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New Riegel High School - Hi Lite Yearbook (New Riegel, OH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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Chicken, Turkey, every day and night. Giant hamburgers and hundreds of other kinds oi sandwiches. We do have the best, our private dining room, available for banquets and parties. Excellent food, and delightful atmos- phere Bring your friend and come in Dine and Dance and have a fine time SAFETY STAIR RAIL COMPANY Edmund L Reinhart Mgr 3 miles south of New Riegel Ohio Mail Address Call Collect Manufacturers Or Designers of Custom made Porch columns interior ci exterior porch CX stair ra ls mail box posts etc Corrulux Fiber Glass Patio roofs and awnings Full Insurance Coverage CAREY IMPLEMENT CAREY OHIO The Finest Ouality at the Lowest Price CREEGER IMPLEMENT CO Your Credit is Good Iohn Deere and New Idea Ouality Imp TIFFIN IEWELRY STORE and Repair Work 73 E Market Street Tiffin Ohio Phone 6 5631 Carey Ohio Thirty three 4+ 0 0 ll I I 0 ll 0 0 O I mr nn nu nn Il I I 0 II 0 0 O I 9 AAA, A AAAAAAA AAA 0 0 O O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O . nv . , . n I . . . 0 ' 0 o . mr 2 Carey, Ohio Phone New R1egelf2603 : COMPLIMENTS OF at 0 I U Q I O , . . ll I n O . 5 . . g - 1 , , r in nu - o n at O O 0 O in in nl in O I cl' ICC WRIHII 0 R OI I CHIANKIN 'EPIRI R S FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY EDD NGS 'Q FUN RAL DINIINERR IUINI IUMINCE RILR WIN? IIQIJCR UMRO SANDWI RIB RI II DCIS O . 5 . 7 I ,j f Cc 'f I X of ' JCI cf NI' ,ffl I , IIIO Fl EDI.: I D Q ' AQ . I I I IRQ WE CAIIIR IO IDIIIIQATIRI RARIIFS I" I RI . I I . D IIIIDA 1 'I' ' rf A . , PR' Cl S S L 6 C y A VISIT TO THE PSYCHIATRIST In my search for a su1table prophecy for the class of 55 I f1nd myself 1n quxte a f1x The boys be1ng of the number of 7 Arent all llkely to go to heaven And the g1rls of wh1ch there are 19 Are not all su1ted to be queens But I w1l1 proceed to prophesy for each and everyone And I hope I have no enemles when all IS over and done Lad1es and gentlemen my name IS Professor Abdullah Freudson Br11l1ng the world renown psychxatrlst If you are havmg any d1ff1cu1t1es w1th your thlnklng lately let me take you 1nto the future approxtmately 20 years Iust relax and take 1t easy Here we are 1snt th1s a fr1end1y off1ce7 Make your appomtments w1th my recept1on1st Ahce Brose and then make yourself comfortable by read1ng some of those maga ZIHGS There IS a very 1nterest1ng one there by the t1tle Grandmas Home Compan1on for Aprll 1890 My fxrst patlent M1ss Brose please MISS Rosemary T1e1l the famous av1atr1x Rosxe has had some trouble keeplng her feet on the ground lately Oh well the only thmg I can suggest IS to stay out of those a1rp1anes Roste Next patlent M1sS Pat Durnwald and MISS Mary Relnbolt Pat as you all know won one of those Nobel pr1zes and Mary IS one of the most popular pol1t1c1ans 1n the U S these days Now for the1r problem Oh dear Im afrald they dont know what te do Wllh 1t The only th1ng I can suggest IS for them to leave some of 1t w1th me Next please Mlss Paula Fouts the famous reporter Mtss Fouts doesnt have a problem she 1ust dropped 1n to say hello Most people have problems you re a m1ghty lucky gxrl not to have any Th1s has been a very busy day so I guess I wlll retlre for the day and go home to my favortte past1me of read 1ng my llttle notebooks about some of the patlents that I have treated Flrst 1n my notebook Is Edgar Coleman He IS a splen dxd example of perfect self control He never stutters or stammers HIS enuncxatton IS so perfect that he seems to take the syllable out of the words dust them off and put them back before say1ng 1t In fact last year he won the gold medal from the Internatlonal Academy for the Preservat1on of Speech as the worlds best radto announcer Next 1n the notebook IS DWQID Hohman Dwaln IS a stol1d slow movmg chap He has become a very good plumber and w1ll contlnue 1n th1s occupat1on unt11 he d19S of old age Marlene Welborns name IS ltsted ID the notebook Youll never be able to guess what she does to earn a l1v1ng She IS a test drlver test1ng t1res by dr1v1ng from Carey to New R1egel 10 t1mes a day That famous race car dr1ver who won the Memortal Day Indlanapolls 500 mlle Speedway race 15 the next name that we f1nd 1n the book Who IS 1t'? Why Herman Clouse of course Norma Kuhlman v1s1ted me way back 1n 1965 accordlng to my notebook She told me she has started to teach her two 11ttle g1rls the art of cheerlead1ng so that they can lead the1r teams to vlctory as she dld By co1nc1dence the day after Normas VISII one of her good frlends Carol Lafontalne came to see me She told me she was lead1ng a very normal l1fe by bemg a tobacco aucttoneer down tn Alabama The name that so many of you w1ll1 recognlze that of Margxe Wetzel You know she ran for presxdent last year w1th the slogan .All for one and that one me After all the efforts of her campa1gn manager Alma Tlell she was defeated too bad Margle I was ln the act of handmg over one of my dresses to the dry cleaner when I recogmzed her as Mar1lyn Collet She told me I couldnt have the dress back for three weeks because Theresa Goshe was redecoratlng happy to learn that both of the g1rls were do1ng so well for themselves I th1nk Ill go to one of those movles down the street One IS starrxng Teresa Nye b11led as Amerlcas Glrl Frlend IH Clnderellas Sandals and the other IS starrxng Eulalla Bugner She has been nom1nated for the Academy Award th1s year To keep e1ther one of the g1rls from hav1ng hard feel1ngs I wont go to e1ther one My second notebook starts out w1th the name of Arthur Schalk Art has a very 1nterest1ng job He sells lgloos to the dwellers 1n the Sahara dessert and Florlda lots by the gross to the 1nhab1tants of Labrador The next names on my 11st are Loretta Rexnhart Dlane Lutes and Theresa Bouxllon These g1rls came for a VISII one afternoon and stayed to have dlnner w1th me They told me they are very happ11y marrled wlth