New Rochelle High School - Rochellean Yearbook (New Rochelle, NY)

 - Class of 1941

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New Rochelle High School - Rochellean Yearbook (New Rochelle, NY) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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'fr -1-' 'li:im-'v:Sifxi5:1.1:1-.a-an .. :.. V- ,.. ' .. 'au ..,4.. gg, 1. ...Q, I -+4-A -an-w-GA .41 SCHOOLS NEW ROCHELLE AND ALBERT LEONARD H Gl- , I TH'-HE CEL! L Zeb. mm-n Volume I9 Press-nfed by THE CLASSES GE I94I NEW ROCHELLE and ALBERT LEONARD HIGH SCHCOLS N 1 mi vrwf-2 2- xr f A :fs '1 , "K: :':::,: fsffwf 1 Jffvff " rv- T 9 lf' 1 lv'-w ' It Aw 1'k':'A':U! w Uv- "n-'VY 'wx wifi? jszfi 'MM we 'Nqw rw E '- V wf :-- W :IU "1 V 'rw "ie H fr: i A , , A . W w N1 Z., 1' "'l 'L 1--'xr f "YV 'r' I ' Y A n 'w 1 z ' rr-9, 5 0417 fix X -31 wmv B, K X Qc? , v X ' ,,--- l---5 R X XXX WU MM WWW WDW ,ST 'Dx 1 if H' :gif ,Sax -'V ' 'S ?f"y N 'A.g'X:'ffT4 X , 'xwf X wx ,V 'A wg- mgf, VN N, VA! 5275, -y 1 NNE vw 252, NpXx"' fi Qymf, N-Q1 .-QSM, -. vi . ! fx E . A K i f 'wx f 1 X11 PM-8, gf ' X T I icing: at ,- " KEEPS: , .V ik- rf- 4 L '-- -' .411 , 7 I - S ' H'q f' -f' t Wk A X 3 M-: L13 1 ,-f , X 'X A Y ew f 1 ,v ' ' A H 'L I 'K 1' ,kk ,I X f I, X X i , -ku! - ,, 1 . , 4 J is' If ' T ' X, ' iff' M - P QM' ' M . HQ, , 3 Y , 1 x Nl I X lx N NX ' ,- 1 Q Q X ' X l' . X J X xx . Q L ki -. 3 Y: 1 X ' Q K kj V ,ff A ft , D -b lx. lb. A Ll -l-o The Classes ol 1941 Thus page of The Rochellean guves me an opporTunuTy To say To The members of The GraduaTung Class oT I94I of The New Rochelle Hugh School ThaT The school wushes Tor Them all happuness and success also To welcome The parTucupaTuon oT AlberT Leonard Hugh School un The preparaTuon and publuca Tuon oT Thus as The IounT yearbook oT The Two schools From very ancuenT Tumes one of man s umporTanT acTuvuTues has been The recordung oT evenTs and personaluhes euTher Tor ummeduaTe communucaTuon To oTher men or as a permanenT source oT unTormaTuon and unTeresT The resulT oT Thus acTuvuTy on The parT of men everywhere ThroughouT The world has been To guve some persons The excephonally keen pleasure ThaT comes from recreaTung and reluvung evenTs of whuch They were orugunally a parT and oThers The saTusTacTuon oT havung a means oT gaunung a knowledge oT maTTers un whuch They have Tor one reason or anoTher gauned a luvely unTeresT So uT us wuTh The school yearbook of our day and so uT s wuTh Thus Rochellean Many of The sTudenTs of Leonard Hugh School as well as of New Rochelle Hugh School wull geT The TursT of These saTusTacTuons un years To come whule oTher sTudenTs and especually The school auThoruTues wull Tund Thus record oT school lufe and school happenungs a source OT valuable and unTeresTung unTormaTuon GEORGE H ECKELS Pruncupal New Rochelle Hugh School aTes Trom AlberT Leonard Hugh School under The re organuza Tuon plan puT unTo eTTecT SepTember l94O The opporTunuTues and responsubuluTues of The class have been greaT You have had The opporTunuTy To seT The sTandards of achuevemenT and pror'uoTe socual acTuvuTues whuch wull have a profound eTTecT upon The TuTure oT The new school WuTh These opporTunuTues have co e responsubuluTues responsubuluTues whuch you have assurred courageously and suncerely Your responsubuluTues have been organuzung The sTudenT body unTo a cohesuve and unuTued group seTTung sTandards Tor leader shup and servuce un The school and developung The NaTuonal Senuor Honor SocueTy of whuch your selecTed members wull be The TursT honorary members As The TursT graduaTes you have The opporTunuTy To organuze an alumnu assocuahon whuch can do much Tor The school and The TuTure graduaTes The members oT The class have shown a wullungness a desure and The abuluTy To work wuTh each oTher and wuTh The TaculTy un a very Truendly and cooperaTuve spuruT May These characTer usTucs be a domunaTung Torce un your TuTure work WuTh Thus l wush The graduaTes success and Godspeed HENRY J GRAYBILL Pruncupal AlberT Leonard Hugh School 9 n n o ' S I D i You, The members oT The Class oT I94I, are The TirsT gradu- ROCHELLEAN EDITORS ali Row I Naomu Klepper NR Edulor un Chuel Louus Feluce AL Assuslanl Edulor un Chuel Row 2 Lulluan Masello AL Lula Lederman NR Lulerary Edulors Jean Frosl NR John DeRosa lAL Busness Managers Eleanor OConnell AL Helen Sums NR Arl Edulors Row 3 George Schaad NR Josephune Caruso AL Pholography Edulors Herlnerl B Nuchols NR Ro erl E Farndon AL Facully Advusers Anne Floersheunruer NR Belle Turner AL Porlraul Edulors STAFFS Edulorual NR George Schaad Harry Berger Annue Lueb Helen Sums Jean Anderson Lula Lederman Morgan Muller James Kuernan Yella Cuzyn Belly Jane LeBlond Anne Floersheunruer Pal Cheslerman Guzella Jalrab Suzanne Spulz Jean Frosl Carol Baum Naomu Klepper Nancy Joseph: Belly Jane Lewus Roberl Schwarzlcopl Lulluan Karr Gerlrude Cooper Dorolhy Phullups Pally Hovey Belluna Slrunger Anne McCarlhy Roberl Shwulzer AL Lunda Smlva Hylo Hynes John DeRosa lrene Hendry Maruorue Lahm Louus Feluce Emuly Ramos Shurley Losee Belle Turner Augusl Peluso Nanelle Meyer Lulluan Masello Josephune Caruso Busuness NR Jean Frosl Naomn Klepper Nancy Josephu James Funger Dorus Gules Barbara Gray Pal Cheslerrnen Lula Lederrnan Kenny Weuser Yella Cuzyn Belly Jane LeBlond Marlorue Fayen Theodora Pelroulas Dorolhy Newman Guzella Jalrab Sara Jane Cooper Lulluan Karr AL Augusl Peluso Mary Mourges Louus Feluce John DeRosa Mnllon Brynun Carlo DeRosa John Barnaba Arl NR Carol Baum Elaune Franlc Helen Sums Anne Sunger Roberl Hullman James Hayard Mauor Fruedman Dorus Wullnelael lAL Eleanor OConnell Jeanne Emerson Dorolhy Smulh Muss Dorolhy T Parr NR Regunald P Balmer lAL arl advusers Pholography NR Franlr Murphy Marvn We-deen George Schaad Arlhur Wullenloroclr Hayward osl AL Josepnune Caruso Louus Feluce Vuncenl Tozzo Helen Yule Wulluam Hannon Armorud DuNoll Peggy Toglua Berl Guslalson Wul'uam Kleun Porlraul NR Jean Frosl Naomu Kl pper Belly Jane LeBlond Dorus Gules Pal Cheslerrnan Guzella Jalrab Marlorue Fayen Harry Berger Anne Floersheumer Marulyn Smarl Anne McCarll'y AL Belle Turner I O ROC!-IELLEAN STAFF 54131 fig, , 3, ef " 1,5 FA, 9- Busmcss N R H S ..f Q 0 A 1 N I 2 ROC!-IELLEAN STAFF F IIlll'l'l 55459 0 'W 1 -'x XD-'Q fx 1' 5 fp Z 647 5' 3 X 5 AKA Z? Q ag F N 67 S- Z VX 7 fa 'NX Nw XJ! 96 Q! ig fa? 1 1 K X N ' 'KG . ,IQ Z A Q m f , , , Q 4 J . -fs Ya . ,.. - - flwf -r, ' , ,.-- 1 TQ xx Y W be , 4? I jr I gsm Q ,J if I X5 4 ,lf ,4 ,.A, if X Xxx 1, ,, 1 W f A , S QQ? Q fx-xx N , 94 X1 5 , j ' X 1 1 ' 1. mum RX X "r 1 I L' fl! 'W f L' mast g!'f", fx -1f,j,V 1 f .w Q S I vip. I LV . ' I IN ,Clff ' ' XFX-QT! " - Qi? ' 1-fren x I 5 fp X 1 f X fr . Sf , K ., f ga-'gfx ff bm X ,il - Af- W A . . X Ji ' " 11 X J '75, 7 1 3 X5 A J ' x ' Z . A K' s NEW ROCHELLE HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY If!! Z.- RW: GEORGE H. ECKELS .,,..,,...,.,... Principal AB MA in Educalion Gefrysburg F LORETTA COONS Assusranr Pruncnpal B A New York Srale College for Teachers M A an Educaluon Admnnnslraluon Boslon Unuverslly N Y U Columbia ALlCE ADAMS Lahn AB Radclnllle Unnversnly of Vermonl Harvard KERSAM G AJEMIAN Spanish French BA Harvard MA nn Languages and Lulera lure Mddlebury Unnversuly of Lyons France MARY B ALBERTSON Lahn AB Oberlan CECnL C BLANPIED General Science A B Kansas Slare Teachers College M A Columbna CLARENCE J BROADHEAD Musuc BA Orlebean College MA on Muslc Educa hon N Y U W EMERSON B-JRKE Dramahcs Psychology BS Denison Cornell MA Columbna NYU SADONlS H BURROUGHS Social Science AB Cornell MA NYU L GRACE CARROLL Malhemahcs A B Inorana Sfale Teachers College BA Cenlral Normal School M A Columbia EDITH MACDONALD CARSON Physacal Ed BA Oberlin College MA Teachers College Columbia DOROTHY J COOK Physical Ed A B Oberlin M A Teachers College Columbla DOROTHEA DONALDSON Commercial Law BA Hunrer MA Teachers College LLB Sl John WINFRED H DOUD Malhemahcs BA Michigan U M A In Malhemahcs Colum bil Polsdam Normal School HENRY G DURFEE Husfory BA Williams FRANK W ELSON lnduslrlal Arls AB lndzana U MA Columbua FLORENCE M ERRANT Physlcal Ed BA Unrverslly of lllunols MA Columbia Fl- v 7'-17' EUGENE F FLAHERTY Spamsh BA Colgafe MA nn Spanish Columbla HAROLD S GOODFELLOW Englash M A In Englrsh Mnchugan Unnversulry NELLIE M HALL Commercnal B C S N Y U Unnversufy ofCal1fornaa Fordham GORDON A HARVIE lndusfrual Ar+s Fnchburg Normal School NY U ARTHUR B HUSSEY Physncs Chemnslry BA Bafes MA In Educahon Brown Columbia WESLEY R JONES French BA Dar'rmou+h MA In French Columbua ADELAIDE LECOUNT Malhemahcs BA M+ Holyolce MA Columbia JEANETTE L McGlLL English BA Oberlin MA an Englush Columbna WILLIAM H MCKENNA Physical Ed B S P E Arnold College Cornell Summer School of Physical Educahon BARBARA A MOORE Hlslory BA Smufh MA rn Hus+ory RadclnFFe EARL NASH Adviser Oruenlahon AB lndnana U MA Columbia HERBERT B NICHOLS Haslory BA George Washunglon UHIVGFSITY MA an Hnsfory and Governmem' Columbia DANIEL P O BRIEN Physncal Ed BS Columbia Savage School of Physlcal Educahon RUTH TREADWELL OSBORNE Ma+hema+ucs BA Vassar MA rn Ma+hemahcs Columbia WALTER J POYNTZ Music Chorus Theory AB Carnegie lnshfule of Technology MA Columbia CLARA L PRESTON Englush AB Syracuse AM Columbia BURGESS B ROSS Hlslory C P A Boslon Lmnversuly Harvard M A n HISTOFY Clark M A In Husfory Columbua CLARENCE W SAYLES Physucal Ed B P E Sprnngfneld College DOROTHY M SCHROEDER Assuslanl Librarian B A College of Wulllam and Mary JOHN E SHOOP Bnology BS Dickinson MS Chicago MA Columbia JANE SCUBA Englush B A Carleron College M A Educahon Columbia CARLETON S SPEAR Chermsfry B S M S Wesleyan ScD Umversnly ol Ghenr Belglum ETHEL M ST CLAIR Social Sfudues Commercial BA Ohuo Slale U MA Teachers College Columbia ETHEL STROHMEYER Sewing Home Economscs Pralr Teachers College Columbua ORA STRONG Malhemahcs BA M A In Malhemahcs Unuversuly of Olcla LEON J STURTEVANT English BS Tufls MA an English Teachers College Columbua CORA H W TOWNSEND Malhemahcs BA MA In Educahon Brown Unuversuly ALBERT H TURNER General Scxence JOHN E WALRATH lnduslrral Arls B S M S C C N Y N Y Slare Normal School Cooper Umon N Y U MARGARET R WEINSTEIN Hsslory Economucs BA Hunler MA an Huslory Columbia PRESTON A WEISS Biology B S un Educahon Bucknell Unnversuly M A Teachers College Columbna HENRY G WELLMAN I-lnsfory BS Harvard MA Columbia EdD NYU ISABELLE M WHITMORE Ar Cor+Iand Normal School BS Columbua JEAN M WILSON Nurse BS NYU Vuclorna Columbna S+ Johns Rrv ersnde Hospural Rockefeller Hospnlal for Meducal Research DeWITTD WISE English Journalnsm Newswrmng BA Dickinson MA an Eclucahon Columbia GRACE R ZIMMELE Malhemahcs B S New Yorlc Unlversuly ,. cmtwguin. .I Bs., MA., Ms, cal'qf55a5'.' A H . ,..,....,......,. l NEW ROCHELLE HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY MARY BERMINGHAM English A B College of New Rochelle M A Fordharn Unnversvly MARIE W BOWERS Lalxn BA Ohno Wesleyan MA In Lahn Columbia MELBA CARPENTER Engllsh B A Unnversnly of Iowa M A N Y U WINIFRED CARPENTER Lahn AB Smulh VINCENT CIOFFARI Ilaluan Spanish BA MA In Romance Languages Cornell PhD Columbia CLIFTON T EDGERLY French B A un Greek and Lahn M A In French Spanish and II'aIran Darlmoulh PhD In Romance Lan guages Yale EMMA M FROST Home Economncs BS Buffalo S+a+e Teachers College MA Columbia FLORENCE C GARRIS MA Teachers College Columbna ELSIE S GLEASON BA Unlversnly of Kansas Colurnbua Englush NANCY M GLEASON B A Oberlun Columbua GEORGE E GREELEY BA Bowdonn M A In French Columbia HARRY F HAIGH Band Orcheslra BS MA Columbua Unmversnly English French CLARICE W HAY Englush B A Georgia Slale Women s College M A Columbia CLARA V JONES German BA Oberlin MA an German Columbra FRANCES LOUGHMAN English AB College of New Rochelle Fordham Lfnuversnly ELLA MURRAY Socnal Science B S Boslon Unnverslly M A N Y U GLADYS J NEWELL English BS ID Educahon Slale Teachers College Mass Columbia MARGUERITE M O KEEFE Socnal Sludnes Malh A B College of New Rochelle HELEN C OREILLY Hnslory BA Smalh MA an Educahon Columbna DOROTHY T PARR Ar BS MA Columbra U Teachers College FREDERICK V PETERS Induslrual Arls un Ed NY U Columbia Unnversuly o Marne BS Columbsa MA NYU U of California McG1ll College Oxford U England HELEN A SMITH Orlenlahon Algebra BA Cornell MA Fordham NINA C STARK Engllsh BA MA Unnversuly of Wnsconsnn Graduale Work a+ Columbia EDITH M STURTEVANT General Science BS Tufls College AM Columbna LOUISE M WILKINSON Physnography Malh General Scnence B S M A Columbia ALBERT LEONARD HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY CLARA BLONDOIT Musuc Personalnly ALFRED P HOBBS Au+omoIuve Mechanics B M E Norlhweslern Unuversuly OUAY C DRIESLER Dress Desugn Nulruhon BS Bucknell Unlversnly MA Columbia HUBERT OIRARD Bulldnng Conslrucllon Induslrlal and Technucal Woodworking Induslrnal Arls M I C C M S N PAULINE HALL English BA Bowdoun MA French Colurnbva BS Bradley Polylechnlc Inshlule M A NY U Fllchlung Mass SIa+e Teachers College NELLIE I HOPKINS Busuness Deyoarlrnenl B C S N Y U MARY VAN HORN Heallh Physucal Educahon Nursing R N Phnladelphza General Hosoulal School of Nursmg Cerhhcale un Public Heallh Pennsylvanra School ol Social Work BS Educ Temple Umversuly I ' 1 I ' ' ' . ..r..r..,,...I,r ...,. + A ' Bs: .f ' ' f A Malhemalics, Social Sfudies MABEL D. REISCI-IMANN ..,.., EngIIsh,. Mailh. Rf. ..f Bs., . .N.Y.: l.Y.U. ' - I H . I I8 ALBERT LEONARD HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY '11 Q ,-.-gi ib- I-IENRY J GRAYBILL Prunclpal Millersville Slale Normal School AB MA Franklin ancl Marshall MA Columbla Supl of Schools Dlplorna Columbia TC BERTRAM L TAYLOR Asslslanl Prnnclpal B S C M S T C M A Teachers College PHILIP D AINES Physical Educaluon Mnddlebury College B S N Y U VINCENT ATTISANI llalxan Spanlsh BA MA Columbia Unlversuly REOINALD P BAKER Ar BS Columbia Prall lnshlule EDWIN R BOWMAN Buseness Deparlmenl A B Randolph Macon College M A Columbua WALLACE B BOWMAN Buslness Deparlmenl A B Randolph Macon DOROTHY CHAPMAN Home Economlcs Tea Room Managemenl BS Cornell MA NYU VERA G COLE Economac Oeorgraphy B S Smalh College M A Columbua MIRIAM CRESSEY English Ph B Unnversuly of Chlcago M A Columbia OLIVER C DAVIS Business Deparlmenl B S Sprlnglueld Mnssourn Slale Teachers College M A Columbia WINIFRED DOUD Busnness Deparlmenl Fenls lnslulule Muchngan Slale Normal College NYU THOMAS DOWLING Science Deparlmenl B S Umversuly of Soulh Carollna M A Columbia ANNE E EDMONDS Malhemahcs English B S Sprlngheld Mlssourl Slale Teachers College M A N Y U LESTER EMERSON Eleclruclly B S Unlversnly of New Hampshire ROBERT E FARNDON Engllsh BLIH Columbna B D Unuon Theologncal Sem: nary M A Teachers College Columbla EDWARD FITZGERALD Relalecl Malh Science Drawung lnduslraal Arls Massachusells Slale Teachers College' N.Y.U.' B.S. School ol Educalion. 1-. r 9 fain fs K x HOLLIS EVERETT FRAZEY Business Deparfmenl BS KIFRSVIIIS Mnssouru Slale Teachers College M A School of Educahon N Y U VERN A ERISCH Bus1ness Deparlmenl A B Hashngs College M A N Y U HENRY LESLIE GAUL Relafecl Induslrual Malh and Science Sfale Normal Oswego New Yorlc BS N Y U MA Columbua ROLAND HINTZ Machine Shop ancl Arl B S Unlversnly of Wnsconsun M A N Y U CARL H HUBACHEK Machune Shop M S N Y U M A Columbia Teachers College DORIS KINSMAN Physncal Eclucahon BS MA Columbia Teachers College CHARLESA LEONARD Englnsh French A B Hamnllon M A New Yorlc Slale Teachers College THEODORE LOBDELL Avnahon Mechanics B S Clarlcson College of Technology M A N Y U FRANK M LONG Busuness Deparlmenl BS Unuverslly of Wyoming MA Columbra Ph D Columbla BEATRICE LOWENTHAL Dramahcs Personalnly Englnsh BA College of New Rochelle MA Teachers College BEATRICE PERLSTEIN Busnness Deparlmenl' B A Hunfer College M A Columbua School of Busnness Columbia EMMA M RUDDICK Home Arls Personallly B S M A Teachers College N Y U CHARLES E RUSSELL Englnsh Socual Scsence BS MA Brown Unuversuly Columbia GLADYS SKINNER Physical Eclucahon BS Teachers College Columbia ALMA G SWANSON Relaul Selling A B Unlverslly of Nebraska M A Columbia MRS CAROLYN WALLACE Librarian BA S+ Lawrence Unnversuly EDSON J WHITE Healrh Physical Educahon B Ed Illxnons Slale Normal Unlverslly BEATRICE WIGHTWICK E gllsh BA New Roc Ile College BA MA NY U if iifX?2J44KiIc 53233229 i wi Q X Q X SN xv A gsw S X. xx f X X N ' X X N X X X w X X X N N X N XX x X x 5 S X X x Q ' X X wx X X X X w ' wi , f N N XX .H xx L X SX xg X ik X K3 1 '- 5 a, ,,-... N S is N xXX'k , X X C- FXT P af Q ' Til? S Wx X n X sm, X Q, Y "Q . Y X W X A F X A A X x ' if X N Qx '- X X X Q c- ,Px XX ..., :ff i Q ' 1 XXX E. A 'M -ffv .gy S g 2 Ng W f X, ' X 59 Q3 W ,X if K 3 1 X QE. 5 fx w ' 5 x X x T FRANK ABRAHAM INRJ College Acllvrlles GO Councrl Traflc Squad Currenr Evenfs Club Broloqy Club ANTOINETTE T ACOCELLA lALl Work GAA Ten Tab e Tenn s Dec Tennis Baskefba Base a Volleyball Soccer Hockey Wanfs ro be a successful secrefary PETER ACOCELLA INRI Work Amblfnon plnysrcal educahon rnsfrucfor AClIVllI9S lnframurals DIANA AJEMIAN INRI Ju llrard Sclwool of Musc Arn brhon fo be a concerl pranrsr Acrrymes Scholarsln p Frencln and GIflS Glee Clubs ROBERT ALCOTT INR, Plans RCA Traunxnq Sclwool Ambrllon research work In radlo and Televnsuon A l'lVIllSS Radlo Club Class Banker RAYMOND AMORI IALI Ray as cornrnq back as a PG nexr year AClIVIlIeS Varslly Baskelball Arnbrrron lo become an experf maclnnnusr ALICE ANDERSON lALl Alce plans lo qo fo Fame Hall Her arnbufuon rs To become euflrer a busrness or rnedrcal sfenoqraplwer LILLIAN ANDERSON lNRl Nurses Trarnrnq sclnool Ambarron lo be a successlul nurse Achvrlres Bzoloqy Club and Paddle Tennis LANGDALE ANDREWS INR, Have a darn aaod fvne rn :fron use ollrnq horses and e Brlhsb Cournbra Achyufres Golf Hockey Tennrs G AA Broloqy Scholarslnrp Clubs ANIELLO VITALE lNR, Army Arr Corps School Arnbr 1 n o 1 rn clwanrc 'rlw n fly rn A my Aar Corps Foolball B eball Baskerball Track EDWARD C ANTHES INRI Colqale Unrversrfy or PC- rn mon T e a success Acrrvrhes Huquenol Herald Fencrnq Manager Trarllc Squad ESTHER ARACE TNRJ Busuness sclwool Arnbuhon r be a secrelary or a buyer Achvrlres Leaders Group Baskerball Badmunfon Soccer Bowling Halran Club Volleyball FRANK ARGENTA lNRl Aylarron sclrool Arnbrron naval avraror Achvrhes Inlrarnural Baskefball BERNARD ARMIENTO lNRl Work Amblfxon evenlu ally sfudy law JAMES ARNAU lNRl Ambrrron lo Travel Acfrvrhes Intramural Sporfs Busy in fhe wood shop- Alberf Leonard SZDIOVS ws-sfv Sf XX A i Qs xo' N 43 its f 1-is 'R 1 9 w 3' 3 1 +532 'lid Q- CN QS 24 Training for Nahonal Defense Alberf Leonard BONNIE JEAN ARNDT INRI College Ambifion bus: ness execufive Acfivmfxes Biology Club Banker Lead ers Group Bowling ELAINE AXELROD INRI NYU Arnblfion a husband evenfually French Currenf Evenfs Chenrnsfry Schol arship Clubs Huguenof Herald Rochellean Bus: ness and Ediforial Sfafls Tennis Pungpong Volleyball HILDEGARD BAIR INRI Wellesley Ambifion fo see fhe world Acfuvifues GO Secrefary Scholarship Club Secrefary Capfain Cheerleaders Senior Prom Commuffee Traffic Squad Chemusfry Club Tennis NORA BANFIELD IALI Work Acfivufies Traffic Squad Basketball and Chairman of Orienfafuon Class Nora wanfs fo gef a good lob IU an office CHRISTINE BARBER INRI J mor coll ge or sec farial school Acflvllles Social Service Club Volley ball Baskefball Badrninfon Tennis JOHN BARNABA IALI Work Acfxvifles Bankers As sociafion Inframural Foolball Baseball Baskefball Scholarship Club Senior Prom Cornmiffee AfT1bIIIOU be a successful business rnan DORIS BARTLAM INRI Packard School Amblfion f gef a good iob Acfivifies Baskefball Soccer Bad minfon Volleyball MARION BARNETT IALI Work Acfivifles Baseball Volleyball Baskefball