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 - Class of 1943

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New Rochelle High School - Rochellean Yearbook (New Rochelle, NY) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Cover

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Qlffcllhs Mwlm . iri F L 4 kkk I I 5 XJPS f YN , ,- Jifvvg, fir tv ...,,. l S . In M Ax Y.- fi. 1" 'Pdf w ,o . bm L. GL 3.. n Q at YQ? Ligk- X 1 ,k ,. 'S fr x . GY, ' vs. ':fL"gL1i. ww 1 Q H., 4 :- A5251 7. I ,yd N4. I 159,32 " gL':v. fi ff f 'W x .yt I V J' ,7-'f Q 7 '- 4' f- ,f-QM. 'zvnyik " , A4 s91 -M' Y. 13.41 R, 'V AFL if. .1 . f rfrf 1 Q. T 7 ' , fi' 13' 4 r . .Q , ! .vf5HJf3'-!. A l ' f .ZH All 'r-. V . . 'Q rl ., , I 4 ' 1 .. ' - gh .- Q if . . ' 4.x . N , - 1- I .1 x - ' .',, fi 1 sl xx? ' ,K X . . , I . ' ' F Q - 4 ' '13 , Q 1. A in ', ,' 1 'QA I . ' "' A ix' I : fs , ' V ,. P in rg 3 'y 4 -3 ,V r ':1fgx,f' .gk il V' 'n A V . . If W . , ' , .J-'XL K 1. 'fir Q is , ga' If 1 m ... " -5' ftlw' ' H. , L -.. N., -' 5:1 I , 3. A ,f-'fm L' , ' S, - X If f . I a Q - -. 'Wx -v .- Y A ,4,,:' ' f K . ? 'Lx ' xl .5 " fi' 4' ' ,EK . -J 6 -Q A -gb A X MN r-i '- 4 ' Q5 , 4' ' A '. ' ' .., x - - " ' - A ,, ,Q 14 u " Q k .Q ., A Q . ll: 12 A Q . ,X . - . -f .. 9 2' A, ' xx 'f 1 ' . ' f .H ,il . W -E-t gg 'Y 5 kr Q ' A Q K ' - -fffw X f .aff . ' gx .VV I W 5 .h I . wr 4 . 4 . ...Atal r f A 1, ' A I GY. l i A Q.. . fl , pp. " 5, 1,4 . ' f ', '1 . UH- n 4 1 2, , '1,. 341 pf' , . .9 1- , . W ' I .5 " " , 'b " K. 1 ff! '13 'V - fw . , , 'j , fgijvif 4 Q ' I L Q D 74, ,IJ 5 , I ., ' 3, 1 " . , ' , pr, , ' ,A 'x . ' .' -' V" N9 7 I . I, ,, . , 4 .1 N , , i 5 ky L A ' n :W ,,,.! !. ,. ,ig Mg? t X Q 1 'f .V I K -5, 'A . ,4, -J N fx 9, fr ,ax .Av , . 529 A 4 K S3 . Y J, Arn? . A-4 TA UCAQIZQGI1 QQCHEEL , ASSQP Q vaiimmwg NEVJ RQCHELLE HIGH SCP-IQQL NC R C e e e O ffx A ' . u-K I? nw Q P,-,esevrea b, We C L m 4 3 uxisg ' fo the w O H U , N W Y rk 2dlCEfl0ll I 111 Iflkf 11111 1111111111111 11111 1111111111111 01111111110 1111111 fha 111111111 1 1111 II 1 11111111 16 I1 111 11111 11111, III 11161111111 111111 Q0 fllf 1111111 101111111 1110111 1 110 111116 11 1 111 10 772111111 111 11111111111 11111116 1111 1116 bllfflf 1111111 0 1111111111 D11111 116111116 11111 16116 1111111111 111611 111111 11111011 111611111 11 1 01115 111111 11 111 111111 1111 If 1101111 111111 111110 111616 110111 11 C6 111 11 111111011 601116111611 111 11111111 111111 111111 111111111 111111 111 11111 116111 11611 W6 1111116 16611 fhtlll 111 111111111 111 115A 1116 111'Cff11CYX 1 11 1 111111 1111 11111111101 11 C1011 111111 1116 111Q11111 111 111111 1111111 Ill 1111 61111 f111111111 T1111 111111 161111 611111611 m1551012 111111' glftlf 1111 T1II.f 166110112 IJ 1101 01 111 llfoflf N01 111 1111 01 1111111111 1111 11g111 111111 101 0111111611 0 0111 1Il1f1011 .111111 611111101 1111111 111 1116 111 111110 1116 166, Ill 1116 11511 1h11110111 0 1111g111111611 11111110111 111111111111 S0 10 1116 b011 10111 A 6111 R06111116 Hlglz S111001 111110 111116 0111111 11111 11111011 01 111110112 111 1111 111611 111111 111111 1161111111611 fhC1l 11111 10 166 f1g111 01 11111 1111111111 Ill 1111 1111111111111611 111111 111111111 11111111111, 11111 b00 11 1111111111611 5 5 0 0 Aj. ,, ,, . ,t t.. !'.,. ,.,,. 111 '1'g1,v Q111, u' ' ' ' b ' 1 11' f. , 1 I I ,A iv! ,K ' l.. D: 1 I' 1 A. ..,' I I bjl1:1.11g 511165 111111 f!111111A1Ig 11llItfl1'fT1'11 j1111g16 101110165 111111 !1C'5t'1'f !1I1g'OIlf.S'1 1, ,, . Q. 'X-5-' . -k. ' '. ll . 5. ,111 Vfl, ,.'. . 1' , ' jc . 1 I ehief.-1 of .ft ew-...,.-snu-M GEOQGE H ECKELS Prmcupal Your lmmedlaTe predecessors The Class oT I94-2 were The TursT class To be graduaTed durnng The parTlclpaTuon oT our counTry IH Thus crucial Global War We senT Them Trom our school w1Th The Teelnng ThaT They were going TorTh mTo a Tre mendously crlTlcal world suTuaTnon If The Dnvusuon Commands TelT Thus way abouT The c1rcumsTances under which lasT year s graduahng class leTT The school you can readily lmagnne The Teelung we now have as we look forward To The Tame when you The Class oT I943 will be leaving The school In some ways we wnsh TervenTly ThaT you oT I943 were graduaTmg ln whaT we used To call normal Times when peace aT leasT prevaxled and perhaps a reasonable degree oT prospernTy when opporTumTues Tor an un1nTerrupTed college course or busuness career were open To all However we can only aT Thus Tame repeaT our message To The Class oT I942 and say even more Teelmgly To The Class oT l943 Go Torward In The sp1rlT oT The undlsmayed Tounders oT our nahon responding courageously To The challenge oT The dangerous and The dlTTnculT E LORETTA COONS AsslsTanT Prxnclpals GEORGE R Cl-TAMPLIN IVIJIOI1 0111171111 5 ALICE ADAMS Lahn AB Radclnffe Umversuly of Vernnonl' Harvard KERSAM G AJEMIAN French Spanish B A Harvard M A an Language and Luleralure Mnddlebury Unnversuly of Lyons France MARY B ALBERTSON World Culfure Socual Sludnes AB Oberlnn ELIZABETH D BACI-lE Home Arls BS MA Teachers College Columbna REOINALD P BAKER Mechanical Drawing BS Columbia Prah' lnshlule CECIL C BLAMPIED General Scuence A B Kansas Sfale Teachers College MA Co lumbna CLARENCE J BROADHEAD Music B A Ollebeun College M A ln Music Educahon N Y U W EMERSON BURKE Malhemahcs SADONIS H BURROUGHS Socnal Scnence AB Cornell MA NYU L GRACE CARROLL Malhemalucs A B Indiana Sfale Teachers College BA Cen lral Normal School M A Columbia EDITH MacDONALD CARSON Physucal Eudcahon B A Oberlin College M A Teachers College Columbna On leave of absence wnlh lhe NNAVESl DOROTHY J COOK Physical Educallon A B Oberlln M A Teachers College Colum bla Resngned DOROTHEA DONALDSON Scuence BA Hunfer MA Teachers College LLB S+ Jo n WINFRED H DOUD Adviser BA Michigan U M A an Mafhemahcs Colum bna Polsdam Normal School HENRY G DURFEE Social Sludaes BA Wulllams FLORENCE M ERRANT Physucal Educahon B A UFIIVGFSITY of lllxnous M A Columbia 7 . H . I I ..... -. . D F B.S., Denison: Cornellg- Columbia: N.Y.U. 3'-G' lV'l5l0ll Ollllndlldj EUGENE E ELAHERTY Spanish BA Colgale MA an Spannsh Columbaa HAROLD S GOODFELLOW English M A In English Unuverszly of Muchlgan HARRY F l-lAlGl-l lnslrumenlal Music BS In Musnc Slale Teachers College Penn MA Columbia NELLlE M l-lALL Commercual B C S N Y U Unrversnly ofCalulorn1a Fordham GORDON A l-lARVIE lnduslr al Arls Enlchburg Normal School N Y U ARTHUR B l-IUSSEY Physics Chemlslry BA Bales MA IH Educaluon Brown Columbia WESLEY R JONES French B A Darlmoulh M A an Erench Columbia Mnlnlary leave of absence LEE KAI-lAN Adviser B S llhaca College M A Teachers College Columbia JEANETTE L McGrlLL E glush BA Oberlin MA In Englush Columbia WlLLlAM l-l McKENNA Physncal Educalnon B S P E Arnold College Cornell Summer School of Physncal Educahon BARBARA A MOORE Soc al Sludles BA Smulh MA un lgllslory Radcliffe J LUCILLE MURPHY Malhemalucs Englrsh BA New Rachelle Columbia Teachers College RUTl-l NEBEL Ofhce Sfaff A B New Rochelle HERBERT B NICHOLS Social SlUdI6S BA George Washlnglon Unuverslly MA n l-llslory and Governrnenl Columbia DANIEL P OBRIEN Physical Eclucallon BS Columbia Savage School of Physical Edu calnon 8 lVl.4l0I'l Olfllfldlldj RUTH TREADWELL OSBORNE Malhemahcs BA Vassar MA In Malhemahcs Columbia FREDERICK V PETERS lnduslrlal Arls Oswego Normal School B S N Y U MABEL DENlKE REISCHMANN English Mafhemahcs BS Columbia MA NYU U of Calllornua McGill College Oxford Unlversnly England BURGESS B ROSS Socnal Sludnes C PA Boslon Unuversnly Harvard M A IU HIS lory Clark MA IH Hnslory Columbia CLARENCE W SAYLES Physlcal Educahon B PE Sprungheld College JOHN E SHOOP Biology BS Dnclmnson MS Chucago MA Columbia HELEN A SMlTH Advuser AB Cornell MA Fordham Unuversuly JANE SOUBA Englush lumbxa CARLETON S SPEAR Chemns+r Y BS MS Wesleyan ScD Unnversnly of Ghenl Belglum NINA C STARKE Englush BA MA Unnversufy of Wusconsln Columbna ETHEL STROHMEYER Sewung Home Economics PraH Teachers College Columbia ORA STRONG Malhemahcs BA MA an Mafhemahcs Unnversufy of Olcla homa LEON J STURTEVANT Englnsh BS Tulls MA In Englnsh Teachers College Columbua ALBERT H TURNER General Science BS MA MS Columbia MARGARET R WEINSTEIN Soclal Sludles BA Hunler MA In Hnslory Columbua PRESTON A WEISS Biology BS Educaluon Bucknell MA Columbra 9 B.A., Carlefon callggeq' MQAQ kfk 'EaQ55+'15n, co- pivi.-H'on gommanofa HENRY G WELLMAN Socual Sludles BS Harvard MA Columbxa Ed D NYU JOSEPHINE WILLARD Physucal Educahon BA Iowa Sfale Teachers College MA Co lumbua DeWlTT D WISE English Journallsm Newswruhng BA Duclcunson MA an Educahon Columbia On leave of absence wnrh 'rhe Unlled Slales Navy GRACE R ZIMMELE Mafhemalucs B S New Yorlc Unuversnly MARIE W BOWERS Lahn GLADYS J NEWELL English A B Ohio Wesleyan M A rn Lahn Columbia B S nn Eclucahon Massachusefls Slale Teachers WINIFRED CARPENTER Lahn College Columbna A B Smulh College MARGUERITE O KEEFE Mafhemalucs MELBA CARPENTER English A B New Rochelle M A N Y U B A Slale Umverslly ol Iowa M A N Y U HELEN O REILLY Soclal Sludles VINCENT CIOFFARI Modern Languages BA Smufh MA In Educaluon Columbua BA MA In Romance Languages Cornell CLARA L PRESTON Englush Ph D Columbna On leave of ab ence wulh Ihe A B Syracuse M A Columbia Ofhce of War lnlormahon ETHEL M ST CLAIR Malhemalncs CORNELIA DE ROSA Office Slarl B A Ohno Slale M A Teachers College C B A College ol New Rochelle Iumbla B A IH Greek and Larnn M A In French Spannsh A B Tuffs College M A Columbna Ilaluan Darlmoulh Ph D In Romance Languages ANNE UGLUM Physical Educahon Ya e B S Unlversnfy of Norlh Dalcofa M A Columbna FLORENCE C GARRIS Malhemahcs LOUISE M WILKINSON General Science B S M A Columbia BS Teachers College Columbia M A Pure ELSIE GLEASON English Scuence Columbia BA Unuversely of Kansas Columbla ISABEI-LE M WHITMORE Ar GEORGE E GREELEY Madern Languages Corfland Normal School B S Columbia B A Bowdonn M A an French Columb a FRANK W EI-SON lf1dUSIrIoI Arls MILDRED C JOHNSTON Ofrhce Sheff A B Indiana U MA Columbia BA Barnard College JANE CONARD Lubrarlan CLARA JONES Modern Languages BA Ohio Wesleyan B S Summons College Lu A B Oberlin M A Teachers College Columbia brary College ADELAIDE LeCOUNT Malhemallcs DOROTHY T PARR r BA Mounl Holyoke M A Columbia B S M A Columbna ELLA MURRAY Social Sluclnes HELEN A WILSON Nurse B S Boslon Unlversnly M A N Y U Vmclorua College Bellasl' Columbia B S N Y U I0 1 . . - ,id .'., I l S I I I . ., I . IIII I .I B .H . .,s,.s.,.... is .,...,......,.. . ., I . ., , O' currom T. EDOERLYL ..s... Meeem Languages EDITH M. STURTEVANT ,,,.,,,, eenefel Science I A , 7 . . , U .I I ' . .,........... I Q I' u Q ' ' ' "A'I "'I ' . ' ..s, + ' I ' ' " .......,,r... ' , ' ' . ' I. ..s........s.......sI .A+ Officer: of Me pay y ohlbo g no C C P Order for the p y Ours has been called a generaTuon oT beTwuxT and beTweens DusTanT sorrowTul looks come unTo The eyes oT our elders whenever The subuecT oT aTTer hugh school us Touched upon They seem To be Thunlcung Oh such a puTy ThaT Thus should beTall Them We can only answer ThaT we meruT no such puTy The world does noT owe us a luvung True we are engaged un a dure precaruous sTruggle The longesT darlcesT hours oT whuch lue yeT ahead Are we To leT momenTary doubT and uncerTaunTy Turn us Tume has wroughT many changes wuThun ourselves uusT as uT has Trom wuThouT Worldly desures have guven way To The goung wuThouT We have learned To walls where we used To rude Tume and Tne momenTs uT so sparungly doles ouT have become more precuous Perhaps un uTs queer way Thus war us a very good Thung We have had To Take our eyes Trom dreams oT The TuTure and casT Them upon The more down To earTh Taslc The wunnung oT The war These dreams wull yeT become realuTy IT us as uT un our wallc Through luTe we have suddenly come upon a ruver bloclcung our paTh ATTer we have crossed Thus ruver we shall agaun be Tree To Talce up The paTh oT our own choosung And so uT us wuTh The class OT 43 We have crossung our ruver a duTy and pruvulege a pruvulege never beTore presenTed To any generaTuon DuTy TulTulled we shall reTurn To ,obs homes and loved ones How many oT us have TelT as an Englush boy hus moTher cryung you Too my son7 replued ls England noT worTh uT7 True many oT us may noT reTurn buT whaTever our loT we shall have done our duTy To The uTmosT oT abuluTy No man can do more and no one callung humselT a man can do less Added To The noTe oT hope are The noTes oT duTy pruvulege and peace TogeTher They malce an unspurung l:JeauTuTul chord Yes we Too have our hope however Torlorn ThaT Thus may be a lasT sTruggle ThaT There wull be peace everlasTung Perhaps Thus may be aTTrubuTed To The exhuberance oT youTh Are we noT worThy oT The Taslc beTore us oT The burden olaced upon our young buT wullung shoulders7 I2 l Jerr K r , Presldenh Jean STewauT. Socuwaryi Tom Fri dmann, Vic - ucsidenT 1 Trom our purpose in a job which TaTe has seen TIT To place in our hands? A year's . . I . ' I ' . ' ' ' , ' . , in uu l . uu l I I - .. l' I . Roberf Abarno Bob IS planmng on helplng fo end fhe war sooner by golng nnfo fhe Merchanf Marnne affer gradua hon Traffnc squad boys sporfs Walfer Adelmann Upon graduafuon from N RHS Walfer wnll enfer fhe fueld of radio He leff N R H S for fhe Army af fhe mud year Rlfa May Anderson Soclal Dancmg Assusfanf G O Represen fahve Scholarshup Club Some Buslness School wnll clanm her nexf fall Vlncen+AH1sam Affer fhe concluslon of 'rhe war Vmcenf plans fo sfudy meducune af Columbna Unnversafy Has sfrong mferesf In fhe Boy Scouf movemenf has gauned for hum fhe rank of asslsfanf scoufmasfer In one of our local froops Hns chnef lnferesfs are scoufnng sporfs raduo and gurls H has been a home room officer every year an hugh school John Edward Balfz Accelerahng so 'rhaf he mughf graduafe nn January Jeb leff us earller fhls year He plans fo go Info fhe A1r Corps and lafer sfudy clvnl englneerung affer fhe war Buology Club and Vice presldenf of home room are examples of his accompllshmenfs Barbara Ann Banks Bobble plans on sfudylng elfher medical fechnology or medlcal secrefarnal work In college and fhen lolnsng fhe WAVES Biology Club G A A Advisory Board Planning Sfaff of Rochellean G O Represenfa 'ruve Scholarshup Club Roberf Speer Barber Greafesf ambnhon fo be IA an fhe Army nexf gef marrned nexf make a mlllnon dollars and fhen ofcourse fo reflre Hns mann unferesfs are women danc :ng :ce skafung and frack Bones also belonged fo fhe Buology Club and held a few home room offices Roberf Arfhur Barfels Rocky s mferesfs 1nclude Boy Scoufs and farmsng A Cappella Chour He wall elfher make farming a career or wall affend Fordham Unlversnfy affer graduafron Wllllam J Barfels Bulls mann nnferesf ns farmung and affer fhe war he plans fo make a career of af He spenf all lasf summer on a farm Affer graduafuon he nnfends fo enlusf In fhe Para Troopers Buology Club Norma Barysh If wall probably be orange blossoms for Norma some fume soon buf unful fhen she would luke fo sfudy fashuon and clofhnng I3 I1 11 - - u . . , . , . 1 . . . 'T , . . ' , . . . - . . . . - 9 11 11 - - , . 1 11 - 11 - - - . , . . . - 11 11 1 1 - - ' 1 . ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 ' - 1 - 11 11 , . , - . 11 1 11 - - 1 . . 1, . , . . . . v 1 , . - 1 Beafrlce Bass: Bearnce has been achve sn The orchesfra slnce she TIFST began h1gh school She would l1ke To enler col lege nexr Tall Geraldlne Becker Gerry wlll go To Pennsylvanla Srale Col lege affer she recerves her drploma Scholarship Club S c1al Servnce Club Ed1+or1al S+aTT of Rochellean Bowlung Club Traffic Squad Volleyball Presxdenl' of French Club June Ann Becker If war IS shll gonng when Jalc s old enough she expecrs and wanfs 'ro be WAAC unhl Then she has hopes of bemg a welder A member of bofh The B1ology Club and The Scholarshlp Club Jalc lusrs her rnferesrs as Alan Ladd and The Army A1r Corps 1n Thar order Jon Gordon Bell Dude plans on lonnung The Merchanf Ma runes and af+er The war becomlng a banlcer Homeroom presndenf Moor Courf Toofball Marlene Love Benlamm lv11dge aspures +o become a pr1va+e secrefary ro one of The dollar a year men nn Washmg Ton Traffnc squad Hugenor Herald busnness slaff Scholarshup Club Leader Rochellean buslness slag Walfer BenneH' Jr Wall IS anxxous To ge'r INTO The U S Naval A1r Corps Reserve and malce1+h1s vocahon afler The war H15 ac'r1v1'r1es 1n Hugh School 1nclude Tower Players Cheerleadlng Squad and Presldenr of Homeroom lrwln Bessen Mr Ha1ghs r1gh+ hand man llce nor only played several rnsfrumenls buf also was band phofog rapher and founder and ednror of Merry Melodaes The band newspaper Hav1ng complefed hls course nn fhree years he IS headed for R Pl To sfudy elecrncal enguneer ng Band and orchesrra servnce award Tower Players Scholarsh1p Club George Relss George has ambuhons Tor beung one of our Tufure generals As an applxcanf for Wesr Po1n'r and A I2 he has srarred on The hrs? leg of The lourney Perhaps he w1ll end up ID The Cavalry as horseback r1d1ng occuples mos+ of h1s spare 'fume Barbara Jane Bishop Bobbue w1ll fake her cheers ro Colby Jumor College nexr year Cheerleadung squad Traffuc squad Socnal Servlce club Tenclng and bowlnng Morse Code Club Norman Bloom Red has been accepled IH The Army A1r Corp Cross Counrry Swummmg Trafhc Squad ATCA Lab Lnbrary Councxl I4 . . . . . . n 11 11 - - . , O' . . . . 11 11 - 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 . . 11 1 11 1 - 11 11 - 1 1 11 11 - - - - 1 . 1 1 - - 1 . 1 11 . 11 - . 11 11 - - - 11 11 - ' 1 1 - . 11 11 . 1 1 - 11 11 - - . , .T . . ' 1 1 - 1 - 11 11 ' ' 1 1 ' . - 11 - 11 I 1 , 1 . . . - I ' 1 1 1 11 - 11 - - 1 1 1 1 11 11 - - . 