three ch1ldren aplece I am sure you wtll all be glad to know that Iames and Vtncent I-Iohman are do1ng very well for them selves They have 10000 chxckens and are recelvlng 9999 eggs da1ly ACCOTdlng to my notebook Tom Borer 1s the modern type He has already become Amerlcas champlon pole sttter televlslon watcher marathon dancer and pretzel eater Theresa Haubert IS llvmg a qulet reserved l1fe by takmg care of her l7 ch1ldren Her oldest ch1ldren are 18 and 19 and 1t seems S15 has them tra1ned to the work The lady tn the notebook IS A11ce Sc acter B S A B M A Ph D S F O B a Dormltory College for QITIS and has wrttten that best seller What Isnt Wrong Wtth Educahon Im sure all of you w1ll recognlze the followlng names 1n my book They are Mr Durb1n Mr Newcome Mrs Shlreman Mrs Tlell Mr Flaherty Mrs French MISS Denny and MISS Abowd Mr Durb1n has made quxte a name for hlmself by be com1ng the head of the State Board of Educahon Mr Newcome has become a second Luther Burbank by produclng the new and 1mproved Vdfllles of plants Mrs Shlreman not to be out done by her former faculty head has been placed 1n charge of the womens d1v1s1on of athlet1cs for th1s years Olymplc Games Mrs Tlell and Miss Abowd are QOIHQ to make then' Professlonal debut as guest conductors next year ln Car neg1e Hall Mr Flaherty as you all should know by th1s tlme IS st111 coach at N R H S but he has had 8 state champlon sh1p teams tn the last 9 years Mrs French IS now superlntendent of our scchool N R H S Congratulatlons Mtss Denny has settled down to a happxly marned llfe She has tw1n g1rls and tw1n boys CODQTGIUIGIIOHS are 1n order for her too S O S She xs the Dean of he And now w1th a snap of the fmgers you wlll Q11 Come back to the present year of 1955 The prophecy ts over f1n1shed and copynghted I hope that I arn st111 frlends wlth everyone WILLIAMS IEWELRY STORE 177 S Washlngton St T1ff1n Oh1o Phone 2937 Th1.rty one QI T Op . , . . , is , . , I . . . - I I , I . . ' ' - . I 1 I - V . b , . I I ' I I I . , , 1 - . V . A I ' ' ' I . , . I I ' - 1 w ' ' ' I 4 I I , , . ' I r lu - 1: I . D' D- t, . . ., nd . . . ' t r ' 1. 1 . . ,, 1 I . I , I ' ' ' D ' ' ' ' ' ' f - 1 - 1 1 ' ' ' ' , . 1 - ' , , Qass f tCont1nued from page 293 One student Robert Koczorowskr had moved away Photographs of the actors were taken on October 28 Mary Retnbolt and Paula Eouts were chosen a edrtors of the Rtegelett a d the H1l.1te the ltrst year book pubhshed rn the hrstory of New Rtegel Htgh School Carol Lalontarne Norma Kuhlman Paula Fouts and Rose mary Trell were chosen as Varsrty cheerleader and Alrce Brose was chosen as Re erve cheerleader Alrra Trell was one ot the wlnners ot the e say contest orl conservatton Eulalra Bugner Edgar Coleman and Paula Fout partrcr pated ln the County One Act Play Contest The play wa entrtled One Egg Teresa Nye Theresa Haubert and Marlorte Wetzel entered the county and drstrrct 'NURIC cllnrcs Alma Trell Rosemary Tlell Teresa Nye Eulalra Bugner Paula Eouts Theresa Goshe Marllyn Collet and Mary Rern Members of the clas who took the Senlor Scloolarshlp Tests were Mary Relnbolt Alma Trell Alice Schlachter Paula Fouts Marlorle Wetzel Theresa Goshe Edgar Cole man Norma Kuhlman Eulalra Bugner Teresa Nye and Loretta Relnhart Paula Eouts Patrrcta Durnwald Teresa Nye and Marlorte Wetzel represented the class IH the Dtstrlct Scholarshrp Tests rn Englxsh Xll Amerrcan Hrstory Chemlstry and Latln ll respectrvely The lollowrng were members of the County Honor Socrety One Semester Loretta Rernhart Carol lsafontarne lames Hohman Eulalra Bugner Norma Kuhlman Marlene Welborn Two Semesters Edgar Coleman Three Semesters Theresa Goshe Four Semesters Alma Trell Mary Rernbolt Paula Fouts Alrce Schlachter Marrorre Wetzel Members ol the School Orchestra were One Year Marrlyn Collet Two Years Alrce Schlachter Four Years Alma Tlell Teresa Nye Maryorte Wetzel The boys who took part rn athletlc were One Year Edgar Coleman Two Years Earl Omlor Three Years lack Metzger Robert Koczorowskr Herman Clouse Four Year Dwatn Hohman Thomas Borer Thrrty The grrls who partrcrpated rn volleyball were One Year Alrce Schlachter Dtane Lute Two Years Rosemary Trell Three Years Paula Fouts There a Haubert Four Years Alrce Bro e Eu alta Bugner Patrrcla Durnwald Norma Kuhlman Carol Latontarne Teresa Nye Loretta Relnhart Alma Ttell There a Goshe Those who went to the Mu tc Festtval were One Year Alrce Schlachter Enlalra Rugner Patrrcra Durnwald Two Years Theresa Goshe Edgar Colerr an Three Years Paula FOUls There a Haubert Four Years Alma Trell Maryorte Wetzel Ts re a Nye The grrls who Nere student lrbrarrans were One Year Marllyn Collet Theresa Haubert Loretta Rernhart Two Years Allce Bros Three Years Mary Rernbolt Eulalla Bugner On Aprrl 8 the Parent Teachers Assocratlon held a recog nttton nrght 1n honor ot the Senror Class Trophtes were On Aprtl 28 the Iunror Cas honored the Semors wrlh a banquet and dance On May 2 the Annual Honor Socrety Banquet was held at Bloomvllle wrth the tnttratron of new members rnto the Natlonal Honor Socrety Those from New Rlegel betng lnttrated were Mary Rernbolt Alma Trell Paula Eout and Marrorte Wetzel On May '20 the Sentor proud'y presented therr la plav The play wa a corr edy entrtled Boardrng School Alter cornplettng the llnal exams the Senrors returned on May 27 for the most dramattc part ol the play known as Commencement Tlus he play end rn a bust t glory wlth llowers mu-,rc and congratulatron But before the curtaln descends comp etely the class of l956 steps 'orth to thank all the teacher lor therr tmportant part rn helptng each studeftt attarn rr goal and to extend therr srncere wtshe to the future classes ol New Rtegel Hrgh School Marjorle Wetzel 4,1-avi d- -ll j 1 f I S O 'I' tl! l 1 ' , ' s. ' . 5 s co- i A' is ' . . . , . r ' f- l ' ' ' e n - I r ' 0 f ' ' A - A - 4, S: , 5 ' , . .t on S ' ' . R: 'R' 5 ' s 1 3 I .' ' ' A I . bolt entered the Individual Declamation and Radio Contest. awarded to members of the Senior Class - - I , ' 5 - . ' c ss ' ' ' ' ' . 