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-s ' 94' , 4, Q 9 3 u In ,-N , . fo mm.. - , 82 2, 1 Ac. I . s -, . 14", ' Q' - 1, A 3 ,f .I af. 5 Q' xl. 'H f 'ff 'f f ' V434 X V W 4 . .x .:w ' , A A 1 -4, " . 4 s 0 wjx' ' "Ra ' Q jf, .V ' wr 30' 'K .ww , . P. I . ,... 5' . A K 5-, ,,4 T., 5 , Q53 fi-"QfQ ,ff .14 f, fkiip. , 4 A" RW ,. V "". .7" N '. 'Zi 1595! 'I -if Q ' 'ff 'S' P .ef -'-- A f I ? y ,902 6 - -.14 X g tg? A iw' 'isis 'fx ' X' Y , 'QA "Q 5 '35 'Al A xv we Q f- Nflik is . Ai 0.01 N . , 5 , 3 ,yi-1, ,H- Z 1 VI Nh R.. 'H 'V A hard, .I ' ? .aff '-4' 3 -w 1 '- 1' I Q ,K J .A 0 4, ', KA I . 1 ' y., 1,35 ,Y "gffw"' 'UI 4 ' 5 .' gli" Q - xx ag., I 'm- 4 wx p- Q .f 1 - A. -' . A , 1 ,Ai f 5 X , 1 f N "Q 'ir . but S b Sffazi 1 Bus? , , '. A Y ,is 'X Q. ' r 1. ' . Xb .5 1, 1 Y 1 , . ,. v S4 Q, 4' Q95 W 4 if ' .a1f+-s'F"Q.,1'vi.E1:sg1v 'af' f W, , . A .Q.. 8? A sg +A f ,-,A uf ,, 8 Q , es. ,. ., 9 N si! ,a M. ! 1 6-v X, Tr ff, -- W '41 Q5 J, The Bnnbellean 1950 ZFX ,Q ev Prcfc' 1' by The Class of 1950 New Rochelle High School, New Rochelle, N. Y. DEDICATION - DR. WELLMAN DEDICATION - DR. EDGERLY lt was with genuine regret that we learned of Dr. VVellman's retirement. He is well known for his many years of teaching in New Rochelle. Since the school opened, he has not missed a day on account of illness. ln spite of a heavy schedule as head of the Social Studies Department, Dr. Wellman has sponsored the Current Events Club since IQZQ. Both he and his stu- dents have won many honors through its activities. In lQ52, George Keeler won the National Scholarship Current Events Contest. This year Fred Levy won two thousand dollars in a Comprehensive American His- tory test given by The Iournal r1W1l'I'I.l't1fl. Dr. Wellman has won many honors in the commu- nity as well as in the school. He is director of the Thomas Paine National Historical Society and Huguef not Historical Society, and has addressed groups in almost every church and club in our town. Our school has a lasting heritage that will ever remind us of his untiring efforts. They are the two pin oak trees planted on our front lawn by the Current livcnts Club on Arbor Day in 1938. The tree near the Hag pole commemorates the hundred and fiftieth annif versary of the adoption of the Constitution. while the other stands for the two hundred and fiftieth anniverf sary of the Huguenot settlement of New Rochelle. To Dr. VVellman, whose retirement will be deeply felt, we. the seniors of 1950. ufflh !Iif1C'f'I't' t1pprc'c'1't1lf0f1 dedicate our yearbook, Dr. Clifton T. lidgerly has been a familiar Figure in our school for twenty-four years, but after this month, he will no longer be here. for he plans to graduate with the senior class. Students entering New Rochelle High School are regaled with tales of the French teacher. Legend has built him up as an awe-inspiring figure to newcomers, since our students delight in frightening the under- classmen. But those who know Dr. Edgerly do not find him in the least terrifying. Dr. lidgerly has proved to be an understanding conf necting link between faculty and students. He was president of the New Rochelle Federation of Teachers, and served as a director of the New Rochelle Council for Unity. ln a never-ending fight against prejudice in our school, Dr. Edgerly has been sponsor of the Youth Interracial Club for three years. Students who were fortunate enough to be in his classes have found him to be a ready friend, regardless of his or her race, color or creed. Our good doctor is well known for his never-ending tight for tolerance in our school, and throughout our city. To Dr. lidgerly, whose greatest happiness comes from helping others, we, the class of 1950, with the deepest regret at losing him. respectfully and humbly dedicate this Rochellean. Q K is .ff i f 5,1 , ', x ii i ii fg e f f g . H .. '5 'I R 5 How many of us have at one time or another been completely lost in the fabulous but enchanting tale of Aladdin and his lamp? Once transported to the mys- terious land of the East by shining word pictures we see a snake-like caravan travelling slowly across the blazing desert, sporadic patches of green with waving palms and refreshing pools of clear water, caves that yawn at the mere command of "Open Sesameng and wonderful multi-colored carpets capable of the impos- sible. Ah yes, we say, those were the days, when our most serious thoughts were of fantasies. Now we have no time for such things, for life has grown more complex. Little do we realize that we are living a one thou- sand and second tale which is far more fascinating than any in the past. This is a story which began in many places Where We, the youth of the town, left our homes in a far-reaching quest for knowledge of the world and its ways. We realized that the mere rubbing of a brass lamp might produce all sorts of wonders, but one must seek in order to find truth. Not all of us went along, for there were those who remained at home content with material security. And so the cara- van departed for places unknown. While journeying, the colorful caravan approached a flowering oasis, no longer a mirage. Over the course ALADDIN AND THE LAMP OF LEARNING W- of many years, learned people had stopped there. Eager to drink of the fountain of wisdom, the youths stayed on, and there, guided by the learned, many tribes of different classes lived, and played, and traded theories. Many strong bonds of friendship were forged during those early years. if if is Soon, however, there comes a time when decisions must be made and friends must part. Some, feeling strangely secure, will leave the group and settle down to ply their trade and make a place for future genera- tions. Others, still dissatisfied and thirsting for knowl- edge, will continue the flight. Perhaps you too, would like to meet the people of the caravan. Come, journey with us on the magic carpet as We visit familiar places and recall many happy days spent on the oasis. lust rub the wonderful lamp, and on the pages following you will relive with us the one thousand and second tale-a tale as yet unfinished .... For who knows what unforseen things the future holds? 'li SW if "Farewell to you and the youth I have spent with you. It was but yesterday we met in a dream." -Kahlil Gibran ..g",,,,'1 rg JCIDMINISTIZHTION VINCENT I. ATTISANI FREDERIC A. DAVIDSON GEORGE M. DAVIS. IR. SMf7t'1'f71ZL'l1dC'l1f of Srhools DONALD K. PHILLIPS DONALD K. PHILLIPS Superintendent of Schools BOARD OF EDUCATION Prfs1'dc'11t MRS. B. HAROLD BROD Iliff-P7'l'5l.dC'71f IULIUS C. GRAY, M.D. IULIUS WEISS IOHN C. KELLY MRS. W. WYLIE TROY REV. CLARENCE M. LONG Sen'6tm'y to Board fixsixtant Superintendent of Schools PETER I. O'BRIEN SIM IOE SMITH MR. WILLIS THOMSON Principal MEET THE SULTAN September '4Q saw several changes in this city's sys- tem of schools. As a direct result of those changes the royal carpenters were ordered to construct an orhce in NRHS for the newly selected Sultan. Anyone enterin r the building has only to to a few . 2-, .1 , 3-i ste is from the center hall and there he will see a si vii I 2- which reads: Principal's oliice. Please walk inl Upon entering this oflice we are greeted by Mrs. Pedersen's warm smile. Proceeding we land a very busy but friendly man: our principal, Willis I. Thomson. Y-es, behind all the confusing mechanisms of our won- derful high school stands our principal, Mr. Thomson, who so many of us have found to be a wise counselor, an understanding teacher, and a sincere friend. VVhen we leave the school of the twin lakes, we leave more than a building filled with memories. We leave a living part of us here in the person of Mr. Thomson. Remaining at NRHS. while we go our separate ways. he will continue to give of himself and his ideals to the future classes of New Rochelle High School. MISS F. LORETTA COONS .-ilxxixmnt Pl'I'I7l'1.f7t1f MISS COONS Miss F. Loretta Coons. who has been our assistant principal since 1937, when she first came to New Ro- chelle High School, is as much a part of our school as the Tower and the Twin Lakes. Miss Coons if NRHS. Miss Coons has always presented a helping hand to all those in need of help and has succeeded in making all newcomers feel welcome and feel that they really are a part of our school. Miss Coons and our principal. Mr. Willis Thomson. form a team that is difficult to equal or excel for understanding, skill and a profound interest and regard for all high school students. VVe all owe Miss Coons a debt for making our high school days as pleasant and comfortable as possible. We strongly hope that Miss Coons will be associated with New Rochelle High School for many years to come. and that the association will be as happy and profitable as it has been for the past thirteen years. H f .gg 5 Z: ,mf 5423 fr ,lijyzi ' -IA 'M jgjufz il? ., V sf: is ' Tl. . ,ww gn , :K 1 .ff J , Ds , Tig! , 4 S ,WA if B . Q 2 A i f f 1 , x " www I fr f V - -V .A-" gf? ff an . 11? 'ww . 1 , ' i fa vp vim if , fi? if 1:1 My V M A V ,A', .,VQ, ,.,,, ,.,, , V m , i u 'E Q K 35 ,f 35 ,gm- wwf TEACHERS Mr. LOUIS AMONSON .............. Physical Education "Ye Gods-donlt coast !"' MISS ELIZABETH BACHE ........... Home Economics "Clean up after yourselves, girls." MR. REGINALD P. BAKER. .,.................... Art "Art and knowledge bring bread and honor." MISS ANNA BARTNETT ...................... English 'fl hope I'm not interrupting you J" MISS MARIE BOWERS ...................... Language "Ad astra, per asperaf' MR. EDWIN BOWMAN ................ . .. Business "Oh, brother!" MR. CLARENCE BROADHEAD ................ Music "Stop mumbling and pronounce your words." MRS. LULA BROCKWAY ...................... Library "I always think the cover of a book is like a door." MR. EARL BROWNELL. ...... ............. V ocational "Anything worth doing at all, is worth doing well !'f MR. W. EMERSON BURKE ................ Dramatics "Ees goat." MRS. SADONIS H. BURROUGHS ..... ......... H istory "A common thing uncommonly done often brings success." MISS MELBA CARPENTER ................... English "Where are your editorials?" MISS GRACE CARROLL ..... ............. M athematics "All good geometry students carry string." MR. JOHN J. CERRONE ............ Physical Education "Not for you to reason why, but for you to D0 I" MISS DOROTHY CHAPMAN ...... Tearoom Management "Be sure and watch your measurements." MISS JANE CONRAD ......................... Library "Tis to create, and in creating, line a being more intense." MISS F. LORETTA COONS .......... Assistant Principal "We don't realize what a privilege it is to be in a high school like this." MISS MIRIAM CRESSEY ................... . .. English "Personality is not inherited: it is acquired."' MR. HAROLD DALEY ...................... Guidance "What do you think!" MRS. DOROTHY DAVIS .................... Secretary "The line forms at the right." . MR. RICHARD DeFOREST .................. Guidance "Oh yeahfl g MRS. PAULA DIAZ ........................... English "Integrity is the basis of character." MRS. QUAY DREISLER .............. Dress Designing "To act rather than to talk." MR. HENRY DURFEE ........................ History "Size this up . . ." MR. ROBERT EASTER .................... . . Biology "Class is now dismissed." DR. CLIFTON EDGERLY ...................... French "The Frenchman is always right." MR. LESTER EMERSON .......... . ........ Vocational "My gosh! but you fellows sure like to play!! MISS FLORENCE M. ERRANT ................. Health "Health means happiness." MRS. DOROTHY FARINE-TARON ............ History "Ralph IGutmannJ, you're late again." MR. ROBERT F. FARNDON ....... . ........... English "Let's go!" MR. EDWARD J. FITZGERALD .... .. Vocational "All rightyf' MISS MARGARET FLECK ................ Cosmetology "Beauty is what you make yourself." MR. HOLLIS E. FRAZEY .................... Business "You can't get something for nothing? MR. VERN A. FRISCH ..................... .. Business f'I'd like to hire all you people in my office!" . MISS NANCY GLEASON ...................... English "It's a lonely day !" MR. GEORGE E. GREELEY ........... Language "Watch that agreement." MR. HARRY F. I-IAIGH ......................... Music "All right, feet on the floor, and instruments up !" . " EI 'EN HA MILL ................... Language 1 Veiii. pidi, picif' MR. GIL ' ENNESSEY ................ Language "You blocks, you stones. you worse than senseless things." MR. ROLAND R. HINTZ .............. ............ A rt "Let's win this match." MR. ALFRED HOBBS ...................... Vocational "The simplest task if well done is artistic." MR. CARL H. HUBACHEK .................. Vocational "The boys don't realize the future is in Machine Shop." MR. WALTER B. HUMPHREY .................... Art "There is no art to find the mind's construction on the face" MR. ARTHUR B. HUSSEY ...... ........... . .. Physics "Do you understand that now I" MR. EDDY JOHNSTON ..................... Vocational "All right, boys . . . MR. JOHN A. KELLER ........ . . . . Physical Education "The ld pe per." MIS MY. . . . . ........... History ver you r in come to me." MISS ANNE H. KOFF ......................... English "Pm looking at this from the realistic point of view." MISS SYLVA KUNCE ..................... Psychology "Let's try to look behind this thing." MISS MONICA LaROCvCA ......................... Art "Be sure and draw all lines accurately and erase neatly." MISS ADELAIDE LeCOUNT .............. Mathematics "The equal sign 6:7 does not lie ,' it must tell the truth." MR. CHARLES LEONARD ................ .... E nglish "fIs this Monday morning?" MISS MARIAN B. LINDEMUTH ............. Secretary "The pen is mightier than the sword." DR. CLARENCE LONG ....................... Business "What time will the period be orer today?" MR. HUGH LOTT ............................. Biology "My theme song for today." MISS ZELDA MASLIN ............., Physical Education "Do you belong to me!" MRS. JEANETTE McGILL .................... English "Well Leon, what's the excuse today!" MRS. VIRGINIA McKENNA ..... ....... ..... S e cretary "What do you want now?" MR. FRANCIS MINTON .............. Head Custodian "What 'ya say, kewl!" MRS. BARBARA A. MOORE .......... American History 'fPrice of liberty is eternal vigilance." MISS GLADYS NEWELL ......... ..... ........ E n glish "A word to the wise is sufficient." MR. DANIEL O'BRIEN ............ Physica.l Education "Everybody can run . . ." MISS HELEN C. O'REILLY. ................... History "Biography is the only true history." MISS RUTH T. OSBORNE ................ Mathematics "That is most superior." MRS. JOSEPHINE PONZICA ............ Beauty Culture "Yon have two minutes, girls." MISS DOROTHY PARR ........................... Art "Who has the keys!" MRS. BEULAH RAMSDELL ............ .. Spanish "Esc es! fSo it is!! MR. DALE E. REMALY ...................... Guidance "Cripes on the mountain." MISS RITA ROGERS ............... Physical Education 'fl don't have one."' MR. BURGESS B. ROSS ....................... History "Aw right, put that down !" MISS EMMA RUDDICK .............. Home Economics "If a thing is worth doing at all, it is worth doing well." MRS. REGINA SACHS ...................... Secretary "No, I won't send you a 'come-to'." MRS. BEATRICE P. SCHEIN .................. French "Not a brain cell working." MISS H. MABEL SECOR ...................... Science "Gladly would she learn, and gladly would she teach." MR. CHARLES SHAW ........................ Business "10 points off for erasing." MISS HELEN A. SMITH ..................... Guidance "Just fill out a change of program." MISS JANE SOUBA ........................... English "This is station NRHS-147 sponsored by Miss Souba's ABC Alphabet Soup." DR. CARLETON SPEAR .................... Chemistry "Who's got a lollypop for me?" MR. JAMES SPELLMAN ..................... Business "Keep to the guide keys." MISS CAROLYN STARK ...................... English "Variety is the spice of life: therefore I don't repeat myself!" MISS ORA C. STRONG ........,........... Mathematics "Yon can't learn mathematics without concentration." MR. LEON J. STURTEVANT .................. English 'fi-And do it in a well-constructed paragraph." MISS ALMA G. SWANSON ..... . ............. Business "In the atomic age-I still like 'carriagesli' MISS REBECC'A SYMMES ................ Mathematics "Now let's not get mental indigestionf' MRS. EDNA TAYLOR .........,.. Lunch Room Manager "That will be one more nickel, pleasef' MR. WILLIS I. THOMSON ................... Principal "This is going to hurt me more than it is yon." MISS ANNE UGLUM .............. Physical Education "Where are my keys!" MISS FANNY UPHAM ........................ English "Ye Gods and little catfishesf' MISS MAY VAN HORN .............. Human Relations "You'll lipe.', MR. DANIEL WAGNER .................... Chemistry "Take a few drops of this and min' it' with that and- KBOOMU-Ooops! I'Vhat did I put in there?" MR. JOHN WALRATH ..................... Vocational "Don't let me shock you." MRS. MARGARET WEINSTEIN ........... .. History "Are we keeping you awakefi DR. HENRY G. WELLMAN ............... .. History "Noise is not education." DR. BEATRICE WIGHTWICK ................ Guidance "Donn worry about it." MR. LOUISE WILKINSON .................... Biology "Take your hands away from those faucets." MISS JEAN WILSON ........................... Nurse Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." MRS. GRACE R. ZIMMELE .............. Mathematics "And this too will pass away." rr Sewnorzs A D' 1 5 M :wa X -4 I A . sn 1 x New Rochelle High School ISAAC E. YOUNG ALBERT LEONARD CLASS HISTORY - I.E.Y. "Oh Young to thee our loyalty is ever onward led . . ." How well do many of the class of '50 remember these noble words. lt was shortly after World War ll when we joined in the well-rounded student activities program at Young. All of us joined the S.O. one hun- dred per cent, cheered the football team "on to victory" and worked very hard to become a part of our new, friendly school. From that not too distant day we looked forward to that glorious day when as Seniors of the Round Table we would stage successful contests at the Shore Road castle. Led by Harry Moshier and Alice Arace the Fresh- man Class presented a very successful dance, 'KThe Fairyland Festival." The students participated in sports, extracurricular activities, won poetry prizes, and pre- pared interesting vocational booklets. As upperclassmen, guided by Al Katona, Alice Arace and Miss Theresa Kelly, we sponsored the g'Sophomore Splashf' Friendship Train Drive, and a thrilling movie, "One Million B.C." Many students distinguished them- CLASS HISTORY - A.L. Upon entering Albert Leonard in our sophomore year, there was the thrill of a new school, new friends and new teachers. We did our best at participating in the school concert, we worked hard making our dances a success. Grasping the school spirit of our upper class- men helped us feel we were a vital part of our new surroundings. As juniors we felt we had climbed high, onto the ladder of success. This was the year that marked the Iuniors, "Personality Dance," the elaborate fashion show, the Farewell Concert, and . . . the unforgettable "Iunior Prom." We could not believe that at long last we were tak- ing our places as seniors. We will always remain a little breathless at the magnificent performances staged by the "Tower Playersf' and the exciting events experi- enced through participation in the Cressey Hi-Y. Our senior year at New Rochelle has been a combination of all the exciting and unforgettable times witnessed throughout our school career. selves in sports, creative writing, class committ-ees and other activities. fTreasurers Richart Sturt, Genevieve Agnifilo, and Iudy Robinson were entrusted with the class dues.j The Iunior Year brought many favorable changes- some unexpected. The WIAA football championship, "Are You With It" fmystery dancej, Iunior Prom fprofrt 35.275, the arrival of class rings and the "Round- up" made this our most successful year. Remember the unewsletterw? Al Katona, Gertrude Erlenmaier, and Frances Borden, who was secretary for three years did a splendid job as class officers. Such skilled athletes as Biagio Fatone, Edwin Golden, Cornelius Lalli and Alan Levy distinguished themselves in football, while Norman Meyer and Phil Rella were outstanding in cross-country. Several students won literary awards, and many others did extremely well in other fields. Then came the news of our transfer to New Rochelle High School. Melvin Plotinsky, Ralph Gutmann, Mary Ann Erhard and Norman Meyer were elected to represent the class in formulating plans to make our senior year "the best in history." With all these mem- ories behind us we shall never forget those wonderful days at dear old I.E.Y. CLASS HISTORY - N.R.H.S. The "Lost Angels" of NRHS found themselves after the Hrst two weeks as freshmen and were determined to compete for honors in all school activities. We contributed our journalistic skill to the "Hugue- not Herald," for Richard Yaffa, and Bill Miller were "Kid-Bits" reporters, and Louis Rukeyser reported the class activities to the "Standard-Star." Helene Fried- land was the eight grade winner of the "One God" contest and Anita Holmsten won honors in the Na- tional High School Poetry Anthology Contest. William Gmelin displayed his talent in l'Harriet.l' Helene Friedland and George Murphy were elected secretary and treasurer respectively, and Leon Selig was Scrub Manager of the basketball team. The ninth grade started the year rolling with a traditional "Open House" in October and then elected Richard Yaffa and Alyce Kryla president and secretary respectively, as its officers. Sports proved to be a big success for both boys and girls. Intramural basketball, ping pong, and Coach Daniel P. O'Brien's Red Wing basketball team were extremely popular. Many of the boys also participated on the track team. The chief interests of the girls were ping pong, volley ball, and basketball. Ioyce Hiller was an outstanding member of the Girls' Basketball Honor Team. As sophomores we began to take our place as a prominent class and started active participation in school "goings-on." Dick Yaffa and George Murphy played football. Dick was elected our class president, Charles Cornell, vice-presidentg and Iudy Channel, secretary. Iohn Maffucci and George Murphy played basketball. Some of us played in the band and orches- trag some sang in the chorus, while others acted. At the end of our sophomore year we felt as if big things were ahead, and they were. In our junior year we were ably led by president Frank Hummell, vice-president Adele Derecktor, and secretary Iudy Channell. The brilliant cheering of Lois Rogers, Alexia Foster, Carol Chisholm, Ioan Fishstein, Adele Derecktor, Gail Cannon and Pat Andrew led Dick Yaffa, Phil Dopo- lous, George Murphy, Frank Bruno and Howard Sweet to a series of victories on the football field. On the literary side, Mary Fitzgerald and Herbert Green won honors in a National Poetry Contest. De- serving of honors were Bill Miller, Mary Laub, Alyce Kryla, Zelda Gafein, Louis Rukeyeser and Ellen Rosenwald who did excellent work on the Huguenot Herald. With this successful ear behind us, we were read Y Y to become " rfect seniorsf, Pe As we hesitantly strolled the cause-way last Septem- ber-some of us for the first time-all of our thoughts were the same. "This is it. Our last year." During previous high school years we had all had our full share of successes and failures, but in different schools. The task at hand was a hard one: to make one big spirit from three groups of students. Then as Seniors, we resolved that regardless of where we spent it, we'd make it the most wonderful year yet. - And we did! Senior Officers 1 ' ' THE GENH OF Traveling through NRHS on a magic carpet the class of 'io watched four wonderful years speed by all loo quickly. lfarly in our senior year we chose as our leaders. Leon Selig. Ralph Gutmann. Iudy Channel and Del- phine Geronimo, and in their capable hands we placed Aladdiifs Lamp. as a guide in all our ventures. Fred Levy brought fame to the class by winning a National American History Contest with oxer competitors. while all our sports teams added more billiance to NRHSE career. In the VVestinghouse Science Talent Search we had fifteen honorable menf tions. an unprecedented event in this school. VVC helped Macbeth plot Duncan's murder. and we aided Hamlet in his indecisiong we began to see atoms TI-IE LAMP and molecules before our eyes instead of legendary spots. Our personal problems almost took precedence over the 'kljroblems of Democracy." while our lan- guage teachers tried to make us "parler francais" and 'Ahablar espanol." VVe applauded, as our Thespians, under the able direction of "Pop Burke." presented nye successful productions. Bill Miller. hard-working editor of the Herald. led the paper to first place in the 26th annual Columbia Scholastic Press Association Conference at Columbia University. Although the year was hectic. it was successful. and we will remember it always. ROBERT A. ABRASH The Current Events. Student Feder- alists, and Chemistry Clubs have held "Hob's" attention. He was a member of Phi Alpha Fraternity and worked on the Rochcllcan. His interests lie in sports. chemistry, and "Dixieland" jazz. PAT ACOCELLA "Ack" participated in the band, was president of the Ping Pong Club, and G.O. representative. His inter- ests lie in travel and photography. He hopes to become an electrician after graduation. ALISHRT C. AIJAHOIJY "Al," who won Hrst prize in the VVestcbester Cancer Poster Contest. is quite the fine artist, and a mem- ber of the Rochellean Art Staff. Be- sides art, "Al" managed the hockey team, was a member of Photogra- phy. Scholarship, and Spanish Clubs, and was president ,of the Audubon Club in his junior year. IACQUELINE MELIND ADAMS "lacque's" ambition is to become an actress, and she promises to be a good one. She was a member of the Sock and Buskin Dramatic Club and Tower Players. She also partici- pated in the Spanish, Tennis, and Explorers' Clubs, after-school sports, and worked on the Rocbellean Art Staff. In her iunior year at I.E.Y. she won an American history essay contest. IOHN ADAMS If you see lack riding around in a powerful new Cadillac, you'll know his dreams have come true. His other interests are reading, science, history and western movies. He has also received a varsity letter for thc rifie team. CARULYN ADELISERG Attractive "Timmey" intends to take up child psychology in college. VVliile in school she was active in Social Service, Current Events. Spanish and Conversation Clubs. She worked on the Iunior Prom and Spanish Club dances, and was a member of the Herald business staff. GENFVIEVH AGNIFILO "Ienny" is quite the busy soul. To account for her great activity we land she was a majorette, G.O. represen- tative. member of the All-City Stu- dent Council, Sophomore class treasurer, Senior homeroom presi- dent, secretary-treasurer of the French Club, A Capella Choir mem- ber, and dance chairman at l.F.Y. CARLO ALAIA Small in stature but tall in genero- sity. Carlo has added his bit to the school. He was a member of the Hockey Squad. After high school. he hopes to go to White Plains lnstitute and fulfill his ambition to become a technical engineer. NICHOLAS Al,lKliR'l'I "Nick" was a member of the Rochellean Art Statf. a fellow "Hi- Y'er," and played varsity basketball. He likes sports, Commercial Art. sleeping and eating: his "gripes" are Monday through Friday morn- ings. His goal in life is to travel around the world. HAZFL ALEXANDER A gal tbat's full of fun. "Candy" hopes to become a secretary for a large Firm. She comes from A.L. H.S. where she had been active in the Italian and Traveling Clubs, G.A.A., and Chorus. Aside from school work, "Candy" enjoys danc- ing and art. She hopes to visit Mexi- co someday. GABRIEL ALFANO "Gabe," formerly of both Leonard and Young, loves boats, and can't wait for the day when he can own and drive a boat. He was a member of the General Organization. WILLIAM li. ALLARI7 Sports-minded William was a mem- ber of the track, ritle, crass-country and basketball teams, and the G.O. He plans to attend the New York State Maritime College. William's favorite subiect was drafting. IANET VERNELL ALLEN Ianet came to this school in the eleventh grade from the Cumber- land Training School in Virginia. She was a member of the Scholar- ship Club, If she goes to college. her choice will be Hampton or Union University. Her favorite subject was social studies. SALLY ANN ALPER "Alp" was active in the Social Ser- vice and Bridge Clubs, and was on the Library Council. Her interests are men, Perry Como, drawing, sports and driving around town. "Sall's" future plans include medi- cal business school--and marriage. I-RANK AMIEROSANO Industrious f'Ambro" was a G.O. re- presentative for three years. banker for his sophomore and junior home- rooms and played football at Young. His favorite subject, drafting. will take him to Columbia University next year where he will major in architecture. IOYCE ANIIPRSON f'Scotty." conscientious in her school work. also finds time to engage in sports. She participated in many after-school sports. was awarded three G.A.A. letters, and won honor tcam and other awards. "Scotty" hails from Nebraska. MARGARESI' ANDERSON A former student of l.Ii. Young and Albert Leonard. "Maggie" was a- warded a letter for her participation in the band, and was a member of the National Honor Society. For diversion she enjoys collecting rc- cords and pennants. Shorthand, her favorite subject, will occupy much of her future secretarial career. l3li'I'TY ANIJREW7 f'Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom." A tennis bug is "Scotty," who was an active INCIN- ber of the Tennis Club. As her favorite subject was Commercial Art she was an interested member of the Art Club. Photography Club, and Rocheflean art staff. Her ambi- tion is to memorize the Bible-and become a good Wife, PATRICIA ANNE ANDREW 'fVariety is the spice of life" as far as vivacious "Pat" is concerned. Among her many interests are So- cial Service Club. Executive Board, Personality and Bridge Clubs. Phi Delta, Sub-Debs and Cheerleaders. "Pat," who also busied herself with Rochellean Art Staff and the Iunior Prom Invitation Committee, is look- ing forward to a career in adminis- tration nursing. ALICE ARACE Petite and sweet Alice, our peppy cheerleader, was always "on the go." Besides being freshman vice- president, vice-president of thesoph- omore class, secretary of the Spanish Club, co-captain of the cheerleaders, vice-president of the G.O. and sec- retary of Student Court, she partici- pated in the French, Spanish, Social Service and Scholarship Clubs, and the Tower Players. MARY ARANCIO Participation in the chorus. Hi-Y, and G.A.A. were among "Blackie's" school activities. Her hobbies are drawing and sewing, and her favor- ite subject was dress designing. Future plans include getting a job and a husband. IOSEPI-I ARMIENTO Ioe is one of the most genial boys in school. Hen was interested in the Chemistry Club, and was a member of the Scholarship Club. To be suc- cessful in the business field is his aim in life. He is sports-minded and also enjoys reading books. ROBERT ARNOLD "Doc" is no different from other boys when it comes to sports. He participated in football. baseball, and swimming. and his hobbies are fishing and sailing. Bob likes all sciences, and plans someday to travel. MARLENE BALLE "Red," who likes plenty of sleep, has chosen for her career to be a professional model and to study kin modeling school. Besides her inter- csts in shorthand, photography, and bowling, she belonged to the Cres- sey Hi-Y, and the Speakers' Club. ROBERT HARCLAY Tall, blond. good-looking Bob radi- ates his sparkling personality where- eier he is. A member of the Track Club. he took Hrst place for high- iumping in the city meet, and he alos possesses three letters in varsity sports. He intends to go to Cornell and maior in Agriculture. CONSTANCE BARNABA "Connie" came from Albert Leo- nard where she was a member of the chorus and G. O. Her ambition is to travel around the world. Swim- ming and roller-skating are her favorite hobbies. but she also