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1 PRAIRIE LIFE 1979 . 0 f I ' liiifiiii HiniiW, riWavF library 3 1833 018814936 COMPLIMENTARY CCJO. GC 977.202 N344NP, 1979 PRAIRIE LIFE New Prairie High School New Carlisle, IN 46552 Vol. XI, 1979 STUDENTS OF NEW PRAIRIE HIGH SCHOOL: This book is a mirror of the times you have had this past year. Utilize it to remind you of the wonder and adventure which will be around you all of your lives. Rely on it and use it to excel in your future endeavors. The staff of 1979 Prairie Life salutes you and your accomplishments. We also hope you will always be in search of new beginnings with which to brighten the mirrors of your futures. Excerpts in this book have been taken from Kahlil Gibran ' s " The Prophet " with permission from Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., publisher. Our Youth Has Given Us . . . Dreams To Dream Curriculum Assistant Principal: Mr. Robert Noel School Board: Kenneth Sebasty, Carl Meyers, James Fisher, Walter Gesse, Donald Major Secretary and Trea ' erTRX rWirnia Dodd Secretary: Judy Adnson Administration The Backbone Of School Custodians: Ralph Cain, Jeanne Jones, Rutli Hennen, Irvin Andrysiak Sylvester Salisbury, Verlun Jesse, Sharon Moffit, June Sen- iff. Cooks: (Below) Phyllis Kratz, Rosemary Mattasits, Sandra Dobrzykowski, Margaret Kelly, Gladys McCleland, Donna Hoffer, Leah Halter, Peg Haverstock. !M Business: Men And Wonnen Organizing Industry Vocational training requires typing ability. Cooperation aids in shorthand skills. Accounting requires concentration. Mr. Max Haag Miss Carolyn Harris Mrs. Wynelle Hughes Whether for personal or vocational rea- sons, the Business Department provides the necessary background information and skill building to give the student an understand- ing of our economic system to the needed skills required for the world of work. Learning to type, balancing a budget, un- derstanding a legal document, as well as communication are part of the Business cur- ricula. Business English was a new course this year. Mr. Kenneth Gradeless Mr. Ed Hamilton Being able to type is almost a requirement for future courses and for work. Mr. Tim Moffitt Basis Of Communication Grinin ' over " Playgirl ' Mr. Frank Rokosz Miss Sandra Dryja Mr. Bill Haselton Mr. David Mathews p. ■ — " -P 1 j iri H 1 M ! I ■ ' r 2 Miss Ciiristine Cortier Mrs. Barbara Deer " The proper way to hold a book is . . . »q i ■ ■■■ ::-:i -i. BgfF f ' Ti r A i m m T Kii.i%.A ' % 8 mmmJai Jka ssl ' . ■ ai i. What ' s Paul looking at? Writing In English is essential. Classes in the English Department are somewhat limited to either regu- lar or accelerated. However, the various aspects of each section offer a complete and well-rounded educa- tion for the individual. This year, a new dimension was added to the curriculum in the form of speech class. This is now a re- quirement for all incoming fresh- men. Speech not only adds a knowl- edge of technique but also helps stu- dents overcome their shyness which is important for future assignments in other courses. Science Cooperation is needed among the elements and staff. Gaseous . . . Solid . . . Liquid . . . It Matters. Science is basically a study of matter. Most beginning students took either biology or earth science. These classes include the basic fundamentals of plants, animals, and the earth. Advanced students in chemistry and advanced biology scrutinized the make up of these basics. There is a class designed for every interest a student shows, from general and elementary science to the more advanced courses such as physics and advanced chemistry. Experiencing the elements first hand in the various classes give the students an opportunity to experiment and analyze. On occasions between classes, " rotten eggs " may seem to be present as well as fire-crackers. These are all part of the scientific experiments within the classes. Mr. James Woolsey Mr. Keith Kauffman Mike, that paper won ' t fit under the microscope! Miss Mary McGawn ' 5% i Mathematics: A Case Of -Pluses Versus Minuses Calculators prove their significance in calculus. Mathematics is an extremely complex composition of theor- ies, functions, and programs. Whether Intro-Algebra or Analyt- ical Geometry, the subject boils down to a case of pluses and minuses; a combination of facts and figures. A Data Processing class was instigated a few years ago with the supervision of Mr. Michael Powers. With the help of their new computer, the class number has been increasing greatly. The importance of computers for the future becomes more evident as the days pass. Fighting the Clingons . . . Mr. Michael Powers Miss Brenda Lehr Social Studies: IVIan And The System. Mr. George Olson A very reluctant Mr. Ronald HIggins Mr. Blaine Gamble Suppose these people know the camera is on them? Is Paul really reading that book? n k - ' ., -ii Social Studies is a program basically designed to tutor students in subjects like U.S. History, Government, and Economics, but it also includes psy- chology and sociology which are the examination of man ' s reactions to soci- ety and social classifications. Within all of these classrooms, the people learn exactly why the United States is as it is today. We learn from past mistakes, discover economic warning signs, and learn to choose leaders that will try to balance our American system. Matt ponders American economy. erman . Spams Mr. Larry Strict Mrs. Alicia Miller French, German, and Spanish are no just studies of languages, they are studie: of different people in different countries A course in a foreign language is a worth- ' while experience in that many great sci- entific, athletic, and theatrical talents cannot begin to be understood without an effort to understand their foreign cul- tures. Matts Hiden is a rariety at New Prai- rie High School. He is one of the few for- eign exchange stu- dents that have vis- ited our hallowed halls. Hiding in a corner to read a Spanish book? Three Languages . Three Cultures Mr. Gerardo Gonzales Industrial Arts And Agriculture: Two Varied And Diverse Studies. Industrial Arts and Agricul- ture cover everything from tractor maintenance to animal care; from building games to reproducing the paper; from constructing dust pans to elec- trical wiring, as well as scale drawings of all sorts. Besides the basics, students learn to avoid accidents and take spe- cial care of machinery. Agricul- ture even includes students from other school districts. Mr. Dave Millar Mr. Don Thomas Cakes The Home Economics Department at New Prairie has everything the student needs to know to learn to cook, sew, and get married . . . yes, even get married. This year (as in many others) the famijy living classes put on a series of three marriages. The students went through a Catholic, Jewish, and Protestant ceremony complete with reception and all the trimmings. Other areas in which the students had discussions were: birth control, living together, and child rearing. In these classes the students got a chance to voice their opinions. The guys also had their hours to shine when they had the opportunities to cook various meals. Their pride was evident as you could see teachers like Mr. Matthews and Mr. Colborne feasting away. The wedding table and cake. Mrs. Ardith Ross iTij-. Patricia Lynch Miss Debbie Vice Health In Mind And Body. fi ' ttriiiii ' iiiMW - -- " " Just pretend it ' s a teacher after exams. ' ' It ' d make a great lamp. ' Health is more important than most people realize. It doesn ' t just concern classes with Mr. Jennings. It involves the total way you feel. Physical education is directly involved. It is part of an over-all program to build a sound mind and body. The physical education class this past year expanded as upperclassmen were again able to partake in the program. Most of their time was taken up in the gym, however, because the pool was drained for repairs. Mr. Mike Jennings ' I ' m sorry, brown-nosing won ' t help love studying bodies. " nw Art: A Journey Into The Imagination Lori Bartoszowicz Carolyn Blad Mindy Copeland Karen Firebaugh Linda Heminger Ginger Norris Carrie Nowak Sue Smith Cinrys Stephens Sheila Swanson Cheryl Tappan Tammy Wilson Bev McNeil Kathy Kurzhal Pam Blint Zinnia Artist Bonnie Barnes Connie Barnes Theresa Bolakowski Patti Bolsega Greg Dudeck Leanna Earlywine Cheri Everill Dana Fecher Janie Foulk Juileann Ford Valerie Rempt Ana Reyes Chris Roda Robin Holmquest Judy Miller Amy Schrock Wendy Simon Joan Vivirito Ann Heminger John Hoffman Mike Holmquest Roger Gilchrist Keith Manges Lori Schriber Brian Green Beth Tusznski Baritone Sax Bass Clarinet Jill McQueeney Teresa Tarnow Darma Keen Teri Rice Roger Davis Dewayne Dolph Tom Dudeck David Earlyw ine Joe Jacobs Carl Kmiec Ellen Larson John Miller Caria Sebasty Kevin Seeley Renee Simmermyer Steve Zollman Peter Bolakowski Jerry Hans Jack Kenyon Bill Rempt Gail Woolsey Marilie Barnhart Kim Meyer Matt Porter Denise Saunders Matt Tarnow Scott Van Mele Loren Vermilyer Gina Feikes Jim Goraczewski Dave Volts Gary Brown Dale Dady Gene Eggert Joe Kulasa Jim Meyers Jim Morehouse Jim Pearish Tom Peitrzak Scott Schmitt Larry Stayback " Band is the greatest experience I have ever had in high school. It is a great organization which is proud and essential to school spirit. Band is the bringing together of people from all classes to form one unified, spirited organization. " — Bob Vantine, president. Officers Bob Vantine. Tammy Wilson. Gene Eggerf , and Wendy Simon arrive to early morning band practice with Mr. Sprague. " After the past few years of being down in popularity, we are fast becoming more of a part of many of the school ' s and community ' s activities. This is proof of our advance- ment. " — Jim Morehouse. At left is Mr. Richard Sprague. 