1 'I t s ' r, o V ' 1 1- - . , .. . . A 5 I I . Z . . ' l I I I ' I is 1 , A 1 Z . 1 . 1? . I 'F ass tsfory The hlstory of the class of 1956 ls so dramattc and colorful that xt resembles a play a play tn four acts wrth three all too brlef mtermlsstons The play was wrltten by the actors as they played the1r parts under the dtrectlon of Mr Durbln the superlntendent Mr Newcome the pr1nc1 pal and a band of capable assistants the faculty It was produced by the board of educatton wtth the co operatton of the taxpayers As the curtaln rose on Act I rt was September of 1952 and thlrty ftve students twenty four gtrls and eleven boys entered the halls of learntng tn New Rtegel I-Ixgh School ready and eager to begtn the1r h1gh school educatton Durtng the fxrst week they elected Mary Relnbolt prestdent After a rugged 1n1t1at1on by the Sophomores the class recelved the name Freshmen At th1s tlme Paula Fouts and Carol Lafontalne were chosen as cheerleaders Allce Schlachter and Alma T1ell entered the county and dxstrlct mus1c cl1n1cs Alma T1ell and Eulaha Bugner were prompters for the One Act Play Contest Paula Fouts and Dwaxn I-Iohman and Mary Retnbolt represented the class tn the DISITICT Scholarshlp Tests taken at Heldelberg College 1n Engllsh IX General Sctence and Algebra respectlvely fronted Wllh exam1nat1ons through whtch they struggled The curtam fell as they left school for an mtermtsslon of three months Act II showed the same people 1n the same place except for one Rosemary Remltnger who dtd not come back They xmmedtately elected Dwa1n Hohman presldent of the class Slnce they were now known as Sophomores there was the usual fest1v1ty of IYIIIICIIIDQ the Freshmen At 1n1t1at1on they chose Rosemary Ttell and Carol Lafontalne as Varstty cheerleaders and Altce Brose Paula Fouts and Norma Kuhlman as Reserve cheerleaders In the mus1c department Teresa Nye Maryorle Wetzel and Theresa I-Iaubert were chosen to form a tr1o Allce Schlacter Alma Txell Teresa Nye Theresa Haubert and Maryorxe Wetzel entered the music clmtc The followtng represented the class 1n the D1str1ct Scholar shtp Tests Paula Fouts ID Enghsh X Theresa Goshe IH B1o'ogy and Loretta Retnhart tn Geometry Eulalxa Bugner Thomas Borer Mary Retnbolt and Patrtcta Durnwald took part tn the county one act play called Darkness On February I4 the school operetta Meet Artzona was presented The followtng Sentors parttctpated Alma Tlell Theresa I-Iaubert Marjorle Wetzel Teresa Nye Al1ce Brose Rosemary Txell Marlene Welborn Carol Lafontalne Theresa Goshe Dorothy I-Ioepf Paula Fouts Patrlcla Durn wald Ruth Ann Klmmet Mary Rembolt Norma Kuhlman Martlyn Collet and Loretta Retnhart As the year went on the class notlced that Marcella Boutllon Shlrley Lauterbur Wtlbur Elchert and Paul Hoff bauer were unable to keep up the1r encounter wtth the v1ll1an Study so they no longer contmued 1n the play As Act II came to a close the other vtllaln Examlnattons appeared agaln but the Sophomores by one last spurt of the1r ttred bralns won Another three mants mtermxsston and they returned for Act III They found that twenty elght students returned Much to the regret of everyone Ruth Ann Kxmmet had moved away durtng vacation and ln the course of the year Dorothy Hoepf Ruth Ann Keefe and Earl Omlor also moved away Mary Retnbolt was chosen to lead the Iumor class After stx weeks of practlce the Iuntors presented the1r class play I-Ieadtn For A Weddtn on October 24 Paula Fouts Norma Kuhlman and Carol Lafontame were chosen as Varslty cheerleaders Altce Brose and Rosemary Ttell were chosen as Reserve cheerleaders Eulalla Bugner and Teresa Nye took part IH the one act play called Sorrows Dellght Thts play won second place tn the county and was ellglble to compete tn the state contest held 1n Columbus essay contest whtch entltled them to vtsxt several of the reclamatton pro1ects ln Southern Ohlo The trto now glven the name of the Tunettes recelved a superlor ratmg 1n the county d1str1ct and state mus1c cl1n1cs Paula Fouts Patrtc1a Durnwald and Marlorxe Wetzel represented the class tn Englxsh XI World I'I1story and Latm I respecttvely Wtth co operatton of the entlre class they selected the1r class motto The elevaor to success ts not workmg use the stalrs the1r class colors gold and whlte and the1r class flower the whxte carnatton Followtng an old tradttlon they honored the Senlors at a banquet and dance Thxs took place on Aprll 13 In March they welcomed a new classmate Edgar Coleman and 1n Aprrl they lost one Iack Metzger Followtng the school ptcmc there was again an tnter mtsston of three months whtch the actors greatly enyoyed perhaps because they reallzed that there was but one more act to follow Act IV arr1ved at last By thxs ttme there was Q marked change IH each of the twenty stx actors Mary Rembolt was agaln chosen to lead the class through the1r last and most tmportant year tCont1nued on page Thtrtyl Twenty mne Q ! . , , At the close of the first act, the Freshmen were con- Alma Tiell and Paula Fouts won the soil conservation wzcfc Ljcfzoof fqc iz vz fzets IUNTOR HIGH BASKETBALL SQUAD FITST How Ronme Fetzer Raymond Goshc Donald Remhart lvhchael Thlry Iohn MOlh1GQ Damcl Laton tame Second Row Peter Schalk Thoma Marks Stanley Huss Dave Cooper IUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Anna Lou Scherger Shirley Elder Lxndcr Kman Marxlyn Zender SAFETY PATROL Frret Row Iohn Mctthras Herman Wonderly Mrchael Thlry Raymond Go he Ronald Fetzer Second Row Iohn Remhart Ver e Elchert G1lbert Schultz Don Rem hart Duane Elchert Peter Schallc Tom W1ll1ams Leo Lu tus Mme Holfbauer Thlrd How Merle Hohman Paul Helnhart Davld Cooper Daniel La tonta1r'e Tom Marks Sanley Hus Anthony Luctu Carl Lonsway RALPH WEINANDY VINCENT C THEIS SENECA LOCKER SERVICE Lrme ci Stone Haulmg Coal ci Burlders Supphes T1ft1n Oluo Corn Shelhng New Rlegel Oh1o Alvada Ohxo Twenty e1ght J eilez 5 5521110620 Flrst Row Howard Bennlngton Wllltam Wemandy Roy Retnhart Ierry Warnecke loseph Wagner Iames Logsdon lohn Wagner Larry Welnandy Damel Kauffman Thoma