New Rochelle High School - Rochellean Yearbook (New Rochelle, NY)

 - Class of 1959

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New Rochelle High School - Rochellean Yearbook (New Rochelle, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 28 of 194
Page 28 of 194

New Rochelle High School - Rochellean Yearbook (New Rochelle, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 27
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Page 28 text:

ROGER DANIEL BERMAN HA good man" School Activities: Chess Clulv: Base- Inall Intramurals. Other High School Attenclecl: De Vvitt Clinton. Honors: De Vvitt Clinton Hon. Sof. Outside Interests: Beth-EI Youth Group: Treas., Frat.: Piano: Stamps: Swim., Footlaall, Baselvall. Bowling. ttt iift C. .1-ff' Future: College. g :Q V If I J X g . fi.: fs . Sv gfzx . F! S--Q H. 'qv WILLIAM H. BERRY, JR. "Choo-Choo" Hlvlighty man" School Activities: Var. Clulf, .Ir, League Basketlaall, lntr., IV. Base- Ioall, Var. Footlnall, Letter, Track. Letter. Honors: lVl.V.P. Balue Ruth Baseluall. Outside Interests: Balne Rutll Base- Lmall, Coach Basketloallg Swimming: Horseback Riclingg Drawing: Dralt- Ing. Future: College: Dmltsman or I'ligl1 School Coach. DOMINIC J. BEVILACQUA "What a dream" Other High School Attended: Bless. Sac. Honors: Bless. Sac. Scholarship. Outside Interests: "Silver Roclsn: Cars: Goll: Basketball: Swimming: Water Skiing. Future: US. Marine Corps. RICHARD ALLEN BEY "Dick" "I'lI build a stairway to paracliseu School Activities: Business Service Cluloa Gymnastic Squacl: Track. Other High School Attended: Dan- Inury l'ligl'1. Outside Interests: Church Basketlyallg Work: Skin Diving: Aviation. Future: College, C.P.A,: Navy Air Force. I SYDELL RUTH BIEBER "All the worlds her stage" School Activities: Drama Clulo: Soplm Choir: Rifle-Team. Outside Interests: B'nai Brith, Celes tials, Pres., Astronomy: lVlytI1: Act ing: Painting: Nlusic: Rillery: Crimi nology: Psych. Future: College. Page Twenty-four .AW , .. .ff ALAN BIRN BAUM 'Sitting on top of the worldu School Activities: Spanish Clulog Bay:- Ivall lntra. Outsicle Activities: Iunior Society: Photography. Future: College: Business JOSEPHINE BIZZARRO "Jo" "Pretty little miss" School Activities: Business Service Club. Outside Interests: Volleylvall, Basket- lvall, Coll: Campion Clulvp Sea Shells: Traveling: Swimming: Boat- ing: Records: Dancing. Future: Private Secretary or Airline Hostess, SUSAN JEAN BLANEY "Sue" "The magic touch" School Activities: Rochellean Stall: School Poster Committee. Honors: Art Awarcl: First Prize: Poetry Puls.: Gregg Sliortlriancl and Typing Certil.: Scholarship Club: Nat. Hon, Soc. Outside Interests: Cressey Hi-Y Club: Secretary: Hi-Fi: Swimming: Skat- ing: Bowling: Art Act.: Visit Art Centers. Future: Commercial Artist. JERILYNN BLITZ "Jeri" "Ambition cleserves meritn School Activities: Social Service Club: Forest Park Club at Forest Hills I'ligI1. Other School Attendecl: Forest Hills High. Honors: PSAL Awarcl, Outside Interests: Ixlultiple Sclerosis: Bowling: Swimming: Skating: Dancing, Piano: Reacling: Psy- clwologyf Futrfrnzvcollege: Private Secretary. I . f 0 my , , j , I , .Ai 5' 1 Y , Q ..,. v is 25 - x ""'-GF NS- I-N..-ff I :JI t . ft. III 'PIYUJ ll' -al . S U , i PETER BOEVE uD0C "The man of the hour" School Activities: Am. TI1., Stu. Inl- Clulo, "Big Bros. Big Sis.": Const. Comm.: Clfrrn.: Dou. Oct., A, B- SOPIT Choirs: Cheerleacler, Swim- Team, Track Team, Scien. Exper. Honors: "AA" Hon. Flen., Cancel Essay, Hon. Flen. Outsicle Interests: CIW. League Bask.. Vvinn. Pres.: Ivlocl. CI1. Champ. Clw- Uslwer Team, Capt.. Teclw. Elect. Comm. I uture: College: lvlecl. SCIIOOII