Paddle Tennis Leaders Group Capfain of Cheerleaders Field Hockey Glee Club Chorus ASSISIGDI Banker Archery Orchesfra CHARLES BASSI INRI School nexf year Arnbiflon g fo Samoa wifh Bill Ley. Acfivifies: G.O. Represenfafive. MARY A. BATISTA IALI-Work. Acfivifies: Secrefary of G.O., Chairman of Qrienfafion Class, and Volleyball. Mary wanfs To be a success and fo fravel. CAROL BAUM INRI-Cornell. Ambifion: field of die- fe ics. Acfivifies: "Rochellean.' Scholarship, Biology Clubs, Library Council, Currenf Evenfs Club, G.A.A., "Slandard-Sfar" School Reporler, EDNA BEALS INRIfFinishing school. Arnbifion: fo have n for The r f o er l'f . Aclivifies: G.O. Re re- senfafive, Cheerleader. ROSEMARIE BECK INRI-College. Arnbifion: lo d - velop an arnbifion. Acfivifies: Tower Players, Glee Club, Orchesfra, Biology Club, WELLY AURORA BEHRENS INRI-Barbizon School of Modeling. Arnbifion: fo be a successful model. Drum Maior, Leaders' Group, Modern Dancing, Head of Twirling Club. BARBARA BEISGEN INRI-Grasslands School of Nurs- ing. Acfivifies: Traffic Squad, Banker Leaders' Group, Tennis, Volleyball Baskefball, Baseball, Hockey. JOSEPH BELFIORE INR,-Joe will be a P.G. nexf year. Ambilion: avlafion. Acfivilies: Foolball, Baseball. EMMA K. BELIVE IAL,-Work or P.G. Acliyiliez: G.A.A.. Leaders' Group, Baskelball, Volleyball, Soccer, Golf. Badrninlon, Tennis. Arnbilion: alfend an An- napolis qradualion. ALICE G BELL INR,-PG Arnbulxon lo enler The nurs Inq fleld Achvllnes Table Tennns and Currenl Evenls Club GEORGE BELLIZZI IAL, Business sclnool Amblllon I see llwe world wlllwoul lwavlnq lo ,om llwe Navy MILLIE BENNETTA Work ACTIVITIES Tralflc Squad Ambnfson own a complele llbrary of Xavler Cuqals Rumba records HARRY BERGER INR, Yale Roc ellean Banker Traffnc Squad Tower Players Scbolarslnp Blo oqy Clubs Lllerary Supplemenf Huquenol Herald J Foolball lnlramural Tennis Senior G ll Cornmllfee RUTH MARIE BERRY INR, Wes? Vlrqnnla Slale Col leqe Ambuhon be lhe pnannsl of her own swonq band Cvlee Club Orclwesfra Baseball Badrnlnlon MARIE BLACKNALL INR, 60 lo rnuslc sclwool rn muon become a music 'reaclwer Achyllnes Gurs Glee Club ARLINE BLOCK INR, Business sclvool Amblllon lo Ind a successful occupaluon A luymes Bnoloqy Clu Tralllc Squad Leaders Group Table Tennis ROSALIND BLUMENTHAL INR, College Ambmon lrayel around flue world Tower Players Glee Cub Social Servlce Sclnolarslmp Current Eyenls Buoloqy Chemnslry Clubs GAA BERTRAND BODDIE INR,-School A Capella Clwonr Band Orclweslra Chorus Trafllc Squad Sclmolarslwnp u Ednlorual S aff Rochellean Cross Counlry Track Ambnluon plwysuclan ANTHONY J BOMBACE IAL, Work and be a cablnel maker when he qraduales Ac rvufves Sol He lvas no parflcular amblllon WILLIAM A BOOKHOP IAL, Po T qraduale Acluvu les and Orclweslra and Gle Club Bll wanls o become a good elecfrucal enquneer ROSE BORRELLI INR, Plans undecided Amblluon qef a 'ob ruqlnl lump affer qraduahon and be a suc s I Acfnvnlnes Soccer Baskelball HELEN BOSWELL INR, College Ambmon I be d elufnan Experience In refarl selling Alberf Leonard 'I' Cs I er I fs Rom lv xiii, g ' . , ' ' : o - , " h , -Q . V W . I . I . ' , I I ' . A mx X - ' . A A 4 bf' : ' . ' ' ' z ' I ' F ' . c ' ' ' : ' b, . f I f R T ' I , sh we Cl b, ' ' + " - T' ' . I' ' ' 2 T, Q ll 1 B , e . i I 1 ces in i , ' " : , . I. - . ' ' : o a A I . . V I j 1.1 lr V ag, QQ. '7 55652 . . . . -4,4 :Q w ' Quill wa' 5-E ' 1. ' ' all I ' ml- ' Ml 1 j-! ', , Sig? 9 al' ' I I . - ' ' I 'gif' 25 Elecfrncal laborafory Alberf Leonard VERN BOVIE lNRl Unnyersnfy of Marne AClIVIlI9S GO Collecfor Traffuc Squad Traclc Cross Counfry IRENE BOWSER lNRl Vnrgnnna Sfale College Al'T!bIllOD be a successful lournallsl Gurls Glee Club CATHERINE BOYD lNRl College Arnblluon +o enfer fhe held of nursing ALYCE BRADDOCK lNRl Nursing School Arnblflon be a nurse and an aylalrlx un her spare fume STANLEY BRAHAM INRJ College Arnbnhon lo be a doclor Achvmes GO Collecfor Scholarshnp Cur ren? Evenls Cherrnsfry Clubs Inlrarnural Sporfs ANTHONY BRUNO lNRl Plans undecuded Arnbuhon 'fo leach musnc Acfwmes Boys Table Tennis Club CHARLES BURGER lNRl Trahrnc school Arnbmhon l be a busmness rnan Achvmes Bnology Club ESSIE M BURGESS lNRl Wanls fo alfend a rnuslc school AmbIllOH be a singer MILTON BRYNIN lALl Worlc Fxnance Cornrnlffee Jewelry Comrnullee Banlcers Assocuahon Rochellean l-luguenof Herald Scholarshrp Club Orlenlallon Class Treasurer Volleyball Pmgpong Baskefball Fool ball Baseball MARION JEAN BURKE lALl Worlc AClIVllIGS Soccer Volleyball and Table Tennus Maruon hopes fo become a good secrefary IRENE BUTLER IALI Irene plans To worlc upon gradual mg She hopes fo gel a posnhon as a secrelary MARGARET BUYER INRJ College Arnbuhon rneel nn lereshng people Blology Club Banlrer A Cappella Chour Presudenl Gnrls Glee Club Baslce+ball Volley ball Tennis JAMES BYRNE lNRl College Arnbllron 1 be ordnance engineer wllh lhe Brlllsh Adrnnrally ACl'lVIlI6S Biology Club Loclc Comrnlllee THOMAS BYRNE lNRl Syracuse Arnbshon g adverhsnng posuhon Achvmes Senror Prom Corn rnlflee GO Represenlallye Banlcer Varslly Baslcelball Baseball MADELYN BYRON lNRl Busnness school Vxce Pres: den? Secre'rary of Reg Room 6 O Colleclor Banker Ambmon falce a lrup around fhe world ' ' 1 I I ' . - ' . A' 2 o , . 1 l r v ' l r v I T - , " : o an 7 . " : el an ANTOINETTE CALABRO lALl Anfomeffe who plans fo work nexf year would luke fo be a halrdresser JOSEPHINE CATALANOTTO lALl Josephune w fo a music school and fhen reach piano Acfrvsfues Trafflc Squad and Chorus VERA CAMERA INR, Vera hopes fo becorne a beauh clan someday VERA CAMERA lALl Praff Veras 6ClIVIlI9S Include Glee Club and Baskefball She wanfs To become a dress desnqner MAXINE CAMERON lNRl Vnrqunua Sfafe Colleqe Am bufnon be an econorrncs 'reacher Solfball MICHAEL CAMPAGNA lALl Business school Acfuvu hes Sfudenf Councrl Vlce Chairman of Ornenfafnon Class Arnbrfnons own hrs own sfore and be a lockey VINCENZA CAMPISCIANO lALl Kafharnne Gnbbs Acfnvufues GAA Baseball Baskefball Volleyball Bad mnnfon Bowlunq Hockey Offlcrals Club Vlncle hopes fo work an an offrce ANGELINA CAPPELLINO lALl Work Acfnvlfues Base a Baskefball Volleyball Anqelnna hopes fo e a posmon as a clerk an an offuce EDWARD CAREY Jr lNRl Work Arnbuhon fo be a HAROLD CARLOCK INRJ Harold will be a PG nexf r l-l 5 f a far fale ambn lon fo luve hap I ever affer PATSY CARLSTON INR, PG Acfnvnfnes Traffic Squad Lbrary Council Modern Dancmq Arnblflon fo qef somewhere In fhe world CARL CARLINO fALl Work Carl hopes fo become a mechanical enquneer BARBARA CARREAU lNRl Work Glee Club A Capella Leaders Group GO Collecfor Badmnnfon Arnbufuon be successful af everyfhnnq and always have frnends JOSEPHINE F CARUSO lALl Plans undecided A fnvnfues Baskefball Baseball Volleyball Bankers A soclaflon Traffic Squad Paddle Tenms Fencxnq Gle and Dancunq Clubs Chorus Rochellean JOSEPHINE A CARUSO lNRl Mlls Klnderqarfen School l-lnfory Bnoloqy Clubs Soccer Baskefball Volleyball Badrnunfon Baseball Modern Dancing Arnbnfron rneef promxnenf people Teachers office Domesflc Arfs Coffage Alberf Leonard - ' ill qo b ll, r . ' ' ' Q + successful business man. Track. . yea . e' qo I y 'f' - ' . p'ly . - ' . c- ' ' ' : , , , ' s- . + I A 1' 7- ,pr- R 1 Concenfrafron camp sfudy hall New Rocwelle Hugh ANTHONY CATALDO TNRT PG Ambrlron become a radro operator on a balfleshrp of the US Navy Inlramural Baslmelball ANGELO CATULLO lALl Technrcal school Acfrvrlres Foorball Angelo hopes To be-come a confraclor someday MARIE CAVALERI lALl Worlr rres am rfron e a s m ef a lo ol ooou ar or chesrra leaders MARY CAVNESS INRT Aprx Boauly Cullure School m rlron qo fo eauly lure sc ool and lra Baseball Baslcelball CHARLES CERRETA IALT Columbra A lryrlres GO Repr senlafrye Trahrc Squad Ambrlro oe-come 'rh mana o a orocey an mee Ge M le V E CERRETA lALl Worlc A 4 lla a an Inq ee u s as ef a W Sonor ad s Group Alle heerlea e Am rlron e a dr ssrnaker MA E CESTONE lNRl 6 l good I b Arrrbrlron Ln al lo wrlh 5 ur GO Reorescr-lalrye Arc e WARREN CERRONE lNRl T ck Foo bal GO C ar u or mon cel c C lown JOHN CHAMBERS INRT Darlmoulh Cap an Tar nrs Team GO Colleclor Cheerlead r Senror rom Cornmrllee Scholarshrp Club Ambrfrcn lceep oul P d all rn r JACKSON CHAMPION lNRT Wrlberlcrce Unryer rly ra Squad Scholarshrp Club FOOlb5ll T acl: m brlron be a hugh ranlcrnq army ollrcer LORRAINE CHAPMAN TNRT Travel rn Canada and Florrda Ambrlron own a ranch wrlh John Wayne on GO Represenlalrye Scholarshrp Cub Tower Players IRVIN CHARAT INRT College Capfarn Ferrcrnd Team Cro 5 Counlry Bro oiy Model Enorre S b Am rrron avrafron he lhrnlfs ELA NE CHARLA lAl.T Fl rne hopes To a qo d secrcla ral posrfron upon qradualrng MARY CHARLA INR, Worlc Ambrlron ro lo l-lawarr mr on Baseball Baslcelloall Hoclc y Soccer a dle Terms PATTY CHASE lNRl S howl ol Horlrcullu e l-lugue no Herald Scholarshp Club Hoclrey Tabl Tennrs Ambrlron lb a floral des an LAWRENCE CHEDESTER INRI Brown or Ivlaune Am blhon beal somebody al Fourllw dlmenslonal 'nc lac loe Tower Players PATRICIA CHESTERMAN INRI Blue Rldge Colle-me rn :Iron b a u ess n rave cla e y em Slry Frenclw Clubs Rocllellean usnness dl lorual Porlrall Slalls G A A SEYMOUR CHOTINER INRI Colleqe lnlvamurals Banlcel Roclwellean I-luquenol l-lerald Glee Club Amblluon become a member ol llwe I3 Bl EDITH CIARDULLO INRI Worlr Arnblllon berome dancer Volleyball GUS CIOFFOLETTI IALI Worlc Traclr Baslcelball Val e all Amblrlon be a loo and dle ma er TA CIZYN INRI NYU R flwellcan B n s an du'or al Sla s Frenrlw realuye Wrlllnq Club Arn non b a novels RIEL ANNE CLARK IALI Buslne 5 S Cr lar enlor Clas Presndenl :Y S rrelary Orlenra r' ass GI nnancler lu s G Rreore rwla ly Amblllon b secrelary lo a Buclfnel qradua+e Councll Sclwolarslmp Soclal Serylce, Clubs Vlce Presl nl ro u r l qua clwellean GEORGE CLOSTER INRI Fordlwam Unlv rs ly Am lon b a sludel' Aclnyllles Traclc Team Camera Cub RUH COFFIN INRI Smllln C,-O Call clor Class Day Co m fre SCIIOIGVSIWID Club Barxer Paddle Ten nn on Arn lflon b successu collc ge MIRIAM COHN IALI lvlrlam plans lo work u on qraduannq JEROME FRANK COLANGELO IALI Jerry wan s r W r ln oos a p n rnlure HAROLD COLODNY INRI Columbia Unlversnly Am bmon be a doclor CONJETTA MARCELLINO lNRl Busnness sclwool Am blllon news reporler llwan marry a cerlaln fall boy llallan Club Soccer Baseball Baslcelball Volleyball Badmlnlon MARILYN COOK INRI Bradford or Plne Manor JUFIIO Colleqe GO Allernale Presndenl ol Serlor Orlenla llon Class Tower Players Baseball Voleyoall Sc cer Posmg for a porlrall New Rochelle Hugh A bII : e s cc a d T l. So I l S "Ice Cln I f, , 7 I' Bl ' N E '. -- . I I 1 ,Q I a l.yb . Q' 1 T l I A I l . I YET - . . . II o . II usl e , 4 CJ E I. i Ll, , , C I II s, , bifI : ez II I. MU 7 I 31 e e 'y S I 3: I , HI- 7 e, , I lic Cl ee, FI I s C b .O. se II e. MARGARET CLAYDON INRI-Trlnlly Colleqe. G.O, de , lied C ss Cl br T allIc S d, G,A.A.,I Roi - I I e I . A bil' : e n . I II : ' l . T - ' .. . . e , ris. Bssgbsfl qp 1, bI II 2 e I ' I l in E - l' . p 1 I 40 be a leallre o lcer, malcI q l l nd re alrl q lur- ' I I I I Il I l l I Q I IA 'K' 'Nr ii x 1 SSIPQSQQ lkfm G.O. presideni Dick Flandreau- New Rochelle High SARA JANE COOPER INRI Mllls School Presrdenl Lnbrary Councrl Traflrc Squad Rochellean Busrness Srarl Scholarshrp Club Leaders Group GAA Am bmon read all 'rhe good books MARIE CORBO IALI Work Baseball Soccer Baskef ball Volleyball Badrnrnfon Bankers Assocrahon Danc 1 lrallan Clubs Ambullon b a very pruvale sec relary lo an Edrson Tech qraduafe PETER CORBO INR1 Pele plans fo work nexl year and ony ambmon rs o qe a goo rob lnframural Baskefball Baseball MARIE COSTA INRI Work Baseball Baskefball Soccer Volleyball Glee Club Arnbmon be a slnoer MARIE COTE IALI Marne plans ko aflerd a busrness chool and lhen be a secrefary PRISCILLA COTTER INRI Arl school Soc al Servrce ro eq, Clubs Huouencr Herald Ar S a Base all Hockey Volleyball Plrqponq Baskelball Ambrllon be a successful comrnercral arfusl WALTER COX INRI PG Arnbrhon be a specralrzed 'nachrrrsl an fhe producwon ol arrplanes or aufofnoblles T ack PATTY COYNE IALI M ducal assuslarul school Acluyx les Library Councul Ambmon work rm a laroe hos pda o be a model PETER CREATURO INRI M rclwanl Marune Academy m :hon l be pfaln I s 1 lraluan u Fccfball BETH CROUTER INRI Barnard Ambrhon become a lawyer o pouhcal wrner Trallc Squad Badmunfon MARION M CUBBON IALI Busrness school Aclryrlres Tralrc Squad Badmunlon Volleyball Table Tennrs Soccer Scholarshrp Club Ambrhon lavel all over fhe Unnled Slales PRISCILLA CURTIS INRJ Work Asslslanl Banker B olooy Club Hr Y Hockey Baseball Mode r Danclnq Bc rlrno Ambmon see Amerrca hrsl ANTHONY DANIELS INRI Tonys ambmon may b surnrnaruzed rn one word Golf h oes 1 be a pro someday EDWARD DASSLER INRI PG or work GO Collec for L brary Council Foolball Cross Courlry Track Trahlc Squad Glee Club Sfaqe Crew BEATRICE DAVIDSON IALI Bealrnce wlll work and f len nrohl school Arnbmon lo make a success f whalever she underlakes GILDA DE CANE lALl Gllda wall eulher work or allend Traphaqen Acrlvmes Leaders Group and Baseball Amblflon be a dress designer HARRY DECKER lNRl Harry plans fo allend Colum bla Hes been achve ln +he Tower Players RICHARD DEEVES lNRl Posfqraduale nexr year Banker lnlramurals Amblhon loln US Coasl Guard GRACE DeLUCAS lNRl Modelnnq school Grace ns ambslnous fo collecl' Tommy Dorsey records and fo q down Soufh GRACE DeMARCO lNRl Buslness school Gnrls Glee Club Leaders Group Tennls Bowlmq Golf Arnbl hon o lrayel especlally lo Hawan WILLIAM DeMELlA lALl Work or lhe Navy Foolball Sfudenf Councll Trafhc Squad Bankers Assocuafuon lnlrarnural Baskefball Baseball Ambmon rn ke m lluon and cafch Goldllocks permanenfly ADEUNE DeROSA lALl Work Volleyball Baseball Soccer Golf Hockey Glee lfalsan Red Cross and Bnoloqy Clubs Treasurer of Ornenfallon Class CARLO DeROSA lALl Work Carlos 5'lIVIlI6S an clude Treasurer of Senlor Class Bankers Assocualnon Table Tennis and Chalrrnan of Ornenlahon Class JOHN DeROSA IALJ Pace lnsrlrule Senlor Prom Scholarshup Club Funance Comrnuflee Bankers Assocua fron Traffic Squad Chanrrnan of Ornenrallon Class lrulramural Foolball HAROLD DICKS lALl Travel Acflvulles lnlrarnural Spo fs and Track Harold wanfs 'ro secure a really good poslllon and be a success IU lnle HERBERT DIENES lNRl NY U Scholarshup Club In rramural Foorball Baskefball Volleyball Baseball Arn b lon be a C A CONSTANCE DILLON lNRl Kafharlne Gibbs Acluyn hes GO Represenfahve Bnoloqy Scholarshup Clubs ANTOINETTE DnlORIO lALl P6 lfaluan Glee and J P G Clubs Sporfs Ambuhon be a good dancer and lafer reach lap dancnng EDWARD DINAPOLI lNRl Navy Arr Corps Amblllon become a pulol lnfrarnural Baseball Foofball Handball JEANNE DINGEE lNRl Skudrnore Ambsluon b a sfahshcnan Tower Players GO Represenrahve Schol arslp Cub Tennus Pnnopong Bowling Leaders Group Faculfy 'refe a 'fefe New Rochelle Hugh , . :" .. . A' o ..l . .. , . "z a a i' ' . , ' I C.'A '. f n I 1 ' T i+': .P.. -' . " : e h. I! .I .J I .I , pw K! an-Q, N 1 Mass Donaldson and +he nohces New Rochelle Hugh PHILIP DINKEL lNRl Aylalnon clwool Arnbnhon be a good businessman GO Represenlallve Swlnq Club Band Orcheslra Foolball Track Sollball CARMELLA DIIORIO lALl Work or P6 Acfnvuhes Baseball Baskelball Soccer Volleyball and Badrmnlon Ambmon own a complele lrbrary of Tornrny Dorseys and Glenn Millers records LUCILLE DIXON lALl Lucllle plans lo work nexl year Her ambmon as fo bc a salesqu I KAY DONAHUE lALl+Work Aclnvnlles Dra'nallcs Kays ambmon ns lo rnake a rnullnon dollars EDWARD DONLON lNRl Eds ambrluous 'ro rnake success ol lle by enferlro The b sne s world cw York Baskelball Volleyball JEAN DONNELLY lALl J an wll alfend busn school and flwen oe? a oosmon as a slenooraplwe KEVIN DONNELLY lNRl Aller alfendnro ol eoe Keyln wanfs fo becorne a reporler He wa one of the lars on llrwe Foofball Team FRANCES DONOERIO lALl Posl qraduale Bas el ball Baseball Volleyball and Tralllc Squad Frances w nls lo be a denial a sus ani NICK DONOFRIO lALl Work Presldenl of GO Sfudenl Council Radlo Danclnq Clubs Band Orcnes ra Ambwon f wok ln l e e clrncal MAE DORNSEIF lNRl Karlwarlne Glbbs Arnbrllon become a good secrefary Sclwolarslwlp Club Golf Prngponq Clock Goll WILLIAM DOUGHERTY lNRl Bll plans on college nexl year Aclnyxlles Tower Players Pre :dung Ollncer of Moo+ Courl Huquenol Herald Arl Sla4 FLORENCE DOW lNRl More sclnool Arnblllon be a yelerunarlan Blolooy Club WATSON DRAKE lNRl Lawrenceville Prep Prlncelon Uneverslfy Amb: lon sellle rn Florida Avvallon Club MABEL DUQUETTE lNRl Kallwarrne Gibbs Arnblllon be happy and a success Junror Counclllors Leaders Group Baskefball Volleyball Hockey Bowlnnq MARGARET ESE lNRl Der-Tal As IS anls Sckool A"nbr non e a career wofnan Aclnvnroes Chee leader Sensor Prom Cornrmllee Tralllc Squad Junuor Coun cnllor Ban er JEANNE ELLIOT lNRl Sclwool of lournalrsm Ambnhon fo be an aurlwor Achymes Biology and Glee Clubs Table Tenrus WLLIAM ELLIOTT lNRl rice Wrllre wor has faflwer s busurress KATHERINE EMANUELE lNRl Beaufy cullure school Arn :fron be 5 beaulnclan JEANNE E EMERSON lAl.l Business Jeannos am b l on rs ro be an lllusrrafor for a bug magazrne ANTOINETTE ESPOSITO lALl Work Iralran Club an alfer school Sporls Arfomeffes ambrllon rs To irayel around wlfh several swung bands as a srnger FILOMENA EZZALLO lNRl Work Ambmon b a dress desngner RUTH GAY FALLIS lNRl Plans undefrnufe Arnbrlrorr ar ro play The bagprpes Acflymes Scholars up Club Roclwellean Fencmg Solfball Badmnnlon Bas kelball Tennis RITA FANELLI lNRl Smlllw Ednlornn Clwuef l-lugue no? Herald Treasurer Broloqy Club Senror rom Commufle Tower Players Scl-rolarslup Club R clnellean GO Council GO Execulnye Commlllee JUNE FARRELL lNRl Mary Waslunglon maybe Am bxlron be a buyer and fly as a bobby Twurler Archery MAE FARRELL lNRl Marymounr College Ambrfuon be a buyer and rrayel Current Eyenfs Club Brology Club JOSEPHINE FASSELLA lNRl Work Joseplwme has l'1er lrearr se? on becomung a good rypusr MARJORlE FAYEN lNRl Skidmore o Ml Holyoke Jumor Councullors Rochellean Busmess Sfaff Bnology Club Hockey Tennrs Volleyball Table Tennrs Golf Bowling LOUIS FEUCE lALl NYU Roc ellean Sensor Prom Class Day Fnnance Commllfee Klwanls uuz Team Sclnolarslnrp Club Foorball Baskelball Ambl from be successful rm accounrancy GEORGE FENNEL lNRl Delelranly Sclwool Ambnllon haye a pllors Incense Trafluc Squad lnrramural Sporls CHARLES FERRARA lALl Work AClIVIlIES Caddy lor Go Team Ambmon T be a maclrrnrsr or a pa f sprayer Seniors posing af lunch hme New Rochelle Hugh l -"U l " " will k in b. . Z - . ' Ag I Ii ' A ' A- ' I A . A -N . U 'U d - . " : e ye H 'T . ... Z' H' yr, 4- X I. - T! l. P T ' e, , ' D. H ol .C W ' lu H- E - ' r . . lf . " ii l ' ' . in - 1' KT L Rh 7. 