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.-1. i, If .k -1 i 'I ..'l. .QL F .L is-1 I ,, J- A... - 1,1 ku '54 J .-ABL' L5 .1 RN A 04 5 1, .1 gi ,fn ,, 41,-,1 .,., H 1- , -- '31 A .. . ,LL ' J Y' W S I ,Q ' L4 ,, 4,1 1-5, t 1 Lk- F " 1 A A-4 5- H leg.. ,., 2 3? MJ. V' 7 - f' : ' ,E 1 . 1' ' ' A 1' , ' f ' 1 . 'I I ' xl 1 v I 'L' ' f. If 1 . ,WS 4 i 1 . . 4 ' ' 1 .3 , A '1 ' 1 ' T Y .1 - .- , 1 , .11 3 if ,1 1 -' 1 - A1 kg.,-nv 9 ' r 7 IFN ., ' 4-pg-: ' Y' 1 Ai, "Iii" ' ., ,Q ' Q. ' ' -Q41 ' lxgffuu .. 1 , . 3! fl' 'I 1 I I l 1 W' X ' 1 ,: ,pr R 2-3 I , ZLu"4'7- 1 A . 1 1. Q .ky- 1 4 .4 K ' o 1 ,fp 'L 3 wr A 1 -:LL Nu -,.. 7 31... ' 1 ,iw-Lf '41 , 1 1, 1 T i' '. ' , ' m,rr1 A ,. T' i,1.':'-- 1 . .1 , . .- Af J .- 4g.QY'r. pp- jg 11-'v -1' ' .fzfw wmv 4'kQ . M , -' 1 1 41" "Y I.. .1 1945, - M.. LL...f,,..-A Ageing, 'hh4..AL,.. glie 1958 ite Published by THE SENIOR CLASS, NEW RIEGEL HIGH SCHOOL We, the New Riegel Senior Class of 1958, present this third edition ol the HI-LITE, our annual publication, to the community and alumni of New Riegel School, Lite 'cannot be re-lived, but it can be remembered, That is the purpose of our annual, to recall to many people the days spent in school, the days which are the happiest, busiest, and most rewarding ol anyones lile. We wish to express our appreciation and thanks to the advisors, Mr. William Heistand and Mrs. Grace Shire- mang faculty, advertisersg and anyone else who helped to make this yearbook possible. MR. BERNARD M. DURBIN Superintendent, Algebra B. S. in Ag. - Ohio State University M. A. H- Ohio State University Mr. Durbin has spent thirty-six of his thirty-eight years in the teaching profession in New Riegel Schools, as superin- tendent. The guidance he has given us, these many years, can not be measured in mere words. With this small token of appreciation, we the seniors of New Riegel High School, wish to thank him lor his services so willingly given. BOARD OF EDUCATION L. to R. - Albert Borer, Clerk, Ray- mond Theisg Raymond Mathiasg Wilf liam Brose, Vice Presidentg Harold Clause, Presidentg Ernest Hohmang Supi. Bernard Durbin. 'Q 'I MR. DAVID WETTA MRS. GRACE SI-IIREMAN MR. WILLIAM I-IEISTAND HOME ECONOMICS, LITERATURE, , SOCIAL STUDIES, COACHING- GIRLS, PHYSICAL EDUCATION COMMERCIAL DEPT. B. S. in Ed. ,Ohio University B, A., Heidelberg College I5. S. in Bus, Ed., Findlay College Ohio State University MR. H. E. NEWCOME PRINCIPAL, SCIENCE, DRIVER TRAINING B. S. in Ed., Ohio University M. A., Ohio University Bowling Green State University 1 -ww MRS. ALICE FRENCI-I MR. IOSEPI-I HOLDEN MISS ANN WITMORE ENGLISH LATIN AGRICULTURE Music DEPT, B. A. Brzreo College, Ky. M, A Qhig State University B. S. in Ag., Ohio Stote University B. Mus. Ed., Moiy Mcxnse College Indiono University Bowling Green State University TI-IE NEW RIEGEL STATE BANK New Riegel, Ohio Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Two Ili Cjlujf CO EDITORS Carolyn lioliinan , Q Cliarlotte Lonsway X First Flow KL to RJ Aririabrillo Kr-mime, Tlicrosci Claim Cfezolyii Holimar., Cliozlotff l.OT1t1'N"lY' Thomas Goslifx Socorwl Row - Donald Fonts, Non:-y Sglilachtfr, 1X'uxt::f lillay .flrpnfr Tlwris, liiiitti Laiiorg lorries Ccllf-I, Arlene Wllliariisg Monica l-lolinian, Alumni Marg 9' ii inc W'1?el, Tliirri Row llonalrl Fiorvr, Roy Holixiiaril low- CJ il: Ff'::.a'1.1 Promo, Carl ltff-lalfr, lain: Holimarz, Herman Lucius. ll. to Rl Theresa Cloiign, Bugs. Marg Carolyn Hohiiicirx, Co-Eriitozg lame.: Collet, Scog Charlotte Lonswoy, Co-Etiitoig Tlioiiios Gonhn, Sales Mar, Compliments ol BE!-YS SUPERETTE Beatrice Scliuetz, Prop. Phone 2672 McCutclienville, Oliia Tliree IEEE DOYLE CARRICK "Dude" Hit-Lite 4 Riegelette 4 Dramatics l, 3, 4 Honor Society 4 Varsity Club l, 2, 3, 4 Music Festival l, 2, 3, 4 IQ League 3 Class Orfficer l, 2, 3, 4 Boys' Slate 3 Forensics I Historian 4 Intelligent, all- around athlete, never a dull moment when he's Cl' round. THERESA ANN CLOUSE "Therese" Salutatorian 4 Bus. Mgr. I-Ii-Lite 4: Co-Editor Riegelette 4: Dramatics 3, 4 Honor Society 3, 4 Vofleyball I, 2, 3, 4 Music Festival I, 2, 3, 4 Music Clinic I, 2, 3, 4 I Q League 4 Class Officer I, 2, 3. 4 Forensics 3. 4 May Queen Attendant 4 Good - natured, auburn hair, the possessor Oi genuine musical talent. THOMAS CLARENCE GOSHE itTOm.f Treasurer I-Ii-Lite 4 Dramatics 3, 4 Honor Society 3, 4 Class Officer 4 Vice Pres. FFA 3, 4 Boys' State 3 Forensics 3 A responsible boy, who's made his place, and is never found just lilfing space. Four K if lie O etziors 0 IQ58 Compliments ot CLARKE BAR New Riegel, Ohio CHARLOTTE LOUISE LONSWAY "Chick" Co-Editor Hi-Lite 4 Riegelette 4 Dramatics 3, 4 Volleyball 2, 3, 4 Music Festival 4 Class Officer I, VZ, 3, 4 Cheerleader 3, 4 Will 4 May Queen Attendant 4 It it weren't lor my stu- dies I'd get along fine in school. CAROLYN ANNE HOI-IMAN "Carol" Valedictorian 4 Co-Editor Hi-Lite 4 Riegelette 4 Dramatics 3, 4 Honor Society 3, 4 Volleyball l, 2, 3. 4 Music Festival l, 2, 3, 4 I Q League 3, 4 Class Officer I, 2, 3, 4 Cheerleader I, 2, 3, 4 Music Clinic 4 May Queen 4 Witty, personality plus, unsurpassed in cheer- leading ability. IAMES IOI-IN COLLET .mms Secretary I-Ii-Lite 4 Riegelette 4 Dramatics 3, 4 Varsity Club I, 2, 3, 4 Athletics l, 2, 3, 4 Music Festival 2 Class Officer 4 Forensics 3 lust cf lively, mischie- vous lad, ond none near him can e'cr be sad. DONALD 1AcoB BORER MONICA CATHERINE -'Don-f Hoi-:MAN Hi-me 4 "Monica" Dramatics 3, 4 . Hi-Lite 4 Varsity Club I, - Athletics 1, 2 gfjjlffle Q FFA 3, 4 G CS Speech is great, but I will not let studies in- . . silence is greater. terfere with my educat- ion. FRANCIS MARION BR ANNABELLE MARY GSE KESSLER "Frank" "A INF I-Ii-Lite 4 nm B Riegelette 4 I-Ii-Lite 4 Dramatics 3, 4 Riegelette 4 Varsity Club l, 2, 3, 4 Dramatics 3, 4 Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4 Volleyball 3, 4 Music Festival 2 May Queen Attendant 4 Forensics l The wrong way always Quiet, good-natured, al- seems more reasonable. ways there to help a Iriend. IUDITH ANN LAUER llludy' CARL EMIL DECKLER Hreuie 4 "CCH" Riegelette 4 H- L, 4 Dramatics 3, 4 1' me - Volleyball 3, 4 Dmmcmcs 3' 4 Honor Society 3 Varsity Club 3, 4 Athletics 3, 4 Forensics 3 Q-Fi Igeeiqlae 2 Cheerleader 4 Music Festival 3, 4 Music Clinic 3, 4 Class Officer 2 Better a bad excuse Why bother to laugh than none at GH' when you can giggle? vessels CARLTON - IENOT Plumbing f- Heating - Spouting --- Duro - Shallow-Deep and Submergible Pumps - Duro Water Solteners and Filters -- American Standard-Briggs and Eljir Fixtures -A I-Iot Air, Hot Water Heating Systems H Gas and Electric Water Heaters f Sewers Cleaned Electrically. CQIQYI Pl'101'1e Five NANCY IRENE SCI-ILACI-ITER "Nance" I'Ii'Lite 4 Co'Editoi' Riegelette Draniatics 3, 4 Volleyball 3, 4 Music Festival 3, 4 Cheerleader 3, 4 Variety is the spice life. LOUIS RICHARD HOI-IMAN "Louie" Hi-Lite 4, Drartiaticzs 3, 4 Varsity Club l, 3, 4 Athletics l, 3, 4 FFA Reporter 3, 4 lie hazy fl trienfily way anrl ri smile for every- DUO. CATHERINE ANNE WETZEL "Cathy" I-Ii-Lite 4 ltiegelette 4 Drarnaticss 3, 4 Music Festival l, 2, 3, 4 Forensics 4 Music Clinic 4 Sheka gentle, ,3he's sweet, she makes the day complete 4 DONALD LEROY FOUTS "Sonny" I-li-Lite 4 Dramatics 3, 4 Varsity Club l, 2, 3, 4 Athletics l, Z, 3, 4 Music Festival Z, 4 Class Officer 3 Forensics 3 oi Better late than never, Q ANNA MARIE THEIS "Anna" Hi-Lite 4 Riegelette 4 Dramatics 3, 4 Goocl sport, thoughtful genuine, ci little on the quiet side, ROY RICHARD HOI-IMAN "Squeak" Hi-Lite 4 Riegelette 4 Dramatics 3, 4 Varsity Club I, '2, 3, 4 Athletics I, 2, 3, 4 Music Festival 4 FFA Pres. 3, 4 I I, No cares at all, no cause to worry, not even a bell can make him hurry. NEW RIEGEL ELEVATOR .AND MILL Ray Hohmcm, Prop. Phone 370 and 410 Six Grain, Seed, Co-al, Fertilizer, Custom Grinding and Farm Supplies ARLENE MARY WILLIAMS "Willie" Hi-Lite 4 Riegelette 4 Dramatics 3, 4 Volleyball 3, 4 Always out for fun and glee, the dark side of the cloud she fails to see. Qnoffo HERMAN .ALFRED LUCIUS "Hermia" Hi-Lite 4 Dramalics 3, 4 FFA 3, 4 Friendly, quiet, always ready to join in ihe lun, "Today decides tomorrow" GQXCISS gi01fl78',' Pink Carnation Gjglllfll' GPLLSS gyuss Qofors Charcoal Gray and Pink EUGENE HENDRICKS CS SON Buyers ol Hay, Straw, and Wool Vanlue Phone EV-7-6735 Carey Phones - 6-2061 LS 6-5341 Carey, Ohio Seven Waleiciory Tonight, we come to one of the greatest events in our lives. Until now, each of our lives has been care- fully watched and guided by those older and more experienced than we. We have drifted along, taking happiness and success as it came, with nothing to cause us really large troubles or cares. Life is more serious now, though, as we are about to go out into the world on our own. Although most of us do not remember the recent World Wars, we are told that they were the most deva- stating, destructive, and costly wars ever recorded in history. Following in its wake there was a great de- mand for builders to repair the damages. Today the world still desperately needs wise builders