New Philadelphia High School - Delphian Yearbook (New Philadelphia, OH)

 - Class of 1930

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Ai W lm Y. Y H N I xW Y 11 N in 11 A EV I M N 6 W W Nw ' W I If-fn il f 1 'fr .f vu I ' .".:, . ax G ' ,f.z '- f' fy vw a all xx 5 I' ,' I 'iglq '1 1' Ag?" tr 7 I ' , n.',fi'- so Q1 my '-. lj u f? 0 ' 'u lj ' ' f ul 'K u m " I N fry ? 1 "? "fQf1.iN Y". ?ll'U :'Q l 1 'MB T ,' NX ? :rg -QIIHE 2' 1 N L.. W 4.5 V ll , . I - t u 21 I ,f . IGIA AQ M II' 1:1-T" 4.' Q' 2 V 5, I i -if :L I . X' ' 45' ,. w N F I , .9 A Q - czafrr x . -5 I " x 'J ' WA 12x Y I X! v 1 r J I 4 r w 3E6f80??8Q33d248S?'f68Qfi98?HEW'? L T A L Mm m 0 I9 0 fm V 175 f, 4. L L , IL ,ff L A -K4 f W f 1. f j Q75 M14 f!gi!Z5lH2'fEMUWZ'f. MW If l --"J-'-'T-3' 'QQ kz... S '-,A. Lil ji' lqmhhh' I H' ,!,-fZ4 , 4,5.1 PuBn.1sHEo BY me SENIOR cmss- - - " : o F NEW PHILADELPHIA HIG-H 'SCHOOL NEW PHILADELPHIA. Duung the many years ..--n Xaiimsofiwafafaxwsaa aSasaZ aaS mwoao 3 to come, 111 Whlch We shall be scatte1 ed far apart, may our dea1 ITISIIIOFIGS of New Phlladelphla Hlgh School 11Ve agam through thls Delphlan of nlneteen hundwd Lhuty wwmxfw 7, 1 3 IY qjj 'Wig , ' T - 3' ' 'f-vu,1u,nu4:u:l11l1 I 11111 llllfkllllfflfff v-A' 'X-'lx t '2. R' S ii 1-Si N ff ix .X vis - . x SS W t 'Qi M uf max llllln . 3 Q - A 1. I . , I - ., ' . 3 .X - - o ' A a - n b I ' l , . 4- . a F' a ' Y E! , , , , K I . . 2- 11.11-1,1121 11.f'-i-ig-I A I , ,- .vo In J N 'SXT -K . X-3 V Rx R E X W Ns S. , ,Vi ? - X -N., -5 iz--7.34 'K-f.,1,, , ,,, X-Ka, -agzra f gi ,Qi-"TQ-I V- .-"ff V i 'N"- x it M I 1155 :Q " ,, - f , ,. vA.,Ali4:.i,:1Xk-:,1lRX, 5 X .K-, WF-XXXA V 5 . 1, X , TV- , Q l :--.Q N. fy I . N- , - X , s Vi" V' ' -.. XM 'Ng I r. ' -' f 'll --' 3 a ,i' 5 .,,-Q., N -.xx If-C 'fy' -:L , .I "" -V , '3 1 ' , A 1- - l b. fllfrlv-M1 ,,. Qf vuf o-. 1' -V5 'fy -' 5 ,W 1.1. '. ' I VY H Y - ,fn ,V 1 'H e '.. ' 5' if In V hi . f 1 4450? 'ff' .' "I .:"' Y-x - ' ltr, 1 tml 'rl t Q gin, , 1. A 4 I l ' ii J X no i'iiiiW fl QQGDNITEENIVS , 1. staff I I 'F II. School 3 III. Athletics ' ' f ,-...-i ' , IV. Activities - V. Literary ""'- b VI. Jokes. , VII. Junior High School -'I - i' 1 i I 'T' " I .f- X ' f "' aJ? X fx hi . A fo, if ,,,'f'f!iu i hTd -25-,' X' ' I Eff? HM I , ffnfff L lf J , 1 ff 2 4555 ii -'oi'-if -:E 'o f o f o -Mg, ii aff? I-luv' flfl -7 F 'Xu I Ulf Q 1 Q 4 lliiig ,-- wa,- .J wg A .z' W - S! JZ' . In appreciatxon of her fnend lmess and: helpfulness to our class and her mteresf m the welfare: of the hxgh schoql we, the class of mneteen hundred thxrty, gratefully dedicate our Delphlan to Miss Jessie A Alberson T 5 . . . ! Q A n ' ' . ' . 11 N -'K X 2 V ,4- -,,., . ' ' 1 I ' N 1 .. v l f- 1 , Ng ' . 1 ' ,,.ff-f-f1 w16:Qa" - ' a mix' -,J .':.1' - gp - -N . 6? ' W ' Ma id? :yii:'f5.'J!m'f,+. A,, ,tg-- 3, 2 g,ff,v'325 . y - " 2' .3' -: 'L fur- V ER J -11:-'-'fn 5-,., js., 1' .mix ' ' - - . ,-Wim?-' 535.-f'r??i1y: -"5g?tf11Q.LX, 1? ' 'isaxfs -4 4 " 11711 'F' : "'i va "?.'F , 5. 1 .w in - -.QW 1. - . 3' , LE.: e f?" 'e ff ' ey es, ' ",'f?-f1..- 'rifffim I Q cf ur Eff! wi? ,fn-25:15. e " 'f 'f :P 1491?-75911. V fi ' 4,4 1 2 .. '-'ei' Effiievl- e . ' "',: I viii-',af1 : g 1 '--.H L. . Q "e5.i:!,5:IA. 1 . 1' . J:-, 1 . K J , , , -53 5- " V 1 f -rs rg - 3 51.5 -x"1 . - 'iizcb ' '1 A? -- 11, 1- . 19" ' 4' 7 . 5, 145. , w 4 r 9 -bib I I . 1 - "'.'iSH.'Q" I I: l l ,,,:g5,-Qzi,-if 1 .1 A f ,- 'Lf:'.lfQIfi?:'j -1 Y?" ' ' ' ' X -1- . , w'e,.,.- . f ,- . 4-gm, 5.4 . P ,- , . e 4 2 ,slag i-'Q,fqg2iz Q f ' T-mi-..,. -. slglllfii " Y-',-'fx-'ti' " . . " " ' .-EE :A . .'-x, N f. . , . , ei V .rf J Q? , .,. , .2 N-1.1 -, nr .J 1 -,.' .W ,af '- 1- 2 - , , -' 15 1 v. -' .:."f'-'v-515'-v':v Ri.:-73" 49 'J' fic- - QT :au r' ff,-2'-X11 N x - W- . -U ' 1 f -'f V '- I .ef ,if M -,1gJft.v Q13 me ,, 135 ,. .gi15.q,:,-1 ' ' -.wfiif-ef : Said' -121: V- .- EN ' . ' - 1 , gf. E F Mi 4 Y ' Rr' J -QV '-V V WV' " wif ' ' ' -" X V . ff f fb FN ! .' X ,f Q X X' - ,.f , Af MZ ' fzf'--, f. X, K X' K , I, x J! f I e AD K 5-5-' ,-,.,.1- ' Y Y ,..f .. David L. Fisher Walter R. Ritter A. A. Sternier President Vice-President Clerk-Treasurer Thomas E. Jenkins Robert Dumermuth , w i f N Frank L. Mosher Thelma E. Fisher John J. Evans Supt. of Buildings Office Clerk Attendance Officer Page one 9 THE DELPHIAN DELPHIAN STAFF Eleanor Fiedler, '30 .,,,A,,,, ,.,,..,,.,... liclitm' :XVIII Coulqc, l3l ..,,.. ,Y.A.A, X ssistzmt Eclitwr Davirl Harris, '30 ,,,A,,Y .,...,,.,........w,,, l lusiucss Al-211'1ElgCl' George jolmston. '31 A.,... . ..,..... 'Xssistant Business lvlilllflgfl' .-XSSOCIA-XTIT FDl'l'O'RS .lemme Somers, '30 .,,A.. ....,..,,,,,....,.. I .itcrary Editor llcssic llzlclcilltosly '30 ,,,.,,. ..,.... X ssistzmt 'Literary lfclitor Ersel l..G111zlstc1'S. '30 ......A .....AA.....,,....,,. X tlllbtic Editor Ruyclen Mc:m'e. '50 .....,.... ,,...... X ssistaut ,Xthletic Eclitcml' Anna RlZll'g'Zll'Cl1 Youngeu, 31 ....... ......,. ' Xrt Eclitm' Qlohu Belaout. '3O.Y.'... .loc Price. '30 .,........... Lflmrlcs Russell, '30 ,.,,... Miss Stockwell Marie Torgler. '30 l.XLll ...,.,...Y.hlolcc Editor .......5l1Ell3 Shot liclitor ..A.l,.L'i1'c11lz1tifm11 Klzmagel' .TY .-X l7X'lSl'IlQ5 ' Mr. Fillclley TYPISTS lX'lz1rgzu'et Flakes, '30 "7 l'cz1r1 Pugh, JO mummlnzunmurrnummnxmr I 9 3 0 mrmmnr1rmn mmmzxmm1 g3'3q Page two rn, ' F ' Page thmee i THE DELPHIAN i .. FRANKLIN P. GEIGER, B. C. S., A. B., A. M., D. Ped. ' Mt. Union College Ohio University Harvard University Columbia University Superintendent Page four ,,- 1 FACULTY ,-..,-Y,TT.Y.Y. . , , 4 ,vw V Y f - Sf " Q '1' 'Y' 'J-511 1- 3,-1' -' .t ' 2.-. , 7,5 , C - ' - V ,Y , , 1 . ., .. , A If sl if la, ' 4 I U I r if ,vi 'fm U v. N wi . 4 'NE "I , :QQ ,il . 1 t, .. .'.4 I li n- ' fi' 'I if ,sg I J ll Q 1 bi iw ESE 'fl gil ,M i nl 1 . I 1 r . I Vtfru nf" s'-'vs ff Muskingum College f' University of Pittsburgh Ohio State University Principal ' ' Page six Qki ii f i 1 I n ' n i I! M H VL ,059 mmmmmmmmmmmmm THE DELPHIAN E f-9--.gif Page seven 'S .-,X X., 2 m f3u1E DELPHIAN x f Q-fifia I. 0,4 A 'x , -'x4,. - gs,-ig .,1' ff. '."", fi, ff mmmu mum nunumnummunnnummumu mm -?,4 1 4 1 - . , 'Sv """" """""""""""' """"""""""" Page eight EJ E Q1 i X' f l - THE ENGLISH MAE BAKER, A. B., A. M. Otterbein College Columbia University MARIAN E. STOCKWELL, Ph. B. Western Reserve University Columbia University BEULAH M. BARTON, B. A. Western College for Women SCIENCE SUE E. FELTON, Ph. B. Wooster College Boettinger Studienhaus, Berlin HERBERT A. STOUGHTEN, B. B. S. in Ed Otterhein College Ohio State University LEILA E. HELMICK, A. B. Wittenburg College MATHEMATICS DELPHIAN s., P A M. A. Frances K. Myer, ,. ., University of Colorado University of Pittsburgh HOWARD A. DALLAS, A. B Bethany College PHX SICAL EDUCATION HENRY C. CRAINE. A. B., Oberlin College Amherst College HELEN L. SNIDER, B. S Ohio State University M. A. COMMERCIAL RUTH RAMEY, B. S. in Ohio State University Oitice Training School HAZEL E. FURBAY, B. S. in Ed. Ohio State University Bliss College NOLA J. BARNHARD, A. B., B S in Ed. Otterlaein College Oflice Training' School J. A. BAKER, B. C. S., B. S. in Ed., B. S. in Bus Aclmr. Bliss College MUSIC ETTA GLAUSER Michigan State Normal College Columbia University HARRY W. SCHENK Dana's Musical Institute FOREIGN LANGUAGE FLORENCE L. BICABEB. Ph.B. Ohio State Umvers.ty A E RUTLEDGE A. B STELL 1. , n Ohio Wesleyan University HISTOISY EDNVIN M. KAYLOR, B. A. Ohio State University RUSSELL A. BENDER, A. B., B in Ed., A. M. Wooster College Kent State College Ohio State University CLEMENCE W. ZWICK, A. B. Oberlin College JESSIE A. ALBERSON, B. A VVellesley College UmIUHmJHHlU.UiHPHhUL l 9 3 Q 'L.U'IIll1L'TU.ilmlmmEpmLmEUDEmlIUmDHmmmKmHHHH 5 Page 111110 llmI1 IELIIIIHI 1 P F' 'ln - THE DELPHIAN To the Faculty lX'l1e1'1 we venture out on l.ife's l1lgl'1XVZly, XYhatever we du ur try, There are some who have helped us accomplish Great things before we die. They have helped us with our burdensg They have comforted us in our trials: They have inspired us to gain the kuowleclge That leads us along l.ife's miles. If someday in the years to come, Children read of your name. Your teachers have helped to carve it In that XVU1lClC1'l11l hall of fame. So here's to our dear old faculty! May their reward lie bright, And may we always remember and praise them, Tliough we elimli the greatest height. BVS. F., '30 Page ten SENIORS THE DELPHIAN ,5 The Threshold Over the threshold we come and gog Our classmates and the friencls we know: Ancl we gaily laugh as we leave the door, Not thinking that we will come no more. Qver the thresholcl-and as we pass Many a happy lacl and lass. May we all look hack to clear l'hilly lligh Nucl say to her our last fond good-bye. Over the threshold carvecl in stone You can see the footsteps of those we've known May our marks he lelt hesicle those gone before There beneath that wide open floor. Mildred Thompson, '50 Class Poem On memorv's wall hangs a picture. Hung there by chorcls of time: 'Tis a picture of happy schoolclays, Of a class so great ancl line. Then the vision grows clearer, And familiar faces appearg These seem to he those of our teachers. lxlost plainly those of our Senior year. Then I pause for a moment to think, Of the friendships made at "l'hila l-lighf' Then a feeling of longing comes o'er me To he hack in the days gone hy. Oh class of nineteen thirty! come and go what may. llut let us keep that picture Unblemishecl, all tlirougli lile's wav. Sarah E. Roby, '30 HmmHmH! I 9 3 0 lIIISlI1U.JJm Page twelve ' THE DELPHIAN TWELFTH YEAR Uzwicl llzlrris .,.,.,, Roydeu Kluore ...,.... llzlncla 'llupe ....... dlIll'gZl1'Cl fl1'OSjCZl11 ..,.... Miss 1-lclmielq, Mr. Lramc ..,..... ........ Class Colors ...A.. Class Flmver ...,,A.. Class Mutto ...,. .....,.l'1'eSiclent ..,..Vice-l'1'esiclcnt ,......Sec1'c'Lzu'y ,,....,,l'1'CZlSI.l1'Cl' Faculty A dvisems .........COl'Z1l amd lVl1ite .......,...XYilcl Rose ...Semper Ducens SGCIAL COMMITTEE lyellll Ruth ,....l,. .,.................. L fl1Zlll'lTlZIl'l Clancy Mercer Bessie Mnclcintosll lfCHI16tl1 Dutts Freda Gintz Cluuiles Russell Helen FUTIICY llzurizm AlUSl1Lil' ElN.'XNL' li COMM ITTEE Anclite Saunders Lindsay Edwarcls Anna Mae Mason XYilliam Sullivan Loma Soutlmrcl llomer Scott Page tim teen I m THE DELPHIAN Russell Snyder "Russ" EEE Mary Priscilla Glauser "Pete" Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 49 Glee Club 2, 3, Or- chestra 2, 3, 4g Band 2, 35 Minstrel 33 Class Play 3, 4, Honor Club 2, 3, 4. Samuel H. Banks "Sam" H-Y 45 Latin Club' 25 French Club 4, Orchestra 3, 45 Band 2, 3, 45 Minstrel 2, 3, 4. EEE Mildred Pollock xcMillyxv Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 2' Literary Society 22 3, 4. Helen Kathryn Forney lKKayU Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, Sec'y. 45 Latin Club 4, French Club 45 Class Sec'y. 23 Class Play 3. Homer Scott "Scotty" Baseball 3, .4. Sarah Roby usallyn Girl Reserves 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 25 French Club 49 Glee Club 25 Tulip Time 2. IEEE! George Mathias . "Chesty" Latin Club 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 2, 35 Class Play 33 Band 2, 3, 4. Page fum-teen mmm - Maxine Lafferty lG1vIax7! Girl Reserves 2, 45 Latin Club 2, 5 45 French Club 45 Literary Society 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Tulip Time 25 Sun- bonnet Girl 35 Hon- or Club 2, 35 Class Play 3, 45 Delphian Staff 3. 3, 3 Charles Russell "Chuck" Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Tu- lip Time 25 Class Play 35 Debate 4. Helen Warner Girl Reserves 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 2, 3, 45 French Club 45 Honor Club 2, 3, 4. EEE June Mossholder nJuneyu Girl Reserves 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Tulip Time 25 Sunbonnet Girl 35 French Club 4. Sibyl Reese Hsibn ' Girl Reserves 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Tulip Time 25 Sunbonnet Girl 35 Orchestra 2, 3. EEE Marjorie Rice c:Ma1,Jy: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Tulip Time 25 Sun- bonnet Girl 3. IEEE! Royden Moore UMGOTEU Glee Club 2, 35 Tulip Time 25 Sun- bonnet Girl 35 Class Officer 3, 45 Class Play 45 Band 2, 3, 45 Baseball 2, 3, 4. HHH Mildred Alta Thompson "Tillie" Girl Reserves 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 2, 3, 45 French Club 45 Class Play 3. Page 'fifteen THE DELPHIAN Wanda Topc "Toot" Girl Reserves 2, 3, 45 French Club 45 Literary Society 2, 3, 45 Sunbo1metGir1 35 Class Sec'y. 4. Robert Miller uLaI,g.0n Latin Club 2, 35 French Club 45 Lit- erary Society 2, 35 45 Glee Club 45 Class Play 35 Band 2,43, 45 Minstrel 3. . n Ruth Pollock Girl Reserves 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 2. Wilbur Landis mml930 vs Page sixteen 7 ' John Bebout "Johnny" Latin Clubg Lit- e ary Society 2, 3, 45 Class Play 35 ll instrel 35 Football 3. 4. Mary Horger "Mollie" Gi1'l Reserves 2. 3, 4: Glee Club 25 Tu- lip Time 2. W. Lindsay -Edwards Glee Club 25 Tu- lip Time 25 Class Play 3, 4: Band 2, 3, 45 Minstrel 4. Madge Cramer , Thomas Girl Reserves 35 Sunbonet Girl 35 Class Sec'y. 35 Class Play 3. Robert Trustdorf "Bob" Julia Bletterer William Sullivan . ' Bi ' Georglanna Scott Scotty Gul Reserves 2 3 4 Latin Club 2 3 4 Flench Club 4 Jeanne Souers Girl Reserves 2 3, 4g Latin Club 21 3, 4g Literary Socie- ty 4g Glee Club 2, 33 Tulip Time 25 Class Play 35 Orchestra 43 Band 2g Delphian Staff 4. George Marsh "Marsl1y" Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 French Club 3, 4g Literary Society 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Tulip Time 25 Su nbonnet Girl 3 3 Football 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3g Baseball 2, 3, 4. Margaret Grosjean "Peggy Girl Reserves 2 3, 4' Latin Club 43 Frenbh C u y 49 Class Treasurer 49 Glee Club 33 - bonnet Girl 3: Class Play 3 4' Band 2' Honor Club 2. kenneth Dotts Kenny La in Club 4 Class Play Hon or Club 2 Y, - ' 1 b K ll, o Sufi it if' if TZ tg l, Y' ll ,l 5 ' , t' 5 . -- ' 3: - Paqe seventeen R Wx - THE DELPHIAN r Ivor David Harris "Dave" Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, lat- in Club 3, 45 Glee Club 25 Tulip Time 25 Class Play 35 Class President 45 Honor Club 2, 3, 45 Delphian Staff 3, 45 Football Manager 4. Bessie Mackintosh lf-Bess!! Girl Reserves 2, 3, 45 President 45 Lat- in Club 2, 3, 45 French Club 35 Lit- KSN erary Society 3, -15 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Tulip Time 25 Sun- bonnet Girl 35 Class Play 35 Honor Club 25 Delphian Stan' 45 Debate 4. EIEEIZI Joe Price , "Bill" , Hi-Y 3, 45 Liter- ary Society 35 Class Treas. 35 Class Play 35 Band 2. 35 Del- phian Staff 45 Bas- ketball Manager 4. lffllifllgl Anelite Sanders "Sandy" Girl Reserves 2, 3. Page eighteen .-.-, .. . -.,,.--U., - .. Marian Mosher "Marianne" Girl Reserves 2. 3 45 Glee Club 25 Tu: lip Time 25 Orches- tra 3, 45 Band 2, 3, 45 Minstrel 35 Class President 3. Robert Welling llB0b7! - French Club 45 Literary Society 45 Class Play 3, 4. 4 6 Wilma Stewart "Wolfe" Girl Reserves 2, 3, 45 French Club 45 Literary Society 2. David Spahr "Dave" 0 Ar' li" " E7 fs - Eleanor Stockwell Fiedler "Fiedler" Girl Reserves 2, 3, 45 Vice President 35 Latin Club 2, 3, 45 French Club 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Tulip Time 25 Sunbonnet Girl 35 Honor Club 2, 3, 45 Delphian Stall' 3, 45 Class Play 3. John Stoller "Johnny" Stonecreek: Class Play5 Basketballg Baseballg Manager of Athletics. Martha Walker Midvale: Latin Clubg Glee Clubg Orchestra5 N. P. H. S. Girl Reserves 2, 45 Tulip Time 2. Clancy Mercer Jr. Latin Club 2, 3, 45 Literary Society 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Tulip Time 25 Sun- honnet Girl 35 Class Play 35 Cheer Lead- er 4. E THE DELPHIAN 'Gi Jonas Rohrbach "Jonie" Football 2, 3, 45 Captain 45 Basket- gall! 2, 3, 45 Baseball Lorna Southard Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 45 Class Play 35 Band 2, 3, 45 Minstrel 3 4 Earl Foutz "Foutzie" Literary Society 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Tulip Time 25 Sunbonnet Girl 35 Class Play 35 Band Minstrel 45 Football 3, 4. Anna Mae Mason lKAnn!! Girl Reserves, 45 Literary Society 3, 45 Band 2 Page nineteen Wa i ' Virginia .Ann Rosch .xGlnnyn Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4g French Club 3. 4g Literary So- ciety 4g Glee Club 45 Class Play 4. Paul Roth upin-kyn Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Class Play 4. Helen Holmes "Babe,' . Girl Reserves 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 3, 4. George Lirgg Orchestra 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 43 Min- strel 3, 4. Q THE DELPHIAN mmm ' D1I.YIIIWfEa? Ersel Lemasters "Pooch" Class President 29 Delphian Staff 4: Football 2g Basket- ball 3g Baseball 3, 4. Elizabeth M attern nLiZZyr1 Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4. James Johnson "Jimmy" Latin Club 4g Lit- erary Society -L Vivian Denzel' Clvivli Girl Reserves 2, 3, 45 Lite1'a1'y Society 3g Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Tulip Time 2g Sun- bonnet Girl 3. Page twenty THE DELPHIAN Ruth Whitmer "Whity" Girl Reserves 2, 3, 45 French Club 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Sunbonnet Girl 3, Band 2. Donald Knisely KlD0nYY lilliili Freda Gintz "Fritz" Girl Reserves 2, 3, 45 Glec Club 2, 35 Tulip Time 23 Sunbounet Girl 3. Robert Rinehart HBob7! French Club 4g Class Play 3g Band 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 4. Paul J avens "Jav1e" Baseball 4. Stella Johnson Girl Reserves 4, Glee Club 2, 4. Robert Alexander HBobl, French Club 4. Anna E. Stewart llAnnI! Girl Reserves 2, 3 43 French Club 4. , Page twenty-one Jam. THE DELPHIAN . . Helen May Winkler "Wink" Girl Reserves 2, 3, 45 Latin Club, 2, 3, 45 French Club 45 Band 2, 3, 4. Thelma Lightel Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4. Luella Mizer "Lou" Elsie Mae Eniglehart "Chili" Girl Reserves 2, 3, 45 Literary Society 3g Glee Club 2, 3, 4g Tulip Time 23 Sun- bonnet Girl 3. Frank Honnell uBonnyJ1 Baseball 2, 3, 4. Ora Shirley Adams "Bobbie" David M. Shively "Dave" Hi-Y 4. Q. Marie Casebeer ucaseyn Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4. Page twenty-two THE DELPHIAN Ell W - en engel Harold Stansbury Girl Reserves 3, "Farmer" 45 French Club 4. Luther Limbaugh Laura Sfeehvw "Lo1ly" Glee Club 4. I Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4. Earl Mathias Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 La- tin Club 2g French Club 45 Literary So- ciety 45 Glee Club 3, . 4: Sunhnnnet Girl 35 Class Play 35 Or- chestra 3, 45 Band 2. - 3, 4: Minstrel 2, 3, Eunice Everett ger 45 Cheer Lead- er 2. new Pearl Pugh If ! Hollingsworth Rae y ' 2 4 Honor Club 2, 3, 4,Gffltf,eFf,f'fS2, ' Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Delphian Stenogra- pher 4. , Page twenty-tlwee 45 Basehall Mana- Margaret Olive F, k Pauline E. Shaffer IC CS crpouyry Girl Reserves 2, 31 Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4- i 45 Latin Club 2, 3, 4. es E Marie Torgler Girl Reserves 2, Glenn Leggett 3, 45 Latin Club 2, "Chugk" 35 Delphian Sten- ographer 4. Catherine Elizabeth Creal Dorothy Voshall "TOMMY" ll L i7 Sholty Girl Reserves 2, 3, Girl Reserves 2, 43 Latin Club 43 3, 4. Glee Club 25 Tulip Time 23 Class Play 3, Band 2, 3, 4. E3 as El E1 59 '35 2 Ruth Lucille Witwer Cl 'th ara Sml , Stonecreek: Class Girl Reserves 3, 4. Play 2, 35 N. P. H. S.: Girl Reserves 4. A Page twenty-fow' I Kathryn Dienst "Katie" G. R. 