New Rochelle High School - Rochellean Yearbook (New Rochelle, NY)

 - Class of 1937

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New Rochelle High School - Rochellean Yearbook (New Rochelle, NY) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 126 of the 1937 volume:

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Now we are af 'I'he end of our iirs+ decade here on 'rhe lake. ln lhose +en years much has changed. The building, fhe enrollmenf, and +he curriculum all have been en- larged. The melhods of leaching have advanced wiih 'rhe fimes. Only fhe spirif, which binds +he school iogeiher, has remained fhe same. The purpose of fhis year's "Rochellean" is 'ro sum up, in pic- forial form, our progress. To +his end we presenl'-New Rochelle High School On Survey. . ' . H.. pup. ,, K ,. L. , V f .pq ,,,v C C- . X 4 fi x4,4', 1 U , .iq an 21399 I 3: fu ' .5 'R QR 1- IJ, A46 " A ,-4' li f ,X ,H -gffi, ""?f5. ,if ' ff ' ,aa :V y a'?5-.U 13' V ' fx -I '! !.'.LZ"3fV:-'9-"'3,:. 5 ,....,,..., 14.7 1--V-ff , -4- V -f-M-.. .v ' .h EJ- f'.fyg3gqgfQfwYPfCb , .4 v .v--V-ia 'x ' 1 ' 1-r -.1 - -v ,- -- i--'f:vvf-,,?-- -I .. Ma' -1: - ' ,-, ,-- ,e"-.p- -I' ,f ,Vw 1-f , 1 01 'V -"':.::V-fm'-:I-nV.-. Neff-tffif Q. -...fl , ' - -' FG if . - ... 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S., she has cerfamly been successful Teachers and sfudenfs alike have been a'H'rac+ed by her magnehc personalnly and engagmg manner When Moss Jesslca Fos+er resugned as Dean of Gnrls las+ year, fhe logical choice for her successor seemed Miss Coons, who was +hen Assrs+an+ Prmcupal of Alberf Leonard Junuor Hugh School The leaps and bounds by whnch gurls achvlhes have progressed show how ener- gehcally she has sei herself 'lo fha advlsershlp We wish Mlss Coons many more years here 4 W. .. ,,,.. . -wnnllnggusuew -V' -v4- V MVf--1-PWM J l .. - R 4312532557 ff5.ffQ3Q'Q5if522i'frP if .:'iT1' ' ' :jr , ,,- - rw '+Q'3,g..-fl. --w.g.3V.-L ' L- V-'Vw-s..V c, .. s-,Agri 1. qajrr. ' 11,-,f44,:,.V-f,g.,4 r., - A , yj...z I 5 :IV,, ,y 3333 .-FV, 'af' .fr 1 nf C' - v" e. . '?u'f?4f-Fw .,',-'B 'lbw ru-. -':'ffvi-3.3v' ' -ff: 'L "' ' '- V 1 '- , -1111.3-:,."wafw-in,--,"',i. -. 0: . . f-1-M 1-1-fs-Q45--15'-ga '-f':,f.-rl-' . JQQX: .:f.Dsa5:gr:.:..::g :.V.V:-ey-V.g. 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AJEMIAN .,,,...,.... French B.A., Harvard: M.A. in Language and Lireraiure, Middlebury: Universify of Lyons, France. REGINALD P. BAKER, Mechanical Drawing B.S., Columbia: PraH InsI'iI'uI'e. WALLACE B. BOWMAN .,., Commercial B.A., Randolph Macon: Columbia: N. Y. U.: Chicago U. CLARENCE J. BROADHEAD . .,.., Music B.A., Offebein College: M.A. in Music Educaiion, N. Y. U. W. EMERSON BURKE Dramafics, Public Speaking B.S., Denison: Cornell: M.A., Columbia: N. Y. U. ROSETTA E. CLARKSON ,,.,.,... English B.A., Vassar: M.A. in English, Columbia. OLIVER C. DAVIS ., .,.. , Commercial B.S., Springfield: T.C. Springfield, Mis- souri: M.A. in Commercial Educafion, Columbia. WINIFRED H. DOUD ,.,,.... Commercial Ferris Ins+i+u+e: Michigan Sfafe Normal School. WINFRED HORACE DOUD ..Ma+henneIics B.A., Universify of Michigan: M.A. in Mafhemafics, Columbia: Pofsdam Normal School. ELIZABETH G. DURFEE ........... English Flora Sfone Maiher B.A. in English. HENRY DURFEE ,..,..... ...Hislory B.A., Williams. LESTER EMERSON ,,.,........ Elecrricily B.S., Universify of New Hampshire. SELMA G. ENGELBREKT .,........,. Arr Diploma, Fine Arfs, Columbia: Cooper Union Arr School. FLORENCE M. ERRANT, Physical Eclucalion B.A., Universiry of Illinois: M.A., Columbia EUGENE F. FLAHERTY . ,,,.... Spanish B.A., Colgaie: M.A. in Spanish, Columbia. ANTOINETTE J. FOSTER .....,.. Enqligh B.A., M.A. in English, SI. Lawrence: Rad- cIiFfe: Columbia. HOLLIS E. FRAZEY . ,. Boolclfeepinq M.A. in Educarion, N. Y. U. FACULTY 4" -ri '- '-'-' 4 FACULTY VERN A. FRISCH , , . Commercial B. A., Haslings College: M.A., N. Y. U. HUBERT GIRARD .. , ,, lnduslrial Arls B.S., C. C. N. Y.: R. A. M. I.: M.A. in Vocafional Training, N. Y. U. HAROLD S. GOODFELLOW English M.A. in English, Universiry of Michigan. JEANETTE C. HALL . . Commercial B.A., Syracuse: B.C.S., N. Y. U. ROLAND R. HINTZ .. ,. lndusirial Arls B.S., Universily of Wisconsin. NELLIE l. HOPKINS , . Commercial B.C.S., N. Y. U. ELISA R. JONES . . . . .French B.A., New York Slale: M.A. in French, Columbia: Sorbonne, Paris. WESLEY R. JONES .,,,.,,. .. French B.A., Darfmoulh: M.A. in French, Columbia DORIS KINSMAN ,.... Physical Educaliori B.S., Columbia. ADELAIDE LeCOUNT ..,. ..MalhemalicS B.A., Ml. Holyoke: M.A., Columbia. FREDERICK L. LOBDELL Aeronaulics: Physiography B.S., Clarkson College of Technology: M.A. in Educalion, N. Y. U. FRANK M. LONG ..... Commercial B.C.S., Universiiy of Wyoming: M.A. in Commercial: Ph.D., Columbia. WILLIAM H. MCKENNA, Physical Educarion B.S.P.E., Arnold College: Cornell Summer School of P. E. BARBARA A. MOORE ., Hislory B.A., Smilh: M.A. in His+ory, Radcliffe. HERBERT B. NICHOLS .. . . Hisfory B.A., George Washinglon Universily: M.A. in Hisfory and Governmenf, Columbia. DANIEL P. O'BRIEN. .. Physical Educalion B.S., Columbia: Savage School of Physical Educalion. HELEN O'RElLLY ,... , Hisiory B.A., Smifh: M.A. in Educaiion, Columbia. RUTH TREADWELL OSBORNE, Malhemaiics B.A., Vassar: M.A. in Ma+hema+ics. Columbia. BEATRICE PERLSTEIN ....... Commercial B.A., Hunler College: M.A. in French, Columbia: Columbia School of Business. MARGARET RABINOWITZ ...., .Hislory B.A., Hunler College: M.A. in Hisiory, Columbia. HALLIE L. S. ROSS .Economic Geography Browning Normal School: Bosfon Universi- ly: M.A. in Hislory, Clark: M.A. in Educa- lion, Columbia. 1 BURGESS B. ROSS ....... C.P.A., Boslon Universily: ... ..,. Hislory .Harvardg M.A. in Hislory, Clark: M.A. in Hislory. Columbia. DOROTHY M. SCHROEDER Assislanl Librarian B.A., College of William and Mary. MARY L. SNOW , ,.....,......,,, Enqllsh B.A., Cornell: Columbia: Harvard. ETHEL STROHMEYER Sewing: Home Economics Pra'H: Teachers College, Columbia. ORA STRONG .......,, .... M alhernalics B.A., M.A. in Mafhemalics, Universily of Oklahoma. VIRGINIA B. STURTEVANT ......,. English B.A., Goucherp Johns Hopkins: Columbia. LEON J. STURTEVANT .....,,.... English B.S., Tuffs: M.A. in English, Teachers Col- lege, Columbia. ALMA G. SWANSON ....... Commercial B.A., Universily Commercial. Colu of Nebraska: M.A. in mbia. CORA H. W. TOWNSEND ,. Malhemalics B.A., M.A. in Eclucalion, Brown Universify. FANNIE W. UPHAM ............. English B.A., Goucher: M. A. in En glish, Columbia. HENRY G. WELLMAN .,,........ Hislory B.S., Harvard: M.A. in Hislory, Columbia. DeWITT D. WISE English: Newswrilinq: Journalism B.A., Dickinson: M.A. in Educafion, Columbia. THOMAS l. DOWLING .,,,.... Chemislry B.S., M.S. in Chemisfry, U. of Souih Caro- lina: M.A. in Educalion, Columbia. MYRTLE LACY, , ,Malhemalicsg Psychology B.A., M.A. in Lalin. Universifv of California SAMUEL W. SCHMUCKLER Sociology: Economics: Hislory B.A., Universify of Wisconsin: M.A. in Social Educalion, N. Y. U. JANE SOUBA .... .,.....,.,,. E nglish B.A., Carlelon College: M.A. in Educalion, Columbia. FACU LTY ai' " A l l FACULTY F. LORETTA COONS Assislanl Principal: Algebra B.A., N. Y. Sfale College for Teachers: M.A. in Eclucaiion Adminislralion, Bosfon Universily: N. Y. U.: Columbia. MARIE W. BOWERS .............. Laiin B.A., Ohio Wesleyan: M.A. in Lalin, Columbia. VINCENT CIOFFARI ...... llaliani Spanish B.A., M.A. in Romance Languages, Cor- nell: Ph.D., Columbia. VERA GIDDINGS COLE Economic Geography B.A., Smi+h: M.A. in Educalion, Teachers College, Columbia. JANE CONARD ............... Librarian B.A., Ohio Wesleyan: B.S., Simmons Col- lege Library School. CLIFTON T. EDGERLY .....,,..... French B.A. in Greek and Lalin, M.A. in French, Spanish, Halian, Darlmoulh: Ph.D. in Ro- mance Languages, Yale. JOHN J. FISHER .......,.....,,. Biology B.A., Sl. Johns: M.A. in Biology, Columbia. ELSIE L. GLEASON ............. English B.A., Universiiy of Kansas: Columbia. NANCY M. GLEASON ..,.. English B.A., Oberlin: Columbia. GEORGE E. GREELEY .. , ..French B,A., Bowdoin: M.A. in French, Columbia. NELLIE M. HALL , . . Commercial B.C.S., N. Y. U.: Universily of California: Fordham. GORDON A. HARVIE .,.... lncluslrial Arls Filchburg Normal School: N. Y. U. ARTHUR B. HUSSEY .. . ,....... Physics B.A., Baies: M.A. in Educalion, Brown: Columbia. CLARA V. JONES ....,,..,..... German B.A., Oberlin: M. A. in German, Columbia. JEANETTE L. McGILL ,.........,. English B.A., Oberlin: M.A. in English, Columbia. GLADYS J. NEWELL ......,...,,. English B.S. in Eclucalion, Bridgewafer Slafe Teachers College: Columbia. GLADYS B. SKINNER. Physical Educalion B.S., M.A., Teachers College, Columbia. REBECCA SYMMES , ,....... lvlalhemalics B.A., Norlh Carolina College for Women: M.A. in Malhemalics, Columbia. ETHELWYN WARDLE ............ I-lislory B.S., M.A., N. Y. Slale College: Columbia. JEAN M. WILSON .... Medical Deparlmenl MR. CLIFFORD S. BRAGDON Superin+enden+ of Schools OR Mr. Clifford S. Bragdon and all associaied wi+h 'rhe school sys+em, +his year +ermina+es noi' only a decade since +his school was cons+ruc+ed, bu+ also a period of grea+ service rendered by him +o fhe communily of New Rochelle. As Superinlendeni' of Schools, Mr. Bragdon has held +he respec'r and affedion of bofh s+uden+s and facully for his undersianding of problems, educafional and social. H' is wiih much regre+ 'thai' we see Mr. Bragdon leave and we exfend fo him our sincere wishes +ha'r good luclc may conlinue +o aHend him. l ,, A LETTER TO THE SENIORS Dear Seniors: V While gelling oul lhe Rochellean, and looking over old ones, we came across menlion of so many evenls lhal have happened since our sophomore year, lhal we iusl had lo wrile lhis lo remind you. Remember lhal firsl day, when you pul on a "dare-anylhing-once" expression, and lried hard nol lo gel losl loo many limes, bul failed in spile of direclion signs. Remember how you found yourself in a class wilh kids you never heard of. And sopho- mores weren'l allowed lo go lo assemblies, and when lhey' did, il was all aboul lomalo iuice. And you developed a flaming School Spiril, and wenl around shouling: "Beal Ml. Vernon!", or "Down wilh While Plains!" And everylhing was lerribly exciling, even Regenls. And afler vacalion, you relurned in lhe fall, very sure of yourselves as Juniors, and you began lo be somebody around lhe old school. You were very blase, and fooled faround mosl of lhe year. You lried lo forgel lhal you were really inleresled in school, for lhal wasn'l dignified. You concenlraled on being bored wilh il all. Conversalion ran on lhe lines "How many limes have ,lyou gypped lhis week?" when you knew perfeclly well you had only cul aboul lhree limes ih your life, ,and you had a prelly miserable lime of il. G. O. eleclions were coming up. Everybody said Dick Weber didn'l have a chance in spile of Harry Henn. Cule poslers appeared, everybody wenl polilical, and blollers, and lhrow-aways were scallered everywhere. You were mad 'al your besl friend, because he or she was a friend of so and so's campaign manager. Eleclion day came. Dick won. Everybody was lerribly exciled, for no parlicular reason, and lhen school was oul. We came back feeling snooly, as seniors, bul discovered lhal we had less freedom lhan sophs, because lhey're so young, and lhe iuniors slill have a year lo become dignified, so we're lefl lo keep up lhe dignily, and il becomes boring afler awhile, so you slop being dignified, and figure lhal afler lwo years of hard work, you deserve lo loaf for lhe lasl year. Bul, you find lhal you can'l, nol if you wanl lo graduale. So you compromise, and do as lillle work as you can unlil June. Senior essays creep up, and you aren'l ready. The year is so packed wilh evenls lhal you lhink you'll die afler gradualion. Bul you don'l! And lhe Big Nighl comes, you gel your diploma, and every one congralulales you. Then il's summer, and you say you're Free, bul you find lhal High School was more free, and you lhink some day you'll go back lo a Class Reunion, bul you neveri do. All lhe same, you'll lell everyone whal a swell lime you had ih school, and show lhem your Rochellean. You slarl lhinking of lhe Old Days, and lhen afler awhile you close lhe book. Bul: you won'l forgel! And lhe Class of '37 Marches On! Yours lruly, THE STAFF l G. O. COUNCIL HE G. O. Council, led by 'l'he T Presidem' of +he G. O., is com- posed of six non-a+hle+ic repre- sen+a+ives, +wo senior girls, one senior boy, one junior girl, one junior boy, and one sophomore girl, and seven a+hle'ric, +wo senior boys, one senior girl, one junior boy, one junior girl, one sopho- more boy, and one sophomore girl. Mr. Eckels, Miss Erranl, Mr. O'Brien, Mr. McKenna, Miss Lacy, Dr. Long, and Mr. Flaheriy are also members. Their major accomplishmenis +his year were +he revision of The poini' sys+em, and managing on a very small budget Alihough 'lhe G. O. Council had a difficulf +ime making bo'l'h ends mee+, +he year was qui+e successful. Fron+ row-Henry Pohndorf, Jean Wallace, Richard Weber, Marjorie Froehlich, BeHy Flan- dreau. Second row-Barbara Randall, Laura Hawley, Sianley Barnes, Reid Francis, Lola Hawley, Ru+h Wiley. Rear row-Arfhur Snyder, Bud Peiers, Richard Maulsby, Gordon Behrens, Jack Higgons. G. 0. COMMITTEES THESE six commi'Hees are very impor+an+ in 'l'he running of 'l'he General Organizalion. The Finance CommiH'ee, wi+h Jack Kidd a+ Hs head, look care of 'lhe gale a+ all 'rhe exlra-curricular ac+ivi'I'ies. Ted Greenberg and Mil+on Choliner were 'rhe chair- men of 'ihe Non-A+hle+ic G. O. Awards CommiHee, while 'The Elecfions CommiHee was under +he leadership of Marjorie Froeh- lich who was also af +he head of +he commiHee in charge of 'ihe G. O. Dance. Jefferson Van Heusen was responsible for +he Budgef CommiHee, and Dick Weber headed 'ihe Membership CommiHee. Fronl' row-Donn Barber, Jack Murphy, Jack Kidd, Dr. Long, Rear row-Marjorie Froehlich, Dick Maulsby, Fred Roberls, -aaa-em A - 11 Laura Hawley, Presidenl GIRLS COUNCIL HE Girls' Council is lhe girls' govern- ing body of lhe school, whose purpose is 'lo creale a feeling of friendliness and inleresl among 'lhe girls. This is accom- plished lhrough represenlalives from each home room who meel monlhly, and bring suggeslions offered by members of lheir class. ll was led lhis year, under 'lhe advisership of Miss Coons, by Laura Hawley, presidenl, Marguerile Golli, vice-presidenl, and Belly Flandreau, secrelary. The major evenl' sponsored by lhe Girls' Council is lhe annual molher-daughler ban- quel, which was, This year, symbolized by l'he Coronalion, and was lhe largesl' ever held. Fronl' row--Jane Burrillg Belly Scanlon, Josephine Painog Morlina Wilbur, Miriam Lancaslerg Rulh Wiley, Barbara Bailey. Second row-Marguerile Gollip Laura Hawley, Miss Lorella Coonsg Barbara Ran- dall: Alice Harleg Gloria Pedersen: Jeanne O'Reillyg Jeanne Kullg Mary Lou Vincenl. Rear row-Belly Flandreaug Carol Moffellg Edilh Nichols, lsabel Barber, Jean Wallace, Helen Miller: Barbara Eclcley. TRAFFIC SQUAD L Wesley AlcoH,iCal'herine Alles, Donn Barber, Doris Bar+ne++, William BenedeHo, Richard Berg, Philip Bergman, Alberl' Berkowifz, John Bernard, William Belzer, Miriam Bock, David Boddie, Eugene Bondy, Bernard Boffinick, Sianley Brodhead, John Brooks, Charles Bull, Frank Bundschuh, Adeline Calvosa, Thomas Carier, Dominick Cerra, Jesse Champion, Herman Chasin, Naralie Chayes, David Clemmenls, Janef Coleman, Charloffe Curfis, Dor- ofhy E. Curriss, Franklyn Dana, Bayard Davis, Jean DeRosa, Charles Dickerson, Belly Dunklee, Dorolhy Eckley, James Engel, Rufus Fairchild, Gene Farn- ham, Richard Faulhaber, Lois Firfh, Ann Fifzhenry, James Fleming, Natalie Floersheimer, Harold Fosfer, Marie Frank, Barbara Garges, Marie Geng, Marion Gibson, Lucille Gluck, Henry Goldsmilh, Maxine Golds+ein, Marguerife GoHi, William Green, Doroihy Haas, Norman Hackman, Eugene Hall, Wanda Hardwick, Alice Harle, Ann Harold, Bea- lrice Hausralh, Jeanne Hausralh, Cafherine Hayes, Julia Head, Elka Herz, Doris Heyde, Calvin Hill, Margery Holifman, Mary Alice Holmes, Gladys Holi, Marion Holrsberg, Leroy Hovey, Alan lsaac- son, lrving Jofiie, Roberr Jones, Charloile Johnson, Lorimer Johnson, Edward Jouard, Leonard Kahn, Lillian Kales, Norman Karl, Julia Kaufman, Warren King, Marion Kirk, lrving Kolhe, Louise Kolzian. Roberl' Lang, Leslye Lau, Lynn Leavy, Maddalena Leone, Rulh Lerner, Vivian Levine, Esrelle Librefl, Alice Livingslon, Jeanne Henry Pghndgrf' Lopez, Elaine Lorson, Cap-fain Mary Alice Lyon, Henry Manheim, Doris Maul, Audrey McMahon, Claire Meier, Jonalhan Mendes, Naialie Meyer, Helen Miller, Clarence Millner, Dorofhy Mix, John Mosher, Charles Newcomb, Lillian Odell, Roberl O'Hagan, Carmela Pace, Marfha Peck, Joanna Persy, Henry Pohndorf, Belsy Pollack, Alexander Pollack, Alice PraH, Barbara Randall, George Rhefl, Renee Rolh, Lucille Salkin, James Sasmor, Eugene Schwarzenberg, Daniel Schwarzkopf, Donald Shriner, Jane Shwifzer, Ken- nelh Simon, Dororhy Sims, William Sleeper, Jane Sloman, Alfred Sfern, Lillian Slein, Herberl Slern, James Siem, Peler Sfern, Richard Slewarl, 'Gene Slrack, Peier Slrack, Margarel Slrauss, Ralph Suss- man, Douglas Taylor, Ashlon Tenney, James Turley, Helen Vallado, Chesler Van Ness, Joseph Vecsey, lrene Wagner, Jean Wallace, William Wallin, Barbara Wellen, Edward Wellen, Rulh Wiley, Louise Winslow, Arlene Wofsy, Frederick Wolff, Margarei Wolff, Renala Wrighl, Belh Zimmerschied. as L -W '--. UTSIDE of fhe q'm work of publish- " AA ing fhe paper regular- il A i i "'? V AA l y fhe Herald Sfaff Gordon Behrens, e n g a g e d in many Edifor-in-Chief ofher iournalisfic ac- fivifies. M r . D e W i 'I' f D . Wise, adviser, and fwelve delegafes, af- fended fhe Thirfeenfh Annual Convenfion of fhe Columbia Scholasfic Press Associa- fion, where Mr. 'Wise was re-elecfed Presi- denf of fhe Advisers' Associafion. Two ediforial sfaff members, Gordon Behrens and Murray Berdick, conducfed conferences on differenf phases of high school journalism. A+ fhe Third Annual Heighfs News Press Conference of New York Universify, fhe Herald, represenfed by Murray Berdick and Philip Bergman, was awarded a cerfificafe for oufsfanding sporfs wrifing. As parf of fhe Tower Players' producfion of "Beggar on Horseback," several mem- HUGUENOT HERALD bers of fhe sfaff puf ouf fhe "Roving Planef," a fravesfy on a mefropolifan fabloid. Wifh fhe help of fhe scoring sheef crificism of fhe C. S. P. A. iudge, fhe Herald looks forward fo anofher year of high school iournalism on fhe upgrade. Fronf row--Barbara Eckley, Dorofhy Brodine, Marion Gibson, Reid Francis, Joyce Wamsley. Second row-Marfha Booker, Dorofhy Eckley, Business Manager, Pefer Sfrack, Edifor-in-Chief, Gordon Behrens, Copy Edifor, Murray Berdick, Arf Edifor, Jack Murphy, Maree Brennan, Rufh Friedman. Third row-Morfon Seidensfein, Bob Smifh, Helen Landsberg, Elinor Gluck, Mr. Frazey, Mr. Wise, Norma Cohen, lndiadelle Dandridge, Eleanor Shadwell, Lillian Kafes. Rear row-Alfon Wenfworfh, Andrew Pickens, Philip Bergman, Bob O'Hagan, Richard Maulsby, Jack Kidd, Feafure Edif- or, Harry Henn, Harold Fosfer, Joe Oliva. Z ,, , . .,. ,,,,.h,,, , Henry C. Pohndorf, Presidenl Alice Harle, Secrelary Eldridge Maulsby, Treasurer Jane Slarrell, Belly Sweelin, lrma Tenni, Morlina Wilbur, Rulh Wiley, Mary Lou Vincenl, Donn Barber, Murray Berdick, William Belzer, Henry Carse, Mary Jo Armsfrong, Rila-Marie Chasserol, Rosemary Cramplon, lndiadelle Dandridge, lsabel Barber, Belly Byron, Laura Hawley, Elka Herz, Charlofle Keilh, Janel Howell, Belly lrvine, Barbara Kefchum, Efhel Krilow, Richard Treffeisen, William Van Kleeck, George Waddill, Fred Wolff, Van Varick Flynn, Francis Garden, Henry Heimlich, Harry Henn, Wilbur Hunlinglon. Dorolhy Mix, Madeline Slocher, Hazel Harle, Lynelle Dahn, Dick Maulsby, Loraine Elder, Mariorie Froehlich, Efhel George, lrene Golllieb, Nalalie Floersheimer, Franklyn Dana, Waller Doernberg, Marlha Peck, Jean Poellmelz, Calherine Sidman, Vivian Siemon, Dorolhy Sims, Jane Sloman, Calherine Pasquale, Elizabelh Lofland, Barbara Oakley, Mildred Noxon, Lucille Malouche, Barbara Randall, Rufh Friedman, Calherine Alles, Josephine Burk, Adeline Calvosa. Angelina Cercera, Helen Clark, Jean De Rosa, Florence Faker, Grelchen Flippin, Lucille Gluck, SCHOLARSHIP CLUB Lillian Kales, Selma Klein, Rulh Lerner, Mariorie Tims, Adeline Togha, Helen Vallado, Mariorie Wagner, Louise Winslow, Renafa Wrighl, Eugene Bondy, Eugene Hall, Vincenl Gargoilo, Belsy Pol- lack, Roberl Jones, Welville Nowak, Alexander Pollack, Werner Schalz, Morlon Slarlz, Edward Thode, Doris Maul, Jean Muir, Roberl Banks, Nalalie Chayes, Belsy Kern, Hans Schiff, James Slern, Theodore Eliol, Mary Amoroso, Lila Barulh, Sylvia Frank, Calherine Hayes, Margarel' Slrauss, Belh Zimmercheid, Philip Bergman, Daniel De Carlo, John Deschere, Warren King, Belly Flandreau Virginia Goodbody, Evelyn Gullag, Barbara Hagar, Arline Greene, Alvin Lukashok, Calherine Maxwell, Jane Madden, Sybil Nurco, Eleanor Oldden, Gloria Pedersen, Emilia Pisani, Eleanor Nilri, Helen Kalzen- berg, Jeanne Herz, Sally Hovey, Shirley Kaplan, Pauline Kalonica, Edward Renshaw, Yolanda Lance- lol, Anfoinelfe Lazzaro, Tina Safranski, Mary Scarinzi, Shirley Davidson, Nalalie Davis, Barbara Escoll, Michelina Fasfiggi, Rifa Spaulding, Mimiam Segal, Alfred Edelslein, James F. Farquhar, Donald Davidson, Jane Yoder, Douglas Shamberg, Richard Sfern, Raleigh Smilh, Jeanne Alberls, John Junglz, John Herzog. som-lomones rrl:UO3O:1IOm I'-OZCOO OW +ha+ June has rolled around again, our experi- enced babies can look back wi'rh pride on +he hisfory fhey have made since +ha+ eveniful day in Sep+ember when fhey en'rered Presidenf +he s+a+ely porials of New William Rochelle High School as Sopho- Lowefh mores. They can poini' wi+h a swelling ches+ fo 1'he new fra- diiions fhai' 'l'hey, as underclassmen, have sei. They proved ihemselves a class of acrion soon afier 'rhey learned iusi how unimpor+an+ lhey were supposed +o be, by making 1'he sophis+ica+ed Juniors and Seniors si+ up and lake nofice af fhe +hings 1'his class of I939 could accomplish. The amazing rrain of even+s which followed s+ar'I'ed wirh one of +he mos? exciring campaigns for +he eleciion of class officers +ha+ 'fhis school has ever seen. A+ 'rhe conclusion of +he campaign, which saw 'rhe halls of lhe building and 'rwin lakes covered wi+h posfers and banners for +he various candidafes, Bill Loweih was elec'I'ed Presideni' wifh Lola Hawley, Vice-Presidenf, and Shirley David- son and Parker Kercham carrying 'rhe vo+es for Secre+ary and Treasurer respeciively. Before +he surprised upperclassmen could quiie recover from rhis shock, 'This amazing class broke all 'rradiiion by giving a Sophomore pariy wi+h Miss Coons as adviser. Previously The Juniors and Seniors were +he only classes which held large affairs. Even 'lhis pariy furned ou'l +0 be original in 'Thar ir was an informal affair held immedia+ely af+er school. lnsiead of ihe usual dancing wifh a hired orchesira, +he Sophomores 'felfl' 'rhai' an orchesira made up of sfudenis was good enough for 'rhem along wi+h all sor1's of games and refresh- Vice-Presidenf Secre+ary Treasurer Lola Shirley Parker Hawley Davidson Kelcham menfs of cider and doughnufs. Judging from 'rhe squeals of pleasure 1'ha+ issued from ihe 'lwo gyms on +ha+ evenHul aufumn afrernoon, a good +ime was had by all. ln school ac+ivi+ies, 'rhe Sophs have 'iaken an impor+an+ role. Eleanor Oldden represenred +he Sophomore girls in +he G.A.A., while Jimmy Pinder and Bud Pelers won honors on fhe grid- iron. Scholasfically ihe class was honored by "Udge" Maulsby who was chosen Secreiary of 'Phe Scholarship Club. Yes, we can 'rruly say 'lhal' 1'his class of I939 is really remarkable. Of course, The same fhing has been said aboul' every preceding class, ye+ we, ihe class of I937, can fake our bow wi+h ease knowing 1'ha+ fhere is a class coming along which has proven i+self able fo add +o rhe s+eady im- provemenl' of New Rochelle High School. Fron+ row-Jean Marschalkg Cyn+hia Wandel: Mary Kinsey, Marjorie Sheppard, Mildred Rebsamen. Second row-Lola Hawley, Bea+rice Merkel, William Lowefhg Bill Fox, Angela Carierg Eleanor Oldden. Rear royv-Arfhur Snyder, Roberr Wassmang Bud Pe+ersg Bill Holbyg John Henderson. 