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 - Class of 1959

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ff DSW Z N M K W ww 905' dwxfx WQWQZWEW QM fWQ1f5fHgJif ws' Y -ff., ww- QQQQQSQWEK .QW 75? f9fJb ' M M W WW 9329 ,fa - W fiiffic my WM WWMJJWW WWWEQZZ5 W Z2 W ww L43 AQ BQ QQ? W W of . I " MX QC N ' ,M Q MVN ' 's MMM MQVV P, fgfgif MMA q W Moyyf Mfg? M15 MhW,QN?fk figgji, , og X, M owyiigf WW' W if P5 ff ff W W W W bf' jmjfhg, MX Qiiegigfjfwg gMfVy f wfwf i wMWwQ?WM XZZZZ iiW,i W7 W UM M32 QU Awgjdsjgf W aMW aff 'iffy WP WffWMhWM M miijyjggbg , 2Qj,5+5mf3fS My WWW W3QRw xewf gf 9+ Q, ff. Ni My v fbfwrlpgxamfisf OWWW aW WW ,W f ,gf QW, 3 f ,W Miwsf ,ff Lwwww :SW22?9'fffKW,w :QM My . w"j0,514w",v"yMy,,ffVj fwwjdpw W' VFW, W PW Mfw? W f "UI J W'M!gM yW 'x ., Jogw'j0W' QM MflJ.cfT3fl4ja'fff ffffiw JS , fffffffffffzxrvva fffyjifsjggyjxy W W WfW Wl W fsfwifwm ff ff if JWWMQQQXA WW" X, MQ I X322-35 1 ni F I 141,111 l,,A V, l17l'r'i--Q ' 5 S' 3' . 1.5, 'limi-lv 1lU"I'li.ln1'S- 'I I , I li- Hail to thee, our Alma Maier, Hcxil To thee we sing- QL 1959 je! AW PUBLISHED BY THE DELPHIAN STAFF NEVV PHILADELPHIA HIGH SCHOOL NEVV PHILADELPHIA, OHIO VOLUME XLVI l--Lil! ill Annu- 1111! ill-ln-H HY I v . 'Qloihii lv l-lil 2 Hear thy loyal sons and daughters, Praise to thee we bring- ovesvovb Music is a medium through which many thoughts and emotions may be expressed. By "listening" to the music of remembrance found in the pages of this book, it is hoped that its readers will be able to remember in future years the school memories they hold most dear. ADELAIDE FISHER Editor-in-chief ebicat-ion 1 4 1 I 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 4, 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 I 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1 0 0 I I 0 0 I I 0 0 I I We, the 1959 Delphian Staff, dedicate this book to Miss Helen L. Wilson. Miss Wilson has labored well for the advancement of the edu- cation of the students she taught. We, the students, appreciate her efforts and her help. ' 1, aff " K Of, I, X ' n Hiemoriam In memory of Roy Ladrach, who deported from us on August 28, 1958. Beloved friend, trusted colleague, admired and respected teacher, his passing was mourned by all. 4 ' Memoriam ln memory of Christie lee James, who left this life on April 30, 1958. She was our well loved Friend. The faculty and students extend their deepest sympathy. 5 7,-awe of Contents ' Q - -VA1 ' .gsgjail ADMINISTRATION AND ff"-A 4 FACULTY CLASSES . ACTIVITIES MUSIC AND DRAMA ATHLETICS . QUAKER CORNERS 'P I ' I ,- ' QPQ' ii QQQT ., . HM- ,Aff A, Vr,x,,, re-,. I .. Pa9e 7 TS,-K g:u'S.f-.g.'-..r-R., -I K.-g,g.4,- . f I f'--.3 Af? L ,iw 12-I -' 7 , A '-"'-x-.".',,Q- , 'gf " 'W'-W . , ' ' iii' .w L"". MJ' ' ' '- f . f-1. 1 -5 I -24. ' , j -. .- Us ' 2 v-- .. - - 'wr ,.. ' " 'f ': w1...-vx ' " " ICM.. ,.P 7' . ' :K -f 4: I. ., K . . e - L . ,. -r 1 f I" , 'ps ' Wm' - ' Q 5 ' 29" QHSSQ, JS -f,,,fQ3,5-5331 uf- 'ffgf . -'-:mi-': ' M3 I -11? . . . Page I7 117' r .n MW" 'W ai ' f:T'4":L.i " ' ' . L ,. "nn-,::. Sf!!-sf' exam., ' ' fzxnik 1 , gk ' YC" . V- . fbi- --'pw .j 1,1 -, ',3.,,.'1-C 5. " in I- I ' f. 'TL I ' QM-! , , . rx ,, 1- v - N. vaqw 1 ' X ' freeze' ,L Q . -.. 5 -H -f f . c -,-'iw H' , . is . A S A5155 'i:, , - ' '-"""- '. - -'. .... ,N ':."g " Page 61 54j5,.,-w,.g. , Q -. - U .- .,-..,,..,,,.1,gv,.g'-,, Wu--. N - 1 . .... . -... 1 PAT, V r . ,,.:,x- N wb: ,NF A A 1. 'Gm a -3: 'f U.-. w R . IE., 5. I tg, R . , '. 7-- ' sry ,- .. I ful 'F . .52 Auiifgt j , . ",wl'J 3 " 'T+L - 'A .. Page 9'I if 3 ., '-. ' 1' ,np x b-wr' , A., Z -'Lf " vu V ."1-1 aff' .F V I W' . lil' K - '23 -"' ETH 'b m f-l Y mf- . . . Page I03 -1 ..Q:4,x.,..-feel-if .I .k,. ., .. 1 , . - g..,,L6' ' ",,.,. K .,,r ""'ff Q . 'w4'C-' ,. ,, -sf-'Q 'fl' . ,nf 41" ',,-f", , . . Page 121 6 ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY W Tune wi .ye I ,,,, fl . U- 1 I, I ' ' . I' I. , , ' 5' l I .' ,- , ful 1 'I - Q Q: ' "-:L Za: A -LI-. . :I E , , bf. w - , ---yy-a.......,., . Q vt r 7 . El 1 ' 1 if :il 1 -'37"TT7"""""' j. H, 3 4 :B?3j?'I1., ,I -- Y 1 V p Liga f ' - lf. Q F' :. .'.,73L'-ff.-"" . "1 ' , --J, ""' . , 1' f 1 ,' X! .Q---1-5:-""' . - ffi-Q f ' IQ Z ' '4" A"',w "aff" - I1 ll , ' .. N..,,,,.d-4 'fs 'wwf--. V 'J I A 1,-2 f .qgr A " 'I : -1 ,.,v' pgs. A .1 :Wa T ,rf A " wig? fvecfox 4 mg. ""5."E7i, ' 1 V ,, 4, - , qu , . r 1 I V, ,A t MN V I " 1, ff--" ' ' 1 Q3 f"- -5 Q Ink" -f"""' - -- 1 X, 4- ,, . ' 1 I L , Q ,A -ff :An-, A 1, '- w Q - V' ' f:,'1l-- uf g ' wr A . ' ' , .- - 2 ' ..-f' V . ' . .4 .. . lik . .f,""., . Y- 1: - ?:5,,f... f 1-.4 .- ,. '- f A':ff"" 4 rf? 1 ' : I- V i K .4 ' ff 9- ---.p,.:...:::: EDWIN A. MAU RER Vice-President EARL P. OLMSTEAD oavb of-l ibucafiow JOHN R. LQFOUNTAINE, Jr. President W. RICHARD WERNER WILLIAM H. GOWAN LEON S. FORCE Superintendent of Schools B. S., Kent State University M. E., University of Pittsburgh L. L. B., Youngstown University MRS THELMA E BUSBY DONALD R. WAGNER MRS. RUTH PEOPLES ' ' Clerk - Treasurer Secretory Secreto ry 3 an? bm Inist-ration I DEO G. STEFFEN Assistant Superintendent WILLIAM A. FISHEL Principal B. S. in Education Bliss College A. B-I Wittenberg College M. A., Kent State University Ohio State University University of Cincinnati M' A. in Education Akron University OFFICE PERSONNEL MRS. SUE KEENER MRS. MARTHA MCINTOSH MARY HORGER Secretary Attendance Secretary 9 owain ' eff ear , gs, As these views of the various stages of construction indicate, our new addition containing vocational shops and gymnasium is expected to be in use during the 1959-60 school year. Thus we find nearing completion the program initiated with the passing of a 51,780,000 bond issue in 1955. The board of education, the administration, and the members of the voca- tional and physical education departments are to be commended for their many arduous hours spent in planning and carrying through the construction. Special Commendation goes to the Timken Roller Bearing Company for its 5150,000 grant for equipping the vocational shops, and to Supt. Force for his efforts in obtaining the grant. 10 acu t' 1' Russell Bender Leo Benjamin William Bird ff Q M Roger Bishop Paul V. Bliss Marguerite Carroll B - U',,, F2253 B as gg B la.- il Vlll N i Calvin ECkeI'l Theodore Fail Burness Flynn Sig N. Guckenheimer Richard E. Hanson Jean Harmon :',AJ 'X JWYN RU 'I fe-elif? A 11 xX Barbara Bishop 'EM Leilia Culby Ralph Garfrell Syl Harmon ACM f' Mary Jane Hodder Hugh M. Howey Ross Hoy Homer H. Keppler William C. Kidd MUVY Jane KOVUS Kenneth J. Lang John L. Light Barbara Makee Edith Milar Mary Moffitt Francis Nussbaum Edson Park Ruth Park Elizabeth Ann Passmore Elmer C, Pfigier 12 acu t' 1 Delbert C. Phillips George Polce Rodma alston Helen Reddington YQmiiz.s1.s Dona Savage C. Holmes Smith Herbert W. Shepperd Edward F. Strcziscir Louis Pollack Pearson Pugh K Jane Reiser W may Pauline Shumclker Eleanor Smiih Lester Sundheimer Frances Taylor ACM f' l Carl Williams Leola C. Williams Helen L. Wilson Zion Officevs anb usfobians wg. FRANK B, FUERST HAROLD BARTHOLOW CHARLES KNEUBUEHL DAVE MAJOR Superintendent of Attendance Officer Custodian Custodian Buildings and Grounds HARRY NUSSBAUM E. F. SCHNEIDER WALTER TEEL Custodian Custodian Custodian 14 , Q Aculfy mivecfov BENDER, RUSSELL-A. B., Wooster College, B. S. 'in Education, Kent State University, A. M., Ohio State University. Civics, World History, Hi-Y Adviser. BENJAMIN, LEO-A. B. West Virginia University. Mathematics, head basketball coach, assistant football coach, assistant track coach. BIRD, WILLIAM-B. S., Physical Education, Indiana University, M. S., Physical Education, Indiana University. Health, assistant football coach, as- sistant basketball coach, head track coach, wrestling coach. BISHOP, BARBARA-B. S. in Education, Ohio Uni- versity. English. BISHOP, ROGER-B. S. in Education, Wittenberg, M. in Education, Ohio University. Health, senior science, assistant coach. BLISS, PAUL V.-A. B., Hiram College, B. M. E. and M. M. Northwestern University, Columbia Uni- versity. Director of Music, junior and senior choirs, iunior division choruses. CARROLL, MARGUERITE-A. B., University of Pitts- burgh. English, psychology, plays, Y-Teens ad- viser. CULBY, LEILIA-B. A. Ashland College, Ohio Statet University. Geography, assemblies, sophomore class adviser. ECKERT, CALVIN-B. A., Wooster College, Ohio University, Mount Union College. Science. FAIT, THEODORE-Kent State University. Voca- tional machine shop, Vocational Club adviser. FISHEL, WILLIAM A.-Principal-A. B., Wittenberg College, Ohio State University, M. A. in Educa- tion, Akron University. FLYNN, BURNESS-B. S. in Education, Ohio Uni- versity, M. of Letters, University of Pittsburgh, Western Reserve University. English. FORCE, LEON S.-Superintendent of Schools-B. S. in Education, Kent State University, M. E. in Edu- cation, University of Pittsburgh, L. L. B., Major in Laws, Youngstown University. GARTRELL, RALPH-B. S. in Education, Kent State University, M. in Education, University of Pitts- burgh. World History, audio visual director, honor club adviser. GUCKENHEIMER, SIG N.-B. S., M. A., Ohio State University, Kent State University. Co-ordinator of Vocational Education, Adult Education. HANSON, RICHARD E.-B. of Music, Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati, Kent State University, University of Virginia, Col- lege of William and Mary. Marching and con- cert bands, iunior division bands, elementary strings and song flutes. HARMON, JEAN-B. S. in Education, Wittenberg College. Health, physical education. HARMON, SYL.--B. S., Heidelberg College, Duke University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, M. in Education, Kent State University, Western Reserve University, Ohio Wesleyan University. Chemistry, physics, assistant basketball coach, assistant football coach, baseball coach. HODDER, MARY JANE-A. B., Mount Union Col- lege, Kent State University. English, Typing I and II, Shorthand II. HOWEY, HUGH M.-.B. S., Wooster College, M. in Education, University of Pittsburgh. Algebra Il, plane geometry. HOY, ROSS-B. S. in Education, Kent State Uni- versity, Ohio State University, Ohio Wesleyan University. Industrial arts, mechanical drawing. KEPPLER, HOMER H.-Dean of Boys-B. S. in Edu- cation, Ohio State University, M. in Education, Kent State University. History, senior class ad- viser, noon-hour activities. KIDD, C. WILLIAM-B. S. in Education, Capital University, Ohio State University. Health, phy- sical education, athletic director, head football coach, golf coach, assistant basketball coach. KORNS, MARY JANE-A. B., Wooster College, M. in Education, Kent State University. English. LANG, KENNETH J.-B. S. M., Baldwin-Wallace College, M. of Mus. Ed., University of Michigan, Ohio State University. English. . LIGHT, JOHN J.-Kent State University. Related technology, vocational machine shop. MAKEE, BARBARA-B. S. in Home Economics, Ohio University, Wittenberg College, University of Colorado. Home economics I, III. acuity pivecfov MILAR, EDITH-Wooster College, Kent State Uni- versity, Akron University. American history, audio-visual director, noon-hour activities direc- tor, iunior division student council. MOFFITT, MARY-Dean of Girls-B. S. in Edu- cation, Kent State University. Health, physical education, Future Nurses Club adviser. NUSSBAUM, FRANCIS-B. S. in Education, Mus- kingum College, Antioch College. Mathematics, American history. PARK, EDSON-B. S. in Education, Bowling Green University, Ohio State University. Health, phy- sical education, assistant coach. PARK, RUTH-B. S. in Education, Ohio State Uni- versity. English. PASSMORE, ELIZABETH ANN - B. A., Wooster College, Ohio State University, Bowling Green University, University of Utah, University of Cin- nati. Librarian. PFISTER, ELMER C.-B. S. in Eduaction, Kent State University, Thiel College. Algebra, mathematics. PHILLIPS, DELBERT C.-Dean of Boys-B. S. in Education, Ohio University. Salesmanship, busi- ness law, mathematics, psychology, magazine drive auditor. POLCE, GEORGE-B. S. in P. S. Music, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, Baldwin-Wallace College, Kent State University. Supervisor of Instrumental Music, iunior and senior orchestras, dance band, school instru- mental music. POLLACK, LOUIS H.-B. F. A., Ohio State Univer- sity, B. S. in Education, Ohio State University, M. A. of Fine Arts, Ohio State University. Director of Art. PUGH, PEARSON-B. S. in Agriculture, Ohio State University. Industrial arts. RALSTON, RODMAN-B. S. in Education, Ohio University, M. A., Columbia University. General science, biology, Forestry Club. REDDINGTON, HELEN-B. S. in Education, Cedar- ville College, M. in Education, Kent State Univer- sity, Ohio State University, University of Wyom- ing. History, iunior class adviser. REISER, JANE-Dean of Girls-A. B., Ohio Wes- leyan University, Ohio State University, Kent State University. Shorthand I, Typing I, F. T. A. adviser. RIEKER, WILLIAM-A. B., M. A., Western Reserve University. English, Delphian, Chess Club. SAVAGE, DANA C.-A. B., Denison University, Ohio State University. Speech, English, debate. SHEPPERD, HERBERT W.-B. A., Kent State Uni- versity. lndustrial arts. SHUMAKER, PAULINE-A. B., Ohio Wesleyan Uni- versity, M. A., Columbia University. English, Central News adviser, Quaker Highlights. SMITH, ELEANOR-B. S. in Education, Ohio State University, Findlay College. Home economics I, II. SMITH, C. HOLMES-A. B., Muskingum College, M. A., Ohio State University. Mathematics, band manager. STEFFEN, DEO G.-Assistant Superintendent of Schools. B. S. in Education, Bliss College, M. A. in Education, Kent State University, University of Cincinnati. STRAZISAR, EDWARD F.-B. S. in Education, Bowling Green University, Kent State University. Driver education and training, junior class ad- viser. SUNDHEIMER, LESTER-B. S. in Education, Kent State University, Ohio State University. Business arithmetic, business training, driver training. TAYLOR, FRANCES-B. S. in Education, Ohio State University. Spanish, English, Spanish Club ad- viser. WILLIAMS, CARL-A. B., M. A., Ohio University, Harvard University. American history, senior division student council adviser, Honor Club ad- viser. WILLIAMS, LEOLA C.-B. S. in Education, Office Training School, Ohio State University. Book- keeping I, Typing I, Young Business Leaders Club, senior class adviser. WILSON, HELEN L.-A. B., Ohio University, Ohio State University. Latin, Honor Club adviser, iunior division. ZION, JOHN W.-B. A., Wooster College. Social studies, American history, general mathematics, Faculty Manager of Athletics. CLASSES vac!-icin ' avwaon , it A in -.K . -1-' A vc:-iz v Aw.: I ul w t ' .EF , . 5m Q4 gf- - 5, . . :Tipp W J A , .':- .. .,,S , 4445H-f3f'- .sr .M wb'J 4 nd ,gi 14' Ji" F .- I 0 A ,xv ,Q +6 ,fl jg .N ,NN fn !',n, 4' 91. 1+ N. ,gn xlisfff ,. .N Q .F 'X if M 1544 fi! Q T if 4 ,4i4",,f+- af' c r f"f ff' 'V - . A Q QNQ 1' ,Y vi MU ,TN " .4 " , 4 4 N'-...xx 'RW' e- 'H ., 9, 4 rn., gm' ' 5 fi ' 13' " ' r 1 '1 'Wx-f ' xr f X "' 4 w A 1, 'J' -.E 1 I 1 r J " Sigma? ' , f' P , -Ivy ' ,I-1--,ff-. '- . -.5 1- -5-5 '-.arg K - k - .Qi .., - S Q'?vfg,5,3f F'-W 'A , ig- vii fy. , ' V' A- 1 5,3-,, ' Q, Nf,,,'-" H ' " . 5- -,fl-L., 3 ,rn 55,1 ' J a g,-,Q is N- - gf- Q Y. ,uf . N5 - .,.. ., . , . ,i. , . , S -I K-,wi ,V v,.,.:' J 4.-uv.. n '-4 , gg . . ty- : t . i 1 'ffygigr , " --Y",-L. , ij! " -lg ,, 'Emi , -f fyiwkbv "-- S A ww-. ' 'Z ' T ' 'Z 1: 'r " L '!'-'I ' " Y: if' -Y . ', .1 - f"4I' :mv .- '- , - . 4 , '-Wie. , " 1 - .wff . 1021155 ." 1' : 1, wlj-Q In ' :,-7 1 ffl.: -1 ,- irkze- -'-' ' ' If' A -' YJ- " "1 3' . ' ' , '-a- " 5 , . ,'- fjfi l'f.',' ' '.. .fu ' ' 'Sr-af ":K,1Lgg fr ... f "1 1, ' ' -- -' gf ., ' I :Cv 'n ' " T" 5? ,- . I g 'af' ' -'--w 1232 'J -.N '- r"' .' ii' 5A - , 1 1 :xii fry" . "-3-'vm , ' Y. . fn. , "' -1 Xi" -' ' I ,.1'y',',l ' - . k N A gf, .' A . :,: -5 It if ,5V.4:'4. 1 . , ' ' ' . Te" -ff' f - 'I S" 1- ff . 4 -z . vhv-F - S P-.Sk y. , :M-:az 1 ,-f'.:f----" '- i.-- 1 f - - A b. -ff W Y' ":..,: l I g,,A, 'ij ,WL 1 .H . ' f, -43. I ,.1:"f 9 111272 I... , eniov Class l'.f.Ccevs Jim Eichel, DeAnna Polka, Joe Cunningham, Jim Lukens President . . . . . . Jim Eichel Vice-President .. .. Jim Lukens Secretary . . . . . DeAnna Polka Treasurer ... ... Joe Cunningham 18 JUDITH GAY ALEXANDER Jolly, ioyful, full of fun Good nature sparkles in her eyes Always in fashion A Cappella Choir 10, 11, 123 F. T. A. 11, 121 G. A. A. 10, 113 Honor Club 10, 11, 121 Jr. Jamboree 113 Scholarship Tests 10, 11, 121 Spring Carnival 101 Student Council 123 Y-Teens 10, 11, 12. OPAL LUCILLE ALEXANDER On the beam always Loves to laugh Amiable, willing and dependable F. N. A. 11, 123 G. A. A. 10, 113 Jr. Jamboree 113 Activity Committee 12. BETTY LOU AMACHER Bubbling over with smiles Likable Aiming high for the sky! A Cappella Choir 101 Band 10, 11Q F. N. A. 12Q F. T. A. 11, 123 G. A. A. 10, 11, 122 Jr. Jamboree 113 Spanish Club 103 Spring Carnival 113 Young Busi- ness Leaders 11, 123 Activity Com- mittee 12. DONALD JAMES AMICK Doesn't "speed" suit him? Just a devil at heart Always laughing Chess Club 103 F. T. A. 123 Jr. Jam- boree 113 Young Business Leaders 123 Activity Committee 12. SUSAN KAYE ANGEL Susie-sl'1e's called Known and liked by all A cheerful gal A Cappella Choir 10, 11, 123 Central News Typist 123 F. N. A. 111 F. T. A. 11, 123 G. A. A. 103 Jr. Jamboree 111 Scholarship Tests 123 Y-Teens 10, 113 Activity Committee 12. LARRY RICHARD BAILEY Lite holds a bright future for him Really a top man Bushels of fun A Cappella Choir 103 Chess Club 103 Forestry Club 103 QT1'8,Ck 103 Voca- tional Club 123 Activity Committee 12. CLASS GF 1959 19 JUDITH MAY BALL Just think of "him" Mostly pleasant Blond but not dumb A Cappella Choir 10, 113 Spanish Club 103 Y-Teens 103 Young Business Lead- ers 11, 121 Activity Committee 12. KAREN R. BEAL Karen is 'full of fun Right man for me! Beautician school ahead A Cappella Choir 102 F. T. A. 11, 12: Activity Committee 12. ROBERT CAPPEL BECKER Right-nice guy Carefree Bob's Navy bound Hi-Y 123 Jr. Jamboree 112 Library Staff 10, 113 Young Business Leaders 10, 11, 12. ELOYDA ANNE BELKNAP Exceptionally pleasant Always willing to help Blushes easily A Cappella Choir 10, 11, 123 F. T. A. 11, 121 G. A. A. 10, 111 Jr. Jamboree 113 Y-Teens 103 Activity Committee 12. VIRGIL WAYNE BETCHE Very ornery Well-liked by all Born to be mischievous Band 103 Basketball 103 F. T. A. 123 Spanish Club 103 Track 113 Activity Committee 12. MARY CHRISTINE BIGLER Must I study? Cutting capers Business Minded F. T. A. 11, 121 G. A. A. 10, 112 Ac- tivity Committee 123 Office Staff 10, 12. CLASS OF 1959 SANDRA FAYE BIRD Suitable for secretarial work Favors reading Beautiful features F. T. A. 11, 123 G. A. A. 10, 113 Jr. Jamboree 113 Y-Teens 10, 111 Young l Business Leaders 11, 123 Activity Com- mittee 12. KAYE LYNN BOWERS Keen on painting Lady-like Bubbles with gaiety A Cappella Choir 10, 113 F. N. A. 11, 123 G. A. A. 10, 11, 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Spanish Club 10, 113 Y-Teens 10, 11, 123 Activity Committee 12. EUGENE DUANE BREEHL Expects to go to Air Force Does like girls Bowling Activity Committee 12. RUSSELYN SUE BRIGGS Rusty likes dancing Secretarial ability Busy as a bee A Cappella Choir 113 F. N. A. 11, 123 F. T. A. 11, 123 G. A. A. 10, 11, 12: Jr. Jamboree 113 Spanish Club 10, 113 Spring Carnival 103 Y-Teens 10, 11, 12: Young Business Leaders 11Q Activity Committee 12. NIKKI LEE BRITT - Nothing lacking Life of the party Beautician or teacher? A Cappella Choir 10, 113 Auditorium Usher 10, 11, 12Q F. T. A. 11, 121 Jr. Jamboree 113 Y-Teens 10: Activity Committee 12. MARGIE ELLEN BUCKOHR Modesty is her virtue Even disposition 1 Bill is her future I F. N. A. 123 G. A. A. 10, 11, 121 Y- I'eens 113 Young Business Leaders 113 Activity Committee 12. 3 20 GERALD WILLIAM BURKHART Goes for model airplanes Worth makes the man Better known as Jerry Activity Committee 12. SALLY JEAN CALDWELL She likes to talk Joins in sports Called a friend by all A Cappella Choir 10: F. T. A. 123 G A. A. 10, 11, 123 Y-Teens 10, 113 Young Business Leaders 11. JOHN C. CARPENTER Jovial at all times Cars are his hobby Contented with life Vocational Club 123 Activity tee 12. Commit MARY SUSAN CHESLOCK Mindful of others Smiles always Charming lady F. T. A. 11, 125 G. A. A. 10, 11, 123 Jr. Jamboree Committee 113 Young Business Leaders 11, 123 Activity Com- mittee 12. MERLE ARTHUR CLUM Mighty tall A spendid fellow Colossal basketball player Audio-Visual 123 Basketball 10, 11, 123 Chess Club 10, 11, 121 F. T. A. 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Track 102 Activity Com- mittee 12. CARL COCHRAN Cicero likes hunting Carl enjoys himself Activity Committee 12. RUTH ANN CORY Ready smile A friend worth having Carefree as a lark Central News Typist 123 F. N. A. 10, 113 F. T. A. 10, 11, 123 G. A. A. 10, 113 Jr. Jamboree 113 Scholarship Tests 103 Spanish Club 103 Y-Teens 10, 113 Young Business Leaders 11: Activity Committee 12. JOHN ROSS CRAMER John is another "brain" Rare are his musical talents College is his future Band 10. 