New Rochelle High School - Rochellean Yearbook (New Rochelle, NY)

 - Class of 1940

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New Rochelle High School - Rochellean Yearbook (New Rochelle, NY) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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Ninflvkf-A ' u' H.:-i: f, ,. . k. LWEJLLS-F1 4 .N ' ' ' ' .wi K i'u7 "wH.. W- .1.-.w'ulV'x ,.h' V f'1-?-'H??r:- X Qhbindllfllhhn?l'LVl.bHP'i9:WEMIY-!'G9N'.5!1rZW.bk5FNs6Mll1lll-50ILN!KiBlKBI ,,'. QQ 1539- 533'- QT: 55 ' , Qfy is? ' E31-141' YL? xt' ,, r ,zwwg ,N , fig? , 3'-'f M iwq mga " ,L ,.!' ' ,1 ,X ' gfiiitiflf 5,1 " We-, . , W 'f"'lv..' rf. is-Y Alf. , h 'L 'H' X- f.1 , ,V ' Qin ' ?:'f."- Q -' lsjbwf A 'Q -'afamf ,, '51 ' ' , L3 ,.5- 'V ' i fgi-"SL X 2 ' H 'RWQW' Q F, .4 J-15.341-: A A ,fm -xg, ,a-Ix,g,- 2 9LmQwM 4-2 1 Li 4fT1654 J?4iffhL51 1: 1 'Ffh LW'--.f.' X M .A f with x 'Qin legs' fkfwfhdhf , 61 ,5 . .4 ' -,7 -V1 . 4,- ,ifgwf 1 445 V1.5-f .M fr, 1"-41r9'.frsqg, i ff Qmjii H M. aff 1.2 "r "5 ' '5Hf?'w e' f mammm+4v, 4? 'QQJMJZ wifi? f.j,f,.g 512 39- " elf 'kiiafiiff Q31 . L:-',jQ.vZ, My M . -- nd' L.,, 1 RQEMWF1 ww 1 - 361.4 ,aalrfg Lg , " 5'8" 'L , E, Njifwb , :- i , 9 H 991 , K' ' - ' , , r .1 .ff Y . il M :SVI I JQM4 4,4 F "uf 'Mfr-4'QlL'l 1 'S "C ' N isfs-P+ ' tiffiggan-.QL'eff-,' 1 ff ' . - fr. -L - -E ,- f -my 4 , " 'Q - ir' 7 Q. 'M 3, gg V -Q r , - ' " ww' 5?-112 xi siE?zQ31'f"if1F5t9"Qif G . :u-'mf ,. sg - iv- 1 . ,WW ' V hwwwg ,M 27:15 -i AJ ykigwi' Ave'-mfg 'f X 1 '-fl-25.1, . 1 Q, 51-gmpuy l if w- .1 if ff1aT:"fzf , if-WU Pvfv,fff' 'f f fl' if .5713 I- '- Y".-nf' V - MLC' -- : ' , Pi -,. . 1 iw L ars, ' , fwiigk , gas lg. , fglfrgfirfi' ,' 'F 5"7'ff.24A23 "V 1 ww ,,gf,f,,.',"' '1 V f, .Y I ,- fl'-, '1' I aggfg. 142' 1 .5 . if-if 1e,+u5"Q'. x 'L'. 'ff lf'-f 'Y' Hmwwl 1' riawjl Qin! 5- 2 'J ' ikwfyv - g3,,.,m, -. f., ,' -b'.,I'5 ' QFAQL ' ' fm ,k , , Vi gn? V, 573' ,I V119 v, , 22,2 '24 1 ry 1, ,. 'jk y Iwgf-. ffg. T gif-1 U .wi A ,EU gv-ff. xxx .-:NAI ? 1-:A-x -Z 4,-x.,-5 il 1524 J . 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X711 gsm Q. , ww, ,- Q A - ,mi Egkieqxfw flzwy ,Um +1 " M14-H LJ' 'iii' Q -'h SM ga 3 ,W NEW RCDCHELLE HIGH SCHOOL LSJE IMD A LSJIELLEZIA um-.-0 OQIEQ ffl: -- i f .31 PubIIsI1eOIIDy TI-IE SENIOR CLASS NEW ROCHELLE SENIOR HIGH SCHOGL . w .'., .Q "-' ll' ' . 'EQRYMIYIE Dedication SpiriT, alive and vibranT, The inTegral parT oT any and every school sysTemg The Torce ThaT makes Tor success, boTh TiguraTively and liTerally speakingg The power ThaT overcomes obsTacles reduces barriers, and creaTes undersTanding and sympaThy. New Rochelle l-ligh School, The epiTome oT progressiveness oT spiriT which knows iTs limiTs, may well serve as The obiecT oT The I94O Rochellean's dedicaTion. The relaTionship exisTing beTween sTudenT and Teacher, The liberal curriculum, boTh exTra and regular, and The unreserved supporT oT The municipaliTy have moulded wiThin The sTudenTs ThaT same spiriT oT progressiveness. This Teeling oT cooperaTion and advancemenT has been insTilled in The sTudenTs since Their TirsT conTacTs wiTh The New Rochelle public schools. IT has been builT up Through our school liTe and as graduaTes oT New Rochelle l-ligh School leT us carry high The Torch oT progressiveness. 44 44 C4 l-lereToTore, we have been resigned To our loT, regulaTing our personal iniTiaTive To The background, and accepTing, raTher Than pursuing, liTe. SecuriTy in school and home was The keynoTe oT our philosophy. Friendship and ideals were imbued wiThin us as a direcT resulT oT our environmenT. Our prescribed exisTence was bounded by school and Tamily wiTh securiTy insured Tor us. We were noT burdened wiTh responsi- biliTies and led a compararively unTroubled liTe. Cur years aT New Rochelle l-ligh School culminared This period. As sophomores, iuniors and seniors our days were exempliucied by The congenial congesTion in The lunch room: The Temporary respiTe Trom sTudies while Traversing The crowded corridorsy The elecTriTied sTillness oT The classrooms: The apprehensive aTTiTudes oT sTudenTs aT assemblies: The iabbering iovialiTy oT The locker room. This was our loT - now buT memories. We are enTering a new world-a world in which responsibiliTies and personal iniTiaTive play a viTal parT. The TuTure holds no place Tor The careTree exisTence we have known. And even Though Time may obscure our backward glances, we wanT To recall ThaT liTe, Tree Trom maior Troubles, and To This end, we presenT The l94O Rochellean, a Tangible reminder oT The New Rochelle l-ligh School. 7 NYYENWDNQ K inn yi I E! TO TI-TE CLASS OF I94O: When The Rochellean comes To your hands, you will have pracTically compleTed your high school course and will be ready Tor The nexT sTep-college or a iob. We, your Teachers, will anxiously Tollow your careers, hopeTul OT your success, yeT TearTul ThaT you and we, as well as all The oTher persons and all The inTluences ThaT have helped To mould your characTer and personaliTy, have Tailed To do our worlc as Thoroughly as we should have done iT. This is a Time Tor each oT you To appraise The resulTs oT your high school Training and To geT clearly in your mind The reasons Tor your Tailure To geT Trom your school experience The highesT developmenT possible. This should be done solely wiTh an eye To The immediaTe TuTure and wiTh a deTer- minaTion ThaT in The nexT sTage oT your liTe you will proTiT by The beTTer knowledge you now possess oT The habiTs and aTTiTudes essenTial To success in connecTion wiTh The opporTuniTies ThaT lie ahead in college or in employn'ienT. l:orTunaTely, iT is The experience oT many young people who have noT in Their high school days maTched Their abiliTy wiTh commensuraTe achievemenT ThaT in col- lege or on The job They "Tind Themselves." IT you are one oT Those who can honesTly say you did your besT in high school To geT The mosT ouT oT The sTudies, The exTra-cur- ricular acTiviTies, and all The experiences ThaT school liTe aTTorded, iT is our hope ThaT you will carry on in The same way ThroughouT your liTe. To all oT you, on behalT oT The Teachers oT The school, who have aT all Times endeavored To serve your besT inTeresT, I give The assurance ThaT your success and happiness in The days ahead will mean much To us and ThaT The Class oT 1940 will have a large place in our memories. GEORGE I-l. ECKELS, Principal. 8 -fi '19 an M77 I3.a?5'v GEORGE I-I. ECKELS .,....,A ..,.,. P rincipal A.B., M.A. in Educalion, Gerlysburg. E. LORETTA COONS . .., Assislanl Principal B.A., New Yorlc Slrare College for Teachers, M.A. in Educalion Adminislralion, Boslon Universilryi N.Y.U.g Columbia. ALICE ADAMS , . ., ,,.,.. Lalin A.B., Radclirle, Universily of Vermonl, I-Iarvard. KERSAM G. AJEMIAN. ,... .. . . Erench B.A., I-Iaryard, M.A. in Languages and Lilrerarure, Middlebury, Universily of Lyons, Erance. REGINALD P. BAKER . . . Mechanical Drawing B.S., Columbia, Pralr Inslrilule. MARIE W. BOWERS , , ,. . ....., Lalin B.A., Ohio Wesleyan, M.A. in Lalin, Columbia. WALLACE B. BOWMAN ,.,.,, .... C ommercial B.A,, Randolph Macon, Columbia, N.Y.U., Chi- cago Universily. CLARENCE J. BROADI-IEAD , Music B.A., Orrebein College, M.A. in Music Educa- Iion, N.Y.U. W. EMMERSON BURKE, Dramarics, Psychology B.S., Denison, Cornell, M.A., Columbia, N.Y.U. L. GRACE CARROLL ..,,, ., , .Malhemalics A.B., Indiana Slale Teachers College, B.A., Cen- rral Normal School, M.A,, Columbia. EDITI-I MACDONALD CARSON ,.., Physical Ed. B.A., Oberlin College, M.A., Teachers' College, Columbia. VERA GIDDINGS COLE .,,Economic Geography B.A., Smirh, M.A. in Educalion, Teachers' Col- lege, Columbia. JOI-IN D. COPLEY Science, Drawing, Rerared Marh. Eirchburg Normal, B.S., Bosron U., N.Y.U. OLIVER C. DAVIS ..,. ,. .., ..,.. Commercial B.S., Springheld, T.C., Springfield, Missouri, M.A. in Commercial Educalrion. DOROTI-IEA DONALDSON .,,. Commercial Law B.A., I-Iunlrer, M.A., Teachers' College, LLB., S+.John. WINIFRED I-I. DOIJD . ,. .. ...Commercial Eerris Insrirule, Michigan Slale Normal School. WINFRED I-IORACE DOUD ..Ma+henna+ics B.A., Michigan U., M.A. in Malhemalics, Colum- bia, Polsdam Normal School. was ELIZABETH A. DURFEE . English Elora Slone Marher B.A. in English. HENRY G. DUREEE., ., . , . Hisrorf B.A., Williams. LESTER EMERSQN . . . Elecrricilrf B.S., Universily of New Hampshire. SELMA G. ENGELBREKT .,. ... Arr Diploma, Eine Arrs, Columbia' Cooper Union Arr School. FLQRENCE M. ERRANT Physical Educarion B.A., Universiry oI Illinois: M.A., Columbia. EDWARD J. FITZGERALD Incluslrial and Vocarional Arrs B.S., N.Y.U.y M.A., N.Y.U.: Massachusehls Srare Teachers' College. EUGENE E. ELAHERTY. .Spanish B.A., Colgaleg M.A. in Spanish, Columbia. HOLLIS E. ERAZEY. , . Boolclseeping M.A. in Eclucarion, N.Y.U. VERN A. ERISCH ,,. ....,. .. Commercial B.A., Hasrings College: M.A., N.Y.U. HUBERT GIRARD.. .. . . Induslrial Arlrs B.S., C.C.N.Y.g R.A.M.I.3 M.A. in Vocalional Training. N.Y.U. HAROLD S. GQODEELLOW .. . .. .English M.A. in English, Michigan Universiry. NELLIE M. HALL. .. . .Commercial B.C.S., N.Y.U.p Universiry ol California, Eorclham. GORDON A. HARVIE Incluslrial Arrs Eilchburg Normal School: N.Y.U. RGLAND R. HINTZ . . . .. lnduslrial Arrs B.S., Universiry of Wiscoiwsin NELLIE I. HCRIXINS , .. Commercial B.C.S., N.Y.U. ARTHUR B. HUSSEY Physics, Chemislry B.A., Balesg M.A. in Educarion, Browng Columbia. ELISA R. JGNES .. . ... ..Erench B.A., New Yoil Slaleq M.A. in Erench, Columbiai Sorbonne, Raris. WESLEY R. JONES .. .. .. . .Erench B.A., Darlourhq M.A. in Erench, Columbia, ADELE KLAUSNER GELBMAN ,... Typing BS., N.Y.U. ADELAIDE LeCOUNT . ,. , .. .Malhemalics B.A., Ml. I-Iolyolce: M.A., Columbia. CI-IARLES A. LEONARD ,... ., ...I-Iislory A.B., I-lamillon College: M.A., New Yorlq Slale College. FREDERICK L. LOBDELL Aeronaulics, Physiography B.S., Clarlcson College of Technology: M.A., in Educalion, N.Y.U. FRANK M. LONG ...... . .., . .Commercial B.C.S., Universily ol Wyoming: M.A. in Com- mercial, Ph.D., Columbia. JEANETTE E. McOILL ... ... . . . .English B.A., Oberlin: M.A. in English, Columbia. WILLIAM IPI. McKENNA ...... Physical Educalion B,S.P.E., Arnold College: Cornell Summer School ol P.E. BARBARA A. MOORE .. .... .. ...I-Iislory B.A., Smilh: M.A. in I-Iislory, Radclilzle. I-IERBERT B. NICI-IOLS .... . .,...,.. I-Iislory B.A., George Washinglon Universily: M.A. in I-Iislory and Oovernmenl, Columbia. DANIEL P. O'BRIEN. .. ... .Physical Educalion B.S., Columbia: Savage School ol Physical Educalion. I-IELEN C. O'REILLY .. ........ ....... I-I islory B.A., Smilh: M.A. in Educafion, Columbia. RUTI-I TREADWELL OSBORNE ., Malhemalics B.A., Vassar: M.A. in Malhemalics, Columbia. BEAIRICE PERLSTEIN . . ...,.. Commercial B.A., I-lunler: M.A. in Erench, Columbia: Business School. FLORENCE ROBINSON ..... . ...... Secrelary I-IALLIE L. S. ROSS .. Economic Geography Browning Normal School: Boslon Universily: M.A. in I-lislory, Clarlc: M.A. in Educalion, Columbia. BURGESS B. ROSS ........... ......... I-I islory C.P.A., Boslon Uniyersily: I-Iarvard: M.A., in I-Iislory, Clarlfj M.A. in I-lislory, Columbia. CLARENCE W. SAYLES Physical Eclucalion B.P.E., Springfield College. SAMUEL W. SCI-IMUCKLER Sociology, I-Iislory, Economics B.A., Universily ol Wisconsin: N.Y.U.: M.A. in Sociology and Educalion, N.Y.U. - Al 'K wr.. X ,aff X' 9 . .. fir I5 cw , 24.1, T5 1 ,M 'sf L "A' li iw 2 DOROTHY M. SCHRQEDER Assislanl Librarian B.A., College ol William and Mary. JOHN E. Sl-IQQR Biology BS., Dickinson: MS., Chicago: M.A., Columbia, GLADYS B. SKINNER Rhysical Educalion BB., M.A., Teachers' College, Columbia. JANE SCUBA English B.A., Carlelon College: M.A. in Educahon, Columbia. CARLETQN S. SPEAR BS., MS., Wesleyan: SCD., lJFliVE"Sii'f oT Ghem Chernis+rl,f Belgium. ETHEL STRQHMEYER Rra++g Teachers' College, Columbia. Sewing, Home Economics ORA STRCNG Ma'hema+iCs B.A., M.A., in Malrhemalics, Universiaf o Oklahoma. ALMA G. SWANSQN Commercial B.A., Universilry of Nebraska' M.A. in Corn- mercial, Columbia. CQRA l-l. W. TQWNSEND Ma+hema+ics B.A., M.A., in Educalion, Brown Universiq. FANNIE W. URHAM English A.B., Goucherq M.A. in English, Columbia. MARGARET R. WEINSTEIN l-lis+ori, B.A., l-lunler, M.A. in l-lislory, Columbia. PRESTCN A. WEISS Biology BS. in Educalion, Bucknell Universilx' M.A., Teachers' College, Columbia. HENRY G. WELLMAN l-lislors BS., l-larvardg M.A., Columbia: Ed,D., N.Y.U. JEAN M. WILSQN . Nurse BS., N.Y.U.3 Vicloriay Columbia: Sl. John's River- side l-lospilalq Rockeleller Elospilal Eor Medical Research. DeWlTT D. WISE English, Journalism, Newswriling B.A., Dickinsonq M.A. in Educalion, Columbia. MAGDALENA LAI-llvl BELANGER. . .Commercial B.C.S., M.C.S., N.Y.U. WINIERED G. CARPENTER ..... .... L a+in A.B., Smilh. VINCENT CIOEEARI ..,........, lialian, Spanish B.A., lvl.A., in Romance Languages, Cornell: Eh.D., Columbia. JANE CONARD .,..,....,..,......,. Librarian B.A., Ohio Wesleyan: B.S., Simmons College Library School. ELORENCE V. CORDER ................. English B.A., Universily of California: M.A., Columbia. CLIETON T. EDGERLY ...........,...... Erench B.A. in Greek and Lalrin, lVl.A. in Erench, Spanish lralian, Darlmoulh: Ph.D. in Romance Languages, Yale. ANTOlNETTE J. FOSTER ..... ...... . English B.A., M.A., in English, S+. Lawrence: Radcliiciei Columbia. Enrered as a leacher in New Rochelle l-ligh School: Seprember, I923. Relired: January, l94O. ELSIE L. GLEASON .................... Ewglish BA., Llniversily of Kansas: Columbia. NANCY M. GLEASON ..... .... E nglish B.A., Oberlin: Columbia. GEORGE E. GREELEY ,................. French B.A., Bowdoin: lvl.A. in Erench, Columbia. PAULINE P. l-IALL ...............,..... English B.S. in Eclucalion, N.Y.U.: lvl.A., in English, N.Y.U. CLARA V. JONES .................... German B.A., Oberlin: M.A. in German, Columbia. ANNE l-llLDA KOEE .......,............ English A.B., New York Slale College: lvl.A., Columbia. GLADYS J. NEVVELL .,........,....,... English B.S. in Educalion, Slaie Teachers College, Mass. Columbia. NINA BELLE OESHER .... .... l-I ome Economics B.S., lVl.A., Columbia. NINA C. STARK .............,...,..... English B.A., lVl.A., Universily of Wisconsin: Graduale work al Columbia. LEON J. STURTEVANT ............. ...English B.S., Tufls: lvl.A. in English, Teachers' College, Columbia. REBECCA SYMMES .............. lvlalhemalics B.A., Norlh Carolina College Tor Women: lVl.A. in Malhemalics, Columbia. ETl-lELWYN WARDLE ................. l-lislory B.S., M.A., New York Slale Teachers' College: Gracluale work al Columbia. i i' 3599 'df' JS 14 i me A l I 5 ,1.1n--ff f'f X23 ev 313111 id EE RE "VW 1? :iw 4 49" xxixg Rochellean Editors s A ho',f Arace David l-lackman Janice Pollack Sidney Davidson John Keel g Doris Wieher l-lerberT B. Nichols Selma 6. Engelbreld The I94O "Rochellean" has been duly wriTTen, prooTread, and prinTed. IT is in your hands, buT iT cannoT Tell you The sTory oT iTs composiTion. UndoubTedly iT's Too exhausTed To Tallc aTTer The period iT spenT in New Rochelle l-ligh's ConcenTraTion Camp, Room 2l9. Janice Pollaclc, ediTor-in-chieT, David l-laclrman, assisTanT ediTor, TogeTher wirh The heads and sTaTls oT The various deparTmenTs and The TaculTy advisers, worked long and hard To produce The boolc. Sidney Davidson, in charge oT ediTorial worlc, John Keeling, business manager, AnThony Arace and Doris Weiher, phoTography and arT ediTors, respecTively, all working under The supervision oT Mr. T-lerberT B. Nichols and Miss Selma G. Englebreld, conTribuTed more Than Their share in malcing up The yearbook. A special senior porTaiT commiTTee, composed OT Jeanne NesTler, Virginia NesTler, Virginia Miller and Alva Reibel, arranged Tor appoinTmenTs beTween The seniors and The sTudiO. l 7 .4 car Uh ..-. Q7 'MT 1.- Q N 1-'N 4' UW Q V. fyyw WMM vo I 8 1. 7322 3 4-. ROCHELLEAN ART AND PLANNING STAFF The Rochellean ArT and Planning sTaTT, wiTh Doris Weiher as ediTor, clipped and ruled away To geT The annual yearbook in shape. Aspiring young arTisTs could be seen laboring over Their masTerpieces in every room oT The school preparaTory To The RocheIIean's prinTing. Miss EngeIbrekT, adviser Tor The group, deserves much crediT Tor aiding and encouraging The iIIusTraTors. FirsT Row: Floersheimer, Simms, Hovey, Weiher. Second Row: O'ConneII, KiIThau, CaruTh. ROCHELLEAN BUSINESS STAFF STarTing IasT December, members oT The Rochellean Business STaTT under Dave Hackman and Naomi Klepper worked aTTer school every day on The yearbook. Handi- capped by The obvious reIucTance, aT TirsT, oT The sTudenTs To subscribe, The sTaTT or- ganized and puT Through a drive which resuITed in geTTing The seniors whoIehearTedIy behind The yearbook. FirsT Row: Josephi, Davidson, Keeling, Hackman, Klepper. Second Row: WeingarT, Gerken, PerIsTein, Arace, Lasser. ROCHELLEAN PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Under The experT leadership oT AnThony Arace, The PhoTographic STaTT oT The Rochellean didn'T leave many sTones unTurned in Their search Tor unusual subiecTs. The boys hounded sTudenTs and Teachers alike To geT Their picTures. DespiTe coy Teminine obiecTions and simpering masculine enTreaTies, The Iensmen goT Their vicTims. The Senior PorTraiT CommiTTee consisTed oT Jeanne and Virginia NesTIer, Virginia Miller, Maria FiTzpaTrick, and Alva Riebel. FirsT row: Sack, Arace. Second Row: Davidson, PerIsTein, SapersTone, Willenbrock. ROCHELLEAN EDITORIAL STAFF The EdiToriaI STaTT members, unsung heroes oT The Rochellean, compIeTed The enTire ediToriaI work oT The book wiThin Tour working weeks, including, whaT was To oThers, Spring VacaTion. The senior, club, deparTmenTaI, class, and TeaTure wriTe-ups were composed, The copy was prooTread, Then The galley-prooTread, and The book was ready Tor The prinTers. Sidney Davidson, Janice Pollack, AnThony Arace, and Doris Berkley, The hard- working guarTeT oT The year book, Toiled hard, buT noT in vain. FirsT row-Fanelli, Hovey, Hollenweger, Floerschimer. Second row-Claydon, King, Lederman, Baum, Alles, Klepper. Third row- Bookman, WiengarT, Davidson, Arace, Lasser. I 9 :ww av K .,,. 