New Philadelphia High School - Delphian Yearbook (New Philadelphia, OH)

 - Class of 1931

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New Philadelphia High School - Delphian Yearbook (New Philadelphia, OH) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Cover

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Jew: ice l , 4 if-vs ff Q- -5 VJ? .Y x T L v 4.1 ,-1.-- - -'Him x Yfw f' VL , ci ' r '4.,..T.,L- W vs. .. .lx ,I -Q,f, 4 N Z . X "T --, ---e1:-'f 11" , f . ,. K .' af----T- ' 1 2 l S! "'a.-35:3 - , "H w':"f""l ..:-":j'T-'V-'Uhr-J W . -151:-, ' sg-.. :..-.,,.,.- -., ' gs X -1... ... , ,- W XX ix V' 5 65 EXAM .- XS-Ni WP 59.2 Q--J XZ-X 7 X ff Lx-'Eg fy, K' P I ,-,f 6- C' E ri Q Xu, If-1 fgkx ""' rf fi Q l'w-wigg-iw H- , ,- Q., F 1 I 4256.-. ' " WX xx, AX W XX -.- X fi-Z: Af, 'SWQKF fax ' GLW ,J 72. WM ff ff ' I N R I . , , . i Q X X 4,l I fy Q Og' Av YES-f JL' -. , Q. 0 332.5 I 'ray Q no . a 4 Z .j x " iff ' -, -, l X. V ,.., 1 l fy, fl 1 ...,'-fmf---v.-.Q, f J ,x, ,. AMS 'X' -W ' J EY' ' :. X X, -rw ,531 Q - X 2-WGN 5. '. - V guyU,ZI ff ' " - .Mc':,.,f71I?32a.' ii 9 Ag A J , J ' .1 , 0 'u M www Q51 M M 23,704- vgg fi-'llabzh ik ki "Eu A-"'S E ,J Q 1' ..L, fWZ g Wy, f-bi 1 f Q IU W gf Ji ,.-- I in - MW' X Q "-.,. .,,, ' an-af , ,V V' 'Lf fmg Li my X EQA S : . 5 x YP! 75k 120 V N J 'j- x M y 0 Ng f ,W , f X 5 7 F ' '-30924 Q , 'W Z f I 4 .E ..... X Q .. is E ,.1xxXxxxW' of I . www S WWW Wmmmm Fmblzs QC by 162152 QQn10m9 Qgcilli 'Qimichaciaalplmza Hi. kgclmml 9 Qi'X1Q.o .il al ,,,,,,..m,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,, .1- -......................T WL ..-f- -"-1 -' '--' -. ' E gm 9 Tu ' " .1-,,.. 42 P Ja -- 2 2 S e 115 i "May the bonds and ties of friendship which have held us together during these four high school years, not be forgotten but cher- ished in our memories through this annual of nine- teen hundred and thirty-one" N , X WWMW QLW 1i .l1-1 F Y-5 .4 1 Q 5, . yn ' ,f :- ! " X I aa gk ..,.,. .J 5 t , , P ' at Y' Wi 'S .A ., . I t rx 5-Jhfffl:-, , X 0, 4 , M.,-.A', Ill QQ? A W Muwmwu m 9 ln grateful recognition of the great debt we owe to him as the First teacher and mission- ary in the Tuscarawas Valley, we, the class of nineteen hundred and thirty-one,dedi-I cate our Delphian to the memory of David Zeisberger 4? was X in QR . AM hh x..irri mill! l' "5 Q 3 ' n li 'V SOM-,051 L..x n v 2' KF' ,, -:MMI 22 J The Uelpbean I A A+ It i I A W 'W :SIE 'T' . AJ '4 WR gi I Aijls' ' SENIOR HIOI-I DELPHIAN STAFF ANN COOKE ..............................,........... Editor GEORGE JOHNSTON LILLIAN ICKES ...... FRANCIS RANDALL .... MARY CAROLYN GRAFF ANNE GROSS ......... ....... . .Business Manager ... . . . . . .Assistant Editor Assistant Business Manager ..............LiteraryEditor PAUL PFEIFFER. . .... . WENDELL EVANS .... DEAN :KUHN ..... DALE ,PLATZ ..... DAVE SHIVELY .... CORINNE FISHER ..... WILLIAM WARDELL .. EVELYN SCHWARM .. MISS STOCKXVELL .... MR. FINDLEY . . . .Assistant Literary Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . .Athletic Editor . . .Assistant Athletic Editor ...............foke Editor . . . .Circulation Editor . . . .Snap-Shot Editor . . . Stenographers I Advisers Nineteen 51' him'-one ,HU-.. Nic, , v 1 , -:..,, , ,523:-'tx.:--5.'-,:'.--5-4.1-,g-',.f.,L,..- 31--f.m4fx'fm 44, xzglry,-. : .",:A 'g,f1.'-- '1,,f4.:',"--nl..-.:.1-em,-.1sam V- .fn -yy.-',"1 1-5"-'f1.. L- -2-v1'vHa-vrrfsff-Q:,x-sm?--n'26-1.?Aw.-fra 245551-Qfwieligilyffgglp,-5-X225r2g11,:t1f.-:fgx4yp?.i.a-Crip.'4g,.,-ff-gr1-':7!1-151354.31 Q,-.3g.?1g'ffzz,1:qsf 5-.. , fy ' sf.. ," ..f" : '-a -. 1, 5 1 1,1 .,.. -. - 1.-.-1 f.,, ' n 1-. -54 rf- .-r " ' , . ,. -' . -, .A AME -i':i1"E-dw f-ffwf.-Afqaiiwf15.-G':1f1mS fy-'G 3413 wwe. 53 ,12 ,,:1,.afE:1Zf42gt,d1w 'f --. ecf9,l.z,+3+6::"-m1e E'f-2 dw--rl A .34 .4-35W 11 -. 5a"svJa'f22xQ5.4':12LLQsmmfss1''mmmw , . ' . 'Qs ' ' J!-TAVWG3'G'MHf:I-illvimmnaw-na1n:.nmu -:sunny-vwrnxvnaxwvxxr u.LYnrxmoqmvmnrr.xwuarsuvvnv-nz-.n- a.vuuaw4-n4lx:,1-,amos u.nm:4wrcauvwvnrn nmuvsr vmz. SCHGGL fx xxxw gm 4 I 5"' ' ' -H Q ,lllill i - ' - fgnfq-N A um' 3-1: X X V f"' - -:,'f:Q yi'g'g2i'S .rx ...51?3:, mg.QX N -Bxx 1-2 "Q ff. -my . - 4",. 21 x X ' ,ff-QQ! , -- Xl 50 W B 'QNX Q, W " 59. -xg" ' - -L-3241 v ga X : L N , xx NQQXYRX, 'f" xx- T Xxx X X KN 2-.. 5 Yi.,,szQ1'4--z1:',:Ll?'a?' 1,7 fl ,,,, A 7vQgt,5by,,f.Ll2F7g 1- ffm,-3 Y- . 3-: 2-Lsglir eitzgrkii, 2 zf71j'?yf,.4m7:6 - ff l ff .W , rs ,., l,, f "f"' 14,,c,4.w 3 . I ,Y , M if ik +:4:1:1:4fg ,lv f T17 i: - T'::i" " : Q f 17 ' :14'-fllf ' 'lififjwi-'5? ':3 Y if ik ' ' r- f-fm ' -V 511 ivgzf 'ff 14" ' "?ff,gf11'Qfi?fiqjf4'2y:A 'J 4 za' N-EJ k ff ,e 'Ov ff'-'. -x-, .sr A .cf ' 051599 'L'0iar'45f '9-- Q67 ,MF qw iznapbm SNow Soft as the footfall of a cat VVith tasty prey in sightf Light as a niother's gentle touch, The snowllalces fall at night Covering the world with Il tleecy robe, All soft and virgin white. Covering a worlcl that is clrab and gray, Witli Hnery from the clouds, Floating witha fairy-like touch In the face of hurrying crowds, Veiling the bareness of the earth, The loveliest of lovely shroucls. WVera Robb, '32. A520 IT PAYS , .lt pays to wear a smiling face And laugh our troubles clown, For all our little trials wait Our laughter or our frown. Beneath the magic of a smile Our doubts will fade away, As melts the frost in early spring Beneath a sunny ray. Q -Milclrecl Heck, T342. Nineieefz Cfbirzjy-0726 l 121 SCHOGL OFFICIALS 1 X-V.xI.T1su R. Rl'1"r1z1: f"'f7-Yldfffff Llsraov SCI-IVVJXI1 Vin? PI'P.Y'iffE1If - 3 -- are .,, Rmufm' DUMEuzx1u1'H Dfxvm L. FISHER 'l'I-IOMAS E. JENKINS C1Fl'k'-711'l'UA'1lI'E'l' JOHN I. EVANS 'VHELM9 ELFISHER FRANK L. MKl5,TllEIi Alfendance Offircr Offzvc Clerk S1lf'.'. of BIll.Id1l1'.!,'.Y T9'U3'I93T ANKLIN P. Glzlczulz, HCS., AB., AM., D. Ped fU0 u1zt Union Collvgc Ohio Uvzimwvilj' Harvard U 7'I'i7!87'Si fy Columbia Uwzizxersily Sup U7'iIll6?7'IdC1'If ll-U 1 fznzpb' A-M-A-+-J++-++AA E.. Pia f SEE. .114 ifl- i"iL2?'J'E1P'i", , . . " IT -'Vg :i:ftTtLf'a 'W-::t'fg r-:mr-ff:-,, ,- gn--2-, 3: '- - ' 5-1-V -1-W ff- AT- A . -W , - ,. '1' - K -' ff- .5 .-, ..E.,. -- x -,Pa11g.q431-1-M-1r.,.iJ..3.-1g,g,2,S.,-1-,422-..44gLQ.a'A,-Yugi:-M. ,Ep -.+L . ?m,,4,. A A X y-1: u--Q 4. . -55 M. ,in E55 if wg" Wifi U-5,2 , A ,S , lk VI ,A if F als' A-H' gif? .H E: ,,, 5 E51 L . fi- .. 4, i HH 1 , u VVAIj'1'ER' G. FINDLIEY, A. f , MA. A'I'MSki7lg'lL77L Collvgc Uuivc1'si1'y of Pittslvmjqlz Ohio State U71'i7!67'.Yif'3! Prfncifzal U51 mefem Cffamjf-one SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY A' X7 . , 1 L QQ... 1555112 A. .ALHIZRSON RALPH B.xL'IaR MAE IQMQER Nm-A IQWNHARI, A- Tl- A- B. fx. rn., ,x. M, . x. 12. V ,W BIsLrl.fxH B. B.x1z'roN I. A. BAKER I+'l.uluiNn'l2 L. HILXIRER Rlisslll. A. BEND A. H. B. C. S.g B. S. in Ed. Ph. lil. A. B., B. S.. A. XI ETTA GLAUSER HARRY NV, SCIIENK ff. . ,. , , X. ' . 51... I-loxvmen A, D.x1.l..xs Srlxa E. F1a1.'rnN VHAZEI. Fumzm' A. R. Ph. B. B. S. in Educznirm sff' w . . .4 .-',.' ' . , , EDWIN M. IQAYLUR FR.xNu1zs K. MYER -RUTH RAMEY A. B. A. B., A. M. R. S. in Education ,.,'I,E11-A E. 'I-IELMICK 4" A. B. S'rE1.1.A li. RU'rI.1fnczE A. B. PIELEN LOUISE SNIDER MAIQIAN E. STOCKWELL I-Irsmsum' A. STUUGI-l'l'0N B. S. Ph. B. B. S v ,L The Delphmn :f-azszfaszezszxffz OUR FACULTY Who is always ready to lend a hand And tell us which way to turn? To help us in any way that they can To make our decisions lirm? Our Faculty! VVhom do we hold as hue and dear? In whom do we put our trust That when good deeds of ours they hear That they will he proud of us? Our Faculty! Then herels to our faculty, bless their hearts. So brave, so tried, so true! To them goes the credit for our good marks So now three cheers for you. Our Faculty! -A. Gross. '3l. M-Ftt+t"t+ t+ + + +t+t+i+' +All' Nineteen Tbirzjf-0126 E181 1 -- ,f--.L -, V- - -11 4 . : . -. ,--, ' 1.-, "' ' W 4, 2, ,- 3' ,nffyfg if :-ga,y,1 - " ,. ,, . 1-M" 1 f , 'Buff fmmfaif:z5i':1f'f'.4:-.11 4 asf' F' 'IE-'!vif1'?m4'2'2H, '.-1ff:sa.w,aiw a' w-'sie'-'Q' ?47+ 'Jra.iS-: JW?-:'2 f.'-4 5 9542?-'i1'5-5'-.15 'i'22::2 J.-4359 54? J - -'GSE -v x-mg-1.-A -.,'.-.g,-y+1.-g.s,:1'1v3.11--15.5 azz.--94-a -4.-4.731-' -1.f' ?-:- - Q V.. mfg-'f,g2f,:f,.v N f1'4,:N,1'n. v fx :1'-1-.,x,f- p 'F' -':., if-.u f, xa:n,'1-1-754-.-'s -'ina ve-'A' '1 , 1' :.' 1- - . .. ,- - .1 ,. .,..,,, ,4. . ',:1 :-L p-r g '- -1 ..'-:.-'."v .- 12" -','.'.4' 3 4L1hPafL5'if?ff:51' S'+'M" vfQ:Ti1f+vf.f Ch Us-at W: 541 H. 4 .a'm1Hf+2'?-ai' sf - fffvwi-Q1e:6:"'m1s' fvif yxl Q T?f -rigbf ' 1 Z , .-. . . ' 'LC-292235 :fu:w.g:mmmx:vff-v'2: ' " ' - ' K W'-ww-xw2xwmm.m.v4mww :swn4mnrnmaL2mmux , ICRS fWf f K, -' X .: ' Iffff , . , 4 , 'IX 1 .YQ- - f ff' ,ifif 4 1 Z ,Vg ff' ,,, 'ff' ff' Af ff X53 nf f .7 ,j, K Agfjf f :ffff X" -4,17 -.ffxx ,' XX' gy:-' X 1 ff" ff LQ-V ? :QQ vf' f: -if-ff" N. Q. , rg w!!QY ' X I A f-iff! - 1' A AMW? ' N - Y N--. I I ,MM 'LZ-is:-1 ' ' . E ,, 4 -rf , - Z f ,fh - - ix? RX Q Xu ii-X.: XX X Max X . A- - XX 'ix,,,XX .' Q .NN X I X ' 'AJ .4 'A - . --kq 1--V."-555, XX Qxkwixx XQ . XX -- Wx X x xr- X . tx IX xx X X X 'XXX xii X 'X X X x x 51' he Delpbivm Y EVELYN SCHWARM "Ollie "A nzc'1'1'y heart tllal lauglzx ai care" WENDELL BYRD "Hf"iru1y" "Al'zu'ays doing his very Zim!" VJOLET LAHMERS "She mofmzv about zviih quiet grace"' NIATTHEWI ELLIS "Ma-it "A kindly, enzwzmi, brave, f07'L'.YEL?fI1g mam. ANNA P1-'E1F1fEu "Ann "T1Lougl1f ix dcvpcw' than all xlvecclf' MARY ICATHRYN NICBRIDE "Kate" "Sim is as conslanl as the slczrx Ilzat never zfaryf' ROBERT TUCKER "Bob" "Ha is .fo full of plcaxanl anecdote" MARY IQISLIG "H 'ho in-1'.1'vd ITGJUII will: pIca.v1H'e" D.fx1.1z I'LA'rz "Plate" "Hill make ll Proper man." NIAILEL LOHMAN "Thou purv and good." T201 - jnereen 51' loirty-one L J ...- 51' be illelpbion - 'JY3' -, .f,f4,"f7' ?3. NORMAN MILLER "A fellow-feeling uzakos one 'wo11drous kind." NIARIE LIRGG "LigII1heartedne.v.v and rare good nafurcf' DAVID SHIVIILY "Dave" "Steel true and blade straigh-t." JUNE ROMIG "So patient, loyal, loving, pure." RUTH HALLET "Heart of youth and Sll1111ILl2f 'wcalherf' HORIER RIEKER "A loyal, just, and upright gentleman" DOROTHY HALL "A maiden never bold." EDWARD STONEBROOK "A courtly manner-he is true." ROBERT BIIATHEWS "Babe" CARMON BORN "CWl1v,' "A quiet, .vuII113r illlf1l7'!', which to know is "Then gi?-'C Iv Ulf wgfld fha 176'-9370" ' to re-Ine1IIbcr." IIUW- L2 ineieen Tlyimf-one The Delphean .1 BEss1E GREEN 4'Bess "One that is your friend." I. K. LAVVRENCE "A well-accomplished youth." LUCERNE RENNER "Lou "What we frankly give, forever is our - own." , MERLE NICCARTNEY "The soul of the party, the life of the feast." EDNA VVARREN "Eddie" "lfVhenee is thy learning?" n MARGARET LEA "Peg" "Always busy, always merry." JOHN EDIE ' "He was stately and young and tall." ROSALIE THOMAS "Of ma-nners gentle, of affecfions mild." BIERRELI. ADEXNIS "Best kind of good fellow." MARGARET LARIMORE "I will do my best." E221 ' jneteen Thirty-one be illelpblem 2,f+f..e...,e.r.:,....,.,..e + l W ini lf VIVIAN GOULDER "Daisy" EVELYN HAWK "Her words do showlxerwiiinc0n1,pa1'able." "Not stepping o'e1' !l1e bounds of modesty." ROBERT BROWN "Bob" ROISEIQT STEWART "Babu "In1.f1nlsi'Ue, earnest, pv'o1n1vt fa act." "Tl101lgl1' 716' 110 111'f""'5', Wi 'lC'ifl1Ul lie'-Y l10nesf." ROBERTA STONEMAN "Bert" MARGARET FISHER "Like the swell of some sweet tune." H50 long as you are innocent, fear notl1i11g." ROBERT STONEMAN "Baby EDWIN SENHAUSER ' ' "Cecil" "H e the best' of all musicians." "H e outgoes the wry heart of lc'i1niness." GLADYS STUCKY DOROTHY POSTEL l "Silence is Ihe perfeclest lzeralcl of joy." "Full well slze does iilsles assigned lo her," zneteen 51' hzrzyf-one i231 A I '-5 The Delphion y VIOLET SCHWAR "Maid's mild behavior and sobriety." GLEN GRAFF "There is nothing like fun, is there?" LUCILLE MARCH "Only a sweet and virtuous soul." ROBERT HAMMOND "Bob" "He was a man, take him for all in all." MARTHA MASTAICO "The maid who modestly conceals her beauties." u LUELLA M121-:R "Lou "Tho sunbcanzs of a checrj'-nl spirit." PAUL RAINSBERG "Solemn and silent everywhere." FREDA BAKER "And virtue is her own reward." CHARLES LEMASTERS ' "Chuck" "Let your own discretion be your tutor." LILLIAN BURKHART "Lily" "With all the 'virtues that attend the good." E241 ' ineieen - Thirty-one The ezpbm -A-A----A+++e+w-A-fe+-fe+A+++ Vff "A soul f01Il1'H'l'1IL? .voluteih us." Tum a-uit Q LIARY EICHER "Ike" MARY LENVI5 "A loving lille life of sweet small u'orks." DEl.BERT RUSSELL "Dell" "A mon he was lo all the country dear." ANNE GROSS "An-rl she herself seemed mode for merrzmeutf' VERNE FOWLER "A knight well-spoleen, near, and fine." CANDACE BANKS ' "Candy "An odor of 1Im1ocem'e, and of prayer." u FLOYD I-1o1.1.1Nc:swoRTH ' "Though he be blunt, I know him passing wise." MARCPARET IVIALLEY "Marj" "True to friend, kind to foe." ROBERT COLEMAN "Bob" "Worth malze: lhe man." GRACE ROGERS ' "A lzouof to do, o head to plan." 5 E251 ineteen Thlrzy-one f ,Jn 3 51' he Delphioh CORINNE FESHER "Th-ings 'won are done." ROBERT JONES "Casey" "As 'well we know your tenderness of heart." VARDI SINDLINGER "There's little of the melancholy element in her." - JOSEPH BAXTER "Paddock" "Of spirit so still and quiet." RUTH IWILAR "Boots" "For what I will, I will, and there's an end." DoRo'rux' MCKINLEX' "Dot" "I have no other but a 'li'O'l7ll1H,.Y reasonf' HARRY GINTZ "Large was his bounty, and his soul .fi11C6re." TPIELMA SNYDER "Snyder" One 'who "Liglztens my humor 'with lzer merry Jester" PAUL PFEIFFER "Heir one o' the .voundest judgements in .TTOJV-JI U AQA IYIELDRUM "lane "For she ix 'wise if I can judge of her." E261 -E H ' lueteeu Them'-one 51' be Delpbmn GRACE PENNINGTON "Laugl1te'r -is zz mos! lzenlllrful c.vcrl-ion." ' GEORGE WELLER "Bm'k" "He 1zew1', never failed .1 friend." ALMA GARNER "A merry hear! laugh: all the day." CARL F1N'roN "1 hold the world but as ilze ic'orl1l." LUCILLE SALISBURY "The .vupreme c'.1'00l1i'11cc is s'imf1licily." HAZEL SMITH "I-lm' eyes are sapplzires set -in snow." EARL RIATHIAS "Strong arms, pure lzearl, and silent tongue." ELIZAUETH BREWER "Belly" "ln mn-iden mediiaiion, fmzry free." HAROI.I7 ROLLI "Alfie" "ll'v will siand by mclz, otllw' lzoivewv' -it blow." JEANNETTE PEARCH "Direct of spccflz and rnzmiug with Ilzc pen." E271 meteen Tbilfty-one The fDelphZ4mA ANNA MAEuARE'r YOUNGIEN "Peggy" 'IAM 'ix ihe righl hand of naYurr.J' CH ARLES Gnoss "Charlie" "A'.v111i'dy youth he was and mil." MARY JANE SCHNEIDER f'Ja1my" 'CM3' mind fo -me a kingdonz. ix." GEORGE SANDERS "Saudcr.f" "A youth to fortune and to fame 1mknown." ALICE BLACKWOOD "Not what we give, bu! what we .s'hm'v." MARY JANE SELLERS "M0d0s1 as j11.vticc'." jouN Rouu "Tho gCl1f1L'1llll11 ix lcczrffzi, and a -nuns! mru .YI764lh,1'l'.H MARY BUCHER "By my Irolh, ll plcayalzl .vpirilczl lady." IUALE ROSENIXERRY "Hf'ho -in 1ifc"s battle firm doll: stand." M.NRG.