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If 'x x r x - u Q. -', w -' f.,,r f 'L J F" ',f -'J ,,W, ,. ,fi xr' ' N .X X. I,-Q-W' 1 gs, ex 4 I ln, ,- I Q, S I 1 f. ,.,. lx. 4 Q, .AL 9 1 'M . , 1 . A f f 4, " ' f x 4 ' A , 4' , , , I 1 Lffk' ' X R Tx I ,fx , ,f -Q I, 5 I. I l '46-4. ,,,,,,, 1 ,,,,, 1"",.al9M f Q,-.swf K Q A bw bv. l I f i ' 3 1. f ff. f K .K V .-. v, 1 ' vw f If ---.0 my ...l..n...... 4. Cable af Gmierzfs Dedication ...................... Theme .............. Memorial Dedication . . . Administration-Faculty . . . Seniors ............. Activities .... Jrs.-Sophs Athletics .... All Aboard .... Calendar .... Will ...... Prophecy .... Autographs .... Advertisements ..... We JHAZZQJIZ HELL A Q90 0 ' 1 T fm 2 Q2 X F NEW ROCHELLE HIGH SCHOOL f x? 'RMP ' ? x.i,'.,' a, ' I ., Qt A V! .V x' AR .4 , 41... iff: 1 ' 11' x -I , .A v lik ' ' 1 . Z a',,: 1 Q 5 . nt, 'l:,, , , s' f 1 'bww 1 14,4 ' ,' ,5f,21Y,. A, , 4,-V ..f. -,, 1, 798 dm R , ' .I-fp . , X. Nl-a vi 1 15.4 . 1,3-' .A- ' fl. rf I Y - -.,'fa:ru ai 'HP' -A V. af f ' Q 1fi,.'1Ll,,?jf ,, J. -,., " . fha- r.i,'-,SF ' fb, . . . 11. .H ,ML-1. .. V A 1-rl-ix.-Q-Wgj A "- . - iq :,.. , . u.,:'-ff-fwzfeef. f .fa '-.m.mZ'5'?E'fi-5.45me-.a.3J -' --ff-W --f P HARRY F HAIGH C. J. BROADHEAD Honor is brought to N.R.H.S. not only on the football Field but also in the fields of vocal and instrumental music. in considering this recognition, two men immediately come to mind-our own C. J. Broadhead and Harry F. Haigh. By giving unseltishly of their time and elifort, they have, through concerts, entering competitions and providing unusually excellent musical training lor us and many before us, brought honor and respect to New Rochelle High School. The personality and vitality of these outstanding musicians is felt by all students. whether or not they come into personal contact with them. This year when our school day was so divided. music has been a unifying factor. The spirit cultivated by assemblies, pep-rallies, concerts and football games has drawn the students together into a unified group. The choirs, band. and orchestra have all played an important part in these activities. When we reflect on our years in N.R.H.S., we realize how much more pleasure was added to them through the never-ending etiorts oi this hard-working two-some. We, the Class of 1958, oliter our thanks to you Hlxfir. B.,', for your part in the assemblies, choir trips. caroling, and concerts. And to you, Mr. Haigh, we give our deep appreciation for the part you have played in the football games. pep rallies, assemblies, trips and concerts. 4 To both oi you, as members of the student body. we give our heartfelt gratitude for all that you have done, and as the Class oi 1958. we dedicate our yearbooic to you. Page 2 Zh me Along the Mississippi in a tittte cotton town Came a fancy white showhoat with its wheel going roun' It tootect to the crowd, and it seems they understood: "Git out from under that ole Cottonwood!" Oh shuffle on hoarct, and Ht carry you to sea Come on and find a new world with me. l'll show you dancers, minstrets and great hurty men ru show you honeysuchte beauties, magicians, and then You'tt know thereys more to life than your own tittte hole You got to search and search 'tilt you find your goat, So fottzs toot your whistles and wave your hands high- Oh follow the Mississippi, hut reach for the shyf' i x M' 'i ,gui 4 ti . t Mya- 7 4, it iv 3 ix' 1' 1,1 vt f - ! t O . 'xt' ,915 Ll ff :U , 5 ' ' "3te273'f' ffl LMT LJ h I Ivy' ff 4 7' ' " N 4 ' W Xjivujaf' Zfvx QAM' :ffl-flfV"3'w.'fvQ1JV f it ft' V012 QD wa- Rm filfwwcwfx N' VW? " WA' , eat is Q iffy V Page 4 Memorial Miss SYLVA KUNCE One of the tragedies in life is the loss of a dear, true friend. We at New Rochelle High School lost such a friend last summer. Sylva Kunce was admired by her colleagues, respected by her pupils, adored by an who knew her. As a teacher in New Rochelle High School, Miss Kunce accom- plished what to others might have seemed impossible. Through her efforts, both a "Psychology" and a "Human Refationsu department were established, which con- stitute a yet closer and stronger bond between teacher and pupil. How well Miss Kunce knew her subject, Hpsychoiogyui She taught us not only the basic fundamentals which we shall iong remember, but also how to five with ourselves and how to solve our problems. But being a "top-notch" teacher was not Miss Kunce's only accomplishment. She was active in civic affairs and was invaluable to the promotion of Family Service in our community. She opened her heart to all around herg she was always ready to help and to ease a troubled mind: she was a friend to those Who needed a friend. Thank you for having been our friend -1 Sylva Kunce. Dedimfizfrz MR. EDWARD J. FITZGERALD Death takes its toll among so many, and for us at New Rochelle High School it took a faithful friend, Edward J. Fitzgerald. Mr. Fitzgerald was a person deeply admired hy the students and faculty and justly respected. Mr. Fitzgerald had for many years been the school's Director of-,the Place- ment Bureau. His earnest interest and effort made it more than a job to him: for he took an understanding hand in the welfare of the students and community business- men. He stood as the students' guide between the school and the outside business world. We of the New Rochelle High School have indeed lost a true friend, full of humor, personality, and devotion, a friend whom we can never thank enough for all he has done and all he has stood for. ...lil Page 5 K, X. X nf mga' 44. Vx, Kim . . X 4164 X455 'Ze' Mug! 1 FACULTY mf f QYYQQQSQQQA, 0 -E , V4 A3 'E 4 , gg ? I 4W,23.v Agfgm. . v- A ' xv ' ' -.51 A RLHM 1- R RNK BOARD OF EDUCATION xl. Vincent J. Artisani, President: Kenneth B. Low, Vice-President: Joseph W. Barker, Robert .I. Burton, George M. Davis Jr Mrs Thomas IVI. Dunn, Noian M. FaIIahay, Mrs. Frederick VV. Pierce, Merryie StanIey Rukeyser. DR. DONALD K. PHILLIPS Superintendent MR. SINI JOE SMITH Assistant Superintendent fldministrafivu FAREWELL TO iHE CLASS OF I958 The New RocheIIe CIass of 1958, IiIce its immediate predecessors and the cIasses that wiII foIIow, wiII go out into a worId which demands from each person an interest in and a deep concern for the survivaI of basic prin- cipies-matters of moraI, spirituaI, civic, na- tional, and worIcI Ioehavior. In today's age. no man can be sufficient unto himseIfg no man can afford not to care about the worId around him. Caring motivates Iearningq Iearning forms a Ibasis for conviction and action in accordance with Ioeiiefs. I WouIcI wish for you the power to care about these things which are truiy important, and caring-the will to Iearn, to judge, to ine- Iieve, and finaIIy, a driving urge to act singIy and in concert with others of IiIce mind, in terms OI your studied convictions. May God Ioiess each one of you. Sincerely yours, DR. DONALD K. PHILLIPS Rl ER PILOTS MISS F. LORETTA COONS Principal The greatest single contrilnuting tactor to the success of any organization is its leader. This person must have the heart to conceive, the hand to execute, and the understanding to clirect. We, at New Rochelle High School, are fortunate in that our principal, F. Loretta Coons, is such a person. Here at the Htwin lalcesn Miss Coons is not only admired tor her wise counsel. lout is also loved for the tine person that she is. She has always displayed the utmost enthusiasm concerning our academic and extra- curricular interests. Her ungagging spirit and unswerv- ing loyalty to the school are something that we, the Class of 1958, will remember t eyond the date ot ouwgdvlatio Q v' . l X1 1, ff-'. P W MR. HAROLD A. DALEY f Assistant Principal 'As second in command, Mr. Daley has the important responsibility ot assisting Miss Coons in the smooth operation oi the school. ln this, his second year as Assistant Principal he has proved once again that he is more than capalnle of handling the duties of this vital post. This is a taslc which is frequently under- estimated lvy many oi us. ' As an advisor and as a friend, we have always found him a warm and understanding person. His ever-present good nature and his attalnle personality are practically talcen for granted hy us. Vvef wish to sincerely tlmanlc him for the wonderful effect he has had on us during our years at New Rochelle High School. , SMR. JOHN T. DONOVAN Assistant Principal To meet the increasing demands ot our ever-expancl- ing high school, an additional assistant principal's posi- tion was created. Mr. Donovan was the man called upon to lill this important post. Mr. Donovan livrings with him the experience that he achieved in his en- deavors in our Guidance Department. Thus. we can well understand how he so successfully adapted him- self to the responsilzmilities ot an assistant principal. The students and faculty alilce can readily attest that his wann sense of humor and sharp wit have made worlt- ing with him a delight. We, the Class of 1958, wish to congratulate Mr. Donovan on the success with which he has handled his new position. T.. ,Rl English Department STANDING, left lo right: Miss Ginsburg, Mr. Mellinger, Miss Carozi, Mr. HOCllLl8USC,F, Mrs. Miller, Mr. Leonard, Miss Newell. lVliss Upliam, Miss Symmes, Miss Mallory, Mr, Farndon, Mrs. Greenluerg. SITTING: Mrs, Hunt, Mrs. Carclillo, Miss Bartnett. Miss Stark, Mrs, Donalxue. Faculty MR. SAMUEL J. ADAMS- Vocational Municipal College ol Technology, Belfast, North lrelanci MR. LOUIS AMONSON Physical Education "l'lI shine your shoes." l..a Crosse State Teachers' College, B.A.: University of lowa: Royal Hungarian College: New Yorlc University, M.A. MR. MORTON BARON Guidance "intestinal fortitude is just as important." City College of New Yorlc: Columbia University: New York University, BSS., M.S.E. MRS. LUCILE BAASCH Biology Columbia University, BS., M.A.g American Medical Tecln- nologists, M.T. MISS ANNA M. BARTNETT English mls an apple ever an orange?" College ol New Rochelle, BA.: Teachers' College: Columbia University, lVl.A, MRS. DoRoTHv K. BELLA Biology "You pays your money anal you lalzes your choice," Teachers' College, Columbia University, BS.: School ol Edu- cation, New Yorlc University, M,A., R.N. MR. CHARLES BLAKE Language "Chop, Chopln Wvesleyan University. B.A.z Columbia University, IVLA. MR. HERMAN BLATTE Social Studies "Don't he a nudniclzf' New Yorlc University, BS., FIA. MR. EDWIN R. BOWMAN Business "Read what you see and not what you thinhf' Randolph-Macon College, AB.: Columloia University, MA. MRS. GRACE E. BRASTED Guidance Office "Have you a 'come-to'?" A. B. Davis High School. MR. CLARENCE J. BROADHEAD Music "Resolve it." Otterlzmein College, AB.: New Yorlc University, M.A. MRS. LULU D. BROCKWAY Librarian uDo you have library work?" N.Y.S. College lor Teachers, BS. in LS. MR. EARL BROWNELL Industrial Arts "Anything worth worleing for is worth worleing for well." New Yorlc University, M.S., M.A. MR. W. EMERSON BURKE Mathematics "Lets gel" Denison College, BS.: Columbia University, M.A.: New Yorlc University, Graduate Work, MRS. AIMEE-MARIE CARDILLO English "l've got lasper today." College of Mount Saint Vincent, BA.: Fordham University, M A MISS CHRISANTHE CAROZI English "The composition for Friday is . . American International College, B.A.: Mount Holyoke Col. lege, IVLA, 'K Inf" IJKQ 4 O It fnugq r FI L L lil Language Department STANDING, left to right: Mr. Greeley, Mr, Haclce, Fir. Blalce. SITTING: Flrs. Ramsdell, Bliss Nlendez, Nlr. Reid, Mrs. Nlaltz FRONT: Nlrs. Rothstein, Mrs. Schein. MISS DOROTHY L. CHAPMAN Food Trades "Boys, put your coats on." Comell University, BS.: Columbia University, BLA.: New Yorlc University. MR. CLETUS A. CLOW Business "Look at this!" Teachers' College oi Connecticut, BS.: Columlaia University. BLA. MR. DONALD CONNOR "Boston.'s the laestf' Teachers' College--Salem, lvlass., Nlass. lvlilitary Acc., New Yorlc University, Graduate Nvorlc. MISS THERESA M. COSSU "Timel" Business Business Teachers' College oi Connecticut: University oi Bridgeport, Graduate Xvorlc. MISS MIRIAM CRESSEY ul'm allergic to gum." Business University oi Chicago, PILB.: Columlnia University, NIA. MRS. ZELDA M. DEMSEY Physical Education "Put the water on." Savage School oi Physical Education: New Yorlc University, BS., MA. MRS. RUTH W. DONAHUE English "Life is wonderful with peace and quiet." Columbia Teachers' College, lVl.A,: New Yox-lc University, Graduate Xvorlc. MR. RAYMOND ARTHUR DUCHARME History "New England is the lxest, greatest, and most." Collvy College: Columlnia University, lVl.A, MR. LESTER S. EMERSON Supervisor of Vocational Education Hyou get out of life alvout what you put in it." University ol New Hampshire: New Yorlc University, Gradu- ate Xvorlc. MISS LAURA ENGLESON Guidance HDon't worry, we'll get you into college." Allnany State Teachers' College. lVl.A.: Columlaia Teachers' College. MRS. PATRICIA E. EPSTEIN Ciillerlshlp "Come on, you lvirdsln Comell University, AB. MISS FLORENCE MORY ERRANT Math "Have an open mind and he critical in your thinhingf' University oi lllinois, AB.: Columlnia University, FTA, MRS. DOROTHY FARIN E-TARON History "See you at the close of the period." Columbia Teachers' College, DLA. MR. ROBERT E. FARNDON English "Tell those gorillas out in the hall to he quietln Collmilnia College, B,l.iIt.: Union Theological Seminary, B.D.p Columbia Teachers' College, DLA. VVZT""fl'75""'T? 'TT' ' -V 7-A-.-74-vw,f.A-A..4..-.a..,.,.. Mathematics Department STANDING, left to right: IVIr. Jacques, Mr. Winihog, IVIr, VViIIiams. Burke, Mr. GoIcIshIag. SITTING: Miss Oshome, Miss Errant, Miss Strong, Mrs. Petretti, Miss Guinee. MISS MAGDALENE FENGARINAS Main Office "What are you doing here?" New RocheIIe High SchooI MR. LAWRENCE A. FINK History "And ali that jazz" Stanford University, AB.: CoIumIJia University, IVLA. MR. EDWARD FITZGERALD Guidance Placement-Coordinator HKEEP YOUT 71089 CIGGTLH Massachusetts State CoIIege: New YorIc University, BS., MA.: CoIumInia University, Graciuate Work, MRS. PATRICIA FRANK Art "Think of it in reiation to the background." University of Wisconsin at IVIiIwauIcee, BS.: Teachers' COI- Iege, CoIumIJia University, M. A. MR. HOLLIS E. FRAZEY Business "You can't get something for nothing." Missouri State Teachers' CoIIege, BS.: New York University, IVLA. DR. VERN FRISCH Business "Give a JoIIar's worth of woriz for a zioiians worth of pay." A Hastings CoIIege, BA.: New York University,'IVI,A., Ef,I.D. ' DAVID M. GEIGER Citizenship Education I I "Your assignment for today is to identify --H if cv. CELQZK-University, BA.: CoIumIJia University, IVLA. MRS. ADELE K. GELBMAN Typing HLet's Iaeep it quiet pIeaseI" New York University. BS. Page 12 MISS MAY A. C. GEILS Guidance "FascinatingI I I" CoIIege ot New RocheIIe, B.A.g Fordham University, IVI.S.S.VV. MR. LOUIS B. GIMELLI History "Let's watch Rohinhooci tonight." Oswego State Teachers' CoIIege, BS.: New York University. IVLA. MISS ETHEL S. GINSBERG English "Noi I I" Syracuse University, BS.: New York University, IVLA. MR. LEO J. GOLDSHLAG Mathematics "Lester, put that newspaper away." Mass. Inst. ot Tech., BS.: CoIumIoia University, IVLA, MR. ROBERT GRANT History "Do your homework" N,Y.U.: Teachers' CoIIege: Coiumhia University, IVLA. MR. GEORGE E. GREELEY Language 'Traduisezn Bowdoin CoIIege, B.A.: CoIumhia University, IVLA. MRS. DALE K. GREENBERG English Hunter, B.A.: CoIumI:zia, IVLA. MISS MARY ALICE GLIINEE Mathematics "You'II enjoy this course more the second time around." Cokzge of New RocheIIe, BA.: University ot Wisconsin IVI M6 A 1 ff - fu ... 1 fu ff A . I , . f 6 f , .1 - , . , ft- ,' J , f 1 .. f , f. X I gflfsykgf fflfmg 5,5 jffg-5,47 ,vii 114 ,fog ' -'f -f s-rf f?,, ,efwffi,7- CQ, f f' ' , , 1 X , Science Department STANDING, left to right: Mr. Hiaclc, Mr. VVires, Mr. Wagner, Mr. Stein. SITTING! Miss C. Smith, Miss Secor, Dr, Spear, Mrs. Bella, Miss Schner. MR. EDWARD HACKE French "Vous etes charmantef' City College oi N.Y., B.A.: Hunter College, M.A.: Univer- sity oi Paris. MR. HARRY F. HAIGH Instrumental "When in douht, drop out." State Teachers' College, Penn., BS.: Teachers' College: Co- lumlnia University, M.A. MR. THOMAS J. HAND Guidance "I try to avoid cliches." City College oi N.Y., BS.: Columbia University, M.A. MR. PAUL S. HIACK Science "Now according to Chanzieliefs theory . . .U Groves City College. BS.: University oi Bittshurg, MR. ROLAND R. HINTZ r,,Li?T12'1e4 Igelluonafl "Times a-fleetin .U I .. -T "Iggy Wisconsin, B.S.: New Yorlc Univerity, M.A. ' MR. JACK HOCHHAUSER English "And now fm going to pass out . . . paper." Camegie Tech., B.F.A.: New Yorlc University, M.A, MRS. RUTH HOLUB Physical Education "This is cheaper than Slendereliaf' New Yorlc University, B.S. MR. WALTER B. HUMPHREY Art "Watch the perspective." Dartmouth College, A.B. MRS. EVELYN B. HUNT English "Now, now, Boys anal girls, let the comedy cease." Livingstone College, A.B.g Columhia University, M.A. MR. GERARD G. JACQUES Mathematics "You hnowf' Bates College, BS.: Columbia Teachers' College, M.A. MR. EDDY JOHNSTON VOCGflOhGl "All right, hoysf' New York University: General Motors institute oi Technology. MR. JOSEPH KATZ Social Studies "This is the hest hoolz llve ever readlu University oi Caliiomia, BS.: Columbia University, BS.: Columhia University Department oi Political Science, M.A. MR. JOHN A. KELLER Physical Education ,VN HYou're a charter memlner of the K.H. Cluhf' Pennsylvania State College, B.S.: State Teachers College, lVI.Ed. MISS ANNE H. KOFF English "Be good children." New Yorlc State College. AB.: Columlaia University, VLA.: Sorloonne, Graduate Stucly. MISS MENICA LaROCCA Dress Design "Theres no such thing as lcan't.' H University of State oi New Yoi-lc: Queens College. MR. CHARLES LEONARD English "Why are you so happy?" Hamilton College, A.B.g Hamilton College, NLA. Page Citizenship Education Department STANDING, Ieft to right: IVIr. Grant, IVIr. Geiger, Mr. Morgan, IVIr. Katz, Mr. ,L.ewis, Mr. Fink, IVIr. DucI1arme, Mr. Vvitman. Mr, Biatte, Mr. Sisenwcin. SITTING: Miss O'ReiIIy, IVIrs. Farine Taron, Mrs. Weinstein, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Epstein. MRS. MARGARET FLECK LEONARD Cosmetology HLet's work and not visit." Missouri State Teacimers Coiiege: New York State Teactlers Coiiege: Oreonta University: Permanent License. MR. WILLIAM LEWIS History "By the way, a new tJooIz." Quincy College, BS.: Coiumiuia University, IVLA. MISS MARIAN B. LINDEMUTH Administrative Assistant IITIIE pen is migiitier than the sword." VBSSBI' COIICge, MR. ROBERT MAGEE Physical Education "Keep your Iegs straight." Springtieici CoIIege, B.S.: Toiedo University. MISS VIRGINIA MALLORY English "Now, folks." CoIIege of Wooster, A.B.: University oi Pittsburg, IVLA. MRS. .IESSIE C. MALTZ Language "NaIite ruminarein Hunter Coiiege, BA.: Coiumtyia University, Graduate Vvoric. MRS. ELEANOR MCCLELLAND Nurse "Noi" Mount Sinai Hospital Sctnooi of Nursing: Teactiers' Coiiege. Coiumiuia University, BS. MRS. VIRGINIA MCKENNA Main Office Hxxflldf seictom is wonderful . . New RocIieIIe High: XAf'estcI1ester Commerciai Sciiooi. MRS. LAURA McPHEE Library I., "Reference woriz oniy OI:JerIin Coiiege, AB.: CoIumIJia University, IVLS. Page 14 MR. JOSEPH MCQUEEN Typing "Where is your tray?" Vermont University, BS. MR. ALFRED J. MEIER Machine Shop Ulf a jot: is worth doing at all it is worth doing right." New York State University. MR. KENNETH W. MELLINGER English HYou need Iots of practice," New York University, BS.: Coiumivia University, IVI.A. MISS LILLIAN O. MENDEZ Language Hsiiencioin Hunter CoIIege, B.A.: Pennsyivania State CoIIege, IVLA. MR. JOSEPH MEYERS Driver Education HSIOUI JOUJYIIH Cortianci State Teachers' Coiiege, BS.: CoIumI3ia Teactiers' College, MA. MRS. BARBARA MOORE History "Now listen to Mrs. Moore.' Smith Coiiege, A.B.: Raciciiiite, IVLA. MR. ARTHUR C. MORGAN 'Tue got news for you.' History Coiumioia University, B.A., IVLA. MRS. QUAY MULLALLY "Try to achieve that professional IooIz.H Dress Design BucImeII University, BS.: Coiumiuia University, IVLA.: Hooci College, Miss GLADYS J. NEWELL English "See me at tile enot of the period." Bridgewater State Teactiers Coiiege, BS.: Coiumtwia Uni. versity. 'Z Vocational Department STANDING, left to right: Mr. Meier, Mr. Wray, Mr. Vvalrath, ivlrs. Leonard, Nlr. Johnston, Mr, Rosencampi, Mr. Hintz. SITTING: Miss I..aRocca, IVlr. Humphrey, ivlrs. Panzica, hir. Emerson, ivlrs, Dreisler, Nliss Chapman. MR. DANIEL P. O'BRlEN Driver Education "Shift, will you?" V Savage School ol Physical Education: Columhia University. NLS. MISS HELEN C. O'RElLLY History "The truth will oil come out on judgment day." Smith College, B.A.: Columhia University, IVLA. MISS RUTH TREADWELL OSBORNE Mathematics Hcholze the hairy." Vassar College, B.A.: Columbia University, lVI.A, MRS. .IOSEPHINE PANZICA Cosmetology Hi tolci you to put the ends under." University of the State of New Yorlcg New Paltz State Teachers College. MR. EDWARD PASCIUTI Guidance UI thinlz thatls a good possihiiityf' Princeton University B.A ' New Yorlc Univer 'ty, lVI.A.. ' ",, fs?f iAlIixs.GMClxRlA A. PEQQHIC 'J' College of New Rochelle, Fordham University, IVLS.: New Yorlc University, Cvracluate Work. MR. WALLACE M. PINA Physical Education HKeep those iegs moving," lvlanhattan College, BS.: Columloia University. MRS. BEULAH s. RAMSDELL Language Hpor la ma fra." Goucher College, AB.: Duke University, NLA, MRS. MARSYL REID Language Hsiience, slii vous plaiif' New Yorlc University, AB.: Columhia University, lVl.A.g Ful- hright Scholarship: University ot Lyons, France. .,,....... MRS. EMMA ROBERTSON Secretary "That name rings a hell." New School ol Social Research, N.Y.C. MISS RITA ROGERS Physical Education 'Tm glad you cion't have three feet." New Yorlc University, B.S., NLA. MR. STANLEY ROSEN KAMPFF Vocational Hits Ll dead give-a-way." New Yorlc University, BS., IVLA. MISS ELAINE ROTHSTEIN Language UO.K. my chemin," Broolclyn College, B.A.: Teachers College: Columhia, MA.: The Sorlnonne, Paris. MR. PAUL RYAN Physcial Education 'Shape up or ship out." Springfield College, BS., NLECL MRS. BEATRICE P. SCHEIN Language "Vous me cassez les oreillesf' Hunter College, B.A.: Columlnia University, lVI.A. MRS. ANNE SCHWERNER Science "Mad about the parameciumf' Hunter College, B.A.: Queens, IVLA. MISS H. MABEL SECOR "Live and let live." University of Colorado: Comell University: Columhia Uni- versity. BS., iVl.A. MISS DAPHNE SERTON HI IUOHAET, I u7Ond9T Science Guidance Columbia University, IVLA., BS. A A A Page 15 I 2 il fivgbffb , YI .,. , 3 - 4: 4 CWM f 11,23 L H' ,MA X V L. - vs, , N- --1 Business Department STANDING, left lo right: Mr. McQueen, Mr. Clow, Mr. Shaw, Mr. Frazey, Mr. Bowman. SITTING: Dr. Frisch, Miss Cressy. MR. CHARLES R. SHAW Typing "Thats nice.n Teachers' College ol Conn., B.Efl.: University ol Coloraclo: Columlnia. MRS. EILEEN SHAW Latin "Let's have one group of perfect sentences." College ol Saint Elizalneth, B.A.p St. Lawrence University, MA. MR. FRANK G. SHIELDS Science University ol Maryland, BS.: Columhia, MA. MISS MARGARET A. SHOOP Secretary "Miss 'Coons'can't see you now." Tults University, A.B. MR. ROBERT SISENWEIN Psychology "Gum chewers unite: you have nothing to lose hut your graclesf' College ol the City ol New Yorlf, B.A., M.A. MISS CLARE F. SMITH Science "You dicln't see that under a microscopef' Smith College, B.A.: University ol Pennsylvania, lVl.A. MISS HELEN A. SMITH Guidance Hcollegesl Collegesln Comell University, B.A.: Forclham University, lVl.A. DR. CARLETON S. SPEAR Science Hls that hall cloor open?" Nvesleyan University, BS., M.S.: University ol Ghent, Bel- gium, Ph.D. Page 16 MISS NINA STARK English Universtiy ol Wisconsin, B.A., MA.: University ol Michigan: Columhia University. MR. RICHARD STEIN Physics "C'mon fellas." Cornell University, B.Chem.E.g University ol Pittsburgh. IVI.Ed. MISS ORA C. STRONG Mathematics "Remember your homeworlzf University of Olclahoma, B.A., M.A. MISS ALMA G. SWANSON Business University ol Nelaraslca, B.A.: Columloia University, School ol Rusiness, M.A.g New Yorlc University, School ol Retailing, IVI. . MISS REBECCA SYMMES English Lldlniversity ol North Carolina, B.A.: Columlnia University, .A. MRS. ANITA B. TOWLE Physical Education "You're failing." Hunter College ol the City ol New Yorlc, B.A., IVLA. MISS ANNE UGLUM Guidance ul dont hnow whether it's here, hut you may loolz around." University of North Dalcota, BS.: Teachers' College, Cglum. hia University, M.A. MISS FANNIE W. UPHAM Engligh 'llave faith." Goucher College, AB.: Columlaia University, M.A. Physical Education I Department STANDING, left to right: Mr, Magee. Mr. Amonson, Mr. Keller, Mr. Ryan, Mr. Pina. Ms Demse Mrs Towle, Miss SITTING: r . y. . Rogers, Mrs. Holula. MISS NANCY VAN VALKENBURGH Nurse "May lie a case of Scl1oolitis." Teaclriers' College, Columloia University, BS., M.A.p Ellis Hospital, School ol Nursing, R.N. MR. DANIEL WAGNER Science "lt could be '- -- lnut it's not." University oi Michigan, B.A.: Columbia University, M.A. MR. JOHN WALRATH Vocational Hplease talee your seals and lie quiet." College ol tIIe City ol New Yorlc. BS. MRS. MARGARET WEINSTEIN Social Studies "Thats really true." Hunter College, B.A.: Columbia University, M.A. MR. R. VAN WILLIAMS Mathematics Hself-respecting is respecting others." Xwayne University ol Detroit, BS., MA.: New Yorlc Uni- versity. Counsellors, Art, Nurse STANDING, left to right: Mr, Hand, Mr. Baron, Mrs. Mcpllee, Mr. Haigll- Df- - F' r Icl, Mrs Swanson. SITTING, IVIr. Itzge H - McCIeIIanfI. MISS Ugluml Mrs- Frank' Miss Van Vallcenllurgli, Mr. Humplirey. MR. SAMSON WINIKOFF Mathematics "Well, now." College ol the City ol New Yorls, BS., IVLS, MRS. IDA WILLIG Secretary "This cleserves two periocls of detention." Alnraliam Lincoln I'IigI1 School. MR. CALVIN I. WINTMAN Psychology, Human Relations UAII right, people." New Yorlc University, BS., M.A. IVIR. JOHN WIRES Science HFascinating and interesting," Haveriorcl College, BA.: Columbia University, IVLA. MR. BERNARD WRAY Industrial Arts Hpulalic eclucation is a privilege: it n he removed," Oswego State Teachers College, BS. Page I7 t g.f' 2 if ' A :"""1':2rrf: , ,. I, 'I ' 2 ' , 4 Ai f "" 'I iv'-A Q , . I X J Q Na f 4 A 7 '4 4 M f f x f f 5 'S K . 'uv ms. mf I 2, T 4 I ,M 3 1 -16? xx V f 1 -iff: 1 -...., , Wi M: f Qu I I H ' K ' Y 1 I V, 6, I ,qlmf 0. ,L '.',f' . ,Q V A n , , 51, f W ,,,, ,,,,,, x:.,f,, , W, - H? , 1, - QW , 7 " 14: 152' ' I' X in 1 I , K , ,gg ,, 4 , gi.. I - ',j inf, ,, f M 'Yi la, w, fi .ws f 4 Qi . I 1' ' , . " .' D 9' f 4gwN1db s rm W wN," "' EH We u f,' 'y I ' wmv' , ' 'V A 'Q V 'V f. Nj fu f I f I I L Isl. ,f 5 I A A J ., ff? 'Fw , if. f , nv, ,. , ., W-hw x ' , Zig, Q, , , , FQEMH jr , ,T I 4 fi f 'fl YQ fi 1' I iff W 1 M4 f' I , ,W , i ... 'S Nr' , 4 if? EQ! '5 y X?'Z? TOP Row, left to right: iviariiyn Bruckner, Benjamin Apieiinaum, Sandra Koss, Susan Portman, Sue Edwards, Ronni Danciger, SIXTH Row: Leni Ginsberg, NI-d Duibie, iviary Ann Farmra. Lucille Rispoie, Irwin Biiiman, Dcimoraii Zucker. FIFTH Row: Helen Siiano, ixiartin Ginsberg, Carol Baron, Tom Sweeney, Irene Friedricic. Jack Kaimanson. FOURTH Row: Lois Schaffer, Biii Vvagner. Nancy Cowen, Anita Freedman, Carol Regan, Randy Fora-sl. THIRD Row: iViarl'in Troun, Caren Rappaport, David Gaiiin, Sue Bromley, Sue Rosensiein. Alan Frank. SECOND Row: Nancy Morrison. Roberta Rosen, Linda Kopp, Vviiiiam Jacobson, Lucy Beckley. Joyce Amato. BOTTOM Row: Lynn Arons, Angeia Zaccagnini, Ri'l0l'1ii Triggs, David Bmclcwav, Cnr.-II Pa-J lam. M-.A..- A si . .mb A .R I Emo as if ,N W VX ? , H , L wb! f 1 w :Lili .-.f'L 5 :El X V Q ,N Q ' I 'N-1, :A W fl, 5 5- ' Q +L. .A V 1 g' .5 V X QA 'V , V H- .T U J Q . FJ 1 l xx my 1 . V: f' L , 3 gg , , f ' QF? - . K' gs.. ' - 5 51 A , J 4: I v Y , 3 lx, 1 , lf' s ' .1 Hiw-rv . 3,1 s., ' . f ' xv, ' 1 ,iv . ' " t A K . H ,NVI4 I ..,..:f - A - ff, 4,33 2 1- Q r ' f f We , V' "' -x , Q .4 , -iM. ,M . 1 ,.s f .. :.,. V X are ".L.f' ' DAVID M BROCKWAY JR President BARNET D SKOLNIK Vrce-Presrdent ABBY DICKLER Secretary DAVID NAWI Treasurer 5 45" SENIOR CLASS HISTORY New Rocheiie we sing to thee Alma Mater ciear Cherished will our memories he Of the hours spent here This echoing refrain wiii aiways ring through our memories as we iooic hacic upon the days spent in New Rocheiie High Schooi. it wiii not he just a song to us hut somethihg symhoiic which represents a period of vitai importance in our iives. We entered this schooi as the youngest memhers ofthe student hody. Our days were tiiied with anticipation and uncertainty as we strove to maice ourseives a part of the aireaciy estaioiished organization. The tirst step in our ciimh towards our goai of unity was eiecting as our,ciass otticers: Anthony Esposito, David Brocicway, Kendaii Briniey, and Joseph Rende. Under the ieadership ot our ciass government and facuity advisors, we entered enthusiastically into aii phases of schooi iife. We were the tirst sophomore ciass in many years to he represented on the Varsity hasicethaii squad hy DaviCiBrocicway and John Counts. Vvith experience behind us and opportunity ahead, we entered our junior year. As juniors we chose Dave Brockway, Martin Lapidus,-Susan Brom- iey, and Joseph Rende to iead us. As the year progressed, we hegan to pian for our Junior Prom, the second higgest sociai event of the school year. All the time we were huiitziing ourseives into a senior ciass worthy ot New Rocheiie High Schooi. We tiinished our iast year at New Rocheiie High Schooi with David Brockway, Barney Sicoiniic, Ahhy Dicicier, and David Nawi as our ieaders. We spent two years in preparation, andsucceeded in moiding our ciass into a singie united hody, which has contrihuted outstand- ingiy to the schooi in activities as weii as academic suhjects. This is the year that we, one-time oniooicers, hecame participants in the traditionai functions such as Ciass Day, Ciass Gift, Senior Prom, and Graduation. Now we are ieaving New Rocheiie High Schooi with completed memories of our high school sports, activities, and iife. We gained more than academic icnowiedgeg we have matured as individ- uais, and are prepared to set out on our various paths. We love to gaze across the iaizes To the tower proudly high A syminoi of the lives we maize The goais for which we strive. EDITH PAULA ABRAMOFF 'Agile is siveet and gentieu Olttsidt' interests: Binai Britiw Giris, Junior Hadassaiig ixiusic, Records: Dancing. Future: Coiiege. ww' its GAIL ALEXANDER "i.oveiy to iooie ut" Sciiooi Activities: Sociai Service Ciuid. ijffflfil Cillil. Olitside interests: Sigma Beta Pi So- rority: Higil Soc., Jr. Soc.: ixiuscuiar Distropiiyz Records: Bridge: Danc- ing: Riding, Swimming, Goii, Ten- nis, Skating, Boating: Art. Future: Coiiege. Page 22 HEATHER H. ADLER "Honi" "is tiiere u doctor in tile iiouseh Scizooi Activities: Frencii Amer- iian riqilflllgiltl intramurais. Outside interests: B'nai Britii Cviris: Horsciiacic Riding, Swimming, Base- imii: Dancing, Future: Coiicgez iviedicine. JOSEPH ADON ETTI "Joe" H 'Strike om-ii, tiie umpire said," Sciwoi Activities: J.V, Bascivaii, Var- sity Baseimaii, Busicctionii intramumis: i'roiection Ciuiz, Outside Interests: intermediate League Basicctiwaii, Baseioaii, Sports. Future: Coiiegc. EDWARD ALBERT "Eddie" "Always ieuviem iuugitingn Sciwoi Activities: Frencii Club, Bowi- ing Ciuilg Basicctiuaii, Footbaii, Base- ivaii intramurais. Outside interests: Junior Society: Jun- ior League Basicetbaii, Sports: Pim- tograpiiyg Records: iviatii. Future: Cniiege, JOYCE PATRICIA H ALTMAN "Jw "Friends are inorn not made" Sciwoi Activities: Bowiing Team: Crcssey Hi-Y. Outside Activities: Binai Britiu Giris, Junior Society: Tennis, Swimming. Skating: Records. Future: Coiiege. RUTH ALTMAN "Eddie" "Art for art's sake" School Activities: Dance Comm.: Art Service Ciuib, Modern Dance, Spanisii. Stage Design. Outside Interests: Jr. Society, Confir- mation, Post-Confirmation Ciasses: C.A.P.: Art: Skating, Tennis. Future: Coiiege: Commerciai Art. JOYCE ANN AMATO "Joy" "Beauty is trutii, trutii is iieautyf' Sciiooi Activities: President, Ciass Red Cross: CLO. Aiternate. Outside Interests: Co-ed Ciuia, Hot- Rod Ciuin. H.P, Ciuiz: Movies: Rec- ords: Dancing: Driving. Future: Beautician: Marriage, J U DITH ANN AMOROSANA "Judy" "Size waiizs in beauty like the nigiitn School Activities: CLO. Repres., Red Cross Repres.: Pres., Vice-Pres., Sec'y. Bus. and Soc. Adjustment Ciass: Vice- Pres., Cressey Hi-Y. Outside Interests: HP. Ciuio, Co-cd: Dance Inst.: Singing: Acting. Future: Hairdresser: Marriage. CLEMENTINE AMOROSO "CIemy' UA gem to izeiioidi' Sciiooi Activities: Bowiing Ciuid, Ten- Scimoiarsiiip Ciuio. Outside interests: Swimming, Tennis ice-Skating: Records. Future: Coiiege: Nursing, rlis: G.0. Representative. Honors: A ARNOLD AMSTER "Arnie'kU l'GoocI tliings come in a small A,-K pacleagen Sclwol Activities: Intern. Relation. Biology, Pliysics, NIMI1. .Ir. Society, Bar Flitzvali C Swimming, Outsicle Interests: Senior I'IigI1 Sorietyxv IIII A 0 Future : College: Engineer. .941 .an .XL ff A9 , I ti L Uh gd nqa Io! ta CARRIE ANDERSON "Babe" UA voice Iilee an angel" SCIIUDI Activities: Softball Honor Team, Basketball, I'IocIiey. FIo4Iern DHIICC. Outside Interests: Youtli Council: Jun- ior Uslriers: Choir: Tc-aclwing Bible Sclwool: Dancing: Collecti Rec orclsz Sport Fut ire: Har' -Etylistg i 1 , Mba UQ, W1 E H W. ANDERSON "ArounzI tIie tvorIcI . . ers ools e ' t tett Yan- : a.1mgton, Xxllxite ins too Activities: Varsity Football. arsity Bnslxetluall, Xvrestling, Var- sity Swimming: Treasurer of Class. Outside Interests: Pres., Sr. IVIetIiocIist Youtli: Sports Cars: Bowling. Future: Engineering or Accounting. ROSARIO AN DOLINA "Ray" "Let tI1em caII it mischief" Outside Interests: Racing: Dancing: CDHISI Recorcls. Future: U.S.IVI.C.: Ollicer School. ROBERT ANDERSON "Bob" "IVIusic sootIies tIze savage Iieastn School Activities: Ixlarclming Band, Concert Bancl, Sopli. Clmir, HB" Clmir, Clioir, Outside Interests: Plii I.amIucIa Frat., Treas.: I.arcI1, Amer. Leg. Band: Ixlusicc Dancing: Horses. Swim- ming, Basketball. Future: College, Fleclicine: Air Force. bf ANTHONY JOSEPH AN DRE "Tony" "A IittIe Hercules" Ag: Scliool Activities: Varsity Xvrestlingc Varsity Q" Outsicle Interests: Fellowsliip Club: Electricity: Cars: Collecting Bill Haley Records. Future: R.C.A. Te-clinical Institute. f BENJAMIN H. APFELBAUM KlBen1 l'VersutiIe" School Activities: Rocli. Eclitor: G.O Dance Comm., Rocli. Stag: Sopli., .Ir. Sr. Councils, Rep.. Ir. Prom -I-iclce Cllr., G.O. Alter.: Soc. Ser, Club, Amer, Tliouglit. Drama: Bancl, Orclm. Co. ancl, Clmirs, Dlale, Octette .