9 5 ' 1,110 ',f.',l1'jfg3., , ,,7j"?..'C' - gsm Q4 ' JM ' Qi,-'zlfx .L ,5,Jv.- , W", F. fii, .. Jim' ' eilia wbi, 3. 33 I -,M ,si-Z :,, '-311. ET , Qin I, ,. 1452- ff M ' , ,.xv4 V- liff, ' ' ' :Airy I Even", N N ,H 31-,ik X- - ' 135, V, -if -f 1 , QW. iw. Q L QisffF"Z'L Wit, 1 , ir, af' -'fu ' ,M:,ig.'X , M, I-'M Leg, '51 .11 - ' .,ff3f'l, :wif MQ.- .',' I .V auf- ' , 'I r,..,.w1 wllffii. 52?f'iZ.f mf iaixzyt EEST? wqiw, wg- wg Sai'-.f ' ivy., -.. , 5212: ' UQ 1, .fy .Nw K y 2552 V ' , 455.52- z??tl.L11 N 1,91 V X f gsm, -M' MW 1. If-'V ' , 1 f ' wr: 22. 34:11 34 u,:4f.:J 57 V., Q if ' 1 I 'Sli' ' 2a1??3Lf' 55515 gag:- 5252?-2 ggi? ?El3' x,,,. 14: 4 ORGANIZATIONS The General Qrganization The General OrganizaTion saw iTs TirsT year in I92I and has been The mosT im- porTanT organizaTion in The school since Then. Organized in order To conTrol all exTra- curricula acTiviTies in The school, The G. O. now has many associaTions under iT, all oT which are Tinancially dependenT on The G. O. and all oT whose members belong To The G. O. Because There are many more members Than could be convenienTly accommodaTed aT regular meeTings, The G. 0. Council was Tormed-consisTing oT Two represenTa- Tives Trom each home room. IT is This group which meeTs regularly To discuss and solve all sTudenT problems. The G. 0. Membership CommiTTee's main acTiviTy is The membership drive, held each Tall, To geT as many as possible Trom The sTudenT body To join The organizaTion. EsTablished only lasT year, The AThleTic CommiTTee has charge oT all expenses and receipTs oT The G. C.-boTh aThleTic and non-aThleTic. Composed oT The oTTicers oT The G. G. and several TaculTy members, This group cares Tor all The money which passes inTo and ouT OT-The hands oT The G. O. This year, in addirion To iTs regular expenses, The G. O. made iT possible Tor several valuable addiTions To be made To The school. These included a permanenT public address sysTem wiTh a record cuTTer, purple and whiTe gowns Tor The Music DeparTmenT, Tencing eguipmenT Tor our swordswomen, and new draperies Tor The main oTTice. IT was under The leadership oT PresidenT Charles MarTus, Vice-PresidenT Doris King, and SecreTary Anne Melville ThaT The General OrganizaTion had This, iTs lasT year in iTs original TormaTion. 22 fs? gl in Tiafxrrlc soufxo The nineTy members of The Traffic Squad were led by CapTain Thomas EenTress and LieuTenanTs John Keeling, Hays Bricka and Harvey Brownell. These officers were assisfed by Ten sergeanTs and many guards, The guards having been placed aT sTraT- egic poinTs Throughouf The building To direcT The sTudenT Traffic, acT To prevenf con- fusion in The corridors, and To serve as guides To sfrangers visiTing The school. An- ofher fine feaTure of The Traffic Squad was The mainTenance of The I.osT and Eound DeparTmenT, governed by Sergeanfs Cecile Colin and BeTTy Balfz. Mr. Herberf B. Nichols was The TacuITy adviser for The group. THE SCHOLARSHIP CLUB The Scholarship Club is an honorary socieTy for Those sTudenTs whose marks are ouTsTanding. Membership requiremenTs for one marking period are an average of eighfy-five per cenT or over and no marks of "E" or "incompIeTe." Anyone who has been on The scholarship IisTs for Three reporf-card periods during one year auTo- mafically becomes a member for ThaT year. Miss Helen O'ReiIIy, newly-appoinTed adviser for The club, has promised a new organizaTion for nexT year's club. The officers This year were Barbara Hambur, presidenf: Hildegarde Bair, vice-presidenT, and Franklin Schaffer, secreTary. THE BANKERS' ASSOCIATION The Bankers' AssociaTion, under Mr. Vern A. Erisch's direcTion, is composed of Two bankers from each room and an office sTaff. On Tuesday of each week, befween eighTy and one hundred and TwenTy dollars is coIIecTed, ifemized, and finally deposifed in The EirsT NaTionaI Bank. The primary purpose of This school venTure is To inTeresT The sTudenTs in saving. This year The Associafion was under The successful leadership of Doris Anderson, presidenfg Hays Bricka, vice-presidenTg and Harold Bornhold, secreTary-Treasurer. 25 SCI-IGGL CALENDAR SepTember IO SepTember I I SepTember I2 SepTember I7 OcTober IO OcTober I9 OcTober 20 November 23-24 November 30 December 4 December I I December 22 December 24 December 26 January 5 January 6 January I5 January 25 January 26 January 29 January 30 January 3I February IO February I4 February I5 February I6 I-Iowie Brock shaves. School opens. Claude SchucTer asks Francesca SmiTh To Senior Prom. Second day oT school. Mr. Lobdell, 2,3I3 sTudenTs, and 2,IO9 lockers play hide and seek. Sunday, no school. School renTs nickleodeon. Music classes enioy jazz Tor one week. PeTer Kikes yells in class, "Where does iT geT you, in The endI" PeTer Kikes geTs iT in The end. Thanksgiving vacaTion. Republicans in school. Qnly DemocraTs in school. ROCI-IELLEAN drive opened. Dave Richey braves The icy cIuTches oT lake. STages daring rescue oT Torlorn pup. School dismissed Tor vacaTion. Misses Symmes, I.eCounT and Osborn pass ouT candy. STudenTs pass ouT. I-Iowie Brock shaves. Drop in aTTendance noTed. Nickleodeon, IaTesT aid To digesTion, makes iTs appearance in Iunchroom. ConTucius say, "Man who siTs on Tack is beTTer oTT." ROCI-IELLEAN pledges musT be handed in by nexT week. PosiTively none accepTed aT a IaTer daTe. Eleven rnonThs To ChrisTmas. RegenTs Tinished. STudenTs. ConTucius say, "I-Iug is energy gone To waisT." Tuesday, Banking Today. AI Priddy, Iion Tamer, speaks. Topic: "Can Animals lSlThink?" SyncopaTed digesTion causes indigesTion:. Nickelodeon back To bandroom. ConTucius say, "Diamonds don'T grow on Trees, buT The righT kind oT limbs geT Them." Mohammed says ConTucius Talks Too much. STorm oT previous day keeps 2,I83 sTudenTs home. Mr. Greeley noTices similariTy beTween absenTee IisT and Russian casuaITy Iisr. CIaudeT cooks Tor French Club conclave. French Club "concaves". 25 SCI-IGCDI. CALENDAR February I7 February I9 March March March March March 4 5 6 7 8 March I8 March 2 April I April 2 April 8 April I2 April 20 April 26 April 22-29 May I May 3 June 3 June 5 June I4 June I5 June I6 June I7-2I June2I June 24 June 26 June 27 Nickleodeon in boys' gym. Nearly chokes on slugs, bulr nobody dances. O'Keele receives Ieller addressed lo "Miss Bernard O'Keele". Bob Rogow srarls sludying for Regenls. Blackoul. No school. Blackoul. No school. Mr. Nichols plays page-boy when eleclricily refuses lo flow. RQCI-IELLEAN pledges musl be handed in by nexr week. Posi- Iively none accepled al a lalrer dale. Group piclures laken lor RQCHELLEAN. Seems as if Perlslein bel Arace lhal he could gel in more piciures. Arace collecls bel from Perlsleinz One sour pickle and a Coca-Cola. G. O. Council meeling was no April Fool's joke. 46 members and 3 olzlicers Ihoughr ir was. Sophomore class holds eleclions. Michael DiMaggio, Jack Dempsey, and I-Ioward Sackelr elecled. Sophomores hold "re-elecIions". Michael DiMaggio, Jack Demp- sey, and I-loward Sackell re-elecled. I-lowie Brock shaves, ROCI-IELLEAN pledges musr be handed in by nexr week. Posilively none accepled al a Ia+er dare. ROCI-IELLEAN goes +o press. ROCI-IELLEAINI slahf makes up lor lime loslr during spring vacalion. All RQCI-IELLEAN pledges relurned. Spring lever srrikes enlire school, excepr Miss Symmes. Four couples break Ihe ice-Jrhey dance lo music of nickleodeon. Srudenls sense Regenls. Do nolhing abour il. Regenls sense sludenls. Srudenls lake books home. To sludy7 Bromo-Sellzer slocks iumps up 8 poinls. Wesrghesrer Lighling Company reporlrs heavy drag on local wires. You oughla know. Senior Prom. Qver 6OO slrudenlrs scheduled Io graduale. School closes. W.P.A. receives 600 applicalions lor . . . Work? 27 an gif: if :iw i' '-'r LR..." ' ff". 11' . ,,,,j'1?fl,l. 1 'ee 'PQ-".,ai. .- W'f1vf J 'VNS fs fl! .5W'-f- . ' , ..1 Q QQ 5??T1Hib' Q .-Q: :L . mpg-'-zig., w ms-fg.ff 1 ., we n..-e:,.,- ., . 4 -.'- Y sw qw -41 N ,I uJg5,5,,w Sr? :Vf.5f,f' .515 z? wmwmzgw .Lx '-r.g?1iQQQ.J I ?a2f2qff - .T-3 ' -1 .M 'QY1 ' 1 1. ww 'V an .,-fx-?:,"Pi"X5':. W ,,1 ig. zqgl.. V 'f'. i.?gQ:,T-ff 555. 21:5 .-af-1g.:- , - ,ZRU-5. ,. .- . 4 eQr1:'Q'5+:'e f.f...- '. NAV 'WVIHT ' np. . I 1 1355i 'W v . . Qfilg' 92 ,R 1. f w ' - 'aww 11, f . .-5-15-4. , WML? .mg '.fQ3.QQ,. 51.4.-, ? 1+-.H . 52' fvfiirwx K- V iw.. 1 ' .mm 153 , .aw ,F , 1 55 12 ' f Q .ijgyfb 'T 5 X ..H.4wQ1:..- 1 . 31 , 2 , M-.Vx ' , 5i?tfE' wm.' 1 Q -. .,i:'--gy . 1' - H - . V..--.f'f'xfQ.1.V --1 . - bw ww. w V 1 v" cf.. ufifmf-'u '- gin' 531.7-3. Vg 5,-in W. w.5.g,:,ff 212.gif t - ll XI ug 9 s' Lf k I '94 fr X Nw 42 .H 112 "1 q 'I ia, . N .. ' 1.1 ' -'K' ,.1-3:5155 fi.-' . f !'5,Q.,9:ff?1-.Q 1' 'H f 'W9Tfv' 'fx X " LYaf'fQ" rmn I -ri. Q Vg 14.1 rg g 1 4 . .f9Q,4 ' -' "1ifR3 , .J Q2 gg.. ' 4-min' .r-.lf M.: Eggfkij- lilififi Gif.: ,ni . . WU? 'T L W44f+'fa+g:+ 'iff iffy , 5 it 'Y LL, atwggi '511 ' , jim . Qafiii ' M.- W 3.22 .4 bfi-.-,A ?fsL,I ..y ,,K.. Q.- 1 if . :Hx I X rm- . .1 '. f W 1. - 4'- .1 , . , ,E ., f . rrp' X, 1.. ..,' N - V v . 1 f Q I N N 0 XJJWFWHHVMWAKKSBIW -'!Kin91Jxir6JL.13 M21 MWRMVMM OD-IZITIUC-IUJ Tl-IE SOP!-IOMORE CLASS The nursery door opens and we see Bob DeBennham lriumphanlly holding "l-ledy" Seeney's leelhing ring while Jane Kirk crawls closer lo Dave Richey lo see him rescue a drowning gold lish lrom lhe cold waler. Paul Skudder is cheering him lrom lhe sidelines lrom June Ballard's play-pen. Doug Holler is bealing il oul on his rallle so Junie Murphy and Adele Greeley can go lo lown. There's Don Marlin cenlering a pillow lo slar AI Ebbinghaus. Libby Woodlord and Mary Elenor Slraal surely are lheir ellicienl cheerleaders. Mariorie Cvens and lhe Roberls sislers are playing over a lillle green loolsie loy lhal lhey're rolling down Dick Eraas' back. Bill Loeb is re- ciling lhe alphabel lo Edilh Chelimer and Rulh Birnbaum wilh Belly Chedisler prompl- ing. Tommy Condon's leaning againsl a crib posl walching Bob Slulz and Jean Mel- ville leach Roberl Slevens and Mary Jane Galvin a new iillerbug slep. l-lere comes Presidenl Michael DiMaggio, who sends his assislanl, Jack Dempsey, lo quiel lhe crowd while Secrelary l-loward Sackell lakes noles. The noise becomes loo much lor us and we will walk away wondering il lhe sophomores will ever grow up. Sophomore Class Ollicers-Presidenl, Michael DiMaggio: Vice-Presidenl, Jack Dempsey: Secrelary, l-loward Sackell. Tl-IE JUNIOR CLASS l-lere il is l96Ol Our daily paper, ediled by Barry McGill, comes oll ol lhe aulomalic press wilh lhe breaklasl collee, and is lairly reminiscenl ol lhe Junior Class ol l94O. Presidenl Eranklin D. Schaller's recenl speech is lronl-page news. "Our loreign minisler lo England, Townsend Grillin, reporls peacelul condilions," says Rila Eanelli's column. We see piclures by Bob Tobias ol America's new colonies dis- covered by David Porler. Roberl Schwilzer and Alan Pels have discovered a new elemenl. There is a lashion lealure by Beverly Milchell, illuslraled by Rulh Collin, and menlion ol lhe renowned aulhor ol loday's besl seller, Barbara Slugard. Doris Willnebel is holding an exhibil ol her work in lhe Modern Arl Gallery. We read I-lelen Sims' lamous comic slrip and lhe announcemenl ol Marilyn Cook slarred in her lalesl piclure al lhe Paramounl wilh Doug l-larris' orcheslra and l-larvey Turnure, added allraclion. Broadway brings us l-larry Decker and Paul Samek in Elizabelh Rodgers' lalesl play produced by Edwin Molzkin. We see noled Doris King adverlising merchandise lrom Mary Alice Walson's Eillh Avenue shop. Dick Flandreau, new lool- ball coach al Yale, is in New York seeing lhe World's Series and rooling lor Eddie Wall who is playing lor lhe Gianls. Mildred l-lollenweger has gone over lo Europe lo swim in lhe Olympics, and is accompanied by Richard Lillauer. Ellen Tullle and John Chambers have relurned lrom Canada where lhey skiied in an annual carnival. Ah, yes, and who'd have lhoughl il back in l94O? Junior Class Gllicers-Presidenl, Richard Elandreauq Vice-Presidenl, Franklin Schaller: Secrelary, l-larvey Turnure. 30 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Pr-esidenT Currie Brewer: Vice-President Jack Mills: Secrerary, Nicholas A. D'OnoTrio Seniors Wise and digniTied, mellowed by experience, The seniors oTTen pause To look wisTTuIIy back down The long visTa oT The years To The days when They were sTiII young. WhaT do They see? In Their childhood, as sophomores, They see PresidenT Currie Brewer, and Vice'I3'residenT BeTTy Brodhead guiding The class, aided by The newly-esTabIished Tirm oT Barker and Lea. All The resT is dim and blurred, buT The picTure clears a biT as They Toddle inTo Their iunior year. AImosT able To walk, Charlie MarTus, BeTTy Brodhead and John Tolly are hoisTed inTo The class oTTices, Tad Ivlosel sTuns The "criTics" wiTh his sTerIing perTormance as I:aTher Ivlalachy, and ArThur Perl- sTein pulls down a gold award. The Sarah Lawrence girls dance here, and immedi- aTeIy, modern dancing is launched on a large scale. The lunch sysTem is Then over- hauled, and Don I-IewiTT is Thrown inTo The lake by The Track Team. Now, aT long lasT, They are seniors. Barely have They recovered Tronn The dis- conTinuance oT overdue book slips Trom The library, when The lunchroom is ThreaTened wiTh a new soda TounTain. GiIberT Gordon IeTs his vivid, coIorTuI Teelings ouT on his ialopy, The "I-Ieraldm wins TirsT medal aT The C.S.P.A.-ediTor Bernie O'KeeTe being born on April Fools' Day-and The cheerleaders under PaT Casey, Take Top honors Iha, ha, WhiTe Plainsl aT a cheerleading meeT. Yes, indeed, as They leave The porTaIs oT Their high school, The seniors Take wiTh Them memories which will haunT Them Tor many years To come. 3 I if 'r W in? 1 f f , '32 4312, ni " f 'C ' Q ' ' ' V' ' s., ., , f ' 3 -I V 4 .,. '1 f v -4: -fir ' 'Y '13 jf V 'f . f f . . c . A A ' ffl., . A f. f, c ', IWW ? . Zigi f , fi ., 'sf 4 g f 1 V I' NORMA ABELE-College. Ambilrion: Grammar school Teacher. Aclivilies: Red Cross Club, Table Tennis Team, Traffic Squad. Pholography, and Music. FRANCES ABRAMS-College or RG. Course. Exlra-curricular aclivilies: Social Service Club, Red Cross Club, Pholography, and Roller Slfaling. AMINTA ADAMS-Nursing School. Ambilion: To spend day ailer day Iislening lo Glenn Miller. Aclivilies: Members of Girls' Sporls Teams. MARIE AIELLO-Business School. Ambilion: To swim Long Island Sound. Exlra-curricular aclivilies: Baseball, Swimming. CARY ALLEN-Colgale Universily. Ambilion: To own a Tarm and be a millionaire. Eoolball, I-loclcey, lnlramurals. I-lobbies: Women. cars, rabbils, pigeons. MARIQN G. ALLES-College. Ambilion: To circle The globe. Social Service, Red Cross, Personalily Plus and Scholarship Clubs, Traiciic Squad, Library Council, Rochellean, G.A.A. WILLIAM ALLEY-College. Ambilion: Musician. Aclivilies: Band. Grcheslra, Tower Players, Swing Club, Model Airplanes. PAUL ALTER-Amos Tuclc School, Darlmoulh College. Aclivilies: Currenl Evenls Club, Pholography Club, Tower Players, Tennis and Goll. VINCENT AMBROSIO-Michigan. Ambilionz Eleclrical engineer. Exlra-curricular aclivilies: Trallic Squad, member of Baseball and I-landball Teams, Slage Crew. ELAINE AMIGRQN--Business. Ambilion: To be a good secrelary. Traffic Squad, Scholarship Club, Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Table Tennis. MARIE AMIGRON-Business. Ambilionc To be a successful dieli- . lian. Traffic Squad, Scholarship Club, Baseball, Table Tennis and Baslcelball Teams. CI-IESTER AMORELLG-Business. Ambilion: Goyernmenl worlq. Aclivilies: Class Banlcer lor Three years, Baskelball, Goll, Inlramural Baseball. GUSSIE AMORELLO-Business. Ambilion: I-lave a high salaried posilion. Clubs: Glee Club, member of Table Tennis Team. NELLO AMORI-Business. Ambilion: Radio adverliser. I-lobbies: Sporls, reading, birds, and birlhdays. 32 TONY AMOROSO-Commercial School or Business. Arnbilion: To be a bookkeeper in some big corporalion. I-lobbies: Social danc- ing, golf. DORIS ANDERSON-Paine I-lall School. Arnbilionz Medical assisl- anl. Exlra-curricular acliviliest Presidenl oi Banking Associalion, Tralzlic Squad. JAYNE ANDERSON-Weslminsler College ol Music. Ambilion: Jusl lo ride horseback over lhe Texas prairies. Acliviliesz Girls' Glee, Trallic Squad, Currenl Evenls Club, G.A.A. PEARL ANDERSON-Business School. Ambilionz To be a successful secrelary. Exlra-curricular acliviliesz Mool Courl, G.A.A. WILLIAM ANDERSON-Business School. Arnbilion: To surpass in excellence all olher secrelaries. I-lobbies: Fishing, and olher sporls. JANET ANDREWS-Salem College. Ambilion: To ily around lhe world. Aclivilies: Junior Counsellors, G.A.A., Junior I-Iurnane Sociely. ANTI-IONY ARACE-Columbia. Rochellean Rholo, Business, Edie +orial Slaicls, I-lerald Business S+a1T, G.O. Colleclor, Track Manager, Junior Speakers, Chemislry, Model Engineers, Pholo, Malh Clubs. BETTY AUGUR-Whealon College, Annbilion: To roller skale in Grand Cenlral. Aclivilies: Junior Counsellors, Junior I-lumane Sociely, G.A.A. JANET AXMACI-IER-Wood Secrelarial School. Acliviliesz Currenl Evenls Club, Personalily Plus Club, G.A.A., I-lorseback Riding. NICHOLAS BACCARI-Eordham. Ambilion: Be a linguisl or run in lhe six day bicycle races. Aclivilies: Baseball Manager, G.O. Colleclor, lnlrarnurals. MILDRED BAEIJNDO-College. Scholarship, Red CVOSS. llalian. Chemislry Clubs, Tralllic Squad, Rochellean, Baskelball, Tennis Golf, Archery, Badrninlon, Ring Pong, Volleyball. CLAIRE BAILER-Business School. Ambilion: To be lhe besl secre lary. Aclivilies: Badrninlon, Table Tennis, Tennis, and Archery. JAMES BAILEY-Business. Arnbilionz To be lhe chief machinisl and diver in The Uniled Slales Navy. Acliviliesz Swimming, Track. BETTY BALTZ-William and Mary College. Ambilion: To leach handicapped people. Erench Club, Malh Club, Social Service Club, Leaders' Group, Junior Counsellors, Trallic Squad, Sporls. 