4 seNe N1,2, a Chorus N--NN NNNNNNNNNN N NN 2 uluor Play NNNNNNNNNNNNN N Sen1Q-A Play NNNNNNNN N N 3 NNNNN 4 MEIER 1-ter NNN NNN qNl5r NN NNN nd S Or L Re DICK Vlce 5 Ba GO esld LLqD.q1' ent -Ns-QsNNK sketball NNN-N-x N Manager NNNN Traci' NNN P, P 1901154 me St.,3fffffAYfif"?T?i'N , Basketball .. .NN N N,,,, 1 Baseball NNN NNNN N N 1,3 Track NNNNNNNN Nxxx N N fl 12 4. Nxxx xNN,N . Vice Presldent Judging Te YNH NN , .NN ... ... Senior P QP ... 1 -NNN. 2 3 . A. TT Secret y Jud glng Te Annual B .N 1 1, 2,3 4 61,1 .x Staff oys' ll State A What A Se 4 2, 3 4 1, N .N .N Pan11lJ"' nlor Play NN .. ... ... faves be W4321 Basketball Baaeba 4 E 1V57'VyfO1V -N.....NNNNNN 2, a 11 SIU. A4911 "xxNNN 4 N51 Sec, Trees. NNNNNNNNN 4 Band N NNNNNNNNNNN NNNN 1 , 2, 3 Judging Team NNNNNNNNNNN 1 "Pima: A Palnfly' NNNN NNNN 3 Senior Play N NNNNNN NNNNN N 4 Boys ' Sta te NNNNNN NNN 3 CARL RICKIE' 1lff04lV0L.7'P Blue-star Staff NN 3 4 36-feba-'1 NNNN NNNNNN l , 2, J, 4 flqnual Staff Track ea.. .... . N N.NN J, 2, 3 Basketball -ee. N NNN, 1, 2 nnnal Staff N.NN .NN.N.N, , 4 Glllester Staff .N.. ...NNN 4 M' NNNNNN NNNNN N N 1, 2, a, 4 full-1Ol' Leader NNNNN ...N 3, 4 Wea Presldent NNNNN NN.N N 3 Iiealrn G Safety NNNNN .N.. 4 ffecreatloq NN.. NN.NN , N 2 P 5 4- aaaa NNNNNN I , 2, a esldent NN NNNNN 4 .oorier NNN. ...NNN ,,,N K N fl1Q'91n9 Team NNNNN - 1 "I'W762' A 1'al7111y" .. Senior P15 y .. ..-..... ....... ... ..4 O ll N stll N , 11 4, -.. udslna aln 4171: Sta 8. OS ng s .QSS ack Te . . U51 ff N N 4 Cz .s D4 WD Basketball N N Baseball Tr NNssNNN K fllnlo N .N.N. are NNN UGSFS aff .. 111161 Staff nwbat A P Sen alnl lor P Sal 1y" NNN.. jay L.... lll'QFO1'1Q 4 N. .NN 1, ... . . 3 4 ffl 'ning 6' Easelxa We BL' .. .. ..- .-. 1,2 ,G N12 ... ..' .... . ... I 4 .Ng 2 3 4 NN rLea liecre O 4 l 2 3 der N 611011 NNNN horus NNNN Boys ' St Bl 4 1-St .. . Class History In the year of 1946, our Sputnik began its long flight through space to the major points of interest of our universe. The original crew consisted of David Carver, Gracie Duncan, Dick Golladay, Bob Meier and Jack Mc Anulty. The chief pilot was Mrs. Meek Our landing on the Moon was smooth and we stopped just long enough to change pilots, our new commander was Mrs. Duncan. Under Mrs. Duncan, we made a quick trip to Venus, upon, landing, Iim Newton stumbled through the cosmic mist to our camp. We changed pilots to Mrs. Smith and blasted off for Mercury. Mrs. Smith got us to Mercury where we changed pilots again, and under Mrs. Bunnell we flashed off to Mars, upon landing we looked around and met our new com- mander, Mrs. Barnett. Mrs. Barnett got us to jupiter and we transferred Mr. Feltner as our guide for the long voyage to Saturn. just before we took off Grace Keller jumped aboard, As we flew along a comet buzzed us and the driver, Gary Waston hopped aboard. We were now ready for the biggest jump of all! The long, long trip to Uranus, otherwise known as New Ross High School. We switched pilots again, to Mrs. Mason and blasted off for the hard trip to Uranus. We made a rough landing, but were happy that leg of the journey had been completed. Now in high spirits we were ready for the trip to Neptune. Our pilot, Mr. Harper, took us safely to Neptune where we changed pilots to Mr. Barnett and started trying to make a little money on our way to Pluto. By the time Mr. Barnett got us to Pluto, we were starting to meet our expenses. With high hopes, we took off for the Milky Way under the strong hand of Mr. Dimmitt. After adding Dick Sosbe,-we now realized that our fuel and time were running low so we began a headlong rush back to Earth under the direction of Mrs. Brown, stopping at the asteroid belt to change to Mr. Purdue and add Bill and Buck Henderson to our crew. We are now approaching the end of our journey and will