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New Prairie High School - Prairie Life Yearbook (New Carlisle, IN) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Cover

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I i J(r|i 1f| - .T!. ' ) - ftfi f-ti«)l|tr l,ij v47 in N , t Jv-?- -l w Iff, I V J 5, K- " » f. , - " Vir till ' ' ? ' 1 ' i ' T ' --J O T J „-r- Vt " S 7 Tt « J ' , J ii 4»i?«!,fel ' - ! " • ' ' -- ' ' - -- ' V " 1 tiiv itit I y ip-l. :l r i 1 i -?-. i( trt . 1 G A 3 1833 01881 4753 -J GC N344NP, 1970 prairie life volume II new prairie high school new Carlisle, ind. the time of our lives a time to begin 5 a time to do 17 a time to organize 30 a time to compete 53 a time to learn 67 a time of honor 93 a time to teach 99 a time for underclassmen 107 a time for us 129 a time for ads 145 patrons 160 co-editors: judy thompson susan porter business manager: chris gadacz advertising manager: debbie schreiber artist: sue moore advisor: max haag dedication ron colborne mary lambert for listening . . . respecting understanding . . . u H .img iiA SZ kV« ffi b ygS T ' MM T Iffi fKTTB ' W ' Yf ' " ' " r ' sbHbkBnm c ! 1 . s k . ' T ' " " —pcBsiillMlffi ■Jill tffe JM V V V ■i f H III a time to begin . . . mffJ S ili jjflf iJA ■ 1 ■ ■ JKiSHS III 1 1 ■ ' 11 WMnQ vHl Mr A III Mmm i K ' ' — Mk% A J 34 i i l SS SV lQi S the alarm rings . . . just five more minutes . . . fif- teen minutes later, " get up. it ' s late. " the rush begins . . . get dressed, eat something and go. the pa rking lot comes into view at 7:44 and then the rush to the door . . . off with the coat and to first hour . . . now it ' s up to the teacher . . . will it be a lecture, an as- signment, a discussion, or pandemonium? first, an- nouncements then the mood of the day becomes evident, is it participation, senior-itis, or unaware- ness of surrounding activity? whatever, soon it ' s over for the bell rings. I New Prairie tt .. " mm. " " on to the next class — basically the same thing, at times it may seem longer than bearable . . . is it just 20 after? . . . boredom . . . bell, finally, spirits rise, on to the best class . . . interesting . . . good teacher . . . thought-provoking, six beeps . . . too soon . . . lunch! thirty minutes filled with companionship, food, and the latest news, " how was the testr " ' " what ' s in the a la carte line; ' " buy a ticket for the game and find a way to get there . , , " are you driving tonight ' bell . lunch goes too fast, a slow walk back to class and a wish to be with the kids going to lunch now. fhe routine begins again after tlie atmosphere of iunchi has dissipated, lecture, notes, questions, an- swers . . . beep beep beep . . . study hall . . . contin- ually fluctuating between a loud whisper and an uproar, time to attempt some homework or catch up on lost sleep ... a difficult assignment . . . occasion- ally a feeling of bewilderment and then, finally, the end of the ordeal . . . all finished except for question the anxiety of the last hour of the last hour of the day is evident, even in the teacher, the v eather — major cause of the restlessness ... 70 more minutes until escape from the academic system of clocks, teachers, rules, and consciences . . . excape to prac- tice, work, a friend ' s or study; only to reassemble the entire picture the next day. - wi SiJ«H»»«K yM ' If la an attempt has been made to provide a glimpse into life at new prairie through pictures, because all the fun, tears, and memories of this school could never be expressed in mere words. i If 1 1 uD JWMSISXfhXX klH v fi HH H| =wi ' Vm 1 1 1 H ffMifsgw 5 1 — ' 1 m 1 5g y jr Aa i jJb J kT C Snf a time to do . . . Sm SmSmiiij i M TIM n lMMMMMMA IKSm jy . ismBSm M s mi miv a wildcat the inviting challenge of producing a musical in the fall of the year was more than the students of the musical department could pass up. eagerly accept- ing the challenge, the cast undertook the extra work-load of early morning practices along with the many other fall activities, other departments com- bined to help make props and costumes, all in all, the musical was an undeniable success. wildcat Jackson jane jackson sheriff sam gore countess emily o ' brien joe dynamite hank miguel sookie matt corky oney sandy tattoo Cisco cast peggy miller marsha belt terry norris marsha belsaas ben ackerman John bratcher dan hartwick gordon baer bob breaux don stoneburner kurt miller larry boyts bruce dickie jim noel pep sessions Christmas at new prairie JvKis " ' PI r il» ImM 1 homecoming -1969 a week of preparation preceded the actual homecoming game, the cold, wet weather did little to damp- en the spirit of the team or the fans, the cougars rolled to a 33-0 victory over John glenn to bring a happy ending to a hectic week, halftime of the game saw the crowning of our 1969 homecoming queen, diane codman. homecoming — 1970 np ' s opponent for its basketball home- coming was bremen. the cougar spirit proved invaluable as the mighty cougars led throughout the entire game, half-time festivities included the crowning of sue cuff as basketball queen by jim noel and rich dodd — captains of the varsity squad, and a twirling perfromance by Indiana ' s majorette champion, michelle shippee. the perfect evening was concluded by the victory of the cougars over the bremen lions, 70-63. queen and court, pam overholtzer, sophomore; jane cooreman, junior; debbie biehl, senior; sue cuff, queen; marsha belt, senior; beth robinson, freshman. i Washington, d.c. trip L. this year several seniors were awarded a trip to Washington, d.c. in October, for selling subscriptions for the la porte herald-argus. the group also visited williamsburg and James- town, a visit to the white house and Smithsonian in- stitute were on the agenda for this tour, one of the biggest points of interest was the Washington monu- ment where many of the students climbed to the top while others took an elevator. the trip was highlighted by a visit to the lincoln monument at night when the lights of Washington were reflected from a pool at the base of the monument. this trip created a lasting memory for all concerned. cougar cadettes -, I n , ,r-i j-: f-i s% m " ' r I •• • •• l n ;•. v» y V. s» Im - 3i w _ i, . .V. members cindy bartoszewics jane briskey Janice calhoun michele dailey sue deutscher debbie dove robin eckert stormy ferguson cindy fernald chris gadacz vicki gadacz patty garoutte pat goray kathy hahn pat hill nancy houk nancy Jones Vickie Jones Jeanne lant linda lant mary lewis cookie lynch kathy martz debbie merley linda meyers barbara miller peggy miller susan moore terry moore sue murphy sheila muston debbie nickerson debbie nixon diane sacks zona seidler gina sellers sue Simpson pat skaggs gall vogel debbie vollmer carol wagner betsy wals Suzanne winey linda zarobinski announcer: " new prairie high school proudly pre- sents — " with this introduction, 44 well-disciplined high school students snap to attention, salute, and reply, " cougar cadettes. " this girls ' drill team, with its precision perfect rou- tines, has become a part of the tradition of our school, they perform at both football and basketball games and never cease to amaze spectators with their ability to conjure new routines for every occasion. basketball fans of all ages especially enjoyed the dance sequence at the jimtown game, accompanied by our talented pep band, the girls presented " that wonderful year " which included the Charleston, jit- terbug, twist, and contemporary dance routines, appropriate costumes worn by the dancers contrib- uted greatly to the production. the cougar cadettes have acquired a reputation for being a contender for national honors in drill team competition by appearing in the Wisconsin spectacle of music at milwaukee. this experience is one of the highlights of their year and keeps them busy year round. this w as a memorable year for cougar cadettes as it marked their switch in uniforms, girls in the corps were attired in bright gold uniforms, while the ma- jorettes, chris gadacz and cindy fernald, wore navy blue. pep club miss volkman, sponsor; carol de poy, president; peggy wood, freshman repre- sentative; daria gesse, treasurer; dianne fischer, secretary; helen hanson, ju- nior representative; diane sacks, sophomore representative; becky schroeder, senior representative. this was the first year for an organized pep club at new prairie, under the leader- ship of miss volkman, the club became very important. the first project was to purchase sweat- ers for a look of uniformity, the sweaters were quite a success and were worn to all home games. along with the arranging of the block, hand motions were learned in unison, to add to the effect of the block as a whole, mike quinn became the mascot by dress- ing as a cougar and made his debut at the last home game before christmas. he be- came a regular at home games and pep sessions with his famous cougar cheer. debra bradfield, area one vice-president; pam jones, assistant secretary; mr, colborne, sponsor; debbie schreiber, vice-presi- dent; sue moore, historian; sue porter, treasurer; betty brown, president; kathy akin, secretary; debbie biehl, reporter. future teachers of america this year fta, the future teachers of america, con- tinued many of its established practices, meetings consisted of speakers connected in