1 1 1 . . . . , 1 Jane Sybil Bloomlleld College as Jane s nexl slep bul she :sn l sure yel where shell go Her school acluvulues mnclude Huguenol Herald Business Sl-all Scholarship Club Tower Players Socnal Service Club GAA and home room banker and presudenl Leonard Blumberg When February rolled around Derby lell NRHS lor Norlh Carollna Has aclnvllues lncluded Scholarship Club lrallnc squad goll Presudenl Jr home room Chanrman Junuor Prom publnclly comrmllee cham pnonshlp nnlramural baskelball leam Chairman Golden Jubrlle Baskelball game Sensor Prom commullee Ernesllne Gloria Bolden Scholarshnp Club Baskelball Pholog raphy Leaders Group Dancung Ernne plans lo go lo college ll lhe war IS over If nol she will enler a business school Sylvia Rlla Bolnlk Syl plans lo allend N Y U Her aclnvulues xnclude Alhlelnc Award IOOO poxnls Scholarshup Club Bnology Club French Club Social Servlce Club Home Room Banker Tralluc Squad C Alan Borck AI gradualed lrom NRHS In February lo al Chemlslry Clubs Finance Cnrculallon slall Rochellean Roger Borregard Ace parlncupaled an lvlorse Code Club lnlramural baskelball He IS plannang lo allend college lor a year and lhen hopes lo lransler lo lhe Umled Slales Mllulary Academy al Wesl Pounl Arlhur lra Brellman Arlue has been occupued wulh lhe Chemnslry and Biology Clubs Caplaln lencung leam lrack cross counlry lralluc squad arl slall ol Rochel lean GO Represenlaluve banker Vsce presudenl ol home room He us plannlng lo allend Syracuse or Lehngh Arlhur Brooks Jerry was on lhe lralllc squad was slage manager belonged lo Tower players Buology and Radro Clubs He plans lo lake a dairy larmung course al Farm lngdale Long lsland Roberl Neal Brooks The Naval Anr Force as lhe branch ol lhe servrce an whuch Bob hopes lo do has share loward wan nnng lhe war Al New Rochelle Hugh he was a member ol lhe Scholarshup Club Radio Club and Morse Code group as well as baseball leams Belly Ann Brown lls Endncoll Junuor College lor Belly A real alhlele she has parlnclpaled In volley ball baskelball riding Girls Alhlellc Assoclallon and was caplann ol her sollball leam Also Biology Club Her lavornle sporl ns :ce skalang I5 . lend RPlfHis aclivilies included Scholarship, Radio, and ErnesT A Brown ErnesT recelved a non aThleTIc award In l942 and receuved hIs leTTer In cross counTry Thus year ErnesT IS InTeresTed In meTeorology and expecTs To conTInue worlc Ing In ThaT Tneld aTTer The war He IS a member oT The lubrary councll and The Tlnanclal commITTee oT The CIO ATTer graduaTIon ErnesT IS headed Tor The army KenneTh Edward Brown Kenny plans on geTTIng some col lege under hls belT beTore hITTIng The llne Tor Uncle Sam Besldes beIng CapTaIn oT The FooTball Team and one oT The mann sTays of The Track Team he has been Vlce Pres: denT oT The JUHIOF Class 6 O CollecTor and on ConsTI TuTIonal CommITTee Lella Margarei' Brown Volley Ball BadmInTon Soccer Bnology Club MargareT would luke To enTer Columbua UUIVGFSITY and Talce a SecreTarIal course VIncenT M Brown Vlnny made The varsITy Tennns Team IH hls sophomore year and IH The Tollowung year emerged sec ond In The lunuor badmInTon TournamenT Vlnny was also a member oT good sTandIng In The Bnology Club and par TIcIpaTed ID InTramural baslceTball ATTer recenvnng hls dIploma he plans To aTTend VIrgInIa STaTe College Doris Anne Peabody Buclungham Buck wanTs To Ionn The consTanTly Increasung number oT women aT war alThough she hasnT yeT decided wheTher IT wnll be The WAACS or The WAVE s Edmund Phllup Bull Model anrplanes and TooTball are Eds mam InTeresTs He wanTs To IOIU The UnITed STaTes Army Aur Corps and Thus Tollownng up hxs InTeresTs IS a mem ber oT The Anr Tralmng Corps Club Also Frnance Com mITTee and TraThc Squad Ann A Bunyan Berng a member oT The Scholarshup Cub BaskeTball Honor Team and The Hoclcey Honor Team are some oT Bunnys achIevemenTs OThers are belongung To The BIology Club and The Tower Players and beung ac Tnve ID The badmInTon Tennus Table TennIs and Tencung groups Bunny hopes To enTer ConnecTIcuT College Sllvlo M Burlgo Sleepy IS headed Tor The Army Axr Corps aTTer graduaTIon As class aThleTe he has become one of The Tew Three leTTer men by parTIcIpaTIng In VarsITy FooT ball BaslceTball and Baseball Lydia E Calafah AlThough a member oT The Scholarshup and lTalIan Clubs and an aTTer school sporT er Lydla ranlcs arT TIrsT on her lIsT of InTeresTs In ThaT connecTIon she belongs To The ArT Club and IS on The arT sTaTT OT boTh The HuguenoT Herald and The Rochellean CosTume desngn comes nexT aTTer graduahon aT arT school Aida Ann Calgl ScholarshIp club phoTography sTaTT oT Rochellean Morse Code club Auda wnll and Uncle Sam by sTudyIng To become a nurse I6 . ' ' I II II - . I . . , . . ' I I I . I. . II . . . . . T . . . . I, . I. I - . . II II - - I I . . . I I I. . I I I I ' 0 -' l , II III - . - I I I II II . I . . II II- - , I I . I . . - II II . I . . - I I II II II II I . . .1 I II II . . . ,I I . II . BeTTy Cameron BeTTy and her beamung good naTure wIll aT Tend college nexT year Rochellean plannIng sTaTf sec reTary oT scholarshIp club IunIor year A Cappella choIr accompanIsT Tor chorus gIrl s sporTs Edward Cameron As long as Theres waTer ID The sound Ed Wlll be a saIlIng and yachTIng enTl"usIasT T-lIs InTeresTs ID l-hgh School Include Band OrchesTra and Cross CounTry IT Wlll probably be college In The Tall or The CoasT Guard Lorralne A Cappellmo l-ler TuTure plans Include a course In nursmg aTTer she receIves her dIploma BIology Club GIrls l-lockey BaskeTball SoTTball Volleyball Bowlmg Cub Norma Marla CarIno Norma s TuTure plans Include goIng To Skudder Busmess School To become a socIal secreTary Here aT school she has gone ouT Tor hockey and baskeT ball been a member oT The ArT Club and The ScholarshIp Club and been an assIsTanT banker She says her maIn InTeresT IS The Iv1erchanT Marme Rob-erT ChrIsTensen Bob IS compleTIng hIgh school In Three years ATTer graduaTIon he wIll eITher Take a pre medIcal course or enTer The MerchanT Marune Academy DramaTIc Chess ScholarshIp Clubs class banker PaTrIcIa Ann Coffey PaTTy IS plannIng To aTTend lvlanhaTTan vIlle college JunIor Prom commITTee SenIor Plannmg COmmlllSG TraTTIc squad Class Rmg COmmIlleS Rochel lean VIce presIdenT oT ScholarshIp Club sporTs GO Dance CommITTee SocIal SGFVICG Club BeTTy Cole EdITor In chIeT of The Herald BeTTy can usually be Tound shouTIng orders from The head of The Tower sTaIrs or knee deep In Ink and lasT mInuTe copy aT The prInTers SecreTary CurrenT EvenTs Club ScholarshIp Club BIology Club she expecTs To conTInue her sTu e In alIsm aT The UnIversITy oT MIchIgan W bf Jerry JulIan Cole J J has been called up Tor SGFVICS In The Armeizorces uf has een permITTe'd To compleTe hIs I-hgh Scho p Ing l1?q,d',hgNeveV1g4yil1,plans Tor enTe Ing Dadmomor WI Iams l-lIs achvdfes In clude5lr'QholarslmBCluj3S l2rQQHenT'of,S2M9P homeroom CapTaIn of The golf Team Ff Carole Coleman lvhddlebury Colrege Ys In The cards Tor Carole Ofl:ICSF oT her homeroom each year and banker she has gone ouT Tor volleyball baseball Tencmg and oTher sporTs as well as The SocIal SGFVIC6 Club Eugene Joseph Colombo UnTIl The war IS broughT To a vIcTor IOUS conclusIon Gene s plans Tor esTablIshIng hImselT In busIness musT be deTerred BadmInTon and eIghTeen holes oT golT are always an enloyable pGFlOd Tor hIm I7 . . I . Y I - . I ' Clflezee ' . 'V 4 rs A ' a , ' h . ' 5 . . I., . . . . ' : 5 ' I 1 ' . , lf' C ' , 1 U, . u I ' fi 'Max . . S- Ferrls Conklin Alfhough Ferns IS a newcomer To N R H S he IS known for hIs ready blush and ma+chIng red shIr+ l-lIs fufure plans Include Cornell In June Ger'rrucIe Cons+ance Cooper Gerfrude longs +o be a chem Isl bul' will follow In Florence NIgh+Ingales foofsleps IH sfead ScholarshIp Club Tower Players SocIal Service Club Rochellean Banker GO Represenfahve Llbrary Councul Biology Club War Sfamp CommI+'ree Baseball Hockey TennIs Volleyball Soccer and Pmg pong Maralyn Margarei' Cron Bubbles wIll become a WAAC affer gracluahon Cheerleaders Edwin A Dalsheim Tralrhc Squad Currenl Even+s Club Rnfle Club Cross Counfry and Track EddIe plans 'ro sludy Aeronaufics In college afler he has helped 'ro lIck fhose JapanazIs Franky plans To 'om The Navy When fhe war IS over he hopes To work for lhe New York Telephone Company Armand W DI Nolfi Armand was his homeroom presIden+ during hIs lunIor year and has been a member of The ChemIs+ry Club for one year I-lIs maIn Inferesf IS chem ISTFY fu+ure plans will probably Include college buf The army may see hIm fIrs+ An+oIneH'e Dlrmann NeHIe has lhe dIs+Inc+Ion of havIng held ofhces of banker vIce presIden+ and secrefary of her homeroom a+ varIous hmes Ac+IvI+Ies Include BIology Club Rochellean sfaff and PhysIcal FI+ness Club whIle hockey baskelball and volleyball are a few of her sporrs Busmess school comes alfer graduahon Marie E Dlrmann DIrmIe has been VICE presIden+ of her homeroom and one of +he few curls 'ro have had The honor of beIng a New Rochelle I-hgh School Twirler The BUSI ness slaff of Jrhe Rochellean and lhe BIology Club claim her as member buf Mane has also been achve IH 6Irls sporls Probable Iculure plans Include secre+arIal school Arihur Dolan Jr Duke IS headIng for Jrhe Army AIr Corps afler graduahon Fredericka A Dow Freddie wIII sludy al fhe College of MedIcIne down ar New York UnIversIry BIology Club Pholography Club Her Inferesfs Include lhe Umfed Slales Marme Corps I8 v,!l 1 Ve' lx' f 'A V I Frank Reginald Dillon-lmmediafely afler finishing high school, Wrllram Dunn Bull expecfs lo go lo college before lhe war ehforl calches up wrlh hrm lnlramurals clarmed hrs exer crse and rnleresl Wrllram Pairrclc Dunne Whrley and The blond mop ol harr whrch earned hum 'rhe name has been rn The Navy srnce February An afhlele he 'roolc parl rn all sporls especrally golf baslcelball and cross counlry Allan John Dupee Off for lhe lvlerchanl lvlarrnes af lhe close ol school Al wrll do hrs parl rn a vrlal branch ol 'rhe Servrce John Eby Johnny rs one of our ambrfrous acceleraled lun rors urel' and unoblrusrve around our halls he plans 'ro do hrs brr lor Uncle Sam George Francrs Edwards Sonny s marn rnleresl rs musrc H now plays rn a dance orchesfra and has hrs own musrcal qurnlel George also belongs 'ro 'rhe lencrng club and lhe modern dancrng club Sonny rs one of 'the leaders selecled from hrs class rn physrcal educalron Afler Sonny comes back from lhe war he wrll form hrs own swrng band Raymond Ersenhauer Ray plans lo gel some college aller gradualron before gellrng rnlo lhe war He has been aclrve rn Foolball Squad lnlramural Baslcelball and soll a Lewrs Epslern Loure and hrs beshaven noggrn may be seen amblrng down 'rhe hall on hrs way 'ro one or possrbly +wo ol hrs loalhesome classes He was lrnally accepled for 'rhe Marrnes and wrll probably be on hrs way soon aller gradualron Gloria C Fanellr For varrous undrsclosed reasons Orbys mann rnleresls seem +o Ire rn Roberr Nalhan and 'rhe lm perral Players Olher plans less myslerrous are for lhe sludy of psychology rn some college Chemrslry Tower Players Scholarshrp Club Dramalrc Club Ann Elrzabefh Farrell Ann wrll lake her place as anolher Rosre lhe Rrveler rn a war planf 'lhrs summer She plans 'ro laler conrrnue her sludres rn arf school Huguenol Her ald Arr Club Hoclcey baslcelball baseball Merrlyn Vrrgrnra Fayen Secrelary of homeroom GO col leclor Sporls lvlerrlyn wrll follow rn her srslers foolsleps by gorng To Slcrdmore I9 . QQQ. . ' . -.. . . . .Q 9 rsrr. ' ' James Thomas Ferry James wall enTer The PrlesThood Man ager oT The Traclc Team I94-3 and member oT The Track Cub Jullva Flnamore Besndes being a general nuisance around school Julie was co capTann oT The Cheerleader Squad ID Tower Players Bnology Club ChemusTry Club Scholar ship Club TraTTlc Squad and has gone ouT Tor many aTTer school sporTs Her TuTure plans Take un college Donald B Frank Don hopes To geT a year or Two oT college Then has arnbuhon us To geT 1nTo one oT The armed servsces preTerably The Marines Don has parTlclpaTed In wide spread acTuvuTles as us proved by The Tollowung nncompleTe lusT Map Reading Raduo and Scholarship Clubs several InTramural SporTs Jessie Fraser Jessre would luke To aTTend a Junuor College aTTer graduahng N R I-I S preTerably KaTherune Gibbs She belonged To The Scholarship Club OrchesTra and The GAA uncludrng BadmnnTon Archery T-loclce Baseball and Bowlsng Louus Frey IT wall be The U S Army Sugnal Corps Tor Lou aTTer graduahon T-Te has been acTnve In The PhoTography ChemnsTry and Bsology Clubs T-hs nnTeresTs lue IH The Tueld oT radio and an sporTs boTh oT whnch wall sTand ham In good sTead nn Uncle Sam s service Davld Frledlander Daves acT1vuTues Include The Buology denT RnTle Club Co capTaun swnrnmnng Team Rochellean sTaTT l-le has enlusTed In The U S Naval Amr Corps and aTTer graduahon wall enTer Thus servnce ATTer The war he plans To aTTend Wnlllams Myles Brown Friedman ATTer exTenssve sTudy oT anrplane mo Tors Myles will malce sure ThaT The alrplanes oT Tomorrow wnll be IOO beTTer Than ours Today Among his school acTvvaTues Blology Club MaTh Club FooTball and Chem rsTry Club James Thompson Frledmann Tom plans To go To Cornell :T he IS noT called To serve hrs counTry T1rsT l-le us Vnce Pres: denT oT The Senuor Class Th resT oT has achvnhes besng AssusTanT Manager oT BaslceTball Scholarshup Club GO RepresenTaTuve Baseball MaTh Club GO ConsTuTuTuonal CommnTTee and Junior Prom Cornm:TTee Thomas C Garrls Tommy as one oT The acTlve members oT The InTernaTuonal ATTa1rs Club Thus us one OT The Trelds sand Tommy nn which I am nnTeresTed ATTer Tom re ceuves has diploma an June he expecTs To loun some branch oT The service aTTer whnch Tnme he expecTs To become an underTalcer BeTh Lorraine Garrison ln answer To The greaT plea Tor nurses BeTh plans To enTer nursing school and help ouT The Navy Blology Pencnng and RnTlery Clubs have been her choices As well as beung on The TraT'hc Squad and a leader In gym class she has gone ouT Tor such sporTs as volleyball baskeTball baseball and Tencnng 20 I . ' ChemisTry, Scglarship, and Social Service Clubs: Presil Charles Harvey Gerken Chuck us lollowung un hus brolhers loolsleps on enlerung lhe Aur Corps upon gradualuon H us Presudenl ol lhe GO besudes beung Member ol lhe Tower Players Track Team Band Orcheslra Presudenl ol lhe Junuor Class and Masler ol Ceremonues al Swung Sessuons Gerald H Gleberman Jerry lell N RH S lor Rensselaer Polylechnuc lnslulule where he wull remaun unlul dralled Aller lhe vuclory has been earned he wull relurn lo college Hus acluvulues were Buology Scholarshup and Chemuslry Clubs bankung band He us unleresled un horseback rudung readung scuence and pholography Mulchell Ralph Gluck Mulch un order lo gel some college un belore lhe army gels hum acceleraled hus program Scholarshup Club B Squad Foolball Ruchard D Goddard Du k us headed lor eulher Harvard or Pennsylvanua lhus sum er where h plans lo sludy law He n e hugh school sludenls M pe cl up l-3,1 sler New Rochelle s on nugh lub G O Repre en Schol shup b ross C lry Tennus Band an Burlon Goldsleun The Army Aur Force and en ommercual llyung are Buddy s plans lor lhe lulure Hus chuel unleresls are sporls especually horseback rudung books and avualuon He has been a member ol lhe band lor lhree years Bu ology Club Chemuslry Club home room ollucer un lunuor year boy s unlramural sporls Sanford D Gollesman Sandy wull go lo Carnegue Tech and wulh hum wull go lhe background ol lhe Currenl Evenls Club Buology Club Huguenol Herald Busuness Slall Plannung Slall ol Rochellean and lhe Cross Counlry Track Team Ruchard C Gray Duck us unleresled un chemuslry bacleru ology and pholography Hus hobby us horseback rudung Duck was a member ol lhe lubrary councul lor a year and was also a member ol lhe Buology and War Dusease Clubs Aller Duck receuves hus duploma he plans lo go lo Cor nell and sludy velerunary meducune Wadelua Graves Deally a movue lan wull allend Prall ln slulule ol Dressmakung and Mullunery Bankung Assuslanl Tralluc Squad Knullung Club Swummung James Edward Grady An acceleraled lunuor Jummy was one ol lhe maun reasons lor lhe success ol lhus year s lunuor varsuly baskelball leam Aller lunushung hugh school he hopes lo enler college Home room presudenl Buology Club Scholarshup Club Charles A Green Charles was presudenl ol hus homeroom un hus uunuor year He us now a member ol lhe Currenl Evenls Club and has been such lor lhe pasl lwo years Charles has been an acluve member ol lhe Tower Players lor lwo years and has had parls un school plays As lo hus lulure plans Charles expecls lo go lo college aller lhe war 2I A FT . n l e hasl a c b d ' T , V ly ' -I . .. lv, I T ' CM, Frederlck A Greenberg Schvef wlll aHemp+ lo complele one year of college before belng drafled lnlo 'rhe Armed Forces Presldenl Slamp Club Huguenol' Herald sporfs edlfor baskelball manager frack banklng Edward Louls Greene Eds GTTILDITIOD IS lusl To become successful H' was a common slghl fo see hlm worklng af some acflvlly affer school Scholarshlp Club Flnance Commllfee Tower Players Buslness Slal'F of lhe Hugue noi' Herald Rochellean Trafllc Squad and Blology and Mafh Clubs Jane M Greene Alfhough she loves fo sleep and ea? Jane seems amazlngly able 'ro keep herself frlm The excepflon lo her un alhleflc career IS Rlflery Club whlle her lnferesfs run more along fhe llne of Ari' and Blology Clubs Affer hlgh school Jane plans fo go lo Georgla Unlverslfy or arf school Pefer Frank Gundleflnger Wldgel leff NRHS ID February lo affend RPI where he plans +0 fake par? ln fhe Naval Avlaflon lralnlng Morse Code Scholarshlp and Currenf Evenfs Clubs Huguenof Herald Advanced R6dIO Course Band were lncluded IH hls GCl'IVIl'ISS Hls amblflon IS 'ro become a good englneer Vera Ellzabefh Gundelfinger Look backsfage or on lhe fool ball held and you re sure 'ro flnd Vera who was a lack of all 'rrades IU The Tower Players and a Drum Malorelle Cornell or Wlsconsln wall be glad +o recelve fhls busy glrl who was ID fhe Scholarshlp Club Rochellean L brary Councll Banker War Slamp Commlflee TFGHIC Squad Homeroom Presldenl' and afler school sporls Florence Hackman ACllVI'lI6S Rochellean BUSINESS Slall Orcheslra fennls baskefball baseball volleyball and badmlnlon Flo wlll probably go lo a klndergarlenlng school ID New York Clly Rlchard Walfer Hall He IS now presldenl of hls homeroom ln lunlor year he was a GO represenlahve Dlc has been a member of lhe Scholarshlp Club for Three years and IS now on fhe Huguenol' Herald Sarah Harrls Sarah IS a greaf lover of sporfs and danclng She would llke To go ln'ro fralnlng as a nurse al Llncoln Hospllal Marlon B Hari Marlon IS a member of Jrhe Red Cross and Jrhe Morse Code Clubs whlle also belng ln +he Tower Players and achng as a Leader for Glrls Sporls She s gone oul for baskelball badmlnlon and volleyball and holds arf as one of her lnleresfs Afler graduallon Marlon plans 'ro aH'end Kafherlne 6IbbS Secrelarlal School Roberi' Helneman Bob lefl old N R H S for Alberl Leonard af mld ferm where he IS conllnulng hls lechnlcal sfudles Hls Tall form wlll soon be servlng wlfh Uncle Sam 22 I ll 'I 7 I . ' - . , . I- I T I I Y l and ' his ' ' . . ' . .. . k.. - Calherlne Henderson New lo N R HS lhus year Calhy has nol had lame lor any exlra curricular acluvslles because ol an aller school 'ob She hopes lo become a nurse on aclnve duly over seas nl lhe war doesnl end by lhe lime she graduales from nursing school Donald Prenluce Herberl Plans on enlernng lhe Merchanl Ma rlne Academy aller graduallon lo do hrs parl In lhe war Has oulslde lnleresls are pholography mapmakmg and rndnng The reading club Alva Rose Hiller Wnlh Tralluc Squad Scholarshnp Club Rochellean slall gurls sporls A Cappella chonr Gnrls Ensemble and Tower Players lo her crednl Alva plans lo enler college nexl lall Henry Hlrsch Hank ns probably going nnlo some branch ol lhe armed services aller hugh school or else going lo col lege lor a year Aller lhe war he wanls lo become an aeronaullcal engineer Banker G O colleclor Pholog raphy Scholarship Clubs George Andrew Hoefler Mann nnleresls are philosophy and muswc which he plans lo conlunue al Colgale Unnversnly and become eulher a prolessor or a symphonuc conduclor aller he has done has bll IH lhe war Foolball Track Bl ology Club and A Capella Choir Peggy Ann Hoffman Peg slaves on lhe Herald and Rochellean lakung lame oul lor hockey lennus baskel Club and Socual Servuce Club Banker Morse Code Club War Slamp Commnllee and Secrelary ol homeroom she plans lo go on lo college or nurslng