soon be landing but when we end our journey, we will have had some wonderful memories of the good times and helpful people along our route. Class Prophecy It was a bright, cheery morning when I settled back in my seat on the' new D. C. 9 Mainliner. The date was May 2, 1973. Fifteen years ago I had gfraduated from New Ross High School. In fact, that was where I was going now--toSNew Ross. I had some business with McAnulty's DeLuxe Auto Repairs, Inc. I wondered idly if the owner were any relation to the Iack McAnulty who had been in my graduating class. When I I'eaChed New ROSS, I' went directly to the garage. To my surprise, I found that Iack McAnulty, who had graduated with me fifteen years ago was the president of this thriving business. While I was there I also found out that Dick Golladay, away on business, was the business manager for the firm. He was married now and had a little boy, Dickie Ir. Since this was my home town, I decided to stroll around a bit. Walking along Grace Avenue, I almost passed an accountants office that said Duncan Sr Co. on the plate glass window. I walked in and asked who Mr. Duncan was. I was informed that Miss Duncan ran the establishment and that it was one of the finest accounting firms in towm. Iust then, Gracie came out of her private office and invited me to stay for coffee. I accepted and we spent a pleasant hour talking over old times. Reluctantly, -I left, and went over to the public library. I found that I knew the librarian. She was Grace Keller, another one of my former classmates. She told me that she was married. She also said that she only worked in the library one day a week. Coming down the library steps, I saw Iim Newton and David Carver. While talk- ing to them, I learned that they were special-duty jet pilots who flew important officials all over the world. They were on their way to the airport now to fly Larry Gray to Russia to sign a peace treaty and to talk to the Premier about colonizing the moon. I asked if they were married. Iim said that he wasn't. David said that he was and had three sturdy sons and a daughter. Iim looked at his watch and reamrded Dave that they were due at the airport. I said goodby and continued on my way. I had some time to kill, so I decided to take in a show while I was in town. A picture that I had been wanting to see, "The Big Man", was playing at.the Bluejay Theatre. Before the picture started, someone remarked that it ought to be a good show. I turned around .nd saw Bob Meier sitting beside me. We talked a few moments until the show started. When the screen credits were shown, I saw that Bob was the star, and that he was billed as "The James Dean of 1973. " He told me that Dick Sosbe was his co-star and was in Hollywood working on a S3, 000, 000 production called "Angel With A Reason". After the show, I left the theatre only to bump into Gary Watson. He said that he had a chain of funeral homes and enjoyed his work very much. For some reason, business had been awfully good lately. I left Gary and started on my way to the airport. Coming down the street toward me was Admiral Buck Henderson. I stopped him and asked where Bill was. He said that Bill was a successful auctioneer and was auctioneering a large sale in the next block right now. I asked him if he was married. He said no, but Bill was and had a little girl and a little boy. I looked at my watch, and taking leave of Buck, again started on my way to the airport. Thinking back, I realized that I h vi seen or heard of all my former classmates of 1958. Class Will On this first day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and fifty-eight, we the Seniors, of New Ross High School, in the city of New Ross, in the township of Walnut, in the county of Montgomery, in thestate of Indiana, in the country