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A 1 NM ' 5 ,Q xl QFUGQWP '54 fx , , X x A l Q --:N V Q ' Q x,, , ,. 5' . Wa x,,. W 'n Memoriam In memory of Margaret Hidey, who left this life on October 20, 1957. We the staff, the faculty, and the student body express our deepest sympathy. ebicaf-Ion I A We, the members of the 1958 De phian Staff, dedi- cate this volume to MR. LEO BENJAMIN in recognition of his unselfish efforts in giving of his time and counsel to help our students develop the characteristics of perseverance, self-discipline, and fair play. ovesvorb W School is a time for many things. It is a time for learning, for making friends and for having good times. School is also a time for growing and maturing. The time of your youth is re- membered as the happiest time of your life. lt has been our goal in making this book to show in cherished remembrance school days, the time of your life. GLENN SWARTZ Editor-in-Chief In the time of your life, live-so that in that good time there shall be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life your life touches. Seek goodness everywhere, and when it is found, bring it out of its hiding place and let it be free and unashamed. Place in matter and in flesh the least of the values, for these are the things that hold death and must pass away. Discover in all things that which shines and is beyond corruption. En- courage virtue in whatever heart it may have been driven into secrecy and sorrow by the shame and terror of the world. Ignore the obvious, for it is unworthy of the clear eye and the kindly heart. Be the inferior of no man, nor of any man be the superior. Remember that every man is a variation of yourself. No man's guilt is not yours, nor is any man's innocence a thing apart. Despise evil and ungodliness, but not men of ungodliness or evil. These understand. Have no shame in being kindly and gentle . . In the time of your life, live-so that in that wondrous time you shall not add to the misery and sorrow of the world, but shall smile to the infinite delight and mystery of it. WILLIAM SAROYAN Act 1, The Time of Your Life Preface to Act I of THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE. Copyright 1939 by William Saroyan. Reprinted by permission of Harold Matson Company. ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY . CLASSES ACTIVITIES MUSIC AND DRAMA A ATHLETICS QUAKER CORNERS Page 9 Page 19 Page 63 Page 91 Page 'I03 Page I 21 I got! lag 1 'L G 5 ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY - 11332 I ll! 'al l 'Mae 0 for guibance School is a time for guidance. During our school years our teachers and adminis- trators guided our learning and maturing, not only in our classes, but also in our ac- tivities and our plans for the future. We are deeply indebted to our teachers for their patience and understanding in guid- ing our learning and growing. Above, we see the teachers gathered for a teachers meeting. At left, Becky Riggle, Mrs. Crites and Darlene Myers hard at work in the office. oar? of-A gbucafioh SCHOOL BUILDING EXPANSION Under the direction of the Board of Education M in . A 5 gf aw Q I '1 4 1 . 'A wifi-5 - ,.,' ,.,.,,,J! xl 1 ', Lj,igl...u--1-1: 3' .- ' x Tj 5 me Y , .jiri + ,W V .1 -V3 I W slew -Q I 1 l TOP LEFT: Site for high school expansion. TOP RlGl'lTf Afchliecils drawing Of the proposed gymnasium, part of the new CENTER LEFT: Early stage of construction high school addition. of the new Wes' Elemenfvfy School- CENTER RIGHT: consfrucfion at west at Q later date. LOWER LEFT: The beginnings of the new addition at Eost Elementary School- LOWER RIGHT: The nearly finished East addition. For additional pictures of new school construction, see page 62. IO ... Anb b14f1CV1c5f1'0f'c0V1 .cp . ,I EDWIN MAURER JOHN R. W. M. FRAZIER Vice-President LaFOUNTAINE, JR. Clerk-Treasurer President NILLIAM H. GOWAN, JR. MRS. THELMA E. BUSBY Office Prisolinci LEON S. FORCE Superintendent ot Schools B. S. in Elementary and Secondary Education, Kent State University M. E. in Elementary and Secondary Education, University of Pittsburgh L. L. B., Major in Laws, Youngstown University W. RICHARD WERNER , i MRS. RUTH PEOPLES Office Personnel 11 bm inisfval-ion ' niilnilli' DEO G. STEFFEN Assistant Superintendent S. in Education, Bliss College M. S., Kent State University University of Cincinnati WILLIAM A. FISHEL Principal A. B., Wittenberg College Ohio State University M. A. in Education, Akron University OFFICE PERSONNEL SUE KEENER SARA LOU CRITES RUSSELL A. BENDER MRS. MARGUERITE M. CARROLL T. .H ,I 51. ,,. mi ,,.. .. .11 gf Q . H , , .F Q t if tg? If 5,-A . C - s5::J,fFfQi'fg f 9 K Ig, X f . I . ull L .rf ff. 1 1 BURNESS A. FLYNN ANL. i.. J EAN HA RMON ACM f' LEO BENJAMIN WILLIAM BIRD PAUL v. Buss L LEILIA E.cuLBY CALVIN ECKERT THEODORE FAIT ffhfffdy RALPH W. GARTRELL SIG N. GUCKENHEIMER RICHARD E. HANSON , A SYL HARMON LEILA HELMICK MARY JANE HODDER L! 13 MARY A. HORGER C. WILLIAM KIDD MRS. BARBARA WRIGHT MAKEE ACM f' HUGH M. HOWEY MARY JANE KORNS EDITH MILAR I ROSS HOY HOMER H. KEPPLER ROY C. LADRACH KENNETH J. LANG MARY MOFFITT FRANCIS NUSSBAUM EDsoN PARK "MRs. Run-I PARK ELEQQELHOQENN ELMER C, PHSTER I4 fflymw ii DELBERT C. PHILLIPS RODMAN RALSTON I I I DANA C. SAVAGE C. HOLMES SMITH ACM f' Ig GEORGE POLCE LOUIS POLLOCK PEARSON PUGH HELEN REDDINGTON JANE REISER WILLIAM RIEKER HERBERT w. sl-IEPPERD PAULINE sl-IUMAKER ELEANOR SMITH If . Mez. -.:Q ,iiv3 :rr-:...,: ' 195335 1 I - 1 W I , ,,, 1 Y I "'- S ,. ,A ,. I EDWARD F. STRAZISAR LESTER SUNDHEIMER MRS. FRANCES TAYLOR 15 ACM f' SHIRLEY WAGNER CARL WILLIAMS LEOLA C. WILLIAMS H LE . JOHN w. ZION O ficevs ahh usfobians FRANK B. FUERST HAROLD BARTHQLOW CHARLES KNEUBUEHL DAVE MAJOR Superintendenf of Anendcmce Ofhcer Custodian Custodian Buildings and Grounds HARRY NUSSBAUM E. E. SCHNEIDER WALTER TEEL Custodian Custodian Custodian 16 Aculfy BENDER, RUSSELL-A. B., Wooster College, B. S. of Education, Kent State University, A. M., Ohio State University. Civics, world history, Hi-Y adviser. BENJAMIN, LEO-A. B., West Virginia Univer- sity. Mathematics, head basketball coach, as- sistant football coach, assistant track coach. BIRD, WILLIAM-B. S., Physical Education, In- diana University, M. S., Physical Education, In- diana University. Health, assistant football coach, assistant basketball coach, head track coach. BLISS, PAUL V.-A. B., Hiram College, B. M. E. and M. M., Northwestern University, Columbia University. Senior band, iunior and senior choirs, Junior Division choruses. CARROLL, MARGUERITE-A. B., University of Pitts- burgh. English, Dramatics, Y-Teens adviser. CULBY, LEILIA-B. A., Ashland College, Ohio State University. Geography, assemblies. ECKERT, CALVIN-B. A., Wooster College, Ohio University, Mount Union College. History, sci- ence, assistant coach. FAIT, THEODORE-Kent State University. Voca- itonal machine shop, Vocational Club adviser. FISHEL, WILLIAM A.-Principal-A. B., Wittenberg College, Ohio State University, M. A. in Edu- cation, Akron University. FLYNN, BURNESS-B. S. of Education, Ohio Uni- versity, M. of Education, University of Pittsburgh, Western Reserve University. English. FORCE, LEON S. -Superintendent of Schools- B. S. in Elementary and Secondary Education, Kent State University, M. E. in Elementary and Secondary Education, University of Pittsburgh, L. L. B., Maior in Laws, Youngstown University. GARTRELL, RALPH-B. S. of Education, Kent State University, M. of Education, University of Pitts- burgh. World history. GUCKENHEIMER, SIG N.-B. S., M. A., Ohio State University, Kent State University. Related Tech- nology, Co-ordinator of Vocational Education, Adult Education. ivecfov HANSON, RICHARD E.-B. of Music, Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati, University of Virginia, College of William and Mary. Marching and concert bands, Junior Divi- sion bands, elementary strings and song flutes. HARMON, JEAN-B. S. of Education, Wittenberg College. Health, physical education. HARMON, SYL.-B. S., Heidelberg College, Duke University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, M. of Education, Kent State University, Western Reserve University. General science, meteorology club, assistant basketball coach, baseball coach. HELMICK, LEILA-A. B., Wittenberg College. Chemistry, physics, Honor Club adviser, Science Club adviser, Senior Division Audio Visual Di- rector, chairman Visual Education Committee. HODDER, MARY JANE-A. B., Mount Union Col- lege, Kent State University. English. HORGER, MARY-Assistant librarian. HOWEY, HUGH M.-B. S., Wooster College, M. of Education, University of Pittsburgh. Plane geo- metry, trigonometry, solid geometry. HOY, ROSS-B. S. of Education, Kent State Uni- versity, Ohio State University, Ohio Wesleyan University. Industrial arts, mechanical drawing. KEPPLER, HOMER H.-B. S. of Education, Ohio State University, M. of Education, Kent State Uni- versity. History, iunior class adviser, noon-hour activities. KIDD, C. WILLIAM-B. S. of Education, Capital University, Ohio State University. Health, phy- sical education, athletic director, head football coach, golf coach, assistant basketball coach. KORNS, MARY JANE--A.B., Wooster College, M. of Education, Kent State University. English. LADRACH, ROY C.-B .A., University of Akron, M. of Education, Kent State University. Business mathematics, psychology. LANG, KENNETH J.-B. S. M., Baldwin-Wallace College, M. of Mus., Ed., University of Michigan, Ohio State University. English, senior class ad- viser. MAKEE, BARBARA-B .S. in Home Economics, Ohio University, Wittenberg College, University of Colorado. Home economics, I, III. Acu fy ivecfov MILAR, EDITH-Wooster College, Kent State Uni- versity, Akron University. American history, Junior Division Audio-Visual Director, noon-hour activities director. MOFFITT, MARY-B. S. of Education, Kent State University. Health, physical education, Future Nurses Club adviser, noon-hour activities ad- viser, Dean of Girls. NUSSBAUM, FRANCIS-B. S. of Education, Mus- kingum College, Antioch College. Mathematics, health. PARK, EDSON-B. S. of Education, Bowling Green University, Ohio State University. Health, phy- sical education, assistant coach. PARK, RUTH-B. S of Education, Ohio State Uni- versity. English. PASSMORE, ELIZABETH ANN-B. A., Wooster Col- lege, Ohio State University, Bowling Green Uni- versity, University of Utah, University of Cin- cinnati. Librarian. PFISTER, ELMER C.-B. S. of Education, Kent State University, Thiel College. Algebra, attendance. PHILLIPS, DELBERT C.-B. S. of Education, Ohio University. Salesmanship, business law, Typing I, magazine drive auditor. POLCE, GEORGE-B. S. in P. S. Music, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, Baldwin-Wallace College, Kent State University. Supervisor of Instrumental Music, iunior and senior orchestras, dance band, senior band, grade school instrumental music. POLLOCK, LOUIS-B. F. A., Ohio State University, B. S. of Education, Ohio State University, M. S. of Education, Ohio State University. Director of Art. PUGH, PEARSON-B. S. in Agriculture, Ohio State University. Industrial arts. RALSTON, RODMAN-B. S. of Education, Ohio University, M. A., Columbia University. Senior science, biology, Forestry Club. REDDINGTON, HELEN-B. S. of Education, Cedar- ville College, M. of Education, Kent State Univer- sity, Ohio State University, University of Wyom- ing. History, sophomore class adviser. REISER, JANE-A .B., Ohio Wesleyan University, Ohio State University, Kent State University. Shorthand I, Typing I, F. T .A. adviser, senior class adviser, Dean of Girls. RIEKER, WILLIAM-A. B., M. A., Western Reserve University. English, Delphian, Chess Club. SAVAGE, DANA C.-A. B., Denison University, Ohio State University. Speech, English, debate. SHEPPERD, HERBERT W.-B. A., Kent State Uni- versity. Industrial arts. SHUMAKER, PAULINE-A. B., Ohio Wesleyan Uni- versity, M. A., Columbia University. English, Central News adviser, Quaker Highlights, Honor Club adviser. SMITH, ELEANOR-B. S. of Education, Ohio State University, Findlay College. Home economics I, II. SMITH, C. HOLMES-A. B., Muskingum College, M. A., Ohio State University. Mathematics, band manager. STEFFEN, DEO G. -Assistant Superintendent of Schools. B. S. of Education, Bliss College, M. A. of Education, Kent State University, University of Cincinnati. STRAZISAR EDWARD F.-B. S. of Education, Bowl- ing Green University. Driver's education and training, sophomore class adviser. SUNDHEIMER, LESTER-B. S. of Education, Kent State University, Ohio State University. Business arithmetic, business training, driver's training. TAYLOR, FRANCES-B. S. of Education, Ohio State University. Spanish, English, Spanish Club adviser. WAGNER, SHIRLEY-B. A., Muskingum College. Health, physical education, G. A. A. adviser. WILLIAMS, CARL-A. B., M. A., Ohio University, Harvard University. American history, Senior Division student council adviser, Honor Club adviser. WILLIAMS, LEOLA C.-B. S. of Education, Office Training School, Ohio State University. Short- hand Il, Typing II, Bookkeeping I, Young Busi- ness Leaders Club, Central News typists, iunior class adviser. WLISON, HELEN L.-A. B., Ohio University, Ohio State University. Latin I and II, Honor Club ad- viser, Junior Division. ZION, JOHN W.-B. A., Wooster College. Social studies, American history, Faculty Manager of Athletics. X iff. if CLASSES fi , H446 for earn in ' Our classes were the Time for studying and learning. lt was our re:ponsibility to study as hard and learn as much as we could. ln some of our classes we learned by experimentation and in others we learn- ed by doing. This year a new art course was offered. This class gave many a chance to develop their artistic abilities. Above, Miss Helmick and Vic Marsh are busy in the chemistry lab, while Mary Ann Miskimen looks on. At the left we see Glenn Shull in art class. euiov Class Of-qfqicevs Becky Robb, Bill Carpenter, Jim Gribble and Tim Bichsel. President ..... . . . Bill Carpenter Vice-President . . . . . . Jim Gribble Secretory . . . . . Becky Robb Treasurer . . . . . . Tim Bichsel SENIOR CLASS X19 LINDA KAY ABBUHL "She wears the constant smile." A Cappella Choir 10, 11, 123 Scholar- ship Test 11, 122 Auditorium Ushers 10, 11, 123 Jr. Jamboree 112 Spring Carnival 10, 112 Debate 103 Y-Teens 10, 11, 123 Y-Teens Cabinet 11, 123 F. T. A. 11, 125 G. A. A. 10, 11, 121 Girls' State Representative 113 Activity Committee 12. WILLIAM E. ALEXANDER "He is modest and quiet." Audio-Visual 11, 121 Activity Commit- tee 122 Science Club 11, 12. MICHAEL E. ASHBAUGH "Live, love, and laugh, there may be a time when you can't." Scholarship Test 102 Jr. Jamboree 113 Audio-Visual 11, 123 Hi-Y 11, 123 Spanish Club 11, 123 Chess Club 10, 113 Activity Committee 123 Science Club 11, 12. NANCY JAYNE AYERS "To friends a friend." Orchestra 10, 11, 123 A Cappella Choir 11, 123 Jr. Jamboree 112 Spring Car- nival 113 Y-Teens 103 F. T. A. 11, 12g Future Nurses Club 11, 123 G. A. A. 10, 113 Activity Committee 12. RALPH MICHAEL BARBEE "A nice unparticular man." A Cappella Choir 10, 11, 121 Spring Carnival 11Q Activity Committee 12. BOB BARBEE "Modesty becomes a young man." A Cappella Choir 103 Vocational Club 11, 123 Activity Committee 12. NANCY JO BARGAR "It's love, it's love that makes the world go round." A Cappella Choir 103 Scholarship Test 93 Auditorium Ushers 10, 11, 122 Del- phian 10, 11, 121 Jr. Jamboree 111 Y- Teens 10, 113 Future Nurses Club 113 F. T. A. 11, 123 G. A. A. 103 Activity Committee 12. BONITA RAE BARTHOLOW "In fun and ioy her interest lies." Band 103 A Cappella Choir 10, 11, 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Y-Teens ll, 121 Fu- ture Nurses Club 11, 121 Young Busi- ness Leaders Club 123 Library Staff 93 Activity Committee 12. ROGER BASSETTI "I will find a way or I will make one." Spanish Club 103 Chess Club 113 Sci- ence Club 113 Activity Committee 12. LOIS MARLENE BEAL "There is an indefinable charm about her." A Cappella Choir 10, 113 Jr. Jamboree 113 Future Nurses Club 123 Young Business Leaders Club 113 Activity Committee 12. BILL BECKER "I'd rather be happy than wise." Activity Committee 123 Student Coun- cil 11. ELIZABETH RUTH BEITZEL "A rather quiet nature, but one of sterling quality." Scholarship Tests 103 Central News Typists 123 Jr. Jamboree 112 Young Business Leaders Club ll, 121 Activity Committee 12. 