4 Q? ig . X25 3 E215 M, Z - ,, i - E5 Fi L.g'7-51 K i d,,l , yygff- .ji L ',T,,f"3'4- . gr-fE'?T P Y r + R 1 I 1 f r 1 -fp-if-" 'X f i f Q? x:::,i'. Q1-7? ,319 5,5 7,-f.lfi' ,I ,,1 iff-ff if- Ti 5 A fi fs S S 'Wa w nv-. 1+-r .. ,,f-..'f'-I ZX KZ ,,f,f-I5 -5 -2: Q A X Z., if-li X ,-54 S EZ - Qffgf? , Ei , A E5 ?,,.1. 1,2 Z Z if " 'f?"" C' X 541-fp 3 Q ,,-:'i.- gf? 1-Q Z,-,4-- ,f : i 1:12-:?', f xvpff' - 5,1417 ig? .,- , T376 T15 ' I'-OZCOO IO-ZCH JUNIORS . .:,,. 'M 'Rf an if H ONG Live The King!" "Long live The Queen!" I :, 5f'f?5 'i'.: -1: And To This we add-"Long live ., all The. resT of Their Train." 1 , an Slowly and wiTh noTiceable digniTy, King John Brewer wiTh Queen Reid Francis make Their Pfjsiieni wa To The Thrones oT residenT Brllr P and vice-presidenT oT The iunior class. They are Tollowed closely by Duchess Barbara, Garges and Duke Donald Freidmann who manage The secreTarial and Tinancial maTTers of sTaTe. Look! Now approaching are all The peers and ladies who make up The royal Train. There are Jonny Mendes and JeTT van Heusen in long ermine robes. Don'T Larry Wechsler and Lenny Kahn' look iusT Too gorgeous in purple. Emily STrong and Barbara Von Lenz are having Trouble Trying To be sophisTicaTed in Their yard long Trains. Wouldn'T you iusT know ThaT Lucille Gluck would be in a hurry. There are Trudie RoberTs, Helen Landsberg and Thelma Bilik, much Trans- formed by Their Trailing gowns. Make way Tor The iesTers! Do you recognize Them? ThaT one is Phil Bergman and he's Phil NewTon. Bergman's dressed like The "LiTTle Willie" he's made so Tamous and who could say whaT NewTon is wearing. And The guard! Oh see The gorgeous guard! Tom Burpee, "Sugar" Dowling, Bob SmiTh, Phil Giangreco, Billy Loock, and The ever blushing Tommy Carroll marching in Tull aThleTic sTride comprise The guard, resplendenT in Their Tur Top pieces, only recenTly subsTiTuTed Tor TooTball helmeTs and baseball caps. Here comes The royal band! UnderneaTh ThaT moun- Tainous haT is Henry WhiTcomb. The cymbal SecreTary Vice-PresidenT Treasurer Barbara Reid Donald Garges Francis Friedmann clasher is NaTalie Chayes, while STanley Brodhead, wearing purple knee breeches, upholds The morale of The vanguard. Prime Minis'Ter Douglass ScoTT is quiTe appro- priaTe wiTh his sTarched manner especially hired Tor This occasion. Leslye Lau and Louise Donahue are in conTrasT To Grace Langeloh, Mariorie HoTTman, BeTTy Walker and BeTh Zimmerschied, who are much Too much in Their capes of royal ermine. Sneering aT Them are The sophisTicaTed American ladies, Sylvia Mirsky, JaneT Anderson, CaTherine Alles, DoroThy Brenner and Mark Skin- ner. Don'T Muriel PraeTe and Lois FirTh make adorable cockney children. And so The procession passes Trom our view, iTs members having been Tully inducTed inTo Their posiTions and ready To carry on. "Long live The King!" Long live The Queen!" FronT row-PaTricia McQuade: Thelma Bilik: John Brewer: Barbara Garges: Mr. Nichols: Reid Francis. Second row-GerTrude RoberTs: Thomas Car- roll: STanley Barnes: James Riley: George Wash- burn: Louise Donahue: Helen Vallado. Rear row-Henry Euler: Jack Higgons: Jon- aThan Mendes: Lloyd Spies. XJ ,, 'XZ Kg:- Lg-:J ,-iii' l j , : gifs? , Tig! K E ii Z? "'1 1 i 1 E T i E S 1 I l l i -l 1 l fi V 1 A -L 4f-,fi Q E x?f,i'. ' Yffi Xwfyii , fx 771- -1: J, xi !-'-T- Z.. , if xg A af Xi! fji ll, X ': ? Kg , , v Fai ,5-"Z: T441 2, Xkffi--'15, f 4 I'-OZCOO DO-ZIFIUD HELLO THERE FOLKS: We are broadcasfing direcf- ly, fhis Sepfember l957, from fhe Tower, where, as in fhe days of old, fhe gargoyles see all. Today, if is fhe Reunion of fhe Class of '37. Bird, beasf, fish, and whaf have you are all gafh- ered yonder, each fhrowing ouf a line of fhe glories of his fwenfy years, buf wifh such com- pefifion fhe cafch is few and far befween. Yes, fwenfy years is a long fime, buf from a disserfa- fion by Yale's former sfar quar- ferback, snafches of Bob Now- ell's soufhern accenf floafs up fo us. Perhaps if was culfivafed affer all. lsn'f his beard fhe one fhaf he sfarfed while here? The SENICJRS Robin S. Nowell Sfudenf, afhlefe, and a swell fel- low! Senior Class Presidenf: Vice- Presidenf, G. O.: G. O. Council: Budgef, Finance, and Consfifufion C o m m i f f e e s: Foofball: Hockey: Senior and Junior Prom and Ro- chellean Dance Commiffees. Barbara Randall Bobby is in fhe fore of our hall of fame. Vice-Pres., Senior Class: Pres., G. A. A.: G. O. Council: Jr., Sr. Councils: Jr. Prom, Sr. Prom Chairman, G. O. D a n c e Comm.: Capfain, Cheerleaders: Sergeanf, Traffic Squad. Barbara King Kefcham Bobbie will fravel fo Skidmore nexf year. and fhence ouf info fhe wide world as an ex- ecufive. Secrefary of Senior Class: Traffic Squad: Junior P r o m C o m m iffe e : Mofher-Daughfer Banquef: Rochel- lean Circulafion. Alden Delancey Wesfover Besides afhlefics, Harvard, and va- cafions, "Befa Sigma" likes Pel- ham I864. Foof- ball: Baseball: Hockey Capfain: Track: lnframur- als: Sophomore afhlefic repre- senfafive: G. O. Council: Senior Class Treasurer. good looking coupleris Alden Wesfover, insfal- lafor of bars, and his wife, a former residenf of Pelham I864. The person besieged by fhe police escorf, Our Own Wolves lnc. is none ofher fhan Marcelle Meyer, swing girl of fhe screen. No, frees don'f walk, fhaf is only Frankie Hubbard, 6'8", and if you search longlenough, fhere is fhe lifflesf man of fhe congregafion riding his scoofer. Remember Don McArfhur? Don'f be alarmed, fhe fwo fighfing for fhe fop of fhe flagpole are LeRoy Hovey and Murray Mann. Jusf once a candid cameraman, forever and ever-duck your heads, fhere comes Andy O'Rorke in his airplane. We see he did pick a millionairess. The saddesf specfacle, our friends, is Jack Murphy minus his red hair, buf fhere are six liffle Murphies fo carry on. Whaf is fhis! Frank Vosburgh sfill going fo school? Oh, iusf cafching up on fhe days he missed. Af fhe righf, deluged by felescopes and elecfrical gadgefs, is Professor Wolff, iusf abouf fo discover fhe sevenfh dimension, and Murray Berdick, "covering" fhe evenf for fhe "New York Times". The mosf disfinguished personage on fhe sfeps is California, and if you look somewhere abouf Pasadena, you'll find Dick Maulsby finishing his fask of air-condifioning. Senafor William Rosensohn, and Polifical Boss Harry Henn are iusf over fhere behind Norma Cohen who is frucking away. Whoops, here comes fhaf man in fhe whife coaf for us. O.K. We'll go quiefly. This is fhe Rochellean Sfaff, signing off. Fronf row-Barbara Randall: Miss Loreffa Coons: Laura Hawley. Rear row-Jack Murphy: Tompson Kenf: Edwin Massofh. E5 XIII, ix Qi 2 Xie fi-f ' 5 .:5 X 2,-zz,- jeff ' . ,t. , ..-....--. . .,. ,, , ,L,...... A '---' f 52:5 I I , F i I ,., '..1 .,,.. R :VA .,,A,,A """ i -"':'A"" , i 1: r rrr , f :.:, Z, X ' " 1 5 4- -,::,jfE:-I: " . X N m V- 1 . Rl .. - I is . 1 1 , f. I n str: K I I MARIE ELIZABETH ABARNO When Paf is graduafed from Columbia, she will be a cosmefician in her daddy's drug sfore. In her spare fime, she fighfs wi'l'h her brofher. Red Cross Club: Personalify Plus Club. WARREN FREDERICK ABELE Bufch wanfs fo be a farmer. Wifh his high school preparafion as a 'lrack sfar, he oughf fo be a success. Track: Foofball: Band: Orchesfra: Cross Counfry. MARGARITA MARIE ADRIAN Mugs infends fo be a cosfume de- signer. She enjoys meefing and dis- likes parfing. Parfing is such sweef sorrow. Personalify Plus: Social Serv- ice: Ari' Club. NORMA ADAMS ALLEY As a member of fhe Tower Players, Slrefch is well known. Her favorife sporf is horseback-riding. Glee Club: Rifle Club: Personalify Plus Club: Girls' Sporfs. ELIZABETH ANDERSON Skidmore ge'l's Befsy and her braids. ln five years look for her arficles in fhe New Yorker. She is vivacious and observanf. Rochellean: Currenf Lifer- afure: Girls' Council: Tennis: Bad- minfon. OSCAR E. ANTILLA Ozzie, who's suppressed desire is fo learn how fo dance, is anofher of Coach Jones' many admirers. Tarzan and Shirley Temple are his idea of a perfecl' couple. Orchesfra. SENIORS KENNETH W. ABELE Kennefh is known for his excellenf shop work. He visifs facfories in his spare fime. If he is nof in Wall Sfreef in five years he will be in Defroif fol- lowing Henry Ford. NORMAN ABRAMS Norman has 'lhe remarkable record of going fhrough high school in only fwo years. This alone shows fhaf he will be a success in life. lnframurals: Currenf Evenfs Club: Sfamp Club: Track. VERA MARIE ADRIAN We wouldn"l' mind being sick if we had you as a nurse, Vera. Swing music and spinach occupy high places in her hearf. Glee Club. MARGARET MARY ANASTON Peggy is known for her demure and friendly smile. We cerfainly hope fhaf you will fulfill your desire of visif- ing fhe Wesl' coasf and meefing all fhe mofion picfure sfars. Library Council. ELIZABETH H. ANDERSON Beffy is arfisfic-minded and will de- velop her 'ralenl' af an arf school nexf year. Her chief claim fo fame is 'lhaf she is always being confused wifh Befsy. MARY JO ARMSTRONG Before coming fo N. R., loquacious Mary Jo affended school in Balfimore, Cleveland, Omaha, Minneapolis, and Grosse Poinf. G. A. A.: Theafre: Personalify Plus Clubs: Banker: Bas- kefball: Hockey: Volleyball. MARIETTA MARY ARONNE ' Thank you, Albania, for Porky. Many of us would like 'lo wrife books and she's no excepfion, only she will prob- ably be successful. I937 WILLIAM BACHMAN If you miss a fall, smiling fellow wifh brown hair nexf year, if will be Bill Bachman. The school will be gloomier wifhouf BiIIy's laugh. lnframuralsi Baskefball. DONN W. BARBER Donn will affend U. S. Naval Academy and work fo become an admiral. We'cl suggesf combining your swim- ming and scrubbing. Swimming Team: Traffic Squad, Sergeanf: Library Council: Inframural Bowling: Finance Commiffee. JEWEL BARELLE Jewel's ambifion is, af presenf, fo sfudy nursing. Five years from now we can find her nursing in some hos- pifal, and devouring sweef pofafoes on fhe side. DORIS BARTNETT Affer affending fhe College of New Rochelle, Doris hopes fo fravel around fhe world, and fhen fo wrife. She is skillful wifh a fennis raquef. Junior Council: G. O. Collecfor: Banker: Tennis: Rochellean Sfafl. GORDON G. BEHRENS We wonder if being chief of fhe Huguenof Herald accounfs for Gor- don's obiecfion fo our quesfions. He hopes fo be managing edifor of fhe Herald Tribune, or a foreign corres- pondenf. Track Team: G. O. Council: I-luguenof Herald. WILLIAM BENEDETTO William and women go fogefher. He hopes fo combine fhe laffer wifh Chemical engineering affer sfudying af Leigh. Traffic Squad Lieufenanf: Ifalian Club: Currenf Evenfs: Scholar- ship Club: Circulafion Sfaff, Rochel- lean. MURRAY BERDICK i When Murray is af fhe cify desk of fhe New York Times, Mr. Wise can say, I fold you so. I-luguenof Herald, Ediforial Sfaff, Circulafion Sfaff, Man- ager: Rochellean, Managing Eclifor: Traffic Squad: Banker. PRISCILLA M. BAILEY Kafherine Gibbs and marriage loom up in fhe near fufure for Pris. She is especially anxious fo learn how fo drive a car and fo remain friends wifh Elly. Girls' Sporfs. ISABEL ANNE BARBER Mounf Holyoke is lucky fo be geffing fhis friendly and versafile sfudenf. She is an experf camerawoman, and, adding fo her fame, she passed physics wifh a 95. Baskefloall: Volley- ball: Girls' Council: Scholarship Club. SUSAN BENEDICT BARR Like many ofhers, Trudie craves fame buf has already resigned herself fo iusf earning a living af sfenography. Tennis: Volleyball. RAYMOND BASANTA Raymond hopes fo win enough money pifching pennies fo puf him fhrough business school. He sneers af being anyfhing less fhan a boss of a big concern. Inframurals. WILLE MAE BELTON Bill is already an accomplished dancer. And we believe fhal' fhis ancl fhe facf fhaf she has red hair will go a long way foward success. Library Council. GEORGE J. BENZ This greaf runner cannof run around fhe lake wifhouf a sidewalk, buf he wanfs fo gel' ouf of school fo run around in Egypf's Sahara. He surely will find no sidewalks fhere. Presiolenf of fhe Track Club: Cross Counfry. ' Vifisi We 25: I I937 SENICRS ROSEMARY BERGER Rosemary frips blifhely fhrough school wrifing wiffy, safirical poefry, and gaily smiling. Smifh will be her fufure Alma Mafer. Girls' Council: Rochel- lean Sfaff: Social Service Club: Cur- renl Liferafure: Theafre Club. ROBERT BERRY Drizel Puss was born in fhe hospifal al' 9 a. m. in ward fhree. Purdue, fhence fo eifher iail or fhe insane asylum is his hope for fhe fufure. lnframurals. WILLIAM E. BETZER Bill is navalisfic fo 'lhe nfh degree. As a midshipman af Annapolis, he should be confenf. Vice-Presidenf, Camera Club: Presidenf, Local l-lis- fory Club: Mafh. Club: Traffic Squad: Scholarship Club: French Club. ISABEL BLAUMAN Isabel sfafes fhaf five years from now she will be found in some office, or probably married. Maybe she isn'f opfimisfic af fhaf. Girls' Sporfs. KENNETH ERIC BOCK Kennie has already seen Cuba and Canada, so fhal' Universify of Miami will offer him new fields fo conquer. Someday he will be an enviable execu- five in an adverfising office. Infra- mural Manager: Track' lnframurals. DOROTHY BOETTNER Doffie's commercial mind will furfher her knowledge af Packard. She has definife plans fo marry her boss. Volleyball: Tennis: Scholarship Club. VIVIAN BERNSTEIN While many people read nofhing buf mysfery sfories, Vivian reads anyfhing buf. Her ambifion is fo go fo Holly- wood and become a movie sfar. lower Players. SYLVIA BESSEN Sylvia is a genius af solving crossword puzzles. We regref fhaf she is pass- ing up her music fo sfudy psychology, af New York Universify. Baskefball: Baseball: Local I-lisfory Club. GENNERINO BLANCO Gennie is afhlefic fo fhe nfh degree. Jack Dempsey, chocolafe ice cream and long walks in fhe rain occupy fhe largesf parf of his fime. lnframurals. ANNA BLENNIS Give Anna a boy friend wifh red hair and le'l' her chew gum and she'll be siffing on 'lop of fhe world. Her ambifion is fo raise a family. Volley- ball. UNA JOYCE BODDIE Howard Universify wll gef Una, who is hopeful of feaching physical educa- fion. She's grafeful for half prices af foofball games. Social Service: A. Cappella Choir: G. A. A.: Girls' Sporfs: Glee Club. A EVELYN BOETTNER Evvy infends fo affend fhe Packard School and become a successful secre- fary. Her favorife food is chocolafe pie and ice cream. Girls' Sporfs. ANITA M. BOGOSON Angel is quief, buf she has a liffle bi+ of devil in her. Her ambifion is fo have a good 'lime in everyfhing she does. l937 GEORGE A. BONACCI Boo Boo wanls lo be a courl reporler, and if he could have Busler Crabbe as lhe judge, Guy Lombardo's orches- lra as lhe iury, and Marlha Raye as lhe chiel wilness, he would probably like il even more. BERNARD BOTTINICK Bernie likes lo run around-lhe lrack we mean. N. Y. U. will probably be his Alma Maler and Wall Slreel his ullimale end. lnlramurals. DOROTHY FRANCES BROPHY Lelly will make an ellicienl secrelary, aller addilional lraining al Packard. Her chiel like is a good lime and we know she'll always have one. Volley- ball. ELIZABETH M. BUCHANAN Imagine a girl disliking red nail polish! Lizzie does. Her Scolch birlh ex- plains il. She likes dancing, sleaks, movies and Errol Flynn. G. A. A., Girls' Sporls. DORA BURIGO Al presenl Dora's paslime is dancing wilh Eddie, her ideal man. She has decided lo marry a doclor and lhere- lore is going lo be a nurse in order lo meel him. HELEN BYRNES Helen's paslimes are leasing her lillle brolher, ealing polalo chips, and lhinking ol her suppressed desire. Mixed Chorus, Glee Club, Presidenl, Spanish Club, Hockey, Volleyball, Baskelballg Baseball. ELEANOR CALAMAI ll's loo bad lor Elly lhal Bailey and Calamai don'l come nearer in lhe alphabel. Give her a dandelion and a home on lhe range, and Elly will lrouble you no more. Girls' Sporls. I937 MARTHA G. BOOKER Alhlelic Marlha G's lavorile indoor sporls are wriling clever verses and pilching lhe woo. Girls' Sporls, Cur- renl Evenls, Huguenol Herald, Edi- lorial and Circulalion Slalls, Rochel- ean. MAREE E. BRENNAN Brenie wishes lhe driver ol lhe school bus would miss lhe school some morn- ing. Currenl Lileralure Club, Cur- renl Evenls Club, Slamp Club, I-luguenol Herald, Rochellean, Li- brary Council, Scholarship Club, Girls' Sporls. DANIEL BROWN Noled lor his big smile, Dan hopes lo do some kind ol commercial work aller gradualion. His lavorile lood is sleak and his aclor, Clark Gable. FRANCIS BUNDSCHUH Our iovial Francis has been noled lor his elicienl managemenl ol Baseball. His hero is Mr. McKenna and his lavorile lood is peanuls. Trallic Squad, Manager ol Baseball. MARCIA C. BURNETT Marcia, allhough usually quiel, is very aclive in school allairs. Aller gradu- alion lrom Skidmore, Marcia will do commercial arl work. Girls' Council, G. G. Colleclor, Rochellean, Tower Players, Scholarship Club. DAVID A. CABLE Doc, slrangely enough, has no ideal woman. Research surgery and pholo- graphy will occupy mosl ol his lime aller Williams College. Tower Play- ers, Band, Track, Foolball, Presidenl, Camera Club. ANTHONY L. CAMILLONE Squeaky wanls 'lo ou+-bing Bing Cros- by. His 'iavorile food is jello, which probably lubricales his lhroal. Fool- ball: Bowling: lnlrarnurals: Glider Club: Model Engineers. MURRAY H. CAMNER Murph, 'rhe high school's oulslanding ac+or, plans +o be a Doclor of Veler- inary Medicine. He likes an unusual spelling of Edilh. Fencing: Tower Players: Band: Orcheslra: Senior Prom Comrnillee. FRANK JOSEPH CARDULLO We all hope lhal Hack will become a successful businessman. He has been acfive in many sporls. Foolball: Baseball: lnlramurals. FRANCIS CARTY Happy-Go-Lucky Frank is our school foolball hero. His big smile and pleasing personalily will go a long way 'ro success. Foolball Caplaing lnlramurals: Track. GISELDA JEANE CHECCA Jeane hails from PiHsburgl1, Pa., and would like very much +0 marry her boss. We all hope he is shorl, for your sake, Jeane. Scholarship Club. MILTON CHOTINER If lhe s+ar'l is hall 'rhe journey, Mill is well on his way l'o a successful busi- ness life. Business Manager, Rochel- lean: Varsily Baskelball: lnlrarnural Council: Oiclicials Club: lnlramurals: Track: Non-Alhlelic Awards Corn- millee. FLORENCE CAMILLONE Noi' many people can claim 'lo be an accomplished singer while sl'ill aH'end- ing high school. Flo has a'H'ained lhis feal. Music Groups. FRANK JOSEPH CAPUTO, JR. Hank says his dislike is girls. Well, maybe 'lhal is one way of a'Haining his ambilion, which is lo be a success- ful businessman. HENRY HALSLEHURST CARSE Henry is one of our modesl aulhors. He is so absenlminded lhal' he 'forgol' +o hand in a wri+e-up, and he was loo absorbed in his own 'lhoughls lo answer our queslions. RITA MARIE CHASSEROT Rila Marie is an ardenl' philafelisl and inlends 'ro be a secrelary. Her 'Favor- i+e paslimes are I00's. Slamp Club, Secrelary: Jinx Club: Rille Club: Rochellean. SAMUEL CHISHOLM Sonny would ralher spend his lime al lrack or 'raking pholographs +han doing homework. Taking New Ro- chelle lo New York, however, occupies mosl of his lime. JOHN F. CIOFFARI Chick's ambirion is lo be an onion- ealing bookkeeper and earn SI,000,- 000. Model Engineers' Club, Secre- lary: Glider Club, Secrelary: Cross Counlry: Scholarship Club: lnlra- murals. DAVID LIVINGSTONE CLEMMENTS Give Dave a hamburger, phologra- phy, and Miss Rabinowilz, and he'II be happy. His ambilion is +0 lour lhe Uniled Slales. Huguenol Her- ald: Tralllic Squad. l937 NORMA RUTH COHEN Norma is repufed fo be fhe school's besf frucker. Her ambifion is fo have five children and fo four fhe counfry. Huguenof Herald: French Club: Girls' Sporfs. PETER SPERO CONOMIKES Jusf Pefe declares emphafically fhaf fhe School's O. K. Five years from now he will be found home wifh fhe Mrs. Library Council. GLENN VISTA COOPER Glenn's idea of a perfecf school is one fhaf is in session one week fo every six weeks of vacafion. She likes fo knif while lisfening fo Guy Lom- bardo. JAMES J. COYNE Af forfy, Jimmie will refire, and pro- ceed fo enioy life. He is sure he will make a million in fhe adverfising game. Track: Senior Prom Commif- fee: Junior Council. BRUCE CRISMAN Bruce's favorife food is sfeak and onions. His suppressed desire is fo make a million. And his favorife sporf is foofball. Eoofball: Track: lnframurals. ROBERT C. CURREY Alfhough Bob hasn'f mef his ideal girl yef, his ambifion of 525,000 a year will draw plenfy of applicanfs. He'll be playing foofball af Yale nexf year. Model Engineers Club: Infra- rnurals. . RACHEL DAGASTINE Ray is our version of Gracie Allen. She hopes fo have an excifing life and spend a large porfion of ifs roaming and roaming and roaming. She says fhaf spinach helped her in Hockey and Baseball. ROSE COHEN Rose has affended Juilliard School of Music, and her ambifion is fo be a pianisf. Wifh so much fo do oufside of school, if's no wonder fhaf she wishes more school hours, and no homework. HAROLD COOK A good mechanic and a good fellow. Hal and his big smile are a familiar sighf around school. His favorife food is sfeak and pofafoes. Currenf Evenfs Club. MARIE AGNES CORBO Leffy, wifh her five feef and no inches, loves ice cream sodas and green sweafers. Jack Benny is her ideal man. ROSEMARY CRAMPTON Before she affains her ambifion of being a concerf pianisf, Rosemary hopes fo affend Smifh College. G. O. Collecfor: G. O. Council: Rochel- lean: Theafre Group: Social Service Club: Traffic Squad: Girls' Sporfs. G. A. A.: Scholarship Club. DANIEL THOMAS CROWLEY Before Dannyboy goes fo fhe Soufh Seas, he plans fo affend Fordham. Presiclenf, Jr. Class: G. O. Council: Track Team: Cross Counfry: Hockey: Eield Pafrol: Sophomore Council: Junior Council. CHARLOTTE CURTIS Charlie came from New England fo fake parf in afhlefics and baffle wifh mafh feachers. Her moffo is less work for sfudenfs. All Girls' Sporfs: Traffic Squad. ,V ...,, AMWN an Q T i i iifiilll? -,.f ww Q4 A I is 1 in RTTZY' TTT' as I937 SENIORS s I I 2 5 l . SENICJRS HARRY JOHN DAHL Harry Shyly admils lhal' he has nol