'YU- tw' f-N 1' 418 E' 34 Paper' Scads of lf' lhe sfoclrroom New Rochelle Hugh HARVEY FERRY lNRl Harvey ll worlc as a salesman nex year Arnbullon b a pOllICI n KATHRYN G FERRY lALl Pos? qraduale Acfrvlhes 0 ewball Baslcefball and Bowlrng Arn mon To e succcsslul IH secrelarral work JOYCE FIELD INR, Barnard Ambnhon be a doclor Secrelary French Club Tower Players Mafh Scholar s n loo ennuslry urren Evenls Cu 5 Hoclrey Tennrs Fencunq Baseball JAMES L FINGER lNRl Ohio Slale Aclrvrlles Scrub Manaqer ol Foorball Team Brooqy Chermsfry Clubs Traflc Squad Rorhellean Busuness Slaff Infrarnural Sports MARY FITZGERALD lALl B sre s school Marys 'n 4 c as fo sem. e a oood posm n ROBERT FLANAGAN lALl Wolc Glee Club Bob warts fo lry and b come a lrrernan or a polrceman RICHARD FLANDREAU INRJ Colleqe Ambllnon lo se fl down on hrs own arm Ac :yr res GO resn Junmr Cla s Presndonl S r c Prom Cornrnnl ee Va sr y Foolball and Baslcefball ANNE FLOERSHEIMER lNRl Scufh Carolr a Ur' vers C enwrslry C ub Secrelary Fc + a dn or Ro e ca ra c: Souad Sc ola shrp Currer Evenls lOC'1y ranch ubs Junror Councl ors Herad Busrncs Slarl GAA ANGELINA FOLLETTO lNRl Baulucuan school Arn cr Vo raver ln Souvh ca RICHARD FORST lNRl Merchanl Marunc Academy lclr wanls To a vance lo ar' ollrcers posullon rn lhe Me-rcharl Marnne JOHN FOSTER lALl Worlr Carpenlernnq rs Johns ambmon ELAINE FRANK lNRl Cooper Union Arnbrlron lo l Id Acllyulres Chernrs r an Cu en? Evenrs Clubs Prnaoonc Bas ofball querol Herald and Rochellcar Art Slalfs FRANCES FRANK lNRl Mandl School for Medncal OF flee Assrslanls Arnbulron fo rnalce a qood doclors assusfanl Buoloqy Club Orcheslra Paddle Tennls MAJOR WARREN FRIEDMAN INR, Syracuse Llnnvers Arnbllucn l be lhe counfrys bes+ carroonus Acruymes Rochellean and Huouenol Herald rl Slals JEAN FROST lNRl Colwnbxa Llrwerslfy Fxlensnon Courses Aclwmes Busrness Manaqerof Rochellean Bnoloqy Soclal Seryrce Clubs Huquenol Herald Busmess Slall, Rochellean Pholoqraphuc and Edllorual Slalls, LOUISE EVELYN FULLER lNRl Packard School Ambr fron secrefary also church or radro snnger Acfrvmes Glrls Glee Club Orcheslra A Capella Choir Banker EDWARD FUSCO lNRl Nex+ year Ed wrll become a punlcrnan deallnq rn 'nefals School alhlelucs Baseball Baslcelball Volleyball MARY A GALLIZZO lALl Pralf Glee Club and Bas lcefball Mary wanls lo be a dress desrqner ICELEAN GARDNER lALl Icelean wrll allencl a bus: ness school and laler be a secrefary DOMINICK GATALATTO lNRl Worlc Ambllmon 1 our al 2 CAROLINE GIANNOTTI lALl Busrness school Baslrel' ball Scoccer Baseb ll lraluan Glee Clubs Treasurer of l-lr Y Ambnhon fo be erfher a prnyafe secrelary or a model CYNTHIA GIFFORD lNRl Syracuse Unuversuly Am bmon +o pioneer IU some held ol fume arls Acfryrlues GO Represenlaluve C-AA Class Day Comrnullee Scholarshrp Club and Trafhc Squad DORIS GILES lNRl Chernrcal research worlc Amor fron fo go To Enqland once eyery four years Acluyr 'nes Glee Club Rochellean Broloqy and Chernnslry Clubs ROBERT J GIRARDI lALl Worlr Varsuly Foolball lnframural Baslrefball BAA and Baseball Ambrrron fo be an elecfrrcuan RICHARD GLAT2 INR, Forest ranger Arnbnhon + be a hoclrey player EDWARD A GLOVER Jr lALl NYU Ed wants lo own a la ge habe dashery slore someday JOSEPH GLUCK lNRl Colleqe Arnbmon lo qef our a 2 Ol Aclnvnfnes Chemnslry and Scholarshnp Clubs JV Foolball Orcheslra JULES GODSEY lALl Busrness school Chorus and Baseball Amblllon lo be a salesman RHODA GOLDSMITH lALl Nursing school Bowlrnq Arnbmon Rhoda hopes lo be a nurse RHODA D GOODMAN lNRl Unlversuly of Rrclwmond or Ohro Slale Arnbuhon 'ro be an ambulance drlver Ac :values Currenl Evenls Club Chemuslry Club Hoclrey and Badrnunlon Talrmg fhe shocks Elecfrlcal Laborafory Alberl Leonard filfx Q' ,-. 'US pn Jiri as 1' Af sm, sl YQ: me-' 36 Affer Hue parfy Domeshc Arfs Collage Alberf Leonard MARY HENRI GOVERS lNRl College of New Rochelle Amblllon fo be an Enqlush leacher Acfnynhes Trafllc Squad Rochellean Chemlslry Currenl Evenls and Scholarship Clubs MADELINE LOUISE GRAB lNRl New Rochelle School o Nurslnq rnbnlnon e a nu Acllvu les Bsoloqy and Chernlslry Clubs Badmlnlon ALEXANDER GRAHAM lNRl NYU lo slucly adver lnsmo Arnbnllon publlclly rnan Traflc Squad Tower Players Chemuslry Club Socxal Servlce Club CHARLES GRAVEN lALl Worlc Foolball Amblllon lo become a successful buslness rnan BARBARA GRAY lNRl Dulre or Swarlhrnore Ambl non o be a deparlnwenl slore buyer Acllyx les l-loclrey GO Represenlallye Rochellcan Buslness Slam Chernrslry Soc al Scvvnce and Sfholarshnp Cubs VALERIA GRAYBILL lNRl College Acllvllles Archery Ferclrg Buoloqy Clu ROBERT E GREEN lNRl Ur ye snly of Vlrqmla Am I nor- ar u he world G O Represenla :ye Bloloay Club Tower Players Cheerleader Foolball Baseball Tennls EDMUND GREEN! lALl Elewrlclans school Aclnyuhes Glee Club Fd hopes lo be an eleclrlcal conlraclor FREDERIC GREENBERG INRJ lvl IT Arnbuluon be an ndependenl lechrlcnan C ernl lry RGClIO Scholar shlp Clubs Tralllc Squad THERESA GREGORY lNRl Theresa wlll conllnue her schoollnq nexl year She would very much like lo be a nurse ANNE GROEBL lNRl Annes plans are lndellnlle bul she s arnbullous 'ro be a model AClIVIllSS Banlcer G O Represenlalnye PAUL GRUN lNRl College Acllyllles Vice Presldenf Chess Club Currenl Eyenls Club Band Tower Players DEANNA GUADANINO lNRl Nurslnq school Ambl n o e a nur Aclnynlnes llalnan Club Blooqy Club Baslrelball ANTHONY GUlDA TAL, Worlc Radlo Club and GO Represenlaluve Amblluon lo become an eleclruclan FRED GUIDA lNRl Worlc 'lor hlmsell help h uncles business Amblllon be a baseball player Ac hvmes Baslcelball LENA GUIDA IALI Beauly cullure scl'vool Ambmon be a beauflcuan Class Banker Ba eball Deck Tennus ANTHONY GUILIANO INRI Alberl Leonard fo lake a machine Trade Ambuhon become a skilled ma chunusl Baseball Baskelball Volleyball EDITH GURENSON INRI Illl be colleqe nexf year lor nb Ambrhon be an arhsf Acllwlres Clwernuslry Club Rndunq Group JENNIE M GURRIERI lALl Buslness school Baske ball Baseball Tennus Swlrnrrunq Danclnq Club Ambvfnon fo be a success In business and soclal lle BERT GUSTAVSON IALI Berl wnll fnrsf lake a vacaluon a lonq one and rlwen work Aclnvmes Traflc Squad and Sfaqe Crew FRED HALEY lNRl Work Arnblllons engoy llle and get a cdy job Achvmes GO Represenrahve Sckwol arslnnp Club NORMA HALL lNRl Norma doesnl know 'ul ye? wlnelber slwe ll affend sclnool or work nexl' year WALTER HAMILL IALI Plans undecxcled Sludenr uncu' Frnarwcu rs Cu Presrden of Or: nfafnon Class Baskerball Track and Bowllnq Awbllon ro be a bookkeeper JOHN HAMILTON lNRl Mississippi Slale Amblllon lu lle ACIIVIIIGS Se :or Prob Corrvml lee Trafflc Squad Bnoloqy Club DALE HARDY lNRl Dralhng sclwool Ambllxon play cl runel In a dance band Presldenf Ca'nera Club Roclnellean Plnoro Sfall Band Sclrolarslnup Club Or clnesfra Track Cross Counlry WILLIAM HARRINGTON lNRl The Unuversnly ol Nolre Dame will see Bully nexl' year Biology Club Manager of Baseball Team DOUGLAS HARRIS lNRl Work Ambulzon b a s C cess IU rlwe enferlarnrnenl freld GO Councnl Seruor Prem Cornrnrffee I'-luquenol Herald Foolball XENIA HARRIS lALl Bu une s sclnool Baske ball Gle Club Xenna wanls To gel a clerucal posnlwon KITTY KELLY HARTRANFT lNRl Denial Assuslanls aununq lnslnfule N en wor e crmc a Cornell Medncal Cenler Glee Club Tower Players Banker GO Represenfafnve JAMES HAVARD lNRl James will alfend Pralf nexl year Arnbmon be an arlusf Arr Slamcfs of Roclwel lean I-luquenol Herald Some caH'y by play befween fakes New Rochelle Hugh fv- K' l or-X its Avlahon shop Alberf Leonard RELFUS HAYNES INR, Vrrqmua Srare College Aclrvr les Bro ogy Cub Boys Glee Club l-luquenof Herald Edrforral Sfafl Board Track WILLIAM HUBER INR, Work Arnbmon gel our of hrqh school Baseball DOROTHY HEIDEL IAL, Work Prnqpong Baskelball Volleyball Badrnrnfon Leaders Group Ambrfron T marry a rnrllronarre JOHN HEIDIG IAL, Work Bankers Assocualuon and G ee Club Ambmon lo gel a good posnlron and be a success MELLOSINA HEIDIG IAL, Busrness school Badmrn lon Baseball Baskerball Volleyball and Soccer Am brlron fo be a bookkeeper and second fo be a flyer EDITH ELIZABETH HEINE INR, Packard School or arf school Ambrfron be a success Broloqy Club Tennrs Rrdrnq Archery Golf Badrnrnfon HENRY HERZEL INR, Henry was a fencing enlhuslasl w re In s hool and praclsced has fhrusls and parries :rsslduously IRENE HENDRY IAL, Work Table lennns Volleyball and Leaders Group Arnbrfron ro be a secrelary Baskelball Soccer and Baseball Arnbrlron lo learn lo dance wrlh a cerlaun someone DOROTHY HENNESSY IAL, Business school Senior Jewelry Comrmllee and Volleyball Dorolhys ambl hon rs fo own a blue roadsler RUTH HERRMANN INR, Skrdrnore Arnbrlron corn mercral arhsl Chernrslry Socral Seryrce Clubs I-luque nor I-lerald Rochellean Banker I-lockey Prnqpong Badrnrnlon CA RIE HILL INR, PG lhcn sludy al Lincoln I-los DI a lo be a nur e Carrre has been acflve IH sc ool afhlelucs DORINE HILL IAL, Work Badmlnlon Shuflleboard Chorus Bankers Assocralron Dorune hopes lo b a beauhcran LEONARD L HILL IAL, Busnness school Band Or cheslra Traflrc Souad Track Foo ball Baskelball Ten nls Arnblllon lo be an accounlanl LEAH HOFFMAN INR, Skidmore or Mounl Holyoke wall school Leah nexr year Secrefary Library Councul Scholarshup Chemuslry French Clubs +4 r ' I I , - I , - . ' r - 'I . I ' ' z o l . ' '-: I ' ' h.I . C l . . . ANN HENNESSY IAL,-Posl-qraduafe. Traffic Squad, R - . . I - 'I l s . ' ' ' h r I T I I I - I I I 3 I MILDRED HOLLENWEGER lNRl School of nursing Tower Players Rochellean Edllorsal Porfranf Srahls Banker Chaurman Class Day Cornrnllfee Scholarshnp Buology Clubs GAA Advlsory Board Modern Danc ang Sporfs ROSALIE HOLTSBERG lNRl Swarlhrnore Arnbrfnon e a sfahsfucal engineer Presndenl Socral Servuce Club Biology Currenf Eyenls Scholarshlp Clubs Badrnunlon Volleyball Bankers Assocuahon Orchesfra BARBARA HORRIGAN lALl Barbara Il affend sc ool ol unleruor decorahng lo lulfull her arnbuluon of becomung an lnlernor decoralor PATTY HOVEY lNRl Allred Unlversn+y Trahhc Squad Rochellean Huguenof Herald Sensor Prom Corn mllfee GO Colleclor GO Membership Cornmnllee Tower Players Scholarship Club GAA Tredsurr-r Junior Councillors OWEN HOWARTH lNRl Plans undeflnlle AmbIlIOD loin rhe Navy ACTIVITIES Biology Club Tralhc Squid Banker Manager of Track Team ALBERT G HUBBARD lALl Music school Albert hopes fo Teach muslc someday maybe wrrle some loo ROBERT HUFEMAN lNRl Af'UbIlIOUS B b will work nexf year Arnbmon be an arlusl Rochellean Arr Slall FELlX HUGHES lNRl Unlversxly of Soulhern Calnfornua Am mon ge? our of hgh school Track Foolball Baskefball lnlrarnurals MARGARET HUGHES lNRl Posl graduale Then nurs :ng school Ambnhon own a farrn Soccer Baskefball Volleyball Baseball BARBARA HUNTINGTON lNRl Colby J College Ambuhon be successful an college Trafhc Squad Socual Servlce Scholarshup Clubs Hockey Volleyball Badmlnlon PAULINE HUTT lALl Plans undecided Arr Sfall: of Rochellean Tennus Baskefball Drarnahcs Ambmon be eulher a dress designer or a slenographer JOE HYATT lALl Work Track Foofball lnframural Sporls Band Drarnafrcs Arnbmon be a second Harry James HYLO HYNES lALl Work Band Orches+ra A Cap pella Chour Chorus Bankers Assocuahon Sfudenl' Council GO Councul Soccer Badmunlon Baskefball Volleyball Buoloqy Twnrler Rochellean Sensor Prom Commuflee LOUIS IANNUZZI lALl Louus plans To work nexf year and someday own has own buslness llalnan Club MICHELE IANNUZZl lNRl Radlo apprenhce Arnbl 'non gel our of hugh school Sporls Baskelball Base ball Foolball Worlung nn flue machnne shop Alberf Leonard b . . . ' i . V l. . ' - wi O h . . . , .. A .. O . t b.. I T I I V - r. . K' 6 '!25"L Pb-u Naomn Klepper salu+es the sfars and sfrupes New Rochelle Hugh JAMES IANTORNO lALl Work or pofqraduafe course Jummys ambmon us To become an anrplane mechanrc ANTOINETTE IMMEDIATO lALl Work Achvrlues Cheerleader Baseball Baskelball Volleyball Soccer Anlomelfe would lusf love lo marry a mnllronarre' JOSEPH C IPPOLITO lALl RCAF Joes ambuhon us fo be a fransporl prof FRANK lPPOLlTO lNRl Enler lhe Army or Navy Am brfuon Cnvll Service 'ob Handball J V Foolball Pole vaultmq Inlramural Baskefball ROBERT IVES lNRl Posl qraduale or work Ambullon become a well known lournalxsf Tower Players Huque nol Herald Tralflc Squad Banker Scholarshup Club Foofball EWALD JACK lNRl e U n l942 Amblllon avraluon aufomobnles money Achvmes Home room Presudenl Offrclals Club Sporls WALTER JACOBSON lNRl Waller plans on colleqe perhaps Georgelown U o else he ll lake a good long va arson He sang ID fhe Glee Club GIZELLA JAKAB lNRl College of New Rochelle Am :ron e a bro chemusf Lrbrary Councu Rochel lear Trafluc Squad Huquenol Herald Business Sfall Chemuslry Chess Buoloqy Scholarshup Clubs GAA TED JANOWITZ INRI Rellre lo hrs lree lop home Ambuluon fund a lrllle woman and selfle down lnlra mural Baskelball Sollball Cross Counlry GEORGE JOHNSON lNRl Work of course or qo fo a morlrcrans school Amblruon ma e a coo mr ron al underfakrnq lnlrarnurals Soffball Baskelball TENA JOHNSON lNRl Tena wall aflend secrelarlal school nexl year MARGERY JOHNSTON lNRl Mlddlebury Amblllon lo Travel Vice Presrdenl Malh Club Secrelary GAA GO Colleclor Scholarshlp Cbemlslry Clubs Band Orcheslra Banker GRACE JONES lNRl Colleqe Ambulson l be social worker Leaders Group GAA WILLIAM L JONES lNRl Plans fo allend Lmcoln U xyerszly work ln clolhlng buslness Arnblllon hrslory leacher or clolhes buyer and merchanl NANCY JOSEPHI lNRl Wellesley AmbIllOU lo be a commercial chernusl Huquenof Herald Scholarshxp Club Tower Players Rochellean Orcheslra Baseball Table Tennis. LILLIAN KARR INR, NYU Amblherw lo become a good ,ournalrsf Edrrorual Sralils Huguerror He ald Roc ellean Bloloqy Seholarshlp French Currerrl Eyerwls Clubs Table Tehms BURTON KATZ INR, Muchnqan Arhbrlloh swnm on lhe S Olymplc learn ID rhe nexf Olympl 5 Cap am Swxrrwmnnq Team Tenms Team Baseball MARGARET KEANE IAL, Worlc or de al 5 hool Arr! n lon a en 1 n w 1 0 If ar O JOHN KEHLENBECK IAL, orlc V e Pres rn P n vvh v Bislmelb and Foo b rw mon mee mreu H4106 BRADFORD KEITH INR, College Arrmbuhon b cfrhlred publlc accounfarvf Pvesldenl Chess lu Cherruslry Bloloqy Mdlh Clubs LYN KEMP INR, Vu S'l rwoev 0 ee Club parlucrpaled r' slce al Bse 3' a Volleyball FRANK KIERNAN INR, PorGraduale then Fordmrrm pella Chour Band Arnbufron lrrsh school qef a oood ,ob and re e ES PAUL KIERNAN INR, B ly L uf 'va Traflc Souacl Class D1y Corwrmr ee Se ifanr Lost and Found GO Courwcl Barllrrnq Asso uahorw Baslre+ ball Cross Courmrry Traclc lrlrarrwu als JOHN KILLEEN INR, Wrll errfer school rex, lall A01 :non ro become an eeclrncal enqmeer Base a Baslrelball Traclr Swlmrmnq DORIS KING INR, Wellesley Presrdehl GAA Pres: den? Weslchesler GAA Vuce Presldenr GO Vice resudenl Sensor ass Seraeav Tralvc Squad Scholarshnp Club Cheerleader RUTH KING INR, Howard Arrwbmora muslc lea her Gnrls Glee Scholarshrp Clubs Femjwrwq Badrmrwlorw Ba eball Baslcelball Table Termls Paddle Termls Termrs Volleyball LEIF KITTELSEN INR, Secu e a qoo ,ob and slarf savmq hrs money Amblrnon own a bra farm someday Band Trafllc Squad lnframurals Traclc NAOMI KLEPPER INR, College Vlce Presnderul S al Servlce Club Buslrwess Manager Huquerof Herald I or rn Chlef oc ellean arshrp Fr nth oloqy Clubs Exe-cuflye Councul Sporfs JEAN KRAFT INR, Jean s headmq for eolleqe Arn :non e a success Achvmes Volleyba a mmlon EVELYN KRAKEHL IAL, Worlr Soccer Baslcelball Baseball Badmmlon Volleyball Purxjponq Bah ers Assocuafsorw Leaders Group Arrbrhom lo be a p wa e ecrelary Avnahon shop Alberf Leonard U, . ' G' A Sc. Y ' , bl' : be d lfl asskgrrl or oblaln la "Nh, 'ull 1 , bf' 7 W , fri - ldfgrrl, SA ifv Class, I lf. ual I - all Q l all. A - bl : be a he ' fl rx 1' yer. - . N : e a 2 " ' . 4 , , C b, EVE - iqihla ra e. Me l lGlvll. GI , ' ' 3 Ba 'b -7 a bil, rd Traffic Squad, Mlxed CRorus,VBoys' Glee Club, A Cap-A r . 7 if , , ' flr . JAM 7 emle . ie e 'W l' , Q r. 'f r, f- bw' 1 W I ' l A . ' b lr P 3 I ' el' Q' rr lf' M I 4 r d ' - . ' - ' . cci Ed? UR h w Sahel A I Q .I all - g ' I , b'+' : fo b . ' ' ' : Il, B d- ! . I 1 'I . N l I L l . . I , ' .. : Y. I KA J 'V- qv-K Q 19' Work In fhe wood shop New Rochelle Hugh FRANCES KRUEGER INRI Plans 'ro aflend musnc school Her ambnhon IS To be a musnc feacher Glee Cub MARJORIE KULLBERG IALI We-slchesler Commercial School Bowlung Baseball and Swnmmmq Amblhon be a good secrelary and lravel ESTHER LA BIANCA INRI Plans lo work nexl year Ambmon as ye? undeclded lfaluan Club Baskefball Baseball and Soccer ANGELINA LAGE INRI A que h pes fo land a 1 b nexf year Ambrruon a blr uncerfaln Leaders Group Baskerball Baseball Soccer MARJORIE LAHM IALI Business school Soclal Com muffee Leaders Group and Sensor Prom Comrnlrlee Ambmon get a 'ob fha pays a lo? of money EDNA H LANGELOH IALI Traphaqen School Bankers Assocualuon Ednas ambton ns To become a good roller skaler KATHERINE LANGELOTTI IALI Work Glee Club Bankers Assocuallon Tralhc Squad Volleyball GO Represenlarlve Ambmon be erfher a good secrelary or a good wnle EVA LA PORTE INRI Plans lo go lo work AmbIllOH ro be a salesglrl ALAN S LARSON INRI Perhaps ar? school buf prob ably conhnue work nn a mens haberdashery sfore Ambllnon be a fashion arllsl or do wnndow dlsplay work JOSEPH LASSER INRI Lehigh AmbIlIOH be a good golfer ACIIVIIISS Traffic Squad Biology and Chernls fry Clubs Varsufy Golf JOE LATINO IALI Business school Baseball Foolball Inframural Baskelball Horseback Rldonq Trafllc Squad Arnbuhon crash brq busxness and have lols of blond secretaries JOHN LAWLOR IALI Work Finance Commlllee lnlramural Foorball Ambnhon flrsl be an ohrce worker and lhen a drummer MARGARET LAZZARO IALI Work GO Represenla fwe Sludenl Councul Glee Club Chorus Bankers Assoclaflon Frnance Commdfee Volleyball Baskef ball Hockey Baseball Soccer Ambmon secrefary or model BETTY JANE LeBLOND INRI College Ambrinon lo be a novellsi Presndenf Bloloqy Club Crearuye Wrlflnq Club Rochellean Ednlorlal Sfall MARIE LOCONTE IALI Work Acllvulles lrallan Club Traffic Squad Soccer Baseball Baskelball Volley ball Bowlnnq Archery Marne wanls lo be a courl sfenographer LILA LEDERMAN INRJ College Achvuhes Lrferary Ednfor Rochellean Tower Players GO Represenra uve Huguenol Herald Ednlorlal Business Sla s French Socral Servuce Scholarship Clubs GAA MIMI LEFF INRI Barnard Ambmon ro be a doclors wufe Social Service Chemnsfry Scholarshrp Clubs Busuness Sfahf of Huguenof Herald EDGAR LEHMAN INRI Rensselaer Polyfechnlc lnsfr rule Ambrhon lo be a success Currenr Evenfs Chess Clubs Varslly Swlrnrnlng Tennis FANNY A LEO IALI Worlc Aclnvrlles Volleyball Lubrary Councul and llallan Club Fanny wanls lo be a secretary LOUISE LEONE IALI Worlc Louuses acfrvulres Include Volleyball and Tennns Her arnbullon IS To be a sales gurl or do clerxcal worlc ANGELINA Le PORE IALI Worlc Arnblllon be a sec relary Semor Prom Comrnlllee Trarhc Squad Volley ball Baslrelball Badmmlon JOAN LEWINE INR, College Ambmon lo be an olher Hrld Johnson Hu uenof Herald Edurorual Players Scholarshlp Club BETTY JANE LEWIS INRI Go ro business school Arn mon be a success Roche ean Buslness and I rorral Sfahfs Table Tennis Clock Golf MARGARET LIEB INRI Srnxlh Arnblllon lo xsolale vularnnn Currenl Fvenfs Buology Chemrsfry Scholar shlp Clubs Tower Players HAROLD LIEBEN INRI N Y U nlghl school Ambnllon lo be a research bro chermsr Chernusfry Radio Slamp Clubs Handball CYNTHIA A LIEBMAN IALI Business school Aclrvr hes Bnology Club Plngponq Archery Soccer Arn bnhon be The lcmd of secrefary fha? Mr Frlsch ap proves of JOHN LINDSAY IALI Work Arnbuluon be an avralor Hobby gurls and rnuslc RICHARD LITTAUER INRI College Ambmon lo b a success Finance and Semor Prom Commllfees GO Represenlahve JEANETTE LONG INRI Shorly plans fo arfend beauly cullure school Amblhon b a sunger Achvr Tues Baseball Baslcefball NAOMI LONG INRI Plans fo sfudy dnefehcs an a New York school Ambmon be a dlellcnan Wunfersei Alberf Leonard r , ' I' - ' '- FIT lr - Y .rr 1: Q- . lr . V and Business Sfallsy "Rochellean" Edilorial Slaffi Tower b" 1 . 'lm ll ' ' ' Edi .I . I , I VI .' X - H . " : e t T . . : e . . v .- 7... Q...