New Rochelle High School - Rochellean Yearbook (New Rochelle, NY)

 - Class of 1959

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New Rochelle High School - Rochellean Yearbook (New Rochelle, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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' ff 1 , 5 'H va A 4 z-v .-f :"f-P57 -'Nev-5+ Q 4 'iw '55 f'iV2,' wwaifif' nnnnn nn Q-MQ' -N setfaw-:-K fs:-- DOROTHY GRENING HAunt Dorothy" ibejicafion Dear Aunt Dorothy, Looicing taacic over our three years at New Rochelle High Schooi, we have come to realize the profound importance ot the icnowledge which we have received. We are exceedingly grateful to the entire tacuity for the generosity and devotion they have extended to us. in addition to the icnowiedge gained, the memories ot the toothali games and pep-rallies wiil linger with us aiways. Even though we may forget some ot the great plays made hy the team, there will always he one player whom we wili never torget-you, Aunt Dorothy, for your spirit and stimu- iation have led the team on to many victories. When your nephew, George Wolfson, ioegan playing tor the Purple Vvave seven years ago, you realized the lacic ot school spirit evident at the time. Since then, you have taicen it upon yourseit to woric with the cheerleaders in their ettorts to stimulate the crowds. None of us wiil ever he ahle to forget your inspiring speeches at the pep-raiiies, the posters you have made, and ahove all. the warm feeling which spread through the crowd when you got up to iead a cheer. Qur cheerleaders will always appreciate the tact that they could call on Aunt Dorothy to chaperone them wherever they were going. come rain or shine. As you icnow, the theme ot our yearhooic is Peter Pan, the spirit ot undying youth. Xve feel that nowhere in New Rochelie do we have a hetter exampie ot that spirit than in you. Your devotion to New Rochelle and the students at the High School, even though you now live in Hartsdale, has heen expressed so obviously through the tact that you stili attend the games, help us cheer, and ahove ali, are stiii "our" Aunt Dorothy. in order to express our appreciation tor all you have done tor us, and to show the iove we aii have in our hearts tor you, we the senior class Ot 1959, dedicate our yearhooic to you. Vvith iove. THE SENIOR CLASS, 1959 Page Tivo QWLQ Once upon in time. in ilu- New-r Xi-xer liznfl olchilclhoocl.i1lloluslmw-rm-.iflnncl enjoy eel the wonclerlul story ol Peter Pun. VNVQ have triecl to recapture the i.iri-law-v happiness represented hy Sir .lfnnw Xl. Barrieys immortal tharafters in this pit, torial preview ol the three happy yi-.nw spent here nt New Rochelle High Si limit. Although we have not lmttlml xxilh Captain Hoolx and the pirates. xv- hnw struggled with ucuclemic' prohlenw .infl Contested on the athletic lielcls. XX? h.1xv not won over the lI'i6'DdSl1tDOlLPl-iQ1'l' I.iIxk v lnflizin lmncl. hut we lmve nmch- lmtnng :incl encluring lriencls ol our colussimilw nncl tem time Exen though we ure leaving tht- high Nehool thi5 apring. we slmlt try to lwc-p lor f1lwf1yQ the limi-lem and coumgeoux xpirit ollJeterPein.tl1e gpirit ol the ever xoung in heart. Down HX Cvrahmxo Aunt Dorothy 4, I .i T at 'Mi 1 . -:X AfiF 'W" ' yM.gW,X A, - ,M Q A. K X 4 WM ' , ,. ,. . WW. , 4. . A A W 4-5 gf?" H ' Q Q QQ f XX 1 i .M - . ,L K. 4 .42 ,. K' W . 4 if I ' .Y ,e1zA.v'- - vw-1 -4 3" K ,,.g: ,:1.-11151, l , ,. 9 I f . cj. A:':-.f?:.5',g.5:f:::f':-5,1-3'E,f5Z'1,..g,.,:1:2K229 .-5 V , 75' -Vsim.4:Mm-,:,..y,f::.::.,,,11.:1,:.f ,.,- -A A. . ,251 ria ,,,.g-Mf- . we-rf ' 4 t v,-f .-w :fm 1-' if 'N ., 1 H ,-H4 , ',f " f' , R' 1 5, S ?"" M?" ,, mf 'K n if ' R. vf, -JV. , F, ,- .5-1 ,,,J! ' 1 I QV 6 ,Q .2 1" .4-...y.,, A -.., Z ,,,.W,f ..,,. ,, 4 ma 2 Q f a' .7 , P? E 2 2:2 , ' X Tm 155 .V ,N ,,.., 3 ,wma L A. , , wr 22 . , 1? if 1 A '65, , 4 fitai' 1 ' ,. I, , ' 4 L z in 5 , A , 5,1 1 I I5 ' ?'.Ei'1L...1 J' ,.. f J . gi: 7 ' K - L" i pi: :Vj"'l- , f QY if is g ' ,xy 1.1 1' ' , f , A x ff 4 f r :K H ,J , Y ' Q H' .A X J. . .R .1 ww ' ,ix '3 Q , AN N ,3 , F 4 A, 4 yy 5, -' X X we 4 NX ix . 3 XX R -f - T X , i Nu MNNKW J 1931 fa XM ff-1. l 2 f if 4 -we gn 'nf-+V, ' grassy E EU L72 f - ' , H, , 'FAD-1 X 3, -V+ HX- fail, W xl gr BQARD OF EDUCATION .mn If Q-'Off' ' 115' 'iw 9,51 hd 9--- Kennetii B. Low. President: Roinert J. Burton, Vice-President: Vincent .I. Attisanip Josepii VV. Barker: Stewart D. Becicieyp IVIrs, Thomas IVI. Dunng Noian M. FaIIaI1ayg Mrs, Freciericic VV. Pierce: HERBERT C. Cusn Superintendent of Sciloois Page Six IVIerryIe Staniey Ruifceyser, ADMINISTRATION To THE CLASS OF 1959 NEW ROCHELLE HIGH Scuoox. It is a great pieasure to express to time Ciass of 1959 congratuiations upon having compieteci successfuiiy the requirements for graciuation from New Rociueiie High Sctlooi. This compietion reaIIy marics the beginning of tI1e opportunity for furtimer eciucation or empioyment in tI1e worid of woric. Whatever your pians may Ioe for tI'1e coming year, it is time Ixope of tI1e Board of Eciucation anci Superintendent of Sciioois that success may crown all of your wortI1wI1iIe efforts and timat you may con- tinue to be a source of joy and satisfaction to your fine parents. SIIVI JOE SMITH Assistant Superintendent .evas- MR. HAROLD A. DALY Assistant Principal -l-be position ot Assistant Principal is olten a dil'l:i- cult one, as it entails tbe taslc ol maintaining discipline in tbe scbool. For tbis reason, many students may lorm unltinclly opinions towards tbe bearer of tbis office, Nlr. Daly bas risen above tbis. Xve bave louncl bim to be a warm and understanding person. His gentle disposition and ltind smile bave reconciled botb major and minor crises. Xve tbe Class ol 1959 bope tbat in tbe future more students will become acquainted witb tbe time quali- ties possessed by ylr. Daly. ylore important, we bope tbat tbis acquaintance is not caused by a matter ol discipline. MISS F. LORETTA COONS Principal lt is difficult to Find tbe words wbicb aptly express tbe bigb esteem we, tbe students ot New R0Cl'lEllC- bave lor our principal, lvliss Coons. Tbis year, despite tbe problem posed by tbe split session, bliss Coons bas succeeded in maintaining a leeling ot unity tbrougbout tbe scbool, Slme bas lreely devoted bersell to tbe support ot scbool Functions, tbe G.O., and otber extra-curricular activities, giving lbeni tbe recognition tbey deserve. Perbaps one ol Nliss Coons' greatest COnll'ilDUfl0nS bas been to our atbletic program. Herself an athlete' Wliss Coons bas been an avid entbusiast ol tbe atbletic programs, Partially tbrougb ber eltorts, our scbool bas gained liner atbletic equipment: our teams, stronger support, 'libc class ot l959 tbanlts you, bliss Coons, lor you bave given us a part of yourself. MR. JOHN T. DONOVAN Assistant Principal fVlinor crises are not unusual occurrences in a scbool as large as ours. Vvbetber it be a late admit, a traffic jam, or tbe need lor a referee, Mr. Donovan is, and always bas been. reacly to lend a belping band. We. tbe members ol the graduating class ol l959. can not belp but respect this man wbo gives so mucb ol bimsell to tbe New Rocbelle Higb Scbool student body, Tbougb we bave often lelt tbe sting of bis stern glance and remonstrations, we cannot belp but feel tbat justice bas been done, and we are tbe better lor it. Our entire class salutes you, Mr. Donovan, and we would lilce to take tbis opportunity to extend to you our sincere wisbes lor your success and bappiness in tbe future. Page S euen I' HW V . f J 2 4 Mai. , KR, E K s is . 4 , 4 4' g f X 3 ENGLISH DEPARTMENT STANDING, lvaclz row, left to right: Mr. E. DUCIIBHTIC, Ivlr. Houston, IVIr. Nlanclmel, Dir, Farnclon, Mr. Hoctxtiauser, Ixlrs. Houston. STAND ING, front row: Ivlrs. Epstein, Ixlrs. Donahue, Ivliss Ginslourg, Mrs. Ivlcptxee, Ixflrs, Greenberg, Mrs. Brockway, Mrs. Carclillo, Bliss Koloa yaslwi. SITTING: Bliss Xvill, Bliss Carozi, Bliss Bartnelt, Bliss Ixlallory, Ixliss Newell, Ixlrs, Hunt. ABSENT: Bliss Kolt, Bliss Lvplcia MR. SAMUEL J. ADAMS Vocational Hlvlany people lail to recognize opportunity trecuusv it ollcn goes arouncl disguised uiorlef' MR. LOUIS S. AMONSON Physical Education Ulyoyliqlit in the Swarm MR. MORTON BARON Guidance "Intestinal lortiturle is just as important. MISS ANNA M. BARTNETT HB0 true to yourself. MRS. DOROTHY K. BELLA HThPy're loo Iuttening, I sairl, MRS. SUE BENDER U.-it leusl Icnou' what is going MR. CHARLES BLAKE HI um the MR. HERMAN BLATTE English Biology us I ulv unollwr. History on in llw uiorlrl, Language History HIIIII liv on llie rvgvrilsdl MISS HARRIET BOUTACOS Cosmetology Related Science HTIIGIIII be enough." MR. EDWIN R. BOWMAN Business Education Hlou lmre lvorlx lo MRS. GRACE BRASTED Guidance Office usignvup Item." MR. CLARENCE J. BROADHEAD Music "Quiet you lilllcorsd' MRS. LULU D. BROCKWAY Librarian Hltls Iilw Graml fvntral Station in lwreln MR. EARL H. BROWNELL Industrial Arts H.-lnylliing u'ortl1 uiorlcing lor is lI'0Vlll uiorleing lor well." MRS. AIMEE-MARIE CARDILLO English "Tl-Iiat secmul lac-'ll means silence." MISS CHRISANTHE CAROZI English IHTIIP composition for Friday is - -I' T MISS DOROTHY L. CHAPMAN Food Trades MRS. ZELDA M. DEMSEY Physical Education Boys' put on your Coats' "Hold your siomaclis in, girlsf' PR- SOLUCHARNEY H Biology MRS. RUTH DONAHUE Engiisn Bring some Iarains to class tomorrow. A-Stop your Channing: get to work" MR' CLETU5 A' CAPQW Business MR. EDWARD DUCHARME Engiisn Its a snap. ..1 . , , ., Is just Ilmsp New Englanclers. MR. DON L ' ' A D MIjLI5"'ess EduCm'O" MR. RAYMOND ARTHUR DUCHARME History A I L I I IITIIQTE are a few people smarter tllan MR. RAFAEL L. CORTATA H' -MV ,lm bleeds .. 'my Miss LAURA ENGELSON Guidance I I "Life can Ile beautiful." MISS MARY THERESA COSSU Business Education MRS. PATRICIA EPSTEIN History and English "DOn't look at the keys!" "Come tulle to me in tlie tower." MISS MIRIAM CRESSEY Business Education MISS FLORENCE IVIORY ERRANT M0fI12mGflCS UI cunlt teucli an empty seatlu "Do fl CIUUIIIY P5959 OI work" MISS MARSY DeLlSSER Language MR. ROBERT E. FARNDON English UA IIUUI9' vvix. dix Ioisfl HGQI out of tlle l1aIIs." I CL' 2 3 LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT STANDING, left to right: Mr. Cronin. Mr. Haclce. SITTING: Miss lendez, Miss De Lisser, Mrs. Schein, Miss Rothstein, Mr. Hunter ABSENTZ MT. Greeley, Mrs. RBITISJCII, Mr, Blake, Miss Gfeg. Page Nine . !" J.. W0 ' I MZIMW QQ!! MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT STANDING, Iefi io right: IVIr. GoIcIsI1Iag, NIL Jacques. SITTING: IVIISS Grshansky, Niiss Errant, Nirs, Pelretti, Miss Guinee, Fiiss Stro g Niiss Kern. ABSENT: IVIr. Xvinikoff, yiiss Osborne. MR. LAWRENCE A. FINK History "And ali that jazz." MRS. PATRICIA W. FRANK Ari "Turn it upside down." MR. HOLLIS E. FRAZEY Business Education Honiy one to a Iocizerf' DR. VERN A. FRISH Business Education HDD a cIoIIar's worth of woriz for a doIIar's worth of pay." MR, DON GASTON Science "8 Ihs. 5 oz.-Boy." MR. DAVID GEIGER History HAII right, spit out the gum," MISS MAY A. C. GEILS Guidance Lift' Couici he heaullfui. MRS. ADELE K. GELBMAN Business Education uxvhat are lhe margins for this Ieilerf' MR. LOUIS B. GIMELLI History "Raise the fiag for Oswego." Page Ten MISS ETHEL S. GINSBURG HBuy Cl tichei for . . . MR. LEO J. GOLDSHLAG This is oniy ti qui:-Iet MR. ROBERT B. GRANT Do YUUI' IILIIITKUIIIOVICI MR. GEORGE E. GREELY 4. I DPIITCIUT YIOHS GIITOIIS UH? C1 MRS. DALE K. GREENBERG "'s he precise H MISS MARY A. GUINEE strzhv you out of mv wiII." MR. EDWARD A. HACKE ivleliez Ies Ieies dans Ies pupitre MR. THOMAS J. HAND "Anything you sm English Mathematics History Language iciee " English Mathematics Language S . Guidance MRS. FLORENCE HENRY Secretary MR. ANTHONY HUNTER Hlvlay l lnorrow your messenger?" ulvonsenselvv MR. PAUL S. HIACK Science MR. GERARD JACQUES 'Avell go into that later." 'ISO lar, so good." MR. ROLAND R. HINTZ Drafting MR. EDDY JOHNSTON "Quit tlmt singing H mlvirneys a wasting. l.vt's gol MR. JACK HOCHHAUSER English MR. JOHN A. KELLER HThougl1t, not plot." "Haul worlva is never eas MRS. CATHERINE HOUSTON English MISS RENEE KERN "Dear lmeurtsf "Stop talking A MR. CHARLES HOUSTON English MISS YURIKO KOBAYASHI HI-PLS Settle' CIOLUH-II HThere goes the secoml Lie MR. WALTER BEACH HUMPHREY MISS ANNE H, KOFF Commercial Art -'Now' S,ude,,,S I " HGQI on the iolzf' MRS. MENICA LA ROCCA MRS. EVELYN B. HUNT English .4 v , v. Noun now. laoys and girls flisguise as ar wor Language Mathematics Vocational Physical Education Mathematics English English Dress Design HTl1e trouble with opportunity is that it generally comes fl I1 d IQ" SCIENCE DEPARTMENT fo Xvagner, Page Eleven -... in 5 CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION DEPARTMENT IVI Vvintman Mr Lewis Mr Geiger, BI TANDING, Iefl to right: Mr. Grant, Mr. Morgan, IVIr. Gime:-IIi, IVIr. Fink, IVIr, R. DucI1arme, r. , . , . ' ' ' ' X E S ein i'Irs. If-instein, IVIiss O'ReiIIy, IVIrs. Bender, Mrs. Iwioore. .ABSENTZ IVIr. Blame. Sisenvsem. SITTING. IVIr, Cortada, . Irs. p t , N XX MR. WILLIAM LEWIS History "Be sure and read .,.. I MISS MARIAN B. LINDEMUTH Administrative Assistant "A seniofs hes! friend." MR. FRANCIS LOMBARDO Health HA sound body maizes a sound mind." MR. ROBERT MAGEE Physical Education Hlusl Ieeep your Iwad Clown." MISS VIRGINIA MALLORY English "All right foIIQs,'I MR. FRANK MANCHEL English "YEAH!II" MRS. ELEANOR NICCLELLAND Nurse-Teacher D0 you wani to go Iiome? MRS. LAURA MCPHEE Librarian a TTIIVILIICIU Page Twelve MRS. VIRGINIA McKENNA Secretary "Flay I I1eIp you? MR. JOSEPH MCOUEEN Business "Dont IooIc at the IeevsI" MR. ALFRED J. MEIER .IDU it right or not at aII. Auto Mechanics MISS LILLIAN O. MENDEZ Language Irubufu para nlaiurla es-H MR. JOSEPH MEYERS Driver Education HSignuI ut the Iightf' MR. BRYANT MINOT Instrumental Music "Strings aIone." MRS. BARBARA MOORE HISIOI'y HIQGIIIGHIIJPV that as Iong as you Iivef' MR. ARTHUR C. MORGAN I"IISI0l'y HGoocI IxIorningI I" MRS. QUAY MULLALLY Dress Design MR. EDWARD C. PASCIUTI Guidance Mlvalze it out and do it over." "1 really donj knowf MISS GLADYS NEWELL English MRS. MARIA A. PETRETTI Mathematics HA worcl to the wise is sufficient." -'Miss ' I 4 MR. DANIEL P. O'BRIEN Driver Education MR. WALLACE pINA physfcagfducaffon Hshih' will you?" "Stop your pussy-footin' H MR' DAWD OLNEY Science MRS. BEULAH S. RAMSDELL Language ABM it's obvious. Hpups Slums ,, 'WFS HELEN C' 0'RE'LLY HISWU MRS. EMMA ROBERTSON Secretary The purpose of education is the Search for time truth." U H Witere were you fifth period? Mm 'IFRMCE OBSHANSKY, M"'ffe"""'C5 MISS RITA ROGERS Physical Education Settle down lads, the period s almost over! HC A ll I V' ontract t e stomac musc es. MISS RUTH T. OSBORNE M h ' -Be quick Mm bum.. at emancs MR. STANLEY ROSENKAMPEE Vocational 1 I HScreen, lease be uiet H MRS. JOSEPHINE c. PANZICA casmeralaay P q HE , , A, Y . A MISS ELAINE ROTHSTEIN Language xperzence is one t mg you cant get ont e easy payment plan." "Repasar los apu t s 73, fe 'I Q 'i I I I , if ' 3 Z . Q 2, Q' f S ij j if 2 Q ,gh QW J? fmw . VOCATIONAL DEPARTMENT TANDING, left to right: Mr. Rosenkampf, Mr. Vvalratlm, Mr. Johnston, Mr. Vvray, Mr. Adams, Mr. Humphrey, Mr. Hintz. SITTING: Miss LaRocca, Mrs. IVIuIIaIIy, Mr, Emerson, Miss Chapman, Mrs. Panzica, Miss Boutacos. ABSENT: Mr. Meier, Mr, BrowneII. Page Thirteen i BUSINESS DEPARTMENT TANDING, Ieft to right: IVIr. Frazey. Mr. Zaccagnino, IVIr. Bowman. INIr. CIow, IVIr. IVIcQueen, IVI1-. Connor. SITTING: IVIrs. GeII9m IVIISS CFESSEY, Dr. FFISCII, IVIYS. TIIOIHIOD, IXIISS Cossu. ABSENT: Miss SXVBDSOD. MR. PAUL RYAN Physical Education MISS CLARE F. SMITH "Get in the ball game." 'ADO you do your IJioIogy homework in MRS. BEATRICE P. SCHEIN Language MISS HELEN A. SMITH 1-lp ne vous enlends pusy- HXVI1ere can you find a pIuce Io pa MRS. ANNE SCHWERNER Science MR' HNaIure is I7ounIifuI.'I MISS H. MABEL SECOR Science MISS HIVIay you aIuvays enjoy Ihv ou! oi llO0l'S.II MISS MR. CHARLES R. SHAW Coordinator HXKIOIIICI you hire nw? MISS MARGARET A. SHOOP Secretary .. MRS. D0 you have an appoinim I' MISS ALMA SICH Nurse MISS's wail and see." MR. ROBERT SISENWEIN Psychology M155 "NVh0's Silly PhiIIy?" Page Tourteen RICHARD STEIN HTIHIIIQIH ORA C. STRONG Du you u mIersIumI? ALMA G. SWANSON DELILAH THORNTON EYIIIUII' lIII't'l'IIOllS l't'I'V CGFPIEIIII Science history?" Guidance fb?" Physics Mathematics Business Typing ANITA B. TOWLE Physical Education "C 1 I I :Ie I " UH TAIL' 1 II'0. TGP, ANNE UGLUM OUT. Guidance I dont Icnau- if it is here, Iuut vou max' IooI-z FANNIE UPHAM HQuote . . . quote." English NURSES AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Left to right: Mrs. McCIeIIanm:I, Mrs. Dem sey, Miss Uiberall, Ixfliss Rogers. Mrs. Sich. ABSENT: Mrs. Towle. I fi. cf. Q . revs, ? ! . i I MISS JOAN UIBERALL Physical Education "Now there's one thing I'm sure about." MR. DANIEL WAGN ER Science "Learn and live - if you cJon't you wont" MR. JOHN WALRATH Electricity "Lets get going class." MRS. MARGARET WEINSTEIN Citizenship Education "Censored" MR. V. ROOSEVELT WILLIAMS "The reason the sea is so great is it's beneath all the little streamsfv MISS JOAN WILL English "You act Iihe a dizzy stick." COUNSELLORS, ART, MUSIC . STANDING, left to right: Mr. Baron. Mr. Hand, Mr. Shaw. SITTING: Mr. Pasciuti, Miss Engelson, Mrs. Frank, Miss H. Smith, Miss Geils, Mr. Minot. ABSENT: Mr. Ya- cone, Mr. Broaclheacl. , . if g Z l I MRS. IDA WILLIG Secretary "Now, whnt's your name? MR. SAMSON WINIKOFF Mathematics Hvxfhy cIon't you Iet that homeworh go until tomorrow?" MR. CALVIN I. WINTMAN Psychology, Human Relations "All together now, q MR. JOHN WIRES Science "I'm going to change my methoclsf' MR. BERNARD WRAY Industrial Arts "Let's he civilized MR. RICK YACONE Guidance "Don't he so Iacizatiaisicallu MR. DON ZACCAGNINO Business "Its a snapln I 5 . Page Fifteen I 7 i im' ',, ,, 3 l 11 J , ,. .4 I II ,N V- Q- if f ,lx - . . M1 X , 59 Wy, ,Ng I I. 42 , V V , I gl - .f X ' I ' ,"' 324. , -- 4.Q A I a R -1 c A T ,si x I A I I L I . -If I I I V. xx ,Q .AAI 3 rf. ' - 4- " .. .,, I 4, ,, . . . , , If, , X ,W Isrwg i I V ' W1 ,H v - , ' ,fri I I I ,'A Y ' .JI ' I x "' 'I I , I. Is ,Nm ll L. KX' Ll . ' A . - 1 r 'eg' 1: ff' , L I . 4 I -'9 I 1- ., ' 'f 'J 4 .Nqr I 5-K .-.y '- S ,pi l Wggi 4, I, I 1 f ' ' A H .,, V . . N L' Xxx fi' I I 'x,,,4g' f ' I 1 f ' -L ,Ax is ,Q n ' 5'3""Q' ' 9 is ' . i .. I I Q in h Q ' '- ,- . Ii 'F Q- W.-fl' g T 5 u I . I r ,L 't' I ,V Af -.' I1 'i 1 - A ,Q 2 S V. N? ,W :Hu .5 :,'1, w rt, 1 rl..-2 1, N. I A U I, bl , V J,f..,,, . ..::. QfL,,,,,.! f I, 1 Q... I I - I ' A " .., ."l 1"?? f ..5 4- I -4 ,1'li,.w 1.4, v ,., , 9, J I ', i v xg? :X 9 sv fgui I W ' "' I I Qu. I A i I .A fi :ik I , xx , 'A I J- , mi Q gg, XJ A r' ki, L - W , I 'Q ...4....,..,,.....m,..' awww-ff 'VWYF "WF ' 'iv ps' tg' 1fi"l ' ' 1 X +A., .,,, Ia A 1 I f xx A W Vx K . I X 1 8 , ' Hr "N" ,fz 'V A I A I ' ge P, , If Q Iggy I, ,ski I V X r- I X ,z-If , A A 2 1 M I II 'xi i 63 I I 'qAV 7Q7"f?' ' -. 3 ,N . M ,D '.LLlA I , - N ' ff' . I ' A .AMMIN "ll Q lik I .Sit s X 'F lbwhxgq, - :XQQ ,I f 1 li ' whim 2. ,VCP ROW, left lu right: Bonnif' Xvilsnn, Pnufn ECIPIIIIHU, David LOC. Plmyuis Cook, Barlmra Hoffman and Ncdda g 3IiHr'r, Judy, Nhnnini, SIXTH Row: ,Imam :Kun .Iul1nQhm, loan Ralwinnwilz, farm' Xvoill, Barbara HQHQ Elwrlmrcll, TI-cl SI:-wart. FIFTH Row: lfflvn Scluxmrtz, Susan Sirliis. Susan Strauss, Fwd Parker, Bonnie Dlllwrxlwin, xxxrlf-m' XVI-invr. l'L0L'RTlI Run: lulvx llwrgvr, Limla Pc-lvrson, lim Egnrm, Dunnn Ender, Dm-Hwy Bvilin, lL1fIvIf-rlr'rI1u'uIl FIQIIIRD Row- Iucly Prima' Put XIWIIIIIIIEI Qoniw gbnrm' Yiwu nt Prim"oli1 I lllfit ilu Q ,n ,,, ..I. .,., ...LIN I- Ia,.a- 1.'1r,Pai DlIIvll"g2lII, SICONII Row: Donna 5l0rlIzuIiI', Nliliv Stillman, Tony Ciiumn. .Indio Ruqvrs, Barlmra Carlin Fluisv FJ- warcls, B01 IOM Row: luflf-1' Ross, Xxyvluly Hmmlclvlm, Nlnry Lou Harris, Susan Golmlshmrw, Claim' Lipsio, Susan ljslmlag. fflogqcf 'N , f .y A 1? 1 1 "3 X . 1., . r 1 1? sf' JOSEPH D.XRl,INlf'1 1 7 Vt'll9llV'I'l' WW W 5HIfxl.FX XX ILLIA. 'IS FR 51170 furv x X N FRANCES IT.-XLL-XNO President ANR FINSTHXYAIT Vive-president SENIOR CLASS HISTORY Never Never Lanai was Peters worici of happiness and cieiigixt, where an remained etemauy young. Though we do not retain our youth forever, in om memories New Rocixeue Higil Scixooi will always ire our Never Never land. As we entered tire enchanted worici of New RDCIIEHQ Higil Scixooi as sopilomores. we CLGSE Gerald Amorosana. Frances Iialiano, Biaisei Lee anti Josepir Cerreta to ieami us. They warneci us to avoici time dangers of venturing too near tile wimiian Camp" ami time uBiue Lagoon," and aciviseci us to mio our iromework ami our stuciying. Some of us foiioweci their go-oci counsel. wiziie others Jiri not. Tims. our sophomore year Hew iay, izringizng with it our first fiance. our first footirau game anti our first regents. As juniors we approacixeri our second year. ilecoming more and more familiar with our Never Never Lanai. Frances Italiano, Fred Panker, Bialzei Lee and .IOSEPII Cerreta were forever scouting to keep us away from t.il0fSC ciangerous lrineiiansf' Our Junior Prom. a iroeautifui affair anti a iluge success, was a fitting enci to anotizer wonderful year. .AS we rounded the Bella of tile IOBJ ihflllngh NCVBI' NCTC! Lauri. om' guides were Frances Italiano, Fmnk Finstixwait, Siririey Xxviuiarns and Josepin Darling. Tiley imiazeti Line trail through our iast year in New Rocileiie High School anti ieti us tiuougim riass fiay, tile Senior Prom, anti Bnaiiy our long-awaiieci gratiuation Jay. Yes, our riays in tire encixanteci Worici of New Rocireiie High Scilooi are over. but their spen will iinger on anti on. CES XXSARTEL JOANNE M. ABBRUZZE "Smiley" "Let a smile lbe your umimreliau Outsicle lnterests: Campion Clulu Bowling: Dancing: Parties: Recorcls! Driving. Future: Cosmetology: lvlarriage, iw , f f-in 41, I.. ff w 1 .si W, ELLEN AMADO "Music Hath clwrms" School Activities: Band, Orclwestra Clioir, Doulule Octette. Honors: Scllolarsliip Outside Interests: Student Teaching, Assistant Music, Music Classes Temple: Music: Reading: TV, Future: College. I' r,f"'sfw. 'Writ :vt-If -:,,..... I'- 'l ' ?,,grf7: 'ff f ' 'f ,f f n f ., f 251 , Q ' f 'ff , X V, , ,,.,,. f f 1 W f 4 dfj , 1 749' W?- fgx X S X X X ,-ts Zi A S 2: me 'SK ,. ss, , M1 X rf STEVEN JOEL ABRAMSON HA lzeen sense ol llumor is liis trucie marlzf' School Activities: Hug. Her. Bus. Statl, Mngr. l958: Soplw. B, A Clmir: Niatti Cluls. Plwysics, Outside lnterests: C0-cliair., Beth-El Photo, Club: Ptiotograplwy: Young Dem. Club. Future: College: Medicine. CAROL JEAN AMOROSANA "A good heart anfl a friend to all" Sclwol Activities: Cressey Hi-Y. HOYIOTSI Outside lnterests: Swimming: Danc- ing: Recorcls. Future: Secretary: lvlarriage. EMILY REBECCA ALBER ER L , OR SANA I, Popu arity bears tier company Ml 5C oi Activities Hug Her GO Ol' Cliair. Assemluly Comm.. Sopli , TB ouncilg Twirling: Conver, . . - 1 I . L! Hono sz Hug. Her. News Ed. V 1 -C PY95-if -0- EP-- Outside Interests: Conl., Post-Conlf ' V 2 5 19 ViCC P V- - PES- 2 . air, ilEmlI j ' A Igg I. H I h ,, 5 I 4 .. H, . .6 fl-,0 I , .5 ,, us o! ' gags, l1': Rep., Pub. Comm. Sopti., lr. Prom: Era! YS- lu ' Hi 3'5- ' ' lx ' 0 ll: ?g . . t - C Club 'Q s ' L I R ' , "ii " ll f I2 X ro li Pres. Rel. Sclwoolg' High Society: Records. Books. Future: College. HARRI ET LOUISE ALLEN Hln the sunslnine of your smile" Sclwoi Activities: Art Service Clulo, Social Service, Stage Cralt. Honors: Scliol. Clulu-lo: Poster Prize. Outside lnterests: lr. Soc.: BBG.: Sigma Beta Pi: Art Students League: Art: Piano: Tennis, Future: College. side lnterests: Connie Nlacli Base- ball: Y.Nl.C.A,: Sports: Slcetctiingz Singing. Future: College: Prol. Baseball, LOUISA C. AMOROSANA uloui, HHumor and good nature are tlie leey to popularity" Scliooi Activities: Pres. Cosmetology Class, l0-ll. Outsicle lnterests: Campion Cluli Swimming, lee-Skating, Bowling Tennis. Future: Cosmetology: Nlarringc. 4 's a nie -9' 'S ORPQ, x 9 : "+-Q J , f Mx ! - is f gf 4, ANTOIN ETTE ALTERIO Usweet and gentle" School Activities: Business Service Club: Dance Comm. Honors: Sciiol. Club: Slwortliand Speecl Certificate. Outside interests: Co-Ed Clulu: Cres- sey Hi-Y, Hug. Hi-Y: Dancing: Swimming: Recorcls. Future: Secretary: Airline Stewarcless. Page Twenty :gg uf 9, - l . . ,,. M. ro 'T' 1: --. , v-Ma, K. 'G . x ,Q , , V X- I-ke: 2:15 '. ILEN E SUSAN AMSTERDAM HFair and neat, refined and sweety' Scliool Activities: Girls' Ciwrui Drama. Club, Soc. Ser.: SLG.: Hug Her. Bus. Static Rocli. Bus. Pulolica- tions. Outside Interests: Cont., Post-Conlr Jr. O.R.T.: B.B.G.:.Sigma Beta Pi gon: Ftusicz Reading: Dancing: ll- boc. Future: College: i li ,. 1 l l i i E i . L l l E l i i i l DIANNE JEAN ARCHIBALD "Dee" 5 H.-L true trienci is ci real joy' V S Hoot :Xcti 't' 51 A .. Tlio Ml'1tCluLr. 'J if Pm. SQL cfm. ug "Y Outsid I t sts: Sulo Delss. Re-2 ' ?Zu Sor.. -I-teas 1 Saiiing lcesfisatingz Knitting: Slsiing Future: CoIIege J I I I I L: :X BERNARD J. ARMIENTO ff "Ben" v-. Lite is out ci x-ng Outsicie Interests: Baseloall. I:ooLI:all Future . :Xrmecl Forces I ' ' 1 I .I f m .- N ff! - U Y' CLALIS PETER ARNDT 'I ' If - 7 ' 4 lAHiF'TLGhJ!E carefree, Iii: A Y, ' f manner easyll . , 1, X , Sciiooi Actin-ities: SopI'1.. B. A Ciwir: 5 Q' V Cmss C2unt1'j-', Soccer Team, g 7" . Cin. ' UI' I'Ionors: Special Aleutian Poetry Anti: A Outside Interests- C-aptaining Yacluts. V 4 V: A, F, Boating: Tennis: Sv-irnming: Hi-Fi. C 4 E-ig: Art: Bongos: Knife Collecting , "dj ' f if -' :' ffgi Future: Qllege. 35 1,f'5Ef'i,F 3' 1 Tc ,Z 5 1 . .r 5 . RICHARD W. ATTISANI "Dickie" 'AHappy go Iucieyu Outside Interests: Sportsman Auto Assn.: Hunting: Sports: Cars. Future: CoIIege: Automotive Engineer- mg. LOIS CLAIRE ARVIDSON "Loie" 4'GoIiIen Imir Iiiie sunlight streamingll Scitooi Activities: Pu.I5I.: Orclnestra: Cro. Alt.: Jr. Council Rep : Jr. Prom Dance Comm. Honors: Sciiolarslnip Outside Interests: Job: Plxi Delta :or Rec. Sec., Vice Pres.: Bowling, Golii Future: Junior College. , in S HELENA LOUISE AVALLONE "Babe" sincerity is indeed a noIJIe Virtue Otiler High Attended St Galorielsz JY. Baslszetloallz Track 'I-earn. I'Ionors: Pub tor Cosmetology: bcliol Club: Pres. Cosmetology Class, IZ. Outside Interests- Campion Clulo Swimming, Bowling, Sl-zatingg Reacl- ing. Future Hairstj-'listz Alarriage ELLEN KAY AXENFIELD "EI" HAIL goocinese springs from time heart' Scnaoi Actitities If N. Club, Drama French. SIG G-irls' Cho.. Dance Comm: Hug. l"ler. Stag: Intm Arcifiery. Honors Schol.CIu.L1. Outside Interests: Guitar: Singing Dancing: Biusic: 'I-lweatre: Reaclingl Future ColIege: Psyciwologist ALFRED ELLISON AYERS "Quiet persons are welcome ereryu'I1ere" Futiue: fsxrrned Forces ,AM f .K X T' J- I RICHARD AUSTIN "Fuzz" Friendship is o sI'LeItering tree' cnool .-'xctirities Iroctkali -I-earn. Tmli. Outside Interests. Boys' Club: Baslxet- bell, Dancing, uture- College' Air Force, Y Nw 'J 47 JC! CYNTHIA JEAN BALL "cindy" "Bene of time SCI'LDOI .'ACIIFifi9El CLIOIIQ Dance Comm., Jr. Prom Decoration. Honors: Sclrioiarsluip Club. Outside Interests: PIU -I-au Sor., Sub Debs. cm. cami, Club: Dancing: Knitting: Sewing: Ice S-Iiating: Sailing. Future. College. page Twenty-one CYRIL BARNERT MFor lerwwlerlge, too, is itself u power' SCl100lACtiIYittPS! intra, Soltlsall: ixlatl Clulo, Dclwating. Honors: Sflml. Clulm: Nut. Hon, Soc, Stqllli-FiflE'lliSl. Outsicle interests: .lr. Science Cluia o NR.: Science Fir.: Balt. Orioles St. Louis Hawks: Sports. Future: ivlcclicine. ills N91 WW YW' eva pi Blu Epsilon iVlatlT Contest: NALS. I 47 'rv R - ...t if I T I A J: Ikf 1: M ' Ji ,Vt I 'Mr-v ti ROBERT BARNES JACQU ELYN BATTLE SHARON ADELE BARTN ETT "True as u of tlie sun" Outside interests: Dancing, Swim ming: Recorcls. Future: Business Sciiool: Vforli. naw 2 N, , ,-4 -fw f,:',i R 2 W-1 f i' V, 'N : Q 1 . T Rite: 'T'-sv HHe is nappy unctfcarelreeu Outside interests: Civil Air patrol w Junior Society: Teen Society: Cars f'uture: College: Stock Brolccr. "Jackie" 'Sugar and spice" Scliool Activities: intramural Baseball Outside interests: Tennis: Barlaering. Future: Nursing or Marriage. O li 3 ' 4 ft!! Y lv , 'ffl ARTHUR BARRETT ':Bqbo" s :EPI-tg iefof Ei Ltblll t J .Steer on, lzold marinerln ri fl, , fe' School Activities: Varsity Football, 'V' luke ifufiln' field! 3 willing' . . Sli oi ctiui A. J., .. otija 1: Cross utside interests: Pin L.an1l'JCla: Fislu S' !f,'T JY! ,in fravarv ing, Hunting, Golf, Swimming AA - T, Boats' Cars' Horro st: N i, : Con Ecli Future : College. ivlarincs. LAURIE ANN BARROW USO lwrcl to forget" SCEIOOI Activities: Frcncii Club, Soc. Service, SLG.: Orch.. Band, Con Banil: Clloir. Outsifte interests: Modern Dancing N R Sym imon :lVlusic, siJn,QtllWarePE cl Litimpr Sports ll . Oiitiiqaellntgggstsf Tauigi eep: Danc- l73idtV15ct,:ls, Qeilitclgor Spori: Lite Futur: Coliglmrlsscoalst N A L T J NEIL H. BAYER usincere tl1ougl1is and merry ways' Scilool Activities: G,0. Rep.: Sopl1 Council: Swimming Team. Outside interests: Jr. Societ ' y: Coins: Sports, Swimming, Bowling. . E ,Ai 153. l 'E f- ,, K g .1 if 1 Y, I I 3 MARTIN J. BARSCHI "Bosco" "A miglnty man is lie" Sclwol Activities: Math Club: .l.V. Basl-cetlaall. Baseball: Varsity Track. Outside interests: Pres. Temple Group. Higil Society: Master Councillor Dv Nlolayz Sports: Pop. Music. Future: College: Nl:-ciicine. Pnge fTwenty-two if ' - D Y l'uture: College, if Future: College. xg 'Q A l BETTE LYNN BECKER "A pleasing personality is ever an asset" School Activities: Soc. Ser, Club, Bili- Clulb, French Club: Bowling Team' Hoclccy. G.O. Rep.: Trai. Squad: Oll- Xvorlc. Otiner Higll School Attended: Forest Hills Higim. Outside interests: Jr. Soc., B'naiBritl1 Girls: Sigma Beta Pint Sor.. Hiilt Soc., Tennis, Bowling, Music. Sltat- ing. lture: College, DEBORAH LACEY BEETON f- .fs V fd 1 T1 Q4 "Debbie' A' ' ' "Aint sbe sweet" Scbool Activities: Orcb.. Bancl. Con BHTICIZ Cborus. Honors: Bancl, Orcb. Letter anal Star Outside Interests: Sub Debs. Canecl- Club: Nurses Aicle: Flusic: Ice Skat- ing: Dancing. Future: Nursing Scbool. .i 23- ' A f.,."l' Q- ,-.z ' 46' ,gf - . 'tl' ,wo-J .JY j A t 1: BONNIE LYNN BELL "lust wonderful" Scbool Activities: Social Ser. Club: Glee Club Ar Good Council Acad. Otber High School Attended: Goocl Council Acacl. Outside Interests: Teen Club: Read- ing: Painting: Music: Horses. Future : College: Doctor. 2 DEBORAH BEILIN "Debby" "Too marvelous ,lor worclsv' Scbool Activities: Soc. Ser, Club. Amer. Tb.: Stud. Int, Group: Rocb. Bus, Staff: Publ: Assembly Comm. G.O. Rep.: Tennis lntra. Honors: Scbol. Club, Nat, Honor Soc. Outsicle Interests: Jr. Sc., Teen Com- munity Council. Future: College: Psycbology. SUSAN LOIS BEIN Hvxvbere tl1ere'S a will IIIGTQIS a way" School Activities: Social Service Club. Student Int. Group, Etbel K. Loeb: Rocbellean Bus, Stall. Otber Higb Scbool Attended: Eras- mus. Outside Interests: B'nai Britb Girls. Junior Soc.. Higb Soc.: Volunteer XX'orlc: blusic: Art: Tennis. Future: College. BARBARA AUDREY BELCHIER "Barbie" Hllittle bit of lmeavenn Sclwol Activities: Orcbestra: Hoclcey. Hon. Basketball Team: G.O. Alter- nate. Outsicle Interests: Pintards, Rep. to Presby, Council, Hug. Hi-Y: Violin. Nlusicz Swimm.: Sports: Reacling: Sewing, Future: College: Teacber. '17 -css EUGENE BELL 'Tbe most bappy lellal' FL. S It I A t"it' sz IV. I: tb ll, Bas- ." - . ifrbfll. Bisilbblll, var. FSZLBZII. va: J- 'A Basketball. Var. Baseball, Var. Club. I Honors: Co. Captain Baseball Team. Outsicle Interests: Boys Club: Sports. Future: College or Prol. Baseball : K 4 ' 1 .L l an CORA MAE BENTON "Shorty" Hsbort and sweet" Otber Higb Scliool Attencleclz Doug- lass. Outside Interests: Alary Betbune Iunior Alisses Club: Collecting Recorcls: Bowling: Sewing: Danc- ing: Social Xvorlter. Future: Secretary or Nurse. TOBY CAROL BERGER "I'Iigl1 on tlie list" School Activities: Girls Intra. Honors: Scbolarsbip Club. Outside Interests: B'nai Britb: Read- ing: Swimming. Future: College: Registered Nurse. ARNOLD ABREHAM BERMAN "Arnie" "A sportsman lie" School Activities: Intra. Sports Capt.: Varsity Club: blngr. Football Team, Basketball, Traclc, Cross Country. Honors: lntra. Tropby Xvinner. Outside Interests: Temple Activities: Sports: Stamps: Stat. Recorcls. Future: College: Business: Sports. i 'T ! CORDELL STUART BERMAN ucorkyn "A man of letters" Otlrer Higb Sclwol Attenclecl: Vallev Forge blil. Acad. I Scbool Activities: Varsity Club, VVrest.: Intra. Basketball, Football Soccer, Baseball. Track: Gym, Team Honors: Plays. Training bleclal. Outsicle Interests: Atbletics: Boats: Animals: Cars, Future: College: Business, Page Twenty-three ROGER DANIEL BERMAN HA good man" School Activities: Chess Clulv: Base- Inall Intramurals. Other High School Attenclecl: De Vvitt Clinton. Honors: De Vvitt Clinton Hon. Sof. Outside Interests: Beth-EI Youth Group: Treas., Frat.: Piano: Stamps: Swim., Footlaall, Baselvall. Bowling. ttt iift C. .1-ff' Future: College. g :Q V If I J X g . fi.: fs . Sv gfzx . F! S--Q H. 'qv WILLIAM H. BERRY, JR. "Choo-Choo" Hlvlighty man" School Activities: Var. Clulf, .Ir, League Basketlaall, lntr., IV. Base- Ioall, Var. Footlnall, Letter, Track. Letter. Honors: lVl.V.P. Balue Ruth Baseluall. Outside Interests: Balne Rutll Base- Lmall, Coach Basketloallg Swimming: Horseback Riclingg Drawing: Dralt- Ing. Future: College: Dmltsman or I'ligl1 School Coach. DOMINIC J. BEVILACQUA "What a dream" Other High School Attended: Bless. Sac. Honors: Bless. Sac. Scholarship. Outside Interests: "Silver Roclsn: Cars: Goll: Basketball: Swimming: Water Skiing. Future: US. Marine Corps. RICHARD ALLEN BEY "Dick" "I'lI build a stairway to paracliseu School Activities: Business Service Cluloa Gymnastic Squacl: Track. Other High School Attended: Dan- Inury l'ligl'1. Outside Interests: Church Basketlyallg Work: Skin Diving: Aviation. Future: College, C.P.A,: Navy Air Force. I SYDELL RUTH BIEBER "All the worlds her stage" School Activities: Drama Clulo: Soplm Choir: Rifle-Team. Outside Interests: B'nai Brith, Celes tials, Pres., Astronomy: lVlytI1: Act ing: Painting: Nlusic: Rillery: Crimi nology: Psych. Future: College. Page Twenty-four .AW , .. .ff ALAN BIRN BAUM 'Sitting on top of the worldu School Activities: Spanish Clulog Bay:- Ivall lntra. Outsicle Activities: Iunior Society: Photography. Future: College: Business JOSEPHINE BIZZARRO "Jo" "Pretty little miss" School Activities: Business Service Club. Outside Interests: Volleylvall, Basket- lvall, Coll: Campion Clulvp Sea Shells: Traveling: Swimming: Boat- ing: Records: Dancing. Future: Private Secretary or Airline Hostess, SUSAN JEAN BLANEY "Sue" "The magic touch" School Activities: Rochellean Stall: School Poster Committee. Honors: Art Awarcl: First Prize: Poetry Puls.: Gregg Sliortlriancl and Typing Certil.: Scholarship Club: Nat. Hon, Soc. Outside Interests: Cressey Hi-Y Club: Secretary: Hi-Fi: Swimming: Skat- ing: Bowling: Art Act.: Visit Art Centers. Future: Commercial Artist. JERILYNN BLITZ "Jeri" "Ambition cleserves meritn School Activities: Social Service Club: Forest Park Club at Forest Hills I'ligI1. Other School Attendecl: Forest Hills High. Honors: PSAL Awarcl, Outside Interests: Ixlultiple Sclerosis: Bowling: Swimming: Skating: Dancing, Piano: Reacling: Psy- clwologyf Futrfrnzvcollege: Private Secretary. I . f 0 my , , j , I , .Ai 5' 1 Y , Q ..,. v is 25 - x ""'-GF NS- I-N..