New Rochelle High School - Rochellean Yearbook (New Rochelle, NY)

 - Class of 1959

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New Rochelle High School - Rochellean Yearbook (New Rochelle, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 26 of 194
Page 26 of 194

New Rochelle High School - Rochellean Yearbook (New Rochelle, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 25
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New Rochelle High School - Rochellean Yearbook (New Rochelle, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 27
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Page 26 text:

CYRIL BARNERT MFor lerwwlerlge, too, is itself u power' SCl100lACtiIYittPS! intra, Soltlsall: ixlatl Clulo, Dclwating. Honors: Sflml. Clulm: Nut. Hon, Soc, Stqllli-FiflE'lliSl. Outsicle interests: .lr. Science Cluia o NR.: Science Fir.: Balt. Orioles St. Louis Hawks: Sports. Future: ivlcclicine. ills N91 WW YW' eva pi Blu Epsilon iVlatlT Contest: NALS. I 47 'rv R - ...t if I T I A J: Ikf 1: M ' Ji ,Vt I 'Mr-v ti ROBERT BARNES JACQU ELYN BATTLE SHARON ADELE BARTN ETT "True as u of tlie sun" Outside interests: Dancing, Swim ming: Recorcls. Future: Business Sciiool: Vforli. naw 2 N, , ,-4 -fw f,:',i R 2 W-1 f i' V, 'N : Q 1 . T Rite: 'T'-sv HHe is nappy unctfcarelreeu Outside interests: Civil Air patrol w Junior Society: Teen Society: Cars f'uture: College: Stock Brolccr. "Jackie" 'Sugar and spice" Scliool Activities: intramural Baseball Outside interests: Tennis: Barlaering. Future: Nursing or Marriage. O li 3 ' 4 ft!! Y lv , 'ffl ARTHUR BARRETT ':Bqbo" s :EPI-tg iefof Ei Ltblll t J .Steer on, lzold marinerln ri fl, , fe' School Activities: Varsity Football, 'V' luke ifufiln' field! 3 willing' . . Sli oi ctiui A. J., .. otija 1: Cross utside interests: Pin L.an1l'JCla: Fislu S' !f,'T JY! ,in fravarv ing, Hunting, Golf, Swimming AA - T, Boats' Cars' Horro st: N i, : Con Ecli Future : College. ivlarincs. LAURIE ANN BARROW USO lwrcl to forget" SCEIOOI Activities: Frcncii Club, Soc. Service, SLG.: Orch.. Band, Con Banil: Clloir. Outsifte interests: Modern Dancing N R Sym imon :lVlusic, siJn,QtllWarePE cl Litimpr Sports ll . Oiitiiqaellntgggstsf Tauigi eep: Danc- l73idtV15ct,:ls, Qeilitclgor Spori: Lite Futur: Coliglmrlsscoalst N A L T J NEIL H. BAYER usincere tl1ougl1is and merry ways' Scilool Activities: G,0. Rep.: Sopl1 Council: Swimming Team. Outside interests: Jr. Societ ' y: Coins: Sports, Swimming, Bowling. . E ,Ai 153. l 'E f- ,, K g .1 if 1 Y, I I 3 MARTIN J. BARSCHI "Bosco" "A miglnty man is lie" Sclwol Activities: Math Club: .l.V. Basl-cetlaall. Baseball: Varsity Track. Outside interests: Pres. Temple Group. Higil Society: Master Councillor Dv Nlolayz Sports: Pop. Music. Future: College: Nl:-ciicine. Pnge fTwenty-two if ' - D Y l'uture: College, if Future: College. xg 'Q A l BETTE LYNN BECKER "A pleasing personality is ever an asset" School Activities: Soc. Ser, Club, Bili- Clulb, French Club: Bowling Team' Hoclccy. G.O. Rep.: Trai. Squad: Oll- Xvorlc. Otiner Higll School Attended: Forest Hills Higim. Outside interests: Jr. Soc., B'naiBritl1 Girls: Sigma Beta Pint Sor.. Hiilt Soc., Tennis, Bowling, Music. Sltat- ing. lture: College,