1 i m S Ai iis , ?i LJ ff I H s Band And Chorus " Band is an opportunity to enjoy and better understand music. It is also a chance for me to improve my skills at playing a musical instrument. " — David Earlywine. ' ' We are able to express ourselves while in band. A good background in various styles and types of music enrich our overall understanding. " — Gina Feikes Kathy Kurzhal. A-Capella Choir Miss Marsha Belsaas Row 1 — Theresa Feece, Angle Poag, Shari Tarnow, Lisa Jones, Karen Firebaugh, Sheila Harness, Greg Zigler, Bob Bradburn, Randy Nickerson, Jim Klute, Mitch Kane, Craig Swanson, Jack Davis, Janie Faulk, Leanna Earlywine, Zinnia Artist, Tonja Klute, Peg Devereaux, Row 2 — Tammy Lenig, Sally Wolf, Annette Page, Lisa Mossman, JoEllen Colborne, Chris Lusk, Mark McQueen, Rob Shail, Bret Strong, Craig Banholzer, Jim Saylor, Dave Devereaux, Pat Rist, Julie Sherbun, Lori Vermillion, Penny Hessel, Angle Baldwin, Row 3 — Julie Johns, Caria Sauers, Darma Keen, Jill Kaminski, Denise Saunders, Renee Hebert, Jeff Mitchell, Kevin Brooks, Jon Cloglazier, Dave Loree, Brett Chandler, Scott Ness, Ernie Geist, Karen Jozwiak, Kathy Eggert, Pam Blint, Renee Simermeyer, Connie Barns, Row 4 — Darlene Moore, Cindy Christenson, Tammy Gauck, Theresa Tarnow, Pam Stockton, Janice Olson, Glen Todd, Jay Hochstetler, Cyril Oake, Dave Earlywine, Chris Kent, Jud Tolmen, Jamie Fowler, Tom Butler, Rob Zigler, Virginia, Lake, Nancy Johnson, Brenda Jozwiak, Linda Wickizer. Two Approaches To Music Swing Choir: Gregg Zigler: president. Bob Feece, Tammy Lenig, Liso Mossman, Lisa Jones, Ernie Gelst. Mitch Kane. Sharl Tarnow. Cyril Oake. Julie Johns: Secretary treasurer. Dave Earlywine. Chris Kent. Nancy Johnson: vIce-President. Kathy Eggert, Jay Hochstetler. Gary Brown. Bret Strong. Renee SImmermeyer. Leanna Earlywine. Jim Klute. Kevin Brooks. Miss Belsaas: Sponsor. Girl ' s Allegro Choir: Row — 1 Janet Kremke. Chrystal Stephens. Cheryl Tappan. Roberta Eraser. Lisa Eastman. Debbie LeRoy. Man Cowles. Row — 2 Avonda Relnhold. Renlta Selbert, Lori Beck. Jody Keck. Marg Olson. Sue Croumlick, Pam Felton. Erin Byers. Vicki Risner A Capella officers: Nancy Johnson, vice-president; Kathy Eggert. trea- surer: Julie Johns, secretary: Gregg Zigler. president f J . e -.a_o - t 0i Row — 1 — Kathy Armstrong. Donna Brees. Kim Neuman. Linda Baxter, Jeff Chambers, Bob Feese, Ken Mine, Brian Thompson, Ann Hemlnger, Leanna Bush, Liz McPherson. Toni Miller. Row — 2 — Marguerite Casper, Carole Schroeder, Pat Jones, Craig Arndt, Jerry Hochstetler, Steve Geary, Werner Sternitzke, Chris Freestone, Kym DeGroote. Lyn DeGroote. Karen Clady. Row — 3 — Lisa Massey. Patti Shead. Cathy Hardy, Debbie Linn, Scott VanMele, Tim Mangold, Scott Jones, Dave Dunning, Jay Fowler. Pansy Burek. Linda Hemlnger, Maria Martinez. Row — 4 — Dawn Dopierowski. LInnaea Everill. Sally Milliken. Lori Osborn, Jim Meyers. Mike Sherbun, Ken Cox. Paul Reinhold. Ron Bougher. Darlene Barnes, Julie Adnson, Kim Vermillion. Left: Miss Belsaas poses with Concert Choir officers Julee Adnson. Kim Vermillion, and Bob Feece. Below: Whether it is swing choir or concert choir, practice takes lots of time and patience. ' J j Jr ni 1 ( j ome ' " " " toiiAIB g s: a» «HP , ' ' g5S»!«5»5f ' " Pleasure is a freedom-song. . . . sing it with fulness of heart; yet do not lose your hearts in the singing. " Clowning Around At New Prairie One of 1978-79 ' s more unique convocations was a fisit from one of the Clyde-Beaty Circus clowns. He demonstrated many of the make-up and costume techniques as well as showing us one of his theatrical presentations. He also made Senior Joe Camalick into a first-class clown. m Joe takes a crack at being a clown. The simplest changes can be funny. Typing class developed its own jester. October 27,28, 1978 The 1978-79 Musical " Li ' l Abner " was one of New Prairie finest. With a cast of nearly one-hundred persons, the music department danced, sang, and joked their way into the hearts of the student body. Citizens of Dogpatch, U.S.A. definitely had proven themselves truly significant by the re- markable recovery of a plaque dedicated by Abraham Lincoln (himself!) in the honor of Jubilation T. Cornpone, founder of the town. The " Down-Home " Gang . . . " The Country ' s in the very best of hands A Jones ' Family Reunion " Dearly Beloved ... " A new breed of husband. ' What ' s an engagement? ' CAST Lonesome Polecat Jim Saylor Hairless Joe Dave Loree Romeo Scragg Bret Candler Clem Scragg Jack Davis Alt Scragg Jeff Mitchell Moonbeam McSw ine Lisa Jones Marryin ' Sam Craig Swanson Earthquake McGoon Chris Kent Daisy Mae Julie Johns Pappy Yokum Gregg Zigler Mammy Yokum Nancy Johnson Li ' l Abner Cyril Oake Mayor Dan ' l Dawgmeat Bret Strong Senator Jack S. Phogbound Kevin Brooks Dr. Finsdale Tammy Lenig Available Jones Ernie Geist Stupefyin ' Jones Lisa Mossman Colonel Jim Klute Scott Ness General Bullmoose Craig Banholtzer Miss Appassionata Angela Baldwin Evil Eye Fleagle Rob Zigler Speedy McRabbit Mitch Kane Scarlett Shari Tarnow Wives: Debbie Bode, Sheila Harness, Tammy Gauck, Renee Hebert; Husbands: Dale Beck, Bob Bradburn, Randy Nickerson, Rob Shall; Secretaries: Pam Blint, Chris Lusk, Teresa Tarnow, Linda Wickizer; Convert- ed Husbands: Ken Cox, Kregg Keigley, Len Noens, Paul Stepanek; Dogpatch Dancers: Leanna Earlywine, Kathy Eggert, Darlen Moore, Shari Tarnow, Dave Devereaux, Ernie Geist, Dave Loree Glen Todd. Dogpatchers: Zinnia Artist, Dale Beck, Bob Bradburn, Cindy Christenson, Joe Ellen Colborne, Jon Coglazier, Dave Devereaux, Peg Devereaux, Leanna Earlywine, Kathy Eggert, Theresa Geece, Karen Firebaugh, Penny Hessel, Jay Hochstetler, Brenda Jozwiak, Karen Jozwiak, Jill Kaminski, Darma Keen, Janie Faulk, Tonja Klute, Lori Kuta, Virginia Lake, Dave Loree, Darlene Moore, Randy Nickerson, Janice Olson, Pat Rist, Caria Sauers, Denise Saunders, Rob Shall, Julia Sherbun, Renee Simmermeyer, Pam Stockton, Glen Todd, Jud Tolmen, Lori Vermillion, Sally Wolfe, Angle Poag; Pit Band: Dave Earlywine, Tammy Wilson, Joan Vivirito, Keith Manges, Bob Vantine, Jerry Hans, Regina Feikes, Gene Eggert. Drama Class Presents " It ' s Your Move. " Drama was more than just putting on a play for the enjoyment of the student body. Drama in- volved hard work, hours of studying lines, re- hearsing parts, making decisions about props and costumes, and figuring out how to set the tone of a play. These essential basics must be perfected before the Drama Class can subject the produc- tion (and themselves) to the student body. This year ' s play was " It ' s Your Move, " and was super- vised by Mr. Bill Haselton. Nora helps stewardess Toni with her name tag. Mr. Matthews, did you really want to become a " Shead " when you grew up? Career Day: Ideas For Futures A representative from over thirty-five occupa- tions from dog groomers to musicians visited New Prairie High School on December 6 for our Fifth Biannual Career Day. The purpose was to present students with the actual breakdown of facts on possible occupations in their futures. Some of the Career Day guests were even past graduates of New Prairie! This year ' s program was coordinated by guidance counselors Virginia Volkman and Rex Thomas. students pay close attention to worthwhile information. Larry Dodd returns . . . again. used to be a cheerleader at don ' t tell him what ' s in the coffee Intramurals . . . Many convocations have highlighted the past school years, but 1978-79 had more than its share of interesting a varied programs. Along with clowns, drama plays, intramurals, the musical, and career day, the students had the opportunity to view the antics of much- traveled Clint Milliken and his wife Ruth Milli- ken, who are formally from our own New Car- lisle. Milliken demonstrated to the students many of his perfected magic tricks. He even seemed to make birds appear out of thin air! Magicians . . . Intramural Champs; (front) Greg Thompson, Jim Seely, Jeff Thompson, David Arndt. (back) Jay Hochstetler, Cyril Oake, Doug Samuelson, Charles Schmitt. Milliken ' s wife Ruth had a few of her own tricks. Seniors Jasinski and Johnson come to Milliken ' s aid. Pulling birds from thin air Eclipses students cram into Mr. Powers ' room to view eclipse. Every so many years we have the opportunity to witness a solar eclipse. In 1979, with the help of Mr. Mike Powers, students viewed a screen version. Powers set up a telescope and projected the phenomenon onto a screen so that stu- dents could see it without the aid of eye guards. The Dynamic Duo show their Spirit. A pyramid — building pep session. Homecoming Festivities Spark nvolvement Homecoming festivi- ties always seem to spark sentimentality and involvement. School pride is wit- nessed the most during this time because the same old traditions re- emerge year after year; the mums, spirit weel , the presentation of the candidates, and the surprise of the queens, all make Homecoming what it will always remain: one week of excitement and anticipation. Jackie and Ann share congratulations. Football Court (Left to Right): Scott Keller, Phyllis Buttler, Scott Jones, Julee Adnson, Doug Williamson, Nancy Johnson, David Devereaux, Brenda Nickerson, Jon Houseknecht, Cyril Oake, Shari Tarnow. Basketball Court (Above — Left to Right) John Mrozynski, Jackie Jasinski, Ed Kopkowski; Darlene Moore, Chris Kent, Kathy Eggert, Bob Vantine, Teresa Tarnow, Gary Zwierzynski, Ann Meryl, Craig Jones, Lisa Mossman, Dave Maxv rell, Sandi Reyes, Randy Smith, Dawn Garoutte, Below (L to R) Shari Gierke, Todd Rodgers, Wendy Simon, Don Livinghouse, Nancy Johnson, Kregg Keigley, Wendy Hansen, Jerry Hans, Pam Waldo, Doug Samuelson, Sue Clayton, Kevin Brown, Sue Blad, John Glon. Scenes from the Homecoming are always memo- rable; especially so to the Home- coming queens. This years football homecoming was Miss Gina Spaeth, and the basketball queen was Miss Ann Moryl. The crown, the kiss, and the roses contributed to a night they will never forget. 1978-79 Homecoming Queens: Gina Spaeth, Ann Moryl Gina and loyal fans. ri tistift PROM COURT (I to r) Ann Moryl, Jeff Parry, Craig Jones, Jackie Jasinski, Queen Nancy Johnson, King Doug Williamson, Lisa Mossman, Len Noens, Debbie Yeater, Ken Cox, Nora Harris, Dave Sudlow. imiKK Seniors:, Row — 1 — Kathy Kurzhal, Jaekie Jasinski, Nora Harris, Craig Swanson, Zinnia Artist, Bonnie Rice, Carrie Nowak, Lisa Jones, DFane Robinson, Tammy Wilson. Row — 2 — Laura Bealor, David Olson, Robert Vantine, Kathy Eggert, Peg Miller, Pam Blint, Wendy Hansen, Regina Feikes, Ann Moryl, Mrs. Wynelle Hughes. Row — 3 Angela Baldwin, Sue Horvath, Wendy Simon, Sara Shoff, Jerry Hans, Eric Wolfe, Ellen Clark, Cindy Hartman, Julie Johns. Row — 4 Ron Barnes, Mike Rist, Doug Williamson, David Earlywine, Don Livinghouse, Paul Stepanek, Jeff Parry, Craig Jones, John Miller. New members to the National Honor Soci- ety were chosen on the basis of four qualifi- cations: Scholarship, Service, Character, and Leadership. Of the four qualifications, Scholarship is weighed most heavily. Each new inductee must have maintained at least a 3.0 grade average throughout high school, and he must never have received a grade lower than a " C " for a semester average. Also essential in the decision, is each indivi- dual ' s character, his initiative as a leader, and the services he has rendered while in school. Juniors: Row — 1 — Sandy Zelasko, Tammy Lenig, Debbie LaPage, Sally Wolfe, Darlene Moore, Mitch Kane, Renee Simmermeyer, Shari Tarnow, George Bladecki, Anita Baxter. Row — 2 — Patti Hardy, Theresa Bolakowski, Valerie Rempt. Dale Waak, Gail Woolsey, Ginger Norrts, Shelly Farrington, Jill McQueeney, Pam Gamble, Mary Clayton, Dave Arndt. Row — 3 — Beth Flotow, Patti Bunton, Keith Manges, Vickie Freestone, Susan Blad. Brenda Jozwiak, Debbie Cavin. Sue Lynch, Shari Geirke, Brian Greene. Row — 4 — Jeff Rose, Barry Wagner, Dean Kenyon, Cyril Oake, Gene Eggert, Scott Ness, Dewayne Dolph, Dave Maxwell, Jim Klute, Ed Kopkowski. Officers for 1978-79 were: Wendy Han- sen, president; David Earlywine, vice- president; Jerry Hans, secretary; Gre Zigler, treasurer; Sara Shoff, historian. ff- - 1 1 r ' l Row 1. Kathy Martin, Sandy Zelas _ Row 2 Theresa Bolakowski, Dana Moo!