-ff I :JI t . ft. III 'PIYUJ ll' -al . S U , i PETER BOEVE uD0C "The man of the hour" School Activities: Am. TI1., Stu. Inl- Clulo, "Big Bros. Big Sis.": Const. Comm.: Clfrrn.: Dou. Oct., A, B- SOPIT Choirs: Cheerleacler, Swim- Team, Track Team, Scien. Exper. Honors: "AA" Hon. Flen., Cancel Essay, Hon. Flen. Outsicle Interests: CIW. League Bask.. Vvinn. Pres.: Ivlocl. CI1. Champ. Clw- Uslwer Team, Capt.. Teclw. Elect. Comm. I uture: College: lvlecl. SCIIOOII JUDITH ANN BOGART 'Xludy' 'luvliat a friend" School Activities: Am. Tbouglrit Club Rocbellean Bu ine qt lil l s' ss ..a : r. Council, Honors: Scbolarsbip Club. Outside lnterests: Bvnai Britb Girls Pres: .lunior ORT, Vice Pres.: Sl-:i ing: Swimming: Painting. Future: College. ru., . ,z is Q95 Q-.a 01. VIVIAN BOWER "Viv" 'To lznou' Pier is to lore ner" School Acticities: Spanish Club, Soc Ser., Hug, Hi-Y: Band: Qrcli, Other Higli Scliool Attended: Livinge ston: Frenclu Club: Sec, Sopb. Class: DANCE Cffnrlrn. Honors: Scluol, Club, Outside Interests: All-State Band: Records: Fisbing: Tennis. Future: College. at -,.- EDWARD BOGDANOFF "Ed" Hclmrrning and gay.. Sclwol Activities: Xlatb Club: Lox Hi-Y: Xkvrestling, lv. Baseball, IV Cross Counirv. Outside Interests: Junior Society Cburcln League Baslietball: Boolxs .-Xtbleiics. Future: College. ANGELA BOLANOS "Denise" HBriglit eyes., School Activities: Spanisb Club: Hug. Hi-Y: Office Xvorl-:er: Tennis. Other High School Attended: Toledo lin Cubal. Outside Interests: Tennis: Swimming Ping-Pong: Basl-zetball: xlusicz Dancing: Xvritingz Reading Poems, Future: College: Secretary, JOHN H. BOWNE "Jack" 'lm tl luclay guy" , Outside Interests: Boating: Swimming: Xyorliing on Cars. Future: Amie-cl Forces: Radio and TV. Repairman. 'T-1-I JOHN BRACEY "Rod" NOEL Iolinnyln Sclwol Activities: Track, .Varsih ng DANNA SUE BORSTEN 'fr HAH is not a tliing: lt is a way" '4 A School Activities: :Krt Ser. Club, Soc f J S . kg: didtside Interests: Blnai Britli: lr Soc.: Hi Soc.: Swimming: Knitting: 5,4 Art. j- Future: College. l GIORA A. BOURKAFF 'J "George" -4 HFollow tlmt man" -"" Sclwol Activities: Vxlrestling. Otlwr High Scl1oolAttended: Flicliael Hall lin Englancll. Outside Interests: Stamps: Photog- raplny. Future: College: Electrical Engineer Degree. Xvresiling. 1 4 Q'-' Outside Interests: Boyds Club: Cburcb: :--- up Sports. Future: Army: Coolc. V we Y ..:. ' PETER BROSE ' ' shoe" e a cy ree Q, f ctirit ' O Rep.. G.O. xg D e .: a yetball. Ot ' t Sc 0 . ended: lona. -ga-, ide I rests mpion Club: Tau Pi Frat.: Grand Hist.. Pres.: Cliurclw League Basketball: Singing: Danc- ing. Future: College. i TOM BREUNICH "Tom" "Carefree and gay" School Activities: .l.V. Basketball Varsity Basketball, Co. Captain 12 Vars, Football, lntra. Baseball. Outside Interests: Plii Lambda: Cliap- lain: Cars: Sports: Swimming: Boat- ing: Xxyater Skiing. Future: College or Navy. Page Tiiienty-time LUCILLE BREWTON "Lu' HAiways he happy" Schooi Activities: Cheerleader: Hug. Hi-Y: lntramurals: Modern Dance, Other High School Attended: Harri son. Outside interests: Youth Council Pres.: Choir: Vlaiorctte: Dancing, Singing: Dramatics: La Jr-unesse Trcas. l'uture: College: Nurse. x M MU J xg E .- e-vi MELVIN BROWN "The good man maiees others good' School Activities: JV, Footlvall, Track Outside interests: Church: Dancing Footlziallz Basicethall. Future: College. .ans PVQM I "" ., : A HERBERT TERRY BRIEN xmHerb1r "A man of his convictionsi' A School Activities: Spanish Clulv, Physics Clulu: Huguenot Hcralci: ln- tramurals. Honors : Scholarship Club. Outsicie interests: Beth-El High So- ciety: Science. Future: Science. GERALDINE BROWN Hearty" Hin my ouvn quiet way" Other High School Attencied: Bangor, Maine. Honors: Scholarship Clulog Typing Awarci. Outside interests: Work at Hospital: Co-eci Cluh: Les Armies: Records: Dancing: Reading. Future: Business School: Marriage. JAMES BROWN "Roman" HAnd he is a iileeaizie feilown School Activities: G.O, Rep.: G.O. Alt.: J.V, Balslcetivall. Outside interests: Boys Cluli Rec. Comm.: Singing: Sports: Jazz: Cars, Future: Air Force: Trade School. ANN MARIE BRUNO "Annie" "Nice to lzriouiu Sclwoi Activities: Bus. Ser. Cluili G.O. Dance Comm.: Cressey Hi-Y: Hug. Hi-Y, Honors: Scholarship Cluin: Typing Award. Outside interests: Co-ed Club: Danc- ing: Bowling. Future: Private Secretary. JUDITH ANN BUCKLE "Judy" "Stay as sweet as you are" Outside interests: Art: Sewing: Danc- ing, Future: Dress Designer. JACK BURKE "So much is a man worth as he esteems himself" School Activities: Xyrestlingg Cross Country: lntramurals. Outside interests: Hi-Society: Phi Sigma Beta Frat, S in r-I ,TDP . ,ff ,,, "'1 : I ' 'A it X. A V 7.1 si., , t 2 li 'UN JOEL BROWN "Moxie" "Breezing aiong with the breeze" Honors: Scholarship Club. Outside interests: Thecps, Pres.: Recorcls: Cars: XVestern Folklore. Future: College. Page Twenty-six f't1,.az:, N 5 ' in Future: College. L 'L' Oil -J: JOE BURKE "Put more trust in nobility of character than in oath" Schooi Activities: Cross Countfyi Track: Xvrcstling. Outside interests: Hunting: Fishing, Future: College. ,lJ JAMES BUTLER "Jim" MHe mules Iris tray quietly". Scliool Activities: Club: Hug Hi-Y: OtI1erHigI1 School .-Xttendeclz Lvniver- .,., sity ot Chicago High, X..- Outsitle Interests: Basketball: Clnurclw ..-se. 1 fx CD w.'f 4.-1 1 Future: College: Aclvertising. - ,ttf 1,4 1 ' r x . -, . Al, I Q ,.. L s ,ig ' 5- ,Q , JAMES S. BYRNES "Jimmy V "Alu'ays Ive Itcippyh -F if i w :Xctirities Blatlu Club, lntra ul 'if' :J Honors Sclwlarslrxip Clula H fr . if Y 'K Outsiule Interests' BF-th EI Basketball V," B L 1 Pop Bluslc. Blatlfiematics I -E4 j , 5, : f Future College: Blatliematics 3 H . Q 'J R, eg' ' JOSEPH CALABRO U.-tn easy minded soul, and 3 .: CIIUQUXS !L'GS I J' Outside Interests Cars Records . N II' Guitar Playing Future' Xavy I BARBARA A. CAVIARDELLA E.: ,A 'Avlien are as .pretty as that criticism is out ot season 35. 3... '-L ScI1ool.-Xcticities' Bus Ser Club, Soc Ser. Cressey Hi-Y: Dance Comm Honors: Scl-iol, Club: Typing :Xwarcl Slwortlnancl, NON.-X, Outside Interests: 20430 Clulo, Cam pion: Dancing: Boating Future: College: Secretary, I , J ,Ee 'Y -l FREDcAPosELrA ,4'?C6ppg" W "For Refs a jolly, goclcf ,felloiuiuaf School Activities: Varsity Club: Trade. Capt.: Intramuralei' , 13' 4 Hgnorsr New Yak S trade Record,- l 55 ' ' Outside, Interests: .. .Cn-X.: CEO. Baslcetlaall Car B t :I s: ga s. : Future: College: 'f Track. ' "Bobbie" ROBERT CARAVETTA "I guess Ill Imre to cliunge my plan' -an Outside Interests: Plicitograplwy. Col- 'L'- lecting Coins, Future: Pliotograplw ADRIANA CARELLO "Ever gay. erer srnilmg'l ScI1ooI rlctirities- Vice Pres. Sr. Co Class A gr, Outside Interests' Bowling. blxating. ,..-, Records: Dancing Future- Beautician: Blarriage MARY ELIZABETH CAREY "Gentle ot manneru "A ROSEMARIE CAPPELLINO UROQH 'Do lorelv tlrings, not dream tI1em. all day long" Outside Interests Bowling Club, Sliat- ing. Recorcls. Future: Beautician: Nlarriage: 73? YN X 2. Outside Interests: Sunclay School I Teacher, Ellis Organization: Twirl- ,Q mg 4 Future Dress Design 5 3' ll'-f-3' CHARLES JOSEPH CARINO "Charley Boy" H,-K man with Iris dreams" Outside Interests: Reacling: Raising Pigeons, Future: Bricl-clayer, Page Twenty-seven BARBARA S. CARLIN uSlt0Tt Llttll Sll'1'i'tH Sclxool Activities: 0.0. Rep.: fi.O. 5 ,- ug: Assembly Comm., Dunn-, Const.: ,VA 3 Rm-I.. Bus. Stall: Pulmlirations, Soi. Ser. Clulu. ,h44,, Outsiile Interests: Brnai Britli fiirls: , I n LI X Jr. Sort: Post Conlirnmto Ta Art: Skating: Swimming. Future: College. ,sag , xi: . 7' 5. up U.:-: X ..-F .Is M. Q 'rug an - and JOSEPH CECATIELLO uHcwen't got a uiorryu Otlier Higl1 School Attemlecl: Evancicr Clulcls. Future: Armecl Forces. Page Tiivcnty-eight s S 1 N,,,,'f:. P 1 45: IVIARLENE J. CARRATURO "Honest lame uuvuits tlle truly gooiln Scliool Activities: rlireas., Sr. Cos. Class. Outsicle Interests: Bowling: Records: Dancing, Future: Beauticiang Niarriagc. GORDON T. CASE "Flash" Hltis all in the gamen Sclfioot Activities: Varsity Football. Vvrestling: CLO. Rep.: Ciloirg Varsity Cluin, Conversation. Outside Interests: Piti Lamioa Frat.. Pres.: NR. Rowing Cluiup Hunting: Fislxing: Reading: Ciuurciw. Future: College. JOSEPH CATALDO "Cat" "To fty upon wings of wind" Sclioot Activities: Vwlrostling Letter.: Baseball, Intramurals. Olitside Interests: Boys' Cum- pionq Cars: Baseiwall. Future: Air Forte. JOSEPH CERRETA "Joe" "Born for success" Sclmot Activities: U.O. Rep.: Class Trans. t0,Il: G.O, Tre-as. 12g Foot- imall Letter, Track: Varsity Ciulu, Con- versation. Outside Interests: Cars: Sports. Future: College. LOUIS CERRETA "Take it easy" Outsicte Interests: Cars: Hunting. Future: Nleciwanicz Armeci Forces, MICHAEL CERRETA "Big Mike' uDou'n to tlw seo in sliipsu 9cl1oolActirities Football Xvrc tlin . 1 .1 , s g, Bowling, Bmctmll. Outsicle lnteri sts: XX orlx rn fins bta tion: Navy Resf-we: Hunting, Bowl ing, l:uIure: Navy. Sclzool Activities: Baselv II Tnmg Intramurals, STEPHANIE ANN CEGLIO "Beauty is ller prolessi utsicte Interests: Records D n mg Horsrfluaclc Riding. I ture: Bcautician. L N-iv 'LT-T' ELIZABETH R. CESARIO RO "Little tltings mean a tot Scl1ootActivities: Bus. Ser Clu 'Soc Sc-r, Other High School Attenctecl SI Gabriel. Honors: Typing Award. :N Outside Interests: PI1iDeIta qor 20 30 Club: Dancing: Recorcis Future: Secretary. LINDA CESARIO "Lee" "Nice things come in little packages" SchooI Activities: G,O. Rep.: Sec Cosmetology Class. 'is Outside Interests: Co-ed CIub: Danc- ing: Records, Future: HairstyIing: 5Iarriage. I . fl' us...-Zig, I fee: E 3 1. - gs it Q, ,gift 'Wir I ' N 'Wi A Aj - NJ Ip 3. ,IQ if Q: . 1 -4 . :E K, k. - MARIE ANN CHIECO "Bundle of energy" Outside Interests: Cooking: Poetry. Future 2 CoIIegC. NATALIE CHALIFF Uxvonderfui to Iznouv' School Activities: Soc, Ser. CIUIJ. It FFEDC . Other High School Attended: Co Iumbia. Honors: Schol. Club. Outside Interests: Bvnai Britti, Sec. CoI. tor Drives: Reading. Future: CoIIege: Advertising. MARIA ELENA CHARLA U.Mec!l 'Avho art so IittIe and so charming' Other High ScIwoI Attended: St Gabriei. Outside Interests: Co-ed Club: Danc- ing: Records. Future: Vvorkz Nlarriage. VIVIAN CHEK "Check" "Full of life" Schoot Activities: Xvinter Prom Dec. Comm.: .AFCIIEIY Bowiing, Fencing: Soc. Ser. CIuI3. Outside Interests: Junior Soc.: High Soo: B.B.G.: Art: Btusicp Dancinga Ritteryc Arctiery: Horseback Riding. Future: CoIIege: Business. Q LYDIA LOIS CHRISTOPHER "Cookie" fa usweet as sugary' I School Activities: Sophomore, B Choir. '04 Outside Interests: Btusicz Dancing: 1:1 . V -A I Future: Business CoIIege. X It MARGO JANE CHUSID HFine and dandy". SchooI Activities: French CIUID: Junior Prom Committee. Outside Interests: B'nai Birittl Girisz Junior Society: American Friends Service Committee: Ftusicz Art: Dancing. Future: CoIIege. VINCENT M. CITARELLA Uvirlnyil Houtdoor Guy., School Activities: Track: Cross Coun- try: Hi-Y. Outside Interests: Boy Scouts: Ground Oiuser. Corps: Civ. Defense: Brotherhood in Order ot the Arrow: Radio: Science: Aviation: TraveI. Future: CoIIege. RICHARD COFFINA "Each mon has his own desires Other High SchooI Attended: Forest I'IiIIs. Honors: Spanish Cert., EngIisI1, Outside Interests: Theeps: Sports. Future: COIIege: Lawyer, 010 'F rf 1 .,-of , 9 Q11 I , . .1 , - gi' 14' 8 . :M 5: If 'I 6 'Fixx Na-I Sl M. JEFFREY COHAN HHe sits high in aII peopIe's hearts' ,,,,,,, Schoot Activities: Kiwanis Key CIub, French: CIass Day Comm.: RocI1eI Iean Lit. Statt: Sr. CounciI. Honors: Typing Award. Outside Interests: Cars: Jazz: BowI ing: Beth-EI High Soc.: Jr. Soc. DeIta PI'1i AIpI1a. Future: COIIege. page Twenty-Hin 8 ARNOLD COHEN "Arnie" 'Stay and t,'l0UQl'ttl-lil" Sctioot Activities: Matti Club, Camera, Chess. Other Higl1 Sctioot Attended: Stuy vesant: Jr. Arista. Honors: Sclwl. Club: Schol. Award. Outside interests: Ttieeps Clutoq Cars Piflg PODg: Pool: Clwess. Future: College: Engineer. -11" ARTHUR COHEN "Artie" HHis uctlieivements are many" Sctwol Activities: Art Service Clulv, Matin Jr, Prom Booster Comm.: Tractc. Honors: Sctmolarstiip Club. Outside interests: Bettl-El Sr. Higl1 Soc. Exec. Comm.: Bettu-El Bastcet- ball: Art: Piano: Tennis: Swim- ming, Future: College, . ...M z .K 3 PHYLLISCOHEN "Phu" ',,' "Her friendstiip is a joy to att" Ll A-44: ".V1 'I Q Sctioot Activities: Social Service, 'Y 'f"" E SLG., Amer. Tlwougtit: Tennis, Bas- gw lcettnatl Honor Team. Outside interests: Junior Society. Future: College: Phys. fn-- .if ff A 1 NANCY JEAN CONNERS f M' .gQgfQV Qy HFaitll, IIODP unit charity" wr' Slim -V 'I' Sclloot Activities: Huguenot tti-Y: we j Bowling Clutm, f Outside interests: Records: Ttieater. Future: Nursing. J MARY ANN CONSALVO 'mi "Rickie" "Lady be good" Outside Interests: Bowling: Baslcet- loall. Baseball: Ctiild-Care: Cooli- ing: Dancing: Cars: Stcating, me Future: Nurse: lvlarriage, Page Thirty PHYLLIS ELAIN E COOK "Cookie' "So tittte and so cttarmingl' School Activities: Rocti. Stag Booster i ', Comm., Decor.: Roctm, Lit. Statt: Class fi' Y W 1-.A ,rl Day Comm. Honors: Scholarship Club. Outside Interests: Temple israel Stud. Why'-fe' Teacher: B'nai Britt: Girls: Sr, High Soc.: Jr. Soc.: Jr. ORT: Post Cont.: Bowling: Dancing: Muse. Dystrophy Dr. Future: College. 'Elf 1 NORMAN LOUIS COTRONA Htnto the wild blue yondery' Ottier Higtt Sctwot Attended: Blessed 1 Sacrament. Outside tnterests: Aircratt: Cars Radio: T.V. Future: Air Force: Precision Engrav mg. KATHLEEN COTTER "Service to tier communityn Scliool Activities: Social Service Clutn. Outside Interests: Dancing: Horse- loaclc Riding. Future: Secretarial Sctwol. 0? 4.6 fix: .X ROBERTA L. cRocE "Lynne" "A lieurt of gold" : : Oiilsiili: lnterests: Dancing: I K: lxlusic, Reading, fi X Future: Nursing, A ' we 1: 5 XX. in : ti X Y-- t ...QS Sak Hwy 2 'A LP Yr: f :sg .tim ,J ..t. ' : 'l- ,f'L'.S9Z T'itX F .. CZ" ,FF 2evr'ifN5355?i'KE?1'-- ,. V -,?.,.- ss, .. a tug .. ,. .Wm- :sxytf r sk: ' .59'Eg,a:ff", if . . JAMES JOSEPH CRONIN Hsportin' litem Sclioot Activities: Swimming Team, Otlxer Higtt Sclioot Attended: tona. Outside interests: Y.tVl.C.A. l.cadBIF Cluto: Basliettoall Team: Painting Phys. Eel, Future: Pliysical Education, MARY LOUISE CRUZ "Maria" Cute and quiet" 0 ScI1ooI Activities: Bowling Club. C, Honors: Scllolarslriip Club. and y......, Outside Interests: Records: Skating: Qi? Dancing. Future: Secretary, Q.: 'U JOSEPH S. DARLING, JR. "Joe' HXVe'd Ive Iost witliout youu School Activities: G.O. Parliamentar- ian: Election Comm.: Sr. Treas.: Intra Football, BaseIoaII. Honors: J.V. Hoclcey Letter: Scholar- sI1ip Club. Outside Interests: Amateur Hocl-cey: Hug. Yaclmt CIuI:n Racing Team: Sailing: Xvater Skiing. Future: College: Engineering. Outside Interests: Ice-skating: Swim- CUP Ulf, 'Eze Y,,q, . s-, f .W ". dn 7 2 e '4v'r"ffLf?51, :ff --rf Jerri I 1 . ,7-,af .. Q JERRY DAIN IITI'lE music mann School Activities: Band: Orchestra: Swimming Team. Outside Interests: Dance Band: Blusicz Science: Teaching. Future: College. ROANNE LINDA DANCIGER 'ALoi'eIy to Ioole at" SCITOOI Activities: Soc. Ser. CLO. Rep.: Jr. Coun.: Cheerleader: Tennis Intra.: Dance Comm. Honors: Sclwolarsluip Clulo. Outside Interests: Sigma Beta Pi vice Pres.: Jr. Soc.: Post Conlzir.: Tennis. Swimming: Psycli : Flusic. Future: College. MARION STANTON DAVIS "ScItoIarsIiip is tI1e Ivzey to the future" School Activities: OrcI'1.: CI'1oir: Bas- IcetI:zaII, Softball, Tennis Honor Teams BIatI'1 CIUIJ, Pliysics. Honors: Semi-Ilinalist Nat, Ivler. Sclxol. Test: Scliol. CIuIJ. Outside Interests: DIR. SympI'1.: AII County OrcI1.: AtI1Ietics: Science. Future: College: Scientilic Researcla. OLIVER DAVIS "Faust' "Give me tI1e simple life" School Activities: Varsity CIuIJ: Var sity Xvrestling -I-eam. Honors: 2-Time XVinner Sec. I Xvres tling Tournament. Outside Interests: Altarlnoy St. Simons: Fish: Radio Repair, Future: RC..-X. -I-ecI1. Inst.: Electronics Eng. SANDRA LEE DAVIS "Sandy" HA smile malees Iite ui0rtI1 Iiving" Other Higlz School Attended: St. Galnriels. I ,I . dv -C' 41 Ii" cd., E VQ., 'ff' 'Dk I I I. its I JANICE M. DARDEN "Jan" . Q A H50 Iiard to forget' it " Outside Interests: Sewing: Blodern N""" " ' f Jazz, " Future: Bus. Scliool: Nlarriage. ,vi 3 . X r Q.-gg SALLY ANN D'ARIANO 'WF Hvwikat a gal" 0.57. Outside Interests: Swimming: Skating: Pliotograplfiyp Accordion. Future: Typist. wg,-P"1., it Q. ming: Dancing: Records: Painting. Future: Secretary. if we ON sf A .. DREW S. DAYS III 'Sing and tI1e world is Imppyn School Activities: Acappella Clmoir: Double Octette: Kiwanis Key Clulag Cross-Country: J.V. BaseI3aII. Honors: Scliolarslwip Cluln, Outside Interests: Clless: Slain-diving: Ixlusicz BaseI'JaII. Future: College: Medicine. Page Thirty-one Comm. Chest. NICHOLAS R. DE JULIO "Nick" "Busy US tl IJPUUPIHH School Activities: Alt. Soph. Coun.: .Ir., Sr. Coun.: G.O. Rep.: VP. Bus. Ser. Club, Conyers.: Pres. Bus. 5' Soc. Adj.: Chr. Dance Comm., Vvays t 8 Means. Honors: Bus. Award: IVIayor Club, Campion: Sports: Dancing: Rec- ords: Holy Name Soc.: Polio Funcl: ForADay. Outside Interestsi IAP. Boys Future : Bus. School. .., ' 1:-'Z' ff N -jus ' . ,QA-ff .K 7 bfi? xx K PEGGY ANNE DE LAURETIS upegu "Sweet anrl lair she seems to School Activities: Crosse-y 'Hi Y. Outsiile interests: Ricling: Dancing: Swimming: Baslcc-tI5aII. Future: Secretary. DEANNA D'ELlA "Dee" "Fortune smiles on the good," School Activities: Cressey Hi-Y: Busi- ness Service Club, Outsicle Interests: Reading, Records, Bowling, Swimming. Future: Receptionist: Ivlarriage. f K I 51? 1- . I 5 MARY ANNE DE LUCA ,V 'Small service is true service." 'E I School Activities: Business Service A2 we '. Outside Interests: Baslcr-tI3aII: Slcating: Riding: Swimming: Dancin : Balc- g Future: Secretary: Ivlarriage. DONALD de MACKIEWICZ N, uDOnu Q "Man lneliinci the scene." MAQ,,, 3 School Activities: A and B Choir: V K Stage Crafts: Stage Crew. - Q . ,IC-E'ffU.N1:'-f, 'r Outsicle interests: Science: Boats: X . hi Ixlotorcycles. "' :fn 'F Future: College. fgy r i Page Thirty-two :fr i -.zfe g gi.- fi Y 1 ' JE "ESS :X 'WADW YVONNE AMELIA DEMERY "Her heart giveth grace unto every art." School Activities: Cheerleader: Twirl- er: Choir, Girls' Chorus: Am. Thouglrit CIuI'J, Ethel K. I..oeIJ, S.I.G,, Hockey, Other High School Attended: Pelham Memorial. Honors: Typing Award, Shorthand: Shawnee Schol. Outside Interests: Bethesda Choir: Xino Soc.: Shawnee Alumni: Sing- ing: Dancing. Future: Sec. Sci: Executive VVorI1. DENNIS J. de PIERRC "Denny Dee" "Life is worth Iivingf, School Activities: G.O, Representa- tive: Soph. Council. Honors: Cancer Poster Awarfl, Outside Interests: Silo CIUID, Cam- pion, Univ. Auto: Navy Reserves: Sports: Cars: Amateur Boxing: Dancing: Records: Trotters. Future: Navy: Engineer. ROSE MARIE DE SANTO uROen'i "She who is content can never be ruined." School Activities: Business Service Club. Outside Interests: Dancing: Reacling. Future: Secretary: Ivlarriage, MATTH EW DIAMON D "Matt" "Flat top." Scliool Activities: Football Team, Xvrestlingg Creative Xvriting CIuI1. Honors: CIXHTICS PHIHIET Davis .'xYVRfCI '-I' .ew 'N-1 wi!- -Current Events Essay. Outsicle Interests: Post-Conlinn.: .Ir. Soc: Exec, Officer NR. Civ. Air Patrol: Bowling: Slain-cliving: Rec- orclsg Phi Sigma Beta. Future: College. WW MARGARET DI BEN EDETTO uMargnr "Thou hast charm to stay the morning star. I School Activities: Girls' Chorus. Outside interests: Phi Delta, Alumni Sec.: 20-30 Club: Skating: Danf- ing: IVIusic. Future: Business School: Secretary. EIVIELIA MARIE DI GIACOMO UBIessed are the pure in heart." School Activities: Soph. Coun.: Sec., Bus. Ser: Club: Entertain. Coming Publicity, Outside Interests: Nlarsbal, Phi Delta Sor.: Dancing: Skating: Bowling: Baking. Future: Business School: Secretary. A G ? -vs 01 'ml x , ,sf ..-4' I f 1' ., 'K . 1 25 -:1 -if 75, 3 - fo. CAROL ANN DILLON iioizzyii 'AYith sweetness fresh as any rose." School Activities: G.O. Rep.: VP. Cosmetology Class. ll, I2. Outside Interests: Swimming: Danc- ing. Future: Beautician: Flarriage. PATRICIA JOAN DILLON upatn 'life she lives in every moment." School Activities: Sophomore and Jun- ior Choirs. Outside Interests: Divin Nwimrnin E- -1 E- Horseback Riding, Dancing: Sew- ing Future: Receptionist: Dlarriage. ELIZABETH F. DILSIZIAN ULIZU "Reason and calm judgment belonging to a leader." School Activities: Soph., A, B, Choirs: Double Octette: Soc. Ser. Club: SIG Honors: Sclwl. Club. Outside Interests: Phi-Tau, VP.: Sub-Debs Fed. Sec.: Xvinn Youth Group. Sec.: Alusic. Future: College. ANNA GRACE DI PALMA uAnnu "Thou art a joy forever." Outside Interests: Sports: Sewing: Photography: Slusicz Reading. Future: Fashion Designer, Q-J 'far ' . Q lt Ji PATRICIA DON EGAN "Pat" "As pure as u pearl." School Activities: Sopl1.,A, B, Choirs Soc. Ser. Club, French: Hockey Honors: Scliol. Club. Outside Interests: VP.. Pintards, Xvit- ness Chair.: Reading: Piano. Future: College. JEAN D'ONOFRIO "Jeanie" usincerity is a luxury allouieddl School Activities: G.O,, lltli Grade. Outside Interests: C.C. Roller Skating Club: Bowling: Dlusicz Dancing: Dover Girls. Future: Bookkeeper: Travel: Nlarriage. ARTEMAS DOOLEY "Artie" Hulilling to help his fellow man." School Activities: G.O. Alternate. G.O, Property Comm. Outside Interests: Horseback Riding: Records: Reacling. Future: Junior College: ylarines . RICHARD M. DONAHUE "Richie "Good words are worth much and cost little." Other High School: Iona. Outside Interests: Campion Club: Rec ords, Books : Bowling. Future z Am1y: College. 5 if ,Z ' 1 ea WJ' A 1--. I' ti f i 'Ii I fli iii' :sl , ,N THYS DOREN BOSCH "A man of honor knows no false pride." School Activities: Football. 10, lntra murals, Other High School Attended blamaroneck. Outside Interests: The Tbreeps: Cars Boats: Records: Sports, Future: College. Page Thirty-tloree f BONNIE SUE DUBERSTEIN IIBOHII "Pretty to wall: wttll, witty to tulle IIIIIILH School Actultles: Rociu. Bus, Stull, Bus, Mgr.: Ronin. Lit.: Sow. Ser. Clulm, I:I'f'I1f'lI, SIG.: Clir., Rocll. Sturt: G.O, Dinner- Comm.. Booster. Honors: Srlxol. Clulu. Uutstcie Interests: .Ir. Soc' : Conl.: Post Conf.: Rowling: Minnie: Knitting. Ifuture: College. -v-e-rf J if o R. D PAULA JOYCE EDELMAN "Charm and wtt go hand In Hand." School Activities: Soc. Ser. Club, Span., Ethel K. Loeb: Dance Comm. Roch. Bus. Stall. Honors: Natl Poetry AntI1.: 2nd Pr. Poetry Div. Hug Her.: Sclioi. Clulo. Outside Interests: Jr. Soc.: B.B.G.: Music: Art: Wnttng. Future: College: Elementary Ed. Qi. I , 32' . V 'Q Y '. 3:11 Y , , ag gg- " :, ..','.',f Qfztz' ,- " 1.3, . :,:2.:f.:'fIIf'ifiofzinvlni: ' .A :Af-H: 35: I-fi '-' ::I""I,v-, if 5 ia. .ijt I 'if urs '- - 'ta' A f I f ,M It 'fe f - f . ,mia V s e HEIDE EBERHARDT in MARTIN DUB , -: X . ix, 3 HJ ffyr, 'u X -- . Q utse r nr 1 e Q ht o Iuni e I qc 1 ' Sim u Jw . . I tl .. I Iwgilioj- un r nrts, m Qflilr 1 I"orf'. I H, r sz .P. lfr .g us Ixnl, , I :In . d II - t 1 OIII. Ie Irrtieribi ' I tlyr rums ttnr: , NX ' Ski' : ' 7 whnci - ' ' Ifu ure: ego: Ma c uri . DAVID DUCKMAN "Great tiiouglxts, Itlae great deeds, need no trumpet." ScI1ooI Activities: Math Club, Honors: Nat. Hon. Soc.: Scliol. Club: Latin Award. Outside Interests: Languages: Music. Future: CoIlcgc'. SARAH MANSFIELD Dunn "sang" IITITQVPIS none Iiiee pretty Sally." ScI1ooI Activities: SopI1, A, B, Clioirs' G.O. Rep., .Ir. Coun,, Const. Comm.. Prom, XXIEIYS-IXICHTISQ Soc. Ser. Cluim, SIG.: .Ir. prom Booster Cllr. Honors: Scllol. Clulvq AI. Essay Con.: Nat'I Antli. Outside Interests: plii Tau Snr., Cor- rcs. Sec.: Sub-Delws: Ser. Clmirz Riding: Swimming. "Hattie "True goodness springs from one's own Iieurt. Scliool Activities: Frencin CIuI1, Cr:-nt. Xvrit., IIN.. SIG., Arn. TI1.: Tennis -AW 4 1. Future: College: Tvncliing. of f .fi H 'am' gk 'W I' Hon. Team, Fencing, Horlu-y: I"eut. Hug. Her. Otlier Higli Sclwoi Attenriedz James yladison, HOVIOFSI Sclml. Club. Outside Interests: Trees., Cliurcln Youtli For.: Tennis: Horsvlmcls Rid- ing: Reading: Music, Future: CoIIege: POI. Sci.: Iournalism, STUART EDWARD EDELMAN K "StuIe" " HAII tIle world Ioves a clown." School Acttntttes: Intramural Baseball, 'W-v Buslcetloall, 'T' Outside Interests: Beth-EI: Boating: Ftniilngg BoWIIng: Gall, Futura: College. MARIE ELOISE EDWARDS "EIoise' "Words cannot express Irier infinite sweetness." Sclwol Activities: Etl'leI K. Loeb Club. Am. TI'1ougI1t, SIG.: G,O. Const. Comm, Honors: Etlmel K. Loelo Sclwol. Nut'I Poetry Award. ' Outside Interests: Shawnee Alumni' Jazz: Art: Theater: Reading. 'Se , K, .rf Future: College. JAMES EGAN "Jimmy" "SIziII is a joy to any man." Sclmoi Activities: Pliysics Club, Clwess, Etlxcl K. Loc-IJ: Soplm, B, A, Choirs, D 2 Double Qctcttc: lntrn. Baseball. Hon- ors: Scimol. Club. ' ' Outside Interests: Ir. Soc.: Auduinon Soc.: Ciicss: Riding: Piano: Golf: Bowling. Future: College. . sive., X . I I 7? T" CATHY JOAN EISNER "Music is a window to I1er souI." School Activities: SIG., Leader: Am- Tliouglmtz Con. Band: Baslcetlnall: Ten- nis Hon, Team: Mod. Dance: SOPII- Coun, Honors: ScI1oI. Club. Outside Interests: Jr. Soc.: N.R.H.S- Clmamlvcr Music: NR. SympI1-C -lf' Ort.: Swimming: Boolcs. Future: College: Medicine. DONNA S. EN DER "In quietness and confidence slzall ive your strength." School Activities: Soc. Ser. Clulo. Creat. NVrit., S.i.Cv.:Rocl1. Bus. Stall: Publ.: Roclm. Dance Comm., Cv.O. Dance. Outside Interests: Jr. Soc.: Hi Soc.: B.B.O.: Piano: Tennis: Music: Art: Tlieater. Future: College. :' MONTE ENGLER "Good temper is an estate for life." Sclmol Activities: Baslxetlaall. Base- ball intra.: Pliysics Clula: LIN.: Hug. Her. Outside Interests: VP. Hi Soc.: NR. Teen Coun.: Jr. Soc.: Cvoll: Astron- omy. Future: College. ROBERT FABIAN "Born to lne Happy." School Activities: Lox Hi Y: intra- murals. Honors: Scliol. Club. Outside Interests: Tennis: Boating Riding. Future: College: Business BARRY W. FAIREY HNotI':ing is sacred but tile integrity Ol tI1e minddq Outside Interests: Jazz: Hunting: Rid ing: Trap Shooting: Human Nature. Future: Business Sciiool: Service. DONALD FAIREY HAtI'iIetiCs build toward cllaracterfl School Activities: .l.V. Baseball: Vars. Baseloall: Vars. Cross Country. Outside Interests: Phi Delta Kappa Fraternity. Future: Air Force: Career. i 41 15' SUSAN GAY FAUTWASSER FRANCIS A. FARRELL "Frank" "Shooting iris way to success." Outside Interests: New Roclielle Rilie Association: Horselsaclc Riding: Hunting: Cars. Future: Communications in tlie Air Force. usuen ii A'Art is indeed tire wine of life." Sclwol Activities: Cvirls' Cliorus: intra. Tennis. Outside Interests: Plat Delta Sor: .lr , - Altar Cvuild: Communicants Cxuild: I Comm. Art: XVater Siding: Swim- ming: Tennis. Future: College: Art Sclioolz Com- mercial Art, .IJ it 6 f t A SUSAN P. FEIMER "Sue" 9 "C1oodnessis a special Izind of Beauty." I3 School Activities: Sopls. Coun.: Soc. Ser. Club, French. Bio., Amer. Y Tlmouglnt, U.N.. S.l.Cv.g Hug. Her., Bus.: Rocin. Bus. Stall: intra., Mod. Dance, Bowling. Hoclcey. Honors: Sports Letter: Hi-Y Serv. Pin: Scliol Club. Outside Interests: Hug. Hi-Y. Future: College. JANE FEINGOLD Usiie sits I'1tgI1 in all peoples iieartsf Scliool Activities: Soc. Serv. Club. S.l.O., Frencliz Publ.: intra. Tennis: Basl-tctlaall, Fencing. Honors: Scliol. Club, Outside Interests: Jr. Soc.: Student Teacher, Temple israel: Confirma- tion Class: Reading: Piano. Future: College. TW' I C 1 V1 1' , V if PETER MICHAEL FICHTE 'AMusic I1atI1 cI1arm," :School Activities: Band: Orcliestra: 'BN Clwoir. Honors: 2nd prize Gr. Divis. Vvest. Sci, Fair. Outside Interests: Music: Clarinet' Piano: Organ: New Rocli. Symplt Orcll. Cliamloer Slusic: Asst, Colm, Hudr Day School: Baseball: Foote ball. Future: College: Science: Bio-Cl1em- 'sl' Page El'l9it'fy-five W, , 1 M, f v f .J . 'W f 4 ff ,, ,. , ,. . .1 ' f' f THERESA FILLAT "Terra" "Lilo Coulil not ln' lu'tl0r.II .. V Irvl A .I . Srliool Actiiiities: Bus. Serv. Clulmg wil l-. ' Bus. 5 Soi: .'XiIj., Seriy. Honors: Bus, fi I W ,,', Soc. Acij. :incl Typing Awariis. lv. .4 L Oulsicie lnlervsls: B, Cuinpiim -,J 5 """' " Club: S, Bless. Ixlnllicr Social- f-rv-gh, f' 'TM' ity: Pop. Ixlusicz Dance: Tennis. T" , Future: Business Sciiool: Sei. V-1 . f ' ' v ' W iii fi 2 1 If I MARGARET JULIE FINCH "Julie" ALBERT FISCHER "Duke" Mriwas Casey at the bat." FRANK FINSTHWAIT "Let l1is lwumor and sincerity reacii oil,H Scliooi Activities: Varsity Fooibaii Tennis: .J.V, Baslcctlvall: Sopii., Jr Coun.: Clnoirs, SopI1,B.A: Chairman Football Dance. Outside Interests: Pintards Youth Gr. Tennis. Future: Coilege. Pres.: Youth Budget, Pres.: Music: 'mv E:- 'E , 5111 ... 'L 4 -ff M :f : .lvmrf "Bobbie" 4 1 f 746' we A .gf ND:-'it lianlis Creole urtlul uiorlrii Scliool Activities: Art Serv. Clulm, .-Xnier. Tlx.: IVLN.: Stage Cmit. Hone ors: Srliol. Clulhg Natll Tliespian SOC. Outsiiie Interests: Xvar Resis. League: Sunclav Sell. Teaelierz Scarsfiale liriemls Ixllg.: liziinlingg Figure Slmting: Dress Design: Reaciing: 'I ennis. Future: Serreiarinl Scliool or Fasliion Design. CARGLYN FINE I'Sl1e turns l'ier iieart and lmncis to Oll'lPVS,U Scliool Activities: SLG.. Oliiicerl Amer. TI1ougI'1t: Band: All County Bancl. Honors: Nat'I Poet Assoc., Amer. Poet Soc., Prize: Scliol. Clulo, yy, Outsicie Interests: Reading: Flusic, ' ,, W i X I L? , 'gf , I ,,Z , cg. if :ff 1 f of , ,ff 4 f Wx! Future: College: Teacliing. BARBARA ROSEMARY FINK Sclmnl Activities: JV. and Varsity Y Baselaallz Intramural Sports. Outside lnterests: Baseball: Basiiet- Imll. Future: Baseloallg Vvorlc. RONALD FISH "Ronnie" HA gooci companion is an easy friend." School Activities: intra. Baseball, Hockey, Swimming: Physics Club: Jr. COUU. Outsirie Interests: Jr. Soc.: Higii Soc.: Plli Sigma Beta Frat. Future: College, ,av V s "T :-1 f Q-- .1 fff.4ffi'vsi - 'ifilfiyfglixt 5. ' ,,-'iififffiff ff!:f2'xV I ,ffwfifft litem! 5 25 .pfqti .ififiafil li .ff : ROBERT M. FISHBEIN "Bob" MSPVPYI HO ll'llYTtp. H Wafer-. UAS good ns gold." .qcliool Activities: Bus. Serv. Clulvz Bus. :incl Soc. Arljust. Class, Treas.: Floilern Dance. Honors: Noma Spell- ing Awarciz Typing Proi. .Auvarcisc Siiorlliancl JANVHITIS, Sclzooi .-Ictivities: intra. Baseball, Ten- nis, Bowiing, Baslietinailz Bowiing Team: Debating CILII1, Otlier Higii Scliool .-Itteniieiiz James Nlaciison Higli. Honors: Jr. Arista: SCIIOI. Ciuiu. Outside Interests: Jr. Soc.: I'IigI1 Soc.: Outsiiie Interests: St. paulis Clioir. F Smit-art N TSR Youll: Organ.: Sports Instructor, St. U im ' O cgi' PauI's Clmurrliz Drawing. Future: Private Secretary. I VJ V . gg- K : I MARILYN FINKELSTEIN -.i' A ' I 9, Ugopliisticateii miss." 'M " 649' A Seliool Activities: Intra, Softball. Ten- P 'A Aj' " nie: I:rencI1 Cluin. Soc. Ser.: Decor, 7 ' Q5 5 Cninni: Boosters: CLO. .Alt Honors- ' -my ' Sfiiol. h SW Ontsicle Interests: Jr. Soc.: Hig Soc.: , Iii-tl:-EI. Henri oi Youtli Group: I A J Ifnai Britlip Tennis: Dancing. J' l'iitnri'. Fnliege: Drzinmlifs. 'li Page fibirty-six . 3 t I ELIZABETH ANN FISHER "Betty" HSIIQIS got tl1e American-giri loolqfi Sciiooi Activities: intra. Softball: Girls' flmrusg Twirling Squad: RocI1.DanCC Comm, Outside Interests: Sub-Dcbs: PIII Delta Son: Nurses Aide: Swim- ming: Sliating. Future: College or Nursing Sciiool i I . , - kg " r P ur e I rcin. ff ev rF at' Sorts. . I . 2 . I f N X '-.5 MARY PATRICIA FLANAGAN "Flanagan" I-SITE' lms u pleasant manner." ScILooI Activities: Soo Ser. Clulog In- tra. Fencing. Outside Interests: TAP.: Juanita Tri- angle: SUIJ Debs: Sec. ot Pintards- BIEIYIDEFQZ Sales irl: SLIIIIITIEI' Cont , g . .. w Reading: Dancing: Sewing: Sports. Future: College: Teaclningz Ntarriage. I J" I t I 4" f ,-, . 5' 1 I ""' , f 1. I W, . 77 . MV " fr jygzf-1 3 .1 '- f X i 4 ' f' .f , , ' ' WWQ' QQ! . f .ff f ,vw PAUL MICHAEL FORBES "He cleals a lair game." Sclzool Activities: Basketball. NDOCH var- 'nf CAROL ANN FLOOK "Babs" A'Born for joy and pteasuref' School Activities: Bus. ancI Soc. ACI- justment Class, Outsicle Interests: .luanita Triangle No. 61: Canecly Clulo. Future: Xtarriage. REA ANN FOGLIO "Cl1iclcie" HBTGIJ tl'ie raven Iwir.H SCIIOQI Activities: Baseball Intra.: Publicity for Cosmetology. Outsirle Interests: Horseluaclc-riding' Swimmingg Dancing: Art. Future: Hair Styling School: Career. , ,f ,f1.f4f ,Wy Z x f ff , M if f ,W V! . Outside Interests: High Society: IVIu- ' sic: Carclsq Horses. Future: College: Finance. ff , lik' Q 2 , 'ro 4 'V . - Q I , . , Y. A , Z ' . 'Q 4 'f Www , . MELVIN FORD "Rango' uslzill and confidence are Clfl lll'1COT'tqUGFQCI f1ffT'ty.H Scliool Activities: IV., Varsity Foot l1all:B.-aazlvall. Outside Interests: Progressive Gay lords: Baseball: Dancing. Future: Army: AIajor League Base- hall JOHN JOSEPH FORISTALL I "Jack" 2 3 HAVIiaisI1oulcI a mari do Il Iuut be merry," 'YV I Otlier High School Attended: 5IaI- -n vem Prep. School, Outside Interests: Boating: Xxlorlcingz Horses: Hunting: Travel: Electron- ICS, Future: College: Pulvlic Relations Consultant. MICHAEL FRANK "Mike" "It is u Iuxury to learn." Honors: Sclwol, CIUIJ: Xvinner Daily News Voice of Youth. Outside Interests: Xvriting. Future: Plwarmacy School: Career DONALD BASSETT FRESE QIDOHH Hluzz is the tlzingf' Outside Interests: Ntort Fega Jazz I.oIJl':y: Baslcetlvall, Tennis: Rec- orclss Reacling. Future : College, Q wwf ,447 gf g ,W A-yy' ,W M' I' if AL' r f .rf wi , fy 3.211 -:fi l:L13?3f3Ziff?Z2?? . ' " ' 'ff 'f'k4lt,f,3" gufbf' "'2P,'7 ., I I -::f:z-11: tafrwfeiffizf '- "sf:-x - 'r ' 1 Alufav 271' I' ,H wif ,a-iQ"J,. -1 ' W4 :L 'Q -'cy ,Tu .5 If -3191 -'11 I ff,:f74ff:y.g4v'k fra gf gvvsir 45:9 wa -"' ,-l ,. 1 ,Ms K :wif--.5243 :m't.:'.iM,:7E?Zx: ,: inf, 3.1: 'vfwseif ' 1' ,,:":'1wf-frggg. fx .223 , J it , fa. ,A - .3::,fh,:' ,, ., ' - ff-wifzfli ,ft .. -of f ln f may ws' ' WALTER FRIEDRICHS "Walt" HA liarct uiorlzer Inenind the scenes." School Activities: Stage Crew: Asst. Stage Stan: Natl TI1es. Soc.: Pro- jection Club. Outside Interests: CI1urcIw BasIictIJaII: Boating: Coll: Science. Future: Engineer, Page Thirty-seven DIANE LUCILLE FULVES 1lDeeIl "There ts a maiden sweet and IQInd,' Sclnool Acttutttesz Mod, Dance, Soc. Service, SIC., Amer. TI1.: Clmurus. Honors: Hi-Y Service Pin. Outside Interests: Hug. Hi-Y: Sub Debs: Pbi Tau Sor.: Dancing: Sew- mg: Reading: Horseback-riding: Icnnts. Future: College: Retailing. . ' EDWARD FUSCI "Eddie" LINDA GARCIA HWIIO COIIIKI Ill! RINO ll'-enall MARIA P. GARAFANO "Marte" "Heaven watt protect the worlelngfgtrlf' Scltool Actlvtttes: Bowllng: I'II-Y. Outstde Interests: Swimming. Dunc- lng. Hnrsz-buclc Riding. Roller Ska:- Ing. Ftslmtng: Records. Future: Teleplaonc Cperutor. 2 'W f I , s K 1 1. iff? as f. 7: A N S- .sf . 5 I Scllool Acttulttes: J.V. Football. Outstde Interests: Phi Lambda Frat Swimming: Ftslnng: Hunttng, Future: Marine Corps. THEODORE W. GAMBLE llDukeU "Clothes malm tlxe man." School Activities: Vnrs. Football. Base- bull, Co-Capt. I2: Intrn. Basketball: S.I.Cv.: Vnrs. Club: CLD. Repres. Conversnttnn Club. Outstde Interests: Plmt Delta: Knppn Frat.: Jazz: Sports: Sclence. Future: College: Dentistry. CAROLYN R. GANG "In love with Ilfef' Sclxool Acttuttles: Intrn. Basebnll, Bus- Icetbnllg Amer. TI1, Club, Soc. Serv Honors: StucIcntTencI1. Award: Sclml Club. Outstde Interests: B'nr:I Brttln: Hlgln Soctet : Jr. Soctcty: Student Teoclm. Temple Israel. Future: College. Scltool Acttvlttasz Pres., Bus. und Soc. Adj, Honors: Buslncss Awnrcl. Outstds Interests: Crosse HI-Y: Nor- Y Club: Bowling: Swlmmtng: Dunc- Ing: Music. Future: Secretary. RONALD A. GARFUNKEL IIROHII "Knowledge comes and wtsdom Itngersf' School Acttvtttes: Cllolr: Double Oct.: Stud, Int. Group: GO. Alt.: GC. Wtnys S' Means Comm.: Rocb. Bus.: Lux-HI-Y: Jr., Sr. Coun.: Trnclc. Hon- ors: Scbolnrsbtp Club. Outside Interests: Scouts. Qrder ol tI1e Arrow: Jr. Soc.: Musto: Swtm- mlng: Records. Future: College. ELAINE CIN DEY GEFFNER "QnIet und very sweet." Sc-Inool Actlvttlosz Tennls: Roclm, Bus. Stull: Stnge Crnlt, Crenttvo VVrIIIng Club, Soc. Ser. Honors: Brnwn IVI-U. Uutsldn Interests: Jr. Soctety: B'noI Brltlm: Student Tenclner. Future: Cullvgo. 