11Q Baseball 11, 123 Central News 10, 11, 123 Dance Band 10, 11, 121 Jr. Jamboree 113 Orchestra 10, 11, 125 Pep Band 111 Scholarship Tests 10, 11, 123 Spring Carnival 103 Student Council 115 Activity Committee 123 World Affairs Institute Representative 11. DAVID GLENN CRONEBACH Daring Good-natured Called "Tubs" Track 101 Vocational Club 123 Activity Committee 123 Football 10, 11, 12. KAREN SUE CRONEBACH Knows her future Seldom silent Cutting capers always A Cappella Choir 103 Band 103 Debate 11, 123 F. T. A. 11, 123 G. A. A. 10, 113 Orchestra 10, 115 Scholarship Tests 10, Honor Club 10, 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Y-Teens 103 Activity Committee 12. JOSEPH ROMIG CUNNINGHAM Just call him "Cucldles" Really likes golf College is his future Basketball 123 Boys State Representa- tive 113 Class Officer 11, 123 Lab As- sistant 123 Delphian 10, 11, 123 Golf Team 9, 10, 11, 123 Honor Club 11, 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Scholarship Tests 10, 11, 123 Student Council 113 Activity Committee 12. CHET J. DAPOZ Cars are his hobby Just call him "Jet" Doesn't worry much Spanish Club 123 Activity Committee 12. CLASS OF 1959 21 CHARLES JERRY DESTEFANI Collects guns Just waiting for college Desires to be an engineer A Cappella Choir 10, 113 Boys State Representativeg F. T. A. 11, 123 Scholarship Tests 10, 113 Student Council 123 Activity Committee 12. ALICE LUCILLE DRAHER Always dependable Likes music Determined to succeed A Cappella Choir 10, 11, 122 F. N. A. 11, 123 F. T. A. 113 Honor Club 10, 113 Jr. Jamboree 113 Scholarship Tests 10, 11, 123 Y-Teens 10, 11, 12. JEAN ELLA DRAKE Just a merry lass Especially likes Larry Does a lot of skating G. A. A. 123 Y-Teens 123 Young Busi- ness Leaders 123 Activity Committee 12. JEFFREY LYNN EDIE Jeff is interested in civics Likes to type Earnest Band 10,11Q F. T. A. 11, 123 Jr. Jam- boree 113 Activity Committee 12. KENNY CLAYTON EDIE Known as "Jarv" Contracting is his vocation Especially likes hunting Forestry Club 123 Activity Committee 12. CHARLENE CHRISTINE EDWARDS Conversation lies in her eyes Can't resist sports Expects to go to business school A Cappella choir 103 G. A. A. 10, 11, 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Activity Com- mittee 12. JOE W. EDWARDS Joins in the fun Wants to go to college Especially likes Linda Chess Club 123 Delphian 10, 11, 123 Football 10, 11, 123 Honor Club 10, 121 Scholarship Tests 10, 11, 123 Track 10, 11, 123 Activity Committee 12. JIMMY RUSSELL EICHEL Just can't behave Real keen on athletics Expert on football A Cappella Choir 101 Baseball 10, 11, 123 Basketball 10, 11, 123 Boys State Representative 113 Class Officer 123 F. T. A. 11, 121 Scholarship Tests 103 Spring Carnival 103 Student Council 103 Activity Committee 123 Football 10, 11, 12. BONNIE LEE ESPENSCHIED Busy as a bee Likes to collect records Easy manner Y-Teens 103 Young Business Leaders 11, 12Q Activity Committee 12. FRANK FABIANO Football co-captain Frank likes women A Cappella Choir 103 Baseball 10, 11, 123 Basketball 10, 113 Chess Club 10, 11, 12: Jr. Jamboree 11: Spanish Club 10, 113 Spring Carnival 103 Activity Committee 123 Football 10, 11, 121 Wrestling 12. MARTA CARMELLA FARBIZO Makes a neat appearance Called Marti Fun-loving A Cappella Choir 10, 11, 12QQ F. N. A. 11, 123 F. T. A. 11, 123 G. A. A. 10, 11, 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Orchestra 10, 11, 123 Scholarship Tests 10, 11, 123 Span- ish Club 12: Y-Teens 10, ll, 123 Ac- tivity Committee 12. JAYNE A. FAHR Just in iudgment Always willing to help Full of fun A Cappella Choir 10, 11, 123 F. N. A. 12: G. A. A. 123 Y-Teens 11, 123 Ac- tivity Committee 12. CLASS OF 1959 i 22 CHARLES ERNEST FAWCETT Football Manager 10, 113 Track Mana- ger 10, 113 Activity Committee 12. SUSAN MAY FEELEY Susie's always chattering Mainly interested in art Finds time for swimming F. T. A. 11, 123 G. A. A. 10, 11, 123 Jr Jamboree 113 Library Staff 101 Y- Teens 103 Young Business Leaders 11 123 Activity Committee 12. MARY ANN FEIGHTLING Merry as the day is long Always a friend Full of fun G. A. A. 10. 11, 123 Activity Committee 12. ADELAIDE ELIZABETH FISHER Aims to succeed Etticient in her work Fond of music A Cappella Choir 103 Delphian 10, 11, 12: F. N. A. 11, 12: Honor Club 10, 11. 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Orchestra 10, 11 123 Scholarship Tests 10, 11, 123 Stu- dent Council 113 Y-leens 10, 11, 123 Activity Committee 123 Y-Teens Cabi- net 11, 123 World Affairs Institute Rep- resentative, 11. . IVA FAYE FISHER Interested in Newcomerstown Friendly to everyone Fond of sewing Central News Typist 123 F. N. A. 113 F. T. A. 11, 123 G. A. A. 103 Scholar- ship Tests 103 Y-Teens 10, 113 Activity Committee 12. JOSEPH WILLIAM FRENZEL, JR. Just a "brain" Wants to go to college Football player Audio-Visual 113 Basketball Manager 10, 11, 123 Boys State Representative 113 Central News 10, 11, 123 Class Offi- cer 113 Debate 123 F. T. A. 123 Hi-Y 121 Honor Club 10, 11, 123 Jr. Jam- boree 113 Scholarship Tests 10, 11, 123 Science Club 113 Student Council Offi- cer 123 Track 10, 11, 123 Activity Com- mittee 123 Football 10, 11, 12. BARBARA LEE FUERST Business school is her future Likely to succeed Friend of all A Cappella Choir 103 Auditorium Ush- er 10, 11, 123 G. A. A. 10, 113 Honor Club 103 Scholarship Tests 10, 123 Spanish Club 10, 11Q Y-Teens 10, 11, 12: Young Business Leaders 11, 123 Ac- tivity Committee 12. WILLIAM PAUL GODDARD Women trouble him not But school does Goes for autos Spanish Club 113 Activity Committee 123 Football 11. JERRY LEE GRABER Just a kid at heart Likes to drive his car Goes on his merry way Activity Committee 12. LARRY DAVID GRAHAM Lover of cars Devil-may-care Great with the gals Class Officer 10 3 Football 103 Hi-Y 113 Jr. Jamboree 113 Track 10, 123 Ac- tivity Committee 12. JOHN ROBERT GRASSELLI John's hobby - cars Really fond of planes Going to the Army Activity Committee 12. JUSTIN CLARENCE GREEN Jaunty guy who's very nice Content to seem what he is Goes for sports Basketball 10, 11, 123 Track 10, 11, 123 Activity Committee 121 Football 10, 11, 12. JUDITH ANN HARRIS Judy can really dance A terrific maiorette Her heart belongs to Kenny Drum Majorette 10, 11, 121 F. T. A. 11, 123 G. A. A. 10, 11, 123 Jr. Jam- boree 11, 123 Spanish Club 101 Spring Carnival 103 Student Council 10, 113 Y-Teens 10, 11, 123 Activity Committee 12. DARLENE KAYE HARRISON Darling Darlene Keeps up on reading Hopes to do office work A Cappella Choir 103 F. N. A. 123 G. A. A. 10, 113 Jr. Jamboree 11: Y-Teens 10, 11, 121 Activity Committee 12. SANDRA KAY HASKETT Sandy likes sports Kind and sweet Her eyes twinkle F. N. A. 111 F. T. A. 11, 12: G. A. A. 10, 113 Jr. Jamboree 113 Y-Teens 10, 113 Young Business Leaders 11, 123 Activity Committee 12. DENNIS WAYNE HICKS Dutiful to everyone Worry's for fools alone Hunting is his hobby A Cappella Choir 103 Baseball 10, 11, L21 Basketball 10, 113 Class Officer 113 Jr. Jamboree 113 Spanish Club 10, 113 Student Council 10, 113 Activity Com- mittee 123 Football 10, 11, 12. GRACE ANN HICKS Going to marry soon A friendly lass indeed Has many friends G. A. A. 10, 113 Jr. Jamboree 113 Y- Teens 10, 113 Activity Committee 12. FRANCES DARLENE HIDEY Finds time for skating Dancing is an interest Hopes to get married G. A. A. 10, 123 Y-Teens 123 Young Business Leaders 123 Activity Com- mittee 12. ROBERT HINSON Rollicking good times Mild-mannered fellow His heart is his own Chess Club 10, 11, 123 Forestry Club 10, 11, 123 Hi-Y 113 Activity Committee 12. KATHRYN CAROLE HUMMELL Kathy wants to be a secretary Can really ice-skate Her mind records only pleasantness A Cappella Choir 103 F. N. A. 10, 11, 123 G. A. A. 10, 11, 122 Y-Teens 10, 11, 123 Actlvlty Committee 12. IDA JEANNE HUMRIGHOUSE In love Jesting Homemaker is her future F. N. A. 11, 121 F. T. A. 113 Activity Committee 123 G. A. A. 10, 11. 123 Scholarship Tests 10. DON I. HUPP Devilish lad is he Indifferent to girls His heart is his own A Cappella Choir 103 Football 103 Ac- tivity Committee 12. ELLEN JANE HU RST Ever friendly Just as sweet as can be Has plans for college A Cappella Choir 101 Auditorium Ush- er 10, 11, 121 Central News 11, 122 F. T. A. 11, 121 G. A. A. 103 Honor Club 10, 11, 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Orchestra 10, 11, 123 Spanish Club 11, 122 Spring Carnival 103 Student Council 10, 11: Y-'Ieens 10, 11, 123 Activity Committee 12. TOM E. HU RST Tim's twin Enthused about racing Has a knack for bowling A Cappella Choir 10, 111 Forestry Club 10, 11, 123 Activity Committee 12. CLASS OF 1959 24 TIM A. HURST Time for cars Armed forces for him Hopes to succeed A Cappella Choir 10, 11: Forestry Clul 10, 11, 123 Activity Committee 12. KATHLEEN ANN JENKINS Katie is her nickname A future R. N. Just another "brain child" A Cappella Choir 10, 123 Central New: 11, 121 F. N. A. 11, 123 Jr. Jamborec 113 Honor Club 10, 113 Scholarshil Tests 10, 113 Spring Carnival 103 Stu dent Council 10, 11, 123 Y-Teens 10, 11 123 Y-Teens Cabinet 123 Activity Com mittee 12. ROY ARTHUR JONES Relaxes with wrestling Autos interest him Just a quiet nature Scholarship Tests 10, 11, 123 Sciencn Club 11: Activity Committee 12 Wrestling 12. WILLIAM JACOB JONES Wants to be an engineer Jokes a lot Jonesy Band 10, 11, 123 Boys State Represen tative 113 Honor Club 10, 11, 123 Jr Jamboree 113 Orchestra 10, 11, 123 Pel Band 123 Scholarship Tests 10, 11, 12 Spanish Club 10, 123 Student Counci 11, 123 Activity Committtee 12. THOMAS ALBERT KARL To succeed is his ambition A mischievous lad Keen on cars Vocational Club 11, 123 Activity Corn mittee 12. ROBERT LEE KING Ready for the Navy Likes electronics Known as "Bob" A Cappella Choir 10, 11, 123 F. T. A 11, 121 Football 103 Young Buslnes: Leaders 121 Activity Committee 12. CONSTANCE C. KINSEY Collects records College bound Knowledgeable A Cappella Choir 103 Band 10, 11, 123 F. T. A. 11, 123 G. A. A. 122 Spanish Club 10, 113 Y-Teens 10, 11, 123 Ac- tivity Committee 12. MARGARET W. KNISELY Meditative miss Wants to graduate Keen on sports A Cappella Choir 103 Activity Com- mittee 12. SANDRA KAY KORNS She lives and loves Known and liked by all Keen on sports F. N. A. 123 G. A. A. 11, 123 Activity Sommittee 12. DEANNA LEAH KRAMER Devilish is she Light hair and light-hearted Kind and gentle F. N. A. 11, 122 F. T. A. 12: G. A. A. 101 Jr. Jamboree 113 Scholarship Tests 10, 11, 123 Activity Commttee 12. WILLIAM ERNEST LADRACH Wants to go into forestry work Especially likes chemistry Likes to hike Band 10, 11, 12: Boys State Represen- tative3 Chess Club 105 Lab Assistant 123 Dance Band 123 Forestry Club 10, 11, 123 Honor Club 10, 11, 123 Jr. Jam- boree 113 Orchestra 10, 11, 125 Scholar- ship Tests 10, 11, 123 Science Club 113 Track 11, 123 Activity Committee 12. MAX DUANE LAMB Mighty though small Does a lot of scouting Likes basketball A Cappella Choir 101 Chess Club 10, 11, 123 Spanish Club 10, 11Q Tennis 11, 12. MARLIN HUBERT LAWRENCE Motors are his hobby Hopes to be a machinist Likes hunting A Cappella Choir 103 Chess Club 103 Forestry Club 103 Vocational Club 123 Activity Committee 12. SANDRA SUE LEGGETT She's headed for Kent Sensational drummer Likes Midvale's games Band 10,11,12Q G. A. A. 103 Jr. Jam- boree 113 Y-Teens 10, 11, 123 Activity Committee 12. CAROL ANN LOOS Call her Mrs. A light heart Loos is her name no longer G. A. A. 123 Jr. Jamboree 11Q Y-Teens 113 Young Business Leaders 113 Ac- tivity Committee 12. MARY BELLE LOVELL Marrying Ronnie soon Bowling is one hobby Loves swimming G. A. A. 10, 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Young Business Leaders 113 Activity Committee 12. JAMES LUKENS Justifies errors with jokes Loves to talk A Cappella Choir 11, 121 Chess Club 11, 123 Class Officer 123 Debate 10, 11, 123 Jr. Jamboree 11. CAROL ANN MCCONNELL Capable Adaptable Modest manner F. N. A. 11, 125 G.A.A.10,11,123 Y- Teens 10, 11, 123 Young Business Leaders 11, 123 Activity Committee 12. JERRY L. MCCONNELL Just lives each day Laughter is for him Moose doesn't worry Activity Committee 12. CHARLES WILLIAM MCMURRAY Charlie likes stock car racing Waiting for the Air Force Makes model cars Spanish Club 11, 123 Track 123 Activity Committee 12. DENNIS P. MAGLEY Determined Practical Menace bound for college Chess Club 10, 11, 123 F. T. A. 11, 123 Hi-Y 11, 12: Honor Club 11, 12: Jr. Jamboree 113 Scholarship Tests 10, 113 Science Club 113 Student Council 121 Track 10, 11Q Activity Committee 123 Wrestling 12. GLENN ALFRED MALTERER Goes on his merry way A good sport Mainly likes hunting Activity Committee 12. JAMES H. MAPLE Jim is likeable Hunting is a hobby Machinist is his future Track 10, 113 Chess Club 10, 113 Voca- tional Club 11, 123 Football 10, 113 Ac- tivity Committee 12. DORIS MARIE MARTIN Deserves the best May be a beautician Methodical Jr. Jamboree 113 Y-Teens 103 Activity Committee 12. CLASS OF 1959 26 THOMAS ALAN MARTIN Toes the mark Amiable Man of quality Track 10, 11, 12: Vocational Club 11 123 Football 10, 123 Wrestling 123 Ac- tivity Committee 12. DAVID ALLEN JOSEPH MASSARELLI Distinguished in football A likeable lad Jaunty Mannerly A Cappella Choir 10Q Baseball 10, 11 123 Basketball 10, 11, 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Spanish Club 10, 113 Spring Car- nival 103 Football 10, 11, 123 Activity Committee 12. DIANE G. MATHEWS Diane is the most Going to college Many friends has she F. T. A. 11, 123 G. A. A. 10, 11, 123 Jr Jamboree 113 Scholarship Tests 10, 11: Y-Teens 10, 11, 123 Activity Committee 12. GENE LEE MEDLEY Great friend to all Likeable chap Mainly likes athletics Tennis 113 Track 103 Vocational Clul 121 Activity Committee 112. ELEANOR LOU MONTGOMERY Enjoys talking Leads a merry lite Might say she drives A Cappella Choir 10, 113 Band 10, 11 123 F. N. A. 10, 11, 123 F. T. A. 11, 12 G. A. A. 10, 113 Jr. Jamboree 11 Spring Carnival 113 Y-Teens 10, 11 Activity Committee 12. HAROLD MORRIS His heart belongs to many Mind for females A Cappella Choir 103 Baseball 10, 11 123 Chess Club 10, 11, 123 Hi-Y 10, 11 123 Spanish Club 103 Football 10, 11 Activity Committee 12. NORMAN EUGENE MORRIS New at N.P.H.S. Easy-going Mechanic is his aim Activity Committee 12. RUTH ELEANOR MORRISON Rare lady is she Easy manner Mild temper Y-Teens 121 Activity Committee 12. A. HARVEY MUNTZ His company is most pleasant Archery enthusiast Mighty nice guy A Cappella Choir 10, 11, 123 Chess Club 10, 11, 123 Forestry Club 11, 123 Hi-Y 123 Stadium Usher 10, 11, 123 Track 123 Activity Committee 12. RUSSELL MURPHY Rest first-then work Makes many friends A Cappella Choir 103 Chess Club 103 Jr. Jamboree 113 Spanish Club 103 Ac- tivity Committee 123 Track Manager 10. SHEILA ANNE MUZECHUK Sewing is an interest A lot of fun Makes friends with everyone F. N. A. 11, 123 Spanish Club 12: Activity Committee 12. STEWART JOHN MYERS Smilin' Studie Joking all the while Magnetic personality Chess Club 10, 11, 123 Forestry Club 11, 123 F. T. A. 113 Hi-Y 10, 11, 123 Track 103 Football 10. CLASS OF 1959 27 DORIS JEAN NEFF Does her best always Journalism interests her Nimble in learning Band 103 Central News 10, 11, 123 Dance Band 10, 11, 123 F. T. A. 11, 123 Honor Club 10, 11, 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Orchestra 10, 11, 123 Scholarship Tests 10, 11, 123 Spring Carnival 10Q Student Council 10, 11, 123 Y-Teens 11, 123 Young Business Leaders 11, 123 Ac- tivity Committee 12. DAVID PAUL NEIMAN Devilish lad is he Particularly handsome Never works too hard Baseball 11, 123 Vocational Club 123 Activity Committee 12. BOB KEITH NEPSA Best men are quiet men Kind of reserved Nothing missing Vocational Club 123 Activity Commit- tee 12. NANNETTE AVI NUSSBAUM Not too serious, not too gay A charming smile Nursing is her career A Cappella Choir 103 F. N. A. 11, 123 F. T. A. 11, 123 Honor Club 10, 11, 123 Orchestra 10, 11, 122 Scholarship Tests 10, 11, 123 Y-Teens 10, 11, 123 Activity Committee 12. VIRGINIA LEE PAISLEY Very merry Loyal to her friends PGPPY F. N. A. 11, 123 G. A. A. 10, 11, 123 Spanish Club 10, lli Jr. Jamboree 113 Young Business Leaders 10, 113 Ac- tivity Committee 12. CORINNE MARIE PALMER Cheerful always Music is her choice Perfectionist A Cappella Choir 10, 11, 123 Band 10, 11, 123 Dance Band 10, 11, 121 F. T. A. ll, 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Orchestra 10, 11, 12Q Spanish Club 11, 123 Spring Carnival 103 Activity Committee 12. JUDY LEE PARRIS Jolly good friend Lovable Pretty as a queen A Cappella Choir 10, 112 Central News F. T. A. 11: Typist 123 Delphian 123 G. A. A. 10, 11, 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Y-Teens 113 Scholarship Tests 101 Young Business Leaders 11, 12. CAROLINE PENROD Caroline is quiet Pleasure to know Activity Committee 12. BETTY MARIE PETERSHEIM Books interest her Mannerly person Pleasing personality F. N. A. 113 Scholarship Tests 103 Activity Committee 12. JANE MELANIE PHILLIPS Just a friend to all Muskingum bound Pert and petite Delphian 10, 11, 121 F. T. A. 11, 123 G. A. A. 11: Honor Club 10, 11, 123 Scholarship Tests 10, 11, 123 Student Council 10, 123 Y-Teens 10, 11, 123 Ac- tivity Committee 12Q Jr. Jamboree 11. JOHN EDWARD PHILLIPS, JR. Joins the fun Especially likes cars Plans to be an accountant Chess Club 10, 11, 12Q Scholarship Tests 103 Activity Committee 12. ELEANOR LOUISE PITTMAN Eager to please Liberolistic Pleasant personality F. N. A. 11, 123 Young Business Lead- ers l1, 123 Activity Committee 12. CLASS OF 1959 28 DEANNA KAY POLKA Dainty lady Kind to everyone Popular with all A Cappella Choir 103 Central News 10 11, 123 Cheerleader 10, 11, 123 Clasa Officer 10, 11, 123 F. T. A. 11, 123 G A. A. 103 Honor Club 10, 11, 123 Jr Jamboree 113 Scholarship Tests 10, 11 123 Spanish Club 123 Spring Carniva 103 Student Council 10, 11, 123 Y-Teen: 10, 11, 123 Y-Teens Cabinet 113 Ac tivity Committee 12. LARRY HERBERT POWELL Larry likes traveling Has no definite plans Prefers fishing Chess Club 10, 11, 123 Forestry Clul 10, 11, 123 Scholarship Tests 103 Ac tivity Committee 12. ANNETTE MARIE POZZI Affable Musically inclined Polished A Cappella Choir 10, 11, 123 Band 10 113 Dance Band 10, 11, 123 F. T. A. 11 L22 Honor Club 103 Jr. Jamboree 11 Orchestra 10, 11, 123 Pep Band 11 Scholarship Tests 10, 113 Spring Car nival 103 Activity Committee 12. SARAH ELIZABETH PUGH Sociable Earnest Plans to be a teacher A Cappella Choir 10, 113 F. T. A. 11 123 Girls State Representative 113 G A. A. 103 Jr. Jamboree 113 Orchestra 10, 11, 123 Scholarship Tests 10, 11 Spanish Club 11, 123 Y-Teens 10, 11 123 Activity Committee 12. ANITA MARIE RAY Affable Modest and demure Reliant at all times A Cappella Choir 103 F. N. A. 11, 12 Jr. Jamboree 113 Spanish Club 10Q Y Teens 103 Activity Committee 12. JERRY LEE REDMAN Just known as "Bubbles" Let us never forget Jerry Ready for college Baseball 102 Jr. Jamboree 113 Scholar ship Tests 10, 113 Spanish Club 10 Student Council 123 Football 10, 11, 12 Activity Committee 12. JAMES D. RENNER Joking spirit Dreams about girls Ready for football always Baseball Manager 103 Chess Club 123 Class Officer 103 Debate 113 Delphian 10, 11, 123 Honor Club 112 Jr. Jam- boree 11, 123 Football 10, 11, 121 Ac- tivity Committee 12. MARYANNE RHODES Moderate in her actions R. N. is her desire F. N. A. 11, 123 F. T. A. 113 G. A. A. 10, 11, 121 Jr. Jamboree 113 Activity Committee 12. JON WAYNE RITTENOUR Jovial anytime Winning personality Ready tor the Air Force Academy Audio-Visual 112 Band 10, 11, 123 Lab Assistant 122 Jr. Jamboree 112 Orch- estra 103 Pep Band 103 Science Club 113 'lrack 101 Activity Committee 123 Football 10, 11 12, Wrestling 12. JON DARRELL RITENOUR Jon's bound for college Does terrific painting Rare talent has he Activity Committee 12. PATRICIA E. ROGERS Pat likes boys Endeavors to have fun Reserved and quiet? F. N. A. 113 F. T. A. 11, 123 G. A. A. 10, 11, 123 Spanish Club 103 Y-Teens 10, 112 Young Business Leaders 113 Activity Committee 12. HOWARD RAYMOND SCHIDE Happy-go-lucky Reserved nature llspecsll A Cappella Choir 113 Chess Club 10, 11, 123 F. T. A. 11, 123 Hi-Y 10, 11, 123 Science Club 113 Student Council 103 Track 103 Football Manager 10. CLASS OF 1959 29 DEAN FRANKLIN SCHNEIDER Dislikes work Fun-loving Smiling and sociable Activity Committee 12. LINDA KAY SC HWARTZ Light-hearted and gay Keen Sure can dance F. T. A. 11, 123 G. A. A. 10, 11, 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Y-Teens 10, 113 Activity Committee 12. JANE LOUISE SHAFFER Joy to her friends Light hearts live long Secretarial work for her G. A. A. 10, 11, 121 Jr. Jamboree 113 Y-Teens 123 Activity Committee 12. ELIZABETH MARIE SHANNON Especially energetic Likeable lady Short and sweet F. N. A. 11, 123 G. A. A. 113 Y-Teens 10, 11, 123 Young Business Leaders 11, 123 Activity Committee 12. GEORGE A. SHAW Goes for hot rods Able and dependable Sidney is his future Activity Committee 12. RONALD CHALMER SHERRETS Realistic Commonly called "Arch" Starts the day smiling Vocational Club 123 Activity Commit- tee 12. EDWARD J. SHOTT Enjoys life Justifiably ornery Shares his iokes Spanish Club 103 Activity Committee 12. EMMA LUCILLE SIMMERS Essentially favors reading Likeable gal Sort of quiet F. N. A. 11. 