«i SS8 Row 3 Sally Wolfe. Karen Schroeder, Beth t Art Club Student Council Art Club members were involved in ,,,._. c, evy n projects in 1979. One such project was the sale of cera ics around Christmas time. Members also had an opp: tunity to display many of their crafts at an an exhibit h during the spring chorus concert. Also, many of the c ' -udents had a chance to take part tn the Scholastic - igional competition at Robertson ' s, " ,or Robert Noel are studen: ,-,her.? A.V.A. members learn how to use the library correctly and to handle the different machines related to audio-visual use. They also attended conventions at specified areas in In- diana to learn about schools and their club ' s projects. r i Row 1 — Lorie Steinbrunner, Delilah Swango; secretayr, Ellen Lawson, Row 2 — Demise Bozenski, Bonnie Rice, Jackie Justice; treasurer, Mrs. Gloria Guptill, Row 3 — Teh Rice: vice president, Nancy Bozenski, Teresa Tarnow: president. Girls Service Club And Audio- Visual Aids Do Their Part G.S.C. members have been all around the school this past year doing interesting projects. One such project was their sponsorship of a canned goods race between the clubs. The idea was to gather enough goods to distribute to needy families. The winning organiza- tion, the band, received a $10 prize. Row 1 — Ms. Barbara Wessel, Carolyn Blad, Connie Barnes: vice presi- dent, Tammy Lenig: sec- retary, Deb Miller, Jill Hat- ten, Row 2 — Dana Moore, Karlin Kidder, Bonnie Barnes, Row 3 — Carol Cook, Carol Schroeder, Susan Blad, Annette Page: president. Not pictured: Sandi Mroczkiewicz, public rela- tions officers. ,«--♦-» staff members Pam Gamble, Tawni Sinka, and Vicki tone. In some way, at some time, everyone c in contact with some aspect of journ Whether it be writing a news article or p together a thesis paper, knowing how to effec tively produce readable copy is a tool which proves to be most useful in everyone ' s lives. The staff of the COURGAR REPORTER learned not only how to write spontaneously, but also to write on a level which appeals to the public , eye. q =ir (jufde by Parlez — Vous Francais? French Club members held many mon- ey-making projects each year to finance future trips to Europe. This year ' s high- light was a wrapping paper sale at Christ- mas time. For weeks one could find the members clad multi-colored paper urging others to buy. Initiating the project were officers Julie Baird, president; Peg Miller, vice-president; Dave Ardnt, secretary; and Brian Will, treasurer; Mr. Dimitri Gloss, sponsor. Row — 1 — Julie Rogers, Brian Will, Jennifer Hoff- man, Jane Kaminski. Craig Arndt, Deliah Swango, Leanna Bush, Lisa Slater. Row — 2 — Lisa Moens, Ann Golubski, Dave Arndt, Kim Meyers, Patti Hardi, Cathy Hardi, Jennifer Klosinski. Row — 3 — Beth Reed, Darlene Barnes, Linnea Everill, Julie Baird, Pansey Burk, Peg Miller, Ann Moryl. Row — 4 — Steve Geary, Jay Justice, Dana Fecher, Keith Manges, Gary Hoiyt. Mike Dougherty. ' M: T W n " J 1 ■iiii Ml ) i t Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Row — 1 — Anita Martell, Terry Wilkinson, Jerry Hochstetler, Dan Fain, Jim Jacobs, Sally Milliken. Row — 2 — Steve Zollman, Margue- rite Casper, Wendy Hansen, Tammy Lenig, Mr. Larry Strick. ROW — 3 — Sue Clayton, Mary Clayton, Tammy Dombrowsky, Darma Keen, Lori Schreiber. Row — 4 — Larry Harshman, David Earlywine, Doug Lambert, Mike Volstrof, Tom Smith. Traditional German Club ac- tivities were carried out in full force this year. A cake raffle was held to earn money, Sue Clayton was chosen to repre- sent the club at Homecoming. Officers for the year were: Darma Keen, president; Wendy Hansen, vice-president; David Earlywine, secretary trea- surer. Darma, Tammy, and Sue await the Homecoming nomination results. Row — 1 — Jenny Bockover, Karen Laue, Patti Kurzhal, Sandy Smith, Patti Bolsega, Avonda Reinhold, Patti Shead, Shari Tarnow, Lori Benjamin, Karen Wilson, Mike Flatoff. Row — 2 — Sandy Zelasko, Carlin Kidder, Carol Anderson, Ellen Larson, Jill Kaminski, Karen McCuaig, Roberta Fraser, Delilah Swango, Maria Martinez, Carol Schroeder, Sponsor Mrs. Alicia Miller. Row — 3 — Jeff Geitz, Kathy Armstrong, Kerry Leslie, Sandy Reyes, Julie Baird, Sandy Everett, Pam Benjamin, Julie Kring, Julee Adnson, Carole Cook, Linda Heminger. Row — 4 — Jennie Sikora, Rose Zarembka, Kathy Kurzhal, Cathy Meehan, Beth Tuszynski, Lori Osborn, Jenny Moore, Betty Ostroski, Jeannine Washluske, Caria Sauers. Row — 5 — Debbie Cavin, Steve Davidson, CarIa Sebasty, Jon Stone, Larry Hooten, John Hoffman, Scott Keller, Brett Candler, Warren Banholzer, Pam Blint. Se Habia Espanol? Members of the Spanish Club with Mrs. Alicia Mill- er, sponsor, had a busy year as plans were under- way for a trip to Mexico. To earn money, the club had a candle sale and a cake raffle. Aiding Mrs. Miller were officers Beth Tuszynski, president; CarIa Se- basty, vice-president; Jill Kaminski, secretary; and John Hoffman, treasurer. Candles sales were the year ' s main fund-raiser. Row — 1 — Dale Bode, Bill Feece, Nora Harris, Wendy Hansen, Peg Miller, Dawn Garoutte, Denice Moore, Zinnia Artist, Rob Zigler, Todd Hartman. Row 2 Miss Cortiwe, David Olson, Todd Sobecki, Jodi Gumm, Brenda Barnhart, Kathy Eggert, Angela Baldwin, Francine Gadacz, Kregg Keigley, Doug Williamson, Mr. Tolmen. Row — 3 — Bill Deutcher, Jim Bruck, Sara Shoff, Vickie Kizer, Sue Horvath, Wendy Simon, Nancy Jolinson, Dale Beck, GregTarnow. Row — 4 - David Earlywine, Ron Barnes, Joe Camalick, Alan Bartmess, Paul Stepanek, Jeff Parry, Gary Zwierzynski, Craig Jones. Earning a New Prairie letter sweater is not merely racking up points. It is a combination of " Pride, Perseverance, and Participation. " It is getting involved and supporting your fellow teammates, and then going a step further to back the other facets of our sports program. Without this spirit and enthusiasm, N.P. is just two letters. HP 1 1 HI Jkr IfiV ' t ' .uiiMr ' ii»i«a i »- ' i i tiJMaMif- -wiw i Sq Row — 1 — Joey Carr, Jeff Geits, Jim Heath, Gene Gadacz, Bill Dudeck, Jeff Thompson, Keith Manges, Dave Arndt, Jack Davis, Dan Hochstetler. Row — 2 — Paul Moryl, Dave Kirkum, Bret Strong, Bill Blackston, Barry Wagner, Judd Tolman, Brett Candler, Steve Davidson, Joe Jacobs, Jim Klute. Row — 3 — Mitch Kane, Greg Thompson, Todd Clark, Andy Holman, Dave Maxwell, John Glon, Randy Curless, Jim Garoutte, Ed Kopsowski. Row — 4 — Jay Hochstetler, Rob Shall, Bill Layman, Larry Peitrowski, Dean Kenyon. Brian Williamson, Bill Wolfe, Ernie Giest, Ray Turk, Robin Harbor. Row — 5 — Ron Bougher, Chris Kent, Scott Ness, Curil Oake, Doug Samuelson, Scott Chlebowski, Bill Seering, Gene Eggert, Glen Elkins. ' ' SBPf l Part of being a letterwomen is backing the other sports. Row — 1 — Sandy Zelasko, Jane Camalick, Terry Wood, Lori Vermillion, Lyn DeGroote, Carlin Kidder, Kym Chapman, Janice Gadacz, Tammy Lenig. Row — 2 — Sally Wolfe, Leanna Earlywine, JoEllen Colborne, Sue Lynch, Julie Kring, Beth Flowtow, Teresa Bolakowski, Marilee Barnhart. Row — 3 — Pam Gamble, Mary Clayton, Gail Woolsey, Lori Hastings, Jill Hampshire, Darlene Moore, Jenny Moore. Row — 4 — Denise Spear, Vicki Stickler, Caria Sebasty, Virginia Lake, Vicki Freestone, Debbie Cavin. Pep Club: The IMAGE Of School Spirit foRovv — 1 — Angle Poag, Caria Sauers, Barb Schroeder, Julie Johns, Deb Albertson, Angle Zelasko, Ann Moryl. Row — 2 — Wendy MacMillan, Leanna Bush, Patti Shead, Maria Martinez, Robin Robinson, Jenny Sil ora. Row — 3 — Dana Moore, Lisa Blake, Tonja Klute, Phylis Butler, Leanna Earlywine, Patty Kurz- hal, Kathy Kurzhai, Juilann Ford, Jackie Jasinski. Row — 4— Lori Mills, Francine Gadacz, Kathy Eggert, Denise Moore, Nancy John- son, Darlene Moore. This year was the " Big Pay Off " for the Pep Club. Members worked earnestly to make money to satis- fy alt the debts of the club. Members also switched from making signs to making costumes as a new Cougar costume was concocted under the supervi- sion of sponsor, Miss Debbie Vice. The new Cougar made its debut at the basketball homecoming game. Another contribution the Pep Club made was the annual picture mosaic in the gym hallway. Top: Lisa Blake, Phyllis Butler. Bottom: Tonja Klute, Patti Kurzhal, Angie Poag, Leanna Earlywine. Cougar Cheerleaders Show Enthusiasm And Versatility The B-team and Freshman cheerleaders for 1979 were all on their way to the top. Their spirit and optimism was ever present and was an example to all. ientereoTtnTOTTBoRomToTopiTlffli? Patti Shead, Angie Zelasko. Left: Robin Robinson, right: Lisa KMassey. This year ' s sponsor, Miss Debbie Vice, brought back the Cougar costume +« i o c■ -,r l orvi-it Top: Stephanie Nies. Middle: Barb Scliroeder, Julie Johns. Bottom: Darlene Moore, Ann Moryl (Captain), Caria to increase SCnoOl spirit. gauers. Front: Dana Moore as the Cougar. " The Twins " at it again. Hoping for a bastcet. Row — 1 — Keith Manges, John Hoffman, Kathy Kurzhal, Beth Tuszynski, Ann Heminger, Bob Vantine, Roger Gilchrist, Row — 2 — Tom Pietrzal , Gina Feikas, Jerry Hans, Peter Bolakowski, Miss Marsha Belsaas, Row — 3 — Mr. Richard Sprague, John Miller, David Earlywine, Kevin Seeley, Renee Simmermeyer, Duane Dolph. Jazz Band . Color Guard Sana director, Mr. Richard Sprague, reactivated the jazz band this year. Taking turns with New Prairie ' s pep band, the jazz band performed at many home basl etball games. The Colorguard, sponsored by Mr. Blaine Gamble, made the official presentation of the flag at several games. Both ventures con- tributed to school spirit. m 1 1 1 ■Ij H K ■■ u II ' " y k ■tf4 PL ! ) | fl wSR- ' ' Wk H JP m H Ha SS5!ff r " " r - ••Jklf , - Row — 1 — Larry Pietrowski, Bill Seering, Joe Camalick, Doug Williamson, Gary Zwierzynski, Jeff Parry, Ron Barnes, Craig Jones, Dale Beck, Dean Kenyon, Mitch Kane. Row — 2 — Dave Arndt, Brett Candler, Bill Blackston, Neil Lauver, Dave Maxvs ell, Doug Samuelson, Scott ChlebowskI, Chris Kent, Jim Deutscher, Ed Kopkowski, Randy Curless, Gene Gadacz. Rovif — 3 — Mark Van Shoyk, Jack Davis, Steve Davidson, Jud Tolmen, Rich Mroczkiewicz, Ray Turk, Glen Elkins, Scott Keller, Dave Turk, Pat Rist, Ron Mossman. Row — 4 — Coach Jerry Colanese, Coach Mike Jennings, Manager Greg Dudeck, Bill Layman, Bret Strong, Brian Williamson, Ron Rougher, Alan Williamson, Joe Jacobs, Coach Tim Moffit, Coach Floyd Trosper. Football: Hard Work . . " After going 3-7 last year, a win- ning attitude was liard to acliieve. Coach Trosper worlced us ex- tremely hard until the season ' s opening loss to LaSalle . . . then he worked us harder. The over- powering of Fairfield for the con- ference crown was the best game of the year. Everyone played hard because there really was no tomorrow. We were tough this year but next year ' s team will be 100% better for that winning attitude is back in