13797 l I 'QQ -RQX X X X C .X . x X I X. HOWARD GANZ "Moony' "Always a fuvortte ln our hearts." Sclxool Acttvttles: Sopb. Council: G.O Rep.: UN. Club: Teens Comm. Coun cII: Sopb. A. B Cboirs: Double Or tette: Track Team. Honors: Scbol. Club. Outslde Interests: Pres. I'IIgI1 Soc. Basketball: Music: Rendtng. Future: College: Law. Page Thirty-eight . M f we xg I 5 --'- L. 155: i . .. -Q ' sg or X X LENNY GENOVA NLBHHU' "A real sport." Outsldn Interests: Job: Cars: Travel- Ing. Future: Marines. CALLA JEAN GENTILHOMME IICIJIH "Musto ts the untversal language." School Acttvtttes: Creh.: Bond: Chorus: Intm.: Dance Comm.: Stud, Int. Cvroup. Honors: Scholar. Club: Bencl. Creh. Third Prtze: All-County Band: All-State. Outstcle Interests: Sub, Debs: NR. is Q2 STUART R. GLASSER "Honest and stneere ts he." other High Schools Attended: Taft. Honors: P.S.A.L, Ptn. Outstcle Interests: Pleclge Muster ol Beta Beta Fruterntty: Rtcltng: Swlm- ming: Ptnno. S m.: VVest, Crch. Soc.: Phil. Sym. o West.: Dnmten Club: Musto: Long. Future: College. 755-2 MARIEANNE GERHARDT "Marte" "Dear are all my frtenclsf' Qutstde Interests: Sub Debi: Phi Delta: Bowltng: Dnnetng: Swtm- rntng: Slsottn . Future: Jr. College: Business. 99: Future: College: lntertor Decorator. ftmeh :or l utst e e ' V ll I a, I " 555: oct: ktnd gr 39.9 my School' cttvttl igoc. tef Fr : R . It. ,V : So , . I t - . P un O ' I' -...qi tug utuinol olesi. le .Eel A of QV of V +- Q pf .- :.-:-,.- : - off? f It 1 , . 1 fx J ANTHONY P. GIANNOTTI llTonyIl "Luck to thee. young martnerf' Cutstde Interests: Cars. Airplanes. Boots. Future: ylnrtnes. TONI V. GILMAN "Softly speolss and sweetly srntlesf' School Acttvtttes: Chorus: Dremnttcs Club: Art. Outstcle Interests: B'nnt B'rtth: Jr. Society: Ht Society: Swimming: Csoll: Theater. Future: College: Eclucntton. ELIZABETH R. GLICKMAN "Betsy" "Honey and all sweet thtngs Itght up o rnan's eye." School Aettvtttes: Soc. Ser. Club. Cre- ottve Writing: CLC. Alt.: Cheerleader. Honors: Seltolorshtp Club. Outstrle Interests: Jr. Society: B'not B'rttl:: Rencllng: Slcltng: VVrtttng. Future: College. BONNIE M. GOLDBERG "Lovely to Iools ot." School Acttvtttes: Conversation Club. Soc. Ser.: Cheerleading, Capt.: GD. Alternate: Jr. Council. Honors: Schol- nrshlp Club. Outstde Interests: .Ir. Society: B'nz:t B'rlth: Kntttlng: Reodtng: VVoter Sknng. Future: College: Psychologtst. TI 1 . J -1 I c ,S sz. on 1. 'NN- w : PRISCILLA ROSE GIORNO "PrIny" "Theres no cosmettc for beauty Itlse happtnessf' School Acttvtttes: Cosmetology Class. Trees.: Jr. Counctl. Outstde Interests: Donctng: Records. Future: Beauty Shop Operator. PQ y., LYNN G. GOLDBERGER "Her acttng sets the stage aglowfl School Acttutttes: Roch, Bus. Stahl: Dance Comm.: Teens' Counell: Dre- mottcs Club. Trees. Honors: Scholar- shlp Club. Dutstde Interests: Sigma Beta Pt. Pledge-Nllstress: Jr. Soc.: Rtcltng: Y Brtclge: Dromntles. Future: College. Page Thirty-nine iv 'V , VNV! M' px' 1 AJLYILIAN, L' .sivilry ie If Iv is fifty r I N H sz ers, :fe nis, T acli. I . 01:1-Hirlfb terestgsgvmrtsg ennisg Q V K 'Ni , XZ fy 1 If Nilyafwjfg Hif BARBARA ANN GOLDSTEIN "Mike' tlu' uiorlrl is cl stugeu Scliool Activities: Banflp Social Serv ice. Otlrvr Higli Scllools Attemlezl Laiayette. 4. EDITH SHIRLEY GOODE "Sugie Ulvlusie exalts eacli joy H " Sclmol Activities: Sopii., B, A Ctmj, ' Outside Interests: La Ieunesse Soni Clulug Art. I Future: College, yieflieal -I-eciiniciar f 4 A . 'ifkff . A ,. .W ful, wi... 2 1.2 ...,,,n,L,f A i , ., 1. ,Q , , 4 ' 4--.w if he , ' P' 117 ,. --4 , ff Ay f, 2 ff 1. ff ff 1 f , f f, f f AZ, fa 7 LYNN GOODMAN Hl:l'it'l'LdSl'IIfJ is the greatest of all lulessingsf' Scliool Activities: EtI1eI K. Lucia CIUIJ Otlwr HigI1 Schools Attended: Co IumIvia: Leonard. Outsiile Interests: Senior Society 7'? A 3 74, ,. 51 , R2 4 X Outsicle Interests: Acting: Junior Ort. - 7. - . l . I , . Future: College: Teacilerg Actress. l?p'E:iSLBP2gE:gb Music' Swimming Future: College: Teaciling. 2 f I . CAROLE ANN GOLDSTEIN MICHAEL GORLON .N 'H "A Imppy smile reveals many "The Kid" A I av 'aw' A U lmplly wget' "He lxas a spirit of aclventura" I I V Sclrool Activities: Business 6' Social Q h I It . .. JV V . B I A ACI' stun-nt Class Treas. RC UU I C"""'9S: ' ' al-Slly ages O VL!! I VIN RI d 1 D . Ipallg Intramurals, AA' - Sn: qu tgslh' I mor S' ammg' Outsicle Interests: Hi. Society: Baine ' f,.'i 2' ' H lm' LCC' LCIOO' Rutlr League: PI1i Sigma Beta: .Ir. Suv.: All Star Team, Gott, Baslcet- ' , belt. ,li 51 .7 FIIIIEYPI College. . w . XI All I ff I. I XQAXW I iw, LQIRJ fmt RICHARD M. GOLDSTEIN IMG ORGE C. AWIIIL A UHv collpctml urulivncvs ulzout Ettlltrl U ,is w i go iiuiu .N L... . I Q Sclmol Activities: Dramatics Clulrg f c' itiv I, W rrl .' " KY 5 5 Tlucspizm. Huuors: Srlmlarslmip CIuIv. Ixx p.g fi MEI 041221 Crmn,ul1.8g1Nli'iugx' HJI UU ' Outsiflv Interests: Tlueatr-r: Iiirselmll. fI,fII1 llniuirsr Yi 40F1lXF Qiqcivtifg V 'R ,yd Future: Cullogv. fulxlvrit gil ' . X ming: Tennis: Reading. Il Tilting Sta upsg XA? is c Vi In 1 , . uts lan, I'uturv: L LIII.-gm ftmtugy. ' . m Q uturv: Collcgt-. SUSAN JOAN GOLDSTONE I . .. . ., A X sTEPl-:EN ALLEN GRABEL Susie r " - ,F uqteve, Hxvitli spirit aucl lvisrlom SIIG cliarms E I ,, x I ' I I dw uvorldv' A Q i r gout mun is a rvuys new er . Scl1oolAciivities: sw, ser. Club. soc.. '-5' Q 55"W" 2If'f"f'fPSl GAO- DH'1fjfj"' French' Student lmcmsl: Hug' Her- K W I QQ R rllittcr'l5tHRCCrait: Centro. qlun Bus. ixlgr. Honnrs: Scholarship CIUI1: 3 X Urs: ?fI'0'fffSI"P Clubi Nat' 1 'es Nat Hoknor qocict ' " ' fl i'- ' ky Itifm bmi- ' ' ' in X 1 o I-1, It tsl s -- H- s- Outsirle Interests: XX est. Jr. Ort.: Stu' fs cw, .X sqssf Aik., 'gm L flffss r- LOL' Lu" dem Teach.: post-Confirlz Swim- ,E I . tatlvrra t: Science: Dramatlcs. Future: College: Teaclming. 2 .. .... is 1 AI 'Z lgfltfi ,. GEORGE GRANGER "Dutch" "I am Iiappiest ivlien I sing." mx Scliool Activities: Sings witI1 Vocal 3 I.orcIs. Outside Interests: Boys' CIuIJ: YSL- C-fx-! Parties: -I-aIent Sliows: Sing- ing. Future: Navy. kt'-s . 'al , . -f fl . -. r ,,. R .rs Q " fo, P' ,es 5 NANCY LYNN GUTTERMAN "Nance' H.-ind I-su'ear I u'iII love thee Iorever ancl aye 'I 1 Sclrool Activities: Soc. Ser. Club: Bowling: BaseI3aII Honor Teams: Stu- cIent -I-eacli. in PE. Honors: Scholar- sI1ip Outside Interests: Pres., Sigma Beta Pi: Binai B'ritIi: Hi. Society. Future: PI'iysicaI ECI. Teaclwer. if' qv-Iv' Q "-x fb ,Q X9-' 8 FRANK P. GRECCO "Greek" UA man of many sports.II Otlfier I'IigI1 Schools Attended: SaIe- sian. Outside Interests: BasIcetInaII? Swint- ming: Skating: Boys' CIuI'J: ylusii Future: Biarine Corps. RITA JOAN GREIBACH 'Science belongs to tire whole world." Scliool Actii-ities: Social Service Clulw. flatly Honors: Honor Society. Outsicle Activities: bcience Future: College, Teacliing Science SUSAN SHEILA GROBSTEIN "Susie" Htlore is ci many splendored thing' Scliool Activities: Soc. Service CIUIJ, French, Staci, Interest: Jr, Prom: G.O. Dance Comm. G.O. Rep. Outside Interests: Jr. Soc.: Bvnai B'ritI1: Am. Reel Cross: Tenni. Swimming. WILLIAM H. GUTTERMAN "Guts' HA sporting man." Scliool Activities: Xvrestling Team Varsity CIUIU: Intramurals: VoIIeyI3aII Capt. Outside Interests: Jr. Society: Boating Swimming. Future: Uncertain. ELLEN E. HAIGH "ButcI1ie" HHou' siveet and fair slie is," Scliool Activities: Hi-Y: Stuclent Coun- cil: Sopli., Jr. Dance Committees. Otlier Higli Scliool Attended: Hass- tI1ornr'. Outsiile Interests: Piano: Reacling. Traveling: Sewing: Records, Future: Business: Secretary, AZILDA G. HAILE "ZiI" "A little girl ivitli a lot of charm." Outside Interests: Bowling: Swim- ming: Dancing: Sewing: Clulns. Future: Bc-autician: Flarriage. f 'A -rp P. Q--X ,. 4? '11, , Future: College. O I 2 JOAN LOIS GUNTHER "Joanny' HA lady with a lamp." Scliool Activities: Social Service CIUID. Stuclent Interest, Outside Interests: Sub-Delus: Nurses Aicle, Pinard, CI1urcI1: Ixiusicz Ten- nis: Bowling: Fishing. Future: Nursing. .i 'Idsf 292 .f"' fe BETTY JEAN HALL "Betty" HHer Iaugliter the air.H Scliool Activities: Arctiery Club, So- cial Service: RocI1eIIean Lit. Staff. Outside Interests: I3I'1i Tau Sor.: Sub DeIJs:PuI9.CI1.:5I.S.VoI.:3I.Y.F.: I'I.O, CIuI9. Pres.: Swimming: Skat- ing: Bowling: Blusic. Future: College. Page f'Forty-one AVERY MICHELLE HALPER llAvelI "To hnotu har. Is to Iam- har." School Actlutttclsu Soc. Sc-r. Cllulyg Stud. Int. Group: Roclm, I.,lt. Stull. Roch. Dec. Comm.: Fon:-Inq, Iimlrntnton: Class Duy Cnmm.: Sr. Chun. Outslclo Inturnsts: B'n::I I5rIIl:: .Ir. Sou.: Hlgh Soo.: Stu. FIIf'IlI'llf'l' Templv Isrnol: Post CnnI.: Ifvucltrtqz WMI: gift: Tnnnls: Dancing: SIIIIIII1 Bott: I. Future: Colleges. 'E err- J r Own .-0' LINDA GAIL HALPERN ill-'nil "Shu lfvanns s::nsl:I:w In har path. S0honI f'ICIIuItI0s: llrf-n. Club, S nn., Math, Sur. Ser.: SIG.: Hug. Hon: Roch! Bus. Staff, Ru::l:. LII: Jr. Prom Cunum.: Rush. Dnnvn: Soph Chotr. A. B: Iltol. Assist.: Co Ecl. Rach. Honors: Srluol. Cluh, OIIIFIIIII Interests: I3'nnI Brtlh: Jr. Soc.: Stu. Tnrsvll: Musto: Tennts: Golf: Post. Con. Futura: Collogo. . pf fg:y-Cm . afxf' -XA :D X4 l vu V! X F: :WI :g csE:zr:ll'll:-::I:::: dt: MQIHc:yQpy:7Is :I:J':1::i1I'I::qI::I3':g4:7fea I Wiatr: t21:rax7':" Vvt SI: QAIIIH ttlttn 1., s:5l':::. ::'5?t.5:::f'::. ,d1ooI,A e ally.: t. ,I7lorn:Iqja fi. DYIQXITIH' Xg1lILjl'0sI::t ,V'.QII'qrc'I1' Q5::::nk."MI nn: prtil 'p X X ,, 7777? I MAUREEN HANNA "Mo Mo" , I "Nothtng ts rarer than Ima gnual nature." Sc:I:rmI Aottvtttes: Hug. HI:Y: Sgt. nt I JEFFREY HANDLER "Jef1" "Handsome ts as handsome does." School Acttvtttas: Cross-Country: Var- stty Bowling. Softball. Outstdrv Interests: Plat Sigma Beta: Baseball: Baslfethallz Bowltng: Cars: Huntlng: Stamps. Futura: College. I 'ff ,V Arms: G.A.A.: Snph. Coun.: Girls 1-4 Cla.: Basketball: Base.: Valle . Intra. , Honors: 1800 pt. Letter: Bvasahall. Bn:-:ltr-t. Hon, Teams. Outstdo Interests: Phi Delta Sur. Trans.. Pros.: TGIVI Club, Trans.: Card. VP: Kents. Futura: College: Travel. ALICE ADELE HARRELL 1 4' "CooIeIe" 3 HA good heart and a friend to aII." Q , School Aottvtttes: Soph. Chotr. A ' . Chotr. B. R Outsttle Interests: Church Chotrz I B.Y.F.: BTU.: Canterbury Ora: Iurtcal Soc.: Reading: Musto. F"'::f::30fIg:.H:I:.Ij'j1f:: ,61l',.f'3:vffT .I :f..:....:. con: I Nr-'K J I' U' I I ' 07 . Y., .zwf , , Mft! f 1 J f+'fl,fWfffW J 1 , f f I, 5' ff' 7 L lr jf! Q 'ff' f 1" ff f A 1 ,ff gif fl . , fi.. f f KARL HAMMEL "With 1: song In his hoartf' Sohqol Aotlvtttes: A. B, Suph.: Bowl I ny.: sums. Outstzlo Intorusts: Music VVrItIng: Guttnr: Slnqlng: Cnrs. Future: Music VVrItc:r. JACK THEODORE HAMMER "Taka It easy." Other Ht h School Attonflnd: Do Wttt Cllnton: Ih'Ir:th Sq.: Lunch Room Cyn: Sq.: Trnrl: Team: FouthnllTen:1:. Honors: Football Letter. Outside Interests: I,IIe:Cur:rrI: Horses: Swtmmtnq: WeIght:LIIIIng. F::t::ro: College. Page ZForty:t:uo JOHN RONALD HARRIS "Ronnie" I I I I l "Anchors AIlIGY.I' School Avtlvttlss: .I.V. Foothnll. Base: Imll. Ilockey. Vnrstty Wrestltng. Outsttlo Interests: IJI:I Delta Iknppn: Televlston. Future: Navy. MARIE LOUISE HARRIS "Mary Lou" "Nothing so popular as htndnassf' School Acttutttes: Jr. Prom Comm.: Soph. Choir. A. B: Double Octette. Outside Interests: Ph: Delta: Sub Debi: Church Chotr: Youth Gr.: T.A.I3.: The Clan: Rencltng: Kntt- ttng: Plano. Future: College: Elem. Ed. I NDA yll 7 SARA JANE HART "Sweetness of nature, Ietndness of heart." SchooI Acttvtttes: Soc. Ser. Club, Dramattcs: Student Int. Crou : Moel- orn Dance. Honors: Schol. Cljub. Outstde Interests: WINN: Sunday School Asstst. Teacher: Reading: Oboe: Modern Dance, Future: College. QC' ' SUSAN ALICE HECK "Sue" "Colm of rntnd. easy of manner." SchooI Acttvtttes: GO. Rep.: Jr. Prom Doc. Comrf:.: Hockey Intra. Honors: Schol. Club. Cutstcle Interests: I9I:t Delta Sor.. Corr. Soc.. Chap.: Nurses' Atcle: St. Lulcos Luther League, Sec.: Plano: Slcattng: Coolttng. Future: Nursing School: Nurse. . PETER JOSEPH HEINTZ "PJ" "A mon of ease" T' z Qther Htgh School Attended: Blessed f Sacrament Htgh School: Baseball: Eowltng: Soph. Choir. Jr, Choir, Sr. Chotr. Q, Qutstde Interests: Baseball: Motor: I T , Future: Navy: College. ' 1 3' ' 1 MICHAEL J. HERBST "Uh:o I'm In love ogotnf' School Acttvtttes: Cheerleader: Sopl: Choir. E Choir. A Choir. Cutstde Interests: Both5EI Hunt. Soft: oty: Sigma Beta Pt Trees.: Sports: Radto: Cars: Donctng. Future: College: Business Aimtnls: 4159 RAE MILLICENT HILTON llsugarll "Her ways are ways of pleosantnessf' School Acttvtttes: Double Qctette. Honors: N.O.IVI.A. Spclltng Test. Outstde Interests: Sunday School, Sec.: BTU.: fVIorntng Chotr: Ln Jeuncsse Sor. Pres.: ETF.: Musto: Sports. Future: Secretary. Q. BARBARA HOFFMAN L "Hoffy" vm. 1, "Wtt and tntelltgence cost thetr spell." 'F 'I School Acttulttess Hug. Her.: Poblte.: ' --.- Roch. Bus. Staff: CLO. Rep.: Soc. ' Ser.: Amer. Th.. Debate Soc.. Rad.-1, Y Roch. Stag. Pub.. Dec.. Stu. Int. Cr.: W Assam. Co.: Tennis. Base, Basltot. Hon. Teams: COSECI Roch. Honors: - Schol. Club: Natl Hon. Soc.: Net'I A Fore-nIIc Long. Cutstde Interests: Jr. Soo.. VP.: Httth Soc, Soc.: E'naI Brlth: Art Stu. Long. Future: College. "MtId manners and o gentle heart." Sohool Acttvtttes: Huquenot Herald: Soctal Sowlro Club. 7 Cutstde Interests: Drawing: Ice:SIcat- Ing: Reading: Swlmmtng. Future: Commercial Artist. PATRICIA ANN HGFFMANN llPatll 'Uh WENDY ANNE HOLDEN --r::::." A .fftx "A wtIItng heort and o ready smtIe." School Actlvtttes: Jr. Prom Decoration f Commlttee. 515. Outside Interests: Sub Debi. Trees.. Corr. See.: Phi Tau Sor.: Ptntarols. Trees.: HC. Club, TAP.: Water Sports: Slfttn : Ice:SItattng. Future: Jr. Coaege. Buyer. 0 f X N. 'x NAN J. HOLLY "WttIt a. enctI behtnd her eor, she'II cIsiIIenge the worId," School Acttvtttes: Eustness Se:-vtgo Club. Honors: Prolftctcncy Award, Booltlfeeptng I, Cutstde Interests: Model Horses: Scents: Ptctures. Future: Boolclceeptng. Page CForty-tbree SOPHIE LOUISE HOLM usophn HA 90011 SPIISP ol lllIH'l0I',H Scllool Activities: PE. Exercise Dem- onstration: CLO, Dance Committee. Outsicle interests: Piano: Dancing: fl ". 'T' il: , Q? "' 1 W J f f M af V 4 www: .. Av - ,-.N FRANCES TERESA ITALIANO "Fran" HA gooil teaclfier is tile woricfs greatest asset," Scliool Activities: American Tlwuglwt Club. Honors: SQIIQI. Club: VP. Sepia. Class, Pres. Jr., Pres, Sr.: CLO. Rep: Dance Comm. Cllr. Outside Activities: SuIJ-DeIJs: Swim- ming: Ice Skating. Future: College and Teaching. Swimming. Future: College: Teaclming. lx . . ,.i'.v3,... : J., , mid gg' - +5V'ZVaV W. , N' NW 1' '2 ' "Diff-zz. ' 1 "'e .. I ' as . . . ' f-f-if,-v- ' YQ' wQ5451,y'.,, . f f "" Q :- '. , I Wm 2 .25 swims' " " we I i X25 W 5 DORIS HOWELL "Dottie" UHer winning smile conquers Otlier Higli Scllool Attended: Kim- lmaII IIS.: Commercial CIUID: Future Teacliers ol America: Clueering. Hon- ors: County Spelling Cliampion. Outsicle interests: Sewing: Cooking: Nlary Betliane Clvulw. Future: Business ScI'moI: Clerical Typ- ist. ELAIN E BARBARA HURLEY licurlylt 'AAn active little miss." Scliool Activities: Bus. Ser. Club. Otlier Higli Scliool Artem-left: St. GaI9rieI HS.: Glee CIuI'm: Atliletic Assoc.: BaseI1aII, Basketball: Intra. Outsirle interests: Skating: Bowling: Cllessg Swimming, Future: IBILI Operator: Secretary. THOMAS REID HUTT "Dip" Millie style is tlie man lzinlselff Scllool Activities: JV. Foollmll, Outsirle interests: Vvorlcg Baselmail, BasI4etI'JaII, FoolI'1aII: Auto Ixlef clxanic. lp' uture: Service: College. JOSEPH THOMAS JACKSON 'Paris' "Up in tlie uiilcl blue yonder." School Activities: TAP.: Track: Bas Icetlwall Intra.: Baseball. Outside Activities: N.A.A.C.P. Brotln ers ol tile Realm: Boys CIuIJ Swimming: Hoclcey. Future: Air Force: College. DOROTHY ROSE JACOBS "Pinky' "A sparlele iri ller eye." Scliool Activities: Fencing Club: INIOCI ern Dance. Outsirle Activities: Senior Higlx Soci ety: Betli EI B'nai Britli: Skating Future: College. HARRY IRWIN JACOBS "Let lenoivlerlge groiv from more to more. Scliool Activities: Rille Team. Co' Capt.: Cliess Clulw, Projection, Varsity. Outsirle Activities: Pliotograpliy. Future: College: Electrical Engineer- Ap ' sq,-, .1 we I A Ji -- I FLORENCE ANN IMMEDIATO "De-De" 5 A . "Beauty is lier inusinessf' Scliool Activities: BaseI':aII Intramur- als. Outsicle Activities: Swimming: Base- I3aII: Campion CIuI9: Sewing: Rid- ing: Dancing. Future: VV.I.N.S: Beauty ScI1ooI, Marriage Page Tarty-four I mg. X A K x, f 1 L! .. A jr .V A 'jg iff. .25 . ff-f . ' .fast ff f. ' "" f1234iT?'Srgg"?!4v" - 1 .- 4 , Q t XX ' --" 'fvflu MI' 5 A ,... M 75 I . S" NT' 5-7: - "fw- -'ef ...sf . Nw .. .4 JAMES JAFFE "Hunting, l recleon very good." Outsicle Activities: Civil Air Patrol: Hunting: Fishing. Future: Air Force, .ff -.uW..i,'e" ft-f' i :' W NM Z r J 11, MET' glggviewtl. JqQ5E e'WA nl can Ninbr L u run." 1 : up 92593. AEO49fi.e.tP A . ' ' f .-. X , f c ut c ivi 'es- Bglldxngfgnodel A pl El Future . e onautical ' L ,... 'ET . JOAN ANN JOHNSTON "Red" HStars in tier eyes and tlle world in ,IGF hand." Scliool Activities: Soc, Ser, Clulu: Rocli. Bus. Stall: Jr. Prom Comm., Rocl-1. Stag. Outside Activities: Plwi Delta: Sub- "Stan Getz" lf f GUYS M ,J 3? ?"'1-N - ui ROSS BENNETT JASPER ull you ivisli to be cz good ivriter. write." Scliool Activities: Rifle Team, Capt.: Baseball, Mgr.: Hug. Her. Cpy. Ed. Honors: Letter. Baselhall. Rifle: Scliol. CI. Outside Activities: Fislwing: Handi- cmlts: Joumalism: Politics. Future: College: Business RAYMON D W. JEFFRIES HA merry and robust sailor lie will Outside Activities: Bowling: Fisliingg Swimming: Pool. Future: Business School: Navy. HENRY JOHNSON "Down Town" "Gay Blade H Scliool Activities: JV. Footlvall: Tracl-Q. Outside Interests: Sports: Records. Future: Coast Guard: Policeman. Q De-los: Repulal. Clulo: Nurses' Aide: Cl1urcl1 Youth Group: Dancing: Boolcs. 5 Future: Nursing. DONALD T. JONES "A true sportsmanf' Sclwool Activities: JV. Football: lntra- nlurals. Outside Activities: Boxing: Fislming. Future: College. DORCAS MARY JON ES "Candy" HT-'lie voice of tlie merry." Sclwol Activities: Baslietlaall: Base- luall: Bowling: Bus. Ser, Honors: Prof. Awd., Bus. Dept. Outside Activities: Xvest. All Stars: La' Jone Delns: Deanettes: Lesimes: Sports: lxlusic. Future: Business School. FRANCES EVERITT JONES "Jonesy" 'Axvitl-i strong mind and healing Hand." Sclzool Activities: Soc. Ser. Clulb: Bad- minton: Arcliery. Honors: Scliol. Outside Activities: Y.P.F. Clmsi Cl1urcln: Pliotograpliy: Sailing: Flu- sic. Future : College: lxledicine Q tie- 'WN it "if ' - J , J 2 J pg ? ,Nh A r if .lm 1-hw V 1- : V ,, .- ic! 4 f - .A :W w,-....,,, 'N STANLEY W. JONES ,. CATHERINE D. JOHNSTON .. n.DeeH .I "And beautiful words shall How E' I from lier pen." 'M' . School Activities: Intramurals: ylod. Dance: Stage Crew: SLG.: CI. Comm.. G.0.: Class Counc, Rep.: i Publ.. Lit. Ed.: Hug. Hen: Hon. 7 V Team. Honors: Sclwl. Club. 'f:, Outside Activities: Plii Tafi, Jr. Sgt. ,p 4 ' gf: A : Sub-D B : T : S rt. , 7 Futon? coiiegf S me po S : UHe has ci liold on the future." School Activities: JV. Baseball: lntra- murals, Outside Activities: Y.BI.C.A. Lead- ers Club: Boys Hi-Y: Jazz: Fislm- ing: Hunting. Future: College. Page Tortv-five SUSAN ELLEN JONES "Sue" HFaIr of face, lull of grace." School Activities: Bowling: Ifenrinq: Soc. Ser.: Dance Comm.: T.A.I'. Outstcle Activities: Ifrlno Buy Ymlut Clulvg XVINN: Sul:-Delis: Swim- ming: Boating. Future: College: Ixletlicul T0l'IIIlII'ItlIl. Ev: if 19? :wth .rf Q so I . If 0 inf. JEFFREY KAHN "Jeff" "Drama is his l1tIBIl1PlH.H School Activities: Fr. Cluh, Dromaticn: Roch. Bun. Stull: Intra. Basltethall, Bas:-lmll. Utlwr High School At- tendmlz NVhtte Plains HS.: Cheer- leading: Honor Roll. Honors: Scholar- ship Clulv. Outside Interests: Rec. League: Ch. Scarsclule Chapter A.Z.A.: Dra- maticsz Scale fVIocIeIs of Cars. Future: College. V of 3 . . .. 6 2 ' c VERA EDNA JONES "Bootsie" "She clelights in ull." School Activities: Hon. Team, Base. Buslcet.: Bus. Ser. CIuIn. Honors: I'roI. Awcl., Bus. Dept. Outstclv Acttvittus: Chr. End., Pres.: Young I"eopIe's Ch.. Sec.: Vtlest. All Stnrs: Sports:.Dnncing. Future: Business School. SUSAN CAROL JORDAN issuer: "Let us have music." School Activities: Social Service Cluhz Marching Bnncl, Concert: Intramural Tennis, Bnslxethall, Solthall. Honors: Scholarship Club. Outstcle Interests: Sports.: Music: Hilt- ing. Future: College. MINNA RAE JOSEPH HDecllcaterI to service lor others." School Activities: CLO. Alt.: Fr, Clulm. Ani, Th., Biol. SIG. Lcaclcr, Soc: Ser. Trens. 5' Pres.: Hon. Team Soli- Imll. Honors: Schol. Clulmg Sp. Nlen, Nat. IIS. Poetry Assoc. Outside Interests: O.R.T.: St, Teach. Tern. Isrm-I, SIu.oI. Coun,, Post Contir., Award in Con. class: Travel: Psych.: Sports. Future: College: School Chilcl Psy- cliologist. VICTORIA KAHN "Vicki" Q' "Always happy, always gay." School Activities: Fr. Cluh, Debating. Ethel K. Loch, Sec., S.I.Cv.: Thres- piun Soc.: Checrlcaclingz Choir: Hug. Her. Honors: Nat. Hon. Soc.: Schol. CIuh: Slinwnce Scholz Ath. Letter. Outside Interests: N.E.Y.O.. Sec.: VV.E.Y.O., Pros.: .J.S.C.N.R., Sec.: Drawing: Bicycling. Future: College. GORDON S. KALIVIAN SON "Curiosity is the core of Ianowleclgef' School Activities: French Club: Dance Committee: Stage Crew. Outstcle Interests: Junior Society: Mi- croscopy: Bacteriology. Future: College. Gam? LI-ILA. TD The EEN twin MEIiel'f!"s' it-xiii. NANCY LEE KANTOR "Nan Kay" "Art is her hey." School Activities: Art Service Club: Poster Committee lor Elections. Hon- ors: Xxlinner XV.C.T.A, Poster Con- test. Outsicle Interests: Art School: Horse- Imclc Ricling: Swimming: Boating. Future: College: Art. -7' it I JERROLD LEE KAHAN "Jerry' HA sporting man." School Activities: Varsity Clulb, Ten nis Swimmin . S. Outsicle Interests: Phi Sigma Beta: Fraternity: Sports: Cars. Future: College. Page Torty-six Qi ? L -spar -4 f JI! JOAN KAPLAN "Jeanie" "She is a well-rounded sport." School Activities: Honor Baseball gleam, Bowling: Intramural Volley- a . Outside Interests: B'nai Brith Girls: Sigma Beta Pi Sorority: Records: Horselnaclc Ricling: Swimming. Future: College. KATHLEEN MAY KAPLER "Kathy" 3 -, Heaven will protect tI1e worletng qtrl. Outside Activities: Skaimg: Horne- baclc Rlcllng: Dancing. Future: Secretary. Y 5- 71. .e as L L : V I, 1. F' aff 1-17' . aww.: an : -- I ,ea ' ' ' 5-t'-2 ' -3-,ffl r Q - . v"i' r'ffQ, ' Un- in ,ri is fs . GERALDINE DIANA KATZ UG "Forever sweet and sincere." Scl-tool Activities: Soc. Ser. Club Dance Comm. Booster Cv,O. Cbair- man: Rocln. Bus. Stall. Honors: l'lon. Xlen. Poetry Contest. .23 ei' - KAROLE KARLAN "Little One" "A pint ol sunsI1Ine." Sclwol Activities: Soc. Ser. Club. .Art Ser: Intrnmurnls. Otluer HIQI1 Scliool : Attencletl: Fltnml Bessel: Htgli. Outstclelnterestsz Brant BrItl1:O,R.T.: Ht. Ftnnt Hoa. Volunteer: Pop. Nlustc: Reacltng: Drnwlngs Plays: Languages. I"uture. College. DAVID KARPEL "Bones" "Athletics build a strong man," SCI-tool Activities: Xxlrestling Tcnnn: lntlqamurnl I'-ootlaull, Bnsl-cetball, Busc- lo . Sutstcle Interests: Iunior Society: Cburcb League Basl-cetball: Cars. Future College: Engineering. BARBARA ANN KATZ "Barb" HA certain smiley' School Activities: GO, Alt.. Sr. Council Rep.: Soc. Ser. Club, Frencb: Dance Comm.. Dec. Clnr.. Booster. Brealclastz Rocln. Bus. StaII, Roclw, Assoc. Ecl.: lntra. Tennis. Hon- ors: Nat. Hon. Soc.: Scbol. Club: Am. Assoc. ol Teacln. ol Frenclm Prize. Outside Interests: Higlm Soc.: B'nai Britll: Reacling: Knitting: Recorcls. Future: College. eri' ,I J Outside Interests: Sigma Beta Pi SOI.: 6' lr. Soc.: B.B.G.: Reacling: Knit- ting: Swimming: Slciing, Future : College. il :fu 'UD fe- : Q 1 PATRICIA KELLY "Kel" Hxveartn ol tlte green." Scliool Acttiilttes: Pres., Cressey HI-Y: Business Service Club. Outstcle Interests: Social Xxlorlc: Na- ture Stucly. Future: Nlurriagcz Bonl-cl-ceepcr. ANDREW KELSON "lie not a cure tn tl'1e worlclf' Sclmool Acttvittes: Intramural Baslcet- ball, Baseball. Honors: Sclwlarsbip Club. Outstds Interests: Clnairman Publicity. Tlnec-ps Club: Cars. Future: College: Electrical Engineer. MARLENE LOIS KESSLER uKesnr "Medicine is tbe curer of pain." Sclwol Activities: Stuclent Interest Group: Social Service Club. Otlzer Htglm Scltool Attended: Roosevelt l'Iigl'1 Sclwol. Future: Nursing: BS. Degree. MARGARET J. KELLY Mick "Love and marriage Scliool Activities: Business 5' Qoctal Aclluutment. Class Sec Outstcle Interests: Swimming Denc Ing: Driving: Stocls Car Races .lazz Future: Secretary: Nlnrrlage 1 IC ROBERT KESSLER o "Better late tlm neue Sclwol Activities: Var Football Trac .7 IV, l'Iocl-cey: Comersation Club 6.0. Honors: Football Letter Tracl-I I'loclcey. Outsicle Interests: Draggm Fleas Auto Club: Dexlolay: qports Hotro Future: College: Engineer Page Tortv seven SHEILA KING "l'm a happy-go-licl-ry gal." er er: Soph, Counci: Roca, Bu.. Stall: Dance Comm. Honors: Scholar- ship Club. Outside lnterests: B'nai Britli: Sigma Tclgnol Activities: Frencfi Clulii Cheer- I it , Q Beta Pi: Jr. Soc.: Youth Fellowf Teens' Comm. Coun.: hlusic, Future: College. -V ARTHUR STANTON Kl.ElTZ ' f in 2 My "Stan' V 'AA mon that is as good as his word' 1 'W 'V" l Outside Interests: Young Peoples Fel ,Q fri f ,ff A lowship Group: Boating: Cars 'Q A' ,f , Travel: Nloclel Boat Builcling. G , H Future: Navy. . ,,.,4 ,.. g 'gf We 2 nf , -rm- IVT' . 'w-N,-gf l fry Uv-, SUSAN KIRCHHEIMER "Sue" "Fair in lace nnfl leind in tliouglitn School Activities: Soc, Ser. Cluh: Chorus. other High School Attenzl- ed: George Xvasliingtonz Scholursliip Cert.: Volleylmll. Outside lnterests: Sr. Hi Society. Future: College. HOWARD E. KIRKEN DALL "Genius at work," Scl1oolActivities: Physics Club, lxlath, Projection: .lr, Council. Honors: Schol- arship Cluh, Outside lnterests: Church League Baslcetlnall: Science Club: Vvinn Church Group: Science. Future: College: Engineer. TED KOHL "He stops the wheel of fortuneu School Activities: Vvrestling Team Dance Comrrr: Chess Physics, lvlutlr, Amer. Thought: Jr. Council Outside Interests: Delvlolayg Jr. Soc. Sr. Soc.: The Boys: Track: Hunt ing: Sports. Future: College. LISA BARBARA KOHN Hvirn, vigor and vitality." School Activities: Cheerleader: Soc. Ser. Club: Recl Cross: Baslcetlnallc Bowling. Other High School At- tended: Brookline High School, Hon- ors: Nat. Hon. Poetry Award: Scholar. Club: Basket. Hon, Team. Outside interests: St. Teach., Beth El: Dancing: Xxlater-Slci: Horseloacli Ricling. Future: College: Teacher, iii? ff , if 1,1 -we .5 ' 5 for ' I wan. , io! .jx A g: ,.,. , . 401' I ' ' ' ' ff X A ., lr rg , ev-.,l. Ldlfl WILL,lA M.s KlRFlATRlCK PETER KOLEVZON "Pete" phi ,JDK Y Hxvhistle uiliile you uiorlef' W. '11 x 4: H1 .4 +lB'1I r7'1gf.tQSli 1 A r-fr i M rl. Cl bg 1 r . le in ?:iEiQ5:f'::,f: wgfff ...1.::B..1:'.::if, GO.: 41.21. Hines., .:':L,cl.P fav: fg1..cf1.,mYi lr, wisp cu.. Q V K O1t'L!,ItJ Imp? AlS.:m'Vi xfpki- ILYXFJ r Orutsiie ln'teres .lr. Doc.: Golf. Flatlm. V ISR!! clol1n's0hiClJl1rcii1i Eieagueh Y Law bclwol' Baslietlsall: Swimming, Baseluall, .P Foorbnll, l'uture: College: Engineer. SARA GAIL KLAR "Cupid" ' A Q lg l HLaugh, clown, laugh." :Q Q V 5 School Activities: Soc. Ser. Club: A 1 cpu Chorus: lntra, Bowling, Solthall, Vol- L "" M f-wg Hsincerity is the lzey to Success." lgnslxehp fgongrs: dbcholarship icfiool Activities: Tracli Team, Foot' u 1 ypc-. ro . '. war . , . Cl CI bg I t I S ,SA Outside Interests: B nai Brithg Hi-Soc.: Ciiutside leslsntergts: nrlqieinzmlli Xgsutli Jr. Soc.: YXVHA: Muscular Dys- trophy: Piano: Reading: Tennis: Bowling, Dancing. Future: College: Elem. Efl. Teacller. Page fForty-eight Group: Drums, Future: College: Law School. MARJORIE ANN KOSINER "Margie" "Younger ti'ion Springtime." Sciiooi Activities: Assist. Ed., Year Booli: Roch Lit, Staff: Soc. Ser. Clulu. Alt.: Dance Comm. Outside interests: Jr. Soc.: Swimming: Reading: Horseback Riding. Future: College: Elem. sl 065 Car JOHN E. KRAFT, JR. "Jackie" T Hfaii u-i1erei'er inilioivs roll," 1 Outside interests: Cars Future: xiarines. 1 X I ..-5 941 f .,4':!,, f7:A sr x F K . f4'S . ii '17 "Hi l MARTIN KRASN ER "Marty" A-Til? Herald will Lie u salute to you always." Sciwoi Activities: Hug. Her., Sports Ed., Ed.-in-Clmielz Cross Conn.: Lnha. Football, Basl-cetloall, Rep.: Const Comm.: Conver. Club. Honors: Scltolarsliip Outside interests: Sports Xvritel' Standard Star: Jr. Soc.: Clw. L.eag Basket. Future: College. LOUISE KRAVETZ "Weasle" "Goidiiocises." Sciwoi Activities: Twirl.: Soc. Ser. Club. SLG.: GO. Rep., Alt.: Roch. Bus. Stail: Dance Comm. Honors: Letter, Twirl. Outside Interests: B'nai Britlsi: Jr. Soc.: Sig. Beta Plii: Red Cross: CP.: Can.: Golf: lce-Skate. Future: College: Bled. Tecll. 'UW BENGT M. LAGERCRANTZ 'AA Blond crew cut and inaizy Blue eyes." SCIIOOI Activities: Comer. Clulu, Var- sity: Colt-Letter: Hoclcey, Capt. 12: intra. Soccer, Otiier Higii Scitooi At- tendeci: Lindingo Higli, Sweden. Outside interests: Sports: Language. bcienceg Electronics: Class. Blusic. Cars: Cliap. Tau Pi. Future: College: Engineer. 3 kr sl' 1"f" J . I -r 4' 'sf E FS D31 -Q-f 'Ziff .I o MERLE HOPE LAMBERT "Squirrel" "A pretty girl is like o melody." Sciiooi Activities: Double Octette: Soplw. Clrioir, A, B: Bus. Ser. Club: intra. Sports: Chair. Dec, Dance Comm. Outside interests: Jr. Soc.: B'nai Britliz Sports: Nlusicp Records. Future: College. ELEANOR SUSAN LANDRES ,X HA warm iteurt and a winning smile' Sciiool Activities: Soc. Ser. Clulv French, American Tluouglmts Jr. Court' cil, Honors: 2nd Prize Comp. Contest. "Ellie" 'W 4-ng Outside interests: B'nai Britli: Jr. Soc.: Burke Found.: Fiusic: Dancing. Future: College. CAROL LAN G E write giou' in i1er eyes, tiie uicirmtii in i1er heart... School Activities: Hi-Y: Bowling Clulu. Honors: Pitman Typing Award. A Outside interests: Horseloacl-1 Ride. Records: Dancing: Boating: Skat- in ' Bowlin S- A S- Future: becretary: Flarriage. ROSEMARIE LANZETTA HA fiery spirit tiiot rnutciies iier iiuirf' 45 fii S-l, -f E it e anew , 1 rtafs! Sciiooi Activities: intramural Sports - Outside interests: Clmurcli Club. Future: Hair Stylist. 4 Q, fi ,av v-c-I' we if . L 7 :' M2 Z 'J F i, ' K " eff, . : -5f.1e:5:Pi f if. 's :!'J'1 -'+,' . Q. -'f X " '. -s' 4 Zig Lil, 5- , KV' QL E , .A , VINCENT L. LAROCCA "Vinnie' UHe's ci ladies' man," r Sciiooi Activities: JV. Basltetlball, Football: Pres., Bus. Ser. Clulb, Outside interests: Boys Club: Co-ed Campion: BC, Eagles: Rochelle Bill lff3ffJS: Baslietlnallz Football: Danc- me Future: Business College, Page fF0rtV-nm E' CHARLOTTE LAWERENCE HAS liappy us tile clay is long." Scliool Activities: Cressey lli-Y: Cam- pion ClulJ. Outsicle lntvn-sts: lxlusicg Dancing: Reacling: Slcating. Future: Business Scliool: Secretary. ,Ohm M.. A. .fs , 'I WI' 1 73 wi f . L, . 1 , ,A ' 1 '51-N' rf' - - " ':' 5 : ii i iVA..' i i' i'i MARYANN LEACH s DAVINA LEFKOWITZ MABEL LEE "Halfpint" Uwe tinunlz you from the Bottom of our hearts." School Activities: Cv.O. Soplm, .lr.: C.O. Comm., Dance, El., Nvays Nleans: CLO. Rep.: U.N. Clula, Soc. Ser., Conver.: Sopln. Clmir, B. A. Honors: Nat. Hon. Soc.: Scholar, Club. Outside interests: Plli Tau: Wlinns: Teens' Comm.: VVest. Si. Coun.: Young Rep.: Sala-Delas. Future: College: Teaclner. 1' 5. N2 t ,Q b V ,.... . Q 1 .. . . - X ,J Q. it X. ?l'4 Y gf? ,,f 5-f wg N UBusy qs a Bee." SCll0Ol Activities: lluguenot Hi-Y. Outsicle interests: Knitting: Sewing, Recorcls. Future : lvlerclwanclising. HAZEL M. LEAK "Princess" "Long may site reign." Scllool Activities: Pep Club. Outside interests: Clmurclsi Sec.: Sun. Sclwol Teaclier: Cliurclm Clwoirg Bowling: VVritingg Singing: Sewing. Future: College. JUDITH LEDERMAN "Judy" '1Tl19 inrusll is migl1tier tiwn tlw sword." Sciwoi Activities: Art Service Clulw. Honors: Helarew Sclwolarsl1ip'Diploma. Oiitsicle interests: Xvll, Plains Youtll Group: Art, lxlt. Vernon Y: Art, St, l-vogue: Piano: Recorcls. Future: .lr, College: Art, "Daoee' "Kindness anal sweetness personified' Scllool Activities: Social Service Clulim Girls' Clnorus: lntra. Tennis. Honors Nut. Poetry Contest. Outside interests: .lr. Soc.: High Soo. B'nai Britli. Future: College: lvleclical Sec, TERRI LEHMAN HCarrot Top." School Activities: Soc. Service Clulb Dance Comm,: lntramural Sports. Honors: Typing Awarcl. Outside lnterests: B'nai Britlip Jr. Soc. High Soc.: City ol Hope: Dancing. Horselaaclc Ricle. Future: College. BARBARA LEIFERT "Bobbie" Hllve got ri1ytl1m." Sclzool Activities: Social Service Club: Clmir. Outside interests: slr. Soc.: XV.E.F.- TY.: B'nai Britllg lxlusic: Reacling Future: College: lxlusic Teaclmer. ff f 1 0 I 21 , it , 4 X fi-X 'R 3 jj -i 4 W 519' ..f'i,t", if 12227 ' wi ' -Mr:- .f:--...:: z: f' .- 'mm DAVID CALVIN LEE "Mr. Lee" "Born ivitll a love for sports." Sclwol Activities: lv., Vars. Foot- ball, Vars. Xvrestg lntra. Xvrest.. Traclc, Baseball, Honors: Ord. ol Ar- row ancl Brotlwerlioocl. Outsicle interests: Remmington Boys Cluln, Co. Eel. Social Clulv, VP.: lxlusicz Sports: Dancing, Future: College. K ski I f". ' e,,. 2 . '.g: 5 V 3 ii SALVATORE LEMMA UHQ wants to lie lmppyf' Outsicle lnterests: Baseball: Footlzsall. Future: TLV., Raclio Repairs: Armecl Forces. ARTHUR W. LEOPOLD "Art" HA friendly disposition is tl1e foundation of a lziml soul." Sclmol Activities: Bus. Ser, Clula, Dance Comm., Publicity. Outsicle interests: Pliotograpliyg Radio Future: Business: Niglxt Sclmol. if W sf . J J gl f A 59' l ,. A agiil X if JEFFREY CARL LERBS "Jeff ' ,- HHe's just a lucky so and so." 453 J Outside lnterests: Pl1i Lamlocla Frat. Sailing: Swimming: Xvorli, hx Future: College. ti' f ' Gp? , 2 5 Q. 44 .4 CAROLE ANNE LESHNE "How cute can site lie." School Activities: Drama Clulo, Socia NH Service, bloclem Dance, Honors -X Sclriolarsliip Outside interests: Jr. Soc.: Swimming Future: College. J"- 'vu-J li X c RENE CHARLES LESIEUTRE "Free and easy." Otiier Higlx Sciwol Attended: :Ala ': maroneclc Higln Scllool. NWA' Future: institute ot Technol RITA HELEN LEVENE "A lovely face ami a warm heart. Outside interests: Jr. Soc.: B.B.G.: Riding: Swimming. Future: Jr. College: Secretary. ogy: US. Air Force Caciet School T J 1-r LINDA LEVENSON "Me and my slmflowf' JOAN LEVENSON HTwo iieacls are lzetter tiiun one." Sciwol Activities: Soc. Ser. Cluln, SLG.: G.O, Alt.: Clueerleacler. Hon- ors: Scbol. Club. Outsicle Interests: Sigma Beta Pi: B.B.G.: Riding. Future: College. Sclwol Activities: Soc. Ser. Cluln, -I - S.l.fl51.: G.O. Alt. Honors: Scliol. Clu . Outsicle interests: Sigma Beta Pi: Y B.B.G.: Riding. Future : College. CAROL ROSE LEVINE "Her eyes, lww tliey twinlzlef' ,uf J Y! Q Sclwol Activities: Span. Clulo, Soc. Ser.: Girls' Cimorusg CLO. Dance Comm.: Tennis intra., Baslretloall, j Volleyball. Honors: Scbul. Club. Outside lnterests: Sigma Beta Pi.: Jr. Soc.: B.B.G.: Post Conf.: Psycliol.: Nlusic: Swimming: Tennis. . Future: College. .fu Q.: we t . ,A :"5h.- JCANNE LEVINE "Jodi' "A spirited lieart: a quietecl tongue., -R. Sclwol Activities: Baslietlihall lntra. Sottlnall, Bowling. Outside lnterests: BBG.: Jr, Soc. Hi-Soc.: Y.XV.C.A.: ylusic: Blud. Dan.: Bowling: Swimming. Future: College: Teacliing. ff., if! -J 'CID , .ga Vg 4.1:-,L A MARILYN ANN LEVINE nlhynn Url person worth lznowingf' Otiier Higii Sciiooi Attended: Rox- lnury lvlemorial l'ligl'1 Sclmool. Outside interests: Drawing, Future: College. Page Tifty-one CAROL ANN E LEVITAN "Happiness is a disease." SCIIOOI Activities: Bio. CIuIJ: Dramat ics: Tennis Intra., Badminton, I'IocIcey. Outside Interests: B:B.G,: .Ir. Soc. Tennis: Dancing: Records, Future: CoIIc-ge: Teaching. f, V' jwrg, .V - .' , Q V.: W' , W Q43 :,-, In '1', : 1 tifr 7 " 23535555 :i?i?Ff5 iQ" -"' :GQEiR?E5?3ieQi5?53 f vi , mg ' X W :fs 3 ' . sw, t I vw? ai! N su it' ' sf . 