123 F. T. A. 112 Honor Club 103 Scholarship Tests 10, 113 Y- Teens 10, 113 Activity Committee 12. CONNIE DOLORES SIZEMORE Cares for singing Does like Ronnie Secretarial ability Jr. Jamboree 113 Scholarship Tests 111 Spring Carnival 113 Young Business Leaders 11, 123 Activity Committee 12. SUZANNE SLOE Spends time for J. A. Swimming is her hobby A Cappella Choir 103 Band 10, 11, 122 F. N. A. 11, 123 F. T. A. 11, 123 Honor Club 10, 11, 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Scholarship Tests 10, 111 Y-Teens 10, 11, 123 Activity Committee 12. BARBARA SUE SMITH Bowling champion Seldom quiet Speaks her mind F. N. A. 113 F. T. A. 11, 12: G. A. A. 10, 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Y-Teens 10, 113 Activity Committee 12. CONSTANCE ELIZABETH SMITH Connie likes 4-H Ever fair She enioys life Band 10, 11, 121 Jr. Jamboree 113 Orchestra 11, 123 Pep Band 10, 11, 121 Young Business Leaders 10, 11, 123 Activity Committee 12. CLASS OF 1959 80 JUDITH LINDA SMITH Just one of our staff Likes to draw Set for art school A Cappella Choir 10, 121 Delphian 11 11, 123 F. T. A. 11, 123 G. A. A. 10 Honor Club 10, 11, 123 Jr. Jambore 113 Scholarship Tests 113 Spanish Clu 113 Spring Carnival 102 Y-Teens 10, 11 123 Library Staff 103 Activity Conn mittee 12. MARGARET JANE SMITH Mighty nice to look at Just called Peggy Silent-never! F. T. A. 11, 123 G. A. A. 10, 113 J1 Jamboree 113 Y-Teens 10, 112 Activit Committee 12. PATRICIA LEE SNYDER Peppy all the time Likes a guy named Eddie Straight "A" in everything A Cappella Choir 10, 11, 123 Delphia 10,11,123 F. N. A. 11, 121 F. T. A. 11 123 Honor Club 10, 11, 125 Jr. Jam boree 113 Scholarship Tests 10, 11, 12 Student Council 103 Y-Teens 10, 11, 12 Y-Teens Cabinet 123 Activity Commit tee 12. JANET SUE SOURS Judges others fairly Such a true lady She likes dancing F. N. A. 11, 123 F. T. A. 11: G. A. A 10, 11, 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Spanisi Club 103 Y-Teens 10, 11, 123 Youn. Business Leaders 113 Activity Com mittee 12. . CAROL EMILY STANS3ERY Church work interests her Easy to know Suitable for a secretary A Cappella Choir 10, 121 F. T. A. 11 123 G. A. A. 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Y Teens 10, 11, 123 Young Busines Leaders 11, 123 Activity Committee 12 HELEN MARIE STEHMAN Happy Musically inclined Systematic in her work A Cappella Choir 10, 11, 123 Auditoriun Usher 10,11,123 F. N. A. 11, 123 F. T A. 11, 12: G. A. A. 103 Honor Club 10 Jr. Jamboree 113 Orchestra 10, 11, 12 Scholarship Tests 103 Spring Carniva 103 Student Council 10, 113 Activitf Committee 12. NANCY LEE STEMPLE Nuts about dancing Likes to bowl Seldom silent F. N. A. 123 F. T. A. 121 G. A. A. 10, 123 Spanish Club 103 Y-Teens 103 Activity Committee 12. RONNIE H. STEIN Ready for work Hopes to own a farm Sure likes baseball Forestry Club 11, 123 Activity Com- mittee 12. KAREN LEA STEINBAUGH Kenny is her man Likes to sing Sensible lass A Cappella Choir 10, 11, 121 Central News Typist 123 F. N. A. 10, 11, 121 F. T. A. 10, 11, 123 Young Business Leaders 10, 113 Activity Committee 12. ROBERT ALLEN STROUP Ready wit Always cheerful Simply called Bob Spanish Club 123 Activity Committee 12. BARBARA JEANNE SWINDERMAN Barb loves to talk Just as cute as can be She's sweet and petite Band 101 F. T. A. 12: G. A. A. 103 Scholarship Tests 123 Spanish Club 103 Y-Teens 10, 11, 123 Activity Committee 12. PATRICIA ANN SWINDERMAN Practical yet daring Affectionate Solemn never F. N. A. 123 F. T. A. 11, 123 G. A. A. 10, 11, 123 Jr. Jamboree 11: Spanish Club 11, 123 Y-Teens 10, 11, 123 Ac- tivity Committee 12. SHIRLEY HELEN TEDRICK She's getting married soon Her heart belongs to him Thoughtful and sincere A Cappella Choir 103 F. N. A. 113 Young Business Leaders 11, 123 Ac- tivity Committee 12. WILLIAM LEROY TERAZZI Wants to join the service Likes to do everything "Tragedy" likes females Activity Committee 12. JUDITH ANN THOMAS Judy is carefree An ornery woman Time for fun always A Cappella Choir 103 Band 10, 11, 121 F. N. A. 11, 123 F. T. A. 11, 12g G. A. A. 10, 11, 121 Jr. Jamboree 113 Pep Band 121 Scholarship Tests 103 Y- Teens 10, 11, 123 Activity Committee 12. CAROL ANN TILKEY College-maybe A blonde beauty Tilk plays trombone Band 103 Dance Band 10, 113 F. T. A. 11, 123 G. A. A. 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Orchestra 10, 113 Scholarship Tests 103 Student Council 10, 11, 121 Y-Teens 10, 11, 123 Activity Committee 12. BARBARA JEAN TOLBERT Busy, busy, busy Just call me a flirt Toby likes ice-skating A Cappella Choir 103 F. N. A. 11, 123 G. A. A. 103 Spanish Club 112 Y-Teens 10, 11, 123 Activity Committee 12. REBECCA SUE TUCKER Really sweet Quaker Girl She likes bowling Talks about Jim Drum Majorette 10, 11, 123 F. T. A. 123 G. A. A. 103 Jr. Jamboree 113 Spring Carnival 103 Student Council 10, 11, 123 Y-Teens 10, 11, 123 Young Busi- ness Leaders Club 11, 121 Activity Committee 12. FERN ESTHER VOGEL Friend to all Especially likes 4-H Very quiet lady A Cappella Choir 103 Jr. Jamboree 111 Young Business Leaders 113 Activity Committee 12. LARRY ELWOOD WALKER Loves his car Enjoys making money Wants his own business A Cappella Choir 103 Chess Club 10, 11, 123 Hi-Y 123 J1'. Jamboree 113 Spanish Club 10, 113 Spring Carnival 101 Track 10, 11, 12Q Activity Committee 121 Football 10, 11, 12. KARL WILLIAM WARNER Kind of likes skating Wants to be a machinist Worry's for fools alone Chess Club 103 Track 103 Vocational Club 121 Activity Committee 12. RICHARD WASIELEWSKI Rest first - then work. Worry and I have never met. A Cappella Choir 103 Basketball lli Chess Club 103 F. T .A. 121 Hi-Y 10, 11, 121 Jr. Jamboree 113 Science Club 113 Student Council 113 World Affairs Institute Rep. 103 Activity Committee 12. CONNIE LEE WASSEM Call her "Hurricane" Loves life Works hard A Cappella Choir 113 Band 10, 112 F. N. A. 11, 121 F. T. A. 121 G. A. A. 10. 113 Jr. Jamboree 113 Scholarship Tests 10, 113 Spanish Club 113 Activity Com- mittee 12. JUDITH KAY WELZ Judy likes reading Keen on Broadway music Wants to be a teacher F. T. A. 11, 123 Honor Club 113 Scholar- ship Tests 10, 113 Y-Teens 103 Young Business Leaders 113 Activity Com- mittee 12. CLASS OF 1959 I I I 32 BARBARA ROSE WEMPLE Blithe of heart Ready to get married Wemple-not 'For long Auditorium Usher 10, 11, 121 F. N. I 11, 123 F. T. A. 123 Jr. Jamboree 11 Scholarship Tests 113 Y-Teens 10, 12 123 Activity Committee 12. JUDITH MAE WESTBROOK Jude wants marriage Merry and gay Works toward perfection A Cappella Choir 103 Central New Typist 121 G. A. A. 10, 11, 123 G. A. A 10, 11, 123 Honor Club 10. BETTY JOANN WILLIAMS Bashful - No sireel Joins in laughter Will do well in the world F. T. A. 121 G. A. A. 113 Scholarshi' Tests 113 Y-Teens 10, 11. 12. SALLIE JANE WINSPEARE Sure likes dancing Jerry's her man Winning smile Activity Committee 12. EDWARD ROWLAND WISE Earnest Really likes Pat Witty to talk with A Cappella Choir 103 Band 10, 11, 12 Class Officer 103 Dance Band 11 Drum Major 11, 123 F. T. A. 123 JI Jamboree 111 Scholarship Tests 10 Spanish Club 10, 113 Spring Carniva 10, 113 Student Council 11, 123 Counci Officer 11. NELLIE ANN WOOD Nellie likes cooking A T.V. fan Wants to enter business school F. N. A. 11, 123 G. A. A. 121 Jr. Jam boree 113 Spanish Club 103 Y-Teen 10, 11. ELAINE WRIGHT Especially likes tennis Wants to go to college A Cappella Choir 10, 11, 123 Band 10, 11, 121 F. N. A. 111 G. A. A. 11, 123 Honor Club 10, 113 Orchestra 10, 111 Scholarship Tests 10, 113 Spring Car- nival 113 Y-Teens 10, 11, 12. JUDITH LYNN WRIGHT Just as regal as her ways Leads a merry life Wonderful friend F. T. A. 11, 121 G. A. A. 101 Honor Club 10, 11Q Jr. Jamboree 113 Scholar- ship Tests 10, 113 Spanish Club 10, 113 Y-Teens 11, 12. CLASS OF 1959 NOT PICTURED NANCY JANE YOUNG Never dull with Nanny around Joy in her eyes Young at hcart F. N. A. 11, 123 G. A. A. 10, 113 Y Teens 10, 11, 121 Jr. Jamboree 11. JERRY LEE ZURCHER Joining the Air Force Leads a merry life Zealous Activity Committee 12. DON ROBERT DILLON . LAWRENCE WILLARD MENGES, JR. Desires to be a mechanic Light hearts live long Rates high in personality Worries never Does he like to study? Mild-mannered fellow Activity C0mI11ittee 12- A Cappella Choir 10, 121 Activity Com- mittee 12. Class bviscrs MRS. WILLIAMS MR. KEPPLER Class Colors Mint Green and White ' Class Flower White Carnation Class Motto When Opportunity Knocks, You Have to Open the Door Yourself 33 Sandra Force, Bill Wade, Dave Mathias, Fred Roll Row Row Row Row uniov Class Offices-1 President .... .. . Fred Roll Vice President .. . Eill Wade Secretary . . . . . Sandro Force Treasurer . . . . Dove Mathias Top Row-Myrna Riddle, Dave Mathias, Ila Makee, Albert Lang, Betty Moreland, Dina Breehl, 2a-Jerry Halloy, Fritz Brick, Dave Shepherd, Carolyn Walton, Bob Evans, Sharon Carroth- e1's, Tom Seibert 3-Claude Snyder, Sandra May, Larry Kappler, Lowell Urfer, Dick Shaffer, Karl Haupert, Barbara Walker 4-Marilyn Fisher, Gladys Menges, Bill Sellers, Marsha Scheider, Leland Ervin, Linda Stokey, John Winkler 5-Larry Stein, Clifford Heuchkell, Donna Shull, Paul Burger, Sue Miller, Ronnie Eichel, Ann Peterman, a " ' 'f Q ,Q in ii ' Ai X , ,.. QE' .5 X ' f 'N is W - ' - N .. ,Er ,, 'lf' i Q "" if Q 3 ' .-., - - 5 "" x: : ,, i 'D nf' V lqblb J 7. , fy ,, X M S ,V ,I , , , , . ..,, , 'x is A I.: gk 5 S 'Tr A , Q 1 'Wil .R 5 Qi i Q ., W g I f c ,..f: ,tx :i"1i'i' ' , I, , Z, S u , ,.,,, 2 'Q 'V:, i f .mv in 5 A I In-W l AV --if .. 'K wh K N +59 is 3 ,. , I is Q yx W Q x 45: .,J mix - fl Q r we xi 1:-ef? , .s..r...,.,.:. Nl Q A . . Q.. l Q kai r ir S S we , sg ::'--- x " "-- . 'iv' I S if X , S QW , ee M 4 5 3 V as Nt Top Row-Nancy Bender, Linda Sarchet, Ronnie Collins, Honey Wetzel, Sherry Frew, Richard Ernest, Karen Stemple Row 2-Gary Rich, Sally Spring, Eddie Teter, Linda Erickson, Susie Hudson, Ada McNutt, Brenda Granato Row 3-Mark Sturm, Rose Yosick, Marilyn Herman, Terry Carpenter, Freda Alexander, Virginia Sloe, Ronnie Jaberg Row 4-Bart Sutton, Barbara Lampe, Bob Stonecipher, Joyce Wade, B111 Wade, Patty Eckert, Wayne Archer Row 5-Dave Schwark, Gary Magley, Barbara Virtue INSETZ Bob Nepsc' gains Valuable ex' perience working with c metal turn- Row 6-Mary Lea Wheriey, Larry Mangon, Susan Mitchell ing lathe in The shop. 35 JUNIORS i- ia, We JN Ei Top Row-Carolyn Bailey, Royce Ba1'ker, Tom LeMasters, Vicki Stocksdale, Jim Huff, Connie Geib, Dave Mackey Row Row Row Row Row 2-Tom Granato, Sandy Force. Jim Able, Karen May, Darryl Dessecker, Carol Amacher, Diane Miller 3-Francis Martin, Sandra English, Bill Wenger, Linda Daley, Don Bell, Charles Herman, Niles Walker 4-Sandy Elliot, Wayne Gray, Terry Stuller, Sandy Metcalf, Dick Tarulli, Jeff Teel, Carol Myers 5-Carolyn Maurer, Nancy Creager, Jim Gee 'NSE-I-z 6-Sandy Bozman, Fred Miller, Bob Tedrick JUNIORS Mr. Zion gives Philip Giniz os sistcmce with his history homework JUNIORS Top Row-Sandy Renner, Beverly Herron, Jean Mercer, Dean Stephan, Beverly Breehl, Janice Russell, Bob Fleming Row 2-Charles Chaney, Sandy Scott. Jerry Clurn, Tom Hobart, Corrine Deardorff, Gaye Korns, Dick Bichsel Row 3-Sue Schladen, Johnalee Mizer, Phil Bargar, Kay Leggett, Jerry Shull, Larry Leatherman, Martha Skinner Row 4-Dan Heter, Edtih Jones, Lois Kirkendall. Eugene Avon, Karen Sanders, May Hoagland, John Halchuck Row 5-Wanda Blacka, Carol Burkhart, Dick Shaffer INSET: Corinne Palmer learns to use the electric typewriter. Row 6-Delores Kutcher, Phillip Gintz, Charlotte Cole nn ll il l l l i 2 j A JUNIORS Top RowhKenny Metzger, Portia Baumer, Richard Lawver, Linda Cline, Dave Snyder, Cliff Young, Arlene Henc5 Row 2-Terry Gribble, Mary Jo Page, Kenny Robb, Roger Qchwartz, Terry Mushrush, Sandra Goettge, Dave Ii.CLx,lllll L11 Row 3-Neva Reynolds, Jim Shear, Judy Green, Bob Pattirson, Kathy Beaber, Sandy Burlison, Jack Wagner Row 4-Barbara France, Steve Seabrook, Jeanne Lawrenze, Carol Thomas, Art, Pugh, Priscilla Spring, Libby Dougherty INSETU Mrs Taylor makes good use of C Row 5-Irene Eckert, Darlene Myers, Carol Bailey map in teaching her Spanish Row 6-Lynne Burrier, Judy Adams. Jim Marsh classes. m x E F , ..11:::' gi.. 'Q N " i "" ' . fs l 2 i Sr, 4 L 4- ' - 3 I in he v i :W -- ,.E. -I L-- .1 g .Ax In I Q bllz E 8 Q 1 "-' g N v flex, YP' f". Ml H Top Row-Tom Kaiser, Linda Korns, Paul Bailey, Anna Alexander, Sandra Border Carol Hahn, Jo Herron Row 2-Sue Mason, Bob Herman, Judy Wortman, Sue Ain Ricker, Fred Roll, Cora Mutti, Tom Hines Row 3-Janet Huff, Mary Lou Amick, Tom Evans. Sally Jo Mathias, Carolyn Cua, Clara Bixler, Don Knisely Row 4-Marla Cotton, Clare Stevenson, Judy Johns, Judy Markham, Nellie Denman, Ward Myers, Carl Polka Row 5-Dan Echelberry, Sharon Ebert, Dixie Smallwood INSET: Tom Kiser and Sandy Scott make Row 6-Elaine Rector, Barith Stempfly, Don Bates gofoi ufe of the new lukebox 'n the c e eric. O H9 JUNIORS Q 960 'X ,ZW 45 ,, is .L e '3 N ix X X sly' Xxx iq X YQ Top Row-Dave Shepherd, Karen Pfeiffer, Joanne Morris, Gary Barnish, Janice Thomas, Clarence Bevan, Kay Helbling Row 2-Mike Olmstead, Kay Witherspoon, Melanie Mears, Fred Ricer, Barbara Doidge, Ruth Harding, Dave Limbaugh Row 3-Sharon Welfley, Ward Bower. Jackie McBee, Niles Urfer, JoAnn Humerickhouse, Dick Major, Joan Cain Row 4-Priscilla Campbell, Dick Edwards, Cynthia Lorenz, John Gano. David Krocker il, VSZWWK John Murphy, Patsy Yosick, Delores Rapport, Lowell Swartz JUNIORS f90r90VV101'e Class Offices? President . . . .. . John Murpl' Vice President .. Lowell Swar Secretory . . . .... Patsy Yoslc Treasurer . . . . . . Delores Rcppo SOPHOMORES Top Row-Lowell Swartz, Bob Horn, John Kilchenman, Floyd Burrier, Margaret Schneider, Ray Row Row Row Row Row Row Burkey, John Kokinski 2-Clyde Richards, Jim Beavers, Walter Davis, Jerry Cargnel, Dewey Daley, Wendell Shaffer, Ralph Walters 3-Larry Fulton, Bob Espenschied, Alan Fisher, Madge Phillips, Torn Yanders, Brian Klann, Kenny Monte 4-Terry Humerickhouse, John Swisshelm, DeAnna Fickes, Nancy Robb, Edward Richardson, 5- Sally West, Bill Meese Joan Kiser, Ray Rector. Bonnie Noble, Wade Maurer, Ted Hawk, Marilyn Maxwell, Nina Morrison 6-John Wright, Charlotte Burns, Allan Archinal, Wanda Menges, Kay Bloom, Nancy Davis 7-Emmet Roth, Joyce Breehl, Bill Crowthers, Eddie Allman, John Kollar, Sheila Mowls, Linda Fiedler '--- 2 19 , ,t , , 4' M0 7 I 5 I ' f 1 .. 4 We C ' . My qw' if QIQQII my , , W' E 2 .N , ,, ,..,..,. . ,Q 4 ' H 4. .,' s . ,:2:2: :-'- 451' Q H. . ,- - I ' 8 " ' ' 5 .. ,,,,' ,Q my 4555 ' -"' ,, ,, , in J see , ,,,,, ,,,, ,,, , , l raaaiaaaai , , J I. ' " ' t , .,:, , , . vi, 2 Nj in f ,, , o ,, ,,, ,, , , In --1:.. ,Ll '::1: In 1--el :.:: ' V - ,,v:-:v Q , ,A M V i:',:- .... tz.: gl... my 1 an K aw ., P I .,.,,.,, uuqq 2 n, Q-, 51. bV,A ::,. in , P rx 1 :"' ziq i Q 'ill --::-,, -,Q 2 ' ' 5 ,.,.,, Vl-1 ,,,, ff 1 P .g ..-::v'A- ly -Q 1 ws Q fra. Z , ...., N J A .L I 'Hg N 'ffl 5'1- -. are ' '1,2- w Q V 5 o -2" A ,. rl... .. iz- WN Y 'Q Q 5 ur' I SOPHOMORES Top Row-Jim Riggs, Ronnie Limbaugh, Mary Jo Sani, Pat Carpenter, Ralph Rapp, Bonnie Patton, Row Row Row Row Row Row ,- 'Pl 1. Donald Breter 2-Tom Warner, Sierra Malterer, Nancy Pittman, Marie Nedrow, David Cox, Nelda Swihart, Monte Freshwater 3-Becky Riggle, Don Warner, Bill Dillon, Patty Mathias, Harry Haver, Judy Swallwood, Paul Spring 4-Patty Jackson, Frank Fuerst, Ellen Nee, Marilyn Moreland, Alfred Tate. Mildred Roop, Danny Edie 5-Karen Maurer, David Huff, Kay Miller, Carol Schide. Chuck Grimm, Sheila Mizer, Maxine Mason 6-Jim Brindel. Sandy Winkler. Tim Richards. Ronald Bevan INSET: Mr. Howey shows Ellen Nee 7-Elaine Tone. Bcb McCoy. Bill Meese. Janet Turner some geometry "tricks," MW Top Row-Tom Taylor, Dave Mattevi, Cindy Graves, Max Waddington, Carol Wherley, Gene Fish, Row Row Judy Vierheller 2-Vicki Graff, Tom Glass, Karen Beans, Judy Govvins, Harry Haver, Glenda Baumer, Jeff Cramel' 3-Mike Bonnell, Betty Shull, Dave Peoples, Jim Hency, Becky Lawrence, Jchn Murphy, Karen Brown Row 4-Don Murphy, Dutch Haupert, Margaret Pugh, Joyce Carroll, Dale Nepsa, Gary Gray, Thelma May Row 5-Terry Geib, Ann Leggett, Fritz Wieland, David Nigro, Susan Vance. Karen Brick, John Swisshelrn Row 6-Kay Hoagland, Joe Rieker, Clara May, Frank Duda INSET: Sue Ricker and Mrs Cowon Row 7-Charles Raymond, Tom Reese, Dan Knisely, hold C' COf1SU'Qfi0n about on Johnny Tucker English problem. -L3 SOPHOMORES 3 r Y P 41" ' 3 45 A . ,,A.. v -mf t 1 3 fi Q 'Q 6 1. 'E' is 4 Top Row-Jackie Frownfelter, Mary Jo Harris, John Cookson, Rick Marshall, Gaye Erickson, f :Q ' 44 Q 'C l . L , ,. "4 . .,:.. , Becky Beitzel, Janet Quimby Row 2-Gary Linard, Leonard Pompey, Dale Grages, Carol Gracik, Nancy Schide, Cheryl Kiser, Tom Wilson Row 3-Ronnie Ash, Denny Morris, Barbara Ballard, Becky Ridenour, Alan Packer, Bonnie Gribble, John Nipple Row 4-Connie Boitnott, Wilda George, Betty Green, Robert Knight, Calvin Mutti, Carol Soulsby, Lynda Lukens Row 5-Ronnie Hanna, Gaye Lile, Joyce Turner, Lawrence Colvin, Beth Mahoney, Bob Haney Karen McMath Row 6-Joyce Davis, Ed Sherman, Pattsy Yosick Eleanor ' INSET: Mr. Ralston shows Beck Nadeau R,d ,Y Row 7-Cynthia Fontana, Judy Harding, Barbara Kirk, ' enour some Short cms 'n Fred McAbier biology. SOPHOMORES 44 N SOPHOMORES Top Row-Kay Kinsey, Ed Fitch, Bob Bean, Sharon Devore, Larry Dessecker, Pattie Miller, Row Row Row Roy Row Row Mary Snyder Dave Burrier, Sandra Corey, Jerry Polka Jim Dindo, Bill Jenkins, Faye Beitzel, John 2- McIntosh 3- Nancy Richards 4- Ray Mutti 5-Mary Ann Benco, Babs Gibbs, Mark McClelland, 6 Nancy Royce, Herbert Torgler -Paul Elliott, Sandy Clum, Betty Simmers, Chuck VanSickle 7-C hrlstie Frantz, Elmer Flaherty, Keith Dessecker, Ronnie Hines Jerry Belknap, Mike Mathews, Leila Knisely, Bob Mackey, Paul Swa1'tz, Karen Gracik, Julie Dickerson, Jim Watson, Peter Provln, Beverly Crawshaw, Patti Lyons, Susan Coutts, Cheryl Beaber, Laverne Moreland, INSET: Physics Lab proves to be o time of laughter ond learning. 'Q .W We Q, 5 Nl X, ,, .. , A, , M 8 ink E In 9, , ..:: .. J ff ,ff rf! W 6 SOPHOMORES ' ' ' H 'wiv' , ffl .,.,, if W W A , b q .., , 1 Q ,P -- ' an , it Phhn , 'J . 'f , ' F' W mf ' ' X XE' 1 " . 'I 'mm-r -, , A I 1 K' -Q 1 1' , ' ' iii" -. - " ' .:..:. ' .:.:.: 1 , . ,.,., -- -- gf ' , I f . f .... ,. X , J!!! , N 331' Y 3. "ti "':"E:. , ' Q 'Y sf 3 . iff. gg 'N Top Row-Karen Jones, Mike Mike Ro,ers, Betty Ager, Eugene Able, Ted Swaldo, Sandra Beamer. Bottom Row-Raymond Dauterman, Leonard Pompey, June Roth, Elizabeth Gibson, Patt Doidge, Sharon Rosenberry, Kenny Shlwvcr. i unior ivision I-ubenf ,ouncii Officers Standing: Elaine Kaserman, Sue Mclntire Seated: Bonnie Voshall, Jim Mercer, Janet Walters OFFICERS President ..... .......... . . . Jim Mercer Vice President . . . . . . Janet Walters Secretary ..........., . . Bonnie Voshall Treasurer ............. . . . Sue Mclntire Assistant Vice President .. ........ Jim Bailey Assistant Secretary ..... .. . Elaine Kaserman Assistant Treasurer .... ...... A lan Fisher ' 4-6 FRESHMEN Top Row-Diedre Miller, Clifford Van Dyke, Mary Ann West, Cindy Wade, John Grim, Virginia Vermillion,, Don Wemple Row 2-Dave Engle-hart, Eileen Franz, Bob Snyder, Kay Eaton, Mike Carpenter, Gisela Hoffelder Jerry Smith Row 3--Linda Hinton, Jerry Smitley, Penny Broadhurst, Billy Fox, Sue Schoelles, Jack Fickes Glenda Barker Row 4-Dean Zurcher, Cheryl Cua, Terry Swegheimer, Jackie Warfield, Michael Watson, Caro' Fisher, Chuck Teter Row 5-Delores Mason, Gilbert Walton, John Rapp, Irene Evans, James Ayers, Ronnie Cappell Larry Green 'NSE-I-: Miss Wilson gives some Row 6-Howard Van Buski1'k, Judy Hoopingarner. Latin advice to Doris Baumer, D011 EdW9'1'dS Dennis Aberth and Jack Fickes. Row 7-Phyllis Fox, Allan Fisher, Mike Stroup . . N .. 5 s W W v,.-:- + 'is ,R an Q wa , Y sg ix .R S , X , ..,.. gm V . ,, as l WW Wx x as 'P w Q NNN , E ax f 1 X X 1 K 'ff is ii.: X ' J if-Iairisiaisi: ,,:.: P' fx-f A x S J X W Q Y E g X Q in N 5 x 2, I 3 X I :".:. M ' sm. " . :sr - if . Q- - .. 5 - M , iffy' Ii" F . ' - .ff ., ,,.., , .X W3 i ' 'fI"'5ErE"! E 'X ,- ' , i i " s n ,. 152- , ii ..,.,- A, .Q K- is - Q -W Q -ax ' V I , ,,,.. , P 416 . ,,,r Lili", ,. i fi, X .. -3 FRESHMEN Top Row-Sam McClelland, Judy Wade, Joe Palmer, Karen Browning, David Avon, Judy Hawkins, Row 2-Sharon McMurray, John Hines, Linda West, Jack Ashbaugh, Cheryl Butts, Barry An- Row 3-Terry Gopp, Emma Petersheim, Vincent Polce, Susan Shook, Ronnie Hudson, Carol Sutton, Row 4-Linda Sherrets, Richard Goodwin, Sandy Stemple, Ronnie Devore, Terry Ceramella, Janet Row 5-Donald Shipley, Jill Richey, David Bell, Myra Creal, Jeff Jackson, Marlene Sherretts, Row 6-Jim Strazisar, Richard Ray, Donald Simrners INSET: Lindq Border and Cqfhe,-ine Row 7-Joe Breehl, Sally Paddock, Richard Penrod 6 . . Nl jf . B ,,, 0 . . , if l Mutfi confer with Mr. Pfister about Algebra I. yn., R .6 ...:, ,. S' Q F W Q , Tk ,,, K ,E His? 'Z wif 'K up ,E Q Q Si? ,,,,,, J .. ' ' F I 3 I'.o I Q v if 5 V. ,,. 2" ,.. 1-15. Q NNN Q 22 :SX if X 1 f S J L, ,,,,, V X N 3 xr 3' I -fax, . . ,::. .:: P .:,. .. . 1, ,:,. ,H I t . ---' 'X , Q ' gi: is ,.... I '- W 'WF i .t .,,. " ' . - J K xii " - - ' - fs .,,, , 1, s ..,. ' ' :si "W5:"' -:v.,: ,Z V " j,,.,.tg5a- gs Q- , llvj-5-35.,5,Q1s:,. 's2f555g:3-::,f-gi.,,EQ ,jg QF -'-- 5 if ' - . .tL.,:gz f' -'11, B Q , I I, , . , .,., , , ,,. .... ' " X' -- M , ' """' ' ., --Q- s ,... . og . s , ' ,Z A: .. W1 ,. 'K 3 tm 1 , ,..,... " J: " - 1 .. . -:' .:.. N ., ,, V Q. X46 . J 5:1 , 2 k .i it 5 QE I ,. " .,.,. E Q A. V: , H Z Z., ., .,,.,,,:,:.,,. ., ,. , , ms. za.. -:, - 3 - ' ' 'I .. , i ii? is 3 , . ..,, .,,.,, , A A:E::, x jj 'i' 'ii " v it is as , . Q '.. .. 