of United States, in the conyinent of North America, on the planet Earth, in the solar system of the Sun, in the galaxy Great Wheel, being of sound mind and body do make this our last will and testament. We hereby be- queath our most valuable possessions to our school and the following schoolmates. To New Ross High School, we will our ability to make money, may every class be rich. To the Iunior Class, we will our ability to get along. To the Sophomore Glass, we will our ability to save money. To the Freshman Class, we will our ability to reduce in number from our Freshman year to our Senior year. 1, Grace Keller, will my ability to stay home nights to Ruth Duncan so she won't be so tired in the mornings. I, Grace Duncan, will the Senior boys, all except one, to the Iunior girls, may they never be without a boy friend again. I, Larry Gray, will my ability to have wrecks to Red Wilson, may his father always be happy. . 'V I, Bob Meier, will my ability to get in trouble to Ruth Ann Feltner, may she never be bored again. ' I, Iim Newton, will my mighty Dodge to Iudy Harris, may she always be to school on time. I, David Carver, will my DeSoto to Bill Evans :so that he may set a new speed record. I, Iack McAnu1ty, will my flat top to Myron Brissy, may he never need a haircut again. I, Dick Golladay, will my lighting to William England, may he always be fast. I, Bill Henderson, will to Ierry Bannon my ability to keep track of Bainbridge so we will all know what is going on next year. I, Gary Watson, will my ability to keep hands off of the girls to Ronnie Durbin, may he never be lonely. I, Dick Sosbe, will my conversational ability to Merrill Calvert, so he will be able to get a word in edgewise when he is with Jeanie. I, Buck Henderson, will my height to Mike Stewart, so he may never be tall again. Signed, sealed, published and declared as and for our last will and testament by the Senior Class of 1958. We have in the presence of each other subscribed our names hereto on the day and year last of aforesaid. mb... 1.0 l ---cw I - -G .9 ' M--- -- ,Z.7f.5.Z4ZfJ,... GM! . .. . .anus - - ..E.:QQ!JlL-J!' ROW 1 ROW 2 ROW 3: ROW 4: ROW 5 llth Grade Russell Nichols, Iudy Harris, Alice Fry, and Ierry Bannon Christine 'Haffner and Tona Manning Patricia Miller and Nathan Wilson Mike Stuwart, Harriet Harrison, Ruthie Duncan, and Myron Brissy Merril Calvert, Ruth Feltner, Marjorie Payne, and Ronnie Durbin ROW 1 ROW 2 ROW 3: ROW 4: ROW 5 I0th Grade Carol Borden, Roberta Miller, Darla Keller, Angela Anderson, Phyllis Harrison, Iames Huffman. Bruce Conrad, Mike Whitecotton Iames Walters, Marlis Todd, Iames Woodlock, Carloyn Haffner, Marlin Todd. William Barnett, Kay Pallikan, Lucindia Jones, Nancy Ellis, Jean Nichols, Danny Lyons. John Harvey, Rita Fisher, David Vos, Douglas Griggs, Marsha Fruits, Gary Fruits ROW l ROW 2: ROW 3: ROW 4: ROW 5: 9th Grade Carolyn Buck, Charles England, Marilyn Buck, and Bill Evans Charlotte Brown and Alice Carroll Marcia Geiger, Phil Haffner, Mary Beth Harrison, and Bob Hayes Carol Jarvis, Don Keller, Linda Miller, and B111 Myers Nancy Myers, John Norman, Mary Nichols, and Ronnie Youngs 8th Grade ROW 1: Betty Ballinger, Tom Budd, Mary Benge, Bill Cook, Martha Benge, and William England. ROW 2: Sherry Dimitt, Iames Fletcher, Donna Frey, Curtis Fruits. ROW 3: Karon Haffner, Bill Graves, Iudy Grenarcl and Danny Isenberg. ROW 4: Sharon Haffner, Herman Johnson, Clarlne Hampton, Bob McAnulty, Mafy Rose Hampton, Gene McAnulty. ROW 5: Diana Mclntire, Curtis McClain, Madeline Miller, Garry Moore, Barbara Reynolds, Russell Payne. ROW 6: Iohn Spangler, Barbara Rhoads, Martha Webb, Iudy Waltz, john Golladay. Uzgmr, .,.. , ..,,. .t,,, E r I 5 . rw an a P .twt .. r Li3'?2?Hffls: G' O me JXTS gy W if 1 if 5 Shears' Q 5fzI1fFiLfQfi:3i?i 552 Efffi , ":-1' 5I'r1'SE:I..H-it 3 . tt. .V ROW 1 ROW 2 ROW 3: ROW 4: ROW 5 ROW 6 7th Grade Iudy Bennington, Ralph Anderson, Karon Youngs, Don Bayless, and Sharon Wright Cheryl Bronaugh, Gerald Borden, Fred Canada, and Marsha Feltner. Tom Ellis and Bob Dice Ioan Keller, Eugene Feather, Lynn Harris, Charles Fredrick, Ioyce Palllkan, and Danny Jarvis. Allen Norris, Carolyn Sosbe, Ioyce Spurlock, Iimmy Routh, and Allne Spurlock. Carol Staton, Emmitt Steele, Ester Stout, Lyle Sosbe, Sharon Todd, and B111 VanScoyoc. TOP ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: BOTTOM ROW: TOP ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: BOTTOM ROW: Wmvyt, as uw. N-gmt? T le wax' 'M- J-'Q 5 Kia' 52 sw? 5 ya 5 Mg? E fait, ,, af , is 1-T ::."1:1':::. wi. .I K J r surging. :b f 5 ' W5 ef-Vzafiw' Z f iitzfiiwygftiylii X I4 V 'F t , 'M 32its2.ir12a!2t2'Zf?ZiffZ1":?'?"'f9?2522.4AQ..a'w5:',.:5ga22ffz22w fsmti. ff: , f ww ta P9 f K it '5 ,dAti ,,,, A n,,,,w P, , 11 i S , Uv 11' Paw' is '- af 1 A vs: M-1-,vkrgf 12511 257 W TiEli,if.r.!1hhf" .,! ' ,' ,Q l' ggi? 4414111 ,5,..',.E.ff',fff'25fZE5f 'ff::,135-:5'22l:'i?f2: " .gi tt. - -- ,W . - ..-- fi -V Mfltg., ..., ,,,,.,:..,,.:: W l.,4:,,.:C Mr. Denver Peltner, Cheryl Steele, Leslie McClain, Bonita Lyon, Wayne Poland, Rosie Payne, Dale Wilson, and Linda Bruce. Barbara Swinford, Keith Stewart, Melanie Manges, David Vtfheeler, and Eddie Ebaugh. Mlchall Ford, Nancy Davis, Robert Mlller, Iean Marks, Paul Harrison, Linda Feltner, Norman Pickett, and Marjorie Terry. Iames Iarvls, Donald Mlller, Lloyd Rhoads, and John Budd. Mrs. Helda Barnett, David McMullen, Janet Myers, Charles Grenard, Pamela Feather, Vlrgll Benge, and Helen England. Richard Nichols, Sharon Brown, Cheryl Perry, and Vanny Isenberg. Rebecca Edwards, Cecil Benge, Iill Youngs, Terry Moore, Iuklth Youngs, Laren Myers, and Linda Harrison Madonna Feltner, Larry Klnkead, Patricia Hubert, Iack Woodlock, and Ierry Klnkead. 1, f- -4 , wif ta, 4 1 aim Q, L M Q m ,,,rz,, S1 sr :A Q -1 'iq P fr lt 5 K ' Q2 " 'fi f -r 3 ,r 4. 5 K N , 3, r 'ig as H f '1 . , W 3, frfi?r.Qi'1'-Lf'Miz'iii:'i'fl7-ii" iiiir,-7-. ' K -:i,:r,:- , 1 V.,,,5Q,Eg,55,g5,E3,,.L,mt,MztriftU ,,., ?VV,,,,,.,,, Z, ,7,,,n3, I 7, ,Ei ,, . 111492015-igtgfft ts-'iw igkggfy mg., 1 Hi gg ,H f' ' yet'k,iwf,:fggs,, X 22 f,,s,:+,,f K-:win 4:-1 271: A ', 1,1 K R gizger-sr wi? 5jSfQY5"'lrif. 1515: . 5 lif':-'Elf ' 1" 1- 'z ' T - f " rr, zrgyvgfggiggf W ,,5,f:::!:g:+gt.fz, 'sjfgi may V' j ' JT.. x J .f1ffi'f,5a ,SX 'LV , - 7 . ' ' ' , ' 0 " 'V' :ja ww K' K 2522, ,gag 5, sf: .. - .1 1,-fgf few,-ffe ?'52egi?24e?ib2f'f, 1, ff we 1' t- f'-' 2- K H wr, " X gfzfzetfrft fl fi 1 ti,ff2r11,i.s A ,521--,erre5 ,,n .g gs' L, ,- wr,g:,,y,r55,,f1,t5L f,,Q,,frUr,,5-fqt.. 4,1 N, mwaiflfwfitz- H V V we A ' ' Z' , ' ,. "j1.JQ.i::Qi- rw , e7'H,'lf?E4r?Ll'11 5?1ef'L': T 1"'svAi'W:"4- iZw7HUSr 5555? 1 5 'rf'iW'rJg32Ef5 ' r ' iirs,ri,iW1g1'gC,:',tQ:t I5-5 f'WwziEPji'iiTi'i4 'il'i1,'f1L11 i'WV1i9f' fttkfvft wwe, A-,iazsgtz gffg fgsftggsafygrsaz mia , q vgzser .f1"szf4Ei,a .. 1952 i "'?:'. ,tfgeprggggwggfffgw1Qtffasfi',!'lItftwetf'ifefwlsf-Qfizznesifeiiff'Wilfl TL. f " mfesvf-W My ,, , w. .. 7 A . gg ., alta, gb . ,L.:,L.Rg gg, 5, ,Lys ,ar kr, W. , ..,L. Mxsxyrq , ,. X :fw59"'5S .S -1 be ' gs mire M 3 mwfzrfl, wtiswwtvflttvtz:rsifexrsszw24551 smfwiiialilltfrwifrshileitfisrwfmsfstit,Wet ft2?Ti?iQQ21115f ,ftgiegiwhvr are - tr,gsgff,,wrm XR? , iiffaftdlvy f'?55f53wi.fiS " ' was tr . LU, L 5'l'35i , ,fra is . .Mfw.grf,d?ia4v ,gf gaasgttzsgtg f1if,vf2i2ZS?QQk, t SEQ, -532581191 Y :2 5 nfiz: Ifi 15731 -, Q M, ,E is r K 5 S3 , , t 15 Sf 1 if PM . 