Cougar football and it ' ll be hard to lose it. " — Gary Zwierzynski 1978-79 Schedule Team S.B. LaSalle Concord LaPorte Wawasee LaVilie John Glenn Jimtown North Liberty Fairfield OPP. N.P. 32 8 14 18 13 14 22 14 35 3 7 7 14 42 The Cougar football team finished its season with a 7-3 record. They also allowed only 17 points to be scored against them in N.S.C. action. Dedication . . . .Character " I believe anyone that was associ- ated witl i this year ' s team will nev- er forget the great times that we had. " — Craig Jones " We had a very rewarding 1978 season mainly because of our ex- ceptional team unity. Next year ' s nucleus of returning lettermen looks pretty solid. Now that we have developed a tremendous ap- petite for winning tradition, I look forward to future football sea- sons. " — Mitch Kane ' » Head Coach Floyd Trosper 1978-79 Award Winner ' s Captains Most Valuable Back Most Valuable Lineman Most Improved Back Most Improved Lineman Sportsmanship Most Tackles Prep Team Award 100% Effort Helmet Most Valuable N.S.C. Gary Zwierzynski Craig Jones Mitch Kane Mitch Kane Gary Zwierzynski Dave Maxwell Larry Pietrowski Doug Williamson Brett Candler Dave Arndt Mitch Kane Mitch Kane ..! - 22 ' li2 «;28 1 2 40 kn)pJv l W ,»5 ...; . -j - ; vs i ; i ? ..r ' -jfSv ' r;-? -. ' f ' iJM: 2 Row — 1 — David Curl, Doug Winter, Bob Feece, Ken Mott, Craig Arndt, Jim Jacobs, Row — 2 — Tom Jarka, Tim Mangold, Wayne Sebasty, Roger Romig, Mike Gondeck, Kevin Brown, Bob Varsanik, Rich Gadacz, Rich Boone, Coach Jerry Colanese. Row — 3 — Bryan Cooper, Tim Rudnick, Paul Reinhold, Jamie Kring, Okey Simmermeyer, Mike Ames, Todd Beck, Scott Jones, Troy Stroud. Freshmen End Season With 4-1 Record The Freshmen football team provided its fans with plenty of worthwhile viewing in 1978. As always, freshmen were the most spirited and am- bitious for there was constantly opportunities for advancement. Keeping in mind the importance of these young athletes, 1978 Varsity captain Mitch Kane rightly set his goals high for the next season ... " I know I ' m speaking for the whole team when I say three of our main goals are to improve on our 7-3 record, remain conference champs, and lastly, to whip La Porte on our home field. Head Coach Floyd Trosper H ' ti T Row — 1 — Robin Harber, Jay Hochstetler, Andy Holman, Cyril Oake. Row — 2 — Paul Moryl, Dawn Garoutte, Eric Wolfe, Jeff Thompson, Ernie Geist, Greg Thompson, Joey Carr. Row — 3 — Coach Blaine Gamble, John Glon, Brent Campos, Jon Colglazier. Cross Country and the 01 ' Potlucker. ' ' N.P. Harriers had a supersea- son in ' 78. placing third in both invitationals, second in the con- ference, and seventh in the sec- tionai. 1979 should prove to be another great year for New Prai- rie C.C. because " The Pack is Back " — Eric Wolfe. 1978 Award Winners Captain Most Valuable Most Improved Sportsmanship Eric Wolfe Jay Hochstetler Andy Holman Brent Campos 1978 Award winners pose with CoachGamble 1978-79 Schedule Team OPP. N.P Culver 44 19 Westville 47 15 North Liberty 43 20 La Ville 24 31 John Glenn 36 23 St. Joe 41 19 South Central 46 15 Jimtown 49 15 Marquette 43 20 S.B. Washington 29 28 Volleyball VARSITY Row — 1 — Coach Chris Cortier, Jan Gadacz, Angela Baldwin, Jenny Moore, Julie Sherbun. Row — 2 — Jill Hamp- shire, Janet Zielinski, Sue Lynch, Vicki Stickler, Vicki Kizer. B-TEAM Row — 1 — Penny Paul, JoEllen Col- borne. Sandy Mroczkiewicz. Dorinda Meyers. Row — 2 — Sally Milliken, Kim Vermillion, Kim Meyers. Cindy Mannia, Coach Chris Cortier, Row — 3 — Maria Ellenwine, Janice Olson, Vir- ginia Holman. 1978 Award Winners Captains Angela Baldwin Vicki Stickler Most Improved Jan Gadacz Most Valuable Varsity Team " Unity was the key factor during this year ' s volleyball season. It was a rewarding experience for us to work as a whole and achieve so many things together. " Angela Baldwin " The attitude of the volleyball team was a great desire to win. When we lost, we knew we had fight back the next game. Our goal was to win conference and we suc- ceeded. " Vicki Stickler 1978-79 Schedule Team Scores (0pp. first) John Glenn 11-15, 15-9, 8-15 Westville 4-15, 15-10, 13-15 La Lumiere 3-15, 9-15 So. Central 4-15, 15-8, 3-15 JImtown 10-13, 13-15 M.C. Rogers 15-17, 15-12, 13-8 Fairfield 7-15, 13-15 La Porte 15-11, 13-8 Culver 15-13, 4-15, 4-15 " We achieved a record of 10-5 for the season and 4-1 for a 2nd place in Conference. Our exper- ience was minimal compared to other teams, but we managed a good seasonal record and had a good time. " Al Bartmess " A special year, produced by hard work and determination, resulting in the second best re- cord for the tennis team. There weren ' t any brilliant individual records, just a total team effort. " Coach Keith Kauffman Tennis VARSITY Row — 1 — Coach Keith Kauff- man, Gene Eggert, Allan Bart- mess, Keith IVlanges. Row — 2 — Dan Hochstetler, Todd Clark, Kregg Geigley, Greg Tarnow, Bill Wolfe, Wally Kege- bein. B-TEAM Larry Stayback, Steve Geary, Brian Green, Dana Fecher, Jeff Gietz 1978 Award Winners Captain Al Bartmess Most Valuable Gene Eggert Most Improved Keith Manges 1978-79 Schedule Team 0pp. N.P Penn 5 La Lumiere 2 3 M.C. Rogers 5 Margquette 2 3 Knox 3 Jimtown 5 S.B. La Salle 2 3 Fairfield 5 Concord 5 North Liberty 2 3 Culver 1 4 La Ville 1 4 John Glenn 1 4 : -y. L to R — Coach Virginia Volkman, Renee Simmermeyer, Mary Clayton, Lori Hastings, Jane Camalick, Sara Shoff, Sue Horvath 1978-79 Schedule Team 0pp. N.P Marquette 219 232 Elston 223 257 Portage 245 233 Valpo 204 255 Munster 225 247 Chesterton 249 238 Marquette 246 236 Elston 208 265 LaPorte 224 244 LaVille 223 182 Row 1 Chrystal Stephens, Sally Wilhelm, Terry Wood, Carlin Kidder, Debbie Bode, Coach Kathy Nova, Patty McGowan, Angela Baldwin, Jame Camalick, Kerry Leslie, Kim Chapman, Row 2 Dawn Garoutte, Lori Vermillion, Beth Flowtow, Teresa Bolakowski, Betty Ostrowski, Wendy Simon, Sandi Mroczkiewicz, JoEllen Colborne, Julie Baird, Jenny Klosinski, Sally Wolfe. Outstanding Routines Provide Best Season ' The gymnastics team has a " Cougar Heart, " and the capabi- lity of forming a winner. It takes pride, work, and incentive to be a winning team and we had it. " — Angela Baldwin " Everyone improved a great deal this year. The freshman were tough, and that ' s the most impor- tant part. " — Dawn Garoutte 1978-79 Schedule Team 0pp. N.P. Team 0pp. N.P. So. Central 65.35 56.05 So. Central 62.2 56.8 57.35 42.15 42.35 43.4 4.8 15.1 3.65 Oregon Davis 47.8 61.2 John Glenn 58.00 66.54 32.45 34.8 56.10 55.05 3.7 12.05 5,35 LaPorte 72.10 62.75 Elston 62.50 62.55 72.25 41.55 69.30 77.25 44.40 2.95 Row 1 Marilee Barnhart, Wendy Simon, Nora Harris, Coach Kathy Nova, Jody Gumm, Brenda Barnhart, Bonnie Barnes. Row 2 Lyn DeGroote, Julie Kring, Jackie Rose, Virginia Lal e, Beth Flowtow, Cheryl MacMillan, Terry Wood, Debbie Bode. Row 3 Lisa Slater, Bonnie Cantorowski, Dawn Dopierowski, Sally Wolfe, Dana Moore, Carlin Kidder, Row 4 Toni Womack, Kim Chapman. Swimmers Break 9 Out Of 11 Records " We were very proud of everyone this year . . . especially when we won New Prairie High School ' s first invitational. We finished with a win- ning season and broke almost every record. " Nora Harris, Wendy Simon, Jodi Gumm Captains — Nora Harris, Wendy Simon, Jodi Gumm Most Valuable — Nora Harris Most Improved — Wendy Simon 1978-79 Schedule Team 0pp. Hobart 78 LaPorte 110 Marian 74 Washington 43 Knox 26 Elston 112 No. Judson 62 Elk. Mem. 122 Rogers 128 Plymouth 88 Row 1 Coach Brenda Lehr, Brian Will, Todd Sobecki, Ed Kopkowski, Craig Swanson, Jeff Gietz, Robert Hayes. Row 2 Dave Arndt John Mott (mental attitude award winner) Barry Wagner, Dana Fecher, Scott Keller, Row 3 Mike Bromley, Victor Gum, Paul Reinhold, Chris Kent, Row 4 Steve Gerry, Tom Smith, Doug Samuelson, Jim Davidson, Mike Myers, Bill Dudeck, Mark McQueen (mental attitude award winner.) Boy ' s Swim Season Cut Drastically " Because of damage to the pool, our season was " short but sweet. " With the new coach, I think the swim team will be hard to beat next year. " — Todd Sobecki " Enthusiasm was high this year and we swam well against all of our competitors ... all four of them! — Craig Swamson " Bad weather and a malfunc- tion in the pool contributed to a disappointing year. The meets we did swim proved satisfying though. " — Ed Kopkowski. " Due to uncontrollable circumstances, the swim season was cut drastically short this year. The team started getting in shape late October and double swimming double practices in No- vember, only to end up swimming 4 of the scheduled 14 meets. " — Brenda Lehr SCHOOL RECORDS BROKEN 200 medley relayHarris, M. Barnhart, Simon, Wood 200 free Brenda Barnhart 200 LM. Marilee Barnhart 50 free Terry Wood 100 fly Marilee Barnhart 500 free Marilee Barnhart 100 Back Nora Harris 100 breast Marilee Barnhart 400 free relay B. Barnhart, Simon, Wood, M. Barnhart f.7 kA l ' 1 r-iVi Row 1 Larry Stayback, Jim Jacobs. Row 2 Jim Garoutte, Kregg Keigley, Dean Kenyon, Brett Candler, Craig Jones, Dave Maxwell, Row 3 Coach Mike Jennings, Jack Keldson, Paul Stepanek, Gene Eggert, Bill Seering, Greg Gilpin, Coach Randy McGriff Success In Terms Of Improvement " Most of our players have im- proved and are coming bacl( next year. I hope we grow a couple of inches and have a better season next year. " — Jack Keldson ' The combination of a new coach and a lack of height led to a very frustrating season. We learned from our disadvantages and played some very good games. " — Jim Garoutte 1978-79 Schedul e Team 0pp. N.P. Team 0pp. N.P Fairfield 54 52 Marquette 88 72 Rogers 85 36 No. Liberty 65 50 LaPorte 51 35 Mishawaka 68 59 John Glenn 67 57 S.B. Clay 71 61 No. Liberty 81 58 Bremen 58 50 So. Central 53 50 Jimtown 83 62 Chesterton 76 39 Knox 75 61 Buchanan 61 62 R. Valley 60 47 Culver 60 45 Concord 98 63 LaVille 62 52 1 §s% r 1 1 K it! 1 Li i» na H|f L to R — Randy Mickerson. Randy Curless, Jon Colglazier, Tom Smith, Davis. Front — Managers Larry Stayback and Jim Jacobs. lach Mike Jennings, Ray Rehlander, Mark Joinnson, Alan Williamson, Jack B-Team Provide For Future This year proved to be an excellent year for the 1978-79 B-Team. They finished their season with a winning 11-9 record and Coach Mike Jennings noted that seven out of their nine losses were by four points or less. The B-Team played Impres- sively throughout the season and should provide a sound nucleus for next year ' s Varsity squad. Special Awards went to Randy Curless, (100% award), Tom Smith and Ray Rehlander, (re- bounding award), and Greg Gilpin, (freethrow percentage award.) • f S ' ' " T . lt ' .