33 sv' ' ?"'? I ' lx r -.- - fe 3 Q .N .. A 'H pb . -JZ I 5 53 W? .,- 9 ,JZ ,,i' f 1' 1 Q In 4-S , 5' '13 a ny 1 ,Arm il I U F L -4. ...Wf,w"" 2 lt A - fi' :I . 'I ' :- :ldwf A g X ' xg f f' sy V 'rays T . .... 'Qi .fa ak - fi fy' ' Gray X Mmm.. all 23 ' W -T h : ..,,-MW. .-, , YQ! I wif lil V . , - ,,,f,f,f, ' ll 17 ' V 7 . - . -5, My ,Q "wel, a, . Wu, , , , k r ' 781351, -ff 4' V f j ,M ,sf RUTH BAMBERGER-Slale College, Albany. Aclivilies: Member ol Chemislry, Erench, Social Service, Scholarship, and Malh Clubs, Rochellean, Sporls. JARRY BARNABA-Business. Exlra-curricular acliviliesz Member ol lnlramurals in Baseball, Handball, Baslcelball, Volleyball, Foolball. HARRIET BARTELS-Middlebury College. Vice-President Erench Club, Malh, Chemislry, Junior Red Cross, Social Service, and Scholarship Club, Sergeanl, Trallic Squad, C5.A.A. HENRY EDWARD BARTELS-College. Eoolball, lnlramurals. lnler- esled in avialion. Hobbies: Swimming, camping. STANLEY BARTNETT-"Shan" lo friends, will enler business, and hopes lo reach The Top. - JUAN BATTEY-Joan plans lo go lo college and maior in domeslic subiecls. ELIZABETH BAUER-Wood lnslilule. Presidenl Mool Courl Club Tennis, Swimming, Baslcelball. BEVERLY BAVIER-College. G.A.A., Girls' Council, Biology Club, Personalily Plus Club. Hobby: Knilling. THEODORA BAVOSA-Commercial worlc. Hobbies: Riclure collecl- ing, roller slcaling. CCNSTANCE BAXTER-Washinglon Secrelarial School. Hi-Y Club, Golf, Archery. Hobby: Dancing. THQMAS BEHLlNG+Commercial worlc. Hobbies: Bowling, Eishing Baseball. v JEANNE BEHRENS - Business school. Tennis, Archery, Golf, Swimming. MARIE BEISGEN-Washinglon Secrelarial School. Girls' Glee Club. Hi-Y Club, Baslcelball. Hobby: Designing. RQSEMARIE BELIVE--Secrelarial worlc. Band, Sporis. Ambilioni To lead an orcheslra. Collecls records. 34 NORMAN S. BELL-College. Ambilionz To be an engineer. Hob- bies: Pholography, Hiking. DOROTHY BENJAMIN-MI. Holyoke. lower Players, Erench Club, G.A.A. Hobby: Dramalics. DOROTHY BENINIER-Commercial work. 'lower Players. Hobbies' Pholography, Psychology. ANNE BENZ-Cmmercial School. Scholarship Club, Golf, Eadmine lon. Hobby: Collecling souvenirs. EMILY BERCKMAININ-Wisconsin. Chemislry Club, G.A.A., Crealive Wriling Club. lnlends lo be a iournalisl. Hobby' Cooking. AUDREY BEROES-Packard School. Scholarship Club, Biology Club, Senior Jewelry Commillee, Rochellean, Huguenol Herald, G.A.A., Banker, Assl. G.O. Colleclor. SARAH BERGIN-Biology Club, Baskelball, Baseball. MARIE BERINO-Slenographical work. G.A.A, Ambilionz To meel famous orcheslra leaders. DORIS A. BERKLEY-Medical Assislanl School. Scholarship, Social Service, Personalily Plus, Chemislrry and Currenl Evenls Clubs, G.A.A., Rochellean. Hobby: Scrapbooks. HAROLD BERZON-Ohio Slale. Trallic Squad, Malh Club, Currenl Evenls Club, Track and Inlramurals. ALMA CLARKE BILLUPS-Washinglon lnslilule ol Business. Ambi- l'ion: To be a privale secrelary. O.A.A, IRA BINDER-Posl-Graduale course. Secrelary, Slamp Club, Chess Club, Malh Club. Ambilion: To become an engineer. LOIS BIXBY-Posl-Graduale course. Volleyball, Baskelball, Tennis, Swimming, Pholography. EDWARD BJORKMAN-Eleclricily will be his field. Pholography. Radio. 35 'RS 1:52 4. N , - :Sa ' it 'Q . 'haf a x A 1 2 25 -. gr .. ' . 1,4 rm if f -I ,Q f QL an X 2, -Lg .-fyf12a4.::v1.:gvssi X X i KQKQQ 7, S w YQ X Q 5 is sm af' Q A ,Q 5,1 eff --.Lf -.,,,'.1,,.1 I.: .. wif., .i rs. .IEW f7' , -. 41 f ' "- ,. 1 4 f -pg: ,. , Q N Y? f. , ' 'su .. f 1' - 1 f I Q C 3 09 ,A Zulu-uf " C , F 4 wg Ffa ff , 'W' is Q .rm iff? 2 -.,. Q ,ZW P I, ,AM 1 if ' , W' dh 3' ? Y J f l Q ... 'JI' I , ef 1" W 4- I I 1 ANTI-ICDNY BLANCO-"L.IVI." wanls Io do slenographic worlc and sludy aclverlising. I-lobbies: Dancing Io Glen IVIiIIer's Qrchesrra, swimming, golf, fishing and canoeing. ALLAN BLCQIVI-N.Y.U. Library Council. Ambilionz To form an orcheslra. I-lobby: Piclure collecling. DAVID BLCCIVIFIELD-College. Moor Courl Club, Chess Club, Sergeanl, Trallic Squad. I-lobbies: Pholography, slamps. LILLA C. BLUIVIBERG-College. Scholarship Club, Social Service Club, Personalily Plus Club, Chemislrry Club, G.A.A., Rochellean. Inlends Io be an insurance slalislician. ESIELLE BQDDIE-Bennell College. G.A.A. I-lobby: Collecling boolcs on Negro hishlory. GEQRGE BGNTECOU-Princelon. Inlramural Sporls. I-lobby: Aulomobiling. GECRGE BOOKER-Work. Cross-counlry, Track. WILLIAM BQQKMAN-Syracuse. Trallic Squad, Currenlr Evenls Club, I-Iuguenol I-Ierald Execulive Slall, Rochellean Edilorial Slall, Publicily Manager, Senior Prom, Biology Club. GERALDINE BQRDEN-Business School. Plans lo enlrer The adveriis- ing field. I-lobbies: Swimming, dancing. I-IAROLD BQRNI-IQLD-Iulls. Iraliic Squad, Boys' Cnlee Club, A Capella Choir, Ivlixed Chorus, Fencing Club, Camera Club, Vice-Presidenl BanIcer's Associalion. ARTI-IUR BQYD-Ambilion: Inlerior decoralor. Ifxlra-curricular: Foolball, Baseball, Officials' Club. GERALDINE BRADY-Arl School. Exlra-curricular acliviliesz Baslcel- ball, Baseball, I-locI4ey, Chemislry Club. EII-IEL BRAITI-IVVAITE-Nursing School. Exlra-curricular aclivilies: Baslcelball, Baseball, I-Ioclcey, Chemislry Club . CURRIE L. BREWER-Universily ol Norlh Carolina. Presidenl Sophomore Class, Viceepresidenl G.O., Presidenl Senior Class, 6.0. Council, G.0. Prom, Junior Prom, B Squad Iloolball. 36 HAYS BRICKA-College, or RG. Exira-curricular ac+ivi+ies: Bankers Associalion, Traffic Squad, Spring Track. ANTHONY L. BRINDISI-Avialion School. Exlra-curricular acliviliesz Model Engineers, Supply Manager, Spring Track. HOWARD BROCK-Musical career. Boys' Council, A Cappella Choir, Huguenoi Herald, Rochellean, Varsily Swimming, Boys' Glee Club, Bankers Associalion, Slage Crew. BETTY-ANN BRODHEAD - Blue-Ridge College. Vice-presidenl Junior Class, Vice-presidenl Sophomore Class, Mixer Dance Com- millee, Senior Prom, G.O. Represenlalive, Scholarship Club, G.A.A. WILLIAM BROWN-Ambiiion: To be a policeman. Hobby: Sporis. HARVEY BROWNELL, Jr.-Columbia. Presidenl Library Council, A Cappella Choir, Boys' Glee Club, Chess Club, Saber Team, Traffic Squad, Camera Club, Chemsilry Club. LORRAINE BROWNELL - Kaiherine Gibbs. Tennis, Baskelball, Assislanl Banker, G.O. ColIec+or, Traffic Squad, Scholarship Club. Hobbies: Sporls, bridge. Ambilionz To marry Errol Elynn. PAUL BRGWNELL-Adverlising. Exlra-curricular aciiviliesr Eooi- ball, Track, Baseball, Hockey, Tennis and Golf. RQBERT BRUNS-Lehigh College. Exira-curricular acliviliesz Track, G.O. Cunocil, Chemislry Club, Hi-Y Club. MILTGN BUCCI-An avialion enlhusiasi. Desires +o own plane. RALPH BULL-College. Exlra-curricular aclriviiiesz Track. EUGENE V. BURGDOREF-Work or RG. Exlra-curircular ac+iyi+ies: Secrelary Aulomoiive Club '39-'40, Scholarship Club. WILLIS J. BURNS-Ari School. Ambifionz To be a commercial arlisi. Hobbies, Model airplanes, sporls. MARGARET BURPEE-Business School. Mixed Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Baseball, Baskelball, Golf, Soccer, Volleyball, Tennis, G.O. Council, G.A.A. Board, Banker. 37 V , . . , M4 ,Z ri N' y , .V ,f ' , Q ms Jinx, I H JOHN EDWARD BUTTIKOEER--Ambilionz To become vocalisl wilrh lhe nalion's lavorile orcheslra. Traffic Squad, Banker, Cross Counlry, Model Engineers, Junior Council, A Capella Choir. Boys' Glee Club. ROYAL BUYER-Syracuse. College ol Eoreslry. Exlra-curricular aclivilries: Swimming Team, Varsily. MICHAEL CAPUTO-Prinling Trade. Ambilion: To become a fireman or a policeman. Exlra-curricular acliviliesc Handball. LAURA CARUSO - Business School. Exlrafcurricular aclivilries: Baslcelball, Soccer, Baseball. DOROTHY CARUTH-Rhode Island School ol Design. Ex+ra-curricu- lar aclivilies: Rochellean Arl Slall, Arl Edilor of Huguenol Herald. PATRICIA CASEY-Skidmore. Caplrain ol Cheerleaders, Junior Prom, Biology Council, Biology Club, Volleyball, Hoclcey. LUCIA CERRETA-N.Y.U. School of Music. Trallic Squad, Junior Red Cross, Secrelary llalian Club, Orcheslra, Girls' Glee Club. Volleyball, Table Tennis. VIOLA CHANDLER-Ambilion: To be a professional lap dancer Exlra-curricular acliviliesz Baseball. EDWARD CHARLA--Oxford. Exlra-curricular acliviliesz Biology Club, Inlramural Baslcelball, lnlramural Baseball. EVELYN CHRISTENSEN-Business School. Exlra-curricular aclivilies: Paddle Tennis, Declc Tennis. ANGELO CIANClULLllAmbilion: To go inlo The Civil Service or be a bus driver. Hobby: Collecling pennies. JOSEPH CIVITANO-College, iob, or PG. Exlra-curricular aclivi- lies: lnlramurals, Baseball, Baslcelball. JOHN JOSEPH CLUEE-Business. Ambilion: To be a radio enler- lainer wilh his hill-billy band. Alhlelics. Hobbies: Playing guilar and wriling songs. JAMES CODELLA-Business and nighl school. Alhlelics. Ambilion: Become an avialor al Pensacola. Hobbies: Lislening lo Glenn Miller and Gene Krupa recordings. 38 ADELINE CQLANGELO-Business. Glee Club Chorus, G.O. Col- leclor, G.A.A., Rochellean Business Slalil. Ambilion: Travel. Hobbies: Sporls, slamp and coin collecling. MARILYN COLE-Skidmore. Biology Club, Modern Dancing Group, C5.A.A., Rochellean Business Slarl. Ambilion: To own a maroon Lincoln converlable. ELIZABETH COLEY-College. Scholarship Club, G.A.A., Glee Club. Arnbilion: To be a dielilian or a cook. CECILE COLIN-Radclillre. Chemislry, Erench, Biology, lvlalh, Currenl Evenls, Scholarship Clubs, Tralllic Squad, G.A.A. Ambi- +ion: Work in physical chemislry. LOUIS CQLGIVIBO-Business. Hi h School Golf Team, Glee Club. Q Ambilion: Emulale Bobby Jones. HARRY E. COLWELL, Ill-Darlmoulh. Counly, Track, Swimming, Inlramural Sporls. Ambilion: Be a diplomal in The U. S. Eoreign Service. Hobbies: Slamps, pholography. ROBERT COLWELL-Darlmoulh. Chemislry Club, Inlramural Bad- minlon. Ambirion: Eollow his Ta+her's Toolsleps in real eslale and insurance. Hobby: Collecling records. IVIARJORY CONCVER-lvlary Washinglon College. Currenl Evenls Club, G.A.A. Ambilion: A career girl. Hobby: Scrapbook ol movie slars. ALICE CCQKE-College. Exlra-curricular aclivilies: Biology Club. Hobby: Scrapbooks. Ambilion: To be a successful somelhing. JOHN CQPLEY-Williams and lvl.l.T. Radio Club, Band, Grcheslra. lvlalh Club, Chemislry Club, Scholarship Club. Ambilionz Radio engineer. Hobbies: Radio, pholography. ELIZABETH CORBETT-Earlham College. Glee Club, Erench Club, G.A.A. Ambilionz English Teacher and avialrix. Hobby: Horseback riding. AGNES CURRY-College. Aclivilies: Modern Dancing, Volleyball, Ping Rong. Likes lo swim. ELIZABETH DALRYMPLE-College. Ambirionz To be an avialrix. Secrelary Library Council, Huguenor Herald, Edilorial Slall Rochellean, G.A.A. Hobbies: Sailing, Tlying, collecling recipes. IVIANNING DANDRIDGE-Alabama Rolylechnic Inslilule. Slamp and Chess Clubs, Presidenr Bankers' Associalion, Library Council. Hobbies: Slamp collecling and clay-modeling. 39 'fa""? XNN fa Q-rv ...uf MQ , .. , . 'aw -3. ,1 , V -f ' Q ,1, y .. -. , sd .r ' " 'L 'F if a ,V . .5:. .,i V , iw . as ' A 1 s ,., Q . 19 lfA , , .:,,A , , Q 2, X if f A Y vb sf .Af 4 . A X 4+.,ryQ:,,..i . ,. . M X la 'il L 1 .msg P ,y mf- i i , . nn- .J-5. ffl. ' -, - l -ww' GEORGE DANIELS-RG. Biology and Chemislry Clubs, Banker, G.O. Colleclor, lnlramural and Junior Varsilry Eoorball. l-lobby: Collecling samples of minerals. FRED D'ARIANO-Clerical work. Alhlelrics. l-lobby: Colleclring lhealre lickels and loolball piclrures. RGBERT DAVIDS-RG. Cross-counlrry, Track, Slramp Club, Scholar- ship Club. Ambilrionz Beal The mile record. BARBARA DAVIDSGN-Cornell. G.A.A., Banker, Biology Club, Rochellean Business Slalrl. l-lobby: Reading ificlion. DGNALD DAVIDSGN-Darlmoulh. Wanls lo specialize in philoso- phy or engineering. Swimming and reading. SIDNEY DAVIDSGN-Engineering al N.Y.U. Malh, Radio. Chess Currenl Evenls, Slamp, Camera, Erench, Scholarship, Chemislrry Biology Clubs, l-luguenol l-lerald, Rochellean, G.O., Traffic Squad lnler-Eralernily Council. Ambilionz Develop alrornic powers. l-lob- bies: Boy Scoulring, pholrography. i 1 MARGARET DAVIS-Eurman Universily. G.A.A., lvlalh Club. Ambilrionz Occupalional Therapy. ANNA DeCARLO-Secrelrarial School. G.A.A. l-lobby: Reading Ticlion. 1 RUTH DeEALl.OT - Business school. Scholarship Club, G.A.A. Erench Club, Biology Club. Ambilion: Be a velerinarian. l-lobby: Taking care of numerous cals. LAWRENCE DEIERLEIN, Jr.-Pre-Law course al Manhallan. Track lnframural Sporls. l-lobbies: Pholography, hunling. ANNE Del.IGTER-College. Ambilionz To be a medical slenogra- pher. G.A.A., Traffic Squad, Chemisfry Club, Biology Club. l-lobby: Swimming. MGRRIS DeLlSSER -College gained by a loolball scholarship. Trailic Squad, Alhlelics, Eoolball Team. l-lobby: Walking The halls wilh Edylhe Walker. LOUISE Delv1AlO-Business. Ambilionz Travel lo The Soulh Sea Islands. l-lobbies: Drawing, hiking. FRANK DeMARTING-Duke. lnlends 'ro work hard nexl year and make a success of his life. l-lobbies: Golf, pool. 40 GEORGE DERQNTES- N.Y. lnslilule ol Rnolograpriy. Camera Club, Sporls. Ambirionz Be a commercial plwolograplner. Hobbies: Plwolograplning people, wood-carving. GRACE DeRENZO-Wanls lo become a slenograplrier alle-r grad- uarion. Girls' Alblelic Associalion. JACK DEVLlN-Journalism worlq. lnlramural Baskelball, Volleyball, and Baseball. Hobby: Reading. Ambilion: lvlalce good iournalisr. CARMELLA DilQRlO-Business. G.A.A. Hobbies: Dancing, cole lecling programs and dilrierenl color piclures. Ambilion: Be a good saleswoman. ANTOINETTE DiNARQLl -Business. G.A.A. Hobbies: Dancing, slcaring, nearing swing bands. Ambilrionz Be a lelepbone operalor or secrerary. LUCY ANN DiROlvlA-Business school. lvlodern Dancing, Eencing, Golf, Horseback Riding. Hobbies: Roller slfaring, liorsebaclc riding. Ambirionz Be a secrelary. VIVIAN DCNCHIAN - Scliolarslriip Club, Tower Players, G.A.A. Hobby: Modeling in clay. Ambirionz To acl over llwe radio. ANTOINETTE DONQERIQ-Business. C-3.A.A. Biology Club. Hob- bies: Collecring poems, ice slcaling, swimming. Ambirionz To marry a millionaire. CHARLES J. D'0NOERlO-RG. or RCA lnsrilule. Scliolarslriip Club, Bankers' Associarion, lnlramural Sporls. Hobbies: Golf, ealing spaglwerli. Ambirioni Success in elecrrical engineering. GLQRIA DTDNQERIQ-Business. Hobbies: Dancing, collecling pic- lures ol Roberr Taylor. Ambirionz To be a drum player. NICHOLAS ANTHONY D'0NOERlO - RG. or College Prep. Sclwolarslwip, Orlicials' Clubs: Varsify Eoo+ball, Baslcelball, Baseball: Secrelary-Treasurer Senior Class. Hobby: Clwinese Clweclcers. Am- bilrionz Enler Wesl Poinl. LEWIS DOOM-Princelon or Lehigh. Aeronau'rics,Cl1emislry, Sclwole arsl1ip Clubs, Caplain ol Eencing Team. Hobby: Plane building. Ambilion: Be an engineer, Travel around world. VIVIAN R. DREYEUS-Business. Hobbies: Dancing, movies, drama- Jrics, music, poelry, reading, swimming. Ambilrionz Be a secrelary. ALAN DUBIN-Lehigh Universily. Ambilionz To be a cliernical en- gineer. Clriemislry Club, Currenl' Evenls Club, lvlallw Club, Swim- ming Team, Tennis, Volleyball, Badminlon. 4 I XJ fi T f'5 . 3 . , ilyy "'?!f '79 -1-,r OLIVE MARIE DUSEK-College. Scholarship Club, Chemislry Club, Baskelball, Archery, Badminlon, Volleyball, Hockey. Ambirion: Be a nurse. ROBERT DYER-U. S. Navy or Marine Corps. Baskelball, Baseball, Officials' Club. Hobbies: Sporls and dales. Ambilioni Make good. ROSEANNE EADIE - Ml. Holyoke College. Biology, Chemislry, Malh, Scholarship Clubs, G.O. Colleclor, G.A.A. Ambi+ion: Chemical research. ANNE EBBINGHAUS-Plans undecided. WALTER EISNER-Airfield mechanic or Coasl Guard mechanic. Aulomolive Club. Hobbies: Dales, reading, driving, fishing. Ambi- lion: Good mechanic. VlVlAN ELLIOTT-Business. Mool Courl. Hobby: Reading. Ambi- lion: Good iob and earn enough money ro Jrravel. RICHARD ENGLES-Prep school. Baskelball, Tennis, G.O. Repre- senlalive. Hobby: Drumming. Ambilion: Make good. FERDINAND ENSINGER - Amhersl. Varsily Baskelball, Currenl Evenls Club, Chemislry Club, Scholarship Club, lnlramural Sporls. Ambilion: Gel Jrhrough college. LEWIS ENSINGER-Amhersl. Bankers' Associalion, Currenr Evenls. Scholarship Clubs, lnlramural Sporls. Hobbies: Ping pong, sporls. Ambirionz Economic adviser, diplomalic service. GAIL L. ERICKSON-Duke or Syracuse. lnlramural Sporls, Manager of Swimming Team, Track. JAMES M. EAHEY-Business, and nighl school, or Pace lnslilule. lnlramural Sporls. Ambilion: To make a million and relire. THOMAS FALLETTO-Business. Ambilionz Aulomobile mechanic. HELEN FANESE-Business or business school. Scholarship Club, G.A.A. Member. Hobbies: Skaling, swimming, dancing, slamp- collecling. Ambilionz Privale secrelary To Presidenl. JOSEPH F, FATONE-Business and business school. G.O. Colleclor, Secrelary and Presidenl of Track Club, Varsily Track Team. Hob- bies: Goli, riding, reading, clay-modeling. 