1 ts sy L sg u ff-t?ffsz,.sg,,t,22f1l' O , 5 423:15 fs,- , ,,K,,g,, JK me ,,,,.,S. L L 5 2, K 5 Q iff, f l 9 ra f 4 Xtfr 5,3 1 L K KJ JP, TOP ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: BOTTOM ROW TOP ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW: filiffiibildmfrrffi f r wie? 4? L-, 3 H .. Q am., .53 'lr x '1 1 W X X .QR SI 1 4 Y w ry glfiii- l A., iliia silf pew' Mrs. Thelma Tedrow, James Needham, Pamela Glim, Michael Routh, Trudy Davis, Ronnie Haffner, Marilyn Feltner, and David Crumm. Gary Fletcher, Barbara Young, Dennis Norman, Llnda Robbins, Dwain McMullen, and Lynn Rae Williams. Roberta Lee Marks, Carl Spurlock, William Spurlock, Gary Harrison, Rebecca Hayes, Philip Keller, Sue Carter, and Larry Geiger. I. Lamount Harris, Ruth Sexton, Robert Williams, Debra Dlmitt, Carolyn Bowman, Elaine Lsenberg, and Nancy Fletcher. Mrs. Vera Purdue, Andy Ward, hathleen swmtord, steven Ford, Sue Williams,Freddy Davis, Ronda Vice, Phllllp Elliot, and Karen Oliver. I Ianle Davis, Clifton McCand1ess, Sara Anderson, Sammy Benge, Carol Shelton, and Phillip Crumm. Karen Chadwick, Stephen I-laimback, Linda Newlin, Randy Bird, Pamela Brown, and Mike Keffer. Thomas Reynolds, Ioanne Williams, Leonard Largent Ir. ,' Carolyn Edwards, Bernie Gllm, Karen Huffman, Adrian L. McClain, Janet Rhoads, and Max Ebaugh. , .. -4. .Ly ff ' ' .r.,, '-.if , X is e ' - :. 5,215 , ?':'.E- Q52 ',.s5,,i: .eff : H ,,v' - ilu Q U 4 'ff ' L I k .Qf,",pg A ff .:2 pa2 '.,, 2 Slpgjfy 1115,-5:1313-1'i's"gfi.l'-T4 r vi .ivi411J,g f4g',1 '.-af-wil .pil-raw vmivvg, ew Qf 22213. 7 S, Lit Psi' -f..'Efgi r:fw:f f '?,..SE-'f:"'.. 3' '-"Ir-3 .,, M Vt ii-S K 'iff i' .5339 ii 'Mffif ,,',',iT3U'g1?L X ,lL7kfif,.fi?Qfg'g3l3f5'rL 1 2,.47,5521,fnig'ifmv.i-1-.1 fy.. figs ' .7we-fJ,2i',wgzgmeXf,ra..12z fills, - , . me1l'LPi'14vilwif.:-:'i.!, L srl' ww ff? xv f,sv"'p'f. :fs 'Q-Lirivqfwif :wi-if.. Q ffzgmisii:gsw,4.i??freiQf?1gi. 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Andres Lopez, Patsy Robbins, Willard Warren, Ianls Linn, Robert Brown, Imogene McCand1ess, and Mantel Woodard. Sue Ann Moore, Roy Smith, Dianna Wright, Patricia Brown, Elizabeth Ellis, Rebecca Patton, and Ieanne Williams. Patricia Helton, Stephen Meyer, Janet Wilson, and Mrs. Meek, the teacher. ti, .. it .1 rm x r gggsr gegfxiklrw ents. W... ...W sewer vnvwe .rm fr ffl, -ra, V . Wazfw- . ww ffm ,er:2s',f1.r.,t 'M - MJ fygltn ,ui Y fs z- V 'iifigl 7 , .f .E .as .tr a gar 'f f,gitgQgi. grf rr te ,L g.:.,g.,,X .5 s,s::ff.r,g,,,fesr?5. Us Iw?'ss5Jin1'5?rtf ,A . ,, 'f Qisllwegea 2 2' .4 an lwpfl . . I, f i? , f f ,- fig? lf? K W Y .. af , .,.. B' T 'it X we :K gl: ,r 51 5 ,, ' ,ww X ez-,,, 59" 521 g H nr 13? ? M 5 Q M if :J 2 52 M9 L. Res ' W f was as MWA , 49 wghvg iw W Q wi 4 R .. - - ,- .WSW Y W 2. . S s-Phi" 7 Y 5 K -- 1. -:- ,, mx 4 R .. I+ A y X L s 1. ff, vu . if1'f'C.X A . ' " .vk-'35 ,kgy Qi -. Q35 5 F Q W Q 4 A X15 ik f, ,Y xg 2459 Q J A pi 'F hw in 4 . 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Iudy Bennington, Sherry Dimitt, Ioan Keller, Karen Youngs, Mary Benge, Marsha Fruits, Cheryl Bronaugh, Marsha Feltner, Madline Miller, Gerald Borden, Danny Iarvis, Iim Routh, Bob Hayes, lean Nichols, Dave Vos, and Bob Meier Iim Walters, Jim Woodlock, Fred Canada, Gary Fruits, and Mrs. Johnson, director. if iff w -H Q my ' I n J? W, , 1 ' ,Um 4 - , 'L ,AV .V f Em , W Jgww gwgifi 'kifisa 21 A X . ' M 451 - .- -'T 'k .L ' 22 fe E Q1 igw , wif M' Q, 'YW 'E V 5 MVK: I ua I M A' an 1 '5' ? '3 if H 1 4 - ' ,, 4 2 Refi g S Q 333 T ,Q E 5 9 1 ig I f M1 K any L ,N w 'vw '5 X- W 2 ,inf 5: ,QE Eggs! wi? 