yel come across his ideal woman, buf he does like Miss Rabinowilz and Diesel engineering. Rifle Club: Bas- kefball. FRANKLYN E. DANA Franklyn plans on U. C. L. A. firsl, and law school afler l'ha+. Traffic Squad: G. O. Council: Currenf Evenfs Club: Tower Players: Rochellean Sfaff: Fi- nance Cornrniffee: G. O. Cornmiffee sponsoring Julius Caesar: Presidenf, French Club. NANCY L. D'ARlANO Soup and sewing hold high places in +he eslimale of Nan, whose sup- pressed desire is lo be dopey. She also likes dancing and Roberl' Taylor. lfalian Club: Chorus. ELLEN DAVIS ElIen's favorile sporl is being lazy, bul' she has been aclive in school. Scholarship Club: Traffic Squad: Cur- renf Evenfs Club: Rochellean. CHARLES EDWARD DE LANCEY Coming from Elgin, Illinois, Charlie professes 'lo have gone 'ro aboul' 'len differenl schools. He spends his spare lime, so he says, in 'lhe movies. CONCETTA DeMAlO Conceffa's favorile 'Food is spaghe'H'i and meal' balls. Her ambilion is 'lo 'rravel around 'lhe world I5 'limes in an airplane. Girls' Sporfs: Local His- fory Club. DOLLIE DAMMEYER A+ lasl we've separaled Dollie from Glenn lo discover l'he makings of a privafe secrefary. Passing economics is a iob and we don'l' blame her for being proud of il. INDIA ODELLE DANDRIDGE Indiadelle lLibby, lhe redheaded scoopl is always round and aboul someihing, somewhere. I-luguenol I-lerald: Tower Players: Rochellean: Hockey: Arf: Personalify Plus, Local I-lisfory, and Scholarship Clubs. Cur- renf Evenfs, Currenf Liferafure, and Theafre Clubs. BAYARD DAVIS We know Bayard is going lo miss 'rhe chlorine gas in chemislry. Several years from now, we will probably find him mixing chemicals lo make more chlorine. Traffic Squad: Library Council. JAMES ROBERT DeJULlO The Roosevel'l's, Benny Goodman, and any kind of food appeals lo Jim, who wanls 'lo be a reporfer on lhe Sland- ard-Slar, afler gradualon. G. O. Collecfor: Bowling. ELIZABETH ANNE DELANEY There is no doubl' aboul' Befsy's going 'Far nexl' year al' Whealon. Girls' Sporfs: Girls' Council: Banker: Thea- fre Group: Chairman of Recepfion Commiffee, S o p h o m o re Parfy: Mofher-Daughfer Banquef. FRANK ANTHONY DeMARCO Skimpy 'rells us lhal' we will have +o have a magician +o 'Find oul where he will be 'Five years from now. He likes 'lo sleep mornings, and lhen eal' hol' dogs and sauerkraul. lnframurals: Cross Counfry. ELIZABETH MARY DeMlLlA Beffy enioys bookkeeping, and Mr. Frazey. Her paslime is making dales wilh figs. Red Cross: lfalian: Rifle Club. I937 SHERLEEN MARIE DENNEY Allhough born in Ohio, Sherry has allended schools in Philadelphia and New Rochelle. Ohio Weslyan will be her college. Tower Players: G. A. A.: G. O. Colleclor: Local I-lislory, French, Scholarship and Personalily Plus Clubs: Tennis: Hockey. JOSEPH N. DeSlMONE Here is anolher rooler lor lhe Dragon Lady. Joe's lavorile food is cake and his suppressed desire is lo lravel around lhe world. lnlramurals. MARIE WINIFRED di BELLA Yes, we find in Corkie anolher polen- lial privale secrelary. Her suppressed desire is lo ride a bucking bronco while ealing an ice cream cone. Ten- nis Manager: Dancing Class. DORIS KAY DICKEY Dickey is headed on lhe road loward becoming a second Florence Nighl- ingale. And wilh your pleasing smile you can'l help bul lo succeed. Baskel- ball: Baseball: Hockey: G. A. A.: Chorus. CARMELA DIIORIO Mimi is one ol our more quiel slu- denls who never wasles an unneces- sary word. Neverlheless she is always lhere when wanled, and we wish her all lhe luck in lhe world. WALTER DOERNBERG Wally likes anylhing al all as long as il's waffles, a good orcheslra and girls. Cross Counlry: Board Track: Scholarship Club: lnlramural Alh- lelics. PETER F. D'ONOFRIO Pele's ideal woman is his grand- molher. Al lhe presenl his ambilion is lo wrile a biography of himsell while ealing slrawberries. Inlramurals. FRANCES LUCY DeROSA Prannie likes Myrna, Music, and Muni, delighls in a 9522 Shorlhand Regenls mark, and hopes lor school-owned buses. Red Cross, Rille, llalian, and Scholarship Clubs: Hockey: Baskel- ball: Volleyball: Baseball. PATRICIA ANN DIBBLEE Pally likes reading, manners in men, and Janel Gaynor. She is also 'fond ol sporls. Dramalic Club: Trai-lic Squad: Currenl Lileralure Club: Baskelball: Hockey: Track: Banker. CHARLES DICKERSON Pal is lhe biggesl ealer we know and isn'l lhe leasl bil ashamed ol il. Danc- ing, driving his car and Tuckahoeing are his lavorile paslimes. He will lry lo be an inleresling and inleresled physician. Trallic Squad. ANGELA MARIE Di GIOVANNI We will long remember Angela lor her prowess in alhlelics, demonslraled during her membership on lhe base- ball, baskelball, and volleyball leams ol lhe Girls' Alhlelic Associalion. llalian Club: G. A. A. VINCENT DiNAPOLI He saw lhe sea will probably be Vin- cenl's relrain wilhin a 'few years aller he joins lhe navy. Learning how lo lype was an accomplishmenl which he valued. Shirley Temple is his lavorile aclress and clay modeling his paslime. CHARLES ANTHONY D'ONOFRIO To be a golf pro and shine in sporls is Gary's main ambilion in life. His lavorile like is ealing bananas and lislening lo Bing Crosby. lnlramurals. I937 SENIORS I TERESA ROSE D'ONOFRIO Teresa casfs a friendly eye foward becoming a beaufician, so she dislikes biffen fingernails. She also has par- ficipafed in sporfs. Baseball: Volley- ball: Ping Pong: Dancing. DORIS VIRGINIA DUDLEY Because of her sense of humor, we musf forgive Doris, accomplished musician and kniffer, for coming from Davis High School where she was Vice Presidenf of her class. Tennis: lvlofher-Daughfer Banquef. WARREN WALTER EARLY Warren will nof confess his nick-name, and doubfs if we can find him five years from now. He does admif, however, fhaf he wanfs fo grow a beard. Inframurals: Baseball: Poof- ball. JEANNE ELLIOT Jeanne's favorife pasfime is riding a bicycle and roller skafing. Her fa- vorife food is liver and onions. Girls' Sporfs: Local Hisfory Club. CHARLES WINTHROP ERIKSON Chuck came from Ashfabula, Ohio fo Huguenof Lake fo be a gondolier. Whifher is he driffing? To fhe French Casino, perhaps. Spanish Club: Swimming: Rifle Club: Tennis. JOHN P. FAHEY Imagine belligerenf Red minding a baby, somefhing he looks forward fo in fhe nexf five years. Aside from fhis mafernal desire Red hopes fo make a million dollars. Infrarnurals. WALLACE C. DOUGLASS Wally wanfs fo become a very suc- cessful engineer and earn his firsf million dollars in some secluded spof. Some feacher had beffer look ouf for himself, because he gof Wally all sore. Foofball: Baskefball: Track: Band. BETTY LEE DUNKLEE Pinfo likes horses, horses and horses. She lives fo ride a bucking bronco. Rifle Club: Traffic Squad: Scholarship Club: Girls' Council: G. A. A.: Girls' Sporfs. LUCILLE EISEMAN Lou expecfs fo affend N. Y. U. nexf year. Glen Gray and chow mein would make an ideal evening for her, if pickles and sarsparilla were Ieff ouf. Rifle Club. FRANCES ARDELLE ELLIS We are sorry fo lose Ellie who is fo become a successful sfenographer. She affended several high schools, buf finally ended up wifh good old New Rochelle High School. MARGARET FAGELLA lvlargaref is one of fhese quief, cap- able girls who go fhrough school leaving behind many friends and Iiffle ill will. Though shorf she is full of pep and always anxious for a good fime. JOSEPH FANELLI Joe is a roofer for fhe dawn pafrol- milkmen fo you. In fufure years he'II be seffing up yours in fhe wee hours of fhe morning, if hopes mean any- fhing. THOMAS ROBERT FANELLI Tommy would like fo be a profession- al fennis sfar, buf will probably be a lawyer. Af leasf he plans fo sfudy law af college, and hopes fo gef plenfy of hamburgers. Tennis Team. I937 . W i M Y 2 Yi ki i Y i iA g i ,AM V ,A,,,,,,,, A. 1, , - -if -av-1 .-fine - -4 Q . GEORGINA M. FARNHAM Gene expecls 'ro aHend Ka'l'herine Gibbs Secrelarial School nexl' fall. She has been an efhcienl' G. O. Rep- resenlalive, Traffic Squad member, and member ol lhe G. A. A. She also belon ed lo lhe S anish and 9 P Rifle Clubs. ANDREW JOSEPH FAVONE As 'far as Andy is concerned, lhe Dragon Lady has lhe s+uFF. He is going lo aHend a business school lo learn how +o be a big business man. FRANK JOHN FELICE Frank is undecided as yel as lo where he can be found nexl year. He is nol' slow in admilling his like is any preH'y girl, ye'l' his favorile aclress is ZaSu Pills. VIOLET EDYTHE FIGLIUZZI Vi plans 'ro go fo Leonardo da Vinci Arl School. Ari' is her paslime and favorile subiecl. To be an arlisl' is her ambilion. llalian Clubi Scholar- ship Club. ROBERT S. FINK Afler gradualion, Bob will seek 'I'he porlals of M. I. T. Our eminenl musi- cian, however, does nol believe in all work and no play, for he s+iII enioys advanced algebra. Band: Orcheslra: Track: Chorus. GRETCHEN LUCINDA FLIPPIN Conservalive Grelch has a definile dislike for salirical people and an equally definile like for music. How- ard Universi'I'y is her goal, and lhen a leaching posilion. Glee Club: A Cappella Choir. NATALIE M. FLOERSHEIMER Regard +his impressive Iis'l! G. A. A.: Secy. Currenl Evenls Club: Spanish Club: Personalily Plus: Traffic Squad: Banker: Rochellean: G. O. Commil- lee lor Julius Caesar: Molher-Daughs ler Banquel Commillee: G. O. Arl Commillee: Scholarship Club: Tennis. RICHARD WILLIAM FAULHABER Richard seems lo be a greal' lrack man, iudging from his Iisl' of aclivilies. Manager of Indoor and Spring Track: Trallic Squad Sergeanl: Glider Club: Model Engineers: Track Club, ARNOLD FELDMAN Mickey is one of our few real naiive New Rochelleans. He is an ardem' admirer of lhal' greal comedian Marlha Raye. Trallic Squad: Inlra- mural Sporls. RAYMOND FERNANDEZ Ray is a producl' of Spain's sunny skies, and seems lo be parlicularly air-minded. He very much enioys lhe American cusloms of griddle cakes for breakfast CARYL FINGER Caryl finds il' hard lo wail' un'l'il she will be a millionaire. How she will accomplish 'I'his is s'riIl in doubl, bu+ we hope she will remember us. GRACE ELLEN FITCHARD ln a manner similar lo Anne Lind- bergh, Gay plans 'ro wing her way across The heavens. The life of an avialrix is cerlainly a unique and in- 'leresling one, and we say lo Gay. Happy landing. WILTON RANDOLPH FLIPPIN Flip is going lo learn his bookkeeping al' N. Y. U. Baskelball, Miss Rabino- wilz, round sleak and sweel' girls are on his 'favoriie Iisl. He is noled for 'the furious pace al' which he drives his car A. .W , " I937 SENIORS :.,:. ga' 5 I .ff 5- wk Q4 if 'I 44. ,J .,:I' . . A 1' .1 s... XF :..:.A , A - VAN VARICK FLYNN Cynical Van is relucfanf abouf fhe fufure he has so Iiffle faifh in. His acfing and his cuffing-up will nof soon be forgoffen. Tower Players: Traffic Squad: Fencing. HAROLD MEYER FOSTER I-larold will bein eifher a law or news- paper office five years from now, affer Bucknell. Trahfic Squad: Tower Players: Vice Presidenf, Currenf Evenfs Club: Co-Sporfs Edifor, I-luguenof I-lerald: Rochellean: Schol- arship Club: Inframurals. MARIE ANNETTE FRANK Marie's favorife liking is ice cream and favorife dislike no ice cream. She plans fo go fo Barnard College nexf fall. Traffic Squad! Scholarship: Deck Tennis: Baskefball. MARJORIE FROEHLICH Midge's record speaks for ifself. Vice- Presidenf of Sophomore and Junior Classes: G. O. Council: Secrefary of G. O. Council: Secrefary of G. O.: Traffic Squad: Tower Players: Theafre Group: Junior Prom Cornmiffee: Senior Jewelry Commiffee: Girls' Sporfs: Secrefary of fhe G. A. A.: Elecfions Comrniffee: Sophomore and Junior Councils: Personalify Plus Club. CATHERINE CECLIA GALLIVAN Kay hopes fo become a social worker affer affending Sf. Mary's, California. Af college, she wanfs fo room wifh a girl from California and visif her roommafe during vacafion. FRANCIS GARDEN Vodoo is going fo be an engineer in Soufh America affer graduafion from Columbia. Whaf abouf Simone Si- mon? Scholarship Club: Presidenf lfalian Club: Secrefary Mafh Club: Track: Cross-counfy: Rifle Club: Banker: Traffic Squad. GERALD FORD Gerry hopes fhaf fhe frans-aflanfic passenger service will soon be com- plefed so fhaf he can be ifs firsf fraveller. His favorife food is cream puffs. VERA THERESA FOX Vera, Shorfy fo her friends, was greaf- Iy safisfied when she passed econom- ics. Her suppressed desire is fo gef fhin, and she oughf fo succeed as her favorife pasfime is playing baskefball. RUTH R. FRIEDMAN Rufhie's ambifion is fo own six dogs. Once she wanfed fo be a sfooge buf fhaf was long ago. I-luguenof I-Ierald: Currenf Evenfs Club: Manager, Girls' Sporfs: Rochellean: Library Council: Rifle Club: Scholarship Club. CLIFFORD W. FULTON Gigi, have you really wafched for 2:28 for fhree years? Well, soon you can cross fhe Aflanfic and perhaps fry fhe polar regions fo achieve fhaf fame you crave. HENRY GANNON Henry is emphafic in his likes and dislikes. His favorifes are sliding down bannisfers and sailing small boafs. .Second childhood, maybe? VIOLET E. GARDNER Vi can be seen around fown parfici- pafing in her favorife pasfime, driving Lena. Nexf year she will be found af Arlingfon Hall Iisfening 'I'o Casa Loma and nof Shep Fields. Girls' Sporfs. CHARLES B. GARTHWAITE We do nof know where Chick will be five years from now, buf we are cer- fain fhaf he will be someplace where fhere are creamed onions. SENIORS l937 ' . MARIE E. GENG Re's acfivifies have included Girls' Afhlefic Associafion: Personalify Plus: Theafre, Spanish and Scholarship Clubs: Mofher-Daughfer Banquel and Junior Prom Commiffees: Traffic Squad: Girls' l-Iockey: Volleyball: Track: Baseball: Banker. JOSEPHINE GERARDI To be a second Lily Pons is +I-ie ambifion of Iiffle Jay, buf if has been said fhaf marriage and a career don'I' mix. Orchids fo you Jay, some day you'll have plenfy of fhem. llalian Club: Scholarship Club. MORRIS MAISHE GINSBERG Alfhough Morris is new in I'he school, his winning personalify has broughl' him many friends. His 'favorife sub- iecf is sfudy and his sporl' foofball. Curreni Evenfs Club: lnfrarnurals. ELINOR GLUCK Why is food-loving, globe froffing ElIy's favorife play IcIio+'s DeIigh'r! Girls' Sporfs: I-luguenoi' I-lerald, Business and Ediforial Sfafls: Rochel- lean: Social Service Club: Currenf Evenfs Club: Scholarship Club. MARION GOLDSMITH Ofhers may make slighiing remarks aboul' 'I'he Brooklyn Dodgers buf Mim faifhfully lisfs if as her favorife. Ofher favorifes of hers are whipped cream cake and Shep Fields. IRENE GOTTLIEB Irene has decided fo become eifher a radio announcer or an acfress. She has already 'taken a big sfep 'foward 'rhe IaH'er by faking parl' in numerous Tower Players presenfafions. Tower Players: Traffic Squad: Scholarship Club. MARION H. GRAB Pullie infends 'Io go in for cosfume designing. Traffic Squad: Arf: Local I-lisfory: Radio: Girls' Council: G. A. A.: Track: Baskefball: Baseball: Volley- ball: Deck Tennis: Scholarship Club. I937 ? ETHEL S. GEORGE Efhel's supressed desire is 'ro four fhe Unifed Sfafes in a frailer, buf 'firsf she will go 'Io Wesfchesfer College. Traffic Squad: Mofher-Daughfer Par- fy Decorafing Commiffee: Scholarship Club: Girls' Sporfs. CAESAR GIGLIO Gig's ambifion is fo make an improved elecfric mofor. His ideal woman is Sonia Heinie, and his ideal food is sleak. Track: lnframurals. BENJAMIN BERNARD GLASSER Ben wanI"s fo make if Doc Glasser some day. Fordham's lhe college, Mr. Goodfellow Ihe favorile leacher. lnframurals: Library Council: Foof- ball: Currenf Evenfs Club: Scholar- ship Club. HENRY HERMAN GOLDSMITH I-Ienry has Ihe unique desire of be- coming a crooner. Nexf +o his croon- ing, frucking is +ops wifh him. Traffic Squad: Banker: Ping Pong Club: Cur- renl Evenfs Club: Library Council: lnfrarnurals. MARGUERITE GOTTI Mugs is one of fhe mosf efficienl seniors who has made New Rochelle High School proud fo have her as a sfudenf. Girls' Council, Vice-Presi- denf: Traffic Squad: G. A. A.: Volley- ball: Baskefball: Rochellean Sfaff: Mofher-Daughfer Banquef: Personal- ify Plus Club. LOIS HELEN GOULETT Lo would like fo be a privafe secre- fary. Maybe if she fries hard enough she will be Ihe secrefary of her 'Favor- iI'e acfor, Roberf Taylor. . , :W .'. ' S if 4 .,,A'V :-., C igi , ... ., ..,.. .M .. --'-"g- " , ' FXS .2 z - .,. Ma., . .4-. C Wi " ",.,A , .ii it . V3 Q if . . . su? , , ' . :st T -iii' I SENIORS if is . P5 I. ..,. .,.- 'z ,umssgg Q 13 ' S S , . Q WILLIAM JACK GRANDBERG Bill will aH'end Alfred nexi' year and on gradualion plans +o emerge a successful lawyer. Scholarship Club: Ping Pong Club: Currenl Eyenls Club: Inlramural Sporls. KATHERINE ZOETTA GRAVES There can'I' be any+hing bu'I' success in sI'ore for Kay. We anxiously awail' her debul' ai' 'I'he Mefropolilan, buf she assures us iI"s a long wai1'. Girls' Glee Club: A Cappella Choir: Con- cerl Club. ALBERT GREGORY Tommy Manville and ZaSu PiH's are a slrange pair-buf +he Duke considers 'rhem an ideal man and woman. Per- sonally he 'favors a cerfain Duchess. He likes Hawaiian Music and plays Ihe guifar. Showboai' was his 'favor- i+e pic+ure. WARREN GREGORY Give him a home where 'rhe buffalo roam and he'II be happy. Warren's suppressed desire is 'Io make a Io'I' of money and re'I'ire on his income. ELIZABETH HAAS Belsy wan+s 'Io be a secrelary and ea'I chop suey. Her favoriie sporl' is swimming and her favori+e movie s+ar is Gary Cooper. ALICE HALLBERG Alice plans Io say "I do" wifhin five years and is anxious +0 make +he besl' of life. Tha'I"s one way 'ro s+ar+. Cur- renl Evenls Club: Thealre: Personal- ily Plus: Scholarship Club: Volleyball: Baskelball. MARGARET GRANT Margarel is a smoolh dancer and likes sfrawberry ice cream sundaes. Her favoriI'e sporl is foofball. And she likes swimming, maybe. THEODORE RICHARD GREEN BERG Ted wanls +o be eiI'her a millionaire or a banker. Meanwhile, he's ge++ing good prac'I'ice coun'l'ing his money, daily, near 'rhe Iunchroom en'Irance. Secrelary, B a n ke r S' Associalion: Chairman, Finance, Rochellean: Pi- nance Commillee: I-liking: G. O. Award Commillee. FRANK GREGORY In five years Gregg will be an accom- plished policeman. His 'favoriie ac'Ior is Lionel Barrymore and his favorile food is spagheH'i. Poolball: Infra- murals. GEORGE HAROLD GROSSMAN George plans 'Io go +o Mercham' and Bankers Business School and re+ire wifhin 'five years. His favorife 'Food is s'I'eak. Banker: Rille Club: Ping Pong Club. NORMAN HACKMAN Mahoney's ambilion is 'Io be an en- gineer, and he will aH'end Lehigh for his Iraining. Currenl Evenls Club: Chess, Malh, and Rifle Clubs: Traffic Squad, Sergeanl. MARY JANE HALLER Muzzy wan+s +o go 'Io MI. Holyoke and so far is wi'I'hou'I an ambiiion. She do+es on da+es wi'rh lads from Harvard. Are you Iisfening J. P.? KATHERINE DOROTHY HANSEN Proving 'I'ha'I' more Ihan Eskimos come 'from 'I'he Arc'ric, we presenf peI'i+ Kay, from Council and Nome, Alaska. She likes swimming, dancing and carrols. Girls' Council: Scholarship Club. I937 WANDA GENEVIEVE HARDWICK We will remember Wanda lor her harmonica and lor her elliciency as a lrallic squad sergeanl. Rille Club: Baseball: Volleyball: I-lockey: Deck Tennis: Trallic Squad: Rochellean Business Slall: G. A. A. PATRICIA HARRIS Pal, who hails lrom New York, plans lo allend Dramalic College and be- come an aclress-maybe like Belle Davis, her lavorile. Tower Players: Thealre Group: Currenl Evenls Club. CERISE HART Gum-chewing Cerise iusl loves ice cream and Roberl Taylor. Unexpecl- ed vacalions and giggling occupy mosl ol her lime. BARBARA HAUER Sonny wanls lo play an organ and operale a sleam shovel, bolh al lhe same lime. Thal's whal we call ver- salilily! Girls' Sporls: Tower Play- ers: French Club: G. A. A.: G. A. A. Council: Personalily Plus Club: Schol- arship Club: Local I-lislory Club: lvlalh Club. JEANNE ROBERTA HAUSRATH ll's a good lhing you like hamburgers Jeannie-arlisls aren'l usually very rich. We all hope Cooper Union will furnish you as much enioymenl as our own Trallic Squad has. Library Council: Trallic Squad. LAURA RUTH HAWLEY Laura is Personalily Plus. Banker: Secrelary, Junior Class: G. O. Coun- cil: Rochellean Circulalion Slall: Junior Prom: Personalily Plus Club: Baskelball: Volleyball: Hockey: G. A. A.: Scholarship Club: G. A. A. Council: Senior Prom. HENRY J. HEIMLICH I-lenry is heading lor medical school so lhal he can add M. D. lo his name. Tower Players: Presidenl, Currenl Evenls Club: Malh Club: Trallic Squad: Band: Orcheslra: Scholarship Club: Ping Pong: Eoolball: lnlra- murals. I937 DeVERA CONVERSE HARRIS The lunch room would be Sevenlh Heaven lo Viggie llhal is, incidenlal- ly, her lavorile piclurel if lhere were music and dancing al lhe halves ol lhe lunch periods. Glee Club: Girls' Sporls: Spanish Club: Library Coun- cil: G. A. A. 4 JOHANN THERESA HAAROLD Being so shorl hersell, Annie can'l sland boys who are less lhan live leel nine. She is anolher ol lhose polen- lial secrelaries. Trallic Squad: Girls' Sporls. ROBERT C. HARTSTALL, JR. Ever since he was born in a hospilal Junior had liked praclically every- lhing, especially sleak. Bul now he has acquired a slrange dislike lor French and homework. Band: lnlra- murals. BEATRICE HAUSRATH Bea is shorl bul whal she loses in heighl she makes up in personalily. Her lavorile loods are arlichokes and mangoes. Girls' Sporls: Local His- lory Clulo. VIVIAN MADELINE HAYES Funeral direcling, embalming cada- vers, and ealing candied sweels will occupy lhe major porlion ol Tools' lime aller gradualion. The Yanks, slumming, and Pennies lrom Heaven also sland high in her eslimalion. JULIA HEAD Julia likes lo play baseball and lo dely lradilion. Her ambilion is lo be a blues singer wilh Benny Good- man's orcheslra. Trallic Squad. -1 E R .af 3 .. X 4. t M 11 ig T .W 13 E .. at 1 E22 -1 QI' r 1- . rg-vm., wi - 'Xi S' SENIORS raft ig. .,,, , , 'Z 33 Q If w 'K l S W g is MARTIN HEINEBERG Chubby lillle Hamburger, newcomer lrom Germany, is an ardenl philale- lisl. His ambilion is lo be a civil engineer or an archilecl. Slamp Club: Local l-lislory Club: Chess Club: Debaling Team: Rochellean. HARRY G. HENN Chubby admils his lavorile sporl is bull-lhrowing, which may come in handy in his legal career. Tower Players: Huguenol l-lerald: Band: Orcheslra: Band Council: Scholarship Club: Trallic Squad. CALVIN BERNARD HILL, JR. Barney inlends lo cul up, surgically speaking, aller leaving Columbia. His sergeancy on lhe lralfic squad has been a greal salislaclion bolh lo him and lo lhe school. Trallic Squad, Sergeanl. CARL W. HOROWITZ Five years lrom now Hornchy hopes lo be a successful accounlanl in New York. lnlramural Sporls: G. O. Col- leclor: Ping Pong Club: Ollicials and Spanish Clubs. FRANK HOWE Frank is a lrumpel looler who really can lool. He will probably lind solace in his lrurnpel when business worries gel him down. If lhey lhink you're pixilaled, we'll help you disprove il, Frank. Band: Orcheslra. HECTOR LEE HUFFMAN Curley will woll his way lhrough N. Y. U., lhen become a business man in some airlield. .Track, Miss Rabino- wilz, and dancing are his lavoriles. Model Engineers: Glider: I-liking Clubs. MARK HENDERSON Tarzan hopes lo be a greal musician and has belonged lo mosl ol lhe musical organizalions ol lhe school. He will allend Howard