Benntngton Second Row Rosella Relnhart Rebecca Rutherford Dtane Logsdon Shtrley Nye Mary Ann Frankart Kathleen Gtlltg Mary Cathertne Kletfer Karen Koepfer Lmda Franlcart Mary lane Smtth Sharon Nye Suste Retnhart Thtrd Row lane Retnhart Helen Rose Wagner Eltzabeth Cooper Rtchart Retnhart Raymond Remhart Paul Durn Wald Anna Mae Wagner Roseann Brose Rlta Trauscn Shtrley Remhart Marllyn Smtth Fourth Row Stster Mary Carlsstma Iohn Relnhart Urban Retnhart Fred Logsdon Rlchard Nye Bernardtne Gllltg Donna Mae G1ll1g Erma Frank Andrew Brose Robert Smtth Dale Retnhart Vlncent Kin Stster Mary Dulceltna Mtsstng Dale Bentz Marlam Warnecke Carolyn Retnhart 1 cz 1' Our book of chool l1fe was started Twewe long years ago ow we tne cla of The ftnal chapter show Long have we watted for the hour Of graduatton day When we all recetve atploma The twenty seventh of May As we pass through these portals Our hearts cant help but stgh For we can st1ll remember The Joy of days gone by These days we love so well Remember they re the page Of the tale we love to tel For though weve had our sorrows Our trlals and trtbulattons We wrtte thts ftnal chapter adly Thts our graduattonl But before we end forever Y Wrttten by Paula Fouts Eulalta Bugrter Marlene Welborn Herman Clouse Alma T1ell FRlGlDAlRE AND MAYTAG ELMER AND HAROLD ULMAN Sales and Servtce Sacco Ferttltzers I F Dtble Co Ftre and Storm lnsurance Plumblng Heattng Sheet Metal Work New Rtegel Qhlg Carey Ohto Twenty seven 'T 1 fN fm I f xo, , I ' X , - LQ 1 A G21 fze slrzcz +1111 cr N I ' gags, '5b, A L ' I :gf l 1 tn ecoml Cjratfc First Row: Ralph Reinhart, Anthony Wonderly, Ronald Burkett, Robert Welborn, larnes Kin, Donald Wangler lame-s Osborn, Iames Ward, Leonard Coleman, Lawrence Theis, Kenneth Tiell. Second Row: Larry Fetzer, Delmo Arend, Donald Kuhl- man, Mark Popenberg, Paul Schreiner, Gaylord Williams, Kathy Huss, LaDonna Wagner, Mary Deckler, Eileen Lucius, Robert Theis, Glen Schlachter, Lawrence Schalk, Gerald Huss, lack Etzkorn, lerry Snyder. Third Row: Richard Bees, Fredrick Elchert, loan Ger- schutz, Violet Lonsway, Doris Hohman, Berneda Bumb, Marie Lucius, Karen Lafontaine, Ruth Fredricks, lean Trausch, ludith Gase, lanice Coleman, Susan Clouse, Vxfilliam Kinn, Miss Emma Wetzel, Missing: lulia Ward. i hi L---as fjzzsl 14 Donald Tiell Terry Snyder Dennis Fetzer Gerald Gillia Wilfred Tiell Luke Theis Second Row lerome Hohman Larry Hohman Robert Reinhart Linda Will ams Virginia Elchert Beverly Cole man Bernard Wagner lolnn Schalk loseph Thei Ronal SHERLIE ANN BAKERY For The Best ln Baked Products ll6 East North St Phone 5330 Fostoria Ohio Twenty six Third Row Barbara Kelbley Sharon Hus Rita Mathia Mary Scherger lean Welly Mary Elchert Virgin a Arbogat Marilyn Fox Darlene Nye Regina Moc-'iiing Ela ne Lafontalne Sister Mary loan Mis ing Carol Clou e Glen Etzkorn Mild ed Laute bu Dal Tneis Sl-IULTZ AND LAWLESS Standard Products 2 Wreckers 24 Hour Service Phone 3724 or 2373 Fostoria Ohio s ' , f fx , ,Q Q N . , . 1 . P - M y , ' V . A i H' ', . ' I gl: .Y v x.' Nz, -' n, '- ." 95 - l , xl' , . an .F X ' 0. my ' i N r . w M 'J 2 J x . A, C 3 - , 1 - ,JC First Row' lames Gase, Thomas Clause, Glen Elchert, Tiell, Leonard Schreiner, lohn Ward, Thomas Arend , , , , I 's, Cl L, , , ' r T r, r ' Q ,x . 'U Cjlourffi gjracje First Row. Howard Elchert, Eldon Koby, Kenneth Gasche, Iarneg Steinhauser, Arthur Scherger, Kenneth Scherger, Thomas Wonderly, Richard Clause, Richard Theis, Silvert- us Reinhart, Larry Burkett, Richard Wagner. Second Row: Iarnes Hottbauer, William Kelbley, loyce Srnith, loyce Elchert, Elizabeth Lafontaine, lanet Clause, lane Taylor, lanice Fox, Louise Tiell, Diane Borer, lanice Steinhauser, Mary Hohrnan, Edward Latontaine, Larry Etzkorn, Third Row: Gerald Mathias, Sharon Clouse, Marie Lutes, Patricia Gillig, Bonnie Miller, Carol Wank, Kathleen Osborn, Linda Eouts, Phyllis Watts, Mary lane Schreiner, luditli Lucius, Theresa Kelbley, Leonard Lucius, Mrs. Stechschulte. GX? gllllc Cjiucie First Row Michael Marks Marvin Hohman Frederick Schalk Iames Metzger Edward Borer Donald Kin Carl Schalk Iames Tiell Michael Tiell larnes Kelbley Ronald Kelbley David Mathias Theis Dale Hohrnan Donald Lucius Harold Luciu Donald Piper Iohn Popenberg Daniel Gerschutz Robert Tiell Harold Welter Robert Clou e Richard Elchert Michael Clause Henry Elchert Rebecca Kelbley BALREICH BROS INC Third Rom Linda Latontaine Leona Latontaine Iudy Hon rron Helen Luciu Nancy Nye lane Elchert Therea Woncterly ludith Mathias lanice Tiell Mariorie Clause lane Clouse Bonnie Arend Ruth Mathias Charlene Raitz Barbara Reinhart Rose Reinhart Sharon Hohman Deborah Hu Ca ol Koby S1 ter Mary Sarnuella THE EAST NORTH STREET LUMBER CO Potato Chips Iohn Deere Farm Equipment Phone 6l2 l8U l86 Ohio Ave 4Ul East North Street Tiffin Ohio Phone 7759 Fostoria Ohio Twenty fixc i l 1 l 6 me . ! Second Row: Donald Snyder, Stephen Lauer, Ronald M -S L ' ' Qjlxflu Cgjrac 0 First Row: lohn Trausch, Alvin Reinhart, Gerald Kelbley, Third Row: Mary Iones, ludith Lafontaine, LaDonna Bumb, Harold Williams. Rita Rogier, lane Steinhauser, Carol Marks, Mary Goshe, Rosanna Tielll Mary Popenberg, Rosemary Harlc, Anita S d R 1 G W h S h ' Alb t econ ow erald agner, Art ur c reiner, er Elchertf Sisier MQW Lucietml Huss, Mary Alice Clause, Susan Kuhlman, Virginia Mathias, Mary Hoffbauer, Mary Schultz, Ralph Lucius, Eugene Lutes, Clarence Williams. fgjr ac 0 1 l ROV' Vlfgll LUCUA lolm Zoclle l-Cul Mclhlc Thi a Row lean Ann Lalrountaine Rose Ann T1 ll Sandra Bemmd Rumechlgq CPN NGN Wcmglef Robert I-we Metzge Martha Bouillon Carol Schallc Karen William Rebecca Elchert Margaret Lauterbur Eileen Scherge Madonna Popenberg Rosema y Lucius Darlene Elchert loarire Hu s Slate Ma ,I Robert Missing Erma lean Ther Reinhart lohn Raitz Paul Hernminge larres Shultz Robert Clause Iohn Thei Michael l-lark Herschel Watts Way e Gershutz Howard Taylor lolhn Schalk EDWARD WUEBBE FOSTORIA VAULT CO P R 1 Carey Ohio All Size Septic Tanks Phone New Riegel l6 SZL Dealer of DeKalb Hybrid Seed Corn and Chix Gene Hoffman Prop Phone 7UlO Fostoria Ohio Twenty four 'U 5- 1 'I L - Ers, ' ' ' "sa, . 