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HIGH SCHOOL Q2 56 New Plymouth High School New Plymouth, Idaho I' wi 'Rl rf X 1 S N X rlllfl-'f X N .3 FGREWORD Here rs your 56 Pnlgrlm new and modern as beTuTs The as beT1Ts The Pulgrum IT us our aTTempT To capTure The Teelung of The Fall WlnTer and Spring of Thus school year so ThaT you may sanl back In memory In The years To come and feel again The loys of Tnenclshnp and The Thnlls of achuevemenT We hope you luke :Tl The STaTT A 5 . f 15-eg-f55.:S,:53553i-Q32gg555-g'55,f:1fg-:-jig1gZ12'1'131123:E:53E55gig22225322:?g22':j.f5f2.2:31212513232-2-Qin-.A " '.1:2'fiia-I5Zfi2':E13E23EE5552Q-Zig?2221255-f55553':Ziff?-':?-2331:55:25vii-Z'Zg5-I-I-'ifil522224-1.1':3E21-, ,lr "' :-:-: ,--- -,',' . T. if ff XX l 1 . X , 3, ' N. -- " f f - f.5?ff25E??-33535Ziff-iiifEiZ1fiSi55fE33iJi1?3l5Z?i131f2'?i?91' Z" T I L 1 Y 'ri-Q-:13f:315rg:2:1-3:-g--.'.15:1g:.1-22- .','- Ez":-3-'--Iii-1-:.-51-1-:-:-5.,'.'-'5-1f:f2g:.'g5-j-115111-Ez1E221:r:E11E:" o,,,.Ai' - , 2 ', wir 2 -T ' . .4 ' 'X . 55: ff: L-?:5i':!T"fllf gl ll l, l' year 1956, old and TradiTional 256 g 60522459 Vu Foreword Dedxcallon Superlnlendenl 5 and Bunlcllngs Fa Winter Sprung Snapsl1oTs Pnncupal s Messages Faculty Freshmen Foofball Sopnomores Baskefball Organazafrons Junmors Winter Achvmes Senlors Baseball Track Sprung Acfuvmes ll Fall Acfivlfies . , . ' ,wv-r,niw--- V - 'Hit L." -s'5.+ ,Qw.a,,.- .., P- -. ,.Mv,..-.1-. t . V v- 9 ta 5,5 y,.,.r..-, -:za ,,.. .:.,,,, 9w5A,y.,,,- J, V , . V- Q x 'Fx '51, 1- il' 'V -,,,' ,Y fs r -r ,, so s M, av i X - ' n :SL1.,.x,'1 W .-N. . 'SQ-i'K:?Qf? ' 1 'K J 2 3342. s .. 2,1 vu 1 VJ ,c ,cu -K . N .T?.r:7Q1'1:v' - 3x5':5:t3,' 7 Q af., ,G Y . We are proud to dedicate thus our 56 Pnlgrlm to Coach Lawrence Duclos nn recognntnon of the part he has played In achieving this years splendid sports record coaching the boys both tn the skulls of the games and rn the spurlt of true sportsmanship During hrs four years as head coach he has been bulldlng up teams that thus year clnmaxed a successful past record by playnng an undefeated football season vvmnnlng conference and dlstrlct championships un basketball and showlng an Improved record nn baseball Our congratulatlons to Coach Duclos for the respect he has earned as a coach and as a teacher The Annual Staff PRINCIPAL S MESSAGE The fundamental responsubuluty ot this school us to equup you as nearly possible with the skulls necessary for earning a luvung assuming your obluga tions to your country and community and continuing your education In he formation of these skulls ut us my fervent hope that you have formed attitudes which wull aud you un accomplishing these goals Having learned these skulls and formed these attitudes you wull also have made the transition from adolescent to adult To those of you who have accom plushed thus by the time you graduate congratulations to those who havent quite made it keep tryung to all of you my sincere best wushes Sincerely James Pinson Pruncupal UPERI TENDENT'S MESSAGE Time marches on! As you look back on another year, can you say that you have achieved your best, tor in our highly technical age the best is only good e- nough. To those ot you who have another year or more, before you bid farewell to the halls of New Plymouth High, let me say that each of you has an oppor- tunity in this free land of ours that you should hold dearly. Do your very best and achieve the ultimate in your ability. To those who are bidding farewell to our school, I want to wish you success and happiness You are embarking into a great new trontuer the atomic age make the most ot ut Sincerely Arthur Huemstra Superintendent of Schools 'I 28040 ff .. QV ....,..a.u-1val"l .- """"lIlnnlnnc, H-un Here we studied, and played . . . 3 I worked, xx .., iff' . Maxx -xxx i , f 'Qegki x2.v W 'Ng ,yr '- ' 4 A --nl-Tw-stu-Qr-,f-a "4 ': -h"'LeL:w-snvaav ., J. fin X 9-v D 'unfit' 'gif' qv . 1. gf 7 Q!-4 " 'FA .4 '?"w.:- ' z, ill A. yrvar- , -1 'Z I - , if ai ' 4 , E. A kg ,A x YQ. X 'sy-'Sv X' V 'X 415 1 ,. ' 'lb Q Y Q 'Il Y ,I t Q ,V in iii'-1, K. 'ra .lf 1 R . . " A Q'1"' Q'a:, .ff-.F Fr -fw""q' ' .-f '1 Jfxxq ' 'E '. 32 QE Q-PV f 'o f. .jwi .'f'3+l,, 4 'L 6. 16. 22. 23. 26. 29. 30. MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Sally Wolfley-.lim Anderson OCTOBER . Frosh-Soph defeats Payette 7-O CFootbalIj 7. Homedale vs. New Plymouth 27-13 Here CFootbaIlD 10-11. l.E.A. Meeting 12 3 . Harmonaires-National Assembly 14. F.H.A. - F.F.A. party 21. Marsing vs. New Plymouth 20-O There CFootballj 26. Senior Pictures 27 28 28 . Speech Class Plays and Chorus Concert . Wilder vs. New Plymouth 20-12 Here CFootballD . Harvest Ball FRIENDLIEST David Chandler-Jeanette Rasmussen 4. 11. 16. 17. 18. FALL CALENDAR SEPTEMBER Opening Assembly 1 Notus vs. New Plymouth 20-7 There QFootballD Teacher's Reception Parma vs. New Plymouth 12-O Here CFootballj Fire and Magic-National Assembly Adrian vs. New Plymouth 13-O There CFootballj Freshman Dance MOST POPULAR Jim Carpenter-Beverly Remington NOVEMBER F.H.A. Candle-light Initiation Middleton vs. New Plymouth 47-0 Here CFootballj Homecoming Game Homecoming Dance Fruitland vs. New Plymouth 32-12 There CFootballj Championship Game Blind Gym Act-National Assembly Matinee of Senior Play Senior Play 4 S.. .Pit if, Q ,CR , QE x DONALD CARPENTER FRANCES PURKHISER English Commercial Librarian "Are we all double spacing?" Aw, I wish you'd get out of here." LAWRENCE DUCLOS Athletics History Math "Only one at the window." -" 1 bg l Z 2 ACU LTY ABBIE McGlNLEY Girls' Physical Education Biology 'lf the shoe fits, wear it. ' W as , i jf . 1 H lin' DAVID JOHNSON English Sociology Global Geography "Please stay in your seat till the is checked." CARL MOSS Chemistry Algebra 1 VO 'Are you listening to me?" ff' G' LANTY HARSHMAN Spanish Math General Science Now, Ladies and Gentlemen!" MOYLE BROWN Music Speech "l'm losing my Temper!" 'wif al. x' L A . ty If Q5 G 1 Y , ,ff Y.. l e X C ix LOIS MOSS Home Economics "Girls!" ACULTY LEOLA KOFOED EVELYN PARTON Office Girls GERTRUDE KREITER Secretary LAWRENCE GROVER Vocafional Agricullure "Get to work!" ORAN HUTTON ? Custodian "HeIlo! How are you today P' x 3 Joe Bunt Gene Capps Donita Clark Marrianne Davis Walter Davis Jentina Dykema Edna Earl Gloria Galbraith Juanita Gibbons George Grover Freshman class officers: Advisor, Carl Mossy President, Paul Wnnterstein Secretary Treasurer, Ann Hunterg and Vice President, Johnny Moore. FRESHME Joan Anderson Pat Bell Carol Boyd Larry Boyd '77 H 7? Q R 1 ,-Q sa 'QI' .nz-. i .4 .3 G' 5 'tiff 'Q if Ng., 1...