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New Rochelle High School - Rochellean Yearbook (New Rochelle, NY) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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44+ HWS .A MM .r A rsdlwk A .iv 1 4 14 v, X, 1 3 TW5 if , ,5, .N v,'v A - t . un 'fu I-A Magix' -In i pf- ,- , . . .- -J . , 1., ,-1 ,Y 4- V 1 .. , , . Ee? ik The 1" fa-. f. .2 1 , ,. . ,- -gs M, ', . J 4-1 .2 ,Q 33, A, wil ,-- ' A, . V, 'E '3' lcv-1 Ln ., .1 ,' ', 4' . sv- .w -V x ff if 53,51 vu 51 - f 1 ' . !1y.4.L13v A 4-:ww -v X.. -. W- .1 . . . 1 - , K A I, ., wgff' ' 'Q ' ' ,Q 5 uw. ..,,,f?,'L-, Y. X , ,:,1f','l7+ 3 : P' KH 1 Q- '-1 if " "ffl-L'I YE. .Lf . , - N .,. , ', f Tm. ' .' HF. qc 1" Lk ., ,. .4 4 ,, ' ' , ,I -1',.fm-,-f1f:1-faq rw A .5 :mi ,-SM e -ga-iw, -'41 , ' y , L.: W1 .A 'J -x 'Jw-fc ' -, f . LA 5 11' A, .1 ..v,1-yu-I'.,, ..f'..4- V W.-Y. ' A: ' ,- .iguf"fjf?"5W vg.Qd'5 'W'-,..'S,e'h'Q ., . V ' 4 ' 'A '. fr 5 Q-f'rvw,.L :c-2. " 2 L ci' x ., .,,,Lg 1 ,Qi .fgxuy-It A-f, 1, . -I X 5:53. .A f , ,J , V A., .,, ,Q ff .. - - wi A , -f .,'4.,.',L"x .1 , ,wL:.V4.'1 'W -' ,I-x -Q A ,- ' 3, , .,. ,Um ., r , I ., 213' :N U :Sl vm Vi , In W-NI. . Q ' ay 25' , , dw.. ' , 'X t- 3' ' 'Q ,VZ fs ,,1'3,.a1.g- , I rin-.39 W . , f' ,' 'Q' 5 . 4 1 g I f- , twllll-on-sul I .1 f f' 3 F' 'if ROC L AN W 2.9 6 """ 3P'fff',, V5 -,Q lv' 'U P--' NEW , - f7' 'iHIGH SCHOOL "1 New Rochelle, N Y ' In , . 1 gf , s 'V 5 x . N - . fl i V , fad U FROM DECEMBER 7 1941 Anderson Albert A Jr Andren Robert Francis Babcock Arthur Edmund Bavosa John Joseph Behrens Gorden G Blake Donald Edward Brady Bernard Joseph Brown Walter Jr Bull Edmund P Burger John Anthony Caporale Louis Anthony Capozi Louis Joseph Chatterton Lawrence A Ciccolmi James Covlello Vito Joseph Dickerson Charles W D Onofrio Charles D Onofrio James J DOnofr1o Peter F Dowling Cornelius D Dralee Watson Polk Eaton Ernest E Engles Richard J Enright George D. Jr... Fink Robert S. ,...... . Fox Albert E. ........ . France William C. .... . Frey Louis H. Jr. ..,. . Froehlich Charles J.. . . . Garrett Harvey E. .... . Gibson Walter Lang Jr. Grady James Francis. . . Gregory Warren N. . . . . Harris Douglas F. .... , Harris James Warren.. Heckel John F. ...,.. . . Huffman Robert P. . . . . Hughes Peter T. .,.... . Keeling John Arthur . , . Kelly Robert Francis. . . King Warren R. ...... . Levi James S. ....,.... . J B111UI'IZI11T GOLDEN STAR LIST Army Navy Army Army Navy Army Army Marines Army Navy Army Army Army Army Army Army Army Army Army Army Marines Army Army ......Army .....,Army ..,..,Army Navy Army Navy ......Army . . . .Army ......Army ......Army ......Army .. , .Army .....,Navy . . . .Army Navy , . . .Army ....Army ...,,,Navy Army Libbey Robert T MacDonald Thomas Mahony Jeremiah J Mank Matthew Mellor Allen R Melville George H Jr Meyer Paul Donald Miller Thomas Dale III Montanaro Jerome Anthony Mornati Aldo V Moyses Emanuel Oberfelder Robert F OConnell John L Oktavec Jan Lier ORorke Andrew W Jr Quinn James V Richey David H Rodgers Martin G Rosenthal Herbert Jerome Schmehl Walter J Shwitzer Robert Alan Speicher Elmer L Spies Lloyd D Steinhardt Samuel E Stenstrom Fred H. .... . . Summo Daniel Joseph ...., Sussman Burton ......... Tierney John J. ...... . Turner Stanley King Jr.. . . Vaughn Roland V. Jr. .... . Vileno George Angelo ..... Wall Edward J. Jr. ...... . Wamsley John Hunter ..... Wattles Fred Mason J .. Weaver Courtney M. Jr. Wells Lewis Payne Jr. .... . Whitelaw Robert ........ Whiting Butler Jr., . . , . Wilson Eldorlis D. Jr.. . Wilson John H. ...,.... . Wittnebel Arthur A. Jr. Zio Louis R. ...,...,... . TO AUGUST 14 1945 Navy Army Army R C A F Army Navy Army Navy Army Army Navy Army Army Army Marines Navy Army Army Navy Navy Army Marines Army Army .. Army .Marines , . .Army .. Navy .. Navy .Marines . . .Army . , .Army . . .Navy . . .Army . . .Army , . .Army .Marines . . .Navy . . .Navy . . .Army . . .Army . . .Army QQ lC6lll0l1 To WILLIAM H MCKENNA our coach teacher and frxend as an expressxon of thanks and a token of appreclatlon for a job well done we the class of 1946 respectfully dedxcate thxs Rochellean I O I v v v v Q 7 4, 11 Kon fen fa SEN IORS FACULTY GENERAL ORGANIZATION UN DERCLASSMEN CLUBS SPORTS ADVERTISING N 4' I -.-vsx :gen iord Wh .5 . ,N . matt , Kr, N, lx . lgif.-:FLYT T , .3 'fe 22523:--.. 5- .. 2 2" 1 :'i:'Y-':'3Q'ii'T-. ta- ?'i 5' :1 2' iw-M gs 5.1- 1531 4? ANDREW K. ALLEN "Born but to banquet and to drain the howl." Everybody calls him "Ken" for short. Varsity track, intramural basketball. Spends much of his time around cars. Will attend college or join Navy. CAROL AMSTER "Learned and fair and good is the." Soc. Service, War Stamp Clubs, vice- pres. Theater Group, Jr. Secy. Scholar- ship Club, Tower Players, Huguenot Herald ed. staff, Rochellean plan. and ed. staffs, steering comm. of plan. staff, girls' sports, chorus, chair. of props comm., Sr. ring comm., pres. of Writ- ing Clug. Hobbies, theater, reading, sports. Majoring in dramatics or Eng- lish in college. in-uv ings BEI I Y ABELSON "All the u'orld'.f a Jtage . . . " Secy. of Tower Players, member "Ro- chellean" Plan., Ed. Staffs, Social Serv- ice Club, Scholarship Club, War Stamp Comm., various dance comm., after school sports. Spare time writes "odes," works in dramatics. Majoring dramatics in college. PETER ACOCELLA "Nothing i.r given to profusely at advice." Known as "Duck Feet". Outside in- terests, boys clubs of New Rochelle, Baseball, Basketball, machines and airplane mechanics. Plans to engineer, design and build machines. GERALD N. ALTIERI "Life ir a jest, and all thing: :how it. I thought Jo once, and now I know it." Called "The Ape." Came to New Ro- chelle High in 1944. Football and Capt. of pool team. Interests, tennis, Seventh Reg., N. Y. State Guard, deer hunting, girls, sleeping and eating. Plans to be a business administrator. JANE T. ANDERSON "A daughter of the godr, divinely tall and mon divinely fair." Exec. comm. of the Social Service Club and girls' sports. Interests, swimming, knitting, sailing, and collecting pic- tures of friends. Plans to go to junior college. HERMAN B. ABRASH "He had talent: equal to huiineu and arpired no higher." Entered N.R.H.S. in February, 1945, from Woodrow Wilson High in the nation's capital. Member of Sigma Alpha Chi, enjoys sports. Plans to at- tend college. ANNE M. ALHLSTROM "What dream can .roothe her melancholy." Hobbies are skiing, skating, swim- ming, dancing, knitting. Future plans, Univ. of Wis. and to "own a blue convertible with red leather seats." ,pq 'err' CONSTANCE AN GLIM "The very pink of perfection." "Connie" to her friends. After-school sports, leader group, Social Service, jr. Art Clubs, Decorations comm. of jr. Prom, "Rochellean" Art Staff. In- terests, include Sub-deb Sec. Women's Club, Phi Tau Sor., Students' Guild Holy Family Church. Draws in spare time, will probably go to Pabon's School of Design. HARRIET ARTHUR " Ti: well to be honest and true." Banker, Soc. Service Club, War Stamp Club, Huguenot Herald Bus. Staff, "Rochellean" Staff, Girls' Sports and School Service. Interests, B'nai Brith Girls, jr. Society, dancing. Plans col- lege and advertising. 6 '-r Q5 ELIZABETH ANTHES "Ye have many .rtringr to your how." Known as "Betty." "Rochellean" Photo Staff, Soc. Service Club, Hugue- not Herald Bus. Staff. Interests, Sub- debs, photography, piano, skating, swimming, dancing, sailing. Plans to go to a secretarial school. DOMINICK A'I'I'ISANI "Why, what a madcap hath heaven lent us here?" "Maxie" to his pals. Band, Orchestra, Basketball and Baseball teams. Hob- bies, Boys' Club, pool, women, trum- pet player in Johnny Martin's Orches- tra. Hopes to be bandleader or music arranger. PRISCILLA AXELROD "Word: sweet ar honey from her lip: dirtilledf' "I-Iuguenot Herald" Ed. Staff, "Ro- chellean" Bus. and Plan. Staffs, Girls' Sports, Tower Players, Soc, Service Club. Phi Tau, swimming, skiing, rid- ing, collecting records, "war widow" meetings, and Frank Sinatra occupy spare time. Hopes to study merchan- dising at junior college. NATALIE BAUM "Heard melodier are meet . . . therefore play on." War Stamp Comm., Orchestra, A Cappella. Hobbies, collection of for- eign novelties and piano. Plans music study at Juilliard or Bard. i:g.g.l,,. .1 Q 6 .7 'ilu REGINA BLOCH "A :oft anruer turneth away wrath." Known to her friends as "Gina." New- ly arrived from Washington, D. C., where she participated in French and Spanish Clubs and school operetta. Reading, drawing. and walking. Col- lege to become a linguist. CHARLES R. BLOOMFIELD "I laugh when I have occarion and u-hen I don't have occasion." "It's' always "Dick." Homeroom Sec- retary. Automobiles, machines, travel- ing, sword fishing and sailing take up spare time. Plans to go to Texas Chris- tian after the Navy. JAMES P. BARNES "Who'd think that humor lurhed within thir patient frame." Known to everybody as "Jim." G.O. Rep., Traffic Sqd., "Rochellean" Plan. Staff, Chem. Club, Sports Pro. Comm., Scholarship Club, Var. Swimming team, Intramural Sports. Interests, ski- ing, swirnming. Plans college. KURT BARTHELMEUS "What'.t in a name." Photo. Club, Tower Players, Rifle, Swimming teams. Photography, swim- ming and ice-skating take up spare time. Upholstering, cabinet making, and furniture design are future plans. '-. JEANNE A. BECKER "Ark me no quertionr, I'll tell you no fihr." Soc. Service Club, Writing Club, Girls' Sports. Enjoys swimming, dogs, collecting autographs and dancing. Plans junior college. ROBERT P. BESHAR "Then he will talk-good godr! how he will talk." just Bob. Vice-pres. of Fresh. and Soph. Classes, G.O. Council, Pres. of jr. Scholar. Club, Scholar. Club, G.O. Approp. Comm., G.O. Exec. Comm., Chair. jr. Prom, Pres. Sr. Class, Foot- ball, Baseball teams, Theater Group, Biology, Conversation, Chemistry, Writing Clubs. Pres. of Winn Assn. Interested in debating. Wants to ma- BURTON BLOOM "Who Iorer not knowledge?" Treas. Stamp Club, Band, Plan. and Bus. Staffs of "Rochellean," Bus. Staff "Huguenot Herald," "Kick-off" Com- mittee, Current Events Club. C. P. A. is his aim for future. RAYMOND BOETTNER "What .rweet delight a quiet life aHordr." A member of the football squad and Chemistry Club. Civil Air Patrol is main outside interest. College will be his next step. 7 jor in law at college. J' NI w- MARJORIE A. BESAS "Believe me l .tpeak ar mine under- Jtandrng inrtructr me." just "Margie" to those who know her. A Cappella Choir, Biology Club, "Ro- chellean" Bus. Staff, G.O. Finance comm., Clay Modelling Club, Girls' Sports. Hobbies, sports, music. Col- lege after graduation. JOAN R. BIANCO "Wisdom ir better than ruhieJ." Active in Girls' Sports. Swimming, riding, psychology are her major in- terests. Plans to attend college. 41 7 1 4 7' ff ff ag to NI Yr-7 4 ROBERT BRANDT "Modesty becomes a young man." Known as "Turtle," Intramural Bas- ketball, Cross-Country, Varsity Track, playing pool in Room I4. Spare time includes movies, travelling, Boy Scouts. Wants to train for position in physical ed. ALFRED S. BRIGHT "My only books were woman's looks, and folly's all they taught me." Nickname is "Al," Basketball, Base- ball, Chair. "Kick-off Dance," Cheer- leader. Interests, golf, jr. Society, and Women. A Western College, for Busi- ness Administration. +25 yr sr' BERNARD BOGIN "Walk hrst, and then rest." "Bernie" to us. A Cappella Choir, Chair. of "Rochellean" Bus. Staff, G. O. Rep., Feature Ed. and Circulation Mgr. "Herald," Tower Players, Con- versation Club, "Rochellean" Plan. Staff. Future plans are college. RALPH B. BOYLE, JR. 'The prudent man looketh well to his going." Nicknamed "Junior," Activities, Lock- er Comm., Trafhc Squad, and War Stamp Rep. Interests, riding, sports, dancing, and photography. Hopes to attend Iona College. M RUTH A. BREITENFELD "Gladly would she learn, and gladly would she teach." Traffic Squad, Theater Group, Ad- vanced Biology Club, Tower Players, Kick-off Dance Comm., War Stamp Comm., Girls' Sports. Next is college. JACQUELINE BROOKS "Her modest looks the cottage might adorn." Known as "Jackie" Trafhc Squad, Soc. Service Club, "Rochellean" Bus. and Art Staffs, Tower Players, Secy. and Treas. Biology Club, "Kick-off" Dance Comm., Phi Tau. Interests, C. A. R. and Sub-debs. Hopes to enter college. CORNELIA BROWN "One vast substantial smile." Known to us as "Comic," G.O. Rep., Pres. of Soph. Class, Pres. of G.A.A., A Cappella Choir, Cheerleader, Con- versation Club, Phi-Tau, Co-chair. jr. Prom, "Rochellean" Plan. Staff, G.O., Social Service and Sr. Exec. Comm., Sports, Football, music, meeting peo- ple. Wants to attend Mt. Holyoke. DORIS BROWN "And had a face like a blessing." "Dot" to her friends. Homeroom Secy. 2, and participated in after-school sports. Enjoys reading current novels. Plans to attend Business School. PATRICIA BOWEN "Handsome is that handsome does." Known as "Pat." "Rochellean" Plan. and Arr Staffs. Likes Photography and Duke Ellington's Orchestra. Maioring in Fashion Design at Art School. NAOMI BRAGMAN "And unextinguished laughter shakes the sky." Called "Nao" by all. Activities, "Her- ald" Headline Ed., Conversation, Bi- ology Club Secy., Soc. Service Club, Senior Plan. Staff, "Rochellean" Art and Ed. Staffs, Girls' Sports, Tower Players, Jr. and Winter Prom Comm. Interests, B'nai B'rith and drawing. Hopes to major in art. 2 'L -I 1 . . .., .as- A , rt.: fs. -. - i-'fv.f:g, . ,. A DONALD BROWN "Self-trust is the hrst secret of success." Participated in Tower Players, Cur- rent Events, Photography Clubs, "Ro- chellean" Staffs, "Herald," Photo. Staff, Sr. Dance Comm. Interest, Photograph. Plans attending af Mid- western college. LYNDA M. BROWN "But so fair she takes the breath of men away." Known as "Peanut." Member School Tralhc Squad, and Twirler for four years. Interested in the Navy! !, collect- ing pictures. Plans include Secretarial School. ORMOND BROWN "Music hath charmed many." "Buster" is his nickname. Member Sr. Choir, Library Council, Band, Orches- tra, A Cappella Choir, Boys' Glee Club, "Herald" Bus. Staff. Hobbies- collecting jazz records. Future-U. S. Army, or radio engineering. SHIRLEY M. BROWN "She smiled on many-just for fun." Homeroom pres., Co-chair. "Rochel- lean" Stag Dance, "Rochellean" Bus. Staff, Soc. Service Club, G.O. Rep., Dance Comm., Traf. Squad, Adv. Bi- ology Club. Interests, sports, driving. Future plans, college. .,-'F THEODORE G. CAMERON "You impress us as a thinking man." Known as Ted. Activities are Rifle Team, Swimming Team, Orchestra. Outside interest is radio. College comes next. JOHN CARROLL "After us the deluge." Known to his friends as "Red." In- terested in automobile mechanics, sword fishing, hunting, hockey, head- ing the list. After discharge from Nayy, plans college. ROBERTA BROWN "Fair and softly goes far." Known as "Bobbie." Soc. Service Club, Tower Players,War Stamp Club, Personality Club, and Theater Group. Interests, dancing, riding, Hi-Y Club. Future plans, Junior College. JOAN BUNDSCHUH "Hefe's to the rharmer whose dimples we prize." Just call her "Bunch." War Stamp Comm., "Herald" Bus. Stafi, "Rochel- lean" Bus. and Plan. Staffs, Soc. Serv- ice Club, Tower Players, Girls' Sports. Hobbies, photography, skiing. College follows. -we V7 FREDERICK J. BUNKE "Good deeds remain, all things else perish." Intramural Baseball, Basketball, Table Tennis Club. Interests, sports, piano, and fishing. Future plans, college and engineering or business. JOAN BUTLER "Here's to the girl with a pair ol blue eyes." "Herald" Rewrite Ed., "Rochellean" Ed., Bus. Staffs, Cheerleaders, Con- versation Club, Tower Players, Soc. Service Club, Dance Comm., Scholar., Chem. Club, Girls' Sports, G.O. As- sembly Comm., Phi Tau. Pres. C. A. R. Secy'.Winn Assn. Loves music, driving, visiting Annapolis. Plans college to major in journalism. KATHERINE CARR "Sweet as the primrose peeps beneath the thorn." "Kitty" to those who know her. Co- Capt. Cheerleaders, "Rochellean" Ed. and Bus. Staffs, Tower Players, "Hu- guenot Herald" Ed. Staff, Soc. Service Club, Girls' Sports, Chair. Junior. ALMA R. CATALDO "Happy am I,' from care l'm free." "Rochellean" Att Staff, Homeroom Banker, War Stamp Rep., School Serv- ice Squad, Girls' Sports. Interests, swimming, dancing. Plans Business School. 9 iv I-IILDA BURIN "All her faults are such that one loves her still the better for them." Soc. Service Club, Girls' Sports, War Stamp Comm., "Rochellean" Bus. Staff, Dance Comm. Hobbies, driving and sports. College is next stop. VIOLA J. CALLENDER "Her music hath charms to sooth the savage breast." Eamiliarly tagged "Vi." Vice-pres. Ninth Grade Homeroom, member A Cappella Choir, Glee Club, Soc. Serv- ice Club, after school sports. Likes music, sports, and "just having fun." Destined for business school or col- lege. NI' E 'R 'tr T fd? f DONALD H. CHAPIN "A .foher and managing fellow." Steering Comm. of "Rochellean" Plan. Staff, Treas. and Chair. Program Comm. of Lens and Scalpel Biology Club, Theater Group, Chemistry Club, School Service Squad, Sr. Ring Comm. EHiOys driving a car. Future goal, college and business course. CHARLES E. CLOSTER "Had Jighed to many, though he loved hut one." "Ned" to all. A three letter man, Foot- 3 ball, Swimming, Track, G.O. Council, , Service Squad, Jr. Prom Comm., N, "Kick-off" Dance, Band, Lens and ' 4 ,f Scalpel Biology Club, Scholarship 4 K Club, member of Sunny Martin's Or- , "t f- V chesrra. Enjoys all sports. Next stop, ,J N college. A"'- N A-I l , JANET COLE HENRY W. COLEMAN, JR. " . . . when did morning ever wake and find such heaming eyes awake." Soc. Service Club, School Serv. Sqd., Usher Tower Players productions, oflice work, Admissions Comm.. Girls' Sports, member Junior Society. Plans to study Nursery School Teaching. MARTIN COLODNY " 'Tir pleasant to ree one'r name in print." Homeroom Banker, Intramural Bas- ketball and Baseball. Interested in swimming and football. Plans to at- tend college. "He ir the very pine-apple of politenerrf' "Bro" to everyone. Runs quarter mile on track team, Music Club, works during week. Enjoys good music, dances and parties. Future plans, col- lege, then business of his own. CATHERINE J. CONTE . . . and hring with thee wit and youthful jollityf' "Cathy" is her name tag. Member A Cappella Choir, Soc. Serv.Club,Traihc Sqd,, War Stamp Comm., Red Cross Collector, Ed. Staff of "Rochellean," Class Banker, Girls' Sports, Member Board of Directors of Club El Rancho. Interests, driving, the Navy and Frankie. Headed for Secretarial School. bv Nfl' 'I"TP es QR fb? ROBERT L. CORCORAN "A close mouth catcher no flier." "Corky" to everyone. Likes to tinker with anything electrical, take motors apart, worries when it comes to put- ting them together againg likes to sleep. Aviation is next stop. LEONORE M. COURANT 'There ir great ahility in knowing how to conceal one'r ability." "Lori" to everyone. Member of Or- chestra, A Cappella Choir, Tower Players, War Stamp Comm., Biology Club, Scholarship Club, and Cantala Singers. Is interested in music. I0 CATHERINE G. CIANCIULLI "Why aren't they all contented like me?" "Rochellean" Ed. Staff, "Huguenot Herald" Ed. Staff, Scholarship Club, School Serv. Snd.. Press Cbib Rep. winner, Press Club Merit Award. In- terests, iournalism, languages, reading, classical music. Future plans college. STANLEY COBEN "Alwayr slow to give advice, hut ready to do a service." Two varsity letters, Track and Cross- Country, Intramural Basketball, Base- ball, Sports Promotion Comm., Track Club, the "Turtle," Sigma Aloha Chi, Pres. Stamp Club. Collects jazz rec- ords, and is sport fan. Hopes to con- tinue track in college. 'nl .4 ang 1 in Ni , s WILLIAM F. COSNAHAN "Building cartler in the air." Is known as "Red." Member of Foot- ball, 1. V., Basketball, and Baseball Teams. Plans to be a Physical Ed. teacher. LAUREL CURREY "Shall I compare thee to a .rumrnerir day?" Conversation Club, Tower Players, Soc. Service Club, G.O. Appropriation and Finance Comm., "Rochellean" Bus. Staff, Senior Plan. Staff, Girls' Sports, A Cappella Choir, Scholarship Club. Farm in Mass. is main interest. Headed for college. DONALD DANIELSON "Oh, he'r a lovely gentleman." Nickname is G.O. Appropria- tion Comm., Baseball, Football, Con- versation Club, Jr. Dance and Prom Comm., the Ushering Group, mem- ber of Tau Pi. Headed for college. JOHN DEBENHAM "What can I do to he forever known?" "Joe" to his friends. Returned this year after being away at school a year. Main outside interests are "Lynda," his station wagon and loafing. Plans col- lege education. z Q. -J . 3 ..- .fr 3, ,f fn . v., M 31, . ..., Q -T' - if X... GERTRUDE ENGEL "Ornament of a meek and quiet rpiritf' "Trudy" to her friends. A newcomer to New Rochelle High. Interested in all branches of science and her favorite hobby is collecting small trinkets of glass, porcelain and silver. Plans col- lege and majoring in chemistry. JOAN M. FARLEY "She looheth ar batter would not melt in her mouth." Girls' Glee Club, Traffic Sqd., School Service Sqd., Homeroom Secy., all Sports Honor Teams, Newswriring Club, G.O. Rep. Interests, dancing Tuesday nights at Student's Guild, also "Ray" in Navy Blues. Plans to marry. MEREDITH DAVIDSON "Slow to rpeak, .flow to wrath." "Davi" is her name tag. Treasurer of Roy Chapman Andrews Chapter of Biology Club, Conversation Club, So- cial Service Club, "Rochellean" Bus. and Ed. Staffs, Scholarship Club, Phi Tau Sorority. Plans include college. JOHN DBMARTINO "I should not urge thy duty par: thy might." A Class Banker, Secy. of I-Iomeroom, and member of Trafhc Squad. Inter- ests, driving, swimming, and football. Uncertain of future plans. RICHARD W. DENVER U:-::r...1 A iii... ' 'The path of duty ir the path of safety." Dick for short. Member of Track Team, Cross-Country, Radio Club. Main interests in life, cats, women. Plans to enter Navy or college. 