138 SENIUH CLAS' YVONNE ELLEN BENJAMIN "Lightly come, lightly go." Jr. Jamboree 113 Spring Carnival 113 Y-Teens 113 Future Nurses Club 123 G. A. A. 10, 113 F. T. A. 123 Young Businesss Leaders Club 123 Activity Committee 12. JEANNETTE BERTOLINI "I love a hand that holds mfne and makes me feel wante:l."I Honor Club 10, 11, 123 Delphian 10, 11, 123 Scholarship Tests 10, 11, 123 Cen- tral News Typists 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Activity Committee 123 Spring Carnival 113 Student Council 113 Y- Teens 10, 113 F. T. A. 11, 12: Young Business Leaders Club 11, 123 G. A. A. 10. TIM BICHSEL "A gentleman in every meaning of the word." Band 10, 11, 123 Dance Band 123 Drum Major 10, 11, 12Q Class Officer 10, 11, 123 Jamboree 113 Activity Committee 123 Spring Carnival 11, 12: Student Council 11, 123 Hi-Y 113 F. T. A. 123 Boys' State Representative 11. WILLIAM A. BIDINGER "Excuse his devilish deeds." Activity Committee 123 Football 10, 11. LEE BIERIE "A good sortp a good sport." Honor Club 103 A Cappella Choir 10, 113 Scholarship Tests 10, 113 Student Council 102 Chess Club 113 Activity Committee 12. JIM BIGLER "The busiest of them all." A Cappella Choir 10, 113 Science Club 11, 123 Track 113 Jr. Jamboree 113 Ac- tivity Committee 123 Scholarship Tests 103 Chess Club 11, 123 Basketball 113 Football 11, 123 Spanish Club 11. ARLENE BLACKWELL "A romping miss of heedless care." Activity Committee 12. JULIANN MARIE BLOOM "Sweetness is hers and unaffect- ed ease." Jr. Jamboree 113 Y-Teens 122 G. A. A. 123 Activity Committee 12. BARBARA JEAN BOUR "Alas, I see thou art in Iove." Activity Committee 123 Y-Teens 113 G. A. A. 10, 113 Future Nurses Club 12. PATRICK BRADY "Large is his bounty and his love sincere." Activity Committee 12. BILL BREEHL "Look out! Here comes that station wagon." Football 11, 121 Basketball 103 Track 113 Chess Club 11, 123 Activity Com- mittee 12. JUDITH MARIE BRICK "As restless as the wind." Band 10, 11, 123 Orchestra 10, 11, 123 Pep Band 10, 11, 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Activity Committee 121 Y-Teens 11, 123 F. T. A. 11, 12. SENIOR CLASS 19 BONNIE BROGNE "A dainty maiden, fair and sweet." Honor Club 10, 113 A Cappella Choir 10, 11, 123 Scholarship Tests 10, 11, 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Spring Carnival 10, 113 Y-Teens Cabinet 111 Y-Teens 10, 113 Future Nurses Club 123 F. T. A. 11, 123 G. A. A. 10, 113 Activity Com- mittee 12. DICK BROWN "Who has taken my tools?" Vocational Club 11, 123 Activity Com- mittee 12. - PRISCILLA ALDEN BURGER "My life did ond does smack sweet. ll Jr. Jamboree 113 Activity Committee 123 Spring Carnival 113 Future Nurses Club 123 F. T. A. 123 -Young Business Leaders Club 123 Proviso High School Leaders Club 103 G. A. A. 103 Water Ballet 103 Girls League 101 Pep Club 103 Lifeguard 103 Swim Team 10. MARY JANE BURRIER "Always doing her very best." Band 10, 11, 123 Y-Teens 121 Future Nurses Club 123 Activity Committee 123 G. A. A. 12. WILLIAM L. CARPENTER "His heart is like a trolley carp always room for one more." A Cappella Choir 123 Class Officer 121 Jr. Jamboree 11: Baseball 11, 12Q Football 10, 11, 123 Basketball 103 Hi- Y 10, 113 Spanish Club 10, 113 F. T. A. 123 Activity Committee 12. VICKIE ANN CHESLOCK "Beauty of mind endureth forever." Honor Club 103 Young Business Lead- ers Club 123 G. A. A. 11, 123 Activity Committee 12. MARILYN KAY COCHRAN "Hers is a voice of gIadness." Y-Teens 111 Future Nurses Club 123 G. A. A. 103 Activity Committee 12. JOE COLLAR "Time bother me not, it iust passes." Band 10, 11, 123 Orchestra 123 Dance Band 10, 11, 123 Pep Band 123 Jr. Jam- boree 123 Activity Committee 123 Spring Carnival 10, 113 Basketball 10, 11, 123 Track 10, 11, 12. RAMONA JUNE CRILLY "She was delicate and fair as moonlight." Honor Club 10, 11, 123 A Cappella Choir 10, 11, 121 Scholarship Tests 10, 11, 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Future Nur- ses Club 11, 123 Spanish Club 10, 113 Activity Committee 12. CAROLYN JEAN DAUTERMAN "Happy as birds in the spring." A Cappella Choir 103 Honor Club 103 Band 10, 113 Orchestra 10, 11, 123 Ac- tivity Committee 123 Scholarship Tests 10, 113 Jr. Jamboree 113 Student Coun- cil 113 Y-Teens 10, 113 Y-Teens Cabi- net 113 F. T. A. 113 Young Business Leaders Club 12. FAYE EILEEN DAVIDSON "As modest as a vioIet." A Cappella Choir 103 Jr. Jamboree 113 G. A. A. 123 Activity Committee 12. KAY DAVIS "A wonderful friend to cull." Band 10, 113 G. A. A. 123 Young Busi- ness Leaders Club 121 Activity Com- mittee 12. '06 5I1'QNlUl't ULA55 BOB DEIBEL "Oh looy, school's out! Vocational Club 11, 123 Activity Com- mittee 12. LOLA JEAN DE MICHAEL "I will try very hard." A Cappella Choir 10, 111 Future Nurses Club 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 F. T. A. 122 Young Business Leaders Club 123 Library Staff 103 Activity Committee 12. SHIRLEY DE STEFANI "Heart of youth and summer weather." A Cappella Choir 101 Jr. Jamboree 11: Activity Committee 123 Y-Teens 11, 121 Y-Teens Cabinet 123 Future Nurses Club 113 Young Business Leaders Club 123 G. A. A. 10, 11, 12. EDSEL DILLON "He'll make a proper man. Vocational Club 11, 123 Activity Com- mittee 12. ll DOROTHY JEAN DINDO "Bright as the sunset-like Aurora's dawn." Band 10, 11, 123 A Cappella Choir 11, 123 Drum Majorette 10, 11, 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Central News Typist 123 Spring Carnival 10, 113 Y-Teens 10, 111 Future Nurses Club 113 Young Busi- ness Leaders Club 123 G. A. A. 103 Activity Committee 12. GLORIA ANN DRAKE "There's nothing half as sweet in life as love's young dream." Jr. Jamboree 113 Y-Teens 11, 123 Young Business Leaders Club 123 G. A. A. 11, 123 Activity Committee 12. RONNIE GERALD EDIE "And so he plays his part." Scholarship Tests 103 Activity Com- mittee 123 Audio-Visual 123 Hi-Y 123 Science Club 11, 12. SPENCE EDIE "He is a lover." Jr. Jamboree 113 Activity Committee 123 Football 10, 11, 123 Stage Crew 103 Basketball 103 Track 10, 11. KATHRYN ANN FAWCETT "She never, never fails a friend." Y-Teens 123 Future Nurses Club 11, 123 Activity Committee 12. NANCY ANNE FERRELL "Her life is gentle." Jr. Jamboree 113 Activity Committee 12. VICTORIA JEAN FICKES "Anchors Away is her favorite song." Future Nurses Club 123 Activity Com- mittee 12. CLYDE CARVER FOUTS "I hold the world but as the worId." Forestry Club 11, 121 Chess Club 123 Activity Committee 12. SENIOR CLASS 19 DON FOWLER "Let every man be master of his time, till seven at night." Scholarship Tests 10, 113 Chess Club 11, 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Activity Com- mittee 123 Student Council 10Q Hi-Y 12. JOHN CHARLES FOX "I am a prince in many ways." Football 10, 113 Chess Club 11, 123 Boys' State Representative 113 Ac- tivity Committee 12. CARL RALPH FRAME "Happy is the man that findeth wisdom." Band 10, 11, 123 Dance Band 10, 11, 123 Pep Band 122 Jr. Jamboree 113 Acti- vity Committee 121 Spring Carnival 11, 123 Scholarship Tests 11. CHARLES E. FRANCE "Happy am I, from care I'm free." Jr. Jamboree 11: Activity Committee 123 Football 123 Track 113 Student Council 12Q Hi-Y 11, 123 Chess Club 11, 12. JOE FRANTZ "For he's a jolly good fellow." Baseball 113 Football 10, 113 Voca- tional Club 10, 113 Stage Crew 10, 11, 123 Activity Committee 12. JOHN ROBERT FREILING "Of spirit so still and quiet." Audio-Visual 113 Chess Club 11, 123 Stage Crew 9, 10, 113 Activity Com- mittee 12. MARGARET VICTORIA GEIB "Good friends are better than fine gold." Activity Committee 123 Young Busi- ness Leaders Club 11, 12. MARLENE JOY GEISER "One of the gayest girls around schooI." Orchestra 10, 11, 123 A Cappella Choir 10, 11, 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Student Council 103 Future Nurses Club 123 F. T. A. 123 G. A. A. 123 Activity Com- mittee 12. MARTHA JEAN GEISER "She has a pleasing smile." Orchestra 10, 11, 123 A Cappella Choir 10, 113 Jr. Jamboree 113 Activity Com- mittee 123 Spring Carnival 113 G. A. A. 12. WILLIAM B. GIBBS "'He is to be educated because he is a man." Activity Committee 123 Young Busi- ness Leaders Club 12. KARL GOERING "He hath much to do." Honor Club 103 A Cappella Choir 10, 11, 123 Scholarship Tests 9, 10, 113 Delphian 10, 11, 121 Debate 103 Span- ish Club 10j Forestry Club 123 Chess Club 10, 113 Science Club 11, 123 Ten- nis 103 Activity Committee 12. JAMES CURTIS GRIBBLE "Man's love is man's life." Scholarship Tests 10, 123 Class Officer 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Student Council 121 Basketball 103 Football 103 Acti- vity Committee 12. D8 SILNIUH CLAS' LAVONNE CAROL GRIBBLE "She is the best of all musicians." Orchestra 10, 113 A Cappella Choir 10, 11, 123 Activity Committee 123 Future Nurses Club 123 F. T. A. 123 Young Business Leaders Club 12. CHARLES L. GUY "Happiness lies ahead for me." Jr. Jamboree 111 Activity Committee 12. RUTH ANNE GUY "Always busy, always merry." A Cappella Choir 101 Activity Com- mittee 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Y-Teens 10, 113 Future Nurses Club 123 F. T. A. 113 G. A. A. 11, 123 Library Staff 11, 12. JIM HALDERMAN "Fun comes in small packages." Orchestra. 10, 12: A Cappella Choir 11, 123 Chess Club 10, 11: Science Club 123 Activity Committee 12. WILLIAM HARDING "We have found you noble and quiet." Jr. Jamboree 113 Chess Club 11, 12Q Activity Committee 12. RICHARD MONTE HARRIS "Forever foremost in the ranks of fun." Jr. Jamboree 111 Football 10, 11, 123 Track 10, 11, 123 Basketball 10, 11, 123 Chess Club 11, 123 Activity Committee 12. GWEN ANN HEATHCOCK "A tall and friendly maiden." Honor Club 10, 11, 123 Activity Com- mittee 121 Scholarship Tests 103 Fu- ture Nurses Club 11, 123 Young Busi- ness Leaders Club 113 G. A. A. 10, 11, 12. SUE HELBLING "Lighthearted, gay, she sees tne bright side of everything." Honor Club 10, 11, 123 A Cappella Choir 10, 11, 123 Scholarship Tests 10, I 123 Central News Typist 123 Cheer- leader 10,11, 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Spring Carnival 10, 113 Y-Teens 10, 113 F. T. A. 11, 123 Young Business Leaders Club 123 G. A. A. 10, 112 Ac- tivity Committee 12. ANN C. HERRON "She has a kindly spirit and friendly air." A Cappella Choir 10, 11, 123 Jr. Jam- boree 113 Spring Carnival 10, 113 Stu- dent Council 123 F. T. A. 11, 123 Y- Teens 10, 113 Future Nurses Club 11, 123 Girls' State Representative 113 Ac- tivity Committee 12. CARLENE HETER "Still achieving, still pursuing." Stadium Usher 10, 113 Y-Teens 11, 123 Young Business Leaders Club 113 G. A. A. 10, 11, 123 Activity Committee 12. JUDITH KAY HOBART "They that laugh win." Band 102 A Cappella Choir 10, 11, 123 Activity Committee 121 Y-Teens 10, 11, 123 Futu1'e Nurses Club 11, 123 Young Business Leaders Club 12. CLAIR P. HOFFMAN, JR. "What charms have girls for me?" Central News 11, 123 Class Officer 101 Boys' State Representative 113 Ac- tivity Committee 12. 'l:INlU1'i CL!-L55 19 RONALD HOLCOMB "Steel true and blade straight." Vocational Club 11, 12: Activity Com- mittee 12. JAMES ALLEN HOMAN "A youth to future and to tame unknown." Jr. Jamboree 113 Forestry Club 12Q Activity Committee 12. GARY HOOTMAN "There is nothing like fun, is there?" A Cappella Choir 10, 11, 123 Jr. Jam- boree 113 Spring Carnival 10, 111 Ac- tivity Committee 12. SUE LYNN HOSTETLER "Happiness seems made to be shared." Jr. Jamboree 113 Activity Committee 121 Y-Teens 11, 12Q Future Nurses Club 123 Young Business Leaders Club 11: G. A. A. 12. CONSTANCE LEE HUFF "The force of her own merit makes her way." Scholarship Tests 11: Future Nurses Club 121 Jr. Jamboree 111 Activity Committee 12. KAREN MAXINE HUFF "I cannot hide what I am." Jr. Jamboree 115 Activity Committee 122 Future Nurses Club 123 Spring Carnival 113 Y-Teens 113 Young Busi- ness Leaders Club 11, 123 F. T. A. 12. CHARLES HUMERICKHOUSE "I never say more than is necessary." Honor Club 10, 113 Scholarship Tests 10, 113 Chemistry Lab Assistant 121 Activity Committee 123 Audio-Visual 123 Science Club 11, 12. ROLLIN C. HYUST "Boys, take a chance-Columbus d'd " I . A Cappella Choir 10, 11, 123 Jr. Jam- boree 113 Scholarship Tests 103 Acti- vity Committee 12Q Hi-Y 11, 123 Ath- letic Manager 103 Student Council 10, 113 Chess Club 11. SARAH KILCHENMAN "A merry heart that longs for Lynn." Band 10, 11, 123 Orchestra 10, 113 Dance Band 10, 11, 123 Pep Band 11, 123 Scholarship Tests 103 Central News 11, 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Activity Com- mittee 123 Spring Carnival 10, 113 Stu- dent Council l0, 113 Future Nurses Club 11, 123 G. A. A. 10, 11, 12. ROBERT KRON "Free from self-seeking." Vocational Club 11, 121 Activity Com- mittee 12. KENNETH A. LAB "A goodly looking fellow." A Cappella Choir 103 Scholarship Tests 103 Jr. Jamboree 113 Track 103 Vocational Club 11, 123 Activity Com- mittee 12. PAUL ADAM LAHMERS "Actions speak louder than words." Football 105 Vocational Club 11, 123 Activity Committee 12. OC DII'..JNlkJl"l LQLHDD CAROL ANN LAWVER "My heart is as true as steel." G. A. A. 11, 125 Activity Committee 12. KARIN E. LEGG "Her life is happy and secure." Band 10, 11, 125 Dance Band 10, 11, 125 Spring Carnival 10, 115 Jr. Jamboree 115 Y-Teens 115 F. T. A. 115 Activity Committee 12. ROBERT CARL LIBERATORE "The knowledge of words is the gate to scholarship." Honor Club 10, 11, 125 Hi-Y 10, 115 A Cappella Choir 10, 11, 125 Scholar- ship Tests 11, 125 Jr. Jamboree 115 Student Council 125 Activity Commit- tee 125 Science Club 125 F. T. A. 11, 12. ROGER LILE "A true and brave and down- right honest man." Honor Club 105 Band 10 ,115 Jr. Jam- boree 115 Orchestra 10, 115 Dance Band 10, 11, 125 Class Officer 115 Scholarship Tests 105 Central News 10, 11, 125 Spring Carnival 10, 115 Science Club 11, 125 Activity Committee 125 Pep Band 11. JUDY LIMBAUGH "A youth, light-hearted and content." Jr. Jamboree 115 Activity Committee 125 Y-Teens 10, 115 Young Business Leaders Club 11, 12. LINDA LOU LINARD "The work she cloes is nothing but the best." Honor Club 10, 11, 125 Band 10, 115 Scholarship Tests 10, 11, 125 Jr. Jam- boree 115 Spring Carnival 115 Student Council 10, 11, 125 Y-Teens 10, 11, 125 Future Nurses Club 11, 125 Activity Committee 12. GARY LINT "Every man has his faults and honesty is his." Football 115 Hi-Y 125 Activity Com- mittee 12. BONNIE JEAN MARKHAM "She is as pretty as spring time." Band 10, 11, 125 Orchestra 105 Pep Band 10, 11, 125 Activity Committee 125 Scholarship Tests 10, 11, 125 F. T. A. 12. VICTOR R. MARSH, JR. "If you can't see any good in a persong don't look at her." Band 105 Scholarship Tests 105 Jr. Jamboree 115 Chemistry Lab Assistant 125 Activity Committee 125 Audio- Visual 125 Football 10, 11, 125 Basket- ball 10, 11, 125 Track 10, 115 Student Council 105 Spanish Club 105 Forestry Club 125 Chess Club 10, 115 Science Club 11, 125 Tennis 10. MELVIN DALE MAY "Modest as justice." Jr. Jamboree 115 Activity Committee 12. RANDY LEE METZGER "An athlete that's hard to beat." Jr. Jamboree 115 Football 10, 11, 125 Track 10, 115 Spanish Club 105 F. T. A. 115 Activity Committee 12. BOB MEYER "He is iust plain Bob to everyone." Vocational Club 11, 125 Activity Com- mittee 12. SENIOR CLASS X19 HOMER MILBURN "The magic of a face." A Cappella Choir 11, 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Spring Carnival 113 Debate 123 Football 113 Forestry Club 123 Activity Committee 12. BARBARA ANN MILLER "Then give to the world the best you have." Jr. Jamboree 113 Activity Committee 12. ROBERT MILLER "None but himself can be his parallel." A Cappella Choir 10, 11, 123 Activity Committee 12. MARY ANN MISKIMEN "There are always laughs when Mary's around." A Cappella Choir 10, 11, 123 Jr. Jam- boree 113 Spring Carnival 113 Y-Teens 10, 113 Future Nurses Club 11, 123 F. T. A. 113 G. A. A. 103 Activity Com- mittee 12. DEAN MIZER "You, the maker of all mischief." Jr. Jamboree 113 Track 10, 113 Student Council 123 F. T. A. 123 Science Club 11, 123 Boys' State Representative 113 Activity Committee 12. LARRY MIZER "This man is full of life and gaiety." A Cappella Choir 10, 11, 123 F. T. A. 123 Activity Committee 12. KATHRYN MURRELL "She loves her travel and far places." Honor Club 10, 113 Spanish Club 10, 113 Activity Committee 12. DONNA NICKESON "ln her smile is health." A Cappella Choir 101 Activity Com- mittee 123 Y-Teens 103 Future Nurses Club 11, 121 F. T. A. 113 Library Staff 10, 11. JERRY NIUMAN "Many a man's successful whirl has been stopped by lust one girl." Honor Club 103 Band 103 Science Club 11, 123 Scholarship Tests 10 ,113 Audio- Visual 11, 121 Activity Committee 123 Football 10. NANCY ELIZABETH OVERTON "Nothing is impossible to a willing heart." Y-Teens 11, 123 Future Nurses Club 123 Young Business Leaders Club 111 Library Staff 10, 11, 123 Activity Com- mittee 12. DAVID N. OWEN "What's The use of hurrying, fellows? There's lot of time." Scholarship Tests 113 Audio-Visual 11, 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Activity Com- mittee 12g Science Club 11, 12. JOADA PALMER "Call me a scholarf let that be my praise." Honor Club 10, 11, 123 A Cappella Choir 10, 11, 123 Scholarship Tests 10, 11, 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Activity Committee 123 Debate 113 Y-Teens 10, 11, 123 Spanish Club 11, 123 F. T. A. 11, 123 G. A. A. 10. O5 blillxlwlijli UL!-X55 EDITH KAY PENNINGTON "A flashing smiley a merry witp and Sonny." A Cappella Choir 103 Y-Teens 10, 11, 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Future Nurses Club 11, 121 G. A. A. 102 Activity Committee 12. MARY CATHERINE PHILLIPS "Let's be gay while we may." Jr. Jamboree 113 Activity Committee 123 Y-Teens 10, 11, 123 Future Nurses Club 11, 123 G. A. A. 10, 11, 123 Li- brary Staff 10. THOMAS POLKA "Himself alone, and none other he resembles." Scholarship Tests 10, 113 Jr. Jam- boree 113 Activity Committee 123 Chess Club 11, 12Q Science Club 12. MARGARET ANN POMPEY "Her laugh wins friends." Scholarship Tests 113 G. A. A. 10, lll Jr. Jamboree 113 Activity Committee 12. EDDIE QUILLEN "As good as a tonic." Jr. Jamboree 113 Student Council 123 Activity Committee 123 Young Busi- ness Leaders Club 121 Library Staff 12. HARRIET VIRGINIA RADCLIFFE "A lively soul withal." Y-Teens 11, 123 F. T. A. 123 Young Business Leaders Club 123 Activity Committee 123 G. A. A. 113 Library Staff 12. HAROLD E. RAINSBERG "I exist as I am. It's enough for any man." Vocational Club 11, 125 Activity Com- mittee 12. 5 ROBERT RENNEKER "Heaven rest his soul where'er he be." Vocational Club 11, 123 Activity Com- mittee 12. RUTH ANN RENNER 'Mischiefl Thou art her impersonation." Y-Teens 11, 123 G. A. A. 101 Activity Committee 12. BILL RESS "A man who knows there's a way and finds it." Scholarship Tests 10, 113 Class Officer 103 Activity Committee 121 Baseball 11, 123 Basketball 10, 11, 125 Track 103 Hi-Y 10, 11, 123 Spanish Club 113 F. T. A. 11, 123 Science Club 123 Boys' State Representative 11. DALENE KAY RIPLEY "A girl who has so many pleasing ways." Band 10, 11, 123 Orchestra 10, 11, 123 Dance Band 10, 11, 12: Pep Band 113 Jr. Jamboree 113 Spring Carnival 10, 113 Young Business Leaders Club 113 Activity Committee 12. GRACE REBECCA ROBB "All her thoughts are thoughts of him." Auditorium Ushers 10, 11, 123 Class Officer 11, 12g Y-Teens 10, 11, 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Activity Committee 123 Student Council 11, 123 Y-Teens Cabi- net 123 F. T. A. 11, 123 Young Business Leaders Club 10, 113 G. A. A. 10, 11. SENIOR CLASS X19 CAROLE ELIZABETH ROGERS "Life is short and so am I." Jr. Jamboree 111 Activity Committee 123 Y-Teens 11, 122 Future Nurses Club 123 G. A. A. 123 Spanish Club 10, 11. JAMES A. ROLLI "He is a hunterf women are his game." Activity Committee 123 Spanish Club 112 Baseball 11, 123 Football 9, 10, 11, 122 Basketball 9, 10, 11, 123 F .T. A. 11, 123 Chess Club 11, 12. HOLLY ROSENBERRY "The world delights in sunny people." Band 10, 11, 123 Orchestra 10, 11, 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Activity Committee 123 Y-Teens 11, 123 Young Business Leaders Club 11, 12. JILL ROSENBERRY "Ye gods, I can hear that giggle yet." Honor Club 10, 113 Jr. Jamboree 113 Spring Carnival 11: Student Council 113 Y-Teens 10, 11, 123 Y-Teens Cabi- net 12Q Future Nurses Club 11, 123 F. T. A. 11, Activity Committee 12. BETTY ALICE RUPE "Always doing something for somebody else." Spring Carnival 111 Student Council 122 Y-Teens 11, 123 Y-Teens Cabinet 123 F. T. A. 11, 123 G. A. A. 11: Li- brary Staff 11: Activity Committee 12. CAROL ANN SANDERS "A grin or a smile you can see a mile." Band 10, 11, 122 Orchestra 10, 11, 123 A Cappella Choir 10, 11, 123 Dance Band 11, 123 Spring Carnival 10, 113 Majorette 10, 113 Quaker Girl 123 Stu- dent Council 101 Jr. Jamboree 113 Y- Teens 11, 123 Future Nurses Club 11, 123 F. T. A. 11, 123 Activity Commit- tee 12. DAVID M. SCHNADER "A temper as ready as his tongue." Scholarship Tests 123 Debate 10, 113 Forestry Club 123 F. T. A. 11Q Science Club 123 Activity Committee 12. JUDY SAFFELL "There is nothing half as sweet as love." A Cappella Choir 10, 11, 123 Jr. Jam- boree 113 Spring Carnival 113 F. T. A. 123 Activity Committee 12. GLENN SHULL "I have a heart with room for every joy." Jr. Jamboree 113 Activity Committee 12. KATHERINE ANN SIMMERS " 'Tis good to be merry." Honor Club 10, 11, 123 A Cappella Choir 103 Scholarship Tests 10, 11,3 Central News Typist 121 Jr. Jamboree 113 Future Nurses Club 11, 123 Young Business Leaders Club 11, 123 Activity Committee 12. SALLY ANN SMITH "She sings her way through lite." Band 10, 11, 123 Orchestra 103 Scholar- ship Tests 103 Activity Committee 122 Jr. Jamboree 113 Spring Carnival 113 Y-Teens 113 Future Nurses Club 11, 123 F. T. A. 11, 121 G. A. A. 10, 11. CAROL ANNETTE SNYDER "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." A Cappella Choir 10, 11, 123 Spring Carnival 113 Activity Committee 123 Y-Teens 103 Future Nurses Club 11, 123 F. T. A. 113 G. A. A. 10. DCS DILNLLJH LJLA55 LARRY GREGORY SOYERS "l wish my memory was good." A Cappella Choir 103 Activity Com- mittee 123 Jr. Jamboree 111 Golf 10, 11, 123 Football 10, 11, 123 Basketball 103 Spanish Club 103 Chess Club 10, 12: F. T. A. 11. LINDA STEPHENS "Graceful all she does." Future Nurses Club 123 G. A. A. 113 Activity Committee 12. HARLENE GAYLE STEVENSON "She is as good and as beautiful as an angel." A Cappella Choir 113 Spring Carnival 113 Jr. Jamboree 113 Future Nurses Club 11, 123 F .T. A. 113 G. A. A. 103 Activity Committee 12. BILL RICHARD STOCKER "He has a way with women." Jr. Jamboree 11: Basketball 101 Hi-Y 10, 11, 123 Science Club 113 Activity Committee 12. MARLENE STRUCHEN "Your heart's desires be with you." Band 10, 11, 12: Majorette 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Spring Carnival 113 F. T. A. 123 G. A. A. 113 Activity Com- mittee 12. CHARLENE ANN SWALDO "A maiden never bold of spirit and quiet." Activity Committee 123 Y-Teens 123 Spanish Club 10. GLENN SWARTZ "The only complaint that any tell is that he does his work too well." Scholarship Tests 10, 113 Delphian 10, 11, 123 Debate 10, 113 Hi-Y 10, 11, 123 Forestry Club 123 F. T. A. 113 Chess Club 103 Science Club 113 Boys' State Representative 113 Activity Com- mittee 12. TOM TUCKER "Where there's a will there's a way." Delphian 11, 123 Basketball 103 Span- ish Club 10, 113 Forestry Club 113 Science Club 123 Activity Committee 12. GAIL TURNER "The best hearts are ever the bravest." A Cappella Choir 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Activity Committee 123 Student Coun- cil 123 F. T. A. 123 Troy High School- Secretary 113 Year Book 113 Girl's Glee Club 10. JAMES L. TURRIN "A man of mark." Jr. Jamboree 113 Audio-Visual 113 Spanish Club 113 Chess Club 113 Scl- ence Club 123 Library Staff 113 Band Announcer 11, 121 Activity Committee 12. ROBERT E. URFER "Of all the girls within the school, I dearly love but one." Band 10. 