--1 Y NOT Shown: Trula Barbee Raymond Rash Carrie Buerman Charles Reiber Larrie Clark Donna Smart Colleen Haines Ronald Hart Robert Hewitt Anne Hunter Judy Hylton Terry Jensen Earnest Kartchner Thelda Kreps Johnny Moore Naomi Myers Don Nelson Maxine Olsen Sandra Otten Roberta Peterson Dorothy Ray Robert Ray John Rutherford Marvin Saxton Larry Schmeiser Lola Smart Bill Whittom Dale Williamson Paul Winterstein Allan Smith Darlene Youngberg lt, H 1 .xr-L1 ' L '14 " , Below Parton is stepped wie qw- s.A'Qvv- 1: . 'B Q fa. .4 U P " .1 t :PSX If A t 5 M -Q ' - 2 Ri I W-d Hex , ,V s:.,, X its i on the lim me ' . Q - ". "' 1 5--.... . 1 ' Q Jovi G tcm wvay one of his AO yard ,,-.1 ' 3, ir s rrotec on WOM? .had it sn--. 0 ow Patti elves a pass and is ready ' 'Y' X g 5 , to bro tu Jvies. ,.." 'H - 7- qf rg- 1 .l' 4- n. qv. rwzssr.. ,nf .A , . 1 gy-- .,. 52155 R . I , , S r , 0 x ' V i 4 U FV It N -t-K 'NW' qv.. NY , r -.,i . M.. ,, , 1 4. is 1 kk-, ,ff I Q . 'viii 3 .L - ll WH. ,, V'1P',,: ' left: Peterson and Travis move in on Homedale passer. lcwer left: Gross breaks away with pro tection from teammates. Below: Gross stretches would-be tackler. hard to lose Fld U ' sw' i. If t is - .fe '4- if ...ah .-1 -I +V din fy 'QD-Q r 4 a -of.-'fo as , fr nw .Q 1 , 4 F I t It t It l It-l4.lA-wi...-,'-All-4 i A , . , , ' . 1 ' E .- , . I h . . , , , ,M Seated, left to right: Hart, Bob Richards, Rodemack, Boggs, Grover, Ray, Killebrew, and manager, Williamson, Standing: J Clark, B, Anderson, Byington, MCCGII, Mgorel Jensen, Nelson, Anderson, Saxton, Peterson, Auker, J, Pittman, Bill Richards New Plymouth High School's Football Squad ended this year's season with an unbeaten record. Although several players were injured, the team was able to win the S.R.V. Class B Championship Trophy. Players who saw little action because ot iniuries were: Jim Carpenter, Jim Anderson, Clarence Saxton, Ken Potter, and Ron Hart. The Pilgrims captured three positions on the l955 All-league Football Tecmelsarl Gross, Max Gardner, and Warren Travis. Bill Richards was named on the second string and Paul Pittman received honorable mention. Seniors who saw their last year of action were, kneeling, left to right: Paul Pittman, Don Rhodes, Jay Wolfley, Carl Byington, and Ron Parton. Standing: Max Gardner, Jim Carpenter, Jim Anderson, Clarence Saxton, Ken Potter, and Carl Gross. Gross and Parton were co-captains. ,AH asv New New New New New New New New SEASON'S Plymouth Plymouth Plymouth Plymouth Plymouth Plymouth Plymouth Plymouth Totals r FOOTBALL .ir-L.l . lil P f.'-GIQHX A' I """- f7 f I :IWW . I X, xxwwulcfyl, Gross, Travis, Rhodes, Parton, Wolfley, Fairchild, P. Pittman A Haines, Kocher, Rutherford, Carpenter, and Potter. i Carl Gross was given Honorable Men- tion by Scholastic Coach on its 1955 All- uma American High School Football Squad. gumfm, He was the only player from a Class B H55 school in the state to be so honored. RECORD Notus Parma Adrian Homedale Marsing Wilder Middleton Fruitland 1.11.4 Below are pictured the coaches who made possible the season's championship record. Left assistant coach, Lanty Harshman, head coach, Lawrence Duclosg and line coach, Marvin Earl. , X l 2. ' t 'z is v s l. w, to right v H RVE T LL "Harvest Moon" was the theme for the Fifth Annual Harvest Ball, which was held October 28, 1955, in the high school gym. It was sponsored by the local chapter ot the Future Farmers of America. Each year the Chapter Sweet- heart receives an FFA Chapter Sweetheart Jacket Prestcent Jrm Carpcntcr presents rewly clectmcl Chapter Swectheat Jeanette R snmssen th bo f chocolates Jim smtles happnly as hrs pasture as taken vvtth the candidates for Chapter Sweetheart Fayc Park tumor Dons Van de Bogart sophomore Jeanette Rasmussen sentor Dorothy Rwy frcshmm Dclores Brecht F H A and Opal Gaston G A A Q 'CP V r X ......,,c Ou . . 0 ,, X -C tri, 4 X X w w - ix, . 5- t of i'.F.A, l ' X - , 1 '- r, a , w't a x o . . . . . . . . Z g I ,. . I ' , 1 r , 'z '- 1, fi ' , .9 A V :N - 'n 1 C 'X' K! . ,' . xv -, NJ , . .,.- I '5::,, A ' -- 1 ff. J 54' 1 C 4, 7 1'7- ' 4 : 4 'f -. .- . C, C . , - 'IL-x,.,. :' 'Ts 1 ss- J - 1 an J-113, r T5-T3 la, vj-' ' ' ' 1' Q: .. YE . , A A -6 "' ,4 , -. .. Q vs I x . -'1 r 31 in ,, X, . ,CI Here is the cast of the Senior Play Mountain Gal," which was presented November l8, l955. Standing, left to right are Phil Johnson Arthur Perrin, Jim Carpenter-Obyg Dolores Beutler4Maria Lindsey, Myron Bredy Henry McKay Gordon Abshire Mr, Gordong and Beverly RemingtonAMrs. Gordon. Seated, left to right are Sally Wolfley Dee Dee Lindsey, Myrna Reed--Sophy, Jim Anderson-Patolcah Lindsey, and Eleanor Gaston Catalpa Lindsey The play netted approximately 5160, SENIOR PLAY At left: Lawyer Perrin and Mr. and M's, Gordon loclf cn as Henry McKay explains "bookAlearnin"' to Dee Dee Lindsey Below right: A portrait of the hill-billy family, from left' Scphy OE! Dee Dee, Catalpa, and standing, Maria and Patolcah. Below left: Production staff left to right. Tom Naylor, p'efrp1e', Don Carpenter, directory Leola Kofoed, prornpter, and Max Gardner s'age manager. ff ' ii Q ..., ,y"" , 5' 5' Q ' it i U ' 'W f eQE miQ Whit - 2 3 6 9 13 13 16 17 19 Us wi 20 WITTIEST Dolores BeutlerwKenny Potter JANUARY Fruitland vs. New Plymouth 54-33 Here QB.B.j Wilder vs. New Plymouth 66-30 Here CB.B.j Notus vs. New Plymouth 64-35 There QB.B.D Mr. Kerek Jarto, Violinist-National Assembly Middleton vs. New Plymouth 54-44 There CB.B.j Homedale vs. New Plymouth 58-51 There CB.B.D District F.F.A. Meeting Parma vs. New Plymouth 63-61 There CB.B.j Melba vs. New Plymouth 49-31 There QN.C.B.B.D Freshman Return Dance Adrian vs. New Plymouth 69-44 Here CB.B.D Chorus Talent Show for March of Dimes Marsing vs. New Plymouth 68-42 Here CB.B.j MOST INTELLECTUAL Winterstein-Belva Brownell f-gg-fi 1 WINTER CALENDAR DECEMBER Emmett vs. New Plymouth 40-36 Here CB.B.j . Teachers' Pa rty Emmett vs. New Plymouth 67-44 There CB.B.j Adrian vs. New Plymouth 55-29 There CB.B.j First Family of Balance-National Assembly Parma vs. New Plymouth 65-55 Here CB.B.j Football Banquet Co-ed Ball Christmas Concert Merging vs. New Plymouth 51-42 There QB.B.j MOST SINCERE Jeanette Nelson-Tom Naylor FEBRUARY Fruitland vs. New Plymouth 61-44 There CB.B.j Musical Moments-National Assembly Wilder vs. New Plymouth 42-31 There CB.B.j Notus vs. New Plymouth 64-43 Here CB.B.j Sweetheart Ball Middleton vs. New Plymouth 40-37 Here CB.B.j P.T.A. Talent Program Music Clinic Homedale vs. New Plymouth 49-42 Here CB.B.D 25-29. District Basketball Tournament 1. Council 64-35 2. Notus 45-43 3. Middleton 72-66 SOPHGMQRES fury Ivfx' CD' Pictured above are the sophomore class officers. From left Jay Paplce, Presidenlg Lanfy Harshman, Advisory David March, Vice Presidentg and Marilyn Cary, Secretary-Treasurer FQ! Q7 :II "W-v -ur-'D K. .1 Bill Anderson Dean Auker Virginia Bayes YT' Q 'Va-0 . 