42 VIRGINIA FELICE-College. Tennis, Volleyball, Ping Pong, Bad- minlon, French Club, Biology Club, Scholarship Club. I-lobbies: Tennis, swimming. Ambilionz Dielilian. TI-IOIVIAS FENTRESS-College. Traffic Squad Caplain, Vice-presi- denl' Chemislry Club, Secrelary Camera Club, Scholarship Club. I-lobbies: Pholography, eleclricily. Ambilionz Engineer. ESIVIERALDA FIGLIUZZI-Business school. Social Service Club, Red Cross Club, Paddle Tennis. I-lobby: Roller slraling. Ambilionz Talce advanlage ol leap year. ROY FINAIVIGRE-N.Y.U. Clubs: French, Ivlalh Scholarship, Biology, Chemislry. Sporlsz Badminlon, Volleyball, Sollball, Foolball, Swimming. MARIE IZITZRATRICK-Slcidrnore. Arnbilionz To gel married. I-lob- bies: Thealre, sporls. Volleyball, Swimming, Rochellean Porlrail Commillee. JULIUS FLEISCI-IER-Pre-denlal course al N.Y.I.I. Exlra-curricular aclivilies: Band, Chemislry Club. I-landball. I-IAZEL FLOWERS-Business school. Ambilionz Become a slenogra- pher. I-lobbies: Dancing, roller slcaling. JOI-IN IZQRRESTER-Plans Io RG. nexl year. Ambilion is lo relire Io The Soulh Seas. I-lobby: Sporls. Traclc. E. VIRGINIA FOSTER-Virginia Slale. Ambilionz To be a physical educalion Ieacher or a nurse. Baslrelball, Volleyball, Badminlon, Baseball. RITA IZQX-College. Scholarship Club, G.A.A. Advisory Board, Junior Counselors. Sporlsz I-loclcey, Basicelball, Declc Tennis, Bad- minlon, Archery, Volleyball. JOAN FRANK-Smilh. Clubs: Chemislry, Currenl Evenls, Social Service, Scholarship, lvlalh. Traliic Squad, G.A.A. lvlember, Rochellean Edilorial Srall. ADELINE IZREDERICKS-Plans Io oblain a secrelarial posilion. Am- bilion: To be a successful slenographer. I-lobby: I-Iorsebaclr riding. Glee Club. FLQRENCE FRENCI-I-Wishes lo secure a secrelarial posilion: Ambilion: To become one ol The besl secrelaries in New Rochelle. BETTY IZRIEDENBERGER-Plans lo be a secrelary. I-lobby: Dancing. 43 sy, 34' Q 4--ws -2- 5. ,Q V, 49 1 R Irish' 17s I V4 '-TC " Y Sw' v. I ,, I Q V , L I ' - I . f 'Z r -5 " 1 P P .r JJ' - ff ...H LD . . y 5,1 J' W! -c. -I 'P' fl. , .. , .ii 3 6 ffm lk. I , gg ' - , l Y ...df L 1-l l I R Nf - ...ff ff ia' l k , RQBERT ERIEDMANN-Cornell. Eoolball Manager, 9.0. Colleclor, CHQ. Council, Junior Prom, Banker, Rresidenl Sopliomore Home- room. Ambilion: To be liappy. RITA FRY-Plans lo work and allend niglil scliool. Ambilion: To be an X-ray leclinician. Hobbies: Dancing, baseball. JOSEPH A. EUSCO-Ambilion: Rarlicipale in oulside acliyilies. Hobbies: Coll and sporls. Handball, Baskelball, Varsily Coll, Ollicials' Club. JEAN GABQSCH-Wasbinglon Business Scliool. Ambilion: To be a blues singer. Hobby: Collecling loy dogs. Personalily Plus Club, Banker, Sliullle Board. DORIS GALE-Juiliard Scliool ol Music. G.A.A., Band, Orclieslra, Accompanisl lo llwe Girls' Glee Club, Erenclw Club. Hobbies: Swimming, music. Ambilion: To be a concerl pianisl. RQSE GALLELLCD-Weslcliesler Commercial Sclnool. Ambilion: To be a medical secrelary. Hobbies: Dancing, lislening lo Bing Crosby. Red Cross Club. NORMA GARDEN-Weslcbesler Commercial Scliool. Ambilion: Wrile a novel on scllool lile. Hobby: Seeing Gene Krupa. Biology Club. BROOKS H. GARDNER-Princelon. Ambilion: To gel inlo Wesl Roinl. Clubs: Scllolarsliip, Mallw, Cliess. Badminlon, Volleyball, Sollball, Swimming. HELEN GiARlBALDl-Sludy beauly cullure. Ambilion: To liave lier own beauly parlor. Hobbies: Horseback riding, dancing. J. CARADINO GATALETTO-Roosevell Scliool. Ambilion: To be a lransporl pilol or airplane mecllanic. Hobby: Building model air- planes. Baseball. BETTY GENE-College. Ambilion: To gel married. Hobbies: Horseback riding, wriling lellers. 6.0. Colleclor, Social Service Volleyball. WALTER GERKEN-Cornell. Sophomore Reg Room Rresidenl, Senior Prom Cllairman, Clieerleader, Circulalion Manager Hugue- nol Herald, Varsily Hockey, Track, Senior Banker. ALEXANDER CHUCK-Sclwool. Ambilion: To relire al 35 willi a nice liome. Hobbies: Eislling, sporls. HENRY GlRlATHCollege. Ambilion: To wrile liis name in red ink. 44 WILLIAM GIRARDI - Cornell. Ambilionz Law. G.O. Colleclror, Tral'Iic Squad, Hockey Team. Hobby: Golf. ALVIN L. GITLITZ-Pace lnslilure. Ambilion: Be an accounlanl. Hobby: Movies. Clubs: Currenr Evenls, Chess. Locker and Lunch Squads, Rochellean Edilorial Srarl. ESTELLE GLATMAN-Soulhern California. Clubs: Malh, Chemisrry, Scholarship. Hobbies: Badminron, riding, swimming. JOSEPH GLEASQN-inlends lo enler business afler gradualrion. Arnbilion: Poslal Service. PEGGY GLUCK-College. Clubs: Currenr Evenls, Social Service Scholarship. Rochellean Arr Slaicf, Traffic Squad, Deck Tennis Table Tennis, Baskerball. RICHARD GQLDBERG - Syracuse. Arnbirion: To be a chernisr. Chemisrry and Camera Clubs. Hobbies: Skiing, carlooning. EMMA L. GOLDEN-Srenographer. Traffic Squad. Hobby: Sramp collecring. HENRY GOLDEN-Business. Ambirionz Posral Service. Hobbies: Aulornobiles, sporrs, driving. RHQDA GGGDMAN-Be-nningron. Social Service, Chemisrry, Cur- renr Evenrs, Scholarship Clubs, Rochellean, Trarfic Squad, Fencing, Tennis, Badminlon. DOROTHY GORDQN-Nursing School. Ambilionz Nurse. Hobbies: Dancing, reading. GILBERT GORDON-Yale. Biology, Currenl Evenls, Marh, Scholar- ship Clubs, Traffic Squad, Tower Players. Arnbirion: Travel around rhe world. DONALD GORMAN-Cornell. Acriviliesz Eoolball, Baseball, lnrra- mural Baskerball. EDGAR GOTTHOLD-Air condirioning. Ambirionz To finish his srudies abroad. HAZEL GRAY-Arr College. Ambirion: To become a Jreacher. Hobbies: Dancing, reading, parries. 45 A f ff Wfff 101 F Mr i 9' Wx sqm ' ' . , 19" V ,is .N . ,- di -.CF " ' 0- ' ' I :J 1 T 5 ,.,., . ,fi . f " - f-,- Wm iris NEAI. GRAY-BG. Currenl Evenls Club, Tower Players. I-lobbies: Arl, horseback riding. IVIILDRED GRAYSON-Business. Acliviliesz Swimming, Baskelball and Baseball. JQAN GREENBERG H- Cornell. Tower Players, Currenl Even+s, Social Service, Erench Clubs. Ambilion: To wrile. BABETTE GREENWQQD-Balhune-Cookman College. ExIra-curricu- lar acliviiiesz Volleyball, Baskelball. I-lobbies: Reading, going Io Ihe movies. JUNE GREER-IVIcDowell Eashion School. Ping Pong, Junior Counsel- ors. Ambilionz To be a coslume designer or buyer. I-lobby: Knilling. MERRILLALYNN GRODNICK-William and Mary. Ambilionz To be a success in Jrhe lilerary field. I-lobby: Dramalics. CHRISTINE GUGLIELIVIO-Business School. Ambilionz To be a successful secrelary. I-lobbies: Knilling, collecfing jewelry. JENNIE GUIDA-Business school. Ambilionz To become a Iypisl or slenographer. Baseball. I-lobby: Collecling aulographs. EIVIIL GUNDELACI-I-N.Y.S. School of Applied Agricullure. A Capella Choir, Banking. Ambilion: To be a success in his chosen field. DAVID I-IACKIVIAN -Yale. Acliviliesz Ivlalh Club, Rochellean, Tower Players. Ambilionz To be a business execulive. CLARA I-IAEENER-Medical Assislanl School. Tennis, Volleyball, Deck Tennis. I-lobbies: Knilling, scrapbook of The Duke of Windsor. CORNELIA I-IAI-IN-Smilh. Baskelball, Volleyball, Sollball, Tennis. I-lobbies: Skiing, riding. ANNA I-IAKE-School Tor models. Ambilionz To become a manne- quin. A Capella Choir, Girls' Glee Club. IVIARIAN I-IALLBERG-College. Girls' Alhlelric Associalion. 46 CARLA HALLER-Business or PG. course nexi year. Hobby: S+amps. BARBARA J. HAIVIBUR-Wellesley. Presidenl of Scholarship, Biol- ogy Clubs, Tower Players, French. Hobbies: Slceiching, wriling. JEAN B. HAMPSON-PQ., Then Kaiharine Gibbs. Advisory Board of G.A.A., Hoclcey, Baslceiball, Baseball, Biology, Girls' Glee. Hobby: Singing. IVIAXINE HANCHRQW - Barnard. Secrelary ol Social Service, Biology, Scholarship, Curren+ Evenrs Clubs, Tower Players, Tra1Plic Squad Badrninlon Tennis. NCRIVIAN HANA-Air condiiioning or oil refining. Ambiiionz Ifnier ihe oil business. Hobbies: Fishing, riding, sailing, swimming. PATRICIA M. HANNAN-Paine Hall. Paddle Tennis, Chernisiry, Archery, Soil. Arnbi+ion: To be an elernenlary arilhrneiic school ieacher. LOIS A. HARDWICK-Lois insends io worlc during ihe day and ailend a nigh' school. Arnb'+ion: To be a nurse or a governess. ELEANOR HARRIGAN-VJan+s ro play lhe Iiiile wile in a rose covered cohrage. Baofrrhon. ETHELYN HARRIS-Corrrnercial school. Arnbirionz To gel mar- ried. Hobby: Keeping scraobools. RUTH HARRIS-College. Che'nis'r,f, Curreni Evenis Clubs' Herald, Rochellean, Baslnerball, Hocleyf, Volleyball. STUART HARVIE-Posl Graduaie. Arnbiiioni To pass advanced algebra. Aciiviries: Pencing, Yachring, Swimrning, Phoiography. Chemisiry Club, Library Council. HELEN HARVIER-Srniih. Tower Players, Ivlalh, Biology, Prench, Curreni Ifvenls, and Scholarship Clubs' Traliic Squad? Senior Jewelry Comrniilree, G.A.A. INA MAY HAVILAND-Business, Exlra-curricular aciivilriesz Violin player in school orcheslrra. Hobby: Dancing. JCHN HECKEI.-Business. Aciivilriesz Inirarnurals, Handball. 47 w rin 73 , 9 ,y X' ,.,, 5 Ji., ,fav " ff v -.W f f ,llii ri ' 1 ff 4 W I ' 0 sv--asap 0 i -x' 5,321 ,. L, , X I vi' ' Q xx Q if QQ if M 5 , QM 'vt!'9', mf gy, JULIAN I-IEILBRUN-Brown. Ambilion: To work in some branch ol medicine. Exlra-curricular acliviliesz Swimming Team, Tracl Squad, Currenl Evenls Club. RUTI-I A. I-IEINEMANN-Posl Graduale or music course. Ambi- Jrion: Become a pianisl. Acliviliesz Chorus, Golf, Archery, Paddle Tennis, Ping Pong. EDWIN I-IENRICI-I-College or Posl Graduale. Ambilion: Music or engineering. Acliviliesz A Capella Choir, Band, Boys' Glee Club, Library Council, Traclc Team. CARRIE MARIE I-IESTER-Arl School. Ambilion: Commercial arlrisl. I-lobbies and aclivilies: Drawing, painling, dancing, wriling poelry. DONALD I-IEWITT-Darlmoulh. Ambilion: Journalisl. Aclivilies: Traclc Team, 6.0. Membership and Prom Commillees. Inlerlra- lernily Council, I-Iuguenol I-Ierald, Rachellean, Mixer Dance. GERARD I-IILL-Desires Io slarlle lhe world by crossing rhe Allamlic in a Thimble. Swimming. DONN I-IINTON-PG., lhen ioin lhe Marilime Commission. Swim- ming Team, Lock Squad. I-lobby: Model ship building. Ambirion: See Ihe sea. DANIEL G. HOFFMAN - College. Ambilion: Chemisl. Exlra- curricular aclivilies: Currenl Evenls Club, Junior Spealcers, Panel Associalion, Chemislry, Camera, Wriling Clubs' Band, Trallic Squad. JEAN I-IOESTADTER-Qberlin. School aclivilies: Malh, Chemislryi and Scholarship Clubs: Band, Qrcheslra, I-loclcey, Volley ball, Table Tennis. BEATRICE I-IQPEENGARTNER-'Journalism school. Ambilion: To wrile lilce a prolessional. Exlrafcurricular acliviliesi I-Iuguenol I-lerald, Band, I-Ioclcey Team. SI-IIRLEY I-IQRSLEY-College. Aclivilies: Tower Players, Erench Club, Chemislry Club, Scholarship Club, Baskelball, Volleyball. Modern Dancing. ALLEN I-lCDWESaColumbia. Ambilion: To become an engineer. Exlraecurricular aclivilies: Malh Club, Chemislry Club, Traclc Team, lnlramurals. CARL I-I. I-IUBACI-IEK, Jr,-College or apprenlice in lool and dye malcing. Ambilionz To lceep our ol war. Acliviliesz Traffic Squad, pholography, drawing, and model building. ELSA HUNTER-Mounl I-lolyolce College. Aclivilies: Chemislry Club, Malh Club, Scholarship Club, Tennis, Badminlon, Table Tennis Teams. 48 RUSSELL B. l-lURLBURT-College. Ambilrionz Diplomal, polilrician, or iournalisl. Acliviliesz Track Team, Cross Counlry Team, Trailic Squad, Rochellean. EVELYN l-lUSTED-Secrelarial School. Ambiiionz To have a while Ford. Exlra-curricular acliviliesz Social Service Club, Personaliry Plus Club, Volleyball Team. MELVINA HYDE-Secrelarial School. Ambilionr To gel her Junior License. Acliviiies: Personalily Plus Club, Social Survey, Badminlon and Volleyball Teams. STANLEY l-lYMAN-Anlioch. Ambiiionz Specializalion in auro- moiive indus+ry. Aclrivilries: Track Team, and member of lnlramurals. RAPHAEL IANNUZZI-Pace lnsliJru+e. Ambirionz To be a cerliified public accoun+anl' or banker. Exlra-curricular acliviriesc Spor+s. l-lobby: Dancing. RGSE IANNUZZI-Travel our lo lowa. Ambirion: To become a good dancer. Gulside inlereslsi Dancing and horseback riding. NlCl-lGLAS lARGCCl-Bucknell Universilry. Ambilionz To become a financier. Exlra-curricular ac+ivi+ies: Member ol Baseball and Eoolball Varsiiy Teams. THEODQRE IARGCCI-Vocarional school. Ambiiion: To have a Civil Service posilion. Acrivilriesz Visiring and colleclring piclures of hissrorical places. EUGENE IDGNE-Springfield College. Ambilion: To be a physical educaiion insiruclor. Adrivilries: Member ol Baskelrball, Baseball, Volleyball lnlrrarnurals. CHARLES JAl-lN-Cooper Union. Ambirionz To be an engineer. Exira-curricular aclrivilriesz Chemislry Club. l-lobby: Phoiography. BEATRICE JAMES-College. Ambirion: Social service worker. Scholarship Club, Currenl Evenls Club, Social Service Club, Chemislry Club, Rochellean, Deck Tennis, Volleyball. DIANA JANER-College. Ac+ivi+ies: Social Service Club, Currenl Evenls Club, Deck Tennis, Hockey and Golf. . DGRGTHY JONES-College, Aclivilriesz Tower Players, Girls' Glee Club, Scholarship Club, A Capella Choir, Junior Counselors. GEORGE JOSEPH-College. Tower Players, l-luguenol l-lerald Ari S+a1'T, Currenl Eve-nfs, Scholarship, Camera and Chemis+ry Clubs. 49 ...VY fs if f lf' 49 f lg 'CZ X Z M15 xx fag f fr 5 ' 421 f Zi? K , ., g If-.V n I- wi' 1? , , ,...,. , 3, f ,,,,,., ' ""' i fb? , , ag ff - :QI . , , , " "V' , -N im' W ' Vw 3 V, ,--gf'-,Q I 1. F ev . , ' . 'f"w5., .Q -'51 2 mm' ' X " W' . f , ,. ,,,V . vi Q kw- .' . p'S"f'ff ' , ' ' 7 W ' A , ,JZ ,A A . ,,.. 1 f ry I V' ' Q f.,,.+f'ry 1574, TQ , MARILYN JOSI-'Ari Scliool. Ambirionz To be a llower and porlraif painler. Aclivilies: Rocliellean Arl Slalll, Ping Pong, Erencb Club. I-lobby: Collecling coins. DORIS JURGENS-hSl4idmore. Aclivilies: G.O. Colleclor, Roclfiellean Business Slall, Girls' Sporls. Hobby: Gardening. JGI-IN KAZAN-Wisconsin. Ambilion: Cliemizl, Acliviliesi Eencf ing, Cliemislry Club, Tower Players. JCI-IN KEELING-Cornell. Ambilionz Slruclural engineer. Aclivi- lies: Clfiemislry Club Presidenl, Scliolarsliip and Malli Clubs, Rocl1eIlean,Tra1PTic Squad, I-lerald, Band, Orclneslra, Legion Spealf- ers, G.O. Represenlalive. AGNES KELLY-Business. Ambilionz Travel abroad. Effra- ur icu'ar aclivilies: Slwullleboard, Swimming. GERALDINE KELLY-Business scI'iool. Exlra-curricular acliviriesz Scliolarsliip Club, Swimming. PETER KENNEDY-College. Ambilrionz G-lvlan. Ex+ra-curricular acliviliesz Swimming, Sramp Collecling, Baseball. RUTI-I KENNEDY-Colby Junior College. Aclivilies: Biologl, Social Service, and Personalily Plus Clubs. FRED KENNEDY-College. Exlra-curricular acliviliesz Banker, Library Council. STANLEY KERBS-N.Y.U. Aclivilies: Tower Players, Cliess and Slamp Clubs. I-lobby: Piano. WILLIAM KETTNER-Universily ol Pennsylvania. Ambilionz Travel exlensively. Does lols ol sailing and swimming. PETER KIKES-Princelon. Ambilionz Imporler. Acliviliesz Slrarnpi Sclwolarsliip, Biology, Cliess, Ivlallw Clubs, Traffic Squad, I-luguenol I-lerald, Baclminlon Team. IVIARTI-IA KILTI-IAU-New Jersey College. Ambilionz Cliefnical researclw. Acliviliesz Biology, lvlalln, Clnemislry, Sclwolarslnip Clubs? I-luguenol I-lerald AVI Slall. RITA KLALISNER-Llniversily ol Norllw Carolina. Exlra-curricular aclivilies: Biology, Erencb, Clwemislry Clubs, G.A.A. 50 MARY ELLEN KLEBERG-Cornell. Exlraecurricular acliviliesz French and Scholarship Clubs: G.A.A. ROBERT KOl-lLASCl-l-Join The Navy. Ambilion: Travel. Exlra- curricular aclivilies: Foolball, lnlramural Sporls. MILDRED KOONTZ--lvlounlr l-lolyoke College. Aclivilriesz French, Chernislry, Malh, Scholarship Clubs: Tower Players, Girls' Sporls, Rochellean Edilorial SlaFT. DCROTT-lY KRAFT-Cornrnercial School. Ambiliont To be a good privale secrelary. Dol's hobbies are reading and collecring pholographs. ERlC KULLBERG-Business. Ambilionz Courl slenographer. Exlra- curricular aclriviliesz Slamp Collecling, lnlrarnural Sporls. ROSE LaBlANCA-Business School, Ambilionz Business work. Evra- curricular acrivilies: Baseball, Foolball. AVIS LAl-lEY-Salem College. Aclrivilies: CEC. Represenlalive, Girls' Sporls, Junior Counsellors, French and Lilerary Discussion Clubs. ALICE LANDSBERG-College. Efrra-curricular aclivilies: French Club. NANCY LARAVVAY - Llniyersily ol Calilornia. Exrra-curricular aclivilies: Fencing, l-lorsebaclm Riding Clubst A Capella Choir. ARNOLD LASSER-Lehigh. Aclivilies: 6.0. Council, Rochellean Arr and Edilorial Slaris, lnlrarnural Sporls, Library Council, Scholf arship Club. JEAN LAUER-Business School. Exlra-curricular acliyilies: Modern Dancing, Archery, Baseball. ELVA LAVINE-Business School. Arnbilionz Secrelary. Exlra-curricu- lar aclriviliesz Chernislry Club, Paddle Tennis, Music. BETTY LEA-Edgewood Parlc Junior College. Arnbilionz Arlisl. Exlra-curricular aclivilies: Tower Players, French Club, Junior Counsellors. SIDNEY LEE-Business. Ambilion: Sporls wriler. Exlra-curricular aclivilies: Banlcer, lnlrarnural Sporls. 5 I 1 cv Q, ff . V, 3 Q. se' if 2' W3 wf ri ,A-.Wil . 5? T 5 ' I P733 Q. 1 A ' ' J I ir T in . I I 'Q 4 T ei" ii," ' " .,-Q - 1 Q i 'N' --A-Md'-+ 'A' fy i i 'A I? lf' 3 .45 jf! ,r sq... V 'B Q 'CY -xf'-Time T N. KN ,. JA.. A T Ma- ' cg-'J . - .,,,.,M+frf A or fri . ,,, ' 7 .