Universily and conlinue his musical sludies. .Boys' and Mixed Glee Clubs: A Cappella Choir: lnlrarnurals. ELKA L. HERZ Aller Smilh, Elka will allend Yale School ol Nursing. I-lockey: Thealre Group: Scholarship Club: Rochellean: Trallic Squad: Girls' Track Manager: Baskelball: Currenl Evenls Club: Cur- renl Lileralure-Thealre Group: Deck Tennis. GLADYS HOLT Gladys has lhe dislinclion ol being lhe reddesl red head in lhe school. The color green and lrips lo Bermuda sland high in her eslimalion. Mounl Holyoke will be her Alma Maler and leaching kindergarlen her prolession. LEROY FARLEY HOVEY If you aren'l one ol lhe unsuspecling viclims of Candid Cameraman Flash, you have been mighly clever. Hand- ball: Fencing: Tower Players: Rochel- lean Arl Slalll: Camera Club: Model Engineers: Band: Scholarship Club. JANET C. HOWELL Janel will malch her model airplanes and boals which she has made, wilh anyone's. She plans lo lly lhe Al- lanlic loo. Tennis: Baseball: Baskel- bll: A Cappella Choir: Orcheslra: G. A. A.: Scholarship Club. WILBUR J. HUNTINGTON Bill is lrombone player number one. Il ever you don'l know where lo lind him he has probably slarled around lhe world on his bicycle. He'll allend Rensselaer. Band: Scholarship Club. GEORGE VICTOR IACCINO George is lamous lor his model air- planes and has quile a colleclion of lrophies lo show for il. He lhinks lhal lhe school should inslall elevalors, anolher sign ol his airmindedness. Presidenl ol Model Engineers. SENIORS l937 BETTY NELL IRVINE Afier gradualing from Sweel' Briar College, Berry hopes 'Io coniinue her in+eres+ in fhe siudy of languages abroad. G. O. Colleclor: Personaliiy Plus Club: Scholarship Club: G. A. A.: Deck Tennis: Volleyball: Baseball: Riding Club. LOUIS AYRES JASKOW Lou is a scien+ific lad who aspires +o be a surgeon. In addirion 'Io his scieniific in+eres+s he is also an ardeni' chess player. Camera Club: Chess Team: Chess Club: Band. ANNA KRISTINE JOHNSON Anna is anoiher person who ihinks 'Ihere should be less homework. She likes Iraveling, nice cloihes and danc- ing. WILLIAM FULTON JOHNSTON Since weaiher is Whiiie's 'favorile sub- ieci, we wonder if he will major in ii ai Middlebury. He likes +o cur classes and fo walk people home. Cross Counlry. MARGUERITE HELENE JOUARD Nexi year N. R. H. S. will miss Peggy's carefree personaliry, bui' before she frees her suppressed desire +0 back- frack Marco Polo she plans +0 con- 'Iinue her siudy of music. STANLEY BRUCE KANE Hurricane is 'Ihe boy wonder who compleied 'Ihree years of school in Iwo. Wha'I"s ihe rush Sian? Debar- ing Team: Currenl Evenls Club: In- lramural Handball Champion. LAWRENCE MARVIN KAPLAN Larry will make his debui' ai Norih- wesiern Universiiy nexi' year. His Ideal woman is his mo+her and his ideal man is Jack Klein. Why, Larry? Manager of Baskeiball. l937 MILDRED MIRIAM ISAACS Millie plans io go io a secre+ariaI school and come our a firsi-rare secre- +ary. She admifs, however, 'Thai' she would also like +o be a cour'I reporier. Girls' Sporis: Local I-Iislory Club. IRVING JOFFE Irving likes ac+ion books and spinach. Combined ihey oughr +o be a success- ful s+imuIan'I' for a life of accomplish- men'I's. Eooiball: Banker: Rifle Club: Traffic Squad. CHARLOTTE BUEL JOHNSON Nexi' year, Charlie plans +o aHend Barnard, where she will probably re- peal her saiisfying accomplishmeni' of geHing good marks. Trahfic Squad: Vice-President French Club: Library Council. ELLEN ELLIS JORDAN Ellen is a boosler for our school. She likes our ieachers and wanis all iheir piciures. Her favorire likes are coffee and doughnurs. Rifle and Dancing Clubs. ERNEST KAKNICS Jin Jin plans +o aHend Annapolis, be- come a docior, and +ry 'ro fall in love. Operas are his favorife srage shows and misogynism his pasiime. Incon- gruous? ? ? ? Cross Counly: Schol- arship Club. HERBERT STANLEY KANEN I-lerberi spends his leisure 'Irying fo bear ihe reading lime in Liberiy, and admiring Coach Jones. Cuirreni Evenis Club: Deloaling Ieam: Iniramurals. RUTH KAUFMAN LiH'le Rulhie likes LiHle Audrey, Eddie Duchin, and day-dreaming. Her favorile subiecls are s'l'u'Ff and Things, and some day she wanls +0 be a per- fec+ srenographer. FRANCES KEHLENBECK Bub is an able alhlele and one good sporl. She's going +o be a nurse and here's hoping she cafches a handsome inlerne on The way. Baskelball: Base- ball: Hockey: Volleyball: Deck Tennis. MARION JUSTINA KELLY The business world will probably claim Marion as one of i+s secrelaries. More- over, i'l seems Thai she has exceeding abili+y in 'rhis line, which goes a long way 'foward success. TOMPSON KENT Banker: Library and G. O. Councils: Rochellean Dance Chairman: Co- Chairman Junior Prom: Vice-Chain man Senior Prom: Sophomore, Junior, Senior Councils: Chairman Member- ship Commillee: Eleclions Commil- Jree: Swimming: Foorball: lnlramurals: Track: Tra'FTic Squad. JACK MELVIN KLEIN Five years from gradualion, if you can"r 'Find Buddy in California, +ry Hawaii. His 'favoriles are girls, and s+eak and onions. His ideal man is Larry Kaplan. DOUGLAS GEORGE KNlGHT Michigan Universify will gain a greal embryo mechanical engineer nex+ year when Doug leaves us. He spends his 'rime sailing and cruising when no+ fixing engines. Range manager, Rille Team. SENICRS EDGAR IRVING KEERS Upon leaving Middlebury College Ed desires ro be a Chemical Engineer. Volleyball: Soilball: Foolball: and Baskelball. CHARLOTTE KEITH Charlolle has a mercenary slreak somewhere. Her desire afler gradu- aling from Anlioch is lo 'rravel wil'h an unknown weallhy uncle's money. When may we make our reserva'I'ions? Hockey. FRANCES ANN KENNER Popular Frannie will surely be missed nexl year. Baskelball: Hockey: Volley- ball: Track: Baseball: Traffic Squad: Tower Players: Junior Prom Commil- lee: Banker: G. A. A.: G. O. Cole leclor: Personalily Plus Club: Schol- arship Club: Molher-Daughler Ban- quel. JACK KIDD Scholarship Club: Traffic Squad: Manager, Swimming: Senior Prom Commillee: Chairman, Finance Com- millee: Foolball Program Commillee: Huguenol Herald: Rochellean: G. O. Colleclor: lnrramurals. You can easily see how busy Jack has been. CARL KNIESH Carl is original in his ambi+ion lo model clay. All of his ex+ra-curricular aclivilies have been in sporls, so we believe 'Thar he enioys Them. Basker- ball: lnlramurals. A. IRVING KOTHE lrving is an ardenl' radio fan. His ambilion is 'fo marry a DuPon'I'. Nice work if you can gel' il. Lieulenanl Trahfic Squad: Camera Club: Radio Club. K SANFORD KOTZEN Buddy is planning +o enler 'rhe Uni- versily of Michigan, allhough his 'Fa- vorile college is Yale. Roas+ chicken and women are Tops wi'lh him. His favorife woman is-his molherl I937 LOUISE CHARLOTTE KOTZIAN Lou is uncerlain aboul everylhing bul her like for sailing and Chrislmas pudding. Trallic Squad Secrelary: Girls' Council Represenlalive: Rochel- Iean: Library Council: Manager, Vol- leyball: French: Sailing and Person- alily Plus Clubs: Tennis. REEVA FLORENCE KRAVET Ree is nol lhe only one who has lhe suppressed desire lo be a millionaire. A paslime ol dreaming will nol gel you anywhere, lhough. Library Coun- cil: Girls'. Sporls: Local I-Iislory Club. ANNE L. KUEHN Al lhe menlion ol lhe words Fred MacMurray, chicken, or Mickey Mouse, you will be sure lo lind Anne alerl. Her grealesl desire is lo lravel lo lar oll places. We wish you luck Anne. DOROTHY KURTZ Ealing chop suey and walking in lhe rain lake up mosl ol Dollie's lime. Some day she would like lo lour Europe. MARY LALLY Jusl average is Mary. She has no desire lo ever be anylhing else be- cause she knows lhal an average girl is usually hard lo lind. Hamburgers and Coca-Cola are her lavorile pas- limes. MIRIAM LANCASTER To gel married is "Mirni's" aim when she has gradualed lrom Smilh College. G. O. Council: Cheerleader: Girls' Sporls: Assislanl Girls' Council Rep- resenlalive. A. IRENE LARSON Keene is anolher ol our girls who wanls lo be a secrelary. She doesn'l know where she can be lound in lhe lulure, bul, no doubl, wherever il is she will be successful. MARGUERITE T. KOUBA Give Margie a piece ol devil's food cake and a deleclive slory and nolh- ing could make her happier. She is also an able sporlswoman. Tennis: I-Iockey: Deck Tennis: Volleyball. ETHEL FAY KRILOW Arriving lasl lall lrom Missouri, liny Elhel has had a busy year reforming a full-fledged woll and lraining lo be lhal personal secrelary. She slands up lor her righls loo. Scholarship Club. SYLVIA SANDA KUPERSMITH "Tickling a lypewriler" will be lhe means ol Kupie's allain her modesl ambilion ol wriling lhe greal Ameri- can novel. Meanwhile she will sludy al Wisconsin and enioy polalo salads. I-luguenol Herald. RICHARD WILLIAM LAHEY Our hockey enlhusiasl plans lo allend Cornell nexl year. Dick's lavorile paslime is "bumming," while his love ol spaghelli is only surpassed by his halred ol conceiled people. Foolball: lnlramurals: Track: I-lockey. WILLIAM OTTO LAMPE Aller gradualion, Willie plans lo work in a bank in New York. His lavoriles are Mrs. F. D. R., roasl beel, and dancing. lnlramurals: Slamp Club: Baseball. WILLIAM CHARLES LANK Bill claims lhal live years lrom now he won'l be able lo be lound. Nol going lo be a hermil, are you, Bill? Varsily loolballg lnlramurals: G. O. Colleclion: Banker. . . Zi .. rm .. Q' .... . . I 'S nf .. :V ffl' I937 SENIORS "V"V .. :W pg kg K at Y V If . QS' I si l .f 1' Em 'ff-W. 35:52 - - . sis I X . sffQ'T . I J ig: at , 'Q- . 5, ,rf --if? f sw 'i .1,, . U f- 0- is .I 3 if y ,-.... . .. 60 .. , 4- ? 'S . .Q HS' Q . ..:. , . , - 3 3 A 2' JOHN F. LARSON Johnny plans fo do consfrucfion work in foreign counfries, preferably Russia, affer graduafion. He has a warm spof in his hearf for Chop Suey, Miss Ra- binowifz, Hisfory and Carole Lom- bard. DORIS LEE The greafesf safisfacfion of Dof's school career is never having been lafe. We hope she'll be equally safis- fied when she fulfills her ambifion of having college marks in June good enough fo gef info Cornell. Currenf Evenfs Club: Local Hisfory Club: Scholarship Club. MARIE D. LePORE If we can iudge by her fyping and secrefarial pracfice, "Leeps" is an up- and-coming sfenographer. We agree wifh you, Marie, aboul' no more homework. HOWARD LEWIN I-lowie has plenfy of falenf for acfing, hearf-breaking, and punning. Cali- fornia lnsfiufe of Technology will claim him nexf year, much fo our regref. Vice-presiclenf, Tower Players: Sfamp Club: Band: Orchesfra. EDYTHE JEAN LIPSIG Edyfhe and her acfing will long be remembered. From Radcliffe she wanfs fo sfep fo fhe sfage, buf sighs fhaf she expecfs a long waif. Red Cross Club: Tower Players. MARTHA ARNEAL LOCKETTE In five years Marfy wanfs fo sfarf her career as a greaf singer by being a member of fhe Hall Johnson Choir. Nexf year, she is going fo Howard Universify, where she may sfudy physical educafion. Girls' Sporfs: Cvlee Club. SENIORS LYNN ADELE LEAVY A sense of humor ranks firsf in Lynn's lisf of virfues. Her possession of fhis qualify is fhe secref of her popularify. Hockey: Baseball: Track: Deck Tennis: Sergeanf, Traffic Squad: Rochellean. ANGELA LePORE "Jean" is anofher one of fhe Roberf Taylor devofees, and fufure secre- faries. When nof lisfening fo music, walking or roller skafing, she is in fhe movies seeing Roberf Taylor. VIVIAN LEVINE Vivian hs a low voice and is hard fo hear, buf when she speaks wisdom flows forfh. Everyone will miss her cheery smile nexf year. Tower Players. ROBERT TOWNSEND LIBBEY "Lib" would like fo become a big busi- ness man affer graduafing from Darf- moufh, buf will confinue fo visif Jean in his spare momenfs. RUTH LITTLEWOOD Alfhough Rulhie dislikes breaking shoe-sfrings she doesn'f mind receiving leffers from milifary academies. She has been on fhe Girls' Council and a G. O. Represenfafive. ELIZABETH ANN LOFLAND Libby's presenf ambifion is 'l'o see fhe parfs of fhe world she missed lasf summer. Nexf year she will be found af Sfephens French College, Mo. Banker: G. O. Alfernale: Golf: Ten- nis: Volleyball. FRANK WILLIAM LORE "Sonny" has decided fo major in civil engineering af Syracuse Universify. Any day affer fhaf you may find him fravelling fo China fo play poker. lnlramurals. I937 VITO JOSEPH LUCIA Luke is hipped on 'foolball and 'foo'l'ball managemen+, and says he owes his success +o Whealies. lnlramural Sporls, Baseball, Baskelball, Manager of Foolball, Vice-Presidenl of llalian Club, Golf, Ping Pong Club. HELEN LYSAGHT A+ presenl, Helen hasn'+ any furure plans, her only ambilion being +o graduale. Five years from now, how- ever, she will no doubl be one of our many successful alumnae. Tralilic Squad, Baskelball, Scholarship Club, Personalily Plus. MARIE ROSE LoRUSSO "La La" is already well on lhe way lo be a successful privaie secre'l'ary. Thai suppressed desire wilh her isn'+ unique wilh her. Hockey, llalian Club. FLORENCE MARGARET MACORD Here's a rooler for +he "Hugueno+ Herald." Flossie wanls 'lo be a priva1'e secrelary +o a handsome, weal+hy, young man. Girls' Council, Currenl Evenls Club, Local l-lislory Club, Banker, Baskelball. RUTH MAGEE Rulh is preH'y silenl' abouf il all, bu'l' we are all pre++y sure +ha'l she has il' in her lo be a big success. Keep going fhere Rulh. LUCILLE MALOUCHE Lucille's chief ambilion is lo graduale wil'h honors, and 'lhen have apple pie aflerwards.. Huguenol l-lerald, Malh Club, Tennis, Scholarship Club. JOSA ELlZABETH MARSI-. Josa rhinks 'lhe school will be greally improved if +hey'll lei' her graduale. Ealing Hamburgers in Vermon'l is her desire. Local l-lislory Club, G. O. Council, G. A. A., Baskelball, Hockey, Deck Tennis, Volley Ball, Track. HILDE LOWENSTEIN Berlin, Germany, can be 'rhanked 'For "Dixie," Paradoxically enough l-lilde's pe'l' like and dislike is l'he same person. We wonder if il"s 'lhe same person she wan'l's lo hir on 'lhe head. Local Hislory Club. MARJORIE LYNCH From Newpor'l', R. l., hails Midge. She is one of our beller sludenls, be- ing very conscienlious in her work, and as a resul'l' in lhe Scholarship Club. Red Cross, Q-Blee Club, Scholarship Club. EDNA MAE MacDONALD A'Her becoming a full-fledged secre- lary a+ Gaines School, Edna will work in 'rhe field of adverlising. ln her spare 'rime she wan+s +o conducl a girls' orcheslra. G. A. A., Girls' Cflee Club. DOROTHY A. MADDEN Kenlucky-born, Dol yearns 'ro be an arlisl' wi'lh long hair. Concerl Masler ol lhe Orcheslra, G. O. Colleclor, Assislanl Banker, Rifle leam, Concerl Club, l-luguenol Herald, Rochelleanq Local l-lislory Club, Sailing Club. LAURETTA MAIO Being very fond of Secrefarial Prac- lice and wan'l'ing +0 become a privale secrelary go hand in hand wi'lh Lau' rella. SpagheH'i, Yale and Shep Fields are all she desires. MURRAY M. MANN Our efficienl candid cameraman is a fiend 'For pholography and idiosyn crasies. Manager, lnlramurals, Vice presidenl, Chess Club, Treasurer Library Council, Rochellean, Currenl Evenls Club, Camera Club, Rille Club. .3 '1 XSNQNSSX l937 SENIORS -5 'E .. ZR .. i. .-" .2 as -I sxggg.: .:.,.:.:,,A, " ,Q 2. 5' -as sw P z ..- .JE .. - ...,.., R 4 ' .sizes ' " V- . ...L ., I , I -z : . ' affix -1 TQ . , N I wi ik E r' ei? f -I .,.. ' A. .3 g. QV: blu., it I -.5 'f' 2 . P :::' .. .,v- : W . Q Nl z S A 3.3 -.:v I .K.- :,.. 5 is ., .5 , ,. 1' ALBERT BEALS MARTIN "Iggie" aspires lo be a pro-loolball player, bul will gel his praclice in lhe Soulh American Revolulion. His lavoriles are George Benz, Jean Arlhur, roasl beel, and loolball. EDWIN PAUL MASSOTH If Hally eals enough sour lleisch and Karlalfel gleiz, he'll probably become six leel +aII. Junior Prom Commillee: Sophomore Council: Inlramurals. AUDREY MAY Audrey is quiel and yel does nol seem lo be missing much in lile. Teaching is her choice lor a profession, so per- haps under her exlerior ol calmness she has been observing poinlers. CATHERINE RITA McCAFFREY Presidenl Roosevell is "Killy's" ideal man. Her ambilion is lo be a privale secrelary lo a successful business man. We hope you succeed "Killy." Glee Club: Personalily Plus Club. DONALD FORBES McGlLL Don'S ambilion is lo be a wriler. Aller a P. G. course, he'll allend Williams. Favoriles are "Lighls Oul," Mr. Hus- sey, Leslie Howard, and a "cerlain person." Local Hislory Club: Tower Players. ESTELLE DeSOLA MENDES "Cookie" likes lo lravel, and allhough il has been limiled lo Fillh Avenue buses, lar olf places and milk shakes slill conlinue lo beckon. Tower Play- ers: Thealer Group. JOYCE MARTIN "Jercie" wanls lo become a lhealrical dancer. She is slarving lor model school spiril. Girls' Alhlelicsg G. A. A.: Local I-Iislory Club: Library Coun- cil: Trallic Squad: Rochellean. RICHARD E. MAULSBY "Dick" wishes lo air-condilion Cali- lornia lChamber ol Commerce, nole.l Cheerleader: I-Iuguenol I-Ierald: Ju- nior and Senior Prom Commillee: G. O. Council: Finance Commillee: Foolball program chairman: Track: Local I-Iislory Club. RUTH BERTHA MAYER Jusl give Rulhie a chance and she will show how bookkeeping is done. Besides lhis, she also has a greal lacilily lor ice cream and swimming. Local I-lislory Club. HUGH K. MCCAHILL Slrange as il seems, "Mac" would like lo have lewer holidays as a school improvemenl. All his ideas are nol quile as beneficial, however: he wanls more regenls. MARIE MECCA Marie considers her grealesl accomp- lishmenl passing Bookkeeping. She will spend her lile as a secrelary and a good wile, il plans mean anylhing. LOUISE WILMA MERCLEAN "Lou" comes lrom Mounl Vernon and likes G. O. assemblies and lols ol regenls. Her ideal man is Jack Benny and her ideal woman is her molher. Personalily Plus. HENRY MEROLD Marlha Raye is I-Ienry's ideal woman. ls il lhe moulh ? ? ? Jack Benny, and Glen Gray and his Casa Loma Orcheslra lake up all his lime. His lavorile lood is desserl. SENIORS I937 ROBERT SPENCER MERRINGTON ll "Bob" becomes as good a chemisl as he is a chess player, he will surely be a success. Presidenl ol lhe Chess Club: Camera Club: Fencing Club: lnlramurals. JEROME B. MEYERS ll a iazz band inlerrupls your sleep some nighl in lhe lulure, "Jiggers" and his clarinel will probably be lhe cause. Band: Band Council: Glee Club: Track: Cross Counlry: Board lrack: and lnlramurals. VIRGINIA KATHRYN MITCHELL ll you wanl Virginia live years lrom now, she says she'll be in Loew's. May- be wilh a red-head, loo. G. O. Col- leclor: Secrelary Local l-lislory Club: Tennis: Volleyball. GERTRUDE MOLDAVE Gerlrude says simply lhal in lhe lulure she'll be working. Our guess is al Hunler and lhen leaching Hislory. Currenl Evenls Club: Local I-lislory Club: Red Cross. MARJORIE ELIZABETH MORGAN Aller gradualion lrom Frobel League, Marge plans lo lollow lhe profession ol a kindergarlen leacher. Banker: Girls' Sporls: Social Service. DOROTHY MORTENSEN Dol is noled lor her lack ol gullibilily. Her lulure is a bil uncerlain excepl lhal lhe business lield is her ambilion. Girls' Sporls. JOHN CULLEN MURPHY "Red" wanls lo be a greal arlisl and draw sporl carloons and magazine illuslralions lor New York papers. Huguenol Herald: Rochellean: G. O. Commillee and Colleclor: Sr. Prom Commillee: Cross Counlry: lnlra- murals. MARCELLE J. E. MEYER Marcelle is a grand lillle aclress, and her lavorile paslime is being an ex- hibilionisl. Maybe exhibiling is iusl anolher lorm ol acling. Anyway, some day we'Il say we knew her when. lower Players: Molher-Daughler Ban- quel. ALICE ELIZABETH MILLER "Ali" wanls lo become a dielilian in a hospilal, bul lirsl she is going lo Pur- due lo sludy lor il. Her suppressed desire, however, is lo become a ship's caplain. JOSEPH MOCZARSKA Joe is nol as hard lo undersland as his name is lo pronounce, because he's iusl a regular lellow. Tops wilh him are sleak, and lollypop, when no one is around lo see him eal il. WINIFRED L. MORAN We hope lhal when Winnie becomes a dielilian, she'll have plenly of lime lo lay Bingo. Girls' Council: G. O. Colieclor: Banker: Personalily Plus Club: Social Service Club: Girls' bporls. ALDO MORNATI Give Aldo ravioli, maps, movies, slamps, and hislory books in lhe Norh woods lor a year and he'II be happy. His suppressed desire is lo live wilh- oul money. Cross-counlry. LILLIAN THERESA MUCCI When Lil achieves her suppressed de- sire and becomes a successlul business woman, she inlends lo go on a world lour. Her ideal woman is lhe Dragon Lady. llalian Club. Q I. " -sl p A13 8- - . "' 5 I937 SENIORS 4 ...I . if i AAA., J' if ' -.4 - .: 'W' 1-1: 3. " 'U J if ..... 1 ' Q ..Q..,, .. . I4 -"- r 2. . G .v i , 'fm M . '55 A kr . . . .....,, .,... V ,,Q. L... .1 , ., 1' -'ff SENIORS DAN DONATO NARDOZZI Dan fravelled all fhe way from Avigli- ano, lfaly, yef his urge fo 'lravel is sfill presenf. He hafes loafers. He wishes fo make sporfs his profession. lfalian Club: Foofball. MORRIS LEO NELSON "Nellie" plans fo become a success- ful business man when he's nol' playing professional baseball. Inlramural scrub manager and Assisfanf manager: ln- lramural Council: lnframurals: Hiking Club: Banker. MILDRED NOXON Millie wanfs fo fravel fo China, India and poinfs easf, buf has already re- signed herself fo being a secrefary in a New York Office. She hafes fo wrife composifions and loves 'lo see sfage shows. EILEEN JUDY O'CONNELL "Judy" is one of our school's besf acfresses, and we surely will miss her cheery disposifion. Tower Players: Glee Club: Concerl Club: Personalily Plus: G. A. A. and Girls' Sporls. THOMAS FRANCIS OECHSLIE Tom dislikes nofhing, wishes fo be a big business man, buf expecfs fo be a fruck driver. Fred Waring, Pizza, June Lang, and fhe 2:28 bell do fhings 'ro him. JOE A. OLIVA lnlramural All-Sporls champion, IQ34- 35, and runner-up l935-36 and I936- 37: Officials Club: lnframural Council: Capfain, Field Pafrol: Huguenof Her- ald, Co-Sporfs Edifor: Sfage-crew: Scholarship Club: Baseball. THERWESE NEIMAN Cufe is fhe word for Teddy, fhe ac- complished back-sfager. She is famous for sfringing Cable and for being shoufed for and af by Mr. Burke. Tower Players. EDITH A. NICHOLS Edie is one of our oufsfanding girl afhlefes. To add 'l'o her lisl' of sporfs she has an ambifion fo fly. Rochellean Circulafion Sfaff: Girls' Council: Girls' Sporfs. BARBARA E. OAKLEY Wanfed, for Robbie, a serenader or fwo, and don'f forgef fhe popcorn. She is a versafile sfudenf, wifh Mounf Holyoke as her aim. Scholarship Club: Personaluly Plus Club: Baseball: Baskefball. LILLIAN ODELL Mermaid Lil loves fhe wafer and spends mosf of her summer leisure swimming and boafing. She plans fo relinquish all fhis for a secrefarial career. Traffic Squad: Girls' Sporfs. CHARLES ROBERT O'HAGAN Bob dislikes homework, buf lisfs as his favorifes reading, ice cream, and preffy girls. Traffic Squad Se-rgeanl: Adverfising Slaff of Huguenof Her- ald and Rochellean: Sfamp Club: Hiking Club. JEANNE E. OLSON Jeanne's hearf is divided befween dancing, cavorfing, and marriage. She hafes gabbing girls, buf claims fhal' she is one herself. Tower Play- ers: Currenl Lileralure Club. JAMES ORANGE u Red can'f sfand homework and spin- ach, buf doe-sn'f fhink he'll need fhem as a bookkeeper. And here's a scoop: Dick Weber is his ideal man! I937 FRANCES OREHEK Fran is anolher roo'I'er for Roberl' Tay- lor and +ha+ makes iusl' aboul- I,937 girls who agree on one poin+. Garden- ing, on a small scale of course, is her hobby. ANDREW W. O'RORKE Andy, a'F+er aHending Parks Air School, will be a flyer in +he Air Corps, if he doesn"I end up as a corpse. Model Engineers, lnspeclor Glider Club, I-liking, Banker. JANE OSBORNE "Ozzy" is an enfhusiaslic ice-skaler and hockey fan, bul' inlends 'Io become a slenographer. She has served on I'he Senior Prom Cornmillee, Girls' Coun- cil, and Library Council. JENNIE PALUMBO Jin can'I' decide whelher 'Io be a sec- relary or an air-sfewardess. Judging from your love of dilapiclaled cars, we'd advise I'he air. Bul' don'I' deserl your swimming-you may need il. Scholarship Club. JOHN PARKER "Gerald" hails from Colorado, where he was busy as Presidenl of +he Junior Class and Caplain of Ihe Junior R. O. T. C. He s+iII had energy enough 'Io be in our Band and Qrcheslra. ANTHONY Snips would can'I' s+and CARMEN PARONI like +o be a lawyer bu'I' Io leave his homelown. Bu'I Ihen, N. Y. U. isn"I so far away. Ilalian Club, Library Council. HELEN PAVESE Like so many ofhers, Helen is secre- Iarially-minded, and she hopes 'I'ha+ her employer will be rich enough 'Io meril' a +ry a+ marrying him. Calories are her pei hafe because she worries aboul' ge'r'Iing loo many of Them. I937 JEANNE ANN O'REILLY G. A. A., Traffic Squad, I-lockey, Chairman of Golf, Junior Council, Rochellean Circulalion Siail, G. O. Colleclor, Thealre, Personaliiy Plus Social Service, Scholarship Club, Moiher-Daughler Banquel Commilr- Tee, Tower Players. WILLIAM HENRY O'RORKE Bill is a polenlial business man. Parks Air College wi'I'h pIen+y of hunling during 'Ihe vacalions is his idea of a perfecl fufure. P. S.