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 25 Literary So- ciety 3. 45 Latin Club 35 French Club 4g Tulip Time 2. Eugene Hartman Hi-Y 3, 43 Track 4. Evelyn Heminger G. R. 3, 4. Leona Perkins Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4 Mary Schwartz f' Latin G. R. 4, Club 2, 3, 4. El Helen Johnson l G. R. 2, 3, 4. . Q mmmlsso Page twe'rLt'y-fi'ue THE DELPHIAN RUSSELL SNYDER "Russ" is one of the few quiet boys, but Sunny has found his worth in the minstrel. MARY PRISCILLA GLAUSER Mary's brain must be very large, as she has stored away so much knowledge. Her grade card looks like a field of 90's. With Bill and her music, she will have a bright future. SAM BANKS It is rumored that Sam is rather negli- gent in getting' his lessons, but we are sure that this isn't so, because he works hard in the band and is always willing to do whatever he is asked. MILDRED POLLOCK Mildred is the girl with a friendly smile and helping hand, and we are sure the world holds something' nice for her. HELEN KATHRYN FORNEY We have no adjectives which could describe i'Kay." She has wonderful hair and a sweet disposition-owing to the present state of affairs. "Kay" is deciding- to change her name from For- ney-,to one beginning with R. HOMER SCOTT Although this unsophisticated youth is so quiet that one would hardly know he was around, he has made himself useful at N. P. H. S. SARAH ROBY ' "Sally" is the living example that "valuable things come in small pack- ages." She is no doubt the tinest girl in our class, but she has received her full share of brains. GEORGE MATHIAS Here's Kaylor's old stand-by. When- ever Kaylor can't answer a question, he calls on George-and George never fails hi1n! MAXINE LAFFERTY Maxine is one of the beauties of our class. Added to that is the fact that she is a member of the Honor Club, and so We predict a brilliant future for her. I Page twenty-six 93 CHARLES RUSSELL Stop, Look, and Listen!-"Chuck" does every time he sees a "skirt" or hears a feminine voice, especially one. It was partly due to his acting that the Junior play was such a success. HELEN WARNER Helen is our idea of-a perfect student. She always has her lessons very well, and yet she doesn't spend all her time studying. We predict that she will be a model school teacher. JUNE MOSSHOLDER "Juney" has in her possession the key to success,-a smile and a happy dispo- sition. She is much admired and is al- ways surrounded with a laughing group of friends. SIBYL REESE "Sib" is one of our cute happy-go- lucky girls. Her hobby seems to be dancing, and falling oil' swings-thus breaking her arm. MARJORIE RICE t'Marj" is well known for her merry laugh. We are sure that such a good natured person is bound to succeed in whatever she undertakes. ROYDEN MOORE What will N. P. H. S. do without Roy- den! He is one of our few very talented peopleg he plays basketball, baseball, the trombone, sings, gets good grades, is good looking and is a fine actor. The best of luck, Royden! MILDRED THOMPSON "Tillie" is an ever-willing sport. We are not often privileged to be with Mil- dred in the evening, 'cause she is gener- ally with a member of the class of '28, WANDA TOPE Wanda is one of the athletes of our class, she is full of pep, and also makes a good secretary, as has been proved this year. 0 iggw-M mmmmm.-1m THE DELPHIAN ROBERT MILLER "Bob" is a brilliant student-when he studies. His favorite occupation is get- ting his seat changed in the library, be- cause he forgets and causes too much excitement. RUTH POLLOCK Ruth's stick-to-itiveness has made her a very creditable student. She is a quiet miss but has made many friends. WILBUR LANDIS Wilbur does not have much to say ex- cept when called on to recite. Although unassuming, he is liked by all who know him. JOHN BEBOUT An athlete, a fun-maker, an ardent follower of the "skirts," Really he is an all-around man. We think that he will be a second Charlie Chaplin. MARY HORGER Mollie is always ready to recite with seemingly little exertion. If working at Newberry's enables her to have such pretty clothes, I think the whole Senior Class will soon be rushing down to se- cure positions. LINDSAY EDWARDS The idea that a saxophone is a noisy instrument entirely left our mind after we heard Lindsay play. He is one of the best friends one can find. ' MADGE THOMAS No matter how things go, Madge is generally happy. Popular and pretty, she has gone through school with a mer- ry step. ROBERT TRU STD ORF "Bob" is just the one to ask to do a favor. He is always smiling, ready, and willing. Although he doesn't pay much attention to the girls, quite a few ladies have been looking at him this year. JULIA BLETTERER Julia gets plenty of exercise walking to school. She has such a sweet smile and quiet manner that she has won a place in our school. WILLIAM SULLIVAN Our imagination has never risen to the point where we can imagine "Bill" as a desperate, secretive character. His per- sonality shows that he is all to the good. GEORGIANNA SCOTT "Scotty" certainly gets full enjoyment out of life. She is always around when there is work to do and is more than willing to do her share. JEANNIC SOUERS And here is Jeanne! She is an ac- knowledged leader in all activities, and her many talents will make her a valu- able asset to Westleyan. Doubtless she will some day be the owner of a famous orchestra. GEORGE MARSH Individuality and an unusual sense of humor are a part of Marshy's "make up." He's played a large part in mak- ing our class a success. Much luck to you, "Marshy." MARGARET GROSJEAN "Peg" is known for many things-her ability to act, her good grades, her sweet personality, and last but not least, her "peddling" of chocolate bars every Wed- nesday. KENNETH Dorrs ' "Kenny" always manages to get good grades in every subject-especially chemistry. In the Junior play he showed what an excellent dean he would make. DAVID HARRIS "Dave" and his Cadillac are a welcome sight to quite a few girls. As a business man he can't be beat, as the football team and the Delphian have shown. Some of these days when we are ill, we will go to Dr. David' to be cured. BESSIE MACKINTOSH Here's to the future Daniel Webster! "Bess" had the honor of being on the ,undefeated debate team this year. Be- sides getting good grades and being' a general favorite, she is president of the G. R's, which accounts for her being so good, C?J. Because she has hitched her wagon to a star, we know she will reach her goal. Page tweizty-seuefn S. in J f,5j ml THE DELPHIAN JOE PRICE Joe is very original in writing par- odies and taking' pictures. For this 11221.- son he is our snap shot editor. The good scrap page in the Delphian is a result of his efforts. ANEL-ITE SANDERS 'Anelite is one of the few fortunate ones who are members of the I-loraor Club. We have never heard her grumble -maybe that is her secret. MARIAN MOSHER And here is Marianne! She is one of the most lovable girls in our class Csev- eral of the other sex are aware of that factj and she hasvcften entertained us with her saxophone. ROBERT WELLING Here is one of the talkative members of our class. He loves to tease the girls, especially Jeanne in sociology class. He never seems to worry about anything, yet he always arrives at his destination. WILMA STEWART Wilma's interest is centered around a certain young man. For this reason she doesn't pay much attention to us at school-:but we understand, Wilma! DAVID SPAHR David may not be able to beat his teachers in class, but he certainly can in volleyball. ELEAN OR STOCKWELL. FIEDLER Here's to 'our Editor-the best ever! By her long list of activities we can see that she does many things well. Eleanor loves to have a good time, but her mem- bership in the Honor Club for three years indicates that she likes to study too. And can she "lithp?" JOHN STOLLER John came to our school from Stone- creek this year, but for some unknown reason, he left us a few months ago we were mighty sorry to see him leave. MARTHA WALKER Martha is very fortunate as she gets a nice long ride every morning-from Midvale. She certainly holds up the tra- dition of Midvale's girls. We are very glad that she is going' to graduate in our class, as she fills a special niche. CLANCY MERCER Here's the little boy who cuts his r's so delightfully. He's loads of fun and does he love to argue! No doubt we will meet him in a few years giving soap- box orations on "Wine, Women, and Song." JONAS ROHRBACI-I "Jonie" is no doubt our most versatile athlete. He is an all around favorite. VVe certainly missed him the weeks he was absent because of illness. He seems to find Tuscarawas Avenue a very enjoy- able street-We wonder why? LORNA SOUTH.-XRD Lorna is our attractive blonde. She is just as sweet and nice as anyone you could find. We are sure no "little red school house" will claim her very long, because a big automobile will soon carry her away. EARL FOUTZ "Foutzie" is fortunate in having a marcel all of the time. The football team will certainly miss him next year. Earl should have a career as an actor- for instance being end man in a minstrel -where he can demonstrate his excel- lent talent in singing and dancing. ANNA MAE MASON Ann is an all-round business woman, -in bookkeeping, and in keeping her athletic friend in strict training. VIRGINIA ROSCH Everyone knows "Ginny" and her car. Sho is a general favorite and we all use her car as a taxi. "Ginny" is rather quiet but she is just the one to confide in if you are feeling blue. PAUL ROTH "Pinky" has the distinction of being the only red-headed man in our class. We generally associate a quick temper with red hair, but it is not so with Paul. You never see him angry, and he is nev- er too busy to help a friend. Page twenty-eight THE DELPHIAN - HELEN HOLMES Helen has diligently pushed her way through N. P. H. S. Although she is rather unassuming, she has won many friends, especially a certain red-headed boy!! GEORGE LIRGG Since George made his debut in the '29 band minstrel, he has been one of our popular "little men." .May his clarinet playing carry him to success. ERSEL LEMASTERS "Pouch" has the power to squelch ev- ery one by his sarcasm, even the faculty. No doubt he will be a successful lawyer, because all the ,women jurors, at least, will flock to his side at a single glance. ELIZABETH MATTERN Lizzy is rather quiet, and so many of us have never known her real worth, but we are sure that she will always come to the rescue when help is needed. JAMES JOHNSON "Jimmie" is a well known member of our class and had the honor of being on the champion volleyball team this year. Maybe he will some time be a great theater magnate, having gained so much experience from our own Opera House. VIVIAN DENZER No doubt "Viv" does enjoy working at Newberry's because a dark-haired floor- walker is generally in front of her counter. But no wonder, because every- one is subject to "Viv's" pep! RUTH WHITMER Ruth is a good athlete and we feel proud to have her in our class. We look forward to the time when she will help to bring us into prominence through her talents. DONALD KNISELY Only the teachers call him Donaldg we call him "Don," and a right good fellow is hc. Surely we will hear from him be- fore many years have passed. FREDA GINTZ Just recently we found out that 'tFritz" was a peppy person for society, so we immediately put her on our social committee which she will help to make a success. ROBERT RINEHART "Bob" is an advocate of athletics, es- pecially basketball. He was our indis- pensable captain this year. Bob is gen- erally in the vicinity of locker 36-why? PAUL JAVENS Paul is one of those who "hides his light under 3 bushel." Only a few have learned to know him, but to those few he is one of the most useful fellows in the school. STELLA JOHNSON Stella is one of our good students who can be trusted with anything she under- takes. lt would be a pleasure to have her as a secretary of any organization because her handwriting is so very beautiful. ROBERT ALEXANDER "Bob" isn't much for the ladies, but he seems to get along very well without them. He is one of the real stand-bys of N. P. H. S. as he has shown this year in basketball. ANNA STEWART Anna doesn't say much but her blue eyes speak for her. She doesn't shirk her studies although she often gives her undivided attention to a certain person Q '. l. HELEN WINKLER There are those who have their lessons and those who have a good time. Here is one who always has both. She is a welcome addition on any committee and is always around at the right time. THELMA LIGHTEL Thelma is one of the quiet kind, meet- ing all her tasks with a resolution and cheerfulness which every one admires. LUELLA MIZER Luella also came from Stoneereek this year, but she has left us. We were sorry to see her go, because we miss her charming smile and pretty curly hair. Page twenty-vzidze if L., 1 THE DELPHIAN ELSIE MAE ENGLEHART Johnny is a slave to Elsie's charms, but who wouldn't fall for such a pretty face and sweet voice? FRANK BONNELL A Frank is one of our good natured boys. His aim after he leaves high school will be to forget his four years' course here. Although he is strongly opposed to un- due mental exertion, he seems to be get- ting- much pleasure out of H. S. ORA SHIRLEY ADAMS Ora does not talk a great deal, but we know that she will be successful in the future through her wonderful talent for drawing. 4 V DAVID SHIVELY By leaps and bounds Dave has won a high place in our class. Although we always thought he was not much for the girls, of late we are rather changing our minds. Some college will be glad to wel- come Dave next year. MARIE CAS EBEER "Casey" is a faithful and valuable member of the class of '30. She is thor- ough in work and in play. As a basket- ball player she's hard to beat. ELLEN WENGER Ellen is very digniied and just as re- served as a Senior lassie should be. We know she has worked hard and is very deserving of her diploma. LUTHER LIMBAUGH Luther drives a long' distance every morning just to come to school, and his gray car is one of the familiar sights of our school. We are glad to have him as a member of our class. EUNICE EVERETT Eunice the silentfnever saying much but always doing her part. we never hear Eunice grumble, which leads us to think that she has a pleasant disposition. FRANK HOLLINGSWORTH Frank is the "brainy" man of our class. Frank doesn't talk very often, but when he does-he always says some- thing. He is a valuable asset to '30, HAROLD STANSBURY Harold seems to think that silence is golden, for he is very quiet about school. He is a good fellow to have for a friend, too. LAURA STECI-IOW Laura is a good student and has spent four successful years at N. P. H. S. No one can speak aught but good of her. EARL MATHIAS Anyone who has been to any of our games. knows that Earl is an excellent cheer-leader of the band. He will leave a vacant place in our school. PEARL PUGH Rae can do many things well. We hope she will take out insurance on her lingers as we prophesy that she will have a career as a typist or a violinist. MARGARET OLIVE FICKES Margaret is really a mystery to us 'cause she is so quiet, but at last we have found out her true worth, which is of the best. MARIE TORGLER Marie and Pearl are generally seen to- gether, which leads us to believe that Marie is of a friendly disposition. With this and her efficiency she will make an excellent business-woman. DOROTHY VOSHALL Here's quality, not quantity. She has that faculty of not only enjoying a good time herself, but of making those around her enjoy it also. CLARA SMITH Clara doesn't study all of the time, but she studies enough to gain the reputa- tion of being a good student. Clara is just the type to make a name for her- self. Ijage thirty THE DELPHIAN PAUL-INE SHAFFER Who doesn't know Pauline's giggle? She blushes quite often but "red is the color of virtue," and Pauline's Waterloo is-history class! GLEN LEGGETT Small but mighty! Glen's permanent grin and his sense of humor are a part of his make-up. We are sure that the world will appreciate his good heart. CATHERINE ELIZABETH CREAL "Tommy" is another one of Sunny's famous band "boys" whom he will miss next year. She does not push herself forward, but is liked by everybody. RUTH WITWER Stonecreek certainly does produce good material, as Ruth has shown us. During' her year in N. P. H. S. she has become well known because of her good grades and friendly manner. KATHRYN DIENST "Kate" just recently moved into the library, but the moment she arrived, things began to hum. Her pep and hu- mor are a few of the things which con- tribute to her popularity. EUGENE HARTMAN Everyone delights in teasing Gene, es- pecially Mr. Kaylor. Although this ra- ther provokes Gene, he manages to smile and be friendly all of the time. We wish him success in his coming ca- reer. EVELYN HEMINGER Evelyn is one who treats friend and stranger alike. She always lets her smile speak for her. We know Evelyn will be very successful in the coming' years. LEONA PERKINS Leona is one of our ever-ready girls. She is a friend of all because she never refuses to do a favor or any other little kindness. We wish there were more Leonas in our class. MARY SCHWARTZ Mary is very quiet and reserved, she also spends none of her time seeking masculine favor. And then, Mary is a worthy member of the famous Vergil Class. HELEN JOHNSON For some reason, Helen has always stayed in the background, but her friends tell us that she is a good sport and always dependable. We know that she is a staunch backer of N. P. H. S. .iesomm mm Page th'i'rty-one SENIOR WILL Know allnnien by these presents: That we, Class of l93O, of New Phila- delphia High School, in the County oi Tuscarawas, and State of Ohio, consid- ering' the uncertainty of this high school life. and being of sound minds and good judgment. do make, and declare, and publish, this, our last will and testament. as lollows: First. NYe do give and bequeath to the junior Class our dearly beloved old Library with its engraved seats and autographed walls as well as its most useful and decorated blackboard. Second. We do bestow upon Tommy Doucls a large portion of llrsel Lemas- ters' brain. Third. To .-Xbie Rolli, jonie's wonderful ability as football captain Fourth. To XYendell Byrd, Dave Harris' ways with the women. Fifth. To Chuck Gross, Earl Foutz's permanent wave. Sixth. To M ary Caroline Gralt, Chuck Russells oratory. Seventh. To Merle McCartney. Paul Roth's red hair. Eighth. To -I. li. Lawrence, Bob NYelling"s sense ol humor. Ninth. To Mary 'lane Schneider. Mary Cilausens Vergil pony. Tenth. To Don Gulbrandson, Rovden Moores clifmiliecl manner about the . D halls. Eleventh. To Bob Coleman, ciCUl'0'G M'arsh's liffht in weiffhtl feet. 5 fb G Twelfth. To Anne Gross and Vivian Goulder, large amounts of Lorna Southard's quietness. 