some way with education, the club still employed the use of a point system, whereby the members collect points — by grading papers, lecturing before a group, and at- tending meetings, etc. — which earned them mem- bership pins and bars, it hosted an area meeting, where varied schools in the area met to exchange ideas and elect new area officers, many of whom would run for state offices, two students from new prairie — martha bowell, miss fta, and pam jones, corresponding secretary-treasurer — won area of- fices, another new prairie student, debra bradfield, held the office of area vice-president in 1959. in the spring, fta members attended a state convention and also visited Indiana state university in terre haute. first row: gail shock, charlene van schoyck, sherri king, carol wagner, brenda anders, penny pomeroy, debbie adnson, cheryl van schoyck, pam oberholtzer. second row: penny richardson, wendy jones, terri wozniak, april eskridge, diane sacks, tina loucks, terri hansen. third row: joann fouty, terri flitter, chuck szylagi, david jandrisovits, michelle dailey, Su- san todd, pat lachowin. first row: martha bowell, diane metzner, diana mcdonnough, barb golubski, marsha belt, barb miller, becky schroeder, roberta faulstich, paula depoy. second row: diane rehlander, barb nelson, diane vermillion, sue white, helen hansen, car- la mcdonald, diane Johnson, eva Wallace, third row: Judy gilpin, gail deutscher, sue cuff, ray bealor, annette dewit, diane fischer, chris gadacz. fourth row: debbie vollmer, yvonne zolman, marsha belsaas, julaine nelson, daria gesse, lavon har- diman, cheryl paul, sheila smith, fifth row: warren carpenter, mike quinn, chuck haverstock, mike foster, jerry bratcher, mary ann leinhart, bob breaux. yearbook first row: carol de poy, diana mc donnough, barb miller, vickl Jones, becky schroeder, paula de poy, debble nickerson. second row: terri wozniak, patti skaggs, cathy zahl, annette de wit, pam Jones, debbie parry, third row: margo bryant, paul dickie, sue moore, nan Harding, sheila smith, scott amen, nancy houk. this year the yearbook staff had an extremely difficult task, it was decided to have a spring distribution of the books, which meant long hours of hard work to meet the final deadline of feb- ruary 23. there were pictures to be tak- en, captions to write, and copywriting to be done, after the yearbook itself was completed, the staff was kept busy producing a summer supplement. chris gadacz, business manager; debbie schrei- ber, advertising manager; sue porter, judy thompson, co-editors. track firit row: rich dodd, Steve warren, paul dickie, gordon smith, rich simpson, bob breaux, wayne martensen, steve rzepka, jim noel. second row: coach blaine gamble, gordon brickey, bruce harbor, dave burkus, robert hennen, ron toth, louie zelasko, kenny Jones, kenny buss, don toth, dave manges, coach russ flatt. third row: terry garoutte, dale belsaas, Steve markley, mike engel, bob deer, dan troxell, bruce nickerson, doug dodd, jim banaszak, dave brasseur, paul troxell. coach blaine gamble ' s tracksters really assaulted the record books as they romped to another suc- cessful season, nine records were shattered by the eager speedsters. undoubtedly the greatest story was the Cinderella half-mile relay team, the ace sprinters copped the rochester relays trophy in a tune-up for the confer- ence meet, this meet brought together three talent- ed relay teams: new prairie, la ville, and jimtown. Steve rzepka led off with a bolt of speed as he fought his way between a pair of rival runners, wayne mar- tensen took a perfect hand-off and increased the margin, bob breaux delighted n.p. fans with his ef- fort and rich simpson brought home the baton in victory, these seniors clipped the conference relay mark by eight tenths of a second as they turned in a 1:36.5 time. gordon smith, who was named the most improved runner, staged a tremendous kick in the final lap to win the conference mile, wayne martensen, who holds the conference mark in the 440, successfully defended his title in that event. led by captain rich simpson, many seniors contrib- uted to the success of the team, bob breaux won the most valuable trophy for scoring the most points and set records in the 100 and 220. wayne martensen was a regular winner in the 440 and ran the mile relay, mike quinn could be counted on in the two-mile run. steve rzepka led off the 880 relay and steve warren doubled in the high and low hurdles. field events will be hard-hit by graduation, jim noel and rich dodd, both vaulters, were four letter winners in track, paul dickie set the indoor long jump record. these seniors helped fashion a track tradition at new prairie and they are confident their efforts will serve as an inspiration to underclassmen to strive for even better results. y golf first row: coach leon adnson, rick thompson, steve bealor, ron bendicks, roger teska, scott joslin. iecond row: terry Stockton, torn kempf, torn Stockton, dan hertzberg, doug Hammond, steve mann, tim marker, martin smith. unseasonal snow squalls greatly hampered the links activities of coach leon adnson ' s golfers, com- pounded with the weather restrictions was the fact that coach adnson faced a monumental rebuilding effort due to the loss by graduation of several veter- an performers. Steve bealor was named the most valuable golfer by virtue of his 42.9 average score, scott joslin, tom Stockton, roger teska, and ron bendicks earned their letters in golf this season, hopes are high for future years as none of these boys graduated this year. the team finished a respectable third in northern state conference play and compiled a 5-6 record for the entire season, their scores were favorable throughout the season and this young team showed steady progress throughout the season. baseball first row: mike daley, bob keck, judd hill, dave dodd, wait kulasa, chris wykoff, dan shead, ray nickerson, steve tolmen. second row; coach harry tolmen, mike miller, Jeff schroeder, larry shead, doug schmeltz, don hetrzberg, bob deutscher, bob calhoun, dave nickerson, dan rush, mark galloway, matty bush, coach bill lynch, bruce eastman. seniors dominated coach harry tolmen ' s baseball team which took on a hefty league schedule and emerged with eight wins against nine losses. chris wykoff was named captain of the diamond- men and he was also recipient of the bill strong sportsmanship trophy. judd hill was an excellent target for the mound corps and he wasn ' t opposed to blocking the plate when called upon to wipe out potential enemy scorers. ray nickerson used his huge size to great advan- tage as he handled first base chores with finesse, his very presence lent encouragement to his mates who were confident he could scoop up anything in sight of the initital sack. wally kulasa, of the rifle arm, was named to all- conference honors for his ability to patrol center field and to get the ball back into the infield with great haste. dave dodd was a good hard-nosed second base- man who wasn ' t afraid to charge the ball and would play the long hop rather than to wait for dribblers to come his way. dan shead was rightfully named as an all-confer- ence pitcher, he sported a .434 batting average in the conference to help his own cause — pitchers are usually notoriously inept hitters. John glenn furnished the opposition in the first game ever to be played on our own diamond, the cougars emerged victorious with dan shead racking up a 6-4 win. shead also had the honor of scoring the first run over our new home plate. 1 prom new Orleans ' most gala affair — the mardi gras — was brought to n.p.h.s. this spring by the junior class, the prom broke with tradi- tion in two aspects; first, it was held on a friday night rather than a Saturday, and, secondly, the entertainment after the movie was provided by a professional magician, these differing features, combined with a day at the beach as an aftermath, effected a week- end not only memorable, but enchanting as well. senior week : ,4 1 o 03 Ti front row: lorea heise, sharon tipton, James walbert, mike foster, bob breaux, barb miller, julie zielinski, steve neumann, John borkowski, diana mc donnough. back row: vicki Jones, nancy hayter, torn kempf, dave jandrisovits, marsha belsaas, gary sheeley, tony helms. all school play n.p.h.s. presented as its first all- school play, " the night of January 16 " . directed by william haselton, this production was unique in that the entire play took place in the courtroom with the audience partic- ipating as the jury. open 7 a.m. -9:30 p.m. 778-2411 art ' s " 66 " service u-haul trailers located byron rd us 20 rolling prairie complete auto repair including air conditioning we give t v stamps national honor society first row; mary lewis, pam steed, roberta faulstich, marsha ekstrom, mark costello, marsha belt, diane metzner, martha bowel!, second row: barb crum, shirley gamble, diane Vermillion, debbie biehl, joe weinstock, robert hennen, lee ann lynch, barb miller, christine bladecki. third row: nancy hayter, larry gayton, lavon hardiman, daria gesse, diane fischer, Judy gilpin, pam jones, christine adacz. fourth row: steve neumann, betty brown, yvonne zolman, ray bealor, rich dodd, laura beyer, debbie parry, annette de wit. fifth row: marsha belsaas, sehila smith, scott amen, chris wykoff, torn ludwig, ed