likes typing, and Bill Lawrence's singing. "Connie" dislikes jealous people. RICHARD BARRETT Dick came from Albert Leonard where he was on the Traffic Squad and school paper, "High Lights." Stamp collecting and watching sports events are his hobbiesg his favorite subject is clerical practice. Dick plans to enter the business world. BARBARA BARRY Sports-wise "Bobbie" participated in many athletic activities in- cluding Hockey Club. honor teams, and C.A.A. council. A member of the French Club. "Bobbie" was also a capable secretary-treasurer of her senior homeroom, and a member of her lunior Class Executive Commit- tee at Young. IOI-IN DORSFY RATTLE Amiable HI. D." played intra- mural baseball and basketball, and he is proud of having once won a checkers tournament. A member of the Personality Club, Iohn's favorite subiect is psychology. and his am- bition is to lead a happy life. MARGOT IANE BAUM A versatile girl, Margot had many interests in school. Margot, a lop clarinetist in band, orchestra and concert hand. was also active in the Social Service, Interracial, Spanish. and Chemistry Clubs. Her next step will be to attend Syracuse to major in merchandising. be -his 'toss THOMAS BEATSON Tom, a good worker, was very ac- tive in the band. orchestra, and concert band. Besides these, the French, Biology and Chemlistry Clubs held a great interest for him. He is a member of the National Honor Soceity, and he aims to go to Swarthmore and become an engilneer. This year 'Pom won "Honorable Mention" in the West- inghouse National Science Talent Search Contest. ANNE CAROL IIECKER Anne was a member of the bowl- ing team, the swimming team, chorus and the 13.0. She plans to be a successful beautician. and we know she will be. Anne's likes are Perry Como's reeordsg her dislike is Writing letters. BARBARA ISIECKER From her quiet manner in school one would never know how "peppy" 'ABobbie" is. She was active in the Spanish Club, Social Service Club, and Youth Interracial Club. In her junior year she participated in the Bridge Club and Personality Club. College is her next step. IRENIQ PATRICIA IIIiI'II.ING "l'at's" quiet manner belies her hid- den humorous nature. She was ac- tive in the Social Service and llridge Clubs. and plans to eventually raise and cai'e for animals. Her interests include photography. history. danc- ing, and sports. lJOI.ORliS IKICLLICCIII 'illee lice" comes from A.l..H.S. where she was vice-president of the Personality Club. and participated in the A.L. Fashion Show. Her likes are swimming, dancing, music. and southern fried chicken. She dislikes conceited people. Her favorite sub- iects were clerical practice, and per- sonality. Dolores hopes to become a successful pianist. MARY IIARNABIQI Coming to New Rochelle from Albert Leonard, Mary took part in the U.A.A. She was a 13.0. repre- sentative and a member of the chorus. Future plans include becom- ing a fashion designer, Her interests are bowling and good records. and her favorite subject was physical education. FRlfl7liRlCK BlF.Hl, "A swell guy," Fred has a vast field of interests. They included the Cur- rent iivents. Student Federalists. lhology. Chemistry, United Nations, English and Scholarship Clubs. He was active on dance committees, on the Herald Business Staff. and was vice-president of the eleventh grade. IUDITII HLOOM We are all accustomed to seeing Iudy as she dashes rapidly around school performing her various tasks. She belonged to the National Thes- pians, Spanish, lnter-racial. Chemis- try and Scholarship Clubs. worked in the Tower Players as prompter and on "props," VVe hope she will enioy her life at Western Maryland. AUDREY HLOUNT "Fats" is another person to whom the secretarial field seems full of great opportunities. During her stay at A.l..H.S, she took an interest in swimming and shorthand. and be- longed to the chorus and the G.A.A. in which she received an award. MARCIA MARIE BOETTNER Bright and cheerful "Marty," for- merly of Leonard, was a member of the G.O., the chorus. and a Red Cross representative. Her hobby is collecting post cards. "Martyn also enioys reading and good music. THOMAS l'3Ol,lll'iN Cheerful and happy "Red" of the track team. will start running or drawing at the slightest provoca- tion. Art is his favorite subiect, art his interest, and art is his hobby. "Red's" likes are girls Cfor a changej and the expression 'Ayou know." MARY ANN liOl.l.l'iTTlliRl Dark-eyed 'fTwiny" brings joy to all who know her, with her quick smile. She was active in the Social Service Club, the Chemistry Club. and sports. She was also a member of her lunior Class Dance Commit- tee. and Hi-Y. Upon graduation from college. Mary Ann hopes to become a nurse. LOUISE BONGO "Lou" has participated in cheer- leading, modern dance and chorus. She likes Frankie Laine and her hobby is collecting records. "l.ou's" favorite subiect is English and her ainibition is to become a make-up artist. FRANCES BORDEN "Variety is the spice of life." cer- tainly tits "Fran." She was a mem- ber of numerous clubs. was secre- tary of her freshman, sophomore and iuriior classes at I.E.Y., secretary of the G.O., treasurer of the Scho- larship Club, Treasurer of Youth Interracial Club. on Rochellean liter- ary staff, and a cheerleader. Upon graduation 'LI-iran" hopes to enter Michigan University. ELEANOR BORSKI Throughout her high school career Eleanor has proven her musical ability. She was a member of A Capella "A" for four years. played in the band and orchestra, and was a member of the Hi-Y. She hopes to become a piano accompanist upon graduation from the Conservatory of Music at Susquehanna University. STUART HOT'I'lNlCK You saw a lot of 'lStu" during the football season when he was team manager. Hc also was a G.O. repre- sentative. member of Phi Alpha. Bridge Club, Bowling Team, Oth- cials Club and the Ping Pong Club. His interests center around sports and popular li1LlsiC. MARGERY HOYLE Nursing is in ber blood. so Margery. our pleasant classmate, will pursue this interest after high school. A member of the Scholarship Club for three years, and also a member of Hi-Y. "Marge" also participated in all after-school sports, as a result of which she won the G.A.A. Award. "The Rochelleann also claimed her interest. DOROTHY BRADY "Dottie's" favorite subiect is Ameri- can history. "Dottie" was a member of the chorus and the Albert Leo- nard TraFfic Squad. Her ambition is to be a successful wife. Dot likes music. dancing. Perry Como. and the song "l.aura." BARBARA IEAN BRAHAM Gray-eyed "Bobbie" has been inter- erted in a number of activities other than those which will help her be a "lab"-technician. She was in the Iiridge. Interracial and Chemistry Clubs, Tower Players, and worked with zeal on the Rochellean Staff. She was also secretary of the Social Service Club. and vice-president of the Teentimers Club. IliANNIi ROSE BRAHAM "Rusty" went to A.T. Drew Semi- nary where she was a member of the Y.U.F. Society and Dramatic Club. She was in the chorus there. and at Albert Leonard. Iean was presi- dent of the A.I.. Travel Club. She likes reading and collecting articles on movie stars. Her favorite subject is American history. IOHN BRAND Our skating artist, john, rolled his way through school by playing hockey. winning third place in the Vt'estchester Red Cross Contest. sail- ing. and riding in checkered con- vertibles. He hopes some day to roll to fame as sports cartoonist, or a roller derbyist. ITHYLLIS IANE ISRAUSE "Phyl" displayed her literary ability by writing for both the Huguenot Herald and Rochellean. I'hyl'is was also a member of the French and Scholarship Clubs. She hopes to teach French or Commercial Law after attending Hunter College. MARGERY BRIGHT "Margie" has always been one of the busiest girls in school. Cheer- leading. A Cappella "A". dance committees and Conversation Club are but a few of the activities which absorbed her time: she was also active in B'nai Brith and Iunior Society. Margie is heading for a career of teaching kindergarten children. IOAN MARIE IIRINDLEY At I.Ii.Y., Ioan, whose interests are science, swimming, and raising chickens. belonged to the Typing and Motion Picture Clubs, She also participated in after-school sports. Ioan's next step after graduation will be to attend the Comptometer School in New York City. MARY I'iLIZAIiIiTH I'IROMl-IiY At Luther L. VVright High. Iron- wood. Michigan. Mary was vice- president of her freshman class, cheerleader. and a member of the band. In N.R.H.S. Mary. alive and interested, took part in various clubs, including Current Iivents. United Nations, Chemistry, World Federalists. Youth Interracial. So- cial Service, Modern Dance and Huguenot Girls Hi-Y. NORMA FMILY BROWN Everyone knows "Hutch" was a member of a number of organiza- tions including the Interracial Club, Game Club. Social Service Club, Sewing Club and the Conversation Club. Her hobbies center around singing, dancing. and sports. LILLI ROSE BRUNNER "I.illi," who wants to become a buyer for Saks, was active in Span- ish. Social Service. Personality, Bridge and Current Events Clubs. She was a twirler, won G.A.A. awards. and was also a vice-presi- dent of the Scholarship Club. She is interested in Spanish. dancing, twirling, and music. FRANK GEORGE BRUNO A quick smile and a helping hand are qualities characteristic of "F.B." He made a splendid record for him- self by turning in top-notch per- formance on the football field. However. that is not his only ac- complishment: he was also a mem- ber of the Varsity, Conversation. and Spanish Clubs. IOHN CAGLIOSTRO If you go out to a golf course you'll probably find "Cag" there, since golf is his main interest. He also enioys "math" and Radio Shop. Formerly he attended Albert Leonard High School. LOUISE CAIAZZO "Lou" previously attended Albert Leonard where she was a member of the chorus and the G.A.A. She likes records by Billy Iickstein and Frankie Laine. and dislikes short hair on girls. Her ambition is to become a successful beautician. CATHERINE CAKOUROS VVhile at I.E.Y., "Casey," an S.O. representative participated in the S.O. shows. She was a member of the A Cappella, and Social Service Clubs, received an Ethel K. Loeb scholarship, and G.A.A. awards. Displaying a literary flare, Catherine worked on the Huguenot Herald and Rochellean stalfs. She plans to attend Simmons or Bates College. DOMINICK CALICCHIO "Dom" was an S.O. representative at I.E.Y. and a G.O. representative at A.I..H,S. His collection of records and his work in metal shop take up his spare time. "Dom's" ambition is to make a million dollars and be a success in life. ROSEANNE CALICCHIO "Roe," a G,O. representative, likes shorthand and dancing. During the years she spent in St. Gabriel's, A.L.H.S. and N.R.H.S., she actively participated in the G.A.A., Chorus, Speakers Club. Special Girls' Cho- rus, and the Annual Fashion Show. IOSEPH CAMARDELLA loc has an admirable ambition. He Wishes to succeed in life, which is no more than any of us could ask. He came from Blessed Sacrament Where sports and "math"' held his interest. After graduation he Wishes to go to Rhode Island State College. IEAN CAMERON' After graduation, lean Whose main interests are art. ceramics and photography, plans to study adver- tising art, and design at the Long Island Agriculture and Technical Institute. A member of the Person- ality Club and Sub-debs, lean also participated in G.A.A. sports and was treasurer of Hi-Y. NORMA DIAN CAMERON Friendly "D" is a great swimming and sailing enthusiast. She belongs to the cheerleading squad, Was elec- ted corresponding secretary of Phi Delta, and took part in many other school organizations. Dian frequent- ly models at Arnold Constable. She hopes to attend Centenary Iunior College after graduation. MIRETTA ABIGAIL CANNAN "Gail" was well-knovvn throughout the school for her peppy personality. She was an active member of the Social Service Club, A Cappella, and was a cheerleader. Her interests center in Fishing, knitting and bridge. Gail plans to attend the Katherine Gibbs School. SALVATORE CAPORALE "Cappy" played basketball land baseball at Leonard. He also enjoyed playing golf in his spare time, and drafting was his favorite subject. He formerly attended Young and Leonard High Schools. IOHN' CARLSTON Our high-flying Iohn has quite an ambition, he wants to be a million- aire! Before doing so, he will attend either the University of Notre Dame or Fordham University. During his high school career he was a member of the Civil Air Patrol, and Con- versation and Tennis Clubs. IOSEPHINE CARPANZANO "Io" was a member of the Spanish Club in St. Gabriel's H. S. She was in the Chorus and G.A.A. at A.L.H.S. "Io" likes music, dancing, and sports, and her favorite subiect is clerical practice. Her ambition is to travel around the wold. ELEANOR CARSON "El," as her friends call her, would like to travel and be a top-notch secretary. Besides her interests in swimming, basketball, baseball, ice- skating and American history, she helped out with Annual Fashion Show. She also likes square danc- ing, movies, and animals. GLAIJYS ESTHER CARSON "Gladdie's" gaiety brightened the Youth Interracial, Biology, Chemis- try, Social Service,and French Clubs. and National Honor Society. Gladys likes 'imathu and the sciences, and plans to go to college. Besides being a member of the traffic and usher- ing squads, Gladys belonged to B'nai Brith and Iunior Society. IOSEPHINE CARUSO "A good 'Io"' is ottr opinion of this cheerful miss. A member of the G.O.. she plans to attend secre- tarial school. Where she'll keep on with her favorite subject, shorthand. lo's hobbies are collecting dolls and animals: her ambition is to visit in Italy. SI-IIRl,l'iY CASE Iiveryone seems to know 'flluclif' as she participated in quite a few after- school sports and won a letter for them at Isaac Young. After high school she plans to attend the Syra- cuse Photography School, since photography is one of her main interests. MARIE CASSARA "VVhere there's a will, there's a way," certainly applies to Marie, for her great interest in school ac- tivities definitely bears that out. Her activities as treasurer of the Cressey Hi-Y. reporter for the Stand- ard Star, member of the G.O., Red Cross. and Honor Society, and her G.A.A. awards-all point to a bright future for her. YOLANIJA CATALDO "Yo-Yo" was a member of the G.A.A. and received her Soo point sports letter. She was also a mem- ber of the chorus. and her main interest is sports. Future plans in- clude getting married. GLORIA CAVAI.IIiR To become a nurse is "Glo's" aim after graduation. She was active in both the C.A,A. and Hi-Y: physical education is her favorite subject. Aside from drawing, Gloria lists howling and dancing as her favorite pastimes. IIQIIITH MARIE CHANNIQLI. Public-spiritetl "Iudy" has been in many activities both in and out of school. She was class secretary for three years. head of The Sub-Debs, held otlice in her sorority, and won an athletic letter. Besides all this, she was G.O. representative every year, as well a member of the Scholarship Club. ts 3 s Q: cf- 'R -in X -eu. 'if . xx. s 2 .. X MICHAEL CHIANELLI "Mike" is a fellow who likes life in general. Coming from Scars- tlale. he was outstanding in track, cross country, I. V, hockey, and basketball, and participated in the Ski and German Clubs. He won a I. V, Cross Country and a Varsity Track award, Mike hopes to be- come a doctor after studying at Northwestern or Columbia Uni- versity. MARIE CHIAPETTA "Chip" participated in after-school sports and the chorus. She loves potato "chips," and enioys art. Her ambitions are to become a de- signer and to get married. CAROL A. CHISHOLTVI Vivacious "Chis" was in iust about every high school activity. and has letters for both cheering and G.A,A. Carol was president of the Spanish Club, secretary of her sorority. and publicity head of the Sub-Delis. The rest of her time was spent in various other school organizations. PAT CIANCUILLI "Pat" enioys playing basketball and driving cars. He dislikes walking, either to school or any place else. so owning his own car will come in real handy someday. "Pat" for- merly attended Albert Leonard and Isaac E. Young High Schools. DOMINICK CIARDULLO "Dom", formerly of Leonard and Young, was on the basketball team, sang in the Chorus, and acted as a G.O. representative. His ambition is to be a good mechanic. and see some of those "Far Away Places." His favorite subiect was machine shop. IJINO CICCONE "Muuchie" seems to get around a lot, as he went to Isaac Young where he was an S.0. representa- tive, and to Albert Leonard. where he was a 65.0. representative. After high school he plans to attend Iona. EDITH ClMlNO Popular "Edie," a G.O. member. sang in the chorus. was treasurer of the sophomore and junior class, and received letters in sports at Albert Leonard and Isaac Young. "Edie" likes to listen to the Mills Brothers. and "hill-billy" music. DANIEL CIOFFOLETTI Good-natured Dan was a member of A Capella, Choirs A and B. the Spanish Club, and the Scholarship Club. His interests in fishing and hunting will some day land him a job as a salesman. Spanish tops the list of his favorite subiects. IOHN C. CIOPPA "A miss is as good as a mile," but Iohn hardly ever misses anything. He is interested in languages and music. At l.E.Y. he was vice-presi- dent of the Latin Classical Club. Upon graduation he hopes to at- tend Niagara University. and later go into advertising. MICHAEL ClRCELl.l "Smiley" is very interested in sports. During his high school career, he was lucky enough to win three basketball and three baseball letters. ln Isaac Young he was on one of the dance committees and treasurer of his eighth grade home- room. ANNE-MARIE ClVlTANO Known to all as "Civic," she has participated in the activities of the chorus and the Hi-Yi. Her hobbies include music. sewing. reading, and dancing. Future hopes include be- coming a good wife to "that cer- tain someone." lSE'l"l'E MAE CLARK Participation in the Spanish and Social Service Clubs. G.A.A.. and Iunior Prom Patron Committee kept Betty very busy. Outside of school her interests centered around popular records, driving, swimming :ind knitting argyles. Bette was ac- tive in Sub-Debs. Phi Tau, and Winn Society. She plans to attend LaSalle lunior College. GEORGE COATES Our East Rutherford, New Iersey, boy wants to lead an etfciting life. He hopes to be a professional hunter in either Africa or India. and see the world. Until now he was on the I.V. football and track squads. and in the Stamp and Wrestling Clubs. Good hunting. George! HARVEY W. COATES In the future we will see Harvey as he travels from country to coun- try carrying on his Foreign Service duties. ln school he was a member of the Scholarship and Spanish Clubs. played Varsity football, and intermural basketball and baseball. After graduation he will enter Mid- dlebury College. IOAN COHAN Ioan, Whose favorite subiect is psy- chology. served on the Rochellean Staff and Traffic Squad, and partici- pated in several school activities: among them, the Bridge, Spanish and Personality Clubs. and G.A.A. To study merchandising at Tobe Coburn is her ambition. EDWARD COLEMAN "Eddy," formerly of Blessed Sacra- ment, played I.V. basketball and baseball. His interests are sports. photography, and music. and his favorite subiect was English. "Eddy" has no definite plans for the future. EILEEN COLEMAN "Eilly" was a member of the chorus, the G.A.A.. the G.O. and 21 Red Cross representative. Her ambition is to travel around the world. "Eilly's" favorite pastime is knitting, and her favorite subject was history. "Eilly" formerly at- tended St. Gabriel's and Albert Leonard High Schools. LUCILLE COLEMAN "Baby" has taken part in many activties, including the National Honor Society, chorus, Red Cross, and the Rifle Club. ln girls' sports she won her letter. Among her hobbies are sewing and knitting. and future plans include attending Plattsburg State Teachers College. CHARLES COLLINS "A life on the ocean wave," is "Rip's" aspiration as he dreams of becoming the captain of a commer- cial freighter. Fishing also interests him as do the mechanics of auto- mobiles and ships. American his- tory is "Rip's" favorite academic subiect. ISAAC COLLINS "Kiss" was active as a member of a number of activities including baseball. Varsity Club, Youth In- terracial Club. and the Ping Pong Club. He also earned awards in track and football. He hopes to get into Howard University and l'et'ome a football coach. CARMELA COLUMBO Petite Carmela will lend her viva- ciousness to the nursing profession after graduation. A candidate for Grassland's Training School, she is sure to receive expert training, Carmela proved her efiiciency by being one of our most dependable bankers and Red Cross representa- tives. IAMES CONNELL Iames came to this school from Blessed Sacrament. Since he was one of the more athletic members of New Rochelle High School, he ioined Intramural Basketball, Ping Pong Club, and the Official's Club. After completing high school, he plans to join the service. EVIQLYN FRANCES CONNOLLY "Evie" is particularly interested in keeping up with the latest hit tunes. golf, knitting, and bridge. President of the Tuesday Spanish Club, a G.A.A. award winner, and member of the Social Service Club. Erie hopes to attend either Con- necticut College for Women, or Regis College. IAMES CONSADENE Iim is heading for a port in the maritime service. He will accom- plish his goal by entering Fort Schuyler fNew York State Mari- time Academyj after graduation. In high school he was in the band in his senior year. and won a letter in baseball at l.E.Y. PHYLLIS ROSE CONTR Possessing great talent in the fields of music, art, and dramatics, "Phyl" devoted much of her time to activities which center around those fields. She was a member of the Sub-debs, Rochellean Art Staff, "A" Choir, Tower Players, and Scholarship Club. Phyllis plans to study dress-designing at the Mc- Dowell School of Fashion. ROBERT CONTINELLO "Bob." formerly of Young, played baseball for a short while. and spent the rest of the season in the hos- pital. He earned a letter in music, and hopes to be a musician or vratchmaker. He likes music-and girls. CECFLIA ELLEN CONTRATA Capable "C.C.." whose favorite sub- ject is chemistry, intends to study pharmacy at college. She was a member of A Cappella "A", Social Service and several other clubs, and took part in the C.A.A. Cecilia's main interests are knitting. playing bridge and dogs. DOLORES CORIGLIANO "Dee", who has expressed a desire to be a good secretary, was quite busy in A.L.H.S. and N.R.H.S. by participating in the various activ- ities of the C.A.A. and dance com- mittees in both schools: modern dancing group, Library Council Cin which she received an awardi, and the Red Cross Council. CHARLES HARRY CORNELL Our tall, lanky golf "pro," "Chick," does many other things besides swinging a golf club. He was captain of the l.V. basketball team, played Varsity basketball, was in the Scholarship and Varsity Clubs, and vice-president of his sophomore class. "Chick" wants to attend William and Mary College, and live in the South. MARY COSTA Mary, who enioys English, dancing. reading. swimming, good music and books, hopes to fulfill her ambition to become a really good secretary. ln addition. she took part in the activities of the G.O.. G.A.A., bank- ing, Library Council, Italian Club. dance committee. and the chorus. IACK COTTER Football seems to be Iack's interest since he spent two years on the I.V. team. and two years on the Varsity squad. Last year he was a member of the W.I.A.A. Cham- pionship Team at Isaac Young. His ambition is to attend Brockport State Teachers College. GLAIDYS MAY CRAXVFORI-7 Blond and bouncy "Puddy's" am- bition is to make a million dollars. and we hope she'll get her wish. Her hobbies are sewing. cooking and arts and crafts. and she's fond of the expression. "Ahl for I'ete's sake." IOHN LEWIS CRONSON Iohn's ambition is to live a full life. and lie is well started towards this goal. ln high school he was a member of National Thespians. Current Iivents, Student Federalists and Scholarship Clubs. Iohn was active as circulation manager of the Herald. and also participated in the Tower Players. GLORIA CUCULLO "Bobbie," former Albert Leonard student, was a member of the chorus and the G.A.A. Her favorite subiects were art and dress design- ing. Future plans include getting a iob--and a husband. GRACE CURTIS Vivacious "Gracie" is admired for her agile feet and her fun-loving personality. In addition to her fine dancing. f'Gracie" showed remark- able versatility in Girls Athletics. "Attentionl" is probably what "Curt" will be saying in the years to come, since she plans to be a physical education teacher. RITA-Llili IIANIFRIIJGE A future of writing seems to be in store for capable 'ARee." She was on the Huguenot Herald Literary Staff and on the Rochellean Liter- ary Stai'I. Aside from writing, she finds time to be the president of the Youth Interracial Club. a Student Federalist, and to be on the Schol- arship Club. Out of school, she likes baseball. collecting records, and dancing. SALVATORE DANIELS "Cheap" played football and is interested in almost all sports. I-Ie enjoys listening to records. His fa- vorite subiect was radio shop. In the future. he hopes to work in the electrical field. BARBARA DAVIES Vivacious "Bobbie" can always be seen backstage. She has been in the National Thespians since tl'e eleventh grade. "Bobbie's" favorite subiect was art. and she wants to be a designer. She dislikes "matli"- and "mad" drivers4and likes men. IOSFPH DE MASI Ioe's favorite subiect is Commercial Art: his ambition. to attend the Iluguenot School of Commercial Art and become a portrait artist. settling down in Texas. His pet "peeve" is "stuck-up" girls: his hobbies are drawing movie person- ages. and sports, in which he re- ceivetl a baseball letter. SUSAN RACHEL IJIQMBY "Sue" was very active in school activities, including Modern Dance. l'ersonality Club, and Current liients Club and shone especially in the Tower Players. Talented "Sue" was elected 11 member of the National Thespians. and became vice-president. Sue would like to go to Bard College. Among her many interests are playing the piano and the guitar, and listening to music. FRANK DE RAFFFLE A member of the Roche'lean Art Staff and art editor of the Albert Leonard 'iHigh Lights" last year, Frank intends to follow up his Commercial Art at the Huguenot School of Art. Since his hobbies arc sports and girls. he later plans to operate a model agency. AIJIQLE IJIZRECKTOR 'Peppyu and pretty "Tex" is quite .i busy girl around school. Besides being secretary of the GO. she was a cheerleader, vice-president of the Spanish Club, chairman of the Ten- nis Club and a member of the Personality and Conversation Clubs. She wants to go to Illinois and be- come an occupation therapist. TONY DE RENZIS "Deacon" played baseball at Leon- ard High School, enjoys all sports, and is interested in electronics. He likes "Hot Music," but has no de- nnite plans for the future-except to get rich. OBELIA IACQUELINE DERRY "Beers" was very active in sports during high school. She was on a number of honor teams and was also captain of some of them. At Isaac Young, she received some athletic awards. Art is the Field she hopes to enter. ROSE DETRIS To become a registered nurse is Rose's immediate goal after gradua- tion. A member of the G.A.A., Art Club, Photography Club. advertis- ing staff of various school dances, Tennis Club, and Honor Society, Rose was kept pretty busy. Her hobbies are Bible study, photogra- phy, and travel. BARBARA DIAMOND "Bobbie" was on the art staff of the Rochellean. a twirler, in the French and Spanish Clubs, and in after- school sports. She was also art editor of "Merry Melodies." "Bobbie" would like to go to Pratt Institute or Syracuse, and become a commer- cial artist. IOHN DI NAPOLI Oratorical "Bo-Bo" who made many of campaign speeches at I.E.Y., was a member of the S.O. board for three years. He plans to attend St. Lawrence University, and hopes to become a manager of farm machinery. His interests are all sports. psychology and "7:3o." NANCY DIRKSE Nancy's favorite subject is Spanish, and after going to college she wants to do something in which she uses that language. Versatile "Nance" was in the scholarship Club 9-12, National Honor Society, Tower Players. Chemistry Club and the Huguenot Hi-Y. She likes "smooth" music and dislikes pink skirts. VICTOR DOLCETTO Collecting popular records by such stylists as Frankie Laine is Vic's main interest besides Chorus and Hi-Y activities. Homework can be listed as his pet peeye. while wood- shop is his favorite subiect. To marry and raise a large family is "Vic's" goal after graduation. MARY CLAIRE IJONNELLY "That was iust luck." says Claire. who plans to attend Packard Col- lege after graduation. for she hopes to be successful in all her under- takings. Besides receiving a letter for cheerleading, she belonged to the National Honor Society, Tennis Club. and A Cappella Chorus, and was a GD. representative. She likes history, sports. and good talent. PHII. IJOPOULOS Tall, good-looking Phil, "Adonis of N.R.H.S.," played football, bas- ketball, and hockey. A member of Tau Pi fraternity, Phil plans to enter the business field after attend- ing Rutgers Univcrsity. Amusing people interest Phil when he has time off from his favorite subiect. history. GRACE DORME "Gra." formerly of Leonard, was a member of the G.A.A.. the Hi-Y, the G.O.. and the Chorus. Her am- bition is to become an expert beau- tician. "Gran enioys bowling and dancing. fAnd what a good dancer she isll IQMBELINA DOS RIQIS "Babs" led an active school life as a banking alternate, year book re- presentative, and member of the advertising committees for various school dances. To attend the New Rochelle School of Nursing is "Bab's" immediate goal after graduation. MAGGIE LOUISE DRAKEFORD "Sherry," a "sport-conscious" girl, was active in the Ping Pong Club, Games Club, Personality Club, and was captain of the girls' basketball and baseball teams. Her hobbies are sewing and dating "I.eon": her favorite subiect, "math," She plans to become a seamstress. ALEXANDER VV. DREYFOOS, Ir. "Alex," whose main interest is radio. was Mr. Burke's sound tech- nician for Tower Players, as well as for school assemblies. I-Ie also played records at all our senior dances. "Alex" was a member of the swimming team. National Thes- pians, Chemistry and Photobraphy Clubs. and has also made a good start on the way to his career of electrical engineering. ROBERT DUARTE "Bob's" favorite saying, "VVhat tools these mortals be." may lead you to believe that he's a cynic, but don't be fooled. A letterman, Bob was a member of the track team for three years and won a medal for his pole-vaulting ability. CLIFFORD DUNKEL "Sharp shootin" Cliff aims to shoot at the rifle matches in England. I-Iis delights are golf. scouting. reading. hunting. Fishing and archery: his favorite subiects, I'.A.IJ., and lunch. Formerly from Blessed Sacrament. Cliff likes singing and quiet girls. besides C.O. activities. CAROL MARIE IJUPEE "Dupe" was very active in school activities as vice-president of the Alpha Epsilon Sorority, recording' secretary of the Hi-Y, and a mem- ber of the Social Service Club. Interested in sports, she was a mem- ber of various honor teams, and won a number of G.A.A. awards. ITORIS GRIi'Iili IJURLACHER Doris' limitless energy and her cheerful disposition were greatly missed during our senior year. She was a member of the Scholarship. Youth Interracial. Social Service and French Clubs. She won an Ethel K. Loeb Scholarshilp. Doris plans to be an airline hostess. VICTOR M. EARLI-I "Vic" was president of the Student Federalists in his sophomore year, and a popular and active member of the Current Events Club, Bridge Club and intramural softball and basketball teams. Outside. his in- terests included amateur radio CW2YVWj, sports and the Giants baseball team. To maior in law accounts is his ambition so he plans to attend Williams College in Massachusetts. ROBERT EDER "Bob" likes history, and was an active member of the Current Events Club. He took