school Wllllam Edward Hook If possible Wllllam plans lo lake a liberal arls course al New York Unnversrly Il lhe war lnlervenes he wlll serve In lhe navy Arl and pnng pong are hns chuel unleresls al presenl Bowling Club Chess Club lvleleorology Club and unlul :ls dxsbandmenl member ol lhe hugh school Bowllng Team Doris Hopfer Aclnvnlnes Biology Club Tralhc Squad GAA and vxce presudenl ol homeroom Doris plans lo devole her lxme wrxlung Mass Osbo n lullle mnssules ol loy from eslher Skndrnore or Vassar Don Ray Hubachek Known lor hls excellenl lasle In clolhes Snap has haunled lhe backslage as a member ol lhe Slage Crew He rs now an lhe Navy where aclnon IS lhe besl allraclnon Leave ml lo hum lo gel In deepesl' Jerry Hudss Useless plans lo enler engnneerung bul ll lhe war does nol end he wall dnslnnguush hnmsell un lhe servsce ol lhe Unuled Slales Army Scholarshup Science lvlalh and Radio Clubs lnlramural Sporls especially lrack have unleresled Jerry 23 ball and baseball. On lhe Biology Club,ICurrerll Evenls . V T . . . I I a f J K ,l James Kennelh Hunhnglon Jnrnmy us a lellerman un lool ball and swzmmnng l-le was co caplann ol lhe swnmmnng leam and has enloyed lhe dlslnncluon ol benng GO col leclor and represenlallve lor lwo years lhe Naval Arr Corps IS Included nn has nmmedlale lulure plans Nancy Sara lmmerman Thus us slalnon I M M calllng Nancy plans on raduo work aller college or psychology sludy B ware Doclor Klldare Scholarship Club Social Servlce Club Rochellean l-lomeroom Pressdenl Bnology Club Volleyball modern dance and badmmlon lake up lhal lime when Nancy nsnl bexng wully Dorolhy Ann lrvlne A really man sized ambuluon has Dolly an her wash lo become a commercial arllsl lllce Jon Whrlcombl Shes had a llnger In lusl aboul every ple lrom Rochellean ArlSla1ClloC-O Kepresenlallve Olher acllvulles Include Social Service Club Arl Club Morse Code homeroom olhces and sporls Nalurally Dollys bound lor Arl School Emily Israel Allhough Emily ns lhe qunel lype she proved her alhlelnc prowess ID baseball as a pnlcher Sporls Tralllc Squad Joan Rulh Jacobslenn Presudenl ol Soclal Servuce Club Club and Rochellean Ednlorual Slall Jake also ran oll wnlh a lew honors She won lhe larsl pruze an French lhree years and received honorable menluon an lhe Na llonal Science Talenl Search College along scnenlnlnc :nes Ralph Slernleld Jaslcow Jazzy us headed lor lhe Wharlon School ol Business U ol Pennsylvania lo sludy In lhe lleld ol hns chlel lnleresl lransporlalnon Scholarshnp Malh and Bnology Clubs secrelary Library Councul lraclc man ager cross counlry lnnance commlllee vnce presldenl ol Sensor and Junsor homerooms edllornal slall Rochel ean Roberl Tillman Johnson Our own Tubbel us gosng lo sludy volce al lhe Jullllard School ol Music l-le was nn lhe Boys Glee Club Chorus A Cappella and lhe Biology Club Good luck Bob' Lewis Logan Jones Mool Courl Malh Club Louue a good lennns player would lllce lo go lo college and malce plenly ol money Slephen W Kann Bug business man Kann has successlully man aged lhe lunancual angles lor lhe l-lerald and Rochel lean lor lhe pasl lhree years Besides bolhernng people lor ads Sleve was also Vice presndenl ol lhe Slamp Club and on lhe Currenl Evenls Club Scholarshlp Club Cross Counlry Finance Commnllee and Junlor Prom Com mnllee John Kelpluan Belore he lell N RHS lor Dwnghl Prep In January Jeelc led a busy lnle as co edulor ol lhe l-ler ald lencer exlraordrnary and dlrl colurnmsl I h lunlor year Johnny was a member ol lhe G O Execullve Councll and ol lhe Conslululuon Commullee and recenved lhe gold non alhlelnc award lor has service lo lhe school 24 V.-' ,1w - . ,V I . Lf"l :fy K ,, ,If 1 . " . y ' 1 t JH J il m l lr, V t , n 1 I ju 1. ' . e- homeroom banker, G.A.f'-X. represenlalive, Scholarship r . ' I ' ' 1 ' , ' ' . n is Jane Glynn Kern lnTeresTed In Tarmlng Ja IS headIng Tor The Ambler School oT T-lorTIculTure Tor Women nexT sum mer She has been engaged In The Garden Club SporTs Club a P E leader Tor Three years and The capTaIn oT her hockey Team RoberT Edward KeTcham Bob s TuTure IS as yeT undecuded because oT The ever presenT draTT He has always been ready To lend a helpIng hand and hIs acTIvITIes Include Fmance CommITTee JUHIOF Prom ComrnITTee Cross Coun Try and Track Teams TraTTIc Squad Elame Kleln AClIVlllGS Tower Players Soccer homeroom banker and TrIg MUSIC ArT Square Danclng and LITera Ture are among her InTeresTs Elalne wanTs To malor In Enghsh and DesIgnIng aT Pembroke Wlllldm Andrew Kleln lll Benng PresIdenT oT hIs Jumor home room a member oT The Scholarshup Club and on The BUST ness STaTT oT The Rochellean are noT The leasT oT BIll s acTIvITIes PublIcITy Chanrman oT boTh The Tun Can Dance and The G O Dance BIII plans To go To The UnIversITy oT MIchIgan To Take ChemIcal Engnneermg aTTer The war Jerome Kohlberg Where There s hard work To be done There also Wlll you TInd Jerry PresIdenT oT sennor class presI denT oT ScholarshIp Club presIdenT oT homeroom capTaIn oT Track and cross counTry Teams secreTary of lumor class GO collecTor Junnor Prom commITTee Semor Plannung commITTee Rochellean edITorIal sTaTT varsITy baskeTball Tower Players SwaThmore Norman Krelsman Norm wIll aTTend Cornell UnIversITy where he wIll sTudy ChemIcal engIneerIng Included In hus acTIvITIes were BIology Club TraTTIc squad bankIng edI Torual sTaTT Rochellean Tower Players ATCA Club James J Kroncles Jummy was an acTIve member oT The band and orchesTra In hIs sophomore and Iunnor years and Traveled wITh The specIal band and orchesTra IH l94I To ATlanTIc CITy Jlmmy IS InTeresTed IH phoTography and IS a member oT The PhoTography Club T-Te plans To go InTo accounTIng and aTTaIn a C PA raTIng and Then wIll con sIder buslness In The TuTure Mary Ollve Landrlne Mary an acTIve dancer wIIl sTudy musIc aT VIFQIDI6 STaTe College ThaT beIng one oT her maIn InTeresTs She IS a greaT one Tor all sporTs BaskeTball Honor Team Florence ElIzabeTh Lee Florence a member oT The Leaders Group plans To enTer VIrgInIa STaTe IT noT college she wnll underTake deTense work Wlllldm Lehman BIII would lIke To conTInue sTudyIng aT col lege IH June IT Uncle Sam doesnT change hIs plans HIS acTIvITIes Include Rochellean EdITorIal STaTT CurrenT EvenTs Club 25 . . I, I, . . i I ' I , . . II III - - I I ' , . - I I I - I I I ' . . I . . . . ' -. . I I ' II II - I . . , I - I I I ' I I . . , . . ,I II . . . ' I I I , . . II II . - - I I I ' - II II , , , . . . . . II . II - . . . , ' I I I . I , ' I - I . . II . II . . . . . I . . . . . . II II . . I WalTer Eugene Lehmann BusIness STaTT oT The HuguenoT Herald CurrenT EvenTs Club Head Banker Cross Coun Try AssT Manager oT BaskeTball are some oT hIs acTIvITIes EITher The army or college work wIll claIm hIs aTTenTIon aTTer graduaTIon WalTer Theodore Leon An engIneerIng course aT NorThwesT ern UUIVGFSITY IS WalTers ambITIon BesIdes The Scholar shIp and Brldge Clubs he has gone ouT Tor baskeTball badmInTon and InTramural baseball He wIII Travel mIles To see eITher Tommy Dorsey or The Dodgers Walier M LevI A college course IH Chen'IIsTry IS one oT WalTer s TuTure plans He would prefer To sTudy aT eITher LehIgh Yale or Rensselaer When on The swImmIng Team WalTer was varsITy backsTroke HIS chIeT InTeresT In hIgh school IS chem wITh Doc Spear He has been a member oT The ScholarshIp Club and The CurrenT EvenTs Club John Wlllldm Lerew Plans on goIng To College under The Navy and becomIng an engIneer John s well rounded ac TIVITISS are GO RepresenTaTIve Baseball VarsITy FooT ball ScholarshIp Club and lnTramural BaskeTball Marlon Bernhard Lleben ATTer graduaTIon Trom hIgh school MarIon plans To go To nursmg school OrchesTra Scholar shlp Club TraTTIc Squad BIology Club and BadmInTon make up her varled GCTIVITIGS FaITh LIeT l:aITh IS plannIng To malor In ChemIsTry In Mlchlgan Band Scholarshxp Club SenIor Rmg CommITTee Home room presIdenT Planmng STaTT oT Rochellean SocIal ServIce Club TFGTTIC Squad SporTs Tower Players SenIor Prom CommITTee ChemIsTry and Buology Clubs Jullan Loeb JulIe IS an acceleraTed Iumor He plans To CONTINUE hIs maThemaTIcal InTeresTs aT college ScholarshIp cu Marlorle KIfkWOOd Loomls STevens College Tor Tlymg TFGIHIUQ s Marges goal She hopes To go In Tor commercIal GVIBTIOD aTTer The war IS over A T C A Red Cross BrIdge Club and BIology Club Also Leaders Group volley ball archery golT Table TENNIS hockey baseball and deck TennIs Helga H LOWSHSTSIH A Capella ChoIr BIology Club French Club Tower Players Jackle s compleTIng hIgh school In Three years ID order To enTer nursIng school She plans To IOII1 The Army Nursmg Corps and Then geT marrIed RuTh Ellnor Lowy LIbrary CouncIl SocIal ServIce Club H guenoT Herald and Rochellean BusIness STaTTs TFGTTIC Squad Tower Players and volleyball are Included In her school GCTIVITISS RuTh wIll do her share IH The WAAC s IT noT busmess school or college IS her nexT choIce 26 - II II I I I ' , . . . . , . . . . , I . . . I I . l I , . I I - I - II - II . . I . . , , ' , . L I . , ' I I I I I ' - - II II . I I I I I I I , . I II . II . . . - II III . . . . . . ., I A I I - I I ' I I I I 1 I I I, . ,I . . , . I I ' , . I . . . . ,I 1 I I U- II II II - - I I . . . . . I - I I - - Fred W Lyon Samson has been prelly busy here Consll lulnon Commnllee Band Orcheslra Junior Prom Cornmnl lee Tower Players Scholarship Club and lnlramurals have laken much ol hls lrme He also gnves wnlh a lrombone In Duck Goddards orcheslra Unnversuly ol Muchugan wll recenve a swell polenlual lnduslrnal designer Jerry Mahoney Red gradualed lrom old N R H S al lhe hallway mark He wenl lo defense school lo help Uncle Sam lnlramural baskelball Donald Madden Don can be seen perambulalnng aboul our halls and enlernng has classes wllh lhal lorlorn look ol his He IS a greal supporler ol all school dances Belly Malmo Belly was a member ol lhe Scholaslrc Club dur mg her lunnor and sensor years She also parlncnpaled IH lhe Rudmg Club Morse Code Huguenol Herald War Slamp Commullee and Blology Club Aller graclualuon she IS headlng lor a lournaluslac career wnlh lurlher sludy ang al lhe College ol New Rochelle Mildred Manhelmer Mum would luke lo allend Oberlnn Col lege and lhen lurlher her arlusllc snleresls by sludynng commercnal arl She has a slrong dnsluke lor champagne Some ol lhose characleruslucs you see lloalnng around lhe school are lrom Mums pen Scholarshnp Club Tower Players Buology Club Tennis Badmnnlon Volleyball Daniel J Markell Mousey expecls lo allend Ohuo Slale Unnversuly nl lhe war doesn l nnlerrupl has plans Hrs aclnv Typung Club Bowlmg Club and Busxness Slall ol Rochel ean Wlllnam Holl Mawhinney Wnllue wnll enlher go mnlo proles sional pholography or aeronaullcal engmeerung Included ID hls aclnvnlnes were Camera Club ATCA Avualnon slage crew Tower Players Joseph F McCoy J Descendung on N RHS from lsaac Young Joe has added a dash ol paprika lo our Sensor Class He hopes lo go lo college bul he s expeclung a call lrom lhe Bug Boss belore he gels lhe chance John Francis McCullough Macs greal ambalmon as lo be come an olhcer nn lhe Unlled Slales Merchanl Marsne Has aclsvulnes Include lhe Cheer leader Squad and lhe Aur Tralnlng Corps ol America Phyllis McLaughlln Before I943 comesl a l 5 Phyllns ho s lo be worknng ln a war planl or maklng u of her lla l arl and creallve wrnlnng Ml . , . ' . . . . I ilies include Trallic Squad, Homeroom Secrelary, Banker, I ' - . , r.- ' . . .. ' ' - o X3 I ' pe ' - .5 l ll ' yullg , . I J l, , . ' 1,33 A - 27 Thomas McWaTers ATTer graduaTuon and Then Tor The dura Tuon Thomas expecTs To serve un The mounTed cavalry oT The UnuTed STaTes Army Hus posT war plans ponnT To be comung a veTerunaruan aTTer havung sTudued aT STores or Cornell Hus maun hobby us workung wuTh anumals espe cually wuTh dogs FursT Aud Club Leonard Mecca Len has been one oT The alependables on The baske+balI and baseball Teams He and hus smulung counTenance are soon desTuned Tor The Army upon gradu aTuon Aluce Joan Meuer WuTh Pembroke as her probable desTunaTuon Aluce has been acTuve un The Buology Club Socual Servuce Club Tower Players and us a member oT The Busuness STaTT oT The Rochellean as well as The G A A CaTherune Melervey CaThy who us a newcomer un The halls oT N R H S plans To aTTend The College oT New Rochelle and branch ouT un The Tueld oT poeTry Ruchard B Menun Duck us a member oT The Scholarshup Club us manager oT The baseball Team and was on The Junuor VarsuTy FooTball Team Dck us also un The band and orchesTra The TraTTuc squad The CurrenT EvenTs Club and The busuness sTaTTs oT The Rochellean and The HuguenoT Herald Duck plans To go To DarTmouTh and malor un busuness enguneerung Arnold MeTThew Meyer Jr lTs a chemucal enguneerung course aT New York UnuversuTy Tor ManhaTTan aTTer The war us Tunushed He lukes chemusTry and us crazy abouT gurls Two oT Them STage Crew of Tower Players BeTTy Anne Meyer BeTTy hopes To enTer euTher Vassar or SmuTh Buology Club Scholarshup Club War STamp CommuTTee HuguenoT Herald and SecreTary of Socual Servuce Club are among her acTnvuTues Senuor GuTT CommuTTee Senuor Plannung CommuTTee TraTTuc Squad Rochellean AnneTTe Cecella Muller Nursung aT Lenox Hull wull be callung NeTTue soon Along wuTh hockey badmunTon archery and bowlung comes a fondness Tor hamburgers and French Trues and a dusluke Tor crew cuTs WalTer Francus Muller WalT us goung To do hus besf To geT unTo The UnuTed STaTes Navy Aur Corps and help To smash The Axus He has been vuce presudenT oT hus home room Tor Two years You ve seen hum playung varsuTy TooTball Besudes These sporTs he has swummung and lnTramurals To hus creduT Howard HerberT Mulls Brud us goung unTo The MerchanT Marune To play hus parT un The war and Then on To ToresTry To hus luTe work Vuce PresudenT oT The GO CounTy SprunT Champuon G O RepresenTaTuve Scholarshup Club AThleTucs CommuTTee and Homeroom PresndenT 28 u u T- nu i u ' .. .2 , . . . . uu uu . . -1 u . . . ., - . uu - uu - - -l - uu lu -I - uu uu uu - uu v ' T - - uu lu b 1 l u . u uu uu . . u - - - uu lu u u - uu . uu - ' . u - u u , . . . uu uu - - - , . . . u . uu uu - - - r . . . . - . A I' u - - u u Arfhur Morris Arhe gradualed from dear old N R H S ar mud year lo go nnro rhe Army He and has srahon wagon could be seen delmvernng bncycles on many a day afrer school Doro+hy Falih Newman By enlerung The New Rochelle Hos pnral School of Nursnng Dororhy luke so many orher young gurls wlll be perlormnng a greal servuce for her counlry Some of her numerous achvnhes rnclude Band Orcheslra Presxdenf of Red Cro s Club and Buology Club S Pe+er Nowak When Boxer wasnl' shadow boxing an The halls he 'look an achve parl on The Fencing Team In The Chemnslry Club Bnology Club and Scholarshnp Club He was secrefary of The Mafh Club R P I clarmed hum January and he ns now sluclylng +0 become a mefallurgucal engineer ons Mlrlam Noye Locys ambuhon as ro be a model or a dancer Capraln of Grrls Soclcer Team Baslcefball Span :sh Club Vlrguma Marne Nuvollm Baslcelball Tower Players Rochel lean Sraff Scholarship Club and P E Leader are among Gln s favorule achvuhes She plans lo worlc dur ang summers ar Vogue while arfendlng Connechcur Col lege lhen conhnue worlcrng lhere afler graduahon Dolores O Dell Dolores as uncerrarn as To 'fufure plans bu+ If lhe war as over soon she would lnlce fo gel marrled Her nnreresr nn 'rhe Huguenor Herald waxed durung her lunuor and sensor year Charles Osiberg A T C A Biology Club Secrerary of Home room Hrs mam hobbies are sporfs In general swummnng nn parhcular chemnsrry books and gurls Cmfadel College as hrs choice Anihony Ar+hur Paladmo Lnndys furure plans concern rhe Army Anr Corps for +he durahon of 'rhe war and a career nn Commercnal Arr aflerward lnlramurals Baseball and Foolball Radio Club Angelo Bellmo Pascluh Afler Jralcung a pre defence course al Alberr Leonard an The machine shop Angelo hopes lo go Jrhrough college Ilaluan Club Scholarshrp Club and lnrer nahonal Morse Code Eslelle C Payne She II rake a +eacher s course al Howard Un: versnly or Vurgunua Srafe College Baslcefball Baseball Volley Ball Fursl And Knmfhng Club Biology Club 29 , . . . . , s , . , . . . . . . nn L :- ' Y I T l I T , , a . . , . , . . . Z . . . ., , ' . . , . , ' l Y T Pa+rIcIa Nlchols Pearson Berkeley Secre+arIal School wIll b greered by Jrhar bloomrng smule and baby slare as PaH'y makes her enrrance nexf fall SOCI6l SSFVICS Club lnrer nahonal Morse Code volleyball and baskefball are some of her Inreresls Ofhers Include saIlIng naval umforms and converlable cars Alber'I'a Ka+herIne Person Alberfa s one of Those who s been a member of Jrhe PhysIcal FI+ness Club BIology Club and one of Mr Broadhead s sungers In Jrhe A Cappella Chonr Her spor+s Include volleyball baseball and hockey Affer graduahon Alber+a hopes +o enrer Skldmore College Jacquellne Peferson JackIe expecfs 'ro conhnue her work In fashIon Illuslrahon afrer graduahon a+ eI+her rhe Trap hagen School ol Desngn or MIamI UnIversI+y Oxford OhIo She s been a member of Tower Players fhe Scholar shIp Club on lhe Rochellean sfafl l-lugueno+ Herald arf slaff In GIrls Glee Club and a Leader for GIrls Sporrs Doro+hy Jean PhIlIps Dol belonged +o 'rhe Rochellean busIness and edI+orIal s+aT'Fs B ology Club and +he G A A She plans To go 'ro New York UDIV6FSI'l'y +o malor In Journahsm Ruih J Pollak Affer workIng IH rhe BIology Club SocIal Serv Ice Club Curren+ Evenfs Club Scholarshup Club Tower Players Rochellean and aPrer school sporfs Rufh found lersure +o wIn scIence QFIZSS collec+ endless sweafers and wrI+e leffers 'ro her many frnends She expecfs ro con+Inue 'rhe sfudy of SCIGHCG a+ MI Holyoke Vlfglhld Pond GInny says +ha'r college IS nexf mosr lIkely ac+IvI+Ies here have Included makIng +he Scholarshup Club 'rwo dncferenf years QOIDQ ou+ for Table TSDDIS and beIng a member of rhe Bnology Club and Jrhe Warhme DISGGSGS Club under +he War AClIVIlI9S Program Charles V PrIes'rman Some of you may remember Chuck lhe wolf In Mrs Moonhghf and some as 'rhe producer whose hobby was coolung In Oul of rhe FryIng Pan buf no one can forgef +ha'r he dud a grand Iob AmbI+Ion Wflllng Clubs ChemIs'rry Chess ElIzabe+h Ellen Pressprnch Ar+ school and adverhsmg are cer Jrannly In rhe Tu'rure for Lz She has con+rIbu'red +o fhe school Jrhrough her work on 'rhe TechnIcal Sraff Ari' Club and Tower Players O+her Inleresls are 'rennrs and model ng LIZ loves everybody and I+ s murual Barbara Ulrln BesIdes beIng a Serge-anf of +he Trafhc Squad bar B claIms membershIp IH 'rhe BIology Club Schol arshIp Club and fhe SocIal ServIce Club She has also served on rhe TIn Can Dance and The War Sfamp Com mIHee and on lhe Rochellean sraff Her sporfs Include Tencmg modern dance and bowlIng Hs Smlrh nexr she hopes Fern Lucllle Rahe LucIl IS headed for Colby Jumor College +o srudy lo be a Docror assIs+an'r Trallhc Squad Rochel lean gym leader sporfs BIology Club 30 . . . - - - e ' ' ' , l , . . . Connecricur College for Women or lvlounr Hblyoke. l-ler . ' - " " as I . " ' " ' - " . Q " f f ' . . . ' '- . Q . . I - John Luddle Ramsay Muscles fhe old sea