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 - Class of 1929

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Text from Pages 1 - 162 of the 1929 volume:

"' ' - . ., .- Nw,-,x-.-fy, . f5"'jf'1 f 5 , -PQ 'N . V KFQJY d fm fy ,Fry A Y 1'7" 31 A556271 I fi- If ft-..n1..1:fL.'.+ -..T-.QQ -.- -L1 V " ':i'r"v wk G 1 -1 f -Lldf' J Jfflg 0 f 77 My JMU ,.fim'Wlij j C, C Qygjjfjv Q P 5- f- 7'-A-i jc 'm 9 Ll r J D 5 D VI n r 44 i 4 Mcfx nn0wncb1 3 fm ,J j 2 W 4. is 11- N' ' J 51116 1020 +5 'DELD1-1 IAN Q' Lx K? TkeSt1?cLe14ts 3 X, .New Pkilailel lwiaHi91x . X . Sckooti I vm 2-gin? 1 J! KN. l1,f'X" 4? lilly , f ' if '9 J 157 ' Jo' 1 K X I ,ff The Delphian Page two l929 l i he is ,..., ,., .g,., ,QR 5 .J z' I i E V, YY cgf' Y. A! r JW Q . if ft, f' .5 11,1 gy Lx ' 142 I l l, 14' if f M 1 ,J N xl 14!! 1.5. ff, LD .1-f if QF 1 W. 1 J W, 52' .J ff xg. , ,. if N, ,, 'z'. xt, HN., ,rl 1 'I I x f , ,, .,. f.A , , ,, ,,- ,,,. Vi- N,.,. - .Q -k . -N f-- - .., Ame LM. 1L1.e: 1u f v Q.- M Page thx: ee L is s X. 3 31 .LEX J sg' 45 Vx, A . v! X, ,H TF .Q if :ki ixf hi kms li if II .. Ea' 36 Kr lv I V. ff 31 . 23 ' I , 41, ga . Q ! -A.,-V,-.i'Hx. - .v'---,f---':.f -Q4-, 1. LP, ,ft L.f--"w:-Q-.g--w-.- ',----,- - W. The Delphian DELPHIAN STAFF Editor ....,,. .......... - lane Curr '29 Assistant ,.K,....,..,,.. ...... l Eleanor Fiedler '30 Business Mzmager ,...,,,,.... ,...,. l ired Alexander '29 Ass't Business lhlilllllgfl' ,...,,....,.n.............. ....,,... l David l"lU.1'l'iS '30 Faculty EXc.lx'ise1's .,.. ,.... B lzlrizui fitoclcwell and Nr. lfindley .'XSSOCl5X'I'lC IZIJITUIQS Literary Editor ....... ..,,,. fulizi Harris '29 Ass't Literary Editor ,..... ..,.. i Helen Brooks '29 Athletic Editor ...,...... ..... C hrtrles Becker '29 Ass't Athletic Editor ...... ...,.. l Dallas Rickzlrcl '29 Art Editor ,..,,.... ....,,. V Villizun lforster '29 AsS't Art Editor ..... .,.... R flzlxine 'l,:lFferty '30 Photo Editor .,,.... ...... l lussell Born '29 Joke Editor ....... ....... l flzlrold Smith '29 S'l'lENOtjR.AXI'l"l ERS Mildred Bigler '29 lllildred Euold '29 Martha Shonk '29 Page four 'l929 ' - , .w .,,,-WA, A.. rf:-71:1-:Q:fv K Egmg,fl,fj31wf:5:g?,Q:,pffQg:f-1paws The Delplmam U:f-1.ffw-f-'- f -J W-"iw V' - ' X. li 25 9? if' i i. if .gi M Y R J, f 7 'I ai Rf 12 1? 2? 33 if Cl lf. ij, 4,5 .Ef 'l , K M if JT as ixi' Qi, H 'N I at H fi 1-x II 33 Zi 'm .L 4 '? 31, p 51 K ,Q .U Ss ik 1' V5 A'- if, 132 si' N sg I 5 1 Qi 5 gi wi rg I, F? D .Q 'J bf fl EQlf:,1f.g,zq:::ff2::x:Lgf,fQ:F-ffzmf2f:JicFii12f34'2 J I-S Q' Pqaxdijwff Page fwe W ' H GT- 'Z' U - f M J' fQpg,-,:gg,3zL1,f,LgL,f-,fizalfiltdlql 7' 15-1 7:--A1 A 32, ii: ,JE-.Atl ,?-35742 .Jigk-f mmwowl To hriglmtcn yuur icllc mu-- mcnts, tri make more vivifl thc I-I'iCl1ClSI'IilJS you have furlllcil. to recall your former nccmn- plisl1meuts-tlwse are the pur- poses uf this Delphizm. Y! w w K7 L Il'mmW Q 'A Q' 5 'lim M N C lf' 0 mils 'lm ' 'W' L s gd' I? r i ,W , 4 .. R A - A A .L A 4 ,YA 1 4, A- 4,5 IA -, ,+, fe L-Nez, -, .Y,,-. Y, ,,,- -,.s.,, ,e, 574- - 7 lt. i uihffffglili I5 '1 'll N owiewbs 'W iiiiiiiiw' XM., l: llll' ig X ul ut I. Classes fi ,, 'li 11. Athletics gi 111. Activities if - IV. Jokes V. Society VI. Calendar vu. Jtiiiitiii-iigh settioii :Ei I iiliili minmttutiiiiiit W LA 'ill u C O-M1257 'ff :T M Zttittuiitk f it is 43,- L . XXX X :Vik MCI tg!! J if V ' 2-E.-'---1,5331 ,dy 8 , . . - . 1 , -. - ,.,, L,-.X , - .2--1. ti, H fl il 2 I' " -911 X HA D ' ir. f ff ' ,K E ,- , X - or ' O --. 3-.. I wi --4 - ' Ni ' . i ef r Q .. ' V fn W fs 5 , W ' ' ' Jt. 6, O 4 Y um, 72" 4 X. -A N. --HQ -1:-T" .gr 44, f A swifiiii " W , ' . Q ' ,, 4 f 1. - ,-QP' M N I 1 K' Zi: ' 'S ,.."'4z'-',! , 1 14? ,X- ll , t' 'A ' ' 'I jigs' il- I X X 4 QQ I-I .5 'gil' Page eight The Delphian FRANKLIN P. GEIG1211, 13.05, Ma., AM., D.Pccl Mt. Union College Ohio University I-larv:11'c,l University Columbia University Superintendent 1929 AlA H6 J Xt! R ,- ,-,,x7xv.,,-T,4,Y,-74 1... fcoliccvtiow ,:k4 xl, C 5 'l QL rf, 4? P W It 13? In zlppreeiation of the manner in which he has carried his responsibili- ties, the ready interest in our welfare, and the time he has devoted to the 2111- nual, we g'1'ate'fu1ly dedi- cate this Delphian to XYA LTER G1 FINDLEY ff .Et .t It .t 12? .it .W 4:5 Tw tx f S t The Delphian THOMAS E. JENKINS DAVID L. FISHER President Vice-President BGARD UF EDUCATION WALTER R. RITTER Page ten A. A. STERMER Clerk-Treasurer' l929 ROBERT D UMERM UTH V 4 Q WK FJAQQULKI YV X f M fi Page twelve The Delphian W. G. FINDLEY, A.B. Muskingum College University of Pittsburgh Ohio State Uiiivcrsity Principal Il 9 2 9. The Delphian MARIAN E. STOCKWELL Ph.B. i Western Reserve V LELIA EIELMICK University SUE E. FELTON ' ' ' Columbia University Ph,B. Wittenberg College English . , . Chemistry, -Biology Boetingeageitglrillenhaus College of Wooster ' Physics FACULTY STELLA E. RUTLEDGE A.B. Ohio Wesleyan University Latin JAY B. RUDY B.S. Wooster College Mathematics Physics l929 JESSIE A. ALBERSON A.B. Wellesley College .Histery Page thirteen FRANCES K. MYER A.B., M.A. University of Pittsburgh University of Colorado Algebra, Geometry The Delphian EDWIN M. KAYLOR A.B., B.S. Ohio State University American History and Civics Economics, Sociology FACULTY . I ib- 'f....