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vi? A If ha, ff , 1 .. Wm.. an 5 ff: 5, 51,311 7-Q: r si 1 -4 5 '- -1.Q.x ' YZ' -al -W, A ,,..........: . , .,L,.., ff::...4.- ff". I v "'b x 1 4 jv i X1 E 8 S N 2 7 x 1 X 4 qi - .1 'ff , gg 65 .img 'Q x ,v.?'Q5g71 ,,, K' 1--w fs V QM: ' JS' . MQ '- 12? 1, M! pm w fm , g A mf, 1 - r -. ' M, In D., .W G " v. ROCKET' DIGEST M5499 QQ549? Articles of Lasting Interest To Us Edited By The I954 Dial Staff Thoughts By The Boss ................... Supt. I. L. Iverson 2 Our Most Unforgettable Characters . . . . . Faculty-Administartion 3 Wheel of Progress ............. ........... C lasses 7 For All There's Organization .... ..... O rganizations 23 Features of Rocket Life ..... .... F eatures 35 Be A Good Sp0I't ..... ....... S ports 43 With Us To The End . . . . . Contributors 56 1 I 11 mnnl K NEW aww LA TTTst T Ts L VHS 9' THOUGHTS BY THE B055 l To the Students: Greetings to the graduated class of 1954. By this time you have scattered to the four winds, so to speak. Some of you are preparing yourselves for pro- fessions that require additional schooling. A few have joined the Armed Ser- vices. Many of you have now taken your places as workers in society. But no matter where you are--your school days at Central High are now only mem ories. As individuals--if you took advantage of the many opportunities for self improvement offered to you, your memories are rich and pleasant. Most of you noticed one big change after you left high school. Gone was the prod- ding of teachers and supervisors. Now you are "on your own", and you are finding that society also insists on high standards for success. However, I have the utmost confidence in each and every one of you. Carry on in the best traditions of Central High! Welcome to you students returning to Old Central High School. We have a big year ahead--a year full of hope, promise and opportunity. It will also be a year of CHANGE. New Central is rapidly taking shape. Let us work to- gether to make this--the swan song of Old Central-the greatest year in its Colorful history. 74:7 I. L. Iverson 2 , 2 umu U D OUR MUST UNFCDRGETTABLE CHARACTERS Standing left to right: C. Kinneberg, N. Nielsen, R. Knott, V. Rieder, D.Langenes. Seated: G. Dunham, E. Mattson The members of the New Rockford School Board, numbering seven, hold a meeting at least once a month. On their shoulders fall the responsibilities and important decisions that must be made concerning the school adminis- tration. New equipment, replacement of teachers, and new ideas for improvements for the benefit of the students and the teachers are the main topics of discussion. This year, nlans for the building of the new school are the most important item of interest. Proposed New School 3 uf l ' .,., gi e 1 ,fsaF'WiuEn1i gf-1 '1..'::" ' . l l"' 4 llll lnhl A ' 'M ., ' 4 u- lu ui ' -- - . . , " .l -. , li - r l . Q . , .E r r ' ' , 'MFI -' ' ' - . ,v Mn, ,,,,, ,,,,, X , v'-, :'. I' ' , HHH u.u - u-u . ., -. . , f I.. -I " of 4 i. 4 ,L N1 f! fig I il :V Jffi 1 1 n -T-F. In N :E gi- : if Lg E531 . . H S lll' A mwfggii --L fe ' I W? 44 ' ' ng 5ifEfZE'5Ei - N, I fqlfj 2:51 I.: ' 'SA Q- 'qLI4-g4..g.g4- . iii -5"i" - - 4 Mr. I. L. Iverson, superintendent of schools, graduated from Epping, North Dakota, received his BA from St. Olaf College, and received his ME from Montana University. Six years ago he came to New Rockford from Ray, North Dakota where he was superintendent of schools. Besides his many other duties, Mr. Iverson teaches the speech class and coaches the debate teamg he also finds time for hunting and fishing in his Sp3l'C I'I1Ol'I1el'1IS . Miss Annie Gunderson, senior high principal, graduated from Valley City High School and received her BA from Valley City State Teachers College. Before coming to New Rockford six years ago,she taught at Plentywood, Montana Miss Gunderson teaches English III and IV, and has charge of the library. She is advisor to the senior class and student council,in addition to being the director of the contest readings and one act plays. Mr. Henry Aas is a graduate of Vel- va, High School and received his BA from Valley City State Teachers Col- lege. Before coming to New Rockford he was superintendent at Sharon, North Dakota. He is junior high principal and teaches world history, social science 8, physics, present day problems, and Phy. ed. One of his many outside interests is coin collecting. Miss Barbara Gunstenson is a grad- uate of Hoople High School. She at- tended four years of college atlames- town where she received her BA degree. She has no particular hobby, but in her spare time she practices the piano and gives piano lessons. Miss Gunstenson teachers junior high English and chorus, senior high mixed Chorus, small vocal groups, and is the eighth grade home room teacher. Mr. Don Thornton is a graduate of Fessenden High School. He attended four years of college at Valley City Teachers College where he received his BA degree. He tells us he likes sports of any kind for a hobby, but enjoys golf in particular. Mr. Thornton is our band director and is in charge of all instrumental music. He teaches algebra and math. Mrs. Audrey Larson is a graduate of Benson County High School in Maddock, North Dakota. She attended four years of college at the Agricultural College in Fargo where she received her BS de- gree. Her hobbies include: sewing, read- ing. and needle-work. Mrs. Larson teaches home econom- ics I, II, and Ill and is advisor of the junior class and FHA. She is also one of the head librarians. Mr. Vernon Danielson is a graduate of Abercrombie High School. After at- tending three colleges, he graduated from the Agricultural College in Fargo where he received his BS degree. His hobbies include: hunting, fishing, and woodworking. Mr. Danielson teaches bookkeeping, agricultural classes, mechanical draw- ing, general shop, and is advisor of the FFA. Mr.Neil Arntzen, a graduate of Ha- vana High School and Valley City Teachers College, spends his spare moments with sports of any kind. He attended the Nebraska University at Lincoln for twoyears and after serving in the Army came to Valley City to grad- uate. His classes run in U. S. history, world geography, social geography, phy. ed., higher algebra, and business law. He coaches our football, basketball, track, and baseball teams. Miss Shirley Nelson is a graduate of Ryder High School and Concordia Col- lege in Moorhead, Minnesota. Sewing and reading are Miss Nel- son's hobbies. Teaching typing, short- hand, journalism, and advising the Rocket and Dial staffs keep her busy. Mr. James Evanson, a graduate of Alexander Hamilton High SchoolofCul- ver City, California, and Washington State University at Pullman, spends his time collecting almost everything. He teaches geometry, chemistry, biology, and math. He directs the sen- ior and junior class plays and is sopho- more class advisor and the Science Club advisor. C 5 Miss Janet Homutn, a graduate of College High of Valley City and Valley City State Teachers College, chooses as her hobbies, tennis, golf, swimming, and reading. Teaching all girls' phy. ed., English II, and sciences '7 is her schedule for a day. She also advises the seventh grade and GAA. THOMAS OLSON ..... Tommy has been in New Rockford for 45 years. A lot of school duties fall on Tommy during the school year. He has to put up all the scenery and is in charge of the lighting for plays and con- certs. Some time ago a