dog us headed for The New Yorlc Sfale Merchanl Marune Academy We re all holdung our breafhs whule he Talces hus physucall S+ephen B Randolph Colonels ambuhon us +o become a gunner on a PT Boal He gradua+ed un February 'ro go lo R Pl where he us now sludyung chemucal enguneerung for hus ulfumale goal a capfaun of lndusfry Chaurman of Funance Comumflee Scholarshup Club Presuden+ of Home room Buology Club and Advanced Raduo Course Rober+ Read The 'rropucs from The coclcpul of a plane us Bob s ambuluon Besudes beung on lhe Tower Players Traffuc Squad and Senuor Homeroom Presudenl he found +ume 'ro amasse an amazung collecluon of real 'azz records and +0 become an experl shof He also has a muscellany of rufles and ofher weapons whuch may come un handy agaunsf lhe Japs Pa+rucua Helene Reud Pal has many unferesls bofh un and oulsude of school She us a member of 'rhe Hugh School Scholarshup Club and she plans lo become a navy nurse uf +he war us slull goung on afler gradualuon Lous Dorofhy Rogers Lous would lulce +o be a dressmalcer afler she has compleled her hugh school career Joan Leslue Roncler Ronnue wull aH'end Mu' Holyolce Col lege G A A secrefary presudenl of Currenf Evenls Club Rochellean Ar+ sfaff Slandard Slar Hugh School Re porler GO represenlaluve Execuluve Councul Acfuvuhes chaurman of Scholarshup Club Tower Players Lucy Rosensohn Upon gradualuon Lucy would lulce 'ro enfer Smufh or Connecfucuf College for Women Homeroom presudenl Treasurer Lubrary Councul War Sfamp Com muflee Rochellean Busuness slaff Scholarshup Club and sporfs Jeanne Helen Ross Jeanne enlered New Rochelle Hugh School +wo years ago Her acluvulues here have uncluded The A Cappella chour and lhe chorus She plans 'ro allrend college buf us yel undecuded as +0 whuch one Mor'l'on Roiman lvl J has for hus posl war plans a course un enguneerung preferably al' Muchugan Unhl fha? fume us reached he plans To serve un The Army Aur Force He has been elecfed home room banlcer un all lhree years of hugh school and has been a member of lhe Scholarshup Club for 'rhaf same peruod Baslcefball GO Councul Cross Coun Jury Chernusfry Club Carl Theohlus Russell Russ us n +he Army now He us par Jrucularly unleresled un all phases of avuahon and has done work un aurplane conslruchon and mechanucal drawung Sporls 3l c uu uu - u u . u uu u uu - - - , . u u ' , . . . . u ' u u . . . uu uu - - - 1' u u . uu - uu - . . . . , . uu nu uu nu - I - u - - u u , . u u u u ' - nu uu . . u u u uu uu . - , . u . , . . , ' , . . uu uu - - ' , I I . u Allce T SBWICRI GIrls Glee Club BaslceTball Archery Volley ball SoTTball Dramahcs Group AlIce plans To be an army nurse Tor servnce overseas John RoberT Saxelby Sax IS plannIng To become a mechanIc In The AIr Corps aTTer graduaTIon l-le was a member oT The Blology RITle and AIr TraInIng Corps oT AmerIca Lab Clubs l-le IS InTeresTed IH rITles hIlcIng machInery and slcaTIng Raymond ReInharT SchIFf Ray s The boy wITh The apTITude Tor wmmng all The conTesTs and prIzes A Tew acTIvITIes are l-luguenoT Herald CurrenT EvenTs Club Rochellean Flagbearer BIology Club and Chess Club Thus TuTure EdIson has IusT been dIscovered by The NaTIonal WesTIng house ScIence TalenT Search and InTends To sTudy scIence In college Glorla Schlossberg STInlcey would be very saTIsTIed To go To NorTh Caroluna UDIVSFSITY Women s College She delved InTo varuous acTIvITIes The lnTernaTIonal Morse Code So cual Servuce Club BIology Club and The Rochellean BUSINESS STaTf EPIC J SchmerTz Erxc enloys parTIcIpaTIng IU aThleTIcs ln hIs sophomore and Iumor years he made The varsITy baseball Team and In hIs lasT Three years he has enTered In InTra mural aThleTIcs ATTer graduaTIon Erlc plans To go To col lege urITIl he IS draTTed ATTer The war he expecTs To major In governmenT worlc Vlrglnld Schnebly GInnIe and her daydreamlng have been seen around school here playrng baslceTball and a II++Ie baseball and Then some archery She s been a member oT The ScholarshIp Club The ArT Club and The Tower Players FuTure plans Include SecreTarIal School Henry B Schoenberger Tower Players BIology Club GO Councul l-lomeroom PresIdenT Vuce PresIdenT and Secre Tary TooTball and swImmIng Teams comprIse Hanks ac TIvITIes l-le wnll sTudy medIcIne aT college specIalIzIng In GGFIGTICS aT+er he helps To WIN The war RoberT W Schramm Bob plans To go To WorcesTer Tech To pursue hIs InTeresT In avIaTIon BIology Club Morse Code Club ScholarshIp Club Rlchard Schroeder DIck wanTs To go To Syracuse aTTer graduaTIon Swummung Team ScholarshIp BIology and PhysIcal endurance Clubs homeroom secreTary JaneT RuTh Schwab ConnecTIcuT College Tor Women wIll wel come Johnme our TITIan haIred all sTar aThleTe BesIdes parTIcIpaTIng In every conceuvable aTTer school sporT she was also In The Scholarshup Club GAA Board Jumor Prom CommITTee Rochellean Senuor Dance and Plan nIng CommITTees SocIal ServIce Club and War STamp CommITTee 32 0 . . . I I "' I I I ' I I - II II- - - I I - I I I . . II I II - - II II II II I I I I I - - II - II - - . . . I . , ' - - - II II I I I 1' . I I I II - - II - I I , . . T I I - - I I ' ' - - - II I II I - - I , . . II II . L - I , . . II - II - I I I , . II . II . . . . I ' I ' - ' I , . . . , - II II - I I ' I Wal+er ScoH Besndes benng one of 'rhe maunsfays of +he fool ball Team he has been ou+ 'For 'rrack and been on lhe champnonshup lnframural baslce+ball leam Luke many ofhers he wall loin lhe army aller graduahon Laura Frances Seacord Miss Conard will cerlaunly mnss Laura who has been achve In fhe library ever since enferung hugh school She wall conhnue her work by goung +o college and 'rhen fo lnbrary school Presldenr Library Councnl Ivan Selig Anolher acceleraled gunlor he us now an enlusled member of fhe Naval Amr Corps l-hs achvnhes Include nnframural baslcelball GO colleclor and band Jane C Senior Jane can cur a mean hgure elghl on :ce or roller slcafes She plans lo go To secrefarual school where we lcnow she II be successful l-ler nnferesls vary from swam mnng 'lo men 4F Brldge Club Assuslanf Banker Fnrsl And Club baseball and archery are some of her achvnhes Caryl June Shapiro Caryl one of fhe accelerahng lumors will go 'ro college unhl she s old enough +o 'om fhe WAMS Girls sporfs G A A Scholarship Biology Clubs leaders 'rrafhc squad gurls choxr Roberi' Shenlcer Bobs ummedlale plans are 'ro alfend col lege affer he graduares from N RHS Among olher lhnngs Bob has buull model aeroplanes whuch +he army wull use for rdenhfncahon l-le was a member of +he Phys whlch e ns adepf Mar lza 'Ph Shor+er Belsy IS one of The all around J-ifype odellng and deslgnnng wnll probably claim her upon graduahon l-ler varied achvnhes have Included Presldenl of The GAA Chalrman of War Sfamp Com mxHee Chairman of Tun Can Dance Tower Players Social Servuce Club Biology Club Sensor Prom Sensor Planning Sfahf Rochellean Eduforual Sfaff er+ Simon Bob IS leaving N R l-l S early +o rake up bus: ness admnnlsfrahon In college l-Ins flashy sporl coals are The apple of his fruends eyes Warren Jack Slnshelmer Warren has Tower Players Biology Club Scholarshlp Club and Radio Club +o hrs creduf He accelerafed as a Junuor and as a resulf he wnll gradua+e In June l-hs fufure plans are 'For college and he hopes +0 en+erV lvl l or Darlmoulh Judlih Slsluncl Judy ns a member of +he Scholarshlp Club and Bxology Club She as also one of 'rhe besf barnlone horn players In Jfhe Band and Orcheslra Gmrls Sporls Her fulure plans lake In Tulls College 33 ical Endurance Club. lilis hobby is riding, a sporf al I in u . I . - 1. a jg Hu ' ,, . .Y A r Aubrey Jean SmlTh Probably Wllllam and Mary wull be SmnTTys nexT sTop aT Texas Chrlshan doesnT geT her TursT Here Though you all have seen her on The Labrary Councll promphng and speaknng her parT Tor The Tower Players appearing aT Bsology Club meehngs and helping The Gnrls Glee Club and The OrchesTra enTerTaun William A SmlTh SmlTTy IS now on The varslTy swimming Team l-le has also parTlclpaTed In Tennis Track and baskeT ball l-le has been achve In lnTramural baskeTball and bad mlnTon ln The laTTer he emerged Third SmnTTy expecTs To go To Columbia and sTudy enguneerlng aTTer which Tame he plans To go To SouTh America Phyllrs Helen Square Phyl wall Take an arT course aT The New York School of Design aTTer graduaT1on In June Biology Club Tennns Morse Code Club Mary Jeanne STewarT If Jeanne lsnT smnlnng shes laughing much To everybody s pleasure WlTh many exTra curricular acTuvlTnes To her credrT she wanTs To aTTend Middlebury college G-AA Board SecreTary sensor class Sensor Planning CommnTTee Scholarship Club Tun Can ueen Marlorle Frances STocker There ll be a brg pair of shoes Tor someone To full when Margie leaves OuTsTandmg In bowling she has also nncluded Biology Club Social Service Club Morse Code Tennvs and TraThc Squad In her acTnv :Tues AT The momenT IT ns undeclded wheTher Duke or Skidmore wall be The lucky college Adelle Sussberg Adelle and her hand knlT sweaTers wall go To The UmversuTy oT Pennsylvama nexT Tall Her malor unTer esT IS arT whach she IS golng To make her vocaTlon RoberT B Symon Red Bob IS leavmg a year ahead of sched ule In order To enTer Yale ID The Tall G O RepresenTaTnve Scholarship Club B Squad FooTball Tower Players Norman STanley Talner l-loT Lnps was a hoT TrumpeT player In Duck Goddards band Bnology Club band orchesTra lnTramurals Planning STaTT oT The Rochellean Semor Rang CommuTTee TraTTlc Squad and ATC A were a Tew oT has acTnvuT1es The UnuversuTy oT Machugan clalmed hum In January EnlxsTed on V I Naval Reserve Ralph David Tanz RaTe hopes To go To Cornell and evenTu ally To Tollow The noTeworThy profession oT medlclne l-le has parTucnpaTed In dramahcs and Tenms and has been a member oT The Bnology Club and of The TraTTlc Squad An all round Tellow he has carved has niche In The walls OTNRT-IS Wllllam Oliver Taylor BITS as highly lnTeresTed In all Type sporTs I'-le knows The game oT baseball and :Ts players we 34 ' I I - . . , - ' I I - , , Q . . . 1 I - . T , ' . . . ' v Roberl' Halsey Tassol' Bob s chaef hope for fhe fufure as fo affend New Yorlc Unaversafy Scholarshap Club Slcafang Club and Pang pong Club Bob as an all round fellow and a good sfudenf l-le especaally lalces mafh and scaence Barbara Ullmann Bobbae s Vogue lalce slcefches of fashaon fag ures are fhe envy of her enfare homeroom Besades lendang her falenfs fo fhe varaous arf sfaffs she was an fhe Baology Club Arf Club and played pang pong affer school Bar b ra wall go on fo college as an arf maaor and wall confanue affer fhaf an an arf faeld Peler Van Alsfyne Slceefs cheery blond counfenance may be seen panfomanang upon fhe sfage and as cheerleader capfaan af foolball and baslcefball games l-le has been ever ready fo lend a helpang hand af farsf call l-las acfav afaes anclude Tower Players Chaarman of The Tan Can Dance Sno Ball Dance Cheerleaders and GO Repre senfafave Voule'Ha van Heusen Ranlcang farsf on Leffy s lasf of anferesfs as Jerry wafh arf runnang second Leffy s arf edafor of fhe l-luguenof Herald presadenf of her homeroom and a member of fhe Scholarshap Club for fwo years She dad many of The carfoons an fhe l'-742 Rochellean and posfers for school dances and draves Margarei R Venable Margaref plans fo enfer a School of Ball Baseball John Lawrence Vaggaano John s maaor aob here has been Manager of fhe Baseball Team of l942 af New Rochelle l-lagh School an capafal leffers Affer he s receaved fhaf long worlced for daploma has nexf sfep as fhe Navy for he anfends fo enfer af and malce af has lafe s worlc Susan Wanamalcer Susan hopes fo be able fo aad fhe war efforf by sfudyang nursang Ofher anferesfs anclude mar raage an June Rachard Warren Daclc as one of fhose guaef fellows who says laffle and does a lof An accelerafang aunaor he wall con fanue has scaenfafac anferesfs af college Scholarshap Club Harvey Wecleen l-larvey wall descend on Columbaa Unaver safys pre medacal school Acfavafaes Twace Presadenf of l-lome room Scholarshap Club Tower Players Baology Club and Mafhemafacs Club Marvan Meyer Wecleen lvlarvan and has camera are and wall forever be anseparable You ve probably seen some of has excepfaonal shofs of foofball and baslcefball games Pho fography Edafor of fhe l-lerald Rochellean Phofog raphy Sfaff co oraganafor of foofball programs Scholar shap Club banlcer and lnframural Sporfs N Y Sf fe College of Agraculfure fagures an has fufure plans 35 a l 1 l n D Q Beauflclans. Defense Club, Typing Club, Soccer, Volley ' , I , . .V . a Maude PaTrlcla Werner The sTar member oT The Tower Play ers PaT wanTs no ordunary professuon She wanTs To be a Spanish sTenographer and she plans To sTudy aT The LaTln Amerlcan lnsTlTuTe Vlrgunla Bodell WeTmore Cvnnger us planning To go To Miami UnuversrTy OxTord Ohio Her acTnvlTaes were Scholarship Club Tower Players HuguenoT Herald sTaTT eduToral sTaTT Rochellean Senaor GITT CommlTTee Biology Club Glrls Glee Club Cwrls sporTs Frank Wulp Frank ns anoTher oT our ambnhous acceleraT1ng lumors He has been acT1ve nn TooTball and Track belng one oT N R H S s polevaulTers Lyman R Whelan Lyman played varsuTy TooTball In l94l and 42 and was Table Tenms champ an hrs sophomore year Lyman was a sergeanT oT The TraTTuc squad and a member oT The TooTball and bridge clubs In has semor year Lyman was Treasurer oT has homeroom Lyman lnTends To go To Vallanova College beTore going mTo servlce Jean Whldden The Social Servnce and Bnology Clubs and The Dramahcs Club under The War AcTuvuTnes Program have all held Weennes unTeresT BuT Girls Chorus baskeTball volleyball and soccer have also been some oT her acTnv :Tues ATTer graduahon l hope To secure a possTnon an PaTrlcla EllzabeTh WhsTe a wanTs To aTTend KaThernne Crnbbs aTTer graduaTuon To prepare Tor secreTarual work Socnal Service Club and Morse Code were her acTnvrTues Carol B Wlck KaThernne Gibbs will probably be Squeekys nexT sTop aTTer diplomas have been received BUT sTudenTs here wall remember seeing her sn The A Cappella Choir learnnng doTs and dashes oT Morse Code and bemg acT1ve ID sporTs Some oTher 1nTeresTs are The H1 Y Club and The Brndge Club James C Wrck Jummy has been unducTed 1nTo The Army and has applred Tor permnssnon To Take The Army Amr Force course an meTeorology aT HamulTon College GO Execu Tnve Council chairman oT GO Dance CommnTTee Treas urer oT Rochellean Scholarshlp Club ConsTuTuTnonal CommlTTee banker and G O represenTaTuve Tor Two years Aaron C Williams Dunk plans on enTer1ng a Commercial PrnnTung Trade School aTTer The Army has TorTeuTed nTs clanm He IS very musically unclnned and nnTeresTed In baskeTball and skaTnng Alma Jean Wllllams New Rochelle HospnTal or The Junllmard School oT Muslc wrll claum Red aTTer her graduaTnon Planning CommuTTee oT Sensor Class leader In physical educaT1on class baseball baskeTball 36 a bank." T . . . . -HP Jr.. . Kenne'I'h R Wlllrams Ken as avnahon minded and plans lo +o malce avmahon has lnfes worlc Tower Players Pholog raphy Slafls of lhe l-luguenof Herald and The Rochel lean ATCA Laboralory and Scholarshlp Club have commandeered mosr of has spare hme around school Andrew Edward Woehr B A ns a member of lhe band and orchesfra In whnch he IS a corner solousf l-le rs a lneulenanl on The lrafhc squad and us now presndenr of has home room Durang hrs career af N R l-l S he played J V fool' ball B A expecls ro go Info The army aller graduahon Roberf Roy Wolf Bobbys fufure plans Include Yale and medlcal school provuded lhe drafl doesn 1' nnrerlere Bnol ogy Club Lnbrary Council Currenfs Evenls Club Herald Pholography Slahf Rochellean Pholography Slafl Schol arshup Club Foolball Program Commulree Sclence Talenl' Search Honorable Menhon have been c sen Ida +h g rl re dy lcnows all 'rh es e es :nl oung Bl ogy Cl b Ca e a Chou oche ean r a ers ern ancung me room sixmyg cholarshnp Club Presldenf Advanced Biology Club l-lerald and Sensor Class Day Commlllee Fred L Yarrrng+on Blsmarclc plans lo go ro Cornell Un: verslry nf Uncle Sam doesnf unlerlere Presmdenl of l-lome room Scholarshnp Club and Baseball Squad comprise hrs hugh school achvuhes Nancy Yeager Nan plans +o conhnue her educarnon an college Vuce presldenr of Social Service Club GO secrefary Vnce presvden+ of GAA Scholarship Club Rochellean busuness slafl Tower Players AUGUST I942 Eugene Brlrk Harold Kupermlfh Eleanor Haer Maldelme Marons Alrne Phllrps Jerry Schwarzlropf Mary Siemberg JANUARY 43 Mae Ba'H'le Vernel' Hohman J UNE '43 Sfanley Vandorff 37 Hilda Wyner mirh rnard ca conm 's ll luclcy lo I , ' 1 e N ' h p ll ' f l y , in ss' od- glass pr piracy Grow old along wulh me lhe besl as yer lo be The lasl of llfe lor whlch lhe hrsr was made Browning may have sand ul hrsl bul since hes long been dard We Il use ll now lo slarl The prophecy of Torly lhree Gerlcen lor Pre-sudenl shoul lhe mobs rn slxly hve As Chlclc orares a speech boulr whal lhus counlry needs ns live And whale 'rhe squares are aslung hum whal un he meanl Ray Schuff has discovered The nlnely 'rhlrd elemenl l-lldden an a labyrxnlh ol les? lubes as our Ray The sun rs brrghlly shunlng as he malces synlhehc hay And In a small exclusuve shop along Frlfh Avenue ls Marn Selle Belsy Shorler who vs quule qulle parvenu For she shlches new creahons lhal are really all The rage Her designs are worn by Wyner who lS aclung on The slage M Lord The carnage walls is her blggesl parl lo dale Bur Hayes and Banlchead are shll around seems she s a llllle lale Alhlehc Jerry Kohlberg Tor lhe lasl sux years l-las been rldung round The Garden 'ro a mulhrude of cheers For The champlon orc rlders on a sulver racing bulce Margle Sloclcers swamped wllh offers for The movies and lhe e Her face adorns lhe cover of a rnrlllon magaznnes And from Marne lo California she IS plclured on The screen Whale al The lvlelrooolulan 1n lellers sux Tool Tall Is flashing Robert Johnson whos To sung In Parsufal Joan Ronders now ln Congress malung all lhe rules The Record reporls daily on her lalesl lewels While Lelly now IS married lo her Jerry Wulh lwenly sux chrldren ranglng from Auguslus lo Zerry Tommy Frsedmann lS always busy wulh a pen Grrndfng our lhe grealesl novel ever read by men And Nancy Yeager serves lea lhal she will gracefully pour For a group of soc: ly malrrons al half pasl Tour And as we ve had lo leave our some Thus us Iusr a mere Idea of lhungs lo come 38 T T T . T T . . I . T T T T . f V ' T T T . lllc T T 'e . T up Thzouil tie paula ,HD K +1 J aku DAQ 11"- 5-Z QQ I.. ia- 2 .Z-I' fbi! SepTember I94O saw The arrlval oT some Two hundred rooknes anxious To work and become oTT1cers Because IT was a m1I1Tary secreT no maps oT The camp grounds were gmven ouT lhus :T was several monThs beTore The earchung parTues were abandoned as unnecessary Ihus TIrsT year promlsed o be one oT hard work lop kicks an The Torm oT bIusTernng semors saw IO IT ThaT They were kepT squelched IT seemed luke corporal punnshmenT If T' IN Those days consasTed oT carrying Trays Tor The TrnghTTul sensors who alled ThaT pledgnng IT Took a long Tlme To geT used To mess In such a large hall Any grub TasTed