-1-. - -,Ni - an-J - A' '+e..4 J NQRMA LEFF-Goucher. Ambirionz Qccuparional Jrherapisr. Efrra curricular acriviries: French, Malh, Red Cross, Scholarship Clubs Rochellean Edirorial Sralll. HERBERT I.EI-IMAN-Rensselaer Rolyrechnic Insrilure. Efrra-curricu lar acriviries: Chemislry, Malh, French, Fencing Clubs, Tracl Swimming. WQLFGANG I.EI-IMAN-I-Iaveriord College. Ambirion: Lawyer Exrra-curricular acrivilriesz Camera Club, Currenr Evenlrs Club member of Traclc Team. FRANK LEIS-Kansas Universily. Pennsylvania! Tavorire son's Taf- orile paslime is collecling sramps and building models. PEGGY LEQNARD-College. Ambirionz Bear Margarer Grahame ar her own game. Presidenr ol French Club, Biologf Club A Cappella Choir, TraFTic Squad, G.A.A. RICI-IARD LESSER-Business. Exrrafcurricular acriviliesz Member oi Swimming, Baseball Teamsy Inrramural Sporrs, aBnd. FLORENCE LEVI-Qhio Srale or Michigan. Ambirion: Radio worlc. Aclriviliesz Currenr Evenrs Club, Tower Players, Scholarship Club French Club, 6.A.A. JAMES LEVI-College. Ambirionz To be successiful. Exrra-curricular acriviriesz Swimming Team, Track Team, Currenr Evenls Club, TraFTic Squad. BEATRICE LEWIS-Junior College. I-lobbies: Toe and rap dancing, and going Io movies iusr as much as she can. FRANCIS MARY LEWIS-Business School. Ambirion: Privale secre- Iary. Exrra-curricular acrivilies: Member oT Baslerball, Volleiball, Badminlon, Soccer and Tennis Teams. MARIQN LINDSAY-Business School. Ambirionz Be iusr a bir berrer Ihan Ihe besr secrelary. Acriviriesz Sociology Survey Sporrs. MARITA LITTAUEReMI. I-Iolyole College. G.A.A., Banker, French Club, Junior Counsellor. SUSA LQEWE-Universily oT Cincinnali Nursing School. Ambirion: To own a luxurious home. French Club, Volleyball, Ring Rong. ANN MARIE LCRETO-Will conrinue srudy of music Io Iullill ambi- lion oI becoming concerr pianisl. I-lobby: Knirring. 52 LAWRENCE LQWY-College. Vice-Presidenl Currenl Evenls Club, Ivlallw Club, Cross Counlry, Sclnolarslwip Club, Traiclic Squad, Tower Players, Senior Prom Commillees. ARLINE ANN LUNDY-Business Sclnool. Ambilion: To be a iournale isl. I-lobbies: Tliealre, slfaling, reading. ALICE R. LYCN-College. Cliemislry Club, Lilerary Discussion Club, Junior Counsellors. 6.0. Represenlalive, Junior Council Represen+a+ive. GORDON MACDCNALD-DuI4e Universily. Ambilionz To play lor 'flue Gfianlfs. QI'IiciaI's Club. Baseball. CONSTANCE MAEEUCCI-Will conlinue musical sludy. Ambiliont To direcl cIniIdren's musical programs. Glee Club, CHO. Repre- sen+a+ive. I-lobby: Reading. VIRGIE IVIAEEUCCI-Business Scliool. Ambilionz To playin a band. I-lobby: CoIIec+Tng olwolograplws. MARGARET MALLQN-Business. Ambinon: To be a privale secre- lary. Tennis, Volleyball. I-lobbies: Dancing and slcaling. ELIZABETH IVIANERIDA-Business. Ambilionz To be a secrelary williin a year. I-lobby: Collecling pnolograplws ol movie slars. JGSEPI-IINE IVIARCIANC-New Roclielle College. Ambilion: To become a concerf pianisl. Tennis, Badminlon, Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Golf. I-lobbies: Sculyoring and drawing. IVIYRON MARKELL - College. Cbemisny Club, Biology Club. I-lobby: Slamp collec+ion. DAVID IVIARKCE-College. Ambifionz To be a doclor and a wriler. Banker, Cliemislry Club, Baseball. I-lobby: Ccllecling slramps. DICK IVIARKEY-I-Ioly Cross. Varsity Eoofball Team, Biology and Erencln Clubs. Ambiiion: Doclcr. ARTHUR MARKS-Work and more worlc. Pliolograplwy is I'iis Iavorile paslrime. CARMELA A. IVIARTORANA-Secrelarial Scliool. Ambilionz To Jrravel. Crealive Wriling Club, Huguenol I-Ierald. I-lobbies: Reade ing, Swimming, Poslcards. 53 - Y T...- . , V'-KM X s W -3 . , ff' 1- rr 125:-'Q X '45 -9 ,AWN my ... ,,,.f"7 CHARLES MARTUS-Darlrmoulh. Presidenl G.O., Rresidenlr Junior Class, Eoolball, Baseball, Hockey. Hobby: Alhlelics. MARJORIE E. MATERN-Business. Ambilionz To graduale. Trailic Squad, Baseball, lvlool Courl. Hobby: Swimming. ERNEST MAUTHNER-Mechanical Engineering School. Ambilion: Engineer. Exlra-curricular acliviliesz Pholography, Malh Club, Radio Work. Hobby: Slamp collecling. RICHARD D. MAZZA-Work in California. Ambilrionz To Jrravel. Traffic Squad. Hobbies: Hunling, Reading, Acrobalics. PEGGY A. lVlcPHAlL-New Jersey College. Ambilionz Living on an island. Scholarship Club, Chemislry, Malh, G.A.A. Hobbies: Swimming, reading, pholography. PAUL lvlcCANN-Class shirker de luxe. Spends school lime lrying lo gel our of school. Very successful. CATHLEEN McCARTl-IY-Business School. Ambilionz To be suc cesslul in business. Tennis, Ping Pong. JOHN MCGOWAN-Business. John has been aclive in Scouling for years. Aclivilies: Swimming. KARL lvlcLAUREN-Trade school. Ambilion: To be a good boxer. Eoolball, Track. Hobby: Saving girls' piclures. JGAN lvlclvlAHON-Mounl Holyoke. French Club, Junior Counsels ors, Golf, Tennis, Soccer, Badminlon. JEAN MCQUADE-College. Biology and Chemislry Clubs, Tennis, Golf, Baseball, Baskelball, Ping Pong. Hobbies: Horseback riding. reading. Ambilion: To be a lab-Technician. ROBERT MELTZER-Uniled Slales Navy. Eoolball, Track, Model Engineers. ANNE MELVILLE-College. Presideni G.A.A., Secrelary G.O., Personalily Plus, Biology Clubs: Presidenl Weslchesler Girls' G.A.A., Sporls. THCMAS A. MENTION-College. Eoofball, Cross Counlry, Baskei- ball, Traffic Squad, Boys' Glee, A Capella Choir, Swing Club Hobbies: Baskelball and music. 54 GERAURD METZLER-Texas Universiry. Ambirion: To be an eleclrical engineer. Band, Hockey, Swimming, Banker, 6.0. Reore5en+5+3V9, Hobby: Dancing. ABRAHAM MEYERS-Syracuse Universiry. Ambirion: Cerriwfied Public Accounranr. Acliviliesz Hockey, Baskerball, Track and Baseball. VIRGINIA MILLER-Universiry of Michigan. G,A,A,, Senigf Prom Commirlee. JACK MILLS-Pos+ Graduare. Vice-Presidenl Senior Class Senior Prom Commilree, 9.0. Reoresen+a+ive. Foolball, Track, Inrramurals. THEODORE MILLS-Engineering. Track, Cliorus, Band, Boys' Glee, Clwemis4ry,Scl1olarsI1'o Clubs Inrramurals. Hobby: Ealing mollnerlg clwocolaie cakes. JUNE MQDELL-Business. Amoifon: Courr s+enograol1er. Acliviriesz Girls' Sporls. Hooof.: S'ud!,'ng scenoqraplny. ELEANOR MORELLC-Business. Arrbiiion: To be a super secrelar-,'. Ex-ra-curfcular ac"v"'es: Baseball, Soccer. and Baskerball. JOSEPH MCRELLC-Business Ambirionz To be a counly bus driver and a busirese mar. Ac'ivf'i-es: Baske+ball Manager, In4ra'ruraI Baskerball Baseball VcIIe,balI, and Golf. TAD MOSEI.-College. Ambilfcnz To wrile ooererlas in Ilwe Gilberlr and Sullivan s'l,Ie. Ac"v"Tes: Tower Players, Sclwolarslnio Club, Tragic Squad. IRVING MQTZKIN-Brom L,r'versif,. Ambi+ion: To be an accounl- anl. Acriviriesz Rocbellean, Herald, Tower Players, Finance and Senior Prom Cornmireees Fooeball and Track Teams. Lll.l.IAN MURPHY-Business scnool. Volleyball and Paddle Tennis. Hobby: Slramp coIIec+Eng. Amoifionz To be a successful secrelary. ELIZABETH MURPHY-Business. Berlfs ul+irna+e ambilion is To marry a millionaire. JAMES MURPHY-Business. Ambilion: To own a lavendar Rolls- Royce. Acriviries: Inrramurals. Track, Badminlon. ALMA NATHAN-College or Nursing Scliool. AcIivi+ies: Herald, Banker, Camera and Clxemisrry Clubs, G.A.A. 55 rl Vt? 1 ."""T'fr , '25 A I V f -5' . -I I - " ...JT J' Q, B -2' 'ii ,A 5 . 9 "Q sfi x acl? Tx 0 . r . nf. ' .7 . , Q IV. - fi -n -4, -Ay ' . . .X x ' I. f. - Q , EA , Y",-.3-I li W :LW lm, . -I ,--4 .. G xx, X, K A ad g JL" X T gg II A S --ggi.. . , i 1" air 5' ,. JEANNE NESTLER-Lasell Junior College. Personalily Plus Club, Junior Counsellors, member ol Senior Prom and Eleclions Com- millees, G.A.A. VIRGINIA NESTLER-Lasell Junior College. G.O. Represenlalive, Girls' Council, Cheerleader, Personalily Plus Club, Junior Counsel- lors, G.A.A. RICFIARD NEUBERGER-This wriler, poel, playwrighl, has nol yel made any decisions lor his lulure educalion. RICI-IARD DAVID NEW-New York Universily. Ambilion: Gel married. Aclivilies: French and Slamp Clubs, Ping Rong, Basker- ball, Baseball, Volleyball and Foolball. MARTIN NEVVMAN-Anlioch or Penn Slale. Ambilion: Be a musician and a glamour boy. Aclivilies: Member ol Biology and Camera Clubs. I-lobbies: Piano playing and crealive wriling. MADELINE NOXGN-Edgewood Park. Ambilion: Combine business wilh pleasure. Exlra-curricular aclivilies: Personalily Plus Club, Scholarship Club. ROBERT FREDERICK OBERFELDER-Michigan Universily. Ambilion: Chemical engineer. Aclivilies: Chess Team, Chemislry Club, Bank- ing, Track, Baseball. FLORENCE O'BRlEN-Journalism school. Ambilion: Newspaper reporler. I-lobbies: Tennis, fishing, sailing, hiking. GLGRIA ODEN-I-loward Uniyersily. Ambilionz Teach hislory. I-lobbies: Wriling poelry and prose, singing, and making lriends. CONSTANCE OEI-IREN-Business. Aclivilies: Fencing Team, A Cappella Choir. Ambilion: To sing belore a large audience wilhoul gelling nervous BERNARD G'KEEFE-RG., lhen college. Ambilion: Be a iournalisl. Exlra-curricular aclivilies: Edilor-in-chiel ol lhe I-lerald, Crealive Wriling Club. Sl-IIRLEY ORLOVITZ-College. Acliviliesz Chemislry Club, Scholar- ship Club, Member ol Ping Pong and Baskelball Teams. FRANK GSER-College. Aclivilies: G.G. Conslilulion Commillee, Banking, Volleyball and Sollball Inlramurals. FRANCES PARKER-Washinglon Commercial School. Ambilion: To meel I-IIM al lhe slalion in a slalion wagon. Aclivilies: Per- sonalily Plus Club, I-lockey Team. 56 RlCl-lARD RASClUTl-Engineering sclwool. Exrra-curricular ac'ivi- lies: Malli, Clwemisrry and Sclmoiarsliip Clubs' Rresidec' of rne llalian Club, Fencing Team. KATHRYN l3ATQUl-lAS-Coslume designing course. Arnbilion: To design clollwes Tor me socialll elioe. Acliviliesz Deck Tennis, Banker. SCLCMEN PADSHTER-Business. Ambiiion: To reiire al Toflf, and relax. Acriviriesz Ring Rong, Baskelball and Baseball lnsramurals, Slarno ano Frencn Clubs 6.0. Colleclor. BEATRICE RlEl.l-lAM-Plans lo go inlo business and become a brivalre secrerary. Glee Club. Sclnolarsliio Club, Library Council. Volleyball. Hobbies: Riding and swimming. ROGER EDWARD REMBERTGN-College. Annbilrion: To become a Cerriiieo Public Accounfani Acrivilies: Member oi Track Team. ARTHUR RERLSTEIN - N.Y.D. Ambilion: Den+is+. Circulanon Slaff Business Manager ol l-ierald, Finance. G.Q. Mernbersliio, Junior ano Serior :rom 9.0. Dance Comrrillees. Roobelean. Tower Rla,e's Cnemisv, Cluo Tragic Squad. ORLANDO RERRl-Scnool in Long lslano. Ambifonz Direofor l-looolf: Soafrc oo'.eo'71g. DANTE RERRlCCLC-Juiffaro Music School. Ambirion: To be a grear rmsiciar. Evo: o aoizaffonsz Moo' Court, Memoer ol Track Team. JENNIE RETRCULAS-Business. Ambilion: Be an elriicienl secrelary. Exlra-Qgrrfulgr ac'ivi'ieSZ Moff Courl, G.A.A. MARY RETERSCN- si oss. May' is esoeciallf' inreresled in soorls and social serfce 1 rif MARY PICKARD-College. Arrbirion: Do somelliing llial lakes brainpower. Ex+ra-curricular acaivilriesi Biology and Personalily Plus Clubs. LEONARD PIEDMQNT-Business. Arnbirion: Enler Civil Service. Acliviliesz Member of Foolball. Soilball, Track and Badminlon Teams. MARIE PIEDMQNT-Business. Ambilion: Be a confidenlial secrelary. l-lobbies: Reading, lislening lo good orclieslra. JQSEPH PIERCE-Joe lauglied and ioked liis way llwrougli scliool bul now lie plans lo seldrle down TO serious WOVli- 57 I T ii '-ig "Te 4 w,,,,s 1273-K .4 fwlw, . .f ., . 4, WETQJV ,A 9. A . " X A v 1 . Q TY, f 'B I e""'1Ifkx. "' , . . -I. H CATI-IERINE RIERMONT-Business. Ambilionz To meel Jack Leon- ard. Gulrside acliviliesz Swimming, dancing, sporls. FRANK PLATI-SI. John's College, Ihence, a member of Ihe legal profession. Ilalian Club, Bankers' Associalion. JANICE POLLACK-College. Presidenl of Social Service, Chem- islry, Curreni Evenls, Scholarship Clubs, Rochellean Edilor-in-Chiel, G.A.A., and Junior Speakers. ELIZABETH ALICE PGWELL-Business course. Ambilionz To own a IiIIIe, while collage wilh roses climbing over il. G.A.A. EDWARD RGWELL-"Red" wanls Io play wilh Ihe N. Y. Yanks. Baseball, Baskeiball, I-Iockey, Boys' Glee, Chorus, G.G. Reore- senlalive. I-lobby: Women, blond and brunelle. MARY PGWERS-Business. Arnbilionz Spend every rninule skaling. Acliviliesz Girls' A+hIe+ic Associalion. WILLIAM PRESSMAR-Shy, reliring, "car busier". Will rales pubf Iicily. Acliviliesz Aulomobile Club, Inlramurals. MARIO PRESTI-New York Universiiy, Exlra-curricular acliviliesz Malh, French, Scholarship, Curren+ Evenls, and Radio Clubs' mem- ber ol Inlramural Teams. CI-IARLES PULLEY-"Chuck's" one ambilion is Io earn money enough Io open a gas slalion ol his own. SALVATGRE QUATRGCI-I-Columbia or Posl-Graduale course. "Sal" coIIecIs anligue ship models, and was a member of Ihe Inlramural Teams. WILLIAM QUINN-Antler gradualion, Bill is going Io work his way Ihrough college. Acliviliesz Malh Club, and member ol Inlramurals. RGSEANNE RADEORD - Nursing School. School organizalionsz Girls' Alhlelic Associalion. LG RAEEA-Business. Eoolball, Baseball, Baskelball, Volleyball. Ambilion-To go info Ihe Civil Service. ELEANGR RAMSDELL-College. Clubs: Chemisiry and Biology Clubs, Girls' Alhlelic Associalion. I-lobby: I-Iorseback riding. 58 ADELE RASIS-Arlinglon l-lall, Washinglon. She earned a place in The Scholarship Club. RUll-l RATNER-College. Girls' Sporl, Scholarship ancl Creaiive Wriling Clubs. ELSIE RAUl'lG-College. Exlra-curricular acliviliesz Girls' Arhlelic Associarion Social Service Biology and Scholarship Clubs. RlCl-lARD E. RAYMGND-Cclufnbia Universily. Member ol l-lochey ano Eooroall 'learns Sono arshio Club and General Grganizalion Council. l-lARRY RElNECYQE-Busness. Known as l-lallbreadlh l-larry lo his cohorss +h's graouaae will soar? beng a success new year. l-lobby Swirnnwihg. JEAN RlCCl-Dos'-Graouafe course. lvlernoer ol Baominlon, Tennis, Declc Tenns Baslesoall and l-locliei, learns. DORIS A. RICHARDSGN-Cornrnercial school. Arnbilion: Legal slenogracher. Gjsioe orgarfzalionst Girls' Alhlelic Associalion, Leaders' Group. GERTRUDE RlCl-lTER-Business school. Voice raiser in lhe Girls' Glee Club ang 'he collecsor ol Glenn Miller plallers. CLARENCE RlLEY-Soxh Carolina Sfale College. lhen a second Joe l.o.'s or il 'ra' ooesr? rnalerialize a oolicernan. WENDY REID RGEB-Goooaro College Verrnoni. Aclive in Tower Players Scoal Serifce Cluo and G'rls' Arhle-lic Associahon. l-lobby: Skethirg. MARGARET ROBBINS-College. Girls' Glee. Scholarship Clubs. l-lAZEN RGBERTS-Universiy' ol New l-larnoshire. he aspires loward success in some 'Field ol rnusfc. lvlernber ol Traclc Team. EDlTl-l RGBINSON-Eurrnan Universilry. Aclivilies: Girls' Sporls. Banlcer, Rochellean Slahf. l-lobby: Colle-clor of Ella Eilzgerald records. HOWARD l-l. ROBINSON--Annapolis. Rresidenl ol Aulornolive Club. lnlrarnurals, Boys' Council rnernber. Scholarship Club. l-lobby: Sailing. 59 - I Y if 1 1 Q 19794 I . 1 'if ia X 2? . J . 'A 1 qvcxi JR . E -, 11 u . K jeffn' 9 ' , :. ' A T if . rp p Q 1 A s 4 .1 .ss s ITALO RQCCO-Nexl year "Eais" will work, buf he won'+ Torger io keep slrumming on his guiiar, and lo lake piclures. JUAN RGDGERS-College. Joan was an aclive parlicipanl in Jrhe Currenl Evenls, Eencing, Erench, and Biology Clubs, and The Traiclic Squad. INGE RCDEDER-Her marks earned a berlh Tor her in The Scholarship Club. She'll conlinue her sludies al nursing school. ALERED M. ROGERS-Rensellaer Rolylechnic lnslilulet Thence, an engineer. Member of Track and Chennisiry Clubs. Hobby: Auiomobiles. ANNE ROSE-Anne has a lol of work ahead of her Tor she plans lo allend nursing school. llalian Club. ARTHUR ROSSI-Business. Ambilionz To visil Mars on a rockel ship, Aciiviliesz lnlramurals, Mool Couri. HELEN RUSKlN -College. Tower Players, Rochellean, Banker, Huguenol Herald, G.O. Colleclor, Volleyball. MARY RUSSO-Dress designing school. Personalily Plus Club, Badminion, 6.0. Finance Commiilee. Ambilionz Design dresses. PHILIP RUST-Universiiy ol Wisconsin io siudy aeronaulical en- gineering. Volleyball, Soilball. JOHN RUTLEDGE-elzordham or Columbia. Tennis, CHO. Collecior, Track. BEATRICE SACCGMANO-lnlends lo work as a cashier or clerk. Archery, Shuiileboard. FRANK SALERNOiAri school lo sludy lo be a commercial ariisi. Baseball. MARY LCDUISE SANDEREER-"Tex" is undecided aboul her plans for nexl year, buf her ambilion is io be a rural nurse. Library Council, Chemisiry Club. JAMES SARERSTQNE-Columbia. Ambilionz Research chemisl. Tower Players, Chemislry Club, Camera Club, Chess Club, Biology Club, Rochellean, Eencing, Malh Club. CO RUTH SCHAEEER-Ruih will aiiend business school in New York. Her hobby is chewing gum. Scholarship Club. BARBARA SCHWAB-Smiih or Conneciicui. Scholarship Club, Chemisiry Club, G.A.A. Advisory Board, Hockey, Tennis, Table Tennis, Baseball, Volleyball, Baskeiball, Badminron, Rochellean. SADIE SCHWARTZ-Business school. Arnbiiion: To be successiul. Girls' Sporrs, Table Tennis. Fencing. Hobbies: Dancing, collec+fng lerrers. ELTSABETH ANNE SCQTT-Virginia lnierrnoni Junior College. Arnbiiion: Secrerary. Tower Players, Girls' Qlee Club, Girls' Alh- lelic Associaiion. JOHN SCOTT, Jr.-Florida. Baskerball, Track, Baseball. Hobby: Slramp collecring. Arnbision: Play wiih The Yankees. JOHN SEACORD-John's anfmbiiion is To be an elecirical engineer. Baseball. RUTH MADELTNE SEIDET.-Nursing School. Girls' Council, Biology Club, Chernsfr, Ciuo, Soccer, Hockey, Baskerball. PETER SERENA - Business. Refer enioys all sporjrs. lniramural Baskerball. FRANK SERIQ-Frank fs anorner one oi Those people who inrends To work. He hopes ro be a policeman. , i 1- - - i 6 QOSTQVGOJEVG CCo'S6. EOE E"'7,5 C CQ r' . RUTH SEVERIN-Ru"i plans +0 afrend nursing school afier Tinishing I l T B l y Cluo FRAYDA SHACKMAN-Eurrnan UniversiTy. Tower Players, Hugue- noi Herald, Rochellean, Volleyball, 6.0. Dance Commiriee. ROBERT SHAUGHNESSY-Bob is anorher graduare who will becorne one of The working public. His arneiion is 'ro oe an elecrrical engineer. DONALD SHAW-Ohio Wesleyan. Arnbilrionz To be a successiul business man. Eooiball, Track, Inrrarnurals. JOANE SHAW-Nursing school. Arnbiiionz To be a capable nurse. Scholarship Club, Trariic Squad, Banker, G.A.A. Advisory Board French Club, Archery, Hockey, Rochellean. 6 I 9' 7 mi! 1 1, , --H S' -J y J v 1 X-f .ost g f? ,fu f if fi 3 Q' 4 , ? r ..... i -2 fx A ' X N , :. 3.3.