write up about allhis years at New Rockford School ap- peared in the Transcript. His history has also been given over the Fargo station, KFGO. We all appreciate every- thing that Tommy has done for us. l As I Stand Starry-Eyed It's Not All Work CHARLES DODDS ..... Charlie has been here for five years, but it seems so much longer and every- one thinks of him as a good friend. Anytime of the day you can see Charlie sweeping the floors or working over in the gymn. He is an especially valuable man when it comes to opening the doors of the school for those forgotten books we think about too late. f ,1 U7 -- -1' .., LT 4 j G-RADuA-UQN - succEssFuL BuslNEss n 5 0433 .. !1N n O '.f.. C ' ' WHEELS OF PRCGRESS .sig ,,- - 4- - Y fi' ROBERT CANNON "Two tone tenor" Chorus 43 Boys Quartet 45 Band 2,3,4: Football 1,2,3,4. ROBERT ERICSON "Brains and brawn can't go wrong " Student Council 3,43 Student Council Treasurer 3, Vice-Presi- dent4g Chorus l,2,3,4: Band 1,2, 3,4: Tenor Sax Soloist 1,2,3,4: Dramatlcs 35 Basketball 1,2,3,4g Football 1,2,3,4p Football Cap- tain 4g Rocket Staff 3: Dial Staff3,4g Dial Editor 4g Sax Trio 25 Track 2,3,4: Debate 2g Quill 8a Scroll 4: Baseball 4: Key to Peace Winner 3: Valedictorian. SENIORS DU WAYNE AFFELDT "Delightfully devilish" Homecoming Royalty 4. NELLIE CARLSON "Life is to live" Chorus 3,45 Dramatlcs 4. 1 ROGER CHRIST "Those happy holidays' FFA 1,2,3,4g FFA Treasurer 3, Secretary 4. 10 JOAN FRENCH To die-to sleep-no more" i MARLYS FLOWERS "Shy but not bashful" Chorus2,3: Dramatics3,4g Interpretative Reading 4g One Act Play 4. ROYCE FRA ZER "The Glenn Miller of RHS" bone Soloist 2,35 Basketball 2,3 4: One Act Play 3,4: Track 2,3 5' DARWIN HAAKENSON f "Any model will do" Dial Staff 3,4. DONNA GILLIG I work for the Wheel Supt. Iverson 's Secret ary. 11 FFA 1,2,3: Band 1,2,3,4: Trom- FFA lg Chorus 3g Football 3.4: HARRIET HENDRICKSON "The happy hot rod" GAA 4g Chorus 2,3,4g Girls Trio 4: Triple Trio 3: Band 2,3,4g Band President 4g Dramatics 3,45 Sextette 45 Sweetheart 43 Chorus Secretary 2,3,4g Dial Staff 4. JOHN IUEL "Blow man blow" Class President 2,3:Chorus 1,2,3, 45 Boys Quartet 4: Mixed Quartet 2: Vocal Soloist 3,43 Cornet Soloist 3,4: Dramatics 3,4g Bas- ketball 1,2,3,4: Football 1,2,3,4: Homecoming Royalty 4g Rocket Staff 3,4: Rocket Editor 49 Dial Staff 3,43 Cornet Ensemble 2,3, 4: Track 2,3,4g Debate 25 Quill and Scroll 45 Salutatorian. KAREN HAEDT "Me and my Studebaker" GAA 1,2,3,4g FHA lg FHA Historian 1: Student Coun- cil 4g Student Council Sec- retary 4g Chorus 2,3,4: Band Secretary 43 Dramat- ics 4: Band 2,3,4g Home- coming Queen 4g Rocket Staff 4g Dial Staff 3,4g Twirling 1,2,3,43 Quill and Scroll 4g Cheerleader 1. DAROLD HOLTEN "I'm happy in my ignorance " Chorus 3,43 Dramatics 3.4: Foot- ball 3.4: Dial Staff 4: Baseball 4. 1 l NORMAN IORE "Just Dodging around" FFA 1,2,3,4: FFA Reporter 3,45 Chorus 3,43 Football 3.4. 12 ,ir STUART KINNEBERG "Flash" StudentCouncil2: Band 1, 2,3,4: Dial Staff 4: Clari- net Quartet 4. JANICE LARSON "There are two important things in life, men and more men" Class Vice-President 4: GAA 1, 2,3,4: Chorus 2,3,4: Dramatics 4: Homecoming Royalty 3: Rocket Staff 4: Dial Staff 4: Sweetheart Attendant 4. 1 JUNE MOE "Jake 81 I are okay" Class Secretary 3: GAA 1, 2,3:FHA 1: GAA President 3: Chorus 1,2,3,4: Girls Trio 1,2,3,4: Triple Trio 1,2,3,4: Band 1,2,3,4: French Horn Soloist l,2,3, 4:Homecoming Royalty 2: Rocket Staff 4: Band Ma- jorette 1,2,3,4: Sweetheart Attendant 4 13 GARY KOLSRUD "The friendly farmer" Class Vice-President 3: FFA 1,2, 3,4: FFA President 4: Basketball 4: Rocket Staff 4. HELEN MEHLHOFF "Any old Carr will do" GAA 1,2,3,4: FHA 1: Chorus 2.4: Dramatics4: Cheerleading 4: Li- brarian 3. DENNIS NELSON "I'd like to be shy but the girls won't let me" FFA 1.3.43 Chorus 2,3,4: Rocket Staff 4: Dial Staff 4. WILLIAM ROSENBERG "A dark room dynamo" Dramatics 3.4: Football 3.4: Rocket Staff 4: Dial Staff 3.4: Debate 2 . BLAYNE MYHRE "The friendly flirt" FFA 1.2: Chorus 1,2,3.4: Boys Quartet 4: Mixed Quartet 2: Band 1,2,3.4: Baritone Soloist 1.2,3,4: Dramatics 3.4: Basketball 3: Football 1,2.3: Rocket Staff 3: Interpretative Reading4: One Act Play4: Track 2 3- Debate 2. DAVID NIELSEN "Happy when hunting" Class President 4: Class Vice- President 3: Chorus 3.4: Band 1, 2.3: Basketball 1,2,3,4: Football 1,2,3.4: Debate 4: Baseball 4: Homecoming King 4. BETTY PISTER "To be or not to be" Dramatics 3: Rocket Staft 4: Chorus 1. 14 DONALD SALMONSON "I have found interests at home" Class Secretary 45 Chorus 3,45 Boys Quartet 4: Band 1,2,3,45 Band Vice-Presi- dent 45 Clarinet Soloist 35 Dramatics45 Basketball 2, 35 Football 1,2,3,45 Dial Staff 3,45 Track 2,45 Clarinet Quartet 4 SHIRLEY SUNDBERG "Just plain Bill" Class Secretary 25 GAA 1, 2,35 FHA 15 Chorus 1,2,3, 45 Triple Trio 1,2,3,45 Girls Trio 2,3,45 Mixed Quartet 25 Alto Voice Soloist l,2,3,45 Band 1,2, 3,45 Dramatics 3,45 Home- coming Royalty 35 Rocket Staff45 Dial staff 45 Cho- rus President 45 Sax Trio 25 Sweetheart Attendant 4. NEIL TAVERNA "Lucky in love" Band 1,2,35 Basketball 1,3, 45 Football 1,3,45 Rocket Staff45 Track 1,2,45 Base- ball 4. ARDEN THOMPSON "l love no man, he is too simple" Class Vice-President 25 GAA 1,2,3,4: GAA Presi- dent 45 Vice-President 35 Student Council 3,45 Stu- dent Council President 45 Vice-President 3, Band 1, 2,3,45 Sax Trio 25 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Dramatics 3,45 Homecoming Royalty 4: Rocket Staff 45 Dial Staff 3,45 Sweetheart Attendant 4. GLORIA WHETHAM "A roving redhead" Chorus l,2,3,45 Dramatics 4. RICHARD ZIEGLER "The roving kind" FFA 1: Football 1,2,3,45 Homecoming Royalty 4. 15 IANICE ANDERSON CORDELLE BERGE RICHARD BRECTO JU ICR HARRY ANDERSON CHARLES BAIER DAVID BAUGATZ IANICE BUSS a ROLLAND CULP BRUCE DU VA LL EDWIN ELKINS SUE FUJIWARA MYRON HOFSTAD DON HOLTHE LE A NNA JOHNSON DON LABER ROGER HOLCOMB DON HOLT EN BENITA IOS UND DOREEN LEE A LICE MC CA NN DWIGHT MORITZ JANET NELSON MARILYN NESS DA LE NYSTROM MELVIN QUITT KAREN STOKES MA RLENE TONN ELVIN QUITT PHYLLIS SMITH ELEA NOR TERPENING IA NICE UTECHT HELEN WA LES BERNELL WA LZ DA VID WEBER CA ROL WEST ERHA USEN PHY LLIS ZA NDER NOT PICT URED TOM SHEPHERD in SQPHOMCRE ,P ,NL 1 ,gif .Ns vi- P K X.. Fi' ,5i Q,x X, R5 fifs C. CLARK 3 D. ANDERSON R. ANDERSON N. BERGRUD D. BIRKHOLZ ,-1. as RR Q F fi' W wwf L. BUGEE M. CHRISTIANSON L. CHRISTOPHERSON , ff' G. COOPER J. FOSTER c. HALLQUIST I. HULBERT S. HOLTZ L. IORDRE E. HULBERT R: J. KNOTT A. LARSON ff L i G LESKE S. LINDERMAN C. MICHELSEN R. MICKELSON M. NELSON A. OMOTH I. QUAMME - X' if . f. if k H, W , S. RASMUSSON G. RYBUS G . E E 1. THOMPSON ' Lg. ig, QM R. WA NGEN B. WEBER . W ' , . . 5, . 9-525. 1, 92- , . ffl' ' . - -rf- K. SAXLUND G. STONE D. THROLSON G. WESTERHAUSEN D. ZIEGLER Front row left to ri ht M . S I - Brecto, S. Baier, J. Dockter, D. Elken, I. Gillig. Second row: Mr. Aas, E. Boyer, D. Erman, P. Dunham, M. Cudworth, K. Elkins. Back row: R. Jordre, J. Buss, Q. Georgeson, P. Cannon. -fa 1 . Q 1 r . NINTH GRADE Front row, left toright: B. Sink- ler, J. Nielsen, R. Olsen, M. Owens, S. Womacks. Second row: D. Nygaard, J. Storwold, C. Tonn, D. Reisnaur. Back row: R. Terpening, R. Olson, P. Weber. Not pictured: G. El- dridge, A. Holten. ! Front row, left to right: D. Ny- gaard, A. Nelson, I. Iosund, C. Hall, l. Meier, N. Haug. Sec- ond row: I. Dockter, L. Jor- den, R. Endres, J. Knott, D. Melhouse, A. Nelson. Back row: D. Kinneberg, G. Mickel- son, M. Haedt, R. Nelson, C. lore. Class Officers President ...... J. Nielsen Vice -President .... J. Knott Secretary ....... K. Elkins Treasurer ....... A. Nelson Council Rep. ..... M. Haedt Class Advisor . Mr. Henry Aas EIGHTH GRADE Class Officers President ..... ............ . . . M. Baier Vice-President. . ........ . . M. Laber Secretary ......... ....... N . West Treasurer ........ . . . .......... R. Saxlund Council Representative. . . ........... S. Austin Class Advisor ........ . . . Miss Barbara Gunstenson Front row, left to right: B. Berge, R. Christianson, G. Carl- son, V. Jenson, R. Tonn, H. Zander, O. Blomquist, I. Dock- ter. Second row: L. Wangen, L. Dodds, K. Adams, J. Olson, L. Michaelson,J. Valer, B. De- sizlets, Miss Homuth. Third row: V. Dockter, B. Lyman, G. Allmaras, M. Anderson, G. Larson,C. Gillig, G. Sundberg, S. Walz. Back row: R. Kihl- strom, J. Erickson, F. Miller, S. Jordan, J. Hendrickson, B. Clark. Not Pictured: J. Dun- ham. Front row, left to right: D. Valer, J. Johnson, M. McCann, L. Stenseth, K. Anderson, W. Salmonson. Second row: D. Brecto, S. Haas, D. Desizlets, S. Austin, M. Hanson, E. Her- da, Miss Gunstenson. Third row: I. Dunham, L. Satterlund, N. West, J. Jones, M. Baier, A. Weisenburger. Back row: M. Wangen, L. Frazer, G. Affeldt, R. Saxlund, S. Quitt. Not pic- tured: M. Laber, J. Olsen, R. Tillapaugh. SEVE TH GR DE Class Officers President ........ ............ . . . L. Wangen Vice-President ........ . . R. Kihlstrom Secretary Treasurer ...... . ..... J. Hendrickson Council Representative .... ........ L . Wangen Class Advisor. . .. ...... . . Miss Janet Homuth QQQXQNNE M H179 Qvli x Cx :JAH-5' Ifw 'N fa -v 04, orb 4 Fw HORX7- qdglihp l'F'MK 15 Q Ox' ' f' N C .. l ' NEW ROCK!-'ago T . -I msn SCh00L Q ' ',. BHNDP Cfx ' 'Y Z f Q fHQH Q CONCERT Front row, left to right: E. Beauclair, D. Salmonson, S. Kin- neberg, C. Berge, J. Nielsen. Second row: I. Anderson, S. Haas, M. Owens, J. Olsen, D. Lee, J. Moe, K. Stokes. Third row: L. Johnson, 1. Jones, G. Mickelson, J. Olson, M. Baiers, R. Olson, D. Anderson, R. Mickelson. Fourth row: I. Knott, N. Hang, M. Haedt, G. Westerhausen, G. Stone, B. Cannon. Mr. Don Thornton Director The fifty-five piece Concert Band under the direction of Mr. Donald Thornton end- ed a very successful year by attaining a highly superior PLUS rating at the District Contest. This rating only added to New Rockford's prestige as one of the top bands in the state. The contest was a part of New Rockford's schedule iiii A- which also included a Christmas concert and a spring concert. The Pep band played at every home basketball game and at pep rallies. Brass Ensemble Left to right: John Juel, Roland Culp, Robert Mickelson, Gary bes- ke. 24 BAD From row, left to right: E. Herda, M. Nelson, F. Beauclair, L. Bugbee. Second row: K. Haedt, L. Frazer, D. Melhouse, H. Wales, A. Thompson, S, Sundberg. Third row: G. Leske, R. Culp, J. Iuel, H. Hendrickson, B. DuVa1l, 1. Hendrickson, R. Ericson. Fourth row: B. Myhre, R. Nelson, R. Olsen, S. Beauclair, N. West, M. Hofstad, D. Holthe,R. Frazer. Standing: J. Knott, D. Kinne- berg. Twirlers: Kneeling left to right: Janice Anderson, Cor- delle Berge, LeAnna Johnson. Standing: June Moe, Drum majorette. The Marching Band also proved its rating as one of the top in the state by marching at Homecoming and at the District Basketball Tournament. Woodwind Ensemble Competing for .the band were eleven soloists and two ensembles. Nine solo- ists and the ensembles con- tinued to the State Contest at Grand Forks. A total of thirteen seniors have grad- uated from the band. Left to right: Donald Salmonson, Stuart Kinneberg, Susan Haas, Marianne Owens. 25 NSTRLIME T LSOLGISTS n R o b e r t E r i c s o n, Tenor Saxophone Blayne Myhre, Baritone June Moe, French Horn . J J John Juel, Coronet Janice Anderson, Twirler Loretta Bugbee, Flute Janelle Knott, Snare Drum Jackie Nielsen, Piccolo Roderick Olsen, Trombone Milton Haedt, Sousaphone Susan Haas, Clarinet 26 CCAL GROUP A DSOLOISTS Alto Soloist Senior High Trio 1' Shirley Sundberg Ma le Quartet Pictured, left to right: Harriet Hendrickson, Shir- ley Sundberg, June Moe. Standing, left to right: John Juel, Donald Salmon- son, Blayne Myrhe, Robert Cannon. Bass Soloist D f ,f John Juel Iunior High Trio Soprano Soloist Helen Wales Stand ing, left to right: Beverly Sinkler, Joan Dock- ter, Jackie Nielsen. CGNCERT get 5. 3 at is A A f 5 Front row, left to right: A, Holten, J. Nielsen, D. Lee, I. Quamme, J. Foster, J. Nelson, S. Sundberg. Second row: L. Bugbee, S. Holtz, C. Halquist, C. Clark, J. Larson, H. Wales, H. Hendrickson. Third row: R. Nelson, A. Larson, C. Michelsen,J. Iuel, J. Anderson, G. Rybus, J. Utecht. Back row: D. Holthe, R. Ericson, R. Mickle- son, D. Nelson, D. Salmonson, M. Hofstad, H. Anderson. Junior High Choir Back row, left to right: K. Anderson, S. Jordon, M. Wangen, J. Dunham, G. Affeldt, R. Saxlund, S. Quitt, D. Disizlets. Fourth row: L. Stenseth, M. Hanson, S. Austin, B. Clark, V. Docter, I. Satterlund, A. Weisenburger, F. Miller, J. Johnson. Third row: G. Larson, C. Gillig, G. Sundberg, D. Brecto, S. Walz, J. Erickson, R. Kihlstrom, M. McCann, W. Salmonson, . Second row: J. Dockter, K. Adams, B. Desizlets, L. Michaelson, I. Valer, B. Luman, G. Allmaras, M. Anderson, Miss Barbara Gunstenson. Front row: B. Berge, R. Christianson, G. Carlson, V. Jenson, O. Blomquist, H. Zander, R. Tonn, L. Wangen, L. Dodds, D. Valer. 28 HCIR Front row, left to right: G. Whetham,N. Carlson, D. Elken, K. Elkins, J. Moe, M. Owens, C. Berge, B. Sinkler. Second row: E. Hulbert, L. Thompson, K. Haedt, A. Thompson, J. Knott, K. Stokes, J. Knott, M. Nelson. Third row: K. Saxlund, A. McCann, M. Tonn, I. Hubert, L. Johnson, B. Cannon, D. Holten, P. Cannon. Back row: B. Myrhe, N. Jore, D. Boe, M. Haedt, B. DuVall, D. Nielsen, R. Olson, G. Leske. The sixty-one voice choir is recruited from the freshmen, sophomore,ju.nior,and senior classes. The group meets three days a week and is under the di- rection of Miss Barbara Gunstenson. Miss Doreen Lee is the accompanist. At Christrnas and in the Spring the chorus gave their two annual concerts. They partici- pated in the Devils Lake Contest and - received a highly superior rating. This is the first acappella choir we have had in the history of the school. Accomplishing much during the year, it proved to be a great suc- cess. Left to right: Beverly Sinkler, Cordelle Berge, Jackie Nielsen, June Moe, Shirley Sundberg, and Harriet Hen- drickson. 29 Miss Barbara Gunstenson Girls' Sextet director District Tourney Rockets Slated March 4, 5, 6 To Face Harvey At Carrington Or Carrington Tfi5i,'r?iifir-Tvim 'W NEW Rockman qN.D.y HIGH SCHOOL, FEBRUARY 15, 1954 Numbe 4 JQUR ALISM CLASS RESPONSIBLE The Rocket Staff is made up of mostly jour- nalism students who spend their class periods writing stories for the paper. Miss Shirley Nelson Six papersa year are published by the staff FDR ROCKET THE ROCKET p Vol. 8 NEW ROCKFORD, N. D., FEB. 15, 1954 No. 4 1121113151:-iznv .Z-2 Lili-QQ AIMS OF THE ROCKET O Enjoyment of the Students 9 Promote Ideals of Democracy O Develop Initiative and Original Thinking 0 Create a Link Between the Home and the School Ad mo' Enrron ............... .....,................................... J oHN N. JUEL Ass't. Editor ...... . .........., Janice Utecht Feature Editor ..............................,...., Arden Thompson Fashion Editor ...............,........r......................... June Moe through the local Trans - cript. Doing a fine job, John Juel, has edited the Roc - ket during the past year with Miss Nelson acting as advisor. 