'Gaiam 0 emy. HERMAN L. FALK, JR. "I go, I go: rwifter than an arrow from Tartarfr how." Called "Pilch" by his friends. Trafhc Sqd., "Rochellean" Ed. Staff, Cross- Country, Letter man in Track, Sports Promotion Comm., Track Club, Win- ter Prom, Tower Players, Intramural Sports. Interests include skiing and hockey. Plans to attend The Citadel. MARIE L. FINNEGAN ' . . . the rearon firm, the temperate will." "Lou" to all. G.O. Approp. and Exec. Comm., G.O. Rep.,Adv. Biology, Con- versation Clubs, "Huguenot Herald" Ed. StaH, Steering Comm. "Rochel- lean" Ed. Staff, Tower Players, Soc. Serv. Club, G.A.A. Brd, Scholar. Club, Band, Orchestra, Librarian of Band, Merrie Melodies Staff, Chem. Club, Honor Teams. Interests, Phi Tau, sail- ing, being pres. of Sub-debs. Plans college. H JOHN M. A. DRADDY "Quiet ar a nun." Member of Band, Orchestra and Track Team. Plans to enter either U. S. Merchant Marine or U. S. Naval Acad- PETER DESSAU "What a man har, so much he is .rare of." Known as "Pete the tramp." Baseball Team, Pres. of Sophomore Home- room. Main interest in life, women. After graduation, the Army. GERALD DREYEUSS "Di:patch ir the .foul of banners." "Jerry" for short. Member of Swim- ming team, Civil Air Patrol, Princes of Syracuse, the Iraquis Athletic Club. Flying and boating are "Jerry's" main interests. Plans to attend Texas A 8: M, then cattle-raising business. sg 5. EDNA M. FREESE ',,-1 X Q in Q, - eh is 1 ifwi '- JA ..:V,:,., w, 'a fa ,P 8 5 1 f G i' N ' - 1 5' gin A -ft ,., . , ,... , Q, 1 5 P . FRANKLIN C. FITCHEN "On their 'own merift mode!! men are dumb." To his verv intimate friends, he's "Zeus " Cross-Country Letterman, Baseball Team. Track Team and mem- ber of Scholarship Club. Favorite Das- time is sleeping. After graduation, plans college. IRVING FOX "Few lhingr are impoirihle through diligence and skill." "Irv" to those who love him. Came to us in sophomore year. Member Track Team, Swimming, Cross-Coun- try Teams. Interests. swimming and piano. lf the Armv doesn't catch 'im first, he'll enter college. CARL E. FLEMISTER 'There was music all abou! ur." "Buddy" to all his friends. Homeroom pres., Football, A Cappella Choir, Boys' Glee Club, Sr. Chorus. Active member Nat'l Assn. for Advance- ment of Colored People, Pres. of Jr. Exec. Board of Boys' Club, Pres. of Bethesda Choir, Pres. of Bethesda Youth Assembly. and Baptist Training Union of Bethesda Church. Plans to attend Va. State College to study medi- cine and theology. GERALD B. FRANK 0 time for leiJure." "jerry" to everyone. Swimming Team, "Huguenot Herald" Ed. Staff, A Cap- pella Choir, Chair. of G.O. Assembly Comm., Mgr. Football Team, two years, Chair. "Sno-Ball," member jr. Prom Comm., Homeroom Banker. Interests, Serviceman's Weekly which he printed, edited, and published him- self. Next, college and business career. NAv ' . . . of manner: gentle, of affection: mild." Tennis, Hockey, Paddle Tennis, Bad- minton, Shuffleboard, Orchestra, Art Club. Providence Club, art, bowling, riding. Plans to attend art school, then enter field of advertising for papers and magazines. JoaN B. FUERST " . . . like a poet hidden in the light of thought." Advanced Biology Club, War Stamp Comm., Soc. Service Club, Current Events and Scholar. Clubs, School Service Sqd. Dance Comm., "Hugue- not Herald" Ed. Staff, "Rochellean" Ed. and Plan. Staffs, Girls' sports. Writes poetry and feature articles, Publicity Chair. of B'nai B'rith Girls. Plans college and career in advertising. SHIRLEY FRIEDMAN "Enjoy your dear wit and gay rhetoric." Art Club, "Rochellean" Planning and Art Staffs, Current Events Club, Exec. Comm. of the Soc. Service Club, Sports, Tower Players, Traffic Squad. Interested in art. Plans to attend col- lege. JUDITH C. FULLER "A poet could not hut he gay in .tuch jocund company." Known as "Beast" and "Ferf." Tower Plavers, Student Assemblies, A Cap- pella, Girls' Ensemble, Banker, Traffic Sod., Swing Session, and "Sno Ball," Girls' Sports. Teaching, dancing, in- habiting Greenwich Village, crazy about people who have jazz records. Plans to study psychology and men. L Q -if . 'NK -,..,L 5' 'A MORTON GARBER "A good friend ir better than rilver or gold." 'Ev t , f .,, I l .sf "l'..? Active on "Rochellean" Bus. Staff, "I-luguenot Herald" Ed. and Bus. Staffs, Tower Players. Interests, Sig- ma Alpha Chi, Jr. Society, and Stamp collecting. Business administration at N. Y. U. next. ALAN S. GAYNOR "An embryo journalirt ir a dangerous' man." Editor-in-chief of "Huguenot Herald," "Rochellean" Editorial Staff, "Sno- Ball" and jr. Prom Comm., Conversa- tion Club, Tower Players, Theater Group, G.O. Appropriations and Finance Comm.. Scholarship Club. Scouts and wild flowers. Plans college to study journalism. I2 Ti THOMAS E. GARRIGAN "We hgure to ourfelver the thing: we like." "Tommy" to the world at large. Active in Chemistry Club. Outside interests center around chemistry. Plans to be a chemical engineer. HARRIET GELLER "Let every man look before he leapr." Pres. of her 9th Grade Homeroom, member Tower Players, Conversation, Social Service Clubs, the "Rochellean" Bus. Staff Dance Comm., jr. Society, B'Nai B'rith Girls, and Girls' Sports. Ranked fourth in Girls' Eastern Ten- nis Contest, I944. Music and tennis are hobbies. Plans college. EMILY R. GIAMPIETRO "Up rose the sun and up rose Emily." Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Tennis, Volley Ball, and Badminton. Reading novels. No definite plans, would like the field of physical education. BURTON I.. GOLDBERG "The endearing elegance of female friendship." Band, Track, Cross-Country and In- tramural Basketball. Interested in Cur- rent Events Club. Club "El Rancho" and Room 14. Plans an engineering future. if 'hi BARBARA R. GREENBERG "A nd he stumbles after, bewildered by my laughter." Called "Rusty," Soc. Service Club, Adv. Biology Club, Red Cross Club, "Rochellean" Bus. and Plan. Staffs, Tower Players, "Kick-05" Dance, and Winter Prom. Interests, the theater, art and music. Plans entering Navy or junior college. MARY E. GREENE "As su-eet as English air could make her." Library Council, Girls' Sports. Out- side activities include a sewing club and taking piano lessons. Hopes to become a nurse. ARTHUR P. GOLDBERG "A rnan of maidenly reserve." G.O. Financial Staff, Track, Intra- mural Basketball and Baseball. Cur- rent Events Club and golf. Plans col- lege to study accounting. BARBARA A. GOLDFOGLE "With thee conversing I forgot all time, all seasons and their change." Known as "Spanish." A Cappella Choir, Girls' Ensemble. Enioys horse- back riding and meeting people who speak Spanish. Plans college with the hope of becoming a Spanish interpre- ter and of course, acquiring a husband. ,f sf 3 ROBERT GOLDMAN "The manly part is to do with might and main what you can do." Usually referred to as "Bob." Pres. of the Current Events Club, G.O. Rep., War Stamp Rep., member of Band, Orchestra, Adv. Biology Club, Con- versation Club, Dance Comm. and "Rochellean" Plan. Staff. Hobbies, music, sports, stamp, coin collecting. Plans to major in bus. administration in college. VILMA GRAMLICH "Whereas in silks by Vilma goes then, then, me thinks how sweetly flows the liquification of her clothes." Vice-pres. of 9th Grade, Homeroom Banker, G.O. Rep., Jr. Prom Comm., Twirler, Traffic Sqd., Soc. Service Club, Girls' Sports. Interests, being treas. of Club El Rancho, the Navy. Plans to attend Edgewood Park Junior College, to be a medical secretary. GRACE N. GREENE "A sweet attractive kind of grace." A Cappella Choir, Orchestra, Social Service Club, Girls' Sports, Has an in- terest in all sports. No particular plans for future. DOROTHY E. GRIFFIN "Grace and good disposition tend your ladyshipf' Friends call her "Dotty." Soc. Service Club, A Cappella Choir, Girls' Sports. Hobbies are playing piano, listening to radio, Young Peoples' Club. Wants to attend college and major in music. I3 ra-'Gi' CHARLES E. GOTTESMAN "ln youth and beauty, wisdom is but rare." Known to everybody as "Buddy." Vice-pres. of 9th Grade Homeroom, pres. of 10th Grade Homeroom, Let- terman in Baseball, Intramural Sports. Left for Chapel Hill in january. JANE GRAY "A rosebud set with little wistful thorns." Known as "Janie," Homeroom vice- pres., Girls' Sports, "Rochellean" Bus. Staff, "Huguenot Herald" Bus. Staff. Social Service Club, Ofhce Work and Tower Players Usher. Plans college. if grind." Nicknamed "Tiny." Tower Players, v NI x" I V? n 1? T' f Q iw: .10 PAUL D. HARRINGTON "I have everything, yet have nothing." Known as "Red." Pres. of a fraternity for two years, Secy. of fraternity. Hob- bies, record collecting, sleeping, draw- ing people from photographs. Plans to major in art in college. JOAN M. HELGANS "Good witr jump." vlember of "Huguenot Herald" Ed. .nd Bus. Staffs, "Rochellean" Bus. frail, Head of "Rochellean" Ed. Staff, :lass Ring Comm., Tower Players, Ionversation, Biology Clubs, Theater Sroup Treas., and Pres., Soc. Service Club, War Stamp Comm., G.O. Fi- nance Comm., Scholar. Club, Girls' Glee Club, Girls' Sports, G.A.A. Awards. Interests, Teen Age Dance Workshop and paper "Dancing Youth." Plans college. W3 Sd .Z BRUCE B. GURENSON "Confuiion nou' hath made itr maJterpiece." Active in band and orchestra. Out- side interests include playing in band. Plans to attend college and major in Business Administration. RONALD J. HAGER "There'.r nothing ro beromer a man ai modeit .rtillneii and humility." Known to his friends as "Ronnie." Traffic Squad, Varsity Track, Cross- Country. Outside interests, basketball and swimming. Might join the Navy. an is-4 fees BARBARA G. H. HAWLEY "Thi: heauty tallr and glory :hows the way." Nicknamed "Glo," Came to N.R.H.S. from I.E.Y. in Senior year, where she was active in all girls' sports. Is inter- ested in Civil Air Patrol, writing. Plans to attend the Latin American Institute next year. LOIS A. HELLER "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine." Scholarship, Biology, Soc. Service and Conversation Clubs, G.A.A. Board, "Rochellean" Bus., Ed. and Plan. Staffs, Trafhc Sqd., Sports. Modern dancing, Pres. of Teen-Age Dance Workshop, Sub-Debs, Metropolitan Youth Council. Future includes col- lege and personnel work. QU' .Q '17 NORMAN W. HENDERSON "My life it hut one dem'd horrid Vice-pres. and pres. of 9th and 10th Grade Homerooms, Swimming. Track Teams. Interests, skiing and Kappa. He plans to go to college. ELIZABETH E. HIGGS "How meet and fair :he reemi to he." Known as "Bettie" or, sometimes, "Six-bits." Band and Orchestra. In- terested in the N.A.A.C.P., reading and collecting four leaf clovers. Plans to go to school of music. CLA IRE B. HACKER "She'.r our delight, all mankind'r wonder." Soc. Service Club, War Stamp Comm. Traffic Sqd., Admission Comm., Mr. Haigh's Formation Group, First Aid Comm., "Rochellean" Ed. Staff. Hob- bies, clothes, records and the Navy. Plans to enter business school. GALE HAFFORD "Of good natural part: and a liberal education." Active as a member of orchestra. Likes bowling, swimming, riding, and golf. After graduation, college and study of medicine. 1:17 .v, 'S NEIL M. HICKS "All the world lover a fat man." Current Events Club, "Rochellean' Rep. Interests, New Rochelle Boys' Hi-Y, of which he was pres. and secy., collecting stamps, old coins. He plans to study law. ALFRED K. HOBBS "Always within the bound! of modeJty." Known as "Bud." G.O. Rep., Scholar- ship Club, Cross-Country Team, Bi- ology, Chemistry and Track Clubs. Interests, model ship building, out- door sports, especially hunting and fishing. Plans to study chemical en- gineering. ARTHUR D. HUFF GUNTHER HOCHHAUSER "I have within myself all that my heart desires." Homeroom Banker two years, Horne- room Treas., Current Events, Scholar- ship, Chem. Clubs, Plan. Staff of "Ro- chellean," Letterman in Swimming, member of Track and Cross-Country Teams. Stamp collecting, model air- planes and gasoline engines are for leisure hours. Plans to study mechani- cal engineering. RUTH HOFFMAN "If ladies be but young and fair, they have the gift to know it." Was active in Girls' Sports, Social Service, Biology, and Stamp Clubs. Major outside interest is B'nai B'rith Society. College for the next four years. t-1 NANCY C. HOFF "My tongue is the pen of a ready writer." Was active member of the Biology Club, Theater Group, Social Service Club, Curent Events Club, "Rochel- lean" Ed. Stalf, Song Club. Wants to go to college and be a doctor. FLORENCE C. HORTON "A dancing Shape, an Image gay." Homeroom Banker, Sports, Twirler, Traffic Squad, "Rochellean" Art Stalf. Sub-Debs, the Teen Age Dance Work- shop, Art and the "Navy" complete her outside interests. Fashion Design in art school will follow graduation. Pr.: . 1- W . Q., .1 X 1 YWQ-pr 2 lg! 243 11171.-5 Hai- . 5:01 . gun, Ex. A ,V 1::':"t:s, , .- ' .::t.M5-'kgs-..f.'.':.,f, ''Zvu.."4-12?-'.'-'.'..F. rx I BETTY M. ISRAEL "My heart untravelled fondly turns to thee." Active in Social Service Club, Theater Group, Current Events, Biology Clubs, Girls' Sports, Homeroom Banker 2, "Rochellean" Ed. Staff, junior Red Cross Club. College will be next. RICHARD JOHN, JR. "Patience on a monument." Traffic Squad, Intramural Baseball, "Rochellean" Plan. Staff, Biology Club, Scholarship Club. After school enjoys sports and piano. College and engineering are future plans. . . g, .f-in , .. GEORGE J. HSIEH "Men of few words are best." Current Events, Chemistry, Railroad Clubs. Hobbies, Stamp collecting, Y.M.C.A. and home Chemistry lab. Wants to operate a research lab. in China. LOIS A. HUTCHINS "Happy be you! All that you speak shows fair." Activities, First Aid, Song Clubs, Leaders' Group in Girls' Sports, Soc. Service Club, Chorus, Sr. Service Scouts, Bethesda Youth Assembly, Jr. Div. of Colored Women's Club, jr. Church Activities and music occupy spare time. Plans to attend Depaul University. JANE JENNY "Speak low if you speak love." Member of B. Altman Jr. Advisory Board, Decorations Comm. of Jr. Prom, "Rochellean" Art Staff, Pot- tery Club, and Chair. of Publicity for "Kick-off" Dance. Phi Tau, Sub-Debs and Art hold her interest outside of school. College will be next. PEGGY E. KAHLES "Good to be merrie and wise." Secy. of Sr. Class, Secy. of G.A.A., Secy. of Lens and Scalpel Chapter of Biology Club, Treas. of Jr. Scholar- ship Club, Cheerleading Sqd. and Dance Comm. Active in Phi Tau, Sub- Debs and Daughters of Masons. Plans to go to college. 15 S! "Filled his life's goblet to the brim." "Canadian" to the world at large. Served as Pres. of Club El Rancho, and Mgr. of Johnny Martin's orches- tra. Plans to enter army after which college and career as an electrical en- gineer. ANTHONY IAROCCI "Open my heart and you shall see, 'graved inside of it 'Italy'." ls interested in Boys' Club of New Rochelle, building ships. His future includes entrance into the Navy. I vw Y? CHRISTINA KRONDES "A kind and gentle heart she had to comfort friends and foes." Known to all as "Chris" Baseball Honor Team, Girls' Sports. Vice-pres. of Huguenot Hi-Y. She intends to take a medical assistant course in college. MILTON H. LANDES "Oh, constancy he strong upon my side!" Major interests are boating, fishing, current events and science. Hopes to attend Dartmouth, to take a business course. if LORRAINE P. KAPLAN "Now to the damsel that's merry." Social Service Club, Current Events Club, War Stamp Rep., Homeroom Banker, and Girls' Sports. Interested in Civil Air Patrol and aeronautics. Plans college. BESS M. KELLOGG " . . . that shall command my heart and rne. Girls' Sports, Scholarship Club, Writ- ing Club, and "Rochellean" Art Staff. Interests, art, dress designing, winter sports, "jerry," butterscotch sundaes surf-board riding. Plans Penn Hall jr. College and Parsons School of Design. CHARLES W. KUSCHE "O, it's excellent to have a giant stature." Known as "Chic." Homeroom pres. Football, Basketball and Baseball Teams. Hobby is model making. In- tends to take up civil or mechanical engineering. MARILYN L. LANGWORTHY "Honesty coupled with beauty." A Twirler, member of Scholarship Club and Plan. Staff of "Rochellean," Assist. G.O. Rep. in jr. year. Chielly interested in Hi-Y and piano. Hopes to return to Texas to attend college. A as THELME R. KATZ "How thy wit brightens! How the style refines."' Familiarlv called "Terry." Girls' Sports, "Rochellean" Art Staff, Social Service Club Art Club Red Cross Rep. Bnai Brith Civil Air Patrol designing reading and collecting au- tographs take up spate time. College is next. RICHARD KOCH He that hath knowledge spareth words. Known as Di'k. Band Trafhc Sqd. Track Team. Bengal Athletic Club Civil Air Patrol playing the cornet. Aeronautics. XXX? P' GLORIA LAPERO "A head . . . a tongue to contrivef' "Lappy" to her pals. Riding Club, Or- chestra, G.O. Rep., Band, Trafhc Squad. Outside interests, horses, horse- men and "Neve." Immediate future Endicott Junior College. WILLIAM G. LESEUR "And certainly he was a good fellow." Tower Players, G.O. Finance Comm., Intramural Basketball and Baseball. College and perhaps work in dra- matics. I6 3r JEAN LEONARD "And now my task is smoothly done,' I can fly or I can ran." Secy. of Theatre Group, Homeroom Secy., Business Manager of jr. Social Service Club, "Huguenot Herald" Ed. Staff, "Rochellean" Plan. and Ed. Staffs, Tower Players, Soc. Service Club, Bronze and G.A.A. Awards, Winter Prom, Traiiic. College and a career in writing. ELEANOR J. LIPPOTH "Charmed with a foolish whistling of a name." "jan" to the people who know her. Photo Club, Soc. Service Club, TraBic Sqd. and Plan. Staff of "Rochellea.n" also Photo Staff of "Rochellean." Member of Hi-Y Club, is interested in piano and collection of miniatures also foreign and old dolls. Plans jun- ior College. JOSEPH S. MANNING ROY W. LI'I'I'LE "Art and knowledge bring bread and honor." Member of Scholarship Club and "Ro- chellean" Art Staff. Plans college, after that, commercial art as a profession. Hopes to take a trip through South America some time in the future. LORRAINE MAASZ "She'.f pretty to walk with and witty to talk with." Drum maior, Twirler, "Rochellean" Art Staff, Social Service Club, Tower Players, "Kick-off" Dance Com., Girls' Sports. Also Phi Tau, driving, danc- ing, hot fudge sundaes and "Jean" too. Future plans, Art School with career in advertising and maybe marriage. na- 4: - .,o p-.I FRANK E. LOTERZO "Knowledge ir more than equivalent to force." "Gene" to his pals. Transferred from Albert Leonard High School at end of sophomore year. Active in A Cap- pella Choir, and Swing Session. Roller skating and Sea Cadets are his maior interests. Plans a business career in the South. CATHERINE A. MACDONALD "Look: were fond and word: were few." Known as "Brownie." Social Service Club, Girls' Sports and Traflic Squad. Also United States Navy and sleep- ing. Future plans include college. K ' 4 gb ,ma x ' 'A 1 9 .. 41-1 i .,' 1 '71744' ., . I. VV! 'S' A 'The light that lies in woman'.r eyer har been my heart'r undoing." Buddies call him "Joe." Homeroom Pres., Secy. of Soph. class, Intramural Basketball, Varsity Baseball, Biology, Conversation Clubs, Jr. Prom Comm., Cheerleader, and Chem. Club. Inter- ested in baseball and basketball. Fu- ture plans, studying medicine. CLOUD R. MARSHALL "A: open ar hi: name ir clear." Everyone calls him "Randy." Drama- tic Club, Varsity Football and Mgr. of Basketball team at Blessed Sacrament School. Tau Pi Fraternity, women, eat- ing, sleeping, driving and skiing. Dotes on annoying people. Would like to go to college and get married. I. ANDREW T. MAHONEY "The glass of fashion and the mould of form." "Mo" to the fellows. Cheerleader, Cross-Country Team, Vice-pres. of the Hi-Y, "Rochellean" Art Staff, Booster Comm. of Jr. Prom. Worked on boats at City Island. Plans to enter jewelry profession after schooling at Rhode Island School of Design. CLAUS H. MANASSE "Whore words all earr took taptivef' Civilian Defense, Current Events, Bi- ology, and Chemistry Clubs, Home- room War Stamp Rep. and Radio Forums. Also Chemistry, Current Events and stamp collecting. Would like scientihc research or chemical en- gineering as vocation. Ch My sgui., A., .rt 5 ROBERT MARKELL "lr there no voice more worthy than my own?" "Bob" to all. Homeroom Banker, Homeroom Officer and "Huguenot Herald" Editorial Staff. Member of A. Z. A. and E. A. X. Aims toward college. JOHN MARTIRANO "A man of pleasure is a man of pain." "44 Keys" for keeps. Homeroom president, Track. Has his own orches- tra and is Vice-Pres. of Club El Ran- cho. Look for him at Astor Roof in 1950. I7 ,. it r I, . f.. ' s fegiakif. s . - -X V' Fit' .56 "-9 '1 ALICE M. MALLETTE 'Though I am young, I :corn to flit on the wing: of borrowed art "Al" to her friends. Scholarship Club Traflic Squad, Homeroom Banker "Rochellean" Art Staff and Girls Sports. Also driving, tennis and a de sire to travel. Desires to enter college and specialize in merchandising JOHN MANDARANO "Nothing can cover hir high fame but heaven." Just "Johnny" to everyone. Vice-pres of G.O., Varsity Basketball, Varsity Baseball, Jr. Prom Comm., Capt. Bas ketball Team. Likes one girl and golf Wants to attend college and then get married. sf- '-i"5??t .,..t,: ' ' fy , f ',. ra 2 V .3 sg' QS. E .1 ,Q-7.4 fi- .Q ez fi - . -f 'st xi. Y- - .. x it if 3-1' ' ' sa - S' 5 IA . .., Q. L, ., , -nv LILY MCKEVER "To me more dear . . . one native charm than all the glorr of art." Plans to become a beautician after graduation from N.R.H.S. IRMA MEINCKE "So Jweet and voluhle in her ditcourref' Scholarship, Social Service, Current Events Clubs, "Rochellean" Ed., Bus. Staffs, "IaIuguenot Herald," War Stamp Comm. Interests, Huguenot Hi-Y and piano. Headed for college and journalism career. ,...-v Ouxa SUSAN MASBACK "Continuour ar the :tart that thine." Nicknamed "Sue." Member A Cap- pella Choir, Adv. Biology Club, Tow- er Players, Social Service Club, School Service Sqd., Homeroom Banker, Girls' Sports. Hobbies, swimming, singing, Gershwin music. Plans to enter secretarial school. RICHARD MCCARTHY "I knozh not the doctrine of ill-doing." Popularly "Dick." Pres. of the G.O., pres. of Jr. Class, Letterman in Cross- Country, Swimming and Track, ACap- pella Choir, Conversation Club, Adv. Biology Club, Tower Players, Commo- dore of N.R.H.S. Yacht Club, won gold award in Jr. year. Outside inter- est is sailing in own boat. Plans for future include college. RUTH MCKINNEY "War thi: the face that launched a thousand JhipJ?" just "Mac" to her friends. Traffic Sqd., Homeroom Pres., "Rochellean" Busi- ness Staff. Likes jazz and convertibles. Planning for secretarial school. LIONEL C. MOHR, JR. "The manner of rpeahing ir ar impor- tant at the matter." Root for the "Senator." Co-capt. of Cheerleaders, Treas. of Conversation Club, Adv. Biology, Current Events Clubs, A Cappella Choir, Song Club, Dance Comm., Tower Players' Usher. Interests, politics, history, and debat- ing. Plans to major in law. HENRY MONACO "None hut himself can he hir parallel." Called "Hank," Varsity Baseball team. Outside activities are Boys' Club and baseball. May P.G.g later settle down on a farm. JOSEPH D. P. O'BRIEN "He ritr high in all peopleit hearts." Better known as "Joe" Sports Pro- motion comm., G.O. Rep., Mgr. Track and Cross-Country Teams, Letterman in Swimming, Intramural Sports, Tower Players, dance comm. since 9th grade. Favorite interest is collecting records. Future plans are college, a career in radio. REGINA MAYER Q "An elegant sufficiency-content . . . " just "Reggie" Activities, A Cappella Choir, School Service Sqd., Girls' Sports, Trafhc Sqd. Enjoys horseback riding. Wants a nursing career. NORINE MCDONOUGH "l would help other: out of a fellow feeling." Called "Pat." Activities, Scholarship Club, War Stamp Comm., Tower Players, Biology Club, Theater Group, Current Events, Social Service Clubs, "Rochellean" Bus. and Ed. Staffs, "Herald" Ed. Staff, Girls' Sports, Hi-Y Club. College is next. RUTH D. NESBITI' "She move: a goddess and the look: a queen." Scholarship Club, War Stamp Comm., Homeroom Secy., Girls' Sports. Out- side interests are Huguenot Hi-Y, knitting. Future plans are college and drafting. NANCY OLAIRA "Little raid ir .tooneit mended." "Nance" to everyone. Enjoys writing, reading. Joy PIZA ANTHONY F. PAINO "Shut up in mearurelerr content." Nickname is "Tony." News Writing Club, Intramural Badminton, Home- room Treas., Chemistry. Spends spare time at Catholic Student's Guild of Holy Family Church, or engaging in photography. Plans for college. EDWARD PELS "Studiour of good, he dirregarded fame and ureful 'knowledge wa: hi: aim." "Ed" to all. Current Events Club, "Rochellean" Plan. Staff, G.O. Finance Comm. Radio, chess occupy spare time. Plans college for future. ,1 , . 