Page 25 text:

DIANNE JEAN ARCHIBALD "Dee" 5 H.-L true trienci is ci real joy' V S Hoot :Xcti 't' 51 A .. Tlio Ml'1tCluLr. 'J if Pm. SQL cfm. ug "Y Outsid I t sts: Sulo Delss. Re-2 ' ?Zu Sor.. -I-teas 1 Saiiing lcesfisatingz Knitting: Slsiing Future: CoIIege J I I I I L: :X BERNARD J. ARMIENTO ff "Ben" v-. Lite is out ci x-ng Outsicie Interests: Baseloall. I:ooLI:all Future . :Xrmecl Forces I ' ' 1 I .I f m .- N ff! - U Y' CLALIS PETER ARNDT 'I ' If - 7 ' 4 lAHiF'TLGhJ!E carefree, Iii: A Y, ' f manner easyll . , 1, X , Sciiooi Actin-ities: SopI'1.. B. A Ciwir: 5 Q' V Cmss C2unt1'j-', Soccer Team, g 7" . Cin. ' UI' I'Ionors: Special Aleutian Poetry Anti: A Outside Interests- C-aptaining Yacluts. V 4 V: A, F, Boating: Tennis: Sv-irnming: Hi-Fi. C 4 E-ig: Art: Bongos: Knife Collecting , "dj ' f if -' :' ffgi Future: Qllege. 35 1,f'5Ef'i,F 3' 1 Tc ,Z 5 1 . .r 5 . RICHARD W. ATTISANI "Dickie" 'AHappy go Iucieyu Outside Interests: Sportsman Auto Assn.: Hunting: Sports: Cars. Future: CoIIege: Automotive Engineer- mg. LOIS CLAIRE ARVIDSON "Loie" 4'GoIiIen Imir Iiiie sunlight streamingll Scitooi Activities: Pu.I5I.: Orclnestra: Cro. Alt.: Jr. Council Rep : Jr. Prom Dance Comm. Honors: Sciiolarslnip Outside Interests: Job: Plxi Delta :or Rec. Sec., Vice Pres.: Bowling, Golii Future: Junior College. , in S HELENA LOUISE AVALLONE "Babe" sincerity is indeed a noIJIe Virtue Otiler High Attended St Galorielsz JY. Baslszetloallz Track 'I-earn. I'Ionors: Pub tor Cosmetology: bcliol Club: Pres. Cosmetology Class, IZ. Outside Interests- Campion Clulo Swimming, Bowling, Sl-zatingg Reacl- ing. Future Hairstj-'listz Alarriage ELLEN KAY AXENFIELD "EI" HAIL goocinese springs from time heart' Scnaoi Actitities If N. Club, Drama French. SIG G-irls' Cho.. Dance Comm: Hug. l"ler. Stag: Intm Arcifiery. Honors Schol.CIu.L1. Outside Interests: Guitar: Singing Dancing: Biusic: 'I-lweatre: Reaclingl Future ColIege: Psyciwologist ALFRED ELLISON AYERS "Quiet persons are welcome ereryu'I1ere" Futiue: fsxrrned Forces ,AM f .K X T' J- I RICHARD AUSTIN "Fuzz" Friendship is o sI'LeItering tree' cnool .-'xctirities Iroctkali -I-earn. Tmli. Outside Interests. Boys' Club: Baslxet- bell, Dancing, uture- College' Air Force, Y Nw 'J 47 JC! CYNTHIA JEAN BALL "cindy" "Bene of time SCI'LDOI .'ACIIFifi9El CLIOIIQ Dance Comm., Jr. Prom Decoration. Honors: Sclrioiarsluip Club. Outside Interests: PIU -I-au Sor., Sub Debs. cm. cami, Club: Dancing: Knitting: Sewing: Ice S-Iiating: Sailing. Future. College. page Twenty-one