7, 5 ' .a, 'Y' T ' I 5. -E A K' Second Row: lohn Wetzell Kenneth Hohman, George i I f A fi fl 6 Cqzlgfzffi fjracje First Row Ronald Wagner, Duane Elchert, Carl Lonsway, lanet Tiell, Nancy Kuhlman, Kathleen Welborn, Nancy Hohman, Dorothy Borer, Peter Schalk, Leo Lucius, Stanley Hugs, Duane Williams, Michael Hoftbauer, Second Rowi Sister Mary Floriceta, David Cooper, Helen Latontaine, Ann Lou Soherger, Marjorie Clouse, Marilyn Zender, Eloise Piper, Mary Rose Theis, Ieanette Gosche, Susann Rumschlag, Eileen Durbin, Patricia Rogier, Thomas Marks, Edward Tiell. Missing' Maurice Reinhart fx 01761111 ff c J Frst Row Thorras William Herrran Wonderly Donald Reinhart Second Row Raymond Goshe Paul Reinhart lohn Mathias Merle Hohman Da iel Laiontaine Verne Elchert Anthony Luciu Ronald Fetze Michael ihlry Mary Ann Clause Third Row Iyce Gillia Gilbert Shultz Leona Lucius Raitz Mary Steinhauser Audrey Kinn Shirley Elder Mary Bouillon Fourth Row Marlene Bumb Mary Gershutz Ann Schalk Irene Wank Clara Rose Tiell Elaine Scherger Margaret Iones Alice Scherger Eileen Borer Geraldine Kin Shirley Scheraer Shirley Steinhauser Carol Fouts Nancy Reinhart Linda Kirian Eileen Reinhart Sharon Steinhauser Caro ly Smith Ma tha Reinhart Oleta Reinhart Mary lanc TIFFIN FARMERS FOSTORIA LUMBER CS SUPPLY BAUGHMAN MOTOR SALES CO OPERATIVE INC 240 West North St Chrysler Plymouth Tiffin Ohio Phone 7727 Fostoria Ohio 201 E Findlay St Carey Ohio Twenty three Q C ' 'fl V170 - , D . 4 - 4 I, Stechschulte, Betty Hohman, Mr. Goetz. Missing: Iohn .F fm"1L" 5, Q4 H325 Ele gy 'Y New ll f"q 1 fx-v' Uwmm Jawa '--. Y fflvwl YK fs. V YL ak-HV nw XM, wafwmmj ,V JW' iw lflftlnfzf ed-Jia ww ,U,pJ6f '7 CAREY CO OPERATIVE GORDON LUMBER CO SHUMAN BROS GARAGE FOOD LOCKERS INC 15 S Wcfshmgton Street Phone 6 2821 Carey Ohlo Tlfflfl Ohlo Corey Oh1O T tyt o a A 'A If 2? 61 ay, II' A , C' as O A , O, V . , I A Q 3 ' 32 1. Rig. I A ':,':V' A ,K ' M A A L yn! X 4 K, iq A W' it - ,. ff Ezu '7f f 1 1 ew t 2 ' U i 1 EZEE V A A Ax :QEEE A A'A'::E: I ::-- X3 7 A Y 3, .A,,. A 1 ., Y tl 9 5, A '5 .,.. lqu y ,IPIE , ..,,.A. I I f ...: .,,, ' K ' V I , t gl e g ' ,M 'kj ::-- 4' A E Z? 3 ,e4, .,,,.,:5 Ilzr : : N if M, X . if ff 5' A , ' , O A AAAO U' We ' I , GIRLS PHYSICAL EDUCATION F1rst Raw Paula Foul There a Go lee Allce Sclelachter Pa rtc a Du nwald Mrs Slureman Allce Bro e No ma Kuhlman Teresa Nye Second Row Loretta Rernhart Drane Lutes Alma Ttell Carol Lalontalne Rosemary Tlell Theresa H uhert Eulalla Bugner Thlrd Flow Alce Lucrus Dolores RCll'1l1Ol'l Donna Relnhart Ieananne l-lark Phyllrs Lafontalne Barbara Welborn lane Math1as lud1th Lauer Anna Thels Rlta Lauterbur Frith Row lamce Scherger Aarves Go he Barbara lones Ca olyn I-lohman Charlotte Lonsway Vlola Luctus Ca her1ne Wetzel S1xth Row Phyllrs Taylo Annetta Huss Lots 'Welborn loanre Wank Rosemary Schrelner Theresa The1s lanet Wagner Seventh Row Donna ly ye Ro e la F ank I n e Laue Kathryn l-lark Florence Lauterbur 'f' CAPTAINS F1rst Row Teresa Nye Allce Brose Second Row Carol Lafontarne Thlrd Row Mrs Shlreman Paula Fouls Alma T1ell THE RANCH LAMFROMS Frne Food Danclng Nlghtly Dress better and youll feel better French Frlecl Mushrooms and Omen Rrngs Fostorra Ohro Twenty one l j . 4 'J , X T 'W f, , K ' ,Q r' 'S . 42 4 2 S, f :U . ,I ' 1 , t ' i r , ., ' . , is G N I D . ' Fourth Row: Monica l-lohman, Theresa Clause, Arlene Williams, Nancy Schlachter, ' ' ' s , , r , . 1 Y' , 4 l r I a. ic r, . , . ,T ,Q I 1 , , .f , BASEBALL First Rowt Donald Fouts! Iames Iones, Frank Kuhlman, lere Carrick, Dwain Hohman, Thomas Borer, Iames Theis, Cletus Reinhart. Second Row: Coach William Flaherty, Robert l-lohman--Manager, Larry Kirian, Leonard Brandt, Alvin Kern, Gerald Mathias, Michael Tiell, Herman Clause-Manager. New New New New New BASEBALL RECORD 1955 1956 Riegel Riegel Riegel Riegel Rieqel Melrnore Old Fort Hopewell Loudon TOURNAMENT Melmore Bloomville VARSITY CLUB First Row Robert Lalonta ne Michael Tiell Leonard Brandt Donald Fou s Ge ala Mathia Second Row Robert Hohman lames Colle La ry K1r1a'i Cletus Reinhart Herman Ciou c Third Row Dwain l-lohman Ronald Elchert Ralph Theis Edgar Coleman Alvin Kern Fourth Row Roy l-lohman Iere Car icic lame lone Iames Theis Top Row Fran is Bro e Tnomas Bore Frank Kuhlman Coach Wllliam Flaherty Flechtner Bros Packing Co Compliments of ZUMBACH IEWELER Tasty Brand Meats S Vance SHEET Fostoria Ohio Carey Ohio Twenty Phone l74 Carey Ohio ' 10 l5 A lU 2 A 9 - 7 ' 8 4 A C l ' 3 RESERVES RESERVE SCORES First Row: Robert Hohmon, Mgr., Robert Lofontoine, Alvin Kern, New Riegel Melmore New Riegel Hopewellloudon New Riegel Iackson-Liberty New Riegel Republic New Riegel Bettsville New Riegel McCutchenville New Riegel Olcl Fort New Rtegel Hopewell-Loudon New Riegel Rising Sun New Riegel Jackson-Liberty New Riegel Attica New Riegel McCutchenville New Riegel Bloomville New Riegel Melmore New Riegel Bettsville New Riegel Thompson GAME SHOT Mlchael Tlell Ralph Ther Second Row Coach Wrlllam Flaherty Gerald Math1as Ronald Elchert Iames Collet GX? lump ball durmg the reserve game agamt Hopewell Loudon RESERVE CHEERLEADERS Ftrst Row lane Mathlas Phyllts Lafontame Second Row Carolyn l-lohrnan Al1ce Brose HUTH CONSTRUCTION CO SALLY ANN BAKERY GAMBLE STORE Phone 254UR3 Tlffln l69 W Market St N Mullholand Tltfxn Ohro Tllllfl Ohto Carey Ol'11O Phone 6 2791 Nmeteen , J, ' 1 1 , . S , 1 - 1 1 1 ' 7 A New Rlegel New R1eoel New Rregel New Rlegel New Rlegel New R1eg l New Rlegel New Rreoel New Rlegel New Rleczel New Rlegel New Rreo l New R1ec1el New Rlegel New New Rleoel New Rledel New Rleoel New Rlfdrl K5 m g!3c'1s6cf6c1!! VARSITY SQUAD Flrsl Row lomes There. lomex lones Second Row Donald Foul Roy l-lohmdn Thomd Borer Clelu Remhclrt Lorry Klrlo Robert Hohmcm Mgr Thlrd Row Cod h Wxllmm Flaherty E gor Colerrdr' lere CG1'1ClC Dwdm Hohmcm Frcmcrs Bro e Fdrmk Kddlron l-lerrrmdr Clouse Mgr Melr' o C l-lopev ell Louqor I k C Llbe y Repuloh Belfwvllle