11, 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Track 101 Activity Committee 12. JANET UTZ "A merry heart laughs all the day." Scholarship Tests 10. 11, 121 Central News 10, 11, 123 Activity Committee 123 Y-Teens 10, 11, 123 F. T. A. 11, 123 G. A. A. 103 Honor Club 10. SENIOR CLASS X19 DALE VOGEL "Of friends he has many." Vocational Club 11, 12: Activity Com- mittee 12. LINDA VOSHALL "We will stand by each other however it may be." Honor Club 10, 111 Auditorium Ushers 10, 11, 123 Delphian 123 Central News Typists 123 Jamboree 113 Spring Car- nival 9, 10, 113 Student Council 10, 113 Y-Teens 10, 113 F. T. A. 11, 122 Young Business Leaders Club 121 G. A. A. 105 Activity Committee 12. EVELYN WALTERS "And I chatter, chatter, chatter as l go." Band 10, 113 Orchestra 11, 123 A Cap- pella Choir 103 Jr. Jamboree 11: Y- Teens 10, 11, 121 Activity Committee 12. STEPHEN MICHAEL WALTON "Of their own merits, honest men are dumb." Band 10, 11, 123 Orcnestra 10, 11, 123 Pep Band 10, 11, 121 Jr. Jamboree 113 Scholarship Tests 103 Forestry Club 11, 123 Chess Club 10, 113 Science Club 11, 123 Activity Committee 12. ELIZABETH JANE WARNER "Her name is Elizabeth, but we know her as Betty." Jr. Jamboree 113 Activity Committee 123 G. A. A. 10, 11, 12. SAMUEL JAMES WATKINS "What should man do but be merry." Delphian 10, 11, 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Spring Carnival 113 Activity Commit- tee 123 Track 103 Student Council 12. JAMES BRUCE WATSON "My thoughts and I are of another world." Delphian 10, 11, 123 Baseball 11, 123 Activity Committee 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Football 10, 11, 123 Basketball 9, 10, 11, 123 Chess Club 10, 11, 123 Sci- ence Club 12. WANDA LEE WELFLEY "She doth little kindnesses, which most leave undone." Orchestra 10, 11, 123 A Cappella Choir 10, 11, 123 Jr. Jamboree 11: Activity Committee 123 Spring Carnival 113 Y- Teens 113 Young Business Leaders Club 12. KAREN WELLS "She iust comes and goes." Honor Club 103 Band 103 Scholarship Tests 10, 113 Jr. Jamboree 113 Spring Carnival 113 Student Council 10, 113 Y- Teens 10, 11, 123 F. T. A. 122 G. A. A. 10, 11. DON WEMPLE "They say curly hair is a sign of pluck." Activity Committee 12. DWIGHT S. WHEELER "A voice from out of the 'future cries, on! on!" Football 10, 113 Track 10, 11, 123 Ac- tivity Committee 12. JUDITH ANN WHEELER "She walks with a proud and definite step." Scholarship Tests 103 Central News 10, 11, 123 Class Officer 103 Cheer- leader 10, 11, 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Spring Carnival 10, 113 Student Coun- cil 10, 123 Y-Teens 10, 11, 123 F. T. A. 11, 123 Activity Committee 12. JANET FAYE WIGGINTON "A winsome girl with a friendly smile." Future Nurses Club 123 F. T. A. 123 Activity Committee 12. JANET ANNE WILLIAMS "A face as fair as the summer dawn." Honor Club 10, 111 Band 10, 11, 123 Orchestra 10, 11, 123 Scholarship Tests 10, 11, 123 Delphian 10, 11, 123 Jr. Jam- boree 113 Activity Committee 123 Spring Carnival 113 Student Council 113 Y-Teens 103 F. T. A. 11, 12. DONALD E. WINGEIER "Don is iust one big barrel of fun." Band 10 ,11, 123 Orchestra 10, 11, 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 H1-Y 123 Activity Committee 123 Basketball 103 Science Club 11, 12. DENNIS LEE WOLFE "If your work interferes with studies, quit your studies." Band 10, 11, 123 Orchestra 10, 11, 123 Dance Band 10, 11, 125 Pep Band 10, 11, 123 Jr. Jamboree 113 Spring Car- nival 10, 11: Basketball 103 Track 10, 121 Spanish Club 113 Activity Com- mittee 12. linQA.Js4,Ig- A ,. ,. , ..... . ,. ..L..Ja-..... .,.. , J... .-nz... .L LARRY WOOD "The deed I intend is great, but what, as yet, I know not." Football 10, 11, 123 Track 11, 123 Ac- tivity Committee 123 Science Club 11. LAWRENCE ROLAND YOHN "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." Debate 123 Basketball 103 Science Club 103 Activity Club 12. H. MICHAEL YOSICK "The man who is successful is the man who is useful." Football 103 Chess Club 11: Activity Committee 12. DONNA ZEIGLER "If e'er she knew an evil thought, she spoke no evil word." Stadium Usher 112 G. A. A. 103 Ll- brary Staff 103 Activity Committee 12. 4.1 s...:.s....g.L..- :.n.L,-...4.1l.... .... Lf. .. ,..a-.4.a..i.L.nnmvlm uniov Class Ofgficevs Joe Cunningham, Deanna Polka, Dennis Hicks, President . . . Vice-President Secretary . . . Treasurer . . Advisers . . Joe Frenzel .. Joe Cunningham .. . Joe Frenzel Deanna Polka Dennis Hicks .. Mrs. Williams, Mr. Keppler .X ik N wx. ,N -h y N. X is W -,. ,. if :if AQ , X, XSQX ,.-is Y N N Q WK s -x N. W XQ QNX xxki 2 Connie Smith Carol McConnell Karen Lab John Cramer Eddie Shott Barbara Fuerst W 'HN Charles Calai Elaine Wright Marta Farbizo Don Dillon Bill Goddard Charles DeStefani V . . . :Q 1:1 2. Q . ' X .il . Wa X N Pat Alexander Helen Stehman Bob Hinson Sam Reber Susan Angel Donald Amick . i Susie Feeley Sandy Legget Patty Rogers Betty Williams Ellen Hurst John Carpenter Ruth Ann Cory Jane Shaffer Fern Vogel Ronnie Sherrets Doris Neff Jerry Redman JUNIORS Larry Graham Sally Pugh Richard Wasielewski Opal Alexander Deanna Polka INSET: Quien sabre? and all like that there! Mrs. Tc:ylor's Spanish class. Dave Cronebach A . i, , :ln E ' x.. as ' M 1' Q s r . A if 'fr ' X . wg s ar will 'H f .. "4 1 . I """""'- :iiE:E:51iE:1f.1iE:,::5. Er? "C3552532545555-52551vE:E5EI':EEEI ---- - " ,:a::1is:5.::sa.:: . . -sas:s:a:asfaEfsfsa .. . .:5s:' -.-,2::- fe -'-' 1 2:a.:a.:..:a...s:s.'.:.s :asifrwssf-s.: ..:. -' . :: ' se :-.....2::-.- ::.s . ..: 'Ir f : ':. - . ww .rl .- . " .rx .W 3. ,Q .k .... ..a :.- . ..l, .. 3 . f . . ' . .... . .. ' . 4 , 'tg """""' + 4 1, ' 'Q .,,. .S EER "lf v - ......... . ,.,.,., . X , A Wa Q t ga X. .i j .. . Q 5 '- :E:I-'-:2::...E:..EEE:E?'!E" 1 M-mums N 73133-Ei' A 'T x Xxx xygxx X Wx? 5. '. x NS W: +7 1 an ..,.,.,. . .. i s .,... X. .X Q i q ,.,.,.,.. .,..... 5 5 . 1 . avi ff " ' -Q -K 'W "" s .' 5 XL. I .. ,M ' ..,., E . vw . X' .,..., 2 " In . :Nigga ,... nge , SQ 5-,-:-.-N: 3 f :Q5,swsQX x.:sg., -- 4 V A 4 ara :aw ..,., .. M: -aff s.::2:f:fez1 1 X X :Si "-I:22:2- X 1 v,'QI ':'Q .. . 335 , ., Zt. .:,, ,zl I E , 3 ,. Xe. .5315 2 .2 Hs - 1515, Z: 'M , ' of -rss:-A-Ia.. 6 - ,ear - X ww -b y .-:.s- X :- . Q at Q 5 Q. ' ff '- tg-X -.-N:-Q: Vg- , w w ,. ' may .N ' 2 'if' "iam 1: :::..,:.. -1':3:: -- X' E151 5 as ...E Q Y 4 V? 2 X gre is X X ..... , .v 2 ' :I5:Yf5?9Sw.. - - 2 fy "' if S if eff' k YQ W W sh if vc 32: .'vk f Aww,-" W Q -1 Y W ,Wk Sw. . A 4. , Zim, . f +V, Aw ww 4 vim . ..+.,,,,, . f ' ,W 1' .ex ,, .jj-s - 5 N53 Nm 9241:-.X .,... : :. ,. 'X oi 2? ' ' " M X b .4 ,.. A if aw w iw W X T' ' s i wg My as 'K NN Rx xxx - f m, , fm A A- As ' '35 .M Q .wi Q I XY Numa- , . .Q M J wmv M. . 4 V eww W W Mm-Q g W y .Y X F X X . All ,S A 1 , X Q Q 'gr Ni X S ,,,:,,,4,Q.,- Q. LQQQX M V QMQQ, ..g- H 5 .ci I r ' 4. .' 1... .'wvf-:-s:4s- Q ' --- was? ' Qin? mmm X , Q QQ .III Q ,.,. Q Q QQ .QQQQQ ew, Q S' .,.. ' W L 1 i. , f s QQQQ .Q N E1 , A 1 ,, 3 5 .. , m',fff ' -Wt Q QQ.,,Q X fini! 5 i ,g ,, y ' .. in s 5Usf.W. - ws .ws is . sw N fi' new X:-K N -Q -. H' 2 T , K 'fri if 5a::,::a:g:a: N QQ QQ 1 Q ' Q Q X an w ig. 'Isis ., , S V ff , V wif' z ,ff , ,E Z. Quan. - - 1- I - . A V 1' 1-Q5 f Q Q- .Q ' ,- 'hx ,dw - - I ,sz ff-1 S Ee: 1 Q Q QQ Qs:s5..QQQ Q . Q V M , 8 -- ' ' - "' 'ff 2 I Y. ., ' ' ' , QQ ::,-Q, 4 V Q aw Q Q Q I:Q Q ' ,Q .,.. :,,.,, QQ Q , X 2 . .. -. . -sf . ,,, , .,. . . ,, . . Q .. QQ Q - Q :Q . ,, f KU ,,. . mf' ,.... -'PQ l f15' .:. Y . ' - .3 1 .. I Q I Q ' X A x , ..,. - B -isbn -X ' """ "" - -"" " Y x'-X r .. . ,. , ' -'f,' X- . M, .. ., .I . Q , . 3 V Q . , . QW .,,. ,...:: Q, ,Q 'QQ QQ QQ: 'U' Q QQQ5.,E:Q Qllll ,Q ,yr QQ RQ Q I 13 ,E QQQQQ Q Qs 3' Q ,, ,.f Q my 53 QQ 3 . QQ 15.5, e '-Q ,. Q Q.:...f -QQ we Q B .Q,..:::. Q Q Q Q Q :EQ-T Q r- ip Qin V -2 ,L-wig? x g? - " Q 1 :I f .4 :-:I ' ' 1 e -.ei -'Q sw- aw' . Wf' :WWW saws r'. .i N asia-sss:1-.:::s: .. ., .- Mt' ' -5 f- f' ' f . - I - Q --" i I I is -' - .. .... . X 5 Q . QW.. .3 fn, . . 'M -is "1 1 ' X ' '-'- -zfsxassi f Z I 1 .... fe. ..,.,,... i . A. , -Q ' ' W X 1 " , M K, Q M Q ' QQQQ ,mg . , ,R Q, f. Q Q 'Q QQ, . ,..., QQQQ .Q , in 'iw :. 5 'i ,,.. 3 s , Q - is .,I'-' " BWBNW ,. 5 'ii N i 532551: i -'-' ' Q as L if" T' ' ' I 1" 5' ., V -"' Q X V- Q I - , - . ,,., Q -- :Q Q , ,::g:.::z5s::::.s- , ,, 5 . -'QE .:. . ,Q Q: Judy Smith Mary Lovell INSET: "Then Mr. Williams Jayne Fahr. Emma Simmers Jean Medley Joe Patsy Cunningham Moo1'e Marjorie Russelyn Buckohr Briggs Grant took Ft. Donelson " explains to Joe Frenzel and Norman Deanna Morris Kramer Karen Frank Steinbaugh Fabiano Bill J ones Mary Ann Feightling Judy Welz Connie Kinsey Corinne Palmer Barb Wemple Jane Phillips Stewart Myers Darlene Hidey Marvis McBeth Nancy Stemple Dennis Magley Betty Petersheim Bill Ladrach Max Lamb Karen Beal Robert Stroup John Grasselli JUNIORS Ida Humrlg- house Harold Morris Jeff Edie Russell Murphy Charles Fawcett Jerry McConnell 39 -v vlifif' YES :' is ., K X if Yi, Y s ' 3 V- f Q it fue: 1 5' "3 v , F a , X " 3 Q is if f X , 'wx ' I '-" 2 ':',:.2:fk:,.:f .:,, fa. ..' . .. : N, 4: 4 :ki J ' ' '5 . . .1 l QF' gm -.-. .. ::F:- N """" ":: B ' 1 ' , I s si 'nu- , 'Q.K Raw f' 511. .- s x 4 x, www if ww ww is L' Y -' Q vag,g1Hmx-sf .. W, , fi . X ,X X " x ' .-fmliffa l l' . -,ggoi X ., ., , 5, , : .,,. f i' s 9' ' gy 'S2. . 'X ' ::: .1 . 2 , i N Ci 3 S . Y is - ..,,. .:.. J k X N x X is XS' S X ' rlessvsiw X x :- A Q'-' J i S gr, S ff M , S .3 eeeie ee , .J H. -J :.-2 1 ,,.1 -"' ' "', 'if' B' - z 5 iii , , ...., .A::,:,,,:::.,:,...: ,:.: , i ' Q X ' V"' E l K .,', ' ,. vtll F ,K J +L h x 'wi 'QQ' -r-31 "','. V' K f 1:': zbzg :., Vg: '1:. Q:-. - H i ii in ' f -.1 Q Q S' ll . V K K --: V In V on ' 'G . x '5.:::i" 'e- -4? , Nikki Diane Joe Barbara INSET: Mr. Phillips explains the carriage Britt Mathews Edwards Smith to Barbara Tolbert and Judi Alexander Betty Lou Sally Charles Peggy in Typing class. Amacher Winspeare McMurray Smith Ann Helen Carl Maryanne Jon Judi Judy Belknap Jones Warner Rhodes Ritenour Alexander Harris Charlene Glenn Kathy Judy Tom Grace Annette Edwards Malterer Hummel Ball Karl Hicks Pozzi Bob Harvey John Roy Marlin Sandra Katie Nepsa Muntz Phillips Jones Lawrence Bird Jenkins Floyd Bill Bonnie Sandy Nellie Jim Iva Richards Bonnell Espenschied Korns Wood Maple Fisher 40 JUNIORS f90f79OVVl01'6 Class Officers Mike Olmstead, Jim Shear, Sandra. Force, Dave Mathias President . . . Vice-President Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . Advisers .. .. . Mike Olmsiead ..... Jim Shear . . . Sandy Force Dave Mathias Miss Reddington, Mr. Sfrazisar in if? as w my ay A N x -ygm,m.q wax X35 X ,XX x Q 2' NA S .Q SET: Mr. Ralston demonstrates frog section to Corolyn Cuo and Linda Ie ,.,. ,v.., if 'W :. f ip , ,. f, ' i E it JY K J .,.V.:.,r gk ,, X ,, ,w ty I :rf w M '- X r , .:::e:- - " " fm -nf - 55515 . - - l - fgzgg . e' K V - V ' s- We-W" H ' " , . ,ar ,. , ,. a a ,, , , , .l fs , ' X: Ii 'X .f ag v ,:.,, "l A" H are A -W ,Z ,Lf iff ss ,M g: 'Z Q 5 ' ,- J ,. . ' X : ,' QA: . ,1 'r ' ' 'W -. . if 'X-., , 3 ' 'Q -' . '- -, . if ,1 W -k " .,,.t.,.:.l::,, me ,nur-Q i slj ,.,.-.gzgretq ::::.,.5:::Ni:-,:'EI::: . 4, 4 lv ,- , A-r, "Eg: f 'fi' 4 rf? lt gi I is 2? ft 1 it 1 f , . l fs . X we dy' s' ' .' "ll'ff".'t'1f 2 f. --: N U' ' v 15535 .- K ,ax ' ' , . fi, f ' , 1" 5 V x 'Q W' 2. -1 " I I' 923 , ' i ' , , ' I A 'Z F '. : xl . ' .,., .. ..., - Portia Baumer Kay Witherspoon Linda Erickson Sandra Force Richard Youngen J eff Teel Francis Martin J im Shear Tom Hines Edith Jones Carolyn Bailey Susan Mitchell Joanne Morris Mary Lee Wherley Judy Dotts Charlotte Cole Robert Warner 21 ' if .agI:...,i:-:g':,.:'f"1"" if ': '.:--'2.:.Z1'.,'g:, g,,v12' - ff- , ,N vs ,vE:E:'-'j:,.152E:E575: 15213, ,:.:.'E:' ' N ,J . ' lf' 4 , gif: 'fs . ' 'Q 2985, -1' .. " r f -l'V 5 in Barbara France Judy Markham May Hoagland Terry Mushrush Marilyn Fisher . . Fgjgggi - ' 41, M o t 5 is wi, X X 321 r Q' a. ' 4 if 2 . gg 'Z' sa . 1 ag ef 'P f 9 i if " ,.,,.::::::s:::"' 63..,yz'1 --av wx . ...:..::.,,:::5sa::-af' M .ami fi .1-Se fe r wi .,:,. .,.,,, , .. Q ima " l'W:"-5kf- ., -.i 3"2' ,eff , -5 w-1.11. 33- -9 2,3 Arthur Linda Pugh Korns Sonny Bob Walker Evans M -1 Corrine afggxan Deardorff Sh t Phillip mon Bargar Wemey Brenda Sandra Granato Goettge Dick Bichsel SOPHOMORES Patty Eckert Jerry Halloy Carol Burkhart Connie Geib Virginia Sloe Sandy Bozman 43 x f 1X 1 f XX Q If xy lf X- .va .-'- 'X,::gs. X . 'Q jf' ., M- , 4 ::' ' ' -tif :Q 'ilu .A l g . " lp l ,:-,:A :" ,, l 'Q ,gt it -a -i 15 F' f f ' Q' , . Aiz' QV.,'A ' :"1:" .VV- fs IV' ' . .X - " 55' zz. zr.. ' , ,,,. -lll I 4 : in 21, -.,.. ,,,l. . , In I I ,.v-.. ::,::: -EI , .Q-R .:.' W- ,K , i PS., .. .. :Za L X V f X x w P' .J X ,, .,A , , XJ XS-SX 3 s gif ' r F V X r , if " ' , r , ' 4 iw " K s '-x ' -' W """' k 5 ' w S' ' -f ,. ,M X- X X , ,.. jr fl f .I .,.AA' A gi . "Ag, ,. Xu-.wi ix 1 A 5 1 X 1 Q. 3 5 5 ? A 'I' X wa t, , ' 'W , ww - .:.,, f. f. W au- 4 X X X X l and f 1 l'::x-xgyf KX Q, XW SU X I Xia . 5 Q sb . l X XX xx X X X X X xx 1 X X X X X X X X X X? , xx is X W XY 5 X . if ' S F N .... , in :'V A:., :: I XX1 :,,X, .,,,.V:q' sr .L jf. gaaafiil :::: '1f.:'-prgfif. ' 5 55" -n.. if X I' l' x kb 3, X D, .- M .N Eddie Teter Steve Seabrook Dean Stephan Janet Huff Kay Leggett Terry Gribble 44 may my Clara Bixler Bob Stonecipher Susie Hudson Niles Urfer Jo Herron Roger Schwartz SOPHOMORES ls Mary Jo Page Bob Fleming Karen Stemple Ila Ann Makee Jerry Fisher Richard Johnston Carol Bailey Jerry Clum Lois Kirkendall Joyce Wade Sally Jo Mathias Carol Thomas Elaine Rector Carol Polka Wayne Gray Dixie Smallwood Dave Shepherd Kay Helbling Rose Yosick Dick Edwards Bill Sellers Bart Sutton Terry Carpenter Karen Sanders 421 if S. f w'2.2'f"izz:-:z'x::::f 511' C, , ew A f 1, . . ur. ..,! .,"'-, V , , Phillip Gintz Priscilla Spring Linda Cline Kenny Metzger Vickie Stocksdale Fritz Brick Ronnie Collins Jackie McBee Anna Alexander Dick Shaffer Robert Horn Judy Johns Jim Marsh Arline Hency Linda Sarchet Peggy Shull Don Knisely Carolyn Walton Lowell Urfer INSET: Mr. Howey and Ann Blinn watch Terry Carpenter practice using straight-edge. the Gary Rich Judy Wortman Sharon Ebert Linda Daley Fred Roll Gary Magley Karen Pfeiffer Ward Bower Myrna Riddle John Gano Carl Haupert Sue Ann Ricker Jack Phillips Kenny Robb Dinah Breehl David Snyder Royce Barker Gladys Menges SOPHOMORES Martha Skinner Ellen Beamer Sandra May Stanley Corpman Janice Thomas Jim Huff 1,. ' aa- , -1 Q - .E- N X K wx x ,F Y-.-S: ., , S X . Ni e x 3 S M sis? M 2 Q33 ii S Qs S PQ s an Qc ,.s.:., . .52 Himssasssasasss X , K 32 . , Q Kgs xi NX X :ws all ' Q f 3 X 2 as 5 0 g ,. . Y ,Qs . ,V,. , l , ...,. ' A -.:...:::- .- - - , ,.,.,.,. , si was 1 T .f -ff ' -:asm xv wwwg. 5 ga 'fig X N, 2 A . if i W aw is 51 29 Sv? ,R ii - we . 525 ' 'T' I, "1 we Q' X wise ri: 'Sf iii ii, , s- 1: - , , a V . Y x V XX 525 g l M R K 1 is X A i ,I Q Q M, X M ge PY Q ,. az Q -R ' f'?Wi?S - mx. " " V 1 Q. Q ,isp 5 N ' as , Q .- fx 1 X 2 Q . 5 2 AGN' X Sis. 9 Q Si i Q S v,::.,::l. -.frw ,. igfVg.i,,' we GSX SOPHOMORES Ioan Sandra Cain Border 3eth Sandy Hupp Scott Sandy Richard Rcnner E1'l16S11 Ruth Amelia Harding Emig gave Dianne Schwark Miller U Cora Mutti Ann Blinn Charles Herman Carol Amacher Danny BOOI' Judy Rowena Adams Cope Jerry Floyd Shull Bethel David Richard Mackey Lawver Donald Carolyn Bell Maurer Lar1'y Ronnie Mangon Barnish Fred Tom Miller Kaiser Sandra Burlison William Wenger Jim Abel Claude Snyder Dave Limbaugh Larry Leatherman Neva. Reynolds Tom Hobart Lynne Burrier Nancy Linard Wayne Archer Dick Major ,vm ww .. X NmNs:i ::g ' E-:1...3i"I' -Li ' , M ,xi . . :Q1 f :I -. I A ,Arif -,fe iff? 1 :. I' "2 X . . Q X 3 Q as Q- Q , 52 H' 5 , . N ..f:4..,,,.f - le zzz -- fi -Uri N , Zi.. X r x X Q - X amp S 'fs Yi if N f INSET: Mr. Sfrazisur shows what makes 'em go to Tom Hurst, Glenn Shuii, and Ruth Ann Cory in Drivers Training class. . .rag I - ., , . ,,.,. ..,. . 3 . 5- 221 . --.::. 5- . ., t. ,. Ni . H . .... r. . W s .Qjv - . 5. f 1 3, ::.:":1?2:a 'ii--:-:Q:.f V' 'eisiE2a:a,,::21,:Z - - 57 ."x f- ' ri' ' J . ' ' '--" . . P is sw Sl? 'X' 2 sr 5 2 X if xx N ,A X XXX A ,.:-A , 69 ISN . ,, 1 :-.. S , ,, .. WN-00 "Q Q1, . . W' 'Yi .s ' ' VWXSW la- E5::.'Z:5.,5E5f5 '2'2"5'7 El: II: :5'j-j:,.,.