Page 27 text:

DEBORAH LACEY BEETON f- .fs V fd 1 T1 Q4 "Debbie' A' ' ' "Aint sbe sweet" Scbool Activities: Orcb.. Bancl. Con BHTICIZ Cborus. Honors: Bancl, Orcb. Letter anal Star Outside Interests: Sub Debs. Canecl- Club: Nurses Aicle: Flusic: Ice Skat- ing: Dancing. Future: Nursing Scbool. .i 23- ' A f.,."l' Q- ,-.z ' 46' ,gf - . 'tl' ,wo-J .JY j A t 1: BONNIE LYNN BELL "lust wonderful" Scbool Activities: Social Ser. Club: Glee Club Ar Good Council Acad. Otber High School Attended: Goocl Council Acacl. Outside Interests: Teen Club: Read- ing: Painting: Music: Horses. Future : College: Doctor. 2 DEBORAH BEILIN "Debby" "Too marvelous ,lor worclsv' Scbool Activities: Soc. Ser, Club. Amer. Tb.: Stud. Int, Group: Rocb. Bus, Staff: Publ: Assembly Comm. G.O. Rep.: Tennis lntra. Honors: Scbol. Club, Nat, Honor Soc. Outsicle Interests: Jr. Sc., Teen Com- munity Council. Future: College: Psycbology. SUSAN LOIS BEIN Hvxvbere tl1ere'S a will IIIGTQIS a way" School Activities: Social Service Club. Student Int. Group, Etbel K. Loeb: Rocbellean Bus, Stall. Otber Higb Scbool Attended: Eras- mus. Outside Interests: B'nai Britb Girls. Junior Soc.. Higb Soc.: Volunteer XX'orlc: blusic: Art: Tennis. Future: College. BARBARA AUDREY BELCHIER "Barbie" Hllittle bit of lmeavenn Sclwol Activities: Orcbestra: Hoclcey. Hon. Basketball Team: G.O. Alter- nate. Outsicle Interests: Pintards, Rep. to Presby, Council, Hug. Hi-Y: Violin. Nlusicz Swimm.: Sports: Reacling: Sewing, Future: College: Teacber. '17 -css EUGENE BELL 'Tbe most bappy lellal' FL. S It I A t"it' sz IV. I: tb ll, Bas- ." - . ifrbfll. Bisilbblll, var. FSZLBZII. va: J- 'A Basketball. Var. Baseball, Var. Club. I Honors: Co. Captain Baseball Team. Outsicle Interests: Boys Club: Sports. Future: College or Prol. Baseball : K 4 ' 1 .L l an CORA MAE BENTON "Shorty" Hsbort and sweet" Otber Higb Scliool Attencleclz Doug- lass. Outside Interests: Alary Betbune Iunior Alisses Club: Collecting Recorcls: Bowling: Sewing: Danc- ing: Social Xvorlter. Future: Secretary or Nurse. TOBY CAROL BERGER "I'Iigl1 on tlie list" School Activities: Girls Intra. Honors: Scbolarsbip Club. Outside Interests: B'nai Britb: Read- ing: Swimming. Future: College: Registered Nurse. ARNOLD ABREHAM BERMAN "Arnie" "A sportsman lie" School Activities: Intra. Sports Capt.: Varsity Club: blngr. Football Team, Basketball, Traclc, Cross Country. Honors: lntra. Tropby Xvinner. Outside Interests: Temple Activities: Sports: Stamps: Stat. Recorcls. Future: College: Business: Sports. i 'T ! CORDELL STUART BERMAN ucorkyn "A man of letters" Otlrer Higb Sclwol Attenclecl: Vallev Forge blil. Acad. I Scbool Activities: Varsity Club, VVrest.: Intra. Basketball, Football Soccer, Baseball. Track: Gym, Team Honors: Plays. Training bleclal. Outsicle Interests: Atbletics: Boats: Animals: Cars, Future: College: Business, Page Twenty-three

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