MCCulChenv1llc Old Fort Hopewell Lou1o R1 mo Sun lC1CKQ T1 l.1bcr Am c OO l C 6 Be IS rx ho TOURNAMENT Hope .vell L 11010 Republ fe Fefe 1 ell lf THE AU ADA ELEVATOR Cool Feeds Fence cmd PCI1I'1lQ Elghteen Alvddd Ohlo rv Co c p lfcmdger Th cr Bo r Dvlcl I-lohP"cm HGYTTGW Clouse YOUR RAWLHGH DEALER George W Logsdon R R l Alvddd Ghlo Phore 702 le .4 f 4 fi ,, ,fx M ' ,M ' ' 54 68 .1 r 4 48 64 - V . ' 40 66 oc ri- ' rl ' 69 47 fc ' 66 56 ,: ' , ' e 36 77 ' J A ' 60 68 ' 4 62 47 ' - F rt 4 . A 54 50 v ' d 44 70 ' eo - 3 fy ' 48 80 'C New Riedel 48 80 M:Cu1:henv1lEo 'Je 63 70 Bl r:i'."ll A J 55 62 M l-more ' 58 46 1 vlll- Riegel 49 57 T meson ' I 53 54 1 - or? . ' 4 57 38 ic ' 4 38 33 l. lriore pl Q 5l 68 . J 4 frzcr. VGYSQQ - d f31Y1S . a fx fu 0 1' i 5 When Mr, Elaherty came to New Riegel High School in the aw' Wmwwwv COACH FLAHERTY tall ot lQ54, he saw he had quite a job ahead of him as both baseball and basketball coach, ln the following pages, the records ot these teams are presented, but the records do not tell the whole story, The hard work, patience, and time which go into the formation ot a ball team are sometimes not reflected in the scorebook. alla K ACTION SHOT W-sm, wwuyml 'K' Numan' 32-'gm The start ot the game against Hopewell Loudon This was the outstanding game of the year VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Ro r T ll Co l La tame lori a Kuhlrnan Paulo Eous CLUB 224 Your County Paper U S Route 22 Catholic Youth Organization West of Tit in THE ADVERTISER TRIBUNE Seventeen . r. ff e ,. ls f' X f T A , ff T Yami M W A ,..,. . W 96.3 - w seriary ie ,ro fan ' I n . I t., A , . . . . Lt . 5. 45? I '12 ,sb v'.4i ,il --and -fi KJ. qxwamgw 7 9' CARL SCHERGER BFRNARD FURNITURI: STORE Co plm Auctloneer Phone Bgscom 7 2606 C-Grey Ohm HOUK HARDWARE Slxreen Carey Ohm V A R , .Q 5' A 4 ' ff M, ff: 2 . , pg Y . V V 5 . ., -,233 :::. E- ., K A -If wb ' wi, 'f'AA::,' , 1 'E' J , f f x, 'b I Q- f fi 4-QQ X X' M .W 1 as . ,.:V. .:,,,: V gif- 'Y 1 Q ,5.,.:. ,.A,., , 1 V 4 ml V 4 ' ,gl . : VV "' 'L V - fl 3- ' 1 ..',A .,., - IZ' X , X Wag f . P1 . ' 55' ,A,.,, if' 1 f ilzl 4 V V VV : ,..,. , . V ..,. V ,Q ,:-V QV if 3 V: i- , V A ' l 1 II' . .C-nfs Cf J if if , Azz 5 12 C 2f7!Z1..l'CC 6?1OI'llS First Row: Donna Nye, Theresa Haubert, Ieananne Hark Catherine Wetzel, Donna Reinhart, and Theresa Goshe. Second Row: Donald Gershutz, Alvin Kern, lim lOY16A lim Collet, Iere Carrick, Francis Brose, Cletus Reinhart. Third Row Marlorie Wetzel Dolores Reinhart lane Mathias Paula Fouts There a Clouse Teresa Nye and Ianice Scherger Fourth Row Alrna Tiell Carolyn l-lohrnan lame Theis Edgar Coleman Leo ard Rumschlag Donad Fouts and Rosemary Schreiner K-sv. ,- uzzezf Theresa Haubert Teresa Nye and Mariorie Wetzel Mrs Tiell DIFGCTOT C910 zesha Viola Alma Tiell Clarinets Theresa Clouse Ianice Scherger Ioanne Wank Second Row Violins Dolores Reinhart DOWHG Reinhart Drums lere Carrick Trombone Leonard Rumschlag Trumpets lames Theis Michael Theis Piano Iudith Lauer WILL O MOTEL U S Route 244 ARTHUR BEAN Music HOUSE WARNS HARDWARE 2 M1 West of Tiffin Phone 2929 Tiffin Tiffin Ohio Phone 7 2326 Bascorn Ohio Fifteen i L 5 A R 2 f A ' LC to ies U I First Row Violins: Teresa Nye, Marjorie Wetzel. SHORTHAND I I Norma Kuhlman, Theresa l-laubert, Roternary Tlell, and Theresa Boutllon demonstrate to the class the proper method of writing Shorthand at the blackboard. TYPING 1 I The Senior typists strive to increase their speed. SHOP The students learn the correct way to use an electnc saw under the gurdance ot Mr Durbln The boy are llarold Logsdon Donald Rogler ard Dorald Stetnhauser STUDY HALL A typrcal Study Hall at New Rregel l-lrgh FARM DRAINAGE D M Retnhart R R l New Rregel Ohro Rhone Alvacla 903 Fourteen BURSON CLOTHING CO E V MCKEE Carey Ohro Carey Ohro 1 1 1 I , . . 1 . . " , - ' 1 1 C' rezzznors O?fC'o1'f LATIN Marjorie Wetzel, Mary Reinbolt and Loretta Reinhart, with the aid of Mrs. French, translate a section from Caesar in Latin ll. LITERATURE The Amerlcan L1terature Class at tenttvely Watches as Iarnes Hohrnan and Arthur Schalk glve demonstra t1ons LIBRARIANS The hbrarlans w1th the help of Mrs French keep the hbrary tn proper order The g1rls are Eulaha Bugner Ahce Brose Mary Rembolt and Loretta Relnhart HAROLD CLOUSE ALBERT WETZEL Phone l4 SL New Hlegel Ohlo AQFICO l-'ert1l1zers Swlft BARBER SHQP Farm Acc1dent Home lnsurance Truckmg Motonsts Mutual lnsurance Co New Rlegel Ohto Th llf , .. I 1 1 . .. . I 'v. fx ,. cb forts -N f or! HISTORY Mr. Flaherty explains a current prob- lem to the Senior Class as they study American l-llstory. CHEMISTRY The Chermstry Class under the dl rectlon ot Mr lwewcorne v1ews an expenrnent SEWING Mrs Shrreman helps the Sewlng Class Complete a prolect The g1rls are Teresa Nye Manlyn Collet Eulaha Bugner and Ahce Brose LUDWIG MOVING COMPANY Buxlrlrna Movma Wreckma Fomxtd on Wo K Carpent r Work E rwrck Ohr Trth Ohr 2557 4 Rlegel Long 3 Short n 1ne T elxe . v ,A . , , A , 1 , I , A l ' ' l '. ati r' e 9 I , 'C Ph 'o -l New ' l , s, o 1' W f CIRCULATION The coptes must go to the subscrlbers wtth the correct name and address Those 1n charge of c1rculat1on rnust also be sure that the e IS a copy for each suloscrtber MACHINE OPERATORS When a deadhne IS set 1t must be met The machtne operators knew tust what to do when the rntmeograph machtne was act mg up and dtd thetr part to get the paper out on tune A newspaper needs ptctures and cartoons to rnake tt 1nterest1ng Smce there are only two arttsts th1s year they had the1r hands full but dtd a good Job STENCILERS To these hardworlang typtsts goes the Joh ot typtng all the pages ot the Rtegelette w1th out too many errors Comphrnents ot SHUMWAYS TIFFIN OHIO 5 Eleven ARTISTS U gfegyelcfie PROOF READERS The grammar spellrng and punctuatron t Q correct IH all the articles Thls 12 the work ol thc ed1tors and proof readers along w1th settmg up pag RIEGELETTE An essentral part of hrgh school hte lS the school newspaper At New Rregel thrs part IS played by the RIEGELETTE Each year the