- rabli, DIgr. Honors: SCIWOI. Outs Iriterests: Jr. Soc.: TASK :C E. PAUL ARVIDSON HA Giant Among Men" School Activities: IV. Baslcetlia IV. I:ootIJaII, Varsity Baslietlvall. Outsidtf Interests: Plii Lanilvcla Fr ternity, Cliaplainq 'I-lie Pintarclsz Part-time JOIJ: Sports: People. Future: College. 4-" 43? JEAN AYERS "Raise your voice in gladnessn Sclwool Activities: Rep.: Ethel K. I.oeIv Clulv: Soplw. Clioirs, Double Octettez Rocli. Bus. Stall, Rocli. Stag Comm. Honors: Scliolarslwip Clulu. Outsicle Interests: Pres. ol La Jeun- esse, Sigma Beta Pi: Civil Air Patrol: Clwurcli Clioirq Boolcs: Future: College. page "Ali, llow cuteln ,Cf AC 47' il4fCfV"X"' 7245? fwzgeew ez!! 7 ,e 4 Qseeaste HGraceful Gnd , If Scliool Activities: o Britliz Xvliile Outsicle lnterests: B'nai Plains Youtli Club: Piano: Danc- ing: Recorcls. Future: College. W il ALFRED J. BAIO "Butch" HA real sport" S 1 l Activities: lv. Football, IV. vtmll, Xvrestlingz Varsity Club. on :' National Poetry Association Interests: Cars: Slcetclmingz ollerting Recorcls. ' :uture: College : Engineer, CAROL ANN BAIO "Cinderella" "Quiet anrl gentle as a lamlf' Scliool Activities: Red Cross Club: Bowling. Honors: Typing Awarcli Business ancl Social Acli. Class Awarcl, Outside interests: Bowling: Slcating: Dancing: Records: Swimming. Future: Secretary: lvlarriagc, JUDI BARATZ Mlqlie love liglit in tier eye" Scliool Activities: Bowling Letter Honors: Scliolarslmip Clulo. Outside Interests: lr. Society: B'nai Britli Girls: Dancing: Fasliion: Def signing: Law. Future: Business Scliool: Aclvertising. CAROL eye as. iffy. FRANCES MARIE BARONE "Little one" PETER BARDUNIAS "Body" "Getting to lenow YOUH Otlier High Sclioolz Long lsland City- Scliool Activities: Band: Stuclent Court: G.O, Repres. Honors: HODOF Role. Outstanding Citizen. Cert. Outside Interests: Boys' Clulo of Queens: Part-time Job: Swimming? Art: Music: VVriting: Science. Future: College: Lawyer. KENNETH D. BARCLAY Z ilpipgsll "Giving tlie Runaroumlni I Scliool Activities: Varsity Cross-Couw try and Tracli Teams: Varsity Club. Outsirle lntvrests: Playing ln Pipe Bancl: Cliurcli Baslcetlnall Team. Cllurcli Llslier: Nlusic. Future: College: Engineering. Page 24 School Activities: Bowling Clula, Riel- ing, Social Service: Huguenot Hi-Y. Outsicle Interests: Community Cllestg Reel Cross: N. Y. League for tlwe Harcl of Hearing: Sports: Sinatra Records. Future: Business Scluool, RICHARD. BARSAMIAN !iDickM UA nice and frienclly guyu Outside Interests: Salesman: Stamp Collection: Skating: Swimming. Future: College: Arcliitect. i 'fl' 54 ff f X X 'ii vig, ' , 1 iiiZMfrGf we . . , 'jfmf' ,I ,.., K, 'V of gg, f 1 Za ,,,L ' jfgfgfi X77 if . i ,EI fra 4 , ' , -ff 1' f : -11 ffffifw fin . - 737,75 fpw.1y1.-W4 1- We to .rg .--.. 5 ,f :gre ' , , rrr. E fp . .5 4' 1 I 7' ' f'7'TfCr,, filth fftizit ,. j,'wf '," ffl' , f 'af iv' f . 'wif' nf Qt H-Zi:2?.?f f 1' Hflff' f. f f R. A 2 AARGA T BARSTO icisfki Moot c iviti s: Bancl rclqestra " " ' . fu Qoutsise ger sp hi Del A2 N' - cgi Winns outll Group: usic: Sporg: Sew. King. get J ez - ' ' o ege, Music Teacher, KJ QM' ALAN D. BASES usinlz or . . .U School Activities: Swim Team: Physics Clula, Projection, lnternational Rela- tions, Biology: Stage Crew. Outside interests: Jr, Society, High Society: Stamps: Cars: Hunting: Fishing: Photography. Future: College. NORMA JEAN BATES "Nicer than ever we thought" Q LESTER BENOWITZ "Benny" ELIZABETH R. BELSKY "Liz" Hspirit, wisdom ancl charmn School Activities: Soc. Ser. Cluln: Ethel K. Loeh: Hug. Her., lvlgr, Ecl.: Amer. Th.: 0.0. Assemloly Comm.. Ch. Honors: Shawnee Scholar., Schol. Clula: Natl Poetry Anth, Outsicle interests: Bvnai Brith Girls. Sec., Treas.: Rep. to B.B.Y.O. Con.: lr. Soc.: Shawnee AI.: Jour. Future: College. 33' 'VN Letter. Other High School Atlenclecl: School Activities: Huguenot Hi-Y, Pres.: lntramural Baseloall ancl Bas- Ifetllallc Soph. Council.. Outsicie interests: Cats. Future: Nursing. LUCY ANN BECKLEY "Goal has gifted her well in beauty and virtue., School Activities: G.O. Rep.: Con- vcrs. Cluln: Soc. Ser.: Ethel K. Loch! Amer. Thought: Youth Fellow, Hon- ors: Schol. Cluln: Natl l'lonor Soc.: Poetry Anth.: Outside interests: Sub Delas, Prog Ch.: Phi Tau: Xvinnsz Shawnee Alumnae, Pres.: History. Future: College. SAN FORD L. BEHRENS HHe's got that magic touch" School Activities: Junior Prom Dance Comm., Rochellean Dance Comm.: Kiwanis Key Club: "A" Choirs. ,ufiapgy is the man who is 5 l free from carey' f I ' School Activities: Latin Clulo. Science: Vvrestling. Other High, Sohoo At' tenclef1':'JoI1rl Adams: Base a Baslcetlualln' if L,,f "X l Outside interests: Jr. Society: Sr. High Society: Sports: Cooking! Future: College. v ' ROBERT G. BENZ "Bob' "ln every art it is good to have a mastery' School Activities: G.O. Rep.: lntra- mural Footlvall, Baslcetlnall. Outside interests: Injectors Car Clulo National Rifle Asso. ot Amer. Guns: Hunting: N.R.A.: Cars. Future: hlarines: N. Y. State Police. THOMAS BIANCHI "Tom" "His company is an everlasting pleasure School. Activities: Varsity Baseloall. 1 if K BARBARA BELL "Small oi stature, gay and fair" School Activities: Choir: French Clulu. Conversation: hloclern Dance: Tennis: Kirk Chorus. Honors: Scholarship Club. Outside interests: Phi Tau Sorority. Treas.: Sub Dehs. Sec'y: Ivletho- dist Youth Fellowship, Pres. Future: College. Honors: Typing Proficiency Awarcl. Outside Interests: Temple Activities: Piano Playing: Stamps: Reacling: Stoclc Ixlarlcet: Bowling: Swimming. Future: College. aff Q1 George Nvashington. Outside interests: Sports: Balting. Future: College: Engineer. Viv Sv IRWIN E. BILLMAN "Suaue Ir" HHere's wisciom with a touch of wit" School Activities: Biology Cluls, Nlath, Physics, Spanish: l.ox Hi-Y: lv. Hocltey, Letter, Intramurals. Honors: Scholarship Cluhz Essay Awarcl. Outside lnterests: lr. Society: Sr. High Soc.: Stamps: Sports: Cars. Future: College: Business or Law. Page 25 ,fe of "Zi aww Jim oi- SCHA HTER 9- Ustie truiy enjoys titeu Sciioot Activities: Ricting Ctuiw, Social Service, int. Retations. Otl19f Higii Sctioot Attended: Torrington Parte Engtanci: Fencing Troptiy. Oiitsizte interests: Bvnai Britii Gifts: Sutm Dc-tus: Reaeting. Future: Cottege. PM LOLA MAE BLUE "Emory" "Happier with each Jay" Sctiooi Activities: Hocicey, Votteytnatt. Base-izatt, Bastcettaatt, Niociern Dance, Outsirte Activities: N. A. P.: Y.P.C.L., Pres.: Ctlurcii Choir: Decons, Sec.: Cottect. Jazz Records, Piano: Sewing. Future: Nursing: Marriage. JAY PAUL BLUM 'AHonest and sincere is tw" Seiioot Activities: Dc-tfaating Ctuiu Aiiierican Ttwougtit: tntramurais. Outsiiie interests: Betti-Et Bar tviitz- vaim Ciutm, Pres.: Reading: Recorcis: ttistory: Current Atltairs. Future: Coitf-ge. AGNES BOLLING "Aggie" usiience is more eloquent than words" Oiitsifie interests: Eastern District Ciiorus: Spirituat Recorcts, Future: Business Sctiootg Stcnogra- ptier. Page 26 ANTHONY JOHN BOGGI as-I-Onyn Hiwerrity, merrily silaii I tive" Outside interests: Legitimate Hot Rod- cting: Automotive Vvoricz Bittiarcis: Bowting: Horse Back Ricting. Future: Automotive Training: Armed Service. Qs . , -,va A A 1 it mol. i . R LEON BOLOGN ES E "His social, frieneiiy, honest heart" Sciioot Activities: Art Ser, Ctutn: Hu- guenot Heratfi: Roctmett. Art Staff: Dance Comm, Other Higil Scilooi At- temiect: Forcttiam Prep: J.V. Footiuatt. Bastietbatt: Sctloot Paper: Dance Comm.: Puioticity Club. Outside Interests: Tau Pi: Art: Sports. Future: Cottege, -tsmyff t Hirqeiiy iiiiesn QST: glut? Con. fctlingh anci, Orch.: igh School At- eeh. Eagte Boy Scout: Society: Motor Cycies. Future: RALPH ALONZ ' E BO TICK ' ' " - x ' AWB ed' wilt tim X. yn ILE , ntevkjigfz' n griti oung opte's Cin ir" rons Sing-1 n o : Pt og cor qi Nt a :Spur ut e ott e ug aming t. 1 RJ j x X, SUSAN BOWMAN "Sue" "And ati tier taste to tae sweet" Scixoot Activities: Frencti Ciutm: Choir: tntramurat Tennis: Modern Dance. Honors: Sctwotarsilip Ctuia. Outsicteqnteresisz Sub Detvs: iVi.Y.F.: Skating: Reading: Dancing: Sing- mg. Future: Cotiege: Teaching. BRACEY "Professor" TTIOYIYIGTH eam, Wres- Coast Cvuarct: Cil Activ.: Cere- a s Rec Dancing I y: s ' 5 p 1 an' i'itt e: Di se oot: Coast Guard. Jo PH Mf1,+W I ent ace- oving in re T S oI Activities: Plmysic. CIuI':: s g eam. utsicie Interests: Ciiemistryp Gun Electronics. V Future: Engineering. JI , 30 ,X fi 'G' 4-1. 4-. A JEAN BRANDON "Cupid" "As IoveIy from witI1in as from IUIIIIOIIIH Scliool Activities: BasI4etI'aaII Honor loam. Baseball Honor Team: Bust' ness Service Club. Outside Interests: Diary Batlione IX'Iisses, Treasurer: Sports: IXIusic: Dancing: Sigma Beta Pi. Future: Business College: IVIarriage. U' .1 W Ac fb ,VL : ' , g K! df E figural ff l - - . e A ay I 1' 'f - T t- - i:ir,Q::'.'2.ili gk a riffs. Q 14 3, - 1 C : 9. k g tst Q faith , -- Q u 3 ' -IH ' 1 I F ' F n z coudgfdriavy. A I "'i .' V is-f C-2,,f,jfgg : . e 2':'aY2f:s.+s: X HELEN BRADY FRED C B EIS . MOI o cheerful Iooiz, a pIeusing eye" Incl LCI Il I I 5' 1 ScIiooI Activities: Huguenot I'Ii-Y, Re- on I 9 C, Cording Sec'y. Carnival Ch.: Girls' c oo ties I3 c Cu Intramurals: Co-ecl VoIIeyIJaII. Honors: Sciiolarsiiip CIUIJ. Outside Interests: BS. CI1urcI1 Cam- paign Cluimz Sports: Dancing. Future: Nursing. RICHARD J. BRAND xx,-fmpynn "A cI1eerfuI disposition for future success" School Activities: Band, Concert Band, Clioir: I:ootIJaII Intramurals. Honors: Sclmolarsiiip Club. Outside Interests: Sports: Boy Scouts: CI1urcI1 Activities: Plfiotograplwy. Future: College: Engineering. RONNA BRAND "Ronny" HSI1e conquers aII witI1 quiet charm Scliool Activities: Band. Orch.: Ir., Sr., Council Rep.: Dance Committee: Rocii. Bus. and Lit. Stags, Honors: ScI'i0IarsI'1ip Outside Interests: Ir. Society: B'nai Britlu: Sports: Recorcls. Future: College. - 'F'-' fi by-v Jr. x axwne I1 ars ip utsid tere ts s Ku ani C u L H ' u ' e It co U I1 ' , ' . -- I In, ' th. .tI'ieI . eIJ: get - eam. ra. Intram . : ,ia - Sclwolare SI1' ro ' a ., . olp ' ef : 'nt gz Av 'T I1 r a ii: Future: oIIege Engineering, CAROL SANDRA BRESSLER MA cheerful smile is IiIee Iier sunny heart" ScI1ooI Activities: Dance Committees: Bowling. Outside Interests: Junior Society: Joyce: Eaton Hem. Soc.: Swim' ming: Knitting: Skating: Dancing. Future: College: Teacher. MARILYN HELENE BRESSLER "Rocky" "Size ivI1o is a weII-roumieci sportu Scliool Activities: Bancl. Orcli., Co Band: Bio. CIUIJ: Hoclcey, Soltlva G.A.A. Bd. Honors: Poetry Awa 1 Poster Awarcl. .It'. Soc., A on I 6' I sill. 51?- It Q-.-, Outside Interests: Horseloaclc Rid Q QI Future : College: Nursing. 3iF'5'eQg'tU A 0Q:Q PQFE 0 He tone is cf ca one FRAANCEKN E q f ' I ' 9 School Activities: I' Clioirg Re Cross Rep: .-Xrciiery, Niocl. Dance. I:enC.: Hug. Her. Honors: Poetry Award. Out5icIe Interests: Asso.: Cliurcii Act.: Nlusicz Swimming: Arciiery: Drama: Reading. Future: College, Page 27 ARTHUR W. BRILL "A good mind possesses ci Izingdomu School Activities: CLO, Rep.: Band: Physics CIuI'J, IVIath, Spanish, Treas.. I..ox I'Ii4Y, Sec., Convers.: Swimming Team, Intramurals: Rochell. Lit. Staff. Asso. Ed.: Sr. Council. Honors: Nat'I Honor Soc.: Scholarship CIuIJ: Nat'I HS, Poetry Award. Outside Interests: .Ir. Soc.: Electro. Future: College. RICHARD A. BRONSON "The wise shall inherit gioryn School Activities: Band: Bio., Creaf. Vvrit. Club. Honors: Scholarship Club. Outside Interests: DeIVIoIay: Piano: Vvriting: Drawing. Future: Doctor. DAVID M. BROCKWAY, JR. "All worldly honors shall Ive his" School Activities: Band, Orchestra. Soph. Choir: Conv. Clulo, Pres.: Varsity BasIcetI3aII, Co-Capt.. Cross-Country: G.O, Rep. Honors: Vice Pres. Soph. Class, Pres. Jr. Class, Pres. Sr. Class: AII-County Traclc Team: Nat'I Hon. Soc.: Scholar. Interests: Ch. BI-ctI3aII: Pintards. Future: College. TIMOTHY KEVIN BRODERICK "Timbo" "Laugh, clown, laugh" Other High Schooi Attended: Iona: Activities: Vars. and IV. Baseiaall. Bowling. Basketball, Football. Outside Interests: Ardsley Rod and Gun CIUIJ: IVIarine Corps Reserve: Hunting: Baseloall: Girls: P.A.D. Future: College: Veterinarian. DOROTHY BROMLEY "Toy" Hshe has a certain charm ahout her" School Activities: Twirling Squad. Head Maiorette: Mod, Dance, Bas- IietIJaII. Honors: I956-2nd Place 2 JAMES THOMAS BROWN ilT0mmy!9 "A man of many sportsn School Activities: Audio Visual Club: FootI:maII Team, Track. Other High School Attended: Evander Childs. Outside Interests: Meth. Youth Fel- Iowshi , Vice Pres.: Sports: Music. Future: fgfollege. REGINALD BROWN "Buddy" "Every man is a Iuuilderu School Activities: Football, Basketball. Outside Interests: Boys' Club: Parties: Cars. Future: Air Plane Mechanic: Air Force. MARILYN BRUCKNER "Mari" MOI pint-size gaietyn School Activities: Soc. Ser., Fr., Art Serv., Int. Rel. Club: Roch. Dance SUSAN W. BROMLEY HNone Inut herself can Ive her parallel" School Activities: Soph., B, A. Choirs Con. Club: Ir, Class Sec., G.O. Rep. Dec. Chr.: Twirl., Kiclc Chorus Hockey, Arch. Chr. Honors: Scholar. Outside Interests: Phi Tau, Pres.: Sula- Dehs, Vice-Chr., Treas.: IVI.Y.I:. LS. Club, VP, TAP.: Sports Future: College: Social Vvorlc. Page 28 Batons in NYS. Twirling. Outside Interests: Suia-Delos: Vvinn Phi Tau: Sailing: Fire Twirling. Future: College. Comm..I'Ionors: Scholarship Club. Outside Interests: B'nai Brith: Jr. Soc.: Painting: Vvritingz Horsehacic Riding: Music. Future z College. CAROL DIANE BRYCE Ilworthwhile to Iznown Schooi Activities: Orch., Girls' Cho- Tl-15: Ethel K. Loeb CIUIJ: Roch, Bug, Stall. Honors: Shawnee Scholarship. Outside Interests: Sigma Beta Pi: La Jeunesse, Sec'y, Future: College. ADRIENNE BUCHWALD "Small in stature, lnut not in sweetness" Other High School Attended: Evancler Chilcls: Activities: Drama Club: Dance Comm.: Intramurals, Honors: Honor School: Jr. Arista. Outside interests: High Society: B.B.G.: Tennis: Dancing. Future: College. JUDY CAMERON HBGIIOIJ a nohle face oncl stature., School Activities: Orch, "A" Choir: Nlocl. Dance, Tennis, Hockey. Honors: Cert. Rec. Vtlest. Sci. Fair. Outside Interests: Suln-Delos: Phi Tau: Vvest. Fell.: Sailing: Piano: Horselnaclc Ricling: Dancing: Violin. Future: College: ivlusic Eclucation. . KARL LCACCIOLA, 1 Peake" : Y JUN N L ROSALEE BUCKN ER "Rosie" Hxvarm with the sun always lay" Honors: Scholarship Club. Outside Interests: Recorcls: Dancing: Cooking, Future: Secretary. v "ye,-ft' , -v Z ' 'uljlflpiiy 90, feels!! ll Dutsiktev lnterests: Horses: , Billiards: RiHeryl' A ll Future: lXfl'axjnes:'fA,x91itectural En- gineer., ' Y gg .h 5 1' ' Ar , U L .f . : T I V, X' V N 1 ' xg 1 . vf ,ff ,, ,: ,, W ROSALIE ANNETTE i' CALABRO "Ro" "Very sweet ancl very gentle" School Activities: Hug. Hi-Y, Rep. to MVP., Sec., 12: Chr. Dec. Comm.: Roch, Art Staff. Honors: Schol. Club: lst Prize N.R. Clean-Up Drive Poster Contest: Hon. Nlention Poster Contest. Outside Interests: Soclality: Records. Future: Commercial Art: lvlarriage. i.,.,,f PAUL R. CAMPBELL "Laugh and he merry" School Activities: Vars., Soc. Ser. Club: Dance Comm.: Vars. Hockey Volleyball. Honors: County Volleyloal Champ., W.P. Civ. Del.: Bluff Point Sid Asso. Tau Pi, Hist.: Water Skiing: Boats Sport Cars: Hockey. Future: Nlaritime Ac.: Service. ROSE MARIE CANDIDO uRosen "Beauty fashioned well" School Activities: Hucl. Plc. Club: Sec., Trees., Cos. Class. Future: Marriage: Beautician. "'X JLIDITH ELLEN CANTER "Young at heart" School Activities: Math Clula, French, int. Rel., Eth. K. Loeb: Dance Comm.: Jr. Council: Lunch Trail, Sq.: Cheer- leacler, Bowling. Honors: Schol. Club: County Champ, Volleyball. VKLP. Outsicte Interests: O.R.T., ECL Co-orcl.: Jr. Soc.: B.B.Cv.: Piano: Theatre. Future: College: Teaching. i Outsicle Interests: Youth Fellowship: -it ,J ' . fs' N fg Qi MARYANN CAMARDELLA "Happiness is the only good" School Activities: Girls' Chorus: Cress. Hi-Y, lxlath, Phys., Bio., Sec. il, Pres. 12, Proj. Club: Roch. Bus. Stall. Honors: Cert. Rec. Xvest. Sci. Fair. Outside Interests: Soclalily: Young Dem.: TASK: Civ. Del.: Knitting. Future: College: lxlcclical Technology. TERESA ANN E CARBON E HSweet as sugar" School Activities: Hug. Hi-Y, Soc. Ser., Bio. Cluln: Dance Comm.: Fenc- ing, Volleyball, Honors: Scholarship Clulv: County Volleyball Champ. Team. XVP. Outside interests: Phi Delta ,V.P., L21 Sub-Deltrsz Camp. Club: Soclality: Dancing: Skating: Sewing: Recorcls, Future: College. Page 29 EuGENE vicrok CARINO i f I ' Scivooi .'Ii'til'ities: Bamif I Outsute Interests: Cars: Guns: GQII. 25, I ' I ITHIIIYF1 Air Force. , ,Vr, i 'ff AV A nu, , Qc I I , 7 L ROBERT LOUIII? OW! HXVH is the SGI C0 i0lt,' III R ., I tt f ct: - 'V Ex.,V cas., Studew Ku' UI, . 0 ep.: ootima . .x Mg. QV? 'I OAI icie ntIirests: etim Ig 0aIs:SI4i- ' ing' c Izmir : it g. Futlltg: fin ego' Lmw. I 4 ROBERT THOMAS CARROLL gs C' VICTORIA CASSANO "Vicky "But Itmu nrt tuiru fvtiulr Higti Sctumi ,Ittencieriz SI ' " "t'MIeX-n fmI'vru'I Q: .Ac Iwi ir'-: . 1. . Ss , Uutsiiie Interests: NIm'ie4: Parties DIIIH P41 I'QI'iflI'fIN. I-IIIHTPI ciilI'f'f'I' Nxvllillrlll Page 30 "Bob" Uiwiiri may be ttiy Iifen Sctumi Actiriities: Swimming Team. OI I It 1 u su e n eres s: Base-I'mII: Basket- IvuIIp PmwIingp IJuuI. Future: Xvork. ROSEIVIARIE CARROLL "Rosie' "Beauty is tier profession" Scimoi Ai'tii'ities: I-Iuii. IJIQ. CIuIm. O f I i Da 2 NI u sicie nteres S: 'ncirr 5 . 'ovies Swimming: I"IiIIIniIIy Recorcis. Future : A Iarria gc: Beautician. JOANN THERESA CASSARA HHow sweet, Imw gentteu Outsicie Interests: Records: Dancing: NIusic. Future: Secretary, ANGELA CATULLO "Angie" HXxX'7Il9t'1. yoifre smiling . . ,U Scizooi Activities: Pres. Cos. CIass, IO. ll. Honors: EnterecI N.Y.S, Hair styIing Contest, Outsicte Interests: H, CIuI'J: 20 . 30 CIuIJ: Dancing: BowIing: Swim ming: CoIIecIing Records. Future: I'IuirstyIisI: Iviarriage. ERNESTINE CAVALIER "Tina" HSPEQCIT. is great, siience, greater" Sctroot Activities: Treas, Sr. Cos. CIass, Honors: ScIxoI. CIuIo. Outside Interests: Xvorking in Beauty Shop: Recorcisg Dancing: Drums: Bowiing. Future: Beauty Operator: Iwarriage. Q0- Future -a-' ARNOLD CHERNOFF "As merry as can ine" Scilooi Activities: Int. Rel., PI1ys., IVIatIx, Kiwanis Key CIuI'J: Inira., BaseI'mII NI:xn.: Rocil. Bus. Staff: RUCII. Stag Comm, Outside interests: .Ir, Soc.: High Soc.: EagIc Scout: Reading: Tropical Fisixg Stamps: Spring. Future: C0IIpgo, DAISY B. CHERRY "Cherry" UTl1e voice of tlie merryn Scimol Activities: Bus. Ser. Clulw Honors: Xvest. County Foul Stmoting Cliam lion I . Outsicle lnterests: N,A..'5t.C.P.: Dean- eIIes: Dancing: Recorcis: Sports. Future: Comm, Bus. Sciioolg ixiar- riagc: Bookkeeper. fu N WERNER SKIP 53 DIANA COHEN "Dee" BENITA R. COHEN 3 "Benin Htfncierstunciing, a fountain et life' Sclmol Activities: Soc. Ser. Clulo. Fencing, Creative Xvriting: Hockey: .-Xrcluery. Honors: First Prize N.J.T.L, Cont. Outsicle lnterests: B'nai BritI1 Rel. Chairman: Ir Soc.: Teen Higli Sty.: Arts ancl Cratts: Recorcls. Future: College: Alerclmanciizing. mr' T." 1-5. fi CHRISTIANSENXQ' venus" I Y mligebfrdigpqxtiess, ta'rI1Q9!! 51.410131 Aetintlies:BElQ5oi!I'JIei'VG'e1E: Ritie Teen- kf:f'i'1: ' . lntereshts: Bpfiscotiltsz CIWUFCI1 GLOW Hunli , I Swimming9lgQ,liei6a'n.fff Future: Coliegegifiniiness Aclniinistra. n iff! gl' FREDERICK C. CHRISTIE "Tell me wliyu Sclmol Activities: Sopli., B, HAI' Clxoirg Pliys., Nlatlw, Debating. Ctzess Lslulv. Honors: Sclnolarslwip Clulv. Outsirle Interests: Cltess: Language: Reaciing, Future: College: Niatli. CAMILLE MARY CLAPS "Camel" Nitty iieart is lilze a singing bird" Sciiool Activities: Bus. Ser. Cluln. Otizer Higiz Scliool Attended: St. Galnriel. Honors: Sctxolarstiip Club. Outside Interests: 20-30 Cluiu: Co-Ed: R.E.C. Corp.: St. Joseplfs Clwoirz X X HBRIIOICI, joy and giadnessn Sclwol Activities: ivlodem Dance Clula. Soc. Ser., l:rencI1, Art, Dra- matics, Outside Interests: Art: Dancing: Btu- sic: Nurses Aici: .Ir. Soc.: B'nai Britlw: .lr, Future: College: Teaciiing. MARTHA SUE COHN "Honor, glory and popular praise" Scizool Activities: Cao. Rep., Alf. I2- Rocli, ECI.: Soc. Ser. Clutn Pres., Bi- ology, Vice-Pres.. Creative Xvritingz Dance Comm.: "Ps", Soplm. Choirs: Amer. Ttiougtit: Intramurals: Fencing. Honors: Sctiol. Club: Sp. Mention Poetry Antlmol. Outsicie interests: Pres., G.R.T. Future: College, DOMINICK COLABELLA "Nico" "Skilled in many ways" Outside lnterests: Playing time Ac- corclion: Raclio anci Television Serv- icing. Future: R.C,A. Tectmical Sciwoolz Flilitary Service. wtf. Ivti, 1 ..,.. . f-fa" .1 L' .I Q ,wr 1 ww 2 li, t - -I wa :i ' itil . L RICHARD L. CLARK "Dick" "Knou1leclge is power" Svlxool Activities: Orclm: HA" Cltoir. Double Oct.: Sopll. Coun.: Sat-ttmall. Honors: Honor Soc.: Sclml. Clulu. Oiztsicle Interests: Cllurcli Clloirg Pllil. Sym. ot Xvest.: Cliurclm League Basket.: Nletli. Youtli Ijellows. Pres.: Fislting: Science: Tennis. ljuture: College. Singing: Dancing: Knitting. Fu! ure: Secretary: Housewife. ,mil -Z... W! X I Y it f Y, . I Q ', it : 0 WILLIAM E. COLEMAN "Bill" "A merry lteurt VIIGRPHI a ciieerlul Scliool Activities: ITootI'JaII: Track' Basketball: Pulalic Speaking Ollrier Higlz Scliool Attended: Betti- une. Honors: Gold Baskettmll, Letter- Golcl Foottvall, Letter: Track Troplrny Outside lnterests: Baseluallg Basket- ball: Track: ,Iazz Banci. Future: College, Page 31 HAROLD J. COLLINS "Joe" "He hath a heart as sounct as a heIII' Schooi Activities: IntramuraIs: JV. and Varsity BaseIJaII. Outside Interests: Connie IVIacIc Base- IJaII Team: Xvorhing on Cars. Future: IVIajor League BaseIuaII PIayer. KATHARINE TERESA Jfg qrs',..ti to N DJ' Wy ELEANORE B. cosTA HEIF5. - I CONNOLLY "Kathy" "Sweet and gentle" School Activities: .Junior CounciI, CLO. Alt. Other Schooi: Resurrection Acaciemyz GIee CIuI:J: AthIetic Assn. Outside Interests: Sub-Dehs: Damien Cuh: Designing CIothes: IVIusic: Knitting. Future: CoIIege. UNO-Iegacy is so rich as honestyn . vldt'foRts.g.o?slo .K "The'1,qise,ghc1II inheryl-hgourn ScI1oflvActivitiesg:'vArt CIuIJ, GIee: Ban : Stage Cratt: Yearhooitz Dance Comm..QtRr Highxgchcd Attended: IonIg,0 A Outside Interests: Art. Future: CoIIege. Isirg -1 v 1-'Q . School Activities: Hockey, VoIIeyI3aII, N BaseIJaII: Orch.: Art CIUIJ. Outsicie Interests: West. IVIancIoIin Soc.: Vvinn Church Group: .JuiI4 IiarcI SchooI ot Music: St'ucI. Teach- er: Writing: Records: Sewing: Sports. Future: Music Teacher: IVIarriage. T: , . I 'Q X 0 GLE .' JEAN MARIE cosTA rn ea SNNI ' AM "Be arniahie and you wiII he Ioveciu Sch tiv J. . a a rsity Schooi Activities: Cressey Hi-Y: Hair Base , Va ri onors: StyIes anci IVIaIce-up for Dramatic BaseI3aII, ocIcey Letter. CIuiJ. Honors: SchoI. CIuIJ. Outside rests: ing: .Jazz Outsicle Interests: Beauty Shop Work: Record Sports: . ting: Fishing. Dancing: Music: BowIing: Stock Future: CoIIege. JOAN L. COOPER "Coop" Hvtfhat, me worry?" Schooi Activities: Archery CIUID, Fenc- ing: Co-Chair. Dance Comm.: Office Vvorh. Outside Interests: SUIJ-Dehs Hos. Chair.: Phi Tau Soi.: I..,S.C. Group Sec.: Dancing: SaiIing: Ice Skating: Swimming: Vvater Skiing. Future: CoIIege. Car Racing. Future: Beauty Shop Operator: IVIar- , riage. JOHN COUNTS JR. "Junior1gS-ff' by HA good sport is Iovecl hy ati" Schooi Activities: Vars. Bc-1sIcetIJaII Q' Capt. 12, Track, Football Capt. IQFS' Conyers. Honors: COIL Award: ,AII County FootI7aII, BasIcet,:"' haII, Track, Letters. Outside Interests: Drawing: CoIIect- ing Sports' Pictures. Future: CoIIege: Pro. Sports. RHETA A. CORMAN "Rusty" mrhe Ioui of hindness is on her tongue" Schooi Activities: Bio. CIUIJ, .IoumaI- ism: Sports: Roch: Bus. Statt. Other High Schools Attended: Ixiiami Beach: XVaIton. Outside Interests: B'nai Brith: Jr. and Sr. Soc.: TraveIing. Future: CoIIege. Page 32 I I I 3 E Ed. NANQQTIMARJOQIOCOWEN F HAVI Hilti lffigllfifi hfgrld in hand" Schoo,ITActivities: Cheeisitfiaciingq Sopi Jr.. Covtrn.:'SicfQSer. Chrgt Art S4 Sec.: Red Cross Rep.: XL-. Pm gomnlgl, fig? K K V urs' It JXS ,, B' Britlfz BQi1fnEIIiea.12f,KAfl2t, T832 er: Irs O'lR.T.:,,, A Future: Coitege: Art. 4' rg" if f it 7 JOY DANIELSON K s Higwwr K ri", I A ..A l lil S'-. lil F E le, v . ALBERTA COZOLINO "Her ways are ways of pleasantnessn School Activitiesg Cressey Hi-Y, Sec.: Baseloall lntrangurals. Honors: Noma Certificate. ' j I Outside lnterests: Skating: Dancing: Bowling: Sewing: Scraplnoolcs: Rec- orcls. Future: Bus. ScI'1ooI: Sec. BRUCE CRAFT "Crafty" I O RONNI LYNNE DANCIGER 'Little friencls may prove great friends" Sclrool Activities: Soc. Ser. Clulv, Con- versation, Frencli: C1,A.A.: Clxeer- leacling Capt. l2: Roclm. Lit. Stall: Cv.O, Rep.: Dance Comm.: Olilice Xvorlc. Honors: Scliol. Clula: Hon. Bien. Cancer Contest. Outside Interests: lr. Soc.: .Ir, O.R.T. Future: College: Plwys. ECI, "Tire Brave man carves out luis fortune" Scliool Activities: .l.V. Football: Stage Cralt: Stage Crew, Outside lnterests: Work: Naval Re- serve: De Malay: Golclens Rods Hot Rod Cluluz Cars ancl Racing: Boats. Future: Post Grad.: Navy: College. ROGER CRAIG "As upriglrt as tlie cedar" Scltool Activities: Deb. Cluln Vice- Pres.. lVlatI'1., Dramatics: Arn. Tliouglwtz Cross County Traclc, Mgr. Honors: Scliol. Cluluz Natl Forensic League: Oratorical Contest. Outside lnterests: Sailing: Sliawnee Alumni Assn.: Young Rep. Clula. Future: College: Law Scllool. CAROL ANN CROCE "How fair and pleasant art tliouu Scliool Activities: Hug. Hi-Y: CLO. Rep.: Dec. Comm. Outside Interests: Sec. ol: lVl.Y,F.: Cliurclm Clioir: Recorclsz Swimming: Dancing: Reacling. HA tliing of Beauty is a joy forever" Scliool Activities: Typing ancl Sllort- liancl Awarcl. Outside Interests: Nlusic: Sports: Travel. Future: Secretary. BRENDA L. DAVIS "Such a friencl is liarcl to School Activities: Bus. Sev. Cluln, Fu- ture Nurses Club: lntramural Sports: Sopll. Clioir: Bloclern Dance: G.O. 3' 0" Alter. -V Outsicle Interests: Slcating: Dancing: Swimming. Future: Roosevelt Hospital Scliool oi Nursing. JOHN F. DE LENO "Dio" "Strong men olrtain ricliesn Outsicle lnterests: Cvollz Sports Car Racing. Future: College: Law. I., H, N . HOPE GRACE DAMORE uHopielr "Time truly great are truly good" Scliool Activities: Cressey Hi-Y: Bowl- ing Club: Rocli. Art Stall. Outside Interests: Art: Bowling: As- tronomy: Sports. Future: Art Scliool. Future: Insurance Scllool: Sec. iv! 0 SAM DELLA DONNA "Dell" HA little worlz, a little playn Outsicle lnterests: Baselaall: Dancing: Coll: Swimming. Future : ylarines. Page 33 PHYLLIS DENNIS "Phil" "Hers is the sweetest smile" School Activities: Business Service filuli, ftutsirle Interests: lun Icunz-sse: C Ivrle Nlrpliatter I7zin filuhz' organist: Reaiclingg Ijitxnog Iimvi-Iingg Danf- ing. l'ulure: Business Sc Imfil. MARGITA DIDERICHSENNGIH i "Her heart and soul are light and gay., Other High School Attenxleclz Rye HS.: Poster Clulaz Recl Cross. Outsiclo Interests: Painting: Sports: Cooking: Dancing: Church Fellow- ship: Stamps: Sewing. Future: Secretary or Ivloctelz Travel- Q' 17" 'ff' MICHAEL DE RENZIS "Mickey" "Ire got ilip worlrl on a string" Outsirle Interests: Baslxctlvallg Danc- ing. l'uture: Nlnrincsl JULIA DE ROBERTIS "J.D." "Huw Izeuutiful her Clnysl' Srlmnl rlrtiritiesz G.O. Representa- Iixe. Honors: Sfluxlzirsllip CIUII. Uutsirle flclivities: Knitting Clulv: Sewing: Knitting. ljulure: l:ilSlli0l'l College: Fashion DC- signer, ROBERT S. DE SANTO "Bob" Hlxlen ot few worfls are the liest menu Sr'l1oolACtlI'itiPS: Biology CIUID: Soph., Choirs, Honors: Thircl Ijriye Xxlf-st. Sri:-nie Iiair I957. Outsicle interests: I-Iunting: Fishingz Ijlzine Ijlyingg Photography. Iiuture: College: Science. FRANK DIETZ mlqhe victor is he who goes it alone" School Activities: IV. Foothall. Other High Schools Attenclerl: Iona: Blessed Sncrmnent. Outsicie Interests: Mechanics. Future: Auto lxflechanics School. SUSAN DI PIETRO "Sue" 'Bring your smile along" School Activities: Cresscy Hi-Y. Other High School Attended: Bellows. Outside Interests: Swimming: Danc- ing: Reading: Records. Future: Business School and Secretary: Marriage. LU LA DOCKERY ".lee-Jay" HA merry heartn School Activities: Business anal Social Adjustment Awarcl. Outside interests: Church Chorus: "'I4emf'JIers": Horse-haclc Riclingz Reading: Traveling: Records. Future: College or Business School: Travel. ABBY CATHERINE DICKLER "Her cheerlul smile is like 'IVV SHIIIIY lllllflll School .'Ic'Iil'ities: Supli. Cuun., oft Rep.: Int. Deliritirig, Creat XX rit., Ainer, -Ilunuglitg Brunei :incl cjftllj KEfJllYf'I'. CEIUIDQ Cjllllll' HUYIIJVSI Sr filuss Sec.: Iilniim cxfrIll'f.ft' Key XIIII I'4wrf'nsir Imaigg 5IllUl, fluli: Nutil Nlvrit I'-vain, Noni, Oulsirle interests: Ir. Sue.: Suh-Delis, Future: College Page 34 fy., if PETER DOWNSBRDLIGH "A handsome and witty young mon., School Activities: .l.V. ice Hoclcey. Outside interests: Sliiingg Basketball Stamps: Guns. Future: Architecture, IQI . t I it D, l,l tm H ill, 5 in 's 1 sonlei H .0101 ftivlies: ' ' . r ' Htl HU UO 'li uls' n ross: o L 5: at - :. 'ot 112 ot t : tl' t 4 X . JA I J H din et 1 c 'Je NI tl Lt t cf llof x Ollie Htglt Fltwol .Lttem 1 ' w ft: Bas- Lai it Lit tltll. 1 H 9 1 O itle I te t B tl C m s. x P. ttltl ll Ro I t E llt :ll um xo eje Q i ,L .ix . .. ,, W '-: Qi . r I .- X Q' I ' .4 WILLIAM DOYLE "Foot loose oncl fancy free" Outside Interests: Xvater Skiing: Sliin Diving: lee Slcating. Future: Navy: Institute lor lilertronirsg Te-leplione Company. FRANCES DRACE "Fran" K 'ITII8 Ineouty of ller fair Imirll Outsifle Interests: Listening and Col' lvcting Rorlx ancl Roll Recorcls. Future: Business: Typist. "His nature carefree, Ilis manners easy Scliool AttenCIecI: James Dlonroe HS.: lamps Flonroe Honor Scliool. Recorclsz Boolis. PAULA EBERHARDT Hsugur uutI spice ami everytliing nicely Scliool Activities: Am. Tliouglitz llug. Her., Journ.: Creative Xvriting. ljrentli, lntrn. Otlter Htglt School At- terieleti: James Dlatiison: uxlaclison- iunu: Arista: Honor Biology, Englisli. Honors: Scliolarsliip Clulv. Outside Interests: Sul.:-Deins: Yfllltll Forum: Diusic: Sports: Tlmeta Tau. Future: College: Joum.: Foreign Curr. STEPHEN DRAIZIN "Steve" Scliool Activities: Span, Club, Plath.: Baslietiwall, Team, Otlier I'IigIi Outside Interests: Jr. Soc.: Baslcetlnallz Future: College: Business Aclministra. SUSAN LOUISE EDWARDS HEoi'el5' to loola at, tleliglittul to Jenoivl' Scltool Activities: Span. Club, Biol as ogy, Nlocl. Dance, Fencing, Soc. Ser. Dance Comm.: Hug. l'li-Y: lntra Sports: Teens vs. Polio: Girls' Clior. Roche-ll. Honors: Scltol. Club. Interests: Phi Delta Sor.: Sui:-Delos LS. Cluln Tre-as.: Youtlw Fell. Future: College. 5' NOEL SQ: Higlt plwam. Outsirle Interests Soc Sports: Tlteater: Flus Future: College. RONALD P. EINZIGER "Ronnie" HA man of Ilumor and l'teart" Scliool Activities: Span, Clulo, Var- sity: Dance Comm.: lntramurals, Cross Country. Outside Interests: Jr. Soc.: Baslcetloall: Recorcls: Sports: Coins. Future: College: Business Aclministra. CAROL J. EISENBERG "Pretty to walle with: witty to talk with" Scliool Activities: Soc. Ser. Clulaz it Elect, Comm.: G.O. Dance Comm.: Tennis: Clwoir: Rocimell. Statt: Teens 3 vs. Polio, Honors: Sclwolarslwip Clulu. " T Outside Interests: B'nai Britlm, Junior Soc, BLD..