'Z Leo Bright Hugh Buerman Charlene Butler Marilyn Cary Louise Clinton Donna Clowser Kneelung from left are Duck Kallebrew Warren Travs B n P pe Co ch H rshman J rt Pttman Bll R chards Jack Kocher Standnng from left are Allen Snrth Paul Wnnterste n Bull Anderson Bernhard Brandl VVaher Davm Dean Auker Chet Knows Lany Petemon George Grover Charhe Powder and Don Nelson The New Plymouth JV team lost two were non conferenc BASKETBALL won T7 of 20 games last season Of the three they e and the other was wnth Marsrng The JVs had a Coach Harshman s cagers were nnvuted to play the preltmunary game of the champuonshtp playoff In the Drstrtct Tournament at Frultland New Plymouth was supposed to play the top JV team In the Long Pun Conference but had to refuse the Invitation because they had played the maxtmum number of games for one season The JVs had a good season nn sconng as they scored 847 pounts and held thetr opponents to 658 In rndnvrdual scorung Bull Ruchards paced the team wnth 187 total pounts and a 9ponnt average Close behind hum was James Pittman with 153 points and a 7 pornt average Followung Jtm were Jack Kocher Duck Kvllebrew and Ben Pope ' , 1 ' ' ' , i , e o , 3 3 , ir i , i i , ,. A , 1 1 ' , ' a , ' , O 0 T3-1 record to win the conference title. Q . 13 . . . . 4 ' . A . r- 'Uk - , I , . . Kneeling from left are Ken Potter G Max Gardner C Mr Duclos coach Jim Carpenter F Carl Gross F Ron Parton G Standing are Don Rhodes G Harold Ray G Eric Rodemack F Tom Naylor F B b Henggeler C Jim Rich F Larry Waller F and Paul Pittman F ARSITY BASKETBALL The New Plymouth Pilgrims ended their scheduled season with a perfect They played l4 conference games and 6 non conference games ln the non conference games they beat the second place class A team and the top team from the Skyline Conference ln the District play off at Fruitland the team won 6 out of 7 games to win the championship for the first time in three years This gave them a berth in the Class B State tournament from which the Pilgrims were eliminated in the first two games by narrow margins The final record was 26 wins and 3 losses All in all it was the most successful basketball season in the history of the school Pictured at right is Myrl Haines manager 'Vs 'ZS' : , . ' 1 , 1 , 1 ' , 2 , 1 0 standing, 20 wins and no losses, to take the S.R.V. "B" League Championship. x 'I 17,8 ,W It Q -e-ar,-5 Above are pictured the Varsity cheerleaders who did mitclt to erinouuzqv spoftsnrarwslrip and student loyalty to the team. From left: Margaret Raichart, Delores Brecltt, and Darlene Barker. Darlene was appointed by the Student Council to replace Myrna Reed Gross .vlio left its at the end of first semester, CHEERLEADERS Dorothy Ray, Yvonne Gross, and Hazel Hertz were the Junior Varsity cheerleaders. Tltey assisted the Varsity leaders at the pep assemblies and led the cheering section at the Junior Varsity basketball games. fri I v .yq,JY' 'Sv- Seated from left to rxght Delores Beutler larry Maugh Jnm Carpentcr Cl cnce Saxtow and Delores Brecht Standung Lola Smart Carl Gross Carl Wnterstcuw Bcrnhard Brandl our German exchange student Walter Davls and Hazel Hertz Not pnctured Mr Hnemstra dvnso nfl M Pnnson faculty mcmb r STUDE T COUNCIL The legrslatnve body of the student body as the Student Councul whlch consnsts of a boy and girl representatuve from each class and the student body oftncers Thus years accomplishments lnclude the sponsorshlp of the March of Dsmes drnve and the proposal of two amendments to the student body constrtutuon These amendments enable the student body to elect male cheerleaders If they wrsh and make the student councul representatuves class offlcers Mr Hnemstra was the advvsor of the group and Mr Pinson was the faculty member The vrce presxdent Clarence Saxton acted as charrman 5 A-' S4 CLARENCE SAXTON JIM CARPENTER LARRY MAUGH Vrce President Presrdent Secretary Treasurer STUDE T BQDY CFFICERS Presudent Jnrn Carpenter Vlce Presldent Clarence Saxton and Se retary Treasurer Larry Maugh were the three leadtng oftrcers of th New Plymouth Hugh School Student Body for the school year T955 56 The prestdent presides over all student body meetungs In case ot hrs absence the vtce president presides He also acts as chasrrnan of student councll nteetrngs The secretary treasurer takes the mlnutes of all student body and Student Council nweetnngs as well as provrdnng trnan ral reports The ottrcers must have B averages for the year preceding thetr electron and rnust matntatn thus average during theur terms ot ottuce , g ,K .4 :Q rt' ' . 1 . 1' A 4' E '..L' if cc J .t 1 , f - f. ,f K- f ' f f if l L ' ' XX I ' ' I "' 'l 1 S r 5 l . . I . . I C - , . , . C. . Seated from left Geneva Balter Jean Duborko Opal Gaston Muss McGmley Belva Brownell Jeanette Rasmussen Betty Abnot and Dorothy Davxs Standnng from left are Arden Roberts Anne Gosprll Barbara Grover Vurguma Bayes Barbara Peterson Rose Youngberg and Sharon Waller GA A Presrclent Belva Jean Brownell Vlce President Opal Gaston and Secretary Treasurer Jeanette Rasmussen were the three leadmg offlcers of G A A thus year Muss McGunley was the advusor Jeanette Rasmussen replaced Karen Anderson Kreps who restgned There were l3 members un G A A thus year Belva Jean Brownell Opal Gaston and Jean Duborko earned therr gold puns Vnrgrnla Bayes was the only one who earned her letter They had an nnutnatuon party at the Bateman home the ftrst part of the school year On May 8 they had thenr ttnal party whnch was a prcmc and skating party r : 1 1 r 1 1 , , - , 4 1 , r , ,,,4 0 0 I I .