'l'hirteenth. To Edna Reese, Maxine Lal:ferty's hgure KGCOIIICIYYP. Fourteenth. To the junior Class, the sophisticated air they must acquire to become successful Seniors. liifteenth. To the CO1l'1lll0' American lflistorv students we bestow a little - h - -v' , 1- , -w U ' good advice: leain how to uSll1ll1llZll'lZC', 'analyze , 'trace . and give an account of" for this is the nature of Klr. lxaylor's Test Questions. Sixteenth. To all the remaining high school students we grant the privilege of taking' all chewing gum and of reading all notes found in the Library desks. ln testimony whereof, we have to this, our last will and testament. sub- scribed our name and alilixefl our seal, this thirty-lirst day ot March, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and thirty. . Class of 1930 Page thirty-two .IUNIORS THE DELPHIAN An Admonition 0 never fail to do your best In north or south or east or west, But strive z1l1cz1cl till day is clone And huish that which you've begun. Some may laug'h,'some may jeer, But turn to these :L deafened earg At disadvantages do not shirk But put your soul into your work, And when you'x'e done the heist you can You've done your hest to God and mam. ,Don Gulhrzmrlson. '51 f 1 Page tlzirty-fozc'r ELEVENTH YEAR George Iolinston ......... Mary Tlimnpsun ...,..,.. Harold Rulli .,A..,... Wendell Evans ..... ......... . Miss Rutledge, Mr. Dallasn... Class Colors ..,..., Class Flowei '......... Class Motto ........ ...........President ,.......Vice-President ...........SCC1'CtZl1'y ....... 'l'rcasurer .....,.l:Z1Clllly Advisers ..,.,...Grecn and XX'l1ite Rose -Xd Astra per Aspera SOCIAL CGMMITTEE Lillian Yaggi .,.....,. Anna Margaret Youngcn Dorothy Landis Thomas Patrick A ......... ...,... C hairman Dale Rosenberry Raymond Leggett FINANCE COMMITTEE XYendell Evans ..... Don Gl1ll,Jl'?l11ClSO11 Thelma Snyder ...,...,..Cl1air1nan Ada Mel drum 30 Page tlnirty-,fifve Marjorie Humrighouse Mary Caroline Graff George Johnston Carmon Born Mary Katherine Bucher William Wardell Evelyn Dienst Violet Schwab Herman .Edwards Lucille March Mary Eicher J. K. Lawrence Mary Jane Korns Matilda Schwartzbau gh George Sanders Margaret Fisher THE DELPHIAN I umm uummmmm nm , Earl Mathias Ann Cooke Evelyn Schwarin Delbert Russell Mary Thompson Anna Margaret U Youngen Charles Gibbs Anna May Conaway Mary Jane Schneider Mferrell Adams Ada Meldrum Thelma Snyder Matthew Ellis Hazel Smith Lucille Salisbury Norman Miller Page thirty-six X Merle McCartney Grace Rogers Martha Mastako Mary Katherine McBride Jessie Thomas John Edie Dale Platz Dorothy Hall Helen Gray Grace Pennington Margaret Barker Glen Graff Charlotte Culberson Lillian Burkhart THE DELPHIAN Margaret Lea Edwin Senhauser Robert Coleman Dorothy Landis Eleanor Fowler Mabel Lohman Bessie Green George Weller Curtis Renner Lucerne Renner Marie Geis Alice Blackwood Corrine Fisher Faye Waller Mary Elizabeth Exley Page thirty-seveov Page thirty-eight THE DELPHIAN - mm mmmuu u mm ' ' ELEVENTI-I YEAR Baxter, Ioe Beal, Floyd Clymans, Florence Eckert, Charles Evans, XX-'endell Fowler, Verne Gintz, David Green, Henry Gross, Anne Gross, Charles Gulbrandson, Don l-lallet, Ruth Hollingsworth. Floyd Huinphreville, Nvllllillll Hurst, Glenn Hyer, .Raymond jaberg, Lillian jenkins, Mary Frances Jones, Robert King, David Lahiners, Violet Lariniore, Margaret Leggett, Raymond Lemasters, Charles Lewis, Mary Lirgg, Marie Malley, Margaret Mathews, Robert McKinley, Dorothy Milar, Ruth . Patrick, Thomas Pearch, Jeanette Pfeiffer, Paul Postel, Dorothy Pugh, XYayne Rainsberg, Paul Rees. Gertrude Rieker, Horner Robb, John llenry Rolli, llarold Rosenberry, Dale Rosenberry, George Schneider, Karl Scott, Kenneth Sellers, Mary lane Sindlinger, Yardi Springer, Thelma Stewart, Robert Stonebrook, Edward Stoneman, Roberta Stoneman, Robert Stucky, Gladys Tinker, Lawrence XYardell, Mary lYarren, Edna XYeax'er. Dorothy XYebSter, XYilliam YX'olfe, Dale Yaggi, Lillian SOPHOMORES Climbing Step by step, clay by clay, liver climbing' along' the way. If wexshoulcl choose to cease the climb And leave the chance of an intellect behind llalf the joy of all the xvorlcl NX-'oulcl be lost to the boy or girl. The world thinks of no one elseg Every nian for himself. I-'le must have a niincl gf his own. And be able to stand alone As the accomplishecl master mind Because all people like his kind. N0 one must give up the light. There is always a revealed light To guide us on to the road of learning. To the culture for which we are yearning Xkihen we are through we may sigh And give thanks tu clear olcl N. P. High. Pauline 0'Guin. '32 Page forty mm THE DELPHIAN TENTH YEA Guy Thoinpson .,,,.,,, John XYl11fCl'S ...... Mary Qlnnc Robb .,.,., R , ,.....V..,. llresirlent ...,....Vice-President , ,.... Secretary Bliss liurion, Mr. Stouglitcm ,,,.,, ,,.4,,, l Faculty ,Xqlyiscgi-5 Cl2lSS Colors ..... ,.,,.. l ilue :incl Silver Class 'Flowci' ..,.,.. ...,..,..,,,, X Yliite Rose UGISS NUHU ......... ........ E ssc quam Vicleri SOCIAL COMMI Helly liorncy ..,. . ,lane Xlarsli Olive Riley Arlene Lzxclracli Gladys Youngen liclna Reese TTEE ........CllElll'lllIlll hlolin Stone John Reiclenluzuigli Miller Slwnk ,lirancis 'Rzinclullf lizlrl Smith f-rv 0 YIIIJIDJJJEDI FQ.: Page forty-one B , 1' 1 ,ff . C . THE DELPHIAN ff 1'2" N A 451 S I. 8 .il GAQ V Page forty-two fa find 'I THE DELPHIAN ' .4 , lg ll X m.mmmm1930 f Page forty-three . Y, A " .Q Q fl NX JU? ,fb Q 'J U J N NM X Adelstein, Joe Aebersold, Albert Althar, Nancy .-Xngus, Marian Anlceny,--Alina Ball, Dorothy Ball, Gladys Harnish, Tony liarthalow, Virgil llean, Jean llean, Lois llean, Nellie Beers, Della Belknap, XVilliani Bender, X'Yillian1 Bigler, Charles Bingham, Robert Bippus, Carl ljoltz, Janice llowers, liyron llrainerd, llelen Brewer, -Elizabeth Brown, Christena Brown, Donald Brown, Robert Burri, Evelyn Burris, Ruby Butler, Ellen llyrd, Cecil llyrd, Uiendell Cale, Jane Campbell, Albert Campbell, Thomas Cappel, Matie Carrothers, Albert Collins, Mary Colvin, Earl THE DELPHIAN TENTH YEAR Cordray, Jeannette Cramer, Mary Creal, Helen Crossley. Madge Deniuth, XVilliain Derr, Robert Dienst, Xliarren Douds, Tom Dudley, Joseph Eagan, Eva Edie, Bernice Edie, Mary J. Edie, XYilxna Edwards, Jimmye Eggan, Treva Elsaesser, Algie Engelniann, James Ernest, George Espensehied, Charles Exley, Dorothy Faekler, Edwin Ferchill, Joseph Ferris, Roy Fischio, Aniieo Fishel, Adam Fishel, Grace Fisher, Glenn Fisher, Marjorie Forney, Betty Frazier, Richard Freshwater, Ruth Freshwater, Xliilliam Fulmer, David Garner, Alina Getz. George Gibbs. Mildred Gibbs, Ralph Gibbs. Raymond Gibbens, Mary Gibson, Charles Gintz, John Gintz, Ladd Glaser, Lester Goettge, Eva Goshorn, llazel Gonlder, Vivian Gowins, llelen Graft, Curtis Green, Edgar Green, Richard Griinin, Erma lflaakinson, Mary J. H 2l.lH1TlO1lCl, Robert llaininond, Robert Hawk, Evelyn Heck, Mildred Henderson, Dorothy llenderson, Leone llines, Clifford Hixon, Robert Holmes. Mildred Horne, Dale Hunimell, Virginia Huinniell. Xvllllillll Hurst, Frank Iekes. Lillian Jarvis, Glenn Jarvis, XYanda Johnson, Virginia Johnston, Kathryn Johnston, Velma Journey, Sophia Keenan, Vena Keffer. Donald Page forty-four THE DELPHIAN . Reriakis. Lucille lierr, Mary liisligf Mary Kislig, Max linisely, Max Kuhn. Dean Ruhns, l.auretta Kurtz, Kathryn Kutcher. Oliver l.adrach, Arline Ladrach, l.ucille Ladrach. Thehna Laluuers, Donald Laird, Donald Lawrence, lilorence Leinasters, Francis Malley, Bertha Marsh, hlane McClellan, Elizabeth Klictlellaiul, Raymond Klcfullough, XYihua Klcnges, Carl Miles, Mary Miller, Elsie llliller, june Miller, Ledra Mitchell. Ruth Morris, Garnet Murphy, Mildred Myer, Elizabeth Neiger, Eugenia O'Cuin, Pauline l'aclcer, Raymond Perkins, rl'llC1'I'l1Zl Phillips, llarry Pollock. Curtis I TENTH YEAR Porter, George Raitt, Eranlclin Randall. Francis Reed, lllildred Reese, Edna Reidenbaugh, -lohn Renneker. Dee Ress, lietty Lou Ress, Robert Rice, Robert Riggle. Eugene Riley, Olive Ripley, Max Robb, Mary Jane Robson, Margaret Roinig, Anne Roniig, june Rosch, Ruth Rosenberry, Annabelle Rosenberry, Ruby Saxton, Eugene Schlegel, Helen Schwab, Helen Schweitzer, joy Scott, Betty Jane Scott, Donald Sherrard, XVanda Shipley, Alice Shively, Irvin Shonk, Miller Sloe, Leroy Smith, Darline Smith, Karl Springer, Esther Stahl, Charles Stansbery, Bill Stansbery, lihil Stechow. Robert Steinhaugh. Rose StC1ll17lC. Mildred Sterns. Evelyn Stone, john Striinbu, Sylvia Sweaney, Donald Swinderman. Mary Tate, Elizabeth Thomas, Betty Thomas Elizabeth Thomas, Jane Thomas, Raymond Thomas . Rosalie Tlioinpsoii, Guy Tm-g-lei-, Charles Triconi, Frank Tucker, Robert Ulrich, Arthur Vance, Beatrice Vance, Charles Vogt, Pauline Von Bergen. ,lack XX'aldron, Dorothy XYatson, james NYeax'er, Kenneth Weller, Tinogene XYenger. Sylvia W illiams, Ruth XYilliams, Virginia XX'inters, hlohn lX'orner, Fritz Youngen. Gladys Zurcher, Eunice 930mmmmmmw gg Page forty-fwe - R95 THE DELPHIAN ,fu E353 E' TW N, f , X I .,.x ,-ig A ' , 'V V 'f QQ 14 l V. f 1' , , , I S 21 "' ' 5, ' na ' . 'L ff, -f M . o . .4 1- J-5 ,f sf? ji: r Is, I fx ,. .g.,, ' ig? 51 X LQ 'B . Page forty-sw wl- Fw? X 7 l930 Wm ff 1 AMW MEMS N 0 X , ' 5 X Q X :Sir 4? I. Exrxiigr NW I x Q up K2 f"M"- W 2 'K M, " Wm '1 'KJ' -"v Yun' IM, 1 Q f 4 -,.v" ,, 1' - ' ,, .ff H -"1 I S. S 5' 'cg ,,, -.Ml I I, I M .4 .Nr-GX '. s,,X'1? w 'NX f 7 1 " '15 ' ua ff ffl" f, , 1 H 1 Q S. I, lf WM I Q. f gh ILL? , , a . !lML fi ' -5 vp, f ' ' ' " , ' !'W' ' A 111115. .f " ' N T: vii!-if . '+I-Eiga "':'-wa' fy :Q " A v 7, 453' ' gifs ' fl 112 ' ,Q ,jslfwwqll I rl, , v I -E if , flwizft 1 Wu' .Q v, , fd f fl I 'Q A MQ I N 5 N :A f f 4 .'1lIu.,. f QM, J Wfygjf' XXX I 'V X A IE 2 ,W l 1 1 1 2 , hw' wif ,1 ff' 'M' f ' ff ,W ' W If ff' If . 'A-T41 1 ' 2' -I A V. ki 1 H 'I ML X E ld , o , . .,-I? E.. I X N 4 "M ,H W 'f ' 'Spf :Z-fig . .L ' - , W .. . I, mf , bw 1 A I - , ' f ,W ,,,,,', ff., .JH AwK'ffW f,1l9' z f ff I lx gi5'f'f5' '1 4'zZ,1M31 f f Q ' 9 wwf' QV VV f M, , fc:f7 g4 ' Q J f Q 'Q 4: FOOTBALL Henry Craine "Hank" Coach In his second year as head coach Mr. Craine continued his good work. His football team was good. His basket- ball team was a lit- t l e disappointing due to injuries but we still vote "yes" unan i m o u s l y for "Hank," David Harris Manager "Dave" and his assistants kept the stadium looking like the White House Lawn. His ready smile was a great help to the players and the coach alike. Page forty-eight mm THE DELPHIAN - REVIEW OF FOOTBALL STRUOOLES DENNTSON, 7-N. l'. ll. 21 'l'he squad of thirty with seven lettermen made its initial appearance in new cardinal red and black uniforms. Our Quakers outp-layed the veteran Dennison team in all our quarters. Dennison was given its touchdown on a niisinterpretation ot the rules. TORONTO. O-N. l'. H. S., 13 . ,fXlthough handicapped by injuries and ineligibilities. the team outplayed their heavy opponents in every department of the game. thereby avenging last vear's defeat. EAST l.,IVlfRl"OOl,, 2-N. P. H. S., 7 More Revenge! East Liverpool expected to win easily but they lost- and how! The game was featured by long runs and passes by both teams. COSHOCTON, 27-N. P. .l-I. S., O Our first trip to a foreign stadium turned out disastrously. The two teams were considered to be evenly matched but Coshocton was "hot.', ORRVILLE, 7-N. P. H. 0 A pass in the third quarter and three blind ohicials ruined our first sight of Orrville's new stadium. Xllhen our team made a gam, presto! back came the ball. XYhv? No one knows but we do know that the game resembled a debate. NEXYCON IZRSTOXYN, O-N. P. H. S.. 25 Our team scored three touchdowns in the lirst live minutes of play and coasted through the rest of the game. MASSILLON, 32-N. P. ll. S., 7 The longer our team played, the better they got, but Massillon was just "too tough." L"l'lRlCl-TSVILLE, 12-N. P. lfl. S., 12 This game resembled one of those movie thrillers. lloth teams scored in the first few minutes of play. 'Llhrichsville scored again at the beginning of the second half. lYith four seconds to play Rohrbach caught a pass from XV. Byrd and galloped titty yards for the tying scorc. SALEM, 27-N. P. lfl. S., 13 Our team 'fought wildly and outplaved Salem the entire second half. However, they couldn't overcome Salenfs large lead. DOVER. O-N. P. l-l. S.. 7 liarl Foutz intercepted a Dover pass in the Erst minute of play and dashed eighty yards for a touchdown. Later in the game there were several "breathtaking momentsl' when both teams threatened to score. But the gods willed otherwise: therefore, we have our revenge for last year's massacre. Page forty-vzine Jonas Rollrbach, "Ionic" .......... Fullback Captain LZIXLTCIICC Tinker, "'l'iuk "A. .... w.,,,,, E 1 ul Max Kislig ......... ..,... ' fucklc Earl Foutz, "Foutzy "... ......,,... l flalfback Page fifty Lk THE DELPHIAN 5 1 4 I I A lltillll liebout. ",Iol11111y" or "l5ea11y" Guard George Marsh, "Ma1'sl1y" ............ Tacklc A Ricl1u1'd F1'azic1', "Dick" ..... ,..... ' Ifackle Robert l'la111111o11cl. "Roh" l Tackle , gl, Page fifty-one ' 4- , ,LE L, THE DELPHIAN A. ki-.Ln-2 Thomas Douds, "Tom "...... ...... G 'uard Glen Hurst, "Skipper 'y..... ..,..., E nd Verne Fowler ......... ..,..,.. l Tullback Charles Gross, "Chuck' '...... ........ E nd , my w Page fifty-two THE DELPHIAN Donald Sweany, "Don "..... ........ G uard XVendell Byrd, "XVindy' '...,.... Halfback Earl Mathias ..... ........ G uard George Rosenberry, "Boots "...... Center Harold Rolli, "Abit: ".., ....... Q l1Z11'fCl'bZ1Ck Captain-elect ' 0 Page fifty-tlwee INDIVIDUAL FDOTBALL WRITEUPS ROHRBACI-I-In his third and final year on the football varsity, Jonie was at his best. He was a brilliant player and as captain he inspired the team to greater efforts. TINKER-"Tink" finally became eligible and boy! what an end he made. That this is his last year must be very gratifying to the opposing teams. KISLIG-This was Max's first year on the Senior I-Iigh team but he certainly was a tower of strength on one side of the line. Being a big boy, he should be a great help to the coach in the next two years. FOUTZ-This was "Foutzy,s" second year in the backfield and he surely was "hot." Irle cliniaxed his career by winning the Dover game and we "love" him just for that. l3lZl'IOU'l'-Tliis was 'tlSeany's" second and final year at guard. lrle pro- tected his position like a nurse and he never lost a patient. MARSII-f'Marshy" plays football like he dancesg all over the field at once. Irlowever, he is a good football player. lX'e are sorry that this is his second and final year of competition. FRAZIER-"Dick" played a big game at tackle when he wasn't eating some- place. Wfe might add that he is just as good at playing tackle as he is at eatingg and that is saying something. XVe are glad that he has two more years with us. HAIXCIlXf'IQND-"Bob" is left-handed and 'he surely can pull down runners. XVe expect next year will see him pulling them down with both hands. DOUDS-In his second year of varsity football "Tom" was greatly hindered by a broken collar bone. NVE: know that next year he will make up for lost time by playing in his old form. HURST-Wfhen "Skipper" wasn't ineligible, he surely played great football. lrlis towering stature will be greatly missed next year. FGXVLER-Although this was Verne's first year he showed remarkable abil- ity. Wlhen he played, the opposition had a tough afternoon. lYe cer- tainly wish that he would be here again next year. GROSS+'l'his was "Chuck's" second year and he played better than ever. I-Ie covered his end like a blanket and the way he caught passes no- body's business. SXVEANY-"Don" has red hair and that tells the whole story. I-Iowever, we would like to add that he will be back next year bigger and better- if that is possible. BYRD-As was expected, "W'incly" played just as well this year as he did last. lile is our best triple-threat man and he should go great next year. MATHIAS-Earl's playing always reminded us of his big brother who also was a tough player. lile was always in there fighting and he surely got results for his pains and bruises. XYe extend our sympathy to his op- ponents next year. ROSENBERRY-This was "Boots" First year but he played like a veteran. Irlis passing back is good, and on defense he looks like the Rock of Gibraltar. NN-'e are glad that he is back with us next year. . RQLLI-Although this was his First year out for varsity football, "Abie" made the team and starred consistently. Knowing l'Abie" as we do, we congratulate next year's varsity on their splendid captain. HIXON-Wle heard that 'llrlickyu was a "wow" on the ,lunior High team. Wie know that he is as great on the Senior l-Iigh team. l-Ie is small but mighty, and he certainly will be a big help in the next two years. . Page fifty-foto' . 85-YAISD RU NUNKERS RUUT NUVER HIGH, 7-U IN NNNUI-N STRUGGLE ' Rohrbach, Sweany Play Great Ball Dover Opens Mean Aerial Attack By GENE HURST All hail the Red and Black thc 'JS pave' Q. I r r Q Q, S K 'X' R Quaker gridders of New Philadelphia high school, that fighting, clawing vicious band of football men who yesterday af-- ternoon crushed Dover high school at the fair grounds in Dover and battled their way to a tie for the 1929 high school football championship of Tuscara- was county. Displaying that same drive which won for them a 12 to 12 draw with Uhrichs- ville higlithree weeks ago, Coach Henry Craines men did what was expected of them and swept aside the last obstacle in their path to a tie with the Uhrichs- ville gridders for the coveted county honors. Ah, it was a great game-played amid all the splendor and color of a big' col- lege contest and before a crowd of thrill hungry fans numbering over 5,000 and the spoils, that came to that ravenous horde of Quakers after a battle which did not let up until the final whistle had been sounded. It was a thrilling touchdown dash by 1-'17 !h Dove... HOLD U t nga , l 1 D P An xfclwe 4 tamfl Y E FOUTZ'S LO G A DASH NETS O LY CORF the elusive Earl Foutz which took place T just one minute and twenty seconds af- ter the game started which proved the E -- margin of victory. It was a run which . will go down in the annals of Dover- A Fumbled Punt Gives Dover Philadelphia football history as one of ' the greatest of all times. It was a gal- M Blg Chance lop over eighty yards of dear old mother earth which brought the 5,000 fans to I their feet and brought cheers and sobs u from the opposing stands. .lIlllI1IlJfU.UJl1I1JJIIIll11JIlD1lU1Ll.DHIl Y l 9 3 0 HU l.lDDHL Page fifty-five THE DELPHIAN 'SX e fifty-six W .U BASKETBALL E THE DELPHIAN l- VARSITY 1929-30 ' 14 ' 1s H Q Dennison ..,....,....,.., .,,..,.,,.,,,,..,,,,,,,, N , 1, , R ,,,,,,,, AA,,-,- 2 2 Newscomerstown .... .....,,.,...,,. 2 3 N. P. H, S ,,.4,,,, ,,.,-,, 2 4 :Xkron St. Marys ....AV.VA ..,,, 3 4 N. P, H, S ,,,,4.,, ,,,,,., 2 3 Massillon ...,,.,.,...,...,, ......,. -l 6 N. P, H, S ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,-, 2 1 Dover ..,........,.... ........ 2 S N. P. H. S ..,..,4, ,4,,, 26 Coshocton ........... ....,... 3 9 N. l'. H. S ..o,.,,. ,,,,,., 3 0 Akron XVest .....,. ........ . 30 N. P. H, S ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 2 7 Salem ,............... ..,...., 4 O N. P. H. S .,,.,.,, .,.,,,, 2 1 Uhricllsville ,...... ........ 2 7 N. P. H. S' .,,,,.,. ,,,,.,, 2 1 East Liverpool ...... ......., 2 6 N. P. H. S ......,. ,.,,,,, 2 4- Dennisou ............. ........ 1 8 N. P. H. S ...,.,.. ,,,,.,, 3 7 Uhrichsyille .... ....,.., 2 3 N. P. H. S ..,.,.., ,,,,,,, 2 4 Coshocton ........... ..,,.... 3 7 N. P. H. S ........ ,.,,,,, 2 9 East Liverpool ...... ......,. 2 2 N. P. H. S ........ ,..,.,, 2 3 Dover- ...,.....,...... ..... 5 O N. P. H. S ........ .,,,,,, 2 3 Cambridge ...... ........... 4 2 N. P. H. S ........ ...,.., 3 4 St. Joseplfs .... ............... 3 l N. P. H. S ........ ....... 4 5 TOURNAMENT Ul11'icl1sx'ille .,........................ 7 ........... 28 N. P. H. S ........ ........ 2 7 Page fifty-eight , 1- IElJIBlI X ----l--lf--- THE DELPHIAN ----r .133 5' ,R E .J I ?- I W1 if ff, .1 5:4 .M f I ' V Y 1 M . . 