of every kind and description. "And what is a wise builder?" you may ask. Pos- sibly the question can best be answered by reference to the well-known story which pictures two builders, each of whom builds for himself a home. The first, or wise builder, constructed his house upon a very carefully selected and solid foundation. The second, or foolish builder, constructed his house upon the sand. He used no foundation or footings. When the winds, the rains, and the storms came, the first house was not affected by them. lt stood the most severe tests. Subjected to the same elements, the house constructed by the foolish builder was destroyed. lt lacked the strength and sta- bility to withstand the storms. The account does not say, but very likely, the house that did not endure was just as stately, just as beautiful and spacious, and just as comfortable as the first one. From the surface it would have been difficult to have recognized any difference in the two. However, the foolish builder had overlooked the first essential for any building, large or small. He had failed to provide o good foundation - a solid base for the super-structure. The wise man took additional time and expended extra money, effort, and thought in order to provide a sturdy base upon which to build his house. No doubt he experienced many discouragements and disappoint- ments. Often he was tempted to save time and money by altering or "sliding around" the foundation specifi- cations. By doing this he could finish more quickly the building itself. Probably he argued with himself that spending so much time on the foundation was foolish- ness because no one would ever know whether or not it was as it should be. Fortunately, persistence and common sense won out, and the house was built on a solid foundation. It is reasonable to believe that the foolish builder had approximately the same ambitions and desires, the same ideals and hopes for his home as did the man we have just observed. Surely he 'wanted his structure to stand, a thing of beauty and permanency. Let us as- sume that when he started, his intentions were of the best. The temptations along the way were great. He was not willing to pay the price to insure that his build- ing would endure. He fooled himself into believing that it didn't matter anyway. He took short cuts and unwisely eliminated essentials. His building looked nice when it was finished, but it was only a shell. When the storms came that house fell. Generally speaking, every individual is a builder. True, we are not all builders of houses or skyscrapers or bridges, but we are none the less builders. Con- sciously or unconsciously we are each a contributor to the building of a peaceful world. Hand in hand we build communities, cities, states, and our nation. Through our homes, our churches, and our schools we are building character. The endurance and thoroughness of these things will be determined to a great extent by the foundation we lay. We must look to the future and try to vision the ultimate costs of shoddy workmanship and be guided accordingly. We must realize that just as surely as it is essential that world peace be best for democracies, that character be built on the bed rocks of freedom, brotherly love, and the golden rule. If the specifications for our building call for generous use of these foundation stones, and if we adhere to those specifications, we can feel certain that we are wise builders, and that our building will endure. Tonight, is the laying of the foundation for our houseg an event not to be forgotten and laid away among our most cherished memories. Carolyn I-lohman BOLES-DANDURAND STUDIO Portrait and Illustrative Photography - School Photographs Photographs for New Riegel Annual Telephone 2439 1232 South Washington Street Tiffin, Ohio Eight O Qfajufafory We wish to extend to you a most hearty welcome to these exercises. To us, the members of this gradu- ating class of 1958, this is a big occasion. Your presence and apparent interest in us is a great encouragement and inspiration to us. Some of the members of this class will have the opportunity ot attending colleges and some will not. But whatever we do, we know that these exercises will be only the beginning of our educational careers. The word 'education' means to draw out or lead forth which constitutes a continuous process. Education does not have to do with the mind only, as most people think. It has been said that an educated person is one who has continued to learn and whose soul, body and mind are trained and developed. Therefore, acquiring knowledge is only one phase of education. The individual with mental capacities so trained that he is master of himself and knows where and how to acquire knowledge is better educated than the person with a large mental store of facts. World developments of recent months have almost completely rearranged the motives that prompt the in- dividual to go to school. Today we do not complete a required course ot study merely because the fulfillment of these requirements will insure against our ever hav- ing to roll up our sleeves, pitch in and earn our liveli- hood by the sweat of our brows. Education helps us to find and fit more happily into our environment and place ot life. The public school system, as it is in America - open to everyone - has done more than anything else to help us get away from the 'white collar' idea of education. The outstanding objectives of education are service, democracy, and sociableness. To sacrifice and to labor in order to train one's powers tor the purpose of better serving humanity is a worthwhile ambition. to allow the desire for financial gain, to overshadow the motive of service in any given task is a direct violation of the highest ideals of education. It has been said that some individuals desire an education in order that they may gain in lite, while the true student seeks an education in order that he may better serve. Our teachers have tried to instill within us the lat- ter ideal of better service. Modern life today is one of cooperation. We no longer live in our small community without the assistance of the outside world. Today every section of our nation is dependent on many others for furnishing the necessities and luxuries of life. If the en- tire transportation system for the United States should be forced out of service for a period of only one week we would realize that we are not as independent as one thinks. Of course, each of us has his ambitions and dreams of accomplishment. It is only human that we want to rise to the peaks of success, both financially and other- wise, and to accomplish many worthwhile things dur- ing the span of our lives. But, I believe, the first thought and desire for each of us is to help and serve our fellowmen. We have learned through practical experience, dur- ing our school days, that by working and cooperating together we not only get along better, but we are more satisfied and it is easier to keep away from the 'Big I and little You' idea. On the basis of what I have said, please don't brand us as an extremely egotistical and idealistic set of dreamers. We realize that on the path to success we shall be confronted with many problems and import- ant decisions, but we truly feel that we are prepared to meet these problems and emergencies. Perhaps some of our plans will not materialize, but we shall not be easily shaken from our course or from the attainment ot our goals, whatever they may be. Theresa Clause Compliments Oi RAWLEIGH DEALER "Protect What You Have" Insure with SCHWABLE HARDWARE George W. Logsdon KINN 6, THEOBALD COMPANY R. R. 1 Alma Ohio INSURANCE AGENCY ' Insurance and Real Estate Tittin, Ohio Phone Alvada 702 109 E. Center St. Fostoria, Ohio Nine glass ggsfory by IERE CARRICK The morning of Monday, September 7, 1954, started off as an ordinary day for most people but for seventeen boys and thirteen girls it was rather extraordinary as they entered the doors of New Riegel High School. For this was the day that we ventured into a strange new world of learning and adventure. We broke ground and started to undertake a very serious and important project. The blueprints were al- ready laid out for us by our parents and teachers. This plan provided us with four years of education which was to be the foundation of our life. During the first week we elected Carolyn Hohman foreman, to oversee the construction of our first year of education. We were finally acceptedinto the Education Build- ers' Union. on October 3, after a rugged initiation, so aptly carried through by our predecessors, the Sopho- rnores. We were proud to hear that Carolyn Hohman was elected cheerleader, a position she held for four years. Iere Carrick and Iames Iones took part in the one- act play contest, which later entered into district compe- tition. During the first year, Theresa Clause, Carl Deckler, and Carolyn Hohman represented us in the District Scholarship tests at Heidelberg College. This year New Riegel was the runner-up in the Seneca County Baseball Tournament