- Overhaulung cars nn The aufo sl-nop Alberi Leonard EUGENE LONGHI lNRl Worlc Arnbrllon see llwe world Adrvmes Traffic Squad and lraluan Club CHARLES LORDI lNRl New Yorlr Unrversuly Ambr Tron be an enyneer Scholarship and Cl'er'nrsfry Clubs SHIRLEY LOSEE lALl Worlc Aofryrfres Senior Jewelry Cofnrnrllee a rnunlon pw pono Volleyball an a rc Squad Slwrrley wanrs lo b se refar or lnousevrnle DONALD LOUGHMAN lNRl Donald plans lo worlc n x year T be Prcsndenl ol flue Unnled Sl les s lrls arnbnlron RITA LUCCI lNRl Colleq A""TLJlllOP Cz aduare Col e and a succ ss o ern ancr Q an Bro oqy Club Fercsnq G ll Volleyball EU ICE LYON lNRl R clcl e Arnblrno do some rlwrnq To lwelp ollners Sclwola slwrp Biology Cubs Tower Players GO Repr senlaly Volleyball l-loclcey Fenf rnq Tennrs Baslcelball r n an a s s w Blcoay S cra ew 15 ory Clubs Pacdle Tennrs JEAN MACKENZIE INR, LaSalle J Coll A'nb ron e a buyer l-lcfneroorn Ban Lea ers Grouo l-loclcey Baslcelball T-:nnrs Baseball Badmrnlon WILLIAM MacLEOD INRT Whale was a lop nolclr pnlclwer on llre Baseball Tearn EMIL MAFFUCI lNRl Fordnarn Arnbllron enler Tb 'nedrcal professuon Clrermsrry and Scnola snrp Clubs ROBERT MAGUIRE lALl Worlc Bob warrs ro gel a y Seryrce 5 an sorneday lwaye a Horne all rs OXVLT HENRY MALLETTE lALl Busrness sclrool l-lenry lwopes To become a surcessful busrness man MAJORlE MALISK lNRl Worlc Arnbllron be a secre 'rary and a success Marques been acrlve rn lne Band YOLANDA G MALZONE lALl Kallnarune Grbbs Secre lary ol GAA Chairman ol Orlenlalron Class Baslcel Vo eyball aseball Ba rnunlon Arnbr :on a qood secrerary 2 '94 T A r Bd'-, 'iq ,A L- a T Tr Fl' . ' e a C y a e l . 0 A . - ' a i 2, - Q, ' ' : r N - leg be e . M d D 'nl I+ l'ar 'S ' l 5, . ' , o . N 7 a E55 . " n: - ' el i 1 , l ', .- ADELAIDE MacDONALD lNRl-Buslness sclrocl. Annblr fo 1 be 'lil He. ' l A , o ' l S r 'ce H7 4- ' T A ' T . -- r. ege. r- t' +A : lo b . r lcer, d '37 or Il ' 'ob a - ' A T H Q , ball, ar ' B , fl ' . L Q be T 44 HENRY MARTIN INR, Fmlshlng school Arnbuluon work and gel ahead Cross Counlry Track lnfrarnural Baskefball Baseball Foolball JOHN MARGOTTA IAL, Trade school ACIIVIIGS Drarnalucs Foofball Arnbmon become an aufornobnle mechanuc VITO MARGOTTA IAL, Work Vaio hopes lo become a mechanncal engineer MARGARET MARX INR, College Arnbullon b kmderqarfen feacher Social Servuce Current Eyenls Bwology Clubs Deck Tennxs Badrnnnlon Paddle Tennis MARIE MARYNIAK IAL, Kalharnne Gibbs ACIIVVIIS Chorus Leader Group Basketball Arnbnhon become a model or a recepfuonusl LENORE MASBACK INR, No plans Ambmon I marry l-lm Scholarshup Socual Seryuce Currenl Eyenls Clubs Trahhc Squad Tower Players LILLIAN MASELLO IALI Work ACIlVIlI8S Grlee Club Roc ellean Drarnallcs Trafluc Squad Lnllnan wanfs lo be a secrelary MEREDITH MAULSBY INR, Barnard Arnbllson lnnlsh college Social Servnce Red Cross Scholarship Chem nslry Clubs Trallrc Squad Sergeanl GO Represenla LBERT MAZZULLO INR, Arnold College Arnbulnon p slcal ducahor dreclor Bar-d Traffic Squa Sensor Prom Decorafnons Cornrrnllee Track Baskefball Baseball Touch Foolball ANNE MCCARTHY INR, College Rochellean Por lrall and Edllornal Slafls TFGFIIC Squad G O Repre senlahve Table Tennis GAA MARION MCCORD INR, School lor beaufucuans Arn bmon be a beauhcuan Currenl Evenls Club Badrnun lon Tennus Golf Volleyball BARRY McGILL INR, Co ege Arnblruon q + a sc oarshlp he dd I-luguenol I-Ieral Edllorlal Slaff Tralllc Squad Scholarshlp Curren+ Eyenfs Clubs JOAN MCLAUGHLIN INR, Wll spend a couple l seasons runnunq around Muaml Arnbuluon mherul a forlune Aclnvmes made lule hecfxc for Mlss Roblnson JOHN MCLEAN INR, College GO Finance Cornmnl lee GO Represenlahve CHRISTIAN McLEOD INR, Work Ambmon b a Telephone operalor Baskelball Indusirnal arfs shop New Rochelle Hugh - . . 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" : e 'JS 35 VJ Coach Whnfe ms+ruc'nng the baslrefball 'Ieam Alberf Leonard VITO MECCA IALI Vllo wanls fo work an an anrplane facrory Ambmon lo be a cabmef maker NANCY MENDES INRI Mlamu Umverslly Ohio Am bllloh coslume deslgner Huguenof Herald Buso ness Slall Socual Service Chemnsrry Currehf Evenfs Brology Clubs Hockey PRISCILLA MERCHANT INRI Unuversnly ol Cormeclu cur Buology Chemusfry Mafh Creahve Wrnhng Scholarship Clubs Volleyball Table Tenms BGdfT'lIUlOl'I Tralthc Squad GAA TED MERCLEAN fNRI J IU The Navy ard see The world elc Ambnhon lo gel ahead GO Collecfor Foolball Track DORIS METALLO TAL, Work Acllylhes Volleyball and Badrmnlon Dons hopes lo be a secrelary NORMA METALLO lNRl Berkeley Secrelarlal School Ambuhon marry a lall boy who musf be excephonally good lookmg redhead prelerred lfallan Club EDWIN MEYER INRI Work Ambnhorw be an archnfecr Sfage Manager for Tower Players Rochellean and Huguehof Herald Buslness Sralls NANETTE MEYER IALI Business school Achywhes Tower Players Table Tenms Glee Club Lea ers Group Rochellean Asslslanl Banker Nahelles am on IS lo be a wr: RUTH MEYROWIIZ INRI Tulfs Amblhorw buyer for a large deparfmenf s+ore Su reme desure b a uyer Scholarshsp Cu Baskelba Twlrler wnm ming Archery Badmlhlon LOUIS MICHELOTTI lNRl Work Arhbullon make meducal machmes Scholarshlp Club JOHN MILETO lNRl Pace lhslllule Amblluon be a successful busmess man Baskelball Tralhc Squad Semor Prom Comrmllee MORGAN MILLER lNR1 Cornell Amblhon graduale co eg and b successlu Scholarship Deba un Bralagy Clubs Rochellean Fencmg Swlmmmg Tral: hc Squad Sergeanl MARIAN MILLIGAN lNRl New York Umverslly Am anon sac leacher an publlc schol Leaders Group Band Orcheslra Chorus A Cappella Chour Charrman of Band Dance ROY MILLIGAN INRI College Ambmoh msfrumenlal src feacher a hug sch A Capella C our Boys Glee Club Mlxed Chorus Sfuderwf Band Leader Tenms Horseback Rudung MARY CATHERINE MILLS INRI Wesl Vurgnma Slafe Co lege Ambuhon be a good dnehclan Baseball Baskelball Volleyball Leaders Group Orchesfra x 5 I ' l O. sa I ' - , H 4 --v. A . ' . , l . T .l D l . d I bill I' Hler. I Y vo - l .. I . p ' : e j b . ' cl by Il, ' , s ' - 5 KI I 4- ' - . I Y ' 2 , w, ' I 7 . A' 1 II e e vl. ' , 1' q, b'+' : mu ' '7 ' os. U nl ' mu ' in -' h V ool. I h ' . 1 . " : - ' " , , A -r , , 1 . . 46 BEVERLY MITCHELL INRI College rn Vnrgunua prepara rory lo becomnng a sewnng 'teacher Ambmon wrule es se er nove Tower Players Huguenol Herald JANE MOORE INRI Prall lnshlule or Traphaqen Arn bnhon be a commercial designer Table Tennis Golf Badmlnlon Tennls JOHN MORLEY INRI Jack graduared In January G O Frnance Cornrnlllee GO Colleclor JOHN MOSES IALI Posl graduale ACIIVIIIGS Fool a n Baseball J hns arnbmon ns lO be an ar h lecf EDWIN MOTZKIN INRJ Lehngh Foolball lnlramurals Scholarshlp Club Rochellean Huguenol Herald Sensor Prom Comrnulfee Tower Players GO Repre senfafnve Pungpong Bowling Basketball MARY MOURGES IALI Business school ACIIVIIISS Bowlnng Badmnnfon Soccer Dramahcs Tennns Volley ball Ambuhon be a court slenographer ELVIRO LOUIS MUCCI INRI No plans Ambnhon be happy Biology llallan Clubs Llbrary Council Fenc :ng Pole vaullung Cross Counlry Sprung Track Bad HELENE MUELLER INRI Kalharune Gibbs or Packard Arnbuhon lo wrnfe someones bsography Buology Scholarshup Slamp Soclal Servxce Clubs Table Tennxs Clock Gof FRANK MURPHY INRI Sludy XRay Ambullon I Yravel Rochellean Sfahf Traffic Squad Camera Scholarshnp Clubs Huguenol Herald RALPH MURTHEY INRI Work nexl' year Arnbllnon be a composer Glee Club A Capella Choir Mixed Chorus Traffic Squad Crafls Fencrng ELIZABETH MUSGRAVE INRI Belly wll work nexf year Her grealesf ambnruon IS lo be a proofreader someday ELVIRA NAPOLITANO IALI Work Leaders Group Chorus Tennis Deck Tennis Hockey Baseball Baskel' ball Soccer Dancing Club Volleyball Swlrnmnng Bad rnnnfon Amblllon secrefary or snnger DOMINICK NARDOZZI IALI Avuahon school Dom: mc s achyllnes Include foofball and rnlrarnural sporfs IS ambuhon ns fo become a fransporf prlol' VIRGINIA NAUMAN INRI Bucknell Ambuluon b a good laborafory lechnlclan Aclrvnhes Presudenf Red Cross Club STANLEY NIEDZIALEK IALI Business school ACIIVIIIGS Bankers ASSOCIBIIOH Arnbuhon be a cerhhed publnc accounfanf Respechng The Flag of The Unrled Sfafes of America New Rochelle Hugh .1 "bf ll 'l I. ' , " ' busd .TH 'Cai mlnllon. Y l - I I A ll ' ' ' - - . " z o - a ,k. . - . ' i H. .. . . I - . " : e Repaurlng fhe wrecks Alberf Leonard ASTRID DOROTHEA NEILSON lNRl Karharnne G bbs Ambmon pnyale secrefary Scholarshrp Club Chalr man GAA Fneld Hockey Baskelball Baseball Volley ball Tenms Badmlnlcr Golf Leaders Group RUTH lRENE NELSON lNRl Banlord Academy Am anon undeclded A Myles Banker lralllc Squad Baskelball Volleyball SEYMOUR NELSON lNRl Colloqe Ambxllon b a success Acluvehes Scholarshlo Club Pnnqponq mural Baskelball Baseball Foorball Volleyball VlRGlNlA FLORENCE NEWMAN lNRl Hampror I College Arhbnror oe rn rrled we on uoar 1 an eac sc co ls Glee Club Leaoers Grout? Baseball HAROLD NEYDL lALl H co pans lo k and h p lo be ruch someday O he money he makes JEANNETTE NOEL lNRl Colleoe ol New Rc Amblnon lo leach mall' Bloloqy Scholarship Clubs Baskelball Tennis MARIE C NOLE lNRl Er e a dressma mg scb m nor' lo rr Dorseys musnc GTG bands FRANCES NORVELL lNR1 eoe IU Hollins Vr r man on Leaders Gouo Volleyball IRVING NYKWEST lALl ork A llVlll9S Varsl Basketball Glee Club Sluoer-r Councll lrylnq s amb n as lo be a lool and dle ma er K GLORIA OCHS lNRl College of New Rochelle or Prall lnsllrure A Capella Chonr Gnrls Glee Curenr Evenrs Clubs Modern Dano rg Hockey Volleyball Baskerball Tennis Sol ball ELEANOR OCONNELL lALl Buslness school Rochel ean Banker Huouen l Herald Glee Club Slamo Club Cheerleader Cho us D anaalucs Tennls Arab. n e I yo llUO lruen ELEANOR O DONNELL lALl uslnes Acrnvllles Bas elball Badmlnlon GA A Glee Club Ban ers ssocnahon mbnlon cqunre Mrs Degree BARBARA E OLDDEN lNRl Colleqe Arnblllon be 5 q o suclan d lead lull and happy lle ass Banker A Capella Chou' Band Glrls Sporls HENRY OPENDACK lNRl Sl Johns Unnversnly Am :nor o a e Adnvllles Scholars up Club ClVCUl6lIOU Slal' ol Huquenol Herald ARTHUR OSHLAG lNRl Oberlln lhe won a lou yea sc olarshxpy A lhur lhr ks ambmon should be ma e o srerver suhf Scholarship Club Tower Players Traffhc Squad -- ' l . ur ' . Q4 Q 1 T r A ' f - . " : e . ' " Z ' , ' , lrlra- - 1 or A.N. . , A ' 1 I f a ' , l' S 4 Hi'l' d + h h l. Gln l , ' e ar l ' l wor 5 es A r' Y ,r . - 4 4 ckelle. . 7 W r k' hoof. A bl' 3 lislen TCW y N r ' r ' Le: :fColl A ' ' , l:g'nia. Arrblflon: sril' decidircj. 6.0. Collecfor, Hockey, Bad- - W . C 4 ' A : 'fy . , . r . ' I- Tio ' ' k . l r " 4 0 A A A r n lio 3 b l'ked by ever rel as a l ' d, l Y ' f B ' 5. ' " : k , ' , ., , k ' A ' ' . A N : lo a ' a M.R,S. l O d mu an ap' C l l .-Cl br r: be a 'lf pl' b rj A A' : F hA rl A ro , A7 H d 4 + N ' , , HILDA M OSTERHOUDT IALI Work Trafhc Squad Leaders Group Table and Paddle Tennus Dramahcs Chanrman of Orlenlalnon Class Baseball Soccer Vol leyball GO Represenlafwe Slamp Club GEORGE GRADY OWENS INRI College Ambnhon eal drunk and be merry ROSE MARIE PALADINO IALI Kalharune Gnbbs Rose s arnbnhon as To be a success MARY PALLONE IALI Mary wanls lo work and sludy musnc Ac wnhes Ilaluan Club lvlool Courf olf Ambnhon sung IH Grand Opera NANCY PANTALIANO lALI Kalharlne Gibbs Acluvn hes Golf and Paddle Tennls Arnbuhon be a success CLOTHILDE PAOLUCCI INRI Plans lo alfend a school o nurs ng Ambmon be a laboralory lechnucuan Ilalman Club Chorus CARMELLA PASCUZZI INRI McDowell Fashuon School Ambmon read and undersfand all lhe classlcs Scholar ship Club Banker Leaders Group Hockey Volleyball Baskelball Solfball Badrnrnlon LOUIS PASOUA lNRl No plans Arnbmon lo make money Achvuhes Blology Ilallan Clubs Baskelball Baseball lnlramurals PEER PEDERSEN INRI Prnncelon Amblhon corpora fron lawyer Chairman of GO Finance Cornrmllee GO Represenfalwe Varsnly Tennis Scholarshlp Club lnframurals ALAN PELS INRI Renssalaer Polylechnnc lnslulule Am :non ea? Shwufzer on an unlelllgence lesl Ma h Chess Clubs Secrelary Currenl Evenls Club Tower Players TFGILINC Squad Swurnrnnng Tennis AUGUSTINE PELUSO lALl Posl graduale Sensor Class Presudenl Baseball Foolball Handball Pnngpong Tral lc Squad Scholarshnp Club Finance Cornrmllee Rochellean Bankers As oclaluon Sensor Prorn BERNICE PENCHARD lNRI Learn desugnnng af Trap hagen Ambuhon be a famous New York or Holly wood designer Aclsylfues Chorus Glee Club ANGELO PENNETTA lALl Work Angeles achvnlles Include Glee Club Tennns Volleyball Baskelball and Badrnunlon Ambnlnon b a good Tool and dle maker MARGIE PERRICONE lALl Work ACIIVIIIGS Scholar shlp Club Leaders Group Baseball Danclng Club Ambuhon be secrefary lo a bug execuhve MARIE PERRICONE IALI Posl graduale Scholarshsp Club Secrefary of Ornenlallon Class Tralhc Squad Leaders Group Bankers Assoclallon Soccer Baseball Bask lball Teachers Iunchroom New Rochelle Hugh px it fi ,of R. Rehearsmg Wlaaf a Llfe New Rochelle Hugh GEORGE PERONE IALI George IS plannlnq lo go Io work He wanls Io be an aulo mechanuc THERESE PERRAULT INRI Traplwaqen Arnbrllon Iravel nn Ilwe weslern par? ol llwe Unlled Slales Paddle Tennis NANCY PERRY INRI Nursrnq school Nancy would lake lo be an aur lwosless Sclfrolarslwup Club GO Repre sen ahve Volleyball Hockey MARIE PESCATORE lALI Karlrarrne Grbbs Marres rn :lc wor I e O reurrarnn LILLIAN PETROULAS INRI Co eoe Arnbmon lo enler ll-e rneducal prolessron Acluvrlres 'lralrc Squad Baseball Volleyball THEODORA PETROULAS INRI Posl qraouale llnen col e e Arnbrlron lournalnsl an Wflle a book Ira IC Squad Roclwellean I-Iuquenol l-lerald Baskelball Soccer Volleyball ROBERT E PHILPOTT INRI Unlverslly cl Nolre Dame Bobs ore ambrlron as +o be able lo relrre al llre age ol lorly llve MARIE PICCIUTI INRI Alllrouqlw sl'1e Il work nexl year Mane wrll sfrll harbor the secref desrre o lravel lo flue Scuflu Seas Lrbrary Councul JOSEPH PIERRO IALI Work Joes aclryulres Include Golf lnlrarnural Baskelball and Baseball Hrs arnbllron s lo be a rnaclwrn DAVID PORTER INRI Joln U S Coasl Guards Am brl on a Isle on The brmy deep G O Represenlalrye Allrlelrc Finance Commullee Trallrc Squad Blology Cub I-IAYWARD POST INRI Probably work Arnbllron snnoer ACIIVIIIGS lower Players Carnera Blooqy Sclvolarslup Clubs A Capella Clwolr Boys Glee Club MARIE PRIMERANO IALI Work C-lee Club Volley ball Paddle Tennis Table 'lennrs Badrnrnlon Leaders Group and Moo? Courl Arnbmon becorne a secre Ia y or a nu e RTHUR GEORGE PRITZ lNRI Work Arnbrlron be an aeronaulrcal rneclwamc Arllrur parlucrpaled un Fool ball and Baseball AURELIA RACITI INRI Barnard Arnbuhon laboralory work Bloloqy Clwernuslry Mallr Sclwolarslwlp Clubs C-xrls Glee Club Sporls PIERSON McMILLAN RALPH lNRI Colorado Sclwool ol Mrnes Ambulron lake a lrup rn llwe Andes Aclryr Ines Chess Club Banker Cross Counlry Team EMILY RAMOS lALl Work or Pos? qraduale ACllVIlI9S Baskelball Baseball Rochellean and Secrefary of Oruenfahon Class Arnbrhon be a phofoqrapher or commercial arllsl ALBERT RANDALL lNRl Enqrneerlnq or busuness school rn Rhode lsla d Ambmon crvrl enqrneer Hoce Inframurals EILENE RANDALL lNRl Ar? school Ambllxon b as lon nlluslralor Acllvulles Scho ars lp Cu Capella Cholr Girls Glee Club ENRICO REINO lNRl Enrlco wall conhnue his school Inq next year As ye+ he hasnf found any parhcular amblllon Golf Baskefball ROBERT REINSCHILD lNRl Colleqe To sludy chemical enqnneerunq Ambnhon enqnneer ln connecluon wulh some branch of lhe Navy Tower Players GLORIA RELLSTAB lALl Work Bowlrnq Baskelball Fencmq Scholarshup Club and Leaders Group Glorra s arnbufuon rs fo fravel all over The Unuled Sfales JOHN RENDE lALl Work Achvmes lnlramural Fool ball Band Orcheslra Radio Club John wanfs fo be a pulol' some day MURIEL REYNOLDS lNRl Beaver College AClIVIlI9S Junior Councullors Bankers Junior Red Cross Soccer Baskelball ARTHUR RUEHL lNRl Aeronauhcs school In Texas Ambuhon be an aeronauhcal enqnneer Cross Counlry Team Track MADELINE RIZZO lALl Madeline wrll work nexl year l-ler ambmon as lo become a bookkeeper In a bank ANTOlNETTE ROCCO lNRl Prall lnsfllule AmbIlIOH qo Info duelehcs and Travel Buoloqy French Socral Service Red Cross Clubs Prnqponq Baskefball Volley ball Golf Soccer ROCCO CASSONE lALl Plans undeclded Rocco wanfs lo do nofhlnq buf lravel Evenlually maybe hell seffle down JOHN RODDY lNRl John plans lo work and allend nrqhf school Arnbuhon enqmeer Achve nn lnlramural Sporls Band and Orcheslra ELIZABETH RODGERS lNRl Srnllh Arnblllon unde clded Achvuhes Currenl Evenls Chernuslry French Scholarship Clubs Serqeanf Trafllc Squad Rochel lean GAA Advisory Board Archery FRANK ROGERS lNRl Franks plans and ambrhons are ralher rndefnvle al lhrs porn? Lunchhme In fhe faculfy dxnlng room New Rochelle Hugh 5 Y' Q"'r eg. wr Research lufchen af 'lhe Domeslrc Arls Collage Alberf Leonard MILDRED ROGOW lNRl Nexr Seprernber wrll prob ably fund Mrldrecl ar Skrdmore THEODORE ROMANEK lNRl Work Ambrfron be a y no Ac ryrlr s Tower Players Sfaqe Crew Scholarshrp Club Foolball Team Track AMOS ROMEO lALl Plans undecrded Acllvllles lnframural Sporls Amos a brrron rs ro lravel and lhen se rle down ro a posrlrcn wrrh a well known frrm CARMELA RONCONI lALl Work Acryrlres Grrls Glee Club Ambrlron lo be a srenoorapher VIRGINIA ROONEY lNRl Olwo Wesleyan Unryersrly m rr on lye rn rho Soulhwesl rn a lonq low Mcxrcarr house Broloqy Club GO Colleclor Banker PHYLLIS ROSENTHAL lNRl N Y U Ambrlron qer rnlo me phase l lh o rnarsm Qld Currenl Even s Scholarshrp Clubs Tower Players Huqucnol Herald Rochelle-an Table Tennrs EDWARD ROSETT lNRl Syracuse Ambllxon lo b come a radro desrgner Vrce Presrdenr Radio Club Chemrsrry Club JOSEPHINE ROSS lNRl Colleoe srudy nursrnq Am bIlIOD army laboralory lecnnrcran Vice Presrdenr Chemrsrry Club Brolooy Club Baskelball Hockey Volleyball Swrmmrnq Baseball Tennrs ELINOR RYDER lNRl Elrnor rnrends lo work as a 'rele phone cperalor Aclryrhes Bcwlrnq Club THOMAS RYDER lALl Work Toms acfnyrlres Include oolball and Baskelball Hs mbluon rs 0 work The aylarron held SAVERIO SACCO lNRl Oxford Saverro rs ambrlrous be a aw er l-l pa e ar a Baske a school El.SlE SACCOMANO lALl Rex College Acrryrlres Secrelary ol Orrenlarron Class Bankers Assoclaruon Am mon be a prrvare secretary To a mrllronarre EDWARD J SACCONE lNRl Fordham Ambrlror b come a chemrsr some day Sporls Baskelball Baseball FRED SACK lNRl P6 'then Boelnq School of Aero nauflcs and N Y lrrslrrule of Phorography Camera Club Manager Foorball Team Trallrc Squad Lock Squad MORTON SALKIN lNRl MlT Y le or lhe Navy Ambrhon become a chemrcal errqrneer Aclryrlres Tralzlrc Squad Socral Servrce Broloqy Clubs Presrdenl Chemlslry Club EDGAR SALTON lNRl Work Ambmon be a success un whaleyer he does Acluve rn school sporls Cross Counfry Sholpul and all lnlramurals ANTHONY SANTACROCE lALl Work AClIVlll6S Foofball and lnframural Sporls Tonys amblllon s lo own has own buslness MARIE SANTOIANNI lALl Pos? qraduale Acfnvrlnes llalnan Club Glee Club Chorus and Sporls Ambu hon fo become a ecrelary MARGARET SANTORA lNRl School of dress desnqn or modelunq school Ambmon be a professuonal model ANTHONY SBARRA INRJ Nolre Dame Arnblflon UI brldqes or pursue The courls of aw Ban er Track Cross Counlry Baskelball ALBERT SCAPPEROTTI lALl Vocahonal school Aclnvl I s encrnq nd and ann :lon I lo have n own and GLORIA SCAPPEROTTI lALl Work Glorla hopes To become a model REGINA SCARINZI lALl Plans undecnded Acfnyllucs Baseball Baskelball and Soccer Reqlna has no par hcular ambmon GEORGE SCHAAD lNRl Enqnneerlnq school Ambn hon be a successful enqlneer Traffnc Squad Tower Players Scholarshnp Camera Clubs Banker Rochel lear- Photo Sfal' Edufor FRANK SCHAFFER lNRl Wnlllams Colleqe Presudenl Sensor Class Presudenl Scholarship Club Chauman lnlerfralernlly and SOVOVIly Council Lleulenanl Tralllc Squad GO Collecror Tower Players HERMAN SCHLANDER lNRl College or PG Ambl Tron qef marrned and be a good vefernnarsan Fool ball Baseball RUTH SCHNITZER lNRl Syracuse Skidmore or Mlamu Unryersnfy an Ohro Currenl Evenls Chemnslry French Clubs Hockey Baskefball Table Tennis Volleyball Baseball HELEN SCHOENFELD lNRl Business school Ambu non co ec? bulls sfones and cavemen Achvulues Banker G O Colleclor Tennns JOHN SCHUDY lALl Work Johns acfnvnhes Include Bowling Foolball and Traflc Squad He wanls fo be an accounlanf VALENTINE SCHULER lNRl Laddle plans +o can funue has educahon a'r Darfmoulh nexl year Ice cream fume New Rochelle Hugh - . " : "fo b 'ld ' l k . Ye: F A a B . AE b'f' 's I hs b . +' 1 Il ' , , - . ' Q ' T , - 1' . X -. 