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New Rochelle High School - Rochellean Yearbook (New Rochelle, NY) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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Ihr curtain uses S 1 4 ,AQ...fx K 441 ifl ig ,L 5 E71 5 ll A ' ,--1 3, go' 'O Q ' 'I fb 'Ou ,' 4 5 1 I. . x y A Q ! ci ,, e , ., H " I' .41 W -5 ...lit Q il 1 I ii-1 4 I QY7-5,44 'W 2 Uxtf . a N 1 Q 5 cf 9. 3-75 +s..xf!! I s 1 1:61 ' r 2't'...'h---.:...:.-i--A W . G32 urbellszan 1947 AQQHI' F I X J Pre ented by THE CLASS OF 1947 New Rochelle Hlqh School New Rochelle N Y 1 'I' Q' X 2 fy -f 7 -H x :A 4 I 6 ' 'I "x fha, u- f V , 1 to QS' . WM. O xr-K 7mm Q, 0 S 1 1 1 0 Ever a frrend IH work or play Ever an example of eff1c1ency loyalty and pnde Presenhng MR WILLIAM B DIECKMANN The Man Behrnd fhe Scenes To Mr D1eck1nann who has endeared hlmsell to all We respectfully cled1cate Ulibe ilkncbellean X . . , , ..- . , 1 , All the World s a stage And all the men and Women merely players They have thelr exlts and thelr entrances And one man ln h1S tlme plays rnany parts W1ll1am Shakespeare 3 Phntu by fflllllllli' .firriul ll I S ll I I I 1 I 1 ll H2111 Qnh all the men anh E By., 'Fl the tnnrlh's a stage, tnumen merely players Alma Hielter New Rochelle, we sing to thee Alma Mater dear, Cherished will our memories be Ol the hours spent here. We love to gaze across the lake To the tower proudly hiahg A symbol of the lives you make The goals for which we strive. funn Rrmllwr frfry Ifnl I predenfing The Easter Distiller o wzt rom wisdom Wrth hrs alert acqursrtrve rnrnd the at court Wrth rnherent tact he used the sklllfully turned phrase as a devrce to rnlluence appease and advrse A uch he be ame a tradrtronal character rn Shakespeares plays He has been chosen as the symbol of the WIT and wrsdorn of xerv player 1n the N R H S I3 ay E l I f Q f 5 It I ff , J Af, l If - J I, l ,1 1 1 lester became the best informed person j l 'V l ,fl ' . v . 0 l II . . ' , , s ' s , C ' ' Y,,,.,, Dz49kc5gAO5Q43fw M111 X13 fi J QQOQM U62 QQ f QQJ-l xf CR K X-N as l"x if , if-X H , ITN! 112,23 Age? Q 031, 5' X , 5, , Q , Ni f""H'x EU X J Q:-g- . V N A gk v8 CH gig W qi? L8 it g ax- V, J' X v U ,K -. 2-.. f' Ski--R3 M' N f Q1 w W bk ......,...1X Q mmfx--J .,....J1 ed et c nr rs Irov r ezss v Dr D V15 Dr CI Mrs Brod S ndmq IV'r A xsnm Mr Dgvwdson Mr S111 I1 R v Lon Nr OBHQ-n D Gr y BOARD OF EDUCATION Snzcr rierde I 0 I A 1 tclwt Svxpe wtefmdert I Scho I S12 rmqry vo Ron HERBERT C CLISH SIM JOE SMITI-I PETER I O BR E Presxden GEORGE M DAVIS JR VINCE IT J ATTISAI I MRS B HAROLD BROD EREDERIC A DAVIDSON JULIUS In Memorlam HENR ETTA ST worm Member of the Board of Efiuccmon I94 46 ul fa It ur 1 II fm 1 lfzx fum X1 Preslden JOI-IIN C KELLY DR JULIUS C GRAY REV CLARENCE M LONG MRS W WYLIE TROY VIEISS Prmclpal BERTRAM L TAYLOR Ass1stantPnnc1pal F LORETTA COONS To the Class of 1947 lt IS a pr1v1lege and a pleasure to send my greetmgs to you at th1s 1mportant per1od of your school hte As you go forth from our school you w1ll carry w1th you the benehts you have gamed 1n a school outstandmg m scholarsh1p athletrcs and ln non athletrc extra currlcular programs I hope that the sp1r1t of mutual fr1endl1ne s between teachers and pup1ls has made you flve years w1th us happy ones and that you w1ll fmd occas1on often to renew these frlendshxps May New Rochelle I-hgh School always mean much to you 1n the years aheadl As you go forth I feel that you w1ll so llve that Amer1ca w1ll be b tter because of you F Loretta Coons To the Class of 1947 The members of the class have drstm gu1shed themselv s not only ln scholastic achlevement but also 1l'1 athletlcs and other only a part of a well rounded educatxon des1red by the New Rochelle l-hgh School In the fxve years pent rn the H1gh School near the Twm Lakes you have learned to l1ve together Each year las contnbuted towards a better adlustment rn the art of l1v1ng When you leave Dear Old New Rochelle th1s June con t1nue to practxce the qualmes of good c1t1zen shtp For some commencement w1ll mark the end of your classroom mstructlon For others th1s wxll be a mxlestone rn your educattonal career Whatever your role 1n llfe may be you repre sent free men rn a free soclety to the degree 1n whxch you apply the followmg prmcxples Recogmze the worth and d1gr11ty of the 1nd1v1dual Respect and tolerate the opmrons of socral cultural and pol1t1cal m1nor1t1es able facts ar 1n Do not forc your Opl1'11OI'1S on others under the gurse of democracy Settle drfferences through free and thoughtful d1scuss1o'1 rather than resort to force Take advantage of the opportunrty to work and make an honest hvmg Be an economlc producer as well as a sane consumer We are confldent that the Class of 1947 w1ll be a constructwe force m carrymg out the pr1nc1ples of democracy Bertram L Taylor . I . . ' ' ' 'u e . ' 2 l. ' . e ' u. - 2. . . extra-curricular activities. This, however, is 3. Withhliold judglnem until on the Gvcili . ' . ' . 4. e ' ' s . . V I1 ' 5' I . , . . f . - 6- . 9 ACULTY ' .I-. : rf Mx, If H 1, 4 . M ,?. H, 1 . , 3. T Iflx' 'I-,-fr l.,, 1 , , ' 11' If 1 f - . , V .. 2 f', I". X71 I A . . - . TE. 'I ' ,. 5' fa: ' W 'V . . .. V. . I..ii . 3:11 ' If '- : x , . 1 .,. 'Q " ', 1 . NDVV59' Wx x M iff xfffh A Y min., NHBQXTQIIXL WV WMV f1VTf MVIT l'1yEh FQKZELLN Fu M P7yJ fv'lgB f"ffVf"fz F1517 ddlq Q Pm Mfq P'lfW'TfWDK Wfb 'VIHVWL1 VIIWQWIWI Mffi Tlfgffk viqoavnu, vqqbos IRAN fmmxgf YI WW Nb? 'ZYDVRJ M9 BW" FACULTY J LUCILLE MURPHY Gu1danCe College I Iwevv Rochelle Col1.r1b Umvererty ELLA MURRAY Erfgll h Soclal Stud1 B Bo ton UHIVEISIIY Nev York UfllV9I'S1lY M GLADYS J NFWELL Engl1s11 ra er S 1 JCIGXS Colu'nb1a Unlverslty DANIEL P OBRIEI Phy 1cal Educatlon vage School of Phys1caI Emc 1on Colurnb1a Umver 1ty MARGUERITE M OKEEFFE IJIOlhE'IT1Gl1C SOCIGI Stud1e Coll ge of New Rochelle New Yok Umvererty B M HELEN C OREILLY :vOC1Gl SlUd16S World History Smltn College Columb1a UUIVETSIIY M RUTH T OSBORN Mathematics Vos ar College Columbm UFIVSISIIY B M DOROTHY T PARR r Teachers College Colurnb a UHIVQISIIY M FREDERICK V PETERS Industr1al Arts v York Unxversrty Columlma Umvermty HALLIE L S ROSS lMr l Soc1al Studxes 1 own ng Normal Boston Un1ve B1tw Clark UHIVGFSIIY Colurnb1a UD1VeTSllY M A rn HISIOTY and Eaucatlon EMMA M RUDDICK Home Econornlcs Colurnb a Un1ver's1ty M H MABEL SECOR Gere al Sc1ence en co Normal Cornell Un1xers1t Umver l'V of Colorado New York Un xe any Colu nhla UNIVG 11V M CHARLES R SHAW Typewrltlng Tea rzer College of Ccnrecncr Url rsrty of Colorado Colu ba Unlversrty B Ed M A JOHIx E SHOOP B1o1ogy 1cK1n on College Ur11ver nv hrcago CoIumb1a Umvere rw M HELEI A SMITIH Gmaance Jrrzell UUIV6IS1lY Po dha Un1vers1ty M JANE SOUBA Enghsh Carleton College Columbmo Umversuy AM CARLETON S SPEAR Cherrustry Wesleyan UTIIVSISI' M S P NINA CAROLYN STARK Enghsh UHIVEISIAY of W1 consxn UFIVSISIY y o Mlchlgan Columbxa Umversny M ETHEL M ST CLAIR 3OC1Gl Siudree Mathemahce Ohro State Un1vers1ty Columbla Umversny A M ORA C STRONG UTIIVQTSIIY of Oklahc M EDITH M STURTEVANT General Sclence T141 College COlUmb1G Un1v M IEON J STURTEVANT Enghsh F1 I1 College COlUVlbIC Jnzv M IUCILLE SURMAN CMr D Soc1al Stuches Engllsh ornell Un1vers1ty Columb Unrxersny M MURIEI. E THOIf PSOI c e A 1 rea u P O ce o e e cf Ne f 1 I ALBERT H TURNER Bxologf Hcrvard College COlUmb1G Un xer 1ty New York Unrversrty N' NNE If UGLUM Physlcal Eaucahor' Llnlverelty of North Dako'a Columbxa Umver 1ty M JOSEPH K VALENTINE Inauxtrxal Artx O'IT"6CllCUl Teachers Collegf HELEN P WALLING Latrn n ver 1ty of Washmgton JDROTHY K WALTER CM1 l Lrbrary CClUIDb1G Unxverelty If MARGARET WEINSTEIN CMr Hwtory I-lunt r College COlUIYlbIG UI'1IVeI'S1lY MA I1ENRY G WELLMAN Socral Studlee cI1rvard Umvcr My COlUIIlb1G Unlverslty New York Umver IIY M E EAN MacMASTER WILSON Nurse Teacher Sorborne Erance Colurnbro Unlver 1ty New York Umverslty Rocke St .John Q Ruerslcle Ho pltal R DEWITT D WISE Erahh Newswrmng Journallerr IR kneon Columbla Unrver ny B M RACE R ZIMMELE IMr Mathernauc ew York Un1vers1Iy M IRGINIA M I l!r.KENIA o 11? Prnc1prl Offlce IPGIIIA I: SACKS Prlnclpwl Olhce nlw AA-BAC A - ' A A AB S,lM.A, 1. s. A A A' A A. 1 B B., A 73,--A , '- - fi B S, .A.A ,L B S, M. S., . A E' 1 aawert fale me' "1 Con' 11- AA, , A A ,., . A 'A A I B AIA A V . 'Q A. , r 77. B S 'X ' I ' .Q B. A., . A I Sa ' '1 -3 U L :QA .' ' 1' , ' ' S' ' AB, B. S. , . I ' B. ., . A. E A A 'A 1 2 'Q Q . 1. " . BS, ..A.A A. ., . A. ' -Ly L - S1 , B. S., . , h. D. -A BAA., . A ' . . .Q A . . 1 B' A' ' ' , AB. A., . A. ' - A' - 5 A, AA- .3 - g, g B A. , d. D. A t B. , . A. A. I I B S.. A. Mmgemgtrcs lQ11g.- Hospital For Medica Research A .A :na - A- A ' f' A A 'A . B. A, , A. B. S, . N Nez ' ' A ' ' ' , B. S .f I ' A A eww Af: Aa I A ' A ' s'A B, S., . A. A , A. - , A A , 1. ' 3 Sl Al A . A 2 A 1 S , 1 ' I ' ersgy ll, ' AA Q - 1, - - B. S., , A. B S, . A . . A . fa A - A- ' I A in V' AA ' A A B A A -, AA A A Fw--frfryy AI'f:l'IY.P'l I Ill 'f lf. B. A, . A 2 xii' I 3 ey. 1 , - ,y 'ff-cr h r Sf Q . A to Il 13: .:, 5' 'rf' 'Ulf' -AAPf'1QUfr'f YO l7Y1Y':' if? ' 5: . ' A Afasretartt r1nc1pal.f II1 f 1' 1' , 1 ' ' rg C ll a , .N Roohelle Cclur 'f' Un1Ver:11TY B S . A A B S A S WW pour, Loawml mann m H qh 'Ex dh ad m IL ., WMM LDKIQXTIUW I 'VM UQ' WWV M OR wjl TWWQI IQLLWQF 'XY Hu HMVIJVQ YY VI f wg ffrbjp VINHQ UW! IW IT fi I ZZ Zfffe T f C P? WJ . nv Mjbfm V Y. Qs' lvlr. oo 0, ' W vc u Q , r- on omo. I QQOY, r Qur If uf rLVQriT - m -, W l a .X . Lk mf HQ IUC MY-Q-onqrago I um, I u Qn 1 Y. nan, s frank, Qron , ' I V , ' " I - XX. N I VOYN Fflr. YJIQYOHCX Xivf 'mmQ.lCL V. I QT -', If 0, 'Curl , . x X I J QQ Q W enrol cy Qfrlf I -. QW r. oud ruhunzrs Presldent CABELL WOODWARD Secretary NANCY MEIER VICE Presxdent RICHARD GORDON GENERAL ORGANIZATION As Producers the General Organ1zat1on provrdes backmg for the execu tlon of the plans 1n every Act 1n the N R H S Play Cab Woodward Cab was our handsome G O presldent the only presl dent 1n the h1story of the school to have been elected unarumously An ou standxng athlete 1n football basketball and baseball h1s scholastlc rat1ng was among the llrst l1Ve 1n the sen1or class Cabs good sense of humor and pleasant personahty have placed h1m deep 1n the hearts of the students an teachers Nancy Meler Nancy IS a gal wrth long black na1r and an 1nlect1ous laugh Th1s year she was secretary of the G O and last year she was secretary of the 1un1or class Nancy s v1vac1ous personahty and elhcrent leadershxp have put her hrgh on the l1st of student leaders Rlchard Gordon D1ck was our good lookmg muscular vrce pres1dent He has been an outstandmg player rn football basketball and baseball He was co pres1dent of h1s sophomore class and a comrmtteeman for the many socral lunctlons of school 14 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' ' - ' t- 1 1 1 , . . . 1 g . , . 1 . . . i , 1 , . 1 1 - Qssistant ruhuners ELECTIONS COMMITTEE The GO. Elections Committee super' vised the spring elections, lt was their duty to Count the votes and make sure that the election ran oft smoothly. Donald Osborn Nancy Meier Bertha Boschwitz Cabell Woodward Lawrence Jacobs APPROPRIATIONS COMMITTEE The GO Appropriations Committee passed on all the expenses ot both athletic and non athletic organiza tions ot the school First row l lt to right Richard Vlfei kopf Bertram Lebhar Lawren e Leif James Mun ro Second row Cabell Woodward Rich ard Gordon Patricia Hummel Nancy Wol derberg ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE Probably the most popular committee in the school this group arranged for the wide variety of assemblies durin the school year Mrs Barbara A Moore was faculty advisor Sitting left to rtght Helene rriedland ancy Woldenbera Trudy Levi Jame Munro Stuart Schoen Standing John Ostrom Richard Yatfa Bertram Lehbar Cabell Woodward Carl Gordon Richard Gordon FINANCE COIVIIVIITTEE Under the direction ot Mr Charles H Shaw and Mr Henry Cf Goodfellow the Finance Committee took charge of selling and collecting tickets at the tootball and basketball games this year Sitting left to righ Elle Ro nwald Arn Tuck r Barbara Bhrma Ellen Conn S co d row Dolore Cregan Joel Bru il tr Lucy Schroeder J hh Connolly Jan Kaufmann Eugen Larigivorthv No l Ca agni Martin H im witz Third on Janet 'iiarnLltl fr EN11 D t ,'Wl ad Rlr T L, A , e ' . - ' ' , c , . - , A I . - , Q . . . - ,,. II y, ', A . . ' , . ' t--. n :te ' ', . e ' 'e , r e. . n, ' g e rx - s , o , , o . , e . , e . ' , e ci- ? lf ' e'.a"g . Rowe, Constance McGregor, James Laven- :te1r1, W ll . e 'er, Edva d Scott, Randy Lanchr.-er, fi' r ' Juztice, Reber: uar e rlurra' o Exton Rich r' Marvin Seymour ..f, fer a Ppcmaf' Baniei 'iFrance.':c G.O. REPRESENTATIVES Every student may play a part in production by purchase of a G.O. ticket. This provides him with free subscription to the "Huguenot Herald", reduced rates to all outside football and basketball games, and free admission to all home games, His complaints, opinions, and constructive suggestions are carried by the homeroom representative to the Student Council, Each homeroom elects annually, one representative and one alternate whose duties are to sell G.O. membership cards, distribute the 'll-luguenot Herald" and report the discussions and decisions ot G.O. Council meetings. The representatives are: Eighth Grade: Dorothy Jones, Dominick Primerano Eva Minot, Hoyt Chapin, Herbert White, Grendal Hill, lnge Hochhauser, Gary Werenskjold, Paul Brecker, James Carns, John Mowatt, Bruce McKay, John Gray, James John, Barbara Banner, Rcbert McGregor, Ethel Gottesman, Charles Friedlaender, Marcia Abelson. Ninth Grade: Joan Lampl, Dick Kearn, I-.lyce Kryla, Jonathan Rosner, Helene Fried- land, Barbara Grabel, Suzie Hafford, Bruce Jones, Judy Channell, Frank Capra, Robert Straub, Joan Trowbridge, Douglas Melville, George Murphy, Leon Selig, Peggy Scher, Margot Baum, Fred Biehl, Pat Finnegan, Victor Earle. Sophomore: Jack Randall, Elaine Roswell, Michael Stoller, Helen Troy, Roy Durnwirth, Margaret Davidson, Elfriede Volltrath, Emma Lee Weathersbee, Glenn Chequer, Kathy Claydon Richard Barnes Albert Brown Larry Leif Patricia Mayer James Munro Nan OKeefe Juruors Peggy Larnpl Donald Kohloff Robert Fountain Suzzane Clark Bob Fry Jerry Hanchrow Andrew Nardozzi Barbara Schieb Stuart Scherr Jacqueline Wenzel Betty Ann Austin Harold Dachenhausen Robert Troup Emmy Lou Toth Senior Janet Hofstadter Harry Jones Howard Bes en Gertrude Bloch Gerald Mc Mahon Donald Osborn Carl Gordon Larry Fink Trudy Levi Robert Luce Peter Schiff James Sparkman Nancy Woldenberg Murray Wolfson W left to rignt Jarne a Paul Brecke Gary Werken iold Herbert Vlfhite Do ald McDonough Helene Friealana Maroot Baum larres John John Grey Charles F iedlae de Second on Robe t McGr a r loan Larnpl Datricia Finnegan Douglas Me Thi d Gerry Blo h Barbara Schiels Sue Clark E'n'nf Lou Tot lancy Hale Ernrna Lee Vlfeatn bee Suzarne Hafford Heier T oy Harold Da nerihausen John Mowatt Larrf Lief Gle Cheque-r Joh R rdall Foutn ow Ricnar Go don Peggy Lampl Trudy Lex lvat ici Humaiel Nancy Woldenberg Do Kohloff Ri ha Barne Judith Channell Roy Durnw rth Anthony Naraozzi Fifth row Robert Fountain Gerald McMahon Robert Fry Jame Monroe Cabell Woodward Rob t Troup Michael Stoller Carl Go don Harry Cox Robert Luce Howard Bes en l6 I .I . I 1 . I h A I V , , ' . ' : , , n s , , - , ,,,, , , First ro - ' I ' s C rns, ' r, S' , 7 ' , S n , ' ', , .. , , . r' n rg r ' - r e C ,L .r , . ' ' ' , , ,I- ville, Eva Minot, Nan O'Keeie, lnge Hocnauser, Alice Kryla, Betty-Ann Austin, Joan Maaze: . r TCW- c , ' ,, c I , . I , ' l ers' , .i , ' . r , ci . . , . . , 1 ' ., ri , n .ai 5 rl r ' 3 ' 1 d r , , '1 ' r' 'a it , r , ' , n 'c rd s, ' , . l , . l If A - ' , A s . , ' , er , ' . , r , I X XXX X XX! it 5 f LSQVXQXX P WZ X S S ' , ' EQXX U x S ..A:: A "9 f I , mO ' 31 5 V5 ' im Q, ' J ' f YW V . 1 5 , I A c - I X JJ x QQ f f j f' J xl! 1 X ..--f J 'V , .-.ff K Tb I 'i ' ay 4 what have tp? ir f an ibvir ut ,ww if 0.0 S "W ,H sf vw' v ADMIT cowl TO ROOM Us oggfqa We Nrin Ixurlu-llc Hull' X P14 X Q Revof ,,,f'-f""'f sadllk' in 125' 1 mv? 'R' wc.: 4.1 8 Inaba -fml Iflfll. ilu Il.llllIIl1f2' srlmnll x ulfh hu srltrllel 11111 shining lllllflllllg imc anepmg lllf u illllll llllllllllglb If srl: n rl Ili: nl The Class of l947 made its mayor ent rance in the drama of school life at th time when the restrictions of war were coming to an end The 47 Actors began to take leading roles ln the performance in their Junior year Cab Woodward was elected to the main supporting role in the GO while Bob Bensinger Phil Sack and Nancy Meier led the class Continulng his success Cab assumed the lead of the G O in the last act of the play with Nancy Meier as his able sec retary Bob Bensinger was agaln elected class president supported by Carl Gor don and Mabel Selig Athletically the basketball team stole the show with a blazing triumph in th Section One Tourney The football team had a good year but the cross country and swimming squads enjoyed only aver age seasons The results of the track and baseball seasons were not available at press time Hard work typifying the programs of most seniors was inspired by the ditfi culty connected with getting into col lege Many scholarship opportunities were offered to them The Fink and Kahn Advertising Agen cy took charge of the publiclty for the maior school functions As evidence of their accomplishments the Winter and Senior Proms were huge successes. The curtain will fall for the seniors after their last Act-Regents-and they will take their bow when they pass in review at graduation, Presldent ROBERT BENSINGEH Vice President CARL GORDON Secretary MABEL SELIG Stars Z- CX JYWQ1 f fYVGrr 7 J! nf' Jam 'UQ QLIHQT A W rql. 'D TY F T AXON D f ffm Q xifm! U1 .I Inj X ,Z TLM. fo bww brrix. X fl VIH barcx 'fo Q X I O X'- f. 7 ' A ,VA 1 . if , N C' Q ff' .X R h U f . 'Y' 0 1 I K ,II M x X gg ,ff ,, 1 f f 17:5 xl, K ' 4 5Z3,WfZZff x .f Vf ,A Xi, '7 Y ' x ,. V il- , sg X maVA , 1 Iwmfa ff ' P E ' LTL," iff- 'limb a..,...,.,, - fffnurl L, M 5 5 Q A , 'he ' t Y F9 w, ., .nz,.N1 . . ,JK J cz.-. ww mwacbjgy V XQ Q Wm gg.-il 2 - ti f L L K ' Gwyn KU....,,,.,,, kr AA ,,. x. X .-k , N ,V I 445 , . A, X Q 5 H V'fnnrY LL Mdm k-.. gona: ,A K vnu' K, 1 W :men-A L .1 f' man 0 9 W W nh. f,3:.,g5?,K,3 ' 'Ewa aaa-1 ASA Ocxmll Lrul 1 1 Q K Q YN E S " 4 4 V X 1' X Du 1 :xr , NQUXQ1 X11-c.r . Ca o ward .L -all Vlangw Q ln X Jam linux' mu.--n xx N I XXX C' S i?'g fwlkyf XNJ YI ES Q5 Wx BWV fqll"?bCl Qf ,xo J XKQQQ Q-KO X v VQT VF 77 VMJE5 'FP Cf cu QI QT V X 1:- 7x , R-x ' .Q I ff' ,-!- 1 X f Xxx 'V N J 91 X .f I ni Mr "f'fiL'f X V ' fr: ' Qui' 42? KO "' X' 0 if 5 1 X , firxj, W XXX v? 3 xx X SX!! hx XX Nnwvq ufoln' WNW ,wi C2 lx N 'Z'-T" S'-M U QQ-.QL Hu..+4- ,ffl R Howard' ,a.ssu- N' 6 ' QW ' Q K -3 ca Q U . 1' , .W i :7l.,Yv:4ii1fj4T3m. T X 5.3 C3 gf ff? I kk klunui Uday,-.:.uaf1, Hfifffa -AU Ax, M QI Fig, ,T V, ,..,Mf Rh x W Q4 4 - 1 .5 ,, S.. rn! 4 V Q f, wh 'll V ' W ',-, r W 0 1. cfm ml .,,, 4..,a--4 , f, ,Wm RQ.. I .lv Kg li x x Y:fMrTi51..i2k!THA Q VK , , f P W 513- . 5 C r if g. i f 7? K Q ' A' - N ahead' -I X . ,rg , V. 1 -xvijj-'4 .X KKQV N K V , Ethel Betty Adcxmsen g11111I Ilttlff t lllllll ,211 Prestdency of G A A trrdr cated Betty s mtere t m sports An able addttlon to the Cheer leaders she also belonged to the Soc Serv and Conv Club h1 Tau and Sub Deb are out stae lnterest Davld Stuart Alcott I I Stfl Ill III ,, V111 I1111 Dave was a part1c1pant 1n track football and rntramural basketball He was a GO rep for three years a member of the Track Club Rrng Comm and Tau Pr Lura Mae Baldwin 1 1 IlVlIII1f,'11 1 Lura Maes mtere ts l1e n CfT1Vll'lg and Sub Deb Sh was a member of Phr Tau and the Soclal Servrce Club and 1 plannmg to attend Jumor Col lege after graduatron Betty Ann Barshad fI1MSlIlIt Bet was busy la t year as Bus Mgr and thrs year a co edltor of the Herald Bus Chm of the Rochellean pres of Inter Club and on Jr and Sr Prom and Sr Grft Comm1t tees Robert Wolfe Baum H 11111I11s suut 11111s11 Bob has focused much of hrs ttme on musical GCt1Vlll9S band orchestra and A Capel la Chorr He played mtramural ba lcetball and baseball H emoys playrng the trumpet and collectmg ecords Robert Guy Bensmger Il I l 1 1 ll If x Illtll Bob went out for sports rn a brg way He was captam of the baseball team and a let terman 1n basketball and foot ball He NG also Pres of hrs Jr and Sr Cl s 22 Helen Adler II111111 11nuI1I 111111 sI11 1 fllflk Klllllllll Illlll Dotsy a l ader rn sports was on many honor team She was m the Bro Soc Serv and Scholar Clubs She wa cordlng secy of Bnal B 1tr' and a member of J SCCISYY Wrllxam Henry Anderson I 1lI1111 111 11111111 111111 1111101111117 111111111111 1 Hrs GSSOCIGTGS called htm B111 A member of the Boys Glee Club and the Traff1c Squad he wa also actrve rr the lnterraclal Club and th Youth Councrl Lots Jean Bamberger 71 1111rg1 1111 I11111 Imlt Lulu worked on the chellean Plan and Photo Staffs and Bus Staffs of both the year book and Herald Sh was ln the Soc Serv and Chem Clubs She enloys skr mg and collectlng records Hagop Mxhran Batzaman 0 1 uI111 1Ir11ux wcll IS um Batz noted for hrs good humor was a member of the band orchestra and A Caper la Cholr He was a GO rep chm of Pub Comm for Jr Prom and ca chm of the Gob lm s lump Barbara Estelle Behrman 11111111 11 11,.,1 As a member of the Soc Serv Club and the herald Ed Staff Babs was kept bu 1 At football games she sold programs for the Rochellean Bus Staff After school she en yoy drrvmg and readmg Herbert Owen Bergdahl 1 111 11111 1 11111 11 ull' Bergre has also attended Iona and Wllbrahan Academy He wants to be a doctor ani sh h m uck Chosen field "pl ' '. ' I 1II." " 1' " ' 5 1 I1fl'.wt' 1 . . 