'Ny 'Nur BACKROW: FRONT Row: N. R. N. R. N. R. N. R. N. R. N. R. N. R. N. R. N. R un D. N. R. N. R. N. R. N. R. N. R. N. R. N. R. N. R. N. R. High School B Team Manager Charles Frederick, . Jnnie Youngs, Don Keller, Gary Fruits, Bill Myers, Danny LYON. and Marlin Todd Coach Tom Spear, Iohn Norman, David Vos, John Harvey, Phil Hafiner, Iim Huffman, and MY- Barnett HIGH SCHOOL 6 3 Linden 48 Waveland 54 Darlington 62 North Salem 81 Richland Twp. 7 7 Lizton 6 5 Alamo 51 Ladoga 52 Pittsboro 75 Waynetown COUNTY TOURNEY 66 Alamo 46 Darlington 79 Perry Central 56 Dover 55 Pinnel NOT PLAYED New Market C. C. C. Bainbridge Wells Records IR. HIGH 53 N. R. 42 Crawfordsville 58 N. R. 40 Darlington 57 N. R. 22 New Market 61 N. R. 43 Ladoga 57 N. R. 15 Pittsboro 25 N. R. 41 Linden 63 47 NEW MARKET TOURNEY 51 N. R. 31 Ladoga 39 N. R. 39 Darlington N. R. 32 Darlington 57 NOT PLAYED 62 N. R. Waynetown 46 N. R. New Market 38 N. R. Wells 35 N. R. Ladoga COUNTY TOURNEY Q W1 Q K , gy 3 W 5 Qs' ' V .5 A ae ,: 2 Q , 5? f ww ffl' W XE? - 925155 M7 QTEQEQEEE' M.: i QQ 5 SEL, gf 22, , Q K wh Q A' 2 1. 2 , ug, W W ,ag ,L 1 . WW HM, f. .,f12F: ,J f 2 5 . fa . 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Hallelujah, Amen! I l l Cold? ? 'P ? Chain Gang Thursday? ? ? ? ? ? Try Friskies Next Time Cutie Piel I l Midnight Man OOOI-Il l La Lal l l Looking For A Needle Learning To Dance? ? ? D011 Saxyl I I Blondie! I Legs! II Ears????? Half Pint! I Smart Alecks Sober? I Hate Kids! I I I Farmer Girl Ready For Easter Been Bad? ? 'E' ? Pot Belly X Rf' Q., .Y ' I 413 rim an ' ,HI llsiifrsa --meme , , W e 'I-1g,fIflfvzs?If7f ' I1 ma ,c - QI-egg? ig,-I few A Mf g w e ' :J'.N:5Kz Mm 5 .XI-" . nb: s.fm5'Izf'.s I 'S gp g " , , Little James The Pause That Refreshes? A Tau Tale Uncle Sam , , eee ' U "hh I 'e Q -, 1 gg Q A A1n't We Sweet? A11 Dressed Up - xiii' V efz fggggiggg Z A .. ":""'.:1s,. -'5:f, 5,l5'13 fe he q . g V ' ,iif . m a i: M f Q , -, Ag ,-Q5 . 'A+ V' ' A Tn. :U-Je . 'iS?'f? , Three Stooges? '? ? ? ? 38 Censored Line Up! I I x s Which One Has The Toni? 'P ? ? ? ? ? I Jailhouse Rock The Little Rascalsll Mighty Mary Q K F. R my W, K Ai mf 5 B iq? 1 F A ' S 2 D Ei Wh 5 KW? sn so ,N Bi11???????? 'S ff' 5 :V 7. A fl!!! lx, 4ue,,,,, . X f cj' THE FOLLOWING BUSINESS FIRMS OF CRAWFORDSVILLE, INDIANA EXTEND THEIR BEST WISHES FOR A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE TO THE CLASS OF 1958 Ace Hardware Company Anglia 6: Strong ,Plumbing B. 6: D. Lumber Company Carrico Furniture Crawfordsville Paint 6: Wallpaper Davis, Herman, Inc. Dellekamp's Dept. Store Dillman Implement Company Dreyer's Cut Price Drugs Dreyer 8: McCreary Rexall Drugs Ireyer G Sheets Rexall Drugs Edwards Motor Sales Elston Bank Sf 'Trust Company Emporium, Hal1's Fanny Bee Style Shoppe Fashion Shoes First National Bank Sr Trust Co. Galloway, O. K. G Son Co. Golden Rule, The Hazel's Bo-Ka Shoppe Horner, R. M. Inc. Kenney's Shoes Krug Rlumbing Company Ladoga Federal Savings and Loan Lewis, Perry Company Lord's Apparel Shop Marty's Book Shop Mil1er's Shoes Montgomery Ward 6: Company Penney, I. C. Company Rapp, Company The Squire Shop Steck's Stoker's Heating 6: Appliances Woody's Used Cars G Parts Wharff's Music Store Members of MONTGOMERY COUNTY CHAMBER OE COMMERCE Farmers State Bank Capital- 525,000.00 Surplus - 350,000.00 Undivided Profits - 525,000.00 ., New Ros S 'ftmsf-9 Indiana New Ross Grain Company Grain - Seed Feed Pertili zer Phone 8 New Ross Indiana , i w I l l l 1 Fredericks l.G.A. Fresh Meats Vegetables - Fruits Frozen Foods Phone 2 l 2 New Ross Indiana The Sportsman's Shop "We Outift Your Outfit" Athletic Equipment - Photography Supplies Sportswear Hunting Supplies - Fishing Equipment Levis - Model Supplies Crawfordsville i 'A-I 1 i I Indiana Ma plehurst Jersey Farms Milk and Ice Cream 201 South Washington Street Phone Crawfordsville Crawfordsville Indiana New Ross Lumber Company New Ross Phone 1 Indiana 16 or 60 - Bring Your Sugar To The Koffe Kup The Best In Coffee Our Food Is Hard To Beat Novelties and Package Drugs Sinclair Service - Trailer Court Independent Bottle Gas Service 2 Miles South Of Crawfordsville On U.S. 231 1 1 Baby Chix - DeKalb Seed Corn - Sorghum DeKalb Agricultural