1'--if Ks' "A thing of beauty ir a joy forever." "Rochellean" Bus. Staff, "Huguenot Herald" Bus. Staff, Biology Club, in charge of costumes for Tower Players, Social Service Club, Band and Or- chestra, Girls' Sports, Refreshment and Publicity Comm. of "Rochellean" Staff. Records, books, and "something to do on Saturday night." LORETTA A. POWELL "Fair and .roftly goer far." "Tony" to her friends. Major outside activities, membership in fan clubs, dancing and music. After graduation plans to attend prep school to study music. FRANCES C. PELLENS "Sunny ar her .skier . . . " Traffic Squad, Scholarship, Soc. Serv- ice Clubs, "Rochellean" Bus. Staff, Tower Players' Usher, Tower Players, "Rochellean" Plan. Staff, Girls' Sports, Art Club. Spare moments include Sub- Debs, C.A.R., Hi-Y. Wants to go to college. MARK PERLBERG "For he will live and laugh at thi: hereafter." Biology Club, President of Roy Chap- man Andrews Biology Club, Tower Players, Chemistry Club. Likes Chem- istry. Wants to study Bacteriology or Medicine. DORIS N. PERRY "She plearer all the world . . . " In the future plans to become a mortician. SYLVIA PFEIFFER "Age cannot whither nor curtorn :tale her inhnite variety." Call her "Sliver." Current Events, Adv. Biology, Social Service Clubs, Theater Group, Scholarship Club, Art Ed. of "Herald," "Rochellean" Art Staff, Honor Teams in Girls' Sports. Hobbies, sports and drawing. In fu- ture she wants to study art at college and travel. NANCY A. PETERSON "Oh that I were a glove upon that hand that I might touch that cheek." "Pete" is her name-tag. War Stamp, Social Service Clubs, Girls' Sports, "Rochellean" Art Staff, Main Ofhce Work. Knitting, sailing, collecting friends' photos are favorite hobbies. Wants to attend a junior college. JOSEPH R. A. PISANI "I dare do all that may become a man." "joe" to his friends. Band, Track, Football, Range Master of Rifle Team, Intramural Sports, Photo. Club, G.O. Rep., Homeroom Treas., "Rochellean" Art Staff. Enjoys art, hunting, girls, music, hshing, boating, camping, and being an executive officer in Sea Ca- dets. Plans for future include engineer- ing and marriage. ' GEORGE A. POST "With a smile that was childlike and bland." Active in baseball and football. Likes sports and girls. Future plans, Techni- cal School or work. ARTHUR PRAETE "A man ured to vicirrituder if not eaxily defected." just "Artie." G.O. Rep., Current Events Club, Baseball Team, Intra- mural Sports. Likes to hunt and col- lect records. After college, his ambi- tion is to be a corporation manager. I9 Qi 'war ANNE M. RAAB "MeatureJ, not men have alwayr been my mark." just Anne all the time. Social Service Club, Tower Players, "Rochellean" Art Staff, Cheerleaders, Dance Comm., Girls' Sports, Conversation Club. Phi Tau. Outside interests, riding, sailing, dancing, Winn Society, Sub-Debs. College as an art major and a career in art. JEAN RALPH 'The king himrelf has followed her, when .the har walked before." Cheerleaders, Social Service Club, Sports Promotion Comm., "Rochel- lean" Art Stall, "Kick-off" Dance Comm., Tower Players, Scholarship Club, Chem. Club, Girls' Sports. ln- terests Phi Tau dancin music driv , , gs s ' ing, and Lorraine. Plans to attend col- lege. 1 ,AC .f"' SAMUEL F. PRATT "A mighty Jcientifc man it he. Sam for keeps. Participant in G.O. Finance Comm., Current Events Club, "Rochellean" Bus. Staff. Future plans include college. DAVID L. PURDY "Type of the wire that roar, and never roam." "Dave" to all his friends. jr. Prom Comm., Chair. of Decorations for "Kick-off" Dance, Pres. llth Grade Homeroom, Track and Swimming Teams, Pres. of Lens and Scalpel Adv. Biology Club, Pres. of Conversation Club, Pres. of Chem. Club. Pre-Med at Cornell Universi for Doctor's de- YY gree. HELEN M. RADCLIFF "She ir .ro constant . . . and so kind." Friends call her "Hedy." Served on Traflic Squad. Outside interests in- clude Girl Scouts. Plans to become a nurse DON C. RAMSAY "Whore little body lodged a mighty mind." Came here from Benson High School in Omaha, Nebraska, at the beginning of his Senior year. Loves to sleep. Hopes to attend college. ROBERT E. REDFIELD, JR. "He ir a well-balanced man, now, what more can be rand." "Bob" that's all. Came to N.R.H.S. in Jr. year. Served as Vice-pres. of Sr. Class, Homeroom pres. 4, Vice-pres. of Conversation Club, Treas. of Thea- ter Group, on the Jr. Prom Comm., Swimming and Rifle Teams, Tau Pi Frat. Enjoys swimming, sailing, "hunt- ing." College and chemical engineer- ing are waiting. JOAN RELLSTAB 'Tomorrow to frerh wood: and pasture: new." Basketball,QI'ower Players, Social Serv- ice Club. Lrkes horseback riding, danc- in and someda will own a blue con S, Y ' vertible. Plans for a business school. 20 DOROTHY E. PRESCOTT " . . . love darting eyer, or tretrer like the morn." Glee, Dramatics Clubs, Business Staff of the "Record" at Mamaroneck High. Teaches Sundav School. does Nurse's Aid work and likes to bowl. Plans to attend the New Rochelle Hospital School of Nursing. JOHN H. QUIRIN, JR. "Ah, youth! fzreger dear, forever in ." Friends dub him "Waldo." Outside interests are music, travel, and yacht- ing. College or a technical school after graduation. EDWARD J. REILLY "A man he war, to all the country dear." "Ed" to all. Came in Jr. year from Mamaroneck High, Band and Orches- tra. and Letterman in Cross-Country. Spends time mostly on his car. Plans college and major in accounting and business admin. MARILYN A. REVERE "Great let me call ber, for the conquered me." Known as "Lynn." Homeroom Bank- er, Secy. of Band and Orchestra Exec. Comm., Band, Orchestra, A Cappella Choir, Tower Players, Cast of "Good News." Civil Air Patrol, music, and chem. occupy spare time. Wants to be medical technician or music critic. JOHN RICCIO "With a classic maiden pretty, He painted up the city." "Rick" to all who know him. Likes women and cars. Plans to go to Uni- versity of Colorado to study Aeronauti- cal Engineering. BARNETI' ROBINSON, JR. "An affahle and courteous gentleman." "Barney" after tive minutes. Intra- mural Football, Basketball, Baseball, Stamp, Chess, Conversation, and Cur- rent Events Clubs. Hobbies include Jr. Societyi' Sigma Alpha Chi, sports and women. Next, college and busi- ness career. PAULA ROBBINS "ls she not passing fair?" It's "Poo" to friends. Soc. Serv. Club, "Rochellean" Bus. and Plan. Staffs, "Huguenot Herald" Bus. Staff, War Stamp Comm., Homeroom Banker, Tower Players, Scholarship Club. Out- side activities, swimming, modern dancing, B'nai B'rith Soc. Next stop- college. ARTHUR E. ROSWELI. "Better a little with honor than much with shame." To his friends, "Artie." Band, Chemis- try, Biology Clubs, "Rochel1ean" Photo. Staff Chief, "Rochellean" Plan. Staff, Pres. of Photo. Club. Outside interests are Sigma Alpha Chi, sail- ing, and photography. He's college bound. df' ,,, S 3- . 5- HARRIET SALTON "Let us make hay while the sun shines." Homeroom secy., Social Service Club, Library Council, Current Events Club, G.A.A. Outside interests, photo., B'nai B'rith Society, Princess of Syracuse. Future holds a business course. JOSEPH J. SANTACROCE, Jn. "Nothing succeeds like success." just call him "Boom Boom." Active in basketball and baseball. Hobbies, pool, Boys' Club New Rochelle, base- ball, basketball, ping pong. Future lies in radio engineering. 5? MURIEL S. ROTH "Bid rne discourse, I will enchant thrne ear." just say Social Service, Schol- arship Clubs, Tower Players, Conver- sation Club, "Rochellean" Plan., Bus., and Ed. Staffs, Honor Hockey Team, G.A.A., Ed. and Bus. Staffs of "Hugue- not Hetald," Homeroom Secy. Passes time knitting, photography, and as jr. Society Secy. College is next. TOBY SACHER "Outdoor tiddely-winks is my forte." War Stamp Comm., Cross-Country, Intramural Basketball, Track, and Swimming, Current Events, Chess Clubs. Hobbies, record collecting, women, and N. Y. Yankees. Journal- ism and Law are future plans. NICK J. SAMELA "It's a great plague to be too handsome a man." G.O. Homeroom Rep., Football, Bas- ketball, Baseball. Hobbies, dancing, music, sports, writing short stories, New Rochelle Boys' Club, between meal snacks, and car trips with Rick. Coaching or prof. baseball or foot- ball are future aims. BEVERLY A. SAULMAN "For she was as tender as infancy and grace." Farniliarly known as Member Tower Players and active leader in Girls' Sports. Hobbies, dancing, draw- ing, and music. A career as a radio singer is coming. 2l t ar F ,c ax' t ll ' 1 , '.. f . , Y W. -' 1' STUART B. ROWE, JR. "A great man is made up of qualities that meet or make great occasions." Remember him as "Stu." Band, Or- chestra, Adv. Biology, Chemistry, Cur- rent Events Clubs, Baseball, Track, Swimming Teams. Outside interests, music, swimming, driving. Plans to major in chemical engineering. CARMEN E. SALERNO " 'Adieu' she cried and waved her lily hand." The magic word is "Kitty." Active in Social Service Club. Outside interests, dancing, swimming, traveling, photo., dramatics, jr. Society, Fordham Prep. boys. junior college and marriage lie over the horizon. 31' v '27 V ? wr-9 -, C' '7 W JOAN SCHWARCZ " . . . as a wit, if not Hrrt, in the very first line." War Stamp Comm., Social Service Club, "Roche1lean" Plan, Bus. Staffs, Chem. Club, "Herald" Bus. Staff, Tow- er Players. Outside interest, sports. Plans, Junior College. GLADYS SCOTI' "Sweeter than the lid: of luno'J eyes." Nicknamed "Scottie." A Cappella Choir, Traffic Sqd., Basketball, Hock- ey, Swimming, Soc. Service Club. In- terests, jr. Div. of Colored Women's Club, Youth Coun. of N.A.A.C.P. and Bethesda Youth Assembly. Hobbies, piano, collecting records, and sports. Fisk University is her future. . ... ... - 1- 'tt .f --.t e- ,5 x1.'ufe,l4 :,fgf-. is "' '-1-I. ' -s - VINCENT SCOCA "Too civil by half." Known as "Vinnie" in the vicinity. Track, Football, Intramural Basket- ball. Rifle Club. Hobbies, bowling, building ship models. dancing, all sports, Future plans, college and study of accounting and business. WENDY P. SEGAI. "Tully war not so eloquent ar thou." Homeroom Banker, War Stamp Com- mittee, Social Service Club, Girls' Sports, Band, Orchestra, Tower Play- ers' Usherette. Outside interests, Camp Watitch, Harvard. College and a career in speech are future goals. 'tffjizfilffb .ltflfgfn ROBERT SCHNEIDER "To myself am dearer than a friend." Aflectionately dubbed "Bob" by fac- ulty.Active member A Cappella Choir, Trafhc Sqd., Scholarship Club, Dance Comm., and Tower Players as elec- trician and actor. Future plans lead to Cornell, then the motion picture industry. FREDERICK SCHULER "Patience, and shuffle the cards." Known about as "Fred," "Rochellean" Art Staff. Outside interests, pool, deer- hunting, girls, and sleeping. Fred plans to be a business administrator some clay. ROBERT SEIPEL "Men are but children of a larger growth." Cheerleaders, G.O. Rep., Tower Play- ers. Interests, winter sports, camping, hunting and amateur radio operating. Future plans, the Navy or Marines. Career in radio. DUDLEY SEWARD 'Time riperu all things. N0 mari it horn wise." Commonly called "Buzz." Track, Foot- ball, Intramural Basketball, and Rifle Club. Main interest is centered in Aviation. 22 MIRIAM SCHOENBERGER "And then .the danced-oh heaven, her dar1cing."' just "Mimi" all the time. All Girls' Sports, Ritie Club, Exec. Comm. for jr. Soc, Service Club, Soc. Service Club, War Stamp Comm., Tower Players, School Serv. Sqd., "Rochel- lean" Bus., Plan. Staff, "Huguenot Herald" Bus. Staff, "Kick-off" Dance Comm., Scholarship, Girls' Glee Club. Interests, swimming, boating, dancing, riflery, jr. Society. Is headed for col- lege to take up phys. ed. or dancing. SANDRA L. SCHUMAN "Dark uw her hair. . . her voice exquisitely tender." Known as "Sandy." Came to New Ro- chelle in Sr. year. Active in Tower Players, Soc. Service Club, Current Events Club, Girls' Sports. Outside in- terest B'nai B'rith. College, as a major in math. or science come next, I CHARLES SELIG, JR. "A real nice boy of conscientious, toilrome habits." Known as "Fish." Swimming Team, "Rochellean" Plan. Staff, Chair. of Comm. to Direct Students to Athletic Events, Asst. Mgr. Football Team, Intramural Basketball, Baseball. All sports occupy spare time. Future, col- lege and then insurance business. ROY C. SEWARD "We will awake him, and be .ture of him." G.O. Rep., Track, and Homeroom Pres. Pet pastimes are pool and hunt- ing. Plans to continue education if draft does not interrupt. PEGGY A. SHORTER "Shadow of annoyance never came near thee." Friends call her "Jittee." Secy. Fresh. and Jr. Classes, G.A.A. Advisory Board, G.O. Exec. and Approp. Comm., Soc. Service Club, Theater Group, Biology, Conversation, Schol- arship Clubs, "Rochellean" Bus. and Plan. Staffs, Girls' Sports, Tower Play- ers, and Jr. Prom Comm. Sub-Debs, Young People's Fellowship. Future plans, college. LILLIAN SMITH "Sing away sorrow, cast away care." Usually called "Poochie." Girls' Glee Club, Hockey, and member of Na- tional Assn. for Advancement of Col- ored People. Hobbies, reading and walking. Plans to become a mortician. ANABEL SIEGEL "Oh, that I had wings like a dove."' Tower Players, Lens and Scalpel Chap. Biology Club, Photo., Current Events, Soc. Serv. Clubs, Girls' Sports, War Stamp Comm., Plan and Bus. Staffs of "Rochellean," Tower Players Costume Comm. Chair., "Rochellean" Dance Pub. Comm. B'nai B'rith, Jr. Society, swimming, ping pong, record collec- tion are outside interests. Future plans, college. ARTHUR SOBEI.. "Still water runs deep." Usually referred to as "Artie." Band. Interested in gardening, bowling, trav- eling, airolane modeling, bicycling, merchandise selling. Plans a business course at college. E 'fl SAMUEL STEIN "A little work, a little play." "Sonnyf' to all. A Cappella, Boys' Glee Club, J.V., Varsity Basketball, Intra- mural Sports, G.O. Finance Comm., Sr. Plan. Staff. Interested in music, football, is Pres. of Jr. Society and Vice-Pres. of Sigma Alpha Chi. Plans to go to Union College and study law. ELINOR STEINDECKER 'Thou pendulum betwixt a smile and a tear." "Rochellean" Bus. Staff and Steering Comm. of Plan. StaH, "Herald" Bus. Staff, Theater Group, War Stamp Comm., Current Events Club, Social Service Club, G.O. Finance Comm., Sports, Adv. Biology Club. Theater, knitting occupy her spare time. Col- lege is the future. MADELEINE I.. STEINAU "Her face so fair . . . " BETSY SPANNAUS "Sharp's the word for her." Familiarly known as "Stooch." G.O. Homeroom Rep., Twirler, "Rochel- lean" Plan. Staff, Jr. Prom Comm., Traffic Sqd., Soc. Serv. Club, Phi Tau, Sub-Debs. Piano and trying to drive are outside interests. Plans to attend college. MARGOT SPITZ "'1'he brightness of her cheek would shame those stars." "Rochellean" Bus. Staff, Tower Play- ers, Social Service Club, War Stamp Comm., Modern Dancing and mem- ber of Jr. Society. Plans to become a kindergarten teacher. A Cappella Choir, Girls' Glee Club, Tower Players, "Rochellean" Bus. and Art Staffs, Art Club, Girls' Sports, Hi-Y, Scholarship Clubs, Corridor Service. Interested in singing, collect- ing glass "knick-knacks." Intends to take vocal lessons at Juilliard School then try for the "Met." IRVING STERN "A good dinner lubricates business." Fencing Team, G.O. Rep. Building model airplanes and ships, attending football games. Wants to study busi- ness administration. 23 JAMES SPELLMAN "And he is gentle that does gentle deeds." Usually called "Jim." Track, G.O. Finance Comm., Senior "Kick-off" Dance Comm. Swimming, hockey and baseball are outside activities. Plans a business course in a N. Y. College. DOLORES F. STALLWORTH "She laughed and every heart was glad." Knicknamed "Cookie." Social Service Club, G.O. Rep., Jr. Prom, "Spring Fling" Dance Comm., Girls' Sports. Interested in dancing, movies, sports, especially football-and Thurman!!!! Plans to attend college. ' Nl ., '51 X r' TQ 'UO SHIRLEY STUGARD "Her ways are of pleasantness and all her paths are peace." G.A.A. Advisory Board, Soc. Serv. Club's Secy., G.O. Finance Comm., Tower Players, Rep. to B. Altman's jr. Merchandising Board, "Rochel- lean" Art Staff, Decorations Chair. Jr. Prom. "Sno-Ball," "Spring Fling," "Kick-off" Dances. Phi Tau, sailing, swimming, tobogganing. College planned for future. GEORGE C. TERPENNING "A modest youth has his charms." Usually called "Terp." Stamp, Rifle, Conversation Clubs, Rifle Team. Tau Pi, baseball, football, hockey, guns, and hunting. Plans to study agricul- ture. -P K .1 'si . X-L is .Qo- WALTER P. STERN "He is as busy as the day is long." "Walt" to his friends. Varsity Foot- ball, Track, Basketball, Conversation Club, Theater Group, Chem. Club, Ed. Staff "Rochellean," G.O. Assembly Comm., Band. Sr. Class Plan. Comm., G.O. Coun., Scholar. Club, A Cappel- la, jr. Prom Comm., G.O. Rep., Ed. "The Turtle," Homeroom pres., V. Pres. Track Club. Bronze Non-Athlet- ic Award. Interests, music, sports, autos, National Honor Soc. Comm. Next stop, college. JOHN STI LES "Great men are not always wise." Called "Johnny" by all. Band, Johnny Martin's Orchestra. Benny Goodman's band, jazz, drums. Music and college complete future plans. EPHRAIM R. SWAIN "As happy and careless as the day is long." "Plink" to his friends. Basketball, Varsity Football, Band. Playing in drurn corps, pool. School for prepara- tion to be mortician. SANTA TESORIERO "Always in haste but never in a hurry." Familiarly called "Sandy." "Rochel- lean" Art Staff, Traffic Sqd., Chorus, Tower Players, Homeroom Secy., Theater Group. Roller skating, re- sulting in two prize medals, dancing, tennis, swimming, collecting minia- tures. College, to study art. EJ t - K5 . , I .f Ju ' 4 e I . ,-Q N4 21 75 , 1 X "J,-W W. f :ff - ' ' ...fy 4- ,J . ' V 'YL .g -,S X- FREDERICK E. TITUS. JR. "Large of heart and hand." Always "Fritz." Activities, "Rochel- 1ean" Art Staff, Scholarship Club, Dance Comm. Sleeping is main in- terest in life. Aiming for art school or Coast Guard. VELMA D. TROTTIE "Be ye all of one mind." "Sis'i to her pals. Enioys reading, dancing, sewing, and cooking. How- ard University will be the next stop. 24 MARILYN C. STEVENS "My days are swifter than a weaver's shuttle." Nickname is "Stevie." Tower Player, "Good News," Girls' All-Star Basket- ball, Baseball, Volleyball, Hockey Teams, After-school Sports, Adv. Bi- ology Club, "Rochellean" Plan., Ed., Photo, Staffs, "Herald" Ed. Staff, Photo. Club, Orchestra, Girls' Glee, Scholarship Clubs. Pres. of Huguenot Hi-Y Club. Plans for college. PAULINE F. STROBI. " 'Tis well to be merry and wise." War Stamp Club, War Stamp Home- room Rep., Soc. Serv. Club's Exec. Comm., "Rochellean" Bus. and Photo. Staffs, Hockey, Badminton, Volleyball, Basketball, Archery, Swimming, Schol- arship Club. Treas. of Huguenot Hi-Y Club, eating, photograph. Katherine Gibbs, Jr. college, or aviation are future plans. .wk . 'D ag-t g 2 Y 1 BETTY K. TOTH "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine." "Katie" to all who know her. Tower Players, Cheerleaders, Conversation Club Secy., Soc. Serv. Club., Sr. Foot- ball Dance Comm., Jr. Prom Comm., Traffic Sqd. Interests, driving, Sub- Debs, Phi Tau. Future plans, college and marriage. THOMAS TURLEY "His locks were curley as if laid in press." Call him "Tom." Swimming and Baseball Mgr., "Rochelle:-tn" Plan. and Ed. Staffs, G.O. Finance Comm., Tower Players, Treas. of Chem. Club, Current Events Club. Outside interest is sleeping. Hopes to attend college to major in law or business adminis- tration. JAMES R. ULLOM "He wa: a .rcholar and a right good one." "jimmy" all the time. Chem., Art, Rifle, Current Events Clubs, G.O. Fi- nancing Comm., "Rochellean" Plan. and Bus. Staffs. Hobbies, stamp col- lecting, painting. Headed for college to study physics or architecture. DAVID C. F. VIRRILI. " 'Tir not what a man doe: .9 P P, but what a rnan would do." Called "Dave" most of the time. Band l,2, Stamp Club, Chem. Club. Outside interests, tennis, stamp collecting, dancing, and Students Guild. Plans to attend N.Y.U. in preparation for psy- chiatry. N . 1 rj? 'A 4' ff, rx 4 Q i DAVID A. WEISER "It': Davy thir, an' Davy that an' 'chuck 'im out, the huck'." Baseball, Rifle Club, Scholarship Club. Member Sigma Alpha Chi. Likes base- ball and tennis. Plans to attend college and go into athletics as life work. BARBARA A. WILKINS "Here corner the lady! 0 .fo light a loot." Usually "Bob." Active in Girls' Sports and a member of all honor teams. Out- side activities, Phi Tau, skiing, swim- mining, baseball, basketball, tennis. Holder of the Nat'l Indoor jr. Girls' title. Finch jr. College and career as ofessional tennis player will follow. DOROTHY B. VIGGIANO "Sweet grave aspect." Participated in Band, Chorus, Girls' Sports. Loves to play trumpet, listen to the radio, collect records. Plans to take up pharmacy. RUTH A. VREELAND "Her stature tall, her .serenity divine." Member A Cappella, Soc. Serv. Club, Art Stal? of the "Rochellean." Hi-Y Club. Church Choir, and Young Peo- ple's Assn. comprise outside activi- ties. Wishes to become an art teacher. ,sr 'ri' 1 li- MARGARET C. WATSON "Who peppered the highest wa: :ure to please." Known to all as "Migsie." Social Serv- ice Club, Tower Players, A Cappella Choir, Scholarship Club, Phi Tau So- rority, and director of 8th Grade So- cial Service Club. Outside interest, music. Future plans, Middlebury Col- lege. DONN WEIRICK "He har yet to know him." "Ziggy" to his pals. Member of Ra- dio Club and Band. Likes pool, stamp collecting, member of Bengal Athle- tic Club, Seamans' Training Corps. Just plans to settle down. rf? HOWARD WEIL What rage for fame attend: both great and rrnall." rr "Howie" around N.R.H.S. Member of Tower Players, Chess Club. Partici- pated in Intramural Baseball and Bas- ketball. Dotes on golf and Sigma Al- pha Chi. Plans to attend business college. SALLY WEISBURGH "Of all the girl: that are .ro .trnart there'.t none like pretty Sally." Member of Lens and Scalpel Chapter of Adv. Biology Club, War Stamp Comm., A Cappella Choir, Soc. Serv. Club, "Kick-oil" Dance Comm., "Ro- chellean Stag" Comm., Tower Players, All Girls' Sports. Interests, tennis, mu- sic, dancing. Future plans are singer or merchandiser. BARBARA WEISKOPF "Honesty it the hen policy." Friends call her "Babs." Riding, Bad- minton, Ceramics, Soc. Service Clubs, "Rochellean" Art Staff. Clubs and hobbies are stamp collecting, photog- raphy, swimming, tennis. jr. Society and B'nai B'rith. College and career in commercial art are future aims. BETTY WILKES "lVornan'.r at bert a contradiction mil." Tower Players, "Rochellean" Art Staff, Dance Comm., Pres. of her 10th Grade Homeroom,Vice-pres. Soc. Serv. Club, Conversation Club, Phi Tau. Outside interests include art and driving. She plans a junior college. 