31 . S P ' - s - re ' . ' 'r' '. f ' ' . s. r ' "II1 I111lI 1 .'l ' 1 I1 I.'. I I ll -I ' ' U' ' ' ' ' "1' I' '11' ' J ' . ' ., ' -2 'Ulf ' 11-I II1' 'h 'I ' 'I 'ULN " '1 ' ' ' ,,,, '. ' S5 .' ' i " " RO. ' ' A , - fs. e J -I A "I utill .YffIl't' 11'iII1 lhings Illl- " H r 1 1 H ts" . . s I I L " 1' .' ..... " "lit ,I ' ll .11 "'I . . . . I I A I .. 3, S 1 e ".'ll1' 11" f1'z' 11' mls ur' II ' I 'xl "II ilI .v1 'I I111 '. I1111' ' 11 1' ' ..... N ,I ' f N . I ' A ki ' 4 we wi i l in his . ' s T, ', . ' . . . a s Alvm Murray Berkowxtz N1 Ill: Hlflflllllllll s vanea ln ere cluded lntramural ba ketball and baseball h Cur E Che s and Photo Club ana member h1p rn th band an orc estra Al w ull llke t beco ne a rrecnanrcal :une r John Thomas Bernstem Then uns Il nmn Johnny was a member of the Current Events Club Scor Board Squad and the swrm mmg team and was acttve 1n lntramural sports He was sec retary of Phx Alpha Hls ou xde Interests are avlatxon and cartoonlng Dorothy Blau luur noble wl that but imma lmu In rule anal 11 nu I rugn Beslde her school actlvltxe whrch consrsted of GO rep the Rochellean Bus Staff S Serv Club and glrls sport Dotty was presldent of tlse HIY Gertrude June Bloch f 1 Gerry was a GO rep member of the Scholar ana Soc Serv Clubs and the Ro chellean and Herald Bus Staffs Outslde school she was cor secy of Bna1 Brrth Gary Edmund Blume Hmm! us 1111 vim lwtuaen us brnus Gary plans to enter tae flelo of radlo after graduatlon for he has been interested 1n that subject for nearly fvve years H also enloys collectlng ramps Alvm Borden flux flnm ull the flulu x Known to h1s classmate a Sv Alv1n h frequently been solorst for A Capella H was also a rnembe of Towe Players Hls outsrae mterest rnclude the plano vox p o tography and tennl Barbara Bern f th Il fzulx nuulx In I Bernsle plans to attend art school after graduatlon She worked on th Hochellean and Hugue-not Herald Bu Staffs and belonged to the So Serv Club Jr Socxety and H nal B rlth Andrew Howard Bessen is I nm u gtllfltfllllll Throughout his f1ve years a New Rochelle Bassoon has been 1nterested xn rnuslc ln general and the band and or chestra ln particular He has been Mr Halghs r1ght hand 'nan a well a e lor Merry Melodres Constance M Blechner The ljlllfln r nf mulh On her way through NR HS Connle was busy w1th alter school sports Corr1dor SCTVICS and the Soc1al Serv lce Club After 304 she llkes o drlve and dance Fall w1ll flnd her attendtng Kathryn Gtbbs School Herbert Howard Block uf l I ll gn slnnglll Babyface was famou no hls ground garnlng on th orrdlron He was also valuable ln varslty baseball basketball and track He enyoys all sport and plans to jom the Army or attend college after gradua tlon Richard Joseph Bocek Play uul ilu plm D1ck played vars1ty foot ball for one year and was Stage Manager of the Towe Players He plans to enter the Marlne Corps after gradua tlcn David Borskl H th slrcnglh rl limb mul p I1 1 nl mlnzl ave h s been ln sand and orche tra Boy glee Club and A Cappella Cho1r He ran cross country fnd track Outsvle of school e lkes electronics and chem 'lo -1 - ' ' ..... N "Nh ' hu 1 ' ' f ' ' fr 'V 'All H ' ' t ,sts ln- IU" . , t e v ' , s., 3, ' K, u e . s A ' e . :i s h . " " o ' ' o . c r ., ' . ' en- , ' , Q , , . H H '. ' . 1 D K .. ,. t S' , . ' I ' . S s d't of ' I I II - I , oc. ' . ' . . ' .' , s, t ' . 4 "Sh ' is fl'l..Yf' us xhv fs fail," "If il ix 42 ' "lle'nt If IlH't' ' ' 'ul , ' " 5 ss ' r . . , - ' ' e . 'Q nr . lr . e . ' . , ' , " h , ',.- I ' I , " 1: .' ' ' rl' I 1: -r' I . - ., - -A 5 3 .... . A l", ' as j D " . as '. the . '. . e ' . . 3 , .s 1 .. ' , v , K' ' ' ' I Ce' ah - .. , . -5 4 . - :stty Bertha Boschwxtz frllftl ullh 1111 gfllltk Bert known for outstand mg work tn after school sports and GAA was vp ol both the Soc Serv Club and Bnal Brtth a member of Tower Players Rochellean and Her ald Bus Staffs and Youth ln er aclal Club Jean Margret Bracey N1 th rr nt hzurl IS unrlh mmt than gold Pete was an actlve par 1c1pant ln the alfalrs NAACP and the Youth lnter rac1al Club She was well known for her cheerleadxng for the Tornadoes Greta Brenner I' lllllllllg x nulh Greta dlvtdes her spare ttme between dancrng and tennls Her school UCllV1lleS lncluded Cheerleaders A Capella Cho1r Nahonal Honor Soclety and the Soclal Servlce Con versatlon and Blology Clubs Mane Brooks purugnn Mane was a member f the Youth lnterracral Club NAACP and GAA Her 1n terests centered around sports and dancmg Jean Mercedes Butow f 41r1Is1nhtrem .lean was one of the mam stays of the Rochellean Pho tography Stall She came here IU l943 and has been ln the G1rls Chorus Soc Serv and Camera Clubs and was trea er f H Y After sC ool lean emoy sports Manan Aulrs Callaway x I umm urn She may be small but good thlngs come 1n small packages Thls yea she was on the Rochellean Art Stall and a member of A Capella Chotr ln college she plans to alor IH mUslC or a 24 Helen Ruth Boyd N efli lu tht suftt Although B1sh was a GC representatrve a member ol the A Capella Chotr G1rls Glee Club and NAACP she stlll 'ound ttme to devote tc spar s and to muslc outsmde C chool Eddle Marlon Brazxll fflfllllohlp IS runrlzml Edd1e s summers are ent1rely cccupled wxth ractng h Comet Her 1nterests mcludea Ph: Tau Sub Debs act1v1ty 1 Social Servlce and Conversa tlon Clubs and GAA Boara Laurle Lou Brooks 'Nurh jumus Wnulh Much of Lous txme was spent collectlng records and drrvmg She was a Majorette a member ol Phl Tau Brldge and Soc1al Servlce Clubs Her plans mclude Jumor College Raymond Budeth Hrs pals called htm Ray Fe was a member of the var lty football team lor wo years and was a member of the Trafllc Squad After grad uatlon he plans to enl1st ln the Army Elizabeth J Cahn rm mal uw IS B na1 B rlth Jumor Soclety dr1v1ng and sports occupy Bettys free txrne She was on the Hochellean Busmess Staff and ln the Soctal Serv lce Chemlstry and Scholar hlp Clubs Manlyn Carney rm urns! ami Il ,mul nm Mar1lyn was on the Rochel lean Art Stall Herald Ed Stoll Jr Prom and Rochellean Pub Comm She was a mem ber of Btology Club Tower Players and H1 Y He danc 1nver ron was valuable o A Nan from Mars " .... ' " ".'u' '. ' A ' . . J 4 ' ' 5 Q Y I . I , . , .. ,, . E . . . er t' ' ' ' ol I . ' . ' I - , ' n . I K - A ' - .. v - U N .1 v - , 1 , " "rin rmgvl is nu! an vrzrlhly "The hnnnr of his Illlflll' . . . . . O A - . I 1 , . , . - . "Th ' . 1 "5 ' ' 'y .' . . . . "H l'. fair 1 1".' ' shun r . , . . n. , ' fur O ie 5 l'1 5' ' c ' 5: J . ' "Ur1l' .ww 'f " .x gl :rl . . . . " ..... f' ' . J . ' '- . r e n. ' ' P4 rt. ' ll' ' - 1 ' . , 't ' t e y ' '.s ' ' ' Y s ' e . ' s . , 1 ' , i e " l ' ' ' ' ' f ' ' . . . . "Ir is lu- wh llf th' visa' mv." . T S . o - , - . . ' . . e . on . ' ' . ' s , . I ' A - I l - . H l sunnvtxf' A- - - H E " V- ' ' I I ' Y. " I 1 . A . . . . . , - , . n . , ' . Y' , . I w ,, - . o .. I ,, .. - -, . I I I! , 1' ' - w . , l - I , . g - . 3 Wrllxam G Carroll Uur lnnlfnt IN nur lust llrurng Btll was a GO representa ttve He was act1ve tn 1ntra mural basketball and base ball When he wasn 1n h school buxldmg he worked o wam or played basketball Mane Charla The ulurlzgrg 0 lun: Marie has worked on Wa Stamp and Rochellean Com mlttees sell1ng ttckets pro grams and boosters She be longed to the Soc Serv Club She l1kes to rxde skt and sw1m and plans to attend secretarral school after graduatlon Elza Adele Crtroen I hurl rather than urn Shillings my hfwlt a snngs anrl Mtckey tncluded Glrls Glee Club A Capella Cho1r Bro and Soc Serv Clubs w1th after school sports She wlll wart a year then hopes to go to Nhddlebury She l1kes chtl dren the flne arts and horses Grace Cohan Ning III our swu! lullalzy Grace sang xn A Capella Cholr Elghth Grade Chorus and Glrls Glee Club She be longed to Soc Serv and Scholar Clubs and Rochellean Bus Staff Bna1Br1th Jumor Socrety and drxvmg cla1m her after school t1me Davrd Anthony Colangelo U u fheerul look a pleasing, evc Captam Dan was on our Champ1onsh1p yumor varslty basketball squad for two years He also l1kes football and baseball He plans t enter the servlce after grad uatlon John Wrllxam Connolly Jr He le l nu mme unlurnefl Presldent of the Bxology Club he was also a membe of Chemlstry and Track Clubs A Capella Cho1r Rochellean Plan Staff cross country track and swxmmmg teams Photog raphy and hxkmg are hrs hob btes Gxlbert A Casxraghx llllllllll llllll Slllll :uv Sports have been G11 s mam tnterest On the track and xwrmmmg teams three years he captalned the latter ht emor y ar He was 1n Tower Players wlth the Cheerleaders and on the Semor Prom Com rn tte Robert Murray Charm IP X f 1 I Bob wa a member of the Scholar Chem and Clubs the GO Fm Hochellean Bus Staff dent Federahsts H the swlmmrng team longed to Pht Alpha Cur EJ Comm and Stu was and be He l1ke othlet1cs readlng and medt Clfle Elbert Lee Clark Ill fame Ilfllli again In enter llllfl IIS Elble returned to N R H S after two years ln the Navy ln terrupted his educatron Before entermg the serv1ce he was a standout football and track man Baseball ts h1s hobby Ellen Louise Cohn fowl faunwllurs Iavlr n flrenls El was active on the War Stamp Comm and the Rochel lean Bus Staff and 1n the Soc Serv and Brldge Clubs She ras a letter ln gxrls sports Art bridge stamps and nrck names are her lelsure ln terests Gladyce Inna Colodny A most profound and lzlnral counsellor From Mamaroneck she came ln 1943 Actlve In all after school sports she also belong ed to Soc Serv and Camera Clubs and Rochellean Photo Staff Outstde of school he chxef mterest IS art Wrllram Corcoran low would I glle a thousand furlnngs of sea or an acre uf barren ground Wxlhe ns the Class Cow boy so named for hrs popular rendltton of western songs Perhaps he w1ll mak a career of thts art 25 n three busy be Harry Douglas Cox eil llllllllf lk 111 ll 111 mu fllll 111 IIN u P the football squad for year Harry kept pretty but he sttll had t1me tc GO rep and to part1 Jpate 1n 1ntramural basket ball He was also actrve rn the Wrnn Soctety Ernest John Cubbon U 1 11I11 1111111 s 11I lllllsll Ern1e has played n th bard and o che tra to hve years and was one cl M Hargh mamstays l-le ran on ne track and cross country teams lor several years and wa or the Jr Prom Comm Member t Tau P1 he l lects records as a hobby Bertha Mane Dcxmel 1 SI I 11r1 Ill 11111111111 IN 111r1I1 Bert en oys IHUQIC collect mg snapshots and be t of all ea 1n':1 f' Cream Shel rember of the Jumor Colored Wornens Club She w nt to make mustc her career George Davxs III! George transferred frorn IEY wa a member ol h Rochellean Art Staff and the Prldge Cluo Basketball base ball boxmg and huntlng are among h1s outs1de 1nterests Mane Ann DeRosa N 1 I1l111 Ill1lIlSIll1 Mane plans to attend beau y 1-ul ur school alter graduat fl Her hobbres are collectmg lrank Smotra and Vaughn lvlonroe record Sw1mm1ng and dancma occupy much of her spare trme Mary Frances Dxxon NI11 ls 1111! 11ru11r1 I111t 11111111 II1 111 Mary IS one of those rarely lourd modest people OUl9l and re erved she entovs rea na mo lon p1ctures and rad p cg ams A ter gaduat on sae p an atten bu me chool 26 Dolores Denise Cregan l11sp111x1 u1tI1 111 Im D was on the l..1b Councrl the Serv Squad Rochellean Bus Staft a member of the S Serv Club Glrls Glee Club and rmxed Chorus and Na a GO representatwe 1n tghth n1nth and tenth grades Barbara Ann Cullen U 1lI1 N111 I1 Il 1.111111 Iltflll Bobbles favortte pastrme sleepmg Others are Phr Delta SVJITTIIUITIQ and dr1v1ng She was a member of the band and orchestra the Glrls Glee Club and appeared ID everal Tower Players produc trons Esther Davis xI11 llllf pruslng 1111 E ther came to NR HS lrorr laac E Young l'l1gh School 1n her ophomore year Her lavortte ports are roller skat mg and bowl1ng After she 1 graduated Esther plans o at tend nursmg school Arthur Joseph Dealy Jr VIII Art worked after school but he lound tlme to play loot ball rn h1s rumor year He 1 lnterested IH huntmg and llill mg and plans to jom he Mar1ne Corps after graduatlon Damel D1Francesco x 1 11 1111 11111 1 llglllll Danny was on the track rtlle and cross country teams and he was also a member of the Jr Prom Comm Tower Play ers and A Capella Cho1r Hob bres are Boy Scouts and model alrplanes Allan Peltersen Dunn 1 Il Ir111111x 1 1 111111 II I1 II11 lust Illll 9 When Al greets the hard lrps ol the world he ll salut Al played tootlfall for three yea s e was a G O rep l and was chm ot cornmtttees them w1th a m1l two year wo aan e ",lI111I 1. ' II 'I I f I - " 1 " 'f 1. O -' 1 s 1 - , .N K I , , Oc. V V . , , a . V . ' ' ' , e ' , A' B V 5 " 11' ' 1 r -' ," ..,.. 'A N I -' ' ' ' ...., L' 1 1 ' r .s r ' is - A I - ' V ., . . . Q - A A Q A I . A gy I 1. o ', co - - A "film, -1 ' I 1 1 ' '- I.'1- J 1111 "ln . ' I " .... .. ,, ' Ii L . I A - U C . N , t 1 Le ,. I: a ' , s 5 . - I7 , , ' ' . . 'fi . a s , 1 c t - "Ile .v111111l lI111 rigil 1111111 lI11f ".4111l I11' x11f11, 'Cowl utork. 111y ' I ..... " .' ' " . . l e ' 1'I1111 - .C C V lxl' ..... " "I .Ill ll II I l LA 111 his lik' 1 t Q T , ic .4 ..... , y ' ,I ' hs! I 1I1 Itnut 4 A ' .'I1'p, I'll 11.s 1' I 1'1f ..... ' lf'l'I ' ' 1 ' . 'fl . . 11 , ' , .Q 1' S ' G 1 J, t' , ' , Uno 1 r, H 1 r 1 . 1, 1 :I ' . . or 1 s l to d , s' sf , . 1 ' c George Eccles I III 1 s 1Il Eck s sm1le has made h1 famous tom the e1ghth graa through all llV9 years He de clare an lnterest 1n popula records mOVl9S and sports He plans to take a C1Vll Serv1 Job alter graduatlon artm I. Exsmcm llmugh thu he marlrresx u than IS llllllllill ln As a freshman at DeW1tt Clmton H1gh School Marty was a war stamp salesman He came to NRHS 1n 1944 ln 1945 he served on the Score board Squad at the home foot ball games Robert R Ells Ihr mst of youth Huntlng automob1les danc ng and boatmg occupy Bob t1'ne He was mterested IH 1'1 tramural baseball for several years The Navy w1ll probably have a new recrult alter ht graduatton Randolph Fanellx Illl ll I1 url 1111 Randy could usually be located back stage asslsttng and part1c1pat1ng 1n Tower Players Radlo and e1ectr1c1ty are sub1ects whlch come easy to Handy Jack Matthew Fmelt 4 ff sl s lIl'IlXfHl'lfl Jack came t NBHS 1942 from Eastchester He was act1ve 1n the band and orches tra HIS outslde lnterests clude r1llery and mus1c He was secy of POS Bus1ne ts hts next stop Marc Fmkle ll hu! 1 puff uurl Marc returned to NHHS last year He plunged r1g mto sports He was a membe ot both the football and base ball squads Monk was un challenged as an ardent NR HS supporter of the Brooklyn Dodgers Mary Jane Eccles lfzlh ll heart uurlhx ul II QIHEII Jarue was a GO rep homeroom secy and a mem ber ol the GA A Youth lnte Club J D1v1s1on Colored Womens Club and the NAACP She hopes to attend Ltncoln Ur1vers1ty W1ll1am Harrxson Eldndge Mzther ll lmrrmufr nnr ll lmtlzr I 111 loan 0 tune lost S fmllt ltvel and rmnzl B111 served 14 months as Avtatton Radtoman S lfc IH the Navy Sports and advertlstng are h1s nobbtes He plans to take bu 1ness adm1n1strat1on after graduatxon Debora Alice Ettmger I11 fuvzfe ze such url Debby IS a mus1cal mem ber of the class She collects class1cal albums and keeps a crapbook of muslc She was a member of the B101 Chem and Soc Serv Clubs and par t1c1pated tn sports Her future plans tnclude college Michael Patnck Farrell 'llfrnlx 1111 rnls shall I 1111 He IS known as Mlke and Emmett to h1S pals Alter qraduahon he plans to en r the Umted States Merchant Mar1ne Lawrence A Fmk M1 leguu IX su rnh IIN hnnutx Larry worked hard as man ager of the football and swlm m1ng teams and as a promo t1on expert He was co chatr man ol the Jr Prom and mem ber of the Conv Club and Phi Alpha He plans to go to col ege Natahe Ann FllCh The tlrunlresl A member of H1 Y the Soc Serv and the Youth lnter Clubs Nat played 1n the or chestra tour years and sang wlth A Capella Chou for two She was secy of Tower Play ers and 1n the Nat Honor Soc 27 H I M I , w 'Y A 5 gj . . . . . . Y I 19 U l H , s ' ' F . . ., r r ' ' 'ce ' . 1, L. U -- ' , -.ll ,,f ..A -,- , j , E ' ' ' ' it... rv, f ' f ' .' '. ' ' f f ' " , 1 - Q. . . . " 1 -1 - " " 1 . V ' .. I ' . . . . .U . I . I W - 1 ' s - - -I . . A 'A ' A 5, ' . . I ' I ef -1 . Q I - "f'11n'1 'ga 4' 1 ' 'X lllllg....... ' ' '. ' ' V ' .' ."....." . . . . . te " ' 1- , - - 1 I ' .. " 1 , 1 I. . ' . . . I . V I , , H . O I I V In . V . . . . . . ' ' 4 in- ' - 1 . " 1 V," nf ' 1' . . . . " ' ' '. ..... U . ' li! , I 1 - 3- I Wxlllam Oliver Flowers lwlrru ell' Thou ur! loo :leur hu mv puma Qsmn Brud was a great asset to the school Second Team All County end 1n football he wa a letterman tn track and bas ketball Outslde of school ne sarg wtth the R Nathanlel Det' Glee Club Beatnce Rose Foster lr! :mil furlulx Izumi ln huml Bea was co captain ot the Cheerleaders A Edttor t the Herald and Rochellean Pub Chm for the Basketball Bounce and the Junlor Prom She was a member of th Conv and Inter Clubs John Frcnolx 4 s lzur u thls reuwn x stamp Long John was one of the xarsttv eleven th1s year as he played hrst strmg tackle lo the Purple and Whrte He was a member of the A Capella Chotr and the Chem Club Robert Arthur Freedman Iuzp ll gum! lllllgllt 111 mul larmrng IS what Bobble has planned for the future H was a member of the band Chem and Ad Btol Clubs He served as a GO rep and on the Jr Prom Comrnlttee W1l11e Mae Gabbms I'llIf sjmltcn mul persuarllng VIVGCIOUS W1ll1e was known about school lor both her art work and her athletlc abrltty She was on the ba eball bas letball and volleyball honc squads She was Pub Chm ot the Soc Serv Club Deborah Arm Glles r 10111 S l N Debbte was one of the outeter persons of the class ot 47 She was an able Malcr ette a member of the Soc Serv Club Rochellean B Staff ond a Tower Player usher Debbtes mterests cludea Ph1 Tau and Sub Deb 28 Alma Dons Foster usa 11 :rits ul urs ff ruplltz Alma IS mcknamed Tootre and Boots She was a mem ber of the l.,1brary Counctl and the G A A Her hobbtes mclude pxcture and record collecttons horseback rtdmg and muslc John F Fox Jr Wharf Er! mu this stmngf Inlflllgznre' John one of our most studr ous puplls was a member ot the Creat1ve Wflllng Club Ro chellean Photo Stall Camera Club A Capella Chotr Tower Players and the orchestra Lucxlle Marguente Frasca mth runs 1111 unter un: ll funn IS rc p Lucxlle was the secertary treasurer ol the Ad Blol Club l1tera y Ed of the Huguenot Herald Ed of the Magaztne Eamon and a member of the H1 Y ana Youth Inter Clubs Bertha Vxctorm Frexd fm uml lmppx us n uml: mg pamtmg sewmg nl ttng drlvlng and sports Her varred act1v1t1es tncludecl G O rep Huguenot Herald Bus Staff Tower Players and th Youth lrter Club Adeline Mana Gallello -llzuns llIlVlIll,L lnuunl lhf zruflz Dolly came to NRHS 1n N544 frorr IEY Her hobbres are the movres and rad1o She lans to be marrted alter her tgh chool career close wrth o aduat1ort I3 1-1 Ruth Sonja Goldman 4 Illllt 11111 uf f Durmg her hlgh chool career Ruth took part ID many actrvttres She was a member ol the orch Cur E Club Soc Serv Exec Comm Llb Councrl Rochellean Art and Bus Stalls and was acttve rn gt ls sports " A ' ' - ,A 'Wh w I 1- 1 fuk 4- -+ - ' " . . . . . A - . I l 1 A I I 1 n "1 1 ' A .N " , , 1 - ' - rv ., , , - . ,, H , - J - , V - vv , rt ' o I A N 1 . fe I ' I .'u fl' f J .' "-Nm, I- . - . ,f . ,, ,, , . 