-XRET BANNER. "Mary" "I'Vi.vdo-m HLGIIIIIS hw' .':c'11i!lz with the stc1r.v." IQ281 jnereen C1'lazmf-one The Delpbmn IZ 4,la"""LFwf1"'p -? -6 JANE CML "Ca1c" "Lowe rulex llzc rnzfrl, flu' rcmzlw, llzv gl-oz'c."' W1cNnm.x. Exams "Kal UA ruddy drop of manly blood." LUl'Il,l,li Fm.l.rcR .. .... "Hur lifz' 'wus gmzllcf' CuAm.12s CSIIHXS "I-If hall: 21 lwarl nx .vovmrl as n Iml1." FL0luzNc:li C Lx' M A NS "HN z'v1'y .vilvzmf .vfvcaks I0 lllr lwoplrf' J an N10 -.-v' ...A if Er.IiANou FOWLER "Dvcd.v are bvtler Il11'11g.v lllflll 'words ara." XVILLIAM BE1.Nfw "Bill" "In morlal vourt lzyis df'vd.v are not 1llI.Y1llIg.n RIARIE GETS "To will what God doll: will." GEORGE JOHNSTON "ll"e luwe fomm' you grcul and noblcf' HELEN GRAY "Gray" "Be mine a lifv of arlion and 1'eg1l'iIy" 'C Zfzetem Tbirzy-one i291 5'v 1. EN fu Cm Delphmn s N wa ll I"-he-4 I F MARY FRANCES JENKINS ANN Comme Hh4ush'shaH be your guiding xlarf' HBVUV is Ihr addr zuorhlignoranl of her 1w0r!h.u HERMAN EDWAMN n HHvwnn Domnuv LANMS UDOW HI NNN not fad yauf' "Shv Hvexvhzlhal pocHc dreandand of her l11101!g,1l5.U GERTRUDE Rfns HGHVHFH IQAYMOND LuxmTT "You :would nal Ihiuk any duly .f7ll1lH.u "And ,fo he plays his part." CHARLES ECKERT NiAkY CARULYN GRAFF .. .... "Kync" '1'0n are a grnlhynan of vxccHrnl HThe force of hfr OZWLIHCTH vnakes her brevdlugf' qugyf' NIT.-X .ANGEL MARY T11omvs0N dffervnodcsllooks the foHagc ndght 'TVQ gudggppr 5-in vabLU adorn." E301 jnereen Thirty-one ,,,,,.l,, 11-nl WL, Y,,, 1 Y . ! l The Delphiezh MARJORIE 1-lumxzluuouss "Mary" "And in her train there is a gentle lady." MARY JANE IQORNS I "Full many a flower is born to bluslz 1lJ1.Yl?!'ll.U THOMAS PATRICK ' "Ay, sir, you shall find me rea,vonal1le." SARAH WASSEM ".S'ally"' "fl fall and slender maiden." AN'NA IYIAE CONAWAY "Good friends are better than fine gold." EVELVN DIENST "I cavmol hide 'what I am." DOROTHY WEAVER "Dot" "Mistre.vs of herself, lhouglz China fall." WILLIANI WARDIELL "Bill" "Slill aclzieving, still pur.rui1zg," L1I.1.IAN YACGI "Lil" "All musical people seem io be happy." Jxzssus T1-1oMAs "Jay" "Free from self-.veclz1'ug." iheteeh Thirzyf-one The ivelphldlfl E., ... ..n.. .4 ....... . ...E+ ......... XVAYNE PUGH "A proper man as any one shall see in a 51l7lI1l1C'l',S day." CuR'r1s RENNER "Curr" "I dare do all llzal may befollze a 1Htlll.H DONALD SWEANY "Don" "A-n alJr'idg1ue11.t of all that was pleasant 'in man." GLENN 1'lURST "'Skippcr" "I am .Q-ure eare'.r an enemy to life." NER NIIDULESXVORTH "Never fo blend our plea.:-we or our pride." ALFRED ANDERSON "But grant me still U friend in my 1'elreaf." JAMES ENGLEMANN "Jimmy" "I flmzlc there are few tlxingx like his smilef' 1f1.ox'n BEAL "Men of ff'-zc Evords are llzv basl men." lim-1. SCHNEIDER ' uLll1CldIllIlCd by the frown of fatv."' GEORGE RUSENRERRY "Boom ' hF0l'L"2'L'I' f0l'L,Il10.fl in Ihr' ru-zzlss of fun." TOM Domus "And e'z'en l1i.x' faililxyx lean I0 T'il'I1!8,S sizlef' NY.xNn,x SHERRARD "Tl1e3' laugh limi Quin," NYILLIA M H l'MI'lIREX'ILI.E "ll'0od" "ll'l1ul man dare, I dare," RAYAIUND KlCC1.ELI.AND "ll' armor is his honest lllilllglllfu X321 Q Nineteen 51' fairly-one The flklpbmn :::.f::.+:..e:.:-':f:.sf1'-'..f.2f:e:.:r:..te:fe: IZTI-I YEAR OFFICERS -li. GEORGE JOHNSTON .. ROBERT COLEMAN . . . JUNE ROMIC .... .......... . MARY THOMPSON ........... IUISS I-IELMICK, MR. BAUER ..... Class Colors ................. Class Flower .............. Class Motto . . . , ...... President . . . .Vice President . . . . . . .Secretary . . . . . . . .T1'c'asm'er .. ........... fldtfisers . . . . .Green and VVhite .......... Tea Rose . . . . .Ad Astra Per Aspera SOCIAL COMMITTEE Mary Eicher Dorothy McKinley Grace Rogers Hazel Smith VVendell Evans Matthew Ellis john Robb Paul Pfeiffer INVITATION COMMITTEE Dale Platz joe Baxter J. K. Lawrence Edward Stonebrook Evelyn Dienst Kathryn McBride Violet Schwab Anna Margaret Youngen RING COMMITTEE Margaret Barker Mary C. Graff Margaret Larimore Eleanor Fowler Glen Graff Earl Mathias Curtis Renner Dale Rosenberry FINANCE COMMITTEE Mary J. Schneider Thelma Snyder Verne Fowler Delbert Russell Ruth Milar George VVeller Mary -I. Korns Herman Edwards lildlhlgj- ''--ll-lQ- -Q- E331 If Nifzereefz Tbmyf-0126 l 1 . . 434177. Y 1... , 1.1.QfUAfk-ia. if ,- at ff Q 5,97 The Delpbmn Z Qqw rxx SAILING ' XfVe are sailing out of the l1Zil'l,JU1'Q Life's voyage has just begun, VV:-: are sailing into the future W7ith our faces turned toward the sun. Some will he sailing to lands afar X-Vhile others may never roamg But our memories will always cherish The friendship we made at home. Kind teachers have guided our voyage That leads to the future so bright, To them welll owe our successes Wlieii we've reached the greatest height. It matters not where our.-ship may sail So long as our Hearts are true, There is a place 'for eaeh one in life Wliicli no one,ean hll hut you. S0 come what may, let's sail away Witli our course marked straight and true, Though billows roll and toss us about 'Ve'll always come Smiling through. -M. C. G., '31. - mefeefz qubmjf-one T341 fw,eAWff W my Q NWS A ,- , , J. xx . J, -L 4-2. t-- :- - .-n, , ., .. .. -- , A -i'1G1'I19'l?21?2-:gif 3a?S?3f:i :eYfff:Llff?d.- 1 f .f:EFf?5.'. x ,.., -..W --4-4212-'Z- .1 32 21252- f ?gf,i :'1.f1 ?fZ'- ' ' za -1 1 :f4w4:a's G:h'Am:.1 vw fz ge . Fmfmw A -. . . ' . ' , . fx 1 ' ' ' " ' ' A JEL , ' " .w ' V ' if ' 9 ff I '- -' Y V! ' V ' ,- X I " ,V J""'s. -r f K 4 K lv V ' ' N p. V' - A 'Q . ,X W' . Ja Q X E Q I F 1 -g Q: A M xr Y' M ft " E E J . 'X 2 I . by 7 P 1 W I Rav ELE E TH YEARj:5L,L, 7 l ,Afy 5051, Q 3 ' A P1 . ' far, " M' ,Q ffa? a Vi, I , teal ' ag' X afjlvw va Y I ka . L. , Y, AU , 2 Q ' X ,gi 'fur Q X I 1 r X Yu ' 'J -L 9 'N' , x K Q 1 If v Y Y L - 'irixif 4 If J 'J L , '-A EE If v3 5 S Qeff 'Q Q T b ' K3 59374 Q ,w , A .ge Q, of 5, ,345 Qbyqf 'G v E X 'Q Q as , ' N of '- V' f-' Ei A f . .fp 5 , C! . cf? 2:1 'X ii - X . ' ' K N .I - K x -XX , , .Lg A if E gg , -A I. NE The Yklpbmn Donald Kcffer Helen Gowins Bill Stansbery Lillian lckes Elizabeth McClelland Mildred Murphy Lucille Keriakis Betty Forney Treva Eggan Dean Kuhn Evelyn Burri Janice Boltz Karl Smith Virginia Johnson Charles Vance Kathryn Kurtz Olive Riley Esther Springer Lucille Laclraeh Guy Thompson Dorothy Exley Irvin Shively Hazel Goshorn Grace Katlerly FAITHFUL P1-HLA HIGH O, to be a junior again, To share in their joys and in their woes, To greet all the friends I used to know And be a junior again. But Juniors may go, and juniors may come, Still Phila High goes on forever. Thomas Campbell Imogene VVeller Donald Lahmers Dorothy Ball Virginia I-lummell Randall Francis Betty Thomas Eunice Zurcher -Elizabeth Myer. l36l Nifzeteen Thirzyif-one ,, u ,- ift, . 1 ,f fy ig , ,if f J If . , , ,V . , 2, ,, Edna Reese George Getz Elsie Miller Mildred Holmes lane. Marsh Eva Eagan A George Porter Thelma Ladrach Robert Rice Elizabeth Myers Vena Keenan Phil Stansbery Jimmyc Edwards Mary Collins Curtis Pollock Mildred Heck Ruth Roseh Charles Bigler Mary Jane Haakinson Albert Acbersold Leone I-lenderson Donald Brown Alice Shipley Mary lane Robb Marjorie Orr Beatrice Vance Arline Ladrach Iohn Stone Bernice Edie Bertha Malley Christena Brown Mildred Reed Iohn Winters Leroy Sloe We've been sailing along We now are the Juniors On Phila High bay, In the year thirty-one, As Freshies and Sophomores Moving along swiftly We came out O. K. With all of our fun. And we shall keep going With all our dear friends, Until we have reached Ouri journey's end. . . . . ' ,f 1. Y .uv YY A Alu, N '-.A ,-N. ,J-':.g,--M.--. , Mary Jane Edie, '32. 1 'B 'V' ,Q-I, -,n .LJ 5 l. iiiii kzynv J l ,,,, fn-' 1, . U2!i3f?7?'Z il z'f7?i5Z'i'f" 'f 1 ff J fl if ,L -"LL J E371 fl Q2 1 Gf+Qf vf . Xifgf Cf, ,gay F we xi? Qi' B my l 4 51' be Delphzfm ,,s,,s.s.r:,?Ex-'.::: ELEVENTH YEAR Adelstein, joe Barnish, Anthony Bartholow, Virgil Bender, VVilliam Bingham, Robert Brainerd, Helen Cordray, Jeanette Cramer, Mary Edie, Mary .lane Espenschied, Charles Ferris, Roy Fulmer, David Gibbs, Ralph Graff, Curtis Henderson, Dorothy Hurst, Frank Jenkins, Hazel King, David Laird, Donald Menges, Carl Miller, Ledra Morris, Garnet Neiger, Eugenia Phillips, Harry Raiff, Franklin Ress, Robert Robb, Vera Rosenberry, Ruby Schwab, Helen Schweitzer, Joy Sehwendiman, Maria Scott, Betty Shonk, Miller Steehow, Robert Thomas, Elizabeth XVatson, james XYenger, Sylvia xWorner, Fritz M alley, Margaret S526 THE IuN1oRs VVe, the Juniors, are certainly proud But o'er us the Seniors cast a cloud, The Sophomores take note of us But the Seniors look over us, With their haughty stare As though we weren't there. But next year is our year And also our turn- To make the Juniors fear And to have them learn- That we are the mighty and they the weak And that to us they dare not speak. -Eva Eagan, '32. We Ninefeefz Tbirzy-one U81 The Delphewn ELEVENTH YEAR CLASS QFFICERS GUY THOMPSON .. DEAN KUIAIN .... lX'1ARY JANE ROEB. . FRANCIS IQANDALL Miss R L"l'LEDGl5, MR. Class Colors ...... Class Flower Class Motto .... IDALLAS . . .......P1'cside11f . . . .Vice-Pwsificvzf . . . . . . .Sef1'cz'ary . . . . . . . .T1'cc1sm'm' . . . .Family .V4ldz'iscr5 . . .Red and Black ..........Red Rose . . . .Esse Quam Videri SOCIAL COMMITTEE IKARL SMITH, C lzairmcm BETTY SCOTT IANE NIARCH EDNA REEEE BETTY FORNEY ARLINE LADRACH FRANCIS RANITALI., Clmirmau JOHN STONE DONALD LAHMERS DAVID FULMER E391 Nineteen Tbertjf-one . lg! IQ, iirz, ll lQ72!c2Z7Z Jlpahhlk 4F-4L1r,Jn..A..n-J4..nL!r ak 4F44--Q--sf-r -r -r -A. To THE SENIORS Once we the class of '32 just lived in actual awe, To see a lofty Senior Ambling down the hall. But now as nearer comes the time, Wlien we Say "goodbye" to you, We wonder how we'll lit your place, This class of '32, Don't think that we'll forget you. For through the corridors of time, VVe'll treasure and remember you, As in this silly rime. "Parting is such sweet sorrow" Shakespeare is known to say, But somehow, it seems rather hard, As nears our parting day. So dropping all our jealousies, And with zt little sigh, VVe take our rightful privileges In bidding you Hgooclbyef' -o. Riley. ..,..w.. +2 t31Li1.,"'t"e-e.415,?? Nmereen Tbim'-0126 H01 J! r .1 I . .,- . , . 51" gfggf.',y:'1,f-3,,-4.1-5 Sin., 2115,-, g1..,g':gg wa, ' x,g,:x', : -- ,r A -5-,-7,-,x w -- 1,1 14, 7"',':'-,-.'l,,:-5111 19: nj-fi 4- .s': ,',.-.-' ,151 'lf' -qlgw.. ,ia-.,-:A .1."-"fr, ',' 72. ,'f-11'5g13fv1?73.. 5-4:3-t -'1r.1x,2'-fn-,f1+1:, 5Sq5f.wJ fqEz1Q33- 1-,g.vf4f,L5Ergqfgf-..ffg, , -:gfg:ifi'.,:Gg'g4:Ma-62? :fic-: 4 .1'C1f11Tz3?L:- .' 4:55 93: -iii-1:25 73- 14" lf? '- -1 5 -U? ,' .-5,7 fu .. . ' ,,. .4 ,1 f1.,, ' K ' ' - 1, La.. n 1.-...y .4 , ,f . " .,4 -1 -.-. 4,1- . f--Thru d1E5?cZfG ?-"'Hf.- av-fwxmrr.-G:5f"a-G2 Eff: Giza mrw fsixs'-111-H .4L2fb'+a'wL-fbi-ww f' --ff49kaw'i'16"?'-mtv 51f'21 '3z- ff Q: F:-i ..135-v-' - ' 553f"t'!i-?fRE52E5'f'G':?ZiC-9.5-39FEES5iBS6.'xi'1Y'fS'3B'9?L'tV.Ei':kREQ5Z19?3ihiM?.RSWMuEK4MwRE6wi'TWS5MmR9M6NB A . SHSQLQL4 IS!1El.1A'mlM!m'.g Mmbirm-ymv-ww-:wm.:4mu. uw.. nun -vmm naw-:na mnrvum--m.w:u:vn.w4-.wg-u :fnam-nmfumwu-1w.w.m-K.m-1.. 1.-.mmwnuvuma na-www-:fmu l. , 1 .V I K " . .,. a f-K VA' 1 9 L41 ' I q M- p- if H . l, Q I ff '41 ,, Y' Mfw jaw: 171'-X V I I L l 61 I ' L W , . F v NTH YEAR f' ,N . 