and was eligible to compete in the District play at Clyde. Members from gur class on the team were: Iere Carrick and Donald outs. .After nine months of hard work we were allowed three months of summer vacation. When we came back, the following September, we were a little more accustomed to the routine ot high school life with one year of experience under our belts. This year we were promoted to Sophomores. Charlotte Lonsway was our choice to oversee our work the second year. We noticed that Donald Frankart, Patricia Hoeph, Harold Reinhart, Carolyn Seibenaller, Donald Smith, failed to report for work so we continued on, regretting the loss of their help and company. After the semester vacation, we noticed that two more: James Jones and Viola Lucius were missing. This we also regretted. As Sophomores we were given the privilege ot initiating the freshman class. This festive occasion took place on Oct. 6. Two new teachers: Miss Denny and Mrs. French, and one new student, Edgar Coleman, were among the victims. This year Carl Deckler and Carolyn Hohman rep- resented us for the District Scholarship tests. The time rolled around for vacation again, So we put down our books and set oft for three months of relaxation. We came back that fall with a new title "Iun1ors." During this year Rita Lauterbur and Ronald Elchert fail- ed to report for work, reducing our number to twenty. This year Clarolyn Hohman was our choice to over- see our work. On September 24, we took another great step towards graduation, we selected our class rings. Soon after we met again, and with the co-operation of the entire class we selected our: class moto, Today Decides Tomorrowg our class colors, pink and charcoal grayg and our class flower, the pink carnation. In October we welcomed a new student, Annabelle Kessler, increasing our number to twenty-one. On October 18, the Iuniors traveled to Attica for Career Day. We were proud to hear that Carolyn Hohman was promoted to varsity cheerleader and Nancy Schlachter and Charlotte Lonsway were elected reserve cheerleaders. Iere Carrick and Thomas Goshe were selected to attend Buckeye Boys' State, at Camp Perry. Roy Hohman and Carl Deckler were conservation essay winners and received a trip to the open mining areas at Cadiz, Ohio. ludy Lauer, Francis Brose, Thomas Goshe, and Iames Collet took part in the county one-act play contest named "Tobaccy Road with Detours." Francis Brose and Carolyn Hohman represented us in the District Scholarship tests. Following an old tradition, we treated the Seniors to an elaborate feast deviating somewhat with an ac- companying dance. This occurred on April 27. The theme was "Fantasy Land." This year a new scholastic interest was introduced. lt was the l, O. League sponsored by the radio station W. F. O. B, of which lere Carrick, Carolyn Hohrnan, and Theresa Clouse were members. As we began our last year of construction, We were given the title "Seniors" We gave Iere Carrick the task of leading us through our last and most important year. For this was the year we were going to put the finishing touches to our foundation. On September 30, the seniors took a step toward graduation by having their pictures taken. Theresa Clouse and Nancy Schlachter were elected co-editors of the Ftiegelette. Carolyn Hohman and Charlotte Lonsway were chosen co-editors of the Hi- Lite. On Ianuary 10, eight seniors traveled to Tiffin to compete in the Scholarship tests. They were Charlotte Lonsway, lere Carrick, Carolyn Hohman, Theresa Clause, Donald Fouts, Carl Deckler, Thomas Goshe, and Francis Brose. New Riegel was winner of the Seneca County Base- ball Tournament and was eligible to compete in the District to be held in April. Members from our class on the team were: Iere Carrick, Roy Hohman, Carl Deckler, Louis Hohman. On February 8, Theresa Clouse and Thomas Goshc competed in the National Machinery Citizenship Contest. The members from our class participating in the following are: County and District Music Clinic, Iudy Lauer 3, 4, Theresa Clouse l, Z, 3, 45 G-irl's Trio, Catherine Wetzel, Theresa Clause, Carolyn Hohrnan 45 Stale, Theresa Clouse l, 4. On the l3th of April the third annual Senior Recog- nition Night was held by the P. T. A. We were awarded trophies for our accomplishments. On April 30, the following were initiated into the National Honor Society: Theresa Clouse, Carolyn Hoh- man and Thomas Goshe. May Z5 was the date when our class proudly pre- sented its Senior Class Play. The play a "howl hurricane comedy" titled "The Atomic Blonde." On May 10, the Iuniors honored us with the annual Iunior-Senior Banquet. After our final exams, we came back on the night of May 29 to get a small piece of paper at a ceremony known as Commencement. This small piece of paper, we received represents twelve years of concentrated study, friendship, and grievances. So, as we leave the doors of New Riegel High School with our heads held high we will follow our class motto: "Today Decides Tom- morrow. We wish to thank all the teachers for their part in helping us attain our goal, and we extend our wishes to the future classes of New Riegel High School. COmD1ime1'1tS Of IEFFREYS IEWELERS SAYGER CAMERA STUD10 80 S. Washington St. Tiffin, Ohio Nationally Advertised KITCHEN 'S HOUSE OF MUSIC lllf it's music-we have it" Tiffin, Ohio Diamonds, Watches, ci Silverware 318-22 S. Main St. Fostoria, Ohio Ten Qlass will by CHARLOTTE LONSWAY .After the ceremonies are over, May 29th, the New Fliegel High School Senior Class of 1958, will be a matter of history. It will no longer exist, except as it lives in memories. Therefore, we want to take advantage of this last opportunity to dispose of the great wealth and innumerable possessions we have accumulated over the past four years. So being oi sound mind and memory we do hereby make, publish, and declare this document to be our last will and testament. These things are your legacy, so we want to be sure that they get into the right hands, accordingly, we leave them as specified herewith: To Mr. Durbin, our superintendent, we leave next year to look forward to, by not having to put up with US GUY IHOTS. To Mr. Newcome, our principal, we leave all broken stage properties, and the right to leave his fingernails grow until next year's senior play. To Mr. Wetta, the boys leave all worn out basket- ball suits and the girls leave him peace in the third and fourth period study halls. To Mrs. Shireman, we leave all the knowledge she tried to get into our thick skulls. To Mr. Heistond, we leave all the typing erasers we were not allowed to use and all the paper we used starting over because of errors. To Mr. Holden, the boys in Vo. Ag. class leave their books on Parliamentary Procedure. To Mrs. French, We we should have read. leave all the library books that To Miss Witmore, we leave all torn music sheets, broken music stands, and all the I and II music ratings received in the county and district music clinics. To Mr. Michener, the senior boys in geography class, leave all their girls' phone numbers and their worn out gym shoes. To the senior class had in getting the 1958 To the junior class can iind of value after of '59 we leave all the luck we Hi-Lite ready for press. of '59, we leave anything they everyone else has received his legacy. To the sophomore class of the year 1959 we leave the right to use the undivided attention we gave all the teachers during class and may they use it to their best benefit as we all have. A We wish to leave to the coming freshman class the fun we have known for the past iour years. Louis Hohman leaves his famous profile to Donald Steinhauser, his ability to drive to school on time to Bernard Wonderly. Annabelle Kessler leaves her ability to always say the wrong thing at all times to Phyllis Taylor, her title of gym captain to Agnes Goshe. Iudith Lauer wills her devoted love for expensive convertibles to Eileen Durbin, her ability to giggle at all times to Susann Rumschlag. Carl Deckler wills his ability to sleep through class without being caught to Michael Tiellg his ability to try and talk his way out of a tight spot to Floyd Reinhart. Francis Brose leaves his height to Ioanne Wank, his poetic and romantic abilities to Daniel Osborn. Donald Borer leaves his long list of practical jokes to Harold Logsdon and Gerald Kessler. Charlotte Lonsway leaves her hatred of some men to Kathryn l-lark, her knack for laughing at the wrong time to Ianet Wagner. Carolyn Hohman leaves her "out of town" day dreaming to Donna Nye, her cheerleading ability to Marilyn Zender. Donald Fouts leaves his inability to keep up in class and the subject of conversation without asking "what?" to Iacob Reinhart. Catherine Wetzel leaves her interest in college boys to lanice Lauerg her Sunday driving to Rosella Frank. V Iames Collet wills his 26 volume set of books on "How to be a Back Seat Driver" to Iame Theis. Anna Theis leaves her quiet charm to Annetta Huss and Nancy Kuhlrnan. Theresa Clouse wills her singing talents to Ianice Scherger, her place as co-editor of the "Riegelette" to Donald Rogier. Herman Lucius wills his long list of feminine ad- mirers to Donald Gerschutz. Arlene Williams wills her diamond to Ralph Theis to use as he sees lit. Thomas Goshe leaves his knowledge of soil con- servation to Theresa Theis and Stanley Huss. Iere Carrick leaves his title of high point man in basketball in Seneca County to Gerald Mathiasg his baseball record to Cletus Reinhart. Monica Hohman leaves her government notes to any future senior who wants them for future reference. Roy Hohman leaves his farming ability to Leonard Brandt and Michael Theis. Nancy Schlochter leaves her ability to go steady to Dorothy Borer, May each of you use your legacy to the best ad- vantage. We do hereby appoint Mr. Durbin, our faculty advisor, to be our sole executor without bond. Done on this twentieth day of March nineteen hundred fifty-eight. Signed MR. EDWARD C. MICHENER MRS. EMMA LAFONTAINE TIFFIN MACHINE HILE DUCK FARM Compliments Of ' CS AUTO PARTS A535 GENERAL SUPPLY 20 E. Market st. Tiffin, ohio SyhieBpeEfkSlQCii2Q2 Tlllln' Ohio Phone 3525-26 R' Righone Ventus E?f?7rgIl,2l2Ohio Eleven grep Chop Suey, Chow Mein, Hong Kong, Mah long, Sing High, Sing Low, Ringling Brothers. - I've had a circus learning to speak in the tongue of the Orient these last few days. And now I wish to say "Goong Hay!" "Goong Hay" is "congratulations!" - Congratulations to the Seniors of New Riegel High School. The particular reason I wish to say "Goong Hay" to the Seniors is that I was com- placently smoking my opium pipe the other night when I had some WONDERFUL dreams about the future of our Honorable ONES - you just wouldn't believe some of the things I dreamed up. I saw Arlene Williams dressed all in white, - look- ing just as though she were a bride! But you know here in the Orient, white is a symbol of mourning - and Arlene was crying enough tears to flood the Yangtze! It seemed that her husband had passed away. I didn't quite catch his name - but I think it begins with an And the insurance man, Sing Flat Brose was there to pay her 5,000 yen. - Personally, I thought it was rather heartless of him, when she was so recently bereaved, to show he had a yen for her. And Arlene looked at that 5,000 YEN and burst into tears again. "Oh," she wailed, "I'd give ONE THOUSAND of these yen back to have my husband back again. In my pipe-dream I saw judith Lauer and her hus- band. They were holding their age well - but their grandchildren called them "Gong Goong" and "Paw Paw" in the fashion of the Orient. They own the Comfort Garden Cafe. While I was there a man came in - he looked like Mr. Newcome, and said, "Give me a 55,00 dinner." And Paw Paw asked, "Do you want it on white or rye? - Yes, they have done WELL." Through the white smoke from my pipe, I saw before me a reporter. Yes, it was Nancy Schlacter. Because of her intense interest in everybody's business and the ability to penetrate where she was not wanted, she appeared to be getting a hot story. - lt seems Mr. Durbin had struck oil in his back yard where he was digging his private swimming pool. As the fog of smoke lifted, my eyes came upon lim Co'let, a right lazy looking fellow. He seemed deeply interested in athletics. He could not be a manager of a ball team, like his former teacher, Mr. Wetta, who had really done well with his team - the Wettaton Road Pioneers, nor could he be a boxer, as his venerable classmate, Roy Hohman, had become. Roy has recently won the title - "Crooked Snoozle Hohman." These oc- cupations required too much moving about. So lim de- cided to keep a racing stableg and he has a race track built up the side of the house. His stable of racing snails is brought out every afternoong and while he lies back in a hammock, his faithful snails crawl on and up to victory. It seems Mr. Heistand has a pre-fabricated house he's just put up. He wrote to the Carl Dieckler Company, who sold it to him, and complained about it. None other than Carl himself came out to look it over. Carl took fwcy by IOANNE WANK ONE look and said, "Well, heavens, Mr. Heistand, it's SIMPLE! - You've put it up UPSIDE DOWN!" "OOOOH!" sighed Mr. Heistand, "- So THAT'S the reason I keep falling oft the porch!" While in my unorganized dream, I visited the circus and about collapsed when I saw the ringmistress, An- nabelle Kessler. She showed me around and while so, told me that she had finally reached her greatest aim. She had finally topped Barnum and Bailey, but said she could have never accomplished it without her two live- liest acts - Mrs. Shireman's pet parakeet doing the Chinese wig-walk and Mrs. French's talking dog. Yes, they are really great. Through the smoke I could see Monica Hohman and Anna Theis running a little grocery store they called "Everlasting Happiness Shop." I went in -- and all I saw was RICE! RICE on thhe COUNTERS. RICE UNDER the counters. RICE on the SHELVES. RICE in the STORE ROOM. I said, "Girls, - you've got enough RICE here to build another WALL FOR CHINA! You certainly must sell a LOT of rice!" "Well, no," they said, "not so much. But do you remember Thomas Goshe? He's working for Louis Hohman's Wholesale Grocery, and BROTHER! can HE sell rice !!l!" I saw Catherine Wetzel, Carolyn Hohman, and Theresa Clouse making their debut as the "Warbling Birds" singing on the Great Wall. Like Humpty Dumpty, they take fall. - Now they warble no more. Mr. Holden has recently announced his new develop- ment. On his 500 acre farm, he has grown there a Chinese Money Tree. It is guaranteed to grow 10,000 yen a year. I-Ie is hoping to plant more when the weather is just right. As the smoke began to circle, I find Donald Fouts to be a salesman, too, I asked him what he sold, and he said "SOAP!" I asked, 'ils it good soap?" Donald answered: "Is it GOOD? Why THIS is the soap they use to clean other soaps with when they get dirty!" It seems that Mr. Michener no longer believes Co- lumbus' theory of a round world. When he bumped into the Great Wall four different places, he changed the theory to ot square world. .As the smoke trailed through the library, Iere Carrick was sitting at one of the tables. He took the book of wise sayings and looked up the word "courting" His particular problem was how long girls should be courted. Confucius say: "Same way as SHORT girls." I find Miss Witmore to be a dance instructor for the Arthur Murray Dance Studio. I asked her how many kinds of dances there are, and she said: "lust two kinds, Formal dances - and the ones where you wear your OWN CLOTHES!" My opium pipe was getting smoked out, but I did have one last dream. Donald Borer owns a large paddy - rice field - to you. He's a BIG operator. Has LOTS of hired help and EXCELLENT fields. Lots of birds come in the field though, and they eat the riceg but, of course that cuts into his profits so he has to do something about it. I looked out in one of his flooded fields, and there knee-deep in mud stood a motionless figure. I thought it was a scarecrow to frighten the birds away. I said: "Don, that scatrecrow's no good, It doesn't move at all. You ought to tie something on it that would flutter in the breeze and scare the birds away." "Scare- crow!" scoffed Don. l'Why, THAT'S not a scarecrow - THAT'S MY HIRED MAN - Herman Lucius at work!" I must go now. I see our new self-appointed dictator, Charlotte Lonsway, coming down the street in her gold rickshaw. I'd better get out of the wayg you know these woman dictators. ARTHUR BEAN'S MUSIC Pianos, Organs, Band Instruments 147 East Perry Street Tiffin, Ohio Phone 1434 Twelve THE ALVADA ELEVATOR Coal - Feed - Fence - Paint 13110116 15 Alvada, Ohio g411lO1'S x X Q l E " NVAL 1 . ,- f xz' i L? Q 3+ l E X - - f -Mx Q Q ,.:.,t. ,gi W . . :..E- ,t t f 5. gr. '-5:':.-1355215 Wg. : .Q - :Q-1. -:::- XA, 4, ,Q i :gi -, ., 4 N .344 ' ci. ' ,:- 652 Q x +P Q X 5 XS xg N N Y X X XXX if 52 4 R N .X Q X Q 5 X x Q s X 5' E .,. B 13,955 y Y Q, - rs: 'Q 'ii ff fv if q V w -ft.: A W. R . is .... . -bEZS:i'i::::WW Y W X K X X pgs A f -15.