5 . . . . . fl 1 If g I-p ,' - . ,. Mm! ' ' - ' ' "Betts" is interested in danc- Y . . ., . ,, 4 I . . I S . I k .1- : . e ' , ' ' . . . . , , ,A e . , , , N 4 I I " .' I ...U " - - ' ' r v - - V - . . ' 5 f ' ' A . ': , r .' A "Ile ' uw. 'ITV' fwfr , .... " "Sl, - - 1 'f "I lil , ., . v. fs, . , us , , , . ' r I A A , .1 . . rn- , . ' ' Carl Gordon L1ll1an Graves l IlltffN hun! gum all Ihr flux e pre 1dent f t C a Ga ha been a dr1v mg force 1n school govern nent He was an outstandlniy llne man on the football squad and excelled 1n sw1mm1'1g a ac John Gnfimg llrs hutnftfr urnbtlmns John formerly had several hobbles but spent h1s sen1or year 1n the process of dehob bymg h1mself completely After graduat1on he hopes to attend a D1esel Engme School on Long Island Emma Lucllle Halsey -frlmrmsterlng angel shall mv sister be Com1ng from V1rg1n1a Emma was new to the class ll11S year Her outs1de mterests rnclude sw1mm1ng and horse back r1d 1ng She plans to become Y'1Lll'Se Fanme M. Hardmg It me fltwuurse lwlll enrhunt lhrne ear B1scu1t came to us fron' the Bronx ID 1945 She took part tn after school sports and was a member of the NAACP and the Jr DIVISION of the Colored Womens Club She plans to quahfy for secretarlal work Seymour Hcxrns Hou nublr ts reason Sy served on the Traff1c Squad and part1c1pated IH ID tramural sports H15 favor1te sport IS hockey w1th basket ball a close second Sy who wa pres of the POS plans to go o busmess school after ctraduauon Martm Jay Helmowxtz Inn nut mu vnu rlemenlx urlh unltmlness Marty was a member of G O Assembly Comm Bus and Ph to Staffs of the Rochellean the Cur Ev and Youth Inter Clubs and the Tower Players He plans to be a pubhc ac countant mu! fmfl muwul as lm II pr Ulf l"lll'l ha been actlve 1n A Capella chotr and G A A She wa a member of the Jr Prom Comm and NAACP Her sunny' d1spos1t1on 1 sure to be an Us t to he 1n her future 1e George Bryant Haley l'mme your mtml In mirth uml merrlment G1dge was very actwe 1n xntramural sports but h1s ma1n mterest the Brooklyn Dodgers He would l1ke to at tend Long Island Un1vers1ty after graduatxon Carl Louxs Hanson ln example If honor qutet am! unaxssumzng Swede enjoys almost all ports He concentrates on col The Merchant Mclrme or bus1 ness IS h1s goal after comple t1on of h1gh school Joyce Harper lnur heart flesrrex he ultlv Ynll Reds wonderful sense f humor has brought her many fr1ends at NRHS She was V1C9 pres1dent of the L1brary Counc1l and a member of the NAACP and Youth lnterrac1al Club Joan Elisabeth Hawlnns Hull: tt hear! as Sound as rt ze Joan was kept busy not only as pres of the Sub Debs but also as a member of the Ro chellean and Huguenot Herald Bus Staffs Tower Players and the Soc Serv B1ol and Conv Clubs Vxrguua Herson lwfrtx lhnusaml hmthfrs multi nf! ullh all thrzr qurtntrtv nf I 1 mul-tc up thx Sum Gmny was a member of the GAA Herald and Flo chellean Bus Staffs Soc Serv Club Football Program Comm and pGfllC1pGl6d 1n all g1r1s sports 29 . i, , ,l , --g, ,X Q I. -gl Vic . S' O he Sr :Holy I ' ..... N l .::, " d" s C. ' - ' ." s ' ' lf lc V A A UA .set A r 'll . l'f -- 1 yt 1 , I l ' ' A I A lecting stamps for his hobby, t A ' 5 G , . Q , 'H , Q V ' . .. - ,ig .1 I ,- 1. .L 1 ,, .A 1, 1 11' O 1- 11 A A ' - II1.....l." l Richard Ecroyd Hmkle Eleanore Hochberg 4v and men mrh ll lung Dlck had a wrde freld of 1n terests as he was acttve tn the Ad Brol Chess Rrfle and Scholar Clubs He was also on the cross country and rrfle teams Outsrde mterests cluded stamps and reco as Janet Hofstadter rh 111 cus udtunff Hoffre was a GO rep the GO Fm and Elect Comm and the Rochelle-an Bus and Plan Staffs She was also tn Tower Players A Capella Chorr Conv and Ad Brol Clubs and the Nattonal Honor SOClGlY Alfred Holmes Nt: runsmnl ls u unntrnux urfllvnrr As Al has natural artrsrc 'ale-nt he plans to make a car er of rt He went to IEY erghth grade then he wrtched to the Twrn Lakes Al enloyed sports dancrng and the movres Ben Alton Howe llghl Pat was an outstandrng member of our track team bemg low hurdles champ rn hrs sophomore year and c trve rn rntramural sports H was rn the Conversatron Club and a member of Tau Pr Dorothea Johann Jackson 7111 grass sltmpx n t she snpx in II in llghllu Rusty was rn the Jr DIVI storm of the Colored Womens Club and NAACP She was v p of her homeroom and a GO representative Her terests are horseback rrdtna and swrmmrng Robert Andrew Jackson N or nn! lr e W1 Buddy be a Naxy wolf or remarn a local play bo 7 He was pres f hrs erghth and mnth grade home rooms GO rep and rnember of Av1at1on Club He emoys wrmmrng and auto rnechanrcs 30 Irrmsnn In thx lzpe Ellxe was one of our busrest tudents Among her numerous act1v1t1es were the Rochellean Art and Bus Staffs the Herald Ed and Bus Staffs Tower Players and Inter and Stand ard Star Press Clubs Sidney William Hollaender Jr What Ii nmw I9 youre Parttcrpatron rn football and track have taken up most of Junrors t1me Durrng hrs spare moments he found t1me for hrs hobb1es of photography and dr1v1ng He plans to go rnto the prmttng busrness Jean Salrsbury Howard 114 mulrlznhcatl uf our u mrs Jean was chm of the Plan Staff and on the Bus Staff of he Rochellean She was secy of the Stamp Club and tn the Ad B101 Chem Brrdge Soc Serv Clubs and Tower Play GTS Gerald James Ihleleld Jerry has spent h l1fe changmg schools attendrng Iona and Ftrverdale before he came to NRHS Hrs mterests were mustc and track base ball and football He hopes to contxnue wrth musrc after graduatron Margone Gilda Jackson Nh: x u fur zrcalurf Mrdge was a member of the Rochellean Bus Staff Soc Serv Club and the War Stamp Comm Danclng tenms wrmmrng and rrdmg are Mrdge s hobb1es She plans to ao to a secretarial school rn New York Wxllram Iler Jackson Jr Nzlluxasll Brll an actrve partrcrpant rn track and cross country was also manager of the basket ball team Btll was secy of he Track Club and a membe of Tau P1 HIS future plan rclude medtcme . . C ' 'V I 1 V A ' A . ' ' ' in- , ,, - . r '.. ' C , .X . ,, v A W on . , . . 4 ' - v - . 'H . H, . I Q .. fl, - l , 4 1 - 1 -rq, H ' 7' 5 . e ' . , . 1 4 ' . in ' , . ' Q . , , , " V - - - 4, rf 1 - - f 1 , , ' "Hr uvls ufifh Ihr' .wpvefl nf ",Y,, mlm SU pglgnf ,,,,, 'l . ,. 1 . . - 4 4 . .-K . , ' G P I ' V .. e , , 1 ' l ' -D" X. . t. .. ,, . . , ' Q A S . , I . . . . . rn- ' ', ' , . "Tu I - 1 lf- .,... " ".'r'f 5 .'l1l . . . . .H .. ,, Y . I . . . . y. . 0 Q . .' . S - , , , . r l I S ' r ' . . . ' . i t ' ' . Lawrence Jacobs gvnllz man 1411 111 Jake wa a member of the band and orchestra for f ve years He belonged to the Nat Honor SOC1elY Brology Chem lnter Club and Ftochellean Plan Staff He 13 to mayor 1 cherrnstry at colleg Phyllxs A Jewell Ther luugh thu! um Known as Phrl she was secy of H1 Y and member of. the Exec Comm of Soc S Club and on Ftochellean Bu Staff She plans to become a medtcal secretary Mu lC s her nobby Harry F Johnson Hx gum! ulll gnu! Harry was the faste th1ng that New Rochelle has seen SINCE Jesse Owen Nas our Van Added to h1 track record was h1s value a half back on the football team H ponds h1s spare t1me 1n South Caro 1na Gabnelle Ellzabeth Johnston The :ne tha! IS IHIITIITIII Interested rn photography Gab was a member of the Rochellean Photo Staff and Camera Club She was on th Exec Comm of the Soc Serv Club IH BIO and Chem Club and Nat Honor Soctety Nma Judxs Nur lr a bun unnmn Nma was a member of the Photo Club Plan and Art Staffs of the Rochellean and the Bus Staffs of the Herald and th Rochellean She was also rnterested 1n the Chem and Soc Serv Clubs Jane Ellen Kaufmann 4: upnghl as the lulur Janey IS rnterested 1n c ence She was a member of the B10 Chem Soc Serv an Cur Events Clubs Rochellean Staff Chm of SEUIOYS and on the GO Em Comm She en Joys b1k1ng and mountar clrmbrng Morns Lynn Jenkms Um! jlllllllf mul gran MOTTl plans are aeronau t1cal eng1neer1ng He has long been mterested rn radto and av1at1on He was pres of hr homeroom 1n the e1ghth and '11'1th arades a GO rep and nom room banker Ruth Joe I lnlrl th: unrlzl lnul rn Ihr wnrltl JOdl9 was actlve 1n after chool sports She ccme her from Suffolk Hrgh School She lxkes danc1ng record and mystery storles and she plan to take a buslne course Vxrgxma Mae Johnson Ur v ll nzusu rs sur I1 rt Whlle tn New Rochelle Hrgh Pee Wee was a member of rhe Lrbrary Counc1l and the Glrls Chorus Even though her chref 1nterest was muslc she had t1me to take part tn gxrl sports Harry Jones H4 IN u gnu! IIIIVIILI' Durmg Harrys hlgh school career he was a member of the band and the track team and was a GO representa tlVe HIS 1nterests are mus1c art and sports College IS h1 amb1t1on Rxchard Kahn Null llcllcfs ulmt IS 110111 Excellent actor ll' Tower Players advert1s1ng expert manager of the swrmmmg team and member of Cur Club and Phl Alpha D1ClC has been very valuable to N R H S Henry NL Kaufmann In htm ll mm! prmu A fa h bulbl Vorla Henry Herala cameraman Rachel lean Photo Staff cnm Photo Club head he also belonged to BIO Chem and Scholar sh1p Clubs and was on the GO Fm Comm 31 any Glona Kelmxnson 1t nge r x 1 mlx A plano mayor at the Ju hard School of MUSIC GlOTlU came to NRHS as a oph A member of the Nat Hono Soc he plans to malor tn tence rn college She ha furthered her goal by belong mg to the Cheat and Bro Club Irene Helen Kessler 111111 Il rulmnrrlu glllll ll n mum Irene was actlve IH band and on Huguenot Her alcl and Rochellean Staffs Bnat Brtth Ntmmtng ptanc playlng and Junror Soctetf occup1ed her letsure ttme Howard E Klxgerman g1m11 I f m1rrx lllll um Kltg had many lnterest ncludrna automobrles radto and Pht Alpha He h but adro sets Kltg hope to mak b atn surgery nt ltfe work Beverly Mane Konvalmka wall luuglt muff! I 111: Known as Bev he came to NRHS rn her soph year She was acttve tn Tower Play ers Soclal Servtce Club and grrls sports Swtmmtng and Kung are h r favorlte sport Wmxfred Lane 11l:sh I or the 11s Wmme focused Ln1ournal1sm '1 a member of the Bochellean and Huguenot Herald Ed Staffs The Sr Plan Comm and the Soc Serv Conv Youth Inter and Scholar Club were on her lxst of acttvttxe Elizabeth Ann Laurence 4 pnrtmll 11? xuulh Bettes great tnterest IS art She was a member of the Art and Busmess Staffs of the Ro hellean and he Soclal Serv ce Club He other tnterest n lude must modeltng and basketball 32 Mary Kenney fund ulm nf'11li nn IIUXII Mary c me to us 1n her un1or year and NBHS wa very glad she left Massachu tts The Soclal Servlce Cluo and mustc took up most of her 'tme Mary wa also a mem lfer f Tower Players Bur 1 her plan next a Prxscllla Kirby 1 mzllt rf lllllllllll IIIHIHIN rts was asst tant secv of her erghth grade homeroom Her outslde actrvrtle rncludei NAACP and the Jr Dtvlston Colored Women Club Sport and the theater are her fav ortte pastimes Elsa J Koehler :ng rmrrzlx Nllfl Il 111 Elsas tntere t lncluded Phi Delta sa1l1ng Benny s and collectlng mlnta ure anttques She was a member of the Soc the Bochell an Art Stat Bertrand Lanchner r 1 lllfllgt IH P11 1Il u Ill 1 nwnn Randy came to our chool from Stuyvesant Htgh 1n l945 Hts memberships tncluded the Cur E Club Youth lnte Club Chem Club the GO Assembly Comm and the ten ru team Eugene Langworthy lllXl xl? Gene IQ a loyal Texan and he plans to return there for college Gene was a G O rep a member ol the GO Fm Comm track and cross coun try teams Conv Club and the Natronal Honor Soclety Verne Heed Lauten ll :rt I mg 1: 111,111,111 One of Pop Burke s fatthful tage crew and also a mem ber of Tower Players Verne was a member of the band for l1V9 years Among hrs out slde Interests are woodwork aeronautlcs and sallmg 'nt ' ' I . .... N "Q A - - . . . . , . l- G A , ' ' , Y 5 ' .... s . r .ie , ' ' ' ., s . ' ' . ' , . sc' ' . s Q s - . 1 Q A SI. X . .. , ness 'S . . e f ll. s, "I " '.' l' l -n 1' "Thr ' ' 1, .' -w." 9' ..... "pgs" L 'A 1 ' ' the ' .. " 'Tix 1r 11' ' ' 1 "Cul ' ' 1' 'A 11' 'llltlfu . -. , " B , . S S . I . J , M . I . , . 1 , S ' as 'lf many receiver and transmitter Serv. Club, Girls' Glee Club, r ' . ' . s e and .. - e 'f. "I xl ' ,C 11 1l1' I." "fn '1 f 1 nf' 1 'ith 3' " e ' , , T5 , . , A- f ' C11 5 , .... H '24 j ulh .... t .s . ' 1' Q' ..... " "Thu 1 lu- I." 41' s . cr , I t. A s I James Ullman Lavenstem nr 'mx fm: Jrmmy was actrve rn th Cur Ev and Auto Drlvers Clubs the Trafhc Squad Mo txon Prct Comm Mlxed Chorus and the Herald Ed Staff He was also on the Commumty Chest Speakers Bureau Terry Leblang 4 merry heart Always eager and gay was 'lerry who was a member of the grrls basketball team Tower Players Soc Serv Club Youth Inter Club Llb Coun crl Rochellean Plan Staff and the Scholar Club Wxllxam John Leiller II Wurlh fmrl honor B111 was actrve 1n Tower Players Current Events and Youth Interracral Clubs GO Frnance Comm and the swim the Natlonal Honor Socrety Ernest Karl Lehmann Like a lung For two years Errue held the key post of Herald Bus Manager He was vp of e Youth Inter Club a member of Tower Players the Conv and BIO Clubs He also served as co chm of the Rochellear Dance Seymour Lesser 4n zmlrrlzlzlul with ll heart nj go li Interested ln llbrary work Seymour was elected secretary of the Lrbrary Councrl H was a member of Phu Alpha and Junror Socrety Baseball and basketball are hr rnter ests Leo M. Levme He rs a great uhserzer Leo was on the Ed Staff ot the Herald a member of th track team ard was the I f1c1al scorer of the baseball team for four years He was a member of Pl'11 Alpha Bertram Lebhar III the lumen lure Buzzy earned hrs letter rn football basketball and track Wrth presrdency ot the Brrdg Club and membershrp IH the GO Approp and Assembly Comm he had trme to wrrte tor the Herald and Fmcee th Swrng Se SIOD Beatnce Loretta Lee AIMS!! I0 hfur Beas smlle was famous and her vorce was well known Irs the A Capella Chorr She wa a member of R TU She spend her spare trme gorng to movre and collect1ng records and prctures Amesta Lehmann 0 e 0 th mrer xc 1 Arnesta o FIIIZIS came to us from St Gabnels Hrgn School rn her 1un1or year She was a member of Phr Tau and After graduatron she plans to go to college Leonard Edgar Leopold OIISPVIPII 0 all IIIISKFIPFK Lenny was actlve rn the nanclal act1v1t1es of the school He was a War Stamp Repre entatrve homeroom banker and a member ot the GO Fmance Commrttee Lenny en toys bulldlng model alrplan Trudy Levl A woman n ne bearing Trudy held many rmportant posrtlons She was pres I Soc Serv secy of Cur Ev and B10 Clubs member of Inter and Conv Clubs and Rochelle-an Ed Staff She also was a GO rep and a Stud ent Federalzst Robert J Levme Youth rs full of spur! Bob entered the spotltght a vrce pres of hrs erghth grade homeroom Smce then he ha been actrve rn mtramural ba ketball and baseball Extra currrcularly he enroys he YMCA sports and record 33 "I I N. A' 'hx .,... " . . .. lf I ' ... . . , . ' . -I - V 9 ., , as K. g , " " ' , ,,,, " " n I vf ' .,,.. " I , . . L, A I h . ming team, He was elected to enjoys swimming and driving. .. - - ,, .. 1 f 1? U g .. I . .. ,, . , fl- . . . th - - I . I . I ' ' ' es, I H A ' ' . e ' . , AC I ' , . . ' , e A - . ' ' , . O - . A . . . , . Q- ' . ' , ' 1 Daxsy E Lewxs I !1l'l CII 016 X I1 511611 Chlnk mam school ac llV1lI9S lncluded the Youth ln terrac1al Club and the GA A Board I-let' outslde tnterest are collectma records and dancmg Robert Joseph Lmks A u zl t I uhat ue mm fn Bob w1ll use h1S sw1mm1ng to good advantage 1t he go 1nto the Navy HIS mterest are drawmg records and the YMCA ln school he part1c1 pated 1n lntramural sports Odell Lyerly lf ll zltut I1 ul Larrys Butck was as fam ous as hls art Co chm ot the Pub Cornm for Wlnter Prom co chm of S Prom and chrn from Mars he ltkes poetry theology and photography Mary Dxana Mamgo aml unu turn tl In doing lilllflt slr s Cotton 13 known for her 1ov1al o1spos1t1on She 19 member of NAACP and Jr D1 v1s1on Colored Womens Club She l1kes tenn1s baseball and danc ng To attend bu mess school IS her plan Llonel Markusfeld V111 then the unrlzls mme slcr uhnh I ulth Sun lull npfn l.1onel came from IEY l"l the n1nth grade He mas member of the Chess Club ana en1oys sw1mm1ng and ca tlnkermg He plans a buslness areer Rxchard Mayer Tlu mirror ut all rnurlt 91 Act1Je 1n the Chemlstry ana Current Events Clubs D1ck was also on the Rochellean Plannxng Staff He IS mterested 1n mus1c bu fmds t1me to spend 1n h1s wood shop too 34 Irwxn A Lewis He um mos! prmrfls Everybody knew Lew from 'tts act1ve parttclpatton ID ID ramural baseball and basket ball He IS lnterested 1n Phl Alpha football photography and alrplane models A career '1 a dent1st1s h1 'tu e D r Robert M Luce fun man hav II irlull uml lv msn 1 ll Bob was on the track and ootball teams He Nas a mem ber ot the Boys Glee Club the Cheerleaders A Capella Cholr and Conversanon Club l-le hkes photograp ty m Charnos and athlet1c Stxllman Mackay Jr 4XX1lfllHI4 of ll IIIIHI Buddy has contr1buted to the school as member of Lt A Capella Chotr Boy Glee Club and Boys En emble and nanaaer and basketball man ager RGd1O sa1l1ng and wood worklng are hls hobb1 Josephme Mane Marmo If Ifft thtn ls lrumlx truth Joey was a member t the Soc Serv Club the Ro chellean Bus and Art Statt and the Chorus She also pa tlctpated 1n glrls Sports Pamt 1ng r1d1ng and slngmg are her hobbles Nxcholas Mastoras nzalms heumn zlmun ulth ilu lmrnmm Nlck pl1t h1s educatlon be tween NRHS and Roosevelt Htgh Yonkers He hkes mustc and spends a great deal of t1me play1ng the PIGDO and the drums He plans a career of arrangmg mus1c Vera Belle McCray lllfllflz, is Huh cum! mrruu Belle has been GCl1V9 1n the Youth Inter Club the NAACP and Jumor DlVlS1Ol"1 Colored Womens Club Her lavorxte past1mes are danc1ng and col lectlng new records She would l1ke to attend Ltncoln Un Jer ty ln lwllli Curt "Wh, . 1 "If Htl sn " 1 - Q Q ' - I . I I ll ' 'SU ' ' . . , . . . - - . .. A . - I . . . P A I I n - s ' '. 's tu. r I la ., "lf 1' Ann ' rm uv are' 11111 ml " - A I' I ' ' ,' '- n '.' V' 'x l Ai... I I V , 4 . I- 1 , .. R I 9. . . s I I 1 " V0 ' 'r V x . . . . -, ...' ' H- - 'I 1 . 4 t..e . . . 1 ' I S' ' - Y- 1 ' , ,' s , . Of POSl9Y COUNTY- lOf A Vlsll after school, as football co- , f 1 :A - ,. ,, .A ,. ,, x 0 . 4 ,. . . - .K G I I - i . .:s' . ' ' ' ' '- , . - - - 1 I .. " ' f 1 - ' ' , -- . . , . . , ny' . ' " " . ' ffl -' - -' , "' . Q , . 1 . . I I G , I I . . U ' A I ' '- ' . . .N 0 I h " .C . ' . ' ' . ln .I . .R . , . , M - 1' it ' ' I S , ', Constance Janet McGregor I mu W ml lnuulv In her on Better known as Mac she w s ac tv 1 alrls port cc aerw. art Bndge Clubs h Lxo Councll Rochellear' B C111 Photo Staffs ard lrl Chorus She was pre of h Glghlh a cd h merocn Betty A McLean N f ueuri Ihr' rose mu ulmut her Pete spent all except her Junror year at NRHS She was a member of the Glrl Chorus and the Towe Player Drawmg modellng and dra 'natrcs are her hfbblf Carmella Catherme Mecca Whose llflllf' anal uhou gtnfrul graves speak Babe IS one of those true S1natra fans She has a me collect1on of h1s records and plctures She emoys dancmg ara sw1mm1ng and plans to attend a beauty culture school after graduatlon Eleanor Meyer T mf fur runrl you neu run he ofrf El plans on attendxng Berkeley Secretarlal School after graduat1on She was a member of the G1rls Chorus Soctal Servtce Club Rochel lean Photo Staff and the GAA Els spare tlme rs de voted to sw1mrn1ng and rec ords James H Mrchelman for Ili the mind that mulfs the body flfll Ntcknamed Mlke by h1 fr1ends he wrote for the Her ald belonged to the Cur E and Bxology Clubs band track and c oss country teams HIS chlef xnterests are the Jumor Socxety and Peerces car Joan Mxttelmark The glass o oshron Ga1ty and versat1lxty were ,loans outstanding trarts A member of Tower Player Ro chellean Plan and Ed Staff Herald Bus and Ed Staffs she also found tlme for alter school sports the Soc Serv andl rerrac1a1 Club Wrlham F McKay e um horn ul! ll tourh 1 romllv Blll spent his f1rst two years here and then he went to Al. HS Then he return d to h1 alma mat r He IS mterestea tn rolle skatmg and plans to enter the army Gerald Patnck McMahon ll 1111: ,Hsh would go Not only capta1n of the great group of Cheerleader Je ry was also a letterrnan rn track and cross country He rved the NR for hrs excellent "llV1l'lg abxllty Nancy Jane Meier Nurh hemenls beuulx Nan was chosen for many key posxtlons secy of GO secy of her Jr Class chm Rochellean Stag Dance Mem bershlp rn Tower Players Soc Serv Club and Rochellean Bus Staff were added proof of her value Charles D Mxchelman Honor lv hrs nest zzrtue Chuck was a member of the Cur E and Scholar Clubs Phl Alpha Junlor So Clely andthe Poop1es H partxclpated IH lntramural bas ketball baseball and was scrub manager for the football team Barbara Maller Nllfll rnugnl Lan! zulenl Bobb1e was except1onally talented n many flelds A member of A Capella Cholr Tower Players Ed Staff of the Rochellean and the Soc Serv and Scholar Clubs she also partxclpated 1n after school sports She enyoys smgmg dramatxcs and wr't1ng Elva Louxse Moore ulfh ull HHH? l:.lva was pres and vp ot the Lib Councll 1n successlve years cnd he was also a G O rep NAACP and Jr D1v1s1on of the Colored Womens Club kept her busy OUlS1d6 of school She plans to go to a dre smakmg school ll' Wash mgton " . '. ' ' ' " f I "II 'Q ' "h ' ff a vf e 'n ' .' s- s, S ' . ' ' . S. ' .C ' ' , 1 e . . ". ', . . us . e 's . " . . . G' F' ' . e " ' ' , ' . c . s, er ' r 5 ' . . . fr .de c lt . . , 'h ' ' . 