cenkush, bryan flora, dennis higgins. members of nhs must pos- sess a 3.0 or better average and none can receive any grade lower than a c for a semester average, the teach- ers of new prairie, who were given a list of students apply- ing for membership, select- ed thirty new members — nine seniors and twenty-one juniors, together with the seventeen " old " members, this gave the club a total of forty-seven students. shiela smith, treasurer; dennis hig- gins, president; nancy hater, secre- tary; mr. clindaniel, sponsor; sue cuff, vice-president; nan harding, parliamentarian; sue porter, reporter. future farmers of america new prairie ' s ffa had many honors bestowed upon it this year, it received a superior rating from the na- tional association of future farmers, the chapter was the only chapter in the nation to have two judging teams place in the top ten at the national judging contests. the vegetable judging team placed tenth at the national junior horticultural association convention and contest at Indianapolis, the team had previously won the state contest. the livestock judging team, after many weeks of practice, climaxed the year by placing fifth in the eastern united states contest at richmond, Virginia, the team earned the right to compete by winning county, district, and state contests. mike quinn, treasurer; joe ward, vice president; rick ness, president; mr. tliomas, advisor; doug miliar, secretary; warren carpenter, sentinel; Herman meyers, parliamentari- an; ernie truex, reporter; dale carr, parliamentarian. first row: mike spaid, bob demeyer, dan mitchell, louis zelasko, dennis brewer, jonas weir, rich schiele, jess barber, david baughman, fred miller, jerry colanese. second row; dale carr, jim warfield, dan peterson, mark bromley, dennis nalepinski, rich jawson, jim walbert, John kulwicki, dan artist, fred sikorski. third row: fred lutterman, randy szczypiorski, rick deer, don toth, bruce jones, dave letter, mark fischer, joe cuson, gene bartoszewicz, John ginter, keith Johnson, fourth row: dave jesswein, randy bailey, glen proud, dave nickerson, ron toth, chuck haverstock, george deutscher, rich Johnson. 36 future homemakers of america first row: pat zioza, wilma moore, linda zarobinski, jeannie lant, mary martensen, kathy martz, diane brewer, second row: rita mrozin- ski, judy scott, cindy godfrey, diane anderson, barb mitchell, marsha gamble, third row: michelle shippee, debbie main, karia main, gall armentrout, Jennifer connett, pat truex, judy ebersole. fourth row: mary mc collum, lynn anderson, sue haverstock, nan Harding, debbie vollmer, julaine nelson, patty green. first row; debbie goodman, betsy walz, denise artist, pat hill, vicki biggerstaff, pat jones, tina malone, mary vargo, debbie nickerson, pam thompson, theresa kovas. second row: pat gorny, marcy dittmar, vickie coddens, sue simpson, nancy jones, cathy vogel, alice schoning, Janet de poy, linda briskey, becky sutton. third row: donna gabbard, vicki graychowski, kathy hahn, ray ferguson, gina sellers, vicki gadacz, Julie zielinski, debbie cowham, diane wrobleski, debbie nixon, debbie mc cor- mack. fourth row: brenda Oliver, judi brasseur, bev Stevens, diane brooks, sheila gussman, linda lant, sue deutscher, Jackie miller, sheila huston. fifth row: Julie morrie, karen blackston, ruth mauer, Joyce van der velden, zelma luke, cheryl wideman. this year the new prairie chapter doubled its membership from that of the previous year, all of the girls were kept busy with activities at school, home, and various other places, freshman and soph- omore members visited a school for retarded and crippled children while juniors and seniors went to a school for juvenile delinquents. most important, the chapter strove to receive the title of honor chapter, to do this, a chapter must per- form certain services for the school, home and community. Joyce boutin, recreation leader; barb magers, reporter; aggie anderson, parliamentarian; linda meyers, historian; linda quirk, secretary; marsha ekstrom, vice-president; debbie robinson, president; robin eckert, treasurer, mrs. ekstrom, sponsor. latin club first row: martha bowell, diane metzner, sharon tipton, diana mcdonnough, marsha belt, barb miller, pam steed, vicki Jones, chris harness, paula depoy, carol depoy. second row: mark costello, bob hennen, gerald jonas, scott amen, lynn walker, bruce lee, Judy gilpin, sue porter, nancy wagner, diane rehalander. third row: pam Jones, debbie peterson, chris nordahl, tim gesse, cathy zahl, jim warner, dennis kelley, lavon hardiman, sheila smith, cheryl paul, sue murphy, fourth row: daria gesse, pete kaminski, ray bealor, John borkowski, Janice calhoun, tom ludwig, mike quinn, Jeff tuholski, nan harding, ray zakrzewski, joe ward, laura beyer. first row: barb miller, diane goins, lorea heise, diane wrobleski, tomi stone, don hammond, carol mcguire, tom draves. second row: linda wagner, sheila gussman, pam miller, debbie zakrzewski, penny richardson, shirley o ' laughlin, lucy schnurle. third row: Judy wojcik, Jeff beyer, michele dailey, jim wojciechowski, diane unrue, Steve bealor, neal loucks, karen burrow, fourth row: dave calhoun, david jandrisovits, jim levar, mark schnurle, tim porter, larry shead. this year the latin club aimed to start new traditions and at the same time main- tain its link with old ones, one example is the program presented for a children ' s hospital which was composed and acted out by latin club, another first was the visit paid by several members to rome. this trip lasted two weeks and was used for both educational and pleasurable purposes. old traditions, such as the giving of a Christmas basket to an unfortunate family on Christmas eve were preserved, and the latin banquet, as always, proved a great success. Shirley gamble, treasurer; peggy upp, reporter; nancy hayter, vice-president; dianne fischer, secretary; John antonnucci, historian; steve neumann, parlia- mentarian; dan shead, president; mrs. heeter, sponsor. Spanish club first row: beatrice o ' banion, Jeanne ryder, barb nelson, barb golubski, debbie gilpin, juanita green, carla mc donald, diane Johnson, yolan- da monetmayor, diane mc donnough, Janet niespodziany. second row: marsha ekstrom, barb miller, sue white, nancy hayter, barb crum, cokkie lynch, margot montemayor, Judy iulwicki, karen kaufman, marlene boyts. (hid row: peggy miller, agnes anderson, sue wiltfong, laura beyer, sharon Johnson, nancy wagner, toni bolsega, helen hanson, pat hannon. fourth row: bruce goodson, torn yeater, don stone- burner, brett south, jeff tuholski, drew gilpin, alien Jones, fifth row: debbie biehl, gall sauers, bruce dickie, rich dodd, dave letter, carl miller, larry gayton. the Spanish club consists of the students who study Spanish and are interested in further study of the culture of spanish-speaking countries, the main objective of the club is to send some of its outstand- ing and interested students to spain and mexico dur- ing the summer for further study, money for this project has been earned by bake sales, car washes, dances, girls ' class tournies, and an exhibition bas- ketball game. scott amen, president; karen kaufman, vice-president; marsha watkins, secretary; diane Vermillion, treasurer; mr. gonzales, sponsor. first row: marie miller, wendeli miller, linda wolfe, Christine jankowski, bettina malone, marcy kern, becky sutton, jer- ry colanese, joe plummet, pat miller, linda briskey. second row: cheryl van schoyck, terri hansen, becky blackston, ter- ry wozniak, Judy horvath, brenda anders, nancy houk, gail kurdel, mary countryman, marcy dittmar. third row: tom kempf, sheila huston, jim werth, frank hostetler, Julie morrie, terry moore, cheryl wideman, ellen spriggs, connie pit- man, fourth row: jim kovas, ron bendiks, randy rudecki, larry boyts, diane torres, merry smith, doreen kaufman, gina sellers, fifth row: rick deer, craig boown, dave anderson, tim ludwig, kenny jones, ted czanderna. french club first row: martha bowell, nancy schroeder, debbie watnick, gail shock, wendy Jones, ruth brown, noreen buss, cheryl cox, pam oberholtz- er. second row: jean deutscher, Judy brasseur, diane sacks, karen surma, linda meyers, nancy houk, tina loucks, penny pumroy. third row: dave manges, larry foster, greg thoman, peggy wood, sue murphy, lynn kelley, jack woodruff, pauI dickie, lynn walker, fourth row; pam Jones, pat lachowin, terri flitter, peggy upp, Joanne fouty, shelia smith, annette dewit, betty wyatt. fiitli row: charles conjalka, jeff tuholski, dan troxell, dan hartwick, sue moore, mike engel, wally kulasa, jim warren, kenny schell. the french club, after having been discontinued a few years ago, was formed again this year under the direction of mr. gloss, anyone interested in the french language and culture could join, although most members were presently taking french, some had previously taken it. movies about france were shown at meetings and discussed. future hopes for the club in- clude sending a student to french quebec. marsha belt, secretary; mr. gloss, sponsor; charvan schoyck, program director; chris wykoff, president; margo bryant, vice-president; sue todd, treasurer. office education association office education association, a new club this year, was very active, members were office lab students and those planning to take office