part in different committees for school dances and was a member of the Biology and Scholarship Clubs. To attend college, after graduation from high school, constitutes a part of his plans. BARBARA ANN EDWARDS "Take a letter. Bobbie," is prob- ably what some lucky employer will be saying in the near future, since Bobbie is planning to become a secretary. Active in such sports as volleyball and basketball, she also lists tennis and bowling as outside interests. Shorthand and French are her favorite subjects. LESTER EMERSON, IR. "Buster," whose ambition is to own a ranch in Arizona, enjoys working on engines and radios, when he's not hunting, fishing, or riding a motorcycle. Besides belonging to the rifle team Cin which he won a letterj at both A.L.H.S. and N.R.H.S., he was a member of the National Honor Society. IAMES EPPINGER "Eppie" demonstrated his selling ability in Rochellean subscriptions, as he plans to follow this "line" after college. lim is fond of sports and was awarded letters in track, hockey, and "rifIery." His inter- ests lie in photography, stamps, and ping pong. I-IELENE SANDRA EPSTEIN French Club, Art Club, National Thespians, Tower Players, Scholar- ship Club, and after-school sports have kept "Lane" very busy in school. Out of School, she likes sketching, fashion designing, ten- nis, swimming. and reading, as well crew cuts and people. "Lane" would like to go to Sarah Lawrence and prepare herself for a career in designing. MARY ANN ERI-IARD One clay you'll pick up Vogue Magazine and Find Mary Ann's name in it. She was the capable co-editor of the Rochellean, G.A.A. manager, a member of the ring committee, and a model in two fashion shows. She also was award- ed three sports letters and an Ethel Loeb Scholarship. What does she like? Apple pie-and sailing! GERTRUDE P. ERLENMAIER "Trudi" led an active and reward- ing life in high school. She was vice-president of her junior class at Young and a manager of G.A.A. hockey. "Trudi" was also a mem- ber of the Spanish Club, the Hockey Honor Team. the Conversation Club. and was elected to the Na- tional Honor Society. Her aims? To study secretaryship at Katherine Gibbs. and singing at Iulliard. ROBERT ESPOSITO "Bob" was a member of the Italian Club, B Choir. Chorus, double quartet. and a Red Cross representative and a cheerleader at A.I..H.S. He also participated in intramural sports. His likes are basketball, golf, and dancing. His plans include Cortland State Teach- ers College, and professional golf- ing. IOHN EUFEMIO "Bugs," who won a track letter, was also very active on the tennis team. His favorite subiect is chem- istry, and he started the Science Club. Iohn wants to go to Columbia and take up zoology or entomology. He is an 'Aouttloor boy" who likes skiing, canoeing. swimming, hik- ing, and animals. MARY LOU FARRARA "Bubbles" came from A.L.H.S. where she was a G.O. representa- tive and on the entertainment com- mittee of the Personality Class. She was also in the Art Club and the Chorus. Her ambition is to get married and to travel, She likes reading. hiking. swimming, sewing, cooking, collecting records, and English. HIACIO I-'ATONE Hard hitting "Sonny" is a veteran of the football and tennis teams. His expert ability as an auto me- chanic will come in handy when he motors to California. Believe it ot not. girls are his favorite sub- iectl His favorite saying is, "If you can't beat them. scare them." PETER FELSENTHAL "Pete" has many interests, includ- ing radio, photography, and sports. He was a member of the Biology and Chemistry Clubs, and hopes to become a successful chemical en- gineer. Peter managed the swim- ming team and was active in the Tower Players. and National Thes- pians. He was also a member of Chess, Current Events, Ping-Pong. and Scho'arship Clubs. CARMINE FEOLA Carmine's active participation in the I.E.Y. band and chorus proves his avid interest in music. A member of the boy's Hi-Y Club, he was a C.O. olhcer at A.I..H.S. and l.E.Y. Baseball. dancing and television are his favorite hobbies. Carmine's fa- vorite subject was English. PATRICIA ANN FINNECAN '4l7inn" is the popular co-captain of the cheerleaders. She proved her leadership by acting as president of the Social Service Club. represen- tative to the G.A.A.. treasurer of Phi Tau. and secretary of the Sub- Ilebs. Her favorite pastimes are sailboat-racing and the "P.R." GERALD Klil.l.AR FIORE Kellar, who held oflice in the Chess Club and De Molay Fraternity. also belonged to the Student Federalists. Current Iivents. Chemistry. United Nations and French Clubs: the Winn Society, and the Rochellean literary and photography staffs. Kellar's goal is to become a suc- cessful engineer. VICTORIA NANCY FIRMAN The Personality Club, Social Serv- ice Club, Games Club and the C.A.A. were among the activities that kept a sweet girl named "Vicky" busy. Since she likes sew- ing, her ambition is to be a seam- stress. English was her favorite subiect. IOAN FISHSTIQIN "Fishi" plans to go to the Penn- sylvania College for VVomen, and later get married to that "some- one." Clever Ioan was president of the Scholarship Club. a G.O. representative. a cheerleader. and earned a G.A.A. letter. "Fishi" also took part in the Conversation. Current Events. French. and Chem- istry Clubs and was made chairman of several dance committees. MARILYN FISKE A'I.ynn" is very absorbed in people in general. and in seeing what makes them tick. Naturally her favorite high school subiect was psychology. Following graduation she plans to attend the New Ro- chelle Hospital School of Nursing. With such a cheerful smile she's bound to be the ideal nurse. WILLIAM IAMES FITTON Tall. lanky Hill participated in intramural sports, and also worked hard in the wood and metal shops. His favorite hobby, reading in the library, will someday aid him in his career as a businessman. MARY lllLliEN FITZGERALD "FitZ's" activities in girls! sports won for her a letter. Her favorite pastime is riding in convertibles. Mary was also a member of the Scholarship Club. Phi Tau, and was elected corresponding secretary of Huguenot Girls Hi-Y. Her am- bition is to become a medical secretary. MARY LOU FITZHUGH 'LRed" was an interested member of the Chorus, Among her hobbies are bowling, dancing, and sewing, 'LRed's" ambitions are to be a dressmaker, and to get married. BERNARD FIXELL "Bernie" was one of "Pop" Burke's right-hand men. A member of Na- tional Thespians. he spe many hours behind the Tow r Players' set. His ambition is to become a real estate broker after gradua- tion from college. History is "Bernie's" favorite subiect. SEYMOUR L. FLASTFR "Syn was a member of the Chess, Spanish, and Scholarship C'ubs. He is interested in sports, and was an active member of the bowling team. Since mathematics is his favorite subiect, Seymour plans to attend college and become an ac- countant. He likes to travel, and enioys watching television. YVONNE A. Fl.UVVliRS "Chicken's" big hope is to be an Xfray technician, and someday she may look through you. Records and dancing are included among her interests. The subiect she enjoyed most was chemistry. MARY AGNES FLYNN Coming from Saint Gabriel, "Agany" spent most of her time as president of the Alpha Epsilon Sorority and as a member of the Social Service Club. Since she has a great interest in art, she hopes to get a chance to study in Europe. ELAINE FONTANAROSA Elaine, former Leonard cheerleader. was a member of the Hi-Y, the chorus, Red Cross, and the G.O. Her ambition is to become a suc- cessful beautician, and we know she will. E'aine likes listening to Frankie Laine's records, dancing, and eating. CLAUDIA FORLANO "Clow was a member of the chorus and the G.O. Her hobbies are dancing and roller skating, and her favorite subiect was art. "Clow likes Cadillac convertibles and dis- likes conceited boys. Future plans include becoming a dress designer. ALEXIA FOSTER The Spanish Club, Swing Session, dance committees, Rochellean staff. and Cheerleading have been keep- ing "Lexie" busy. Her disarming personality aided her in becoming a G.O. representative and secretary of Phi Delta. Dancing and cheer- ing are what she likes most. CAROLE FRENCH "Frenchy," formerly of Albert Leonard. took part in the Speakers Club, Conversation Club, Dramatics Club, Red Cross, and Community Chest Drive. Her plans are to at- tend La Salle Iunior College for girls. She likes roller skating, danc- ing and "math," Her aim is to be a rich man's secretary. VVFRNICR H. l"RliUNDLlCH VVerner's many activities include Spanish, Oliicial, Ping-pong, Bridge. Youth lnterracial, and Scholarship Clubs. He was also treasurer of Phi Alpha Fraternity. I-le is inter- ested in sports and participated in track. cross country, basketball, and baseball intraniurals. Werner is an ardent baseball fan. His favorite subiect is "math." HELENE D. FRIEDLAND A regular ioiner, energetic Helene participated in the Conversation, Current Events, Chemistry, French, Personality. and Scholarship Clubs plus. A Capella, National Honor So- ciety. cheerleading, G.A.A., Tower Players. and several class commit- tees. She enjoys records and golf in her spare time. Wellesley Col- lege is her aim after graduation. NNII'I MNT Ai Ai , gre. a it - ' t- k " y," W l . c u t u rue in LIWIL. Cffil an ' - , A ' 1 L s her 1 , if en swimming d ng. an layi piano t' it' Q 5 d ' 4 c Clu ri ' G and o s n . 0 yi i ' SHELDON ROBERT FROME "Shel" spends his spare time col- lecting stamps, driving, playing piano, listening to good music, swimming and horseback-riding. He was a member of the Chemistry and Scholarship Clubs, and after graduation plans to study medicine at N.Y.U. or some other New York City college. PAULA D. FUERST The Hrst word with amiable Paula in school activities was clubs. She was an active member of the Scholarship, Social Service, Person- ality, Spanish, Current Events, and Rochellean Clubs. She also was awarded Five hundred and fifteen hundred letters for her participa- tion in after-school sports. IAMIIS HERBERT FUHRER lim took part in many activities in the school, including "A" Choir, Bridge, French, Chemistry, and Scholarship Club. track. and Cross Country teams, intamural basket-- ball and baseball, and I.V. football. lim. who intends to become an engineer, likes "math" and the sciences. This year Iim won Hon- orable Mention in the NVesting- house Science Talent Search. ARTHUR FURMAN Arthur. formerly of Leonard and Young, plans to be a machinist. His hobbies are building and oper- ating radio sets and equipment. "Lou's" favorite subiect was Amer- ican history. IAMES FURMAN "He who laughs last. doesn't get the ioke," observes "lim," as he is known to all his friends. He hopes to fulfill his ambition to become a sheet metal worker and to tour the country after his gradu- ation from school. 1-J BFRNICPI GAHOURY "Bunny, formerly of Albert Leon- ard, was a member of the G.A.A. and the chorus. Her ambition is to be a housewife and own a "Cadillac" Her likes are dancing and swimming, and her favorite subject was English. Her dislike? Boys that are sillyl ANTOINETTE GAITA "Nedtly" was an interested mem- be of the I-Ii-Y. the chorus, and the G.A.A. Her favorite subiect was dress designing. FRANCES GAl.l3iLl.U "Franny" was a member of the General Organization, the Girls' Athletic Association, and the chorus. She was also president of the Cressey Hi-Y Club. "Franny's" ambition is to become a successful bcautician, and have Perry Como sing at her wedding. ANNE GALLI Anne's activities included being an active member of the chorus. since she likes music. Anne hopes to work for a while and then get married to a "certain someone." MATTHEW' GALLUCCI "Matty's" favorite suhiects, drafting and carpentry, served as his me- chanical interests and hobbies. His one ambition in life is to become a financial success. Interests in the Hi-Y, baseball, track, and G.O. illustrate his versatility. "Matty's" only dislike is "big wheels" that don't roll, ROY GARDNER To make a "cool million" is Roy's amazing ambition. Hi-Y track and football claimed his spare time. besides eating, and talking to pretty co-classmates. His adage. 'AI may not always be right but I'm never wrong," is certainly a puzzler. ZIQLIJA MARILYN CARFIZIN Waiting for the Iluguenot Herald. and Standard-Star, gave "Zel" good preparation for that best-sefler she has here eye on. Besides that. she was active in the Personality, Social Service. Scholarship, and Interracial Clubs, A Capella. Rochellean, Na- tional Tliespians and Tower Players. ROBERT GARRAMONI2 Gary. who intends to make the navy his career, was a GO. repre- sentative. a member of the chorus, and played on the baseball team. His hobbies and interests are cars and boats, and his favorite subiect was technical drafting. IOSFFI-I IOHN GATALFTTO "Gut" came from Leonard where he was in the band, High Lights, and Speakers Club, and was active as a cheerleader. His interests are acting, music, golf, musical com- edies, and listening to the singing of Vic Damone, and Doris Day. Bookkeeping was his favorite sub- iect. IOAN GFIJIJFS Ioan's efliciency will contribute greatly to her success as an airline hostess. Her school activities in- cluded French Club. Hockey Hon- or Team, G.A.A., Flight Club. Glee Club. and class committees. In her spare time, Ioan likes to knit argyles and root for the Yan- kees. KENNETH PAUL GIfiII1iR Because of "Ken's" great interest in stamps, sports. science and photog- raphy, he participated in many ac- tivities which centered around these Fields. He was particularly active in the Student Federalists and United Nations Clubs, and hopes to attend either Cornell or Yale to do medical research. This year Kenneth won Honorable Mention in the VVestinghouse Science Talent Search. IAMES GERKEN "Gerk," treasurer of Tau Pi, is an ardent participant in intramural basketball. Besides his interest in this sport, Iim served on several dance committees and belonged to the A Cappella choir. In the future, Iim hopes to be successful in the business field. IEAN GERLOFF A very capable girl, Iean's school activities included French Club, modern dance group, business staff of Roehellean, G.O. and several dance committees. Her ambition is lo visit San Francisco and do some sert of work with French. Her main interest is the "big city" . . . DELPHINE GERONIMO "Del," treasurer of the senior class, was also a G.O. representative for two years. A member of the Con- versation Club, the Cressey Hi-Y Cof which she was secretaryj, she likes psychology, "The Gang," all sports, and eating. Her ambition: 'to travel around the countryf BERNARD GIANNETTI "Berney" ran track, was in the chorus, and was a member of the C.O. Oswego State College is where he wishes to go after graduation, and he would like to get a good iob teaching afterwards. His main interests are photography, stamps and swimming. DONALD GILBERT "Gill's" fondness for sports is illu- strated in his participation in basket- ball and baseball intramurals. He was also a member of hoth the bowling and riflle teams, as well as the Chemistry and Spanish Clubs. BARBARA GILES "Believe what you want to believe," advises "Bobbie," who plans to go to N.Y.U. or Hunter College. In addition to being a great fan of Morpheus, she also enioys roller- skating. shorthand, and dancing. "Bobbie" received a G.A.A. award, and was Secretary of the Personality Club. MICIIAEL GIRSIJANSKY Gifted "Mike" served on several S.O. show committees. and in the Tower Players. Poetry. Forum. Iiiscussion. and Creative Writing Clubs. He was vice-president of the Student Eederalists and won several poetry awards besides being elected to Honor Society and Na- tional Thespians. After graduation. he to attend the University of Chicago. ERIC GLIZAN "Eric" was a banking representative in Albert Leonard and a member of the Traflic Squad. He likes reading books on animals. and on religious subiects. "Eric" also likes to travel. Clerical practice is his favorite subject. To become an executive in a large company is his ambition. NEIL R. GIJCIIERMAN Neil's dream is to become a chemi- cal engineer, as his membership in both the Biology and Chemistry Clubs shows. "Red" likes music and was an active band member. He was also a member of both basketball and hasebal intramurals, and of the bowling team. WILLIAM I. GMELIN After graduation from Dartmouth. "Billy" hopes to enter the scientific field. During his years at N.R.H.S. Iiilly was in the Chemistry. Biology, and Photography Clubs, and an active member of the Tower Players National Thespians. and the Ro- chellean. "The Thespians" claimed him for two years. His hobbies in- clude piano, sailing. and photo- graphy. EDWIN GOLDEN Football. basketball. and baseball are A'Ed's" favorite activities, and for his ability in these fields he received several letters. "Ed" was S.O. representative and home room president for three years. Goocllook- ing "Eddie" hopes to graduate from Cornell, and then become an architect. PHILIP ALAN GOLIDMAN "Phil" was active in the marching band, in which he earned three letters. I-Ie was also a member of the Photography. Chemistry. Span- ish. and Aviation Clubs, and the rifle team. After high school. "Phil" plans to go to the Fordham University College of Pharmacy. -an SUSAN IiI.IZAIlETH GOTWALIJ A very enterprising gal, genial "Sue" was a familiar figure at Tower Players' stage door. She served as secretary of National The-spians and shared in the ac- tivities of the Chemistry. Scholar- ship, and Stamp Clubs. besides vari- ous class committees and the G.A.A. Her plans include Gettysburg Col- lege and a secretarial career. SIIINEY T. GOULIIOURNE General Motors Institute will wel- come f'Sid" after graduation. Ile hopes this will be the first stepping- stone in the fulfillment of his am- bition. becoming a well-adiusted family man. Chorus is an outlet for "Sid's" interest in music. while his experiences with various foods would classify him as a gourmet. IIARBARA GRAIHEI. "Peppy" can best describe 'fI4.ml1Iiy." one half of the Grabel twinsonie, whose ambition is to he a kinder- garten teacher. Her N.R.H.S. acti- vities include A Capella, orchestra. G.A.A.. Traffic Squad, the Per- sonality. Spanish. and Social Ser- vice Clubs. and various class com- mittees. As an unusual hobby. Hobby collects carved miniatures. SELMA GRAIIICL A busy gal. Sally was active in after- school sports as well as being a member of the Spanish. Peronality, and Social Service Clubs. In the ninth grade. she was president of her homeroom and a member of the Scholarship Club. Her goal is to do creative writing. IQARIIARA GREEN Ullolvlliei' previously attended Isaac Young and Albert Leonard High Schools where she was a GD. representative, a member of the G.A.A.. chorus, and the Honor So- ciety. She receivcd a tennis and G.A.A. award. Her interests include book collecting and art. and her favorite subiect was history. HERBERT M. GREEN "Crass One" has always been in- terested in having "mad fun." After graduating from Tulane into medicine. he will keep his patients in stitches. Now. between dissect- ing and bisecting. he finds time to play bridge. act in the Tower Players, participate in National Tbespians, and help on the Rochel- lean literary staff. His favorite say- ing is "You Scroungef' MARY OLIVIA GREEN Dress designing is "Libby's" big ambition, and she likes everything pertaining to this field. Students in the G.A.A. and chorus will well remember "Libby's" friendly na- ture, for she was very interested in both these activities. WALTER GREEN XValter was active on the baseball team, participated in intramural sports, and was a member of the Varsity Club and Student Federal- ists. Besides flying airplanes he liked experimenting in the electrical shop. With those assets, "NValt" plans to study electrical engineering. STEPHEN GREENE "Steve" came to N.R.H.S. this year from Admiral Billard Academy and Brunswick. He plans to go to Le- high, and become a mechanical or electrical engineer. Among Steve's interests are sailing. hunting, swim- ming, radio. and flying. His favor- ite saying is "What goes up must come down." EIUMONIJ GRIFFIN "Sunshine" had been to a few other high schools before coming to New Rochelle High School. Some in- clude Miami Senior, and VVliite Plains High Schools. His main in- terest is music. and his favorite subject, theory, "Ed's" favorite say- ing is: 'hGatl, VVhat a W'omanl" CATHERINE GRll.l.O "Cathy" was a member of the G.A.A. cheerleaders. a G.O. re- presentative. and a member of mod- ern dancing. She plans to be a typist for some large Firm, and then to get married. She likes bowling, dancing and baseball. Her favorite subiect was bookkeeping: her pet 'fpeeve" is iealous people. LOUELLA GRIMMER One of the quieter members of the class, "Lou" is planning a career in physiotherapy. She was active in Phi Delta. Sub-Debs, G.A.A., the Spanish. Social Service. Bridge. and Chemistry Clubs. 'fLou" is also the possessor of a unique car called 'fthe Monster." GAYE ROBIN GROSS Gaye came from Evander Childs High School. where she was on the swimming team, and in various clubs. At New Rochelle, she was a member of the Personality, Current Events, Spanish, Social Service, Bi- ology. and Scholarship Clubs. Her plans include Cornell and a teach- ing career. RONALD EDWIN GROSSMAN Many's the time "Ronnie" has brightened the occasion by his witty humor. He took part in the Photo- graphy Club, Tower Players, Na- tional Thespians. Chemistry Club, was manager of the baseball team, and was on the swimming team. "R.G.'s" hobbies include driving a car. sailing, dancing and swimming. BARBARA GRUSE A very busy "gal" around school is "Bobbie" Gruse, who participated in the Personality Club, Castle Courier Club, and French Club, besides be- ing a G.O, representative. "Bobbie" is planning to do secretarial work, Her hobby is writing "pen-pal" letters. . RONALD D. GUNTHORPE Good-natured "Ronnie,' will SOIUC- day prove his capabilities as a doctor after studying at Howard University. "Rayzor's" interests in- clude Know Yourself Club, Chemis- try Club, Interracial Club, and the Track Team. Dancing and driving are his favorite pastimes: and his- tory and chemistry, his favorite subiects. RALPH L. GUTMANN 'fWhere there's a will there's a way." So it is with Ralph, as he is vice-president of the senior classg able assistant literary editor of the "Rochellean": a member of the I. V. football team and the Conver- sation Clubg and active in countless other ways. Upon graduation from Columbia, he expects to go into some form of scientific research. BRUNO I-IAAG Bruno, formerly of Albert Leonard, was active in the Photography Club, Rifle Club, High Lights, G.O., cross country, track. bowling and swim- ming teams. He enioys bowling, golf. swimming, photography, and horseback riding. Someday he plans to travel around the world. RALPH HAAS , Ralph came to the city of New Rochelle from Liberty High School, and has been a member of the band since his entrance here in the ninth grade. His hobby is mixing women and song. and his ambition is to have his own band. or to be a music teacher. DOROTHY HANSON Personality plus - that's future teacher "Dot" Hanson, a former I. Ii. Youngster. Her activities in- cluded Franch Club, Personality Club. Castle Courier, G.A.A., Year- book Staff, and Decoration Com- mittee. She was also a recipient of an Ethel K. Loeb Scholarship, and a G.A.A. award. RIJVVARD HARRIS "The Flash." a member of the Hi- Y. likes eating. sports, girls. and records. He took part in the Rochel- lean art stalI, since his favorite sub- ject was commercial art. he intends to go to the Huguenot School of Art. and then plans to transfer to Vassar College as a janitor. TI-IIELMA HARRIS Thelma was a member of the cho- rus and the G.O. Her ambition is to own her own beauty salon. Thelma likes playing the piano, listening to "hill-billy" music, danc- ing, writing letters. and playing field hockey. PATRICIA ANN HARRISON "Pat" plans to attend the Barbizon School where she hopes to learn modeling. She belonged to the Glee Club, the C.A.A.. Swimming Club. Highlights Staff, and the Conver- sation Club. While at the lames Monroe High School. she received two U.A.A. letters. Drawing and Cooking are her hobbies. MARIORIE HAWKINS "I can dream. can't I?" queries "Margie," who wants to travel to Europe and to be a good secretary. She enioys sports. folk dancing. swimming, history. bagpipes, and good books. She also participated quite actively in the Swing Session, and the school paper. not to men- tion the chorus, Red Cross. and the G.A.A. FRED VV. IIEINIQMANN Fred wants to be successful in any- thing that he undertakes. His ex- pt rience on the football team. in the Chemistry Club, Ollicials Club. Tau Pi, Iunior Prom Committee: and his favorite subiects, history and chemistry, will help him through Farmingdale School of Agriculture. MARY ANN HIQMMING Tall and graceful Mary Ann will soon be a famous dancing instruc- tiess. Her charming manner, gained from the Iuanita Triangle and the Personality Club, plus her favorite subject. psychology, will help her enter Keystone Iunior College. "Dusty" likes South American mu- sic. and collects foreign-made dolls. MARION NANCY IIKNGEI, Membership in the C.O., C.A.A., chorus. and Conversation Club are the activities that kept 4'Hank" lyvinner of an Iithel Loeb Scholar- shipj occupied when she was not enjoying her favorite subiects. bi- ology and American history. Travel is almost an obsession with 'fHank." and her main aspiration is to visit places she's often read about. IOYCIC VIRGINIA Illl.I.IiR A top-flight athlete. Ioyce is plan- ning to attend Cortlantl Stale Teachers' College and maior in physical education. She participated in the band, orchestra, A Capella, Scho'arship Club, dance committees, and Phi Tau. and also served as the pi'esident of C.A,A. and Hi-Y. DOROTHY IIILTON Dot came from Mamaroneck High where. she was in the Girls Glee Club, the Archery Club. and on the Girls Intramural Hockey Team. At N.R.H.S. she took part in the Per- sonality Club. Her aim is to attend a teachers college and pursue a career in child guidance. ROIIIQRT ASHIIRIDGIQ This epicurean who likes "wine. women fthat don't smokel. and song" would like to go to Hobart or Middlebury and become a geo- lt-gist. "Hoo Bon," as he is some- times called, went out for intra- mural baseball and basketball. Ile was also a member of Tau Pi, Chemistry Club. Oflicials Club, and the treasurer of the Spanish Club. HARRY HOBBS Keeping his ialopy in running con- dition was Harry's big problem. Some day soon, he hopes, when he has a good job. to own a small house, a Cadillac and marry 5'Sweet Lorraine." Ile was a member of the Rifle Club in his iunior year. ANITA HOLMSTEN "That's terrific!" is Anita's favorite expression, which also applies to her school activities. She was a member of the National Society. marching and concert bands, A Capella, Phi Delta. Sub-Debs, and G.A.A. Anita plans to attend Gettysburg College to prepare for social service work. I-'REIJERICA HOLT A very popular "gal" around N.R.H.S.. "Freddie" participated in G.A.A., Phi Delta. the Social Ser- vice. Spanish, and Bridge Clubs. Her plans for the future include college and a musical career. In her spare time. "Freddie" enioys piano and driving. IRVIN HOVANEC "Irv," as he is known about the school, plans to go to the U. S. Naval Academy or an R.O.T.C. col- lege to enable him to become a naval aviator. Besides his interests in photography and American his- tory. "lrv" was an outstanding member of the rifle team. GHRALI3 IAMIRS HOWATT "Wot Hoppe-n." says Iim as he leaves the band room Where he has iust finished tnarching. He was also in the concert band. and on the football team at Young. Drafting was Iim's favorite subiect. and he wants to be an engineer. Iim dis- likes the name "Ierry" but likes school and people. PATRICIA A. HUBBARD I'atty's ambition to be a success in Whatever she does is certainly a noble one. With ideals like these, she is sure to succeed at N.Y.U.. the college of her choice. Coming from A.L.H.S.. she won a G.A.A. award and was active in basketball. baseball. modern dance. chorus, and the Social Service Club. KENNETH HUBLEY Kenneth played varsity football in the tenth grade. and was on vari- ous comtnittees. He also was an S.O. representative. "Ken's" goal to go to Brockport State Teachers College. and then to be a teacher. Out of school. he likes sports. I--IARRY I-IUIJIS We see in Harry a future iournal- ist. He plans to graduate tram Co- lumbia and become I1 star reporter. He was in the Photography Club. and was also quite active in intra- mural sports. Harry dislikes fickle girls. and the Brooklyn Dodgers. FRANK KERR HUMMEL, Ir. To go to Cornell University and be- come a successful dairy farmer is "Lum's" ambition. At school. Frank earned both football and a basket- ball letter. He was president of his iunior class, and G.O. representa- tive. "Lum" also was elected to the National Honor Society, took part in dance committees, the senior planning committee, and many other activities. LORRAINE HUNT Adelphi Nursing School will wel- come "Freckles" as a candidate for graduate nursing. Music domi- nates her outside interests particular- ly playing piano and dancing. "Freckles," as a member of the 65.0. Council, Red Cross antl Hi-Y. helped to materialize the success of these organizations. EVELYN' IANNUZZI Adelphi Nursing School welcome "Freckles" as a candidate for gradu- ate nursing. Music dominates her outside interests, particularly play- ing piano and dancing. "Freckles." as a member of the C.O. Council, Red Cross and Hi-Y. helped to materialize the success of these organizations. LOUIS IMMEDIATO Lou, formerly of Leonard and Young. was a member of the cho- rus, and G.O. He enioys baseball. and likes to watch his favorite player, Iackie Robinson, in action. "L0u's" favorite subiect was tech- nical drafting. PATRICIA A. IZZO "Scotty" will lend her affable smile to many a patient after she gradu- ates from the White Plains School of Nursing. Orchestra and repre- senting the Red Cross were among her scholastic activities. while parti- cipating on the baseball team showed her athletic powers. IOI-IN JACKSON Quiet and ambitious Iohn someday plans to have a business of his own. The :III committees and Community Chest have been Iohn's favorite activities. Books, music. athletics, food, and clothing make up his interests, and P.A.I3. was his favor- ite subject. He dislikes girls who talk too loud and too long. snot. 1 . yi 1 a 'rbdiack-stage with ' e i K eye and a smile on r face W l,prc ably be Shola. Be 4 les A ' a me r of Tower Q, l ' io onor Socie- tpp s was "Courier" ti t "Rochel ' .taHs, Sbola was also in A Iappella choir. VVorld Federalists, and the Interracial Club. ALAN M. IACOBS "lake" was very active around school. participating in the band. the Concert Band, Chemistry Club. Student Federalists. dance commit- tees, and intramural sports. He was elected to the National Honor So- ciety and was secretary of Phi Alpha Fraternity, and vice-president of the Biology Club. IACK IAKUBACK A real outdoor man, "Red" likes to fly, and ride on his own launch. Photography is also his hobby. His experiences in the Flight Club will someday aid him as an internation- al business machinist. His favorite subiect was history. WALTER IEWELL The Navy will soon claim "Bucky," for four years. Then he plans to study at Farmingdale to prepare for a career as an orchid grower. Wal- ter ran cross country and spring track. Ilis favorite subject was art. IERRY Ii IOI-INSON Tall lanky "Mr, licks" was active on the football and track teams. Along cultural lines he was a mem- ber of the Interracial Club and A Cappella Choir. He takes a deep interest in music and singing, and plans to attend Howard University. Besides acting in the Swing Session, Ierry likes dancing to "Iiop." LOUIS IONES .Athletic "I.ou." an outstanding trackman. received letters in foot- ball and track. He holds the state record in 44o yard dash. Ilis activi- ties include: Spanish. Interracial, Conversation, Track, Chemistry, and Varsity Clubs. Spanish was his favorite subiect. "Lou" plans to enter college after graduation. WILLIAM lONIiS "Boo" is a ready and willing