-...V - Nm,-.::-3 :1 , S 3:-C L2 74" 5 Q3 , "i' - . ' z V T 'fr 3 .3 i .N . , ,W-.iff r, 'U i 'KW' i ' Tx ' x Lx W K ,K A lkrv .gf iv , ,..,, " : ' T S2525 ' fs , - f ' f f:?11:ffli"fQ .SM-A. V "s g, ,...,. g . .:,:fl-5-.1 N 'J-5? 7 x, A 1 1'1z-J-f"T fr 1 W-s A ' ' ', i vi .zz Q .4 . f' 'il 2" 0 422' ' . , , ljffgf . 1121 is ra W -,, ' 'fr 5 MV, I f -3. Q , 5 , y gj fa r gag X-...gQ24V1'W" ' 2 V ,, JAMES SHERWGGD-Annapolis. Ambilionz To be a naval olslicer Eoolrball, Swimming, Baslcelball, Tracl4. JGT-lN SHERWGOD-Wesl Poinl Preparalory School. Ambirion To be an army ollicer. Eoolball, Swimming, Badminlon, G.O. Coll leclor, G.G. Dance Commillree, Senior Prom Commilrlree. EDGAR Sl-lEVELL--College. Camera, Chernislry, Currenl Evenls and Scholarship Clubs. JOSEPH Sl-lRlER-Yale. preside-nl Currenl Eyenls Club, Camera Club, Biology Club, Chemislry Club, Malh Club, Junior Spealers Commillee. DlNAl-l Sl-TULMAN-Sludy music. Girls' Glee Club, A Cappella Choir, Leaders' Group, Tennis, Badminlon, Soccer, Baslqelball. LGUISE SILLS--Business School. Ambilionz Travel abroad. Glee Club, Girls' Chorus, Leaders' Group, Music. MARK SILO-Work in a business ollice. Ambilion: To Jrravel around Jrhe world. Baseball, G.O. Colleclor. ADELINO SILVA-Adelino plans lo work in a grocery slore. Music is his hobby. A Cappella Choir, Boys' Glee Club, Chorus. FLORENCE SlMGNhCornell. Chemislry Club, Currenl Evenls Club. Traffic Squad, Scholarship Club, Baseball, l-loclcey, Volleyball, ALFRED SIMONETTI-The Navy or eleclrical Technical school. Eool- ball, Pholography. Ambilion: Execulive eleclrical worlcer. KATl-TRYN SIMGNETTI-Secrelarial school in Boslon or New Yorlc. Badminlon, Swimming, Tennis. EVELYN SIMPSON - Nursing school. Scholarship Club, Biology Club, Chemislry Club, Badminlon, Volleyball, Table Tennis. Pl-llLlP SISKIND-Allrer lalcing eleclrical engineering al Union Col- lege, Scheneclady, Phil wanls lo leach physics and malh. l-lobbies: Radio, music. GERTRUDE SKIEE-"Skippy" would like +o be a Telephone operalor. She'll go lo secrelarial school or work. Dancing's her hobby. Shullleboard. 62 PAULINE SMART-To gel married is RauIine's only ambilion, bul meanwhile, she'II allend Kalharine Gibbs. 6.0. Colleclor, Glee Club, Volleyball, G.A.A. EDWIN L. SMITI-I-Invenring musical inslrurnenls is Eddie's hobby. I-le'II launch on a business career wilh hopes ol becoming a success- lul business man. ERANCESCA SMITI-I-Cesca will worlq lo rnalce 325,000,000 6.0. Colleclorf Banlser, Erench, Scholarship Clubs' Senior Prom Com- milflee, Tragic Squad, Rochellean, Girls' Sporrs. SIM JOE SMITI-I, Jr.-"Caveman" will arlend Texas Slale Universily. Arnbilion: Lawyer, Hobbies: Dance band, lennis, phorography. Tower Players Band, Orcheslra, Chernislry Club, Tennis. ALERED SRINQ-Ereos arnbihon is lo worlc. I-lis hobby is lixing cars. Aulomolive Club, Baslelball, Baseball. FRANCES MARIE STARKE-Maybe worlc, rnaybe school lor Frankie bu' an leas' her hoooies are oeiinire: Reading, colecling piclures ano poems. Chorus. ALICE STEP-JGEL-Sill ffirn hopes ol becoming anorher Brenda Erazier, Alice will enroll al Benningron nexl year. I-Iocley. HAROLD STERII-"Dei'ni+ely iournalisrnu is I-Iarold's ambilion. I-lobbies include 'ernis sailing. riding, reading, modern hislory, and snapoing oric cs. Eenchg, French, Chess Clubs. ADELE M. STEVJARD-IiBJgo," will prornole her ambilion lo be a commercial ar'is' Cy going fo ars school. I-ler lavorile paslimeis dancing. ETI-IEL STEWART-"S+e'ff" will worlf lo be a privale secrelary. I-lobby is playing caros. I-locley, Declf Tennis, Baslcelball, Bad- minlon, Table Tennis, G.A.A. DCNALD STRACI-IAN-Colurnoia. I-lobbies: Srarnps. baseball, ice slraling. Acliviliesz Chernisfry Chess Slarnp, Scholarship Clubs' Volleyball, Soirball, Traclf. Arnoirion: Chennical engineer. DGNALD E. STRGBEL-Don dreams ol becorning a successlul banker aller going Through college. Collecls soorl picrures. G.Q. Col- Ieclor, Eoolball Baslelball, Baseball. SIDNEY SLISBMAN-HGolden Boyll will enroll al lhe Universily ol Pennsylvania nexl year. I-Ie enioys driving. Eoolball, Baseball. ELEASE SUTTON-I-loward Llniversily. Ambilion: Nursing. MUSIC, Biology Club, Library Council, I-Iorsebaclc Riding Club. 453 ? ' 22? f f V M9 f 41 fi 5 ,, In if 4" 'si 1: we . f L -8. - -fi? . ...JM . ,. Y .- ' I 1 if 'I ,H . 1 I si. avi' E rg' ' .4 1 3 , Q. 'QD for ,l H'ff.iTE?'," .i gf . 'Q ,, I ff: ,f If ii if 7 Q - iifi , . "Fi I 2 'I' wif . :Q ' sf U' C l'. ,,.. ' J., A- 5:-'M A -J- 4 -Ji. f A V ,..-14-,.:, RQSE SYLVESTER-A conscienlious sludenl. Fulure plans unsellled. GENE SYLVESTRE-Aiming al llie "lligller" llwings ol lile, Gene llopes lo be an avialor. Ping Rong, lzoolball. WILLIAM TES-Bill will allend Syracuse. Ambilions: Be an eleclri- cal engineer and go lo Samoa. Liles radio and linkering around old cars. DOROTHY TERRENNING-"Terp" plans on Penn l-lall Junior Col- lege. Ambilion: Masler Frencli. Lilces baseball. Biology, Glee Clubs, Badminlon, Baseball, Volleyball, G.A.A. Advisory Board. MARY TINTG-Nexl year will probably see Dolly a secrelary. Am- bilion: To go lo I-lollywood lo see Jolin I-loward. Girls' Glee Club. MGLLY TOGLIA-Molly plans on arl scllool. Ambilion: Be an arlisl and meel Clarlr Gable. I-lobbies: Secrelary Glenn Miller Fan Club, slamps. JEANETTE TQLLEY-Business. "Jen" loves lo dance llle wliole day llrirougli and New Roclielle I-liglw liasn'l cramped lier slyle. RQSA ETTA TOONE-Firsl i+'II be worlc, llien business scllool lor "Tunalisl1". Ambilion: Secrelary. I-lobbies: Reading, movie-slap piclure collecling. Aclivilies: Baslcelball, Baseball, Soccer IRENE TREFFEISEN-ll's science al llwe College ol New Roclielle lor Renie. Ambilion: Succeed in business. I-lobby: I-landworlr. Biology, Scliolarslwip Clubs, Badminlon. MARTIN TRENCI-IER-Nexl lall will lind Marlin al college. Radio Club. BETTY JANE UPTON-A Soulli Carolina secrelarial scllool will prepare Belly lor worlc. I-lobby: Raising, lraining lworses. Tower Players, Trallic Squad, Baslrelball, Baseball. I-IELMAR USBECK-"Dulcli" will allend Rrall lnslilule ol Teclwnol- ogy lor engineering. I-lobbies: lzislwing, llying, collecling boo's, slamps. Fencing Club, Caplain Saber Team. FRANK J. VACCARO-Work during llwe day, business scliool al niglnl will be "Twig's" nexl program. Ambilion: Boolclreeper and accounlanl. Baslcelball, Baseball, Volleyball. JOSEPI-IINE M. VACCARQ-Jo'll be going in lor secrelarial worlc, willi llie ambilion ol becoming a privale secrelary. I-lobby: Col- lecling snapsliols. Mool Courl. 64 LOLIISYACCARO-"To lravel and see dillerenl lhings" is Louie's ambilion. Hobbies: Drawing, clay modelling, and model airplanes. Baskelball, Baseball, Eoolball, Volleyball. ROLAND VAUGI-IN-PG. School acliviliesz Caplain ol Swimming Team, Eoolball. Hobby: Slamp collecling. LILLIAN VENTQ-LiI's ambilion is lo pin down a sleady posilion- and she'lI work Tor il. Hobbies: Reading and singing. Table Tennis. JEANIE VINCENT-Belween knilling orange socks and playing lennis, Jeanie will allend Whealon College. Ambilion: llluslralor. Scholarship, Social Service, Rersonalily Plus Clubs. ANNA VITALE-Kalharine Gibbs. Anna's ambilion is lo become a lop llighl model. Moor Courl. EUGENE VGS-Cornell. Wanrs lo do engineering lnol on a srreel carl. Tower Players, Camera, Currenl Evenls, Chemislry Clubs. ADAMARIE WAITSZIER-Secrelarial school. Adamarie plans on becoming a second Eleanor Rowell. Baskelball, Tennis, Personalily Plus Club. JLIDITH WALDMANN-Columbia School lor Denlal Hygienisls. Social Service Club Trariic Squad Volleyball, Table Tennis. ROSE ANN WALLACE-Qhice work. Rose's hobby is lo knil when- ever she can. Baskerball, Badminron, Hockey, Soccer, Baseball, Volleyball, Swimming. CYNTHIA WALSER-Barnard College, Cyn plans on becoming a personnel worker. Junior Counsellor, C5.A.A., Banker, 6.0. Repre- senlalive, Trallic Squad American Legion Oralorical Conlesl, Scholarship Club, Tennis, Hockey. CATHERINE WALSH-Oliice work. Kay's ambilion is lo be an excellenl secrelary. Mool Courl. WILLIAM C. WARD-Pace Inslilule. Bill would like lo be a privale secrelary. Rresidenl of Finance Commillee, Scholarship Club, Inlramural Sollball Championship '39, Boys' Glee Club. JAMES WARREN-Universily oi Calilornia. James' hobby is pho- lography. Chemislry Club, Scholarship Club. LLOYD WATTS-P.G. or lvl.l.T. LIoyd's arnbilion is lo sludy medi- cine. Track, A Cappella, Chemislry Club, Boys' Glee Club, 65 A - vi '. ffl. I 4 ff K f . Q 5 I ' .. ' 1 " ' i?if,He -- - X 'L .N ,.x, , l. -wsgsr vi I - 'fi , .5 . - .,., . .,, X , . . ,A,.i I.. . y . 3 I 4 4 j In HY 1. i '7 - ' -.'1Z35f' ' ' .'-f fnfhi' , 1 ' if few' - ' r ' f- " .2 V . GSS , 2 al' f I l' - T 4 'S fi, f' ,'1l1',L:'E'+Z"r "' 14333155 W. . f'x.3vf:ay'f frank" W .E Q. rv. f IAM ' Ar. ,, , sf, -, f QTY: Q ,fi 5 12 , fi' .73 . ' .. H . if "" 'l A ' 'V i' 4 " 'L " :' ' nz V'-1' : x.,,.1,, ETl-lEL WAY-Work. E+hel's arnbirion is ro become a success in lhe business world. French Club, Scholarship Club. FRANCES WAY-Work. Frank's hobby is knilling. French Club, Scholarship Club. DORIS WEll-lER-College. Nicky plans on becoming a dress de- signer. Rochellean, Girls' Council, Assislranl Banker, Volleyball, Scholarship Club, French Club, Baskelball, l-lockey. GEORGE WEIHER-R.P.l. Chemical Engineer. Shadow would like lo go lo Pensacola and become a flyer. Scholarship Club, Marh Club, lnlramurals. EDWARD WEINGART-Columbia, Cooper Union, or lvl.l.T. Secre- lary Chess Club, Presidenl lvlalh Club, Vice-Presidenr Sl'amp Club. Scholarship Club, Chess Team, Rochellean, Chemislry Club. BARBARA NASH WHEELER-Commercial School. Babs would like lo be a Civil Service worker. Band, Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Baskelball. JOl-lN S. Wl-lEELEREDarlmoulh. Johnny would like ro become a surgeon. Chemislry Club, Scholarship Club, Tower Players, Track, Foolball. MARGARET WHEELER-College. G.A.A., Junior Counselor, Schol- arship Club, Chemisrry Club, Baseball, Tennis, Badminlon, l-lockey, Basketball, Volleyball, Archery, Personalilry Plus. GLORIA WHITE-Wisconsin. Gloria's arnbilion is lo gel our of school. She likes riding and swimming. Personaliry Plus, Social Service Clubs. PETER WICHA-Business. Ambilion: Join lhe Navy. Lunch Squad, lvlodel Engineers, Model Aircrafr. CARMELA WILLIAMS-Work or P.G. Dolly would like lo be a privale secrelary. She likes lo swim, dance, and collecl ash lrays. DAN WILLIAMS-P.G. or Parks College ol Avialion. Track Club. Cross Counlry, Board Track, Spring Track. RUTl-l WILLIAMS-New Rochelle l-lospilal Nursing School. Rurh would like lo become a head nurse in a large hospilal. Chemislry Club, Paddle Tennis, Table Tennis. EUNICE WILSON-Prall lnslilule. l-lobbies: Cooking, making scrap books, lennis. Ambilionz Dielilian. 66 BEATRICE WOLEE-Paine l-lall. Bebe likes +o collecl records and knil. Baskelball. DORIS WCLEE-Business. Doris likes lo play Tennis and Jrlie piano. Baskelball, Paddle Tennis, Baseball. MARTl-lA BETTY WCDOD-Music School. Ambirion: Musician. Glee Club, Banker, Clnorus, Girls' Sporls, A Capella. RENEE WCRMSER-Vassar or Wellesley. Snookie would like lo be a coslrume designer. Slie makes a bobby of collecling a menagerie. Erencln Club, Scbolarsliip Club, Personalily Plus, Baseball, Volleyball. IRVING YANKQEE-Eoroliarn or S+. Jolin's lAccounrancyl. Skook would enjoy spending mos? of liis lime in Talnili or l-lawaii. BARBARA YCUNG-Middlebury College. 6.0. Colleclor, Secre- Jrary Biology Club Secrelary G.A,A., Scliolarsliip Club, Junior Counselor, Personaliry Plus. Tennis, Soccer, Volleyball. DELIA ZEMINSKY-Nursing scbool. Delia would like ro be a second Florence Niglwringale. Slie enjoys biking a greal deal. Clriemislrry Club. l-lELEN ZlEGLER-College. Jeanne would like lo be a regisrered nurse. Clworus Banking, Baseball, Baskelball. RITA ZIQ-Ambirion: To be liappy. Vice-Presidenl Red Cross Club, Social Service Club, Roclwellean, CHQ. Colleclror, G.A.A., Biology Club, Banker, Personaliry Plus, Band, G.A.A. ALBERT ZOLLO-Cooper Union. Al's ambilion is Jro be a successful commercial arrisl. Rocliellean Arr Sralll. CARL A. l-lELLER-College. Arnbilion: Cliemislry researcli. Acrivi- ries: Model Engineers, Clnernisrry Club, Tower Players, Sclwolarslwip Club, Eencing Team. LeROY WILLIAMS-College. Popular LeRoy enjoys lile, Boy Scour- ing and all kinds oi sporls. 67 l,,m',.,, " rw 3 544 ii -Q. 'W vi , 1 -Oi , f fp '9 ff , ! I f "FQ 4? K! ..,,f 'AA fw- f Eff ' , ' T , 4 , ,f ,. '-2 4 W H i N ,y , ,NA ,,,,,. ,. :Z2:.c.. 'Ali -3 W, . " 4 , ,.,, , 5 - 'Q F f ' I ,, N . ,M 1 ""' 1 ' . AZ. iff 4 J f f x X mm, 3.-Q, :ers ,yy . W1-K, :V-I. MHL1'1??fll5l5I'N?Bi!'f3l V f 1 Senior Celebrities Mosi Pleasing Personaliry l-lardesi Worker Brainiesi Class Wir Mosi Original Mos? Lirerary Mosi Arrisric Class Thespian Mos'r Musical Mosr Arhleric Leader Mosi Versarile Bes+ Looking Mosr Glamorous Besr Line Smooirhesr Dancer Chief Worrier Gels Mos? Pun Ou+ Oi Life Besl Arguer Quiereslr Sweelesf Mosf Promising Scieniisl Besr All-around Person Boy Gail Ericlcson Sidney Davidson Joseph Shrier George Weiher Warson Dralce Harold Slrern Paul Alrer Tad Mosel Edwin l-lenrich Nicholas D'ODOTFlO Charles Marius Tad Mosel Currie Brewer Bill Girardi Lesrer Condon The Sherwoods John Keeling Bob Friedman Richard Neuberger Charles Jahn Anlhony Arace l-lerberl Lehman Thomas Fenrress Jaclc Mills 69 Girl l-lelen Harvier l-larriel Bar'l'elS Mariha Kilfhau Avis Lahey Renee Wormser Shirley l-lorsley Wendy Robb Mildred Kooniz Lucia Cerrelaia Jean l-lampson Ann Melville Belly Brodhead Berry SCOH Gloria While Mary Piclcard Berry Geng Peggy Gluclc The Nesrlers Cecile Colin Emma Golden Doris Jurgens Janice Pollaclc Elsie Rauiio Audrey Berges Whatis ln a Song? Thanks For The Memories An Aclor's Lile For Me! Nya, Nya, Ya Can'l Calch Mel l've Gol No Slrings On Mel My Prayer Have You Forgollen So Soon? ll Was Wrillen ln The Slars Farewell Blue ln The Mood Trallic Jam Scallerbrain The Magic Ol Your Love How Many Times? Hickory-Dickory-Dock Gee, Bul You're Swell l'm Fil To Be Tied End Ol A Perlecl Day ll's A Hap Hap Happy Day You Can'l Pull The Wool Gver You're A Sweel Lillle Headache Nighl And Day Tuxedo Junclion This Can'l Be Love My Eyes You Musl Have Been A Beaulilul Baby Everylhing ls Peaches Down In Georgia Cne Sweel Leller From You l Wanl To Be Happy Wilh My Guilar And You Pal-A-Cake Polly Pul The Kellle Cn Ding-Dong Bell Who's Alraid Ol The Big Bad Woll Al The Bala "Leica" Lola The Snake Charmer Girl Nice Work Il You Can Gel ll Make Believe Ballroom Wilh The Wind And The Rain I Concenlrale On You How'd You Like To Love Me? Are You Having Any Fun? Hold Tighl Slopl ll's Wonderlull Lel's Call The Whale Thing Glll Whislle While You Work For He's A Jolly Good Fellow Hail, Hail, The Gang's All Here Hands Across The Table Failhlul Forever Melancholy Lullaby Slairway To The Slars Give ll Back To The Indians l Wanl My Mamma Oh Johnny Oh! The Man Who Comes Around Gloomy Monday You Never Know ll's A Blue World l've Gol My Eyes Cn You lnYour Hair Days AlN. R. H. S. Tower Players Track Team French Club Knillers All "A's" Teachers To Sludenls Aller Vacalion "Bools" Tolley and Adele Greeley Gradualion Nighl Claude Schucler and Francesca Smilh Clove Road al 2:30 Don Shaw Currie Brewer and Marilyn Cooke Miss Coons To Lale Sludenls Miss Symmes Oughla Look Al A Clock Everybody To His Own Opinion Facully 2:30 Friday Gradualion Day Miss Coons To Lesler Condon Come-To Slips Homework Senior Prom Dave Hackman and Naomi Klepper Belly Brodhead Ask Miss Symmes Girls To Foolball Slars Avis Lahey Gus DeGazio French Club Makes Crepe Suzelles Home Economics Classes Mr. Nichols When The Power Supply Failed Don "Ace" "Pride Ol The Bronx" Gorman Camera Club Renee Wormser Belly Scoll Boys' Gymnasium Gloria While Sludenls On Homework lSince When?l Me To Hedy Lamarr You ln The Back Row You ln The Back Row Again You ln The Back Row Once Again Allerschool Dale Wilh Miss Coons Nol ln The Sludy Halls Mr. Harold S. - School Lawn During lhe Lunch Periods Playing Bridge in The Lunchroom Barker and Lea Aller The While Plains Game Tower Sleps N. R. H. S. Sophomore Theme Mr. Shoop Truanl Ollicer Exaclly COME TO IZB Reporl Card Day Proclors During Regenls Exams 70 l.ast Will and Testament Whereas hereToTore This day oT The TirsT ulT. and lasT insT., we hereby viz., i.e. To wiT, eTc., eTc .... ln shorT, we oT The deparTed, lwe hopel, do will, begueaTh, behesT, and liTerally Tling inTo The mugs oT youse unTorTunaTe breThren The Tollowing: To Mr. Hussey-eTernal sunshine Tor his camera club. To ArThur Qshlag-"SauerlcrauT" Neuberger's briefcase. To Mrs. Jones- Enough wool To undercloThe The French Army. To nexT year's TraTTic Squad CapTain-Tom FenTress's arch-supporT. To Mr. Shoop-one pair oT paTenT-leaTher high heel shoes. To Melvyn Meyers-Gene l-larvey's cigar sTub. To Mr. Nichols-a ROCHELLFAN sTaTT iusT as eTTicienT as This year's. To Miss Jones-a German class ThaT can sing "Die Lorelei." To AlberT Mazullo-John Copley's Sousaphone. To Miss STrohmeyer-BeT'Ty Croclcer's Recipes. To Mr. Wise-a STAFF To lean on. To l-larvey T urnu re-Joseph Shrier's brains. To Miss Gleason-AnoTher Trip To Paris. To Doc Wellman-Joe Miller's CompleTe Joke Boolc. To Bob Tobias-"Tony" Arace's phoTographic abiliTies. To "BooTs" Tolley-"Chuck" MarTus' gridiron Techniques. To Howard SaclceTT- Bob Friedman's collapsible coT. To Those who love To break The glass in The liTTle red Tireboxes, we leave The glass unbroken. To Johnny Chambers-Emma Golden's quieTness. To Miss Symmes - one box oT assorTed TuTTi-TruTTi chewing gum. To The Library-one seT, compleTe wiTh locks and chains, ENCYCLOPAEDIA AMERlCANA. To Mr. Burke-anoTher Tad Mosel. To Those who desire To obTain scholasTic culTivaTion along wiTh characTerisTics oT inTegriTy, sporTsmanship, and loyalTy, we proudly begueaTh The FaculTy. Long may They Throw The lighT oT knowledge inTo Ii++le dark worlds. Thus be This Tully ordained, eTc., eTc., eTc., and we wish you all a Merry ChrisTmas and a Happy New Year. lSignedl' CLASS OF l94O. P.S.