- MAE BAKER A.B., M.A. Columbia University Otterbein College English J. A. BAKER B.S.C., B.S. in Ed. University of Illinois Goldey College Business Organization Bookkeeping Page fourteen x ,I i l l 4 w. FLORENCE L. BEABER Ph.B. Ohio State University College of Wooster French, Latin l929 . . if A - f " ix ANNA M. NUSSDORFER Bliss College Shorthand and Typewriting The Delphian ELMER W. HYKES B.A., B.Sc. Ohio State University Denver University Bliss College Physical Geography Bookkeeping, Sociology HENRY C. CRAINE A.B., M.A. Oberlin College Amherst College Physical Education Biology E FACULTY ANNE R. ROBERTS RS. Denison University Arnold College Physical Education A RUSSELL A. BENDER A.B., B.S. in Ed., M.A. 4 I V4 I I i E 5 BEULAH M. BARTON A.B. , i Ohio State University -ff Western College for i C0uegeIffn2'V0OSw' HARRY W. SCHENK il Ancient History Danafs Musical Institute M Y KV English Instrumental Music ' ,,, 71 - ixll'i" '- 4. . E 33,51 Page fifteen 1 I 9 2 9 A. I l -l -I. The Delphian F A C U L T Y ETTA GLAUSER HAZEL E. FURBAY Michigan state ILS- in Ed- Normal College Oh' St t, U ' . -t Public School Music 10B1iSfQLC0112Qffm y Vocal Music Shorthand and Typewriting THREE SCHOOL OFFICIALS JOHN J. EVANS Attendance Officer FRANK L. MOSHER Supt. of Buildings HA fflend of Elle b0yS.,, C "The nqan Whoi does Page sixteen THELMA E. FISHER Office Clerk 1929 things." , ' ., fi - Sl www im: - I 69817 MQTOQ f M 1 f ri' - fl f z K' I DRSTER X Page eighteen The Delphian SENIGR POEM O you, who have not many hours Left before your future towers, Take with you the mem'ry gold Of these school days you now behold. For just a moment, pause to think Upon the ever thinning brink Of your four h1'ig'htly-varied years- Then look on to what next appears! If you have plans which do not seem just what you wish-fear not to dream! For dreams are tiny models which Fashion lives and make them rich. Your graduation soon will be- A summoning for you to see Your futures with their shining goalsg For nothing' ends,-life unrolls. C. '29 l929 The Delphian TWELFTH YEAR David Edwards ....., ,......,...... P resident Charles Becker ....,... ...,.... X fice-President Harold Smith .,.... .......,.,. S ecretary Churchill Cooke ..... ....... ' Treasurer Miss I-Ielmick ..,..., ....,.., I Adviser Jane Shively Carrie Schwab Lucille Laird Marvin Regula Class Colors-Green and Silver Class Mottri-Esse Quani Videri Class Flower-Tea Ruse SOCIAL COMMITTEE Paul lVatkins Fred Alexander Robert Maurer Clara Mae Emig FINANCE COMMITTEE Nell Cothain Paul Miller Ruth Lariniore Dallas Rickard Anna Mary Griflith I'Iarold Snyder l929 Page nineteen llc Page twenty The Delphian MILDRED ENOLD "Mlm" "When it comes to pleasure, "Mim's" cer- tainly there with a line of giggle that's very rare. She has made quite a name for herself this year on the debating team." Activities: Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 4g Class Play 35 "Tulip Time" 3g Debate 3, 43 Delphian Stenographer 4. EDWARD BOYD l"Eddie" "We wonder what "Sonny" Schenk and the band and the orchestra and a certain girl will do without Eddie next year. He is certainly a good right-hand man. This executive ability ought to secure him a good position." Activities: Baseball Manager 4g Latin Club 25 Literary Society 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, 53 Band 3, 4, 5. El RE INA BECHTEL "In her quiet and dependable way, Ina has been one of our most thoughtful and depend- able workers." Activities: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, Literary Society 33 French Club 4. Iii! lil FREDERICK ALEXANDER "Fritz" "Fritz has shown his worth this year both as center on the football team and as business manager of the Delphian. Both the staff and the team will miss him next year. We have also noticed that he is not immune to femin- ine wiles." Activities: Band 2, 3g Football 3, 43 Track 4, Minstrel 23 Literary Society 3, Delphian Stan' 3, 4. Ei! IES IE RUTH STEWART "Rudic" "Ruth is a girl who is not to be daunted by anyone, not even Mr. Kaylor. She and Beatrice are very good chums and we think that they will stick together, even to the last." Activities: Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 45 "Tulip Time" 3. l l929 The Delphian RUTH ANNE MAURER "'She's from 'Missourig' you must show her. Although we all know that Mr. Kaylor is the fount of all wisdom, even he must come forth with the goods when he argues with Ruth. She knows her 'perpetrationsf " Activities: Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 43 Literary Society 4. ISIEZHZ! MARVIN REGULA "Marvin is a bright and shining light in the Class of '29. He is one of the few boys who have belonged to the Honor Club. Keep it up, Marvin, you may be president some day." Activities: French Club 45 Chemistry Lab. Assistant, Honor Club 6 sem. EEE RUTH LARIMORE "She possesses the gift of versatility-good sport, musician, eloquent debater and business Woman." Activities: Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3, 43 French Club 4, Literary Society 4g Debating Team 45 Business Manager, Class Play 3. ROBERT BEABER "Pete" "Bob has a sister teaching in N. P. H. S. so naturally he is on his good behavior at school. But when out with a crowd he says 'What should a man do but be merry?' " Activities: Latin Club 45 Class Play 3, 45 Booster Club 4. EIEIEI ELSIE MARY GROFF "Dutch" "Elsie is likely to burst into a merry laugh 'most any time, even when others are feeling gloomy. She is noted for her happy dispo- sition." Activities: Basketball 3, 4, Girl Reserves 1. 2, 3, 4g Latin Club 2, 43 French Club 45 Girls' Glee Club 3, 4. l929 2' ,I-LE? Page twenty-one The Delphian GERALDINE LEA "Jerry" "What a list of activities! She's a real joiner! And yet "Jerry" always seems to be walking on air. That's because she makes the piano speak for her and lead her away to a land of dreams." Activities: Basketball 1, 23 Glee Club Pi- anist 1, 2: Red and Black Stafl' 1, 23 Class President 1, 23 Class Treasurer 2g Orchestra 2 in Fredericksburg High School, 1926-1927. Girl Reserves 3, 43 Girls' Glee Club 3, 43 Latin Club 43 "Tulip Time" 3, N. P. H. S. THEODORE ANGEL "When angels are in the locality it usually means We'll have something good. He is rather quiet as his name suggests, but when he once gets interested in something, we find he's no angel then." Activities: Booster Club 4. JULIA HARRIS "Gwen" "Julia is a loyal member of the Class of '29. She is known by her big smile and pleasing personality. Her list of activities proves that she is a capable and responsible person." Activities: Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4g Vice- President 3: President 43 Latin Club 2, 3, 43 Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Honor Club 1, 2, 3, 43 1ETu1ip Time" 33 Class Play 3g Delphian Staff JANE WARNER -"Jane Warner came to N. P. H. S. from Boston and with her she brought many Bos- tonian ideas. She has found that "Tis easy enough to be pleasantl' " Activities: Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 2, 3, 43 Literary Society 4. AMANDA KADERLY , "Pleasant but reserved in school, she is only really known by her intimate friendsg more- over, we have observed how willing' she is to do things." l929 The Delphian MARJORIE SCHOTT "Mari" "Prim, precise, and proper! That describes Marjorie to a "T", But at times she loves to cut up and act up, too, as she showed in the Senior play." Activities: Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4g Latin Club 21, 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 3, 4: Class Social Committee 1, 2, 3, Class Play 3, 4, "Tulip Time 3." 4 liillillii HAROLD SNYDER "Snyder" Harold's brain seems especially adapted to American History. But this isn't all, for he can play football with any athlete. He also seems to have made a hit with a "certain par- tyln X Activities: Football 43 French Club 4g Lat- in Club 2: Literary Society 3, 4. EEE ALICE KINSEY "The honor pupil of our class!" How she studies and recites, gives a flunker forty frights. She is one of the exceptions to the general idea that girls do not usually pos- sess both brains and good looks. Activities: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 43 Honor Club 1, 2, 3, 45 French Club 4. EEE ALBERT STALEY Albert evidently doesn't like to Walk for he is always in a car. He is rather quiet, but this is an unusual quality in a member of our class, so we admire him for it. Ellglliil MAGGIE GRUBB Though Maggie has not been with us so very long, we have found' that she is good natured and always right there with a smile. Activities: Class Play 1. Elkland High School, Todd, N. C. l929 Page twenty-three The Delphian A W7 A -f f I 'V K sw1m1'ww:mulv ' Z' 1. V.. . I-'-fy f. ,.w. v..