lab next year, the club visited machine s hows and offices throughout the year learning more about the business world that the members will enter. first row: sharon davis, Julie small, debbie bradfield, kay meyers, rita mrozinski, noreen buss, Joyce boutin. second row: pat skaggs, debbie peterson, cindy bartoszewicz, daria gesse, gail armentrout, cindy godfrey. third row: diana kettring, Jeanne schroeder, larry gussman, annette dewit, iynn lepley. linda hock, parliamentarian; vicky poskey, reporter; debbie gilpin, secretary; chris bladecki, president; rosemary wilson, historian; vicky Jones, vice president; wayne nickerson, treasurer; mr. haag, sponsor. hi-y one of the main functions of the hi-y is to provide the school with speakers to address the student body, for the thanks- giving program the hi-y chose judge Wil- liam obermiller. at the first home basketball game the hi-y conducted a cake raffle, twenty cakes were raffled with a total profit of over $200. dermis higgins, parliamentarian; wait kulasa, vice-president; scott amen, chap- lain; mike quinn, secretary; warren carpenter, president; don stoneburner, treasurer; mr. thomas, sponsor. tint row: bruce lee, bryan flora, craig kuta, gordon smith, chuck haverstock, ray nickerson, rich Simpson, jim noel, ed cenkush, paul dick- ie. second row: bruce dickie, mike engel, rich dodd, John hannon, jim banaszak, scott joslin, chris wykoff, dan troxell, carl miller, third row: larry bratcher, ray bealor, jerry bratcher, mike foster, kurt miller, greg thoman, andy hahn, doug hammond. fourth row: dave dodd, lew plumback, larry shead. choir a-cappella first row: debbie robinson, barb kegebein, nancy zarr, debbie zakrewski, pam Jones, nancy la paiche, cheryl paul, diane codman, marsha belt, Connie brettin, becky blackston, marcy kern, second row: diane stayback, carol mcguire, thelma ward, debbie merley, debbie stone, laura brady, Jeanne schroeder, sue shields, karen blackston, Janet landwer, cookie lynch, pat truex, Judy ebersole, margo bryant. third row: Shirley o ' laughlin, carl miller, steve mann, bruce dickie, drew gilpin, bob breaux, don sloneburner, bob lotter, dan hartwick, John bratcher, jim noel, gordon baer, kurt miller, tom kempf, alien dewit, sonia dzialak, martha bowell. fourth row: peggy miller, marsha bel- saas, betty brown, dave calhoun, lester smith, cliff warner, dave jandrisovits, terry norris, Jeff paul, gary miller, larry boyts, chuck szylagi, ben ackerman, dan artist, rick lawson, Judy gilpin, diana mcdonnough. concert choir first row: debbie goodman, beatrice o ' banion, jean mcdonald, sara loop, pat hill, nancy jones, alice schoning, bettina malone, beth robin- son, doreen kaufman, theresa kovas. second row: debbie adnson, Jennifer baldwin, kathy martz, debbie cowham, ruth mauer, leslie dolph, peggy wood, beth belt, linda greathouse, becky sutton. third row: marcy dittmar, cathy dolph, sue bunton, barb macias, cathy coursel, michelle dailey, patty garoutte, nancy houk, Jackie skaggs. fourth row: diane brooks, cindy whitman, don hammond, al vollmer, Wendell miller, tom mayse, mike cohen, lex mceathron, darrell meyers, Jeff ness, kent bealor, nora lau. swing choir first row: don stoneburner, barb kegebein, marsha belt, drew gilpin, larry boyts, debbie stone, sue shields, Jeff paul. second row. John bratcher, cookie lynch, diane codman, bruce dickie, dave calhoun, sonia dzialak, Judy gilpin, dave jandrisovits. third row: dan hartwick, peggy miller, marsha belsaas, bob breaux, ben ackerman, nancy lapaiche, terry norris, pianist — betty brown, percussion — dale belsaas. dance band i5 " 3 sia- first row: tim gesse, chris baldecki, dave manges, lynn walker,debra cross, curtis thompson. second row: ron bendicks, torn ludwig, alien cowham, charles conjalka. third row: ed cenkush, ken buss, linda hock, marsha belsaas, mike adams, mike hoggard, pianist — cris nor- dahl, percussion — steve neumann. band first row: c. nordahl, r. faulstich, c. cox, d. harber, b. anders, c. van schoyck, s. gamble, d. Johnson, second row: d. vermillion, p. jones, r. rudecki, p. oberholtzer, d. manges, d. wasielewski, t. pugh, m. belsaas, t. porter, m. bowell, s. wiltfong, m. wickham, d. watnick, k. wilhelm, t. bolsega, c. de poy. third row: t. loucks, j. green, I. wolfe, c. bladecki, I. walker, I. oldham, c. thompson, d. burkus, b. watkins, m. Cornell, j. nace, t. garoutte, t lawson, c. conjalka, t. monroe, m. shippee, m. dahne, m. boyts, j. zielinski, m. mc gawn, d. shock, s. davis, c. harness. fourth row: j. morrie, d. sacks, j. de poy, s. anderson, r. deutscher, c. mc donald, n. loucks, d. cross, t. markley, d. mc guire, t. gesse, d. dav- is, m. hoggard, r. deer, m. adams, k. buss, I. hock, r. bendiks, t. ludwig, r. hennen, a. cowham, t. ludwig, j. small, s. Williams, f. kaminski, b. wyatt, s. Johnson, I. schnurle, m. morrie, m. countryman, s. todd, d. watkins. fifth row: e. schimmel, d. belsaas, w. jones, d. schmeltz, b. cenkush, m. zaremoka, e. cenkush, j. small, p. hollingsworth, b. paul, j. wojciechowski, s. neumann, k. kaplon. sixth row: k. sikorski, t. heims. band is an organization of those students who wish to broaden their interests by way of experience in music, in this school, the getting of this experi- ence is made more appealing by dividing the fields of band music into several different sections, such as dance band, pep band, concert band, and marching band, in the fall, the marching band entertained the football crowds by their half-time programs, this gave the band not only a chance to practice new- found skills of precision, but also allowed them to display their new $100-apiece uniforms, well earned by efforts in candy and fruit cake sales, next came the organizing of the pep and dance bands, where this year ' s band director, mr. kenneth Johns, dis- played his talents in getting both sound and impact out of a small group, last but not least came concert band; a group that provided many fine concerts throughout the year. lettermen the lettermen ' s club is composed of boys who have earned a letter in any sport in which they have participated. the club sponsored a cake raffle in february as their money-making project in order to continue the tradition of the sweater emblems being a gift of the school. it is the sole aim of the club that its members real- ize the honor accompanying their sweater and that they conduct themselves in a manner that will in turn bring honor to the school. bruce nickerson, vice-president; rich dodd, president; gor- don smith, secretary; bryan flora, treasurer; judd hill, ser- geant-at-arms; mr. tolmen, sponsor. I I I i 1 ? i firn row chuck gourley, chris wykoff, mike quinn, chuck haverstock, wayne martensen, wait kulasa, steve warren, bob breaux dave dodd paul dickie second row: george deutscher, steve rzepka, jerry bratcher, craig kuta, John hannon, brett south, ed cenkush, dennis higgins rich simpson, jim noel, ray nickerson. third row: ray bealor, bruce barber, louie zelasko, pete kaminski, ken strope, niike engel, jim ban ' aszak, robert hennen, roger teska, don hoover, fourth row: dan hertzberg, dave brasseur, bob deer, alien Jones, bill coddens, dan troxell, dave manges, larry shead. fifth row: doug dodd, tom roesner, bob deutscher, scott joslin. girls ' athletic association first row: pat hill, paula de poy, donna gabbard, donna davis, carol de poy, debbie nickerson, linda diedrich, diane brewer, martha bowell. second row: diane pentis, patty garoutte, sharon anderson, sherri king, jean deutscher, carol wagner, charlle Hansen, diane metzner. third row: pat treaux, debbie nixon, marcia feltz, debbie bradfield, karen dolph, terri wozniak, marlene boyts, kathy bradfieid, cindy weber. fourth row: gail kindig, shirley gamble, diane rehlander, agnes anderson, diane sacks, vicki gadacz, karen surma, sue winey. fifth row: Judy gilpin, debbie peterson, gayle deutscher, sue shields, sue moore, terry moore, michelle dailey, laura beyer, sue murphy. this year gaa was under the leadership of mrs. poe. officers were elected and a representative from each class selected, annual dues were set at $1 . a baseball team was organized and the girls de- feated north liberty in their first game, their weekly monday night meetings included bowling, swim- ming, gymnastics and other activities. sitting: chris gadacz, president; lavon hardiman, vice president; linda meyers, secretary-treasurer; kathy hahn, sophomore repre- sentative, standing: jane cooreman, junior representative; linda ' hock, senior representative; mrs. poe, advisor; beth robinson, freshman representative. librarians ii?7 mn. first row. raymond reed, sponsor; nancy jones, secretary; cindy godfrey, vice-president; marsha gamble, treasurer; joann worthey. sec- ond row: andy halin, tony heims, mary pietrowski, debbie dove, diane torres, pat lackowin, cherie mattisits, denise artist, kathy martz, president. library assistants are always busy, doing many of the following tasks: entering new magazines on a special checklist and putting them in their proper places; writing overdue slips and notifying students; collecting fines; stapling together library pass stubs to be returned to the issuing teacher at the end of the day; replacing returned books on the shelves to give students easy access; making a circulation re- port at the end of each day; posting a