3 , 7-Zfxwg A Ayiis 1' a -s , 1? 1 .v 9,1 'sei 'Q' A as 'Fife 2 5513 ' E+ WM 'fi 9-7 9 S b QQSQQY S 4231 r ffM"Q"5's2'f5' 4 any argl: H5195 pews , scsi, X .im ,fb ,N 5: . . 'fP- : x",, .-,' : r if .N -. mg N .I fi F : Ag M .,,.. 'MW-av f ,o"' 1 f f X! 1 '- . . -'TZ' I " - '.I 'ww-1: asv., BARRY LIEBERMAN "Moose" 'IA man about town." SCIIOOI Activities: Span. CIuI'J: Foot- IJaII Intra., Basicetibaiiz Sp. Track: C. Country: G.O. Rep.: Sopii, Jr.. Coun.: CIneerIeader. Outside Interests: Piri Sigma Beta Frat., Sec.: .Ir. Soc: Teen Soc.: DeIta Pin AIpI1a, VP.: Dancing: Sports. Future: College: Bus, Admin. Page fFifty-two DAVID LEWIS "Lo" Hits a IJig. wide, wonderfui u,vorIci." Scirooi Activities: INIatI1 CIuI9, Physics: Cross Country: Intra. Outside Interests: Jr. Soc.: CI1urcIn BasIcetIJaII: Stamps: Pianes. Future: Aeronauticai Engineer MARGERY JANE LEWIS --Success is tire reward of toil." Seilooi Activities: French Ciuim, EtI1eI K. L.oeIu, Amer. TI1., Deb. Honors: ScIioI, CIUIQ: Marcia Weinstein Award: Amer, Ass'n Fr. Teachers Award. Outside Interests: Jr. Soc.: Suio-Deinsg .Ir. Ort: VVEYO. Sec.-Treasl Siiawnee AIumni: Russian: Guitar: Future: COIIege. WALTER W. LIEB "Easy does it." Outside interests: Swimming: Boat- ing: Siding: Tennis: Cars: Radios. Future: College: Eiectronics: Navy, fem, ?e:E2'1 .:f ,.,., Z1 mf 4, I7 M e ' 1 ,Quai Z . :fa Q , W' , 'VT' fx f fff ff I G' ' Wm, . ROSE LINDER HA inrigiit I1eart: u rosy future." Scimni Activities: SoitI9aII Intra. Bowiing: Soc. Ser, CIuI9, Amer. TI1. I Honors: ScI1oI. CIuIn. Outside Interests: tirf Soc.: Hi-Soc. Y.IVI,H.A,, Y.W.H.A.: B.B.G. Future: CoIIegC. L., SUSANNE DOROTHY LIND "Virtue is the performance of pleasant actions." Sciwoi Activities: Soc. Ser. Ten nis Intra., Fencing, Badminton, Voi Ieyball. Honors: Sclwl. Club, Outside interests: Westchester Etin Youtiw Org.: Natii EtI1. YoutI'1 Org Swimming: Reading. Future: CoIIege. I 4 f X f 41 fl in ,df und' 2 1, . . 4, ., if , , , A ,V - f :rfyki 'fwfr-W , I W 7, . .kv .ig ,C WV ROGERSCOTTr C "Lip" UNO oigrject is t great to ive conque ecI.'I Scilooi Activities: ,I.V. FootiJaII: Vvres- tiing. other High Scinoois Attended: Penn, IVIiIitary Prep.: Vveiaster Groves. Honors: Westchester Vvrestiing Tro- J 'f PIIYA Outside Interests: De IVIoIay: I'I.O.: Trains: Cars. Future: College: Science Teaciier. CLAIRE M. LIPSIO "Lips" "A wise and understanding Ileartf' Honors: Prof. Award in Typing II. Outside Interests: Kent CIUIJ: Cham- pion CIUIJ: Swimming: Bowiing: Skating: Records: Dancing. Future: AirIine Stewardess: Niarriage. vm ma: Nws Q.-Q 4rN t r af -fr---r f :fir ':' .sf , 2 I ff- .."i.wZk'N I I: t iff ' '55 1: sf . S I X - . :gf 'Q A X I I s Q Ns 4, 1 N sax s-. ' ,, t su-... waxes X I .wg RICHARD LIPSIT "Richie" "Hes got tile worici on a string... Outside Interests: Fisixing: Boating. Future: Coiiege: Law. ?l LINDA LIPSON "A compatible personality is tI1e Izey to popularity." Scliool Activities: Soc. Ser. CIuIJ SIG.: Tennis Intra.. Basketball: Rocli Bus. Staff. Dance Comm. Outside Interests: Sigma Beta Pi.: Ir Soc.: B.B.G.: Riding: Tennis: ylu Fife. College: Elem. Ed. K As. .,. 1.--, ts. 0 is TZ?"- f.. Pi, 955 94 YE ..,V ' ex. N1 5? f 4 . , . X y .. z - A 7 .- 2' Mraz. ri, ' ,fif Zxf'ii'?5Q"749'Lff' ' . .. - ,Q .awe QQ8 Q DOLORES MARIE LIVECCHI uDeen uHers is a spirit superior to every weapon." Honors: ScIioIarsI'xip CIuIJ: Typing II Award. Outside Interests: Blusicg Dancing: Part-time .IoI9. Future: Xvorlw: ylarriage. JUDITH DEBORAH LOTT liDebbyl! "Music makes tlie worIcI go 'roumI." .School Activities: French Club, S.I.G.: Orcli: Soplm, A. B CI'1oir: Tennis Intra., Baslcetlaall, I'IocI4ey Honor Team. Honors: Sclmol. CIuIJ. Outsicle Interests: INR. Symphony: Scouting: Ivlusicz Sports. Future: College: IVIecI. Research Sci- entist. ALAN LOTTERMAN "His quiet manner Ieads the way to success." School Activities: Vars. Tennis: LIN. CIUIJ, Debating, EtI1eI K. L.oeI9. Hon- ors: Schol. Club. Outside Interests: Psychology: Sports: ALICE I. LUPINACCI "AI' Ulnexliaustilnle supply of clieerfulnessf' School Activities: CLO. Rep., Alt.: Ir Council: G.O. Dance Comm. Outside Interests: BasIietI3aII: Danc ing: Singing: Swimming: CIotI'ies Design. Future : Designer: Typist, LUIGI D. LUPINACCI "Lou" "The Iacl was a rogue, Ioving and Iaugning and free." Outside Interests: Hunting: Fishing. Future: U.S.N. Trade Sclfiool. ALLEN MABOWITZ HIt's great to Ive alive." Other I'IigI1 Schools Attended: Evan- cler Outside Interests- S orts Future: ScI'1ooI F?ecI'1noIogy. DOLORES C. LUISO "Dee' HA Iieart of gold, a ready smile." Scliool Activities: Bus, and Soc. ACI justment, Sec. Outside Interests: Bowling. Future: Bookkeeping.- 'K .- 4, X of fl. Bridge. Future: College. PAIRICIA ANN LUDWIG ' upatn I I0 ,VA V UA Iiappy-go-Iuclzy I'Leart." Af PW il' Outside Interests: Recorcls: Dancing: 73f"f ,fig Swimming: Skating. " ' f Future: Secretary: IVIarriage. 1 ' V zfff? ' 3 ,5.:Lf"' . " SHEENA M. MACPHERSON UA Inonnie Iass is she." School Activities: Hug. Herald: IVIQQI. Dance: Fencing, Tennis, Archery: Soc, Ser. Club, EtI1eI K. I.oeI3. Honors- Scliol. CIuI'J: Natl Honor Soc. Outsicle Interests: Sub-DeI3s: Xvinn' Reading: Tennis: Swimming. Future: College. Page Titty-tbree MARIE MADDALONI HHer eyes us stars ol- twiligllt fair," Otller Scliool Attended: Ureenwiclu IIigI1 Sctmool: Clworus: Art CIuI1: Hockey Team. Outside Interests: Art: Swimming: Ice-Slcating. Future: Interior Decorator. t ...N in . H., -A I it .. -. ef 5 . A '32, 2 A if -Z " 5- 4 11,55 x oy-s NW k yo. --T iw 'Wm JUDITH ANNE MANCINI "Judy' "A cheerful disposition for future success." DVR' I 'W 4-.K ,Z fo FRANK BURNS MAHLER "A mon diligent in Imsinessd' Scliool Activities: R.P.B.I:. Social Club. Olitsicle Interests: Sport Cars: I'Iorse- Iaaclc Riding, Future: Business College. RONNIE JOAN MAHLER llReggieIl "Dancing is Iile itself." SCIIOOI Activities: Fr. Discus. Gr. Honors: Sctmol. CI.: Sec., Nat'I Honor Soc.: Fr. Award: County Fr.. QCI: Rep. Cont. Vvrit. and Spoken VVCI. Outside Interests: Ballet: Fr: Base- I'JaII: IVIusic: Cont.: Post Cont. Future: Ballet. LINDA MALMQUIST "TI1o' many are called, few are cliosenf' Sclwol Activities: G.O. Rep.: Band: OrcI1.: Cllorus: B, A Clwoir. Honors: Band Let.: Star Ser, Awd. Outside Interests: Salem Bapt. Ctuoir: N.R. Hosp. Vol. Aide: Eclwo Bay Yclit. CI.: IVIusic. Future: College: Nursing ScI1ooI. 5 i wffvf Scliool Activities: Bus, Ser. CI.: Bowl. 'W Team: Hockey: PUID. Head, IVIasq. 'M V --. Dance. Other High School Attended: g Academy ot tI1e Resurrection. Outside Interests: Campion CIuI3: Ice Skating: Tennis: Dancing. Future: Bus. ScI'iooI: Secretary. Page Tifty-four GEORGE T. MANCUSI STEPHEN A. MAN DELL "Buckie" "To be strong is to Be happy." Sclwol Activities: IV. Foottfall, Outside Interests: BasIcetIJaII: Foot' I9aII: Hunting: Fislnin g. Future: Navy. .iff "Steue2 I I.. ' r u witli fgpter' dj I ix on A ls: , S0 I ' X7 A Arn . I ., Ethel WD. utgide I ts: . .H Mmgt B ,Kg UIC eo E I- . I L P1 PATRICIA ANNE MANNING sxpattyn "Mild manners and a gentle heart., Sclwool Activities: Bus. Ser. CIUIJ, Other High School Attended: St. Gai 'ii f '. L4 f ost . N as . -it Ioriel. Honors: ScI1oI. CIuI:J: NOIAIA: Prol., Bookkeeping I. W . Outside Interests: Campion CI.: BS, Sodalityg Ice-Skating: Swim. Future: Bookkeeper. JAY MARCUS "Dewey' "Youth is full of sports." Scliool Activities: G.O. Rep., Alt, .I.V., Vars. BasIietI1aII, Capt.: Intra. SoItI'JaII. Honors: Sctiol, Club. Outside Interests: I'Ii-Soc.: Basketball f ',,. -e 5.4. if 41" ' JMX. .. as-... 6-..-Q, Golf. Future: College. IF NIIV ' Epi. , I N HARLAN M. MARGOLD w V2 IATIIG pen is tlie tongue of tlie mind." A an I Scliool Activities: Hug. Her.: Shaw- 4 -,. nee Supple., Ed: Lit. Sup., Eel: All Staff, Hug. Herald. Honors: Scholar, sI1ip CI.: Contest, QCI: Art. Pub. Hug, Her. Outside Interests: Jr. Soc.: Hypnotism: Cartooning: Vvriting. Future: College: Nvriting. RICHARD J. MARTIN ETTI 'Quaker' "Light-hearted. I travei the open roadf Schooi Activities: J.V. Football. Outside interests: Phi Lambda, Rec. Sec.: Cars: Goli, Future: Service. 'Rh 2 fa'- 491 CATHERIN E MASTERJOSEPH UHoiv fair and pleasant art thou." Schooi Activities: Bus. Ser. Ciula: Hug. Hi-Y. Honors: Typing Prol. Awards. Future: Vvestchester Bus. School: Sec. ADELE MASTROMARINO HA charming sight to greet the eye' Honors: Schoiarship Club. Outside interests: Phi Delia: Dehs.: Campion Clulna Bowling Dancing. Future: Secretary. CAROLE ANN MAY "As ioveiy from within as from without." X 445 DAVID PAUL MAYER "Thunder" HNo siey is heavy if the heart he light' School Activities: G.O. Rep.: Jr. 8' Sr, Coun.: IV. Baslietloail, Baseball, Football: Var. Track. Honors: Var. Track Letter. Outside Interests: Sr. Hi-Soc.: Sports. Pop. Niusic. Future: College: Law School. T Fu Outside interests: Campion Club. Swimming: Dancing. "Ciladness of heart is th ii o man, Sch l Acgaiiesz p.:L .. Va . 3 Swi . eam O sd nteres ' Holy , Teen ll :Sin V o p rts:Re rds: V7 rs: c gp mping: Hun 'ng. I FRED MAYER Q W SUSAN B. MCCARTHY "Sue" 'Sea fever." School Activities: Amer. Th. Club: Bowling. Outside interests: Hug. Jr. Yacht Club, Pres.: Phi Tau. S.A.A., Chr, Dance Comm.: Sailing: Swimming: Riding: Reading, Future: College: Teacher, JAN ET MCCLELLAN "Janzie" HA champion at all she pursues." School Activities: Tennis intra., Soft- ball, Basic., Emblems: Bus. Ser. Club, Asst. ivlgr.: Cheerleader. Honors: N:R.H.S. Sports Award. Outside interests: Vvest. All-Stars Basic.: Les Ames: Rem. Co-Ed Soc. Cluin, VP.: Bethesda Morn. Chr., Us : -Q-.., ftu. 4""'fPD Fu ure: Foundl' H e, N. Y.: Bair' iiiursing. 13.5 gm .5 A r f' fit , xx Q J , . ,1 kt Y.. t A ' A vin: 1.-w H I fi . MVN y , Hfialzwaxi - 5 ff? 2 . ROBERT B. MAY ,"Bcibo" fi ,sg 4 i "A sporting man's sense! Y of lucle and chance." I School Activities: Var., lv. Footizail' Outside interests: Church League Bas icethall: Swimming: Cars, Future: College: Business. 6? GFX Pres.: Bapt, Ytii.: Asst. Sun. Schl. f Teacher. Future: Bus. School. A JUNE ADELL McCLEN DON , In ' "A friend such as this is hard to A A ii V. School Activities: intramurals. g 5, f ' Outside interests: Church Choir: N.A.A.C.P.: Christ. End.: Sewing: V. H z Classical Records. Future: ivlusic School: Piano Teacher, Page Tifty-five WILLIAM L. MCCOY "Willie" quiet air about liirnf' Sclwol Activities: Plwysics Cluli. Otlier Higli Scliools Atterulerl: l'orl Clicster, Anicr. Scliool in .lupnn. Honors: Scliolarsliip Cluli. Outsiile interests: Sports, l'zirt-Vliiiiii Job. Future: College: Eiigiiwr-riiig. It . ,. i s BARBARA ANN MEYER "Bobbie" "There is ci maiden sweet and Lind." Sclwol Activities: Helpecl in Otliice tt28J. Honors: Sciiolarsliip Cluin. Outside lnterests: Ciiurcli Teaclwerl Bowling: Ricling: Tennis: Dancing: Swimming: Cooliing: Cliilil Care. Future: ixlnrriage. Page Tifty-six X MARY MCKENNA "Always luis ri leinzl word." Scliool Activities: Amor. Tli. Clulm. Outsicle lnterests: ljlii rliziug Sul:-Deiis, Pres: Pintarcls, V.P.3 Hfj, Vin.: Hug. Jr. Yi-icimt Cluiig Ciiurcli Dramatics. Future: College: Soc. Vvorlc. DONNA MECHANIC Hlvotliing succeecls lilze success." Scliool Activities: Cao. Rep.: Jr., Sr. Coun.: Poli., Asst Ecl.: Bus. Stall, Hug, Her.: Soc. Ser. Cl., Fr. Honors: Scliol. Clulm. Outside Activities: Sulb-Delis: Plii Tau, Rec. Sec.: B'nai Britli: Jr.. Teen Soc.: Psycii. Future: College: Tcaclier. LINDA R. MERMELSTEIN HTl'ie milclest manner, tlie lnruvest mind." School Activities: Hug. Hen: Pulvl.: Soc. Ser, Cl- Delvating, SIG.. Creat. Vvrit., Ricling, Ani. Tim.. Art Sen, Etliel K. l..oelw. Honors: Scliol, Clula: Sliawnee Sclml. Outsicle interests: Jr, Soc.: ilr. Ort: B.B.G.: Hi-Soc.: Art: Law, Future: College. if hui f f lv-L ,Q Q . Va :,b' tfiibift ,I g mf ARBARA ANN MEYER I n lier tongue is tlic low of lreirirlriessl Scliool Activities: Niall: Cl.: -lwwirl A rl: Bowl: Baslcetlaull, llon, rllfzani Otiier Higll School Atterulecl: St cjiiljflel. Honors: Honor Roll, St. Gall. Outsicle interests: Gymn.: Soc. Vklorli Dancing: Swim.: Xfvrilig ivlatii, My :9 M! ilv ,,JJ'2'0li:iiturnf College: iVlatl'i. ll if MW 4 5 " A", 13. MARILYN B. MEYER A W r in ' .u rftcr tian speec fm I: il' Scliool Activities: llug. Hi-Y: Clworus: , if A " 41,1 '5- tl' Ll' lS9l"' 1 I1 19 is fy gl I lntrzi. Basr-lmll. Outside Interests: Cliurcii Lutlier My ' l..f-ug.: Corr. Sf-c,: Eclio Bay Yaclit H- Clulvg Swimming: Bowling: ice- .S Slcating. ljuturez College: Nursery Scliool Tvaclwer. ALLAN MEYERSON HA clieerful disposition for future success." Scliool Activities: Lox Hi-Y: Kiwanis Key: Ciioir: intra. Baseball, Footiuall. Outside lriterests: Teen Soc.: Jr. Soc.: Boating. Future: College. DAVID MICHELSON HA great mincl possesses a lzingilomf' I Scliool Activities: U.N. Bio.. f VP.. Span., Clicss: A Clioir, Double Octette. ' ' Honors: Sclwol. Cl.: Natl Hon. Soc.: I K 5 I Baird lxleni. ixleclal, Lat. ' ""i ' ' Outsirle interests: Etliical Cul. Soc.: ' w r -I' af Clay-lxlocleling: Hypnosis. I Future: College: Language. X : H X Q X 2 .IOSEPHINE MIELE "Jo" HA lieart wliose softness iiarmonizes tile worlclf' Scliool Activities: Cressey Hi-Y, Honors: Prof. Typing Award, Busine. and Social Aclj. Outsicle interests: Recorcls, K Future: Sec.: Marriage. Q sg ff ,Q I If Outside Interests: Footlball: Baseball: JEFFREY MILLER "Jeff" Mlleader of men, follower of women." Scltool Activities: G.O. Rep.: LIN. CI.. SIG., Am. Tlx.. EtI1eI K, I.oeID. Kiwanis Key: Dance Com.: Cheer- Ieaiier: Teen Com. Coun. Oilmer Higli ScI1ooI Attended: George Xvaslriington. Honors: T. Roosevelt Siem. Awcl. Outside Interests: XVEITIEY: Jr. Soc.: Art. Future: College: Arclxitecture. 4' I r tip .R 'wg , Tw ,wits -Q..-,gf WILLINE MINCEY "Ninnie" HI'Ier smile is the sweetest that ever was seen. School Activities: ivloclem Dance: Intra. Baseball, Outside Interests: Dancing: Nlovies: Footlaall. Future : Nursing Sclwol. A -ay- Q ,T QA NEDDA EILEEN MILLER Hliterature is my Utopia," School Activities: Soplm., B, A Clioir: Omit.: Flatlm CI, Soc. Ser.: Hug. Her. Bus. Statt. Honors: Scliol. Natl Hon. Soc.: xlus, Let, Star: Sclwool Poet. Assn: .-Km. Poet. Soc, Outside Interests: Violin: Sports. Future: College. VERNON A. MILLER, JR. "Junior" MA good sport is admired lay all." Sclwol Activities: J.V,, Var. Football: Track: Xyrestling. Qutside Interests: Plii Delta Kappa. Future: R.C.A. Institute. "By the work one Iznows tI1e worlzrnan. School Activities: -I-racl-c Honors: Scliol. Club. LEAMON MINCEY "Lee" Dancing: Dating: ylovies: Vvorlfcing. Future: Tracie School. 4 Y It 73? Nw: " VANDELLA MITCHELL "Sugar" 4'IVIucI1 too marvelous." OIIIGT Higli Schools Attenzleclz Higlm School ol Commerce: ixloclem Dance CIuI'1. Honors: National Honor Society. Outside Interests: Singing: Books: Foreign Languages: Recorcls. Future: Nurse: Typist: ivlarriage. JUDITH GRACE MOBERG -IMOJJ HBorn for joy and pleosuref, School Activities: Huguenot Hi-Y: Business Service CIuI7. Honors: Sclriol- arsliip Clula: Proficiency Award in Typing II, Bookkeeping II. Outsicle Interests: Swimming: Danc- ing: Bowling, Future: Bookkeeper. PAUL R. MOCHARY "Monk" "Deserve success and you slmll command it." School Activities: Kiwanis Key Club SIG.: Rifle Team, Cross-Coun. Vfrestling, Swimming. Honors: Intra Vvrestlin Zcl g, . Outside Interests: CI'1urcI1 Leag. Bas- IxetI3aII: Tritons: Slain-Diving: Hunt. Fislling: Bowl, Future: College. , MT' In if If 4 -ny 4 " . , 764 G JOAN MITCHELL HArt alone enduring stays to us." Gtller Scliool AttenLIecI: Blusic ancl Art, Outside Interests: Tennis: Art, Future: College. I. ..l, V ' ef 'U I Z 537, I f -J' ' fe, A . tl V' , , fv- ' 4-6 .. , -dq 'J GLORIA MONTELEONE "GIor' "Friendly persuasion." Outside Interests: Teen Clulu, 20-30 Recorcls: Dancing: Swimmin : Base ban. 3 Future: Oliice Xvorlierz Nlarriage. Page Titty-seven "Sincerely U qcliool Activities' CO Re ' go lm PASQUAL MONTESIONE upat.. "Anil all l aslz is a tall sliip unfl a star to steer lu-r lay," Otlier Scliool Attenilemlz lfrlison Ti-cl.. Oulsicle lnterests: Rocl anml Gun Cluln, Campion: Cars: Guns: liecorfls. Future: Navy: lVlarriage. 'fit 'UQ .,.. lv: z 'Q 155 15? it wg' ,f s e 4 ii :f f it 4 ELAINE S. MOSKOWITZ ucokeu "Everytl1ing liappens to me." Sclnool Activities: Jr, Council: CLO. Rep., Alt.: Spanish Clulv: Baslcetloall lntramurals. Honors: Basketball Honor Team. Outside Interests: Jr. Soc.: Hi Teen Soc.: B'nai Britlw, Soc. Sec.: Vol Nurses Aide: Counselor: Sports: Music: Boating. Future: Nursing School: College. D ...J if 5 WILBUR MORGAN "Pickles" mlwlie Xvalilorf uuvuils liinrn Scliool Activities: Footlmall, 10: Base- ball, 12. Outsirle lnterests: Baseball: Fisliing: Foocls, Future: Foocls: Clwel or Balcer. JEFFREY MOROSS "Meaty" AAXVHOPIYPT is foremost, leacls tlie lierilu Scliool Activities: Clmcerleacling: Span, Clulaz Soc, Ser. Honors: Sclfiolarslwip Club. Outsiile interests: Plii Sigma Beta. Treas.: Delta Phi Alpha, Pres.: Cars: Piano: Boolcs. Future: College: Law Sclwool. HEN RY CLAY MOSES unHankrr HA man of lznowleilge increasetli strengtlr" E . J. 4 p., L p ., .lr. Coun.: CLO. Dance, Ele. Comm. Cllr.: Hug. Her., Art Cross- Coun.: Traclc, Siilpll, A B Clioirs. Honors: Scliol. Nat. lvlerit Semi- Fin.: V. Traclc Let.: Am Leag. Boyls State. Outside lnterests: Antique Cars: Swimming. Future: College. yn .. :WN sf e My - jp , Q -iw. ' Vw" :M KATHLEEN M. MULLIGAN "Mui" THOMAS MULLEN "Tom' 'Sol l lilie lneing all wetf' Scllool Activities: Varsity Clulv: Swim ming Team, Captain. Outside lnterests: Swimming lnstruc tor: A.A.V. Juclge, Timer: Yfxl, C.A.: Cliilclren: Swimming. Future: College: Teacliing. Otlier High Scliool Atterulezl: St. Galvriells, Outsicle lnterests: Campion Cluls. Young Peoples: BNI. Soclality Clulac lee Skating, Roller: Bowling: Swim- ming: Dancing: Drawing: Vvriting Poems: Recorcls. Future: Airline Stewardess. JEANN E MUN ROE "Jeanne" "Real live doll." Sclwol Activities: Business Service Cluln, Social Service: Baseball Intra- murals. Outsicle lnterests: Phi Delta Sorority: Time Kent Clula, Campion: Dancing: lce Sliating: Swimming. Future: College: Nlarriage. LOUISE A. MURPHY "Lou" UA girl of many alzilitiesf' Otlier Higli Scliool Attemlecl: St. Galioriels: Treasurer ol Class: Atli- letic Association. Honors: Proficiency in s-we 2 IJ is sl.. t -J' :-f ...,?, .fp Awarol in Typing, Cutsifle interests: Kent Club. VP. lce Skating: Records: Swimming. Future: Secretary. -ws.. N, ' as . 5 'JE Q. ..:f: A so l 1 Nislsoffv. : Xxx Ne ls X, N QX Q XX we x x N' xx N s NX x N X EX Q f - ' 1 its ' 'sb : . : JOSEPH L. MURRAY "Joe" "Happy is tlle man wlio is free from care." Gutsicle lnterests: Fishing: Football: Baseball. Future : Meclmanical Sclxool. MARIE D. MUSTACATO uRe-Ren usiveet ixiariefy Sciwoi Activities: Business Service CIUID. OtI1er Higii Sciiooi Attencieci: St. GaI3rieIs: AtI1Ietic Association: Sec. oi 9tI1 grade. Honors: Proficiency awarci in Typing. Outsicie interests: Kent CIULQ, Sec.: Recorcis: Dancing: Bowiing: Swim- ming. Future: Junior College: Secretary. ANNETTE M. NARDONE E ax "Netsey" -5 I were a L7eiL Ld Lze ringing." 'EL-v School Activities: Business Ser. Ciuia. Outside Interests: Co-ed CIUI1, Cam- pion, 20-30, Teen: RoIIer Skating: Dancing: Swimming: Tennis: Bowi- ! ing. if 1 Future: Business ScIriooI: Private Sec- x retary. . I Lf o ill I FRANK NARDOZZI "Cindy" ' , Q """ "Cindy oI-i Cincivf' la School Activities: Base-I'JaII, Basket- I 'J' a . Ypv? -J LOIS JOYCE NETZER "Louie" "I got a Letter," School Activities: Dramalics: Fencing: S0ciaI Service CIuI9: fxiodem Dancing. Outside Interests: B'nai Britii Giris: Hi Soc. oiBetI1 EI: .Ir. Soc.: Brownie Axicie: Dancing: Guitar: yiusict Swimming: Boating: Riciing. Future: Kindergarten -I-eaciier, Outside Interests: BaseLxaII: Goii BasIfsetI1aII: Ping Pong. Future: BaseI3aII PIayer. ROY N E LSON 'AAs Iwppy and carefree as time clay is Iongi School Activities: Riiie Team. Otiier High School Attended: Andrew Iacii son, Outside Interests: Hi-Y: Cars: Photog- raphy. V Future: Coiiege or Naxy. .": bf -N K Z i WW .A Uv- nv JEFFREY PETER NEW "Jeff" 'AA good sport is loved by au." Sciiooi Activities: Vars. FootiJaII, Co- Capt.: Xvrestiing: Basi-cetinaII: Vars, Convers.: Intramural BaseI3aII Outside Interests: PI1i Lamiucia: Bas- IietI3aII: GOII: Cars: Boats, Future: CoIIege or Navy. WILLIAM NEWMAN "NewI2" UKeep smiIing.H Scizooi Activities: Iunior Varsity Foot- IaaII. Outside Interests: Cars. Future: Air Force. REVINA VENUS NEWTON "Venus" Hvariety is the rnotiier of enioyrnentu other High Scizool: .Iamaica I'IigI1: Track, BasI4eiI'JaII, Swimming: Nursing CIUID, Dancing. Outside Interests: Sor. Ciuin: I.iI3rary: Singing, Typing, Sewing, Biocieiingz RoIIer Skating, Swimming, Dancing. Future: Business ScI1ooI or Nursing. 7'-X 0 WILLIAM JOHN NEVINS "Bill" A'Anci he is a Iiizeaivie feIIow.H Sciwool Activities: LX. I:ootiJaII, Var- sity: Xvrestiingz VoIIeyI9aII. Outside interests: Engines: Cars, Future: Army or Air Force: Biarriage. '22 '25 .- i ? 'L- 1 ff ,1 j . gf , 1 A Q-6 I... M: LOIS NICOLETTI "Lo' HOf a caim and Happy nature." Otuside Interests: Teen CIUIJQ Dane ing: Records: Swimming: Baseball Future: Office Xvorifp Niarriage. Page Tifty-nine JOAN NIGRO "Joni" 'IA smile on her lace ancl u melocly in her heart. Honors: Scholarship Club. Outside Interests: Bowling: Tennis: Reacling: Creative Vvriting: Danc- ing: Collecting boolis. Future: Private Secretary. A ,W K. W5 Y: if V A iff! : f :Q - :V ,K ., .iz X if f i. if 1 V is 35.2. ' Yelp W 'V 'mwea PATRICK J. O'CONNOR llpatn Hlrish eyes are smiling and 'the whole worlcl is smiling too." School Activities: Business Service Club: 1958 Halloween Dance Com- mittee. Other High School Attended: Archbishop Stepinac, Outside Interests: Worlc at A and P: Cars: Baseball Team: Store. Future: Army. Page Sixty f A .f J KRISTA NIIDER "Kris" Hsilence is the fence arouncl wisdom." School Activities: Cressey Decoration Committee, Honors: Scholarship Club, Outside Interests: Reacling: Collecting Stullecl Animals: Knitting: Soap Carving. Future: Secretary. RICHARD CHARLES NYGARD "Rick" "A man of letters, manners, parts." School Activities: Chess Club, United Nations, Amer. Thought: Choirs: ln- tramural Tennis. Honors: Scholarship Club. Outside Interests: Hi-Y: lVlethoclist Youth Fellowship: Church League Baslcetball: Jr, League Baslcetballz Vvorlc at Y.lVI.C.A. Future: College. YVONNE M. OCASIO "Shorty" uAn4I she has a certain charm ahout her." School Activities: Basketball: Base- b II. fgutsicle Interests: l..a-lVleas Social Club: Remington Branch Co-ECI Club: Swimming: Dancing. Future: Secretary: IVlarriage. . 1: L HA x , . "1 L?" 'Qt 11712, if " 'f f 4 ff 6 f f ,,,, ,G-fi ' , 1 , f W f 4' .. , ' f X 0 Q . X .IUDITH ANN ORKIN "Judy" "Thou swell." School Activities: Drama, Club, Soc, Ser., Bus. Ser.: Dance Comm., Decor. Chr.: G.O. Alt., Rep.: Baslct. lntra. Outside Interests: B.B.G.: High Soc.: ilr. Soc.: Sigma Beta Pi: Vvriting: Music: Tennis: Bowling. Future: College. SUSAN OSHLAG UA bubbling fountain, a flowing stream." School Activities: Soc. Ser, Club: Am. Thought, S.l.G,: Chorus: Bancl: ln- tramurals: Roch, Bus, Stall: Publ: Soph. Coun, Honors: Bancl Letter, Star. Outside Interests: Stuclent Teach: Jr. Soc.: B.B.G.: Jr. Haclassah: Jr. Ort, Sec'y, Pres.: Music, Future: College: El. Eel. ELAIN E MARION OSTMAN xxEmov1 'Sweeter also than honey and the honey comb." Outsicle Interests: Phi Delta: Juanita Triangle: Pintarcls: Cerebral Palsy Drive: Church School Inst. Future: College: Personnel. if 1 .5 'st Q - if si O N, X 4 4 H ,I - .i ,J I THOMAS D. O'KEEFE "Red" "Life is what you maize of it." Other High School Attenrieclx Bless- ecl Sacrament. Outside Interests: Vxforlx on cars. Future: IVlarine Corps. 1 ' Ulf ' . -we . 1.11 A152-. hsqy N., -1 ' , ,C . 'X . X N f- 5 it .. hfk iisils - - sm . -4 :.:" i CHARLES D. PAGEL "Chuck" "A Impex' youth." School Activities: Business Service Club. Outside Interests: Pintarcls: Kiwanis Baslcetball League: Swimming: Boat- ing: Bowling: Baseball: Cars. Future: l.B.lVI. Training School: Busi- ness College. WILLIAM G. PAGEL "Bill" Uln quietness and confidence sl'iall be liis strerigtlif' Honors: Prolziciency A-Xwarcl. Outsirle Interests: Pintarcls: Kiwanis Basl-zetball League: Fisliing: Base- ball: Cars: Boats: Bowling. Future: l.B.3l. Training School: Busi- ness College, 'QED F fltb' THF ... l if t li AK Q64 -00" ANGELA PARENTE "An "The gilt of gaietyf' Sclzool Activities: Social Service Club. Honors: Scbolarsbip Club: Typing ll ,W Proficiency Awarcl. Gutsicle Interests: Sliating: Dancing. Future : lr. College. F3 L v .1 fw- g DB5 if 'C . 0, i ...Qt .E JOANNE L. PALUMBO "Jo" HHer ciieerful smile is lilze ELET SUYUTV YTLOOJ. Outside Interests: Swimming: Bowl- ing: Riding. Future: Secretary: Nlarriage. PATRICIA J. PARADISE 'Pat' "Happy is slie wlw is free from care.' School Activities: -l-reas. ot Bus. Adj. Class: -I-reas. ol l'l.R. Outside Interests: Co-ECI Club: Bowl ing: Swimming: Recorcls: Clothes, Future: Cosmetology School: Mar riage. ROBERT PARENT "Frencl1y" "Men of few words are tire best men," Future: College. imap- .Aka ANN MARIE PASQUALE "Great designs from a bright imagination spring." School Activities: Cressey Hi,Y. Outsifle Interests: Campion Club Dancing: Ice Skating: Designing. Future: Designing ScI1ooI. WILLIAM M. PATTERSON "Wild BiIl" HBilly Boy." Sciiool Activities: Band: Orcliestra. Outside Interests: Cllurcli League Bas Itetballz Hi-Y: Slcin Diving: Xvate Slciing: Car Racing. Future: Teaclw industrial Arts. .ION PETER PEARSON "Pete" "Sailor Boy," Sclwol Activities: LV. Football, Xvres- tl' , dgiide lnterests: Xvorlcp Naval Rea serve: Cars: Auto Fleclig Hunting: Football: Baseball: Basketball. Future: Navy. 'M-0 f FRED ALBERT PARKER "Earp" "A goocl is bard to I School Activities: lr. Class N eep: G.O. Rep., Alt.: Xvays E' Bleans Comm: CI1. Hug. Her. Sports Ed.: Cross Coun., Letter, Tracli, Letter. Honors: Sclrolarsliip Club, Outsiole Activities: Eag. Scout BSA: Sec. O ol A, BSA: Vigil Honor, BSA: I.utI'ier League Pres., Treas.: Cliurcb League Basketball, Future: College. f-fx 'P ..K ' nv ...S- a 3 M- 'iw' . 4. I iv -pl .,Y5l' f 2 W NELLIE R. PEELER "NeIl' "Easy to lovefl Scliool Activities: Honor Team, Base ball, Basketball: Bloclern Dance, Outsicle Interests: Silver Stars: Sun day Scbool B,-PV.: Arts: Sports Dancing: Reaclingg Travels, Future: Med. Secretary: College. Page Sixty-one ANNE D. PERS Uclmmpion. Scilooi Activities: Soc, Ser. Club Span., SLG.: Dance Comm: Soltlaallg Volleyball: Tennis: Honor Team, Let- ter. Outsiile interests: BBG. Corr, Secy.: Jr. Soc: Higlm Soc: Tennis: Coll Future: College: Teaching. Nu 'Ir We XX:- JILL CAROL PEYSER H snile rom iter fglit .y.s.H School Activities: Soc. Ser. Club: Dec jlllfl M fl I' Dance wimmmg: D' nclng. Future: Nursing Scilool, 4,6 l I A I, A r ln in i e e W A . lr Nl? 9: Cr 1.3 0 ff fl ' . Outside interests: lr. Soc.: lr. Ort w S . , d . X l MW, 1' yt sk.. 'A T- ' n-.fe l NORMAN BERNARD PESTER X? . f . 1. f"' KMA' ' 4 f'."' 7+ 1. f Mlfgwfff xt f. G . ., LW NORMAN C. PFEFFER "Norm" mg, 1 3 ,f 5 ,W f 3 . 1 A 9 f 4, C" 45' 47' ' A f ,4 , ' ,. ,,,.f,. ,g'.f,. V 'W 24 L.. M ruff., f .nr f' ',f...::.-, fix. - 1' .ff 1 -f f'f.c mf" AZ ' 32:1 : " . it N f . V ,. V, awp . , , . .f .1 .-vw.:-4. 3 A .F tzs: e- ,' ui fig W if Yrg.. . ,, ,f navy' ff may 4 1 1 ii win flf ,V ' .,. ,ull ,-if BARBARA JOAN PINTO uBarbn HA warm and steady friend." School Activities: Baseball intra. Hon- ors: Scixolarsliip Clulo: Typ. Prof. Awcl.: Blilceep. Awcl. " - , ," 4, , ,, ' Q Q I I AN fliwl ltllou' I B In T wus Casey ut tile inat. EC foo I dnfffps' nlmmum ow mg' Sclwol Activities: .lunior Varsity Base- . E bwinigimgi I Can:'A V I R I .F hall, Varsity Baselnall. xl :,, 43,2 A llz u Sl 3 Qxqlgixsl' S unfeli gill- Outsicle interests: Bowling: Baselvall: A giuir ' ' ' ' mmmmg' i 'n' Baskelb-ill: Swimming: Rifieryl cliving: Clmc-clcers: Pliotograpimy. S t M . S t C F .1 TPI Colle P PO' S ag" pm? ms: :.,v Z t':2 1 u g ' Future: College: Business. W Q If LINDA P. PETERSON "Petie" PETER J. PIEDMONT "Pete" " 'l43: ":,.?2. ' "Girl with a future." "Tl1ere-is a iurove mon." -1--'1 3 . '4" ' ,School Activities: Clwoir. Honors: Sciwol Activities: G.O. Alt: Baseball, . K 1' W Scimol. Cluln: Typing Prof. Award. Varsity Ftlal. Honors: Typ. and Bic- E 1'i A 3 Outsicle interests: Stud. Teacl1:L.utl1er keeping. Awcl. ,..: ,J 0' League, Veep, Loc, and Dis: NY. Outside interests: Boys Cluln: Silver 'L ' Synoflical Lutlicr League H.E.l...P.: Rods: Records: Cars: Football: ' Ceramic Vvorlc. Hoclcey. ""' 'N' Future: College: Nurse. Future: Armecl Forces: Butcher. - y ,... 4.4 APRIL PETRO EDWARD PINALS . 2 1 ':"' x A "Time ploy must go on." ul am time coptoin of my soul," ' Zi Sglwgl Agfipifipsg Thegpian Club, School Activities: Span. Club, Plmys. ,.v" Drama.: lntramurals. Treasg Jr. Council: intra: Ftlvl, Base- :Q .-'.': gi' Outsicle interests: Vvriting: Dramatics. lwall, Volleyball. Honors: Scllol. Clulb. "2 f".- - - Future: Theatre, Outside interests: Lox Hi-Y: Jr. Soc.: E 1 Stocli lxlnrlietp Golf. Future: College: Accountant. ci V MYRA sue PETZIN ER "My" " : ' ' "Sine truly enjoys life." NM WN Sclwoi Activities: Soc, Ser. Clulu: wa' A A A if 'Q A Dance Comm: Sopil, Council: Bowl- ,, f W ing Team. Honors: Typing Prof. ,V A-N. . :MQ X A Cl- X Oilivgide interests: BBG.: Jr. Soc.: I Higl1 Soc.: Sigma Beta Pi: Tennis: 1 Bowling: Golf: Horseback Riciing Future: College. W. at ff Outside interests: Records: Reading. Future: Secretary. X 5 eq, , ' Ll F7 - is 'J 'Q ' t' rt ' ,I :W 2, I xi' t ' 1" KA l ' xp' 5 NV: H" fx ALFRETD H. EQSANI, JR. .543 571' V: E X QI-?reddy" AA good friend is aiifliiend fureiigr: . - s s lb - r 'bcliool Activitieszy lntramu-r 'FRQXZRB ati. ing. Otller Higli Q11 'A xiii! d fl Blessed Sacrament. ki OYL en Q Outside Interests: Cars: Xvorlq, Future: College. Q 'Y' " Fig? L CLAUDIA M. PLATANIA "Kitten" USIIP deliglits in all." utside Interests: Treas. ol HTl1e Blessed Flotlier Sodality tor Teensu. Slxating: Riding: Swimming: Boat- ing: Bowling. . Future: Secretary: Nlarriage. O .Y .. 1 Ts.. ISOBEL POLLOCK "Izzy" 'Summer is in lier face." School Activities: Soc. Ser. Club, Frencliz Sopli. Clioir, A, B. Honors: Sclwol. Club. Outside Interests: B.B.G.: .Iuilliard ivlusic Sclrioolz Reading: ylod. Dance: Tlieatre: ivlusic. Future: College, Lilneral Arts. KEITH POLAKOFF "Kip" "A sound mind in a sound lmolyd' Scliool Activities: plwysics Clulo: Rep: .Ir, Council. Honors: Sciiolara slwip Clula. Outside Interests: Plwotograpily: Print- ing: Slam s . p . Future: College: Flatlw Teacher. BEATRICE POLANCIC "Bea" HLil2e sunsliine after rain." Outside Interests: Riding: Swimming: Skating: Reading. Future: Business: ylarriage. -Q61 3.1 E , . z :tl 'Pea 'mx if "Tis true wit, and uiirtli, and alll' Scliool Activities: Frencii Clulu: Base- Baslietlmall, IV. Football, Swim ming, Team, Letter. Outside Interests: Sports: Reading. Future: College. KEVIN DWYER POWER "Keu' "Good sliips, fair winds, and lzrave seamen," Otller Higli School Attended: Iona. Outside Interests: Boats: Xvater Ski ing: Nvorli: Cars. Future: Coast Guard. RALPH J, POWERS IIAVICIIOTS Cllllfljll Outside Interests: Baseball Sldndiving: Swimming. Future: Navy. Q'- I-..'1i."tw Mkwf I a 5 1 ' 5 MICHAEL ARTHUR POST "MIIae' SONIA POLONSKY "Sonnle' Hvivucious versatility." Scliool Activities: Fencing Club, lvlod ern Dance: Dance Committee. Honors Scliolarslriip Club. Outside Interests: BBG.: Higli So ciety: Junior Society: Piano. Future: Englislw Teacller. 'ii iii. frvtf W . qw .rv 5 Footluallz T " A , xl ix wi: .. fi.-is ?:?3iii,.fJ3 1, M 'b gvfvwj I --..l.f'P" pe-:..,f' .f::-f:w+ if f --'Z W,?4,f?lf.. :mit I if l t . :if ARLENE JOAN PRINCE "Princey' Uslie cliarms tile men." 1 Scliool Activities: Bowling: Hon. Base- ball Team: Am. Tim. Club. Honors- Honor Team Letter. Outside Interests: Jr. Soc.: B.B.G. Treas.: High Soc.: Reading: Bridge- Xvater-Skiing. Future: College: Elem. Ed.: lvlarriage JUDITH D. PRINCE "Judy" Hvariety is tI1e HIOIIIPI' of enjoyment." School Activities: Jr. Coun.: Soc. Ser: Club, French: Rorll. Bus: St.: Girls' Cimorus. Outside Interests: Higli Society, Vice Pres.: Jr. Soc.: BHG.: Betli-EI Club Leaflet. Future: College. me of V , 'Wm 1 " .4 44 1 VD' wmv wif cf m ,f , W W r fe.. mx ' .f My Z, L f , f fygfvf wi' 4' Hivlaizer of music: dreamer of dreams' Booster Com.: Sopii. Coun.: Roclq Bus. anrl Lit. Static Con, Band. Hon- ors: Sclriol. CIuI9: AII-County anci AII- State Orcils. Outside interests: Vvest, piiil. OrcI1: Quartet: Cello: I'IorseIJacIc: Jr, Soc.: FoIIc Music. Future: College: Social Work. I 4'-i :. JOAN RABINOWITZ "Joni" Sclwol Activities: Banfl: Orch.: Sopii CI'10ir, B: Fr. Am, 'I-Ifnx gw Q VINCENT PRINCIOTTA "vm" HA prince of ll man." I' A School Activities: Intramural zlnil Var. 1 'A M . '.'fr .Tm Us I 4 'Sal .ZW'I2i 2 ,NT N, E555 I rr .KY . .ii ..y. ,' 14 'fi- 1.f':'.::' Jef. 9, 'f 'Ziff .. ll : i l .,,., Swimming: Intramural Gymnastics. Otiler Higli Scliool Attencleii: Innn prep: Sopii-Hop Com. Outsicle Interests: Clmirman ol Trav- ers Islancl Youtli Clulm. Future: College. LOUIS A. PROSEK 'IA man of courage is a man of lliS word." Sclmol Activities: Piiotograpiiy Eclitor oI Yearlaoolc and I-Iug. Her. Honors: SCIIOI. Club: FI-Iiircl Prize in Physics Contest: Outside Interests: Pimtograpiiy: Swim- ming: PI1iL.amIuda. Future: IVIaritime College. PETER A. PROVENS "Pete" HO, swiftly glicies tile taonnie twat." Sciiooi Activities: Varsity Vvrestling Team: Intra. SoItImaII ancI Football: G.O. Rep. Outside Interests: Phi Lamiacla, Secref tary: Boats. Future: College: Accounting. ROSE MARY A. PULICE "Roe' "Gentle of speech. Iweneficient of mind." Scilool Activilies: Cressey Hi-Y: Busi- ness Service CIuI:J. MARK MARVIN RAEL mrootli for tooth, u manis a man," Otlwr Higlz School Attended: James IVIonroe Higin Scilool. Outsicle Interests: BaseI9aII: Basket- Imall: Swimming: Records: Dancing: Senior Higii Society. Future: College: Dentistry. RICHARD L. RANGES "Dick" 'IMusic is the only universal tongue." Sclmoi Activities: Jr. Coun.: Pimysics CIUIJ, IVIatI1: DIJI. Oct.: Bancl: Orcim.: SOPI1. Ciloir, A, B. Honors: Iviusic Ilgetter: ScI'1oI. Club: Vvest. Science BIT. Outside Interests: INI.Y.F. CI1. Group. Pres.: CIIUFCII BasIcetIJaII: Niusic. Future: College: IVIecIicine. LINDA TERRY RATNER ul-ynnn HSI1e gives tirelessly of Iier time and effort." Scliool Activities: Soc. Ser, CIUIJ. Frencii: T.A.P., Puin. Ciiair.: Ciiorus. A Cimoir. Honors: Cert. oi Rec.: City of Hope, Pol. Found., Cer. Palsy. Outside Interests: Jr. Soc.: Hi.: YtI1. Bti. Rep.: BBG., Pub, Cifmair.: Teen Comm, Coun.. Cimair.: Hosp. Aide: St. Teaclm. Future: College: Ivlarriagez Teach XV. Hist. 1 .I 1 - -L I - NX 1 "8 Outside Interests: Dancing: Bowling: Weil? Piano: IVIusic: Driving. Future: Accounting: Marriage. Page Sixty-four A .i JI .Mew muff Se ,,. an if . J S if J , 'vi iii' 2, iir ' Zi ' K LN ' '43 'I 'Z 7 1' f' . 