- ' - ' jJSiSTiT Row 1 Tom Jarka, Wayne Sebasty, Mike Shurban, Roger Strauch, Craig Arndt, Jim IVIeyers, Doug Winters, Rich Gadacz. Row 2 Kevin Brown, Todd Beck, Chris Richmond, Jamie Kring, Alan Zeedyk, IVIike Ames, Scott Jones, Coach Dan Shead. Freshmen Demonstrate Determination Although the basketball scene at New Prairie was not at Its best, prospects look bright for the future. On the freshmen team, many games were lost in the last minutes of play. The boys B-team enjoyed one of Its best seasons to date. A few breaks here or there and the record would have been even better. On the varsity level, a victori- ous season was not theirs record-wise. To quote Coach McGrlff, ' Mf you consider that we were a better team at the end of the season than at the beginning, It was a successful season. " The girls team enjoyed one of Its better seasons. The high- light would have to be the regular season victory over Bl-County champ. Culver. Girls show much improvement VARSITY Row — 1 — Dana Moore, Sandi Zelasko, Francine Gadacz, Mary Clayton, Debbie Cavin, Denice Moore. Row - Angle Pierce, Caria Sebasty, Janice Olson. Sue Blad, VIckl Stickler, Denlse Spear. - Coach Blaine Gamble, Gamble ' s Girls Have Best Season ' ' Knowing that there were only two seniors on the team, I Icnow the rest of the team will have a good season next year. " — Dave Moore ' Our team improved as the year went on. We showed this by beating Culver, the Bi-County champs. " — Francine Gadacz B-TEAM (L to R) Coach Blaine Gamble, Julie Rodgers, Lisa Noens, Darlene Barnes, Betsey Makowski, Shelley Heirbrandt, Julee Adnson, Sue Clayton, Tammy Lenig. 1978-79 Schedule TEAM 0pp. N.P. Rogers 85 47 La Porte 62 18 Knox 40 30 No. Liberty 31 40 LaVille 36 27 So. Central 45 29 John Glenn 81 37 Westville 34 42 St. Joe 31 27 Jimtown 35 22 BiCounty (1) LaVille 36 40 (2) John Glenn 60 44 Culver 53 58 Elston 56 36 Row — 1 — Paul Moryl, Bob Bradburn, Rob Zigler, Mitch Kane, Eric Wolfe, Bill Layman, Charlie Palmer, Joe Carr. Row — 2 — Jack Kenyon, Brett Strong, Brian Williamson. Mark VanShoyk, Judd Tolmen, John Oliver, Scott Bancroft. Row — 3 — Coach Jerry Colanese, Alan King, Larry Pietrowski, Glen Elkins, Ray Turk, Gary Zwierzynski, Dave Turk, Ron Bougher, Coach Don Kane. Young Team Takes N.S.C. Title. " The wrestling season was one meet — the win over North Li- berty by four points. It was like a Michigan-Ohio State football game. The crowd was fantastic. I felt much pressure, but I was glad it came down to my match . .. ' — Gary Zwierzynski AWARDS: Captains: Eric Wolfe Gary Zwierzynski " Winning the conference was certainly the highlight of this year, but we also placed six team members In the Regional which is an all-time best ... " — Eric Wolfe M.V.P.: Mitch Kane Most Improved: Bob Bradburn Most Pins: Charlie Palmer Ray Turk 1978-79 Schedule Team 0pp. N.P LaPorte 51 13 Elston 35 27 North Liberty 28 32 LaVllle 26 36 John Glenn 19 46 Plymouth 21 43 Rogers 21 43 Jimtown 14 51 Fairfield 21 37 St. Joe 27 34 Pre-Season Preparations Prove Worthwhile Kneeling: Greg Thompson, Ernie Geist, Rob Zigler, Gene Gadacz, Kregg Keigley, Andy Holman, Dave Arndt, Jeff Thompson, Mitch Kane, Jay Hochstetier, Cyril Oake. Middle: Coach Floyd Trosper, Jim Myers, Rich Mroczkiewicz, Larry Pietrowski, Scott Ness, Mike Ames, Rich Gadacz, Jim Seely, Tom Butler, Dave Kirkham, Scott VanMele, Doug Winter, Bryan Cooper, Tim Mangold, Paul Reinhold, Mike Sherbun, Todd Beck, Coach Dave Washburn. Top: Werner Sternitzke, Bob Hayes, Randy Scheider, Paul Moryl, Craig Arndt. Track Team Has New Coach In 1979, Mr. Dave Washburn took over the boys ' track team and lead the young runners to second place in Northern State Conference action. They also placed 13th in the Goshen Relays and a sound 6th in the Concord Relays. Award winners for the season were: Kregg Keig- ley, Rob Zigler, Dale Beck, Co-Captains; Ray Turk, Most Valuable; Rob Zigler, Loyal T. Marker; and Andy Holman, Most Improved. 1979 Schedule Team 0pp. N.P. River Valley 49 85 S. Central 22 105 Fairfield 701 2 56 1 2 Rogers 72 55 Culver 25 102 N. Liberty 63 64 LaVille 51 76 St. Joe 64 63 Jimtown 44 83 Marion 83 44 J. Glenn 37 88 Pre-meet Ups fror ,(a%;h Trosp Row-1 — Sue Clayton, Gail Woolsey, Wendy Hansen, Debbie Tiiompson, Vicki Stickler, Vicki Kizer, Cathy Meehan, JoEllen Colborne, Cheryl MacMillan, Coach Chris Cortier. Row-2 — Pam Waldo, Mary Clayton, Kate Stickler, Dana Moore, Mickey Casper, Pam Gamble, Sandi Mroczkiewicz, Dawn Garoutte, Wendy MacMillan. Row-3 — Sandi Zelasko, Zinnia Artist, Francine Gadacz, Leanna Earlywine, Caria Sebasty, Deb Cavin, Sally Wolfe! Teri Wood, Deb LaPage. Row-4 — Jan Gadacz, Kim Neuman, Lori Benjamin, Dora Elkins, Virginia Holman, Jane Kaminski, Jenny Hoffman, Jenny Joswiak, Rosemary McDonagh, Sheila Swanson, Nancy Johnson. N.S.C. Champs Have 9-2 Record Again, the girls ' track team won tine Nortlnern State Conference, and combined it with a very successful 9-2 record. Senior Dawn Garoutte also graduated in style, earning with a third place in state 880 comp etition. Award winners for 1979 were: Dawn Garoutte, Francine Ga- dacz, Zinnia Artist, Co-captains; Dawn Garoutte and Mary Clayton, Most Valuable; and Cathy Meehan, Most Improved. 1979 Schedule Team 0pp. N.P. River Valley 85 37 Fairfield 41 64 S. Central 25 80 Culver 511 2 531 2 N. Liberty 34 71 LaVille 50 55 St. Joe 41 64 Jimtown 26 77 0. Davis 17 55 LaPorte 62 55 J. Glenn 331 2 771 2 Row-1 — (L to R) Julie Kring, Darlene Moore, Kim Chapman, Nora Harris, Karen Maxwell. Row-2 — (L to R) Coach Kathy Nova, Terri Jones, Janet Zeilinski, Peg Miller, Betty Ostrowski, Jenny Klosinski, Jill Hampshire. Tennis Team Battles Obstacles 1979 award winners: Captain: Nora Harris MVP.: Jill Hampshire Most Improved: Terri Jones " All of the girls showed vast improvements con- sidering that we had only two courts to practice on. " — Coach Kathy Nova 1979 Schedule Team 0pp. N.P. LaLumier 5 2 Jimtown 4 3 Fairfield 6 1 LaVille 5 2 John Glenn 4 3 No. Liberty 5 2 Knox 2 5 The 1979 Tennis team had their work cut out for them this year. Due to the construction of the new junior high be- hind the school, the girls could not make use of the courts. The team compro- mised by practicing wherever they could, and they played all their meets away on opponent ' s courts. (L to R) Keith Manges, Wally Kegebein, Greg Rudnick, David Earlywine, Barry Wagner, Dave Martin, Coach Rex Thomas. We Played No. Indiana ' s Best This year has been a year of rebuilding for the golf team. We lost three out of the five varsity players by graduation last year, so this year we had to start from scratch. Despite this fact, we were one point from tying in Conference. I have a feeling that next year we will be pretty tough. — Keith Manges B-team ' s most improved award went to Greg Rudnick winner was Jeff Rose. mental attitude award 1979 Schedule Team 0pp. N.P. LaLumiere 176 183 South Bend Washington 168 194 M.C. Marquette 180 186 J. Glenn 184 193 0. Davis 153 168 Jimtown 199 189 S. Central 195 200 LaLumiere 354 379 M.C. Rogers 163 184 Pioneer 175 190 Knox 182 190 Culver 206 188 N. Liberty 180 165 LaVille 177 177 Kneeling (L to R) Dan Hosteller, Jim Klute, Jim Garoutte, Steve Nagy, Al Bartmess, Craig Jones, Joe Camalick, Doug Williamson, Rob Shail. Standing (L to R) Coach Dan Shead, Joe Jacobs, Dave Maxwell, Bill Blackston, Al Williamson, Gene Eggert. Greg Gilpen, Dean Kenyon, Jud Tolmen, Ed Kopkowski, Brett Strong, Coach Jerry Colanese. Young Team Goes To Sectional Finals vs " The Cougars combined a .322 team batting average witli some fine defense to become ranked 17tli in the state at one time in the season. The team never knew when to quit and were in most games up to the last out. New Prairie fielded a young team that had good speed and quickness. " — Head Coach Jerry Colanese The 1979 Pitching Staff Kneeling (L to R) Okey Simmermeyer, Phil Oudhius, Jim Jacobs, Jamie Goraczewski, Tom Jarka, Chris Freestone, Mike Pokuta, Roger Strauch, Randy Nickerson. Standing (L to R) Coach Dan Shead, Mike Gondeck, Bill Dudeck, Brian Williamson, Scott Keller, Larry Stayback, Mark Johnson, Scott Jones Mark McQueen, Kevin Brown. B-Team Finishes Season 6-2 Team LaCrosse LaCrosse Marquette LaVille Westville Westville John Glenn Rogers Elston 0. Davis Jimtown Fairfield Culver 1979 Varsity Baseball Schedule N. Liberty 5 3 Opp. N.P. N. Liberty 3 10 14 Lakeshore 5 6 3 7 Lakeshore 7 5 3 7 LaVille 5 8 2 John Glenn 10 14 Jimtown 4 3 3 9 St. Joseph 4 1 2 7 Fairfield 1 11 15 4 Buchanan 10 3 7 SECTIONAL 2 12 Westville 1 16 2 5 Elston 7 15 FINALS 3 4 LaPorte 18 3 Ui ' ■ ' o --- ' E I ' l ■ H - 11 D pBMl % 1 ■E j St ' 7 r Missed again . . . • Turn two infieldl .. -- -l - %0f Row-1 — Julie Rodgers, Dorinda Myers, Carol Compton, Diana Lambert, Lori Osborn, Kim Vermillion, Cindy Mannia Tammy Lenig Li " McPherson. Row-2 — Coach Sandy Dryja, Renee Simmermeyer. Kim Myer, Marilee Barnhart, Denise Spear, Angle Pierce ' Lori Bartoszewicz Shelley Heirbrandt, Jenanne Stayback, Julee Adnson. Softball: Brand New at N.P, " The team was very young and needs exper- ience. Next year, I ' m sure the team will be more confident in its abilities and will alleviate some of the nervousness while playing. The girls are hard workers and are very capable of an unde- feated season. " — Coach Sandy Dryja 1979 Schedule pii!i!.iPLii_|il!iLi, iiipji Team Rogers - -: Marquette ■ ij LaSalle 0pp. N.P. 2 5 Marquette h . . ' Rogers 13 19 7 12 8 12 3 7 ©lii a S S Freshmen For freshman, stepping through high school doors for the first time can be a frightening experience. Not knowing where to go, which way to turn, or who to talk to can scare a person into retreat. The class of 1982 has en- tered the halls of New Prairie High School and have done it with style. Being the largest class at the high school thus far, will help them in being able to contribute to this institution for three more years. Throughout the year, the freshmen im- pressed us with their spirit, surprised us with many new talents in sports, and struggled to construct a sound basis for their high school careers. Chosen as officers for 1978-79 were: presi- dent: Craig Arndt, vice-president: John Les- tinsky, secretary: Pat Jones, and treasurer: Liz McPherson. Julee Adnson Deborah Albertson Mike Ames Kathy Armstrong Graig Arndt Darlene Barnes Lori Bartoszewiez Linda Baxter Kevin Bealor Todd Beck Bruce Bennett William Biggerstaff Carolyn Blad Andy Bolakowski Alex Bonder Richard Boone Denise Bozenski Donna Brees Tim Briskey Gary Brown Jay Brown Kevin Brown Pansy Burek Charles Burns Robert Burroughs Leanna Bush Carney Butler Erin Byers Marguerite Casper Jeff Chambers Kevin Chlebowski Angie Clnizar Marl Clady Susan Clayton Bryan Cooper Mari Cowles John Creech Mark Cummings Tammy Curcio David Curl Wendy Czapansky Cynthia Daley Donn Danielson Mike Davis Rodger Davis Gail Demarino Tom Dobrzykowski Tammy Donbrowsky Dawn Dopieralski Michael Cougherty Dave Dunning Sandi Everett Linnaea Everill Daniel Fain Dana Fecher Robert Feece Mark Flagg Mike Flatoff Jay Fo N er Angie Fultz Richard Gadacz Steven Geary Richard Gee Roger Gilchrist Ann Golubski Mike Gondeck Ken Goodenaugh James Goraczewski Tim Grimm Keith Guptill Tom Gurrola Jennifer Hancz Jim Hansen Robyn Harbor Larry Harshman Robert Hayes Kim Hayhurst Michelle