-X.: Tennis: Flusic. Future: College. KENN ETH EKLUND Uri Iiuppy youtlin Varsity Footlball Trails xleclal, Basltetldall lntra.: Dlatli Clit . Outsicle Interests: Records: Sports Scliool .-ictirities: liunting anti Cvuns. Future: Engineer. Page 35 Howley td ScI1ooI Actuities Xiatti CI Ia Physics' Track Team Ottler I'IqIi ScI1ooI Ar, utsute Interests Ir Soc Ra io- oy ScItooI Actuzties GO Rep Soc. Pl' ROC Bu qla D DCE' 0I1ll'Il.I utswIe Interests Q Io D I1 Ir Soc. e t xn Nat Orcim. n gsm N Y A Q ate Band and O CI1 A pen Viu ic Fest: FX f'.t' BARRY A. EMANUEL "Pancho" "A sportsman Iien ScI1ooI Activities: Varsity Tennis, Var- sity Outside Interests: N.R,I'I.S. Rec. Comm, DouI'JIes Vvinner, Singies Runner-Up: Sports: Boy Scouts: Stamps: Records: Hi-Fi. Future: COIIcgc: JUDITH A. EMMERSON uJudyn HA person wortI1 Iznowingn Sctnooi Activities: Bus, Ser. CIuI'J: Huguenot Hi-Y: Cilorus: Bus. anCI Soc. Acijust., Pres. Outside Interests: Campion CIUIJ, C,Y.O.g Ice Skating: Dancingg Rec- 0I'dS. Future: Secretary: yiarriage. MICHAEL EPPINGER "Deserve success and you sIu1II command it" ScI1ooI Activities: FIag I:ootIJaII: News Eoiitor Hug. Her. Honors: ScI1oIar- sI1ip Outside Interests: Ir. Soc.: Eagie Scout: ExpIorer Post: Short Vvavec Camping anci Hiking. Future: Ioumaiism, 3 I nd' Orch. Interests: Dance Bands: Sing- ing. Future: CoIIege. KENNETH R. EVERETT "Good nature is one of the richest virtues" ScI1ooI Activities: IntramuraIs. Honors: ScI1oIarsI'xip CIuIo. Outside Interests: Boys CIuILJ: Sports: Traveiing. Future: Business. GRACE M. FAN ELLI "Gracie" Hsoftiy speaizs and sweetIy smiIes" Scnooi Activities: Art CIUIJ: Soc. Ser., Twiriing, Dance Committees: CLO. Repres. ' Outside Interests: Phi Deita Sorority. Treas.: Sub-DeI'Js: Ice Skating: Art: Swimming. Future: Junior CoIIege. JEAN ERITICHMAN Sctwoi Ifactivtties BasIcetIJaII Foot I'JaI OII1 r I'IgItt'Sc ool AHS J Music and Art I'I1gI1 cI'1ooI onors Iona La guage Com Ft lst P Ile Nat MEIIEESJIOI Test Outside Inte ests J Sports Future pgmeermg getJIog1ca ilskeef! FRANK FATO King Sciwoi Activities SociaI Service CIuIJ Creative XfN7l'lIIl'lg Debating Can 1cI Pilot Dance Comm Outside Interests Vvnting Tape Re Future CoIIege TraveI JANICE FEGO "Jan" Hxylw art so little and so Cliormingn Outside interests: Cliampion Club: Huguenot Hi-Y: Bowling. Future: Xvorlcp Flarriage. EY. N .31 DAVID S. FERREIRA "Farouk" "Tile clmrm and playfulness of l'1istall2" Sciiool Activities: CLO. Rep.: Soplt. Coun.. lr., Sr.: Track Tean.. Outside interests: Navy Reserve: Clzampion Club: C.Y.O.: Bowling: Fislfiing: Golf: Baseball: Pool. Future: Navy: College. EQ 1 Q: CIVIA M. FEIGON "Red" "Charm from tile Slay", School Activities: Tennis Intramurals Tennis Team. Outside Interests: Student-Teacliing B.B.G.: Tennis: Swimming. Future: College: Elementary Ed. JUDITH A. FELDBLUM I!-ludyli "A ready smile, a iieart of gold., Scliool Activities: Bowling Clulu, Soc. Ser.: Bowling Honor Team: Kicls Cliorus. Honors: Typing Award. Outside interests: Sigma Beta Plii: Jr, Soc.: B.B.Cv.. Ser, Arms, 12: Dancing: Tennis: Bowling: Future: College. ROBERT FELDGARDEN "His wit malzes otiiers witty" Scliool Activities: Flatli Club, Pliy- sics, Debating: Hoclcey Team Alana- ger: Am. Tliougllt. Honors: Scliolar- slwip Club: National Flerit Sclaol. Test. Outside interests: Chemistry: Flatli. Future: Science. SUSAN FIEBIGER "Sue" 'l DdWFES,' Scliooi Actiritie . Fre li CIA, Span- is :Q c S , o gyhnemfair- 0 a rogf: Girls' Cllorus: Somm. Homo k rQ1ip Outside interests: l. Nu 's Aid: Knitting . - ., .. . Teacher: XVor at Ar. Const.: TASK. Future: College: Nlerclianclizing. ANTHONY J. FILLAT "Tony" "For his a folly good fellow" School Activities: Intramurals, Foot- laall, Xvrestling Letter: Varsity Club. Outside interests: Nlusic: Sports: Tau Pi Frat.-Vice-Pres. Future: ylarines or College, HARVEY ROGER FINDLING ul lznow u little init ulwout a lot of tliingsn Scliool Activities: Xvrestlingg Band Letter. Outside interests: Jr. Soc.: Higli Soc.: Flusic: Reading: Sports. Future: College. MARY ANN S. FERRARA uixlerrily, merrily slmll I live." Q ol -lctii itie Clieerleader Capt. -rim . ' S: . - IQ: Conn-rs. Club: Dance Comm. Outside Interests: Ptxi Delta: Tennis Sports: Dancing: Nlusic: Boating. Future: College: Dental HYSien9 Marriage. QQ V Q . .. :J A - 5 : .1 , . . '-.' ef 51 1 . . ' I ILONA R. A. FINK "Dimpies" Hxxvitii Cl song in my lieartn Scliool Activities: A Clioirz Red Cross Repres. Honors: XONlA Spelling Award. Outside Interests: St. Pauls Clioir: Secretary ol St. Pauls Guild: Danc- ing: Collecting Records. Future: Private Secretary. Page 37 RANDALL FORREST "Jake" "Born to be llappyn Scitool Activities: Footluall, Letter It l2. Co-Capt. l2, Xxlrestling, Capt, Il All County Xxlrestling: Varsity Cluln Oxitsifle interests: Boys' Clulw: NAA- CP: Dancing: Sports. Future: College. ANITA FREEDMAN "Aki to ine so sweet and lovely" School Activities: Soc. Ser. Club, lnt. Rel., Span.: Intramurals: Booster Comm.: Rochell.: G.O. Alt.: Xvllfli in Olllice. Honors: Sclwlarslctip Club. Outside Interests: Sigma Beta Pi B.B.G.: Jr. Soc.: Stucl.-Teacliel Contir. Class: Boolcs: Tennis. Future: College: Elementary Eci. MICHAEL LEE FOWKES "His nature is carefree" Otlwer Sclioolsz St. Peters-lntramural Baslcetlvall: Honor Roll: lona: N.R.- ll.S. Xxlrestling, Outside Interests: Alter Sclrtool Join: Cars: Hi-Fi. Future: College. ALAN G. FRANK "I coulrl licwe clonced all r1igl1t" Scliool Activities: Roclm Bus. Stall. Roclx. Art: Roclt. Dance Comm., Booster: Biology Honors: Scliol. fllulxg Poetry Cert.: Poetry Soc. t'xYYHl'fl. Outsiclr' Interests: .lr. Soc.: TASK: Dancing: Art: Fisliing. Future: College: lxlerlirinn JUDITH FRANK "Judy' HA wise uncl understanding lieartn Scliool Activities: Social Service Clulm, Bowling, Honors: lst prize XV.C.T.U Poster Contest, Outsirle Interests: Hugucnot Hi-Y TASK: Comnler. Art Xvorlcg lxlusic Future: College: Commercial Art. ELEANOR ANN FREID "Ellie" "Site pleases all time world" Sciiool Activities: Soc. Ser. Club, Frencli: A Clwoir, B Clloir, Sopl1 Clioir: Rocliellean: Jr. Prom Comm.: Reel Cross. Honors: Sclwlarsletip Cluln. Outside Interests: Vol: Nurses' Aicle: TASK: Jr. Soc.: Reading: Art: lvlusic. Future: College: Elementary Ed. MELVIN K. FRIEDMAN ilMeIu Write pen is miglitier tlwn the sword' Scliool Activities: Pliysics Cluln, Nlatlm, Cliessg Swimming Team, lntramurals. Honors: Sclmolarslwip Clulo. Outside Interests: jr. Soc.: Boating: Science. Future: College: R s arcli Scientist. rm sfwt IRENE FRIEDRICH "Full of all grace" School Activities: Business Service Club, President, l2. Honors: Scliolar- slmip Cluln: NONIA Spelling Contest. Outside interests: Tennis: Slcating: Nlusic: Dancing. Future: Secretary. :WW Selma! Letter. lietlrall SPC. Tffri te. .' "But: e t I l 100' oot a', et er, l TG8CllSF JOAN cARMELLA Pucci DWIGHT P- GARDNER njoqnfeu "A AIan with Character" "A quiet gmc?" School Activities: .I.V, Footloall, Traclc - f - 2 2' Yr s' ' - School Activities: Business Service Viv, Timrizi Co rapt. I ,X wr ity CIuI3 on C-lub Honorgl YO-VIA Q ellin Con- vers:-ation. Honors: Votecl outstanding tgqt ' U A A A Tp g runner in county: All County Track Team I95T. Outside Interests: Phi Delta Kappa: Xvest. Iazz Soc.: NAACP: SPONS- Future: College: Phys. ECI. Teacher Outsicte Interests: Cressey Hi-Y: Dancing: Piano. Future: Legal Secretary. .z lv? A Qt" JOHN ALLEN FULLER "Slim" UTQII and so very fast" School Activities: Football . Outside Interests: Cars: I: Future: Air Force. ee9f'eeQ UV . wit w Ni W cw vw 66924 t W Q MMT JOHN ANTHONY GAITA "Big John" HI'Ie is u goocI fellow" School Activities: Bowling Team. In- tramural Flag FootIJaII, Honors: Typ- ing Awards. Outside Interests: Bowling Team: Na- tional GuarcI: Drums. Future: Oil Burner Repairman. DONATO F. GALLELLO uDannyn "Life is but a song" School Activities: Band. Outside Interests: Trumpet. Future: Army. DAVID M. GALLIN "Athletics huild toward chamctern School Activities: tI.V. FootIuaII Let- ter, Var. Football Letter: Wrestling. Letter: Varsity Club, Physics: Prop- erties Comm., Dance: Altemate to Senior Counsel. Honors: Scholarship fi u 1. Outside Interests: Music: Sports: Reacling: Vvater Skiing. Future: College. MARGARET MARY GENOVA "Margie" "Gentle of manner" School Activities: Business Service CIuLa. Honors: Typing Awarcls. Outside Interests: Driving: Roller Skating: Records, Dancing. Future: Office VVorIc: US. Air Force Nurse. PATRICIA GERARDI "Pat" "Life could not he better" Other High School Attendem-I: St. Gi-zIarieI's. Outside Interests: Co-ecl Club, Cam' pion: Skating: Dancing: Swimming. Future: Secretarial Vvorlf. f , X JWLY :ft I C nts! . S EIN YIC ll UTI U.'l'l0 has ' zgenceu 1 Var. Tennis, Swim- CIUIJ, Flath.: Concert Alt.: Junior Coun- I'Ionors: Scholarship Honor Society. Iunior Soc., Senior: League B sIcetIJaII: Tennis, uture: Diwew I-L ' ze ox - , . X ---.ex V '- T .. W F II l .1 r tg- onors: Scholarship Cluh: "A" "yn LS.1Vi.A., 1957 LENI MARILYN GINSBERG "The play must go on" School Activities: Drama Clula, Mod- ern Dance, Soc. Ser.: Thespian Soc.: Gratorical Contest: Badminton, Fenc- ing. Honors: Typing Proficiency Awarcl: Scholarship Cluls. Outside Interests: Y.lVl.l'l.A. in M Vernon: Camp: Tennis: Reading. Future: College. MARTINAI. "MuQffma'be 43" Future: Coll!ll,Aclver11s1 . t. Z UGoocl humor is goodness and wisdom comhinedu TIMOTHY M. GLEESON l1Teddyl! "Men of few worcls are the tnest men" School Activities: Youth Fellowship Clulo: Bowling: Footlnall lntra., Bas- lcetlnall. Outside Interests: Bowling Team: Oil Painting: Gun Collecting: Work: Boat Builcling. Future: Electrician. 7, N etii et. AMUEL GOFF "sammy" 3:3 : :: 'K' M . S It 1 ' School Activities: G.O. Alternate: A it E I-E-gg In X, Spanish Club: Dance Comm.: J.V. f,fiQi- A.. vl, Outside Ing, S. glior Baseball, intra. Baslcetlaall, Varsity V:,.' ior: lce Slcatigg: i ' rack I A Hlwfff . 7 - - Vx ming' High Society: Sports. . I College: Advertising. . ,f I 4 i . : I w MARIE Jovce GLARIQON' "Mild manners- and a gentle heafg' School 'Aciivjties: Hug. Hi-Y, Chair- man ol Ser. Comm.: Fencing. Honors? Scholarship Clula: lprof, .-Awarel in Typing. A . p Outside ln'ierestS: Youth Fellowship. ' Dance Comm.:" BiS. Churctjfsod., Boarcl: Sewing: Dancingffy Golf. K Future: College: ,lVlath. Teacher? ",x "f-- P 7' ' A . Q W 0 CTOLUYIH National Honor Society. I "future: Dentist. ,r ' ' 'fm . ,, JOWHAN GLASS "Glossy" H ope of society is inolividual x character ' X Soho Acti 'esz Or stra: Jr. Class 2, Veep, Il, ig, Hi reas Veep. 12: V5 a ntra ysics Clu e ln erests Nlu ic lscience. Future: College: 3lE'CliCin9- : 'ARNOLD GORE "Arnie" "The quiet mind is richer than Other High Schools Attended: Vvm. Howard Taft, Honors: Tall: Arista: Outside Interests: Golf. Baseball. Interests: Phi Lamhcla Frat.: fik f , i 5 i, -Rm 322, iggegg. 'Nt een JE . ' ."3 e.' -Q' TA Y- . g :Le egxxzg. in :Tr I 1.', J f" C .f1'f'VAl . Q I v-T , , vs ,f . A . N, 4. . lt-Dv r ' U" 1'l"'AU F41 ,.,' h X V ,iw .9 BER ARBWI. outs? 'lsemie' .f GECKGE A. out I K is confpqny is an eveglastiw ' "4Good hum e l ., 'L pleasure" "ob ff' t ra le" Sol-tool Atfiiyies: xydrsity Clulz,AB'ols,A, ischo Wires: ogy, PIII-ylsicsg Q.ire'n'i'is,try:,'JfgtX. Ei? I ' oil Hi-Y Cub arsit out , et s. rf' 0 a n a. onors Outside Int Zsfgf' Jgrfgggety: Outside Interests: Lite Guarcl Society? Ehotput: fbisectinlgy ho- Camping: Swimming: Sports tcigra h ijporls. Future: College: Science. Future ol ege: Bushiess Administra. ESTELLE GOLIGH ' . 'Quiet PEFSOYIS are IUEICOTYLC everywhere" School Activities: Bowling and Tennis lntramurals: Huguenot Hi-Y: Champ- ain. Outside interests: Sulo-Debs. Future: College: Biology. JDHN A. GRAHAM "QuaIity, not quantity, is my measure' Schoot Activities: Band, Orchestra Choir: Dehating CIUIJ, Nliath., Phy sics, Dramatics: IV. BasehaII. Honors NationaI Forensic League: SchoI. g CIUIJ: Nat. Honor Society, +- Outsicie Interests: Ir. Soc.: New Roch Orch.: :XII County Banct. Future: CoIIege: Liherai Arts. 7 I HARRIET L. GREELEY "How sweet and fair she is" WILLIAM A. GRAHAM JR. "BNI" "Thy modesty is a candIe to thy merit" Schoot Activities: RocheIIean Art Staff. Outside Interests: Member and Offi- cer ot Various Antique Automohiie CIuIJs: Art: Cars. Future: Art Schooiz IncIust1'iaI Design. RICHARD S. GRANAT "Hitch your wagon to a star" School Activities: Roch. Yearbook, Asst. Edit., Roch, Bus. Staff: Physics CIuh, Ntath.. Creative Vvriting, De- Igzating: FootIJaII Intra,: Lox Hi-Y. Honors: SchoI. CIUI1 Outside Interests: De IVIoIay, Sr. Stew- ard: Ir. Soc.: Xvest. Sci. Fair. Future: CoIIege: Law. WALTER GRAND "Wally" "The minxt is the standard of the man" Schoot Activities: Swimming Team. other High SchooI: Forest I'IiIIs High. Outside Interests: Xvater-Skiing: Boat- ing: XVorIcI Attairs, Future: CoIIege: Dteciicine, Z 'ff 'x ScI1ooI Activities: Soc, Ser. CIUID. Ethel K. Loeh, Conversation: Archery. Tennis: Choir, AtIantic City Choir. Orch.: Putn.: Senior Counsei Rep, Honors: SchoIarship CIuh, Outside Interests: Pintards, Pr. Ch., Treas.: SuI:1'DeIas. Pr. Ch.: Phi Tau. Rec. Sec.: Hattorct Youth En- semIJIe: Church Choir: Youth Fei. Future: CoIIege. 'S' SIMON R. GREEN "Si" "Genius is onty great patience" SchooI Activities: Physics Bridge, Chess, Projection: Tennis. VoIIeyIJaII. Intra.. Var. Tracie, Cross- Country: G.O. Rep. Honors: CIUIJ: Nat. Honorisaciety, Veepypi yin Epsiion Ivtattiifwm. V " Outside Interests: Chess,:wReading. Future: Couatie: I 'H' , ,ITF F :EK 'I r"v.LVv - I wo . 4 V ALAN L. GREEN BAUM "A cheerful disposition for future success" Schoot Activities: Spanish CIuI:a: Swimming Varsity, Capt., FoothaII Intra.: Lox Hi-Y. Honors: ScI'1oIarship Club. Outside Interests: Veep of IVIetropoIis Country Ciuh Jr. Group: Sports. Future: CoIIege. BARBARA GREEN BERG IKTIIE heart to conceive, the understand- ing to direct, and the hand to execute" SchooI Activities: "A" CI-mir, ,Il-,, Soph.: Roch. Bus, Staff, Bus. Dian- ager, PutJI.: Co-Chair. EIections Comm.: French Ciuh, Sociai Service: Soph., Jr., CounciI: Chair. Roch. Stag, G.O. Rep, Honors: Schot. CIuIJ. Outside Interests: B'nai Brith: Jr. So. Future: CoIIege. as ' -. rt 'T HV' . -N if V. si -V f f ' . - L 1513- " .".' - - f- 1. r -4 .fem 2 1 is . J. , - - - 6. a-'leaf - ' NONA D GREEN HA flllflg O DECILUX IS G ION OFQFQI' Schoot Actuities CheerIeacImz GO AIt QOCIBI Qenice CI I3 Ba Icet a Intra Dance Comm Re Cro Rep Outside Inte est qlema Beta P1 Ir Future CoIIege -Xirime Hoste RICHARD C GREEN BERG ScI1ooI Activities Xar Track Letter C 0 Countn Letter hess Xarsity CIuI:r -'X Choir GO Rep Hug Her E it n Ch et Qhawnee 'it um FII A Fl Honor CIUI3 Q BW nee qcho Outside Intere ts High Noc CI1 Future CoIIege , r I v I A . 1 .wiv If' - " ' - , wir". .Mn r 1 , x x, - 31 5 - 'Q' -. ' .QT jrsj' JX i - .V f 4 "' N6 MARJORIE GREENHLIT 'IA picture is ci poem uiittzout morris" Sctiooi Activities: Horst-IvacIi Ricting Ctutu, Snr, Ser., Creat. XVriting: Rocii. Art Staitz IXIocI. Dance. fjtiwer Srirooiz I.r- cxIlflIl'IiIIIII!', SNX'II7f'TIrlI1CI. Honors: Nat. IIS, Poetry Assn.: -Iwernp. Assn.. trrt Prize: Bronze IXIerIaI Ior SI-giing. ,Af 'Enya ELAINE M. GUSSOW "Gus" Goodness is u speciai Linri of beauty" oi Activities: Baseball, Tennis: Vays 5- Ivtcans Connn, Dance: So- cial Service CIULJ: Business Stnttt, PUIW- Iications. Honors: SCIIOI, CIuIw. Outsicie Interests: B'nai Britti Cviris: .Ir. Society: I'IigI1 Society: Drama- Oiitsicte Interests: PIN DQ-Ira Sur.: , Soriety: Painting: Srutpturez Inrtia. Future: CnIIr'gc. Ir. MARTIN N. GREIFINGER llMarty!! HA gooci companion, an easy friencin ScI1ooI Activities: Bi0Iogy CIuIv: .I.V. IIof'Iif-y: Yr-arIuooIx Bus, Statt, Ptiotog- rapIiy Stnii: Varsity I'IocIiey, Honors: N I1oIursIlip CIUIJ, Outsirie Interests: .Ir, Society: Gott, J Iennis: I Imtngraptiy. Ijuturvz College: 3IccIicine. CHARLEEN HAILE "Leen" Uxvtmo couici ine sweeter?" Sctloot Activities: Basctwatt, VoIIeyI'naII. Outsirie Activities: Ntary Bethune Jr. Ivtissesg YoutI1 Depart.: Ustier Boarft: Cooking: Sewing: Dancing: Skating: Cottmrting Rf-corcts. Future: Dress Designer: Sec'y. 0.1 RITA F. GROSSO "Ginger" MI-Iiere's no rosnwtif for Izenuty v IiIee Iuippinessi' Srimoi Activities: 0.0. Rep.: Fressev III-Y: Virr--Pres. uI finsii'etoIogy CIEISS. fytiivr Higii S1 Iumi .'IIIOnrIerI: St. CTRIIIVIPIIS, Honors: SFIIUI. CIuIv: Sor:iaI Stufties If-itat. Outsutv Interests: II. I7Ii. CIuI:: lio- NIS: Ori'I1icIi-ttrs QIUIH. I'uture: ixtnrringcz Bcautifiarl. 4,J2.f gion, Future: CoIIc-ge: Engineering. JEANNE T. GRIFFIN HA master oi QII sire attempts" Sriiooi itrtivitiesr Soriat Service CIuI'J, Hors:-I1acIi Riciingz Intra., I"IoCIQEy, BasIietIuaII, Fencing, SoItImaII, Honor 'I'vauns, I'Ir'xcIu'y, BasIQvtImII, S:iItImnII, Tennis. Honors: SCIIOI, CIUIL Outsirie Interests: Hug. I'Ii-Y: Swim- ming Team Ior IIi-Y: Sports: Oit painting: pI1otograpIiy. Future: CoIIegc: Ptiys, Ect, Teactmer. WILLIAM HAMILL "Hambone" "He ttiat Iovetii pieasuren Sctiooi Activities: IntrzunuraI FootIvaII, BHSIQL-tI1aII. Outside Interests: PI1i I.amIJcIa: Lea guc BasI4ctIxaII: GOI Qnnis, I3aseImII, BasIccrtInaII: Cars. Future: CoIIcgo: CI1emicaI Engineer. ROBERT R. HARGROVE "Ami tile nigI1t strait ive fiiied mitti music" SCIIOOI Activities: A, B CI1oir, Boys, Ctmrusg Trattic Squad, Outsizie Interests: Usticr Board, Pres.: Asst. CI1urCI1 Qrganist, Pianist, CIiiIcIren's Ciioir: organist, Baptist Youtti FeIIowsIiip: Baptist Training Union: Ntusic: Ptmtograptmy. Future: Ntusic School. tics: Piano. Future: College: Teactming. JUDITH L. HARRIS "Judy" mfiio' many are cuiied, few are chosen" Sciioot Activities: G.O. Rep: Hon, Syst. Comnr, I.uncI1., Sr, Roch, D?1Y1lff. Sr. Dance, C0-CII.: Conyers. Arctr, EtI1eI Lucia: I3uI3I5, Honors: Essay Awarct, Typing A, Outsiiie Activities: Sui:-Dr-Ims, Vp.: Ptii Tau Sur., Vcp: Pint., Pres.: Dance Comm., CIN.: Youth FeIIow, Fnimp- f',.IIn,,,. JANE HAUPEL -'Janieff Hxxiitli u lieart rrortliy oi n queen'- Sclrool Activities: Ciressey Hi-Y. Hon ors: Typing .'sXXYEtfti. Olitsirle Interests: Campion Clulug Tennis: Swimming: Slratingg Bowl: ing: Dancing. Future: Dental Assistant. SUSAN N. HAYES "Sue" HA smile makes life ruortii living" Scilool Activities: Social Service Cluld: is Hoclxey. Bowling Honor Teams. Hon- ors: Hi-Y Service Pin: .Atliletic Awarclz Delegate to State Hi-Y Govit Prog Outsirle Interests: Huguenot Hi-Y. Community Service. Future: College: Teacliingl THEODORE C. HEGGEN 'ixvliere tlzere's cr will, ti1ere's a way" Scliool Activities: Soplr., A, B Choir: r Qs ALEXANDER HEN DRI E "Butch" 'ifllexanzler tire Greatu Scllool Activities: TV: Basketball, Var- sity Baslxettmall, lntramural Baslietivall. Outsicle Interests: Cliurcli League Basketball, Recreational Baslxetlnallz Cars. Future: Service: ixlarriage. lrrnior Varsity Baseball. Honors: Booti- lieeping Proiiciency .-Xwarcl. Outside interests: Commoclore Echo Bay Yaclit Club .luniorsz Cllurclm League Baslcetiaall, Recreation Com- mission Baslietinall: Cars: Boats. Future: Accountant. JOYCE E. HEINEMANN As lovely from within as from rvitiroutu Scirool Activities: .Art Service Clulu. Riding .Awarcl Award. Outside Interests: Bowling: Skating: Plli Tau Sor.: Art. Future: College: lnterior Decorator. Baslietliall. Honors: Art : Natoinal Higli Scliool Poetry Z ELAINE B. HERBST UA true tirienci is one two iwodiesn lQLaneyH soul in Scirool Activities: Bowling Club, So- cial Service: Dance Committee. Hon- ors: Typing Prol. Awarcl. Outside Interests: Junior Society:l'ligl1 Society: Sigma Beta Pi: Binai Britlm Pres. e Future: College: Elementary Ecl. HARRY JOSEPH HERMAN "Glory in young men is strengttln School Activities: lv. Football, Var, Footlwall. Letter, Var. Xvrestling. lv. Baseirail: Basl-aetluall, Baselaall lntra- murals. Varsity Cluln. Outside Interests: Campion Clulbz Tau Pi Frat., Serg.-at-Arms: Clwurclw League Basketball: Sports. Future: College: Geologist. Outside interests: ,lunior League Bas- - GEORGE HENRY Hxo small uri is it to sleepn Scliooi Hlctirities: Pliysics xlHilT9t'I1EiiiCi, Bi.-ilngy, Honors: Honor Society: Sclmlarsliip Clula. lietloallz Xxlorliz xlusic: Bowling. Horse-liwacli Ricling, Future: College: Veterinarian 45 1 .ggu RICHARD STUART H ERMAN "Ricky" "A fine fellorvn Ottmar Higli Sciiool Attenderiz Stuy- vesant: Fencing Cluln, Cliess: Spiro- more Football. Outsicle Interests: B'nai Britli: Pim- tograpl1y: Fisliing. Future : College. W -Wie Clulu: Swim J lxating. Tennis: Roclt Roll ixlusic. XXHZIYPE Page 43 MICHAEL T. HICKEY "Mike" HFor JIPIS a ioiiy good i0IIou"' Sciiooi Activities: Tracie, Bnwiing, Baselwail. Otiwr Higiw Sciiooi Ar tencieri: Biesseci Sacrament: Ciwexc. Outsiriv Interests: Co-Eli Ciuiw, Cmn- pion: Xxiater Siding, Sicin Diving. Harseiuacic Rioiing: Cars: Training Xviici Animais. Future: Air Force: Animai Tr. ..,. BENJAMIN JOHN HOLLIS HSOIHPIQOFIY Ill? IIIPTP IIJCPS TIIPH gcimoi ,ICtii'ities: Intramurni Bnseiwnii. FootIm1iII. Basin-lIinII. Olilfrr Hirlii SFJIUOI .XIIPYIIJPIII BOYQII CFIQLIUI IXIKIS, Iniperini King-. Corus:-rxntixe Cents: Tmfix Imttvrs. Oiitsirie Interests: Bnriwrinz, Hair Stviingz Drzixxing: Dancing I-uturt-: .-Xrfiiiteftllro. Page 44 Snr ini Ariiiistnient Awarci, Oi Fr BARBARA A. HIN EY "Bobbie" "Site rides Iike tiwe wind" Sciiooi Activities: gopii, Cimrus. Hon- ors: Tvping rxwnrri: Business Awami: itsirie Interests: Xvnrii witI1 Horses: Ice Skating: Swimming: Dnnring. Future: Typist: Riciing Instrurtnr, GAIL HINMAN I"Irish" Ugeauty Umarinrnedu Sriiooi Artirities: gnrini Servirr' Ciuiu Outsiriv Interests: NITE Fiiurrii Yuutii Group: Reaifiingg Sewing: Danringg Xvnriiing. I ' Future: -I-eariicrs Coiiegcg Eiern. Erij Jif- .L 1 . SANDRA J. HOFFMAN, Hputienge. aim! gentien-ess is power" .qciiooi Activities: Snniw. Cimir, "B" fimir, HA" Cimqirhping Pong CIuIw,l Deimting, Crbatiye XVritinfJ,:'RnrI1. Yvarimngii. Honnrsz SCJIOIFIVSITID CIuIm: Simwnec- Sriihinrsiiip. Outsirie Interests: Siimvnec' Aiumni Assn.: Bimini Britii Cirisg Young Jufienz HIIISIC. iiure: Cniiege. THOMAS B. HOULIHAN HHis nature is carefree, iris manner easy ScI1ooI Activities: Intramurai Track. Oiiwr Higii Sciiooi Attemieci: Biesseci Seutrnnrent. Outsicie Interests: Campion CIuI'm: Skin Diving, XVatc-r Siding, Go Tennis, I'Iorsr'ImfIc Riciing. Future: Navy. VIVIAN A, HUGHES "Viv" Lwvitit sweetness fresim as any rose" Sr-imoi Artiuities: Business Servin- CIuIm: V0IIeyImII, Bnwiing, Outside, Interests: Bowiingc Riding: Siiutingg Diinring: Knitting: Rer- orcisp Reading. Future: Secretory: Nursing. MAUDE HUNTER "Doll" .uivotiiing is rarer timn true ' ' good nature" Scimoi Activities: Snr, Sewire CIUIH. Business Service: GAA, Boarciz Rnfii. Bus. Stnii: Aitorna IQIISIQKWIIEIII ITIUII. TPEIIII. HKJHOVSI SCIIOI. LIUII: Letter. Outsirie Interests: Sunfiny' SCIWQOI, Sen: Sen, Cimir, Sec.: NYS, Give Sec.: Ynutii, Pres, Future: Bookkeeper: Zinn BiI3Ie Inst. lan! JOHN HORAN "Reading n1aIz0tI1 G i.'lII ffwff' Sritooi Artivitiesz Intrmnumi Ignwiingz IjoImting LNIuIr. Outsicie Interests: Driving. Future: Cniicgv. II, te: principiesn I-I , B s ilfsiezrr, siriit vit IX gr.,JBasEI'naII In f n -, , I7 NI iI'fi:'X?I1ntug, ,I lui, WIP mn D?1I'GCf'j',Coyii Honors Sriiniursiiip f' Outsirie Interektsz .rjfsocfg Sports, Future: CoIIc-get LAURA DEE HYMANS UOI1, size was gentle and miI4I" Scliool Activities: Snpli. B, A Clioirz Frenciw CIuIo. Social Service: tr. Prom Xvays anel ylcans Comm.: Rocliel- Iean Honors: ScI'IoIarsI1ip CIuIW: XV.C.T,L', Essay Contest Xvinner, Outsicie Interests: Ir. Societv. Guys anci Dolls: Binai Britli GirIs, .Ir. TASK: Art: ivlusic. Future: CoIIegc: Elementary Eciuca. F3 1 Sc ooI Activiti s:LSOciai'gervic,g,,QIdLn. X ' KY. l U! RATR cm.: 5 Qgtsmfn has ant mandgi' ish onors p H shi 4513114 N 'I P5Qtlf5IfIP Int ests: a pi ogg Boxx'I SKati7gI Fiilturec Cdlfje, I ty .sr If L -:" . : Juv' J I -1 MICH ELE IRVING "Mickey" "HouiI1uppy are the good" Scimni Activities: Arclmery CIuin, Art. Stage Design. Outsirie Interests: Stamp Collect- ing: Pliotograplwyz Tennis: Training Dogs. Future: CoIIege: Veterinary Ivleciicine, MARGARET JACKSON "Maggie" ILPFQGIIT OI air" SrImnI Activities: Business Service filulw, Uutsiciv Interests: Vice Pres., Clycle Nlcplmtter Iinn CIuIi, Les Amis: Collecting Recorclsq painting: Base- I1aII: Bnslietluall. Future: Nurse or Typist, KENNETH JACKIER "Kenny" Hiwusic of menrs Iivesn ScI1ooI Activities: IV. BaseI'maII, Var. BaseI'1aII, Letter: Bancl, Orclr, A, B Clioir. Double Grtette: Cv.O. AIL Outsicie Interests: NR. Sympliony. pliilliarnionic Syn1pI1ony nl Avestg sIr. Soc.. Sr. Hi Soc.: 5Iusic: Sports. Future: CoIIege: Nledicine. --.Aer WILLIAM J. JACOBSON "Charm us. orcitorn Sci1ooI Activities: Debating CIuIv. Rec. Sec., French: Soplu., Ir CounciI: Seminar on American TI1ougI1I, Outsitie Interests- Ir. Soc.: Tc-mpIe IsraeI Rclig. Sci1ooI, Vice Pres.: CounseIIor: Recorcis: Cars: Pulfu. Rel 5 Psych.: Art: I.iterature. Future: CoIIege, , Q K LO STANLEY R. .IAFFE "Sir, your wit cimiales weII: it goes easiiyn Sciiooi Activities: BancI, A, B Cinoir Spanish CIUIJ: IV. Hoclcey. Var. I'Ioc'Ixey, Letter, Var. Tennis, Letter Cao. Rep.. Jr. Coun. Rep. Honors: ScI1oIarsIwip Club. Outsicie Interests: Jr. Soo: Sen. Hi Soc: Sports: Classical Music. Future: Conege: Law. GEORGE T. JEFFRIES "LittIe Mouse" "Life is what you make of it" Otirer High Scnoot AttencIecI: Bovs Football, Letter, Traclc, Letter: The Casanova I.orcIs. Outside Interests: Art. Future: ivlogan State, DANIEL JELLINE "Danny" il H A sporting man" Sciiooi Activities: IV. Hocitey. Var- sity Hocliey, Letter, Varsity Traclf Letter. Senior I.iI'e Saivng: Varsih' Club. Outsicie Interests: Swimming, Fioun- tain Clinituingz Cars: Sports: P Sigma Beta. Future: College: Executive Career JEWETT WASLEY JOHNSON JR, sup" -1 HA true Sportsman" I ScImoI Activities: I:ootI3aII. LV. and A vw Xvrestlingz Basf-IuaII: Track. . - Outsicie Interests: Remington Boys' Clulv: BaseI1aII: Basl-ietI7aII. Future: Air Force: BaseiJaII. Page 45 PHILIP TED JONES "Phil" Hlnto the ivilcl blue yonderl' Outside Interests: Ground Observer Corps: Basketball: Junior Society: Electronics: Flying: Jazz. Future: Areo. Engineer: Air Force. ruff 4 2 3 ag' ffm' : f QD' JEFFREY L. KAHAN "Red "Our Pinhyl' School Activities: Baslcetball. Tennis: Bancl. Orchestra. Outside Interests: Sports. Future: College. Page 46 SHIRLIE LEEVANICI JONES "shorty" Hlvlirth anrl laughteru School Activities: Business Service Club, lst Assistant Ivlanager. Outside Interests: Social Club: Stamps. Future: Vvorlc: Marriage. xlstun Key Club, Crew: Var- rTracI4: Varsity Let- Outsgej ly Phi Delta Kappa Science: Sports: Art. ,Uture: , J .jf . I PATRICIA JORDAN "Patty" "A goocl companion, an easy frienrln School Activities: Social Service Club, Biology: Huguenot Hi-Y. Outside Interests: Campion Club: Vvorlc: Bowling: Ice Skating: Mu- sic: Danci Future: ng, rv 0- I V Q W s K K I " X nl- ,IA . Ur rfx'R'Q" u RUTH KALISH "Born for joy and pleasure' Other High School Attended: wooclx usingu, Orchestra. Outsicle Interests: B'nai Brith Girls. Senior High Society: Chi Omega: Piano. Future: Business School: Secretary. Mid- JACK KALMANSON HA Real Great Guyu School Activities: Conversation Club. Fr., Biology: Soph., B, A Choirs: ln- tramural Football, Basketball, Base- ball, Badminton: Cao. Rep.: Dance Comm., Sr. Council, Double Octette. Honors: Scholarship Club. Outside Interests: Junior Society: Church Leag. Baslcet., Baseball, Future: Psychiatry. GERRIT JAN KAMPERDYK uKingH "He that loveth pleasuren School Activities: Intramural Tennis, Basketball, Football, Outsicle Interests: Basketball: Foot- ball: Tennis: Dancing: Traveling, Future: Business School: Est. a Bus. l Q I I P' KATHE KAHN an "An unquestionable spiritn Ifool Activities: Soc. Ser. Club, Vice Jifjes.: Sophomore Council: Banlcing Rep.: Intramurals, Hoclcey Honor Chair, Tennis, G,A.A. Boarcl. Scholarship Club. Interests: West. Ethical Soc. outh Group, Vice Pres,, Nat. Ethical Youth Organization, Sec. Future :XCoIIege. wg.. ROBERT D. KANE "Bob" "Drama is his businessn School Activities: Drama Club, Ethel K. Loeb, Thespian Society: Orchestra. Honors: Ethel K. Loeb Scholarship. Outsicle Interests: Junior Society' TASK: Shawnee Publicity Comm.2 Classical lvlusic, Future : College. LAWRENCE KANEGIS "Lip" l i'FOTw0fd, ITIGTCIIYU Outside interests: Boating NRA: Xvorlc Atter School. Future: Army. ..,Xb5 K, 7 'L,lt" Q 1' ' f J ' , Ol0r',3" 'fi' I 4 I - Loisfxxiz I, , J K Ii. CUTE'- Schoat-ffxctigesz intra ml Tennis: Scicial Service Ciutizlkolgtllean Busi- ness Stati. Horfors-r'Schola,rship Cluh. Outside Interests: B'nai'Brith Girls: Xvhite Plains Terqpiq israel Youth Group, Jr. Society: Wlusic: ice Sicat- ing. , Future: College: Elmlentary Eciuca. St if in O k' s - ai Fly. noi. m i CAROL KARASICK "Sweet and gentle" School Activities: Social Service Club: Rochellean Business Staff: Tennis In- tramurals. Honors: Scholarship Cluh. Outside Interests: Junior Society, B'nai Brith Girls: Music: Sports. Future: College. MYLES MATHIAS KATZ "Our future lies in science" School Activities: Physics Clulo, Biol- ogy: Cross-Country, Tennis, Honors: Hon, Mention, Xvestchester County Science Fair. Outside Interests: Science. Future: Coliege: Nieciicine. 5 ,. :B NATHANIEL PAUL KARUSH RT " aurice" "Anyone for ping-pong?" tl' 0 a lover" School Activities: Biology Club, Lox Sc oi i . Ho ey: Jr. anci Sr, Hi-Y: Tracie. Tennis. Honors: Scholar- C , onors: Hockey Letters. ship Club: Poem in Anthology of Ou ef sts: Junior Society: Tau High School Poetry: West. Jr. Boys' PQF rr. Sec'y: Sports. Table-Tennis Champion, N. R. Boys' Future: lege. Tahie Tennis Champion, i956. Outside Interests: Junior Society. Future: Coliege: Medicine. iigf..f: W ,LD R ea aA 0 u l rt ' X ol x B Clclooi tivitfie n Choir r- THEODORE KELLOGG "Ape" HI love a manly, moral iihertyu School Activities: Rifle Team, Cap- tain: intramurai Basketball: intra- mural Foothall: .i.V. Baseball, Outside Interests: Nvestchester Tri- tons: Kiwanis Church Basketball: Hunting: Fishing: Hockey: Base- '59 i QM ball. Future: College or Art School. . AMY KATHMAN 'iHer heart on her lips, her Soul in her eyes" School Activities: French Cluh, int. Rel., Soc. Ser., Dramatics:-Hug. Heli Bus. Staff: Rochellean Lit.. Bus. Staff: Roch. Dance Comm.: Sen. Council. Honors: Scholarship Club. Outside Interests: Jr. Society: Student Teacher, Beth-El: Music: Reading. Future: College. ,so S Lie: . - if ...f DAVID C. KELLY "The miiciest manner, the hravest mind" School Activities: ylath Cluh, Pres.: Phys.: Biol.: int. Rel.: Sem. in Amer. Emi. Honors: Schol. Club: Nat, Hon. Soc.: ist Place-Nat. French Con- cours: Spec. Nlerit-Natl HS, Poetry Assn. Outside interests: Church Youth: Young Repuhs.: Stamps: Niath. Future: Field of Education. TRESSIE M. KERSHAW "Content is happiness" School Activities: Business Service Club. Other High School Attended: Jaclcson. Outside Interests: Church Choir, lVlu- sic: Church Usher Boarcl: Reacling: Tennis. Future: Business School: Secretary. FRANK KING "Alke" "He is a man that acts lilze a man" Other High School Attemleclz Blessecl Sacrament. School Activities: Choir: Traclc: Dance Committees. Outside Interests: Campion Club: Slcatingg Reading: Dances. Future: Armecl Service: Electronics. VIRGINIA R. KIRKMAN "Ginnie" HA heart whose softness hormonizes the world" School Activities: Business Service Club. Outsicie Interests: Campion Salesgirl: Swimming. Horse-loaclt Ricling: lce, Roller Slfating. . Future: Surgical Nurse. , ,J STEPHEN KLEINMAN I "Rabbit" " 'Twas Casey at the bat" School Activities: Varsity Club: ln- tramural Baslcetball: IV. Baseball: Varsity Baseball: Varsity Wrestling: Section l Vvrestling Champion, IQ56. Outside Interests: Tennis. Future: College. ANNE SUSAN KLOTZ "Life is real, life is earnestll School Activities: Girls' Chorus, A Choir: Biology Club, Secly, Creative Writing: lvloclem Dance: Tennis, Baclmintonz American Thought: Ro- chellean, Assoc. Eel. Honors: Scholar- ship Club. Outside Interests: TASK: Jr. Soc.: Nat. Ethical Youth Organization. Future: College. Page 48 DAVID KOBRIN "Laugh and the whole world laughs with youu School Activities: G.O. Alt. Rep.: Jr. Reel Cross Council: .l.V. Hoclcey: Var- sity Hoclcey, Letter: Lox Hi-Y: H115- Her., Circ. Mgr., Hug. Her. Bus. Statl. Honors: Scholarship Outside Interests: Jr. Society: High Society: Phi Sigma Beta Fratemity. Future: College. LINDA MAY: KQENIGSBERG , .