25 15 W- 'WG'-'G-" DAVID H. YOUNG "Love u'a.r hi: Jong and all hit hear1'r de.rire." Familiarly called "Dave." G.O. Rep., Pres. of 9th Grade Homeroom, "Kick- 05" Dance Comm., Football, Track Teams. Outside interests, birds, sleep- ing and Tau Pi Fraternity. Headed for law career after college. LORRAINE ZUCKERMAN "It it good to life and learn." Pres. of Library Council, G.O. Rep., member Current Events, Soc. Service Clubs, participant in Girls' Sports. B'nai B'rith and playing piano. Col- lege is future plan. -ff' MARY L. WOLDENBERG "Ol a good beginning comelh 4 good end." Secy. of G.O., Exec. and Approp. Comm. of G.O., G.A.A. Advisory Board, Co-chair. "Sno-Ball" Dance Comm., Secy-Treas. '45 "RochelIean," Vice-pres. 9th and 10th Grade Home- rooms, Adv. Biology Club, Theater Group, Chem. Club, Treas. '45 Schol- arship Club, awarded "Elmira Key," Girls' Sports. Outside, sports and is pres. of her church young people's group. Plans to enter college. JOHN E. WULP "Genfle of Jpeerh, heneficent of mind." Pres. 9th Grade Homeroom, Vice- pres. 10th Grade Homeroom, G.O. Rep., "Roche1lean" Art Staff, Scholar- ship Club, Tower Players, Cheerlead- ers, Theater Group, Dance Comm., Swimming Team. Outside interests, Tau Pi, art, especially cartooning. His future plans, college. ARNOLD WOOLF "Diligence i.r the mother of good fortune." Known as "A.Wolf." A Cappella, Glee Club, Tower Players, Scoreboard Sqd., G.O. Rep. Vitally interested in "Wine, women and song." Plans to be an Army Specialist School student as of July, 1946. ELAINE A. YAFFA "Write me ar one who love: her fellow men." Ed. Staff of "Huguenot Herald," Ed. and Plan. Staffs of "Rochellean," War Stamp Comm., Social Service Club, Theater Group, Scholarship Club. Hopes to go to college. M. PATRICIA ZINN "Such fight: at youthful poelr dream." Q, Known as "Pat." "Rochellean" Bus., it Plan. Staffs, Adv. Biology Club, Tower " Players, Tower Players' Usher, War s Stamp Comm., Soc. Service, Current 5" Q' Events, Scholarship Clubs. Outside in- V ' terests, theater going, piano, the Army. Next step is college, and teaching dra- matics in elementary schools. IVAN PELS "l'll :peak in a montlrour litlle wire." V Known as "Ive." Photo. Club, Current Events Club, Sigma Alpha Chi. Hob- , v' bies, writing, aviation, cartooning. 97 X' ' Plans to enter industrial design with avocations of flying and cartooning. V I X if .+- MARY A. EARLE "She war a phantom of delight when hrs! the gleamed upon my tight." Known as "Toni." Came to New Ro- chelle High School in Sr. year. In other school participated in tennis, swimming, basketball, Chem. Club, Soc. Serv. Club. Collects jazz records for a hobby. She plans college. 26 FIUTOGIQADHS X-XLENDAQ ff Ytof' 00 T news-" 4 1 9 " ft 41,394 , 'I ! 1 if cg! N NW -HW 'im Wfsxllllifq 'ms fv X,,-fy September 5 Students decide to take a vacatlon and fill out membership blanks for the Country Club by the Lake September 6 Students decide that xt 1sn t a vacation that they took September 28 The semors Klck Off Football team objects to the competxtnon September 29 Leonard starts her campalgn for Beshar October 3 Semor boys look for elrgxble dates War Wldows meetmg has full attendance October 19 Sterns Marauders go out on a rald Bootleg No McCarthys shoe Gaynor crestablancas up Tower staxrs November 5 War Widows meetmg postphoned Rochellean Stag Dance well attended November 14 Doc Spear stlll trymg to employ a heavy water llfter In desparatnon mserts ad 1n Scandalous Trssue November 30 Boys dormatorles mvaded There s Good News tonight' December 1 McKenna Day New Rochelle pays trxbute to former coach December 3 Beshar starts hrs campaxgn for Leonard Ah ha we knew xt d come to thls December 7 Mr Eckels retlres Dr Cllsh arrives Spots before your eyes no just boys sportmg tres December 12 Rochellean proofs begm arrlvmg a few at a time to lessen the shock 274 semors srgn up for retakes December 20 Ruth McKmney comes to school at 2 39 beglns Lucky glrl at 2 40 wants to know when vacation January 1 Axelrod s home bursting wlth voclferous crxes of Happy New Year' Stem January 2 Sarr Bud and Al break unrevealed resolutxons january 28 Mldyears Semors find out that you come to school for an education WWW .titty i law? , , A Q in ww , A UI , X Q fm' Q A Es., K LW -"" ""6f ' ,rp X A W Ifmfp ! 12' 4 Xe ,fe L " Q li- ' 5 X 554' 1 -X "K-rt 'Ns --V-wg il F - 1 sa X l"'77 'xx . 'ffl-3458 A '. 1 I' 3 XS? l Z 177 ss, it "' LSRM 1" :1f'- - -9 Cb 4' "' '-- - ,Ng-A , 4 , III I E ,-rf f 1- .4 X Q ' A 5 ' ' xxx xx D' Tc . -waz. 2- I N sd, I Q, -sxffpfl X 2 ,ggqsa-.-Q-A .2 ,OO J Q -Q If-'yi -wr 1. U vos 3'5k'i u 7 A , WP, 1, ,211 f Ugaql! I, -5. A KQV' -,, I, I - I 'f' , N 1 P Q 65.7-IQII-",II 1 ' gil I-I I .I I I I II I . ' I I I Q ,',- 1 Iv I U I S I i I Q G' ' Ag ' Q M . , N 33,212 S 4 - n 4 - I . cl. ' , . a -- , ' m I ' I : , - I , fff f Z 5 ' . ' l - 2 .- C1-, 2 - - ' ' 'I A EI . . I , . :'. , 4 o :1 . . - . yr , I ' , cr ' - ', . , 5. ' . r ' H4 I 3 -- 1 ' ' 3 . I - ff E 2 I A A 1 m . Q 5 r 3 ' D D nl f F S . K Qf' . ' 4 ' 7 1 4, 2 I , I . . I . . 1 T . QW! ' W G n avi? Q wx N YEAP3 JEVJE. NTS I January 28 Students declde to take Mr Shoop s advlce they all Hunk now and avoid the J une rush February 8 Toth and Stugard advertxse their special recnpe for elderberry wme Bachelors beware' February 27 Gxrls notncmg Mandaranos dnmples and cute smnle form the Mandarano Apprecxatxon Club Carr and Butler fight over presrdency March 4 Heavy snow storm Geller and Gray come to school nn red turtle neck sweaters Huba Huba' March 15 Redfield finally breaknng down gxves lecture on careful drwmg uses DeBen ham as perfect example March 20 Veterans mvade N R H S Llfe begms at that s enough lxfe begms at last' March 21 Senior boys realxze that there are semor gurls but veterans have the mls sltua tion well ln hand Aprxl 1 Teachers double homework Pupuls thunk nts Aprnl Fool s Joke pupnls fools Weary semors stalk the hall stnll recntmg To be or not to be IS that a questxong Aprxl 12 Sons of Beechers also daughters return from the dead Pop passes them on hxs way m Finnegan found at bottom of lake clutchlng precious copy of Marlanela Apnl 20 Mannmg stlll workmg on hrs supersaturated solutxons After long hard fight Gaynor finally crestablancas down Tower stairs May 13 McCarthy finds lost shoe Now too small Stern s Marauders smg commercials on their ralds nn to look at carved heart wxth xmtnals J L Success at last' June 17 Regents Semors feverlshly trudge the last male June 25 Class of 46 dons purple and whnte for the last time Bragman gets her chance at the pool table X Q lu dl 5 4-X ,f S 1 L VMA-i., bw A soy ,cg -H'-,.,. i-,,.,-v M ff? fx ' ea ,ll 1,.,- T - - I v - - n - W ,L - .... . U 9 1 . ., 1 -. . ' . h' - Q lil 5 - . - . .yi JI ' ' IU m 1 . . . , , u ffl ' s , g , , gg june 11-Seniors discovered studying in Room I4! Pool table abandoned! Beshar sneaks K-1-:f"""' ' . ' f n "J f, 1 all - 0 X F 'l xx Q t ,f 'X l --- I 14,2 X X il , tlvt 5' l x J - -, uvl' X Z kj 64 5 T ' 1 ,M N X f f .- Q . V, A' Q ' ' 3 , -'.... 4 'Ir , a Tu SENIURS The Class of 1946 is the first peacetime class to be graduated from New Rochelle Hugh School after almost four years of war The Seniors also comprise the fifty first graduating class and the second class to spend five years m the same bulldmg under the reorganized school system Early m the year President Robert Beshar Vlce Presl dent Robert Redfield and Secretary Peggy Kahles made plans to return to the pre war traditions The class con srstmg of two hundred and seventy five members mclud mg veterans and accelerated students 15 the first group rn two years to resume the tradition of girls marchmg with boys on commencement mght The Senior Class sponsored the second annual football dance called The Kickoff Dance featurmg the music of Johnny Martin and his orchestra Decorations had a football game motif Goal posts were at the north and south sldes of the boys gymnasium and an immense football hung from the center of the ceiling Alfred Brlght was chalrman of The Kickoff and Shlrley Stugard and David Purdy served as decorations chairmen Jane Jenney and Jacqueline Brooks supervised the publicity, whlle Joan Butler and Ned Closter Margot Spitz and Samuel Stem attended to the musxc and finan cnal arrangements, respectwely Jane Jenney and Walter Stern were co chairmen of the Promenade, which had an under sea theme Decorations of seahorses, seaweed fishes, and mermards were planned by a committee headed by Peggy Shorter and Roy Llttle Judy Fuller and John DeBenham co chairmen made ar rangements for the music supplied by Johnny Martm and h1s orchestra The prom had a large booster response which made members of the dance commlttee proud of their achieve ment Joan Butler and Joseph OBrien served as co charrmen of the program commlttee Marilyn Stevens and David Purdy were m charge of the publlclty group while William LeSuer and Dudley Seward were co chalrmen of refreshment committee On December 3 1945, eighteen semors entered the fifth annual Westinghouse Science Talent Search Contest spon sored by the Scrence Clubs of America Snx of the New Rochelle Hlgh School contestants were recrplents of hon orable mention, and they mclude Robert Beshar Ruth Brertenfeld Donald Chapin, Claus Manasse, Edward Pels, and James Ullom Thlrteen members of the Class of 1946 chosen by fel low students as most likely to rank high on the test and benefit from the award took the competrtwe Pepsi Cola Scholarship exammatron Bob Beshar Peggy Kahles Wal ter Stem Carol Ann Amster, Davld Purdy Mary Lou Woldenberg, Lon Courant Robert Goldman James Ullom Edward Pels Robert Redfield Peggy Shorter, and Cornelia Brown competed ln the exammatlon for the scholarshxps The Class of 1946 noted for its talented and ambrtxous members also has some professxonal musicians Lon Cou rant Natalle Baum and John Draddy were the featured soloists at the annual wmter concert of the band and orchestra The senior class IS one of the first groups to have ful filled nts pledge of one hundred per cent subscription to the yearbook Compnsed chrefiy of semors, the Rochel lean staffs surpassed a goal of Sl 800 This years graduating class also boasts artists actors and actresses Journalists and scholars Roy Llttle received a gold certlficate of ment for a pamtmg he submitted to xv fl the annual Regronal Exhibit of the Scholastic Art Awards Contest A majorxty of the semors have been cast in the prrncr pal roles In the Tower Players productlons Richard Mc Carthy Judy Fuller Bernard Bogm Marilyn Revere and Mark Perlberg were the leading stars in the cast of two hundred students rn the musical comedy Good News In the mystery farce Arsemc and Old Lace Shxrley Stugard Betty Kay Toth Sally Wersburgh Frances Pel lens Richard ONe1ll and Kurt Barthelmeus are only a few of the cast who received honors for the skilfully nn terpreted performance Betty Abelson Ruth Brertenfeld Joan Fuerst Naomi Bragman Robert Beshar and John Wulp had the leading roles m the drama Harriet The last Tower Player production of the season The Corn Is Green starred Robert Schnelder Ernest Lehman Jean Leonard Bette Wilkes Sandra Schuman Patricia Zmn Joan Helgans Mary Lou Finnegan Wrllram LeSeur and Bernard Bogm as the prmclpal characters The Huguenot Herald boasts a staff composed of practically all semors The staff members were delegates to the twenty second annual Columbia Scholastic Press Association Convention at Columbia Umversrty where the Herald won first place on the rating lust of school pubhcatxons A majority of the members of the Class of 1946 have served on the senlor committees m assistance ln carrying out the plans of the group The decorations of the formal dance topped those of all the previous dances sponsored by the senior class The prom had a romantic theme with a very elaborate setting As co chairmen of the decoratxons committee Sylvia Pfeiffer and Fred Tltus helped to plan and execute the decorations while Lorraine Maaz and Jean Ralph headed the group m charge of publxclzmg the prom Program committee co chairmen Jean Leonard and Joan Bund schuh recelved a large response from the boosters and patrons Betsy Spannaus and Al Bright made arrange ments for the music Burton Bloom and Kurt Barthelmeus were ln charge of the refreshments James Ullom served as the treasurer The mnumerable and memorable hours spent m room fourteen playmg pool and basking ln the sun ln the Court yard will never be forgotten by the semors This year the class commenced a room fourteen tradition by placmg a large llnoleum board forty eight mches ln length and thlrty srx mches nn wrdth for mitral carving on the wall ln the semors private domain The hearts Greek let ters, and mrtnals engraved on the board will remam as a mark of the members of the Class of 1946 To the graduates the memory of the Senior Class Day wlll stand out with special significance for It rnarks their entrance mto the great field of the world The marchmg down the ansle on Class Day the smgmg of the class ditty and song the presentations and acceptances of the class gift and Key of Knowledge and the traditional semor party wlll live long rn thexr hearts as rrch memories Members of the fifty first graduating class of New Ro- chelle Hlgh School will look back with pride upon their Alma Mater where they have spent five years of leammg, of traxnrng to meet the problems of a constantly changing world where they have built a mutual fnendshlp among the teachers and students and a lively spxrlt of school loyalty In the subsequent years they will remmxsce about the sports the dances the clubs the Beechmont lunches, the excurslons around the twm lakes 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 . . . . . . 4, ,, 1 1 ' 1 - as - 11 1 1 1 1 ' - 1 ' 1 1 1 ' . . . . , . ' 1 ' 1 1 y . . 1 1 1 1 1 u ' 11 - 3 - sl - 11 1 1 - . . . U - 1 . . ,, . - 1 1 1 . , . 5 . . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . H . ,, . . . , . . - . 0 11 Y . ' 1 ' ' an 11 - - - . Y 1 , . 1 - ' 1 ' 1 , . . . . - 1 y . - , . 1 ' 1 1 1 , . y - , - H . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 ,, . . . . . , . . , . , 7 - - 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 , 1 1 - ' 1 1 1 - ' 1 . . . H l . . . . ' 1 U . . . , . 1 . , . . . . . 1 - 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 eniord fn Service PETER ACOCELLA RICHARD BLOOMFIELD 'IAQK CARROLL ROBERT CORCORAN WILLIAM COSNAHAN IRVING FOX TOMMY MALNIVEN X I-iii 5125-Q W4- X www Q-243 K vii'-I I fri ix Tix' f x if I 5 If if x ? f 0E'x'a'Lm JT VX ,,i.J.'., X E 'ffm g 15 A Wx N WH I' ,QI ?rf, X J XX - my New I ' "- J ' X1 sf, J X -W .az I I Q5 -f j I . . 4,15 A '1 I , L My If ff! KX t N 'Q fi XX If fx 1 4 I Ng I A x L ' M fx, A - I is 6 .U 'N , xc- 45 X f fx 2 '? f' L, '7 + ,Wu , pzixj 'L J, X X 1. ,f":v f . EX, w 2 X ff!! ' ,- vw 'ffl' V' ,- ! A ' I ' ' f VL v7 xii t 'rx l--Q Mya 4 K N F V 'Z 'l M fr ,- ,, . M XX ",fJi5.j5g15iEW.:Q 1 X .-.-ei X fl, 5 1 'XY -1 " 1 R., 1 " I ,I. SEN U A N-fx' WMM Most Popular MXN A Peggy Kahles Dxck McCarthy J Personalzty Plus X Buddy Gottesman Peggy Kahleg xx! Smoothest Dancer L. Judy Fuller Al Bright Best Lookmg N Henderson Betty Kay Toth Q., Class Optzmzst KQJX Peg K l J Class Cynzc Q if Prlscxlla Axelrod John Wulp Done Most for School Mary Lou Woldenberg Bob Beshar gr Most Sophisticated Lay Xa Mary Ann Earle Bob Redfield fm. RW X 3 Most Musical N A atalxe Baum John Matlrano If Sweetest Peggy Shorter E d Rellly Pnde of the Faculty Bob Be h s ar Carol Amster Walter Stem Class Toreador I Harrlet Geller jerry Altexrl KX ,le lx , N ' V V., me All K 2 X 'X X ff Wm y . 4 A ' kj S ' .L X lyyf I A V 1: Vfiyffff, , Kg! We , r- l ll B f- :fr Li' Y ' K xg fa J' X L hl l l B'll LeS f A ' L-iy a es 1 y eu L Y fl t C JJ l T' ,f 'F C 'M-A Km X X in If ,, . . K tj if S 'C ' , X e q ,W ff f C j Y' fl' X . ,, fl f0"s l Ax ,X . ,-,.f- ll ,T ELEQDITI E5 f Class Athlete X J Barbara Wrlkens Nlck Samela Gets Most Fun Out of Lxle 'TJ Peggy Kahles jerry Altexrz -R V X Done School for Most 4 , Glorxa Lapero Henry Monaco so QAYNNX U Q cane P, Qt Q Bess Kellogg Sylvla X1 'X S Lynda Brown John DeBenham U-1 John wulp Xqfwbld Most Artistic Pfelffer Roy Little Class Jester Judy Fuller Jerry Altern Fashion Plate Vilma Gramlxch john Matrrano Most Likely to Succeed Mary Lou Woldenberg Bob Beshar X.. M7 Class Flxrt Hamet Geller Nrck Sameln Y Class Scientist Lon Courant Davld Purdy J A X Quxetest I X XR Jane .IGUHCY Roy Seward -fff ,Qc QQ C' H fm KX fee . . ,J f B .. I J , , f B B " B 'tix X M52 A Xa my ll ' . B ' B -S 7 5 f a TT x X X to A ,' . X ll y X. H X U . . ' ga A T . , XII WINTER PROM A profit of ox er three hundred dollars was realized at the fourth annual Wlnter Prom honormg the January graduates The gym was transformed lnto Kung Neptunes kxngdom by the decoration com mrttee Mermalds graced the walls drfferent colored stuffed fish hung from the rafters and nets draped the doorways A vnshxng well mto which dancers dropped penmes and vushed for good grades stood ln the mlddle of the floor johnny Martm s Orchestra played for the affair at vshxch the graduates were guests of honor WINTER PROM COMMITTEE jane Ienney and Walter Stern Co Charrmen Peggy Shorter and Roy Lxttle Co Charrmen oi Decorations joan Butler and joe O Brlen Co Chairmen of Program Blll LeSeur and Doug Seward Co Chairmen ol Refreshments Marllyn Stevens and Davld Purdy Co Chairmen of Publrcrty Judy Fuller and John DeBenham Co Chairmen of Music '1 RING COMMITTEE Bob Redfield Rlchard John Peggy Kahles Carol Amster joan Helgans Donald Chapin Bob Beshar 'ff' CLASS GIFT First row-Edward Pels Walter Stem Frank Fitchen, Robert Goldman. Sec- ond row-Grace Greene, Jane Jenny Dolores Stallworth. Also Mary Lou Finnegan, Laurel Currey, John Man- darano, Paul Harrington, and Barbara Weiskoph. SENIOR PROM Under a sky of stardust, the Class of '46 will hold its Senior Prom, june 20th. This prom will be the crowning highlight of five years of successful social functions and will climax a some- what tedious but always enjoyable high school career. The theme, under the direction of Sylvia Pfeiffer and Fred Titus will be developed along the lines of romance. Weather permitting, the court will be open and will be decorated in the same manner as the boys gym. Johnny Martin's band will probably supply the music for this gala affair which will begin at nine and close at CLASS DAY One. SENIOR PLANNING COMMITTEE Standing Sam Stein Robert Gold man Franklin Fitchen Walt Stern Bob Beshar Richard McCarthy Al Bright Bob Redfield Sitting Peggy Kahles Comelia Brown Gladys Scott Peggy Shorter Naomi Bragman Mary Lou Woldenberg First Tow Carl Flemlster David Young Bemard Bogm joe O'Br1en Second row Doris Brown Betty Abel son Comelia Brown Vilma Gramlich Naomi Bragman and Peggy Shorter Also Sam Stein Kitty Carr and Alan Gaynor UJILL AND 2 F4 Now that we re semors proud and great We feel that at last we really rate And as we leave N R H S We bequeath the secrets of our success We leave Pete and Betty Ellle and Erme Goxng mad as dxd joan Alan Nao and Bernxe To all loyal French students we leave 107 As for Greta Brenner we leave her to heaven To Betty Adamsen thls class hereby wllls The best of Marge Besas s athletic sl-ulls In order to gxve Allan Dunn a slight ralse We glve htm twelve mches of Charlxe Kusche s So that Benslnger may all the damsels dlsarm We leave Wmme Lane who has a good start John Rxccxo s spot rn Mrs Welnstem s heart Because he has everythmg we leave nothing to Cab We leave Dxclne Hmkle m the physlcs lab We bequeath Ed Reilly s rattly car just cause It rhymes to Buzzy Lebhar From Kitty Carr go all the vets For Nancy Meler to catch ln her nets Henderson s sophlstlcatlon goes to Freddxe Coots We leave Mxttlemark lillmg Joan Fuersts boots The glass of fashxon Walter Stem We leave to be followed perhaps OJ by Veme We will Lou Lou Woldenbergs abxlxty To mcrease her sxsters versatlllty Some of the energy of Peggy Kahles For cheerleadlng we glve to Foster and Wallace Those bnllxant red blushes whlch trouble Mac We confer cause they re cute on hero Phil Sack We glve Elaine Yatfa s rank ln the class To Mabel Selig that clever young lass We leave joy Plza s famous come hither glances To get Laurle Brooks blgger n better romances We leave New Rochelle High to the whole junior And a record they ll have to strxve hard to surpass class I V. U fsfb ' 'Ak y . . A v I 1 1 1 . - 11255: - 1 7 . - Tiff f , . . 0 . . . ' We leave Mandarands dimples and charm I .K N - Y . , ,' - 1 - I 5 ' . ' : s , Y' iz 'K 9' X Y, xls CLASS Its ln the cards, not trumps or trucks, But what well be doxng ln 56 Doctor lawyer Indnan chxef Rxchman, poorman, beggarman thxef Llonel Mohrs a maker of laws Trymg ln Senate to out talk Claus Fuller s a hlt on the musical stage And Roy Llttle s fashnons are quxte the rage johnny Martm s send em at the Astor, Whlle Carl Flemlster now lS a leadmg pastor joe Mannmg s curmg everyones xlls Mlml IS teachlng athletlc In the musical field we ve Stemau s smgmg, Courant john Wulp tears to pleces Betty Abelson follows the We hnd Jxmmy Ullom an skxlls qulte a showmg IS bowmg all Broadway s new plays, footsteps of Hayes architect, And Beshar IS now President elect For Fxrst Lady jean Leonard IS madly campaxgnmg Because R P Beshars morale needs ITl3ll"lt8lI'llI'lg Arthur Roswell IS making montages for Look Carol Amster has wntten a best selllng book George Hsleh IS doxng research work Pat Lxnn has succeeded Emerson Burke Barbara Wllkens at tennxs xs stlll a great star, Ivan Pels has mvented a moon gomg car Geller and Gray publxsh each morn A column of hmts to the deeply lovelorn Nlck Samelas a hero, a grldxron ruler, And Todd Mahoney s famous as everyone s Jeweler fzoldfogle mterprets for the UNO And Nao the artnst glves her own show Edward Pels sphts atoms and advances chem Whlle Sylvia Pfelffer Crusades for P M Gramllch s the best dressed woman this year Bob Schnelder as movxe tycoon has no peer Of course Mary Ann Earle s stlll a femme fatale And Fred Astaire s bowed to our fleet footed A1 Mac s the most elxgxble bachelor m town, jerry Altelns a radio clown Gaynor edits the New York Tzmes Your frustrated authors stxll look tor rhymes S Q 1 OAP ll fo . , - ' ' , A . 1 1 , ' ' ' x . . ' n E 4 l S- Y I I ,' 'Y U " . Ju' Llllx ,ff U' . 1' " ' 1 Z fu AE .g v Q U . t . U . iggwlq . . '. , ' ' I . I. 'y V 'g .1 -A. ' - by - X , 1 ' , , . I Il A CU' U , ' I.. , U u . Ln- il . . ' , D ' X X -1 -Q J! To the Class of 19-46: You represent the first class to enter the present from the Ne ' ' ' 1 A post-war world vv Rochelle High School, You have passed through 1 period beset by the many problems accompaning a global war. This experience has added to your education by giving you a larger vision of world geography' and world affairs. You have learned to sacrifice and share with others. During this eriol to e l p 4 you have also learned va uate a democracy and you have emerged from this second World VUar with an abidin faith ' g in our way of life. The barri to our continent have b You are entering the era vvhere great adv lncement in scien and industry will be mad W a e to play your role success ully Bertram L Taylor Principal New Rochelle High School To the Class of 1946 Yours has been a most enviable record as a class for five years In my experience l have never been associated with a group of seniors that has the class loyalty and the ability to make such 1 success of every class project Because of all of you these five years have been happy ones for me Although you are leaving us there will always be a place for you in our affection in New Rochelle H School As you go forth I f igh eel that you will so live that America will be better because of you I Loretta Coons Dear Grxduates Ior generations graduates have been told that they were com pleting high school during the most P h ers een lessened and you have been brought closer to the other peoples of the world. ce e ith your background of training vvhich you have received from the thorough and f o aithtul instruction of y ur teachers I am sure you will be bl f eventful period in history er aps at the time it appeared true All of us know however that at no time in world history was civilization being weighed in the balance as it is today We are on the brink of a new and better vvorld or-chaos and disaster Having been priviliged to work closely with you fors veral months I am less fearful of the outcome than when associating with adults I know from my association with you that your outlook on life and humanity are such that human dignity and the worth of the individual are not meaningless phrases Your natural sense of fairness and willingness to cooperate for the common good are typical of the youth of America Our youth hav e served democracy and I am confident you will help make it work 'Ihe past few months have been very happy ones for me because of the vvork vve have been able to do together May the years ahead bring to you happiness and success in your chosen fields of endeavor Herbert C Clish Superintendent of Schools gacully MARY ALBERTSON CMrs.J Latin Oberlin A. B. REGINALD P. BAKER Art and Mechanical Drafting Pratt Institute: Teachers College, Columbia University B. S. EMERSON BURKE Psychol0EY, Drama Denison University, Columbia B. S., M, A. EV .v ,B Otterbein, New York University .F-9 1 Q UF i .ES ff: 'gba 1 i. I' 1 NJ in... 