-QI, NNT-no o E:I.',.E25.'E:r'-'-.4 'U ' X E? 1 x N ' E so K 9 1 ' 1' . r v-1 i ,,,A - . -7 . P' ,pr I , 3 X . ., ' I-gps ,. sw, ,.:-Swv'-rf-P if V I :mf ' ff -- gli! 2295 'ink Xl? 5 if 1 if W, Q? W, itll my ' , shi 2 . Starting at top ll.. to Rl Leonard Brandt, Rose-lla Frank, Donald Gerxchiztz, Agnes Goshe, Kathryn l-lark, Annetta Huss, Robert Lolontaine, IaiiiCe Lauer, Harold Loggi-gon, GCFfIl'l Mathias, Donna Nye, Daniel Ofs- born, Cletus Reinhart, Floyd Roinhart, lacolo Reinhcrz, Donald Rogifr, lanice Scherger, Donofd Steinhauzor, Phyllis Taylor, lanies The-is, Michael Theis, Ralph Theis, Theresa Thois, Michael Tiell, lanet Wagner, loanne Wank, Bernard Wonderly. T Y P I N G THEIS SHEET METAL COMPANY Ray Theis, Mgr. Phone 350 New Riegel, Ohio Thirteen Z'MWlCjCVC!f1SS1'1'l01'fL SOPHOMORES Row l, CL, to Rl Anna Lou Scherger, Marilyn Zender, Du- ane Williams, Nancy l-lohrnan, Ieannette Goshe, Ronald Wag- ner, Susann Rurnschlag, Mary Rose Theis. Row 2, CL. to Rl Michael Hoff- bauer, Edward Tiell, Nancy Kuhlrnan, Eileen Durbin, Dor- othy Borer, Carl Lonsway, Peter Schalk. Row3, KL, to R.J Pa'ricia Rogier, Maurice Reinhart, David Cooper, Stanley Huss, Gerald Kessler, Leo Lucius Kathleen Welborn. Absenti Dwain Elchert. FRESHMEN Row l, tl... to Rl Frederick Logsdon, Shirley Elder, Iohn Mathias, Erma Frank, Herman Wonderly, Mary Bouillon, Shir- ley Scherger, Oleta Lucius, Eileen Borer, Donald Reinhart, Eileen Reinhart, Thomas Wil- liams, Mary Ann Clause. Row 2, KL, to Rl Martha Rein- hart, .Angelo DeLuca, Elaine Scherger, Ann Schalk, Carol Fonts, Mary lane Raitz, Ioyce Gillig, Richard Nye, Robert Smith, Alice Scherqer, Mar- lene Bumb, Audrey Kirin, Bet- ty Lou Hohman, Michael Thiry. Row 3, KL. to RJ Irene Wank, Andrew Brose, Geraldine Kin, lohn Reinhart, Shirley Stein- hauser, Vernice Elchert, Dan- iel Lafontaine, Merle Hohmon, Gilbert Shultz, Anthony Lucius, Paul Reinhart, Sharon Slein- hctuser, Donna Gillia, Bernar- dine Gillig. Absent: Raymond Goshe. Fourteen EGSTORIA NEW CAR SEISLOVE BURIAL VAULT SERVICE cmd Manufacturers of Concrete Asphalt Lined Burial Vaults and Septic Tanks TRUCK DEALERS ASSOC' Ralph P. Seislove Melrnore Road CU S 2247 Fostoria, Ohio Tiffin, Ohio Phone 3116 BUS DRIVERS CL. to RJ Supt. B. M. Dur- bin, Arthur Reinbolt, l-I. Ed- t word Newcome, Albert Wetzel, Milton Siebenoller, r Linus Bricknerl Florian Lcx- fontoine, Ecirl Mathias. ASST. BUS DRIVERS Thomas Kramer cmd Poul Clouse. CUSTODIAN Linus Brickner COOKS CAFETERIA HELP . I Q L., 'A . Q . .'w - . Miss Mildred Wucbbe, Mrs, Emmet Loi- A fomaineg Assistant' Mrsl Gladys Lawn- CL. to RJ Louis Hohmon, Ferdinand Hohmcxn, Donald tcxine. Borer, ,Agnes Goshe, Donald Rogier, ZENDER HARDWARE Electric Pumps and Plumbing Supplies Phone 7U New Riegel, Ohio Fifteen W fl 'fjvxzzhors at 'url SOCIAL PROBLEMS Mr. Wetta is discussing with the sen- iors some ot the problems ot our Amer- ican democracy. AMERICAN LITERATURE Mrs. Shirernan is explaining ia diagram to the seniors as a part ot their work in literature class. The class also stud- ies American drama and short stories, TYPING- II The typists are striving tor speed and accuracy. STUDY HALI. This is a typical study hall at New Riegel High School. FLECHTNER BROTHERS Y TQWN TAVERN ROBERT D. HALE IEWELER PACKING coMPANY INC. New Kegel Ohio ' Carey, Ohio TCTSW Bmfld M9005 Lowell and Martha Welbom Fostoria, Ohio Beer and Wine Keepsake Diamonds Sixteen Q? , cf I ai 1 enmrs ul -N rr' ! D SHORTHAND II The Shorthand II class, consisting of all the senior girls, is striving to increase their dictation speed. VOCATIONAI. AGRICULTURE ln Vocational Agriculture they learn how to build, repair, and maintain farm machinery. DRIVER TRAINING Mr. Newcome, the teacher, ex- plains the instrument panel to his ten senior student drivers. OFFICE ASSISTANTS The office assistants aid Mr. Dur- bin in checking money, answer- ing the telephone, and running errands. Best Wishes PAUL L. WILLIAMS Good Furniture CAREY C0-QPERATIVE Floor Covering GOQCI Bedding Foon LocKERs INC. 213 Ei south sr Fostoria, ohio BERNARQTSQENITURE Phone 6-2801 Carey, Ohio Phone 4584 Carey, Ohio Seventeen CjQivge!eHe CO-EDITORS Theresa Clouse Nancy Schlachter Seated ll., to Rl Co-editors Nancy Schlachter and Theresa Clouse, Standing CL, to RJ Annabelle Kessler, Iere Carrick, Catherine Wetzel, Carolyn l-lohrnan. Monica Hohman, Francis Brose, Anna Theis, Charlotte Lonsway, Iarries Collet, Iudith Lanier, Roy Hohrnan, Arlene Williams. Best Wishes lor Your Continued Success l SHUMWAY FLORAL COMPANY HUUKS HARDWARE AND FURNITURE Opposite Ritz Theater 1 ' H Carey, Ohio Phone G-4951 Phone 53 Tllllfl, Ol'11O ll. rliteen gg3aLy QLzajJsZlofs QM' , A .. ,N . II-LRE l il N ROY ' FRANK X al- "::1 ' r l fg., 'N .S :I'1- ' ' ' " N lyolllrz l I fi ., . fi xi' , . lx Y v 'V' Q N S 'Sf N Xw 5. , X z A sv A . HM CANL ' 5 , ANNIE ' l 'CHARLOTTED New Q CAT?-IYl I ,.,. TOM Amll-:NE 'N I-IERMAN D ,,., W i a, ll il .- l --1'-'- .. . " N M l ll .,A:. 3 I- . l ff n l ll l f- ' Q 'qzqrl .LL , f CARCJL 2 IUDY l NANCY THERESA MQNICAQ ELMER ULMAN RALPH WEINANDY EDWARD WUEBBE Lime 5 Stone Hauling R F. D. 1 Corey, Ohio STORM AND FIRE INSURANCE com She-lling Dealer of DeKalb-llybflcl Seed New Riegel, Ohio Phone 122 Alvcxdcr, Ohio Corn ond Chix Nineteen . , I , QYZILSIC ORCHESTRA llow l, Iuclilh Lauer, Irene Wanlz, Ieanetle Goshe, Ianice Schergcr, Theresa Clause, Row 2, Eileen Re-inhart, Elaine Scherger, Shirley Scherger, loann Q Wank. Pow 3, lore Carrick, Miss Wilmare, Iameg Theis, Michael Theis TRIO Catherine Welzel Theresa Clouse MIXED CHORUS Row l KL. to Rl Robert Lafontaine, Catherine Wetzel, Marilyn Zencler, Iudith Lauer, Donna Nye, Mary lane Raitz, Nancy Schlachter, An- nabelle Kessler, Arlene Williams, Eileen Reinharr, Iacob Reinhart. Row Z KL to Rl Donald Gerschutz, lanice Lauef, leannette Goshe, Eileen Durbin, Ger- aldirrg Kin, Kathleen Welborn, Carolyn Hoh- man, Tlieresa Clouse, Charlotte Lonsway, Ianice Scherger, Irene Wank, Cfelus Rein- hart. Row 3 CL. to RJ Michael Theis, Merle Hoh- rnan, Floyd Reinhart, Donald Sreinhauser, Iere Carrick, Iaines Theis, Roy Hohrnan, Don- ald Rogier. Carolyn Hohman VINCENT C. Tl-lElS BRISTOLL FUNERAL HOME' BGST WiShS-S C I d B .ide S 1. Phone 6--2761 Carey, Ohio SACCQ FERTILIZER OG Cm U1 I upples Harry C. Bristoll Harold E. Ulrnan New Riegel, Ohio y C. Robert Stombaugh New Riegel, Ohio Twenty girls Cglzysicaf Cgalucafion Row l KL. to Rl Anna Lou Scherger, Charlotte Lonsway, Carolyn Hohman, Theresa Clause, .Annabelle Kessler, Ar- lene Williams, Shirley Scherger, Ianet Wagiier, Agnes Goshe, Annetta Huss, Rosella Frank, Theresa Theis, Mrs, Shireman. Row 2 QL. to Rl Patricia Rogier Monica Hohman, Iuclith Lauer, Nancy Schlachter, Catherine Wetzel, Anna Theis, glsen Durbin, Shirley Elder, Kathryn l-lark, Marthha Fteinhart, Eileen Reinhart, Ianice Scherger, Donna Nye, Ioyce 1 ig. Row 3 CL. to Rl Mary Theis, Nancy Hohrnan, Marilyn Zender, Ieannette Goshe, Nancy Kuhlman, Susann Ptumschlag, Audrey Kirin, Oleta Lucius, Eileen Borer, Martha Bouillon, Ianice Lauer, Erma Frank, Shirley Steinhauser. Row 4 CL. to Rh Kathleen Welborn, Dorothy Borer, Mary Ann Cfouse, Carol Fouts, Alice Scherger, Betty Lou Hoh- man, Elaine Scherger, Geraldine Kin, Mary lane Baitz. Row 51 CL. to' RJ Irene Wank, Bernctrdine Gillig, Ioanne Wank, Donna Gillig, Sharon Steinhauser, Marlene Bumb, Ann Schalk. ln gym class this year, the girls were divid- ed into two groups. The picture at the left consists of seniors and sophomores, the one on the right of juniors and fresh- men, This spring the girls will be representing New Biegel High School at the volleyball tournament at the Tiffin, YMCA. CAPTAINS 7 First Row KL, to RJ Theresa Clouse, Mrs. Shireman, Anna- belle Kessler. Second Row, Charlotte Lonsway, Carolyn I-lohman, ALBERT WETZEL BOB and CAL'S BOSS 61 EABIQS Phone 1401 New Riegel, Ohio AUTQ SERVICE MARATHQN Auto, Farm, Accident, Kelly Tires and Crown Batteries Lube-Oil Change Motor Tune-Up Tire, and Home Insurance ZOU South Vance Street 235 E. Findlay St. Phone 6-8291 Motorists Mutual Insurance Co. Carey, Ohio Carey, Ohio Twenty-one IIZRE CAHHICIQ PITCHER i CARL DECKLEH siscowiii Msn Cq7YHDiiI1i'7kTTiL3 of SENECA CGUNTY IMPLEMENTS DEALERS' Association Twentyftwo MSE' ZUM7 CHAMPS i C ' W O E A T C T H A 1 LOUIS HOHMAAN mom' FIELD D A LANNING MOTOR SALES 5 Erd-i'.'fer'.vi:",' Sides cmd Services ipiione 6,-7221 Corey, Ohio Tiff i ROY HOHMAN crzmma riuin Smith'S . ig.. , VLA, ' gpwwpi QMAP ri cmd Fostoria, Ghio . r K5 Qfeneca giounfy ijJaseLuN 8110111115 7957 Row l CL. to RJ Donald Gerschutz, Roy l-lohman, Leonard Brandt, Michael, Tiell, Donald Reinhart. Row 2 CL. to Rl Louis l-lohman, Gerald Mathias, Carl Deckler, Gilbert Shultz, Mr. Wetta, Coach, Row 3 CL. to RD Michael Thiry, lere Carrick, lames Theis, Robert Lalontaine. Inserted - Cletus Reinhart, BASEBALL TROPHY 1957 f t it it .ft , D. 6 4 The baseball team had a very successful season. They won their first Seneca County League Championship in five years, Four sen- iors played their last county tournament. The team played the following schools during the season: Old Fort, Bleomville, and lackson-Libr ertyg during the tournament they defeated ' ff ' Hopewell-Loudon, Old Fort, and Bloomville to Supt. B. M, Durbin, Iere Carrickg Mr. Wetta, Coach. be declared the Champs. CAREY RECREATION GAMBLE STORE COmtO1imGHtS Of BOWLlNG ALLEYS lohn Mullholand THE ADVERTISERTTRIBUNE Seneca County s Home Daily Don Yingling, Prop. Carey, Ohio Phone 6-2791 Tillin, Ohio Twenty-three to Lborfs VARSITY CLUB Row l CL, to R.l lohn Mathias, Donald Reinhart, Harold Logsdon, Robert Smith, Robert Latontaine, Michael Thiry, Herman Wonderly, Frederick Logsdon. Row 2, Richard Nye, Andrew Brose, Donald Gerschutz, Roy l-lohrnan, Leonard Brandt, Carl Lonsway, Michael Tiell, Mr. Wetta. Row 3, Peter Schalk, Donald Fouts, Louis l-lohman, Merle Holzman, Gerald Mathias, Stan- ley Russ, Carl Deckler, Michael Theis. Row fi, Gerald Kessler, lanies Collet, Daniel Latontaine, Donald Steinhaueer, lere Carf rick, Francis Brofse, laines Theis. Absent: Cletus Reinhart. R 5 'Q NWS I Compliments ot BRADENBURG l Compliments ol CALS MARKET, BARBER