- .N : 2:77, 1, M P I .,: ulziafg, I N Insult, swefstlir li It School 'Activitiesz Bafwl:fOrql1., Soph., B. IA, Choirs: Double 'Qetettez G.O. Decorations Comm.: Boivling,,.l'Iorlors: Scholarship Club: Bapcl' Letterfw. Outside llnterestsz Sigma 'Beta Pi! Music. -' 'T I. .ll Future: College. ' I ROBERT C. KOGAN "Music is feeling, then, not soumlu School Activities: Debat. Club: Pres. Nat. Foren. League: Amer, Thought: Cv.O. Parl.: Choir: Orch. Honors: Schol. Club: Nat. Hon. Soc.: Hon. Ment.-Amer. Int. Col. lVlocIel Cong. Outsicle Interests: West. Philhar.: Symph.: West. Cello Club: 'I Nat. Fed. lVlus.: Elect.: Photog. Future: College: Engineering: Science. ' I I I il A. kiilolgtvqk L ER' IX ll .V-'ilbl kctivitff: Bowling: I liiclc rus Honor Bowlm walrcl: Al 'iAls goo hs golcln ' ' ie f E ' KE: ' g:1:.LA in wa ' sflf . I' Qsiiep lrttereqg BBG: Nsehior Soci- ty. Slkatlngw ancmg. , Future: vt.Secretary orlllbegal Sten- ogrivpher. ' I LINDA KOPP 'Therels music in the air" School Activities: Biology Club, De- bating: G.O. Rep.: Band and Or- chestra. Honors: l'l. M, Baird Mem. Latin Contest. DBHC0 B-SHCI: Chamber Music, Future: College: Language Major, Outside Interests: N.R, Symphony: SUIICIBY School Teacher: "A good companion is an easy friend" School Activities: Intramurals: Rifle Cluln: Wrestling. Outside Interests: Holy Family Teen- age Clulnz National Riiie Assn.: lviotorcycling: Hunting: Swimming: Cars. Future: Air Force: N.Y. State Police. PAUL KOPYSCIANSKI, JR. Qlkopyil X' fs ,I 4 54" ,Q dt 'Y 'FZ' LEWIS BARRY KRONGOLD !lLuCkyi! "Rugged individualism" School Activities: G.O. Rep.: Sopli. Councii: Varsity Baseball, Co-capt. 12: .I.V. Basketball. Varsity Basket- I:JaII. Honors: Sctiolarstiip Outside interests: Senior Higtx Soci- ety: Basketball: Sports. Future: Radio ancI T.V, Announcing. ROCHELLE KRISTOL "Blue, Iniue eyes" School Activities: Intramural Baseball. BasIcetI:maII. Outside Interests: BBG: .Iunior ancl Senior Societies: Guys and DoIIs: Sports. Future: Business School. NRO JOHN BARRY KOTCH "A social friendly man" School Activities: Piiysics De- bating: Biology: lVIati1: Int. Rel.: Ki- wanis Key Club: Football Intramurals: Varsity Tennis: Hug. Her.: Rocixel- Iean Bus. Staff. Honors: ScI1oIarsI'1ip Club. Outside Interests: Jr. Soc.: Piano. Future: College. LINDA LOUISE KRAMER "The theatre awaits., School Activities: Dramatics Ciuiz, "Our Town", Modern Dance. Honors: First Prize in Piay Contest at St. Law- rence CoIIege. Outside Interests: Modem Dance: Drama: Horseback Ricling. Future: College: Drama Major, -EG? -tluni0?.50vl cFiinE.Lf', Iifj 1 ,-alt 'C.,f4w'1"' Ai' W .yi MICHAEL S. KULICK "Mike" "The diligent malzetll rich" BQACHBI . 8231, CI is , Lox Hi-Y, Coun Qep. ' a'rsi - BiieID lVIEE.,grsg Letter- . H I ' ' Scholars Rn rize- .C.- J g . 'EU Posey- ntest. -1 lnterestsswpnxgciety: Sr, High ociety: The Spivouts: Oil Painting. Future: Collegeia 4' L! RX s 'B' f' LARRAIN E PALI LA LACHMAN "Lorrie" "BIue eyes" School Activities: G.O. Representa- tive. Honors: Scllolarsliip Club, Outside Activities: Triangle: Knit- ting Clutn, Pres.: Dancing: Ice Skating: Sewing. Future: Fashion Design: Model. if rfw, 163 ' VINCENT A. LA DLICA -y "Vinny" "N: ' "Higher lie soars on the wings Q ' of science" X We School Activities: Key Club: Science t X 'Nr Projects Club: Xvestctlester Science Fair. Otiier High Scilooi Attended: Stepinac: SCI'1ooI Activities: Science Club. Outsicte Interests: Science: lVIecIwanics. Future: Mech., Auto. Engineer. VIVIAN LAMONT "Baby doll" School Activities: Soc, Service Club. French, lnt'l Rel., E. K. Loeb: Chorus: Rnchellean Dance Comm.: Rochel- lean Business Stall: Red Cross Rep, Outside Interests: Psychology: Wlusic. Future: College. BARBARA LaPORTE "Baits" "It's so nice to be nice Iihe you" School Activities: Business Servicel Club, Officer, Cressey Bus. ancl So- cial Adjustment, Sec'y: HOCICCY- Outside Interests: Part-Time Vvorlig Dancing: Ricling: Ice-Skating. Future: Secretary. 'Wx 'M l SANDRA LANDEN BERGER usandyn "The soft touch of a nurse is, Oh! so comforting., School Activities: Future Nurses Club. Outside Interests: Sunday School Teacher: Ft. Slocum Bowling League: Pt. Time Job at Ft. Slo- cum Post Exchange: Dancing, Future: Nursing. MARTHA T. LANGLITZ llMartyll Hbihe sunshine after rain" School Activities: Bus. Service Club: G.O. Alternate. Outside Interests: Ricling Instructor: Pt. Time Job at N. Type. Serv- ice: Dancing: Tennis, Future: Secretary. JOAN LAPERA "Quiet and very sweet" School Activities: Business Service Club: Huguenot Herald. Outside Interests: Part-Time Job as Bookkeeper: Roller-Skating: Bowl- ing: Photography: Basketball. Future: Secretary or Bookkeeper. ARTHUR LARSON "Artie" UNQ man is an island" School Activities: Sophomore, A, and B Choir: Intramural Sports. Outside Interests: Baseball: Basket- ball gk Football : Hockey. Future: Engineering. MELODY LATIMER "Mei" "Under a dancing star was I born" School Activities: lvloclern Dance Club: Social Service: Dramatics: Thespian: Soph, A, and B Choir. Double Octette. Outside Interests: Hcelestialsn: Drama: Dance: Singing: Tennis: Reacling. Future: College: Acting. MICHAEL B. LAVINSKY uThe mind is the man" School Activities: Kiwanis Key Club: Math.: Physics: International Rela- tions: Intramurals: Rochellean Busi- ness Statl. Honors: Scholarship Club. Outside Interests: High Society: Scouts: Saleswork: Music: Travel: MARTIN LAPIDUS "Foes" HXKIIIOQUCF' is foremost, leads the herd" School Activities: G.O. Rep.: G.O. Prop. Comm.: .Ir. Class Vice-Pres.: Conversat. Club: Span., VP.: Lox Hi-Y, Treas., Amer. Thought, Var- sity: Track, Co-capt,, IV. Basketball. Honors: Scholarship Club. Outside Interests: Jr. Soc.: High Soc.: Ch, Leag. Basket.: lvlusic. Future: College. Page 5 O Sports: Current Events. Future: College: Orthoclontist. V333-if t far 4 GSW g, Q mo- if ms. PBM RALPH LEAVITT "Conceited' Hllecuter of men, follower of women' School Activities: Intramural Basket ball: Football: Varsity Wrestling. Outside Interests: Phi Sigma Beta Jr. League ancl Church Basketball Babe Ruth League Baseball: Star Team: Cars: Tennis: Baseball Basketball: Football, Future: College: C.P,A. STEPHEN M. LEFKOWITZ "Steve" "He is lanown hy his companions" School Activities: Basehall Team, Honors: Qncl Prize -XfV.C.T.U, Poster Contest. Outsicle Interests: Junior Society: High T Society: Sports: Cars: Bowling: Swimming: Electrical Vvorlt. Future: College. i T' PATRICK LENO "Pat" A 6 "Light-hearted, I travel the open roacln 'I School Activities: Choir: Intra. Tens nis. xv Outside interests: Kiwanis Basketball League: lvloclel Ships: Tennis: Bas- lcetloall. Future z College. JOHN LEONARD "Jay" "Live and laugh, as hoyhoofi oanl' Schooi Activities: Vars. Football. let- ter. Other High School Attendecl: Iona, .I.V. Football. Outside Interests: Football: Swim.: Cars. Future: College. "Energy wins the way" School Activities: Social Service Cluh 5 Basketball: Softball Honor Teams Intramurals. Other High School At tencled: Evancler Childs: Activities J- ming Instructor: Honors: Honor Schol. Arista: Service Pin. Interests: B'nai Brith: Cruitar. Future: College: Research Math. CAROL LINDA LERBS 'Sunshine' "Her hright smile haunts me still" School Activities: Sophomore Coun cil: Huguenot Hi-Y: Playctay Chair- man: Baseball Honor Team: Fencing' Rochellean Dance Committee. Honors Scholarship Outside interests: Riclingz Sailing. Future: Nursing School. DOROTHY LEPLER "Dottie" Tutorial Squad: Intramurals: Swim- 5--e. Dv' NANCY LEVIN "Nan" "I am the captain of my souin School Activities: Vvays and Means Comm., Ch.: Dance Comm.: Jr. Coun- cil, Jr. Publicity Comm.: CLO. Alt.: Span. Ciula: Amer. Thought: Fencing: Drama: Conversation: Puhl. Lit, ECI. Outside Interests: Shawnee Leacler- ship Inst.: Jr. Soc.: Suh-Dehs: Youth Fel., Bal.: Drama: Art. Future: College. BETTE LEVINE "As full of spirit as the month of May" School Activities: Social Service Club: HARVEY STUART LEVENSON HHe deals a fair game" School Activities: IV. Hoclcey: Golf: Physics Cluh, Spanish. Honors: Schol- arship Cluh, Outside Interests: Senior High Soc.: Sports. Future: College: Business. If .,,,. y Tntemational Relations: G.0. Dance fi Comm.: Sophomore Dance Comm.: Junior Prom. Comm.: Cheerleader: Fire Twirler. Outside interests: Junior Society: B'nai Brith Cvirls: Tennis. Future: College. CHARLES JESSOP LeVlNE "A sound mind ina sound Body School Activities: Bancl, Orch.. Choir, Double Octette: Math. Cluh, Physics, Bio.: G.0. Rep.: Jr. Council, Sr. Prop. Comm.: Golf Team. Swim. Honors: Nat'I Honor Soc.: Schol. Cluh, Sec'y: All County Orch. Outside Interests: Vvest. County Bancl: Lox Hi-Y: Music: Magic. Future: College. . ' 5 5 'Q , il siifi. g, f, . L. -TT: " 'Q r -. TE' W '-ffl 4 . ' ,- IRA LEVINE "Intent upon his destined course" School Activities: Int. Rel. Club. lvlath, Photog. Ixioclem Issues: Alt. G.O. Rep.: Bus. Stag, Hug. Her.: Swim, Team: Intra. Volleyball, Flag Foothall. Honors: Hon. Nlent. Can- cer Essay Contest. Outside interests: Beth EI ancl Temple Israel Soc.: Hunting: Auto Mech. Future: College: Pre-IVIecl. pace 51 PAUL G. LEVY u . " He steers a straight course School Activities: Clwoir: Hocliey, Let- ter: lntra. Baslietloall, Footlaall, Vvres- tling. Honors: Scllolarsllip Clultr, Outside Interests: Launclx Driv.: Cars: Boats: Hoclcey. Future: College: Engineering. ' - , " f ff '14 4 fi-:ef-,LA-,Q A uf ' ' ' "Qi f A f ELLEN IRENE LIPSHUTZ "Hitch your wagon to a star" Sclwol Activities: Bowling Clula. Otlier Higli Sclzool Attencled: Claris- topluer Columlous: Activities: Dance Committee: l'lanclI:Jall Clulzv. Outsicle Interests: B'nai Britli Girls: Higll Society: Rutlx Kirzon Teens: Ballroom Dancing: Recorcl Collec. Future: Junior College. iff WILLIAM A. LEVY X "Let Iznowledge grow from more , to more" V, Lyin g School Activities: Plmysics Clula, lVlatl1: ,gg 4' ,,,, g, Yearlaoolc Pl1otog,: Varsity Swim, , Team: Intra. Sports. ff .,'. t Outside Interests: Jr. Soc.: West. t i' 1,5 W . :' j if County Science Fair: Pllotograplmy. x ,VI .39 i Q Q Future: College: Engineering. 4 . 3' U'3f3'4 I I 'ff' . n- X4 35 I lv NIV: MADELINE E. LICASTRO "She desires a noisy nursery And a golden anniversary." Sclwol Activities: Business Service Clula, l2: Presiclent ol Business and Social Acljustment Class, IO. Outside Interests: Bowling: Swim- ming: Tennis: l"lorseIoacI4 Ricling. Future: Clerical Vvorl-Cer: lvlarriage. RUTH JOAN LICHTENSTEIN "Mucl1 in Iler heart remains unsaidn Sclwol Activities: Delzat. Cluloz Soc. Serv.: Bancl: Rocli, Bus. Stall. Other High School Attended: Music ancl Art: Joum.: Prog. Comm.: Honors: Service Hon. League. Honors: Sclmol- arsllip Clulir. Outside Interests: Jr. League: Neiglu- lJI'l'ld, Playlwuse: Art: Music. Future: College. ETTAREE LLOYD "Angel" "Look into tliine lieart arul write" School Activities: Creative Vvriting Clula: Bus. Serv.: Baslcetlwall Intra- murals. Outside Interests: Jr. Social Group, Pres.: Modelling: lvlajorette: N.A.- A.C.P.: Clmurclm Cluoir Soloist: Singing: Twirling: Vvriting. Future: Business School: Secretary. MARLENE THELMA LLOYD "DimpIes" mlllty grace is youtli aml gentle sport" Scliool Activities: Girls' Clmrusz Busi- ness Service Cluln: Intramural Sports. Outside Interests: Jr. Social Group. Sec.: Clycle lVlcPI1atter Fan Clula, Sec.: Le Jeunesse: Ellis: Nlajorette: Clrioir, Pres.: Recorcls: Dancing. Future: Business Sclwol: Nlarriage. "Gently in manner, strongly in rleecl School Activities: Footlmall, Bowling, Baseball, Varsity Clulo, Intra. Volley- ball. Outside Interests: Recreation League: Sports: Autos. Future: Air Force, ROBERT LONG "Butch" JUDY LIPKOWITZ "Beneath innocent eyes, misclzief lies' Sclzool Activities: Jr. Coun.: Dramat. Clula. Soc. Serv., Creat, Vvrit., Amer Tlrouglnt: Mod. Dance: Hug. Her. Pulrrl., Lit. ECI, Honors: Scllol. Club Nat. I'l.S. Poet. Assn, Outside Interests: A.F,S.C.: Jazz Follc Music: Writing: Hilcing. Future: College. Page 52 0.79 Go JOSEPH LUBELL "Reading malzeth a full man" Other High School Attended: Flush- ing High Shool: Library XVorl-r. Outside Interests: Reacling: Football: Basketball. Future: ,xcollegez Chemist. '71 ttf , A, GUN, VL, 'V , . . 'X LL' we sw Josipljjovlixlio MANcus1 . . J A A : . .OF :1"TheQs5olue of labor isvilbt triflingyl sscassl .-l.51::-mes. Erlial K. Lseselub. -4El'rgZic.S:,lnt171. X-Yrestlingf'TFootball. Volleyball: 6.0. Rep. Honors: Shaw: nee gtholarship. ' ' H Outside lnierestsw- Boys Clubzfhlest. Coursey: Science Fair: Sports. Future: College or Annecl Forces. JOHN F. MAASZ "Jack" "His nature carefree: his manner easy Other High School Attended: Pel- ham. Outside lnterests: Bowling: Hunting: Fishing: Basketball: Cars. Future: NY. Agricultural ancl Tech- nical lnstitute. CAROLYN ANN MAGGS "There is a rnuirlen sweet and hind' Other High School Attenclecl: St. Catherine Acaclemy: School Activi- ties: Glee Club: blusic Appreciation: Riding: Lilsmry. Outsicle Interests: Swimming. Tennis: Riding: Sl-eating: Horseback Rifling, Future: College: State Service. ll .W T l Fvrvy 'Luth QW- :Nl MlGli3AEllfMl1lHo3lEy "Mike" fs:-:ste - :l,a:aomf:r5l11SaH5faa" fx er ,Higli Slzfiofzilfvxrinended: lona. Y racist' JYVZ ,Footba : Stepinac. : Agsideygtslltitetrestsz Relig. lnstruct. l-J eacllgtg: Football: Bowling. 7Future: blissiles Engineer. ELEANOR MANDELL -"Ellie" "That schoolgirl complexion" School Activities: Girls Chorus: Dance Committees: Rochellean Busi- ness Stall. Honors: Schol. Club: Typ- ing Proficiency Awarcl. Gutsicle Interests: Junior Society: B'nai Brith Girls: Sigma Beta Pi: blusic: Boating: Dancing. Future: Secretarial College FRANK MARCIANO "Frankie" ul he worlJ's mine oyster" School Activities: Volleyball: Traclc. Other High School Attended: Blessecl Sacrament, Rowing Club. Outside lnterests: Grcler ot the Ar- row: NRQX.: blountaineers Club: Hunting: Fishing: Guitar. Future: Air Force: Electronics. ANNE MARCUS "Annie" "Giving of yourself. you truly given School Activities: Cao. Rep.: G.0. Dance Comm., Chair.: Sophu Jr, Proms: Dec. Chair.: Converse. Club: Creat. Xvrit., Amer. Thought: Choir: Double Octette. Honors: American Legion Awarcl. LENORE MALTZ wary" Hlwy own mind is my own church' School Activities: Press Club: Biology: Physics: French: Amer. Thought: Tennis Hon. Team: lntramurals. Hon- ors: Schol. Nat, Hon, Soc.: Nat. HS. Poet. Assn.: Shawnee lnst. Scholar. Outside Interests: Jr. Society: XVEFTY., Sec.: TASK: Amer. Friends Serv. Comm.: Sewing. Future: College. 4...-l Outsirle Interests: Xvest. Philhar.: N.R. Symph.: Ethical Soc.: TASK. Future: Vocal blusic Eclucation, Q CAROLE MAXINE MARCUS 'Avith the oalm patience ofthe woods" School Activities: Nat. Science Fair: Soc, Serv. Club: Biology: Fencing: Archery: Horsebaclc Ricling: Tennis: Basketball. Outside Interests: B'nai Brith Girls: Ground Observer Corps: High Teens Society: Sailing. Future: College: Social Xvorlter. Page 53 JAN E ELLEN MARCUS "Still waters run deep" ScI1ooI Activities: Creative Vvri Club. Soc. Ser., Dramatics, T pian, Amer. TI1ougI1t: I'IocIcey Honor Team. Honors: ScI'1oIarsI1ip CIUIJ. ting IIESA Outsicle Interests: New RocI1eIIe Jr. O.R.T., Treas.: lVIocIem Dance, Future: College - Career in lVIatI1. WX' 'f J ' I 'K+' i ' 'I 'II - x ' W 'QQKHSAA Sc"'dt'k , H ' is gl ofA 1 siogu , 0 Ciiv56SZ,MM. Igplmysicsw, Ixlntut e.,xAmer. Thou' t: Hoclgeyi .45Liitq2s, glfehnlsxvotleyiisilffso aIIf Sr. X C ' Sc . AA f'Ietic ' OA ' KI . 'V' wa WILLIAM MARKOWITZ IILDUQII and be Wleffyu Scilooi Activities: Intra, VoIIeyIJaII. Vvrest.. Ba sICetIJaII. Swimming: BasIietIJaII, Honors: Varsity Spring ancI Winter Track Letters. Outside Interests: Phi Sigma Frat.. Treas.: .Ir. Soc.: I'IigI1 Soc. oi BetI1 EI: Track: Cars: Swim Future: College: Aeronaut. Engineer. Page 54 J pktsiciexdnterests: BInai ' Brith'GirIs:xJ3'fO.IQ,T.4 oIIc Mrisic. 'Fi4ii1'ie:.pdI'Iege: 'Soo Psych. .1 f' ,A f A ANTHONY MARFE "Tony" "Better time world with a song" School Activities: SopI1., "A", HBH Choir. Outside Interests: Radio and T.V. Re- pairing: Guitar. Future: Singer. ANN DEE MARGULIES "Good actions Ieave pleasant memories" School Activities: Tluespian Troupe I680-Co. Mgr.: Bio Club, FrencI'm: lVIocI. Dance. Honors: ScI1oIar. Club, Outside Interests: Jr. Society: Amer. Jew. Soc. for Serv.: Vvest. Fed. of Temple Youths: Sci.: Music. Future: College: Research Bio. J.V. Beta ming. KENN ETH WILLIAM MARTIN "A learned man has always wealth in himself" School Activities: Banci, Orclxestraz Cross Country, Track: G.O. Rep. I2. G.O. Alt. II: Var, Club. Honors: Scl1oIarsI1ip CIuI3. Outside Interests: Lox Hi-Y: Music: Sports, Reading. Future: College. MARLENE MARIE MARTIN ETTI "Size that bears a noinie mind" Scilooi Activities: Bus. Service CIuIJ: Bus. ancI Soc. Adjust. Class, Vice- Pres. Outside Interests: Ice Skating: Roller Skating. Future: Private Secretary. JOSEPHINE THERESA ' MARTORANA "Jo" "Grace in ali simplicity" Outsrkie Interests: Cressey I'Ii-Y: D.A., President: GSP.: Swim- ming: Dancing. Future: Legal Secretary. ROBERT MARVIN "Rob" HA friend to ali iiis comrades" ScI1ooI Activities: Stagecrait. Outsieie Interests: Camacly Club: Boating: Engineering. Future: UncIecicIecI. ROBERT MASS o "Happy is ine wlw is free from care" School Activities: Cross Country Team, .Ir. Var, Baseball, Otiler Higit School Attended: Brunswick Prepare' tory. Outside Interests: Fislxing, Hunting: Sports. Future: College. EVELYN McKAY "Euvie" KENNETH MAY "Ken" "Knowledge is a treasure" School Activities: Bioiogy Club, ixiatil. Science Projects, Ctiess: Concert Band: Publications Pimotograptty Staff. Outside interests: Beth EI Higii So- Ciety: Electronics, Raciios, Hi-Fi: Stamps: Tennis: Ptlotograpixy. Future: College: Electrical Engineer. f! , . t i , '11 J . J ' " z J f ejxgvjr. MQIAUL, X Ai "Af n with cbdracter . 1 E0 , Y Stilooi Activitiesc' Var. XX restimg WN r Var. UB: 'muraisi "" -'11 j 9- ., optefiifzwifnffft order eNI0Iay ff A "Hunting: Astro yi' wimmmg V' Futurefcoiiegez Segigez Engineering I . - A A ,r sg. rv, p,.X'.t - kv- -'ggsqsg t ' - f .digits ' , ,E ft z I HARLIE MAYER 1 is "A voice that rippies full of cheer" School Activities: Business and Social Adjustment Class, Sec'y. Outside Interests: After School Vvoric: Records: Ice Skating. Future: Secretary: Niarriage. "Her eyes as stars of twiiigiit fair" School Activities: Girls' Chorus: Hockey, Basketball, Baciminton. Hon- ors: Scimoiarsimip Club. Outside Interests: Youth Council. USIICF Board: Baby Sitting: Roller Skating: Baking: Twiriing: Reading. Future: Nursing Sctlooiz R.N. B94 1 f ' X ' . X0 5 . it R' J Dgu. t ' I ML ! or ccess tsee U xg-I g v c -1 if fitiesz i' es ' n S iety: 'Her H I A Q -ey uh, ' oje ' 3 erican School "' C157 ii t1tGr p: ytvi .Honors: r fr P .' s ect ' "Y g America I ' gs." ' l I t e I e sts: Scouts: Jr. So- 'jl'- N iety: oodwor tamps: Coins. .wil 'iff'-ji-'V 4 utu oiiege: E gi ering. ' - ' ' 'fa 4' X -. . . I. --,M .4 ., 5 - 'K :px A .T L :X f X, 'GX 'LQ' E mf 6 XV ' up "gs-v1WA'q2iiTy MAYERX "syn" , CH 1 ,.G6:ll3'!?3ih0UgEltS,i0Y1d ,fm ciesires' Scipoi Activities: er. Club, Dey, A beting, JV. ,il Outside Irfierggtsz Air. Patro iN.R::: Hospital Aide: Jr., Society Tempie Israel Student Teadier: Wfegtf Eectfx of tTernpiefX'auti1s. Youth Eeiiowstmip: Travgihg. X5 Future: College: Medicine. MAXINE MAYNARD "Candy" "Love every moment of life" Sci1oolActivities: Baseball, Volleyball. Outside Interests: Sigma Beta Pi: Nlary Battmume Jr. Misses. Treas: Collecting Jazz Records: Bowling: Horseback Riding. Future: Dress Designer: Secretary. 'US CGC si ne Str ocia atroi lx- Mu 'I sf' X-12 Future : ' Eh Q. L Gs -A QA SAMUEL M. MELILLO "Sammy 'ls "Giaclness of heart is time life o man School Activities: CLO. Rep., 10 J Var, Baseball, Var. Baseball. Co cap tain 12. Outsicie Interests: Xvoric: Feeney Park Boys Club: Sports: Dancing Car Future: College, Page 55 N PETER MENIKOFF X 9 Xiu "SIeiII to do comes frornxiih Biology: Basketball, Bowli It a hall. I S Outsicle Interests: Jr. S J r. lj! Society: Stamps. ' Future: College: Engin ' . Jr. CAROL N O x gQga Q School Activities: Math CI PI1 qw f ng PALMA ANTON ETTE MERCURIO "Pam" llwith Jowncast eyes and modest grace" Schoot Activities: Choir: Bus. Service CIuI'1: Bus. and Soc. Acljust. Class' Treas. Honors: Scholarship Club. Outslkfe Interests: Huguenot Hi-Y: Campion Club: Recorcls: Movies. Future: Secretary. PHILIP EDWIN MERRITT 4'Quiet persons are weIcome .. everywhere School Activities: Var. Club. Projec- tion, Red Cross Service: Track Team: Council, Honors: Westchester County I"IigI1-Jump Record. Outside Interests: Boys Club: Phi Sigma Beta, Phi Delta Kappa: Mu- sic: Track: Psychology. Future: College: Psychology. I 1: ,K - 1' Alfie" ANTHONY A. MILITE N-ronyn "He that Ioveth pIeasure" Outside Interests: Work: Boys Club: Music: Dancing: Cars: Sports, Future: Army: Business School. I . I . Can- Poster otP - l V ,I . fr ff " f 1 s ,lv if ff' 1.1 . ALFQE6 'must' Mipissgg I 'Y' , " ugh amfbewellu ,f 1 , Scyoitl Acffitiesz Var. Wresllhg: I'I'ug.fI'Ier.' it. Stage- if ' 0 pier: swf P-.T Q. 12: IQISIVI Cn eie slinifiual RBoat BICIUIJ: . , 'VIA-2 .A . P ' ' World Sporti: Music: Boats. Future: ffollege. 1 f ,. i I GC8 Ad- ' .-gp.Dsrarf. CI1. . ' - Q: u -S It I9 toc i tsuIe rma ass P s u ' 'ian i.-V5 tsi- t1.I- -- ::' er- 'ra Q : , fb: :sf P . um .P.: Jr. X? - 5 ai ri - J : . Fu! re: Art Teacher. LORETTA MICELI "Lorie" "A face tIl11f,S Izy its own Iueauty dressed" School Activities: Cressey Hi-Y. I"Ion- ors: Hair Styling Contest. Outside Interests: Fuego Delns: HP. Dancing: Recorcls: Slcating: Bowl . 8. FiII:1re: Hair Stylist. Page 56 ,J M' s Art LEAH ESTHER MILLER "Lee" "Music is the thing of the world that I Iove most" School Activities: Sopti. Choir, B, A. Orchestra: Dance Comm: Youth Fel- lowship: Stage Design Club, Chai I0: G.O. Alt., I2. Outside Interests: Jr. Society, Jr. ORT, B'nai Brith Girls, Sigma F, Beta Pi Sor.: Collecting Recorcl Future: College. S. STEPHEN P, MILLIT "Merit is worthier than fame" School Activities: Swimming Team. Other High School Attendeztz De Wm Clinton. Outside Interests: Skiing: Swimming. Future: Interior Decorator. ERIC MILNE "Be of good clieeru Outside lnterests: Interior- Decorating, Future: Undecided. TS N ADELE MINTZ "Del" Unforgettable clmrm lies in tier laugliu Scliool Activities: Cixoir, B.A: Intra- murals: Dance Comm.: CLO. Alter- naIe:, Sophomore Council. Outside lnterests: Blnai Britix, Young Jucleali: Records: Dancing: MIlSlCZ Swimming. Future: College: lvlarriage. JILL MONTGOMERY "A willing lieart ancl u ready smile" Scliool Activities: Twirling Clulm, So- cial Service, Dramatics: Fencing: Girls, Clmorus, Outside lnterests: TAP: Plii Delta Sorority, Sub-delas: lce-Slcating, Swim- ming: Dancing. Future: College. RALPH JOSEPH MONTEMURRO "Men of few worcls are tlte lrest menu Outside lnterests: Plmi Lamloda, VP., 12: Sports, Baseball, Football. Future: College: Engineering. c.-.-- RALPH E. MORGANSTERN "He was quiet with a carefree manner" School Activities: Radio Cluln: lntra- murals, PBC Baslcetloall. Otlter Higli Scltools Attended: West- lmury High Scllool: Riclimoncl Hill ZA I Hi il Scliool utszde lnterests Baslcetlnall Football. le! ' I . Baseball, Bowling: Radio, Future: Physics or Electronics. ,wig , NANCY JANE MORRISON gg., "A lovely siglit to greet the eye" Sclwol Activities: Soc. Ser. Clulin, Mod- em Dance, Biology: Jr. Council, Sr. Council: Publ.: Roclmellean Business Staff: Dance Comm.: lntramurals: A Clioir. Honors: Scliolarslurip Cluln. Outside lnterests: .lr. Society: Violin: Classical Music: Tennis: Tlleater. Future: College: Psychology. WILLIAM B. MUELLER "Bill" .. , , , ., A nice impartzcular man Sclwol Activtities: Intramurals: Traclc Team: VVrestling. Outside lnterests: Holy Family Teen- age Clulo, lnjector's Car: C.Y.O.: National Rille Asso.: Naval Re- serve: Dancing: Records: Custom Cars: Hunting: Guns. Future: Navy Sealsees: State Police. Future: Secretary CAROL MOORE- Hsilencxe is sweeter than speecltu School Activities: Business Service Cluln: Secretary ol Business and So- cial Adiustment Class. Outside lnterests: lce-Skating: Swim- ming: Traveling. Future: Private Secretary. Vf if 2 ig CATHERINE L. MULLINS "She truly enjoys life" Sclwol Activities: Pres., Business and Social Adjustment: "VVinter Xvlmirln Dance Cllairman. Other Higlz School Attendecl: Saint Galnriel Higli. Outside lnterests: Hug. Social Club, Campion, Blessed lVloIl1er's Soclality and Pelliam Newman: Dancing. Page 57 :- 1 .e CAROLE ANNE MUNROE "Fair and neat, refined and sweet" Sclwol Activities: Soc. Ser, Club. Fencing, Hockey: Hug. Hi-Y. Honors: Scllolarsliip Cluln. Outside lnterests: Pl1i Delta Sorority, Pres. 12, Sula-debs: Campion Club. Airplanes: Tennis: Boating: Danc- ing: Jazz. Future: College: Airline Stewarole SS. BARBARA SUE MURRAY RRI-enny!! "Fair and softly slie goes" Otlier Higli Scl1ool Attended: Saint Gabriel Higlm Activities: Dance Cluln: Baslcetloall. Outside lnterests: Youtll Fellowship: Recorcls: Boolcs: Swimming. Future: Airline Stewarcless. 1 if QMM fflafl- College MICHAEL NAGLE Hlvotliing is impossilnle to a willing lieartu Scliool Activities: Baclminton, Otller Higlm Sclzool Attended: .lames Monroe. Outside lnterests: Horseback Riding: lce Skating. Future: Dentist. 2 ' WALTER NARDOZZI "Wan" V i "Music is the meclicine of tlle mindn P l y : ' SCIIOOI Activities: Bancl: Orclwestra. it Outside lnterests: Dance Bancls: Music: Cars. .- Future: Music. Page 5 8 X Iey. Sf School Capt. Comm. Pres.: Class Hon JEROME N EUMAN "Be strong and of good courage" Sclriool Activities: Cl1em. Lalo. Squacl. RX other High scrum: Attended: George VV. Wingate. Outside lnterests: Vol. Vvorlcer at Broolclyn .lewisii Hosp. ol Cluronic Diseases: Cycling: Hiking: Wres- tling: Class, Music. Future: College. LAWRENCE V. NICASTRO "Murdock" "And ltis actions liigl1 lnetolcl tlirouglm tlie world" Sclwol Activities: Vvrestling. Outside Interests: Model Planes: Boats: Building. Future: Pilot: Tanlc Driver. WW' EDWARD H. NAVLAN "To ire strong is to be llappyn School Activities: Football. Otl1er Higli School Attemlerl: Haclc- Outsicle Interests: Football: Baselaall. . f " 3.1. H - ,r sf -4e5".4 ,,gt,f. - , ,',-' e 15 .eg , ,.-. 4 4 K t .W 1' X 1 f 1 . U' 2 .fn J . .mfewf af. 1' I f tgff 3? z,,i"5':f ": 56 50- 1 Q 2 ' fs -P24259 f 1 'f for f 4.2, .J 4- "fJQtv'!f,i 1 1" , "' 4? 5:3 ,. .Ji fa' .,. -s..:-uw'-wi .1 . 'fy 12 W1 1 We if 7' .1 , ft 4 of . wit. thx tiifvfv ' 4 IW:-iw-1' ELISE A. NICHOLS "Duchy" "A really smile, a lieart of golclu Scliool Activities: Modem Dance Club, Etlxel K. Loeb, American Tlmouglmt. Honors: Seconcl prize, VV.C. T-U. Essay Contest: Second prize, Am. National Poetry Contest, Outsicle lnterests: Civil Air Patrol: Phi Delta Kappa Xino Sorority: Dancing: Music: Art. Future: College: Foreign Languages, fs P NATHAN O'BRIEN "Duke" "Great Hopes Make Great Men" School Activities: Soph, Choir, B Choir, A Choir, Octette, AII County Choir: ,Ir. Council, Outside Interests: Univ. IVIen's Cvlee CIuIo: N.R. Oratorical Soc: Orcler ot The Arrow: Baseball, Future: College: Engineering: U. S. Air Force. PETER PARISI "Friendly and good naturedn School Activities: Vvrestling Team. Other High Schoot Attended: I..'a- Iayette. Outside Interests: Phi Lamhcia Frat.. Sec.: Cars. Future: College: Aclvertisingz Public Relations. at f-...X at ' cl--'- 6- f R f lg' CAROL JEAN O'DONN ELL HA thing of beauty is a joy forevern Other High School Attended: Res- urrection Academy. Honors: N.O. IVLA, Spelling Contest Vvinner. Outside Interests: Tennis: Horsetnacli Riding: Reading. I Future: Nlarriage. PATRICIA J. O'LAUGHLIN "How sweet and fair she seems to tue" School Activities: G.O. Alt. Social Ser. CIUIJ, Youth Fellowship, Business Ser.: Bowling, Basketball: Hug. Hi-Y. other High School Attended: Saint Cvaloriel High. Outside Interests: Chatter Box Club. Campion, Damien: Reacting: Mu- sic: Dancing: Skating: Swimming Future: Secretary. MICHAEL GRTIZ "Mickey" "Every sincere man is right" School Activities: Rowing. Other I'IigI'L Schools Attended: Bles- sed Sacrement: Rice High School. Outside Interests: Ivlotorcyclesg Row- ing. Future: College, CAROLIN DA PAUL "Carol" mrhe very pint: of perfection" School Activities: Soph. anal Jr. Coun- ciI Hu UQDOI' HI Y SOCIBI CIWICC : '- , ' S " , Youth Fellowship. Other School At teru:IecI: Saint Gahriel High. Outside Interests: Campion Cluh, Da- mien: Nurses' Aicl. Future: Nursing School. ALEXANDER P. PERACCHIO UAII things that great men :Io are welt done." School Activities: Roch: Bus. Statt: Hug. Her. Bus. Strait: Bio, CIuI3, Soc. Ser., Kiwanis Key, Dram., Roch. Phot. Statt. Honors: Scholarship CIuI'J. Outside Interests: Soc. Vvorlc: Rosh- ery CIUIJ: Theater: People: Sports. Future: College. CAROLE ANN E PETERS "Calm of mind, easy of manner" School Activities: Soph. Choir, Girls Chor, Acc.: Drama Clutn, Creat. Vvrit., Ethel K. Loeb, Biol., Fr.: Hug Her. Statt, Stan. Star Press: Fencing Archery. Honors: Scholarship CILLIJ. Outside Interests: Canecly Clutn' he CARL PALAZZO "Togo" "A strong Irody matzes the mind strong" School Activities: Vvrestling: Varsity Football. Future: Ivlarines: College. ...-l Church Choir: Civ. Det. Jr. Otus Corps: Cant. Orat. Soc. Future: College: Joumalism. fx ANNETTE PISANI "Toni" HTI1e gift of gaietyn School Activities: Business CIuID, Sec. IO, Social Acljustment, Sec. 10. Outside Interests: Chatter Box Cluhz Music: Fashion Design: Dancing: Art. Future: Secretary: Nlarriage. Page 59 EMIL ANTHONY PISANI 11 'nl I "A quiet mirul is richer tlwn a crown" ,L Sclwol Activities: Bancl: Orclrestra. V ' . Outside lnterests: Dance Bancls: Jazz: ' ' . A Collecting Records, f 12555: 'N J A Future: Musician. ' ' . MARY ELLEN PISANI "Little One' 'Little friend of all tlie world" Scliool Activities: Hoclcey Team, Bas lmtloall, Bowling: Huguenot Hi-Y. Outside Interests: Vvorlc: Bowling Horseback Ricling. Future: College. KENNETH POLLOCK y HA goofl man is always needed" Scliool Activities: Jour. Stamp. Film: lntra. Traclc Team: Cross Coun- trv. Otlzer Higli Sclmol Attenrlecl: Clweltenlnam. Outsicle Interests: Vvest. Stamp Club: Fund Raising lor Polio Dr.: Hot Rods: Reading, Future: College: Aclver. Rep. JOSEPH PONZO "Joe" "Tire force of liis own merit malzes l1is way" Outside lnterests: Skating: Bowling: Hunting: Golf: Hot Rocl Cluii. Future: Gas Station Owner. SUSAN RAY PO RTMAN "A busy woman" Scliool Activities: Dram. Clula, Arcli- ery, Biol.: Natl Tliespian Soc.: Sopli. Foreign Student Rep.: Rocirellean Art Stall. Honors: Scliol. Club: Natl HS. Poetry Antlx. Outsiole Interests: Sulo-Delis: Vvinn Cliurcli Group: Nat. Rifle Assn.: Flying: Hunting Arms: Vvriting. Future: College: Career in Aviation. PAUL PRAVDA "As luzppy and carefree as tlie clay is long" Outside Interests: Cars: Vvorlc: Girls: Singing: Comm, Center. Future: College: Law Scliool. OTTO PREUSCHOFF "Tire worlcl belongs to a patient man" School Activities: Cross Country Team: Rifle Team. Outside lnterestsz- Lutlicr League, Cliurclfl Baslcetlnall: Tennis: Bowl- ing: Hunting. Future: College: Mechanical Engin.: Air Force, GLORIA LOUISE PROFFIT Hln her tongue is tile law of lzinrlness School Activities: Etlwel K. Loeln Club: American Tlwouglwt: Girls, Clio- rus. Honors: Scliolarslwip Clulv. Outsicle Interests: Music. Future: Jr. College: Bi-lingual Secr. LAWRENCE PORFILIO ularryn 'KTIIOSP IIVIIO l-OHOII' Qllllll lIfH'f' tire liglit of life" Outside lnterests: Jeliovali XA'itness lvliss, Nvorlcz Stuclying Bilale. Future: .lelmvalw Wlitness Miss. Page 60 3 . 4 A Yi, c - f f ' 'nf .M :f 1.1:5ipfy,:, ff'-'-1 ::z:rg,41:f.,: f ,: 4: I Wiser' Q , .ii iff' 3 .15 P71-ffh1f1l?5'f: 4 ' ew ,frwgffna I .f -. . . QM, I pw I.. iff. si. 1 1 My, 1 :,.,. , : ' p ' iiwlllf t ' 14-'f ' SHELDON PU BLICOVER "Shell" Hivlasterful slzilln School Activities: .l.V. Basketball: ln- tra.: Bio. Clulv: Band: Clroir, Honors: Eagle Scouts. Outsicle Activities: Huguenot Yaclit Club: Recorcls: Fisliing: Hunting: Sailing. Future: College. r 6 t i ? CHARLES E. stil has CORINNE ROSE PUPO "Sister" I HA worm and steady friend" Utizer Higli Scliool Attended: Ualuricls, Outside interests: Dancing: lce-SlQat- ing: Roller Skating, Future: Clerical Office Xvorli. Buddy ROBERT F. PUGLIESE "Pug' HGood sliips, fair winds, and lnrave seamen" Outside Interestsl Auto Cluln: Cars Pliotograplwyz Baslcetlnall: Reluuild: mg. Future: Navy, LOLA BEATRICE PULLEY "Delightful to lznown Scltool Activities: Hi-Y: Hoclqey, Bas- lietlball. Volleylmall. Baseball: Red Cross Clulv, Outside Interests: Blary Batliume Jr. Rlisscsz Young Peoples Choir: Llslier Board: Youtli Depart.: Sing- ing: Cooking: Sewing: Skating. Future: College: Social Xvorlcer. VICTORIA SUE PULLEY "Vickie" Hprecious Memoriesly SCIIODI Activities: Business Service Cluln: Huguenot Hi-Y. Outside Interests: Pres. Young Peo- ples Clmoir: Sec. Jun. Uslier Board: Co. Clmairman Youtli Organ.: Asst Sect. Bible Class. Future: Business Sclmool. ROGER CLAY OUARLES Hsiioot ot tl1e sun, and you may liit a storm School Activities: Footlnallz Tracli. Outside Interests: Phi Delta Kappa Fratemity, Pres.: Jazz, Future: College: Accounting. r'Q,g'- '36 CAROL ANN QUARTIRONI "Little girl rvitll big eye School Activities: CLO. Rep.: 5 Alt.: Cressey Hi-Y, Treas: Bus. Adj, Class, Pres. Outside interests: Co-ed Clulo dren ol Flary Soc.: Dancing ing: Collecting Records. Future: Business School: lvled GO Serv Chil Sliat Sec. I.i:lVVyCI" S Sec . RICHARD J. QUATRONI "Moose" ul tulle my joy wiiere l find it" Sciwol Activities: .l.V. Baselzall lntra Football: Baslcetlnall: Baseball: Bowl- ing Club. Outside Interests: ir, League Base.: Baslcet.: lnter. League Baslcetlaallz Bowling League: Bowling: Slusic. Future: College. VINCENT JOHN QUIGLEY Xivinnyil HA man of confident tomorrowsu Otller High Scliools Attended: St. HCICHGISZ .lames Flonroe. Outside Interests: Baselnallz Footlaall: Baslietlaallz Bowling: Dancing. Future: Navy. f I . I 6 MARGARET M. RAGSDALE usiie deliglits in all" Sciiool Activities: Hoclcey. Baslcetloall, Baseball, Volleyball, Flodem Dance: lr. Red Cross. Outside interests: Clxurcli Clmoir: N..