candi- date to work for Uncle Sam after graduation. He ran track. and was manager of the basketball team at A.I..H.S. Bill's interests are basket- ball, dancing, psychology. and girls, and his favorite saying is "you know." DAN GORDON IUIJGR Dan ran cross country, worked on the Tower Players stage crew. and was in National Thcspians. Among his interests are women, cars, and tlramatics. He lists history as a favorite subiect. Dan plans to study law at Duke University. IQIYWARIJ IUSTICE "Choo-Choo" as this good-looking G.O. president is known, was a popular member of the Rochellean Art Staff, the Conversation Club, and the Tepee Twirl Art Commit- tee. His favorite subiect was com- mercial art: his other interests in- cluded dancing and social events. His burning ambition is to become a successful photo engraver. ALFRED M. KATONA "Al" was very popular and very active in high school. He was presi- dent of his sophomore and iunior classes. then co-president of the G.O. He was well known for his clever skits, "" S.O. shows. and was often seen at school dances drumming with the "Society Five." "AI" likes concert and dance music. talking, and debating, and is plan- ning to make law his career. IOSEPH KATZ "loc," who plans to be a successful business man after his graduation from Dartmouth, was an active member of the French and Chemis- try Clubs. He was also vice-presi- dent of the Current Events Club. and a member of the Huguenot Herald business staff. ROBERT S. KEARNEY "Sax" was active in our school band, having played the saxaphone in both the concert and the march- ing band. He is interested in play- ing the "sax" and the guitar. Bob wants to go to Cornell University and become a research chemist. BARBARA KEENAN Among Barbara's many school ac- tivities were the Social Service Club. chorus. Photography Club, Stamp Club. Library Committee, Personali- ty Club, and G.A.A. Besides tak- ing part in these organizations, "Bobbie" found time to collect records, miniature dolls. and match- book covers. She plans to attend New London Iunior College and become a private secretary. DONALD F. KELLY "Dons" smile and determined grit has set him aside from the average. He was a member of the Current Events and the United Nations Cltibs, Yearbook business staff and Tower Players' stage crew. After graduation he plans to attend Georgetown University and take up law. IAMES A. KELLY Iimniie is quite a hard-working fellow: he was in the Scholarship Club in the ninth grade. He has a soft spot for cowboy music and good food. and enjoys collecting records, especially jazz and the afore-mentioned Westerns. After graduation he plans to attend Grin- nell. or Iona College. KATHERINE KENNEDY A few of "Kitty's" extra-curricular school activities were French Club, G.A.A. and many dance committees. She liked sports and dancing, and French and psychology were her favorite subjects. "Kitty" plans to go to Our Lady Victory Business School, where she will take up secretarial work. MARGARET KENNEDY Vivacious "Guerry" is well known for her school activities, In grades IU through I2 she participated in the Sub Debs, Phi Tau Sorority. cheerleading, Bridge Club. Social Service Club, Current Events Club, A Choir, and in various dance committees, She Won her letter in after-school sports and was on the hockey honor team. Guerry plans to attend Intermont. IACK KENNY Because he likes auto shop so much "Butch" plans to make his favorite subject his vocation at General Motors Institute. A member of the A.L.H.S. RiHe Club. and Chorus. his main interests are racing cars and brunettes. RICHARD WILLIAM KERN "Dick's" attractive personality made everyone like him. He successfully met the Scholarship Club's require- ments for three years: yet his only ambition was to graduate, He was on the Iunior Prom, Senior Dance and G.O. Selling Committees, and a participant in the Current Events, Officials Clubs, and Bowling Team. GRANT EDWARD KINNEY "Wiggie" is that quiet, good- natured boy you see around our school. He was a member of the A and B Chorus, on the Decoration Committee for the junior and sen- ior dance and a member of the Chemistry, Youth Interracial and Ping Pong Clubs. His favorite sub- ject was "math." and he likes danc- ing and swimming. Grant plans to attend Howard University. IOHN ARVID KLEIN Iohnny is a hard and sincere worker, and has great plans for himself: namely to be a big wheel at G. M. During his high school career he participated in the various activities of the Rochellean Literary Staff. Chemistry, Radio, Power Models and Stamp Clubs. After graduation he plans to attend Cor- nell for two years and then go to General Motors Institute. DANIEL KLEPPNER Dan is ahead of us in more ways than one. He was the capable presi- dent of the Photography Club. and he was also a member of the Ro- chellean and Huguenot Herald photography staffs. Following grad- uation he will attend Williams and hopes someday to be a theoretical physicist. This year Dan Won Hon- orable Mention in the Westinghouse Science Talent Search. ROBERT KRAFT Sports is "Bob's" chief interest, He played I. V. basketball and Varsity baseball and intends to continue in his athletic career by attending Cortland State Teachers College where he plans to major in physical education. Bob was a member of the Bridge Club. the Ping Pong Club, and he was a G.O. representative. ALYCE PAULINE KRYLA Alyce, one of our sparkling twir- lers. was active in the Spanish, Chemistry and Social Clubs, Alyce received the Elmira Key, and won Honorable Mention in the Westing- house Science Talent Search. She was secretary of the National Society and the Conversation Club. News Editor of the Herald, reporter for the Standard Star. and president of Phi Delta. Next? St. Lawrence U. PATRICIA LAING Amiable, dark-haired "Pat' was ac- tive in the Bridge, Personality, and Spanish Clubs, and Phi'Delta. She also worked on the Rochellean liter- ary staff. and Senior Dance Invita- tion Committee. G.A.A., piano, sports fespecially swimmingj and rooting for the Yanks share her extra time. Pat plans to attend Mary- ville, and become a music teacher. CORNELIUS LALLI Athletic "Cornie." after two years of Varsity football at I. Ii. Y.. played first string guard on the IQ4Q VV.I.A.A. championship team. His rich voice blended beautifully with his fellow vocalists in the A choir. In the future Cornie aspires to sing with Fred Waring. U IOAN LAMPL Ioan. often seen driving her red Chevy convertible. was a G.O. re- presentative 8. 9: and a member of the Scholarship. Bridge. Personali- ty and Social Service Clubs. Ioan won a G.A.A. letter. was on the Booster Committee of the lunior Prom, and on the Rochellean Busi- ness Staff. Ioan's ouside activities are football games and chemistry. She hopes to attend Endicott. IOAN MARIE I.ANGBIiIN Ioan participated in the Bridge, Spanish. Personality and Social Ser- vice Clubs. Sub Debs. and was a member of Phi Delta. She received her C..-X.A. letter, and was vice- president of the Spanish Club. Ioan plans to bc a nurse and wishes to train at the New Rochelle Hospital Nursing School. MARIE FRANCES LaPIiRA Marie, formerly of A.L.H.S., was a member of the chorus. Typing Club, Chess and Checkers Club, and the G.A,A. She plans to ioin the Waves and see the world. She likes swimming, horseback riding, and her favorite subiect was "math." BEVERLY LATHROP Blue-eyed "Bev" took part in many activities during her high school years at Young, Leonard. and New Rochelle. Included in them were modelling. chorus. Cressev Hi-Y, band, and G.A.A. Iler ambition to be a good secretary is sure to be realized with typing and shorthand as favorite subjects. MARY ELLEN LAUH Mary ranks among the top students with her extra-curricular activities. She was outstanding on the Hugue- not Herald Staff and did laudable work in the French. Current Iivents. Social Service, and Personality Clubs. and the Student Federalists. Planning to maior in iournalism, Mary hopes to enter either Vassar, Swarthmore, or Oberlin. REGINA LA VAR "lean's" hobbies include art, music, and dancing: her favorite subiects were American history and art. She likes food. people in general, and movies, and dislikes egotists. Her main ambition is to become a good dress designer-'and a good wife. MARILYN RUTH LEACH Marilyn was active in the Spanish Club, Social Service Club. Tower Players. Current Events Club, the I-li-Y and the Scholarship Club. She hopes to attend Concordia Iunior College. maioring in business training. Marilyn likes to drive, swim and sleep late-everyone's natural desire. Marilyn prefers prob- lems of American Democracy to any other subiect. BETTY LHIIOVVITZ Popular Betty moved to New Ro- chelle from Central Iligh in Detroit. A member of A Capella. she enioys collecting classical records and play- ing the piano. Betty plans to prepare for a singing career by attending the University of Michigan. DORIS LEE A member of the lnterracial Club and the art staff of the Rochellean. "Lee" likes commercial art and history best. She plans to become a fashion model and dress designer. "'s" hobbies include interior dec- orating and painting. VV.-Xl.'I'liR LEFFLER "Walt" can do almost anything with equal caliber and exactness. He was co-captain of the swimming team, played I. V. basketball, and l. M. baseball and basketball. He was a member of the band, concert band, orchestra. and the Scholar- ship. Varsity. and Chemistry Clubs. After graduation he plans to attend Dartmouth and take a Chemical Research course. FRANKLlN G. LEHMEIER "Duck's" mental capacity matches his physical achievements. He played varsity football in his Ixth and 12th years. He was president of the French Club, Veep of the Biology Club and also a member of the band. Tower Players. General Or- ganization, Ticket Committee, Iun- ior Prom. and Chemistry Club. "Duck" plans to go to Cornell and take a "Pre-Med" course. LILA LEIBMAN Pet' ame to us LE . Qwfgm she articip e ter- racia, fren' R' ing, Soc" Serv 'ef s. .he to p in dan mmittej9fHd t olar- s'1Cl li, a' i ad .i- hii pres d 1 A f e ' it'E+a1i'dJpvon a . 3 ter il . ' eresys cen- e ' ' :numb iimmin Q - i r t in .-Her pla . re to a tend R eis University. ANTHONY LHPORE To attend Huguenot School of Art and go to Hollywood is the ambi- tion of "Tony." Vice-president of the Albert Leonard Iunior Class, he was also on the Yearbook art staff and on the football team. His favorite subiect was commercial art. ALICE l.liVlN To be a secretary is Alice's ambition after she attends Berkshire Hills Iunior College. or Moravian College. She was a member of the Social Ser- vice. Stamp, and Photography Clubs, and the Library Council. Her hobbies are collecting dolls from other countries. and collecting records. IANET LEVINE Versatile Ianet was a member of the Chemistry. Spanish, Social Service. Youth Interracial Clubs, and the Tower Players. She also participated in Herald and Rochellean Busi- ness Stalfs. publicity dance commit- tees, was chairman of decorations in the Ioth grade, and ushered for the Tower Players. lanet likes rid- ing. sailing. and skiing. and plans to attend Cazenoyia. ALAN LFVY Alan. formerly of Young. was our famous football team's tall. dark. and handsome center. This is not the least of his achievements. for he was also on the baseball and basketball teams. His plans for the future are still indefinite. FRED LEVY Fred. our brilliant and gifted vale- dictorian, was active in the Student Federalists, Press. Current Events. Biology, Chemistry. and Ethel Loeb Scholarship Clubs. He plans to pur- his scientific interests at Harvard or Cornell. Our intellectual also won the National American History Award and Honorable Mention in the Westinghouse Science Talent Search. IAMES ALLEN LEVY Iim was a member of the National Honor Society, and active in the Student Fcderalists, Biology. French Club. and was sports editor of the Huguenot Herald. Iim also played l'.V. football, and sang in the A Capella Choir. After graduation he will attend Princeton and take a "Pre-Med" course. This year lim won Honorable Mention in the Xvewighouse Science Talent Search. ANGELA LIBERTINO Angela is iust filled with pep and spirit. She found an outlet for her vitality in the Girls' Hi-Y. G.A.A.. and chorus. In addition to these activities, she was a G.O. alternate and a Red Cross representative. Q X n M Jcriglxt. Q'L u" had en active i e ba oh asincteth e. e wwg-pre. ent the uth tcricial Clu antwnemgr of B l b the Spanish cl io gy u s. "Lou" won a . .A letter nd n Ethel eb sc larsh' r interests lu ode dan ' people, and music. 5 WILLIAM T. LIGHTBODY "Ted's' great ambition is to satisfy his urge for travel by going to Florida with "some of the boys." His activities included Red Cross and G.O. No matter where he may be. Ted's unfailing support is with the "good ole New York Yankees." ROVVLANIJ C, LINK Rowland. a newcomer to New Ro- chelle High, fresh from Morgan Park Military Academy. adapted himself to his new surroundings very rapidly. In the academy he earned his letter in wrestling, and was a member of the Stamp and Current Events Clubs. GLORIA ELAINE LIPSCOMB "Lippy" was the junior class secre- tary at Albert Leonard. She was ac- tive in the G.A.A. and earned sev- eral letters. Skating, dancing, sing- ing, collecting stamps and foreign letters keep her busy. She's bound for the Boston Conservatory of Music. Her hopes? Marriage be- fore zsl MICHAEL LITT Sincere and capable "Mike" was president of the Student Federal- ists: member of National Honor Society. Ethel Loeb Scholarship. Photography, Current Events, Biol- ogy and Stamp Clubs, and A Cap- ella. and won Honorable Mention in the Westinghouse Science Talent Search. "Mike" plans to study law or science at Oberlin. MARY LOGAN "Ludie" belonged to the Honor Society. and was both a G.O. and Red Cross representative. Her likes are English, dancing, and music. Since cooking is one of her hobbies, "Ludie's" ambition is to get mar- ried. IEANNE FRANCIS LONGDEN "Frankie" was a reliable member of the Huguenot Herald Editorial Staff, Youth Interracial Club in the oth grade. and won second prize in an essay contest. Iournalism was her favorite subject. Oddly enough, Ieanne hopes someday to raise horses. DOROTHY LONGLEY "Dottie's" interest in nice clothes and her ambition to become a pro- fessional model will undoubtedly help her in Grace Downs' Holly- wood School of Modeling. Being active in G.A.A., A Capella. Red Cross, and G.O. really kept her "on the go." IULIE LONGO The nursing profession beckons, and Iulie expects to answer its call. Besides the G.A.A. and Red Cross activities. she was a G.O. represen- tative. Her favorite subject, science, and her love of movies and basket- ball kept Iulie "on the move." ELIZABETH LORETTA LO'I'I' "Chink" was very active in school activities, taking part in volleyball, bowling, Personality, Games. Inter- racial, and Sewing Clubs. She hopes to become a beautician's model, and she's interested in sports. THOMAS LUCIA "Louie" was a member of the G.O., vice-president of the Hi-Y. and a member of the chorus. His ambi- tion is to own his own cabinet shop, and he dreams of owning a yellow convertible Plymouth. "Louie's" favorite subject was English. LEONARD LUISO A lover of rural life. "Lenny" plans to go to Farmingdale Agricu'tural School. While at New Rochelle. he was active on the track team and the Rochellean Art Staff. His hob- bies include dancing and horseback- riding. If this handsome young man pursues his interests in art. some- day he will become famous. MAUREEN I. LYDEN Maybe her interest in horses is re- sponsible for "Stretch's" ambition to own a ranch and raise six little cowboys. Besides animals she is interested in singing. dancing, and movies. She was active in chorus, Library Council and modelled in the annual A.L.H.S. show. v YVANDA LYERLY Hoping to be a dressmaker, "Toni" plans to attend Empire Trade School of New York City. Wanda participated in tennis and modern dancing, and her favorite subject was "math," Her wide field of in- terests includes sports of all kinds. dancing, collecting letters. and music. ANNA E. LYNCH "Nancy" came from l.E.Y. where she was on the Volleyball and Basketball Honor Teams. and in the French, LaCrosse and Art Clubs. "Nancy" is interested in all sports, reading. French. and art. Perhaps We shall see her flying someday. for she plans to attend the Comptometer School in New York City. Sl'llRLlfY LYNN "Shirl" was a member of the chor- us. and she likes iust about every thing pertaining to high school. Her interests are many and varied, and include dancing. bowling. sewing and movies. IOHN A. F. MAFI-'UCCI To become a professional basketball player is Iohn's ambition. We're all sure that he will reach his goal. as he earned letters in football. basketball. and baseball. Chorus and the A.l..H.S. Year Book Staff were among Iohn's activities. His favorite subieet was English. MARIE MAFFUCCI Sports-minded "Lou" was a mem- ber of the Bowling Club, the Girls Basketball Team, the Hockey Team, the Social Service Club, the GD. and the Personality Club. She also received a G.A.A. letter. "Lou" plans to attend "Lady of Victory" after graduation and become a secretary. She loves dancing, col- lecting records. and music. ELLICN MAGNUSSFN Likeable Ellen was active in the LaCrosse Club, Typing Club, and Spanish Club. She had been S.O. representative for three years at Young. and had earned her letters in hockey and volleyball. As a sophomore. she was vice-president of her home room and was collec- tor of class dues. Ellen likes to cook, knit. and take care of children. Her favorite subiect was "math." THOMAS MAHER "Willy" came to this school from Blessed Sacrament High School where his height helped him to become a member of the basketball team and win awards in that Field. flis ambition is to go to Rider College and be an oflice manager. IQLEANORE MANDARANO "Mandy" was a member of the G.A.A., the chorus. the G.O.. and the Red Cross. "Mandy" hopes to become a successful beautician. Her hobbies are reading, basketball, and baseball. and her favorite subiect was history. MARY ANN MANNING The G.O.. Chess and Checker Club. Rifle Club, Typing Club and bank- ing occupied Mary's time at l.E.Y., Leonard, and N.R.H.S. Swimming, bowling, knitting, cooking and bad- minton were her favorite hobbies: 'tmathn and typing, her favorite subjects. Best wishes to our future successful secretary! IOAN MANSON Talkative "Ioanie" was active in the Bridge Club, Spanish Club, Personality Club, Ethel K. Loeb Club, Modern Dancing Club, and the A Capella chorus. She won the Ethel K. Loeb scholarship for two years, and was secretary of the El Rancho. "Ioanie" hopes to attend a junior college, and later become an elementary school teacher. DIANE HELEN MARINO Vivacious "Dee" was active in the Social Service Club, the Personality Club, and after-school sports such as paddle tennis, baseball and bowl- ing. Her ambition is to become a nurse after attending nursing school, "Dees" varied interests interests include art, sports, danc- ing, and swimming. EMrXNUELA MARRA 'KEmmy's" school activities were bowling, and the Personality Club, of which she was president in her iunior year. She is interested in music and dancing, and has shown her interest by being an ardent member of the Modern Dance Group, and by collecting a large record library. Emmy's favorite dish is blueberry pie, and her fa- vorite disk is "Don't Cry loc." GEORGE W. MARSDEN "Gig" is a man of many talents as shown by his nulnerous activi- ties. He was on the swimming team. played "l.M." basketball and baseball. earned his letter in band, and was a member of the Concert Band and Bridge Club. His fa- vorite subject was physics. and he putters around with engines and machinery. FRANCES MARTORANO ulfran' was a member of the Girls' Athletic Association. the Chorus, and the General Organization. Her hobby is collecting Vaughn Monroe and Tony Martin records. "Fran's" favorite subject was beauty culture, and her pet saying is, "I feel like two per cent!" I.l.7Cll.I.E NIARTINETTI "Lu." whose chief interest is flying. plans to attend business school, but only as a sideline. She was vice- president of the Flight Club, on the Rochellean Art Staff and a member of the Art Club. "Lu" also earned a letter in G.A.A. YVONNE MASRI Yvonne came to us via Iran and New jersey. and brought with her a radiant personality. Her outside activities include travelling, music. and dancing. Psychology was her favorite subject. GEORGE MASTORAS Music. basketball, "math." and bowling are the things George likes best. ln high school he played intra-mural basketball. After grad- uation he hopes for a business career. IOAN MATTHEWS "Ioannie" came from l.E.Y. where she was an active participant in three S.O. shows, two operettas, and the A Choir, all of which has given her experience for her future ambition to be a singer and an actress. after attending Sarah Lawr- ence. "Ioannie" is an enthusiastic Dodger fan. and also likes French, and Ezio Pinza. sssas ,. IEABETTE M.-XURICE A busy girl in school activities, attractive "l3abs" enjoyed working as a Red Cross volunteer. She participated in the G.A.A.. French. Tennis, Camera. Red Cross, and Inter-cultural Clubs. "Halas" is eager to see everyone have a fair chance and equal opportunity. Her favorite subject was chemistry. EUGENE MAZZA Sparkling "Crutcb." won his letters in baseball and football. and played I.V. baseball. Eugene was an ac- tive member of the Conversation Club. He would like to attend the Latin American Institute and travel to South America to work in EX- port and Import. His favorite sub- ject was Spanish. Eugene firmly believes "There's no art to find the mind's construction in the face." 1-'RANGES MEEHAN "Frankie" took part in the Per- sonality Club and worked for four years in the main oflice during school. Her interest in working in the main oflice explains to us why she is planning to attend the Berke- ley Secretarial School after high school. Bowling, volley-ball. and making clothes keep "Frankie" busy. CLARA MEIZNER A journalistic career on the New York Times is Clara's aim after Cornell. Coming from Erasmus Hall High in Brooklyn. she took part in the Social Service Club. In- terracial Club, and the I'roil'fli0I1 Squad. XVriting and drawing are her main interests. CAROL MENIDES Carol's sense of humor will stand her in good stead at Rhode Island School of Design. The Biology, Social Service, French, and Schol- arship Clubs, G.A.A.. and Rochel- lean Art Staff comprised her high school activities. Her primary ln- terest is art. PHll.ll' MERCURIO "Merk" was well known on the football field at Leonard. and at New Rochelle. He also played base- ball and basketball. His favorite subject was radio shop. and he enioys listening to the Yankee games. However. he has no definite plans for the future, ROSE MERRILL XVith shorthand as her favorite subject, Rose should provide some lucky firm with a charming secre- tary, after she has completed courses at Katherine Gibbs Business School. In accordance with her mu- sical interests, she was in the band, orchestra. chorus. and Concert Band. She also received a Library Council Award. NORMAN W. MEYER Fleetfooted "Norm" has been a track man since the 9th grade. He was an able captain of the cross country squad at Young, and Won six letters in track and cross coun- try. "Norm" also played in the band and orchestra. He expects to be a geologist and prefers science to any other subject. "Norm", an all-round sportsman. likes to hunt and Fish. FRANK MICELI "Mitch" has a full time job on his hands baking for a store in New Rochelle. Aside from baking, his main interest is listening to good music. He hopes to be successful in his chosen career. IOYZELLE MICHELL "Ioy's" ambition in life is to be a model, and with her slim figure she is sure to have her ambition fulfilled. She took part in the Tower Players, Personality Club. Social Service Club. and Phi Tau Sorority. Her interests include knitting and dancing. WILLIAM S. MILLER Bill. outstanding "Herald" Editor- in-Chief, was active in the band, choir, French and Chemistry Clubs. the Rochellean, "Senior Planning," and was treasurer of the Biology Club. Versatile Bill won an "Honor- able Mentionn in the Cancer Essay Contest and "Honorable Mention" in the Westinghouse Science Talent Search. He was elected vice-presi- dent of the National Honor Society. ROBERT MINSHULL Good-looking "Bob" was an active participant in the Scholarship Club, Chemistry Club, Bridge Club, Band, Tau Pi. and Intramural softball teams. His favorite subject was "math." Bob hopes to be enrolled in North Carolina State next fall and major in textile engineering. ARTHUR MITTELMARK Iovial "Artie" was a reliable worker on the Huguenot Herald Staif. "Artie" was a member of the student Federalists and the Oflicials Club, and was co-chairman of the refreshment committee for the Senior Dance. "Artie" plans to enter Cornell. FELICE MOCCIO Baseball is a big thing with "Phil." He played baseball throughout high school and received a letter for par- ticipating in this sport. His main ambition is to play for the New York Giants baseball team. Here's hoping you become a great baseball player, "Phil!" FREDERICK MONTERIO Fred was in the Spanish Club and played Intramural basketball. His ambition is to be an importer. He will continue his education at Ber- gen Iunior College. Fred's leisure time is spent at his two hobbies, sports and airplane modeling. IAMES A. MONTEIRO To get married and have a family is "Mounty's" admirable ambition after graduation. Varsity football at A.L.H.S., and Chorus were among his extra-curricular activities. His favorite subjects were American history and wood shop. HAROLD MOONEY "Hal" was active in the Radio Club, Tower Players, and A and B choirs. Other interests were ama- teur radio, yachting. and chemistry. "Hal" plans to attend the Univer- sity of Southern California and major in engineering. "Hal" is formerly of Webster High and Gor- don High in Washington. D. C., and Hargrave Military Academy in Virginia. WILLIAM IOSEPH MOORE "To be a success," is Bill's ambi- tion in life. He likes music, and sang in the Glee Club for two years. Horseback riding is Bill's chief outside diversion. while Eng- lish was his favorite subject. Before coming to N.R.H.S., Bill attended Blessed Sacrament. VVILLIAM MORGAN Billy attended South Philadelphia High School where he ran cross- country. He plans to attend Mor- gan State College and then get a good Civil Service iob. He likes collecting records and debating with Miss O'Reilly. GERALDINE MORLEY A very popular girl in school, "Gerry" has plans to attend Mary- grove and be a kindergarten teach- er. She was very active in cheer- leading and the Social Service Club, besides serving on the school paper and several class committees. DERBY MOSCOWITZ Her outstanding musical talent en- abled "Debby" to distinguish her- self in the band, orchestra, and choir. "Debby" was elected to the National Honor Society, Inter-racial Club, and Tri-Hi-Y. and also won National Poetry Awards. Debby intends to make music her career. ELIA MOTTARELLA Being a member of the Honor So- ciety and a G.O. representative kept "Ellie" pretty well occupied. She was also in the G.A.A. and chorus. With that wonderful dis- position of hers, "Ellie" shouldn't have much trouble fulfilling her one ambition, being a success in hfe. ANTHONY MUCCI "Daisy Ir." was secretary of the Boys' Hi-Y. last year. He attended Young and Leonard, and has no dennite plans for the future. He likes to travel, and wants to own a new car, and join the Navy. GEORGE B. MUELLER "Mull" was a Heet-footed member of the cross-country team, a G.O. representative, and a member of the Ping Pong, Spanish, and Chem- istry Clubs. "Mull's" interests are camping, sports, and building boats. He would like to attend Cornell, and someday own a 500 acre dairy farm. This year George won "Hon- orable Mention" in the Westing- house Science Talent Search. GEORGE W. MURPHY Tall. handsome "Murph" was out- standing in the lield of sports. Play- ing three years of baseball. football and basketball. "Murph" won hon- ors .in each. He was elected to the third string All-County football team and earned honorable mention on the All-Metropolitan baseball squad. Big George plans to attend Cornell to become a physical educa- tion instructor. MARY-KIRK MURPHY "Murph," one of our peppy cheer- leaders, was active around school. Working for the Iunior Prom and Senior Ring Committee, and partici- pating in the Social Service. Con- versation and Personality Clubs. Next to George, her twin brother. "Murph" likes Bill. She showed her ability as president of Phi Tau. MARYLIN ANN MURRAY Marylin's excellent work in A Ca- pella Choir shows that someday her desire to be a radio or tele- vision vocalist will be realized. Southern Seminary in Virginia is thc college she is aiming at for her training. Traffic squad, Personality Club, and Bridge Club were the clubs in which she participated. HENRY MC CARTHY "Mac" is looking forward to be- coming an automotive engineer at General Motors Institute, and we're sure he will make a good one. A member of the chorus at A.L.H.S., he was also interested in sports. His favorite subiect was American his- tory. MARION MC CARTY "Mickey," our slim blonde, was secretary of the Spanish Club. a member of the Bridge Club, and an active member of Phi Delta. Mickey participated in after-school sports, and won a G.A.A. award. Sailing, dancing, and Uncle Nick are her interests. "Mickey" moved to Chicago early in December. HELEN MC COLLOCH Hailing from S. Gabriels and Albert Leonard, Helen took an active part in the Honor Society. G.A.A., dance committees, the chorus, Red Cross, and Community Chest Drive. She likes dancing, swimming, and ice- skating. Her next step is LaSalle Iunior College. IANE Mc CORMICK lane was active in the Scholarship Club, Sub-Debs. Spanish Club, So- cial Service Club. Bridge Club. Per- sonality Club, and afer-school sports. She eagerly offered her services on various dance committees. lane was also vice-president of Phi Tau. She was on the Rochellean Art Staff and prefers art to any other school subiect. lane plans to maior in de- signing and merchandising. IOHN MURFDACH McDONNEI.L "Mac" arrived at N.R.H.S. from Blessed Sacrament where he had won letters in basketball. and foot- ball. He took part in the bowling team and intramural basketball. His interests include basketball and French. "Mac" plans to attend St. Lawrence and become a business- man. BETTY Mc FALL "Scotty" likes dancing. music, reading and cooking. Clerical Prac- tice was her favorite subiect. VVhile at Young, Leonard. and N.R.H.S., she was active in G.O. work. Get- ting married is ber ambition. Favor- ite saying?