Hebert Shelly Heirbrandt Elizabeth Heminger Dawn Hicks Jerry Hochstetler Mike Hoffer Jennifer Hoffman Lawrence Hooten Diana Horner Connie Hudson Richard Hutton Chris Inman Jim Jacobs Tom Jarka Kathy Jesko Mark Johnson Pat Jones Scott Jones Jennifer Jozewiak Jay Justice Jane Kaminski Bonnie Kantoroski Jeff Keldsen Jack Kenyon Alan King Kurt Kizer Rodney Kleine Ricky Kline Jennifer Klosinski Jamie Kring Kirk Kronewitter Joe Kulasa Bonnie Lambert Diana Lambert Alan Lawrence Kebra LeRoy John Lestinsky Susan Linn Charles Lueth Jim Maesch Elizabeth Makowski Tim Mangold Cindy Mannia Anita Martell Maria Martinez Lisa Massey Kathy Matthews Rosemary McDonogh Liz McPherson Jackie Rose Perry Rose Donna Rowe Tim Rudnick Kelly Ruskowsky Scott Schmitt Randy Sclnneider Carol Schroeder Janice Scott Wayne Sebasty Kevin Seeley Ranita Seibert Patti Shead Mike Sherbun Mark Shreve Rick Siderits Okey Simmermeyer Lisa Slater Kim Smith Tom Smith Mike Stanton Paula Starr Jerianne Stayback Nadine Stayback Lorie Steinbrunner Crystal Stephens Werner Sternitzke Jom Stone Left: Freshmen find high school basketball quite different from junior high sports. Below: Paul and Brett demonstrate some new- ly-learned wrestling moves. Roger Strauch Troy Stroud Ron Sullivan Tony Surma Roger Swanson Shelia Swanson Cheryl Tappan Matthew Tarnow Brian Thompson Dan TIbbs Joe Touhey Jason Treesh Chris Tuley Ann Turczynski Irene Turczynski Scott VanMele Robert Varsanik Kim Vermillion Dave Volstorf Kathy Waak Tony Wegiel Dale Anderson Terry Arnold Scott Bancroft Warren Banholzer Bonnie Barnes Connie Barnes Marilee Barnhart Pat Bartoszewiz Lori Beck Dawn Bellegante Lori Benjamin Denise Blackstone Theresa Bladecki Lisa Blake Pete Bolakowski Charles Bonick Sandra Boone Ronald Bougher Robert Bradburn Thomas Bradfield Eugenia Burek Allan Burroughs Phyllis Butler Thomas Butler Dale Cady Brent Campos Brett Chandler Joseph Carr Sophoniore Class Officers: president; Jud Tolmen, secretary; Phyllis Butler, treasurer; Jill Kaminski, vice-president; John Glon. Sophomores Every sophomore in the school year 1978-79 faced much the same situations as every other sophomore for the past eleven years. He had to choose his class ring and sell magazines to earn money for his junior senior prom. He may have earned his first letter in sports or established him- self as being in contention for one in the near future. Along with all of these major steps in high school, the majority of the sophomores took their first driv- ing test and received their first driver ' s license. In the midst of all these changes, the sophomores in 1978-79 were concerned over their school work as much as any other class. They had more exper- ience than the freshmen but were forced to bow to their superiors. After putting up with juniors and seniors for one whole year, every sophomore was willing to take the one big step to becoming an upper classman. Bill Carter Todd Clark Jo Ellen Colborne Jon Colglazler Carol Cook Mindy Copeland Elizabeth Cowels Hershel Crockett Susan Croumlick Daniel Curl Steve Davidson Cary Davis Jack Davis Harry DePoy Mark Dobbins Bill Dudeck Michele Dudeck Tom Dudeck Leanna Earlywine Dora Elkins Glen Elkins Maria Ellenwine Theresa Feece LaVonne Felton Panela Felton Janice Foulk Roberta Fraser Holly Frededburg Chris Freestone Angela Gauck Jeffrey Geitz John Glon Paul Grabareck Doug Gray George Gurrola David Hahn David Hansen Cathleen Hardy Annette Harville Jill Hatten Deanna Hayes Brenda Hebert Penny Hessel Connie Hile Kenneth Hine John Hoffman Debra Hollingsworth Kimberly Hollingsworth Virginia Hilman Robin Homquest Julie Horner Emile Horvath Linda Hughes Carrie Hull Kenneth Huston Joe Jacobs Sherrie Jesko Mark Johnson Teresa Jones Karen Joswiak Anthony Jurkowski Daniel Kaminski Daryl Kaminski Jill Kaminski Todd Kaminski Jody Keck Jeff Kegebein Wally Kegebein Bobbi Keller Sandra Keller Scott Keller Carlln Kidder Tonja Klute Carl Kmiec John Koloj Julie Kring Paula Kronewitter Christopher Krycha Stanely KulwichI Cherri Kurfman Patti Kurzhal Ellen Larson Karen Laue Steve Lawrence Jim Lawson William Laymen Daniel Laymen Kathy Laymen Elaine Litza Chris Lusk John Lynch Jacqueline Martin Karen Maxwell Craig Miller David Miller Debbie Miller Rhonda Miller Sherri Miller Toni Miller Jeff Mitchell Adilita Montemayor Eliza Montemayor Jennifer Moore Lori Moreau Richard Morrow Ronald Mossman John Mott Richard Mroczhiewicz Karen Murnane Dorinda Myers Jane Myers Wendy MacMillian Karen McCuaig Patty McGowan Mark McQueen Randy Nickerson Lisa Noens Jim Norment Janice Olson Phil Oudhuis Annette Page Charles Palmer Penny Paul Veronica Pearish Angela Poag Mike Pokuta Dave Povlock Beth Reed Scott Reed Raymond Reeves Raymond Rehlander Anna Reyes Patrick Rist Gregory Robbins Mark Robinson Brenda Rowe Denise Saunders Jim Saylor Lori Schreiber Amy Schrock Carole Schroeder Caria Sebasty Charles Shepard Julia Sherbun Daniel Short Ted Shott Jenny Sikora Sandra Smith Tom Smith Denise Spear James Spriggs Lawrence Stayback Kate Stickler Pam Stockton Patti Stockton Brett Strong Rhonda Sullivan Valeri Szczodrowski Robert Taylor Deb Thompson Jeff Thompson Judson Tolmen Ivan Truyaert Dave Turk Raymond Turk Beth Tusynski Mark VanShoyck Loren Vermilyer Dorothy Vida Tom Wagner Mark Wainscott Danny Walker James Weiser Terry Wilkinson Brian Will Allen Williamson Brian Williamson Kelly Wireman Ricky Wireman Roger Wolbert Bill Wolf ' I wish I could be on the cover of " Reader ' s Digest " ! ' Hey Mindy, Where ' s IVlork? ' Terri Wood Peggy Woodruff Janet Zielinski Steve Zollman Dan Zolman Originality Be you, not me — not her, not she. Be bold, be weird, be quiet, be queer. Be different, stand out, Do as you please. Break silence with shout But still feel at ease. Don ' t stop to listen to sermons from others on rights and wrongs and practicalities. Instead just act and do as you feel — your best bet is originality. — Peg Woodruff ' I didn ' t take any ring! " Johnna Ament Carol Anderson Jeff Anderson David Arndt Bruce Atherton Julie Baird Pam Barber Anita Baxter Bill Benhart Pam Benjamin Bill Blackston Susan Blad George Bladecki Jenny Bockover Juniors A student ' s junior year was one of anticipation. iVIany wondered if they would go to the prom; some girls wondered if they would be on the homecoming court; athletes wondered if they would make all- conference, and a large majority wondered if it would snow enough throughout winter to keep Mr. Rokocz from hitting them with his final exams. Above all, the juniors were intimidated by the thought of becoming seniors. Graduation, being only one more grueling year away, flabergasted the minds of ail. During football season, the busy juniors took time out from their hectic schedules to work on their class float. To their total agreement. Their float was voted number one during Homecoming festivities. Junior class officers for 1979 include: secretary, Darlene Moore; treasurer, Michele Farrington; president, Ed Kopkowski; vice-president, John Mro- zynski. Debbie Bode Theresa Bolakowski Patti Bolsega Greg Bonder Joe Bradley Dan Brashear Jim Brashear Mike Briskey Kebin Brooks Cherri Brown Patti Bunton Cindy Buss Janie Camalick Deb Cavin flu Kim Chapman Scott Chlebowski Cynthia Christenson Karen Clady John Clark Mary Clayton Carol Compton Randy Curless Keenis Davis Kim DeGroote Lyn DeGroote Jim Deutscher Dewayne Dolph Greg Dudeck Mike Dudkeck Lisa Eastman Gene Eggert David Ewert Michele Farrington Matt Felkas Karen Firebaugh John Flagg Beth Flotow Jennifer Fowler Vicky Freestone Jim Gabriaszak Gene Gadacz Janice Gadacz Diane Galvas Pam Gamble Jim Garoutte Tammy Gauck Ernie Geist Sharin Gierke Greg Gilpin Leon Glon Jennifer Greaves Brian Green Roger Grott Victor Gumz Terry Haddock Steve Hagler Jill Hampshire Pat Hardy Sheila Harness Matt Harrington Lori Hastings Jim Heath Renee Hebert Dave Henry Benjamin Hicks Pat Higgins Jay Hocinstetler Andy Holman Mike Holmquest Dan Hostetler Ceroid Hayt Mark Jones Brenda Jozwiak Jackie Justice Mitcin Kane Brian Keck Darma Keen Jack Keldsen Tim Keller Chris Kent Dean Kenyon Dave Kirkhom Jim Klute Janet Kremke Edward Kopkowski Carry Ladwig Virginia Lake Virginia Lamb Debbie LaPage David Loree Everett Lau Neil Lauver Tammy Lenig Tim LeRoy Kerry Leslie Mary Lestinsky Diana Lintner Jack Loop Sue Lynch Tom Lynch David Makowski Keith Manges Tom Marciniak Lisa Martell Dave Martin Kathy Martin Teresa Martinez David Maxwell Mike Miller Mike Mills Lorie Miser Marcia Molenda The Juniors worked hard on their float The result: First prize Darlene Moore James Morehouse Mark Moss John Mrozinski Cheryl MacMillan Jill McQueeney Scott Ness Lester Newton Ginger Norris Mike Nowaki Cyril Oake Larry Pearish Duane Pease William Pegg Laura Peterson Angela Pierce Larry Pietrowski Gene Pietsch Matt Porter Gerald Ratliff Avonda Reinhold Valerie Rempt Sandra Reyes Roberto Reyna Chris Rhoda Todd Rodgers Jeff Ross Ken Rospierske Diane Ruda Gregg Rudnick Jesse Ruskowski Marcia Sabinas Doug Samuelson Caria Sauers Mike Schmidt Sandy Scott Bill Seering James Seeley Lisa Serry Rob Shall Tim Shott Renee Simmermeyer Tawni Sinka Laura SIpes Randy Smith Rodney Smith Susan Smith Jim Stayback Vicky Stickler Debra Sullivan Mark Suit Paul Suit Delilah Swango Shari Tarnow Tina Tarnow Chris Thompson Gregg Thompson Jeff Thompson Mike Thompson Ron Thompson Laurie Touley Mark Tuszynski Debbie VanSickle Ross Vardaman Monica Varnak Lori Vermillion Nelson Vermilyer Barbara Vida Joan Vivirito Kevin Voelker Mike Volstorf Dale Weak Barry Wagner Leonard Wainscott Pam Waldo Jeannine Washluske Mike Williams Karen Wilson Jerry Winter Brenda Wireman Sally Wolfe Douglas Wollert Steve Wooderick Gail Woolsey Rose Zarembka Sandy Zelasko Students Not Pictured Cyril and shadovi ; who ' s more thrilled? Freshmen John Bailey Susan Hedstrom Dennis Hicks Donald Layne Bernie McGawn Tammy Miller Jeff Morgan Gary Walton Sophomores Mike Bromely Leigh Cox Randy Elkins Deanna Hayes David Hicks Doug Lambert Ray Smith Sue Vivirito Marshall Walker Juniors Kim Brown Gwen Gilroy Alan Graczyk Wesley Harris Kim Jorgenson Tom Lazo Scott Main Larry Merkowsko Dan Miller Stuart Nickerson Ann Rodgers Lisa Romig Mike Stevens Frank Szilagyi Pam Waters Wayne Zwierzynski Good grades may result in a trip to Chicago. Mr - ' mint TmovS Angela Baldwin Ronald Dean Barnes Kenneth M. Bartoszewicz Laura Louise Bealor i 0fJM m B ■ «« ;«« | k " j r ir w Top Ten Seniors Dale Anthony Beck Jerry Hans Wendy Hansen Tammy Wilson Gregg Zigler David Earlywine Brenda Barninart Wendy Simon David Olson Cindy Hartman Ellen Clark Nancy Rosalie Bozenski Dale Keith Bode John Lawrence Boone Senior Song: ' The Wall " Senior Co ors: Burgundy Si ver i John Patrick Buss Joseph Jack Camalick Ellen Joette Clark Senior Officers: Ann Moryi, vice president; Laura Bealor, student council; Nancy Johnson, secretary; Dale Beck, student council; Doug Williamson, treasurer; Gregg Zigler, president. Laurie Marie Coffman ni ' M hHI