-.L 4 Page twenty-j'ou'r - MARY BONTRAGER "A winsome maid who spends none of her time seeking masculine favor. We believe she will make quite a good stenogwzxphei' because she surely does 'step on her' in typewriting' class." Activities: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4. EH ll Il If!! MABEL EARLE "Mabel is sweet and rather demure, but she likes to have good times too. She is one of the staunchest backers of N. P. H. S." Activities: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4. "Dal" DALLAS RICKARD "'Da1' is one of the sheiks' of our class. Whenever you see him, he is surrounded by Without him the Un- several of the fair sex. ion Opera House would be a Hop!" CLAUDINE SPIES ' "Claudine's major interest seems to lie somewhere outside of N. P. H. S. We wonder where? But that is nothing against her. She is always on the job if there is anything she can do." Activities: Girl Reserves 3, 4g Girls' Glee Club 45 Literary Society 3. MARGUERITE STEPIION "Margie" "Marguerite's opinions are never to be ignored for they are usually worth while. Her friends tell us that she is a girl who can al' ways be depended upon." Activities: Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4. l 9 2 9 The Delphlan CHURCHILL COOKE "Fribley" "Church possesses one of the few marcels now worn, but it detracts nothing from his qualities or appearance. On the contrary we think that he looks a great deal like John Gilbert. We wish Church luck in automobile designing." Activities: Debate 2g Hi-Y 2, 3, 4g Delphian Stafl' 3: Class Treasurer 2, 4, Band 2, 35 Class Play 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Booster Club 45 "Tulip Time" 3. YSABEL YAGGI "Izzy" "Ysabel is a great favorite of the whole school including the faculty. 'She does not need to talk to make herself charming'." Activities: Girl Reserves 3, 45 French Club 3, 45 Latin Club 2, 43 Literary Society 3, 49 Glee Club 3, 45 "Tulip Time" 3. EUGENE WAGES "Bud" " 'Bud' made himself 'very useful to Mr. Bak- er playing baseball. He wore the N.-P. H. S. uniform for three years and we hope he will be a member of some big league in the near future." Activities: Baseball 2, 3, 45 Football 4. lil 121 EI CLARA MAE EMIG "Bob" "The most distinctive thing about "Bob" is her wavy red hair. She is quite fond of sports and has one of the merriest laughs you've ever heard." Activities: Glee Club 2, 3, 4g "Tulip Time" 33 Social Committee 45 Girl Reserves 4. H5131 FLOYD BREYER "Floyd wins the prize for burning' up the gas. His truck is familiar to all and if yo11 don't think his car can go, just try to pass! This Breyer seems to have caught a lady fair tool... l929 Page twenty-six 1"' The Delphian ARLINE HAWKINS "Arline would be our prize-winner in a 'Blonde Girls Beauty Contest'. She is a dan- dy cheer leader. We have been told that she would rather have 'dates' than study! Can it be true ?" Activities: Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Girl Reserves 3, 45 French Club 43 "Tulip Time" 3. lifl ll If ll Il HOWARD RIPPLE "Happy" "You would scarcely know this little man was about school because he is so quiet. He always has an armful of books, so we imag- ine he must be studious. Besides this qual- ity, he is a wonderful pianist." Activities: Stonecreek Junior Playg N. P. H. S. Hi-Y 43 Latin Club 4. l3l lil lffl MARTHA WARDELL "Martha is a good fellow and fond of sports. Perhaps we should say that 'glad- ness of heart is the life of this girl, and this joyousness will make her life successfulii' Activities: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4g "Tulip Time" 3. Elillifl EDWARD EICHEL "Ed" "Edward is a. strong advocate of the doc- trine of 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.' But that doesn't mean that he neg- lects his lessons. Not much for girls but itrong for working around machines of all inds." Activities: Basketball Manager 4. MILDRED BIGLER "Mick" "'Mick' is a typical red head. She fairly brims over with fun and has hosts of friends who flock around her when they want a good laugh." Activities: Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 3, 4, Literary Society 33 Class Play 3, 43 Delphian Stenographer 4. l929 The Delphian CHARLES TRAVIS "Chuck" "Here is our drug store cow-boy! True to form, there are always several of the weaker sex clustered around him, but this did not pre- vent him from going out for football. Many times in dreams he seems to be in Boston!" Activities: Debate 35 Latin Club 2, 3, 45 Literary Society 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4. DOROTHY ROSCH "If we were to stage a Puritan play, we would certainly choose Dorothy as the Puri- tan maiden. She looks very much like one. Her report card shows she knows how to study too." Activities: Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4g Lit- erary Society 3, 4, French Club 45 Debate 4. EE E! CYRIL PACKER "Packer" "'Packer' is a general favorite among the boys. No Wonder, for he is always cheerful and in for a good time. He is taking a post- graduate course, so he must think a lot of N. P. H. sf' I ' Activities: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4g "Tulip Time" 3. HELEN HUMMELL "Even if Helen is very quiet, she is as kind- hearted a girl as ever lived. She helps friend and stranger alike." PAUL WATKINS "Whiskers" "Paul has a nice long walk every day- over the viaduct. But this evidently puts him in a cheerful frame of mind for he never