-"Wt-ll. fancy that now!" GRAHAM Mc GILL Our co-editor and G.O. representa- tive was active on the Track team, Chemistry Club, and Tau Pi. He was elected the president of the National Honor Society and the vice-president of the Conversation Club. He plans to attend Wlesleyan University and maior in chemistry or electronics. This year Graham won Honorable Mention in the Westinghouse Science 'Talent Search. THOMAS Mc GOFY "Mc Goo" spent most of his time backstage. for drama was his main interest around school. He was stage manager, president of the National Thespian Society, president of Phi Lambda Fraternity. and president of El Rancho. His plan for the future is real estate. ANNE NARUIQLLI Versatile Anne has many interests, a few of which are: knitting, play- ing the accordian by ear and collect- ing records. Coming to New Rochelle from Iiastchester, she was busy here as a member of the Na- tional Honor Society. G.O.. and also modelled in a fashion show. Her ambition is to become a secretary. then to get married. CAROL NARDOZZI As friendly as she is peppy, Carol, one of our best cheerleaders. plans to attend Berkley Business School. Music, people and travelling in- trigue her. She also likes parties, school and being with "the gang." Carol was active in the Public Speakers' Club and chorus. To be a success in business and marriage is her ambition. BLANCHE NELSON In sports Blanche is outstanding. In lier sophomore year she was on the girls' baseball honor team: in her iunior year she was on the basket- ball honor team. and she won a G.A.A. award letter. She also be- longed to the Dancing and Puppet Clubs. Ceramics is her hobby. BETTY NEW The nursing profession will soon profit from Betty's vibrant person- ality. Coming from Isaac E. Young, she participated in the Flight. Typ- ing, and Personality Clubs, G.A.A, Red Cross. and class committees. She also won letters in the G.A.A. IEANNE ELIZABETH NOLAN Soft-spoken "leannie," a native of New York City, plans to attend Ohio Wesleyan and major in art. Among her activities were Tri-Hi- Y, Chemistry and French Clubs, Youth Fellowship Organization, Ro- chellean Art Staff, and G.A.A. In her spare time. Ieanne likes to read, and work in shellcraft. GEORGE M. NONY George was our faithful Hag-bearer in the band for two years. He iumped around quite a bit from intramural baseball, basketball, and rifle teams to the Photography, Spanish, and Chemistry Clubs. After high school he plans to attend college. DOMINICK NORBERTO 'fCookie" has been around. having attended l.E.Y. and Albert Leonard previously. He is fond of sports, and played basketball at l.E.Y., as well as football at Leonard. "Cookie" does not care for fickle girls, and his favorite period in school was gym. MARY E. O'BRIEN One of the more reserved members of the class from Isaac E. Young is Mary O'Brien. a future secretary. As an interesting avocation, she enjoyed collecting shells and old postal cards. Included among her school activities were the Latin Classicial Club and the Art Club. RICHARD ID. O'IlRIFN Congenial Dick played top-notch basketball for three consecutive years and was a member of the Varsity Club. Finding extra time, Dick ran both cross country and spring track. He aided the Iunior Dance Committee, was active in the band. and a member in good standing at Tau Pi. Dick plans to attend Cornell to study agriculture. AIIIGAII. ODIELL Since bookkeeping was her favor- ite subject. "Peanut" intends to go to the Berkeley Commercial School to become a private secretary- then marry. At I.I2.Y. and Albert Leonard she was active in the chorus. C.O.. and Personality Class. She likes Perry Como records. CLIFI-'ORD ODIZLL St. Lawrence Agricultural School is "ClifI's" goal after graduation. Chorus, basketball and hockey were among his varied school activities. He is very fond of music: Dizzy Gillespie and George Sbearing are among Cliff's favorites. Biology was his favorite subject. THOMAS HARRY CYNEII, If you meet a tall guy with sandy- colored hair and a big smile, that's "Irish," He was active as chair- man of Decorations for the Sopho- more Dance and the Iunior Prom. "Irish" includes Women, boating. autos, and art among his interests. and plans to attend Webb Institute and become a naval architect. IAMES O'NEILL Busy and popular "Iunie" was vice- president of his junior class, captain of cheerleaders, and a member of the track team at Blessed Sacrament. fHe received a letter for track.J He likes girls, dancing, and umathf' His future plans are undecided, and his ambition is to get married. THOMAS O'NEII.L Boats and motors occupy a good part of Tom's time as he lists cars and boats as his main interests. Tom's admirable alnbition is to own a business and retire at 25. His favorite subject was auto shop. ANTHONY PACE Anthony's ambition is to join the Navy and make a career of it. His likes are hunting and good food: his favorite subject was tech- nical drafting. Anthony was a mem- ber of the cross country track team. ISARIIARA IANIQ PACKER Versatile and capable "Bobbie," a newcomer this year from Ilamden High School CConnecticut,l plans to attend Cornell and major in science. Among her many activities were National Honor Society, Thea- tre Guild, Tower Players. National Thespians. Cercle Francais. Trai-Iic Squad, G.A.A., Rocbellean Editorial Staff, and Chemistry Club. lIATl'll'iRINIi SANTA PALISI The teaching profession will soon add to its ranks a very diligent New Rochellean. "Cathy" Palisi. ln- cluded among her activities are the Ilridge Club. Scholarship Club. Tri-Hi-Y, and the chorus. A very interesting hobby of "Catby's" is collecting miniatures. ANTHONY PAl'PAI.ARl3O The athletic type, "Pop" has three varsity letters in hockey and one in baseball. Ile is fond of sports. girls, and cars, and he hates conceited people. "Pop" is going to Ryder College in Trenton, N.I.. to study journalism. with the hope of be- coming an editor some day. IOAN L. PARKER "Parker" would like to attend lirockport State Teachers College to major in psychology. She was active around LIE. Young in the Hockey Club and the G.A.A.. as well as in the G.O. "Parker's" favorite Winter sports are ice skating and skiing, and her favorite summer sports are sailing and swimming. ROGER VV. PARKINSON, Ir. Roger was one of the O'Brien mainstays" his last three years in N.R.H.S. Besides going out for all types of track. he was president of the Chemistry Club. vice-president of the Track Club, and member of the Varsity and Scholarship Clubs. and Tau Pi. ANITA PASCUZZI Anita took part in the choir, the yearbook. the Tower Players. Red Cross. school banking, and the C.A.A. f'Pasqneezie" holds three athletic awards. Her likes are read- ing. listening to baseball games. and bookkeeping. VVe hope she'll get that happy and adventurous life she wants. IOSEPI-I PATOTA "Spud." formerly of Young and Leonard, enioys hunting. bowling and golf. and his favorite subjects were radio and drafting. Ioseph plans to become a house e'ectrician. DOROTHY PAUVV Another potential teacher is N.R. H.S.'s blithe spirit, "Dot" Pauw, whose collegiate years will be spent at Potsdam State Teachers College. "Dot" was a member of the Twirl- ing Squad. I.Ii.Y. Girls' Chorus. and various committees. Her favor- ite subiect was French. RICHARD PEARSON "IJick's" many pals know him as an active member of the Rochel- lean Literary Staff. Scholarship, Aviation, and Chemistry Clubs. As you can see from these choices. his main interests run in the lines of flying. sailing and "math." "Dick" intends to go to college after graduation. lIiAN PIELLIECRINI "Pell," formerly of Leonard. took part in the Library Council. Traffic Squad fCaptainD. chorus, and after- school sports. Her hobbies are danc- ing. skating. driving and travelling. "Pell" likes history and eating. Her plans? To go to business school. ANTHONY PERACCHIO For the past three years. "Roc" has been busy helping to win football games. As a member of the band and orchestra he showed his fond- ness for music. His appreciation for clever remarks. good sportsmanship and his iovial attitude make him well-liked. College will claim "Roc" next year. ANTHONY PERRICONE The "Wanderlust" seems to have Atl- tacked "Perry" since his ambition is to travel around the world. His hobbies are biaseball, basketball, and football. IOHN PERRICONE "Buddy" claims his restlessness will be cured only after he has traveled throughout the United States in his own automobile. "Sportsminded" "Buddy" is an avid reader of sports stories and keeps up with all of the news of the sports world. IOSEPH PESACRETA Ioe has been active in the Chemis- try Club. Airplane Model Club, intramural baseball and basketball teams, and has willingly given his time to dance committees through- out the year. "Math" and science being his favorite subjects, he plans to attend the Institute of Applied Arts and Sciences to become a me- chanical or chemical technician. MARIE PETROCCA Marie was active in the Hi-Y. the Traffic Squad, the G.A.A.. the Modern Dance, A Capella Choir and Cheerleading Squad. She holds a cheerleading letter, G,A.A. letters and a traffic pin. Dancing, reading and sports make her leisure mo- ments enioyable. Her plans are to get married. ' NANCY IRAN PIERSON Energetic and likeable Nancy lean Pierson has in view the University of Vermont for her collegiate career. In N.R.H.S. she participated in Tower Players. I-Iuguenot Herald, Current Events Club, G.A.A., Span- ish Club, Bridge Club. and Chemis- try Club. Nancy also won third prize in the U.N. Essay Contest. ROSIC I'L.XTI Rose. formerly of both Leonard and Young. was a member of the 65.0. and the Italian Club. Rose likes listening to music. and sewing. Her favorite subiect was beauty culture. IIQXN-Cl..-XIRIQ Pl-lfli.'XNI Une of the "peppiest" girls in New Rochelle was lean-Claire. who has her eye on a iournalistic career. Coming from St. Patrick's in Flori- da. she was active in sports, various committees. the Chess Club. and the Latin Club. MELVIN PLOTINSKY At "Mel" became the cap- able editor of the "Castle Courier." and was a member o the yearbook staff and orchestra. At NRI-IS he ioined the "Herald" Press and Con- versation Clubs. "Mel" was elected president of the A.Z..'X. His person- ality and outstanding ability came to the fore when he was selected a winner in the National Iournal- American Oratorial Contest. CATIIICRINIE POLITO Whenever you see petite Kay, you will find her smiling, especially if she's engaged in her favorite pas- time, dancing. Kay likes swimming too. She participated in after-school sports. and was a member of the chorus. IDUMIQNICA PONZO "Micky" was active in the G.A.A., cheerleading, Girl's Hi-Y, Modern Dancing and chorus. She holds let- ters in cheerleading and some from the G..'X.A. She likes mystery hooks, bicycle riding and meeting new people. "Homework isn't neces- sary." says.Micky. IJAVII7 li. PORTER "Dave," who took part in the Radio Club. National Thespians. and Tow- er Players, has been trying his best to keep up with "Pop" Burke. After high school Dave would like to go Io a radio school and study radio or television engineering. His fa- vorite saying is, "Enioy what little you have. while the fool is hunting for more." Ili.XNlf,TTli MAH l'Rll Eli Ieanette was active around school in the Social Service. Personality. Came. Sewing and Interracial Clubs, She is interested in dress-designing. and is eager to study in this Held after graduating' from high school. lean- ette likes to swim and dance. ller favorite saying is. iifiootl. things ei-me to those who wait." IIASMIG PROUIJIAN "Rusty's" happy-go-lucky manner will accompany her to a liberal arts college alter graduation. Coni- ing from Isaac li, Young. she parti- cipated in G.A,.-X.. A Capella, French. and Scholarship Clubs. the Follies program, and class com- mittees. Psychology was her favor- itt subiect. and music her main interest. DOROTHY LOUISE PRUVI' To attend Morgan State College and maior in history is Dottie's plan for the future. She took part in the Interracial. Social Service, Games. and Personality Clubs. Dot- tie enioys all kinds of sports, and likes to sew, dance and type. I.UTI'Il'iR QUARLICS "Lou" was a band. chorus. Track Club. Rifle Club. and Varsity Club member. He won letters in football and track. "l.ou's" goal is the Lowell Textile College. IOYCIQ I.. RAND,-Xl.l. Popular Ioyce Cwith her ready smilej was very active in extra- curricular activities throughout her high school career. She participated in A Capella, Spanish Club. CLA..-X., Scholarship Club, Girl's Ensemble. dance committees. baseball team. and the Personality Club. Ioyce was also G.O. representative and vice-president ofthe Tri-Hi-Y. IIliI.IiN RASIVIUSSIQN Helen came from Albert Leonard where she was the treasurer of the Personality Class, and where she served on various committees. She plans to see the world. then work in an oflice. She likes to collect pictures of movie stars. swim. roller skate and hear Bill Lawrence sing. PATRICIA RASMUSSEN "Pat" took part in the G.A.A.. dance comittecs. and the Library' Council, and was awarded a Li- brary Council pin. She likes danc- ing. collecting records. our football team. and American history. I-Ier ambition is to become a model. lfavorite saying? "How about that?" IIRIQII RAYNIER After graduation. Fred will seek ad- mission to the General Motors Insti- tute to prepare for his career as an automotive engineer. Building model trains and automobiles occupy his spare time. This ambitious fellow also enioys studying his favorite subiect, history. IZLIZANOR RliliSl'i A cheery' smile is always worn by genial "lDolly." who has her mind set on Oberlin College and a musi- cal career. A few of the activities she has taken part in are the C.A.A,, Latin Classical Club. Scholarship Club, and Typing Cltlb. Radio 'Lsports-casts" occupy her spare time. SARA IliANNIfTTli RIQINARTZ 'ISally's" amicability gives her a head start in her ambition to be a medical secretary. Among her activities were A Capella, Girl's Iinsemhle, Spanish Club. G.A.A.. Scholarship Club. and Sub-Debs. She came to N.R.ll.S, from the Ifieldston School. and music oc- cupies her spare time. IAMIQS PIJVVARIJ RIilNTIrIAl. Besides playing on both the football and hockey teams. "lim" worked vigorously on many of our dance committees. He became a member of "Tower Players" in his senior year and was a constant member ol the Current Iivents Club. lim has been accepted at Bowling Green State University and plans to be- tome a salesman. PHILIP Rlfl.l.A Sports were the highlights of Phil's stay' in high school. Ile received varsity letters in basketball. cross- country. track and hockey. Phil's hobby is cars. and soon he'll he driving down to C,C.N.Y. to learn the pros and cons of the business yvorld. FRANCES RENDE Always busy about something, "Frank" many activities included G.O. Student Council, banking, Honor Society, Rochellean Staff, and helping in the Guidance office. After attending Hunter College. she would like to travel and see thc world. "Fran" is interested in bowl- ing, gardening and listening to Vic Damone records. SAM RFNDE A uniform will be worn by "Blackie" after graduation as he earnestly hopes for a career in the Navy. His athletic activities included participation on the track, football, and basketball teams. Although clear on most subiects, "Blackie" claims he is still puzzled on the popularity of the "New-Look." NINA MAE RHODES "Brown eyes" plans to go to a pre- paratory school for her training in the field of dress and hair design- ing. She is interested in Spanish, dancing, and all kinds of music. Her activities include the Personali- ty Club. Game Club and after- school sports. including tennis and table tennis. MARIE RICE Pretty dark-haired Marie was oc- cupied with inany activities in school, She was active in intramural sports Cincluding the Volley' Ball I-Ionor teamb. the Spanish Club at Young. and was a member of com- mittees for various class dances. Business school will be her next port. ROBERT H. RIVERS uliolf' evidently likes to swim. IIC ioined the swimming team in the tenth grade and was elected Co- captain of the team in his senior year. He was also a member of Tau Pi Fraternity, the Spanish Club, Current Events Club. and Scholar- ship Club. "Hob" plans to attend Teachers' College. GI..-XIJYS RIVKIN Nothing could please "Goldie" more than a nice big lemon meringue pie. Shorthand was her favorite sub- iect. and it should come in very handy' when she becomes a secre- tary. For relaxation she prefers rol- ler skating and the movies. She also likes to play' the piano. PETER RIZZO Pete came to New Rochelle after two years at Columbus High in the Bronx. He was manager of the baseball team in his two years at N.R.I'I.S. Pete is fond of the great outdoors, and especially enjoys httnting. ROBERT ROBERTS 'tBob" went ottt for sports in a big way. He was active in basketball and football intramurals, baseball, cross country, track. table tennis, Varsity Clttb, the Honorary L-Club of A.l..H.S., and was awarded a letter in cross country. Bob was also a G.O. representative at A.L,H.S. He plans to become an accountant. IUIJITH ROBINSON "ludy" is a wonderful example of that unusual combination of looks, brains. personality. and leadership ability. As treasurer of the G.O. and lunior Class, cheerleader. secretary of the Chemistry Club and member of the Woman's Swimming Associa- tion. she shows her versatility. We expect great things of you, Iucly. I.OlS ROGERS When you see this fair-haired strik- ing beauty whizzing past you in the hall you can be sttre that she is either heading for cheering practice or the l'.R. Yotl can't blame her for rushing, however, since she participated in so many other activi- ties. some of which Were, Hugue- not Herald. Rochellean Art Staff. Conversation Club. and Phi Ilelta. ION ANDREW ROLIJSEN "Andy" kept himself busy by join- ing the stage crew, Movie Proiection Club, and rifle team. He became treasurer of the New Rochelle Ir. Rod and Gun Club, which illus- trates his keen interest in gun col- lecting. "Andy" plans to become a geologist, a logical outcome of his liking for f'math" and science. CARI- RONCONI Rilie Club. wrestling. and watching baseball games occupy Carl's spare time when he is not studying to secure the grades that placed him in the Honor Society, After graduation. his energies will be devoted to be- coming a successful business man and retiring at the age of thirty- five. PATRICIA ROONEY "Pat's" witty sense of humor and amiable personality made her well liked by all. She was on the Castle Courier Staff at Young for four years and was quite active in Na- tional Thespians. the Social Service Club and Tower Players at N.R.H.S. Next year she plans to attend New Rochelle College. ROBERT ROOSOV Being an active participant in sports, "Bob" earned his letter in varsity football, played vigorously in base- ball intramurals. and also managed to find time for Boy Scouts. "Bob" intend to use Syracuse University or Hartwick College to help him attain a successful career in industry. ANGELO ROSAMONIJA A member of the Hi-Y and chorus, "Tex" has had an active year. He has a mania for what he terms "mad music" and is happiest when he is driving around in his own car. To have a perfect marriage is Tex's idea of a complete life. BARBARA ROSENBERG "Bobbie's" been a pretty busy girl around school. She was in Social Service Club. Tower Players, Cur- rent Events Club, and was a mem- ber of the business staff of the Rochellean. She hopes to attend Syracuse Univesrity next year. Need we mention Bobbic's likesF+ "Dick." ELLEN ROSENWALD Iilllen. one of our illustrious Hugue- not Herald staff members. also found time for the Inter-racial Club, that is. when she wasn't busy making friends and being her own sweet self. Oberlin is where she hopes to become a child psycho- logist. ROXANNE ROTH Amiable and gentle "Rocky" was active on the Rochellean Literary Staff. Interracial Club. Scholarship Club, Traffic Squad and G.A.A. honor teams. She enioys music. art, and horseback riding. Her infecti- ous smile makes her easy to become acquainted with. "Rocky" will enter college next fall. RUTH ROTHMAN Ruth's competence and cleyer sense of humor mark her as a good leader. She was president of the Tentimers' Club, vice-president of the Iunior Social Service Club, and secretary of the B'nai B'rith. "Rufus" is interested in dancing, music. reading and driving. Ruth plans to go Syracuse University next fall. LAWRENCE RUIKIN XVhile in I.E.Y. "Larry" ioined the Conversation Club, orchestra, intra- mural basketball. and served on a number of program committees. He also became a member of the Schol- arship Club as well as an S.O. repre- sentative. "Larry" makes nigtmr. ology and weather forecasting his hobbies. This year "Larry" won "Honorable Mention" in the West- inghouse Science Talent Search. Louis RICHARD RUKEYSER "l.olI" was the N.R.H.S. sports eourespondent to the "Standard Star." Ile ioined the Current Events Club, French Club. Chemistry Club. "Tower Players," Herald Publicity Committee. Iunior Society, and was an honorary member of the Varsity Club. A'l.ou" plans to start a writ- ing career at either Princeton or Yale. and is interested in sports. current events and popular mugigl TTTUMAS SALCH A member of the track team for four years, Tom also held a letter in I. V, football and the YV.I.A.A. track meet award. He belonged to the Honor Society. Senior Planning Committee and Glee Club. Girls. photography. and sports interest him. ROIXHRT MARTIN SALERNO nSVViIl'lIlICI'U played on the Albert Leonard Varsity football team. and Varsity basketball teams. was a member of the Officials Club. and was a G.O. representative in the Sth, 9th, and llth grades. He plans to attend lona College after gradu- ation to study architecture. FRANK SAMMARCO Shot? is "Sam's" favorite subiect while golf and radio take up his extra time. Before this year he at- tended Young and Leonard, His ambition is to get married and raise a family. IOHN SBARRA The golden tone of Iohnnie's trum- pet has been heard in the N.R.H.S. band for four years. Music is the big thing in his life, and he intends to gc on studying it at Alabama Uni- versity. Iohn hopes to be a com- poser some day. and we wish him all the luck in the world. FLEANOR SCHAIQFER "Elli" is bound to her fathcr's of- fice to do secretarial and bookkeep- ing work before getting married. Her school activities included the National Honor Society, dance com- mittees. the G.O.. fashion shows. and playing the accordion. PEGGY SCHFR This dark-haired beauty is one inf our most talented twirlers. ller placid and serene air is admired hy all of her many friends. Much of l'eggy's time was taken up by Phi Delta. Conversation Club, sipping cokes, and listening to records. Next year she plans to go to college. CAROL EVE SCHNAIJ, "Carrie" came to us from Barnard School for Girls, bringing with her a sweet smile and a pleasant per- sonality which made it easy for her to make friends. 'KCarrie's" ardent interest in music will take her to Brandeis University where she hopes someday to obtain the title of "Professor of Music." ANNE SCHULLEY Anne, our high-stepping drum ma- iorette, has marched her way into thc hearts of all her classmates. She has been busy becoming "Glamorpuss" for Tower Players. being in National Thespians, being vice-president of both Phi Delta and the Inter-Racial Club, singing with A Capella A, and working on the Rochellean. STEWART A. SCHOEN "Stew" managed to spread his in- terests over a variety of activities. Tower Players, rifle team. Cap- taincy of basketball and baseball intramural teams, co-photography editorship of the Rochellean staff. A Capella Choir. and Chess, Photo- graphy. Radio, Bridge, and College Board English C'ubs have kept him yery busy. "Stew" plans to maior in radio, psychology. and engineering. ARTHUR I. SCHWARTZ Throiigliotit high school Arthur has shown a keen interest in music. He ioined the marching band, concert band. orchestra. and A Capella Choir R. During his senior year Arthur took a liking to Chemistry. He plans to attend the University of Michigan and become a chemical tngineer. Cl-ARlfNClf R. SEARS A member of the Ping Pong and Inter-racial Clubs, "Pancho" hopes to go to an electronic school to take up electrical engineering. His favorite subject was American his- tory. while many of his leisure hours are spent building model p'.1 nes. LEROY F. SEACOR Red-headed Roy is famous for his bright hair and his voice. He was active in "A" Choir. layvee Foot- ball. Scholarship Club. and his class dance committees, 9-12. Roy's in- terests include physics and painting portraits in oils. He plans to enter the field of aeronautical assemblage and testing. IAMIQS D. SFCOR. lR. "lim" was an active participant in numerous sports and social events. l.V. baseball, track, Bridge Club. A Capella Choir-all seem to illu- strate his versatility. "lim" hopes to enter Trinity College and thereby become a "Big Businessman." He cnioys mathematics. and is C0111- pletely enthusiastic about all sports. IO-ANNE SEEBOLD Io-Anne. who played an active part in school life, was in the Person- ality Club, Square Dancing Club. Tower Players. Bridge Club. and Modern Dance Club. She also at- tained a goo athletics letter, and was G.O. representative of her tenth and twelfth grade homerooms. Io- Anne plans to attend the Washing- ton Secretarial School. FLOSSIIC SELBY Anyone who knows Flossie, admires her outstanding ability in sports, her quick smile and genial person- ality. Aside from starring on sev- eral honor teams Flossie was man- ager of hockey and basketball. She intends to enter college next fall. maioring in physical education, She was :i member of the A Capella Choir for four years. LEON M. Slil.lG "Lee." our outstanding Senior Class President. plans to attend Stanford University. Such activi- ties as Tower Players. A Capella Choir. baseball. basketball. Conver- sation Club. Cof which he is presi- denti and GD. Assembly Commit- tee show his leadership. His capa- bility and his liking for people should help him achieve that suc- cessful business career. IAMES NORMAN SIQRPHOS "lim" evidently likes to vary his activities. He was a member of the rifle team. track squad. Current Events Club. Student Federalists. Chemistry Club. French Club. and A Capella A Choir. "lim" has al- ways liked photography and SCICHCC. RONALD L. SEVERINO "Sub," as he is called by his friends. was an active participant in such activities as the Rochellean Art Staff. Publicity Committee for the Senior Dance. and his church choir. "Sub" plans to become a medical doctor at Cornell or Columbia Col- lege. Her pursues the unusual hobby of orchid growing. NORMAN SHAPIRO For three years Norman ably sup- ported I. E. Young's famous S.O. show. After coming to New Ro- chelle High. he quickly became an active member of Tower Players. and National Thespians. He was also manager of the l. li. Young I.V. cross-country squad. Spanish was his favorite suhiect. THOMAS SHARKEY Tom sets little store on Financial success and would be most happy leading an average life with the girl of his choice. His favorite subiect. auto shop, stimulated his interest in the mechanics of auto- mobiles and ships. FRANK SHELTON Anyone who knows "Boxie" appre- ciates his quick sense of humor and cheerful manner. Aside from a deep interest in sports. Frank has no real hobby or interest. He was a member of the I.V. track team. played in intramural basketball and was a member of the Officials Club. Following graduation "Boxie" hopes to get a good iob and earn a mil- lion in a hurry. SIDNEY SINGER IR. During his stay at New Rochelle High "Sid" interested himself in a variety of activities. Band, Orches- tra. tennis team, and rifle team have left "Sid" few leisure hours. He plans to be still busier at either Harvard or Williams. WILLIAM SLATFIR IIilly's reserved manner covers his Warm and sincere personality. He possesses a great love of music and is a talented pianist and organist. He was a member of the Inter- racial and French Clubs. His maior will be education at New York University, Since Billy is a Fine student we know he'll succeed. RICIIARIVJ SLENKER Around these parts. UMickey" and cars have been synonymous. In his spare moments he earned three let- ters in tennis. was Captain of the bowling team and a member of Tau Pi and Tower Players. His ambition is to earn a million fast. All we can say is "Good luck!" DONALD SMITH Skillful and artistic 'lSmitty" was art chairman of both the Rochellean and the 5.0. When he was not busy drawing posters. playing var- sity sports or sailing. he was enter- taining us with his witty iokes and songs. "Smitty" will study to be an advertising artist or director at Syracuse University next fall. IOIIN SMITII "Smitty" fits perfectly the saying "You can't iudge a book by its cover." llis quiet. easy-going man- ner belies his liking for parties, dancing, and "Hgures." He partici- pated in numerous class activities. Varsity cross country. Latin. Classi- cal League. and the Scholarship Club. Iohn's favorite subiect was mathematics. WILLIAM SMITII Bill. the rugged outdoor type. is fond of hunting and fishing. His ambition is to ioin the Navy and see the world. Bill likes psychol- ogy, but had a dislike for "math." GERALDINE RUTH SOCRATES As one of the co-editors of the Rochellean. "Cerry" was kept pretty busy during her Senior year. In addition. she was also active in girls' hockey. and the Personality Club. She hopes to study at N.Y.U.: then to teach shorthand and psy- chology. "Cerry" hates mushrooms and cats. but she has a mad passion for apple pie. MARGARET SOLFERINI With the "Golden Rule" as her guide. Peggy is bound to succeed in her secretarial career. She was editor of the Freshman Iournal While attending Mother Cabrini High and Albert Leonard. Collect- ing foreign coins and records are her hobbies. Next? VVestchcster Commercial Schozmll SAL SPERDUTO "Spud" hopes some day to make new discoveries in electricity, but now baseball, golf, tennis. and lish- ing take up most of his time. He formerly attended Albert Leonard High School. ROCCO SPEZIALE "Rocky" was active in football and baseball. Besides participating in a number of clubs at Leonard, in- cluding the Boy's Hi-Y, be eninys cooking and plans to open his own restaurant as soon as possible. IQIDWIN STANTON "Whalen" is the adventurous type, for his desire in life is to ioin the Navy and see the world. There's an "awful" lot to see, Whalen. and we hope that the Navy will bring you in contact with all the wonderful sights. He was interested in hockey and football as extra- curricular activities in school. ALICE STEVENS "Chappic." if she can take time out from collecting knick-knacks. will head for California. She was active in after-school sports. French Club. Poster Club. and Art Club. Besides her interesting hobby, "Chappie" enioys the movies. animals, travel- ling. and art. Cl.AlRli ST. IOHN "Clarabell" was a member of the G.A.A.. the Hi-Y, the G.O., and the chorus. She was vice-president of the Cressey Hi-Y, and won sev- eral athletic awards. "Clarabell" enioys dancing and eating: her favorite subiect was beauty culture, IANICE DOROTHY STOKES Dress designing is "Ian's' ambition, and she plans to attend a New York City school for her training in this field. She was busy around school taking part in the Games, Social Service. Personality and In- ter-racial Clubs, and after school learning the art of modern dancing with the Modern Dance Group. ROBERT STRAUB Behind "Bob's" quiet exterior lurks a wonderful sense of humor and an abundance of talents. Being a mem- ber of Tower Players, the A Capella B Choir, and working on the art staff of the Rochellean for three years kept him very busy. although not too busy to make the Scholar- ship Club. MAFALDA BARBARA STRAZZA "Mal" is an attractive girl with a really special sense of humor. She wishes to travel and be a successful cosmotologist. "Mal" was a mem- ber of chorus, and also, along the "musical line." she enioys collect- ing records and dancing. ETHLYN IOAN STREGER "Cookie" aspires to become a medi- cal secretary. She was a member of A Capella, Spanish and Bridge Clubs. and was on various dance committees. Her grand sense of humor makes her much in demand at the "Hen Parties." FRANCINE EDITH STRICKLER "Gee whiz" says "Fran" who earned her "Soo" letter in sports and was a member of the Red Cross. Personality. Spanish, G.A.A., Traffic and Current Events Clubs. National Thespians. and Tower Players. When she isn't out for dramatics you can find her knitting like a busy bee. CARMINE STUMPO Future carpenter. Carmine, formerly of Leonard and Young. was presi- dent of the boys Hi-Y. a member of the Chorus and the G.O. llis am- bition is to own his own cabinet- making shop. His favorite subjects were drafting and carpentry. IZEATRICE SUMMO "Bettyl' was a member of the Chorus, the G.A.A. and the G.O. Her main ambition is to be a successful beautician, and later a good housewife. Betty especially enioys listening to records. bowling, swimming and eating blueberry pie. UVatch your diet, Bettylj IAMES SURVIS "lim's" friendly personality has helped him to participate in many activities around school. Among these have been band and orchestra, swimming, Current Events Club, and various intra-mural sports. Out- side of school his time is taken up with his main interests, music and photography. Next year he plans to go to college. MARY LOU SUTTON Versatile '4I.u Lu" was a member ol the G.A.A., the Girls Hi-Y, the chorus and the G.O. Her ambition is to become a hair stylist, and we know she'll make a good one. "Lu Lu" likes collecting Tony Martin's records. and dancing. RICHARD SUTTON "Dick" came to N.R.H.S. from Blessed Sacrament and Ponce de Leon Schools where he had been iery successful. He was vice-presi- dent of his sophomore class and participated in many activities. "Dick" continued his active pro- gram at N.R.H.S. by singing in the chorus. playing I.V. football and participating in the Poster Club. HOWARD C. SWEET, JR. Handsome and talented "Sweetie" is an enthusiastic actor, musician, and writer. His versatility has made him outstanding in Tower Players. band. A Capella Choir. and on the Herald Staff. Equally adept in sports, he played Varsity basket- ball and football. At Middlebury "Sweetie" will continue his "story- telling" by studying to be a writer. GLORIA TAITT Gloria was a member of Iunior Arista at Washington Irving High School and received an Attendance Medal. She participated in the Senior Planning Committee, Rochel- lean Literary Staff, orchestra, and after-school sports, and in the Schol- arship. Spanish. Latin. and Glee Clubs. She will study to be a laboratory technician at Barnard College. WILLIAIVI TAPPERT William was a stage technician, and Red Cross and G.O. represen- tative. He was also a member of the Honor Society from Leonard. His main interest is repairing radios. and "math" is his favorite subiect. NORMA I. TAYLOR Norma plans to be a laboratory technician in a hospital after re- ceiving her training at the Man- hattan Institute of Technology. She served in the Interracial, Personality, Game and Social Service Clubs. and was useful in the health oHice. Her favorite subiect was English, and her favorite sport is football. ALFRED THIIiI.M'ANN "Al" has been with us for a short two years, but his clever witticisms and pleasant personality have made him well liked by all who know him. "Al's" interest in chemistry will take him to New Paltz State Teacher's College next year. Likes? Saturday and Sunday. Dislikes? Monday through Friday. LAURA R. THOMAS "Frenchie" likes sports, for base- ball, football and basketball have held her interest in school. She Was busy taking part in the Personality Club and Gaines Club and worked in the school library. She likes to dance, sew and listen to music. ROBERT TII'l'I'iTT With his good looks and leisurely manner Bob should find little diffi- culty in fulfilling his ambition to get married and raise a big family. He was a homeroom oflicer and G.O. representative for two years. Bob expresses a keen interest for sports and women. IOHN TOGLIA, IR. Music and sports are Iohnnie's main interest. He was a member of the G.O.. the chorus, and the golf team. His favorite subjects v-,ere machine shop and American history. Iohnnie also enjoys good music. such as Vic Damone's record of "You're Breaking My Heart." SALVATORE TOMA "Zac" was active in track and basketball and helped make record- ings of the spring concert. At Leonard he was a member of the Honor Society. He enioys driving and Fishing and hopes to get a new car. His favorite subiects were drafting and shop. DOROTHY TORIAN "Dot" the girl with the attractive personality, plans to attend the Traphagen School of Fashion. Here at school she was a G.O. represen- tative and a member of the GA..