- . . . . , Front row from left Kocher Auker Kullebrew Peterson Kaurun Travus McCall Second row from left Wolfley Waller Potter P Puttman Rhodes Parton Naylor Gardner Carpenter Back row from left Rutherford Gross Rrchards Saxton Pope J Plttman Rodemack Anderson Duclos The Lettermen s Club under the leadershlp of Prestdent Carl Gross Vice Presrdent Ron Parton Secretary Treasurer Jrm Anderson Sergeant at Arms Clarence Saxton and Advlsor Mr Duclos had a very active year They sold pop at the tournament games and sold coffee and doughnuts after the home basketball games They also held a Smokeless Smoker rn whrch several boxtng and wrestllng matches were held Through these fund rarsung protects the Lettermen s Club was able to purchase a blocktng machine for football They held thecr flrst homecomrng game and dance In the history of N P HS Beverly Remlngton was crowned queen to rengn over the game and dance The held two lnttlatlons In the fall 7 were brought In and rn the sprung 3 new ones were nnxtnated There are approxlmately 27 members rn the club LETTERMEN'S CLUB sf ef? Seated from left Jeanette Rasmussen Opal Gaston and Belva Brownell Standing from left to right Beverly Remington Darlene Barker Jeanette Nelson Dolores Beutler Lola Kofoed Max Gardner Jay Wolfley Sally Wolfley Gordon Abshire Mrs Purkhrser Carl Byington Phillip Johnson and Carl Gross ANNUAL STAFF These are the people who brought you the i956 Pilgrim They have tried to compile for you a complete and lasting record of the year s events in approximately the order in which they happened. Under the leadership of Gordon Abshire, editor, Opal Gaston, assistant editor and the advisor, Mrs. Frances Purkhiser, the staff members planned page arrange- ment, prepared student art work, and wrote copy. Because of a generous S300 contribution from the Buzz Saw proceeds from advertising, the Pilgrim was published again this year without advertising. Other income is gained through the sale of pages to organizations, the selling of grade school pictures on a commission basis, and the sale of annuals. no fl A i The "Buzz saw" received an A11-State S ' if at the tenth annual Idaho high school jdpmgnalismacbgi llml Q . ference at Moscow March 23-2h, Q lrlrlnqlhlll eeThe conference,e held on the U, of I. Camnus, was ...nlnY1lQ I T attended by Gordon Abshire, , . . . y 'P1lgr1m" renresentative, ""o"f-s Brecht and Emma 'N -ll Whig: ' for education ands career. i wee - Following fir, Hiems trals Selection Wei-L Speech tl-le Trio Seng ii,-ro, f on the basis of scholastic i was L., Not Much," ariety on c..- il Seated, from left are: Margaret Raichart, Typing Advisor Frances Purkhiser, Geneva Balter, Bob Richards, fl-bshire, Q Qssistgnt Editofr Deleres Breclg, Bditovrll imma EJoP:nsorg Faye Ea:kgNBoZ Hgngeelereandkufforgnie Dgmoke. for all - , 1 t n, n arton, a ee , ao au emi , e arne, Jlm Carmel econ row rom et are an ey eso vey r r y r udents was Dorothy Davis, .lean Duborko, Dorothy Ray, Anne Gospill, Belva Brownell, Third row: Harold Ray, Jim Bunt, 7ll3U3l3'C'l'15 Keith Boggs, Jim Rich, Richard Barbee, Bernhard Brandi, Dalian Hendry, Eric Rodemack, Editorial Advisor eningo Plefltal Vi? Don Carpenter, Jack Kocher, Dick Killebrew, Walter Davis, Jim Fairchild, and Larry Maugh. edj- tor, by the Soc -Review, was The initiates were Called Q dOl'1IlSJ1'1 T-ICEJTC: G.LGCT,Gd Y'iCA guest, Speaker at the bgn.. forqnard to receive their Youth Legislators and 'David i quet. His topic was, vrgigws- 1'-ins and membership cards i Chandler' and 5Vell"n Partfm 1 9309? Work IS Female." and to Siem their names on l were elected alternates in Following the banquet, the the Honor Society Roll. 9-T1 election held THTCYI 20. conference delegates were ,X '-i"""' l Larry and l-imma will attend l guests at the Blue Key i the Youth l?9S'lASl94lDUI'e to Talent Show. be held in BOiSc, April 6 , Newsnapers were criti- ' and 7. 1 cized Saturday morningg Mr, Liiemstra was elected Youth Legislatrue is following the criticisms oresident of the Southwest snonsored annually by the Idaho District 3 School l YWCA, It is set up for i the ayyar-ds. d1'1inistrators Association l the nurnose of exnlaining Wednesday, March 21, at a :government and stressing adjourned. meeting held in Parma. i its im or-tance D Q l was the announcement of The conference was then LIBRARIANS .nr lt, ,- "' v:- kJ Seated, from left: Jeanette Nelson, Leola Kofoed, Eleanor Gaston, Delores Brecht, Margaret Raichart, and Connie Dymoke. Standing are: Dorothy Davis, Mr. Carpenter, Bill Richards, Eric Rodemack, Dallan Hendry, Hugh Buerman, Stanley Nelson, Clarence Saxton, and Geneva Balter. Our library is a busy place from early in the morning before classes take up until last thing in the afternoon when teachers gather after school to compare notes on the day's activities. Even the noon hour finds students there reading the newspapers and recent magazines or studying. Approximately two hundred books have been accessioned and put on the shelves this year under the direction of Mr. Don Carpenter. This brings the total number of books to approximately 2600. The library also subscribes to 23 national periodicals. Fourteen student librarians receive half a credit for working one hour each day in the library. The librarian's duties include typing and filing cards, checking books in and out, preparing books for the shelf, mending and cataloging books. HO OR SOCIETY X br .. L-J .gl Q,- From left: Mrs. Purkhiser, Gordon Abshire, Darlene Barker, Belva Jean Brownell, Larry Maugh, Sally Wolfley, Dolores Beutler, Emma Johnson, Opal Gaston, Max Gardner, Delores Brecht, Leola Kotoed, and Jim Carpenter. The president of the Plymouth Chapter ot the National Honor Society for the term '55-'56 was Max Gardner. The vice president was Opal Gaston and Gordon Abshire was secretary. Under the sponsorship ot Mrs. Frances Purkhiser, the Honor Society had as its service proiect for the year the sale of milk at one cent a halt-pint to the students of both grade and high schools. An initiation was held March 21, at which time 7 new members were taken into the Chapter. Two members of the Honor Society, Belva Brownell and Gordon Abshire took the NHS Scholarship Tests in March. Honor Society members were also very active in other phases of school life. Senior member, Jim Carpenter was student body president for the year. Members were also active in such organizations as FFA, FHA, Band, and Mixed Chorus. ,gf .H Fx.: H11 Seated, left to right: Knickerbocker, Kofoed, Nelson, Griffin, Beutler, E. Gaston, Parton, Johnson, Raichart, Weed, Roberts, Garner, Dymoke, Brecht. Second row: Mrs. Raichart, Mrs. Brecht, LaCrone, Rasmussen, Remington, O. Gaston, Duborko, Abnot, Combs, James, Laudermilk, Park, F.H.A. The F.H.A. has progressed much this year under the direction ot their advisor, Mrs. Lois Moss. It was one of the most active organizations in New Plymouth High School. The membership drive opened October 21 with an open house. The chapter has titty-three members this year. Sixteen new members were initiated in a formal candlelight ceremony on November 