INSURANCE AGENCY iCAREY lMl3LEMENT STORE SHOP cS FURNITURE STORE General lnsurance l23-5 South Vance Street Carey, Ohio Tittin, Ohio Carey, Ohio Twenty-tour VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Mr. Wetta, coach, Michael Tiell, Cletus Reinhart, Gerald Mathias, lames Col- let, Francis Brose, Donald Steinhauser, Iere Carrick, lames Theis, Donald Fouts, Roy I-lohman. Managers, M14 :hael Theis, Harold Logsdon. ports RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM Row l CL. to Rl Robert Smith, Stanley Huss, Gerald Kessler, Daniel Lafontaine, Merle Hoh- man, Andrew Brose, Peter Schalk. Row 2 CL. to RJ Carl Lonsway, Manager, Fred- erick Logsdon, Donald Reinhart, Michael Thiry, Richard Nye, Herman Wonderly, lohn Mathias, Mr. Wetta, Coach. Absent: Raymond Goshe, VARSITY CHEERLEADERS RESERVE CHEERLEADERS Carolyn l-lohman, Charlotte Lonsway, Iudith Lauer, Eileen Durbin, Nancy Schlachter, Marilyn Zender. Annetta Huss, Geraldine Kin. MUSIC CENTER aoRDoN LUMBER co, compliments of Everything Musical Repairing-InstructiomAccessories New CS used musical instruments 15 South Washington Street NYE'S STQRE Pianoselvlusic-Record Players Pl'1OI'1G Alvgdgl Fostoria, Ohio Twenty-five Sandra Metzger, Rebecca Elchert, Virginia Mathias, Judy Lafontaine. f5 I 1 fjzmzor 665111 BASKETBALL TEAM Row l CL. to RJ Iohn Schalk, lohn Wetzel, Eugene Lutes, Albert Huss, Louis Mathias. Row 2 CL. to Rl Mr. Wetta, Wayne Gerschutz, Herschel Watts, Kenneth Hohman, Robert Clouse, lames Shultz. CHEERLEADERS SAFETY PATROL How l CL. to Rl Paul Hemminger, Bernard llumschlag, Robert Clouse, Herschel Watts, Louis Mathias, lohn Raitt, 'Wayne Gerschutz, Gerald Wagner. Row 2 CL. to RJ lohn Zoeller, Iohn Theis, Iohn Schalk, Edward Frank, Gerald Kelbley, Arthur Schreiner, Clarence William 1, Robert Lules, Kenneth Hohman, Icmes Shultz. Row 3 KL. to RJ Virgil Lucius, ,Alvin Reinhart, Iohn Trauscft, lohn Wetzel, Ralph Lucius, Harold Williams, Albert Husrr, Eugene Lutes. Compliments ot Farm Drainage Compliments of D. M. REINHART , HOLLAND FURNACE CO. Rv R4 1 New Hegel' chic DELL S Tiffin, Ohio Phone Alvada 903 Fostoria, Ohio Twenty-six fgtll 91'flJe First Row CL. to Rl Gerald Wagner, Susan Maciejewski, Rosemary Harlc, ludy Lalontaine, Vir- ginia Mathias, Carol Marks, Mary Alice Clouse, lane Steinhauser, Sister Mary Carissima. Second Row KL. to RJ Lallonna Burnb, Arthur Schreiner, Albert Huss, Clarence Williams, Su- san Kuhlman, Gerald Kelbley, Harold Williams, Rosanna Tiell. Thira Row tL. to RJ Anita Elchert, Mary Lou Shultz, Eugene Lutes, Iohn Trausch, Ralph Lucius, Alvin Reinhart, Mary Iane Popenberg, Mary Rose l-lotfbauer, Rita Rogier. H11 CQBGJL' First Row fl.. to Rl Iohn Zoeller, Paul Hernminger, lornes Shultz, Wayne Gerschutz, Martha Bouillon, Bernard Rumschlag, Sandra Metzger, Erina lean Theis, Dalene Elchert, Rose Anne Tiell, Sister Mary Estherine. Second Row QL, to Rl Karen Williams, lohn Raitz, Louis Mathias, Margaret Lauterbur, Ken' neth Hohrnan, Iohn Theis, Herschel Watts, Robert Clouse, Rosemary Lucius. Third Row CL. to RJ Rebecca Elchert, Carol Sue Schalk, lohn Schalk, lean Ann LaEountaine, Virgil Lucius, lohn Wetzel, Ioanne Huss, Edward Frank, Robert Lutes, Eileen Scherger. GASE and BURNS AGENCY EDISON CUT RATE DRUGS Complimenw Of Insurance and Real Estate . , . NEUHAUSER HA-I-CHERI S 237 W. Center St. Fostoria, Ohio Phone HE 5-2lU9 Bring Us Your Prescription Carey, Ohio Phone 52441 Eostorias Busiest Drug Store E Twenty-seven Twenty-eight 6ll1 QQUHNJIL' First Row CL. to RJ Patricia Gillig, Elizabeth Lafontaine, Kenneth Scherger, Ianice Fox, Marie Lutes, Carol Wank, Sharon Clause, Larry Burkett, Richard Wagner, Louise Tiell. Second Row KL, to RJ Eldon Koby, Richard Theis, Kenneth Goshe, Howard Elchert, loyce El- chert, lanet Clouse, Madonna Popenberg, Bonnie Miller, larnes Hoffbauer, Silverius Reinhart, Arthur Scheraer, Richard Clouse, Larry Etzkorn, Mrs, Kelbley. Third Row KL. to RJ ludith Lucius, lorries Steinhauser, Phyllis Watts, Gerald Mathias, William Kelbley, Kathleen Osborn, Theresa Kelbley, Leonard Lucius, Edward Lafontaine, Linda Fouts, Mary lane Schreiner, Diane Borer, Ianice Steinhauser. Absent: Mary Hohnian, lane Taylor, Thomas Wonderly. aff: Claiff - v , , fo First Row CL. to Rl ludy Mathias, Robert Tiell, lohn Popenberg, Bonnie Arend, Richard Elchert, Donald Kin, Harold Welter, Robert Clause lames Metzger lane Elchert Dale Hohrnari Ro ld Theis, Nancy Nye. I L I I i UG Second Row CL, to RJ Barbara Reinhart, lanice Tiell, Marjorie Clouse, Ruth Mathias, lane Clouse, Michael Clause, Helen Lucius, Rebecca Kelbley, Charlene Raitz, larnes Tiell, Frederick Schalk, David Mathias, Ronald Kelbley, Sister Mary Robert. Third Row KL. to RJ Leona Lafwontaine, Marvin I-lohrnan, Michael Marks, Carl Schalk, Iarnes Kelbley, Stephen Lauer, Henry Elchert, Deborah Huss, Linda LaF'ountoine, Carol Koby, Michael Tiell, Edward Borer. , , LEHS FL OVERlNG THE FOSTORIA LUMBEH HEYMAN s C GSR CD arpets - ugs - raperies AND SUPPLY PUFUITUYS 111 N' WCfSl'11UQtOf1 St' Window Shades - Venetian Blinds Lumber and Millwork Ce ami Floor at Wall Tile . ' ' T C Bullderfs Hurdwgrewpmms Appliances 179 S, Washington St. Phone 2668 104 Mcdlson St Phone HE-57727 Fostoria, Ohio Tiffin, Ohio . . . l Tiffin, Ohio 41111 CQVUKL' First Row CL. to R.J Mrs, Frances Witimari, Gaylord Williams, Lallonna Wagner, Catherine Huss, Iudith Hohman, Bernedcr Burnb, lulia Ward, Robert Theis, Donald Lucius, Susan Clause, Robert Welborn, Ruth Fredritz, Karen LaFountaine, Theresa Wonderly, Marie Lucius, Violet Lonsway, Anthony Wonderly. Second Row, Eileen Lucius, loan Gerschutz, Paul Schreiner, Larry Fetzer, Delmo Arend, Wil- fred Kirin, Donald Kuhlrnan, Frederick Elchert, lack Etzkorn, Mark Popenberg, Lawrence Schalk, Ronald Burkett, Doris Hohman, Mary Rose Deckler, Harold Lucius, lanice Coleman. Third Row, Donald Wangler, Leonard Coleman, lames Osborn, Lawrence Theis, lames Ward, luditli Gase, Gerald Huss, lean Trausch, Mary Catherine Kiciier, Ralph Reinhart, Richard Boes, William Haierd, Glen Schlachter, lamos Kin. ,-in! gfjrutlv First Row CL. to RJ Miss Wetzel, Bernard Wagner, Larry Hohman, Ronald Tiell, Ierome I-lohman, git? Mathias, Mary Elchert,lear1 Welly, Thomas Clause, lohn Schalk, Robert Reinhart, Glen tz orn. Second Row, Sharon Huss, Virginia Elchert, Carol Clause, Linda Williams, loseph Theis, Thomas Arend, Daniel Alt, Mary lane Scherger, Dennis Fetzer, Mildred Lauterbur, Regina Moehling. Third Row, Luke Theis, Darlene Nye, Beverly Coleman, Wilfred Tiell, Kathleen Haferd, Virginia Arbogast, Kenneth Tiell, Barbara Kelbley, Marilyn Fox, Donald Tiell, Gerald Gillig, Elaine La- fontaine, Iohn Ward. Absent: Glen Elchert. HARRY'S DRUG STORE Cl-IAPMANS AREND-CORTHELL ri ' 'n F In Business For Your Health 3 Fostolecgseiicdl g A SeneCGUgiIjiEpi1?E1ygeSt t oomplete Home Furnishing Store Carey Ohio Ph. 6-5391 l Fostoria' Qhio Tiffin' Ohio Twenty nine lsf Cghazirf First Row KL. to RJ Kathleen Bouillon, Virginia Lonsway, lolin Metzger, Thomas Gerschutz, Mich- ael Nye, Leonard Schreiner, Darl Theis, lose-ph Ward, Donald Welly, Eugene Schergcr, Mildred l-lohrnari, Alice Arboaast, Sister Mary Norma, Second Row CL, to R.J Henry Waaner, Angela Huss, Gerald Bunib, David Csborn, Richard Ul- iiian, Gerald Kelbley, Gerard LaFountaine, lairies Zender, Mark Theis, William Elchert, Rose Gnepper, Elizabeth Elchert, Darlene Clause. Third Row CL. to Rl Patricia Tiell, Nancy Raitz, Stephen Swing, Loren Steinhausor, Leonard Theis, Iohn Faber, Iarries Gase, Marion Mathias, Sharon Gase, Larry Elchert, Sharon Schreiner, Mary Tiell, Linda Steinhauser. Absent: Phyllis Lucius. QMJ M1510 First ROW CL. to RJ Kenneth Theis, Barbara Elchert, Ronald Clause, Mack Gerschutz, Rita Hoh- man, Kathleen Koby, Andrew Reinhart, Pauline Arbogast, Robert Brickner, Daryle Reinhart, Charles Reinbolt, Edward Clouse, Louise Thiry, Sister Mary Carmel. Second Row KL. to R.l Ieanette Kinn, Paul Schalk, Charles Popenberg, David Elchert, Dennis Scherger, David Bain, Ronald Tiell, Daniel Rurnschlag, David Zoeller, Carol Elchert, Darlene Gillia, ludy Fouts, Thomas Schalk, Linda Fetzer, Donna Lauterbur, Herman Lucius. Third Row CL. to Rl Lois Lalontaine, Leonard Nye, loyce Raitz, Kenneth Clouse, Lynette Hoh- man, Patricia Huss, Michael Kelbley, Mary Ann Lucius, Martha Coleman, Susan Fredritz, Dorothy Bouillon, Gary I-laierd, Gerald Borer, Barbara Faber, Mark Lucius, Rose Ann Theis, Robert Rogier. Absent: Anthony Faeth. ' i HOLMANS GARAGE FRUTH HARDWARE HAEPLING PRINTING co, t Ge,,e,C,,V Amo RC,,,,,,,,,,, 50 YEARS ,N FOSTORIA 25 Court Street Delco Battegiii1gmnG?Da?iyear 'llres 218-220,222 SI Main r - - 'Phone 3548 425 S. Popular St HE 5-7777 phone 285 Tlffm' Ohlol Fostoria, Ohio Fostoria, Ohio Thirty m'fL'I'.9 'S -ODPXVUJU if nn? Row l KL. to Rl Karen Weinandy, Ronalrl Bonillon, Mary loan Weinantiy, Suzanne Weinancty, Dennis Nye, Paul Kaullman, Sharon Kinn, Carolyn Hark, Roy Reinhatt, Kenneth Gillirq, Stephen Roinliart, Wil- liam Reinhart, Douglass Hoiriliart, Virginia Bngrior. Row 2, Sister Mary Maurice, Mary lane l..oq:ac'lon, Kenneth Wagner, Patricia Hcfinhart, Sheila Warnocke, Miriam Warrteclce, Susan Reirwhart, Marv Iain Srfiitti. Goralft Warnofilce, lC1YYtfi:' Loafffion, Sufran Yost, Rosetta Ftcizwn-nrt, Cynthia Rf:-inhart, Karen Koejsfer, lchn Winner Robert Rrinhart. William Franl-cart, Mary Fteiriliart, Sister Mary Agielzna. Row 3, Sharon Nye, Shirley Nye, Lawreristz Weinanay, Litrria Logeaon. Ret coca Ruttiertoriy Patil Durn- wald, Mary Ann Frankart, latte Reinharz, Kathleen Gtflig, l-lxsetnarie Fteiniiari Carolyn Reirtlaart, Ioseplw Wagner, William Weinandy, Linda Frankart Daniel K'i3lil7l51T1 Raw 4, Raymond Reinliart, Michael Hark, Helen Wagnf.