semor class heads the statt tor th1s paper however the last two 1ssues are lead by the Jumors who are to be prepared tor the commg year when they wrll assume complete respon Slblllly The class of l956 worked hard on each rssue to put forth the RlEGELETTE Whrch has a crrculatlon ot l85 copres A. RIEGELETTE STAFF Seated Marllyn Collet Carol Latontame Paula Eouts Mary Rernbolt edltor Marporle Standlng F1TSl Row N15 Denny advr or Patrrcra Durnwala Norma Kuhlmaw Herman Clouse Dlone Ldtes The es Haube Ro e ary Tlell T e e a Goshe Allce Schlachter Marlen Welbor Second Row Tere a lye All Bo e T m Bo er Edaar Colerran Dworn l-lohman Eulalla Bugner Ten HOEFMANN MEMORUXL Funeral Home Tllllfl Ohlo , ' , mus ' C A l . ' QF ,, 'cy l I R 1 S J ' , ' S: ' ' Wetzelp Alma Tlell. ' 1 ' 1 J s , 's Q ' ' l, ., , ' ' ,, r a rt S ' , r s , , ' ., , e ri, I ss 5 , 'Ce r 3 , o . T , '1 l , ' , , Q Be bolt P11116 Font Co E1 tor l" ' F , X10 I-II LITE STAEE Norma Kuhlrrcr C O Lafontmn PQJIG Foutx, Mary Remoclt EAIIGIIG Bufl 1 If nc NeIbom 1 rx Mcrllyn CGI I on GGY C Q1 Tierebo G I-'ohr wow ID 'm BUSINESS MANAUEBS Edgar Cdemcm Carol Lcrfontclne I-Iormcm Clouse MOES BAKED ENAMEL PAINT SHOP CompIete Body hmd Ee-Pder Be-pol mg Eostomcx CIMO Phone B297 Cass ' 1111.12 DUCK FARM AND HATCHFRY Y Box 115 CGYGY Oh Q np 1 11 1116113 QeC0'1'1 1.1011 Q H IG IUNIORS F11 110 111 If 111011111e H1114 Su C1 '1 K1 v 1.0101110111 M01c'101e The-lx E105-he 7 '1f1PT 5011111 1110 0 0 c 1 1 0 11 0 e 1.1101 11rd Row C1111 1'101'b011c F 11111: K 11111011 101410110 2001101 1.e0n010 1 1' Kf111 1 SOPHOMORES C0101v 1-10 11011 Cather 1 z Rtn C R V1010 1C1us '1'1e1e 1 1.L1' 1 W 1 rr C 3 1.0415 1-10 1111 301e1 10 op11T1e11 T1101110 Go C011 1.1 11'th 17 11 S herg 111011111 S C011 T 0 T111111 1. 1 'W 1111 1. def 1J11h1.1 011C Q0 Ht 1 1 Comp Ce 121' 0v1111 ht. OUC WG FRESHMEN A011 1 Roqe IG SCWTGIUVI k B011 J 0 010 K0 1 H0114 P e 10 tu 1-1 11013e1 H 1111 CIW H 110 11 11311 1 Larry KIHFIVI e F 0'1 C1111 1 VN 0 1011 1,111 115.11 1110 1 fx ZZIIJOI' f ffl'-5 Fzryt Row xt rj Hmrxztz -'fr' 1. , 0 10,1 f , SY11 T1 P11A111.' Q? cv 'L 1 Le t ,111 Ll". .. ' , Sefohi RCW 11 6 Re: 1 11, 6 ' 1 . v v v . K . 1 rm: Rc-1111111 1301100111 91011310111 1 11110 M.f.1 .: A115 11.a v - 1 1 V If T11 1 1 11, 1, 1 5 11 1 I 11 , 0 1 K ' 1'1'.1:11.:1:111f:11 A1'1. 1 , A111110 kr. ' ' 1x1'41n1.' ,. L A .r I . F1151 151Cv.' , Ari 1 11 1 , 1.f01111't: 11011211311 me V1 et el 1. 1.0' 1.7 AYIITC' Th 0 ow ' L1 ' 1 .11 T' 112, 1'.1"11t11 1.0'1, A 1er1e 1.- 110114 Haney SC111f11'111' I 5101111 L0 y Third Rev: "0 . 12111, D0n01f1 -, ,, ' . 1 A she - 1i'i'1C1Q1" ere 1 '14 1TC1Tf1l Few 1011.05 ,011t Frf111"1: Erose, 1122315 1c.ert, R A' 10111101 101111 Vv'l11lTJIT1S Hefriic. 1. C115 Tl 11:".1.' 101he:i 1 130. 111 C1 1: ,,,, ,, . First Rev: 4 ee G0s1e 1011130 C .fm ., rt ry 1 f, 1 1 vvwflfl I 'fr 1 ,ex e 11 HCV: tfryh ' hy111.' 0y1 r, 1f'1flSf Wagner, F10re:1:f- 1.01gter1:'grV Ther 50 TE,1.f 1.015 We1- SCTY1, Anna-it ' 1-10W t 0 1 ., Q '1f1 03151011 0: . T1e1:y ' Q , 113 C1 flye 13105 111: 1 .k, 1 -TIP Feurth Rev: Hebert L0f0:it01nf-, C "ff T1-'11, Dame -rsh rx 11 - 1 ' ' +1':1x:fz, 101111 1" 1101, 1.00 .1 1 er T10 F013 110 H0.11r:0h Fifth 120x215 Sf91fYh'J',i:I'?f Ge-F010 1J15:t111c:s g,1f?f',lr' 1:1ElH11flf1, 1101110111 Fejier, R31Q11 1'1Gffb7lil"'f 1111131111141 Tru.-1.1, 101110: T11f'1.' 13 B B Tqrlieff Poultx '.'.'hp11if P01111 1,711ck11r1gy ', 1 1 Pic , J7,1.G 32 A VINCENT HOHMAN Honest endeavor wins all his succe s Dramatic 3 4 DIANE LUTES Happy as the day 1 long Mixed Chorus l Drarnatics Riegelette 4 HI LITE 4 Volleyball Play Day LORETTA REINHART Sincere disposition popular with everyone Mixed Chorus I Dramatics 3 4 HI LITE 4 Riegelette 4 Volleyball Play Day l 2 County Honor Society 3 Librarian 4 Senior Scholarship Test 4 ALICE SCHLACHTER Skilliul and confident no matter what she does Mixed Chorus I Music Festival I Dramatics , HI-LITE 4 Riegelette Orchestra , County Honor Society 3, 4 Senior Scholarship Test 4 Volleyball Play Day 4 ROSEMARY TIELL Little lady with a big heart, Class officer 1 Cheerleader 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 1 Dramatics 2, 3, 4 Riegelette 4 Volleyball Play Day 3, 4 HI-LITE 4 Q' mmm -rs-- ' ' if' in fi? Kim 3.5 , tv I 1 ' T i f .1,,, . -5:55-:Qty I Q I NORMA KUHLMAN Quiet and considerate toward everyo Cheerleader 2 3 4 Mixed Chorus I Dramatics 2 3 4 HI LITE 4 Hiegelette 4 Volleyball Play Day l 'Z County Honor Society 3 Senior Scholarship Test 4 TERESA NYE Will go tar with all her qualitie Mixed Chorusl 2 3 4 Music F stival l 2 3 4 Dramatics Z 3 4 HI LITE 4 Riegelette 4 Volleyball Play Day l 2 3 4 Ochestra I 2 3 4 Girls Sports Captain 4 Senio Scholarship Test 4 0 2 3 Nay Queen Attendant 4 ARTHUR SCHALK Great sense ot humor reliable oo Dramatic 3 4 HI LITE 4 Hieaelette 4 ALMA TIELL Her talents are many with wisdom galore Class officer 3 Mixed Chorusl 2 3 4 Music Festival 1 2 3 4 Dramatics l 2 3 4 Hlegelette 4 I-II LITE 4 Volleyball Play Day I 2, 3,4 O chestra l, 2, 3, 4 Conservation Essay Contest County Honor Society 3, 4 Girls Sports' Captain 4 Senior Scholarship Test 4 MARLENE WELBORN Sincerity and smiles earn all her success. Mixed Chorus I Dramatics '2, 3, 4 HI-LITE 4 Riegelette 4 County Honor Society 4 NEW HIEGEL ELEVATOR RAY HOHMAN, PRCP. Grain, Seed, Feed, Coal, Fertilizer-Farm Supplies Custom Grinding Phone 37 or 41 THOMAS BORER Htah tanda d a htexes then too eball l 2 ketball I 2 Co Cartaln amattc 2 3 H LITE 4 Rtegelette 4 Var tty Club 3 4 ALICE BROSE The lappxe t dtspo 1t1on tn the world Cheerleado 2 3 4 M xed Chorus I 3 D amatlcs 2 3 4 HI LITE 4 Volleyball Play Day I 2 3 Ltbrarlan 2 3 4 Gtrls Sports Captatn 4 May Queen 4 DATRICIA DURNWALD Qu1et though h1ghIy respected Mlxed Chorus I MUSIC Eestlval 3 Dramottcs 2 3 4 Fllegelette 4 Volleyball Play Day I 2 3 4 HI LITE 4 THERESA GOSHE Thouohtlul and always wtlhng to lend a hanl ltxed Chorus I 3 Musto Eesttval .3 4 Damattc 2 3 4 HI LITE 4 Rtegelette 4 Volleyball Play Day 2 3 4 County Honor Soclety 3 Senlor Scholarshrp T t 4 