3, with the senior girls as guides. Old members and mothers were also invited. Tea was served after the ceremony. Thirty-two members, including six voting delegates and Mrs. Moss, attended the District lll Convention which was held at Nampa on October 15. New Plymouth was in charge of the registration. Our chapter had the largest attendance of the schools present at the convention. On December 17, the F.H.A. sponsored the Third Annual Co-ed Ball. Carl Gross was chosen "Preferred Man" and reigned over the ball. The Kapps Orchestra furnished the music. The gym was decorated to portray the theme "Someday My Prince Will Come," and Cheryl Collinsworth, as "Snow White," sang the theme song. The Parent-Daughter Banquet was held on February 23, with Evelyn Parton as tcastmistress. The highlight of the evening was the candlelight installation ot officers. Chapter Degrees were awarded to Emma Johnson and Jean Duborko. Those earning Junior Homemaker Degrees were Barbara Grover, Hazel Hertz, Maxine Olson, Dorothy Ray, Donna Clowser, and Linda Vernholm. An official F.H.A. jacket was given to the out-going president, Eleanor Jane Gaston. Dolores Beutler was the winner of the "Outstanding Homemaker" award, and honorary member- ship pins were presented to Homer Anderson and Lawrence Grover. The Fashion Show was held March 29. The girls modeled the clothes they made in Home Economics sewing classes. Nine members and Mrs. Moss attended the State Convention at McCall, April 15-17. Carol Laudermilk and Barbara Grover sang in the Regional Chorus at the convention. The last money-making project of the year was the "Pretty Baby" Contest which named Lola Smart as the winner. Other money was made by selling candy, pop- corn, sponscring other concessions at the football and basketball games and selling Mother's Day cakes. Seated from left to right Vernholm, Hylton, Hunter, Olsen, Ray, Galbraith, Grover, Gospill Hertz Gross Cary Otten Gibbons Haines. Standing, left to right: Bayes, Clowser, Smart, Kreps, Clark Waller Butler Nesbitt Mrs Moss Advisor. Officers installed at the banquet for the coming year were: EVELYN PARTON President PAT WEED President ANNE GOSPILL Secretary BARBARA GROVER Treasurer GLORIA GALBRAITH Historian HAZEL HERTZ Reporter EMMA JOHNSON Chairman DOROTHY RAY Chairman MAXINE OLSEN menfarian CONNIE DYMOKE Relations MRS. FRED BRECHT MRS, EVERETT RAlCHART Mothers Below are pictured the F.H.A. officers for the year 55-56, Seated from left: Hazel Hertz, Parliamentarian, Emma Johnson, Treasurer, Eleanor Jane Gaston, President, Evelyn Parton, Vice President, Margaret Raichart, Secretary, Yvonne Gross, Public Relations. Standing from left: Anne Gospill, Degree Chairman, Pat Weed, Historian, Barbara Grover, Reporter, Dolores Beutler, Recreation Chairman, Juanita Gibbons, Freshman Representative, Mrs. Moss, Advisor. Not pictured are: Mrs. Burton Parton, Mrs. Howard Gospill, and Mrs. Ray Waller, Chapter Mothers. " " 37 lily,-4 :- swag HUMEMAKEPS AMERICA Back rovv left to right Mr Grover Advisor Haines Gross Saxton, Henry, Clinton, Hart, Bunt, Ray, Frasier Maugh Rich B Haines Bayes Waller Front row Naylor, Hewitt, Barbee, Capener, Byingtcn, Johnson Gardner Fairchild Boggs Richards Carpenter Brandl Farley. FUTURE FARMER The New Plymouth Chapter of Future Farmers of America started the T955-56 year with the following officers: President, Jim Carpenter, Vice President, Max Gardner, Secretary, Phil Johnson, Treasurer, Carl Byington, Reporter, Bob Richards, Sentinel, Vernon Ware. The chapter sold hay and straw at the county tair. They also completed a wash-rack for the fairground and entered a float in the pre-fair parade. The boys from New Ply- mouth did quite well in placings at the fair. The chapter gave away milk at the fair and sold chances on a calf. The chapter was quite active during the school year and many boys received honors. Tom Naylor was awarded first chair in the National F.F.A. Band at the National convention. Jim Carpenter was elected district vice president. Keith Boggs was grand champion showman at the Western Idaho State Fair. '0- Baclc row, left to right Rc-uber Nelson Whittom Saxton Hewitt Rash 'Vlooe Bun! Kofoed Travs Hart Phillips. Front row: Ware artchner Smith Clark rtiescr Wli R Pete son Pap c att lee, Farley, McCall. F AMERICA During the school year the chap- ter sold apples for the "March of Dimes," and pop at the basketball games. They also sold cider for a fund raising campaign. In March the chapter elected officers for the coming year who went to the State Convention at Pocatello. They are: President, Keith Boggs, Vice President, Bob Richards, Secretary, Larry Maugh, Treasurer, Jim Fairchild, Reporter, Larry Peterson, Sentinel, Myrl Haines. At the state convention, Jim Carpenter was awarded the State Farmer Degree and was elected State President. All in all it was a very success- ful year for the Chapter. ot v' CONCERT BAND Front row, from left O. Gaston, C. Dymoke, Parton, Griffin, Nelson, E. Gaston. Second row: Kreps, Hertz, Cary, Remington, Robinson, Palmer, Bell, Byington. Third row: Naylor, Johnson, Wolfley, Abshire, Rhodes, Davis, W. Dymoke, Kerr, Mitchell, Meacham. Back row: Anderson, Potter, Bredy, Lee, Kaurin, Platt, Brown. 'QA LYM 'U 1 ., I 513530 36 -If fs 4,- 94 PEP BA Front row: E. Gaston, O. Gaston. Remington, Robin- son, Palmer, Bell. Second row: Hertz, Cary, Abshire, Davis, Kerr, Dymoke, Mita chell. Third row: Anderson, Platt, Johnson, Wolfley, Bra- dy, Kaurin, Brown. M JORETTES Connie Dymoke Loraine Griffin Jeanette Nelson Evelyn Parton l The Senior Band of New Plymouth High School started the year off with a bang by playing at the Football Jamboree held the first part of September in Parma. Then followed a very successful season with the band marching and playing during the half- times of several of the home games. The maiorettes also performed for these games accompanied by the band. With football season out of the way, the pep band, comprised of the senior band members, were with the basketball boys during every home game and also played for the majorettes when they had the floor during the half-times. When the District Tournament came around, the band jour- neyed to Fruitland where they played two nights. After the District Championship was won and our boys went to the State Tournament at Lewiston, the pep band was determined to follow. After raising sufficient funds, they left in cars for Lewiston, and played for two night games. May ll the S.R.V. Music Clinic was held in Emmett. This was attended