1 Sports Editors , .... Neil Taverna and Gary Kolsrud Business Manager .,..... ........... . .. ........ Bill Rosenberg Circulation Managers Karen Haedt and Janice Larson REPORTERS Shirley Sundberg, Alice McCann, Betty Pister, Dennis Nelson, David Baugatz. ADVISOR ......... .. ,... . SHIRLEY ANN NELSON Positions for the paper are picked by Miss Nel- son at the beginning of the year. Each student is al- lowed to print his own John Juel Editor view of the stories as- signed him. When the staff isn't making a Rocket, Miss Nelson keeps them busy learning how to write and construct stories of all types. Front row, left to right: J. Moe,N. Taverna, A. Thompson. J. Utecht, I. Juel, G. Kolsrud. Back row: B. Pister, B. Rosenberg. J. Larson, K. Haedt, D. Nelson, S. Sundberg, A. McCann, D. Baugatz, Miss Nelson. 30 DIAL STAFF Miss Nelson A dvisor Front row, left to right: K. Haedt, D. Lee. L. Johnson, C. Berge,M. Ness, H. Wales, A. McCann. Second row: H. Hen- drickson, K. Stokes, S. Sundberg, B. Myhre, H. Anderson, A. Thompson, J. Larson, J. Utecht. Third row: MissS. Nelson, I. Anderson, D. Salmonson, D. Nelson, D. Haakenson, D. Holten, S. Kinneberg, M. Hofstad, R. Ericson, D. Nielsen, W. Rosenberg. J. Juel, B. DuVall. The Dial Staff this year worked long and hard to produce a superior Dial. They all spent their spare time to bring this book to you. We will let you draw the conclusions as to their l success. Editor Robert Ericson The editor this year was Robert Ericson with Alice McCann as assistant editor. John Juel presided as business manager with Harry Anderson as his assistant. The artist for our annual this year was Darwin Haakenson. Circulation manager was Karen Haedt, QUILL A ND SCROLL Quill and Scroll is the Interna- tional Honorary Society for High Schoollourna lists. There are both scholastic and journalistic re- quirements to meet by its candi- dates. We have three charter mem- bers: Robert Ericson, Karen Haedt, and John Juel. Miss Nel- son is their advisor. There will be an initiation next fall for junior members. Standing, left to right: Robert Ericson, Miss Nelson, John JueL Seated: Karen Haedt, 31 TUDE. T COUNCIL Back row, left to right: L. Wangen, M. Haedt, S. Autin, R. Mickelson, G. Westerhausen. Front row: H. Ander- son, 1. Utecht, R. Ericson, A. Thompson, K. Haedt, MissGunderson,Advisor. Our Student Council is another fine activity sponsored by the students ofNew Rockford High School: The Coun- cil includes ten members which are voted in by the entire junior and senior high. Membership is based on one member for the seventh, eighth, and ninth grade classes. Two for the sophomore and Juniors and the seniors have three with the president inclusive. Officers were A. Thompson, president, R. Ericson, vice-president, J. Utecht, treasurer, K. Haedt, secretary. The Council sponsored a clothing drive, a safe driving project, which is in the making, and the Winter Formal. A special period is held every two weeks for Student Council meetings. WINTER FORMAL OF 1953 .is ty.. 32 Meyer, R. Holcomb, C. Tonn, G. Cooper, R. Endres, R. Nelson. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Back row, left to right: B. Walz, A. Omoth, G. Kolsrud, D. Throlson, N. Jore,Q.Jorgenson. Third row: A. Larson, D. Anderson, P. Weber, M. Haedt, D. Nelson, R. Wangen, R. Terpening. Second row: R. Jordre, B. Weber, L. Jordre, R. Christ, D. Laber, V. Danielson, Advisor. Seated: R. Olsen, L. There were twenty-five members in Future Farmers of America this year. Their team ranked first in the judging of Brown Swiss Cattle at the Dairy Show in Jamestown. Asaresult of their good work throughout the year, they took a trip to Garrison. Serving as preside nt last year was Gary Kolsrud as- sisted by Donald Laber, vice-president, Norman Jore, reporter, Darrell An- derson, treasurerg Roger Christ, secretary, Lorren Jordre, sentinelg and Dan- iel Throlson, officer-at- large. Mr. Vern Danielson serves as their advisor. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Last fall the Future Homemakers of America attended the district rally at Jamestown. They have an annual Christmas party. At Easter they made tray favors for the hospital. The officers for this year were: Ihlys Hulbert, pres- identg Marianne Owens, vice-president, Janet Knott, secretary, Ann Hol- ten, treasurerg Darlene El- kins, historian, and Laura Christopherson, reporter. Back row, left to right: E. Terpening, I. Hulbert, J. Knott, S. Rasmusson, A. Mc Cann, J. Utecht, L. Jordan, J. Dockter. Third row: L. Johnson, C. Iore, E. Boyer,I. Storwell, P, Dunham, D. Erman, E. Hulbert, A. Nelson, E. Smith. Second row: S. Womacks, S. Baier, M. Cudworth, A, Nelson, K. Elkins, D. Melhouse, D, Nygaard, Mrs. Larson, advisor. Front row: M. Owens, C. Hall, J. Josund, L. Christopherson, D. Elken, J. Nielsen, M. Brecto, B. Sinkler, I. Gillig. 33 - AQ Back row, left to right: G. Leske, S. Fujiwara, A, Larson, C. Michelsen, D. Anderson, G. Stone, R. Anderson, Mr. Even- son, Advisor. Front row: S. I-lo1tz,I. Quamme, J. Knott, L. Bugbee, R. Wangen, R. Mickel- SOD. of LAO s DEB TE Back row, left to right: C. Michelsen, I. L. Iverson, Coach Front row: K. Saxlund, D. Niel- sen, J. Foster, SCIENCE CLLIB A ll 3. is 5 u 2 E is K. . , . 5 in L, Jia' 95 . . Backrow,lefttoright: M.Moe, L. Thompson, J. Anderson, K. Stokes,J. Foster, S. Rasmusson, H. Hendrickson, K. Haedt, I. Hulbert, A. Thompson, S. Sund- berg. Fourth row: D. Lee, A. Mc Cann, M. Christiansen, J. Utecht, L. Johnson, J. Dunham, J. Knott, E. Hulbert, L. Frazer, C.Clark. Third row: J. Knott, I.Jones,K. Elkins, I. Mehlhoff, M. Baier, J. Moe, I. Larson, K. Saxlund, S. Austin, S. Baiet, B. Josund. Second row: Miss Homuth, Advisor, C. Hallquist, D. Birkholz, A. Weisenburger, B. Clark, J. Hendrickson, M. Owens, L. Christopherson, S. Haas, E. l-lerda, D. Desizlets. Front row: J. Quamme, C. Berge, L. Bugbee, J. Nielsen, L. Stenseth, M. McCann, K. Anderson, I. Johnson, J. Olson, K. Adams, G. Carlson, R. Christianson. fi 4' ff F IURSS Ur HUCKXEUIT , 1 I 1 1 N' 1, f U King David and Queen Karen HOMECCMI G OF l953 Chosen for the 1953 homecoming theme was "Oil" Complying with homecoming rules, all the girls wore skirts and sloppy shirts, while the boys wore jeans, sloppy shirts, and boots. Taking honors in the homecoming parade were the juniors with their first prize floatg the sophomores took second, and the seniors placed third. Elected to reign over the homecoming festivities were King David Nielsen and Queen Karen Haedt. Attending the Queen were: Jan- ice Anderson, Arden Thompson, and Shirley Holtz, who were escorted by John Juel, Du- Wayne Affeldt, and Richard Ziegler. During the half of the New Rockford-Leeds homecoming game, the King and Queen were crowned, and the Queen and her Court were presented with corsages. To conclude a successful homecoming which began the preceding night with the snake dance, New Rockford won their homecoming game Z6 to 6 over Leeds. Following the game ahomecoming dance was held in the basement of the gymnasium. Junior float Back row, left to right: Janice Anderson, DuWayne Affeldt, Arden Thompson, John Juel, Shirley Holtzg seated: Queen Karen Haedt and King David Nielsen. The royal couple is crowned 2 . The royal court , 0 E-ACT PLAY CAST Front row, left to right: B. Myhre and J, Utecht, Back row: M. Flowers, R. Frazer, and Miss Gunderson, director. This year New Rockford again competed in the one -act play contest at Devils Lake. The contest was held earlier this year than last year, so practice began late in January. "The Giant's Stair" was the name of the play chosen by the di- rector, Miss Annie Gunderson. Holding character roles in the play were Marlys Flowers as Til, a mentally unbalanced womang Janice Utecht took the part of Mrs. Weatherbum, Til's older sisterg Royce Frazer had the part of Mr. Bane, the sheriff concerned with the disappearance of Mrs. Weatherburn's husbandg with Blayne Myhre taking the part of the prosecuting attorney. Superior. the highest rating awarded in the one- act play division, was attained for Central High for the production of "The Glam S Stan' Maryls Flowers Interest in inter- pretative reading ran high with four entrants ISHS! FOSICY participating in the contest held at Devils Lake on February 17. Blayne Myhre was the only boy entrant from New Rockford, and he lwas awarded the only highly superior in the New Rock- ford group. Blayne's reading was "The Explorer" by Rudyard Kipling. Two su- periors were attained by New Rockford participants. One was given to Janet Foster for her excerpt from "A Man Called Peter" by Katherine Marshallg the other was obtained by Janice Utecht on her selection "The Murder of Lidice" by Edna Millay. A rating of excellent was attained by Marlys Flowers on her reading "White Cliffs' by Alice Duet Miller. Janice Utecht Blayne Myhre 37 Front row, left to right: J, An- derson, H, Wales, I. Nelson, D. Lee, I. Utecht, A. Mc Cann, Second row, left to right: C. Westerhausen, K. Stokes, M. Quitt, H. Anderson, M. Hofstad, M. Tonn, E. Terpening. Back row, left to right: D. Weber, D. Nystrom, R. Culp, D. Labor, D. Holthe, D. Holton, D. Boe, B. DuVall, Mr. Evenson, director. JLI ICR CLASS PLAY The Junior Class Play, "You Can't Take It With You," held Tuesday, No- vember 24, 1954, was a great success. This group consisted of eighteen jun- iors who worked hard with Mr. James Evenson for their accomplishment. The Senior Class Play, "You Can't Kiss Caroline," was held on Tuesday, April 6, 1954. Taking the leads were Shirley Sunclberg as Caroline and Den- nis Nelson as Joe. Fifteen students, under the direction of Mr. James Even- SENIOR CLASS PLAY Front row, left to right: H. Hen- drickson,J. Larson, H. Mehlhoff, G. Whetham, N. Carlson. Second row, left to right: D. Salmonson, K. Haedt, A. Thompson, S, Sund- berg, M. Flowers, B. Myhre, B. Ericson. Back row, left to right: Mr. Evenson, director, D. Niel- sen, D. Holten, D. Nelson, N. lore, G. Kolsrud, S. Kinneberg, I. Iuel, R. Christ. Junior Class President and Date Grand March SENIGR FESTIVITIE The First Lutheran Church of New Rockford was the scene of the Junior-Senior banquet which was held on Saturday evening May 15. Centerpieces made as richshays, Chinese men on nutcups, and menus written in Chinese carried out the Chinatown theme. A welcome was given by Junior class president David Boe, and responded to by Senior class president David Nielsen. Mr, Mattson, president of the borad of education, and Supt, I. L. Iverson congratulated the departing Seniors. Janice Larson and Janice Utecht gave a humorous side to the program by their few words on the "Class of '54". At 9:15 p.m. dancing to Eugene Kahn's band began in the gymnasium decorated with a blue crepe paper ceiling and walls of rock paper. At the end of the room were cherry trees, banking the stage where punch was served. leading the grand march of 45 couples was David Boe and his date, followed by David Nielsen and his date. Thirty-one seniors took part in a class night that followed a musical theme entitled, "A MUSICAL TOUR OF THE UNITED STATES," Giving the talented class a chance to show their ability in the musical field in which they were so outstanding. Some comical acts were also presented. Following this awards were given to members of the class, June Moe received the Music Award: Arden Thompson, the Citizenship Award, Bob Ericson the valedictory and the Faculty Award, John Juel the salutatory Award and the North Dakota Bar Association Consti- tution Award. Senior Service was held on May 23, in the high school auditorium. The sermon was given by Rev. R. S, jones who stressed the three most important things of life: time, memory, and kindness. The chorus sang several re- ligious songs. Following the services, the senior mothers held a reception in the home economics room. On May 27, graduation exercises were held. The speaker for the service was Roy Swenson of Dickinson. Rev. Elmer West gave invocation and benediction at the service. Presentment of the diplomas was made by Mr. N. B. Nielsen. Playing the processional and recessional was the band, Senior members of the a cappella choir sang "Halls of Ivy". Robert Ericson gave the valedictory speech, John Juel the salutatory speech. While the class motto was "He conquers who conquers himself", their colors were blue and silver, and the class flower, the white rose. I i Award Winner Class Night Hepcats 39 CLASS VCYAGE History FRESHMEN After a short but enjoyable summer we, the freshman class of 1950, said "Bon Voyage" as we started the longjourney across the Sea of Education on the good ship New Rockford High School. Our captain that year, Neil Taverna, had a first mate named Gary Kolsrud. Steward to the Student Council was Donald Dahlquist, and Royce Frazer was the log keeper. Mr. Stuckenbruck had the job of pilot. We had a large class of 45 members. Cne of our many activities as freshmen was the annual initiation party for all new members in the junior high. Supporting the B team at their basketball games were Karen Haedt, June Moe, Myrnice Berge, and Connie Michelsen. This year we were eligible to join the concert choir. SCDPHCDMCDRES After a quiet voyage on the first leg of the journey across the Sea of Edu- cation, we advanced in seamanship rating to sophomores. The wonder ofthe advancement was a change in scenery from the lower deck to the sun-baked upper deck with seniors and juniors. The second leg of our journey proved to have a few spots of roughweather in the English ll department. Our captain this eventful year was John Juel who presided over a class of 40 members. The helpful first mate was Arden Thompson with Shirley Sund- berg as the log keeper. Our all important steward of the Student Council was Stuart Kinneberg. The pilot of this educational course was Mr. Rhoades. Among our many activities were the chorus, band, dramatics, and all types of athletic endeavors. That year as a part of our contribution to the homecoming festivities we elected June Moe as our homecoming attendant. In the musical department we had many band members and a large number of chorus members. June Moe and Shirley Sundberg were members of the girls trio. Band soloists were Royce Frazer, Blayne Myhre, Bob Ericson, and June Moe. JLINIORS Finally the big year has arrived and we entered our little boat as juniors. Big plans were held for us this year. We had to sponsor the prom, a class play, and were involved in many extra curricular activities. All this and still maintaining passing marks put us to a real test. Again leading us over the sea was Captain John Juel. His first mate was David Nielsen, with June Moe as log keeper and Connie Michelsen as money holder. Mrs. Larson was our pilot. We presented as our class play, "We Shook the Family Tree," and sold pop at all the games. June Moe led our band as majorette. John Juel, Royce Frazer, June Moe, Blayne Myhre, Bob Ericson, and Don Salmonson were band soloists. Blayne, Bob, and Don all rated highly superior at the district contest. The band got highly superior at both the district and state contests. 