33953 SK-1 W tg., Q ' , .2 XM? , 152- 1 K x 'W nw. .8 M em WK 4 Top Row-Dale Hawk, Renee Vance, Harold Edwards, Janet Walters, Catherine Mutti, Jim Mercer, Doris Baumer Row 2-Patty LaFountaine, Ronnie Miller, Nancy Olmstead, Karen Gibson, Charles Mizer, Linda Shull, Jerry Wade Row 3-Dick Schwartz, Cinda Smith, Gene Tygard, Nancy Benco, Mike Day, Karen Sours, Charles Anderson Row 4-Marilyn Duve, Patti Andreas, Don Johnson, Carolyn Day, Emmett Espenschied, Ray- mond Hidey, Linda Stevenson Row 5-George Henley, Marilyn Lawrence, Harold May, John Bigler, Eva Flowers, Fred Devore, Dorothy Lint Row 6-Stanley Thomas, Marie Stokey, David Caldwell 'NSETI Mrs- Bishop Qives Joe Poi' mer some assistance with his Row 7-Jim Ringler, Susan Welling, John Parris , English. 49 FRESHMEN lf au, ll F , K - 33 g:g-. .,,, 1. s.. 'i ,,:l,, " A'., " J ' 'B , .... - rw 'Q Top Row-Cheryl Leggett, Clifford Finton, Marilyn Bellrose, Richard Fincher, Glenda Geib, Bob Row Row Row Row Row Row Bigler, Linda Leatherman 2-Danny Morris, Susan Hilton, Larry Rothicher, Wanda Kerr, Dick Wood, Linda Schupbach, John Morgan 3-Linda Border, Je1'ry Holdsworth, Bonnie Voshall, Eric Swinehart, John Frame, Brenton Cronebaugh, Jill Polka 4-Jerry Beaber, Carol Heller, Dennis Aberth, James Bailey, Doris Amacher, Kelly Price, Patsy Brogne 5-Roberta Boone, Phillip Kinsey, Katie Wilson, Tim Johnston, Patty Withers, Tommy Reich- man, Martha Kaiser 6-Te1'ry Hykes, Terri Lee Hukill, Jerry Polka. INSET: Mr. Pollack Works with 7-Nancy Monte, Richard Hoy, Sue Spring Toby Wcltien ond Gene Evans. FRISHMIN 50 Top Row Row Row Row Row FRESHMEN Row-John Campbell, Joyce Drake, David Christy, Howard Bowers, Fred Millburn, Judy Reymond, Charles Lang 2-Linda Taylor, Adrian Schaar, Ronnie Summers, JoAnn Bean, James Lawless, Carolyn Murphy, Gaye Hupp 3-BurrellAubih1, Margaret Gano, Carol Ed avards, Buddy Blacka, Kathleen Calai, Eugene Bricker, Junior Heisler 4-Judy DeMat-tio, Lana Wires, Alex Imroth, Mary Kay Geltz, Doris Eckelberry, Tim Ledrick, Sue Mclntire 5-Lila Blackson, David Schwartz, Cheryl Raiff, Eddie West, Susan Lang, Sam McCaus1and, Sharon Korns 6-Edwin Minnich, Shirley Rybarczyk ix "Q:-:,,.' ,.g::s::s::..'- ----- -'P ., .Z E .E - , ix , S if, f .':': 5 Q :- S X if . 5- ---- I 5 ,ve Eiga, A Q . 3 , - . ,V ..,. . .. .,,. , if i Eg ,... X , W X x 'N 136 E3 l fx N ,.,,, fa i 5 X Q 1. X' .:f:-Sm .:. E- ' 5 5 ix . X I, .r X 1 2 ll , ,X 3 ' rl Q , .,,Q ' .,,, I v K S L ziz ' ":' :..,- ..,::--, , .- yr , E -- I + "" .. ,,, 'J , :"' - J 'J lar- X , J .. .,,, 4-W .. ..... , A, , .,mq .- . 1 Q " xii i 1 ,, -:: ,s,,,f::. ., , ' vi' X ,y , 'K as is 'WI Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row 2- 559? ZW HOME ROOM 215 Richard McConnell, Clifford Bachtel, James Amick, Jerry Dehl, Jack Bishop, Charles Erwin, Robert Hixson, Terry Pennington. Jack Mathias, Sharon Landes, Helen Huff, Connie Parsons, Sandra Nedrow, Mary McCulloch, Patricia DeMichael, David Shaffer. Patsy Haakinson, Linda Edmundson, Jane Fontana, Jill Duve, Linda Mattevi, Sharon Ecklund, Sandra Knapp, Juanita Elliott. Danny Caldwell, Eric Waltz, Joe Grasselli, John Burtscher, Gary An- derson, Terry Walton, Roger Corpman. HOME ROOM 208 Lloyd Fockler, Lars King, Jack Devore, Benny Lawrence, Charles Tedrick, Eddie Bean. 4-Victor Inherst, Jim Frantz, Wayne Smith, John Morris, Dale Denham, Steven Coutts, Raymond Butts, Don Jaberg. 3-Margaret Hiller, Lois Dawson, Carol Meuklen, Dorothy Burdette, Von- dalene Bear, Katie Angel, Betty Jo Moore, Jacqueline Polen. 2-Jo Ann Burch, Sandra Bair, Mary Ann Stempfly, Linda Palmer, Susan McMasters, Jo Ann Rausch, Melinda Gibbs, Carol Miller. 'I-William Byers, Charles Fisher, John Russell, Diane Zingery, John Hun- ker, Shirley Fish. HOME ROOM 207 4-Darrell Stokey, Donald Bland, Robert Chaney, George Smallwood, John Eichel, Fred Harris, Jim Conner, Bob Stein. 3-Bob Miller, Jim May, Mike Adams, Charles Price, Jack Cargnel, Leroy Cope, Tommy Farbizo, Jerome Mercer, Steve Reese. Mary Harding, Clare Gopp, Diana Lawrence, Charlene Martin. 1-Alice Cochran, Shirley Walker, Karen Sanders, Susan Taylor, Donna Hickenbottom, Carol Ball, Nancy Clum, Barbara Williams. 52 Rebecca Stocksdale, Ramona Blackwell, Beverly Haver, Joanne Creagor, MW? 53 Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row 3 Row 2 Row 'I 5 XM" HOME ROOM 206 4-Gary Shores, Ricky Maurer, Bernard Henley, Chris Rice, Bill Sutton, Steve White, Jim Tilkey, Jerry Horn. 3-Merrie VonSickle, Patty Linard, Darlene Youngen, Diana Sloe, Vi. Le- Masters, Mary Clare Cunningham, Carol Lowmiller, Janet Stokey. 2-Linda Shaffer, Lynn Marsh, Elaine Kaserman, Nancy Scott, Madelyn Henderson, Darla Johnson, Alice Mitchell. 1-Marvin Martin, Arthur Ball, Bill Tufford, Jimmy Mangan, Dick Huff, Martin Klann, Michael Carter, Mike Davis. HOME ROOM 211 4-Bill Harmon, Frank Beitzel, Steve Stephan, Jack Hurst, Gerry Cappel, Richard Meek, Jack Evans, Daniel DeVecka, Bob Corpman. 3-John Smith, Ellen Rich, Jane Sullivan, Mariorie Tolbert, Linda Cory, Nancy Lab, Bill Schwartz. 2-Rebecca Smith, Carol Kinsey, Jackie Lorenz, Gloria Kinsey, Ann Maple, Pattie Belknap, Joanne Beaber, Mary Jo James. 'I-Keith Abel, Billy Ricker, Jean Clendenin, Sue Halter, Sandra Penrod, Connie Anderson, Bill Frohnapfel, Fred Parris. l event? Mem' HOME ROOM 209 Eric Gribble, John Clark Johnson, Thomas Colvin, Jo Ann Debevec, Pamela Crawley, Rickie Frantz, Lowell Burrier, Donna Tilkey. Jean Lewis, Virginia Clymans, Barbara Eichel, Jennifer Jones, Maurine Henninger, Sharon Youngen, Mary Lee Warner, Charold Morris, Sandra Miller. Dana Allen Baker, Charles Sullivan, Richard Fox, Thomas Corwin, Paul Shepherd, John Laurent, Dale Meuhlen, Marsha Ricker, Barbara Walker. 54 feb? ZW af s wa -CM Mg., -Ax Nm 55 CVeV1f'9 XGA? Home Room soc Row 3-Stanley Tate, Larry Roth, CindaRetzler, Mary Ann Patterson, lzena Mor rison, Terry Wade, Dave Walton, Alan Crane. Row 2-Linda McNutt, Judy Renicker, Sheila Ferren, Delores Frenzel, Susan Hardesty, Linda Meese, Carol Richards. Row 'I-Donald Owens, Patty Ohlinger, Joyce Hickenbottom, Ruth Ann Gordon, Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Sally Hency, Barbara Foutz, Gene Frazee. HOME ROOM 305 4-Robert Burnworth, Dave Miller, Dave Fawcett, Paul Knisely, Gene Carter 3-Linda Urfer, Gloria Cookson, Reba Clutz, Janice Kokinski, Ellen Sea- brook, Pam Day, Linda Harding. 2-Sunday Murphy, Janice Rees, Sue Noble, Darlene Carpenter, Cynthia Stemple, Sharon Griffey, Jane Hidey. 1-Emmet Beitzel, John Caldwell, Jeffrey Marshall, George Johnston, Jim Glass, John Wheeler. HOME ROOM 304 4-Ricky Erickson, Joy Ann Day, Davette Rapport, Ralph Lawrence, Char- les Shambarger, Dwight Boor, Thomas Alpeter. 3-Pat Korns, Connie Seibert, Nellie Morrison, Raynola Shaw, Rebecca De- vore, Ronnie Gundy, Jim Mason. 2-Irene Stokey, Judy Swisshelm, Pam Beaber, Jill Stotts, Stella Roach, Donna Zeger, Roberta Taylor. 2-Stephen Eckert, Thomas Parson, Timothy Llewellyn, John Moffitt, Robert Mathias, John Glazer, Jim Ramsey. 56 even fb Mem' Q1 15 R7 event? year HOME ROOM 313 Row 3-Frederick Kaserman, Robert Richards, Barry Ledrick, David Harris, Chris- tine Schwark, Carla Schladen, Robert McCulloch, Daniel Johnston, Jim Tanner, Jim Ross. . Row 2-Susan Bean, Elaine Swinderman, Sandra Widdoes, Connie Dye, Jane Drake, Ruth Ann Fulmer, Cheryl Atkinson, Cheryl Swaldo, Claire Wat- son. Row l-Eddie Zingery, Eugene Evans, Mitchell Cochran, Milton Holcomb, Dan- ny Sweasey, Jim Kimmell, Ronald Swinderman. HOME ROOM 315 Row 3-Gary Metzger, Ray Walker, Junior McRobie, Bob Johns, Gail Clutz, Art Atkins, Toby Walton, Jerry White. Row 2-Robert Patterson, Joyce Day, Sue Goodwin, Judy Bahler, Colleen Mc- Millan, Carol Bigler, Marthasue Kidd, Sonya Bellrose ,Tom Vance. Row 1-Mary Limbaugh, Carol Ballard, Francis Staley, Dennis Minor, Catherine McMurray, Priscilla Sciarini. HOME ROOM 311 Row 3-Dean Newton, Larry Perkins, Ann Galbraith, Donna Winkler, Brenda Smallwood, Glenn Medley, George Breehl, Michael DeTorio, Dale Dindo. Row 2-Lynn Rutledge, Jean Gartrell, Becky Young, Gloria Kail, Patricia Maurer, Linda Doidge, Jackie Taylor, Charlotte Chaney, Doris Welfley. Row l-Larry Krauss, Thomas Mclntosh, Charles Haupert, Charles Alpeter, Gary Fisher, David Ladrach, Barry Jackson, Robert Mizer. 58 even tk Mem' 53 SEVENTH YEAR REQUIRED SUBJECTS English Mathematics Geography Health Physical Education Vocal Music ELECTIVES Band Orchestra Art EIGHTH YEAR REQUIRED SUBJECTS English Mathematics U. S. History Ohio History Physical Education ELECTIVES Vocal Music Band Orchestra Art NINTH YEAR REQUIRED SUBJECTS English Physical Education ELECTIVES General Science Latin I Algebra I General Mathematics Business Training Home Economics I Industrial Arts I Vocal Music Band Orchestra Art ouvses of fgfub TENTH YEAR REQUIRED SUBJECTS English ll World History Physical Education ELECTIVES Public Speaking Latin I or Il Plane Geometry Spanish I Algebra I Biology Business Arithmetic Home Economics I o Band Orchestra Choir Art Ind. Arts Il ELEVENTH YEAR REQUIRED SUBJECTS English III American History Physical Education ELECTIVES Public Speaking Spanish I or ll Latin l or ll Psychology Drivers Course Advanced Algebra Biology Physics Home Economics II Home Economics III Ind. Arts III 60 I' Vocational Machine Shop I Typing I Shorthand I Bookkeeping I Salesmanship Commercial Law Band Choir Orchestra Art TWELFTH YEAR REQUIRED SUBJECTS Civics Health ELECTIVES English 12A English 'I2B Public Speaking Spanish II Latin Il Psychology Drivers Course Chemistry Senior Science Vocational Machine Shop II Ind. Arts IV Home Economics III Typing I Typing ll Shorthand II Bookkeeping II Salesmanship Commercial Law Band Orchestra Choir Art ACTIVITIES A in ' L Ear , , .,.,f,+ W . .-4 '.'f1i"',' "" h V? .- 'P-.. .. ., 4:4--1 Lf. 'M -fag-J' yFffgg.'. ,- -if ,. p :Asif-f' - .??f?vff2+'+ifY 1' ' , , - Lam- .3 1 Qfkl.,-,": 4:?.f,f1i. ,K J.uQ',,ti., '...,?:v.3'5A.::Y.Et?,- .W 5-,", 1 1 -,1,,,g " l: J . ghEi"g,f?l-58.31-31., 1514 h ' '.-I L. . .Y-i:4i:+z5-'F,'.p4'1hff!4w- I- "HF-Pif'3P'7-H'1-a ' . -,4, f 'f 'Wypw 'f.-I '+s,,,,y',-mz,,' 4'51g'4x,,,-g-?,,,j,+g,1 , , if: ,MQ-'y'f,g' If 12,59-re-1,:3..2"f'f+!,'-,g,.'r2'4 LJ: fa' " Y' " . . . .1 '-,- -a - a" a...'a31vf frl'-fgi"1a'V W. -m?f?'5?+?fIE-,,I 1 f-311 4-i fi,",- my-QL'-g61'f'q5,. Pa.:'vf1'g,y.'-Qnim Aq.5aQ,,,'5-. tl A Q' 1-32- ,, .qvf . ':'- I,-'a.gig,g-2 ,ge-f-"Q M ..f,- ,:!.g'a. 1' ga? Y ,Sq ,alnfng 1 - ,, " 'R ,K 4,-,NF : ,fx ,six-fw3,'j331F, 'H , - - . I I ffl- aqfgt Q, 4- gat- - -WA- , ,, -F 5- -'--4-41, V- - . . 1 .1 I.,.5... .-'TN'-'f-'K 'fi . , . - A V " 'am' -7' I vw- -4 TQ. - " ..?Is,!f33v?':5LF"5i5. 1' " ' .5?'f " 1 ' " n -" -- '.' "4-' - " ls? ls, M 'LL ,saw f bf, " -2. , , X--I . 'A . .1:,eff,z:-"' Lis"+il' I --ffm----'A A "fZ'32'W'sg"1fff1: ff ..-4 rp. . - ,- ' ', N v-.' . .f-f- I iIf2g,.fA'1 -I 1143- ,,, A 9?-vafgfvrf. 54 if . '---A-M413 '4.22'ff:'-H.-.i22+ , . 'f '--' f f'-2" , ,f.'i-4, - W4 I.'WfT,.1..:?eL1-Q ww. ,. 1 A . L- L. wh- I, 5,-,:: up-L.. -' "'Q'., ' -H' qg, -2155 '-1,402 'An' - fGvTAf,a?fh12fav- mv kf2itf's1ff'+r+'-mf' 'ffif-w'E:1SLi?iF'g,:.2" Z Qgsf- , Q54 '-' gg: ,. " , s -v-r---v-a..fv.L b - K 25, 13 ,L-' .,. 'e,f..A,'4 ' ""?"'f.f.-?"- '-ww--.-q+73','?E 'ff' Ii g3'fE3j'fS.'gA:ffff-1. A.: f.z.m: ,l M- ..,, w.,,.,-, J N N 1 ,.--1. 41, ,,:L,,,'.:A ," ' "gas:-g'. ""'21"fT'11'g,j:-5,-Q--. 1 .. "ZW:- '1 " . M ' 'T' JT"'F. "" ' 1 '. ', -'wx-..f1. ' - W --Wg 2..,.,f1.wu N .- gig, "y.k, J:,1,, iv' ' ' , ,. I--......,, -1""h'7?f""-1-Q ws- 'zm ,- " ' ., -,yy 1? - ,.r-,H ..:.-Z, ' . - ..-.Q . Hr --V I-,A 71,-V f 3-,. M,-' ' hryfffa - , 'E'--'ffifxjvf A Qgwgigvk 12352--, ',., .' 1155, .V A WSJ, :W 1 ,Q H" 'Qty-QR! "" ' :' :135f3f' I -H :gm I' I f,,l.'Q'sQ,:,gN , ,- ..,u. I I-. 4 t M.. ng,,,"3.'-"fr--fu.,4.s.. Q -ji.- ,AV-Nz. v.Lh1lg1i,d.?g rl.. .If-Q-E VA' ' f' "I-if-'CZ 'fvvfzriw-353-.. , 'Q s , " ' '7',,.- 1 ' ,, X ' -"?5?r'L"5- . . ,f ' , " -' , n . X35 - .hifi ll., :Y i": ,1-l-v,:.5.- , -' -' - Q 'ff VII. Xt QYEJI4. K N'ar53x'+I.lfISf',fi KI". I F'-'fmfgl--f i.:L,-...A-1.4 4 "W" ' rr Off ' A, '.:f::'Q1' gtglffyl' I L17-K , A - --,h -.-.Nw , . ,g ,1 H., ,--1,.5qf,,. xv - Ag' ,ig , -NW: - . . . .a-. ,x r, 1 - 'ifhjn WVQT3' 74.1-,L ,.9.r.,.r, ,V Q :ggi ,yawn . . ,.,w.4b- 5. .N fx, 'yr . - . V 'vp , , Y I L - ,- gt:-57,47 -5 -' . V- ,ff . 43 ,, X ' igihigs I '-'Qi1f593f!W 4,5 4-f'f-3?-7.5- " ' -4.3-,fw iff" ' ILP". - 'F' Q Vfiigz un 5 -g ,ms g-.gfk-. .F .Je,7y,.',f if ga ' . . x '-'- ' ,J-5, 3' fe 1"-P if 'i'53big!' " - ' ' -it-kt 7.1: , tg ,mv I 1.4 14, , 3, .4 .E-S' J 157 .3 v. 'I 'I 5 ' EQ' I '- .Mew .,, . Q.. f of-. ... . -. 8- A-,,,-13, -I - , .. ,, . . ,ey 8,362.31-Q an , Q4 , 1. ...-FL H -,,m,4"g. Av. - j- . : -X" ' -"ff --L,-I.4-1fgry,2'i,g'5"3,'jj, w141v9',sff.4'I?,"rgfwXI ' . " I ' .gl -., --.,,,..:g1 iv, an 4, 3- - ' . 1.11:--' T ,z-,. ,..:.,- -uf , ,f h ., in,w.xx.v, 1.4 .. -I -.f A .3 , ,, - 'P'-i'43af8L'i' A 'uf5T,:'t!r.,?2Q:n:L: ' . . Row Row Row Row 4-Kenny Metzger, Jerry Redman, Leland Erwin, Bill Wade, Lowell Swartz, Mr. Williams, Charles Destefani, Dennis Magley, Jim Lukens, David Snyder, Joe Frenzel 3-Bill Meese, Dick Bichsel, Ronnie Collins, John Murphy, Ted Swaldo, Philip Gintz, Paul Swartz, Tom Wilson 2-Joanne Humerickhouse, Joyce Wade, Janet Turner, Kay Leggett, Judy Green, Karen Gracik, Becky Riggle, Joyce Turner, Joyce Carroll, Sandy Bozman 1-Nancy Bender, Katie Jenkins, Jane Phillips, Judi Alexander, Doris Neff, Becky Tucker, Elizabeth Gibson President . . . Vice-President Secretary . . Treasurer .. Adviser , . Joe Frenzel, Bob Fleming, DeAnna Polka, Fred Roll, Mr. Williams Officers . . Joe Frenzel .. Bob Fleming . . DeAnna Polka ... Fred Roll ... Mr. Williams 6 ouhci eniov Cvision fubent' ouvaci The student body is governed by the student council. This council consists of a boy and a girl representative from each home room along with the four officers and Mr. Williams, the adviser. The council meets every Monday during the fourth period to discuss and solve the problems which confront it. In this way rules of parliamentary procedure and government are learned by the students participating. Besides heading such activities as nomination and election of officers, the council has organized a group to boost school spirit which has proved to be very successful. Social events were also sponsored. These included the annual Christmas Ball and the Homecoming Dance which were held in the Elks Ballroom. At the end of the year a dinner was given for all members of the council to celebrate a year well spent. ln New Philly High's very successful "Beat Dover" Parade, the student council entered this outstanding float which captured third place. incidentally, the slogan proved itself to be quite accurate. 63 uuiov Ivision fubent ounci Row Row Row Row 4-Ronnie Simmers, Alan Crane, Jim Mercer, Jerry Cappel, David Christy, Miss Milar, John Morris, Alan Fisher, Tom Reichman, Jim Bailey, John Wheeler. 3-Renee Vance, Pat Korns, Patsy Brogne, Karen Gibson, Sharon Landis, Mary Clare Cunningham, Melinda Gibbs, Carol Heller, Wanda Kerr, Bonnie Voshall, Ellen Rich. 2-Sue Mclntire, Sue Schoelles, Nancy Clmstead, Cinda Smith, Susan Taylor, 1 Cindy Murphy, Judy Bahler, Jean Gartrell, Cheryl Leggett, Janet Walters, Jo Ann Debevec, Pamela Crawley. -Robert Mathias, John Burtscher, Barry Jackson, Elaine Kaserman, Lynn Marsh, Barbara Stratton, Sally Hency, Cheryl Swaldo. eabers Q I ul, Row 4-Larry Perkins, Bob Chaney, Jerry Deal, Ronnie Miller, Jim Ross, Bob Stein, Rick Maurer, Mike Davis, John Parris. Row 3-Steve Reese, Jimmy Edie, Chuck Haupert, Margaret Hiller, Marilyn Nadeau, Janet Walters, Sandy Bair, Marthasue Kidd, Connie Seibert. Row 2-Darlene Carpenter, Ethelyn Eichel, Jean Kay Lewis, Patsy Haakinson, Patty Belknap, Janice Rees, Nancy Benco, Glenda Barker, Janet Stokey. Row 1-John Russell, Susan Lang, Virginia Vermillion, Charlene Martin, Sue Mc- Masters, Kathy McMurray, Jennifer Jones, John Frame, George Johnston. 64 un Cor ivision 1-ubeuf ounci OFFICERS President ...... .... J im Mercer Vice President . . . . Janet Walters Secretary ...... . . . . Bonnie Voshall Treasurer ............ .. Sue Mclntiro Assistant Vice President . . . . . . . Jim Bailey Assistant Secretary .... . . Elaine Kaserman Assistant Treasurer . . ..... Alan Fisher The Student Council was first organized in the iunior high school in T930 as an experiment in student participation in the affairs of the school. It has been an active organization ever since. It is now responsible for the entire co-cur- ricular program of the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades. lt is a member of both the Ohio and National Associations of Student Councils. The council is an organization of students, elected by students to serve as their representatives in matters of concern to the entire school. It represents everyone and speaks for everyone. lt is the one organization offering membership and participation to all students, not iust a select few. lt gives boys and girls an opportunity to learn democracy by practicing it, to do the things now, while in school, which a good citizen will do later. It provides training IN citizenship rather than training FOR citizenship. The council is not an administrative body. lt is not a disciplinary body. lt is student participation. The council works through a number of standing com- mittees, which, this year, include assembly, athletic, civic, display case, home- room program, noon-hour games, safety, hall guard, sales tax, school savings, scholarship and tabulating, and recording activity points earned by pupils at the end of each semester. Some of the outstanding council proiects this year were: a highly successful magazine drive, cooperating with the Senior Council in the selection of a 'football queen and attendants, acting as hosts for Open House, adoption of the pin of the National Association of Student Counclis as the official pin for the New Philadelphia Student Council, putting into effect the Teen-Age Code, adopted last year, a sales tax record hop for the seventh, eighth, and ninth years, assist- ing in several drives such as the Community Fund, March of Dimes and Red Cross, a Washington's Birthday tea for the high school faculty, a new hand- book, and a council banquet. LEADERS CLUB The Leaders Club is an organization of the vice-presidents from all the iunior division homerooms. Janet Walters, the vice-president of the Junior Division Student Council heads the group and Mr. Keppler is the adviser. The main iob of the club is to prepare homeroom programs. They also discuss suggestions for the improvement of the school submitted by the students. 65 '5?f5Z3e'rPr" 'Aff ADELAIDE FISHER JOE EDWARDS Editor-in-chief Circulation Manager PAT SNYDER JIM RENNER Activities Editor Sports Editor CHRISTINE GIBSON GARY RICH Assistant Assistant Editor-in-chief Circulation Manager JOYCE WADE WARD BOWER Assistant Assistant Literary Editor Sports Editor JOE CUNNINGHAM JANE PHILLIPS Business Manager Lite1'a1'Y Editor JUDY SMITH JUDY PARRIS Art Editor Typist JO ANN D'CK TARULL' HUMERICKHOUSE ASSiSiaHf Assistant Business Manager Activities Edimr SHARON WELFLEY MARK STURM Assistant Photographer Art Editor 66 W9e'r9W 'Aff SOPHOMORE APPRENTICES Row 2-John Murphy, Babs Gibbs, Elizabeth Gibson, Francis Nussbaum Row 1-Paul Swartz, Kay Kinsey, Joe Rieker, Bob Espenschied Another year gone by, another Delphian full of interesting and happy mem- ories completed. The Delphian is the product of a year of hard work and study by the Delphian staff. This group of students works together as a team to bring you a book that lives up to all expectations. Each senior on the staff is an editor or a manager of a department and each one has a iunior for an assistant editor. The iuniors will in turn become editors next year when they are seniors. The sophomore apprentices are chosen at the beginning of the second semester. Their main iobs are counting tax stamps and assisting the other staff members when they need help. All these students are chosen on the basis of their ability, scholastic qualifi- cations and willingness to accept responsibility. 67 We en 1-va dlfzws Row 2-Becky Riggle, Mary Ann Benco, Sandy Scott, Nancy Bender, Miss Shumaker, Dan Knisely, Danny Edie, Madge Phillips, Alan Packer Row 1-Mary Jo Page, Katie Jenkins, Ellen Hurst, John Cramer, DeAnna Polka, Doris Neff, Joe Frenzel, Ila Makee, Jeff Teel CENTRAL NEWS STAFF EDITORS-IN-CHIEF .... John Cramer, Doris Neff, DeAnna Polka FEATURE EDITOR lla AnnMakee CLUB EDITOR ..... .... E llen Hurst SPORTS EDITOR . . . . . . Joe Frenzel ART EDITOR . . . ........................... Jeff Teel ARTIST ...... ............................. D an Edie REPORTERS I........ Nancy Bender, Dan Knisely, Alan Packer, Madge Phillips, Mary Benco, Rebecca Riggle CUBS . . . . . Patty LaFountaine, Janet Walters, Joe Palmer, John Parris, Jim Mercer, Cinda Smith, Jim Bailey, Renee Vance BUSINESS MANAGER ...... ,....... K athleen Jenkins CIRCULATION MANAGER .................. Mary Jo Page ASSISTANT ................................ Sandi Scott TYPISTS .......... Ruth Ann Cory, Judy Westbrook, Iva Fisher, Susan Angel, Karen Steinbaugh PRODUCTION MANAGER ...................... Judy Parris ADVISER ............... Miss Pauline Shumaker 68 be en fra Cjlfzws The Central News Staff is made up of a group of competent students who report the latest happenings at N. P. H. S. This news is printed in THE CENTRAL NEWS, our high school paper which is published tri-weekly. The staff also prepares the weekly QUAKER HIGHLIGHTS column for THE DAILY TIMES. The Central News Staff holds an annual Christmas Party and ioins with the Delphian Staff for a picnic in the spring. The CENTRAL NEWS is a member of the Columbia Scholastic Press Association and has won many awards in annual competition with other high school news- papers. CENTRAL NEWS TYPISTS Standing-Susan Angel, Karen Steinbaugh, Mrs. Hodder, Judy Westbrook, Ruth Ann Cory Seatted-Iva Fisher, Judy Parris These girls play an important role in the production of THE CENTRAL NEWS. They type up the rough draft copies handed in by the reporters for THE CENTRAL NEWS. Then the girls cut stencils and mimeograph them. All this is then given to the Central News Staff to be assembled and distributed for sale to the student body. 69 ohm' Row 3 -Karen Cronebach, Mary Jo Sani,Susan Coutts, Priscilla Campbell, Suzy Sloe, Alice Draher, Mr. Williams, Adelaide Fisher, Corrine Palmer, Gaye Erickson, Margaret Schneider. Row 2-Nannette Nussbaum, Elaine Wright, Karen Stemple, Sharon Welfley, Cynthia Row 1 Lorenz, Ila Ann Makee, Madge Phillips, Judy Westbrook, Jane Phillips, Ellen Hurst. Judi Alexander. -Carolyn Bailey, Virginia Sloe, Joyce Turner, Vicki Graff, Elizabeth Gibson, Dixie Smallwood. Katie Jenkins. Judy Smtih, DeAnna Polka, Doris Neff. Row 3-Bill Ladrach, Joe Frenzel, Jeff Teel, Dennis Magley, Ralph Rapp, Dan Knisely, John Cramer, Bill Jones, Joe Cunningham, John Gano. Row 2-Becky Riggle, Joanne Humerickhouse, Joyce Wade, Kay Kinsey, Arlene Hency, Karen Brick, Becky Beitzel, Cynthia Graves, Mary Ann Benco. Row 1-Tom Wilson, Joe Rieker, Alan Packer, John Murphy, Ted Swaldo, Bob Espens- chied, Jim Brindel, Paul Swartz, Kay Bloom. 70 ohm' The Honor Club is a goal toward which a student may work. To be eligible for membership in this club, a person must have two A's and two B's, three A's and two B's or better. Because of these high standards, the challenge of main- taining a high scholastic record is created. If a student is on the honor roll five or six semesters, he becomes a life member which is a great honor. An active member is one who has been on the honor roll three or four semesters. Any student having good grades one or two semes- ters is an associate member. At the end of the year during an honor assembly, life members are awarded gold pins furnished by the Board of Education. The College Club again entertained the members of the Honor Club at a pro- gram to recognize good scholarship. SOPHOMORES Becky Beitzel Mary Ann Benco Kay Bloom Karen Brick Jim Brindel Joyce Carroll Susan Coutts Dan Edie Gaye Erickson Bob Espenschied Elizabeth Gibson Cynthia Graves Kay Kinsey Cheryl Kiser Dan Knisely lla Makee Sue Miller Kenny Monte Laverne Moreland John Murphy Francis Nussbaum Alan Packer Madge Phillips Ralph Rapp OFFICERS President .... ......... ..... B i ll Jones Vice President . . . . . . Adelaide Fisher Secretary .... ........ J ane Phillips Treasurer .. JoAnn Humerickhouse HONOR ROLL Joe Rieker Becky Riggle Mary Jo Sani Margaret Schneider Ted Swaldo Paul Swartz Joyce Turner Carol Wherley Tom Wilson Patsy Yosick JUNIORS Judy Adams Carolyn Bailey Priscilla Campbell John Gano Christine Gibson Vicki Graff JoAnn Humerickhouse Cynthia Lorenz Virginia Sloe Dixie Smallwood Karen Stemple Jeff Teel Joyce Wade Sharon Weltley 71 SENIORS Judi Alexander John Cramer Karen Cronebach Joe Cunningham Alice Draher Joe Frenzel Adelaide Fisher Ellen Hurst Katie Jenkins Bill Jones Bill Ladrach Dennis Magley Doris Neff Nannette Nussbaum Corinne Palmer Jane Phillips DeAnna Polka Suzy Sloe Judy Smith Pat Snyder Judy Westbrook Elaine Wright oun ' usiness eabevs Row Row Row Row Row Row 6-Bob Becker, Donald Arnick, Mrs. Williams, Bob King, Linda Cline. 5-Brenda Granato, Judy Johns, Karen Sanders, Shirley Tedrick, Judy Ball, Bonnie Espenschled, Grace Hicks, Janice Thomas, Barbara France, Jeanne Lawrence, Linda Sarchet. 4-Karen Stemple, Janet Huff, Carolyn Walton, Marla. Cotton, Kay Leggetlt, Sally Jo Mathias, Darlene Myers, Johnalee Mlzer, Carol McConnell. 3-Betty Lou Amacher, Sandra Bird, Susan Cheslock, Connie Sizemore, Doris Neff, Becky Tucker, Judy Parris, Connie Smith, Carol Burkhart, Joan Cain, Cora Mutti, Sandra English. 2-Jean Drake, Carol Stansbery, Sandy Haskett, Susan Feeley, Dina Breehl, Dixie Smallwood, Mary Lou Amick, Carolyn Maurer, Connie Geib, Wanda Blacka, Karen Peiffer. 1-Mary Lovell, Eleanor Pittman, Libby Shannon, Susan Mitchell, Barlth Stemp- fly, Sharon Carrothers, Clara Bixler, Corinne Deardorff, Linda Korns, May Hoagland. The purpose of the Young Business Leaders Club is to develop an interest in secretarial and office work among high school students. This is done by means of talks and demonstrations by guest speakers who are in the business world. The only requirement for membership is that a student must carry at least two commercial subjects and have some interest in the field of business. A dinner was given at the end of the year to honor the senior members of the club. 72 fgramisk Row Row Row Row Row Row 6-Mrs. Taylor, John Halchuck, Don Knisley, Charles McMurray, Bob Bean, Bob Stroup, Tom Wilson, Dave Shepherd, Chuck Grimm. 5-Jack Phillips, Ronnie Hanna, Dave Cox, Libby Dougherty, Donna Shull, Faye 4 Beitzel, Gaye Erickson, Marilyn Maxwell, Dave Snyder, Mark McClelland. -Beth Downey, Marilyn Moreland, Mary Jo Page, Sandy Scott, Nancy Robb, Margaret Schneider, Becky Lawrence, Eleanor Nadeau, Eddie Allman, Kenny Shawver, Jerry Cargnel, Paul Burger. 3-Connie Boitnott, Neva Reynolds, Myrna Riddle, Margaret Pugh, Jo Herron, Patty Lyons, Melanie Mears, Delores Kutcher, Mary Jo Sani, Pattie Miller, June Roth, Joyce Turner, Joyce Davis, Gaye Lile, Linda Fiedler. 2-Barbara Doidge, Dina Breehl, Dixie Smallwood, Ila Ann Makee, Marta Farbizo, Barbara Tolbert, Marilyn Fisher, Sally Pugh, Patty Swinderman, Sheila Muze- chuk, Carol Gracik. 1-Betty Green, Patty Cargnel, Carol Soulsby, Judy Markham, Linda Lukens, Sue Schladen, Nancy Bender, Nancy Pittman, Janet Turner, Christine Gibson. OFFICERS President ..... ,........ ..... J a ck Phillips Vice President . . . . Patty Swinderman Secretary ..... .... M arilyn Fisher Treasurer . . . ...... Jo Herron Adviser , . . . Mrs. Taylor The Spanish Club was organized to promote interest in Spanish customs, language and life. International friendships are formed through this club. Many members have pen pals in the Spanish-speaking countries. Guest speakers this year included a young man who informed the club about life in his native Spain. Another speaker had once lived in Puerto Rico. Mrs. Taylor, the club's adviser, told the students about her trip to Mexico. At Christmas time, members were entertained at a pizza party with a Spanish motif. All students in Mrs. Taylor's Spanish classes are welcome to join the Spanish Club. 73 'Ike Z- Tw.. The Y-Teens is a student organization affiliated with the Y. W. C. A. The pur- pose of the club is to join the members together in Christian ideals. Many group activities were undertaken by the Y-Teens this year. At the be- ginning of school, a candlelight induction service was held for all new members. A dinner was held in the school cafeteria so that old and new members could get acquainted. During the Christmas season, the girls presented a beautiful pageant which is an annual affair. At the end of the year a Senior Farewell was given for the girls who were graduating. This club invites all girls in the senior, junior and sophomore classes to ioin. The officers of the club and their adviser, Mrs. Carroll, compose the Y-Teens Cabinet. This group meets to discuss and plan the year's activities. QQ 74 - eens Clalfinei- President ...... . . Adelaide Fisher Vice President .... Katie Jenkins Secretary ..... . Marilyn Herman Treasurer . , Pot SI1YClei' Pianist ......... . . Helen Stehmcm Cabinet Members Sandy Scott, DeAnna Polka Adviser Mrs. Carroll Row 2-Mrs. Carroll, Sandy Scott, Helen Stehman, DeAnna Polka. Row 1-Marilyn Herman, Pat Snyder, Adelaide Fisher, Katie Jenkins. OPPOSITE, TOP Z Row 6-June Roth, Linda Cline, Barbara France, Sandi Force, Judi Alexander, Karen Maurer, Julie Dickerson, Joyce Turner, Mary Ann Benco, Gaye Erickson, Beverly Crawshaw. Row 5-Elaine Tcpe, Nelda Swihart, Sandra Border, Jane Phillips, Joan Cain. Ila Ann Makee, Frances Martin, Carol Burkhart, Jackie Frownfeliter, Gaye Lynn Lile, Sandy Beamer. Row 4-Carol Wherley, Carol Thomas, Cynthia Lorenz, Myrna Riddle, Neva Reynolds, Karen Stemple, Sandy Winkler, Karen Gracik, Libby Dougherty, Linda Daley, Sandy Scott. Row 3-Susan Coutts, Bonnie Noble, Becky Ridenour, Janet Quimby, Darlene Myers, Karen Pfeiffer, Sally Mathias, Ruth Harding, Carol Amacher, Mary Jo Harris, Cheryl Kiser, Karen Brick, Cora Mutti, Sandra English. Row 2-Doris Neff, Melanie Mears, Susie Hudson, Kay Leggett, Cheryl Beaber, Barith Stempfly, Pattie Miller, Karen Beans, Patsy Yosick, Delores Rapport, Patty Doidge, Connie Geib, Carolyn Maurer. Row 1-Carol Schide, Elizabeth Gibson, Ellen Hurst, Corinne Palmer, Judy Markham, Corrine Deardorff, Barbara Lampe, Wanda Blacka, Karen May, Christine Gibson, Gay Korns. OPPOSITE, BOTTOM: Row 5-Nannette Nussbaum, Jane Shaffer, Ann Peterman, Marilyn Moreland, Mrs. Carroll, Marta Farbizo, Judy Thomas, Virginia Sloe, Sally Spring, Marilyn Her- man, Charlotte Cole, Sandy Bozman, Joyce Davis, Linda Fiedler. Row 4-Judy Smith, Nancy Young, Kathy Hummell, Connie Kinsey, Sally Pugh, Jean Drake, Sandra Gcettge, Janet Sours, Jayne Fahr, Johnalee Mizer, Janet Turner. Row 3-Sandy Clum, Carol Tilkey, Russelyn Briggs, Barbara Tolbert, Carol McCon- nell, Barbara Smith, Alice Draher, Katie Jenkins, Suzy Sloe, Madge Phillips. Row 2-Libby Shannon, Sandra Corey, Bonnie Patton, Darlene Harrison, Patty Swin- derman, Sandra Leggett, Carol Stansbery, Eleanor Montgomery, Judy Harris, Patty Rogers, Becky Tucker, Brenda Granato, Barbara Doidge. Row 1-Deanna Zadra, Carol Soulsby, Marie Nedrow, Diane Mathews, Pat Snyder, Barbara Swinderman, Linda Schwartz, Sue Schladen, Nancy Bender, Susan Mitchell, Vicki Graff. 75 President . . . Vice President Secretory . . . Treasurer . . . Adviser . . . OFFICERS 76 ... Ellen Hurst Judi Alexander . . . Susan Angel Dennis Mclgley . . . Miss Reiser 4 ufuve eackevs O vhevic. ut-uve eacbevs of I 74W461'KCO OPPOSITE, TOP: Row 6-Miss Reiser, Charles Destefani, Jim Eichel, Virg Betche, Don Amick, Merle Clum. Row 5-Sandy Scott, Cora Mutti, Karen Sanders, Judy Johns, Carol Burkhart, Frances Martin, Sandra Border, Sandy Bozman, Betty Moreland, Kathy Beaber. Row 4-Mary Jo Page, Myrna Riddle, Cynthia Lorenz, Sandra Goettge, Barbara Virtue, Mary Lee Wherley, Vicki Stocksdale, Jeanne Lawrence, Sharon Ebert, Joyce Wade, Kay Helbling. Row 3-Linda Daley, Libby Dougherty, Doris Neff, Ila Ann Makee, Jo Ann Humerick- house, Darlene Myers, Karen Pfeiffer, Carolyn Bailey, Sharon Welfley, Betty Lou Amacher, Judy Smith. Row 2-Patty Rogers, Becky Tucker, Judy Harris, Barbara Tolbert, Carol Stansbery, Janice Russell, Judy Green, Marilyn Fisher, Charlotte Cole, Melanie Mears. Jo Herron. Row 1-Corinne Palmer, Ellen Hurst, Judy Markham, Kay Leggett, Sue Schladen, Nancy Bender, Corinne Deardorff, Sally Jo Mathias. OPPOSITE, BOTTOM: Row 5-Dennis Magley, Howard Schide, Bob King, Jeff Edie, Joe Frenzel, Richard Wasielewski, Gary Rich, Don Knisely, Dave Snyder, Dave Shepherd. Row 4-Annette Pozzi, Suzy Sloe, Karen Steinbaugh, Connie Wassem, Judy Thomas, Dina Breehl, Dixie Smallwood, Mary Lou Amick, Priscilla Campbell, Virginia Sloe, Brenda Granato, Barbara Doidge. Row 3-Carol Tilkey, Nikki Britt, Eleanor Montgomery, Judi Alexander, Jane Phillips, Nannette Nussbaum, Susan Cheslock, Sandy Bird, Betty Jo Williams, Judy Welz, Barbara Wemple, Anne Belknap. Row 2-Susan Angel, Barb Smith, Russelyn Briggs, Ruth Ann Cory, Sally Caldwell Marta Farbizo, Sally Pugh, Patty Swinderman, Nancy Stemple, Helen Stehman Deanna Kramer. Row 1-Sandy Haskett, Diane Mathews, Susan Feeley, Peggy Smith, Linda Schwartz, Barb Swinderman, Pat Snyder, Connie Kinsey, Sallie Winspear, Susan Mitchell Students of N. P. H. S., do you want to make teaching your career? If you are undecided, join the Future Teachers of America. This club is devoted to giving its members a taste of teaching. They have the opportunity to substitute for high school teachers when they are absent from classes. This is good experi- ence to show the members what a teacher tolerates and what they must produce. All seniors picked a grade school and class that they wished to visit. During this visit, the high school students were given the chance to observe classroom techniques. The time spent observing was time well spent. Speakers from all fields of education spoke to the club. Among these guests was Mr. Force, our superintendent. Also speaking was an N. P. H. S. graduate who is now studying to be an elementary teacher. Future Teachers of America must maintain a "C" average throughout the year. The organization was very active socially, too. lt entered a fine float in the "Beat Dover" parade. A pizza party was held in the cafeteria and a farewell dinner for the seniors was enjoyed in the spring. 77 ufuve uvses ssociafiow Row 6-Miss Moffitt, Russelyn Briggs, Kat-hy Hummell, Nancy Stemple, Barbara Tol- bert, Judy Thomas, Connie Wassem, Jayne Fahr, Janet Sours. Row 5-Barbara France, Barbara Walker, Sharon Welfley, Alice Draher, Susie Sloee, Sandra Goettge, Mary Lee Wherley, Barbara Virtue, Darlene Myers, Sally Spring, Marilyn Herman, JoAnn Humerickhouse, Linda Erickson, Darlene Harrison, Barbara Wemple. Row 4-Karen May, Carol McConnell, Patty Swinderman, Nannette Nussbaum, Emma Simmers, Arlene Hency, Carol Thomas, Priscilla Campbell, Libby Dougherty, Carolyn Bailey, Edith Jones, Nancy Creager. Row 3-Eleanor Montgomery, Sherry Frew, Susie Hudson, Mary Lou Amick, Mary Ann Rhodes, Nellie Wood, Eleanor Pittman, Corrinne Deardorff, Carolyn Cua, Ade- lalde Fisher, Nellie Denman. Row 2-Dina Breehl, Dixie Smallwood, Nancy Young, Margie Buckohr, Judy Green, Ruth Harding, Honey Wetzel, Katie Jenkins, Anita Ray, Marta Farblzo, Sallie Winspear. Row 1-Joanne Morris, Betty Lou Amacher Pat Snyder, Ida Colletti, Karen Stein- baugh, Opal Alexander, Virginia Paisley, Helen Stehman, Barbara Lampe, Sheila Muzechuk, Deanna Kramer. 78 ufuve uvses ssociat-ion OFFICERS President .. . . . Virginia Paisley Vice President . . . . . . Helen Stehman Secretary ........ . . Opal Alexander Assistant Secretary . . . . Barbara Wemple Treasurer .......... . . Karen Steinbaugh Assistant Treasurer . . . ..... Ida Colletti Adviser ......... .. Miss Moffitt Although the Future Nurses Club is not very old, it has proved to be a huge success. Its aim is to encourage and enlighten students about the fundamentals and requirements for nursing. The club helps many girls decide whether or not they would like to go into nursing as a career either as a professional or a practical nurse. Each period of the day a senior F. N. A. member is in attendance in the dis- pensary. She is there to help all students who are ill, and administer minor first-aid. There is a iunior member stationed in senior division. This year a committee was appointed to redecorate the dispensary. The results were very attractive. Several student nurses and a registered nurse spoke at the meetings. Field trips were undertaken to hospitals in Akron and Cleveland. Membership in the Future Nurses Club is offered to all junior and senior girls. A Senior Salute in the form of a picnic was held at the end of the year. 79 iv s tklefic ssociat-Ion Any sophomore, iunior or senior girl interested in sports may join this club. The G.A.A. tries to develop good sportsmanship and fair play in all phases of life. The girls participate in various sports to collect points. There are quotas to be reached and those who have the highest number of points receive an award at the end ofthe year. This year, the members have had several swimming parties. Bowling has been a very popular activity with the girls during the year. A bowling league was formed and games were played at a local bowling alley. The results have been very favorable. Pizza parties were also enioyed by all the club. At the end of the year a dinner was given for the seniors. 80 girls cj'44?iet-Cc ssociafion OPPOSITE, TOP: Row 5--Nancy Pittman, Arlene Hency, Cynthia Graves, Karen Brown, Judy Thomas, Joyce Breehl, Nancy Royce, Patty Rogers, Nancy Stemple, Sally Caldwell, Carol Stansbery. Row 4--Bonnie Patton, Becky Lawrence, Vicki Stocksdale, Jane Shaffer, Freda Alex- ander, Carol Wherley, Karen Beans, June Roth, Christine Frantz. Row 3-Betty Shull, Donna Shull, Sharon Welfley, Susie Hudson, Charlotte Cole. Brenda Granato, Cheryl Kiser, Susan Coutts, Babrara France, Bonnie Noble. Row 2-Mary Ann Feightling, Betty Simmers, Elaine Wright, Patti Swinderman, Jayne Fahr, Carolyn Cua, Kay Bowers, Sandy Winkler, Joyce Davis, Virginia Paisley. Julie Dickerson, Patsy Yosick, Sandy Clum. Row 1-Lynda Lukens, Diane Mathews, Sharon Devore, Barbara Ballard, Patty Jack- son, Connie Kinsey, Ida Colletti, Ann Leggett. Vicki Graff, Delores Rapport. OPPOSITE: BOTTOM: Row 5-Sandy Beamer, Kay I-Ielbling, Sandy Korns, Sandy Force, Susan Cheslock, Beverly Crawshaw, Johnalee Mizer, Judy Johns, Karen Sanders, Sandy Corey, Ann Peterman, Russelyn Briggs, Sherry Frew, Carol Tilkey, Carol Burkhart, Kay Kinsey, Francis Martin, Carol McConnell, Joan Cain, Kathy Hummell, Sandy Bozman. Row 4-Marie Nedrow, Sharon Ebert, Dina Breehl. Dixie Smallwood, Judy Smallwood. Mary Lou Amick, Gaye Lile, Mary Jo Sani, Janet Quimby, Jackie Frownfelter, Maxine Mason, Linda Fiedler, Marilyn Fisher, Darlene Myers, Barbara Smith, Sue Ricker. Row 3-Cheryl Beaber, Charlene Edwards, Judy Westbrook, Karen Gracik, Carol Gracik, Pat Mathias, Becky Ridneour, Eleanor Pittman, Karen McMath, Barith Stem- pfly. Judy Harris. Row 2-Carol Royer, Carol Amacher, Virginia Sloe, Barbara Doidge, Elaine Rector, Jeanne Lawrence, Honey Wetzel, Eleanor Nadeau, Karen Maurer, Joyce Car- roll, Karen Peiffer, Susan Feeley. Row 1-Karen Brick, Susan Mitchell, Judy Parris, Sally West, Libby Shannon, Darlene Hidey, Mary Lovell, Marge Buckohr, Carolyn Penrod, Ellen Nee, Linda Sch- wartz, Patti Doidge, OFFICERS President . ,. Judy Westbrook Vice President ..... Judy Parris Secretary . . , .... Ida Colletti Treasurer .. . Susan Mitchell Adviser . . 81 . . Mrs. Harmon Ike cj4ubifovKuM4 lflsbevs Row 3-Joyce Davis, Jo Herron, Judy Green, Sherry Frew, Karen Gracik. Row 2-Kay Leggett, Babs Gibbs, Patsy Yosick, Ellen Nee. Row 1-Nikki Britt, Barbara Fuerst, Barbara Wemple, Helen Stehman, Ellen Hurst. This group of courteous girls ushers at occasions such as the Patron's Concert, the Senior Class Play, Baccalaureate and Commencement. Their duties include taking tickets, passing out programs and helping patrons to find the right seats. Each year sophomore girls are chosen by the group. These sophomores will then continue to be auditorium ushers in their iunior and senior years. In appreciation for the fine iob they do, the girls are taken to dinner by Mr. Fishel. 82 Lawrence Colvin, Sharon McMurray, Patty Withers, Cheryl Butts, Mary Ann West, Sandy Stemple, Deidre Miller, Lynda Lukens, Miss Passmore, Carolyn Walton. Janet Huff, Sandra May, Emma Petersheim, Roberta Boone, Royce Barker. OFFICERS Ike giLvAv President . . . ........ . Janet Hutt Vice President . . . . . Sandra May Secretary . . .... Lynda Lukens Treasurer . . . . Emma Petersheim Adviser . . . . Miss Passmore The library staff consists of those students who volunteer their time to work in the library. Their jobs are to check library passes, check in and shelve books, and to assist the librarian, Miss Passmore, in any other way. Qc welfare mob This club provides opportunities for those students from the ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth grades to show their abilities to stress their arguments on ci subject. Our Debate Team met with four other schools: namely, Canton McKinley, Canton Lincoln, Massillon and Sandy Valley. Their record for the season was eight victories and six losses. The question on which these people debated was, "Resolved: That the United States should adopt the British system of education." STANDING: Mike Halchuck, John Hal- chuck, Joe Frenzel. SEATED: Karen Cronebach, Mr. Savage, Sandi Scott. we az Row 3-Dan Hershberger. Harvey Muntz, Larry Walker, Bob Becker, Jerry Fisher, Richard Wasielewski, Dave Mathias, Dave Limbaugh, Dave Snyder, Harold Morris. Row 2-Dick Major, Dave Shepherd, Bob Warner, Tom Wilson, Howard Schide, Ward Bower, Mike Olmstead, Jim Marsh, Kenny Robb. Row 1-Bob Fleming, Joe Frenzel, Paul Swartz, Mr. Bender, Dennis Magley, Royce Barker, Dick Bichsel. OFFICERS President ..... .......... R ichard Wasielewski Vice President ..... ...... B ob Fleming Secretary-Treasurer .. .... Dave Snyder Chaplain ......... . . Dave Shepherd Adviser . . . . . Mr. Bender The purpose of the Hi-Y is to create, maintain, and extend higher standards of Christian character in school and throughout the community. It is affiliated with the Y. M. C. A. and is a nation-wide organization. These boys have a great opportunity of working together and enioying many activities. This year they sponsored the annual Snowball Formal, which was again a success. Some of the other activities were having the refreshment stand at basketball games and a father and son banquet. 