-X.A.C.P.: Piano: Sewing: Col- lecting Classical and .lazz Records. Future: lr. College: Nlarriage. Page 61 JOSEPH RICHARD RELLA HARVEY RANKIN "A fabulous ctmaractern ScI1ooI Activities: I Outsicie Interests: Fraternity: Community Center Act.: Cars: Records: Fishing: Horseback Riding: Guitar: Comm. Cent. Bas- Icet. Future: CoIIege. ' wiv-., . L.. ntra. Sports. Ptmi Sigma Beta ZZ. fu rv,: Sem, Amer. Nat'I Forensic Letter Outside Jazz: Future: CAREN RAPPAPORT 'ATO Iznouv Iwr is to Iove tier" SCIAOQI Activities: AIt,: Rep.: G.O, Hon. Sys. Comm.: G.O. Prop. Comm.: G.O, Dance Comm.: For. Ser. CIuIu: RocI1: Dance Comm.. Cu-Ctmair. Honors: ScI'mIarsI1ip CIuI'J: IIon, IVIen., AIcoI1oI Essay Contest. Outsicle Interests: Sigma Beta Pi Sor.. Sen. Corres. Sec.: Jun. Soc.: B'nai Britt: GirIs: Art: Psych.: Horseback. Future: CoIIege, VIVIENNE LO Hsitence Sctiooi Activities: BasIcetIJaII. Outsicte Interests: CIuI'J: Jazz, Future: Secretary. Page 62 HARRIET RASKIN "Ye sI1aII never cease to cIu1rm" ScI1ooI Activities: IntramuraIs. Outsirie Interests: Betiw EI Comm. Center: Jr. Society TempIe IsraeI: IVIusic: BowIing, Future: College. RAINNE RAY llvion is gotdenu GAA. Baseball: Dancing: Record : "He sits Iiigti in all peopIe's h9!1TfS' Sctioot Activities: Bus. Serv. CIuIJ. Mgr. OfIl0T High Sciioot Attended: Blessed Sacrament I'IigI1 ScI1ooI. ExpIorations: Scout: Mountaineer- ing. Future: Engineer JANICE F. RELLSTAB "Jamie" .J "SI1aII I compare ttiee to a summer's clay?" Outsirte Interests: Damien CIuI'J: CoII Records: Skating: Knitting: React- Ing, Future: CoIIege: Lab. TecI'1noIogy. CAROL TERRI REGAN "Gooch" IITI'l9 sunshine of tier presence" ScI1ooI Activities: SociaI Service CIuIJ: French: BowIing Team: Traffic Squad. Honors: ScImIarsI1ip CIUIJ. Outside Interests: B'nai Brittl GirIs: Jr. Soc.: Sigma Beta Pi Sor.: Piano: Sports: I'IigI1 Soc. Future: CoIIege: Teaching, Outsicte Interests: Phi I..amIocIa Frat.: S 1 W J r I JOSEPH RENDE "Ren" UA Iittie bit of everytiwingu Scttoot Activities: Band: CI'1oir: Con- ver, CIuIJ: Sopim.-Jr. CIass Treasurer CLO, Treasurer: Vvest. Student Coun ciI. Honors: Nat'I AntI'1oI. AwarcI ScI1oI. CIuI::. Outside Interests: Tau Pi Frat., Pres. Record Sec.: Sax. Future: CoIIege. D I ES lclc H smite' M t' 'I' . 41. , Swim r., nt rn,bS5eI'J , F aII, Bas ' y'.f , , , Bio. and: Kiwans 4- IU : .J' ,Q g ' , -21 , ta I If g 3 . l '41 lt ,-. n I ' S sz e EI Comm IPTIX,- rg!! .Q af, ,ii fu 92 0 'Lal' ysicist: entist, H : I ong Other a age 95' vi Teacher: .III Soc.: JI. EDWARD LUCILLE ANN RISPOLE K' JANICE MERLE RICHMAN "Thou art a joy forever School Activities:.French Clulo, Nlath. Bio.: lnternat. Relq CLO. Rep.: I n. tramurals. Honors: Scholarship Club. Outside Interests: Rel. School Student B'nai Brithg Post Confirmation Class: lvlathg Music: Theater. Future: College: Medicine. THC tm Gay as the gilded summer School Activities: Reci Cross Soc. Serv. Cluh: Cressey Hi-Y: 'Sticky Var. Football, C am P-y 5 Soc. ulun shy" Rep.: Mod, Dance: Hug. Hi-Y: Rec. Sec. Honors: Scholarship Clula, Outside Interests: Phi Delta Sor.: Swimming: Bowling. Future: Secretary. Sc Fu MANUEL S. RODRIGUES utMannyrr "By the work one lznows the worlzmann School Activities: Traclc Team, Cross Country: Xvrestling, Honors: Two Traclc Letters: Cross Country Letter. Outside Interests: Boat Racing and Builciing: Bowling: Planes. Future: Carpenter: Boat Builder. H t I MAR --5 rliylyx od V H :I lz w -1 I their ell" S ool ' 6, e 05- ating ,V - sity. if , V v Fics' Q' ss Cou . Honors: V' wif' Schol. ' Cross Co try . . O Z So . orts Fuftlkxv oll JACQUES ROMAN "Jacko" "No slay is heavy if the heart he light" School Activities: Soccer Team. Outside Interests: Air Natl Guarcl. Civil Air Patrol: Jr. Society: Avia- tion: Stamps: Photography. Future: College: Architecture. . K BRUCE ROBBINS "The Duce" E s H 'Tits lgr7t4iQ,Lf?1iit.ynJXl tlworrthi oncl all" "'. Qther 4 igh Schoogkft e Heir Evander H "'1- 3 Childs, . It 'X-NIR . A School: 'Abtivitiex llretramucal Swim- "tra mirig. Swiriimi ' Team. Q ' Outsiote' nterein BFtl'1,bEl High So- F, 'i ' . t -'fi cietys' rsf ,, X V L H K ' lsfgi I:'i Future: :ly i 'Q N 2 Q-fgigtil f BLANCHE E. ROBINSON "Cookie" HA ready smile, a heart Ol 901510 hool Activities: lntramurals: Busi- ness Serv. Club: Sen. Council. Other High School: Pelham Flemorial. Outside Interests: Church: 5lE1i0l'6ttE Ella Org.: Clyde hlcphatter Fan Cluh: Rf-corcl Collecting. ture: Business School, Stenog. ,ve 6' gn- RONALD G. ROMANIELLO ilROmeII UEvery lover is a soldier" School Activities: Nvrestling Team. , Outside Interests: Flarine Corps Re- serve: Hunting: Hot Roni Clula, 'Sil- ver Rods." Future: Flarine Corps. Page 63 clerosis, Future: College, if ' .Q-C' Society blusic: blulti- MAITHE 'E ROSEN A "MQW . ' itzto Wllife's,"1y r AL' scimiff ,A.,:iivi Pllifsillitib cm: Frencbpflfi !a3,ll:Keyg bittam. fx 'V tling, ,gblliallq Rifle-jhlieaingll oc, . Busystafl: Rofli, D,QTi4Q'7C0I!1l'll., on- ors: Scbola- Ship .!!' , 1' ' N ,E Outside flnlerests: liliffl Stool N' l.eag axilggtballpg ' i , Futureiiyglog' Y 1 2 : fl, l : ll :'l,Vl l 1 : ROBERTA ROSEN "Bobby" "Delightful to lznown School Activities: Soc. Ser, Club, Spanislig Class Council Rep.: lntra- murals: Publications: Dance Commit- tees. Honors: Scliolarsbip Club: Spe- cial lvlention in Nat. Poetry Con. Outside lnterests: Treas., Sigma Bela Pi Sor.: lr, Soc.: B'nai 'Britb Girls: Horseback Riding: Wriiting, Future: College. N SUE ROSENSTEIN "Sweet Sue" Scbool Activities: Spanisb Club: Soc. Serv.: Stage Craft: Rachel. Bus. Staff: Art Service: Rocbel. Art' Staff: Bowl- ing: Honors: Poetry Antbology Award. f ! JUDITH ROSENTHAL "Judy "Art is power" Scllool Activities: Bus. Serv. Club Otber Higb Scliool: Sewanbalca HS. Activities: Artsmen: Pow Vvow Co-Y Sigma l'li-Y: Spanislw Club. Honors Stuclent Council Award, Outside lnterests: Sub'Debs: Art Basketball: Bowling. Future: Art Scbool: Job. Outside Interests: Art Lessons: Jr Society: Plwi Delta: slr, ORT. Future: Art Eclucation. , .. tive MARILYN ROTHBERG .Sweet as sweet can be" Scliool Activities: Soc. Serv. Club: Frencb Club: Drama Club: Bowling: Softball, Outside Interests: Jr. Society: B'nai Britlr Girls: slr. O.R.T.: Piano: Swimming: Tennis, Future: College. HARRIET ROTHSTEIN "Dale" "Thou art all beauty" Scllool Activities: Soc. Serv. Club: Bowling: lvloclern Dance: Dance Comm. Honors: Prol, Typing Awarcl. Outside lnterests: Jr. Society: B'nai Britb Girls: Vvater-slciing: Danc- ing: Modern Jazz. Future: College. Fliiyel: College, bemist, CHARLES ROSSBLIRG ScboolActiL1ties GO Represents Outside lnterests Pb: Lambcla Pres Cburcb League Baslcetball Golf Raclio TV Repair Future RCA lnstitute CARYL RUDN ER Desire Scliool ACflllflGS Soc Serv Club Dramatlcs Dance Committee ICB tixe Nflllflg O tsicle lnterests Junior Society Future College Drama Teacber KENNETH RUTE "Kenny" "Character is :I ' H estmy Outside Interests: Auto Club: Baslcet- ball: Cars. Future: Air Force. ALLAN J. SCHEFFLER "Many a jolze bacl Ire" Scltool Activities: Kiwanis Key lxlatlm., Biology: Band, Concert Band Dance Comm.: Intramurals. Outsicle Interests: Bar lvlitzvab Club Vice-Pres.: Pbi Sigma Beta, Treas- urer: rlr. Soc., Higlr: Basketball Clarinet: Reacling. Future: College: Law, Rep. : Contest Ou L Full .CO irajw . . . .1 OC. C::::::-Jfiiiiibefsr zgrstaff. . rllorsz Arg Club, K . V ' c., eague: Paintin . Future: College: Teacbing. Q S I T or re fha du ties: c. . ub: 1 ce m.: nior Class ts nai ons. : S a Beta Pi, B ' Girls: Jr. Soc.: Riel' , lVIusic: Tennis: L IS 5 UFl P I Wil MICHAEL SCHAPIRO "Cap" 'Life is just a bowl of cherries" School Activities: Spanish Club, lVIatl'r, Kiwanis Key: Intr amurals, Swimming. Cross-Country. Honors: SCIIDI. Outside Interests: Pres.: Jr. Soc: Phi Sigma Beta. Sports: Piano: Rec- Future: College: Labor Relations lx lik E STEPHEN L. SCHLESINGER "Chucker' HYoutIi is full of sports" Scbool Activities: Kiwanis Key Club Dance Comm.: Swimming, Baseball Letters. Intramurals. Honors: Scholar- sliip Club. Outside Interests: Senior Higb Soc. Jr. Soc.: Swimming: Horsebaclc. Future: College. STEPHEN LYONS SCHLESINGER "Bright and witty" School Activities: Bancl, Orcbestra 'Conversation Club, L.ox Hi-Y: Intra- murals: G.O. Rep., Alt. Honors: Scliol. Club: Nat. Hon. Soc. Outside Interests: New Roclmelle Sym- , ' PAUL SCHIRLOFF "Muscles" HTG be boy eternal" ScI1ooI Activities: blovie Projection Club: Intramural Basketball. Outsiole Interests: Ir. Society: Y.lVI.- C.A. Leaclers Club: Y.1Nl.C.A. Bas- lretball Team: Xxleiglmt-Lifting: Ping- pong. Future: College. plrony, All-County Band: Jr. Soc. Future: College. School Direct mg: Future: rv ts: Tennis BARBARA SCHOENHERR Hcontent is Iiappinessn Scbool Activities: Bus. Serv. Club Otlier School Attencled: St. Gabriel Activities: Ama. Glee Club: Soclality. Outside Interests: C.Y.O. Glee Club' Campion Club. Future: Nursing. Page 65 KAREN ANNE SCHON Nl do all the goofl l can" Scl1ool Activities: Clmir: Dance Commg Etlxel K, Loeb Club: Tennis. Honors: Slmawnee Leaclerslwip lnst.: Sclnolarslwip Club. Outside interests: Plwi Tau Soi.: Sub- Dcbs: Sbawnee Alumni Assn.: Flu- sic: Rcacling. Future: College. A J?" ROBERT SELDNER 'tHe is lmppy and carefree" Scllool Activities: Hoclcey. Varsity: Pbysics Club. Outsirle lnterests: Boating: Tennis: Siding: Slcating. Future: College. Page 66 DALE SCHREIBER "Schrader" HHe mulzes iris way quietly" Sclwol Activities: Varsity Tennis, ln- tramurals: lxlatlm Club, l..ox Hi-Y: Bancl. Honors: Scliol. Club. Outside lnterests: .lr, Soc.: Cburclm League Baslcetball: Clarinet: Stamps. Future: College: Engineering. RUTH ANN SCHWARTZ "Rutl1ie' "As large as life, and twice as riafturali' Sclmol Activities: Soc. Serv. Club Bowling: Bowling jlieam: Frenclw Honors: Scliol, Clubgflxyping Awarcl Outside interests: Binai Britli Girls .lr. Soc.: Bowling: Vvriting: Danc- ing: Tennis. Future: College. ELINOR SEIDMAN "Ellie" "Never slmll we forget tllis girl" Scinool Activities: lnt.' Rel.: Creative Xxiiitingz Debating: Co-Clmair. G.O. Assn. Comm.: Dance Comm.: Soplm. .lr. Council: Sopb, Clmir: Roclm Bus. Honors: Scbol. Club: Natll Forensic League: Sliawnee Sclmol. Outside interests: Sub-Debsg lr. O,R.T. Slwawnee Alumni Assn. Future: College. DIANA SHAHMOON 'Sweetness like dance ts l1er art" Sclwol Activities: Crwt. Writ. Clula. Biology, Frenclu: Badminton, Tennis: fvloclern Dance. Honors: Scholarship Club. ' Y Outside interests: slr. Society: Piano: Dance. Future: College. CHARLES SHANOK "His nature is lzincl and affalzlen School Activities: Plrnysics Club, Math. Delaatin , Amer Tlaou lat: Roclx. g - S Bus. Stall, Hug. Her, Bus. Honors National Antlw, Poetry Awarcl: Scluol Club, . Outside lnterests: Boating Club: Rifle ry: Cvoll: Clness: Cars. Future: College. ANTHONY SHAW "T.S." UTl1ou witty" School Activities: Varsity Baseball, Nlgr.: Roclwellean Stall Pbotograplmer. Rocli. Bus. Stall: Cheerleading: Ki- wanis Key Club. Outsicle Interests: l'ligl1 Society: .lr. Society. Future: College: Aclvertising. 'Q fl ffbfjngl Q6 figgf LOUISE SHEILS thy girlisl1 laug liter" Soc. Ser. Club. Loeb, Drama., Stage Cralt. Clloirs: Dance Comm.: Sen- Publ, iQ. Honors: Scliol- Club. interests: Sub-Dabs, Enter- Cbair.: Pbi Tau Sor.. Corr. T.A.P. Comm. Clxair. Future : College : Aclvertising. ,f N j f , 'Lf I f. I :J i,,.f If' f" A fp A If - fl f V ..f'f .1-'Tf.,'!'LL Y V . A . . I J ' I f - , I W F , W I ,J 1 .J J I , w : off , J I , f . .ff X J-f ,'.f 5 . 1 I ' J " f ,-.K .1 .J JAN SHERMAN I I ".-X quiet coinscience molzes one 59fFV'lPn School Activities: Soc. Ser.. Creat Xvrit., Flatlri. Biology: Floclern Dance Honors: Sclwolarsluip Cluln, Outside Interests: Temple YoutI1 Cir. Dancing: xlafli Course: flusic. A" I " .cf If I t f if MARTIN SINGER "Marty" Hflusic perfect in quality., School Activities: Bancl. Orcliestraz Bowling. Outsicle Interests: Dance Bands. Flu- sic: Senior Society, Presiclent: Bowl- ing. Future: College: Aclvertising. Future: College : -I-eaclling. HELEN SILANO HSQTPVI? oncl sincere SI19 sits" Otlier Higli SCI-tool Attencledz Tuclca- Iwoe. Scliool Activities: Cosmetology Class. Sec. II, Pres. I2. Honors: Scliolarsliip Club. Outside Interests: Tennis, Baseball. Future: Beautician. Y N I . 4. F f .. iv, . i 4, l . Lf .,- , 4. ,Q r i A. ' Ie' .ew my sugiiry soma! sliyekl - . Qs "Her is' inxllter Iieartf 'jf-' S I1 I 'rYT'r-'FA 'B seb II: 'ABM t cQ..?IZ., Hz::.g2C.:,r.. 05515: Ravi. t f fl Oiutsideylnterests: .Ir Llgiietyz B'nai mit. Pr. ch. A Fugite: College: Elementary Eel. A f JOYCE SILVERMAN "All goodness springs from tire Ireartu Scliool Activities: Hi-Y Clulz. Honors: Scholarship Club. Outsicle Interests: Nlusic: Swimming: Reading. Future: College. ROBERT SISK "Bob" "To be strong is to Ire Imppyn School Activities: Soplri. Clmoir: Intra- mural Xvrestling. Otlier High Sclwol Attendeclz Fork Cnion Dlilitary Acacl- emy. Outside Interests: Sports: Blusic. Future: College. ROSLYN C. SKINNER "Dreamy Eyes' H50 Imrcl to forget" School Activities: CLO. Representa' tive. Outstde Activities: lunior Cltoir, VP.: Usher Board: Knitting Cluloz Pro- gressive Jazz. Future: Designing College. r BARN ET DAVID SKOLNIK Uxvisclom and wit are born with a mann Scltool Activities: Cv.O. Rep., G.O. Alt.. Senior Class VP.: Conver. Club. Dramatics, Physics. Deloating, French: Sopli., HB" Clmoirsl Double Octette, Band, Honors: Scholarship Club: National Honor Society. Outsicle Interests: Reacling. Future: College. CARL S. SINGER "He sliall not fail or be crushed" Sclwol Activities: Creat. XVrit, Cluln. Biol.. Pliysics: .Ir. Prom Dec. Comm: XX'restIing. Letter, Spring Traclc, In- tramurals: Dramatics. Outside Interests: .Ir. Society: De Nlolayc Sports Cars: Pltotograplly: Nature. Future : College. g . .aw E 4 ' C LLICRETIA. M. SLAUGHTER Hlllfe lives only in success" Scliool Activities: CLD.. Rep., Alt.: Cluoirs. Qstette: Conver. Cluloz -Ethel K. l..0CbL.,.CI'tEBIIE3ClEl', I'I0r'Lors: Honor Soc.. Scluol. Club: Lat. Team: Straw- ncescliol. , Outside Intereitsg Pintarcls: Plui Tau: X Prof Youth Court.: Sliawnee AI. Assn.: Sub-Dabs, Pres., Fed. Sec. Future: College: Teaching. ESTELLE LELIA SMITH xxHoneyr1 "Life, sI1e lives, in every moment" School Activities: BasIcetI:JaII, Base- IJaII. VoIIeyIJaII. Outside Interests: Mary Betluune Jr. Misses, Baptist Youttr Fellowslmip Betlm. Bapt. Mom. CI1oir: Le Ca veat: Sewing: Cooking: Recorcis. Future: Comm, Scliool: Maniage. fu ESTA RAE SOBEL "Serene and Izriglltn Sclwol Activities: Frenclu Club, Etlme K. Loeb. Soc. Ser.: Roclm. Stag, .Ir Prom: G.O. Rep. anci Alf. Honors Sclwol. Club: Typing Prof. Awarci. Outside Interests: .Ir. ORT, Vice Pres.: B'nai Britlm. Rec. Sec'y: Stu cient Teaclmer at Beth-EI: Piano Dancing. Future: College: Teacliing. D--- fn D. KATHRYN MARIE SMITH I "Sassafras" "A smile is a silent commemilationn Outsiile Interests: Swimming: Danc- ing: Bowling: Tennis. Future : Business ScI1ooI. MARTIN SMITH N 'tty'? "He luis a sptritfi, venture" .Selle ' ' i' ros - v ,a ry, 'In- r r stvvi Tracli. n e te x fgjtgie Intere 'Q 1' wnee Alumni Assn oastguard Reserve: Orcixo e Arrow: Explorers.: Clless: Bowling: Fishing: Camping.: C Future: College. I"" JI, JQQMYRRXLEE SMYLE "smym" "For the gopnlizrefalways rpievyryfi . f,sEns0i6Agey:2:se'Dfef.4geg'e1iKs0C, f":Se1'., iclc scliorus: Coun il af B0oster.fDa4ieeQ.G5ii'mi1:T Hon- ! !qisflf6caneei"'Esgayr Award. 'Outside Interests: Briar BritI'1, Jr. Soc., ,I T Sec r I1 Soc Stu 3QYLTf,,,,V'l'.1q.R. ., ., H'g 1 .5 . J Qfi1If151'i'TCBGI1if1S2' Riding, Bowling, Term-rsf' :,' Ipieinifz' I Pgjhtin g. Future: CoIIege.r' 1.4, K WAYNE A. SOLIDAY :WT t Hvirtue anal sense are onI"1 ytfy LYNNE I. SOBEL "Ever smiling, ever gay" Scllool Activities: French Club, Dra- matics: Tennis. Outside Interests: Phi Delta, Rec. Sec'y: Sui:-Deias: Svwimming: Drama: Tennis: Music. Future: College. A :Jn 1, -- Otlter Higlt Schools Attendedzxtxnfgs- tnurg Amer., Monterey Union: Track. Intra., OIZI., Football Mgr., Swimming: Internat. Club, Science, Math: Band: Weekly Y.I'I.S. Raclio Prog'm. Hon- ors: Calill. ScI1oI. Ferl., Honor Roll. Outsicle Interests: Cutlery: Deloating: Matlm: Broaclcasting. Future: Aeronautical Engineer. JESS SDNNEBCRN "Spear" "Cheerful and Iwppy-go-luclzyn Sclwol Activities: Creative Vvriting Club: .loumalismc Intramurals. Other ' Higti School: Dewitt Clinton: School Magazine. Orrtside Interests: Batlnoy tor tI1e New 'York Yankees: Jr. and Sr. Society: Basketball: Vvriting. Future: College: Law. ALIDREY ELLEN SPATZ "SmiIest tltou and art still" School Activities: Spanish Clula, Cre- ative Vvriting, American TI1ougI'1t: FCl1CiIlg: Sr. Council, Honors: Scllol. CIUIJ: Typing Prot. Award. Outsicle Interests: Jr. ORT, Vice- Pres.: B'nai Britlm: Student Teaclxer at Betta-EI: Piano: Reaciing: Sports. Future: College. I WILLIAM SPIEGLER "Billy" "Is tI1ere no road to leisurely lane?" Other High School Attended: Blessed Sacrament. Outsicle Interests: Cars: Dancing: Sports. Future: Unitecl States Armecl Forces. MARILYN FRANCES SPILKE "She had a certain charm aI3out her" Outside Interests: Swimming: Tennis. Future: Secretary. 3 GEORGIA C. STAPLETON "George" 'Sweet ancI fair she seems to he" Other School: Rye Country Day: Ba-1seIJaII, Hockey, Basketball. Honors: Rye Country Day: Citizenship. Gutside Interests: Sub-Delas: Sailing: Golf: Art: hlusic, Future: Secretarial School: Ivlarriage. JAMES J. STARAPOLI "Jim" 'III is worlz which gives fiavor to life" Outside Interests: Co-ed CIuI::, Junior Stall. Hot Rocl, Silver Rods: Sports: Dancing. Future: Unitecl States Amiecl Forces: Alan-iage. VERONICA STEFANO "Ronnie" HAII the worIcI is a stage" SCI'l0OI Activities: National Thespian Society. Aclvancecl Dramatics. Honors: Scholarship Clulo. Outside Interests: Portrait Drawing: Swimming: Tennis: Theatre Srucly. JOAN CATHY STEIN "Truth and inteIIect" School Activities: Band, Con. Bancl, Grch., Girls' Chorus. Choirs: Dance Comm., Jr. Prom.. Roch. Stag: Creat. Xvrit. Club: Roch. Bus, Stall.. Hug. Her. Bus. Honors: Schol. CIuI:J. Outside Interests: B'nai Brith, Corr. Sec'y: Jr. Soc., PUIJI. Chairman: Sigma Beta Phi: Jr. Repuh. Clulo, Corr. Sec'y: Art: Swimming. Future: College. MARGO ELLEN STEIN uMargn "A smiIe from Izer I7rigI1t eyes" Outside Interests: B'nai Brith Girls: Jr. Society, High Society: Dancing: Skating: Records: Baslcethall. Future: Junior College: Secretary, ESTELLE STEINMAN "Cookie' Hsugar In' spice 'n' everything nice' School Activities: Social Service CIuIJ GORDON STEIN 'Science is organized hnowIecIge" School Activities: Physics CIu.IJ, Span- ish, ylath, Chess. Outside Interests: Ground Olas. Corps: Boy Souts: C.D. Raclio Commun.: Youth Cvroup: Stamps: Coins: Chess: Sciences. Future: College: Science Research. Youth Fellowship -Camival. Honors: i Scholarship CIUIJ. Outside Interests: B'nai Brith Girls Jr. Society: Senior Society: Fiusica - , DORIS ANN STEIN "Honey" "Gentlemen prefer IJIOTILIGSU School Activities: Soph. Choir: Jr. Prom Xvays ancl hleans Comm.: In- tramurals. Honors: Scholarship CIu.IJ. Outside Interests: Jr. Society: Young Judea: Heart Fund Drive: Dancing: Social Xvorlcp Art. Future: Marriage. ......-nu Future: C0IIege: Drama. Piano: Art: Horselaaclc RicJing:,GoII. ' I Future: College. I . J . t: 1- g b 1' I Q., . .fi X X " V O AN ' Io :bln ang c c 'sz " " I-1 ips o c ette. er High I . ecI: C s i e Ac ph W ' ass P Iee C ' Out ' nteres . .A.-X ies, es.. r. s Elk: ' 'I .s r B tist 'ou eIIo I1 qihgin ' ng: as tha . ' . ,x 2bII amage , . Li JOHN STRACCIA "A hay with a hright futurel' Outside interests: Axle Snappers Car Cluh: Sports. Future: Auto lvlechanir, Cf ET' ' , Q-'-' - " ci.. 5 C7 LYBRYAN 3LTeAaAiiXf' . "FEES" "XVils?:iom 'anal honmty are ,twin-horn" School Activities: Conver. Club, Var- sity, Amer. Thou,gl1t,stgoxVHi-Y: G.O. Ah.: -Sgph, "BU: TA-H Choirs: J.V. Foothall, f'Baslcethall, Baseball: Var- sity Footliallf,gQasehall,"i.letter: Puh. Comm.. gco-chr9'Honors: Scholarship. Outsicie interestsfi Tau Pi: Church CONSTANCE ANN STYLES HA good heart anci a frienci to alll' School Activities: Soph.. "A", "B Choirs: intramurals. Honors: Scholar- ship Cluh. Outsirie interests: Caneciy Clulo: Sun- ciay School Teacher: lvluccular Di trophy: Church Choir: Piano: Ten nis: Swimming: Reading. Future: College: Teaching. Page 70 LYNN E STRACH EN Hhvho art so little and so charming" School Activities: Business Service Cluh: Dance Comm.: Intramurals. Outsicie interests: Phi Delta Sorority: Suh-Dehs: lvlethocls Youth Fellow- ship: lVlusic: Skating: Swimming: Reading, Future: Secretary. , : LARRY STROMAN "tMbhauik' HYou're in the army nowu School Activities: .J.V. Football: intra, Baslcethall, Football. Outside interests: Hunt Roni Club, Stl- J Futu BRYON SUGAHARA "Suggie" "Fame and honor are twins" School Activities: .J.V. Baseball, Foot- hall, Baslcetlaall: Varsity Basehall. Foothall. Wrestling, Letter: Conver. Cluh: G.O. Rep., Soph. "A" Choirs. Honors: Scholarship Cluh. Outside interests: Vvest. Tritons: Tau Pi: Fishing: Hunting. Future: College. VERONICA 'MARIE suuo 'Ronnie' Hsunshine came along with theeu School Activities: Huguenot Hi-Y OtherfHigh School Attended: St VHROJS1 SPONS-V' A V , it ' Gal1riel's: Honors: NOMA Spelling Future: United States Afmeci Forces., V ' ff . -f , . LEONARI5 QSTURMACK ' A it iii. g A ff- ul-ennyn F yg":He has a winning smile" Other High School Attended: De Vvitt Clinton: Puhlic Speaking Squad. Honors: ,Honor A- Sehool: Scholarship Clulh ..,, 7 ' l 4 ,J A . Outsidefiuterestsa Carsgwsports: Rec- orcisf . A Futuie: College. l w 5. Contest Certificate. ' . ' 'Outstciez lnterestszf Campion Club ' A Records Fellowship. Futura- qcii-5'f-Vfrrtvf , , Qi Q ,, i ,i , " - 5 io , , ,. Ng: N, F Q JDSEPH SUTTON "spade" . .P Hilady iuciz is with ,him Outside interest? Marine Corps Re- serve: ifiot Rod Clulzy. Silver Rocls: Dancinjgz Cars: gods. Future: Auto Mechanic League Basketball: Reaciing. re College MARY JANE S. SWANSON USO lovely. yet so sweetn School Activities: Bus. Ser. Cluh. Bus ancl Soc. Acljust., Se'c'y. Outside interests: Juanita Triangle Campion. Huguenot Social, Treas. Dandngi Bowling: Swimming. Future: Business School: lvlarriage. "Janie" THOMAS J. SWEEN EY "To "As wise as an ami" Scilooi Activities: Junior Councii: Soph. "A" Choirs. Outside Interests: Recorci Coiiection: Future : Coiiege. :l - 1' .1 'ii fx ,yI?AJJ susAN TASHMAN :::"Susie" "The verysxiusitof uuiwseuwritingsh V is gpm" f :Q J W Scitoqi Activitiesf-ssociai Service Ciuinpi Creative NVriting,MDramatics: Riding intra. J A -' - Outside Interestsjz "ORT"iseOrgan.: Junior Society: Guitg: Tennis: Hofseiiacic Riciing: iviociern Dance: Bowiing: Class. ixiusic. Future: Coiiege. mr: DONALD E. SWEET Ai , "Sweets to the swkediv Scitooi.. Activities: lvvrestiing, Letter: intra. Footioaiif Basicetinaii: V Sopim, "Bae: CLIOLTS, Honors: Sciuoiar' siup Ciubf A Q ' Outstcie Interests: Cars: Eiectronics: Dancing: Sports: Singing: Xvoricz ,Science f, f: Futures :Coiiegen 1 MARIE TANGA "Short and sweet" Scitooi Activities: Business Service Ciub. Vice Presicient. Outside Interests: Dancing: Recorcip: Cooking: Sewing. Future: Secretary: iviarriage. RICHARD TARLOW "Lefty" "Practice maiaes perfect" School Activities: G.O. Ait.: IV. Baseinaii, Basicetiaaii, Cross Country: Ver. Baseinaii. Basicetiisaii: intra. Hon- ors: Aii-County Baseinaii, Hon, Men.: Scifioiarsitip Ciuio. Outside Interests: Jr. Soc., Sr, Higiw Soc.: Sports: Records: Reaciing, Future: Coiiege: Baseiaaii. C ss RiHO TERRAS "It is cl Iuxury to Iearnn Scitooi Activities: Yiatii Ciuin, Pifnysics. Ciiess, Spanish. Outside Interests: Reading: Matin Xvritingg Chess: ice Skating: Swim- ming. Future: Piwysicai Science or Niatii. JOSEPH TETRO "Joe" "Handsome, everytiting about Iiimn School Activities: LV. anci Varsity Footinaii. Honors: Type I anci ii Awarcis. Outside Interests: 3rci Naval Dist.. Hunting: Riiie Team: Basicetioaii: Dancing: Ice-sicating, Future: Navy: Coiiege: i.B.iVi. En- gineer. FRE DA KAY THOMPSON "Ever citarming, ever new" Other High ScI'LooI Attended: Xvai- ton: Stucient Ser. Corp.: Spanisim Ciuia, Niociern Dance. Outside Interests: Camp Niinisicic. Drum Mai., C.i.T,, Choir: Sunciay Sciiooi Teacher, Sec.: Tapawingo Soc.: Reaciing: Roiiersicating, Voi- ieyinaii, Swimming, Future: Coiiege: Teacher. CA FRED TAYLOR "Dub "He Iius a Itoici on the future" Sciiooi Activities: IV, Fooiiaaii. Base ioaii: Varsity Xvrestiing. Letter. Outside Interests: Hot Roni Ciuiu. Sli ver Rods: Cars: Sports. Future: Service. THERINE M. TOCHIO "Cathy "Nice things come in Iittie packages Outsicie Interests: Campion Ciuii Union Sociai, Ciiatter Box Sociai James Dean Ciuinz Fiovies: Bowi ing L Si-dating. Future: Business Sciwooiz Niarriage Page 71 PATRICIA ANN TOOMEY "Patti' "As fresh as a daisy" School Activities: CLQ. AIt.: Roch Bus. Staff: Business Service CIuI:a Outside interests: Hug. Hi-Y, LS, SuI'J-DeI3s: Phi Delta, Natvl Sec'y Bowling: Knitting. Future: College or Secretarial School. I I RHONA Y. TRIGGS "Ro" "The secret of life is in art" School Activities: Reel Cross CIUIJ. Stage Design, Dramaticsz Nat'I -I-hes. Soc.: Intra. Fencing, Archery, Ixloci. DBDCC. Outside interests: Girl Scouts: Sunclay School Teacher: La Jeunesse, Treas.: Re-acling: Cooking: Arts and Crafts. Future: College: Social Xvorlter. 1 SHEILA ANNE TOOMEY Hxvise words flow from thy pen" School Activities: Soph, HB", HAH Choirs: Intra. Letter, Hockey Honor Team, IVIocI. Dance, Ivlanhattan Tow.: Amer. Thought: Year Boolc Photo. Outside Interests: Hi-Y, AII3any Rep.: TASK. Future: College. ROSEMARIE A. TORRICELLI "How you clo tullzln School Activities: Conver. Club, Bus. Ser.: Cao. Properties Comm., Co- cI1r., Relres. "RocheIIean," Cofchf.. Chr.: Sr, Coun., Rep,: PuIoI., Ass't Ecl: URocheIIean" Bus. Staff. Honors: Scholarship Club, Outside Interests: SuI::-Dehs: Sewing: Tennis: Swimming. Future: Secretarial School. JUDY TRENT "Beauty is of soft whisperingsn School Activities: Soph, "AH Choirs: Ethel K. Loelo CIUIJ, Conver. Sec'y, Amer. Thought, Fren., IVIOCI. Dan., Recl Cross: Soph, Sr. Coun.. AIt. Honors: Sch. CIUID: Nat'I Poetry Con.: Shawnee Inst. Sch. Sigma Beta Pi: La .Ieunesse. Future: College. MARTIN ALAN TROUM "Marty" U 'Tis music that racliates from his happy face" School Activities: Soph. Choir: Bancl and Orch.: Intra. Badminton. Outside Interests: Jr. Soc., Hi-Soc.: Golf: I'IocIcey: Stamps. Future: College: Dentistry. DANIEL B. TUERK "Dan" ulet his humor ancl sincerity reacin all' School Activities: Physics Club: Math.. Ethel K, I..oeI:: IV. Hockey, Letter, Honors: Scholarship Club. Outside Interests: Stamps: Photog. Future: College: IVIecI. School. ELEANOR C. ULBRICH "Your eyes are the winnlows to your soul' School Activities: Soph. Choir, Chor- us, Orchestra: Bus. Ser. Club: Intra. Bowling. Honors: Cressey Award: Typin Awa rel. Outsije Interests: New Roch, Damen- I chor: Piano: Tennis: Boating. Future: Business School: Secretary. . . H E3 V23-i ANN ETHCATIAERINP uiklcur' .. .A :sf mf' ,fxjfif ,, Yviiose tIiis,:so,,rQ,tsiciZiti'y'i'air 1 4 1 Outside Interests: TASK. Co-Chr.: A: sCi::::ffAC:f:Q::s5fJ Isla:-..'ser. emi:- Intra'i:i'Ht3lg-ilieyvf ageiiaklalfffin' 4'2,'IIfH, Oufifili? fl9ifieKeitSF?1i13isff'THi3f WI? ,'i:FI1if:4If2EI'5LfPei:f':q f6c'p:E+5yb-Debbi Q51su:::efLs:g,e5:...: sifeazum :simon if"IfeapIi2,Iif:. .?fgortsgL1PeKnittinQggsf Danc- RIJ if if' Futi4rQi:Ff'Sedretar'ieII School. s- . 'fer N Q x ,h. LOUIS A. VACCARO "Lou" "A man to match the mountains and the seas., School Activities: Intramurals: Foot- ball: Track Team. Guns: Rock ancl Roll Music. Future: IVIarines: N.Y. State Police Outside interests: Dancing: National Rifle Assn.: Cars: Water Skiing: TOBIAS MAESSEN VAN BU REN "Toby" UA good friend is he" Schooi Activities: Soph., "A", "B" Choir: Span. CIuLa. Outside Interests: Grand Obs. Corps: Church Choir: Art: Composing IVIusic: Record CoIIec. Future: CoIIege. CATHERINE M. WALSH QIBJI "Exercise those muscies, kids" Schooi Activities: Intra. BowIing. Outside Interests: Campion Hug. Soc.: Sports: FIovies. Future: CoIIege: RE. Teacher. JEANNE VAN GEMERT "Music hath charm" School Activities: Soph., "B", HA" Choirs, Marching, Concert Bands. Orchestra: Jr. Coun.: G.A.A.: Cv.O. Rep. Outside Interests: SLLIZJ-Detas, LS.: Symphony. Vvest. County Band: VoI, Nurse: MYF: Church Choir: IVIusic: Dancing: Swimming. Future: CoIIege. JOAN VI RRI LL "Joanie" "A modet of perfection" Other High School Attended: Easl- chester: EagIet Staff: Choir, Giris- Chorus: Knitting Club: Intra. Basket- LnaII, Dancing. Honors: Noma Spell- giltside Interests: Cressey Hi-Y, ICD ot A, Sec'y: Fishing: Badminton. Future: SecretariaI ScI1ooI: IVIocIeI. SCOTT E. WACHENHEIM "For 'tis the mind that mahes the body rich" Schooi Activities: Band, "B", "A" Choir: Treas, Physics CIuI3, Varsity: Hockey: Tennis: CLO. AII2 and Rep. Honors: SchoI. CIuL1. Outside Interests: I..ox Hi-Y: Adiron- dack Mt. CIuIn: IVIusic, Future: CoIIege: Business. ROBERT WARD "Bob" HA smite for everyone who Iznows him' School Activities: Sport Car CIULJ N.T.A.C. Outside Interests: Hunting. Trapshoot- ing: Boating. Future : C0IIege. ROBERT WATKINS "Bob" "He is oh so new" other High School Attended: Draper: Cross Country. Nott Terrace HS. Outside Interests: Cars: Fratemity: BasIcetI:zaII: Road Kings. Future: CoIIege, JAMES WEBBER "Jimmy" "A ctever mind and witty speech win him acimirationr' School Activities: Soph.. Jr. CounciI. G.O. AIt. and Rep.: Varsity Ice Hockey tIetterI: "A" Choir. Honors: SchoIarsI1ip CIULJ: DouIJIe Octette. Outside Interests: Rec. League Bas- I4etIaaII: IVIus.: Sports. Future: CoIIege: Med. or Music. WILLIAM RICHARD WAGN ER "Bill" "His sincere thoughts and merry ways maiee him a true friend SchooI Activities: Intra. FootI3aII, Base- IJaII: J.V. Hockey: Band and Orch. Outside Interests: Jr. Soc.: Teen Soc.: Bar Mitzvah CIUIJ: Tuba: Cars. Future: CoIIege: Accounting. ,.........-nl JANET WEBER "Jan" "She wa.IIzs through a path of sophistication and sweetness" Schoot Activities: Fencing Inha. TwirIing Squad: Soc. Ser. Chr Dance Comm. Jr., Xvint. Prom. Outside Interests: Phi Tau Sor.: Sub DeL1s: PI1iIantI1ropic Chr. L.,S. CIu.I3 Piano: Art: TraveI. Future: TraveI. Page 73 ROBIN WECHLSER "For lzonny sweet Rolnin is all my joy., Sclwol Activities: Debating: Social Service Clula: Volley and Basketball lntra. Outside lnterests: B,B.Cv. Senior Secly: Dance Pulialicity Cltair.: Sig- ma Beta Pi: Jr. Soc.: Dancing, Piano. Future: College. SUSAN WEINSTEIN "Sue" "Her acting sets tlie stage agloufn Scliool Activities: Bio. Club iTreas.l. Drama, Soc. Ser., Lead in Overtones Play, Honors: Xxlest. Aclm. Spealc. Cont. i.lour. Amer. l, Outside Interests: lr. Soc. B.B.Cv.: Partv Giving Service: Reading: Dancing: Clwild Xvorlc: Acting. Future: College: Teaclming. LUCILLE WEISS "Lucky" "Personality plus a sweet smile are tiers" Scltool Activities: Bio. Clulu: Bowling. Baslcet., lntra.: G.O. Alt. and Rep.: Sr. Council. Outside interests: Suln-Delnsz Plxi Delta Sor.: B.B.G.: Jr. Soc.: Sports: Music: Boolcs Bio. Future: College. SHEILAIWECHSLER "Shel" H 'Tis not too late to a newer world" Scliool Activities: Soc. Ser. Clulo: Ten- nis lntra., Bowling, Baslcet., Riding. Baselnall, lVloclern Dance. Honors: Honor Team, Outside lnterests: B.B.G.. tlr. Soc., Hi Soc., Sr. Higluersz Mariners' Skating, Riding. Future: College. PE. Teacher. IRA WEINSTEIN J Hvxltiat sllould a man do laut be merry' Outside lnterests: Plwi Sigma Beta: ef l, li - , ELSlE'l JAN EJVAHITEH EAD f'fLSl1e definefland fttlustrates sweetness :sw KV, nf" xlaywlterfictiotlei? fell Activities: Sgjttaawili Bowling lntii.: lTlug."l'li-Ywljlbriiirs: Type Prnt. Awargkjf ,, .ollfl ., , Oufstde lntereasz :Jul Hbsoc: : ,:'B.B,G,jf'Guys and Dolls: Skating: l Kmtiiit' Bala sittin ' ' ' S: 3, 1 Future: College: Flleacltirrgij' JOYAWHITEAHOUSE "lay rul'd tlie day and love tlte ntgltt' Outside Interests: Celestials Club: Hi-Soc.: Jr. Soc.: Boating: Autos. Future: College. I f pl MARCIA LYNN WEINSTEIN inf iiif RALPH WIENEIfl "A happy smile reveals many' V a liappy secret" Scltool Activities: Soc. Ser. Club: Frcnclm Bio- Creative Vvriting: Ten- nis lntra.: Baselnall: Horselnacli Riding Club. Honors: Sclmlarslwip Clulo, Type Prol. Award. Outside interests: Jr, Soc., B.B.Cv,: Piano Lessons: .lr. Nurses Aid. Future: College. Temple Mod. Dance Group: Tem- ple Drama ,Cluln Golf: Tennis: Swim.: Horselaaclc Riding: Jazz: Dancing. , Futurgjcollege : flylerclxanclistng. M ...