by the band where they learned much during sectional rehearsals. Along came the Music Festival held in Caldwell on April l2-l3-l4. The ratings received were 3 in concert playing and 3 in sight-reading. A spring Concert combined with the Mixed Chorus and Speech Play was held on May TO. To climax a very successful year the band played and marched at the Annual Fruitland Spring Fair on May ll. Ftrst row from left LaCrone S Wolfley O Gaston Johnson Abshtre Davss Barker Brecht Second row Kntckerbocker Grover Travus Knotts Anderson Wtnterstetn E Gaston Director Brown Thrrd row Remtngton Brownell Duborko Kaurnn McOanteI Beutler Fourth row Laudermtlk James Grrffnn Brody Naylor Kofoed J Wolfley Youngberg Goff and Hatnes MIXED CHORUS Instead of a Girls Glee Club As the year progressed a Cantata entttled Hts Natal Day was presented as a Chrtstmas concert Also a Chrnstmas party was held nn the Home Economics room where the members exchanged gnfts and gave Mr Brown a Pendleton shtrt as a Chrtstmas guft from the chorus Palm Sunday was a great occasnon as the Mtxed Chorus featured Memortes of Easter Morn as theur celebratlon of the Easter Season Several solousts from the chorus were presented ID thus cantata For a March of Dimes fund raustng scheme a vartety show was presented to the student body for a ten cents admussron fee On February 18 they lourneyed to Emmett where they parttctpated tn the annual Musnc Cltntc Thus year a new system was tried at the cllntc with secttonal rehearsals tn the mornung and massed concerts tn the afternoon For the first time in New Plymouth High School a Mixed Chorus was formed Thc choru at ended the MUSIL Festival v htch was held on the Campus ot the College of Idaho an Caldwell or' Aprl ld They were awarded a l ratrng whuch entttled them to go to the State Mustc Festuval A rateng of Q tn concert performance and l an snght readtng were the ratungs re elved at he State 'Vlusuc Fest val an Botse on Aprll 28 The last concert ot the year was qlven tn conlunctxon wlth the band and speech class the choru sang the numbers on whuch they had been ludged at Dlstrlct and State Music Festlvals The funal appearance of the chorus was at the Baccalaureate Service where they sang Youll Never Walk Alone and The Long Day Closes Accompanusts for the group were Belva Jean Brownell and Gordon Abshure GIRLS TRIO Pnctured below as the New Plymouth Hugh School Girls Trno From left Delores Brecht Beverly Remington Darlene Barker and their accompanust Gordon Abshlre The gurls have sung on many dlfferent occasions thts year tn school functtons as well as IU communlty programs and on televlslon f I , Q ,- K . , A 5 r xt' . 1 l . F . Q . . . . . x. 1 I l . . S , . 3 , 11 f n 11 H , . . . . . , . 1 1 1 1 - l Above we have pictured the members of the Spanish Club From left Mr Harshman Jim Anderson Jack Kocher Gordon Abshire Ken Potter Joanne Knickerbocker and Belva Jean Brownell SPANISH LUB President Jim Anderson and Secretary Treasurer Joanne Knickerbocker Mr Harsh man was the advisor and founder of the club The club us open to all students who have had one semester of Spanish l Meet ings are held every month in the members homes They have had one hayride during the year and sponsored a sale of homemade candy The three officers in the Spanish Club were President Belva Jean Brownell, Vice UC-1 JLI IORS Be Bill Balferftof JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS-President, Stanley Nelson, Vice President, Richard Frasierg Secretary-Treasurer, Carol Laudermilkg Advisor, Don Carpenter. if gl e - 1 2 f f ni-5 L XM G P,-nerd Bigger seg ee Qs Sryeve Aid Doroxhy ' D woke 6- 417 gf nhard B randX Bev s Brecht DeXore Mm Bu OX Gkenn Capener Davkd Chandkev Da ' xon Ney Um Davks Comme xy ' Hd Mm Faxrch 23' if ixyq YB KW Has Kev Rkqhard Gamer Bemw Bmw GORE Frances Byr! A4 yr! Hain Fran Hain Hendricks Dalian Hendry Bob He f7 3 Rb ggeler "-C. ff' 3. VV arren Henr Larry Hewitt Lois James ly. . 1' 3. A Efnfna JohnQ NO! Q C Non an Lan aro! Laudermifk Y L' ,gg Larry Mauqh NeX5on Sxamey Page Park Jw .x ' 1 Ev eww P anon xevson bara Pe ' 'nan Bar Margarm Ram Harohj Ray Mm Rkch Bob Rkchards f. ,. 'E' Luc'xXXe Roberts Erkc Rodemack A eed 'XIC' X 'NI PaXNN 'J""' V.. kv N o1Shown: Ruth Comb s Carl Gross as crowned Kung Coed by FHA Presndent Eleanor Jane Gaston wnh Cheryl Collnnsworth as Snow Whale assrstrng ,il CO ED BALL The theme of the Third Annual Co ed Ball held December T7 1955 was Some day My Prince Will Come Kapps Orcheslra furnsshed The music Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs danced during the nnlermnssnon Sealed lef 10 rlght Audrey Platt Kathleen Jensen Cheryl Collrnsworth Karla Kofoed Carla Rotert Standmg Ardnh Anderson Mary Lynn Jensen Neva Gardner o-v x' 4 fi '-Q f pt 4 .v .5 1' ,-N l955 Queen Sherry Rodman and Student Body President Jirn Carpenter crown the King and Queen of the Seventh Annual Sweethearts Ball Delores Brecht and Clarence Saxton. 1955 King, Bill Davidson, SWEETHEARTS' BALL "Mardi Gras" was the theme of the dance, which is sponsored by the senior class each year. Dancing the Mardi Gras Samba before the Coronation, were the following girls. First row, from left: J. Nelson, J. Rasmussen, L. Griffin, B. Remington. Second row: D. Barker, D. Beutler, N. Thompson, Mrs. Lloyd Larson, the dance director, O. Gaston, L. Kofoed, and S. Wolfley. Not shown were L. LaCrone and E. Gaston. Kapps orchestra played for the evening and Ken Potter sang the theme song. Pictured below is the Royal Court, Left to right: Yvonne Gross, Walter Davis, Jeanette Nelson, Ben Pope, Leola Ko- foed, Queen Delores, King Clarence, Maxine Olsen, Da- vid Chandler, Connie Dy- moke, Dick Killcbrew, Sherry Rodman, Jim Carpenter. f'x: , x , . . . fxgh ,, .L J L 4 'M ,ic xx,-A 'ip A -F Q . l 'sql f 'X N 'R .c 154 fa .tr ,s fs,-B., .if 'gf 'Lf 2'fA gif.. X1 -- . ,W A 0 , , .. ' -, ,f 1 ' . " 74111 : ' sffgf.-i' J M .. L3 Rv . Q' ,A , !' - . . v ., , ., .,-3: g,,pfgLf,, if ' . - o ' - . .A-4' ' -1. -' '-'gf' U.. . I b . ,Iv . 5- 1 ' x 4 .L - .. 4, - -Q f . 'J-2.844 --V -+ f-- wfwfvq- .- -1 2 - -- , ' .10-,av 'Eh if " 4- A- I' ' 11' ' b 7:ffQ1 A ' .ff Q A -7 - 1. , 5 - 'S "'L b.- . 'p -'A' , A AS -if 1 .A 44? . ,-P . Ar.. 'gif' ig I' n Ili' ' J' 0 , . .i v ' mx. . , " a 3 P9 "' J ' . S.: .ff L, - -1,4- .4 Hg, pi- , 'x f 2, v ' "fx , , 1. I. --'v 35: . -Q,- f ,-'21-Jw. 2 f f' N: 5 A fg, J I . '61 ,, .'g,' J "5 . . I J 0 . , 0 f- ". ' "' f g r is fp' 1 f-. - ' ., ' . x '- ,wtf , q Y -. '5,... -.' .X .' 