40 Janice Larson and Shirley Sundberg had the honor of being homecoming attendants. We were allowed two representatives from our class on the Student Coun- cil. They were Arden Thompson and Bob Ericson. Royce Frazer turned dramatic and went out for the one-act contest play which got superior Kthe highest rating given, at both the district and state con- tests. Myrnice Berge rated highly superior in her reading and Connie Michelsen rated highly superior in her extemporaneous speech at both the district and state contests. Many of the boys went out for the basketball and football teams. Connie Michelsen and Harriet Hendrickson were chosen to attendGirls State at Grand Forks and Connie was given the honor of attending Girls Nation in SENIORS At last we reached the highest rating in seamanship that could be bestowed upon us, the title of Seniors. This last trip was the closing leg of our long journey across the rough Sea of Education. David Nielsen was the captain. Janice Larson worked as first mate and Donald Salmonson filled the log. We were allowed three members in the Stu- dent Council. Arden Thompson was chosen the president. Bob Ericson and Karen Haedt were regular members. Miss Gunderson was our pilot. Blayne Myhre won highly superior in his reading at the contest and Royce Frazer, Marlys Flowers, and Blayne Myhre acted in the one-act contest play, "The Giants'Stair," which rated superior, the highest rating given to any plays at the contest. Many of the boys went out for basketball again this year. David Nielsen was chosen captain, with John Juel, Bob Ericson, Royce Frazer, Neil Taverna, and Gary Kolsrud as seniors on the team. Despite arainy evening the school had its annual homecoming snake dance and bonfire. The students voted Karen Haedt and David Nielsen the king and queen. Their senior attendants were Arden Thompson and John Juel. We trounced the Leeds Lions 26-6 on the ship's stadium. Feeling victorious, we held a dance at the gym. This year for the first time we had a St. Valentine Day dance and elected a Sweetheart. Supt. I. L. Iverson announced that Harriet Hendrickson was the Sweetheart and presented her with a box of candy and a bouquet of roses. Many students from our class participated in the band and chorus. At the contests the chorus got highly superior. The boys quartet, made up of senior boys, rated highly superior. The girls trio, made up of senior girls, rated sup- erior. The band got the honors this year with highly superior plus. There were twelve seniors in band. The senior soloists who rated highly superior were June Moe, Blayne Myhre, Bob Ericson. John Juel rated superior. Our theme for class night was a "Musical Tour of the United States." Representing our class as valedictorian is Bob Ericson, John Juel is salu- tatorian. Our class flower is the white rose: our class colors, blue and silverg and the class motto: "He Conquers Who Conquers Himself." We stand at attention aboard ship to receive our honorable discharge from high school to close this section of the history of the Class of '54, Washington, D. C . 41 CLASS WILL We the Seniors of Central High School, City of New Rockford, County of Eddy, State of North Dakota, being of sound mind and memory, do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament, hereby revoking any will or wills heretofore made by us. I, DU WAYNE AFFELDT, will my tumbling ability to Richard Brecto. I, BOB CANNON, will my National Guard rank of Private E-l to Bernell Walz. I, NELLIE CARLSON, will my many nights at Tiffany Hall to Helen Wales. I, ROGER CHRIST, will my ability to have make-up slips in on time to Alice McCann. I, BOB ERICSON, will my 'hot' sax to Guy Lombardo. I, MARLYS FLOWERS, will my long walk to school to Rolland Culp. I, ROYCE FRAZER, will my ability to high jump to Myron Hofstad. I, JOAN FRENCH, will my catnaps in English to Sue Fujiwara. I, DONNA GILLIG, will my long hours in the office to Gary Westerhausen. I, DARWIN HAAKENSON, will my "Merry Olds" to Roger Holcomb. I, KAREN HAEDT, will my white barn to basketball lovers. I, HARRIET HENDRICKSON, will my patience with boys to Doreen Lee. I, DAROLD HOLTEN, will my ability to get along with teachers to Robert Mickelson. I, NORMAN JORE, will my Phy. Ed. brand of basketball to Harry Ander- SOD.. I, JOHN JUEL, will my golden-throated cornet to Louie Armstrong. I, STUART KINNEBERG, will my physics know-how to Charles Baier. I, GARY KOLSRUD, will my record to be on time to typing II to Marilyn Ness. I, JANICE LARSON, will my late nights at school to Marlene Tonn. I, HELEN MEHLHOFF, will my work in the ag. office to Melvin Quitt. I, JUNE MOE, will my sober expression to Bruce DuVall. BLAYNE MYHRE, will my rust free vocal cords to Marjorie Nelson. DENNIS NELSON, will my long hours at the piano to Dwight Moritz. I, DAVID NIELSON, will my debating ability to David Boe. I. T, 42 I, BETTY PISTER,will my double negatives for developing to Janice Buss. I, BILL ROSENBERG, will my curly hair to the Toni Company for research. I, DON SALMONSON, will my motorcycle to anyone daring enough to ride it. I. SHIRLEY SUNDBERG, will my vocal talent to Donald Holten. I, NEIL TAVERNA, will my prolonged study periods to Edwin Elkins. I, ARDEN THOMPSON, will my magnetic personality to Phyllis Smith. I, GLORIA WHETHAM, will my trips to Montana to Phyllis Zander. I, DICK ZIEGLER, will my love for school to David Weber. - We, the Seniors of 1954 leave: To Superintendentl. L. Iverson, the H-Bomb to aid him in controlling Cen- tral High next year. 5 To Miss Gunderson, our knowledge of English. To Mr. Aas, all the ties in the world. To Mr. Thornton, our extra bump and sour notes. To Mr. Arntzen, an ll-man football team for next year. To Miss Nelson, our typewriting crumbs for her scrap book. To Miss Gunstenson, happiness in her new life. To Mrs. Larson, one undamaged new Ford. To Mr. Danielson, a new school bus. To Mr. Evanson, an air-conditioned chemistry room. To Miss Homuth, a class of hard studying seventh graders. To the seventh grade, all the slightly used, forgotten wads of gum under the assembly desks. To the eighth grade, our ability to obey orders the first time they are is- sued. To the freshman, our ability to put on plays. To the sophomores, our good manners, generosity, and good looks. To the juniors, our success of our high school days. To Charlie Dodd, all the black heel marks left on newly polished floors To Tommy Olson, an automatic rope puller for the 8:30 and 12:45 signals. To the school board, an additional ten feet of land for the new school. Signed, the Class of '54 Charles Dodds and Thomas Olson, Witnesses 43 CLASS POEM We bring you the class of '54, A group we know you do adore, Meet this our gang: we're full of cheer We know that we'll soon begin a career. First comes our president, so gay and so willing, With David Nielsen our class needs no billing. Our beaming vice-president is always on hand, She's Janice Larson, a leader so grand. Don Salmonson comes next, secretary-treasurer With Janice around he's in a "dizz." Mr. Salutatorian, we address John Juelg That cornet he plays is the envy of the school. Karen Haedt we named as