-r, Shirley Reirtttart, lahn Reirzrzart, Goorzie Rein- hast, Mary Cooper, Dale Reinhart, Urban Reinizarf, AYTW7 l'V"l'l'7Gf7 RC-'Wlllli M059 Rim TV'1l1f4Cl1, D010 Eentz, Marilyn Smith, Richarvl Reinhart Absent Raymond Balcies anti Ronald Bakicwz. I. Q. LEAGUE Seated CL. to Rl Eileen Durbin, Theresa Clause, Carolyn l-lohman, Agnes Goshe. Standing CL. to Rl Frederick Logsdon, Stanley I-luss, Daniel Latontaine, lames Theis. F. F. A. Seated CL. to RJ Lonif: Hohrnan, Reporter, Michael Tioll, Tr-oasuzf-' Carl Dffklfr, S'c:e'3r','. Roy Hfphman, President, Thani.: Gcshe Viet- President lafob Rmnhart, Sentinel. Nr Holfiert Advisor Staniirzii AL to Hi lam. Reinhart, Fifzlpth Theis, Donald Borer, Dztanq- lv,v'llllf7t".', Merle t-lotirrrzr., lohn Mathias, Ftchant I-lyc, Donald Hrinhart, Gera"l Kessler, Herman Wonterlv, Peter S'-hallz, Robert Smith, llrtward Tiell. Absent' Raymond Gonltrg Thomas Williamgu, Maurine Rein- hatl, l"lUIlIlOP Lnuiiiri, l?r'iriarfi Wonftz,-rly FLECHTNER LIVESTOCK Cwrfitvlimerits of WARNS HARDWARE INC. C, Q SLQTTERBECK Dail y Livestock Market Soliio Difstribtiter , , . .r US Route 23 and US Route 224 Phone 72325 BUSCOIH' 01110 Fostoria oil-10 ifmt-,rata om time HE 5--2312 Thirtyeone : coco: coco: :coco-oooooooooo oooeoooooeooooqooq pqeoooooooo IP I I II I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II I I I CAREY LIVESTOCK Buyers of C111 kinds of livestock Telephone 6-2911 Arlis I. Orions Corey, Ohio I I I I I I I I I I I I II I II II II II II I I II II II II I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II II II M- T Q. :::: ::::o::::QQA--,,-- Con'1Io1in'1Ients of THE FRED WAGNER AGENCY INSURANCE AND BONDS 61 Eost Perry Street Tiffin, Ohio Phone 234 -----------AQA::: :::::oo::::oo::::: :QQ-::----:::--..--,,, hirty-two oogggoqoooo Qoqq I I I I I I I I I I I II II I I I II II II II II II II I I II II I II II II II II II II I I I I II II II II II I II II I II Il I II II II II II II II II II II I II II II II II II II II II I I I II II II II II I I I I Compliments of p9QoQ PFALTZGRAF MEATS Home of New Riegel Bologna Custom Slaughtering - Curing - Smoking Meat - Cut - Wrapped - Sharp Frozen New Riegel, Ohio :::: :: ::po4::::: ::::::so4: -100004: ---- FARMERS GRAIN and SU NEW RIEGEL, OHIO Custom Grinding Buyers of Wool ' Trucking of all kinds We buy all kinds of grain Firmi PPLY n Clouse, Prop. 1 II II II II II II II II II II I I II I I II I I I II II I I I I I I I I I I I I II II I I I I II II II II II II II II :po4:--:poo II I I II II I I I I I II II II I I I II II I I I I I II II II I I II II I I I I II I I 4 :::oo:::o4::::::roc: :::b4::::: Thirty-thr ee g,---,- II II Il II II II I II II II I II II I I I I II II I I I I II II II II II II II II II I II II I II II I II II II II II II II II II II II II I I I I I II I II II I I I I II II II II II II II II II II II I I II II II II II II II II I II II II II I II II II II II II II II II II II II -O ..... ----:r4:--:n---A--------Ace---A-- A1's Market Alfred N. Theis, Prop. Quality Meats and Self-Service Grocery Phone 240 New Riegel, Ohio Dry Goods and Paints A---o--A------0 ---- A ---- ---o----A--------A-A-A- ooo::o:- vv--- New Riegel Cafe 'Cur Specialty" Barbecue Ribs and Chicken SERVING. Wednesday and Thursday - 5 to 10 P. M. Friday and Saturday - 5 to 12:45 P. M. Sunday - 12 Noon to l0 P. M. Catering to Private Parties and Weddings Parties and Club Meetings Mondays and Tuesdays Phone 530 New Riegel, Ohio II b::::::::: l' hirty-four --v ..... -- ---:b4:----:ro--oc- .... ,-,-.,t::,,,,t WARD LIVESTOCK CO. Fostoria, Ohio Daily Markets on Hogs, Lambs, Calves, and Cattle For the Best Market Prices Call Fostoria - HE 5-4600 :::::bo4::::: ----1o4:-v .... 1-:c-. "TOPS IN TIFFlN" THE WILL-O-MOTEL 20 Beautiful Units with Free TV and Air Conditioning Phone 2929 Tiffin, Ohio ----:sooo-4: :pg Compliments of Keidan's Iewelry Fostoria Ohio -vzoc PAHL-NEMETH FUNERAL HOME Phone l4l Since Lady 1898 Attendant Tiffin, Ohio I II I II I I II II II II II I II II II II II II 4 I 4 II II I I I 4 4 I I I II II II I II I Thirty-fi ::::yo1::J4:::::n4::::: cv::::::.,j- ve ----- AAAA. ,,---- -------3t--,-A--- CLUB AZZAR For your enjoyment pick the Club Azzar for good food. We have delicious steaks and chops and all kinds of good food. Chicken and turkey every day and night. Giant sandwiches. We do have the best. Our private dining room is available for banquets and parties. Excellent food, and a delightful atmosphere, Bring your friends and come in. Dine and have a fine time. 6 "-' ""' "" """' " "" CAREY MOTOR SERVICE INC East Findlay Street Carey, Ohio Buick Sales - Service Complete Body and Paint shop Compliments ot Burson Clothing Co. Carey, Ohio Compliments ot HOFFMANN MEMORIAL Funeral Home Tiffin, Ohio "Aot-A---- -A--Q-----------A------- Thirty-six y gairons AL'S IEWELERS, Fostoria, Ohio BAME FUNERAL HOME, Tiffin, Ohio BAZLEY'S MEATS, Tiffin, Ohio BEN 6. BETTY'S GROCERY, Adrian, Ohio BILL'S ECONOMY STORE, Tiffin, Ohio BUGNER'S GROCERY, Fostoria, Ohio BOOK AND GIFT SHOP, Fostoria, Ohio BOWMAN ELECTRIC, Carey, Ohio CHRISTIAN SUPPLIES, Tiffin, Ohio COMSTOCICS IEWELRY, Tiffin, Ohio DONNA'S STYLE SHOP, Carey, Ohio DR. E. V. McKEE, Carey, Ohio DR. HARRY HOSAFROS, VETERINARIAN, Carey EDISON CUT RATE DRUGS, Fostoria, Ohio E. W. SCHAUFELBERGER IR. INS., Fostoria, Ohio FLECK ELECTRIC, Tiffin, Ohio GEM MANUFACTURING CORP., Bascom, Ohio HOWARD'S CLEANERS, Carey, Ohio KURTZ SHOE STORE, Carey, Ohio MAPES REXALL DRUG STORE, Carey, Ohio NEWMAN'S MUSIC STORE, Tiffin, Ohio MILLER IEWELRY STORE, Tiffin, Ohio MULLHOLAND GROCERY, Adrian, Ohio RAMSOWERS GROCERY, McCutchenviIIe, Ohio RAY PEIFFER, INSURANCE, Carey, Ohio S. R. BAME, MD., Carey, Ohio THE CAREY FARMERS CO-OP, Carey, Ohio THE LITTLE FOLKS SHOP, Fostoria, Ohio THE PEOPLE'S BANK, Carey, Ohio VAL-U DRESS SHOP, Fostoria, Ohio VERES SPORTMAN'S SHOP, Fostoria, Ohio ZUMBACH IEWELER, Carey, Ohio Thirty-seven .mfumni of Qaew miegef Class of '31 Ernest Clouse, New Riegel Ernestine Clouse Kelbley, New Riegel Edmund Elchert, Minnesota Agnes Lonsway Buxton, Oklahoma City, Okla. Ioseph Schalk, New Riegel Ralph Steinhauser, New Riegel Wilfred Theis, New Riegel Luella Wagner Groves, Fostoria Class of 32 Paul Borer, Toledo Leo Gosche, Tiffin Florence Grusg Marshall, Detroit, Michigan Hazel Hoffbauer Houck, New Riegel Carl Hohman, Deceased Esther l-fuss Wilson, Norwalk Mildred Huss, Washington, D. C. Harold Klein, Tiffin Mildred Williams Lucius, Tiffin Class of '33 Carl Clouse, New Riegel Rita Gruss, New Riegel Cletus Hoffbauer, Fostoria Elmer Theis, New Riegel Louise Ulman Lutes, New Riegel Dale Wagner, Tiffin Pearl Zender Thiry, New Riegel Class of '34 Rose Feck Gruss, Tiffin Alvin Gruss, Tiffin Kathryn Gruss, Detroit, Michigan Ruth Hoffbauer Gosche, New Riegel Norbert Hohman, Tiffin Christina Huss Bell, Dayton Paul Klein, Toledo Lyola Koby Lauer, New Riegel Charles Lonsway, New Riegel Class of '35 Frank Borer, Fremont Iohn Clouse, Fostoria Germaine Kramer Scherger, New Riegel Helen Lonsway McCartan, Tiffin Lucy Metzger Flectner, Tiffin Floyd Rumschlag, Fostoria Rita Schalk Wurm, Attica Flavius Steinhauser, New Riegel Viola Ulman Montpetit, Detroit, Michigan Florence Zender Kuhn, Tiffin George Zender, Grand Rapids, Michigan Alvin Zoeller, Fostoria Class of '36 Mary Borer Lykens, Green Springs Harold Clouse, New Riegel Gerald Elchert, Toledo Gilbert Elchert, Fostoria Wayne Shaferly, Tiffin Alvin Theis, New Riegel Paul Wangler, Fostoria Class of '37 Lucille Borer Kessler, Vanlue Alvin Clouse, New Riegel Robert Feck, Carey Credora Frankart Myers, Fostoria Bernard Gruss, Detroit, Michigan Lester Koby, Fostoria Neal Moes, Tiffin Thirty-eight Evelyn Reinhart Augsburger, Lebanon Margaret Rumschlag Clements, Tiffin Elmer Schalk, Wisconsin Margaret Wangler Woessnet, Fostoria Class of '38 Elizabeth Arend Theis, .Alvada Mary Boes Kreinbrink, Findlay Bertha Elchert Rogier, Fostoria Anna Feck Osborn, New Riegel Mary Ann Feck Lafontaine, Tiffin George Klein, Toledo Donald Kramer, Wichita Falls, Texas Dolores Reinhart Emerine, Fostoria Helen Shaferly Wolfe, Tiffin Dorothy Ulman Snyder, Kirby Raymond Wagner, Tiffin Eileen Wangler Mueller, Bluffton Ida Zender Casey, Toledo Esther Zoeller Theis, New Riegel Class of '39 Mary Lou Arend Orians, Carey Iacob Borer, New Riegel Paul Clouse, New Riegel Victor Huss, New Riegel George LaFontaine, Tiffin Iames Lonsway, Sidney Anna Mae Marks Feasel, Tiffin Gertrude Metzger Hess, Tiffin Elmer Peiffer, New Riegel Hilda