5 ' of ' lh A' e' ' " 1: .' ' . . . . ' s' 5 . rece' . : r 4 I ,Q ' ,, ' . J '2F. " 'o ' I ' f '2 . ' 1"A " ' '. '. . " ." . , " H H ' . ' , ' e . .. . ,. .S i . I , , v, , . .Y . I - - . s, - s . ' s s . ' '. - Alvin Motzkxn He was won: to speak plum nm to the purpose Known to hls frtends as Al he spent most of h1s spare trme 1n the held of photography He also belonged to the Chem and Cur Ev Clubs College 1s hrs next stop Jacquelzne Louxse Murphy With soft features Murph came t us fr IEY ln her 1un1or year Her 1nterests mcludecl Pht Tau Bennys brtdge games and the Army She would l1ke to work at Pan Amertcan A1r l1nes alter graduatlon Janlce Nauth zzrtues nf a quun Jantce was concert master ol the orchestra member of the band and on the oasket ball honor team Jamce s many outs1de 1nterests mclude Ph1 Tau Sub Debs and sa1l1nq Charles R Nony If hut sweet rlcllgllr ll ljllltl ll U onls Charles numerous act1v1t1es lncluded band for l1VS years Track and Chem Club He was also lnterested ID campnsg and many other sports Donald Robert Osborn Mlllt hznur rs nu 11 1 Don was chm of the Ro chellean Ed Staff pres of one of the BIO Clubs a member ot the varsrty sw1mm1ng and baseball teams Herald Ed Staff Conv and Cur Ev Club and the Nat Honor SOCl9fY John S Ostrom ll :ne ummn and sung Jack who was pres of the Track Club was outstandmg ID track and cross country He held homeroom ofhces and was a member ot band and orche tra A Capella Cho1r Conversahon Club and Tau pl 36 John Francls Mulhere Such manly heaulx Handsome John deC1d9d to attend N RH S after spend mg h1s hrst two years of h1gh school at Blessed Sacrament He was a member of Tau P1 He enjoys sleepmg Jokes and crutomobrles Joseph Napolxtano 4 man urlh rharafler Not only was Joe sports ed1tor of the Huguenot Her ald but he was on the track and cros country teams and played 1ntramural basketball He plans to enter the Armed Forces after graduahon Harry C Newcorn lluppx us Il Iarl Sklp was known as the merry fellow who was always smrlmg He lS greatly 1nter ested ln photography and boatmg He plans to attend college Mxldred O Onley n um I9 the mul Tubby always llghted a dark day w1th humor and smg mg She was ln the A Capella Cho1r and was a homeroom banker She enjoys COOklng and collect1ng snapshots and wants to teach muslc Elizabeth Ann Osterndorff f suerluf mars: Betty spent her 1un1or year at Eastchester H1gh Here she was a member ot Soc1al Serv 1C9 and Scholarshtp Clubs the Photo Staff ol the Rochellean and wa presrdent of Phl Tau Juhan John Parnno 4 tru: wulh Jultan was act1ve 1n cros country track and 1ntramural basketball He was also a member of the Track BIO Chem and Scholarshrp Clubs He emoys hunttng and f1sh1ng .. U V I . I M. V 91 A ' Y I 1 4- H H ' " " o . om . 11 I ll v I I h , s I.. . . . . 'D . I " .N H V' .' 1' . . . . .N .. ' ' ' .. - - '- ig -" ! .1 I.. j . . . .A V . . "1 ' ' 1 l- I 'f' ---- " ..... th' .- rf' , .. , . , , " .1 , r -v .1 A . , V , ., :, Q . . . . . Betty Pels blew tI1 Inm that g IS an Inn: IIIIII luI1u Swlmmlng topped Betty l1st of tavor1te sports but she part1c1poted 1n all sports Th Soc Serv B1ol and Scholar Clubs as xsell as the Rochel lean Bus Staff kept her busy Wrlham Edward Perry Jr I urn :ur re: Sf lm prunuv Itupmg B111 returned to NHHS th1s year alter altend1ng St Paul lor two years He was a mem ber of both the track and cross country teams Blll plans to b come a lawyer Anthony P1rc1o If is In su lls Anthony was one ol our ta1thtul runners on the track and cross country teams He came from ALHS alter h1s soph year l"1sh1r1g huntlng and motorcyclmg are h1s out 1de lnterests John Powell um nn Imnt s John was act1ve IH the Youth lnterrac1al Club A1rplane Club and part1c1pated on the cross country team He hope to go to college 1n the fall Jane Ann Pratt 1 1011 Hill Ill ll llll Il LLUIII ln' IfI1znIlI11nI1 I must spurl. The sound l P1nk1es laughter was lam1l1ar to any one whose hangout was Ben n s She was secy of er mnth grade class and a GO representat1ve Drawmg IS her cuts1de mterest Sterling B Pugh Jr -I snll um! 1111141 fmzsznrrff As well as chem1stry Sterl 1ng IS 1nterested 1n mus1c 1-le was a membe ot the bana and A Capella Cho1r Folx mu 1C w1ll be 1fnportant IF h uture l1fe Helene Anne Perlberg Iwnr Ifml unrl ue Helene came to NRHS from Ltlucal Culture School She was a member of the B1o and Soc Serv Clubs and was act1ve 1n Stud Fed She was chm of the S c Wel are Comm ot Bna1 Br1th Carlo Peter Pxerleom I anulzf In tullumtent Jun1or was a member of the B1ology Club and was ac llV9 1n 1ntramural sports H enjoys swlmmmg hunt1ng basketball and model bu1ld 1ng College 1s h1s a1m Anna Mae Portman Thy wr! IIIUI ornament fu shape llnll ,Ulf Anna attended Ursul1ne St Gabnels and Mary Immacu late before commg to NRI-IS tor her Sr year Dramat1cs photography horseback r1d1ng Jerold Burton Pozner I Imre super Iunus Insure We cla1med Jerry from A DGV12 at the end of h1s 1un1or year He belonged to Ph1 Alpha here and Alpha Ph1 P1 IH Mount Vernon HIS 1nterests lnclude sports chem1stry auto mob1les and hshxng Harvey M. Prmce Hy 111411111110 I1 e nun It pmlfmgwl Harv was a member of the Flochellean Bus Staff the Cur Events Club the track team and Ph1 Alpha He emoyed all ports HIS next step IQ medl cal school Donald Joseph Rederschexd I :an sum: III14 u 111111 F'1rst It was NRHS then Iona then return to NRHS Don was most actlve on the swtmmmg team as a free styler College lS h1s goal atte graduanon 37 "Il '. ' il' r I " ' ' , :A . lf ' . . . . ' ' " - . A 0 f 1 I " ...., 11' '.' ' 'f p in " - - - -- 1 . . . . ' A I .W I 's ' ' ' . e I . e- . - I .B . . I F "Trl - 1: I 1 5 I1 'self ..... " " ' W .- - s' ' 1 . ., and French olub kept her busy, "I , jsclf. " -- q ' I x "IM ' If 1 ' I 1 ' - " 4' 1 , 'f '1' , j ' . ' -u I- Q- - . . . . ." O .. . . , ,, ,. , Barbara Held Thou pearls lfllll u r lrr ewes Barbaras membershrps were tn A Capella Cholr GA A Tower Players and Nat1onal Honor Soc1ety Outsrde t school she was pres ot the Pmtard YPS and secy Sub D bs Joseph Frank Rlccardx n ufmll I lim! x II Inf' Joe was a War Stamp Covn mxtteeman and an lntramural basketball player He rs mter ested ln dogs stamp collectlng and scouts He would hke to run a dog kennel Janice Hope Rosenbaum llunre It ffllllllllgll Janlce plans to teach mod ern dance after college Her act1v1t1es were Cur Events Inter Soc Serv Clubs Ro chellean Plan and Bus Stalls Herald Ed Stall and Student Federalzsts Robert Henry Roundtree Tu :lu u gnu! flghl We clalmed Bob trom A B Dav1s Hlgh School of Mount Vernon 1n h1s rumor year He regulated hxmsell to hls n w surroundmgs and was a hvely part1c1pant IU tntramural bas ketball Plullp Sack ll: 11,111 Is IIIHHINOIIIQ Besrdes playmg var 1ty bas ketball for two years Phll was v p ol hrs class for three years He was a GO rep and member of the Scholar Club and Ph1 Alpha He plans to g to college IH the Fall Jamce Ellm Sargoy ,lt"I'lll1lllH st Jan hopes to ma1or 1n 1our nahsm and rad1o at college She was a member of Bus and Ed Staffs ol the Rochellear and Bus Staff of the Herald Soc Serv Bro and Scholar Clubs Her hobbles are brrdg and bowlmg 38 Dorothy Herd Hu mire ua: ezzr wt! gvnllf' anfl lou Dunples was a GO rep homeroom banker member of the Interraclal Club NAACP and Youth Counc1l Her Wm mng personal1ty was known to all Rose Mane Roberts Nia I runzpure Ihr ulllz fl Kunmur :luv D1st1ngu1shed by her abur' aance of auburn curly halr this tall quret g1rl has moved hrough hlgh school w1th an a1r of calm mystery Myron B Rosenbluth Haw 814961181011 Bee was a drummer tn 'se band for four years a home room banker and a member ol Phx Alpha H1s spare tlme was occupled repamng hrs lhver Leapln Lena He plans to enter a school of Dent1stry Ella Mae Rowe 4x llflgfll us II slur came to NRHS ID l942 lrom East Suffolk Hlgh School She enjoys wrltmg and plans to go to business school to learn tenography and typ mg Innocenza Mane Sammarco 'llmfesh IS Il gmul ljllllllfl Inn came here from St Gabrxels ln her sophomore year Her Chlef hobby IS col lectmg Perry Como records Her second ranklng rnterest IS danclng She plans to study photog cphy Peter Harvey Schxff 0' lfhut u nublf mind Pete has made many valu able school contrlbutxons co ed1tor of the Herald pres of Cur Events Club and mem ber of Blology Conversatron ana Chemlstry Clubs He was a member of the Nat1onal Honor Soc1ety " U , I -l. V I . '- , . ' 4 . l . , l. ' A - D b u Y Q- ' M - I H . , .r . . 4 I I . o '. ' - ' . . . . ' . of - e . "Ln ff ' 'N frm , luis! I '1 ll ' ' P' " u'1.'h 1 I ' . . . . . h 1 Y" . . b 4 I V N ' I t I . A . 1 . . -H H I .4 ' , ..' ' ' r - . 1 .U ' . l'Ell" . . , . ' . L . S A , . Q- - X, HY I . . . a ' , ' . . c A , , . r - . N. . . . . in '..' . . . . .N N . V ' l .n ' ' ' ' as ' 'I 'r - ' . , . . ' . ' e ' , Suzanne Schull 11 1 ll 111 111 lllf unl lung Sue act1ve 1n both cholar htp and outs1de act1v1t1e .va 1n the B10 and Scholar Club Plochellean Bu Stall and he Nat Honor So She b lonaed o BPCII Br1tl1 Jerome B Schneewmd 411 llflflfllf fllllgl Il le11rr1r'11 111151 Wh1le Jerry wa 1n NRHS '1 was an outstandlng mem o the Tow r Pla er Jerry was a letterman 1n sw1m m1ng and also a member o he Nat Honor Soc Readtng chess and chem1stry are a few of h1s hobb1es Lucy Ann Schroeder I lil llff pf-fllil Ill flflilll S! ltupzng Lucy was a member ot the Tower Players for three years Th Soc Serv Club Hugue 'tot Herald Bus Staff Rochel Club took up much of her t1me Leonard LeFevre Seacord J Uy llllllllll n11l11r1 Leonard was 1n ALHS be tore the war 1nterrupted h1s edUCGllOH There he was on th football track r1fle and w1mm1ng teams and 1n th band He plans to attend co1 e e under th GI R1ghts Nonna Sellmger 1 11 ll'I s truf' IIS xlu Nom was a member at th Soc Serv and School Serv Clubs and the Ftochellean and Herald Bu Staffs She worked rt Publ1c1ty and Decorat1on r-'td Booster Comm1ttees of the Rc hellea Star: Dance John Courtney Sheehan 4 llllltlflf r1n1l Illfnl l1flf'fl ge 11111 num Court came to us tn th elexenth grade from Blessed Sacrament H1s act1v1t1es were Cheerleadmg Tower Player track and Tau pl Court s 1n e ests are avratton and guns Viola Schlossberg l lruf arfrlllmlr I llllll 1111111 V1 spent many hours as a Nurses A1de at the NR Hos p1tal She was act1ve ID g1rls ports Interrac1al Club A Ca pella Cho1r and the Scholar lllp Club Mary Lou Schoggen ll x11 rm: II11 splure Lou came from Oklahoma her sophomore year w1th an av1d 1nterest1n mus1c She was 1n A Cappela Chorr G1rls En semble and also Rochelleart Photo Staff Nat Honor Soc and Tower Players Edward Arthur Scott llfflllllli and ucll gmern 1f mulh Isaac Youngs loss was our gaxn when Ed transferred t NRHS tn h1s 1un1or year Ed became cr member of Tau P1 mterest lS the work he hopes to cont1nue alter graduat1on Mabel Selxg 1 surl stu as 1ln1m1 rr 1 111 Mabel IS 1ndeed a drearrt glrl but NRHS lS proud to cla1m her 1n real1ty She was a member ot th BlO oc Serv and Conv Clubs and the GAA Bd She was aso emor class secretary Margaret Mane Seward Uulshmes the ffrlghlevt Star Peggy spent her sen1or year at NRHS after studymg t St Gabnels for tour years She belonged ta the Brxdge Club Photography 1s her hob by She plans to go to college IH Calxforma Patncxa Ann Smart nuts hm r11h fur use 1 furlh lun Iltllf The Flochellean Art Stall and the Soc1al Serv1ce and Scholar h1p Clubs kept Pat 1n the hu I1 of thmgs at N R HS Her ch1ef tnterest 1ns1de and OUlSld8 o oo' 1 ar' 9 'Nu' ' 1! I111l 3 v Pl h '1' gill" Hx 1 ' ' 11 " " ': '1 ,e . A 1 A '. ' ' ' V 4 A 4. A 'A ' uf' f 1 ' 5 ' as ..... " ' I" ..... " -A 11 ber f e y .s A T , ' .' -- ..-ih, ll A ,., ,Uh , ' li, ...Af l- A ., A . .,, , .. ' A o 9 - - 1 ' ..,. A l. I 1 . 160111 Bus. Slflfff Gnd The Bi0t Architecture, his main outside . r. ' 5' I A ' ' ---- -.9 "WP ln' .' 1 -' ff -' ' ' , ' , , , , - ure' Il ' nf." 6 - I 1 I I A I, I .... I L. 1 g 9 , Bill of V ' ' 1, "Tl: ' ev if . .' ' 'ff' " K ' . ' . , . . le - . . .... ' a - S T 1 I ' ". ' ' . "Br g' '- V J '. fn X 1 A A . ,y ,L ,, . -l 1 N . . B . f 1 r . . A sch . 's . fffl James Douglas Sparkman If nh u bruatl mrml mul 11 uzulth an home!! Jimmie a Tau Pi was a member of the GO Approp Lost and Found and Goblins Jump Committees Capt ol the 47 track sqd he earned letters in track and cross country Morton Steinman U hu! flaming lllllf' left ALHS in After serving with the Armed Forces h fnrcllcd here this year Sports and playing the trumpet are his special inter ests He hopes to attend the Juilliard School of Music Richard Wenz Strattner Fran lmrmr Sllllllg un hzs hclm Dick has been writing most of his life Coming to N R H S after spending his freshman and sophomore years at lona he was a member of the cross country and track teams Valmore Joseph Suprenant Jr Surf: lrifki 1111111 strung, IIIIIIHIIZIHIIIIIS Val was a member of the track and football teams His other activities were Traffic Sqd Soph Dance and Junior Prom Committees and the Chem Club Radio is his main outside interest Robert Marvin Talner ll unc mx mml jurtliful unl just tu nu Bob was a versatile mem ber of the class Intramurals band tennis and track teams, and the Herald and Phi Alpha kept him busy, His main ' - terests are sports and music. Joseph Tirone "Un fl gum! f'tlllSl'l'!'VIl't' ..,.. U Joe was a member of the Scholarship Club for three years. A member of the golf team he played in golf tournaf ments. He enjoys dancing. swing music, and all sports. He plans a business career after college. 40 Rhoda Stemdler rr nulurul plzllusophrr Rhoda an amateur philoso pher was pres of the 3rd Bio Club Circ Mgr of he Herald a member of the Ro chellean Ed Staff Youth Inter Soc Serv and Scholar Club Her hobbies are opera and ecords Barbara Stmnett Ml gum! unrltar Bobbies many activities included secretaryship of the Chem Club membership in Phi Tau Conv and Bio Clubs and Nat Honor Society Col lecting records is her hobby She plans to attend Berkeley Secretarial School William Henry Strauss lll N1Il4,ltX here I wlunnlv I l To see Boot after gradua tion youll have to go to Fort Schuyler as he plans to ter the Merchant Marine H was a member of Kappa Al pha Pi He likes to swim dance and fish Norma Survxs ln! Xltfllllllg ner tht lwumls I 11111114 sly Norma entered NRHS her Junior year She was a mem ber of the Rochellean Bus Staff Tower Players GA A and the Youth Interracial So cial Service and Scholarship Clubs Manlyn Thorn u INIHII1 run Lfllllllfxx n ur leur ul Marilyn was a member of A Capella Choir Tower Player Community Speakers Commit- tee, Phi Delta and the Bridge Club. Her plans include medi- cal work. Donald Andrew Titus " mlx' 'pwlr nn ..... " Dons main interest is ar: and he plans to enter Pratt Institute after graduation H played in the band and b - longed to Tau Pi, was on the Corridor Service. Swimming and sailing are some or IL: outside interests. Arnold Erwm Vandrolf I hnpe I shall hate lrlsure One of Arnolds mam rn terests IS sports He managed the track team and played rn tramural basketball and base ball He was a member of the Track Club and Phr Alpha John Sharp Ward llmarun anrl arlmn n ha lhf hours rum xharl Husky Jack a Tau P1 wa on the football track and Swlmmlng teams and played 1ntramural basketball Golf bowllng and tenms take p h1s lexsure tlme He plans on college Rxchard Webber They were all html anal natural Dlck was a member of the A Capella Chorr Tralllc Sad EClllOYlOl Stall of the Rachel lean and Kappa Alpha P1 He enloys saxlmg and l1sh1ng He plans to go to college Stanley Wemtraub I would gnu all my pot 0 all anal sa fly A studlous C71 fellow Pee Wee was on the Rochellean Bus Staff and the Sr Rmg Comm He belonged to Cur Events Club and Phl Alpha and partxclpatecl 1n mtramural sports Wmxlred Wrldmcm xllllllll though! ran jump hath sea arul laml Developmg her artxstrc tal ents by bemg actxve ln art and Rochellean photo Wmr was qu1te busy rn school She was a member of Nat Honor oc Soc Serv Club and Her ald Bus Staff Sxdney Wmoker 4 mfrry heart gms all the rlay Std was a member of the Lxbra y Council Stage Crew Phx Alpha and the Scholar sh1p Club He served as man ager of the track and cross country teams and partlcx pated an mtramural sports Marlex Wallace Npfalr lwu I vnu speak 0 lm: Marlex a GO rep was a member ot Tower Players Soc Serv Club Phx Delta and Cheerleaders Her outsxde xn terests mclude swrmmmg drrvmg and collectlng records Mary Sue Weathersbee lla hanal that made you alr halh mall: you good Sue a wlnter sports lan returned to N RHS from Hav erhxll Academy N H She was a member ol the A Capella Cho1r Glrls Glee Club Conv Club Theatre Group and Photo and Ed Staffs of the Rochellean Myra Weber Saul 0 gomlnui Myra was a member of the Rochellean Bus and Ed Stalls Herald Bus Stall Blology Soc Serv and Scholar Clubs Her mam xnterests were sports and Bnar Brxth She plans to go to college Frank Joseph Wellmg lhuf Ines shall he my books Frank managed to dlvlde hxs tlme between sallmg and school He was a member of the band and orchestra and the baseball and sw1mm1ng teams Hrs ambltxon IS to sall around the world Jeanette Ahce Wxlllams Wm ly and slow Called Jan by her frlends she was a member of the Grrls Chorus Her hobbxes ln clude roller skat1ng record col lectmg and wr1t1ng Alrce plans to go to college after graduatron Samuel Wmston Thr Iumlul man Whether he was marching m the band or work1ng back stage Sam s good nature was known to all He was Home room pres rn the exghth and n1nth grades and assxstant ct culatlon mgr of the Herald Band and sports are hrs hob bles 41 - ' 1 I - - D D I ..,,. , .- W., , , f' U, I N , , -7' .th R If r A A - 1 4 1 ' . A I .5 ' ' ' " .L l , ..-. .V , n A I H I l , 4 , . , . I ' " ' f 2 lace IW' " " ' '. - 'H' . I , .. I, ,fr , . . . , , . I I ' ... , P ,yr ,, ' I. , w . v . ' A A Carol Wmtner if Ill hu Slllllf null lhe per ml urns 0 lmrmr Carol made use of her hob b1es by acttvtty on the Ro chellean Photo and Art Staffs and the Photo Club She was a member of the Soclal Serv 1ce Club and mterested rn lnllqlc Nancy Woldenberg f IH! Illl ll Hlliflllflll YI Nancy was an all round leader mcluded rn her act1v1 tres the Conv and Bro Clubs Nat Honor Soc and Rochel lean Bus and Plan Staffs She was a member of the GO Approp Comm and Chm of the As embly Com mlttee Murray Wolfson 1NlI HI Well lrked by everyone Murf was elected pres f Sxgma Alpha Chr He was a member of Tower Players Rochellean Bus and Ed Staffs Cur Events Club and the Scholar hlp Club Cabell Woodward It unnxt nun 1 ull! x uullll The task of runmng the G O was conferred upon Cab by unan1mous ballot Bes1des be lng vp of the GO and pres of hrs mnth and tenth grade classes Cab was captaln of the football team and a valu able player on the baseball and basketball teams Donald Wyner U lm! a mullz Don was captam of the cross country team and a member of the track squad He was also a member of the band and orchestra the Nat Honor Soc and Pht Alpha Wtld mus1c and drlvtng f1ll up h1s lersure trme 42 OTHER GRADUATES Iames Weston Alexander Arthur Wanamaker Bell Edrth Bmq Charles Rxchard Bloomheld Iohn Ioseph Carroll Thomas Hubert Carvon Theodore Crutchireld Fredenck Gerard Chesterman lules Cohan Quentxn Edward Dupee Clarence Fallon Bruce Alton Flowers Wxlluam Donald Forrester Morgan Charles Gaynor Robert Henry Greenwood Unel Derrick Gunthorpe Harry Carl McClelland Natrvxdad Rosanna Olaxra George Frederxck Schetterer .,us,X fy '-Nag, 1.- -- 'f,, .- I. , , I - ' 1 f ..... N "LMP ullf ' '4' ' I... ' ' "-lnrl .mt In ull Ihr lllllflll. 