1 - ,K it Q: vii 4 A gr, Q v ,ith . x iw- I Il 3 f.: , jig, , 3,4 5 1 . , . Q X 1 QL, ivy 4. - if . .X 1-1 -3? E' 41 ' 'ff AL 2- H- 1 W 5 -A-, ' f Wx ' x . is -3 V - 7 th 'fr Q ix Q, ,nz , XV H H g4f,.:g:',t Q A iQ. -f , S-' .-'1' -,-:M , v W : ' xm- pf! 1 ' - J 1 2. . K r 8 xtfflfaf 'A 1 J 5' " 1: . . "5-1 .-' X 7, 'v 1 -9 ' vw - ,., ,:f4' 1 .+R .W ' ' M' fi I . 1" . if-A qywx f it ax A ' , ' Q ,VL "'Lfbu i 1 ' -4,1 Q Q l J A 1 V st 'V 5 ' I ' 5 6- 'lv 5 5 Q W 1' 1 3 ,t ff 4'-r " , P Q si' 5 ,, Y, inf! -. if ,4 sat IJLN , hugh., . t , A-. 3 .,, " 'Y :fx LM-'F' , ' ' sf?-9, ,- Q ar A , 1 it J' .' 5 Q -, f Y' 3 x BEST ALL ROUND Maxine Olsen-Clarence Saxton APRIL 3. Middleton vs. New Plymouth 7-6 There CBaseballj 3. F.F.A. Parent and Son Banquet 4. Track Meet at Adrian 6. Notus vs. New Plymouth O-5 Here CBaseballj 12-14. District Music Festival at Caldwell 13. Adrian vs. New Plymouth 2-3 Here CBaseballD 17. Homedale vs. New Plymouth 7-6 There QBaseballj 18. Frosh-Soph Track Meet at Adrian 19. Matinee of Junior Play 20. Junior Play-Senior Tea 23-28. F.H.A. Pretty Baby Contest 24. Marsing vs. New Plymouth 5-3 Here CBaseballj 26-28. State Music Festival PRI G CALENDAR 1-3. District Basketball Tournament at Fruitland 1. Middleton vs. New Plymouth 73-62 . Fruitland vs. New Plymouth 66-46 2 3. Fruitland vs. New Plymouth 74-56 9-1O. State Class B Tournament 9. Nez Perce vs. New Plymouth 53-63 10. Spirit Lake vs. New Plymouth 59-63 16. District Declam at Payette 24. National Assembly 23-24. Journalism Conference at Moscow 24. Lettermen's Smoker 27. Track Meet 28. Senior Sneak 29. F.H.A. Fashion Show 27. Wilder vs. New Plymouth 1-12 There CBaseballj ' CUTEST COUPLE Max Gardner-Leola Kofoed Li MOST ATHLETIC Opal Gaston-Carl Gross MAY 1. Fruitland vs. New Plymouth 8-7 Here QBaseballj 1. Loyalty Day 4. Junior-Senior Banquet 5. District Track Meet 10. Spring Concert 12. Region-al Track Meet 12. F.H.A. Hobo Day 13. Baccalaureate 14. Lettermen's Banquet 15. Class Night 16. Commencement 17. 8th Grade Commencement 19. State Track Meet 19. Last Day of School-Class Parties CHurrah!j nxt Q W 94 9" ' V I 1 f - . . W , 'Qi ij. SENIOR OFFICERS DARLENE BARKER TOM NAYLOR LEOLA KOFOED JAMES MNSON Secreraryffeasurer Presfrlofvv Vice President Advisor f 'IL' . SGP. , s., V -0' ,inn NEAL ABNOT FFA 3-1, Saying -"Crazy Bear!" Ambition Rancher. GORDON ABSHIRE Band l-2-3-1 Secretary Treasurer Band 4, All North west Band 3g Spanish C-lub 34g Honor Socivty 3117 Secretary Trvasnrer .15 Mixed Chorus J: Buzz Saw Editor 37 Annual Editor -lg "Mountain Gal" -if "The Perfect Idiot" 3g Spun-ch Plays -15 All Snhool Play 3. Saying, "Que Lastin1a"' Ambition'-Music Educator, JIM ANDERSON Andy lettennens Club l-23-3, Secretary .15 Class Vice President lg Band l-2,3-1, Pep Band 3--15 Buzz Saw 2, Assistant Editor 3q Basketball l'2g Baseball I2-3-J, Football l2'3g Student Ccimc-l 3g Spanish 3, Vice President -S5 All School Play 3g 'Nloontain Gal" .15 Speech Plays J: Youth Forum of the Air 25 Boys' State 3 Saying- "VVhat's YVYC Slninrw'J" Ambltionf To be a Danzig: BARBARA BAKER Saying- "Gee Whizlu Antbltco -TQ lollcvs the rodeo. DARLENE BARKER Dar Class Secretary Veaswe 3-4, Giee Club 3: Mixed Chorus J: Bez: San 3: -Xnnoal .15 Honor Society .iq Librarian 37 Band lZf3, FHA 2g GAA 2g Tumbling Tsanw lf2g "The Pwlect Idiot" 33 Trio .14 Easing- 'Oh' Cxce' 5-"':' -7: Se a seccess at a good ict: VVALTER BAYES V457 FFA - ' s ccessiw QSM? COLOQES BEJTLER '., - ,-Un: .1 Q- 4 T Z-41. ' , 1 . , -N.,-H -. A 7-Q 'KAR' D'c-CK KAQ-.. ::g. ' ',,.,.L .,, 3.3, Stem ,g.-.,C,c,.-v- ,. 5 :':: s :net gina : MYRON BREDY Boise- l2g Band 3-15 Pep Band 3--1g Choir Ag Senior Class Play A BELVA JEAN BROWNELL Honor Soni-ty Ag Annual -15 Buzz Saw 3-19 GAA 2-3-45 Preszdi-ni -if Spanish Club 3 4, President Ag Glue Club l-Q 3, Atutiirparirst 3g Mixed Chorus A, Auonipanisr 45 Operetta T Saying- "Reallyl!l" Ambition- Mission- ary Work Valvdipturian CARL BYlNGTON FFA l-2-3-4, Treasurer Ag Lettermen's Club dj Football 2f4g Track 237 Basketball l, Saying "SO you know what l beard?" Ambition-Dairy Farmer. JIM CARPENTER Carp Class President 3g Student Body President 45 Letter- men's Club 2-3-4g Honor Society 3-dp Student Body Secretary-Treasurer 3g WIDFFA Vice President Ag Stu- dent Council 2-3-Ag Football l-2-3-Ag Basketball 'l-2-3-A, Captain 45 Baseball 2-3, FFA l-2-3-45 President 4g Class Plays 3-A5 Youth Legislature 35 Ambition- Successful Dairy Farmer. CAROLINA DUBORKO Jean FHA l-243-4, GAA 2-3-49 Buzz Saw 3-Ag Sayingf"Oh Cats" Ambition-To Qo to college. FLOYD FARLEY FFA 2-3-Ag JV Basketball Manager I-25 Lettermen's Club lv?-35 Football Manager 2g Baseball Manager 25 Library 2A Saying-"Well . . . ?" Ambition-Radio Television Transmission Engineer, MAX GARDNER Dfgeidgn- Ffgslwsgiii Class fp FFA T2 3.1, T'easurer 2, Repcflef 3 Vice President .17 President Honor Society J, vomit Lggtglaiure 3, Football 12 3--1, Basketball 1,2-3-4: Baseball K2-3'-:Z Leffc"v'en's Club l-2-34: Buzz Sat.-. 3: Annual J- Soeeclt Pla.s -1- "Toe PGfi9Ct lgigf' 3 A-nl3i'iQr'--A Dan' Farrzvfr ELEANOR GASTON E. J. Buzz Sai.-. 2-3g Czftstanoing FHA Girl 3, Annual E 2-3: Band 172.345 Glee Cf: L2-E: '-'rec Chores -4: Qpgrfgrta Eg FHA 2-31 FHA P'esic -1, T,i"'blif1g Team lf Pole T'c Eg Lib'a"an 2 3 ri OPAL GASTON Ollie FHA I-2-3-Ag GAA 2-3--lg Tumbling Team Ig Student Council 2g Honor Society 3-1, Vice President Honor Society Ag Youtt: Legislature 3, Buzz Saw 3g Glen Club 2: Band 4: Annual Assistant Editor -ig Librarian 3g Pep Band -lg "The Perfert Idiot" 3g Saying "Holy Cow!" Ambition To become a Dental Hygien ist. LORAINE GRIFFIN Griff FHA I-2-3--lg GAA lg Glue Club Q 3g Mixed Chorus Ag Buzz Saw 3g Maiorette -1g Librarian 3g Saying--"Yeer Right!l" Ambition "To be a success in what I do" CARL GROSS Lettermen'5 Club 2-3-A, Club President .tg Student Council Ag Annual -ig FFA Ag Football I-2-3-Ag All Conference Football 3-Ag Co-Captain Football Ag All American Team- Honorable mention -ig Basketball I-2-3-1g Baseball 2-3-Ag Track 3-Ag King Co-ed of '55. SayingA"More Fun." PHILLIP JOHNSON Phil FFA I-2-3-A, Sentinel 3, Secretary 3g Band I-2-3-A, President Ag Mixed Chorus Ag All-School Play 3g "Mountain Gal" -ig Speech Play A. Ambition--To live happily ever after. JOANNE KNICKERBOCKER Jo FHA I-2g GAA l2g Glee Club 2-3g Mixed Chorus Ag Spanish Club 3-A, Secretary Spanish Club A, Saying-- "Como esta usted?" Ambition-To be a secretary. LEOLA KOFOED Lolo FHA I-2-3-A, Recreation Chairman 3, Delegate to State Convention 3g Buzz Saw I-3g Librarian 3-Ag Senior Vice President Ag Office Ag Annual