1 .3 ' E . VA. 2' . H- +w,m W , f ,, Q, . Q.. N ,,., H Y ,. V RESERVE TEAM 1929-30 Denman 111 ...........,v.,,. Newcmnerstown Dover ..,.....,...........,.. L.USh0CtO11 ...,..,..,. .'Nkl'Ul'l XN'cst .,..... Salem ........,,...... L'lu'ichsville .,.,,.,,4.. East Liverpool A,..,.. Dennison .A...,,,... Ul11'ichsville .....,. East I.ix'erpuol ....,,. Dover .,......,..,,..,... C21 m b rid ge .,..., .......11 N. I'. H. 6 N. P. H. .......Z1 N. P. H. .......39 N. P. H. S N. P. H, 3 .......23 N. P. H. .......12 N. P. H. .......31 N. l'. H. ...,...19 N. I". H. .......14 P. I-I. .......2O N. P. H. .......2S N. P. H. N. P. Il. 7 Page fifty-nine MOORE ROYDEN "Roy" Forward "Roy" is the champion foul shooter and opera singer on the squad. He is constantly trying hard and according to the box scores, he gets results. He will be greatly missed next year. ROHRBACH JONAS "Jonie" Guard "Jonie" had rather tough luck tins year. Al- though he was sick a large part of the season, when he did play, he certainly went "hot," ALEXANDER ROBERT "Alex" Guard Can this boy guard! "Alex" is one of the best men we have ever had. Sorry to see you leave, "Alex." GROSS CHARLES "Chuck" Center When it came to jumping, "Chuck" was right there. "Chuck" also was a good scorer. Next year he should be "great" A W1 YB Page sixty - 1- 1-1 'Q CRAINE, HENRY "Hank" 'Coach Mr. Craine's basketball team was not as good as his football team this year, but this was due largely to injuries. With three letter men back next year the team ought to be great. RHINEHART, ROBERT-Captain "Bob" Guard "Bob" surely knows his stufl' when it comes to playing basketball. He is the best defensive and of- fensive man we have. We're soriy to lose you, HBOb'7! ROLLI, HAROLD "Abie" Forward Can "Abie" sink 'em! Abie was our high scorer this year. He generally "sank 'em" when they were needed. Good luck next year. BYRD WENDELL czwindyvl Forward basketball Good luck "Windy" seems to be a natural-born player. "Windy" is another dead shot. next year. 'Ny f' 1930 Page sixty 1 l ! l l l 1 -0726 i 1 5' F l. : I TQ t. I L THE DELPHIAN ig Page sixty-two ' BASEBALL 5 mH THE DELPHIAN .. N , 1929 BASEBALL GAMES Gnadenhutten ...... 8 . N. P. H. S ..,,... ..., . ..17 O1'l'X'i1TC ...... ,..... 1 N. P. H. S .,..... ....... 7 Bfidvzllc ,.,....,..,,.....,, ..,,,, O N. P. H. S .,,.,,. .... 4 Canton McKinley ..... ...... 1 5 N. P. H. S ....... ....... L ........ . 5 Ncwcolncrstown ....... ...... 7 N. P. H. S ....... ........... ....... 6 Orrville ...... ....... ....... 6 N . P. H. S ....... ,..... . 9 Dover .......... ...,... ...... 4 N . P. H. S ....... ....... 0 N'CXX'CO1TlCI'StOXY1'I ....... 5 N. P. H. S. ...... ....... 3 Bficlvzlle ...,.. ....... ...... 0 N .P. H. S' ....... .. 2 Gnzmclenhutten . ......... IO N. P. H. S ....... ....... 3 Dover .,.,,,,,.,.,..,,.,.. .,.,.. 6 N. P. H. S ....... ....... 5 Canton McKinley ..... ...... S N. P. H. S ....... ....... 1 2 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Shadyside ,.....,, ..,,...... , .......... 1 1 N. P. H. S ....... ....... 1 5 Martins Ferry .... ....... 1 2 N. P. H. S ....... ...--.. 1 ' l 9 3 0 IUIDEIIIIJI Page sixty-four ' m THE DELPHIAN wi-.l ,, -Q1,..,,,..,-Y.-- -5?3V . .L- -QSTL: im J v-' I 215.4 !.,. Qi - V "' M, 'hh-.u ' Ji-"J 12-' ,X V . of-'N -- ',,,.N-X 4 gd A. .., if-if U J. Page siruty-five INDIVIDUAL BASEBALL WRITEUPS 1929. CITIARLES 'I'RL'S'l.'DURF, "Chuck'I f'Captain'l ,,.,....,I,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Left Field A good player, a line captain, a dandy fellow. These words describe one of '29's most popular members. ' NNENDELI. BYRD, Hkvlllflyi ,,,,...,...,,.,,,,I,,,4,,,I,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,Y,,,,,,,,,,,,,I,,, Sliort-Stop "lYindy" is a fast Helder with a strong arm. In the next two years, watch him step! -IONLXS ROI'-lRl3fXCl'l', ".lonie" .....I...,.,ww....,..,....I..,,.,....... Second Base or Pitcher "'lonie" is plenty good either in the box or at second base. He ought to be better than ever next year. f1ILOllL:lL ROSILNBERRY, "l'loots" .....,,.....,,.,.,....,' -,,,,,..,..,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, l iight Field llesides being a good "Hy snatchern, "Boots" was a slugger of no mean ability. This was his second year on the varsity and he has two more. Sweet words! ILDXXJXRD IZIQHEL., "Eddie" ,.,.....,..,....t...i.....,.,.,,..,,.,.i,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,.,,, Right Field "The XVill Rogers of baseball." VVC are presenting Edward Eichel, one of the most persistent players on the squad. Too bad he will be elsewhere next year. ERSEL L'IfKl:XS'I'ERS, "I"ooch" lCaptain-elect! ....................,... First Baseman Ilesides being a good pitcher and first baseman, "l'ooch" was our best hitter. He ought to go great next year. 1 ,v,- v, Q lt '1 l'R:XNIx BOINNILIJL, Bon. Bon ..........,...,,.............,................,......,., Second Base "Bon Hon" is the Lindbergh of baseball because he is always making flying catches. Next year will be his third and hnal year on the varsity nine. IIARULD l3AR'l'lIAI,OXN, "llart ' ......................................,...,........... L tility Klan "Iflart" was a great help last year. He could play any posi- tion "and how l5'. Too bad that he has left school. -y--v- Q ROE DEN MOORE, "Lead beet" .,..........,,,...,..,...I..........,................... Third Base ' liatting in lead off position, "Lead Feet" always gave the opposing pitcher a warm reception. XYe are glad that he is back next year because he covers the hot corner like a blanket. . J, .,, IIARULD ROLLI, Abie ..............................................,.,,.,,........,.....,....,.,... Latcher .-Xlthough only a sophomore, "Abie" performed like a profes- sional. His smart receiving, accurate throwing, and fighting spirit will be a great help during the next two seasons. . . - -fs . . . , LI-IARLEb l,ILMA5lERS, 'Lhuck' ..................................,......................... Pitcher "Chuck" was our most effective pitcher. NYhen he pitched 'e.m, they stayed pitched. He will be hard to beat during the next two years. ' ' 1 ' Y ' at K: A PAL I, XX I-YI lxIlNS, XX"hiskers" .......................,.................................. Center Field "XN'hiskers" was truly the gods' gift to baseball coaches. He could held fast, and slug the ball without mercy. XVe are sorry to lose one of the best baseball players N. P. l-I. S. ever , had. EUGENE NVAGES, "Bud" .........,................................................................ Manager Being a veteran player, "Bud" gave us many tips: he also was an excellent manager. Thanks, "Ilud." bl. A. BAKER ....,,.,...,........,...............................,..................................................... Coach Our modest success was due mainly to Mr. Bakers hard work and patience. XYe hope to satisfy his dreams tor a state championship this coming year. Page sixty-six 5 .. TR CK THE DELPHIAN ' ? TRACK 1929 LETTER M EN Bruce Kennedy Don Knauss Harold Snyder Earnest NVl1eatley Earl Lahmers ' During this track season, our team took part in two meets and the dis- trict lneet held at New Concord. In our first meet with llillersburg we lost 87-40 and Uhrichsville defeated us 80-37. We took last place at New Con- cord. Because track is a minor sport in our school. little attention has been given to it. From all appearances track will be more successful next year because of our new track, and more track material will be available. Paae sixty-eight THE DELPHIAN Page sixty SENIOR 'STATISTICS Name Favorite Expression Will Become Known by- Favorite Occupation Jeanne Souers ...,.. " invariably" .........,............ "Chuck" Russell ....,.,. "Dear Kay" .......V.. ............ "Kay" Forney ,....,..,o.. "Do you suppose I should--" .........,.........,,... Paul Roth .................... Margaret Grosjean ...... Lindsay' Edwards ,.i.,. Eleanor Fiedler .,....... . George Mathias ,....... 'I-'earl Pugh .... Earl Foutz ...... Mary Glauser .....,........ Lawrence Tinker ........ ili-lessie Mackintosh "l'ooch" Lelnasters .,.. "Cinnyi' Rosoh .....,.... " .- si "Good Goshv "Oh Heavens" "XVhat ?" ......r. "Atrocious" .... "Oh Dear" Xllash lVonian ...,... ,.,.. junk Dealer ..... ..... jazz Baby .,.. ..... Married Man ....,. ...... Clinging Vine . ....., ......,.President of Hobo Association ............... Dietician .....,.,...,........v... Second john Gilbert "Oh Shoot" ........,.... lflurlesque Queen ........ . fNever swearsj ................ Garbage Collector ..,..., "What Did You Oet ?" School Teacher .......... . Like -! .................v.... Head of Girls, School .... His Banjo ,.,.., 'I feel hilarious" .... ......... l Tirst Wfonian zkzfz 'fDave" Harris ............ 'iVl.llg'Zll'u 01' "Marianne" Mosher .... "Oh Heck" "Tohnny" Bebout ........ H!-??f-it lgorna Southard ........,. tnkhikiiowiil "Bob" 'XVelling ,......... "1 dunno-" Then, too-, .................... It's nine years old" .... "Oh Boy" ....., President ..........,..,... .Sophistication .....,...,,.. Playing Jazz ...... .H is Oratory .,... ....... F lirting ..... 1 .Her Absent- ' niindedness .,..,,...... .Day Dreaming .,.....,e., .H er Precise Manner... .Her Violin ...,..,..,,,,...... His Pink Hair ............, Making Love ..., Frequenting Speakeasys .Yergil Translations...Leading' Orchestra Green Chrysler ...,..... Boop-boop-a- dooping ............... Always Found- At Holton's Soda Fountain At Forney's .-Xt the A. X P. At the Gas Station In G. R. Room At News Stand .Running Around .His Plunipness ........,,, Answering History Questions ......,,......... :Xt the Bijou Typing .... , .....,l....,.....,... ,Permanent XVave ....., Making Touch4 Important .-Xir ....,..,,.,,, downs ...,......,...,...... .. .Curly Hair .... ,,,. S tudylng .,.........,..l........ .......,Orchestra Practice .Talking ..,,... Argui ng ..... Owner of a Harem ...,.... His Stubborn Hair ..... Tap Dancer . ...,.i........... .. A B ootlegger ..,.,.. Dope Fiend .,... ......... Minister ......., .,....... A Bandit ............ ......., r .. Trapeze Performer ........ " it' I! 1 he Lrate .i,.,,...,..,.,,, Reposing ...... His Gillt .,,,... .,,.,,.. G etting off the Sax Appeal ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Sedateness ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,..,, Her Dernureness ,.... H is lVit .,,,.,,,,,,,.,.,.,..,,, Subject ..,.................. Playing Sax Solos ...... .Running into Trains A... ...Tooting on Trun1pet.,,. ,Torinenting People ....,. ,XV ith Marie .In Physics Lab. .At Home Outskirts of Town .Corner of Third 4 and Minnich Ave. .....,At Convenient Places. ......NVitli the Crowd .Teasing the 'Flusies' With the Band Boys At Church Band 'Room At the Picture Show m w ms I, , ff ?fff .1 X X .f ',f' f f V . frifljf ,...-f !!,, f , f,?':",l Efeif , m THE DELPHIAN DEB TE u I 9 3 UnImLummn Page seventy-ooze A? THE DELPHIAN mmumglyi I i DEBATE Affirlnative-Anna lX'I2l1'g'2ll'Ct Youngen, Grace Rogers, Bessie Mackin tosh, jane Marsh Caltj: Russell A. liemler. Coach. December 6, l9Z9 ..,.,....................,.,.....e.. Dover at New Philadelphia january 10, l93O ......... ...,........,....... Q 'ambridge at Camhriclge January 24, 1930 ,...,,.,..,,,............. L'l1richsville at New Philaclelphia Page sevent-y-two THE DELPHIAN DEBATE Negative-Betty Forney, Mary Carolyn Graff. Charles Russell, Anne Gross faltfyg Edwin M. Kaylor, Coach. December 6, 1929 .....,...........................,........ Coshocton at Coshocton .l'a1n1a1'y IO, 1930 .............,,, Canton McKinley at New Philaclelpluia .I'anuz1ry 2-l, 1930 ........ ........ N ewcomerstown at Newcomerstown X Page seveavty-th.9'ee THE DELPHIAN - DEBATES FOR 1929-30 This is the second year that our high school has been a member of the Uhio State Debating League. This League comprises one hundred and twelve schools, seven oi which are in this district,-namely, Canton Mcliin- ley, Dover, New l"hiladelphia. Coshocton, Newcomerstown, L'hrichsville, and Cambridge. The question issued by the League which every school in Uhio debated was "Resolved, that trial before a judge or board of judges should be substituted for trial before a petit jury in the Cnitcd States." Our first debate for this season was held on December 5, 1929, when the Dover negative met the New Philadelphia affirmative in the Senior High Auditorium. The contest was an interesting one, and the New ljhiladelphia contestants were elated at winning their first debate. The next afternoon the negative team met the Coshocton aflirmative in their initial debate on the foreign Hoor. Although not favored with the good fortune that the Red and Black affirmative enjoyed, they proved themselves competent debaters and lost the contest by a small margin. Cn the evening of january 9, 1930, Canton Mcliinley affirmative debated the N. l'. H. S. negative on the home floor. This was the long anticipated debate of the season, and although the negative was defeated, they showed a great improvement over the former contest. On Friday our affirmative went to Cambridge. The debate was given before the students of the high school, and even though the Red and Black was on a foreign tloor, they carried oft the honors of the day. A l The last debate of this year was on january 24. Everyone was delighted with the outcome of this contest, for the negative won at Newcomerstown and the affirmative defeated the Chrichsville negative here at home. The National Forensic League olters points for each contest either won or lost. To each debater is given eleven points for each debate won and Eve for each one lost. Thus does each of our contestants have the required number of points to become members of the National Forensic League. Although all our contests have not been won, the debaters feel that this has been a profitable year, and hope for greater success next season, since only two members of the teams will graduate with the Class of 1930. I- c'5L mmmfmm I 9 3 0 -- Page sefuenty-fozi 1' ' CLUBS THE DELPHIAN ,GIRL RESERVES CLUB Bessie Mackintosh ..... .,......,,.., P resident G1'aceRoge1's ........ ....... V 'ice-Presiclent Helen K. Forney ...... ...,....., S ecretary Martha Mastako ..........,.,,....,.... ' ,.,........,,........... ...... ' freasurer GROUP LEADERS V Marjorie 1'Iumrighouse Margaret Grosjean ' Catherine Creal 1 ADVISERS V Miss Felton Miss Barnhart Miss Snider Miss Beabex' Miss Rainey ' Miss Myer - Miss Baker Page seventy-six 1 mmm 'mmm THE DELPHIAN TI-IE GIRL RESERVES ,1Xltliar.' Nancy Anlcney, Alina Ball, Dnrotliy Barker, Margaret Bean, Nellie lleers, Della lllziclcwunrl. Alice Holtz, Janice llurn, Q-Zl.l'l11Ol1 llrexver. lilizalaetli Brown, Christina Bucher, Mary li. llurlcliart, Lillian liurri, Evelyn 1'-Burris, Ruby E Butler, Ellen Cale, ,lane Caselaeer, Marie Clymans, liflurenee Collins. Mary Cformlce, :Xnn Cramer. Mary Creal. Helen Creal, Catherine Crossley, Klaclge Cullvertsun, Charlotte Denzer. Vivian Dienst, Evelyn Dienst, Kathryn liagan, Eva llclie. Bernice lfclie, Mary hlane lfclwarcls, jimmy liiclier, Mary lilsaeseer. :Xlgie Ifnglehart. Elsie Espenscliiecl. ,Xnn Exley, Dorothy llxley, lflizaluetli Ficlces. Margaret Fiefller, lileancmr Ifisliel. Fisher, liisher. Fisher, brace Corinne Margaret M arjurie Forney. lletty Forney. Helen Fowler, Eleanor liresliyy Garner. ater, Ruth Alin a lleck, Milclrefl .i'lClUlNlllgCl7, lfyelyn Holmes, Helen Holnies, Milclrecl I-'l orger, M ary llummell, Virginia llulnriglluuse, Marjwrie lekes, Lillian hlalmerg. Lillian hlarvis, lYancla Jenkins, Mary Frances .lOl1I1SOl1.l'lCl611 A hlolinson. Virginia Johnston, Kathryn ,lOll1l5l1011, Yelina Keenan, Vena lieriakis, Lucille Geis, Marie Ciiilnluens, Marye Gilnlus. Nilclrecl Gintz, Freda Glauser, Mary Guettge, Era Goslmrn, Hazel tiuulrler, Vivian Graff, Mary C. Green, .Bessie Cjrosjean. Margaret Gross, Anne ,l laakinson, Mary 'lane llall. Dorothy Hallet, Ruth Hawk, lfyelyn Kerr, Mary li i slig. Korns, Mary Mary Jaime Kurtz, Kathryn Laclracli, Arline l.afferty,AMaxine Landis, Dorothy l.a1'i1nore, Margaret Lea, Margaret Ligli te l,.lI'gg', l, Tlielina Marie l.ul1nian, Mabel Mackii itosli. Bessie Malley, liertha Marsh. lane Nason, Anna Mae Ju Page seven ty-sevevz I imxxnmtmumml YP mm THE DELPHIAN Mastalco, Martha Mattern, Elizabeth McBride, Kathryn McClellan, Elizabeth Mctjiilloiigli, lvlllllil Mcliinley, llorothy AlClCl1'll1ll, Ada Milar, Ruth Miles, Mary lflelen Miller, Elsie Miller, june Mitchell, Ruth Mixer, Luella Mosher, Marian Nossholder. -I une Myer, Elizabeth Xeiger, Eugenia O't3uin, Pauline ,ljCZlI'Cl1,'lCZ1.11Ct'EC Pennington, Grace Perkins, Leona l"erkins, Therina Pollock, Mildred Pollock, Ruth Postel, Dorothy Pugh, Pearl Reed, Mildred Rees, Gertrude Reese, Edna Reese, Sibyl Renner, Lucerne Ress, Betty Lou - Rice,Marjo1'ie Riley. Olive Robb, Mary jane Roby, Sarah Rogers, Grace Roniig, Anne Rouiigj, .I une Rosch. Ruth Rosch, Virginia Sanders, .Xnelite Schneider, Mary lane Schlegel, l lelen Schwab, lflelen Schwab, Violet Schwarm, Evelyn Scliwartz. lllary Scott, Betty Scotts, Georgianna Sellers, lvl ary tl an e Shaffer, l'auline Sherrard, lYanda Shipley. Alice Sindlinger, Vardi Sinith,'Clara Smith, 'Hazel Snyder, Thelina Souers, Jeanne Southard, Lorna Springer, Thelma Stechow, Laura Steinbaugh, Rose Stern, Evelyn Stewart, Anna . Stewart, lYilnia L, -1,55 .uulK'f Stouenian, Roberta Stucky. Gladys Swartzbaugh, Matilda Swinderman, Mary Tliouias, Betty 'l.l'l0ll12'LS, Elizabeth rldl'lUlllZlS-,.l2l11C 'l'lio1uas.Jessie Thomas, Madge Thomas, Rosalie Thompson, Mary 'lll'LU1l11JSO1'1, Mildred Tope, lYanda Torgler, Marie Vance, Beatrice Vogt, Pauline Yoshall, Dorothy lYaldrou, Dorothy lYaller. lfaye XYarner, Faye l lVarner, Helen lYarren. Edna 'lVeaVer, Dorothy XYeller. Imogene Wenger, Ellen llfhitnier, Ruth XYilliams. Virginia lYinkler, llelen XYitwer, Ruth Yaggi, Lillian Youngeu, Anna Marg Youngen, Gladys ZLTCI Page smfenty-aight - THE DELPHIAN 1mm1F Charles Russe THE HI-Y ll ....,.... ........,.,..PI'CSlClCl1lL Vice-President David H arrxs ..,... ......................... Dale lllatz ...... Robert Jones. Mr. Dallas .....,.. . Adams, Merle Banks. Samuel Bender, lYilliam Campbell. Albert Campbell, Thomas Coleman, Robert Edwards, ll ernian Freshwater, lVillia1n Getz, George Gibbs, Charles Gibbs, Raymond Gulbrandson, Don Harris. David Hartman, Eugene I-lumphreville, NW Jones, Robert Lawrence, K. Mathias, Earl McCartney, Merle Platz, Dale Price. Joseph Randall, Francis Rieker, Homer l930 Secretary and Treasurer ...,.,,.,.....Sergeant-at-Arms ..,,,,,..,.,,,.t..,.,,.Adviser Riggle, Eugene Robb, John lliain Roth. Paul Russell, Charles Russell, Delbert Senhauser, Edwin Shively, David - Stewart, Robert Stonebrook, Edward Stone, John XVeller, George XVinters, john an Page seventy-ozme THE DELPHI-AN I-IGNOR CLUB David Harris ........,.,..... Mary Thompson ........,,.,.....,.,.,. Mary Jane Schneider ................,..,. . Miss Felton and Mr. Findley ...........,......,.... Fiedler, Eleanor Lilauser, Mary Priscilla Barker. Margaret Geis, Marie Cnlbrandson, Don Bigler, Charles Eagan, Eva Page eighty T XVELFTH YEA R Active Members Harris, David 1-lollingsworth, Frank ELEVENTH YEAR Active Members Hall, Dorothy Meldrum, Ada Associate Members Pennington, Grace TENTH YEAR Associate Members Ickes, Lillian Myer, Elizabeth l930 ..............President ..,....YlCC-PT6SiCl611t ....,.........Secretary .,...,,.....Aclvise1's Lalferty. Maxine Wlarner, Helen Schneider, Mary Jane Thompson, Mary 'XVarren, Edna Randall, Francis Robb, Mary jane ..:--r - -E-Fm-1321 THE DELPHIAN 4 LITERARY SOCIETY George Marsh ,.,..... ..,.,......., P 'resident Mary C. Gralf ....,...,,.... ....., X Vice-President Bessie Mackintosh v........ .,..............,.. S 'ecretary Larence Tinker .....,., ....... S ergeant-at-Arms Miss llaker ..,....... ..........,..............,.,,.. ...........i........... A Q lviser Bebout, john liucher, Mary K. Byrd, XMendell Cooke, :Xnn Denzer. 'Vivian lioutz, Earl Goulder. Vivian Graff. Mary C. Gray, Helen Gulbrandson, Don H lll'I11'ig'll0l1SC, Marjorie vlOl1HSOIl.J2l11'lCS Kislig, Mary Lafferty, Maxine Landis. Dorothy Lea, Margaret Lewis, Mary Lohnian, Mabel Mackintosh. Bessie McCartney, Merle Malley, Bertha Marsh. George Mason, Anna May Mastako, Martha Mathias, Earl M eldruni. Ada Mercer, Clancy Miller, Robert Mossholder. june Pfeiliier, Paul Platz, Dale Pollock, Mildred Reese, Edna Rogers, Grace Rosch, Virginia Schneider, Karl Schwab. Violet Snyder, Thelma Souers, Jeanne Tinker, Lawrence Tope, XVanda Youngen, Anna Margaret umm ummmmnnnmmmmummum mmm g 1 6' Page eighty-one THE DELPHIAN LATIN CLUB Clancy Mercer ........ Jeanne Souers ........ Helen Wfarner ...... Mary Thompsonu. Miss Rutledge ..... Bebout, john Cooke, Ann Creal, Catherine Dotts, Kenneth Edwards, Jimmy Edwards, Lindsay Fiedler, Eleanor Forney, Helen Katherine Geis, Marie Glauser, Mary Graff, Mary Caroline Grosj ean, Margaret Gross, Anne Gross, Charles Gulhranclson, Don Hall, Dorothy Harris, David Holmes, Helen H umrighouse, Marjorie Hyer, Ray jenkins, Mary Frances Johnson. Stella Korns, Mary Jane Lafferty, Maxine Landis, Dorothy Lea, Margaret Lemasters, Ersel Lohman, Mabel Mackintosh, Bessie Mathias, George McBride, Kathryn McCartney, Merle Meldrum, Ada Mercer, Clancy Pfeiiifer, Paul mr, Page eighty-two . .v................ President .........Vice-President ...............Secretary Freasurer Adviser Platz, Dale Riley, Olive Rogers, Grace Romig, june Rosch, Ruth Scott, Georgianna Schwartz, Mary Shaffer, Pauline Smith, Hazel Snyder, Thelma Souers, Jeanne Southard, Lorna Thompson, Mary Thompson, Milclre VValler,Faye WVarner, Helen Wfinkler, Helen Youngen, Anna M cl argaret 5 THE DELPHIAN FRENCH CLUB Helen Forney ...,... Robert 'Wfelling ........ Margaret Grosjean ,......v. NVilma Stewart ......... Miss Beaber ....... ...... ...... Alexander,Robert Banks, Sam Dienst, Kathryn Exley, Elizabeth Fiedler, Eleanor Forney, Helen Grosjean, Margaret Lafferty, Maxine Lirgg, George lx'l2ll'Sll, George Mathias, Earl Miller, Robert Rinehart. Robert Rosch, Virginia SCOllt,G'CO1'gl21l'll18. Smith, Hazel Spahr, David .........,.....President .........Vice-President ..........,.Secretary ,.....,.Treasurer ......................z-Xdviser Stewart, Anna S'fCXV2'l.I't,XN7ll1113 Thompson, Mildred Tope, VVanda Wfarner, Helen Wfelling, Robert VVenger, Ellen VVhitmer, Ruth Page eighty three M THE DELPHIAN 1 I l Page eighty-four K MUSIC 4 THE DELPHIAN - . '. OUR BAND Harlc! Hark! ltlark to them all. Big boys and little, men small and tall, Girls from the grades, junior and high, Mothers and sisters in E1 hue :mal cry. Red and black, real and black all in marching line. Onward, ever onwarcl, the crowd is beating time: The tune is that old favorite and playecl as in relay VVhile all the chorus Sings, "Philly, will shine today." -Matthew Ellis, '31, Page eighty-six SENIOR I-IIGI-I SCHUOL STUDENTS BAND I larry Schenk A.S.... I,-Izinks, Sum Ilencler, Xvllllfllll Ilinglmni, Robert Iil1J1Jl1S,CIll'l tfoleniun. Robert Corclray, -Ieannette CTCZII. Catherine Derr. Robert I2CIiCl'l.Cl121I'lCS IZCIXVZIITIS, I Ierlnan Ifclwnrcls, IJIIKISZQ' Iillis,MattI1ew I7z1clcIer, I5ilXX'Ill'fI Forney, Betty Gibbs, Charles tfiibbs,Rz1lph Gibbs, Rzlyinoncl Glaser. Lester Green, Richard Gnlbrznnclson, Donald I IZIINIII01lCl,.RUIJCl't I Iumphreville, lYiIliz1 Kuhn, Dean Kutcher, Oliver I.aircI, Donalcl LCINZISICVS, Charles ..,.....DII'CCfO1 Lirgg, George Illalley, IX'I:1rg'aret IX'Iz1thiz15. Earl Nzrthins, George Miller, Robert Moore, Royclen Mosher, Marian Rielier, I'IOll1C1' Rinehart, Robert Robb, John Russell, 'Delbert Senlizmuser, Ilclwin Shonk, Miller Smith, Karl Snyder, Russell Soutliarcl, Lorna Springer, Iisther Stewart, Robert Stone, John Stoneman, Robert Stoneman, Roberta Tliornas, Elizabeth Tlionms, lilizzibeth Thoinpson. Guy NVz1rcIell, XX'illizun Xliinlcler, Helen ITUII11'IIIIEU'II EDIIIDDJHDIELTE l 9 3 0 Page eighty sezcov E THE DELPHIAN , SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA I-larry Schenk ........ Jeanne Souers ...,..... Brewer, Elizabeth Coleman, Robert Ellis, lllatthew Fackler. Edward Gibbs. Ralph Glauser, Mary l-Iumphreville, XVilliam Kutcher, Oliver Laird. Donald Lirgg, George Page eighty-eight .....r.......Director ....i..................Accompanist Mathias, Earl Moore, Royden Mosher, Nlrilflflll Pugh, Pearl Robb, John Schneider, Mary Jane Shonk, Miller Stonemzln, Robert Thompson, Ouy THE DELPHIAN GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Miss Glanser.. Lillian Yaggi, Althar, Nancy llall, Dorothy Boltz, Janice liurri, Evelyn llutler, Ellen Collins, Mary Cooke, Ann Denzer, Vivian Edie. Mary Jane Englehart, Elsie Exley, Dorothy Fiedler, Eleanor liishel, Grace Goshorn, Hazel G rail, K I ary Caroline Grimm, Erma Gross, Anne Dorothy Landis ,.............. H uininell, Virginia Humrighouse, Marjorie jenkins, Mary Frances johnson, Stella Korns, Mary jane Kurtz, Kathryn Laiterty, Maxine Landis, Dorothy Lea, Margaret Lohman, Mabel Mackintosh, Bessie Malley, Bertha Marsh, jane Mastako, Martha M ilar, Ruth Mossholder, June ........Director ....,.............,..Pianists Reese, Edna Reese, Gertrude Reese, Sybil Ress, Betty Rice, Marjorie Rogers, Grace Romig, Anne Ro1nig,June Sehlegel, l-lelen Sincllinger, Vardi Walker, Martha VVeaver, Dorothy NVeller, Imogene XVhitmer, Ruth Yaggi, Lillian Youngen. Anna Ma rga ret ,-aw Q5 Page eighty-nine THE DELPHIAN BOYS' GLEE CLUB Miss Glauser ........,........................ Lillian Yaggi, D Bingham, Robert Brown, Donald Brown, Robert Byrd, NVendel1 Campbell, Albert Campbell, Thomas Ellis, Mathew Foutz, Earl Getz, George Gibbs, Raymond Gross, Charles Gulbrandson, Dona orothy ld Landis ....,..,........ Hammond, Robert H ummell, XVilliam Johnston, George Limbaugh, Luther Marsh, George Mathias, Earl Bilercer, Clancy Miller, Robert Pfeiffer, Paul Pollock, Curtis Porter, George Randall, Francis Page 'ninety ........Director ......'I'ianists Ress, Robert Senhauser, Edufili Smith, Karl Stahl, Charles Stone, John Thompson, Guy Tinker, Lawrence Vance, Charles Von Bergen, ,lack XVeaver, Kenneth N-Veller, George SOCIETY ' THE DELPHIAN SGCIETY NOVEMBER S. Girl Reserves' Initiation. DECEMBER 9. Senior Play, "lrlusbancls on Approval." 19. Girl Reserves' Christmas l"arty. MARCH l. College Club Tea for Junior and Senior Girls. 21-29. Jerry of Jericho Road. Girl Reserves-lli-Y-Glee Club Opere APRIL 24. Honor Club Banquet. MAY 29. Ccmimencement Play. JUNE 1. Bacczllaurezite Sermon. 3. Senior lligli Cmnmencement. l x P ge 'ninety-two L r, 1929-1930 CALE N DAR SEPTEMBER 3. .-Xlasl School begins. Another year's grind. -l, Coach calls first squad meeting. 5. Goodnight! One cant tell the new teachers and the Sophomores apart! 6. 1Vho is the teacher that wears Z1 new suit every day? Oh, so that is Mr. Stoughton F 10. Big junior Class election! George Johnston elected president and Ann Cooke editor of the Delphian for next year. 11. Senior Class Meeting. Dave Harris elected President. 17. Catastrophe. Faculty tries to have a picnic at Goat Farm, but hall the members get lost along the way and never reach Goat Farm. Great excitement prevails. 18. O, lfloy! Vacation for the lair! 21. First game of the season N. P. H. S.-21-Dennison-7. 28. Good luck! N. l'. ll. S.-13-'l'oronto-Ol OCTOBER J. 1N'hat could be better! We surprise East'l.iverpoo1 by beating them 7 2 S. Teachers all dolled up. Mr. Cross takes their pictures. 12. Coshocton too tough for us on their field. 15. First period l-listory Class "pops off" considerably. 17. Rev. llcliee gives an interesting talk in Chapel. 19. Orrville defeats us by one touchdown. 24. The teachers go on a "toot" to Cleveland. Wie really think they should be chaperoned. 26. Team improving. Newcomerstown-O-N. l'.-25. Sale of hot-dogs and candy going strong also. 23. Teachers back with new ideas-and new clothes. 29. Senior Ring Committee busy. "pooch" gets a ring stuck on his little finger causing great excitement in fifth period. 30. Senior Play parts given out. Everyone wonders who is who. NOVEMBER -1. XYhat! Massillon beats us. lluti we aren't a bit discouraged. 7. Mr. Cross and Miss Stockwell officiate at junior Chapel. lt must be junior pictures. S. G. R. Recognition Service. 9. 1YhoopeeY Chrichsville isn't so hot. 12-121 Talk about "Red" Grange in "One Minute to Play"-what about jonie in thirty seconds? 27. Huge rally, snake dance. and speeches. Everyone excited about Dover game tomorrow! i-Also report cards. 'x 25. At last. we havegour revenge! And are we happy-or no! Marvelous f team work and Foutz's 85-yard run made it one GLO RIOUS DAX .V Page ninety--tlw'ee THE DELPHIAN ' DECEM B ER 2. Back to school after Turkey Days big success. fi. Wie envy football men. l.ion's Club gives them a banquet. n. .Happy day-we win the first debate. l 6. "Husbands on Approval" makes "hit" starring Lafferty and Moore. 7. O, lucky football men! Band mothers give them a biggfeed. 16. :X number ot people manage to live through the Glee Club Christmas Cantata. 19. G. R. gives a Christmas party for the poor children. Don Gulbrandson makes a very hefty Santa. 20. French Club Christmas exchange. Vacation at last! Merry Christmas everybody ! fl- X ' XNL' XFX 6. Back to school Everyone seems fatigued. 14. All are down in the dumps-exams start today. 15. Another day of exams. Teachers very indifferent. 17. Much needed vacation while dear teachers grade blue books. 20. XVe extend our sympathies: Mr. Kaylor takes Sociology Class. 22. Ah! Report cards. Is it "pass" or "Hunk"? P 29. Juniors beginning to complain about Kaylor's "discuss" questions. FEBRUARY 5. Several Qliuniors move into the Library. 6. G. R. give "The Clock Shop" in Chapel. 7. N. P. H. S.-24-Uhrichsville-23. 24. Wie witness a volleyball game. Very interesting indeed! Mr. Findley is a real athlete. , 28. Band Minstrel goes over big. Bob Tucker would look well on a Kiddy Car. ' MARCH 1. Senior and junior girls guests of College Club at tea. 3. jonie returns after six weeks of smallpox. 13. 'liiand mothers give a banquet for the band members and their fathers. 14. Everybody broke and everybody selling something. Royden wins cham- pionship in foul shooting contest. 18. Girls out after the Ohio State Band boys. Those uniforms. 20. Stubs! Stubs! Everybody excited about Delphian. Also ticket sale for operetta begins. 27. "Jerry of Jericho Road." Everybody delighted. 28. The Second Annual County Senior Banquet was held in the Doyer Y. M. C. A. Seventy-one present from our class. Spring vacation starts. XVhoopee! APRIL 8. Delphian goes to press. Big sighs of relief! Page ninety-four u mmm M 1 ,,,..7f, k THE DELPHIAN -------rpg? Oh, To Be A Poet My teacher has made a decree That we shall write poetry. Now poetry is very line, If it happens to be in your line. I have walked the floor, And I've torn my hair, Only to lind, I must give up in despair. I can sing you a songg I can tell you a tale, But in writing a poem, I surely will fail, -Mary Carolyn Graff, '31, THE MISSING LINK One summer I went to visit my 'Uncle John, Aunt Nancy, and Cousins Mary and Bill, in Detroit. Aunt Nancy was always planning things for us to do so that I would have a nice visit. One day she read an advertisement about a lecture on evolution. She thought we would like it, so Mary, Bill, and I went along, although we did not particularly relish spending a long afternoon hearing about man's re- lation to monkeys. , XXIIICII we arrived, we were shown to seats up in front about four rows back. As I sat down, I felt my gold chain necklace slipping at my neck. It fell into my lap. I snatched it up and examined it. To my dismay I found that part of the chain was gone. The necklace, which had been given to me by a rich uncle on my birthday,lwas xgery valuable. Aunt Nancy said that since the speaker had not started, I should go back and hunt for it. I searched, but I could not find it. I walked down to my seat again very much worried about it. As I started into the row where we were seated, I happened to glance down and saw a shining, gold object. I made a dash for it and forgetting where I was, I exclaimed "The miss- ing link!" There was dead silence for a minute. Then a wave of laughter spread over the audience. Cousin Bill rocked from side to side with glee. IX'lary's face was crimson and Aunt Nancy stared straight ahead. I glanced up and saw that the speaker had just stepped out of a side door on the platform. I was no longer concerned about the dull afternoon which I must spend at the lecture. Even my gold chain seemed of no conse- quence. All I was conscious of was that I was in disgrace. Aunt Nancy had planned an afternoon of entertainment for me. and everyone was enter- tained but me. D. Irl., '32. Page 'riinety-five S To My Dog My dog. you've been a wonderful friend XIX-'ith your honest eyes of brown, And though l've had you for many a year, You haveinever once turned me down. Xl'hen many a time my heart was sore XYith ehildish troubles in my brain, You would come rollicking up to nie To help me find new pleasures again. And though you have gone and lelt me I know I shall never forget Those good times down by the river, For the memory is lingering yet. My canine friends, Ijchink you deserve More credit than scores of toys: You have brought a world of gladness To many girls and boys. -Lindsay Edward s, ' 30 How Am l To Know l'lfo Mr. Kaylorj ,l-Iow am I to know. Xlfhen called upon, XYhether my answer was right. Or whether it was wrong? Shall I stand there and be laughed at Or shall I take my seat? It's a terrible thing to solve, And simply ean't be beat! If I knew the answer was right. Then I would feel at ease. But since I never know, It makes me weak in the knees. lYon't someone help me along, And tell me what to do? Wihen stuck in sueh a mudclle, Or are you baffled, too? 'J -Violet Lahmei s 31 Page fninety-sim 5 ffpjgnmnutmnunlninnnnmmntnltnillgiyggn E A TRIP T0 CEDAR POINT Last summer the llilks invited the New Philadelphia lligh School Band to go to the lflks' Convention at Cedar Point the last week in August. Our director chartered a special train of four coaches, and after marching from 'the high school to the depot amid much shouting and cheering, we boarded the train, and with a "toot toot" of the whistle, we were on our way. 'iSonny" Schenk, our directo1'. told us to sit still on the train. but who could sit still on that train? 'It was a very dirty and shaky ride, but we didn't mind that part of it because we were all thinking about the adventure that lay ahead of us. Q NVe left New li'hiladelphia at nine o'clock Wlednesday morning and arrived at Sandusky at three o'clock the same day. As soon as we got off the train, we marched to the Elks' headquarters and played a few marches for 'them to let them know that we had survived the trip. Xllhen they had given us a hearty welcome, we marched down to the dock and boarded the steamer for Cedar Point. L The ride on Lake Erie in the steamer was much more enjoyable than the ride on the train. Vie sailed along so smoothly that we hardly knew we were moving and much too soon we arrived at the Point. After leaving the boat, we 1na1'ched to the Breakers llotel, where we were the guests of the Elks. As soon as we were assigned our rooms, we washed our somewhat soiled faces and dressed for a good time. TVhile we were dressing, we were worry- ing about something to eat, but we need not have worried because as soon was we came out of our rooms. we were told to go to the cafeteria. You can iust imagine the order in which we went. T don't remember how T got there. but I do remember the food. Our hosts certainly did not let us go hungry while we were there. After we ate, we went over to the Nidwav and took in some amusements. The most thrilling thing of all was the "Cyclone.U It is the fastest roller- coaster in the worldg riding on the "Cyclone" certainly beats riding on the train or steamer. Another treat was "Noah's Ark." It is a crazy house and when we came out of it. we all felt as if we belonged in Massillon. On Thursday we went back to Sandusky and marched in the big pa1'ade. TYe marched for an hour and drilled a little. After we were through march- ing, we returned to Cedar Point and went in swimming. It was a great treat. On Friday morning at nine o'clock we left Cedar Point and at ten o'clock we left Sandusky on our homeward journey. Most of the boys and girls were sleepy, so they tried to sleep. Sleeping on the train proved to be a difficult feat because when one boy or girl would see another one sleeping. he would pour ice water on him or torture him in some other way. ' Vie arrived at the New Philadelphia depot at 2:45 o'clock and marched to the high school, followed by our mothers and fathers, who were rejoicing that their children had returned home safely. Gui' trip to Cedar Point will always be a happy memory to members of the New Philadelphia High School Band. ROB ERTA STON EMAN, '31, Page nine ty-seven THE DELPHIAN A Minstrel Show A ininstrel show came to our towng It was a great feature. liaylor was the silly clown, Not at all like our solemn teacher. Miss lfurhay sold the tiekets, And the prices were sky high, But Miss Snider and Bliss tllauser Let lbashlul boys in on the sly. Miss Rutledge, as the lat lacly. hit. Xkhile Mr. llaker. as the strong Made a great big man, Made use of a first-aicl kit. Miss Beaher clireetecl the orchestra. XYith a new baton in her hand, .Xncl Bender, with a hainlmoo pole. Directed the High School Bancl. Miss llarton gave some jokes, XYhich we were supposed to laugh at. :Xml Mr. Stoughton as a hanclsoine shiek, XYo1'e gloves, spats ancl a purple stove pipe hat. Lfraine was a hallet claneer. XYith Felton clicl he dance. XYhile "Sonny," as a policeman. XYo1'e bright new sky blue pants. llarnhart, Myer, llallas, ancl l7inclley Klacle up a collegiate quartet. ' And. to our amazement. near the race tracks. Baker eoulcl he seen giving Stockwell her het. Bliss Rainey sang a negro spiritual, XYhile I-leliniek playecl a saw. lint as Alberson broke a new bass drum. NYC left for home with 'gina ancl pa." -Mary 'lane Rohh, '3 1930 'Ig Page ninety-eight num THE' DELPHIAN Nly Ambition Most everyone is ambitious, And l'm only human. you So please don't jeer or laugh Xlhen you hear what l want to he. SCC, I don't care to he world renowned, Or have all the wealth one can, 1'd justililce to live and be, A wayside friend to man. l'd like to have a little kingdom, That everyone could call his own, .-Xnd always could retreat to When they're weary and alone. fXnd if I could have this one desire, All others l would han, l'o just he able to live and love, .