6' 1'-L AY gs ia Rrfa Fanellu regards flue flag New Rochelle Hugh ROBERT SCHWARZKOPF lNRl Umversily of Mlchl an Ambihon lournalisl Acfrvihes Huguenof Herald Rochellean Traffic Squad Scholarship Cub FLORENCE SCLAFANI lNRl School somewhere Am bihon aclress Achvilies llalian Club Biology Cub Baskefball Soflball Soccer Hockey Volleyball Ba minfon Tennis SUZANNE SCOBLE lNRl lnlermonl' Jr College Am brhon be an execurive Social Serwce Arl Clubs Hockey Soccer ANTOINETTE SCOCA lALl Work or business school Acrivifies Soccer Baskelball Baseball and Swimming Arn mon b erher a sporr snslruc+or o a sle o grapher VINCENZA SCOCA lNRl Work in lhe dayhme go lo sc ool ar nighl Ambmon a nu e Red Cross Club Badrninlon Baskelball Hockey SYLVIA SCOFIELD lNRl Washnngron Secrelarial School GO Represenrahve Banker Tralilic Squad Hockey Glee Club EVELYN SCOTT INRI NYU Arnbmon b a social worker Chorus Volleyball Tennis BETTY B SEACORD lALl Work Achvilies Baseball Bas erball and Soccer B lrys amblhon is lo b frue friend fo all PHYLLIS SHAGRIN lNRl Arr school Traffic Squad Scholarship French Biology Clubs Golf Pingpong Archery Arnbihor be a successful dress designer KATHLEEN SHARP lNRl-LaSalle Junior College, Am- bilion: coslume designer, Aclivilies: Lilerary Discus- sion Club, Swimming, l-lockey Sofrball. CLAIRE SHEAHAN lALl-Work. Bankers' Associafion, G.A.A., Cheerleader, Badminlon, Baseball, Archery, as elball, and Volleyball. ' in ls" iion is learn lo ily. IRENE E. SHEARWOOD lALl-Arr school. Acliyilies: Badminron and Tennis. Ambirion: Irene hopes fo b - come a dress designer. FLORENCE ELIZABETH SHELTON lNRl-Wesr Virginia Sa e. Ambirion: be an organisr. Girls' Czlee ub, Mixed Chorus, A Capella Choir, Orcheslra. ANN SHEPARD lNRl-Endicoll. Senior Prom Cornmir- +ee, "Rochellean," "l-luguenol Herald" Business Slalf. Biology, Social Service Clubs, l-lockey, Baskelball. Ambi- lionz merchandising. JACK SHRINER lNRl-V.M.l. Acriviries: 6.0. Col- leclor, Chairman Senior Prom, Currenl Eyenls Club, Biology Club, and Council, Caprain and Manager of Fencing Team. ROBERT SHWITZER INR, College Acluvrhes Pres: denl' Currenl Evenls Club Secrelary Chess Club Member Chess Team Chermslry Club Tower Players BE NICE SIEGEL INR, Busrness ACIIVIIISS Banke Currenl Evenls Slamp Clubs Plnqponq Arnblllon m e a rmllron dollars ANIBAL J SILVA IAL, Work or school Acllyrlues Youllm Survey Anlbal lnlends lo lake Isle as rl comes lo lorqer lhe pasr work IH lhe presenf and be ready for lhe fufure DEOLINDA SILVA IAL, Work Ac :values Roc e lean Bankers Assocualron Treasurer and Chalrrnan of OVICHIGIIOH Class Bowllnq Volleyball Baskelball Arn bnhon become a secretary HELEN RUTH SIMS INR, Alfred Unlyersxly Acrlylhes Rochellean Arr Eclnror I-luqucnol Herald Currenl Eyenls Scholarship Biology Chernrlry Clubs Trilflc Squad GAA ANNE KELSEY SINGER INR, Unlverslly of Mlchlqan ACIIVIIIQS Social Serylce Club Semor Prorn Cornrnrl lee Rochelean I-luguenol I-lerald Tennis Ta le JOSEPH SINSHEIMER INR, Columbia School of Phar rnacy Sfage Crew Chernlslry Scholarshvp Currenf Evenls Clubs MARILYN SMART INR, Wellesley GO Colleclor Rochellean Scholarshrp Socral Servuce Chemuslry Clubs Hockey Volleyball Bowlsnq Baskelball Arnbl fron gel In and Through college DOROTHY SMITH IAL, Aff or llynnq s hool Arnblllon become a slunl flyer a desrqner or lravel around lhe world lookmq for excllernenl ELINOR SMITH INR, PG 'rhen Junlllard Music Founcla fron or Oberlin Music Conseryafory Ambxllon be a singer A Capella Choir Girls Glee Club ROBERT SMITH INR,-Posl qraduale Arnbrhon physn cal educallon leacher Achymes Secrerary of Senlor Class Foolball and Baseball Teams Class Day Corn mnrlee VERA MARION SMOLKA INR, Vera wanls ro go lo bus ness school an order lo fulfll her arnbur on of be cormng a secrerary ENZO SOPPELSA IAL, Drafhnq school Aclnvuhes Baseball Baskelball and Soccer Ar-nbrhon archllec fural work NANCY SPALLONE INR, Work salesqlrl Arnbrlron lo lravel Baseball Soccer Volleyball MURRAY SPAN IAL, New York Unlverslly ACIIVIIIES Intramural Baskefball Track Dancing Club Murra hopes fo be a cerhfued publrc accounfanr Experlmenhng ln chemlsfry lab Alberf Leonard R - . I . .. Z rr ak ' ' I . I ' l - . l' " : " ,h l- . l' D I ," " I ', b A Tennls. I ' ll - . .I I. . ' ' Y The cooks an flue lufchen New Rochelle Hugh WILLIAM SPENCER lNRl B ll wall return as a PG n + year He parhcrpaled rn Foolball and Track SUZANNE SPITZ lNRl Cornell Umversnly Achvrlues Edlforlal and Senior Porlrall' Slalls ol Rochellean Scholarshrp and Chemrslry Clubs Leaders Group GAA ELEANOR SPRINGER lALl Work AClIVIll9S Valley ball Eleanors ambrfron ns lo be a prrvale secrerary ROSE SORRENTINO lALl Work Roses achvmes n clude Chorus and Sporls H r amblflon ns lo work rn an ollrce EDWARD STAMBOLIAN INRJ By dm? ol summer school and hard work Eddie gradualed rn January ahead ol hrs cass ANTOINETTE STANGARONE lNRl Nursrng school rn :hon be an effrcuenf nurse lralran Red Cross Clubs Badrmnfon BARBARA STAUS INR, Traphaqen AmbIlIOH be a coslume desrgner Grrls Glee Club A Capella Chorr Baskelball Volleyball GEORGE STEELE lALl Work Aclwllles Radio Club Brology Club Baseball Glee Club George hopes fo become an eleclrlclan AGNES STEWART lNRl Beauly cullure work Ambl from become a playground dnreclor JOHN V STOCKELL lNRl Vucfor plans lo aflend school nexr year Ambmon be a borad experl GO Represerwlallve BETTINA STRINGER lNRl Mrddlebury College Schol ars up Bro ogy Clubs GAA Rochellean Edrlorra Shall Huouerwol Herald Am :flow rry ml lrorwarre MAMIE STROHMAN lNRl College Amblllorv reach home economics BARBARA STUGARD lNRl Norlhwesrern Aclrvmes ecrelary Socral Seryrce Club Red Cross Ch s Scholarshnp Clubs GAA Board GO Leaders Group Class Day Corrwrmlfee NICHOLAS SUGANTINO lNRl Pos? graduale N R H Reoreservrafrve lor New York Trmes Schclarshxp Club B Squad Foolball Inrramural Baskelball ANNA MARIE SUMMA lALl GO Represervlallve Table Deck Paddle Tenrus Golf Soccer Hockey Bad mmlon Bankers ASSOCI5llOD Arrwbrrron b a smger and dancer In a New York holel f I ' . . ex ' 6 ., . . . y U l l A b. . : . , I l . X . , ' H b" r: ma a ie s , ' ' - f 'R mf M . ly V r . sl . l . . I: e l. ANTHONY SUTTON lNRl Ben? on provnnq fha? crume doesnf pay Anfhony wanls fo be a defechve JULIUS SYLVESTER lAL, CP Unlverslly Julius m bnluon ns lo be an olfrce worker ALICE SWEENEY lNRl Tram lo be a nurse af Grass s Chermsrry Biology HIY GI s Glee Cu S Baskelball Badrnnrron Hockey Baseball Volleyball Tennls YURI TAKENAKA lNRl Secrerarual school Amblllon some kind of work Table Tennrs Archery Clock Golf Soccer Sofrball JOHN TAROLI lALl John wull work nexl year Hrs am bmon as fo be uccesslul rn the raduo held A N TAYLOR lNRl C ll oe or work Ambrfuon soclal worker DAN TAYLOR lNRl Columbla Arnblllon lo row on lhe Columbra Crew Aclnvulles lnlramurals Track LUCY TELESCO lALl Work Acrnvulles Chorus Table Tennis and Baseball Ambmon To become a secrelary GRACE TEMOFONTE lNRl Buslness school Amblfuon ro hear Sonny Davis over lhe radio as a lop no ch band Dancmq Horseback Rudrnq RUTH TERPENNING lNRl A yumor colleqe lo sfudy musuc Ambnhon fo pass buoloqy Achvuhes Buoloqy Club Leaders Group Badmnnlon Golf JULIUS THOMAS lNRl Hamplon College or Vnrqnnna Sfale Arrsbuflon become a larsl class poullryman or a real esfafe broker MURIEL THOMPSON lNRl College of New Rochelle Ambnllon To pass French Blology Club Badmlnlon Paddle Tennis Golf EDWIN TINNON lNRl Rensselaer Ambmon enqnneer Achvnhes Caplam Traflc Squad Tower Players Band Orchesfra Presmderd Ch ss Club Chess Team Chem nslry Scholarshlp Clubs CHARLES RAYMOND TORRICELLI INR, Avnafuon school Army or Navy Ambuhon Yo be an a well known band Baseball Baskefball Volleyball Band MICHAEL ROTONDI lNRl Buslness school maybe Arn bnlnon be a successful businessman Sporfs Handball Soflball Swnrnrnnnq -Gazing across ihe waier- New Rochelle High 'fl' Q- Y qu-'V fm Mr Burke shows em how at Whar a Lufe rehearsal New Rochelle Hugh GLORIA TRENCHER lNRl Some Easlrern college Am bmon lo qraduale l-lrsfory Broloqy Clubs Hockey Soccer Modern Dancung CECILIA TRIANA lNRl Gel marrred Ambuluon To qc lo Cuba and Spam Baskelball Golf Dancing Tennrs Baseball Swsmmrng JESSlE WILLIAM TRIPLETT lNRl Expecls lo work Arn bmon lo be an Army olfncual JOHN TROSIE lNRl Posl' qraduale course Arnbmon ro fravel bu+ first to qraduare Acfryrrres lraluan Club Track BETTE TURNER lALl Work Junior Councullors Bowl rnq Trallac Squad Golf Tennis Senror Porfrarr Corn rnnffee Roclrnellean Ambnron rad lne world ol con ceded people and marry lwer boss son ELLEN TUTTLE lNRl Colby Junior College Arnbmon k In summer AClIVllI6S Roclwellean Archery Junror Councillors Broloqy Club MARY G TYNDALL lNRl College Arnbrlron ge flwrouqlw colleoe Acrrvmes Bnoloqy Club Prnqoonq GEORGE UNKELESS lALl PIGDS undeclcled Aclnyrlues Chorus Bankers Assocuafron Ambmor- fo be a suc cess as a busrness man or a lawyer LUCIA VACCARO lALl Work Ac+rvrrres lraluan Club Cborus Drarnaflcs Arnbmon be a sec elary a cl llwen get rnarrred ROSE VACCARO IALI Work Acllyulues Volleyball Baskelball Soccer Glee Club Tralfuc Squad Bnoloqy Club Roses amburuon ns lo go lo Hawan MARGUERITE VAN ANTWERP lNRl Maryland College 'lor Women Amblflon klnolerqarlen leaclwer ACllVI Tres Bowllnq Tennis GERARD VAN LEEUWEN J lNRl Gerard wall alleno sclwool nexf year Acfrynhes Banker DON VECCHlO lNRl Avnallon sclwool Arnbxhon ay: fron meclwanlc ROSE VELTRI lALl Kallwarrne Gnbbs Secrefary 1 rrenlahon Class Baskelball Baseball Volleyball Bank ers ASSOCldllOD Ambllron lo become a prrvafe sec relary JULIUS VENNOCHl lALl Travel Julluss acluyrlres IU clude Varslly Foolball and Baskelball Amblhon be a success nn wherever lob he underlakes lo s i ' . ' ' ' : " . - . ' ' : l l-lorscback Riclinlq. l l I , r. - ' ' a A ' , A I - ' ' . O' JOSEPH WALKER INR, Hopes lo qo To Syracuse A-rv brllon be a comer? smqer Foolball Baslcelball T lc EDWARD J WALL Jr INR, T rury C ll qe T xas Arrwbmov olay Mnor Leaque Baseball wlfh The New York Glahls Foorball Basebal Chee leader Buoloqy Currenf Eyenfs Clubs lmlrarnural Sporls SPENCER WALLACE INR, Wark and qo To T m TIIOU lo pldy TU C nfs, d les Baseball Baslcelball Band JAMES WALSH INR, Navy I7, Ambrluorn mee, The TU Swsfers :values lac G Re e nlahv ELIZABETH WALTER INR, Buclfnell Urrve my Avwbu non e a elumle rn uvldual A Tuvalu 5 Bolody u Bowlmq Archery MARY ALICE WATSON INR, Blue Rldoe Cr Kalharme Cru bs Am :hon merflvandlse buyer ACIIV AIGS Trarrfuc Squad Cv AA Advisory Board Gwrls Sporfs DOROTHY WEBBER INR, Nexr year Domlhy wxll be a dressmalcer or a kmfimq msfruclor Ac IVIIO Paddle Tennis Bowlnnq KATHRYN WEBSTER INR, Traplwaqen or New Yorlc School of Dueleflcs Amblfnorw I b Com a dr I ran Ac xvmes Termus Rldmq CAROL WEIL INR, Arl school and Then colleqe rw mon ashron desuqner Achylhes Chermyy Club G-lee Club KENNETH WEISER INR, Columbia A Tlymes Ta Squad Tower Players Chemuslry Scholarslup and Cur ren? Everwls Clubs Cvoll Team BOB WELCH INR, Busmess school Acluymes Cross Counlry Tracl: Qgxclals Club TFGIZTIC Squad Baslcef ball Manager Track Club CAROLYN WHITE INR, Pos? qraduale Course Ambr I n a wrufer an ,ourna TS Acllvllles Bio O Club Tenms VINCENT WIEGERS INR, Slevens lnslslule Amblfuon be a chemical engineer Achvulues Scholarslmp Club and Math Club MARCIA WILKINSON INR, Posl qraduale Afnbmon arcxa has The amblhon 'ro Travel A fnymes C' Glee Club ARTHUR WILLENBROCK INR, POST qraduale A'nbl Iron be an aerorwaulncal engineer Acgruynfles Camera Club Cross Counlry Locker Squad Scholarslmo Club lommy and Mr Delckman dellverlng examlnahon supplies New Rochelle Hugh AA 2 A . , , Arae . , . - rl A 0 e , e . 7 coleqe. A bA A 1 c A a good da A bah , Aetiyli 3 KA q A , ACI' AA : T' TIA .O. or ge ,A ei 'ib al' 'au . Q"'e11Aclbr Ab . bAA 2 . A A . A i A : A A TT , 1 TAAIA 5: A A . AA Z 0 e e Ae ACA . TA AA I A, A A . - I - A . b' A : I A A . A AA 2 A.' . - A . C A A A Z r iflc TAO : be A d A lA T. A AA :A A l qy M A AA . C A : iv-ls: is I 5? Dream collage on a hull Domeshc Arls Collage Alberf Leonard GOLIE MAE WILLIAMS INRI School Ambmon Golue Mae wanls lo enler llwe nursing profession IRENE WILLIAMS IALI Work Soccer Baseball Vol Ieyball Baskelball Table Tennls Paddle Tenms a mrnlon Glee Club Cnorus Trallrc Squad Irene lwopes lo become a secrelary JOSEPH WILLIAMS INRI Posl qraduale Arnbrlrorr Io become a doclor Aclryulles Caplaun Cros Coun fry learn MARIE ELIZABETH WILLIAMS INRI Plans e rw? ls Gee up Ba mln o o a ROSE WILLIAMS IALI Work or pos graduale Acluyr I s GI e Club A Capella Clworus Lbrary Counrr Baseball Serwor Jewelry Cornmlll e Annbrllon lo gel marrred THERESA WILLIAMS IALI Work or business 5 nool Amblllon be a doclo 5 asslslanl WILLIAM WILLIAMS INRI Posl oraduale Ambrlron I e 1 u C ssful caroenler Acllyll es Cross Coun ry Track JOHN WILSON IALI Bu lness scno l Aclrymes Ba kelball Jolnns arnbron IS fo beCo're a pos'rr' THOMAS WILSON IALI N val Ele r al Sclwool V r I Foo ball Caplarn Inrra'nural Baskelball B s a Presnden' of BAA Anwbrllon se ye wrrlw Navy lne open lws own eleclrrcal sllop ELENOR WINKLER INR, Nexl year Wlnk w l w k Am rlron Io Travel Acllylhes I-luquenol Herald Edllorual Slall Chorus Leaders Group GAA DORIS WITTNEBEL INRI Arl sclwool ACIIVIIIES Sglnolar s I umor e ross ocxal ervure rr s Glee Clubs Sensor Prom Cornmsllee Tarlluc Squad G A A ROBERT WOLFF INRI Slewarl' Teclv Ambrllon lo be an army arrcraff 'ne-clwanrc Aclrymes Model E qun eers Cluo Foolball Taflc Squad EVELYN WOOD INRI Prall lnslrrule Arnbslnon be a e roar' n a nosprla Aclryllles Baskel all RU I"I YODER INRI Karlwarnne G bbs I o can? ess Rullw s rnbrfron slwe n + e A IVIIIQS Glee Club and A Capella Clworr JOSEPH ZARRILLI IALI Business sclnool Acllvllnes Cross Counlry and Cheerleader Ambuluon w rk II1e fleld ol aylallon Whats In a Song IT s Sad BuT True There II Be Some Changes Made Dancrng On A DIme BIg NoIse Prom WInneTIca Blow The Min Down WI IG WIIlIe WIIle IT All Comes Baclc To Me Now Memory GT A R se LeT s GeT Away Izrom IT A FIVE G Cloclc WhIsTle ImagInaTIon TraTTc Jam Hell Ma We Done IT AgaIn All ThIs And hleaven Too I-IIT The Road Soc Lessons From Madam La Zonga ThaT s For Me AnvII Chorus I Could Malce You Care I GeT A Kclc 0uT OT You RrosperITy WIThouT A Song IT Never EnTered My MInd AuTumn Cn The Campus Loolong For YesTerda5 LeT s Be BIdd es MusIc Malcers WhaTcna Know Joe7 EveryThIng Happ ns To Me The Tlme OT Your LITe You I:orgoT AbouT Me The Band Played On I m Always Chasmg Ralnbows I GIve You My Word There Was A LITTIe GIII TonIghT Do I Worry7 The Lady WITh The Red I-IaIr I I-Iear A Rhapsody These ThIngs I Love BIrds OT A FeaTher AccIdenTaIIy On Purpose Gone WITh The WInd WIsnTuI Tlnlnlclng So Ends Oar NIghT Busy As A Bee Id Know You Anywhere Goodbye Now We re IeavIng N R H S and AIberT Leonard AdvIser To sTudenTs aTTer TIrsT reporT card Dunng The lunch perIods aT AIberT Leona d George Unlreless SenIor T1cuITy basIceTbaII game aT Lecnaro Mr FrIsch To BIII DeMeIIa DVIVIUQ bacI4 Trom The KIWGDIS u Z SToop G rardI and The A L FooTbaII Team 3 20 IIT used To be 2 30 uITTIrIg TIme Tor The Rochellean EdITorIaI STaTT All A s on your reporT card TIme Tor lunch Second basIceTbaII VICIOFY over IEY by Leonard The coTTage Mr WhITe To hIs Traclq Team Mrs Kmsman ThaT dIplon'a The machIne shop MIss MaThesorI To her second penod hIsTory cla s Mrs We nsleIn GeTTIng your allowance on Mondwy mornIng WhaT good s The Glee CIub7 The answer To ThaT Tough guesTIon In The RegenTs P G nexT year Se-nIors aTTer graduahon Teachers and TudenTs Those swIng SESSIONS MIss 'vIaTheson To Joe Todaro SaId he IITTIe sophomore Semor Prom EIghTh and nInTh graders WIHUIUQ new laurels GeTTIng an A Trom Mr STurTevanT I I ver gyp aga I'IlldlG BaIr I wIll deTInIT ly do my homework NoT any more RegenTs are over Sue SpITz The bell aT 3 20 DIsmIssaIs and assembIIes Rodgers and Declcer braInchIIdren I IosT my reporT card Elame Axelrod and Phyllus RosenThaI when The dIrT column comes ouT School wIThouT homeworlc Domg The oIoIogy conTracT NaomI Klepper Douglas I-IarrIs The sorry senIors To AlberT Leonard and N R I-I S I 'L ws -il , , T N.: 1 I , T T C . . . . A r C T - c U C I .yy .. .E h . . . . . . . y ll II - - Q I I . Q I . . ' I Il 1 1 I I . I I , . . X . . S T I . I ' . , C . . X I . . y . . , Y , s L II , , T I I . E . y . X . . . I . T I Ine I In . . . .ef k : . . . X . ., . . . X . .L ,. V X V . , . T 1 I ' .... SENIORS A L H S This years senuor class has The umque dlshnchon of being 'lhe flrsf sensor class of rhe newly dedlcafed Alben' Leonard l-hgh School Wufh Presldenf Augusl' Peluso and hrs assocuare ofhcers John Kehlenbeck vnce presndem' Murrel Clark secrelary and Carlo De Rosa 'rreasurer 'rhe class has ser preceden+s which shall be lefr as examples and sleppung srones for sensor classes To come Our nnven+ory l:s'r shows among orher 'rhungs an unforgeffable baskerball game be+ween fhe male facully and 'rhe sensor class boys This hnlarlous affair ended w1+h Social Commlffee under 'rhe co chalrmanshlp of Anna Marne Summa and John Barnaba and also furned ou'r successfully This will gave us somefhsng else besides marks 'ro look back upon ln our more remvnlscenf moods Our class has been well represenred ID The Nahonal Honor Socnefy which ns open +o all s+uden+s meehng cer+a1n scholashc r quuremenrs Tame and hde wanhng for no man we make way for anorher sensor class as Amernca makes room for us as cuhzens Nor only does Amernca make room for us bu+ she welcomes us for cruhcal hmes demand good cuhzens and we hope 'ro capably fulfill fhrs demand 62 I I - . I . I I . . an Il-II He score. Our gay social even+, Jrhe Senior Prom, was planned by our I . . . . . , . . . . e . u . EWU " 1 1 1- H' 1' 4 Z1'l f-1 IM" 1 1, iff ,va Y ' 1r1l'f w rvq' ,WV Mos+ Mosl Done Done Mos Senror Celelnrrtres Popular Lrkely + Succeed Mo l for llwe Sclwool he Sclwool lor Mosl Orrqrnal l-lirocsl Worker Class Rrocrasrrnalor B arnresl Mosl Ve salrle Besl Loolfrno WO Rea rno Re sorw rl Cws Cynrc R rde ol llre Eaculls Bane C is lvlosl Mos VR as plass Crass Mosr Ivlosr Cas Class Class ol llrre Eacullx Jesler Vrvacroas Glamorous If Hearllarealre Busgldooy Pxrlrslrc lvlusrcal Tlrespran Screnlrs+ Allrlele Demon Debaler Class Drearner urelesl Sweelesl o Drclc Elandreau rranlc Scl1aEler Drclr Elandreau l-larold Keeler Wars r Dralqe Rolder Slwwrlzer Bob lobras Roloer Slrwrlzer Frarflq Sclrraller Lou lvlclrelollr Rce PGOGVSSU Joln C annber rr lx! l-larr Declcer Ernre Wal on Haw lcrnure C anwbers Bob Green Bolo G een C a s Bur er W lrnnon au Vrggrano Roy M llrqan Arllw Qslnlaq Vrnce lWergers Jce B rore Jacx Snrrner Harol lfeeler Ke-nne lr Cron Ladore Sclwuler A NRI-l Grr Don Kung Do rs Krnq a Eanell ea s Ps , Have ls Panel! E en Tullle El abellr Rodgers H loeoard B rr n o e E dcoaro Ba r Lla Lcdernnan Elr abellw Rodgers Ed a Beals l-l rl 5 Hove A e Gr ol e TU 4 lfla l5n oor Lrla Lederrnan D ns Wrllneoel lvlarran lvlrllrgan Rosefnarre Beck J eplwrre Ross Marger, Jonnslon Mereol In lV'aUlsb5 Es ner lalallloerg Marx Tyndall Berg Jane Le-Blond . . . S . . . . B y 'l . .S . . C ,. F. . s ' Rl? I ' r - Edna B l r l ' I C. c'l' N 4 -. ,+ A R4 C l ' ' ll r ' ' + ' lz r, ' , ll I an S f J ls ' . ' lxfarlly C ok Eislwcn Rlale - r l lvlaflorl a,en rs' rl: 5' J rs rfl' y n n. s P4 -J A ' Class Ordlrnlsl l-larve, lurnure lf7ld'ed l-lolenweoe lc S- f ' Ba Q, ,cGill lc 1 r. L X' l S " le s e, I Kill, a ranrl ' ' ' ,lolwn n Ra"X, 1 + M A P on Q9 ,lf s El' l , r El n l le 'R r lr 'le cg X. rl C l lc l Er V' r . . P I . . O. . r l s . ' rr I ' fs ' ' . ' ' ' . os '.