speaks a cross word to anyone. He seems to have quite a large vocabulary, toc!?!" l'929 Page twenty-seven The Delphian JAN E CARR "Janie" "Can you imagine Mr. Kaylor's sixth per- iod History Class without .lane's ready wit? And, really, we hesitate to think what the Delphian would be like without her. To be brief, she is 'A lot of pep in a small pack- age'." Activities: French Club 35 Girl Reserves 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 2, 3, 45 Honor Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Delphian Stafl' 3, 43 Editor-in-Chief 4, "Tulip Timef' Class Play NELL COTHAM "Willie Nell" "Just an ordinary girl you say '? You're all wrong. Just get better acquainted with her and you will change your mind. By the way. did you ever notice what she wears on her left hand? Good luck, Nell!" ' Activities: French Club 3, 4g Girl Reserves 3, 4, Honor Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Literary Society 3. HAROLD SMITH "Code" "'Codo' is one of the main-stays of our class. He has held an office every year which shows that he is a responsible person. We hope to hear something of him as a college student." Activities. Class Secretary 2, 3, 45 Delphi- an Staff 43 Stage Manager 4. EMMA KATHRYN FREW "Kay" " 'Kay' is one of the most popular girls in the school. Although she sometimes seems more interested in outside work UD, she has been,a welcome addition to our class." Activities: Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 2, 3, 4, Girl Reserves and Hi-Y Operettas 3, 4, Junicr Play Costume Manager 3. MARY EAGAN " 'Small in stature, mighty in mind, Our Mary is a student of the most desirable kind.' Mary always knows her place." 1929 The Delphian FRED BIERIE "Freddie" "Freddie used to study, now he dreamsg he used to refiect, now he contemplates-all on account of a girl. We don't wonder though, for by his appearance he does recommend him- self." ' Activities: Baseball 3, Cheer Leader 4g Class Play 3, 4. JANE SHIVELY "Jane is quite an artist. We didn't find that out until just recently when she gave us such wonderful help in making costumes for the Operetta, 'Sunbonnet Sue' ." Activities: Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 43 French Club 4. GEORGE LORENZ "Gabe" "George surely has been a gallant worker in high school. Working under his slogan 'grades, not girls', he has made good in ev- erything. He can almost equal Mr. Rudy in mathematics and that's saying a whole lot." Activities: French Club 4. IRENE MALINDZAK "Irish" "One would say that Irene is really Irish because of her keen wit. Perhaps Mr. Wrig- ley should thank her for being one of the con- tributors to his millions." Activities: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 4g French Club 4, Literary Society 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 45 "Tulip Time". WILLIAM MURRELL "Bill" " 'Bill' is a wonderful stage manager. He has served in this capacity several times and his proved to be very efficient. Besides this, he is a, good sport and always ready for some fun. ' l929 we F5 Page twenty-nine in Page thirty The Delphian MAURINE SIMPSON Simpson Good looking, you say? Well I Just guess Ask most any one of the masculine sex if you don t believe it " Activities Gul Reseives 1 2 3 4 Glee Club 2 3 4 Literaiy Society 3 4 Fiench Club 4 EEE VIRGINI A CLYM ANS Vllglnla IS the kind of a gnl who helps f11end and stranger alike Can she act? Well I guess' The Semoi play owes to her much of its success Activities Glrl Reserves 1 2 3 4 Class Play 4 EJIEIEI PAUL MILLER Paul hails from Stonecreek but we c n hold that against him He has only been with us for one year, but we have learned to know him and to llke him in ihat short time Activities Boys Glee Club 4 Class F1 nance Committee 4 EEE MARGARET EARLY Happy Margaret sits quietly enoufrh in the class- room but her intimate friends say that she is quite different when shes out of school. Activities: Girl Reserves 2, 3 4. CARRIE SCHWAB Carrie is seldom at loss for an answer to any question especially American History. And she is usually right, too. She carries home the bacon . Activities: Girl Reserves 1, 2 3 4' French Slug 4' Class Social Committee 4- Girls Glee u 4. l929 A The Delphian VIRGINIA CAPPEL "Gin" "She has pep and LOTS of it. And say, did you ever notice how she likes Dodge cars and green-houses?" Activities: Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 49 Class Play 3, "Tulip Time." EIIZIIEI JOHN WHERLEY , "Johnny" "'Johnny' has all the qualifications for a successful hair-dresser-fsee Mrs. Temple's Telegramb. Although he has a temper, he doesn't find many occasions on which to use it. To all appearances, wine, women, and song will be his finish." Activities: Hi-Y 4g Class Finance Commit- tee 3g Class Play 49 Reception Committee 4. EEE VIRGINIA ELLWOOD "Her Cheeks are like peaches and small is her stature but broad her vision. If you Want to have a good time, just find Virginia." Activities: Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 Honor Club 2 5 French Club 4. EEE FRANCIS BEAR "This, children, is 'Big Bear'. But strange to say he also is quiet, calm, and collected. Still he is a believer in the phrase 'I dare do all that may become a man, who dares do more is none'." Activities: Boys' Glee Club 3, French Club 45 Band Minstrel 3. IEIEIBII EDNA KINSEY "Generally, in the class room, Edna is quiet and sedate, but if perchance she is met beyond sight and sound of the awesome faculty, a con- tinuous giggle issues forth. 