Association, Inc. Commercial Producers of DeKalb Seed Corn DeKalb Chix and DeKalb Hybrid Sorghum General Office, Dekalb, Illinois Bud Leavenworth, Plant Manager Crawfordsville Indiana Compliments Of Walter J. Harpel Producers and Processors Of Certified Seed Corn Phone Shannoudale 63 Shannondale Indiana Compliments Of The Cox Funeral Home Iames H. Cox "Dedicated To Service" 24 Hour Ambulance Service Ladoga Indiana James l. Cox General Insurance Company All Old Line Companies Ladoga Indiana Compliments Of D. R. Feathers New Ross, Indiana Day Manufacturing, Inc. Pallets, Skids, Bases Phone 171 New Ross, Indiana Crawfordsville Construction and Supply Company, lnc. Homes - Garages - Remodeling Easton Indianapolis Road Crawfordsville, Indiana Compliments Of Standard Oil Company Phone 103 Verlin Ford New Ross , Indiana Compliments Of New Ross Garage Dick Shelton New Ross, Indiana Schultz 81 Schultz The Book Store 105 N. Washington St. Crawfordsville, Indiana Tele-Center TV Sales 6: Service Zenith 6. Sylvania Amana Food Freezers Wholesale Food Service Crawfordsville, Indiana Compliments Of Redwood Inn Crawfordsville , Indiana 1 l Compliments Of The Eel River Packing Co. R.R. 1 - Jamestown Jamestown, Indiana The Jamestown Press Established In 1873 Melvin L. Hiller - Publisher Phone 1 2 1 Dutch Cleaner Pick-up Stations At Walkers - Drugstore - I.G.A. On Tuesday and Friday Jamestown , Indiana Hovenmale 84 Hedge Dependable Service At Low Cost Make Our Store Your Headquarters Phone 58 Jamestown, Indiana A. l. Houk and Son A, L. Houk - A. K. Houk Insurance Since 1 9 00 Phone Orange 6-5881 Jamestown, Indiana Phone 1 4 6 Tru-lay Block Co., Inc. Waynetown, Indiana Concrete - Lightweight - Limestone And Sandstone Blocks Aluminum Windows Waterproofing Farm Equipment International Harvester and New Idea Sales 6: Service Veatch 8: Pinkerton Phone 126 Crawfordsville, Indiana Pauls Kozy Corner Crawforasville, Indiana Compliments Of ladoga Culvert Co. Phone 12 3 Ladoga, Indiana Compliments Of Bouse Drug Store "The Prescription Store" Your Business Appreciated Phone 96 Ladoga, Indiana Barko Fertilizer, Inc. Manufacturers Of Liquid Fertilizers Phone 64 Ladoga , Indiana Compliments Cf Kessler Insurance Agency H. G. Kessler - R. O. Burgess Insurance - Real Estate Ladoga, Indiana Youngs Bros. Market Custom Butchering Custom Curing Fancy Home Killed Meats Phone 94 Ladoga, Indiana Russel E. Brown Mortuary Established 1917 Air Conditioned Chapels Oxygen Equipped 24 Hour Ambulance Service 130 South Green St. Phone 140 Crawfordsville, Indiana Whitecotton Hardware Compliments Of Sales and Service Ray Miller's Shoe Store Phone Hardware Store - 27 Service Shop - 40 Waveland , Indiana 203 E. Main Crawfordsville, Indiana Compliments Of The Borden Company For 100 Years, People Have Been Saying, "If It's Borden's, It's Got To Be Good." Crawfordsville, Indiana Shewey's Flowers Distinctive Arrangements For Every Floral Need Our Motto - Our Reputation Is Your Guarantee Of Satisfaction Located At The Modern Mart East On Highway 136 Phone Emerson 2-7305 Compliments Of Bakers Garage Jack Bakex New Ross, Indiana Medford 84 Company Public Accountants Certified Tax Accountants 312 Ben Hur Building Phone EMerson 2-4540 Crawfordsville, Indiana Compliments Of J. M. Kirtley, M.D. 416 Ben Hur Building Phone EMerson 2-4940 Crawfordsville, Indiana Compliments Of B. N. lrngaman 419 Ben Hur Building Phone EMerson Z-1005 Crawfordsville, Indiana Compliments Of Schloot Furniture Co., Inc. Crawfordsville, Indiana Corner Gift Store Crawfordsville , Indiana I I D enver Moore, Livestock Buyer Leroy Kohl, President Harris Packing, Inc. "We Solicit Your Livestock" Phone EMerson2 -2 1 40 Crawfordsville, Indiana Compliments Of Bill Hayes Quality I means so much Good Luck From Club 136 "The Home of Wimpy" Curb