-5:-: - X' ' ' ,sf . .,.,. ' rv Q' 5 it Q 5 IW Q X 5 5 e v xx s G N an as S 1 . . X . . ga, 1 is by Wx -E, X xi ssh 5 g . -'-' -, ,, ,- 3 Q K W . Q e :,. I- '--sr., .5 A sfzgsffigsgge ,-3, sg, , f r. :5::iI:E.':'- :':"' -F " '-'-iff , Ng:-::s.:,. was I' N 'N 3 .sm X X B .X X x in S Xi 2 Xe sr 0 Y Q X is X aw sis , ,EEEE:.,E,.5.:.:.:,. L. .,. E , ag, w ,Q,w,- ' X. of 1 X is ' - :'If:1:: 35' :-:Q::ss:- .za 1- -'iz YN X X M X Q X X X Q 4 r - .... . . . - v T-iq , ,..ggi5'g: --,- y ,. ' rr A f gl S ws- ' X Q j T .3 ,. K. f -:K ,. ,. ? T- X - I X-x. s :.-Q or X. ,AQ- li E Q gi l Dave Berentz Priscilla Campbell Dan Heter Dick Shaffer Carolyn Cua Nellie Denman l Barb Virtue Allan Dallacheisa Pat Watkins Sandra Elliot Carol Myers Jean Mercer Jim Sandra Bob Shaffer English Tidrick Kathy Irene Darryl Beaber Eckert Dessecker INSET: "This is the place," Mr. Bender points out to Don Knisely, Janice Russell, Jo Ann Humerickhouse and Royce Barker in World History class. Kenny Betty Eugene Eckelberry Moreland Avon Gay Marsha Bill Korns Snyder Fisher Karen May Mary Lou Amick Carole Hahn Clifford Young Clare Stevenson Bob Herman SOPHOMORIS Ronald Jaberg Tom Granato John Halchuck Fredrick Ricer Barbara Walker Jackie Ross 47 un im' Ivision ouncil Officers 1 Paul Swartz, Mark McClelland, Kenny Monte, Madge Phillips, Lowell Swartz, Janet Walters. President . ................................ Lowell Swartz Vice-President .......... , Kenny Monte Assistant Vice-President . . . . Madge Phillips Secretary ............. . Janet Walters Assistant Secretary . . . . . Christie James Treasurer .......... ...... P aul Swartz Assistant Treasurer . . . . . Mark McClelland Vg 5 144 C11 John Lawrence Ronnie Karen McIntosh Colvin Limbaugh Brick I'ed LaVern Sanda Piet Dewey Hawk Moreland Clum DeWitt Daley ,fb FRESHMEN Joe Babs Frank Andy Kenny Kenny Rieker Gibbs Fuerst Duda Monte Shawver Joyce Lowell Bill Elmer Dale Jeff Turner Swartz Jenkins Flaherty Nepsa Cramer Leland Sandra Bob Paul Becky Janet Ervin Corey McCoy Swartz Riggle Quimby Willard Elaine Judy Madge Cheryl Mary Jo Fish 'rope Harding Phillips Kiser Harris Karen James Patty Sierra Janet Larry Gracik Dindo Mathias Malterer Turner Stein Kay Ralph Francis Mike Joyce James Bloom Rapp Nussbaum Mathews Breehl Watson Vicki Karen Gary Bonnie Don Bill Graff McMath Gray Noble Warner Crowthers net, ,y,nrtltoryto .nlnl, X ylit,nl tlylnlll R J ., 114' ,. R l, t.o n ,t,et ,l .. J to J.. , .:.., , . , ,,:. :.:,. 2 . ,,,, ..,, L . , .,., , J- A ' s"'s' f ,, ' i at ,sf-Z tx : : X, - , - ..- -. X .:. ft- .- . .Q :,. "- J . V - 1 -iiaz i-1l Q , C . X F" P " Q- --il N 1 . . .,.,, I ry' I zlz p , , ri :1'1 "" B , jp W fr of 1 . . we 4 'ss . .. . , "" :': . ie" -"1f2fHf.. a rty . W., ' 5:3 ----,- 2 1:2-: I :': V r 3 '- --Q-Q , .,... 1 . t "-' ' if ,:, .::, Av 2-a .-nv .lr ':i':: W Q'-,gf V5.1 '- 351' . K t A Ng X Q W gig 3 X N' ' Ai wr X , ' rf.-: w 1 rt, ,.,. ,...... Q .. L l F A 5 ::g55:jeg:5:::-Eg, :: .-., : Vw - 55:1 " rf ' is .V W X X N ag :rig W5 K ,. t 1, '- . as QW Q X X 'N S Qft. Y X v , ,T .ls-: sl, . g 14 Fi 2121! 1 - f :2ff::' 22 at Km :....L.k 'Le Christie James Tom Reese Jerry Cargnel Ralph Walters Gaye Lile Margaret Pugh Mike Rogers SQ gg w .. , s if sv ' , '5i' ' ,,.:?. 55Yi:ffEf'. N391 WM git, neg: aj' are ws 1- fiffi El 4 af.. L lf FRESHMEN Delores Carol Dan Billy H?-:get Laggsecker Jolllglpple Rapport Schide Knisely Meese . - - Bonnie Edward Mark Clifford Ecflfnan Bliiglft P23311 Gribble Richesson McClelland Heuschkell P 1 B th J M ' J Bffglihaw Paggmg Joggiis Eglliott tinowney ogsiroll 0 . Ray Floyd Dave Ronnie Bileleese Rtglgnia Dgegples Rector Burner COX Eichel . Bob Jackie Sue Carol Saglist D132 0 d Cgicik- Bean Frownfelter Miller Soulsby Karen Sandra Mary Christine Beans Winkler Beamer Frantz INSET: Mr. Strozisclr shows what makes T6I'I'Y.Hl1' June Patty Jim 'em go to Tom Hurst, Glenn Shull, and m91'1Ckh0US6 Roth Doidge Riggs Ruth Ann Cory in Drivers Training class. INSET: Mrs. Makee discusses a with June Roth, Nancy Robb, Marilyn Moreland and Betty Simmers in Home Ec. Leonard Pompey John Kokinski Allan Archinal Gary Price Patty Cargnel Nancy Davis Alan Packer Danny Edie Patty Lyons Gene Wilson Jim Hency Nancy Schide Pete Provan Don Murphy Julie Dickerson Margaret Jerry Susan Schneider Polka Vance shiriey Marilyn Charles " Keatley Maxwell Reymond Harold Gary Terry May Linard Geib Walter Wanda Eleanor Davis Menges N adeau Dutch Max Tom Haupert Waddington Glass Sharon Monty Connie DeVore Freshwater Boitnott Alfred Karen Kenny Tate Maurer Guthrie FRESHM EN Becky Lawrence John "" Wright Paul Burger John Tucker Ray Dauterman Bill Dillon Mary Snyder 51 , f ' ' V. :Ei e - , 5 'fi' I :ff I . i 1- , :sE5:5i:: ,asf fl. 'ffff ar" , 1 , .. 5 V' .131 if 4. .n i ti.,-.. .S .. .aw ' N x . an of . y, A Q s X I , I I I f .I I I II I I II II , I .... , . I, I I . II K.. Q ' A 'A fi III III 7 Q' I -- 1 ,Qi ' 441 ,V I, .,I.,I5, P9 I 1 3 r. .fiwzxi 1 ' l,s2I?,lII II I IIII ., le 6' i MQ 4 W Q 'W' L, .4-6,5 if 1 V iz ia? as Q , I 2 ., .iw IW, . , I1 ik 'ilk 1, .k.,,, Q., 1 , 4, Becky Ridenour John Cookson Linda Stokey Ronnie Ludwig Wanda Flaherty David Huff Kay Hoagland 52 Tom Yanders Carol Wherley Chuck Van Sickle Susan Coutts Leon Minor Donna Shull Thelma May FRESHMEN Judy Hoop- ingarner Dave Brindel Sandy Beamer Ronnie Ash Karen Brown Rickie Marshall Dale Grages Johnny Murphy Ann Leggett Ray Mutti Glenda Baumer Bob Espenschied Nancy Royce Wilda George Elizabeth Gibson Bob Mackey Ann Peterman Dennis Morris Mildred Rupe Herbert Torgler Larry Fulton Eddie Kay Fitch Miller Faye Jerry Beitzel Belknap Fritz Sheila Wieland Mowls Sharon John Rosenberry Winkler Ted Marie Swaldo Nedrow Patty Wade Jackson Maurer Mary Ann Fred Benco McAbier Marilyn Moreland John Kilchenman Joyce Drake Bryan Klann Mike Halchuck John Swisshelm Maxine Mason Tom Taylor Karen Jones James Beavers Linda Fiedler Barbara Ballard Kay Kinsey Ray Burkey Becky Beitzel Calvin Mutti Nancy Pittman Patty Miller John Kollar Leila Knisely Cheryl Beaber FRESHMEN Rfggfs Gaye Donald Judy Nancy Erickson Craigo Smallwood Robb Tom Betty Marcia Wilson . Shull Weaver Dalgfrrier Clara Marion Cynthia Deanna May Slckels Fontana Ickes Nancy Mary Betty . Rlchards M11161' Ager Shgfger Delores Wendell Harriet Kutcher Shaffer Neiger Judy Vierheller Chuck INSET: The class returns in fancy to the Grimm days of Robin Hood as Mrs. Park puts Ivanhoe questions on the board. Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row 4.. 3.. 2- isifi ZW ROOM 204 Robert Owens, John Morgan, James Mercer, Jerry Holdsworth, Dale War- ner, James Ringler, Brenton Cronebaugh. James Lawless, Penny Broadhurst, Martha Kaiser, Judy Hawkins, Gilbert Walton. Mary Pallas, Sue Schoelles, Cheryl Cua, Marilyn Bellrose, Cheryl Leggett, Carole Fisher, Cynthia Wade. 'I-l.eRoy Rease, John Parris, John Rapp, Dennis Aberth, Dave Avon, Jeff Jackson, John Frame. ROOM 310 4-Richard Ray, Gene Tygard, James Ayers, Jack Wagner, George Henley, Michael Watson, John Grimm, Stanley Thomas. 3-Karen Sours, Carolyn Day, Sharon McMurray, Marilyn Lawrence, Nancy Benco, Nancy Monte. 2-Cheryl Butts, Linda Stevenson, Eva Flowers, Patsy Brogne, Marie Stokey, Linda Border, Cinda Smith. 1-Dave Dawson, Jack Fickes, Donald Bland, Barry Anderson, Harold Ed- 4 wards, Mike Stroup. ROOM 308 -Mike Day, Sam McClelland, Fred Johns, Terry Hykes, David Engelhart, Richard Goodwin, Terry Gopp, Dean Zurcher, Richard Schwartz. 3-Keith Dessecker, Susan Welling, Susan Shook, Rose Ann Bailey, Katie Wilson, John Hines. 2-Sue Spring, Bonnie Voshall, Karen Gibson, Janet Walters, Sally Paddock, Glenda Barker, Mary Ann West. 1-Donald Breter, Terry Swegheimer, Jeff Woolf, Tommy Richman, James Bailey, Jim Wemple, Donald Simmers. -ef "f ii "s'r "ia.1i.i":" "dv" 5f55'5X Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row 565+ ZW 4-Alan Fisher, Howard VanBuskirk, Eugene Bricker, Roger Corpman, Tom Bour, Richard Hoy, Vincent Polce, Terry Polka. Carol Sutton, JoAnn Bean, Ruth Martin, Doris Blunt, Eileen France. 2-Nancy Olmstead, Patty LaFountaine, Renee Vance, Patti Jo Andreas, Janet Corwin, Sandra Stemple, Karen Browning. 'I-Mike Carpenter, Jack Ashbaugh, Tim Johnston, Charles Teter, Don Ed- wards, Bill Fox, Larry Green. ROOM 213 4-Fred Milburn, Adrian Schaar, Jerry Smith, Charles Lang, Robert Zion, Raymond Butts, Ronnie Simmers, Morris Tolotti, Terry Ceramella. 3-Bessie France, Carolyn Murphy, Phyllis Fox, Linda Leatherman, Jackie Warfield, Roberta Boone, Carol Edwards, Junior Heisler. 2-Cheryl Raiff, Lila Blackson, Mary Geltz, Judy Reymond, Patty Withers, Jill Collins, Jill Polka. l-David Christy, Philip Kinsey, Jack Gowan, Joe Palmer, Jim Strazisar, John Campbell. ROOM 307 4-Edwin Minnich, Sam McCauslancl, David Caldwell, Tim Ledrich, Ronnie Cappel, Eddie West, Kelly Price, Alex lmroth. 3-Shirley Rybarczyk, Deidre Miller, Linda Hinton, Myra Creal, Lana Wires, Sharon Korns. 2-Irene Evans, Susan Lang, Doris Echelberry, Gloria Wilkerson, Wanda Kerr, Carol Heller, Susan Mclntire. 'I-Emmett Espenschied, Robert Snyder, Donald Shipley, Fred Devore, Ray- mond Hidey, John Bigler. MW Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row C9651 1' Room 211 4-Daniel DeVecka, Jack Evans, Vandalene Bear, Jane Sullivan, Rebecca Smith, Kathryn Angel, Gerry Cappel. 3-John Smith, Ellen Rich, Linda Cory, Carol Kinsey, Carol Miller, Patricia 2- l Belknap, Mary Jo James, Keith Abel. Gloria Kinsey, Bonnie Maple, Jean Ann Clendenin, Sandra Penrod, Connie Anderson, Joanne Beaber, Sue Halter. -Bill Schwartz, Bill Frohnopfel, Fred Parris, Steve Stephan, William Harman, Richard Meek. ROOM 206 4-Junior McRobie, Lars King, Steve White, Jerry Horn, Gary Shores, Eddie Bean. 3-Bob Patterson, Mary Cunningham, Alice Mitchell, Viola LeMasters, Madelyn Henderson, Nancy Scott, Rick Maurer, Chris Rice. 2-Patty Linard, Beatrice Head, Merrie VanSickle, Lynn Marsh, Elaine Kaser- man, Darla Johnson, Becky Niuman, Linda Shaffer. 'I-Dick Huff, William Sutton, Art Ball, Mike Carter, Jimmy Mangan, Mike Davis. ROOM 207 4--Bob Chaney, John Eichel, Leroy Cope, Ray Patterson, Jack Cargnel, Fred Harris, Jerome Mercer, Darrell Stokey. 3--Rebecca Stocksdale, Joanne Creager, Mary Harding, Beverly Haver, Ramona Blackwell, Nancy Clum, Carol Ball, Charlene Martin. 2-Donna Hickenbottom, Karen Sanders, Shirley Walker, Claire Gopp, Susan Taylor, Shirley Fish, Barb Williams. l-Robert Miller, Mike Adams, Tommy Farbizo, Jim May, Jimmy Edie, Bob Stein. event' gear Row 4 Row 3 Row 2- Row 'I Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row even fb Mem' ROOM 208 -Charles Tedrick, Benny Lawrence, Dale Denham, Donald Jaberg, Gary Massarelli, Jerry White, Jack DeVore, Tobey Walton -Diane Lawrence, Jackie Polen, Margaret Hiller, Melinda Gibbs, Lois Dawson, Illa McClintock, Betty Jo Moore. Dorothy Burdette, Linda Palmer, Diane Zingery, Susan McMasters, Jo Ann Rausch, Joyce Day, Sue Goodwin. -Vic Inherst, Steven Couts, Bill Byers, Robert Johns, John Hunker, Ray- mond Walker, Jim Frantz. ROOM 215 4-Jerry Dehl, James Amick, Bob Hinson, Charles Price, Jimmy Anderson, Cliff Bachtel, Jack Bishop. 3-Sharon Ecklund, Sharon Landis, Mary McCulloch, Patty De Michael, Patsy Haakinson, Sandra Knapp. 2-Margaret Hidey, Nancy Brown, Shyrlent Moreau, Jane Fontana, Alice DeWitt, Linda Edmundson, Juanita Elliott. 'I-Joe Grasselli, Jack Mathias, Richard McConnell, Chick Erwin, Terry Walton, Eric Waltz, Gary Anderson. ROOM 209 4-Jim Tilkey, Danny Caldwell, Mike Partridge, Gail Clutz, David Shaffer, Bernard Henley. ' 3-Kenny Hill, Wayne Smith, Helen Huff, Carol Lowmiller, Terry Pennington, John Morris. 2-Jo Anne Burch, Nancy Lab, Marjorie Tolbert, Sandra Nedrow, Jackie Lorenz, Kay Wilson, Mary Ann Stempfly. 1-John Russell, Ted Fisher, Bill Ricker, Dennis Minor, Steve Reese, Johnny Burtscher, Roger Corpma n. even fb Zum' ee OM? C gfbvv - , 5 X c 'BSMQQ ? . .ig ,yfsx The addition to four of our elementary schools of multi-purpose rooms as they appeared in various stages of construction. Top row: Central Building Upper center: Tuscarawas Avenue Building Lower center: Front Avenue Building Bottom row: South Building ff .I 661114 ' fc? F54 as Our time in school would not have been complete without the extra-curricular ac- tivities in which we participated. This year no new clubs were organized, but many of our clubs grew in size. We will never for- get the good times we had in our clubs and activities. Above, Jim Watson has the advantage over Dick Tarulli as the kibitzers eagerly await the kill. At left we see a spirited melee in a girls' noon-hour basket- ball game. ACTIVITIES Tye ouncil Row 4-Charles France, Jim Gribble, Mr. Williams, Gary Rich, Joe Cunningham. Row 3-Jim Shear, Bill Jones, John Cramer, Bob Liberatore, Mark Sturm, Tim Bichsel. Row 2-Doris Neff, Judy Wheeler, Gail Turner, Ann Herron, Judy Harris, Becky Tucker, Adelaide Fi sher. Row 1-Melanie Mears, Becky Robb, Kay Leggett, Ellen Hurst, Deanna Polka, Katie Jenkins, Helen Stehman, Judy Green. anim' ivision f-ubenf ouucil Cpfficevs President ...... . . . Tim BiCl'lSel Vice President . . . . . . Secretary .... . . . Treasurer .. .. Joe Adviser . . . . 64 . . Eddie Wise Judy Wheeler Cunningham Mr. Williams F L Joe Cunningham, Eddie Wise, Tim Bichsel, Judy Wheeler Mr. Williams. 5 anion' ivision t-ubenf ounci "The meeting will now come to order." The Senior Division councilors know this expression well! Every Monday during the fifth period this expression is pronounced by the president of the Student Council. At the beginning of the school year each homeroom elects a councilor and an alternate to represent it in the council meetings. The different problems are met by the decisons which the council thinks best. In this way, the student councilors learn to choose the best way for the benefit of themselves and others, and to contribute in some way to the government of their school. Some of the seasonal activities that were discussed at council meetings were the regular problems of the week, the record hop featuring Sal Butera, which was held in the school library, nomination and election of officers, and the election and coronation of the Homecoming Queen. omecomin - Queen amb 1-fenbamfs Row 2-Becky Niuman, Judy Green, Jill Polka.. Row 1-Judy Parris, Queen Becky Robb, Linda, Voshall. Absent,-Christie James. The Queen and her court are elected by the student body under the auspices of the Student Council. The attendants are chosen from the ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades, and the pages from the seventh and eighth. The court reigned over the East Liverpool football game and at the Home- coming Dance held at the Elks ballroom. un Kos' Ivision fubent- ounci Row ROW Row Row Row 5-Dale Nepsa, Ronald Simmers, Miss Milar, Alan Packer, Paul Swartz, David Christy, Lowell Swartz, Max Waddington, Mark McClelland, Joe Rieker, Donald Murphy. 4-Carol Soulsby, Patsy Yosick, Christie James, Joyce Turner, Madge Phillips, Joyce Davis, Patty Cargnel, Kenny Monte, Leland Ervin. 3-Dale Denham, Ted Swaldo, Eugene Bricker, Ellen Rich, Sue Mclntire, Karen Gibson, Janet Walters, Mary Ann Benco, Carol Wherley. 2-James Bailey, Richard McConnell, John Parris, Jerry Mercer, John Morris, Carol Heller, Cheryl Leggett, Karen Browning. 1-Melinda Gibbs, Becky Niuman, Elaine Kaserman, Linda Edmundson, Susan Taylor, Gloria Kinsey, Connie Anderson, Cinda Smith. OFFICERS President .... ........ . . . . Lowell Swartz Vice-President ......... . . Kenny Monte Assistant Vice-President . . . . . . Madge Phillips Secretary ........... . . . Janet Walters Assistant Secretary . . . . . Christie James Treasurer ......... ..... P aul Swartz Assistant Treasurer .. .. Mark McClelland un for ivision fubent- ounci "Know Your Student Council" was the slogan of the Junior Division Student Council this year. Homerooms, students, and members of the faculty were encouraged to visit the council meet- ings which were held each Monday the first period. Among the projects sponsored by the council this year were the following: A very success- ful magazine drive totaling S39l4.32, with thirty-nine thirty dollar salesmenp an excellent noon- hour program of dancing, volley ball and basketball intramurals, ping-pong, and shuffle- boardp a very satisfying school savings and defense stamp proiect, acting as hosts for "Open House" on November 4, as well as stressing the importance of passing the school levyp in- stallation of a very good system of hall guardS: and encouraging better scholarship by read- ing and posting the names of all pupils on the honor roll after each grading period. Other projects included putting into effect the revised "activity point" system under which an activity card upon which is recorded each co-curricular odivlfy of each Student, grades seven through twelve, is made to be placed in the permanent folder when the student leaves school, the preparation and adoption of a "Teenage Cade" to be put into operation next year, supervision of homerooms as well as general elections, sending of a delegate from the iunior division to the State Student Council Convention at Mansfield: visiting the CNY C0Uf1Clli GPPI'0VC1l of the purchase off a Polaroid Land camera fa be Used for "on the spot" pictures of school activities, and closing the year's activities with a most eni0YCllOl9 Spring PONY- THE LEADERS CLUB Row 3-Jerry Polka, John Cookson, Dewey Dean, Jim Mercer, Jack Evans, Kenny Monte. Row 2-David Cox, Joyce Turner, Helen Huff, Glenda Barker, Marie Stokey, Tim Johnson. Row 1-Susan McMasters, Susan Lang, Bob Stine, Gary Anderson, Joe Palmer. The Leaders Club, which is an outgrowth of the Junior Division Student Council, meets every Tuesday the first period to consult with the vice-president of the council, The club consist of vice-presidents from each homeroom in the iunior division and its ad-M viser is Mr. Keppler. The chairman is Kenny Monte. One of the main iobs of the Leader's Club is to help the chairman prepare programs for the homerooms. This is the first year these students have been organized but they have been very active in the past as individual leaders. 