'nvyfi C-".n f' - "Tu, IW H CUM Pelphmn ., ,., "'9" 'l""7'1" 'lf 'O' F+' H21 mefeen Tbirzjf-0126 'M 51' be Delpbeem I , Nineteen qdbeezyf-one E431 The Delpbeenfz P Adams, Harold Angus, Marian Arnold, John Austin, VValte.r Avon, Rose Ball, Mary Elizabeth Ball, Raymond Barker, Joe Bean, Jean Bean, Nellie Bear, Ladel Becker, X1Villiam Beers, Della Bei son, Robert Bigler, Raymond Bigler, xfiola Bippus, Carl Bitterman, Edith Blackwood, Howard' Blair, Bradford Bour, Almeda Bowers, Byron Brown, Florence Brown, Pauline Bucher, Glenn Buckley, Ruth Burkhart, Ruth Burgess, Kathryn Burrier, Raymond Buss, Donna Butler, Max Byrd, Cecil Campbell, Albert Campo, Charles Cappel, Matie Carpenter, Faye Carpenter, Melvin Carrothers, Laverne Clark, Bernadine Clements, Dorothy Click, Donald Clutz, Eugene Clymans, Monna Colin, Alva Comanita, Anna Cordray, Dale Creal, Helen Cross, Ruby Crossley, Madge Crossley, Mildred Deardorff, Eugene Denning, Robert Der.r, Robert Dessecker, Lillian Dickman, Kathryn Dienst, VVarren Donehue, Mary K. Dotts, Evelyn Dotts, Maxine Draghieu, Mary TENTH YEAR CLASS Earle, Arthur Eckert, Kenneth Edwards, Laverne Eichel, James Elsaesser, Algie Emig, Errol Emig, Roland Engelhart, Maxine Ernest, George Fackler, Edwin Fair, Ruth Ferchill, Joe Fickes, Dean Fishel, Adam Fishel, Grace Fisher, Helen Fisher, Gerald Fisher, Glen Fisher, Marjorie Frazier, Richard Freshwater, Ruth Freshwater, Willia Garner, Clelia Garner, Evelyn Gibbens, Mary Gibbs, Raymond Gibson, Charles Gintz, John Glazier, Dean Goettge, Donald Green, Edgar Green, Richard Green, Robert Gribble, Margaret Grimm, Erma Ill Kinsey, John Knisely, Faye Knisely, Max Koontz, Margaret Korns, Joe Korns, X-Valter Kratz, Marian Krauss, Laverne Kurt, Verna Kutscher, Gliver Lamneck, Martha Larkin, Olwen Lea, Katherine Lea, Kathleen Leach, Leona Legg, Helen Lawrence, Florence Lemasters, Francis Lichty, lsabelle Lile, XVilliam Limbach, Esther Liinbach, Lida Lingo, William Lohman, Mary Lomax, Joe Maloney, Carl Mathias, Ruth Mans, Robert Mclntosh, Dick McMurray, Osmon Meese, Helen Metzger, Harry Miles, Mary Helen Miller, June Miller, VValdo Haakinson, Virginia Mitchell, Ruth Haeberle, Leora Murphy, Howard Haman, Robert Murphy, VVil1ard Hammond, Robert, Jr. Myers, Lewis Haney, Majel Noble, Roy Heintzelman, Madge Glmstead, Paul Henderson, Bernice Osgood, Vera Henderson, Elizabeth Oswald, Maxine Hephinger, Florence Packer, Charles Hines, Clifford Packer, Raymond Hinig, Robert Parson, Kathryn Hixon, Robert Patterson, Eileen Holmes, Emma Peacock, Thelma Hollingsworth, Ray Phillips, Jack Horn, Dale Phipps, Helen Huff, Carl Pickens, Marie Huff, Laura Raitt, Julia Hummell, Horace Reed, Ruth Humrighouse, Eugene Regula, Ruth Hurst, Dale Reidenbaugh, John James, Eddie Reif, Harlan Jenkins, Dale Renneker, June Jenkins, James Rennels, Hal Johns, Kenneth Renner, Max A Johnson, Leonard Ress, Betty Lou T441 Rieker, Helen Riggle, Eugene Ripley, Xllilma Robinson, Caroline Rodd, Jean Romig, Anne Roth, Helen Russell, Lucille Rutledge, Robert Saxton, Eugene Schlegel, Helen Scott, Donald Scott, Robert Seabrook, Nllilliam Sharp, Charlotte Shull, Helen Smith, Delmar Snyder, Pauline Snyder, Robert Stahl, Charles Stahl, George Stansbury, Clarence Stansbury, Ray Stechow, Paul Stemple, David Sterns, Evelyn Sterns, Gertrude Stewart, Donald Swihart, NVanda Swinderman, Frieda Swisshelm, Robert Taylor, Glenn Taylor, Mildred Taylor, Ralph Thomas, Jane Thomas, Raymond Thomas, NVayne Torgler, Charles Truman, Curtis Turner, Geraldine Tygard, Eva Ulrich, Arthur Van Lehn, Max Von Bergen, Jack lVatkins, Ann XVatson, John l'Veaver, Kenneth Wleaver, Mary R. Wleber, Jane XViener, Milton Wfilliams, Virginia VVolfe, Clayton NVright, Wakefield Young, Genevieve Youngen, Gladys Zurcher, Joe Nineteen Thirty-efze fm fzngzphm A A A TENTH YEAR liLIZABETI-I HENDLERSON liATHERINE LEA ...... DALE CORDRAY ....... BERNICE HIENIJISRSON .... MR. SiroUG'1l'roN j MISS BARTON . . . . . .P1'c.9ide1Lt . . .Vine P1'csidc'11t . . . . .Sef1'ez'ary . . ...Treasmvr . . . ,"Id':1fi.vm's QE SOCIAL COMMITTEE RUTH FAIR .. RUBY CROSS lWARGARli'l' liOON'1'Z CHARLOTTE SHARI- EMMA HOLMES NIARTHA LAIx1'NEc'1Q Class Colors ....... Class' Flowers . . . Class Motto . , . ...........Clzaf1'mau WAKE11'IELD WRIOIIT KENNETI-I JOHNS IQENNETH ECIQERT CHARLES CAMPO JOE liORNS . . . .Green and Silver .......Red Rose . . . .Semper Dueens Nineteen Cfbirty-one ++++ f-w"1f'-If +--rw'-' lust A LITTLE HINT Perhaps there is someone in our class Vlfho will be much noted in years to come. Ruth Buckley may be the first lady president, And Dale Cordrzty might lly to the sun. Ruth Fair may become n very famous rnusiciang Eddie James, a specialist in manufacturing cars. Edith Bitterman might be the wisest scientist, And learn how to talk with the people on Mars Of course there are many, many other things Wliicli make people famous, you know. Such as authors, painters, and doctors, Gr movie stars like Clara Bow. But l am sure that the one who takes this little hint Will receive the greatest fame. just invent a machine fOl'iVl'O1'lilUg geometry Without having to use your brain. -Ruby Cross, 23.3. ,,,t,,t,,,+ ,V+ vu, ,Y fzeteefz Thirty-0116 I-L61 The Delpheem SCI-IOENBRUNN IN 1 7 72 I SCHOENBRUNN SCHOOL 1772 .. :jf 19 . ., , X P, , , ...., ' ' I ' I :-- K O-TM . I 5 g I 'S .LxNToN's CABIN LUKES CABIN LUCIA'S CABIN FIRST SCHOOL IN OHIO l47I Nineteen Tbirzy-one fra paphm SoHoENBRuNN OCATED approximately one mile east of New Philadelphia is the historical village of Schoenbrunn, founded in the year 1772, by David Zeisberger and a company of Christian Indians. These people arrived in the section then known as "Big Spring" on May 3rd, and began the erection of the first town in Ohio. Later in the year more Indian converts arrived at the settlement and by the end of the year, the village consisted of sixty houses, small huts, a church and a school house. The inhabitants of Schoenbrunn consisted chiefly of missionaries and Indian converts from other mission towns in Pennsylvania. The sincere Christian faith of these missionaries and their converts and their devotion to the cause of Christ lead to the forming of the first temperance and the first peace society west of the Allegheny Mountains. These pioneers prohibited the use of liquor in their village, and they would not go to war. This little village prospered in the first few years of its existence, but the beginning of the Revolutionary War in the east placed them in a very dangerous position because they were located between the English at Detroit and the Amer- icans at Ft. Pitt. Moreover according to their beliefs they would not go to war. Conditions grew worse and finally on April 19, 1777, Zeisberger and a band of followers left the site of their beloved homes and made their way south to the next settlement of Lichtenau near the present town of Coshocton. Before leaving the village, all the converts with Zeisberger and the other missionaries held a last devotional service in the church, After the service, the church building was destroyed in order to prevent any desecration of it by hostile Indians. A few years later the whole village was burned. In addition to his arduous work as a missionary and teacher David Zeis- berger Wrote the first school book for Ghio. It was a spelling book and con- tained in addition songs, the Ten Commandments, and The Lord's Prayer. ANN Cooiuz. Nifzefeen Tloirzjv-one HSI 51' he Pelpheeen H1-Y OFFICERS JOHN Roms ...... ............ .......... P 1' esident HOMER RIEKER ..... . ...., Vice President . FRANCIS RANDALL . . . ..... Secretary-Treasm'er MR. DALLAS Adams, Harold Adams, Merrell Benson, Robert Bigler, Raymond Bucher, Glenn Butler, Max Campbell, Albert Campbell, Thomas Click, Donald Eckert, Kenneth Ellis, Matthew Emig, Roland Fisher, Gerald Freshwater, Wfilliam Fulmer, David Getz, George Gibbs, Charles Gibbs, Raymond I-lumphreville, lfVm. ll-Iumrighouse, Eugene Korns, Wlalter Kutscher, Oliver Lawrence, I. K. Lile, Wlilliam Lomax, Joe Murphy, W'illard Pfeiffer, Paul Platz, Dale l53l ...........Adt1zser Randall, Francis Rieker, Homer Riggle, Eugene Robb, John Russell, Delbert Rutledge, Robert Scott, Robert Senhauser, Edwin Stewart, Donald Stewart, Robert Stone, John , Stonebrook, Edward Von Bergen, Jack W'eller, George Vllinters, john Nineteen 517921031 one The Delpbeem .ki.-L-i- T' ,. 41 f ,I n 3, ,I "x 5 5-i we KI I Nineteen Cfberzj'-one 41, C L -, g..- 1 ':'T - ,L-, -rj. . :'- -V I . 1 a"'52" :f'.'5.:.".'-.WG -.IJ -pit--' ?f'f?siwr2'v' 1: 11651 k wa: '.,v -- ..: --J.".'+:2"J '1:'f4.- i"','1.-,..3,-:-- I'L1gY2,4'4wf1w, -154-,I-f .1 .'. I - if 12-:.f5e.:ENrx1JG-Gunf'Q:1c,a-2wZe3111?.:1?w'1w 2:3aff-'"f,ff.v'4fffELlfr?a1 2Hy.-EL'Ff'wf2'z4:1?Lf+f-22fwzici'in Mfflfzmu :cf-' fc-SfwuzfAf:.Jl11f:f:' 1:-A . .'. 1,"- -fa - 1-.' ' , .- , ,,.,'- ,,. -, ,. - - - .1.',' . e-. H H ' .'-,J '.,. 'l,-M ix , ' , - 'v ' 'f3. +914 .i5lWiI2G?"Efc6f'. 5?'-'Yf.-'3v'fi:'?,4:21f.5:-G':??22'1xEf.f9"'f 5-'13 G5W'2-3wJ5b1'1". . 421-.Waf'd"51'3656L" "f -'Svffl1'1,14Hfi1v6:?"fQRiw' ?i"721 i'w1f'f 2? v!v'?'5135W " 5755-43e'?Yii1!' .533'r:?fi'?,'h:'53523555i'BSE.'xYlY'Z?if5Y-?L'E".ME1CWIkKGCiMfdEdKMU5di fWS 'RY.nBEMW .' , n V ' ' ' ' 'um Lnwm.mxQr4umgr.-n-.wa.v4m4fuu.-n41u:svnc.wr..f.-.mmm-.uvuavn nwvuxvw "Ph Nh1MdQEJmm wm5 5g'.xu:lm.1:xgzx-'ang un.. 1:- ACTIVITIES 15-ff , 'N-W .-"nf- -- ' .. JI: L ,,yJ-J 5: 4 ,gg 7? 54 4 1 0' X, -" v- ...fdf 41-'Ya .Ap 5 .,, 4,1 5-,?e.72',L if K f' wiv 'Zh f' -. W .V I , Q I N' K Wi' r . Ng Nm I' X- - 4 - i . -. vm 'In Q ., I 'H-LX I i 4C"W- ,Nhf ,4 f. ' 4' X 'kv f IM Y U .A "A , f . 1 xl, at f rf 5 , I x N pf u. ,X I ,..,?,-J X p.x"i Us I 1 . X QI QRXW X I 1 I I X' . x , X x91 .lu ' The Delplrmn 1llI1rIH DEBATE Afirmative: Betty Forney, Grace Rogers, John Robb, Edith Bitterman. Russell A. Bender QCoaChD. January 15, 1931 .... .... , Newcomerstown at New Philadelphia January 22, 1931 .... ...... M artin's Ferry at Martin's Ferry January 29, 1931 ............... Senecaville at New Philadelphia Negative: Kathryn McBride, Paul Pfeiffer, Mary Carolyn Graff, Margaret Lea, Hariy Gintz, Ruth Rosch, Edwin M. Kaylor fCoachj. January 15, 1931 ............. ............... Dover at Dover January 23, 1931 .... .... U hrichsville at New Philadelphia january 29, 1931 .... ..... S t. Clairsville at St. Clairsville 1501 Nfzzeteen Clnbffljf-0726 DEBATE HE question issued by the Ohio State Debating League, and debated by our school this year was "Resolved, that chain stores are detrimental to the best interests of the United States public." The hrst debates of the season took place on january 15, 1931, when the Newcomerstown negative met the New Philadelphia ahirmative at New Philadelphia. The same evening the Red and Black negative debated the Dover affirmative at Dover. Both of the New Philadelphia teams won and were very much elated over their victories. On January 22, the affirmative debaters journeyed to Martin's Ferry where they met the Martin's Ferry negative. The contest was a close one, but the affirmative team lost by a small margin. The next night the New Philadelphia negative clashed with the Uhrichsville aiiirmative on the local floor, and won their second victory. I The last debates in the league were a disappointment to both teams. The New Philadelphia affirmative was defeated by the Senecaville negative in a con- test held before the local student body. Nevertheless the debate was veiy much enjoyed by the students, and the affirmative proved themselves capable debaters. The same day, January 29, the Red and Black negative lost to the St. Clairsville afhrmative at St. Clairsville in an interesting,and extremely close debate. The negative team participated in a post-season debate with Barberton on March 20. The New Philadelphia debaters won this last contest of the year. M. C. GRAFF, '3l. - - - jfzereen Tlamy-one T511 The TTR HONOR CLUB MARGARET BARKER ............. ..... . . . . ....... P-resident FRANCIS RANDALL ............ .... I "Ice Prcsidczzf LILLIAN ICKES ................................. .... S ecrerary MISS FELTON AND MR. FINDLEY ....................... Advisers TWELFTI-I YEAR ACTIVE MEMBERS BARKER, MARGARET MELDRLIBII, ADA THOMAS, 'IESSII-I GEIS, MARIE SCHNEIDER, MARY JANE THOMPSON, IYIARY HAI.L, DOROTHY - WAIQREN, EDNA- ASSOCIATE MEMBERS ROGERS, GRACE ELEVENTI-I YEAR ACTIVE MEMBERS EAGAN, EVA ICKES, LILLIAN IQANDALL, FRANCIS ASSOCIATE MEMBERS CRAMER, BIIARY ROSCII, R UTH TENTI-I YEAR ASSOCIATE MEMBERS BITTERMAI., EDITH FISHER, HELEN LAMNECK, MARTHA BUCKLEY, RUTH HENDERSON, BERNICE ROTH, HELEN CROSSLEY, MILDRED HENDIiRSON, ELIZABETH SNYDER, PAULINE DESSECKER, LILLIAN SWINDERMAN, ERIEDA Nineteen Thirty-0126 E521 H -h..d-4--h..Ag.d- -I--l--lm-ln. 51' be Ylelpbeem III. ,.+.+.+..,...,1,.4.,..,.,g1l,,I,.I.1,,L+.