1929 .rs- ff ' 1 Page UL'i'l'ty-one The Delphian WILLIAM FORSTER "Bill" "Here is the professor or rather, we expect he will be one. He has worked hard on the debate this year and helped to earn the laur- els for the team. He possesses a wonderful sense of humor." Activities: Debate 1, 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y 3, 43 Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Delphian Stail' 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Band Minstrel 2, 3, "Tulip Time" 3. MILDRED HURST "Billie" "Her bright dark eyes have a smile for all, but she especially delights in directing her charms toward a ce1'tain member of the stern- er, sex." Activities: Basketball 3, 49 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 2, 3, 43 French Club 4. RALPH GRUBB "Ralph has only been in N. P. H. S. for two years but during that time everyone has learned to like him, even though he isn't noisy. However, we have heard that he is much livelier at his home. We are certainly glad that some of our boys are still loyal to the farms, for we couldn't do without them." Ellillfl HELEN GILLIS "One of our faithful all-round students. What a shame that she should have to leave us in the middle of her last year. N. P. H. S. surely misses her, but all wish her the best of luck in her new home." Activities: Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club Accompanist 1, 2, 3, 45 Boys' Glee Club Aceompanist 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 2, 3, 45 French Club 4. IZIIEIIE JOSEPH FRAGASSE "Joe"' "His mirthful countenance is a common sight in the halls and class rooms of N. P. I-l. S. Joe works for the Linn-I-lert Co. amd is a HC3.Cl3VG1"' doctor there. Good luck, Joe. 1929 The Delphian FAYE WISE "Laugh and be merry! That is Faye's slo- gan and she has tried her level best to make others feel its influence. That's fine, Faye-- 'Smile and the world smiles with you-'." Activities: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4g Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 45 French Club 3, 45 "Tulip Time" 3. CHARLES BECKER "Chuck or Charley" "When not dishing out sundaes to the young ladies, this good-looking Romeo tends to busi- ness as a drugstore clerk. 'Chuck' has been one of the most popular fellows in N. P. H. S. Perhaps it's because of his dependability." Activities: Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Football 43 Del- phian Staff 43 Class President 2, 35 Class Vice- President 45 Band 2g Drum Major 39 Cheer Leader 35 Glee Club 3, 4, "Tulip Time" 3. IZHEIEI MARTHA SHONK "Jimmy" "Martha is very pretty and has beautiful dark brown hair. We have heard people say that Martha is Greta Garbo's nearest rival." Activities: Literary Society 3, 4g Girl Re- serves 3, 43 Honor Club 3, 43 Delphian Staff Stenographer 4. IEEE DONALD KNAUSS "Don" - "This, ladies and gentlemen, is Handsome 'Don', the most powerful man in four counties. Argues because he likes it and chases frills for the same reason. He is distinguished in athletics." Activities: Football 3, 45 Basketball 3, 43 Track 3. IEEE OLIVE MAE BONIPHANT "Although Olive has been a member of our class only during the Senior year, she has made many friends by her delightful way of saying 'Hello' with a smile." Activities: Londonderry High School, Lon- donderry, Ohio. Class Play 2, 3. 1929 1----X---Q -- -.-- .f.. .. . - .-i-...,. .,,...,-. Page thirty-th'ree Page thirty-fozvr The Delphian ANNA MARY FACKLER "When this young lady refuses to answer, we know something is wrong for she is a wonderful student. To know her is to ad- mire her." Activities: Honor Club 3, Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4g French Club 4. HARRY LUYSTER "Harry Boyles" " 'Harry Boylesl' I have often wondered how he received that nickname. The best way to find-out is to ask him. I heard the other day in Latin class he was 'Nearly killed by a train of thought passing through his brain'." Activities: Band 2, 3,45 Orchestra 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 23 Latin Club 3, 43 Glee Club 45 Class Play 3L RUTH OPP "If Ruth's high school life forctells her fu- ture, she will always be ready to lend her services. She has a heart which has never been