'Tlrix ru: mr .' " A' " S . o N77 ' ful' ' .' I if hiv. A . r fi MQ M G. 1 ..-J-fzvaan E45 fm X' QUOL J,-v 5 3 14. W me .1 S K QXLQXW K5 0 S f Synopsis September 3 Du to circumstances over J ni li 1 e have no fontr l scn ol September 15 Qtudent oegir devisin ge o ou e e e iod October 9 Qenior roo i ovens October 91f2 Senior r m Clo es October 23 Bod found in iall Only Clue vi tu 1 ad a lirrarv book ove due November 5 Famou Flnl' and Kahn Adverti ina Aoencx hang out ldmale November 10 Band members thrill audie Q at Yfinkee Stadium Credited to r lay again November 22 F rst pe to mance ot Pop Burke rlox There l Mx Home November 27 Schft pleads tor hi hte Wmst n and Talner are lett o Herald masthead December 7 ln celebration of the filth annive sary ot the neak attack on Dearl Harbor students take Scnolasti Aptitude tests in Mount Vernon December 20 A day ot toy' Christmas xccation Icmuary 25 Am A ng amount ol studxird ce 'ia a ne in Defi l Icmuary 27 eaents uveex begin C der Y om AC Jer Ianuary 30 Students recuperate trom te t at W ter Pror February 1 Seniors tmally see the inside ol room lil UNFAI 75961-if 5 A QQ fb DOWN UHTH y fig DUMLZ f7!Aff95g ...k Rf X70 UM , ff X X M Ax Y rf 'e . ,, C .3 o, ., lo' opens ., i f i 'c oj systetif for i -illftrr t of S V nth , YV J . oo , .9 A l . r: ' r ig J r r s X I sn S Q J , with drawing more crowds than the teams, they are invited -i r'r 'X t s ' fr 'i ., 's Q A , o ' A ft , , , A V U A 4, at . 'i ' i. io li' L'3C1i-Q,, R I . " X sffno vi nl 1 es, sr e ' ri' 4, - A . in ii 'Vo To 42: 5 . 5 s O I .. if ' 56 I G I 5 ls El 1 nf the lap Off February 9 K February arch 4 March 5 March 12 Apnl 1 Apu' 12 HC- of fs wr'-xt 5 PG '1 of e 1 o Yo nn '1 1 A 1 U 'one 1 1 1 Md one B111 15p o nozd Owoorn connnues prolonged U fl bf 'II CCIYCu f100l O 0 GT v n 1 11 ey red dve on E Qtef vdconor Q, 11+ 1 Ffh 1 X!!! X2 .ZZ .. ffjja DVWA C' I Q ol IGVJ Q J A T se-orf 1 for 11OC11O11m11 tu ent I6fOf1I'l1 0 Jak FUI IUENV1 N 1001 a UC! V to roce Lohcge Eodrd x 1' O NrXQn DDD 1 w1JNIIl9V1T VJTlwP'1f Dfvdffl :uu...uf.g Aprll 18 Apnl 30 May 2 May une June Iune 2 Q WI TO Cf on und 1 1 D-nf fn 112 JK ro1 Jobdge QQ Q Y 1 ' 111 ,D 1 l rf Q FQVDC1 nd 1 C- ff' '33 Un, bpm rn r f DG If X 11 Nf no ' do Z fy Y!! 1 LR!! ' L, 2. X, 5 - 'zqfzrzznn :tarts Roihelle-dn rrg:n..1',5 S:dd.,,fr' EQ,co1:1e.1: the itiiff fogtxldr nidzi in filiool. 15 Todflwrs HT ::z,s. ,deft dgoinst nuool, "gn, INf1.fs' Tho: ,,.,,n of Q 11.3 leddor of Adi' olutxin M F3111 stud ri .z f ox ' 1. te'rdC1f11 lub go to 1'f1r11' to lf' ' 1' tdr' A11.f7.1nf,f1d1. . jx BH. A 1.11 n- no ' " EQ9 nf ld' f Q , :E . o , . 1.15 .2 ' T11 rxdfrd ng' .1 s' .311 ', is d S2 2g , Lt, f '?fIf1d'f- to r,1of1:1., 'AH dld ' fgtoff 1 fl . Adi' 'uid '. Pin E J 111711 .1, 113' lo SCI ', it 'f-.1151 C2n1f2 hllffk ' , tho ., .d of do . 1 I ' V 1 s ' Mon from Mons descends upon NRHS Rotgxnf to lfdrs to fofil ge- te. ' A 11 61111 lov' of 261 dL.sf1prpe'gr.t 'Qi "A,,,.f1r Lf. 1:1o11:r.1r1'g ff1'fe11.3-... .ffnin J 7,13 Flex-.1 York Sidi., -iCElC17Y'n2f11'f' ffzfifirgz 1.QfIf.. to 'MQ C" F for Iiftoori znzngtes, not tu-5' ioqrr Us Sihne-er Fuggose 3 3-'2.11',f'-1 YEVIEILF3 ffl. 11191-' E'f'e only Uni ::1-..3:1 bf-foto "yr'1d'1C1t1on 5i'1r1 to lefzrr. Zip jxeixf.-i work 211 -lf? Iliflf' I 7 A':111g:Lt I1 Z' 1' 'skin ':f1p,i17' 23 ?rg.":r1 31166 fire du .o ' if .Bio 212.-35 Cf 47 L.: gndlgy' ,gdrolo 24 21,23 sul tying to got R'JQ'f1f3E1gd.". 1.-:f31qnr:1ent-' in LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT T1s come the hour to bld a fond farewell To thee our fellows who w1lt leaders be And 1n departure we do thus bequeath Our talents Come Tos headaches marks and Key To Dlcky we doth leave Cab s vlrtues Bensmgers manner we bestow on Doc The Romeo 1n Carl to Pat we leave Hrs Iuhet to be for h1m to retneve The yells and shouts of the cheerleader s fame Go to Kohloff from McMahon who has made h1s name Foresooth 1t IS that to George we do w1ll A hot cook 19 team that WIHS all games w1th sklll To Dubm Eder and Marvm of 1ournal1st1c flare Go the troubles of Betty and Pete from the Tower starr Kelxrunsons bra1n to Scherr we do send To E L Toth goes Meler s long hcur The tresses lovely at wh1ch boys may stare Woldenbergs charm to Austln doth go Threrbach could use Ianet s lashes we know To Ed from Lebhar we grant thee a rmger Beas Artes on Cyndle we do allow And from Nauth s realm of muslc comes the note Iudy s crown of success for wh1ch we ll vow To Spear and cherrusts ot 48 We re leave the bell wh ch Doc dost hate To careful future Senlors one and all We leave room 14 at your beck and call To thee the students ol NR HS We leave As You Llke It our past domam Though we leave th1s world for another orbrt Well remember you always wxth ne er a pam 46 Qlfpulugue Y I - 1 K I ' 1 1 . And to Bermas a legitimate Come-To we lend. - G .. ,, tu the ap PROPHECY Bubble Bubble toll and trouble Dr1ft away Whlle fortunes double Into the future let us gaze UnV91l1Dg fame slnce h1gh school days B111 Iackson s followlng lack Ostrom s track Stlll able to set the shot IS our Ph1l Sack Lou Schoggen s teachlng k1dd1es the1r do re me s Schneewmds oratxons are heard overseas Theres Fmk and Kahn 1nscr1bed on an 0ff1Ce door Cubbons band at the Strand packs em ln by the score Mane De Rosa s co1ffures are p1ctured 1n Vogue And gowns by Koehler are the latest mode Bertram Lebhar IS the man about townl And Iamce has won fame w1th modern dance Forsooth Actress Terry has gotten her chance Qu1te a troupe to the Tr1bune our class d1d send There s Emle maneuver1ng the bus1ness end Whlle Leo s handhng the sports rev1ews And I-'rascas stones are maklng the news D1 Francesco and Dealy t1ll the so1l Lehman and Sammarco are models royal Trudy st11l holds forth 1n government debates And ALL of our femmes have met the1r mates The m1n1stry has called our Bob Rouncltree Wallace and Stmnett are peckmg each key There s sklpper Braz11l who out float1ng sa1ls And Bocek and Lauten use hammer and na11s To be or not to be that IS the quest1on The outcome of th1s we dare not ment1on We hope you ve emoyed our M1dsummer N1gl'1lS Dream And w1sh that your future s a successful 11fe scheme' 47 JZ f -AW , . , ,J . . I I , , The pictures of Kaufmann are gathering renown , . . , s , , . In Charge of Planning btage In Charge of Senior Prom Standing, left to right-Richard Kahn, Lawrence Fink, Valrnore Suprenant, Richard Bocek, Carl Gordon, Gilbert Casiraghi, lanice Sargoy Seated - Norma Survis, Ernest Lehmann, Nancy Woldenberg, Odell Lyerly, Betty Barshad Co-chairmen: Odell Lyerly, Nancy Woldenberg Decorations: Carl Gordon, Norrna Sur- vis Music and Lighting: Robert Baum, Gilbert Casiraghi Publicity: Fink and Kahn Advertising Agency Refreshments: Janice Sargoy, Valmore Suprenant In Charge of Gift Standing, left to right-Nancy Woldenberg, Winifred Lane, larnes Sparkrnan SeatedeBertram Lebhar, Donald Osborn Standing, left to right-Ben Howe, Richard Kahn Seated-Betty Barshad, Harry Cox 4 Refreshments' Lillian Graves, Stillman PB In tn Charge of Winter Prom Standing, left to right-Robert Baum, Gilbert Casiraghi, Harry Cox, Martin Heimowitz Seated-Richard Bocek, Beatrice Foster, Trudy Levi, Marion Calla- way, Bertha Boschwitz Co-chairmeni Hagop Batzanian, Trudy Levi Decorations: Beatrice Foster, Samuel Vlfinston Lighting: Richard Bocek, Verne Lauten Music: Robert Baum, Ernest Cubbon Publicity: Odell Lyerly, Marion Calla- way Mackay In Charge of Class Day Valmore Suprenant, Marlex Wal! lace, Nancy Woldenberg, William Lefller In Charge of Rings David Alcott, Beatrice Foster, Law rence Fink, Stanley Weintraub g 4 93256, AQ 9 'Q ia. up Mi - 'fits D K GQ Q WW? rj X 1 1 I muff im- I IM 1 A M K JJ ' in X K X X N M 5 j fydk TS QP G ' vi 1 f 'X ff QQ Q Rb G IQ Q 31, f X mLcf iii-I-Y gf nlfarte Aga' Q gs -,N J, X 1555 uf 1948 Presiden' fm-1PQL.J DA,,rLlxHAUSEN 'lie Presififny DCXALD BAK!-.L'3?i 5 74 .-RNIQ ,l.',l3'f1fr-I THE IUNIORS As the Class of 1948 marches in review, it is difficult to discern the most outstanding, for all have worked together during the year. The spotlight finally focuses on the 'ltwins", Dick and Doc, who have received simultaneous school acclaim. fn their tenth years, Richard Gordon and Harold Dachenhausen acted as co-presidents of their class. Both branched out in the junior year, Dick becoming the vice-president of the G,O., and Doc assuming leadership of the juniors. Are those trumpets we hear in the distance? They might Weil be, for here comes the Boval Highness herselffthe beautiful queen of the Bochellean, Pat Hummell ill Then into the circle of brilliance promenade those responsible for the funior Prom Chairmen were Dorothy Cunio and Larry Bloom, supported by loan l-lavard, decorations, Harold Dachenhausen and Bob Sincerbeau, music, Donald Kohloff, publicity, and Adele lffotzkin, program. Other personalities come into viewi Doc Bakalor, class viceepreszdent- Betty Ann Austin, secretary A r . so riany' more who have Contributed to make the iunior year Worth remembering. The performance of the juniors is now over but dont turn off the spot- light. Next year these same characters will be back to give it even greater radiance, as they take their roles as seniors 651555 uf 1949 President, STIRLING ALDRICH Vice-President, LARRY T-ETF Secretary, LESLEY REID ,....,.. I "' I 1 I SOPHOMORE CLASS The 49'ers had a wealth of talent in all tields. Defying the adage, llAll that glitters is not gold", the sophomores shone in athletics, school spirit, extra- curricular activities, and scholarship. ln the schools athletic goldmine were many glittering personalities. Larry Liet, loe Kryla, and Stirling Aldrich were among the most active on the tootf ball field. The l.V. basketball squad included Tom Kohlberg, Leonard Loran, lim Munro, George Gottesman, Charlie Carr, Larry Lief, and Ioe Kryla. Dipping the pan back into the stream of tenth grade lite, we found gold nuggets among the girls. Lesley Reid, ludy Rose, and Emma-Lee Weathersbee were sophomore members of the GAA., while Clara lane Hirsh and Elaine Reyman played on the basketball honor team. Ot the eleven famous N.R.H.S. twirlers, seven are from this class, including the charming drum majorette, Lesley Reid. Rounding out their golden year, the sophomores held their successful dance on April 18, for which Harriet Lane and Larry Liet were co-chairmen. D 1555 uf 1950 This year the ninth grade started the social ball rolling with their tradie tional Open House, October l6, which proved to be a success second only to athletics. Intramural basketball, ping pong, and Coach Daniel P. O'Brien's ninth grade basketball team were extremely popular among the boys. Many of them also participated on the school track team. The chief sporting interests of the girls were ping pong, volley ball, and basketball. At the end of the second year in New Rochelle High, the class of 1950 finds its members well established in the world ol scholarship as well as the extra-curricular world of music, drama and clubs The freshmen show spar- kling proof of their ability to uphold their share of the reputation of the school I ' I I Y' Pif-siflf-ni PICHAFID YAFFA Vi 'e pIf'S1'l"I1', fJC'j'3l..3xS M'il.'.'ILl.f Q:-irreury, ALYCE KPYLA 6515155 uf 1951 lf si i '.'.'IQl.l,l.l.f E W 'v'i'e-P:-'sg RESET- fHAFl.ES FFIEQLAENIIP These fyoung fry", the class of l95l, who scurried thru the halls with frightened and confused glances last September, have all of a sudden grown up into a body full of school spirit and activity, They are enthusiastic members of clubs and supporters of all athletic events, Last October, Iudith Shankman and William Bush won first and second prizes in a writing contest between l.E.Y. and N.R.l'l.S. on the subject-"The Humane Treatment of Animals". Mr. Harry F. l-laigh, enthusiastic about the great number of eighth grade musicians, considered using thirty or more in his musical groups last fall. The success of the Star Identification Club continued through its second year under the direction of Miss Edith M. Sturtevant. Quick to learn the ways of the new school, the eighth graders are now ready to carry their loyal support and scholarly ambitions into their freshman year. 56 V W Nsgxxw i ,Q M ww' . X '41 , XX L k . QW it K X fin S Q ' fi Fi? 7' 1151? 1 B Zlrt IHIUH ,ol HJL Huh Ulf Vo A 0 v ka " f1U 'A 1 a f A . MAJORETTES Lesley Pe1d Drum Molorette Lei' to mght Joan P y nord Deborah GIIGS Dorothy TTOIGHO Dorothy Knubel Helen Troy Betty Ann Brooks Lcrurle Lou Brooks Kathy Clcxydon Patrlclc Moyer and Alyce Krylc D8 Must: 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 BAND AND ORCHESTRA BAND AND ORCHESTRA Front row left to rrght Marga et Lutze Harry Hargh Donald Gross Jack Galbratth Ruth Abrams Suzanne Hafford Second row Fred Breltenfeld Stanley Rubrn Gabrlelle Gola mtth Judy Arkn Barbara D1amond Barbara Grabel Thlrd row W1ll1Gm Handelman John Orvt Mathew Kessler Mary Carol Broadhead Betty Damrneyer Samuel Wrnston Ann Johnston John Mofftt Dorls Ltchtenthal Deborah Moscowrtz Fourth row Joseph Handelmart Larry Jacobs W1ll1GU1 Cohen James Survfs James Dreyfuss Jerry Brhk Thomas Beatson Evelyn Dreyfuss Ftfth row Mr Harry I-largh Rrchard Wetskopf Howard Bessen Edward Benedetto Phylhs Osborn Valor1e Boehroch Suzanne Heckman Joyce f-lrller Janrce Nauth Lesley Rerd Helen Knubel Eva Mxnot Srxth row Jack Ostrom Jean Lutze Walter Handelman Barbara Cullen James Carrno Alan Both Natalte Ftt h Mur ay Behrman Ernest Quarles Wrllram Bruenn Seventh row Jack F1nelt George Borskr John Fox Ernest Cubbon Robert Baum Robert Stncerbeaux Larry Bloom Frank Welltng Harold Dochenhausen l-lagop Batzanran Monte Gordon S I S Uh? I I The school year 1946 l947 marked the btg gest season tn the hrstory of the New Rochelle f-hgh School Band under the dtrectton of Mr Harry F Hargh Th band ttself had tts largest enrollment 140 students For the second con secutrve season the band played at every foot ball game both at home and away On Novern and the Cheerleaders presented shows be tween the halves of the professtonal footbal games at the Yankee Stadtum The frnale from Tscharkowsky s Fourth Sym phony Sequota The Amerrcan Salute ana The Legend of Sl epy Hollow were playea at the March Concert The fully mstrurnented etghty ptece New Rochelle Htgh School Orchestra gave rts hrs concert at th Hora e Gre ley School of Chap paaua December l The State Board of Edu catron nad recommended the group to tha school At the annual Sprtng Concert they ptavea Prayer from Han el and Gretel Connectt cut Yankee and fe tured Rhapsody rn Blue .fvrtn l.1d, Arkrn as ptano sololst They rlayea between acts for all To mer Player Producttor S . I V i l I , I If . i .'. I , fr T ' A ' 1 . 1 . a - ' - ' 9 , . Q - 3 T F, my - - - : ' ""' I I F A . ' at ' ' . ' A ' " ,' ber lU and 17, the band, arded by substltutes r " e H ' ' f M r - Ar , A - Y'- D f ',' 'I - ' ' ,-v X ' yi: All , . 4 1 A .A fr 9 XT e - . , 2 - 1 xf -V, . ' , , ff ,. A, . F WT' X rf t l ' ' ' ' . . W. - f ' .AT fxi f A I L ,C A ffwd X , Y ,, M V .X A - ,,- 4' fffflh ' " C ' ' Y - ' A W Y Y l Q GLEE CLUBS The Glee Clubs sang with the Choirs and the Mixed Chorus. The popular Boys' Glee Club song was the Ne- gro spiritual, "Keep in the Middle of the Road", and the popular Girls' Glee Club number narrated an lndian story of the snow in the "Snow Legend", Bothhgroups were well received at the Spring Concert. .lclli-J'rVl'it ABOVE First row, left to right-Christabelle Coker, Mildred Onley, Zelda Garfein, Rosemarie Noto, Catherine Zaccagnino, Joan Weiniield, Phyllis Stevens, Anne Craigie, Clara Jane Hirsch, Second row-Marion Callaway, Roxanne Roth, Judith Arkin, Viola Schlossberg, Patricia Mayer, Gilda Martirano, Carol Barshad, Helene Friedland, Jean Morrison, Ann Senior, Leslie Reid, Cecelia Contrata, Third row-Sally Singer, Lillian Graves, Lilli Mae Groom, Roma Weser, Ann Trowbridge, Marilyn Murray, Martha McMahon, Jacqueline Wenzel, Janet Hoistadter, Elsie Citroen, Diane Cameron, Joyce Randall, Ardella Smith, Janice Sargoyg Fourth row-Dorothy Troiano, Beverly Noyes, Cozette Dirkse, Judith Sherman, Faith Nelson, Jeanette Kirby, Judith Bierman, Sheila Levine, Margie Bright, Roddie McDonald, Patty Finnegan, Mary Jane Waters, Mary Fitzgerald, Trudy McQuade, Barbara Miller, Mary Bergin, Fifth row-Nancy Dirkse, Beryl Turner, Greta Brenner, Blea- nor Borski, Bertha Daniels, Deborah Moscowitz, Joyce Saxelby, Ruth Rothman, Jacque- line Becker, Helen Boyd, Frances Palisi, Joyce Hiller, Betty Jane Weirick, Virginia Herson, Grace Cohan, Sixth row-Jacqueline Wight, Hester Brown, Barbara Flemister, Ruth Levine. Natalie Fitch, Patricia Hummel, Dorothy Campbell, Mary Lou Schoggen, Mr. C. J, Broad- head, Carolyn Racusin, Rosemarie Roberts, Suzanne Hatiord, Yvonne Flowers, Barbara Grabel, Barbara Davies, Selma Grabel, Vera Springstein, BELOW' Front row, leit to righte-John Cronson, Harold Mooney, Arnold Woolf, Richard Wallin, Richard Yatta, Stuart Scherr, Mr. Broadhead, Donald Kohloif, Alvin Borden, Dan Cioiioletti, Stewart Schoen, William Gmelin, Second row--Charles Wood, Franklyn Brown, John Orvis, James Levy, Bob Troiano, George Bcrski, Harold Dachenhausen, Richard Weiskopi, Michael Kopp, Stanley Stern, Matthew Kessler, Third row-Allred Zadig, Barry O'Neil, Grant Kinney, Seth Rosner, Ralph Tucker, John Fraioli, Daniel De Santo, Joseph Handelrnan, Ned Zinn, Bichard Barnes, John Connolly, Leon Selig, Fourth row-Daniel Fitch, Charles Spannaus, Bill Miller, George Haley, James Fuhrer, James Monroe, Howard Sweet, Louis Villaume, Robert Luce, Johnathan Rosner, James Serphos, LeRoy Seacor, Toshio Takenaka, James Secor. 60 A CAPELLA "A" Front row, left to right 'Judy Arkin, Chrzstabelle Coker, Marion Callaway, Ann Senior, Beryl Turner, Jacqueline Wenzel, Jutiy Sherman, Barbara Flernister, Janet Hofstadter, Anne Craigie, Elsie Citroen, Greta Brenner, Viola Schlossberg, Ardella Smith, Seca Mr C J Broadhead, Jackie Wight, Cozette Dirkse, Barbara Grabel, Eleanor nd row 7 Borski, Beverly Noyes, Ruth Levine, Natalie Fitch, Mary Lou Schoggen, Carolyn Racusin, Pat Hummel, Betty Jane Weirick, Barbara Miller, Virginia Herson, Lesley Reid, Janice Sargoy .l I'rll'l'.'I,l,.l lrmlliumfll "A" AND "B" A CAPELLA CHOIRS The vocal groups, under the direc' tion of Mr. C. l. Broadhead, pref sented many concerts this year. "A" Choir sang for the Youth Forum, the First National Bank, the Womens Club, Castle Point Veterans Hospital, and exchanged concerts with Ma- maroneck and Bronxville High Schools and elementary schools. Popular numbers in the repertoire were the musical setting of the an- cient tale of Adam and Eve, "Dese Bones Gwine to Rise Again", the negro spiritual, "Were You There" and a new number, i'Russian Picnic", "B" Choir is composed of under- classmen and a few upperclassmen whose schedules can't include UA" Choir. They sang at the Christmas assembly, at North Avenue Presby- terian Church, and in several elef mentary schools, Their popular num- bers included "Comin' Thru the Rye" in a modern setting, and Ml Won't Kiss Katyf a Slavic folk song. The Choirs, together with the Boys' and Girls' Ensembles, closed a successf ful season with the annual Spring Concert. Dorothy Troiano, Sally Singer, Third row-Jirn Survis, William Slater, Edward Leopold, Arnold Woolf, Alvin Borden, Daniel DiFrancesco, Richard Weiskogof, Stuart Scherr, Stillman Mackay, Ned Zinn, Joe Handelrnan, Richard Wallin, Jack Connolly, Louis Wanamaker, Toshio Takenaka, Eugene Langworthy, Matthew Kessler, Fourth roweHagop Batzanian, Franklin Lehrrieier, Bernard Brown, Michael Kapp, Carl Gordon, Harvey Coates Harold Battle Jack Osirorn, Bob Troiano, Berrran Waters, Harold Dachenhau:en, Richard Reichart John Fox, George Borski, Donald Kohloff, Daniel De Santo, David Borski, Glenn Chequer A CAPELLA A B ' Front row left tc right Milarea Oxley, Lgilian Grave.: Hester Brown, Rodaie McDonald, Judy Bierman Martha Mol'-Jfaricn, Mary Bergin, Joyce Saxelbey, Sheila Levine, Joyce Hiller, Doris Lee, Jackie Becker Clara Jane Hirsch, Joyce Randall, Roxanne Roth, Joanne Weinfela, Jane Mcrrznoic Secona row Sue Hafiora, Carol Barshad, Marilyn Murray, Margie Bright, Barbara lJa'.':e.:, Bertha Daniels, Faith Nelson, Dorothy Campbell, Trudy McQuade Helen Boyd, Felcorah Mogcowztz, Rutii Rothman, Cecelia Conzrata, Grace Cohan, Helene Friedland, Pat Meyer, Gilda Martirano, Mr. C. J Broadheadg Thtrri row--Alfred Zadig Stewart Schoen, Stanley Stern, Daniel Fitch, Buady Spannaus, John Orvis, George Haley Dick Yaffa, Jim Fuhrer, Dick Barnes, Jizn Serjchos, Ralph Tucker, Jirn Levy, Dan Cioffolett: Franklyn Brown, Barry Ofleil John Cronsong Fourth row--Billy Grnelin, Charles Woca Harold Mooney, Grant Kinny, Seth Rosrzer, Arnold Woolf, Alvin Borden, Jim Munr Sweet John Fraioli, Gerald Vtllaurne, Bob Luce, Johnathan Rosner, Ray Seaccr, Jim Secor, Leon Selig 6 , o, Howard Bill Miller Turner Players Scene from There ls My Home by Emerson Burke Thoma H1 hteld Terrv Lel: a'1a La ry Pee ce Je rv Schneew 'za Emerson Bu ke and Barbara Bev' The Tower Players opened the season wrth Nlr Emerson Burke as star author and drrector of hrs play There Is My Home The play 1D three acts and nrne scenes dep1ct1ng the lrfe of Tom Pa1ne atter the Amencan Bevolu t1on was the years most elaborate show Th1s h1stcr1cal drama was the trrst or1g1nal play produced by the club A farcrcal comedy The Torchbecxrers was the second product1on The play sat1r1zed amateur theatrrcals Barbara M ller vas starred as the dlrector of the l1tt1e theatre aroup and Ierry Schneewrnd as the horr1f1ed husband lame the recent Broadway h1t by Iosephme Bentharn and Herschel Wrllrams was staaed 1n March The show was a h1lar1ous satrre on teen agers Ioan lvhttelmark and W1nn1e Lane were double cast 1n the t1tle role wh1le B1ll Left er and Verne Lauten played Scooper and Drck the young sold1er respectrvely lflr Burke concluded the season w1th the thrrller Nlght Must Fall by Ernlyn Wrllrams Th1s drama ot ch1lls and suspense tells of a psychopatlnc murderer who cha1ns l'11s V1 t1ms and then k1lls the n 62 7 A . . J, r r , r r .. . a c 1 , - 1 . . .. .1 . 