84 Tye C9655 Club Row 4-Joe Cunningham, Mr. Rieker, Dick Tarulli, Frank Fabiano, Bart Sutton, Jerry Fisher, Merle Clum, Dave Reichman. Row 3-Bob Hinson, Chuck Grimm, Tom Wilson, Harvey Muntz, Howard Schide, Larry Powell, Jerry Polka. Row 2-Joe Edwards, Jim Renner, Tom Yanders, Terry Stuller, Harold Morris, Dennis Magley, Larry Walker. Row 1-Ed Fitch, Jim Brindel, Alan Packer, Joe Rieker, Claude Snyder, Ronnie Collins, Max Lamb. OFFICERS President ..... ........ . . Harold Morris Vice President ...., Larry Powell Secretary-Treasurer .. .. Howard Schide Adviser ......... .... M r. Rieker This club gives those boys from the tenth, eleventh and twelfth grades who are really interested in learning the principles and fundamentals of playing chess the opportunity of putting these methods to use by challenging each other in practice games. Each week, Mr. Rieker, the adviser, gives the boys a dif- ferent chess problem to work out. Those that solve it get their name posted. Later a tournament is held to determine the champion. The one that solves the most problems and the champion are given prizes at the end of the school year. 85 T e lrovesh' Row 3-Harvey Muntz, Jack Phillips, Howard Schide, Kenny Edie, Mr. Ralston Carl Polka, Jim Gee, Bill Ladrach. Row 2-Dave Limbaugh, Don Knisely, Phil Bargar, Dave Mathias, Philip Gintz Royce Barker. Larry Powell. Row 1-David Cox, Don Warner, Terry Humerickhouse, Kenny Shawver Jim Marsh Bob Fleming, Mark McClelland. President ...... Vice President ...... Secretary - Treasurer Adviser ........... OFFICERS Bill Ladrach Phil Bargar .. Jim Gee Mr. Ralston The Forestry Club consists of those boys who are interested in forestry and in the methods of fighting fires. They learn how to plant trees, care for them and harvest the trees as a crop. This year they planted in the school forest a thousand trees which were re ceived from the state. In the spring they plan to officially dedicate the school forest. 86, ae ocat-Canal Row 3-Mr. Fait. Jim Huff, Daryl Dessecker, Don Bell, Ronnie Jaberg, Tom Seibert, Tom Karl, Karl Warner, Dave Cronebach. Row 2-Marlin Lawrence, Dave Neiman, Gene Medley, Larry Bailey, Jerry Shull, Dave Krocker, Larry Mangon, Bob Horn. Row 1-Rich Lawver, Roger Schwartz, Tom Hobart, Eugene Avon, Tom Hines, Tom Granato, Kenny Maurer. OFFICERS President ..... . . . John Carpenter Vice President .. .... Tom Hobart Secretary . . . . . Dave Cronebach Treasurer .. . . Tom Granato Adviser . . Mr. Fait The purpose of the Vocational Club is to create more interest among those boys who are interested in working with machinery and also to provide experi- enced men for the future. These boys learn to handle machinery as well as blue-print reading and mechanical drawing. 87 Zbe afbemafics Club Row 3-Kay Bloom, Dan Knisely, Tom Hylund, Ed Sherman, Ralph Rapp Jim Hency Row 2-Dewey Daley, Leonard Pompey, Francis Nussbaum, John McIntosh Tom Wil son, Jim Brindel, Paul Burger, Row 1-Gary Gray, Joyce Carroll, Mary Ann Benco, Cynthia Graves, Cheryl Klser Alan Packer. OFFICERS President ..... . . . Tom Vice President ....... .. . Jim Secretary - Treasurer . . . . . . Joyce Adviser ............ . . . Mr. Wilson Brindel Carroll Howey The Math Club is a brand new club. It was formed to stimulate an interest among the students in all types of mathematics. It is open to Sophomores taking plane geometry. The club is preparing a project for the Science Fair. We are all pleased with the response shown in this club as it shows the students are eager for knowledge. 88 CZ-ke fgfhje Kelly Price, David Caldwell, John Burtscher The lights go on and the curtain opens just at the right time. This is due to the fine job done by the stage crew. These boys deserve much credit for this work is all done on their own time. we cjzlubio- isual Advisers: Miss Milar, Mr. Gartrell The Audio-Visual Club greatly aids our high school's educational program. lt does this by showing films and operating other equipment necessary for the carrying out of our audio-visual program. Row 5-Jerry Polka, Harry Haver, Dutch Haupert, John Cookson, Paul Bailey, Miss Milar, Mr. Gartrell. Row 4-Ralph Rapp, Roger Schwartz, Kelly Price, Lowell Swartz, Don Warner, Row 3-Bob Hixson, Ed West, Allan Fisher, Sam McCausland, Richard Day, Dale Denham, Jerry Horn. Row 2-Chris Rice, Jack Fickes, Dave Cald- well, Jerry Mercer, John Morris, Jack Ashbaugh, Mike Rogers. Row 1-Bill Ricker, Eric Waltz, Tom Reese, Bill Byers, Tom Reichman, Tommy Farbizo, Ted Swaldo. Carol Gracik, Melanie Mears, Madge Phillips, Janice Russell, DeAnna Polka eniov Ivision Cbeevleabevs These girls are always on the job in all kinds of weather. They lead the cheers at all the rallies and games and really make them peppy. Posters and banners made by the cheerleaders were posted in the halls to keep school spirit high. The cheerleaders deserve a big hand for all their ex- cellent work and spirit. uniov Kvisiou Cjkeevleabevs STANDING: Carol Heller, Bonnie Voshall Jill Collins. KNEELING: Janet Walters, Patti Andreas, Cinda Smith. Tb., ef.. DRAMA AND THE ARTS usic alters .w2A,g1.- , If-fiii"'fT'i Q f 4 . V., - 6. 5E53f?3'i , ' - ii Fi'15'f-Zghffi-f'i'1"'3flvg4if-Q i., A :gf .QM lx 5,-1? 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A up 3. ,gms--1 ' fff v i . S159 - fr... - -- ., -w-' ,. -., -. ' . f., .-.,. as 171-.1 e-'f cf 'H' A '- ' !-.- - M .1 ' , '- sf'-: ., E " . -'fYiwf!'.f1,,35Zii',?2 'fl JL Q,-TL 113 s :,5f,. :J nh, f . -5:1254 , '-q'JQLg!g:f.y'aig,,,'fg1?32AEK' gay:-gl'-r .- w il: fn , . - -'.'-'LX . fr.-:mx-4:4-.',-1 In-if uf' w Qu ., .q w - 1- . if ,-gi.,,a.:4fg3a,--Vlvgeg, 1 . if 5- . . Hg-41 33, 14. V 4.-3, , ., x.. mn., V . 5 ,gg ., 4,.., , ,ir faiffi-1'w:'11,i.1.'e-Effie " 'wg . 5-Bi' :ffrw 1 I 'F"i--ff'f:'-Tvznf 11255512-,'41i2g' Q ' ' ,.. ..+ .,,., ,-..15'jgk,:za:i.,, . nge - ff-' ' I.-all 7"'-'?',-,e'?f1',"ff'.f'Cgf:igiif-E' SQ? 5' -'-+-,.' iz? ..,i1.? --1,f'P.l3,w , . '- . 4 ' A, 'rr-in -4- -- r -A .N " ' 'la-:fri ""'fif1i'if151M?5'f-Eizfa.-1 "'f-21--'- 'f-r-ri? ..f 54' " 1"i' -mbsf' 'f "Xxx 1-'4 '.'.:"L. ,- ' rwjff i?l5'fg,mgw 1' , 171, 'Q .wi-5 1-74-1- m-'nk s. xNsf,g- ,. sr M 4,-.1 k 1 P .. :f.i . . , .. .,., Af?.gm+a.Q,qf31,g A if.-v 1' Row Row Row Row Row 5 Sam McCausland, Jim Shear, Phil Bargar, Sandy Leggett, Connie Smith, Ronnie Hanna, Art Pugh. 4-Judy Thomas, Dave Mathias, Janet Quimby, Mary Lou Amick, Nancy 3.- 2- 'I- Bender, Beverly Crawshaw, Dave Mackey, Terry Stuller. Virginia Sloe, Karen Stemple, Gay Erickson, Susan Coutts, Karen Brown, Cynthia Graves, Brenda Granato, Marilyn Herman. Judy Markham, Portia Baumer, Susan Mitchell, Bill Jones, Barb Doidge, Sandra Goettge, Barbara Virtue. Carol Edwards, Linda Daley, lla Makee, Vicki Stocksdale, Fred Roll, Jim Hency, John Kilchenman, Jeff Cramer. 611 for 92 Row Row Row Row Row 2- 5-Francis Nussbaum, Ronnie Eichel, Elaine Tope, Carol Wherley Elaine Wright, Mark Sturm, Alan Packer. Arline Hency, Sandy Bozman, Eleanor Montgomery, Leland Irvin, Calvin Mutti, Ray Mutti, Kay Bloom, Joe Palmer, Betty Moreland. 3-Ruth Harding, Suzy Sloe, Sandy Beamer, Sue Miller, Connie Kinsey, Cynthia Lorenz, Myrna Riddle, Linda Sarchet. Becky Ridenour, Don Murphy, Bob Espenschied, Faye Beitzel, Mike Mathews, Bart Sutton. Bill Ladrach, Sonny Walker, Mary Snyder, Kay Witherspoon, Sally Spring. AMD 93 l fflfla ovel-I-es Ahh vuwu cfvlafovs .t , Vicki Graff, Sally Jo Mathias, Sandy Winkler, Quaker Girl Becky Tucker, Head Majorette Judy Harris, Carolyn Bailey, Karen Pfeiffer. Our majorettes did an exceptionally fine iob in twirling, strutting, and dancing this year. They performed at half- time shows during football season, marched in several parades, and danced at one of the pep rallies. Eddie and Dick did an excellent job in leading the band during our half-time shows and at the parades. Both Edde and Dick are outstanding twirlers, especially with their fire-batons. l Head Drum Major Eddie Wise, Dick Bichsel JUNIOR BAND ll, OPPOSITE: Row 5-Dave Ladrach, Bob Mizer, Lael Nussbaum, Allen Crain, Mr. Hanson, Lowell Burrier, Debbie Phillips, Mike DeTorio, Skip Pollen. Row 4-Elaine Swinderman, Patty Korns, Jackie Taylor, Linda Doidge, Fred Kaser- man, Dean Newton, Cheryl Swaldo, Barbara Stratton. Row 3-Jean Kay Lemes, Diane Ladrach, Ethelyn Eichel, Gloria Cookson, Reba Clutz, Barbara Patterson, Virginia Clymens. Barbara Foutz. Sue Noble. Row 2-Rebecca Young, Marsha Ricker, Jennifer Jones, Sharon Youngen, Pamela Crawley, JoAnne Debevec, Sonia Bellrose, Priscilla Sciarini. Row 1-Richard Walton, Larry Krantz, Billy Ayers, Paul Shepherd, George Johnston, John Laurent, John Alazier, Charles Shambarger. Not in picture: Colleen McMillen. 94 Qc Lguniov anb The Junior Band, also under the direction of Mr. Hanson, practiced very hard this year. These students did not give any public performances, but they are potential members of the Senior Band. Row Row Row Row Row JUNIOR BAND I, BELOW: 5-Ed Bean. Gene Tygard. Eric Swinehart. John Morris. Jack Evans, Don Breter, Mike Davis, Mr. Hanson, Phil Kinsey, Jack Gowan, Jim Ringler, Charles An- derson. 4-Larry Green, Chris Rice, Patsy Brogne, Sue Spring, Eva Flowers, Marvin Martin, Dave Dawson. Rickie Maurer. 3-Mary Clare Cunningham, Ellen Rich, Jackie Lorenz, Nancy Lab, Marjorie Tolbert, Janet Walters, Glenda Barker, Janet Corwin. Diana Sloe. 2-Linda Shaffer, Sandra Bair, Marilyn Bellrose, Linda Border, Janet Stokey, 1 Shirley Walker, Cinda Smith, Susan Lang, Virginia Vermillon. -Don Edwards, Bill Ricker, Lynn Marsh, Elaine Kaserman, Gloria Kinsey. Bonnie Maple, Carol Fisher, Dennis Aberth, David Avon. Q4 Cappella Cboiv Row 4-Paul Bailey, Niles Urfer, Bob King, Harvey Muntz, Bart Sutton, Larry Leather- man, Terry Carpenter, Dave Shepherd, Leroy McCochran, Larry Menges, Vicki Stocksdale, Elaine Wright, Marcia Snyder, Jo Herron. Row 3-Sally Spring, Jeanne Lawrence, Tom LeMasters, Albert Lang, John Halchuck, Wayne Gray, Royce Barker, Fred Miller, Lowell Urfer, Ronnie Collins, Jayne Fahr, Judi Alexander, Karen Steinbaugh. Row 2-Marilyn Herman, Carol Stansbery, Cynthia Lorenz, Ann Belknap, Linda Daly, Annette Pozzi, Mary Lea Wherley, Sharon Welfley, Libby Dougherty, Mary Jo Page, Susie Hudson. Row 1-Carolyn Bailey, Susan Angel, Sandy Scott, Christine Gibson, Pat Snyder, Corinne Palmer, Janice Russell, Judy Smith, Alice Draher, Helen Stehman Katie Jenkins. Barbara Doidge. Mr. Bliss. Our fine A Cappella Choir, under the direction of Mr. Paul Bliss, is composed of talented juniors and seniors. The choir made numerous public appearances this year including the Elk's Memorial Service, the Christmas Pageant, the Mid- winter Patron's Concert, and traditionally, Baccalaureate. Again this year it participated in the choral workshop held at Wooster High School. The guest director worked with each of the five choirs and then made helpful suggestions to them. Our choir again gave its usual fine performance. This year exchange perfromances were held with Uhrichsville High School and with Springfield Local High School. On April 20, the choir presented an assembly program for each division of our own high school. 96 Qc guniov Cboiv Row 4-Frank Fuerst, Jim Brindel, Mark McClelland, Joe Rieker, Rick Marshall, Bob Haney. Harry Haver. Andy Duda. Calvin Mutti, Ronnie Hanna, John Winkler, Leland Ervin, Larry Fulton. Row 3-Sandra. Beamer, Kay Kinsey, Becky Lawrence, Gene Fish, Alan Packer, Mike Halchuck, John Murphy, Max Waddington, John Wright, Bonnie Gribble, Carol Gracik, Leila Knisely, Becky Riggle, Linda Fiedler. Row 2-Joyce Turner, Donna Shull, Marilyn Moreland, Betty Shull, Beverly Crawshaw, Susan Coutts, Ann Peterman, Joan Kiser, Margaret Schneider, Gay Erickson, Gaye Lile, Becky Ridenour. Row 1-Joyce Davis, Becky Beitzel, Patsy Yosick, Vicki Graff, Elizabeth Gibson, Lynda Lukens. Glneda Baumer, Mary Jo Harris, Janet Quimby, Nancy Schide, Janet Turner, Mr. Bliss. Composed completely of sophomores, the Junior Choir is under the direction of Mr. Bliss. Members learn the fundamentals of singing before going on to ioin the A Cappella Choir. The Junior Choir this year joined wtih the A Cappella Choir for performances at the Elk's Memorial Service, the Patron's Concert, the Christmas Pageant, Bac- calaureate, Uhrichsville High School assembly, Springfield Local High School as- sembly, and the assembly for N. P. H. S. students. They also went to Wooster for the choral workshop. 97 en im' vcbestwx Row 4-Bill Ladrach, Dave Limbaugh, Nancy Benco. Mr. Polce, Connie Smlih, Phil Bargar, Ronnie Hanna, John Eichel, Francis Nussbaum. Row 3-Kay Kinsey, Betty Ager, Sally Spring, Kay Witherspoon, Doris Neff, Dave Mackey, Mike Olmstead. John Cramer, Fred Roll. Vicki Stocksdile. Jim Hency, Vinnie Polce, Mike Mathews, Kenny Monte, Barbara Virtue, Helen Stehman. Ellen Hurst, Christine Gibson. Row 2-Becky Riggle, Gaye Lynn Lile, Bonnie Gribble, Susan Shook, Sue Miller, Marilyn Herman, Corinne Palmer, Susan Coutts, Virginia Sloe, Annette Pczzi. Vicki Graff, Danny Edie, Mary Ann Benco, Nancy Bender, Bill Jones, Charles Lang, Liz Dougherty, Sally Pugh. Row 1-Adelaide Fisher, Karen Stemple, Nannete Nussbaum, Carolyn Bailey, Mary Lee Wherley, Darlene Youngen, Gisela Hoffelter, Patty Withers. The Senior Orchestra is comprised of students from the senior division. lt provides music for the Senior Class Play and Commencement exercises. Again this year it participated in the Patron's Concert. Members who attended the music contests at Mount Union College were Adelaide Fisher, Vicki Graff, Corinne Palmer, Mary Ann Benco, Libby Dougherty, Fred Roll, Dave Mackey, Mike Olmstead, Vinnie Polce and Gaye Lynn Lile. Ade- laide, Vicki, Corinne, Libby, Fred, Dave and Mike received superior ratings and became eligible for the state finals at Muskingum College. Mary Ann, Vinnie, and Gaye Linn received excellent ratings. 98 M14 601' 1'Cb25f1'0 Row 4-Bob Hinson, Mary Ann West, Eddie Bean, Nancy Benco, Mr. Polce, Alan Crane, Tommy Reichman, Mike Davis, Cheryl Swaldo, Billy Ricker. Row 3-Lael Nussbaum, Charlene Martin, Jackie Lorenz, Katie Wilson, Nancy Lab, Sue McIntyre, Chris Rice, Dean Newton. Ricky Maurer, Joe Palmer, Vincent Polce, John Morris, George Johnston, Eric Swinehart, Sharon Eklund, Elaine Kaserman, Susan Lang, Jeanne Ann Clendenin, Patty LaFountaine, Karen Gibson, Doris Welfley. Row 2-Peggy Scott, Mary Lee Warner, Tom McIntosh, John Frame, Sue Halter, Margie Tolbert, Barbara Foutz, JoAnn Debevec, Janet Walters, Nancy Monte, Sandy Bair, Fred Kaserman, Patty Andreas, Sharon Youngen, Jennifer Jones, Linda Border, Lila Blackson, Ellen Seabrook. Row 1--Ruth Ann Fulmer, Ann Galbraith, Darlene Youngen, Roberta Boone, Debbie Phillips, Sally Hency, Pam Crawley, Jean Ann Gartrell, Pam Beaber, Marine Hemminger. The Junior Orchestra is a talented group of musicians who play for all our assemblies. They also play for civic organizations or meetings and Baccalaureate exercises. Two members of the orchestra, Cincla Smith and Charles Lang attended the music contests at Mount Union College. Charles received a superior rating for his cello solo while Cinda played the piano for the judges' comments only, with no rating requested. 99 'Qc ance anb Row 2-Dave Limbaugh, Bill Ladrach, John Morris, Jim Hency, Jeff Cramer, Vicki Stocksdale. Vincent Polce. Fred Roll, Tom Reichman, Mr. Polce, Terry Gribble. Mike Davis. John Cramer. Mike Olmstead. Calvin Mutti, Dave Mackey, Sue Mclntire. Row 1-Patsy Brogne, Mike Mathews, Eric Swinehart, Annette Pozzi, Kenny Monte, Dan Edie, Doris Neff, Patty Andreas, Barbara Virtue, Bob Espenschied, Corinne Palmer, Vicki Graff. The Dance Band, under the direction of Mr. George Polce and student director John Cramer, played every Monday noon-hour in Welty gym for the dancing enioyment of the students. ln addition, this select group played at the Home- coming Dance, the Christmas Ball, and made assembly appearances at other schools including Dennison and Brewster. They also played at South Elementary, Tuscarawas Elementary, and Front Elementary schools. Many of these musicians go on to play in professional dance bands. This or-- ganization practices every Monday and Wednesday the fourth period. The effort put forth by our dance band is greatly appreciated by the entire student body. 100 we Hiram Row 3-Arline Hency, Dave Mackey, Joe Rieker, Terry Stuller, Connie Smith, Phil Bargar. Row 2-Mr. Hanson, Vicki Stocksdale, Sally Spring, Betty Ager, Barbara Virtue, Mike Mathews, Kenny Monte, Dave Limbaugh. Row 1-- Bill Ladrach, Bill Jones, Susan Mitchel, Virginia Sloe. Although small in number, the pep band serves c big purpose in our school. This is promoting school spirit. The Pep Band, under the supervision of Mr. Hanson, was kept very busy this year. This lively group played for our pep rallies and also for the annual snake dance and "Beat Dover" parade before the big game between New Phila. and Dover. 101 Class A The Class of 'I959 of New Philadelphia Hi h School Presents "WE SHOOK THE FAMILY TREE" A comedy dramatized by Christopher Sergel from a book by Hildegarde Dolson May 1, 1959 Directed by Mrs. Marguerite Carroll Student Director-Corinne Palmer CAST Hildegarde . . . Mr. Dolson . . . Mrs. Dolson . . Sally ....... Bob ...... Jimmy . Paige .... Ellie-May . Jill . . . . . . . Freddie Shermer Mr. Shermer . Mrs. Shermer Prompters , . . . Stage Manager Stage Crew . . . . . . .. . . . . . . Russelyn Briggs PRODUCTION STAFF . . . Edward Wise Constance Smith Rebecca Tucker . . . James Lukens . . . James Renner . . Diane Mathews . . Judi Alexander . . , Ellen Hurst . . Dennis Hicks . . Joe Frenzel .......SuzanneSloe Jane Phillips, Alice Draher Charles Destefa ni . William Jones, William Ladrach Properties .. Dennis Magley, Nannette Nussbaum, Elizabeth Shannon, Mary Ann Rhodes Costumes . . . ..... Carol Stansbery, Constance Kinsey, Nellie Wood, Barbara Fuerst Make-up .... ............ N ancy Young, Doris Neff, Patricia Snyder Tickets ...,.. ., Mrs. Sue Keener, Miss Mary Horger Program . , Charlene Edwards, Opal Alexander, Mary Ann Feightling Publicity ,.......,. ., Ann Belknap, Judy Harris, DeAnna Polka Foyer .... ........ J udy Smith, Sally Pugh, Linda Schwartz Programs .... ....... ...... M r . Pearson Pugh Music ...... . . , Senior Orchestra, under direction of George Polce Class Advisers . ........... Mrs. Henry Williams, Homer Keppler Hildegarde is desperately trying to attract some eligible senior, for she has no date for the big school dance. She wins the school debate with an impassoned plea against drinking, but merely convinces everyone that her father drinks. As Hildegarde appeals to her mother for help, the phone starts ringing, with women friends proffering sympathy. Despite Mother's indig- nation, she's moved by Hildegarde's fear that if she misses this one prom, she's destined for spinsterhood. When the other girls start to lord it over Hildegarde, Mother takes action. She knows a nice boy who'd love to take Hildegarde. She'll arrange it all! Hildegarde is in ecstasy and though she doesn't know the boy's name, she lays it on thick - until the prospective date sounds like a Hollywood star. Poor Hildegarde! Her mother has picked the one boy in school who wears knickers! He's a swell guy, but those short pants make him the ioke of the school. ln a screamingly funny scene, Hildegarde learns the truth and pleads to break the date, but Father is mad, for everyone is convinced now that he's a great drinker. Furthermore, Freddie's the son of Father's boss. To make matters worse, it develops that Hildegarde has given a child some envelopes to play mailman with which get distributed to all the neighbors. They turn out to be her father's old love letters to her mother! Now Hildegarde's in despair. The whole school will die laughing at her and Freddie. She buys Beauty Mud in hopes that her new beauty will cause a stag-line stampede. Meanwhile, Father, worried about his job, invites his boss home to prove how sensible his family is. But Hildegarde, her face smeared with beauty clay, dashes screaming into the room. The boss is stunned. Then his son, Freddie, bursts in wearing long pants with Hildegarde's brother chasing him crying "Steal my pants, will you?" He tackles Father's boss by mistake! It looks like the end of everything. But in a whirlwind finish that leaves the audience chuckling the happy solution to all the problems is reached. 102 rg rot' fgr -sP'A ,. ,.,...,,,, ATHLETICS ovf' f ,eEw.2Z.1j'-,T ' i ' 4...-...y-kg-'..,x lc- ', 'riff'-1 ,L.'f1gi-'Jil-'Lf'-" v - " . . L... fgEwL'7g5?,Lw ',:-. 55-,fjxyfg r " ' . f51!3.Ff3qx"'. 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Row 1-Jim Renner, Bill Wade, Harold Morris, Dennis Hicks, Jim Eichel, Dave Massarelli. awsit' Fortune didn't smile on this year's football team so frequently as in some seasons, as the record shows three wins, six losses, and one tie. Although posting a lean season, the Quakers under their fine coaching staff have a lot of spendid memories they will never forget. This is the first team to defeat Wooster in the modern series starting four years ago and the season ended happily with the defeat of our cross-town rivals, Dover. 