-His suppressed desire is named Winnie. Cheering Squad, Hiking Club, Banker. JOSEPHINE BEATRICE PAINO "Jo" would like +o 'lravel and her scholarship +o I+aIy will hep her. Girls' Council, Molher-Daughler Banquel Cornmillee, Ilalian Club, Currenl Evenls Club, Personalily Plus, Social Service. PAT PANTANO Par plans 'Io be a floricullurisl' and grow rare species of shrubs and flow- ers in California. His ideal is Ihe "one and only." President Riile Team, lnlramural Bowling. WILLIAM PARKER Inlroducing Bill, champion shooler, hiker, radioman, and fulure 'foreslry engineer, 'for which he will lrain al' Maine. We are nol surprised 'thai' his ideal woman is a bruneH'e. Radio Club, Spanish Club, Hiking Club. CATHERINE L. PASQUALE "Kay" is very quie+ buf very sweel. Her ideal man is +aII, dark, and hand- some. Her delighl' is Io have a car. Why nol' combine 'Ihe Iwo, Kay? Scholarship Club. MARTHA PECK Don"l' lell anyone, buf Marlha is go- ing lo ioin lhe Secrel Service. Banker: Senior Prom Comm.: Girls' Council, Tralliic Squad: G. A. A.: Molher- Daughler Banquel: Girls' Sporls: Thealer, Spanish, and Social Service Clubs. MICHAEL PIERRO Mike., one of 'rhe golf +eam's mosl capable men, hopes +o emulale Tony Manero's golfing conquesls. He prac- lices up by dodging lhe shols of A. B. during his sevenlh period English class. DANIEL PISANI "Dir+y Dan Carbon's" ambilion is lo see li'HIe men grow up. His favorife aclress is Simone Simon and he loves spinach. Foolball: Track. HENRY LOUIS POHNDORF l-lenry's many achievemenls assure us of his success in lhe fulure. Caplain Traffic Squad: Presidenl Scholarship Club: Finance Commillee: Awards Commillee: Audiling Commillee: Malh Club: G. O. Council: Foolball: G. O. Colleclor: Volleyball. WILLIAM JOSEPH POWERS Probably worn oul' afler 'lhree years, Bing urges half day sessions of school. He plans lo a+'l'end an accounling school and become a smug banker. EDWARD MILTON PRATT Eddie was born in Hackensack, bu'l escaped before il had any ill elifecls. He sincerely hopes +o be a chemisl. Foolball: Track: Swimming: Banker: Junior Prom Commillee: Senior Prom: Tral'lic Squad: Inlramurals. HOWARD A. PHILLIPS Because of lhe lrafiic squad's enforced rules: 'rhis ins+i+u+ion is l-lowie's pel peeve, bul he'll gel' over i'l'. Women are his favorile subiecl. Track: Base- ball: Foolball: A Cappella Choir: Boys' Glee Club. BOB PINCO Bob spends his lime planning +o make a million dollars, pilching bollle 'l'ops, idolizing Venus, and hall walking. lWiI'h a second Venus?l Cornell will be his fulure Alma Maier. JEAN POELLMETZ Susia, an inslruclor in lhe arl' of chew- ing gum, is proud 'ro be a member of +he Scholarship Club. Why do you wanl lo change your name? Local l-lislory Club: Scholarship Club. ROBERT ALBERT PORTO From Il'aly came "Doe," and he has by now reached 'lhe poinl' where he hopes lo be a businessman. Aboul fulure plans he is noncommillal, bul we bel' spaghelli will be included in lhem. Track. ALICE PRATT Alice has been a very busy girl. Girls' Alhlelics: Banker: G. O. Colleclor: Tower Players: Trailic Squad: Local l-Iislory Club: Molher-Daugnler Ban- quel: Senior Prom Cornmillee: G. A. A.: Scholarship Club: Personalily Plus Club: Social Service Club: French Club: Rille Club: Girls' Council. ANNETTE PRICE Georgian Courl' College will probably be lhe Alma Mammy of Annelle nexl' year, if No+re Dame doesn'+ gel' her 'First Her in+eres+s lurn decidedly lo- ward Horace Heidi' and swimming. JACOUELINE JANE PRICE "Far away" will probably-be Jack's fulure Alma Maier. She wanls lo be ei'l'her a deleclive or a librarian. Girls' Glee Club: Library Council: Person- alily Plus Club: Scholarship Club. I937 FRANCES B. PRIMERANO "Franny" is anolher one of our seniors who wishes lo become a nurse. Her favorile food is sleak and her paslime is sleeping. llalian Club: Local His- lory Club. LOIS JANET RABEN "Doggy" is a Tower Player, bul wanls lo be a magazine wriler and gel mar- ried in lhe bargain. Glee Club! Chorus: G. O. Represenlalive: Tower Players: Scholarship Club: Horseback Riding. RUTH VIRGINIA RANDOLPH "Randy" hopes, af'l'er gradualing from Conneclicul College for Women, lo wri'l'e a book. Tower Players: Girls' Council: Thealer Group: Personalily Plus Club: French Club: Girls' Sporls: Scholarship Club: Tralilic Squad: Molher-Daughler Banquel. EUGENE ALBERT REDDING From Princelon, N. J., came "Pop" lo find Elhnocilmonology his favorile subiecl. As bass-slapper in a 'Famous band he hopes lo gel plenly of Zu-Zu Sings a la Nuberg. Field Palrol: Or- cheslra: lnlramurals. GEORGE ALBERT RHETT George would like lo be a doclor bul' expecls 'lo be a mail carrier in New York Cily. He's proudesl of his 901, in Lal'in 3. Sollball: A Cappella Choir. MILDRED H. RIEDERER Millie, Tamqua, Pennsylvania's gill' lo New Rochelle, plans lo become a nurse, bul il' beH'er nol' be in New York, because she hales lhe subway. Local Hislory Club: Baskelball: Volley- ball: Track. JAMES RILEY Jimmy has been known 'ro go swim- ming wilh his clolhes on, bul lhis is neilher his mosl' enioyable memory nor his secrel desire. I937 J. ARTHUR OUINN Arlie says lhal 'Five years from now he'll be sellled in New England. Girls, "+ime's awaslin' I" Hiking Club. WILLIAM L. RAITH An ardenl sports 'Fan as well as an arclenl par+icipan+, Bill will probably make lhis his life work. Typisl, Hugue- nol Herald: Scholarship Club: lnlra- murals: Cross-Counlry. BARBARA RAY Here's a girl who lives up l'o her name inasmuch as she is a lileral ray of sun- shine. Her blonde hair and blue eyes have won her many friends. ARNOLD RELAY ll will be one blonde-head less a+ 'lhe New Rochelle High School when Ar- nold Relay graduales., l'l"s iusl' an- olher loss for New Rochelle High School. Presidenl ol Hiking Club. LORRAINE RICH We give you, in Lorrie. a perfecl' sec- relary, and a girl whose one ambilion is lo make people happy. She will undoubledly be a success, and lhen everybody will be happy. JOHN JAMES RAINONE Johnny longs lo fly, bul' didn"l' say whelher by wings or by plane. This is a means 'ro his suppressed desire, which is lo lravel lo lhe "Wild Wes+." g. f f FRANKLIN GEORGE RITACCO "Lillie Man" Riiacco goes in 'For jungle personaliiies in a big way. Tarzan and Dorolhy Lamour, boih of Ihe iungle, are his ideal pair, and hockey and irack his favorile sporls. Wolf- ing occupies mos+ of his spare +ime. Hockey. FLORENCE ROBERTS Florence likes children and Ford V-8's, and her ambilion is lo explore 'lhe Ani- arclic. If she never saw spinach again, i'I' would be loo soon. MARJORIE ROBINSON Marge is planning +o lake life easy, probably being iired oul' af+er fhree years. Bul' we heard somewhere 'lha'I' marriage is a hard job, and i'ha+'s whal' she plans +o go in lo. WILLIAM PAUL ROSENOHN If you wanl' any law passed len years from now, look up Bill, who hopes lo be in 'lhe Senale by +hen. Curreni Evenis Club: Local l-lislory Club: Chess Club: Traiiiic Squad, RALPH THOMAS ROWLAND Ralph hares io leave lhe old "home- s+ead" so much 'lhal' he's coming back for a P. G. course nexl year. A'H'er +ha'l', he plans +o aHend Wes+ Poinl. l-ield Palrol: Slamp Club: Rille Club: Fencing Club: Local I-lislory Club: Camera Club. BEVERLY JANE RUDIN Beverly is Roberl Taylor fan number 'live lhousand 'rhree hundred and fory- eighl. Her ambiiion is lo marry N. R. 3323. ,personaliiy Plus: Girls' Sporls: Local l-lislory Club. fs 1 S-' S Q S I 3:71. if' Nl! ELEANOR ELIZABETH RITTER Soon leading magazines will be carry- ing Eleanor's illus+ra'lion's, if honesi' efforl' means anyihing. She will a'Hend PraH Ins+i+u+e. Rifle Club: Traiiic Squad: Ari Club: Banker: Tennis. GEORGE ROBINSON Fai was sluck in 'Ihe mud once and is afraid he will never live il down, so we're helping him oul' by leaving if where all who can may read. MARJORY MARY RODDY Marge says +ha+ her ambilion is +o be a secrelary, bul she will have io gel' over her paslime of sleeping 'ro aHain lhal. ELVIRA ROTONDI Give "Vi" a good mysiery book, and a chair by ihe radio, and she'll be conlenl: bul, seriously, she hopes 'ro be a greai' singer some day. Here's 'lo you, "Vi." MARGUERITE E. RUBANCO Nexl year, Marguerile will aHend Wes+ Virginia Sl'a+e. In five years she plans io be a gradualed nurse in Lincoln Hospilal. Bill Robinson and Jimmy Lunceford are her heroes. G. A. A. ELIZABETH DOROTHY RUEHL In spile of her baby +alk and her shori' heighi, Be+iy's bound +o be a success- ful secrelary. Baskelball: Hockey: Tennis: Personalily Plus Clulo: Volley- ball: Scholarship Club: Girls' Council. HENRY FRANK SALERNO Frank says lhal' he has quile a pasiime of "enchanI'ing 'lhe opposile sex." Maybe +ha+ is why Frank is an admirer of Frederick March. ' SENIORS I937 ROBERT H. SAMEK "Babyface" really hopes 'l'o be a big businessman afler alrlending Penn. Chemislry, his grealesl accomplish- menl, is where he employed all his classmales. Eoolball: Track: Volley- ball: Baseball. JERRY SCAPPEROTTI l+'s Jerry's ambilion 'lo be a second Buck Rogers and own his own Rockel Ship. Give our love lo lhe man in 'lhe moon, Jerry. RUTH ELEANOR SCHENE "Boo" has l'he suppressed desire 'lo make a parachufe iump. Behind her dark glasses she has proved lo be qui+e a myslery. Rifle Cluo: Person- alily Plus Club: Arl' and I-lislory Club. MADELINE LOUIS SCHMELL "Maddie" loves lo lake long walks early in lhe morning and wanls 'l'o become a buyer for some big slore in New York. She would like +o go +o Jack Oakie's College. Dancing Club: Rifle Club. BERNICE SCHNEIER Bernice's ideal woman is Lady Luck, and we wish her plenly in her career as a designer. Girls' Council: Ro- chellean: Hockey: Posler Commiiiee: Senior Prom: Tennis: Personalily Plus. THOMAS D. SCOBLE Ill Tommy will be our nexl' morlician upon gradualing 'from Lafayelle College. Spanish Club: G. O. Col- leclor: Assislanl Banker: Trai-lic Squad: Manager of Foolball: lnlramurals. SUSAN SCOTT Sue is one of our more lalenled musicians. Her charm inviles confi- dence. A Cappella Choir: Girls' Council: Currenl Lileraiure-Thealre Group: Personaliiy Plus Club. HELEN SANDERFER "Sandy" came 'lo us al' l'he beginning of +he school year from Texas. Her soil, soulhern drawl and likable per- sonalily have won her many friends al' N. R. H. S. Rille Club: Service League: Laiin Club. GEORGE WILLIAM SCHLUSING Comy's paslime is making iewelry in Ar'l's and Craf'l's Class. His plans aren'+ definile, buf he lhinks he'II be in New Rochelle, doing a liHle of everylhing in lhe fufure. CHARLOTTE L. SCHEFFLER Charlie, wilh Eleanor Holm Jarre'H' as her heroine, hopes lo be a mara- lhon swimmer. She l"irs+ wanls lo make a million dollars, however. I-lockey: Baskelball: Baseball: G. A. A. RUTH SCHMIDT Our five-'Fooler hopes 'lhal' her ideal man will be six fool, seven, iusl' for varie+y. To keep up her energy she eals her daily ralion of spinach and lhree round sleaks iusl' as an appe- 'rizer. Some gal. ALYN S. SCHONBERG Alyn's favorile sporl' is swimming, and he'd like lo see a pool buill inlo 'lhe school. Passing algebra gives him a lol of salisfaclion and we hope i+'ll help him info Alabama. Swimming: Baskelball: Baseball: Track: Banker: lnlramurals. CHARLOTTE MARY SCOTT Scollie has hilched her wagon lo passing her senior year so 'rhal' nexl year she will be able 'ro aH'end Pack- ard lnslilule: and lhen be on her way 'loward secrelary lo a presidenl. 5? I937 SENIORS I i L .3 - . ,,,A: 'S r F K. SENIORS M RUTH SEIFFERT I Columbia will claim "SeiiFie" nexi' year. Girls' Council Represenlalive: Comnnillee lor Girls' Council Parly: Local I-lislory Club: Personalily Plus Club: Thealre Group: Sailing Club: G. O. Represenlalive: Girls' Sporls. DONALD F. SHARP WouIdn'I' you iusl' know lhal' a fellow whose favorie food is rhubarb pie would hale mosl' people? S+ilI he managed lo aid lhe swimming +eam. Cross Counlry: Hiking Club: Trallic Squad: Banker: G. O. Colleclor. LEONA SHENKER We can'I' iusl make up our minds why denlislry is 'Ihe calling Io which Lee yields, bul we do know Ihal' we are going +o miss her, especially in +he lunch room, where she was al her besl. VIVIAN SIEMON Piilie's work on lhe Debaling Team should give her good experience for her chosen profession, law. She should be proud of winning lhe Scho- lasI'ic News Tesl. Girls' Sporls: Per- sonalily Plus Club: Debaling Team: Malh Club: Currenl Evenls Club: Scholarship Club. DOROTHY SIMS Blond Dollie disproves lhe slalemenl' lhal all beauliful girls musl' be dumb. She likes In+ermedia+e Algebra and G. W. Tralilic Squad: Local Hislory Club. WILLIAM A. SLEEPER Bill is known aslone of our mosl ac- complished pianisls and plans lo con- +inue his music al' lhe Juilliard School. Trallic Squad: Glee Club: Concerl Club: Presidenl Library Council. HELEN ANNMARIE SERADINSKY The "Duchess," alias "Giggles," is go- ing I'o be fhe smiling assislanl lo lhe menace of lhe +ee+h ol: I'he world, 1'he den+isl'. Olherwise harmless, she is pacified by spinach and Roberl Tay- lor. Girls' Council, Girls' Sporls. ROBERTA ELOUISE SHELTON Here's a girl who really can "+ruck," "Berl's" admiralion for Jimmy Lunce- ford is only surpassed by her desire 'lo +raveI. Nexl' year will find her play- ing baskefball al' Wesl Virginia S'I'a+e. Girls' Glee Club: A Cappella Choir: Baseball: Baskelball. CATHERINE J. SIDMAN "Kaye" is quiel and businesslike, and she would like 'ro have lhe boys acl more poIiI'eIy. Her paslime is 'lalking and dancing. Scholarship Club. SHIRLEY DORIS SIMPSON Here's a real "home girI:" she jusl wan'I's lo "gel married." IWe wonder if N. D. is her secre'I' deslinyl Don'+ worry "Simp," a happy marriage is a grand ambilion. Glee Club: Person- alily Plus: A Cappella Choir: Deck Tennis. SYLVESTER CURTIS SIMS Sy's ambifion 'ro arrange music for a "big lime" orcheslra will probably be realized al' Ihe Boslon Conservalory of Music, which he plans 'Io a'H'end. lnlramurals. JANE F. SLOMAN As a 'forward in baskelball, Jane excels as well as in her marks. An evening of Benny Goodman and roasl beef would be ideal +o her. Scholarship Club: G. A. A. ROSALIND SMITH A foreigner in our midsll "Lindy" was born in England bul' bred in America. Commercial Arl is her am- bilion. Rochellean Arl Slall: Senior Prom Commilee: Girls' Council. l937 ARMIN W. STAPFER "Slep" is disgusled wi'l'h his oullook on life and is looking for a be'H'er place lo live. Hiking Club: G. O. Colleclor: Banker. GERTRUDE EDITH STEFFENS Anolher supporler of lhe no home- work idea is Sandy. There'll be plenly of work al nursing school and li'Hle chance lo meel' Mrs. Simpson, her desire. Meanwhile she will conlinue lo ea+ spinach and ice cream. Library Council. HELEN A. STEWARD Helen lislens lo 'lhe radio lo swing lo Benny Goodman. Hamlel is her fav- orile s'l'age show and onions is her favorile food. Girls' Sporls. RICHARD E. STEWART You may see Dick in lhe nexl Olym- pics as a champion skier. He will go lo Wesl Poinl. Assislanl Manager ol Track: Finance Cornmillee: Traliiic Squad: Hiking and Ari Clubs. PETER GEORGE STRACK Peler's mind musl noi have been working 'lhe day he filled oul' 'lhe Senior Oueslionnaire. Was il Eileen? Riile Club: Slarnp Club: Trallic Squad: Library Council: Field Palrol: Business Slaii Manager. ELEANOR THERESE SULLIVAN Ellie is loyal 'lo her home lown by plan- ning lo allend New Rochelle College lo sludy secrelarial work. Glee Club: Personalily Plus: Girls' Council. MAUREEN LOUISA SWAYNE The "Duchess" has a fine voice, and hopes evenlually +o become a prom- inenl singer. Al presenl, however, a cerlain P. W. occupies mosl of her spare lime. Ireland sure produces some 'lalenled Iassies. Banker: Girls' Glee Club: A Cappella Choir. IQ37 JANE STARRETT Before Jane becomes a coslume de- signer she will allend lhe Universily of California. Girls' Council: Person- alily Plus: Volleyball: Tennis 2: Deck Tennis I: Baseball: Molher-Daughler Banquel Comrnillee: Rochellean Ari Slarci I: Scholarship Club. SAMUEL E. STEINHART Sam's favorile movie slars are Popeye and Krazy Kal, and his favorile food, herring and sauerkraul. lnlramurals: Foolball: Spanish Club: Banker. HELEN VERONICA STEWART Knilling, spinach, and lhe rhylhm of Cab Calloway are lhe way lo Helen's hearl. As 'ro her likes, she says +hey're secrel. Baskelball: Deck Tennis: Vol- leyball: Hockey: Baseball: Malh Club. HARRY M. STORY Harry, an experl' nalalor, would like lo have a swimming pool buill' in lhe school. Swimming: lnlrarnurals: Cross Counlry: G. O. Council. EWING STROM Proiessor's ambilion is 'ro be success- ful in commercial arl. He aclmi'I's, however, lhal his suppressed desire is lobe a hockey sl'ar. Assislanl G. O. Colleclor: lnlramurals: Rochellean Ari Slalli. RALPH SUSSMAN, JR. When Ralph slops hunling Indians and grows up wilh his molorbike lo a man wilh a molorcycle, he may realize his plans +o go lo 'rhe U. S. Coasl Guard Academy. Chess Club: Rille Club: Traliic Squad: Fencing Club. SENIORS BETTY JANE SWEETIN Beffy begs fhaf no puns be made in regard fo her lasf name. Nexf year she will be found af Tuffs College where she will sfarf her sfudies for inferior decorafing. Personalify Plus: Baskefball. DOUGLAS TAYLOR From fhe land of fhe cloudless skies and mofion picfure sfars halls "Doug" We know he's going fo be missed, especially in fhe music groups in which he fook such an acfive parf. Band: Orcheslra: Traffic Squad. RAFFAELA THERESA TESORO "Ray" may offen be seen riding wifh fhaf fall red-haired handsome some- one. Her ambifion is fo love and learn. Volleyball: lfalian Club: Per- sonalify Plus. RALPH LEWIS TITUS Need we menfion Ralph's skill in beaf- ing ouf fhose syncopafed rhyfhms from fhe piano? Making fhe grade af Penn won'f be hard for him-and here's hoping fo a second Eddy Duchin. FRED NATHANIEL TREFFEISEN An oufdoor boy is Frifz wifh a lik- ing for camping, craffs, and Charles Bufferworfh. To go fo sleep in His- fory class is his suppressed desire. Local Hisfory Club: Traffic Squad: lnframurals. THERESA TROTTA "Tee" doesn'f know whaf she'll do up- on graduafion from Vassar, alfhough she'd like fo spend her fime wafching Roberf Taylor and eafing roasf chick- en. Maybe she can: who knows? lfalian Club: Personalify Plus. LIBERO FRED TANI I-red's ambifion is a mysfery even fo him, buf he would like fo work in an office. Alfhough he came from lfaly he enioys fhe American movie sfars, buf does fhaf maffer? He enioys work, Cab Calloway and bookkeeping. lfalian Club. IRMA E. TENNI To be in fhe greaf free spaces is "Gigs" main ambifion. Being a sfeno- grapher, however, also rafes high. Banker: Red Cross Club: Scholarship Club: Traffic Squad: Personalify Plus: Girls' Council: Glee Club. MARY WAMSLEY TIEBOUT Remember Mary's marvelous per- formance in "The Plough and The Sfars"? Tower Players: G. O. Collecf- or: Junior Prom: Rochellean Dance: Non-Afhlefic Awards: Class Giff: Senior Prom Commilfee: CU. O. Coun- cil: Secrefary of Sophomore Class. MARY MARGARET TORRICELLI Peg's suppressed desire is fo fall in love wifh a fall, dark, handsome man. Maybe she'll meef him on fhe bridle pafh while riding. llalian Club. RICHARD EDWARD TREFFEISEN Dick is-anofher one of fhose radio bugs. He plans fo use his knowledge in becoming an elecfrical engineer. Radio Club, Secrefary: Pre-sidenf, Camera Club: Hiking Club: Spanish Club: Mafh Club: Scholarship Club. WILLIAM TUCKER Affer leaving New Rochelle Bill hopes fo affend N. Y. U. where he will sfudy fo be a lawyer. Baskefball: Baseball: Foofloall: Track: Chorus: Handball: Cross-counfry: Radio Club: Glee Club: A Cappella Choir: Field Pafrol. THERESA HENNY TURIANO Alfhough "Trips" confesses herself fo be her ideal woman, she likes fhe "rugged fype" of male. lYou foofball heroes beffer wafch ouf.l If nofhing beffer comes along Trips'II furn Typisf. I937 -1-t-iff JAMES ANTHONY TURLEY James believes fhaf if you wanf fo be fhe head of anyfhing, you musi' sfarf if. He is fhe original "l" man. Fenc- lnqi Camera? Rifle: Currenf Evenfs: Traffic Squad. MARY UPINGTON Mary has a mania for Safurday nighfs and hamburgers. Her prize possession is a large police dog who makes an excellenf bodyguard. She will pursue a secrefarial career. Girls' Sporfs: Girls' Council. JOSEPHINE MARY VALASTRO Jo would like fo know where she can be found in five years, buf she will probably know her fall, dark, and handsome suppressed desire by fhen. lfalian Club: Banker: Personalify Plus. JACK VAN ALLEN "Whimpy" comes from Iowa Falls, Iowa. Affended schools in five sfafes, and wanfs fo be caffle rancher in Arizona. Wesfern Reserve will be his Alma Mafer. Foofloall. WINIFRED VANDERLIP Winnie's a soufherner and nafurally lives fo have a good fime. Albany Sfafe College for Teachers, and mak- ing a good wife are pros ecfs for her fufure. Hockey: Basebalfi ELIZABETH VANSANT "Befsy" expecfs fo confinue working in fhe field of arf. Her favorife sub- iecf is freehand drawing, and, if all is well, she will have a successful career. Her exfra-curricular acfivifies include fhe Senior Prom Cornmiffee. LUCY M. VENABLE Lou shows her independence when she admifs she likes spinach and Woody Herman. Affer high school she will affend Virginia Sfafe College. I937 PHYLLIS MILLICENT TURNER "Phyl" likes fo cuf up, buf will discard fhaf long enough fo be a successful pharmacisf. She hopes wifh all her 4 feel' Il inches fo be a good wife. G. A. A.: Girls' Sporfs. ARTHUR ANDREW UZZILIA Here's hoping you'lI make fhe Nofre Dame baseball feam, Arfie. Alfhough he's uncerfain abouf his fufure, our afhlefic Arfie will probably be doing office work. B fhe way, he loves quief