good To Tnose hungry llTTIe prnvaTes Though aTTer Iavnng Tor Three hours under close guard A Tew Tound Themselves IO The guard house aT I28 Tor seemlngly manor oTTenses As members oT The TenTh I TanTry duvusuon PvTs ShorTer and Schwab were given TlrsT class sTrupes Tor Thenr aThIeT1c work PvTs Ronder and SchuTT were TransTerred To The unTell1 gence dlvuslon Rapid advancemenT lay ahead Tor Those up and coming generals ATTer a Two monThs Turlough The l1TTle pr1vaTes reTurned To camp To receive Thenr corporals sTrupes IT made Them laugh To be able To see In he new rookies Thelr acT1ons oT The year beTore lhe army cerTaunly makes a mar oT anyone Corp Cverken was chosen by The company whlch had Then become The elevenTh nnTanTry dnvnsnon as Thenr presvdang oThcer Tor company meeT1ngs Corp Brown became has assnsTanT and Corp Jerry Iohlberg has secreTary Corp Brown was also singled ouT as The sTar oT The camp s TooTball Team I-Ins ouTsTandung work showed promnse Corp Duck Goddard became The camps band leader I-le and has buddles played ouTsude The camp as well as on The grounds Ihere was no holdnng back These soldiers' Some oT Them became expernenced ID chemical warTare as was noTed by The suTTocaTung odors Trom 26I OThers preTerred Tnsh and Togs In 263 The mosT 1mporTanT sungle evenT oT The year was The Amerncan Way The dramaT1c producTnon oT The enTure camp Ivlany oT These corporals were The vocal eTTorTs In The mob scenes Corp Van AlsTyne shone as an all around acTor IU oTher successTul aTTempTs They were nearung The Top oT The ladder The nexT Tall as sargeanTs They would be sure To know everyThmg Once agann These Txghhng boys and gsrls came back To Theur posTs o receive advancemenTs In Theur rank Thus Tnme They reached The peak oT Thelr non commussuoned careers The whole company was promoTed To The rank oT sergeanT Top Sarge Gerken became The head oT The general organlzahon oT The camp SgT Nancy Yeager was hrs secreTary MasTer SgT Kohlberg became The companys commanding oTTucer wnTh SgT Frnedmann as assnsTanT and SoT Jeanne STewarT as secreTary The social TeaTures arranged by The company canTeen were a Tun Can Dance and a Sno Ball ln The course cT The year Three oT The camp unsTrucTors were TransTerred To more acTuve duTy Mr Jones To The Army Ivlr Wnse To The Navy and Ivlnss Carson To The WAVES Mrs Marsh leTT The camp Tor marrued llTe In Calnformas sunny clume SgT Goddard and his musncuans opened an enTerTannmenT spoT Tor The solduers whale OTT camp grounds Their Club WesTchesTer a novelTy IH nTselT became a TavoruTe spoT among The dance Tans Several leTT The camp Tor more advanced work aT such colleges as Rensselaer UnuversuTy oT NorTh Carolina Villanova and Ivllchlgan A Tew leTT Tor acTlve duTy IH boTh army and navy one Tor a Tarm and one Tor a New York school As The year pro gressed as The war became more reallshc To many an aTmosphere oT de Termnnahon was nohced The sTrenuous physucal educahon program dld much To make Them Teel IT more' I-lonor came To SgT Ronder and SchnTT Tor Thenr scnenTuTnc abuluTy also To SgT Gundelhnger JacobsTenn Randolph and Wolf As June came To a close despuTe The grnpung all year There was a Teelnng oT sadness noT due enTurely To RegenTs and cards Three years Tull oT Tun had come To a close The TuTure promnsed To be one oT real sTracT muluTary lnTe Tor a greaT many 39 - I ' - I I I I f Q gf A ,, , . ,, . . . , 1, 45. . ,, . . 1, 2 :J - - - - . QQ g 'V ' ' , . 3,5 S ' , s . I - T T ' dfifflivffi T ' ' s ' ff 1' .5 . . .. ' , ' . . . . 'Q' Itfffsi T ,lj Y- F . - Syl., K, . . ' D . . .- wun.:-I " - . - , - - ' . A . - . I - . fe I I - , - I I I T I L :Q Z , ll I - I . . . . W 5 - K ty., . . . . fl 5, - sl . . . . I R X T T ' . I I 3 T . ' . . ., . - ' ' . ' ' - - 4 4 1 .L I I T . . . . . I I , , . . . . , I I 'ap' .M T- , - ' - ' ' ' ' I . I . . . , - f l ATI . Ty T? ' . ' . . .. ,, y ' lil 'A TBI . . ' . ' ' I ' ml' 'N ' .' ' ' I . . I E E ,g y . I . I . . . . . I I If T 5 . T f I - - . ' I l I A ' I I ' ' . s . ' GTV F . ' I . ' ' . ' . X 'af lx sw-41' fv- Glff C0mmlH'e8 Beffy Cole Chaurman Ralph Jaskow Betfy Anne Mever Vlrgvma Nuvollm Olnpdhy 1,2225 Jewelry Commuiiee Pafrlcua Coffey Roberf Kefcham Jerome Kohlberq Rober+ Sfreger 4l ' W Faifh Pief, Chairman Plannmg Commafiee Class Day Commufiee Kenny Brown Pafrucaa Coffey David Frledlander Rnchard Goddar Vera Gundeffinger Roberf Kefcham Jerry Kohlberg Norman Kreusman BeHy Anne Meyer Henry Schoenberger Befsy Shorfer Jeanne Sfewarf Marlorue Sfocker Carol Wnck Nancy Yeager Vlrglnea Pond Chairman Kenne+h E Brown Joan Jacobs+e1n Wuiluarn A Klein Ill Hilda Wyner Fred Yarrung+on H 42 1' Prom Commriiee Co Chanrmen Vera Gundelflnqer Roberf Kefcham Davnd Frnedlander Sanford Gofiesman Henry Schoenberger Befsy Shorfer Marlorle Sfocker Ralph Tanz Roberf Tusso+ Pefer Van Alsfyne Alma Wnlhams a.4t WH a of 72.4tament To you fhe Class of 44 and fhose who follow affer We leave fhe followung bequesfs wsfh fears and much loud laughfer To fufure Swmg Sessions and shows sponsored by fhe Social Servace Club under fhe clurecfuon of Mrs Weunsfeun We leave Chuck Gerken s Three Trees Charlie Green s monologue and fhe breafh less ufferances of Bully Klenn Remharfs nfs Ray now I we besfow on any of you whose head as commoduous enough +o hold T Also Befsy Shorfers and Adelle Sussberg s kmfhng needles and yarn fo fhose who can kmf To 'rhe comnng eduforsun chuef of fhe l-luguenof Herald our nofed efforf un lournallsm The endless 'rower sfanrs lasf munufe dashes fo fhe prrnfers and 'rypewrufers wufhouf any keys un em And as an afferfhoughf we also bequeafh Chuck Pruesfman fo anyone who wall have hrm To all bands fhaf may affempl' fo gvve ouf wnfh a luck We leave Duck Mennn s leff foof fo keep fame fo fhe musnc and Duck Goddards hcornce sfuck clarmef fo fhose of you who are nof hep Lennle Blumberg s French Grammer he never used nf much anyway and Bob Kefch am s superb French pronuncaahon We leave fo fhose who are forfunafe enough fo have La Peur de Vnvre for 'lranslafuon To fhose who fancy fhemselves as an N R H S belle We leave Rufh Pollaks frafernrfy pun and l-lslda Wyners sfandlng mvrfahon fo Cornell We leave fo fhose who seem fo have an affmufy for men nn servuce Jean Whlddens Monday mormng sforses of her soldlers af Ff Slocum Which have always been one par? frufh fo fhree parfs hokum Joan Jacobsfeun and Nancy lmmerman surveying Grand Cenfral Sfafnon scenes Mussmg fave franns as fhey follow soldners sanlors and MARINES To Nancy also Errol Flynn who occupies her dreams To fhose avud sporfs fans who follow +he feams and are very very unferesfed n fhe score We glve Johr me Schwabs enfhusuasm and Srl Burrgos unbellevable baskefs from 'rhe cenfer of fhe floor Also Lyman Whelan whose muscles +o quofe hum resemble fhose of Thor To Englush 4 enfhusuasfs we dedrcafe lhe fhnrd pernod an 207 Whxch as lukened by many of nfs occupanfs fo heaven Where Donald Frank lusf snfs and glowers And Vnrgmna Wefmore wrufes odes fo hearfs and flowers To you whose lufe us composed of exposure me+ers cloud fllfers and poses We leave fhe cameras of Marvnn Wedeen and Brll Mawhnnney wnfh whom 11' prac 'rucally amounfs fo a neurosls To you pofenhal polrhcuans who wlll someday rave and ranf from fhe floor of Congress We gsve Bobby Wolf s speeches on Federal Unuon and also has sfafemenfs +o fhe press And finally alfhough we mughf go on ad lnfnmfum We bequeafh Pefe van Alsfyne s lane lusf fo spufe hvm Don l-lerberfs red plaud skrrf and Smnffy s lucense fo fhrf All fhese we leave and we swear by New Rochelle s hnghesf s'reeple- They re all yours you lucky people l l l l l l ' l 43 o l I1 - 4 l. 1 I J .Qi D . . I. . . . K . 1 A 5. I S.. Nw X f'n NAL- +Y CUTEST STIC +06 TN H I -.1 . 9 of: P12406 or FACULTY ,Goo :Lass scisnnsvs fagfl M051 srumous CLASS OPTIMIST Nancy Yeager Billy Klein CLASS CYNIC Doris Hopfer Bob Read PRIDE OF THE FACULTY Joan Jacobsfein Ray Schiff BANE OF THE FACULTY Jayne Senior Eddy Dalsheirn CLASS JESTER Barbara Quirin "Chuck" Priesfman Y, BEST SOLDIER CLASS FLIRT MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED June Wheeler Joan Ronder Bob Kefcham Jerry Kohlberg CLASS HEARTBREAKER DONE THE SCHOOL Fon Mosr Marlorie Sfocker Befsy Snorfor Carole Coleman fxlancy Yeager Howard Mills "Chick" G-erken MQST MUSICAL DONE Mosr Eok THE SCHOOL l"l'ld5 WYUSV "Bubbles" Cron Bob Jolmwn Don Hubacheck MOST ARTISTIC GET Most FUN our or LIFE VouleH'i Van l-leusen Wadelia Graves John Keliikian Peler van Alsfyne CLASS THESPIAN 5551 LOQKING H'lda WYne' Mariorie Sfocker Pefer van Alsfyne Bob Johnson MOST POPULAR PERSONALITY PLUS Nancy Yeager Nancy Yeager "Chick" G-erken "Chick" Gerken I Most Ll ar-1 -'sf CLASS TCR EAOORS 'lv' 5 ,u C Den oivaury 'P 4. X .W J Q 46 Sepfember 3 Sep+ember Sepfember Ocfober Ocfober Ocfober November November November December December December January January mf, Ten new slabs were added 'ro 'rhe morgue Creafes afmo sphere School opened +oday amndsf a hos? of hurrahs and luffle enghfh graders Buck and Bubbles arrnved af school Bufferball Pearson 'rook 'rhe day off nn preparahon for a hard year s work Pupils expecfanfly awalf Columbus s arrnval Columbus arrived Ed Dalsheum was kucked ou+ of Mr Nuchols class evenr whnch wall no doubf be equaled aqann fomorrow The sxghl of so many beamung 'laces 'roday may be explamed by The facr rhaf rhe fhlrd period was omurfed Crowds assembled oufsude Mrs Wennslenn s room af+er school lo hear Duck Goddard Serenade her wrfh fhe Sfrup Polka The greaf evenf of The yearll' Lyman Whelan made The Scholarshap Club The gurls are bewaulmg fhelr fare as The comnng of January brings closer fhe 'rhoughf of The decrease IH male populahon around school School was dasmussed loday for fhe holudays John Kellnkuan gradualed The Huguenol' l-leralds now fhe spof For lhe hrsl hme nn monfhs +he dur? column ns undersfood by The sludenls February February February March March March Aprx Apr: Apr: Apr: May June June June 477- Olnlnllhlglle I3 The school IS 'ropsy 'rurvyl Goddard opens hss Club Wesl' chesler Ionnghl 24-Don I-lubachelc unlroduced Ihe Bazoo hanrcuf Barbers name concealed for obvious reasons Hall of fhe boys IU school had haurcufs Ihe olher hall enloyed sudden popularuly Lewus Fpsleun was aslced fo brnng a planl' for Mass O Rerlly Good ole Lewue appeared wulh a bolfle of Four Roses The local Geslapo sels ID In a conspiracy 'ro foul Cupid Aprll s Fool Armond D1 Nolh blew up 'Ihe Chemuslry Lab Good lolce eh? Beau Brummel I-lubachelc lefl' for The Navy foday Wxll Nuvo lun: 'om Ihe WAVES777 She s lcnulhng znslead Ice formed on fhe lake agann Whal happened 'ro Sprxng 20-Mrs Weunsleuns classes haggard bur relieved handed nn fhenr Essays Three cheers for Easier even If we canr have eggslll Teachers played sludenls al baseball The resulls wnll go down an huslory School us luke a coun'rry club ssnce we began prachcung for graduahon Belly Anne Meyer rnarnlanns lhaf nf has always been The Class of I943 graduales Ioday Ray Schnfl comes Io school Thar IS ,nf N xx 5 3 .2 X Y' ' I B00 Jfwffuli, N S? sg! MIR SFQMPS 47 I ' ,lllrllll 261 . . I . lv' Lu My N . f - rl . I-L X4 I 1- ' ' . I !::j':ffQ 3'-d .I. . . - I . .. . . . W: ., P l I- I , . ls. , -I 27 nana I 1 4 1 ' . - 6 , . ' I 'I 6- ' . ' ? .I l . . . U U . I . ,4 nf- g X 5- . . . ' IO- . . . . . 21- . - ' . . . ' alllll FXx QLX N ' f X r , f I ax x : Q as ly 7-a 1 ue puty Camp New Rochelle Hugh whuch alwa s keeps up wTuh The changung Tumes was noT To be ouTdone un The Tall oT I942 The oresughTed commandung oTTucers goT rughT To work and organuzed a serues oT war acTuvuTues ThaT became a parT oT The TaTugue duTy Du du du dah IT was SepTember I942 un Camp New Rochelle Hugh ThaT was abouT The only buT oT Morse Code ThaT mosT oT The members oT The Morse Code Club could be sure To recognuze BuT by January I943 The sTory was a duTTerenT one Many oT The members could receuve as many as eughT words a munuTe AnoTher amazung Thung abouT The group was The large percenTage oT gurls Boys were Takung code because uT would help Them un geTTung hugher rankung when They wenT on acTuve duTy BuT The gurls Too had Theur reasons When a class was a buT borung as They rarely are un The camp one gurl could Tap ouT a message To a Truend across The ausle IT was all un all a very saTe meThod as long as The message was noT unTercepTed by anoTher code sTudenT suTTung nearby AT TursT The hugh puTch oT The buzzer seemed sTrange To unaccusTomed ears IT wasn T long before uT was musuc To The sTudenTs Though The duTs and dahs ThaT made up The alphabef were luke a sTrange new baby Talk aT TursT By December how ever They seemed naTural lT was very saTusTyung To Take down leTTer aTTer leTTer and word aTTer word unTul They all made real senTences All was Tune and dandy unTul CapTaun Spear The unsTrucTor Trued sendung code Trom a French TexT so ThaT The receuvers couldnT guess whaT was comung FERMEZ LA FENETRE uusT wasnT luke The Englush anyone knew Even by changung a Tew leTTers uT sTull dudnT make sense IT was good pracTuce anyway AnoTher parT oT The TaTuguung day as ouTluned by The oTTicers Tor all The luTTle pruvaTes corporals and sergeanTs was a phoTography club under The durecTuon of duTTerenT Types oT Tulm how To guard agaunsT under and over developung and oTher helpful hunTs ln order To ullusTraTe hus pounTs Tor The sTudenTs CapTaun l-lussey showed movues ThaT he had Taken AlThough The area oT The camp was under muluTary uurus ducTuon The parTs oT The buuldung and grounds were by no means a muluTary secreT Thus The buddung young phoTographers could Take all The pucTures They wanTed oT The Tamous Tower and The beauTTuul spoTs abouT The camp Because The course was so unTeresTung uT was conTunued as a parT oT The regular class day program durung The second semesTer The group had lab peruods Three Tumes a week when They Trued To apply some oT The pruncuples ThaT They were supposed To have learned The oTher Two days They delved unTo such subuecTs as color phoTog raphy TulTers mucrophoTography and The composuTuon oT a pucTure Such a course would be pracTucal Tor a peace Tume course as well as a war Tume one In TuTure days when you are asked To look aT The boudue uT wull be one oT These New Rochelle boys on The loose Probably The mosT Tamous and mosT acTuve OT The TaTugue groups was The ATCA whuch was sTarTed un The sprung oT l942 The Aur Traunung Corps oT Ameruca had become an umporTanT parT oT The war eTTorT by The Tall The boys who belonged To ThaT parTucular baTTaluon learned under The supervusuon oT CapTaun Weuss The TacTs abouT planes whaT keeps Them up un The aur They spenT much Tume makung careful drawungs of The planes used by The army AlThough They had neuTher The equupmenT nor The Traunung To Tly The planes They goT a head sTarT on oThers When TransTerred Trom Camp New Rochelle T-lugh To duTy elsewhere They wull have The makungs oT True aurmen The ATCA baTTaluon was suTTucuenTly organuzed To have a specual song wruTTen Tor Them The mosT auduble oT The acTuvuTues un The Tall were The shop groups Any Tume of The aTTernoon your hearung was umpaured by The whurrung and grundung oT The machunes un The basemenT Theur craTTsmanshup consusTed of wood as well as meTal work CapTaun PeTers was Theur unsTrucTor 48 t CapT. l-lussey. IT consisTed of a series oT lecTures on developing, The Types oT cameras. ff v Charles Gerken PresudenT Nancy Yeager SecreTary Danuel Belknap Vuce PresudenT New Rochelle Hugh School us our school and Tor The comparaTuvely shorT Tume ThaT The Class oT 43 has rushed Through uTs corrudors and gone Through The Tense momenTs of elecTung oTTucers Tor homerooms class and Tor The General OrganuzaTuon uT has exercused To The TullesT exTenT The opporTunuTues Tor sTudenT governmenT guven To uT lnsTrumenT Tor self governmenT has been The New Rochelle Hugh School General OrganuzaTuon whuch operaTes noT only Tor The beneTuT oT The sTudenT body buT unsoTar as uT can accordung To The wull of The members of New Rochelle Hugh School who belong To The General OrganuzaTuon A democraTuc unsTuTuTuon The G O reaches everyone Trom The mosT unsugnuTucanT lu++Ie sub Trosh To The hughes+ and mughTuesT senuor un The same way Through equal represenTaTuon And Thus sysTem us expressuve of The vuews oT all The sTudenTs by means oT The G O Councul sub organuzaTuon ol: The G O whuch us composed oT one repre senTaTuve Trom each homeroom and whose duTy :T us To brung beTore The Councul The opunuons complaunTs and desures oT The sTudenTs whom he represenTs Head oT The General OrganuzaTuon and ThereTore PresudenT of New Rochelle Hugh School Tor Thus year I943 has been Charles Gerken who has also un ThaT AcTung as SecreTary Tor The GO has been Nancy Yeager whose campaugn slogan Yea Yeager wull probably be remembered Chucks second un command so To speak Dan Belknap who served as vuce presudenT was a Junuor accordung To TraduTuon Thus year saw The TursT Trual of The AcTuvuTues TuckeT sponsored by The G O a new Type oT subscrupTuon TuckeT whereby The sTudenT noT only receuved The HuguenoT Herald and reduced raTes To some oT The TooTball games buT also goT un Tree To The oTher TooTball and baskeTball games The regular Reduced RaTe TuckeT was sold and The G O was Tunancually on uTs TeeT wuTh over S2000 un The Treasury before The TursT game oT The season Long Tume aum oT The GO To supervuse all exTra currucular acTuvuTues un whuch sTudenTs have a parT was realuzed To a Tuller exTenT un I942 43 Than prevuously Backer oT The TooTball games and baskeTball games whuch helped Thus year by brungung money unTo The Treasury The G O also supporTed The HuguenoT Herald un anoTher Two successful Terms Come To Thunk oT uT The General OrganuzaTuon has done a loT Tor Thus school and we The sTudenT body and The Class of 43 apprecuaTe uT capaciTy, served as The represenTaTive Trom This school on The All-CiTy STudenT' Council. Frank Almevda Barbara Banks James Barnes Donald Baxfer Dorofhy Blau Asher Bognn Janel' Boolcman Naoml Bragman Roberf Branscomb Wnllnam Carrol Ray Cavalear Vlrgnma Cluffreda Gerfrude Cooper Joan Davls Lorraine Du Ono John Draddy Barbara Dunn Mary Lou Finnegan Loss Flelcher Gale Halford O REPRESENTATIVES Ruchard Hall Alva Huller Henry Hirsch Janef Hofsfadler Roberf Hunl Jacquelln James Margarel' Johnson Jerome Kohlberg Waller Lehman Belsy Low Lorraine Maasz Wnlluam Macbelh Mary MacMahon Mary Jane Magnus on Fred Mahafley Norune McDonough Nancy Mener Howard Malls Joe O Bruen Maman Ohs Wulluam Pallens Helen Perrone Jean Ralph John Rnccno Richard Ross Juffa Schembner Joyce Seugenfeld Roberl Seupel Mary Jane Selng Be+sy Spannaus Roberl Symon Kennefh Talcanalca Jean Thursby John Tooker Belly Kay Tolh Rulh Trencher Wnlluam Websfer James Wlclc Belly Wullces Fred Yarrungfon G. . Kennefh Brown Fred Lilfauer William Smifh X0 C M U I T T VE E EC EM I T Appropnahng large sums of money whale consndermg all +he nmpor+an+ 'facfors 'lhal' enfer Info :fs budgehng fhe Execuhve Com muffee of +he G O has done a 'Hne 'ob lhls year Responssble for fhe financial success of fhls years