+.,, GIRL RESERVE QFFICERS GRACE ROGERS ..................................... President JESSIE THOMAS .... .... I f'iee-Presirlenz' CORINNE FISHER .. ..... Secrefary IVIARTHA IVIASTAKO .... ......... . , . . ..... T1feaswe1' ADVISERS Miss BEARER M155 SNIDER MISS FELTON Miss RAKIEY Miss IXIYRR Miss BAKER M155 BARN HART QUTSIDE ADVISERS MRS. FINDLEY MRS. AUGIAIINBAUGH A520 MEMORIES I sat in school one wintry day And I was going zisleepg The day was cold and gloomy. And the snow was piling deep. l slept and dreamed I was very old Confined to ai large wheel chair, Near me were high school students. And I whispered "It isn't fair, "That they should be young and able And happyg but then I guess, I've had my day and enjoyed myself In clear old N. P. I-I. S." Gertrude Rees, '31 L Nineteen Tbiwjf-ene ISSJ -I--4-1'h..L.i. 51' be Delplvizm a,,,,,,,,,,q,,,4,:-,'r31i1,:'5,i+ F GIRL RESERVES Barker, Margaret Beers, Della Blackwood, Alice Brown, Christena Brown, Pauline Bucher, Mary K. Burkhart, Lillian Burkhart, Ruth Burri, Evelyn Clymans, Florence Collins, Mary Cooke, Ann Cfoss, Ruby Dienst, Evelyn Edie, Bernice Eagan, Eva Eicher, Mary Exley, Dorothy Fair, Ruth Fisher, Corinne Fisher, Helen Forney, Betty Fowler, Eleanor Garner, Alma Garner, Clelia Geis, Marie Goulder, Vivian Graff, Mary Carolyn Haakinson, Mary Haeberle, Leora Haney, Majel Heck, Mildred Henderson, Bernice Henderson, Elizabeth Holmes, Mildred H um righouse, Marjorie jenkins, Mary F. Keenan, Vena Koontz, Margaret Korns, Mary J. Kratz, Marian Kurtz, Kathryn Ladrach, Arline Lamneck, Martha Lea, Margaret Leach, Leona Lohman, Mabel Lohman, Mary Malley, Bertha Marsh, Jane Mastako, Martha Meese, Helen McBride, Kathryn McKinley, Dorothy Miles, Mary Helen Miller, Elsie Mitchell, Ruth Mizer, Luella Myer, Elizabeth Peacock, Thelma Phipps, Helen Raitt, ,lulia Reed, Mildred Robb, Mary Jane Robinson, Caroline Rodd, lean Rogers, Grace Rornig, june Rosch, Ruth Riley, Olive Schlegel, Helen Schneider, Mary J. Schwab, Violet Sherrard, Vianda Shipley, Alice Smith, I-lazel Snyder, Thelma Sterns, Evelyn Sterns, Gertrude Thomas, Jessie Thomas, Rosalie Thompson, Mary Vance, Beatrice XYeaver, Dorothy Youngen, Anna M. Youngen, Gladys E561 Nifzeteen Thirty-0126 51' he Pelphiwn LITERARY SOCIETY JUNE Romic .... ................... . .... . AN-NE GROSS ...... GUY THOMPSON BERTHA M ALLEY .......,.. MARJOIQIIZ HUMRIGI-rouse .... Miss BAKER .. Barker, Margaret Bucher, Mary K. Burri, Evelyn Cappel, Matie Collins, Mary ' Cooke, Ann Cordray, Jeannette Eicher, Mary Geis, Marie Goshorn, Hazel Goulder, Vivian Graff, Mary C. Gross, Anne Ladrach, Arlene Landis, Dorothy Larimore, Margaret Lea, Margaret Lewis, Mary Lohman, Mabel Malley, Bertha Q Mastako, Martha Meldrum, Ada Pfeiffer, Patil Reese, Edna Riley, Clive Robb, Mary Jane Humrighouse, Marjorie Rogers, Grace Keriakis, Lucille Kislig, Mary E571 ......... .P1'e5ide1fLf . . .Vice President ..........T1'easu1'e1' . . .Sc1'geant-at-Arms .........Clzaj1!ain ........,..Adviser Romig, June Rosch, Ruth Schneider, Mary Jane Schwab, Violet Shipley, Alice Snyder, Thelma Springer, Esther Sterns, Evelyn Sterns, Gertrude Thomas, Elizabeth Thomas, Jessie Thompson, Guy Vance, Beatrice Yaggi, Lillian Youngen, Anna M. Youngen, Gladys Nineteen Tberzyf-one fm Delpbimi PAUL PFEIFFER .. . GRACE ROGliI!S .... LATIN CLUB OFFICERS .ANNA MARGARET YOUNGEN .. Miss RUTLEDGE .................... Bucher, Mary K. A Conaway, Anna Mae Cooke, Ann Geis, Marie Goulder, Vivian Graff, Mary C. Gross, Anne Gross, Charles Hall, Dorothy Humrighouse, Marjorie Korns, Mary Jane Landis, Dorothy Lea, Margaret Lohman, Mabel Mastako, Martha McBride, Kathryn McCartney, Merle Meldrurn, Ada Pfeiffer, Paul E581 . . . .President . . . .Secrctalrg . . . . T1'ea.mrc'r . . . .......... Advzsvr Platz, Dale Rogers, Grace Romig, june Smith, Hazel Snyder, Thelma Thomas, Elizabeth Thompson, Mary Wfarren, Edna XR-feaver, Dorothy Youngen, Anna M. Nineteen Thirty one 51' be Delpbeezn FRENCH CLUB Jessie THOMAS .. ...... ....... P resident MARY JANE SCHNEIDER . . . .... Vice President ELEANOR FOWLRR MARY EICHER ...... WANDA SHERRARD MISS BEARER ..... Barker, Margaret Blackwood, Alice Born, Carmon Eicher, Mary Exley, Dorothy Fowler, Eleanor Gray, Helen Jenkins, Mary Frances Kislig, Mary March, Lucille ....t.S.e . . .Sergecznt-a crefary eas-u1'e1' 2'-Arulzs .................Adz'iser Melrurn, Ada Neiger, Eugenia Rees, Gertrude Rogers, Grace Salisbury, Lucille Schneider, Mary Schwab, Violet Sindlinger, Varcli Smith, Hazel Thomas, Jessie i591 Nineteen -Tloemf one f,- ,'l,. -' --Aff., f,,.-,,:'.,-,,- ,I-.-.Y-..'.f -,. ,. v 3? 'rf- I . 5x 7 1 w xx.. , -QM ff, E601 CU: YD lpb' as use or f:fffr++++ff-frrr Miss GLAUs1aR CHORUS DOROTHY LANDIS ............. Angel, Nita Baker, Freda Ball, Dorothy Banks, Candace Barker, Margaret Bingham, Robert Bitterman, Edith Boltz, Janice Brewer, Elizabeth Brown, Donald Brown, Pauline Bucher, Mary K. Burkhart, Lillian Burkhart, Ruth Burri, Evelyn Buss, Donna Byrd, XVendcll I Campbell, Thomas Cappel, Matie Clark, Bernadine Clements, Dorothy Colin, Alva Collins, Mary Cook, Anne Creal, Helen Cross, Ruby Crossley, Madge Crossley, Mildred Diekman, Katherine Eckert, Charles Edie, Mary jane Eicher, Mary Ellis, Matthew Emig, Errol Emig, Roland Englehart, Maxine Exley, Dorothy Fair, Ruth Fisher, Gerald Fisher, Helen Getz, George Gibbs, Raymond Goshorn, Hazel Goulder, Vivian Gowins, Helen Graff, Mary Carolyn Gribble, Margaret Grimm, Erma Gross, Anne Hall, Dorothy l-lammond, Robert, Ir. Heck, Mildred Heintzelman, Madge Henderson, Bernice Holmes, Emma Holmes, Mildred Hummell, Virginia Humrighouse, Marjorie lakes, Lillian Jenkins, Mary 'Frances Kaderly, Grace Keenan, Vena Knisely, Faye Knisely, Max Koontz, Margaret Kratz, Marian Kurtz, Kathryn Lea, Katherine Lea, Kathleen Lea, Margaret Legg, Helen Lewis, Mary Lichti, Isabelle Limbach, Esther Limbach, Lida Lohman, Mabel Lohman, Mary Malley, Bertha Marsh, ,lane Mastalco, Martha McClellan, Elizabeth Milar, Ruth Miller, Ledra Mitchell, Ruth Mizer, Luella Pfeiffer, Anna Pfeiffer, Paul Phipps, Helen Pollock, Curtis Porter, George Randall, Francis Reed, Mildred Reed, Ruth Rees, Gertrude l6ll ......Di1'ecf01' . . . . . .. .Arcompaafzist Reese, Edna Regula, Ruth Renneker, June Rennels, Hal Ress, Betty Riley, Olive Robb, Mary Jane Rodd, Jean Rogers, Grace Romig, Anne Romig, ,Tune Russell, Lueile Schlegel, Helen Schwab, Violet Scott, Betty Scott, james R. Senhauser, Edwin Sharp, Charlotte Shull, Helen Sindlinger, Vardi Smith, Hazel Smith, Karl Snyder, Thelma Springer, Esther Stone, John Stoueman, Robert Stoneman, Roberta Swihart, Wanda Swinderman, Frieda Thomas, lane Thomas, VVayne Thompson, Guy 'l'uruer, Geraldine Vance, Beatrice Von Bergen, lack 4 Vlfassem, Sara 'Watkins, Anne XVeaver, Dorothy Wleaver, Mary 'Weber, lane Weller, George Weller, Imogene Williaiiis, Virginia Yaggi, Lillian Young, Genevieve Youngen, Anna M. Youngen, Gladys Nifzeteerz CT 1521031 one be Delpbian - o"""-"""""'l' "SoNNY,' Adams, Harold Ball, ' Elizabeth Becker, William Bender, lfVillia1n Bingham, Robert Bippus, Carl Blair, Bradford Bucher, Glenn Burkhart, Ruth Burrier, Raymond Click, Donald Coleman, Robert Cordray, Dale Cordray, Jeannette Dearclorff, Eugene Derr, Robert Eckert, Charles Edwards, Herman Ellis, Matthew Fackler, Edwin Finton, Carl Fisher, Gerald Dv SENIOR HIGH BAND SCHENK Forney, Betty Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs, Gintz, Green, Charles Ralph Raymond Harry Richard Hammond, Robert Holmes, Emma Horn, Dale Kratz, Marian Kuhn, Dean Kutscher, Oliver Laird, Donald Legg, Helen Lemastcrs, Charles Lingo, NVilliam Noble, Roy Phillips, John Randall, Francis Rieker, Helen Rieker. Homer Robb, John E621 ...........Df1'crt0r Rutledge, Robert Senhauser, Edwin Sharp, Charlotte Shonk, Miller Snyder, Robert Springer, Esther Stahl, George Stewart, Robert Stone, John . Stoneman, Robert Stoneman, Roberta Thomas, Betty Thomas, Elizabeth Thomas, XVayne Thompson, Guy Tucker, Robert Tygard, Eva Van Lehn, Max VVardell, William W'eber, Jane XfViener, Milton Yonngen, Gladys Nineteefz Thirty'-0726 3 The Delpbiem SENIOR HIGH QRCHESTRA I HSONNYU SCHENK ESTHER SPRINGER Brewer, Elizabeth Butler, Max Coleman, Robert Ellis, Matthew Fackler, Edwin Gibbs, Charles Gibbs, Ralph Holmes, Emma Kutscher, Oliver Laird, Donald ......Di1'ccf0r .............Aec0mpanist Rieker, Helen Rielcer, Homer Robb, John Schneider, Mary jane Springer, Esther Stewart, Robert Stone, John Stoneman, Robert Stoneman, Roberta Thompson, Guy Nineteen fflamjf-one The 5517524112 K W5 LY9' 0"'u54o savvy! N 9131 Ek N ' H FW ESfssS?51 M , ' . " 'lx ' ,.v .4 ,.RyaX:" W -. H , ye ,psf - .' 4: . jg. ' in Swann xwuwn ,F Tw: . Wx' ' N- A fi?gf5b , 'STK "-559 'Z' ' , L7-'32 "Q ,,-1" is ti, JL- " 4: if f. fA 13, w g E Wm' Q1 I .L V Qmvgfr A ,,,: L, . . A , 5 - ' seg 5, "1 12 3' M H is , H H :g?,jyM,N, S MA 1 . "H W , if V . Q? wi see , ' 5' ' 1 u"- I L ' .,.,' gin f- 'J - ,ki is , , .-,. E : , 1 lg? A! , ,h Q -, E -EV A.g,'4,nH., I ' - . w J , K " f ,,,..,,. . V,-:. ' Y ' ".II.., "-v 'V 1 ' . ,A ww Wg I - . - x . SM .91 ww bg. Sclneng 7A 1,4 , A: V' gf -'M' , Ian ' v -f ff'-5'9" ff of 14131 Awwx " W.' w 'xfj ' 'fLn:,, . -I N , W 5: T 5,1 VY- E E ,Mg x . HE is ny. gn 55 fig LE fi 1- ,' - Y Qijjgglm emflf-Q wk. 50036 Q ,- l tx ,v 'I .df L53'-M-'X'-ful . , -LL-r f1fn4"-'- -144mHf:.f.f: ' ' HGQQL, +A, 4- 4- -0-4-,,kAg f64J ,mer - een C17azrUf-me The Delpbme rzxzxrzez: Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. Ian. Ian. Jan. jan. Feb. Mar. Mar. Apr. Apr. May May May May May June SOCIETY 14-Girl Reserve Recognition. 21-First school dance. 17-Girl Reserve Christmas Party. 13-The "Messiah" by the Senior High Chorus. 16-Second school dance. 22-Debate against Dover. Debate against Newcomerstown. 29-Debate against Martins Ferry 30-Debate against Uhrichsville. 20-Senior Class Play. 12 and 13-Band Minstrel. 27 to April 6-Spring Vacation. 10-Hi-Y Girl Reserve Party. 17-Junior Class Play. 1-Girl Reserve Qperetta. 15-Junior-Senior Reception. 22-Senior Banquet. 29-Commencement Play. 31-Baccalaureate. 2-Senior High Commencement. e nefeefz 517921231-0126 l65l . , , . f- , W ,g , 'e. H .- - 1, . :I 'N :SN L ' ' 5 3 5 A X nf NX 'A 'C d X xx 5Cl1ooI ' DU-7-I , Q A',:AhClES -- -- iq-3 - vb X X, P , 'F ' L f , ' 1 L K -Q' , XIX 3 X ,igy ie - 275 iw f 2. N 1 ' ' X? E661 f H ' .Y -M H' " " f V. ,A J.. 5, Y.-. U 4 ',',. A U. Y.:--, Tg,5,v,g".-.-.. . ,en A I V p 1 .- 11.. ...: . -.:. -Q va . a... V. .-,,uf. . ww. p . -W. , 1- '. - 1 ..v.-wr. 11. 1. , -Jer...-'. 9-4..-. .- -1 - V ' "--'1'-'- ' +1 .,. .----- " f'."-h"'1'f.4' ' Pu: J: -ff' '.' --5 -K-:'4 'EJ'-'5 -:H-I ",?"' J NS-7' 'I' 9 ' 'f- 72 'rl -'i'-'.'.:.f '1'- N. QV' 'lf-'T'-fn' -'01-111. 3'-'-' "-gf,-""Jl, -'NL-lf 2-:ACPI -,fffr "-.lxcw..'Ev-1,3,:1:f.-ff! 9.527-Qff1 v.e5f-'J-1':frf'r3."- fPrI,,124 -'La-,L.,',-.fx-f-tw.. .... '-p'1g-,1,31.,'bf, cfg?fg112,5,J.J:.-AQ'' ',, .4-'1 'ff Q-g c Q-HEY.. LI ' .f-.-W.: ' 'f4...:r-. 1,- .f 1, 'A 1, ' of .-1 -V yv .fo .' Sz !-Z- p w' ,-- - - Aw,-,-1 ,.-,. --J .- .f - ' , -,A ,'- . . "b7"f'13 53"- +s-.we Li :G?im?" 21I-'i-f 57-nq313471-if-G':r?2wRXf1':""1 H512 QS FM MQL 4 1 H H'hJf1Ls?KH' 'e - 3'f'29.a-C31-a'1+6"5-"-mis' 5y'4f i'rf2 van!-9 .f35N7 ' -' Fflilxlffxf-'i5'l'32.A'Wj5,'95EPS.1 ,N . ..Y15T5' YW. ', 'Q . , BYWL 'FI .. . - . Willa!! ' ' 'I Klliih'-I-fd!! lil?-' ATHLETICS , 1 ff' 1. X '. ., -. K ' 1 rf. , k X 5 - -Q. . Q ' , -5 C -K . ,W ' - ,, Lu g.,gf-,mfr .lm M K X j .MX x -A Tgfi' ' , jf 1' W , . x 3 X-I X ' - l 1 X X . Q gr. , HL N N , ff H17 fm fznezpbm M Z. -s - MR. Blwilz ..... Coavlz VVC consider our- selves lucky to have had "Happy" for our coach this year. Although we have had disappoint- ments this y e a r, "l-lappy's spirit has kept us goingf' Good luck. Coach! Mu. BRICKELS ......,.. . . . .. .. A.TA'iXfl1IIl' Cioaull "Brick" surely has heen an able assistant, doing wonders to im- prove the playing of the team. "Happy" and "Brick" are El peach of 21 pniv. J. K. LAWMQNCE ...... Sludcnl Manager R I. K. always had the held in good playing condition and the play- ers could always depend upon him. Mk. LEEKA ............ ...... Faculty Manager Mr. Lcekzfs pleasant smile and willingness to help were an inspiration to the tCZl1T1. XVe hope youfll be with us next year. E681 5 Ninefeefz Cfhmjy-one The Delpbiam .HAROLD ROLLI "Abie"-Quarferllack Through a very difficult schedule "Abie", our captain, piloted the Quakers satisfac- torily. VVe envy the college which wins "Abic." MELVIN CARPENTER "Mel1fy"-Center Although this was "ll-'lelvy's" first year at football, he was seldom outplayecl. "MeIvy" has two more years to play with the Quakers. JOE ZURCHER Fullbavk' Say, did you hear those bones crack? W'ell, that was just Joe hitting the line. DEAN KUHN 'fCoonie"-Encl Dean was the one who could always pull the team out of the "clumps" with his good jokes. ROBERT l-HXSON "H'ivley"-E nd Did you sec that streak go- ing down the held? That was "Hicky" going clown under a punt. ARTI-lUR EARLE "A rl"-Guard Art's rough and tough and hard to bluff, so we expect Art to play guard for N. P. H. S. next year. WENDELL BYRD "Il"indy"-Half-back' "Windy" was a great half- back as we already had found in his two previous years. EARL MA'.l'I-HAS "Mateese'J-G'11m'd When the opposing fullback attempted to crack thc center of the line, he ran into tough opposition. E691 mereen Thirty-one GEORGE STAHL "'Po1'gy"-G uard Because of "Porgy's" great weight very few opposing tackles could block him out. After this year's experience he will be a wonder. ' RICHARD FRAZIER "Dials"-Tackle Considering his size, Dick is one of the fastest players that ever wore a Quaker suit. GEORGE JOHNSTON Half-back "Little but mighty" is the best phrase to explain George. George surely had a way of evading the opposing team. CECIL BYRD 'Nigger''-Half-Zmclc' Although "Coe" was hinder- ed by an injured leg, he easily won his HP". JOHN EDIE ' Tackle This was johrfs hrst year at football. We regret that John is a senior this year. RAYMOND THOMAS "Raym" "Rayml' is quite a versatile player because he can play end and then be shifted to center. Few players can do this. CHARLES GROSS "Ch unix"-End This was "Chuck's" third year in Quaker football circles, and because of his experience he was of great help to the line. PAUL OLMSTEAD "Paul I 31"-H al f-ba cle Although this was "Paully's hrst year of Senior High school football, he easily held down a berth in the Quaker backlield. , , N .. X T701 51' be Delpbmn GAMES SEPTEMBER-19. Dennison O-N. P. H. S.-6 The first night football game played in the history of Tuscarawas County. Captain Rolli intercepted a Dennison heave and ran 50 yards for a touchdown, the only seore of the game. SEPTEMBER-26 Toronto 18-N. P. H. S.-S The Quakers were completely submerged in a vast sea of mud and drenched in a cloudburst during the first half. The Quakers, coming to life in the second half, scored their eight points and held their opponents scoreless. OCTOBER-4 E. Liverpool 20-N. P. H. S.-O The seore tells the tale. Nuf sed! OCTOBER-11 Wooster 6-N. P. H. S.-12 The Quakers recovered from their slump with a victory over VVooster. This was a great game and XNooster was outclassed in every period. OCTOBER-17 Salem 40-N. P. H. S.--0 The score tells a sad, sad story of defeat. Need more be said? OCTQBER-24 Newcomerstown 6-N. P. H. S.-M20 The Quakers scrubs were unable to hold Newcomerstown the first half, but the second half, the Quaker regulars scored 20 points over the lighting Trojans. NOVEMBER-1 4 Alliance 13-N. P. H. S.