-Xs a wayside friend to man. -Olive Riley. '.i2. "Junior Troubles" "lt's lun to he a -Iuniorf' ' 'l'hat's what the Seniors say, And yet 'twas just a year ago They talked a different way. "A junior has an awful time. The lessons are too long, And teachers are so grouehyf' This was their daily song. Senior, same, Oh. well. when l'in a l suppose l'll say the One year will change Life is a funny game. my point of view: -C iertrnde Rees, '31, Page ninety-mne Flying Through the Sky I took Z1 ride one night In an aeroplane. you see: My luck I left at home And this greatly hindered nie. I climbed into the plane And soon we stzirted olTg The aviator laughecl :Lt me And soon began to scolf. The first thing was zi tail-spin And this slightly frightened me. The next a nose-dive true And we nearly hit at tree. A loop-the-loop came third And this one sure did fail: I came down from the sky And landed on a sail. The boat began to rock: The men began to flee, But, Oh! The astonishment XVhen they saw it was only nie. The fall had slightly jarrecl me. I come slipping from the sail. The next move they were frightenedg I slipped onto the rail. llut when I woke in terror. I discovered with a sigh, How much excitement lurks In liying 'Cl11'Ol.1gl1 the sky. , 0 -Betty Forney, '07 Page one hu'ncl1'ed JGKES ' Miss Rainey tin Economics Classj: "Now you didn't see many chain stores fifty or seventy-live years ago." llob XVelling: "Gosh, and neither did you." :lc :ia :ga Art Ulrich lftalking to Bob Tuckerj: "Hey, Bob, let me use your gym shoes." zi: :lc 11: Miss Barton: "Give me the principal parts ol come, Adam." Adam l7ishel: "Come, went, g2,'one." :lc :k ::: Miss Beaber: "XN7lio was llllercury, George ?l' George Porter: "l'le's the fellow that runs up and down the thermome- ter." :r :r zz: Earl Mathias lin French Classy: "lsn't there a town in 'France where they make llourbon wine?" .loe l'rice: "Keep your mind out of the cellar." :r :i: ::: Miss Helmiek tto Bob Rinehart the morning before the Senior playfl: "l5on't shave, .llobg I want something to stick your mustache on." :ls tk :Ez lllr. Dallas Qin third period .'XlgClD1'E1l1 "A very few of these papers were neat. One or two in the class were exceptionally neat." l.illian Yaggi displays "Very neatly done" on her paper. Mr. Dallas: "But, of course. neatness does not take brains." :fc :iz :js -lunior: "XYhy don't you come to school any more?" Sophomore: "Oh, I quit." Junior: "XYliy, you dumb bunny!" Sophomore: "Yeahl 'l'hat's why I quitfl .g, .g, .,. .,. .,. .,. lfleanor lto small brotherl: "You know better than to sneak in quietly when ,limmie is callingf' Small llrotherz "Y'mean, I know better'n to make a lotta noise when I come in-if I wanna see anything." . :fs :iz johnny B.: "XYhoopee, I own llell." llill XV.: "Howzat?" johnny: "My girl just gave it to me." :la 25: :Qc Miss Rutledge fealling' on Bob Tucker for a l.atin senteneejz "Bob, what would you like?" Bob: "l'll take chocolate." Miss lflelmick latter Mary Carolyn Graff has dropped her compact three times in one perioclli "You'd better bring a paper sack for that compact tom orrowf' Page one laimclred one THE DELPHIAN www Lindsay E.: "XVhat's a megaphone used for?" ,Paul R.: "For crying out loud." 4 Z- --- Miss Stockwell: "XVhat is a tankard?" Robert btewart: "A tankard is a man who drinks all the booze he can find and then gets gloriously drunk." A Vivian Goulder: "Have you read the part in Silas Marner'where they found Dunstan bones in a well?" June Romig: "Nog was he dead?" .14 4. Miss Baker Cin Hamlet Classy: "XX'hat oath did llamlet ask lloratio and Marcellus to swear by their swords?" blames Johnson: "Heaven help usll' T X Miss Alberson tto Thelma Snyder giving a current topic in history classj: "XN'hat state ot health is Madame Curie in now, 'l'helma?"' 'l'helma: "Detroit, Michigan, isn't she?" ,E .,. Miss Cllauser flooking at her watchlz "XYe shall have this rehearsal in three weeks." tl.ooking at the ealendarj : "XYe have lilteen minutes." rl: :px :Ez Mary 'l'hompson: "And the llritons still wear the same clothes that their ancestors did." hlessie Thomas: "Oh, the Mr. S.: Dave Harris ttranslating Miss Ruthledge: "Don't Dave: "NVell. what's the dirty things." :Qc si: :jx putting Roberta on the wire?" ' Dean: 'fXVould you mind i "XYhat do you think my daughter is. a tight-rope walker ?" 4- -1- in Vergilfb: "Anal Dido gave a bowryf' you mean dowry 3" dihterence ?" - 251 Pk P21 . Nr. Bender ttrying to explain to Olive Riley why 700 was called the eighth ceuturyl: "X'Yere you a year old when you were born P" - Olive Riley: "I really can't remember: I'm sorry." :lt :li :': . . - Miss Helmiek: "XVhy do people take plants out of a sick room at night?" Dee Renneckar: lohnn v lleboutz , :'Chuck' Johnny I" Dorothy medal." "It's hard on the plants." - sz 4: :iz . "How did you get those red marks on your nose 7' Stahl: "C,ilfasses." - 'K ilasses of XYhat ?" :la :fc :j: Landis: "If you were to Hy to Europe, you wouldn't get a Betty Forney: "No, but I'd get across." 4. se George Getz: "XX'ell, ta-ta. remember me in your dreams." Pauline O'Guin: "Yes: all I dream about is snakes." 9, sf ig: Miss Rutledge Csarcasticallyl: "fXin I disturbing you, Dale?" Dale Platz tsleepilyil : "No-o-o. but you might speak' a little softer." Page one I1.'und1'ecl two DH Dave Harris fig'lYillg a special report on Lincoln in American lflistoryjz "And Lincoln reached out and spoke to Seward with his long arm." Miss llelmick: "If l put three fish in an aquarium and one died,'what would happen ?" Curtis Graff: u'lTllC1'6'Cl be two left." :iz :Ez :,: Mr. liaylor: "lYhere was the Declaration of independence signed?" llleaning in what eity.J 'Eugene lflartman: 'H-Xt the end." :Sc :fc :1: Dave Harris tln llistory Classy : "Lincoln saw Captain Blaine, a bright- eyed, fgood-looking' boy, sitting' on a cot about twenty-three years old." I I Miss Rainey lin Sociology Classl: "XYhat is a magician F" - Ann Cooke: ".-X fake." air. :lc :Zz .-Xnne Clross Qto Veg Youngen, who was learning' to drive a ear and was Kfoino' around :1 corner too fast, headed strai0'ht for a treel: "l:lreak it! Pr h h llreak it l" . f' l'eg:,"'XX hat? 'l he tree? Barber: "How do you want your hair cut?" , li . a 'V 1 - - lu lfay M aller: "I just want the back ol my head straightenedj , :ga sg: rg: rf ,l U , ,,, l3z1A'lifr,: XX et or dry, Kladami it .arf aret Llros'ean: "Never mind my politics: comb my hair." it .11 :Q ' ' E 'loe 'lffieef-"Bly mother says that l-talk in my sleep, doctor: what should" ff" - lloctgi "Nothing that you shouldn't." I" :ig si: :ff liaylor: "On what date did the first XYednesday in March fall in l7S9?" "l'oogq5" l.emasters: "Sunday" I 71 Miss Baker tin llusiness English discussing advertisement about a lost dogj 1 "Une important item is left out." llonier "scott: "He has a stub tail." ' lllisgs ll? "er: "XYhere will we put that?" lfloiner' , jott: :Ht the end." . :sf ::: . Nr. liaylor: "NYhat two dates ought we to remember?" 'Freda Ciintz: "l+l-'72 and l, don't know the other one." Bill XYebster: "Your birthday." Miss llelniiek: "Can you give me an example of wasted energy?" Charles Russell: "Yes. telling a hair-raising story to a bald-headed man." :r :rc Nr. Kaylor fafter Dave llarris linishes his History reportl: "Now, has anyone anything interesting to say?" ,g. rl: :ja W -. . Harold Rolli: "XYhy is Ruth Klilar wearing colored glasses?" Dale Platz: "To keep the blue in her eyes from fading." 'x Page one lmmdred th-ree THE DELPHIAN -Iessie's so sweet: She's so petiteg She spends all her time V A' lookin' for Pete. X zi: :iz Bob Tucker treading a French menu in a cafeil : 'Tll take some of this." Ulalter: "l'm sorry. but the orchestra just played that." ' 224 221 Miss Stockwell: "Tell something about Shakespeare's death." Evelyn Hawk: "Shakespeare died on April 23, 1616, the same day he was bornfl :k rl: :jc "l'ooch" Lemasters: "XYhy is a Ford car like a bath tub F" Charles Russell: 'fltlecause most everybody has them and they are ashamed to be seen in 'emf' :ic :K :Qs Helen Forney: "Chuck, you would be a marvelous dancer but for two things." Charles Russell: "XYhat are they ?" lflelen Forney: "Your feet." rl: :fc 21: fl'aul Pfeiffer: l'lVhat are you reading that tor?" Dale ljlatz treading absence listl: "To see if l was here this morning." :lc :lc :1: Dave Harris: "Those new Cheyys sure have a pretty green color, don't they?" Mary llucher: "l'll say they do." Dave: "Do you know why they paint them that color?" Mary: "No" Dave: "So they can hide in the grass and let the Fords go by." :lc :lc :I: Miss l-lelmick: "XVhat is the most outstanding' contribution that chemis- try has given the world ?" Bill X'Vebster: "lllondes." :r ac :zz B RILl'.I.'XN'l' ANSXYFRS 'tThe teeth are the grin organs." "Nicotine is such a deadly poison that a drop of it on a dog's tail will kill a man." "Geometry teaches us how to bisect angels." "'.lfhe purpose of the skeleton is to hitch meat untof' :gc sg: :gt Miss Rutledge tspeaking of Roscius, who died of old age, to the great sorrow of his peoplel: "And how old was Roselus, llomerfl' llomer Rieker tlooking at senexlz "Six" :lx gk :jr Earl Colvin Qin Macbeth Classl: "There were torches and hot-boys on the stage in this scene." :fa :k :Qc Robert Wielling treading' ltlamlet's love letter to Opheliaj: "To the celestial and my soul's idiot. the most beautiful Ophelia"- Page one 1L7l'l'LCl7'CCZ four 'i' ---. THE DELPHIAN ..- lf7 Uur little fling' is brown and white. He barks and barks and barks all night. lX'hen he finally wakes me up I get up and choke that pup. rg: 11: :gi Miss Alberscm Cin .Mieient l'listory Classj: "YVhat happened to Charle- magne on his death bed?" Mary j. Robb: "Ile flied." ' 111 :iz :pr Mr. liaylor: "XX'hy clicl 'flicmias .Ielilerscm write the Declaration of lncle- pendence, -lUll1l?.' john B. tjust waking' upl: "XYliy-er-a because he crmlclift allorcl to hire a Stenograplier. l suppose." rj: bi: ::: Dave Shively ltu lxmrma Southarcll: "XYas Someone sick at your house last night?" V Lorna: "No, why?" N Dave: "XX'ell, I saw Dr. fulJlClllZlllvS ear there all CX'81ll1lg'.u QE-all I 9 3 0 lH1!lIIIEEfU1lHZDI.l.llUImP CEEIUIIIIL ' l 1 Page one hzmclred five JMNEQF E4 W Q NN ,T . Q M ' 'I 1: 'L-ixwxl A--A F :- -.-, "'--- , ...- -.... .. ,-.n- M..- THE DELPHIAN 1-1- f In appreciation of the Successful coinpletirm of his first year as principal of our school, his unfailing better judgment, and his interest in our welfare, we gratefully dedicate the Junior High 1 Section of the Delphian to I A Y IH. R U D Y, XYelty P1'il1Cil3E11. F' Page one hzmclrezl seven JUNIOR HIGH STAFF .lfclith I3ittei'man, ,SO ,,,,,,, ,,,,,, .,,,,, I 2 dimi- ll211'lX11'21 lllrigllt, 31 ,...,.. ........ ' Xssistzuit lfclitor Robert Benscm, '50 ...,.... ...,.., .,...,,...' I ' lusiness Mzumgei' llzlvicl .-Xblvulil, '31 ......... ......., - XsSistaut Business Klauagei' Mr. Rudy, Bliss I'lizu'es ....., ,........ I faculty I-Xclvisers ASSGCIATE EDITGRS Ruth Fair, 'SO ....... Dale Corclmy, '30 .,...., . Ruby Cross, '30 ..Y..... Max Reimer. 'SO ......... limily Salt. '32 ...... I NTRO lfJUCT ION I am a book: ,,w..,..Lite1'ai'y Editor ..,,.,.-Xtliletic Eclitoi' .....,.,,'Xl't Editor ....,....-luke Eclitoi' ...,..,.Repm'te1' I :lm the best tlwuglits of ffltlflyl I belong' to the people of A New Vliilaclelpliial I am El prize of great val I 21111 the Delpliiau. ue 5 Mary Lohman. '3O. Page owe lwndreci eight Page one hzmdred nine as ze su 31 THE DELPHIAN ,, ,C ,. , ,,,-i 'ff If ii'W"'6 :F- J. 13. RUDY, VB. S. XYUOStC1' College. Page one hzmdrefl ten Principal. N N THE DELPHIAN 5 .xx W 5 X. , U "A N3 -1 fx I K w S 1 Y I 1 i W U A U Vg I fy 'V ff' ,ff ,Q H A Page one hundred eleven P ge one hmzdred twelve ksgfeemlfemlml THE DELPHiAN i JUNIOR HIGH FACULTY HENRY CRAINE A.B., M.A. Ashland College Oberlin College Amherst College Physical Education LEILA CULBY A.B. Ashland College English and History W. A. FISI-IEL A.B. Wittenberg College Ohio State University Mathematics RHEA K. FLYNN Ohio State University Ohio University Geography-Physiology FLORA GINTZ Ohio State University Ohio University Mathematics ETTA GLAUSER Michigan State Normal College Columbia University Public School Music Vocal Music HAROLD E. KURTZ A.B. Ohio University General Science-Geography Faculty Athletic Manager ERNEST H. LEEKA, B.S. in ED. Ohio State University Mechanical Drawing FLORENCE MCLEAN Ohio State University Western Reserve University English EDITH MILAR Ohio State University Kent State College Wooster College History CHRISTINE MILLER B.S. Wittenberg College Miami University Home Economics MILDRED MITCHELL B.S. in ED. Ohio State University Columbia University Mathematics MARY JANE NICKLES A.H Western College for Women Western Reserve University Mathematics FRIEDA PFEIFFER A Kent State College English HELEN PHARES A.B., M.A. Western College for Women University of Cincinnati English-Dean of Girls HELEN PINSENSCHAUM B.A., B.S. Ohio State University History-English PEARSON PUGH B.S. in AG. Ohio State University Manual Training ESTELLA ROBB Ohio State University Michigan State Normal Science HARRY W. SCHENK Dana Musical Institute Instrumental Music CORA SCHWAB Domestic Art LILIAN SHANI.-EY AB. Wilson College Ohio Wesleyan University History EUUH1lH mmHU l -if-,.,-f" ' xl 4 AMW N 5 5451! Q PX 104, 5 JXYSXO Q V n E OVXOM R SON W X I f l N - I :ici l X 1 Qlr X 9 W K QV 1'V ' ' SE 5, sf Lif:if.,,,f-X ,Q, ,X , XJ 1 9 3 0 mmmmmmummm-, Page one hzmdrcd tlafrt V THE ,DELPHIAN 5 V 'v Page one hmzdrecl fourteen - " " "' ' " ,,. -'ina-e-vwnxgf Q THE DELPHIAN NJ 1 Page mia hzmdred fiftclxeu 3 - 43 DELPHIAN i .-- NINTH .-Xdams, Harold Angus, Marion 1X11kney, Alina fXrnold, john Ary, Buford .+Xustin, lYalte1' .-Xx'o11, Rose lflall, Elizabeth Ball. Gladys llall, Mildred Ball. Raymond liZl1'liC1',QlOSt!lJll Hear, lradell Bean, Nellie Becker, lX'illia111 llenson, Robert lligler. .RZl.y11'lUl'Itl Bigler, Viola BllQtC1'l1l2l.l1, Edith Blzwkxroorl, lrlowarcl lllair, Bradford liland, Bessie Brainerd, llele11 Bour,1-Xl1neda lil'UXY1l. Adrian I3row11, Florence l3roxx'11. l,ELUll11C lIillCl'lC1', Glenn Buckley, Ruth Burgess, ,liatl1ryn lll1l'lil1Zl.1't, Ruth lglurrier, RZlj'l1'lU11Cl Buss, 1730111121 Butler, Max Byrd, Cecil Campo, Charles Carpenter. Fay Carpenter, Melvin Page one hmzdfrecl S'lilIfEC'7'l YEAR STUDENTS Ll1l1'1'UlQllC1'5, l,ax'erne Clark, llCl'l1Z1tllllC Click, Donald Clements, Dorothy Clutz, Eugene Cly111a11s. Monna Colin, ,Nlra Comanita, .Xnna Ctllllillllllil, Mary Cordray, Dale Coutts. Agnes Craig, Melvin Crainer, Mary Cross, Ruby Crossley. Mildred Dearclorlic, Eugene ljClll1llJg', Robert Derr, Robert Desseelcer, Lillian lDick111a11.Katl1ry11 lDlCl1S'E,'XYZl.T1'C11 ,lDOllCllLlC. Mary Dotts, Evelyn Dotts, Maxine lJI'Zlg'l1lCLl, Mary liarle, gxftlllll' Eckert, Kenneth .l2QlXYZlli'ClS, Lavern lilCl1Cl,Ql2l1l1CS lJI111ig, Errol E111ig, Rola11d E,llg'Cll'lZl1't, Maxine Ernest, George EYCl'l1Z'lI't, Carl Faelcler, Edwin Fair, Ruth Ficlces, Dean Fisl1el,.fXcla111 Fisher, Gerald Fisher, Helen Frazier, Richard l'lI'CSl1XYZlt6l', XX'illia111 Gar11er,Clelia f.iiZ'l1'llCl', Evelyn Garrett. Cecil Gibbs, Ralph Cllazier, Dean Clazier, Russell Goettge, Eva Green, Edgar Green, Richard ' Green, Robert Grubb, Fred c,i1'7l11111'l, Charles llaakinson. Virginia Hadley,lN'illian1 lflaeberle. Leora lflaman, Herbert llflllllllibllfl, Robert Haney, Majel lilCl11tZCll'1'lZ111, Madge H eney. George Heney, Mildred lflenderson, lflerniece lflenderson, l2lizabetl1 H epl1i11g'er, Florence Hines. Clifford ,I linig, Robert lflixon, Robert lrlolli11g5wortl1, Ray Holmes, lillllllil llorn, Dale Horner, .l ol111 Houston, Major Hull, Carl 1'-Iu111111el1, Horace 0 l-I umrighouse, Eugene blames, Edward hlaryis, Xkancla -Ienkins, Dale johns, Kenneth jones, Adrian journey, Sophia Kaser, lfdward Kerr, Mary Kinsey, .lilla May Kinsey, .lohn Riser, Daisy Kislig. Max Koontz, Margaret Korns, hloe Korns, XYalter Knisley. Faye Kratz, Marian Krauss, Lavern Kurt, Verna Lahmers, Usear Lamneek, Martha Larkins, Oliven Lea, Kathleen Lea, Katherine Leach, Leona Legg, llelen Lichty, Isabelle Limbaeh, listher Limbaeh, Lida Lingo, XYilliam Lintz, Lois Lohman, Mary Lomax, joe Maloney, Carl Mathias. Ruth Maurer, Eddie Mans, Robert M C.'XlNll'CXX'S, Margaret Melntosh, Dick lN'leMurray, Osmon Meese, .Xliee Meese, llelen M etzger, Harry Miller, Leclra THE DELPHIAN Miller, XYaldo Mitchell, Ruth Mizer, Bruce Morris, Ray M urphy, Howard Murphy, Mlillard Myers, Lewis Noble, Roy Ohnstead, l'aul Osgood, Vera Oswald, Maxine Packer. Charles Parson, Kathryn Patterson, Eileen Peacock, Thelma Pennington, Grace l"enning'ton, james l'erkins, Thelma l'iekens, Marie llhillips, .lohn l'hipps, Helen Quillen, lilton Raitt, Franklin Raitt. julia Reed, Ruth Reese, Catherine Regula. Ruth Reif. llarlan Rennecker, Dee Renneeker, .I une Rennels, lflal Renner, Max Rieker, Helen Riggle, lfugene Ripley, XYilma Robinson, Caroline Rodd, hlean Romig. .-Xnne Ronan, Cleo Roth, l lelen Russell, Lueile Rutledge, Robert Saxton, lfugene Schlegel, llelen Schwartz, George Scott, Don aj Lmmrfg' s "'-"""""""i'T?iLfFr' Scott, Robert Scott, Xklarren Seabrook, XYilliam Sharp, Charlotte Shull, llelen Snyder, Pauline Snyder, Robert Stahl, George Steinbaugh, Rose Stansbury, Clarence Stansbury, Ray Steehow, Paul Steinple, David Sterns, Gertrude Stewart, Donald Stoeksdale, Russell Swihart, Xkanda Swindernian, lfriecla Su'issl1elm,lQdith Swisslielm, Robert Taylor, Mildred 'l'aylor, Ralph Thomas, Raymond Thoinas, Wayne lhoinason. Mary Truman, Curtis 'llschudy. Max Tucker, .lohn Turner, Geraldine ' ' '0'ard, liva Us Yan Lehn, Max ' bfoshall, lfrnest Wlalker, tilenwood lVarner, Donald XX'atkins, .Xnna Xlatson, john XYeaver, Mary lX'eber, hlane XYeng'er, Gertrude Wesley, Catherine XYiener, Milton XYilson, Mary lX'olfe, Clayton Young, Cieneyieye Zureh er, joe 1IlH111 immnmm I 9 3 0 LUIHHmFIIUJm1 mHmm3mlmlmIUEm J '1 Page one hzmclrecl seventeen THE DELPHIAN T Ninth Year Calendar 1929-1930 September 3-251 students entered the ninth year. October 18-The ninth year students entertained their parents at a party given at the junior High School. The program included two dances by the ninth year girls, a reading by Edith Bitterman, musical selections by the ninth year boys, and the play "The Very Naughty Boyf' November l-"The Very Naughty Boy", appeared in Chapel. February ll-Girl's Basketball Tournanient. Section 9-4 won. May 2-The ninth year student party. Iune 2-junior High School Graduation. Mr. Charles H. Lake, First As- sistant Superintendent of Schools, Cleveland. Ohio. gave the graduation address. VVh0 It ls Helen Phipps ......,,,.., Bob Horgerr ....... Charlotte Shar P Bob Scott ...,,......,...,.. Pegg-y Koontz ............ Junior Fribleya Miss Shuniaker and Mr. Fishel, advisers. WI-lO'S WHO Chief Characteristic What It Thinks It Is red hair .,.........,.......... loving ....... singing .,,. talking- ,,,,,.,.,., flirting ,,,r....,,,,...,,.,... leet ..,......................... Miss Webster ......,..... granting this and that ,.,,.,.,..,.........,.,, Gerald Fisher .... dreaming .... ........ Mildred Taylor ,........ .dancing ,,.....r.. ...,,,. Russell Glazier., that marcel ..,,,...-,,,. . Mr. Fishel ..,.,.,........... his grin ........, .,,.,,.. Dick McIntosh .....,.... galloping ...r...,.......... Anna Watkins .......,,, chewing gum .....,..,,.. Eddie Maurer ,.,......... studying Latin .,.,.... Ruby Cross ,............... drawing .........,,........ Bob Rutledge ,,,...,..... laughing ....r...,....... , Ruth Fall' .......,,,,,. versatility ..... Russell Stocksdale.. shyness ............ A Frieda Swinderman long hair ,......,.,.......... Kenneth Eckert ....,... getting I engaged ..,..... Alice Meese .............. squavvklngi ................ Howard Murphy ...... mumbling ..,,.......... .... Marian Kratz ....,...,,,, giggling .,......,.... . .... .. Arthur Earle ,,,,,,.,,,., handing out unusual greetings ..i,...,.,,....... Elizabeth Henderson brains ....................... Clayton Wolfe ,,......., quietness .... ........ Cleo Ronan .,........,..... teasing ........... ........ Paul Olmstead .,,.... ,astepping out ..,...,..., a Happier ,.,,..,.,...,,,,.,,..,., a shiek ............ .,,,,, sophisticated somebody ..,..,.,,,,,,.,,.,,,,. mighty pretty ........... ...,. dainty ..,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,.,r,.,,,,,, The Science Depart- ment ............,..,.... ...,.., Mr. Brightness in per- son .........,, . ,,,,r,r,.,,.,,.. .. the Sweetheart of Welty High .i......,....... drug expert ...,................ very wicked ........... ...... Bob's guardian ...,...,..,... Paderewski's under- study .......................... a "lucky break" .... . an artist .,.........,... . a bad boy .............. efficient ........e...,e...,,,,..... the village cut-up .......... dumb ,.,,..............,,,,,, ...,.. 3. 1T12lI'l .................. Welty's queen ........,,.,.... John Gilbert ...,..........,..... a ballet dancer .............. sarcastic ...,,,...., .brilliant ,.......v,...... a' good athlete ................ dignified .,.,.......... handsome ..... Page one hzmdred eighteen What It Really Is a very little a Happer an innocent baby a pill we dunno a cave man a wee one a trombone tooter Russell's girl friend a tai1or's model a little sinful great joker the only one in cap- tivity Welty's pest studio mascot a gallant one sufficient can't tell an honor student growing toward that Mildred's side kick Irish- just herself sweet oerhans passing just "Pete" ever so sweet a heart breaker l.l THE DELPHIAN Wizx l A - - ' I - ,fs EUQUOUTUOU QRAUET r X WM ' 'S' A 'wx ' ' ' land , vi 'fb 'v A9 9 !Q g 51-WORK I X l UNxGR xx 5oP"WncR X X awwffw xxx. L' u. X is J? .4 . , . +124- tx IU 421 NV. I ia ' VG T ' ,rf 1 ' lx-sg' Y 'Z4'13Lf'Vf 9513 57 ff N'ffffi2gs1WXi? y , 37 " V ,Y . Y 'Q-' ' " Sl D KW Page one Izvmzzlrvcl nmeteen THE DELPHIAN mmlssomm I -wgwmlmQ THE DELPHIAN ,.HL.. 1E..IfL.'- 7' Qi, . -v' - . , ,, N x 7 -M, f ' 1 1 ve 'T w- 3. 'N 1. 1 K I l f Page one hmzdrecl twenty-one Eighth Year Calendar 1929-1930 September 3-165 pupils enter the eighth year. October 2-l-No school. Teachers go to Cleveland. November 1-The pupils of the eighth year entertained their parents at a "Get Acquainted .Partyu in the Junior High School. The program con- sisted of readings, music, dances, and a play, "You Can't Skeer Me." Re- freshments were served in the cafeteria. November 15-The "Backward Dance" was given in assembly. December 18-19-Boys are happy-girls make Christmas candy in cooking. March 4-Volleyball Tournament won by section S-3 girls. April 25-Eighth year students give a party in the junior lligh School. Miss Pfeiffer and Mr. Leeka, Advisers TOWN GOSSIP Something Quite New- Miss Pfeiffer had a lapse of memory. She forgot to assign a lesson. Accidents- Ruth Humphrex'ille's tongue was accidentally tied as she was occu- pied in her favorite pastime-talking. John Fisher is confined to his home as a result of overstudy. Janet Gilgen was taken to the Union hospital Saturday. Report has it that she was overcome by shyness when David Abbuhl looked at her. Lost and Found- l.ost-Vocabular-y5 large, dignihed, of priceless value. Reward if returned hy 8:15 to Ernest Leelca. I Found-The cause of Gerald Fisher's dreaming. For further infor- mation call at office of Miss llarhara XYright. Lost-David ,-XlJbuhl's smile. If found return to junior lligh Staff Office. ' Personals- John McGee has just returned from Paris, wearing a new permanent. Junior lirihley won the recent sissy contest. Richard Rashe and Maxine Morgan attended the movie, "Sunny Side Up." at the Bexley in Dover in the "Only bausage Company" truck. Max Ross has accepted a position with Station K.U.K.U. as station announcer. I Page one hundred twenty-two f lkvifub THE DELPHIAN S E E, .v- ,K,- v N EVE NTUQU CQ EASE a x QJQ5 jx, QW E4-'Q E- Ju ra X ,E c?w 1 x , .. Ki 2' ' S v Qs ' A x!sf lei? iw A I XPQQ XXQN X XX '+ N X Q! y vyxgf? 1 - 5, X 'DX E Q X- QQ Bw 51? ,i,.x E Zx, -x Ef,j 'E 'J-15,2-.'igi-Lzfigx g' E , 'I "-.":"' ' " 1 X '-1, X, f ., -.7jAf,w -XG' X Q. , X ,QQ ,..:l.j:i!.K,- ,, ,, f Y f -Y Y Y P J I CZ d tventy-th m THE DELPHIAN v m1fHaff2l930 - Q IIII'D11TIU.11U.III1 ty-four N I U A nf-U Pago one hzmcl-red twenty-fzve THE DELPHIAN Seventh Year Calendar 1929-1930 September 4-School opened with 235 students enrolled. November 8-Seventh Year Party for the parents was a howling success, with 500 in attendance. KV! November 22-Seventh Year Assembly was a play, "The Blue Prince." january l4l. 15-First Semester lixaniinations took place. january 22-Report cards were received. Twenty-one pupils were on"thc honor roll tor the iirst semester. February 18-March 3-lntra mural Volleyball Games. March -l-ChampionsliilQ Volleyball game-7,fl vs. 7f6. Section 6 carried olii the honors. April 18-Seventh Year Party with 1lllllSl1l'Cl, games, and eats is held in .lnnior H igh School. Miss McLean and Mr. Pugh, Advisers. VVHCVS WHO - AND WHY? Who? Nickname Elizabeth Ritter ....,, Betty ,,,.,,,,,,,-,.,,,.,,,,,, Fred Larimore ,.....r... Buddy ...... ......., Gladys Mitchell ....,.., Mitch .... Fred Russell .............. Fritz ,,.., .,...... Jean Tabor ,,,,....,.,...,, Jeannie .... ,.,...,. Miss Miller ........,.....i. Tiny .... .... . Daniel Harris ,...... ..... D annie . , .,.,.. .. Margaret Tucker ...... Emily Salt ............,.., Vernon Lower .,........ Helen Rhinehart ...... Earle Snyder... .... Ruth Bierie ....,.....,...,.. Miss McLean .,,......... Alma Myer ......,,..,..... Darrell Ripley ....,..... Maxine Ronan .......... Merle McCartney .... Dale Ernest .............. Marguerite Glaziei-,. William Robb ....,.. .... Miss Shanley ......... Kathleen Young ..,... Peggy ,,,, ,,,., ............ Doc. ,,,,.....,...........,..... . GOVGFTIO 1' Rhiney . Snyder . Bee ....... Bradford.. n Dutch .,.,.. ......... Al Rip .... Max ....... Mac ....... Ernie .. Peg .... Billy ..... Hay .,.,... Kathie . I Page one lrmzdrecl twenty-six Favorite Pastime arguing ................ talkmg .......................... talking to Freddy ,....... playing marbles ............ giggling ......................... . cooking ................ flirting ................. eating candy ................. . wonderful night dreaming ....,..,. errand boy reading .......,........ making trouble ..........., Fixture Business to Teaching canaries sing Real estate agent Saleswoman Magician Detective Paper hanger Movie star Housewife Interpreter of dreams Professor of dancing Bally-hoo lecturer Poet laughing ,.................,... .Campfire Guardian catching mice ...,..,......... Training white mice trapeze performing ...... Clowning writing notes ................ Bell-hop acting like a duchess .... Comedian doing what he shouldnt .................... Slinging hash being witty .................... Preaching making salt water taffy .,,....,.................... cooking .......................... reducing ..., .,..... studying ,... . .... .. 930 Sailor Rodeo rider Teaching him! Football captain 5 THE DELPHIAN F ' s ' ' , f f i A W cf . fr'-F '1 ,N L7 'LL x mb Ju . Zu fv J I Wu -if L 41? u F 71' I F? I 'Q , N 4. , , Q .5 Vw - Q -f. . 135 ff 5 , ' ' ' LW 1 ' G N ,NK 'L I -1 , X A-' " ' + A U gd, ff 'X . W 1 1 'A L O 'rf J X? J ' ,M . K Tk I -- XA141 P: VQA w 'jg 4:-A x 1 d nl t ,Q wfwiw-'ff .g pf A V 3111 ,r ' 1, .- 1, fl , W MW! W Ex-XF 0 Page one lumzclreci ziwenty-sewbevz THE DELPHIAN ?. w W , Al , TRACK 1929 Edgar Nixon-Coach George Stahl-Manager Y Letter llilen-llob l-Iixon and Joe Zurcher Vlfelty Junior High entered two track meets, viz., Massillon and Canton. At Massillon -Ioe Zurcher won first place in shot put, 220 yard dash, l00 yard dash and second place in broad jump. Charles Gibson won third place in 220 yard hurdle. Zurcher, Mans, Korns, and Stone won, third place in relay race. NVelty made third place in the meet. At Canton XYQ-:ity stood fourth among the eight contesting schools. Joe Zurcher won second place in 100 yard clash and 220 yard dash. Bob Hixon won second in shot put and third in broad jump. Page one hundred twefrzty-eiglzt THE DELPHIAN 1 BASEBALL Coach-"Bill', Zwiek Manager-1Veigel SCHEDULE NHX'31'1'C ' ...,... ....,,, f 01'feit'0 Xvelty ......... ....,.. 9 Sugarcreelc ..... ............... 1 2 Vlelty ......... ....... 7 St. Joseph .,...,... ............ 1 0 Wlelty ......... ....... 9 Baltic ............... ........ 5 7 lVelty ..,...... .,..... 1 0 Sugarcreelc .,...., ....,... 1 O Wlelty ..,...... ....... 1 St, joseph ........, ........ 1 8 Wfelty ......... ....... 3 LETTER MEN Wfolfe Smith Adelstein - Wleigel . Bippus Stechoxv Shonk Thompson, Captain Vlfatson james Baseball for 1Yelty junior High is always destined to be a series of setbacks since XN'elty is the only Qlunioi' High School in this vicinity that sports a baseball team. XVe are obliged to play Senior High School teanis which are naturally composed of older boys who are entirely out of our class. But the experience gained is invaluable. Page one hundred t'LU6'lZt2j-'7l'l:7L6 THE DELPHIAN WILLIAM ZWICK- 1KBi1l17 Coach "Bill" is the gen- ial gentleman who has been coaching those fine young- sters in the Junior High these last two years . We like his coaching, we like him personally, and we would like to have him remain with us in the fu- Dean Glazier, Mgr., Jr. Hi. Football Dean kept the squad in good humor at all times by his ehicient and trustworthy work. The Senior High can expect much from him. ture. Nuff sed! A LETTER MEN Paul Olmstead, Captain Robert lrlorger Cuptaiii-elect "Dick" Melntosh Glen Taylor l "Tony" Glass r Arthur Earle Qohu Tuckerf Kenneth johns "Pete" NVolfe George Stahl Ralph Herron joe Zurcher Frank Mastalco John Wfatson Q. Page o ne hundred thirty FOOTBALL GAMES XX' E LTY-O LUN C F12 L LQ W-6 This was the hrst game in which most of the Junior High boys played, and they put up a good fight. XVISIQTY-O BREXVSTER-12 llrewster had a larger and heavier team than N'Velty. but we were not outelassed. ' XYISLTY-10 LONCiFlELl',OW-6 XYelty outplayed Longfellow in every quarter. The Junior High deserved to win. XYlll.TY-O LORIN ANDRAITWS-6 Lorin Andrews was lucky to win. "Tough breaks" won the game for them. XX'.lil.TY-HO LOREN ANDREXVS-25 The junior High School was oh' form-enough said. XX'.lIl,TY--O SENIOR I-HGH RESERVES-O Welty outplaved the Reserves but could not score. XX' ELTY-O XX'.-XYNESIZURLI-12 XX 'lj'l'lC'-llllfg had 'Ln unusu'1lly good team XX c feel proud vl lx K' K K t C V I u Y x to have held the score low. Football for 1929 was confronted with unusually poor material from which a fairly good team was built around a nucleus of two letter men, Cap- tain Olmstead and Glen Taylor. The close of the season found several players who had developed into fairly good material for the Senior High team of 1930. Captain Olmstead is a player of unusual ability and should make the Senior H igh baekfield extend themselves to the utmost to keep their berths in 1930. Arthur lfarle, Dick Mclntosh, and joe Zurcher also showed promising ability and should help make a winning combination lor the Senior High team next year. l Page one hundred thirty-ovw V4 L BASKETBALL Ed Jones ....,.,.......,............... XVelty Dennison Reserves ....,....... 'XYelty Newcomerstown Reserves XYelty Lorin Andrews .....,..,........... 'XVelty Stonecreek ............. XVelty Lorin Andrews ..... lVelty Miclvale ,.......,.,,.... XVelty Independence ..,... Wfelty Midvale ................................ Xlrfelty Longfellow .....,.....,....................,..,..,, NN'elty Newcomerstown Reserves XVelty Longfellow ................,...,,....... ....... N Yelty Dennison Reserves ............ XYelty Stonecreek ,,............,.... XX-lelty Senior High Reserves ....................., XVelty Coach-"Bill" Zwick MTIITSCI Bud T'151or LETTER MEN Taylor, Capt.. F. C175 pointsj 'IL cl C1 C Eichel, F. Vkfolfe, G. Ball, F. Page one hmzdred thirty-two 3552 THE DELPHIAN E ' ww V , N x, .' 21. M Red Red Red R ed Red Red Red Team Taylor Stemple Myers Scott Eckert Abbuhl BASKETBALL-MIDGETS 0 .....,..lO ...22 .,.,...11 ......,26 W7 l'11tC ,......... XVhite .,,,...,.. Xyhite .......... l a,,f Q 5-1 t , -4 .......l8 .......23 XYhite ........., ....... 3 XY hite .......... ....... l 8 NVhite ..,..,........,.................. ........ 1 3 White Team Marshall Glazier Hurst Rodd james jones The Midgets played many an l11fE1'CStll1g preliminary to the Xvelty Junior High games. The teams were chosen from the smaller boys of the school. 30 Page one lzuozdred tlvirty--three l i l ,,, Ninth Year Basketball Champions There were eight teams competing in the ninth year Basketball Tourna- ment. The final game was played between the Straight Sports t9f5j and Far Flies C9f4j Teams. The Far Flies won with a 7-3 score. The winning team was composed iof: Gertrucle Sterns, captaing Helen Legg, managerg Bessie Bland, Katherine Lea, Leora Haeberlae, Kathleen Lea, and Julia Raiff. The seventh and eighth years played off an elimination tournament in Volleyball. Twelve teams were competing for the championship. The 7f6's and Sf3's playecl the final game. The 8f3's emerged as winners. Page one htmzdred thirty-fo2.w' THE DELPHIAN H1--1--if HQNGR STUDENTS Miss Shumalcer, Bliss Milar, and Bliss Shanley-.Xdvisers Cross. Ruby Bitternian, Edith Buckley, Ruth- Kuenzli, Mary Frances LZIIIIIICCR, john Rogers, XYihna Barnes, Luciel lleitzel, Lucille Britt, Josephine Corbett, Dale Davis, john Eagan, Robert Francis, Evan ful? . mrmnnnnnu P NTNTH YEAR Fair. Ruth Henclerson, Berniece I-lenderson, Elizabeth Swinderman, Frieda EICIHTH YEAR Rolli, Kathryn Wlesley, Florence Wfiglit, Barbara SEVENTH YEAR Hewitt, Edwin Lariinore, Erecl Mitchell, Gladys Myer, Alma Noble. i-X1'x'ella Richardson. Rena Rinehart, Helen mmHl930 Lamneclc, Martha Roth, l-'lelen Snyder, Pauline Davy, Virginia Everliard, Mary Alice Getter, Dorothy Ritter, Elizabeth Ronan, Maxine Russell, Frederick Salt, Emily Shafer, Jean Tholnas, Leona May Young, Kathleen' Page one hundred thirty-fwe mmqvp? THE DELPHIAN JUNIOR' HIGH BAND STUDENTS .'XClZll1l5, Harold .-Xustin, Russell Austin, XYalter Baker, Ruth Ball, Elizabeth Becker. Xvllllfllll Beitzel, Mary Bird, Maxine Blair, Bradford Bucher, Glenn Burkhart. Ruth Burrier, Ray Click, Donald Cordrey, Dale Creal, Charles Davis, Ralph Deardorf, Eugene Dicknian, Kathryn Dugan, Robert Eagan, Robert Ellis, john Ernest, Dale Fackler, Harry Fisher, Gerald Fox, Earl Frame, Carl Fribley, junior Geis, Paul Gowan, Billy Gray, Gladys llaakinson. Xyllllfllll l laininond, Granville H erron, Ralph Hewitt, Edwin Humrighouse, Eugene rlckes. John Jenkins, John Kaiser, Marjorie Kaser, Marcia Knisely, Faye Koontz, Margaret Kastor, John Lahiners, Oscar Lamneclc, John Lamneck, Martha Larimore, Fred - Legg, Helen Lingo, Xxrllliftlll r McGee, john Marsh, Fred Maurer, Robert Meese, Harry Noble, Roy l'ake, Mary Alice Pennington, James Penrod, Dorothy Phillips, -lohn Pugh, john Rieker, Helen Robb, Wiilliazn Ross, Max Russell, Fred Rutledge. Robert Sharp, Charlotte Sherer, james Smith, Phillip Snyder, Robert Stahl, George Sweany, Harold Swinderinan, Eugene Thomas, XVayne Tygard, Eva Tucker, Margaret Van Lehn, Max lVaddington, Wfayne Wfalker, Glenwood lVarner, Donald Wfatkins, VVarren NVeber, Jane XViener, Milton Vlfelling, Raymond NVills, John lyinkler, John Page one hmzdred th'irty-seven 0? THE DELPHIAN NINTH YEAR GLEE CLUB llall, Raymond I-ligler, Viola Bitterman, Edith Bland, Bessie llrown, Pauline Buckley, Ruth Burkhart, Ruth Carpenter, Faye Clements, Dorothy Colvin, Alva Comanita, Anna Comanita, Mary Couts, Agnes Cross, Ruby Crossley, Mildred Deardorf, Eugene Dessecker, Lillian Dickman, Kathryn Donahue, Mary K. Dotts, Evelyn Dotts, Maxine Draghicu, Mary Eichel, James Emig, Roland Englehart, Maxine Everllart, Carl Fair, Ruth Fisher, l-lelen Garner, Cleila Gribble, Margaret H aakinson, Virginia llaeberlae, Leora Haney, Majel 1'lCll1tZCllTl21I1, Madge Henderson, Berniece Hephinger, Florence Holmes, Emma james, Edward Kaiser, Daisy Kinsey, Ella Mae Knisely, Faye Korns, XN'alter Kratz, Marian Lea, Katherine Lea, Kathleen Legg, Helen Lichti, Isabel Limbach, Esther Lohman, Mary Meese, I-lelen Miller, Marie Page one h1md1'ed'thirty-eight Parson, Katherine Patterson. Eileen Phipps, l-lelen Reed, Ruth Rennecker, june Robinson, Carolyn Rodd, Jean Roth, Helen Sharp, Charlotte Snyder, Pauline Sterns, Gertrude Swihart, Wfanda Swinderman, Eugene Swinderman, Frieda Thomas, Mildred Thomas, Wlayne Thomason, Mary Turner, Geraldine Tygard, Eva Van Lehn, liflax VVatlcins, Anna Wleaver, Mary W'eher, Jane Wlelling, Raymond Wlenger, Gertrude Young, Genevieve THE DELPHIAN BANK CASHIERS Miss Nickles ,.....,,..........,.w................... ,.................,. ..........,....... , - Adviser LEADERS IN BANKING, FIRST SEMESTER ' Sf? . .... . ..... 98.6W1 , 7,fl .. . .. ...A............. .... . .93.7W 8,15 . ..... 94.1721 7X2 .. ...... 81.92 Sfl . ..,.. 94.032 9X2 .. ....., 8l.3'Zv NINTH YEAR XVHIECI' Austin. Dorothy Burnett, Ezlilh Bittornmn, Charles Campo, Faye C:u'pvntc1', Melvin Cur- penter, Mary Coninnifn, Maxine Englelinrt, Edie James, Lidu Liinlmugln, Hs-lun Mu-esta, Helen Rieker, Robert. Scott, Wanda Swihart, Frieda Swinclerinnn. EIGHTH YEAR Dun Abbott, Lucille Anderson, Vidn Angus, Dorotlxy Blind, Nllillinm Britt. Luella Byers, Xvlllllll' Douglas, Ruth Fowler, Clinton Gopp, Calvin Hoornonmn, R.lI'lltll'd Hu1's1'1, Gladys Kiscr, Mary Frances Kuenzll, Murjoriv Mnrslmll, Edward Willinms. I-Ivvlyn Molm, I'I01'lllIll'l Mym-rg, Marllm Nvpp, She-rxnun Osgood, Boaxtrice Pugh, Riclmrml Rnslie, lllilclreml 'l'h0lllllS. SEVENTH YEAR Marjorie Allison, Luvivl Barncfs, Ruth Edie. Dulq lirnc-st, Dalv Fisher, Rnymonrl Fowlor, Roland Gopp, Dnninl I-lurris, Chnrlos Hoinlzvlnlnn, Helen Herron, F'1'ml Lan-inioro, Chester McMullen. lieu lVisc, Mildred Robb, lllaxinv Ronan, Emily Salt, Ruth Torgler, Evelyn Walters, John Wills. Page one hzmdred tlL'i'rty-nine THE DELPHIAN . GIRLS' CLUB ADVISERS Miss Pfeiffer , Miss Phares Miss Mitchell Miss Wfebster Miss lVilson Miss Robb Miss Pinsenschaum Miss Wfinger .OFFICERS ' . Elizabeth l-lenderson ........,....,..,..........,........ ................... P resident Barbara XN'right ........... .,..,.... V ice-President Dorothy Getter .......... ........,....... S ecretary Kathryn Dickman ..,.......,.....................,.. ..,..................,...... T reasurer DRAMA AND ML'STC GROUP OF NINTH YEAR liarnett, Dorothy Bitterman. Edith Burkhart, Ruth Clements, Dorothy Comanita, Anna Comanita, Mary Coutts, Agnes Crossley, Mildred Dott, Maxine Fair, Ruth Fisher, Helen Garner, Clelia l"l'Zl.3.lilI1SOl1, Virginia lflency, Mildred Henderson, Bernice H enderson, Elizabeth linisely, Faye Larkin, Oliven Liinbach, Esther Meese, Alice Miller, Marie Perkins, Xxflllliil Rennecker, June Ripley, xvlllllil Wleaver, Mary Wfesley, Catherine Page one hundred forty THE DELPHIAN llurgess, Kathryn Clark, Bernadine Englehart. Maxine Garner, Evelyn H aeherlae, Leora Shull, Helen SOCIAL CROL'l' OF NTNTH YEAR Lanineelc, Martha Leach, Leona Liehty, lsahel Lolunan, Mary Meese, Helen Feaeoelc, Tlielina Reed, Ruth Rielcer, Helen Rohinson, Caroline Rodd. -lean Young, Genevieve NllSL'lil.l,.r-XNEOL'S GROUP OF NINTH YEAR Bland, Bessie Cross, Ruby Dielcnian, Kathryn Donehue, Kathryn Kinsey, Ella Mae li oontz, Margaret liratz, Marian :Xx'on, Rose Ball, Elizabeth llall, Mildred Bigler, Viola liUlll',.'Xl1llCClZl. llrown, Pauline liiuelcley, Ruth ilarpenter, Faye SOCIAL ,'Xnderson, Lucille Bigler, Marjorie lllind, Dorothy llorden, I-lelen Byers, Luella Davis, Luetta Dinger, Melva NATL A ND Lea, Katherine Lea, Kathleen Helen Lintz, Lois Phipps, Helen Roth, Helen Sharp, Charlotte Cly1nans,Monna Desseeker, Lillian Dotts. Evelyn Draghieu. Mary H eintzehnan. Madge l'leney.Majel ' Kiser, Daisy lxurt, Verna Snyder, Pauline Sterns, Gertrude Swinderinan, Frieda Taylor, Mildred llfatkins, Anna XYeher, 'lane lllilson, Mary 'RE GVROUI' OF NlN'l'll YEAR Mc,-Xndrews, Margaret Oswalcl, Maxine Reese, Catherine Regula, Ruth Ronan. Cleo Russell, Lucille Thomas. Mildred lr ygard, E va HE.