General Orgamzahon are +he five 'leachers and nme sfudenfs under fhe capable leadership of Mr Eclcels and Moss Coons who were vesfed wlfh 'lhe aufhorlfy for dlslrsbuhng 'lhe G O s money fo school achvuhes nnclud mg alhlehcs and oiher exfra curricula achvnhes and orgamzahons Members were Damel Bellcnap Marlene Geller Charles Gerlren Jerome Kohlberg Fred Mahaffy Ruchard Pmfo Joan Ronder Mrs Burroughs Mlss Coons Mr Eclcels Mass Erranl' Mr Gree ley Mr OBruen Mrss Sfrong ln order fo malce New Rochelle Hugh School a beffer funchonmg communufy of sfudenfs and +eachers nf was decuded fhaf +he school s Conshfuhon be revused or re wruHen Twelve sfudenls volunfeered 'rhenr 'fume fo accomplish or a+ leasf exfend fhns nmporfanl' worlc which uf as hoped wall creafe a more enloyable school life al N R H S ln former years affempfs have been made +o accomplush +hus fear and un school year has been a greal' sfrlde In 'lhe rlghf drrechon for fhe complehon of a documenl' of such lmporfance as a school Conshfuhon Members were Don Annes Damel Belknap Kennelh Brown Wayne Chrusfenson Vnrgunua Gluffrecla Charles Gerken Jerry Kohlberg Joan Ronder Mary Jane Selig Roberl' Shri' Cabell Wood ward Nancy Yeager E C U N S 1' C I 0 T M U M T I I T 0 'r N E A E I. . ' . . .' . doubleclly The CommiHee's work inlfhe pasl' '58 3-A NI kk ThroughouT The enTure TooTball and baskeT ball seasons all The money collecTecl and TlckeTs sold aT The home encounTers w1Th oTher schools were handled by The Financial Com muTTee oT The G O Through The eTTorTs of The CommuTTee a large sum of money was col lecTed and handed over To The G O Treasurer To help cover The expenses oT The Teams Each member of The CommnTTee had The oppor TunnTy To sell The TnckeTs oT admussuon T collecT The T1ckeTs aT The gaTes To usher aT The TooTball games and To assorT and re dnsTrnbuTe The Achvuhes Cards Members were Dan Belknap Edmund Bull Ed Cameron Grrard Denver Marlorue Geller RuTh GoTTes man Ed Greene Fred Greenberg Henry Hirsch Ralph Jaskow STephen Kann RoberT Knlshelmer Wvllnam Lehman WalTer Lehman Arnold Meyer RoberT STreger Due To The crzhcusm oT lasT year s assemblues and The poor d1sTrubuTuon of The G O s money In payung Tor Them an Assembly CommuTTee was organuzed To deTermnne The mosT bene hcnal program Tor The sTudenT body having an lnTeresTmg or humorous aspecT Teachers and The G O oTTicers Tormed The CommuTTee The conTenT of The programs was quuTe varued Thus year and all sub'ecTs presenTed were per TlnenT To The problems conTronTang The hugh school sTudenTs oT Today As m pasT years one day was deslgnaTed Tor College Day Members were Dan Belknap Charles Gerken Nancy Yea ger Mr Broadhead Mr Burke Dr Champlln Mass Coons Mr Eckels Mr l-laugh Mrs Mc Gull Mass Murray Dr Spear L E . s ' A C A S 0 S M ' E M T T M I T B T L T Y E E ' . . - represenTing The various school deparTmenTs . I . . . ' A , , - FC I0 NM AM CT IT 6 aw ph il '-vnu-.,,,,,, CENTRAL STAFF Van Heusen Gundellinger Wedeen Freedman Kohlberg Wermore Coffey Shorfer Wyner Greene Llef Hiller Cameron PLANNING STAFF Adviser Miss Donaldson Chairmen Beffy Cameron Parry Coffey Vera Gundelfinger Faufh Llef Barbara Freedman Alva Hiller Mary McMahon Berry Anne Meyer Marlon Pincus Barbara usrm Edna May Rauzen Ira Sclueckman Norman Talner BUSINESS STAFF Adviser Miss Donaldson lusmess Manager Stephen W Kann Treasurer James Wick Margorie Benlamm Jane Bloomfield Anfoxneffe Dnrman Marlorve Geller Sandy Goffesman Edward Greene Wi iam Klein Ill Rufh Lowey Alice Meier Ruin Pollal: Jane? Schwab Roberf Sireger Nancy Yeager PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Advent Muss Murphy Chalrmen Marvnn Wedeen Wxlllam Mawhinney Donald Weuss Arihur Wevfzer Kennelh Wnlllams Roberl' Wolf ART STAFF Adviser Muss Parr Chairman Joan Ronder Sylvia Bolnnlr Arfhur Breufman Ann Bunyan Lydua Calafafn David Herzbrun Adelle Sussberg EDITORIAL STAFF Advuser Mr Sfurfevani' Chalrmon Jerry Kohlberg Befsy Shorter Vrrgunne Wermore Daniel Belknap Ernesf Brown Joan Delughfer Marlorue Geller Rnchard Goddard Fred Greenberg Peggy Hoffman Nancy Immerman Joan Jacobsfem Ralph Jaslrow John Kulluluan Wnlluam Lehman VITQIHIB Nuvolunl Ray Schuff Warren Smsheumer Hnlda Wyner Dorothy Irvine John Koluuk an Co odufor Z uguenot etald Whaf New Rochelle Hugh needs claum Huguenof Herald sfaff members an escalafor fo fhe Tower For ufs fhe Tower legendary mysferuous and usolafed abouf a mule or so uf seems +o fhose brave souls who affempf fo clumb ufs sfaurs above fhe resf of The school whose unferuor sees fhe hurly burly confusuon nouse and duspufafuon fhaf goes Info fhe wrufung of every lune of fhe Herald Thus year fhe paper was under +he able leadershup of co edufors Beffy Cole and John Keluulcuan However John leff N RHS un January so Beffy carrued on alone for fhe second semesfer The year 1943 also saw a change un +he sponsorshup of fhe Herald Mr Wuse faculfy advuser for 9' 2 years enlusfed un fhe Navy and receuved a Lueufenanfs rafung He wenr fo Ohuo for fraunung lafe un Ocfober and fhen leff for acfuve duf affer a fen day furlough If wull be a long long 'fume before Lf Wuse sees fhe unsu e of fhe Tower agaun Muss Melba Carpenfer fool: hus place as Herald advuser and us doung a good uob un helpung fhe sfaff maunfaun ufs hugh sfandard The sounds of O K Schuff fhaf sfory ll be un keep your shurf on o Cole wull you copy read fhus7 or Hall yellung fo Greenberg Beaf uf ouf of here and go down and gef fhaf sfory from Coach O Bruen resound fhrough fhaf sancfum sancforum Enfurely wruffen edufed cop read galley read proof read and curculafed by 'l'he sfaff fhe Herald us avaulabe only fo GO members Agaun fhus year sfaff members wenl' fo +he NYU annual press conference where umporfanf people un +he newspaper Held lecfured un varuous forums on dufferenf phases of newswrufung Also affended fhus year was fhe Annual Columbua Scholasfuc Press Assocuafuon Conference on March IO II and I2 The resulf a medalusf rafung for fhe fourfh consecufuve year Thus us fhe hughesf award affaunable af +hus nafuon wude conference and us awarded fo very few hugh school peruoducals Because of reduced funds avaulable for prunfung ancl because of a paper shorfage fhe paper was cuf down from fuve columns fo four lncreased adverfusung made possuble a greafer number of ussues fhan ever before and greaf prause us due fo fhe Busuness Sfaff under fhe capable handlung of Sfephen Kann Maunfaunung an average of suxfy unches of ads per ussue us nof easy and fhe sfaff had +o do plenry of poundung pavemen+s 'ro secure fhe necessary confracfs Arf Edufor was VouleHu Van Heusen whule fhe Phofographuc Edufor was Marvun Wedeen Q M 1 T,-F sc,s c, .1 'ln I I . . I . I I . in 'f-ia. Beffy Cole Co edufor xx 0 .x '- - Lhoux Q W gn- ox X4 s W xl October 9 1942 FOUR PAGE I G F T ' R0 qq vlgt1grr' bufulnlvrrzt-gan! monnm ln mcnag egxet vlmllz- Hi " unc. Slmldul out l slxuulel be 11 glnzicr. Hope wut AACLBYQ e gl' Sclm I ' lv Llon'l :new glnxh lxxm pccclurvss in pollar N qxb AQY5 0. Rfk. H ' mek hey: glecses I should put X395 6 039 0 Ofhejle V ws , . . Goink to fcetsb W 9 ,exile X ' xx- Y ' Hour vas den e MANY' of!" Nvw' Xxx? 2 -1 0 b, U31-gb 5 1 4 mine boy Dxxu. whsx NM vqxx x X g . x N L xx -55545513 11' . 943 xxovxw x Mxlxon in W 'Y' In Ci XX'iw1'g', ' XS xxx en Sw' W -.wx 1,1 um 1 5 ken 9 0 lv N cl 'vnu mlhxxxm I X ' 0 ax B Y K0 Wu cc xx H 1 H Early Graduation "def ta un! bo xxfxbll E xxvfhf Y dw ,KT SN ez xr Q lf 5 A4196 l fx UW' mm A , S iff" . Q C0 VJJ3 W xv 1 ' 5 4 i . x x xx Uxx 3 I 1 E 9 "fi-V Schk W. 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M., 1- -A 4 f ""' ., -' 'i 1' 1 N ' 'ggullll-xxf-,Qf,,g 'Q' i l lg Q ov-,F X, vip' Band Popularity Sl. 011 o X ,-W' '1,.--I 1' 'K ' . ' ' xX l QL -xH11laj,,l 1- -Sggi' Former Pl. A fH0n0rs Dick Gonlll SOCLU .l,.,,.fxx- 2 . , Local bm, 3 day lnlxn vane blurs on Lorne. ' Girls LU' ext Pfl l.ng1'l"'l'w,'. Hlfar .Xlmxv L 'Ur I ,I Joa D xx 31 00 6 H der xxdxm. Wx NN Q88 0 New R 141-S xxx Sw- -. neu r , 5 L 'Il ., H00-Pighr, W sg' P .xxx 0 1 affg e 4 1, In :Rui .Nclllffstlenl R .Ibm ci L r xflux u lfnald fauna: .Vt Sfephen Kann Marlone Benlamm Sanford Goffes man Sfandung VIFQIFIIB Cruffreda Marlon Pnncus Rach ard Menln Marlene Geller Under 'rhe sponsorship of Dr Henry G Wellman and wnfh Joan Ronder as presudenr fhe Currenf Evenfs Club sucessrully complefed :ls fuffeenfh year Bob SMH was vrce presldenl' Beffy Cole secrefary and Ray Schiff program chaurman A+ nfs bu weekly meehngs fhe club heard oufsude speakers and engaged an discussions on currenf fopucs ln addlhon members defeafed Isaac E Young nn Two newsbees and me? lhe faculfy un a sumular confesf They parhcupafed In seven Counfy forums sponsored fhe 'fnnal one rn May and were heard on 'rhe Amerucan School of The Amr over rhe Columbla Broadcashng Sysfem eutunt fven ts 2446 v E Q4 B ll ll WMA '65 A l ? I 4 1 si Q A S in Q S+ar+ed nn February I942 by an order of fhe GO Execuhve Councnl +he War Slamp Commdfee has flounshed fhus year fo fhe 'Pune of abouf SI50 per week Headed by Chalrman Belsy Shorfer fhe Commsfiee has been responsnble for gnvmg New Rochelle I-hgh School an acufe case of Tank ms I+ worked fhus way fhe Umfed Sfales Governmerd' senl' ou+ a bullehn fellmg how schools can furlher fheur sales of sfamps Among fhe ideas was Why nof buy a Tank? The Commnflee puf fheur heads fogefher and came up wrlh the remarkable conclusion Well why no'r'7 So 'rhen posfers sfarfed appearmg Tank Tan Tan and finally a befuddled fudenf body was enlrghlened New Rochelle s+uden+s were fo buy SI237 30 worfh of slamps and bonds and fhal' money would be enough 'fo help wan lhas war by The addlhon of one more piece of valuable equupmenf Buf buyang a Tank has noi' been fha only lhmg fha? lhe Commnffee promo+ed +o help sell sfamps Theres been 'lhe pos'l'er campalgn Sure you remember seemg fhem The recl posfers paunfed an whsle each fealurnng some member of our school who as now an lhe armed forces There was Ball Reucharl' and Waller Gerken Roland Vaughn and Emanuel Moyses Jack Mulls Frank Margerum and Frank Murphy And +hen L+ llgl Edufh M Carson of fhe WAVES and L+ DeWuH D Wise USNR Yes fhey ve done a good lob lhaf Commnflee has and New Rochelle IS sure proud of fha? rank Those liffle folk who live among fhe books in lhe library of Camp New Rochelle High are nol sfrange animals of an unknown variely-fhey are The Library Council members. Laura Seacord, fheir presidenf, and Ralph Jaskow, fheir secrelary, are fhe guiding lighfs. The council members see 'ro if fha? The books in The library are kepf in order and +ha'f fhose who wan'r books ge+ fhe besf possible service. They are only human. so consider +heir feelings. foo. Among fhe members for fhe year were: Richard Behman, Ernes+ Brown, Ormand Brown, Elinor Corigliano, Chrisfina Gaulf. Jean Gourka. Mary Grizzell, lda Haflon, Joan Hinriclcs, Jean Howard, Ralph Jaskow, Howard Kligerman, Terry Leblang, Florence Lee, Laird Lehman, Rufh Lowy, Mercedes McCormack, Conslance, McGregor, Belly Ann McLean, Evelyn Mellas, Slerling Pugh, Lucy Rosensohn, Viola Schlossberg, Laura Seacord, John Sfern, Billy Winzimmer, Gloria York. L . l I 1 Sepfember +o June Place Camp New Rochelle High The busy boys and gurls dashing around corners wifh large yellow envelopes in one hand were nof ominous bull colleclors 'rhey were home room bankers This year Miss S+ Clair was fhe facully supervisor for fhe baffaluon The represenfa hves from each home room are 'lhe makings of our fufure financiers and bankers They see lhal' +he money of 'fellow sfudenfs is faken care of we hope 60 bonds is sfressed in school as well as everywhere else banking has anofher purpose besides making people fhrafly By saving up gradually all year in lhe school bank a person could wufhdraw his money In December or June +o buy a bond from if Ken nefh Marlus and Wal+er Lehmann were lhe head cashiers during fhe year They collecfed 'the money from each home room banker and saw fha? fhe envelopes were dis+ribu+ed each week B R A R Y c 0 U N C I L A B S A S N 0 K c 3 I i S A l T I T 0 me up N Time: 9:00 A.M. any Tuesday morning from deposifed in a bankl. Now fha? lhe buying of war l I I n n ' Socual Service Club members un fhe pucfure below are fhose un fhe firsf row Vurgunua Snyder Vera Gundelfinger Alice Meuer Barbara Quurun Georgeffe Rosenberg Rufh Goffesman second row Mary Jane Magnusson Paffy Coffey Faufh Luef Mary McMahon Nancy Yeager Joan Jacobsfeun Beffy Anne Meyer fhurd row Donald Franlc Nancy lmmerman Rufh Lowy Lous Shaw Dorofhy lrvune Marlorue Geller Gerfrude Cooper and Ralpl' Tanz The maun funcfuon of fhe club us fo collecf and lceep un order un fhe social servuce room all fhe fi clofhes fhaf are broughf un for fhe less forfunafe sfuderufs un school In order fo buy shoes and ofher clofhung for some fhe club held nfs annual swung sessuon and some calce and candy sales In lceepung wufh fheur unferesf un fhe fueld of social worlc fhe members vusufed fhe l-lenry Sfreef Sefflemenf where fhey wafched fhe acfuvufues fhaf are planned for fhe chuldren of fhaf secfuon They also learned abouf fhe numerous dufues of flue Children s Courf from Mrs Brod who was a guesf speaker af one of flue meefungs Thus year flue Traffic Squad under flue guidance of Dr George Champlun has done admirable work Capfaun Bull Macbeflu was assusfed by Sergeanfs Margy Geller Norman Bloom Arfluur Bell Roberf Sluanlc Lorraine Dawson and l-larry Shruer Charles Rapp was un charge of flue movues which were shown during fhe fluree lunch peruods His dufy was fo look affer flue seffung up of flue movue prolecfor Armbands purchased by flue General Organuza fuon, were worn for flue firsf fume by flue Sergeanfs. They are called for af flue begunnung of each peruod and refurned af fhe end so fhaf flue nexf shuff of officers may have access fo fhem Ofher dufues of flue Traffic Squad were flue Losf and Found Deparfmen Nurses Office assusfanfs fo flue Advisors Maun Office Usherung and lunch peruods Because of flue large number of dufues fo be performed a School Service Squad was organ uzed affer flue Sprung vacafuon fo carry ouf flue above named services They have done an excellenf iob under fhus new plan. and wull do even befrler nexf year when uf wull be un full swung bl .1 , . u -V u 0 u N .A y c . 'N ' 'f" , f' ' A 1 'A -A a u C L S if K .M E u R 1 V ggfffu. g ' I W! Q C E T R A F F I g S Q U A D fix KJ 62 pdlfdllld mlllld ALMA MATERS We II sung of our devofuon Our honor pledge +0 lhee Good fellowshup our moHo Through years of loyalfy Your fwun lakes have unspured us Much more 'rhan words can fell Well brung bofh fame and glory To you dear New Rochelle New Rochelle we sung lo fhee Alma Mafer dear Cherished wull our mem ries be of fhe hours speni here Symbols of rhe luves you make fhe goals for which you fry LET S CHEER Lefs cheer for our boys who are 'lighhng As we flung our banners hugh Lei' s march down 'the field fo vucfory Shouf our fruumph To fhe sky New Rochelle your sons are loyal Your daughfers ever frue Le+s cheer 'For our school alfogefher New Rochelle wull cheer for you HERE S TO DEAR OLD NEW ROCHELLE Here s lo dear old New Rochelle' Here s fo our Purple Team' Cheer for The vucfory fhar we musf wun On hugh our colors sfream Fughl' on Through fhuck and 'rhun Borne onward by our yell. Be old acquainfance ne er forgou' Nor loyalfy 'ro New Rochelle. VICTORY SONG So we ll sfarl' +o roll up fhe score! High if will soar sfill more and more. Purple and while will carry fhe figh+ For we will never yield -Z Till we have won 'rhe field. Then give a long cheer and whoop il' up sfrong Carry along our +riumph song. We re iusf beginning: we II make a winning! Fighl for old New Rochelle! T'PHII b V 4 , 'u rvfrll J-mlirrr l4,LJl1.Il We iondly The lakes To 'rhe fowers orbudlyihigh ' M i I I , A ' at an ' I- . ' ' Jil J ' J we--we ,NF Tyner-4wv GIRLS GLEE The A Capella Chour under The supervusuon of Mr Broadhead appeared un publuc many Tumes Among Theur appearances were a ChrusTmas pro gram aT one oT our large banks and an elemenTary school affaur The Chour has also sung aT one of The largesT hoTels un New York CuTy Each year They conTrubuTe To The annual ChrusTmas program and Sprung ConcerT The chour meeTs Three Tumes a weelc To be a member of The group one musT be a good musuc reader and have a good vouce Thus year The chour has grown much larger perhaps The largesT A Capella Chour The school has ever had All The members of The Senuor Chour are auTo maTucally members of The Senuor Chorus all The gurls are members of The Gurls Glee Club Under The durecTuon of Mr Broadhead The Gurls Glee Club composed of gurls Trom The nunTh Through The TwelTTh grades sang aT The ChrusTmas Program and Sprung ConcerT A CAPELLA 63 """""-" W ' A' S- ' '. :'TgH'h.cifT', tfli. ' , HL' . .-,1' va-ere, I . . . I . . . I BAND The New Rochelle High band and orchesTra, in view oT The presenT war crisis, have been conTronTed wiTh many diTTiculT obsTacles This year. However, in spiTe of The laTTer, The band and orchesTra, under The direcTion oT Harry F. Haigh, have been Tar from sTagnanT. In The Tall The band was somewhaT converTed inTo a miliTar regimenTal band. This organizaTion Then displayed The 'fine TacTics of a rniliTary bandi These were well received by The specTaTors, who Tully realized ThaT no oTher band in WesTchesTer CounT was capable oT such a showing. The band also marched and played Tor The draTyTees upon several occasions. Following These evenTs, Mr. Haigh Then prepared The band Tor iTs annual concerT. This year given in March. DespiTe 64 TWIRLERS The diTTiculTies ThaT The band has had To cope wiTh, The concerT This year was equal To Und even beTTer Than Those given in The pasT. The highlighTs of The program included The "OverTure To Richard lll" by Edward German, "OverTure To The New Moon" by Sigmund Romberg and "The Pride oT The Waves," a corneT solo by Andrew Woehr. The OrchesTra, which is The only high school orchesTra in WesTchesTer, has by no means been idle. ATTer The TooTball season, Mr. Haigh, in anTicipaTion oT The TradiTional ChrisTmasTime concerT prepared The orchesTra To play Erno Rapee's Tamous ChrisTmas OverTure, "ChrisTmas Bells," which was played by The Radio CiTy Music Hall OrchesTra. The orchesTra nexT parTicipaTed in The concerT given in March and cerTainly lived up To The expecTaTions oT The audience. The orchesTra played selecTions from "Tann- hauser," by Richard Wagner: selecTions Trom "SweeThearTs," by VicTor l-lerberT, wiTh Two very brillianTly played solos by Alice Kuehn and Fred Lyon 65 New Rochelle Hugh Schools Scholarshup Club as an honorary socue+y whose asm ns 'ro encourage scholarshup among +he sludenfs Basus for mernbershup consusfs of keeping an average of enghly five percen+ or above nn all sublecfs excluding gym Thus year Jerry Kohlberg headed fhe Club wlfh PaHy Coffey vlce presudenf Secrefary for Semors Jummy Wnclc was replaced an February by Joan Jacobsfem when he graduafed Bull Macbefh Treasurer Cornelna Couenhoven and Bob Shf+ comple+ed +he officers As a resulf of a cake and candy sale The Club was agann able 'lo confrrbufe 'lo The Scholarship Loan Fund a revolvung fund which helps s'ruclen+s go fo college who mughf ofherwnse nof have +he opporfunnfy . g . . . . , . . . . . . . . . n I - 1 u l - u I n l Q Nan Cana nl 'FAD ' i, me-:L 'Il U lrds who slarlecl out as fhe hrs? mnfh graders of New Rochelle l-lugh School lhree long years ago are llnally Jumors We have made a name for ourselves nn varoous fields ol school achvuhes whuch we hope as an undncahon of our fufure success ln lfe Slarfmg 'rhe socual lufe of 'rhe school off wnfh a bang lasl' fall we sfaged The Junlor Jump an Ocfober The chanrmen of fhe dance were Margorne Geller and Fred Mahaffey Abou? 