-o The Quakers outfought the "beefy aviators" from Allianceg hence this was a moral victory. The Quakers will be out to elip the aviators, wings next Year. NOVEMBER-7 Coshocton 0-N. P. H. S.-.Lf Again the Redskins bit the dust. VVith a full moon hanging over the field, the 'team were regular bearcats. NOVEMBER-15 Uhrichsville 6-N. P. H. S.-12 Not a victory for Uhrichsville in twenty-eight years. Our hopes rise. On to Dover! NOVEMBER-29 Dover 13-N. P. H. S.-7 The most unusual game in our football history-a game postponed. Although Dover did not have the best team, they got the breaks and Carried oilf the victory. I71l Nifzereen 517921731-one The Delpbian K Ma -s CHARLES Guoss hCHUC1i.",1C-llf7lfill-l---Gllllfd. l This was Charles' third year on the vz-xrsity. The fact that the team elected him captain shows that he was one who could be relied upon. Good luck next year, Chuck. DALE PLATZ-Sl'1LdC'7'1f Manager. "Wl1ere are my socks." "Wlio took my shirt?" These are a few things that weren't heard around the dressing room this year. Wliy? just for the simple reason that we had a 'capable maliager. Because Dale was always so willing to help any one in trouble, the boys will all hate to see him graduate. ineteen Thirty-one E721 .. : - .LY E 5 , Cree ezpem was W.. CECIL BYRD Guard "Ceo" is a guard who stays as cool as ice. He usually scores more points than his opponents. So long till next year, "Cec". MILLER SHONK Forward Although "Dutch" just play- ed the second semester, he easily won his letter. Dutch can do anything with a basket- ball except make it disappear. ROBERT HAMMOND UB ear Ca I"-G uarf! I "Bob" was "up against" tough opposition this year and clidn't have a chance to show what he could do. JOE ZURCH ER "foe"-Guard Because of his "varsity" ex- perience in his Sophomore year, Joe should be a very valuable player in his Junior and Senior years. GEORGE PORTER Center George, our tallest player, has out-jumped every center this year. Next year Porter will again jump "three feet" for N. P. H. S. , GLEN TAYLOR Forward Although this is Glen's Iirst year with the varsity, he cer- tainly has Hpepped upl' the team. Good luck to you and the varsity next year, Glen. CLAYTO N NVOLF Fo rzeard Even though this was Pete's lirst year on the varsity, he was all light. Be on hand next year, Pete, to light for the Quakers. KARL SMlT'l-l "Smitly"-F01'zeal'd Smitty won his "P" this year even though he wasn't in every game. Nineteen CTIQZVU-eize l73'1 l The Pelpheezn + + + + +++e+w1'r"r'r' BASKETBALL- GAMES DENNISON-11 N. P. H. S.-21 Zis, Bam! Boom !-0E goes the lid of the Quaker basketball schedule with a victory. ALUMNI-28 N. P. H. S.-16 The old boys showed us that they still had a little basketball in them, when they easily outwitted the Quakers. MASSILLON-23 N. P. I-I. S.-15 Although the Quakers outplayed the Tigers, they were unable to connect when they needed the points. DOVER-17 N. P. H. S.-16 Although the team was all tight, they eouldn't come through with their "free throws." COSHOCTON-17 N. P. H. S.-22 The team sure were clicking on their long shots. The Redskins didn't have a chance. SALEM-36 N. P. H. S.-23 The Quakers fought valiantly but Salem was just "too toughf, UHRICHSVILLE-19 N. P. H. S.-I6 The Quakers, not being used to playing in a bird cage, could not connect with the hoop. AKRON VVEST-26 N. P. H. S.-IS The superior shooting of this Akron team defeated the Red and Black. Tough luck. BARBERTON-24 T N. P. H. S.-I9 Barberton came here with a strong team, and they used every bit of their strength in sneaking home their victory. UHRICHSVILLE-24 N. P. H. S.-21 I guess this team must be our jinxg they defeated ns again. NEXNCOMERSTOVVN-I8 N. P. H. S.-25 Newcomerslown fought like Trojans but the Quakers showed their superiority in the last quarter. NVOOSTER-26 - N. P. H. S.-27 The longest game the Quakers played this year. Phila made the winning bucket in the second overtime period. DOVER-22 N. P. H. S.-23 Revenge is sweet. The Quaker strategy was what won this game. DENNISON-I9 N. P. H. S.-35 The Quakers certainly hit their stride tonight to battle down a Fighting Den- A nison Five. CAMBRIDGE-26 N. P. H. S.-I8 The Cambridge Brownies thought they would have an easy time, but they found that they had to light for everything they got. TOURNAMENT BRIDGEPORT-I7 N. P. H. S.-22 Phila easily won through the first round of the tournament defeating the Ohio river town. DOVER-23 N. P. H. S.-18 Defeat is bitter. The score doesn't give the facts of the game, because the Quakers outplayed the Crimsons for three quarters. H 'eiiiffliiiitimmfi Nineteen 51' loerty-me T741 '- ,r fff fj . DAY' .. .. ... . - -.- . .E 'xi .,- .- 4?..4e WL .. Dennison . . . Massillon . . Dover . ..... . Coshocton .. Salem . ..,.. . Uhrichsville . . Akron West . . Barberton . Uhrichsville . . Newcomerstown Dover . ..... . Dennison . . . . . Cambridge . .. RESERVES ....23 Reserves... 7 ...,44 Reserves.... .....lZ ....23 Reserves.... .,...12 Reservesn., 1 ....40 Reserves... .....1U ....29 Reserves... 5 . . .... 19 Reserves .... ..... 1 3 ....27 Reserves... 8 . ... .... 21 Reserves .... . . . . .10 ....ll Reserves... .....l3 .,..2l Reserves... .....2O ....l6 Reservesn.. ,....l5 ....ll Reserves... .....l5 e eeee eeee eel :,2?iL?Q?i .Lf Q! Q .ffvzl,ffgigf--mar, E751 r o M BASEBALL GAMES-19 30 Port Wasluingtoxu . Gnadenhutten . .. Midvale . ....... . St. 'Joseph fDove1'j Canton . ........ . Newcomerstown . . St. Joseph QDoverj Newcomerstown . Bridgeport . . . . Canton . . . . . ....2 N. P.H ....7 N. PH ....2 N.P.H ....12 N.P.H N.P.H ....2 N. P. H ....7 N.P.H N. P.H TOURNAMENT .....1O N. P. H ....2 N. PH i761 The Delpbmn We E l TRACK-1 9 3 O LETTER MEN LAWRENCE TINKER WANDELL EVANS GEORGE PORTER VERNE FOWLER IQOBERT HAMMOND H. A. STOUGHTON ..................................... Coach The Quakers lost their only dual meet to Millersburg and were also beaten at Uhrichsville. The Little Big Ten meet at Salem was a big success, but the competition was too tough for the Red and Black. N. P. H. S. also took part in the sectional meet at Salem and in the district meet held at New Concord. The five letter men are the last to receive "their wings" from the New Philadelphia High School because track is being discontinued here. - Nineteen Cfleerzyf-one T771 The fpelphjm .- M M. ...M-9+ +.+..++++.+..+.+f1. N. P. H. S. RELEASES Fon 1930 "The Big Pond"-N. P. l-l. Fountain "The Big House"-N. P. l-l. S, "Keep Your Sunny Side Up"-Dorothy Landis "The Cuclcoosf'-Bob Tucker and Dean Kuhn in One Heavenly lxllgllln-FClll'U2ll'y 20-Baslcetball Game N. P. H. S, 27, Dover 26 'The Life of the l'a1'ty"-Vivian Goulrler "The Social Lion"-Mr. Bender "Good News"-Spring Vacation "Ladies in Love"-Jane Cale :incl -lnnice Holtz ''NVhoopee"-School Dances "The Flesh and the Devil"MMr. Kaylor "Born Reckless"-Charles Stahl "River's End''--Commencement Day "Men Prefer lllouCles"-Senior Boys "Sunny"-Betty Scott "Let Us lle Guyum-Peg Lea "College l,.fJVCH?l.':Cl1lZ1 Reese "The Mun I-lunler"-Any Senior High Girl "Maybe lt's Love"MCharlie Gross '4One Night At Susie's"-Miss Felton "Lightnin' "-Red Evans "The Blue Angell'-Mary Korns if :A just Imagine"-N. P. lfl. without "Semesters" All Quiet on the Vlfestern Front"-M r. BZ1liC1',S Study Period "The Man Vlfho Came Back"-Max Kislig i 'lTl1e Royal Family"--The Faculty "Reclucing''-Johnny Kinsey "The Song of the Fl:nne"-Helen Phipps T781 N Znereefz Thirty-ozze ,f2,,, 4. .- . :"-' I . ., -FL' . . -,-, , f. Q , X , J v ,- qw... '., ,g., ,-.,..qw... ., :J-.f, ,. ,-,. - .qu 1. .,, -.,-5.,. 4, 1-Q, .,,,.-N., hh, . -, ,.' A. 2 f ,,,,,-,4- ,, .I .. .- ., .- .--... 4. ,f.1-,gt-1-,,,3 - gf.,,, .11-f, ,, ..3+,..yr5, fr ,ffqal 1,--,55 wp- .J gf-L.,r--nj 9.4, .,, , ,:,1:.,,. ,g.'.,, ,f 4,-. 1 ,mf -L.-A , y. ..xl,.:g. 1.,g.,..-,if .415 L. ...N 4. -flX-ma'-F'1,-11?s'-"'..fx.L-141.fWE.'5A 121-1923!-'3L'lf'ifff' -15' 2 -L":fx?:x"- 3-frlwl' -'N:.1'.L-ml. wL'-:::w,f-..1f','1 -"ff-,"' .352 iff f.4yf1vsLf'fg V-,153-'-'151'ffC'4z' ,Ev ':' ,'.' A-' 'if-'ii',,. ' -.'." 5 -3 ln" -",-"'-ML"2" 5-' ' '. '-,f,' -'f'1 f"',,9' A' T' J ".44 1'---"' -"-5 ' . ' - ' 'v'v3'. 1.662141 !?i'6f 5' '-'Tr' F-Sziwlei'-541525fa:isEu":"'f.:v-1? Q FHf n-36 45 : Mya 'dx?:5'5f'-4' 7 "+ - .M-L:'?.a-GH-Livgr "-mis' 5:'21 i'z5'- swifwbi i551 - ' J v4 mmsv.mmm: LITERARY X 6 J- NN x x W N Y ' Q 'x W - V, 1 yx fm izngzphm +e+++ + +- --e+++A-M TWILIGHT it The .viwmzer day is rinsed, ilu' sim is sat: WEP!! llzcy lzcrvc dom' their ojifirc, H1050 briglif lzvizrs, The latest of 'whose lratin goes briglzlly out In the red wcsff' -Bryant. Drawing the curtain over the old world at the close of a summer day will always seem to me to he one of the most heautiful pictures to he seen. The great ball of tire slowly sinking over our hills, throwing out the most gorgeous colorings to the whole sky! No artist could ever create the delicate shadings and brilliant hues that nature so generously hestows upon us. Then comes the last glimpse we have of our brilliant sun. A few faint stars appear, peeking from the blue canopy. A sweet silence has fallen upon the earth. lt is truly a time for meditation. The minds of all the people seem to he at rest. Children lay aside their playthings, mothers rest after a long and weary day, and fathers, too, seem to forget their burdens. To all of them comes the peace and restfulness at the close of day. Venus, the beautiful moon goddess, slowly wends her way among the stars as if glad that she too can shed her light U11 a world which is at rest. But only for a brief time does twilight rule: then comes night with her cloak of forget- fulness. CiiAiu.o'r'rr: Simian, 233. TRUTH It is true That when one has encountered The icy stare of a haughty senior, VVhen one is only a junior One feels as if one were only An ant. But when one studies science And lea1'ns the size of the universe, And discovers that in reality One is quite as much as :1 senior One feels, I assure you Much hetter. It is also true That when one has received, Only criticism for an act attempted One feels that life is not worth whileg In the whole world there is not one who is One's friend, ,X But when one receives praise For a task attempted and completed, Praise and kindness from a fellow man, One feels that life is worth while And that all the world is One's friend. -Jeannette Cordray. - meteen CUJZVU-one T801 The elpbeem Q e e--s CHEWING GUM F course, I know that 'fthey sity" that chewing gum is a disgusting habit and is never practiced by the "best people", but just the same there are many times when this great American habit helps a lot. lt is the best thing' I know to relieve the feelings in an exciting football or basketball game. lt has the same elfect in a critical situation as pacing the lloor, And, the solace of chewing gum during a stiff examination! However, 1 suppose that it isn't any fun for a teacher to stand in front of a class and try to teach a lesson in time to the "perpetual" motion of the jaws of her scholars. About one day of that and l would throw toleration to the winds and "slam" a book at a half dozen of those jaws, tand lose my job for being too temperamentalj. That is the reason that .l, agree with teachers that chewing gum should be prohibited in the class room. To be sure, I have been guilty of this offense more than once and had to take a little journey to the waste basket at the request of the teacher and to the great amusement oi' the class. Outside of school, however, gum chewing can't be stopped no matter how hard one tries, for the American people will continue to snap their gum until the end of time and the chewing gum manufacturers will keep on getting richer. E.LlZAI5lE'l'Il Tnoinxs, '32, THOUGHTS oe SPRING 'Tis good to know that spring is near, Each morn, at dawn, the birds I hearg As gentle zephrys stir the trees, One almost hears the drone of bees. King VVinter surely must be leaving, And I, for one, shall not be grieving. -Helen Schlegel. - Nineteen Thirty-one l8ll The Delpbzam .,.,.a.+ Hn, ...eve NOTICE AUCTION ! June 3 . . . .... . . ..... ..................... l :UO CJ'clock SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL: STEPS EDWIN M. KAYLOR ................................ .flnrlionvcr Lis! of flrticlar to be Sold l. "Bob" Tuckers' earse-to any one who wishes to buy them. 2. "Pegg" Youngen's walk-at reduced rate. 3. Miss Baker's Senior English classes extraordinary ability to "swipe" Ham- let books. 4. Grace Roger's tendency to give over-time chapel speeches. 5. Georfe ohnston's "horse-lauoh"-at a SlI1SlllllT reduction. . rf- S 6. The "Romig-Reimer" chemistry record of blowing' up apparatus. 7. Edwin Senhauser's "much-used" spats-selling at a loss. 8. Ann Cooke's "brilliant" Verffil translations-to be sold without rotit. TJ 9. Mary .lane Schneider's brains-to the buyer: Please return said brains to said person for Commencement night. 10. Mary Eieher's giggles-to any one so inclined. 11. Corinne Fisher's type-writer-commercial students' bids preferred. 12. "junk" on top of lockers-sold at half price. 13. Edward Stonebrook's-Ronald Coleman ways. Below cost! 14. .Toe "Paddock" Baxter's vivacity-great bargain!! 15. The Senior Class' well-illustrated and autographed text books. Antiques of the notables. l6. Rubber "Lab" aprons to be worn while operating the drinking fountains. Must be sold. 17. Earl Mathias's football career-at regretful sale. 18. "Bill" Belknap's "nonchalent" air. To be sold wholesale. 19. M. F. enkin's movie maffazines to be used in "s are studv eriodsf' s P . P 20. High School Building, damaged property. To the nrst five people appearing on the scene of this auction we will guarantee passing grades for the year of 1932. Signed-The Senior Class of '3l. .,.,..