-X. and chorus. "Dot" also received a G.A.A. award. MARY ANN TOTERHI "Tart." formerly of Leonard, was a member of the G.A.A., the G.O., tht Girls Hi-Y. and the chorus. "Tarts" ambition is to travel and see the World. She loves to dance. listen to classical music. and her favorite subiect was English. ELIZABETH TREIBICK Antioch is the college 'SBeth" has in mind, Coming to N.R.H.S. from Iulia Richmond High. she was ac- tive here in Tower Players, National Thespians, United Nations. Spanish. Interracial, and Loeb Scholarship Clubs, and was secretary of the Cur- rent Fvents and Student Federalist Clubs. SALVATORF TRIMARCHI Automotive engineering is chosen field for which he intends to prepare at the General Motors Institute. A letterman in varsity track. he also participated on the cross-country teams. Possessing a great deal of ambition, K'Sal" would like to raise a large family. "Sal's" MARY TROTTA Mary was a student at I.E.Y. before she came to New Rochelle. Typing is her favorite subieet, with English and art following close behind. She is fond of baseball and basketball. while her dislikes include science. "math," and his- tory. WILLIAM l. TUCKER 'fWill I." is known around the school for his friendliness and lit- tle green two-toned car. Our hoc- key team captain was a member of the Varsity Club for two years, the Chemistry Club and was vice- president of the Spanish Club. His future plans include Cornell Uni- versity's School of Agriculture and then farming. ALENA UBALDI "Shorty's" liking for "strong, shy men" is understandable. She plans to attend Hunter College, then be- come a housewife. Small but busy. she was active in chorus, Rochellean stall. Red Cross and Honor Society. Her preference in crooners goes to Perry Como and Bing Crosby. ESTHER VACCARO All of us will remember "Ebby" as one of the more artistic members of our class. She was an active member of the chorus. We hope you acquire that royal blue con- vertible you want, "Ebby." IOSIZPHINE VALENTI "Io's" ambition is to have a happy and successful life. Already success- ful in the Honor Society. G.A.A. fwhere she holds three lettersb, and the Hi-Y, Io is well on her way. Music. dancing. reading, and sports keep her well occupied. IOSEPI-IINE VALLFLONGA "lo's" sparkling personality should help a good deal in her chosen Held of dress designing. She was quite busy here at school. since she was active in the National Honor Society, G.A.A.. and chorus. ALFRED II. VAN IIUREN. IR. "ls there an actor in the house?" Talented "Al" was in the Tower Players. National Thespians, Span- ish Club, Biology Club, intramural basketball and baseball teams, and he went out for football in '48 Horseback riding and flying are his interests outside of school. ANGELO VILENO lust "Ang" to his friends, he was a member of the baseball team. Dramatics Club, and Motion Picture Club. and was made president of the Outdoor Club, at I.E.Y.. and chairman of the Decoration Com- mittee. He plans to attend St. Lawrence University of Agriculture to carry out his interest in dairy farming. GERARD I.. VILLAUME "Ierry." active in sports, received letters in track and was captain of cross-country. A member of the National Honor Society, Scholar- ship, Current Iivents. Varsity and Chemistry Clubs, A Cappella "A" and Track Club president, he is heading for Wharton School, Penn- sylvania University. "Ierry" won Honorable Mention in the Westing- house Science Talent Search. MURIEL WALLACE "I wish the bell would ring," is "Mou's" familiar cry. She was a member of the Spanish Club, the La Crosse Club. and an active sportswoman on the honor hockey and baseball teams. One day she may be found skating for the Roller Derby. PATRICIA WALSH "Patti' was a popular member of the Modern Dance and Square Dance Groups. the Social Service Club. and the Tower Players, a G.O. representative. and an active participant in the Swing Session. Her desire to do secretarial work leads her to the Katherine Gibbs School. ANDREVV WANK "Andre" had a long line of past schools in Detroit before coming to Westchester. He was president of the Chemistry Club in Detroit, and would like to enter Adelphi to be- come a chemist. He played some I.V. football-perhaps to build up an appetite for good food. IEANNE PATRICIA NVATTS The nursing profession will claim 'cPat" as a valuable addition after graduation. She plans to train either at Bellevue or New Rochelle School of Nursing. Pat's spare time is spent listening to records of west- ern singers, and experimenting with Italian dishes. DONALD WEFER Don was active in the Photography, Spanish, Chemistry, Biology, Bridge, Chess. and Astronomy Clubs, Tau Pi. A Capella "A," hockey team. National Honor Society, Rochellean and Herald Business Stalls. He re- ceived "Honorable Mention" in a cancer essay contest, and "Honor- able Mention" in the Westinghouse Science Talent Search. ESTELLE SALLY VVEINMAN College is ahead for busy Estelle. Activities include Social Service. Spanish, Interracial, Biology, and Scholarship Clubs: Rochellean Art Staff: Herald Literary Staffg secur- ing a Soo point athletic letter: Tower Players. and acting as repre- sentative to Macy's Iunior Deb Board. In her free time she knits argyle socks and collects classical records. LENORE WEISS G.A.A. award winner "I.enni" has extended her activity throughout the school by participating in innu- merable clubs, committees. and sports. She was also a member of the Rochellean and Huguenot Her- ald Art and Business Staffs. Her next step will be to attend the N. Y. Institute of Technology and Design. LEONARD WEITZMAN Outstanding "Lenny" has been on numerous committees, clubs, and in many activities. A few examples are the Courier and Herald Stal-ls. Student Federalists, Audio-Visual Club, Iunior Classical League, and orchestra. He received music awards and the Ethel K. Loeb Scholarship. Lenny likes collecting stamps, coins and post cards. He plans to attend "Columbia" MARY ALYCE WELLS "I'inhearl" was a member of the chorus, the G.A.A. and the G.O. She wants to become a famous beautician and travel around the world. Mary enioys listening to Frankie Laine's records. Her fa- vorite subiect was English. CLAIRE ANN WERNER Claire plans to attend a commercial school and take up secretarial work. Sports seem to be her chief interest and she received several athletic awards. Claire was also a member of the Huguenot Girls "Hi-Y" and the Library Club. Dancing and cooking are several of Claire's hob- bies. DOROTHY WHITE Featured as Iulie in the Tower Players' production "Liliom," Dot- tie proved her talent. She would like to work a year or so before going to college and later become a career woman. She was active in G.A.A.. chorus. and Rochellean. Dottie claims a liking for boys, and a dislike for work. IOHN WHITEHOUSE "Whitey" may often be heard re- peating his favorite adage, "Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise." This bit of philosophy is sure to make him a success as an automobile mechanic and will aid him in his desire to travel and see the World. THERESA WHITEHOUSE Decoration committees, after-school sports, and chorus have all served to keep enterprising Terry well oc- cupied here at school. Her favorite hobby is record collection, and she plans to enter the modeling Held. RICHARD WILDMAN Dick's ambition is to have his own business after graduating from Cor- nell University. He finds great de- light in physics, music, photogra- phy, skiing and football. Orchestra, concert band, Iunior Prom Dance Committee, and intra-mural sports have kept him stepping. IOAN C. WILK loan came to us from Forest Hills H. S. There she was a member of the Spanish, Biology and General Science Clubs and received a schol- arship certifieate. Here she was in the French and Youth Interracial Clubs. She received special mention in the National Poetry Contest. Ioan plans to attend Syracuse Uni- versity. ALBERT R. VVILLIAMS, IR. Bert is very interested in physics, flying, skiing, mechanics, electricity, and camping. He was a faithful G.O. representative and was in the choir, band, Tower Players and on the track team. Although handsome, Bert promises to be a bachelor. CARL D. WILLIAMS "Buddy" likes to collect photo- graphs of motion picture stars. His favorite subiect was commercial art. His next step is Sibel Institute of Technology and after that he just wants to be the best baker in the Federal corporation. EVA M. XVILLIAMS Now that she's out of high school, "Iivie" plans to work and start I1 career so she can have a Hue car. She was active in chorus. Travelling Club and received a G.A.A. sports letter. "Evie" likes friendly people, but doesn't care much for failures or snobs. FRANK WILLIAMS "Willy" was active in chorus and intramural basketball. His main interests include baseball and bas- ketball. and his favorite subiect was drafting. He attended Young and Leonard before coming to New Ro- chelle High. RICHARD B. NVILLIAMS "Richardo" was G.O. representative in the ninth grade and took part in Intramural baseball. basketball and track. His favorite suhiect was business "math," and his ambition is to he a millionaire. That business "math" will come in handy when you count all that money, "Rich- ardo." ROY VVILLIAMS "Bob" is interested in art, his fa- vorite subject in high school. He attended Isaac E. Young and Albert Leonard before coming to us. "Bob" would like to be a mechanic. VIVIAN LORRAINIC WILLIAMS "Sablo" cnioys the ballet and goes to see it whenever she has the opportunity. She likes football. and her activities around school were Social Service, Interracial and Per- sonality Clubs. She would like to attend New York University or Bryn Mawr College. and maior in history or science. KENNETH WILSON "Ken," whose ambition to be a comedian suits him well, was in the band. orchestra. choir, stage crew and in various other clubs and sports. He was also ruth grade home room president. More than once he managed to produce laughs through a combination of artistic ability and hilarious wit. MARGARET I. WINKLIZR Capable "Winkie" worked on the advertising stall of the Albert Leon- ard yearbook and was chairman of the business staff. She was a mem- ber of the chorus and National Honor Society. Her future plans include a career in designing. MARVIN SANFORD VVOLI7 "Marv," we should say. is the tail of Gabriel's Comet. He is well known for his trumpet blowing in the orchestra. dance band. and band in which he held first chair. His delight is in good music. "Marv" plans to attend the University of Detroit. CHARLES R. WOOD Likeable Charles. whose mind equals Euclid's. enioys "math" sciences, foreign languages, and is interested in radio work and classi- cal music. He was president of the Scholarship Club and was also active in Chess. Radio, French, Spanish. Biology. and Chemistry Clubs. Charles won "Honorable Mention" in the Westinghouse Na- tional Science Talent Search. ROBERT WOOD "Bob" took an active part in sports including cross country. in- tramural basketball. and baseball. and track. He is interested in all sports. aviation, "math." and has been in various clubs and on vari- ous committees. To attend Santa Clara will be the next thing in "Bob's" life. VVILLIAM WOODARD "Woody" participated in football and track for two years. was presi- dent of the Federalist Club. a mem- ber of the Interracial Club, and Red Cross, and was on dance commit- tees. He received his letter in track and was elected to the Honor Society. His interests are photogra- phy, archery and most sports. RICHARD YAFFA Although Dick was Westchester's Most Valuable Football Player, cap- able captain of our famous team, key man on the track squad, and G,O, president, he still found time to be active in the A Choir, Cur- rent Events Club, and Scholarship Club. With these manifold abilities we know that Dick will become a success at Princeton and in his chosen career as a businessman. LORETTA A. YOUNG Friendly Loretta has a noble ambi- tion: "To be successful in whatever I do." She likes plain-spoken, sincere people. and dislikes those who are over-critical. She won a G.A.A. letter and was president of her Senior English class. Youth Interracial Club. chorus and a fash- ion show were among her activities. KATHERINE ZACCAGNINO Katherine was a member of the Girls I-Ii-Y, the G.O. and chorus: and secretary of the sophomore class. Katherinc's ambition is to become a successful beautician. Her hobby is collecting records, and she especially enjoys reading, dancing and baby-sitting. IOSEPH DE CARMINE Sharp-shooting Ioe goes out for guns in a big way. A member of the rifle team, his hobbies are col- lecting firearms and hunting. Ioe's favorite subject was history. He plans to enter the Army Air Force Aeronautical School. GINO DI BIASE Gino participated in the noon-hour movies in his freshman and sopho- more years. He hails from Isaac E. Young High School. This year, at N,R.H.S., his favorite subject was ceramics. IOE GURRIERI Quiet. hard-working Ioe spent most of his time in school working in the wood shop. His likeable personality and ready wit won him many friends. With all these good qual- ities Ioe should make a success. DAVID BRENNAN "Sonny's" warm personality and in- fectious smile make him an asset at any social gathering. His apprecia- tion for beautiful things is illus- trated in his fine art work. "Sonny" was a member of the I.V. baseball team at A.L.H.S. After graduation he will pursue an occupation in the vast Held of art. Good luck, "Sonny!" VIOLA CLEMENTS Viola is a new and worthy addition to our class. Her quiet. sweet man- ner will make her a much demand- ed nurse after her graduation from St. Elizabeth School of Nursing. Viola's school activities include be- ing president of the Dramatic Club, secretary of her official class, and participation in basketball and volleyball. IOHN ZEITLIN Iohn won a magazine contest on current events, and was active in the Ping Pong, Bridge, Current Events and Ofiicials Clubs. He likes playing golf. studying history, and watching trick horses. After gradu- ation he plans to attend Cornell University. KURT ZIMBLER "Buddy" came from Commerce High School where he was a star track man and co-captain of the team. He received many sports let- ters. Here he was in the marching band. on the Rochellean Literary Staff. and co-editor of the Rochel- lean Photography Staff. Kurt intends to become a commercial photo- grapher. BARBARA ZIMMER Sweet "Bobbie" took part in Herald and Rochellean activitiesg she also brought her abilities to the Tower Players. She received the Ethel K. Loeb Scholarship one year, and served as secretary to her home- room last year, Barbara desires to be a teacher, after graduating from Adelphi College. IOAN ZIMMERMAN "Blondie" would like to go to Iona. At Young, Leonard and N.R.H.S. she took part in the A Capella Choir, after-school sports, the Red Cross. Hi-Y. and dance committees. Her hobbies are dancing. swimming and bowling. CHARLES HEMPFIELD Hemp's ambition to become the next "Champion of the World" via the 'lake La Motta Training School' stems from his main interest-box- ing. Auto mechanics was his fa- vorite subject while cross country claimed his after-school hours. Charles' pet dislike is cold weather. RYAN LUCAS Ryan came to us from Blessed Sac- rament. He is fond of bowling, and English was his favorite subject. Ryan plans to attend Iona College and major in electrical engineering. SHIRLEY MADDOX "Shorty" may be little in size, but she has big plans for the future. She intends to become a singer, and we're sure she'll be a success. I-Ier interests are knitting, baseball, bas- ketball, psychology and dancing. IRRLINO MAMONI1 I'IaeiiI and reserved, Iirumfs quiet sniile is welcuinecl everywhere. An aiicl interest in auto mechanics has Ienl him lu consider this field as a pussihle career. Sports-niindetl, Iirunu alsu Iinils time to follow ini- imrtallt sports contests. Ilt.-XNNK C. MORRISON 'lSlmrty." formerly uf Alhcrt Leon- artl. was in the Sucial Service, Press, Italian. Personality anal Speakers' Cluhs. anil was awartlecl letters in hasehall anal haskethall. She likes spurts ul' all kimls-anal people. IIer plans are tu marry that HNlIIIL'UIR'.u WIl.I.IAM IJASS.-XRIi'I"I'I 'Iillis Haine-liaireil varsity hockey player has taken a keen interest in sports. VViIIie likes working un ears :intl plans tu hemnie an znitmiiotive engineer. Ilest of all, he likes niathematies and eating. f'lSpare the dessert: I CLIIIII xiffnrtl it."l CI I.'XRI.I'iS RAYSOR Charles, aeliie in such spurts as haskethall. tuuthall antl track was a inemher uf the Cuunty Cliginipiuii- ship Cross Cuiiiitri' Team, Iiuxing anal A'IIe-Impiiigu take up his sparc: time. IIis favorite suhiect was l1lslirl'I'. 275 . 35 55.1. i . is , I 5' is - R.. .' if 1 ' , Q5 6 - as i ,f3::., A 3 Q i.-aa, - ,V ,Eg h , fx .A fi i I ,- I .- 'fx IaRIK.-X SZOLLOSI You euulcl see "Rieky" arixuutl the selimil guing lu Girls' Chorus. Phi Delta. :lance euniinittee meetings. G.A.'X.. 19.0. antl the Spanish Club. If she's lueky she'cI like tu he ahle tu get to Paris nest year tu attenil Surlmniic, WILLIAM RICIIARIDSON "Bill" or "I'nneIiy," tn his pals. has amhitiuns uf registering in the Iluguenut Seliuul ut' Art. IIis ta- write suhieet was Iinglish. 'I'hree years uf track. two ul. Ilmtlmll. :intl chorus ailil to his reeiwril ul' activities. I7I.ORIiNlfIi XV.-XI,KICR Smnetiliie in the lltil-tim-iIisI.lllt future, Iilu Inxpes to Iweemin' a gnutl liuiiseivile. IIer l'ai'urite sulviert was arts antl eralts. which is a ilireel l'nllnw-up ul' her liulwhy, mak- ing pins aml earrings. She was also aetive in aftersselmul hailinins mn and tennis. ULYSSIQS WI,I.I.-XMS "Cool" gltteiicltwl Ii. Young High Selitml helisre euiiiing here. "Math" is his l'ax'ui'ite suhiect anil "Cunt's" spare time is spent playing fmvthall ur Ivaskethall. VlNCliN'I' Z.'XMI','XCiI,IONI'. "Yinnie' maine tn us l'rmn Isaac If.. Yuung II. S. where he was un the Ivasehall anml I'mmth.iIl Icxlllls. .Xltei gratluatiun he wnultl like lu gn into prnlessiuiial hasehall. Shup was Yinnie's favurite sulviert in high Sflluul. SP.-XNISII t'I.I'l! 4'I'1n-sclayb I'r1'si1If'nf ..... Ifivvlyn Culiiinlly Vim: I'l'r'xi1If'11l. . xvillllllll 'IIIll'kt'I' 'l'rf'41s1i1'r'r'.. ..... Iiwln-rt Iliiiklv N.-X'l'IUN.XI. 'l'Il IGSVIANS I'1'f'si:Ia'r1l ..... , 'l'limmi:is Metim-y View I'Vz'si4I1t11f... Susan Dvnihy S!'t'I'I'fllI'.Il ...... Susan llutwnld 'l'1'1'rlx1lr:'r. . .. I:Il'II2lI'II Ilulivs SHVIAI. Sl'1lU'l4'I4Il'l.l'H l'1'vxi1le'nI. .... I':lti'ii-in Fiiiiii-i.::ui Vief'-l'i'f'.si1I1'11r ..... . . I':llti Hust- Sw-z'i'furu's.. .... ilzirlmra Ilraihm :ind .luiiy 4'l1:li1ii+-II Lfilllilflll .1 II uf N4-In ull: KA! l'f1f I,rziug1 111 f'Ir'af1lr I'frlrf1mr1i41 I"f'f1lllf l,1l1n1a1rV Jluryot llzzunz l'utl1r'ri11f 1'c1li.wi l'r1f lx'1Nlll4'.Il Dulurfs H+'Hi1'l'lli Ilulrrzral S141 F! 1,1011 Selig .lrlmrs h'r'i11flml Sully lx'fi11r1rl: He uryr' J11lf'Hf'2' Iirlh TVfiI1r'f'k lilmlys !'rlrso11 lirrrlnzrfr Ifosflzlzwg lfiln. Iflllltlffllfll' Jmm 14111111116 in Null: rf Kl'!I7'1!!'.ll llrlruf l'Jl1.vI:i11 .1 hiyail 1111+ II Nusmz flotflwulrl .Nl nmuli f'v1'ff'lIHlIlll A-1 lim' .-I V1 ll'f CELEBRITIES - 1950 Hex! .Ill .Irozmd-ludy Channcll ,Voxt Likely to Sztefefd-,-Xlyce Krylzl Hset Stud clrz 1-Nancy Dirkse Mort lntelleetual-Nancy Dirkse Done Most for Sehool-Adele Dcrecktor Done School For Mort-Lexis Foster Most Pull With Fueulty-Adele Derccktor Hoyt Popul nlz' -Iudy Channell Max! V a'1'. s 'utile-Alycc Krylzl Most Imtzgimztiixe-Anne Schulley Beit .Vatu zlzl ti-Adele Dcrecktor Best .fill ,hound-Dick Yaffa M051 Likely to Su z'c'n'c' dw-Dick Yaffn Bext Student-Fred Levy Most Intellectual!-Fred Levy Done Most For Sehool-Dick Yaifa Done Sehool For M051-Stuart Bottinick Moxt Pull With Faculty-Leon Selig Moxt Popular-Dick Yatfa Most Verxtitile-Dick Yaflzl Moft lmtzgimitizfe-LeRoy Sccor Beit Nntztred-Graham McGill Most Conversational-Gertrude Erlenmaier Quietest-Nancy Pierson Wlttiest-Patricia Rooney Best Looking-Lois Rogers Most Sophisticated-Mary Murphy Best Dressed-Timmie Adelberg Cutest-Carol Chisholm Class Flirt-Ioan Parker Class Heartbreaker-Iudy Channell Liveliesz-Lexie Foster Most Carefree--Pat Andrew Class Comedian-Iean Plebani Best Dancer-Patti Walslr Most Dramatic-Sue Demby Most Athletic-Ioyce Hiller Class Musician-Deborah Moscowitz Class Artist-Barbara Diamond Class Scientist-I udy Robin. on Mini sxyll Most Conzfersational-Louis Rukeyser Quietest--Charles Cornell Wittiest-Alfred Katona Best Looking-Ed Golden Most Sophisticated-Victor Earle Best Dressed-Victor Earle Cutest-Graham McGill Class Flirt-Howard Sweet Class Heartlzrealqer-Eddie Golden Lizfeliest-Al Katona and Leon Selig Most C arefree-Bob Hinkle Class Comedian-A1 Katona Best Dancer-Bob Barclay Most Dramatic-Howard Sweet Most Athletic-George Murphy Class Mus1'e1'an-Marvin Wolf Class Artist-Don Smith Class Scientist-Dan Kleppner ',-mv -fm f .r I.. ',r'T: ,Q- SENIOR CLASS SENIOR PROM Cwfitll-l'1Hl'II, Victor Iinrlc and Ioan I7isI1stcin CLASS GIFT Cfmfrnmzz, lim Levy Fred Levy Hill Miller Carol French Suu IBCIHIEB' Kenneth NViIson SENIOR I'I,.'XNNINC5 KILTIFIILIL' IQFICIIIIIQIIQY Torn Saleh Gloria Tanll Frank Ilunnncl K OMMITTEES xss uw fjfltlllfllltlll, Nlclxin Plotimky fi.llhi'l'illL' Cfnkourns Ilcrl VViIlia1ms xlllfy lirmulvy Inn lfuhrcr sl X ll HR PRC BNI f:hLIjl'Il1t'71 lnm lfishslcin. Victor lfarlc l,l'l'0I'lIfl-0115 1 r11nxi4'x'c Agnifilo. lid Iusticc . llI'l't'I'Il-.ffllg I lqllis lirnusc, lim lfppingcr l'utrw1.c Xlifc ,Xrnccx lim Survis Hof1.fI4'1',f crlrudc l':VlL'Illl1lliCl', I. Rcingold In z'1'n1t1'0 71 ,C Xl.u'y Filzgcrzlld. Pill VV11lsh R:'f1'r'.fh 17717115 lwurlmm Ilgxvius. Mary lfllsn l,z1ulx .U14,vif' ll'lvnc I'xfiClHill1d. Dian lfquncrun Y'I'lfR PROM f.'fm1'f'111f'11 l amy Suhr. lfxclylm Connolly SENIOR SOCIAL ACTIVITIES One day, a few weeks after the gala opening of the combined high schools, I was strolling through the dimly lit, lengthy corridors. With uncertain steps a friend stumbled up to me, mystified and confused. After I shook him a little in order to make some sense out of his incoherent mumblings, he related a truly wondrous, although somewhat doubtful, tale. It seems he had just picked up his senior ring, or a ring of some sort. Because he was low in funds, and since his next allowance wasn't due for some time, he had purchased Qfrom some characterj a reject for 50 per cent of its original value. CI did not think twice about the source of the ring because it was rumored that the G.O. was having trouble making ends meet.j After the purchase of the ring he turned away, and his mind lapsed into the usual rut of most seniors, such as: "Where can I find an exotic and unusual dance I can take my girl to and not be bounced with the ex- cuse, 'no minors allowed'?" Then he rubbed his hands in anguish and, by doing so, rubbed the newly acquired ring. In a blinding fiash and a cloud of smoke a massive Figure stood before him, and with a loud voice that echoed throughout the halls, he said: "What is thy will, Master?" My poor friend was in such a mental state that he blurted out the thought uppermost in his mind: "Where can I find an exotic and unusual dance I can take my girl to?" Without warning, the figure disappeared in a cloud of mist, droaning something about whirling witches, my friend vaguely recalled. I passed this off as a bad case of "WherecanIf-indan- exoticandunusualdancelcantakemygirltoitisn in its final stages. However, much to my amazement, the G. O. appointed a committee which soon produced the "Witches Whirl" on October 22nd, Amidst goblins and black cats, the students whirled round and round the eerie gym, frightened by the witches hidden in each corner. I was told the dampness and gloom was caused by the unhappy tears of the seniors. fTo think that I thought the roof had been leaking againlj When I saw my friend once more, he was in high spirits and he intimated that big things were being planned. I knew what he meant when I saw the post- ers advertising the "Teepee Twirl," which I attended on November 12th. That was quite a pow-pow. You could almost hear the strange Indian cries, flickering shadows suggested nearby teepees, and the squaws' dresses were as colorful as any Indian's! However, on close observation, the girls had an omniscient air. At this point I knew something was brewing, and my suspicions were confirmed when I ran into my old friend. He was in frightful shape, and as I eased him into a chair, I asked him what had happened. It seems that he had been waylaid by the fairer sex and they had gained possession of the magic ring. He fought bravely against the onslaught fat least that is what he saidj, but to no avail. QI can't reveal the names of the accosters for security reasons, namely mine.Q Following this incident I noticed posters with " ,go-'5o" printed on them. Curious as to their mean- ing, I made inquiries, later realizing it was foolish of me, but "ignorance is bliss," as the old saying goes. YEOOOOOOW, run for the hills! The male of the species is no longer safe, for the Rochellean is spon- soring a girls' stag! Sure enough, the dance was held on December Ioth. Mr. Donald K. Phillips, Supt. of Schools, crowned Eddie Golden and Iudy Channell King and Queen, and Dick Yaffa and Lois Rogers Prince and Princess, by popular vote. Following this event everybody was satisfied in a rather fiendish fashion. When things cooled down a bit and the ring again came into the possession of the proper authorities, events moved with smoothness and sanity. Thereupon the "Winter Proml' was planned with "Lost in the Stars" as its theme. The prom was held on Ianuary 26th, the week following midyears: it came as a pleasant relief and was a tremendous success. The "slave of the ring" then worked on the biggest event of out school career, the Senior Prom! THE ROCHELLEAN w.."'R lflI'Iil0I'.V-IINfflilll' 3 Ciuiitm ixltlciILl,, Mixitv Aiw ERHARD, ciliRALDlNli Sot:ia,vl'ias - ,'l'l'LIlW'f l'mitis,'xit,x l,,KlIKliR. R,u.PH cil"I'M.-NNN. ROXANNE Ro'l'n . Ju, SMITII 0I0gI'i,If'!1y.' XNILLIXM Ciivihiax. S'ruw.ut'i' Sc:nouN. Ktacr Ziivimiak .wsu ,CIillL',f.i'.' 'nit Citoss. lfttvirls lTiPPlNtIliR 4. 1 l . sl ,lt , I iif A, Ill l oxun t 5. R Ph ' I' 'L 5 Q it H14 C, il'llL'lllCS, dummies, and contracts were the orders of thc day when Miss Anne Koffs "Imperial Publications Class" niet for the first time to begin the work of recording the official lives of the royal princes and prin- cesses at the court of NRHS. Crahain McGill. Mary Ann lirhard. and Geraldine Socrates were chosen to reign over the royal staff and oversee all of the general work. Grand Vizier Barbara Packer with her assistants. Roxanne Roth and Ralph Cutinann, managed the literary end of the court chronicles. checking the varil ous assignments. Headed by Miss Anna Hartnett and Chancellors of the Exchequer Gaye Cross and Victor liarle. the business staff did the necessary footwork and applied its talent for salesmanship in securing the advertise- ments. besides handling the difficult monetary iobs. The Royal Artists, directed by Miss Dorothy Parr and guided by Chief Designer Donald Smith. turned out very excellent work in decorating and illustrating this book. Chief Film Recorders William Cinelin and Stewart Schoen. assisted by their staff. snapped the shutter for most of the informal pictures, besides doing the layouts for the montages. Much credit is due to contributors liarbara Davies. Anne Schulley, Phyllis Brause, Catherine Cakouros. Iohn Cronson, Nancy Dirkse, and Pat Finnegan, who toiled long and faithfully to hand in their assignments. Many thanks also go to all of those people who helped with the formulation of this book. and without whose magnificent cooperation, the RoeiiiaLi.mN could not have been completed. All in all. it was a very interesting and enjoyable year to everyone concerned with the royal chronicles-one which will never be forgotten. CIHELLEAN Acravnfnes OFFICERS General Organization The General Organization is the most important student organization in the school. This year it has up- held its line record in making school life more interest- ing to the student. Many assembly programs, contests and interscholastic sports were supervised by the G.O. Each spring officers are elected to serve the following year and in the fall two representatives from each homeroom are elected, to complete the governing body of the school. This year, because of the consolidation of Isaac E. Young, New Rochelle and Albert Leonard High Schools our executive departments were headed by three presidents: Al Katona, Dick Yaffa and Ed Iustice. The vice-presidents were Iesse Arnelle and Alice Arace. Our records were kept intact by our two competent secretaries, Adele Derecktor and Frances Borden. ln the position of treasurer was Iudy Robin- son, who supervised our expenditures. Under the cap- able leadership of this slate of ollicers, our school calendar functioned smoothly. The first major job of the G.O. was to launch a suc- cessful G.O. Drive. Each student was urged to pur- chase a G.O. membership which would admit him to home football and basketball games, entitle him to the Herald and give him a reduction on Tower Player Productions among numerous other things. A mark of about 850 was realized. As a tribute to our football team, the "Witches' Whirlu was presented under the co-chairmanship of Genevieve Agnifilo and Helene Friedland. Next a suc- cessful magazine drive was supported by both students and faculty. Looking back we see that a year of interesting events and memorable occasions has passed. We hope the General Organizations in years to come can be as proud of their achievements as we are of ours. 1-QLliC'I'IONS lid Iuslicc Dick Yufla .