'nw ELIZABETH BACHE Home Economics Columbia B. S., M. A. ? , 4 'M- ail 1 ' V ,VJ Q, 1 .. W 'xg' xv ' A J Mill K . v -' . f'.. ,W --1-M ' -.' 4 .- ' ' ""' Gt, v- .. ...QR -l C. J. BROADHEAD Vocal Music, Theory of Music, Music Appreciation A. B.. M. A. my lf I SADONIS H. BURROUGHS CMrs.J Social Science Cornell University. New York University B. A., M. A. MELBA CARPENTER English, journalism University of Iowa, New York University B. A., M. A. WINFRED H. DOUD Mathematics, Guidance Potsdam Normal, University of Michigan, Columbia, New York University, St. Lawrence University A. B., M. A. FLORENCE MOREY ERRANT Health, Physical Education University of Illinois, Columbia University A. B., M. A. 40 A -Cr f' , E. 2"-s l 'at A' Lg! 5x S-I EDITH MACDONALD CARSON Physical Education Oberlin College, Columbia University A. B., M. A. HENRY DUR FEE History Williams A. B. SAMUEL H. GIANGRECO Physical Education Manhattan College, Columbia University A. B., M. A. xx 'UR --N-, ' . I t V- xr 'K1' .mg 'dv His. 'rx' n : ,N -J 'Ny' ARTHUR B. HUSSEY Physics, Chemistry Bates, Brown, Columbia University A. B., M. A. JOHN A. KELLER Physical Education Pennsylvania State College, State Teachers College B. S., M. Ed. JEANNETTE L. MCGILL CMrs.J English Oberlin, Columbia University, New York University A. B., M. A. ELSIE GLEASON CMrs.J English University of Kansas, Columbia University A. B. GEORGE GREELEY Spanish Bowdoin, Columbia University A. B., M. A. GORDON A. HARVIE General Metal Fitchburg State Teachers College, Columbia University, New York University, Boston University CLARA V. JONES German, Spanish Oberlin A. B., M. A. ADELAIDE Ll-:COUNT Mathematics Mt. Holyoke, Teachers College, Columbia University A. B., M. A. MARY MOBLEY Latin, English University of Texas A. B. 4l . sl ,...4 99" HAROLD GOODFELLOW English University of Michigan A. B., M. A. HAROLD HAIGH Band, Orchestra, Twirling, Instrumental Lessons State Teachers College, Teachers College, Columbia University B. S., M. A. CLARICE W. HAY fMrs.J English Georgia State Womans College, University of Georgia, Teachers College, Columbia University A. B., M. A. i'2"". ' ini 'ti , 9 'mfd' g as sf ' I' ,, . 5 ' E -Y! ,.I, I fd 5 2? ,i 'fl f so f, JOHN F. MONTGOMERY General Science Antioch A. B., M. A. MARGARET MORRISSEY Guidance Seton Hall, Columbia University, School of Journalism, Teachers College, Columbia University B. Lit., M. A. DANIEL P. O'BRIEN Physical Education Savage School of Physical Educa- tion, Columbia University B. S 'bt - Q , F-52 .-vx' go c 5 ..v f,. V -Af A -r I -- 1 W 3 'Q' 54 KI Nd Q7- MARGUERITE M. O'KEEFFE Math, Social Studies Q 1' BARBARA A. MOORE CMrs.! History Smith, Radcliff A. B., M. A. J. LUCILLE MURPHY Math, English College of New Rochelle, Columbia University A. B. N .KY 2.1 inf' x X. '27 'F . A W Q-1' College of New Rochelle A. B., M. A. RUTH T. OSBORNE Mathematics Vassar College, Columbia University A. B., M. A. FREDERICK V. PETERS Industrial Arts New York University, Columbia University B. S. CHARLES R. SHAW Typewriting Teachers College of Connecticut, University of Colorado, Columbia University B. Ed., M. A. 42 . iiw' 'l"l Di DOROTHY T. PARR Teachers College, Columbia University B. S., M. A. HALLIE L. S. ROSS tMrs.J Social Studies Browning Normal, Boston Univer- sity, Clark University, Columbia University M. A. in History and Education JOHN E. SHOOP Biology ckinson College, University of Chicago, Columbia University B. S., M. S., M. A. , 'ng if . if Qi M ORA C. STRONG Math University of Oklahoma B. A., M. A. LEON J. STURTEVANT English Tufts College, Columbia University B. S., M. A. ANNE M. UGLUM Physical Education University of North Dakota, Columbia University B. S., M. A. F.. ka HELEN A. SMITH Guidance Cornell University, Fordham University B. A., M. A. CARLETON S. SPEAR Chemislry Wesleyan University B. S., M. S., Ph. D. ETHEL M. ST. CLAIR Social Studies, Math JANE soUBA English Carleton College, Columbia University B. A.. M. A. NINA CAROLYN STARK English University of Wisconsin, University of Michigan, Columbia University B. A., M. A. ETHEL STROHMEYER Home Arts Ohio State University, Columbia Pratt Institute University B. A., M. A. EDITH M. STURTEVANT General Science Tufts College, Columbia University B. S., M. A. ALBERT H. TURNER General Science I Harvard College, Columbia Univer- sity, New York University B. S., M. A., M. S. JOSEPH K. VALENTINE Industrial Arts Connecticut Teachers College B. S. 43 FF Q54 fbi KWJI 5 xi-vt .fl 1 S 'li ' fa , T we 15,-ga-9'-'y f. .ii DOROTHY WALTER fMrs.l Physical Education, Health Columbia University B. S., M. A. ISABELLE M. WHITMORE Art Cortland Normal, Syracuse Univer- sity, Columbia University B. S. JEAN MACMASTER WILSON Nurse Teacher Sorbonne, France, Columbia Uni- versity, New York University B. S., R. N. MARIE W. BOWERS Latin Ohio Wesleyan, Columbia A. B., M. A. GRACE CARROLL Mathematics eachers College, Columbia Uni- versity, Indiana State College, Central Normal A. B., M. A., B. S. CLIFTON EDGERLY French, Spanish Dartmouth, Yale A. B., M. A., Ph. D. HENRY G. WELLMAN Social Studies ., X . Harvard University, Columbia 1 University, New York University B. S., A. M., Ed. D. JOSEPHINE WILLARD Physical Education Iowa State Teachers College, Columbia University B. A., M. A. Math B. S., M. A. ELIZABETH M. BRYAN Secretary College of New Rochelle A. B. JANE L. CONARD Library Ohio Wesleyan, Simmons A. B., B. S. FRANK W. ELSON GRACE R. ZIMMELE CMrs.J New York University Q.. ' .ll .gi an, J "C 4- Qs .gn .g -A 1 l f ' 1 1'3. xg vu' ,-Q 1 1 1' . Q-1 ' -.- Jkllhzn . . ,. X 425 .. X -Sl' . Q. V. o i . . T' fofsgm 4 N ' l I' BLANCHE FISCHER fMrs.D Social Studies, English, Mathematics College of New Rochelle, City College of New York A. B., M. A. FLORENCE C. GARRIS Mathematics Columbia A. B., M. A. MARIAN B. LINDEMUTH Industrial Arts Secretary Indiana University, Columbia Vassar College University B. A. A. B., M. A. 44 x. . 1 .' EUGENE FLAHERTY Spanish Colgate, Columbia University A. B., M. A. MILDRED C. JOHNSTON fMr Secretary Barnard College A. B. ELLA MURRAY English, Social Studies Boston University, New York University B. S., M. A. S GLADYS J NEWELL English Bnghtwater State Teachers College Columbxa Umvcrsxty B A LUCILLE SURMAN CMrsJ Soc1alStud1es English Cornell Umverslty Columbla Umverslty B A M A HELEN C OREILLY Social Studies World History Smith College Columbia Umversxty B A M A MURIEL F THOMPSON Secretary College of New Rochelle B LOUISE M WILKINSON QMISJ Biology Columbxa Umverslty B S M A MARGARET WEINSTEIN 4Mrs History Economics Hunter College Columbia Umversnty B A M A .NN il 45 , , ' ' ' . ., . . . ,, . . a 1 ' . l ' l - Q , u l 'l ' ' ' . S. . ., . . ' " ' ' L, Q, , 'ur ' '- A 'f al A ,K V .- ,.. . lil ' :ll l .,, AQ.. ff- . ff, M. 3 3.3 , - V X . me l A l Q L i " , 1 ' ' ,K r O. -VP -X Q: , - 'Y A I 1 A 1 ...l Tfd 1 1, no ' 1 S- I Q' Q , 1 I L l - I gnww A,.,,, .4 , . 'Q f. 'N I, uDlBE1' "-- -f ' R-icq TK 4.1 r I. gg., , m .:. iii, ll' 1? -- nn:- W 132' r D111 ll 'WNFR 2 Q 4 . f UZQY' 1 5 .-:vu 'Tm-1-' f , - un .. W7-"-.1-' ' 'RA Q"lsw""--.,,,H...,..--.. ff "4 'J ' V "nA :df 1 1 V 1 ,gpm I ' v lr- ,sb W 4. 1 'LV' lu , ' 'W35Q H 6nd 2 M: 4 'zfpio 5 I gg? , 5435 ' '- LJ . . Q in , "" "5"-f-N, wr- -' E11 - . y- Q55 W Il ,, 5 fr ". 3 X X., ,' 1:1 1! - "th 'us Sf' N x . -'Q I fy' ,, . I JI? s , ,. ' r '5 A f an-tx ,,....,4. "J I! 1 , ' rr x . 1 W K g . ,, , , . ,Q fl ' , 1- 1', "- J, ',-' 'I' f - I il If ,",Y!,,,' f f 2 In ' V . V 1 , "' xo x f . . "nm A E 4-f ,ff - .3 R.. t A fl' ' N' x, l , i V1 M E 9 3 X I F l I I l XX .xx ' Lf! f,, x ibn .,Q H' ii ii Q! f e , t4L K' 4 Clog' " .1 ' fsspui 'Q " " ' Hr' ,1 vw' "-s.. .-Q' gene,-az Ury an iza lion EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE The Executlve Commlttee of the General Orgamzatxon conslsts of the GO officers Rlchard McCarthy Presldent, Cabell Woodward Vxce presldent, and Mary Lou Woldenberg, Secretary, and the pres1dents of the three upper classes Robert Beshar, senlor, Robert Benslnger, Junlor and Harold Dachenhausen and Rxchard Gordon sophomores One addltlonal member represents each of the upper classes Robert Redfield Peter Schlff, and Robert Troupe Thls commlttee must approve all appolntments of the Presldent of the GO act as a general advlsory board, and handle all G O matters not provlded for 1n the Const1tut1on and By laws Standmg Peter Schlff Bob Bensmger Dlck Gor don Bob Redfield Srttmg Bob Beshar Cab Wood ward Mary Lou Woldenberg Dxck McCarthy Mlss Coons FINANCE COMMITTEE One of the busxest commlttees ln the school IS the General Orgamzatlon Fmance Commlttee It IS thls group whxch has charge of sellmg and collectmg tlckets at football and basketball games and countlng and preparmg the money for bank dep0S1tS Members of the Fmance Commlttee deserve much cred1t, for when they work at football games they see only the last quarter and those on duty at basketball see but llttle of the varslty and none of the Jumor varslty games It IS uncommon for them to have an appreclable dlfference between the amount that IS supposed to be 1n the cash box and the amount that IS really there Sponsored by M1ss Clara Jones and Miss Adelald LeCount the commlttee has twenty sxx members Among them are Gaynor Ullom Pratt Turley, Pels Hel gans Kaufmann Leffler, Charm and Schneewmd Also act1ve are We1nz1mmer, Hofstadter Cole Helmowxtz, Currey Frasca Scott and Connolly Completmg the commlttee are Spellman, LeSeur, Vxrrll, Lachner, Reld, Mayer, and Langworthy Fzrst tow Leopold Schneewmd Lanchner I-Iexmowltz Charm Wemzlmmer Mayer Ullom Pratt Scott Seconc row Gaynor Ullman Pels Helgans Cole Turley Kauf man Wolfson Third row Hofstadter Stemdecker Hack er Stugard LeSeur - 1 1 ' 1 , . . , . . ., .. y , - 1 - " 1 ' Y l Y '12, , 1 1 -A I i w x., A N . 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 - " 1 1 1 I 1 l f Y ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 - - 1 1 1 1 - l, Cynthia Green, Mabel Selig, Laurel Currey. 2, Mary Lou Wbldenherg, Alan Gaynor, Dick McCarthy, Dick Reichart. Also, Miss Uglum, Mr. O'Brien, jimmy Sparkman, Cab Woodward. APPROPRIATIONS 'J V7 I fl ll Kow one-Dick McCarthy, Herman Falk. Row twa- Back row -jim Munro, Mary Lou Woldenberg, Richard McCarthy, Walt Stern. Front row-joan Butler Gerald Frank, Nancy Woldenberg, Carl Gordon Cab Woodward. The General Organization Appropriations Committee passes on all budgets submitted by the various school organizations, athletic and non-athletic. Members of this committee are the G.O. ofhcers, McCarthy, Woodward, and Woldenberg, faculty members Miss Ann Uglum and Mr. Daniel P. O'Brien of the physical edu- cation department, and students Curry, Gaynor, Selig, Sparkman, Green, and Reichart, two from each of the three upper grades respectively. ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE The job of providing more interesting assemblies for the student body was assigned to the G.O. Assembly Committee. Programs representing the interests of students from eighth graders to seniors were presented. Guidance, sports, music, world affairs, and interracial activity were a few of the sources of material chosen. SPORTS PROMOTION Stan Coben, jean Ralph, Tom Turley, joe O'Brien. To create more student interest in the minor sports of the school was the pur pose of the G.O. Sports Promotion Committee, through whose daily bulletin reminders and posters, students were encouraged to attend cross-country, swim ming, and track meets. The YMCA was filled to capacity as students witnessed the NRHS swimming team establish a good record against teams from other schools. Spring brought many students to the bleachers to watch track meets and baseball games. The brainchild of Joseph O'Brien, the Sports Promotion Committee awakened interest by using clever posters and by giving details of itinerary to out-of-town games and meets. Frrst row McMahon Sack Durnwlrth Stoller Munro Cosnahan Redfield Gaynor Gordon OBr1en Wolf son jones RIVETS Goldman Hummel Kessler Con nolly Oestrexcher Second row Remach McLean Zuckerman Channell MSTVIH M1ller Mlss Coons Wx Batzaman Thrrd row Langworthy Fmnegan Rogers Lane McCarthy Woldenberg Woodward Farley Tot erkx Glles Mayer Landow Green G O REPRESENTATIVES The GO representatxves comprlse the Con gress of the New Rochelle H1gh School student government and represent the VOICG ldeas and bel1efs of the entlre student body All the grades exght through twelve have an equal representa t1on ln the GO Councxl for each homeroom elects annually one rel1able and responslble G O representat1ve and an alternate At the b1 weekly meetmgs the students d1scuss the problems pertalmng to the general welfare of the school The GO presfdent also reports to the reoresentatwes the conclusxons reached by the All C1ty Student Councll at the monthly meetmgs Dr Herbert C Clxsh Superlntendent of Schools pres1des over the meet1ngs of the group whlch lncludes the GO ofiicxals of the c1tys three hlgh schools These meetmgs are of great value as they enable the students to be well 1n formed and to have an opportunlty to commun1 cate w1th the Supermtendent through the Coun C11 and the G O Pres1dent The dut1es of the GO representat1ves are many and varled It IS thelr task to sell GO membershlp cards and to return them to the proper owners after football and basketball games, the choral and 1nstrumental concerts, and the Tower Player productlons Because they d1d so well wxth the sale of the act1v1t1es tlckets 1n September, the G O representatlves ass1sted the 'Rochellean" Busmess Staff ln the subscr1pt1on dr1ve of the yearbooks D1str1but1ng coples of the school paper, the "Huguenot Herald," among the members of the homeroom IS another Job wh1ch the representatlves are responslble for At 1ts fourth regular meet1ng of the school year held 1n December 1945 the GO Council voted unammously to 1nstall a chapter of the Natlonal Honor Soc1ety m NRHS A COmmltt6e of live students cons1st1ng of Mary Lou Wolden berg Robert Beshar Robert Redfield Walter Stern and Cabell Woodward were appomted by G O Pres1dent Rlchard McCarthy to collaborate w1th Dr Clxsh xn plann1ng the adoptlon of the soc1ety The Class of 1946 has rece1ved benefits from th1s organlzatlon whose members are elect ed by a board of teachers on the bas1s of scholar shxp leadershlp character c1t1zensh1p and serv 1ce to the school The Councll has attempted to adjust the Non Athletlc Award system balancmg It so as to glve the awards on an even scale An outstand1ng deed on the Counc1ls roster of act1v1t1es was the char terlng of buses prov1d1ng dxrect transportatlon to the Wh1te Plalns New Rochelle football game on November 17 1945 The representat1ves lnclude Al1ce Wells Bob Rxvers Nancy Woldenberg Allan Dunn Hagop Batzam1an D3Vld Oestrlcher 'Tllen Perry Ber nard Bogm, Bob Sexpel, Stanley C8lfnS, Ann Clay don, Loxs Rogers, W1ll1am M1ller, john Randall Pat F1nnegan, Frank Hummel, Sterl1ng Aldrrch, James Munro, Ed1th Landon, Matt Kessler, Don Dan1elson, Ph1l Sack, Dot Weshner, Phyll1s Conte, Robert Troup, Joe O'Br1en, Walter Stern, W1nn1e Lane, Cynthla Green, Mlchael Stoller, Bob Goldman, Gene Langworthy, Carl Gordon, joan Bell, Roy Dunwlrth, Bob Redfield, Nancy G1les, Pat Meyer, Mary Ann Totechx, Fred Mar v1n, Helen Troy, Judy Channel, B111 McLean, Frank Capra, and jerry McMahon "LQ: tx: ,II ti 11-1. J. J .A 1 W ' kl!g'2?ifFilff' x , ff'-A vi! ' f'f1"'f ' K V . -gil . 1 1 . . A Q b A , Q' ' . I A . , J V h A 1 , -. A 1 , I 1 f. V ,Q . I "' , 1- 1 ff . I .3 ' Iv ' . ., V A w . - 1 1 , - . , Stern, Troy, Bell, Boschwltz, Perry, Weshner, Dunn, . , . , , - - A W . Y V 1 1 . 5 ' ' Y Y 7 I . N . 1 ' Y . y X. Y V , ' - 1 1 1 y , ' Y 1 1 - O C , . H . . . . ' 1 1 1 - ' ,, . . . Y 3 ' . , ., ' 1 ' 1 1 1 . . . r . - . , 7 l , . . . . 7 - I 1 1 1 ' . . . , ' Y 7 7 . . . . , . , , . , . . . , - . - , , . . . , n f ! 7 D . . . 1 1 A-' 1 ' ! 15 I P ,r I ,Q it Y V1 f 1' X Gras fm K V' 5 4 . ' Q , v X ' X 3 V N -4 - . . . . 4 x 1 1 . 5 4 , , 1 fm, 5 ! E S' 1' - p 1 V - .. ' fi A - . Y Q ' . 2 1 T j i ........-n- 1- , l 4 5 , i .4 . ih,, 9 "- A '74 ' 3 f I f f '51 , ,i,qygg1Q1 ,1 mi dm. 2 if ,, , V ,A . vi -...., Qdldued fo Q if W4 I J if 'Q Q-ga 3 . ,. x 1' . ,ra 4 4 Q. Sy , 4.1, ., , ,f,,. ., mg' 4, ff? ! s-' i.' EL 1 5 1-gif? f5awnUhg flue uniord Mary Smith and her adviser walked down the main hall in the direction of the gym. As they walked along, the adviser said: "Since you are new to New Rochelle High School. and the class of 1947, you will probably want to know some of the more prominent members of your class. I'll point them out to you as we walk, and you interrupt me when- ever you have a question to ask." Mary was quick to accept this suggestion as she said, "Who is the blonde boy standing by the door?" "You have picked a good starter." answered the ad- viser. "That is Bob Bensinger, president of your class, and a varsity football, basketball. and baseball man. Talk- ing to him is Cab Woodward, vice president of the G.O. who is also a letterman in those three sports and a popu- lar boy around the school. "Those five boys approaching them now complete the list of juniors on the football team, They are Carl Gordon, Herb Block, Raymond johnson, Bert Lebhar, and jack Ward." "Do they participate in any other sports?" queried Mary. "Oh, yes. Carl is a swimming champ as well as juniors Don Osborne, Bill Leffler, Gil Casiraghi, and jerry Mac- Mahon, our star diver. Carl also throws the shot on the track team. and other outstanding tracksters are Raymond johnson Alan Dunn. Don Wyner, Dave Alcott, jim Sparkman. and Ben Howe. "Bert is co-captain of the basketball team. and Herb is also a basketball player. so you can see that your class has many outstanding athletes." "Who are the other Junior Class officers?" Mary wanted to know. "Phil Sack, an outstanding basketball and baseball player. is the vice-president and Nancy Meier, that tall, dark girl over there. is your secretary." "I'm beginning to feel proud of my class already," beamed Mary, "What are some of the other activities they excel in?" "Jerry MacMahon, Marlex Wallace, Betty Barshad, Dick O'Neill, and Bea Foster are on the cheerleading squad, and Dick is also well-known for his performances in Tower Players, our school's dramatics organization. Don Osborne, Winnie Lane, Pete Schiff, James Michelman, Betty Barshad, and Ernie Lehman are on the editorial staff of the "Huguenot Herald" and Betty and Ernie are co-business managers of the paper." continued the adviser. "Dor1't the females in our class have any outstanding athletes?" asked Mary. "Of course." her adviser replied. "The girls can boast Nancy Woldenberg. Bertha Boschwitz, and Betty Adam- sen, all three of whom are excellent athletes." By this time Mary and her adviser had encountered a group of chattering girls, one of whom stepped up to intro- duce herself. "I'm joan Mittelmarkf' she said. "and I've noticed that you're new to the class of '47, Perhaps you'd like me to show you around, as I know your adviser has many other things to do." Mary's adviser smiled and left her in joan's care, "Come with me," said joan. and I'll introduce you to the members of the Junior Prom Committee. This is Nancy Woldenberg. one of the most popular girls in our class, Meet Larry Fink. manager of the football and swim- ming teams, and Bea Foster, who is also a wonderful artist," Mary said a word of greeting to each as joan kindly introduced her around. "Winnie Lane is on the committee," continued joan, "as well. as Valmore Supernant, who plays junior Varsity basketball with Gerry Chesterman and Dan Colangelo. jimmy Sparkman. who co-chairmanned our 'Basketball Bounce' earlier in the year, and Verne Lauten are on the committee, also Lillian Graves, Carl Gordon. our athlete, Jack Ostrom. Winnie Wildman, and Bert Lebhar, whom your adviser has pointed out to you, I'm sure. This is Gil Casiraghi. and over there are Trudi Levi, Hagop Batza- nian, and Betty Barshad. This completes the list. except, of course. for Bob. Phil. and Nancy, who serve ex-officio." Mary smiled at joan, and they walked together toward the group of girls which Joan had been talking to before. They all questioned Mary as to what she thought of New Rochelle High School. "Oh, I think the school is beautiful," she replied. "I like my teachers, my adviser. my program, and all the activities. But the thing that I like best about New Ro- chelle is my own class, the Class of 1947!" red en ting op 0l1'l0l'eJ Th1s year s Sophomore class succeeded in breaking a precedent by electing co presidents namely Dick Gordon and Harold Dachenhausen Never before in the history of class elections has this occurred The class secretary was Betty Ann Austin Although the Class of 48 received a late start they have taken an important part in school activities A very athletic group they have con teams The girls too have taken an HCTIVS part 1n sports Not confining their talents to sports the Sophs have also participated m many of the other ac tlV1t16S offered by N R H S The Sophs made up a large percentage of the chorus ln Good News The chormes included Emmy Lou Toth Cynthia Greene Betty Ann Austin Pat Hunt and Patty Hummel john Zisel man gave an outstanding performance in the Tower Players product1on of Arsenic and Old Lace Smce their entrance into New Rochelle High way back in the elghth grade the Class of 48 has been an outstanding one They have shown thusiasm and just about everything that goes to make up a successful and well rounded class It seems 1nev1table that the Class of 48 will con tmue im the next two years to contribute even more of their energy and enthusiasm for the bene fit of New Rochelle High School and will leave behind them an excellent record worthy of much praise ' ' I 9 - - 1 tributed many outstanding members to the school a great deal of school spirit, patriotism, pep, en- SK .77 ' ' ' , 7 Y ' 56 w if e Cfaued 0 49 an 5 of Larry Lxef Nancy Hale jim Munroe NINTH GRADE Now all grown up the class of 49 has become well acquainted wlth the busmess of NRHS Their 1n1t1at1ve and sp1r1t have made all Fresh man aCt1Vlt16S successful Many members par tlcxpated ln varlous school events The class mu slcally mclmed had many members 1n the band and orchestra and Glenn Chequer Irls Roth and Berman Walters were among the nmth grade members of the A Cappella Cholr Gllda Mar tlrano sang at many of the socxal functlons at school Jim Munroe was elected presrdent whxle Larry Llef held the posxtlon of vice presldent and Nancy Hale secretary Hester Brown and Sally Carr were president and secretary of the Jumor Socral Servlce Club formed thls year Athletic Helen Troy Elame Peyman and Clara Jo Hlrsh were members of the basketball honor team The boys weren t to be outdone for Roy Wallach Bob Brrdges and George Gottesman were partxclpants 1n mtramural sports In the drarnatlc field Beverly Nickerson and Pat Mayer displayed thelr danclng ab1l1ty ln the Tower Player s productlon Good News Charlxe Carr had the dlstmctlon of bemg the sole Fresh man on the Cheerleadmg Squad Elmore Bertxne and Nan O Keefe brought laurels to the class as Freshman w1nners nn the One God contest The Freshman class deserves 1ts well earned reputatlon for they are ambltlous and work to the best of thexr ab1l1ty to achleve merlt and suc cess They mtend to prove to N R H S that they w1ll increase the success not only of thexr class but of the whole school EIGHTH GRADE The Lost Angeles of NRHS showed us that they had found themselves after the first week of school and were determmed to compete for honors m all school 3CtlV1tl6S Mlss Ella Mur ray s homeroom proved the enthuslastrc and pa tr1ot1c splrxt of the class for they were 10070 ln Rochellean purchases They ve contrnbuted thelr Journalxstlc skxll to the Huguenot Herald for Rlchard Yaffa Blll Mxller and Frank Capra were Kld Blts report ers Louls Rukeyser reported the class aCtlVltlBS to the Standard Star and Helene Frxedland was the elghth grade wmner of the One God contest Amta Holmsten won honors m the Na tlonal Hrgh School Poetry Anthology Contest The class elected Douglas Melvllle presldent wlth Suzxe Hafford v1ce president George Mur phy secretary and Helene Frledland as treasurer Bllly Gnelm displayed his talent m the Tower Players productlon of Harrlet Many members of the class partlclpated m the band and orches tra and also took part 1n sports and Jumor club 8CtlVltl6S Leon Selig was Scrub Manager for the basketball team and was present at all games The class has an outstandxng record and has not let the older students outdo them Though young and mrschlevous these are the future stu dents of our school and they w1ll brmg honors to thexr class rnakmg all proud of thelr record that has so far been spotless Douglas Melvxlle Helene Frredland Suzanne Haf ford George Murphy I nal o -- la f 1 1. 