+ ,..., ,..,..,., .H jizeteen Thirty'-0126 T821 The Delpbmn ..,....:..::.:::::e:::.:1-1-1.1: UR FRENCH CLASS Our French class is a funny place Ignorance written on every face. Some, of course, think they know it all, But look so dumb when they are called. Jimmy Edwards can't pronounce Betty Scott just loves to bounce, ln and out the room you know For her pretty clothes to show. Marjorie Qrr knows quite a hit All Kenneth VVeaver does is sit, Mildred Heck comes next it seems Wlieli she answers, teacher beams. Mary Jane Robb is smart as a whip Hazel jenkins never opens her lips, Ruth Mitchell is as quiet as a mouse You'd never know she was in the house. Johnny VVinters likes his gum 'lane Thomas is chuck full of fun. Miss Beaber teaches so we should leari This, we leave to Evelyn Sterns. Bob Hixon is our quietest boy, Always, our quietest girl is Joy, Schweitzer, whom teacher never needs To scold, as she does Mildred Reed. Jane Marsh thinks in te1'ms of Dover, Curtis Pollock is quite a rover. Our class beauty is Vera Robb. Lucille Keriakis has the latest bob. Alice Shipley, our old-fashioned girl, Always wears her hair in a curl. Arline Laclrach, our basketball center, Never returned the pencils we lent her Betty Thomas is teacher's pet She also plays a clarinet. Leclra Miller, the biggest pest, Never will let anyone rest. We've tried to tell you of our class We wonder if y0u'll let it pass We hope you wonlt be angry much For we clon't want to get in Dutch. Two French Pupils, L. M and L K meteen Cldbzrzyf one l83l he Delpbmn A s y Iotces Weiidell Byrd: "W'hat makes you so strong. Ceciliv Cecil: "I eat rock candy, brick ice cream, and marble cake." Tradic Officer Stewart Cto Raymond Packer sitting in Riley's restaurantj: "'Your car awaits without." Raymond tbrightlyj: "INithout what?" Stewart: "Without lights and here's your ticketfl Max Kislig Qwriting themej: 'lHey, Omie, what do they call those tablets the Gauls used to write on ?" Paul Olmstead: 'Gaul stones." Miss Alberson: Hlkfhat was the matter with Austria?" Donald Laird: "Why there were too many sexes there." Mrs. Dallas: "I cook and cook all day for you and what do l get for it? Nothing !" Mr. Dallas: "You're lucky. I get indigestionf' John Robb fin Shorthandj: "If'it would be Ill, what would it be ?" Miss Barnhard: "If it's I3 it would he Ilef' Gladys Youngen: "Doctor, do you think this anesthetic will make me sick 7' Doctor: "No, I think not." Gladys: "I-Iow long do you think it will be before I know anything?" Doctor: "Don't you think that is asking a lot of an anesthetic?', "It isn't because it's cheaper that so many people eat in cafeteriasg it is more homelikeg you wait on yourself." Mr. Findley: "Do you know what kind of leather makes the best shoes, -I. K. ?" I. K. Lawrence: "No, I donlt, but I know that banana skins make the best slippers." Chuck: "Say, Bob, do you know how to make a peach cordial?" Bob: "Sure send her a box of candy." 7 1 Kaylor: "VVhat are the three dimensions?" Anne Gross: "Earth, air and water." ' jneteen 51' kitty-one I84l . be Delplamn fi Mr. Bender: "Deline the middle Ages." Dean Kuhn: "They used to be 30 to 45 but now they're 50 to 70." First Angel: "How did you get here?" Second Ditto: "FILL" Ann Cooke: l'Wl1at do you think of those girls who imitate men ?" Cecil Byrd: "They're idiotsf' Ann: "The imitation is perfect then, huh ?". Frank Hurst: "ll think the driver in that car ahead of 'me must be one of my Sophomore teachers." Frazier: "VVhat makes you think so?', Hurst: "VVell, she was so stuhhorn about letting me pass." Mrs. Rolli: "Do you like moving pictures, Abie ?" Ahie: "VVhy, sure, you know that." ' Mrs. Rolli: "VVell, then, maybe you'll help me get a half a dozen down out of the atticf' 2 ' Miss Helmick: "What do we do to kill germs in milk?'l Hazel Smith: l'Oh, they paralyze the germs." ' Stranger: "I represent a society for the prevention of profanity. I want to take profanity entirely out of your life and-" Dick F.: "Hey, Mother! here's a man who wants to buy our car." Mr. Stahl: "Charles, my boy, your lessons are suffering' Do you need a coach ?'l Charles: "Gee! thanks a lot, Dad, but l think a roadster will do." Mr. Kaylor Cin American History classl : "VVhat effect did john Paul Jones' fleet in the English channel have upon .the English ?" Homer Rieker: "lt stopped'the hshingf' Wlien Miss Beaber was abroad last summer, a guide took her to see Hamlet. u certainly are behind the times here," remarked Miss Beaber. "l, saw this play four years ago in Cleveland." "Yo The English literature class was discussing Milton's "ll Penseroso," and had come to the passage: t'And may at last my weary age Find out the peaceful hermitage, The hairy gown and mossy cell." Miss Baker: "Explain the hairy gown." john Rohb: "VVhy, that must be like the coat Mr. Baker wears." Znefeen Tbirzy-072e f85l The Delpbeem M 'Hr'-" M t rotting the the Out for Mr. Findley: "Why did you quit working?" Bob Hammond: "They did something that I didn't like very well." Mr. Findley: "VVhat was that ?" Bob: "They fired me." June Romig: "So you were stopped by a sterner traffic cop than usual." Anne Gross: "Yes, I had to smile at him three times before he dismissed charge." Mechanic: "Do you ever have a miss in your motor?" Edwin Ka lor: A'VVell fes! That is about twice a week." ! 3 Y Boots: t'Dad, you are a lucky man." M1'. Rosenberry: "How is that ?" Boots: "You vvon't have to buy me any school books this year." Mr. Rosenberry: "VVhy ?" Boots: "li am taking all of last year's work over." Miss Stockwell Qln Macbeth Classl: "Explain the lineg "NVe have scotched snake, not killed it." Tony Barnish: "VVhy-I guess it means they made the snake drunk." VV. Evans: "T think T shall go into the chicken raising business when I am of school." , E. Mathias: "You would better try owlsg their hours would suit you betterf' M. Malley QCleaning up after a picnic lunchj: "lsn't this an ideal place a picnic lunch?" D. Laird: 'ilt must beg ten million tlies can't he wrongf' Lives of Seniors all remind us We should strive to do our best, And departing leave behind us Note books that will help the rest. e ee l nineteen Cfbmjy-efze E861 The Delpbivm 'eu Maru ""'c+c CALENDAR I 9 3 O-3 I SEPTEMBER 2. Hurrah! Everyone is glad to get back to school. 3. Do you like to be in a crowd? Venture down to the book room, then. 11. Senior High Students are introduced to Coach Bauer today at Assembly. 12. Noise! Noise! Glee Club try-outs! 16. Seniors elect class officers. George Johnston makes a "landslide" for president! 17. !Delphian starts! Staff elected. 19. Football in the air! N. P. H. S. vs. Dennison tonight. First night game! VVhoopee! 24. Junior Class organized. Guy Thompson again elected president. 25. A bit of tough luck! Toronto 18-N. P. H. S. 8. 30. Boys have special chapel today. "Hi-Y" speaker addressed them. OCTOBER 1. Three cheers! Half day oft today and tomorrow for the Fair. 2. More tough luck! East Liverpool 20-N. P. H. S. 0. 4. Marionnette show tonight. 1 9. junior class meeting: Delphian Staff members elected. 10. Oh, to be bright in history! Mr. Kaylor and some of the history stars left for Springfield early this morning! But alas! Alas! Those cows! 11. Victory at last! We beat Wooster 12-6. The boys "sure have the stuff" in them. 12. Columbus' birthday but no holiday for us. 15. Life's darkest moments! Report cards! 16. Alas! Alack! The Salem game! 27. Money! Money! Delphian stub sale! 31. Whole day off! What we need is more teachers' conventions. NQVEMBER 4. First meeting of Latin Club. 5. What is the meaning of all these orators? lust try-outs for the debating team. 7. We are highly entertained by the movie "The Cheerleader." 10. Can it be true! N. P. H. S. is planning to have a school dance! Hurrah! ll. Armistice Day! Chapel in the junior High Auditorium. 14. Girl Reserves hold annual recognition service. ' 24. Representatives of Dana's Musical Tnstitute give enjoyable program in chapel. i 26. Great excitement! Everybody set for Dover game. Big rally. 27. Game postponed on account of zero weather. 28. N. P. H. S. vs. Dover. Why mention the score? Nineteefz Thirty-one 1871 i The Delphian ae. A DECEMBER 2. VVe get out early because teachers have to go to a teachers' meeting. 5. junior High Faculty presents "Listen Officerf' 9. American history classes see the movie "Vincennes" 11. Delphian pictures are lieing taken. 17. Girl Reserves give annual Christmas party for the children. Ninety-nine present. 18. High School Chorus gives "The Messiah." Big success! 19. O happy day! Two 'whole weeks ot vacation ahead of us! JANUARY 5. Gloom hangs over N. P. H. S! Back to work after two weeks of fun. 9. Not so good! Dover beat us 17-16. 13. N. P. H. S. is in mourning! Why? Exams start today. 14. Tears and sighs. More exams! 16. A gloom chaser. Second high school dance! 20. Something new! Our talented members put on a review. Great success. 21. To pass or not to pass! Report cards! Oh-! FEBRUARY 2. Hiram College Boys' Glee Club entertains us. Those handsome men! 3. Fifty cents, please! Tickets for Senior class play. 11. Seniors are happy! Their rings came today. 13 Talent personified! Senior play. "The Quest," given tonight. Everyone liked it. 14. Wasliiiigtoii and Lincoln honored in lengthy chapel today. 18. Tenth year class meeting. Election of oihcers. 20. Revenge is sweet! VVe heat Dover 23-22. 22. Hard luck! VV'ashington's birthday is on Sunday. MARCH 1. Spring is in the air. First day of March. 2 Everybody excited over N. P. H. S.-Bridgeport game in the tournament. 3. Good news! We beat Bridgeport! 11 Assembly and rally. VVe get a taste of Sunny's minstrel. 12. Band Minstrel! Say! NVas it good? And how! 13 Fridav the 13th. Wzitcli your step! Half holiday to see the Red and Black play Dover at the tournament. 27. A whole week's vacation ahead of us. Hot dog! 31. Sighs of relief from the Staff. NVhy? The Delphian goes to press today! Nineteen Thirty-one 1881 ,f , . ,,., iv f-IL :. -.,. ... . ," ' ,...,1:,A., .:g,.'..1,-.,r.xf.- 5.47,-..'-vi., ..-ni.. -. ,- - ng ,, , , , 1 1 '---'---4-'-44-..' '.,-1-f . 14.1,--.,'-1, 'ln - - . .. -- .'--V ,-.q.. -. --'..-..- .:fr..,a-an..-. -1 ,L .Q -- :--.4-- 1- ..:v..-, :uf .,1--1.,,.. gf-1: .mf -,,,- ' .s..v,f.-,fg ,f.L,1:1sI,e4,.x1 , 5- nf..-xg ,J . . r- -, .-11.3-, M 4- .w-1,4f.. -. .'n1.:g - gg f-, --Jw.-L ,-1 .w fyig-il''.f,1'Q'lxw'9,13,u'::QLt1'1ff519x.- ff- Ycqjzryr-"v,f .:2fa!ff'3 1qlQ'f,5Q'5i-5' 1zff,.,fQ-'51'i:fi4f1?'L --421:14-ff,,f.",-f ?'?1f1'f- ,251 lu' 4555132-mf..541-.1155 fi-A1 Pu gif 1 .X.1 H'.. mv' ..f'-':v: '-', .1 . : A G ' 9. , . ,1 1 . 4 Ar: - . -' 4-4 - .1' Q., -,- .a .9- x h-562 Q affix? ff -VT." 35555-':?:f4-?7f.5a'Q'1:5'fa15Ecfh"'7 sv.-'LQ .5557 5 f ringe 'a'l:f?R45"b S. - ,431-'H,g-.1,'1-.:1vG!"T'-R1n' f-"I ue-:3 'gp 'SHE 41351-' ' l1DV'i'I!tll!nTlYZ1Ylf1l'JllllDJfl'.xiall.-l.'1L"kA l41VTJ1'U,5flAAMLnk'0dlFl:A 'ICAHUL .s P.'.llY21h5fCRlUIl6l?ll1 l IINWJKYYAYI 1555 n.:nwn7an',u' JU ICR HIGH SCHUGL 1 f I 1 , an V I 2, ff' f., ff Q Exim " w? X W l N Wx 'K XJ W ' My ' 9 XX XENA cw The Pelpbiam 4lm4!- 4m-h..i---l----b.4--40146--!h.l--4--A-h -Ah -4- 4174- -I1--LL. "?"T"T' XT. X. f Nw I f as-A X XXXg,,.! .il '++F'Wf "Y"W""l""l""l""'l""F'7 jfzefeefz Thirty-0126 The fDelpl1mn DEDICATION N grateful appreciation of her faithful service, of her active interest in organizing the Student Council, and of the high aims which she has kept before her students, we dedicate the junior High Section of the Delphian to Miss Edith Milar. - Nineteen Thirty-one , Ai..i! 6 it 1, V .iw V -i li91l l 51' be Delpbeem ' IUNIOR HIGH STAFF 3 BARBARA VVRIGHT, '31 ........................,........ Editor EMII.Y SALT, '32 ....... .......... f lssistant Editor JOHN LAMNECIQ, '31 ........ ......... B'1wincs.v Manager FRED LARIMORE, '32 ................. f1S.S'iS1'lllII Business Manager MR. RUDY,'1XqISS VVINGER ..................... lfacrzzlly Advisers ASSOCIATE EDITORS MARY ALlKr'E EVERHARD, 31 ..................... Literary Editor DONALD NIXON, '31 ............ . ............ ...flllzlerzc Edztor JEAN VVRIGIIT, '33 ........ ..... 1 -elrt Editor DAXfID.AIil3LTI'IL, ,31 ......... .... . fake Editor ELIZABIQT1-I HOXXVELL, '33 .... ..... R eporfcr i921 Nineteen 51' 1921731-one f ww f 1 . 4 , ,, -. - .-..Y.,.5-.N ,-, -Q ,, J. ,-,,:,'L:,- :Q Ir, M5 LE, . ' . 5419!-gu.'7,sE,rr-sam?.4-5ze.,::'i-1 ' -W-LF-Niggaz'-1, 5 - ll , -- -f !.-- .Bef 5-rs-. ,. vu '- 'wav' "Ev ,, , ,, 6, 1.12 3: 22 E3 24 25 15 ii as w ev JAY B. RUDY, ILS. WrJosle1' College Ohio State Unizfersily Principal E931 ' 1 ', I, X K 4 , 7 . , I f ,,,, M ,1vHf,,f 1. nl ' f 1 lf N 1 ,J V, Cm imzphm + + + +--B +-H +f+ + ..