Ag Honor Society Ag Tumbling Team Ig Yell Leader lg "Perfect Idiot" fig Speech Plays A. Saying- "My Word." Ambition "To be a success in the things I undertake," LOUISE LA CRONE Skip FHA I-2-3-Ag GAA I-2g JV Yell Leader 2g Buzz Saw 3g Mixed Chorus Ag Tumbling team I. Saying-"Might as well, nothing else to do." TOM L. NAYLOR Tommy FFA I-2-3-A, Secretary 3g Pep Band 2-3-Ag Band I-2-3-Ag National Band Ag Class Vice President Ag Student Council 2g Chorus A, President Ag Buzz Saw 3g Basket. ball I-2-I3-Ag Track I-2-3-Ag Lettermen's Club 2-3-Ag "The Perfect Idiot" 35 Speech Plays A, Saying--"Oh, baloney!" JEANETTE NELSON Net Bziml 2 3--1, Maron-tte 73--15 Buzz Saw 35 Annual 45 Librarian 3-1 Sa-,ingf"Deaiy"' Ambition- To go to college RONALD PARTON Roni FFA l-25 Buzz Saw 35 Lettermen's Club 2-3-4, Vice President -1, Football 23-4, Co Captain Football -15 Basketball I-2-3 45 Baseball 2-3-45 Track 2-3-45 "The Perfect Idiot" 35 Saying-"Stink, too?" Ambition-- Success!! PAUL PITTMAN Lettermen's Club 2-3-45 Football l-2-3-45 Basketball l-2-3-45 Baseball I-2-3-45 Track 25 Speech Play 4. Saying- "Oh, George," Ambition-To fly. KENNETH POTTER Pot Band l-2-3-45 Pep Band 25 Spanish Club 3-45 Buzz Saw 35 Annual 45 Lettertnen's Club l-2-3-45 Basketball l-2-3-45 Baseball l-2-3-45 Football l-3-47 Track 3-45 "The Perfect Idiot" 35 Speech Plays 4. Saying- "Sure ya doll" GENE RASMUSSEN Lynwood, California l-2-3. SayingA"Crazy." Ambition -To be a fireman' JEANETTE RASMUSSEN Dennis Lynwood, California l-2-35 GAA 45 FHA 45 Annual 45 FFA Chapter Sweetheart 4. Saying-UNO!" Ambition ATO be a service woman. BEVERLY REMlNGTON Bev Class Secretary 25 GAA 2-3-45 Glee Club 2-3-4, Vice President 3, Secretary-Treasurer 45 Student Council Representative 25 FHA l-2-3-45 Band l-2-3-45 Pep Band 2-3-45 Buzz Saw 35 Annual 45 Operetta 35 Triple Trio 35 Trio 45 Tumbling team l-25 Speech Plays 45 "Moun- tain Gal" 45 Homecoming Queen 4. Saying-"Oh, heck!" Ambition-"To make something of myself." DONALD ROBERT RHODES Don Band T-2-3-45 Pep Band 2-35 Baseball 25 Basketball 2-3-45 Football 3-45 "The Perfect Idiot" 3, Saying- "Ya think so, huh?" Ambition-The patter of little feet. Q t J 'Ox ,N , K5 4 JX J CLARENCE SAXTON Sax FFA l-2-3-45 Buzz Saw 35 Student Body Vice President 45 Student Council 45 LQ-ttermen's Club 3-A, Sergeant- at-Arms 45 Baseball 2,3 45 Basketball Manager T25 Librarian 4, Saying "l don't believe it" Ambition-A Mechanical Engineer. BOB SMITH FFA l5 Speech Plays 4, Saying- "Go lump in the lake," Ambition--To be an Electronics Engineer. NORMA THOMPSON Spooch FHA l-2-3-45 GAA 2-3-45 Glee Club 35 Mixed Chorus 45 Triple Trio 35 Tumbling Team lg Maiorettes l-243-45 Buzz Saw 35 Speech Play 45 All School Play 3. Saying-"You're Right!" Ambition-To be a good wife. LARRY WALLER Emmett, Idaho--l-25 Lettermen's Club 3-45 Basketball 3-45 Baseball 3-4. Ambition-To work for Uncle Sam. ROBERT WOLFLEY Jay Band l-2-3-45 Pep Band 2-3-45 FFA 2-3-45 Buzz Saw 35 Annual 45 Baseball 35 Football 45 Boy's State 3. Saying-"Hey!" Ambition-Graduate from college. SALLY WOLFLEY Glee Club l-243-45 Honor Society 3-45 Annual 45 FHA l-2-3-45 Buzz Saw 35 Class Vice President 25 Tumbling Team lg Youth Forum of the Air 25 Girl's State 35 Youth Legislature 35 Librarian 35 Betty Crocker Home maker of Tomorrow 45 "The Perfect ldiot" 35 All School Play 35 Speech Play 45 "Mountain Gal" 4. Saying-"You farmed!" Ambition-College. X1 J is 5 , " V - all , - . ' 3 if ff., I v'w gf Z: V Q 5 E lg gf g+l5f"g 4, X 3 3 3 in 5 4 1 9 0 D ' 4 rise an-t CQ 4.2! 9 .410 'N' l it xN' 'N' N if, g- Kneeling, from left: Waller, Anderson, Naylor, Potter, Gross, Gardner, Parton, and Kocher. Standing: S. Nelson, D. Nelson, Bayes, Moore, Pittman, Pope, and Coach Earl. TRACK The track team of '56 had a very successful season. Although the team was smaller than is usual for N.P.H.S., they represented the school very well in all of the track meets. Y ' f 'Vu At the District Meet, the medley relay team, which was composed of Carl Gross, Max Gardner, .lack Kocher, and Ron Parton, took first. Jack Kocher also placed second in the low hurdles and Jim Pittman came in third in the 440. The medley relay team again won first, and Kocher took second at the Regional Meet. At State the relay team, this time running with Tom Naylor who substituted for Kocher, won first place. Kocher placed second in the low hurdles. Pittman and Kocher were sophomores and Naylor, Gross, Gardner, and Parton were seniors. P fY Y xi up rrpi px X- 1. P L i -V , - nge if V-1 if ' " L-.Q 3 L l T- 5: Ts 1 . A Seated, from left: Maugh, Killebrew, Fairchild, Peterson, Davis, Buerman, Kaurin, and Fowler. Standing: Coach Duclos, Manager Williamson, P. Pittman, Anderson, J. Pittman, Gardner, Saxton, Gross, Rodemack, Potter, and Parton. .-. . 1- P-Z-P if -5,'1,,.,,,.. . li Q-s,,,Lnn 4 it -f--- f -fi -Q. i ' sql BASEBALL This baseball season was the best in years for N.P.H.S. The record this year was 4 wins and 3 losses, which tied Us with the Wilder baseball team for third place in the conference. We lost the play-oft game which would have entitled us to competition in the District Tournament. Below: First baseman Andy at bat. I OV ll. r 'S' gg K f ,V X 'F Ig + f 5 At left: Captain Max Gardner. 4 uv 1 -we f' . The Junior Class Play, "lf Mother Only Knew," was presented April 20, under the direction of Donald Carpenter. The play, a farce in three acts, grossed 5l65. In the first row, from left are: Pat Weed, Jim Fairchild, Evelyn Parton, Connie Dymoke, Nolan Lang, and Eric Rodemack. Standing: Larry Maugh, Stanley Nelson, Margaret Raichart, Bob Henggeler, Emma Johnson, and Delores Brecht, Janet Maxwell Aunt Mary Connie Maxwell Betty Lou Maxwell Bernadine John Maxwell JU IOR EVELYN PARTON PAT WEED MARGARET RAICHART DELORES BRECHT EMMA JOHNSON JIM FAIRCHILD n-: an . in , i Q s . . . r' H PLAY Hercules Nelson Dr, Gladys Gooch Dr. Jeffry Gooch Brains Burke Wilbur Johnson Badge Burns .' 1 l ' l . m , i !,,,......,---'--""""" .V ' F4 , i I 114'-1 1 , 4.4 If -' av. . ' in ,. s,-,..., . Cd, . .3 f vi . -if 2, its Above Production staf from left Keith Boggs stage manager Faye stage manager and Don Carpenter director uwhmnk. -u OJ 1 X' 'o o 3 'Q YU - I F :- QI - o. Tl - OI 'L' in - LARRY MAUGH CONNIE DYMOKE NOLAN LANG BOB HENGGELER STANLEY NELSON ERIC RODEMACK Q ,e .f' 'A 'X ,. .4 2 - 3 , 2 , T ,, 4 , i - f Q- ff C! "aw1......1. .14 In R u u A Inlclxl uvl R VUBLISNIN slrlmv DAIIAS THA ' J .. . .. ,. , . ,,,,, , , , , v .V 0-'u, "

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