girls. Baseba l: Foofball: lnfrarnural Baskefball. MORGAN E. VALENTINE Darfmoufh sfands a fair chance of geffing Morgan nexf year, when he will begin his law career. Varsify Swimming: J. V. Foofball: Senior Prom Commiffee: lnfrarnurals: G. O. Col- lecfor: Library Council. PATRICIA LEE VAN ALSTYNE Paf seems fo keep mosf of her infi- mafe life secref. Her fufure plans are indefinife, buf she's sure fhaf she won'f sfay here. Girls' Sporfs. CHESTER VERNON VAN NESS We all know "Van" as fhe presidenf of 'rhe Banking Associafion. His sage- ing, "greaf oaks from liffle acorns grow" is familiar fo us all. Hiking Club: Traffic Squad. VIRGINIA LAMBDEN VAUGHN "Gigi" hopes fo affend fhe Easfman School of Music. Her excepfional falenf as a pianisf oughf fo make her successful in feaching piano. Girls' Council: Concerf Club: Tennis: Mofher-Daughfer Banquef. SENIORS MICHELINA J. VILLEMAGNA "Micky" wanfs fo marry soon and go on a honeymoon frip fo California. Now don'f go felling everyone who is going fo be fhe lucky man. Maybe you can have fried chicken every day foo. lfalian Club. PETER ANGELO VITULLI Some day fhe New York Yankees will be proud of Lover, who is an ardenf admirer of Joe Williams and Mae Wesf. FRANK VOSBURGH Frank admifs fhaf his amblfion is fo be successful. Darfmoufh is his choice for a sfepping-sfone fo fhis goal. I-luguenol Herald: Track: Banker: G. O. Collecfor: Inframurals: Cross Counfry: Rochellean. BETTY ALICE WAGNER Beffy lives for fun and seems fo have plenfy of if. Her fufure is a bif un- cerfain, buf we fhink maybe Hi will be in if somewhere. Cake is her favorife food. WILLIAM LAURENCE WALLIN Affer being an accounfanf for a few years, Will hopes fo refire wifh a large income. His one fear is falking in fronf of a large audience. Banker: Traffic Sguacl: Scholarship. BERNETTA EDWINA WATERS Bobbie, one of our afhlefes is looking forward fo secrefarial work, af which she hopes fo earn an honesf living. G. A. A.: Hockey: Volleyball: Track: Deck Tennis: Baseball. MARY LOU VINCENT Mary Lou spells pep, dash, and gaiefy. Her ambifions consisf of driving "Emma," affending Wheafon College nexf year, and secrefly planning fo be an orchesfra singer. Volleyball: Baskef- ball: Tennis: Girls' Council Repre- senfalive. CLIFTON K. VOGELSBERG "Red" hopes fo be a successful frans- porf flyer, affer graduafion from Cur- fis Wrighf lnsfifufe of Technology. Born in Omaha and schooled af Ossining lGrade Schooll he began his fransconfinenfal "hops" early. Rifle feam: Glider Club: Model Engineers. GEORGE SHERMAN WADDILL "Waddy" wanfs fo work his way up in some big corporafion. Traffic Squad: Rifle Team: Currenf Evenfs Club: Eoofball: Track: Baseball: Banker: Hiking Club. BETTY MARGARET WAGNER Kafherine Gibbs will be Heaven fo Beffy nexf year if Benny Goodman and gum-chewing are allowed. Foof- ball players and Beffy Boop are her ideals. Personalify Plus Club: Base- ball. JOHN HUNTER WAMSLEY Jack's going fo Trinify, fhen General Theological Seminary, and finally hopes fo rid fhe world of hof air. Swimming: Mafh Club: Scholarship Club: Bowling. MURIEL RUTH WALTERS Mu plans fo enfer police work and marry a polife young man in New York. Her pef like is Uncle Don. Banker: Personalify Plus Club: Chair- man of Chrisfmas Parfy Commiffee. ANNE CARR WATSON We can'f say enough of Anne's fine characfer and grand personalify. She infends fo be a dress designer affer graduafing from Smifh. Theafre Club: Volleyball: Baskefball: Deck Tennis. I937 RICHARD D. WATSON Dick will always be remembered as lhe Richard ol "Ah Wilderness." He plans lo become a radio engineer ralher lhan an aclor, however. Radio Club: Camera Club: Band: Orcheslra: Banker: Scholarship Club: Trallic Squad. RICHARD WEBER Imagine Dick as a bearded While House bomber or a convicl in Leaven- worlhl These are iusl a lew ol his possible occupalions aller he gradu- ales lrom Harvard. Pres. G. O.: Track: I-luguenol I-lerald. LE ANNA JOSHUA WELLS "Shorly" wanls lo be a dielilian and plans lo be counling calories in lhe near lulure. Her like is lhe boylriend, and her dislike, her rival. ROBERT WILLIAM WERNER Bob's lavorile lype ol book is a myslery. Rochelle Hudson, Joan Crawlord and Chow Mein hold a place in his alileclions. Hiking Club: Local I-lislory Club. NANCY WHITING Nancy hopes lo leach Lalin lo un- suspecling sophomores some day in an elforl lo gain revenge. Movies and good books occupy lhe leisure in her lile. MORTINA BALCH WILBUR Ealing chocolale ice cream does nol go wilh your paslime ol dieling, "Tina." Wellesley, Dramalics, and Marriage are her plans. Tower Play- ers: Trallic Squad: Malh Club: G. O. Colleclor: Girls' Council: Senior Prom Commillee. MARTHA S. WILLARD Aller gradualing lrom Bryn Mawr, "Marly" will be lound wriling lor lhe Ballimore Sun wilh lime oul lo Iislen lo Duke Ellinglon. Molher-Daughler Banquel Commillee: Rille Club: G. A. A.: G. O. Represenlalive: Girls' Sporls. TED M. WATTLES Five years lrom now, Ted hopes lo be "way up lhe ladder ol success." His ideal man is Tarzan. Inlramural sporls: Assislanl Banker: G. O. Colleclor. EDWARD PAUL WELLEN Eddie is one ol our more induslrious sludenls, being a member ol many school organizalions. ll is his ambilion lo become a wriler. Tower Players: Irallic Squad: 'Field Palrol: Local l-lislory Club: Banker. ELMER GARDENER WENTWORTH "Wenly" yearns lo emulale John D. Rockeleller, Jr. Mechanical drawing and Dixie Dunbar are praclically pas- sions wilh him. Camera Club: Rille Club: Banker: Assislanl Banker. ROBERT BROOKS WHITE Bob plans lo allend Amhersl nexl year. His suppressed desire is Pelham l864. Why suppress il, Bob? Swim- ming Team: Foolball: Cross Counly: Junior and Senior Prom Commillee: Track Squad. LAURA WIEDEMAN "l.illle Audrey" hopes lo go lo Medical School and become a nurse, or else she will iusl cry and cry. Home Nursing lor Red Coss. RUTH WILEY "Frosly" lrom Chicago inlends lo go bugs - bacleriologically speaking. Junior and Senior Prom Commillees' Rochellean Dance: Girls' and G. O. Councils: Trallic Squad: Tower Play- ers: Spanish and Social Service Clubs. V . i T as W 3 sg. Q I I937 ssmons DANIEL ALDEN WILLIAMS Five years lrom now, "Boome" sug- gesls lhal we look in lhe Soulh Seas lor him. Ralher a large order! Daniel is very lond ol hiking and a Iillle cider. THADDEUS R. WILSON, JR. "De Marquis" would like school a lol beller if all lhe chairs were cushioned. His suppressed desire is lo acquire a deadpan. lnlramurals: Orcheslra: Boys' Glee Club: A Cappella Choir: Mixed Chorus. JEAN RUTH WOERTENDYKE Reading good novels and brealhing will occupy Jeannie's lime belween plays when her name is in Iighls on Broadway. Who can lorgel her per- lormance in "Ah Wilderness!" Tower Players. MARGARET AGATHA ZIEGLER Peggy's ideal man is Rex Ingram! Her ambilion is lo gain weighl, bul as long as she conlinues lo be as alhlelic as she is now, she'll have a hard lime realizing il. G. A. A.: Spanish Club: Girls' Sporls. NORMAN ROBERT KLEMANN Maybe "Klern" liked his sophomore year besl because he hales conceiled Deople. Sailing, Ginger Rogers, ham- burgers, and Hal Kemp vie lor his spare lime. Slamp Club: Radio Club. CONSTANCE M. WILSON Connie says we will probably 'Find her waisl high in lashion designs live years from now. She inlends lo go lo Cooper Union Inslilule. Library Council. FREDERICK JOSEPH WOLFF Presenling I-red, genius ol punning, slar ol "The Prolessor's DiIemnia," and brillianl scienlisl. Radio: Camera: Chess Team: Presidenl ol Malh: Tower Players: Sergeanl Trallic Squad: G. O. Represenlalive. LUCY R. ZARRO Monlhly dances where everyone can gel acquainled are Lou's ideas of having lun in school. Picnics, riding, skaling, and romance are her oulside inleresls. LORAINE ELDER Nexl year, Lory plans lo ioin lhe rank ol collegians al Wells, where she will no doubl conlinue her high scholaslic raling. G. A. A.: Personalily Plus Club: Secrelary-Treasurer, Thealre- Lileralure Club: Social Service Club. JOSEPH WILLIAMS Joe is an aulhorily on sporls, allhough he doesn'l usually lind lime lo parli- cipale in lhem. He keeps busy cook- ing-allenlion girls-and says lhal his cakes are marvels. CLASS SONGS "TODAY I AM A MAN" ' ITune-"Oh, Susannah!"l Oh, I came lo Senior High School in lhe fall ol "34" I was lhe Iowesl lhing on earlh, a lillle sophomore. I acled very humbly as an underclassman should. Bul now I'm gradualing and I lhink I'm prelly good. Chorus: OH my leachers, now don'l you cry for me I won'l be coming 'back again when I am linally free. Nexl year I was a iunior and I lhoughl I was lhe lop, Unlil lhe seniors came along and whal an awful flop. Bul lhen I learned my way around and didn'l lalk so loud, And, now I'm gradualing, and l've made my parenls proud. Chorus: Repeal When I relurned lo school lhis year I slarled in lo shirk Bul my leachers gol behind me and lhey lried lo make me work. They pushed and shoved and prodded me and linally gol me by, And now I'm gradualing wilh a lassel in my eye. Rulh R. Friedman "37" FAREWELL NEW ROCHELLE lTune ol Auld Lang Synel We're proud lo say, we sland loday. The Class of "37", We'vd had our lun, our work is done And we musl march on. Bul lhough we go, we'lI have you know Our hearls are lailhful slill, Though we're aparl, you have our hearl Farewell, dear New Rochelle. Chorus: Farewell, dear New Rochelle, 'Farewell Your sons and daughlers lrue, Salule you now wilh hearl and hand Farewell, 'Farewell lo you. Indiadelle Dandridge "37" SENICR CELEBRITIES Subieci Male Done Mosi' for Ihe School Dick Weber Done 'Ihe School for Mos+ Gordon Behrens Typical High School Siudeni Eddie Massoih Mosi Likely Io Succeed Mosl' Original Bes+ A+hIe're Mosi' Indusirious Class Procras'I'inaI'or Cuiesi Class Baby Mosi' Sophisiicaied Mosi' Naive Mosi' Pleasing Personaliiy Besi Looking Class Op'I'imisI' Class Pessimisi Class Cri+ic Class Poliiician Class Gossip Pride of Ihe Faculiy Bane of Ihe Faculiy Class Humorisi' Class JournaIis+ Mosi' Liierary Peppiesi Bes'r Dancer Mos'I Business-like Mos'I Popular Class FIir+ Class Execu'Iive Class Cynic Class Thespian Teachers' Pe'I' Class Trouble Maker Class Cupid Class Egoiisi' Dreamiesi Mosi' Arfisiic Laziesi Mos'I' Musical Kid HeaI+h Henry Pohndorf Jack Murphy Bob Nowell Bill Beizer Murray Mann Frankie Hubbard Ralph Sussman Gordon Behrens Mariin Heineberg Howard Lewin Alden Wesiover Harold Fos'I'er Bill Korbin Van Varick Flynn Harry Henn Tommy Keni' Fred Wolff James Turley Murray Mann Murray Berdick Murray Berdick Eddie Massoih Eddie PraH' Ted Greenberg Dick Weber Tommy KenI' MiI+on Choiiner Van Varick Flynn Murray Camner Bill Sleeper Bob McMillan David Cable Dick Maulsby Bill Bachman Jack Murphy Frank Vosburgh Ralph Ti'rus Jack Kidd Female Marjorie Froehlich Joyce Mariin Barbara Randall Mariorie Froehlich lndiadelle Dandridge Marion Schumacher Rosemary Crampion Teddie Neiman Miriam LancasI'er Doris Dudley Jane Osborne Ri'I'a-Marie Chasseroi' Rosalind Smiih Beisy Delaney Alice PraH' Barbara Hauer Mariha G. Booker Vivian Siemon lndiadelle Dandridge Barbara Oakley Frances Baird Ru'Ih Friedman Nafalie Floersheimer lndiadelle Dandridge Mary Tiebou'I' Rufh Wiley Mary Jo Armsirong Barbara Randall Carol Renz Laura Hawley Mariha G. Booker Edyihe Lipsig Mary Jo Armsirong Barbara Hauer Teddie Neiman BeH'y Irvine Margueriie Jouard Marcia Burne'H Frances Baird Virginia Vaughn Ellen Davis T65 ilu' 9 3 III7-I 501 87 51+ 2. I 2 74,5 Ill. 765 r 2 'T 5 IIIZI 3 u' i Q ll i to 9 3 uni 50 3 8 4 i 50 3 8 if ul i if Q 2, 8 1+ bo ill: 87 II2'I I 60 ii?-1 TQ. 6Ol Q a Sw 2. ii' 4 do 3 8,1654 II"'I 57 94 gjowliz 3 8,76 .4 64 IO!!--El 9 3 M Ulll l0 Wlu 9 3 Q 50 3 876 4 lllll 7 60 2 E5 51+ :Nil 90 3 1 8 76 J!- ull, 455 3 Y sl' f 1 75,5 ull 60 3 8 1+ H7-1 766' .5 I 50 3 8 1+ ulli 50 3. 87'f4 74,5 llll ill! 7 ?Hml3 3 1+ l 50 5 l 50 ,5 925 I?-4 l 2. lol! O 8765! l sf! '3 8 u 765 1 TCWER PLAYERS AN HOUR WITH MR. BURKE lEdifor's nofe: The following remarks were over- heard fwo days before fhe producfion of "Beggar on Horseback", when an irrifafed casf had fo make lasf minufe preparafions, while a more irrifafed direcfor had fo see fhaf phofographs of fhe casf were faken af fhe same fime.l "Elbow George . . . Brush your hair a bi+ . . . All righf . . . Go info your cabaref bif, Gladys . . . Lookif, Teddy lmumble, mumble, mumble! . . . O. K. Frank . . . Also seven and nine . . . where's fhe fourfh waifer . . . fhe dishes, Terry, Teddy,- TEDDY . . . now, fhe idea is . . . hold fhe lid off . . . TEDDY!!!!! . . . Time ou'I' for lunch . . . Uhhhhuh . . . all righf-any fime now . . . hurry up . . . fha+'s nof fhe money . . . where's fhe money . . . Money! Oh! my God, you can'1' do anyfhing siffing ouf fhere . . . change fo fhe coffage . . . swap fhe coffage, boys . . . 'lime is fleeing . . . Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, Coffage nexf . . . Peggy, Dave, Dave! . . . l iusf fhoughf of somefhing fo save us some fime . . . You could do fhaf . . . you could . . . Whaf fhe devil . . . WHERE'S MY KEYS . . . Hurry up, Hurry up, hurry up, Bob you can help, Dick, you can help, John! . . . iusf a minufe . . . sfop if . . . O.K. . . . go ahead . . . John!!! . . . Jawdqe!!!! . . . Where's Eddie???? .... no rush . . . O.K. pick if up, Rudy . . . hold if . . . iusf a momenf . . Lamps please. Fronf row-Richard Ruskin, Frances Kenner, Rufh Wiley, Rufh Randolph, Sherleen Denny, Jean Woerfendyke, Therese Neiman, Mimi Segal, Anne Noe, Marion Holfsberg, Rufh Lerner, Peggy Jouard, Eugene Hall, James Sasmor, George Neiman. Second Row-Morfon Seidensfein, Mr. Emerson Burke, Mariorie Froehlich, Marfha Peck, Jeanne O'Reilly, Edyfhe Lipsig, Lois Raben, Sybil Nurco, Dorofhy Brodine, Eileen O'Connell, Margaref Sfrauss, Lucille Gluck, Maxine Goldsfein, Barbara Chasen, Alice Chelimar, Murray Camner, Harold Fosfer. Third row-Dick Wafson, Bob Barr, Harry Henn, Nafalie Chayes, Cafherine Alles, India- delle Dandridge, Rufh Miller, Morfina Wilbur, Befh Zimmerschied, Lillian Sfein, Carol Blumen- fhal, Norma Alley, Renee Rofh, Vivian Bernsfein, Eddie Wellen, Murray Gross, Fred Roberfs. Rear row-Dick Berg, Alex Pollack, Jonafhan Mendes, Howard Lewin, Berf Graham,nWelWlle Nowak, David Lachenbruch, Henry Heimlich, Edward Jouard, Don Shriner, David Cable, War- ner Sfockell, LeRoy Hovey, Ashfon Tenny, Fred Anderson, Paul Meyer, Edward Wise, Bob Mon- fague, Fred Wolff. V The Plough and The Stars mln IO 2, 9 3 50 3 8 51+ AN HOUR wm-I MR. BURKE qwn+'di Mac . . . lmuH'er, muHer, muHerl . . . Well l don'+ care . . . are we ready on +he jury . . . le+'s have 'lhe pro . . . Ready! . . . Ed . . . George . . . Rudy!! . . . Lis+en Alan! . . . pulee:e!! very ex- clusive . . . yeah.. . Murray.. . Slockell, +ake +ha+ sandbag up . . . gel' off 'rhe sfage, Too+s . . . Lis+en, Shu!--u-p . . . Line up . . . O.K .... Take 'the bow . . . Teddy, will you gel 'lhe lable ready for breakfasl . . . ls +ha'r casler oFF again? . . . OH! Lordy . . . hey Lillian, ge+ +he crowns . . . crowns . . . for God's sake gel fhe chairs, don'+ s+and lhere like a dummy . . . The doiby???? . . . some one gave i+ +o me personally . . . A li++le girl . . . Been wanfing a derby for a long limeg now l've gol' one . . . Lis+en, Lisfen, Lis+en people . . . you folks in +he cas! can eal' your lunch now . . . Two more . . . +wo more . . . where are 'rhe olher +wo bu+lers? . . . Vivian, where are +he masks . . . Quie+ . . . shhhhhh . . . Oh, well . . . lndiadelle, will you gel me some luncheon . . . 7 ? ? O.K." PLOUGH AND THE STARS Above-Alice PraHg Eileen O'Connell. Below-Van Varick Flynn: Alice PraHg Dick Berg: Eileen O'Connellg Ashfon Tennyg Jeanne Olsen: Fred Wolff. , Ll' 755 Hill 57 94 50 'S 4- 876. ull? 7 50 3 4' an ii!2i 50 3 87 51+ 1 ii! 1 510 3 ll i 50 3 8,7654 2. il! i 50 0 3 SY S! 'IZ go! I 3 ill: 9 3 876 if liz! 0 eo' ee ! xoulz' Q Q as 54 YQ, 2. mi' i do 3 5651+ 9 3 W' 9 3 1d'i' 9 E 765 Ulll l0 9 3 57 94 1 ION' IZ 9 3 lllll lO43 ggi? 7 :Ulu io sf? 54 ll ll I 510 3 50 3 8 4 765 illli io 9 3 87 54 5 SYQ 4 li?-I eo! 876 4 2, gill 1 93,7 55 IZ-1 50" E O a 51+ 76, 1 Ill 4 do 3 87654 AH, WILDERNESS! Above- Froni' row- Dick Walsong David Cable: Jean Woedendylceg Mur- ray Camner. Rear row-Harry Henng Jeanne O'Reillyg Earl Lammg Morfina Wilbur: Eugene Bondyg Melvin Greenbaumg Welville Nowalc. Below - Edyfhe Lipsigg Murray Camner. Ahh, VVHderness! Beggar Gln Horseback BEGGAR ON HORSEBACK Above-Sianding - Fred Anderson Dick Cardozo: Wesley AlcoH': Warren King: Henry Heimliclm. Sealed - David Cable: Marcelle Meyer. Below-Lefl' lo riglvl'-Roberl' Barr: Dick Walson: Warren King: Welville Nowak: Malcolm Robb: Paul Meyer: Lois Raben: Howard Lewin: Henry Heim- liclmg Norma Alley: Harold Fos+er: Earl Lamm: Eugene Hall: James Sasmor: Wesley AlcoH: Fred Anderson: Ralph Tifus. id'-' Q 765 ull 1 1 7 1 ll K 0 9g 1- 2 7 S CBOH' I2 4 876 Ill 1 o 58 5 5 50 3 4 876 tlliiib N' 9 3 87 54 iN 1 C56 3 8795 will 8V654 QIIII5 2. lll i 5 0 3 92 54 Hal 50 3 Hill 50 3 876 Lf ill 87 5 on i f 87654 qiigga R 2. ill do 3 8 ll 765 ll"'l lO 3 9 RJ Lili 1 2 0 12 '7 2. 1 75,5 V65 2 Ur 'ZQ,5 2. ll?-I Ili M5 l 50 Q 'B 57 94 Cyolll lg 876 4 lll i O 3 8 54 al' 1 50 3 ,Simi 9 3 87 51+ gill 13 8 ull' 50 3 8 4 lll i if Q 3 96 54 2 golll 13 8 1+ golll 13 876 if ic' 0 9,2 55 ion Q 0 8 ll no 9 3 ll 8765 OMPOSED only of sludenls who have main- lained an "A" average in malhemalics lhroughoul' 'lhe year, lhe Mafh Club carried oul some inleresling proiecls lhis pasl' +erm. Two branches of advanced malhemalics, lnfinilies and Delerminanls, were leclured on by Mr. Hussey and Bill Be'l'zer, respeclively. The club has lhe policy of holding open meelings +0 permil ou+- siders lo hear lhese lallcs, bul mos? of 'rheir ses- sions are conducied privalely. Puzzles seem 'lo be lhe favoriles of 'lhe members, and lhey have de- vised some of 'rhe hardesl. MATH CLUB Fronl row-Francis Garden, Secrelaryg Fred Wolff, Presidenlg Alice Harley Edward Thode. Rear row-Vivian Siemong William Belzerg Miss Symmesg Richard Treffeiseng John Deschereg Ralph Rowland. THE Chess Club had a busy year under lhe leadership of Roberl Spencer Merringlon as Presidenl, Murray Mann as Vice Presidenl, and Louis Jaslcow as Secrelary. Having one of 'lhe largesl membership in many years, lhe age-old game of chess was made more in'leres'l'ing lhan ever before. The lime was spenl' moslly in play- ing chess, and +rying oul new plays. Several novelly forms of chess were fried. The chess 'leam 'fared quile well, playing many games wi'l'h nearby high schools. The highesl men in 'rhe club, by a process of eliminalion, were chosen for 'rhe leam. Mr. Goodfellow is lhe ad- viser for bolh lhe 'ream and lhe club. CHESS CLUB Fronl row-Marlin Heinebergg Presidenf, Rob- er'l' Merringlong Vice-Presidenl, Murray Mann, Edward Thode. Rear row-Secrelary, Louis Jaskowg Mr. Good- fellowg Fred Wolff: Alberl' Weidenbushg Richard Walson. I-IDE LQ or so C C .fn-v. v-...vm T . LTHOUGH a small enrollmenl would seem +o indicaie an exclusive membership, 'l'he few who belong +o +he Radio Club say ir is because 'rhere is very liH'le inieresi in radio in +he school. The members had hoped +ha1' fheir ins+alla'rion of a new shorf-wave slalion, license and all, would s+imula're ac+ivi'I'y, bu+ +he plan apparenily fell ihrough. The boys are nor very much concerned, however, as +hey have wha+ several o+her clubs would like-a small membership, and +he subse- quenl' chance 'For less crowded condifions and access +o facili+ies. RADIO CLUB Fron+ row-Bfll McCorang Richard Treiifeiseng Mr. Emerson, Julian Hirsch, Roberi' Schoenfeld. Rear row-John Rich, Rober+ Mellzerg Bill Hagar, Roberl' Klemanng Herman Krall. MENTION of ihe Model Engineers Club im- medialely brings +o everyone's mind fhe iac+ 'rhai' George laccino belongs. George has won prizes galore during 'rhe Time he belonged fo ihe club, and has consequenily broughl' no small measure of fame 'ro The res+ of +he boys. Under ihe guidance of Mr. Frederick Lobdell, ihe members build and 'Fly model airplanes. Balh scale models and flyers are buili, and mosi of 'the members are proiicieni' a+ boih. MODEL ENGINEERS' CLUB Froni' row-Ted Elio+g George laccino: Ernes+ Carlson, Mr. Lobdellg Gregory Flynn. Second row-Anlhony Camilloneg Richard Faulhaberq John Cioffarig Edward Zimmerman, Edward Ebersoleg Ed Praefe. Rear row-Ralph Whi'I'moreg Roberl' Mel+zerg Leroy Hovey. 9 3 QE N' 9 3 7 Hu., I0 9 3 75,5 ull 5 9 l 50- 3 7 4 8,4 IOHWIZ 9 3 Vo gill io 'Z 795' nf?-I no S ,Si 1 ul 1 5 3 87654 Hlli 5 3 8q654 ' 2 ill i 5 043 37.54 llzl ?l 3 iz :dll 9 3 dllll 5 0 een. 5GlllZl a Si 'YQ 2. l si' '3 8,Z651+ 765 iclllll 9 55 57 94 1 toll' IZ 9 3 idlll lg Q 8 54 7 50 2 4- an I 2 1 795 74,5 2. 'Y b llzl '?4,5 87 llzl Que 5 u?-i 76 ullc io .V ' Q gl 8.33 llll 50 3 8 1+ Hlll 50 3 8 4 illi 50 5 3 ,ir l 50 3 50 3 if 6 Ol 5 'Lg I io'l,g3 Q o a 51+ 5 3 765 ll""l io N U LTHOUGH 'rhe French Club go+ off lo a la1'e s+ar+, fhe final summing up proved +ha+ +his year was quile successful. ln +he French Club, all conversafion is carried on in French, and +he members discuss all +heir business in French. Mosl of +he lime +his year was spenl' in lalking abou? France, and hearing lallcs by people who had been +o France. They also played French card games, and did French cross word puzzles. This club is a real benefi+ +o anyone who is in- fensely in+eres+ed in lhe French people and fheir language. FRENCH CLUB Froni' row-Hilda Lowensleinp Morlina Wilbur: Franklyn Dana: Rosemary Crampiong Mary Jo Armslrongg Ri+a Spaulding. Second row-Marie Frank: Louise Ko+ziang Mrs. Jones: Isabel Barber: CharloH'e Johnson. Rear row-William Belzerg William Sleeper, Donn Barber: Harry Lowenslein. THE Spanish Club, open +o all sludenls 'raking Spanish, elecfed, as lheir officers, Helen Byrnes, presidenlg Barbara Randall, vice-presi- den+g and Helen Vallado, secrelary. Under lhe direclion of Mr. Eugene Flaheriy, lhe club has had several meelings lhis year. Allhough +he meelings were somewhal irregular, members of +he club were given a good idea of fhe archi+ec- lure, ar'l', and his+orical poinls of Spain by slides presenled by lhe facuH'y adviser. Mr. Henry Wellman spoke 'lo +he members a+ one mee+ing, and +he club, 'rogelher wi+h +he Currenlu Evenfs Club, presenled an assembly program on Pan- American Day. SPANISH CLUB Fron+ row-Gene Farnham, Violel' Gardner: Helen Vallado, Secrelaryg Helen Byrnes, Presi- den+g Barbara Randall, Vice-President Alice Pra++g Marjorie Froehlich. Rear row-Nalalie Floersheimer: Carol de Moreasg Anne Paine: Louise Schwarzwalderg Barbara Garges: Ru+h Lerner: Mariorie Timsg Sue O'Neill. Z!!! UUC:r'C5 IICD"Z!C:i- CITE!! IIC! 070563 MUSICAL programs, slides, inferesfing falks, a HaIIowe'en parfy, and a picnic have all been included in fhe meefings of fhe Ifalian Club fhis year. The group climaxed fhe year by pre- senfing an Ifalian play af Porf Chesfer High School. ITALIAN CLUB Fronf row-Pafsy Ballaferig William Benedeffog Vicfor Accocellag James Ciccolini. Second row-Nancy D'Arianog Josephine Painog Carmella Lallig Francis Garden, Aldo Mornafip Florence Camilloneg Violef Figliuzzi. Third row-Angeline Troffag Rose Scocag Vancie Ouaranfag Josephine Valasfrog Mary Scarinzi, Anfoineffe Lazzarog Theresa Ferrara: Michaline Fasfiggig Louise Cerrefa. Rear row-Lucia Sbarra, Mary Colleffig Rose Pace, Enis Poinellag Laura Summa, Ida Sbarrag Loreffa Lanfzg Vincie Fasfiggi, Celesfe Cardone. THE Junior Red Cross Club chose for ifs offic- ers fhis year, Jean De Rosa, presidenfg Olga Seradinsky, vice-presidenf, and Marjorie Lynch, freasurer. Wifh Miss Sfrong as adviser, fhis or- ganizafion has done a greaf deal fo aid insfifu- fions and charifies. Among ifs confribufions were giffs fo homes, Chrisfmas baslcefs for foreign nafions, money for 'Flood relief, magazines for hos- pifals, and homes, and favors for veferan hos- pifals. During fhe year, a parfy was organized for fhe Day Nursery children, and a member wenf fo enferfain fhem each week. Wifh all fhis, fhe members found fime fo make foys and favors. JUNIOR RED CROSS CLUB Fronf row-Anna Gouleffeg Marjorie Lynch, Miss Sfrongg Jean DeRosa, Irma Tenni. Rear row-Arlene Wolfsieg Frances De Rosa, Doris Casey, Beffy DeMiIiag Anne Kuehn Johanna Percy. 