-Q JOHN L. BRICKELS DOROTHY Bxflm LEILIA E. Cuuzv XVILLIAM A. FISHEL A, B, R. S. in Ed. A. B. A- B- RHEA K. FLYNN FLORA G1-NTZ Rox' T. HANm-raY josxar-Hlxxa -TEN'rEs B. S. in Ed. B. S. in Ed, A 1 1 Q- 1.1-1 vdo ERNEST LEEKA 4 CLARA XIANSFIELD FLQRENCE 'AICCLEA-XN EDiTH Mmm B. S. in Ed. B. S. in Ed. 2' inefeefz 51' fairly-f-0126 E941 The fllelphmn A A AIILDRED MITCHELL Flmzm PFEIFFER 1'IELliN PINSENSCHAUM PEARSON' PUGH B. S. 111 Ed. A. B., B. S. in E. B. S. in Ag. , 1 , ESTELLA Ronn Com E. Scnwfxn LIIJAN SHANLEY PAULINE SHUMAKER A. B. A. B. A Q .vim 4. . mg.: 9 A BBBAAA A MARY L. WEBSTER I'IELEN L. WILSON ELIZABETH WINGER B. S. in Ed. A. B. A. B. . meteen 51' bmyf-one E951 T66 Bd bid "f"efifi'e+QfT?gf'iT"g5i'ef1-ife+?'g1g2a'?i'fi'f P n"I"F"W"!"lf'C"l"l"l"i"l"Y"W"lf'l"P'9"l"9"l"F' MEMGRIES At last the day has come, That day when We should leave the grade school far behind And board the ship of dreams called VVelty High. Deep down in our hearts, however, Although we woulcln't have confessed it, Was a feeling almost unexplainable, A kind of shaky feeling, For who could tell what dangers lay ahead? I-low strange it seems: the rooms, the halls, the teachersg Before we are aware, old father time has ticked oft Again the school bells are ringing, This year we enter with steadier step, We observe, with just a trace of smile, - The dear little seventh graders. This year is proving more glorious than the past, All too soon another year is gone. Once again our steps re-enter the clear old school, This is the third and the last tirneg Let's make it the best of all. This year, too, not to be outdone by the others, Is full of pleasures and fun, And maybe a red mark or two. the hrst happy year. NOW, the question, who will go on to a victorious triumph, Who will he left behind in the struggle? ,,,. . . . the fatal moment has Come, an innocent slip ol: paper Is thrust into our outstretched hand, Now it's endeclg no, not quite. Never can we really forget Vtfelty Never the glorious times we've had, Its spirit never shall die, It will go on living forever In your heart, and in mine. -Mary Alice Everhard, '3l. I96I Zfzefeefz CI7a2mf-0726 5 .1 u, , fi ,,k ,yJx-V4 '-'- mrs.: , V ,f 1 . J 7-f rl f lj, r 1 ' ff 1 f 41,6-fVYfV ' c , -:A-.fn -,r 1' 1 ,' v:,.1f4'.ilu3'. W , H ,A .- V A 4'+.-'wwf-A-f:.1'.g 1-,-.g ,..:-.Vg . .14--eazugffuq-5--..L,vg,:'1 rv.-ww 4 3.-A-.f.:.-ez'-Jgg1:f,,-fs".'p--.--2. 5-'.-'lf' H. w-g: "..4.g-- ,xg---1s:g..f.1 , A, 1' Tv?-Y' iliifif-342re'3I2fs'.d"'15!f1"11'!51214-W-9 '4i3?l'fx"-fri VfiT"2'1JL24i1'5.t 9'5,rY:'.f3S'f:'x2't,f.4fi7LH '-2? vifpf. ' 45 . '15 11"-' 45553112'51-P-,15f'.'-'1-: 154-bbs' . ' 17: 5 ',. , ,.'.',: ,'- ..x . 1,.- ,-:m me o. - - ' 4 U .51 1 my .' ' " z-' '...- .- Hug ." a-2-. " "' ' .' r ii .5145-Fe ilgfggky . "'?f."'3Tr-5115f:.3!e'7f5'1'Q'1 I 'P1'5Yu'1'."'? AV!!! 'E97'd 'l53fS1'1'5.aL1ai5s?u 'S"':'f?362'i'5"7" 't "3f5'iQA4f7?'3ff?" f"-1Gl" f':f 12'f3 "1'?F'H 'B'-1671" '. H . ' ' ' Bt'AUW.Nm.WfU'L12.' - IVA'-. L"?A.:q 4u11u:rx'na:41re.Sxz.:xur,swS ' 'x-in2.wm.1nr.LGn:n-um:.vuva-.wn.v, v G Mbgnfu ,J s ,n CD 1 - 5 N Q "3 Lf " ' gl J I N NTH GR DE N :gm 0 I 0 Vi u i' 'ZH xl X A .J ff' - 2 -LJ Q . . , Af, Nl Q wx N, .MQ V , , :N- X 1 5 fp? , W' 15' V . 55295 A A w g.. cj fs ,l gs M' 1 n X .0 'b K JE 'L. 1. Jw J ,a UN ,f in .- 4. D Y 4 5 9 Wx- OJ ' ' x , UIW . 1, 'W xx- r mx V IQ Xf s Q r 5, ul af 'ex I , , JI ru b K I 6 1 N c F A hs A ,, "' ,n I-'4 '2 kv NF ,J . u , 49 --4---h. The Del flip! """"++1" +ii"iA""'i'ff " + f'1f ?'f P W 'F"W"l'1F"I"O"'F"1"'i""1"l"lf'F"1' "I" 'F' - Ninefeefz CUJZVU-one E981 X v The Delpbmn .. f' f ,',' fzw wx.,.f-V1.1 , T i"?"i E991 Nineteen Tbirzy-one The Delpbmn assess NINTH YEAR Abbuhl, David Adams, Doris Albaugh, Dorothy Alexander, Harry Angus, Vida Austin, Russell Ball, Donfld Ball, Nllltu-Gil Baker, Ruth Barker, Daniel Bartholow, Curtis Baxter, Anna Beatty, Eleire Beatty, Charles Biehsel, Marguerite Beitzel, Dale Beitzel, Mary Bigler, Marjorie Bird, Maxine Blind, Dorothy Borden, Helen Boyer, Arlene Breting, Virginia Britt, lhiilliam Burris, Virginia Byers, Luella Carlisle, Paul Collins, James Comanita, Domanica Creal, Charles Cramblett, Edward Davy, Virginia Davis, Luetta Davis, Ralph V Demuth, Max Dudley, Betty Edie, Isabell Edwards, John Egler, Dorothy Eichel, Howard Ellis, john Ellwood, Esther CLASS Erwin, Russell Everhard, Mary Alice Fait, Mary Ferren, Donald Fisher, John Fisher, Elva Flory, Mary Feightling, John Forbes, Thomas Fowler, Ruth Fribley, Franklin Frame, Carl Frew, Eugena Geis, Paul Getter, Dorothy Gilgen, Janet Glazier, Russell Copp, Clinton Goudy, Pauline Gowins, Dorothy Gray, Gladys Grimm, Betty Grimm, Charles Groh, Marion lnlency, Mildred lrlerron, Ralph Heter, Elmer Hoernernann, Calvin Hoernemann, Paul lrlorger, Robert Humphreville, Ruth Hurst, Richard Ickes, John Jenkins, John Johnson, Margaret jones, Helen Jones, ,lohn jones, Mary Kaser, Marcia Keyes, Myrtle Kiser, Curtis Kiser, Gladys H001 Nineteefz Th? ffl one Th YD Zph' is crcr + frfrrfrhrrfreuff Kuenzli, Mary Frances Lamneclc, John Lahmer, Betty Lintz, Lois Lorenz, Virginia Maurer, Eddie March, Mary Jane Mardyla, Kathryn Marsh, Fredrick Marshall, Russell Mason, Mildred Mastako, Frank Mayo, YYinifred McGee, John Mclrlale, Ruth McNeely, Marie Meese, :Xlice Meldruni, llfilliam Nenges, Viola Miller, Max Miller, Oliver Minor, Edith Nolan, Evelyn Morgan, Maxine illutti, Bernice Myers, Carl' Nixon, Donald Paisley, lVallace Rake, Mary Alice Palmer, joseph Patrick, James Pennington, james Perkins, lylllilil Pugh, Beatrice Quillen, Elton Quillin, Frank Rasche, Richard Renner, Beulah Robb, Ruth Robson, jane Rodd, Max Rolli, Kathryn Ross, Max Shively, James Schrader, Vala Schwartz, Philip Scott, XVilliam Secrest, Lawrence Sloe, Ruth Sniitl , Kathryn Sopinslci, Pauline Spahr, Gerald Spring, Mary Louise Steniple, Roscoe Stocksdale, Russell Strinabu, Helen Swauger, Nellie Swihart, Glenn Swihart, Theda Swinderman, Donald Swinderman, Eugene Swinehart, Ruth Tucker, John Underwood, Robert XVall:er, Glenwood lVatkins, VVarren Wfatson, Harriet Watson, Vivian X'VZlSSCI1l, Regenia XYarner, Donald W elling, Raymond Xliilliams, Beatrice lN'inkler, Katherine Vltolford, Marian Wlright, Barbara Wright, Margrethe Wliandt, Alice Yaggi, Marguerite Yegher, Anna I1011 Th- Nifzeteen 51' birfy-one The Delphmn rrrrr-'r' HIGH LIGHTS or NINTH YEAR HISTORY September 2-School opened with 153 students enrolled. October ZS-The play, "Ghosts That VValk On Halloween," was given in chapel by ninth year pupils. November 6-Parents of ninth year pupils were entertained at a party given at the Junior High School. The program consisted of plays and reviews given by the various ninth year sections. February 27-The Ninth Year Chorus made its tirst appearance in chapel. Ninth year students presented the play, "VVashington's First Defeat." june 1-Graduation day for the junior High School! The address was given by Dr. Otto Mees, President of Capital University, Columbus, Ohio. MR. FISHEL AND Miss WINGEIQ ........................ Aa'z'i5vrs PS? IN . THE LIGHT-oF-MYTH Pandora Clrlopel ....... Phaeton CAmbitionj Atalanta f'Strategyj .. Orpheus CSongiy ..... Enclymion i1Drearnsfl . ., Cupid and Psyche C'Rom Clytie flaongingfj ...... Hyacinthus ipFriendship,7 Perseus QCouragel ...., Hercules fStrengthj Pygmalion Qldealsj .... ancej Persephone Ciinmortalityj Arachne tPridej ....... Thor QThunderj Atlas QGiantj ..... Three Fates .. Virginia Davy Adrian jones Doris Adams John Fisher Eddie Maurer David Abbuhl and Eu ena fren Mary Alice Everhard Hr. ljrickels Marion Groh Donald Ball John Tucker Miss Shumaker Kathryn Rolli Mr. Handley Clinton Gopp Miss XfVinger Miss NVilson Miss XYebster Jupiter , . MF. Rudy Pluto .... Warren XVatkins Neptune , . Paul lfloernemann Apollo . . . junior Fribley Beowulf . . . Richard Rasche Mercury . . John lckes Nifzeteen Thing me l102l 55315. ,hucxy - -, -f - ., ,v. . :Q .fm A U -w i , i'g.jy.v4fff.'..f-jj.L,g',g.5,I V- T., -', , M.. :-Q, ,QA ,.'5 - . Q ' mi-Tr,v,q"1fJv f,',:.ar11 f - ,. 4,, . , ,, ' ff f -. .,,' . 4-..' ,- g.:, ,v ,. mg -. ,,,,,, A- H, - V . f. ... S . ..-vg-A .q.. rg. - -,..-Q-.,' ,V aff. ,. n pm.-. ,. , 1 A , ,- - .lf -:g,,f: 1- A-,, g J.,-,m-.Q 1-, 7- 1'-.-., .rg .-.I H Ny.-rf!11'r11:71u'xl,',-:, wir- -:. :- ':l.!'-'uf .-9.4. .,r.u. , ,:.-',--.'.A ff-. ... V, .Ay --4 - :, 1-'H ,fri v'ifg"m A f' 1 -N121-ma-1?"'r'35'ls' 'A-1x.:1"ff9G:xf5 wif.-f09 Y.u5T1'2'lg?.f -:Z--'u 'lL:'l?T-l"'.a1 ff1'w:l' "?.:'1A'S.'1'I- Wits'-n.,-..1.LL'-' ' Mi- -J . Bffw -Ia'J1fWvLTtfZv.154Z'-i.?: -cf'-1 .1 . k. ,. 1- ,p zrs-.k m i .. 'S-v: ,' nfl..-gr.. - -4- :ff.m.+'.m. ' 0. f, .V ,. ,7 31 , ' .,y: .zf'- Q- 5 '. ' Aw ' 1. 4 f- 1. -,wg . f wg '1",' . 'EAA ,Qu-M Li :A aid? , -"'1af m-4-a5f+'1'-self? w.a!u:"'5 S1541 'e ?'f .G -mq.m ,YPd 'EE-5'5f'S+" " " 74'5,1-6,1'.S' .5: 'Q-1.1a' 5s'2f -1' - 5-3: TH-L rfvgvf ' nh' fNA9RZifJa??i'95S!E'3Q' V.f3g.ifF,5?W,L . " EIGHTH GRADE T YQ U IV' fgj ff" - Ili l 1 I The Delpbeem .Li. v 1 I . H041 Nineteen Cfbirty-efze .LY ,,,, , , "T"T"T'4"Y"Q The fllflpbmn -4--+ -l- -4- --ini- 'T"?"1" -lf'i' "P"W" 'l""F'i" 1 E H051 YS 277 "l""l""O""F"1" "i' 'l"iF" fy , dfgiym Q . 726 T i 51' he Ylelpbifm AA EIGHTH YEAR CALENDAR September 2-185 students entered the eighth year. Qctober 24-Girls, Volley Ball Tournament. Section S-7 won. November 14-Eighth year pupils entertained their parents at a party given in the Junior High School. An operetta, "The Indian lz'rincess" was given. I 7 7 December 5-Loys' Volley Ball Tournament. Section S-5 won. December 19-Section 8-2 are given a party as a reward for winning tirst place in the contest for the sale of Lecture Course tickets. February l3-Eighth year pupils entertain in a chapel with the play, "XYho wins the Cake ?'l Miss Pifrziifificiz AND MR. HANDLEY. .. N A M E Elizabeth Ritter ..... Dale Ernest ......... Helen Rinehart Daniel Harris ....... Kathleen Young .... Fred Larimore ...... EIGHTH NICKNAME Betty .... Ernie Rhiny .. Danny .... Kathie . . . Buddy . . . Margaret Mackintosh Scotchie .... Philip Smith ........ Gladys Mitchell Fred Russell . ...... . Marjorie Allison .... Dale Corbett ........ Il eanette jenkins VVilliarn Robb ....... Margaret Tucker Jack Davis ......... Ruth Bierie ......... Bruce Hardesty ..... Emily Salt ......... Charles I-Ieintzelman Phil ...... ..lNlitCh Fritz . . . Marg . . . Corbett . .. Jenks . . . Billy .... Pgrrfrv DD. Fat . .. Bee ..... Toots .... .Physics .... Chuck .... 27? . .flCl7Z'lSc'J'.Y YEAR STATISTICS T FAVORITE OCCL'I'ATloN . . . Running things ..... . ...,Hobo president . .. . . .. . ...Studying ..... . .. ...Flirting ....... . .. ... .Vlfriting notes . . .. ...Talking ............ ... ....'l'alking on her lingers XY1I.I. Buion E .First woman president .Dancing teacher .VVZlSl'lWOIIl3.l1 .Matinee idol .Hearse-driver .Garbage collector .Banker ....Gossiping with girls . .. .Ballet Dancer .. . .Arguing ........... . . . . . ...Riding a bicycle ....... . . .Talking at Camp Fire .Second Zazu Pitts .Lecturer on "Faults of Red Hillln meetmn' ...... ....... . Tap dancer . .. Making love ...... . .. .Married man X1Vaving hair ....... .... D ay dreamer ... .Tormenting people . .. .. Superintendent of an Old Ladies' H ome ....Having dates .... .. .. .Old maid ....Eating......... .. Giggling ......... ..... . . . .Playing baseball ... . . .. .. . . Talking to Buddy ...... ...NValking .Food tester A dizzy blonde .Minister .Excessive drinker Night-Club manager Nineteefz Thirty'-ofze H061 ,-- wr-'L .,-- , Q .-15.-., 1 f.-,.g.1::vf,w. -4 , 'I' -A 4' l,'-,4 . f. 'f 4 - V ' " I 1 1 1-. - -. su Y - - -..-.- ,-. - - -. -:NH L"-1f"'ifLL.-'f':'-'.:'.'fL2-f-'H!"-,-.s.u4vz-pv:- A-gym' AJEL4 . 5,1 ".r."'e-1.5.42',g:".-5,-f-A12'-',f2,e:" 41-if-,5-.-fQ!4f ,-.-.1 ,lg 551 3 3 -A5 .'.,1:u, if -1:n-v.G2"v-,-YGW-'---iw'-'41'flwb-1.'!.x1:a--MQ H-"3:'zf-"vw-2f5'u -:':fE':'.:,-'Nzf.'1Z1vvv?,1L,L4:.P.. ff-21Mi-.',fL'-,-.'.11'-7:71p .151 :if f calf?-my-,fQ.,1Qg - N- .1-'fi '-w in-'.. um '.-'ar ' 1. -ww 'ff.1. 'n 4. .o- ..- . ' :1 -,1 . 2 .2 -3- J .' 4 -Y' -.9 f .,-uv. .1 54-. -' " ' ,' -,' .M-4 .rv-1-6v'i:fwf'Gf '. 'Ffa' 3?-x-5,5127-E4-G':5'fa3EzP:"T.:v51- , '253'.1-'AZ-'4n5.:9,.1'5. L1w'bQ H:"'--??iv45"f ': ' if-'Ha-2Y1'Sfv1i'r "-ll' f:"af 12'-'3WDf?!J9'3G5w' il.'?E2M?iJ.9ffi135!J'552'.h56J.1Yd'fS?+!?S'1' " "' ' 4" ' " " ' 4 . f. ' . 'w5Qvw'w:zmm1wav.'nm.-mn-mw.nfvnam.u1y..fen4mwanwx-wwmp-fu1umvm-nwlmuuu.-navv-.14-m.m-nr.-.mmwr4uvvn.mnnuvxxwmmnu' SEVE TH YEAR os , ? 5 J . . , ' g a ':"'q' P. O' 4 n"'l i, Q 'Jn 'D " af, U6 ofszfl' 'lt , sf 98 ' , v5 0 w 4 Q nfs I ! . VV0 :"" fafll-:,1 ffgfg Q v J ' 4 Q G 4' ' 5 'B Wa? .I A q ' B 0 , 'J 4 r .JP - "1 pu. iff l V ovkgy N 79- g ,A li 'r 5 a A s ifijy 555377 .mlAA Q lg V ...' f l,, 1.9 'Y . .' 1' cb.. . even v 9-an The Uelpbmn .li. Fv++ Zneieefz Cflvmjf-0726 1NT III' IIIIIIIIIIIIIII 'Q moisl .P , The Tllelpbmn x t . -V -' fi' 1. ' I1091 Nifzeteen Tbirzjf-one The Delpbian 1- -M SEVENTH YEAR CALENDAR September 2-School began with 250 pupils enrolled in the seventh year. October 31-No school. The teachers go to Cleveland for the convention. November 10-Seventh year pupils make their bow in chapel in a play, 'Columbus And His Voyage." November 21-Parents of seventh year students were entertained by students and teachers at a party held in the Junior High School. After Mr. Rudy's welcoming address, the play, "Tom Piper And His Pig" was presented. Miss MCLEAN AND MR. PUGH ......... . ............... ,-ldrfisers NSF RADIO REVIEW This is station l.VV..l.H. broadcasting on a wave length of 1-9-3-3. Wle are presenting our lirst great annual review. The opening song, "Baby's Birthday Party," will be sung by our entire chorus of 250 members. Next you will hear the celebrated tenor, james McCartney, in a song dedicated to Miss Flora Gintz, "I Can't Do That Sum." Our orchestra will now entertain you with two selections, "Examination Blues," dedicated to the Faculty, and "A Stich in Time Saves Nine," dedicated to Miss Cora Schwab. Miss Florence McLean, noted animal trainer, will speak brielly on the subject, "How To Train White Mice." g At the request of many of our radio friends, the chorus will sing that good old hymn, "Blest Be The Tie That Binds," in honor of Miss Helen Pinsenschaum. Our youngest radio star, Rosemary fBabyj McGee, will sing "Moonlight on the Hudson," at the request of Elmer Schear. For our closing number, the entire ensemble will sing "Happy Days Are Here Again." This is station broadcasting on a wave length of 1-9-3-3 and signing off until September, 1931. Until then, Goodbye, everybody. RICHARD HARRIS, '33, ' m fzefeefz Cffairzjy-0126 l110l A 'K-.,.,L . . 