1 1 - 1 1 . 4 .. 1. - 1 1 - . . . Q Q , . 1 1 , . .. - 1, - - , , , . - , 1 1 I I . .- .. . 11 ,t 1 C Y git II A X N xx, TE' JLN, 3 'Mrk- W il QQ ll S 2 Social Ser lC9 Clubs Scene from There Is My Home Tlcket Wmdow 'I'hur1ksq1vmq Baskets 6,5 KBS Vx Q , -i X, X isgiy vt X-. N xx X X X hx ' Ex X N x 4 Q F X N N M QW ,K sex ' I-:x 'A FV" ' ,H ff I h V Ex 1 I . V. , COOKING CLUB Sewted, lelt to right--lain Mcrrgmon lf1f:quel1r1e Crecrsy, Barborfx Flemis- ter, Betty .leon Wdslwrngton, Beatrice Lee, M1511 Elizabeth Bfiche, Stand- mg Yvortrue Flowers, Ffmrue Gray, Carrol French Fievhw Vwlfentirme ft :rr , "':1'k1fI. CHESS CLUB wot or o TlQ"l rm fhfirl Wood S jIT'Ol1l' F fx t Kellfir Flo e Do'1'1l'l Woler S ind B For '1 t ffrr Sclloen AUDUBON CLUB e g Pau 5 1 'nov George Norly Alon Cohn M ec o ert P t r on B verw Dodo SSCOYIG Albert do body 'cnet Solerro Rene Toub Phlltp Hmkle Cor ol ZGIFIIG Mur r B mon Ke lo Frore G or Freei Sheldort Jorrowttz Allow Mor m on Mark S '1rr STAR IDENTIFICATION 'ncxr Io Covmgtoru W1ll1o'n Bush IC or Wor Iolfm Arm Lo Seco d Fancy Schnee I an O Ho 3 leort Jem Co ol Sugar Scxrr Wmston Pdtr eefte Tru d lrer syn o ph V l Gm Cot Srutz I Bld rup loom Peor on Bcxrbfz o Bonner Gerry ONe1l Carol Fooke Fourth N Stuart We-1 Bet y Pcrkmson Judv Zuke loyce Movie Herbert Atkm Alrr Klo Knox T, wi, lft t lt Ko .f tn Gffwr , ez: , e' t, l .1 er . ' r , A . 4: Y f mg fri ber, loel Fm. lverg F5 ex' t S . . First row, 1 lt to rr ht A l fl er- . ., , , , is.: S or, R b of e S , e lj reg ' row- A - , J . , e f, GY er . , I l r , e ge tl .1 , I, Frrst row, left to right-Richard Gold- R' h Si d, James . , I - reno, .. n rcwe I - Wind, Lynn Gold, ee ,F V I C Fel r , ' ' , LCV: Q K g r row- .e P e J se Ji Ii r' I - Ier nge ' st . S , gg ro' -- ' D.. r, A, .sky Pete' 'e STAMP CLUB S mg let to 1g'x Mrs Ros ar Vlferer kt lcl L wt Cohen Sttelac Dorros Monte Pruzan Jame Rhler hal Jean Howard Standmg Arn lem Cha l afvtell L F rt elvrna S31 l x Patch n o z xt RED CROSS ront row et o rtght Ro e Roosov Donald Kohlotf Ge ald Me Mahon Sklppy Castraghr Werne Freundltch Second row Rober Troup Leon Seltg Robert Freedrnar Joanne Trowbndge Zelda Garten' Ruth Rothman Gall Cannon Th1ro row Chrrstabelle Coker Joanne Wald Frederxca Holt Patrtcta Latna Mrss Florence Garrl Nancy Kuhr HOBBY CLUB Front row left to rxght Anne Ma thews Sandra Boyce Inge Hoch hauser Clatre Sorlere Adatr Tucke Josephme Saracelll Nancy Shack now Dtane Pollalc Margot Lanch ner Second rom Charles Clayvtelle Harold Kllthau Ph1l1p Kaplan Frea Zauner Rrchard Slavrn Rxchard Bar tels John Galbrarth Arthur Hurd Gerald Utter Charles B1llups Thtro row Sh1rley Moses Maurlce Gro Monte Puzan Robert Fountarn Lee Beshar Donald Kohloff Lawrenc Henshel Geo ge Peckar Fourth row Mrs Ro S Ruth Tuot1 Harolc Stern Vlcto Seebold John Teroe Ftfth row Ja lf Tannenbaur fo alcl Ye g Rolce Leopold LIBRARY COUNCIL Seated lei to rght Roge Rohe FFCWCI e Strrckle Rrchard Rtspole enc tt a F10 e Fltzge ala Ha old Kllthau S andmc. Teddy Pe K Rlchard Ellls Pau Snerrnan Spe cer Walltn Judt llc, ver Sally p El anor Borslc Clatre Werne larcy Dtrk e Rob e Rou 'tt ee Fetnbera R r a Scne A e itz' , 1 r' Lx- . G y ' .sz o e 'fa , l r. 1 , .L . A ' ' 5 I C U- ' K -, .. 7 eg Cl ' e, Mlcute, Litt red Le'."f Roke Eder, llorrzar, N ".. n ot IKEA' ' e , R Let' Rat , George Pezrvzr, Fvart l'11E Mel "rg Arfixur F . , l 1 1 - L I' Seebold, Mary Bergin, Ellen Rosen- -- ' J ,, ' I 5:1 , I , I e . Y I ' M S I .V , V F - , A I , ' ' -f c . ' n, J 'r.- r er, rt , t 1 -- r . Flor e A. isani 'Kell r ' r , Mary ' r ', r 5 t j e c' , ' , Q - , I Al er, e I ' 1 ' . r, I t ' , rt nQr,,, Joel , - 4, o.- ld Q -c't r CONVERSATION CLUB Floor, left to right--Hagop Batzanian, Beatrice Foster, Wini Wildman, Jack Os- trom, Barbara Stinnett, Seated -Winnie Lane, Betty Barshad Joan Hawkins, Larry Fink, Nancy Woldenberg, Carl Gor- don, Nancy Meier, Janet Hof- stadter, Standing-Ernest Leh- mann, Jerry Schneewincl, Ber- tha Boschwitz, Eddie Brazill Mary Sue Weatliersbee, Don- ald Osborn, Phil Sack, Cab Woodward, Bertram Lebhar James Sparkman Mabel Selig, Trudy Levi, Betty Adamson The Conversation Club met bi-monthly under the guidance of Mr. DeWitt D. Wise, faculty advisor. This club is strictly a senior affair and usually cone venes at the homes of its members Nancy Woldenberg Larry Fink loan Hawkins and Carl Gordon directed the activities of the club as president vice president secretary and treasurer respectively CHEMISTRY CLUB The Chemistry Club was a source of enioyrrent and interest to all its members this year Under the sponsorship of Dr Carlton f Doc J S Spear and the leadership of its president Carl Gordon vice president Bob Luce and secretary Barbara Stinnett the club enioyed one ot the most successful years in its history Lectures and demonstrations featured the bi monthly meetings in room 261 Ei st row left to right-Grace Cohan, Stanley Weintraub, Gerry Bloch, Robert Levine, Jane Kaufmann, Jimmie Sparlcman, Gabrielle Johnston, Sam Winston, Helen Adler, Alvin Berko- witz Elsa Koehler, Bob Freedman, Jerry McMahon, Second row-Alvin Motzlcin, Jean Butow Allen May, Barbara Stinnet, Jack Connolly, Gladyce Colodny, Daniel Difrancesco, Betty Cahn, John Eraioli, Debora Ettinger, Sidney Winclcer, Myra Weber, Jerry Schnee- flirid Bertha Boschwitzg Third row4Martin Heimowitz Gloria Kelminson, Randy Lanchner, Mary Lou Schoggen, Eugene Langworthy, Rhoda Steindler, Arnold Vandroff, Phyllis Jewell Charles Michelman, Jean Howard, Dick Kahn, Nina Judis Howard Kligerman, B b Talrier, Fourth row-Leonard Leopold, Henry Kaufmann, Larry Jacobs, Charles Nony, Bob Luc , Richard Bocek, Bill Jackson, Harry Cox, David Alcott, Ben Howe, Cab Wood- ward Harvey Prince, Donald Osborn, Fifth row-Dick Mayer, James Michelman, Robert Charm Peter Schiff, Larry Fink, Jack Ostrom, Carl Gordon, Gilbert Casiraghi, Murray V on Valmore Suprenarit, Dr. Carleton Spear 66 BIOLOGY CLUBS Tnree Advanced Brology Cluoe tlourrshed thrs year under the eo naorshrp ot Mr lohn E Shoot' T119 Lens and Scalrel mth Don Ofborn presrdent and Luc1lle Frasca secretary treae urer rnet monthly wrth the Boy Chaornan Andrews group headed by lack Connolly presr dent and Stuart Sherr v1ce pre dent and Trudy Levr and lan t Hotstadter secretarres Bhcda Stetndler was presr dent ot Skull and Cross Bones wrth Lucy Schroeder as vrce preerdent and Gabrrelle Iohn stort ae secretary treasurer Each month the three clubs held a Jornt rneetrng at the Y MCA at whrch parente. and guebfs were rnvrted Trmely topt S such as Cancer Tuber culo rs Atomrc Energy Bussran Scrence and Pathology were drscuesed by authorrtres tn the respectrve frelds Lens cmd Sccxlpel Frrst row Clarre Jacobson Joan Eder Bae Joan Grotta Lc etta Woolf Greta Brenner Mabel Selrg Nancy Vvfoldenberg Carolyn Pacu sm Second row Jul1an Parrtno Bob Trouo Frnot Lehmann Peter Schlff Cyr1lDennerle1n Larry Bloom Alan B saw. Howard Bessen ln wrndow Mr John E Snoop Lucllle Fra ca Donald Oiborr' Skull and Crossbones First row-Betty Lornont, Sue Raou- sin, Rh da Steindler, Laurie Lou Brooksg Sccond row-Gabrielle John- ston, P-ggy Lample, Janct Hofstad- ., .o.hy Friedman, Betty 'e F, Jean H ward, Marilyn Ca.neyg Trrrd .ow -'H,l,n .nub-, enevt-ve G- - -r, rdrara O-hl, Joreph Har .- rnar, rick We er, red 1C1lt.,' Roy Chapman Andrews its t Q Ft- .r loo, . .. ' va., ,mee -CQ lor.: - rnngzcr., f .gy Adlcr ,u... -uf- .. , ...., M"ra VJfb,r, ,onard arra- fTru'iy Lexi, e Sch' , Day: ' r- .s 1, elrby Ettinger, Henry Kaufmann airy ac: .4 Stuart he-rr, Barbara Stinnetf, felen, eff er , acl Co: fy- X x YOUTH INTERRACIAL CLUB The Youth lnterraclal Club has successfully completed tts hrst year w1th a membersh1p of seventy TIVS NRH S students The group was gulded by Betty Barshad pres1dent and Ernest Lehmann V196 presldent Mrs Margaret Wemstern and Dr Chtton T Edgerly sponsored the group Among the accomphshments ot the club they can hst thexr contr1but1on to the Help Save Sydenham fund the1r weekly ant1d1scr1m1nat1on radlo program the lobbylng tr1p to Albany Cfor the Austln Mahoney B1llJ and the restaurant comm1ttee work to form clubs s1m1lar to therrs CURRENTS EVENTS CLUB V1ClOflGS over lsaac E Young and Pelham Memoual Hlgh Schools news bees and part1c1pat1on 1n numerous county panel d1scuss1ons and WFAS broadcasts were the ma1n accomphshments of the Currents Events Club th1s year Under the sponsorsh1p of Dr H nry G Wellman club members attended several broadcasts of the Town Meeung of the Au Wlth 1ts ranks swelled to about hfty members the club d1scussed both nattonal and 1nternat1onal afta1rs The ottcers were Peter Schrft pres1dent lames Beck v1ce pres1dent and Gene vteve Geller secretary QQ Iflffztihfif-rltimzs pay: flu f - . . , . . Through their work, they have inspired other schools in New Rochelle ' ' , ' ' in . ' . e . , Irlrflfifiwuffmfs pffylf flu STUDENT F EDERALISTS Somethmg new rn the l1ne of clubs came to New Bochelle thrs wear Student Federahsts are rnterested tn World Government Thetr frrst under tak1ng was to acquarnt themselves w1th the prrnctoles of World Government and tnen tell other peopl about 1t Wrth Mr Barbara A Moore as club sponsor the off1cers of the club were Trudy Levr presrdent lerome Schnee wmd vlce pres1dent and lamce Bosenbaum secr tary Through the efforts of the Student Federahsts more peopl w1ll come rn contact w1th the prxncrples of World Government SOCIAL AND SERVICE CLUB A drrve for toys for underpnvtledged chrld en .fa the f1rst undertakrng of the Soc1al Servrce Club last September Thts prolect has conttnued throughout the year accompanymg a clothlng dr1ve for needy fam1l1es of students 1n thrs school The club asststed the New Bochelle Day Nur ery by enlrstmg volunteers to work for thls organ1zat1on whtch IS supported DY the New Bochelle Com 1nun1ty Chest Thrrty complete Thanksgwtng drnncr baskets were assembled and d1 trlbut d At Chrrstrnas tlrne the members collect d g1fts for presentatton to ch1ldren rn the Chrldren s Court A VISIT from Mars wlth Bert Lebhar as the Er tcee was tne club s annual show g1ven to ra1se funds for tts many servrces The commrttee tn charge headed by Lucrlle Frasca wncluded Manlyn Carney Natal1e l:'1tch and Greta Brenner The Club of ll7 members worked farthfull under the sponsorshrp f Mrs Margaret Wemstem and the leadershrp of Trudy L vt nresldent Bertha Bfs h N1lZ vrce presrdent and loan Hawkrns secretary I l l I4Irfllifir-11lim1.s 1111-111 5111 . . . . - Y . . . . . 1 V . . ' G' S , 3 , I ' 1 ' I 9 , . , C ' l l . l Y V S l l r - . :S . . . . . , L , , . . . A .Si , D , . 2 . I . V . , V H . . ,, . V I , f V 1 1 - - f Y . . C , . 9' , -J . j . -. C. - X . . - , I . I , , . t t t x u lflfffrlfif-flfiuflx mm fm 'tiqgffyfz' HIY Standtng left to rtght Luctlle Frasca Dorothy Blau Jean Butow Marle Froeltch Phyllts Jewell Helen Knubel Jane Marsden Loutse Holmsten Pat Lohse Joan Nattrass Ftrst row Pat Kennedy Ellen Smtth Natalte Frtch Gabrtelle Johnston Second row Mart lyn Carney Ruth Foradora Ursula Meyerhoff Thlrd row Joan Smtth Dorothy Knubel Dons Mtchels Cozette D1rkse PHI TAU ALCO Srtttng left to rlght Adam Kleppner Larry Slavln Se ond row Fred Btehl Herbert Stmmons James Lobe Peter Chrtstman Thlrd row Maurl Cross stanley Stern David Cohen Peter Korn Fourth row Dana Retrach John herson Peter Tomback Lewts Arnow Ctandtng top to bottom Lewts Cohen Robert Blum Monte Pruzan Robert Shorter Harold Stern Bernard Fwell Mart1n Klemperer Front row left to rtaht Lou Foster Rtta Fletcher Nancy Hale Lesley Reld Mary Sue Weathersbee Be ty Osterndorft Bea Foster Patrrcta Mayer Betty Lelghton Betty Ann Brooks Sally Magee Second row Barbara Schetb Eddte Braztll Sue Clark Edrth Ktng Patrtcra Maxwell Joan Havard Jantce Nauth Wtlna Walter Nan Olfeeffe Emmy Lou Toth Thtrd row Betty Adamsen Janet Rowe Laurte Lou Brooks June Thxerbach Emma Lee Weathersbee Beverly Ntcker son Patrlcxa Hunt Barbara Stmnett Dxana Mart1n Vrrgxnta Marshall Fourth row Honorra Wilson Joan Schaberg Vtrgrma Rellstab Patrtcta Hummel Vxrgtma Sweet Joan Strachen Barbara McKay Katherme Exsele Deborah Gtles Frith row Ann Crargte Joan Mohr Lura Mae Baldwrn Ellzabeth Fanellt Catherine Claydon Helen Troy Nancy Gtles Jean Hawkms Slxth row Joanne Wtlkes Ann Claydon Sally Carr Hester Brown Seventh row Peagy Davtdson Jane Marsden I 5 Q, g at, Qr . i ii f " ' X L., ' I thaw . 7,1 V qi, ' W 1 3.5.5 51,11 .J5V'v- 1.1 F Eticirirf' NA' ' 11n1Vtur fl... - , , Q I ,i,gt,e,yl5-1Z,g'3 1 F Ya ,vf , '3'l,'1,.,, SYVV i f V My 1 i , N 491- ' ' fx f' ' ' 1. H7. A - 1 fn . . . F . . V V 1 V - 1 1 V - 1 A V V , ' 1 - Cf: 1 V - A 1 1 V 1 1 V I 1 I 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 . ' . ' ' 4 1 I r r 5-I V I - V 1 - 1 1 1 1 V A . . K I 1 1 1 1 I V V 1 1 1 I '- I r - 1 1 1 V I "' 1 1 V 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 V 1 V 1 1 1 1 JUNIOR PRESS CLUB F1rst row, lef1 to flgllf Judy Sl1:.'n1crr1an Ann Hoes Betty Taylor, Donald Gross, Second row-Nan Parker Carol Chmholm, Inge Hochhauser Sari Winston, Les Ile Kaplan, Joanne Gross, Jack Srmth, Trurd row- Lynn Rerhart, James Levy, Franklin Lehrnezer Mar tha McMahon, William Miller, Deborah Mosoowitz Peter Knoko, lDf1v.d GllIIlGR, Fourth row Lou1.a Huxkey- ser, R1chard Yaffa, Ralph Tucker, Betsy Park1nson Zito Orlofl, Tom Cl1r1::ter1:sen, Fred Levy, Suzanne Hat lord, Pf1tr1C1a Fmnegan, Jufly Channell, Lois Regex PHI DELTA 11.3 ""' F" ' " " ' l' "1 l. 'IF ' - 1 UV, 'I EX ,A .f x.,.lIl'3'L, I l ,-3.1111 PZ E1 ',I1I 1 1-1 IU111 R S 15 1 .1u11" ll-11 Q:11- ' 1v 7110111 f lJ1 ' l'11--'1 1 V411 z':., .-11111f- .11 'k111, l1,111 1 Il l 11,w Betty' A1111 1X1s'11z Elsa Kfbfllllfl llflll L1 H 111 ll 1 L11111-11, sr. Il ,1. 1lf:1511111, D111 K11 1':1y l1l1..s. BRIDGE CLUB 1 iz a n e a g 3 1 '11 1 rr !lO'1 1 an fu rJ'1 awe' Gate Arnew e 'na Do fthf M1 DQ ora ' a r 21 lm r Du g e E111 u 3 g 'we f'1Cpey V1.1 X xfl r Jc- Gr- F1 3 F' CWI 1.55 115,111 93511-531 111 fl: :gi 11 511111 QB , ., L. V1.3 .. ,S 1 1' yqQl5 ,l 11 11 061, lin .755 111 1 :J Wg 1 Q Q gary-,X 1: -1 111 - - 125, wgaifx ,, . 16. .A , 3 1, -AQ 11 ,, 0 L Ag L., was D um ,lub 'fi ID , , ,A O O 1. Q' " " 'l 11 '11 FU ' 32 . '1 11' 'Ura 1-1-m 4-55112113129-ew? Q3 53 fi1,,gy1-r y1,.'1' E1A:x.g1.6 Ll LD 1:1 ,U .U ., O Ll .1 1 tg "5 Wk! I-fi? 11 111"' I E Q YT' 1.1 ?11,,j,'fQQJ'YJg, ,iZElf'Q, , I-4 . ,1 111 ,1 1 V, '1?f1.":1UL.' gl-A-1-111' 111 15 ,0 ,L 1. g1 1 'v L 1: f' HI' 517 ,QUE . F-l7q,! TAL- 14111111-lesffi-T113 ,Q U 1P I5 Z. 11. -' Lg gg'Nu.111 11 -f 51745, 'P S0111 1:1 .. '1 110-11 ,flfffq f 11 N L ., ff P21111 'NULLDP . 1 . 111+-1: :I 2:12 fm I1 .1 5' -4 ""F U ll' .3 I: Q EE :E '- :,111I'2II'1e1vilO 1 11- L, 3,111 3- 1 L11 ,-. '1 11, 1-Z 111 ,, 11 O" 17 K1 B 'Af O A I 111 '-I 'U 59,11 711111 " 11 9111 1 - 'U X 111 25.141152 14111 U 11 " 12 L3 1 .,.'1 3 3 I-, Lu ft' F9138 57.49. ' 51' 0 :2 ff- -1' 11 1 M 1- m -1 --I 11 :EU V - A v , xi '+I 117, I5 11 111 1- " . 11' 'HY' ' " e .4 In ' 'Lu Pl . ' 1- IIT II , VW ' , .p , :i ., Z ,- ,-. O gg 51 53 ' 1' L U7 1 4 -U 22 4311 1 11 -'11'P1,L cfj'-, :1 .11 V1 ,411 r ,, HQ CI U 9 F' L31 Jgraswe Ugg AUIM K1he J PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB afternoon under the direction ot Mr. Arthur B. Hussey. They have done developing, enlarging and printing, discussed color photography and studied colored slides. Front row, left to right-Mr. John F. Mont- gomery, Juaith Lueders, Janice Sargoy, Nina Judie, Dan Kleppner, James Survisg Second row-Sally Alper, Diane Poliak, Gladyce Ccloany Gabrielle Johnston Carol Wiritrier Jean Butcw, Eva Brunner, Luther Quarles, Third row-Peter Felsenthal Michael Con- rieim, Michael Litt, Kermit lmbrey, Alvin Ber- kowitz, Philip Goldman, David Weber, Henry Kaufmann, Mr Arthur B. Hussey, Fourth row -Richard Selig, Michael Stoller, Martin Heirnf cwnz TRACK CLUB The Track Club composed of boys who have earned a letter in track or cross country lo sponsored bv Coach Daniel P O Brien Tack Ostrorn was president Carl Gordon vice oresi dent and Bill Jackson secretary Fi trow et to ight Jack Ostrorn Gerald McMahon Jame Sparkman Bertram Lebhar Gilbert Casiraghi Dana Borsk Peter McLean Julian Parrino Allan Dunn becond row Franklin Brown Ben Howe Donald Wyn r XAr1ll1CIl"l Jack on A nold Vanarolf Harry John on Carl Gordon John Connolly Third row William Perri Morris Jerkins Lawrence Bloom Sidney Win oker Goelfrey Nunes Dennis Hall David Alcott Oliv r Flow r Donald Kohloff Harry Jones Henry Payne PING PONG CLUB st ro v Adone t Pi har Sa ern l rid a D rald B Z Q i ia eona e Earle B il Han hr Qi r x i Patsy Aco ar Scno n Charie Pes Lee Frank rran lc i Cha Billups Jarrie Epping r Robert ald Guntho p r iu Mi tl CI k Herb r A n Kiltnau Zai. u Q o i a L o a o a r au J ri a a Fire c N one J F Trorn H rke lf l Fcurtln R charm Sl utr' D a hall B K Z1 ar azz if cto Fr cl Jia ldowarl Sweet Alan Be a ome l C1 iarn B :wi L. Buda i a ,i -. A I ' A I s , . 'rs , l i r' - ' r , , . s , , . , ' 5 i, , ' ' e , " " . s , .r ' , - 5 ., . , I T 'e s, , ., Firi 'Y leir to right- it c-:lla Bmw i Q e , 5.4 r rs, , T k - tx lc a He. drick, Gr. h iri lf. G ll ,I'l'f:'.T ' .. ss ge , . l s Do. r l' Q. , Se oni ro' Lon ' r e, A ir r . t ern r , e t tki s, 'o .T Y ennett, H Lert Ffpofro, Gii.'ir:','e ' l Frei: i 'ner Lo 1.4 ,ap rt, 'e n rd acca Yilfl lrlrtiel FQTITKQTTRC J1::1 -f.' 'erin Ge rrre Ahrenf, Ala. Batiner P l acobfon, Third rc'.'.' W:llif':r:'i Bush Peter Khikf- Thomas Sharkfgy Lawrence Slain, Maurice Gross VV'll :rx Klhg, Trioirids Kchlberg, fefepn Krrla, Larry' Lgei, Be nard Brown 'i Cf Stern L 4 ri Lirrarree David Weber Jaw' flester e lr' F1 eg , row 3 X gr ,, VVe:al y Kirin, Pa.1q"ale Scariri, llel.-on fl rs , chert r tt, Andrew' lil d i '1 . r , UYYTLCTY ' -iti Josepl C,ccrrri, et l. no, 1 " f' r , .s :s Jer r c Miaiae K. pp, l.3ui,1 Fine 3'Z'T'CIT Bieriehfteck Will' ,, ruenn Ly" S Cohen, C d .ey Krlfr Qirrier Herbert Stocker i The Photography Club met every Friday gmt III Smarts 445-55 ,J CHEERLEADERS - First row-Gerald McMahon, Betty Barshadg Second row-Donald Kohloft, Beatrice Eosterg Top-Courtney Sheehan: Standing, lett to right-Jacqueline Wenzel, Dorothy Weshner, Emmy Lou Toth, Betty Adamsen Robert Heller, George Kaplan, Edward Bermas, Gilbert Casiraghi, Victor Seebold, Toshio Takenaka, Robert Fountain, Marlex Wallace, Greta Brenner, Joan Mohr FOOTBALL FOOTBALL TEAM F1rst row left to r1ght Carl Gordon Bob Bensmger Jack Ward Bert Lebhar Dlck Gordon Cab Woodward George Bonderenko John Fratoh Ohver Flowers Herb Block Harry John son Second row tAss1stant Coa h Sam Gxangrecol Bob Fry Joe Kryla Don Bakalor Alan Dunn Jeff Nunes Hal Jacobsen Berman Waters Marc F1nlcle Henry Payne Pete McLean Head Coach John A Keller Th1rd row Bob Luce Jtm Monro Harry Cox B1ll Joyce Juneau Arnelle Bob Troup St1rlzng Alanch Alan Besas MGUFICG Gross Verne Lauten Eugene Prlce Fourth row !Co manager Stlllrnan Maclceyl Larry Lxef Deuel Yerger Boy Durnwlrth Cyr1l Dennerleln James Moses Dan Groom Blll Mltchell Bob Bndges Henry Scott Manager Larry Fmk F1lth row Edward Sellg Leon Sehg Charles Sellg Charles Berkeley Drck Barnes Torr Taran OW1lZ B1cnard Booker Don L1ppoth lohn Buskm Stuar Bo mck Frank Bruno COACHES Lett to rlght IOHN A KELLER SAMUEL H GIANGBECO Baseball Football lntrarnurals DANIEL P O BBIEN Basketball Cross Country lntranturals Track 74 1 1 r 1 I ' F 'M f C1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - I 1 1 1 1 1 F la ' 1 1 1 , . .. .1 . . .V .. 