'rhe middle of March a slag dance was gnven by fhe Junxors dvrecled by Mum: McMahon and Jean Maulsby The Junuor Prom our bag dance Flslce and Bull lvlacbefh The conlrrbuhons of 'rhe Junnor class fowards The successful runmng of school affaurs were Dan Belknap vuce presrdenl of 'rhe General Orgamzahon and Marlorne Geller and Fred Mahaffey members of fhe General Orgamzahon Execuhve Councnl ln sporfs also we had many oulslandlng parhclpanls Among lhese were Bull Macbelh foofball baslcelball and baseball slar and Cornelna Couenhoven vlce presndenl of 'rhe Gnrls Alhlehc Assocuahon Junuor Class ofhcers were Presndenl' Donald Annes Vice Preslclenl Harry Scoble and Secrefary Marlorue l-lollenweger Due 'fo The facf lhal l-larry lefl school nn January Jean Maulsby who was unanimously elecled fool: over fhe cluhes of lhe vuce presldenf uule a 'Few of +he presenf Juniors are lalcnng acceleralecl courses and wall graduale ealher rn June or In Augusl l-lowever we hope fha? fhe loss of fhese sludenfs wall nof sn any way hnnder lhe success 'rhal we wnll malxe of our lasl' year In New Rochelle High School .fn 0 0 . .A Q Q F S if I -i.,-L O ' """' ""' 9 . 5 ll F 'll ' ' ' s . ' of 'lhe year, was held in lhe lale spring. Co-chairmen of fhe "Prom" were Jane JUNIOR PROM COMMITTEE private! ghattet AN The Sophomore class bears quuTe a dusTuncTuon When uT graduaTes uT wull have been The TTrsT oroup To have spenT TTve years un The school under The new reorganuza Tuon plan lT The TenTh graders keep up The spuruT Thus Tar shown They wull surely leave a memorable record un The school annals The Sophs commenced The ear by elecTung Don BaxTer class presudenT wuTh Duck PunTo assusTung hum as vuce presu enT Jummue Melvulle was chosen class secreTary Thus group has shown a TTne spuruT worThy oT a hugh place among The sTudenTs ln The General Organuzahon druve They showed Theur usual meTTTe by Tulfillung Theur quoTa Tor subscruphons The rosTer Too oT The Scholarshup Club conTauns The names of many sophomores anoTher unducaTuon of The qualuTy of Thus class whuch us conTrubuT ung so much To The real luTe of The school The class has already achueved dusTuncTuon nn The aThleTuc program of The school Kenny L Brown who was promunenT on The TooTball squad also proved a popular member oT The Track Team Charlue SweeT was one of The ouTsTandung members oT The swummung Team whule Thurman Boddues capabuluTy proved unvaluable To The O Bruen uunTeT OTher Sophs represenTung The school were Russ MarTln Bob l-lunT and Fran ue Wymbs Represenhng The sophomores on The Gurls AThleTuc Assocua Tuon were Mary Jane Selug Barbara Dunn Joan Schopp and Charloffe Spachf Many TenTh graders parTucupaTed un The Socual Servuce Clubs VarueTy Show Who can ever TorgeT The puano playung oT Sonny MarTun and hus band7 Or Ann Lubun s dancung Toes7 The General Organuzahon boasTs oT many Sophs who auded The upperclass men un The school governmenT The abuluTy of Bob Shh' as an oraTor was proven aT The Tume of The duscussuon oT The lengTh oT The school day Long consudered The younger seT oT New Rochelle Hugh The sophomores have shown Theur maTuruTy by an enThusuasTuc unTeresT un The aThleTuc socual and poluTucal acTuvuTues of The school The sTandards They have esTablushed wull long serve as a goal Tor TuTure TenTh graders We are The nunTh graders or The Class of 46' We are so relueved To Tund ourselves ouT oT The eughTh grade noT To be ThoughT of as The babues any longer Now we are ready Tor our sophomore year and consuder ourselves well ouT oT The romper sTage Our class consusTs of 4-I6 members or abouT 27 5 fo oT The school s ToTal enrollmenT oT I5l2 We are duvuded unTo I2 homerooms wuTh an average of 35 very sTuduous boys and gurls un each The suze of The class has decreased slughTly Trom lasT years number of 443 The war has noT aTTecTed us as much as the upper grades sunce very Tew of our classmaTes are oT The age To enlusT or be draTTed unTo any oT The armed servuces. buT uT has aTTecTed our plans Tor The TuTure and our chouce oT currucula Many more boys. and gurls Too. Than ordunaruly would do so, are plannung To aTTend AlberT Leonard To Take mechanucal courses Our class officers are PresudenT. Wayne ChrusTenson, Vuce PresudenT. RoberT Beshar, SecreTary, Peggy ShorTer, and Socual Chaurman, Shurley STugard One of The main Themes of our pasT year's work was The sTudy of occupafions and The preparafion of "Career Books." Each sTudenT Took numerous TesTs To discover his vocaTional inTeresTs and abilifies, and on The basis of These TesTs chose a parTicular occupaTion on which To prepare his book. These books considered The preparafion, remuneraTion. and The advanTages and disadvanTages of The chosen occupaTion. The vocafional preference of The boys was in The field of aviaTion. OccupaTional Therapy and journalism were The girls choices. A high spoT of The social year was a dance held iusT before ChrisTmas vacaTion lT was really an exTra presenT from our parenTs as :T was paid for by donahons from Them Music was provided by Sonny Marfuns Orchesfra and Two ArThur Murray msTrucTors demonsTraTed The newesT sTeps Now we sa farewell To our frosh year IT was nice To have known you buT we are mughTly gla To be sophs Elaine Yaffa Class of 46 When The Class of 47 sTepped across The Threshold of New Rochelle High School SepTember I2 l942 a long buT brighT road lay ahead of Them EnghT hundred and ThurTy four sTudenTs since reduced To seven hundred and mneTy one ouT of a ToTal school regusTraTion of TifTeen hundred and Twelve easily comprise a crediTable proporhon of The enTure sTudenT body and a group of This size cannoT be overlooked STudenTs from Columbus Mayflower STevenson WashingTon WebsTer Barnard Lincoln RoosevelT and a few ouTs1ders one from as Tar as KenTucky made up our class In The beginning even Those sTudenTs who knew :T all having older broThers or sisTers affendung or graduaTed from The high school had a fairly difTiculT Time finding Themselves buT The proof of The pudding is in The eafmg And no one can say now of sTudenTs puT TogeTher in dlfferenT classes soon made acquainTances And mosT oT Them goT going affer The firsT Twelve weeks AfTer This seTTl1ng down process The sTudenTs had a chance To look around Them and see whaT was going on There were various orgamzahons and clubs in The school many of which The sTudenTs loaned O December 7Th came The firsT evenT exclusively for The enghfh grade This was a special ChrisTmas dance wnTh a couple from ArThur Murray s famous insTiTuTe demonsTraTmg There was also food and drink for a cerTam amounT of silver of course The affair was a success AT leasT Duck Goddard ThoughT so for his band supplied The music The enghfh grade had :Ts shining lighTs Nancy Schwarzwalder Billy Jackson Mary Kay Sexauer David AlcoTT Jane Ann PraTT Bull Murray and Ben Howe OT course There are a few dark horses During The second semesTer The sTudenTs more or less seriously aTTended To Their work looking ahead To The years To come The work became Tougher The boys and gurls were geTTung a TasTe of The mnTh grade The class has come a long way since firsT enTerung New Rochelle Hugh School and will go much furfher lT has one mann goal and Thai' is To work for Vicfory James M Michelman Class of 47 ThaT The eighTh grade has noT made a place for iTself in Thelschool. This conglomeraTion 1 1 1 9 I A T 0 u ' n u ssl X .. ylh gllx lllX llll I-Y 'Q' 5 . Q ..."5uu N U vw., , .0 on .'5, If PORTS 0-. f . Klly 'Ill vggknu l'O' 5 o i ',,eq li. vl1.'. bf- H ag1l"" 0 vi o ' 'N uv "' ilu iji -w I . i P.uv'e..n . .4 an if ur ' X bag bk4" 0. 8ll'V' , - Kf, t ir' , 'f.n. Y' 1 si' " fb M 5 v ' A Q05 ,Ak ' - wi : ' 0 .,,.q 9- , . 356 M X , , 5, , X X 5 I Lu ' s Q- ll R - P 8 5 U - - - -.- -,. , I lyvt: Qlozzt fs' .," I 'i 'M . A.. 1' ...abd , nn,-,, 1 , gy, - u-Ol -.gjv v pb"v' . n ' ' 1. ,. W K 1 ., .- ,V .., '.., x t ,., .5,,..sQ f 4 'nib' -bv I s ,gl ,bib Sjnk ,,,4, ..i A M . . . .- ,.- ,ng 1" f , .. , ,q - ' w ww ' l--mu s.. gl ,f AIQ . ,,, . - - - -'Y ' . .-g4' ' 0 ' ' ' lb'5'?L . .-6 K., . ,., - v"-w AH ..-- . .. .L s ' '--' vw., .'q,:J "' K '. 'f3" '!a. ' -.. . " . ' ..Ou 34" vuA ',,, r 1 ff 'uf .rs . ll' , w 'Q f,., -. ... 1. ..,, 1 Y . R, Y' v 1 ft .'.94 U .K xc 1 'saggy . W, w A 5' 4' - M . 1 t Q gf, nv f 1 ' ,M 'L' . 'H ' ,ML . , sv U , , , a Q - 5 , anyr 'if ' I, bu 0 1' "' K. P 'K ut I Bai 5 Q B , g rl 5 L sf ' 1 D " f , Qs! H 4, Q K5 dw Ig! U Roberl Wolf Voulelh Van I-leusen Mnss Donaldson Marvm Wedeen 7- I FOOTBALL PROGRAM COMMITTEE Foo+baII forfunes af New Rochelle Hugh School fell fo an all 'fume low fhns year as fhe grldders 'failed Io wln a smgle one of +heur seven games Wulh nearly Ihe enhre undefeafed squad fhaf had capiured 'rhe W I A A champnonshup nn l94I gone Coach Bull McKenna used The season prnmarnly for buuldmg anolher crack feam for nexf fall from The mexperlenced boys fha? made up Ihe 42 eleven Almosf fhe enhre 'Farsi' sfrlng lane will be baclc wnlh ends Thurman Boddne and McKinley Wulce 'laclcles Bull MacBefh and Charley Sweef and guard Chubby Bell expecled +o refurn The baclcfield wall sporf such velerans as Kenny L Brown and Alberf Anderson rn addahon 'Io Arfhur Dixon sfar fullback of Ihe B squad fhss year Gone wall be Caplann Kenny E Brown Jlm I-'lunhngfon Mulce Tarfaglaa Charley Schudy Ernne Whale Sllvlo Burgso Walfer Scoff and Lyman Whalen Whale on Ihe field The I-Iuguenofs were compnlsng a dnsmal record as Yonlcers Por? Ches+er Mamaroneclc Whufe Plains Young Gordon and Davus ran roughshod over Ihe Purple Wave sfrong s+uden+ supporf made fhe season a bug funancnal success and Ihe lunglmg GO coffers helped alone for 'rhe dasappounfmenf of a W I A A cellar berth Jim' 9 Q' , I -' r ' I ,J X. ll ' I .. . . , . .. .. . - . . . ' I ' I . 1 I I . I I I . - " I I . . . . . I , . . I if I 1 I n . .. 1 Q I falfetlall Hughlughfed by close scormg and fhrullmg fumshes fhe I943 baslcefball squad proved very successful Refurnnng from lasf years varsnfy feam were Sul Burugo Lenme Mecca Jnmmy Brown and Charlne Schudy Those who moved up from fhe lunvor varsnfy of lasf year were Donald Annes Wnlluam Macbefh Red Scalfanl Paf Scelza Morris Brone Thurman Boddue and Marlo Gall: James Alexander and Jerry Kohlberg were added fo fhe squad un February fo full mud season vacancues The young fasf feam was sparked by fhe conslsfenf hugh scorang and clufch shoofmg of Sul Burngo Anofher smarf ball handler Charlue Schudy was losf fo fhe armed forces durnng fhe season The feam coached by Dan O Brien and managed by Freddy Greenberg had an eoghfeen game season The specfafors showed greaf nnferesf and enfhusnasm and large crowds were presenf af all fhe home games The Jumor Varsufy had an excellenf season Affer making a poor showing agamsl' Pelham fhey found 'rhemselves and received only a few sefbaclcs during fhe resf of The season Playlng for fhe JV s were Franlc Wymbs Sal Scalfam Don Klngham Bruce Flowers Don Baxfer Pefe Megroz James Grady Russ Marfun Ken L Brown Morgan Gaynor and Bob Hum' Sfuarf Shamberg and Paul Orsmo were placed on fhe squad nn February - 'lr lu? 1 X l l .s yf rj Q l M r l Il l 0 1 W5 George Braznll Don Brown Ernesr Brown James Brown Edward Cameron Jerry Denver Tony Gaglaosfro Rnchard Goddard Don l-landelman Ruchard l-lewuff Ralph Jaslrow Roberf Kefcham Jerry Kohlberg Waller Lehman Julnan Rolandellr iff l 620:15 can tty New Rochelle s harrners had a fanr season 'rhls pasr fall Led by Capfaln Jerry Kohlberg fhe Team showed up very well ln dual and fruangular meefs wnfh Davns Alberf Leonard lsaac Young and Mamaroneclc losnng only fo 'rhe laffer school by a very slum margnn However +he feam enfered fhe counfy meef sorely handucapped because of The loss of several men who were suclc or lnlured As a resulf fhe Purple and Wh: e only came IU snxfh Cross counlry ns probably lhe mos? gruelzng sporl In whnch hugh school boys an arduous fwo and one half mule course ln fhe Nalure Sfudy Woods Cross counfry does nol' recenve much publxcnly 'For I+ confllcls wclh The foolball season 'rherefore 'lhere were very few specfafors wafchung lhe meefs ll' means a grear deal +o a 'fnred runner and gives hum an added rncenhve nf he lcnows 'rhaf lhere wsll be someone cheernng for hem and has leam al' fhe finish llne Coach Dan O Brnen was buuldnng for +he fufure and many lunuors and sophomores were developed +hus pas? fall These experienced fellows wall 'Form +he nucleus of nexf aufumn s +eam whnch should be more seasoned and a greal deal sfronger Successor fo Jerry Kohlberg as cap+ann of 'rhe leam as able veferan Don Brown who wall do hrs besf fo lead rhe feam +o fhe counry champnonshnp A 5 .f . . Q ' ' fr,T ' parlicipafe. There is liffle personal glory. ln 'lair or foul weafher, fhe leam ran over , 1 i . I . N 3 . ' ' . . ' ' ' Our hugh school lrack ream wnfh +he 'Fine record of enghf coun+y champnonshaps un +he las? 'ren years behind If again made ou? well on 'rhe local clnder pafhs The leflermen relurnnng 'From las? years cham psonshlp feam were Caplaun Jerry Kohlberg l-low ard Mnlls counly IOO yard dash champion Arlhur Brenfman Kennelh Brown Dan Belknap Donald Brown James Brown George l-loeffler and Charles Gerken The l943 'ream led by Caplam Kohlberg coached by Dan O Brien and managed by Jnmmy Ferry had many new members besides lhe Improved runners of lasl years squad Much of 'rhe rrack ream s succe s can be a'r+ru bu'red lo fhe superxor faclluhes lhal' are avallable a+ New Rochelle Hugh School We have 'rhe use of +he only ourdoor board 'lrack un 'lhe counly besides a very fme cunder pafh vauls also ex lam 'rhe conhnued success of +he P Purple lrackmen and 'rhe reason why lhey pre dornlnale ID lhe W I A A record books 'CEC JP' The fine coaching and lrack enlhusiasm 'lhal pre- y I ,. H . I I. 1' K KN! Kuala!! The greaf Amerucan game has become such an unsTuTuTuon wuTh The people ThaT uT has survuved whaT mughT readuly have been The WaTerIoo oT baseball The Malor leagues have decuded ThaT raTher Than dussolve The game along wuTh The varuous munor leagues Tor The duraTuon They would raTuon The popular sporT So The schedule was consuderably shorTened New Rochelle was more TorTunaTe Than The proTessuonal Teams Tor The members oT The Purple squad were noT eluguble Tor draTT whule The bug leaguers were Each season a school can expecT a reasonable number OT The prevuous year s Team To reTurn Thus year was no excepTuon There was plenTy oT new maTerual spread abouT The Tueld buT There was also ThaT all umporTanT seasoned group who reTurned agaun To baT uT ouT Tor The Purple Wave Sul Burugo Len Mecca Don Ames Bull MacbeTh and Eruc SchmerTz who all saw quuTe a loT OT acTuon Tor N R l-l S lasT season Torrned The nucleus oT The Team Thus year along wuTh John Lerew Duck l-lewuTT Roger Sunogou Charles BarTley Franlc Wymbs Fred YarrungTon Bobble Kullman and Bull SmuTh Because oT ullness Coach McKenna was unable To assusT The boys Thus year InsTead Mr George Greeley and Bob SmuTh ably coached The Team -.hs ' "5---m-- 211 Cllli Because of fransporfahon and olher war hme dlfhculhes fhe Fencnng Team was unable fo engage an oufsude compehhon This year However fhe boys learned +he fundamenlals and rules of The sporl and developed fheur skull and alerlness al prac 'hces four hmes a week Coach Wullnam McKenna was sponsor and squad members were Capfam Arfhur Breufman Ted Weshner Arfhur Dnckson Philip Levnn Roberf Hemm 'and Ruchard Schoen Man and monkeys are The only anxmals whnch lack a nafural aphlude for swlmmmg Desplle 'rhus handncap our swnmmang feam s+rove fo make a place for ufself on fha annals of 'lhe W I A A lndlvudually 'fhe feam dud have nfs sfars Bull Srnafh broke +he counfy record for 'rhe hundred yard crawl and was also useful as a general all around uhllly man The feam of Bull Smufh Charlie Sweef Roger Slmgol and Jnm Hunhngfon broke 'lhe counfy mark for 'rhe 200 yard relay Co caplalns were Dave Frnedlander and Jrm Hunhngfon Walfer Muller served as 'ream manager and also swam back sfroke Also on The feam were Henry Schoenberger Rlchard Schroeder Charles Barfley David Kramarsky Arlhur Tllus Kenf Wood Roberf Sayles Wllluarn Maw hlnney and James Prlgoff N R H S has won fhe swnmmnng championship for eughl' consecuhve years and wlfh fhe physncal prowess of 'rhe relurnung members and fhe pofenhal slrenglh un 'lhe school Coach Clarence Sayles hopes +ha'r nex+ year fhe 'rifle wall agam refurn +o our school """lr-s"c'EW' Y-5' 'Xt . y X? gg Ns ' 4 Q 0 ' ' T ufzmmlng wg i , ,, .LF QVY g hygg y my Pefer Van Alsfyne Julxva Fnnamore Behind every varsnfy squad dovng lhenr buf 'ro spur fhe feam on were fhe cheer leaders Sore muscles and sore +hroa+s were a common occurence on Sunday morn mgs following foofball games Thus year 'rhe squad was Increased by sux new members In order 'fo falce care of unavoudable absences and of large affendances af 'rhe various varslfy games New sweafers and leHers were boughf by +he GO fo lake care of 'rhe new members and 'rhe sensors leavung 'rhe squad +hls year recenvecl fhelr leHers for service on fhe squad Mnss Florence Erranf became +he facully advuser and prachces and meehngs were held under her supervnsxon Ex J .Li 80 --1 vm fg- -1 gr I 9 ,rw 3 -19" rw Mg 'W I 'f MQ if? ? f me -L-lfsh Jo r 4 A X5-giia SK! 6"q!'...f.1'.-':"--'19, ,,,....- 'K""-"5" " 'E gpg: -I fn.. Q,-a-5, ll' ur 4 '3'w. -. 'bf' -rid' -Q.. - v J"3'7e Q 'Z :N Z' W, : ll o x -N . , I I s ff, x". x5 x 1 X I A : - I Z , Qf xi ' Q . ,, 'H . , 'xl f ff' V' . , QQ H ., E ,M 'fflv , A 4 , Mwgg, ss g.,AY.:,m:-f-N ww. 3, Y- g V in -:f y ,,,f g -ff W fy . 'A ,., . ' .v ' vw . .. M- .pf f - 1 g V L "-Mgr f . ,X,f.5,w',,. X- . -ag 3, 4 :,.. Q , ag, '55-. . 'J-,',' Q ,. ,, -1 4. 'Hg 4- 41.7 ' f AW, J, V N f ' S f 2- ..,.:g,J'ff5? 5"w'Yi'T1 , A -f.,,, V in , rg-..-'wgrgf fix- ,,- ' , - . . . gf-sgwrf - ,, y 1 , . 5 N'-,fjfigaj wr , M ff' 4' -' W. , ,' :iw,"v , .. 2-yt ' . 1, 121.4 5 K ,...1 . M w5g1.y..+ My 5. na ,LA , v """'7'-f-.:.,-'- N' 11' YY:-1 .I 73, ',.i ' 2 -:Lf H -A gm, ""' 1 N 5- .agp -:en - , ,N , . W f ,V...t....'.,6 ,sf 4 . X ,, , 5' .Nu-1 - . v 1 J "' ' ew, , .K 1 'ft 1, :ix H x 5. ,, , f- Q , A - A' ' -y ' A M1 v V ' -. W . '.- A . ' ff, ,.,- ff, - i . .I -- Q, , ,f ...M .v'-' 1. V 1 'F r . . , 4 . 