DWAIN HOHMAN A ,lncere athlete a real trtend Class olhcer 2 Baseball I 2 3 4 Basketball I 2 3 4 co captain 4 Buckeye Boy, State 3 HI LITE 4 Rtegelette 4 Vars1ty Club 3 4 Dramattcs 3 4 IX 'MAN wiv' 'lit THERESA BOUILLON Gay most of the tune but can be serxous too Dramattcs 3 4 Rtegelette 4 HI LITE 4 MARILYN COLLET Cheertulnes IQ her favorxte companton MIX6d Chorus I Drarnatlcs 2 3 4 HI LITE 4 Rlegelette 4 Ltbrarxan 3 PAULA FOUTS A good cornpamon mtelltqent and mterestlnq Cass otllcer I 2 3 Cheerleader l 2 3 4 Mlxed Chorus I 2 3 4 Muslc Eestlval 2 3 4 Drarnatlcs 2 3 4 HI LITE co edltor 4 Rlegelette co edltor 4 Volleyball Play Day 2 3 4 Clnservatlon Essay Contest 3 County Honor SOCISIY 3 4 Gtrls Sports Captain 4 Senlor Scholarshtp Test 4 Valed1ctor1an 4 THERESA HAUBERT Eatthlul ln httle thlngs always dependable M1xed Chorusl 2 3 4 Mustc Festrval Drarnatlcs 2 3 4 HI LITE 4 H1egelette 4 Volleyball Play Day 2 3 4 o 2 3 IAMES HOHMAN Pleasantly chllerent and soclable Dramatlcs 3 4 County Honor SOCIETY 3 4 THE NEW RIEGEL STATE BANK New Rtegel, Ohlo Member of Federal Depostt Insurance Corporahon Bas , , 3, 4 - I Bas ' , , 3, 4 - I Dr ' s , , 4 I f ,Q W ' ,,, 'F .V 'I A , I L . , , ..tI J ' -' - 1 , rs I, .4 ,T 5 - - in S ' 'A 'z r rn t, f-1 ' I I I E 2 ' ' 3 I ' W Orchestra I Riegel eu e 4 X y ,. 5:1 .,,. ,.:: - y 4 I , , I4 . ' r I I i::5,I ' ,I PM X A "' V 1 l who ,.,, ff-5- :FF V L ' I ' I ' I A 3' X-, -"3 ' ' , . . 5, y A g g 7 I ' n . ' I I X I f ' l , 1 -ww , ' I . . . . If 4- , 2, , 4 5 fa' 1 A Q . il ' ' ' ' 'z, '3, 4 I ' 4 V A I ,V . P A ' S Tri , , 4 , 3' I CLASS FLOWER Whlte Carnat1on as? MARY REINBOLT Presldent Personalrty plus gltted IH many Ways Cass othcer I 3 4 Mxxed Chorus l 2 3 Drarnatlcs 2 3 4 HI LITE Co edltor 4 R1egelette Co edltor 4 County Honor Socrety 3 Lrbrarlan l 3 4 Se-mor Scholarsh1p Test 4 Salutatortan CAROL LAFONTAINE M CVLZOILS 0 LCGIS Nm f 'its LA CLASS RING For 1955 MARIORIE WETZEL VICG Presldent Excellent character reserved and rehned Cas tflcerl 2 3 Mlxed Chorus l 2 3 4 MUSIC Eesttval l Z 3 4 Drarnatlcs 2 3 4 HI LITE 4 Rhegelette 4 Orchestra o 2 3 County Honor Soctety 3 4 Senlor Scholarshlp Test 4 Class Htstonan 6 . .- 4. ' i 1 X f fl 1 ' l br- 1,5 ' THF? ,yy G71 f . ' I 'Z sex ' ' Us Ss - ..,, i 1 L M I my gm' erru ,Mt . ' ',"g b-.,.,.. :.:,, ,,-' ' I ' . I 4, f f - W I Q I-r:l4 - IIQ . I . . I4 . 1,2,3,4 , ' ' , W Tri , , 4 I, Ir LI,ssr' I I,L4u:u. I EDGAR COLEMAN if 313 ,, ' S ....,, - 55" .- If "::r 53? T . . . 1 - rwsurer t .. zzlz I 3 ' ! . I I .,,, ,,..-' I fl nlzl I vqlln E 5 . . V ' NZ . I I I 4 , ,,., I ' V , ,3, 4 ' S . . 1 is l . Secretary is tw Relrable and Jolly rn all her accomphshrnents em Class otftcer 4 Cheerleader l 2 3 4 Q Mlxed Chorus I 2 3 Dramattcs 2 3 4 HI LITE 4 Rlegelette 4 Volleyball Play Day l 2 3 4 County Honor Soc1ety 3 L1brar1an 3 Gtrls Sports Captaln 4 May Queen Attendant 4 EULALIA BUGNER Reporter Artrsttc and darnty IH everythlng ,V- Class oftrcer 2 4 M1X9d Chorus l Muslc Festrval I Dramatlcs l 2 3 HI LITE 4 Rlegelette 4 Volleyball Play Day l 2 County Honor Socrety 3 L1brar1an 2 3 4 Senror Scholarshrp Test 4 Class Wtl M53 So pleasant and agreeable I-I to deal wlth Class ottlcer 4 M1xed Chorus 3 4 MUSIC Eestlval 3 HI LITE 4 R1egelette 4 County Honor SOCIEIY ERMAN CLOUSE Sgt at Arms Never sertous alway gay Class olhcer 3 4 Baseball Manager 3 4 Basketball l Manager 4 Drarnatlcs 3 4 I-II LITE 4 Rregelette 4 Varslty Club 3 4 Preszdent 4 Comphments ot CLARKS BAR New Rtegel Oh1o FIVE NEW RlEGEL SCHOOL BUS DRlVERS First Row Thomas Goetz Albert Wet7el Earl Mathias Linus Brickner Second Row H Edf ard Newcorne Milton Siebenaller Artliur Reirb lt Four BOARD OF EDUCATION Harold Clouse, presidentg Albert Borer, William Brose Superintendent Bernard Durbin, Raymond Theis, Ernest Holinian, Carl Clouse. CAEETERIA CUSTODIAN Alice Huss and Hortense Carrick L1nus Briclcner THEIS SHEET METAL COMPANY Ray Theis Mgr Phone 35 New Riegel Ohio , ft 1 ' I D - - . J , . , . A S Q f - A v , I , " . Qitg, E 'S XSN MRS GRACE SHIREMAN B A Home Econormcs Amemccm Luercrture Gxrls Physxccxl Educcltlon MR WILLIAM FLAI-IERTY B S SOCICII Stuches Cocxchmg MRS MARGARET TIELL B M MUSIC MRS ALICE FRENCH M A Enghsh Lcttm MISS KATHLEEN DENNY B S Commercml SubJeCts NYE S STORE Grocemes cmd Hardware Alvcdci Ohlo Three Two K' Eor the past th1rty four years the New R1egel schools have been under the leadershtp o Supertntendent Bernard M Durbln He has helped the New Rlegel schools pro greea from a small begmnmng to a modern school system conelsttng ol St Peters School tn Alvada and also a grade and high echool tn the New Rlegel local dtitrtct wlth a total enrollment of 453 puptls The New Rlegel 'student body expre we apprectatton for Mr Durbtn S SSTVICGS here and extende to htm good wlihes for the future MR BERNARD M DURBIN M A Supermtendent lnduetrlal Arts Algebra SYSTEM To our prtnctpal Mr H Edward Newcome the entlre student body wlshes to extend g atetu ness for the adv1ce and help he has QIVSU dunng the pa t h1gh School days MR H EDWARD NEWCOME M A Prtnctpal SCIENCE Agnculture ZENDER HARDWARE Electrtc Pumps and Plumbtng Suppltes New Rtegel Phone X A Cl c' II ff If at l p . , I 1 I I 3 v- l - ' 'Ol f L l' I -I t S . I OL e Publlshed by C fx QILIOI CLS? ew fflzeqel Ffa! G cf: f me now CCIQLMICHI The outstandlng event for the Senior Class of 1955 56 was brought about when It put forth 1ts efforts to present the fxrst HI LITE of New Rlegel Schools All the students have looked forward to thls annual w1th a great deal of ant1c1pat1on To everyone we extend an 1nv1tat1on to l1ve aga1n wlth us the past events of the school year and to share the honor of our achlevements 1n scholast1c and extra curr1cular act1v1t1es We wlsh to express our heartfelt gratttude to our beloved Supermtendent Mr Bernard M Durbln our advlsor Mtss Kathleen Denny and the entlre faculty of New R1egel Hlgh and Grade Schools for therr a1d and co operat1on 1n helpmg to make our flrst attempt a success 'XJ

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