67 we 0ef'I+W aff GLENN SWARTZ Editor-in-Chief NANCY JO BARGAR Literary Editor LINDA VOSHALL Typist PAT SNYDER Assistant Activities Editor JANET WILLIAMS Circulation Manager SAM WATKINS Sports Editor ADELAI DE F I SH ER Assistant Editor JANE PHILLIPS Assistant Literary Editor J IM WATSON Business Manager KA RL GOE R I NG Photography Editor J O E E DWA R DS Assistant Circulation Manager J IM R E N N E R Assistant Sports Editor JEANNETTE BERTOLI NI Activities Editor TOM TUCKER Art Editor TOM CU NNINGHAM Assistant Business Manager JUDY SMITH Assistant Art Editor Ile elfifw eff If you have walked into Mr. Rieker's room the seventh period of any clay, you have probably heard someone yelling. "-Where's my assistant?" "-Have you counted any tax stamps?" "-How many Delphians did you sell?" "-What is the exact number of the seniors in this year's class?"' These are only a few of the things said in the Delphian Staff's workshop. The senior editor of each department has his own job set before him and is held responsible for it at the deadline. ln order to do his work accurately and on time and for training purposes, he has a junior assistant assigned to him. Students are chosen for the Delphian Staff on the basis of their ability, their work, ther activities, cooperation and other qualifications. The sophomores are appointed at the beginning of the second semester and they serve as apprentices, count tax stamps, and help as needed for the remainder of the school year. In their iunior year they become assistant department heads, and, in time, tull- fledged editors or managers in their senior year. The Delphian Staff strives to make the yearbook one that will be remembered and cherished. Both teamwork and individual work are required to bring out the highlights of the past school year and to shape the memories that will be recalled in future years. SOPHOMORE APPRENTICES Row 2-Dick Tnrulli. Ward Bower. Mark Sturm, Gary Rich. Row 1-Joyce Wade, Jo Ann Humerickhouse, Christine Gibson. I-be Gviffxil 6M?5 Row 3-John Gano, Bill Wenger, Joe Frenzel, John Cramer, Phil Hoffman. Row 2-Ann Blinn, Sarah Kilchenman, Miss Shumaker, Ila Makee, Mary Jo Page. Row 1-Ellen Hurst, Katie Jenkins, Judy Wheeler, Roger Lile, Jan Utz, Deanna Polka Doris Neff. CENTRAL NEWS STAFF EDITORS-IN-CHIEF ........ Roger Lile, Janet Utz, Judy Wheeler FEATURE EDITORS ,. ...... John Cramer, Deanna Polka CLUB EDITOR ..... .................,. D oris Neff SPORTS EDITOR . . . .... Joe Frenzel ART EDITOR .... . .. . ...... Philip Hoffman ARTIST ............ ........................ J eff Teel REPORTERS ........... . . Ann Blinn, John Gano, Ellen Hurst BUSINESS MANAGER ...... .............. K athleen Jenkins CIRCULATION MANAGER ................ Sarah Kilchenman TYPISTS ................... Jeannette Bertolini, Sue Helbling, Dorothy Dindo, Katherine Simmers, Linda Voshall PRODUCTION MANAGER .......,............. Betsy Beitzel ADVISER ............. .. Miss Pauline Shumaker T56 en f'1'A Cflfzws "Get your CENTRAL NEWS, only 5 cents a copy, latest happenings at N.P.H.S." Every three weeks this message is sent out from the Central News Staff. These latest happenings include the sports reviews of games coming up, iokes, gossip, feature articles on the latest center of conversation and many other news articles. THE CENTRAL NEWS has a Christmas party and in the spring has a joint picnic with the Delphian Staff. In addition to the tri-weekly publication, the staff is in charge of QUAKER HIGHLIGHTS, which appears in THE DAILY TIMES. The staff, which has won numerous awards in annual competitions, belongs to the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. CENTRAL NEWS TYPISTS Jeannette Bertolini, Linda Voshall, Dorothy Dindo, Betsy Beitvel. Kfatbertne Simmers, Mrs. Williams. Seated-Sue Helbling. "Copy, copy, copy! Stencils and more stencils! These are two things that are of vital importance to these girls who work behind the scenes. They see that the articles written by the Central News Staff are typed up and put on stencils. These stencils are then mimeographed and the papers are turned over to the Central News Staff to be put together and sold. The girls must be accurate and neat in their work and are chosen for their iobs by these qualifications. on or Cl ul, OFFICERS . . ............ ..,.,. R oger Lile Janet Williams President . . . Vice-President . . . ......,.. . . . . Secretary . . . Treasurer . .. Advisers . . . ............... Doris Neff Judi Alexander . . Miss Shumoker, Miss Helmick, Mr. Williams Two A's and two B's or better will get a tenth, eleventh, or twelfth grade student in the Honor Club. The club offers the students a challenge and com- petition. It gives them the incentive to work to the best of their ability, and a goal to work towards. This goal is to be a life member. To become this, the honor student must be on the honor roll five out of six semesters. ln the spring, at an honor assembly, these students receive a special gold pin which is furnished by the Board of Edu- cation. Those students who are on the honor roll three semesters receive an active membership and those enrolled for one semester become associate mem- bers. This year the administration has tried anew to stress the importance of good grades and has had the honor students meet and discuss this problem, and has also created an adult scholarship board to help emphasize scholastic excellence. Row 4-Bill Jones, Dennis Magley, Jerry Niuman, Jim Turrin, Sonny Walker, John Gano, Bob Libera- Row 3 tore, Joe Frenzel, Bill Ladrach, John Cramer, Ila Makee, Jo Ann Humerickhouse, Carolyn Bailey, Virginia Sloe, Sandy Bozman, Ramona Crilly, Dixie Smallwood, Vickie Cheslock, Alice Draher, Suzy Sloe, Linda Cline. -Jim Gribble, Annette Pozzi, Nannette Nussbaum, Adelaide Fisher, Janet Williams, Gwen Heath- cock, Jill Rosenberry, Judy Westbrook, Judy Wright, Neva Gay Reynolds, Mary Murrell, Judy Welz, Priscilla Campbell, Joyce Breehl. Row 2-Roger Lile, Sue Helbling, Doris Neff, Judi Alexander, Janet Utz, Linda Abbuhl, Linda Voshall, Row 1- .Jr-annotie Bertfwlini Bonnie Brogne, Linda Linard, Charlotte Cole, Kathryn Simmers, Arline Hency, Miss Shumaker. Deanna Polka, Ellen Hurst, Katie Jenkins, Jane Phillips, Pat Snyder, Corinne Palmer, Judy Smith, Joada Palmer, Sue Schladen, Christine Gibson, Carolyn Dauterman, Cynthia Lorenz, Elaine Wright, Mr. Williams. outa ' usiness eabevs Row Row Row Row Row 5-Bob Becker, Bill Gibbs, Eddie Quillen, Opal Alexander, Connie Smith, Mrs. Williams, Becky Tucker, Dot Dindo, Linda Voshall, Holly Rosenberry, Judy Ball. 4-Carol McConnell, Harriet Radcliffe, Betsy Beitzel, Margaret Geib, Shirley Tedrick, Virginia Paisley, Margie Buckohr, Grace Hicks, Vic e Lheslock, Sue Helbling. 3-Barbara Fuerst, Sandra Bird, Judy Limbaugh, Janet Sours, Judy Parris, Karen Steinbaugh, Ruth Ann Cory, Russelyn Briggs, Judy Welz, Patty Rogers, Sally Caldwell. 2-Shirley DeStefani, Katherine Simmers, Lola De Michael, Karen Huff, Jo Burger, Yvonne Ben- jamin, Jeannette Bertolini, Carol Loos, Con lie Sizemore, Bonnie Espenschied. 1-Kay Davis, Fern Vogel, Wanda Welfley, Judy Hobart, Bonnie Bartholow, LaVonne Gribble, Mary Lovell, Carolyn Dauterman, Eleanor Pittman. OFFICERS J President . ..... . Jeannette Bertolini Vice-President . . . . . Judy Limbaugh Secretary .... . , Kathryn Simmers Treasurer . . . . . . Bob Becker Adviser . . . . . . Mrs. Williams Would you rather be a bookkeeper, stenographer, typist or file clerk? To Find out, many in the eleventh and twelfth grades have ioined this club to see if they can decide which field of business they would enjoy working in the most. The club members presented a play pointing out the do's and don't's for secre- taries, had several panel discussions and finished the year with a dinner in honor of the senior members. X- Teens CAL inet President ..... .. . Betty Rupe Vice-President . . . . Linda Abbuhl Secretary . . . . . . Deanna Polka Treasurer . .. . . Becky Robb Adviser . . . . . . Mrs. Carroll Row 2-Deanna Polka, Adelaide Fisher, Mrs. Carroll, Jill Rosenberry, Linda Abbuhl. Row 1-Shirley Destefani, Betty Rupe, Becky Robb. OPPOSITE, TOP: Row 5-Virginia Sloe, Alice Draher, Katie Jenkins, Elaine Wright, Judy Thomas, Betty Will- iams, Kay Witherspoon, Sally Spring, Jo Herron, lva Fisher, Judy Brick, Sandy Bozman, Harriet Radcliffe. Row 4-Judy Hobart, Johnalee Mizer, Helen Jones, Patty Swinderman, Charlotte Cole, Doris Neff, Adelaide Fisher, Karen Lab, Sally Pugh, Ellen Beamer, Connie Geib, Barbara Doidge. Row 3-Bonnie Bartholow, Susie Hudson, Judy Johns, Karen Sanders, Marla Cotton, Sharon Welfley, Carolyn Bailey, Karen Stemple, Ruth Harding, Darlene Myers, Judy Smith, Sandy Border, Amelia Emig. 2-Kay Leggett, Jane Phillips, Judi Alexander, Eleanor Montgomery, Melanie Mears, Sally Jo Mathias, Helen Stehman, Karen Pfeiffer, Ann Blinn, Susan Angel, Corinne Deardorff, Carolyn Maurer. l-Sue Ricker, Pat Snyder, Diane Mathews, Sue Schladen, Nancy Bender, Beth Hupp, Judy Green, Susan Mitchell, Mary Jo Page, Elizabeth Dougherty, Christine Gibson. Row Row OPPOSITE, BOTTOM: Row 5-Becky Tucker, Nancy Overton, Barbara Wemple, Nancy Ayers, Becky Robb, Carol Sanders, Shirley DeStefani, Deanna Polka, Linda Abbuhl, Carole Rogers, Sue Hostetler, Jill Rosenberry, Betty Rupe, Holly Rosenberry. Row 4-Janet Sours, Barbara Smith, Mary Jean Burrier, Gloria Drake, Jo Ann Humerick- house, Emma Simmers, Nellie Wood, Carol McConnell. Row 3-Carol Tilkey, Joada Palmer, Kathryn Fawcett, Julianne Bloom, Priscilla Campbell, Evelyn Walters, Sandra English, lla Makee, Barbara Fuerst, Russelyn Briggs. Row 2-Margie Buckohr, Jayne Fahr, Judy Parris, Karen Steinbaugh, Kaye Bowers, Karen Row l Wells, Darlene Harrison, Linda Linard, Judy Wheeler, Janet Utz, Andrey Thatcher. -Sandra Bird, Judy Wright, Cora Mutti, Joan Cain, Karen May, Wanda Blacka, Carol Burkhart, Barith Stempfly, Gaye Korns. Z- 66115 The Y-Teens Cabinet is composed of the officers of the club and Mrs. Carroll, the adviser. The activities throughout the year are discussed and the plans decided upon by the officers and their own special committees. At the beginning of the fall term the Y-Teens had a get-acquainted dinner for old and new members. Later on an induction service was held. This year the club members were very active. They presented the annual Christmas Pageant under the direction of Mrs. Carroll. ln addition to this, they donated food to a needy family and in the spring held a Senior salute in honor of the graduating seniors. The club's purpose is to ioin girls together in Christian unity and friendship. cience Row 4-Jim Bigler, Bill Carpenter, Jim Rolli, Richard Wasielewski, B111 Ress, Tom Tucker, Charles Humerickhouse, Tom Polka. Row 3-Jerry Niuman, Dave Owen, Don Wingeier, Vic Marsh, Dave Schnader, Karl Goering, Bill Ladrach. Row 2-Dennis Magley, Joe Frenzel, Bill Alexander, Mike Ashbaugh, Bob Liberatore, Dean Mizer, Roger Lile. Row 1-John Phillips, Jim Watson, Jim Halderman, Jon Ritenour, Ronnie Edie, Mike Walton. EXECUTIVE BOARD Jim Watson, Dave Owen, Joe Frenzel, Bill Ladrach, Roger Lile. Adviser-Miss Helmick The Science Club, which is composed of boys taking chemistry or physics, studies and learns about the many fields of science and works out scientific problems. These boys are responsible for all the audio-visual equipment and the movies in senior division. They also operate proiectors at city schools when the regular operator is unable to do so. The boys are very cooperative and would do anything asked of them for the benefit of the school and the community. Clegg Club Row 4-Bill Breehl, Merle Clum, Jack Fox, Bill Harding, Mr. Rieker. Row 3-Charles France, Frank Fabiano, Jim Rolli, Larry Powell, Jim Bigler. Row 2-Tom Polka, Don Fowler, John Freiling, Larry Walker, Jim Watson, Jim Lukens. Row 1-Claude Snyder, Tom Hines, Ronnie Collins, Dick Tarulli, Dennis Magley, John Phillips. OFFICERS President .... . . . . . Jim Watson Vice-President ...... . . . Jim Rolli Secretary-Treasurer . .. . . Zeke Harris Adviser ......... Mr. Rieker Time: Fifth Period. Place: 226 - Mr. Rieker's room. Occasion: Chess Club meeting. Two weeks have passed since the last meeting and today the members of the club will produce their chess sets and begin their war against the new problem given them by Mr. Rieker. After a few months of this, a tournament begins to see who the best player is. The result is a new champion. Any boy from the tenth, eleventh and twelfth grade may join the club. The b l h ' oys earn t e art of chess and are able to practice what they learn, thus cul- tivating a respected hobby 'For their later life. ufuve uvses Row 4-Miss Moffitt, Gwen Heathcock, Kathy Hummell, Carol McConnell Jill Rosen berry, Sally Smith, Mary Ann Miskimen, Connie Wassem. Row 3-Carol Snyder, Donna Nickeson, Suzy Sloe, Alice Draher, Shirley Tedrick Anita Ray, Elaine Wright, Adelaide Fisher. Row 2-Harlene Stevenson, Judy Hobart, Bonnie Bartholow, Eleanor Montgomery Carol Sanders, Barb Wemple, Ann Herron, Sarah Kilchenman. Row 1-Barbara Lampe, Pat Snyder, Nannette Nussbaum, Helen Stehman Sheila Muzechuk, Deanna Kramer, Katie Jenkins. President . . . Vice-President . . Secretory ....... Assistant Secretary Treasurer ........ Assisia nt Treasurer Adviser ........ OFFICERS .. Jill Rosenberry . . Lindo Lincrd ... Judy Hobart ..... Ann Herron Harlene Stevenson Sarah Kilchenmcn . . . . Miss Moffiti ut-uve uvses Row 4-Betty Petersheim, Marlene Geiser, Judy Thomas, Maryanne Rhodes, Katherine Fawcett, Mary Jean Burrier, Katherine Simmers, Nancy Overton, Marlene Beal, Ramona Crilly. Row 3-Linda Stevens, Nellie Wood, Ruth Ann Guy, Vickie Fickes, Lola De Michael, Janet Wigginton, Mary Phillips, Carole Rogers, Sue Hostetler, Iva Fisher. Row 2-Virginia Paisley, Edith Pennington, Susan Angel, Marta Farbizo, Barb Smith, Barb Tolbert, Ruth Ann Cory, Sally Caldwell, Connie Huff. Row 1-Kaye Bowers, Marilyn Cochran, Ida Humrighouse, Sandy Haskett, La Vonne Gribble, Sally Winspeare, Helen Jones, Leah Parsons. "Will you please take my temperature?" "I think I'm getting the measles!" These are iust two of the many complaints heard by Miss Moffitt and the mem- bers of F. N. A. Two members of the club, one in iunior division and one in senior division, are posted in the hall each period, prepared to take care of the different cases that arise. They try to make the ill students feel comfortable until the nurse can take care of them. The purpose of the club is to help girls who are interested in nursing get ac- quainted with the different tasks involved. The club has had several guest speakers, a few demonstrations, and a picnic in the spring in tribute to the senior members. fgranisb Row Row Row Row Row 5-Mrs. Taylor, Dennis Hicks, Dave Massarelli, Frank Fabiano, Larry Walker, Bill Goddard, Jack Phillips, David Mackey, Stanley Corpman. 4-Dina Breehl, Dixie Smallwood, Marla Cotton, Karen Sanders, Sharon Ebert, Honey Wetzel, Karen Pfeiffer, Sandy Bozman. 3-Barb Fuerst, Russelyn Briggs, Virginia Paisley, Carol Burkhart, Neva Rey- nolds, Judy Smith, Sandy Scott, Barbara Lampe. 2-Cora Mutti, Wanda Blacka, Kaye Bowers, Patty Swinderman, Sally Pugh, Dar- lene Myers, Jo Herron, Brenda Granato, Connie Wassem. 1-Joanne Morris, Joada Palmer, Judy Markham, Beth I-Iupp, Sue Ricker, Linda Korns, Myra Riddle, Susan Mitchell. OFFICERS President . . ........ Dennis Hicks Vice-President . . . . Joacla Palmer Secretary . . . Barbara Fuerst Treasurer . . . Frank Fabiano Adviser . . . . Mrs. Taylor "Are you going to Spain?" "Will you be able to ask where the nearest hotel is?" This is one reason why the Spanish Club came into being-to encourage interest in Spanish culture and customs of Spanish speaking countries. To aid in learning this culture, the club members wrote to pen pals of these various countries. The club enjoyed many speakers who tolcl of their visits to Mexico, Spain, and several other countries. Feeling that Spanish culture should be realized, members of the club skill- fully decorated the window of the Ohio Power Company, and also the showcase in iunior division. The social activities included a chili supper and a record hop. er Row 4-Glenn Swartz, Bill Ress, Tom LeMasters, Jerry Fisher, Richard Wasieiewski. Row 3-Bill Stocker, Rollin Hyust, Charles France, Don Wingeier, Stewart Meyers, David Snyder. Row 2-Don Fowler, Gary Lint, Harold Morris, Mike Ashbaugh, Glenn Shuil, Jim Lukens. Row 1-David Shepherd, Bob Fleming, Jim Halderman, Mr. Bender, Bob Hinson, Jim Marsh, Dennis Magley. OFFICERS President ..... .......... ....... B i ll Ress Vice-President ..... . . Mike Ashbaugh Secretary-Treasurer . . . . Charles France Chaplain ........ .. . Glenn Swartz Adviser . . .. . Mr. Bender The Hi-Y is affiliated with the Y.M.C.A. and its purpose is to create and main- tain high standards of Christian character throughout the homes and community. In the fall a dinner was held with induction services being the highlight of the evening. The club has had several guest speakers and also sponsored a hay ride and a swimming party. Meetings were held every two weeks on Monday evenings to discuss and de- cide upon the activities of the club. l-4f'Lt1'6 CACECYS OF I 7 Imam SCA President . . . Vice-President Secretary . . . Treasurer .. Adviser . . OFFICERS Becky Robb . . . Jan Utz Ann Herron Judy Brick Miss Reiser ufuve crackers of r74vmevIca This organization turns the tables on eleventh and twelfth year students. As substitutes for absent teachers, these students see what the teachers must put up with, what they must produce, and then find out whether they would enjoy teaching in later years. A "C" average is necessary to be in the club and it must be maintained through- out the year. This year the F. T. A. has sent many seniors to the elementary grades to ob- serve the various techniques employed by the teachers. A group ofthe members presented a short skit, Mr. Force gave a talk, a college student spoke, and a movie was presented. Mr. Fishel gave the first annual F. T. A. banquet for the seniors this year. OPPOSITE, TOP 1 Row 4-Doris Neff, Susan Cheslock, Marlene Geiser, Judy Thomas, Barbara Smith, Harriet Radcliffe, Carol Tilkey, Iva Fisher, Sally Pugh, Patty Swinderman, Judy Harris. Row 3-Ellen Hurst, Janet Wigginton, Suzy Sloe, Alice Draher, Judy Saffell, Connie Kinsey, Anita Ray, Annette Pozzi, Judy Wright. Row 2-Carol Loos, Mary Rhodes, Ann Belknap, Christine Bigler, Marta Farbizo, Nikki Britt, Judi Alexander, Judy Welz, Sandra Bird. Row 1-Nellie Wood, Nannette Nussbaum, Kaye Bowers, Corinne Palmer, Deanna Polka, Helen Stehman, Sally Winspeare, Patty Rogers, Jane Phillips. OPPOSITE, BOTTOM: Row 4-Charles DeStefani, Jeff Edie, Stewart Meyers, Larry Mizer, Tim Bichsel, Miss Reiser, Rollin Hyust, Bob Liberatore, Dennis Magley, Bill Carpenter. Row 3-Lola De Michael, Karen Beal, Gail Turner, Judy Wheeler, Sue Helbling, Janet Williams, Linda Voshall, Linda Abbuhl, Nancy Jo Bargar. Row 2-Betty Amacher, Peggy Smith, Judy Parris, Ida Humrighouse, Susan Angel, Sally Caldwell, Ruth Cory. Joada Palmer, Eleanor Montgomery, Carole Sanders. Row 1-Pat Snyder, Diane Mathews, Linda Schwartz, Susan Feeley, Becky Robb, Ann Herron, Janet Utz, Sandy Haskett, La Vonne Gribble. ggi lvvaw fa ff Row 2-Royce Barker, Larry Colvin, Dick Youngen, Terry Carpenter, Robert Horn, Miss Passmore, Eddie Quillen, Bill Gibbs, Bob Becker. Seated--Ruth Ann Guy, Nancy Overton, Barbara Walker, Sandy Scott, Joanne Morris, Harriet Radcliffe, Amelia Emig, Janet Huff. OFFICERS President ..... . Terry Carpenter Vice-President . . . . . . Harriet Radcliffe Secretary .... ..... J anet Huff Treasurer .. ............... Bob Becker Advisers . .. . . Miss Passmore, Miss Horger ll "Could you help me find this book? "l've lost my library pass!" "How much will this overdue book cost me?" These are just a few of the exclamations, complaints, and questions heard in our library. The library staff is made up of a group of students who volunteer at the be- ginning of the year to assist the librarians, Miss Passmore and Miss Horger. The chores done by these students are checking library passes, shelving and checking in books and general library tasks. The murals visible in the picture were painted this year by several student artists under the direction of Miss Passmore. ubifoviuwa USEGYS Row 3-Judy Green, Sharon Frew, Ann Blinn, Kay Leggett, Jo Herron. Row 2-Barbara Wemple, Nikki Britt, Ellen Hurst, Helen Stehman. Row 1-Linda Voshall, Linda Abbuhl, Becky Robb. Absent-Nancy Jo Bargar "This way please," is spoken by girls from the Ushers Club on different oc- casions such as the Senior Class Play, the Patron's Concert, Junior Jamboree, Baccalaureate and Commencement. The sophomore girls are chosen by the junior girls with the approval of the senior girls to help in taking tickets and issuing programs when they are needed at special events. ln the spring of their senior year, these ushers are treated to a dinner given by Mr. Fishel. i 951' s c74C5leHc ssocial-Kon Row Row Row Row 4--Ida Humrighouse, Mary Jean Burrier, Jeannie Lawrence, Carol Lawver Betty Williams, Barbara Fuerst, Vickie Cheslock, Elaine Wright, Judy Thomas San dra Goettge, Charlene Edwards, Honey Wetzel. 