circulation report on a weekly circulation card; keeping each section of the library in order; keeping magazines in the back room ready for easy reference; checking all books as they are returned and mending them if necessary; writing letters to sources dealing with audio-visual aids for the students; helping fellow students find information quickly and easily. the cooperation of the librarians helps to maintain the high standards of our library and at the same time benefits the librarian by learning what informa- tion the library has to offer and where to find it. 48 student counci first row: carol mcguire, chris gadacz — secretary, brett south — president, mr. noel charyl cox, dave ni ckerson, annette dewit — treasurer. sponsor, dan troxell. second row: mike engel. the student council, the student government of our school, is made up of two representatives from each class, by representing the students while mak- ing decisions, it forms a link between the student body and the faculty, members listen to students ' suggestions and comments about rules and, in turn, bring them up for discussion at the meetings, many meetings were held to set up a dress code and homecoming rules, after discussion, members de- cided to have every homeroom elect a non-voting member for more representation from each class and from the student body as a whole, this plan went into effect at the beginning of the second semester. 49 ava students in the audio- visual club assisted teach- ers by setting up film projectors, record play- ers, tape recorders, and filmstrip and slide projec- tors, they were also of service in after-school ac- tivities such as ball games, dances, and club spon- sored events. new members join the club as apprentices the first year and become full members the following year, after learning how to operate all the equipment. mr. reed, sponsor; wayne nickerson, vice-president; gary scofield; Inenry meyers, president; ernie truex, treasurer; dave ross, secretary. jim Oliver, chesley zeigner, alfred vollmer, larry petree, mr. reed — sponsor, doug hammond, earl schim- mel, jim sisk, Jeff beyer. clockstoppers first row. pat miller, sue cuff, barb miller, chris gadacz, debbie parry, char van schoyck. sitting: cookie lynch, di vermillion, peggy miller, ray bealor. third row: carol mcguire, jane briskey, lucy lepley, pat pagel, Jeanne schroeder, terri flitter, nan Harding, becky schoreder. the clockstoppers, a club newly formed this year, is composed of those students who act as official timers and recorders at np swimming meets, each member was assigned a specific task for each meet, such as recording the race times of the swimmers, announcing the events, or timing the swimmers ' times with stopwatches, mr. art rose, the swimming coach, formed the club in the fall after the first meet had been scheduled, with his guidance, the club is sure to be a lasting and permanent fixture of new prairie high school. office girls ,in office. 5;(t;ng; cheryl paul, eva Wallace, debbie schreiber, maria eastman, catfiy zahl. standing: alice Jones, debbie parry, Judy gilpin. guidance office, sitting: debbie bradfield, Jeanne ryder, vicki poskey. standing: pat de meyer, nancy wagner, sue cuff, kay meyers, debbie gilpin. 5 fsl ' S .63 A84:.82 I53ij e 7 Wm0u,,m vJi i¥ " first row: rich dodd, ed cenkush, judd hill, george deutscher, mike quinn, ray nickerson, bryan flora, wait kulasa, wayne martensen, terry cserpes, chuck haverstock. second row: torn roesner, John hannon, bill coddens, jay seniff, doug dodd, bruce nickerson, jerry bratcher, dan shead, kurt miller, paul dickie, dave dodd, mr. kane. third row: mr. tolmen, mr. flatt, ken strope, greg thoman, mike engel, bob keck, nick galvas, gary wordinger, pete kaminski, barry halter, robert hennen, mr. lynch — head coach. record; 7-3 n.p. n.p. north judson 6 John glenn 33 south central 6 jimtown 34 knox 8 27 north liberty 40 concord 28 clay 14 laiville 17 16 goshen 16 13 coach bill lynch and his mighty cougar gridders certainly gave new prairie much to cheer about as they sped to a winning season, undaunted by the loss of several stalwarts due to graduation, the boys quickly became a smooth functioning machine and put on some great displays, much to the delight of the fans. it was unheralded robert hennen who furnished the heroics in the thrilling win over south central, the game was apparently going to end in a scoreless tie when hennen was called on with less than a min- ute to play, he was hit on the six yard line, broke a tackle, and squirted into the end zone for the only score of the game, this refusal to quit became a sym- bol of the 1969 cougars, and they amassed an im- pressive list of individual and team honors: . . . wally kulasa ' s seeming to have intuitive in- stinct for playing pass defense, which resulted in manv key interceptions . . . bill coddens ' s bulling his way through enemy lines when valuable yards were needed ... ray nickerson ' s smothering errant backs who unwisely chose to invade his defensive domain . . . wayne martensen ' s making a 98-yard sprint in the laville game . . . ed cenkush ' s consistently defy- ing punters to get one away by blocking more than his share . . . mike engel ' s roaming all over the place on defense and leading in tackles . . . terry cserpes ' s following his blocking and giving us numerous scores . . . bruce nickerson ' s breaking the knox game open when he leaped high to intercept a pass just as the redskins were threatening an upset , . . george deutscher ' s being one of those " unsung heroes " except in the eyes of the coaching staff . , , chuck haverstock ' s pouncing on a fumble against concord to preserve a string of shutouts and main- tain the pride engineered by the defensive unit. yes, it was a good season, it was good because these were team victories and individual efforts but also vital parts in an intricate grid machine, this is the way coach lynch wanted it and that is the way he got it from the dedicated cougars of 1969. ends jerry bratcher 6-1 180 ray nickerson 6-2 210 mike quinn 6-2 190 dougdodd 6-1 180 dave brasseur 5-10 152 jay seniff 6-1 tackles 160 chuck haverstock 6-0 200 pete kaminski 6-0 200 bru ce nickerson 6-3 210 nick galvas 6-2 guards 165 ed cenkush 6-0 170 dave dodd 5-7 120 george deutscher 6-0 170 John hannon 5-11 155 juddhiil 5-8 170 bob keck 5-11 centers 155 torn roesner 5-10 200 John antonuGci 5-6 quarterbacks 155 rich dodd 5-11 165 dan shead 5-11 170 barry halter 5-10 160 halfbacks terry cserpes 5- 8 160 paul dickie 5- 8 150 wait kulasa 5-11 150 wayne martensen 5- 8 160 robert hennen 5- 6 155 mike engel 5-10 150 jaygilpin 5- 7 130 ken strope 5- 7 fullbacks 140 bill coddens 5-11 185 greg thoman 5- 8 kicker 160 bryan flora 5-11 165 jr. so. so. so. honors bruce nickerson all state recognition george deutscher 100% effort award ray nickerson most valuable lineman bill strong sportsmanship award bill coddens most valuable back ed cenkush most improved linernan paul dickie most improved back mike engel most tackles a area team ray nickerson bruce nickerson all-conference team wait kulasa ed cenkush jerry bratcher ray nickerson bruce nickerson mike engel honorable mention all-area team ed cenkush wayne martensen bill coddens ' ' T: r r ■ ' NtW TO AREA Sr,., b-team football t 1. - ifSp K? ' rst row: Steve lenig, John antonucci, paul horvath, carl miller, terry Stockton, joe plummer, kenny lones, jerry colenese. second row: bruce dickie, mike daley, tim walz, ron toth, don hoover, don toth, rick deer, steve markley, mike hauser. third row: coach jack kenyon, jim levar, chesley zeigner, fred kaminski, gary miller, dave nickerson. the junior varsity football team finished the 1969- 70 season with a sparkling 5-1 record, they played fine ball all seaon as exemplified by their 34-6 romp over north liberty. the junior varsity was under the capable direction of coach jack kenyon. the co-captains, jay gilpin and John antonucci, supplied the team with leadership and inspiration. basketball front row: rich dodd, coach leon adnson, manager don hoover, dan vermillion. back row: bill coddens, dan troxell, chris wykoff, bruce nickerson, dennis higgins, lew plumbeck, jim noel, dan shead. northern state conference champs record :1 5-6 triton 57 75 laselle 84 67 John glenn 50 79 westville 76 83 oregon-davis 54 96 river valley 78 83 laville 57 68 south central 68 101 marquette 79 88 n.p. north jud: son 75 55 Jackson 80 75 culver 62 85 knox 81 82 north liberty 61 85 clay 74 62 bremen 63 70 jimtown 73 80 concord 81 85 in basketball, this was definitely the " year of the cougar " , we won undisputed claim to the northern state conference title by running roghshod over all our league foes and finishing as the lone team to be undefeated. John glenn was the first step along our path to cir- cuit honors, they succumbed to our sharpshooters by a decisive 79-50 margin, dan troxell, a junior, had a good night for our cagers ... jim noel took indi- vidual scoring honors on numerous occasions, but he put on his best performance in the river valley game, todd noble got 41 for the valley five and jim bested him with 46 — five being the margin of victo- ry .. . bruce nickerson helped smash the iaville jinx as he pulled in 28 rebounds to set a school record in that department and help us to a 68-57 win against the lancers . . . dan shead had " his " night at knox. everything he did seemed to be right as he picked up 24 points to lead us to a stunning 82-81 victory over the redskins . . . bill coddens saved his sports spectacular for the jimtown game, with the score knotted at 36-36 and two seconds remaining in the half, he let fire with a 60 foot bomb that landed on target long after the final buzzer. chris wykoff is one of those handy men who will be missed by coach leon adnson next year, this se- nior scrapper has a fast pair of defensive hands that can break up a ball team that gets lax. rich dodd ' s rebounding ability won respect from opposing players who held a height advantage only to have the talented jumper outleap them for the ball, dennis higgins and dan vermillion were always available for duty and helped whenever they were needed, popular lew plumback inspired his fans to set up that familiar chant which more or less became a battle cry in this successful year, the year of the cougar. dan shead 5-11 g sr. jim noel 6-0 g sr. rich dodd 5-10 f sr. chris wykoff 5-10 g sr. dennis higgins 6-3 c sr. dan vermillion 5-9 g sr. bruce nickerson I 6-3 c lew plumback 6-2 f-c bill coddens 5-10 f dan troxell 5-11 g doug dodd 6-1 c tom o ' brien 5-11 g b-team basketball front row: coach george olsen, jim kovas, louie zealsko, bob letter, jay gilpin, jim levjr, larry shead, manager kent bealor. hjck rcw: doug schmeltz, bob deutscher, Jeff paul, mike wilcox, larry boyts, torn o ' brien, doug dodd. this was a very fine year for the b-team. they opened with a defeat at triton, but came back with a six-game winning streak, one of the most thrilling of their contests was the victory over south bend clay by a few points. the boys put on a fine showing in the last game of the season at concord, downing the minutemen by 18 points, 52-34. under the leadership of coach olsen and captain larry shead, the squad finished their season with a sparkling 15-5 record. wrestling first row: jerry colanese, vince neal, dave neal, jim oliver, gordon smith, alien dewit, bruce eastman. second row: alien jones, ron toth, robert hennen, don toth, paul scales, steve lenig. third row: torn roesner, rick deer, ed cenkush, george deutscher, mike engel, mr. kane — sponsor, fourth row: judd hill, jay seniff, brett south, gary miller. our cougar wrestlers compiled a respectable sea- son record this past year and also earned some indi- vidual honors which will go into the books as out- standing performances. brett south upset some highly touted competitors in the 165-pound weight class to gain a gold medal in northern state conference, judd hill racked up a total of 36 points in dual meet competition to lead his mates in that area, vince neal earned 35 for a close second, neal also boats a 45 win 7 loss career mark in four years of varsity work, this trio will be sorely missed by coach don kane when he issues the call to duty next season. added to this are the losses of ed cenkush, dave dodd, and george deutscher, also seniors, who were reliable point getters all year. the eternal optimist, coach kane is confident he will field a powerful team in the future, he is pinning many of his hopes on mike engel, a talented sopho- more, who lost a heartbreaking 1-0 decision in the second round of the sectional to the topseeded man in his weight class. cross country front row: coach blaine gamble, bruce harber, John sinka, louie zelasko, gordon smith, don hammond, ken buss, mark bromley. back row: bob deer, doug mc guire, mark schnurle, dan troxell, bob calhoun, jim banaszak, bob deutscher. captain gordon smith and his runners had some pleasant experiences on the cross country courses last season, the team was dominated by underclass- men with bruce harber, a sophomore earning the most valuable award. perhaps the most thrilling event of the season was the impressive win of new prairie over south bend clay, central, and st. Joseph in a meet run over our own course, from a personal standpoint, this victory meant much to the boys as it was run over a course they helped to lay out themselves and was designed to offer a challenge to all competitors. new prairie also hosted the largest cross country meet in northern Indiana with 26 teams participat- ing, this will be an annual event and should do much to stimulate interest in this fall sport. gordon smith, jim banaszak, bob deer, bruce har- ber, louis zelasko, bob deutscher, and dan troxell earned letters for the 1969 season, smith and harber also received plaques from coach blaine gamble for running tn excess of 250 miles on their own during the summer months. 65 swimming top: John sinka, brent miller, bruce goodson, bruce dickie, ron bendix, Jeff beyer, mark bromley, scott joslin, bob cenkush, kim sauers, bob keck, jerry batcher, coach art rose, middle: mark costello, dave burkus, mike houser, terry garoutte, bob hawkins, alan cowham, ran- dy rudecki. sitting: bruce stoner, neil loucks, ken schell, larry norris. if enthusiasm and intense interest are any mea- sures of predicted success, the future of swimmmg as a varsity sport at new prairie is very bright, in their initial season the swimmers, under coach arthur rose, showed steady progress and compiled some respectable school records before the end of the year. although the team was dominated by underclass- men who gained valuable experience this year, and will be available for service in the future, several se- niors contributed their talents to the team, jerry bratcher won his share of blue ribbons as did judd hill and randy lucas. Indiana has long been a power in competitive swimming and has furnished many gold medalists in Olympics, with our new pool and the genuine desire of our swimmers, it is entirely possible that some future star will have obtained his background at new prairie. agriculture I L ff iit?.i5?7, ifc " ■■ Jik C VJ Bi ' i B k _ y - T H ISft V y 9 T Ij HBI i H " ' L ' " B H n vegetable judging team. bookkeeping office lab bookkeeping shorthand W fm " office lab journalism t mv " foreign languages i yHg l- physical education and health algebra trig algebra II advanced math advanced math industrial arts social sociology science history world problems home economics ■ x-. ' i family living chemistry chemistry chemistry earth science ■: ii4 iiiilstiiii ilik:.- music department art ■Z%J, study hall top ten seniors valedictorian Christopher I. wykoff susan 1. cuff betty Crocker homemaker award salulatorian betty j. brown bryan r. flora national merit finalist susan I. porter national merit finalist and senior honors timothy I. gesse Christine a. gadacz honor sweaters Christine gadacz gene meyers Steve neumann sue porter chris wykoff Stephen m. neumann d.a.r. award gene a. meyers barbara k. miller honor sweaters betty brown warren carpenter sue cuff bryan flora tim gesse debbie I. schreiber homecoming queens football queen diane m. codman basketball queen susan I. cuff varsity cheerleaders on floor: cookie lynch, Jeanne schroeder, barb miller, standing: debbie parry, barb crum, sue cuff, on top: connie brettin. for the first time, all of new prairie ' s cheerleaders attended a cheerleading camp at vincennes univer- sity during the summer, funds for this outing were provided by sponsoring a car wash and raffle. September brought the first opportunity the girls had to show what they had learned at vincennes. together with new uniforms and a new " spirit " it became evident that the girls thoroughly enjoyed their jobs and did their best to promote all the as- pects of good sportsmanship. all of the girls felt it a great honor and a pleasure to back the cougar teams through their successful seasons. b-team cheerleaders floor: pat miller; terri flitter; in front: barb kegebein; marcy kern; in back: charlene van schoyck; diane Vermillion, on top: debbie freshman cheerleaders yr u on floor: beth robinson; charyl cox; sally lynch: kneelint : patty garoutte; linda briskey. standinti: sue bennitt; peggy wood, on top: marcy dittmar. superintendent and school board paul cooreman; harold sellers; leo arvin, superintendent; urban zeigner, benjamin houseknecht; waiter buss. clerk-accounts payable Connie peeples secretary-treasurer mrs. edna van dusen clerk-payroll debbie bealor treasurer mrs. Virginia dodd secretary mrs. Helen runnels 100 1 i ! ii i M i i i • 1 i i i 1 i i ' M 1 1 M ' 1 M i M 1 i M 1 Mm 9 assistant principal robert noel principal amzle miller guidance counselor ron clindaniel guidance counselor rex thomas guidance counselor Virginia volkman miss Carole docken mrs. margaret ekstrom russellflatt mrs. wynelle hughes cleo isom 103 donald kane raymond reed frank rokosz donald thomas harry tolmen lynn wolfe James woolsey frank zielinski cooks and maintenance arlogourley mrs. ruth hennen and mrs. patsy claeys mrs. evelyn ray P mrs. June schroeder ted zopf irvin andrysiak :harles walker mrs. leah halter V mrs. dorothy morrie mrs. margaret haverstock class of 73 this year ' s freshman class is distinguished by having been the first class to have attended the new prairie junior high before entering the high school. despite the problems of uncertainty the first few days, they have adjusted well to new prairie traditions. many members of the fresh class have become actively involved in school activities, in this way, they are establishing a firm