2, CL' fs , -Q' '-Q-1 X ...res x X ,. , .85 1 t I A JULIA ANN REGINA "Julie" 'ITIIPTQIS a smile on tier face for everyone." Outside Interests: Secretary oi SOUII1 Sicle Strollers: Dancing: RCC'-Jl'dS? Skating. Future: Beauty Shop Owner: Inar- riage. HELEN MARY REID UThe beauty of thy summer sI1aII not fade." Other High School Attended: St. .Iean Baptiste High SchooI. OutsicIe Interests: Campion CIUID: So- daIity: Swimming: Horseback Rid- ing: Btusicz Dancing: Tennis. X 3 'Al Y Ei- Future: Secretary. sf of I ANTHONY RENDE "Tony" 'IA goocI heart and ci winning smile." Outside Interests: Boys' CIUID Senior Room: Swimming: BasI4etIJaII: Cars. Future: Service: Btarriage. ' K PHILIP RHODES an ' ' 1 "A gentIeman hy nature KJV and a scIioIar by 8CIUCL1fI1Of't.,I fy-:jr 7 School Activities: Swimming Team: A Orchestra, Outsicle Interests: VioIin. Future: PHD. in Physics or ytath. i ROBERT I. RHODES "Rhodesy" "He who plows deep will reap the profits." School Activities: Swimming Team: Physics CIuIfJ. Honors: Varsity Swim- ming Letter. Future: PoIiticaI Science or Physics. WILLIAM F. RICCI "Lemon' 'ILet's hear a street Ineatin SCI'LOOI Activities: Hockey: Band: Orchestra: Intra. SOItIJaII ancI Foot- IJaII. Other High School Attended: BIe-ssed Sacrament, Outside Interests: ShuI'I'IeIJoarcI Cham- pionship: Swimming: Boating: I'IorseIDacIc: Drums: EIectricity. Future: BancI I.eacIer or Navy. THERESA RICCIO "Grace and virtue are within Iierfv ,R School Activities: Tennis, Honors V Typing Prof. Award: NOBIA SpeII . ing: Bus. and Soc. Adjustment Award r ' Outside Interests: BowIing: Accordion J :-e if I V MICHAEL I. RICHMOND A'PIay haII.I" ScI1ooI Activities: IntramuraI Basket- haII and SoItIJaII. l Outside Interests: De yIoIay, Senior Coun.: Vice-President ot Beth-EI Bar-Btitzvah CIub: BaseI'JaII. Future: CoIIege: Business AcIministra' tion or Accounting, LOIS S. RIFKIND "Kitten on the keys." ScI1ooI Activities: Soc. Ser, CIuIJ. Conversation: G.O. Rep: Dance Comm.: Soph. Choir, B, A. Honors: SchoI. CIUL1: CheerIeading Capt. Outside Interests: B.B.O.: .Ir. Soc.: Sigma Beta Pi, Treas.: Reading: Dancing: Ixtusicz Bridge. Future: CoIIege: Ixiusic. ISABEL WENDY ROBBINS "Riki" HSI19 speaks Iuoldiy and sI1e speaks truly." School Activities: Deh. ancI EtI1eI K. I.oeI3 CI.. Pres., French, LIN- Am. Th.: Latin Cont.: Hug. Her. Rep.: Ir. Prom Booster Comm. Honors: Nat. Hon. Soc.: SchoI. Cl.: Nat. Forensic Leag.: Shawnee Schot. Outside Interests: Shawnee AIum. Assn.: Jr. Soc.: Teen Soc.: Fam. Ser.: Reading: Records: Art. Future: CoIIege: Law. RCCOHJS. Future: Business SchooI: Secretary. E5 "mf -4 ,fi P ig 'fi . -Taj' W., 'Q-4 ENNIS ROBBINS ., Rim ..Cap,, , A ui u. t - women," f Iioo Ac it'es. 1 i e Te Cross- iffq 1 "4 ga Sop ounc. Ours! wine . T- rNHig Sod. ety: 'I igm ta? Ita Pi IGIP Pledge r: 1' A om a oats. , -Q' I ' f Future: : Inciustria es 5 C SONJA I. ROBERTSON "Sonic" "A friend to uII," Other High School Attended: IVIary- mount Academy. Outside Interests: Reading: Dancing: Swimming: Tennis: Records. Future: Linguist. ge, -4? f .rg , .W WILMA IVIADELINE ROMIE "Shorty" "Neat and petite." School Activities: Soc. Ser. Club: Soft- baII Hnr. Team, Basketball Hnr. Other High School Attended: Ala- maroneclc High. Outside Interests: ylary Bethurnf: Girls Club: Singing Group: Church Organizations: Bowling. Future: Nurse: Secretary, , - 'f f' U, N n X SQM ANN ROBINSON "Annsie" i'She is Venus when she smiles." School Activities: Soph. Choir, A, B: Intramurals. Honors: Forum Award, N. Ave. Pres, Church: Phi Tau: Xvinn, Vice Ivloderatorg Sunday School Teach.: Travel. Future: College. SUSAN LOIS ROCKMORE "Her heart is Iiize o singing hirdf' Schooi Activities: Soc. Ser. Deb., Ethel K. Loeb: Soph Choir, A, B. Honors: Nat. Forensic League. Outside interests: Jr, Soc. Pres.. Rec. Sec.: BBG., Rec. Sec.: Teen Comm. Coun.: WEFTY: Piano: Student Teaching, Future: College: Occupational Ther- apy. JUDITH KAY ROGERS "Jodie" "Beauty and honor in her are mingled. JUDY ROMM "Jutes" "She is carefree and guy." School Activities: I..eader's Club: IVIod. Dance: Soph. G.O. Rep.: Tuclrahoe Basket. Team: Soitball Team: Chr. Soph. Dance. Other High School At- tended: Tucicahoe High. Honors: Tuclcahoe Teachers Ass'n. Award Progress Scholar, Leadership, Ability. Outside interests: Horseback Riding: Swimming: Tennis: Oil Painting. Future: College: Ivlarriage. DIANE JEAN ROODE "Red" Ullll E19 nleffy and i-feed' School Activities: Basketball, Tennis Int. Honors: Typing Proficiency AW'Hfd. Outside Interests: Campion Club: Kent Club,-Treas.: BS. Sodalityz Bowling: Swimming. Future: Secretary: Ivtarriage. MARIE ELENA ROSA Schooi Activities: Business Service As good as gold' Club: A Choir: Girls' Chorus. Other High School Attended: Pelham IVIe- moriaI: Business Club. Honors: Pro- hcicncy Award and Pins in Short- hand and Typing, Outside interests: Dancing: Tennis HOFSCIJEICIC, Future: Private Sec.: Part-time IVIodeI Marriage. Honors: Schoiarship Club. Outside Interests: I'IorseI:racIc Riding: Sports: Sewing: Dress Designing: Reading. Future: Fashion Designer: Ixiarriage. ffw X fe T' wi J ii A 2 'E , 3,52 4. Q S. .-get' ' 5 REGINALD ROGERS "Reggie" UA mon of sports." Outside interests: Swimming: Base- ball: Basketball: Football. Future: Trade School and Service. Page Sixty-six i s 3 E, Q K ss f .:.. . I X . 1 4 ":-- g ,g.se1e:fi:f:: if f : - 3 1 ' :.. . N ',.- ,ff .. .... .t g V., .. 1+ i' X X X N Q . J A sd, ' -rs.. ': .Q I C . t s -QI . 'TY-X '5' s. N' ,. , :fi Nw. tx JOAN LeRAY ROSE "Juicy" uHeaIth is worth more than teaming," School Activities: Baseball Int.: Work in Office. Outside Interests: IVIary Bethune Girl'-s CIUIJ, Pres.: Bowling: Rec- ords. Future: Nu-rsing School: Marriage. ball: Baseball. Cars. CARL H. ROSENBERG UI'Iis will is l'iis law." Scliool Activities: Cliess Club: lnt, Sports. Outside Interests: Temple Activities- - Coin Collection: Stamps: Bowling. B 41 X Future: College: Businesi K li .,, ,,, I l . i .tl fi . x -A . . . nv " -.Z . sfv ': -"""' -1 ,. , . . . 1 . .. ., . . 7- ,ffl -Tvs. sf: 1 .' . . - . .., . . 1 rf "Y 5 . af 3 be - f -:..--4,1 ' j X P l N:-' . .w 4- ' 1 . .. sf-gi, 79 if . 3 S., fy? ini! x .ge .,.- .,. . -- -..-,. A H s. 5 fa HELENE S. ROSENBERG HA good Iieart is ivortli gold." Scliool Activities: Soc. Ser. Club: Hug. Her. Bus. Stall: G.O. Rep. lo-ll. 6.0. .-Xlt. lf. Honors: Sclxolarslmip Club. Outside Interests: B'nai Blritli Girls. V-President 10: Plxi Tau: Jr. Soc.: Horsebacli Riding. Future: College. WILLIAM ROSENBERG "Little Ben" "He is u goocl sport." School Activities: Varsity Club: Goll: lntramurals. Outside Interests: Goll: Sports. Future: College: Business. JUDITH ANN ROSS "Judee" "Laugh and tlie world lauglis u'itI'i you." Sclwol Activities: Soc, Ser. Club, :Xrt Ser.: lnt, Tennis, Fencing: Soplm Coun.: Jr. Prom. Honors: Scli. Club: -5 4'-N Y 0 'fn AIP ,. 5 W 5 . s gg. DOMINICK J. ROSSETTI nnoomf nlvitli palette in Iianclfl Scliool Activities: JV. Football, Vars Football, Vvrestlingz Varsity Club. Honors: Art Eclitor, 1958 Roclwellean Outside Interests: Accordion: Hunting. Future: College: Art: Paratroopers. 1 Nat, Higli Sclwool Poetry Assn Award. O lm uisiile Interests: Jr. SOC.: Sr. l'lig Soc.: Swimming: Beth-El, l.eacler. Art, Future: College: Fasliion Designing. CARL R. RLIDERMAN "Rudy" 'Ave are wiser tlion we Iznowf' Sclwol Activities: Band: Xvrestling. Outside Interests: Flagicz Jazz: Horse- bacli Riding: Swimming. Future: College. LINDA M. RUDIN "Blondie" Ufxlusic is tl1e speecli of angels." Scliool Activities: Soc, Ser. Club, Et. K. Loeb, Art Ser.: Orcbg Tennis. Hon- ors: Can. Post. Con. lklusic Ed. Lea.: Honors in Violin. Outside Interests: BBG.: Jr, Soc: Higli Soc: NR Sym. Orcli: Hart- lrcl. Strng. Ensem.: Sun, Sclw. Teaclr: Art. Future: College. JERRY B, RUKIN "fl young mun boil: Iianclsome and witty." Scliool Activities: Sopb. Traclc, lnt. Baseball, Bowling Team. Outside Interests: Basketball: Foot- Future: College Q Business. ,f -.ff r I I ii Y 5 1' 1 JUDITH RU BIN "Judy" "Getting to Iwnow you." Otlier Higli Scliool Atte l'ligl1 Sclioolz Hoclcey, Baseball, Baslietball: ndecl: Somers Volleyball. Clioir: Scli. Slmow: Reporter on Newspaper: Poster COYTHI1. Outside Interests: Sports: Nlotorcycles. Future 1 Secretary. 't lf 4' 'HN fs 'AN -of 5-if -A-f S Y . nfl' . 1,05 I , .4 ,..4n.' SUSAN RLISSO Hsusie Scliool Activities: Atliletic Association Otlier Higli Scliool Attencled: St Gabriells. Outside Interests: Kent Club, Corr. Sec.: Swimming: Basketball. Future: Clerical Secretary. Page Sixty-seven d,w" I: q JOQNINEQOISABAIINO 'JJ' eet'nniI gerztk-nf' I-5 " x5oIiooI'AcIiiij4tibs: B'nsIceI,,kIlIgpi. A x Iqstnin, Ir. Ir1t','lBm'vIiiig Iflfllllf Flo? '11 q .,. 1 . rw Ii-nriis Int Honors? Srlmlzirsliip CIHII., ,bk Outsiclu Interests:,IrywsImtir1gg 'DNR V Q., 'Inp.i: Qpoiyls. 1 i I'uIliref:'I3riX'im- S1'kH'IJkI'yq , 2 , if-,,,, fi ,S 4: LOUISE SARNI "Lou" 'INicor than we ever thought," Uther High School Attended: In Italy Outside Interests: Reading: Dancing IVIusic: Records. Future: Business School: Aiarriage. ' I ' 1 . 1- J ' I --.f." A. V, i-' NANCY Ruin SACKTER ii-i -,gi ,,ii , ,.Nan,, Uxviscloni nniI goorlness ure twin horn." g Illlwr High Schools Attvnflvclz Xxlenv- PY Itigli, Iiergenlielcl High: Ifergr-nI'ii'IrI Brunel: Ijrcnih Cluhg Assemhly Com- mittee, Horrors: Bnnil Letter. h Outsiile Interests: Temple Sinai Youth IQ? Frou V Re 'oriI" Reaclin we gf' i I . ,if 4 XR ,2- i r , 4 s, gl I'uture: Cfillvgog Tencliing. SUSAN JANE SAKS "A smile is Iier umbrella." School Activities: Soph., A, B, Choirs: IIun. 'Iii-nm Bnsliel., Tennis: Soc. Ser. CIuIJ: Cro. Dance Comm.: Alt, Choc-rIiIr, Honors: Scholarship Clulu. Outside Interests: Ir, Soc.: BBG.: Piano: Tennis, Future: College. LEONARD SAMELA "Lenny" "He is a gooit man," School Actiiiities: G.O. Rep. Ill: Int. Iivzisi-hall, Basliethnll, VoIIeyI'JaII. Vars. Bowling, Capt. I2, IV. BasIQetI3aII, Co-Capt.: IV, Baseball. Outsicle Interests: Boyis CIUIJQ Tau Pi JOAN SAVOCA ".Ioanie" "Inrw rnuhrfs the uiorIcI go rouncI.H Honors: NOKIA Spelling Contest IAXVVRIHI. Outsicle Interests: Vvorli: Collecting Iferorclsg Dancing: Swimming: Slcat- ing. Future: Secretary: Nlarriage. BARBARA M. SAVORY "Bains" "Cheerful anci good-nutiiredf' School Activities: Library Club: Visual Aicis. Other High School Attended: Central Commercial, I Outside Interests: Tennis: BowIing: Records. Future: CIerIc-Typist, FRED SCHAEFER "Silence is golden," Outsirle Interests: Phi I.amIwcIa Fratt: I XS? 5: Bowling League: Swimming: Arch- ery. FIIIUVPI BUSINESS SCIIOOII IXIHTIUSS. Sports. Iiuturez College. eee i i.i ANTOINETTE C. SANFILIPPO M I , I it "Annette" V ..'ii as I Htoung at heart is she... 5 School Activities: Crcssey Hi.Y. Hon V. M Y --N35 ors: Scholarship I Outsirtp Interests: Xvorli: Accorclion: ' V X 'W Dancing: Ice Skating: Roller Slmt- - ing: Swimming. Q Future: Private Secretary, I ' an Qs Page Sixty-eight 2 .,. W ish, A I is , is H 515 i ' i r,','.. QF4' A' ".xP3 , WENDY SCHAFFER Hsugnr and spice and everything nice." School Activities: Soc, Ser. CIULJ: In- Iramurals. Outside Interests: Nurses' AiCIe: Binai B'ritI1p High Soc.: Horseback Rifl- ing: Temple Israel Teaching. Future: College. LAURA ELLEN SCHER "Laurie" "You are my sunslmine H Scliool Activities: Hug. Hi'Y, Guarclg lr. Prom Dec. Comm.: Hocliey lntra g Rocb. Lit. Stall. Honors: Scliolarslnip Club Outside lnterests: Piano: Nurses' ,-Xicle: Pbi Delta Sorority, Nat, Secly.: Tmvel: Swimming. Future: College: Psycbiatrist Nursing PAUL MICHAEIL , .fr 1 ff 3. I T S 'I 'Lf Ll 4 1"V',l'N 'E 'ZF 4 we f sp N fi? if . ti if fe, 0 f. li STEPHEN G. SCHUR HTl'iere is wit in wisdom." Scliool Activities: Cliess Club, LLN.. I .American Tlciougbt. Outsicle Interests: Sailing: Xvriting. Future: College: Engineering. KURT JOHN uxvonclerllul. woniclerful H Scliool Activities: Swimming, Basket- ball, Volleyball. Diving Team. Outsicle lrlterests: Plii Lambcla. Treas.: Xyorlcz Cars: Boats: XA'ater- Slciing, Swimming: Hocl-qey. Future: College. PATRICIA M. SCHOENHERR Hpat., Hpleusing in personality H Scliool Activities: Business Service Club Otl'ier Higli School rlitenclecl. St. Gabriel Higlci: Dramatics Club. Outsicle lnterests: Bowling: Swim- ming: Blessed blollwer Soclality. Future: Business. A fi 1 X'-42' . . MAXINE SCHUSTER blue conquers all u'itl'i quiet cliorn-i," su N wool Activities: lnlramural bports Honors' .Alcobol Essay Contest .Xxxarclsg Essay in "Young .America Spf-al-as H Outside lnleresis: lr, Soc: Youtli Group ol l C C . btamp Collecting. Sports liiiiure' College. s R, . .JJ .E if' rs ELLEN JANE SCHWARTZ Her u-uys are ways ot pleusuntness Contest, lst prize. :side lnterests' Sigma Beta Pi for Future. College. lnterior Design. Y VIVIAN ELLEN SCOFI ELD "Her lleart and soul are ligl1t and gay H Scliool Activities: Bus, and gc, .Aci- iust. Class Sec. Honors- Sclnol Club. Crregg Sbortband Speed Cert . Typing ancl Sliorl Prof Awards. Outside lnterests' Records: Dancing. Swimming. Future Secretarial Scliool, Secretarx' ADELE E. SCORRANO "Let tliere be musicl' Scliool A-lctivities: Hug. Hi-Y: Soc. Ser, Club. B. ix, Cboir. Outside lnierests- Lutlier League. Sunday Scbool nl-eaclier: Cliurclu Clioir: Dancing: Bowling: Records: Swimming. Future: Business Sclmool. A : ag ia' Scliool flctivities Soc Sn' Club gopb. Clwoir: Hug Her Bus. Stall, 5 v O Rep Honors: Temperance Union W ilxrtz lce Skating MW' 4,11 -bv JM i -5 LEEEONZAS EN, JR. . , ee" XJ goo A nil ldoll' Ecnog H.-llcti es: l. . ancl Varsity gf o t a . I utsi ntere : P i elta Frat, 'N plain: ys C 1 Racl' g Fisb- gz - -. Xl NJ utiire. n. itute ce X: Page l igty-nine 4 ELLEN SEGAL "Friendship reclouhleth joys." School Activities: Soph., B, A, Choir: G.O. Rep: IO, I2: Jr. Coun., .Ir. Prom Rel. Clw.: Soc. Ser, Club, Am. Th., LIN., Vice Pres, Honors: Schol. Club: First prize Hug. l'ler. Essay Cont, Outsicle Interests: Piano: Reading: Dancing. Future: College. l , , Viv V I 'I N Ml fl lmhMlN55Q3:' J A All ' If , V m U X if ef ltqlla plecgriih ma r." Scliool15ctivil'te selnggl Vrestlingi aw., l , 1 , I M . Oultslzle lntdrestsli Arlialom, lo 'QI uture: Aelronau ical Engin Kglavy or AQr Force Pilolf nfl I mr' ff 22... 7. I ,, .yfflifc V we . " iff .iff P" f , O f , , 0 f f Z X , . . .. .V,- . X fff 1 ly , 1 f M , li. lf, V : BETH LINDA SEVIN "Betsy" Hl'leavens to Betsyf' School Activities: CLO. Rep.: Soc. Serv, Club, Span.: Roch. Booster Comm., Dance, Outside interests: Sigma Beta Pi Soi.: .Ir. Soc.: R.K.G., slr. Sec.: Hosp, Comm. Rep.: Reacling: Sliiing, Future: College. Page Seventy F ff JUDITH ANN SERGINE lltludyll HVx7ith a smile in her eyes." School Activities: Sopll., B, A, Choir. Honors: Shorthand, Typing Proficiency Awarcls: Schol. Clulo. Outside lnterests: Collecting Records: Bowlin B. .V Future: Private Secretary. f f 1 .J ., ' PHILIP SERWER "Fuzzy" A'His mincl is his Izingclomf' School Activities: Jr, Coun.: .l:V. Basclnallp Cross Count.: Banclg lnt. Football: Baseball: Baslietlzxall. Hon- ors: West. Sci. Fair: Nat. Hon. Soc.: Sell. Club. Outsicle interests: YMCA: Science Clulng Music: Ball. uture: College: Theoretical Physicist. . 'I I" ,El 5, MQW W 2, 'W 5 x I' f NUI- I fifty - if .: ',.. : .1 . It I ,',.. SUSAN C. SHAPIRO "Rudi" MBrevtty is the soul of wit.H School Activities: Band: French Clulbz lntra. Honors: Schol. Outsirle Interests: Dramatics: Fencing: Reacling. Future: College. NANCY LYNN SHEDDEN UBeauty, charm and pep hath she.'I School Activities: Banol, Orch.: lvlocl- em Dance: Twirling, A Squacl, Fi Twirler. Outsicle Interests: Phi Tau Sor.: Winn: T.A.P.: Miss New Rochell 1958: Miss Vvest. Contest, 3rcI Place: Twirling: Sailing: Dancin Future: Secretary or Nurse. LINN D. SHOOP "He malees his way quietly." School Activities: Soplcn.. A, B Choirs. Outside interests: Xvorliz Boy Scouts: lhlcclxanicsz Drafting. Future: College: Service. 'W' MAXIN E CLAIRE SHAPIRO "A merry heart has Shel' School Activities: Social Service Club Art Service. Outsicle lnterests: Junior Society, High Society: Art. Future: College. . 3 ff v--v, B. g. 5 ni JERRY SHORT "Anil he shall lruild great things." Other High School: Blessecl Sacra- ment. Outside lntcrests: Fixing Cars: Cam- pion Clulzm Dances. Future: Construction Xvorlt. I I EDWIN B. SHOSTACK "Winnie" mfhe worId's his oyster." Schooi Activities: Art Service Club. Other High Schooi Attended: Roose velt High School. Outside Interests: Beth-EI: Art: Bas keiball. Future: College. Y- - Q M , ' Z 6 f .ef + '-f PATRICIA C. SIMON ETTI nt "She that is sIow to anger is of great understanding." Sciwoi Activities: Soc. Serv. CIUID: G. O. Decor. Comm. Outside Interests: Hug. Hi-Y, Chap- lain: Nurses Aid: Sewing: Baby- sitting: Ice Skating: Music. Future: Nursing School: Registered Nurse. IRA D SHPRINTZEN 771 MQ "SI1printz" HHe openeth the e9k'Qn1en.'l School Activities: Aud. Vis.: Band: OFCIIC Bafld, OfCIl.I Span. Club. Honors: N.Y.S.S.S.3l.A. JXXYBYCI, SDIO OH Tulsa. Outside Interests: Orch. Soc. ot Xvest., NR. Chapter: De Flolays: Exec. Comm., Beth El: High Soc.: Flusicz Aud. Vis.: Records: Radio. Future: Radio-Telephone Engineer. FRANK SIGNORELLI "Babes" litany are our joys in youth." Outside Interests: Cars. Car Racing: Dancing, Sports. Future: Service: Iolo: Alarriage. JUDITH B. SILVERSTEIN "Judy" HExceIIent things are spoken of tI1ee,n School Activities: Soph., B Choir: Hug. Her.: LLN. Clulb: Publ. Honors: Schol. Club. Outside Interests: B'nai Brith Girls, Pres.: Sr, High Soc., Sec., Chr. oi Exec. Comm.: T.A.S.K.: .IL Soc.: sith Gr. Clulo Leader: Beth EI Stud. Teach.: Sunday Sch, Teach.: IVIusic Future: College: Teaching. is DEANNA D. SIRAGUSA Uxice to have around." School Activities: Horselnaclc Riding Club: Hoclcey intramurals. Honors: Scholarship Cluln, Outside Interests: YAV.C.A.: Swim- ming: Riding, Future: College, SUSAN L. SIRKIS "Susie" "Thou swell, thou witty." Schooi Activities: Soc. Ser. CIUIJ. French: Dec. Comm.: SIG.: Publ. Outside Interests: B.B.G.: .IL Soc.: Stud. Teacher, Temple Israel: Polio Dr.: Horsehaclc Riding: Theatre: Sigma Pi Soi. Future: College. JAMES S. SMALL "Jimmy" "Mr, XVonderful." School Activities: Varsity Football, IV. Basketball, 10: Senior Con... Outside Interests: Pres. Boys Hi-Y: Co-Chairman, Teen Community Council: Jazz. Future: College. Pat" rat 1- "-37" DONNA V. SIMPSON "A busy girl is she." School Activities: S-oph., A, B Choir: is Honor I'IocI-cey, Baseball: G.O. Rep.: G.O. Dance decoration. 10. Outside Interests: Pres., Canedy Club: Sub Dehs: Iviusic: Sports: Dancing. Future: Secretarial School. I 'wi 5 LAWRENCE M. SMALL "Larry' Uconfident of meeting the future." School Activities: .I.V. Hoc., Letter Track Ixlanager: Vars. Hoc., Co-Capt, Ir. Coun.: A, B, Choir: Band, Honors Sehol. Club. Outside Interests: .Ir. Club: Garden Ice Sailing: Slcin-diving Future : College: Law SOC. : Sailing Skating Club 5 Skating: Read School. 0 LINDA HARRIET SMALL "Monkey" "Music soothes the soul." School Activities: Grchestra: Spanish CIULJ. Other HS. Attended: Sieepy I'IoIIow: Hi-Y. Honors: All County Orch. Outside interests: IVIusic. Future: Occupationai Therapist. yy., X -NNN: .. . 3 ISOBEL SMITH Smitty Five oot two eyes 0 hluef' torio Society: Senior A'd, New RocheIIe Hospitai- Church Choir: "i'7wX GN Q I, I u . . VIVIAN SMITH "Chicken" ft "Those who follow Him shall have the light of life." Outside Activities: Baptist Training - Union: Bethesda Baptist Choir: Sunday School Baptist Youth Fei- Iowship: Singing: Dmwing: Sewing, Future: Singer: Designing Schooig Iviarriage. V , 4 . ,, 5 Q 1 'Wfhf MARGARET SMALL "Meg" "None hut herself can he her parallel." School Activities: Am. Th. Ciuh. OIZFICCF, Soc. SCF., Treas. JF, Coun., Sf.: JF. Prom Dec. Comm.: Roch. Assoc. Ed.: Intra. Honors: Sch0I.CIub. Outside interests: O.R,T.: Teen's Comm. Councii, Ticket Comm.: Jr. Soc.: Art: Music, Future: Coiiege: Sociai Work. EDWARD LEWIS SMICK uEdn uNice to know." School Activities: Kiwanis Key Ciuh. Twin Lakes Hi-Y: Wrestiingz Intra- HIUFBIS. Outside interests: Y.IVI.C.A., Y.IVI,- C.A. Leaders Ciuh: Kiwanis Church League: BasketI3aII: Swimming, Future: Coiiege. CAROL CHRISTINE SMITH uKnyn "A fashionahle young lady." Outside interests: Progressive Ladies: Records: Swing. Future: Fashion Schooi: Iviarriage. MARGOT S. E. SOLLEVELD I S' "Life lives only in success," School Activities: Hug, Her., IVIan Ed.: Soph. Coun.: Cro. Const. Comm.: Soc. Ser. CIuIn, Ethei K. Loch: Intra. Honors: Schoi, Ciuh Honor Society. Outside Interests: Suh-Dehs, Prog Ch.: Winn: Phi Tau: Swimming' Saiiingz Riding. Future: Coiiege. LEWIS D. SOLOMON ucorkyn "Knowledge raises one man .. ahove another. School Activities: Dehat. CIUIJ, Math. Physics, Spec. Sci. Honors: Vvest. Cancer Essay Award: Nat, For, Leag.: First PI. West Count. Dehat. Toum,: Hon. IVIent. Nat. H. S. Poet.: Poems PuI:JI. Am. Poet. Soc. Nat. H. S. Poet. Assn. Outside Interests: One-man Oil Paint- ing Show: Pres., Cap. Stamp Co. Future: CoIIege, is Lrg , A if ' so y fi r i Outside interests: Canterbury Ora- I .-Ss' Horsehackriding: Tennis. Future: Iviarriagez Wor. Page Seventy-two Ii X . X STEPHANIE SOLOMON "Stephie" . . "An all-around girl." x School Activities: Spanish CIUIJ, Soc. Ser.: Rocheiiean Bus. Staii: Cheer' W ' Ieader. Honors: Schoiarship Ciuh, sf 'as : si.. Outside interests: B'nai Brith Giris, - Treas.: Student-Teach., Tempie it Beth-eI: Giri Scout Ass't Leader: I- Y High Soc.: Teens Comm. Coun: . X Piano. Future: CoIIege. A X fix L X , e : js se s5ps,sss,s ,I .3 I A A .... X pm .. 'S JAY s. SONNENBERG "Fun all clay long." School Activities: Stamp Ciuh: Swim- ming Intramurais, Gymnastics team. Other High School Attended: Chris- topher Coiumhus, Outside Interests: Cars: BasehaII: FoothaII: Baskethaii: Gymnastics. Future: CoIIege: Business Administra- tion. BEVERLY L. SORIERO "Bev" HA friend tliou art in cleeclfl School Activities: lntramurals: Hi-Y: Art Service Club. Honors: Typing Awarcl, Outsicle Interests: Church Group: 20- 30 Club: Swimming: Football: Cool-zing: Reacling. Future: College or Bus. Shool: Tmvel. .ag 4? .3 t .l' 5, ., ' 1:21 BENJAMIN J. SPOSATO "Harrison' UClieerlul and happy-go-lucleyf' Sclwol Activities: Tmclc: Varsity Foot ball. Other High School Attended Harrison High School. Future: Trade School, A fn Nl.. ,-of, ,-,.,,.f' . A 1,5 . f i"' -: - f F ,J IRA SPAR UA faitlilul friencl is o strong clelense H School Activities: Photography Club, Physics, American Thought. Outside lnterests: Beth EI Photog- raphy Club, High Society: Cveog- raphy: Stamp Collecting. Future: College. BARBARA ANN SPIEGLER "Boo-Boo" "Decliccitecl to helping others." Honors: Sholarship Club. Outside lnterests: Swimming: Slfating: R.eCOI'ClS. Future: Nursing Shool. ELEANOR N. SPITZER "Ellie" "Faithful friends are hard to School Activities: Business Service Club. Other Senior High School Ate tencleil: Theodore Roosevelt. Outside Interests: Blt. Ve-mon "YH: B'nai Brith Cvirls: Beth-el High Society: Drawing: Blusici Swim- ming: Dancing: Horseback Ricling. Future: Business: ylarriage. F' all L1 I 2 P x - .-. ' 4 4- - I ,L-. ' 5 rg.-ffl 5 : 1. I f r '45 ' 45' ' ' '. - '- f 1 ' ':-- - -, -ricizf,-I Ei,-23,g.i9. . ze, 1, . 'warg .sg avg QRQALQA -1 - . - -11 - a' 1', ' , 'L f- ..-. 52 L13?. 'i5g:EQil' - . 5 1' L. Q ,ms PAUL SPRlNGER "Pablo" CQ. "Good luclz, ,NIUE EFIOLLH - School Activities: Intramural Bowling ancl Baseball. Outside Activities: Vice Pres. Tlueeps. N57 h 'Qu-iv MALCOLM L. STEIN HHuppy is the man who fincletli lL'iSdOlTl.U School Activities: Physics Club. Hon- ors: Schol, Club: Prix Dllonneur French: Pi Flu Epsilon, Cert. ol Nlerit, Achiev.: lnterschol. Blath. Contest: Blatb. Assn. ol Amer., Runner Cp: Natll Hon. Soc: Natl Nler. ihol. Exam., Semi-Final. Outsicle lnterests: Science Club ol NR.: Piano: Chess: Athletics, Future: Lawyer. SONJA KARIN STENROOS "Sonny" "Shy anal sweet." School Activities: Business Service Club. Outside Interests: Huguenot Hi-Y: Church Hi-League: Art: Skating: Rlusic: Swimming. Future: Secretarial School: Xvorlc. JUDY ELLEN STERN "Dance, ballerina, clancef' School Activities: G.O. Represg Orch. Horrors: Orch. Letter: Scholl. Club. Outside Interests: Orch. Soc. ol Xvestz NR. Symph. Qrch.: All County Orch.: All State Orch.: Piano: Vio- lin: Ballet: Sailing. Future: College: Professional Ballet Dancer. , fi? I social clirector of Tlireeps: Sports- cars: Records. Future: College. ,Q is ' -I' .2-' s, V. 'x : 3 33 f 5- K 3 - MARK STERNFIELD Uvxlliat interests me is learning." School Activities: Phys. Club, Debat- ing, Ethel K. Loeb, Varsg Rilie Team. Letter. Honors: Schol, Club: Eastman Koclalc Natl High School Photo Con- test Prize. Outside Interests: Semi-Prof. Blagi- cianp Photo.: Cybemeticsg Rillery: Stamps: Reacling. Future: College. Page Seventy-three THEODORE H. STEWART xvredu "He that has patience may compass anything," School Activities: A, B, Choir: Youth Fellowship Club, Bus. Serv.: SIG.: Bus. and Soc. Adjust. Class, Veep.: G.O. Dance Comm.: Teens Coun. Outside Interests: Pintard Church Group: Trumpet: Bowling. Future: College: Accountant. -014 'T f fa, , ,V I . , 5 . ' , I f f f I. I H -1 7 . I 'M' iii 2 - - .- I' ,. : A f 1 "YD 5 .T ,Exo ' " .itil . H 62: g. fm -.l JOYCE STROMSTEDT "Chris" "She lends a helping School Activities: Art Service Club. Outside Interests: The Square Cir- cles: The Pintards: The Draggin Fleas: Drawing: Painting: Cars: Sports. Future: Commercial Art or Nursing. Page Seventy-four rf-ri -eff? MICHAEL ALLAN STILLMAN uMikelr "He that is of a merry heart." School Activities: Phys. Club, Bio.. IVTath., Amer. Th.: .I.V. Base., Foot- ball: Vars. Hoc., Football, Baseball: Intra.: Roch. Dance Comm.: Cao. REP.: JT. Coun. RCP. Outside Interests: High Soc., Chair.: Jr. Soc.: Beth EI'BasIcetbaII Team: Dancing: Records: Sports. Future: College: Dentist. SUSAN DEE STRAUSS usueir UHer laughter warms the hearts of her many friends." School Activities: Debating Club, Am. Tb., SIG., U.N., Corres, Sec., Soc. Sen, Riding: Soph. Council, Sr.: CLO. Rep.: Prop. Comm., Dance. Honors: Schol. Club, Outside interests: N.E.'Y.O.: NVE,- Y.O.. Sec.: Sub-Debs .philanthrop Ch WfItlDg Art Music Reading tV"""'1'!? , of V : ff fnjfv H. A 4,, . 9 AMY BETH SU ESHOLTZ "Once in love with Amy." School Activities: Dance Comm., Boosters: French Club, Dramatics, Soc. Ser., Art Service: Rochellean Bus. Staff. Outside Interests: Blnai Brith Girls: Sr. Post Confirmation Class: Rec- ords: Reading: Xfvriting. Future: College. STEPHEN LOUIS SUGAR "Steve" "He does easily what others find difficult." School Activities: IVIath Club: G.O Rep.: intra. Baseball, Basketball. Hon ors: Scllol, Club: Sec. Prize West Cancer Soc, Poster Cont, Outside interests: Comm. Chest: Foot- ball: Baseball. Future: College: Medicine. PATRICIA ANN SUMETZ "Shorty" 'Such a busy woman." School Activities: Sr. Business Club. Soph, Dramatics. Other High School Attended: St. Gabriel High School. Outside interests: Campion Club: Holy Family Teen Group. Office Girl: Writing: Drawing: Reachng. Future rivate Secr Zkylvvriter y a1iI?iW7L'l7!I .: "c 1 .'1 ' Future: College: Social Vvorlc. :, .421-'L . My 9 . if . Lf! if fill" A . STEPHEN STRICKLER "Steve" "Knowledge is the greatest treasuref' School Activities: Math Club. Outside interests: Jr. Soc.: Antique Auto.: West. Pistol and Rille League: Sports: Hunting. Future: College. Wise? .v ri, ,411 lf If J :I M y yi. gg r, DAVID SUTCLIFFE "Dave" "A way with words." School Activities: Debat. Team: Am. N? '. .ri 1 437. f. Y Z v 13 I jc. 4 v f Thought Club: Delegate to first East Coast Model U.N. Outside Interests: Nvest, Amateur '- Radio Assn.: Vvest and Am. Sports Car Club: Communications Club of . ' ,ii A. 3, NR.: Flying: Hunting. Future: College: Law School. R Q tiff I X 1 'QF' -I I is if . X X S Ss' is yy '-I" . Q--.. :vs+tfSiEEiS 53 : . Q Q: 'fa 5 te ig z Q 3 xanga 3 It it it iii? NS' M as : 4 'fs-wa:- .wwf-1 .5 t K 5' ,fgfin ig f,.a,' - S.: 95' QL" ' A'-'EQMR ' .1'.' A 5' Q ix Q1-fs A egg-Q-3-P" -Q53-:wg " , Xin 8,5 ,mm K. i ni. ,- N. . wsu 1, 4. -'. . ' .N gy .F-f ' j 5 .1 wi A- . sf. 2 .- LILLIAN VITA SUTTON "LiI' "The touch of a nurse is so comforting." Outside Interests: Swimming: Skating Dancing: Collecting Records. Future: Nursing School: R.N, ... .qs QV' ' f' fi fr 7 'J' f ,QP - N WEET ysfldif' 'I JoHN TAYLOR ' an' ileip FirrgAinL6." ' f "Man with a purpose." S 'I'A'.i JSM ' . . I , Sh :Art-r :R'H Tm:Dra- 05353:--.i:: gsgroite fs. O ., '2' ss. O:t.:." H:.,. sit., A.- QUE 1,-Lge,-9 if Rods: Tropical N H , tended: CI1ristopI1er Coiumisus Higir E-'isl-M 'j ,HJ if f ,J ' Scirooi. Honors: Engiisii Award: Out- Fpgfvy-Qf'f"lf'e4E2CI1erA ' V' ' A --IQ ' L-i. Ttanging in I..iIJrary, CI1ristopI1er C0- . A v A Q um us, I ' . 1 . ' W A' N Outside interests: Antique Cars: ' I . I ,ggi +2 il I Hunting: Fisiiingl I A 53.2 : I Future: CoIIege: Eectrica Engineer. Q 512: ,3gf2,4W25i:?Z:,i,' Y 'ff D if f :- p 1 ftfffiiiitti if A A JOHN EDWARD TALASKA PATRICIA M. TEAGUE ' j f- it 'Stiii rv te fa ep H ufgqgueyn I L I 5ide? 0 r' 5' "So fuii of heart." A4 46- K I Iiugigiq Eid qfgflle ' 4 SCl100lACtiI'tfiQS2 Bus. Ser. CIUIJ, Soc. 1 mg A, Cru 'J n eau' ai ' new rpg Ser. Otirer High Sciwoi Attended: St. ,di , O. L2 AW HN' f GaIJrieI's: Ten.. BaseIoaII Varsity NJ-1" .J jJJq"V K AtI1I. Assn., Vice-Pres. 'I nt G Outside interests: Piii Deita Sor. ' if Campion CIUIJ: Kent, Pres.: Cardi naIs. Pres.: Biessed Sac. Sodaiity 'G- .ffl , 'il ssudf ANNABELL TAMBURO uAnnll HAnd every share of beauty ,IGF Iong and wavy i1.air." Outside interests: Voiunteer Nurses Aid: Dancing: Coiiecting Records. Future: Nursing: Biarriage. JACK TARPEY "Tiger" "His nature is carefree: iris manner easy." Otiter Senior High Scitooi Attended: Biessed Sacrament: FootIrJaII, Outside Interests: Y3I.C.A.: Cars: Sports: Hunting: Fisiring Future: Coiiege: Service. Dancing: Records: Sports. Future: CoIIege. WILLIAM L. THOMAS, JR. lKTOmmyIr "Finn Ineirind tile scenes." Sciiooi Activities: G.O. Representa- tive: Stage Crew: P.A. Controiz Pro- jection CIuIJ, Outside interests: Fixing Radios: COI- Iecting Records: Photography. Future: R.C.A. Institute: TV. Cam- eraman. JERILYN THOMPSON "Jeri" UAI1, we Iove Irer for i1er friendship and her mirth." Scirooi Activities: Bus, Ser. CIUIJ. Iviodem Dance: VoIIeyI3aII. Otiler High Scitooi Attended: Wyaiton Hrgi-I Scirooi. Honors: Proficiency Award Bookkeeping I: XV.S.S.C. Outside Interests: La Jeunesse: Giris' A ,J : --ffk ,. ,. - mr: . 1- . . Fx Lars a I' ,..c1?c 1 -X. . Tess. :ET X . 1. It I vxxilr ,g f i 3 ' 1' 3 4 EDITH TAYLOR "Edie" "Trees of kindness izear rich fruits." School Activities: Giris' Cho: Etirei K. L.oeI:J Club, Amer. TI1., SIG.: Hug. Hi-Y, Ed. Staff. Honors: 2nd Prize VV.C.T.U. Essay Contest, Outside interests: La Jeunesse: Jr. Misses: Reading: Swimming: Rec- ords. Future: CoIIege. fa. - . it We Circ.: Camp Niinisinicg Dancing: ,. . .Y Bowiingg Swimming : Tennis, Future: Bus. CoIIege: Bookkeeper. W my y Eq gg-,, -'Qu 7 ..' 2 ,A.! I ,ny vga f fl 'V I 'Q ..... 55 I ' '- X ' . fi X :'fi.I. "'1 ' ri' f I 'IIY I f QI I . f .1 - 1- e At. I I eggs. r. , ' . 'im 'I xr :4 i It MARTIN LEWIS THRONE "Marty" HLife may ine prolonged by medicinef School Activities: Debating CIuI:x, Dramatics: Intramurai Wrestling, VoI- IeytuaII. Honors: Nat'I Forensic League' Nat'I Tiiespian Society. Outside interests: Lax Hi-Y: Beth-EI Bar Iviitzvair CIuI:a: Sr. High Soci- ety: TAP.: Swimming. Future: Medicine. Page Seventy-five JEAN MARY TOSSON E llwhat need is there for words," School Activities: Baseball Intramurals, Baslcetball. Other High School At- tended: St. Gabriels Outside Interests: Swimming: Base- ball: Bowling: Dancing: Horseback Riding. Future: Beauticiang lVlarriage. 0 ' , 'J f, Q I .C ff 1 , 1 , A ga. if Fda . xi:- f i i-jg ' , :gs A it X, Q if . .1 ' xiii: i .X is .: -X f ' i. f: i 'si A . tra ik gr: o e CARL T. TURSI "Terse" "The worhingmanf' School Activities: Bancl: SIG., Ethel K, Loeb Club. Honors: Scliol. Club. Outside Interests: Jr. Young Rep, Club: Teens Comm. Council: Sports: Politics. Future: College: lntemational Lawyer. Page Seventy-six Y I f- " - Roosfvm T. UMSTEAD .. , V Q I VV uArchie: Q: 'I ""' in 4 HBetter the world with music." ' . l School Activities: Varsity Football Q Mig 1 Wrestling, Traclc: "A" Clqoir, .- . i g." Outside Interests: Singing Group- '. ' "Vocal'l..adsn:lVlaml:1o Band: Swim. i 1 ming: Sports: Driving. X 4. by Future: Business Clerical Worker. . V at JAN TRIGGS "Trigger" "He runs with the speed of lightning." School Activities: Kiwanis Key Club, Ethel K. Loeb, Varsity, Chess: Cross Country Team, Caplt, Traclc: Ways ancl Means Committee. Honors: All County Cross Country. Outside Interests: Sunday School Teacher: Follc lVIusic: Painting, Future: College: Psychology. MARION PATRICIA TROETTI HMG!! "A smile and a song is a priceless heritage." School Activities: Choir: Bus. Service Club. Outside Interests: Job: Social Work: Red Cross: Community Chest: Oil Painting: Balcing: Sewing, Future: Secretarial Vvorlc: lvlarriage. ANTHONY TURIANO uAnnou "A good man is always needed." other Senior High School Attended: Blessed Sacrament High School. Outside Interests: Boys Club: Cars: Cacldying. 1 .- V 1.3! :ii . In . 3 ,XV WALTER URBAN, JR, "Wyatt Urpp" Hlvlusic, music, music," Outside Interests: Hot Rods: Sports Cars: Music. Future: Music School: Stuclio Musi- cian on Radio and Television Shows. MICHAEL VACCARO "Little Mike" "He shall carve out his own fortune' Outside Interests: Work as a Butcher: Hunting: Cars, Future: Butcher, MARIANNE VAIRO "Liz" "Sl-ie has found success who has livecl well and laughed often." School Activities: Bowling Team: Baseball. Outside Interests: Bowling: Painting. Future: Secretary. 1-6? X sur, A31 X-49' ei 55 is faq? Future : Armecl Forces. L fix iframe i We o fa C SEQ RUTH K. VALENTINE "Butterfly" 'She is neither shy nor vain." School Activities: Bus. Ser. Club Dance Comm. Outside Interests: Campion Club Draggin Fleas: Cars: Writing Travel: Tennis. Future: Business School: Secretary. BRUCE VANDERPORTEN "lt is the mind that malzes tire twociy riciif' Sctwot Activities: Debating Club Vice-Pres., Math, Science: A.I.C, Delegate. Honors: Natl Honor Soc ety: Sctlolarstiip Outside Interests: Tennis: Bridge. Future: Actuary. , ?' 'RIS N-an-J ' ' if I Ig 3. l A l 5 Q I 5. .g 1' ' il! .ra 64, X t TA i 'Wm I ' Q.. 222 LOUIS WACHTEL "Humor is the sunstiine of the mind." Sciwot Activities: Tennis Team: Base IJaII intra., Football, Basketball. Outside Interests: Betti-El High Soci ety: Basketball Team: Bar-Nlitzvaln Club: Sports. Future: College: Business Aclminis- tration. '51 - --I i-L t fi. ,- tr. . t 1" X K .Wg .3 . Y-.. J, f-fair " ' . ,R - :SDI .G C. G. VASILLOPU LOS "Chris" "litany are Iiis cleectsf' Sciioot Activities: U.N. CIuI3, Pres.: lntramural BasIcetIaaII: Cross Country Track, Spring Track. Outside interests: Teen Community Council, Ticket Comm.: Pintarclsg lst Pres. Youth Group: Kiwanis Key Club: Basketball: Boating: Jazz. Future: College: Navy. WILLIAM VENABLE "Buddy" "As swift as mercuryf' Scimol Activities: Xvinter Traclc, Cross Country, Spring Track. Outside interests: Boys Club: Y.iVI.' C.A. Basketball League. Future: College, CAROLYN ANN VILENO "Carol" Hof sparkling eyes ancl time Izimiest. of l'Learts." Sci-toot Activities: G.O. Rep.: Prop- erty Comm, Outside Interests: C.Y.O.: Ctturcti Ctroirz Records: Dancing: Piano. Future: Baby Nurse. 4 L.... 8 'RN K., P'-v I X.: , C CHARLES F. WAGNER HBackstage is my home." Sciwoi Activities: Stage Crew: Score Boarci Operator: Pub. Aciclress: Pro- jection Club. Outside interests: Electronics Future: College, BARRY WALKER "Bret" "Tait men, sun-crowned, wlto tive above tI1e fog." School Activities: .I.V, ancI Varsity Basketball: Solttnall Inna. Outside Interests: Beth-EI Senior Higti Society: Bar Flitzvati Club: Phi Sigma Beta Frat.: Stamps: ANN ELIZABETH WAGN ER "True artists are a rare, rare breed," Sclroot Activities: Huguenot Hi-Y. Editor. Outside Interests: Ice Skating: Roller Skating: Drawing: Oil Painting: Sewing: Gardening, Future: Art Sctiool. -t 'AX 4-L Sports. Future: College: Dentistry, I In . I J Iillj 24! . M , K I i 5:59, I I A Fran e" 75. X' Ai. 4 " lIi4ii Ieasureu ' Gtireffil-Iigi1WSiIw0l jttended:l1I.fli-ng ,Bean Sctlool. I A XII O A t' 't' : - UUUBZL : ':,,:.::. migfgft ji If Future: College. I I U fbi ?""D Q A gli. T ft- A ' x ' ' , BEVERLY ANN WALTHER uBeun "Thou art sweetness and light." Sclwoi Activities: Huguenot Hi-Y. Outside Interests: Records: Dancing: Bowling. Future: Nursing: Nlarriage. Page Seventy-seven NICK WASHINGTON "Rock" HA tall man commandeth much respect." School Activities: Foothall, lntra.. Baslcethall. Track. Outside Interests: Remington Boy Cluh, Y.lVI.C.A.: Sports, Baslcet? ball. Future: College: Teacher. . era I I tiii DIANA WEBER "Di" vA,: "True heauty is a gift of God." A School Activities: Cv.O. AII., Rep.: -f:: ffffjiffz HAH Twirling Squad: Cheer Leader: Soc. Ser. Club. I Outside Interests: Phi Tau Sor.. His- it . x SHA . sf ' 1 1 : 22 . .. ,Q I' ' . X I, Qi. "" '- . ,, 22,5 :: ".f.'gj4!4:fygafiyfemxgiftif..