Sendelbach Scherger, New Riegel Alice Ward, Deceased Dorothy Windau Nye, New Riegel Class of '40 Emanuel Brickner, Ir., Tiffin Mildred Elchert Gillig, New Riegel Richard Elchert, New Riegel Rosemary Elchert Weingates, Fostoria Rita Faeth Zalas, South Bend, Indiana Albert Gruss, Michigan Helen Rose Klein Magers, Battle Creek Michigan Harold Koepfer, Fostoria Marvin Lang, Fostoria George Schalk, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Rita Zoeller Woodman, Fostoria Class of '41 Robert Brickner, Deceased Esther Clouse Strausbaugh, New Washington Virginia Elchert Brown, Carey Lucille Frankart Hammer, Bascom Norbert Gosche, Tiffin Mildred Huelsman McHugh, Toledo Clara Huss Burkett, New Riegel Mae Kinn Reinhart, Fostoria Leo Peiffer, Tiffin Arthur Reinbolt, Tiffin Charles Rumschlag, Deceased Vanetta Schalk Theis, New Riegel .Albert Williams, New Riegel Robert Zoeller, New Riegel Class of '42 Edna Elchert Nye, Alvada Frederick Elchert, New Riegel Marguerite Reinhart Theis, New Riegel Henry Rumschlag, Toledo Simon Schalk, New Riegel Doris Theis O'Conner, Michigan Anna Windau Hoover, Tiffin Class of '43 Kenneth Borer, Fostoria Iames Bouillon, New Riegel Emma Clouse Gase, Tiffin Cyril Elchert, New Riegel Mary lean Etzkorn Snyder, Tiffin Carl Gerten, Fremont Herbert Gosche, Tiffin Bertha Hohman Coleman, New Riegel Herbert Hohman, Amsden Francis Huss, Sandusky Herman Peiffer, Tiffin Erma Schalk Kinn, New Riegel Mark Tiell, New Riegel Esther Zender Schlutonhofer, Fostoria Class of '44 Gerald Boes, Fostoria Carl Bouillon, Bascom Margaret Bouillon Koby, New Riegel Eunice Brickner Howard, Temperance, Michigan Virgil Brose, Tiffin Dorothy Calmes W'aire, Tiffin Irene Clouse Beaudry, Toledo Carl Elchert, New Riegel Phyllis Elchert Bunge, Monroe, Michigan Rita Frankart Smith, Bascom Maeola Gerten Evert, Bellevue Agnes Gosche Theil, Kirby Barbara Kimmet Hoerig, Fostoria Martha Koepfer Myers, Alvada Mary A. Mathias, Sister Mary Mark, Tiffin Donna Reinhart Schreiner, Fostoria Harold Ulman, New Riegel Helen Zoeller Weott, Tiffin Class of '45 Doris Bouillon Lortz, Upper Sandusky Herman Brose, Fostoria Lucian Huss, Ottawa Elizabeth Kinn Lauer, Bloomville Robert Kramer, Tiffin Alma Mathias Bumb, New Riegel Anna Mae Miller Benner, Tiffin Bernadine Steyer Gosche, Tiffin Mary Wank Weatherholt, Tiffin Iohn Zender, Tiffin Class of '46 Erma Bentz I-Ieilman, Toledo lean Borer Montz, Tiffin ,Alma Bouillon Smith, Upper Sandusky Anna Brose Waltermeir, Fostoria Irene Elchert Walters, Tiffin Gertrude Gerten Smith, Tiffin Ioan Haubert Kirian, New Riegel Dolores Karch Swing, New Riegel Theresa Metzger Schindler, Carey Catherine Reinbolt Pinkston, Tiffin Robert Schalk, New Riegel Raymond Schindler, Carey Leon Steyer, New Riegel Class of '47 Iosephine Bouillon Kimmet, New Riegel Iames Brickner, New Riegel .,f,-,v1-,5q-3-r..- v ' - - 1 Donna Brodman, Sister Mary Gilies Lucille Brose Smith, Fostoria Thomas Durbin, Oak Harbor Elizabeth Etzkorn Gaietto, Tiffin Ruth Kinn Tiell, New Riegel Mary Io Koby Haferd, Bascom Mary Ellen Lamberjack Row, Fostoria Gerald Peiffer, Tiffin Harold Peiffer, New Riegel Alice Schalk Nye, New Riegel Class of '48 Arthur Borer, Michigan Albert Bouillon, Brother Rene, Indiana Victor Dick, Alvada Rosella Funk Terry, Fremont Marjorie I-Iaferd Gruss, New Riegel Maiorie Hohman Friemoth, Delphos Mary Catherine Kem Fox, Fostoria Martha Kessler I-Iaubert, Alvada Mary Lou Nye Weinandy, Alvada Anna Mae Peiffer Rumschlag, New Riegel lohn Rumschlag, New Riegel Dorothy Schwartzmiller Arnold, New Riegel Donald Theis, Pennsylvania Marie Wagner Frey, Kirby Class of '49 Paul Bouillon, New Riegel Harland Brickner, New Riegel Iacob Brose, Fostoria Paul Brose, Fostoria Bernice Carrick Meier, New Riegel Harry Deckler, Carey Betty Gerten Tusing, Cutice Mary Ellen Hoepf Gosche, New Riegel Anna Karch Schetter, Tiffin Francis Kern, Tiffin Angela Reinhart Droll, Fostoria Alfred Wagner, Alvada Class of '50 Iames Borer, Tiffin Mary Ellen Bouillon Hoffman, Millersville Donald Deer, Tiffin Othmar Frank, Tiffin Mary Ellen Gerten Wihelm, Lakewood Ioseph Hohman, Vermilion Rita Kessler Lafontaine, New Riegel Mildred Kramer Lucius, New Riegel Rosanna Metzger Hohman, Vermilion Coletta Miller Mack, Tiffin Norma Peiffer Cramer, New Washington Ioseph Reinhart, Bascom Rose Schalk Smith, Tiffin Robert Schindler, Tiffin Martha Schwartzmiller Finsel, Tiffin Phyllis Siebenaller Earl, New Riegel Donald Steyer, Tiffin Norma Theis Pontius, Tiffin Lois Welly Loesser, Tiffin Eloise Wetzel Granata, Tiffin Class of '51 Floyd Bouillon, New Riegel Iames Brickner, Tiffin Inez Brose Kerlin, Clyde Barbara Carrick Paradiso, Tiffin Helen Clouse, New Riegel Iohn Durbin, Washington Thirty-nine 8 Delmar Goshe, Tiffin Arlene Hoepf Holman, Fostoria Patricia Hohman Briggs, Carey Wilbur Lang, Fostoria Rita Kern, New Riegel Clair Schlachter, New Riegel Clara Mae Tiell Brickner, Fostoria Eileen Wagner Arbogast, New Riegel Thelma Welborn Edington, New Riegel Class of '52 Marie Brandt Miller, Republic Donald Bouillon, Texas Margaret Brooks Rolland, Upper Sandusky Bernard Brose, Fostoria Carl Bugner, Fort Louis, Washington Harold Durnwald, Germany Estella Hohman, New Riegel Ruth Hohman Smith, Bloomville Luella Kinn Faber, Alvada Herbert Kirner, Germany Donna Metzger Durbin, Tacoma, Washington Michael O'Brien, Europe Howard Reinhart, Tiffin Francis Schalk, Kentucky Raymond Schalk, Germany Donna Thiry Kin, Kirby Bryce Zender, Kentucky Pauline Zoeller Wangler, Fostoria Class of '53 Robert Barchus, New Riegel Lloyd Borer, Germany Harold Bouillon, New Riegel Gerald Brickner, New Riegel Marlene Brickner San Gregory, Tiffin Iames Hohman, New Riegel Luke Kern, Tiffin Anna Kimmet, New Riegel Robert Kuhlman, New Riegel Richard Lafontaine, New Riegel Donna Lang Summers, Fostoria Ioyce McClory Dell, Tiffin Carl Peiffer, Findlay Martha Reinbolt, Tiffin Robert K, Schlachter, New Riegel Ruth Tiell, New Riegel Louise Welly, New Riegel Dorothy Wetzel Scholl, Tiffin Class of '54 Arlene Hohman, New Riegel Erma Hohman Pierce, San Francisco, California Floyd Hohman, New Riegel Carl Kern, New Riegel William Kieffer, Memphis, Tennessee Clara Kimmet Welly, New Riegel Iohn Lonsway, Tri-State, Angola, Indiana Theresa Lucius, New Riegel Mary Catherine Reinhart Earl, Bascom Ronald Rumschlag, Tiffin Ruth Schwartzmiller, Tiffin Ralph Tiell, Alvada Edward Zender, New Riegel Class of '55 Nancy Borer Lucius, New Washington Barbara Brooks Roberts, Upper Sandusky Ieannette Brose Lucius, New Washington Forty Lanny Clark, Columbus Carolyn Cooper, Parris Island, South Carolina Carl Gosche, Tiffin Robert Gruss, Metz, France Clarence Hemminger, New Riegel Arthur Hoepf, Marion Donald Hohman, North Carolina Herman Kimmet, Washington Eugene Kinn, Germany Claramae Kirian Krebs, Tiffin Daniel Kuhlman, New Riegel Nancy Lafontaine, New Riegel lean tAnn Mathias, Carey Donald Reinhart, Alvada Francis Siebenaller, Germany Ioseph Thiry, New Riegel Burton Zender lr., Germany Class of '56 Thomas Borer, New Riegel Theresa Bouillon, New Riegel Alice Brose Lucius, Tiffin Eulalia Bugner, Alvada Herman Clouse, Tiffin Edgar Coleman, Alvada Marilyn Collet Pohl, Bowling Green Patricia Durnwald, Toledo Paula Fouts, Athens Theresa G-oshe, New Riegel Theresa Haubert, New Riegel Dwain Hohman, New Mexico lames Hohman, Fort Knox, Ky. Vincent Hohman, New Riegel Norma Kuhlman Reinhart, Alvada Carol Lafontaine, New Riegel Diane Lutes, New Riegel Teresa Nye, Toledo Mary Reinbolt, Tiffin Loretta Reinhart Wentz, Republic Arthur Schalk, North Carolina .Alice Schlachter, New Riegel Alma Tiell, Bowling Green Rosemary Tiell, Alvada Marlene Welborn Huffman, Fostoria Marjorie Wetzel, Sienna Heights, M Class of '57 Ieananne Hark, Alvada Richard Hernminger, New Riegel Carl Hoffbauer, Tiffin Alvin Kern, Kentucky Raymond Kessler, New Riegel Richard Kessler, New Riegel Susan Kin, Carey Frank Kuhlman, New Riegel Phyllis Lafontaine, New Riegel Alfred Lucius, Tiffin Alice Lucius, New Riegel lane Mathias, Alvada Dolores Reinhart, New Riegel Donna Reinhart, Tiffin Leonard Rumschlag, Tiffin Margaret Theis, New Riegel Barbara Welborn, New Riegel Eugene Zender, New Riegel Eugene Zoeller, New Riegel ichigan Sayger Printing G Publishing Co

Suggestions in the New Riegel High School - Hi Lite Yearbook (New Riegel, OH) collection:

New Riegel High School - Hi Lite Yearbook (New Riegel, OH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


New Riegel High School - Hi Lite Yearbook (New Riegel, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


New Riegel High School - Hi Lite Yearbook (New Riegel, OH) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


New Riegel High School - Hi Lite Yearbook (New Riegel, OH) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 48

1958, pg 48

New Riegel High School - Hi Lite Yearbook (New Riegel, OH) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 31

1958, pg 31

New Riegel High School - Hi Lite Yearbook (New Riegel, OH) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 19

1958, pg 19

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