-1 t Mfg' X .lgf ltis wit and wisdom tltat earn ltim admiration" Scttool Activities: Varsity Tennis: ln- tra, Baslcetloall. Soltloall: Band, Orcli.: Pliysics Clulo, Debating, Drama. Hon- ors: Nat. Honor Soc.: Scleiol. Clula: Nat. Forensic League. Outside interests: Jr. Repulu. Club Pres.: Rec. League Baslcet., Tennis Tour. lwinner sing. and douta. Boys Div,l: All State Band and Orcl1. Future: College: Law Sclnool. PENELOPE WIGGINS "Penny "Serenity causes tier Beauty" Sclxool Activities: Clwrus: Wint Vvonderlancl Retreslw. Comm. Outside lnterests: lVl.Y.F. Clwit Dancing: Swim.: Reading: Piano Playing: Record Collec. Future: Bus. Sclmool. I DALE WILLIAMS "One wiio is versatiie is to ine admired" School Activities: Concert Bancic Hockey Intra., Hockey Honor Team: JournaIism. Honors: Nat, Higim ScI1ooI Poet. Ant. Awarci. Outsicle Interests: PI1i Tau Sorority: Sain-Deibs: E.B.Y.C. Sec. Treas.: L..S. CIuia, Co-Vice Pres.: SaiIing. Future: CoIIege: AirIine Hostess. JOYCE L. YOUMANS "DubIe" "Site walks witli tile virtues of sweetness ancl sincerity Scliool Activities: Chorus: Dtiice HeIp- er. Honors: Typing I Prof. Awarct. Outside Interests: Cressey Hi-Y: 5I.Y.I:. Pres.. Sec., ancI Treas. Future: Sec.: Ntarriage. IRENE WILLIAMS "Sweeter tiian Honey and the Itoneycomizn School Activities: BasIcetI:JaII, VoIIey- BaII, BaseIJaII, Intra. Outsicle Interests: Le Caveats: Mary Bethune Jr. IVIisses: Baptist Youtim FeIIowsI'1ip. Future: SurgicaI Nurse: Stenog.: Mar- riage. TOMMY WILSON "Wits" "A Ieeen sense of Iiumor is Iiis tracie mark" Other High School Attended: Iona. School Activities: FootIaaII: Swim.: Soptu. Hop Comm., Jr. Prom Comm. ICI1air.J: FootL1aII ancI Swim, Let- t . glijtstde Interests-: Tau Pi Frat: Cars: PIanes: Guns. P H A Future: CoIIege. I JEAN RUTH WOLGAST "Jeanie with tite Iiglit Brown Iulirn Honors: ScI1oIarsI1ip CIuIJ. Outside Interests: Triangie Compass CIUIJ. Treas.: L.utI1er League, Pres. Dancing: Recorcts: Sewing. Future: Dress Design: Marriage. DOROTHY ZABINSKY "Zab" "Sites alive and raciiant as a brisk mornys air" School Activities: Bowiing, Fencing. BaseIoaII, Intra.: Citeerieaciingz G.O. AIt. Honors: Typing Awarcts, Short. I Awarci: ScI1oI. CIUIU: BowIing Honor CIuI::. Outside Interests: Jr. Soc: BowIing. Tennis, Art: Dancing: Reading. Future: Private Sec. ANGELA ZACCAGNINI "Laughter and clevelr wit earns Iier popularity" Scitooi Activities: RocI'1eIIean Art Stag: BaseIJaII Intra.. BasIcetI9aII, Hockey: Horseback Riding IiVIgr.J Hug. Hi-Y, Honors: Hockey and BaseI::aII Honor Team. Outstcie Interests: Monday CIu,I9: Basetmaii: Swim.: Horseback Riciing: Reading: Skating: Drawing: TraveI. Future: Hair-Stytistz Art Scimoot, LOUIS ZIMMERMAN "Lou" "A good conversationalist is a well rounded person" School Activities: Bowi. CIuIJ: Bio. Physics: Math., Chess., Int. Rel., De- bating, Corres, Sec. Honors: ScI'1oIar- simip CIuI9. Outsicie Interests: Order ot tI1e Ar- BOB WOODSON "Foots" "A mirtitful person makes mirtliful company" School Activities: FootIJaII, J.V. and Varsity. Track. BasIcetIaaII: Varsity Ctuin. Outside Interests: Aviation: Sports: TraveI: Boats: Horseback Riiiing: Records. Future: LJ.S.A.F.: Engineering. ...ll- row: Trop. Fish: Fishing. Future: CoIIege. DEBORAH ANN ZUCKER - "Time last shall be first" School Activities: Niatii CIUIJ, Physics, I:rencI1, Bio., Etimei K. Loeb, Int. Ret., Amer. TI'1ougI'1t: intra.: Sr. Councit Rep. Honors: SCIHOI. CIut:-3 Nat'I Honor Soc.: Shawnee ScI1oIar. Outside Interests: Jr. Soc. ISec.J: Jr. Ort: B.B.G, Pub. Cixair.: Vvest. FecI. Temp, Youth, IPres.J: Shaw- nee AIum. Assn.: Teacimer TempIe. Future: CoIIege. n-,M .-,, CRAIG E. ALLEN "Charley" "To have and to hold" School Activities: Varsity Footlmall, Varsity Vvrestling. Outside lnterests: Singing: Records: Cooliing: Footlaall, Baseball. Future : Professional Footlaall. A. KEN DALL BURWINKLE llKen:r Hlvorh first and then resin School Activities: Cancer Poster Con- test. Outside Interests: Amateur Radio: Tennis: Volleyball. Future: Commercial Art. NORMA CHATOFF Hshe changes hitter into sweetnl I School Activities: Advgl Dramatics Clulm. Other High School Attended: Christopher Columlous, I Outside interests: B'nai Britliz Celes- tials: Drama: Art! Records. ' Future: College: Speech Therapy. CRAIG DOLLAR 'IHGPPY Q0 Iucleyl' School Activities: Oli, Clula, Chess, Varsity: lntra. Sports: Var. Footlnall: Tennis: CI1oir:,Dec. Comm. Other High School Attended: Concordia: Peelxslcill lxlil. Academy, Future: College. RONALD GREENE "Ronnie" "The happy wanderer" School Activities: .l,V. Hoclcey: Swim- ming Team. Other High School At' tended: Soutli Broward. Outside Interests: Ire Skating: Hunt- ing: Footlwall. ljuturez College: Bus Admin, Page 76 Camera Shy! PHILIP GELMAN "A gentleman of worth" Other High Schools Attended: Wm. Howard Taft. School Activities: Taft: Band: Corridor Aid, Cafeteria Aid. Soccer, Baslcetlxall, Softball lntramur- als. Outside interests: Soccer Team, Traclc: Aid on N.Y. TB. lVlol'Jilized Unit: Stamps: Exploring. Future: College: Veterinarian. LAWRENCE KMEtO.R ALEXANDER ORR "A good heart is worth gold" Outside Interests: Civil Delense: Ra- dio Comm. Future: Navy. DENNIS ANTHONY POLO "Every man is unique" School Activities: Physics Club: Swim- ming Team. gvltfffxiyfyy V Orgsiie interests: Swimming: Guns: - I , E. .1 .,!r.'y, 'nf'f7 af: Fqf? o,yGlil,E 1j dMFuture: College: Mechanical Engineer, :LMA Q59 it th it I Lloo ctv'es' 'o V a ' 'gIf'i5:f'5S3iinb:Q f' t 4 .it , f 1 . PETER RHODES Hnimples' u s r s C ron cs, ' ' t , Fiitum-Q?IIff? Em 'V 2,?1r,,h . BRUNO KLAN4i'fQ7""'l I erH +eiei Wd f 'V ,V 'V . acramen nor : I e er' "Full of.courtesy,,full gf Graff: 'V" 31'-Z65Itfrlt1e nere : . I , I ' ' lr, C on: Car :Bo ts' ns: School Activities: VVBFW,Clt1l-'75 Biol- ' 'W V i I , F66 ' : P0 ogy.CluB:'Wrestling' ulu. V U'S ,I l M' Outside interests: 'Phi Sigma Beta: De Nlolay, Master Counselor.: Sen-E ' 'ier Soeieiy:!Painting: Vsiszer Spmu: Skiing. M I . f Future: College: Law, V MAUREEN MAC DONNELL D HD'ramaf-'what' literature does at night" Other High School Attended: Ursu: line: Volleylaall: Adv. Dramatics IPMMCK SACCOIA "Pat" , 'Actwe yet resigned" Outside Interests: Record Collection: Cars. Future: Navy. PAUL R. SEVERINO "Sub" Honors: Ist Place-Poetry Contest' ,, U ' Pululic Spealcing Awards: Mt. St. Honest men lea' ,vellhi L9 Maryls: Tennis Clulo: Bowling 'wr dark Hplaguef' ' L Outside lntere : Baseball: Foo , Outside lnterests: Bowling: Swim- Boats: Ca ming: Theatre: Hillbilly Music. . - Future: B r. Future: Theatre, g ROBERT W. MILLER "Bob' Rl D ELIER --Digkff Hin quiefgfgjrejgfkionfidenfe 51, :ics 9 at.c mpmgt. Other High School Attended: East- fagfl 1XIl?5HUiE?IZb Batik ers -Litll flmfeflifgli School her ig' dcl1o0l:giIIege2tbijAlas. Outside Interests: Astronomy: lvle- Nice. n rs: Talaleau d'l'lo beur. Imrology' Outsi ln re s: Tau Pi rat.: Future: College: Electrical Technol- Cliu I1 Y u Group, ogy' Future: Colle C. swf, In iilvmnriam MARCIA WEINSTEIN About very few people can it he said that everything they did was as nearly perfect as possihte, hut about Nlarcia Xveinstein we can truly say this, Nlarcia put all her effort into everything she undertook, and was rewarded with success. She derived great pleasure from the knowledge that she had attained her goal. As an honor student, ixlarcia was one of the candidates for the National Honor Society of our school. Her scholastic achievements were further rettected hy the fact that she qualified for Scholarship Ctuh every term. Her outstanding proticiency in language placed her in competition for the annual language prizes. Since her entrance into New Rochelle High School as a sophomore, Btarcia par- ticipated in many school activities. Her membership in Social Service Ctuh, Creative Xvriting Club, Horseback Riding Club, Biology Club. and French Ctuh displayed her unusual versatility. Outside of school, FIarcia's interests were equally diversified. Her musical ahitity resulted in her spending many happy hours at the piano, white her athletic pursuits included horseback riding and tennis. Those who I-cnew her hest will always remember her everpresent smite which per- sonified her constant cheerfutnss. it was this unfaiting cheerfulness which won her the friendship of many of us. It is with a feeling of sadness and a deep sense of toss that we realize that Flarcia will no longer he among us, hut her spirit shalt remain in our memories forever. Page 77 I The parking situation Q9 Page 78 Yvoulmt really be cool, If private parking for seniors xvere made the new nite. II The parking facilities Are way below par. To park close to school One must own a toy car. to E 1' 'uf NW 0 U 1 O 1 W C 1,3 ta f uma- MA! H F ,.l- A Xie? WouIdn't It 1 WX i x' 'QW 1 lll Yvhile worldly great seniors, Get up on their feet. Each Sophomore and Junior, Should stay in his seat. IV The assembly is over, "To the doors," is the Crv. Unclerclassmen rush out., AS the seniors stancl V The senior court, ls barren and bare. You must get there early, Or fight for a chair. 19 Be Lovely! Q Sevxmfbf Q ' Counselor .gust QQ VJWQ' I-+ 'Ge , N . fa 1 ' S Y I -I 5 ' 's.,' " ' VI Yvlmere are the counseIors? Xvhere do they Iride? Along Iine of students Is forming outside. VII The icIeaI counseIor, Yvtro Iives in our dreams, Has nottling to cIo But encourage our scI1emes. l ' OOYU L . ' S1-fxokm I 5 VIII A recreation room . ' Is what we CouImI use 5" "' Y For smoking and dancing, And getting ttle news. 4 IX w F xvattlng for Iunctles Consumes Iots of time, 'Cause Soptfmores and Juniors Lengttren tI1e Iine. - ffm" " R Ww irli it ,Q .I u X A Iine for seniors Is what sI1ouIrI Ire formed For getting Irot Iunclmes. just as they are warmed. SEMORS WRST' AT LUNCH LINE- Ei"lN 511, " If lla' 4 , . -, X ses s Page 79 . ' 'mf - , A , ,ff 2 I , . 1, I I I f Iv , I I . t ' at ' I s A , A , ii 155.897 X h' - I 1' 'R . , ' Q, , .1 f I ' Cutest Most Sincere. CIGSS Scholar MARY ANN FERRARA JUDY TRENT LINDA Kopp GLENN COOPER DAVID NAWI DAVID KEI-I-Y it SENIOR f i , ' 11 we ww "W" is gi! I ':,..-- W" gf'-,"Q,gEt'1', ' V: Done Most For N.R.H.S. Most I-IIWIU I0 Succeed gug BR0MLEy LUCRETIA SLAUGHTER TONY ESPOSITO BARNEY SKOLNIK 494 Best AII Around LUCY BECKLEY DAVID BROCKWAY Peppiest Wittiest RONNI DANCIGER LINDA Kopp TONY SHAW BARNEY sxomnc ,AV , Best Musician Best Dancer Best Athlete LEAH MILLER JOAN COOPER JEAN GRIFFIN ...M-U .-mf-rn AIAN FRANK Inl-mi rmllrwrc v Best Craftsman JUDY AMOROSANO BUTCH HENDRIE X CELEBRITIES I Clerical LUCILLE RISPOLE ANTHONY MILLETO Best Looking f ,I Class Scientist ANN DEE MARGULIES BOB DE SANTO Most Sophisticated Class Fllff NANCY MORRISON RONNA BRAND CHARLES LEVINE MARTY RAPP MARTY LAPIous Ki 1 , .1 Best Artist JANET SALEH PAUL SCHNALL Most Popular LUCY BECKLEY DAVID BROCKWAY CAROL O'DONNELL JOHN COUNTS JEAN ERLICHMAN Most Pull with Faculty LUCY BECKLEY DAVID BRQSKHAV XM.. 11 C Best Natured Best Conuersationalist LUCY BECKLEY ABBY DICKLER BRYAN SUGAHARA BARNEY SKOLNIK BYRON SUGAHARA W 4 Q J 6 V - f f LB ww SENIOR COMMITTEES SENIOR COUNCIL OFFICERS: DavicI Brockway Jr., pres.: Bamey SI4oIniIc, veep: Abby DicIcIer, sec: David Nawi, treas. COUNCIL: Ben ApIeII7aum, Ronna Brand, Sue BromIey, Nancy Cowen, Roger Craig. Laurie Epstein, N'IichaeI Gerstein, Louise GreeIey. .IacIc KaImanson, Amy Kathman, CharIes Le Vine, Sandy Niarcus, Roger QuarIes, Janice Richman, Lois Schaeffer, Steve SchIes- inger, IVIary I..ou ShieIcIs, Byron Sugahara, Rosemarie TorriceIIi, .IucIy Trent, DeIJI:Jy Zucker. DANCE COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN: .IucIy Harris, Steve Lyons SchIes- Inger, ARRANGEMENTS: PauIa Eherhardt, .Iohn Gra' ham. BOOSTER Book: Laurie Epstein, Cathy Stein. DECORATIONS: Jack KaImanson, Janet Weber. ENTERTAINMENT: Anthony Esposito. REFRESHMENTS: Kenneth IVIartin, Lucretia SIaughter. WAYS AND MEANS CHAIRMEN: Sue BromIey, Martin Lapidus, Nancy Levin. COMMITTEE: Benjamin ApIeIhaum, Ronna Brand, PauI CampIJeII, Lenore IVIaItz, Nancy IVIorrison, AIan Rubin, EIinor Seidman. CLASS GIFT CHAIRMEN: AIan Rubin, EIinor Seidman. COMMITTEE: Sue BromIey, Laurie Epstein, IVIartin Rogott. Lucretia SIaugI'1ter, DeI:nIJy Zucker, CLASS DAY CHAIRMEN: IVIichaeI Gerstein, JucIy Trent. COMMITTEE: Liz BeIsIcy. Martha Cohn. Mi- chaeI Gerstein, .Iohn Graham. Anne KIotz. Nancy Levin, Judy L.ipIcowil'z, Lenore IVIaItZ. Anne NIarcus, EIinor Seidman, Lucretia Slaughter, Byron Sugahara, Rosemarie Tor- riceIIi, .Iudy Trent, Dehhy Zucker. Committee PUBLICITY CHAIRMEN: Nancy Cowen, Bryan Sugahara. ' Wg" FE. ae. 4 I o are you going to drag to the stag? Whafs taking her so long? xmas yy,x,.1,. l'II vote for you if you vote for me. Thanks for the homework. By the way Gee, I'd love to go. A NROCHELLEAN N STAG FEATURE" ,,' What a yreaf dance! 1"",,.ao,w. I 5:55 ., f , W ' 113311. Guess who said yes . . . 2 . . . So I said yes. 4:-f-is "" Milk 5 E 114 'I' l I nr 3 e I l wonder if he'lI like this color. F7 ner I'll make him wait fiue minutes more. Quite a switch from your carl - l l I I 'WMI f as 7 I Il l f - The Royal Family. - ' ,f Gee. l had a wonderful lime! 3 1 3. W . ' n , U A . Qi 1 i.-l'j, A "x li ' i li ' Q7 6 l . 1 . Z 1 -" -i A 9 51 ' 1 5 ae 5 l I l ' N -2 e l - , I' x I X ff ,X I' 44 xx e el va ,,4-u-v"" F. M. W ' . ...v Z4 'lr at, , f v Q, M. ry 1 xy X GTWITIE ind ,7 ,mg lx! xg'-shi' ff .gf .4 f 4 , I . 5 J J P The General Organization Under the line leadership ol Anthony Es- posito. Presidentg Gerald Amorasano, Vice- Presidentg Lucy Beclcley, Secretary: and Joseph Rende, Treasurer: the General Gr- ganization, the governing loody of New Rochelle High School, has completed a very successful year. The Cv.O. overcame the olo- stacles presented lay the split sessions and instilled school spirit into the student body ol New Rochelle High School. Special thanlts is due to Miss Anna Bart- nett. laculty advisor, and to lvlr. Charles Shaw, laculty treasurer, for the time they devoted to the lunctions ol the General Gr- ganization. HKicl4-Gil," the llirst UG.G.-sponsoredn dance was a huge success and led to the Page 88 prompt scheduling ol another. The funds from these activities and from the sale ol G.0., cards and hoolccovers gave the G.0. money which was spent for choirs, paid- assemlolies, and sporting events of the year. The Constitution of the G.O. provides that committees he set up to help the school run ellliiciently. These committees and their heads were: Finance Committee, Joseph Rencle: Assembly Committee, Elizaloeth Belslcy and Eleanor Seidman: Elections Committee. Carol Eisenberg and Barhara Greenberg: Dance Committee, Anne Marcus and Henry Moses. The parliamentarian was Robert Ko- gan. The entire school is grateful to the G.O. lor the wonderful joh it has done this past year. L,,....,.,, , Q P,-4-..,,., G.O. Committees 'Q Q G.O. Council -.ld X Page 89 4...-1- I I National Society sp-rg. v -' 5 1.143924 igrney Slcolnilfc, James Wiener, Deloorah An inspiring and loeautiiul ritual was again performed at New Rochelle I-Iigliw' 'iii'y: School, when twenty members were elegtgd to the National Honor Society. Each a numloer of students, who have high academic and excellent citizenshirgfmgi- orcls, receive the honor of heing inducted into this distinguished organization. The seniors inducted were: Lucy Beclcley, Arthur Brill. David Broclcway, Richard Clarlq, Michael Gerstein, John Graham, George Henry, Linda Kopp. Roloert Kogan, Charles Le Vine, Nlartin Rogoll, Stephen Lyons Schlesinger, uclcer,-'and David Kelly, president: Simon Green, yiyx, v ice-president: Lucretia Slaughter. secretaryi: and David Nawi and Lenore Maletzlfrnemhers-at-large. Under the guidance of Miss Florence Er- rant, Honor Society sponsor, the standards of the society were vividly presented in a can- dlelight induction ceremony. A candle was lit for each ol the four qualities which an individual must possess to qualify for mem- bership: scholarship, leadership, citizenship, and service. Clemintine Amoroso Ben Apfelbaum .lean Ayres Kenneth Barclay Lucy Beclcley Barbara Bell Elizabeth Belslcy lrwin Billman Scott Bonis Susan Bowman Helen Brady Arthur Brill Sue Bromley Richard Bronson Rosalee Buclcner Adrienne Buclcwald Rosalie Calabro .ludy Canter Angela Catullo Fred Christie Richard Clarlr Katherine Connelly Roger Craig Ronni Danciger Abby Diclcler Paula Eberhardt Howard Ellrowitz Diane Altman Ellen Amado Ellen Axeniielcl Cyril Bamert Deborah Beilin Toby Berger Susan Blaney Dan Bolognesi Judith Bogart Vivian Bower lames Byrnes Barbara Camardella Natalie Chaliil Lisa Cohen hlarv Cruz Roanne Danciger blarion Davis Drew Days Elizabeth Dilsizian Patricia Donegan Bonnie Duberstein David Ducliman Sally Dunn Paula Edelman Jimmy Egen Heide Eberhardt Cathy Eisner Bob Fabian Elizabeth Aliano Florence Allard Xvilliam Anderson blary Lou Armiento Nan Bases Barbara Bauling blarsha Binder Richard Bolling Richard Connelly Peter Carrier Bonnie Cooper Richard Chamlin Josephine Cittadino Brenda Davids Carol Eichwald blichael Eisenman Scholarship Clubs SENIORS Robert Feldgarden Anita Freedman Eleanor Freid blelvin Friedman lrene Friedrich Nlarie Glardon lon Glass John Graham Xvalter Grand Louise Greeley Simon Green Alan Greenbaum Barbara Greenberg Richard Greenberg Nlartin Greiiinger .leanne Gritiin Rita Grosso Elaine Gussow Sandra Holiman Peter Hut .laclc Kalmanson Carol Karasiclr Amy Kathman Nlyles Katz David Kelly David Kobrin Robert Kogan Linda Kopp Lewis Krongold Michael Kuliclc blartin Lapidus Harvey Levenson Charles Levine Judy Liplcowitz Ettaree Lloyd Lenore Nlaltz Anne ivlarcus Sandra lvlarcus .lane hlarcus Ann Dee blargulies Kenneth blartin Paul Nlccaul Peter blenilcoli Richard lxfleiriclc George Nlierisch Leah lVliller Ralph blorganstem Nancy blorrison Carole Nlunroe Ronald Nlutchnilr Nlary Ellen Pisani ,lanice Richman blartin Rogolzi Roberta Rosen JUNIORS Susan Feimer .lane Feingold Carolyn Fine blarilyn Finkelstein Bob Fishhein .lulie Fiuch Carolyn Gang Howard Ganz Ronald Gariunlcel Elizabeth Gliclcman Bonnie Goldberg Lynn Cvolclberger Richard Goldstein Susan Goldstone George Gomian Steve Grabel Rita Greibach loan Gunther Calla Gentilhomme Nancy Gutterman Linda Halpem Sara Hart Susan Heclc Barbara Hoiiman Ross Jasper Catherine D. Johnston Fmnces .lones Xvilla Belle Jones blinna .loseph Victoria Kahn Barbara Katz Howard Kirlcendall blartin Krasner Flabel Barbara Leilert Carol Levine blariorie Lewis Susanne Lind Dolores Li Vecchi Judith Lon Sheena Nlarpherson Ronni blahler Patricia blanning .loy Nlarcus Harlan lvlargold Xvilliam ivlccoy Donna blechanic Linda Nlermelstein David blichelson Fred Parlcer Angela Parente Linda Peterson Barbara Pinto Keith Polalcoli Isobel Pollock Sonya Polonslcy SOPHOMORES Yola Englander Adelaide Feola .loan Feola Dolores Fiumara Andrew Frisch Andrew Gallichio Amy Glassner Barbara Gray Nancy Gross Charles Harmon Elizabeth Hill blarvin Hochberg .loan Hardy Barry Hom Ann Libertino .larnes blacero Robert blaltz Andrea blartin Thomas blclfean Peter bliller Raymond Nell lean Nishilcawa Robert Olrin blichelle Rieil' ,lane Rolnilc blarie Rohe blarie Rosa ,lellrey Roseniielcl Nina Runvon loanne Schailer Stephen Scholman Nlaxine Shuster .ludith Rosenthal Alan Rubin Janet Saleh Ruth Schwartz Steve Schlesinger Elinor Seidman Charles Shanolc Bamet Slcolnilc Lucretia Slaughter Esta Sobel Audrey Spatz Estelle Steinman Connie Styles Bryan Sugahara Byron Sugahara Veronica Sullo Richard Tarlow Riho Terr-as Rosemarie Torricelli Judy Trent Dan Tuerlc blarcia Xxleinstein James XViener Angela Zaccagnini Louis Zimmemian Deborah Zuclcer loan Rabinowitz Richard Ranges Theresa Riccio Lois Rilkind lsabel Robbins Helene Rosenberg Judith Ross loanne Sabatino Susan Salas Antoinette Saniilipp Laurie Scher Vivian Soiield Ellen Segal ludith Sergine Philip Serwer Susan Shapiro Lewis Solomon blalcolm Stein lucly Ellen Stem blarlc Stemiield Stephen Sugar Bruce Vanderporten Carol Xveill Alice Xverblin Priscilla Xveston Carolyn Vvinters Richard Xvollt Virginia Zalto blarcia Zamphir David Schwartzlarb David Seidman blichael Seil David Slcumiclr lanet Steinberg Patricia Stem Amy Stone Linda Sussman Robert Tanenbaum Gail lfmin Dye Xvallace blarjorie Xveiner blartin Xveiner blichael Xveintraub Gail XVhite blarian Xvhitehom loan Zuclcer O Page 91 1,. H f f 1, 5,3,gU1z,:,f'H,'-,fy Orchestra r y -.X-. rf I ".1L C ',Q . '.,, QL. 1 'Z '.f, f -,.' L',1i':,', '.p, CLC ",, It is unusual that a high school orchestra ohtains such a high standard of performance as has our own school orchestra. As proof of this fact, the New Rochelle High School orchestra was invited to attend the New Yorlc State School Flusic Association Conference held in Roch- ester in Decemher. it was a wonderful experience for the group who participated, and it is hoped that in future years the orchestra will again receive similar honors. Selections performed at the Christmas Concert included H0yerture to the ixlessiahu hy Handel, and Leroy Andersons Hlgestival Qverturefl The always- inspiring Hhlallelujah Chorusn from the Nlessiah, per- lormed hy the comhined choirs and orchestra, con- cluded the program. The Spring Concert included such numhers as the lirst movement of Haydnys Symphony it-ll and Jerome Kerrrs 'Show Boatf, Some of the same se- lections were performed helore the judges of the New Yorlc School Nlusic Festival in which the or- chestra has received an rating every year it has entered. Fir. Haiglrs patience and sincere interest have conirihutecl greatly to the excellence ol the orchestra. page QQ "' 9 . .. Band The hand of New Rochelle High School plays an important part in the spirit of the school. It is an annual part of the color and excitement of the foohatt season. and this year was no exception. Through constant practice under the ahte leadership of hir, Haigh, the hand perfected their marching and forma- tions with which they entertained the spectators at half-time. One afternoon a week the concert hand meets to prepare numbers for the concert and the contest. Se- lections perfonned in the Spring Concert included Hixlarch Nlilitairen hy St. Saens, uAcademic Festival Overture" hy Brahms. and ucvuadatcanat Flarchu hy Richard Rodgers. , As a participant in the New York School Nlusic Association Festival for the past nine years, the hand has received an rating and again made an out- standing performance. A great part of the excellence of the hand is due to the untiring efforts and fine direction of Nlr. Haigh. Will: .gr Page 93 53 'fx-.L NA" choir Choirs The choirs at New Rochelle High School, under school assemblies. They have upheld the name of our the direction of Mr. C. J. Broadhead, deserve recog- school in exchange programs with other schools and nition for their splendid performances throughout the in various programs loefore community organizations. year. Some three hundred singers have expressed During the year individual choirs have made sev- themselves successfully in the annual concerts and eral outside appearances. The doulole octette sang at "B" Choir . .M ....q,....-... f F Page 94 --I ,..,..-4v"f1' Xvhite Plains High School in Novemher anci at our school concerts. The junior high schoois were visited hy the Sophomore Choir, and the UA" Choir entered a contest. The outstanding ieadership anci spirit of Mr. "B" Sophomore Choir have made this year successful and rewarding. His encouragement and friendliness wiii always he re- memhereci hy those who have known anoi worked with him while at New Rochelle High School. Girls' Chorus Page 95 BUSINESS SERVICE MR. Cx.0w .L I SOCIAL SERVICE L MRS. Vx E1NsTE1 MRS, Mooma IVIarII'xa CoI1n Ki-1II'1y KaI1n CaroI Marcus Minna Josephs DRAIVIATI CS Miss CAROZI ART SERVICE Mus. FRANK PauI SCIll"l3II 0011 BOIOQFISSC, pI"0d. III Nancy COWEFI ETHEL K. LOEB NIR. GEIGER CHESS FIR. GOLDSCHLAO CONVERSATION Miss BARTNET David Brockway Judy Tren! FRENCH NIR. H.ACKE Linda Kopp .IOIWH GfahaIII 4 :Jain S-'W R431 P.A. CONTROL Mn. ROSENKAMPF IVIR, EMERSON DEBATING IVIR. KATZ Robert Kogan Roger Craig Louis Zimmerman BIII Jacobson RIDING IVIR. IVIELINGER AngeIa Zaccagnini, mgr J. PHYSICS IVIR, STEIN Howarci KirIcencIaII Eddie PinaIs RonaIcI I:isI1 Phil Serwcr MATH IVIR. JACQUES David Kelly CIIUCIQ I..0Vino Deimiuie- Zuciccr Page 98 f, Gu 1 -sul? CREATIVE WRITING NIR, IQIOCHHAIJSER BIOLOGY AIR. Huck 5Iary Anne Camal-cIeIIa BIBYIIIB CoIm Ann KIoIZ Sue VV:-:instein L I Evan VARSITY NIR, KELLER IoI1n Counts David GaIIin Ken 5IarIin DavicI Nawi STAGE CRAFT NIISS CAROZI IHITIPS 5Iayer, mgr I:mnIi AIuir, ass'I mgr. Page 99 GIRLS BOWLING Miss Rooms SI1eiIa WeChSIer, mgr. vc 0 is If LCE-'tbl A 'Y'..,n.uc-r CWHLT M' - I ' fu' tt 5 gtg-J ng... A JY d. Q.x, Ting-5, QAJ -I A , I.-ti: it Cu. x us-v'- TT' S-f'YJ " 'kc' us vi' AMERICAN THOUGHT IVIR. DUCHARME IVIR. KATZ 4 STAGE CREW Mxss Cmzozx .Iames Mayer, mgr, Frank Muir. ass't mgr. CRESSEY HI-Y IVIARGARH ERLENMAIER Pahicia KeIIy IVIarion TroetIi AIberta CozoIino CaroI Quartironi PROJECTION Miss UGLUM IVIR. EMERSON DCUBLE CCTETTE MR. BROADHEAD HUG. HI-Y MRS. LA FUIRA Norma Bates Rosalie Caiaibro Lucille Rispoie, rec. sec Linda Vvesienciorf, corr. ec Mary Ellen Pizani LCX HI-Y MR. DUCHARME Jon Glass Steve Schlesinger Arthur Brin David Nawi KIWANIS KEY 'ix . , f. ,ik 5: AZ' f , :VI 5 xv I X h 4 W Y -1 F . -J, -' .5 51' 1 " Af .5 'X A K gl 5. E "x , Q Q5 iA 22 l ,w: J X L ,11., i L V X Q L QwQPlgL as Q 4:2-w 'P ff- W 'Q 1' A' ir i 4, , L . 26. . . Q M. :wg ' -. H',3ff f12ify 1 v .M 1 ,. , - - ' 2 .1 2 , ' . H-:ff A 2' 41? ' A ' - .s Q'f'f'1 -f 9-'12-9 a ' fl-Q -fe, X J 'Q H LITERARY STAFF Editor-in-Chief ...... RICHARD GREENBERG Managing Editor ....., ELIZABETH BELSIQY Faculty Advisor MRS. PATRICIA EPSTEIN STAFF Emily AIIaer, EIIen Axeniielcl, Jane Bridges, Her- bert Brien, Benita CoI1en, Heicli Eiaeriiarcit, Susan GoIcIstone, Barbara Hoffman, Vicki KaI'In, DavicI Kobrin, Harlan IVIargoIcI, I..incIa MenneIstein, AI- Ired IVIiIIer, Fred Parker, Riki RoIJI3ins, RiI'Io Terras, Carol Peters, .IucIitII SiIverstein, MicIIaeI Eppinger, Paula Elaerliardt, Martin Krasner, Ross Jasper, Lewis ProseIc, Leon Bolognese. BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager I.,..,... MICHAEL KULICK Business Faculty Advisor MISS MARY ALICE GUINEE STAFF Stephen Abramson. IIene Amsterdam, Susan Fei- mer, Patricia Hoffman, Peter Hut, JOIID Kotcii. Donna Mechanic, Helene Rosenberg, Joanne Schaeffer. -P' 17 ' Q I I i ?.,I,.,.1-if ef RQCHELLEAN LITERARY STAFF 1 V Ben Aplelhaum, Ronna Brand, Arthur Brill, Judy Canter, Martha Cohn, Ronni Danciger, Sue Edwards, Sue Feiherger, Anita Freedman, Eleanor Frcid, Cindy Gelhard, Richard Granat. Louise Greeley, Barhara Greenberg, Elaine Gussow, Judy IHaH'is f ' b L' S Qancly Hoffman. Laura Hymans, Amy Kathman, Anne Klotz, Sandy Koss, Nancy Morrison, Bolo y Rosen, ous ciae er The Rochellean Each year approximately thirty seniors elect Publications as a suloject and ultimately he- come the staff of our yearbook. This hard- worlcing group laattles every day over proh- lems such as the theme, the dedication, and the page-planning in the hope of producing a yearbook worthy of the class it represents. This year the diligent and efficient Co-Edt tors Nlartha Cohn and Ben Apfelhaum were accompanied on the Editorial Staff lay Asso- ciate Editors Anne Klotz and Arthur Brill, Literary Editors Judy Liplcowitz and Nancy Levin and Assistant Editors Rosemarie Tor- ROCHELLEAN EDITORS ricelli and Richard Granat. Without the efforts of the entire Pulolica- tions class, the Rochellean could not have loeen published. The students toolc charge of senior pictures and write-ups, as Well as vari- ous other assignments. The work of the Rochellean Yearbook Staff did not cease until the yearijoolc was completed and in the hands of each and every suloscriloer. Our deep appreciation goes to Miss Anne Hilda Kofi, our yearhoolc advisor, whose never-ending efforts made possible this year- hoolc, the Rochellean, 1958. Ben Apielhaum, Arthur Brill, Martha Cohn, Richard Granat, Anne Klotz, Nancy Levin, Judy Liplcowitz, Rosemarie TO,-rlcelll Advisor: Miss Anne Hilda Kofi. ROCHELLEAN BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager ........, BARBARA GREENBERG Arlvisor ....,...................,,.... MR. CLETUS A. CLow Jean Ayers, Carol Baron, Deioloy Beilin, Juolith Bogart, Ronna Brancl, Carol Bryce, Barbara Carlin, Amolcl Chernolzt, Diana Cohen, Bonnie Dulnerstein, Donna Encler, Laurie Epstein. Allan Frank, Elaine Gelzlq- ner, Lynn Goldherger, Linda Halpem, Peter Hut, Carol Karasiclq, Amy Kathman, Lois Katz, Joan Kaye, Sheila King, John Kotch. Vivian Lamont, Michael Lavinsky, Ronaicl Mutchnik, Judith Prince, Mathew Rosen. Susan Rosenstein, Charles Shanolc, Steph- anie Solomon, Cathy Stein, Patricia Too- mey, Rosemarie Torricelli, Elaine Vvolfsy, Marcia Zamphir. ROCHELLEAN ART STAFF Advisor... MR. VVALTER BEACH HUMPHRE1' Rosalie Calahro, Victor Cossio, Hope Da- more, Allan Frank, Carole Nletzger. Susan Portman, Janet Saleh, Thomas Stumpo, Angela Zaccagnini. ROCHELLEAN PHOTDGRAPHY STAFF Photography Editor ....,,................,. Louis PROSEK Steven Abramson, Larry Charmetz, Frank Fato. lxlarjoric Cvreenhut, Nlartin Greifinger, Xvilliam Levy, Kenneth lvlay, Alex Perac- chio, Tony Shaw, Sheila Toomey, Susan XA'einstein. Jkifiy f " iw , 'A iff' The Bresslers if 5 M x V N , L M 1,5 WXX l b fl X G M3135 we 5 5"-r-1' The Feolas mia .wg 1he P3865 The Jo I fleses 1 Twins of the Twin Lakes xx in V.. um m, , fx - " HQ, , 54 I ' A ' ' " as .1..,..nawuV,, ,, .mQ,,V.ff 45,4-A 4. 5 fx " fh V, 5 -' V V V " .V. . ,...,fQflxM,t,Q" f' W' av 'K ,,-ff ,,.f 4 mv ' M ' M V911 ' If, 425' inf .4V .f V , , V' "" V. I ary, , El ... - h 4 k,,.m7yw,., N, , cr , ig., W,f,Qf!n , 1 MZ, VV V V, - V ,,hf V! . ,MM , fig VV by if . I A ' gy 1 af, 3 . VV -7,41-r' X V, V Vw, 1, ,',f', 5 f , ,.1,',YiQ' :gg i g i I, 'rg f , YT ,.. ,as pwfi' ff f ' -x , 444-V,,m wZ?1' VW-. 'V' X V ' , V 'V Qi' ' fWb3Wf5"' ' ,' . Off ml' '- ' 'iqylaw V ' , 'V , ' " f ffm f V", igiiff Qi , If , ,, ffl' ' f f , ' 1 V ,Qv V' H wc' ef.-f"VV'f' wif V 'wwrw cw, 47", VV ' , ' Q ,' W1 ,, QQ',w',,,3.yf,f f1f7f,,m9', ff' V z.,,' V , f ,V V , ff I , , X ' , 'm I , ,wil ,,,.,..--'-A ' V 9 , , vm 1 X V. L 'Q ,- ,A vu. E Q 3 iff, ,J "w.vQ.-.V g MH , , ,J-N5,V ,ff iz., - .W -M ' 1 I ,V 'h Q 372 f ., ' ' N V xt Wwe YH W V , ,,,,g, , 'P "" AMW' " L" C "'W39,VfzLL,y,f The ww, , ,i1,45,fw' V 114,11 N I r gefs ' a , . ,fi - :,, V'-' , 1 5V 71" 'U , ' V L , , ' 25611. ,! ,V V,V7 :A y . 15 , W I V517 ii!!! ,f XV Q ,' Qi f ' y' 5 Th 4 ,V O9 9 Rh 1 'V A 05 o T . , xvle' deS he DI Piazl X me Zas his A saws Q 9 v .ag- Tiff Nmap? Q 'J f A JB Wi X5 if W ,P ug, 4 wb Q' if 4 1 W ' " . 