-4' 11:1 ,..,: 977' '?:?32?29f,ezA W " ,,,.. .. ' ' I ' 5 ' .' I ,,,,, a..'ie f A ilz' .'.l' BARBARA M. WEISBECKER "Bob" "Quite a gal." Outside Interests: Dancing: Bowling: Swimming: Riding: Records: Cam- pion Clults. Future: Cosmetologist ahoarcl a luxury liner: lvlarriage. Page Seventy-eight torian: Suh-Delzns, Enter. Chair.: Boating: Art: Sports. Future: College, VIRGINIA WEICHERT "Ginny" "A pretty face is n silent Commendation." Outside Interests: Phi Delta Sorority: Bowling: Ricling. Future: Junior College or Business School. CAROL BETH WEILL "A gal of many interests." School Activities: Tennis, Baslcetloall Honor Teams: S.l.Cv., Am. Thought, UN, Club, Soc, Ser.: Leaders: G.O. Rep. I2: Jr. Coun.: Roch. Lit. Honors: Scholarship Clula. Outside Interests: l'li-Soc., Corr. Sec.: Jr. Soc.: B.B.Cv.: Dec, Com. Jr. Prom: Tennis: Swimming. Q Q Future: College. 3. if Am.,-. ,fs 6, I ,..,., , . . ,. ' ...mme 1 if ' . GW . I W! ,' . .4 'af f .4 'f Q f ELIZABETH WELLS "Betty" J "A pint of smiles." School Activities: Cressey Hi:Y. Outside lnterests: Choir: Dancing: Future: Secretary: Maniage. St. Ilohn's Church Swimming: Ridin LYNN WEISS "The world's a theatre, the earth a stage." School Activities: Biology Cluh, Soc, Ser.: Hug. Herald: Drama. Other High School Attended: Yonlcers HS. Outside Interests: Cvirl Scout Program Aide: Hi-Soc.: Dramatics. Future: College. g. JAMES WELTMER "Jim" ' 'Science is lihe virtue, its own exceeding great reward." School Activities: Rifle Team. Outside Interests: New Rochell Roclcet Society: Science. Future: College: Science, ALICE WERBLIN 'Learned and fair and good is shed' School Activities: French Cluh, Biol- ogy: Choir. Honors: Scholarship Club. Outside Interests: O.R,T. Future: College. ' , f ' f e .gk 'ww ni l I e A ,A fi ,Qs 5 esss I 'KW THEODORA H. WERTHEIM lKThea!! "Glaclly would she learn, and gladly teach." Outside Interests: Phi Delta Sorority: B'nai Brith Girls: lVlusic: Bowling. Future: College: Teaching. LINDA WESTEN DORF HA true Ieaderf' Scliool Activities: Huguenot Hi-Y Cort. Sec., Pres.: Decoration Com.. sg Halloween Dance. '55, Outside Interests: Pintarcls: Bowling: -If A. Reading. Future: Business Scboolg Secretary. .HX I Z f I VV,y VV M11 X Q. ".,, , I ' V' 'Vw . " fm, ', ' f. . gy- GEORGE WHITE "Honest in the sigltt of all men," School Activities: Football. OtI1e Higli School Attended: Iona Prep. Outside Interests: US. Navy Reserve: Cars: Records: Electronics. Future: US. Navy. ROBERT S. WESTMAN "Bob" U-I-Ire man of tI1ougI'its." School Activities: Band,OrcI1,: Debat. Club, Span...-Xmer.TI1.:-I-ennis. Otlier Higli School Atteruieolz PeeI4sI4iII Higlm Sbool. Honors: Scliol, Club: Natl Forensic League. Outsicie Interests: 5Iusic: Cbamb Fins. Ens.: Cbess: Tennis. Future: College: Law. PRISCILLA KAY WESTON "Variety is the source of ioyfv Sclwol Activities: Basketball, Softball Honor Teams: Hockey, Tennis, Bowl- ing, Fencing, Int.: Riding Club: Girls Cborus: :X Cboir: SIG. Honors: Scbolarsbip Outside Interests: Sub Debs: Salem Baptist Youtli Fellowship, Pres.: Records: Swimming. Future: College: Ivlatb Researcb. GAIL WHITE IITI16 written word spealzs trutli. School Activities: Creative Xvriting Club, Lvnitecl Nations, EtI'ieI K. Loeb. Honors: Scbolarslrip Club. Outside Interests: Vvest Etbical Youtli Organ., Sec, Treas.: XVriting. Future: College, 'flat "Hb xv ARLENE WIENER "BenecitI1 innocent eyes, miscliief lies' School Activities: G.O. Rep. 10, ll Alt. I2: Sopli, A, B Cboir: Twirling Cbeerleaclingc Ir. Coun.: Leaders MARIE WHITE "Mari" 'lsweet and petite." Outside Interests: Skating: Xvritingz Records: Horsebackriding: Dancing. Future: Hairdressing School: :War- riage. . .ge Q. .1 -. 7? -.. 'bi 1- j-., f v Club, Soc. Ser.: SIG.: Roch. Lit. Outsicie Interests: Ir. Soc.: Hi-Soc. Sigma Beta Pi, Corr. Sec.: Blusic Dancing: Skiing: SI-:ating Future: College: PE. Teaclier. PAMELA JOAN WIGGINS nxpamrr "Beautiful oiorlz eysf' School Activities: Social Service Club Outside Interests: Bowling Skating: Swimming: Dancing: Rec- orcis. Future z Business College. RAYMOND WILKENS "Butch" 'Avit ancl wisclom are born with a man," School Activities: Traclc Team, Swim- ming: Kiw. Key Club, Pres.: Etbel K. IJOCI3, .I1'. Prom COITLITI, Honors Etbel K. Loeb Scliolar. Outsicle Interests: Teens' Commun. Coun., Treas.: Hi-Y, Y.NI.C.A. Sports. Future: College. 5, . L4 ' -17 JJMAQYQQ I X Q V i it 22 -rs- EVELYN WILLIAMS "CooIeie' USO many lands, so many fashions, Scliool Activities: Sports, Outside Interests: Dancing: Sewing Progressive I..acIies, Veep,g La jenn esse. Pres.: Dress Designing. Future: Dress Designing: Service, Page Seventy-nine SHIRLEY MAE WILLIAMS "Music, the universai Ianguage of mankind," Schooi Activities: Soph, A, B Choir: Douhic Octctte: Soc. Ser. Ciuh, U.N.. Ethc-I K. Loehg Soioist, Honors: AII- County Music Fcstivai. Outside Interests: La Jcuncsse: Sigma: Beta Pi: Student Teaching: IVIusic Directing: Pianist: Church VV0rk. Future: CoIIegC: Teacher. 'El If k it -1 memes I9 M ,,,, WF.,-:.y... W5 J 4 I if CAROLYN E. WINTERS "A thing of Ineauty is o joy foreverfi Schooi Activities: Banci: Orchestra: Twiriing: Ir. Prom. Comm: TAP Rep. Honors: Schoiarship Outsicie Interests: SUI?-Dehs, Veep. II: Phi Tau, Pres. IQ: Luther League. Future: Coiiege. Page Eighty rapher. neering. v - U LAINE L WOF X 5 :QW fsn it "" ' A mrhe a ., Is the t ' ' 7 Aa' Sc ooi Ac Dra ' SOC. R E It razi dlic ein Ia'RC5fI:Q Traiiic quad. Ho rs: Po ard. 0 4' Inte s ' , 5 ming: usic: Sw ming: ding: DHI atics: Hi-So I VN-V kb Fut . ez Coiiegeg c oiogy. z 3: CURTIS V. WILLIG "Curt" RICHARD D. WOLFF "Richest the treasure'he hnris "Ricky" , U f.:A I - in his mind' HI'Iow rich a man I 0, VAIA bchooi Activities: Yearhooh photog- who has ingglligencef' V '45 jf' I Schooi Activities: Orch.: Choir: U.N I Outsioie Interests: N.R. Rocicet Soc.: Club Amer Th- Inna Baseball l : Hi-Y: Vvestinghouse Science Taicnt Honoirs. Schcil Nat-Hon SOC Search: Science: Photography. wvest nqciencg Fair' Qndl Prize GL' 51 Future: Coiiegeq Aeronauticai Engi- Proil' E ' ' fl Outside Interests: Science Ciuh of I- N.R., Pres: Priv. Discus. Gr.: '.," . Chamh. Mus.: Music: Ten.: Poii- . .5 tics: Econ.: Phiios. .gif 5 79 .if-z BONNIE JEAN WILSON "Friends are all that matter." Schooi Activities: Bowiing Ciuh. Outside Interests: Part Time Joh: Ice Skating: RoIIer Sicatingz Records: Photography. Future: Business Schooi. FRAN K S. WILSON "Socrates' "He that iooies to the sea, shaii see., Schooi Activities: Jr. Poiiceg Bridge Ciuh, Camera: Foothaii Fooci Stanci. Other High Schooi Attenfieci: Host- ings-on-Hucison. Outside Interests: Photography: Bridge. Future: Navy. I f : . I V I Future : Coiiege. DIANE LEE WOOD "Stump" UA merry heart cloth good iihe meclicinef' School Activities: Intramurai Tennis. Hockey, Other High School Attended: Pine Crest Prep. Outside Interests: Suh-Dehs: Phi Tau: Youth Feiiowshipz Sports: Art: Music. Future: Nursing. DOREEN WYLIE "Music and gaiety are her own." Choir: Soc. Carci Com. Chairman: Dec. Com, Halloween Dance. Outsicie Interests: Church Choir: Church Youth Group. Future: Business Schooi: Secretary. School Activities: Soph. Ser. CIUIJ: Hug. Hi-Y, xy s-siggge - . I . X Q' :s i X Nw-sf-aww' .gt X- K .J-2 '. ' I' 1 ..- ki ' J . . K . .lf IKV.: I 1 V . A Y .bi if ,iV"" ' ,. sn X K A X ROBERT WYLIE "Bob" "The water is his second home.'I School Activities: Varsity Ciuh, Phys- iCS: Swimming Team. Capt. Honors: Swimming Letter. Outside Interests: Pintards: Kiwanis Church League: BasIcethaII: Swim- ming: I.iIe Guard ancI Life Saving Instructor: Science. Future: Coiiegeg Science, :I DANIEL ZACCAGNINO H.-I good companion, an easy friend." Outside Interests: Cars: Sports: Danc- ing: Records, 4: - Future: Service' Xlarriage: Job. , -JL SALVATORE J. ZACCAGNINO "Zack" ni l "His nature is lzind and affaivtef' 1 Sctwoi .-Ictivities: G.O. Rep.: JV. and Varsity HOCI-:ey Outside Interests: FoottJaII: Basket' IJaII: Hockey: Radio: TeIevision. Future: CoIIege: Air Force. ELLA JOAN ZAFFINO 4 4 "Sweetness is a speciat of beauty." School Activities: Cressey HE-Y: Hug, Hi'Y: Bus. Ser. CIutJ: Re reshment Com., Costume BaII. Honors: Bus. and Soc. Adjustment Proficiency Award, Y Outside Interests: Dancing: Reading: Records. Future: Private Sec. 1. VIRGINIA ZALLO "Ginny" "Reading rniaizes a Inetter uiorrmnf' Honors: Scholarship CIULJ. Outside Interests: Reading: Job. 'Ay Future: Business School: Private Sec' retary. ,fm X s. 's CAROL N. ZAMBETTI "Her Best companions, joy and happiness." SCI-mol Activities: Business and SociaI Adjustment CIass, Pres. Outside Interests: Camping CIUID: BowIing. g Future: Secretary. 'if JOHN ZAMPAGLIONE .:Zap,. H.-Irntaition has no rest." 'sr SCLIOOI Activities: Business Service CIuI:1. Honors: Proficiency Award Bookkeeping. Outside Interests: Rec. SottI3aII and BasI4etLmaII Leagues: Bowting: Bas- IcelL1aII: Fishing: BaseIJaII. Future: CoIIege: Accounting. :XX i x. MARCIA ZANPHIR ' ' v "Humor is time si.rtI1 sense." "x 'U Sctiooi :Ictii-ities: Creative Xvrit. CIuI1. qi' Soc. Ser., .-X31 TIL: Roch. Bus.: Roch. my Li., Li E ,: Tenn's, F ' g I 1.1 fi Girls' chef. s.i.G.lH0:1i,rIi':nscIi1Oi. Y? . CIULD: Nat'I Honor Soc, 4 Outside interests: Jr. ORT, Veep. I2: Sub-DeIJs: Art: Reading. 1 ' -, Future: Conege. v PATRICIA ZAVATKAY S "Cindy" s an t "Outdoor girl H Outside Interests: Swimming: Skating: Horseback Riding: TraveIing: Draw- . gt Fuliure: Private Secretary: Btarriage. N I e ' A I V JOHN ZOCCOLILLO "Zack" H.-I good man makes others good." Ordlc 1:51-x 'At Llislsoeciatioiirisgars, po Sman S u O ' W Future : Armed Forces. txt: -Aj Q Page Eighty-one DAN PAUL BOLOGN ESI it-I-ext, HlViy leinci of guy." School Activities: lxlatlm Clulm, Physics Club. Other High School Attenrieci: Kaiserslautern Am. High Sch. Honors: Schol. Club, Hon. Soc. at Kaiserslau- tern, Oiitsicle interests: Babe Ruth Leag. Baseball, Inter. Leag. Basketball: Football: Bowling. Future: Scientihc Research. KENN ETH R. CHIARITO "Kenny" Hxvith speeci anci accuracy this man will succeed." Other High School Attencleci: lvlamar oneclc. Outside interests: Racing Cars: lwlotor- cycles: Guns. Future: Car Racing. LOUIS CICCONE "Lou" "Quiet hut nice." Outsicle interests: Billiarcls: Cars: Horse Racing. Future: Army. MARIE LOUISE DELAY "sincerity is the hasis of talent and character." Other High School Attended: Ursu- line: Glee Club: Sport Teams: Chair.. Prom Comm. Outside interests: Ricling: Sailing. Future: lxflarriage, JOSEPH ESPOSITO "Joe Bos" "Blessed he he who has found his worlzf' School Activities: Football, Vvrestling. Outside interests: Eciclieis Pool: Silois Social Boys' Club: Universal Auto Club: Cars, Tools. Future: Army: Owner oi a Truclsing Business Page Eighty-two CAMERA SHY! BERNARD GLUCKSTERN "Buddy' "A goori eonversotionulist is u well rouniieci person." School Activities: Solitball, intra murals: Varsity Letter, Traclc: Discus Outsicie interests: De lVlolay: Beth-EI Hi. Soc.: Gymnastics: Baseball Const. ol Homes. Future: College: Law: Political Sci CDCP. RICHARD GORDON "Richie" HYou're in the army now." Future: lVlilitary Service. RALPH HANSON "toy flows from our own selves." Outside interests: Cars. Future: Service. JOHN E. HASKINS "Chino" "Thats how rhythm was horn." School Activities: .l,V. Football, .LV Tracla, Honors: Bus, Soc. Acljust Awarcl. Outside interests: Basketball: Progres- sive Cvaylords Club: Vocal l..acls Dancing: Fishing. Future: College: Business. JAMES LIMARDI "Jeff" "Life is just a iaouii of cherries." School Activities: Baseball, Outside interests: Phi luamlwrla Fra- ternity: Baseball: Cars: Xvater Ski, ing. Future: College. ERIC S. MILNE "A manis hest frienils are his ten fingers." Outsicle lnterests: Photography: Builci- ing Construction: Shooting: Agri- culture. Future: Builcler. r VINCENT ANTHONY PEPE Hi never had a worry in the world., Outsicie interests: Hot Rods: iviechan ics, Future: Armecl Service: ivlechanic, FRED DALE SHEPPY "Shep" "Men of few worcls are the hestf' School Activities: Chess Club, Phys- ics: lnt. Football. Honors: Tap Danc- ing Trophy. Outside interests: Boy's Club: Tutor- ing: Chess: Math. Future: Engineer: Math Teacher. ALVIN SMITH "Bumble Bee" i'Ring the hell." Outside interests: Prize Fighting, Future: Professional Prize Fighter. RICHARD E. TISCHLER uDicku "The heart of a sailor." School Activities: intramural Baslcet- b Il. Outesirie Interests: Naval Reserve: Navy: Basketball: Hot Rocls. Future: Navy: College: Biechanical Engineer. KENN ETH TRAUB "Plan with a purpose., School Activities: Stage Crew: P.A. Squacl. Other High School Attended: A. B, Davis. Outsirle interests: Radio ancl T.V. Re- pairs: Electronics. Future: R.C.A, Institute: l.B.lVl. School. CYRIL REVEIS WATSON "Junior" HA man of business." School Activities: Chess Club: lntra- mural Basketball. Outsicie interests: Football, Basket! ball, Bowling: Xvorliing on Cars ancl Bloclel Trains. Future: Restaurant Business L. i X- muff: 'Qi v-n bib 11 Q X 8 H , W F m'TF " TH! 'W ' ,f . 't"', aiix ,1 .1 , , six 75 i M35 N fy ix K X bi 25? . Y, . 7 s ' 51. -15 29" Hin the Xvee Small Hours of the Morningv' "High Noon" How time tiiesl The years race hy. All too soon the carefree Clays of youth are no longer with us. Yet, we still H 0 W possess memories, and fonclly we recall the bygone days. Although the senior still has youth, a part of his school life is gone forever. His experiences as a sophomore can T I M E only he recaptured in his mind. As he loolcs on today's sophomore, it isnhard for him to helieve he was ever one. F L I E S in just three years he seems so changed. Stephen Schur, representing the sophomore, anci Ron- ald Garfunlcle, the senior, illustrate the transition he- tween the two in the following sequence. in ' 'N-f-4 , . ng., -1 mx e - Q.. ' 4 s N ax z f W ' Q t Xt., 4 Q Hxvliisile xvllile You Xvorlzn 'J' "Sixteen Tons" Page Eighty-four if u ii p 5. rvss-.w""" J' H 1 .-sw M V . .1 ,l,. fr , . 3: g , D f I lb " W, J 1 na -4 if NN- Ja---' A222 ,t' I -f y fs .5-4 , HAH American BOF", 4'Beu'itcl1ef1, Botfzered and Bewifdereclu fx 48 . I " ,Q -' Vwx 1 I f Rx ' si "Take My Love" "Born Too Life" 5 l'f"qM' , 2 A 4 mln My Merry Oldsmobile" Standing on the Corner" Z! f Page Eighty-fue Sm 22 Most Pull with HANK MOSES MABEL LEE I , t ,I77w-+-Mfmffiii, ' Q W. A M X 3 L .ska xx., ,,. , I l l I fs ff A X,-'fo-fa", - ' . "iff gp' -. ,.,7?,.VS,5, ' ' ,,,, , ,ig it R351 W vf we fWv!,,' Mgefrw-H 1' , ' .Y - - .. Page Eighty Biggest Line JEFF MILLER EMILY ALBER -six Best All-Around FRANK FINSTHWAIT FRAN ITALIANO I Class Scholar MALCOLM STEIN MARION DAVIS Best Natured FRED PARKER JOAN GUNTHER Class Jester GEORGE GORMAN MARCIA ZANPHIR . - 'r ...--w 2757 ' .f1fJlV. my , 11, ,awww , , I L l. - Most Likely to Succeed HANK MOSES RONNIE MAHLER A Z f' 344 f , if Done Most For N.R.H.S. GIGGI AMOROSANA MABEL LEE ' Y . 1.5553 Best Conuersationalist RICHARD WOLFF LIZ DILSIZIAN X . Wm... Best Looking JOE CERRETA ROANNE DANCIGER 3353 J. f Y Cutegt Class Thespian 5 JAY MARCUS RICHARD GOLDSTEIN ARLENE WIENER VICKI KAI-IN A A9 A . T ' f 5 EW. XTR 3 gui, " i' E Aves as .F ,S Peppiest Best Dancer JEFF MILLER GIGGI AMOROSANA VICKI KP-HN VIVIAN CHECK 'E :ELLTUM Class Athlete Class Musician Class Artist JIM SMALL DICK RANGES DOMINICK ROSSETTI JANET MCCLELLAN CALLA GENTILHOMME JULIE FINCH K, -, ,.-- Zig '1 Best Craftsman Most Sophisticated Best Business STEVE GRABLE TED GAMBLE TED STEWART LOUISA AMOROSANA DIANA WEBER PAT MANNING Page Eighty-seven rv - . . V ,, . A- ,.1VE i 'Y QWXLOVZQ5 2, 'fv , F ' M' 5 ' V ,, ., , AQ -' 1- .,, , 1 M k , ITV V A f fm . .., 1 AN Q ' S 5, - A ,A Q In ,,,, f A 6 , t 1 , W K A- ti A 1" r 'X'59if ' 'LX M , if 'QA-Ich: , . K1 4' 4 4 , Ax K 'I ' ' .ggimqg , Un, ncvm, ' ' H,LlA.Q,g0'L fl!-Q' mzmfmn rl? r ,,,, ' ff 1?- WMA 'mmf' I 'Q zganlzafzafi, pam, nwfl1.Q1L! wp, , Ax K, XX . ff wx. ALUUZ, uphgn fl!!! 3 i V- X xxx ix JV.. - , V I x flffx- Vki- L J, 3 Q Mx ' "" 5 1 . . , K X. .5 , H, - ,. Jf. V. ri, o X .ix 7,0 ' f 1' I l ' hx Q' .1 V. xx In , , , C0 I 1 -. .44 ' K xi ,Z FL . :-.-A J xr! -,Q f ui ,X 'AX NN, 8 ,,.f-,X 921 CTE, K fi " - - X XD TE. FW A I '-4,-A ,V , ,V ,. , . , 'L wx , I wwf- ,V izmf' , . C,-,-,Q "LIE L 'fm - L. WM! A , N. m .. .,.... - Vffju , -H LJ- L-:Li ' . 'up' mpg - fff',,l ' 'I ,122 M, ,,, A lr ,X W,-"""' Z. :A I ,, .Af-V1 m . ,,!f" U E 33 uvmv ff--fn in WL fidfj f, . W GL,1c',Qzf.'1l ff "fad ' " ,. ly W X ,V.f,11m x-Emu in-1.x f , . I 1 ' ffxfxv.-.Y .1 f . ,, f T If ' ' 2 -V fam'-A , 361221: 1,'y?5?f:.H1-V1 ,ii aff- a !-,. Agikgblv'5,ffm'si'wf,g,M,g,?f,'li, ,ll , T - fqisim f " 2?-'SL'-' - 'WWI--yank T' .15,f:f'1"' ' , ,,...-,:g"f.f'w, pf' Q15-f5'1471QY.W 'WV ' Jw W44'e,.E'v ' . Q .fq1f"4uw ' f' f im, . :,,,,gy J - iffy gi H+' , 5 - Q x' ff - H ' 2- . :Q -'wg 2, ,- Y 'WSE' 'x. M3.7 'W f ' x, ' ""g ,' ,,, 9 ,W i ,if-I' ?:Z" L" '51-4'h':f?' 33W'7'i -'., X f " ft Qf S-:z,:gYi:9 , 4, R n .1324 2533: .wzzfgesfif 4 ww ' 1 ,W 1f1,'frH1i.,,,: Q34 cg-if -:m f ag mam ' A: .V 'QNVN wx J vi , sci' ,-f'g,.'f1"i -"H H ,fy 5,-sr 4 19,4 f . ,7ll!Z,, E wud, w1zlL , muld, 3, Page Eighty-eight f ' 1 it nw al - H- ? wldafmmaumqht' l'iUl'bgfj0 yn F digg fam X i na1LwMf"'m" agtamflla , V ,, -1 A Y J A V , , -' 2 1 x J ' rf Q xiii. E ' , 4Yf"" I, 1 Jr 01. Li, nvmgi X PUBLICITY Seated: Ronny Cvarlunliel. Emily AIIN:-r, Pete Boeve, Fran Italiano, Standing: Hanlx Ix1OSCS. WAYS and MEANS Seated: rIeII IVIiIIer, Ivlinnn rIosf'pI1, Lynn Cvolclluerger, Ronny Garfunkel, Sue Feimvr, Pele Boeve, Standing: Sue Bein, Eleanor Landres, DcIJI7ie Bcilin, Arlfme Vveiner. Avery Halper, Calla .lean Gcntillmommc, Emily AII3er, Frecl Parlcer. Page Ninety SENIQR COMMITTEES CLASS GIFT and CLASS DAY Seated: .IQII IVIiIIer, Ivlinna Ioseplw, Nleg Small, Ronny Garfunkel, Liz Dilsizian, IIanIc IVIQSQS, Middle Row: DeIDIJie Beilin, Sue I:f'IIIIf'f, SI1irIey VXIiIIiams, Arlene Vv'cinr-r, Yvonne Demery, Donna Ivleclianic, Bnrlmrn Carlin, PI'ryIIis Cook, .IeI'I Colwan. Back Rom: Diane Iolwnston, Sheena Slac- 'DIlf'ISOI'l, Calla Jean Cventillnornme, Avery Hulpf-r, Iufly Prince, Sally Dunn, Frecl Ijfirkfff. DANCE COMMITTEE Seated: .IcI3I.IXIiIIer, Ixlinna Joseph, Fred Parlccr, Fran Italiano, Hank Nloses. EIIen Segal, Frank Finstliwait. Standing: Diane Iolmston, Barbara I'IoII-man, Sophie Holm, Yvonne Dome-ry, Geri Katz, Sally Dunn. lxlcg Small. .Ao-"7 ,-Z7 X '3'f'7"f2'r-'35 0,w-QI THE GENERAL ORGANIZATION This year, the CLQ., under the ahle leadership of Gerald Amorosana, Don Breismeister, Mabel Lee, and Joe Cerretta, got otl to a flying start hy selling over fourteen-hundred G.0. cards. During the foothall season the G.O. held pep rallies which did much for the team's morale and school spirit. As the haslcethall started whoosh- ing through the hoop, President Amorosana ini- tiated a plan for a pep cluh which was at all the games to help the cheerleaders. Needless to say the Pep Clulb was one of the most successful things done by the G.0. this year. Page Ninety-two A new project undertaken by the CLC. was the sale ol class lyeanies to the juniors and soph- omores. Funds were also raised hy the sale of hook covers and shalcers. Vvith douhle sessions the G.0. had to tight the prohlem of disunity in the school. Through dances it sponsored or subsidized, the G.O. helped to create a common hond among the three classes. lxlany other projects that were pro- posed as possilale moneymalcers or morale looost- ers were deemed impossible hecause of the time schedule. 6.0. CQMMHTEES 6.0. CCDLINCIL i:1!,, l.J Q 26. -.fl 4, . pf--1' 5, N W., Page :vf11Efj"f1J7'EE' ,, -51 .,. , 2 2 fl. . uf ii f' Z ? NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY fQuaiitications for memibersiiip in time Nation- ai Honor Society vary from ciiapter to cidapter, lout must ive approved by time Nationai Head- quarters in Xvasiiington, D.C.i Eiection to tide New Rociieiie Higii Sciiooi Ciiapter of tiiis organization is ioaseci on sciioiar- siiip and citizensiiip. To ine consiciereci for mem- bership, a stucient must have an average of at ieast 85'Ma iaaseci on tiie semester average of time prececiing June and January of the eiection year. Eacii year SCXJ of tire Junior Class anci IOCKJ of tile Senior Ciass are eiected to tiwis organization. in Niay. 1958, twenty-two juniors met tiiese requirements anci tooic part in time impressive anci inspiring inciuction ceremony. Heacieci by George Gorman, presicient: Davici Ducitman. vice-president: isoiyei Robbins. secretary: and Page Ninety-four Niaicoim Stein and Sheena MIHCPBCTSOH, mem- bers-at-iarge, tiiey are Cyril Barnert, Davici iwiiciieison. ixiabei Lee, Susan Bianey. Barbara Hoffman. Richard Xvoiili, Biargot Soiieveici, Deborah Beiiin, Barbara Katz, Susan Golfi- stone, Piiiiip Serxver, Bruce Vancierporten, Rita Greiigacii, Biarion Davis, victoria Kaiin, blar- cia Zanpiiir, anci Ronni Fiaiiier. New to tiie Nationai Honor Society this year is Fir. Eciwarci C. Pascuiti xviio iias ainiy taken over for Fiiss Florence Errant as tile sponsor of liie Nexv Rociieiie Ciiapter. Tire purpose of tiie New Rociieiie High Sciiooi ciiapter of tiie Nationai Honor Society is to uencourage tiirougii iiigii aciiievement in sciioiarsiiip the cieveiopment of ciiaracter anci ieaciersiiip anci a ciesire to rencier service." 'Q RSRXP CLUBS SCNGLF OYPXCLRS ARSRXP CLUB MALCOLM stern nnr.Lo SCNCL X955-X959 N. .',.' Mmm stan -.-Jopru r-meow nwrrv, Preskoent ..,..,.,...,.,,. ..,.,.,. cretary .,...,.... BPQRP HU OWYY7. B AR RP-BXN NG .PETER LD STP H A ..,.. ,.,. O ON!-X kor Se tary ,.,..,,,.,,. on Sen Juntor Secre Junkor Secretary ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Sophomore Secretary ,..., .,... Sophomore Secretary ,.A,. . SENJORS W. McCoy J. Ross J. 'Yhomps herson Pt. Sanfkhppo M. Throne J. Savoca C. T . Tursk r B. Manoerporlen Wagner N. Hotty tahano S. Macp D. Mechanic rrtetstetn W. Schatte S Schur Pr. ster C. Went L Wetss PJ. Eberhardt P Edetman P.t PJ. Jacobs r L. Mer D. Mkchetson . M. Schu egat . P-. Werphn GSKTYJBYJ Jaspe ton Mther E. S Kne R W on Bekhn B. Betchter . S. Btaney D. Ender D. Botognesk S, Fen-ner pr, V. Bower C. Pine C. D. Johns J. Buctkte B. Ptnk J. L. Kahn N. J. Byrnes M. Prnketstekn M. Kahn J. Mooerg N- CYJZJW M. Prank B. Katz R. Moses J. Serg M. Chteco B. M. Gotoberg M. Krasner L. Murphy P. Servler . Pt. Cohen B. Gotostetn M. Lambert J. Orton S. Shapkro P. West P. Cook R. Gotdstekn E. Lanores P. Parker L. Smah G. Whtte r0rhn S. Gotostone M. Lee B. Ptnto M. Smatt C. Wknters G. GOn'fJan C. Leshne R. Potakoft L. Sotomon R. Wotti R. Grekoach C. Leykne S. Potonsky S. Sotomon D. Wyhe ' M. Lewts R. Ranges M. Stekn R. Wyhe Lrno L. Rkikrnd M. Sterniteto M. latto L Roohtns S. Strauss J. lampaghone Rosa Pt. Sueshottz M. 'Lanphtr J. C M. Davks E. DeGKacomD P.. Ditstztan P. Donegan B. Ouberstetn D Duckman S. Niano P. Ntard M Nergh S. ti M. enoerg P.. L. Ratpern J. Lo R- Mahter ' PJ. Ros Stetnberg Hart Mannrng J. Stone S. B. Rortman P. RS rto Pt. man JUNXCD D. Chnsttansen L. Purman J. Leoow E. Po J. C'vctacJKno G. Goto S. LBDOWJK7. N. Post R. Connetty S, Gray Pt. Lrbertxno S. Quetssner L. Suss Cooper N. Gross R. Mattz M. Rogrn J.Tetr J. Ranchrow H. Martowe M. Rohe M.Troum R roy P-. Martxn N. Runyon D, Mknograo J. Menger J. Schaffer D. Motano Mktter R. P. Watker Pt.Schv4art1. M. Wetner YJWZYYIQBYD M, Wekntraub M. Whttehorn 'ner y CJ B. xtl M. Mr D Serd lucker . L. Ptrmrento ases B. g D. Crarg, S K s J. a Horn ' L. 'tura O. Sc ' man M Wer J N. S uhn . Da Oomoto Pt. Nurw K r R. Net? XSYKXRZWB . C. Seney B. Ba R. Bothng M. Brandon M. S Breoher Pt. Peota J. Peota J. aye ' ara X. xkhnghorie N. Rressner J. N W. Ohyer Y D Prun'J ' hs LaRue Strnon E. Canto Canno . L. Prtedrxc ' ch C. RPS tons P.. Pt. Sorvirn OMC P Pec M. P.. R. Chamhn N Chapman J. Prr 'CPR M . a s . Ptnto P. R R. Sprt-1. O Stang t S D. S. M. 'U R. Decker N. Gotoman . Levy Renter J. Gouto L. M rcu J J. Greenberg Pr. Marsh .Pksets y arns R. May P.. Ptanre . D. Mayer Pt. Ptofrnshy . tetn Mauuho P. Potatschek R. Strauss P Posner L. 'Yookas My J. 'Yrauner Trushtn otus ttahep J. D hard D. PJ ben J M. er . P rens ktr. B. M askhop Pt J. Ptndrews Prrons S. Dt aoin oto R. Rau K Metlg ' C. Raoknow B. Xoron Pt. Dorft P-. 'Dorenbosch . Duore B. Phntus . Ersner N. Nurwktz 'n S. Jacobson Pt. Mtcheh Johnson Pt. Mkher P. J. Morgan P. Rootnson otzkkn J. Russo J. W a J. Schrekoer B. W eknstekn rman R, Weksoec B. Westbrook M. B Haney B. Barksdate J Sarnert S C 'Y J B. S. Benttey L Bevn co . Peknster L. Perrkno W. M. Pr. Pktzgeratd D. Kastn ua S. Proman E. Resster R. M J. GBJBWJKI S. Rtekn S. Nathan Gathn Pr. Rogan M. Neumann L. She PJ. Kopp C. Nkcastro J. Stano Kramer R, Petey C. Stoetman B. J. Paotucct J. Steget . Barron Becvrtey . a D. Bishop R. Brueovtner J. L. Buctdrngharrt P. Garatota D. Cook L. Gtazer R. C. Crane P. Goff P, Lettert KST ORCHESTRA Qur high schooi orchestra has always enjoyed the distinction of being an exceltent organiza- tion. This year, although doubte sessions made it impossible for the entire orchestra to rehearse together on school time, extra evening rehearsals were called and the orchestra was abte to main- tain its tine reputation. Under the exceltent leadership of Mr. Bryant lviinot, new to New Rochelle High School this year, the orchestra was inspired to uphold its high standards despite the handicaps incurred by double sessions. A new program instituted this year was a string ensemble. including the string ptayers of both the sophomore and the senior orchestras. This group, meeting once a weeic, attorded to its participants the opportunity to play together and to prepare string numbers which were performed on several occasions. Some ot the selections performed at the An- nual Christmas Concert were "Overture to the Messiah" by Handel, US-leigh Ride" by LeRoy Anderson, and the traditional and exciting HHallelujah Chorus" featuring the combined orchestras and choirs. Beethoven's UEgmont Overture" and "January February March" by Don Gillis were included on the program at the Spring Concert. it is doubtful whether the orchestra would have lived up to its reputation this year had it not been for the ambition, understanding, and tine leadership of Mr. Minot, Page Ninety-six BAND The New Rochelle High School Band has always played an important part in promoting the school spirit displayed hy our students. Despite the fact that double sessions made re- hearsal time scarce, the hand was ahle to main- tain its line quality through extra evening re- hearsals. The march formations and half-time shows performed at the loothall games were practiced in the morning immediately preceding the games. This year the hand was given the opportunity to perform on television when the Thanksgiving Day footloall game was tele- vised. The -l-hanlcsgiving program is an event to which the student hody loolcs forward enthusi- astically. The hand was featured in the HHymn of Freedom" hy Brahms, followed hy a com- munity sing in which the entire audience par- ticipated. At the Spring Concert the finale to Dvoralfs "New Xvorld Symphony," "La Gazza Ladrau hy Rossini, and "Burst of Flame" hy Bowles were performed. A great part ol' the hands success must he attrilouted to the patience and determination of Flr. Blinot. All those students who have the opportunity to play under his fine direction gain a valuahle experience. CHOIRS The choirs of New Rochelle High School, uncier the direction of Nir. C. J. Broacihead, have long heen noteci for their contributions to the schooi. This year, they ciispiayeci their taients anci upheici the tine reputation of the school hy their outstanding performances throughout our community. The large attendance at the Vvinter and the Spring Concerts was evidence that the puhiic is aware of the choirs, time choral ahiiity. The ren- ciitions at these concerts were varied from the iight and gay to the serious. P me Ninety-eight "A" CHOIR The Christmas program at the First Vvest- Chester Nationai Bank was enjoyed by many New Rocheiieans and has become a tradition with the choirs. We are prouct to say that the ciouhie octette had the new experience of singing on television. The graciuating ciass wiii taice with us fonci memories of many pleasant hours uncier Wir. B's ieadership. "B" CHOIR IJ' 'fm' 1 , wc, . fi C5 3 .1 C1 'ff' P- Y Q W h HE 'Fi 5 , uf Win F159 SGPHOMORE CHOIR NIR. BRO.-XDHEAD Direfdor l I ?gV5 ',,, Wiz? SOCIAL SERVICE ponsor Nlrs. VN emtem O ers Vlmnw Joseph Linda Sus man Qu an Gold tone DRAMATICS Sponsor Nllss Cmeberz O cers Richard Golcldeln Xvalter Frleclrxche VICI'xl Kahn Ixlarhn krnn. CHESS Sponsor, Fir. Goldshlag. CONVERSATION Sponsor, NIL Fink. , - 1 .5 ,, li In Q ' :j iw- f' -- ' S Qt 4- Tv 7'?v:, ,jj STUDENT INTEREST E-mS-T ,L 5 -T 8 EE f 'gg T- Spor1sor,51r.Rf3?lEJgiE1I51e. Ja: K 1 ,j lg F., -,-V , ' .1 T New I Y L - ii' - J-5 If 2 . V . ' T T 1, ,E .E T - S ' 513: 5""iE-5 41' iff, H1 ,, in 35 T M f f M fi f" 'ini' ' 'N " 4 A Ti-'5'Q ETHEL K. LOEB ' Q ' K V J H, lf Y 15 "" Sponsor, Mr. Geiger. Officers, Riki Rob- ' V gf P l ' ' ' J Q bins. Joanne ScI1aHer,VickiKaiTn. H 2 42 5 ' If ,ll :S 2 ' g K I , , V, K I f -. V-33' , , 1 Li .. 'It 1 if W ' " yi 2 H ,g if i i, f T E41 T in E ' 1 fzaign ' Y ' ,TE 5 I gm Q W " iii Page One 17-Iundred One PA. CONTROL Sponsors, IVIr, Ros0nIxampI:I:, INIr. Emcrs n -f I W 'wif f".:n few 7 ' f -1 U -8 4 p'I X Xe? HEEEI R Iam. Ill CREATIVE WRITING SPUVISOT, HOCITITHUSCT, Page One 7-Iundred Two DEBATING Sponsor, INTL Lewis. Officers, Riki Robbins Bruce Vanderporten, Barbara Hoffman IVIarIin TI-Ilrone, PROJECTION Sponsors, NIL Emerson, BIiss UgIum. Mx ,Fav-K9 " 3. ,,- t ,.,,,,,,,, .?...t--.............1,-, .-,-... S V SM K --.V xv :Z L: . Q-: 'Q-1-ES-S. T cv' 'wifi '-.. :.': J-V5.4-H-r Z1-:y',"ji'1F" "" qigm., 3 g A gy: M ','- " -Q 93e4'g:..::3 A . 2 -. - ': E T f-sq i ' ' Na 'T -. --nu -' mi-gl P A ?....v--V., ., , v 1, 5 L . 7. , ::::.'42 vc X I ---A 812 we X -an-au . C ..-ave x Q ---vu 1 -Q. - ...f . ' - 'IAQ Q - o f ,pw-sbs, GL I nk i T --nv, , , . -Qs - X ,,,.,,, ...-. ---.... s x . o Q- X. Aa v mr , -.- ur . a f'f'l U- ' . .C , ..'. Qr 4 3 A' 1: ,' - iWH ' A 55 I if f A v ,fix ' ,rf U Tw M UN CLUB K Npon or Xirs Xioore O cers Chris Vaeii- ii! 0 uo E cm NOE u an Sirau Heidi Elmer mrcii VARSITY CLUB Sponsor, Bit. Keller. Officers, Joseph Cer- reta, Daniel Santisario, Gordon Case, Jay BTBICUS. STAGE CREW Sponsor, iviiss Ginsberg. 'N I IITX I I STAGE CRAFT Sponsor, Fiiss Ginsberg. Obcicers, Xvaiier Frieciricims, Ronald Toinin, Biicilaei Fiaster, Steve Graiivei. Edge One Hundred ffbree AMERICAN THOUGHT SPOTISOT, Ray DUCIIEIUDQ. - 'ff Y 4, f .b H, mn! Q xv, 151' M4 'L .1'. '3j1,-'g1'f:l,r,.-- J-I U ,gf , A -. -1- X ,--g W ,.., 5 1. .5 '. .- N ,.' .+ -:.-J 'g-:V ' ,- -.1 rx., .-J - :L 134133, TLP 2,5 -Ri: um ., If L51-I -If . gf., -31,11 Tia:-.Z, ra' ." Lu' ' fu ..-A, , .,.. :- - Q .- ,x . , .1 ' ' "1 .El 'xl ,ling . 45' ' K ' Xl f' "'J1TW'?!?i I I :A 0 7 , x 1 u- .ff 1 ' gl S f al ,Q w .,., HUGUENOT HI-Y Sponsor, Iwrs. La Fuira, Officer, Linda Westendorf. Page One j'IllHd1'6L'1 Tour ',f DCDUBLE OCTETTE Sponsor, MF, BfO8dhCBd, BOYS HI-Y Officers, Jimmy Small, Jim Butler Stan ex Jones, Curtis Xvillig, Richard Nygarcl Raw XVilkin 5. Sw 0 nv ADVANCED BIOLOGY bponsor, Blrs. Bella. Officers, .-Xmy Stone, Richard Xvollif. George Gorman, Richard Chamlin. KIWANIS KEY CLUB Sponsor, Fir. Gimelli. Officers, Ray XX'iI- kins, Jan Triggs, Drew Days. I-f?-3?3Q.K , J-14211:-fx 1 2 ' ..'f-J'3'1L1g'- I :,.:,4,,:,-v2:,'14 f -, w Jim ROCHELLEAN LITERARY STAFF THE ROCHELLEAN Galleys, copy, 672 write-ups, a new stucient. lclces paper-all are terms quite familiar to time members of time Roclmellean literary statt. It is time responsibility of time publications staff to provide New Roclmelle Higtm Sctmool witlm a yearbook. Pencils grow dull, paper crumbles, worcis Hy tmot and tmeavy, as time statt struggles to create new and different icleas for presenting time tlmeme. features, cover, and art of time Roclmellean. Since girls are lcnown to quarrel, Miss Kofi must serve as botlm an aclviser and mediator to tmer twenty- nine girls and, cietinitely in time minority, one boy. Finally, ttmouglm, from amicist time clmaos, a yearboolc is born. Eaclm statt feels ttmat ttmis year- ROCHELLEAN EDITORS bool: is superior to all ottmers of past years. VVe, time yearbook staff of 1959, are no exception to timis literary traclition. Heactecl by time eclitorial staff composecl of Lincia Halpern, Barbara Hott- man, Marcia Zanptmir, Dianne Jotmnston, Meg Small, Donna Mechanic, Barbara Katz, ancl Margie Kosiner, we lmave trieci to nmalce tlmis boolm one of time best. We realize, lmowever, tlmat wtiatever success we tmave aclmieveci is ciue in part to time efforts ot our adviser, Miss Kofi. For six years stme tmas served as aclviser to the publication statt, receiv- ing little glory for time patience, time anci effort slme imas clevotecl to putting out time Roclmellean. K., ixxem K x. ' :Rx Rami ill- Page One 7-lundred Six ,, T' ROCHELLEAN BUSINESS Chairman: Bonnie Duinerstein Staff: iiene Amsterciam, Sue Bein, Jo Ann Biuminerg, Juciitim Bogart. Joyce Duinin, Saily Dunn, Paula Ecieiman, Donna Ender, Sue i-eimer, Joan Frisil, Elaine Jetfres, Gloria Goici, Lynn Goiciinerger, Lincia Hai- pem, Barbara Hoseic, Jett Kahn. Barbara Katz, Joan Kaye, Susan Le- vine, Juciy Bioreiio. Rona Piiiet, Joan Raiainowitz, Laurie Siioinicii, Patti Stem. Amy Suesimoitz, Juciy Xxvurten- inerger, ROCHELLEAN ART Dominick Rossetti, Peter Nicswee- ney, Nancy Cantor, Susan Bianey. Florence fxiiafd. ROCHELLEAN PHOTOGRAPHY Curtis Vvillig, Lynd Xiveidlicb. 1 1 ' 5 j 2 1 4' '5 iz. ,Ia 'x 1 -.1 .QQ 'A gfiri 1 .Q 2 ,!H3f:, ,ix ,.'.,,l IX! NV ,v 5 ' I 7 '14 W' ' K+ vb. fs? 4 ,XX 9 A f v " 1 14.-I Page One fl-lundred Seven rl-NW.A,,. ,,. A ,sn , . ., 551:- fifzig: b -4 g, N , N -zwfw-my k.- ,MW W 1 ,. ag: 3, Sm 'fy 21,12 -as 1: me ' 2,6 , ,.aVs'. 2' .. .. f , 55223, x . , 44 Q 1 s 0551.1 MM T A Ir ' 12:6 5 1 l if ' - xl. . ' : ' .my .gk U 1 Y -A- ni ia Hi I . f""'4' W fj, ff 1 J -1' 8. ,. 4-1'-L"' ' :. X 4 'L' A I' ' 34 " ,,.-.LI ,Y X ,.:.: X3 - 'Q x ' 4- I pun ' ,,.x...M..... -fy - . V h . .. X X x xx N .kgs xx xx X 6 Q1 X X X X it S N. V W- --. W ,,,Y,x ' 1. 1 at I NX 5 ... ...4-.Y-. ........-....W-.... L X. 1 1, 9 Vl'W"fT'7"1 ,,, . , 'W' A , W' 1 IZ: f sw - f ', . ,Lf ,V f:"f,'21a , U, -, riff "fff7K ,5 'gp ,j .,i ,Q Massa. S 1. , -, 'A 4 . , If we-, A ft gk gfar-VFSQE Qjggiv ffgvzg A fir-D524 WH Q53 .ff 'asai- V ws' H U, , X 5 N 1 xv . X 1 1 it N. ,fi x i7 'X rx ' E . SNL X 5 N ' 3 xx : 'X l 3 x ,,.x:,,-6,2 - .i ': v:.,5,a-ss 9 -+1 ,asv rig-fag, I - ,, , ,v,, . ' il 'E K l X 3 I l W iii? pzxlkm 93 E w Q' - - Fe A . .5 f :Hg L fr ., . 7: l ,- Q: ' , R - 2 , j 1 ' ak 5 if , , ix f- , I s- , 9 ,L ly f , i r V ,, Q raqfr 3.5 I . 1 .t i -' 9 , 54 . 