3-Judy Parris, Julianne Bloom, Carol McConnell, Kathy Hummell, Ann Belknap Christine Bigler, Judy Westbrook, Mary Ann Feightling. 2-Judi Alexander, Gwen Heathcock, Gloria Drake, Jane Shaffer, Sandra Korns Eleanor Montgomery, Sarah Kilchenman, Linda Abbuhl. 1-Shirley DeStefani, Kay Davis, Sue Ricker, Marilyn Cochran Elizabeth Dougherty, Sandy Scott, Barith Stempily, Caroline Penrod. President . . . Vice-President Secretory .. Treasurer . . Adviser .. OFFICERS Search Kilchenmcnn .... Judy Harris .. Morto Forbizo . Judy Westbrook .. . Mrs. Wagner girls Kjiltklet-Kc ssociat-ion Row 4-Kay Helbling, Martha Geiser, Marlene Geiser, Betty Warner, Barbara Doidge, Vickie Stocksdale, Mrs. Wagner, Connie Wassem, Ginny Paisley, Ila Makee, Susan Cheslock, Karen Sanders. Row 3-Janet Huff, Freda Alexander, Sue Hostetler, Carole Rogers, Marta Farbizo, Kaye Bowers, Patty Rogers, Sally Winspeare, Sally Caldwell, Ruth Ann Cory, Judy Johns. Row 2-Sharon Ebert, Darlene Meyers, Judy Harris, Johnalee Mizer, Mary Lou Amick, Carolyn Cua, Sandy Haskett, Susie Feeley, Jane Phillips, Karen Stemple, Brenda Granato. Row 1-Carol Thomas, Marilyn Fisher, Karen Pfeiffer, Topsy Schwartz, Diane Mathews, Sue Schladen, Deanna Kramer, Judy Markham, Portia Baumer, Sandy Renner. The purpose ofthe G. A. A. is to have a group of girls who can enioy sports activities with their 'friends and classmates during school and outside of school. This year, the G. A. A. has had several swimming parties. A special event was held during the year in the form of combined swimming-pizza party. In the spring activity points were tabulated. Those girls with an exceptionally high number of points received special awards. G. A. A. strives to develop healthy individuals through sports, good sports- manship, fair play and good habits. Cmelwst-e ua? Row 2-Jim Lukens, Jim Renner, Homer Mil- burn, Niles Urfer, Larry Yohn, Mr. Savage. Row 1-Dick Shaffer, Sandy Scott, Karen Lab, Joe Rieker. "Resolved that-" is a favorite expression of the debate team. This team is composed of ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade students who have the ability to stress their arguments and to show their points of view. This year the squad has participated in fourteen debates, winning fifty per cent of them. Regular meetings are held once a month. The adviser is Mr. Savage. ovesh' C? l ulf OFFICERS President ...... . . . Jim Halderman Secretary-Treasurer ...... Tim Hurst Vice-President ........ Bill Ladrach Adviser .............. Mr. Ralston The purpose of this club is the care and harvesting of forests. The boys also learn the essentials of tree farming. This year the boys have received a series of instructions on fire fighting and conservation. In the spring the boys plant trees in the school forest under the direction of their adviser, Mr. Ralston. Row 3-Harvey Muntz, Vic Marsh, Glenn Swartz, Mr. Ralston, Stewart Meyers, Harold Morris, Larry Powell. Row 2-Royce Barker, Phililp Gintz, Jim Halderman, Jerry McConnell, Karl Goering, Dave Schnader. Row 1-Tom Hurst, Bob Hinson, Clyde Fouts, Mike Walton, Jim Homan 88 en Koa' ivision Sue Helbling, Judy Wheeler, Deanna Polka, Melanie Mears, Janice Russell. Ckeevleabevs "Q-U-A-K-E-R-S." The night-any Friday night at Quaker Stadium. The time-8:00 p. m. The team-the Quakers. The Cheerleaders-five girls from N. P. H. S. Come rain, snow, victory or defeat, these girls are always on hand to cheer our team on. They keep up school spirit with the catchy posters in the halls, their pep rallies and their lively cheers. They did an outstanding iob this year and held the school spirit together at all times. un for ivision Sandy Winkler, Delores Kutcher, Madge Phillips, Vicki Graff, Karen Gracik, Carol Gracik. 89 Row 1 Row 2- ocot-iovual Row 3-Ronald Holcomb, Dale Vogel, Mr. Fait, Dick Brown, Joe Frantz. Robert Deibel, Edsel Dillon, Bob Barbee, Paul Lahmers, Bob Meyers. -Bob Kron, Harold Rainsberg, Bob Rennecker, Kenny Lab. OFFICERS President . . .... Joe Frantz Vice-President . . . . . . Paul Lahmers Secretary . . . Robert Kron Treasurer Advisers . RobertMeyers . . . . . Mr. Fait, Mr. Guckenheimer The Vocational club is a social and service organization for boys enrolled in the vocational machine shop course, whose main purpose is to provide experi- enced men in the future for the community. These boys learn how to handle certain machinery and to assume some of the responsibility along with this kind of work. This year the boys have had a regional conference at Kent State. They have contributed to a needy family and have had a few basketball games. 3 fbi? Y614? This group of boys is responsible for the curtain and lighting of the auditorium. The props and sets needed for special performances are provided by these boys. The iob requires quick thinking and most of the work is done on their own. They do a fine iob and are very dependable. Row 3-Don Warner, Dale Nepsa, John Row 2- Row 1 00 Cookson, Conrad Haupert, Kelly Price, Sam McClelland, Richard Ray. David Caldwell, Ted Swaldo, Cliff Van Dyke, Jimmy Riggs, Jack Ashbaugh, Jack Fickes. -Mike Halchuck, Eddie West, Jerry Cargnel, Mike Rogers, Ray Dauterman. lug! .P Music AND DRAMA Kwai 1 r LM' or vl W Al In our school we have a time to use our imagination. Many of us played an instrument or sang in a school music group. The magical quality of music gave flight to our imagination and car- ried us into far away lands and visions. Above: The orchestra works hard at re- hearsal. left: Don Knisely, Sandy Boz- man and Mary Jo Page take a break after a choir performance. N we ,X fs ww Nw vm fi .ax ,-1. U Row Row Row Row Row 5 4.. Terry Carpenter, Ronny Hanna, Sandy Leggett, Beth Hupp, Connie Smith, Joe Collar. Janet Quimby, Susan Coutts, Portia Baumer, Carolyn Miller, Nancy Ben- der, Mary Ann Benco, Karen Brown. 3-Bob Urfer, Barb Doidge, Judy Markham, Susan Mitchell, Vicki Graff, Ward Bower, Brenda Granato. 2-Bonnie Markham, Judy Thomas, Virginia Sloe, Linda Linard, Connie Wassem, Sandra Goettge, Dave Mathias. 'I-Mary Snyder, Ronnie Ludwig, Niles Walker, Bill Ladrach, Jim Hency, John Kilchenman, Jeff Cramer, Fred Roll. I en 501' Row Row Row Row Row 1- 5-Elaine Wright, Sandy Beamer, Mark Sturm, Jim Marsh, Alan Packer, Dick Bichsel. 4-Terry Stuller, Joe Rieker, Kay Bloom, Bob Warner, Janet Williams, Ann Blinn, Sally Spring, Kay Witherspoon, Betty Ager. 3-Sarah Kilchenman, John Cramer, Mike Olmstead, Dave Mackey, Arline Hency, Jim Shear, Sandy Bozman, Eleanor Montgomery. Annette Pozzi, Mike Mathews, Connie Kinsey, Suzy Sloe, Marylin Herman, Ruth Harding, Susie Hudson, Cynthia Lorenz, Bonnie Noble, Sue Miller. Vickie Stocksdale, Dan Edie, Kenny Monte, Barb Virtue, Becky Ridenour, Carl Frame, Dalene Ripley, Holly Rosenberry. an? MAJORETTES DRUM MAJORS Sally Jo Mathias, Carolyn Bailey, Judy Harris, Head Drum Major Tim Blchsel Quaker Girl Carol Sanders, Head Majorette Dorothy Eddie Wise Dindo, Becky Tucker, Marlene Struchen. We are extremely proud of our maiorettes for the fine twirling and strutting they did this year. They not only participated in the half-time shows but also in the Junior Jamboree last April. They contributed color and excitement in all their dances. Tim and Eddie did a superior iob in leading the band through a very successful year. One ofthe main highlights was the fire-baton twirling during the half-time of the Dover-Phila game. un Cor Anb OPPOSITE, BOTTOM Row 5-Donald Murphy, Sam McCaus1and, Ray Mutti, Ted Hawk, Leland Ervin, Kenny Metzger, Art Pugh, Gene Tygard, Bob Espenschied, Bart Sutton. Row 4-Gaye Erickson, Janet Quimby, Elaine Tope, Carol Wherley, Myrna Riddle, Linda Sarchet, Kay Kinsey, Vinnie Polce, Calvin Mutti. Row 3-Marilyn Moreland, Faye Beitzel, Janet Corwin, Carol Edwards, Marilyn Bell- rose, Susan McIntire, Priscilla Campbell, Larry Green. Row 2-Cheryl Cua, Carol Ann Fisher, Cheryl Leggett, Jackie Warfield, Janet Walters, Jill Collins, Katy Wilson, Joe Palmer. Row 1-Nancy Olmstead, Patti Andreas, Karen Gibson, Dennis Aberth, Don Edwards, Phil Kinsey, David Avon, James Ringler, David Dawson. un for Anb The Junior Band, under the direction of Mr. Hanson, is made up of very talented students. Although this band is little heard and gives no public per- formance, its members will be o big asset to the future Senior Bond. TOP, BELOW Row 4-Chris Rice, John Morris, Mary Clare Cunningham, Jack Evans Row 3 Jim Amick, Eddie Bean. -Catherine Angel, Sharon Ecklund, Ellen Rich, Sandra Knapp Nancy Lab, Margie Tolbert, Diana Sloe. Row 2-Jackie Lorenz, Patsy Haakinson, Gloria Kinsey, Rebecca Stocks- dale, Carol Miller, Sandra Bair, Mike Davis. Row 1-Linda Shaffer, Elaine Kaserman, Lynne Marsh, Karen Sanders Shirley Walker, Bonnie Maple, Bill Ricker. Q4 Cappella Cboiv Row 4-Russelyn Briggs, Carol Sanders, Eleanor Montgomery, Bob King, Harvey Muntz, Mike Barbee, Homer Milburn, Gary Hootman, Mary Ann Miskimen, Elaine Wright, Gail Turner, Bonnie Brogne, Dorothy Dindo. Row 3-Ann Belknap, Jayne Fahr, Marta Farbizo, Bob Liberatore, Larry Mizer, Rollin Hyust, Susan Angel, Karen Steinbaugh, Ann Herron, Helen Stehman, Annette Pozzi. Row 2-Judy Ball, Kaye Bowers, Bonnie Bartholow, Wanda Welfley, Sally Pugh, Tim Hurst, Tom Hurst, Carol Snyder, Judi Alexander, Alice Draher. Row 1-Pat Snyder, Corinne Palmer, Judy Parris, Jim Lukens, Charles DeStefani, La Vonne Gribble, Judy Hobart, Judy Saffell. "Now people," is a familiar saying of Mr. Bliss, the director, when he is ready to start class. All is quiet and as he raises his hands the piano starts and choir begins. We are very proud of our choir which is made up of juniors and seniors. They have made many appearances such as the Elk's Memorial Service, the College Club, Patrons Concert, Easter Sunrise Service and the annual Christmas Pageant and Baccalaureate Service. During the year five schools assemble at one certain school for a choir work- shop at which time they have a guest director to conduct the different choirs and give helpful suggestions. As each choir period closes we hear the traditional song of the choir, "The Lord Bless You and Keep You", the same song that the chair sings to close every successful appearance. un for Ckoiv Row 4-Carolyn Cua, Judy Johns, Sally Spring, Ila Makee, Jean Lawrence, Brenda Granato, Royce Barker, Niles Urfer, Don Knisely, Gary Rich, Art Pugh, Terry Stuller, Elaine Rector, Jo Herron, Dixie Smallwood, Vickie Stocksdale, Kay Witherspoon. Row 3-Carolyn Bailey, Karen Stemple, Tom Lemasters, Kenny Metzger, Bart Sutton, David Shepherd, Dave Mathias, Barbaar Virtue, Marcia Snyder, Sandy Boz- man, Virginia Sloe. Row 2-Linda Cline, Marylin Herman, Mary Wherley, Sandy Scott, Christine Gibson, Sharon Welfley, Phil Bargar, Torn Hobart, Bob Fleming, Tom Kaiser, Lowell Urfer, Janice Russell, Charlotte Cole, Mary Jo Page, Elizabeth Dougherty, Susie Hudson. Row 1-Judy Wortman, Karen May, Susan Mitchell, Kay Leggett, Nancy Bender, Wayne Gray, Stanley Corpman, Fred Miller, Jim Shear, Barb Doidge, Corrine Dear- dorff, Ruth Harding, Cynthia Lorenz, Linda Daley, Beth Hupp. This choir is mcicie up of sophomores under the direction of Mr. Bliss. They sing with the a cappella choir, but they will not be members till the following year. However, they go on appearances with the other choir and also to the choir workshop at which they learn the fundamentals of singing that they will use the following year. en Koa' vckesfva Row 4-Jim Halderman, Dennis Wolfe, Dave Limbaugh, Bill Ladrach, Connie Smith, Mike Walton, Phil Bargar, Terry Gribble, Mr. Polce. Row 3-Elaine Wright, Marta Farbizo, Barb Virtue, Helen Stehman, Christine Gibson, Sharon Welfley, Ann Blinn, Sally Spring, Kay Witherspoon, Karen Lab, Mike Olmstead, John Cramer, Don Wingeier, Vickie Stocksdale, Carol Tilkey, Fred Roll, Joe Collar, Holly Rosenberry, Dalene Ripley. Row 2-Nancy Ayers, Carolyn Bailey, Marylin Herman, Corinne Palmer, Carolyn Dau- terman, Virginia Sloe, Evelyn Walters, Judy Brick, Doris Neff, Nancy Bender, Bill Jones, Carol Sanders, Libby Dougherty, Sally Pugh. Row 1-Marlene Geiser, Adelaide Fisher, Karen Stemple, Nannette Nussbaum, Wanda Welfley, Martha Geiser, The Senior Orchestra is a vital part of our music department and consists of students from the senior division. They played for all assemblies and provided music for the Senior Class Play, Baccalaureate, and the Commencement exer- cises. They also gave a spendid performance for the Patron's Concert. As an added event they had a guest director come and give them suggestions on their playing. L un for vcbesfva Row 5-Becky Ridenour, Mary Benco, John Morris, Ronnie Eichel, Jeff Cramer, Charlie Lang, Sam McCaus1and, Ronnie Ludwig, Rich Hoy, Lowell Swartz, Kenny Monte, Joe Rieker. Row 4-Susan Couts, John Kilchenman, Ronnie Hanna, Janet Turner, Lila Blackson, Kay Kinsey, Becky Riggle, Nancy Lab, Margie Tolbert, Bonnie Gribble, Vin- cent Polce, Jim Hency. Row 3-Gaye Lile, Patty Withers, Paul Swartz, Kay Bloom, Francis Nussbaum, Danny Edie, Alan Packer, Mike Mathews, Eric Swinehart, Betty Ager, Nancy Benco, Charlene Martin. Row 2-Jackie Lorenz, Patty Andreas, Sandra Bair, Roberta Boone, Nancy Monte, Patty LaFountaine, Katie Wilson, Karen Gibson, Sue Mclntire, Vicki Graff, Sue Miller. ' Row 1-Billy Ricker, John Frame, Susan Lang, Jean Clendenin, Sue Halter, Janet Walters, Mary Ann West, Sue Shook, Linda Border, Chris Rice, Phil Kinsey, Erick Waltz. The Junior Orchestra is a group of young musicians who hope to become part of the Senior Orchestra in the future. They have participated in many of the Junior Division assemblies and also gave a full assembly this year as well as playing for several adult evening performances. fl ance numb Row 3-Dave Limbaugh, Denny Wolfe, Terry Gribble, Phil Bargar, Mr. Polce. Row 2-Vicki Graff, Corinne Palmer, Vincent Polce, Jim Hency, Vickie Stocksdale, Carol Tilkey, Fred Roll, Roger Lile, Sarah Kilchenman, John Cramer, Mike Olmstead, Dave Mackey, Joe Rieker. Row 1-Eric Swinehart, Mike Mathews, Annette Pozzi, Joe Collar, Dalene Ripley, Doris Neff, Kenny Monte, Carol Sanders, Karin Legg, Danny Edie, Patty Andreas, Carl Frame, Barb Virtue. Our Dance Band under the direction of Mr. Polce had a very successful year. It made several appearances which included assemblies at Strasburg, Sugar Creek, and Port Washington. It also added much enioyment to our noon-hour dances. As an annual treat, the band played for the Christmas Dance and the Studert Council Dance. 6,7 gan? Row 3-Vickie Stocksdaie, Sonny Walker, Dave Limbaugh, Bill Ladrach, Fred Roll, Connie Smith. Row 2-Mike Olmstead, Jim Shear, John Cramer, Dennis Wolfe, Phil Bargar, Kay Witherspoon, Joe Collar, Sally Spring. Row 1-Bonnie Markham, Judy Brick, Virginia Sloe, Sarah Kilchenrnan, Carl Frame, Barb Virtue, Annette Pozzi. Although this band is little it serves a big purpose in many of our activities. It plays during the pep rallies and also leads the annual snake dance before the big Dover vs. Phila game. The Class of 1958 of New Philadelphia High School presents "ONl0NS IN THE STEW" A Comedy by William Dalzell and Anne Coulter Martens from the book by Betty MacDonald May 2, 1958 Directed by Mrs. Marguerite M. Carroll Student Director-Sarah Kilchenman CAST Betty MacDonald ................. ..........,................ . Carol Sanders Don MacDonald ........ Dean Mizer Anne ............. ....... L inda Abbuhl Joan ........... Marlene Struchen Howard .... Vic Marsh Jr. Roger .. .... Jim Grlbble Claud ..,........ .... S am Watkins Claire ........... . Jill Rosenberry Lesley Arnold ........ Linda Linard Margo ......... ......... B etty Rupe Miss Garvey Mary Ann Miskimen Bee Gee ..... ..... Har lene Stevenson Salsie ................ .... Bo nnie Markham Kltsie ................. ..... J oada Palmer Mrs. Watson's Harry Jim Halderman New Motor Marvin .... ...... D ave Schnader Mr. Curtis .......... ................. T im Bichsel Mrs. Curtis ................... ........................ J udy Brick Lyda and Jim ............,,... ..,...... S ue Helbling, Glenn Shull The Children-Dotty 8: Joey ..., .. Carolyn Dauterman, Mike Walton Phil Murray ................... ...................... G lenn Swartz Delia Murray .... .. ........ Ann Herron Old Buddy ................................................. ....... J im Halderman Announcer ........................................,................... . Tim Blchsel Sailors ...... Bob Liberatfore, Tom Tucker, Jim Watson, Jim Rolli, Bill Bldinger Prompter ........ PRODULTIQN SIAFF Dalene Ripley, Bonnie Brogne ,Stage Manager .... ......................................... E ddie Quillen Stage Crew ........ ................................ Bo b Liberatore, Bill Gibbs Sound Effects ....... .................................................. T im Blchsel Properties Chairmen Costume Chairmen .. Make-Up Chairmen Mary Catherine Phillips, Lola De Michael, Bonnie Brogne Harriet Radcliffe, Carlene Heter, Bonnie Bartholow, Janet Williams Ruth Ann Guy, Sue Hostetler Tickets ............. .................................. S enior Class Publicity .... Judy Wheeler, Nancy Ayers, Karen Wells program ..,................. Mary Kathryn Murrell Ushers ........ Music .......... Class Advisers . . Usher's Club Orchestra - Mr. Polce .. Miss Reiser and Mr. Lang Betty MacDonald has talked her two attractive teen-age daughters and somewhat doubtful husband into sinking every cent they have into a home on an island in Puget Sound. On their first day the tide comes in unexpectedly, finding half of their possessions on the beach. They catch a last glimpse of their washing machine bobbing out to sea. The two girls see their entire future-boy friends and all-drifting away like the washing machine. Everthing Betty does to make this venture a success backfires on her. Her daughters are at a painful stage-boy crazy, putting on lipstick to go gather clriftwood, switching from hair curlers to hair straighteners, and always coming up with mysterious ailments to avoid home work. The problems of dates when one lives on an island are so difficult that the girls decide that if they could live in the :ity again, they'd never come back. But these are not the only problems. Betty lists the things you have to accept: dinner guests are often still with you days laterp sleeping in the lawn swing is fun if you remember the raccoons are iust trying to be friendly, any definite appointment au- tomatically signals the ferry boots to stop running, a telephone call from a relative beginning "Hello, dear, we've been thinking of you"-means you are going to get someone's children. The complications develop, and the girls are now certain that they are doomed to be spins- ters and that their lives are ruined beyond repair. Betty is sunk-miserable at having brought this apparent disaster on them all. Yet, in the midst of the humorous difficulties and 'despair, the family finds a special value in the life -they are creating. This is a brilliant and thoroughly enioyable comedy, and it was excellent performed and produced by directors, cast, and staff. Bm.. .... 1-gin. ,.4.B.4..,. - W'- ATHLETICS iwae or own efifion Our school offered a time for competi- tion with the many athletic teams that were sponsored. Those who participated worked hard for our teams and learned the im- portance of team work and sportsmanship. Without these sports events, our time in school would have been much less exciting and thrilling. Above: Mr. Beniamin and Charles Fawcett intently watch the game. At left we see Bill Carpenter meeting the co-captains of the opposing team. Row 4-Coach Leo Benjamin, Tom Kaiser, Dick Edwards, Steve Seabrook, Larry Kap- peler, Dave Krocker, Terry Gribble, Tom Seibert, Dave Schwark, Richard Ernest. Row 3-Mr. Zion, Bart Sutton, Jon Ritenour, Larry Walker, Jerry Redman, Butch Mor- ris, Dennis Hicks, Joe Cunningham. Row 2 -Coach Eckert, Jim Shaffer, Paul Bailey, Bill Bidinger, Bill Breehl, Jim Watson, Spence Edie, Jim Rolli. Row 1-Terry Mushrush, Arthur Pugh, John Halchuck, Kenny Metzger, Carl Haupert, Justin Green, Joe Edwards. avsit' Our football squad had a record of seven wins and three losses during this 1957-1958 season. lt was another well-coached and skillful team that went out on the field determined to make the school proud of it and the opponents envious of its ability. ' The 1957-1958 squad was a team noted for its grit, determination, and refusal to quit. This never-say-die spirit enabled the Quakers to score three fourth- quarter touchdowns in seven minutes to defeat Jackson Memorial by a score of 21 to 19. This spirit also gave the Quakers a victory of 20 to 19 over Cuyahoga Falls, by scoring in the last few minutes of the game. Every man did his part to spur the team to victory. Row 4-Jerry Fisher, Charles France, Bob Evans, Ronnie Stein, Emmett Roth, Royce Barker, Larry Mangon, Leroy McCochran, Fritz Brick, Coach Park. Row 3-Vic Marsh, Jack Fox, Kenny Gowins, Jim Bigler, Jim Eichel, Joe Frenzel, Stewart Meyers, Jim Maple, Manager Charles Fawcett, Coach Bird, Coach Kidd. Row 2-Bill Carpenter, Richard Harris, Randy Metzger, Larry Soyars, Larry Wood, Frank Fabiano, Dave Massarelli, Jerry Clum, Manager Bob Harris. Row 1-Jim Renner, Jerry Brady, Albert Lang, Bill Goddard, Dwight Wheeler, Dave Cronebach, B111 Wenger, Manager Howard Schide. ooflwsl I WILLIAM KIDD-Our head coach, who has studied at Capital University and Ohio State University, has been a member of our faculty for fifteen years and has been our head football coach for ten years. It was through his great coaching and fine football spirit that the team sparked to seven victories this season. Also Mr. Kidd is athletic director, golf coach, assistant basketball coach, and a teacher of physical education and health. We are proud to have a man such as Mr. Kidd on our school faculty. LEO BENJAMIN-Our team's backfield coach and an alumnus of West Virginia University, has also done a fine coaching job this year. Along with assistant football, Mr. Benjamin is head basketball coach and assistant track coach. Besides being a top-notch coach, Mr. Beniamin is of great benefit to our school as a teacher. WILLIAM BIRD-A new member of our N.P.H.S. coaching staff, has also helped greatly in producing a fine spirit for our football team and as coach for our seventh grade basketball team. This new coach bids well to be a great asset to our N.P.H.S. teams. 106 ooflval l effevwa en LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP: Bill Carpenter-Co-captain-Senior fullback picked as all-Quaker this year. Al- ways rough with lots of drive as well as an excellent extra-point man. .lim Rolli-Co-captain-Senior quarterback picked as All-Ohio who is a talented passer and has the rough, rugged ability to run the ball for a needed gain. Jim Watson-A senior quarterback with a quick eye, a fast passing hand and the ability to run like the wind. A great benefit to this season's team. Randy Metzger-A senior halfback who can run circles around a gazelle. Always dependable, swift, ready and rough when it comes to making yardage. Charles France-A senior end who was always ready to clo his best. He was usually at the right place at the right time. Vic Marsh-A senior end and a very fine hard hitting end who usually was ready to meet any situation on the field. SECOND ROW: Spence Edie-A senior halfback-A boy who runs like the wind and makes yards seem like inches out on the football field. A fine ball carrier. Richard Harris-A senior halfback with the ability to make a running attack look like play. He is really speedy and quick on the trigger. larry Soyars-A senior center-A player most valuable to the team, who helped every play go like clockwork. Also many extra points were scored because of his fine centering. .lim Bigler-A senior tackle with the know-how of an expert. His hard tackling and blocking helped to produce the team quality we had this year. Bill Breehl-A senior center-Also a player very well appreciated by the team, for this center passes helped the team click almost perfectly. larry Wood-A senior halfback-A player who has excellent speed. He packs a hard-hitting attack that could move a mountain. .loe Edwards-A iunior halfback, a boy with a fast running attack and skill to make yardage. This player will probably bear watching in the future. LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP: .lim Eichel-A junior fullback who has the ability to run and is rough enough to drive for a gain. He will probably go places next season. Dennis Hicks-A junior end who was always on his toes. A boy who was fast and capable of playing his position well. Dave Massarelli-A junior end and fine defensive player, a sure-handed receiver, and about as rough and ready as they come. You can always expect some action when he's in the game. Joe Frenzel-A junior guard with a quick hard-hitting block. He has been a great benefit to our team. Jon Ritenour-A junior guard, a boy with a hard block and a desire to help make the team victorious. Always willing to hold the opponents, no matter what. Jerry Redman-A junior tackle, a hard-hitting, hefty, rough tackle who was of great importance to our football team. Always playing to win, he never tired. SECOND ROW: Larry Walker-A junior guard-He always has the spirit of football and is a hard- hitting guard who will be a great asset for the team next year. Frank Fabiano-A junior end-A player who caught many passes and helped rally our team to many victories, he will be a great asset to next year's team. Harold Morris-a junior center-A boy with a fine future ahead of him on the team, for his job will be of great importance. Leroy McCochran--A sophomore halfback-A fast, slick, hard-to-hold halfback who will be even better next year. Paul Bailey-A junior guard-With a rough block and a quick action for downing the opponents, he will go far next year. Dave Cronebach-A junior tackle with a solid block and an excellent tackle. Big things can be expected of him next year. STU DENT MANAGERS Fred Miller, Eddie Teter, Dick Shaffer, John Halchuck, Charles Fawcett These student managers are boys who give up a lot of their time to help our football team. Their unsung efforts are appreciated very much by the coaches and the team, and a letter was awarded each manager as a reward for his efforts. 7 Look at him travel. Harris around the end and on his way. A Quaker goes in for a. tackle allow 45a Quan :ers N. P. H. S. .... 21 JACKSON MEMORIAL ...... 19 Apparently on their way to their first opening football game defeat in 16 years, the Quakers made an unusual comeback. Behind 19-0, they struck with the speed of lightning and scored three touch- downs in the last seven minutes of playing time to salvage the win over Jackson Memorial. N .P. H. S. ...... 0 COSHOCTON ...... 13 The Quakers, playing on a rain-soaked field with three clusters of lights out, went down to their first defeat of the 1957-1958 season at the hands of the Coshocton Redskins. This ended the current series of games between the two teams, with Phila. winning the series, thirteen games to six, with one tie. N. P. H. S. ...... 20 EAST LIVERPOOL ...... 13 The Quakers, with a crushing ground assault, gained an impressive win over the powerful East Liverpool team. The team showed a good improvement over the previous two games, barely 'nissing numerous other scoring opportunities. N. P. H. S. ...... 7 WOOSTER ...... 14 For the third straight time, the Quakers were outplayed at Wooster, as the Generals continued undefeated. Taking advantage of early breaks, the Generals proved they were opportunists. N. P. H. S. ...... 35 ASHLAND ...... 14 Striking for three fast touchdowns in the opening period, the Quakers sailed to a victory over the Ashland Arrows. Playing their best game thus far, the Quakers fashioned their third victory of the season. 108 rank gets tripped up The pigskin's loose-no telling who will get it. Hike 1-2-3 1 sllsw tba agua :cvs N. P. H. S. ...... 7 CANTON LINCOLN ...., 12 Determined not to permit a heavily favored Canton Lincoln team to have its own way, the Quakers battled the hefty Lions down to the wire before bowing 12-7. Although losing, the Quakers still had a moral victory. N. P. H. S. .... 20 BELLAIRE ..... 7 The Quakers got back into the winning column by defeating the Big Red of Bellaire on a chilly Saturday afternoon. The Quakers demonstrated their fourth- quarter punch again by scoring two touchdowns in the last quarter. N. P. H. S. ...... 45 UHRICHSVILLE ...... 0 This game was completely dominated by the Quakers, as they coasted to an easy victory and their only shutout of the season. N. P. H. S. ...... 20 CUYAHOGA FALLS ...... 19 After falling behind T9-7 in the third quarter, the Quakers refused to give up. They took to the air in the final quarter, and struck for two touchdowns to defeat the highly rated Cuyahoga Falls team. N. P. H. S. ...... 20 DOVER ...... 12 The Quakers remained in the major league by defeating their arch-rivals, Statistically, the game was all ours, but Dover kept within striking distance to Dover. The win was the seventh of the season for the Quakers. make this last game of the season a thrilling one. Row 5-Bob Haney, Harry Haver, Andy Duda, Alfred Tate, Dutch Haupert, Bill Crowth- ers, Bob Beans, Coach Harmon. Row 4-Dan Knisely, Tom Yanders, Walter Davis, Tom Mason, John Konkiski, Jim Riggs, John Cookson. Row 3-Don Warner, Kenny Shawver, Bill Jenkins, Chuck Grimm, Jim Dindo, John Murphy, Leland Ervin, Harold May. Row 2-John McIntosh, Tom Reese, Tim Richards, Allen Archinal, Max Waddington, John Winkler, Eddie Richardson, Jerry Polka. Row 1-Ronnie Limbaugh, Manager Terry Humrickhouse, Eddie Fitch, Bill Meese, Jerry Cargnel, Cliff Heuschkell. JR. RESERVE FOOTBALL TEAM The Junior Reserve football team, which is made up of ninth year students, played a hard schedule but came out with a season record of three wins and three losses. Coached by Mr. Harmon, the team members gained valuable experience to help them in the future. Mr. Harmon is a very fine coach who has developed many fine players who goto the varsity with great knowledge and ability. He is to be commended for his excellent results. RESERVE SEASON RECORD L w'1.y..c uma v , un iov esevves N. P. H. S. 16... ...Sandy Valley T3 N. P. H. S. 0 ... . Wooster 14 N. P. H. S. 0 ... .... Cambridge 26 N. P. H. S. 12 .. ... .. Dover 0 N. P. H. S. 0 ... ........ Dover 20 N. P. H. S. 18 ..... ... Cambridge T4 7TH AND 8TH GRADE FOOTBALL TEAM This group of boys was instructed by Mr. Park, who taught them the funda- mentals of the game of football. This group greatly enioyed playing the game and becoming better prepared for future years of playing football. -Ronny Cappel, Jerry Holdsworth, Dave Englehart, Jim Mercer, Tom Bour, Jerry Smith, Roger Corp- man, George Henley, Tim Ledrick, Howard Van Buskirk, Gene Tygard. 4-Kelly Price, Terry Hykes, Ray Patterson, Jim Big- ler, Bob Snyder, Eddie West, Terry Gopp, John Grim, Gene Simmers. -Sam McClelland, John Morgan, Allen Fisher, Bur- rell Abbuhl, Mike Bowersock, Dave Caldwell, Cliff VanDyke, Jack Fickes, Bob Snyder, Terry Polka. -Howard Bowersock, Fred Devore, Dave Dawson, Jim Bailey, John Parris, Mike Carpenter, Jack Ashbaugh, Jack Gowan, Harold Edwards. -Donald Simmers, Jim Lawless, Terry Swegheimer, Tim Johnson, Jim Ringler, Charles Teter, Don Edwards, Jim Strazisar, Mike Stroup. llO avsif gaslcet-Lal l Row 2-Jim Rolli, Bill Ress, Merle Clum, Richard Harris, Dave Mass- arelli. Row 1-Jim Eichel, Joe Collar, Frank Fabiano, Jim Watson, Coach Leo Benjamin. Mr. Beniamin and our Quaker varsity basketball team had a very good season this year with a record of fourteen wins and six losses. Thrills, chills, and excitement went with every game, as most of the season's games were won or lost by iust a few points . This season's success was all brought about by good playing and coaching, as well as by a desire to be victorious. Coach Leo Beniamin put together a fine, victorious basketball team this year. Coach Benjamin, a member of our 1940 state championship team, developed his players with the knowledge and ability to produce a record of thirteen wins and only five losses. We hope next year's team will be iust as good and as proud to have Mr. Ben- iamin as a coach. LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP: .lim Rolli-forward-A fine shot, and a quick-driving player. He was captain and an excellent point maker. Jim Watson-guard-A quick, fast-breaking player, yet cool, calm and always alert. Bill Ress-center-A clever hookshot artist who has been a great asset to the team. Vic Marsh-forward-A smooth, reliable, player who helped a great deal to make this season a success. Richard Harris-guard-A fast, hard driver who plays well and is always ready for anything-season's high scorer. SECOND ROW: Dave Massarelli-forward4A good, intense competitor who will go places next year. Joe Collar-guard-A speedy, fast-moving player who drives in and usually makes needed points. Always ready to go. .lim Eichel-guard-A fast dependable player who will go far in next year's play. Frank Fabiano-forward-A hard driver and a quick player who puts his heart into the game. Merle Clum-center-A fine shot and a good backboard player. Next year he will probably do even better. A5l46fL0ll 6f'f'61'VV1eV1 Row 2 Row 1 esevve Kgs? uab Bob Evans, Richard Ernest, Richard Wasielewski, Justin Green, Jerry Fisher, Arthur Pugh. Tim Richards, Jim Shear, Sonny Walker, Joe Frenzel, Steve Seabrook, Dick Tarulli, Coach Cal Eckert. The reserve squad coached by Cal Eckert ran into many tough opponents this season, frequently losing by close scores. The record was five victories and thir- teen defeats. Although the record did not show too good a season, the players still had the fighting spirit to the end of each game. They also gained needed experience for future varsity competition. N. P. H. S. 39 . .. ..... Cambridge 46 N. P. H. S. 22 ... ... Canton South 40 N. P. H. S. 38 . .. ..... Uhrichsville 32 N. P. H. S. 45 . . . . . Newcomerstown 29 N. P. H. 5.46 ... ....... Louisville 51 N. P. H. S. 70 ...... Ashland 50 N. P. H. S. 36 . .. ...... Salem 80 N. P. H. S. 46 ... ......... Dover 51 N. P. H. S. 49 ... .... Sandy Valley 35 A5l8Zf'LAH f-ubenf av1a5evs These boys did a very good job and our team appreciates the fine work they have done. 35 . . . . . East Liverpool 49 43 . . . ..... Wooster 70 37 . . . . . Dennison 34 49 . . . . Canton South 53 53 .. ... . Dover 61 39 . .. . Uhrichsville 44 49 . . . ..... Carrollton 50 36 ... ... ...Zanesville 42 46 . . . . . . Newcomerstown 31 Fred Miller, Jeff Teel, Joe Frenzel. if 1 Massarelli drives in hard: Ress Merle Clum rebounds for a save. Jim Watson connects with a goa and Harris are alert. Collar know it's in. r r C C A 5091 KV! 6986147 CAMBRIDGE 57 N. P H. S. 66 The Quakers started out the season with a real fighting spirit by defeating an aggressive Bobcat team. CANTON SOUTH 59 N. P. H. S. 61 We really pulled a big upset by defeating the potent Wildcats from Canton. This was the first we have won of twelve games in the series of games played with South. UHRICHSVILLE 48 N. P. H. S. 59 The Quakers kept rolling along the victory trail by defeating the Tigers who provided the opposition for our third victory. NEWCOMERSTOWN 39 N. P. H. S. 81 Our team really poured it on and took advantage of its markmanship in de- feating the Trojans. LOUISVILLE 60 N. P. H. S. 61 The Quakers racked up their fifth consecutive victory at the expense of Louis- ville, who had the home court advantage. ASHLAND 77 N. P. H. S. 66 We met the undefeated Arrows and were downed by a more experienced team for our first defeat this year. SALEM 71 N. P. H. S. 52 Undefeated Salem's superior height and scoring punch proved to be a bit more than the home-grown Quakers could handle. DOVER 78 N. P. H. S. 85 Out for revenge for our tournament loss last year, the Quakers completely held the Tornadoes in check as they stormed on to victory. SANDY VALLEY 47 N. P. H. S. 52 The Quakers chalked up another victory as they downed a determined bunch of Cardinals. EAST LIVERPOOL 66 N. P. H. S. 41 A troupe of Potters overcame our Quakers on the opponent's floor, as we iust couldn't keep up with them. WOOSTER 71 N. P. H. S. 78 Our team really proved its effectiveness, as it defeated a good team of Gen- erals, who later advanced to the regional tournaments. 