9 3 Q2 ll"'I io N U 75,5 ISM' 9 3 57 94 ,dvliz 9 3 mills 7 IUFI w HI2, 50 5 87,54 iN1n 50 3 87654 ull 87654 liIIFI 2. ull 50 0 ST EM Q yu 13 :dull 9 3 876 lf 2. ull 60 - af, Sf lddzl 9 ' ' 87e5I I 2. I 56 'I3 87654 ll"'l io X, 9 fl 765 iclllll 9 3 5V 94 lowliz 98 if 'rg' ulli bo 3 851+ 7 Z 98769 4 'Z S 1 llli V65 llll 50 3 l 50 3 8 4 iulli no 9 3 87 all llzl 74,5 lllll 81' ao' 3 3 1+ if 3 if 6 631 1 eg g? l 50 as Sl 9 s li?-i 'Ze .1 8 w 765 IN spi'l'e of lhe facl l'ha'l' lhe Camera Club was wilhoul a darkroom, 'lhey accomplished a greal' deal, lhis year. ln lhe earlier parl' of lhe year, l'he major porlion of lhe lime was laken up in producing +ha+ mighly movie, "The Professor's Dilemnia", slarring Mr. Arlhur B. Hussey as 'lhe Professor, and direcled by Cecil M. de Mann. Laler in lhe year, a conlesl, sponsored by lhe Camera Crafl Slore, was lealured. This conlesl was won by John Brooks. Second and lhird prizes were laken by Louis Jaskow and George Neiman, respeclively. Olher aclivilies of lhe club were a hike lo Mianis Gorge, and color processing. Fronl row-George Neiman, Fred Anderson. Second row-Ashlon Tenneyg Mr. Hussey, William Belzerg Murray Mann, Philip Bergman. Third row-Leroy Hoveyg Fred Wolff, Roberl Merringlong Amos Belden: Alvin Lukashokg Philip Lewis. Rear row-John Deschereg Joseph Muenzeng Louis Jaskowg lrving Kolheg Richard Walson. ITH Mr. Nichols as adviser, 'lhe Fencing Club has had a very successful season 'rhis year. Among l'he malches held were 'lhose wilh Yonkers High School, Bellows High, and Davis High. Many malches were won and even 'lhough lhe club's finances were s'l'ricl'ly limiled, 'lhe mem- bers managed l'o have several malches away from home. Caplain of lhe leam was Dominick Cerra, while Peler Slern was lhe manager. This year was re- markable, in lhal' 'lhe leam had a much longer schedule lhan ever before, and 'rhey devoled much of 'lheir lime +o helping slarl a club in 'rhe cily's iunior high schools. FENCING CLUB Fronl row-Thomas McDonald: Herman Rell- s'l'abg Dominick Cerra, Deiay Shrinerg Herman Rolhman. Rear row-William Wolf: Murray Camner: Mr. Nichols, James Turley, Peler Slerng Dale Randall. PZJQZPDO QCFO l!"l'l I 0 'WIMSZPW ZMWP 4IPWW-F F-OZCOO l l S a reward for fhe yearly perceniage of bank- ing in ihe school, which was almosi 'rriple lasi' year's, fhe Naiional Ciiy Bank gave pins and cerfificaies +0 deserving bankers. Following a year old cusiom, +he Bankers made irips +o local banks. H' has greai' plans for iis fuiure and hopes for higher perceniages. Fron'r row-Carol Brush: Violei' Gardner: Sally Hovey: Jane Heyde: Anna Siraus: Barbara Eckley: Ann Fonda: Mariha Peck. Second row-Joyce Wamsley: Reid Francis: Ted Greenberg: William Wallin: Chesier Van Ness: Fred McAlly: Mr. Vern Frisch: Doro+hy Eckley: Marion Gibson. Third row-Edward Thode: Dorolhy Posi: Be'H'y Flandreau: Josephine Valaslro: Ru'rh Mueller: Alice PraH: Alice Livingsion: Eleanor Suio: Ther- esa Mulaney: Doris Heyde. Rear row-Edward Wellen: Parker Keicham: Louis Wolff: Thomas Carroll: Berr Graham: Louis Davis: Lloyd Spies: Morion Seidens'l'ein. ITH Miss Conard as adviser, 'rhe Library Council is one of ihe mosi beneficial organ- iza'I'ions in ihe school. Jacqueline Price served as presideni, and William Sleeper as secreiary for ihe year. Among +he many dufies of +he members are 'raking care of overdue books, helping ihe librarians check books and aiding wherever 'rhey can be useful. A+ +he beginning of ihe year a represeniarive is chosen 'From each regisfraiion room, ei+her by elec+ion or appoinimem' +o ihe council. LIBRARY COUNCIL Froni row-Josephine Moysas: Reeva Kravei: Jacqueline Price. Second row-Evelyn Guiiag: Margarei Smiih: Esielle Kravei: William Sleeper: Elizabeih Buchanan: Vera Harris. Rear row-Earl Lamm: William Bauer: Con- siance Wilson: James Sasmor: Miss Conard. IOll"'l 3 9 4 765 HM 1 2 O 7 l HM 795 HM 75,5 oz 'Z 5 KN 76 iw W nh M5 IM R IZ. ra' 4 9 3 l m 943 l gvg Q64 NH? Q 3 S 51+ Ni fic 3 qupl i m 9 5 Q54 HW 50 8 4 ao' 3 8 4 HN 50 5 8 4 ww 9 3 8 4 eb' 3 64 f 6 5 TJ Q 8 A Qubl V ud'n'3 9 4 75,5 ull: 1 2 7 i 2. llzl 1 75,5 ll?-1 765 F 2 7 5 H21 '?Q,5 Hill 87 iuli fa., 5 lddli O 9 87654 no 9 3 qlliib l 876 4 qiEIEi Ill! T 50 3 8 54 C50 3 8764 llllll i m 9 3 87 54 Hll if 3 8 H I 50 3 8 4 will bo a 8 ll l 50 3 'QIIIQ 64 iiUUIa 60 f so '3 87654 y ITH Mr. Herberi' B. Nichols as advisor, 'rhe Local Hisiory Club has had a very aciive year. The club has made ir a policy 'ro visii his- iorical sires in ihe counry. Beside ihis, 'rhe mem- bers have played many novel games during ihe meerings, have seen slides of fhe counry, and have held a successful calce and candy sale. Offic- ers of +he club were Bill Befzer, presidenl: Joyce Marlin, vice-presiden+, and Donald McGill, pro- gram chairman. LOCAL HISTORY CLUB Fronl' row-Ralph Rowland: Secre'l'ary, Vir- ginia Mirchell: Vice-Presidenf, Joyce Marlin: Presideni, William Befzer: Marfha Peck: Reeva Kraver: Ralph Sussman. Second row-Julia Marsh: Winifred Moran: Sherleen Denney: lndiadelle Dandridge: Marion Grab: Mildred Reiderer: Barbara Hauer: Rulh Schene: Frances Primerano. Rear row-Mariin Heineberg: William Rosen- sohn: Fred Treffeisen: Mr. Nichols: Richard Maulsby: George Waddill: Edward Wellen. THIS year, +he members of 'ihe Currenl' Evenls Club had one of 'Phe mosi inreresling years. Since +he ac+ivi+y of 'lhe club depends upon +he ac+ivi+y of world affairs, many discussions were held. Among 'rhese was a discussion of ihe can- didaies for Presideni of ihe U. S., a siraw voie, a mock +rial, a labor panel, a Pan-American day program, a coun+y panel on peace, and programs of speakers on world affairs. CURRENT EVENTS CLUB Fronl' row-Rulh Friedman: Mr. Henry Well- man: Henry Heimlich: Na+alie Floersheimer: Harold Fosier: lndiadelle Dandridge: Vivian Siemon: Lillian Kaies. Second row-Joseph Lichrermang Josephine Paino: Hazel Newman: Ge-rlrude Moldave: Mabel Zimmerman: Clara Gayan: Carol Blumenihal: Herman Chasen: Edward Thode. Rear row-Jack Osias: Herberi Kanen: Henry Goldsmi+h: Charles Bull: Franklyn Dana: David Pfefferg Norman Abrams: Murray Mann: Morfon Seidens'l'ein. WCFO Q2-4PWMU S+ 1' Ai RN P' C2 L ll B- TI-lE Debaling Team lhis year overflowed wilh debalable subiecls: lhe Labor silualions, eco- nomic queslions, war lhreals, neulralily and a hosl of olher subiecls. Under lhe guidance of Mr. Schmuckler, lhe club, lhough il slarled lale in lhe season, had a very enioyable year. ll is looking forward lo nexl year wilh a greal deal of anlicipalion and lhe hope lor a greal in- crease in membership and a large variely of sub- iecls. Everyone in school is inviled lo ioin, and lhe club officials promise as lhey always have in pasl years, lo keep lhe members well enlerlained, as well as educaled. DEBATING CLUB Fronl row-Vivian Siemong Marlin Heinebergg Herberl Kaneng James Websler. Rear row-Mr. Schmucklerg Charles Bull, Marlin Goldbergerg Joseph Lichlerman. THE Slamp Club has had a very inleresling and exciling year. The club has made lwo proiecls. One was a map of lhe Uniled Slales wilh slamps around lhe border, a slamp from each slale, lhe olher a map of Africa wilh slamps ol each counlry placed in lhe same manner. They were exhibiled al lhe Naiex Exhibilion al While Plains, along wilh olher slamps, and lhe club was lhe winner of five prizes. The club looks forward lo nexl year wilh inlenlions of making more maps, and enlering more conlesls. STAMP CLUB Fronl row-Jean Hausralh, Eslelle Kravelg Peler Slrack: William Bauer, Rila-Marie Chas- serolg Bealrice Merkel, Mrs. Ross. Rear row - Marlin Heinebergg Roberl O'Hagang Werner Schalzg Philip Lewis, Ralph Hamburger. muQi 9 3 9 3 Qggglg IOHITI 9 3 75,5 ull 5 s l 50 3 7 1+ :Ulu 52 76 7 lllll 56 3 8 51+ 50 3 4 376 iz 58: i3 87,54 1H1i 50 3 8651+ 7 ull, lO 74,5 lllzl w 9 3 8? sl lUll lb llzl l 60 5 8? 5 0 87654 qiigaa nz 45 3 8YG5u i i IOIl"'I cw 75,5 lilly I0 1 7 2. Ilzl 1 74,54 74,5 Z IZ 74,5 Hill gv llll 37 5 1?-I 'YQ 2. 9 Q 3 Igssii Il' I IZ '76, du' Q 3 S 54 9 3 876 4 WEIIFI I 55 is 7 5 .QW ' 98 3 IOIIIQNI 9 3 8 4 will I 9 0 3 91 54 IOII I 9 3 3 4 I 50 3 if 6 OI 5 o Hg lOII Q va a Sw AU I 9 3 87654 THE year I936-I937 has seen one of 'fhe Iargesf Rifle Clubs in fhe hisfory of fhaf group. Over one hundred boys and girls came ouf for fhe club in Ocfober, and have been shoofing for Nafional Rifle Associafion awards in fhe range which was enlarged and greafly improved during fhe winfer. RIFLE CLUB Rear row-Rufh Schmidf: Barbara Eckley: Marie Harris: Josephine Burke: Mary Noel: Lila Barulh: Beffy Di Milia: Frances De Rosa: Mary Harrold: Violef Gardner. Third row-Mr. Bowman: Thelma Bililc: India- belle Rilce: Dorofhy Kike: Wanda Hardwick: Dorofhy Schene: Eleanor Suffon: Dorofhy Sims: Rufh Hamburger: Helen Sanderfer: Wanda Soldaf. Second row-Herberf Sfern: George Froehlich: Ralph Whifmore: Ed Praefe: Rufh Schene: Pal' Panfano: Ed GigIio: Caesar Giglio: George Waddill. Fronf row-James Gahan: Ralph Rowland: Bufler Whifing: James Sfern: Paul Meyer. GUIDED by Mr. Wallace Bowman and Mr. Roland Hinfz, fhe Rifle Team has had a successful season. The feam enfered fhe Nafional Bi-Weekly Mafches sponsored by fhe Nafional Rifle Associafion, and foolc sevenfh place ouf of I I2 feams. Two mafches were held by mail wifh Valley Sfream High School, each feam winning one. Of fhree shoulder-fo-shoulder mafches, New Rochelle defeafed fhe Columbia Freshmen by a large margin, splif wifh Fordham Freshmen, and was defeafed by fhe Greenwich Y.M.C.A. RIFLE TEAM Rear row-Ralph Whifmore: Herberf Sfern: Mr. Wallace Bowman: George Waddfll: Caesar Giglio. Fronf row-George Froehlichg Bud Praefe: Pafsy Panfano: Rufh Schene: Ed Giglio. WCPO l'l1I"l1-IU SPMA mrn-I up up ji 22 1 W wma v 4 ill!-I I0 9 3 M .SM 9 Q 3 e Sr 7 ldvliz 98 2 Ve lllll 50 3 87 54 50 2 -4 an Hill l Q5 .2 75 1 Hll 50 3 874,54 rUli 50 3 8q654 illlzi 5 0'3 8 1+ 7.5 Hut 50 3 Ulu 501 3 876 4 M21 50 3 ev . ldnz' 9 a 51+ YQ. z l 45' '. 87654 PATRONS AND PATRONESSES Mr. and Mrs. Henry Anderson Mr. and Mrs. George H. Barber Mr. and Mrs. P. Brenner Mr. and Mrs. E. Halleck Brodhead Mr. and Mrs. R. S. BurneH' Mr. and Mrs. D. Byrnes Mr. and Mrs. William E. Cable, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. George A. Casey Mr. and Mrs. N. Chayes Mr. and Mrs. John A. Coffey Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Crampron Mrs. Manning Harder Dandridge Mr. and Mrs. Sheridan Denney Dr. and Mrs. Wallace Douglass Mr. and Mrs. Alberl' Floersheimer Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Francis Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Frank Mr. and Mrs. Charles Froehlich Mrs. S. J. Garges Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Rober+ H. Gluck Miss F. M. Krollpfieffer Mrs. H. K. Krollpfieffer Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Lane Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Libbey Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Mahoney Mrs. Kafherine Marschalk Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Maulsby Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. William Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Moffel Frederick L. Moran F. B. Morgan Henry C. Moses Charles O'Neill E. O'Reilly Charles B. Paine Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Peck Mr. and Mrs. L. Pisani Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Alber+ G. Randall Philip Reisman R. W. RiH'er A. M. Sanderfer A. Schneier and Mrs. T. W. GoH'i Mr Mr Mr and Mrs. Alex ScoH' Harry A. ScoH s. J. M. Shuchfer Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Greenberg Mr. and Mrs. Alfred N. Hackman Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Hauer Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Hawley Mrs. Harry C. Henn Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Holi Mr. and Mrs. William Jones Mr. and Mrs H. J. Kenner Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Keni' Mr. and Mrs. L. Corning Kefchum Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Kidd Mr. and Mrs. Sianley B. Kirk Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Klemann Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Simmons E. N. Sims Mr. and Mrs. M. Sloman Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Srephen S. Vansanl' E. H. Waison F. C. Weber W. Weirlich Russell Wesrover Edward Whirney William J. Wilbur J. W. Wiley Sepiember I0-Given one day +o recupera+e from lhe Labor Day week-end, we re'rurn lall excepl Rulh Friedman who forgo+l and scan faces of more infelligenl' sopho- mores, 'for possible slooges. Sepiember I4-Maiorily of lasl' year's seniors s+ill hanging around. lHomesick, maybe!! Seprember 20-New duck forms efernal +riangle in lake. Sep+ember 25-Would-be ihespians murder- ing Hamlel' and olher classics in an efforl' +o please Mr. Burke. Oc+ober I-Rumor of a purple cow as fooiball 'l'eam mascot Oclober 9-All +he Toweri+es become Jeeps. Females who can'+ or won'+ open lockers may ask handsome 'iraffic squad guard 'lo assisl. Oclober I0-Lo'rs of slubborn lockers! Ocfober I3-Work on Rochellean begins. Ad- veni' of LiH'le Willie 'io column. Oc'l'ober 23-LiHle Willie here 'ro say. Candid camera hounds s+ar+ hounding. November 6-Birrh of fhe Mysiery of 'ihe Tower Sreps. , November I0 - Trucking surpasses knock- knocks in popularify. December I-Epidemic of dark glasses and cruiches. December 7-Friends +hrea+en 'io publish a diri' column exclusively abou! Dandridge. December 8-Firsi' snow-l8V2 windows slill in one piece. December ll-Weber and Carroll exchange blushes. December 23-Swing session called a lynch- ing pariy. lAnyway, l'hey murdered some songs.l Anficipalion of arrival of college kids. CALENDAR January I3-Unideniified boy arrives al' school on kidcly car. Regenls coming. January I8--Regenls here! also headaches! January 25-Regen+s over. DiH'o headaches. February 5-Movemeni' for and agains+ caps and gowns. Eckley drops speech noles from slage and goes info hysferics. Teddie Neiman spor'l'ing len-cenl' s'l'ore diamond engagemenl ring. February I9-Marcelle Meyer, Johnny Wise and Jeanne Olsen in'l'roduce cavor'l'ing. March 5-Herald comes ou'l' wi+h piciures of pre-his+oric monslers in lake. Famous songs inlroduced in column. March I9-"Professor's Dilemnia" a success. Many s'l'ooges go home, and 'fry 'io unmell' ice. March 24-Jean Woerrendyke and oihers appear in local movie. April 6-Weber forgeis and gives Fascisl saluie in assembly wilh overwhelming response. May 7-Camera Club Piclure Confesl over. Mann heard +0 yell, "l was robbed." May 8-Norma Cohen, Howard Lewin, and oihers inlroduce iolloping. May 9-Ducks relurn lo lakeside summer resi- dence: now afford conlrasi' in color. May I0-Murray Berdick brings new hangover +o school. May I7-Marlha G. Booker brings new hair- cul' +o school. May 20-Rosemary Cramplon brings new heari +o school. May 25-Sfudenls all in sl'a'l'e of menfal leihargy. June 3-Sfudenls sfari' 'lo wake up. June I9-Sfudenis fully wake up, and discover +ha+ regen+s are over. June 23-School's over-fools rush out IOHWI 3 9 L+ 765 ull S l io 9 ' 3 50ll'9-1? 8,76 4 2 7 2. 1121 1 74,5 H2-i V65 ' 2 7 5 llzl lil! SO 3 8 54 50 3 8764 l IO 9 3 87,54 ll!! 510 3 8 1+ I 50 3 E5 1+ iili bo 3 8 1+ l 50 8.76 if ulli 60 - ll?-I 76 765 io' 0 as 51+ ull: do 3 QQQQNJ EG WARREN KQNG we W, u3QQk,g''f:','f-vw-K, 4 -Q-.L E1..x.xoT - MAULSBY ov N539 .gif SQOQ- vneeouv- covme WILEYP VALENTINE. l i l 1 M ul 1 IO 9 3 BROADHEAD 6 50 3 8,7654 2 ul 1 53 Q 3 87 51+ QOUIZ13 8'?Q,Sll 876 If ull: O Z 2. if v s mom?" Q 5 87654 do 3 87654 R. C. J. ORCHESTRA THE major accomplishmeni of fhe Orchesira +his year was playing ai' +he Spring Concerf, in which all music groups look parf. The Orches- 'rra is composed of over six+y people and is under ihe guidance of Mr. C. J. Broadhead. I+ also played a+ assemblies and greaily added +o +he general enioymeni' of 'lhe whole siudenl body. To march in and oui of 'l'he assembly hall has been a greai delighi' io boih s1'uden+s and faculfy. The Orchesira again hopes 'For as large a mem- bership in fufure years as +hey had +his year in order +ha+ if may confinue +0 provide enioymenl fo +he school.. A CAPPELLA CHOIR Froni' row-Kaiherine Graves: Nancy Olsen: Vivian Johnson: Jane+ Coleman: Mr. Broadhead: Lucia Saberia: Nina Hun+: Dorolhye Curiissg Janef Howell. Second row-Elizabe+h Lippe: Susan ScoH: Laurene Lefellier: Una Boddie: Esfher Margolis: Dorolhy Mix: JeaneHe Green. Rear row--Mark Henderson: Alberi' Berkowifz: William Sleeper: Fred Simpson: Dan Boddie: Lorimer Johnson: Joe Munzen: William LiHle- iohn: John Cousins. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB UNDER +he direc+orship of Mr. Clarence J. Broadhead: lhe Girls' Glee Club concluded a 'l'erm of acfivilies wi+h parficipalion in +he Spring Chorus. Prior +o +his, 'Phe club sang for fhe Chrislmas program, and, by special reques'l', for oulside organizafions. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Fron+ row-Elizabe+h Libbey: Vivian Johnson: Edilh Small: Sally Hovey: Lora Green: Janel' Coleman: Emily Sfrong: Nina Hunl: LyneH'e Dahn. Second row-Nancy Olsen: Susan ScoH: Jane Schwilzer: Laurene Lefellier: Eslher Margolis: Doro'rhy Mix: JeaneHe Green: Dorolhye Cur+iss. Rear row-Kay Graves: Alice Hoblin: Una Boddie: Mr. Clarence Broadhead: Grace O'Shaughnessy: Theresa Mulbaney: Lucia Saberia. BOYS' GLEE CLUB small bu+ ac+ive uni'r is 'rhe Boys' Glee Club. Wi+h Hs chieflain, Mr. C. J. Broadhead, ii' has compleled a successful year +ha+ included par+icipa'rion in +he Chrisrmas Program and +he Spring Concert Many diFFicul+ arrangemen+s were a+'I'emp+ed for l'he firsl' +ime, and fhe resul+s were a pleasanl' surprise. BOYS' GLEE CLUB Fron+ row-Thaddeus Wilson: Mark Henderson: Ashron Tenney: Mr. Broadhead: Raleigh Peck: Roberl' Barr: James Gordon. Y A. Second row-Alberl' Berkowilz: Bill Sleeper: James Furlow: Joe Munzen: Dale Miller: John Piering: John Morrisson. Third row-John Cousins: Frank Miele: David Boddie: Jack Barlee: George McCloud: William LiH'leiohn. Rear row-Nick Bowen: William Tucker: Dan Boddie: Pa+ Panrano: Fred Simpson. lOll"'l 765 ull 1 4 2. 7 2. U21 795 ll 7-1 755 2. 7 5 llzl 75,5 8:2 ills B7 5 1?-1 76. in?-4 IO 9 3 M l io 9 '3 3 876 4 fd' 'B o 8 51+ 50 3 Q i io 9 3 87 54 ulla 60 3 8 1+ I 60 3 ul i be Q 5 8 ll l 50 3 8 4 50 If Q l 60 r eo" O a Sw l H...l IO 9 3 ld ull 5 1 1 7 2. I2 795 llll 765 2 Y 5 I2 74,5 lllll 3-7 ll?-l 87 5 HZ1 76 lllll no l C50 - E 7 9 9 3 4 8,76 aff" l3 8 51+ ai' 1 Q idl ' 9 3 87 51+ ull: 50 3 8 1+ l 50 3 8 4 llll 50 Q 3 8 4 501' I3 3 4 6 4 l O ' ff io' 0 a 51+ 9 3 8765 lv f ,,.. . 4 1 i l l ROCHELLEAN STAFF if gyegsf Ee, ..,.,..,..., gsgwww 'fum Marcia BurneH' Ediior-in-chief Planning and Designing Jack Murphy Ari Ediror Murray Berdicl: Managing Edifor Murray Mann Managing Ediior Ted Greenberg Business Manager Chairman of Finance Milron Chofiner Business Manager Coniracfs Peler Slraclx Business Manager Chairman of Adverfising Marguerife Gcffi Chairman of Phofography Ruih Friedman Chief Assisranf Ediior lndiadelle Dandridge Assisranr Edilor Rosemary Crampfon Assisranf Ediror Nafalie Florersheimer Assisranr Edii-or Marlha Booker Assisianf Ediror Maree Brennan Assisranf Edifor Eliza be-fh Anderson Assislanf Ediror Ellra Herz Assisfanf Ediror Marrin Heineberg Assisfanf Edifor Doris Ba r'rneH Assisra nf Ed ifor Rifa-Marie Chasserol' Assisrani Ediror Joe Oliva Assisranr Edifor Franklyn Dana Phofography Lorimer Johnson Phofography Alice Amidon Phofography Laura Hawley Finance ,-v-.n--.-..a---'-- . 4 .21 IOHMFI 75,5 O l ROCHELLEAN STAFF 3 Q9 Ediih Nichols t V ' Hill Finance ,K f H ,. M -"' , , ' F ' to Barbara Kefclwum 6 Q 4 ig' ,Q 9 Q 3 af if ea, 'iw Q 57 J Lynn Leavy F F A Finance ' " . lollll IZ Mary Tieboul r 9 l . 3 Finance 8 4 N 7Q, ' . - A ull l Louise Koizian A I. r A, -.:- IO A Finance , In .:' ' 8 3 Jeanne O'ReiIly 1 ' ' W QI.,-fm, nvv- 3 E ,,,A,, i IV,,. 2 Q V 5 7 5'4- , . U 1, -,Af ,,'. 1, ,. -. . .mf Finance . we v:,QQ:,,H. M '11 E ----- I ..:,:. 5 b V Eslelle LibreH 53 .I ,A" 3321.11 jf ? 5 .,v,, . Nil I Finance E .aauvll H b ,.,,.,. if '- ,... ,.., 5 l0 Doris Heyde iac ' F aii in 95 E Finance ,f Q H - " " J W' , '- V My ll i Renafa Wriglif .. .. .V , Q 3 Finance In A . E ' - f '-i"idf1 Kms .. ,zi Q . 1 Hume f fi' F mli Luna., sffein a,,A f " Z. no Finance . ..,,. In I? F A R b ns a 7 5 Hizinariacee 6 ull i lO 9 3 Barbara Randall f N 8 H- Finance ,, In K7 6 5 R +11 wiey F F F UFFMHJB "'i""i 1 iolliz l Barbara Hauer i i.. -"-i 'Zi zi' ifiiiii iui 9 0 3 Finance 7 '.v.,' ' 8 7 Barbara Garges , ' Finance H iz I ,..,+,:f" .13 ' -Ll' Reid Francis f 8? G 5 Finance J, H L Carol Moffeif 4 lbllll l Finance 1, 1 9 3 M f S 'd fe' 3 .,,. lf- 'H 876 R b 1' O'H n 'V r aa a W' i , Q, L? F we ,i..: a ,.,.,.,r 7 . 5 Wanda Hardwick E 'Z'v ' vH,:'f .,'. '19 5 i l . A Advedising .,-l- lt: ... . I h -:E : r --'-- 2 -.:- 4- V ZELQIV- I L ' W IH F . fri ar ' Y? 'F - FW ' I0 1 ogljlverzsing QV t v , vv 9 0 Ls- Donald Sharp N i g ,I 'F i S Q V H A' Q 5 Adveriising ,V , --V l I My . I- Donn Barber 'nr Li ' 'V lilll Adveriising f ' do 3 , , , , 7 6 5 no 9 ROCHELLEAN STAFF HSM' 9 3 57 94 5dH ig 876.4 ull IO l 50 3 4- 876 ul-Zi 50 3 87 54 K1 ll I 50 3 50 3 8 4 765 sU2i be 3 8? 54 IUZI 60 3 87 Nile 50 5 37 5 idnzl Q 0 87654 2. 45" '3 87654 ldUl1 9 3 4 Q 6 Allan ls acson ' - - Adverming IN appreclahon 'for 'their ready Louise Donahue Adverfising Ann Filzhe Adverfising Louis Wolff co-operafion and willing help, MY lhe slaff sincerely 'rhanlcs Mr. John- son of 'rhe Horan Engraving Co., Candid Pholographer Eldridge Maulsby - Candid Phofographer Messrs. Harry and Meyer Berlcowllz Philip Bergman - - ' Candid Phofographer of +he LiHle Prmf, Mr. N. W. Allis Leroy Hovey Candid Phmtographer of 'I'he Molloy Cover Co., and EII D ' Zzisfavg Educ, Messrs. S+e'Ffel and Lucas of 'lhe Elinor Gluck . Assisfanf Edi+0r Lucas-Prilchard P h 0+ o g r a p h y William Fox Aff S+udios. F1kCNJlffY'lkDNIHSEJ!Si Mr. George Mr. Vern Mr. Hollis H. Eckels A. Frisch E. Frazey wa, - sy A.. wr I sm'-1 75,5 lllll 10 7 S lowlnz 9 5 '75 2 .WI 8.4 H111 10 Mlm K1 .al 1 V95 H52-Q V65 2. 7 5 H21 795 ull' 87 lllzl 87 5 HZ, 'YQ 2. 