'ffify A ...A e , ,A - A ' ' ' 5 A v . i. I ,Q . AA? j ,wifi l ' X L ' 1 g if as Q 4 F K . tx lx tx Y. ,ii 1 if R I V t iieggifag X MMS ssmsmmasasasx ,L5,.gw.,Xi,l75 A J 5 V JM A? J ' J , 1. L, Z w V s - A " . , V 1.14.4 ,ig ., f - 1,3 3,25 id' Vol. XLI. XO. 4 New Rochelle High School. New Rochelle. X. Y., February 20, 1959 Four Pages Gllerald' ames New Members taff Plans Trip to C PA Conferences Under the guidance of hlrs. Patricia Epstein. the Huguenot Herald has provided channels of communication within the school and com- munity. Not only does the Herald expose interested students to a new form ol writing, hut it serves as a means hy which students may tind expres- sion for their literary talents. and achieve iden- tity for themselves within a large student hody. This year, twenty juniors and twelve sopho- mores joined the staff of the school paper. ln ad- dition to xvriting for the Herald, the new mem- hers of the staff puhlished hi-monthly news let- ters for each class. Every year memhers of the Herald have at- tended the Annual Columhia Convention, spon- sored hy the Columhia Scholastic Press Associ- ation. The convention, a three-day event con- sisting ol: lectures and discussions, is concerned with the improvement ol the school paper. The worlcs of various schools are suhmitted and judged. N.R.H.S. has always achieved an out- standing rating at this event. On Fehruary twentieth hlartin Krasner, edi- tor-in-chief, and lvlrs. Epstein, sponsor, attended the Annual N.B.C, Broadcasting News Confer- ence held at Roclceleller Center. Throughout the year, the Herald has proven itself an important factor, necessary in maintain- ing the unity ol New Rochelle High School. EDITCDRS Each year the school paper is financially aided hy the diligent memhers ol the Huguenot Herald Business Staff. This year, hesides providing revenue for the support ol the school paper, the stall: added a sparlq ol originality to the Herald with Upicture ads." This shopping guide displayed students purchasing the ohjects advertised. We sincerely hope that this practice will he continued in 1960. Through the clauntless efforts of Sue Gold- stone and Steve Ahramson, Business Managers, and the support of Miss lxflary Alice Guinee, BUSINESS STAFF 1.1, Advisor, the Business Staff has proven itself a notahle organization. .gn Hur 755 K ' N' VFW? N r fi , , it iv' A at ' 'Q E' 27 K-a 5 A , jaw! If I v 'i ?" -.f pq 1 we Ab, I f E ,ff VOCATIONAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT The vocational program was hegun in September, 19-10, to prepare stuclents lor employment in business and industry. Mr. Lester S. Emerson is the Supervisor ol the Vocational Eclucation Department. L There are eight courses offered, plus the Co-operative Training Program, which comhines the ineschool train- ing with learning experience on jolbs outsicle ol school. The majority ol these courses emphasize preparation lor joh placement clirectly alter gracluation. However, the Vocational-Technical Electrical Curriculum gives the stuclent sufficient crcclits to enter aclvanced schools. The other seven courses are as lollows: Automotive Nlechanics, Commercial Art, Cosmetology, Dress De- sign, Electrical Tracles, Food Tracles. Vocational lxla- chine Shop, ancl Vvoorlworlxing Trades. All ol- these have well-equippcrl worlcshops, where practice in the chosen vocation is ohlainccl, s Xja .-, , 5 ,Q fs if F 'ii i -,.,-f ' Zvmmma-W.. M, ....,., , ' if as geii. fin-1 KU" .L BUSINESS EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Our scltool lias a Business department lieaclecl lay Dr. Vern Frisclr. as well as an academic clepartment. Tliere are four different courses olilered. The College Pre- paratory-Business Course teaclies slxills in tlie clerical. accounting, or secretarial lic-lcl, ancl gives the stuclent an opportunity to gain college-entrance units. The Sec- retarial Course prepares stuilents to become stenogra- pluersr -l-lie Boolxlieeping Course is primarily lor tlwose wlio plan to continue witli lmolilieeping and accounting courses. Tlie Clerical Course teaclies general ollice tecliniques About forty per cent ol- tlie lnusiness stuclents lrave part time jobs cluring tlieir senior year. Upon graduat- ing, most students are aiclecl in finding employment by our placement counsellor, Flr, Cliarles Sliaw. -1"'1 snr fvw ,M --fv , . .. ., 11.2 ffi t 'ilzifi-2 '+P ,- 2 -.2.'25.1f fu . . sfgqfg f f, ti- Wgf., 1 I" fl" , ' U tliiifff- ' " elf , P 'I . " 'if " .' ' wry-, Q ,,.,v ,-.f' P A 'L'A -' N NALINI NAIR "I was horn on the 8th of July 1942 in Nag- pur. Mummy says that I was a very pretty chilcl ancl was never shy or self-conscious. I was very talkative fwhich I am even now, . I starteci goin to school when I was barely three years old ani I loved it immensely. "NoWl am in college. The Worci college only maices me one inch high. I now feel grown up .... My greatest amhition is to meet our prime minister and I very arclently hope that one clay Iwill he ahle to tallc to him. "I love meeting people and tallcing to them. I am now 16 years old. I want to he a doctor but what the future holds for me I cannot tell." BIZLIAYEHU AGONAFIR nl was horn in the year 1941 on- March 22nd in a village caileci Geciamu Safur in Aciciis Ahaha. As a child, I used to help my mother at home in lmitting, sewing and running errands. I useci to like playing with laoy-games lilce foot- ball, climbing trees and sometimes even boxing and wrestling . . . At the age of thirteen, I left my school and Went to another one caiieci Em- press Menen School. "Now, I am in grade tvveive and hope to ma- triculate and enter college. My favorite subjects are language and mathematics . . . I like going to the movies very much. But what I iiice most is reading looolcs, especially Fictions. I am interested in attending concerts and theatres and would like very much to learn how to play tennis." For the past thirteen years New Rochelle High School has been fortunate enough to be host to foreign exchange stuclents. This year Nalini Nair and Bizu Agonatir were the guests of Meg Small and Edith Taylor, respectively. Those of us who had the pleasure of lmowing these girls, realize the importance of the exchange program. We can in no small way express our gratitude and affection for these girls. .. , Q- -:- . L-J.. . , --1 F-.,.,--,af.'4-,ek-:-.1-. Lf -. A X. ijgif- A: -F ia.-:::LEg!:gag?.Qf:g::g?SE:,:k: :L iq - ..--1i'--.::f.aS-.P-:- 1 -'-if-' -4 - - - v .g 35-yu: A,--Y-.-ii ,-11311,-9" A' -J, , I .- ' ' V '- -.ut 'i':1,i:-S 315' 'if-'f1"'i'1!-if-1' ' , W-'-I-:je-7 EST.-.1 Q 1T1,5:2fw-- ' - is 1 - : -.det fi,-1.1-ag. -54,1 JL.-1 N325 2659, K.-A' ...fee-52.522 -2--:,-fflgsff 1' ,Q'-fE':Q:'Q! W, , f-: - AJ-t-:': ,if 1-'HA-wav--' ' 4 '!l'- 4'-A-JI'-2?l'GT"f -4- 'Auf 2,1-v JQQIEE a:i?g:,, ,--1? - A-,:fS-'gygQZf,jg-..,- J.. - ,-gr. ff S- A rr 'J-IL. 'J '. .,f..V- -1- -- , ,':3r:-A'g.- '.-'-382 'A-'C 1.---li .!2f.-Lj'P:,,- . I- sl .1 -sf JET? - ' ez- -:zu .---'.- , A ' .. ' --'. 4. ,yi , 1-4 ' f-Q-3' f '65-"nf , ' .' gif ,xr rf 'lf'--F P4 1:-A Se ia lf 'l1+F'5e: i :df fir: Q. .f..+2.1-- ..fS'Ee.5:- .3333 ' -' -N1 A11-'e. Vligfu ' ,rf ? 1 Ti 5: -5-1'-.:'5-521. '. 'wg - 'EH-'f A ' ' ' L ' :..f.:1.-,:,--- 14,9 . .' P ., -. ,ge-.-.,-1:52, ,L-in -.3 ,Q . -w .-1 mn. ---' , .. 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Uncter the inspiring teactership of its otti- cers: Andrew Nevai, Presictent: Naomi Rosen- berg, Vice Presictent: Jean Nishitcawa, Secre- taryg anct Robert Otcin, Treasurer: the Junior Ctass brought honor and achievement to our schoot. As Vice President of the General Crgan- ization, Donatci Breismeister gave us a gtimpse of the abitity and spirit which this ctass has to otter. Many outstanding athtetes have given our sports recorct a great boost. Arnotci Austin, Tom tVtcKeon, Tom Tatterini, Richard Meyer, anct Bruce Bromtey have been outstanding on the tootbatt squad, white Don Breismeister anct Dougtas Kapp Witt tong be remembered for their prowess in hoctcey. Bob Tannenbaum anct Dan Santisario in the tietd ot bastcetbatt and Joe Printz, Arnotct Austin, Ratph Bartee and David Page One U-lundred Tourteen Peretz in the tietd of track, have given the schoot great hope that next year Witt be one tittect with many victories. The Juniors ctici not timit thernsetves to sports. tvtusicatty anct dramaticatty, this ctass atso proved their worth. Littian Battte, Jane Rotnictc, Ette Dictcter, Robert Fitz. Naomi Fein,,Barbara Hurwitz, Robin Gtson, anct Davict Stcurnictc had the distinction ot singing in the Doubte Octette. Many juniors participated in banct anct orches- tra and choir. Rebecca Shahmoon disptayect her acting tatent in many memorable schoot ptays. To winct up a woncterfut year, the Junior Class held their Junior Prom which was a tremenctous success that Witt never be forgotten. Att the spirit anct success which the Junior Ctass has ctis- ptayect has hetpeci the cteparting Ctass of 1959 feet secure in knowing that New Rochette High Schoot is tett in such capabte hands. Here's to gooci tuctc anct success in your future, Ctass of 1960. ' THE JUNIOR COUNCIL Since its creation in 1954, the Junior Councii has piaveci a very important part in time Junior Ciass activities. This vear the Council operated most eiiicientiv uncier time ainie ieaciersilip of An. cirew Nevai. Junior Class President: Naomi Rosenberg, Vice-Presicientg Jean Nisixiicawa, Secretary: anci Robert Gicin, Treasurer. Time Councii was responsiinie for time many functions iieici by time Junior Ciass. To tleip time officers with their joins were Bliss Cossu anci ixir. Zac- cagnino. time class sponsors. The Junior Prom was iieici iate in ixiav, and was as big a success as ever. Gtiier funci raising functions XVi'liCi'l enainieci previous ciasses to raise a gooci cieai of money. has iiindereci time Junior Ciass of 1959 because of tile douioie sessions at New Roctieiie High Sciiooi. Xve aii have tipped our hats to tile Jun- ior Councii, for they ciici a woncierfui job this vear. The members of the Junior Council were: Roger Barci1oi:i,Bari3ara Bauiing, iris Bive, Bon- nie Cooper, Aiien Eisenman, Susan Fischer, Barbara Gray, Jean Hancimrow, Kenneth Kir- siieninaum, Biiice Levy, Paula Liner, Peter Biiiier. .Ioan Qtto, Sai Pace, Biuriei Popper, Josita Ritacco, Janice Roti1,ReiJecca Silaiimoon, Charles Siiason, Georgiana Simpson, Timomas Eaiiarini, Patty Xvaiicer, and ixiarion Xviiite- orn. fi? Page One 7-lundred Fifteen XX X xx wif x X v ff "', , , ng., f-X Xw. X .fm A 5' ' 'fziarfifi 4 Y G ,, ,.: f ,M 7' H.R. 2 vmiom 750 KNW ? , h f 5 x . 2 K 1 H.R. 9 -'ff' ' :Lim . Mmm ""'X'W f W --'A - A dy, X "W-' W - f.xv. Xxk, , X...,,,,..-- xl-. kk 2 '. Ag , K " X affwmfx up X f . ! " Q sis: N A , 3 X s 4, 1 ,, ix fi 1 K L i N . im' MM-,g,,.:-an-"9' x1i'E's..."f' ff' -AR EHR II7 , f fihf 52, I K 2 f ff QE 7 " K H.R. I23 . ,W X 2 9 X M haf! J iii? x 5" r"'H.R, I33 W 1, . W 'X 4 I ggwhwi .,,, ,, I . ., 4 M, f 'egg 1 E U5 W Q H rm Vizwfif H 5, :SG f' - '. Aww X 1 Lx Lluavzxy 'Ll HR 205 'H I Q 2 -. ' u- It 4 ' -:A ' ..... Q ,. t V Kxlfgl E ff? as J ' .,A lm X""" 1 """' I Q - 'L 'P L " W U "-f -. ,.Qi-'li-2-W'I1?l3f?1 s Y A if - ,' vm .-1 111, .4.- 1 w Q , Y 1 I A and Q, w 5 K. ' if ' 4 ,K - x s - -' Q - V , Y, 0, . A .Q A 3, E - ik il-'15--.,i fg, -. xxx Q ' 5 x x .xwxxwx Nm YJ 'N V " nm ' H' Qu., Msn H, ,..-,,m,::., gan 3 .X...J H.R. 231 'XX N H.R. 233 60 -7 , : ii3L'.4. H.R: 1 ...-L. 'M -'-1. T SGPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY ln Septemher, the starry-eyed sophomores en- tered New Rochelle High School, lost and per- plexed hy a myriad of prololems. As the weelcs Hew hy, the sophs hecame more and more fa- miliar with their new school, its rules, regula- tions and activities. Soon thoroughly acclimated to their surround- ings, the sophomores tool: an avid interest in the various organizations and cluhs functioning at New Rochelle High School. Few classes have participated in the school activities at the high school so wholeheartedly as the class of '61, The sophs have talcen. part in many seasonal sports. Football and haslcethall found a numher proving their competence and slcill. Sports were not the only activity that the sophomores joined so willingly. A great many members of the class were in hand, orchestra, choir and cluhs, and they have added to the lzine quality of all these Page One 7-lundred Twenty organizations. A special hranch of the Student Interest Group was formed for the purpose of enahling the interested memhers of the class of '61 to participate. ln January newly elected President, John See- mang lvlarjorie Richardson, Vice President: Lora Buckingham, Secretary: and Jimmy Seigel, Treasurer, helped organize the class,s first dance, held on April 10 and their first fund-raising campaign. The ahle sophomore olilzicers also helped guide their class through the rough spots of the 1958-1959 year. There can he little douht as to the future suc- cess of this line class for they will surely lead New Rochelle High School to many Wonderful things. The year ends with the sophs as much .3 part of the life heyond the Twin Lakes as the outgoing senior class had heen. 2 T IIB 'IRQ Q' r i , iii 1 .- A 4 . aj, - P A .p 1 ' 'iff r ., A g , L . SOPHCMORE CCUNCIL The Sophomore Council is an organization which is composed of a representative from each homeroom, and is responsihie for the activities and functions of the class of '61, Biemhers oi this councii inciude Joanne Aiofson, Steve Barron, Barbara Borden, Stuart Eisner, Jenny Estrin, Coivis Gentiihomme, Jane Gould, Carol Yaco- iucci. Pat Holden, Susan Jacohson, Stephanie Klein, Niimi Lotterman, Diane Player, Angela Miceii, Niary Lou Qrafino, Philip Ranc, Frances Robinson, L. Ruggiero, Claire Sideiman, Joan Spieivogei, Richard Strauss, Jayion Teridmer, Dorothy Jewell, Virginia Smith, Audrey Cohen, Reena Ciayman, and Kenny Kramer. The weii-chosen leaders of their class, John Seeman, iviarjorie Richardson, Lora fuBrucieHJ Buckingham, and Jimmy Seigei, headed the council. Excellent guidance was offered hy the capahie and understanding Birs. Susan Bender, and hir. Lawrence Fink. The first meeting was heid during the third weeic in February to pian for the fund-raising campaign to raise money for the sophomore dance. The dance, appropriately caiied 'Spring Feveri' was held on April 10th, and was a huge success. Supervising the various committees were Jerry Chopicic, Pat Holden and Terry Hoi- stein on the dance committee: Clovis Gentil- homme in charge oi entertainment: Larry Mar- cus and Dan Harris on refreshments: and Ciare Seideiman and Judy Trauner in charge oi hoosters. Although the duties of the Sophomore Coun- cii are now over, during the remaining years at New Rochelle High Schooi they will help direct the student hody and support the activities of the Class of '61. Page One 7-lundred Twenty-one M1 X V H ,... V, ri - k - .- M - X I v .Y v, .X 4 f -W . 1 i ,Y aww f. . tx .sw ' , ,sf 1 .-..k M .x W M LVL, 5- gy, " Q. 29335 f V222 ,.,. 1 1.5 n z ' l f-'f .24 ,Qg2w" V., ....,. . A. kki.,x.m , -- , Af af '53 y ' Q B V 9 1.1 4 t N X 8 , O X U 1 Q 3 X Q W sw 4 , , pu MN 3 f' W," Wm Q M Vs ., mtv, X 4 M-,.. . K H 1.R.-Mfki U . , ' we-.1 i 53 H I4 mf 5 , , - 1 Q- P9 , x ' v V - ff' , fr r ', i xt 1 , :- , ,,. 6 fig psy .ii ,fy ak ,, ' ' . ' I Ytiegff H.R. 22 LR. 105A-f, QL. fi 'W , . ,v ' 4 V T 1 - 4 Wiz, , ,. . +-m-4U.- lwm jfrfijgi' H.R. IO7A '..0,- , 1' .fl N F f f e 2 31.-3 is 1 Q ,, , V - I S , Ng Q f' H ,f 3 ' . ,' L ig? 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A N -S C125 YAN R CH COA C35 4 L- nu as sr ul U JOE 4135 SON ON ACH AM Co ,f ,M 4 fm f 'ffm " A W 37 , ff 4, f ff f W 'ff 4 W ff, , qjm . M! , , ,WW X ff a i Z if f , f f Q 1 1 Q 2' V 22 , 777 ff 710 .fl .419 Ml! 4 4 fi ,yn iff... ,.,,- H 4 f' I f f 5 , Q .1 X. 1 'K' .' M" L, , L' X 1 f la 1 W 4 1 f f S M? .XL A ,. M. . W SX u .iw 5 X18 SX 2 ' 3 X C Y, .,.. 1-wx N .3-N T, Q .,..' . N., , Q. N.: K ., dx X xxq X - . 5 X XNSYN5 Q X wx F X X X X xx X, 2 Q x X Wi.- '13 M9 Ii? 15 U-I Nur I 5:3 Z D nu as CQ E i3 fs C51 5 Z 4 an bd U E E I-' fx F1 xr W W 4 U Z o cz n: o U mzE'r'r Q41 RBA U TH AR ARIN: 15, LL TOM TA J Q6 NEW 'E ,QU P-1 Arr 17, W STH gi K FIN AN FR Qi V H ,H .0 S Lou Amonson's Purple ave had a success- to the renrrengernenr or the 'IAA- fut season in 1958, due largely to the camara- Tnnngn rnanY People Were Skepnenles to New elerie of the team' Rochelle s chances for victory, the team managed 'f' , After some unfortunate playing which caused ro nnrdle rne rnenY Obstacles in ns Pnrn ' '. the T h oot t am -I' . , , - . --ll-.ii 'Q-N tmatt team Won the last six, culminating with a Wns rne Iertfe lUrn0Ul ill the FiilnSW6pt, mud-r1d- ' ,Q "i,f','fC eg' victory over Iona Prep, in the annual intra-city den lnle plnrns gnrnev Wnren We Won rn an '1 V - Q ij' ' Glas exci ta ' . W, , . . . Successfully Cofapiained by Jeff New and A speclat vote of thanks ls due the entire " ' Dick Austin' the ieam Worked as H highly Co, coaching staff for their untiring efforts to con- ordinated group. Its members were endowed Stantty impre e each mernberiof the fearn- with just the kind of fighting spirit necessary Mr' Arnonson Was ably asslsted tnrs Ye r by e eld. New ROC e'S Mr. Y The brought about strength wa 'proven further hy the fact that this rnerpnosrs Of the team from a green youngster past season We were pitted against stronger at the onset of the season, to a mature and thriv- teams than in preceding seasons. This was due ing adult at the end' ,i .Airy - gif' rig I -I U Q." A u 141 .1 4. iii. 'I 4 i,,,. 2 .. - 1. '. 1 . 1 ,i 1 2 we , 21'14.:f'Q tif 1. 1 r.i'1f,gv g'::4, -.. -A ff?" . 4. 4 , .., V, ,.. . 1 "1 1 .41 lv gl' it will . , . " ' 'Q :Ha I i " ee. 1 .uri 1' 'All rw NI Hr ,i. ui., ' . ju. 5 , i.. H '-'sir ' . r. ' .iii w fri. . 'fi fi-A it '53, - 4' U- ' In 4- i . 52- ' it 4 Iv , -'x .V..4i, ,I .. 10.2. u'-1 ,mil .4e. g.,- .- ri, e. x 'fs cgi. , Vi'-A -,ies i I ,if "Ui ,A . ' 'Pi li 'df .4v.'1e ,.,:i ,' 'r if. if I' fi ,113 x 4, f -1 I LP . i Q e-.i - 1 1 R N M 40 4 10, A X42 BX? BASKETBALL TEAM QVARSITYJ Left lo rigiit, top row: Arnnici Bcnnan, Manager: Ricimarci Boiiing iaaum, Tom Breunicin, George Harper, ixianager. Bottom row Dave Biayer, Dan Santisario, Richard Niancieii, Nici: Vvooci Jay Marcus. EMM 5 BOB TANNENBAUM DAN SANTISARIO I VARSITYBASKETBALL STAR ,PLAYERS Zum, ff ,Ay xx 'W if 4Q R A ig -5 2, Rev QQ, fn ii- , B TOM BREUNICH V BARRY VVALKER JAY MARCUS Co-Captain Frank Finsliiwait, Barry Vvaiiccr, Coacii Paui Ryan, Boio Tannen- ' , ,JR --R. ,,. W f,',, Jsgvh. X R az. ,reef- 1 , A it was a record-breaking year tor the Huguenots as they won their timircl straiglit vV.l.A..-X, cage crown, setting a new league recorcl, Tire Purples scored T12 points in ten games giving them a 71.2 per average game Bala Tannenbaum, Tom Bruniclm and lay Flarcus, tire leading scorers for tlwe Purples. Tire Huguenofs overall season record was 15-3. Time Purples were cleleatecl in tlwe Sec- tinn I Tournament hy Roosevelt, wliom tliey had cleleatecl twice cluring time regular sea- son. :Xmong tire players ot outstanding aluility were Tom Brunicli, who was se-lectefil to tlie if Contriloutecl mucii to tlwe success ol tlie team. liffl team ol tlwe New York News All Star , , V All tlmree enriecl up within the top eigllt Team: Boln Tannonluaum ancl lay' Nlarcus, f'f' -ffl Scoreri in the XVVIIAJAL Danny Sanusario who macle iuonoralnle mention. Lvncler tlte fl anal Barry Xvallrer were tire other two steaciy al-'5PiCe5 OI C0305 Paul RYBU- N-R-H-SA -- f Starting players Varsity maintained its fine reputation. ii , 5 T' X :age Q 1-. L VARITY BASKETBALL ,, ,.-N - 1 x .W TWIRLERS An impressive sight to see during half- time at our foothall games was the per- formance of the twirlers. Their flawless twirling and precision dance routines always captivated the large, spirited crowds. The squadpled hy Drum Majorette Carolyn Winters, who demonstrated ex- cellent leadership, included Seniors Emily Alher, Betty Fischer, Louise Kravetz. Nancy Shedden and Diana Weher and Juniors Ellie Diclcler, Marsha Knopf, and Judy Shedden. Sophomore twirlers were Barhara Jean Beckley, Sue Bentley, Bev Bowman, Ruth Diclder, Carol McKay, Lynn Newman, Judy Santora, Judy Ta- tum, and Joan Waldron. Dazzling their audience hy twirling the Fire hatons were Nancy Shedden and Joan Waldron. Page One Hundred Thirty-six , , , CHEERLEADERS e The cheerleading squad of 1959, headed hy Lois Riflcind and Bonnie Goldberg, did a fine joh cheering our football and has- lcethall teams on to victory. Because of their untiring efforts and vitality they will he remembered for a long time to come. The squad included Roanne Danciger, Yvonne Demery, Enid Cantor, Florence Allard, Betsy Gliclcman, Sheila King, Marilyn Finkelstein, Lisa Kohn, Vicki Kahn, Janet McClellan, Joan Levenson, and Arlene Wiener. Assisting the girls were a spirited group of hoys: Jeff Miller, Jett Moross, Mickey Herhst, Mark Roh- hins, Pete Boeve, and Barry Lieherman. Alternates on the regular squad were Susan Saks, Bonnie Cooper, Janice Roth, Barbara Hurwitz, and Neysa Post. Special thanlcs goes to Miss Joan Uiher- all whodevoted so much of her time to advising the cheerleaders. 'Vs it N1 VW, ry 6 A vi aocfrqf 0 ii if , .. ,.f i ' gy e s 9-G W , Agvg : Q 1-, s' E? I CROSS COUNTRY In winning every major track event in Xvest- chester county, the N.R.H.S. Cross-Country team hrought honor to their coach, Xvaiiy Pina anci their schooi. sparked hy the hriiiiant running of aii county selections Steve Bauer, Con-Edison-Award Win- ner, and .ian Triggs, Coach Pina's crew cap- tured the Vvestchester Track Coaches and Offi- cials, Fleet, the XVIAJX Championship, anci the Section Qne Championship, as weii as piaceci in Class A state competition at Coigate Uni- versity. The Huguenots showeci weii in varsity UB" competition, finishing seconci to Cssining or Xvhite Plains on three occasions. Outstanding harriers on the team were: Steve Bauer, Jan Triggs, Ron O'Giivie, Don Fairey, Julian Goldsmith, Joe Burke, Fred Parker, Hank Fioses, Buddy Venahie, Biartin Krasner, Pete Niiiier. Xviiireci Biaynarci, David Peretz, Nick Xvooci. anci Ernest Parra, Under the direction of Coach Pina, the team practiceci mostiy at Van Cortianci Park, N.Y.C., and Blue Niountain Reserve. Peekskiii. Coach Xvaiiy Pina anci his team are certainiy to he congratuiateci for their consistent wins, exceptional sportsmanship, and untiring efforts. 'mmf f 1. ' , .- . VV 1,3 f ,Q1,QL,. ,,., -' ' 5 E' S V' J. va: r c q " A' 4. 1 ci1'1r':f'..f,,1c, tj 5 - g . ce 1 Tf 4: i ,K 9 '75 Page One fi-ilaridred Thirty-Seven VARSITY HOCKEY Page One Hundred Thirty-eight Although the 1959 New Rochelle High hoclcey team, captained by Nlagnus Lagercrantz, Charlie Sihson, and Larry Small, at first ap- peared to he off to a slow start, they soon im- proved and went on to finish the season with a record of 3 wins. 6 losses, and 3 ties, tying lxlamaroneclc for fourth place in the WIHL. Next year's puclcsters will have good reason to he wary of Darien, for they will he out for re- venge. If it were not for the fact that the Hugue- nots had tied them in two decisive games. Da- rien would have gained First place in the VVIHL. Leading the purples, Don Breismeister, Magnus Lagercrantz, and Larry Small were all elected to the second team of the VVIHL all-star squad. Though Coach lxflorgan will be losing some valuable seniors-Joe Cerreta, Joe Darling. Charlie Sihson, Mike Stillman, and Sal Zac- cagnino-he has high hopes for next year's team. Some of the most prominent players to watch for will he Bill Anderson, Don Breismeister. Doug Kapp, Bruce Klein, Howie Krosney, Bill lVliller and Larry Osborne. is s a s if We -if - JL. , , ms - f s 5-alt ff 'aka-ff . ' as 1 1.5 .. Q-xA " I Z" 5 rf? fi 'fs -A-:i.,,, fain, N . ','?.-.L'-,Wi ' ..X. P W I 'Qrg N X his 4 ff V "--5 SWIMMING TEAM V The New Rociieiie High Sciiooi Swimming Team, ied by Captains Robert Wylie and Tom Muiien can ine very proud of overcoming its ratiier shaky start with a strong, and determined finisii. Students and feiiow teammates aiiice were particularly proud of Piiii Rhodes, a senior wilose time of 216.6 in time 200 yard free styie tied an undefeated Vviiite Plains swimmer. Anotixer outstanding event of time season was tile 202 yard medley reiay against Iona. Tile 2 minute 2 second swim was the inest of its icind in tiiree years. Coaciied by John Keiier and managed by Nor- man Pester, time squad consisted of seniors, Henry Moses, Neil Bayer, Piiii Riiodes, Robert Riiodes, and Jerry Kaiin. Other point gainers were juniors.: Dick Mui- ien, Don ixiayer, Doug Craig, Niiice Eisenman, and Doug Robinson. Tiiese iaoys, aiong with sophomores: Steve SCi'1OCi:C, outstanding in iiis breast stroke and free style, and Gus Stenroos. who siiows mucii promise in his 200 yard free style, wiii lead the 1959-60 team to many vic- tories. 35,12 -... I A -31-sae:-, 15-'fr--v7,J:..!,-.f 145' X ' . ' Ku ' ,,1" 2' ff! ' if . . - .-:-::f.-1::"'::. -. '-:-':-'f::-:-:-::-:-:-.- " 2g1:2-1-:-:':-:-:-:+:- i - -3:1351-,L gf-. -' V. :-4.,QSQ55.5ggg:-:-'-" A' xf 1 ' . - A V2 9 M A ' 1 L -1 t -1-A L, 7 , 's ' . , A A, ,, we y D , I H it' ' ' ' 4 f I H- ' i -' ' ' ' I as D M ' f 4 f i i U ,, 7 " ' 2 ' FK vkg.. ! . X - Q lf- 5 I X"' -xy il L I , J 1 H. , H J f. L x-'tgp it X A P' -i a 'H l i . I Q 5 U Y., ' A ny. X P Ili 5 W X 5 ' V . :N ' fl -. 1 1153 F . rl A V A 'AA 7 -- - :inf , V. I, KL , ' if . H: X Q X - . 5 s , - . "We-Q-I ',.-911-f have-ff-4' 1.41. . Page One Hundred Thirty-nine Ni X ,P 6 gi ,QQ ag' " 141.13 M J I pf, .., yr ,NM v V A ,f ., .tfngq 9 J , - if ,, if I N ,I- .'2f,' W1 ,rr -1IA.i' ? :FW it 3 ff " 1 I .f'? N TRACK TEAM Many things are essential to a good athletic squad. in addition to physicaiiy ahie hoys, a Fine coach who is persevering in his Work is necessary. New Rochelle High School has these prerequisites in its tracic team and in their coach. Vvaiiy Pina. New Rocheile' has long had reason to he proud of its track teams and this team is no ex- ception. in the past two seasons, our team has been undefeated. The outstanding runners this year were Fred Capoceiia, Ronny Hohhy and Joe Printz in sprints: Richard Roundtree, Cari Roper and Joe Cerreta in the shuttle relay. Quai-temiiiers inciuded hiartin Barschi, Jim Temple, and Dave Peretz. Niiiers were Steven Bauer and Jan Triggs. The 1959 Season opened in a meet against iona on April 8. The Section I Class A Fleet was held on Flay 27. The ilinai meet tooic piace on June 6 at Cornell-University for the New York State Championship. 'E Page One 7-lundred Torty i A J! iffy? '... 'Q , 32:1 M: 5 .:f WV ' Q, X ' 5 , Q a I - x 'S+ ' 1 4 V f ' . f 4 v ' Z . r' ' ' . R A s N Ji. Gt, Q 1 'f PF -1' f' fn, 'tiki' if f , v1'f 'a Q, .w . LA ,x 11235, 's P I' , f 5 ii .,. , 5 .Digit , I fl 1 'P 1 iv- -I 2 ? A A 1 iffy.: -or 4 1' me . ,ff ta. Q 1 A if I' at Y 'W , ' ,. , N V!! i .V 2 bw fe Za 4- Q , , ,gr , , fa"-A EU' F1 2 J, H -' - ww, , ' . -L , F 1. . Kimi " 'B 4 'l ' Q si' .. I f- , '42 f 1- .' Q.. 1,., - su- .1 . b f- ' 1-' ' I : x ' ff 15 57 QE" - A . . H.. . REA A in I ...ul ,' .Y , Q A Z. 'g.2 ':'f,u xv ,Ip - . , , A Q 4- -'lf J' J : '1 7 , 954 ,il"3htf"f's-41'5"f'2f:1-iigqi'- . f 1 - T ' i a .4-.faves a+'z-f"'fv":a,.e.- f 2 ' " -4 1 i' f ' if If 'K'K-:.?1'l''1 3-3 E-1-Qfftaz a "H, . -"C I A "' 1 - V "" ' " N::.45'T .1-LT'-H+-,,Ff An." .,,' W' v " "1-' - ,' . 1- 'Q A 5 f -' -' Q. 'f-,WL-'17 ,,..,:' Q -fffsrvf v- - - .i.'..- .. . - A .,- - -ff-P -f im af '. -.+-14-'za .Y ..4 1" . '. - . " ' ' 'f'xf"'5?5v'i.4f54'figfl-5"?vf-"tf'f'Y-i"F?'7,135. ii' ,Q-' -1 411- .LQ , Y . , fp .. . -Q - Y .AL.-mF'7c:"g-vii-'ef-,E-Ftcra fffiL.'1" ' -. A -1-. by L ,-- - -.4 'ff' 1- X . Q L - , Q, jfg:5fA,ggigQg.'j-fkfJ,,g131ge: 53.-. M- - 4- , . A L W .. .K 1' .iffy i'Z"iv5,fq.'.'- if,-:ff .1 ami' 3591 f' Y-, ,g,' 1:-' 1 ' .v 2+ N , ' ', " L. 'Ri -- . ., 3.7. ' L ' " 1' "- my -- 1. ',ri-, v:', .. . . . , . . ,X . ,- '. . ,. ... '. 'ii , 1' Q .M . , .s.'fy.-'Q ,1 ... K I .xtdp ral... . AVL!! Ari: iilvui P. 4 .4 sf 7.1.4 A.. Y . . . --nu V ..1f. .1 f Y. F -df -ff ,V'X. .kv .AI r '.-.Q 1' , ,f . A.,-,., , ,. . ,- .i n ,. iw 1 ., . v-. v . , . . - -J' x'-. H . C J. ,-,wr w,,. 1-A , ,L . ,.,,x .- J . A .rewi- n ' 'I 1 . VARSITY BASEBALL .,qJI,, .- .g .ll . .. . 5 , , :ig Contrary to the well known expression, in the spring, a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of pop Hies and triple plays. This year's hasehaii team, under the capable direc- tion ot Coach John Keller. proved to he one of the most active in New Rocheiles history. Among the more capahie players were co-captains Jerry Amorosana, Gene Bell. and Teddy Gamble. The other indispensable members of the team included Frank Nardozi, hiartin Barschi, George Grosso. Pete Piedmont. Frank Cardamone, Boh Tanen- baum, Richard Fieyers, Lenny ixletz, Blarty Rosen, David Godfrey. Domingo Sepulveda, Paul Godsicic, Mike Still- man. Alike Gorlin and manager James Darnore. After the opening game at City Park on April 24, at which the Purpies defeated Iona 7-5, the team met A. B. Davis, Stepinac, Xvhite plains. Yonkers, Roosevelt, Sale- sian, Blamaroneck. and Saunders. . zazaezeagzezezfraie. " - . 6 - '2 L.. '-"':?:iE+'5+2'-?.E- 'DIY 'gt ' . I 'Q ga -. :E-5' x?EE-E:-'fi'-1'E is . gg. A . it S , .2 5 get X15 :gif K ,. 'L f . A .I y ,ish fiat Y.'i-it K A"' s",4"11' A , L Q- 6- Ck E , .fl K ,Q Y 1 N R I l i " fx -4 ggwt - 514- .Q t: ,, ff, 1 v if-A, 'I A if 'at Vg A .." K if ff ,titans tix ag 1 . 3 X N me wftt' , W FN' in ' . .X , , H it I. . it . 1 A X Q 4 , i ' i f ' X it Page One Hundred Torty-one vfffr. - -.Q 5 . ,Q ,N,V'4,qx N . ,, if ,, f 9 1 3 ' I , ., 'if xx"LATqiXt3:S3.fh I J, .VZ w' " - f X sf. fn w .i .S 1' , , . f- , -4 1, , -.,,' ,fa-f, f 5 . 3,53 I 1 f '43 , ,i I Q4 G 'gi if W' 7.7 V 33' ' 1 3, Lf-'ti' Fi" -... ' . v WU. sc.. vi' -sz. 1. -,f .p "'g QW, ,3.-Vqg gf ,lg .- , . .P I 1 : f 225' i 5' '-gf ff -f ,. , aw. U, 383-fa M A 'r' . ' .m e - 04, 'V if . 1 V ' fi I ' ..- " ' ' -- - 'h.. .V I '-' "L ,N . Q 'A " . RAI ,. X Q.. . MJF' . , f ...f i mx - . -..E . ...A .Ma . . N, , qiigmg , . . .1 ,.- .. -51.34 3 Y X -f . 4 - , . ' . U v ' ' ' 5 ' ,V , ill: ".Al'-""1'917-. f"',' 'Ban r f Q 3 s ' ' ' ' 1 - , '1 +.. ." Q + 4 V i, , ' ' ' W' g ' ' ' 5 ' i ' L . . .,,, . . ,,r qvl :fa , .. -4 - Q. . M . 11. 1f'1 iq.-.Qs 1'bwif.,,1f -wr: Y Wal' p 1 ,X f VE Mr ML" f . v. ur ' . , . - ' fi- 1 - p g q . Y ef' 'i 'A V A ' Al. ,-- - . . 5 . . ,s . A Q 'ye w -lzsg, L .g f A 'rfw -., , + w.M....,w!..M.' v, ...t.......L.L..L4.4,.c..i... ' ff p . 516+ N-r TENN S Spring arrived and along with it came the tennis season. For twenty-eight hoys Who com- prised the varsity and junior varsity teams at New Rochelle High School this meant many hours of practice on the courts. This' year's varsity team was composed of Barry Walker, Barry Bernstein, Larry Burstein, Douglas Kapp, Michael Levy,,L.ouis Vvachteii, Joshua Smith and six returning iettermen, Frank Finsthwait, Jerry Kahn, Bill Geddiecia, Peter Jacohs, Don Breismeister, and Alan Lotterman. They had an impressive reputation to iive up to for last year's team, which was undefeated. clinched the VV.I.A.A. titie for the fourth year in a row. At the heginning of the season Lou Amonson, coach of the tennis team, had this to say, "We have very good prospects this year. and this should he another victorious year for the teamf' The team, led hy its Captain Frank Fins- thwait, piayed their tirst match April 27 at Iona Prep. During the season they played A. B. Davis, Roosevelt, White Plains. Saunders. Bronxviiie, and Yonkers Central. This year for the first time there was a junior varsity team Composed of fifteen memhers who practiced every morning. These hoys will provide the nucleus of next year's team. .... .fa ' " f " F' Q -. s . ' p :ll " 7 W' r 1, Gif" is i Xsxxxj ' Q ., W. . . . 'X 5 ,,,,X ,. , Y .elwcfrfzfglv - X ' It 'M " ,W Q ififiy iff '5i5'1.- , - ' , - t . , w. 4 - , is r I-A-,ti X'xx . f . ise' A 'A t- - .P A .Ai'F'T40i:JV .xwgu it . Q..-0 K -' . Y V.. . .. X3 6 ,Fi 5 1 . x ft 1 Q' ae- K? Q E .3-wi' i Q . . A at fs Page One 7-lundred Torty-two -t ff X Ni 1 -4- 4.-kb 'ii' ,,. 'TF -A ta A - E' .fg I-. 2.357 il' '- -fig-,Z r:ih'5,,:.,. , 'HQ -Q 'g,1lK'g'r,s"+2'-,r"'j,s iw.- ,Q 4 ,,-g,g-ga ,f 1.-115 I ,, -.,. , -r-' sf ' " gg .. Z , - I- -f- J - - , s , .Q 1 A " X 3 ' 'f' f'.f4- - ' -if 1 1'-' ' . - ' ,. 1 , : A gg Q. , ev' -t ., '!,'1L n, , - f- I f A-az.-mini-,-f 4 -- . GOLF TEAM The aim of New Rochelle High Schools golf team this year was once again to capture the Section I Championship, the Xvestchester Inter- schoiastic :Xthietic Association Championship. and the Xvestchester Private and Puhiic School Qpen Championship. This year's varsity golf team was composed Q - H , ty ' .-we-f:,"' 1 r s ' QC ' " ,X yi" ,Sl X. N1 .ir rf' 'X 1 chiefiy of returning Iettermen: Bill Rosenberg. captain of the team, Steve Tariow, Magnus Lagercrantz, and Doug Rohinson. Other mem- hers of the team include :Xian Tartar and Jay Niarcus with hlarc Schatfer and Kiel Goldman as alternates. Under the direction of coach Paul Ryan the team went on to victory. ni' Y an i' 21' rr-ff , vig V1--r -:J-, ' N 1. til . x M V L: V4'k -f,LY'lLH,1k-M Mk, 3. wif. 1 L w -'-i-,-- an-7 inx I -M-g.,..,::i1: '15 -wae - .... , , M "'P?x J- iiisgrwm ---Q- swiiifsf 'Lig.i11. Qs'+,-L23 "i11i. e ,Yr .,- ,.i1,,j'7'-gfjsa -+1...?ac-JE-Sill,-?1'l' ,yfgjf 9 -M "Ll T"-f-ILII?' 3' -- 'Ft 'i7i33"'5"e'::' e ii .3153 gg 3' W ' 5,1 - , 1 i f . L .111-,L-I - N Hifi pri, ' 4 ff ij A tg, ef - - ' , W -'ll ' "i' i - W ' P3740 :fifths ,.. u .A l afmefeazaaiiiieyf ,igf5'g+-e RIFLERY Under the capahie direction of Mr. Caivin Vvintman, the New Rocheiie Riiie team had a successful season. Co- captains Ross Jasper and Harry Jacoios, together with Ronald Litton, Mark Sterntieid, and Peter Goidenherg, proved to he the most outstanding maricsmen during the season. The riiie squad consisted chieiiy of juniors and seniors having had previous experience. Gther squad memhers were Jerry Santoro and Dan Rerch. Practice and home matches were scheduled at the Naval Armory in New Rocheiie. Inter-schooi competition was piayed against Stepinac, Roosevelt, Port Ches- ter, Niamaronecic and A. B. Davis High Schools. The squad entered the WIRL and found Scarsdaie High School to he their toughest competition. A sophomore ritie team sponsored hy Mr. Cortada hopes to gain strength and experience in marksmanship for the future. 'ii Y nr Page One 7-lundred Forty-four 51 wg' ff Q Tl lx I v i v .W 5 r 2 .1 .-.f BOWLING The New Rocheiie High School howling team was organized under the supervision of Mr. Magee. intramural programs were arranged in order to determine which students wouid represent N.R.H.S. in competi- tion with other high schools throughout the county., Captain Lenny Sameia. along with high scorers Biii Sepiic and Pete Carrier, was the outstanding howi- er of the season. Other team memhers were Niiice Vveintrauh, Boio Fishhein, Wiicicey Cahn, Richard Coffina, Dave Schwartziarh and Joe Rennetta. The team entered the Westchester High School Bowling League, and found Stepinac, Saiesian, and Iona Prep to he their roughest opponents. Other matches were scheduled with Port Chester, Tucicahoe, Rye Neck, Pelham, Mamaroneck, Bronxviiie and Blessed Sacrament. Practice and matches were piayed at Rogers Bowling Alleys. The team had a successfui season and in March entered the VV.I.A.A. ,E "iii, df' T. WRESTLING Since the 18805, when wrestling first became popularized as a professional sport in the United States, the skill of the wrestler and the excite- ment of the match have aroused much interest. For several years, Coach Lou Amonson has been trying to revive this interest and promote wrestling as an important interscholastic sport. Noxv twenty-one puhiic schools in Vvestchester County feature wrestling. This year the expanded roster of opponents included suctfschoois as Xvhite Plains, Ardsley, and Scarsdaie. The Huguenot matmen won especially high-score victories over Ciaricstown and twvice defeated the New York Institute for the Blind. Beginning the season with outstand- ""f'u ""-'am - X' sb- LL tin Q-N2 , ing victories, the squad was led by Co-Captains Oiiie Davis, defending Section I champion, and Archie Umstead, hoth remembered from their sophomore and junior years as outstanding wrestlers. Among the regular squadrnemhers were Nesiie Gunthorpe, Niorton Herhst, Alex Rende, Niatt Diamond, Corky Berman, and James Deyiore. David Lee, Jeff New, Dom Rossetti, Arthur Barrett and Pete Provens were the veterans from previous years. Vvinning an the matches in the 1957-1958 season, the wrestling team has established a piace of importance for itself on the New Roch- eiie High School list of varsity sports. nnunm- - f V- - 'f- Q Aviv- , l H f , ,V U ,fy-j I e 7,11 1, .i,J.5 - ki. cz' Q I ' W ld ' x Lv V ' at 1 f ' Q X-rf X 2 as saf taa fx - ,. N.. iw if Q s, 'oasis ini 1 K X f A , - 3 ei" .55 - ' at f -,Lv ,515 1 sggm.,,, f 2 A f A .