Page 27 text:

DEBORAH LACEY BEETON f- .fs V fd 1 T1 Q4 "Debbie' A' ' ' "Aint sbe sweet" Scbool Activities: Orcb.. Bancl. Con BHTICIZ Cborus. Honors: Bancl, Orcb. Letter anal Star Outside Interests: Sub Debs. Canecl- Club: Nurses Aicle: Flusic: Ice Skat- ing: Dancing. Future: Nursing Scbool. .i 23- ' A f.,."l' Q- ,-.z ' 46' ,gf - . 'tl' ,wo-J .JY j A t 1: BONNIE LYNN BELL "lust wonderful" Scbool Activities: Social Ser. Club: Glee Club Ar Good Council Acad. Otber High School Attended: Goocl Council Acacl. Outside Interests: Teen Club: Read- ing: Painting: Music: Horses. Future : College: Doctor. 2 DEBORAH BEILIN "Debby" "Too marvelous ,lor worclsv' Scbool Activities: Soc. Ser, Club. Amer. Tb.: Stud. Int, Group: Rocb. Bus, Staff: Publ: Assembly Comm. G.O. Rep.: Tennis lntra. Honors: Scbol. Club, Nat, Honor Soc. Outsicle Interests: Jr. Sc., Teen Com- munity Council. Future: College: Psycbology. SUSAN LOIS BEIN Hvxvbere tl1ere'S a will IIIGTQIS a way" School Activities: Social Service Club. Student Int. Group, Etbel K. Loeb: Rocbellean Bus, Stall. Otber Higb Scbool Attended: Eras- mus. Outside Interests: B'nai Britb Girls. Junior Soc.. Higb Soc.: Volunteer XX'orlc: blusic: Art: Tennis. Future: College. BARBARA AUDREY BELCHIER "Barbie" Hllittle bit of lmeavenn Sclwol Activities: Orcbestra: Hoclcey. Hon. Basketball Team: G.O. Alter- nate. Outsicle Interests: Pintards, Rep. to Presby, Council, Hug. Hi-Y: Violin. Nlusicz Swimm.: Sports: Reacling: Sewing, Future: College: Teacber. '17 -css EUGENE BELL 'Tbe most bappy lellal' FL. S It I A t"it' sz IV. I: tb ll, Bas- ." - . ifrbfll. Bisilbblll, var. FSZLBZII. va: J- 'A Basketball. Var. Baseball, Var. Club. I Honors: Co. Captain Baseball Team. Outsicle Interests: Boys Club: Sports. Future: College or Prol. Baseball : K 4 ' 1 .L l an CORA MAE BENTON "Shorty" Hsbort and sweet" Otber Higb Scliool Attencleclz Doug- lass. Outside Interests: Alary Betbune Iunior Alisses Club: Collecting Recorcls: Bowling: Sewing: Danc- ing: Social Xvorlter. Future: Secretary or Nurse. TOBY CAROL BERGER "I'Iigl1 on tlie list" School Activities: Girls Intra. Honors: Scbolarsbip Club. Outside Interests: B'nai Britb: Read- ing: Swimming. Future: College: Registered Nurse. ARNOLD ABREHAM BERMAN "Arnie" "A sportsman lie" School Activities: Intra. Sports Capt.: Varsity Club: blngr. Football Team, Basketball, Traclc, Cross Country. Honors: lntra. Tropby Xvinner. Outside Interests: Temple Activities: Sports: Stamps: Stat. Recorcls. Future: College: Business: Sports. i 'T ! CORDELL STUART BERMAN ucorkyn "A man of letters" Otlrer Higb Sclwol Attenclecl: Vallev Forge blil. Acad. I Scbool Activities: Varsity Club, VVrest.: Intra. Basketball, Football Soccer, Baseball. Track: Gym, Team Honors: Plays. Training bleclal. Outsicle Interests: Atbletics: Boats: Animals: Cars, Future: College: Business, Page Twenty-three