1, ,5 . . . . l ,J I vt 1 . . f 7 I . . . . u . - .V . 1 5: , . . 1 - ' is 1 - a a a 1 j Y A Ll 51 fr ' , . . . . . . as 11 - ' 1 1 - cs ' - 11 S as 11 - ' ' u 11 1 - , - 1 1 ' u - 11 1 u 11 1 ' . ' 1 . . . . . . . . 1 ' . . . . ' 1 . g ' ' n - a I , ' . 1 1 - 7 7 I l 1 - 3 y ' 7 1 , . 1 I QQ , , r 1 ! f , 9 Q , If x l . . I F , , ,fp 1 1 ' cc 11 - I , .. 1 ' ' cc Y7 1 . . . . . . in -gq .an- ? sl N Av 1 1 l'1l fb E' O 'Tr 'o I6 900 6 ,029 ,Q G 62 G! 5? N4 ffi fs J' -S' 0 I' 6,9 O I4 'o I' , xx C, x 43 'Q '90 J 1 t I0 4 'yr of, 46,63 fr fr ff C97 IA 1,0 ""b'Qw alll 64, I Learnmg the fundamentals of Journalxsm and then ap plymg these prmclples m wrxtlng the Kid Bxts column m the Huguenot Herald are the chref purposes of the Press Club Thls group composed of exghth and mnth graders was orgamzed this year by Alan Gaynor edrtor of the Herald Elaine Yaffa a member ofthe Herald staff supervised the work of the Press Club members, who contrlbuted xnformatron for "Kid Brts ' Thxs Press Club IS a contlnuatlon of the Pubhcatrons Club whlch exlsted m New Rochelle Hxgh School rn pre vlous years under the sponsorshlp of DeW1tt D Wlse Q4 af -2 14, , 'fr i IJ I' V f '6 Oo ! 0 S ll I' U1 1 0 'fa Jem l l 0 fN 'P 5' S 1 I L x ' Q L - 57, 1 l A- XC . ,ff in ' V V 1 s - ' 5 0 ' " 5 'W -fs 'Zac as 'fl' '- , 9' , X t X XX ' . 1 1 X , 8' 9 1- ' Us ff X ' '- 0, C 47.6 47 1 s 'Z 'dt 1 s 47 JP X ' -'fs' A .f s o x 1 e 4' N is 7 I I-,5 f V , of 475, Z 'I , lqqfhq - 69 ka ff 48412106 0 '52 ed: 'M 91- qt? I oe, C N X X N tt.. X Z W 4' -' fi: '.f?,e X V 3 . . ,Z - il 14. . I, l Q ,4 li. . ,GJ . 1,-4-94? Q! l prize , 0641, Y iff 'WJ . . . JV, f, O! .f ' . ,. . .. ' 2 Qfqfb, - 1. . N - V3 '47 U26 6966 . . G . . ar!!! lb, - -Y ' 4. Y 3, QQ ,AY . u Y ., . 'J , r 1 ra 13,150 . 1 rw . . . . . Gly. -6 . . ' . . . . 'tk ,ez . . . . . 41' ser tiff' Neg? cf W sl 'X as 4 Ns S Q36 6 0 JQQ4' 0 c x 00 Q fe fb Q5 F fi e vgeife we KN A new club on our extra curricular roster is the Writing Club At their first meeting, Carol Amster was elected President Sylwla Pfeiffer Vice President and Lori Cou rant Secretary Treasurer Mrs McGill is faculty sponsor of the club Members are from senior English classes Its purpose is to gne the students interested and those who desire to major in this held a chance to develop their writing ability The students plan to write a variety of his interest and bringing his manuscripts to the group for discussion and criticism From time to time such materials as seemed worthy were entered in contests The first contest in which mem bers were interested was sponsored by the National Con ference of Christians and jews The theme was The Best Example of Teamwork I Know In the spring some mem 49 bers sent entries into the Scholastlc Writing Awards Con test 'T ob 1g,Y',b-5 0 O fbxfb G, Cv Y' Xegoxo evo Oo Sk s kt Y, 6 0 40' X Q9 QQX fa ocbtfo V K X 9 X6 o ,ottoxzx Y 666660004 6 f Under supervision of Miss jane Conard its President S mi qsooooz 60 QQ go G4 06 f 0 oe QQ? fb 60 QOQXC' A o gow X el' o Lorraine Zuckerman and Secretary Florence Attisani the Library Council has had an exceptionally active year During the winter months when many of the teachers were absent because of illness most of their classes were sent to the library These large groups were an extra burden to the Council which did an excellent Job Eighth graders were especially outstanding in their work faith fulness, and ability to come through in time of dihiculty The Council offers to all its members the opportunity to make new acquaintances to learn to be methodical, svstematic and accurate I vu, -ca. ss'- --,-N 9 N40 H- :Z W - l"'l" ' l , ? r , ? fe 42 X 'Q ' 7515? I l l ff- .N 096. l . . . ' X - Q 'H o FAT 1- ' - s ve 1 ' ' ' is Q Z l 1' cg! l . ' - " X ' go wf 06 . . . , A 1 J I . , ,,, 1 eco Q , . . V l - . 5 , - , .A , . , Q ff' - . ,- V - V A . , OS Q D I I XQ9 . , . . Y f +25 . , , ' l - N- . ' ' . ' ' ' l of types of prose compositions, each working in the area 1 sb 699 , . T l . . , , Q.. 9 . , , Z N . . ' . . iv C' ' . ' ' - O9 ' ' . l cl Elf T ' ' 1 " r o - - l - it gk - - . . . ex Zeke . r 0 c e ' fl I ...- 5 1 , C, ' - A gxb' I e K' , O Qt .4 u ez ,645- , 9 0 4 X 99 .iii s. e , lilo QSO , X Q qvoxv . 1 ,bg ' 016 ' Q . . up I I 6.4-, ,X . t 0 Q 6 6. ff as- e V ' ' ' ' ' ' l Q0 . ,e ff' ' , . ' A, 06.6 who ff 4 A - - ' V K Q N ff! ' .' ' . v 9 9 Q A V ' ' f - . , . e- . - ' -' 1 G ockeeo . ' . 4 . 1 . l 'y X. . 0' . . V '. . Y . Y - 06 Q 0 . . . l 'O Q06 . . get A ' X M . . THE BIOLOGY CLUBS Under the sponsorshxp of John E Shoop the Advanced Blology Club has had another very successful season The nevxly formed Skull and Bones Chapter was headed by Marjorme Besas Presrdent Ga brxel Johnston Vlce Pres1dent Rhoda Stexndler, Secretary and Lucy Schroeder Treasurer It specralnzed m the fleld of urban hospmtals and made trlps to several hospltals IH the v1c1n1ty The Lens and Scalpel Chapter the orlgmal organxzatmon was headed by David Purdy Presl dent Peter Schlff V1ce Presldent Peggy Kahles Secretary and Donald Chapxn Treasurer The Roy Chapman Andrews Chapter formed last year vxas headed by Mark Perlberg Presldent, jack Connolly V1cePres1dent .I8Ckl9 Brooks Secretary and Meredlth Davldson Treasurer These tvxo chapters heard speakers mn many helds of blologv mcludmg pathology bactemology venereal dlseases embryology publlc health and hyg1ene cancer and the mxracles of modern med1c1ne Under the sponsorsh1p of the Advanced B101 ogy Club the Westchester Health Servlce x rayed each semor for tuberculosms The Club members felt thls a very worthwhxle project, and urged the students to contmue the servxce each year Many members entered the Westchester County Cancer Contest and made a very good showmg Q13 4 MONDAY BIOLOGY CLUB Exlperm Jacobs Kaufman Manasse Rome Gordon Hobbs Stlnnett McDonough Levx Hofstadter Heller Fmnegan Hel gans Fuerst Ettlnger Stelndecker Third row Kaufmann P123 Davldson Perlberg Brooks Connolly Kelmxnson Mr Schoop TUFSDAY BIOLOGY CLUB First row ILlIIT1df! liultfeld Cluster Woldenbcrg., Bessen Courant Dfuffcr lVIoh1 Wt'lSl7tfL, Cameron Second row Iohn Brenner Beshar Hoff Osborn Shorter Frasca Greenberg Selxg Third mu Goldman Siegel Schiff Kahlcs Chapm Bragman Mr Shoop 1 QQ -7 ,4 1 CHEMISTRY CLUB Chemistry, be it known to the unscientific, is quite a heroic diversion. "Heroic" immediately implies a "something" fraught with danger, and, i in truth, anybody who endures this study ought to be in line for some sort of recognition. The lab. has, however, offered those prominent in flunking circles a splendid opportunity to free themselves of worldly cares. CPotassium cyanide and sulfuric acid recommended as the surest and quickest , means.j Despite its idiosyncrasies, chemistry has prov- ed to be a source of great interest and enjoyment to those students who have had the fortune to be associated with the Chemistry Club, for, when the aspiring chemist gets in the lab. forgotten are all the Hunks of past days. Under the able spon- sorship and direction of "Doc" Spear and the guidance of its president, David Purdy, its vice- THURSDAY BIOLOGY CLUB president, George Hsieh, and its secretary, Tom T l th h h d sf l . Lucy Schroeder, Margie Be-sas. Gabrielle Johnston, Mr. Shoop, ur ey' e group as a a very succe S u year Lynn Carney, Jean Howam, Rhoda Steindlerh It has been introduced to the wonders of chem- istry at its bi-weekly meetings on Thursday after- noons in Room 261. Through lectures and demon- strations by its members it has learned some of E -N C E the very interesting side lights and developments in the scientific field. CHEMISTRY CLUB First row -Boettner, Ullom, Manasse, Pels, Beshar, Finnegan, Rowe, Stu- gard, Butler, Chapin, Woldenberg, Young, Paino. Second row-john, Stem, Kaufmann, Hochhauser, Landes, Schuman, Stallworth, Hobbs, Virrill. Brown, Bloom, Brown, Dr. Spear. Third row-Bunke, Sobel, Manning Hsieh, Turley, May, Ralph, Bright, Schwarz. H A A A i Q fy! First row Friedman Butone, Vogler, Innis, Well- ings Case Wagner Reymar, Creasy, Brown, C. Brown Conte Schulley, Murphy, DiFabber, Ces- tone Sonero Channell, Clausen. Second row-Leti- zia Stemdecker Roth, Becker, Lane, Claydon, Troy, Guido Pallone Cannon, Gill, Codella, Cameron, Fuerst Wolfson Mochi, Lampl, Fastiggi. Third row Starr Rose Letizla Vollrath, Walter, Magee, Mc- Quade Knobel Hobbs, Mangano, Veltu, Braxton, Hibbard Cassaria Ferrino, Lipscomt. Fourth row- Carello Kelly Morrison, Martirano, Brooks, Tuck- er Spitz Schoenberger, Martin, Brown, Watson, Weisberg Charm Cahn, Grotta, Cannan. i sv gg fe JF 10 , A .M - SENIOR SOCIAL SERVICE CLUB Led by club officers Peggy Shorter, Bette Wilkes. and Shirley Stugard, the club collected money and food to make up twenty-six Thanksgiving baskets for local distribution. Assisting the Children's Court, the girls bought Christmas presents and ushered at a Christmas party for the children of New Rochelle. Money col- lected by the group was used to buy shoes for the children of Harlan, Kentucky, who also received clothing from the club. The annual Swing Session in February was the club's big bid to raise money, along with the sale of football pictures, drinks, and apples at the football games. JUNIOR SOCIAL SERVICE CLUB A new group in school, the Junior Social Service Club, carried on activities on their own and in conjunction with the older group. Its officers were Hester Brown, President, Rosemary Martin, Vice-President, and Sally Carr, Secretary. The club held a cake and candy sale early in the year to raise money, helped with the collec- tion and distribution of clothing, and Thanksgiving baskets. In March they held a dance as part of their program to aid the needy. "Migsie" Watson, Margot Spitz, Sally Weisburgh, and Mimi Schoenberger were the senior advisers to the group, which Mrs. Margaret Weinstein sponsored. H KJ First row Brown. Meier, Anderson Pettersen Conte. Bundschun. Hutchins. Smith Broun Mein CI-Ce. MCDOD0ugh. Kaplan, Cregan Salerno Brooks Finnegan. Schiff. Butler, Cahn Carr Daudson Butou. Colodny. Schulman. Bamberger Blau Cvram lich. Schroeder. Greene. Brown Greenberg Bunn Kaufman. Leblang, Hofstadter Nesbitt Lippoth Zuckerman. Salton. Friedman Becker Iohnston Bern. Ralph. Spannaus. Third row Adler Weber Robbins. MacDonald. Axelrod Weisburg Mrs Weinstein. Watson. Rahb. Boschxutz Wildman Leonard. Schwarz. Wintner. Griffin Behrman Fourth row Siegel. Stallworth. Cole Geller Gray Fuerst. Schoenberger. Spitz. Shorter Stugard Wil kes. Strobl, Brown. Scott. Schlossherg Lane Bren ner. Ettinger. Kelminson. Charles Frith row Ell perin. Herson. Pellens, Siegel. Abelson Bragman Piza. Rochester. Anglim. Hawkins Curry Barshad Pfeiffer, Roth. Amster, I-lelgans Arthur Heller Yaffa, Steindecker. Citroen. Hoff First row Krepps. McLean. LeBrun, Baldwin Brown, Greenberg. Schoenberger, Kohloff, Cullen, Koehler. Gordon, Link. Earle. Second row-Hutch- ins, Konvalinka. jackson. Craigie, Bermas. Burin, Giampietro, Cataldo. Eisele, Graziano, Pellens, Lip- pmh. Third raw Stallworth. Steinau. Levine. Finne- gan, Holsapple. Mosser. Farley, Lanza, Kilminson, Q Langworthy, 1 SCHOOL SERVICE SQUAD The students who belong to this group are the members of the traffic and office squads. A prerequisite to membership in the School Service Squad is a high scholastic standing. The traffic squad keeps order in the halls while those who work in the offices. both the adviser's and the main office, help with filing, carrying notices, and any other of the many necessary but oft-forgotten odd jobs. These students deserve the gratitude of the whole school for the efficiency with which they do their thankless work. RED CROSS COMMITTEE Under the sponsorship of Miss Florence Garris, the Red Cross collectors gathered the sum of 170 dollars for the junior Red Cross drive for the school year 1945-1946. This was 20 dollars over the goal set for the school. The group is composed of ninth grade students who collected and counted money from home- room representatives throughout the school. Another group of eighth and ninth grade students collected magazines for dis- tribution to embarkation and separation centers. First row-Marion Clausen, Miss Garris, Kathy Claydon, Sally Carr, Peggy Davidson, Helen Troy. Second row- Murio Aiello, jim Munro, Sally Magee, Richard Barnes, Bob Bridges. A CAPELLA A Perhaps the thing the A Capella chorusters will remember most about this year is their participation in the Tower Play- ers' production of "Good News," the musical success. The backstage life was a novelty to most of the students and added considerably to their year. Besides this, the members also performed for student assemblies, and for the Woman's Club, held their annual spring concert, and sang "The Battle Hymn of The Republicf' by special request of Mary Mar- garet McBride when she spoke here. First row Brown Levine Fitch Sch en R 088 v 90'-I sm Reid Hummel Curry Griffin Borden Ostrom Tt oiano Scherr Rlcheart Waters Stem Stem Sec- ond row Goldfogle Baum Troiano Nickerson Nes bitt Felemister Watson Wetmore Wallen Handle- man McKay Lief Brown Connolly Weiser Post Battle Third row Wight Noyes Anderson C xtroen Courant Roth Scott Besas Hassen Zinn D1Buono, B k ors 1 DeFranc1sco Borsln Wanamaker Chequer, Baum Felemlster Fourth row Weathersbee May er Fuller Stemau Green Arlnn, Singer, Capp, Mr Broadhead Cohen Schiender Remach, Blum, Kohloif Batzaman Woolf, Dunn 68 First row-Zadig, Spitz, Herson, Teel, Direcks, 1 'l Schnitzer, Murtaugh, Mr. Broadhead, Roth, O Nei , Paduano, Brown, Takenaka, Bloom, Ruskin. Second row4Aiello, Tapely, Weltmer, Spannus, Scott, Mon- roe, DiSanto, Stoller, Troiano, Scherr, Loterzo, Lee, Weiss, Ross, Pruzan, Blount. Third row-Martirano, Starr, Braxton, Dirski, Butou, Gunthrop, Greene, Daniels, Revere, Schanghency, Brenner, Hochberg, ' ' Abrams. Fourth row Schlossberg, Hopkxrk, Semor, Graves Smith Nelson, Weirick, Reed, Strachen, McQuade, Epps, Weathersbee, Magee, Bergman, B ll Dubin, Hofstadter. Filth row-Onley, Mayer, 9 , Roswell, Rose, Callender, Walter, Hnrsch. A CAPELLA B Because of the large number of students worthy of membershlp ln the A Capella choir this year, a second group was formed This group partxcxpated m the Chrxst s program and the sprlng concert along with the A chorus H8V1Hg another chorus enabled more students of the school to become famxllar wxth choral muslc Hs. yliilllr ,4- 'Kg fe 'X ma ' ' u n In .s f' New o , , in Q f' if 55' ,- 21 4 5 '1 Q Hill L ill ll E ai Y I , , f-'iff 431 A '- ' - ,. I A , V- . . U , J - Q 1' f 1: ' ,. L. lt' LQ ' V ffl". .4 - flu N, 4. .- STAR IDENTIFICATION CLUB Thus e-nghth grade club under the sponsorshnp of Mass Edlth Sturtevant has undertaken the study of the stars used for navigation They meet at members homes and observe only Row one Fiore Miss Sturtevant Wood jones Wefer Maller Con herm Row two Sxnger Lltt Rosner Kasakcve Laub Fnedland Adler Row three Lehmeler Vlllaume Levy Kryla the constellations m which these star: appear M1 rr are TRACK CLUB After a lapse of nme years, the Track Club IS agam functlomng under the sponsorshxp of Damel P O Brxen Only track and cross country lettermen and entrants m WIAA county meets of these Officers of the club were Ned Closter, Presudent Walter Stern Vice President, and Carl Gordon, Secretary Included ln the years aCtlVltleS was the attending of track meets at Madlson Square Garden The Clubs newspaper 'The Turtle, was edxted by Walter Stern W -7-7-LK Frrsr raw Dunn Stem Ostrom Vandrotf Wyner jackson Brandt Seward Hall Howe Second row Wmoker Coben Parrrno Falk Coach OBrien Hobbs Phrlllps Hager Alcott Third row OBnen McMahon Borskl Goldberg Closter Casxraghx McCarthy Gordon I i 1, 3 - , . , y Q q 1: ,X - r A ' I . . , . sports are eligible for membership. Q y . , . . . . ' 7 L ' 9 D ' Yi. :vi .av . v- 1 Y g I Y : Y O y A 1 I ' 1 V I U I V 7 7 . .7 I ' .-21' Bs Pighqmnfue THEATRE GROUP The second year Groups orgamzahon ns most successful ship of Miss Gladys wnh Joan I-lelgans as Amster VlcePres1de ard Secretary and Treasurer of the Theatre proved one of Under sponsor J Newell and Presudent Carol nt jenn Leon Bob Redfneld s 4. bw. M6 First row Goldman Wulp Osbom chnff Stern Gaynor Lehmann Red held Beshar Second row Chapm Woldenberg Brextenfell HOB' Weath ersbee Shorter Bragman Wolden berg Helgans McCarthy Third row Sehg Stenndecker Pellens Amuer uw' CONVERSATION CLUB Under the drrectlon of Davld Purdy presldent, Robert Red held, vrce presxdent, Betty Kay Toth, secretary, Lionel Mohr and George Terpennmg, treasurers, and Leon J Sturtevant, facul ty advxser, the Conversatlon Club met bl monthly at the homes of xts members. Immedlate problems of the school, the country, and the world were dlscussed One meetlng was entxrely devoted to the apprecxatlon of musxc, Jazz, swung, and classical G First row Davxdson, Manmng, Bogm, Goldman, Stem, Gaynor, Redfield, Mohr Beshar, Wrlkes Second row Purdy, Mr Sturtevant, Raab, Toth, Finnegan, Butler, Kahles, Shorter Bragman, Woldenberg, Helgans, Damelson Third row Roth, Young Frank, Stem, Brown, McCarthy, Rellly, Heller 5.-1 1 nn f y , 1 f- u , . 1.5 K F ' . A , " ,. ' Y l .1 , ' by ,. .2 A - ,I X ' . .h 55 . ' ' - ' . . ff " ' ' I . - - , . ' J YE :I ,. sw S - v 1 - v . . A U V V N. v ,, . - V . ' 7 - ' 17' f ...' " Leonard, McDonough, Brown, Pieffer. 1 '- ' . A- v 1. ' - I .Z .55-E'i:..'l5"!' re , .. ' f f r . ' L M, rf. iv V, L l I 5 p V -1 s , T A - - X " N PHI LAMBA CHI Jerry Hanchrow Martm Colodny Harvey Prlnce Arnold Vandroff John Zxselman Gene Prlce Donald Bakalor Edwm Mlller Second row Seymour Lesser Bxll Wemzxmmer Herbert Schmertz Robert Goldman Larry Bloom Bob Charm SIGMA ALPHA CHI First row Motzkm Fox Sack Second row Bernstein Berman Heller Heller Wexntraub Helmowxtz Levme Wexss Rosenbluth Pels Thzrd row Coben Lesser Freedman Prmce Van droif Goldman Pnce Funk Mxller Perlberg Fourth row Markell Wexnzlmmer Wyner Shlen Klxgerman Exsman Levme Gottesman Frith row Stxen Wmoker Abrash Kahn Wmston Wolfson, Kapp, Kaplan Brlght DQ iv PHI TAU First row Baldwm Weathersbee Wllson Clark Toth Claydon Toth Hummel Adamson Gra mulch Wxlkes Raab jenny Langworthy Second row Axelrod Havard Schexb Rellstab Wxlkes Foster Brazxl Wllkens Butler Fmnegan Brooks Stugard Davidson Rochester Third row Ensele Fletcher Strachen McKay Gxles Nauth Anghm Hawkins Stmnett Fourth row Ralph Copley Mohr Reld Brooks Foster Green Kahles J v fi! T si 4? Qc' T 3 WAR STAMP COMMITTEE 1 Bern Barshad joan Helaans jean Leonard Leon Selxg " Rosemary Nlarun irlme Hobbs john C ronson janet Yeltrl Annabel Nexgal 4 Wmme Lane Norme Nltllonoulgh Elaine Xaffa lloroxhs Hoff Vsendx 4 Pam Zmn Ponald XXxner Dual. OBnen Bernard Lamher Bohbx Goldman -Xlso Conrad Lmlt Monte Gordon CURRENT EVE NT Fzrst row Colodny Sacher Wexser Hlcks Lanchner Ma nasse Rowe Mohor Charm Goldberg Geller Lampl Lefflee Berkowltz Hoff Zuckerman McDonough Fuerst CURRENT The Current Events Club regularly under the sponsorshrp of Dr Henry G Wellman was con ducted by Mrs Moore durmg the flrst semester when Dr Wellman was on a S3bb8t1C3l leave Robert Goldman as presxdent Peter Schlff as vlce presldent and Trudy LGVI as secretary were the clubs offlcers At the meetlngs whmch were held every alternate Thursday newsbees outslde speakers, and dlscusslons of tOp1CS of current IH Baum Schuman Lavenstem Third row Marvin Weber Bloom Pels Salton Freedman Kaplan Melncke Stem EVENTS CLUB terest kept the members up to date on current events Every month members were sent to rep resent New Rochelle Hlgh School m county panel dlscusslons The club also orgamzed a forum for an assembly at N R H S to whlch It mvxted other schools 1n Westchester County to send represen tatlves Partlcxpatlon ln broadcasts heard over WFAS was another feature of the club's 3CtlVltl6S ' . I E - - E A - A V . I 2 Y Y . 1 . 7 1 - Y 1 . ' ' M . 9 ! 1 ' Q 1 , Ay v I v y v 1 u 1 r 1 ' Hochhauser, Pels, Wolozynskl, Second f0WYHSl9h, Ullom, decker, Licence, Samuels, Paston. l Y 9 v ' 3 7 , . . 