-Please refer all complainTs To lSl-l KABIBIL von l-TERRING, JR. lTen sTories direcTly below Rm. I28l 7I 'v.lKx-P514-12135 '. ' Arinnscunn HHES AETI way fl? A -l- . C irlT I 5 -,' W X id , 1, x .. f I .uv 15 , iw 3551115 Ailfiu. sk -:bf lllqlv 5:15 Q Mfg? 2 ' Wa .link 'whim 594 "WI, 3"'f5' f Ill. is 'Ulm 1,1-Ill 'lug ' 'Ill . "inn 'll 4' 'ini A Ilfglmwlllllbli 5"A"' Hn L Vlgufln m.lIl"'5 i " "ml :Ill 1.-."f-' aggggg, fgifll 1 lflllll1.l:'iiln'ili'-'I 4 Heli' my EE' X lilfli"x 'Winn' luugl' fpgtvv ' simaii '-f'!::,:I!I,--"'- ml- 1' KIIPX' "':"llil Qfa: B L N X 'ldv 'QL vllllfl ...Ill We I -il- YF1w9'1':5lIIN!.'..'2.J"!l C 597f:!E!5"?'5ES M ' I 'W .wg 2292. - .1 , Qwgxw- . N59 A i ' 1 -1 I Q--1 X il-l X llllll N .1 ,ln 1 , 1 J' ' Nz ., .. ,f I x., A - 4' AJ 'NXT 1 Y H O i 74 lp Y. f , . ll I X -, W Ove-uhm TI-IE NEW ROCI-IELLE SENIOR I-IIGI-I MUSIC DEPARTMENT Under The able leadership oT Mr. Clarence J. Broadhead, The music deparTmenT oT The New Rochelle Senior I-Iigh has produced some ouTsTanding musical TaIenT This year. lvlr. Brodhead has given To The school a Band, an OrchesTra, a Girls' Glee Club, a Boys' Glee Club, and an A Cappella Choir ThaT deserve much praise Tor Their ex- cepTionalIy Tine perTormances. WhaT would a TooTball game be wiThouT our band To spur The Team on To vicTory wiTh Their Tunes oT encouragemenT? No maTTer whaT The weaTher, The band could al- ways be counTed on To lend a Touch oT gaieTy To The Tield wiTh Their uniTorms oT purple and whiTe. EighTy sTrong, They Iined up wiTh Their aTTracTive drum maioreTTe, Welley Behrens, who was ably assisTed by her Tour Twirlers, and gave perTormances ThaT won'T be TorgoTTen. Such perTecT Timing, marching, and IeTTer TormaTion were The resuIT oT long hours oT daily pracTice in which boTh The s+udenTs and "C.J." parTicipaTed. The band also played aT The pep rallies, in The Columbus Day, Memorial Day and DecoraTion Day parades, and Took a leading parT in The Annual Spring ConcerT given by The enTire musical deparTmenT oT The school. The music oT This Tine organizaTion was IasT heard by The sTudenTs on The nighT oT The graduaTion. The sound oT hundreds oT marching TeeT is soTTened by The music oT our orchesTra, whose duTy iT is To play aT assemblies. The orchesTra presenTed such Tine seIecTions This year, especially in The ChrisTmas program which They helped To make such a worTh- while success, ThaT Their parTicipaTion in The Spring ConcerT also assured iTs success. Mr. Broadhead has always produced some ouTsTanding singing groups, and This year was no excepTion. The Girls' Glee Club, composed oT abouT TiTTy members, was asked To perTorm aT boTh The New Rochelle Woman's Club and ST. PauI's Church. These girls again represenTed Senior I-ligh in The various compeTiTions held by The New York Music AssociaTion. They also Took an imporTanT parT in The ChrisTmas program. New robes oT dark purple, Iined wiTh whiTe saTin, were worn by The girls. The boys were also given a chance To prove whaT really Tine singers They are by being allowed To Take parT in The Boys' Glee Club. Their hours oT diligenT pracTice were rewarded when They gave an excepTionaIIy Tine perTormance in The ChrisTmas program. The A Cappella Choir is an organizaTion ThaT boTh Mr. Broadhead and The sTudenT body have good reason oT which To be proud. One oT The reguiremenTs Tor Taking pai-T in This group is a Tine sense oT music, because iTs members are required To sing wiThouT accompanimenT. Their main proiecT Tor The year was a ChrisTmas program. The choir wore robes Tor The TirsT Time This year. 5 ggi, .EET X aj 75 Q Cer: 7 -:IIACB . filv 5' IV'-fr ae -im' " L... 4' ,g lil QE VJ TL-sl TI-IE MATHEMATICS CLUB New Rochelle I-Iigh's maThemaTicians gaThered This year under The leadership oT Edward WiengarT, presidenTg Sidney Davidson, vice-presidenTg MargareT Davis, secreTary, and Mrs. Cora B. Townsend, TaculTy adviser. The Tigure wizards delved inTo The realms oT The TourTh dimension, inTiniTy, and The TrisecTion oT The angle. Prob- lem sessions were held in which The members iiggled eguaTions, polynomiads, and missing numbers-all Tor The salce oT Tinding The righT answers. The Club is exclus- ively Tor Those wiTh considerable inTeresT in maTh, and requires a recommendaTion by a maThemaTics Teacher as a prereguisiTe Tor membership. TI-IE STAMP CLUB The PhilaTelisTs oT New Rochelle I-Iigh pursued Their hobby wiTh TirsT RoberT Davids and laTer PeTer Kikes as PresidenT oT The STamp Club. An emphasis was laid This year on increased Trading beTween The members. The club had several meeTings This year wiTh members oT The TaculTy presenT in an eTTorT To sTimulaTe exchange oT adhesives and philaTelic knowledge. OTher oTTicers included Edward WeingarT, vice- presidenTy Ira Binder, secreTary: and Mrs. I-Iallie L. S. Ross, TaculTy adviser. FirsT Row-Clarlcson, WeingarT, WinTman, Glardon. Second Row-Mrs. Ross, Binder, Davidson, Dandridge, O'Connell. TI-IE ITALIAN CLUB The ITalian Club, under The leadership oT Richard PascuiTi, presidenT: Bill Mir- ando, vice-presidenT, Lucia CerreTa, secreTary7 and Dr. VincenT CioTTari, adviser, had a very successTul year. In sTriving To promoTe beTTer relaTions beTween ITaIian clubs in WesTchesTer CounTy, Two meeTings were held wiTh The PorT ChesTer I-Iigh School ITalian Club. This year The club wenT To The World's Fair To observe ITaIian liTe and culTure aT The ITalian Building, visiTed The Museum oT Modern ArT To sTudy The ITalian Mas- Ters, sponsored an ITalian movie aT one oT The local TheaTres, and parTicipaTed in Casa ITaliana acTiviTies aT Columbia UniversiTy. ERENCI-I CLUB Never beTore was The French Club as acTive as iT was This year. WiTh Peggy Leonard, presidenT, I-IarrieT BarTels, vice-presidenT, and Joyce Field, secreTary-Treas- urer, Mrs. Wesley R. Jones as TaculTy advisr, iT has done everyThing Trom making crepe suzeTTes, To Throwing a convenTion Tor all The CounTy French Clubs. ITs members have paid visiTs To PorT ChesTer I-Iigh's and Scarsdale I-Iigh's "cercles Trancaise-s," aT- Tended The besT Toreign Tilm oT 1939, underTalcen To help supporT Two unTorTunaTe children in France, launched a greaT l4niTTing campaign wiThin The school Tor The beneTiT oT The French soldiers and oThers aTTecTed by The war, and wound up Their year wiTh a combinaTion aucTion, and candy and calce sale. 76 gllf' v 1 Q if WO :7 rw 7 7 fr .4 C wr 1, Ni v Q v v .vs CURRENT EVENTS CLUB The CurrenT EvenTs Club gives The sTudenTs an opporTuniTy To learn The causes and eTTecTs oT The numerous changes in poliTical, social, and economic liTe ThaT are consTanTly going on around us. These sTudenTs receive a broad ToundaTion oT naTional and inTernaTional aTTairs upon which To base Their TuTure opinions. Joseph Shrier, Lawrence Lowy, and Florence Levi, oTTicers, led The club, wiTh The help oT Dr. l-lenry Cv. Wellman, TaculTy adviser, in inTer-school newsbees, The Com- muniTy ChesT Junior Speakers, The WesTchesTer InTerscholasTic Forum AssociaTion, and were hosTs aT World Goodwill Day. MOOT COURT In order To give sTudenTs experience in asking and answering Tormal guesTions, The MooT CourT was Tormed This year, under The advisership oT Miss DoroThea E. Donaldson. Open To any pupils who are Taking or have Taken Business Law, sTudenT law- yers, iudges and deTenders prosecuTe in civil and murder courT cases. ReTeree BeTrTy Bauer, Clerk Susguilla Jones, and Recorder William Anderson led The group in Their mock Trials. FirsT Row-Anderson, W., PeTroulas, MaTern, Bauer, Anderson, J., Vaccaro. Second Row-ViTale, Porricolo, BloomTield, Miss Donaldson, DougherTy, John- son, Primerano, Viaccaro. RED CRGSS CLUB The moHo oT The Junior Red Cross is "l Serve." ThereTore, all The work oT The club is conducTed wiTh a view Toward helping oThers. This year, boxes were Tilled wiTh ChrisTmas giTTs, a ChrisTmas dinner and giTTs were provided Tor a veTeran's Tamily, and garmenTs were made Tor reTugees, and sums oT money donaTed To worThwhile causes. ConsTance Williams was presidenT3 Rose Gallello, vice-presidenT3 and Virginia Nauman, secreTary-Treasurer, wiTh Miss Alice Adams as TaculTy adviser. FirsT Row-Alles, BarTels, Abrams, Williams, Nauman, Zio, FasTiggi. Second Row-Figluzzi, Colin, Gallallelo, Miss Adamsl Mourges, Abele. Rocco. SOCIAL SERVICE CLUB The Social Service Club underTook a big Task This year, ThaT oT having every boy and girl in The school able To hold up his head and noT To be ashamed oT his appearance. lT sponsored a Swing Session, a Cake and Candy Sale, a Fashion Show, wiTh The neT proceeds, alTogeTher one hundred and TiTTy dollars, going exclusively Toward cloThing needy sTudenTs in The school. Janice Pollack, presidenTg Anne Libbey, vice-presidenT7 Maxine l-lanchrow, sec- reTary7 BeaTrice James, Treasurer, and Mrs. MargareT WeinsTein, TaculTy adviser. 79 CAMERA CLUB The Camera Club sponsored many Tield Trips This year and high-IighTed among Them were The overnighT phoTographic hike in The Carskills and The Trip To LaGuardia Eield. Mr. ArThur B, Hussey, TacuITy adviser, and The advanced members TaughT The less advanced camera enThusiasTs The Tiner poinTs in phoTography. Bob Tobias presided over The group, assisTed by Vice-PresidenT Joseph Shrier and SecreTary Thomas Een- Tress. EirsT Row: Davidson, AITer, Mr. Hussey, Arace, EcksTeTT, SapersTone. Second Row: HoTTman, Brownell, EenTress, Shrier, Joseph, Vos. Third Row: Schaad, Goldberg, Hayes, Hackman, DeponTes, Hardy. MODEL ENGINEERS' CLUB This year saw The compIeTion oT The Model Engineers' Three-year plan. Having successTuIIy Tinished The consTrucTion oT many gas and rubber models, a conTesT was held, one oT The biggesT oT iTs kind ever held in WesTchesTer, and aTTracTing enTranTs Trom all over The counTy. The club has worked on a man-carrying glider and has done much To promoTe inTeresT in model consTrucTion in The school. Under The leader- ship oT Sidney Davidson and Mr. Frederick L. Lobdell, The club has had lecTures and Taken Trips To poinTs oT aeronauTicaI inTeresT. EirsT Row: Orins, Heller, Mr. Lobdell, Davidson. Second Row: Arace, WoIT, CharaT, Trohn. RADIO CLUB This year The club has been acTive in several Tields. One oT iTs mosT imporTanT conTribuTions To The schooI's weITare was The help given in insTaIIing The new ampli- Tier in The audiTorium. Among The acTiviTies oT The club presided over by PresidenT John Copley has been code pracTice, shorT-wave lisTening, and The building oT radios and ampIiTiers. The group worked on a new TransmiTTer and hopes To have a compleTe radio sTaTion soon. Mr. LesTer S. Emerson acTed as TacuITy adviser. EirsT Row: SchwarTz, Copley, Mr. Emerson, Hoos. Secon Row: Pierce, Greenberg, DurTee, Davidson, Arace. CHEMISTRY CLUB The ChemisTry Club, under The TacuITy direcTion oT Dr. CarITon S. Spear, has an enroIImenT oT abouT ThirTy-Tive sTudenTs. John Keeling, presidenTg Thomas Een- Tress, vice-presidenTy and Roseanne Eadie, secreTary-Treasurer, provided The club wiTh inTeresTing programs and obTained several speakers. EascinaTing experimenTs wiTh dry ice, liquid Tire, and phosphene were conducTed by The club members. A Trip To The Squibb LaboraTories in Brooklyn and To The Texaco Oil ReTineries in Beacon were The excursions Taken by The club This year. BO Agnew 2.7 . 1 -gf '57-T 4512.-1 4' C' r. ,. ,J 3 I W- 1 n'::,, ":- fx 1 ,1 ,X x, an 'VV A an 'xl 0 -1 82 m W' If-ammo' 9-4 . sais-aL'D liz Y .Lisa- ri-3 THE HUOUENOT HERALD As The TourTh sTudenT pubIicaTion in The hisTory oT The New Rochelle High School, The "HuguenoT Herald" was TirsT published in I929. The "Herald" is sTill progressing Today on a semi-monThly basis, bringing news oT school acTiviTies To our sTudenTs. SigniTicanT oT The gualiTy oT The paper is ThaT iT has been awarded a MedaIisT raTing This year Tor The TirsT Time in iTs hisTory, The highesT given by The Columbia ScholasTic Press AssociaTion. Mr. DeWiTT D. Wise, adviser Tor The "Herald" since I93I, has insTiTuTed a news- wriTing course prereguisiTe Tor iournalisTic work. In This halT-year course, The sTudenTs are Trained in The rudimenTs oT correcT iournalisTic sTyle and are given insTrucTion in The various meThods oT geTTing news and prinTing large daily ciTy newspapers. Members oT The sTaTT, composed oT seniors and iuniors, and under Bernard O'KeeTe, ediTor-in-chieT, do all The work involved in geTTing ouT an issue Themselves: planning pages, wriTing sTories, copyreading, galley reading, dummying pages. In addiTion To a daily period, many aTTernoons are spenT by These indusTrious "penhacIfers" punching ouT copy in The busTling aTmosphere oT The Tower. BuT don'T leT Their groans, sighs, and haggard Taces Tool you -These TuTure back- bones oT The iournalisTic game love iT, and wouldn'T Trade Their worry Tor anyThing. THE ORATORICAL CONTEST The conTesT, sponsored by The American Legion, had as iTs general Theme The ConsTiTuTion. Helen Ruskin, The winner, also gave her speech aT The counTy conTesT, and placed among The conTesTanTs. Ruskin, Gerken, Keeling, Walser. Mr. I-lerberT B. Nichols, Commander oT The American Legion, New Rochelle PosT No. 8, oT The hisTory TaculTy, had charge oT This conTesT. COMMUNITY CHEST JUNIOR SPEAKERS' COMMITTEE The CommuniTy ChesT Junior Speakers' CommiTTee, a group oT sTudenTs selecTed by Dr. I-lenry 6. Wellman, gave Talks on The diTTerenT organizaTions sponsored by The CommuniTy ChesT oT New Rachelle. FirsT row: Pollack, Levi, SmiTh, Shaw. Second row: Bookman, Arace, SchwiTzer, Shrier, HoTTman, Dr. Wellman. THE TOWER PLAYERS The Tower Players, esTabIished by Mr. W. Emerson Burke in I929, has long been one oT The ouTsTanding organizaTions in The school. His Tine direcTion oT.The young dramaTisTs has earned Tor The group The very Tavorable repuTaTion iT enloys ThroughouT The counTy. Open To all sTudenTs who pass The Try-ouT TesT, which consisTs oT reading some dramaTic selecTion, The club numbers abouT one hundred. Also belonging are The members OT The sTage crew, who, under The direcTion oT Mr. Gregory Dillon, Mr. Burke's assisTanT, Take care oT The IighTing eTTecTs, The sound eTTecTs, and The scenery. This year The group presenTed in addiTion To The cusTomary Tour plays, a ChrisT- mas pageanT in coniuncTion wiTh The music deparTmenT. Mr. Burke,.who always chooses advanced plays in order To provide an incenTive Tor The Players, This 'year seIecTed Tive especially ouTsTanding ones. They were RoberT Sherwood s PeTriTied EoresT, Mar- Tinez Sierra's "Cradle Song," ElizabeTh CrinTy's "Missouri Legend," Jane AusTen's "Pride and Prejudice," and George Bernard Shaw's "Pygmalion." 83 e gg ZH". , 5 ' ::,:1' 'iw' ff':,""" 9 "IL ' Y - ' ,.' - ru , X. W,Li."1z ' WJ MCH 51 - . J, ' f -an -w?'S',,.-L: 'Mt"f'w"""l1fTI'AW-If.2F.i51T.'MA"KY3J-J'lfi??1.VJZtI!E15!Hl!7!.IE?W1Hl fff gf! ML V1"' XUAWQMM WLM X Girls Athletics Girls' sporTs Tor The season oT T939-40, under The leadership oT Miss Florence M. ErranT, Miss Gladys B. Skinner and Miss EdiTh M. Carson, have reached a new high in populariTy and proTiciency. The Tennis TournamenT Tound Anne Melville, Doris King and l-lelen Vaughn, TirsT, second and Third, respecTively, on The ladder aTTer The many maTches played during The auTumn rnonThs. Also signiTicanT in The Fall annals is The vicTory oT The honor hockey Team over The WhiTe Plains players. Volleyball, baskeTball and Table Tennis as The WinTer acTiviTies were played by a greaT number oT girls. The hardhiTTing ouTdoor girl oT N.R.l-l.S. Temporarily abandoned her score-rolling sporTs Tor The aesTheTic modern dance, which involves boTh muscular coordinaTion and creaTive abiliTy. "En Garde" has come To mean more Than The "Three MuskeTeers" To girls since Their Tencing club was organized. TwenTy-Two members have lunged and ThrusT wiTh increasing abiliTy and many have anTicipaTed a parry inTo The subiecT as iTs populariTy has grown sTeadily. The arrow in iTs TlighT did noT Travel TasTer Than The girls who headed Tor The archery Tield This spring. SoTTball adherenTs also collecTed inTer-class vicTories and deTeaTs wiTh Tun and baseball Tingers. GolT, riding, badminTon and swimming were also in The aTTer-school sporTs lisTs. This year also saw many successTul playdays aT The various counTy schools, which were inTeresTing inTra-mural geT-To-geThers. WiTh The purpose oT building sound, sTrong bodies and developing skill and poise, These sporTs have added much To The school Training oT New Rochelle l-ligh School girls. 86 i . 87 GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION LEADERS' GROUP 88 TI-IE GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Anne MeIviIIe, presidenT7 MerediTh Mauisby, vice-presidenTg and Barbara Young, se-creTary, oTIicers oT The Girls' AThIeTic AssociaTion, Ied New Rochelle I-Iigh SchooI girIs in many ouT-oT-Town pIaydays. An inTegraI parT oT The WesTchesTer Girls' ATh- IeTic AssociaTion, our G.A.A. senT represenTaTives To playdays in PIeasanTviIIe, Pel- ham, and BronxviIIe. Miss Florence M. ErranT, Miss Gladys B. Skinner, and Miss EdiTh M. Garson, gym Teachers, sponsor The organizaTion. EirsT Row- King, Jurgens, Young, MeIviIIe, Burpee, Schwab. Second Row-Terpenning, Johnson, I-Iampson, Shaw, Fox, Winkler. LEADERS' GROUP Training girls in Ieadership, abiIiTy, and poise, The Leaders' Group was an indispensabIe TacTor in The success oT The girls' sporTs program. AssisTing Miss Elor- ence M. ErranT, Miss Gladys B. Skinner, and Miss EdiTh M. Carson in supervising The aTTer-schooI sporTs, The girls waTched and Iearned The eIemenTs oT Ieadership, and Then proceeded To puT Their newIy-acquired knowledge To use by Taking charge oT some oT The adrninisTraTive posTs in girIs' sporTs. EirsT Row: CuiTFreda, Lyon, Johnson, Richardson. Second Row: SiIIs, Primerano, Pascuzzi, Winkler. 