-Xl Kutona Adele Derccklor Helene Fricdlnml loam Fishstcin O. COMMITTEES ,alma . . 'fl f S x , l 72 f i ! i Q A l 3 LT Q Q APPR! DPR I :XTIC INS lid lusticc Dick Ylllllll Al Klllllllll Adcll- Derccktor Cicrlruclc lfrlcnn Carol Chisholm Put FlllllCg1Ill lumes Levy Iumcs Rcimlml Ialicr NATIONAL Une of the incentives for hard-toiling juniors and seniors is the eighty-Five average required for election to the National Honor Society. The aim of the society is to raise the standards of secondary schools by setting up a goal toward which students may work to achieve the honor and prestige that accompanies its member- ship. Under the capable direction of Miss Florence Errant, the National Honor Society entered into its Fifth year at New Rochelle High School. At the elections in November, Graham McGill was elected president, Frank Hummel, vice-president, and Alice Kryla, secre- tary. A special committee led the induction ceremony for new members in june. This year members-elect had to attain at least an eighty-Five average-a decrease from the eighty-seven and one half average of last year. Prospective members were chosen on the basis of scholarship, character, leadership, and service-the four guide words of the society. Members for the year 1949-1950 include: Anderson, Margaret Brunner, Lilli Arace, Alice Cakouros, Catherine Barry, Barbara Carson, Gladys Beatson, Thomas Cassara, Marie Boyle, Margery Channell, Iudy HONOR SOCIETY Ciardullo, Dominick Hunt, Lorraine Coleman, Lucille Connolly, Evelyn Contrata, Cecelia Cronson, Iohn Demby, Susan Dirkse, Nancy Dolcetto, Victor Iackson, Shola Iacobs, Alan Kryla, Alice Laub, Mary Ellen Lehmeier, Franklin Levy, Fred Levy, Iames Donnelly, Mary Clair Litt, Michael Eder, Robert Emerson, Lester Logan, Mary Marsden, George Erlenmaier, Gertrude McGill, Graham Felsenthal, Peter Fishstein, Ioan Friedland, Helene Fuhrer, Iames Garfein, Zelda Geier, Kenneth Green, Barbara Girsdansky, Michael Gmelin, William Gutmann, Ralph Holmsten, Anita Hummel, Frank McCulloch, Helen Mendes, Carol Miller, WVilliam Rende, Frances Robinson, Iudy Rosenwald, Ellen Roth, Roxanne Rubin, Lawrence Rukeyser, Louis Saleh, Thomas Schaefer, Eleanor Schoffer, Eleanor Schwartz, Arthur Taitt, Gloria Tappert, William Toma, Salvatore Ubaldi, Alena Vallelonga, Iosephine Moscowitz, Deborah Van Buren, Alfred Mottarella, Elia Mueller, George Nardelli, Ann Packer, Barbara Parkinson, Roger Plotinsky, Melvin Quarles, Luther Randall, Ioyce Villaume, Gerard Wefer, Donald Weitzman, Leonard Winkler, Margaret Wood, Charles Woodard, William Yaffa, Dick 4 THE SCHOLARSHIP CLUB The lamp of knowledge shines brilliantly in our school. For proof of this we need only look at the large membership of the Scholarship Club. Capably led by Miss O'Reilly, faculty advisorg Wil- liam Miller. president: Michael Litt, vice-president: and Alyce Kryla. secretary. the Scholarship Club aimed to encourage higher grades among all the students in the school. Because this is strictly an honorary organization, any student was eligible for membership. However. mem- bership certilicates were awarded only to those students who qualified twice during the hrst three marking periods of the year. VVhen Aladdin rubbed his magic lamp a genit- sprang forth. lt is our hopes that the genie of this lamp of knowledge will lead the students of New Rochelle High School toward even higher scholastic achieve- ments than ever before. El'1w'VY10'N'f0"'f' In 'ofa-rfbdfrvrv .156 sw ' f ' 5 ,, , ., . KX i V' l 1 Q 'Q' i t h at , kk hx' :A NA . VV gg p-it it lin qu liesplentlent in purple iaeliets. white trousers. anal I rple hats. the oo piee: NRIIS marching laaiitl was prestnt at all the lootluall games. hoth home autl away. L'ntler the leatlership ol' their eoiitltietor. Xlr. llarry lliigh, the hoya antl girls exeeutecl many tricky maneu, ters anil won the praise oi the onlookers with their e preeisiou marching. as well as their superior tonal alily. Special notiee must he girtn to the pageant ptit on at the loiia gaine on Tliaiilxhgixiiig Day. ln thia pro, gram. whit-li in part tlepietetl lite among the Pilgrim lathers. they were aswistetl hy a group ol "lJil3griins'A from the VVelistt'r School. The hantl playetl many concerts tluring the year: notably, the Christmas eoneert, autl gave all the prof eeetls to the New Roehellc Hospital. Among the outstantliiig sections oi' the hantl. the tromhone section. eomprisetl ol' Ierry liilili. lim Carino. l.eo llolmsten. antl Tom lleatson. tlrew lavorahle eom- ment lor their organizetl group cheers at the games. rXlso praiseworthy was the saxophone section, eom, prisctl of Holi Kearney. liurt Zimhler, lohn Molhtt. lloh Patterson. llave Nilson. antl lacqueliue Strauh. This group also hatl intlixitlual cheers. Other stellar memliers inelutle trumpeters Marvin XVoll. Sitl Singer. anal Iohn Sharra: tlrummer .Xl lia- tona: elarinctists Margot llaum anal lim Serwis: anal tuha players .Xl laeohs antl lerry Nlarfe. fl.. 'K GRCHESTR y - ,....N..i-..J..,...,....,a, Once again, guided by the deft movements ol Mr. Haigh's baton, the New Rochelle High School Orches- tra completed a year ol incomparable performances. lt opened its program lor the year by playing in the Nlusic Clinic at the VVestchester County Center under the leadership of Professor Church. From this mem- orable event, a valuable experience was gained. ln harmony with the melodious tones furnished in the orchestra went a benevolent spirit. The orchestra. together with the other branches ol' the instrumental department, gave a Christlnas program in order to liulhll .t pledge made to furnish a room in the New Rochelle Hospital. The orchestra also did a marvelous job in helping to send both the faculty and the student body home in high spirits for the Christmas season. It played the traditional Christmas carols and lrying l3erlin's great hit, "VVhite Christmas." The orchestra went on with other activities. To test its talented members it entered the .Xnnual Contest, and the results were remarkable. The festive Spring Concert was the last exhibition of its line work. Many who are saying goodhbye to Mr. llaigh and their fellow musicians ol' the orchestra loolc back with well-earned pride. Others are looking forward to other full and successful years as members of the New Ro- chelle High School Orchestra. i If 1. ,ax J W 0' QLD I 2. Qs' -'x N 1 :ff I iv ,S x, 'v A CAPELLA CHOI RS Directed by Mr. C. llroadhead, the choral groups presented many beautiful eonc-erts during the year. The Choir sang at the First National Bank dur- ing Christmas. the annual Festival of Song at Albert Leonard, and was photographed by the Pathe News. Among their favorites were H,-Xll the Things You Are." "Down in the Valley," and 'I-Xin't That Good News." The "IS" Choir sang at the Christmas assembly, Barnard lilementary School. and New Rochelle Hos- pital. Their many favorites included "Waters Ripple and Flowi' and Fred WXlTllXg.S arrangement of "Loch Lomond." The "A" and "li" Choirs sang parts ofthe L'Messiah" at a special program in December and were ioined by the Boys' Glee Club. the Girls' Ensemble and the Boys' Ensemble climaxed a successful year in the annual spring concert, May 18. Accompanists for the group were Deborah Mosco- witz, Mary Caryl Broadhead. and Sandra Garfein. MIXED CHORUS The Ncw Rochcllt' High School chorus is toniposctl ol' approxiinatcly eighty stutlcnts. who nwci thrct' tinics xwcklt' untlcr tht' capahlt- tlircction of Mr, Kflarcnct' I. llroatlhcatl. 'l'ht' chorus niccts twict' a wccls as scpaiat: hoy autl girl groups, anal oncc a wccla as a mixctl group. Tht- cntirc group was hcartl on scvcral occasions throughout tht- ycar. 'lihcy ioinctl with the A Cappella antl "li" choirs in singing at the spccial Christmas presen- tation of portions ot' Hantlcl's 'AMessial1." and the val. March gi. antl wart- tht- only choral group chorus. alonc. sang nunicrous lollasongs at tht- .Xniuri can Folk Festival in March. Tht- thrut' groups wort rt-unitctl at thc annual spring coiitrwt in Xlax. 1 . The chorus sang scwcit sclcctions at tht- lianct' lfvsti participatc in tht- prograuu. Tht-ir szlcctious intrltitlctl .Xftcr tht' Hall." "Coiniu' 'lhrough tht- Rye." "Ski to My Lou." "l5lut- Tail Fly." "I.ittlt- llrown lug Pop Uocs tht- VVcascl." antl "Good Night l,atlit's The chorus is matlc up ol' stutlznts from each gratlt and docs not rcquirc tryvouts. to xgiliiumuni 'l'Al' I'l Prfsirluzl ...... . .lame-s Sm-vm' Vi:-1' l'rrsifIf'nl ,,.. Riu-lmrml Halo N1 f'l'I'fflVAll. . . . . .. llvm-go .'xhI't'IlS l'Hl lbl'Il.'I'.X I'r1.wu14nl. ..... Alym- Ixmlzn Vim l'r4.-:i1Ir'nlI... l"n-mh'i4-ax Hull Srr'1'flr1rA11. .. . Ah-xizl lfrvslvi' I'Hl .Xl,l'll.X l,l'1'NIlll'!ll ........ HlVll2Il'4l Nalin View l,l'lHiII1'llf. .... .lzlmvs In-vy 'l'rrvr.wrr1f', . . XYr-Vlwl' I"l'l'lllllllil'h PHI 'IDU' l'ra's1rIf'nI , ..... Mary Alllflhhj' Sl'f'l'Ikflll'All ..... Jum- All'K'Hl'lllit'k 'l'1':'f1sln'1':' .... l,2lI!'il'i1l I-'illmlgun l'lilNl'l4IS Ulf' SYllAi'l'SlC l'1'e'sirI1'11f ........ Alun lizlttmfl' Vim' l'rr'sif1f'nl .lunzuhaxn Kutm-1' N4'f'?'f'fflV.ll .... Nnrtull Iierkuwiiz 'lvi'f'IlSNl'f'l'. . . , , Ifrvd tllnsslwrg l'llI Sl4I.Xl.X l!I1I'l' X ,. , . ,. Vu, I'fw vnll nl .... .lwlm AXluI'I'iI1 .mf-ff1:111f.x. , l'I1ilip lizmlnn I-Imluzlxwl lfw--ll 'I',1frMf,1r. .. lii1'll1ll'11 414-ldlxmzm 1' W" ,vain -ali ful 's N' .. I 'I' - F .h x lf'I'lH-Ili.Xl.IZ4'I' 4'l,l'lt l'f'f wfll ffl ..... .. .Xlivlxaufl I.iIl lrw. I rf wflf ff! . . . lxvmn-Ill I.--1-w NH,-,lmvf . Imris I,i--lmllu-nlllxl I5,XNKIN1I1'l,l'H l'f'1.vi1lvfll ,.,.,. Iinlwvl Iispus' Vim I'n,vi1lrnlf.v .... Tum S2111-I1 .Nmrvlrlfff Mary' Lu. xlliillllil this ll 4'I'lil2l1'Y'I'I"X'l4'Y'I'41'll'I' in-1 I fu .- ffl ful.. .. .lusi-ph liz: Nfw'f!r1rjf1 .. .. SIISIIII In-mln IH-1 ,sul lIIl4..XIIS'l'IlY 4'I4l'l1 1 111 ...,. Il-'gm' l':u1'kinw In Inf l'f'1vnlvul.. lu-llllvlh XX lla rx Qll' . N up A SWS? 1 X gk g i Vi V, MW. if .wry In mf lzA' wa mg r h'hk Q55 gg .. ,,,, .,,, 4 ,V 3 :,.- 's '- ,f , . uzuz 5 9 , Q m Y V "'- f Q L'.' 1, ya? ,v X 0' ,W if fi' , ni. N14 A ?' f ff? S 'QM' gg? 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Quu-aged 4 A . - . . - np., , H -- A A X , rv rin, 5 ,,, H . ""f"1r-f vf.Lp.l11m. 7' ,, ff 1 f,g,,,,,,,,,W mr, FH - r Uwk 5llll!xefPinrf,' . - f""'Kf -,ffmm4,,.xA, , 1 . , , w1fhuwmrn0i iq, f. .. 'fx Studen H K V Recen e Mormon Wig., W K In Talent n at In Qu s.,,,w css 'O su on .A ws lr r za Loss H'I"" WN!! Q' lf ilrusi Phyillv Ill --Wm: A ww M, .W W, .1 ,U www 1... TM, - M1 af vm wwe -fn cn me-M an W, ffm, K , i Qmm L.,,. M., ,. 1. ,Wu W nr N, Lx., X.- xv, .LW .H .'.fw. . am M- ,, V.. ,. 1 A in 1 ,ls XM M ww we ... M,--W1 ,.,.f,,M.L4.. W, W ,, 5, 1 fu iw, "Uadding Grads." hy Patricia Finnegan and Mary lilltn Lauh: and poems and timely Iieatures hy "lea, Fourteen times during the year, students who owned ritau for leanne Longden and Rita llandridgej. 12.0. eards anxiously awaited the arrival ol' their home- Other memhers ol' the liditorial Stall. with Miss room representatiyes. for these students acted as the Melha Carpenter as lfaeulty .Xdyisoig were Louise eonneeting link hetween the student hody and the .Xhrams. liarhara lianner. Louise llarhoota. Gail Can Tower. where lluguenot lleralds were distrihuted to non. Carol Chisholm. Mary Lou lforadora, Charles the representatives. liriedlander. Selma Cirahel. llarry lludis. Rose Marie XN'illiam Millar. as eapahle l'lditorkinfChiel. super Luxxi. .Xnn Mathews. lfyelyn Meineke. Phyllis Us xised all departments ot' the lfditorial Staff and was horne. Nan Parker. Naney Pierson. Lois Rogers. lfllen aided hy the departmental heads. Literary lfditor Zelda Rosenwald, liyander Sehmidlapp, Indy Shankman. tiarttin. and .Xlyee liryla. News liditor. made sure that listelle WR-inman and Natalie Zueker. all the ex ents were iiully eoye"ed.and inieeted into them The Herald Business Stall was eapahly managed hy a sparkle that turned dry laets into interesting reading. lfllen Rosenwiiltl .ind IA-oiigirtl X'Vt-ityiniin, .Xnlinr Phyllis I'ifQlllfiL'. lieature liditor, kept page two witty and Xlintlmgirlg, as Iiookkeeper. kept an aeenrate aeeonnt yet informative: and Sports lCditor. lames Levy. eoxf ol' all the gains and losses. and Mary Lon Iforadora ered all taeets oi' sports and was aided hy Philip Kap- seryed as Circulation Manager. Miss .Xnna Hartnett lan. .Xrthur Mittelmark. Peter lfelsenthal. lfred Levy aeted as liaeulty .Xdyisor. Business stall' memhers were and lonathan Kutner. Mareia .Xhelson. Louise .'Xhrams. lris llloek. Laurel Many popular eolnmns were oliten featured. They Uffsili- PllYlll5 '11'11USs- Cillllfrlnc V11lWl'ff'Ss Dilwl included "Tower Talk." hy Hill Miller: the "Personal CiUlll5U'ill. AMYCC Kfyllls lilllfl l4CYil1L'. llllly Nlllvlilll- qj.,iL,,,mj' by Phyllis limim,-3 "FUninim l3'Q41r5," lay' Ruth Rothman. Charles Santoro. ludy Shankman. .Xlyee Islrylai ".Xs' You Like lt." hy Howard Sweet: Renee Tauh. Lenore XVeiss. Dorothy NVooll' and Sari "Through the Looking Glass." hy Catherine Cakouros: VVinston. TOWER PLAYERS Led hy VV. Iimerson Ilurke. the Tower Players oilie a multitude of opportunities. One may develop h acting, design sets, prompt. work on props. or co trihute to the cluh activities in many other way Through Mr. Ilurlseis line direction and productio and the tireless efforts of the cluh memhers. each plz has heen a meinorahle one. "Pop" has earned tl admiration, respect and affection of all those who woi with him. Aided hy the loyal memhers. he has create an outstanding organization. "LILIOM" Opening the Tower Players' twenty-first season W "Liliom." a legend hy Ferenc Molnar. The role the happy-go-lucky carousel harlaer was elliective played hy Howard Sweet. The part of Iulie w douhle-cast with Dorothy White and Zelda Uarfei and the roles of Marie and Ficaur were expertly take hy Susan Ootwald and lerry Hilik. Orchids to ho actors and stage crewl "NINE GIRLS" "Nine Girls." the second play of the season, was oi of the most spineftingling melodrainas ever product hy the Tower Players. In the setting of a mounta sorority lodge. the allfgirl C1151 managed to chill tl audience and create a frightening illusion. The g whose twisted mind told her to eliminate those wl hindered her was played capahly hy Iiarhara Davit Patricia Rooney. Ifva Minot. Iflizaheth Treihecls al .Xnne Schulley created the major supporting roles. HIOAN OF I.ORR.-XINIi" Maxwell .'Xnderson's "Ioan of Lorraine" was a other Tower Players' succefs. In the role of the sen tive maid. Susan Demhy gave a memorahle perfori ance. Alfred Van Iiuren did a polished ioh in the rt of the director. and Charles Santoro presented , excellent characterization of the Frivolous Dauph: Kenneth Cleier. Herhert Green, Louis Rukeyser a others handled the supporting roles expertly. Settin of particular merit also helped make "Ioan of Lorrain one of the Tower Players' finest productions. "MIiIiT MH IN ST. LOUIS" "Meet Me In St. Louis," which many remeinher a movie. was the fourth play of the year. This deligl ful and laugh-provoking comedy was the story of family in St. Louis at the time of the great Worlt Fair. As the four sisters who hecame involved in t romances of their older hrother. Ioanne Seehold, Ga Gross, Alice Arace and Toni Hallaran gave convit ing performances. The line supporting cast help make "Meet Me In St. Louis" a mot enioyahle pl, "COMMAND DIQCISIONN The final play of the season was a recent Iiroadw and film success, "Command Decision." The play volved a controversy over homhing techniques amo a numher of ,Xmerican army orhcers during the Seco VVorId Wlar. Nlaturely acted hy Alfred Van Hurt Iloward Sweet. Peter Iielsenthal, and a splendid cz "Command Decision" proved to he one of the Tov Players' 111051 important productions and was an citing climax to a successful year. f Z 1' . ! , gif ff ' rn' . 1 1 ff 11 ff. it I In 5 Q1 f .Q IQAWW I UV f'!' M THE JUNIORS 2 W 1m v7"'f' 4, f,5,11g:i65,. V VV. 4 Alf, gn ,J L, b Wk 1, fgiH :..f1,3,,,f:f:42fv z-.1 IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS . fHE' 1UNioRs lust as the genie appeared to Aladdin when he rubbed the magic lamp, so did the lunior Class come into the picture when help was needed. The first and most important thing they did was to elect Iesse Ar- nelle, president: Barbara Dillon, vicespresidentz Geralf dine O'Neill, secretary: and Eleanor Horgelt. treasurer. lust in time to help Mr. Amonson mold his Champion- ship Team were such stars as Iesse Arnelle lwho re- ceived a third team all county berthj. lack Mayers. Herb White, and Andy Flockhart. Other sports had their magic-makers: some of these were Dan Gerber- ding. Peter Knoke, Robert Briskie, Iim Tarentino. Dick Chapin, Skippy Casiraghi. In the way ol social life. the Iuniors were no sleepers. They pitched in and gave a very successful dance. L'Delirium," on February II, under the sponsorship of Miss Sylva Kunce. Then of course, the never-to-be forgotten Iunior Prom took place. amid soft lights, music, and the rustle of formals. The junior Class was right on the spot in many of the outside activities. bringing honor to the school. The junior girls were represented on all the honor teams and the cheerleading squad was mainly composed of them. The Huguenot Herald also had its share of iun- ior members, while the Social Service Club boasted many of them. Another important milestone for the class was the arrival of the long-awaited rings. Without the aid of the genie and the lamp, the Iuniors had an inspiring and memorable year. Next year will be even more sol THE SOPHOMORES The sophomore class. not to be outdone, entered wholeheartedly into all activities and all phases of school lite. Capably led by Donald Zaccagnino. Ross VVebber. Mary Lou Foradora and Carlo LaPera- president. vice-president, secretary, and treasurer re- spectively. the class of '52's main social shindig was the sophomore dance. HDeep Purple." Chairmen of the dance were Phyllis Yaffa. Bruce McKay and Natalie Zucker. Robert Aldrich, Iackie Straub. and Felix Grossman. Norris Grey. Carlo LaPera. Bruce Mcliay, Iohn Simmons and Cary Woodward were on the Varsity football team, and many others carried the I.V. team along. Out there helping the boys to victory were twirlers Mary Lou Foradora, Iacqueline MacDonald and Phyllis Yaffa. Three sophomores. Bill Bruce, Greg Dillon and Pyle Dollar were mainstays on the hockey team. with all three representing NRHS on the All Star team. Leroy Scott. elevated from a IX. position. helped the varsity basketball team along to their VVIAA win. and the swimming team was bolstered by regulars Felix Gross- man. Dick McPhee and Ronald Rasmussen. The girls were active in sports also. Eva Bolling, Mary Iane Burigo, Alice Dolson and Ieanne Larrabee were members of the girls' honor basketball team and many others went out for after-school sports. Quite a few sophs were members ol' Tower Players --you may remember Arthur Delson. Peter Frierich. Dick McPhee. Bob Meltzer and Karla Most from "Pop" Burke's productions. And covering the news were Herald staff members Mary Lou Foradora and Natalie Zucker. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS ,fdjfj fame A, I K' fr ' - 55457 Og 1, dnl ' yf ,. Af, riffs as 6' 4-Kzilb P , J 4 n Q' ilwby, VK? it T Q Q if A 5 i f ,s ,Ms f,,fL,M ,-E 1 , , , Y" V 1 , W' X ' X Y 'fa b I f ?fff',x i'if2'z' 'ff"f fJ 1 ,qt f 4 afzi M 4 , 1 sgV,Q,,a' 4,4 , ,K,,k fi if F E , 4 I If V4 4 f L Q ' is .V ,E ,W ff Lf iff 1 2 ff ' "'' r- ff'iW'w' v ' f 1 ff,-N 1,4 g, fffwf , I ff V 3 f ,V A F' vf? f if f a ff 'f f , -. ff Sf rd 9 1 A! in 4' , QQ inll, 4 Hy, iw' W aw ll ii :.- 4, I I E L' -wax: f" Q 'kph ' if 'ff ' A .i Vvf, ,I fvmtfm li ljiggfdy Jsl.igv,,p ff' hw myz., W , h if EJ?iii ,,f,-f gA,Lig 5 A N im M ff g :ani 1, ,,3A ,Q Viuq 1 N N aj v 1 f fl ' fwfr, 1. 1 ,.A- I -Qkbb , Q 5 f ff I ,1 A ,-H X1 4 1 4. 1, ,, a f ,Q ,A - ,if if r Q A ' A N , ,, , z 1 rw? 473 4 if f M: fM. :f.: fmJf M ' - ff WN ff M 1 f fa, ef a Q - --1-if 9":6"' f "W 'f : 5 gf fs "' ie, e 'pg' '-Vf 5 ff' fi 1 f, Q if X jf ' f Q , A - ' f"-104 ' A ' ' A If 'P ,X gi- ,Qfg..fw. ff-f Img 'L f ,Q N Y .. fu., ii' . H, w h, X WM mgtgen W Q Eff' :Tl dw: as-fw if Q A 5 J 3 fs K ix p - 5235.2 Q ki A F' Q45 if vw W Wm 5, K A ,L A 432 1' , ,Q if ""'2,L A .Q .4 . JWA ,.f,M A v 5' Q MTS F-TDQRAFFELG, Varsity Football Squad VARSITY FOOTBALL The ll,l.lljCillllUl1 ol the linrplg VVaye gritl sqnatl will go clown in history as one of the alilest aggfegations that eyer trotl the tnrl' ol' Nlelienna Fieltl. Unr nn, eqilaleil Coaeh .Xinonsonis iuggernaut rolletl on to the Vl'l.X.X ehalnpionship, leaiing in its wake the sealps ol' Roosevelt. XVhite Plains, Yonkers Central. Port Ches- ter, Gorton. antl Nlainaroneek. .Xn exhibition win oyer Iona was thrown in lor gootl nieasure. antl for henelit ol the New Roehelle Hospital which reeeiyetl all the pioeeetls lroni this 'lihanksgiying Day eon lt'!sI. .Xs lor the tleleat at the hantls el .X. ll. Dayis. it only showetl that our hoys were hinnan antl not a niaehin antl that all l1LlIIl1lIlS are entitlecl to have an oil tlay. ln reiiewing the high spots of this triumphant sea- son. the nanie ol Dick Yallia iniist he the lirst to he nitntionetl. lliotons liiehartl lecl the VVl.'X.X in scoring with an all tnne high ol 85 points. He was unani- inonsly seltetetl as the outstantling player in VVtst chester. XVho ean lor-fel his lonr touehtlowns in 21 Xlainaroneek gaine that won the title lor .Xnother naine that ranks high on the list is that ol George Nlnrphy. lle was a hrilliant passer antl caller. antl exeelletl also as a kicker. sig ln the line. Intl Cioltlen. lesse .Xrnelltp .Xl Levy. anal Iohnny Siniinons were the inain stalwarts. This write-up eonltl not he terniinatetl without giving ereclit to some of the other players who turnetl in outstanding iohs. Vile mean among others, VVillie Archer. who lille-tl in lor Xlnrphy anal tlitl a neat ioh ol' passing. 'lihen there were litltlie Cirillo, Iitl liene tletto. llerhie VVhite anal Don Rolvertson. These hoys. along with Yalla. hore the hrunt of the running attaek. Orehitls also. to Dewey .Xntlerson. who inatle the long- est run ol' the season, oz yartls against Port Chester. ,Xntl now, as the hook eloses on the ioao ehanipion- ship ttain. we express the hope that next year's loothall write-up will tleal with an equally pleasant topic. SCORES Ntaw R izcz ilt11,i.i. Otfvox ENT 'gg . .Roosexelt , o 28 , VVhite Plains , , o gg. Yonkers Central , o 72 Port Chester . o 31 Gorton , o I2 .X. ll. Davis zo 27 Xlainaioneek , o zo lona Ii , 3. . f 3,5 QQ", N. .4 .42 9 2 5+ wg? ig e A , . .za sw 5 9 6 if 15 A Y., 4 . 5? Q 5 'kxgiyw i5WE"vig.3.F '35 A ,iugg wffwik bf 'M L L A 3 lg Q JJ "V-,ga .gs , 4 1 1 . A fs W, A , Q A V, ,X . Q ff' . t 3 W 3 , 1 . " ' V' A ,X I A .. F F ""f'1' .+." f x ' Eff? Vw N ,,Wwm Aw XP, - K Vx ,A N? F Am 5 Qv ' ., - . ,Q ,,. , .. W - f M , ,, mw V lr- f Q 'w 5 Y Nr MNnnM W .X Z Q V nn M f .. ,,,, , , f xc ' ff M W . ,Q ,K q. M, K5 w , faqs- 'ff f ' 3 ., 2 ig A "' , If iij, Q Y Y 'Y' CHEERLEADERS Une of the linest examples ol the successful reorganization ol the three high schools can he lounal in our cheerleaalers. Alice Arace. our vivacious eokcaptain from lsaac lf. Young, anal co- captain Pat Finnegan, whom many of us rememher as a won-- alerful cheerleaaler at New Ro' chelle High last year. organizeal a group ol thirty girls into a sparkling, well eo-oralinateal cheerf ing squaal. There were many new cheers this year anal the stualent hotly. inspired hy the cheerleaalers, gave our teams every hit of moral support possihle. None of us will ever forget the thrilling sight of these girls, alresse eal in neat, purple, white-lineal skirts anal white sweaters cheering at our games. The seniors who are leaving the perfect squaal line are: Pat Analrew. Alice Arace, Louise Bongo, Frances Boralen, Margie Bright, Dian Cameron, Marie Cassara, Carol Chisholm, Mary Claire Donnelly, Pat Finne- gan, loan Fishstein, l.exie Foster, Helene Frieallanal, Cuerry lien- nealy. Mary Murphy, Carol Narf alozzi. Iualy Rohinson, Lois Bog! ers, anal Carolyn Aalelherg. TWIRLERS Marching hehinal rhythmic anal high spiriteal alrum maiorette. Anne Schulley. the New Rochelle High School twirlers caught all eyes as they put on alazxling performances at this yearis foothall games. :Xttireal in shiny new satin uniliorms. the maiorettes were known lor their perfection ol tempo, accurate lines anal ever reaaly smiles. Many a spectator gazeal anal applaualeal as Anne Schulley twirleal with skill anal with lire alur- ing the halves. Nlaior Totilas. nationally known iualge of haton twirling competitions. eliosa- the hest performers hy a percentage system haseal upon originality. appearance. and twirling anal strutting ability. The group per- formeal many new formations with the NRHS hanal. unaler the alirection of Mr. Harry Haigh. Captain of the twirlers was lackie Nlcllonalal. who was in charge of their organization anal activities. Members of the twirlers were: Genevieve Agnirilo. l.illi Brunner. Barbara Diamond. Alyce Kryla. Doro- thy Pauw. Peggy Scher. anal .-Xnne Schulley, all seniors. Sophomores who composeal the rest of the group were Xlary l,ou Foraalora. lackie Nlclionalal. Rita Nehra- sky, anal Phyllis Yalia. CROSS COUNTRY Led hy lerry Utter, who hroke the VVIAA record at Tihhett's Brook in the time of Illxgfl. and aided hy the line run- ning of Gregory Dillon Qzl. co-captain Norman Meyer. Dick Bartels and Roger Parkinson. the 1949 O'Hrienmen won the VVIAA championship. On Saturdays these hoys. together with Roherts. liufemio. Duarte. Razor, Darden, Duarte. Gillman, Garland and co-captain Yilaume. ran interscholastic meets at Van Cortlandt Park in New York City. Com- peting with one thousand runners at one time. the team placed second in the Man- hattan sponsored meet. This merited them a trophy and individual medals. The squad also placed sixth and seventh at consecu- tive meets sponsored hy City College and Fordham U. Another squad of runners. Hirsch, Arnold. Mueller. Freundlich, Williams, Smith, lflirien. and lones comprised part of th-e team which placed second in a tri- angular meet with Roosevelt til and Ma- maroneck tgl. Running as a single squad, the team lost to Gorton 28-27. leaped ahead of lona 32-33. topped Davis 18-37 and placed sec, ond in the N. Y. State Section One Meet. Special honors go to Ierry Utter who lim- ished first in all VVestchester meets. THE SWIMMING TEAM Spearheaded hy Skip Casiraghi. cokcap- tain VValt Lelller and Iack Mayers. New Rochelle High's 1949-io swimming team coasted through nine meets. losing only to Greenwich, won the VV.l.A.A. crown. and cstahlished itself as the finest in the history ol' the school. Coached hy lohn A. Keller and managed hy Pete Felsenthal. the Purf ple Mermen swamped A. li. Davis twice. and lona. Peekskill High. Hackley. Peek- skill Military Academy, Mamaroneck. and Yonkers once apiece. Both l.etller and Mayers consistently undercut the county swimming marks in their specialties-Letller in the 220-yilfil tree style. and Mayers in the hack stroke. Casiraghi was untouched in the diving competitions. Slayers was easily the most versatile swimmer on the Huguenot ros- ter. as he seemed equally at home in the hack stroke. the hreast stroke. or at any tree stvle . . . . distance. l.elller and Lasiraghi also swam on the crack relay squads. Frank Hummel. co-captain Boh Rivers and lid Meyers were all out-standing at the go-yard distance: Pete Knoke heat nearly everyhody hut Maycrs in the hreast stroke: Stu NVeiss stood out hoth as a hack stroker and in the zoo: Dan Gerherding was a line hack stroker and relay tnan: Ronnie Rasmussen could place in hoth the sprinls and the diving: and lielix "Buster" Grossman and Dick McPhee were tops in the too. Basketball The Purple cagers won thirteen consecutive games. taking their initial class to heart and retaining their spirit ol' vengeance throughout the season. They set two new League records. coping with W.l.A.A. title and Class A championship. and hnally linishing with a season score ol' fifteen wins and three losses. Hy amassing a total ol' 333 points, the squad set a oi.: olliensive average which also replaced an older mark. Only 31.1 points were notched against them. the l.eague's best defensive score. lesse ,Xrnelle now holds two seasonal records. the W.l..X..X. and N.R.H.S regular season marks. Both ol' these were previously held by lid Miller, who graduated from New Rochelle two years ago. The team, paced by Chick Cornell's infallible one- handers: by the consistent set shooting and unparal- leled floorwork ol' Dick Cfllrien. Mike Circelli. Bob Salerno and George Mu'phy1 by the speedy aggres- sive play of Hill Billups, Sal Oliveria. lid Golden and Leon Selig: by Al l.evy's and Leroy Scott's unmatched work LlllllCl' the boards: by the remarkable accuracy ol' Iesse Arnelle's hooks and fakes: by Iohn Mailueefs incredible dribbling and ball handling: by the efhcient management ol' Roger Parkinson -won O'Brien's title "The best team I ever had." But such a record undoubtedly would not have been attained without the many hours of tedious practice, carefully guided by coaches Dan Dan O'Brien and lohn Cerrone. Congratulations. fellas! -fi.. L, HOCKEY TEAM Under the alile direction ol' Coach Willis I. Thom- son, the Huguenot hockey squad has had a very suc- cessful season. finishing tied with Greenwich lor sec- ond place in the Wllll.. The pucksters also competed with many other teams including Darien. Norwalk and Lawrenceville Prep. Active pucksters are Bill Bruce. Greg Dillon. Pete Gamillone, Fyle Dollar. Bahc King, lack VVhiting. john Brand, George Chandler. Ir., Iim Eppinger, Dick Hale, Ken Mclienna, Walt Langendorl. lack Nolan, Tony Pappalardo, Ken Spalen. lim Thomson. and Bill Tucker. Charles "Babe" King, Fyfe Dollar. Bill Bruce were selected for the Westchester Hockey All-Stars. TENNIS - IQ50 PROSPECTS According to Sid Singer. the captain of the team. the most popular sport in New Rochelle High School should he tennis. His opinion seems to he upheld by such experts as Benson Green. Alan Rattner, David Gavrin, Leon Selig, Fyfe Dollar. Biagio Fatone, Seraf lino Amaroso, Patil Sherman, Edward Mank. Bruce Schumaker, Geoffry Lehhar. Clayton Coots, Felix Grossman. Armen Proudian, Orison MacPherson, and Harris Freedman. This year the team will play lona, Mamaroneck, A. B. Davis, Roosevelt. Gorton. Rye, and White Plains. Everybody is vehy optimistic about the team and coach Louis Amonson says that we'll win them all. ya A iw' Mm V+ I QM - f-I BASEBALL Inspired by the showing turned in by other NRHS teams, and determined to fare equally well, coach Keller's wielders of horsehide and hickory emerged from a winter of hibernation, in quest of a W.l.A.A. crown. Whether they will make it is not known right now, but it seems that they can't miss. The Huguenots opened their season by dropping a close one to Yonkers Central, 5-4, in extra innings. Sal Caporale and Bob Kraft turned in excellent pitch- ing performances, but they were the victims of bad breaks and loose fielding. In the only other game played before our deadline, New Rochelle came from behind to nose out a power- ful Mamaroneck aggregation by the score of 4-3, be- hind the strong pitching of Sal Caporale. Long-ball hitting Walter Green is the team's regular first baseman. Second base seems to have been clinched by Bruno Pisani. Phil Cavallero is shortstop. while hockey star 'fBabe" King cavorts around the hot corner, and bats in the clean-up position. First string subs in the infield include Ioe Katz and Iohn Bennevento. The outfield shapes up with three-letter men at two positions, namely Eddie Golden in left, and Captain George Murphy in center. Right field is an open prop- osition so far, with Dick Chapin and Ronnie Brown alternating. Basketball heroes Mike Circelli and lohn "Moo Moo" Maffucci are the catchers, while the pitch- ing is ably handled by Sal Caporale, Bob Kraft. Don- nie Zack and Harry Haigh. The team has plenty of spirit, and with the ablc coaching of Mr. Keller, we feel certain they will gain another W.I.A.A. championship. Villa.. V 1 TRACK Paced by Captain Lou lones, Dick Yaffa, Roger Parkinson, Iesse Arnellc and Robert Roberts, New Rochelle High perhaps had the greatest track team the school will ever see. Coach Dan O'Brien deserves to be proud of his history-making squad. A Parkinson, Roberts, Yalla, Iones, Combo walked away with the Eastern State Championship mile relay title at Seton Hall, New Ierscy, leaving behind them a new meet record of 3:30. The next day. an Arnelle, Roberts, Iones, Yaffa squad ran off with the two-mile relay Eastern State Championship, loping 2.4 seconds off the old record, hitting an amazing 8:17. At the Penn relays, the following week, this same team, concentrating all their power on the mile relay, ran the second fastest relay ever recorded by a high school in the long history of Philadelphia's ancient meets, with a time of 3:2-3.1. Saturday. May 13, Lou Iones ran an exceptional quarter at Rye, N. Y. to set a new meet record of -30.2 seconds. He beat teammate Roger Parkinson, linishing second under 52 seconds. Dick Yaifa, who rose from his sick bed to clinch the middle distance supremacy, added another lirst. Ed Benedetto and Ed Cirillo, finishing third and fourth in the hundred, joined Perry Smith and Herb White to place second in the 880 yard relay. Bob Barclay's fourth in the high jump was o-ur only tally in the field events. The following week, the N.R.H.S. squad Walked off with their 12th W.l.A.A. title cleaning up with a record total of 76 points.j With Benedetto's double win in the hundred and two-twenty, lones' and YatTa's reliable firsts in their specialties, firsts in the mile and medley relays, Barclays first in the high jump, Utter's in the mile, plus considerable depth, we were able to attain a 30 point scoring margin, the team's special way of saluting Dan O'Brien for his 30 years of service. It is with great respect and with realization of gruelling hours of practice which were needed to attain this unparalleled record, that we hail these boys as "the greatest track team New Rochelle ever had." RIFLE TEAM Because ol' the rearrangement ol the local public high-schools. New Rochelle High added to its list ol' activities a rirle team, which was sponsored and coached by Mr. Robert F. Farndon and Mr. Roland R. Hintz. New Rochelle lost only to Roosevelt by a close margin of three points alter they had defeated the latter by the same margin in a previous match. New Rochelle also had no trouble in defeating A. li. Davis whose teams in the past have been excellent. "Buster" Emerson, a rilie team letter-inan of last year, was chosen as this year's captain with Fred Guida taking over the allkimportant I'llllgC-OECCITS position. Many new recruits were chosen to make up the team. l.ester "Buster" Emerson, Fred Guida, Iohn Adams. Norman VVyner, Ceorge Barker, lames Serphos. Stew- art Schoen. VVilliam Hunt. Don Gilbert. Phil Goldman. Andrew Roltisen, and Don Cross actively participated in one or more matches. Those who placed in nine matches this season received their letters. GOLF As the spring gradually approaches cohvvebs and dust are soon being cleaned olf the goll' clubs as many of the members-to-be of the Coll Team get out to practice their swings and improve their forms. ln the weeks to come. shouts ol' "keep that arm straight: get your head down, you'll never see lllly- thing good il' you look up: follow through-replace all divotsf' comes from coach Iohn Cerrone as he strives to get his squad in shape lor the coming sea! son ot competition. After the hrst match. the team composed ot' An' thony Crillo, Iohn Whiting. Iames Tarantino. Robert Bruce, Iohn Toglia, Philip Rella, Robert Fsposito and Charles Cornell proved themselves by overcoming Gorton. 