H n QH t ' iii wm if »Bln-ifc If w mm Roy Alen Deutscher Patricia Ann Doms Senior Dawn Gar- outte was one o1 New Prairie ' s outstanding ath- letes. This year, for the third con- secutive year, Dawn represent- ed us at State after winning the Sectional. Cynthia Diane Elkins Cheri Rene Everill Starr Ellen Ewert Regina Marie Feikes Curtis Edward Felker Most Intelligent: Tammy Wilson Best Personality: Nancy Johnson Most Likely To Succeed: Gregg Zigler Class Achiever: Ann Moryl Most Spirited: Brenda Barnhart James Henry Ford Dawn Marie Garoutte Ann Cherie Gilchrist Bonnie Elaine Goodman Best Athlete: Dawn Garoutte Best Athlete: Doug Williamson Brightest Smile: Laurie Coffmqn Class Flirt: Debbie Yeater Jerry Edward Hans rS% Class Clowns: Ron Barnes Cindy Hartman M Wendy Lynn Hansen Joell Dean Harbor tsaer-niTrzi r- Denice Lynne Moore Cheryl Lynne Morrow Ann Mane Moryl Lisa Denlse Mossman Senior Awards Night Various students were acknowl- edged for their ac- c o m p 11 s h m e n t s throughout high school at the annu- al Senior Awards night on May 16, 1979. DAR — Wendy Hansen BOYS ' STATE DELEGATES — Gregg Zigler, Jer- ry Hans GIRLS ' STATE DELEGATES — Lisa Jones, Ta- mara Wilson, WendySimon DEKALB AWARD — Jon Houseknecht HOMECOMING QUEENS — Football — Gina Spaeth; Basketball — Ann Moryl PROM ROYALTY — Queen — Nancy Johnson, King — Doug Williamson CHOIR AWARDS Arion Award — Gregg Zigler Mental Attitude — Nancy Johnson Accompanist Award — David Earlywine Right-Hand Award — David Earlywine BAND AWARDS John Phillip Sousa Award — David Earlywine Mental Attitude Award — Bob Vantine PERFECT ATTENDANCE Wendy Hansen, Jacqualine Jasinski, Craig Jones, John Soos, Paul VanWanzeele, Jerry Hans, John Nagy, John Miller, Theresa Rice, Linda Hemminger, Nancy Johnson, Robert Vantine, Cynthia Hartman, Carry Nowak, Lin- da Wickizer Timothy Wayne Mrozinski Michael Shane Paula Kay McCollum Cherri Mae McDonald Brenda Kay Nickerson Ld Stephanie Lu Nies Krista Lynn Noe Ron Barnes Dale Beck Joe Camalick Bill Feece Craig Jones Jeff Parry Doug Williamson Gary Zwierzynski Kregg Keigley David Olson, manager Paul Stepanek Erick Wolfe Rob Zigler Bob Nesting, manager Al Bartmess Greg Tarnow Jim Davidson Mike Myers Craig Swanson Todd Sobecki Steve Nagy Dave Earlywine Brenda Barnhart Jodi Gumm Nora Harris Wendy Simon Peggy Miller Zinnia Artist Francine Gadacz Dawn Garoutte Wendy Hansen Nancy Johnson Vicky Kizer Denice Moore Angela Baldwin Sue Horvath Sara Shoff Senior Letter Winners Cheerleaders Julie Johns Ann Moryl Barbara Schroeder Stephanie Nies Carrie Ann Nowak Departmental Awards: Jeffrey Philip Parry Accounting Art Business Accounting English French Ind. Arts Math Science Bausch Lomb Spanish Yearbook Brenda Barnhart Craig Banholzer Pam Blint Brenda Barnhart Ann Moryl Pet Miller Rob Zigler David Earlywine Jerry Hans Tammy Wilson Zinnia Artist Ann Moryl Nancy Johnson Jackie Jasinski Kathy Eggert Nancy Ann Pietrowski Deborah Lynn Price LaPorte Herald Argus Scholastic Awards: Jerry Hans, Wendy Hansen, Tamara Wilson, Greg Zigler, Dave Earlyv ine, Brenda Barnhart, Wendy Simon, David Olson, Cynthia Hartman, Ellen Clark, Robert Vantine, Ann Moryl, Julie Johns, Carrie Nowak, Angela Baldwin, Pam Blint, Jeff Parry, Regina Feikes, Sara Shoff, Vicki Kizer, Laura Bealor, Jodi Gumm, Juilann Ford, Bonnie Goodman, Kathy Kurzhal, Zinnia Artist. Teresa Anne Rice Michael John Rist Diane Kay Robinson Peggy Sue Ross Charles Christian Schmitt Felicia Jo Sabo David Lee Salisbury Other scholarships were awarded to (counter-clockwise): Ann Moryl — Whirl- pool Corporation; Laura Bealor — La- Porte Hospital Auxil- iary, Rob Zigler — American Legion Citi- zenship, Cheri Everill — Rolling Prairie PTO, Brenda Barh- hart — American Le- gion Citizenship. Seniors Not Pictured: Barbara Ann Schroeder Donna Kay Shepard Craig Martin Banholzer James Michael Bruck Daniel Lynn Creech David Lee Creech Scott Arron Fredenburg Teresa Suzanne Jurkowski Sheila Kay Martin Cathy Sue Miller Phyllis Ann Murrel Debra Sue Norton Teresa Ann Pease Nile Even Rose Mark Wayne Sabinas Allen William Starr Craig Charles Swanson Sally Kay Wilhelm Judy Lynn Worthington Gary Thomas Zwierzynski ' ix ' .. V " J f , David Lee Sudlow Kimberii Blanche Szczodrowski A special salute was given to Craig Banholzer at Sen- ior Awards night. Craig sketched special awards for " unique contribu- tions " by the members of the Class of 1979. He presented these awards to the re- cipients, breaking the routine of the formal awards program. Most of the sketches and art work in this annual were also drawn by Craig. Greg Alan Tarnow 0 ' ir i Mow Ihi5 15 hoi- Ae ehJ % eiSm ' Sifi f ' pmsf Graduation Senior Flower: Carnation ' ' 1 m May 20, 1979 Commencement Invocation by Rev. Warren Lear. Commencement Address by John Young, Assistant Superinten- dent of Schools, Fort Wayne. ' J fj v Tassels . . .Flowers . . . Farewell ' .„ r% 4:4 } Members of the staff walking out to a sign Editor Ann Moryl with assistant editor, Pam Waldo. Member of the staff sitting on top of a sign The Staff Of Prairie Life 1979 The yearbook staff is not like any other club in the school. Instead of earning a few hundred dollars, members have to earn several thousand; they have to take time out to make rough drafts and to finalize them; they have to dig up information on every organization and sport; they even have to find something to write about students in the entire school. Realizing this, a yearbook involves many hours of labor — some very tedious. I ' d like to express my appreciation to everyone who helped — Mr. Haag, Tony, the LaPorte Herald-Argus and the New Prairie Town- Crier, the administration and faculty, and most of all, my staff . . . it ' s been a great year Ann Moryl, Editor Paul Moryl, David Earlywine, Nancy Johnson, Kathy Eggert, and Jackie Jasinski. % . A life ! 4Vr »i. Senior Index Artist, Zinnia A.: Tr. — 1-2-3-4; Vb. — 3; Band — 1-2-3-4: Choir — 2-3-4: Honor Soci- ety — 3-4: Letter Club — 1-2-3-4. Baker, Colin 0. Baldwin, Angela: Tr. — 1: Vb. — 2-3-4: Ten. — 2-3-4: Gym — 2-3-4: (Vb. Gym. captain — 4): Letter Club — 1-2-3-4: O.E.A. — 3: Choir — 1-2-3-4: Swing Choir — 2-3-4: Year- book Staff — 3: Cheer — 1-2: Spanish Club — 1-2. Banholzer, Craig M.: Choir — 2-4; Drama — 2. Barnes, Ronald D.: Fb. — 1-2-3-4; (All-Con- ference end). Barnhart, Brenda J.: Swim. — 3-4; Choir — 1-2: Cheer — 1-2; Pep Club — 1-2-3-4; Span- ish Club — 1-2: Honor Society — 3-4; Letter Club — 3-4. Bartmess, Allen C: Ten. — 1-2-3-4; Base. — 1-2-3-4: (Ten. Base, captain — 4); Choir — 1-2; Letter Club — 2-3-4. Bartoszewicz, Ken Bealor, Laura L.: Choir — 1-2- 3; Swing Choir — 2-3; Honor Society — 4; Student Council — 4. Beck, Dale A.: Fb. — 4; C.C. — 3; Tr. — 3-4; Base. — 1-2: (Tr. captain — 4); Choir — 1-2- 3-4; Letter Club — 3-4; Student Council — 1- 4. Blint, Pamela M.: Ten. — 1; Band — 1-4; Choir — 2-3-4; German Club — 1-2-3; Pep Club — 2-3; O.E.A. — 3-4; Spanish Club — 2- 3-4; Bask. Homecoming Court — 2. Bode, Dale: Wr. — 1-2-3: Letter Club — 1-2- 3-4. Boone, John: Wr. — 1; Letter Club — 1-2-3- 4. Bozenski, Nancy R.: Art Club — 1; A.V.A. — 4. Bruck, James M.: Swim. — 1-2-3; Newspaper Staff — 4. Bryant, Tami L.: Swim. — 1; Letter Club — 1- 2-3-4. Buss, John P.: Fb. — 1 Camalick, Joseph J.: Fb. — 3-4; Base. — 2-3- 4; Letter Club — 2-3-4; Newspaper Staff — 3-4. Clark, Ellen J.: Newspaper Staff — 3: class officer — 3; Fb. Homecoming court — 2; Honor Society — 3-4. Coffman, Laurie M.: F.F.A. — 1-2-3-4; F.F.A. Sweetheart — 2-3; Bask. Homecoming Court — 3. Cox, Kenneth C: Bask. — 3. Creech, Daniel. Creech, David. Cuson, James 0. Davidson, James D.: Swim — 4. Deutscher, Roy A.: Fb. — 1; Swim. — 2-3; 142 Letter Club — 3-4; F.F.A. — 1-2-3-4; German Devereaux, David J.: Fb. — 1-2-3; Choir — 1- 2-4; Intramurals — 1-2-3-4; Spanish Club — 4; F.F.A. — 1-2-3-4. Devereaux, Peggy A.: Choir — 1-2-3-4; Pep Club — 1-2: French Club — 1; F.F.A. — 3-4. Diedrich, Teresa. Doms, Patricia. Dudeck, Richard A. Earlywine, David R.: SALUTATORIAN; Gf. — 1-2-3-4; Band — 1-2-3-4; Choir — 2-3-4 Swing Choir — 3-4; German Club — 1-3-4 Honor Society — 3-4; Letter Club — 3-4 Yearbook Staff — 4. Eggert, Kathy S.: Ten. — 2-3-4; Choir — 1-2- 3-4; Swing Choir — 2-3-4; Cheer — 1; Honor Society — 3-4; Letter Club — 2-3-4; Pep Club — 1-2-3-4; Yearbook Staff — 3-4. Elkins, Brenda K.: Tr. — 1-3; Office Aid — 1- 2-3-4. Elkins, Cythia D. Everill, Cheri R.: Band — 1-2-3-4; Spanish Club — 1-2; Pep Club — 1-2; Honor Society — 4. Ewert, Starr E.: Cheer — 2; Drama — 2; Choir — 1. Feece, William L.: Fb. — 1-2-3-4; Intramurals — 3; Letter Club — 2-3-4. Feikes, Gina M.: Pep Band — 1-2-3-4; Band — 1-2-3-4; Swing Choir — 1; Honor Society — 3-4; A.V.A. — 1-3. Felker, Curt E.: Spanish Club — 1-2-3. Fischer, Scott J.: F.F.A. — 1. Ford, James H.: Fb. — 1; Band — 1-2-3. Ford, Jiulann M.: Band — 1-2-3-4; Pep Club — 2-3-4; Honor Society — 4. Fowler, James: Choir — 3-4. Fredenburg, Scott A.: Band — 1-2. Gadacz, Francine L.: Tr. — 1-2-3-4; Bask. — 1-2-3-4; (Tr. Bask, captain — 4); Pep Club — 3-4; F.F.A. — 1; Letter Club — 1-2-3-4. Garoutte, DavKn M.: Tr. — 1-2-3-4; Gym. — 3-4; (Tr. Gym. captain — 4); C.C. — 3-4; Letter Club — 1-2-3-4; Bask. Homecoming second runner-up; Tr. Sectional winner — 2- 3-4; Third in state — 4. Gilchrist, Ann C: Pep Club — 1-2-3. Goodman, Bonnie E.: Vb. — 1; Tr. — 1. Gumm, Jodi: Ten. — 3-4; Swim — 3-4 (cap- tain — 4). Hans, Jerry E.: VALEDICTORIAN: Band — 1- 2-3-4; (Drum Major — 3-4); Chess Club — 2- 3-4; German Club — 1-2-3; Honor Society — 3-4; Boy ' s State representative — 3. Hansen, Wendy L.: VALEDICTORIAN: Art Club — 1; German Club — 1-2-3-4; Tr. — 1-2-3-4; Honor Society — 3-4; Letter Club — 1-2-3-4; D.A.R. representative — 4. Harbor, Joel D.: C.C. — 1-4. Harris, Nora J.: Swim. — 1-2-3-4; Ten. — 2- 3-4; (Swim. Ten. captain — 4); Newspaper — 3; Spanish — 1-2; Prom Court — 4; Honor Society — 4; Letter Club — 2-3-4. Hartman, Cynthia M.: Newspaper Staff — 3; class officer — 1; Honor Society — 3-4. Hartman, Todd A.: Fb. — 1-2-3-4; Letter Club — 2-3-4. Heath, Steven M.: Bask. — 1; Base. — 1-2. Heminger, Linda J.: Band — 1-2-3-4; Choir — 3-4; Drama — 2; Spanish Club — 4. Henry, David. Hasting, Robert J.: C.C. — 2-3-4; Tr. — 2-3. Hiden, Mats: (Foreign Exchange Student). Hojara, Connie J.: Art Club — 1-2; G.S.C. — 1; Pep Club — 1-2; Vb. — 3-4; Letter Club — 4. Horvath, Susan J.: Gf . — 1-2-3-4; (captain — 4); Band — 1; Honor Society — 4; Letter Club — 2-3-4; Spanish Club — 1. Houseknecht, Jon A. Hughes, Laura L. Jackson, David L.: F.F.A. — 1-2-3. Jackson, Matthew (Scott): Intramurals — 2- 3; Fb. — 3. Jasinski, Jackie M.: Newspaper Staff — 3; class officer — 2; Prom Court — 4; Bask. Homecoming third runner-up — 4; Honor So- ciety — 4; Pep Club — 1-4; Yearbook Staff — 3-4; Spanish Club — 1-2. Johns, Julie A.: Cheer — 1-2-3-4; Choir — 1- 2-3-4; Swing Choir — 2-3-4; Pep Club — 1-2- 3-4; Spanish Club — 1-2; Honor Society — 4; Student Council — 1. Johnson, Nancy