- s , elf? r lr A ' ' W V+ , r Q .Q X f' Q ' r lf r . ll, Mosr Mosr Done Done Mosr Senior Celebrrtres A L l-l S Popular L lcely ro Succeed Mos? for lhe School rhe School for Mosr Qrrqrnal El urdesr Worker Class Procrashnaror Brilnresl Mo l Versarrle Mosl Pleasrng Personalrly Besl Loolcrng Fashron Flare Class Class Prrde an Cluss Mos' Moslr Class C ass Mosr Moslr Class Class Class Qplrmrsl Cynrc of lhe Eacully al rhe Eaculw Jesler Vrvae ous Glamorous rr Elearlbreaker Arrrshc: Musrcal Thespran Serenrrsr fklhlele Demon Debarer Class Dreamer ureleslr Swoelesl o Joseph Larrno Auqusr Peluso lmeholns D Qnolrro John Sehudy Berl Guslalsorr Lours Eelree John Lrndsay Carlo DeRos1 Raymond Amor: Wrllram DeMelra John Kehlenbeclc Joseph Larrno Wrllram DeMelra John DeRosa Auqusr Peluso John Schudy George Unlqeless W llram Dervlelra Joseph Lahno Joseph Lahno Joseph Lalrno John Lennon Angelo Pennerla Joseph l-lyarr Wrllram Boolchoo Raymoro Amorr John DeRosa John Lrnosay l-lenry Mallerre Irvrnq Nylcwesr D3 Glr Mary Balls a Murrel Clar Mary Barrsla Edna Lange oh Eleanor QConnell Mwrre Porrreone Murrel Blemmrs Mary Mourqes Eleanor G Connell Regrna Scarrnzr Kuy Donahue Marne Pes arore Emma Belrye Mary Erlzgerald Valher FS lang lolh Mary Bal sra Bea Rerllf Irene Burler Elsre Sa comano Carolrne Grannolrr Edna Langeloh Anne l-lenressy Eleanor O Connell l-lylo l-lynes Lrllran Masello Mary Mou qes Vrncre Camorscrano Nora Banrreld Mrrram Cohn Marlon Cubbon Shrrley Losee B y ' l l ' la Class Busybody John DeRosa , E, - , e B Q I ,X X . E K El' r ' , l ' r Q . . JLJNIORS A L T-l S Nlnefeen hundred forfv one and fhe beqnnnuno ofa new vocafuonal hroh school' Wlfh fhe fursf qraduafmng class as a model fhe Iunror cla follows IU nfs foofsfeps wufh John Fav presldenf Tank Grannoffr vuce preswdenf Drana Cuafreda sec efarv and John Campbell freasurer The Iunuor class has nof been behmnd IU any wax fo several of fhe boys were able fo make fne frsf varsrfv feann ln foofball and ba Kefball Through fhe ouldance o Mr Wallace B Bowman Mr E wa o Flf gerald a d lvl s Bcafrfce WIQTTTVJTC4 f e mbers of fh I cass wcre 1 L o see s oful an afer c r e socm ac vfes e e nrcs were s on r c M s Anne E Edmon s and Mr Wallace B B wman SOPT-IQMORES A L T-T S The fufure qraduaflng class of 43 as fhe real ba rs of fhls new school Alberf Leonard Technrcal hfrqn School These soohomores wll b fhe frsf ores o recelve fhe full fhree ye rs of vocafmonal f awn ng fhaf fhe scho lohers They have anofher advanfaqc They can wafch us fhe qraduafwno cla s of 4l make our mnsfalaes fhe can brause cur achuevennenfs and oo sublv rmprove our mefhods Thev are fhe sfuoenfs who have earned emerrence plaxrng on our baslcefball feam foofball squad ano an our golf mafches If fhev old rof succeed fhe frrsf ear fhey sfrll have fwo more years TU which f correcf fherr errors As class officers fhe sobhom res chose Ernesf Nexol presrdenf George Rebsa men vuce presrdenf Jane Fuller secre arv and George Schudv freasurer Alfhouqh consrdered fhe lnfanfs of fhe school fhese sobhorr res have proven fhaf fhev are qood sporfs and zealous worlcers A vxsers fo fhe class are Mass Beafrsce Wlghfwfck and Mr Edward Frfzgerald Wrfh fherr helo fhe soohomores breoared fhelr school rf oqram fo besf auf fheur vocafaonal chomces and were fherebv afforded fhe oo orfunufv fo qef as much as possxble ouf of fhemr hfgh school frarnung Yes fhe sophomore class may well loolc forward fo a brlqhf fufure TU fxlberf Leonard fl! . , . . . . . . . X X . . SS . . . , ' - 'r ' ', ' - ' ' ' L ' f, r T - . . X .X . XX X X X ', E L ' ' fs ' T s' -- . J ' f . . , . e r ' fz , ,n 's A ' ' ' ', h me , e Lnfor I A Cblw f I cf fhe courses ana sfudies fhaf wll be hel ' I y ea s. Th 'L' ff Tr? f fh Ts ' r p sc eo Tv Ts 1 . d ' ' , F e Q f ' f a ' ,r ' I o .7 . f ' , , f , ' s ' , , X XX . . X X S. . X X , . . . I J F If I l , . ,. . ' - 1 X r - Tr T . X . . O . X ., , , X A ' ,C f , d , X . . . . , X . G X . . X X X X . X JX XS X SX. . . . X O . T JUNICDRS N R I-I S WaTh an ace buclceT on her head surrounded by balls Tor damaged Teachers and covered waTh purple and whaTe conTeTTa The commaTTee chaarman Tor The I94-I Junaor Class Reunaon oroaned The secreT sTory oT whaT happened behand The doors oT The school beTween nane o cloclc lasT naohT and some vague hour oT The mornang oT some vague day an The very vague year of l95I Any relaTaon To anyone lavang as b TTer OTT dead In The gym Mass Coons sTood on The receavang lane handang ouT Tree dasmassals The evenang sTarTed oTT waTh a bang when Don MarTan The speed lcang lcnoc ed oTT The leTT wang oT The school as he saw Jean Melvalle Joe DaMaggao slad home o a pluTe oT ace cream ind Juclc Dempsey came an punch ng whale Loas Blass gave rousang cheer Tor SchnozopooalaTslcy Frank ETTara blew an wavang has DarTmouTh ban ners aT Jane Karlc man haaer who had collecTed TaTTy eager males abouT her To heir her Theoraes Jayne Doclcerall herdang her Tave laTTle aournalasTac wonders Trom The STorlc Club gasped Superman' BuT aT was only Charlae DurTee sTall clambang an Through The rooT Mel Myers head oT The ParaDICE Corporahon Tor Female ImprovemenTs hassed an aporecaable sold aT Mass Ealeen Seney who was modelang a purole and whaTe sarong Ed noTe WOWII Suddenly Jean Anderson rushed an waTh an arTacle To The lasT assue oT The 4I I-lerald Mr Wase was carraed ouT Junaor Class oTTacers Wallaam I-lunT presadenT Jayne Doclcerall vace presadenT and ElazabeTh WoodTord secreTary SOPI-ICDMORES N R I-I S Ten monTh ago They IarsT Trooped anTo The porTals ol: N R I-I S green wade eyed and exTremely young For he TarsT Tew weelcs They sysTemaTacally losT Them selves an The laoyranTh oT halls and TranTacally soughT lcand hearTed upperclassmen who would be wallang To Turn Themselves anTo l.evanTs Adamses and Kaernans To answer Thear Thousand anxaous gueraes Among These sophomores young as They were came scholars acTors and aThleTes Emergang waTh llyang colors as scholars were Ronnae Ronder ReanhardT SchaTT ThaT genaus oT a lcadl Joan J1cobsTean and many oThers who belonged To The anTellagenTsaa oT The Scholarsnap Club and could easaly puT many a swell headed senaor To shame ln The heaTracal world comeoaan Ellas uanbys delacaae guaps an Englash class all year anvarauoly made Ma s Season anguare A e you 'T The Tower Paye s7 IT noT why7 FuTure Tracla sTars among The soohs persasTenTlf pracTaced Thear seTTang uo e ercases aTTer school and many oT The garls dasplayed Thear slcall an varaous sporTs BeTsy ShorTer badmanTon sTar especailly Jane Senaor and Johnny Schwab among oThers showed Themselves To be real all round sporTswomen O ' a a a J ' . , . . 1 a . I . . . . Q - . .I , ' ' ' ' I, , , . T c . , c c . . , h I . 0 I ' l - . . . . . . . ,. ., a a a ., .. . . . . . . 1 . 1 - a . . - aa . .a . . . a I a a . . . . . a I" aa aa - . I . I , - T a , . S , . . . .1 , A A . . - . - a . , . . . a , 1 I K a a a l a - . - - aa - aa - - y a , C I . . . ,. K . Y . . I. . . , . . . . T . CD , . . 1 . . . ,a . T C af s I z r af aa I If a . aa , . ' , - 2 - a Xf , . . . . aa aa I C a a a a JUNIOR HIGH ERS N R H S The uunuor hugh duvrsuon oT New Rochelle Hugh School has as uTs governung body The Junuor General Organuzahon Harry Scoble us presudenT Marlorse Hollenweger vuce presudenT and Lous Schopp secreTary Treasurer Under The durecTuon oT :Ts presudenT The Junuor G O us preparung a handboolc To be guven To The uncofnung eughTh grade sTudenTs nexT Tall Thus booIcIeT wull conTaun unTormaTuon concernung IocTers school rules eT ceTera and wuII serve as a valuable guude To The pupuls un Theur unTamuIuar envuronmenT Thus Term a Junuor Duvusuon oT The Scholarshup Club was unsTaIIed admuTTung To membershup boys and gurls who have an average oT B plus or beTTer There us also much unTeresT un The newly Tormed TTrsT aud chapTer under The sponsorshup oT Muss Jeanne Wulson IT us The TursT oT such organuzaTuons To be Tound un New Rochelle and many auThoruTues un The Tueld presenTed demonsTraTuons and addressed uTs meeTungs Thus year Nucholas Munoveno was presudenT Franlrlun Vufulp vuce presudenT and Ivlarlorue Hollenweger secreTary Treasurer The average eughTh or nunTh graders school day beguns un The husTIe and busTIe oT The subway er we mean The locker room Then To class I.eT us peek un on The I1TTIe darlungs un a nunTh grade Englush class IT all beguns wuTh Howard Seney nauvely wallcung unTo class IaTe They say hes so cuTe ThaT Ivluss Loughman canT resusT hus unnocenT smule and The maTTer drops aT ThaT The class us very TaIenTed and learned Ivlargue I-Iollenweqer craves excuTemenT and g Ts uTs by IughTung Turecraclrersl Then some oT The musucal members sung In The I-lush oT The NughT and by The Tume The second renduTuon us compIeTed The sTudenTs 7 Thunlc ThaT lunch Tume has IusT abouT arruved Pell mell They Tumble ouT oT class and dash en masse To The Iunchroom WhaT do These IuTTIe people eaT7 No I lcnow you donT care How ever The TacT remauns ThaT They are generous enough To Throw sandwuches To The less TorTunaTe members oT The class who donT have any Tood Then The bell rungs and They all pass OUT7 One day a grocery man came unTo Muss STurTevanTs scuence class The lass ThoughT aT TursT he was brungung some grocerues buT he wasnT T-Ie saud he was Ioolcung Tor Telescopes' Oh well ThaT s The Iunror hugh Tor you Thungs Iulce ThaT are poppung up all The Tume The average day ends aT 320 and all Those who have escaped beung senT To The oTTuce breaThe a sugh oT reIueT and go home To do GUESS WHAT and Tons oT uTI The poor young unnocenT Thungs They donT Icnow any beTTer 68 I J: . . e.- .. . y M. - OR ANIZATIONJ' fi 'Xlg WAY' 5 2- -I 'mu 9 ,0,xXl x "' nun. H if mm H I 'ul I .as-c, ll lb I XX. .IIA 7- QNX I f' FN 'S . M 9 dx f - iff RQ "1wfi,h ,x f K 411 X X X! 'As f fl is 1 9- ., JW: 7 f I X A. f Tis 55515 aus ji an i 'ii 1 5 5754 19" ij, 1 1 I R sl X' H f Hqlmn R fgmq 4l -:Q if I 3,757 H 1 4.4: fi' ivll' 4 gi .V mi X' Y H H ll I LN. 11265-'S ' ' " '-ll! ,' A ' U ' -. ' 1 sg ' fi 1 "V" 24 '. x' 3 -I A .iv 43. - ,. .. 1 ,,- I , XY!!i-.:11J,t,- ,f V f-.R .,. ,lu 2-, T .IS '- 7 H I ,lf r. In-E T -. ..X M L .f"9 21112 gui . , . ., , ,Id I-2 in rf: 1 , ' - ,.1. . : ..nal,,::5 'ffl ' ,521 -mi. ' ' . ... 3, an !',f'f gg hliig A. .,-....w, -az, ,- Y .ef-:in , A - K' - uifflrliizg- 21.7. 1 Ui c xi , 331 ' I --1' if "'-ff, .- few: ' 2 "' ' ' K-7, Q R - 11 - F- Ky: R - zjiqzf-'zlf 1,4 n ,X P, W W' t,-ftp' 6 Y x vin ' 4, , KM!! 1 1 ,ly - ' -' . -- - 1 - f fg 5 x 'f f 0, 5 . fi Lf f' , , W . 'fel ,, W , ,:,.."-'QE 1 A I r k lalrvaf , '-4 I , .4 i N. ' gf 1 1' J n v4 5 bk 'f ,ff 4 X - ,Q -' y , 'Tw' V5'.".,i'f',9: 115 f 1 W ' Y f, ' f .fm EM , ' - 'LQ ., , ly Q X . M ,W---'rum . 1 f-f,.-.192 ,1 4,-,zvqx 1' uv' '- Wx 35, '- f I 1 'wf ' ""'!" f ev 'V ' ,Aff A xx Q I' ,WSW N I .Tb H 7 fx ' " , W, f 1 -'L f ff' "H-- 7 x V W 3 'X .V ""---X-' N "X" 'X ' 4 Z 5 1 ,U f. g rr sig 'N ,,' S f ,, M '41 , fi -1 , : 4 Q . 17 7 vf -.. . ff W f f f lNX" N v '- ' W' 'U' 1 f f 4 . , , . V ,iz -- ,, ' ' 1 ov 11, -f 'Q I ,f , Tlx, '-jjf.-l f ,,.-sl-Q 'I ,M , -f ,y 'fp ' v f hi ww- f 'f . firm, .. -':: .. " v X f f 5' 0569 , f K yi' 4 'r X' AN ,'.fw'. 'ff 1 layn A me 2 P ,K X fha' 5 J Q ff My ,i W-:Nz .l. ,1:-,.fV,,,mju g W. C' ' f 'TU' 1' ' X 'Y f ' Q Q13 ,wr , ' ' ',--. f' X 1 ,Q 4 f, .gl iv ,- A, A K , F V ,, . xy X. if C' W --' ,. ' w ' 4 ' 21' . ' 'ff' 1 'll 'f 5-. 51 Piiii 1 Qi ' ' if ' ' ,I I! 5' -, X, .f-..-f , , lf ' . f '- ,. 51, Q ijjiimf'-",2 9353 I - , K 4 . fy.. gl if Jfg ,- A f,f f, -,NL ,Qi-,, , ,A , f- . W 1 f 2- ,exif 11.3 V ,-N f l "" Cx :NVE-1 -'gi .-1 21. ' 4 I ' , . m Q . A f Q 4 'A Q ' ,P ' 45,-1 , , ,Q 1 f I fi gh.-f ie!!! 1 - , f A , K f, ffl-,f I-:Q :saw ff ' ' X' ' -v J 3: VJ-,.l ,f ., fy I V, V .1 ,,,,..' ,Z 41. ,, K, . .f. "1 'Swag I X .fr-55" izqfliiif .X 1 ' ..,A,?f.:, ,, .. - ,- , . CANDIDS-NEW ROCHELLE I-HGH SCHOOL 72 GENERAL ORGANIZATION TI-IE GENERAL ORGANIZATION N R I-I S e reorganI aTIon oT our IQ se ool sys ern placed many WCICIC U V OLIF LI en F DVC UIUC- JO ET roan a o T e o Cers I ard Tana eau Lf lean Mem C rres en e ar aIr re an ve aIoed problems adrn ap e a d Tne TuIrnT o f E GI Q Tar 'D T Q Q C nIn n graders who had oerornp parT oT our scnorl T he mngs much oT The C OCIT r rnalong The e ounger TIdenTs Ieel aT honne n The sTranqe urroundmgs The wgorous n1ennhershIp earnpaIgn eonducTed early In he year assured a large and aehve sTudenT group Tor The G O A rnernorah e ven ure was The sale oT mega phone pIn an unparalleled TInancIaI success The GO wls sronsored a dance In Coryunehon wITh The Scholarsh p Club Tor The ald oT Thr 5Cholar hIo Load Fund Besroes These specual acTIvITIes The GO earned on s regular adrnInIsTra IVE uT es WorlcIng everyThIng ouT If Th The C d oT I EIn1nfe GornrnITTee IT TIna Ce o o ef ac rIcu Ir 1 ehc an non a nene wrrv I The General O ganIzaTIon IS aeTuaIIf a del ew In dern r y d IenT TurcTIonIng IS hearTenIng prooT ThaT we a b s ff ss u I Afnermw he ouTsTandIng dennorrarv TI-IE GENERAL ORGANIZATION A L I-I S EsTaoIIsheo IusT Ths Near The General Orgawzahon C AlberT Leonard Eugw C o nas seT an edrennelv TIne ore edenT Through The eTTorTs e' a small group or s uoenTs and TaI:ulTf rrennbers T g ew h T sn vrT spacf mTo a well organz wfluen al msTITuTIon wITh a large and aCTIve rnemhersnrp Th s organIzaTIon has conTrol oT all The exTra Curr eulaur aeTIvITIes In The school and ilso has oTher organI7aTIons dependenT upon T Tor TInancIaI aId In wdd on o ITs aId To These GCIIVIIIOS The GO has esT1bI sh d 1 Sunshme GornrnITTee vhuch aTTernoTs To speed up The recovery oT sTudenTs who are III As ITs TIrsT aTTernpT Tor recognITIon The GO srdnsore a dance whIe TI ned uT To oe a greaT sufce e orTs To a ve er os e ITy a po u III serzng dance and earnwal were also held e eade hId and IT OT The GO oh Ce N Qnol s D QUOTVIO presuoeu ed ReIfnerT wee resI enT Wlarf a sT1 s ere a and reasurer TVIIss ea r If a rnernher oT Tne TaCLITI, have heloeo ThIs orgawzahon o Cerne an oorTan InTlLenc'e n The lITe oT The sc ool s e ope oT ese s udenTs TnaT TheIr eTTor e been In VOID ThaT Theur wo I shall be fonhnued and upheld by The Tulure Cla es al AIberT Leo ard II1 Th IZ I hI h h TI. 'hIs sean W I I fl resr'onsIhIlI'Ies upon The shr ulde s oT ST d , T IV :" II ,I I dy---Th , Ge'If:r'II G J IL 'I n. Ih G.O. TTI I RIeh1 I EI Ir. !'XV6I2SI'IfT'Il, L I I' 'II I :Tae , ,Ido T and HIld gf d B I I sec TI I sel ,d fnefe Ii , , I- I , Ire I, wIrh Th, Id XT ' , s Q 1 h dv. LWST T II, The G.O. helped In The Iorrn1TIc 1 -,II a LlunIIwr G-.O. hr h I5hTh ansl I'I I C I.,, T . I v, oIT I: Ie I I ,S y s s I , I I Ir e ,, as G I . ' I ' ' I L . I ' I ' ., 3 . S I . d I . I I II HI . f I L e I I I I n- d all T ur ITr urI If QThI I CI I - TII I f ITIIss. r A I I I I 'noI e .IerInserT I oc ae , an IT1 eTTIo .,'I I I I Q n e ,uwe T I as QITIzens of ' IA,,, 0 ' ,f , S ho I I I I I A I II , C . I I I ,. I T I I I I I r ' In T a 'L I II f I ed I f TI ' ' T ' I ' A fI . I E I I 7 I I I I I . Q I'I I f .N . 5 . . , X - - C i 9 C .I . A . J . I I I 'I , I I . . ,L o I h ur L e I I . ss. In ITs TT ehie TurThf or 'p lrI nd p If 'Ty 5 M ' ' ' T 1121-aaa TI- I Iers I. abIlI y I .' . II rs, I I a I I I I D-Ja, 'Q I ' ,Ip 'a -. I B TI CI Q I f ,L ,- ' BI mfg- " WIghT'.-Iek, , . I ' ', I I I I f I f I I Ie I. ,I Iv X T I I , I I I h . IT I Th h X , Th I If I' I I Tu QIIIIII noT lmxf, I I hui ' r , f , I T L sw a . TRAFFIC SOUAD A L I-I S The TraTTuc Squad us one oT The mosT promunenT and eTTecTuve organuzaTuons un Alberf Leonard I-Iugh School ITs members who number approxumaTeIy sevenTy have done very Tune work un keepung The school on a good democraTuc basus Each posT us Tulled by a reluable pupul who capably carrues ouT The duTues assugned To hum The Lunch PaTroI us a very umporTanT duvusuon OT The TraTTuc Squad ITs purpose us To keep The lunch room un order and To conTroI The heavy sTudenT TraTTuc durung The Three lunch peruods The Taculry members who supervuse Thus organuzaTuon are Mrs Dorus Kunsman Mr BerTram Taylor and Ivlr Phulup Aunes TRAFFIC SOUAD N R I-I S The TraTTuc Squad under The sponsorshup oT Ivluss F LoreTTa Coons was led by Edwun Tunnon and assusTed by LueuTenanTs George Schaad and James Kuernan WuTh The help oT fellow oTTucers and Theur subordunaTes They enTorced and carrueo ouT school reguIaTuons Keepung cerTaun halls clear seeung ThaT sTudenTs wenT up The rughT sTaurs and durecTung TraTTc un The Iunchroom were only a Tew oT Theur duTues When The Treshmen arruved un The Tall The squad was an asseT un guudung Them Through The buuldung OuTsude vusuTors also Tound squad members ready To durecT Them To where They wushed To go The LosT and Found DeparT'nenT rendered umporTanT servuce To Those who were careless BANKERS ASSOCIATION A L I-I S A penny saved us a penny earned us The moTTo oT The Bankers AssocuaTuon Thus organuzaTuon under The careTuI supervusuon oT Mr Vern A Frusch has done much To encourage ThruTTuness un one whule one us sTuII un school The AssocuaTuon has also gauned a wuoe knowleoge oT handlung and analyzung bankung IT us cerTaun ThaT The Bankers AssocuaTuon wull become a vuTaI Torce un The TosTerung oT greaTer savung among The sTudenTs aT AIberT Leonard TI-IE BANKERS ASSOCIATION N R I-I S IT pays To be ThruTTy us The moTTo oT The Bankers AssocuaTuon oT New Rochelle I-Iugh School whuch us under The supervusuon oT Muss ST Claur Thus organuzaTuon us made up of Two represenTaTuves Trom each homeroom who every Tuesday mornung Take care OT The cIeposuTs oT The sTudenTs and ee ThaT They are Taken To The FursT INaTuonaI Bank The prumary purpose oT Thus school venTure us To unTeresT The sTudenTs un sysTemaTuc savung and To provude an opporTunuTy To acTuaIIy accummuIaTe savungs Tund 14 ' u u - u . , . . u T . . . . u , . . . . . . , u , u u , , u . v . . u uu - uu - u - - , . . . , . ., , . . . u uu . uu - u - - , . . u S , .... . 76 SSX 'N wx 0-945 QJLLD T? X M AM W' f qk ff' XXX Mm 'F' 5 lf X X X1 S LJ N1 f' OX H N MQ N I X X-Z A My X SETS-1 X M If f X ,1 Nl! YSXXN z E X K WWW AXVAH X 3 'X X WX M 1' f ff Z 4 f N ffl' .DOEL5 CD vwudel-1 L f9A CZIVIC I ,f NX 1 W X ' ix f if , 112 ,j . , Q 2 5 - ,f -.v X , H ,X 5: f f. . X X -- - " 1, f. -1 I 1' X ff - . X X X SETS X, 1' 4' 'C , Xxx X -, 'A g- 1 T f Y X , ----'L - X Ti 'X 'prix X -"" ,pw V X X- X' X in 'Y Lg? 0 -u U, 5 ,V f If X 1 'ci 1 X 1 V V, X , ,QR xx 'CN Y ix ,.I-,, .Q W A X' Av i, . I ax k g K I-25' kg'5x . 53 A A -V4 'X ' X CX :X XVQXX X XX gg xi. Q5 X ' x QR X Q Q X if ' X ,fg'H'fg . .-X ' V X ff K ,K X ,N YIQTWI h If if ' ' - , ' Wfff' TX' X RX X ,Ex X ' 1 1 . tvs , vxxgb , 2- N 1 ,K 'Vw X1 3 H x X lffx -- lf! ,XfeX,yT Z I X. 5 mm ,,, , NX, if , f . xx x ' f X tfff' , if, Nfl NX xx . XR!-,4 1, ,,N 15. .,, ' XX '- 3 ' . , x 2ffa 'f,'- -iff 'X ,5 run 1 1 ' V W, 4 x x fg- WN X 5 V 'CU ff I ' I X -f - ' 1 1,4 Xia, fifii - X - ffm: ' 'f 'Uv1"" 45" A fi Y X ' 555 1 V! 1 -ki A7 ff X ,,. i All ,WX I QS - W Q X rw , 1 W, , N aj V 1' 'fl WI 'll 'Q Wfiri! , ,qi 'f:w,.,,,, , 1, , f lf-V N -ff ,fx ,,'7, fX'w'Q!' , XX 'N rp x x -Q! ff 1171 , Q xl Af , H ly ' I , A Xl X WW uw :QI ' RER I L--Q ---- QW- Y , A1 In ,-1: nl W -- ---1:4-If -' 43'--A--" - :V - f" ' g if CANDIDS-ALBERT LEONARD HIGH SCHOOL Y 5 Q .,,. f fi . J? . , k K 1- 2 1,1 A . X X 4 yy .Q 'Y Elin ', al X 1 Q , . -fx 1 f' ' V R Q Q . X I R ' XX. fu - - wk V 'slit O 1 r W ' . , 4' H., new M, ,..., , fe wx -- Q , g K N 1 ' rusg Q " L I X O' ' D Q ft H' 3 . '.. A ,rf A nn ,-My in 1 - "' 1 - sf-nb f .Q . f ff ' ,fry 1 1 -v g . A ' , f . A A 1, - X E ' , f q 'V , + Om, H . 