1 -, 0- A f Q Barbara Banks Cornelua Couenhoven Laurel Currey Barbara Dunn Jane Fuske Joyce Hunfungfon Carolyn lrvune Joan Jacobsfeun Peggy Kahles Befsy Low Mary McMahon Joan Ronder Joan Schopp Janer Schwab Mary Jane Selug Befsy Shorfer Charloffe Spachf Sue Sfrunger Jean Thursby Nancy Yeager All ' . 1 ,, V ' g n r ' -, f - -N E I , , un G -1 I i . 1 1 1 u 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . . . . 1 . - 1 1 . , . - . I 1 1 I ' l 1 N I' Gas rahonung fhus year presenfed a seruous problem TO The Gurls Afhlehc Asso cuafuon Board Wu+houf sufhcuem' gas for 'rransporfahon faculuhes one of +he buggesf feafures of fhe year was elumunafed +ha+ of playdays wufh schools oufsude of New Rochelle Bu? +hus dud noi' prevenf lhe gurls from havung as much fun as ever un unframural sporfs A+ 'rhe Hrsf meehng of fhe board fhus fall a new pounf sysfem was devused by +he members un order 'ro make a faur mefhod for all The gurls +o obfaun creduf 'For a'H'er school sporfs ln December fhe gurls physucal educahon deparfmenf losf fwo fune 'teachers Lueufenanf ll g l Edulh Carson and Mrs Converse Marsh Muss Dorolhy Cook Through fhe conirubufuons of all ihe gurls gufrs were boughf and presen+ed +o lhe reachers al' an assembly 'for fhe G A A A+ fhe close of a successful year Hue board 'lhanks Muss Josephune Wullard and Muss Anne Uglum fhe fwo new gym feachers and Muss Florence M Erranf for +heur assuslance and cooperahon Befsy Shorfer presudenl Cornelua Couenhoven vuce presudenf Joan Ronder secrefary 'lllLlETlN 'IDHIU nasumpinau i X N. I 1 BASEBALL Now fha? everyone us +alkung abouf vum vugor and vu+alu+y our N R H S WAVES and WAACS fo be furned ouf un hordes for afler school achvuhes a verufable unflahon' ln +he fall hockey and soccer were posuhvely GI All of +wo hundred gurls flocked onfo fhe field for hockey lnfer scholashc compefuhon was ouf fhus year gas where ve we heard fha? song before7 buf we had our own all sfar games Resulls lhe Sophs bea'r +he nunfh graders bofh Junuors and Senuors downed fhe fenfh graders buf The all umporlanl mafch befween +he Junuors and Senuors ended un a I I dea ock There was also a fennus ladder lournamenf for all grades under +he durechon of Muss Carson now un 'rhe WAVES From Thanksguvung fo Chrusfmas we managed fo squeeze un a luH'le volley ball Abou? fhree hundred and 'fuffeen gurls Turned ou'r and were organuzed unlo fwenfy four feams There were so many Thar fhey had +o be organuzed unfo swung shufls wufh sux 'reams playung fwo games each affernoon SOCCER HOCKEY Er ! I x23 Z L -7 se. fcinltz' 4:- BASKETBALL When Ol Man Wrnfer shuf fhe gurls Indoors baslcefball became 'rhe 'rhnng +o do as fwo hundred and sevenly fnve ers+whnle loop slars came ouf Several new unno vafuons were added lo lhe cusfomary season Fnrsr of all fhe glrls elecled rhenr own all sfar reams unsfead of having 'rhem appolnled by lhe physical educahon feachers Confrary lo expeclaluons fhe nnnlh grade all sfar feam beal lhe lenlh lhe 'renlh won over lhe Junrors buf 'rhe Sensors held fhenr own over The Junuors un a game played un 'lhe large gym and open 'ro all sludenls A+ 'the end of 'rhe season lhe Senior all s+ars played 'rhe Alberf Leonard gurls honor leam un lhe A L H S gym and bowed fo lhem ln a score of I6 8 Afler we rerurned from Easier vacahon our mann spring spor+ began wn+h about 'lhree hundred baseball en+husnas'rs 'rurnung our To wneld The bafs As per usual lhere was compehhon each weelc befween +he grades and class leams Bur we were shll confronfed wnfh 'rhe old problem of gas and agaun furned +o all slar reams nn each grade fo provide fhe compehhon al lhe end of fhe season unslead of 'rhe usual VOLLEYBALL BADMINTON if S. Q ', X my -. ,.,, A cs ' 4-7 ur yr! 1 fix, I :Z-1 as ,Jug-5 L 7 7 L..kyN T l 3 .3 5 TABLE TENNIS play days wuTh oTher schools Isaac Young accepTed The unvuTaTuon To play our Senuor all sTar Team un soTTball Though and The game was packed wuTh Thrulls and excuTemenT from The TursT crack of The baT To The lasT SomeThung new was added when a Team of Senuors and some Junuors was pucked To play un The game oT soTTball agaunsT The TaculTy The TaculTy proved To be keen compeTuTuon and all The gurls were consTanTly on Theur Toes ThroughouT The Three unnungs Along wuTh baseball badmunTon ranked hugh un popularuTy wuTh The grls as a sprung sporT Thus sporT was played as a doubles game and compeTuTuon Took place on specufued days unsTead of by grades as un oTher sporTs The burdues Tlew hugh as The Senuors and Junuors played un The Tunal maTches To esTablush The wunners of The ladder TourruamenT Besudes a maun sporT each season The gurls were allowed To choose one oTher sporT a week The sporT was usually one of The manor acTuvuTues and sTressed unduvudual or parTnershup compeTuTuon ARCH ERY TENNIS i Q N-W' MODERN DANCING Table Tenms Teafured boTh In The Tall and The sprung and provnded wuTh The 1nTenTuon of building up The gurls pouse and abnlnTy ns very popular BuT due To The shorTage of precnous equrprneni' only a lnrnufed number oT gxrls could parTncupaTe Archery as IH The same caTegory as Tencung un ThaT :T rs desngned To bunld up The gurls :T was necessary To lnmuT The parTucupanTs To The Three upper grades Dan Cupud has roThmg on These archers who huT The bullseye every Time an one way or anoTher WnThouT a doubT Thms years aTTer school acTuvnTues sTressed physucal T:Tness and The number of gurls who responded To The exTra hard work and compeTuTnon us proof enough of The ablllTy xn The near fuTure of our glrls Takmg over Term and war 'obs for The durahon TUMBLING sTance and aim. Because of The immense populariTy aTTained by This acTiviTy Mrs P C Ballanlyne and Mrs Jerome Kohlberg patrons and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs George B Banks Charles Bass: F Becker J J Becker Karl Bfshop Marhn Bloomlueld Louus Bolmk K C Borregard Herrnck Brown Nelson D Brown Alfred O Buckingham D Calgu Dugald J Cameron Mxss L Grace Carroll and Mrs John A Coffey and Mrs Alan Cole and Mrs H D Cole Mnss Jane Conard and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs E DINOHI Anfhony Dnrman W R Dunn R C Dupee George H Eckels GeorgeC Fanellr Cord Fayen M H Frank and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Edward H Fraser G Frnedlander J M Frnedmann W A Gerken J M Goddard Benlamzn Golfesman Leon A Grey B W Greenberg and Mrs Frns1'Gundelhnger and Mrs Alfred N Hackman and Mrs B N Hall MlssN M Hall Mrs Gerfrude B Harl' and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs A C Herberl PaulW Hnller M C Hoffman J E Hook H J Hopfer HarryT lmmerman ROlandC lrvme LoulseA Jaskow Arrhur Kann lrvung Klezn O and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Harry B Kreusman LeRoy Landrune Frances H Lehman John W Lerew Jerome Lev: J B Lueben Joseph Llef W J Loomxs Waller Lowy Herber'rA Malmo J S Manhenmer Mrs HughW McLaughlin and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mass Ru+h F Mr and Mrs Joshua Meier A C Melervey Dorruen R Meyer Charles E Moore Nebel Cyril J Newman Mrs H G Noyes Mr J L Nuvolnm M and Mrs J M Payne Mr and Mrs CharlesW Person Mr and Mrs DeWll+C Pond Sr Mass Edna Pos+le+hwax+e Capfaun and Mrs John H ulrm and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs W J Rahe J A Ronder LoulsA Rose'r+ C W Sayles Max Schmerlz Frank B Schnebly Alvun A Schoenberger Wmlfred Schwab J R Seacord CharlesA Sensor LeslueW Shor+er JeromeW Sunshelmer Mass Helen Smrrh Mr and Mrs Sum Joe Srnufh Mass Nina C Slark Mr and Mrs Roberl' E Sfewarf Mr Leon J Sfurfevanl' Miss AnneM Uglum Mr and Mrs Narhan Wedeen Mr and Mrs George M Wermore Mr and Mrs G M Whelan Mnss Josephune Wnllard Mrs Jane+S Wolf Mr and Mrs F L Yarrvngfon Mr and Mrs G S Yeager . . . Mr. . Mr. . . Mr. . . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . . Mr. . . Mr. . . . Mr. . . Mr. . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . ' ' Mr. . . . ' Mr. . ' ' Dr. . ' Mr. . . . Mr. . . . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr. . . Mr. . . ' Mr. . . ' Mr. . . . ' Mr. . . ' . . ' Mr. . . Mr. , ' ' . Mr . . . Mr. . . Mr. . ' . Mr. . Mr. . . Mr. . . . ' L. Mr. . . ' ' . . . Mr. . ' . . . ' ' Mr. . . . . . . . Mr. . . . . . . Mr. . . . . ' . , , Mr. . . ' ' ' Mr. and Mrs.John Farrell ' . " Mr. . Mr. . . . Mr. . . Mr. . . . Mr. . . Mr. . ' . Mr. . . ' Mr. . . . Mr. . . . ' Mr. . Mr. . . . Mr. . . Mr. . . . Mr. . ' . Mr. . ' ' Mr. . ' Mr. . . Mr. . . . Mr. . . . Mr. . . ' Dr. . Mr. . ' . Mr. ., . Mr. . , ' ' Mr. . . . ' ' Mr. . . . . . , Mr. . . ' . . Mr. . . . ' . Mr. . . . . . Mr. . . . . . , Mr. . . . . . . Mr. . . ' ' ' ' Mr. . ' . . . Mr. . . . . . ' Mr. . ' ' . . . . Negatlueb 0 All Portrait Photographa m Thu Book Are lil Uur I' lles FINE FINISHED PORTRAITS FRUM THESE SPECIAL SCHOOL RXTES Apeda egfudzo, 212 West 18th Street New York N Y Offual Photographers for the Claes of 1913 'A' NEGATIVES MAY BE PURCHASED AT 'lr I NC. ir s 4 y L 3 fi ii f COHGY Kann , .eF'-..g. Irvine Low Bunyan Frvedlander Rofman Bnshop Bolmk Huller Q as Us 'ii-.9 wc P Gundelfmger B Cameron Q av 90 us 3 ' X 1 f 1 .. W 'Ag f i- ,., 3 5 9' ' X ' f r 't ' M 3 1 ,Q f' u . """' - f wi 'A -5 31:55 5? 9 : , , ' pt .gncfuctwn Jacobsfein 1-3, Meyer V Gundemnger plate: Y' ,,,.-fda C' ix, L -Q Ronder l- -K Cooper A JK- 1 Coleman Greene Kefcham E Cameron Calafah Person Pearson 4 1 Sfoclcer Xa' Wefmore an 9I COMPLIMENTS or WILLIAM A KLEIN Cox soNs R VINING, Inc Esfablnshed I837 I3I EAST 23rd STREET NEW YORK Makers of CAPS and GOWNS JUDICIAL ROBES CHOIR VESTMENTS lnqunrnes SoIncn+ed Dancing SOOCHOW TEA GARDEN CHINESE and AMERICAN RESTAURANT James E Wong Mgr Open from II AM Io I AM 546 548 Mann S+ree+ New Rochelle N BEECHMONT PHARMACY THE REXALL STORE Prescruphons FlIIed SUPPORT THE AMERICAN RED CROSS Phone N R 25492 ALLEN SPORT SHOPS, Inc 290 I-IUGUENOT STREET NEW ROCHELLE N Y EVERYTHING FOR THE ATHLETE ATCHES an RE R J P H A N S E N JEWELERS DIVISION STREET NEW ROCI-IELLE 2 2276 Phone N R 2 70 S T R O B L S , I n c RESTAURANT and GRILL Frank S+robI IO I2 Bridge Sfreef Prop New RocheIIe N Y 92 - ' , . Y. Phone: N. R. 2-02I9 768 NORTH AVENUE NEW ROCHELLE 2-0444 W d P A I . . -92 I 6 - . , . . Tkdy '22 ji! TAG .YGTVICZ OW atm. James Wnck Charles Carfer A-ef, Eddh M Carson Wulluam Dunn DeWnH' D Wuse Wesley R Jones Q 7 o M, , lg D"'xN , Y Lx,, - f A U , E , M sg A . 'Q . l 93 B Bond all Stamp CIOKY UY CTOKY 'SN BUY Complumenfs of A FRIEND ND 'MIPS 94 THE VOICE OF '43 lTo be sung by a chorus of desperafe-looking malesl We woulcln"r mind if you bursl our in shorls, Thar creafes efflciency lin sporfsl. And no man would objecl' fo a sarong. Bu? do you have fo wear your breeches long? Such lhnngs clldn'+ exnsf un '42, A gurl nn school an slacks was iusf laboo Buf now you ve pu+ on panfs because fhey re new You fhlnk fhey make you look a buf woo woo' If you knew how lhey really make you look You d curl up un some secluded nook And keep +hose slacks locked up where fhey be ong You d never 'fry 'lo wear your breeches long Why no+ gnve us guys a ln'r+le break And lef us wear 'rhe panls for frnendshnp s sake? Don 1' you know you make a bug mlsfake When our panfaloons you fry 'lo +ake7 You could wear mosf any kund of dress Or skrrl 'fhal you 'rhlnk makes you look lhe besf Bul cover up lhose legs O Sus +ha'r s wrong So do you have fo wear your breeches long'7 Now we don 1' wanl 'ro seem unloleranf Bul' heres a helpful friendly lnffle hun? Your boy frnends eyes would have fha? specnal glmf More lf you wore a skur+ lhan uf you dndn 1' Wnfh nofhmg showung up above her +oes7 So keep fhe fair sex faur and say so long To ever wearnng breeches 'thai' are long Asher Bogm I 1 'LQ As proof: whoever saw a cheese cake pose 9.41-gp ' lk unrno ' ' ' nun X, lfaf ll - ll. Ll. . WHY BE A SLACKER War you know makes changes And changes brung on fads And fads make gurls more conscuous And learned of fhe ads The fry hard fype who spenl' her fume Makung runglefs un her haur Jusf broke rughf down and confuded Tha? uf was more lhan she could bear She always slared af fhe male sex Buf only could see 'rheur backs Unful one day ul' huf her Thar SHE mughl appear un slacks To brung glamor fo her years Bu+ brofher whaf a mess she was And dud she aHrac+ 'rhe ueersl Duefruch dud u+ un Hollywood Many long years ago And now ul has huf our dear old 'rown And we re un for a preHy show When fau' gurls skunny gurls lean gurls shor s Tall gurls slender gurls pale and funny gurls All walk around wufh covered calf lf sure us a scene +0 make one laugh Slacks ARE unfended fo cover +he calf Buf nof fo cover a cow ll cerfaun gurls would remember 'rhus The place would umprove and howl If a murror were presenl' when lhey shopped And fhey looked bofh fronf and rear Then 'rhe gurls we d see un slacks rughl' now Would really be quufe dear Bu? as fhey appeared un Hugh School ln +hus year of 43 ll' wouldn + be rughf +o pu? un prunf The fhungs fhey dud To me Joan DeLug fer Phone N R 6 4720 HUGH S MARSHALL Duspensung Ophcuan Norfh Avenue New Rochelle N Y FRENCH BOOT SHOP 54l Maun Sfreef New Rochelle BERKELEY Slllllllll, WI! dducnf Ds!! New 'hum lcgn Feb July Sep! 420 I. ingion A 0 New Yo lx Cily 22 P ospoel Sl ical Oangl N J -FOI IULLETIN ADDRESS DIRECTOR 1 KRIVITZIN, Inc DIAMOND MERCHANTS JEWELERS SILVERSMITHS 6I4 Maun Sfreef Opposufe Culy Hall New Rochelle N Y Phone New Rochelle 2 377I MERCURY PHOTO ENGRAVERS CORP 46I EIGHT!-I AVENUE NEW YORK N Y Omcual Engravers for +he I943 Rochellean 95 . -1 . ' ' ll Il ' - - ' . N. Y ' 0 -roun Q r ulal courses for high school graduates. Spa' SI k h I + Y HW- cialhiruerso 'for' gollgiqolwolnons ii vu- f qu s ac 9 . n ivi a in Ill rucf on. ac S en l 5 O O lngs Efhdivo Pachmanf Sdlrvico. - i ., , . I u ax v ., 1 I . 1 ., r , . . ' , ' ' , ' , + girl , 1 I . . . . . . - pg I ' ll ll 9?,'a,l..,-W Of' my QQ ,S G Txx O xg VVS v3 -x A ,X 'P Stun 6141 Qucm Gershon U Q 7 Q29 Q gm 2'-2 C! FQ SCD ESQ: Q ow X X . v 5 2 . ' " Q, f f W? 5 x is , Q50 42 2 'MM M 2455 2 X- GM 5 ., ,FS C5 Q. W qw :Q s A gp 1 QNX f 3 A Y i V av 7 ies in Q ' ,O 9 h . ' XIKWMWN ? P fig' 3:7 Q Qi' ic' Q I , ,, S, F' Q ,M X 10 J -- . 5 H QW E 9552? fy R il f X , 17' V win 1, I I . 0 2 52,2 6 04, QQ H Q, 'I' fn, 3? X O fps- X ' Q, O 0 ' HW xx W , 1w,,fJ JS Q , ,V i. W' , ,7 T1 2 Q , O , LW 3 A ff Urgifp X gi . 9 PI. "Q Vfd - f k 'E FU Q 5 1 5, Q1 , LP N Y gg ly xy? Ha, dmlw Q Ui IL g G . 1,68 "gal ' ' w DQDFVII LE Dig Esqtzo KNXQKQQ Ni F' :A X Ii L7 H lol' if QA ff- x I E CW" Clauvwwba ew W iizw W Qziw., xv if Qbmxsww -xi M02 W? HN X ,gww fy f MEX H7 X M 2 lim fwwphw WM JIU! M 'Pf X ff AM A955 W 3 if fi WQQEW nr' HH lavafkf,-,S x T3xA.0QQ B651 CAMERA CRAFT North Avenue Glass and Shade Co. Phofo Supplies - Developing - Priniing Picfures - Pidure Framing - Mirrors Window Shades - Venefian Blinds Model Airplanes 673,Main Srreef New Rochelle, N. Y 368 North Avenue ICorner Loclcwoodl New Rochelle, N. Y. New Rochelle 243 I 66 Phone N. R. 2-46II LORIEN MURCHINSON 61 CO. 40 CLINTON STREET NEWARK THE IIIIIE PRINT 91 HUGUENOT STREET NEW ROCHELLE 2 5111 CLASS RINGS AND PINS CLUB AND FRATERNITY PINS INVITATIONS AND DIPLOMAS MEDALS AND TROPHIES CLQTHIERS hmm ff ' hmm FURNISHERS 380 Nor+h Avenue f New Rochelle N Y Wesichesier Commercial School E iabl shed I9l5 TRAINING FOR TODAYS OPPORTUNITIES 529 Ma SI' Ne R chelle N Y Tel 22744 R e , N. J S I-2- 1 . i I n' 2, n' f , . . s i Accounlinq, Sfenoqraphic 31 Secreiarial Courses. Day 81 Evening Sessions. Send for Boolrlei. Enroll now. in ., w o , . . . - . Charles A. ob rison, Principal S2 6"e""gJ 7L0.f2u.. 25'-Jooonpa... WW-4ff2fg 'ffl ff-?""'f-M 3 f GJ! mia Uwwwl W mcigmvj M21 mam 3 we 525 K MLW A r "fe xymm Jw6v47fdW yy! Maxam it QWKQZGK R fy ffm!! L 01591 35 , -W .zfwwflf 'wb WW 9""J'9'fI,Z :mfr MM? M UMQWA Q, QWQQJ MM. uh by M. wif fuezawzzr WMLQ? Gif m yy 3, ff? Q21 QP LM,-f Aw My MW mix A Q jwjwf V1 990 wgyf diss. fx ,,1w79Q Q Q7 xi- MWM BWQZM ZMJEQWW rfvfw' S wfN"'Mi 3 MV' 3455? WM fx QM' yf' w H TWA? W 2 xp"'ff'Wf gfiy 'Bos Km-.Tcx-wav-1 -04445 ' ' ff - . , 'K 'A ou..J Mm , Mm, cliijjjyw 'ff X is A' Vf X A . M H 1 vw Rx QP 5 QQ, C - . JG 'X b 5 4- . 1 0 " ,. ' 629: an QM-D! gf ' H 4,5003 E 417 I mb Q, ' btw .9 veg V 'liz-, E Q 7uMumm ' E ,S 'iDUKEv OWN 'EXIT Q Xb If E Qs . 23 W s i b , ,J L? ' 6 - W 1 is' X Q ffj ' ' R Qx X! . C91 05 I, Q X S My 11111.00 ' ' 0 KX L L F f' KZ , - , I 1 : Jig! 10115 4 X J S 1 Q3 I ' ' 46 5 MW ' , ,M 250 if . Q - . ,C 'B 5, h 0,07 6 P D uibiq.-Y Q Qing' , Q A mont, 0,y'n0hlX- . E J 'v.n0?Se,DW1z,nnnx Be Q! cy Q7 QB 5 e. ru.ser- Q 'K gg-PM K pid Z ok 1,5 , vgsbw M cj ,AAUf"' X byp Qxcgocr ao" -5455-Ii z . Y QR 5' it hbov 9k GX A 5 QN- XAQS JY' E 'bar-have Ohmnnn at N .- D CAMERON . IL a 2 Y W Kr TK 'vexww JM K L. Hnhumv as -sf' . 90 559, ,ff 71' . QUE' Q fi 1 nunm . EHMHN ' hanks The I943 Rochellean Thanks The many persons who assuslecl The slahl xn publsshung Ihls warfume yearbook Among Those Io whom acknowIecIgmen+s are due are Norman W Allus of The Davud J Malloy Plan? Mauruce Barclay of The Ln++Ie Prum' Davud Boehm of The General Ohcsef Company ancl W E Murray OI The Mercury Phofo Engravers Corporaluon If :I were nol for our aclverhsers The publacahon of Thus book In :Is presenf form would have been umposslble Please show your apprecuahon Io These merchanis by parronuznng our adverhsers Thank You' Complsmenls of H was vw PA ff INSTRUMENTS RECORDS SHEET MUSIC ACCESSORIES 587 MAIN S 24 JOHN M GIETLIEIR Binder of Annuals arruck Sfreef New York WMS' 5 Om CONGRATULATIONS to the TIHUE COILONY SHUP SPORTSWEAR CLASS UIF 1943 BEACHWEAR and Aocessomes 577 Mann Sfreef New Rochelle, N Y TIIIIC GCnCr8l 0rg8nH8tiOn ' or T E N. vit if ICO' No Beffer Selecfion Anywhere! L- Inear Loe-w'sI h N. R. - 3l7 ZOO V ' , Y. 99 f fl? A X-Magi ? lZ!' 2 N ww ff f j f ,ey '33 df E ff , 3? g fef Fx isf 'ML AX- Wa! fggjj QA g?'f'f ,Q, f J ,SQ , W If H A M! H H 9 6 Y! ft N W W, 7g6mgZin QQ! bkluw vfflx X12 .f . Y f I' 'A Q , , if I .X . .,.,.,, Qt ,. P M 1, e u 1. H' X 6 f C ' X, J, -,.,. xxx Y i . ' 'QI 1 x f K Xu X ,Q , 6. - ' - r f 6 1 f . fl I -If Q Y - ' I W ' QP GP X , -i t , 'F lu cgi I ,, , ,H Y4 If , -an J -T!'Pu-:sez ,xr , ' ,bw I ,M Zz, T16 5216 ' f H y 3335 ' ?: lr? I 1' 4. A ' f fa, .ff W W f f 1 Q 'L 4 iff: -. 7 f f f r' . f , f " Q fx 1 aff X 0 V 5747 V X if 63 11? 620 X , ffr ,f 'f 5 F 1 X f Q ' v 33 p 0 l K9 ' 4 , f - X , I l f f X , 9 OC C I6 kk V CH M X G J 'X 95 5 .... - gvlrul E y Q ' xf- 9 f ,,,,.:.-- ,,... ,- 9 of T Z W fs f MKXMW Xl. I02 'I-J' N Ill.- X Na v-vb 4: Q, I ll 'CW Y QQK-.www I ""-N Hug,--.., .-""""" A-P' Clif If H 2. Egg ? T , ,W 1' M ,f 'Q 'E qliebxghilgi- X P-X31 Wm? F8 E5 Armx 11r Corps Pallet Gordon H1 hrf ns Irnzx hr Corps flllllf ,lolzn Hurgrr lllot U fu r larrx flmltfrton Nm x hr Corps Pnszgn llmrlf s Irof Illll irmx 11r C orps I ze utf non! U mr: n Orr gory firnn izr C orps Iuulcnant 111111 Mellor ible Seaman If altar W bchnmhl lruatc flmcr L SIIOILIEII' S1 umm: Suomi f loss ohn T14 rm y irmx -fzr forps luutfnunl louis I We s lrlum louzs H IU AA . 1 ,T' , , 1 f ,A I . A 1 I R.,A1.I'. f f -.- , 4- , ' , .' , . , ' P -,A ' ' 1 I Ti X 'P ' A , . , , ..MJ , , W - - - -. 1 f ll. .A . I 4 1 , , 1 n . , 1 ,447 1 - 5 1

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