765 ?f E. ix f 5 VJ, ZZ f J 2 f :f f A ff, ,Z f X N 5? x Z if-XX X42 F eo" mg 4- 5 4 + A . I -' L mel- E I5 4. ,ff 3 xjy if .A K,.. , ll V 'aff X qi 765 :V-. w I L In GJ Q 3 63? ' , 57 4 LH ,cw . 2 f 125 1 ily gf x V WE f w f f. if 1' P21 ff M 'Cf f 4 F e 504 X QWTQE7 Ax L N55 i NNY! i na A ,, ,.,, V f N 8 3 X 'ff 9'-Q- W - WWL Z4 Nj K 7 54 'fra W w, K3 fy A x 'J X wi '- if Q' X 'ull k H gg ' Q Eg V G ' iff ' :' 2 ' aim X 87 SU' a .55 x 1 f f ' dv '15 ss. 2 J J M ,gum me ' E? M f 9 2 9 3 , J A f, N .., lj S7654 H NJSEV if M f X f f Z9 mp, , A ' 4A, 1 ff Qw W" ia. AQ! 'O ' .yvfx L 7 Ji? I-gg X 9 3 X EEL f XX 1. 8? 4 Af , Xb! " l N 'W 65 V v.J,.', XSS? egxiqwjxxof w x fi A M If 98 o A 3 fxfcf W 5,3 ,B E EXW sy W1 7 54 G51 in 4,15 mul. f Ri - 1 I A w ':,3:'::f,, 'N ' 7 9 was V 5 Rv , X, in 2 a Q WWW 5 2 f W V JJ ' - nz pf ax ff A s. x Q zqbf X X 50' ' M f f 4 f A , fzvf ff 'fe if t. 5 gi!-Ellialf is C nh, W V52 A M2 1' ai g"::::1-' f'I52I- 1 ' VS ---a - X Jr 6 QU Q10 '!:.-:iff---513,45 1 4 f fa, ' E T Qsiiiiazdsf A' - x V , 2 'F S -'mff N ...ff if -1.4 -sr QV Q b 3 4 wif - Wm :I 411 , 9 .. mm N 8 4 xx X N ifggge X 74,5 . x X ull: .J 3 87 654 , G. O. PROM COMMITTEE MIDGE FROEHLICI-I led Ihe "bargain dance" Io a grand finale, May 2I, wi+h over one hundred couples presen'I. In order 'Io carry ou'I' 'Ihe bargain Iheme, admission was reduced I'o SI.49 a couple, and SI.74 sI'ag. G. O. DANCE COMMITTEE Fronf row-Mary Skinner: Rosalind Smifh: Marjorie Froehlichg Ru+h Wiley: Thomas Carroll. Rear row-Leroy Hovey: Edward PraH: Tompson Ken+: Robin Nowell: Jack Murphy: Warren Gregory: George GuesI': George RosenbIaH. JUNIOR PROM COMMITTEE COOL blue Iigh+s gave a deep sea a'I'mosphere Io "A Nigl-I+ Under Ihe Sea", or 'rhe Junior Prom, June 2I. Seaweed, crabs, and sea shells were scaI'Iered in prominenl' places. Hs success was due Io 'Ihe e'FIor+s of John Brewer, general chairman, Peggy Galling- er, Adeline Calvosa, SI'anIey Brod- head, and Don Friedmann. JUNIOR PROM COMMITTEE Fron+ row-Helen Vallado: SI'an- Iey Brodhead: Jeanne KuII: John Brewer: Peggy GaIIinger: Don Friedmann: Louise Donahue. Second row-Henry Euler: Bar- bara Garges: Reid Francis: Mary Skinner: SI'anIey Barnes. Rear row-Jack Higgons: James Riley: Mr. Nichols: Douglass ScoH': Jonafhan Mendes. SENIOR PROM COMMITTEE THE +wen+y-fif+h cen+ury, as seen Ihrough 'rhe eyes of Jaclc Murphy, chairman of decoralions, formed Ihe unique seH'ing for Ihe Senior Promenade of Ihe class of '37, held in +he Boys' Gymnasium, March I9. Under Ihe chairmanship of Barbara Randall, Ihe prom go+ off Io a rousing s+ar+, and ended all 'foo soon for 'Ihe Iwo hundred-Iiffy couples who were presenf. En+er+ainmen+ was provided by Mor- Iina Wilbur and Maureen Swayne, who sang, and Smi++y and Sonny, Iwo Harlem- Hes who could 'Iap Ihe lealher off any pair of shoes. Miss Coons was adviser for Ihe affair. The o'I'her commiHees included Tommy Ken'r and Bob Nowell who had charge of securing Ihe orchesirag Ruih Wiley and Jack Kidd in charge of enIer+ainmen+g and Rosalind SmiI'h and Dick Maulsby, in charge of publicily and poslers. Beams of whi+e lighi flashed across 'Ihe roclnei' ships, and o+her fanfasiic equip- menf, giving a realisI'ic afmosphere of Ihe fuiure as I'he rhy+hms of Fred Pisani's Orchesira wafled +oday's Iunes Io Ihe ears of 'Ihe Class of '37 and I'heir gues+s. SENIOR PROM Fronl row-Jaclc Kidd, Jaclc Murphy: Barbara Randall, Tommy Ken'rg Eddie Massolh. Rear row-Rosalind Smilhg Alice PraH': Miss Coonsg Jane Osborne, Laura Hawley. 'OII"'I 765 Q ull 1 1 '7 Z 2 I 12 1 795 II 7-I 74,5 2 T5 I2 74,5 HIL, 87 1 9:7 5 I ?-I 76 I IO 9 ' 3 CSOII' 125 876 4 IIl I 50 3 8 51+ Ill I C50 2 ai' I 9 3 87,54 Ill I 60 3 I 50 3 8 1+ Ill I If Q 3 8 ll Boll .3 3 1+ 50 3 6 If AII I 5 'Ag IOll 9 423 8 SLI iillt IO 9 3 ZSMSLI I I I I I L I 4 Il"'l IO 93 765 Hill I0 9 5' 57 91+ Wln lg Aj? vc' III7-I 7 sos 851+ Ill! 4 Ll- 376 ISIIIF HIZI 1 765 74,5 I2 55 5 7 sl ull 50 3 8 4 Soil' 13 8 4 u I bo Q 3 8 4 l 60 3 lgllul 'Y 5 H21 YQ5 wllll' 9 3 876 4 gpml 0 es s? 'dull Q 0 a7c54 .AM 9 3 87654 FORTY-FIVE MINUTES FROM BROADWAY Sing an Old Fashioned Song . . . .... Jacqueline Price Rhy'l'hm Saved lhe World ...,.... .... S wing Session Don"r Say a Word, Jusl Dance ....... ...... S enior Prom I'd Love I'o Takes Orders From You . . ..,. Traffic Squad Will Love Find a Way? ........... .... J ane Osborne I'm Misunderslood .,...... ....... ..,..,. F r ank Carly You're So Darn Charming ....,...,... ...........,,.. M idge Froehlich We're Dancing Togelher Again .....,... ...,. G eorge Morley, Alice Muller Am I Gonna Have Trouble Wilh You? .... .,,,,,....,........ D oc Spear Wil'hou+ a Word of Warning .,........ ...,..,...,....,,.. F ire Drill EveryIhing's Been Done Before . Honeslly ............. . . . In 'rhe Dark .....,....... Dusl'y Road ..,..,...... Every Minu'I'e ol +he Hour . . I'I's Time 'lo Say Goodnighl .... Someone lo Care For ...... I+'s Noi' a Secrel Any More ..... We're Heallhy Like Anylhing ,.....,. Thal' Never lo Be ForgoH'en Nigh+ .,.. I'm Gonna Clap My Hands ...,.. I Wish I Were Aladdin ..... Il"s a Lol' of Idle Gossip .... When My Dreams Come True . AI' Your Command ....,... Lazy Day ........ I Bring a Song Lel"s Try Again .... Where Am I? ........ Whal' ls There To Say . . . Music Makes Me ...... I'm l'he Echo ,,,... The Morning Afler . . . Accenl On Youlh . . . Why Dream? ., ,,.. Il"s Easy l'o Remember . Reslless .............,.,, Jusl' Born lo Be Lonesome .... He Ain'+ Gol Rhylhm ...... Don"I' Menlion Love To Me . . . . . .Excuse for losl I? ?l homework . . . . . . . . .S'Iuden+s' comeback . .,..,,...... RifleTeam ,............Track . . .......... Clock walch ers . .David Cable 8: Teddie Neiman ..................Floersheimer . . . . .Foolball Team ..........Gradua'Iion . . . , . . . . . . .Slalling in Assembly Bowman Dandridge's Garrolous Gargoyles .......A+gA-I-3 A4-:A-I-:A+ ...............MissCoons ..........Friday .......,.Orches'I'ra . . . .Repealing Subiecl' . . . . .Murray Berdick . . . . .Doris Dudley . . . .Margarel Granl . . . . .Calami or Bailey . . . . . . . .Yellow Slips . . . .Sophomores . . . . .7'Ih Period . . ........ Cheers .........Joyce Marlin . . . .Rosemary Cramplon ........Fred Wolff . . . .Barbara Randall Whal's 'Ihe Reason? ........ ....... G eomel'ry Blue Illusion ..................... . .... Reporl' Cards Song of Surrender .................... .."unprepared" You've Gol Me in lhe Palm of Your Hand Silver Wings .......................... Today I Am a Mann ............ .. .........Mr.EckeIs ....JeFF van Heusen ..........Murray I If! Aff au,,C' vs., ,V H 1 ,wi a. .ig 5, . 'C BS:- y ' Q ff , ,. W V O ' 1 'G -2 1 31' ' I , ., 57,5 . I' Q -, , 1,1 - KI' W' ' ii, 1 v y W x , Q . .. , lc!! , -if U ' ff' JPQA lf! 1 ::3fT -T1f" , Q ,rllfw .V .1 3 -4-f , .3 , F I E . i i 1 1 1 i I i Ai 1 Daniel P. O'Brien ILLIAM H. McKENNA, New Rochelle High SchooI's coach of foofball, baseball, and hockey, has produced eighieen champion- ship +eams in Ihese Ihree sporfs. Mr. McKenna came 'ro New Ro- chelle from Peddie School, eleven years ago. DANIEL P. O'BRIEN has coached basIce+baII and fraclc al New Ro- chelle High for six+een years. His feams have annexed numerous 'Ii'fIes and many of 'Ihe a+hIe+es he Irained have achieved fame and success in Ia+er life. BOYS' COACHES William H. McKenna Oliver C. Davis OLIVER C. DAVIS is primarily a commercial Ieacher in 'Ihe 'FacuI+y of +he local school sysI'em. Having coached all Ihree maior sporis a+ Toledo, Ohio, he was speedily en- Iis'I'ed +o assis+ Mr. McKenna in foofball. CLARENCE W. SAYLES is 'rhe in+ramuraI direcfor and assis'l'an'I' foofball men'l'or in New Rochelle High. Before coming 'ro Alberl' Leonard Jr. High, in l926, Mr. Sayles gradualed from Springfield College, and fhen coached fooi- ball and 'Irack a+ Hornell, N. Y. ITH AI Barillari, 'l'he siar pifcher, capfaining 'lhe nine and Frank Bundschuh man- aging if, +he I937 Baseball Team experienced a very suc- cessful season. Coached by Mr. McKenna, ihe feam played ll W.I.A.A. games, meering such rivals as Gorion, Whi'I'e Plains, and Mouni Vernon, among o'rhers. Besides 'rhe League games, fhey also mei and rriumphed over 'l'he Man- haH'an, Princefon, and Yale Freshmen. Alfhough no record baHing averages were made, BASEBALL fhese fufure Carl Hubbells and Lou Gehrigs were almosf pro- fessional in 'l'heir skill. BASEBALL TEAM Froni row-Paul Fifzsimmonsg Kennefh Powell: Joe Francella: Carl Knieschg AI Barillarig Franlc Bundschuh. Second row7Joe Oliva: John Tobin: Warren Early: James Thomas: Phil Williams, John Loughman. Rear row-William Mann: Clarence Gullong James Kelly: Billy Loockg Arfhur Uzzillia. 5 i l l r, l r l l HOCKEY LIPPERY ice and sliding pucks provided many +hrills for +he spec1'a+ors who wi'I'- nessed fhe New Rochelle High School Hockey Team in ac+ion. This year 'rhe +eam, capfained by Alden Wesiover, and coach- ed by Mr. McKenna, came ou+ second in 1'he W.l.A.A. cham- pionship race. They played Roosevell, Bellows, Greenwich, Miz Vernon, Pleasanfville, Dobbs Ferry and Mamaroneclc. All games were played ai' Playland. Alfhough ii was plan- ned 'I'o have some games on Huguenoi' Lake, 'ihe warm win- 'fer forced 'lhe cancellaiion of fhese. HOCKEY Fron+ row-Dan Pisanig Ed- ward Whi+eg Edwin Massoihg Charles Penchardg John Hig- gonsg Roberi' Reifenberger. Rear row--Frank Rilaccog Sianley Barnes, Pe'I'e Hiamang Alden Wesloverg David O'- Mearag Robin Nowell, Gerard Schuchierg George Guesfg Mr. McKenna. CROSS UNNING cross counlry is one of 1'he mosl' 'firing sporis fhere is, for il calls for siamina as well as speed, and, from 'rhe looks of +heir record, if can easily be said ihal' fhe New Rochelle High School Cross Coun'l'ry 'leam has had bo'l'h. ln +he couniy recrea+ion com- mission mee+, fhey won firs'r place: in lhe W.l.A.A. mee+, 'fhey won second place: and in a COUNTRY meel' al' Bard College, ihey won a 'l'rophy. CROSS COUNTRY Alex Raffiog Waller Doern- berg: Jerome Meyers, Roberi Jones, George Benz: Warren Abeleg Elmer Jones: James Don- ahue: James Ciccolini: Sfanley Nelson: John Morrison: Fred Schefflerg John Murphy, Roberi' Moniagueg Mr. O'Brien. FCCTBALL LUCKY, bul lacking +ha+ liH'le spark and +he breaks 'rha+ spell champions, l'he New Rochelle High foolball 'ream ended 'rhe season wi+h a record of five vic+ories, 'l'wo defeais, one lie, and in second place in 'lhe W.I.A.A. league. The leam, handicapped a+ +he oul- sel by injuries, s'I'ar'red slowly and suffered bolh i+s defeals al' home. In 'rhe season opener, Porl' Chesler, which finally sneaked off wi+h 'rhe W.l.A.A. flag, eked ou'r a 7-0 win over lhe weakened Carfymen. The slrong s W3 u i...,,..,4. .,.. um. - -f -H--yr! ' -' TEAM i936 Union Endicoff feam overpowered fhe Huguenofs in fhe nexf game, I8-0. In fhe W.I.A.A. opener, fhe griffy Purple clicked and beaf Roosevelf, I2-0, and followed wifh fwo more league wins, by 7-0 over Mamaroneclx, and 26-I3 over Gorfon. In a feafured game, New Rochelle defeafed fhe colorful and highly foufed Mexican Polyfechnic High School of Mexico Cify, and senf fhem galloping back over fhe Rio Grande wifh I2-0 shampooing. Handicapped by several felling fumbles, New Rochelle oufplayed Whife Plains, buf was held fo a 7-7 fie. Closing fhe season in a flash of glory, fhe McKennamen rose fo fop sfrengfh, and fool: Davis, fheir ancienf rival, 20-6. High poinfs of fhe year were fhe super ball-fofing of Bob Nowell and, of course, fhe fine line play of Capfain Frank Carfy. TRACK TEAM This year fhe N. R. H. S. irack 1'eam won ihe coun+y championship under fhe leadership of Jeff van Heusen as capfain and Mr. O'Brien as coach. They won every mee+ in which 'they pariicipaied. These included fhe meei' wi+h M+. Vernon and Gorfon, and fhe Wesfchesier Relays. Anofher meei' in which +hey 'look pari' was fhe Penn Relays, where +hey won ihe mile race. A+ fhe Couniy Meel, Warren Abele broke fhe counfy record by jumping I I' 7" in fhe pole vault TRACK Froni row-Lloyd Spies: Lesrer Dannenberg: George Raymond: Bob Elioi: Eldridge Maulsby: Dick Raymond: WaH'er Doernberg: Rob- eri' Jones: Elmer Jones: Bud Pe+ers: George Hauer: Louis Krall: Phil Reicherf. Second row-Sugar Dowling: Arihur Wischman: Jesse Borck: Leonard Hersch: Burke Meehan: John Murphy: Bruce Crisman: Rob- in Nowell: Jerome Meyers: Will Venable: Herberf Colfon: George Frick: George Waddill: Richard Faulhaber. Third row-Bill Tinnon: Dominick Bruzzese: Jesse Champion: Richard Maulsby: George Benz: Warren Abele: Donald O'Brien: Gordon Behrens: Henry Hampson: Jeffer- son van Heusen: Fred Scheffler: Bill Helboch: Sfanley Nelson: Henry Horion: James Donahue: James Ciccolini: Joe Morrison: Mr. O'- Brien. Rear row-Douglas Shamberg: Bill Laine: Arihur Snyder: Donn Barber: Alfred Cornelius: MiH'on Choiiner: William Fox: Roberi' Samek: Roberi Merringfon: Joe Schwarfz: John Haley: Hugh Mc- Cahill: James Furlough: Don Moye. BASKETBALL The New Rochelle High School's baskeiball quin+uple+s +ossed iheir way io near 'Fame 'I'his year when +hey won +he all ci+y championship. Of +he 'rwen- l'y-six games lhey played, +hey won I4, which won +hem lhird place in ihe counfy league. By a 'rwisl' of fa+e, 'rhe +eam always seemed +o upse+ +he 'favorifes buf unfor+una+ely losl' +o +he weaker ieams. Larry Kaplan did a fine iob of managing 'rhe ieam, and i+ is due par+ly +o his efforis ihai lhe 'ream 'fared so successfully. The caplain was AI Barillari, while Mr. O'Brien was +he coach. BASKETBALL Fronl' row-Lawrence Kaplan: Joe Francellag John Coviellag Philip Williams. Second row-John Tobin: John Collins: Al Barillarig Millon Cho+iner. Rear row-Carl Knieschg Ken- ne+h Powell. IOIVSIN 75,5 Ulll I0 9 3 57 si' wli ISE vc' III7-I GOI 3 87 54 50 3 4 576 Qiiiil N' is 1? 7'5 I1 II I 50 3 Hill 5 3 8 A 74,5 Null bo Q 3 SY SI Hmm 50 3 wllll' 9 3 876 I null 50 o Ag Q..- 5 87654 2. in' I do 3 Aqasu GIRLS' COACHES I Miss Erra n+ MISS SKINNER We hereby exfend our hear'I'i- esI' welcome +0 Miss Skinner, as I'his is her firsi' year a+ 'Ihe High School. She 'trained aI' Teacher's College a+ Columbia and formerly +aughI' a'I Isaac E. Young which posifion Miss Wheeler, formerly of Ihis s+aFF, is now filling. Her inI'eresIs are hockey and +ennis MISS ERRANT This year compIeI'es a decade for Miss Errani' in 'I'he Girls' Mrs. Kinsman Physical Educa+ion DeparI'menI'. She is responsible 'For I'he organ- izaiion of spor'I's, Ihe sysI'em of poin+s and IeH'ers, and I'he or- ganizaiion of Ihe G. A. A. MRS. KINSMAN Mrs. Kinsman is known as a golfer and an enihusiasi' of danc- ing and exercises. Upon coming here four years ago she sfarfed girI's golf. This year she has organized a Dancing Club in which girls Iearn Ihe various 'Iypes of dancing. G. A. ASSOCIATION Fronl row-Dorolhy Schene: Dorolhy Posl: Mary Donahue: Anne Paine: Jane Borough: Jean Mars- chalk: Jean Wallace: Mary Skinner: Marlha Peck: Rose Scoca: Mar- garel Smilh. Second row-Jean DeRosa: Peg- gy Harley: Arline Wollsie: Barbara Wellen: Carol Blumenlhal: Belsy Pollack: Helen Vallado: Joyce Marlin: Barbara Eckley: Belly Ruehl: Sally Hovey: Carol Brush: Edilh Small: Jean Currey: Yolanda Lancelol: Margarel Wolll. Third row-Miss Florence Erranl: Rulh Hamburger: Maree Brennan: Helen Miller: Joyce Wamsley: Marion Schumacher: Barbara Ran- dall: Louise Donahue: Eleanor Old- den: Marguerile Goll: Emily Slrong: Barbara Von Lenz. Fourlh row-Josa Marsh: Barb- ara Garges: Mildred Reiderer: Laurella Mollel: Julia Head: Mary Lou Vincenl: Calherine Blumen- lhal: Clara Fonda: Belly Alkinson: Wanda Hardwick: Gene Farnham: Marlha Willard: Mary Carly: Carol Renz: Yella Vidaver: Loraine Elder: Belly Irvine: Violel Gar- dner: Rulh Seillerl: Florence Mac- Cord: Doris Dickey: Dorolhy Eck- Iey: Mabel Zimmerman: June Davidson: Gladys Powell. Rear row-Dorolhy Palchen: Dorolhy Brenner: Louise Schwarlz- waller: Winilred Moran: Gene Slrack: Gerlrude Moldave: Edna MacDonald: Frances DeRosa: Bel- ly DeMilia: Una Boddie: Marion Pine: Indiabelle Rike: Jean Harris: Frances Kehlenbeck: Mariorie Tims: Eileen O'ConnelI. IOIIU-I 9 3 765 5 iclllll 9 - 2 7 s :Ulu Vo Igllll 7 HI?-1 50 3 8 54 50 3 4 876 dill: Q 5 37 54 1 ull 50 3 ull ef A 8v654 Z ul i 50 0 97 54 Hal 50 3 ISHS' 9 3' 876 4 gym: s Q., 53 idnz' 9 87654 IO 9 3 cijijjy 42 8765 GIRLS' BASKETBALL Firsf row-Wanda Hardwick: Dorofhy Morfenson: Elizabefh Buchanan: Marfha Willard: Violef Gard- ner: Dorofhy Brophy: Marguerife Kouba: Berneffa Wafers: Margaref Zeigler. Second row-Gloria Carlefon: Sally Hovey: Bar- bara Von Lenz: Emily Sfrong: Marfha Booker: Phyllis Turner: Marion Schumacher: Gene Farnham: Louise Donahue. Third row-Gloria Newman: Sherleen Denney: Rufh Hamburger: Rose Friedenburg: Barbara Eck- ley: Joyce Marfin: Valery Lawfen: lndiabelle Rike: Thelma Bilik: Yolando Lancelof. Fourfh row-Margaref Wolff: Joyce Wamsley: Helen Vallado: Margery Hoffman: Muriel Praefe: Edifh Nichols: Ann Libbey: Barbara Hauer: Mary Carfy. Rear row-Beffy DiMilia: Lena Blanco: Helen Serena: Cafherine Blumenfhal: Eleanor Oldden: Mil- dred Rebsamen: Barbara Randall: Esfelle Kravef: Frances De Rosa: Befsy Pollack. GIRLS' BASEBALL Fronf row-Wanda Hardwick: Barbara Von Lenz: Emily Sfrong: Marfha Willard: Violef Gardner: Marion Schumacher: Joyce Marfin: Berneffa 'Nafers: Helen Sfewarf. Second row-Sally Hovey: Gloria Carlfon: Ros Friedenberg: Marfha Booker: Phyllis Turner: Mare Brennan: Margaref Zeigler: DeVera Harris: Gen Farnham: Cafherine Mifchell. Third row-Barbara Wellen: Dorofhy Morfenson' Elizabefh Buchanan: Angelina DiGiovanni: Rufl' Hamburger: Barbara Eckley: lndiabelle Rike: Joseph- ine Valasfro: Mary Carfhy: Yolando Lancelof. Fourfh row--Margaref Wolff:i Helen Vallado' Marion Pine: Margery Hoffman: Muriel Praefe: Lena Palumba: Loreffa Hansen: Frances DeRosa: Beffy DeMilia. Rear row-Lena Blanco: Helen Serrano: Glori Newman: Mildred Rebsamen: Ann Libbey: Barbarj Randall: Pafsy Van Alsfyne: Barbara Hauer: Esfelld Kravef: Tokuko Harada. i I GIRLS' HOCKEY Fron+ row-Helen Serrana: Caiherine Blumenrhal: Eleanor Oldden: Barbara Randall: Barbara Hauer: sfelle Kraver: Bersy Pollack. Second row-Margarer Wolff: Lena Blanco: arion Pine: Margery Hoffman: Muriel Praeie: di+h Nichols: Sherleen Denny: Frances DeRosa: eHy DiMilia. Third row-Joyce Wamsley: Carol Blumenrhal: Rurh Hamburger: Barbara Eckley: Valerie Law'l'on: lndiabelle Rike: Mary Carry: Yolanda Lancelor. Four'I'h row--Sally Hovey: Virginia Peieau: Rose Friedenberg: Marrha Booker: Phyllis Turner: Maree Brennan: Margerei' Zeigler: Gene Farnham: Louise Donahue. Fif+h row-Wanda Hardwick: Barbara Von Lenz: Emily Sfrong: Mariha Willard: Violei Gardner: Marion Shumacher: Joyce Wamsley: BerneH'a Waiers: Helen S'I'ewari'. GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL Fron+ row-Wanda Hardwick: Elizabe+h Buchan- an: Mariha Willard: Violer Gardner: Dororhy Bro- phy: Margueriie Kouba: Evelyn Boe'Hner: Berne'H'a Warers: Margarei' Zeigler. Second row-Virginia Mirchell: Barbara Von Lenz: Emily Sfrong: Joyce Marrin: Mariha Booker: Phyllis Turner: Claire Boeriner: Marion Schumacher: Gene Farnham: Louise Donahue. Third row-Rurh Hamburger: Rose Friedenberg: Marion Pine: Barbara Eckley: Susan Barr: Valerie Lawion: lndiabelle Rike: Thelma Bilik: Yolando Lancelor. Four+h row-Margarer Wolff: Joyce Wamsley: Helen Vallado: Carol Blumenrhal: Muriel Praere: Edi+h Nichols: Anne Libbey: Barbara Hauer. Rear row-Lena Blanco: Helen Serrana: Angela DiGiovanni: Cafherine Blumenrhal: Eleanor Oldden: Muriel Rebsamen: Barbara Randall: Esrelle Kraver: Beisy Pollack. GIRLS' GOLF More fhan sevenfy-fwo girls signed up for insfrucfions, and com- pefed in fhe golf fournamenf fhis spring. Under fhe direcfion of Mrs. Doris Kinsman, six pracfices were held. lnsfrucfion in driving was given, including fhe proper grip, sfance and swing necessary for long and successful drives. The golf field day, held fhis year on June 2, affracfed many enfranfs. Driving was measured by colored flags placed af fixed infervals along fhe field. The fofal lengfh of fhree drives defermined fhe score. Clock golf on fhe deck fennis courfs was also played. Here several girls gof under par, 6, for fhree holes. Mary Carfy won fhe driving confesf, followed by Sally Hovey and Evelyn Boeffner. Puffing was won by Yolanda Lancelof and Emilia Pisani, each wifh a 5. Fronf row-Dorofhy Brophy, Julia Kaufman, Barbara Eckleyg Alice Dierg Jbhanna Percy: Cafherine Sidmang Yolanda Lancelof. Second row-Esfelle Kravef, Marguerife Koubag Dorofhy Boeffner, Marion Pine, Angela Carferg Beffy Flandreaug Mary Carfy. Third row-Virginia Mifchellg Helen Serranag Marie Frank, Barbara Randall: Virginia Peieaug Sally Hovey. Rear row-Evelyn Boeffner, Helen Byrnes, Eleanor Olddeng Louise Donahue, Valerie Lawfon. GIRLS' TENNIS Fronf row-Virginia Mifchell: Marguerief Koubag Dorofhy Boeff- ner: Marfha Willard: Violef Gard- ner, Maree Brennan. Second row-Evelyn Boeffnerq Cafherine Blumenfhalg Marion Pine: Carol Blumenfhalp Joyce Wams- leyg Helen Vallado: Mary Carfy. Rear row-Barbara Von Lenz, Emily Sfrongg Sherleen Denneyg Edifh Nichols, Susan Barr. ffM 5'3f.?i WWWWJJZS' fm' W .. ff? ng Qxqcxx Aw W 0 U ef 166 QMWV w-Jfffggvg fqfgwx gmw WZ 4..1,4Jw+l-bl' - jf . 914 Ng , M 922,233 ek ' .55 g Q35 Ni 'XQKSQKAQ S4352 9 P .kawfifii YP! :uf 4323? 35255353 S 59' 5 gf TZLFFQQ 5 QDQXQQQQ We - 'XJ V Ar x A ' in 3-2 ff Q 52 Rm my ffb 23 ff-iffgQ wwf,gfw,H QgiXflfQ36 Q,,,.5'Q Eigf :xi x.-is-.3 QQ, wil I rgggb ie WW ff? WW gs m'wB .FQ ,gg fig W fwwamx 'QS ' X133 W9 qs! LS 06 33 3 cm? A -'A ic 3692, Qnogjpgyfy 03 M4L?i'y12oLn12 g . Fix ina iw .rf ff., . mt, 335533 fgfliff 5? WF 2 N 1 ' iq .wg-iif igigsiiiiw W' 5 . me .M in 545 855 Oqjgggatgejgib N Mui W G fem 3 Ci? QV QE 24 ww WMM 0 g ' vgyaq ' ' 4:K I 100 D ,gr 731. .finwfw ' f n , N..- YA YWWA . ,.., ,.-. . . --.. , , . M..- . ., The Latest in Cameras-- zsuss comm ROLLIEFLEX GRAFLEX . KODAKS Eniargers, Exposure Mefers. and a Compieie Line of Movie Equipment Fine Grain Developing. 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Be sure you see ihe Ray-O-Vac Silver Sirearnl Complefe wifh 2 Ray-O-Vac S A+ all of fhe more Armored Top Unii Cells . progressive siores RAY-0-VAC COMPANY 60l W. 26'I'h S'rree+, New York Fac+ory: Madison, Wisconsin Phone New Rochelle 2430 A. Gozzi M A N N ' s E CX, 58l Main S+ree+ qi Wesfcl1esfer's Smarfesf and Largesf Selecfion QUALITY FLOWERS 0 UNEXCELLED SERVICE , 588 MAIN STREET COATS, suns, eowNs, DRESSES PFOCMS Theme B,dg, Wifhoui 'The suppori' of our adveriisers 'I'his "Rochellean" could noi' have been issued in i+s presenf form. We fhanlc fhem sincerely and urge you 'lo give fhem your pafronage. THE STAFF DIQESENTWG your 1937 RGC!-IPI I FAN OUR STAFF has produced a book wor+hy of commendaiion and we wish +o express 'io ihem our sincere lhanlcs and apprecia 'lion for 'rheir efforfs in making our iasks lighier. Especially do we wish 'ro fhank-Jack Murphy for his ceaseless and mighfy original work in arf-Murray Berdiclc 'For yeoman duly in every line, and Murray Mann for imporfanl assisfance when and where needed. When you too need BETTER PRINTING consult Engravers -:- PRINTERS -:- Stationers 236 HUGUENOT STREET NEW ROCHELLE 2353-6560 PRINTERS TO THE ROCHELLEAN X f ,

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