Page 29 text:

JUDITH ANN BOGART 'Xludy' 'luvliat a friend" School Activities: Am. Tbouglrit Club Rocbellean Bu ine qt lil l s' ss ..a : r. Council, Honors: Scbolarsbip Club. Outside lnterests: Bvnai Britb Girls Pres: .lunior ORT, Vice Pres.: Sl-:i ing: Swimming: Painting. Future: College. ru., . ,z is Q95 Q-.a 01. VIVIAN BOWER "Viv" 'To lznou' Pier is to lore ner" School Acticities: Spanish Club, Soc Ser., Hug, Hi-Y: Band: Qrcli, Other Higli Scliool Attended: Livinge ston: Frenclu Club: Sec, Sopb. Class: DANCE Cffnrlrn. Honors: Scluol, Club, Outside Interests: All-State Band: Records: Fisbing: Tennis. Future: College. at -,.- EDWARD BOGDANOFF "Ed" Hclmrrning and gay.. Sclwol Activities: Xlatb Club: Lox Hi-Y: Xkvrestling, lv. Baseball, IV Cross Counirv. Outside Interests: Junior Society Cburcln League Baslietball: Boolxs .-Xtbleiics. Future: College. ANGELA BOLANOS "Denise" HBriglit eyes., School Activities: Spanisb Club: Hug. Hi-Y: Office Xvorl-:er: Tennis. Other High School Attended: Toledo lin Cubal. Outside Interests: Tennis: Swimming Ping-Pong: Basl-zetball: xlusicz Dancing: Xvritingz Reading Poems, Future: College: Secretary, JOHN H. BOWNE "Jack" 'lm tl luclay guy" , Outside Interests: Boating: Swimming: Xyorliing on Cars. Future: Amie-cl Forces: Radio and TV. Repairman. 'T-1-I JOHN BRACEY "Rod" NOEL Iolinnyln Sclwol Activities: Track, .Varsih ng DANNA SUE BORSTEN 'fr HAH is not a tliing: lt is a way" '4 A School Activities: :Krt Ser. Club, Soc f J S . kg: didtside Interests: Blnai Britli: lr Soc.: Hi Soc.: Swimming: Knitting: 5,4 Art. j- Future: College. l GIORA A. BOURKAFF 'J "George" -4 HFollow tlmt man" -"" Sclwol Activities: Vxlrestling. Otlwr High Scl1oolAttended: Flicliael Hall lin Englancll. Outside Interests: Stamps: Photog- raplny. Future: College: Electrical Engineer Degree. Xvresiling. 1 4 Q'-' Outside Interests: Boyds Club: Cburcb: :--- up Sports. Future: Army: Coolc. V we Y ..:. ' PETER BROSE ' ' shoe" e a cy ree Q, f ctirit ' O Rep.. G.O. xg D e .: a yetball. Ot ' t Sc 0 . ended: lona. -ga-, ide I rests mpion Club: Tau Pi Frat.: Grand Hist.. Pres.: Cliurclw League Basketball: Singing: Danc- ing. Future: College. i TOM BREUNICH "Tom" "Carefree and gay" School Activities: .l.V. Basketball Varsity Basketball, Co. Captain 12 Vars, Football, lntra. Baseball. Outside Interests: Plii Lambda: Cliap- lain: Cars: Sports: Swimming: Boat- ing: Xxyater Skiing. Future: College or Navy. Page Tiiienty-time

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