4 , . - - SEN NDP! E' wif Muller Loeb Mr Montgomery Front Conhenm Lntt Sxmmons Dorros Brown Wmtner Dubm Goodstem Newcorn Kaufmann Mr Hussey Gel ler Grotta Butow Colodny JUNIOQ' Q GIRLS SENIOR SCHOLARSHIP CLUB Flrst row Boschwltz Woldenberg Woldenberg hpps Levi Racusln Geller Currey Stugard Gramllch Butler Fmnegan Wrlson Reid Strnnett Havard Holmsten Hoff Zuckerman Schrman Second row McGregor Schroeder Hoff Racusm Krelsman Watson Friedman Shorter 2 cke Schrff Stemdler Brown Fuller Thrrd row Clan curlll Dubm Lane Goldsteln Leblang Yaffa Helgans Fuerst Heller Arthur Wmtner Cxtroen Bragman Leon ard Fourth row Engel Sregel Fried Grotta Perry Kauf mann Frasca Roth Howard Brunmgs Samuels Stevens Frith row Stemau Breltfeld Lampl Motzkm Amster Pferffer Kahles Courant Ralph Abelson Friedman Johnston Pellens Strobl Langworthy Anderson Sixth row Mayer Weber Pels Kelmlnson Barshad Hofstad ter Cole Pxza Schoenberger Besas Goldfogle Wrldman JUNIOR AND SENIOR SCHOLARSHIP CLUBS Under the able supervrslon of Miss ORe1lly faculty advlser Sylvia Pfe1lTer, presrdent, Peter Schlff vlce president Marllyn Stevens, semor secretary, Wlnl fred Lane, Junior secretary and joan Eder sophomore secretary, the arm of the senlor scholarshlp club was to encourage hlgher grades among the elghth and mnth grade students as well as the upper classmen Over one th1rd of the senlor class was represented 1n the group rts QUHIIHCBLIOYIS berng an average of elghty five or above 1n a student s major subjects It was up to the Junlors and semors to lead the way rn scholastxc achxevement, and the classes followmg them are already steppmg mto thelr shoes BOYS SENIOR SCHOLARSHIP First row Bunke Gaynor john Barnes Redfield Rowe Cox Berkewltz Charm Helmowltz Wemzlmmer Kauf O b S s orn, pellman, Landes, Chapm Wulp, Manasse, man, Closter, Prrce Third tow Adams, Green, Weber, Fraroll, Woodward, Gordon, Bnght, Post, Stern Second Kessler Selrg Goldman, Bloom, Goldberg, LeFHer,Wyner, row Beshar, Jacobs, Bessen, Schiff, Kahn, Hobbs, Ullom, Pels, Turley, Pels, Draddy ...- -.- I I - ' - - X ' ' - . ' . ' , . , V ' -V- , 1 , r . L ,' - '- . 1 . , 1 , , . ' ,A S I K : ' - v-J N7 X Q 5 ' Jr l . . I A ' V - v - G 1 w 1 1 l . h 1 x ' 1 1 ' I 1 I 1 1 1 ' 7 ! Y Y Y Y - 5 . . - 1 - . 1 , . , , , , . I I ' ' Y V 1 1 ' Y Y Y 1 . . A 1 ' . . 1 . - . 1 1 , , W9lSbUfgll, Martin, Knubel, Mlchels, McDonough, Mem- . , ., , , , . ' 1 1 . . , I ' ' 1 - -I l 1 , - s y ' 1 K 1 V 1 1 I lv 1 Y 7 I Y 1 . . 7 I l s ' I l '- S 1 ' 7 . . . , . . .- -.- ,.- I I , I 4 1 ,F V X . , A 1 4 L' . .L- I I V 1 1 I Y 7 Y . 1 ! . ' 1 I ' Y ' A Q JUNIOR SCHOLARSHIP CLUB First row Gottesman Blum S1egel Lahse Vogler Nau man Bergman Lub1n Reyman McLaughl1n Lutze lor dan Case Wellmgs Chequer L1nk Bre1tman Butz Wxt Landow Roth Lane Becker Greenberger Tetrault Pers son Knubel TFOIBHO N1ckerson E1senman Thrrd row Randall Cohen Bartley R9lUBCh Rose Butler Carello F3Sllggl Greenberg Sm1th Shacknow Wolfson Bla1r Braxton Chnstman Loeb Slavln Fourth row Weltmer Rexd Malakoff Smger Abrams Hopklrk Caplam Mur row G1les Wagner Charm Cahn Heller Walter Magee Weathersbee D8VldSOn Brown Brooks Meyrowxtz Han dleman Kleppner HIY W1th Mar1lyn Stevens as Pres1dent Natal1e F1tCh V1ce Pres1dent Ruth NSSbltt Secretary Paul1ne Strobl Treasurer and Mrs Mary B Al bertson as Club Adv1ser the New Rochelle H1gh School or Huguenot H1 Y has mcreased 1tS mem bersh1p from seven to twenty four students 1n the past year Two cake and candy sales part1c1pa t1on 1n the Westchester Area Conference for H1 Y s and the annual play day at Wh1te Pla1ns sw1mm1ng bowl1ng a dessert br1dge two 1nter Y dances and commumty SBYVICE are among H1 Y act1v1t1es for the year T"11s IS the second year that New Rochelle H1gh School has had a H1 Y Club as It was prev1ously afhlxated w1th the Isaac E Young H1 Y HI-Y First row jewel D1rkse Jackson M1chels Pellens Bu ens Sm1th Carney, Krandes, W1ldman, Langworthy, tou Brown Marsden Cocks Stemau McDonough Strobl Frasca N6SbltI, L1ppoth, Blau Johnston Thrrd row F1tch Stew ' ' A . ' A , . 'gpg - 'U ..- K V, kowski. Svecond row TenEyck, Clark. Roswell. Rattner. ray. Beynard, Greene, l-"ecker, Breitenfelcl, Aldrichl Filth 1 - r ' l l l l Keep in Step ruth the Ml Mnrrh o Dimes Shoop s Cure g enot: H raid . p,9n Not.. XXIII No 8 Nl-V R01 HFLIF Hlt ll SCHOUL 'IEW ROFHELII- 'N Y YNLAR s .li l 23 1946 Pour Page 'i A for f ' "5 f if ' A , In id nforma Betty Barshad 1 Ernest Lehmann l Although it is kept on a strict- ly work basis, the business staff of the Herald went co-ed this year for the first time in a long while. Not only is the Business Man- ager a boy tErnest Lehmannl and the Advertising Manager a girl lBetty Barshadl, but there are two members of the stronger sex on the advertising staff. These lads, who overcame fif- teen obstacles, deserve much credit: Burton Bloom and David Weiss. The fifteen obstacles are Lois Bamberger, Muriel Roth, joan Helgans, Jane Gray, Virginia Herson, Suzanne Racusin, joan Schwarcz, Myra Weber, Bertha Boschwitz, Diane Kalman, Cyn- this Green, Wini Wildman, Joy Piza, Joan Elder, and Gerry Bloch. To make the advertisements more interesting, the staff wrote the copy for many of the local advertisers. Some of them turn- ed out with interesting results. Others . . . well, onegad more or less mattered but little. The Advertising Manager does want , it made clear that the ad of a local hairdresser, who said to come there and please your parents, was not the work of her staff. The Business Manager laughed as he counted the money. tMale applicants for busi-1 ness staH' positions on next year's "Herald" will be handled with . kid gloves.J ing tht' leading roles. In the Ill0l'lt' version, Kaul--H again frightened the audieinres, with l't-ter Lorri- as Dr. Einstein, antl Cary Grant takinu the romantic lead, Serving on the properties com- mittee are Carol Muster, Ruth Hreitenfeld, lit-rtha Hoschwitz. and Margaret Watson. Betty Ahelson and Marilyn Stetens have charge ot costumes, while Ruth Levine and Naomi Hragnian are prompting I t jerry ,irrtrri ann Marx Verint-rg'l will do monologues. The title ni thcl latte-rs is "Hy lmprescion of a, Xloi'ie" , llancmg to tht- ehorrograplii' oil Judy lfuller will llc the fl nthall team and thu "t.ootl News" tlanfing rhorn-. The Chorus will do two mimhers, one of uhifh will ht from tht- plat Nlemht-rs inrludt' ,lean Ralph. lit-tty Kay Toth. lfnnni Lou' 'I'oth,l'a1 llummel. l'at Hunt. Betty, -Xnn husllll, l'at Haier. llmcrli Perched atop New Rochelle High School ttwenty-two steps above the second floorl is the "I-luguenot Herald's" editorial room, commonly known as the Tower. Although Dame Rumor has it that a swimming pool is hidden there, according to the last in- ventory, the Tower contained seven typewriters lthree of which are unfit for usel, a staff of thirty aspiring young journal- ists, a lot of waste paper, and a faculty adviser, Miss Melba Carpenter. This year the Tower has seen a great deal of action. The most important was the resumption of larger sized paper for the "Herald," war-time curtailment of paper being lifted. Another .was the special issue for "Bill McKenna Day," this issue being jwritten in conjunction with Isaac Young and Iona. The prof- it, S75, -was contributed to the William H. McKenna Fund. Of course, the annual April Fool's issue had its beginning in the Tower. Editors of the "Herald" were vAlan Gavnor, Editor-in-Chief, tlon Leaks ut3,'i The Tower Talks Joan Butler, Copy Editor, and Naomi Bragman, Headline Edi- tor. Arthur Roswell was Stafl Photographer, Sylvia Pfeiffer. Staff Artist, Norine McDonough, Exchange Editor, and Bernard Bogin, Circulation Manager. Some of the other members of the staff are joan Fuerst, Mary Lou Finnegan, joan Hel- gans, jean Leonard, Irma Meincke, Catherine Ciancuilli, Elaine Yaffa, Marilyn Stevens, Muriel Roth, Katherine Carr, Donald Osborn, Peter Schiff, and Rhoda Steindler. The "Herald" gained county- wide prominence through its campaign for the restoration of WIAA championship recogni- tion. Presidents of most of the WIAA member schools signed petitions distributed by Peter Schiff, and, although it is not definite at "Rochellean" press time, passage by the associa- tion's Executive Council is vir- tually assured. Two other "Herald" cam- paigns, the National Honor So- ciety and a new Alma Mater, were equally successful. nan RU KYTTUTIKTI lflflf DUO! Irllnlng Hd. who saw service nith the Mer- chant Marine returned here to rom-1 plete his senior year. Heralditc Morton Garber is head- ed for New York University to take a business administration course. Shrier to Tackle Rochester Xlso planning on a business career! ls our veteran right tackle Harry Shrier nho has hen p.g.-ing here, sinrt- ln- graduation after accelrrat-I ing last june. He will leave for the L'nivt-rsity of Rochester at the end ofthe term Don Broun is slated for pre-mvtl training at Michigan next month Don has actor in the Rorhellcan. the tiiivcrsity ill Lolorauo unm- at XR HS johnny was a li U rep- rescntatitv, homeroom pri--nlrnt. member if the Winter l'rom rom mittee. and Hi-Y. Catherine Xlrlionaltl ntll study design at Steven. Colltot for tht- next tvto pears "Hrounvt" uns zu'- tive in Social Servict- lliuh .Xlnong those nho ur.nin.titrl in August hut contlnuetl iv until at'- ceptrd at college art' lttl liroun and George .Xslrore 'lit-tl, iounrltr of the Track t'luh new man-r ' , -1 i . ws a memher i f the hand, and treasurer 1 1 t I x 1 I .tt o' he linings fluh. . an -tint' , Ted is now at XY:-sleyan George .-'tstrm'r. at Lehigh snlrr Noveinher studying engint-rrmg, an-Q Alan Gaynor ,rutly l'ulh-r and john Kitty tart. joy l'i7a, ai Spitz mach- thi' arrangentents for tlass. Large Booster Response c 1 " roimnittce st one thou-ai il hoo-tt-rs anti t drvcl patrons .Ads for the in-rp -oht-1 pr gram ton llutlt-r and ,loe them art- ll tit-lhr, l'ri-rilla Xlrrrtlitll llatitlson, . llunclsvhuh. Bally lt tiramlith. lfrances first-ite. antl Xluriel mcmhcrs lieatlctl hx Respoi sihlt' for the po-ter. tht' morning notice: is the iommitttt I 1 ' of which Xlariyi rits aml llaxxrl l'urt'ly are in Xlso svrtmg on the group tlrralfl l'rank, tfharle- Kuschr. taint- Xlazisf, -ltfan Ralph. Littlt-. Xlnr Xlallettr. Ivan Silvia l'it-:Ht-r, l'aula Rohhms, Yrwlaiid. antl lieth- lYllkes. l'lill l.t-St-nr and Dutl Seward ro-tliairmen of tht' rt-frtfshm tommittee N.R.H.S. Regents Average HERALD BUS. STAFF ' ' man, Rosenbaum, LeBlang, B8fSh8d, Leh' ilrtdailiirilnggilgzbyiirihiiildman, Weshner, Adler, Block, Mittelmark. Gray, Bamburger, Weber, Schroder, Herson, Maxwell, Haw- kins, Reid, Geller, Lampl, Sherman, NOYB, Leefbufgef- Bierman, Racusin, Brunner, Racusin, Kreisman, Helgans, Levi, Boschwitz, Kalman, Rosenberg, Jaskvw, Immefmini Blgom, Roth, Green, Piza, Shorter, Eder. HERALD ED STAFF Barshad, Leonard, Bragman, Gaynor, Butler, Finnegan, FTHS' ca, Miss Carpenter, McDonough, Stevens, Yaffa, Lane, Hel- gans, Ciancuilli, Sargoy, Schiff, Steindler, Pfeiffer, Lampl, Dubin, Hoff, Goodstein, Lehmann, Geller, Amster, Osborne, Napoletano, Meineke, Behrman, Rosner, Fuerst, Roth. Hr I I if F7 llll 2 fx, I 'fn 'IA 'fn' "I, ,fr,,-I .,I V ,.,,IV'Al:fl,,'Al ll, x,'i',i.' "Mix f F A 'l, ' ' M, 'f . . N I f 1 I If I f lil, Y lfqll Y f, u xu-uhs h-gn. , 7' A V JI' V ,V V Afhlllf "ll, ,liz 4 ' f 1 l an x X ININUIIHN Nl 'H N' . N N lun nh ux 'll L X QAX ,X xvxxx X KV .NGO I q 1 U ll' I I ll ' I1 I I' ll 4 ' I UI ag 9 Q. 1' vp. 1' ' F " 4 'f I . 3 iw. . f stef y 1 il V Q fini' g.. 21 1, 1-,Z k ii A ' ,Ain itil +-1 H Cl 77 QCA! QCLFIA Editor-in-chief ...,.., ..,. A A Literary Editor A A A joan Fuerst Joan Helgans Art Editors. A A A A Bette Wilkes, Sylvia Pfeiffer Photography Editor A A A A Arthur Roswell Business Managers A Mary Lou Woldenberg Bernard Bogin "Rochellean ,46" is a name that bears special significance because every member of the Senior Class is behind it. having set a precedent we feel justly proud of our achievement. With every member supporting the book, it is truly represen- tative of the Senior Class. Its publication has been made possible not only by the untiring efforts of the members of the staffs, but also by the cooperation of every member of the graduat- ing class. Editor-in-chief, Joan Fuerst, is deserving of ROCHELLEAN First row-Bloom, Goldman. Leonard. Woldenberg. Kauf- mann. Selig. Barnes. Turley. Chapin. Ullom, Pels, Mayer, Brown. Schiff. Second row Carr. Stugard, Schwarz. Pel- lens, Friedman, Heller. Shorter. Roth. Reid, McDonough, Fuerst, Abelson, Pels. Third row-Wilkes, Brown, Kauf- special praise for her ceaseless endeavor and work, which included supervision of the entire book, conferences with the printer, and planning of the final make-up. Assisting her were the six heads of the Editorial, Art, Photography, and Business Staffs. The Editorial Staff headed by Joan Helgans, did all the literary work for the book, which included the senior write-ups, and other school activities. They also conducted the polls to de- termine the senior celebrities and the dedication. Special mention should also go to the members of the Steering Committee: Irma Meincke, Alan Gaynor, Joan Butler, and Mary Lou Finnegan, who in addition to their assignments did much of the rewrite work. Under the direction of Arthur Roswell, the Photography Staff worked for the greater part PLANNING STAFF mann, Howard, Amster, Arthur, Steindecker, Fried, Schroeder, Nesbitt, Lippoth. Fourth row-Anglim, Lane, Barshad. Schoenberger, Robbins, Greenberg, Schlossberg, Hofstadter, Rosenbaum, Langworthy. ROCHELLEAN BUSINESS STAFF First row-Butler, Carr, Bundshun, Bowen. Kaufmann, Mayer, Charm, Heimowitz. Hawkins, Boschwitz. Woldenberg, Mrs, Zim- mele, Meincke, Helgans, Geller. Robbins, Second row- Bloom, Geller, Brown, Greenberg. Steinau. Amster, Heller, Shorter, Schwarz, Weber, Adler, Schroeder, Brunner, Besas. Third row- Brown, Weisburgh, Meier, Schoenberger, Burin, Stwindecker, Pel- lens, Roth, McDonough, Strobl. Blau, Johnston. Lampl. Fourth row -Piza, Gray, Hofstadter, Rosenbaum, Howard, Lane, Arthur, Hoch- berg, Schlossberg, Kaufmann, Freid, Barshad, Kalman. ROCHELLEAN ART STAFF First row Freese, Cataldo, Maasz, Ralph, Friedman, Freid, Hoch- berg, Kellogg. Horton. Second row -Mahoney, Wilkes, Stugard. Raab. Anglim. Brooks, Ullman, Pettersen, Mallette, Little. Third row-Salerno, Marino, Pfeiffer, Laurence, Bowen, Steinau. of the school year photographing school life in order that it might be recorded in the "Rochel- leanf' Evidences of their excellent results may be seen on most of the pages of the book. All the original illustrations for the "Rochel- lean" were drawn by the Art Staff headed by Bette Wilkes and Sylvia Pfeiffer. Aside from being merely decorative, their drawings reflect much of the personality of the high-school stu- dent. A note of thanks should also be extended to all members of the staff, whose hard work and originality contributed much to the drawings and cartoons. The Planning Staff under the supervision of Joan Fuerst drew up the dummy, arranged the pages, and in general planned the entire book. We come now to that which has made the work of the other staffs possible. It is the important task accomplished through the efforts of the Busi- ness Staff, supervised by Mary Lou Woldenberg and Bernie Bogin. By raising funds as the result of cake and candy sales, dances, the subscription drive, and the solicitation of advertisements, they made it possible for the "Rochellean" to pay for itself. The printing of the book did not prove to be a drain on the treasuries of the class and the G.O., as in other years. The sincere thanks and gratitude of the class is also extended to Mrs. Clarice W. Hay, Mrs. Grace R. Zimmele, Mrs. Sadonis H. Burroughs, Miss Dorothy T. Parr, Mr. Leon J. Sturtevant, advisers to the Photography, Business, Planning, Art and Editorial Staffs, respectively, without whose help and advice, the "Rochellean" would not have been possible. Credit must also go to those students in Mr. Shaw's typing classes who were not members of the staff, but who served as typists. The Class of 1946 wishes to thank them all for their diligent work, which has resulted in a book by which they may remember their years at New Rochelle High School. ROCHELLEAN EDITORIAL STAFF Fxul Roux Irma Meincke, joan Butler, Joan Helgans, Mary Lou Finnegan, Meredith Davidson. Serond Roux' Janice Sargoy, Naomi Bragman, Catherine Ciancuilli, Betty Abelson, Marilyn Stevens. Third Roux Betty Israel, Carol Amstcr, Jean Leonard, Norine McDonough, Lois Heller, Elaine Yaffa. Fourth Roux' Alan Gaynor, Tom Turley, janet Hofstader, Herman Falk, Walter Siem. Alia: Joan Fuerst and Muriel Roth. ROCI-IELLEAN PHOTO STAFF joan Miuelmark, Arthur Roswell, Janice Sargoy. Marilyn Stevens. Carol Beal, Carol Amsrer, Lois Bamburger, Ruth Nesbiz, jean Butow, Bertha Boschwirz. Billy NX'einzimmer, Martin Heimowitz, ,loan Bund- schuh. Henry Kaufman, Burton Phillips. Kurt Barrhelemus. Jann Lippoth. gin' Fzrst row Deborah Gxles Dorothy Troxano Pat Mayer Elizabeth Fanelh Laurxe Lou Brooks Second row joan Renard Marxlyn Langworthy Vxlma Gramhch Lesley Reld Third row Lorrame Maasz ajoretied 1-iiiiiq gd dll6! Ol'CA05!I'l1 Here comes the band' Th1s IS a famlllar pass word at most football games and NRHS games were no exceptnon for the members of the march mg band were always on hand to help pep up the school sp1r1t The unxformed band also played for such events as the Memor1al Day Parade Columbus Day Exerclses and an Army Program Thxs was only a part of the band s act1v1t1es for they could also be heard glvmg out w1th fight cheers at the basketball games playmg marches for student assemblles and ln a more serlous vem practlcmg for the annual concert and other publlc performances Some people prefer the harmomzmg tones of strlngs If that IS the case the orchestra IS always on hand to cope wrth the sltuatxon The entlre muslcal score for Good News was played by the orchestra and they provlded overtures and background muslc for all the other Tower Play ers productlons durmg the course of the year Also takmg up much of the orchestra s txme were the Chrlstmas program at school evenmg PTA meetmgs and the concert mn March Harry F Halgh was the busy dxrector of these actxve musxcal groups and all the members of the band and orchestra w1ll be ever grateful for hrs leadershlp and mstructxon The two orgamza t1ons were almost always xn the publlc eye of the school and It was through cooperatlon between the leader and the members that their accom plxshments were made posslble The annual con cert was the outstandmg musical event of the year and the two groups practlsed on Saturday mornings as well as durmg the1r regular seventh perlod classes to prepare for It When hxgh school musxc groups are able to play compos1t1ons such as Schubert s Unfimshed Symphony and Wag ners Dle Melstersxnger, one can realxze the1r cultural value ' 1 ' 4 , f , . . . . . , . y , . . . v ' v - . I Y 9 v ' , - v u ' ' VY ' . . 1 y - v 1 - ' 1 - 1 ' l. vs ' at A vs . , - v . ' Q. ' ' - vs - - , . . OLUQI' ClyQI'Zf Dancmg chorus gxrls rehearsmg 1n gym suxts the orchestra trymg to keep the1r eyes on Mr Haxgh a very buslness llke A Capella cho1r holdrng hands and dreamlly smgmg The Sweet heart of Slgma Chl sheets of lnstructlons all these thrown together wxth Pop Burke d1rec tor of Tower Players quletly gomg mad ln the back of the audltorlum comprxsed a rehearsal of Good News a muslcal comedy about campus l1fe In splte of the hectxc rehearsals however the fxrst show of the season Cand mcldentally the first venture 1nto muslcals for the Tower Playersj turned out qulte successfully Wlthout t1me to take more than two breaths Pop was then plunged 1nto the mldsts of Arsenlc and Old Lace Thxs comedy mystery IS about two old ladles who kllled lonely old gentlemen as one of thelr charltxes Three nephews one be wlldered two rather eccentrxc to say the least thlcken the plot Throw IH a couple of dead bodles and there you have lt The Players next turned hxstorlcal wlth Har r1et a play about Harrlet Beecher Stowe and her crusade agamst slavery It descrlbes the famxly hfe of the famous Beecher famlly henceforth known as the batthng Beechers The Corn Is Green was the last play of the season Thls beautxful play tells the story of a woman who comes to Wales to try to educate the , oor mlners There she finds a br1ll1ant boy and lt becomes her amb1t1on for hlm to go to Oxford The play revolves about these two and the1r re latlonshlp Q. 11-Q 'NJ 'V Th1s year brought forth some very outstandlng sett1ngs whlch were constructed as last year by the play productlon classes Credxt must also be glven to the stage crews prompters and other backstage workers wlthout whose help the shows could not go on Another outstanding event came wxth Mr Burke s debut ln a Tower Players show Thls unusual event proved to everyone that h1s actmg ab1l1ty 1S every b1t as good as hxs directmg for whlch he has justly recewed much praxse 0 0 a - . . . . H ... . .... -ingeni- x 9 ' , 1 7 , ca sy ' J - y 9 ' y , , 5. . 1 . . H . ,, . . 1 s Q ' 7 . . . H ' rv ' ' ' v . , y 1 rc - rs ' . s 1 u 77 ' ' . . , . J I 7 n 1 1 1 u 1 . 7 - . I M F W' '1 1- 1 .., li , W gl, 493 ' Y ' , X -A. Fw v 3 1,2237 ' 41 ' ,J Z! 4. H A 3 I -- K -ff-9.1 Q rv U ' 'b 0-qi lk. 8 -.z ' ' "gig -4311 ., 'r - E "ii G 5-P' 7 K' !'V2gf'VvA-UL",-" 'S I 'Z-Q - R Ed W gif- A - I .KW -Q V J V- '34 y lf' fix "JV -.QQ J A b .guy M .ste ' --""-' ' r- q- 1J..xs l Pkwi' 4 W3 N , x A Y 2 2 1 ' 9 ,. 3 . F 1 , gi ! 2 . A E ." '. ." 5. g 2 , 3 Q i f-N, .-,f- Q.,-. J-Q,-f 5 ..,.,.,+, f 5 . Q , :I ' 1 V . i I , ' li, I I ' f! '-' '-1 '-'-' 1 . L - 1 F1 . ff 1 Q g ,- -, Q J : W , -,--.-. P1011 '49 j'? O , I . i y I' . ,. 4 In - , jk G . 1 .Q- W M. -"ra-sv---w-1--74' 4-A. . - "' 'W' .9 ' . g - '54 V, 1 . --.- . K If as n'f1'+f'1f'2f'4'+mv aw -mf X 57 2s'1J".ff .es-.g V k'N h -'VY ar, Y-' ,OTA-Q , an nm Hltlgn nn... a. .,, . Il mn .- Inman -. ... I l YT- V -l , '.i,.:",-5-Y-.1 i Abrr M A Q' lv., ' ' , :L 1, Q ' -fl, ,v sw ES'-Q!! 'pm uhhgfgfmswaifi 'limi 'ff JAM!! l -DIP will I '-.. . A' ' E: . ,- A , . ',,. K ,,, -- - vm- '5 -, v .. . -:' ,H'.1Elf!'!f'f"....' -. - I WS.. f N' v 'fi' . E 'Gil RCE 1 . W , h ,fi Y ., R' nf ' mr f "' MM ln ' Y Zagat: V-1 i, V ir: t ii , 'Pr' ' .7 " ' -, lf- Q f,:4.f:'- i'l'ln -an I QQ ll ' 1. " '11 - f '-' "P" ' - 1" "" 1---M w--. wr- f V 5, - IAQ ---an-...r x , 1 I ,A 1 V 'N ,623 gums 4: 'Q .1l,1g ,, - 9 . ' - if "' , K ii-v ' ' - .Q.,-,f V Sparta C0055 IJUUNTUV lf -Mila. llllflrlflufxad-fs Vandrolf Hall Langworthy Hobbs Phillips Parmo Wyner Hall McCarthy Coach OBnen Managed by Arnold Vandroh' and coached by Damel P OBr1en the Cross Country team placed thlrd ln the W I A A Meet at Tlbbets Brook thls year Out of the four other meets entered New Rochelle Hxgh placed first three tlmes and second once These v1ctor1es were mamly due to the runnmg of Dlck McCarthy Donald Wyner and Denms Hall Lettermen for this years squad whlch was captamed by Dick McCarthy are Donald Wyner Ben Hall Dennls Hall Burt Phxlllps Bud Hobbs Dlck McCarthy Julxan Parmo and Arnold Vandroff lllFlE TEAM The Rxfle Club season started off on Oc tober 18 at New Rochelle wlth a prom1s1ng t1e of 477 477 agamst Roosevelt Hlgh School The next meet whlch was also wrth Roosevelt was played on thexr own grounds on November 13 We lost wrth a score of 469 478 Thls was the begmmng of a long streak of bad luck which the team was never able to break Succeedmg games wlth A B Davis and Albert Leonard netted scores of 478 473 and 481 451 respectlvely At A B Davrs New Rochelle again succumbed to the tune of 468 478 The last meet of the season was a return engagement wrth Albert Leonard at thelr Held The score was N R 478 A L 484 Slx members will recelve letters for thelr partrclpatron ln thrs sport They are Ted Cameron joe Pxsam George Terpennmg Wxlllam Wemzxmmer Donald Ettarr and Mark Goff Frrst row Ettarr Contrata Scoca Redfield Amelle Second row Bodla Ernst Weiser Hermowltz Golf Mr Shaw Stol ler Thrrd row DeFrancesco Wemzrmmer Plsam Cameron Barthelmus DeSanto xg-.uw g QS I M . M... -S.. ' M -.. 