foundation on which to base their next three years of high school life. as the youngest mem- bers of our high school, they are eagerly anticipat- ing their sophomore year. frosh class officers — sue bennett, vice president; betfi belt, secretary; dale belsaas, pres.; beth robinson; treas. debbie adnson dave anderson sharon anderson kent armentrout denise artist lyle baer mike baich Jennifer baldwin torn barber kent bealor Steve bealor dale belsaas beth belt sue bennitt jeff beyer vicky biggerstaff dolly bilinski carl blankenship linda bolinger rick bolinger mark bowker david bradley judy brasseur gordon brickey lynda briskey craig brown ruthie brown sue bunton david burkus frank bush amber butler bob calhoun bob cenkush terry christenson eva coates vicky coddens mike cohen jerry colanese charles conjalka Steve cooreman mary countryman cathy coursel alan cowham charyl cox eugene cserpes mike dailey sherryl dare donna davis Ion dec rick deer robert demeyer Janet depoy sue deutscher marcy ditmar cathy dolph torn draves dan dunning richard dyer bruce eastman mike eckovich John elkins april eskridge roger feare rae ferguson jim flinchum patty garoutte terry garoutte wayne gerhardt diana goins bruce gourley Connie gourley vicki grayckowski linda greathouse John hall karen hall sharon hall John halter don hammond bernard hansen melodee hanson debbie harbor tony helms bob heinek chesley heinrich tom heise don hertzberg dana hill pat hill paul horvath dennis houk mike houser craig hughes sheila huston mike hynek rick hysell chris jankowski John jarrett phil Johnson bruce Jones kenny Jones nancy jones pat Jones russ jones kevin kaplon doreen kaufman bill keck bonnie keehn lynn kelley Steve kindig phil kmitta roxanne koach randy koch Jerome konieczny theresa kovas vie krueger John kulwicki gail kunde linda lant tom lawson paul loop don loree danny lotter neal loucks tim ludwig zelma luke dennis lutes sally lynch barb macias dave maerz dan malicki bettina malone Steve markley theresa markley art martinez rolando martinez Steve martz ruth mauer tom mayse sharon metzner barbara miller bernard miller candy miller elizabeth miller Jackie miller marie miller Steve miller Wendell miller wanda mitchell tom monroe jeff moore John morgan maurine morrie bernard mrozinski paula mrozinski debbie mccartney tom mcclish debbie mccormack carol mccune jean mcdonald mary mcgawn doug mcguire jeff ness randy newton dave nickerson cassie nixon jim nowak greg ostroski diana pentis ben perkins dan peterson kenny phillips Connie pitman joe plummer marvin podemski tim porter glen proud greg quirk pat reeves torn renfro penny richardson beth robinson gary robinson brian rowe randy rudecki dan rush ken schell lucy schnurle julene schreiber jeff schroeder nancy schroeder nathanael schwenk debbie scott joe scott robin seibert gina sellers debbie sherwood cari Shirley susie Simpson dennis Simpson jim sisk martin smith mike smith mike spaid jere stark terry Stockton tom Stockton becky sutton randy szczpiorski pam thompson vicki tibbs diane Torres paul troxell kirn tuley Joyce vandervelden milroy vandusen denise vanslager joe vargo mary vargo cathy vogel kevin vogel albert vollmer alfred vollmer robert voorhees linda wagner betsy walz jim warfield kenny warner dave wasielewski debbie watnick gerold welton jim werth cheryl wideman jim wojciechoM ski Janet wojcik linda wolfe anna wolff patricia wood peggy wood eiizabeth wyatt alison zellers class of 72 sophomore class officers — margo bryant, vice president; jane briskey, co-treasurer; John antonucci, president; pam ober- holtzer, co-treasurer; marcy kern, secretary. renewing old friendships and making new ones we started the year, with this as a start, the sopho- more class grew in unity and spirit, pulled together by class projects and activities such as homecoming and magazine sales, working hard to make the prom we will sponsor a memorable one, our sales goal was surpassed by a large margin, making the sale a success. as the year closes we look back over our accom- plishments, personal, academic, and athletic, and eagerly await our junior year which will bring our class rings, a prom, more challenges with admirable awards and more memories. our class officers who helped to make the year a success by organizing work committees for the float and working with magazine money are president, John antonucci; vice-president, margo bryant; co- treasurers, jane briskey and pam oberholtzer; and secretary marcy kern, representatives for student council are mike engel and carol mcguire. ken abbott karen alien brenda anders John antonoucci greg arendt 115 bobbie baker jess barber leonita barnes laurel beckham ronnle bendiks mike bennitt debbie biggerstaff karen blackston becky blackston John bladecki Vincent bolsega jim borntrager lawrence boyts kathy bradfield jane brisley diane brooks margo bryant karen burrow kenn buss dave calhoun kit Carlson dale carr bob cites pat cevallos John christman bob dark vernon dark marda Cornell debbie cowham devon crane debbie cross ted czanderna margo dahne michele dailey bob deneve jean deutscher loretta deutscher bob deutscher alien dewit henry doane art doerscher debra dove sonia dzialak ferris elkins mikeengel torn everly marcia feltz mark fischer jan fisher brenda flagg terri flitter joan fouty theresa fritzen donna gabbard Vickie gadacz mark galloway eugene gayton dale gilchrist jack gilpin deb goodman pat gorny marie goverinski carol greathouse sheila gussman kathy hahn doug hammond terri hansen bruce harber rose harrington lorea heise dan hertzberg pam hill kathy hinshaw bill hooker don hoover judy horvath frank hostetler nancy houk don hrometz larry humphrey mike ingole dave jandrisovits diane jankowski roger Jones wendy jones fred kaminski pam keen carl keller kathy kelly torn kempf marcy kern ron king sherrah king jim kovas Jeff kulwicki gaii kurdel pat lackowin jim land tom lange nora lau fred lawson Steve lenig lucy lepley jim levar Virginia litza pat logan bob lotter tina loucks bernard macias anthony maglio diane major dave manges Steve mann dean manzuk tim marker bill martensen bob martin ernest martinez cheri mattasits debbie merley 118 jay merrill Julia meyers linda meyers doug miliar brent miller fred miller george miller mike jeff miller mike joe miller pam miller pat miller patsy mitchell terry moore Julie morrie Stan mortan debbie murnane John mccarty aiex mceathron carol mcguire Jules nace greg ness dawn nickerson debbie nickerson debbie nixon pam oberholtzer Shirley olaughlin brenda oliver jim Oliver jeff paul joe pavolka mary pietrowski penny pumroy nancy reeves linda renfro dave ross diane sacks chuck sauers rich schiele earl schimmel doug schmeltz 119 mark schnurle slice schoning sherri schwark gary scofield dominick scott zona seidler larry shead sue shields ken shirley sally shrader robert sigler fred sikorski ken sikorski gail shock Jackie skaggs John small lester smith merry smith penny sobecki ellen spriggs marcia stark bev Stevens debbie stone tomilee stone norman streflint ken strope chuck szilagyi becky szynal ricky thompson susan todd don toth ron toth ernie truex dean tuesberg denise unrue charlene van schoyck cheryl van schoyck gail vogel kevin vogel carol wagner mike walz karin watkins bob watkins Cynthia weber jonas weir cindy whitman mike wickham mike wilcox Steve Williams emma wilson sue winey marla wireman lloyd wood donna woodruff bruce wordinger terry wozniak diane wrobleski rich wrobleski deb zakrzewski lou zelasko bruce zellers Julie zielinski 121 class of 71 junior class officers — diane vermillion, vice president; torn ludwig, president; shirley gamble. the class of 71 anxiously awaits its chance to be- come seniors, soon they will be entering their last, confusing, sad, happy, enlightening, and meaningful year at new prairie. their accomplishments were numerous; the most notable being the memorable prom they gave the class of ' 70. others included the winning of the foot- ball season homecoming float, and the triumph of being the first class to win the spirit stick of 1969. as were all former junior classes, they were proud of their rings, and rightfully so. wearing them, the juniors feel that they gained a life-long link with new prairie high school. as the end of this school year approached, the ju- niors became more and more aware of the fact that important decisions concerning their futures must be made, this, coupled with the everpresent spirit of competition and the taking of many important tests for the college-bound students, made the junior year one of the most progressive and confusing years in a student ' s life. ben ackerman mike adams kathy akin betty albertson lynn anderson dan artist randy bailey lyle baker jim banaszak cyndy bartoszewicz Virginia baughman ray bealor ray becker laura beyer cookie bilinski John borkowski martha bowell Charles bowker marlene boyts debbie bradfield dave brasseur dennis brewer diane brewer mark bromley rick brugh norene buss rick buzaiski Janice calhoun bob carlton roger carlton dave carr bill coddens jim cooreman jane cooreman mark costello barbcrum joecuson dan davis sharon davis John deckard bob deer pat demeyer annette dewit linda diedrich bruce dickie 123 doug dodd leona doerscher karen dolph leslie dolph maria eastman robin eckert marsha ekstrom rodney eskridge