104 nge siiing A in' -4 fi ill? Yrs ra Q. j 3 are Row 4-Bob Haney, John McIntosh, Bill Crowthers, Jerry Cargnel, John Murphy, Ronnie Limbaugh, Loren Kalt, John Kokinski. Row 3-John Cookson, Dick Edwards, Ed Fitch, Fritz Brick, Tim Richards, Tom Reese, Coach Bishop, Manager John Halchuck. Row 2-Justin Green, Tom Seibert, Terry Mushrush, Frank Duda, Alfred Tate, Larry Mangon, Coach Benjamin, Manager Cliff Heuschkell. Row 1-Frank Fabiano, Dave Cronebach, Jerry Redman, Jon Ritenour, Joe Edwards, Larry Walker, Coach Kidd. ssflmll WILLIAM KIDD-Completing his eleventh year as head football coach, Coach Kidd led his team through another hard year of rugged football. Under his coaching and guidance, the team members realized that, in interscholastic com- petition, winning games is not the only thing stressed, but that sportsmanship and desire are also underlying factors. Mr. Kidd is also Athletic Director and golf coach here. WILLIAM BIRD--Completing his second year as assistant football coach, Coach Bird is also head track coach, wrestling coach, and coach of the eighth grade basketball team. Showing excellent coaching ability, Mr. Bird worked with and developed our rough line on the football team. ROGER BISHOP-Returning to N.P.H.S. after a year's leave of absence, Coach Bishop resumed his duties as assistant football coach and reserve basketball coach. At football practice, he is in charge of the reserve team and he also scouts other teams. He worked hard for the betterment of our team. 105 DAVE MASSARELLI-"Snorkel"-co-captain-a senior end who was a sure-handed pass receiver and tops on defense. Many will remember his fine catches as well as his long punts. He was chosen on the third team All-Ohio by U. P. l. FRANK FABIANO-"Worm"-co-captain-a senior end who was tough both on offense and defense. He was a great pass receiver as well as a fine blocker and good ball carrier. JIM EICHEL-"Sausage"-a senior halfback who was strong and could always pick up those extra yards when needed. He was a fine ball carrier. JOE EDWARDS-"Shrimp"-a senior halfback with a lot of speed. A shifty runner, he also played well on defense. JIM RENNER-A senior quarterback who led this year's team. A good passer who kept calm under pressure. LARRY WALKER-"Boots"-a senior guard whose ioking spirit was never topped. He was a tough blocker and was the "toe" of the team. DAVE CRONEBACH-"Tubs"-a senior tackle who was always in the thick of things from the beginning to the end. A good blocker and tackler. JERRY REDMAN-"Bones"-a senior tackle whose fierce tackles stopped many long gains before they got started. Excellent on defense. JOE FRENZEL-"Rex"-a senior guard and tackle who excelled on de- fense and played to win. He was voted All-Quaker and received All-Ohio honorable mention by U. P. I. JON RITENOUR-"Wipe"-a senior guard who was a solid blocker and a good tackler. He always had the desire to play. JUSTIN GREEN-"Just a Dream"-a senior halfback who was fast and shifty and was hard to bring down. TOM MARTIN-"Lightning"-a senior tackle who played mostly de- fense. Very few runners got by him. DENNIS HICKS-"Zeke"--a senior end who showed up well on defense. He was also a good pass receiver. BILL WADE-a iunior center who was new this year, but excelled at his position. He was very rough on offense as well as on defense, BOB EVANS--a iunior end who was valuable on defense. Many long runs were stopped by him. CLIFF HEUSCHKELL-a ssista nt trainer. TERRY GRIBBLE-a iunior fullback who kept the team moving whenever it slowed up. He was an excellent runner and will be a great asset to next year's team. TERRY MUSHRUSH-a iunior guard. While on defense, he spent most of his time in the opponents' backfields breaking up plays. His desire was never topped. CHUCK GRIMM-a sophomore guard who tackled hard and was a rough blocker. He played well on defense. TOM SEIBERT-a junior center who was very hard hitting and a good tackler. He has great determination. KENNY METZGER-a junior halfback whose speed makes him hard to catch once he get going. A good ball carrier. ANDY DUDA-a sophomore fullback who has a great future ahead of him. He was always tough to bring down because of his powerful drive. JIM RIGGS-a sophomore guard who was quick with his hard hitting blocks despite his size. DUTCH HAUPERT-a sophomore quarterback who was a fine passer and a good ball handler. Will be expected to lead next year's team. TOM YANDERS-a sophomore center who could center a ball ten yards perfectly. Played rough on defense. RONNIE BEVAN-Assistant Manager. FRED MILLER-Head Manager. LAWRENCE COLVIN-Trainer. Renner sneaks over against Eichel and Massarelli on Fabiano runs back kickoff for TD agamst East Liverpool their way for touchdowns. Jackson Memorial. 66 OM? N. P. H. S. . . . , 6 JACKSON MEMORIAL 16 Jackson's Polar Bears started the Quakers' football season with our first open- ing game defeat in seventeen years. The Polar Bears took advantage of the Quakers' early weak defense to pull out the brilliant victory. A 74-yard kick-off return by Fabiano provided Phila's only tally. N. P. H. S. .......... 0 CANTON TIMKEN ........ 6 Sudden defeat struck the Quakers only two minutes away from what seemed to be a scoreless game with the highly favored Canton Timken Troians. Although the Quakers were fast improving they suffered their first shutout and second defeat. N. P. H. S. .......... 6 EAST LIVERPOOL ........ 'I6 The third defeat of the Quakers was incurred at the hands of a quick East Liverpool Potter team. The team showed considerably improvement over the previous two games, barely missing numerous scoring opportunities through several fumbles. Our score was made by Jim Renner after recovering a fumble on the 38-yard line. N. P. H. S. ........ 16 WOOSTER .............. 8 The Quakers exploded for a first-half power play game which flattened the Wooster Generals. This was the first victory for us in the current five game series and the first victory of the year for the Quakers. Our scoring was done by Metzger and Griblole along with two good two-point conversions. N. P. H. S. ........ 14 ASHLAND ............... 6 Bruising runs combined with a surprising long pass by Renner enabled the spirited Quakers to easily handle the Ashland Arrows in posting their second straight victory. The players continued to show a vast improvement since the loss of their first three games, and they won 14-6. A long run by Eichel and a pass to Massarelli made up the tally for Phila. 108 chel runmrg w1th Fabiano Duda scores against Dover. Good tackle jars ball loose, Redman gets md Grlbble b1ock1r:g. ready to recover. L I 6 A N. P. H. S. .......... 0 CANTON LINCOLN ...... 46 The New Phila Quakers, after a great comeback and two straight wins, were crushed by the highly rated Canton Lincoln Lions in a 46-0 shutout. The defeat was the worst experienced by the Quakers in seventeen years. N. P. H. S. .......... 0 BELLAIRE .............. 'l0 Six fumbles ruined for the Quakers what was otherwise an astonishing and valiant defensive comeback. The Philly team dropped its fifth decision of the year to Bellaire's Big Red 10-0. But the invaders, slowed down to a slow grinding game after displaying nearly unstoppable offensive strength through four previous wins, took home their victory through a series of bad breaks for the Quakers. ' N. P. H. S. ..,...,.. 6 UHRICHSVILLE ........... 6 Fumbles once more ruined chances of victory for the Quakers as they were battled to a 6-6 draw by a big scrappy Uhrichsville Tiger squad. Terrific smooth rolling offensive power in the first quarter flashed the Quakers to a quick touchdown, but from there the Quaker attack was bogged by bobbled ball-carrying. Gribble made the only touchdown for the Quakers. N. P. H. S. ......... 0 CUYAHOGA FALLS ...... 'I9 Eleven fumbles again caused the Quakers to drop their sixth decision of the year to the Cuyahoga Falls Tigers 19-0. This was also the third shutout for the ill-fated Quaker football team. N. P. H. S. ......... 19 DOVER ................. 6 The Quakers kept the "bat" for the third straight time and the tenth in the past eleven seasons with a brilliant comeback victory. It was not an easy task but the Quakers came up with power plays and a surprising aerial attack in the second half to bring home a welcome victory over the favored Tornadoes. This was the Quakers' thirty-first win in the fifty-three meetings of the two teams leaving only fifteen to the Tornadoes and sharing seven in ties. Our impressive scoring was shared by Duda, Massarelli, and Eichel, the latter two catching passes. 109 Row 3-Jerry Smith, Ron Cappel, Sam McClelland, Jerry Holdsworth, Tom Bour, George Henley, Ron Miller, Dave Englehart, Jerry Wade, Bob Snyder, Howard Van Buskirk, Tim Ledrick. Row 2-Mr. Harmon, John Bowersock, John Bigler, Dave Caldwell, Kelly Price. Ed- ward West, Allan Fisher, Rick Hoy, John Grimm, Eugene Bricker, Terry Polka, Brenton Cronebaugh, Mr. Park. Row 1-Ron Hudson, John Parris, James Bailey, Harold Edwards, Tim Johnston, Jack Ashbaugh, Mike Carpenter, Jack Gowan, Don Edwards, Cliff Van Dyke, Howard Bower. Ninth graders make up the Junior Reserve football team and this year they had a record of two wins, three losses and one tie. These future varsity boys are under the able coaching of Coach Syl Harmon. They gain a lot of valuable knowledge which will help them later on. RESERVE SEASON RECORD N- P- H- S- 6 ----. Sandy Vvlley 6 N. P. H. s. 6 . , sandy Valley 36 N. P. H. s. o .. .... Dover 6 N. P. H. s. o . ..... Dover 21 SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADE FOOTBALL Under the guidance of Coach Edson Park these boys learned the general fun- damental rules and techniques ofthe game. They are also taught some football plays and then they have intrasquad scrimmages. Next year these boys will play on the iunior reserve team and then move up to the varsity. Row 3-Steve Reese, Jerry Mercer, Roger Corpman, Mike Adams, Jack Cargnel, John Eichel, Mike DeTorio, Ga1'y Metzger, Bob Bowersock, Jerry Horn, Cliff Bachtel. Bob Hixson. Tom Farbizo, Row 2-Bob Richards, Stanley Tate, John Russell, Jack Hurst, Bill Richardson, Bob McCulloch, Dave Dessecker, Eric Gribble, Bob Patterson. Dave Miller, Ed Bean, Gary Shores, Coach Park. Row 1-Tom McIntosh, Bill Schwartz, Danny Johnson, Terry Kaiser, Jim Russell, Allen Shaw, Larry Perkins, Jack Mathias, Ronny Gundy, Paul Knisely, Jack Laurent, Jim Glass, Don Owen, Ronny Swinderman. ' TPJWBWQ5 Qi R Sssafrvetteirsf T W if 452, ,gl A uvaiov esevves Avsit- aslceflwsll Dick Tarulli, Jim Eichel, Jerry Fisher, Bob Evans, Merle Clum, Dave Massarelli, Joe Cunningham, Justin Green, Steve Seabrook, Fred Roll. Kneeling-Coach Leo Benjamin. This year's basketball team is one of which we are all very proud. Our regular season ended with a record of twelve wins and six losses. Then, led by strong desire, our boys captured the sectional tournament championship at Dennison. The fired-up Quakers then moved on to the District Tournament at New Concord and by defeating favored Steubenville, won that tournament. As one of only sixteen teams left in the state, the Eastern Ohio District champs moved into the Kent State regional tournament and there met Akron Central, fourth ranked in the state. Although playing one of their best games of the season, the Quakers were defeated by the second tallest team in Ohio. This is one of the best teams in New Phila. for a number of years and it ended with a record of 'l7 wins and 7 losses. The team was lead in scoring by the three co-captains, Merle Clum, Dave Massarelli, and Jim Eichel. LEO BENJAMIN-Leo Beniamin is head basketball coach as well as assistant football and track coach. The basketball team under his fine coaching proved to be one of the best teams to play for Philly in a number of years. Under his fine guidance they won the sectional and district tournaments before bowing out in the regionals. Coach Benjamin also proved his ability at football coach- ing, as he was in charge of the backfield of our football team. 111 AC ROSS: MERLE CLUM-senior center-co-captain-first team All-Ohio-UPl- highest scorer of the All-Ohio first team. One of the best ball players to come out of Phila. for several years. He was the second highest scorer in the school's history with 566 points and was the top scorer in Tuscarawas County Class AA with a 23.3 average. Also named to AP All-Ohio third team. DAVE MASSARELLI-senior forward-co-captain-a fast, hard driving player who had a deadly one-hand set shot, especially from the cor- ner. He was second highest scorer on the team with 378 points for a 15.7 average. JIM EICHEL-senior guard-co-captain-a good ball handler and drib- bler-had an excellent long set shot. He was invaluable against all- court presses in getting the ball across the ten-second line. He ended the season with 275 points averaging ll.4 points a game. BOB EVANS-iunior forward-a calm player, but scrappy. He helped the team a lot by his fine rebounding and shooting. JERRY FISHER-iunior guard-a smooth, reliable ball player who was always battling for the ball. A good defensive man. DOWN: JOE CUNNINGHAM-senior forward-developed a good jump shot and always played his best when called upon. STEVE SEABROOK-iunior guard-a top substitute who was a calm ball handler. A lot will be expected from him next year. DICK TARUl.ll-iunior guard-a small but scrappy player, he always came through when needed. A good shot from outside. FRED ROLL-a iunior guard-a fast good little play-maker. He is small but has a lot of potentiality. aslceflwil l Oget-fevwaen 112 GSGVVC fgquab Dale Nepsa, Jerry Polka, Don Murphy, Jerry Smith, Coach Bishop, Dutch Haupert Tom Yanders, Dick Edwards, Leland Ervin. Absent - Bill Crowthers. Coached by Roger Bishop, who returned here after an absence of one year, the reserve team had a fairly successful season by winning seven games and losing eleven. Having top team spirit and gaining valuable knowledge, these boys will be ready to move up to the varsity next year The leading scorer of this year's team was Jerry Smith, a freshman. N. P. H. S. 32 ... . . Cambridge 37 N. P. H. S. 45 .... .... D ennison 27 N. P. H. S. 39 . .. Uhrichsville 31 N. P. H. S. 27 .......... Newark 55 N. P. H. S. 37 . . , . . Wooster 40 N. P. H. S. 32 ..... Sandy Valley 53 N. P. H. S. 32 .. .. Louisville 37 N. P. H. S. 52 .......... Dover 5'l N. P. H. S. 43 .. . , Ashland 42 N. P. H. S. 23 ....... Uhrichsville 30 N. P. H. S. 44 . .. ,... Salem 51 N. P. H. S. 45 ... ... Carrollton 39 N. P. H. S. 43 ..... . Dover 40 N. P. H. S. 27 ........ Zanesville 55 N. P. H. S. 29 . . Sandy Valley 42 N. P. H. S. 45 Jackson Memorial 47 N. P. H. S. 29 . . . ...... Wooster 48 N. P. H. S. 53 ..... East Liverpool 49 Joe Frenzel, Fred Miller, Jeff Teel Qgaslcetlwsll fgtubent' A910 'CYS These boys performed an outstanding job this year, and the coaches and team greatly appreciate their unselfish efforts. Reserve team in action, Nepsa gets the jump. Eichel and Clum move in to get a loose ball. Massarelli attempts a. shot as Evans and Clum await rebound. Qc Quo :ers In cfion CARROLLTON 88 N. P. H. S. 99 The Quakers chalked up their tenth victory of the year in the highest scoring game this season when they defeated the Carrollton Warriors. CAMBRIDGE 51 N. P. H. S. 71 The Quakers started out the season with a real fight- ing spirit by defeating the Cambridge Bobcats. UHRICHSVILLE 51 N. P. H. S. 65 Although the Tigers were determined to win, the Quakers beat them for their second victory. WOOSTER 45 N. P. H. S. 55 The Quakers really put on a show of offense for the Generals. LOUISVILLE 55 N. P. H. S. 74 The Quakers really poured it on and took ad- vantage of the opportunities as we won our fourth consecutive game. ASHLAND 65 N. P. H. S. 85 The Quakers were out for revenge after they were defeated by the Arrows last year and racked up their fifth consecutive win. SALEM 89 N. P. H. S. 58 The Quakers suffered their worst defeat of the year when the highly rated Salem Quakers, who later ad- vanced to the state semi-finals, stopped the New Philly Quakers' five-game winning streak. DOVER 54 N. P. H. S. 48 The Tornadoes, after losing both games to the Quakers last year, came through and defeated the Quakers for our second straight loss. SANDY VALLEY 69 N. P. H. S. 74 The Quakers came back on the winning trail again after defeating the Cardinals for our sixth win of the season. WOOSTER 86 N. P. H. S. 72 After being downed once by the Quakers, the spirit- ed General team defeated the Quakers as they coast- ed alonq to an 86-72 victory. DENNISON 59 N. P. H. S. 84 The Philly team really took advantaae of the in- effective Railroaders and won our seventh game with comparative ease. SANDY VALLEY 62 N. P. H. S. 70 The Cardinals, after playing a tight game earlier with the Quakers, tried again but failed in defeating the hiah-spirited Quakers. NEWARK 66 N. P. H. S. 53 Meeting Newark for the first time in several years, the Quakers were downed by a well-organized team. DOVER 76 N. P. H. S. 6'l The Quakers were held in check by a more experi- enced team for the second loss to the Tornadoes this year. UHRICHSVILLE 36 N. P. H. S. 6'l The Quakers really used teamwork in both offensive and defensive plays to prove that they could do it when Uhrichsville bowed to them in a brilliant game. 114- Clum scores on a lay-up as Fisher Fisher battles for loose ball while Clum makes another bucket on a tip mot es m for at possible rebound. Evans and Clum move in to help. in while Fisher and Massarelli watch ZANESVILLE 54 N. P. H. S. 50 The Quakers were defeated by a very experienced team at Zanesville when they edged the Quakers in a tight game. JACKSON MEMORIAL 50 N. P. H. S. 69 The Polar Bears provided the opposition for our team when it rolled over the opponents for our eleventh victory. EAST LIVERPOOL 67 N. P. H. S. 89 After being cancelled once, the Quakers defeated an impotent team from East Liverpool as we showed an even balance of power. SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT AT DENNISON DOVER 56 N. P. H. S. 60 After losing ot Dover twice in the season and five straight tournament games since 1939 the Quakers took revenge and defeated the Tornadoes. Although the Tornadoes were the top-seeded team, the high-spirited Quakers trailed only twice in the game and kept the lead throughout the entire last three quarters in the brilliant victory. Merle Clum was the high-point man of this game. CADIZ 66 N. P. H. S. 83 Another revenge game was won by the Quakers when they downed the favored Cadiz Cardinals, who had a record of 18-1, after they had defeated us last year in the sectional tournament. The Quakers went ahead of the big Cadiz team and never trailed in the entire game. At the beginning of the game the Quakers potted eleven straight baskets before Cadiz knew what hit them. Again Merle Clum was high-point man, having 29 points. BARNESVILLE 63 N. P. H. S. 75 The Cinderella kids as they were called, again beat their opposition as they defeated the Barnesville team and won for the first time since 1955 a title in the sectional tournament. Although the Shamrocks were ahead until midway in the third quarter the Quakers never gave up and came through to beat them. Merle Clum was high-point man, although the tally was generally shared among all. DISTRICT TOURNAMENT AT NEW CONCORD CAMBRIDGE 46 N. P .H. S. 63 The Quakers played a conservative game for the first time since the beginning of the tournament. Although it was slowly played, it was still enough to make the Bobcats bow to a defeat by seventeen points. Clum and Eichel shared the high-point position with Dave Massarelli coming in right behind. STEUBENVILLE 66 N. P. H. S. 74 "They've done it again" was the cry heard all over Quakertown as the Quakers won their first District title since 1949. The Quakers won their big game at New Concord when they beat the Steubenville Big Red in an overtime game in which the Quakers never trailed. The Quakers went into this game calmly and well-balanced while the Big Red seemed somewhat overconfident. Because of their desire the Quakers beat them in our first overtime game of the season. The high-point man was Eichel and Clum was second in this hard game. REGIONAL TOURNAMENT AT KENT AKRON CENTRAL 63 N. P. H. S. 55 After reaching the regional tuornament, the victorious Quakers were finally downed by a balanced team with an overwhelming height advantage. Bowing gallantly, the New Phila. team was praised for coming closer to Central than had any of their previous nineteen foes: Central had never before had less than a twelve-point margin. Merle Clum was high-point man for both squads with 21 points. uniov esevve nab Row 2-Manager Eddie West, Ronnie Cappel, Sam McClelland, Jerry Holdswoith Terry Polka, Richard Ray, Coach Harmon. Row 1-Harold Edwards, John Morgan, Jim Mercer, Ronnie Miller, Gene Tygaid Jack Fickes, Bob Snyder, Tim Johnson. N. P. H. S. N. P. H.S N. P. H.S N. P. H. S. N. P. H. S. N. P. H.S N. P. H. S. N. P. H. S. N. P. H. S N. P. H. S. N. P. H. S N. P. H. S. N. P. H.S 39 23 32 56 45 41 39 37 21 55 44 49 28 ... Sandy Valley 30 Dover47 Uhrichsville 27 Massillon Edmund Jones 67 Massillon Longfellow 52 Massillon Loren Andrews 65 Massillon Edmund Jones 62 ..............Garaway43 Dover 39 .. Uhrichsville 58 . . . Coshocton 20 . . . Garaway 36 ... Sandy Valley 29 This year's freshman team under the coaching of Syl Harmon posted a record of four wins and nine losses. These boys gained the much needed experience of playing basketball and within a few years will be our varsity team 116 fish? vabe gnslzet-Lea Top Row-Coach Bird, Jerry Cappel, Jack Cargnel, John Eichel, Jerry Dehl, Fred Harris. Jerry Mercer. Jerry Horn. Bottom Row-Jack Hurst, John Hunker, Bill Swartz, Tom Farbizo, Steve Reese, This is a team to be proud of because it was the only team of all N. P. H. S. teams competing in interscholastic sports this year to go undefeated. These boys, coached by Mr. Bird, won all eight of their games and they are to be congratulated for their fine record. N.P.H.S.40... .. Dover36 N.P.H.S.42... Dover31 N. P. H. S. 49 ... .. Roswell 12 N. P. H. S. 37 ... .. Roswell 23 N. P. H. S. 67 .. ... Miclvale 40 N. P. H. S. 30 ... ... Midvale 21 N. P. H. S. 47 .. . . Longfellow 41 N. P. H. S. 24 ... .. Longfellow 22 SEVENTH GRADE BASKETBALL Although these boys had an unimpressive record, they gained valuable knowledge under the coaching of Mr. Park which will help them later on. They had a record of no wins and six defeats. N. P. H. S. 31 .......... Dover 58 N. P. H. S. 21 ... .... Dover 52 N.P.H.S.25... ...York54 N.P.H.S.26,.. ...Dover44 N.P.H.S.27... ...York34 N.P.H.S.16... ...Dover31 Row 2-Standing-Glen Medley, Ronnie Gun- dy, John Wheeler, Mike DeTorio. David Fawcett, Robert Celce, David Miller, Dale Dindo, Charles Haupert, Coach Park. Row 1-Jack Laurent, Jim Glass, Jeff Mar- shall, Ricky Moffit, Terry Keiser, Tim Lewellyn, Jim Russell. 