Homecoming Queen: The convertible she rides in is really a dream. Arden Thompson is student council president On her judgment we are dependent. Bob Ericson, valedictorian by name, With his singing saxophone he'll ride on to fame. June Moe, drum majorette so grand, Does beautiful work when she leads the band. Helen Mehlhoff, our cheerleader so small, When it comes to pep, she's really on the ball. Stuart Kinneberg, a photographer of fame, Uses "Spasmodic" for his middle name. Joan French, our dark-haired gal, In dictation and typing, she's really a pal. Neil Taverna, a bridegroom-to-be, To June's happiness, he holds the key. Richard Ziegler is in the same class, He's deeply in love with a Dunseith lass. Darold Holten, so beaming and bright, Using big words is his delight. Gloria Whetham, our only red-heady To Melvin Koplin is soon to be wed. Royce Frazer chose Navy career, He leaves Bev on shore to shed a tear. 44 he is Gary Kolsrud lives a block from school He has trouble getting to typing, as a rule. Darwin Haakensen, attendant at the Service Station Will pick art for his occupation. Norman Jore, our football star, Could block and tackle either near or far. Roger Christ is a farmer of fame, But for make-up slips he's earned quite a name. Shirley Sundberg, our much famed alto, Would much rather to Oberon go. Betty Pister, our three-year student In speech class her talks are often affluent. Dennis Nelson acted in the Senior Play, All girls would be banished if he had his way. Blayne Myhre, our big time singer, When it comes to "monkey shines," he's a "humdinger Harriet Hendrickson, our Valentine Sweetheart, ln chorus, she's outstanding in her part. Donna Gillig, secretary to the superintendent, On skating she really is dependent. Billy Rosenberg, our photographer bright, Likes his "dark rooms" better than light. Marlys Flowers, our dramatic "Til," When it comes to acting, she fits the bill. Nellie Carlson, so demure and so trim, You never see her without a grin. Bob Cannon, a mechanic so bright, Works on his car both day and night. DuWayne Affeldt pitches so fast You never see the ball when it goes past. This is our story: This is our taleg We'd like to admit That we didn't fail To keep our school spirit Strong, bright, and high, We cherish all memories of years gone by. 45 CLASS PROPHECY Strange things happen to us sometimes, and mysterious gifts are apt to fall "out of everywhere" into our hands just when we least expect them. Even though I said I would never again be surprised at anything, I was willing to take back my words whenanewspaper dropped into my lap from out of nowhere. You can't imagine my amazement when I read the name and date--"New Rock- ford Transcript--May 27, 1964." Where did it come from? And what did it signify to me? I never could stand suspense, especially when means of satisfying my cur- iosity were right at hand. I opened the paper quickly and from the records of ten years yet to come here are some of the things I read concerning the where- abouts of the seniors of 1954: DU WAYNE AFFELDT has taken over Willie Hopp's place as world billiards champion. BOB CANNON is a tenor in the Metropolitan Opera. NELLIE CARLSON is owner of Tiffany Hall. ROGER CHRIST is manager of the new Farmers' Onion Oil Company. BOB ERICSON has disproved Einstein's theory. MARLYS FLOWERS is a model for Madame DeSelle's Ready-To-Wear in Gup- til. ROYCE FRAZER is the new owner of Sundberg's Paint and Linoleum store. JOAN FRENCH is the star of her own TV show---"My Friend Frenchie." DONNA GILLIG is a secretary for the President of the United States. DARWIN HAAKENSON is the chief tire-patcher for the Cities Service Station. KAREN HAEDT is the new "star" in the "All-Bright" show. HARRIET HENDRICKSON is the first woman in the FBI. DAROLD HOLTEN is the budget manager for Archie Campbell's Construction. NORMAN JORE is coach of the All-American Redheads. JOHN JUEL is the vocalist for the Hormel All Girls Orchestra. STUART KINNEBERG is the chief photographer for the I-C-U-2 Magazine. GARY KOLSRUD is trying to make Fords go past 90 miles per hour. JANICE LARSON is the first lady mayor of Bremen. HELEN MEHLHOFF is the first lady Casanova--Her motto, "Love 'Em and Leave 'Em." JUNE MOE is the wife of the famous coach for the Barlow Bombers. BLAYNE MYHRE is the inspiring president of the Silence Club. DENNIS NELSON is still running away from the girls. DAVID NIELSEN is the fashion designer for Marilyn Monroe. BETTY PISTER is a rancher's wife at Melville. BILL ROSENBERG is a photographer for the "Peep" Magazine. DON SALMONSON is test driver for jet-motorcycles. SHIRLEY SUNDBERG is the new TV star of "Just Plain Bill." NEIL TAVERNA is coach of the Barlow Bombers. ARDEN THOMPSON is star of the new show, "I Love Men." GLORIA WHETHAM is the author of that best-seller--"I Love Melvin." RICHARD ZIEGLER is the owner of the new bus line between New Rockford and Dunseith. These are the things I have found most interesting. I have been glad to pass them on to you and share with you this remarkable discovery of mine. I hope it may answer for you, as satisfactorily as it has for me, the all-im- portant question, "What is going to become of the Class of l954?" 46 MQ! 'Y f l 00 AX Q ,ff J' 195 , II .hx 'I 55 'J K if X ,L -- O f 1 W ' gli xx Y 1 FOOTBALL I953 Front row, left to right: D. Ziegler, P. Cannon, D. Holten, N. Taverna, R. Ziegler, D. l-lolthe, D. Holten, W. Rosenberg, D. Moritz. Second row, left to right: G. Westerhausen, R. Ericson, D. Kinneberg, D. Nielsen, D. Haakenson, M, Quitt, I. Juel, E. Quitt, R. Mickelson. Back row, left to right: R, Cannon, M. Hofstad, D. Sal- monson, B. Myhre, H. Anderson, D. Boe, N. lore, Coach Arntzen. New Rockfordin 1953 entered, for the first time, the field of six-man foot- ball. The team had a very successful season winning the CNDC title and com- piling aseason's record of 5 wins, 1 loss, and 1 tie. Reason for going to six- man ball was given as a lack of manpower. Members of the large 25 man squad who will not be returning for the 1954 season include: Captain Bob Ericson, 4 year lettermang David Nielsen, 3 year lettermang Richard Ziegler, 3 year lettermang Don Salmonson, 2 year letter- mang John Juel, Z year lettermang Norman Jore, 2 year lettermang Bob Can- non, Z year lettermang Neil Taverna, Z year lettermang Bill Rosenberg, 2 year lettermang Darwin Haakenson, 2 year lettermang Darold Holten, 1 year letterman, and Blayne Myhre, 1 year letterman. Prospects for next year's squad are about average as Coach Arntzen has only eight returning lettermen. gr it 1? 2 Q gala f. v . ig. Egfr 3 4- V ,L ig 'ui' , Q., -, H ia 5 -.1 4 , ' .iff e, Q 1. , f Donald Salmonson John Illel Captain Robert Ericson and Coach Arntzen 48 5:1 ,uw . ,A-V5 Darwin Haakenson Norman Jore Robert Cannon Darold Holten 1 .,. N, Dwight Moritz Harry Anderson Myron Hofstad Robert Mickelson ..4,i I-5 f ,ff New Sr David Nielsen Neil Taverna David Boe Donald Holthe Robert Ericson Gary Westerhausen Bill Rosenberg Blayne Myhre l g X l' 1 4 The A team cheerleaders were the spark of the pep club. Among their many responsibilities was the homecoming snake dance and the pep rallies before all the home games. During the entire year they showed a great deal of pep and high spirit. Left to ri ht Janet Knott Darlene Elken, S I . Jackie Nielsen, Karen Elkins. The junior high cheerleaders were composed of three 8th graders and one 7th grader. Their uniforms were blue skirts and gold blouses. ' - - 1 1 1 i HEERLEADERS Up: Janice Anderson, Karen Stokes, Jo Marie Quamme, Helen Mehlhoff. Four freshmen girls made up the squad of B team cheerleaders. They showed their pep and enthusiasm as they led their team to many victories. Left to right: Susan Haas, Karen Anderson, Janice Olson, Mary Baier. 