dianne fischer rondi flagg larry foster nick galvas Shirley gamble daria gesse bruce giles drew gilpin John ginter barb golubski bruce goodson rick gourley gail graczyk juanita green patti green barry halter pat hannon charlle hansen helen hanson lavon hardiman mike harris jo ellen heminger robert hennen mike hoggard chris hunt dave jesswein diane Johnson jeff Johnson keith Johnson rich Johnson gerald jonas alice Jones alien jones guy Jones pam jones scott joslin pete kaminski karen kaufman bob keck barb kegebein dennis keiley becky keiley diana kettring gail kindig randy kleine bill kopkowski judy kulwicki charmaine land phil land gary lange nancy lapaich lynn sue lepley mary lewis mary ann lienhart chris litza sarah loop torn ludwig cookie lynch charles maesch debbie main donna marchand mary martensen kathy martz diane metzner henry meyers herman meyers carl miller gary miller mike miller peggy miller barb mitchell dan mitchell 125 margot montemayor sue moore wilma moore sue murphy darrell myers gary mccleland garald mccullough caria mcdonald linda nagy dermis nalepinski dave neal barb nelson julaine nelson bruce nickerson Janet nlespodziany larry norris terry norris torn obrien lewis oldham linda ostroski debbie peterson Janet peterson debbie petree larry petree gerard pizark lewis plumbeck glen quirk sue raines diane rehlander debbie robinson tom roesner rodney rosenbaum Jeanne ryder paul scales Jeanne schroeder chuck schwark theresa scott rosemarie seibert jay seniff donna shock 126 John sinka ray sipes judy sipotz patty skaggs mike skaggs Julie small bob Stacy joan stanish tina Stroud John stultz karen surma bill sutton roger teska greg thoman Steve thomas Curtis thompson diana thompson Steve tolmen Jester toothman dan troxell pat truex jeff tuhoiski peggyupp diane Vermillion frances vermilyer deb vollmer jim walbert lynn walker joe ward rose warfield cliff Warner jim warren dale watkins linda wawrzynski Sandra wawrzynski mike weeden joeweinstock sue white gladys wiltfong jack woodruff ary wordinger torn yeater ray zakrzewski linda zarobinski chris zelasko pat zioza exchange students karen kaufman, ila zondrozny, pat cevallos. this year new prairie was fortunate enough to have two exchange students, both girls were from south america, ila being from brazil and pat from peru. while in the united states, the girls made their home with mr. and mrs. kenneth kaufman and family. class of 70 1970 will be a harbinger of dif- ferent thoughts and new ideas for the upcoming decade, it also brings the graduation of this group, the senior class of new prairie high school. past accomplishments are numerous, we had more than our share of scholars, leaders, and athletes, their feats in leadership, scholarship, service, and competi- tion made the entire school proud, but most of all, the seniors felt a tremendous pride in the accomplishments of our friends and classmates. as we end a phase of our lives, we feel that we have had the time of our lives. the middle of our junior year brought the confusion of actual consilidation. we combined well, we put on a prom and had a great time; we claimed two national merit finalists; our senior domi- nated football team had a winning season; our basketball team claimed the title of northern state conference champions; confer- ence champs in every sport were members of our ranks. we made many deep friend- ships, which time will test, and shared laughs, tears, joy, sorrow, fun, and trouble, as we leave nphs, we can wish for those who follow no more than to enjoy it as much as we did. debbie parry, secretary; dan shead, vice-president; ray nickerson, president; Judy thompson, treasurer. dennis p. albin latin club. gar! a. armentrout fha cougar cadettes oea librarian r. scott amen Spanish club, latin club, hi-y, nhs. agnes c. anderson fha, band, gaa, Spanish club, pep club. diana s. anderson gaa, fha, pep club. gene e. bartoszewicz ffa david d. baughman marsha I. belsaas pep band, dance band, pep club, swing choir, girls state, band, choir, fta, nhs. marsha j. belt latin club, french club, pep club, swing choir, fta, gaa, band, choir, nhs debbiea. biehl fha, fta, pep club, Spanish club, nhs, gaa. Christine m. bladecki toni 1. bolsega fat, fha, oea, nhs, pep Spanish club, band, pep club, band, pep band. band. Joyce a. boutin fha, oea, pep club. lauraj.brady jerry I. bratcher latin club, choir. John w. bratcher hi-y, lettermen, french latin club, swing choir, club, fta, football, choir. swimming. paul h. broda betty j. brown choir, swing choir, french club, pep club, fta, nhs. warren carpenter ffa, fta, hi-y, pep club, nhs. edward m. cenkush, band, dance band, letter- men, nhs, football, wres- tling, boys state. robert e. breaux connie f. brettin larry g. bratcher lettermen, choir, swing pep club, latin club, gaa, hi-y, pep club, latin club. choir, track. choir. diane m. codman pep club, choir, swing choir. John c. colanese Jennifer I. connett marcell p. cooreman terry cserpes dwightcohen golf. Spanish club, fha. ffa. lettermen, ffa, football, track. susan I. cuff nhs, fta, latin club, fha. Jeffrey a. dailey ffa paula s. de poy band, pep band, lat- in club, fta, gaa, pep club. diane s. de meyer carol a. de poy atin club, Spanish club, pep club, band, pep librarian. band, yearbook, latin club, gaa. garry deyounj paulf. dickle david a. dodd lettermen, french club, gayle I. deutscher george e. deutscher pep club, yearbook, hi-y, Spanish club, lettermen, band, gymnastics, foot- hi-Y wrestling, football, fha, latin club, fta, pep ffa, lettermen, football, ball, track. baseball. club, gaa. wrestling . nhs, lettermen, hi-y, Span- ish club, latin club, foot- ball, basketball, track. Christine a. gadacz michael h. foster yearbook, student coun- latin club, pep club, fta, cil, cougar cadettes, pep hi-y. club, fta, nhs, gaa. marsha I. gamble fha, librarian, pep club. larry gayton Spanish club, nhs. timothy I. gesse band, latin club, nhs, luciano g. gayton football. debra a. gilpin pep club, Spanish club, ik4i k I Judith a. gilpin pep club, gaa, latin club, fha, swing choir, fta, nhs, band. larry g. gussman andrewg. hahn linda I. halter a. Student council, librarian. pep club, latin club, choir. cindy I. godfrey gaa, fha, oea, librarian, pep club. Charles r. gourley ffa, lettermen, football. James graberak band, dance band. pep band. randall I. halter John e. hannon, jr. hi-y, lettermen, football. nan c. harding fha, yearbool , gaa, nhs, latin club, pep club. Christine I. harness daniel hartwick charles r. haverstock susan k. haverstock nancy e. hayter pep club, latin club, band, ' stiri club, choir, swing pep club, ffa, fta, letter- pep club, fha. pep band, fha, gaa. choir, french club, pep men, football, track. yearbook, gaa, latin club, Spanish club, pep club, nhs. dennis higgins judd e. hill latin club, lettermen, hi-y, lettermen, pep club, foot- basketball, nhs. ball, baseball, track. f f yf dikmm rickey h. hazlett band, pep band, dance band. linda e. hock latin club, pep band, pep club, gaa, band, oea, dance band. phillip j. hollingsworth band. vickie I. Jones michael w. Johnson sharon m. Johnson latin club, pep club, cou- gar cadettes, yearbook ffa. Spanish club, band. oea. rudy konderia, jr. waiter c. kulasa hi-y, french club, pep club, football, baseball. craig kuta ffa, Spanish club, letter- men, hi-y, golf. 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' " 1 cheryl j. paul latin club, Spanish club, fta, choir. michael t. quinn lettermen, ffa, latin club, fta, pep club, football, hi-y, track, basketball. linda m. quirk fha, pep club, year- book, latin club. roxann runnels pep club, gaa, year- book, fta, science club, fha, latin club. susan I. porter vicki a. poskey teresa j. pugh pep club, latin club, year- gaa, fta, oea, yearbook, pep club, band, pep book, fta, nhs. latin club. band, fha. ross b. rodgers latin club. Steven r. rzepka ffa, lettermen, track. donald e. schonint richard e. ross, jr. M donald e. schoning J A becky a. schroeder fha, fta, latin club, pep club. deborah I. schreiber fta, pep club, yearbook. Judy a. scott fha, pep club, choir. 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Joseph colanese mr. mrs. amzie k. miller mr. mrs. paul deutscher mr. mrs. ralph neumann mr. mrs. robert dodd mr. mrs. patrick quinn mr. mrs. paul fernald mr. mrs. george shead mr. mrs. frank gadacz mr. mrs. henry schoning mr. mrs. ralph harness mr. mrs. russell scott mr. mrs. donald haverstoc k mr. mrs. norman j. wagner dora m. hayter dick Jennie wykoff mr. mrs. patrick higgins We wish to thank our advisor, max haag, for permitting us to construct our own yearbook; tony grzywienski of wilson studios for 100% cooperation; our staff; those not on the staff who aided us in numerous ways; the faculty for their understanding help; and all those who contributed funds to our success, co-editors sue porter Judy thompson V r ' j -t B H K ■? ' » ■• » ' = " -t f ' J " ■f tf -v K b - f 1 5 r ' J 1 I -• « Ij 1, ti -ii,H_fclO ' ?-= TUB « t«.VW ' ' T ' , .«■ ' »-. .w. fct. ft r u t J . 5 ,;T.A, i- - t , fr-r It— :r.: „ r L - i i p i. » • T - ibllt li t ■»« iif It ir V . S . 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Suggestions in the New Prairie High School - Prairie Life Yearbook (New Carlisle, IN) collection:

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