49f8 Tw.: 4 KQCIMAB Row 2-Mgr. Charles Fawcett. Tim Richards, Kenny Metzger, Leroy McCockran. Andy Duda, Art Pugh, Walter Davis, Dutch Haunert, Bob Beans, Coach Bird. Row l-Justin Green, Tom Martin, Jim Shear, Joe Collar, Joe Edwards, Dennis Mag- ley, Paul Bailey. vest' IH5 cam Row 3-Coach Bird., Dennis Magley, Frank Cullem, Andy Duda, Frank Fabiano, Carl Row 2 Row 1 Haupert, Roy Jones, Tom Martin, Bob Haney. John Grimm. Alfred Tate. -Dave Englehart, Chuck Grimm, Ed Richesson, Walter Davis, Tim Richards, Tom Reese, Sonny Walker. Gary Gray, Dick Bichsel. -Mgr. Ronny Bevan, Cliff Heuschkell. Jerry Clum, Jon Ritenour, Jim Riggs, Ed Fitch, John Parris, Ronnie Limbaugh, Ronnie Collins, Mgr. Lawrence Colvin. gblf ex-60544 Ed Fitch, Dick Tarulli, Joe Cunningham, Bill Jenkins, Max Waddington, Jerry Cargnel. 118 49fs ZW. These hard working boys had a successful but not a winning season in that they held high to ideals to keep their bodies in the best of physical condition. This is as important as winning meets. They showed excellent sportmanship and we wish them a lot of luck for the coming season. Their overall record was no wins and six losses and they placed second in a triangular meet with Dover and Dennison. vest- in ' cam A new sport was added to our fine athletics program this year and it has been greatly received. There are twelve weight divisions so that anyone can compete. The team, coached by Mr. Bird, had one match this year, but next year, the program will be in full swing and new uniforms have been purchased. The match was with the reserve team from North Canton, and was for the pur- pose of gaining experience. The squad also had an intrasquad match and it traveled to Kent State University to watch a wrestling match between Kent State and West Virginia University. 49fs golf Having only one returning letterman, the team under links mentor Coach Kidd lost all seven of its matches. In those contests, three-year letterman Joe Cunningham was medalist for five of the seven matches and also tied for third place in the district meet. The full team was back again this year. N. P. H. S. 4 .................... Glenwood 13 N. P. H. S. 2 .. ... North Canton 7 N. P. H. S. SV2 . . ..... Wooster 135 N. P. H. S. 315 .. .... Massillon 'I3Vg N. P. H. S. 2 .... .... W ooster 7 N. P. H. 5.15 ... ... Ashland 'ISW N. P. H. S. 5 ............. ... Alliance 13 Eastern District 7th Place. 119 Row 3-Mgr, Larry Fulton, Bill Crowthers, Jeff Cramer, Bi11 Meese, John Wright, Mgr. Dave Mathias. Coach Harmon. Row 2-Mgr. Edde Teter, Don Murphy, Frank Fuerst, Jerry Polka, Sonny Walker. Carl I-Iaupert.. Row 1-Dave Massarelli, Jim Watson, Jim Rolli, Frank Fabiano, Dave Neiman, John Cramer . Winding up the second year of baseball here since it was revived after a long absence, the Quakers posted an undefeated season and suffered their only loss in the district tournament at Bridgeport. The team's final record was ten wins and one loss. Coached by Mr. Harmon, this sport is growing year after year in popularity. N. P. H. S. 7 .... ... Massillon 6 N.P.H.S.l0 .... Dover5 N.P.H.S.'l0 ...... Dover? N. P. H. S. 8 ... ... Carrollton 0 N. P. H. S. 9 . . . ..... Coshocton 2 N. P. H. S. 8 .. ... Sandy Valley 0 N. P. H. S. 'l2 ... ...Sandy Valley 6 N.P.H.S.9 ....... Dover8 N. P. H. S. 7 ........................ Wooster 2 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT N. P. H. S. 2 ..................... Steubenville 0 N H . P. . S. 4 . .. . . Bridgeport 8 These three men deserve much praise for the work they have done for the betterment of our high school. Mr. Howey is the adviser of the stadium ushers who usher at the football and basketball gamesg Mr. Kidd schedules all the interscholastic games and makes all arrangements for them: and Mr. Zion has a big iob on his hands since he has charge of all the ticket sales of all athletic contests and he is also equip- ment manager. 120 49f8 as-elws C0544 Mr. Kidd Mr. Zion MI' . Howey QUAKER CORNERS ewaov fm lobies :r ' A . .s1:f'5'.'-'J 1' -- -J3""'fr' A '-e' E---,Q-1: VJ,- ,x . ,NFA uk: s-wwf .rg. , ' ' '31 : ,'A.-.15 .J-Qa-'.'-"2 A.-,Z . , sf .gg + -r gg. H ' . ,. ' ,,41'2"5f3',f-',1' ,J"T. -Q'Q"?!-f"'5-- ff 'ff 'fig-'ug , f- - my I ' rtxjfz, f ff- N.-1-.1-Q. .fe-f,.A.,,. U i -42557--"'A' ' ' 1 -"?'f,'v 1,,.,-g.g."u.. L V . ,-,' . 4' 'v-. -.- al., . .. -. 5 - ' ', ik- -, -,- ' V "-.-fftw "1'1'g.'.1g'51?1f'q'. 1 ' , ., '-,gf-,, N, v 4, Ju- ,vu A 5,1 - 1,-,L - .-V. ,A :gi-21.1 ' I--'-' -,-ff. .V ,,e...-- - f - ,Q , x,-,va f, .HT .-J . . .nun - -.,, ,gi-Q ig., 5: . , . . ., TW 1 . . 'N 4 + " - w'Q2'5f!v.--1..t5- '5"",' ',."f" '!3f1E:v.,prsgiI'6iH3'3ig-.B' .. - ""'7"'5?f11fJni'.f'.,- Q .fi-E'fS'5L"' H I ,1 X... .. X,-. .. ,-1" , -. ..-. - gm.. ' ' .tf1.".1- 21.15, 'H ' f "Wi ?'1s,,,h '1"T?"fEf'w - Rs' ,, 6 , ,-Q 5 .J I ad Q. fn 5 1. ' xixxf, " 2. :ff yvzgfu-.543 3 -garvfsq. 2,1 ' flllxi "iff-A934-.xx hw- -f' f . r - I . fa., 4'l,qg192'.m2:'..., ..f' ' -' , 1' v':'571 V' ' ' M U 1? ' ' ' YW -Y z .. . -' - y 153 r - . , A . .. -. -. . . . FJ?-'iq ' V. , - Quik " -P vw .1 yi R , VK?-:gf A y , I vii . . -, b . IMF. '- l -, ,Q m,.,.ea 1 5 , fl! ' .v b . qdp. . . .7 - ' A , ug... Hg- .. u, 'GEMM X ,T , .A ,Isa . ' '-2,511--i . U 'S - x .' 3 f l ,4A. ' . ' . I . A r - , -2.31-,A . , , " ' A- 7' :-B. :-.- 5'v!"l9 r fa-'K " - .V ' . viii, 4 ,g,,.':.,1A:,r- M, ru, if ,- 3' -'.. .,. .,. .. , - V .xt . . .L . , , ,3,3'-2 g-M3 ' -SEL i'?f'5:A'ff.""1"T'.i1 5' V-2-'51 ' "8 ' " 'J "1" A . . a . . ff. YQ f' . . R I mg, ' ' ' ' v 1 fs-1 Q u ,h ! z M' s Q' 9 :- at in tn ww w ' A . - af- 3. Ravi, iv ,,7,'.5..,..' ,, 1 fp, A-5-,in ,, 1- 'iq' e wav ,, ,, ,. , S .r ,-if f- V .. ,V gn f, H" 2- 'Q'-f...:-g:22,'f.1'5 .4 . ek.:-111' -'t,-'f.i7Q"'-- ':.l'g -A 'sky.f,g'4.L,.iE..1- - : .- . . . ' . -vf . :f:1L4:.,.:,,,. . ., R , ' . 1" 5.f.f5'aif45P-T-'ify ' A 5' -,. 'ak ' " ' tw P W H.. A gif La. .h 1-f 1' - Y. ' ,iff 's?9ff5'w:"'!t?-V' if -I 'iffxa-":lf.,3" 'H .M .'fJ!"L -R'1'-Qfg.- ' .. ,. '.'f-:,1'2' '1 .' 1' 'L 3-5-!"..i'i': f " I: -15.5. E-.:5..R. , nk f 'fha A fitji-5 A'q-"71:-.lp ,Q-. ,., '. .1 'qf?v':5:b:g"--- - f. ' 'I-T ' ',fi3.-54' , '3"'-5.a'?!5fPs41' .-,L-A .'j' 1.55-:'::3l':,,: 1.1. 5 if-'fb '11-14' F , . if: . f5.,,,. -V.. . ,.4 K: ,pi 53,5 . 1 . . ig?-MP' . . 'gf " , Q-3vfE:2'f" L., a 1,5 . ,DI A in wi. 'W Q "5 M. 1 Q.: I - A q4.-wsff-Q5 f-.. ' "iff ?Z"b1f'Qgf':f?1 7 A X , 1- ,ff-f::..i':' ' , " '53 :'.?2':1. -"4" V fs' 4' K Qt s .- f W.. , A J,,.,,,. .15-. .W '. .. 33. i4yp:g.5,'.' M' M K 'x9h'f ' 'ER sf '-if w e N- 6 'r v. 9 , f M-9 img- -f :Q 1: V x. '4 ' . ...Nag 3 ax y- A Fft Q6--,' , . f rf f +-H" , .s " I i L .3 wt. g , :ij it 1, , K f. ! my A Y an as an -. ' X. 'P 1 H H d 1 , 1.4 A-P Jgf. Q' f' 7.95 J, IK 1 L 7' " N ' -.- -L N- L A 1 .H f I I Q 'V 1 'L 4 wr" f-D : A Y- 1 'SS-Q 1 Q 1 S .,f Hd! 4 U s. 1 35 4 L5 r qu if r 'E E I tw 1 : . r ' aqdx fx-tc: Z ir 1 f ,. fd.. my, ,g Ms 'H N, M. or ""'lf' Q 1 if E .-rw 'C 6+ A It ' is-EL HI ag X' x 'Q ' w 'xliff Lu - lm f f ""e' Rf" az M 5. g A vi , 1, 4- - P? 'ui L k 'I ' 'Z -. q ,- Y- 1: ' V15 ' 4 . 1 1 1 ff r S' 1: X, J, nm . v f ' ' . fx df .. .,L.1.- .n .r ' Q- ' ,.- :'- 'r,-gZ.v"'- "UK 'Q , gf" . n:.r,5--35 . xv. AH' 5-4 fp'-.f', 4 ,. .jf ffl: 5, 1 ss- ., 1-gf W .h Q I-1,-fefij -'I' if F 55.13 , -. -'3 . . - - f 'T J? , " - f 1 '-:, 'Q - , : , l .S A '!"'i1-T .g1,,'f-' tier, ' 4 f '- '- f u..- --5. . .mg Q, .1 'eww L, f Y 9 X, as ' iz Upper left: Summer's over: back to school! Upper right: Mr. Hurst congratulates Mr. Fishel on the 30th anniversary of the founding of Quaker Stadium. Mr. Fishel was the leading figure in the first construction of the stadium. Left: Nobody but the photographer ever caught him this way. 1463 CCY Hi, all you Quakers! On September 3, l958, old and new friends alike met to begin the new school year at ol' N.P.H.S. Everyone noticed the shiny floors which started us out right for the coming year. Already SOME anxious individuals were counting the days till the first vacation which was a Teacher's Meeting. Other days which gave us freedom from classrooms were: Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, a Mid- semester Conference, Christmas vacation, Easter. Noon-hour activities, directed by Miss Milar and Mr. Phillips, this past year, consisted of fifteen minute volleyball and basketball games. The teams were made up of members of homerooms who were interested. Also each Monday both divisions enioyed dancing in the gym to music provided by the dance band. Our thanks to them for the fine rock an' roll music. This year a iuke box was installed for our enjoyment at noon-hour. This juke box was presented by the Quaker Club who accepted it from the Dover Novelty Company. To keep the iuke box supplied with the latest hits, the records were changed every two weeks. Our Senior Division Student Council officers this year were: President, Joe Frenzel, Vice-President, Bob Fleming, Secretary, DeAnna Polka, Treasurer, Fred Roll. Representing the student body of Junior Division as Council officers were: President, Jim Mercer, Vice-President, Janet Walters, Secretary, Bonnie Voshallp Treasurer, Sue Mclntire. The Junior Chamber of Commerce sponsored an Atomic Energy exhibit which visited N.P.H.S. Mr. Philip Lamm, exhibit instructor stated: "The purpose of the exhibit is to help inform the public of the peacetime use of atomic energy." 122 Upper left. Joe Frenzel, our president, takes his oath l Upper right: Diane Mathews, Libby Dougherty, Johnalee Lower right: Rubinoff demonstrates his outstanding 01'V1e1'5 of office. Mizer, and Ellen Hurst re-enact the Nativity during the Y-Teens Christmas pageant. technique on his Stradivarius. To end our successful football season Joe Frenzel was elected All-Quaker. Joe played guard and tackle on offense and was a line-backer on defense. If you were wondering what all the excitement was around Philly the latter part of November, it was the annual Sweater Hop sponsored by the Tri-Hi-Y. All the gals grabbed guys and dragged them to the Y.M.C.A. where they danced to the music of records spun by Dick Reynolds. On December 10 the Y-Teens, under the direction of Mrs. Marguerite Carroll, presented their annual Christmas International Pagean.t The cast consisted of a narrator and approximately forty girls, dressed according to the different coun- tries they represented, bringinq gifts to the Savior. The A Cappella Choir pro- vided the music during the performance. This year, to emphasize the meaning of Christmas, a contest was announced for Junior Division homerooms. The following homerooms were the prize winners: First prize-Room 206, Second prize, Room 304, Third prize-Room 211. The theme of the winning homeroom was "The Littlest Angel." To highlight the Christmas season the annual Christmas Dance, sponsored by the Senior Division Student Council, was held at the Elks on December 22. Music was supplied by none other tahn our very own dance band. Judy Westbrook won the titfe of Betty Crocker's Future Homemaker of N.P.H.S. Our heartiest congratulations to you, Judy! Both junior and senior choirs attended a choir workshop at Wooster High School on February 2. The primary purpose of the workshop was to improve the work of all choirs participating. Other choirs attending were from Wooster, Canton McKinley, Massillon and Dover. The guest conductor of the workshop was Mr. R. M. McCowen. 123 41 Upper Phila. pep rally. Upper middle: Jim Lukens plays his part in the pep rally to perfection. if Upper right: Our peppy cheerleaders lead a tremendous "Victory" cheer. Lower left: Dover is heaved into the bontire. The first big dance of the new year was the Snowball Formal. Although no snowballs were in sight, still the evening was a big success. Anyway, the fellows and gals were more interested in dancing to the music of Bob Randolph's Orchestra than the subject of snow. The Midwinter Patron's Concert was presented in the high school auditorium on February 20. The concert band, orchestra and choirs provided the music on this program. On March 16, campaign speeches were made by candidates for the student council offices. Elections were then held on March 19. The results of this election were: Kenny Metzger, President, John Murphy, Vice President, Nancy Bender, Secretary, Dave Mathias, Treasurer. The Junior Division election on March 19 produced the following winners: President, Jack Hurst, Assistant President, Bob Stein, Vice President, Elaine Kaserman, Assistant Vice President, Ellen Rich, Sec- retary, Marthasue Kidd, Assistant Secretary, Becky Niuman, Treasurer, Merrie Van Sickle, Assistant Treasurer, Marjorie Tolbert. The magazine drive for the year 1959-1959 was a success with a grand total of 54603.62 The top salesgirl of the school was Margaret Hiller. Bill Sutton was the top salesman. Leading the cheering section at our football and basketball games were our peppy cheerleaders: DeAnna Polka, Melanie Mears, Janice Russell, Madge Phillips, and Carol Gracik. Serving as Junior Division Cheerleaders were: Cinda Smith, Patty Jo Andreas, Bonnie Voshall, Jill Collins, Janet Walters, and Carol Heller. These girls deserve praise for the fine work in helping to make our sports seasons successful. 124 left: Our team apprehensively watches the Dovei MA 861' Upper left: Becky Tucker, our 1959 Quaker Girl, is capped by Carol Sanders, the 1958 Quaker Girl. Upper middle: Mr. Polce calls for the downbeat from the Senior Orchestra. Upper right: Joe Cunningham, one of our outstanding scholars, Lower right: Jerry Redman and Jon Ritenour see what they can concoct in Chemistry Lab. OVW! CYS Our talented marching band, led by drum majors Eddie Wise and Dick Bichsel and directed by Mr. Hanson, should also be commended for its fine performances at halftime. Chosen as Quaker Girl was Becky Tucker who led our other per- forming maiorettes: Judy Harris, Sally Jo Mathias, Carolyn Bailey, Karen Pfeiffer, Vicki Graff, and Sandy Winkler. As usual, the big highlight of the football season was our clash with Dover, This long awaited game ended in victory for New Philadelphia with a score of 19-6. To create more interest in this game, classes, clubs, and other school or- ganizations made and entered floats in the Beat-Dover Parade. Taking first place, out of the eleven floats that were entered in the contest, was the Sopho- more Class. Second was G.A.A., and third was Senior Council. The New Philadelphia Band Mothers sponsored a dinner and dance for the members of the band. The affair was held at the Country Club on March 17. After a dinner served to the band members, there was a dance to which each member was permitted to bring a guest. The annual Tri-Hi-Y Spring Formal proved to be a tonic for individuals who were affected by that known as spring fever. The dance was held at the Elks Auditorium on the evening of April 4. At the dance we could see couples dreamily dancing among the stars and clouds which were placed about the room, creating the effect of a "Celestial Paradise." 105 Sunday June Mulphy, Cheryl Leggett, Kaye Leggett, Queen Judy Parris, Peggy Smith, Lynda Lukens, Elame Kaserrnan owaecowa S515 ueen AMD bet' ouvt' October 3 was a date that seven girls, in particular, will never forget. This was the annual Homecoming game and dance. By popular vote Judy Parris was chosen to hold the honored position of queen for the 1958-1959 season. She was attended by Peggy Smith, Kay Leggett, Lynda Lukens, and Cheryl Leg- gett. Serving as pages were Sunday June Murphy and Elaine Kaserman. These girls were honored at the Ashland game and again at the dance held at the Elks. At one of our interesting assemblies this year, we were privileged to be en- tertained by listening to an enioyable concert given by the well-known violinist Rubinoff. He played various numbers on the violin accompanied by his pianist. At another assembly Mrs. Flora and Mrs. McKahan presented a piano concert. This year's Junior Jamboree was presented in April. The theme of the pro- duction was "Mardi Gras". The advisers were Miss Helen Reddington and Mr. Edward Strazisar. The junior class wishes to thank its advisers for their co- operation and help which made the event a success. The committees and their chairman were: Theme, Sandy Force, Script, Jeff Teel, Program, Karen Stemple, Scenery, Jim Shea, Stage, Jim Marsh, Costumes, Johnalee Mizer, Make-up, Karen Sanders, Publicity, Dave Mathias. The student director was Carolyn Bailey. Chosen to be Master of Ceremonies was Bob Fleming. May was a month full of fun, especially for the seniors. On May 'l, a three act comedy, "We Shook the Family Tree", was presented. Then on May 26-27 the seniors had exams, May 27 was Class Day, May 31, Baccalaureate Services, June l, the Senior Banquet. Finally, June 2 brought the long awaited Com- mencement Exercises. Seniors proudly donned their caps and gowns. 126 A from 5 ivecfov Accounting and Auditing Richard C. Rea and Associates Automotive Sales and Service Cappel Motors, Inc. Cotterman's Service Packer's Garage Service Auto Parts Co. Bakeries Aberth's Bakery Everett's Bakery Banks and Loan Associations Citizens Budget Co. The Citizens National Bank The Ohio Savings and Trust Co. The Peoples Bank and Savings Co. The Tuscarawas Savings and Loan Co. Baskets The House of Baskets Builders and Industrial Supplies Glass Lumber and Builder's Supply Ohio Industrial Supply, Inc. Camera Supply and Service Stropky Studio Dairies The Borden Co. The Goshen Dairy Co. Delicatessens lrene's Deli-Con Dentists Dr. John F. Hawk Drugstores Heller Drug Store Dry Cleaners Bente One Hour Martinizing C. E. Hanna Dry Cleaning Electrical Contractors G. R. Edwards Electric Furniture Sales The Edwin Maurer Co. The Linn-Hert Co. Williams Furniture Co. Grocery Stores Sm utz Market Hardware Stores Brown's Western Auto Associate Store Rutledge Hardware, Inc. Hatcheries Espenschied Hatchery Insurance Agencies Casper Insurance Gibson Insurance Agency Hurst Insurance Agency Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. Schreiner Agency Williamson-Wessel Insurance Agency Jewelry Stores Baker's Jewelry Store Newspapers The Daily Times News Stands Eddie's News Jigg's News Stand Nurseries Schoenbru nn Evergreen Gardens Manufacturers Joy Ma nufactu ring Co. Mortuaries Evans Funeral and Ambulance Service Kaserman Funeral Home The Linn-Hert Co. Office Supplies and Printing Fleming Office Machines, Inc. The Tucker Printing Co. Physicians Philip T. Doughten, M.D. Wm. E. Hudson, M.D. Plumbers Morgan and McPherson Plumbing Porter Plumbing and Heating Realtors William A. Becker Carroll Wright Refrigerators and Air Conditioning Kirkendall Refrigeration Roofing Contractors Hicks Roofing, lnc. A. E. Packer, Inc. Retail Apparel Bond Shoe Stores The Boston, Inc. Sporting Goods Tusco Sporting Goods Television Systems T.V. Antenna System, Inc. Truck Transportation Breyer Exchange, lnc. Department Stores LaFountaine's Montgomery Ward Co. Inc. Veterinarians Dr. C. I.. Haupert, D.V.M. 1746 :Momfleb 'waenfs To THE QUAKER CLUB THE SENIOR CLASS e administration, the faculty and the students, for their cooperation and help. THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Photo-engravings by THE NORTHERN ENGRAVING AND ELECTROTYPE CO. Canton, Ohio THE STROPKY STUDIO New Philadelphia, Ohio THE TUCKER PRINTING CO. New Philadelphia, Ohio THE MUELLER ART COVER AND BINDING CO. Cleveland, Ohio 128 '- ,lo uw -- R-vwwg-JHN.o-H9f't9w To-uoL'Y.Lvfm.19M:L-Puevve,-Q,,moL'f,b 9G,ekr,8.-m.-D a,Y..,eL'fS2..n9MfmJz,.,.rM,,,gt,'M, S el AE - v ' .H 'GJWA' I k0.QLoemd,Q.,,f?w:QSW,,-bhpmfwj LXWWW: ,,,mf-"9""'S"Nmv waiu- Vl.1,,,,q,,,,,g,.,,-rix.5SoU.'-f-,dwg kfwmdwrbs ,,9mfwQm.9.Q..LK.w...fa0,we.bA94na.fvKEf'toQok Ti ,SMWLWWWMMAJH n L. , ' Av ' ovw. N. V- N gA.?'4Ll Y V. 9i:5vfL LMQAWTM XM Rm A I- M 5555125 ,X Wffgffgffif W wwf Egg QQ Qjzffkdjiygf ' W tl -xswfoww J? jp ylLwkmw , , ., Q55 W ,M aligffg Mya Wk i f 30 'WQN5 X Q69 4 Wwfwiwx 1'

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