1 - P :I ,, , V 'M , 4 l my A F Q , A CAPPELLA CI-IOIR N R I-I S Under Ihe able Ieadershup of Mr Clarence J Broadhead Ihose sludenls who are able Io sung wulhoul accompanumenl form Ihe A Cappella Chour Thus group be declced un Iheur Ilowung purple and whule robes have shared Iheur musuc wulh us on many occasuons AI Chrusrmas Ihey gave Iheur annual assembly program and un Ihe sprung wulh Ihe orher school choral groups Ihey presenred a very successful concerf Also Ihey have sung al lvlamaroneclc and Isaac Young I-Iugh Schools as well as al Ihe Rolary Club BAND AND BOYS CLEE CLUB A L I-I S Under Ihe able Ieadershup oI Muss Clara Blondoul Ihe Band and Boys Glee Club have been Iwo of The besf oroanuzed acfuvuhes un Ihe school Ihus year The Band parlucupaled un many of Ihe school programs such as IooIbaII games swung sessuons assemblues and graduahon II was composed of Ihurry Tuve pueces and has helped un unspurung grand school spurul Io be nol only popular buI enuoyable The Iulure Ioolcs very brughf Tor Ihus organuza Iuon and here us no doubI Ihal an exlremely hugh musucal slandard w II oe allauned TI-IE GIRLS CJLEE CLUB N R I-I S The Gurls Glee Club composed of gurls who have shown specual Iale-nl' un musuc us under 'rhe durecluon of Mr C J Broadhead Thus year ren of Ihese gurls headed by Iheur presudenl Margaref Buyer represenled Ihe New Rochelle I-Iugh School un The Naluonal Ivlusuc Compeluhon Feshval aI Allanluc Culy and The enfure group par 'rucupaled un Ihe Sprung Concerl Also under Ihe durechon of Mr Broadhead us Ihe Boys Glee Club composed out boys who have shown specual unferesl un musuc The club mer Iwuce a weelc under Ihe Ieadershup out Ralph Ivlurrhey Iheur presudenr and worlced dulugenlly Io prorno+e Ihe success of The Sprung Concerl BO The Boys' Glee Club has also been gulle an assel Io Ihe school and has proven . V y . M W! . . E , . I CHEMISTRY CLUB-N.R.H.S. Armed wiTh Tes+-Tubes and crucibles, abouT TiTTy TuTure EinsTeins enjoyed The varied program oT The ChemisTry Club This year. Under The supervision oT Dr. CarleTon Spear, members oT The club worlced on individual scienTiTic proiecTs which were phoTographed Tor posTeriTy. Some oT The Tilms were on crysTals, glass, nylon and oTher processes involved in The indusTrial world. ClubsTers were elecTriTied by exploding hammers, mulTifcolored waTer, and ever- burning Tires A bang up parTy on May 22, wuTh hoT dogs roasTed over Bunsen burners in The laboraTory ended The season Coca Cola served in bealcers and ice cream eaTen wiTh shrrihg rods composed The M an U The oTTicers Tor The year were MorTon Sallcin presidenT Josephine Ross vce presidenT and Anne Eloersheimer secreTary CAMERA C' UB N R H S Un er The superv sion oT Mr Ar hur B Hussey The Camera Club held Two phoTograohic exhibiTions and conTesTs during The school year Dale T-lardy and RoberT Tobias were respecTively recipienTs oT TirsT place in These Two compeTiTi ns During The season The club Tools a Trip To CroTon Dam AT The presenT Tim The consTrucTion oT a darlc room is in progress PicTure slides oT Mr T-lusseys Trips were shown aT several oT The meeTings The TTTeen members oT The club elecTed as presidem Dale Hardy and as vice presidenT RoberT Tob as THE BIQLOGY CLUB N R H S The Two hundred members oT The Biology Club composed oT sTudenTs in The biology classes and oTher sTudenTs mTeresTed in The Tield oT bology Toolc Tield Trips sponsored a calre and candy sale To increase The number oT volumes in The n wly ormed browsing lib T IO eo 3 ind heard many promi n pew ers nis xear CorrecTio al ln TiTuTion aT Darbury Ere ericlq C AcTer'n n herpeToligisT Dr Char es Cameran holder oT The Rocl4eTeller S holarship Tor Research in Cancer Ered C: Eahrbach noTed Taxide misT several meoical laboraTo y TechnologisTs Trom New Yorlq CiTy and a New Rochelle physician wno spolxe on enoocrme gland r John E Shoop and Mr Pre-:sTon A Weiss are :Ts por o T ond i e icen ce orei cnT Q s sccre ar an i Eane li Trea urer E2 - - -l . II I Tl I , , e . d S ' , + . , i , ' . T' e . g A X . Q I T s i h i Vcft, en' y T C boaT Trip in June f C ii T ire ' cli L A fi' . Among The imporTanT speakers were Waroen Eogar M. Gerlach, oT The Federal ' r 5" ' T ' d ' ,. . a , ' ' ' . T l , J . C I 'C i T . , ' r ' 7 T' f ' . A - i ' , J T T i S. M. . A T . ' C ' s is rs. BeT y Jane Lo Bl 's cms' T, T7 Virgina TivyoTiorT, vi al 5'di ' Lvis Bliss 1, T y, Q d Rf l' s . fit' PED CROSS CLUB N R l-I S The servuce oT The Red Cross Club reached Tar and wude Th s year Tor They ex ended all The way down To Caney Creelc Puppapass KenTuclcy where The moun Taun whuTes were The recupuenTs oT a box oT ChrusTmas guTTs Trom The Club More locally The Cluo carrued on uTs annual Red Cross Druve Tor Tunds un OcTober brughTened The holudays Tor a veT rans Tamuly by provudung a ChrusTmas dunner and gTTs and prepared a large number oT ValenTune Tavors Tor paTuenTs un The VeTerans l-lospuTal The Club voTed Thus year To be headed by Vurgunua Nauman presudenT MargareT Claydon vuce oresudenT and Claure Cardozo secreTary Muss Aluce Adams us TaculTy advuser Tl-IE CURRENT EVENTS CLUB N R T-l S Under The able sponsorshup oT Dr Vkfellman The CurrenT EvenTs Club has com pleTed ThurTeen emunenTly successTul years EnTerung TudenT Torums over The aduo parTucupaTung un counTy panels engagung un many counTy ano naTuonwude conTesTs and havung red hoT debaTes over ussues oT currenT unTeresT Torm only a small parT o Thus club s mulTuTaruous acTuvuTues Every year sunce The club s orugun Dr Wellman has conducTed a Trup To WashungTon Thus year The Trup was especually eveu'uTTul because The club members were also able To wuTness The unauguraTuon ceremonues The Club un May OTTucers Thus year were RoberT SchwuTzer presudenT Jerry SToclcell vuce presudenT and Alan Pels secreTary l-TUGUENOT l-TERALD N R l-I S The souno oT poundung TypewruTers scraTchy penculs and reporTorual slang are The ousTunguush ng TeaTures oT The Tower ou Tlung home oT The l-luguenoT Herald U er M D WuTT D Wuse aovuser and Rura Eanellu ed Tor un chueT e l-luguenoT l-lerald has Tor The second Tume un uTs husTory been awarded The hughesT possuble raTung TVledalusT aT The Columbua Scholashc Press ConvenTuon The news papermen and women oT The sTaTT are responsuble Tor The paper Trom begunnung To end doung all The wruTung Typung galleyreadung prooTreadung page dummyung and The mulluon or so oTher odds and ends ThaT have To be done Then There us The busuness sTaTT Headed Thus year by Naomu Klepper The mem bers oT Thus sTaTT TauThTully pounded pavemenTs To geT ads To help Tunance The l-lerald TOWER PLAYERS N R I-I S Toppung pasT seasons The Tower Players Thus year under The able durecTuon OT Mr W Emerson Burlre noT only presenTed Tour good plays buT also The besT They have ever guven Abe Luncoln n lllunous Thus lasT was a Taslc oT such enormuTy as To baTTle many producers and The Tower Players producTuon oT Abe Luncoln was one oT The Tour presenTed by ama eur groups un The UnuTed STaTes The unumuTable l-lenry Aldruch luved and breaThed n WhaT a LuTe whule Our Town ummorTaluzed The luves oT The luTTle people CapTaun Appleuaclc a mysTery Tarce and On Borrowed Tume dealung wuTh The eTernal Theme oT deaTh were also presenTed B4 LAL...-s.A-1 r' T x - . . . . ing 5 . S , i le C A u - ' ul- " ' u . , - , u . l ' ' - 1 . r . 9 . . . . . . i X vi--W' 'A' 'L-Ng . . . . . X . . i . S F . V I 1 1 1 I ' , u is hosT aT a panel and dinner given Tor The schools In The counTy every year, usually . . . . T I . l . A , . . A. , . ' ' ' l I S - Il .ll nd r. e ' . ' , ' ' , " ', I -' - ' , Th l . l 1 + . , I . . . u u I i I 1 I 1 i I v Q SOCIAL SERVICE CLUB N R I-I S DlrecTlng all :Ts dolngs Toward helping The needy The Socual Service Club under The TaculTy sponsorshlp oT Mrs MargareT WeunsTern swepT Through a Tull and acTrve year In :Ts annual Swing Sesslon The Club or raTher Mrs WelnsTeln really sTarTed someThnng when IT presenTeo Tor The TlrsT Tlme ThaT now Tamous bevy oT French beauTnes Trom The Rue de Ia Pool- La EooTbaII Teame dolng a graceTuI enTucung chorus rouTIne Needless To say The glrls were urnmedlaTeIy booked up Tor shows Tor The resT oT The year Early IH March The Clubs annual cake and candy sale was held and IT Turned ouT To be a Tlnanclal success ShorTIy ThereaTTer TITTeen members oT The Club wenT on a conducTed Tour OT The I-lenry STreeT SeTTIemenT In New York Sendung ouT Thanksguvlng baskeTs and rounding up arTrcIes oT cIoThlno Tor The needy were oTher servnces rendered by The Club 0TTlcers oT The Club Thus year were Rosalne I-IoITsberg preslde-nT Naomu Klepper vnce presIdenT and Barbara STugard secreTary AMERICAN LEGION ORATORICAL CONTEST N R I-I S The oraTorucaI conTesT an annual evenT IS sponsored by Mr I-lerberT B Nuchols member oT The TacuITy oT The New Rochelle I-Irgh School and a pasT commander oT The American Legion New Rochelle PosT No B The sTudenTs enTered In The conTes were alded by many Teachers hnsTory Englrsh public speaklng and Iubrary The wunnlng Topuc Thus year was The Con sTITuTlon and ITs Survnval MarTha GunThorpe recenved The second prlze oT Three dollars Tor her speech and RoberT ShwlTzer received The TnrsT prlze oT Tlve dollars and enTrance unTo The WesTchesTer CounTy conTesT Tor has eTTorTs Glorua Trencher and Donald Loughman also compeTed In The conTesT whlch was held beTore The upper grades In an assembly GOLF CLUB A L I-I S Qne oT The mosT popular oT clubs aT Leonard Thr year was The GOIT Club under The dlrecTaon oT Mr VIncenT ATTlsanl AIThough sTnII IH :Ts rnTancy The Club had Two scheduled games wlTh New Rockelle I-Ingh School and Isaac Young MeeTung once every Three weeks aT elTher Broadmoor or The I-Iuckory GOIT Courses all The boys proved To be experienced players AnThony Bombace capTaIn sTarred Tor The Leonard boys Leonards goal wall be To enTer and wan The W I A A TITIe RIFLE CLUB A L I-I S Ready' Am' Enrel summarlzes preTTy well The Type oT work done by The RlTIe Club oT AIberT Leonard or or ThaT maTTer oT any school Under The durecT:on oT Mr Roland T'IlnTz The Club rneT every Tuesday aT The Y M CA IT was compr sed oT enghT members wnTh oTTucers as Tollaw presldenT Duck Beams secreTary Adrlenne Bllss ranoe oTTlcer VVesley Mallsk and Team capTaln ArThur Glgluo The Teams T1rsT maTch was wuTh RooseveIT I-Irgh School The score Turnlng ouT 453 465 IH Tavor oT RoosevelT 88 . . , i . . - . , U! , I . . . . - . I I X' . + . I. V 's , . . . . V . I I, I I ' " . I . ' ' . . . . I ' , ' ' sz ' . : . ' ' 7 J ' , ' I ' I 5 R :YJ Qi DRAMATIC SOCIETY A L H S The dramaTIc Iasses oT AIberT Leonard began TheIr TIFST year under The new schooI sysTem by havIng one oT The IargesT ToTaI r gIsTraTIons In TheIr Ten years oT exIsTence OpporTunITIes Tor boTh acTIng ano sTage craTT were oTTered Tor Those InTeresTed IH The IaTTer a sTudy was made OT IIghTIng make up scenery and dIrecTIng Under The eTTIcIenT dIrecTIon oT IvIIss BeaTrIce LovwenThaI one acT pIays were QIVGH ThroughouT The year They were DomesTIc TIe up Papers Two Crooks and a Lady ard ofhers ITALIAN CLUB A L H S AIberT Leonard s ITaIIan CIub wITn The assIsTance oT IvIr VIncenT ATTIsanI sTa Ted ITS TIrsT year by eIeeTIng GIorIa TacconeIII presIdenT LouIs Iann zzI VICE pres denT Horence Mas-:ITeIII secreTary and Mane LoConTe Treasurer The cIub members aII scholars oT The ITaIIan Ianguage meT weekIy and ds cussed many ThIngs perTaInIng To ITaIIan arT and cuITure In order To raIse Tunds o TInance varIous proIecTs The cIub gave a dance In January wITh PaT Parkers orchesTra TurnIshIng The musIc AIThough The ITaI an CIub was sTIII In ITS InTancy ThIs year IT was a mosT remarkaoI and IIveIy InTanT ThaT conducTed ITseIT much as more rnaTure cIubs would have o ne BOWLING CLUB A L H S The Increasmg InTeresT In bOWIIV1q among The gIrIs Ied To The TormaTIon oT The BowIIng Club aT AIberI Leonard ITs TwenTy Tour memb rs under The guudance oT MISS GIao s SIInner fneT weekIy aT The Y IVI CA and were gIven an opporTunITy To earn To bow N onIy d They TnaIIy earn o bowI buT so e oT The gIrIs oon began To p Ie up score ThaT compared avorabIy wITh Those oT reaI veTerans THE PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB A L H S The PhoTography CIub oT AIberT Ieonard w s very TorTunaTe In The abundance oT unusuaI pIcTure possIbIIITIes ThaT presenTed IhemseIves In The new Iype OT cIasses ThaT were beIng InaugI,raTed Tor The TIrsT TIme In New RocheIIe WIId wITh The camera TIend s deIIghT The members snapped and cIICked away everywhere and as a resuIT Turned In many ChoIce pIcTures oT rare angIe and oT unusuaI beauTy and CIearness 90 . C . . . D . . . . C .. . I . ' I I A I ' - I I . . .I - I II I. I. .I . T I . I. I I . - l 1 I I X U 1 - I I I - I I . . . . . . 4 . I I I I I , I .: . . . I OI .. . f I3 , . IV . X . . I , I .... , I I I. oT fdi ' 'AI I T I m ' s Q Q 5 ' I J I T I ' . TTI Q 1 n v V I. 6 I I . I I I P w ,M 3, ,Wi fam Q- 'X W: ' L is E? Sf, J? fi QQ 41 'Kk ,,6. 'ff flag, V CLASS DAY COMMITTEE A L H S Hav:ng enloyed Themselves Thoroughly all year long Leonards happy Tam:Iy oT sen:ors cuIm:naTed The year on Leonard s T:rsT Class Day June 20 An assembly opened The day Durung The assembly Semors moved up To The sTage represenT:ng The pos:T:on They had aTTa:ned aTTer The:r years as Sophomores and Junlors There The Sen:or Pres:denT Turned The Class Key over To The Jun:or Class Pres:denT LaTer The class g:TT was presenTed To The school wh:ch was The :nsTaIIaT:on oT an expens:ve well Toned publuc address sysTem :n The assembly Then Tollowed a h:Iar:ous play and program oT school songs In The aTTernoon Teachers and sTudenTs dropped The:r warclubs and lolned n a luncheon Var:ous addresses were made on boTh s:des The comm:TTee should be applauded Tor :Ts careTuI plannung oT a Class Day ThaT pleased all SENIOR PROM A L H S Cunderella :s no longer a TanTasy The AIberT Leonard Sensor Prom Comm:TTee adopTed Clnderella AT The Ball as The Theme converT:ng The dance hall :nTo a T:re s:de on one end and a Throne Tor her hughness aT The oTher KaThIeen Donahue was eIecTed C:ndereIIa by The graduaT:ng class On The even:ng of The Prom aT Twelve o clock sharp The Talr lady came chargmg :n w:Th her golden coach Then The Tun began All The boys had The greaT honor pleasure and pr:v:Iege oT Tr:pp:ng The I:ghT TanTasT:c w:Th The charmlng lady The k:ng and queen oT The Prom AugusT Peluso and Anne Summa became The second chouce Tor The rema:nder oT The evenung Musuc Tor danc:ng was prov:ded by Gene BenneTTs band Cha:rmen Anne Summa and John Barnaba should be applauded along w:Th Muss BeaTr:ce PerlsTe:n and Mr OI:ver C Davns TacuITy adv:ser Tor The noTabIe success oT The Prom The SchoIarsh:p Club oT New Rochelle H:gh School :s an honorary organ:zaT:on To wh:ch all sTudenTs ach:ev:ng an average OT e:ghTy T:ve percenT auTomaT:caIIy belong Th:s year under The TacuITy sponsorshup oT MISS Helen O Re:IIy The Club has been more acT:ve Than ever beTore :n :Ts h:sTory hav:ng energeT:caIIy carrued ouT numerous money ra:s:ng pro5ecTs Tor The purpose oT repIen:sh:ng The :nsuTT:c:enT achoIarsh:p Loan Fund Th:s Tund :s used To and worThy sTudenTs who would oTherw:se be unable To aTTend college In order To ra:se money varnous ways and means were planned by a spec:aI ProlecTs Comm:TTee oT wh:ch Dons K:ng and Mered:Th Maulsby were co cha:rmen F:rsT oT all a comm:TTee headed by BeTTy ChedesTer puT over a very successTuI cake and candy sale wh:ch was shor+Iy followed by a TaIenT N:ghT comb:ned w:Th anoTher cake and candy sale Thus lasT proved To be a very gay alTogeTher saT:sTacTory aTTa:r whuch carr:ed ouT :Ts a:m mosT adm:rabIy To enTerTa:n and To make money NexT w:Th BeTT:na STr:nger :n charge came a brndge wh:ch was whoIehearTedIy supporTed by boTh parenTs and sTudenTs W:Th Three successTuI TuncT:ons already To show The Club swepT on To presenT s+:II anoTher one a Swmg Sessnon Under The d:recT:on oT Harvey Turnure and Doug HoTTer Th:s Turned ouT To be one oT The sw:ng:esT sess:ons ever g:ven :T also swung more money To The Loan Fund Under :Ts oTT:cers Frank SchaTTer pres:denT Dorus K:ng vnce pres:denT and Hlldegard Ba:r secreTary The Scholarshup Club has :ndeed had one oT The TuIIesT mosT successful years :n :Ts ex:sTence IT has changed Trom an organ:zaT:on whose members merely saT back conTenT w:Th The:r h:gh marks To one whose members acT:veIy go abouT seeang ThaT Those w:Th h:gh marks are enabled To geT all The educaT:on They should have IT has seT a real example and goal Tor :Ts TuTure members 92 S S . S I . . . . THE SCHOLARSHIP CLUB-N.R.H.S. as LHS P rom 1. Q W '9- Greg -.Q P .W I A H ,W Q ' .ug xi, . 7' ,, w n . ' g- r Q? ' 2 1. T . 4 o I . It 4 , ,V . . E X x f ' : ' Q .A I .' - KW NW A. A ,Q fvl' Cl ss ' ' A ' 5 rf L- , , ., Q . V . ,K -' - s 5 - W . 3 J , ' 1 . 5 5 . 1 N , S in YN I Ain, r, A ,v SXSW? 'if K r W 1 S fi ffji, ,QQ ' . 3 ,Ma -,Q i 2 X 454.2 ,A .. rw D S' ., U . in " K -' Ap , iw I K A Q: ,1 .v 52 . Y Ki' , X gf WF? X , J' 7. A-'E iw" ' . - .W , 6 ' . 1 , JU,-3' 1 H511 1- 9"f',': , A L ,U X ,Q :K y 4 . 2 ,gg J .Q.f" 1 A ' 1 M ,5 1 .r-A I, iq, 9 Jx L e Y 41 I , fy 1 Y' ,W . ii: 5 5 5 R . I 'L' 1 ' , ag z' , k 1 xy. xii , . 1 ' . -ar 1 , N- ,,:i7i 25534 M k yr . . z, K: 7 y 'Q 1 - f f , N - . . . - 4 I ,A , , f. . in A fgwig 3, A, Shy QL ,Z E, . 2 V f .V "A, ,- S V4 ,gt 'Aff f - NQ"11,,' xr f , 93 ix was wr . w" .6- 'mf 1 -QA 4 ,v .sw .ff -.3 AF 49? x g Myas ig sf , fa M- ASQ gi, :Q .f :gf 5. 6, FE' rf ,Q Page 1 J if A , ,- if if: Q A x' Sensor GJ? N R H S CLASS DAY COMMITTEE N R I-I S WlTh Mildred Hollenweger as :Ts chalrman The Class Day CornmsTTee was charged wuTh The duTy oT planning ahead Tor The program of Class Day The proceed mgs oT whzch are largely TradnTlonal MosT of The program Takes place In The audnTorlum There us always The pres enTaTlon of The school oT The senior class g1TT selecTed by a speclal commuTTee Then There IS The presenTaTaon of The huge Key oT Knowledge by The graduahng G O PrescdenT To nexT years PresldenT elecT and Tlnally There occur The movmg up exercises STlll In The audlToruum The sophomores move up To Talce The place oT The lumors The lumors Take The place of The semors and The sensors go up on The sTage Followang Thus The scene shnTTs To The Inner courT where as per Traduhon a Tree ns planTed by The graduahng class A general sensor parTy an The courT usually con cludes The program Serving wnTh Mlldred on The commlTTee were BerT Boddle RuTh CoTTln CynThla Glfford James Klernan Naomi Klepper Domlnlclc Lorusso Barry McGill Nancy Perry EllzabeTh Rodgers Paul Samelc RoberT Sm1Th Barbara STugard and KenneTh Werser 96 . - . . I I - , . . , . . . . I . - n n I ' 1 1 u u n u I u 1 n n , . I I u SENIOR PROM COMMITTEE N R H S The Senuor Prom CommuTTee wuTh Jack Shruner as chaurman decuded ThaT The Theme oT our dance Thus year would be The Gala Cray NuneTues The dance was held Eruday evenung June 2OTh and Tor The pruce oT admussuon anyone could delude humseIT Tor a Tew hours ThaT he was Iuvuno un a Tormer gayer age PaTTy Hovey un charge oT decoraTuons dud a marvelous 'ob TosTerung Thus uIIus on by TransTormung The boys gym unTo a caTe and The hall ouTsude unTo a sTreeT The Tables arranged along The sude made a brughT red checked background Sonny Davs band was un especually good Torm Ieavung a pIeasanT memory oT a Thoroughly enuoyable Tume Everyone un The school was asked To parTucupaTe un The year s brughTesT evenT CHEERLEADERS N R H S Those vuvacuous cheerleaders OT N R H S provuded color and aroused The en Thusuasm oT Th specTaTors aT boTh baskeTbaII and TooTbalI games Thus year They also conducTed many a rousung pep rally pruor To The games and helped no end To spur The Team on To success Led by CapTaun Huldue Baur The cheerleaders were Erank ETTaru Eleanor GoTTu Lous Bluss Edna Beals Dorus Kung John Chambers and Haskell Orr EXECUTIVE COUNCIL N R H S The ExecuTuve Councul new Thus year Took The place oT The Non AThIeTuc Awards CommuTTee In aduudgung pounTs Tor The bronze sulver and gold acTuvuTues awards guven To lunuors and senuors IT also duscussed busuness To be broughT up beTore The GO Ruchard Flandreau presudenT oT The GO Franklun SchaTTer presudenT oT The Senuor Class Edwun Tunnon capTaun oT The TraTTuc Squad RuTa Fanellu eduTor un chueT oT The HuguenoT Herald and Naomu Klepper eduTor un chueT oT The Rochellearu comprused Thus councul BAND AND ORCHESTRA N R H S JusT Tor Tun Mr Harry Haugh durecTor and The Band members decided To enTer The sTaTe prelumunary compeTuTuon Tor school bands aT EasTchesTer PIeasanTly surprused when They receuved a raTung oT I and sTnII more surprused To pull down a I aT The Poughkeepsue STaTe CompeTuTuon They wenT on To The EasTern STaTe Eunals where compeTung wuTh The besT bands Trom Ten sTaTes They reTurned TruumphanTIy wuTh a hard To geT 2 IT us uusT such a band N R H S possesses To add The musucal Touch To uTs pep rallues assemblues and TooTbaII games When The new schedule came unTo eTTecT un February uT worked a greaT hard shup on The OrchesTra as many people were noT able To TuT The OrchesTra peruod unTo Theur programs However The undaunTed members meT aTTer school Tor re hearsals as a resuIT The OrchesTra conducTed by Mr Haugh proudly performed uTs TursT compIeTe symphony Haydn s SevenTh Symphony aT The Sprung ConcerT 97 I u ' . uu . . uu u u u .1 I ' . . . . . . . y u u . , . . . T u . , . , - . .u . . . u , . G . u , . u u u u u - u u ' u u u f -u u u I I u ' ' un un . . . . uu nl u u ' ' u uu un - - - u I u 1 I u u u u u u - V . u . , ' u u I - u - u un lu . u u - STRENGTH -fb do 9 We f iff 'W' ff f,.Q 'v :?' f f 9 'sf .4-1 s'g"37"' sa-ff' 4-'Xt wry' qwlil fi-R3-H fivy ATI-H ETICS J PHYSICAL EDUCAT sou INSPIRES THE ART or HEALTH A ND LIFE 4 f " 'W of' Fx 4' 60 ' ' 4:49-'U 2 .S , . ex V, s gp V '11 . I vu 'V kg A 14 ... Q U1 5 - ul an K ,, , I 1 :I 3 CK .r '-31 ,- '11 u.. " ' ' 1 fr' 2 JQIIJQQQQ 4953. .FS Ling: ii f' 1, ' - if ? f f . . I ., ' -1-I, - v NX, ' 4Ao :- ' . xii:-.L . 