-P . gig? -' SQL-'igin ' L TA' " 5 A ar- L AAA' air' 'fm -ffvf 1 A X W IQYQV M L H .... . ,,,,,.,.... ,Ti iYk,' Q ,lim Tig!!!-gljfyvrg-4-,r-XlN:N...imr.1!v:,.W..:f ' 'V , ! ' ,,.,, .a .r ,, .L .Q" . ..r..,. L-. s 5 '-Hind-'lie ' """"' " -N .. ..,V, sv. 1: W l v-. X WJ!-w..f-!' ir.. Zxz psf, 'L H '- V ,tangy ., I .W .Q.. , ,. ., -' -'- - as ..4 , L W - ' f 1 -f - W. . .. iii!-1-ri 3 " 'A ' at L' L A .,, ,..,A,,,.,. " , W if-my gi 'pg L.: U fam, ff w J. 455'-fr-wgsqf gs.-as?-js-f5't'ig-E is K 7 M L V -A sa W, . ,?H Ft A' ig! hu"i4g,Q,,' V ww" a-' ty Y .3 , ,Y f KQY.: ' l V- I , V tw M . n up ,,,3 K .1 R r',,,T...,.-3 gk xx y..,'-- 5 5 h . . 'E M. fr 'qv V if ' 5 . L l J- if l .V 2- 2. ,V ' U lzvx u ' .l.V. BASKETBALL The New Rochelle High School Junior Varsity Basketball Team ended a success- ful season in the growing tradition of this high school's junior varsity squads, win- ning twelve of its nineteen games. Coached by the able Mr. Don Zaccagnino, the boys displayed tremendous ability in meeting formidable opponents. The squad was twice victorious at lona and beat Roosevelt, the VV.l.A.A. champs. Three of the games lost by the N.R.H.S. team were in overtime: havo, by only one point. High team scorers were Lee Wood- ward, Doug Scott, and Nick Vvood. With many outstanding players such as Lenny Metz, Richard Roundtree, Jona- than Goldfarb, Ted lvlontemurro, Andy Miller, Dave Rosenbloom, Phil Perri. Ollie Treibeclc and Richard Mandel. Coach Zaccagnino should have plenty ol material for next yearis varsity squad. Page One Hundred Forty-six "E se ' A Q f J.V. FOOTBALL The J.V. gridders, under the direction of Mr. John A. Keller, ended the season undefeated. The line-up of games included the following: Iona Prep, Nlamaroneclc, White Plains, A. B. Davis, Stepinac, and the NRHS HB" squad. The most impressive victory of the sea- son was against Vvhite Plains when the NRHS team battered its opponent 62-7. The team is composed of forty sopho- mores. Outstanding members ofthe squad were Qllie Treibeclc, Richard Roundtree, and Robert Plati on offense: and Richard Repshire, Wesley Johnson and John Vac- caro on defense. Purple offense included John Pugliese, Les Dos Reis, Ted ylontemurro. Otto De- lillo, Bill Reifenberger, Andy Miller, "Mogo" Barrow. First string defense was composed of Ken Rotfe, Herb Smith, Jim Reynolds, John Mazzula, Randy Camey, Lopez, Roger Bergman and George Vvatt. Team manager is Curtis Binz. Mr. Keller states that this year's team was one of the tinest from the standpoint of performance. spirit and sportsmanship. tiki? 3 1 .l.V. HOCKEY The J.V. Hockey team has played one game this season. They played Rye Coun- try Day School and lost hy a score of three to nothing. John Gaiiin excelled in this game and the whole team looked good. despite the fact that no one scored. The whole team is composed of sopho- mores. John Gaiiin, Jeff Josefson, Robert Schwartz, and James Schrieher are excel- lent prospects. The rest of the hoys, Phil Kieiicner, Barry Weinstein, and David Ir- win, also show promise. The J.V. Hockey team has had difficulty practicing hecause the Piayiand ice rinlc closes soon after they are dismissed from school. They have had ditiicuity arranging games also because of their afternoon classes. Coach Arthur Morgan seems quite op- timistic ahout the team's development and is anticipating good work from the hoys. They should make a vaiuahie contrihution to the varsity team next year. , .--.. ..- -- " 1'-:ff-11, V- M- '--- -" -' '::v11.,... :- 'A+ ,, , .:. 'TTS 7"5'5:': ff. -.V-H 2-53 ' . ,J-5-:-1 . -ur . 'TT'1"1-,L-ff' a.:3"ri-E-::. ...-'.:..---:3:,,,,5:iL:AEl.2',15A P- . D 1 w- ae:-?---ry - :AQ SSL- - 2-as --sie? 1" ' - --1-.:-5:-5-as-1'+.'P 'L 'TE'?-'P-'J-Q57-1'-f-U: ' -- , a1:Ega2vau?a1 a75g: 1352-3:5-Ei?-SEE .. - --: a..:-"".-..a'.a1'.:e... .ae...'L-' -1- , ------ -- - J V B A A 9' 45-'5T 'Q"ffffffff' F.-Sw: 127.31-s:a"--"'.-1""'--1 -5-' ' ' a e - , , f H I 'X Q L.4,gl5,g3.LN gm, , .. ' Q ix.:-,F -is " " I.iiJQis:' zesfsmy. H - ' .r -v ' ' ' ' This year's uJayvee" hasehaii team is composed of a group of enthusiastic soph- omores with a great deal of potential for next year's varsity. Coach Mr. Rohert Ma- gee pointed out John Vaccaro, Dicic Rep- sher. Dan Dempsey, Vvaiter Statz, and BiH,Lore as very good players. Mr. Magee is assisted hy Mr. Lawrence Fink and the team's manager Rohert Lipshutz. Joe Fiehurger, George Heck, Paul Davis, Steve Baron, Ray Jones, Sherwood Kantor, Dave Irwin, Tom Greenwood, Biii Booicieitner, David Luheii, John Mazzuiio, Arnold Baratz, Pete Liefert, Art Fried and Stanley Cooper make up the rest of the team. The team was scheduled to play eight games in ali, two against each of the foi- Iowirig schools: Stepinac, Iona, A. B. Davis and Saiesian High Schools. .. ll? IH ef 4 P-!1 , e fi Us . Z? -I T-fi I . A-ig . "' 1 Q B i In E S I pl, K 5 I Ts : xf - egg 4' e ei ,lt if I Xe Q 4 it Li, , ' JRE Q v L ret s hit ' YHA f is A- it A i t, Qi G. - 15, iv' W . fc it R 's'e is it i J .xv ' X r it i' qi: N X L it ii 'K 1 Q i AW X X f 1, X M 9 X " E EXW 6 1 v- as. life ' in - , ' :' - I V? - if 5 1, - all 5 ,QF ' U g 5 if f Wx ' -, ' ' 'A ' . ' Q1 . ir fm if f V-w -F .I X .r.,N. I AY In lg 0, - 11 1-Rikixhgkxj 1 If , , ' "f ,i TA. ' R We fm" VN Yi ' if 'i"fi'? ' '3'1"e"fV7' 1'7-'-Ts' Jffi A 3 . 15 X' ' 3 - qgfmf Lfdfxxk i:':ffVi.4l-LM-A 'V LE V - hh t giivfg? A, , ,i-n.,g,f 4 - ,wg - P' 9,41 . ei ,git-f. , . , - ' one ,. zxm' 'T in . V . ...,, , M V-.nv .- -xx far, I-fl.. ,we .I .ggi if, Av-Af, me K3 b- '.- . " -xx .:4ra+f,,- . "1 -' ' ' sf' ., f- YQ, ar, -E -A e 1 - - ' 1- - -pw AY. . ., A. . ,J . L . 'tg s- -.aww . Page One Hundred Torty-seven ...- : 3, ' I 'W' rm, 'gg , 55? Q M ' - If g -MW? A ,f A 1 ily Viggpff -4 ,,,2 V 0 ,,... Q1 ,, zap ,-1 " I t iff M L'-' K1 P3555 "-Nlm fw . - 4 f 5 ' ' If , , ,hfif ff " -1' I, --Sw-i"M 0 , V 1 Q- 435 PW S , fi f I , ,A ff Q- 1, A 4 Fw . N, - .' ., fra. V. , , .f '1 . Q A 1 E 4- , 1 W,,,,,A....., '14 -'A 'f""" I A Irs -?f'::l'3r1, ' 1 Q' f . ' f--fvfi' 1 1 , ,:w-W - ff wyuiv-' H ff'. X- .f I V .f- , , . ev -1 ' +f-his f A "' f ,J .,5'4-wx . , 451 fwfr: J A 1 , ' 5. :V sm' ' , , f ' : 5-LK I ?v, 5,,l .... 271:22 415, my .... 1 ' - 23' M ---1,:1v56111--2 :r j , -, . 5 , A "'iQf2g5:?:., 1:26 -Q 5 ' A V V ,ah , KD H. .,,,,,-11, - ' A ' 1 ,QL xii' 4 ,, . : " 4"" 32' -.15 1 V ' ' ss g 'gms ,Q yi- -'L' ,,,.. ' ' -'Aim . , -f1.2.Z,. ' A . ' yay qi . ,. if 1 gr E., I f , , U., .. Wil sr, 'wi A' 1441" - 3:1 If 5. -as . ,A.,,,,.-aff" X' ig -2, -. - :ri ,JSXQ - ww : - YQQ ' it -, ,Q gg f F -,A ,E Q. 5 'E A' ff b v - ma .ff Q. X 'N vi "Q U' Q, -.,. V . -. A ' m..wvE:.:a2ZfR W -, na . "" II-'EL' 1-I., -v x ,mx W w LN? ,W...w ..,., , w .- I -A 'e x 1 L ,iwx -.Q 1 Q - .:?.f X . X Sf' I-My My Q , .e'- ,g ,gin '.-1'ZE:b,1?'5Y2S.."T:E'?- J Q ,. vf -w3'?.'31'i?E1!T'fFf:14fEY3 37?f3'E7::'f 45.-Q59 ' , ' Y ' 11 - A15 --gAE:A:c?3Df-ff3Q'?s.M ' efzl-.:'221"-A - ' Av ,9. --1-mi ,q 1. -,p.555l:.-:- . qi-yw,-af: - - ---. Qwwxw-,kf.x. 4--,um - , , ,, 251:11 -1Q,1E1S3EL:gg:,--N-j-:ry ' . AkffE4-"S- ' . 54:E3S3i,S:1P"gFf5h'i"'1-1f- 'f 'AL Pi - , Q , . W, H:G.,:,.5, 1,2-, 2 . Y P' 1 " Tx'--L-ELCEFS3-'Q'212.22 ' .fl -4+ 5 E' -1 3. ,Y ...,. . if-,x...,-1. ., - - 5 , ,Sag 53:9-fg' ' -wf J-:L 1 1' HL ' m qgjisgiii Jai- ,lf -if r:-.,- H, --, ,-1 - "EK-'Q ' viii-ii T:-' ESYGMY ar at-1 - ,.: ,,--3 - ' - 1: .' 'iff eg ' ig -.-1. -'1,.--.wr :-- - f 2 -T' 3185? ' ll sJ' NK? J il f- -5 x r .wt 7' P ,-..--?3:x.,.- '35-if T511 - M L45 35 T 1. 'ix -f. -QQ, 3,4 Q gf...-.Sw-1 -N ..,-wa-5,-.1 W, 1,1 'PE -5-' - H,r:m , , . , 'Q -A - .4 .::.-,G 1-- M6 455- +Ff"5!-'X' 'Wg .,,,, -. ,--4,, :J ,, if Aix .ffzgrqeu 771,59 ,, 5 f 1 ",,fv':-iii? ..- if-1" T4'f31 1-1 V P 19 . A 1k 1. Q R f-X ab'- 'hx n 1 1 v 1 G '. fi. xx 'MZ' SEPT. 4-'Today was the first day of school. lt's great to he a seniori i 'aw had 'ug x S' xt .- -X , "' tux OCT. 4-I can t understand how Mt. St. Michael couid have heaten our wonderful S . my Rae team to open the football season. 'fl gf' 434- h e x, Q W' OCT. 18-Oh, the luxury of sleeping iate this morning! God Bless Coiumhus-and Gif? LV p ii AQ. our three-day weekend. if? 123f7ii. A ' , ' -4"' ' ' Y. 'N . . gibgggtlqf N DGOCT. 24-Who said that teachers never thought of us? Their South Eastern Zone ' A 'Et .kg . 'PJf2.fii,.' A meeting gave us another three-day weekend! , -F' .wr I l T., Nov. 4-I got up at 12:00-today was Election Day'-and then went to the foothaii H game. NOV. ll-Spent Veterans' Day holiday trying to study for end-oilthe-marking-period testsi NOV. 17-When I saw the first marks on my senior report card I figured it was worth ,455 all the work. iff NOV. 26'-'Vacation started today-and a welcome rest! jg H--. . 'fgffi - lc NOV. 27-We heat Iona fas usuaif. Vvonderfui seeing oid friends home from college. ' ' ':'rfwf?Y:q-1 0 '- I'm so full of turkey that I won't he ahie to eat for a week. 1.1 'i 0 ,J 0 DEC. 5-Went to see "The Bat",-the drama department gave their "ali" to a time -I piece of work. ' 4- "' . Page One Hundred Tifty DEC. 18-Mom iet me go to the Christmas concert even though vacation didn't start untii the next day. Mr. Broadhead and the choirs did a swell johi DEC. 19-Long awaited vacation hegan. "qi 'u'L- ff-.l',-x1,' .1 . .ii ri,?,i.4i:i.A K: L , .e .r4.Iv'f,-yfwgq r, 1' --xi x fgf-1:-' 1' " 3:-1:0-Nfftwfisimbii.l-M'13E'2ififwfiffffQ :- w . - . F723 1'--1555ffftltil."xi:'v.:+ff5'?iz3.i 1 -'-1-11121 e e-5' s- .55 '9JS'31i:?uw-f ug - -Sf fs '-' Lg. if :v . lp- bien, X e.-ss - is-fx-,XM , - . .- ESM: U 5 , qv--, . -, 3, - .5ip:.g-+5Q.fQ1'f'- il-X-113512 i'i9M',"- wx . . ' t' ' N.-V24 ii' 'V' -H - E fr,"Q'ixf..'A-'f'v1f-f.-iM"Vl'5fi75'-'Y'-,' . ' '- '.' 'xi'--i?'t ' s-L.,sft3,gg,5,g?x.f:5g5F3iy.'573.6-,3,535 iff,-A Lge- .. Kg? F1 ,.'g?.g,:s.ajugS.g:1,vj1-35552-:gr3414.1-V3.4 Vgiqj-if . 4,-r icmgxxx- Rig' ' ',f,:,y-Iggy". Y f f'1.-QL,-f,t'gtQ2' ' ts-'ef-aivitfi-L.f252 K-if - iv -. I 1? -f - -5. '- '- - .mg-ta-1 N153 'TWG . .5.414ws'1:P"-Ami fi?-.H ' ' w'y.Qgf?'vfq'L1?:.5f:,.,gtc?i'3g,1.3'3,.A" fe- :K-.sgggsv-W-'X 'f ' ' . N,--ala.-,j --t., :,.,N,.g" X 'ivy' fvfnfs-..?"'?5?-,v "QT Iv, . -.W 1.--V . L1 MAY., K .laugh . ,. ll, , ,,.u,.i,tc -.s N1 I. QAU-Q,.,, M., . . Her '41, 5164, gasp? ..-S ?w-3-ytiffiiszzggigg t :sf .3 5-1.7 f bfiiifh if 1333. ear Low E.,- "-sp .Q- DEC. 20-Stan Rubin and Bonnie Duherstein made our Rocheitean the hest evert 4 JAN. 5-:Xm stiii tired from New Years Eve, hut it's hack to the salt mines. N by L 'V 3 4 V JAN. 10-The die is cast for the seniors-I hope I did well on the College Boards. ' EEE-ff3 '?'9" A' " 2 9 5 5.1 . 135 ' JAN. 19-22-Spent the week alternately studying and taking exams. The Xvinter Prom -ffl? 9 ,- was a welcome celebration after a hard week. QR FEB. 12-X0 school-watched the hockey team practice on the twin lakes. A ' ' L55 FEB. 23-Xvashingtonys birthday and another holiday. Spent the day wondering and worrying ahout my Board scores . . . BI.-XRCH 23-Senior year is almost over--Easter vacation has come, and the end is in sight. ISSPRIL 6-Back to school-hard to concentrate-I guess it's spring fever. Y..-, . . if BIAY 16-Junior College Boards-I m glad I dont have to go through that again. JUNE 10-Bioving up exercises and presentation of awards-then a holiday for us. E, T , I think it was the best Class Day NRHS ever had, but maybe I m prejudiced. :sf . ' ?"'..E5ff5f?"" JUNE 13'-Beginning of the end. These will he our last Regents! -5 - --iqtllm -1- -,hs W .I Q JUNE 19-Tonight was the most wonderful, most beautiful anywhere. I wish the ' ' A A Hai. Prom had never ended because I could have danced all nighti JUNE 23-I'II never forget tonight--it's the end of one part of my life and the beginning of another-our graduation. Page One ft-hundred Tifty-one nv-gay 'RMI -Y' J f J I 'FL-:.,-- 4 4 Qu.-2--. 1 .5 ri-:1v1f9a:1'..-s 6355? ltkfr, -57' .lgfc 122 'Lia iifigtg - .: '-F' lx-is r+-fff -Gm- 'zvinhxirfifw .1 - X ,- -, :.-"W L-P-4--a -,Ala - . :aw ,I-gj.i1ZeQ1.zt:' ' 1-A ..f mg,-rg -- u-A . fl 1- -W- v :YVTYFE ii' -2'1" ,Q Wifi-R 1 ig -Ni'- .q,u.' ' ns' - 'ui ' A? 1 9. -if . Q. .f nag. . - ,g .5 ' .V W? S?-,gh , HI I1 ' tr' ' -1714:??:4s7 Fw- ,-'TIF Ziff Q ,a'TvJ'f: -5' -1- L we : ,gg 1 v A .. ty 5. 3t73fE:'1?z:'g"TE 5'-'L. ' ' . . LL' .- 1-gr-:J 11+ -. if Figfzeil?-" S"W"'Li-Y? T-fwf'.z?'if'n2 , -,., . 4 , ,. -:.-f L.:-I ,, Q? ,r ,.-f,-.-fi? LEW? 719- 'C' -g:.j:j-gv,N -' 5-eifyfifsw ' ' -5-15435-fi ' 4- gfiii'-": S4 152 Vi" 'ff' nv .tiff 'l iii, 'I 'lf ' .fegqi-'il T,.1..I.i- 5 1.3 f -. --Try' -Q' 3 "P 1. 5,-v4i5"7'l.. 1-1'2"--f4'n'Z':'1: ''1,:"9j'.I..1'f-1-:aft-nv-fvv-12'-eR'fE1f3fgfmwxgrvwwaw4vgpg.u,a33-5T3g:lL-51q,!.!53L,:3,,riu2-555.,,:.?E?:,LE6E,:,?:i.,?E5 :,,,.:.'7,nf5,vv, .av-L-. tt. ws.- ..-'-., .- -,.- ,J 7--Vs- Kauai will :mil I vaiumvni VVe, the SENIOR CLASS of 1959, New Rochelle High School, County of Vvest- chester, State of New York, having heen found to he sane, all actions to the contrary notwvithstanding, and capalnle of controlling our destinies to the extent that we graduate from high school, do herehy malce, ordain, pulolish and declare this to he our LAST VVILL AND TESTAMENT. Gigi, lVfahel and Joe leave the G.O. to four capahle Juniors. To lVfiss lX'lcClellan, we leave a paclcage of dismissal slips for her next class of hypo- chondriacs. To the Junior Class, we, the seniors, give our great school spirit, with which they may try to achieve as much as we did. We do herehy hequeath all our cram hoolcs, the cross-word puzzles in the geom- etry laoolcs, and the cartoons in the English laoofcs to the present Sophomore class. Jimmy Small gives his helmet to Mr. Amonson-may he use it welll The Senior girls leave their short slcirts and striped tights to the classy Juniors 'in their hullcy sweaters, For Mr. Ed Ducf1arme,we nominate an- other Harry Jacobs-if he can talce it, that isflf Roanne and Joe hequeath their good loolcs on Barbara Bauling and David Godfrey. With sympathy we assign to the Juniors the agony of waiting for college accep- tances-and rejections. We give to Miss Rogers and Mrs. Dempsey, a good recording of 'Sentimen- tal Journeyf, Edith Taylor and lxfeg Small leave the foreign students to next year's lucky hos- tesses or hosts. We give hir. Baron and lxflr. Hand two years of freedom from the "college blues." Barbara Hoffman and Linda Halpern leave the headaches-and the pleasures of the Rochellean to two luclcy Juniors. To the Junior hoys, we, the Senior boys, leave the choice of three free classes of girls. -li 4, 4. lf J 'Fi L r l 3 S i .-f.:fL1e.-.-:El ,. - .,. W--. -... .- V, s -mmgyw--W --,.- -.V X -.-.- W --.- - -Y -- --- V- - -s myegg- rv-f -A-:uw W'g:'5-itnrrf-w'..7-'-wry -1423 .ea-.1 , sv ,s The Senior girls talce pleasure in leaving to the .lunior girls stamps and stationerary. Paul Schiff leaves Bohhy Olcin his pipe, ior the purpose of eliminating over-popu- lation in choir. Ronny Fish, unintentionally, leaves lxlr. Hiaclc a sample oi his hloocl. To Nlrs. Epstein and Air. Xvintman- palm trees and mannequins as souvenirs of the class oi '59, Susan Oshlag leaves Yola Englander her contact lenses. Our great Senior Class officers, Fran. Frank, Shirley, ancl .loe D., hequeath their perseverance, loyalty ancl leadership ahil- ities-we hope their counterparts do as great a join. To Fir. Ray Ducharme, we leave our heart-felt appreciation for the unseliish way in which he gave of himself to help us hetter ourselves. VVe wish him all the luclq anci success in the worlcl-Thank you Mr. D. VVe leave a super economy size hlaclfc- hoard to Miss Kofi. To -all future Seniors, we leave the ag- gravation ancl the frustrations of term pa- pers-UC1Hl l l l l .N Y ,-., V ...,..' ---1-L ' -Es-s.,-nw-'l : " -1 .lay lvlarcus leaves his snealcers to Bobby Tannenhaum-good luclcl Xve leave Dir. Olney, a carton of po- tato chips to distrihute during Hthe hrealcf' The Senior Class leaves the woncler, thrills, ancl excitement of the longaawaitecl Senior Prom. The Senior Class also leaves to all fu- ture gracluates. the anticipation, the feel- ing oi success, the tears and the ioncl fare- wells .... Blostly, we leave to all stuclents, present, past ancl future, the everlasting memories, the wonderful times, ancl the pleasant thoughts weve had hevoncl the Twin Lakes. CHE'-Lg , 6' i B6 r EH'VLARll' W SIGNED BY: The Senior Class of '59 VVITNESSED BY: The Juniors The Sophomores 5 RQ- ..1 9 L ., w 5. ,A 14. .-Eli. -1.3 - . . av, :- geiz- .' .:- "Z,--2 N, -ax 1, .eg Q..-:.,.:e',:' 5,,a5f4-- -sag. , "1 J'ir1,... , . 233523 3,1254 14-js. r r,,,g-.-11,2-3.21, - ei 'iiir : SJ?-21122.-' sire: 'Q 11225.52-1 L1-3.-f?z1-:aswsii 1- ' 5' .q.::1,k-. .--,:,A- ' If 5a1i?w:iear.fs1:- V ":-' '- ' 7153-9 RI: '5?'f"5' Li ' 5573! .4 I.: - n 4,1574 :5Z5'fLf2ir.S!-51+ !:ifg'5,,:.'5 :ri EV- . ',':1?51:? '-1. 71, -. Efi75fH:'S? 511124: '1-1 Yi-'iii-7 f "1'Sx2'-1' 5:25541 1-F fs: ."':E::s.f' 5? . svlflprlg F-I: :'1vf'yEf5afi.,g1?j" 5igEaffQif15:f Zi' 9 sais-r-3,1fL. ff r Es aggraaf .--:SIT ' viamil .-rf' f '91 CQ' ' '." wiiki' -:ar wx-af , 1 . -.r I 5 .. a ' -. i S - ,. 1: 4: "' '--4723 , ' lei"-FF' 5 'Era Trikes? i as nga-esvgb. S - 'salt " -:. gli 'iam 11 ,fs f we K- aa- r, 'K sxxsqcaly in 1- . R' H sf ,. " J, 2' ,- ..". ,-L1 -fa K. ,gas QP' 1"L'11'iL r::-i'.1'- 1- 'Z-sr s, . ,. -M. --dvi r f Q " L a I-Es -ali SSL-.lj use :-Sbrfizfisa Q: fl , b'1'i?,5- s . r. '-.aa-ffs l - .--:ieaarcse -v"f 'Y " 'rg L-L' T:-' :J-fd? ' 'rfffff' " fa' QL- -- - X LEP: I ip-sit. .MQ 'E -E ul- 'L' ij 'jf el jiri ' 1-rn.-,W av --.--z-. .-sg - -- ' gzxfzsr "IH-:i-r-E114 ' -ff ' 1 'Q'-'si-1'-2 s '-.-4-:H 're' 5:?1"57:-3-l f -V.-N :VV - V -- '-- V al.-s. J rr'f"" -...,g.:,a.,n.1.v4?1':1-:,:.f3Xs1si' . mqawpmrafeAa4B,iax:mg-,w m1a9s,::sfaw,.4-aa1.a1:fse si-wr ffarqsfsv .- . if W X F' 5, 2 fp 1,4 mv- ,, 3, V . 0. ' V " ' J 151 wffimg 4 ' 4 '54 'H ' A' 0 V 9 P' 4 , . wi: i ff ' fb ,ff ff if Q 0 ,1 fr 'X 1' . Q s ' . - ,pw V ,,,, K at Z' ,. ' 4 f , hz y ' H - ' 1 ,y 151 1 - 11,- A- lo' I "4 '. N . w? z x '?f,,",y ' 1' . 1 . in f 'il - fx .X K w X X6 ax f4KQm.xQOg1Q Nr.-. X ww. - . f4,.A- V x+ F. .lu 1. IAQ., ff , - h x ws ' why -ww, xx, Sf. , . 'gxfx'-v'3'iifsv jaw f ?,-f3Qw,- A, A Q11 'T - Xi. by PM s XTX ' X43 '-55' 'H .43-'-xfk + ---- ts-,xg N S sggfk iii y fga Q ' A ' QM-if T. Q RN? Yxkw -X Qs f NM, -- , xl xi X- 1,- 's 4 . - Q Y"x sf Y, Fr 6, F "X 7 Q 1 Q I x, , 'I 4 . H4 o R gig! P --2 L7 L ' 'J I S Q Gy 1 5 Q 4 " -0- M 5 V Q nn A 1 ui, ., J ,. wr J ' f gs ,, ' E' 5 U -jr' vw, Q M 5 ' .iff 5. ui. - A ', , r " pf E" .. Lf ,y . x W. f QE' A fm A : Egififfl: . Fw I, 5- yn fifflj . lr-1 4-- .v ? 'a f b s, ., , 1' 1 , 'uk 4 v , ., , ,v , 1 fr I IR A i 3 ", I'. . , v fa 1- ,l -fa : ir- Oy 1i".S',i-?' NASH' -, Mg' .- lx Mui' f 5 , 4. .'-. ff' g 4 , lf. 1. V. 4 w ' I K fi.fwJ5Qfff Tv LL , K +V . Q , , ' 25"-' I ,Q -Q1 Haan Q- V ww - 1 1 v 3. v ' a - G me .U -. Q-0 ij ,rl ., .-3. siq-'Qr' "' Ali UTOGR ww COW r my 61 funn R f IAQ--fQ,..,40 ai g 725 f' s 5 Ohm '59 Eg M f f M ig Huff JZQQL-70x66 Lumina ESJ'T5:12jc' I L I T 0317- ZBJQNE3-. 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Garfunkel Roclielle Service Station Margaret M. Calnan Mr. and lvlrs. lVl. Ender Mrs. Rose Qualxer Ridge Beauty Salon Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. Parlcer lvlr. and Mrs. .l. Ostrover Qualcer Ridge Cleaners Tom Lee Hand Laundry Compliments of a Friend Best Xvislaes Claarles and Peter Olwiyesa Mike Mr. and Mrs. Milton Goldstone Miss Paula Edelman J. and L. Tailors Dr. Stanley Xvillinger Algene Sport Co. Rose Batzanian Martin and Glass lnsurance Luclc from .ludy and Angela Steplienls Barlaer Sliop Tasty Pastry Tlwe Corner Store Ur. Mr M r, Mr Mr Mr Mr Mrs. Monroe Gliedman and Mrs. Norman .lenlains HFlCl lXllI'S. C:l'lE1I'lG'S l'2yHI1 . and lxlrs, Paul Spitz and lvlrs. l"ly Kucliai , and Mrs, Martin Lipp and lvlrs. M. Dulperstein Ray Levin Mr. and lvlrs. Clwarles R. Katz Mr and lxlrs. Paul Alter Dr. E. Glass DF. SLISSIUHD Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr anal Mrs. Allred Bean and Mrs. Daniel Danziger :intl Ni-S. B. Barnett and lxlrs, lily Fink and Mrs, .lules Amsterdam . and Mrs. L. lfrintzman and Mrs. Micliael lfirsclw Page l58 To MISS ANNE KQFF Elfld NIR. CLETUS CLQW Our deepest appreciation for their guidance and assistance Publications Class Business Staff Q lxlarty Rapp .....,.. Artliur Keller Steve Umin ....... Dorotlwy Turner .......... lVliriam Joicle Alyrams ........ lna l.evin Duluerstein ...,. Richard Greenberg ......... Barney Sliolnilt ....... Paul Alter ......... Joel Halpern ........................ . Barbara Grolnstein Cluazen ..,. .. Harry Lott ......................... . l'larvey laevenson ....... Calvin Vxfintman ....... ALUMNI ......'58 ......'58 ......'55 ......'5o ......'5Q 51 .......'58 ...,...'5e v 40 ......'57 .......'52 n 58 ......'58 ......'4Q Mrs. George Bailer .... Billy .lacoluson lrving Yanltow ........ . Rolwerta Jacltier ........ .. Srotty Vkfarlaenlieim ......... .... lvlarfia Ritlxincl Flalcs George Gartqunlvel ...... rl-'l'16lFnEl .IOHAC SEil1ClCl'S .... ....... I Kenny Jaclaier ....,.... Rolnert E. Farnclon... Jimmy Vxfelnlner ..... Don Zaccagnino . Ronnie Einziger ..... .lutly Lipp Levitt ........ in 58 40 55 58 55 56 59 58 25 58 52 58 56 FUTURE Carol Ann Peterson ........ Donny Dulaerstein ........ lolin Zallo ............... Janet Katz ..i.. Julie Alter ........ . l-lowarel Kaye ...... Allan Miller ........ Sonclra Carlin Stacy l'lalper .... Steve Stern ....... Marslia Pillet ....,. .......'65 .......'69 .......'65 .......'66 .......'74 .......'65 .......'64 .......'oQ .....,.'64 .......'65 .......'o0 GRADUATES Alice Levenson .... .laclc Katz .............. Susan Spevaclt ....... Neil Encler ...... Alice l'logman Tlxonias Dunn .. Nancy Glassner ,,.. . Vxfencly Sueslaoltz .,.. Rolyert Amsterflam Nancy Kaye .... Stuart Lott ........ 16 1 al 63 65 ti l o4 O4 65 T' I 60 6-1 Page loO Best Wishes to the Class of 1959 SIGMA BETA PI SORQRITY TIIROUCQII TIIESE DOORS PASS TIIE MOST FfXSCINA.TINGf CIlARACTERS9F IN TOWN . . . qf'f"j'r'j:H1""if:"'f14.:Qz.,,?:gQgjjgjTj"::e'Aj "N' ,.....1...,., .MT ' V. if A fi C if 1 rx fa" X - x .,,,,,, f Q - ' f E S- ,X .W fi ig H ,fm ' ,f if f .i'..?,, A : K-LI I X 2 Y Y fr H K ww Q 5 I ,mi gi, 'IERRX TOONS P4 X gf 9 Q Jew 1 ' L 'bbfffj A Division of CBS Films Inc Ni f'kx'r"f ' 38 Centre Avenue, New Rocheile , Rf P O ,, :iii .4 A ,QS N -Nm,f"'A Xf if ef if . X is fy i ' . 5 g 5 Aj! .v 65' ' I " Q AJ: ,4 A Q 5 gl ,fi I ,fi V I 'aw' A ...fcfgx 'ax 5 1 H if 5 ,J .V ' i -V ff' f A X ,iff l jf fi 5 ,ss fi we e e e O . . ee,, e.O. , , M ji, K . f N A J W47! 1 'F' X is Q i. -2 ee . M if if 5 - M L. ,- ' 3 x 5 1 , A f 1 'R fi we , ' -f"'f,f-W" . 5 it Xiffffi is 2 L in ,eS. Q H f jj: 0 , NE ' qi fi gxemmff If kr-,, ,- ig ,qfvg he Mighty Mouse, Heckle Sc Jeckle, Tom Terrific, Mighty Manfred the Wonder Dog, Farmer A1 Falfa and other internationally-famous personages PHI TAU SQRQRITY and TAU PI FRATERNITY Exlcnfl Their Sinvore XXYUIIOS TO THE CLASS OF '30 .,0l'C1 Sl 'CCESSFI 'L Fl 'TL'RE Ros! Xvisfms 'VO THE CLASS QF 1959 PHI DELTA SQRQRITY and PHI LAMBDA FRATERNITY BEST XX 'ISHES to the CLASS OF 19981 MR. and MRS. WOLFE DUBERSTEIN Call it St'll'Otl' ftlfft? . . . or ruff il know tmw In plwotogmptwy that vvrtzlin touch ruultcs the true professional. tnsist on it for your next important pt1oloQrapt1 . . . and get it at our PHQTO REFLEX STUDIO Filwttm Floor BLCXt7MINGDfXI4Ii'S NEXX' ROCHELLE Page 766 COB IPLI3 IENTS OF BARRY GRAY and Farnily CON IPU3 IENTS OF JCI-IN CESARIO Best limo of' jewelry for high swlmodl girls. Cam lw Iuoughl at many cleparlmenl storc-s amcl shops. Also, E1 100111 incluslry with fulurc: opporlunilics for young people. ACCESSOCRAFT PRODUCTS 48 Lawton Street PqewflQ0CheHe,Pq.Xi WALTER KAYE ASSOCIATES, INC. G HIQICIQNJXN S'I'RIilT1 NEXV YORK CITY, N. Y. Hfxrvliny T-15300 Q GQOD LUCK H59ersH BOBBY .XNISTFRUXFI DL NNY Ul 'HERSTEIN bmurfHfnmfzmlfzm Pr I r fflnofwell Qualify.ql1pvrr :n1rlQ1'lf Page 769 GOOD I ,UCK Cl ASS OF 1959 RUSSIAN TEA ROQM NEW YORK, N. Y. Complimcnis of Com Iimcn S of P ' CAMP CHEROKEE GERHARDT BROS, Bw-l1I,uLv,Pa. 45 Potter Ave' l3irL'L'lul': Sid King NEW ROCT1 cue Page 770 S 1XI4'I'0IiiIllI Rom! New Rlwhollv, N. Y. Complimerlfs of XVEST-END TRAVEL BUREAU, INC. ,-Iir - Bus - Filip Train Ticlccls 1. 2 Lvm,-n .Ax cnue NQNN RUCIIGIIC, HY. NE 6A4f501Lr Corrzpfirnenls MR. and MRS. LARRY M. VVEISBERG MR. and MRS. JOSEPH LEVY Exloml Ifwir Ives! lrislws ami! PongmluIalmn5 fo TI1 Q Qrfzclu u il n q CLASS OF 1050 BLUE BIRD TAXI SERVICING CORP. TQI, NE 2-Oimfa NE 6fOOIil9 - 2-VMI. ESI NOIIII FXYC. New IQUQIWQIIQ. N. Y. Page 177 ROBBINS Fw ROBBINS, Inc Cum! Iuvlc Tmvn 59 Counlry lo lI1C llcmrs Cf A - . CI jr 10,30 Omlrplwlw r'ul4'rir:gsL'rl1ir'r' for 1:1100 aszf n ass 1 , Arz,vL11fwrc H Any Time At Your Elllfl I Lum- H Tc-mplc ur Finer Nc-wY0r14H0teIs Nc-w York, Xvcslcflwcslcr Co., New Jersey, HARRY HALPERN Bos! XBHSIIGS io llrwe CLASS OF 1959 MT. HIILI Mrs. SHIT! PGIIIHHII and M rs. Rose Raluinowitz Blass, Lung Island, COHTI. NEW Rochelle fl-9115 CtlI1lDIfI71PI1fS of HUDSON PAPER PRODUCTS Page 772 LEO EDELNAN alld GREATER NY. BOX CO. Inc. General OHTCG H9 Entin Road Clifton. New Jersey REMIN'S Tho flora Tfml 5 Different O35 North FXYGHLIQ NC'XX'R1xrrfhCll6. New NVOFIQ Complimenfs of MR. and TVTRS. IRV ING L. GOLDBERGER To ifze Grudualing Class Bcsl Xxyishcs FIDHI NV. T. GRANT CO. 500-50-1 Nam Street New Rochelle, N. Y. Page 173 Complimcnls of ELIOT SERVICE IVICQIIGSIUI1 IJarI4wny INIuunt Vcrlmn, NOW Ynrk "DRINK MORE IVIILKN IL-IIwf,f,fI MIIL CQ. BE 5A V E S P A The fines! motor smoler in lImu'orI1I 580 North Ave. QI IO New Rochelle, N. Y. Complimwzis of ALL AMERICAN TYPEWRITER CO. -II Lawlfm Street NCxvRm'I1f'IIC, N. Y. JACK PECKER, INC. General IIrmlraCIurs Spwr'iuIlics H lnuliws, IVUIIQS XXII. types UI stvme wnrta B051 Ivisrlws In INIICIIAEI- mul LINDA from GRANDMA NORTH AVE. SERVICE STATION mrs North Aw. NE 6-9373 PINEIIROOK SERVICE STATION -II Potter Avo. NE 69312 wI'n'xz1vu III'mlllm'Is IIllC'I'ffTlIy VII1'm1sIIul' Ixurp. COOPERS CORNER NURSERY IJIIIIISIWIIIC CTIIIIAKIOIIIIIQ f 1 N I VCC SIIVQCVB' ' I NlII'SCI'I'II1IlI II""I'CI"S IIUIIICI' New IQoCI10IIe Page 174 Best XXIISIIGS ro MQ CLASS OF 1950 TRANSVISION, INC. North Ave., New Roche-IIe Complimenis of BIERCHANDISLNG HIICI DISTRIBUTION Distributtiwris Lwruon I.oCaI 210 Compfiments Complimenls Of INIR. and MRS. BEN C. STERN RAYMOND R. BEATTY, INC. Office of a CompIete Countyfwide ReaI Estate Service Since 1925 carsCIaIe, N. Y. 5-S-100 Complim un is of of MR. and MRS. HAROLD LISKLN BCRNELL AND CO. INC. Phone: BEverIy 5-1244 SEALECTRO CORPORATION CLNIDERELLA HAIR STYLIST 578 PeII1am Road New RocI1eIIe, N. Y. Iwanufacturers of "PRESS-FIT, Termir1aIs 6IO Fayette Avenue, IXIamaroneCIx, N. Y. Oxvens S-5600 Page 175 CNOIIIIPIIIIIPIIIS of A FRIEND NE 25072 FRANK'S MUSICAL EXCHANGE Recorcts - Sheet IVIrrsic Repairs - IVIusicaI Instruments IQCntaIs - IXIusiCaI Instructiorl 261 Hugtrcnot Street Comptimcnis of NU-LIFE CLEANERS CompIimcnls of NAT GOLDIVIAN, INC. HELEN WOLFF 199 IJustIQui1cI VN'II'1ite Plains. Y. NEW Rm-I1 elle 20500 O. MUELLER INC. Iiwfyttumg for Your Ofhfge lbrmble Typewrucrs Sf-1.001 Suppties Q15-247 I'ILIQl1CflOt Street FRENCH BOOT SHOP 541 IVIain Street NQwR0cI1eIIe, N. Y. " C O O K ' S U for Ilunztwurgcrs, Frunkfurlcrs ICQ Cream Ivmstwn Post Ruact I.urcIm1out. N. Y. fwumptirncnls uf SOL RUBIN Compliments of DR. and MRS. R. STILLMAN Page 776 THE LITTLE PRINT Tickets - Dance Programs Prom 1500145 91 Huguenot Street New Rochelle, N. Y. NE I H. C. KOEHLER P11 urmucy' 515 North Ave. New Rnrhelle, N. Y. l NE fi-mum NE 2-2435 NE 215 492 ALLEN SPORT SHOPS 290 Huguenot Street THE HARLEQUIN Dislinclirw Spur! and Casual Xyear XVyLagyl Shopping Center N'fWRf'ftQ1lf2 N' Y' K NewRoct1eHe, N. Y. N CHERRY LAWN FARM LA RUCHELLE 4 . Home Gmwn Florist Fruits and Yegetaljleg Slylizecf .ftrrangemenis Xyeayer SUCH NE 2411501 JOSEPH R. .-XMANTE r H LONDON SHOP Clothes for the man who cares 565 Blain Street NEW Rochelle 2-5959 The tm-st in luatcing specializing in Vxrertcling and , Party Cakes. Petit Pours and tce Cream Cakes. MENGERS BAKE SHOP T75 Yonkers Ave. YO 55208 Open Sunday Page 777 CIIARLDINE HAIR STYLISTS NE Q-5610 flrvulvsl mzrm' in Imirflrwssirzg vVhbTCHEbThR IALCHUSTS F., Q H 3' F F, 522 IVIuir1gI. JM Nmlh AH' NIJ Q ,I H .lfxmlis Nm.-w ROCIHQIIQ, N. Y. ZI ICARO BROS. HFUI' Bvflvr Slum Rcugllilrlirlgfn 597 Ixlnin St. Now IQINIIICIIC Tl IE MODERN PRESS IO I.m'I4woorI Ave. New IQWIIQIIQ. N. Y. Tf-I. NIT 606,-I5 GARYS LUNCH Q32 Norlh Avo. New Ruflwlle Bvsl Xvislms fmm CINDY LOU and VVENDY MAE GOLDMAN and .IAN SUSAN KLOSNER L. LAXVRENCE, INC. Interior Designs Xvaupapcrs, Fabrifs SUZANNE FURS SUT IXIair'1 New RCPCIIGIIG 527 North AVC. NOW RQCLQIIG 7w1 Xvht PI U P I Cuslom IXILIKIC, ,-Illoruliorw. .3 1 C ams xr. Exporl Fiiling . F ., W-L, m'l"'I DW I2 LOfLw.S..S,.1 Aw. New Rochelle LAXV R ENCE OPTICIANS Guild Ilispcnsers QU IDIYISIOII Sl. New ROCIN-IIC, N. Y. COTT BEVERAGE CO. IIT CEIIQIIIIIIIN Slrcvl New I Ia1x'c11,lNm1l1. G A L L E R Y ' S HTIIQ ,curling fabric slorcu I2 Division St. Nc-xv RQCIM-IIC, N. Y. TRENO STATIONERY OIT NUVIII .Nut Now Ruc'I1CIIC. GERALD SEARS CO., INC. 377 Fifth Ave. New York QU. N. Y, BILL'S TOYLAND SUS NMII1 Avo. New ROCIICIIC, N. Y. NYM. PING Page 178 HARXVOOD SHOE REPAIR I SCARSDALE ESSO SERVICENTERS B0 ifa x Ci cle S Q H Chase RCI. i Post RCI. QQ il ICC- -rr Y bcarkd IC N Oppfwsitc IDOSI OIIICC - at POpI'1am RCI. L ars E1 G J-0.041 Si 3iOOT5 I JOB THE XVALLPAPER STUDIO 626 Nam Street C Omplzmcwls Of MR. and MRS. SOL SCHNUR New ROCIWQIIQ NE 2-31154 SFSANS CUT AND C-CRL Ozzgilqglffvggrgsufcl 1110 , . E5 59 'CO RIE1' S Y ,Rqh H 1' mxmt ,A FROST lNlEN'S SHOP L eu UL C Q XE UMD 325 Nam St. NcwROcI1eIIe E XVILSON CHEDIIST, INC. I Prescription Spefiafisls COACH 'N FOUR til Nmth Aye. NE tjfbwol I7 IIOSI ROEHI LarCI1rnOmI. N. Y. 3 Cnnwfl I LICIQ tO HAL MAR CLEANERS I h C I ' I l C :ISS OI '50 T12 HIIIDQFL PIaCe Xcxx' RCICIIQIIC and L- IxNTON1O'S ' 556 North ,AXYWLIIIQ .XGOSTINO C IRILLO F H YK K I -1 Expvrl Fl1uuRCpr1Irir1g ,a . 'O-.4153 ' Delifiiozu Pi::u, Xyccfgcs, um! Spugfwtli i ZH, Xmrth ANI' XCW RMIQHQ E NE 3-OOS2 NEXV ROCHELLE ROOFING, ALRCQE SALES CEO. INC. Y , , ,- . uminum rocuffs CORNICE and SRYLIGHT XX ORhb POrcI1 EIAICIUSLIFCS Our Spa-CiaIt5' 14-16 Harrigmn New ROCIWGIIE Free estimalc,-S - NO OIJIigz1tiOn I 584 North Ave. New ROCIUEIIG Landscape Garrle-ming NE 2-0151 Cofnplfmnfsof I ROSE HILL NCRSERIES CADIP NXrICOSIfTA HENRY I. CIABIARDELLA. Prop. and POIEICI PIETIS f S mg ts QT' XYVIJSI Ax' . CAIWP TON1AHAXXrh 3 Nejrsery Stoack 3 Nei' RZFCOEIIIE Page HENRIETTA LUDDER II1'Sigu1ir1g1 I71'r'rrr11li111' l,lIIIIIIfIfl w -. l'IlI'llIIllI'l' 1I.OlPl'ClfIIIV 11455 NUFIIX Aw: I J -1 ELLIOT M. SHAPIRO Lifcnsccl Agcnl N. Y. Life Insurance Co. V U5 IJHIIJLIKI IJFIVC 2--1968 v 11717 3 C111n,1l1nw11ls of CARAVAN OF MUSIC MAURICE HAIR SALON Irurmcrly of I Ielf,-na I211l1mS1Qm VVyI4agyl ISE 5-2770 SpcCiuIly in Tonnage Slylvs JACKSON TAXI MUTUAL MOULDING CO. H D - P I H 28-26 Garden Strcet 177 Icrrslan Ave New xome 0 X NCW Rochelle NE 2-3380 FADS 'N FASHIONS C A R V E L Pre-Teen u11rI Iunirvr CIOIIUHQ Flavors, Sunclacs, T-IlIf'kSlI1lkOS 759 POSI RCI- SC 55890 Comer YVQIJSLCF S SirIQIc-s FLAMINGO CLEANERS SHIRT IAKIIINDERERS XVQ Pir-Ie Up r'1r'1fIDc'Iiver All Xvorle 1,0110 cm Premises 149 North Ave. BE 5-1591 PELHAM PASTRY SHOP I I3 ITIIII1 Avo, I3cIImm Complimvnfs of GLEN ISLAND CASINO B051 IVisI1cS lu B O N N I E NE 114201111 THE MUSIC CENTER 9895 lim XY, Boslun Iwosl Road , f 4 - 1 - IXIiIII1ill'Ul1CC', N, Y. TE -I-6233 XIACVDXNERS, IIISIFIIIIIUIII RUHIUIS. SUIO tlllll Ropuirs U 'UMC W' , Rccords. SIN-ol Music' Nf'WR0f'T1CIIf'- N' N- Inslruclion on Inslrumcnls E'0b'E'?Y GOLD LAKE CATERERS ac 105 1 Cccssorws 578 Imam Street New Rochelle l70 IXIy1'lIc Blvd. ILUTCINHOITI, IN. Page 780 J. B. BATTERSON. INC. 61-1 IXIaiu Street NE Q-496T Guild Opticians Compliments of THE COURT TAVERN BE 5-0216 1509 North Ave. COUNTRY CLUB Ctxinesee.-Xmeriean Restaurant bpeezulrzcd Orders lo Tube Out Compliments of EDDIE SEIFER FURS, INC. SPITZER SUPPLY INC. NE Est' 1933 555 North Ave., NewRoct1etIe, N. Y. NEW Rot-Iwlle O-2921? B E R M A N ' S For llle Best SLIIILJIUICIIPS in t7.S..'I. 581 North Ave. New RoCI1eIIe Good Luck to the Class ot '59 A FRIEND BERN IE LIBREIT Complimenls of J A N P E E R C E Compliments of Hardware Af xxwkwl NE 45-15125 ATLAS CHAIR RENTAL 599 FIain Street Comphmems of NEW RoCIweIIe 2-WTI GUNDELACH'S SPORTOXX NE CUAT CO' Xveslclzeslers Largest Repair Serviee Bicyctes Lawn Mowers NE 2-0430-6-9255 YVYKAGYL HAIRDRESSERS 299 North Ave, New RoCI'1eIIe MODERN PAINT AND GLASS CO. 265 Hugueuot Street New Rfrchelle NE Q-sooo Compliments of GRABEL'S PHARMACY, INC. 550 North Ave. New RoCI1eIIe Complimen ls of BEECHMONT PHARMACY Page 787 cYUlllfIIfIili'lIIS of ROCHELLE DELIFATESSEN AND UATERERS BETTE ALLEN'S lgf'0Ukff1Sl, Liglzl Liirirfies, Sriarfks IUQU Nwrlli Averiire NE 6-9739 E 31' ri N ff ll C0061 Link Bonnie SOOFHI DNV TEA GARDENS N N plain Sl'-CCL Ncwxl Rochelle Hllll Sf ' 3 UH IFA f'f'f111f1fff1f'f11S ff! ROLAND'S GULF SERVICE A F R I li N D 3 Vxfc-ziver St. Sfarsrlale, N, Y. Opp. IIC-f11i11-111i-lim fimfe IZFS North Ave. XVE J-6-llifi HAMBURGER DEPOT ..-4 5Iopsfr,11'f1Hlr111f'rS0f 1111" 11c1Iif1r1'sf111c'sIl111111fii1rgc'rSH NEW Rweiieue 6-9795 CLAIRE? BEAUTY SALON I5 South Division Street VIC SMITH? l111'c'r11lc SIIHPS AiNVyL11gyiSl11f1W111g Center ARIEL OFFSET Printers - LiIfi1'1gr1'1pl1ers fvonllily Selimil P11Hic'iiii1'111s WCMI1 3-3183 Fo11'1pfi111v11lS of NVYKAGYL BUS SERVICE NEW IQOf'l'1CHl' QQ- ITU LUXC DR VALET CE!l"llIIL'l'S '-' I J-W'l'S f-' FIQHTIUVS 1292 Nurlii Ave. NVYKAGYL PH1XRN1-XCY For Your fwiisriiviivs, . , 1 , l7t'I',llIiiL'. 111111 C7111 .Xvmls NE 3-0180 v HUSII lSlI1'Sl1rflIL' N - 5 . C IQXBS Ol' 111211 A FRIEND 389 Wifiiii SLN-el New Rcwlielle fi'r1111pfi111c'r1ls of SP5"'S'If'lC 50992 V I 1 1 1 N NVEAVERBROOK Vx 'I' 9RANDBhR9' 1QCSfOlIl'LlHf - livlivirlcssvii 795 NOFUT AVC, NE 2-1821 11101 Xveaver Si. Searsciaic, N. Y. Page 782 This page is dedicated to tile many HAngeisH who Contributed to the financial success of our yearbook but who wisiieci to remain anony- rnous. Class of 359 Page 183 X :ew W 1 47.2K THAT SETS A PRINTING STANDARD '-H. if- , x ' c 'aff . S, ' . t' X M I 'ix w k Q :svn -- " v 1-,V ' ' xp xv J' si ' ,. ,gx fy 1' :ful L5 M -5? "I , 1" T1 'lx .l Q' T V ' .I Q X X x The most szlgrzzfeafzt form of human eommzmimiion Vg- repr'0a'ueti0n of word and picture hy prz'ntz'ng Q is worthy of ereatifue plamzifzg, shillea' C7'Klff.S'll1IZ7l.YhZp, mofferfz eguzyvmezzt, 12710, ffepenffahfe seryviee hy fwhieh Iehes Afzzzzmls seehs to mrzhe every joh an ideal of perfeetiozz. 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