7 to 2. With the Fine start the team has already made. no doubt it will have a winning season in keeping tip with BOWLING TEAM Another championship team, the purple bowlers. added another WIAA trophy to its collection by winning the league howl- ing tournament at Rogers Bowling Center on March ij. IQSO. Coach lohn lielleris star keglers, Vin Crillo, Iohn Whitehouse, Fd Stanton. Tom Freeman and Al Maiola 'oiled consistently and accurately while tchieving this victory. Scoring 2,442 for he series, the team compiled a margin ol' i8o points over the nearest competitor. 'oft Chester. Under a system ot A and B leagues. wentyfthree boys entered intramural com- ietition at Roge's Howling Alley. ln order if points scored. here are the leaders in the chool league who bowled on Tuesdays nd Fridays: Vinny Grillo. Iohn White- ouse. Frank DeRaHle. Tom Freeman, Al flaiola. Nick .'Xlherti. Ed Stanton. Ed Har- the records set by our other teams this year. N My 1' ris. Tony Pastore and Bruno Haag. Other worthy competitors were Iohn Carlston. john DiNapoli. Anthony l.eI'ore. lohn lienovento and Hob Tippett. INTRAMURALS Over two hundred boys participated in this year's intra-mural basketball games. Twenty teams were divid-ed into two leagues, the Midwestern and South- ern Conferences. In the Southern Conference, Mary- land romped through the season beating all contend- ers in the league. with Tennessee and North Carolina providing only a little resistance. In the Midwestern league, Minnesota and Michigan fought to the finish with unblemished records behind Michigan's high- scoring average of 58,0 points per game and Minnesota's low defensive average of 18,9 points per game. Both of these averages were the best offensive and defensive team records in either league. ln the post-season play-off, Min- nesota upset a highly favored Mich- igan team by coming from way be- hind to win the game 34 to 31, and the league championship. All was then ready for the big game between the winners of both leagues. Maryland and Minnesota. Maryland's scoring threats were in the persons of Dom Norberto fcom- bined leagueis high scorer with ISO points and an amazing 21.4 average per gamel. Edwin Stanton, and Bill Lalli. Un the other hand. Minne- sota's hopes were pinned on the con- sistent shooting of lim Secor and Phil Rella. and the height advantage of Victor Earle and Harvey Coates. VVhen the game got under way, Minnesota's control of the back- boards and good shooting by all members of the team opened a 29- point margin after the second half had started. Although Maryland put on a last period rally. they couldn't come close enough and Minnesota won. 5-3 to 46. Other high scorers in the Midwes- tern League were Godfrey Lebhar cII2il and Donald Nunes Mooj. ln the Southern League lid Carolina and Ross Webber were high scorers. The members of the winning teams in intra-muralbasketball were lVTlNNESOTA Midwestern League Fred Biehl Sid Singer Bob Roosov Phil Rella Werner Ereundlich Dick Kern Ioe Katz Victor Earle Harvey Coates Iames Secor lVI.x1zv1..xND Southern League Bill Lalli Eugene Mazza Anthony Pappalardo Biagio Eatone Edwin Stanton Dom Norberto Student Manager in charge of Intra-mural Basketball: Iohn Zeitlin Athletic Coach in charge of intra-mural Basketball Mr. Ainonson THE G. A. A. On February 21 of this year, the G.A.A., the Girls' Athletic Association, once again took up its duties as the head of girls' sports. Its program consisted of a wide variety of activities which could occupy the after- noon hours of any girl who was interested. The agenda was divided into four separate units: the fall session. two winter sessions, and the spring session. Each sport, such as paddle tennis, basketball, volleyball, and softball. was under the direction of a chairman of the Board of the G.A.A. It was the duty of each chair- man to see that her respective activity ran smoothly and to tabulate the points each girl received for participating. From these groups various honor teams were chosen. These teams were in two sections, the class teams or the school teams: the class sections played interclass games, while the school sections represented NRI-IS in inter- scholastic competition. Each team was under the direc- tion of one of the three physical education teachers, Miss Zelda Maslin, Miss Rita Rogers or Miss Anne M. Uglum. After the sports calendar was finished, each girl. who had accumulated enough points over a period of time, received a letterg also, each girl on the honor teams received a letter. These were given out at an "award" assembly at the end of the year. The othcers and chairmen were: PI't'XI.dl'l1f - Ioyce Hiller ljfftf'-Pl't'5l'dl'l1f - Marion Scott SC'C'I'C'fcFl'y - Mary Ann Oehrlein SPORTS CHAIRMHN Archery .,.. . . . ,.,. . . Pan Nolan Badminton, , , . . Flossie Selby Bowling . , . . . .Eleanor Borgelt Riding ......, Paddle Tennis . Swimming . Tennis ..,,,., Table Tennis . . Basketball . . . Softball .... Volleyball . . , . . , Modern Dance , . .Carol Dupee . . Claire Sorieri , . .Iudy Robinson . . . .lean Larrabee . . ,Betsy Parkinson . . . . .Alyce Kryla Mary Ann Erhard Norma Leidenberg . . . Dian Cameron l f IUFUOR VARMTY'FOOTBALL Newlyclad in silver and gray uniforms, the Iayvees won four out of live games. Coach Iohn Keller gave each of the thirty-six candidates an opportunity to "Get into the game." Victories were achieved in the Mamaroneck, Whitt' Plains and Iona games where the respective scores of 18-6, rg-6. and IX-6, illustrate wide scoring margins. Traveling to Peekskill, the squad won 1947 as Baker. Martin, and Cakouros scored touchdowns. Davis upset our winning streak with a safety, making the score 8-6. The Iayvees worked the T, single wing and double wing formations against the Varsity. during practice. This aided the Varsity in winning their games. Starters in the backlitld were Anderson, Brown. DiSanti. and Harrison. On the line Holland, Iackson. Hinkle, Ramaglia. Pierrot and Torian demonstrated their agility. Other players: Chandler. DeMarco, Schnall. Weber, McCabe, Lewis, Pride. Hale, Colvin, Smith, Grant. Hessler, jolly, Ahrens, Aldrich, Chapman, Frie and Harris are also excellent material for another cham- pionship varsity football team. I.V.BASKETBALL Playing its most successful year, the New Rochelle High School Iunior Varsity basketball team tied for hrst place with White Plains in the W.l.A.A. Iunior Varsity Basketball League. The young Cerronetnen made a line record of twelve wins. Averaging 30.6 points per game. the team defeated and outplayed Yonkers Central, Mamaroneck, Roose- velt, Port Chester, A. B. Davis. Gorton, Iona Prep, and Blessed Sacrament in games at home and away. Sharp-shooting Clifford Brown averaged 8.2 points per game and set a new school single game scoring record of 22 points. For their stellar performance on thc Varsity team in the New York State Section One Open Champion- ship Tournament at the County Center. Dick Chapin, lim Tarantino and captain Donnie Zaccagnino were awarded tournament shields. Other potential varsity players Angelo Acocella. George Rones. Bruce McKay. Charles Hillups, David Morenstein, Anthony Dolce, Paul Mecca, Eddie Mank and Iohnny Simmons also played in many games. These boys did not receive letters, but they Won the admiration of fellow students. 1 si Q k if t V ,.j :'1 ' ' if .1 K. A THE LAST WiLL AND TESTAMENT Q I with apologies, 1' Sultan Willis I. Thomson fmay his tribe never shirklj Awoke one night from a deep dream of work, And saw among old come-tos near his bed, A vision that appeared, as from the dead, Writing with purple in a book of gold, "Exceeding work has not made our Sultan old.', Then, to the presence in the room he said, "What writest thou?" -- The vision rais'd its head, And with a cry straight from his heart, Answered, "The Last Will and Testament of those who departf' Now Monday is the saddest day of all So 'twixt Saturday and Sunday it will fall. To the traffic squad which struggles with our We will some comfy chairs of varied sizes. And also to relieve our noon hour sadness, We grant an open lunch hour for our madness, To supplement the new senioris highest dream We leave a senior room for all their schemes. And for the best streamlining of the school, We leave a brand new, cool, clear, swimming pool. To our regret we leave behind the faucet, That leaked in 2-4-3 just when it aughtnit. A graduate school goes from this senior class To all future seniors who fail to pass. guises S9 George Murphy bequeaths his big toe to La Pera For the football squad to win another era. From Selby and Hiller the class proudly wills To Borgelt and Oehrlein more athletic skills. A week's engagement at Carnegie Hall Is left from Debby, Bill Slater and Carol E. Schnall To those two underclassmen of musical flair Phyllis Osborn and Mary Caryl, who takes after her pere. To any small junior whose stature is slight We leave five or six inches of Ierry Vfs height. Doris L. leaves her bassoon with many a prayer IZ pdf' t, to Leigh Huntj To any junior with pipe cleaners and supplies of hot air. To leave the whole school in a fright, Mooney leaves behind his dynamite. We leave Charlie Santoro a lexicon for perusing To look up the words his friend Mike G, keeps using. B. Rosenberg leaves her giggles and wits To anyone who likes humor fthat's the only Way it Fitsj. B. Davies and Demby, two favorites of "Pop,' Leave "Maggie" and Minot star roles at the top. To Tuoti and Short who excel in modern dance Go Cameron and F riedman's great power to prance. Barbara and Selma, alike from toe to head Leave their mixed up identities to Dick Glassberg and Fred. Iim, Fred, and Alan have reached the conclusion To leave behind "Levy" to end all confusion. Bill Miller and Rosenwald of great "Herald', power Grant to Matthews and Zucker the key to the tower. Longden and Dandridge of "Iearita', fame Leave the verses and jingles that gave them their name To Shankman, the poetess, who knows how to rhyme To do all her Herald assignments on time. Cannan, Cassara and Borden will their pep and their steam. To Rose, Scott, and Cooper who will cheer for our team. Helene Epstein's power of setting the passions Goes to Inge, who sets both the passions and fashions. Diamond, Smith, Straub, and Mendes impart Some pencils and erasers for Iane Draddy's art. Ioan Langbein, the sweetheart of a great southern frat, Leaves her personality plus to that O'Keefe girl-Pat. Roth, Carson, and Pearson "willy their great "willing" skill Q PQ To the few lucky bards who "will,' write next year's "will." To all our other classmates who are not mentioned here, We leave the best luck for the up and coming year! is 4 of s t e i 'Q . 5, 9 .X KKLL fl . N PROPHECY It was Iune 26th, 1960. This was a fateful day, for on this day a great explosion took place, one which rocked the earth out of its orbit and set it back 2000 years. Five years later in Bagdad, where civilization was beginning to stir once more, most people had re- covered from the shock and had resumed a normal life. One day Frank Bruno, who was just recovering, suddenly awakened and demanded that he be shown through the city. He summoned two guides, Alan Levy and Gerard Villaume, to show him the way to the Sultan's palace. They came upon a group of trav- elling players who were also going to the palace. The leader of the group was Howard Sweet. As they passed through the market-place they saw many strange and mysterious things. To the right stood Moo-Moo Maffuci juggling basketballs with "Chick" Cornell. Further on Frank saw Margot Baum charming snakes with the magic tones of her clarinet. Next to her, on a soapbox, stood Mel Plotinsky and lim Levy selling their ideas to the public. Passing an oriental art shop, they were attracted by the beautiful paintings of Doris Lee and Barry O'Neill. When they heard a familiar strain, they turned around and noticed Ioan Matthews, Margie Bright, and Tom McGoey harmonizing. Finally Frank and his guides reached the palace gates and gained the permission of the sultan's guards, Ed Golden and Lou Iones, to enter into the palace court. The ladies of the court were enthusiastically engaged in a game of "Canasta." At the table sat Iean Plebani, Guerry Kennedy, Pat Rooney, and Genevieve Agnililo chatting wittily about the daily happenings in the Kingdom. Frank and the guides walked up to the palace door, saluted the sentinels, Ralph Guttman and Leon Selig, and entered. What a marvel of beauty displayed itself before their very eyes! The architecture of the room was of unusual calibre, and the guides explained that it was the work of Graham McGill and Peter Felsen- thal. Beautiful tapestries, designed by Don Smith, Barbara Diamond, Roy Secor, and Bob Straub, adorn- ed the walls. The glittering chandeliers reflected the beautiful colors in the dancers' gowns. Gliding grace- fully across the stage set up at the far end of the room were Grace Curtis and Patti Walsh, assisted by a bevy of beautiful girls, Adele Derektor, Lois Rogers, Carol Chisholm, and Iudy Channel. An oriental orchestra was playing soft music, accompanied by the great singer Cecilia Contrata. Debbie Moskowitz and Bill Slater were regaling the audience with piano rhap- sodies. Suddenly, the golden tones of Mary Wolf's trum- pet announced the beginning of the evening's enter- tainment, which was to be provided by the travelling players. The play starred Sue Demby and Al Van Buren, very aptly supported by Zelda Garfein, Dot White, Barbara Davies, Billy Gmelin, and Charles Santoro. Very absorbed by the play, Frank almost missed the grand entrance of the great Sultan, who was noted for having three heads. What a surprise greeted our hero when he discovered that they looked very much like our own Yaffa, Katona, and Iustice. The Sultan was followed by his sensational court ma- gicians, Fred Levy and Dan Kleppner, who were casu- ally creating miracles as they entered. Frank noticed other court celebrities, writers Mary Ann Erhard, Bill Miller, and Catherine Cakourus, scientists Alyce Kryla and Iudy Robinson, linguists Nancy Dirkse, Alice Arace, and Trudi Erlenmeier, and three of the Sultanis favorite wives, Delphine Geronimo, Helene Friedland, and Rose Merril. Finding Court life to his liking, Frank obtained a job as bodyguard to the Sultan and lived happily ever after in the city of Bagdad. Sept. 8 Sept Sept. 28 Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov Nov Nov Nov. Nov Dec. 2 Dec. 5 Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. CALENDAR To please the "Bored of Education," school opens. New principal arrives in newest Lincoln convertible. Lost six eighth-graders foops! we mean seniorsj. Found wandering around the tower hopelessly looking for the cafeteria. We run home to break piggy banks as G.O. drive commences. The green of the gridirion becomes black and orange as N. R. H. S. cleaned up the field with White Plains. Score: 28-0. Fred Levy, Kenneth Geier, and Nancy Pierson receive awards for essays on "Universal Declaration of Human Rightsf, Faculty is pleased at their open minds, but refuse to grant students "Human Rightsf' The social season commences as the "Witches Whirl!" A Seniors receive class standing-many feel like sitting. Tower Players present first play of the year. "Liliorn" was a big success with sweet Garfein and White heading the cast. N. R. H. S. throttles Mamaroneck, 27-O. Clinches W. I. A. A. fWin In All Ath- leticsb title. Thank goodness, Thanksgiving QMothers swarmed by hungry mob as first "Coke- Tailn party proves huge successj Ever faithful, the student-body returns to school to help their team become city champions by beating Iona, 26-6. Hos- pital nets S9,000, as students happily re- turn home to devour turkey. Iitterbugers Hy and "Snow Ballfsj Bouncen as the Tri-Hi-Y gives dance. The A Capella Choirs begin the Yuletide season -by presenting part of the "Mes- siahf' Girls get "5o-5o', chance at Rochellean stag dance. Both Varsity and I.V. plow under Blessed Sacrament, giving the Basketball Season a rip-roaring start. WHEE-E-El Christmas Vacation! Always concerned about the welfare of the student, the P.T.A. sponsors New Yearis Party. Ian. l 3 Ian. 4 Ian. 6- 7 Ian. 9 Ian. I7 Ian. I9 Ian. 23 Ian. 26 Ian. 30 Feb. I Feb. 4 Feb. II Feb. 24-25 Feb. 27 March 6- 7 March II March I7 March 20 April 5 April I7 Three weeks to Regents-students learn semester's work in 504 hours. With a big splash, the swimming team opens successful season. Second Tower Players production scares school as Barbara Davies leads cast in "Nine Girls." Rochellean opens subscription drive. Miss Bartnett and staff learn the meaning of the "ten minute rush." fH.R. Perj Fred Levy wins national acclaim after winning the Comprehensive American History Test. Minor detail: Bernard Baruch presented him with s2,000. In memory of Robert E. Lee, the Con- federate llag was raised in room 231- last stand of the confederacy. Cross your Fingers, it's Regents week. Those students who survived Regents are "Lost in the Stars" at the Winter Prom. Students blue-Report card blue, that is. We turn over a new leaf, this term is going to be diferent. Kleppner with "A Report on a New Type of Micronometer Tube with its Application on a Microbarographf' with fourteen others wins National Science Talent Search honorable mention awards. Iuniors in "Delirium" as they present their first dance. Bilik and crew still delirious. Another fine Tower Players show. This time Maxwell Anderson's "Ioan of Lor- rainei' by Emerson Burke's Susan of N. R. H. S. In cooperation with the "Voice of Amer- icaf' pictures were taken of our school for a documentary film. State Scholarship Examinations claim 61 seniors, those who survive go onto . . . College Entrance Examination Board tests. Those still able to walk attend an- nual Spring Concert. Much work being done in yearbook class. Why? Assignments due Monday, March 20. Rochellcan assignments due, still much work being done in yearbook class. At long last, Easter Vacation. Back to the old grind. Will 'graduation ever come? April 28-29 May 26 Iune 2-3 Iune IQ-22 School is entertained by "Meet Me in St. Louis." Great success! One month to graduation, "Believe it or Not." Seniors prepare to learn three years' work in 31 days. The Tower Players draft every available man for their last production, "Com- mand Decision." Hold on to your hats! It's Regents week. Graduation seems but a far-off dream. Iune 23 Iune 26 Iune 27 To inflate their egos the seniors have their day and hold their last dance for those who are Regents weak. Class Day. Ah-h! Graduation, the culmination of twelve years' work fthirteen, counting kindergartenj. We, the class of the mid- century, wish to extend the best of luck to the class of " '5x" and may they have as successful a year as we. "The In uirin Reporter" Cl S QUESTIONS WHAT WILL YOU REMEMBER MOST ABOUT NEW ROCHELLE HIGH SCHOOL? ANSWERS: Helene Epstein: Clair Meizner: Shola Iackson: Ellen Rosenwald: ' Charles Wood: Kenneth Geier: Mel Plotinsky: Harry Hudis: Ieanne Braham: Ianet Levine: Roxanne Roth: Betty Lebowitzz Hal Mooney: Ralph Gutmann: " Lexie Foster: Billy Gmelin: Fran Borden: as u ms u sr ac cc as ct cn u Modified lovers-loving in the halls." Putting up the 'sky' for the '50- 50' Rochellean Dance." Wandering aimlessly around the tower looking for the lunch room on September 6." 'Those tower stairs -all 22 of them." 'Come-to's, admits, pink slips, blue cards, etc." The 'pleasant' odor greeting you on entering Dr. Spear's Chemis- try Laboratory." "Kidding Mike Girsdansky in English." The mad mob in the lockers at 3:o4." "The continual appearances of posters advertising dances." The 8:29 rush." "Monday mornings and Friday afternoons." Graduation!! fFinally.j" The four students that were trampled to death while run- ning to third lunch in front of the libraryf, Riding the crowded school bus. QOuch!j" The co-operation on the part of students and faculty in this past year." Miss Symmes pet saying-'Stick to the lulu.' Making the ROCHELLEAN.!, Fred Biehl Gaye Gross: Pat Laing: Herbie Green: Gail Cannon: Ioan Cohan: Kurt Zimbler: Barbara Packer: Marilyn Fiske: Helene Friedland: " Mary Ellen Laub: Phil Goldman: Fran Strickler: Barbara Rosenberg: " Barbara Diamond: Beth Treibeck: Barbara Becker: Don Smith: Howard Sweet: Graham McGill: Stewart Schoen: sc as 44 The lack of clouds of smoke in the halls." Ask me sometime in the future!" "Lunch at the 'P. R."' The red flagpole after New Year's." Miss Carpenter and the Hugue- not Herald Staff." Chief Detective Conard of the Library Force." Victory over White Plains after fifteen years of waiting-28-o!!!" Pop Burke's productions" Walking across the causeway on those cold windy mornings fbrr!!j." The thrill of cheering in front of 10,000 people at the Thanksgiv- ing Day game." The 'oversizedi auditorium." Shooting for the RiHe Team." Being 'Aurora' in 'St. Ioan'." How do you know when a cus- tard pie is done? New York State Scholarship Exam." "The beautiful panoramic view from the art room." "The 'educational' conversations at the lunch table during fourth lunch." Spanish!" "The 'line' at the bus stopf' KC Getting engaged to Iudy Chan- nell." Skating on the lakes this past year, the first time in three years." "The 'conscientious' bridge play- ing in the lunch room." MAGIC CARPET By HERBERT GREEN Look into the gleaming sunset While the magic carpet of youth flies hy lum p on this carpet! You graduates of '50 And with the strength of youth hang on! For together we'll build a nation, a world to he admired. But don't close your eyes Or the magic carpet will pass you hy. W ,Q- Na E E EE. rtset FAREWELL l By IEANNE LONGDEN and RITA DANDRIDGE As the magic carpet disappears, Beyond the Tower's rim, The school grows quiet with setting sun, The lake's rejqections dim. Slowly the curtain of dusk descends, Silence reigns in the shadowy halls, Broken only hy the echoes, Of memories locked within these walls. The quiet ozferpowers all, Another senior class departs, Carrying the memories of high school days Securely locked within their hearts. , , gl Avi' 62 Q X A Uryw TV M9 .r f' ' ? ff.-.Cv X QL! -Y f 1 'J X U a1gij'x ,gig Mya 0 Sf- xf M '7 NN lx 6 W, , 2- 21- Wd R USORP do-W aff- ww . Q ' H if f ,. an ww , 61 if .umJff' 'L QW if WT 521 D 'QAQWY' J , 0 I fr , i g Hi 3 1 E " V fi.l'd9!w Gif? jf 'Q 00 A , PW Dfw 4 Tb fw ff iii-f Q9 ww Lo S an O C9 'VC D A X N' . Jnvcnr N UV Y Ox J ,QQ 'DIC Q -X gl guru Nfl, affix SW 13' if ! Jfgk U7 C S uw lj 9 fif Lou Pzfcinbk fd Q Kgmsxc, x ' I 3 0 ,lmfjvxgl 1 OO ulizsuu L':'V'c'Lk Duct? J? I 0 U-3 5 0.9 PS' 'ig' 1 60, - ue, FzLfNTH"" Q Sig fs 322 X8 ll A 3 'LQ1347 ,am hgvglg inn g,Nf':x"oil+' JB all ei Q9 'Xa' 51. sf I2 QQ www V9' SW 10 g2fff'XQQ S' S 9 " xx -121, F " 7 Q i n 5 .45 40' Jag, qi '29 Q H , D X L ,, Q , Eg ,Zak Q,-gm? ing.-v.g,J PN ,. m f- r I OHlQ+'F'Sfc. P 54,55 Q- Q 'N A Qf-1 l'-,tv Q I, Q Q, A N1-Ylzlin Nou, Q ,, Q Q0 621: V 'N if "'Xf1JQfi .3-yt J'eFFe"S0Yv 50 doin QV ASM ' ' : - 'P W X 1' ' "' HF -'FS1 K , Q- 6 'S XX ' g 'E E 'XX I-"Dyna-'Ile' xzg K N SK l A P a wx R mfg ' gfffbf X 'iff k 4 " mm 'K xo -0,0 ,L 1 5 gi f 1 L Q -J X, Q f'Qf FEMA I, QS 5 0 f3 4 di EX f U if rk ' ' H rxkvif, +5 fd X-435 Q' 11' R Q o HZQTQSQ X51 O76 E 'ixmvf 2 'L Q ' Z VX ,D cl 4,550 U"Qfy 1' 1 Ci L 4 5 fm sg is QQ Qv oi 'V 'S' KN ff' ' IIIQAUPWV Y? :Q wg ,GQ ff si, 4,1 N B' r. are 6563! md Qubwm, ,Q Q60 GX xn yx 44,49 2 Q13 fx? A. Gmefnn 2,3 . 7-53 2 lhlwxecg-:Elm "fA5f?QOxLC'lQ 19052 gigacfi Qiq ,Pauli Xexgvkwu 3 Ev W V' 1 ' If '7' 2-12,94 C7 'W Q1 Q R f' Fuer nkgv , ' + , Q w.L, T Lb EX 9 M,J?qw Ej'm."bq.,,.L Qcgglk 46 1 Q --SO" 0 K? igiiiguovw . -A jx .3 ' fb . JG X xv , xp , f X www? 76 Nlow S 1 Y M gmt " My -M Jgdfubw affix M Ki A 5 Q rx-TO .nf'59dx"5"' BV fl-qv RuTs"'Qan"'X Jaan L N K fsgqoqiyoscsqrnf 2 5 5 ff A Q 7 MIL V P.-...4,,J,5iS x 'Yh7HV'34-'LgMM'N-QGQQA nfs 'ZX fk 5 in 'E ,Gem-add Keller l-:uf-E "50" 'Nw YQ u 4. x "V, L5 Q ,Q " 5 I f A 1 6 i n X h N W . gf K J Xlxfxx W4 X Signs -, 1 A, , XP - 5- Gif! I! fj , V 'fr' Q WL N ki 5 Y ,f ,bw Q A is-4. 'Thaw' P30 SESS Progressive printers ctre quick to sense the importdnt trends in tvpoqrdphy and print- crdtt. Sometimes even the best ot us run up ct blind crlley. But in the mctin, experience shows the Wdy, cmd hence We feel that our pride in our crctttsmdnship is justified. This publication helps prove our point. We in- vite your inquiries. ' THE 'LHTTEE QHBHJNTI' Courses for Success in College in Business 9 Secretarial 0 Stenographic 0 Accounting and 0 Business Administration Westchester Commercial School 450 MAIN STREET NEW ROCHELLE NE 2-2744 Tel. NEW RocheIIe 2-5924 j cz .5 'ay 1 C7 If ' R I2 DIVISION STREET New Rochelle, New York Compliments of Franklin Laundry Q 4l8 MAIN STREET New Rochelle. New York Qlefma egiuclios 9 W. ZOHW S+ree+ New York. New York Telephone: Wfxfkins 9-1880 If 11 l i Our OiHEicia11l Yearbook Photographer Congratulations ana' Best Wishes to the Class of 1950 Mr. and Mrs. GEORGE M. CARSON and son ROBERT RALPH'S MEN SHOP 669 MAIN STREET New Rochelle. New York AULTEN SPORT SHOPS, Inc 290 HUGUENOT STREET New Rochelle. New York NEw Rochelle 2-5492 STEAKCORD BROTHERS 37I NORTH AVENUE New Rochelle, New York GRJETENTRIETE LINIENS, Inc. 370 NORTH AVENUE New Rochelle. New York T Complimenfs of Best Wishes to the The Peppermint Rnum CLASS OIF 1950 W from the Class of 119511 708 NORTH AVENUE New Rochelle, New York Best wishes to the Class of 11950 PIEPSIIACUJLA of New Rochelle, New York Best Wishes to the Class of '50 'TAIU Pl IFRATIERNITY Best wishes and lrmels to the Class ol: 11950 PHl ALPHA 1FRA'l'lERNlTY Compliments of Phi Tau PHl DELTA SORORIITY extends its best wishes for the future to the Class of 11950 Trn YNf xnnnnvulf ,I vw "I, . a um R 2IO NORTH AVENUE New RocIweIIe, New YorIc RIUIDOILPIHI IHIAIIRDRESSER 374 NoRTH AVENUE New RocI'IeIIe, New York CompIimen'rs of CIHIARILES ILIIBRETT, Ilnc. I84 I-IUGUENOT STREET New RocI1eIIe, New York Luck to the CIla1ss of 50 PHI ILAMRDA IFRATERNIITY CompIimen+s of IFREDERIICIK W. IINGAILILS ExecuIive Secrehary CIVIC AND COMMERCE ASSOCIATION Besf wishes Io Ihe Class of '50 Mr. and Mrs. Victor M. Earle Besf wishes +o llwe Class of '50 Mr. amdl Mrs, l-larry Bright Complimenls of CUNCA BROTHERS Cleaners and Tailors 320 NORTH AVENUE New Rochelle, New Yorlc BEST WISHES from Mr. aumtl Mrs.. Maxwell lFrriecdllauml GOOD LUCK from OSE OGER ENEE EUBEN OXANNE ICHARD HUMBA OBERT ITA and HENRY S. ROTH NORMA .l1EAN'S Full line of Lingerie, Hosiery, Blouses, Girdles, Brassieres and Accessories I944 Palmer Ave., 590 Main Sfreel Larclmmonl, N. Y. New Rochelle, N. Y. LArcl'1monl 2-I l07 NEW Rochelle 5-4840 NEw Rochelle 6-9555 Beecclrmont Delicatessen B. Janowllz Specializing in Tas+y Sandwiches To Talre Ou? or Served af Tables 752 NORTH AVENUE New Rochelle, New Yorlc Complimenls of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Bielnl GRAlBIElL'S PHARMACY 550 NORTH AVENUE New Rochelle, New York ls-----U--.nn-nun. fn-.nun 44-- Photo Engravings by ,Iahn and Ollier C plimcnt: of THE PARENT - TEACHERS ASSOCIATION Of New Rochelle High school Complimenfs of GOOD LUCK To The Class of'5O SLACKS AND SPORTSWEAR For Men and Boys 490 MAIN STREET New Rochelle, New York New Rochelle, New York Recondifioners and Manufacfurers of Afhlefic Equipmeni' 44 COLUMBUS AVENUE NEW ROCHELLE, NEW YORK COMPLIMENTS OF A F R I E N D wcwllmfwe. . . in design cra hsmansbfp and qualify . amos Plus Menus crmnms cups PLAQUES mop:-ues .IEWELERS FOR YOUR CLASS RINGS 12 i X n s IMI II iwilmi I ansrou - 17 IUIIN STREET. NEW YUHK 8,N.Y. - rnnvlufnce .L.4""" Mk Sv va Sf J? T5 ? ww S fa! I S vi 31. 1: W git. . Am , 'V I ' , A, '34 - ' .. - .......,....., W.. - "i53',:alibg..1j: gy-V I . ., Q Q!- -IIIW la. I una n Z fly' llli A with "1 4 ,., ,.l.-1 x S I 7 'fill 'al . .. . QQ '-1 -.-. Q ..., ,. 5255 ,, '91-11 , nf 'A 'l ' sly' ,' 4 -, e ,, . i E 3 H N., In " ,,,,,, Q. .N P cf-may , -mn, Ja. M M '--- 1 4 i

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