50 K S VARSITY SQUAD Front row, left to right: Coach Arntzen, H. Anderson, D. Niel- sen, R, Frazer, R, Ericson, N. Taverna. Back row, left to right: G. Kolsrud, R. Mickel- son, M. Hofstad, B. DuVall, J, Iuel, R. Wangen, M. Quitt. BASKET- BALL I953-5 RESERVE SQUAD Front row, left to right: G. Westerhausen, R. Mickelson, M. Haedt, E. Quitt, A. Omoth, E. Elkins. Back row, left to right: G. Leske, D, Moritz, D. Anderson, R. Wangen, G. Stone, Coach Arntzen. JUNIOR HIGH SQUAD Front row, left to right: R. Endres, D. Kinneberg, M. Haedt, G. Mickelson, R. Nel- son, N. West, R. Jordre. Back row,left to right: C. Tonn, D. Reisnaur, P. Cannon, R. Tilla- paugh, M. Laber, N. Haug, Coach Aas. Myron Hofstad Harry Anderson Frazer Neil Taverna Robert Mickelson Gary Kolsrud Melvin Quitt The Central High Rockets under Coach Neil Arntzen climaxed one of their best seasons in a number of years by copping third place in the District Tourna- ment. During the year the team played several outstanding games but they had their off-nights and finished the year with 14 wins and 8 losses. Those who will not be returning are Captain David Nielsen, 3 year lettermang Bob Ericson, 3 year lettermang Royce Frazer, 3 year lettermang Neil Taverna, 2 yearletterman, John Juel, 1 year letterman, and Gary Kolsrud, 1 year letterman. Prospects for next year's team are brighter than usual with six lettermen re- turning. They are: Harry Anderson, Myron Hofstad, Bruce DuVall, Melvin Quitt, Bob Mickelson, and Richard Wangen. 1953-1954 RECORD 89 Maddock 46 N,R, Opponents 34 fConf. Tourneyj Drake 35 50 Cooperstown 35 55 Maddock 27 56 Fessenden 43 53 Fessenden 47 44 Park River 56 52 Sheyenne 40 65 Mc Clusky 43 55 fOvertimeJ Carrington 56 68 Minot Model 66 87 Drake 49 48 Leeds 63 83 Ft. Totten 63 51 Drake 36 53 Harvey 58 65 QOvertimeQ Carrington 66 71 fDist. Tourney! Mc Clusky 47 33 Harvey 55 57 fDist. Tourneyj Harvey 65 64 Sheyenne 53 53 fDist. Tourneyl Fessenden 49 Captain Dave Nielsen and Coach Arntzen 52 Bruce DuVall Richard Wangen John Juel Robert Ericson David Nielsen Ft. Totten Harvey Minot Model ROCKETS IN ACTIO Carrington Fessenden WW' 53 TTYL McC1usky Carrington TRACK I954 The 1954 edition of the New Rockford High School thinclads which was built around four lettermen, Royce Frazer, Harry Anderson, John Juel, and Bob Ericson enjoyed a very good track season. Under Coach Arntzen's direction the squad competed in five meets. The biggest surprise of the season was when the Rockets captured the CNDC track crown for the first time in thirteen years. Paced by Royce Frazer and good teamwork the Rockets compiled a total of thirty-five points to twenty-eight and one-half for runner-up Rugby. The half-mile relay team of Royce Frazer, Harry Anderson, John Juel, and Bob Ericson retained their CNDC title as they won that event for the second straight year. In the District Meet the relay team captured the half-mile relay title and in doing so set a new record. This was the second year that the team has been running together. Royce Frazer provided the spark for this year's squad as he continually placed in every meet that the team entered. Those who will not be returning next year include Royce Frazer, 3 year letterman, Bob Ericson, 2 year lettermang and John Juel, 2 year letterman. Royce Frazer high jump, broad jump, javelin With the success of the track team, Central High has - finished one of the most successful seasons in athletics sv- that it has ever experienced. F Ttr, .. p , Q E ff gi it ' X ., X Q - fn I w ,ras . ., fry: ., f . -gn - 5 iid T . ,V i.Q...."ff-3 si B ss. T' s. ,,.s, . , me . ' - s - -4,5 yy A E1 M fi :., K 7 if it . KA V 1 gxc A my , ii. J' B ' yy 5 S' "fer 3 . iq 4' A -v p r , ,." , ,:-:', 1954 Track Team ' ,Q ' 93 Front row, left to right: R. Mickelson, H. Ander- ., Q 'J ---4 " is ' son, J. Juel, R. Ericson, R. Frazer. Back row, left .r,' Q . - F - -Q to right: R. Wangen, D. Kinneberg, M. Haedt, B. if -' ' " sf-' 6 if 'f DuVall, Coach Arntzen. Not pictured: L, Jordre, 880 Relay Team R. Culp. Harry Anderson Robert Mickelson Robert Ericson John 11161 . hurdles, discus half-mile 100 yard dash, 220 yard 440 yard dash, broad jump dash Richard Wangen Bruce DuVall David Kinneberg Milton l-laedt high jump high jump hurdles hurdles 54 BASEBALL I9 4 -uf First row, left to right: D. Labor, H. Anderson, M. l-Iofstad, M. Quitt, D. Nielsen, R. Ericson. Second row, left to right: E. Quilt, D. l-Iolten, R. Frazer, D. Anderson, N. Taverna. Third row, left to right: B. DuVall, G. Westerhausen, R. Wangen, D. Affeldt, T. Shepherd, Coach Arntzen. The first baseball team in New Rockford High School in a number of years was organized this year. For the season the team had a mediocre record, with four wins and four losses. Coach Neil Arntzen led the team through their up and down slumps. Three of the home games were played under New Rockford's lights, and the district tournament was also held here. Bored? To Hit or Not to Hit? 55 fFFf7"'lY'T' l WITH US T0 THE E D The 1954 Dial Staff wishes to thank the following who have contributed so generously to the financing of this yearbook. Two stars signifies a contribu- tion of 510, one star signifies a contribution of S5 to 559. 4' Adams Furniture 4' Anchor Bar Beardsley Drug 4' Blackstone Recrea- tion Brose Barber Shop 10' '9' Brown's Cafe 4' Campbell Construc- tion' Company W' 4' Carrington Bottling Company 4' Chevrolet Garage 4' Cities Service Bulk, Keith Anderson 4' City Meat Market 4' Coast-to-Coast 'W' Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Jamestown Dairy Queen Dunham Insurance East Side Liquor Store, P. E. Trudeau Eckert's Grocery 4' Elsie Shop 4, 4' Fairway Grocery ,,, 'H' Farmers Union 4: Company First State Bank 4' Foster's Garage 4' Gamble Store 4' GTA Elevator 4' 4' Haas Incorporated 'P' 4' Hamburger King Cafe "0" Hanson Bar 4' Harry's Meat Mar- 4' ket 261292 42264 Ik? 409' 1604! 4002 4091 FYI? 11 if ak 2409! Hawkinson Jewelry W' Heilman Jewelry Hope's Ford Garage 4' and Cities Service Station Hub Liquor Store Independent Lumber Company Jay Bee Hardware J. C. Penney Com- P3-HY Josten Ring Company, 4' Owatonna, Minnesota Knott Funeral Home 4' Knotty Pine Liquor Lindrud Variety Store Ludwig Trucking Company 'N' Merv's Standard 'M' Service Station 4' Midway City Cream- ery BH' Mickelson Drug 'lf Olson Sheet Metal fr Page Brothers Peavey Elevator Pfau Brothers :of Red Gwl Regal Plumbing 14: Rockford Barber 8: fr Beauty Shop we Rockford Cafe :ef Rockford Cleaners :or Rockford Distribut- ing Company Rockford Electric Service E ss . Rockford Hotel Rockford Tire Shop Rodenberg's Depart- ment Store Schafer Pontiac Company Scherling's Studio, Fargo Sinkler's Ser vice Stephen's Steve Collins Stone 8: Gundvaldson Hardware Sundberg's Paint 8: Linoleum Surety Title C om - Paul' Super Valu Swift 8: Company Texaco Bulk, Karl Ericson Thompson's Shop Thompson Yards Transcript Vet's Barber Shop Vivian's Cafe Wollebeck Cleaners Dr. V. A. Bousquet Dr. F. C. Braxmeier Dr. C. G. Owens Dr. C. W. Schrock Dr. Dr. E. J. Schwinghamer G. W. Seibel Yi s' fi 5 3 Q ,ii 'E E 2 KH was-I L 'ff' Q-.4 . , wf

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