89 .,.,-F fzw , Z. 'ivifs FENCING CLUB The year oT I9-40 will long be remembered in The annals oT The Tencing club because ouT oT Twelve maTches played, Twelve maTches were won, and because The group won The WesTchesTer lnTer-counTy Fencing Championship Tor The TourTh year. Under The leadership oT Manager Jaclc Shriner, CapTain Lewis Doom, and players Carl l-leller, lrving CharaT, and Morgan Miller, a new TeaTure has been inTroduced in The club. Girls inTeresTed in This sporT have been insTrucTed in The use oT Toils by The boys. Coach William l-T. McKenna had charge. SABER TEAM This year, insTead oT having our school represenTed only in The Tencing maTches by our Toil Team, we have been TorTunaTe in possessing a saber Team which has added To New Rochelle T-ligh's glory. The Team was aTTiliaTed wiTh The Tencing Team and represenTed our school in W.l.A.A. and inTer-ciTy conTesTs. The saber Team Tences wiTh heavier swords, ThereTore requiring more pracTice, as iT is a specialized TeaTure oT Tencing. , Tl-IE TWIRLERS The Twirlers, a colorTul group oT Tive oT New Rochelle T-ligh's mosT aTTracTive girls, were a new TeaTure This year and lenT color and spice To The TooTball games. Their high-sTepping and agile Twirling oT baTons gained much appreciaTion Trom The cheering crowds. Led by drum maioreTTe Wellie Behrens, selecTed by Mr. Brodhead, The Twirl- ers are sponsored by The Music DeparTmenT. Tl-TE CHEERLEADERS Led by CapTain PaT Casey, The cheerleaders provided an energeTic background Tor all oT our TooTball and basl4eTball games. They held several successTul pep rallies, noTably The one beTore The WhiTe Plains game, composed some new cheers, climaxed The Two biggesT games by producing a whiTe SheTland pony, ridden by l-Iildegarde Bair and led by Bob Green. The squad won a WesTchesTer CounTy ExhibiTion. EirsT Row- King, Brodhead, Casey, Beals, Bair. Second Rod-Buclcnell, Green, Gerlcen, Orr, Chambers. 22 6? 90 U Q, fi ai C8-7-62 4:-E-2 ' x 'V ff ,' '- Fw P 'NE ,411 , Q 1 H' 7 4, Q., -:L 1,:::a f A - 1713? 15: . ' fe:-szefas ' - '. X "" A - ' REQ! 'dl .AL .x A - . , K fliv -- A W X X Q , x X ----. " ui, fm S y -2, elf-4313.31 - N' .J- mga fy? .am Y f :" TRACK CLUB All boys on The Track Team who have earned Their IeTTer are eligible Tor mem- bership in The Track Club. The main obiecTive oT The club is To encourage greaTer inTeresT in Track and oTher Tield evenTs. By means OT moving picTures, Mr. Daniel P. O'Brien, TacuITy adviser, showed The members oT The organizaTion how To improve Their sTyle. The club had a very suc- cessTuI year under iTs presidenT, Joseph EaTone. CROSS-COUNTRY TEAM The "hill and dale" men were led Through a very successTuI season This year by CapTain RoberT Davids. They won The maioriTy oT Their meeTs besides winning The counTy championship. IT was graTiTying To see The Team, wiTh The help oT Coach Daniel P. O'Brien, win back The TiTle which iT had IosT lasT year. Several IeTTermen are reTurning nexT year who oughT To Torm The solid nucleus Tor anoTher poTenTiaI counTy championship Team. Joseph Williams, veTeran campaigner and IeTTerman oT The pasT Two seasons, is capTain-elecT. EirsT Row: I-Iammel, ValasTro, Davids, Williams, WaTTs, Welch. Second Row: O'Brien, Grauen, EaTone, Williams, Gay, Williams. OFFICIALS' CLUB The purpose oT The OTFiciaIs' Club is To provide good oTTiciaIs Tor inTramurals. This year, The club has concerned iTseIT chieTIy wiTh baskeTbalI, sending Two oTTiciaIs To each game, and reTereeing in This way, abouT sixTy games during The season. Coach Clarence W Sayles is adviser To The group, which eIecTed To have no oTTi- cers. AbouT Two weeks beTore The baske+baII season commences, The club is called TogeTher To brush up on rules and reguIaTions. SWIMMING TEAM This year's Purple Tank Team had an exTremely successTuI season. Coached by Clarence W. Sayles, and led by CapTain Roland Vaughan, The Team annexed Their eighTh consecuTive counTy TiTle, obTaining TirsT places in Tive ouT oT The seven sched- uled evenTs and breaking a record in one oT Them. This year The Purple succeeded in copping TirsTs in The Tollowing evenTs: 50-yard Tree sTyIe, Tie Tor TirsT in The IOO- yard Tree sTyle, IOO-yard breasT sTroke, ISO-yard medley relay, and The ZOO-yard Tree sTyIe relay, in which The counTy record was beTTered. FirsT row-STevens, Ebbinghaus, Kennedy, Erickson, ETTari, Dubin, Rogow, Col- well. Second row-Lehman, I-IinTon, Gardner, CapTain Vaughan, LiTTauer, I-Iolby, Lehman. Third row-Kat, Levi, I-Ieilbrun, Buyer, Bailey, Clausen, Scheibner. 93 FOOTBALL TEAM LasT season The New Rochelle grid-warriors, capTained by Charles MarTus, All-lvleTropoliTan Tackle, Tinished The season wiTh Tive vicTories, Two losses, and one Tie. The Team was a sTrong cOnTender Tor The counTy bunTing, buT They missed This coveTed achievemenT by one poinT. Three linemen were elecTed To The All-CounTy Eleven-Charles MarTus, Dick Elandreau, and "Porky" ReicherT. Nicholas D'OnOTrio and Jack Giles also Turned in Tine perTormances. NexT year's Team will be led by John "BOOTS" Tolley, sTar blocking back OT The pasT Two seasons. Coach William l-l. McKenna labored nighT and day To build a good Team, and iT was noT in vain. EirsT Row: Einch, CapT. lv'larTus, D'QnoTrio, Tolley. Second Row: Gorman, STrobel, BarTels, lv1erClean. Third Row: Boyd, STark, DeLisser, Paganico, Manager Eriedman, Boyd. EourTh Row: Giles, ReicherT, STone, l-larvey, SmiTh. BASKETBALL TEAM Eor The TirsT Time in TwenTy years, Mr. Daniel P. O'Brien was coach OT a championship Team. Led by CapTain William STone, The Team enioyed a record OT Twelve vicTories and Tour deTeaTs. The Purple QuinTeT played Teams Trom Whife Plains, lvlamaroneck, A. B. Davis, GorTon, PorT ChesTer, Roosevelt and Iona, all OT which, excepT Iona, are in The W.l.A.A. League. . The Tine showing OT The Team was made possible by The unusually clever ma- neuvering OT Billy STone, John ScoTT, Nick D'GnoTrio, Jackie Giles, l-larvey GarreTT, Billy ReicherT, Don STrobel, Dick Elandreau, Eerdinand Ensinger, Jack SmiTh, Charles T-layes and Brice Bourrough. 94 ffm A 4 1 Q ,pu-. IA 1, , . - 'V 9 ll - .fv 3 ,,- ' 4 Im. f , I4-.f"' .Wa- ' -ff,,' 'f',,"f" :v,wi,,f.-"ff"'1 V' Q' 1 24 - ' 4' 'f -' - -, - ' A r 95 1 - fu: .V-1f. 15, U , .19 .1 11. 1 W 1 11 11 -1 ,11 1' 1.1114 V up 11,111 f.. 35-11 1141- -.--131512-ff W1 331-111111111 'V fLgw1jw1'111T3giU!- M- 2 11 1 1: 1 . 12292111-af-1. .1111 W .1 A '14, 1111w- 1 . 1 1- .11 rift.. 1.1-1 .11 iaxgigii - 1 11 .f21.-j.- ' M5115 " ..111, 111- - 1.1 1'- -, 11 1111,11vg,H1gi,1H11 'z1.1i11 :1 11.511 , V 11 1. 1,. .11 Q 1 1 1 s 1 1 WJ 'Q ' ' Q v 111 1 x1 1-an dh' 19 1-4 1'f-41?-f11fY?15' 'J1'-'11 "in, 11 ' 11 -1 ,riijl '5 1 1' xl' x 11 1k , Ia 1 1 175.1 g me 4 at Y 1 -1 5411 1! ,14 lx fbi 4?'1fQ1 1 J 5 1 1114 X 1 xv jx FQ 45291. 1'1 U 1 J N 1 11. my 1 P v ff, 4 .2 V 1 if 1 wi lr gf ' I 1,111 1 'ge Q 'fy 'bd rv 1 , 1. 1 L xx x N rv, A. 'H' fm ' 1 1 'DIY Q 'P 1 Ev' 1' W 1.f W1 11 H 15 1 1, - 'I wi 11. 1- 1 1 4259" 1 I, .. .. i'1s5-lfwill 1' 5' ' f' 'I , .. 1, V .iv ' Qrgffifgl. . - 111111 .1 as av , M .-'K'vj111s,,1.u,'1H! 1 13-'15-1'a.5.1lqg11'Q1'11g MQ L QQ . x at A N . 1 ,... :,1f,.'H-1: K Y' QW 5 C1531 1 ,2.1:.141'1,1f .5 Q 1 .. 1.13.5111-V-115, 1 , cw 'A b'M?H'1.Qi 7 :iii lf. ' 1 1 .1311 11 I mf 1 uid' ,1 ,Y.1 1 1 .-Ar , 1- 1 '1 mx-1 111 Qff.1QfF3y.v3v 21 , 1 xg1i1s',3?s:f11g-fy 5 , 1 . l 1 1 1h. . ,,m,uM1l ..! - 1 1 "1 N, 1-151, A1 H ,1 1 1 11, 1.1.1 . 11 1 , 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 " '11' 1.,'1 ' 11 11 x W 157914, 11111, 1111. 1 .- x:,,.:f.f --fs L, 1-21531. 3' -5-51:1 wwf : 1,1 .,w 1 '11,1si'11: - X 1,4 - gl. 1 ,2i1e'i'f, , fy1rL'fw'1" fgwj1.:42 ,1 S1 fm 1 1. -21 1a-17,11 'WM iff fA"N3'3' F F132 . 112 H531 if ,A 1 2233511 " 5 - 1 1 ' 1 111' 1 1 17 x A 11 11 1 r xy , 1. ,Q -' 26 f, nfjlzigfi ' i 3 Lf?'11If 1 " .,, . Y. hi?-'ki - wifrfg if 241 11 11.1 5131 EQ? 153152: .yr ' Q1 112 21.11 .1111 Ji?" 251.1121 131111: 1 ew -1. v 1 w .NINE I31M'15keP!KS11-IV' " FW vgmmrgw TI-IE SENIOR PROM COMMITTEE SeIecTed by Currie Brewer, presidenT oT The Senior Class, a commiTTee oT eighTeen, wiTh WaITer Gerlcen, chairman, was chosen To arrange Tor The Senior Prom which was held June 2I. Miss E. LoreTTa Coons acTed as TacuITy adviser Tor The prom. EirsT Row-Miller, SmiTh, Brewer, Brodhead, Gerlsen, NesTIer, J., Levi. Second Row-Keeling, Mills, OsTrom, Lowy, VaIIeT, SchucTer, I3erIsTein, Sher- wood, J., GiIberT, Boolcman. TI-IE BIOLOGY CLUB The Biology Club, consisTing exclusively oT members oT The various biology classes, and wiTh Mr. John E. Shoop and Mr. PresTon A. Weiss as sponsors, is acTuaIIy a suppIemenT oT The worlc carried on in The regular course. DiTTerenT Trips oT inTeresT To The group as a whole, including a Tour oT The Museum oT Science and IndusTry, and an ouTing on Long Island Sound, were enioyed by The sTudenTs, as well as IecTures by proTessionaIs in The scienTiTic Tield. Richard Bailey is presidenTg I-Ielen I-Iarrison, vice-presidenTq and RoberT STuITz, secreTary-Treasurer. TI-IE LIBRARY COUNCIL One oT The mosT unigue services in The school is rendered by The Library Council. Various members oT The Council reporT each period during The day To assisT Miss Jane Conard and Miss DoroThy M. Schroeder in The rouTine duTies. This year The Council was composed oT veTeran members as well as new pupils Trom each oT The classes. They sTarTed Their duTies immediaTeIy aTTer The opening oT school and worlfed Through To The end oT The year. Leaders oT The group were PresidenT I-Iarvey Brownell and SecreTary BeTTy Dalrymple. TI-IE CI-I ESS CLUB The Chess Club, which This year had one oT iTs mosT acTive seasons, was under The leadership oT l:'residenT Edwin Tinnon and iTs TacuITy adviser Ivlr. I-Iarold S. Good- Tellow. NoT only did The boys all show up aT The regular meeTings and compeTiTions, buT many also aTTended The exTra aTTernoon sessions. The large membership, coupled wiTh The general eagerness, produced a Tine Team which won aIrnosT every one oT iTs maTches, and capTured second place in The WesTchesTer InTerschoIasTic Chess League. Team members are Edward WeingarT, BradTord KeiTh, RoberT SchwiTzer, RoberT Ober- Telder, and Edwin Tinnon. 98 TENNIS TEAM WiTh only Two veTerans To Torm The nucleus oT a Team, Coach Clarence W. Sayles has succeeded in developing an ouTsTanding Team oT "racqueTeers," especially John Chambers, This year's capTain, who played To greaT advanTage This season. The Team has played WhiTe Plains, Davis, RoosevelT, GorTon, and Mamaronecls in W.I.A.A. schedules and also played Pelham and Iona. SWING CLUB The Swing Club is a new addiTion To The New Rochelle I-Iigh School, Tormed by a Tew enThusiasTic musicians. Jam sessions are held aT The club meeTing paTTerned aTTer Those oT proTessionaI musicians and The dues are used Tor recording These ses- sions. Through The courTesy oT Mr. Broadhead The club uses The bandroom Tor iTs meeTings. Ivlr. Roland R. I-IinTZ, adviser, someTimes brings his Tiddle and joins in The sessions. Led by PresidenT Gus D'Agazio, Vice-PresidenT William Alley and SecreTary- Treasurer Douglas I-Iarris, The Governing Board arranges all club acTiviTies. Tl-IE AUTOMOBILE CLUB The AuTomobiIe Club, wiTh I-Ioward Robinson as presidenT, Thomas Ryder as vice-presidenT, Eugene BurgdorTT as secreTary, and ViTo MargoTTa as Treasurer, is an organizaTion inTeresTed in The mechanics, saTeTy conTrivances, and new develop- menTs in The realm oT auTomobiIes. SaTeTy is oTTen emphasized in This club and The group has closely cooperaTed wiTh The New Rochelle Police in Their saTeTy drive. The club, sponsored by Mr. Gordon A. I-Iarvie, oTTen meeTs during his TiTTh and sixTh period VocaTionaI Mechanical classes, promoTing inTormaI discussions and greaTer inTeresT in The worlc. FINANCE COMMITTEE The Finance CommiTTee is one oT The mosT imporTanT General OrganizaTion commiTTees. WiTh Dr. Eranlq lvl. Long as TacuITy adviser and William Ward as chair- man, The commiTTee was in charge oT all Tinancial TransacTions concerning sTudenTs and The General OrganizaTion during The pasT school year. These included inTer- scholasTic aThIeTics such as TooTbaII and basI4eTbaII. TicIceT selling and Talring was buT one oT Their numerous duTies. 99 3111 illivmnriam ROBERT BRADFORD SENIOR CI f I94I and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. patrons Edgar S. Baruc Malrllwew J. Casey .Joseph Girardi Roberl' F. Gluclc and lbatronesses Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell James Mr. and Mrs. Morlimer Landsberg Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Marlus Mr. and Mrs. George l-l. Melville Mr. and Mrs. William Rogow Mr. and Mrs. Sim Joe Smilli Mr. and Mrs. Roberl Newbold Mr. and Mrs. Felix Edgar Wormser Mr. and Mrs.Jolm A. Eliol Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Lea Mr. and Mrs. E. l-lalleclcBrodl1eacl lOl APPRECIATION We graTeTully acknowledge The invaluable assisTance oT individuals and organizaTions who conTribuTed To The publicaTion OT The l94O Rochellean. The sTaTT OT The yearbook exTends Thanks To Those who have made possible The TulTillmenT OT iTs aims. Especially do we wish To Thank Mr. Ralph Gershaw and Miss BeaTrice J. Turk oT The ArThur STudios, Mr. l-larry BerkowiTz and Mr. Maurice Barclay oT The LiTTle PrinT, Mr. J. Russell Lauben OT The Russell-RuTTer Company, Mr. W. E. Murray OT The Mercury PhoTo Engravers CorporaTion, Miss Selma C. EngelbrekT Tor her work wiTh The arT sTaTT, our paTrons and our adverTisers. Mr. l-lerberT B. Nichols, TaculTy adviser, deserves special Thanks Tor his unTiring eTTorTs. -The l94O Rochellean STaTT. lO2 emo'u'e5 . . ln 'rhe years +o come, many's 'rhe 'rime you will +ake your yearbook from 'rhe shelf 'ro review your high school days. Experi crafrsmen lsuch as you will find in our esrablishmenrl who produce fine lerierpress work, preserve 'rhose cher- ished memories in an ar'ris+ically de- signed and crea+ed Memory Book. Q Priniers of THE ROCHELLEAN C THE LITTLE PRINT Prinfers. .. 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Estahhshed 1837 131 EAST 23rd STREET NEV7 YORK Makers of Correct Style CAPS and GOWNS ACADEMIC HOODS IUDICIAL ROBES CHOIR OUTFITS Inquiries Solicited ' JAMES A, SIEACCOIRD 657 North Avenue New Roche11e, N. Y. THE LATEST IN CAMERAS . . Zeiss Contax Rolliilex Grailex Kodcxks En1arqers, Exposure Meters and cornpiete 1ine of Movie Equipment Eine Grain Deve1opinq. CAMERA CRAFT - Three Stores - 073 Main Street, New Roche11e 147 East Post Road, White P1ains 4 Grarnatan Avenue, Mt. Vernon 107 CI New Rochelle Association of Insurance Agents Members C. B. ALLEN, Jr. MAGNUS, KREUTER 81 MAGNUS, Inc. BEATNER INSURANCE AGENCY JAMES McGOEY KENNETH CAMERON JOHN L. MARSHALL, Inc. BLACKMAN 81 COUENHOVEN, Inc. ARTHUR J. MEYERS, Inc. WILLIAM F. CARROL A. E. MONEUSE H. E. COLWELL 81 SONS, Inc. NEW ROCHELLE AGENCY, Inc. CONBOY 8- MIMNAUGH NEW ROCHELLE REAL ESTATE CO. ARTHUR J. DEALY, Inc. RAYMOND D. PORTER HENRY B. DOWNEY, Inc. J. HOWELL PRICE HUGH A. DOYLE THEODORE B. RAUL JAMES F. GILKINSON F. A. RELLSTAB, Inc. LESLIE P. HARRIS BENJAMIN F. RUSKIN EUGENE HEINEY JOSEPH M. SHIELDS ADAM C. KISTINGER ISRAEL STREGER, Inc. WILLIAM KLEIN SULLIVAN AGENCY, Inc. LESLIE B. KULL ROLAND V. VAUGHN AN ASSOCIATION OF LOCAL FIRE, CASUALTY AND SURETY AGENTS TO SUPPORT RIGHT PRINCIPLES AND OPPOSE BAD PRACTICES IN UNDERWRITING Buy Your INSURANCE in New Rochelle IO8 CREAMI-RICH MILK and DAIRY PRODUCTS C DILLWYOOD DAIRY CQ. Inc. For Daily Delivery To Your Home Phone New Rochelle 3232 rift ann fx D D'n?DfX 'i-' 4 lipniza 1 D Qfflcial Jewelers for New Rochelle fligh 5611001 19-10 Class Jewelry ,LWl'Ta1.m +JEVYELER9 ,E IAAIIT STREET PHOTOGRAPHS IN 1940 Roca-IELLEAN BY ARTHUR STIUDHO Mmmmmmmm i457 BROADWAY NEW YORK, N. Y ENG-RAVING IN I940 ROCHELLEAN BY MIERCCIUIREY PHCOTCGD IENGRAVJERS CCCGJIEZPOJRATIJION WEEXEEWE 46l EIGHT!-I AVENUE NEW YGRK. N. Y. BINDING BY RUSSIE1LIL5RUTTIER LCG. HHCQ D17t'11'k:N r 46I EIGHT!-I AVENUE NEW YORK, N. Y. HO ,ff 17,1 1 xx x X u X , ,x , N K ffWT:Mw1 m:nx f ,l, M, q, di gk W mfmmm fx MM .Jr ,lf 1. 1 X' dw lyxfif ' X , X I , ' . ,.mXIlff J ' AM' X! Q . y X Awqdqf, IV Nj! XX X ' K I .VW gf I N X M f I X xx X ,L X X - V x X Wm X ' Y x ,ff 1 iv , Y f l. G 1 ! X sh ,, 1 7 7 , i X I N 1 ! . ! , Q 5 I J l if -J JW Pogmwl -V., r 1 , L X , 1 w 'g' 5. vi 1. Lwifsg f -ak . .. , V . ,7 "' 3'fs,T'1,i.: ' 1 , 535 , E. Q., N , ,r Q 'un "'w.' "1-0. -5 ff 'nw' . Y -T 1 Y 4 V ' "ef ' , , ' . -Sfffl' , Y ww- ,V 'Z n . J: ., .V p, Q. , . IA " "2 . A , . . . ' '. mx' , 1 . 7 . NH uv 253, f 1" 1 ' 5226 fbi' 'L h 5453 .1-. -, . . , m.-45, - ,1 Q! gr LF v if ff? ' QV A' ' 'Vi' -ffiiglarffd., 3' 1 'L 2-maibmiff'-',"1'f I, N' am ww-11 A:- Mn. Ha, 3. 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Suggestions in the New Rochelle High School - Rochellean Yearbook (New Rochelle, NY) collection:

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