1 1 1 1 1 1 A 1 . , o 1' . ,- 5.4 1. . . y , 13 . . Y t'r! o an 4 1 Football Swlrnmlna lntramurals The Purple Wave of New Rochelle under the gutdance of Coach Iohn A Keller and Ltne Coach Samuel Glangreco enloyed one of tts more success ful seasons The 1-luguenots grtdsters led by Captdxn Cab Woodward rolled over ftve opponents wh1le bowtng tn defeat but tw ce The f1rst game of the season Nas the ftrst ar hght football game 1n the athletlc history of New Rochelle 1-ltgh School The s ore was New Rochelle 30 Yonkers Central U The followmg week the Huguertot traveled to Yonkers to meet a very outclassed Roosevelt team The ftnal core was New Rochelle 45 Roosevelt 7 The Purples agaln traveled to Yonker on the next Saturday to Dlay Gorton Even though Gorton played over thelr heads most of t1me the Wave came home wtth a 12 6 w1n The undefeated Huguenots returned to McKenna Fleld where they enaaged a powerful Isaac Young team and were upset by a 13 9 score On the followmg Saturday a h1ghly favored Mamaroneck eleven came to New Rochelle and were dumped to the tune of 25 19 when the Huguenots staged one of thelr greatest last half comebacks of thetr htstory The next Saturday found the Tw1n Lake WGTTIOTS 1nvad1ng the domams of A B DCIVIS of Mt Vernon The Purple Wave led by thetr htgh scorlng halfbacks Herble Block and Harry lohnson marched off v1ctor1ous w1th a 19 U Wm under the1r belts The 1946 football season was cllmaxed by th trad1t1onal game wtth the Ttgers of Whlte Plams New Rochelle put on thetr best performance of the year tn the flrst halt when they talhecl 18 counters Losmg 18 13 at halfttme a re1uvenated Tlger eleven came back to run roughshod over the Huguenots by the score of 51 18 Those also parttally respons1ble for the Purplcs success are Larry Fmk and Sttllman Mackay the capable managers Brud Flowers crack Purple end mtssed flrst team All County by one vote and therefore recetved a second team berth New Rochelle men who placed on the th1rd team were Center Bob Benstnoer and Quarterback Bert Lebhar FOOTBALL SCHEDULE New Rochelle Yonkers Central New Rochelle Roosevelt New Rochelle Gorton New Roch lle Isaac E Young New Rochelle Mamaroneck New Rochelle A B Dav1s New Roch lle Whlte Platns FOOTBALL Lme Jeff Nunes Carl Gordon Dtck Gordon Bob Bensmger George Bonderenko John Fraloll Ollver Flowers Stcmdmg-Coa h John Keller Peter McLean Alan Dunn Hal Jacobson Bert Lebhar B111 Nutter Cab Woodward Joe Kryla Herb Block t5 BASKETBALL BASKETBALL TEAM First row left to right John Mandarano Donald Bakalor Bertram Lebhar captain Anthony Nardozzx Blchard Gordon Second row Stillman Mackay man ager Robert Bensinger Cabell Woodward Goeffrey Nunes Miller Philip Sack Oliver Flowers Coach Dan P OBrien Finishing first in he section one NYSPHSAA tournament and ga nering third in the W l A A New Rochelle High Schools 46 47 Basketball squad coached by Daniel P O Brien attained greater honors than any ever secured by a Huguenot five During the regular season the Purple Wave compiled a record of fourteen wins and four losses The Twin Lakers amassed a total of 942 points over the eignteen game schedule to 717 for their opponent This gave the Huguenots a 52 3 average per game to a 39 8 average for their rivals Entering the NYSPHSAA Tourney for the first time the New Rochelle quintet emerged victorious to become the cage champions of section one which is comprised of Westchester County Rockland County and Duchess County In their first test the Purples met Eastches ter SWIAC champions The Huguenots came out on top by 0 61 50 score Leading the attack was Iohn Mandarano with eighteen point The next quintet to go down under the onslaught of the Purple Wave was Roosevelt of Yonkers This tim the margin of victory was twenty points as the cagers won 56 36 The Port Chester Rams W.1.A.A. champs were next on the Purple card. Since they did not m et the Rams during the regular season it wa the f1rst meeting between the two teams At one point in the first quarter the Twin Lakers were on too by a 18 U margin The final score read 51 8 in favor of New Rochelle Movmg into the Class A finals the Hugue nots engaged Peekskill The New Rochelle cagers again emerged victorious This time the score was 55 42 Leading the attack were Woodward and Mandarano with fifteen and fourteen points resoectively Then came the unal test for the open title against Washington Irving Stressing defense the O Brienmen won the title by a 38 25 score ln the five tourney aames the Purples scored two hundred and sixty one points This was an average of 52 2 po rits a game Their foes tal lied one hundred a d eighty one points for an average of 36 2 points per game New Rochelle placed two men on the Class A all stars f1rst squad They were Iohnny Man darano at guard and Cab Woodward at forward Mandarano sparkplug of team as sumed hws guard po mon early in the tourna ment because of an injury to Captain Bert Leb har. Those securing -ecord squad berths were Eddie Miller and Pnil Sack. New MQ: 5511351 lupnainnunlu 1 YUUIWH Rabin 1 A A Champa U naxg .RHS 9338" germ 5 r-'P' ,,.. vs-H ,itll 643914-n'::' pd New Rochelle Opronent lona A B Davs Marnaroneck Pelham Wlute Plarns Isaac E Young lona Blessed Sacrament Yonkers Central A B Davrs Mamaroneck Albert Leonard Roosevelt Whrte Pla1ns Roosevelt Albert Leonard Yonkers Central lsaac E Young 'Yell Tonight we-14 7- Frrst row lett to rrght Phrlrp I-Iendnck Morrls Jenkms Anthony Col angelo Joseph Handelman James Sparkman Jack Ostrom Wlllldm Jackson W1l11am Perry W1l11am Handleman Second row Sldney Wrno ker Donald Wyner Coach Damel P OBr1en TRACK TRACK W I A A CHAMPIONS XIX - 1 WVVXX W1th 25 lettermen returnrng thrs year the chances ol New Rochelle s track team under the management ol Coach Damel P O Brlen were very good In the sprrnts New Rochelle was especrally strong In Harry Iohnson Allan Dunn Henry Payne and Frankhn Brown New Rochelle had tour sprrnters that held the1r own wrth anyone 1n the county Ex champ Ben Howe and Bob Luce returned to the hurdles Captarn hm Sparkman Harry Iones Bernte Brown Ie-ff Nunes and Pete McLean were back at the quarter mrle In the half mrle the returnlng lettermen were lack Ostrom B111 Perry Moms Ienkrns B111 Iackson and loe Handle man Bert Lebhar Stan Rose and B111 Handleman monopollzed the m1le Dave Alcott and Brud Flowers were outstand1ng h1gh Jumpers BASEBALL W1th a full s1xteen game schedule Coach Sam Gran greco s baseball team started the eason after only one week of formal practrce The only lettermen from prev1ous seasons were Captaln Bob Bensxnger Cab Woodward and D1ck Gor don Ioe Caccurn came from Isaac Young and sewed up the thrrd base pos1t1on Coach Grangreco cut h1s squad from elghty boys to th1rty one dur1ng the week ot practlce to the coach Ioe Kryla at short second or pltcher George Gottesman thtrd St1rl1ng Aldrrch outtreld and Henry Scott I1fSl looked l1ke the best sophomore prospects at the begrnnmg of the season Erme Cubbon took over the 1ob ot manager The lollowlng are members o the team Bob Bensrnger Herbert Block Ernest Cubbon Marc Flnkle Carl Gordon Cab Woodmard Don Bakalor Joe COCCUII Harold Dachen hausen Lours Frne D1ck Gordon Walter Heller Don Heller Len Schner der W1l11am Joyce W1l11am Klng Fred Mrano J1m Tamburo Davld Weber Deuel Yerger St1rlrng Aldrxch Lours Arnow Jack Bartley Pete Chrrstman George Gottesman Tom Kohlberg Joe Kryla Curtts Taylor Henry Scott 78 I O O I 1 T , 4 U I - ' . . ' ' ' I I . , j - ' ' - , , . . . , , f 1 - I U I . . I I A , - , I I I , , 1 , - , I I I I - . , , . ft' ' u f ' f , ' V SJ f G, l , L . 'x , I I " -. 1 , - - r-1 ' at 1 . ' ' . . '. 1 'N , , , , J U r ' ' - ' ' 'f I I I ' 1 , . . 1 . I 1' ' . X , y X f . : ks ' . . G , ' , , I, ' -wr - A 1 I ' ' , ' , . . '- SWIMMING Seated, left to right'-Charles Selig, John Bartley, Richard Barnes, Gerald McMahon, Herbert Block, Gilbert Casiragi, Carl Gordon, Jerome Schnee- wincl, Michael Green, Donald Osborn, Standing-Coach Keller, Howard Kligerman, William Lettler, Robert Links, Edward Selig, John Bernstein, Herbert Simmons Daniel Fitch Martin Klempe er Adam Kleppner Walter Handleman Donald Titus Robert Troiaro The swimming team ot New Rochelle High School directed by Coach Iohn A Keller enioyed a rather mediocre eason his year but they did raise their prestige somewhat when they finished second to Mamaroneck in the Westchester County High School Swimming Meet ield at the Y M C A Outstanding this year were Captain Gil Casiraghi Carl Gordon and lerrv McMahon Other leading point getters were Herb Block Ierry Schneewind Don Osborn and Charles Selig Larry Fink was the nanager The Cross Country team coached by Daniel P O Brien had only a fair season this y ar They gained second place in ea h ot two triangular meets at Tibbets Brook Park and were just nosed out by A B Davis on our own Nature Study Woods course The team trailed Albert Leonard and county champion lsaar F Young in the intra city championships CROSS COUNTRY e ig P 1 H rd ick Mor is l 'ikin Anthony Col f' an S Sian y Wino ad J ,' Cap' ri P . , . U I . y . , S T , . 1 4 . - - - i. A V , , A . . r ' , 4 , . i , ' V ' I ' . ' e . ' ' c ' , First row, l ft to r' ht- h lip e . 'r , r' -e. " s, - angelo, .lcsepn Handlertza: James Sparkmax, Jack Ostrom, Williarr. lacxson, William Perry, William Handlem ., second row-"' ' e - ser, Don l 'J' ner- .airy Coacl Dan O'Br:e:1 SOFTBALL Girls The leading sport of springtime was, as usual, softball. Every grade had a team. The Honor Team, composed of girls of proven ability and reliability, was chosen by team captains in consultation with PE. teachers. This Honor Team were guest players in other schools and were hostesses to visiting teams at N.R.H.S. BASKETBALL A perennial favorite Basketball again oc cupied the sportlight this winter There were teams from every grade and they kept the of the season class teams were chosen and mter class games climaxed the season Honor Team games were played with Pelham White Plains and Roosevelt MODERN DANCE Forty girls led by Ianice Rosenbaum formed the student motivated modern dance group They met every Thursday afternoon to develop the art of interpretative dancing Ruth Levine was their accompanist girls' gym busy every afternoon. At the end . , . . 80 Smarts Sports in General Other sports were Badminton, Bowling, Paddle Tennis, Table Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball and Swimming. Volleyball Honor teams played games with other schools. There was a Table Tennis tournament every day. Badminton was popular enough to require the space of both gyms. Hockey Hockey the most popular tall sport was open to girls in the tenth eleventh and twelfth grades Girls not only played after school but also learned valuable hints in their PE classes The eighth and ninth graders played Soccer a similar sport which prepares the underclassmen for senior hockey Archery In the Fall so large a group of feminine Robin Hoods raced out to stretch their bows limited to senior girls Patience and practice produced some excellent marksmen y 'I I I - 4 and aim their arrows that Archery had to be 81 f' A A F1ret row Emma Lee Weathersbee Judy Bose Second row left to r1ght .loan Mohr Emmy Lou Toth Patr1c1a Hummel Barbara Beld Wrnr Wrldrnan Betty Barshaa Lesley Held Mabel Selxg Thtrd rovl Suzanne Faflord Joanne Wxlke Jane Marsden Fourth row tetanamgl Betty A arn en Nancy Woldenbera Bertha Boechwmtz GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION l94Ew l947 Tne plr J IN the eport arena wa dlrected by the Plf faculty Wllll the asststan e ot the Grrl Athletlc Aseoctatron AdV1'SO y Board Lach rnernb r ol the board was chalrnlan ol a partrcular eport She wa re-sponstble tor re rordmg rarrtte earned by partlctpante and tor authortzma award ID that port Oiflcers Preetdent Betty Adams n Vrce rrestdent loan Mohr Secretarx Nancy l1Voldenberq Chcnrmen Basketball Bertha Boschwrtz Hockey lane Marsden boccer Pat Hummel Softball Betty Barshad Volleyball Mabel Selxg Archery Frnma Lee Weathersbee Badmmton Edd1e Braztll Bowhng loanne W1lkes Modern Dance Wrrmlred W1ldmar1 Paddle Tennls Lesley Re1d Rrdmg ludy Bose SWIYHTHITIQ Barbara Re1d Table Tenms Mary Copley Tennls Emmy Lou Toth l . 1 . - l J, L I5 A -. ' . ' V " .r , . , . . Y S ,. , l . fx f ' ' . o . f , F2 . . f Q . N . V . . '. , 53 Sl . , l 9 . n - J 1 . A f- , , l 1 , v . t r . 'm- A , S, , - " - ' 5 S , I a A fi, Qtr IV HNUOHAL HONOR SOUETY QOI ilannurs : - HU 1 X BDIIZYLUS HONOR SOCIETY First row left to rtqht Euqenxe Brunnmqs Ioseph l-landelman Nanfy Woldenberq Glortd Kelmmson Brrbdrl Held Sturrt mgherr Suzanne Schltf Second row Iunet Hotstadter Barbara Dubm Gabrtelle Iolrnston Thxrd row Barbara Stmnett Howard Bessen Ierome Schneewlnd Lrwrence Iacobs Thomas Stern Donald Wyner Wrlllam Letfler Fourth row standmq Mlss Flor nce Errant Trudy LQVI Nat he Fitch Helen Knubel Mary Lou Schoqqen Loulse l-lolmsten Peter Schlff Euqene Lanqworthy Leonard Larrabee Fuchard Oehl Robert Fry Ddmel De Santo Donald Osborn Cdbell Woodward 83 ' L I Scheibr, Grew Brenner,IWinitred Wildrnan, Betty Barshad, Elinor HUGUENOT HERALD Edxtor Edltor Busmess Mgr Lxterary Edltor Betty Barshad Peter Schiff Ernest Lehmann Luxlle Frasca New Rochelle H1gh Schools sole ed1tor1al othce known to all as the Tower assumed a naut1ca1 slant rn 1lS REVIEWS of the NRI-IS Play th1s year w1th the return of ex L1eutenant Commander DeW1tt D W1se to the helm of the Herald The paper was under the leadershrp of co edltors Betty Barshad and Peter Schrff Luc1lle Frasca was llterary edltor and also edrted the Herald magazlne sect1on under Mlss Melba Carpenters d1rect1on The magazme sectlon an rnnovatlon th1s year was publlshed to lncrease student mterest tn creat1ve wr1t1ng To 1mprove 1lS leg1b1l1ty the Heralds body type was changed Of speclal note also was a four page Aprrl Fool s ISSUE whrch was flnanced to a large extent by a Herald cake and candy sale In the Columbta Scholastrc Press contest the Huauenot Herald won a frrst place award W1th Ernest Lehmann as buslness manager and Ioan Eder bookkeeper the BUSINESS Staff d1d an excellent 1olo ot solxclttng the unusual number of ads whxch was needed to offset tremendous 1ncreases ln the cost of publ1cat1on BUSINESS STAFF FITSI row left to rlght Gerry Block Janet Klexn Adele Motzkxn Norma Sel hnger Joanne Wemfeld Joan Klexn Betty Ann Austln Second row Paula Fuerst Lo1s Malakoff Helen Adler Irene Kessler Emmy Lou Samuels Jantce Sargoy Ir1s Roth Judy Nover Jane 'ltllman Anandt Frtedman Thlrd row Harrlet Lane Peggy Lampl Dorothy Frxedman Marllyn Butler James Loeb Joan Eder Ernest Lehmann Judtth Bterman Greta Paston Loretta Woolf Jacquelme Becker Fourth row Myra Weber Eve Brunner Elame Reyman Shexla Levme Drana Martin Barbara Lubtn Suzanne Racusrn Lawrence Bloom Genevxeve Geller Emtly Peck Bertha Boschwltz Ellen Perry Jamce Immerman EDITORIAL STAFF lplease see prcture on oppos1te pagel Seated on floor left to rrght Terry Leblang Joan Mtttelmark Marllyn Carney Seated at table Sue Goodstern Peggy Lampl Lucllle Frasca Betty Barshad Peter S hrff Rrchard Marv1n Janlce Sargoy James Lavensteln Eleanore Hochberg S and1ng Betty Ann Austln Dorothy McBrxde Emtly Peck Jamce Immerman Joan Eder Elmore Dub1n Ernest Lehmann Mr Dew1ttD W1se Rhoda Stetndler Carolyn Racusm Jo Napolltano James Mlchelman 84 - 1 . . , 1 . . . 11 . 11 . 1 1. .... 1 ' . 11 11 . . , . . 11 11 - . . 1 . . . I 1 - - - 1 - 11 1 11 , . . . 1 . . . 1 1 1 11 11 . . 11 11 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - , 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 " 1 1 I . . A . 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 A , . . . . '-sl 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 y . . 1: - , . GH X. X vt., o QX Isl x mul On hnlra For 4nnual M. Hmyx- Hang 5 Wqx x xxx xN V nt r 0 ff Hulms lnmnu nts on lvlufulmnul 5.4 Q5 , X J ,'ff f h and Groug 4 omg To I fllljlfllls 'wwf 'Gil 1lll4fD GZ3M'5Hl. Www' lonrpn II ml' K uk V xxx unix. Nh uhm. x . xx! .... Y fuun 1 ei! I 2 5 W, x.a x nf ,Il I Y Ill I I 'ln . b 'fl xx 'H,gx , .. A H. ' pf .. . .... Wk. I xxx-1...L" fu 4 iw I r,, "v QV o, 4, ' Q , I fb' V ,770 1 .1,,'ll.,, If I la f 0 11 fn, 1 .Luk O Brlenmen QQ, 0 ' 0 '01 In Bid for Sew Ito be, V e xt N .undrmxnx H- f t ag SGCIGUVNMMW 1 I-UQ 5 0 F -VVV ll , . xx nm mxxx xxx. H ,Nl . VVV V UAV mlx ll 61 I N J ut 'I Q l X " K r If r U11 1, . 411 'lf ,LU . ' ' lidrli 'Q le ks 5' .x ,... Im I Alles 4 fc tl ld!! U- -.1-. x X V I gb f Vy FV VV 28 2 P Bm uvnL3 .. N' ' ' 99 9 be Z K ' . Mu x f 1 H U9 1101 N ' .X 44 wt I..-v Hoff. W 5 Leudmd 1 MW Hera our Xu. r 1 'IP f of eub I' ,ll q 1 1 H I 1 L Slkpalllt I 1 of A ' ,Zi ffl, f, 4, JI' I 0 I 1551 f A If 10 ., .7 K le xrx N! I f I I ! , I I I 'ii ll I ' J I -Pri" G 0 Dnu' Slain QQ A " V 'V 'I V1 fl , 1 QQ llllf? Ixefln lifllflllll 5lllllf'Ill lm! Q? fb'f"f , , x'1 x x xx ' n 0 , A ex X, . Qxfyl X X 'V X ,I R x HMQMQ, xv X ll I' Lf! gtllfn V lcrmen ... vo... " 11111 U H 'H-f 5042, a1'S1y il VV addlng brad , 'lu er by jamce Szrgoy H' IJ' fx' 2 'I I 'f' if xxxux. xnxx Vw., X ' xx BWCKUP5H Hx. .M by joe Napolxuna Y 1 xxx. x H Sw 1 . ' ,... 4 -. .1 K . I . U hx NX x ' -.xr QQ. h ., . V VM V Na ei- - bb V. ' " Q. -. . V4'LU 'X . . ' - " J VP ' 04:51 . .cxW'. X K 'WQ 1 V XAK XX . C . xx" N, 1 .ff ' .. ,V ...Ax ' Q5 ,f" 6 ,ml 'N V V . .V , . .Mx ..-- . . W. . , .. ...-. ....x. gf. ----I -- --+13 xx V M xl... .mx xxx - . 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NK s..... ... . ...N V ..,.. . .... . . 5 xl' .- EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE . BETTY BARSHAD, Business BEA FOSTER, Art IEAN HOWARD, Plannin HENRY KAUFMANN, Photography JANE KAUPMANN, Scnior DONALD OSBOBN, Lirorar y ' ' ' GROUP AT WORK IN ROOM l37 Left to right-Jane Kaufmann, Jean Howard, Renata Manasse, Miss Gar- penter, Betty Barshad, Rhoda Steind' ler, Norma Survis, Lois Bamberger. BUSINESS STAFF Seated, left to right-Winifred Wildman, Janice Sargoy, Betty Barshad, Eva Brunner, Standing-Norma Survis, Myra Weber, Henry Kaufmann, Betty Cahn, Martin Heimowitz. EDITORIAL STAFF First row, left to right-Susan Goodstein, Lesley Reid, Beryl Turner, George Gottesmang Second row-Lucille Frasca, Larry Fink, Donald Osborn, Barbara Stinnett, Rhoda Steindlerg Third row-Richard Webber, Ernest Lehmann, Trudy Levi, Bertha Boschwitz, Betty Barshad, Nancy Woldenberg, Winnie Lane, John Osterom, Myra Weber, James Sparkman, PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF First row, left to right-Micheal Litt, Jean Butow, Gladyce Co- lodny, Henry Kaufmann, Second row-Carol Wintner, Michael Conheim, Daniel Kleppner, Third row-Lucille Frasca, Michael Stoller, Gabrielle Johnston, Martin Haimowitz. 86 THE ROCHELLEAN With William Shakespeares observation that "All the Worlds a stage and all the men and Women merely players . . the 1947 Rochellean Staff chose to think of N.R.H.S. as the students' World where each one played his part, This record of roles was made under the supervision of an Executive Committee which was composed of the heads of the staffs: Art, Business, Literary, Planning, Photography, and Senior. The Tester was the creation of Bea Foster who directed the efforts of the Art Staff, under Miss Dorothy Parr's guidance. Credit also goes to Eugenie Brunnings, Eleanore Hochberg, Patricia Smart, and Carol Wintner, The unceasing efforts of the Business Staff, under the chairmanship of Betty Barshad, car- ried the responsibility for publication of the '47 Rochellean. Credit is due to lanice Sargoy, for football programs, to Norma Survis for the autograph pages, and Nancy Meier for the Patrons, The Literary Staff, under the management of Donald Osborn, wrote the sports and club re- views and the senior write-ups. Special men- tion should go to Larry Eink, lane Kaufmann, Trudy Levi, Rhoda Steindler, and Myra Weber. The Planning Staff, supervised by lean Howe ard, was responsible for the theme and make up of the book, Special credit goes to Sue Goodstein. 