1, , . V K f'fM'.-11' ' , Q' f fm f 'Y w.-f.. .- ' ' .-"lu ... " .. 5-..' , f.,-, -., .a1.,.. ,. N,-.,, .. -.- - .An .. . .. ., .. ff-I. , 3. .4. --..-.'.,- ,- .Q.,,f...-1 s-4-.- .. 1 l ,. .. ,- q,.-,- ' 5. ,f .. .- .---- : ,A,-,1..'--'2.,,,- 1 pug ,g,n.,,- f, .x.w,..y-4 ng ,L-bb? -,--,.. -ng. 1 5 J:-LJ. w.,r ..:,4, , -, , 1511, , g.f.-,-,Mg fy. I -N.: -1,4 .- -. .1xl.:gn,.,1 7,-J 5, fx I., 1.5--4. 31'h11.xfT?7 -f-129183 "1-im'-'Jw1f17L1.?.S2af-'fff 'hifi "'f.f1fvfif5'u iL:5'?!.1"'PrI:f,1Q'-'P-:.C"fa-,,A,, ,f,2:.f'fv,...r-':.'f ZW?-' f"f 411257121Tir!-.-fx'-W ' 04' Fitz' " - g xs-f. x "' tw : r '. 1 Q.-. - ...- 2" Q. " - , .rv , '.',-11 .3 f- ,-' ' .,.-w.- 1 ' .1 .n,, . 3 - ,d- ,4 ' fa-Yqffflimsi-e'f 53'-'vf.'-avfg.4.12::..ffCz,ff.1:k2 fS"'7.s15UZQ FH- rS52f1"-5' +-55?e,'f'::f?.'If-G" P '+ ' fvf-fr'-ia-.'2-1' 5:':f'-Rin' 'E'7"f zv,- .sw J- fifv ' - J ' lr WE . .W ' "' ""'-H' 940521 , . Lnll!l"e!nS'ESKQlZZil ,X 'f" 'br ' 1' f X if ' Q vr wi 1 4 'Q A gd .1 .5 'ILM 04" The Delpbzem ...,.F.F.a..n,r:r::'.:-::' ... : .gi X r 'x JOHN BRICKIQLS ... ... Cum 11 DAVID ABHUHL ........... illanaq r HENIQX' PRYSI . ..................... Assistant llanaqer Robert l-Iorger, Captain Paul Hoernemann Russell Marshall John Fisher .Toe Palmer Roland Gopp Ralph Herron Ralph Davis Charles Davis Franklin Fribley LETTER MEN Harold Espenchied Tony Glass Thomas Forbes Max Sherer Harold Stein James Shively Leroy Kappeler John McGee John Jenkins David Abbuhl P1121 Nineteen Tlfzrzjf one The fDelpbiem "-'-"ru-'-'+e++1'e+ + 'J' +iA"'e"'f FGOTBALL GAMES XVELTYHO LONGFTSLLOVV-25 This was the lirst game i11 which most of the Junior High boys played: nevertheless, they showed light. WIELTY-O - LORTN ANDREVVS-13 Welty had plenty of Fight. Lucky breaks won the game for Lorin Andrews. - NV ELTY-2 L0 NGFELLOXW-13 The Junior High boys triecl hard to win. Their score came in the last quarter. VVITLTY-O LORIN ANDR15wsM25 VVelty was out of practice-enough said. Football for 1930 was not wholly a success from a winning standpoint. Nevertheless, a fair team was proclueecl with only four letter men back from the precefling' year. The close of the season found several promising players for the Senior High team of 1931. Bob Horger, aloe Palmer, Ralph Herron, and Paul Hoernemann, all have shown promising ability for the coming year in the Senior High. "Tony" Glass, Harold Stein, Harold Espenehiefl and Roland Gopp will be back for the Junior High Football Team of 1931. There will be nollunior High football captain for the 1931 season. TRACK 1930 1'TERl3IiR'I' S'l'O1'GH'1'0N ..... 4 ...,........ .... C uarlz LETTER MEN Joe Zurcher XV alter Korns Robert Maus .lohn Watsoii 1-L - Nineteen Cflzirzjf-one l l I3 l BASKETBALL Longfellow . . . ...... 28 Edmond jones .. ..... 26 Lorin Andrews . . . ..... 41 Longfellow ..... .... 2 -l Edmond Jones .... ..... 3 5 Lorin Andrews ................ 31 Nlfaynesburg ................... 18 XYelty Welty XX 'W W felty elty elty Xlfelty ll' elty Coach-John Briekels Manager-Frank Rawes LETTER MEN Patll Hoernemann, Captain David Abbuhl Henry Prysi Franklin Fribley lll4l John Fisher Robert Horger Calvin Hoernemann Frank Rawes 51' be Delphmn 1- -1 , .. , 1 ', .,, 7.7 . i C f 1 -X .. - 1 v -. , f 1, F , - ix HM X, IUNIOR HIGH VOLLEY BALL CHAMPIONS Margaret Korns, Captain Maxine Stringer Marjorie Allison Dorothy Luikart Lucille Beitzel .lean Shafer Lillian Wise Vtfinifrecl Fickes , , Edith Pollock 1 The final game of the Ninth Year Volley Ball Tournament was played between sections 9f6 and 9f7. It was a very close game with the 9f6's winning by one point. Section SX7, who were Eighth Year Champions, played the final game of the season with the 9X6 girls. It was an exciting ga-me with the 8f7's emerging as Junior High Volley Ball Champions for 1930-1931. Nineteen Tbmyf-one 11151 The Uelpbeezn :.....v,z A LISTEN OFFICER Presented by MEMBERS OF THE JUNIOR HlGH FACULTY Cast of Characters Sara-The Maid ................ . ..... . Aprilla Broughton-A Bride ........... John Broughton-A Lawyer ............ Demise Dapper-A Former4Client of john' Henry Rogers-An Engineer .......... . Pat Betts-A Policeman ............... Virginia Pepper-A Schoolmate of john's. Kate-Escaped, Known as "Lefty Lou".. O'Hara-Ai Motorcycle Cop .... . ....... . Foster-Lieutenant of Police .... Sanders-Newly Wed ........ HARRY SCHENK .................... lVI1LDR12D NIITCHELL, NIARY WEBSTEIQ .... . . . ..... Rhea Flynn . . . . .Helen Snider . .... Vifilliam Fisliel s ...... Josephine -Tentes . ..... Howard Dallas ... . .Jay B. Rudy . .... Lilian Shanley .Edith Milar . . , . .john Brickels Roy Handley Ernest Leeka . . . . .Director . . .Pr0111pter.v H161 - Nineteen Thirty-one Cfbe Delpbeem STUDENT COUNCIL DORO'l'HY GETTER . . . .Chaz man IQATHRYN ROLL1 .. . ......... Secntam Miss lX'llLAR ..... ............. . ............. F aculfy Admsm llorclen, Helen lloyer, Arlene Corbett, lVillian1 Davis, John Dienst, Fern Fait, Mary Francis, Evan Groh, Marguerite Harris, Daniel Harris, James Hewitt, Edwin RE PRESENTATIVES Krebs, Marjorie McGee, Rosemary Miller, Oliver Moore, Thomas Rinehart, l-lelen Rolli, Kathryn Roth, Dorothy Salt, Emily Starkey, Genevieve Hfright, Barbara Yaggi, Marguerite lll7l Nineteen Tbzrzjf one 51' he Dalplzifm I . .K ' ' HoNoPt STUDENTS Miss S1-IUMAKER, Miss lVln.AR AND Miss SHANLEY ...... fldzfisws Abbuhl, David Borden, Helen Everhard, Mary Alice Barnes, Luciel Britt, Josephine Davis, John Francis, Evan Goudy, June Harris, Daniel Corbett, Vlfilliam Eckert, Helen Louise Fisher, Marion Forster, Elizabeth Fragasse, Nello Groh, Marguerite Graff, Vtfayne Gross, .lane Harris, Richard Haney, Helen NINTH YEAR Frew, Eugena Getter, Dorothy Kuenzli, Mary Frances Lamneck, John EIGHTI-l YEAR Hewitt, Edwin Larimore, Fred Mayo, Wlalter Mitchell, Gladys Myer, Alma Pennington, Amye SEVENTH YEAR Rolli, Kathryn llfright, Barbara Yaggi, Marguerite Rinehart, Helen Ritter, Elizabeth Salt, Emily Thomas, Leona May Vliener, Lewis Young, Kathleen Hollingsworth, Margaret Reiser, james Howard, Roberta Howell, Elizabeth Kennedy, Alline Krebs, Marjorie Lirgg, Margaret Jane Mel-Iale, Rosemary Maus, lYilliam Moore, Thomas Smith, Charles Starkey, Genevieve Sturm, Howard Wfherley, Leroy Williams, jane W'illis, Dicie XVir1kler, Alta Winkler, Joseph Zingery, James A - Ninefeefz Cflairzfjf-one H181 fm nephew +o!--H+--ee+ee+ T f N ' fi luN1oR HIGH BAND STUDENTS MR. SCHENK ......... .......................... ..... D 1 rector Austin, Russell Baker, Ruth Beitzel, Lucille Bird, Maxine Corbett, Dale Creal, Charles Crilly, Harry Davis, Byron Dugan, Robert Ellis, John Ernest, Dale Fox, Earl Fribley, Franklin Geis, Paul Gowan, Wlilliam Graff, VVayne Gray, Gladys Haalcinson, Wfilliam Hammond, 'Granville Harris, Richard Hawk, Hubert Hemmeger, Ray Hewitt, Edwin Ickes, John Kaser, Marcis Lanineck, John Lariniore, Fred Mathias, Robert Meese, Harry Poke, Mary Pugh, John Regula, Edward Reiser, James Robson, Jane Ross, Max Russell, Fred Schear, Elmer Scherer, James Schumaker, George Smith, Philip Sweany, Harold Swinderman, Eugene Wfaddington, NVayne Walker, Glenwood - Warner, Donald Wfelling, Raymond Wfenger, Glenn D191 Nineteen Cflezrzy one The Delphian 1 IUNIOR HIGH ORCHESTRA MR. SCHENK .. EUGENA FREW .. Barnes, Luciel Davis, Luetta Ellis, John Harris, Richard Iolmston, Glenna Lamneck, John Lirgg, Margaret Mennon, Daniel .l,C11l1l1'1gtO1'1, James . . . . . .Director ................f1fC0111par1'isl Schezlr, Elmer Shipley, Clarise Shipley, Ruth Swihart, Theda Swinclermzm, Eugene llfarner, Donald XYelling, Raymond Yegher, :Kuna H201 Nifzeteefz C179Z1fzQ3f-ofze o 'iiiriiv 'l""l""O""l' 'I' 'l""Y"W""Y"'T""'Y""I" DID You EVER Say! D'you ever see two great big eyes Lookin' at you so awful wise, VVhen you didn' know your lesson, An' the eyes kuowed you was guessin'? Say! D'you ever see an awful frown VVhen you'd been caught playing clown NVhen you didn' know what on earth t'do, An' was wishin' the lloor'd swall'r you through? Say! D'you ever see a great Izig hand Commandin' you t'rise an' stand, hlus' after you'd been ter'hle had? Say! lfyou ever see a teacher mad? -Helen llorden, '3l. Zn DAWN Over the golden hills of the east. Rose the sun in its glory, beaming, Once again the world awoke from sleep, It was morning, gleaming. AVirginia Davy, '3l. ze MY ToY VILLAGE l look from my window in study hall, The houses right near me seem very tall: Those lar away like a toy village seein, And this is the way l like to day dream. l think it is fun my toy village to see, And won't srmie one please come travel with me, And see my little village of toys VVhere dolls take the plaee of girls and lmoys? Whe1'e houses of candy and ice cream are made, And where the streams are of lemonade? lt never rains. it never sno'ws: The cold and harsh wind never blows. All is lovely, all is line ln that little- toy village ol' mine. -Eloise Carlisle, 333. on ,,.,...,u,..,,,.r.,,,,:.,,.,, ,,.... mefeen Cflamjf-one lt25l . MONKEYSHINES An organ grinder came down the street VVith a cute little monkey whose name was Peteg As they came near the Junior lligh, A boy's red sweater caught his eye. As he scampered up the water spout, All the boys began to shout. Through the window in one big jump, l-le hit the desk with an awful thump. He almost jumped out of his monkey skin Vtlhen the schoolbell rang for class to begin' Then sitting up as a monkey might. He listened to them all recite. v He went into Miss Culbjds room with a prance As she was assigning the work in advanceg Miss Culljiy went after him with a broom, And managed to chase him out of the room. He ran down the hall, breaking the rule Clf he'd have been Caught, he'd have Stayed after school l. Scampering and skipping from door to door. He finally landed on the lower floor. Ther chased him 'round and 'round the gym Until out of breath they cornered him: His owner came in and put on his collar: He was a lot of fun, but a very poor scholar. Moral: Monkeyshines are loads of fun, But it's real work that gets things done. -Richard Harris, '33, NSF' i NINTH YEAR FABLE. One Spiring day in Marclz, a little Gray Hcrroli llew from the rllarslz of Underwood to the Ellwood of Stoflardczle. Along the way he saw a ,Blind ilflillmj, a king Fisher, a black Sniith, a Slot' Palmer from Himiplircfvillc, a Bail, a Slin- makcr, and a S'Z,U'l7fIdt'7'II1GI'l Baker breaking the Fraiiiv of an .flustifz with a Rodd. The Bird said, "Nixon, or your Faiif will be Eifcrl1ard."' He also saw a girl and saw lllarshall Huiari' Gutter and lfVlIH?Cl' and Tucker in jail and lock her in with the lflfriglzt Keyes. H261 . -lwlif-0-Y-iavlwr -of-ofil""lfwo-' -of-r -ur HIGH Cosr oe FLYING Oh, I have bought a radio, A little house and lot, A fur coat and some furniture, A roadster, and what not. I'd love to buy an aeroplane, And fly about the town, Hut they have not been offered yet For just ten dollars down. --lane Wise, '32, WSF HuMoR Miss VVebster: "XVho invented the radio?" john Jenkins: "NNl1y, Paul Revere. He broadcast on one plug." Exanziiuafimis WY' M-ight Pass l. Wl'1e1i was the war of 1812? 2. Who wrote Seott's Ivfmlzoef' 3. What two countries took part in the Spanish American NVar? 4. In what season of the year did X!VZ1Sl'll1lgl1Oll spend the winter at Valley Forge? 5. Give a short description of the Swiss navy. 6. .ln round numbers what was the duration of the Hundred Years Vlfar? 7. ln short but telling statements, give your opinion of examinations. Russell Marshall into coach at a football gamej: "VVhen are you going to put me in, coach?" Mr. Rriekels: "l'm saving you." Russell fat the end of the gamej : "Wliat were you saving me for?" Mr. Brieliels: "I was saving you for the big dance tonight." Miss lVIansHeld Qin English classj : "ln what year was Shakespeare born P" After the silence had become painful, she said: "Open your books. What does it say there P" Raymond Wellirigz "VVilliam Shakespeare, l564." Miss Mantield: "VVhy didn't you remember that date?" Raymond: "I thought it was his telephone number." Mr. Rriekels: "How was the Grand Canyon formed?" Tom Forbes: "A Seotehman dropped a penny in a groundhogs hole." - Nineteen Tlairfjf-one um The Delpbian 3: Ralph Davis tbeing arrestedj 3 "But oiiicer, l'n1 a student." Officer: "Ignorance is no excuse." Miss Milar: "Can anyone tell me why Missouri stands at the head of the mule-raising industry ?,' Bright Pupil: "Because it's a lot safer than the other end." Miss Robb tin science classj : 'If you are traveling and you think the milk supply isn't safe, what would you do, John F" john Schneider: "I would take a cow along." Mildred C.: "Can a person be punished for something that she hasn't done?" Miss McLean: "Of course, not." Mildred C.: "VVell, I havenit done my' English theme." M1'. Handley Cmaking an explanation in classj: "The sun shines on the moon and that gives us moonshinef' Sunday School Teacher: "VVhat is the name of your favorite hymn ?" Arlene Boyer: "Russell Stocksdalef' Mother: "l hear you are always at the bottom of the class. Can't you get another place ?" johny Fisher: "No, all the others are taken." Miss 'Wilsonz "Wl1at is meant by the Latin race?" s Marion Groh: "VVhy, it's a race between a Latin pony and a teacher's goat." Eddie Maurer: "Got my golf sock on toclayf' Eighth Grader: 'KI-Iow's that?" Eddie: "Eighteen holes."' '0- ' i ' .- JR FIN S ' H281 l J, - ,

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