1- : ' Y I I 1 i Y I Y . , . - ' 7 , Y I Y ' , , , . . , 9 , 3 s a n 1 , . . - .7 ' 4 . ' s . 9 l ,Q . ' . . .7 elm I .,, . 77 1' . . . , . . . Y I 7 Q 1 ' - 1 n 1 1 - W l Y 5 1 Y ' 7 - ' - 1 1 1 1 , . wimming eam 1 OBr1en Wulp Hauchausen Frank McMahon Sellg 2 Lefler Redeshar McCarthy Redfield Bames Rowe 3 Coach Keller Turley Gorden Bemstem Wellmg Osborne Schneewmd Lxttaeur Klexgerman Shem Wexskopf Green Fmk Under the dxrectlon of Coach john A Keller the Purple Mermen enjoyed one of their most successful seasons Captamed by jerry Frank and managed by Tom Turley the team was un defeated rn five county meets whrle losmg two to a strong Greenwich Conn team The team was sparked by jerry Frank Stuart Rowe Dlck McCarthy Bob Redfield james Barnes Charles Selig Carl Gordon and G11 Casr raghx ln the freestyle events joe OBr1en Don Osborn and john Wulp were outstanding rn the backstroke whlle breaststroke honors were taken by Gunther Hochhauser and Steven Llttauer The d1v1ng was capably handled by james Barnes and jerry McMahon Other members of the team were Don Rederschled Mlke Green Brll Leffler jerry Schneewmd Howre Klxgerman Frank Welllng Bob Shem John Bernstein and Larry Fmk Although not entered rn the county champion shrp meet the New Rochelle tankmen scored twm vxctorles over A B Davxs and defeated Ma maroneck Peeksklll and Saunders Trade School to achleve an unblemxshed county record The first meet of the season saw the New Ro- chelle swxmmers down A B Davxs by a 38 to 27 score at the Mount Vernon pool Successxve vlc tones rn New Rochelles home waters followed as Saunders and Peeksklll were beaten by scores of 50 to 15 and SS to ll respectrve y After losxng to Greenwrch 36 to 30 the team ame back to defeat thelr tradxtlonal rival Mamaroneck 34 to 32 Travellmg to Greenwxch the mennen were beaten for a second trme 45 to 2 1 but successfully closed the season defeatmg A B Davis 38 to 28 at the New Rochelle pool SWIMMING SCHEDULE A B Davls Saunders Trade Peekskxll Greenwrch Mamaroneck A B Davis sly A A 9 - C Ile. ' ' . i ' ' ' 38 . . ' ............... . t , S0 ............ ' i - ' y ' - -n 55 ' ................. . ' ' ' ' f 3 30 ' ................ . ' , - 34 ............... , , ' ' 21 Greenwich ................ . . 38 . . ' ..............4 . ' I . ' A . y X T1 I . . . f lf K T I . v 1 -V 1 . l l I ' K, , , 1 ' C-. 4 TZ?- 'S IN basin FOOTBALL SCHEDULE AND SCORES 'K' Oc 6 I-5 Nov 5 17 Yonkers Central Roosevelt Gorton I E Young Mamaroneck A B Davxs Whue Pl:-uns St in - N 1 , , Ng Q4 A 'tiff :ig ' if , 'Q ,M . 2 lf 4 N. MW. , ,...,Q--5 , :My , L.Qw.wwQ,,- rack New Rochelle had a very successful season thxs year under the leadership of Coach Dan O Brxen who wlth thls season entered hxs second quarter century of coachmg track Wxth eleven lettermen back from last years squad and from the champxonshxp squad of two years ago and with many newcomers m addxtlon to several vet erans of the 1945 cross country team New Ro- chelle presented an experienced and well bal anced team although lt was weakened 1n several spots by elxgxblllty rulmgs Returmng lettermen mcluded Harry Johnson and Dave Purdy ln the sprmts and broad jump Falk and Stan Coben m the quarter m1le Archie Goldberg m the half m1le Dxck McCarthy ln the m1le and jack Ostrom and Ben Howe m the hurdles Dennis Hall Jullan Parlno and Don Wyner were the cross-country veterans Good performances were also turned ln by Bud Holm berg Bob Brandt Harry J ones Bert Lebhar and Norm Henderson New Rochelle had a long season this year en termg a team in the Penn Relays after a lapse of several years followed by the Westchester Re lays two dual meets a trrangular meet the W I A A County meet and the New York State Sec t1onal meet Seventy boys answered the call for track As a result of thls large turnout and the good sup port afforded by the students New Rochelle was represented by a team of champmonshlp calnbre thxs year TENTATIVE TRACK SCHEDULE FOR 1946 Apnl May May May May June J une 26-27 Penn Relays at Phxladelphra Westchester Relays at White Plams A. B. Davls at McKenna Fleld White Plalns at Whrte Plams New Rochelle Cxty Meet at McKenna Fleld W.I.A.A. Meet 1 N. Y. State Sectxonal Meet at Whxte Plams Q . ' ' ' . ' . . lv z . .. '. ' mv . . ' H Dave Borski, Ned Closter, Walt Stem, Herman 4 T ui - o 10 - ' ' 17 - . . . . 24 - . . 1 - l is ,sd Coach Samuel Ciangreco who became Bill McKennas successor as baseball mentor built the 1946 Purple Wave around the five lettermen back from last year naturally bore the brunt of a sixteen game schedule Henry Monaco Charles Kusche Franlt Fitchen Cab Woodyxard and ohn Ziselman took on this burden Their battery mates were Dick Gordon and Mrrlt Finltle In the infield Cab Woodward and Bill oyce played first while Don Ramsey guarded the keystone sack Captain ohn Mandarano Buddy Cairns and Duel Yerger were at third and Nick Samela played shortstop The marnstays of the picket line were George Post Don Danielson and Fred Miano Other boys on the team were Cy Dennerlein Carl Gordon Dick Gibbs Don Baltalor Don Osborn Harold Dachenhausen and Lewis Fine New Rochelle played tw o games each w ith Roosevelt Isaac E Young Pelham White Plains Mamaroneck Gorton Iona and Albert Leonard 94 g I -1.pq N -2 A K . 'Z . S V 3. t Ext? ... I , "v N' ' , . ' ,1 sc a '- Lf r X VI: ' A x E ' C ', by i ' -vw - Orb 'S G Iv ' 7 r '1 I ' 1 , I . . , , - f 9 'V' p, M A l . , , , , l X 7. X U The season's question mark was the pitching staff which XQX j' A . h V I 7 - 3 Y I 7 V 7 G J ' ' ' - ' ' , Xl it f ' 1 ' ' ' . ' , ,' 'Q 4. I . J W V Y A I 1, 1 lp .a f ' 1 5, yn sl ..,J, " , J y Vida .fy I. I . , ' JC!! rfjsx . y ' 'V V 1 7 ' In ' I V . . Y K I 9 , 1 2 7 A lf . . I X f Q kv ' 7 7 . I I 3 W 7 7 -I ! X . If x A' In the modern world the role of Robln Hood falls to the members of the weaker sex who take archery They may not have the costumes of the bandits of Sherwood Forest but they get more enjoyment and fun out of the sport than those notorlous men d1d Nevertheless 1f the band1ts had ever mlssed the target to the extent that thexr female counterparts do they wouldnt have remamed ahve for long Sometlmes lt seems as rf the bulls eye had lost 1ts appeal and the grrls are trymg to h1t other parts of the landscape It IS always mterestmg and excltmg for anyone to venture near the fleld durxng th1s sport Deck and paddle tenn1s desplte thelr seem 1ng s1m1lar1ty are qulte dlfferent In fact the only s1m1lar1ty IS that they are both played on the same court and w1th a net between the players Both games are played wlth four and catch1ng of a rubber rmg whxle paddle tenms as 1tS name 1mpl1es IS played wxth a paddle and tenms ball In the after school sports program paddle tenms lS played 1n the fall whxle deck tenms IS conducted 1n the sprlng Vl- GIRLS HOCKEY Although ramed out of a few games the femmes dxhgently swung their hockey stlcks many trmes durmg the fall Peggy Shorter was the able chalrman of the sport and arranged for a game between the Pelham and New Rochelle honor teams The hockey field was the sxte of many fierce battles and the girls had skmned ankles to prove lt GIRLS BASKETBALL Under the charrmanshlp of Mary Lou Wol denberg the basketball season was quxte suc cessful Durmg the season the girls were able to play mtramural games whlch were sched uled accordmg to classes Outsxde games were played wlth Whlte Plams Pelham and Roose velt of Yonkers The gxrls are becomlng quxte handy with that ball X , ANL 1 . I A , 1 . . . ' , ' Y I 7 ' ' , . I . Y ' . . . . . li I l - I . I . I ' ' 7 - 3 . . ' persons. Deck tennis involves the throwing ' - - - . . , , . 1 . . I , 1 ' ' . , ' , A . -4 Y , e . - , , - p .1 f at TH. , V 1 l , Q oft ER ,V " -. QI' JP- , rs X ' 1- - ' . LEED '1,i , N A 'X 'hier 1 I ' Z ' 1 f'f V' Y " 5 I A ff!!! - T e Q .Q f -e Q X . Z vi v v ' p J, N- Q ... V M. 5 K, r w a l l 1 ' ' ' f x' N , Jw .E 5' V S kt, XJ, LEX? i . -'-xx' ST g Rim one-McMahon. Bright. Mahoney. MeMarthy. Seipel. Carr. Kohloff. XYulp. p Rim two-O'Neil. Ralph, Kahles, Foster. Barshzul, Mohort Rim tliree-Xsallzue. ,f'A'53 Bram n, Butler, Carr, Toth, Raah. f' ' A l J if 7' llith S.iturtl.1y afternoon during the Autumn season .1 group of New Rothtll 2 leans g.trhetl in white m.irth hehind the lmntl onto the .uhletit field. Sutltleuly ,. they lwreuk, .intl swarm toxxyirtls the jammed stands. 'lihey .ire the New Rothelle High theerlentlers. It is they who intite the enthusi.1sm of the lootlull .mtl lmlslaetlull f.ins. lt was these same people who were responsihle for the purple .mtl white streamers that livened up the atmosphere of what we now tgill McKenna lfiehl. XY'ithout their time .md energy, much of the spirit ot' these pigslxin .lll.llI'S would he lost. No lusty yells would follow the Purple XY'.1xe through vittory or defeat. The New Rochelle High Suhool spirit would he without le.iders. For these reasons .md many more, the school sineerely says, "Thank you, cheerleuders, for gi ioh, well done." N VOLLEYBALL In keeping with its previous records volleyball proved to be one of the most popular md00f sports for girls this winter Intraclass games at tracted the majority of the girls whale Bertha Boschwitz volleyball chairman helped arrange honor team games between Roosevelt High in Yonkers and Isaac Young and our own girls Our witz Betty Adamson Mimi Schoenberger Mary Lou Fmnegan Marilyn Stevens Shirley Brown Barbara Greenberg Peggy Kahles Joan Farley Harriet Geller Grace Greene Muriel Roth Lois Heller Cornelia Brown Peggy Shorter Nancy Woldenburg Sylvia Pfeiffer and Sally Weisburg all of whom received volleyball emblems for their work 11M BOWLING Spares and cokes strikes and candy filled the afternoons of some one hundred and twenty five girls who bowled after school this winter at the alleys at Rogers and the Y Under the mstruc tion of Miss Carson and Miss Errant who tried to teach their eager charges the etiquette as well as the rules and scoring of the game four groups of girls from the eighth to twelfth grades rolled down the alleys and rolled up the scores playing Tuesdays and Thursdays at Rogers, and Thurs- days and Fridays at the Y Rollmg down the alleys was especially true of some of the pint sized gals who not mfrequently found them selves hurtling down upon the pms having for gotten to let go of the weighty balls When they first began the girls played in dividually but as thelr skill improved a tourna ment was drawn up with teams of live competmg agamst each other for the highest average score X BADMINTON Watch the birdie no lts not the photog raphy club taking pictures or Mr Shoop s classes dissecting pigeons It s badminton the latest thing m girls sports to keep that figure trim Every afternoon this spring you could find the more energetic femmes havmg taken over the boys gym to pursue their sport madly chasmg the shut tlecock birdie to you about the four courts Whether they earned a Wilkins swish or a Gel ler ugh depended on their own skill Playing doubles each week the girls participated in a tourney type contest with their names posted on a ladder affair and moved up if they won Mary Lou Fmnegan was chairman of this sport Y Y I 1 ll ,Y ' K9 - '- .' . ' Y 7 ' ll 1, ' 1 . . ' 1 1 ' , - .. '-'- I 1 1 v I. I 1 1 1 ' , . . I l . - A! 1 ' . . 5. I JJ . 1 I , 1, team including Willie Mae Gabins, Bertha Bosch- ? . ! . . y . ' , ' , 1 ' .' . , , - n ' , , 1 1 f Cl ' ' 77 ' I - , - . . , X .. ' .y . n , . , ' . , . , Y L ' ' Yll ' Y, l , . . . . ' li 71' Back row Heller Shorter Fmnegan Stugard Barshad Boschwltz Woldenberg Reid Front row Toth Marsden Woldenberg Brown Kahles Adamsen Pfexffer Reyman G.A.A BOARD In charge of the student supervxsxon of girls sports, the board was headed by Corneha Brown, presldent, Nancy Woldenberg, v1ce presldent, and Peggy Kahles, secretary Part of the group's actwxtxes were a cake and candy sale, arrangmg for games wnth other schools, recordmg the after school pomt system, and dlstrlbutmg the awards at the end of the year One of the outstandmg accomphshments of the year was the number of outsxde games that were scheduled wxth other schools ln the county C Q . sf ., A i a I ,, L- .2 V, 0 . 4 1 , lf, , E ,- I , -X "' 1 1 ' n 1 r . y 1 . - ' n l 1 1 1 1 1 ' . . . . , . , . . . . ff qi ' "5 Vx . K Xi vt , 1 'If f'Fffif,, J gf' 1' Ss. . .L 5' ' 4 " B , fic , 'us is' v ? I I 'fin " aiu 3' 'A 1' 1 R u-sf." 'f W f f ,gli m I.. f:5.- , fax Qyx 'Hi' Qu X ,. , .Rid-A X x bl, W Vw Q L Iii?-ilk k Q ,fv In mf' x 'If :T n ., ' l N :?-i,l- 1 'IUJJII ix ., ' Wy' : ' UAH' no 5,55 - 'O 6 I f 'k Mix- ,4 J ,. ' P 1 'll A ' V K 'v 'If' ,.' j- aw V ' - M .ig Q , I Q V: , ,X A Iv f " - , 1, 1... . . K k If fx, N , f' pf, :r A - . ' w f- ff 1 I K , gil2S'U-sw-2, . 'iff-M .4 !g,,5Kzlf,f vv.,N 51 N , 04 ww 'X 005' TFQ5 C9 J lc'-T ljqwerw A 0 B 5 X Qlgliia 2 3--'fix 3,90 Q xy! A 'TXJY T V JUN do 0 -as ?4 evaowyvffuyfg of M ily?-N 4 G-U. 777.uJu4, R, if .J Wal? N Qii Y f 6 Nw Zfrf X' if va 4 6 'X w"Z"! X gm V jA Jfifumwanuwf, mmm 1: Mm KK 5928? cY79Sle fa, ,sv QW? LA W Bram 6Cm-ol Ch sholzm. 'Wx Cum, i...,,4,. 1 few-Inu l vii M 3 hm VSV T G. sfjxx ,E Q9 NA? 'YL-X xx- Mamma- r f +"'gnJlh-43N- mm Ty A Elf' N WWW KW Q Mice Qyxvf 5 'cn'-4 T gk 4492 V49 aaxwvamwaww '3tVM?,:gu,ow' xff EZSN TEV?" QR K Inez 41' DW-7+l-yzgfm 0 4 'fs U- -' ww? 39824 N2 Q32 if 5370! ,953 gaf',jiZEv...w garish haf. 4? 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Q05 HI 6 Q! 07W w 8 btnikcoxo' A' l'L-MAN. 4,9 Cy 'Alina X ,CH xl 3 AND gg :Mm o. new vfuel " Q,' S My U50 m - Q - f3 - .W fy? QQ-fri? 4 if xuys- irc TQ I r X5 eq' Umx ' H I .l mo ' 'I 4 f ' yg W 0 :XJ 5 , W -4 ,, 'C 4 rc ta me as ' ' X 1 "' 59 Q31 I IO . - , V Ll E' 0 ., N Q cgi, Q, X Suvx bzixiqxi e soo ,VJ lf X K0 W Q 'N-loxvnovgl F L L 11,1 -.-fffv 1 S sf: Q r 0 - o' d X 'X-X ETA? . 7. 0 CG' ' e 'wh ef 6 X ' ' Z . V J 'vcreevb GQO A Rn I A , 1 O - 'aw f, S . , , A A vfff . A . so ,, W g 39 2 m mx . 0' O W I 1 4 l i 4 I I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' Mrs Louls I' l' 1' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' 8. Mrs 8. Mrs SI Mrs 8. Mrs 8. Mr A Mrs 8. Mrs 8. Mrs 8. Mrs 8 Mrs 'N Ahelson Henry Amster G M Anderson MatthewF. An ll Daud M Arthur ,lo eph Axelrod M H Barnes jr Norman Becker M Besas Herhert K Beshar SI Mrs 8. Mrs 8. Mrs SI Mrs SI Mrs SI Mrs Edu ard Blanco I E Bloeh ,lack Bloom lNorman Bo J Bra man F Breltenfeld J C Brooks H L Brown Nathan Brown Alfred Burln Herbert F Butler Joseph Clanclulll Alan S Cole A Conte St Mrs St Mrs 81 Mrs SI Mrs 81 Mrs St Mrs 8. Mrs 8. Mrs L H Daudson 8. Mrs C A De Simone 8. Mrs Dan1elA Draddw .lohn Engel 8. Mr 8. Mrs 8. Mrs SI Mrs 8. Mrs 'N ,I H Freeze M Frledman S N Fuerst Slms I'aw nor 8. 'Mrs 8. Mrs 8. Mr 8. Mrs 8. Mr 8. Mrs K Mr SI Mrs 8. Mrs 8. Mrs 8. Mr 8. Mrs Max A Iweller F Gfdlllllfll Benlam1nF Craw .I E Creenher 'N .l Hacker I' S Hafford F A Hel ans Carl A Heller I'he ter A Hlcks H .I Hoff Samurl Hoffman C S Horton CLfI"0l'lJ Mr H L Hsleh Dr 8tMr 0 K .lenny Mrs Irene Ixahles I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' SI Mrs Dax 1d Kaplan 8 Mrs Charles Ixusche S. Mrs L Landes 8 Mrs M L Langworth SI Mrs L L Leonard 8. Mrs M G Le Seur S. Mrs M W Llppoth SI Mrs J B Llttle 8. Mrs M E Maaz r 8. Mrs I L Mahonev I' I' r r r Mr r r r r I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' 8 Mrs Henrv Mallette S. Mrs C Manasse SI Mrs J S Mannln SI Mrs .I A Markell 8. Mrs N P Marshall 8IMrs A Martlrano s .lanet Masbaek E1 nest Mayer .led McCarthy H McK1nny Henrv Meineke 8. Mrs 8. Mrs 8 Mrs S Mrs 8. Mrs K Mrs 8. Mrs 8. Mrs 8 Mrs 8 Mr 8 Mrs S Mrs 8. Mr 8. Mrs 8. Mr 8. Mr W alter Pels J P Pellens A S Pettersen Als ln PIZH Clarence H Post Frank C Praete Farl Purdw John H u1r1n A M Raah M M Ralph R E Redfield F A Rellstab Eu enc Res ere S.Mr L ROIJIIIFIS Barnette Rohmson SI Mr 8. Mr K Mr 8 Mr 8 Mr 8 Mr D S Roswell Morrl Roth Stuart B Rowe Harrs Sac-her A Salerno L R Saulmon 104 Y M1 SMrs A A Sehoenherger Mr 8. Mr S Sehnelder Mrs V Schuler I' I' I' I' I' I' SI Mr lrun Sc hum an SI Mrs I munt S1 OI a SI Mrs L Peter S1 l 8. Mr Morrx Stl l SI Mr D D Stward SI Mrs Lea Sew ard 8. Mr L M Shorter Mrs Illllall W QIIIIIII I' I' I' I' I' I' l' I' l' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' I' r 8 Mr 8 Mr 8. Mr 8. Mrs 8. Mr SI Mrs 8. Mrs 8. Mrs St Mrs 8. Mrs 8 Mrs 8. Mrs 8. Mrs SI Mr 8. Mr ,lame 8. Mr SI Mr K Mr 8. Mrs SI Mr 8. Mr S0 I Il Spannaus ,l L Spqlllnan II J Spitz I H Stem ,I M Stelnau M Stemher 0 H Stelndecker .I Stern Lel Stern M H Stevens A Strohl hrwm Stug,ard ,I A 'lest rerlo I' I' 1 s Lou: 'Ioth s A 'Iurley I M I om D W1 nano I F Ilrrlll ,lohn B Yreeland I M at on ,lr QIIIIICN M ell 8. Mrs SI Mrs 8 Mrs 8. Mrs 8. Mr Paul M elrlek H L M PI hur ll Max M PI er W alter M Cl kopf C B M El10ttF M llklll I'harle M oldenher 8 Mr Mlehael M oolf 8. Mr Franklm P M ulp 8IMrs II S Iaffa SI Mrs W H Houng M. 'I ..I'.I I .... Q . ' M . 'I . ' t . 'I s. . . I . 'I . ' M . 'I . . '.I I I . I I . I. M . 'I .I . g'm M . 'I . " Dr. 'I s. " g - z M. 'I s. " M. 'I . ' . ' M. 'I 1" " -' " M . 'I I. s I . M . 'I , , M . 'I . .Vga M. 'I . '. . ., . M. 'I .I . . ' M. I s.. 'swgre M.: ..-I ' M.'. . .. M.'I s. . Dr. 'I . . M . 'I I. '. . M. 'I .. -I' 'a M '. 'I .. , . I' M. I I. ' M. L s. . I' ' M . 'I . ' ' M . 'I . . . ' . .Q ' '.I ' IM . '. . . . M . '- . I. .I M .81 M s. l.I' lu-I M . 'I .- M. 2 . . .I I M 'I s. I. ' M. fI , I gin M.'I . M.'. s. . .I ' ' 5 . ' . g M. 'I . .I M. '. s. . ' M. 'I . . ' Dr. 'I t. . .I ' g M. 'I .. . ' Dr.' .. . M.'I ..I.I M.'. ' Mr. ' , , , M . 'I . . .I M. 'I '. ' gr M. . M. 'I . .I ' M. 'I . . . ' M, ' . ' I . I Mr. 'I . . Mr. . . M. ' I M. 'I . Mr. ' , ' ' ' M. 'J . I M. 'I .I . . ' M.' . . M.'I . . ' M.'.'I...I Mr. ' . . , M. 'L . J ' M. 'I . ' ' f' Mr, 81 Mrs, Sanford P, Cook Mr. K Mrs. ,l. Nesbitt Mr 8i M rs. Il. F. Terpenning M.' I. . . M.', I. ' M.'i M . ' . . . , ' I M . 'I .. . . I . M . ' , s. '. I. 'lhtus lM.', , ' , ' " M.'I . M. 'I s. 's I M. M. '. " ' M s. ' JI. ' 1' M . ' s. tl. . ' ,y M . 1 .. . I M . A s. I. 'll M . 'I . . , M . 'I . ' . M . L s. . "gg" M. 'I I.I . ' M. 'I s. I j M. I S. 1. . H ' M.'I I. .I'. M. I . M. L I. .I ' M,-, ,- M,'I ', M.'I s. 1. "s . . M . 'L I . M . '. s. . Dr. 'I s. D' ' ' M.'I .. ' ' M.'I .. M.'I I.' M.'. s. ' ' , 'Y M.'. s. M.'. . . . "S g M, ,, ,, g M.'. 2 ' M. 'I ..I'I "s M.: s.I'.. M-A S.. ' M-I -I "S Dr. 'I .I. . M S. ' M- I S- - - I' ' M . ' s. I.. . ,g ,I M . L s. . . t ' M S- ' - I' I S M.: I. ' NI.'I s.I 's Ms.. s ' 2 I-Jr.'I ..I s I, ' M.', s.. . ' M.I s.,' ' M. A I, ,, M.'I s. M. I s. ' . I M.', s.I ' M.'I I M-K -. ' M.'I . .. M.'I s.. . M-'. -' Best Wrishcs to Rockwool Insulation Roofings Szdmg 4' N0 me cuss of 1946 lr XREX N lr nom A BESHAR LO N, ,Ax REX ROOFING C0 INC xoxlxhus N x Jul xliCdllllW lui Prrs Enroll Now for Summer School Study nt the llormnq Play nz tbe A lerrtoorz Summer School Dov Sesstoh 83 om to l3O m Evec 9 Sess o Mor clcy o d Thu scloy 7 30 o 9 M You goth two or more golden months of ttme you wall be two or more months oheod of those who ehter m September Acfourztzzzg Sterzograpbzc and Sewetartal Coursey W ESTCHESTER LOIIIIIICFCIHI School EJtl1l1l15lJed in l9l5 529 MAIN STREET New Rochelle N Y Telephone New Rochelle 2 2744 Enter IN 011, Irzdrz zdzml Adz amemertt Doy Sesstort 525 OO per month In odvortce Nrqht Sesstort S8 OO pe month :rt odvopce Special lntensne Stenographv and Tvpewrltmg Summer School Lourec Sessnon 8 30 o m tol 30 p m I c c to to h eoulor coc ses tought m the Summer School the Westchester Commerctcl School tectu es c spec ol mters ve course th Stehogrophy ond Typewrrtmg for those students who trttehd to cont rue thetr college work nrt the Foll ond for Htgh School groduotes who expect to ertter colleQe nrt September ll crtrftefter Commenml Stbool 0 err our outflarzdmg adzarztaqet zomtronal tram mtg zulb market zulue tborter time required rn preparmg to become Je! .rupportmg lou er cart became of fborter Mme and the attutance 0 an e zctent Employment Department rn Jefurmq poyztzom l0S .if-5. Ki 'v""9 .. ' ' 59' ',,': :- ,. . . .f. , - . -S A t -- . Q , 1 , ' Q- . . . ., . x . A . . . Y, ,".,- ,V ,' I 'K 2 . Y t ' r -1 1 . , ..-- LO . , 1 . T - --- s . - -- ,tr- I rt: . , , . N . fs I , -S V I 1 t ,S pm, ' ' , . . s . . . . . . - - . Y , .N . 1. polite Ve' 'f A '. I A v t W 1 ' ' ,lt - I I 7 Q V 1 -. x . . V r . . f . .0 f . - - K . Congratulations Class of 1946 and we wish to extend our sincerest best wishes for your future success and happiness 'I' SCOTT PHOTOGRAPHY 57 MAMARONECK AVENUE WHITE PLAINS N Y White Plains 7150 OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR THE NEW ROCHELLE HIGH SCHOOL O O O It has been a pleasure and a privilege to have taken your Yearbook Portraits Compliments of DAVID W SIMPSON 496 Nhun Street New Rochelle IN Y 'N R 2 2319 LASUS SONS Sportmg Goods Toy s Bzcycles 255 Huguenot St New Rochelle N ALLEN SPORT SHOPS INC 290 HLGL ENOT STREET Nhw Rochelle 7 019' An Entire Bulldlllb Dctoted Eulusncly To Sportznl, Goods New Rochelle 2-9270 Frank Strobl, Prop STROBL,S, INC. Restaurant and Grill 10 12 Brldce Street New Rochelle N BALLETS BootShop 54I MAIN STREET NEW ROCHELLE M144 oned, eade Wlmen your name 15 Called for dlC tatnon or promotxon rt s be c xusc you are good nn your yob litrkeley School not only gxves you thc ttchmcal skllls necessary for ad toms of sccrctanal performance Hundreds of Berkeley graduates tspllmgm sccrctlrm osn tn ns Comprchensne md xntensne c ur cs Dnstmpruxshcd faculty Et' fcctnc placement seruce Send for Bullntm BERKELEY SCH00l 8 Church St White Plams N Y 420 Lexmgxon Awe lN Y 17 Nl Y 22 Prospect St East Orange IN j I 'I' 'I' -", -vf '7 -. Q s v if I . " - 'Y r ,1T.Y 'I' . rv ,l'.Y. If 0 J I I7 9 0 vgmccmentkhut also thekflner over- lmld w,f'lt 2 'x'l P..- Y 'o , . ' . ' " 'o '. ' ' . - . . . ' I. U -.U I . . . - . v ' , . . ., . . ,L . . Y 1 ' 'Y ! ' n 'IO7 T QTGOLE E3 SCNS INCQRPQRATED LITHOCRAPHY 06120 PRINTING MASTERS O T E GRAPHIC ARTS X f J 'fygijw 513.33 ' ! 3I JEFFERSON STREET ' STAMFORIJCQXELI CTICUT ' TELEPHONE A5088 Y XI X X If I-I X X' IIH' REX XI L S FORI BEM HNIONI I HARNI U X 68 North Menu: 0 l ANIERA CRAFT Photo 51111111115 Us Lllljplll Przntzntg 310 North Xu nu: N4 ss Roc In Nus im 16 I O I UREIN NIURI HISON 8. 1 ONIP XINY f Il fm fllll Plus f Illll mul Illlllflllfy jf ll 1 lry U rlrlls and lrophu s Dzplonum and Illllfllfllillb PXHIx Il Nl'NXHIx ' N J Congratulations to THIL CLASS OF 1946 I' rom the GENER AL ORGANIZ ATIOW IO9 1 A ' L"' 3, I f fl ssl ' ,qs 1 ' .- 7 q- -- - Nu. 2- m 5 ' " A W, l'I YY + ' ll ,A ' 'Alibi L j - V- E - -llf-.N.Y. A gg. I . - ' I 'ln-llv 2- I f X y yr I ! iff i71ffLQ77 X712 STACK w my 5 M fOf: DCQQ 5 xxx ,f"y F Vjikim' , my xi ax M75 mm, 5 KEU X4 LLP A143 T JLWJ gi Lili J XX! ff ! f I, If X , f X , f , , , , I 1 ' ' ,X ,, 1- -X .N , , ! f f ' ,f ff f Y , I , , f 1 s ' , f 1 l4 QW, H xM,,,5 ,'.f QA, C,,,4 , -A if ,X LN N,-54 I X X, Xfhlx Q .X B., vf Xgif E54 llitzff X ' a x X ,wx N ff!! Xxx A xx " ' X , l N V F x-S3 xv ry X v m 4 I A K! f . N Y ? 1 ,gtk ,Vx . Y 1 1 N 1 -. x , , Q Nu - l RX ff WX' X X x 5- A X ,x . N - -, .1 -A-.X X X ' N' X A N . X X r W X N' 3 xx A' " R. VV 1 --X , - 5 ' X QEQ ,' xx X X x,,x X, si Nyi,!xQX Xixxw X ' ' x -114:

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