-XLTl'l CROIX? OF ElGH'l'l'l YEAR Fait, Mary Fowler, Ruth Frye, Opal Gray, Gladys Grifhn, Louise Lahnier, Betty Lile, Margaret MeNeely. Marie Morgan, Maxine Swihart, Theda Swinehart, Ruth NVatson, lflarriet XVatson, Opal lVolford, Marian H.XNDCR.fXF'l' GROUP OF EIGHTH YEAR Alhaugh, Dorothy Angus, Vida Baker, Ruth Briting, Virginia Qoinanita, Donianiea Davy, Virginia Edie, Isabel Ellwood, .Esther Everh ard, Mary Alice Fisher, Elva Goudy, Pauline I lainniond. Lillian lVassem, Regina Hoohler, Helen DRAMA AND MUSIC GROUP OF Beatty, Eleine Burris, Virginia Edie, Wanda lilory, Mary Frew, Eugena Getter, Dorothy Gilgen, Janet Huinphreville, Ruth liuenzli, Mary Lorenz, Virginia MCH ale, Ruth March, Mary .lane Yaggi, Marguerite xxx. 1930 Kaiser, Marcia Kiser, Gladys Lea, Marian Mason, Mildred Robson, jane EIC HTH Y EAR Marshall, Marjorie Mohn, Evelyn Rogers, XVihna Rolli, Kathryn Strinibu, Helen Wiesley, Florence E Page one hundred fortgj-ziiiine .f--5-wmhlnw .1-. mm-u. 16. . , . EP ----- THE DELPHIAN Page one hundred forty-two - - - -msg-1 :4 THE STAR Oh, little star so bright! . l'p in the deep, deep night: I like to look at your little light, Llp in the deep, deep night. Up in the sky you twinkle so: - You are watching' over us I know! And it thrills me from head to toe To think of the wonderful things you know. Emily Salt, '32 MOTHER There are lines in her forehead, and gray in her hair, But her eyes are blue and veryflairg And all the beauty of living for others, Shines in her face-the face of all Mothers. G race B uehler. '32 ' MY LITTLE DOG-TED The dog was a mangy old cur at his best. ' ' He didn't have a thing with which other dogs are blessed. lrle didn't have teeth. with which to chew his meat, And he didn't have claws at the end of his feet. But there's no other dog' with so wise a head As my little rat terrier-that little dog Ted. Q X lxarle Snyder, '32 LOOKING FORWARD In the early hours of morning Wihen my bed seems exactly like lflearen, I hear Mother's voice saying softly, "Come, Helen! It's almost seven." I arise and dress very quickly Wlith thoughts running thus in my mind: 'lDid I get all my ,English and Spelling, And will I be there on time? "It's raining! Oh, where is my slicker? Now I will just look a sight, , I For I left it over at Editlfs 'P "" Didn't think it would rain last nightf, Oh! I know that l'll be sovhappy A lllhen my school days are o'er: And to know that old bell at Central Wall give me heart failure no more. Helen I-Ierron, 332 Page one hundred forty-three , mmf mm THE DELPHIAN ----.--- THE GOB FROM WELTY HIGH The gob stood on the icy deck: The temperature was very low. He cried to his captain, "l'leck! XYhy don'tcha make this ship go?" They sailed out of Silver gate. Slashing' the billows at a terrihc rate. The hull couldnlt stand the strain, And fell to pieces like tropical rain. The captain called for volunteers To repair the ship while waiting. The gob said, eyes Elled with tears, "I will, if you'll raise my rating." He cried as he climbed o'er the rail, "Tm a fellow from XYelty High l" He fixed the hull with hammer and nail. XYhile consuming a bottle of rye. From Silver gate to Ramsam bay, The 'folks all heard the sailors say. "I wish I were as daring a guy As that gob who hails from XYelty High. Max Butler, '30 AUTOMOTIVE ANIMAL LIFE A balky mule has four wheel brakesg A billy goat has bumpers: A tirehy is a bright spot light! Rabbits are puddle jumpers. Camels have balloon tire feet. And they carry spares of what they eat: But still I think that nothing beats The kangaroo with the rumble seat. - Helen Legg. '31 A PARODY Eddie Maurer sat in a class. Eddie Maurer failed to pass: And all the king's horses And all the king's men COouldn't make Eddie Maurer Take Latin again. Rub Rutledge, 'SO Page one hundred forty-fowr - Q A TEACHERS MEETING "Now just go to bed and let me alonef' I said to them with a smile. "We have three tests to-morrowg So I want to study a while." The room soon was as quiet as a graveyard. Nothing could be head but the clock. l began to study my Algebra, l-lut I was stopped by a loud tick, toek. A vision appeared before meg L And what to my surprise! lt was a teachers meeting. l could hardly believe my eyes. Of course Mr. Rudy was the leader, lint he stood there with a grin- Not like he always stares at us. ,l wasn't even afraid to walk in. Now Mr. Kurtz and Mr. liishel XVere acting' kind of wild. Playing leap-frog' over the desks: Butllr. Rudy still looked mild. Kliss llinsenschauni let out a scream. "Sonny, let go my hair!" Mr. Zwick hurried to defend her. But he stumbled over a chair. Miss Xllebster had a squirt gun: The contents ilew into space. No, I donlt mean what I said: It was into Miss XYing'er's face, Now Miss XYilson enters XYith a notice of surprise. Miss Shumaker and Miss Nickles Had been caught for stealing pies. Xvhile these innocent teachers' pranks Are moving' along with fun, Miss Phares entertains herself lly chewing' a pack of gum. But alas! I couldn't see the rest' The vision faded away. l shut my book to with a bang To await another day. Ruby Cross, ,SO Page one hmzdrecl fo'rty-five THE DELPHIAN ON THE STREET CAR I did not even know his name, Nor where he lived, nor from whence he came, 'Twas sad, and yet IN-las I so very much to blame That all my heart should start to Hame And Hare and fret? He was so dear, so neat and fair, With such a smile and such an air. VVhat could I do? A glance so shy, a blond so fair, An eye so bright, A smile ,so rare, I never knew! And so I smiled across the aisle And met the merry, Winsome smile He sent so bold. At last he laughed, and after a while He said aloud in friendly style, "I'm 'free years old!" Edith Bitterman, l30 SNOW The world is white At hushed twilightg And lamp-lit windows glow W'ith cheeriness From cozy nests All tucked in drifted snow. Kathleen Lea, '30 THE FAIRY I say a little fairy, just the other nightg She was having the gayest time, Dancing in the moonlight. i She was the prettiest fairy, A very nice sight to behold, Dressed in the daintiest clothes, All made of shimmering gold. As I watched her there a-dancing, She stopped and flew lightly awayg Some people say I won't see her again, Qllut I think that I will someday. E Dorothy Getter, '31 Page one hundred forty-six THE DELPHIAN DETENTION Detention is the place that I detest. I go there because-well, you know the rest. For forty-Eve minutes I sit there and thinkg Then I wonder if my brain hasn't a kink. NVhen I have Finished tif ll' Finish at alll, I feel as if this place will he my downfall. XVhen all of a sudden I hear the bell, It sure sound refreshing, or shall I say swell? -Kenneth johns, '30, WAITING In the office is a chair Xdjhere he makes you sit and stare. Isn't it an awful feeling' To sit there and just look at the ceiling? Laverne Edwards, '30 SONGS THAT HIT just You, just llc" ..,.,... ,.,,,........,........l.,......,... Coquette" ..l....,.....,........,.,.. Red Hair and Freckles" ,....,., Heep in the Arms of Lore" Singin' in the Bathtub" ..... :X Vagabond l.ox'er'l .............. XYouldn't It Be NYonderful XX' hat Do I Lure' ,,..o.I......,..., Following You" ,.....I,........ . You Can't Park llere" ..... He's So Unusual" .,........ Oh 'l'here's a Mouse" .........v,,.. 'My Fate ls in Your Hands 1'm a .Dreamer ...........,..,. . .,..,... , uv liugena Freu' and john Tucker ...Peggy Koontz .....Helen Phipps ...mllolu Iflorger ...,.....,Miss Rohh .......David Ahhuhl ...,....Miss Phares exams ......john Fisher .......Mr. Rudy .........The Halls Kurtz Miss McLean junior lligh Faculty janet Gilgen, '31 WELTY DICTIONARY W-ork-XX'hat one gets plenty of in school. E-xammation-A third degree method for extracting information. . L-ectures-:X teachers method of calling down a pupil. T-alk-XX'hat the teachers love to do. Y-ell-XYhat the junior High students love to do. H-ard work-l"feiffer's classes know. I-ntelligence-some pupils hax'en't it! G-irls-Those which cause some hoys to flunk. H-opeless-NX'hat the teachers must think some of us students are. Donald Nixon, '31 Page one hzmdred forty-seven THE will THE DELPHIAN HOUR This is B. Rudy fValleej announcing from Station XY. J. H. Sz, New Philadelphia, Uhio-over the Red and lYhite Network. The program starts with Schenles "Sunny Syncopatorsf' playing "Me and My tgirl Friend- words and music by C. XV. Zwick. I will next introduce Miss Frieda lffeiffer who will recite her favorite selection, "So Much for That." Following the recitation, the noted traveler and lecturer, O. H enry, will talk on "The Habits of Cranesf, And now two musical numbers: a duet. "Little by Little"-Misses McLean and Gintzg and a quartette, "Days May Come and 'Days May Go, lint Schooldays Go on Forever"-Eishel, Leelca, XN'ebster. and Mitchell. Our most interesting feature is the "Bed Time Story" by Uncle Ernest l.eel:a, who will narrate the stupendous serio-coniio scenario, from XVeb- ster's Unabridged. XVe close this hour of entertainment with our signing off song, "Happy Days Are Here Again," by the entire Assembly. This is station XV. J. ll--I. S., New Philadelphia, Ohio, signing off until 1931, when we will be back on the air in a new "Delphian Annualf, Max Ross, '31 JOLLY JUNIOR JOKERS The joke editor may write ,Till his Hnger tips are sore, llut some one is sure to say Oh! I've seen that one before. -P 4' 'i' cl' Miss Culby fin English classil: llill, give nie a long sentence. Bill Haakinson: Imprisonment for life. 4' 'Ir' 'Ir' 'iv Miss Phares: I found a pin in my salad. Miss Shuniaker: Thats nothing. Pins are often found in dressing. ' if 4- -1- 4- Miss Robb: W'hat is a caterpillar? Donald Ball: An upholstered worm, teacher. 'Q' 'lr' 'ir 'Ir' Bob lflorger: Funny thing about the clock! Helen Phipps: W'hat? llob llorger: Oh! it can run around all night and then be on time the next morning. ' 'il' ek nl- 'fr' ' Ruthie has a little tongue. No praise am I bestowing. For every where that Ruthie is Her tongue is sure a going. 'lr' 'mir' 'lr' 'ri' Miss NYebster Cin Science laboratoryil 2 Fire burns only on the outside of the Hanie. Edith Bitterman: Next time I'll stick my finger on the inside of the Hame. Page one hzmdred forty-eight 'fl THE DELPHIAN A Ford By llelen Legg A li.ttle spark, a little coil, A little gas, a little oil. A piece of tin, a two inch board- l'ut it together-and you have a Ford. 'lr' 'lr' 'if' 4" Nr. Rudy: Son. what makes that hump on your back? Seventh Grader: I smoke camels. ' 'ir' 'nl' 'ir 'al' She: Before we were married, you swore you would never look at another woman. He: That was only a campaign promise. 'i' 'ir' 'ir' 'I' Marian liratz: l,et's g'o for a walk to-night, dear. Buford Ary: XYalkl XYhat for? I've got my car out in front? . Marian Kratz: lt's doctor's orders. He told me to exercise with a dumb- bell every day. 'al' 'i' 4' 'if Father: Son, your teacher called on me to complain about you. Eddie Maurer: Now ain't that just like a woman. n 'ale' 'ie 'iv 'R' ' Algie saw the bear: The bear saw Algie. The bear got bulgie: And the bulge was Algie. 'lr' 'ir' 'lr' 'ir' Bob Rutledge: Have you heard that Dick Melntosh has lost his memory ? Kenneth johns: Gee! how unlucky! and to think I just gave him back the live dollars I borrowed from him last week! 'i' 'ie 'i' 'I' Mr. Leeka: I don't see why you call your house a bungalow. Mr. Fishel: XYell, if it isn't a bungalow, what is it? The job was a bun- gle, and I still owe for it. 4' 'lr 'I' 'ic Jerry Fisher: IIIIICTCVS a great difference in the attitude of different girls toward boys. Dale Cordray: Yes, some have a weakness for 'em, and some are strong for 'e1n. 'i' 'ic' 'ir' 'P' Romance By Edith llitterman They were sitting side by side, And he sighed and she sighed. Then he said. "Your hand I ask, So brave I've grown"- .-Xnd he groaned and she groaned Said she. "Upon my heart 'l'here's such a weight," And she waited and he waited. Said he, "I'll have thee. if thou wilt." And she wilted and he wilted. Page one hundred forty-n vzc Miss Snider: Horrors! I wouldn't marry the best nian that ever lived. l-le: Wfell, 1ny dear, you have the consolation of knowing he proposed to you. 'ir' 'nl' 'il' 'il' Ifred Russel: XfVhy did you tell Gladys Mitchell that I was a big fool? Helen Rinehart: Iilll sorry: I didn't know it was a secret. 'll' 'ir' 'ir' 'if' ' Sonny Schenk fto Russell Austin who had dropped part of his trom- bonej: Is it any wonder these instruments are all dented up! Thatis a trombone, not a halnbone. 'ic' 'il' 'I' 'ir' 'Picture Miss Mitchell of very great height! Picture Hill Seabrook getting up to recite! Picture Miss Miller going into a light! Picture it quickly, for it's something that ain't. It's really a picture no artist can paint. 'al' 'i' 'ir' 'ir' Ilfiiss -2 Mr. Kurtz. the M. Ii. Sunday School will have the privilege of supporting' you on the foreign held next year, will it not? lXfIr. Kurtz: VVell-ah-er-do you suppose they could support two? 'R' 'il' 4' 4' Miss Milar Cin History Classj: I shall be tempted to give this class a test if you do not have you'r lessons better. Barbara Idfright: Yield not to temptation-. 4' 4' 'ir' -Ir Russe1l's Visit to Mildred Taylor I went to see me girl the other night. IN-Ie played cards. My girl played 'for diamonds: she got none. I played for hearts: I got none. I-Ier father came in the back door. I-le played with clubs. I got some g I made high, low, jack and the game over the back fence! Wfhen I was walking past the house, Mildred said, "Russell, I'll be home tomorrow night." "So will I." 'ir' 'I' 'lr' 'i' Note -Found in Study Hall v ' Dear Anna: I'd rather hear you chew gum than Rudy Vallee sing.- Carl Huff. ' 'ic' 'lr' -ir' '1- Miss Shanley Cin History Classj: Philip, what are the three most com- mon words used in this class? Philip Smith: I don't know. Miss Shanley: Correct. 'ic' 'ir 'X' 'ai' Mausie had some chewing gum. It was black as jet. And every where that Mausie went That gum was there-you bet. l"Ie took it into Algebra Class, Wfhich .was against the rule, Mr. Fishel took it from him And chewed it after school. Page one hundred fifty 1 THE DELPHIAN Miss NVebster: Wfhat insects carry germs? Max Tschudy: Cats and dogs. 'i' 'i' 'is' 'I' Mr. Fishel fiat end of Algebra classj : Please give me your papers before you pass out. 'if' 'nl' 'ir 4' Miss XVebster tin Sciencej: Dick, could you get a shock by holding on to the receiver of a telephone? Dick Mc: It depends on who is talking to ine. 4' 'lr 'Q' 'ir Mr. Cross Cto girls entering school busj: Good morning, girls. How are you this morning? . Gertrude XN"enger: Half dressed. Mr. Cross: You are in style then, little lady. 'ir 'ic' 'rl' 'nl' Gertrude Sterns tin a debatej: Mister chairman, honorable judges, and worthy exponents. 'lf 'i' 'iz' 'iv Delmar Smith: A chap here wants to know if a football coach has four wheels. Roland Ilmig: And how many wheels has the thing? 'I' 'I' 'li' 'if The Perfect Man There is a man who never drinks, Nor smokes, nor chews, nor swears. Xliho never gambles, never tlirts, And shuns all sinful snares-I-Ie's paralyzed. 'l'here's a man who never does Anything that is not right. His wife can tell just where he is At morning, noon, and night.-I-le's dead. 'ab 'i' 'i' 'ir' Miss Flynn ttrying to explain the word thiefj: Now, Dale, if I were to put my hand in your pocket and take out a dime, what would I be? Dale Corbett: A magician. 'i' 4' 'fr' 4' Grandfather: Don't worry, little Ilapper, you are no worse than your grandmother. Cleo Ronan: 'I'hat's what makes me so furious. 'iw 4' 'ir' 'il' Miss Phares Cto nine threesj: I regret that I have not been trained for a nursery. 'ir 4- 'al' 4' ,-X Freshman stood on the burning deck- As far as we could learn: I'Ie's as safe there as anywhere, For he's too green to burn. 'i' 'ir 'ul' 'al' Still the Scotch A Scotchman fell in front of a steam roller. Seeing no way of escape, he lay on his side to get his pants pressed for the funeral. Page one hvmdrerl fifty-one Diary CFound in Welty junior Highj Monday-Mr. Zwick and I went to Z1 show. Tuesclay-Mr. Zwick and I went to the hotel for CIIIIIICII W'ednesclz1y-Mr. Zwick and I went to a dance in Dover. '1'l1ursclay-M11 Zwick and I went to a bridge party. I71'iclz1y-IXcl,1'. Zwick and I went to the minstrel. Saturclay-Mr. Zwick and 1 went to Columbus, Sunday-Happy ?-and how ! 'i' 4' 'i' 4' Mzlrgzlret Koontz: NVhy, Junior, they Say the moon is El dead body. junior Fribley: All right, let's sit up with the Corpse. ' +-1--1--if Kathryn Dickman: NVhy I though I told you to come after supper? Robert Benson: Wiell, that's what I came after. 'lr' 'lr 'I' -I' If you have been roasted, dou't get sore. Remember, you might have been roasted more. Q Q Page one hmzdred fifty-two DSW V mm THE DELPHIAN IN APPRECIATION OF The Valuable Assistance Rendered To THE NEW PHILADELPHIA HIGH SCHOOL This Page Is Respectfully Dedicated To THE RETAIL MERCHANTS COMMITTEE THE BAND MOTHERS DR. H. A. COLEMAN DR. R. W. FREDERICK AND ALL WHO HAVE HELPED TO MAKE THIS YEARBOOK POSSIBLE. IN MEMORIAM A. A. 'STERMER I 1 one hundrerl fifty-three q? THE DELPHIAN The Cross Studio IIS XV. High Ave. I N ENV PHI LAD ELPH IA, OHIO Pupils and Patrons of The Senior and Junior High Schools, New Philadelphia, Ohio I Kind Friends: f I am pleased to take this opportunity of thanking the members of the Delphian Staff, The Faculty, and the pupils of Senior and Junior High for the Wonder- ful cooperation given the Cross Studio While making I the pictures for this annual. The Work itself has been made a pleasure and the result, I am sure has justified our combined efforts, A Delphian of which We now feel justly proud and which will grow in value as the years pass by. Yours for better pictures, Page one hzmdred fifty-fozw' ,EmmH11IHUDHmUH .mmmm H H If ar Q3 P 39 4 W Mill, ! 7 1 Q Lf -Q in -E I fi .911- ifvl jig C W 1?- Q4 1 W- BmHEIHUDD' 2xfLif- PJ l,,l' cl fif I onslnnll earchi Il THE DELPHIAN " -3 Ermblixbed 1895 on centuries astronomers have Flooked into the skies searching for new worlds, constellations and stars. Aside from their interesting research work, they have learned much that is of practical scientific value. Similarly, in the Held of student publications, the Indianapolis En- graving Company searches con- stantly for new ideas, plans and methods that will assist year-bool: staEs to publish successfully books characteristic of their school and community. The results of these efforts are gratifying. The Annual Planning :incl Design- ing Department welcomes your inquiries for further: information. INDIANAPOLIS ENGRAVING COMPANY Department of Annual Planning and Designing INDIANAPOLIS. INDIANA 'I Printed by The Benton Review Shop, Fowler, Ind. up - Page one h,'recl fifty-Six l930

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