S.: Tr. — 1-2-3-4; (captain — 3); Choir — 1-2-3-4; Swing Choir — 2-3-4; Pep Club — 1-2-3-4; Chess Club — 4; Cheer — 1 ; class officer — 4; Prom Queen — 4; Fb. Homecoming Court — 4; Bask. Homecoming fourth runner-up; Letter Club — 1-2-3-4. Jones, Craig T.: Fb. — 1-2-3-4; (captain All- conference quarterback — 4); Bask. — 1-2- 3-4; Base — 1-2-3-4; (All-conference pitcher — 3-4); class officer — 3; Prom Court — 4; Letter Club — 2-3-4: Honor Society — 3-4. Jones, Lisa E.: Art Club — 3; Choir — 1-2-3-4; Swing Choir — 3-4; Honor Society — 3-4; Girl ' s State representative — 3. Keigley, Kregg L.: Ten. — 2-3-4; Bask. — 1-4; Tr. — 1-2-3-4; (captain — 4). Kizer, Vicki, A.: Vb. — 1-2-3-4; Tr. — 1-2-3-4; Honor Society — 3-4; Letter Club — 2-3-4. Kleine, Ronald J.: German Club — 1-2. Kratz, Richard. Kurzhal, Kathryn A.: Band — 1-2-3-4; Pep Club — 4; Spanish Club — 2-3-4; Honor Soci- ety — 4; Pep Band — 2-3-4. Kuta, Lori A.: Tr. — 2; Choir — 1-2-3-4; Intra- murals — 2; G.S.C. — 1; Newspaper Staff — 4; Pep Club — 1-2-3-4. Linn, Becky S.: Choir — 2-3-4. Livinghouse, Donald J.: Fb. — 1-2; Bask. — 1; F.F.A. — 1-2-3-4: Honor Society — 4. Martin, Sheila K.: Gym. — 2; O.E.A. — 4. Miller, Cathy S. Miller, Jack A.: Wr. — 1 ; Letter Club — 1-2-3- 4; class officer — 1. Miller, John A.: Band — 1-2-3-4; Pep Band — 3-4; Honor Society — 4. Miller, Peg A.: Ten — 2-3-4; Tr. — 1; Drama — 2; Newspaper Staff — 3-4; French Club — 1-2-3-4; Honor Society — 3-4; Letter Club — 1-2-3-4; Quill Scroll — 4. Milliken, John A.: Base — 2. Moore, Denice L.: Bask. — 1-2-3-4; (captain — 4): Ten — 1-2-3; Letter Club — 2-3-4; Pep Club — 2-3-4. Morrow, Cheryl L. Moryl, Ann M.: Gym — 2; Cheer — 1-2-3-4; (captain — 4); Newspaper — 4; Quill Scroll — 4; Pep Club — 1-2-3-4; class officer — 1- 3-4; Bask. Homecoming Court — 3; Bask. Homecoming queen — 4; Honor Society — 3-4; French Club — 2-3-4; Yearbook Staff — 2-3-4; (Editor — 4); Prom Court — 4. Mossman, Lisa D.: Choir — 1-2-3-4; Swing Choir — 2-3-4; Prom Court — 4; Bask. Homecoming Court — 4; Yearbook Staff — 1-2-3; French Club — 1-2. Mrozinski, Timothy. Myers, Michael S.: Swim. — 2-3-4, Tr. — 2-3. McCollum, Paula. McDonald, Cheri M.: Bask. — 1; Spanish Club — 1-2. Nagy, John: Base. — 1-2-3-4; Intramurals — 2-3-4. Nickerson, Brenda K.: Bask. — 3; Pep Club — 2-3-4; O.E.A. — 2-3-4; Fb. Homecoming Court — 4. Nies, Stephanie L.: Cheer — 1-2-3-4; Pep Club — 1-2-3-4; Art Club — 1-2-3-4. Noe, Krista L.: French Club — 1-2. Noens, Lenny A.: Bask. — 2-3; Prom Court — 4. Norton, Debra. Mowak, Carrie A.: Band — 1-2-3-4; German :;iub — 1-3; Honor Society — 3-4; Girl ' s 5tate representative — 3. Olson, David A.: Bask. — 1-2-3-4; Band — 1- 2-3; Chess Club — 1-2-3-4; Intramurals — 1; Spanish Club — 2; class officer — 1; Honor Society — 3-4; Boy ' s State representative — 3; Letter Club — 2-3-4. Olson, Eva M.: Choir — 2. Olson, Linda J. Parry, Jeffrey P.: Fb. — 1-2-3-4; Base. — 1- 2-3; Letter Club — 1-2-3-4; Prom Court — 4. Senior Index Pease, Teresa R. Pietrowski, Nancy. Price, Debbie L.: Cougar Cadets — 1. Rice, Bonnie A.: Band — 1-2; Honor Society — 3-4; French Club — 1-2; A.V.A. — 1-2-3-4. Rice, Teri A.: Band — 1-2-3-4; A.V.A. — 1-2- 3-4; French Club — 2. Rist, Michael J.: F.F.A. — 1-2-3-4; Choir — 1- 2-3; Intramurals — 1-2-3-4; Honor Society — 3-4. Robinson, Diane K.: Art Club — 1; Pep Club — 1; Honor Society — 4. Rose, Nile E.: Fb. — 1-2-3. Ross, Peggy. Sabinas, Mark W. Sabo, Felicia J.: Cheer — 1; Choir — 2-3; G.S.C. — 1; German Club — 3-4; Bask. Homecoming Court — 3. Salisbury, David L.: Wr. — 1-2; Letter Club — 1-2. Schimmel, Robin L.: Art Club — 1; Band — 1; Choir — 1-2; F.F.A. — 4. Schmitt, Charles. Schroeder, Barbara A.: Art Club — 1; Intra- murals — 1; Cheer — 3-4; Fb. Homecoming Court — 3. Shepard, Donna K. Shoff, Sara J.: Gf. — 1-2-3-4; (captain — 4); Ten. — 1-2-3; Choir — 1; Honor Society — 3-4; Letter Club — 2-3-4. Simon, Wendy A.: Swim. — 1-2-3-4; (captain — 4); gym — 4; Band — 1-2-3-4; Chess Club — 4; Pep Club — 2-3-4; Spanish Club — 1-2- 3; Bask. Homecoming Court — 4; Honor So- ciety — 3-4; Girl ' s State representative — 3; Letter Club — 2-3-4; Pep Band — 2-3. Sims, Teresa A.: Choir — 1. Smith, James R. Sobecki, Todd H.: Swim. — 1-2-3-4; (captain — 4); Choir — 1-2-3; Swing Choir — 3; Let- ter Club — 3-4. Soos, John. Spaeth, Gina L.: Swim — 1-2; Art Club — 1; Fb. Homecoming queen — 4. Starr, Allen W. Stepanek, Paul J.: Bask. — 1-2-3-4; Base — 1-2; Letter Club — 3-4; Newspaper Staff — 4. Sudlow, David L.: Fb. — 1-3; Bask. — 1; Tr. — 1-2; Intramurals — 3; Prom Court — 4. Sudlow, Donald L.: Fb. — 1; Swim — 1- Tr — 1-2. Sullivan, Betty A.: French Club — 2. Sullivan, Michael A.: Swim. — 1. Swanson, Craig C: Swim — 1-2-3-4; (captain — 4); Choir — 1-2-3-4; Chess Club — 1-2; Honor Society — 3-4; Letter Club — 2-3-4. Szczodrowski, Kimberii B.: Cougar Cadets — 1-2-3; Newspaper Staff — 3-4; (Staff artist — 4); Art Club — 2. Tarnow, Greg A.: Fb. — 1; Bask. — 1-2; Ten — 2-3-4; Base. — 1-2-3; Letter Club — 2-3- 4; Choir — 1-2. Tarnow, Teresa J.: Band — 1-2-3-4; Choir — 2-3-4; A.V.A. — 2-3-4; Bask. Homecoming Court — 2-4. Todd, Glen R.: Choir — 3-4; Gf. — 3; Base — 1-2. Vantine, Robert W.: Band — 1-2-3-4; (presi- dent — 4); Chess Club — 4; German Club — 2; Honor Society — 3-4. VanWanzeele, Paul G.: F FA. — 1-2-3 Vida, Teresa J.: Swim — 1; Tr. — 1. Waak, Jamie. Watkins, Mark J.: Wr. — 1. Wickizer, Linda J.: Swim. — 2; Ten. — 1; Choir — 3-4; German Club — 1-2. Wilhelm, Sally: Gym — 2-3-4; Sb. — 4. Wilkinson, Brenda K.: Choir — 3. Williamson, Doug W.: Fb. — 1-2-3-4; Bask. — 1-2-3; Base. — 1-2-4; (captain — 4); Intra- murals — 1-4; Newspaper Staff — 3-4; class officer — 4; Student Council — 2; Prom Court — 4; Honor Society — 3-4; Letter Club — 2-3-4; Base. All-conference — 3. Wilson, Kathy S. Wilson, Tamara J.: VALEDICTORIAN; Band — 1-3-4; Chess Club — 4; German Club — 1-2- 3; Honor Society — 3-4; Girl ' s State repre- sentative — 3; National Merit Semi-finalist — 4. Wolfe, Eric K.: C.C. — 1-2-3-4; (captain — 4); Wr. — 1-2-3-4; (captain — 4); Honor Society — 3-4; Letter Club — 1-2-3-4. Womack, Julie L. Worthington, Judy L. Wrobleski, Michalene. ■yeater, Debbie A.: Choir — 2; Newspaper Staff — 3; Student Council — 3; Prom Court — 4. Zigler, Gregg T.: VALEDICTORIAN; Choir— 1- 2-3-4; Chess Club — 1-2-3-4; Swing Choir — 2-4; German Club — 1-2-3; class officer — 3- 4; Honor Society — 3-4; Boy ' s State repre- sentative — 3; National Merit Semi-finalist. Zigler, Robert: C.C. — 1-2-3; Tr. — 1-2-3-4; (captain — 4); Wr. — 1-2-3-4; Letter Club — 1-2-3-4. Zwierzynski, Gary T.: Fb. — 1-2-3-4: (captain — 4); Wr. — 1-2-3-4; (captain — 4); Tr. — 2- 3; Newspaper Staff — 3; Letter Club — 2-3- 4. Patron Of Class Of 1979 Mr. and Mrs. Roger Barnhart Mr. and Mrs. Frank V. Gadacz Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert J. Gilchrist, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. James Goodman Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Victor R. Keigley Mr. and Mrs. Fred S. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Moryl Mr. and Mrs. Harry Nies Betty A. Schimmel Mr. and Mrs. A. George Szczodrowski Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vantine Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Wykoff Mr. and Mrs. R.C. Yeater l BHl ' ISllfO Congratulations Seniors! BLINT EQUIPMENT, INC. AUTO TRUCK SALES Industrial, Farm Lawn Equipment 2204 E. LINCOLNWAY LAPORTE, IND. 46350 Strieter ' s Lawn Garden MAYTAG WASHERS, DRYERS, DISHWASHERS 133 State Road 2 West LaPorte, Indiana 362-3775 Robert Stepanek Stepanek Insurance Agency 626 Niesen Street LaPorte 362-6307 FIRST IN PHOTOGRAPHY FOR ALL OCCASIONS ESTABLISHED 1912 WILTON STUDIO CANDIDS (GRZWIENSKI) WEDDINGS COMMERCIAL m COLOR OR BLACK AND WHITE Telephone 287-8900 1150 WESTERN AVENUE SOUTH BEND, INDIANA Br American Home Foods LAPORTE, INDIANA Makers of: Guilden ' s Jiffy Pop Chef Boy-Ar-Dee G. Washington ' s Dennisson ' s Franklin ' s ® WELL DRILLING WATER SYSTEMS Hunt ' s Inc ROLLING Prairie. IN 46371 Plumbi plumbing phone: heating 778-as15 air conditioning Sports Equipment for all seasons Complete Line of Hobby Supplies WE SUPPORT THE COUGARS! Maple City Sports 910 Lincolnway La Porte 362-4255 We ' re Here To Help CITIZENS BANK 502 Franklin Square Michigan City, IN 46360 219 879-5471 Barker Road • Long Beach • Trail Creek • LaCrosse • Rolling Prairie • Westville mr ACE HOME CENTER New Carlisle, Indiana 654-3121 Telephone 654-3122 James Marlyn Anderson OWNERS s Anderson Plum ting SC Heating Inc. THE BATH HOUSE no e. ARCH 8T. NEW CARUISLE. IN. 4eBBa Ph. 6S4.7610 NEW CARLISLE EQUIPMENT FLOWERS PLANTS DECOR ACCESSORIES GIFTS DISTINCTIVE FLORAL DESIGNS NEW HOLLAND KEWANEE New and Used Modern Farm Machinery THE VILLAGE FLORIST GIFTS m E. MICHIGAN STREET NEW CARLISLE, IND. 46552 New Carlisle, Indiana 654-3133 •we wire flowers worldwide " Phone 654-8352 LaPorte Bank And Trust Company ' | -:V-., B HOME OF • FREE CHECKING FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS • STUDENT LOANS InRxteBonk La Porte Bank and Trust Connpany 601 Jockson Street Brancties: East Llncolnway and Union Mills BARNHART INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. 131 East Michigan New Carlisle, Indiana 654-3223 9 mr THE lEWEL BOX WATCHES JEWELRY WATCH REPAIR 136 East Michigan Street New Carlisle, Indiana Tom and Ruby Rauschenbach Phone 654-7633 Sincerest and Best Wishes to you Graduates ROLLING SOUND SOUND EQUIPMENT DEALERS DISTRIBUTORS Rolling Prairie, Indiana 46371 SAMS FRIENDLY MART specializing in High Quality Groceries Fresh cut Meats OPEN Mill Creek Rolling Prairie 778-2778 NIC ' S SUPERMARKET U.S. 20 West New Carlisle, Indiana PATRONS BOB ' S MARATHON SERVICE NEW CARLISLE, INDIANA THE SODA BAR NEW CARLISLE, INDIANA THODE FLORAL COMPANY, INC. 1609 LINCOLNWAY LAPORTE, INDIANA RED HEN TURF FARM, INC. 29700 WEST DARDEN ROAD NEW CARLISLE, INDIANA THE KABER FLORAL COMPANY 818 JEFFERSON AVENUE LAPORTE, INDIANA WHEATBROOKS HOME CENTER ROLLING PRAIRIE, INDIANA BOZEK ' S GROCERY ROLLING PRAIRIE, INDIANA B m

Suggestions in the New Prairie High School - Prairie Life Yearbook (New Carlisle, IN) collection:

New Prairie High School - Prairie Life Yearbook (New Carlisle, IN) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


New Prairie High School - Prairie Life Yearbook (New Carlisle, IN) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


New Prairie High School - Prairie Life Yearbook (New Carlisle, IN) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


New Prairie High School - Prairie Life Yearbook (New Carlisle, IN) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


New Prairie High School - Prairie Life Yearbook (New Carlisle, IN) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 135

1979, pg 135

New Prairie High School - Prairie Life Yearbook (New Carlisle, IN) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 87

1979, pg 87

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