'lhrouah the conscientious and con- tinuous work of the staff, the Rochellean was made possible. Adding high lights to the l947 Yearbook was the Photography Staff headed by Henry Kauf- mann. Michael Conheim and Daniel Kleppner deserve special recognition for preparation of rnontages. lt was the duty of the Senior Staff, under the management of lane Kaufmann, to coordinate all senior material with the lay-out and pho- tography plans. Our most sincere thanks and gratitude are extended to Miss Melba Carpenter, whose hard work, originality, and initiative have been the stimulating force behind the Rochellean. PROGRAMS COMMITTEE First row, left to right-Myra Vlfeber, Helen Adler, Jane Kauf- rnann Gabrielle Johnston, Claire Jacobsen, Ellen Perry, Second row-Willie May Gabbirs, Bertha Boschwitz, Peggy Lampl t Lois Bamberger, Be-t.y Barshad, Winifred Wildman, Janice Sar- goy, Dorothy Rosenberg, Third row-Jean Howard, Sharon Wagner, Elfriede Vollrath, Cozetete Dirkse, Jean Dupee, Eva Brunner, Joan Eder, Virginia Henson, Rose Joan Grotto, Susan Goodstein, Betty Cahn, Dorothea Jaskow, Trudy Levi Mabel Selig, Dorothy Eriedman ART-Mary Jane Butler, Marian Calloway, Eugenie Brunings, Eleanor Hochberg PLANNING STAFF First row, left to right-Norma Survis, Jane Kaufmann, Jean Howard, Larry Jacobs Terry Leblang, Second row--Henry Kauf- mann, Renata Manasse Susan Goodsfein, Diana Martin, Bar- bara Rosenberg SALESMEN First row, left to righteNancy Hale, Janice Sargoy, Janice Rosenbaum, Jane Kaufmann, Iris Roth, Guerry Kennedy, Ann Senor, Betty Laurence, Ann Einkle, Second roweArthur Mittle- mark, Eugenie Brunings, Phyllis Steinman, Joanne Weinfeld, Susan Clark, Dorothy Friedman, Norma Survis, Betty Barshad, Helene Eriedland, Lois Bamberger, Grace Cohan, Adele Motz- kin Winifred Wildman, Mary Ann Bolletieri, Third row-Jean Howard, Jack Tannenbaum, Richard Glassberg, Rose Joan Grotta, Loretta Woolf, Joan Eder, Edith King, Anne Schulley, Sally Carr, Helen Troy, Diana Martin, Virginia Sweet, Beverly Nickerson, Betty Leighton, Mary Jane Butler, Fourth row- Richard Henricks, Michael Conheim, Edward Leopold, Martin Heimowitz, George Haley, Roy Durnwirth, Constance McGregor. Henry Kaufmann, Dorothy Hoff, Marion Clausen, Bertha Bosch- witz, Honoria Wilson, Edward Cirillo, James Secor, William Miller, Ralph Tucker, Barbara Reid, Adam Kleppner. as SCHOLARSHIP CLUBS 88 NINTH GRADE EIGHTH GRADE E5TlPHC'lI.1'DEEfb', UINIORF, FFNITTFLE 1 N N NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 1 thtfwnr ttrr not ornflrf d at pn tr tune As The Crttrcs Award or an Oscar ts Broadway or Hollywood recog nttton so electron to the New Rochelle Htgh School Chapter of the Nattonal Honor Soctety ts the reward for mertt tn the N R H S Play Under the gutdance of Mtss Florence Errant the group has completed tts ttrst acttve year Nancy Woldenberg Stuart Scherr Barbara Retd Glorta Kelmtnson and Ioseph Han delman were elected to leadershtp A spectal commtttee worked out the new tnductlon ceremony whtch was held tn May for the new members Wrldrnan Wtntfred Woldenberg Nancy Sernor Members Langworthy Eugene Barshad Betty Leffler Wtlltam Bessen Howard Lev1 Trudy Brenner Greta Osborn Donald Cox Harry Retd Barbara Frtch Natalte Schtff Peter Hofstadter Janet Schlff Suzanne Jacobs Lawrence Schoggen Mary Lou Johnston Gabrrelle SCl'!l'196W1nd Jerrbme Ketmmggn Glorrq Sttnnett Barbara SCHOLARSHIP CLUB The Scholarshtp Club rs an honorary organtzatton A student for membershtp each ttme the average of hrs ma1or subtects ts 85 fo Certtftcates are awarded to students who qualtfy twtce Scholarshrp Club Offrcers l946 l947 Vtce President Suzanne Racusln Jumor Secretary Adele Motzlctrt Prestdent Cabell Woodward Sentor Secretary Trudy LGVI Sophomore Secretary Glenn Cheque GRADE l? Adler Helen Barsnad Betty Be rcowttz Alvn Bes en Howa d Bloch Gertrude Blume Gary Boschwttz Bertha Brenner Greta Ca ney Martlyn harm Robert C troen Elsre Cohan Grac cox Harry E1 man Martrn Ftnk Lawrence Fltch Natalre oster Beatrtc Fox John Fatoll John rrasca Luctlle Fretd Betty Gabblns Wtllte Mae Ctles Deborah nawktns Joan Herson Vtrgmta Htnkle Rtchard Hochberg Eleanor Hofstadter Janet Howard Jean lnaram Wtllram Jackson Wtlltam Jacobs Lawrenc Jewell Phyllts Johnston Gabrtelt Kahn Rtchard Kaufmann Henry Kaufmann Jane Kelmtnson Glorra Lanchner Bertrand Lare Wmtfred Lcngworthy Eugene Leblang Terry Leffler Wtlltam Lehmann Arnesta l. hmann Lrne t Lev1 Trudy Mackay Sttllmar Mandarano John Marxusfeld Ltonel Mayer Rtcnard Mtchelman Charles Mtchelman James Mrlle Barbara Napolttano Joe Nony Charles Osborn Donald Retd Barbara rosenbaurn Jantce Roundtree Robert Sargoy Jantce Sch tf Peter Schtff Suzanne Schroeder Lucy Schoggen Mary Lou Selta Charles Schneewtnd Jero ne Selltnger Norma Stetndler Rhoda Sttnnett Barbara Survts Norma Terpenntng George Weber Myra Wtlaman Wrntf ed Wtnston Sarr' Wtntner Carol Woldenberg Nancy Wyner Donald GRADE ll Adams Robert Anderson Ruby Batcalor Donald Besas Alan Bloom Larry Bruntngs Eugente Buttr Dons Cuneo Dorothy De Santo Dantel Dtrkse Cozette Dubtn Eltnor Eaer Joan Ftbel Herbert Frtedman Dorotny Fry Robert Gambardella Olympta Geller Genevrexe Goodstetn Sue Green Cynthta Green Mtchael Grctta Rose Joan Woodward Cabell Wyner Donald Jumor Members Brunntngs Eugente DeSanto Dantel Dubtn Elmor Fry Robert lmmerman Janrce Handelman Joe Havard Joan Holmsten Lour Kaplan George Kaufman Paul Kessler Matthew Knubel Helen Lomont Betty La rabee Leonar Manasse Renata Marsden Jane Marttn Dtana Marvtn Rtchara Matthews Jacrc May Allen Motzkln Adel Nattrass Joan Nunes Geoffrey Oehl Rrchard Oestrercher Dat, Paltst France Paston Greta Perry Ellen Prtce Eugene Racusxn Carolyn Racustn Suzanne Retchart Rrchard Rosner Seth Salerno Frank Samuels Emmy Lou Schetb Barbara Scherr Stuart Sellg Edward Smrth Ellen Stern Thomas Strachan Joan Van Blcr cum Vtrgtnta Walltn Rtchard Weber David Weiskopf Rtcha c. Wtlson Honorta Wood Wtlltam Woolf Loretta Yeraer Deuel GRADE 10 Abrams Ruth Arnow Lewts Barnes Rtchard Bart ey John Hartdelman Jo pn Holmsten Loutse Knubel Helen Larrabee Leonard Oehl Rtchard Racustn Suzanne Schelb Barbara Scherr Stuart Stern Thomas ts eltgtble or above Becker Jacqueltne Breltenfeld Fred Butovw Carol Butler Mary Jar Chequer Glenn Chrtstman Peter Clark Kenneth Cohen Davtd Cohen Peter Co ta Mtchael DFrancesco Josephtne Greenberger Joan Hale Nancy Handelman Walte Handelman Wtllta'r Htrsch Clara Hopktrlc Eleanor Jordan Norma Klemperer Martt Kleppner Adam Knubel Dorothy Kronsky Betty Landow Edtth Lechner Berrard Levlne Shetla Loeb James Lutze Jeanne Malokoff Lots Mu ray Patrtcta Newman Normar Nlckerson Beverly OKeeffe Nan Patchen Stanley Peckar George Rattne Helene Retd Lesley Remach Davrd Rosenberg Donald Roth Alan Pot lrts Rutz Robert Srnger Sally Stern Stanley TenEyck Benpamt Trotano Dorothy Vogler Mary C Vollrath Elfrtede Wagner Sharon Wettzner Joan f19l ' 'A . I"' ' 1' ' 1' .1 11 .- 1 11 11 11. 1 I . 1 1 1 1 . . , . Y . . . 1 1 1 -Q , , , , 1 1 , so 1 , , . 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 -' 1 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , , . . . 1 O M - - - - - 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 7' ' QA r, . , se , ' re 5 , r 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 , 1 - 1 1 0 . . r 1, 1 , , 1 , y ' , r , Ti S 1 1 fi ' Q A V 1 - 1 ' ' 1 ' ' 1 ,G , ' I A V 1 , 1 1 1 1 e 1 1 1 A A ' ' ' 1- '1. f V 11 ,, I 1 1 - - - 5 . I . D I A F ' 1:1 , . , 1 1 ,, , . - , 'V r ' ' , 1, 1 - - ' 1 A 'ie 1 4 1 1 3 1 , ' 1 1 I ' . , . .Y J , 1 1 1 ' , . 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 V , 1 1 - 1 A 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 s 1 1 I - 1 1 ' ' 1 ., e , 1 1 1 1 ' ' . 1 , . . - ,. 1 , e , 1 -1 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' I . . l K hi . A , , 1 7 1 1. , u 1, 1 1 . . 1 --N , , 1 1 , . 11 -. A - Y v-1 9 1 -3 1 I . ., . 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 . , 1 , 1 1 1 A 1 1 1 A 1 Perlberg Margo Sheehan Joan Shaberg Ruth Wrnkler Edtth Bmg Adele Motzktn Emtly IDENTIFICATIONS SOCIAL SERVICE CLUB Front row left to right Norma Survrs Joan Charm Joan Heller Joan Caplam Joanne Welnfeld Joan Weztzner Edrth Landow Lots Malakoff Sally Stnger Chrlstabelle Coker Dxana Grotta Betty Lorms Judlth Wolfson Glorla Kelmrnson Phyllls Stemman Judlth Clark Second row-Joan Rogers Gtlda Mandarano Helen Leerberger Joan Klem Jane Trllman Helen Adler Grace Cohan Gertrude Block Lots Bamberger Jud1th Sherman Ann Portman Dorothy Fnedman Dorothea Jaskow Barbara Bern Clcure Jacobson Vtola Scholss berg Janet Kletn Thlrd row Jean Butow Deborah Glles Joan Eder Jantce Rosenbaum Helen Konopha Joan Smtth Adele Motzktn Wtntfred Wtldman Jantc Sargoy Luc1lle Frasca Helen Kaloyeras Angeltna Lurso Nancy Toccr lvfaryorte Jackson Ruth Goldman Fourth row Judtth Blerman Eleanor Bertlne Mary Bergen Sally Carr Betty Lawrence Jean Howard Carol Wlntner Joan Greenberger Elsa Gotthelf Harrtet Lane Judy Rose Clara Jane Htrsch Rosemary Schlotter Dolores Cregan Beverly Konvallnka Ftfth row Barbara Mtller V1rg1n1a Herson Roma L1ebfr1ed Emmy Lou Samuels Betty Lomont Jane Kaufmann Lucy Schroeder Jud1th Nover Ruby Anderson Carol Butow Betty Pels Joan DAgosttno Ann Ftnkle Nancy Hale Catherrne Claydon Leslle Retd Stxth row Barbara Sche1b Loretta Woolf Rose Joan Grotta Helene Rattner Nan OKeefe Sally Magee Betty Adamsen Gabrlelle Johnston Gladyce Colodny Mary Jane Butler Eva Brunner Susan Goodstetn Peggy Lampl Hester Brown Eddle Braztll Seventh row Dorothy Rosenberg Dtana Martm Eleanor Meyer Ellen Perry Wtntfred Lane lvfarllyn Butler Dons Mtchels Norte Froelrch Joan Havard Phyllls Baum Jacquelme Becker lr1s Roth Elatne Reyman Etghth row Martlyn Cohen Mane Pesacreta Dorothy Cuneo Sue Schxff Laurre Lou Brooks Janrce Nauth Laura Mae Baldwln Betty Cahn Wrllte Mae Gabbms Bertha Damels Bar kara McKay Patrrcta Maxwell V1rg1n1a Sweet June Thlerback Joan Schaberg Barbara Lubm Betty Kronsky Nlnth row Honorta Wllson Betty Ostendorff Nancy Woldenberg Ruth Wtnkler Phyllts Jewell Mary Katherme Volger Mary Catherlne Joan Hawkms Trudt Lev1 Nma Judts Helen Boyd Emtly Peck Dorothy Hoff Margo Sheehan Carolyn Racusm Mabel Sellg Rhoda Stemdler Tenth row Barbara Cullen Peggy Dav1dson Bertha Bosch wrtz Helen Knubel Natalte Segal Genevleve Geller Helene Perlberg V1rg1n1a Schu macker Helen Troy Deborah Ettmger Natal e F1lCh Rose Marte Roberts Edtth Atwater CURRENT EVENTS Ftrst row left to rtght Glorta Kelmtnson Jean Howard Jane Kaufmann Rose Joan Grotta Joan Eder Emmy Lou Samuels Vtola Schlossberg Paula Schwartzmann Clalre Jacob son Dorothea Jaskow Ann Ftnkle Greta Paston Renata Manasse Second row Ruth Goldman John Bernstern Martm Hetmowttz Alvm Berkowttz Wrlltarn Leffler Stanley Nelntraub Robert Freedman Bertrand Lanchner Edward Seltg R1chard Kahn Thlrd row Eva Brunner Thomas Htrschfeld Larry Peerce John Woloszynskl James Lavenstetn Davtd Weber Murray Wolfson Peter Schtff Charles Mtchelman Herbert Stocker Fourth row Robert Charm James Mrchelman James Beck Alvm Motzkm Richard Marvtn John Gllder Roy Durnwrrth G1lbertCas1ragh1 Standtng Dr Henry Wellman Sue Good Peck Dorothy Frtedman Ellen Perry TOWER PLAYERS Front row left to rtght Lots Malakoff Sally Slnger W1ll1am Gru1l1n R1chard Ellts Arthur Mlttelmark Clara Htrsch Judlth Wolfson Dtane Grotta Peter Fels enthal Matthew Kessler Edtth Landow Joan Heller Frederlck Brettenfeld Peter Nattrass Second row Jean Howard Terry Leblang Joan Eder Luctlle Fras ca Eleanor Hochberg Norma Survrs Helen Leer burger Dorothy Cuneo Betty Ann Austm Eugente Brumngs Nancy Shacknow Margot Lanchner Joan Mtttelmark Dorothy Frledman Adele Motzlun Verne Lauten Thtrd row Peter Cohen Judtth Sherman Nancy Tocct Carol Clusholm Barbara Braham Greta Pastort Judtth Nover Anne Fmkle Patrtcta Mayer Sally Magee Greta Brenner Renata Manasse Judrth Brerman Mart lyn Butler Anthony Lane Fourth row Noel Castraght Judtth Rose Harrlet Lane lr1s Roth Jacquelme Becker Phyllts Blarr Ellnor Dub1n Samuel Wmston Peggy Lampl Janrce lmmerman Janet Hofstadter W1ll1Gm Wetmore Jud1th Channell Thomas Hrrshfeld F1'th row Bernard Lechner Emma Lee Weathersbee Betty Lelghton Mary Kenny Dlana Martm Betty Fretd Want fred Lane Elame R yman WllllGm Leffler Martm He1mOWllZ Barbara Lubrn Suzanne Racustn Betty Ann Brooks Martlyn Cohen Susan Hafford R1chard Retchart Sxxth row Barbara Retd Joan Hawkrns Patrlcta Hummel Patrtcta Maxwell Patrtcta Hunt Leon Seltg Joan Strachan Ruth Levme Mary Lou Schog gen Sharon Wagner Helen Knubel Natalte Segal Natalxe Fltch Bertha Boschwrtz Genevreve Geller Seventh row James Beck Larry Peerce R1chard Bocek Jerome Schneewrnd Murray Wolfson Mtchael Kapp George Kaplan Robert Charm John Zlselman M Emerson Burke Ernest Lehmann Arnold Woolf Alvm Borden Dantel D1Francesco Ned Zrnn Rtchard Wets kopf R1chard Marvrn John Fox Stuart Scherr INTERRACIAL CLUB Frrst row left to r1ght Luther Quarles Janlce Rosenbaum Edtth Landow Randy Lanchner W1ll1am Leffler Betty Bar had Ernest Lehmann Norma Survrs Vera McCray Marttn Helmowrtz Ern est Quarles Second row Lots Malakoff Sally Slnger Jane Kaufmann Ruby Anderson Chrtstabelle Coker Bernard Brown Dorothy Weshner Robert Heller Myra Weber lr1s Roth Thtrd row Jantce Sargoy Donald Heller Ann Portman Glorra Kel mrnson L1ll1an Graves Adam Kleppner Luc1lle Frasca Dons Lee Betty Ann Austtn Beryl Turner Jacqueltne Becker Harrlet Lane Fourth row Bea Foster Janet Hotstadter Wtmfred Lane Rudolph Thomas Martm Klemperer Denrns Hall Patrtcta Hum mel Trudy Levl Barbara Lubln Joan Havard Rhoda Stemdler Elarne Reyman Tacquelrne Wlght Judy Rose STUDENT FEDERALISTS Ftrst row left to rlght Arthur Mtttlemarlc Barbara Hoffman Ruth Abrams Janrce Rosenbaum Trudy Levt Jerome Schnee wtnd Paula Schwartzmann Lucy Schroeder Jane Kaufmann Second row Betty Letghton Sally Carr Constance McGregor W1ll1Gm Leffler Vtctor Earle Larry Jacobs George Kaplan Helene Rattner Thtrd row James Lavenstetn Howard Kltger man B rtram Lanchner Mrs Barbara Moore Peter Schtff Rrchard Mayer Glorra Kelmtnson 90 ' I W . 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" ' H ' T' z ' S 59' I f if T V .X ' 5 X' , X , BEST WISHES from the FRENCH lafooir slump A COMPLIMENTS OP IBIEIEQHMUINT PHAIRMI ALC W 1 When your name ns called for dxcta uon or promouon n s because ,ou are good nn your yob Berkeley School not only gives you rhe tcchmcal skulls necessary for advancement but also the Fmer overtones of secretarial performance Hundreds of Berkeley graduates hold top llnghr secretaual po smons Comprehensive .md Intensive courses Dlsrnngunshed faculty fflecrxve placement service Send for Bullerxn 9ElE,!SElEvl.,5,lE,ll0PL 22 Pros ec! SI East Orange N J C CDNC1IRlATlUlLA'llllOlNS T0 IHHIIIL KCILASS Oil 1911! ff vnu-ww from 9 Ozxffle l"ll1lI., l A f . X X' ,xv 1 1 c rl l . 420 Lexangoolf Avenue, N. Y. lr, N. YQ 1 N N ' c ' ' ' ' fl! 4' l "' o L . , l 6 . ' X l I-'A O , l I it-, . T1 . Le -e BEST WISHES for an STUCCCESSETUIL EUTWUTRE Every Member of the Graduatnng Class 72 enezal O'tyam3atzon 96 1 vw L' 1 . E ,. 4 V to , 4 1 I l 2 ILASIUS SON D1SIflbuIOIS for A G Spaldmq 61 Bros cmd MacGregor Goldsmith Sporting Goods and Equxpment BICYCISS Toys 253 Huqu not St New Roche1I N Y STIROTBIL S CAIVIIIEIRA CRAFT Ing PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES cmd EQUIPMENT 210 NORTH AVENUE NEW ROCHELLE N Y WAlker S 424012 3 INDEPENDENT C OMIDALIE CC OMIPANTI TWINES YARNS CORDAGE 3437 WASHINGTON STREET NEW YORK CITY 13 N Y New Rochelle 2 9572 TMP TIIHIL MIODIII IRIN PIRIIZSS CHRIS DFL C UID! Superior PRINTING Servlce IO LOCKWOOD AVENUE NEW ROCHELLE N Y GOOD LUCK TO TI-IE CLASS OF 1047 LOINIEIN 'VIIURQHIIISON md QCO 5 Q' S S . . I I1 . I 1, 1' w ' H I I Q . . . 5, , C, Restaurant and Grill, Inc. a , . , A 1 I .I ' IC T If 5, wJ 1 I I' ' I "V If E I . Comphments of WM N FEINSTEIN Sz CO NEW YORK CITY 49926366 N WR h H06 O7 WHIxfXC1YIIU GIII' If SHOP IF DISTINCTIVE GIFTS Lendmg Llbrary Antlques Greetmg Cards JDJ NORTH AVENUE VJE 1Mc2 M H AAGHII X AILIUF CLEANING and TAILORING Done On Premxses .45 NORTH AVENUE NEW ROCHELLE N Y NORTH AWIIILIRIICCAIN INST IHUUMIIEINTI' YCO Mcxnuiacturers of PRECISION INSTRUMENTS 10 VAN CORTLANDT AVENUE 5 omphments of B NAI I5 IRIITI-H PIHI T e uc , I-70 X N- , . r Q! fr S4 I, lx V! 1 1 X . IJETT E ZA? X X' ' XX' I U NEW' ROCHELLE, N. Y. BRONX, N. Y. Ne' acid? -7292 .K . N 1 N f V - , Cr,:z1pT1::.er125 Qi fl ' I .' I . I A U Best VV1shes f om YS IESTCCHIESTIEIR FI OIRISTS Con phmems f om A ILTIBIRIE T 460 NORTH AVENUE NEW ROCHELLE N Y PIEINSOIN 64 COMPANY CUSTOMS BROKERS International Forwarders 11 BROADWAY NEW YORK CITY Co pufnefut ro I RED STAR TIEXTTILTE CO PIRTKCTE IPAIPIER COMPANY WEST 39th STREET NEW YORK CITY COMPLIMENTS OE MR mdl MRS ATRTTHITUIR T IDTEATLTH r' , m . 5 V f rx A'Q ' 5 p Y. J A Tj I bi Rf 1 ' IVIEd.3-3161 r . E wr , A 5 . 5 340 ' . e A .sf Bi I :ff 'UK 1Rad:iO Station WVHN 1050 on the dic11 NEW YORK CITY PHOTOGRAPHS and GROUP PICTURES APEDA STUDLIO 1lnc NEWYQRKCITY Pres dent Alexcmde W Deyfoo Ne Rochelle 2 6429 1R O S A 1L IL IE CONGRATULATIONS SPORTSWEAR GRADUATES Coats Suxts Dresses 178 NORTH AVENUE NEW ROCHELLE N Y 9 PLA K YOUR PART PATURONIZE QUR O R L L ADX IERTISERS by 1 'xv W 1 , . 1 , r , r S W . OE 1 4 7 1. 1' 1 IE 1 f 1 S I NTRE AVENUE and MAIN STREET They have p1uye-d their p 1 I , f .... I s lavlc l-: JAHN S CDLLIER AGAIN T e slogan that s Iaaclzecl y genulne goo ness 1n qua 1ty an servlce t e resu t of 43 years success e perlence ln t e year oolz We 1nd rea satls actlon 1n p easlng you t e year oolz pu 11S er as we as your photograp er an your prlnter .IAHN 8 OLLIER ENGRAVING CO Makers of Fine Prmtlng Plates for Black or Color CommerclalArtlsts Photographers 8I7 W WASHINGTON BLVD CHICAGO 7 ILL. 102 Je w f . V D "wr me I WWI f I : 4 1 I I 'I f I I K Il,!11UID'W 1 .x,l1'..L .H '3 V114 4' X it we? 157' IX A I t Q Q 7 Q 11 ' 1, - 4 - I' J ' , lm I ful X ' ' h IJ field. IJ IJ ' I1 , ll I1 fl MUSICAL ACCOMPANIMENT Glve Me FIVE Mlnutes More Its 8 29 A M I Cant Get Started Brams durlng IIYSI perlod Why does lt get so late so early Lunch penod always does Ah Sweet Mystery of L1fe The secret of successful gypmg Open the Door Rlchard To room 14 KTry and do ltll Pop Goes the Weasel All those bubbles I dont know enough about you Homework N1ght and Day Work' Work' Work? It s Iust One of Those Tlungs Belng born w1thout bra1ns Dom What Comes Naturally Flunkmg Dont Fence Me In Detentlon They Say lt s Wonderful An A+ report card T111 the End of Tlme Seventh per1od Showbusmess Rochelleans latest undertaklng Among My Souvenlrs A few extra come to s Ill Close My Eyes T111 Iune 15th If Th1s 1snt Love Ask Mrs Wemsteln Thms Tlme W1ll Be the Last Tlme Honest Mlss Coons You Cant Get a Man w1th a Gun Even to walk wlth you at graduatxon Hallelujah It s 3 U4 There Are Such Thmgs -College acceptance sllps It s A Great Day Graduation V ' - - 11 1 . '1 1 1 . 1 ui . . . . ' 11? . - 11 . I l 1 - 11 . 1 1' 1 1 11- 1 ul - ni 1 . 111 1 . . - 1 ,F . 1 11-- . - 1 111- . . ,F . - ni 1 . . 114 - 1 x 1 ni - 1 - - 1 11... - - . . . - 11 n - 11 ' 1 1 1 1 1 11- 1 . 1 - 11 1 - i 1 1 1 1 11 1 n 1 1? ' Qnh sn be plays bus part The curtain falls INQWW 'w Yii I il l 2 ,fx 'S U glngzf' ll jfinale ' - 99 O " ' ' fk, W in- --., -N 5. I .' 0 v 0 'x A-Q g ' ' l.'-'fl O' -Q, ' 'Ns A 'Q J' 7' QA V 1 , :J lx , I ! ' , :Q :N lb , I J I -l ,li 'L -I i X X :Aff is nu, f A, Q I' X :Num Wg X 'fo to 'ff Q. 43: ' . ' Q f O '.4 L 0 . 4 .buf :QA if Q ,O 6 f ' rs 'A' 3' i' ' , ' ..!4lll0gI'lll7A 4-0

Suggestions in the New Rochelle High School - Rochellean Yearbook (New Rochelle, NY) collection:

New Rochelle High School - Rochellean Yearbook (New Rochelle, NY) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


New Rochelle High School - Rochellean Yearbook (New Rochelle, NY) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


New Rochelle High School - Rochellean Yearbook (New Rochelle, NY) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


New Rochelle High School - Rochellean Yearbook (New Rochelle, NY) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


New Rochelle High School - Rochellean Yearbook (New Rochelle, NY) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


New Rochelle High School - Rochellean Yearbook (New Rochelle, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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