1- A ' I , k' X!! 5 I, 1-n Q, M.. 'M .. ,,.- ' 'I , A , - -S ' gig.. '3 5 lx 'a ff " Y 7: ,.' M "NX wx , 1 'N ' A -f' ' ,', , v "" gi hz 24-ff? as ff" I 10, . Az:-. V ef- BASKETBALL N R I-I S The baskeTball Team wenT Through a successTuI season wlTh ThlrTeen wlns and Three loses raTlng second place ln The W I A A league Top noTchers on The Team Thls year were Bob Cook and Charlle I-Iayes wlTh Jack SmlTh Sonny Eunlcella Armond Nardone and Dlck Elandreau also raTlng hlgh AI Though The loss oT These and oTher players due To graduaTlon Taces Coach O Brlen ID June he hopes To bu Id a Team ThaT looks encouraglng Trom The members oT The J V squad Among nexT year s hopeTuls wlll be lanky George STarke Ted Dachenhausen and Erank I-IaTTner There are also a number oT oTher promlslng prospecTs Tor The com lng year CROSS COUNTRY TEAM N R I-I S The Cross CounTry Team coached by Danlel P O Brlen and led by CapTaln Joe Wllllams wenT Through an undeTeaTed season up To and unTlI The W I A A meeT Thls race was sTarTed ahead oT schedule and New Rochelle s Team became The uncrowned champs as They arrlved Too IaTe To compeTe Tor Three weeks prevlous To The coJnTy meeT They had handed The wlnner a severe bea lng Recelvlng malor leTTers Tor Thelr ouTsTandlng perTormances on The Team Thls year were CapTaln Wllllams Tom Moore manager oT The Team BlII Wllllams Dan Wllllams John EorresTer ArThur Ruehl Bob Welch BerT Boddle Vern BOVI9 and PIGVSOD Ralph FENCING TEAM N R I-I S Even Though Tolls are used mosTly Tor decoraTlon now a days on The sublecT oT Tolls New Rochelle supplles a dlTTerenT answer Under The supervlslon oT Coach Wllllam McKenna The crack Huguenol' Tenclng Team used Tolls To TlghT Thls year agalnsT many oT The lead ng Teams ln The EasT AIThough The Team IosT many oT ITS IasT years leTTer men and had no IDSTFUCIOF lTs record s deservlng oT pralse com peTlng IH elghT maTches lT losT only one ThaT belng To The powerTuI McBurney Pre paraTory School Members oT The Team lncluded CapTaln Irvln CharaT VlncenT Parrlno Elvlro Muccl Emanuel Moyses Don Low Frank Green and Wlllldm de Mlchele FOOTBALL TEAM N R I-I S Led by CapTaln BooTs Tolley and The hlgh scorlng Nlck DOHOTVIO The New Rachelle I-Ilgh School TooTbaIl Team Trounced Three WesTchesTer lnTerschoIasTlc ATh leTlc AssoclaTlon rlvals PorTchesTer Mamaroneck and GorTon whlle dropplng IouT one league encounTer ThaT To W I AA champlon WhlTe Plalns I-llgh by I3 O A B Davls TradlTlonal Toe oT The Purple managed To hold The I-IuguenoTs To a 7 7 draw Thls year The Team had Three VICTOFIGS Two Io s s and one Tle Three oT The Purple grldders won poslTlons on The AII CounTy Eleven Those who were so honored were Nlck DOnoTrlo Tullback Ted Ivlerclean guard and Joe BeITlore cenTer Three New Rochelleans were chosen Tor The second Team IOZ l . l l l . - - -. . I l . r . . .. . T I ' V , . r l . , T . l . l l . l l l . ,, I , . . l , . . . . . - V I V L l l T l . . l . . - . .. ll . . . l . ' l l l l l , , -. . . l I - ' ca , , -.. . . , . l l l . , . . 254,31 Allld FOOTBALL TEAM A L l-l S A newly organuzed school playing such long esTablTshed opponenTs as Ossnnlng RoosevelT and Edlson Technrcal T-lngh Schools showed ThaT AlberT Leonards gnd Iron eleven was a Team oT Tune meTal Thus year The players led by Tom WTlson The TnTTTal TooTball capTaTn ID Thus school and Julnus Vennochn The co capTaTn played hard and clean Tor Thenr Alma MaTer Very proud oT The squad Coach Phulrp C Annes sard l have never coached a Tuner and more loyal group oT boys IT Thus IS an Tnducahon oT TuTure TooTball maTerTal aT AlberT Leonard Those veTeran schools had beTTer sTarT loolcung To Therr laurels BASKETBALL TEAM A L l-l S ln Thus The TTrsT year ThaT AlberT Leonard l-lngh School has been organlzed under The new sysTem baslceTball Team CapTaTn Ray Amor: under The careTul supervusuon and coachnng oT Mr Edson J WhTTe successTully gunded The Team To vTcTory over The schools greaTesT Tradlhonal opponenT lsaac E Young ln days To come ThaT evenT wlll always be remembered and T TS hoped repeaTed Whnle Mr WhTTes Team was noT a champzonshup one The Tlne spTrTT and eTTorT oT The boys TndTcaTed ThaT They loved Theur worlq and wenT aTTer TT Tn a serlous manner l-lonor should also be besTowed upon Julius Bonaccu John Campbell Eran GTanoTTT and ErnesT Neydl who have durung The season demonsTraTed excephonal abTlTTy and cooperahveness TWIRLERS CLUB A L l-l S bers learnung To do The varnous Tlgures Tn Twurlung IusT Tor Thenr own pleasure T-Tow ever TT has been TenTaTTvely planned ThaT The TuTure grrl members oT Ths club be Trarned To TwTrl wTTh The band aT Leonaro TooTball games oT comung seasons Comprused oT TwenTy members The club was under The sTuoenT leadershnp oT l-lylo l-lynes and The TaculTy sponsorshlo OT Mlss Clara BlondoTT Cl-IEERLEADING SQUAD A L l-l S Our cheerleadung squad was selecTed Trom The nrnery sTudenTs who appeared aT Ts TTrsT meeTTng VTfTTh lvlarlon BarneTT leaoer and Clalre Sheahan secreTary Thls energeTTc squad has pepped up The sTudenTs and encouraged Them To cheer Tor good old Leonard aT sTxTeen games during Th pasT year These sTudenTs noT only possess sporTsmanshTp buT also Tngenu Ty and orngln :Ty They have heTghTened our school spTrTT Tame and Tlme agaln wTTh a song wh ch w s wrTTTen by Their own member Peggy Re1cherT AlTogeTher Thu squad oT AloerT Leonard ha been a greaT TacTor Tn deTermTnTno The deTeaT or vTcTory oT our games IO4 U iw 1 Y .l. . . ,, .I . . T! T The Twirlers' Club was organized purely Tor recreaTlonal purposes, wiTh The mem- , ' ' ' T T I T T . . . T , . . , . T , T T T TT T T T . - Q T ' , ' 'E ' ' al' .TT - 1 v - - 1 1 A - X V l . l T T Q - D T I , - . T , , . , . - QQ ,Tx .T. 1 S , X - S X J J - an E fag' g is oc bu NX Tw rlers A LH S Z 'IM it f L +:,f, 164 V 'W' ' vfv-qvugf, . ,K M ,.f"A' - 2354-',x.l!V2t3. ' A . 5 vw.. . ""'x,..'4,g,,rlk.,,,"5jl" T -Q .4 p TJ? 4,1 f ,fexfivgl .f.t4'4f', , Q ,Aff , , 5' f fy.: ff- M-szwfvfi M ' ' , N www, N X f,X,,,,,N.,3 ,Lying 4, 4 ,K , , X 'f lvggh' vw ,gig H I , , 'W X , N ..' V 1' Ur -'V+ i ' lr Tv' xx -, , 3 K, 5 fyl .4 ff ' , Af, 'ity , ,W , v I :VV w I Wx f, Q , MW., ,f .Qi -J' - fm - h 4 , WCA fx,-,,I 5 .5935 N , W-,f., V V' U" 4 ,I nw ,, . I, f J 1 Q ' Ag' 1 Q, wiv. , A , A 1 , ,., , , -fn .uv ' fm N x A - f ,,, M 3: ' , . , ,. If . ,K ' I . V A. 'if Au 5 qu. ,, : 'lg 1 , LJ.. , em 1 47' .. - V . ,.-. 4, Y L 4 ,f lx f I X gf J 3 "I J- , .' y x f ' U , N we F - .1 ' n V 0 Z , y , A I . ' 4 , -, 'I- 1, -in , 31 , , I i " 1 33 ff' vt , f , fb , ,I . V , V ,,- K, f' Q -- 0-40 . O Q , ,Q ,jg ,Q A A A Vymgf V 1 ,V ' , ' W. 'L 'Pia - V . , ,ff , gQ,4g4f2 ,yt 7 v -. 4 V. V ya Q43 " 'K Q gm, f My - V, X , - r f H+ . 4 , , :qw ' R ' , V' V - ,wi i M . . . ff Q , X x- - - , '. , M wg fm-V, , ' , ' M fa WW 'W 'V '11 ' V , , yy ,r A A 4,2 ,, ,M w , . ' Nw , ,s I I W SWL , N , J, ' ' f A3 'Y W-Q I fy - f-ul ' ' f. 'Q :'w'w,w'4 . fk'-7 ff ' l. ,'i'.:f'LfvE"i7f A va , WHY' , -H-'q,:f:,5,, l f 4, 4 W' Q 73.5, M., ,Q ,, ' , jf "bfi, ,if 'f 'ffff , ' Y, , N, "M.f1lfi'2"f' ,L 'U . WM, H A I . I A ,593 ,, iw IO5 "'X s 1 " Cheerleaders A L HS Q E. N LEADERS GROUP A L H S The gurls who comprise The Leaders Group are chosen on The basus oT leader shup abuluTy unTeresT and cooperaTuveness They assusT Mrs Dorus Kunsman and Muss Gladys Slcunner un organuznng The physucal educaTuon classes durung The school day and also perform cerTaun Taslcs un connecTuon wuTh aTTer school sporTs Among oTher Thungs They reTeree games Tale aTTendance and aT Tumes com pleTeIy supervuse varuous acTuvuTues GIRLS ATHLETIC ADVISORY BOARD A L H S The Advusory Board oT The Gurls AThIeTuc AssocuaTuon oT AIberT Leonard drew up an aITogeTher new consTnTuTuon Thus year The Board has held TrequenT meeTungs ThroughouT The year uTs rnaun TuncTuons beung To plan play days unvuTaTuon games and To solve whaTever problems aruse concernung gurls aThleTncs IT also has The duTv oT Iceepung a record of all The pounTs gauned by each member oT The G A A Malzone secreTary were The oTTucers oT The Board Thus year The oTher members were Dorus Nucolau Kay Jean Brownell Dolores STump DoroThy Kleun Peggy ReucherT Mary Mazza and Dorus KurchoTT THE GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION A L H S Thus assocuaTuon newly organuzed Thus year aT AlberT Leonard us Tor The purpose oT promoTung beTTer sporTsmanshup among The gurls and encouragung Them To par TncupaTe un aTTer school aThleTucs Any gurl who has earned aT leasT IOO pounTs by Talqung parT un unTramural acTuvuTues auTomaTucaIIy becomes a member oT The G AA The GAA sponsored games and playdays beTween AIber+ Leonard and The gurls oT oTher schools Volleyball and baslceTball games were played beTween Tuclcahoe and AIberT Leonard wuTh Leonard emergung vucToruous a Square Dance Playday IH January a BadmunTon Playday un Aprul and un May a Baseball Playday aT Rye were also parTucupaTed un by Leonard sporTswomen AT a specual assembly un The sprung numerals and leTTers were awarded To Those gurls who had earned The requured number oT pounTs Havung been prevrously voTed upon un The physucal educaTuon classes The new GA A oThcers Tor The comung year were also uns+aIIecI I06 Vincenza Campisciano, presidenT: Yolanda PraeTe, vice-president and Yolanda .-f O 606 Lc-wders Group A L H S -r.r:w"r"t:"sf"m'H,.. Z P-U45 ff GMS A AL IO7 1 I i GIRLS ATI-ILETIC ASSOCIATION N R I-I S Under The leadershup oT Dorus Kung presudenT Jean Melvulle vuce presudenT and Margery JohnsTon secreTary The Gurls AThIeTuc AssocuaTuon parTucupaTed un many playdays and sponsored a badmunTon playday un New Rochelle The Advusory Board consusTung oT The oTTucers and a reoresenTaTuve oT each sporT and class worked ouT a new sysTem oT pounTs and awards Tor aTTer school sporTs Early un The year The board had an assembly aT whuch each acTuvuTy was explauned and The gurls were urged To parTucupaTe un aThIeTucs durung The year WuTh The cooperaTuon oT Muss Florence M ErranT Muss EduTh M Carson and Muss DoroThy J Cook The Gurls AThIeTuc Assocuafuon and The Advusory Board had a mosT successTuI year GIRLS ATHLETICS N R I-I S In spuTe oT snow raun and heaT waves The gurls sporTs program came Through wuTh Tlyung colors and IoTs oT Tun In The auTurnn The gurls were engaged un a Tennus TournamenT un hockey and soccer games Volleyball was conducTed as a ladder TournamenT durung The wunTer The baskeTbaII Teams were duvuded unTo Three leagues and carrued on compeTuTuon wuThun Theur own leagues and composuTuon and ended uTs season wuTh an assembly recuTaI guven beTore The gurls un The school Eencung under The Ieadershup oT Muss Cook and bowlung under Muss Carson were Two popular wunTer sporTs In The sprung The gurls Tlocked ouT To archery To pracTuce Theur skull and com pIeTed Theur work wuTh a TournamenT SoTTbaII games beTween class Teams were also greaTIy enloyed un The sprung Durung The year The gurls had a chance To become adepT aT Table Tennus paddle Tennus shuTTIeboard goIT badmunTon and rudung all popular unduvudual sporTs LEADERS GROUP N R I-I S Thus year saw a new experumenT un The Physucal EducaTuon DeparTmenT OT New Rochelle I-Iugh School ThaT OT havung leaders un The regular classes These grls chosen by The physucal educaTuon Teachers Tor Theur guaIuTues oT Ieadershup Took parT un a course whuch unvolved Traunung and pracTuce There were abouT eughT gurls un a class and noT only dud They help wuTh The class acTuvuTues buT also wuTh The aTTer school sporTs Thus The leaders auded un The work oT The Teachers whule They gaurued knowledge experuence and proTucuency IO9 The Modern Dance group, under The leadership oT Miss ErranT, learned Technique PGUOIWS GNC! DGUCDIWZSSQS and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs emo Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Ray Amd? Harola Beals Vaa+arT Clwamb George H Eclce R L Flarwdreau ArwdrewlNl Fr ec a C H Fu for Herr, J Grayo Clwarles Gurerws Karl Herrmann Samuel Holllme J Kenrwelll Hun lrwqlorl Henry Kelwlerwbeclf J ScollKnr1g emo Mrs emo Mrs ana Mrs end M s emo lx rs and Mrs emo Mrs emo Mrs arwo Mrs emo Mrs and M s and Mr and lv' s and Mrs 4r and Mrs Wulluam J Welch Elias Klepper Eoward D Louglwmarw Ra+ lclr J Plwl poll OllverM Porler Waller M Ralph Loews A Resell A Loeb Sallrm Crerles Sclwmlzer Wl llarn Smarl R clward J Spulz Jolwrw B Tmrwon Melee rm lullle Sldrwey Well Maxwell R Weiser - Mr. W . " K- V Mr, W . . . . ers Mr, ' , ,H , 'l - - ls Mr. lr . ' . I . . . Mr. ' 4 , . . . I m m Mr .!.' . . . . l l Mr. . . ' and Mrs. Berulamlrl F. Gray Mr. emo Mrs. Frerwlrllrm R. Sclwefler V . l lf . f Il Mr. . r ' . Mr. . . Mr. ' . I . ' ' . r Mr. f . . ' . . Y 4 Mr. s,r l . Mr. rr . ' f A , . ' Mr. . . A F, . . ' 4 . UO fk PRFC T OP D ff-V I I ip'-,Jr 'Ii' 1 1' ' L N ' "f ' 'TI' xr ' f ' L In f, 4 ., ,. , V . I, ,, 1' 2 41-'-'.u, x , , .' Q-"T' 1' I 1 .rl ,QI ,., I-: I , P Q- 1- un Cox Sons Sz Vining Q compliments of HC Est 111shed 837 131 EAST 23rd STREET NEW YORK Makers oi Correct Style CAPS and GOWNS ACADEMIC HOODS IUDICIAL ROBES CHOIR OUTFITS Inquxrres Solxcxted .Bexl-Sam Outhttmg College Men for 52 years 23 Mechomc St New RoChe11e N The School That Gets Results WESTCHESTER COMMERCIAL SCHOOL Day and Evenmq Sessxons 528 Mom Street New Rochelle N Y T lephone Ne Ro he11 2744 S nd for Cc: 1o:g ALLEN SPORT SHOPS 290 HUGUENOT STREET NEW ROCHELLE N Y Tclol 1 one N 5492 Dmmg Dancmg SOOCHOW TEA GARDEN oey Chmese cmd Amenccxn RESTAURANT en from 1 A1 546 548 Mom Street New Roche11e N Y R s F Comp11ments of A FRIEND Mgr un' , 1 1 1 Q 1 1 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,ut ow Rovh-elle , 1 1 u u 1 1 ' iw . . 1 1 Op 1 .ty to 1 A.M. 1 0 1 ' ' ' ' T 1 :hone N, 4 219 1:me . Wong, f .Wm , ,,,, Y , ,W , , 1,1 E U-M ,YVV WY' Y 77 nah, 1. H 1 1 1 1 . . 1 Q VV C 6 e T3 112 n mn Avo s T R o B L s 4"'L2?Q2.kc..y RESTAURANT and GRILL Frank robl Prop to tv Sense sr NEW RocHELLE TAILORS DYERS RALEIGH CLEANERS 754 North Avenue New Rochelle N Y N R 5 43 Free Dehvery Comphrnents of ISRAEL STREGER F rank s Muslcal Exchange 0 Compleie Repairs 0 Recondlhoned Instruments 0 Complele Lme of Accessones 21 DIVISION Street New Rochelle, N Y Hamllton 4021 11 fl05P'c 0 0 I- Egg! ofun N d Ons U5 comvvohohf 'ani r 9 ' .unc our al Gout m " ' C usd I - '"Q' 'd A :Tin shed F ui Q9 'dm ,N P a RES Q ADD FOR BU LLETKN f BEECHMONT PHARMACY The REXALL Store Corner Eostchester Road and North Avenue Phone New Rochelle 444 Comphments of ALFRED N HACKMAN I B COHEN Men's and Boys' Wear O 507 Mcnn Street New Rochelle, N Y t ,. I . ' I ' QSL 1 ' gt. 'JL S1 I l iv hi nit- ' YTv0'V f H "S C: 'I Wd!-'. 'mg' " O xv 'Iga1vid-Nu' ms- O gr. - I A9 Loo- 3 Dash 1 N gdwi - . siruf-'fx' Q! 5"'s:nR-F-0103 E1-inc I . - - - . ' '. , N, Y. ' I , . . Phone . . 3 ' I ' 0 I l . . 5 I 3 BEST WISHES from COOPER S SPORT SHOP Mom Street opposrte Loew s New Roc1'1e11e N Y KEEPING IN STEP WITH THE MARCH OF TIME IONS Co ve e ily located ALI. ON NORTH AVENUE 5050 5 2 N OFFICIAL IEWELERS FOR NEW ROCHELLE HIGH SCHOOL I941 CLASS IEWELRY ,Q,wl'Ta1..,,. 4 J BWV!! I3 I R 9 565 Mom Street Photographs ln 1941 Rochellean ARTHUR STUDIO 1457 Broadway New York N Y NEWR CIIEUE 0 om Street CNec1r LoeNS1 New Roche11e 4317 Bmdmg by RUSSELL RUTTER CO Inc 461 Erqhth Avenue New York N Y Engravxng m 1941 Rochelle MERCURY PHOTO ENGRAVERS CORPORATION 461 Erqhth Avenue New York N Y i I I 1 I , . , t t bv n ni n 1 mm . New Roche11e 28 -4702 ' ' ' New Ror'he11e, . Y. .- .::5:2EzE5?3 .4 '25 , 'ff -if .W" ii ,V1,,4V, S ,,,A 377233: 587 M ' X ' I -H 4 I R . . . . 1 by - ll I 1 I 1 1 14 PRCDCEIQESQ Progresslve prlnfers are quick +0 sense 'rhe lmporfani' frencls In 'rypography and prln'r crafl' Somehmes even +he besl' of us run up a blmcl alley Bui' un fhe mam experience shows fhe way and hence we feel +ha+ our prncle nn our craf+manshup IS lushfued Thus publucahon helps prove our poml' We lnvlfe your mqulrles THE LITTLE PRINT W OCT-TE EWY W OCHE S H5 j V Vilg CN 4,f,2ffi1a5i-L gif? Ti 47,11 ,T 9 I l-l U G U E N O T S T R lf E T N E R L L E, N 0 R K N E R ' L L E 5 l l l - 5 I l 2 Prln'ersolTheRochell an Remlnlscnng The hnal page has been sel up and rhe l94l Rochellean ws ready af lasl We hope lhal lhus book wall serve as a 'ranguble remunder ol lhree of lhe mos? lmporlanl years of your lle I+ 43 our wlsh lo provuoe your memory wllh an open sesame lo all lhe worlc and play progress and lruends you have made here As you lurn lhese pages years from now fhey wall conlure up a dlfslerenl puclure ln each rnnnd Bur ll lhrough lh s boolc your memory of your hlgh school days ns brughrer and more las ang lhen If wlll have lulhlled :ls purpose There us always somelhung sad aboul parhng We realuze wulh a slarl how lwllle we have accomplushed of whaf we ser our +o do whal good lruends we have made and how much 1+ wall mean lo us never To see 'rhem again and laslly how umporlanl fo us has become The school wlsell Even as you read rhus your days al New Rochelle l-hgh and Alberl Leonard are creeping lnfo yes+erday Bul lel us banlsn our sadness al parhng w1+h our hugh hopes for 'romorrow Lel us pur lo worlc The lcnowledge we have learned ID our classes and lhe Ideals +ha+ have been unshlled an us lel us resolve lo prohl by our muslalces and benehf by our succe ses so lhal our lulure years may be enriched by our hugh school experxences II6 o a s o - rl rl . , . . . . .. . f l f , . 1 . . . . 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