measured for its kindness." Activities: Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4. E3 BYRON BEAR "If Byron is a 'bear' we'd never know it be- cause he makes very little noise about the high school. But 'If quietness indicated wis- dom, he would be a library'. " LUCILLE E. LAIRD "Lucille was one of the busiest workers of the Booster Club during' football season. She 'sicked' the lowly 'hot dawg' upon the hungry public, with few missing links." X Activities: Girl Reserves' 2, 3, 4g Glee Club 3, 43 Class Play 3, Class Social Committee 4. l929 4 , The Delphian ANNA MARYE GRIFFITH "Duly" " 'Duly' is a true 'Johnny-on-the-Spotl' She has long since proved this by her basketball playing." ' Activities: Basketball 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 43 Girl Reserves 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club 2, 3: "Tulip Time" 35 Class Finance Committee 4. ROBERT FAIR "Bob" "Just recently we heard some interesting news about Bob. He has had an appointment to Annapolis. .That's great, Bob, we hope to have an admiral in our class some day. A wizard in Science, Mathematics, and piano playing." ' Activities: French Club 4: Class Play 4. El E3 GERTRUDE GLAZIER "Gertie" " 'Gertie' is blessed by Dame Fortune with many friends who will gladly tell you how sweet she is, so all we'll write is that she has friends because she is friendly." Activities: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4. MYRON CREAL "Crealie" "Apparently Myron likes school and all it brings to him. He is a good student, a fine fellow and a loyal worker for N. P. H. S." ' Activities: Orchestra 1, 2, 45 Band 2, 3, 4. E EI FLORENCE HENDERSON n "Florence works hard and is going to be one of our best stenographers. She should be a good hiker, if crossing South Side bridge has anything to do with it." l929 .-5 . .iv-: 29. .- i. -A fT'Qi:'-5'-1is,,.'-f mg.,-. 5 ...H f 1' 1? Page thirty-five ' ' ' ' ' 2 The Delphian WILHELMINA LOHMAN "Wilheln1ina is one of N. P. H. S.'s most loyal boosters. She's not a cheer leader, she's not that kind of a girl, but she lends cheer to every basketball and football game by her helpfulness when there is anything to be done." Activities: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 2, 3, 43 Literary Society 45 Booster Club 4. THURMA OSGOOD "We have heard upon graduation Thurma will accept a position as fashion model to Jenny in Paris." Activities: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 43 French glulb 4g Literary Society 43 Girls' Glee Club 2, lil lil GLENN CRAMER "Glenn is indifferent to almost everything but girls and these occupy a great deal of his time, especially one, but nevertheless he has successfully passed through N. P. H. S. Activities: Class Play 3. HAZEL HANEY "Hazel is a jolly, dark-eyed, dark-haired girl. She is slightly impetuous, but she has lots of grielgdss and certainly has been devoted to N. LAVERDA HUTCHINSON "She is one of those girls whose 'Friendship above all ties doth bind the heart, and faith in friendship is the noblest part'." Activities: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 2, 3, 43 Literary Society 45 French Club 4. l929 The Delphian DAVID EDWARDS "Dave" "The highest ambition in most every high school girl's life is to get Dave to look at her. And no wonder, for he is so good looking. Dave has had the responsibility of president of the Senior Class this year and certainly has borne it well." Activities: Band 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 3, 43 Glee Club 43 Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Football Manager 43 Literary Society 23 Class Vice-President 33 Class President 43 Band Minstrel 2, 3, 43 Lat- in Club 23 "Tulip Time" 3. 515151 HANNAH CALE "Haunie" "Vivacious! Enthusiastic! Peppy! These adjectives describe Hannah as no other words do." Activities: Girl Reserves 2, 33 Glee Club 2, 3. OLIN GRAFF "Here is a boy good-looking but awfully bashful. He always hangs his head when a girl goes by. He certainly can make things crash in the Chemistry Lab. He is a good worker and liked by everyone, especially-? ?" Activities: Chemistry Assistant 43 Hi-Y 4. MARY KUHN "Felicie" "Mary talks on and on and never seems to pause even for breath, but we don't mind be- cause she's loads of fun and easy to get along with." Activities: Girl Reserves 3, 43 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Class Invitation Committee. DALE SHEARROW "Dale is a member of the Hi-Y. We haven't heard much of him since he entered high school, but what we have heard has been good. Fresh country air seems to be good for people." Activities: Hi-Y 3, 43 French Club 4. l 9 2 9 Page tlwlrty-se'ven The Delphian KATHERINE FREY "Kate" "Quiet, calm and collected, nothing seems to 'phase' 'Kate': An excellent student! She can say the funniest things in the most serious way. This perhaps accounts for her being' such a good actress." Activities: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, French Club 45 Class Play 3, 4. GE! If! OSBURNE MERCER "0ssy"' "'Ossy' can always be distinguished in a crowd by his own particular model of a hat. I think it ought to be placed in a museum for remembrance sake. It adds to 'Ossy's' easy manner. 