'J by VGXQA . . ' . gn Qpgfsgxoos ' f iv 'X I I , G ,S Q Q 36" -R Q J 5, L , My A 1 l .f 4 ' .M W f 2 A M f W WM K Eff Q My X75 ,Q f f' X' ' W , ,f .I 4 .i, J fe If v 4 f A Junior Class History Tile Class of 1959 bas continued tl'1is year to be successful in every academic and atb- letic activity it entered. The wliole class, led by Frances italiano, President: Fred Parlcer, Vice Presidentg Mabel Lee, Secretaryg and .losepii Cerreta, Treasurer: displayed un- usual ability in all it tried to do. Gerald Amorosana brouglat added iionors to his class in bis able performance as Vice President ol tlene General Organization. ln sports ranging from football to baslcet- ball to traclc, many Juniors were prominent. Members of the reams as James Small, Rich- ard Austin and Franlc Finstbwait in football, and Tom Breunicil and Franlr Finstbwait in basketball gave evidence of suclu. Magnus Lagenlcranz and Larry Small were successful in lioclcey, wliile All-Counties Steve Bauer and Jan Triggs proved victorious running, and Jerry Amorosana certainly iielped our baseball team. rl-lie Class of '59 is assured of winning many atiiletic laurels next year. Tlwe Junior Class not only participated in sports, but also belped boost the players morale. VVitl'1 peppy ciieerieaders as Bonnie Goldberg, Betsy Gliclcman, Vicici Kahn. Slieila King, Lois Riflcind, Lucille Brewton, and Diane Weber, along Witii the twirlers Ariene Wiener, Emily Alber,Louise Krauetz. Carolyn Vvinters, Nancy Sbeddon, Betty Fisher and Yvonne Demery our sciiool will surely excel next year. ivlusically and dramatically tlie rlunior Class also proved their worth. Many partici- pated in tbe band, orcliestra, and ciioir. Eliza- betli Dilsizian and Peter Boeve were given tiie distinction of being in time Double GC- tette. Many Juniors played significant parts in tbe plays given at scliool. The year of 1957-1958 was successluily concluded witlu time Junior Prom. It was a a dance to be remembered quite fondly by all Wllo iielped and came to enjoy. Tlfiere is no doubt tiiat tl1e Class of 1958 leaves time scluool in very capable bands. May we wish tlie Class of 1959 tbe very best of luclcl The Junior Council The .lunior Council, directed hy Frances ltaliano, President: Fred Parlcer, Vice Presi- dent: Nlahel Lee, Secretary: and Joseph Cerreta, Treasurer: led their class to a suc- cessful and profitable year. The Council was responsihle for all functions of the Uilun- ior Class." Their most important joh was the Junior Prom which was held in late spring. Through various calfce'and candy sales at has- lcethall games, and the sale of haslcethall boosters, the Junior Class ohtainecl funds. Vvith this money they strove to malce the Junior Prom the hest ever, and they reached their goal, The .lunior Class can loolc forward to a wonderful usenioru year. The memhers of the Junior Council were Dianne Altman, Lois Arvidson, Peter Boeve. Peter Brady, Arthur Cohen, Joseph Darling. Heidi Eloerhardi, Frank Finsthwait, Ronald Fish, Ronald Crarlunlde, Susan Grolasiein. Diane Johnston, Nlina Joseph, Howard Kirk- endall, Eleanor Landres, Nlargaret Lewis. Henry Moses, Elaine Nloslcowitz, Judy Prince, Keith Polakoff, Elaine Segal, Philip Sewer, Lawrence Small, Nlargaret Small, Carol Vvell, and Arlene Vviener. Nlr. Katz was the sponsor ol the Junior Council. Page 109 Si A Qmfffzvzz , , "'1',59fi'5'l'sL'74, ' 2 ,ff A X 'f ll!!! lla if lin wmv fill 40-MWMZ gg ll I mt 0 . film!! lnl 3' 1 Q ,A A. Vl' j "'1 4, 2 ez in ,ff4,.f,i37 iv .A f.: W KN f 'W .1 . 4 4' '17 ' Z X . 7 N 5 , ,., ".2i'i3' ff Ak fm Z1 ---.. .W Q. ..4.,m.m Y:,'f'x.:z1a 7-Ys.'.".'.1":"X ,ze ' ' -..".L' nm f -if f - ..,4i'.'s , V ,Wk -. v .f Je la .kc ., K------1.-........,............., gk'-f , ., ,, fp.- ,, wg, ,Mx " 'H a.,,w.,. . xr. .3 Mm.. ,..,,- vm. ..,...,.. ,-. ...... ... ...A-. F-. 56 H.,--W W . if ann.: X "4 i".:".:.-: kay. -: wg' ... .a.-..-A f-: rr.. .,..Wf . . .4 ....4...'.. " 1.-1.2 .f. .f!!' .. .. N, , .W u - 4. .. la eq -lk EU YY H.R. 21 '1 1...-n M.-.- xg ' 'W Q2-get ,..... ,......k lin' ' ' A im! ., - - w 'XJ 2 f wa, -Lf K. ,. M.. , mx , Q, K S , I. B , v X. mv ww Q.-n ff fx .- u n v rs 1 , Q I 1 1 I H R 2I7 H.R. 225 E 3 1 . K 'i ' - ana-an-.-q-nQ.-.-............,g-9 w.--w. -N .M- ,-- - . ,. ,,., , -.......z, ..... .. . M... . -.. -H .1 . ...f Milk" ... , writ..-A :,,-:-,gp-,g,"v"' .S 2 . 1 2 ?.ti'Q.LGw'-1"'3 , --311-' 3 . !J'i'f'.Y'3.'7n -Q ..u.....s .. wp. 01.3 '3' ..2 .. -..m-::. M... ...W vi..-'f L...... :vpn-1 umm.. Jw..-- 1: H.R. 203 . if-321.-Q "K"- ,.--a " X... A W - Exif- .N:.-,--vxkf' N. . ,, , X 'v3S.A.' Nw- 3 3"'A S' ' sv 2 fM3 ...,i,.- 1 A ff- ... 4 if 1- H.R. 224 H.R. 264 if-53331 -f' ' ' ' - .. -. Q Q Y X2 V ' f ' W' 'r- ,--r ,. M """"""', .. f -ME? 'Qi' 4 W ' y if' "'?7- qi to fq!-,' ."'.. I' 'XT L . t , N 5 1 gt , ..,,.. , '21, , fr' -:gm ' ,vs--J -- ,., -li: -P' Y'-uv A, ,A 1.5 M ws... s.L. A Page Sophomore Class History OFFICERS DONALD BREISMEISTER SALLY SLOAN JEAN NISHIKAWA ANDREW NEVA1 There have laeen few classes in recent years that have entered New Rochelle High School with as much spirit and will to worlc as this yearls sophomore class. The leaders of this line class were elected in late Feloruary and performed excellently. They were: Donald Breismeister, President: Sally Sloan, Vice-Presidentg .lean Nishi- lcawa. Secretary: and Andrew Nevai, Treas- urer. Many sophomores aided, with outstanding play, our varsity sports' winning records. Richie Meyers and Tom Tallernini gave a boost to the varsity football team, while Bob 114 Tannenloaum and Diclc Santisario were prominent in varsity haslcethall. When thinking of hoclcey, the names of Bill Miller and Howard Krosney are well- remembered. Marsha Knott, Elli Diclcler, and Judy Sheclden were memloers of the twirling squad. Sports were not the only activity that the sophomores joined so willingly. A great many memloers of the class were in hand, orchestra, choir, and clulos. They have all added to the fine quality of these organiza- tions. The class presented a play for the school entitled, "The Dalololersf' Freya Kawaller, Rochelle Lazarus, Dale Morgan, Frances Segal, Rehecca Shahmoon, Janet Steinberg, Carol Rose, and Sandra Zeretslfy aided in this long-remembered production. There can he little doulot as to the success ol this line class in the future. They will lead N.R.l'l.S. to many wonderful things. --- EQIJBH ffl 1 E12 .f .s..1. 'A ' La ASEE-E-.:.-r". 5, ff- 99 T Sophomore Council The Sophomore Council, headecl by Don- alcl Breismeister, Sally Sloan, .lean Nisha- lcawa, ancl Anclrew Nevai, was the planning bocly of the class and of its functions. Ex- cellent guidance was offered by Mr. Zaccag- nino ancl Mrs. Cussu, faculty sponsors. A very successful sophomore clance was helcl on May 2. It will long be rememberecl as one of the most gala evenings of the year. Funds for the clance were raisecl by a calce ancl candy sale on April 25. Members of the Sophomore Council were: Stephen Breecher, Franlc Bruno, Josephine Cittaclino, Marjorie Finlc, Sharon Horn. .loan Lagrotteri, Joy Lebow, Florence Mal- larcl, Peter lVliller,, Dale Morgan, Robert Olcin, Sally Raymoncl, Janice Roth, .lucly Sanford, Davicl Seiclman, Janet Steinberg, Joyce Teti, ancl Stuart White. Now that the worlc of the Sophomore Council is over we can all see how much their harcl worlc has accomplishecl for the Class of 1960. Page 115 shi in ,Jil .J yuan ::'? 3' Q3 Q E-ii?" RE as of , H.R, I23 M .. Y, 3295 1 I Y l , 4 1 ' " di HJEQ7 426I H.R. I3I H.R. 245 H.R. 205 -Q f- P + 5 , K?giPA 'L 5: it ' ii "3 h 3, 4 11 V353 Q 213 f L' gg wx, 1 S a X .. ' " TH "fi 9 F 0 4 I Y' . 4. l :S V 1 1 , 1 1 ' v x Q I H.R. I7 ..... ,, ........ ' ! .- La B 5, ZH 'E-E24 E :-':"EE"'!a! 1 'A A b FA.-- v ' ..,.. ,I M a-..,.,. ., ... , ., AUD. I WW' AUD. 3 AUD. 2 H.R. 249 IEA M 55 AUD. A-A . ,K 1, 1. , AUD. r... :PJ 1 1' 'I gag' 1 92'-fi .1-. J, H.R. I63 A-, J. , .K kim' bm. W AUD. 4 H.R. 22 H.R. 2II H.R. 2I9 W x . ,M ..,,, . .,,. K 1 M C ' ml- ef ' , , as .f x ' 2 r' gf is 53' "' , ,gi Jan n: iq - X . .4 , fwqwf " X .4 ., -1 't"'Q4-- 5 " ' '11-ae,-" ' A45 Q74 ,X 14 P 9' V N' imin ' , N? I P b .., :Q-:s,', , if 2: ., Q3 rx ,..' "' ffl, NIH- AMN' . , , M- , L .. B ll 391: 31: :M K 1 , ,VM 9 H.R. 2 wffvvl' ,,uL,9.-if MAJ: QCA is ..5.,,,......-.., . ,4i' ' f'r E ' In Q ji swf? t Home Arts Electric Shop H Vocational Montage ' , ' , Wiz" X will .-.L "' . S' 1 K 1 .. " X A, , fi 14, Mfrs M7770 , I Il, fs-J ln? Home Economics Cosmetology ll Machine Shop I0 Dress Design I2 General Metal Commercial Art Industrial Arts FMC Arif Wood Shop ll-I2 Cosmetology I2 Food Trades I Zafgfaz gh 1 l 4' f "sf f I II. ?'g Ss ss r . 4 7 ' 4 fqvgl Q ifwuwfi Secretarial Practice BUSWIGSS MOCl1ineS 'S Business and Social Adjustment E i 3 Bookkeeping Business and Social Adjustment Advanced Shorthand Business Montage Business Typing H Business and Social Adjustment Office Pfafllce Business and Social Adjustment General Typing I Office Practice r if 3 K ' 'ip ,J i-Law. 1 fs 'VF 9 gf, 'MW ,, ,M l . my , ' , A 4 S. W 1 v 9 zgziffq f 1 I . 1 1,222 'Ti .' Q If I' 9 X wx ' Um" P., w J ll 'U -. wi f QQ, Q W 1 ff,ff,, ,f,f,.,m, , af" '11 ' V1 ff f I 7, ZKQ 1 Y , v fy u if f , 5 ww 5'- M' 4-1 , AQ .G :J - ,f li , Y , f :N 1 f 2 ff ,Eff ATH LET! CS Basketball JOHN COUNTS DAVID BROCKWAY Golf STEVEN FRANKEL T 2' 5 .,.,' If M ll T f R T l W 4 li' 25- I ' '5' .M 'V ul? , R 'T Rilvlf V X' -. 'NT W4 . . l C n - A 'l' I ' , Ll f ll llf ' if . I ifmm' ,, " +R S T T HA -'14, I3, Y M' ., T: 1 H, gff Football ,ggi .lvl JOHN COUNTS A "" RANDY FORREST f Rifle Team ROSS JASEEIES HARRY JA , Sprung Track MARTIN LAPIDUS DEWEY GARDNER hu ,rn A . I ,f llffwi wx' -,-X-pw" AVI N Wrestling DAVID GALLIN RANDY FORREST Xl? 4. 'WN , ,WB A M U 2' if X 52232 n 1- ? N Cross-Country-Track ' 1' A DAVID NAWI A L gl Swimming lb ALAN GREENBAUM l ' l ' Baseball LOU KRONGOLD SAM MELILLO Hockey BILL DOYLE PAUL CAMPBELL 'bv ff fvsflizlqg-si-Y f ' - '+.,.4'1' M ' in i.x AQGH' 1' 4:-Y 'L' 'f- 1 ' """"'fv Q' lktwi' , , 5 fa ,ff I 'P 'Ei A . fi' ..,, Vicivry sniff air' , , ..-,1.nn1:1l ,, ,.5A at l'V!,,a1 'S 1,19-x 2? HP-,,...e' -Y AA x 4 X- hi Q ' L 59 'T 1.931 J x S 1- - fwrjy- Q' lu 'Arg , . 5 ' v 3 ,Q .X vswkisl' -fm f- x , Qanhglttmwv' Ogg! K t ' . -is il., . k ik lf - 3 . 5 3 S ' ,Q 5 'Q ,HA I . 4-. Inf. f L I, 5 ig X . ,M .sy ll gg' wi.. 448,122 .Rxw6.Qxx Q 1 jg,,.z3., 5 M , Y- .- . 1 ,, 1. f . N h - ww- if-'f'3 -'F 'Qi Q. f x !1w-1:-. 4 ll, . vs l Q ,lx A nk 5 5 4 'XLS s. . x' "" 1' 0 it-U43 -QQ! ' '!sf ':! 'Xu 0 J ' L: t . 3- b 2 P K 3 A Qi Q-k:uv'P,,. Y ' H..-14 '- '.M:-P iamli' sw -" e':. P. Ni- BUVYI' " 43-Y Q " xiffg '7 L5 'I f'f3?1'f Q . ' ., 2 .'z3ff -. , k ,.' ' xx '. A ' 9 . Lg N-Q '15 ""w' L1 Q I' 1 4 V dv. 'lx .Y S th in . 4 X fp! ' ' .I "1 .. .a- fkzxim W F 4 .- x Q .-5 f' A- ' X S A N , 1 fix wmwf 25 N ,i 5 ' 1 L! fjgl aw-,XP is F y J " ' 3 . K.-. W f --,gh 1 xy? A i"gXi X'i4 .?.'. L,m .m lam i ls ifsiii S fi k'y S! Ka Qi Q83 is x 41,5 ,fnl ,wma , ,. ,.Q .V .ff , C oach Rya 3 U. , 1 IH sr 'H .QV i if .,, gg if ' 1 :L M fx - wi at i,.2,, I l Q f 2 Byron Sugaha E 1 vi 2 4 C .I ff SS X UQ Q E0 f Q U r ? "H . W fi! rrrr jf? U A Vi ff BJ Q .. D., -5 o "'- U 5 'W ct 0, ,-x L fwaii, QM5' ,h L Q5 .,,, Mya K R ., .,,,,ugf, L 31 f 4 if Q? 0 w fb o wb fb. w-fi, Cu . Q,4,N,.r,- K-1.1 . 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Od-'PXf'JQ?xi., 0-D P IU LLWCCBSCQQ 5:22354 .Q5..':5O,x4f :Ewv.QU3'SD 2-C3215-U 1w'Z,2??l'U5 M""D-m"U-Qs.. I Q.?w:3C1... DSG ,Scum .-.3 -ggi'-',7, C -1-:LL Q26 we-Z-Q-S-5 QJ.ZWsx'Ef5Q :.,2Q'T':w'i-' E:O::IS wff1m":.2 cu:JUm--C"w Ewiwo U' LLL L.. W QOEQ-X ECW- 'Ou 32:05-: -U JQJ-2535 .Egimfg-S d:'S2D'O51 :JSE VDPON- mtg O-4:"'w va'--C"'q'J"'O E 3.1'E'5'5'5fU.q5U3-w uo- -awww Q'41.:ua.: 0.5214-grQ:??E5'aa.EE :'5'g-g?."5'mU34E3.wwmQ im Oq.a3:C'EQPx-5.22.- ,,.5wQg5 -ru E 'ob GCC,-5-5212-EQZQUW Io::-r3":Q2a.o""U5'Umw . U55 4-' .5-4'-'l."5,4:... -C-5Quf"5mg 2.45120--O-!2"C5-C-Jg:Ea.a-.. as C4f'G, CQ.. 4f.- .gb " fv :Qin G' .:,un"' :U:uDmmO Om mi--tm Bbw--4--Qwdfciow-C. Hgdimbg-'5.:-55-Ewg O IOU.-a .bp-..:vCDV2,g ::o--.221-55-ID-'-:.E"'E QNECQG U'gDa.aZ'f71.S'--5 m,Q'an4:'Q,?w .-:':J'gQ.S,g DTUSTUTEE-EILHOQES ::Q.4c3Qe-fm- 3535-.sag "'l'I'5l-14-J -' a.:u-..-- Pfcggm-Um gg Ord .... .ggiiafi .c :Q'9,9,.:::Eg --fu-2 ..C'.Ex"' OEQC-GE-O: gqgf-3.29 Um'-'U 0.4.01 H-5g-3 -aix-:imma-:,,,-..m :ua 2 2 -'-''5, Z' gf-'J-'QQ U""'.'.:'.-CQVIVJE -5 QJggm'S b:"E'Hf'fg5,L:m 1' uh-1 6 25,2-sw Q 5, 3.21 wg m...2f.e L1 JUG,-:.-O:: QJ5q,gQJ.CL6 -ZX fowigii afgdieggs ' Ei' U O: UIUC :U -,lv o fn O-59.3 '-C U':.:q'-:1z'5U EE- 'Pugz - P56 mf.: 5 Q4 QfzdgEw Egggazmf Eomooiun .Gm-Eg mgm Q26--D: CIqJZa,J....aJh2-,3q.,,.. QUDIIZ. O: 21 "' .': :mdiulxr 'U '-' "'-UZ:- nv ' Pi' En- o 3231052221: 71 -1.E'Eew-30f.2.2"-':fUO- Q-woo wx?-JP-"'G"'sq,E o33u2.c:Q"::CE52O,,'5:e: QQ'-5q,"q,:2o.:U:QOqJ QU H-,.... QC Q.: :5'TjEO:.ULJwwOE'-Q-C mm-.wh F-EU-Q "" Tgwiw-352.5 5152-in-we 5-U -mg--Sciirsuri 1:nC5cu,Qg.-?m-no ..:::5a,'U ?.---rg' 5,2-. 0,310 .i":'Zz'?5CEl,::wL"QJE"'wE ,JDCWOS-wmQJ.E2f21o?-fc cugigof-gimmi :alms DDQQ- Q.JQCU"": iQ:-,I .Ewa Q-5::fi'.f3q,:,,:o5 -of-'Et mwvw-:': -C2 Qjgcwcgwugggigwgag. ra..- f-cs C7 -go u Ziuo','I3..3f,wi,f 1E'C?5,'U3Q'2r-Cf' -'ESS "!CUi"'EOE4JL":w"5':T:2 cu--5q,:o-' 1'-:--5,22-J -C.:..u. use Z':.r:3qJ,,yg Page 129 1,-i, Page 130 Cheerleaders Led hy vivacious co-captains Ronni Danciger and Nlary Ann Ferrara, New Rochelle High Schools cheerleaders lolazed a path of victory for its athletic teams. The squad enthusiastical- ly performed at football games. haslcethall games, and pep-rallies, inspiring with spirit and liveli- ness all those present. The girls merit special recognition for the addition ol several new cheers to New Rochelleys repertoire.- Sponsored loy Mrs. Ruth Ho- luh, the squad included seniors Judy Canter, Nona Green, Janet Saleh, Lucretia Slaughter, and Dorothy Zahinslcy. Junior cheer- leaders were Lucille Brewton. Betsy Gliclcman, Bonnie Gold- herg, Viclci Kahn, Sheila King. Lois Riflcind, and Diana Weher. Aiding the squad were Michey Herhst, Barry l..iel::erman, Jeff Nloross, and Tony Shaw. This year's cheerleaders will long loe remembered for their pep, optimism, and endeavors. Twirlers Precision, beauty, and color were added to the foothall games this year hy our New Rochelle High School twirlers. The girls at half-time demonstrated their flaw- less twirling ability, and lciclced gracefully to the tune, "After You've Gonef' Special praise goes to their intricate Thanksgiv- ing performance which was great- ly admired loy the many specta- tors. An added attraction was the fire haton twiriing loy Drum MH- jorette Dorothy Bromley, who had exercised fine leadership throughout the year. Other mem- loers of the squad were: seniors, Sue Bromley and Janet Weber: and juniors, Emily Alloer, Yvonne Demery, Bette Fisher, Louise Kravets, Nancy Shedden, Arlene Weiner, and Carolyn Winters- Sophomore twirlers were Ellie Dicliler, Marcia Knopf, Barham Meyer and Judy Shedden. We lcnow that New Rochelle High Schooi will long remember the organization and slcill shown loy this year's squad. l S E A l i he i A Cross-Country This year, the N.R.H.S. Cross-Country team kept its traditionally time record. Coach Xvaiiy Pina and his team are certainly to he congratulated for their consistent wins. In competition with some of Xvestchesters finest teams, New Rochelle was always on or near the top. Outstanding harriers on the squad, captained hy Dave Nawi, were: seniors, Ken Barclay, Ken Flartin, Nawi and Blartin Rogottg juniors, Steve Bauer, Vin Citareiia. Don Fairey, Julian Goldsmith, Fred Parker, Alvin Smith, Jan Triggs and Chris Vasiiiopuios: sophomores Peter Pliner and David Peretz. Both Bauer and Triggs, the top New Rochelle runners, were named to the AH- County team. Spariced hy these two, New Rochelle had a satisfac- tory season in dual meets, won second place in the XV.I.A.A. and Section One meets, and fourth place in the Hcoaches and Qtficiaisn meet. A great toss to Coach Pina and to the rest of the team was Ken Barclays leg injury eariy in the season which left him incapacitated for some time. Yet the Cross-Country team worked hard and had a good season with many victories to their credit. 1 is-1, if -KM mr-Sr !'4f14 I: af Xi sl ei 5 .T a..,""4 -k t, Y ff , Vw W7 'GLR f-. .. at 1 .1-.-. .4 -I ,Wit Page131 fi' r ohg0ld Varsity Basketball Th New Rochelle High School loaslcethall team, sparked hy co- e captains John Counts and David Brockway, who finished in the second and third slots in the VVIAA scoring race, compiled a very, successful 12-5 season's record. After the squads early season nine- game win slcein, the l'luguenot's record stood at an impressive 12-l. The optimistic hoopsters now had their sights set on the VVIAA, ln- tra-City and Section l crowns. Unfortunately they ended the season h l ' th ir last four contests, thus relinquishing their seemingly y osing e tenacious grip on the last two of these three championships. How ' h i ' that title. ever, their 6-3 VVlAA record was good enoug to re am ln the Section l playoffs the team lost a thriller, in douhle overtime. to arch-rival lvlamaroneclc. Although the ,58 squad suffered many disappointments, there moments ol glory too Counts' speed and Broclcway's were many i . rebounding ahility, in addition to the fine shots ol each, made them ' - h C ts on weelcly heroes. They looth received All,County onors, oun h Fi t t and Brockway honoralole mention, as recognition ol te rs eam, N N their outstanding ability. Seniors Jeff Kahn and Richard Tarlow 'd l.. K old contrihuted much to the success of! the team as dr ou rong . P l A idson, Tom Breunich, Barry Walker, Jay Marcus, and au rv sophomore Dicla Santisario and Bch Tannenhaum. All in all undej ' t ine the auspices of mentor Paul Ryan the NRHS Varsity main a its fine reputation. X 'x 4,80 1'-owe C ,34- an 0 9,168 IE Br Santlsario 20,3122 , X , , f, 3 V, A ,Wi f Q f" ,fvffxcf ' ,Mah c lf fy Al..--.-in 1-1 4 Hockey Team The New Rochelle High Hockey team lorought honor to the school this year hy hecoming co-champion of the Westchester lnter-scholastic Hockey League. Coached hy Art Morgan, the team compiled a 7-2-1 league record and 15 points which was only equalled hy Ossining. f d ' ' l downing Sleepy Hollow, Greenwich. A ter CCISIVC y and Mamaroneck, the Purple Wave lost to GSSIYIIDQ in ' - dd dteam came a hard fought contest. But the senior stu e hack to heat Darien. ln second round competition, New Rochelle defeated Sleepy Hollow and Greenwich, was tripped hy Mamaroneck, and was tied loy Qssining in the closing seconds of play. The champions then out- played Darien to clinch the tie. The first line, comprised of Stan Jaffe, Art Keller, and Scott Wachenheim, played smooth hockey all YCHIA Goalie Jim Vvehloer was always hrllliant in the nets an d a ame He as well as the forwards, grew save many g . , confident of the alert and aggressive play of the defense ' d Paul Camp sparked lay Jim Doyle, Glenn Cooper, an ' hell. Freddy Breismeister and Marty Greitinger were also outstanding players. Much credit must also he given to the high scoring second line. Dan Jelline, Bch Seld- ner, and Dave Kohrin won the admiration of all who watched them. New Rochelle outshone all other teams as it won tive herths on the VV.l.l"l.L. all-star squad. Wachenheim was elected to the lirst team, Keller to the second, and Jalzle, Doyle, and Vvehher to the third. Gifted with several talented sophomores, Coach MOT- N R hella High gan is looking forward to loringing ew oc School even more glory next year. i Q Q ya xbj I vvi Aja Kv X-ui -N U-2 PV' ge 'N' ,Mx x X gi it -ef ix ,- D X ' SX .v 5' :Fw 'IX A . 2 X I A of uxv-9 ' l wk wr' Q? -.rf ,af FL Q, -v 1 Swimming Team The New Rociueiie Higim Swimming Team, ied by Captain Aian Greenisaum, can boast of a very success- ful 1957-58 season. Coacheci by Joim Keiier, time squad participated in time Rye invitation meet. the VV.i..-XA. county meet, and tiie Section I meet. Compriseci mostiy oijuniors and sopiiomores. time team snowed many inciiviciuai successes. Tommy Niuiien, a junior, iost oniy two races in i1is iiigil sciiooi career. Other ieaciers for tiue Purple crew' were Tilomas Xviison. Ken .-Xncierson. Larry Ciwarmatz, and Bob Xvyiie. Liice- wise, Fiiice Eisman, Paui Yanicow, Doug Robinson, Dick Niuiien, and Jerry Rosen were very promising sophomores. Alan Greenbaum, whose bacicstroice was a reiiainie point-gainer, encouraged more boys to participate. Tile Swimming Team showed a marked improvement tilis year. and promises to be even better next year. AL...-3. T f -lL,.,.pX -Q, X 4.1 Q , 4' F -' 3' L- 'htr-' if Q .unwr- 1 u i i Bas Gnce again the New Rochelle High School loasehall team. under the experienced leader- ship ol Coach John Keller, participatedgin the d VViAA'corn- perennial contests against rugge petition. Some of the more outstanding re- turnees were co-captains Lou Krongold and Sam Nlelillo. Other standouts were ace pitchers Richard Tarlow and Rolaert Long. The other indispensalale memloers of the Huguenot nine were .lerry Amorosana, Byron and Bryan Suga- eball hara, Tom Bianchi, Glenn Cooper, Donald F ' , Alex fButchl Hendrie, Steve Klein- airey rnan, Steve Schlesinger, Al Baio, and Gene Bell. The squad loegan the i958 season on April '22 'nst Edison Tech. The Purples then met agar Stepinac White Plains, A. B. Davis, Iona h uh Prep, Niamaroneclc. and Port C ester in s sequent contests. Z' ff LL LJ? QL fwwvttlt My wwf? Trac The 1958 team maintained the perennial high standards of previous seasons. The cindermen were an outstanding group ol: well-conditioned athletes, who were moulded into a winning combination by mentor Pina. The team, piloted by co-captains Nlartin Lapidus and Dwight lDeweyl Gardner, was ably assisted by Pine sprinters lilce John Counts. Richard and Arnie Austin, and Fred Capa- sella. Other notable team members were Bill Nlarlcowitz, Richard Greenberg, Kenneth Bar- clay, Steve Bauer, David Nawi. Dave Broclc- way, Jan Triggs, and Joe Ceretta. Some of the indispensable participants in the Field events were Fred Breismeister, Randy Forrest. Roose- velt Umsted, Henry Bloses, and Peter Boeve. ln the course of the season the team competed in twelve different meets. The first endeavor, the Queens-Iona Relays, toolr place on April 18. Qther competitions of paramount importance were the dual meet against arch-rival Xvhtte Plains and the Class A Championships. The tinale ofthe season, the N.Y. State Champion- ships were on June 7. , . ,T ,,!,,..,.. .... ,,. .... . r' 3 ,V- gf 1 'f, E5QWE55fwE ....f gg-'V,Q 1 -l - U Q ' lm i ' i 'Ns .I af -,,. ,I - 'l 4 V n J Fw 'ziffl F K -B A 1. I ' X' Q l .f refa- W Q' 'f if: an ,Q ws , c Q lg? v ffyff' . I O A, ' A , 3 -pq ! vt 1 Q X st. fe Hama l aN'FQ'3swEt, ff iw' ' Maamwmmis " N fs? WQ5 Sk kiwi, in-lie 5 JD.. gn., - I ' V 41, rg, gm ,i 4- N Q .M .. ,K M x 'U' of 1 .'gg5ai',,.:X'E 8' SA -1- C vw- t ig-:Q V Ls- Axkk W ' ft IE t. .-.. as sc s M s - - . a.J.fs Aykq ,Nr-1 in 5 it f ' g ...-nal 1 1 ,X V W. fm 'l .fvfl 5 .l fd 1 FX! i , ,i l I N ' 'ti' U 4 N , f . A "' . to W N 5 J . - ' W1 . vi l T A fi Er ' L U, R I - - my K-Fei. Kjwj A I r ,NU Golf Team The New Rochelle High School spirited golf team, coached hy Paul cl f d t a Jlure the VVIAA championship Cap- Ryan, loolce orwar again o c I - ' ' ' 'Vi L crantz, tain Steve Frankel, .lose Roll, Billy Rosenberg, i agnus ager and Steve Tarlow, composed the team. K This spring the Purple Golfers played VVIAA matches against Ma- maronecli. VVhite Plains, Portchester, A. B. Davis, and Gorton. lona Prep was also challenged lor the city championship. .Q K ,I K :ka ' ' U, K , 'Z- C'QEiQg Q , ' sc fi. Q . 2 Q.,.. ' w ,J ' - , me . - V ' ,W f,gg T ff' ,g , K QQ... K ,K ,Q Q . KQ ,QQ , Q . .I ff 44.. . ,Q ,, KZK 4 K! ggi Q we K Kffif 2' , , Q ' 'M , Qi. -K Q , "- Q Q. , K -' .1 -'few 51,54 if 'ig I ' ' .' -f "ww tif l 7 E" ' L" ' ' f .1 my fin-. re K , , . K .tiki v, ,i K g ,,. , K, Q . i 1 it f i.: , 'N Q ff? X 'Z' If K K Q K K 1 K KK ...Z K, K I 1 4 K . ,, , QW Km . H -i'i WWW1 - ' 2 T Z 'X 2 1 ' 'X me ..., 3 Q -Q - Q ,,Q ,,., Q , Q l .4 , 'M Q : .,. . K 4 , ., ,X 6, L, Q , - A -Q Kgff j ' . 1 , , f 2 r . 1 ,I Q- ri iz. Q --if 'QQK.141:i 1 '52 Q Q. A 2 fi' f- , g':fiq,::,3g "L 'Z f ' 1- I 1' 1 ' - K , 4 f' f ' . M 1' r g 1' Q-252.1 ,. , 'i "'i s 1 N' S7 ,T N 1 43 f - f ' i '-'11 ' K 2' ' " rf I 5 f . ' - . K -gi . , 1- 5 Q AQ -. T , , Q , , -V ,. ,.y,1gr.::1i.g,fL.g,,X,,K . - ---" Q W. 5 i .1 V f .Q K 1 Q ,,ea..s.e,,., Emi Q- , V 1 K, . X . . , Q ,. Q ' 1- J, f , sw. ' K ,ff xg., , . - K K ...Wy K Q. K ,X , . 'B' ,M ,i f I ' ' we gf fy ,I . . , . . , ,f , K K, Q ,Q i Q... s it ,T 4 1 T irfi T ,, . w T f' ' QQK -I ggge-Wgw? ,U QQ, Q. , T " 5 ' T . '-1'wiffdfwf-"v.f1,11ff1e'?f1Q9L- iiffzz-v'e151ff'24aZ1flLfL,-V f ff - ' f . , Tennis Team This year's varsity tennis team was composed mostly of returning lettermen. Their experienced courtmen drove this spring to defend the VVIAA crown which they had held eight of the last nine years. Dale Schreiber, Barry Emanuel, .lim Vviener, Stu Kahn, Scott Vvachenheim, Mike Gerstein, and last year's numher one player, Jeff Kahn, all re- turned to malce the prospects ol Coach Lou Amonson's team optimistic. sophomores on the team were Billy Gedalicia and Pete Jacobs. Other reserve memhers of the squad were Joch Kotch and Franlc Finsthwait. Tournaments were scheduled at Roosevelt, lona, Nlamaroneclc, A. B. Davis, Scarsdale, Stepinac. Pmronxville. and Nvhite Plains. Q The NewRoche11e High Schooi wrestiing team praises co-captains David Cvaiiin and Randaii Forrest for their outstanding victories. So tar. we are the oniy unde- feated team in Section 1, which consists ot Vvestchester, Putnam, and Duchess Counties. Under the ieadership of Coach Lou Amonson, the season was very successiui for the purpie matmen. Here is an account ot the prominent men in their respective weight divisions: 95 pound ciass 103 pound ciass 112 pound ciass 120 pound ciass 127 pound ciass 133 pound ciass 138 pound ciass 145 pound ciass 154 pound ciass 165 pound class 175 pound ciass ..........,....Anthony Fiiiat ...Nesiie Gunthorpe Davis Niatthew Diamond ..................Fred Tayior Rooseveit Umstead ..,..........,.......... David Gaiiin ......,....,...........David Lee .....,.,Byron Sugahara ........,.........Jetfrey New Forrest in the uniimited ciass there were Craig A11en,Randa11 Forrest, and Giiver Davis, champion from 1ast year. There was a great interest in the Xvrestiing Team con- sisting ot 74 memhers. The outiooic tor next year is very good, with many promising 10th graders. gi, r , I Ei S Q9 I I Rlflery The New Rocheiie Riiie Team, ied by co- captains Ross Jasper and Harry Jacobs, started the season oti rather siowiy. Mr. Vvintman, the sponsor, said to chaiic it up as a year of experi- ence. Some oi the inter-schooi competition had been against Rooseveit, A. B. Davis, Scarsdaie. Portchester, White Plains, iviamaronecic, and Stepinac. The team practiced and fired its home matches at the Navai Armory in New Rocheiie. They used .22 calibre target riiies. The team consisted of sophomores, David Liftong juniors, Niaric Sterniieid, Mark Robbins. Peter Goidenberg. Marc Fiaster, and Harry Jacobs: senior, Byron Sugahara. The generai concensus is that the Riiie Team was made up of good maricsmen, but with a iittie more experience they wiii improve. Harry Jacobs, the one-ietter man from iast year. and Marc Fiaster greatiy heiped to strengthen the squad. Bowling The New Rocheiie High School Bowling Team was organized under the capable direc- tion of Coach John Keiier. As in the past, an intramural program was arranged consisting of six four-man teams. From this program, the top bowlers were chosen, and these boys comprised the varsity bowiing squad. This year Coach Keiier scheduled matches with Concordia Prep., Iona, Wiamaronecic, and Saiesian. The home matches were piayed at Roger's Bowling Center. The team aiso entered the VV.i.A.A. tournament in which. as in pre- vious years, they have been very successful. Captain Robert Long and Leonard Sameia were the most consistent piayersg they did an ex- ceiient job to maintain the team's rating. The other members were Howard Zimmerman. Mike Weintraub, Jerry Ruicin, Jeff Handler, Leon- ard Sameia, Kari Hammei, Don Fritsche, and Richard Quattroni. FU ,yn - J.. f 4, ,fe ,-, ' 1 ' ,f J.V. Football The Uslayveeu loothall team this year. coached hy Fir. Keller, won two games and lost four. They defeated lona and Gorton and were heat- en lay A. B. Davis, ivlt. St. Nlichael, Xvhite Plains and Stamford. An interesting side-light ol this series occurred at the Stamford game. Xve were winning the entire game, lout during the last minute ol play one of Stamfords play- egs rim lor a touch-down malcing the linal score 1 -I . Some ol the laoys on the "J.V."'sl10wed their slcill and played lor the Varsity while continu- ing to play ".l.V." hall. Arnold Austin and Richard hlayers, co-captains of the team, were ahle to play lor the Varsity. Arnold Austin was outstanding in his perlormance this year and was certainly one ol our most promising players. '1 J' if 11 1! ' iii iiigiui m-fl J.V. Baseball The junior varsity team, coached lay Nlr. Zac- cagnino, including several juniors as well as sophomores had a full season, playing eight games. The tirst four games with Vvhite Plains. A. B. Davis, lona Prep and Nlamaroneclc were played at home. Our team then went away to play the four remaining games against the same schools. The juniors on the team included Edward Bogdonolil, .lames Limarcli, Norman Pfelfer. Domingo Sepulveda, Philip Serwer and Nlilce Stillman. The sophomore slate consisted ol .letlerey Bernhaclc, Franlc Kardonone, Charles Chagares, Louis Fitzner, David Godfrey, Paul Godsiclc, Harvey Goodman, Leonard Metz, Alan Rich, Nlartin Rosen, Robert Tanenloaum. Charles Vveiss and Roloert Zuccaro. -.W-. xg , it 1 .' AI' F- f fini .- 44.65, Q., ,LA-nl dllil' at .1 -I fftf efe , QMS ' .,f LL" Ai - i-Q Y , - J.V. Hockey The lv. hocicey team was ahie to piay oniy one game out oi their two game seheduie due to inciement weather. The game was nip and tucix aii the way: however, they iost the game to Trinity Pawiing, hy a score oi two to one. This year lhere was a iarger turnout of sopho- mores ior the iv. than in any previous year. Roh ixiiiier and Doug Kapp were the outstand- ing piayers. Larry Qshorne, Howard Krosney. Biii Anderson. and Boh Klein aiso showed great promise. Aii of these hoys are sophomores and shouid stand an exeeiient chance of piaying on the Varsity next year. Their coach Arthur ixior- gan says. mtqhese are the icids who wiii make up the Varsity next year because we iose our entire Varsity team this yearf, .l.V. Basketball The IV. hastcethaii team was siciiifuiiy piioted this year hy Don Zaccagnino. Mr. Zac- cagnino tooic over tor Paui Ryan, the Varsity coach, eariy in the season. The .i.V. showed an impressive record of nine wins and eight tosses. They scored 635 points in seventeen games, averaging 37.3 points a game. Gene Beit and Franic Finsthwait were the high scorers and shouid he of great heip next year. Qther outstanding piayers were Paui Fores, Jeffrey HSocicy" Smith, Don Breismeister. and Richard Mandei. the piaymaicer. The team improved imrneasurahiy in defense as the season progressed. Page 140 il X-...,.-.. he .,..'..a.. 1 ' A ' Modern Dance Ntociern Dance, composed of girls of att sizes, sbapes, and experience, was ted by Miss Rita Rogers with Ftrs. Dempsey, Mrs. Hotub, and Ftrs. Towle occasionally bringing up ttle rear. The greater part of tile classes was clevotect to a variety of exercises and timbering-up routines. The group also worked across ttie gym Hoor in orcier to practice wattcs, runs. and leaps. involv- ing coorciination and precision. But what was most fun ot att was improvisation, ttle free ex- pression of rbyttim and ideas ttlrougb dance movements. For improvisation, the targe class of about titty girls sptit up into smatt groups of four or tive, worked out their stiort sequence of move- ments. and presented it to ttle rest of ttie group for tieipfui criticism. In one case. Contiicting rtiytbms anct various beigtlt Ieveis tsitting. kneeling, stanctingf among the girls in a group. created a syncopation of movements wtiicb was interesting to watch. At other times improvisa- tion was realty more like cbaracies, for ttle group portrayed a nursery rtiyme in dance movements to see whether the ctass would recognize ttie rhyme. During February and Ntarcti, in preparation for tbe ptiysicat education demonstration. the Ntodern Dance group rehearsed a jazz routine caitect 'Title Ntaggie Blues." Aitbougtl tbe dance group ctidn't meet as mucti as it migbt tiave titcect, the bours ttiat were spent in ctance were certainty gooct exercise anct tremenctous tunfmostiy because of tbe entbusi- asm and interest of Ntiss Rogers. Page 143 if V ,J ,Q .,-.f--.- , f M -ii 2 fm f ' a F fx, ' , lpipv-H f ,Ty 1 X i its 1--1, wg 'VJ Y ',.' ,Nr '-:f ul ,Q ' .hh . M, 'N N' g ':'! 1' 49' W R T, I 1 Xkmsk. xx ' ' Q, Nh. K T., U' .-'vt-bi. N W- ' N in 'J?S""?, - , v . 'I ,. If X .iw . R Y kV4Q'::Tinaf.5i.w hx A , my S , yi 4 5 X , ... 1g'.7f- - 347' .q:. 5'.:5R:'2fi ,,,.,, -f..n...-4, , - . . .m., V ., ,,:,S, H M,v.igl.- 1 Y, f 1 'ffrzii' lzfirzxgpliq 15:35 K , -.f-1855. Q - , '1 ' Q M,Rm ,,, Y-gf . - ,xp ,131 sf"- , 1 . A . H,?,5:x.'J " - gxjggiijf' 'K mf ., 5 W S 'Eg mhynw g K f W iff f f falwv I Ill L 1- n..n -.n-. 4 - L K 15.3 .A A w x 10-Y4' aax!uq,p.:.wqn..-'- -,3L.hJgv., N. uf'-u.,.' 'Iwn:..,n-+1--.,,y:jfl'ff -"""" . t pun.. N , , ..-4.-.. -.V-vw . V, :VA .,. -.A-,., . -ggiiiww.. .-,- ff- -.,, . ..f,m-1: All AGA 'M -1 I V D me 5-ima 'lvl'-E.. - . Q? 19' .,,,x,..,. , tag, file . 