Service Dining Room Carry-out Service Phone Crawfordsville : Crawfordsville, Indiana Crawfordsville, Indiana I Compliments Of Englewood Berber Shop Pattisons TV and Appliances Shaves R.C.A. Whirlpool Appliances Haircuts R.C.A. Radio G Television Satisfaction Hi"F1 Crawfordsville, Indiana Antenna Supplies Easton U.S. 136 Phone EMerson 2-3016 Crawfordsville, Indiana Compliments Of Grays Poultry Phone 532 New Ross, Indiana Compliments Of Alyey Electric Shop Electrical Service - Appliances Philco - Maytag Super Flame Oil Heaters Phone 783 New Ross, Indiana A 84 M Walker Groceries 61 Meats Frozen Foods Phone 503 New Ross, Indiana Home Beauty Shop Etta Bruce Phone 413 New Ross, Indiana S M U G New Ross, Indiana New Ross Oil Company Iim Brown New Ross, Indiana Mace Grocery Phone EMerson 2-3887 Iune 6: Andy Jaeger Mace, Indiana Don 84 Jean's Place Air Conditioned Sandwiches 61 Short Orders Standard Oil and Greases Phone Crawfordsville Crawfordsville, Indiana SteeIe's Furniture Studio Antiques Furniture - Glassware - Refinishing 6 Miles East of Grawfordsville On U.S. 136 Linnsburg, Indiana Make A Habit Of Our Drive-In Theatres Ben Hur 84 C'vilIe Crawfordsville, Indiana Bantz Drug Store Reliable Prescriptions 21 East Main Street Phone EMerson 2-3040 Crawfordsville, Indiana Keneth G. Walker Funeral Home Furniture Store Air Conditioned Home Furnishings 24 Hour Rugs 6: Carpets Ambulance Service Phone 95B Phone 95A Jamestown , Indiana Compliments Of FauIkinbury's Barber Shop Advance, Indiana Herschel - Bill BeIl's The Store For Men Phone Crawfordsville Crawfordsville, Indiana Compliments Of 1ean's Beauty Shop Phone Crawfordsville Mace, Indiana Compliments Of C 84 S Radio Sewice Advance , Indiana Hoosier Beverage Compliments Of, and Ice Co. Ice Block - Cubes - Crushed Salt - Coolers Charcoal - Grills - Soft Drinks Ice Cream Freezers 1205 E. Market Crawfordsville, Indiana Parks Furniture Mart In Smartsburg 4 Miles East Of Crawfordsville On Route 32 Crawfordsville Cleaners Rush Service If Wanted 128 South Washington Street Crawfordsville Indiana Dr. Iames C. Schlosser Eddie Iv.orphew Bottled Gas B 8: Q Cafe Doug's Drive-In Boosters Union Savings and Loan Association C. O. Haffner, Dr. of Optometry Red Chaney Motorcycles McFarland 81 Miller Monument Works Henry Endicott-Cities Service Homestead Inn Brown's 54 to Sl.00 Store Welcome Inn Morris Fruit Market Ladoga Frozen Food Locker Service Service Lumber Co. Stadler Construction F. B. Graves. S. Son Drugs and Magazines Ko zy Korner Waynetown -Tile Co . The Nicholode Ceramic Studio Shotts Blacksmith Shop Tipmont R E M C Clarks Body Shop Lmmqwpma A umm my wALswon'n-I Mmm... Ma., u. s A. Grawfordsville Crawfordsville Grawfordsville Crawfordsville Crawfordsville Crawfordsville Crawfordsville Crawfordsville , Darlington , Darlington , Ladoga Ladoga Ladoga Ladoga Ladoga Ladoga New Ross New Ross Waynetown Mace New Richmond Linden, Linden Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana

Suggestions in the New Ross High School - Blue Jay Yearbook (New Ross, IN) collection:

New Ross High School - Blue Jay Yearbook (New Ross, IN) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


New Ross High School - Blue Jay Yearbook (New Ross, IN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


New Ross High School - Blue Jay Yearbook (New Ross, IN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


New Ross High School - Blue Jay Yearbook (New Ross, IN) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


New Ross High School - Blue Jay Yearbook (New Ross, IN) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 10

1958, pg 10

New Ross High School - Blue Jay Yearbook (New Ross, IN) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 19

1958, pg 19

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