114 avsil- aslzet-lwsll DENNISON 37 N. P. H. S. 88 We won our ninth game with comparative ease by defeating an ineffective team of Railroaders. CANTON SOUTH 77 N. P. H. S. 64 Out to revenge their earlier defeat, a really fired-up bunch of Wildcats used their height advantage. DOVER 47 N. P. H. S. 75 We did it again, as our Quakers proved that we really have what it takes and showed our across-the- river rivals who is the better team. UHRICHSVILLE 77 N. P. H. S. 86 Still trying to salvage a victory from us, the Tigers were once again downed by our Quakers. CARROLLTON 60 N. P. H. S. 98 Our twelfth victory came at the expense of the Warriors as we made it our season's highest scoring game. ZANESVILLE 95 N. P. H. S. 77 'W Our Quakers were downed by a very powerful, well balanced team who were rated third best in the state and who had limited their opponents to an aver- age of 46.9 points a game. Our boys made the best offensive showing of any opponent ofthe Blue Devils, who later reached the state semi-finals. NEWCOMERSTOWN 62 N. P. H. S. 94 The Quakers continued to prove their superiority in Tuscarawas County as we defeated the Trojans and were unofficially crowned champions of our county. SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT CARROLLTON 37 N. P. H. S. 74 We won our first tournament game this year by defeating an impotent team from Carrollton and thus advanced to the finals. CADIZ 92 N. P. H. S. 72 Meeting Cadiz for the first time on the tournament court, we saw our T9 point lead vanish and were downed by a good team who used teamwork to a very effective end. Thus we were sectional tourney runners-up. The opponents come down with the ball while Marsh Massarelli and Ress await a fumble. The opponents fire for a basket while Massarelli Ress and Rolli get set. A finger tip rebound between Clum and opponents 115 uniov esevve fgquab Row 2-Manager Andy Duda, Donald Murphy, Harry Haver, Dutch Haupert, Frank Fuerst, Dale Nepsa, Manager Larry Fulton. Row 1-Coach Harmon, Lowell Swartz, Kenny Monte, Jerry Polka, Don Richesson, Jerry Cargnel, Tom Yanders. N. P. H. S. 30 . . . ............ Strasburg 29 N. P. H. S. 23 . . . ............. Coshocton 45 N. P. H. S. 39 ... ... Massillon Edmund Jones 73 N. P. H. S. 43 . . . ..... Massillon Longfellow 71 N. P. H. S. 32 ... ............... Dover 49 N. P. H. S. 42 .. ............... Midvale 60 N. P. H. S. 32 ... ... Massillon Edmund Jones 62 N. P. H. S. 40 ... ............... Midvale 49 N. P. H. 5.28 ... ......... Sandy Valley 35 N. P. H. S. 28 . .. .... Strasburg 30 N. P. H. S. 69 ... ... Carrollton 23 N. P. H. S. 46 . . . ....... Dover 50 N. P. H. S. 53 ... .... Sandy Valley 62 N. P. H. S. 44 . .. .... Coshocton 42 N. P. H. S. 55 ... ... Carrollton 27 Coach Harmon and his squad of boys took on a very full and hard lineup of games this year. The looys went on the playing floor with a spirit of good sportsmanship and fair play, even if it meant losing the game. This season's record was four victories and eleven defeats but for the team it spelled val- uable experienced as well as attained knowledge. felt vabe g...1...z...u 9 ,GANG Row 4-George Henley, Howard Van Buskirk, Roger Corpman, Eugene Bricker, Vince, Polce, Dave Christy. Row 3-Coach Park, Jerry Holdsworth, Ronny Cappel, Jerry Smith, Tom Bour, Gene Simmers, Richard Ray, Sam McClelland. Row 2-Don Simmers, Tim Johnson, John Parris, Mike Carpenter, Jim Busby, Eddie West, Jerry Polka. Row 1-Jim Mercer, Jim Bigler, Jack Fickes, John Morgan, Harold Edwards, Gene Tygard, David Dawson, Allen Fisher. N. P. H. S. 32 .. ... Dover 49 N. P. H. S. 25 . . Midvale 30 N. P. H. S. 47 .. .. Midvale 46 N. P. H. S. 30 . .. Roswell 32 N. P. H. S. 23 .. .. Roswell 41 N. P. H. S. 38 . .. Dover 47 N. P. H. S. 28 . .. Dennison 23 N. P. H. S. 36 .. .. Dennison 42 Coach Park's boys encountered a bit of trouble this year with a final record of two wins and six losses. Although the record was not impressive in victories, the boys gained great experience and showed a fine basketball spirit. SEVENTH GRADE BASKETBALL TEAM N. P. H. S. 32 . .......... Dover 37 N. P. H. S. 40 . . Wooster Highway 47 N. P. H. S. 52 Dover 34 N. P. H. S. 35 . ...... .... Y ork 36 N. P. H. S. 32 ......... ... Wooster Highway 32 N. P. H. S. 46 .. . . ........... . York 47 The seventh grade basketball team started out with a great amount of spirit and harcl-fighting sportsmanship. The record this year was one victory, one tie, and four losses. Because of these games and Mr. Bird's skillful coaching, they have gained helpful knowledge for future years on basketball teams at N. P. H. S. Row 2-Jerry Horn, Ray Paterson, Gary Metzger, Fred Harris. Jack Cargnel, Tom Farbizo, John Eichel. Row 1-Steve Reese, Jim Mercer, John Russell, John Hunker, Bill Swartz, Jerry Cappel, Coach William Bird. ll7 4 aselwsll Team XX xsrjg QQ: I re. e 2 'ti t .1HjZj 1 2, 42 Pix W .. We W Row 4-Manager Jeff Teel, Jim Watson, Rich Leggett, Bill Carpenter, Manager Jim Renner. Row 3-Bill Cooper, John Gray, Dave Massarelli, Bill Ress, Stanley Harris, Joe Frantz. Row 2-Dennis Hicks, Jerry Redman, Frank Fabiano, Fritz Trimmer. Row 1-Paul Bailey, Harold Morris, Steve Phillips, Jim Rolli, Jim Eichel. N. P. H. S. baseball was revived last year after a long interval, and already it is very popular. Coached by Mr. Harmon, the team had a very fine fighting season. The team's record was eight wins and four losses, plus the sectional championship and a creditable showing in the district tournament. All in all, this renewed sport was a well-accepted addition to our N. P. H. S. roster, and is likely to continue to grow in favor. Among the many sparkling individual performances, outstanding was Bill Cooper's no-hitter against Dover. Cooper also was chosen to the official All-Ohio team, and was a member of the South squad in the annual All-Star game at Columbus. fl fgeason ecovb N. P. H. S. 0 ... ...... Massillon 6 N. P. H. S. I0 ... .... Canton South 0 N.P.H.S.'l2 ........ Doverl N. P. H. S. I0 . . North Canton I N. P. H. S. 7 .... . . . Coshocton I N. P. H. S. 5 .... ..... C oshocton 4 N. P. H. S. 2 .... ... Canton Timken 4 N. P. H. S. 3 .... ........ D over 0 N. P. H. S. 7 ........................... ... Wooster 8 SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT N. P. H. S. I4 .......................... .... Z anesville 4 N. P. H. S. 3 .... ...................... .... C o shocton 2 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT N. P. H. S. 'I . . . ....................... East Liverpool 4 ACM f' 05143 'e1'5 Mr. Howey Mr. Kidd Mr. Zion These three faculty members, Mr. Howey, Mr. Kidd, and Mr. Zion, have been doing a very fine job in the past few years to help our school's athletic teams. Mr. Howey takes care of ushers and seating at the games, Mr. Kidd takes care of scheduling of games, and Mr. Zion takes care of the ticket sales and the team's equipment. We owe these men much gratitude for their very fine work. YAC 4 rg? nab 4957 Row 5-Coach Roger Bishop, Charles France, Kenny Gowins, Jim Bigler, Bill Breehl, Coach Leo Benjamin. Row 4-Spence Edie, Richard Harris, Dean Stephens, Merle Clum, Justin Green, Dick Fisher, Larry Walker. Row 3-Bart Sutton, Buddy Warner, Ronald Martin, Vic Marsh, John Gilgen, Dean Row 2- Mizer, Jack Fox. Howard Schide, Stewart Meyers, Dwight Wheeler, Randy Metzger, Joe Frenzel, Jim Shear, Bob Harris. Row 1-Kenny Monte, Larry Bailey, Gene Medley, Jerry Brady, Jim Maple, Dennis The track Magley, Joe Edwards, Jon Ritenour. team, coached by Roger Bishop, has grown quite rapidly in recent years. This may be due to a greater interest in this great body-building sport. Last year's team did very well and probably this sport will become a maior sport at N. P. H. S. sl 1957 GOLF RECORD Our golf team, under links mentor Bill Kidd, had another fine season. The boys placed fourth in the district finals. All in all, the season went well, except for the cancellation of two matches. The final season's record was six wins and three losses. N. P. H. S. 15 ....... Steubenville 115 N. P. H. S. 75 ........ Steubenville 95 N. P. H. S. 15 ... .... Canton South 2 N. P. H. S. 165 N. P. H. S. 14 , N. P. H. S. 105 N. P. H. S. 155 N. P. H. S. 75 N. P. H. S. 145 ....... Canton South 25 ........ Wooster 5 Wooster3 . Massillon 65 North Canton 15 .. .. Ashland 95 Placed fourth at district meet. Left to right: Jim Davis, Dave Kirk, Bill Johnston, Joe Cunningham, Jack Phillips, Danny Fitch, Tom Evans, Richard Tarulli. QUAKER CORNERS 51446 or em Iniscen ce In school we often took time to reminisce and talk about the good times we had had. As we near the end of this book, we pause to review the activities of this year of school. As you review these activities, we hope that you will remember school days, the time of your life. Above, A typical scene at 3:30 p. m. At left we see Edith Pennington, Mr. Phillips, and Eddie Quillen in study hall 329. Judy Harris, Becky Tucker. Polka, Judy Wheeler, MA 461' On September 4, the guys and gals greeted each other again after an enioy- able summer vacation and started the '57-'58 school term. Some were already looking forward to our vacations which included one day each for the county fair, a teacher's meeting and Veteran's Day. We also had vacations for Thanks- giving, Christmas hoildays, a Mid-Semester Conference and Easter. June 3 ended the study-and-fun-filled school year. Besides interscholastic sports activities, there are also intramural sports con- sisting of volleyball and basketball for boys and girls during the noonhour. These were under the direction of Mr. Keppler in Junior Division and Mr. Ladrach 'n Senior Division. ln the volleyball league, champions were seventh grade 207, eighth grade 204, and ninth grade 306 for the girls. For the boys league, champions were seventh grade 206, eighth grade 210, and ninth grade 306. The tournament winner for the boys was 207 while 306 was champion for the girls. On Mondays at noon time, our talented dance band played the current hit songs for the dancing pleasure of the students. Top left-Our outstanding Quaker Girl Carol Sandels Middle-N. P. H. S.'s fine drum major Tim Bichsel Top Right-Majorettes at work! Sally Mathias, Dot Dindo Marlene Struchen, Carol Sanders, Carolyn Balley Lower Leftf-Rain or shine, they're on the line, Janice Russell, Sue Helbling, Melanie Mears, Deanna Top Left,-End of the Snake Dance. Top Right-The traditional "Beat Dove1"' bonfire. Lowei Right-"F - I - T - E fight, Philly, fight." Sue Helbling. OVV1 CYS Our Student Council officers, having been elected last March, were all ready to dig in and work. The Junior Division officers were Lowell Swartz, president, Kenny Monte, vice-president, Madge Phillips, ass't vice- president, Janet Walters, secretary, Christie James, ass't secretary, Paul Swartz, treasurer, and Mark Mc- Clelland, ass't treasurer. In the Senior Division, President Tim Bichsel's duties included the opening and closing of the assemblies with the Star-Spangled Banner and Alma Mater respectively. Helping Tim with his many duties was Eddie Wise, the vice-president. Taking the minutes was Judy Wheeler, secretary, and in charge of the money was Joe Cunningham. On September 27 was the annual Homecoming Game which was played with East Liverpool. The dance held at the Elks' Ballroom was presided over by seven extremely happy and pretty young ladies. These were Queen Becky Robb and her attendants Linda Voshall, a senior, Judy Parris, a junior, Judy Green, a sopho- more, and Christie James, a freshman. The pages were Becky Niuman, seventh grade, and Jill Polka, eighth grade. ,,, 121 Top Right-Y-Teens presents "Gifts One of the school's biggest projects every year is the magazine drive. The highest selling homeroom, 311, was treated to a dinner at Padula's. This is the third straight year for them-congratulations. Each boy and girl selling over S30 was also awarded with a dinner at Padula's. In September we also began our highly successful football season. Our team was cheered on by the student body led by cheerleaders Deanna Polka, Janice Russell, Melanie Mears, and co-captains Judy Wheeler and Sue Helbling. Pro- viding outstanding performances at half-time was the marching band under the direction of Richard Hanson. Out in front were our skilled drum majors, Tim Bichsel and Eddie Wise, Quaker girl Carol Sanders, and maiorettes Dorothy Dindo, Marlene Struchen, Becky Tucker, Judy Harris, Carolyn Bailey, and Sally Jo Mathias. One of the traditional N. P. H. S. activities is the "Beat Dover" bonfire and snake dance. This year's must have been lucky because we beat Dover 20-12. Pop Left-A homeroom Christmas pai ty Lower Left-Sal Butera, records, and fans B111 Bidinger, Phil Hoffman, Maik Stuim and Lowell Urfer at the Recoid Hop M0 CCY Top Right-This is atomic energy. Middle-Dr. Edwards from Westminster makes a telling point. Top Left-Dr. Kendall explains the next composition. Lower Right-Cut and paste, cut and paste . . Tom Tucker, Joe Cunningham. ovners The All-Quaker football player for the year, chosen by the students in a CEN- TRAL NEWS poll, was Bill Carpenter. This year the student cheering section had cards that spelled out "Quakers." These showed up at every game and pep-rally. A proiect of the senior class was the selling of Quaker sweatshirts to raise money for activities. On Thanksgiving Eve, we found the guys and gals in matching sweaters dancing at the annual Sweater Hop sponsored by Tri-Hi-Y. While the senior high students were at the Sweater Hop, the freshmen enioyed the annual Sock Hop at the Youth Center. Christmas festivities were in style in December. On the 20th the Y-Teens pre- sented the Christmas pageant entitled "Gifts," This was under the direction of Mrs. Marguerite Carroll. The following night the Senior Division Council held the Christmas Ball at the Elks' Ballroom. The students and advisers danced to the fine music of the N. P. H. S. dance band. No eavesdropping, boys." "Pot" Wat- Mr. Bliss draws forth beautiful music son Jan Williams, Gary Rich. L80 461' In a contest of the same name, Betty Crockers' Future Homemaker from our school was Mary Catherine Phillips. Congratulations, Mary! On January 'l7, the Senior Council again sponsored a dance with music on wax played by a local Disc Jockey, "Sal" Butera. One of our assembly speakers this year was a scientist from the Oak Ridge Atomic Energy Plant, who gave a demonstration of the atom. Another speaker was Dr. Edwards from Westminster College. Dr. Kendall of Muskingum College visited us to work with the Senior Orchestra. The Midwinter Patrons' Concert was given on February 21. Those participating were members of the orchestra, concert band and choirs. Very busy around this time of year is the Delphian Staff madly trying to get the "Book" out on time The whole staff is very proud of the second place award that last year's book won. All was not play in the school this year. Some of the seniors took the College Entrance Board Tests, while the iuniors were studying for the National Merit Scholarship Tests. At the same time the preliminary scholarship tests were being given to students in grades 9 to 12. Our a cappella choir boarded the buses on March 10 and headed for Canton McKinley High School for a choral workshop. Other schools which attended were Dover, Wooster, Canton McKinley and Massillon. The choir benefited greatly from this experience. On March 25, the nominees for the various offices of the student council gave their campaign speeches. The elections were then held on the 28th. Congratu- lations to the winners-elect, Joe Frenzel, president, Bob Fleming, vice-president, Deanna Polka, secretary, and Fred Roll, treasurer. Homerun! Bill Cooper 01'?1 C 1'5 On the last Saturday evening of March, Tri-Hi-Y sponsored the annual Spring Formal. The dance was held in the Elks' Ballroom and featured the theme, "An Evening In Shangri-La." This oriental theme was effectively carried out with a bubbling fountain, Spanish moss, and cherry blossoms. Two new additions were made to our school this year-a telephone booth in each building These keep the students' personal calls off the office phones. Although usually presented in February, this year's Junior Jamboree was pre- sented on April 10 and ll, and featured night performances. The theme of the production was "Say lt With Music." The advisers were Mr. Homer Keppler and Mrs. Leola Williams. The committees and their chairmen were: script, Ellen Hurst, publicity and tickets, Jane Phillips and Judi Alexander, costume, Emma Simmers, make-up, Sallie Winspear and Judy Harris, art, Judy Smith, stage, Joe Cunningham and Jerry Redman, and music, John Cramer. Selected as student director was Adelaide Fisher and as Master of Ceremonies, Eddie Wise. This year for the first time our N. P. H. S. band mothers had a dinner for the aand members at Union Country Club followed by a dance for the band mem- bers and their dates. The music was provided by "Sal" Butera and by the "Hi Fi's", a quintet of musicians. The members of the group are John Cramer, Jim Halderman, Dave Alfonso, Kenny Monte, and Terry Gribble. To close out the school year for the seniors were the following events: May 22, Class Day, May 23, Junior-Senior Promp May 25, Baccalaureate, May 26, Senior Banquet, and the final climax, May 27, Commencement. fWiff'VWM5y WEE' E3 ff M ,W T ef Wwmffid if . . Mijn! Ubi fo I THE New PHILADELPHIA CHAMBER J 6167 M Ju w.,.,,. g....,ou.o2nfoMTERcE elimincies WM A "' ' - ,tQ Xt. me need fo T Q B 4 ' 5. "2 V T s fy fx . The admin I nd the students, W ' fo h d help. IW! b THE O MW A S ,k THE :.rl:CERh.lLRdNKl' :IG :IM AN E K I d h ,SX UfE?? D 09 T' M R , W A A-ee W A TAT J gcfxgii E' f , 0 X - 7:ibQEQFk WW Ki 315315 W A 0, WJ 231 ff'W"' fwfff M K Ei wwf EW 25 MW Xu W My M mlm if W 40ff5'5ZJf' Mj0W MW 4 W M WW I M Qifgfwlf ff MM VM ffffifli ff fff, f U ff M MQWW WW Q54 MW , ,we ., ' WQWQQMW M M wfffffffww 95? W f7'f'?Zf" 4 1 l ggww aww' 5 B ,Syd X fi' + ' 1'--'PL . ' H M6 L5 - ' . Q wT,,6,'0-,,L,Y,,7Qv Q 9.!J', wvwbm Q ZKMWWMWW 3WNw wiw1 Sunufasf-1 I ,W M Q, UU-Q J V I ' fw- RffwLQ,,,xQ,,,,19lf.d.Q,.Xb.LU,,,,f1L CAQMLW-UYMvQ0'L3 , ,JU L CJ E 3l:?M:?gwdvg,,fNMZ3jJd,, E , ,fjf 'yd . We - I f- , f' :iz Mew, X0 avg bbff viP9-'f3u-AQl11i,Q,.-YrJ.1d.uQ,..l5JuQv,G,E2 if WU 7,0 MM WWMWMMWWWWWW W . J QWALNMWMQMMQJNYWUM ' ff ip 1 fam ,wmhahmmffmfahri 6 Q qw , fmwwww Q' 6 M L lg, I4-5 ZH , Qlaolwy Sagfgmlghg , fb D ,fff-af fx , A ' 010 fzlifgjgg :IA QLWLTWJHWW Q

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