5 8 ' , , Q 'TA J 'iii CALENDAR . . lfflffr-: -' Q -Q Rf Here it is, the schooi year I957-I958. Seniors are Iooking to their future: Sophomore giris are Iooking at the senior hoys: and Juniors are just Iooking. Se t. 9 tigor Seniors, the Iaeginning of the end. For sophomores, three years to go. For Juniors, - - Sept. 28 New Rocheiie piays an outstanding game, hut Ioses to the Mount, I3-7. Oct. I8 Kickoff, the first sociai CLO. function of the year. Sophomore giris enjoyed them- seives, whiie the Senior giris sat home and piayed Cards. Oct. 24 Pep raIIy for the White Piains game sparked hy the cheerieaderis spirit and Mr. Amonson's renowned Hshoe-shine" speech. Oct. 25 Teachers' Convention--This precious time was utiiized hy Mr. Amonson to pre- pare his "shoe-shine" kit. Oct. 26 "Shine, 'Amof Shine." Nou. 5 Eiection Day--One more day Ior Seniors to work on their coIIege applications. Nov. II "Ditto" Nou. 22 The "Turkey Trot"--The second G.0. dance of the year starts Thanksgiving Iestivities a Week earIy. , Nov. 28 - Dec. I "VVhoopee, Turkeeiu Nou. 28 N.R.I'I.S., sparked hy Counts, rips Iona 42-7, and then coois off with a quick dip Din She Twin Lakes. My, my, one can never teII whom they'II meet that day. GC. ibiocifey gets off to a rousing start under co-captains Paui Campheii and James oy e. Dec. I9 Thank you, Mr. B. and Mr. H., for a memorahie concert. Dec. 20 Oh, Vvhat a reiiefi-Tweive hiissfui days. Dec. 2I DRo5I5eIIean Stag-Counts and Cowen reign supreme as King and Queen. EC. Led hy co-captains Counts and Brockway, N.R.H.S.'s iigting five gets off to a J posverfui start hy heating B. S. GH. Back to schooi with a spinning head. , Jan. II Coiiege Boards'-To he or not 'to he: coiiege or no Coiiege . Jan. I6-24 Mid-Termsi This may mean everything. H sg! 'K X M, aff' in 23 ' mf' rr' T rl A in , W it nga 5 QF, x F r P -da. QQ VF K9 is lf' tswy I 332 t.- eg 9 ,. . gg Q Q ' ' N 'V - 56 Feb. 7 U-lqeens Against Polio Dance" a huge successl VVhy doesnt N.R. ever place for F King and Queen? eb. 8 The Drama Clula presents its long-awaited play, "You Can't Talce It with Youln Thanlcs, Bliss Carosi, lor seeing it through. Feb. II Vvinter Prom, led hy Harris and Schlesinger, hrings glory to senior class. Too had the seniors didn't goI Feb. I7 Snow storm gives us a chance to rest from all our activities. Mar. I Foreign students arrive in New Rochelle for a two-weelc stay. Everyone is on his hest hehaviorI Mar. 5 Xvho ever originated the "sudden-death" rule in haslcetlaall? New Rochelle loses hy one point at County Center. ., V: .grew- 1 - 415- ,,.. 5 fi N A ff" .1-Y.. 1 -:Sify 'Qi Q S - . .1 q,"'z'- , 71' "if: Y :-qi? . ,gee ,ezstsfi 1 r 'T 5.55555 xggrgef.-.-1,1-if'.,:.,3..L..- -. Tl: , - - .,:.: 's.n:,,,, - R. for ug- - Ii:f'15'f1T13I ' FSE -' ez. - X ig n yet, -'-. :ggi fe-we 1-1 Mar. I5 Boards againl lt's getting darlc later these days, isn't it? Mar. I6 I Seniors get Hltidgetyfi Acceptances start coming in. Mar. I9 , The faculty talces on the students in lnaslcetlvall. Somehow the faculty seems to Qld? win. Mr. Zaccagnino loolcs so cute. B 'F I Mmes 9 tg IJ Report cardsl I I Seniors malce it good. There is always the waiting list. sf. 1 Mar. 3I egg I, i "Black Plaguen hits Senior class. Term papers are duel 467: lg April I 92: ir - "April Fooll I I I In Senior English teachers glance at term papers. QF , ,,: ,q April 3-14 gpg ' Easter Vacation-new outfits-more term papers. Vvill there he no relief? April 25 Saleh and Cowen portray sisters in "My Sister Eileenf, Great Castingl May 8 Mr. Broadhead and the choirs give us a very entertaining program. May I 6 Ucollege Acceptancesf'-Vvhere will we he next year? May 2l Class Day . . . Vvhoever suggested sandwiches? May 23 .lunior Prom. rluniors malce it a hig night. May 30 Memorial Day . . . Another cause for a holiday. Hang onI The end is almost here. June I3-20 The final judgment weelc-Regentsl I I June 20 Senior Prom'-the dance, the city, the hrealcfast parties, the beach-parties all f ' over againl I I I I Hlxlo-Dozl' anyone? B. June 24 - 3 Graduation . . . A day long anticipated: yet, now that it is here it is not so welcome. ,, I That final hand clasp and tear will he shed. The last loolc at the tower and we're .X 'H on our way. n X f f ? v..'Q1 2' 5 " 4'-EX . "' Z 2x M! Q 'Dv t, ' 1' - sg, 5.4-K .vs ' Ji, ,,, X -is - " i t s. es' J Q Q i Last Will and Testament The time for us to leave is near. Gather ye 'round so you can hear. Ol treasures that we've held so dear. Lett for you in your Senior year. The icnowledge ol running this three-ring show ls left to Fran, Mabel, Gigi, and Joe. By Dave, Abby, Lucy, and Sid. Whose leadership brought us to victory. Johnny Counts has set the pace. Who can ever talce his place? Shooting baslcets is Dave's favorite sport. He passes the ball to Tom down the court. The serene beauty of Nancy C.. ls bequeathed this day to Roanne D. While the good loolis and charm oi .lean Erlichman, ln '59, .loe Cerreta will win. The girls in room 12, fifth period lunch, Leave carrots and celery lor Juniors to munch. Sue who's found lcnitting all the while, Leaves her needles to Judy with a smile. Ronnie and Malcolm are sure to receive. Scholarly ways that Linda and Dave leave. A well-rounded future for Carolyn we see, As Lucretia leaves her versatility. The blond crew-cut and height oi Paul, Will be acquired next year by Larry Small, As Marilyn leaves her pony tail display, To a Junior girl-she's Susan K. For Doris, Eleanor, and Sandy wedding bells will chime, .lunior girls, it will soon be your time. Please permit us to borrow a phrase from ,565 adieu. Nancy, Judy, Carole, and Ronna Hreiuse to leave their pins to you." The mighty muscles of ul'larry the l"lorse.H Will be found, next year, in .left New, of course. Nlary Ann, as cute as can be. Vvill be followed by Betsy, a Senior-to-be. The guitar-strumming talent oi Tony Nlarie. ls left to Karl Hammil to liven the day. Dorothy has twirled her way to lame, Nancy is sure to do the same. Harvey and Lou leave their gambling ways, To the Junior boys who indulge in this craze. Pete Downsborough leaves his trusty old jeep To talce the place of Hank Mloses' heap. Scot, Artie, and Stan pass the pucl-1. To next year's team with wishes ol luclc. For his swimming Alan is tamed: Tom will follow him, it is claimed. Laurie and Paul send Cupid along, To Jerry and Wendy with a merry song. Bryan or Byron, which can it be? The Levensons, too, are a mystery. Grace is a girl you'd lilce to meet, Stephie acquires her manner so sweet. Lynn's red hair is strilcingithey say, We bequeath it now to .loanie rl. For Junior boys, dates galore, Thatis what next year has in store, While Junior girls, you've had your iling, To last yearis memories you will cling. The amiable ways ol Rosemarie T., Emily will display lor all to see. We will miss Nlr. Haclce, it is true, But .lunior girls, he'll be there for you. D The journalistic ability of Richard and Liz. Has made this yearys Herald what it is. While the Rochellean is given by Martha and Ben, To those Juniors who are quick with the pen. Flashlights are left by Seniors who hate, Coming to school at tive oi eight, To those underclassmen who will be in a tix. Leaving N.R.H.S. at a quarter oi six. The Senior prom with all its beauty. We owe to the elliorts oi Steve and Judy. This is a night we shall long remember, VVherever our paths may lead in September. Qur gifts are given, our taslc is through, Vvelve nothing more to leave to you, But Juniors dear, one last thought, Have fun next year in Senior Court. Qur high school days are over now, But we will always remember somehow. The sharing of our joys and sorrows, Through everyone of our tomorrows. PROPH ECY One night Chicken Little, he went to hed .Xhout the sky that tell in New Rochelle. And he just couldnt sleep, so he dreamed instead. lr sounds pretty messy. hut swallow your lears, It s his crazy dream we're gonna try to tell Xkere sure it won I happen lor at least ten years' So it seems like theres this cool undergrad chick name of Little polishing the grass in Senior Court one day when suddenly this iiying tea hag cracks him on the hean. So like I mean man he didnt know what was coming oft here. So he glimmed the turf roundahout hut he didnxt lamp anything takey. So he percolated real cool like the sky is falling. ml-hat wasnt no sputnik man," says he. H-fhe sky is droppin' and lld hest he hoppinl Oo hop she ham, l'm taking it on the lam." So he like legged it over to the nearest medic, who was a slick chick hy the name of Shady Helen Brady. He flipped his lip and hollered HThe sky is fallingln "Easy, greasy," said she. Uyou're all shook up. Let's take it again from the top." "Like what I mean is, the sky is shooting hack at us at lastln he yelled. "Things are tough all over. Daddy-Of, she replied real cool. Uxow you just pad out over there and our medic team featuring Tuerk. Rapp. and .lackier will he shagging in in a minute. Hey Docsl This kid has a case-he thinks the wild hlue yonder is cracking upfn USorry," they said, Uthis jazz ain't in our key-let's call in the headshrinkerf' So next on the scene was Doc Kalmanson. "XVhat's huggin' ya, kid?" he asked. mfhe sky is falling, Doc: put your couch on your hack and runln 'Say kid. do you dig the hladison Avenue jackets? l mean real real narrow, man-or Ivy League with sleeves that huckle in the hack? H00 hop she ham. it's time to scramlu said Chicken Little, and he hit it over to the local copper Hoarse Harry with the comho right on his tail feathers. ucall out the force, the sky's oil: courseln he lipped. "Dont get shook, Biacf' snapped Harry. Uwe just want to get the facts, manln So Chicken Little sort of went hophead and like panicked. uchicken Little. you're inciting a riot, and this is the straight poopln Before you could say Shazam, two cats from the Hstranded Rats" fell in, Dick Greenherg and Dizzy-Lizzy Belsky. uxvhafs the dope, canteloupe? l mean like give us the hop, pop.u "The sky is falling," said Little, HI mean like the overhead is lower than Rohert Hallsln So Harry says: uYou've had it. kid: into the paddy wagon. dragonln "Cops, had scene! Later lor you, gumshoef' and with that Chicken Little peeled out and took oft with the cops and the reporters joining the comho. Said the reporters: uHey, dig this scoopl lt's the higgest thing since Johnny Counts shamed the Harlem Glohetrotters into quitting haskethalllu So l mean like here was Chicken Little doing douhle-time down the main drag, and all these cats indoors were digging these wild sounds: HThe sky is falling! The sky is falling!" So they- just naturally made tracks for the cement. First on the scene were Judy Amorosana, Helen Silano. and Angela Catullo. curler twirlers from the local heauty parlor. "The hair is falling in thereln they cried. ubflake way, make wayl Hats are hack in fashionln Next was .loan Cooper from the dress shop. "Hemlines are tallingl The potato- shaped knees are going hack in the sackln As the comho samha'd past the Nleyers-OBrien car dealers la new hard-top incontrovertihlel. the head mechanic, John Straccia, strolled out. "Hey now then there so, the transmissions are droppingll' Suddenly, with a roar like a hot Krupa crescenclo, a whirlyhird settled down and a chick stepped out-it was a female Smilin' Jack named Cruisin' Susan Portman. uXVhat's all this jive," said she. "The sky is falling!" said Chicken Little. uSkeedooten day, you don't say? As I was landing this crate. I lamped the altitude and it was droppin'. man. all the way." Right ahout then it seemed like there was this hig sound: like I mean man, they all thought Lawrence Vvelk hurst his huhhles, and the Thespians Leni Ginsherg, hlelody Latimer, Boh Kane, and Caryl Rudner and the set designers Angela Zaccagnini, Nancy Cowen. Paul Schnall, and Leon Bolognese from the New Rochelle Play- house made hot feet for the street, shouting: uDaddy-O, the scenery is lallingln Tweeters and woof- ers Emil Pisani. Nlargaret Barstow. Judy Cameron, and Eleanore Costa from the Playhouse Kool lilomho lipped it up: vuxvatch those pitsfalls, keedl XVe're sinking fast-this is no clip. we gave up the s ipln q Then there was a hig wail from Nlama Davis' Reet-Eating Place and Flama Brenda Davis made it like her soultlle was falling. Then as the comho was making a stroll hy the local Xveather Bureau, Simon Green and Boh De Santo hit the street with "Dig this. cats. l mean like. letys get poppiny. the harometer's droppin'l" So Chicken Little was leading them all over the New Rochelle High golf course, past the outdoor swimming pool, across the student's parking lot. up the picnic area. and down the ski slope, when these teachers Ronnie Nlutchnik. Lucretia Slaughter. Elsie Xvhitehead. and Janet Saleh stepped up and said: Hslip me tive, jive-the Romans are through: l mean like the Empire is fallingln Then Chicken Little is out with uLater for you, gator. The sky is coming downstairs hit hy hit, and I gotta get architects Pete Downshorough and Dick Barsamian to prop her up again." All of a sudden like, the Chick spots a couple of State Police. Paul Kopyscianski. Louis Yaccaro. Bill Flueller and Rohert Benz: HC'mon sport. we're going to courtln Says Little: H00 hop she ham. l'm in a jam!" S0 this Chick went to court in the coolest precinct of endsville and was tried forincit- ing a riot hy Judge Roger Craig, D.A. Barney Blarney Skolnik. and his lawyer Paul Pravda. Elan. it was the hoppingest when the Judge stuck his hand out the window and made it like the sky was real up lthereaxvell now then there. so this Chicken Little was hanged as a witch. nhlanf' he said. "this is t e en 57 Wa ,c,,,, 1 , , lx F ' z w-fl. nrt Q4 44, q if , . ,ff ,V ' ' Q in 1 , ,U 341 'mf 43, S? n 'Q Tiff 2' T MN 1 H 1, 3? if A 2 Q aw . ' Y, af YE R '44 w L AQHA- l .A if 2'-f Z."-ff 4' .Qu- raw ,,hg 5 , .M nj ati VK ,, ,. M lla Y' 'F "" --- 5 ,X 'f ' ' . ' x X 2 '-if . . ,f-4' -'-:mv EH' fe P M fm 5t'm,+-ff fn N," 5' "' Q ,SQ -Mi A' Lx V' ,-AA J, pf 5 -, Q 'U ' Qf fa I ' , f , I -4- fi "V " fx H ' f 'VM' , ' x 1 , 2 X' 4 f .H ' .lf , - "gf ' r t Q ' 1 , 'Q .554 is 4 A X gi ' 1.51 xi 3 ..,. i ' 'A Lf. ,'ME?:'rE:. 1:24, A 3. 9' 'lil f- ' ' LHJ4 A , f ' f " K s rug IOQQ I vm-,Q UI' igkfwf' XWWM Mk .N F UL Q if 5046 " bf kvohna, ani-, if ff Wf mfc Rza if QJWLJNV Qffffinm. .. 70 iw! W My 'SQ 'W' Q A, 2'am-blehovv ' 1 5 ..L.- ifligi 'sf' I QE' Q-mmm sa 5 1 www W: 5772 eg' QM! VM: SZ-"'7f gi ' J M 90 Y . M ' , I scngrvea WMM' v . Q-v.LlLifi,QQ'.a., if pffy BREND J! I -as 17 yr? ngssu W MM ggi? M g g T Q Q awe- ' ff! Q'n'1:h.w Sm 57-7+'?r'3 R513 sim E ' ' ff F WWW fo A Q fn atm A w gi Q33 f-S f X s X' X: N-..,, ,BNI dj!!! M, 1,' 'p VQJW WZL fl 2 , Q' of 'SVEEQV STEVE fy' u 'A I F159 Ricxwuvd qw ,I 0 mmf ' 'sv ' 0, 5 " ' 1 J 'Q ' 'iw mf' M C bgrbafa Sue ww o- gg UE Z we WM fi + qgf-Vpf " 'f, I E r' m?,"'?0o6 1' is or if X Q, as Kb . ,qw ef' 4 if 41, at - We + M fm u Jah A! I 3 Aces 68 Q- .X 'ZICX '65 I' ' qv of N9 1-fe sf f me Sm W' iff' f 4+ " 25"-76 Q' A F kt L ' vang 4 QED -. 4.04049 tsl.: 15" ' ff? . ' 0 ii9v,w"'! QW W' ,9'9V4?b -' 606 Q Q,-8 NU? 43 WW p X X 6 5, 1" X X I W v' ' r' X N 1 V' f Y If 4 I V U X gl If eg E Q Z Z ' 4 su J ein A and u P l W IER4:zR"N e W Q 9 R 'exam "y,, Q Y 71 -hue S W3 13 Qfi 4 H q b' QQ ,.ff:,.-bf-'35, 11056112 Calabr , QI . aw . Y' 158 :ues 4,8 Beam! igf WI as-kvfv' AW SH 2.01. ee- KfN0j If nam if 4 '. . SFSQQ' of a smw scorr u 55 N' v Q 5 C90 If j 8 'jp C30 -..M ax 'ff' ' v'f""" .,a ' Rx 2x ' Q fzfia f' ' ' 64, 'YZZQS 'Q Wi -- Kami MM Q3 'fa Q. ny 1- , i5".?'5' Www " ' ' 'Z HW 72 NWA' ' ar Q ' D W 2. Q76 MK X PATRONS COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND DEBS COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND DANIEL'S PHARMACY L. LAWRENCE, INC. DOMINICK AIELLO ARDSLEY'S LINEN WESTBORO AUTO SUPPLIES INC. A FRIEND JAC-RON MEN AND BOYS NORCREST LINENS F1 LINGERIE INC. VVYKAOYL DELICATESSEN MR. AND MRS. I. CORMAN MR. AND MRS. LLOYD SEIDMAN THE MANNERLY SHOP MR. AND MRS. DAVID BROCKWAY LITTLE HAND LAUNDRY MR. AND MRS. NAT COHEN ROCHELLE SERVICE STATION BILL THE GREEK HAIRDRESSER HANK KURTA VIC SMITH'S FRIENDLY SHOE STORE MR. AND MRS. O. PHELPS I. D. BATTANN MR. AND MRS. ROBERT TALNER HAMBUROER DEPOT Cv. ERNEST L. BEETON NEVV ROCHELLE FURNITURE CORP. Page I56 MR. AND MRS. BIELIN MR. AND MRS. B. ZIMBERG A.A.A. HARDWARE CO., INC. MR. ARA PROUDIAN ELAINE OUSSOW MR. AND MRS. HAROLD B. MCPHEE MRS. ALTMAN MR. AND MRS. MILTON MALTZ MISS ANNA M. BARTNETT MR. AND MRS. GERALD DICKLER JOHN A. CLARKE MR. AND MRS. LAWRENCE LEVY MR. AND MRS. WALTER PRINCE MR. BOB KANE MR. AND MRS. MORRIS TOBIAS LAUNDERETTE SELF SERVICE TV RADIO HOSPITAL ZARO BAKE SHOP MR. AND MRS. LOUIS YAOODA WYKAOYL-TOY-AND-HOBBY MR. AND MRS. I. A. SCHWARTZ ESSO STATION NAT OOLDMAN INC. MR. AND MRS. EARL M. AYERS MISS MARY ALICE OUINEE MISS MIRIAM CRESSEY MR. AND MRS. SIDNEY GREENBERG MR. KENNY MANDEL BEST WISHES T0 THE CLASS OF 1958 SIGMA BETA PI SORORITY and PHI SIGMA BETA FRATERNITY M X fi? Best Wishes TO THE CLASS OF 1 9 5 8 PHI DELTA SORORITY A N D PHI LAMBDA FRATERNITY ?lfa9? 305 S PHI TAU SORORITY 'D and TAU PI FRATERNITY Extend Their Sincere Xvislzes TO THE CLASS OF 358 for a SUCCESSFUL FUTURE ,44-nl sf XA" X 5 -X: v , , . j 9 Ng - C? J' Q' P sl DX 4 C' ', QSYJ wf.- . 54 J! fx P Q divx N f + Q, -J kg , I ' A '-dx X F' ' 53 ',gF Q N ix ,,-7 X gx Q ' .h '- WNN ' r- 095 -, fx I X, 5V f, ' F f -5" '-X' ' m ' X' X xv Q 1 Q., 'L , X-f C, , ,, U lux wx Cx V N , rx? xf fxkf ww C Lv I J CGNIPLHVIENTS GF POPSICLEM 0 J-WQVJJ W' Off W if f' y' M y lv? A oy 5 L , 2 ff fb M M . -.KQCJX xg?-5b Cf U wwf wwf? 'QQ NY V Q Klklfw wif V59 6530 Q F' " ,A N: XT' I I' X Vwhfjlfxopyw X .V -N Q9 Page 160 J BEST XVISHES FROM YOUR YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHER LINCOLN-WARTELL 239 NORTH AVE. NEXV ROCHELLE, N. Y. fNear Post Ojgqcej BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '58 NIR. and MRS. SOL KARASICK SMART HOMEMAKERS PREFER ' T" lmpwell QUALITY SUPERMARKETS Open Day and Nigtit TERRACE HILLS GOLF COURSE Nine Hote, Drive, Pitcti Sr Putt 2495 CENTRAL PARK AVENUE t3 Btoctzs Nortti ot Adventurers tnnb YONKERS, N. Y. P.G.A. Statt in Attendance Tet. Spencer 9-3959 JACK J. GULLOTTA Designers of Fastiion lewetry ACCESSOCRAFT Young intettigent NR. stuctents ctesirous ot learning ttie CQSTUME IENVELRY industry are atways wetcome as employees. 48 LAXVTON STREET NEXV ROCHELLE, N. Y. Page 763 Congratulations tothe CLASS OF 1958 BLUE BIRD TAXI SERVICING CORP. Q81 North Ave. Tel. NE Q-0909 H 270907 H 6-0709 Q4 HR. SERVICF To W. the Graduating Class Best Vtlisnes From 500-504 IXIain St. New Roctueue T. GRANT CO. Compliments of AUTO GLASS SPECIALISTS 782 Main Street New Rochelle Page 164 Teteptione TE 4-195-I Open 12:00 Noon to 12:50 Aft. Saturday tiH 5:00 Compliments T U G H O Y Chinese 5 American Restaurant of Specializing in Cantonese Cuisine Special Orders To Take Out A F R15 N D Xvine' 5 Liquor' 129-I E. Boston Post Road Air Conditioned Larctimont, N. Y. Free Parking w as Q , Compliments H! of can it THE PARENT-TEACHER Sami, fairg. , , or can if know now of In ptiotograptxy ttiat certain touch NEXV ROCHELLE makes the true protessionat. Insist on it for your HIGH SCHGOL next important photograph ...A N nd get it at our Photo Relqex Stuctio Fifth HOOP Btoomingdateys New Rochelle Page Compliments of VVYKAGYL GARDENS TOMMY CHEN'S CASINO Chinese Er American Restaurants Q50IN1ain Street, Next Door to IVIacy's WIIite PIains 8-5115 IN MAMARONECK, N. Y. 1055 E, Boston Post Road ' MA 9-0406 Dancing Friday and Saturday Evenings Catering to Parties anc1 Banquets IVIemIuer Diners anrI Esquire CIIIbS IN New YORK CITY' Singapore ' 50111 Street and Broadway Opposite the CapitoI Theatre All Places Are AIR-CONDITIONED To time Greatest fe My Sisters Class DEL H. BRAND RV R ROBBINS 8- ROBBINS Inc. Town Es' Country CATERERS Complete Catering Service For Every Occasion Anywhere H Any Time At Your Home - TempIe or Finer New York HoteIs New York, Westchester Co., New Jersey, Mass., Long IsIancI, Conn. CaII NEW RocI1eIIe 2-9115 Page166 Compliments of P O L O M A R NEW Roctmette 2-855-1 SEACORD BROTHERS Imported Cars - Cities Service Procfucis Sales - Service - Parts Ewing R. Seacorct .AUSTIN ,AUSTIN HEALY HILLMAN-NiNx NORRIS-NiNoR SUNBEAM 571 Nortti Aven ue NewRoct1ette, Y. Poizscnn RENAUI T Roma NG JAGUAR Compliments of CLAUDE HARMON FORD INC. 420 North Ave. BE 5-2500 Ampte Accommodations Mats 6' Grass Area NSW' Bild USGCI Golfing Accessorie CHERRYLAWN GOLF RANGE Vxreaver St., New Roctiette, N. Y. Teteptione NE 0-9395 Tom MY XIIDILE, Owner No Xvaiting Lessons tuy Appointment Page 767 Compliments of CAMP CHEROKEE Compliments of Director, Sm KING A F R I E N D NE 6-0682 Best Wishes VIC SMITHS to the Friendly Shoe Store Class of 1958 JIMMY and ARTHUR Vv7yIQagyI Shopping Center Q Compliments of CARAVAN OF MUSIC COACH 'N FOUR Steak House and Cocktail Lounge Home of the Filet Afignon P1an Your Parties at the Coacti TEnnyson 4-5158 N I5 Post Road Larctimont, N. Y. NEW Roc11e11e 2-2300 O. MUELLER INC. Everything for Your Otnce Portable Typewriters School Supplies 245-247 Huguenot Street Su CCQSS to fha C1ass of 1958 MR. and MRS. B. LICHTENSTEIN NEW Roctiene 2-5777 FRENCH BOOT SHOP 541 1V1ain Street Nc-:wRoc11e11e, N. Y. LA BELLAS' GULF SERVICE STATION Qpen: 7:50 A.1Xf1. to 10:00 PM. Sunday-9: oo AM. to 9:00 PM, Complete Auto Repairs Lubrication - Xvaxing - Vxfastiing Tires 5 Tubes - Batteries - Accessories Free Pick Up 5 Delivery 599 1X1ain Street, Corner Harrison St. New Roc1'1e11e, N. Y. LARRY, JOE, AND FRED NE 2-6222 Poge 169 NE 6-9695 Compliments EIVIERSON'S AUTO SERVICE f O 46 East IVIain Street A F R I E N D New Rochelle, N. Y, SCarscIaIe 3-9662 W E AV E R B R O 0 K Rvsfuurunl - IIOIi1'f1IeSsvr1 IJUIIIIIEIIII - Appctizing Caicring M61 Vxfemmr SI. Sc'arsfIaI 0, NE Q-01 ROSE HILL NURSERY Lonclsmpv Design mul VXYicIc'S0IeCiior1 of Morris 975 XVCIuster Ave. New RoCI1eIIe, N. Y. 5I NE Q-0444 BEECHMONT PHARMACY 708 North Avenue New RoCI1eIIc, N. Y. S EALECTRO Corporation IXI?1I'lIlI1HCIllI'Cl'S of "PRESS-FIVIW TcrminaIs 610 Fayette Avenue, IXZIEIITIHFOIICCIQ, N. Y. IX'IArnaronecIc 9-7800 "COOK'S" for Hamburgers, Frankfuriers Ice Cream Boston Post Road Larctmmont, N. Y. MICHEL WALLPAPERS, INC. 106 Taft Avenue I4IempsteacI, Long IsIancI IVanI1oe 3-4266 Page170 IVIEL IVIEYERS BEECHIVIONT GULF Service Station 750 North Ave. New Rochelle, N. Y. GAIR S- GAIR LONDON SHOP 565 Main Street NEW RocI1eIIe 2-5959 "CIollir0sfor!I1e IXIan who Caresu CARLYLE HABERDASHER 2201 Grand Concourse Cor. 182 St. HAROLD OSHLAG ITISUFOTICG 545 North Avenue New Rochelle, N. Y. THE HARLEQUIN l7isfinrliUe sport and casual wear Wx'14,xGx'1. SHOPPING CEENTER NEW RoCI1eIIe 2-4747 NE 6-7070 RALEIGH ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION -H QEOILIIIIIJUS Avenue New Roclnetle, N. Y. 2-5 551 REIVIlN'S "Tito Store Thats Different" 685 North Avenue New RoCI1eIIe Page 177 NQYEF Closed . . . COLLEGE DINER Qpposiie Iona 690 North Avenue New Rochelle NEW Roch eHe 6-4720 HUGH S. MARSHALL Guan OPTlC1AN 597 North Avenue New Rochelle, N. Y. Ccmiplinzenls of DORA MAY CO. BRITEX CLEANERS 550 Nortti Avenue New Rochelle, N. Y. NE 2-5072 FRANK'S MUSICAL EXCHANGE Records - Stieet Music Repairs - Miisicat instruction Rentals H Musical Instruments 261 Hugucnot Street MARCIANO BAKING CO. INC. 56 3rd Street New Rochelle, N. Y. QuAL1'rY BAKERS SINCE 1906 NE 2-7657 NE 6-9699 NEW Rochelle 2-664-1 Free Parking NE 2-54922 G l O VA N N l 9 S Famous for Italian Food Accommodations for Parties Your Host, lol-iN R. CoRiGLiANo 700 Main Street P Rd. NewRoct1eHe, N. Y. Boston ost ALLEN SPORT SHOPS 290 Huguenot Street New Rochelle, N. Y. Page 172 CAMERA CRAFT, INC. Pnofograpllir' Supplies Fine Foro Finishing 210 NORTH AVENUE NEXX' ROCHELLE, N. Y. NEW RoCI1eIIe 24611 GENTLEMEN. JR. TE. 4-4450 LOLLI-POP CIRCLE, Inc. TE. 4-1605 SUB-DEB TE. 4-1605 LarCI1mont, N. Y. INTER-CITY TRANSFER CORP. Texaco Proflucls NORTH ILXYE. SERVICE STATION 6-16 North Avenue PINEBROOK SERVICE Srfxrlox -ll Potter Axenuc TE 4-5266 GOLD LAKE CATERERS Delicalcssen -E Restaurant Dairy - Appetizing - Fountain lffj IXIyrlIe BIVQI. I-arCI1mon ENN. LA ROCHELLE FLORIST INC -102 North AVe. NE 2-0001 ENDECO FINE FOODS Since 1912 XXIIIOIQSGIC Groceries LOUIS ENDER INC. NVEBERS GIRLS SHOP 546 North Avenue Oli twain St. NE 6-T020 HAAS LINENS LEO B. IXIORSE XXTQSICIIGSIQIIS Loveficsl Linens New Rochelle, N' Y' Join our 51.00 a week 'TROUSSEAL' CLUB" and IIEIYC yOLII'III'161"l5 OH XVINICD yOLI,I'G FCBCIB' for them. Page 773 W1sConsin 7--4391-2-3 Compliments of GRAYBECK 8 WOFSY Genera1 1nsurance Brokers 100 West 42r1c1 Street STRATTON PHARMACY BERNARD WOFSY New Yor1c 36, N. Y. Compliments of MARGE AND LOU SIMON NE JOSEPH'S BEAUTY SALON Opp. Arno1d Cons1u1J1e 1,-19-1.1 192 North Ave. Congralulalions MR. F9 MRS. CARL J. LORD c1UH1lJ11l11l'l1lS of DANIEL STEINGART G0 First to NElSNER'S 222 Nor111 Ave. New Roc11e11e 13051 YN7is11es lo Iiie C1ass of 1958 MR. 6- MRS. L. J. TORRICELLI NE 2-7809 MA 9-59911 KATHRYN HAYES Cuslom Dry Cleaners GEORGE'S FLOVVERS INC. 56-58 Division St. New RoC11e11C NE 2-3760 ESL. 1922 2-1731 BERMAN'S NE 6-2000 110 Centre Ave- for 11... BEST sandwiches in U.s.A. New Roc11e11e 581 North Ave. Lou AND Fm' ALPER New Roc11e11e, N. Y Compliments of MR. J. STEINBERG NE 2-3972 HENRIETTA R. LUDDER Designing 663 Nor111 Ave. New RoC11e11e, N. Y VVYKAGYL BARBER SHOP 1295 North Avenue Nexv1QoC11e11e, N. Y. Yrro ZAMPACLIONE, Prop. WILSON CHEMlSTS, Inc. Joseeu 1V1. BLASI - JOHN T.K1NNEY,JR. Reg. Pharmacists 671 North Ave. atHu19ert1D1. New Roc1'1e11e, N. Y. Phones NE 2-4959 NE 6-4092 Page 174 N5 'e's1'3e1" George Saxton, Prop. SAXTON'S BARBER SHOP i For Hair Processing l'aciials - Paclis - Blanicuring SHOP OF THE SEVEN SEAS Beautiful Gifts 5 Greeting Carcls 5 Bmmk Street New Rochelle' N' Y. 2 Eastclwester Rd. New Rochelle NE 2-2-179 Since 1927 NE 20480 L U X O R VA L E T Cleaners - Dvers P- Tailors VVYKAGYL HAIRDRES SERS Ng'i9RlXOl3Ii2Iityril Y. 1299 Nortlu Ave. New Rochelle Eflnf-'D' ilk? Fine Colcl Cuts NE 6-9440 1' S C Id 1 ro en OO O Bmages MORRIS J. HACKER AND SONS PAT'S DELICATESSEIQ Complete Automotive Service 552 XVGIJSIGF Avenue 2-865Q 158 Huguengf St, Compliments NE 6-9554 of PEOPLE'S BARBER sHoP MR. AND MRS. ABRAHAM BELSKY 57V2 Lincoln Ave. XV. A. JACKSON CHARLDINE HAIR STYLISTS Air Comlitionecl Free Parlzing Greatest Name in Hairdressing QUAKER RIDGE BEAUTY SALON 524 Nortlu Avenue NE Q-5153 NR. XXYILLIAM - Stylist NE 6-9742 Auto Launclry NE 2-5924 12 Division St. WYKAGYL SERVICE STATION G A L L E R Y ' S Roacl Service 67 Qualcer Ridge Rd. All Kinds of Fabrics 62-I Nortlr Ave. 3-6700 SC 5-5771 Opp. Lorcl 5' Taylor TRAVELMAQTER LORRENDELL FABRICS INC. HTl1e Fabric Discount House" CRUISE CENTER INC. Complete Travel Service BERNARD KARLAN Best Xvislies From ALLEN SPORT SHOPS INC. Compliments ol NEVV ROCHELLE ROOFING CORNICE S- SKYLIGHT XVORKS INC. 1-1-16 Harrison St. Page 175 MAIN HOSIERY SHOPS Ladies' Accessories NE Q--V1T3-1 582 Nam Street THE WALLPAPER STUDIO 626 Main Street New Rocheue, N, Y. NEW RoC11eIIe Q-3656 HAL-MAR CLEANERS 7V2 Hubert Avenue New RoC11eIIe Compliments of H O C K I N G S Hljfowers lo Remembern 1511 Norttl Avenue New RoC11eIIe,N. Y. NE 2-1119 NEW Roc'11e1Ie 65357-1 IVIAYFAIR PASTRY F-f EPICURE, Inc. Norltm Ave. f:rfPllf114c'rRir1ggC Ret. al Xvytmgyl XxX'I1'S,!'Ilt'Sll'f"S Fines! Four! Shop 1'orA11 Your 1,al'lytL'rfxz1le1'ing Nec-cts NND, llvlzm-r F 11, G AUTO SUPPLY 616 North Ave. New Roetwctte GOLDMAN,S STATIONERY Sefxool Supplies Slalionery and Toys SOOCHOVV TEA GARDENS fjlrinese IAIYIUTICIHI Reslaurant NE 6111165 581 Main Sl. New Roc11eI1e, N. Y. MARTIN F1 JULES Nliw ROCIIIiI,I.Ii IIARCIIMON r PELIIAM NU-LIFE CLEANERS 554 North Ave. NE 62222 New Roct1eIIe Compliments of PINTARD LUNCHEONETTE BENNY'S Bccchmont Delicatessen Speeiatizing in Tasty Sandwiches to Take Out or Served at Ta13Ies NE 6-9555 B. Janowitz MODERN PAINT I5 GLASS CO. 263 Huguenot St NE 2.8060 New Raehette BOGI THE BACHELOR and LOONY THE CRAZO R O B A R D ' S 1160 West Boston Post Road IXIamaroneC1i,N. Y. Good Luck io ltle Graduating Class MR. and MRS. HARRY ROSEN and FAMILY Page 176 g .XNNES ART CORNER 1 ,1111lL'Vll'CU'E' - Stemware H Silver f1ntiques - Gifts 588 1X1air1 St. New Roc11e11e, N. Y. PETER'S CLOSET SHOP 1331 North Ave. NE 6-T100 Comptiments of CHERRY LAXVN FARM Comer of Xveaver Street and Quaker Ridge Road BERNIE LIBRETI' HOVdLL'GTQ AT XXYYKAGX L NEW Roc1'1e11e 2-2226 J . P . H A N S O N NE 2-0180 XVYKAGYL PHARMACY feweter 6 Dixvision Street New Rochelle, N. Y. L. CUTTNER, PHC. S. BERES, PEG. COmPI1m9VlfS Comptiments of of LA JEUNESSE A FRIEND WILTON R. FLIPPIN BQSiXViS11f'S Tailor Jf"0m 330-A Webster Avenue A F R I E N D CQURTESY RADIO CAB SC 3-3820 739 PostRoaC1 NE, 6-9562 FADS ,N FASHIONS 10 Linco1n Ave. FRANK THOMAS PFS-Teen 5 fUf1i0f CIOJIWQ New Roc11e11e, N. Y. Proprietor QPP- I-Ord 8 Taylor Compliments of MR. AND MRS. IRVING L. GOLDBERGER SCarsc1a1e 5-3996 HEATHCOTE FLONVERS Scarsctale Shopping Center JOSEPH G. XXIARD Qpposite Lord 5 Taytor RITE PHARMACY 1. J. RECHTWEG, PHG. T31 Xvtiite Piains Road SCarsc1a1e, N. Y. SCarsda1e 3-8614 NE Q-0008 LAXVRENCE OPTICIANS 0Cu1ists'PresCriptions Fitted 20 Division Street v NewRoc1'ie11e, N. Y Page 177 SC. F- A O BELA BORDAS ART SHOP J OSIARY RGTHMAN INC 286 Hllguenul Sporisweur - Dresses NE 6--1966 New Roflwcne .45 SPGUCQV Pl- Svarsdale, N, Y. ROLAND,S GULF SERVICE Best XVislws from SC. 3-9818 CINDY 8 WENDY GOLDMAN 5 Xveaver St. C A R V E L l:lfll7Ul"S, Srulrffms, Thirleslnmlkvs Compliments of S u ,X DR. and MRS. RAYMOND STILLMAN f orncw'XN'ChSlcrfw Fivklcs BENJAMIN LEON , , fompflmenis of ,i'll'1'lC'T' Hill, SIIIWVSIYIIIEI MRS. ROSE STILLMAN 1f?5I Pnllncr AVO. IJ2lTf'IUTlOI1l, N. Y. ' CROlTll'JIffTlPIlfS of HELENE FRIEDLAND '50 and ARNOLD SENTER BUZZIE FRIEDLAND '55 Compfirmfnls of Compliments of WYKAGYL MARKET MR. and MRS. SOL KAPLAN W North Ave- BROADWAY KOSHER MEATS MR. Sw MRS. ROBERT C. LAMBERT 153A North Ave. New Rochelle, N. Y. MAIN JEVVELERS A U T O B O Y S 555 Main Street Eueryfking for the Car NQW' Rochelle, XY' MaiH New ROCRGIIC, Y Page 778 QUAKER RIDGE CLEANERS 1519 "Fine Service Is Our Bywordu North Ave. New ROCITCIIC, N. Y. NE 2-5644 Free Parking G I O VA N N I ' S Famous for Italian Food Accommodations for Parties 700 Main Street NE 24734 578 Main St. 1920 L MAIN HOSIERY SHOPS Ladies Accessories MR. PaImer Ave. TE 4-1012 archmont VVM. RUSS STUDIO Prize Ivirming Portrait Photography Best Ivishes to the CIass of 1958 and MRS. LOUIS LEVEWTHAL COMPLIMENT S OF A FRIEND IVIESSINGER'S of NEXV ROCHELLE Inc. 560 1XIair1 St. New Roc11eI1e Best Tvisflzes fo the C1ass of 1958 A F R I E N D WALTER KAYE ASSOCIATES, INC. 5 BEEKMAN STREET NENV YORK CITY. BArcIay 7-0390 N. Y. Page 179 JW X vii if JB. 4 ' gi ES Q fiffx THAT SETS A PRINTING STANDARD Ee -V- ,NQ6 i fx .1 I E es ' 4 . , in i , , Q L ' 'V-"zip, ., 7 t I. A 557, I 'JL X Y . V ' f r' I g x' ' , 1 1 X .4 , ' I .Xb X I J I y A X x I The fncst signijicantforrn of huinan ccfnfnunication V7 reproduction of word and picture hy printing yy is fworthy of creatifue planning, shilled craftsfnanship, rnodern eguipinent, and dependahle serfvice hy which Iches Annuals seehs to fnahe efuery jolt an ideal of perfection. ICKES Jilnnuals --iii 62 SUMMIT ROAD, CLIFTON, NEW JERSEY SPECIALIZING IN SCHOOL AND COLLEGE YEARBOOKS FOR OVER THIRTY YEARS . '5- 1 1 1. 7 1 Q., 1 Q v X 1 '1 , :1 f 'K E11 5 'L oi, : Ubi? .,,, . 31 3,3 :yj Q J gf:-f if vw ,. fa ,K ,'-714 . ' fair, ru 'fp 'RP , Q. W . ' Kisvtff? ua , ff: rx 'v W1 Y ,- J. ,J nun bf, 'Chin if W -1 " .aff T51 rg, 1 I -" KIT.: df 1 ' 2- X ' 1 'i - 371 , "f Y "' 1,5 , ' . ' '4'. " Q ' 'I , .-., ,a ,r ci, ' - 1. '71 ,gi , .- .-"' L ..' ' - V i.. t K. 7 1 Q Z 1 . 4 J - -if I 5 ' I N2 , 1 v , , eg, ' -,. . f I S ,Fw , . .A ?.b' -4: W V x Q A. - 7 ' fry Q , i' 4 5' is , . 1: -s , . - '- ' V P 1 9.4 A ll ,,. if if .' "gg: ' ,AH-all ' fl ' Q ., I O A E. ' ' . '- Y' ' if ,,-,Q , , Q . Y' rs IL. ' ,V I 4 2451 7 .- . E , 'E x' Q3 --. 4 fi' I V, , 3 y Q' I I fir! .x 1 t A ,Q 7-fa, : I 73 gi I , , ' ' bl 'tif' 1 ' . - ' it I' W' L' I 'I ' , I It fl" 'mb' - , 14 . rv 9' "mf .Q 1 K VM , 5 2 ,L ,J .,f.v. V, E .' , g 3 , L 25 , . My , H '31 , VV - ,Q 4 Ig is 6 : 1 fy 'Q' Ai. .1 Q .. "ff,,""5ey'r,Q3,,, ': ,Mya " Q ' r ny. f J,3X 1 . 'QI ,,,, --fnf,,,,'QY 4 , -Aim f' 5.Gv -531.5 R -., . X' ' ,A , A 1 .lt .. y' 'f n 1.0, w, . 'g T - ' v ff - Q - " t U - 1 4,1 ' 8 EAA' as f i 1 Q , +V, A-5 - ,V A M 1 f V ,. . ,A N - . 4 , . , Rfq' Qi' . ' jf' . Q ' 'A "4 J M Q' w, , 1. -'T .W I , - ' 1,3 v -Ni?-.Q N-t f- ' X IN Llp., ' ' if I A ,' " ff-. , 34-df' ts, .v J, rs x 4-- Q D 'K V V , E ,, ,. ' ,A QQAWV v-'e,n4WV, V. 1' 2- ' ppl? -1-f nc' H 1 " 'n ' 323' 1 I 3 . . 'WK .bv X k 2 ,4 'W , fa -fi 'Q K xi. . Qsif. fy- ' ' ,-vwhwl, '-Q, K 'xi . , , mv vase.. K H , r, x H,-P ' 1 af: Q 'JW Qs' .s Qing! , 1-f"1 via-:wg , ' ' ' aim., 4 aft, T5iff5 , f z ff' k::':".V , .' f ' ,iff ., ' 3' ' , A 57' dat . W 6 41" I ' 5 . Ya, Q4 yn!! ' 'L . 'Y-f-S. L"?V: 'F 9: CLI ' . ' '35 qwff, 1 Q K 1 H -- , , " f f that 4 . A gay! ' x NO 'Til , t .A Fifa '-S X ef" 9 ,L F 11-3i"1'Qy a ., '- Zh QP 54,1 M23 4 N 1 . P I KIA i 5, Q .

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