'Life to him brings not a care, He is free as in the air'." Activities: Ijatin Club 2, 3, 45 Literary So- ciety 2, 8, 43 President 4. . EDNA HENDERSON "Edna is an attentive student and has spent four successful years in N. P. H. S, Although she has worked hard, she has had time for fun and friends." STANLEY MATHEWS "Stan" " 'Stan' comes to school every once in a while and when he's not there, he wonders what's going on and what the color of his re- port card will be. His humor makes him a favorite among' the fellows." iii! DOROTHY HARRIS "Dorothy is a blonde, very pretty, but oh! so bashful! She hangs her head and blushes nearly every time a boy speaks to her. We've heard, though, that there is hope for those who blush." Activities: Girl Reserves 3, 45 Latin Club 2, 3, 4. l929 f-. The Delphian I , RUSSELL BORN "Russ" "Here is a fellow known to all. The joke box personified! He does not do all his kick- ing with his feet. He dislikes neckties but not girls." Activities: Assistant Student Manager 33 Basketball Manager 49 Delphian Staff 55 Track 4g French Club 55 Booster Club 5. KATHRYN FRANCIS BENSON "Kate" "Her friendshiw- are not limited, and they are true. Her manner is calm and quiet and her blush is like that of a June rose." Activities: Latin Club 2, 3, 45 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, Girl Reserves Treasurer 3, 45 Class Play 3. EEE GLENN HECK "Here is a fellow not much for sports or girls but a good hard worker. We will re- member how he came to school day after day in his little Ford 'Coup' even though it often offered resistance." IEEE MARGARET ELLEN TAYLOR "We have known all along that Margaret Ellen was a splendid worker and always cheer- ful about what she did. But just recently she has blossomed out as a. prima donna and sur- prised a large audience by her ability to act." Activities: Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 2, 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 45 "Tulip Time" 35 French Club 3, 45 Literary Society 4.' 53 E ADOLPHUS HENSEL "Dolphy" " 'Dolphy' possesses a grin like a tear in a shirt, which he springs on us frequently when arguing with Mr. Kaylor. He is a dandy fellow and leaves the coach and the football team to mourn for him." Activities: Football 3, 45 Baseball 2, 35 Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Band Minstrel 3, 4. l929 f-N ,N- 6- X Page thin-ty-nine The Delphian ROBERT MAURER "Bob" " 'Bob' has one particularly weak point and that is girls. He is fond of them all, but he's 'Parshal' to a blonde in the Junior Class. He has never worn out any books by hard study and that is one consolation to somebody's pocketbookf' Activities: Literary Society 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 25 French Club 4. MARGARET BALL "Peg" "Peg has won not only recognition for her dramatic ability, but also the love of our class by her likeable character." Activities: Debate 45 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Play 3: Glee Club 2, 3, 43 "Tulip Time." 3. WA LTER LORENZ "Wultsie" "Here is a boy who is never seen without a smile. Although he is of small stature, he makes up for it in humor. 'He was a jolly person all his life, in fellowship well could he laugh and jest? His hands seem to be made to hold a baseball." lf!! REGINA ANNA EVANS "In studies she never failed-and in her quiet way, many tasks she fulfilled-always trying' to make everything: better for every- one." Activities: Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4. El 133 DALLAS KEISER "Dal" "A dashing, reckless chap who would rather spend his time with the fair sex than with his lessons. In fact, he ranks as one of our many Fheiksi He made himself famous in foot- all." Activities: Football 3, 43 Glee Club 4. 1929 V The Delphian PAUL KISLIG "Martimer" "The original 'Sheik of N. P. H. S.' That slick hair and those brown eyes put it all over Nils Astor. Just mention the noun girl and the name 'Kathryn' and Paul is right there." Activities: Latin Club 2, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, French Club 45 Hi-Y 3, 4. El El LUCILLE CARPENTER "Touts" "Lucille is an attractive little midget. She is always smiling and bubbling over with fun. But she never neglects her lessons as her re- port card shows." EI EE ISI MYRON ICKES "Myron is more serious and thoughtful than most of the fellows. Kind, generous, consci- entious and works hard. We expect him to get along well in life. HELEN BROOKS "Br00ksie" "She is pretty to Walk with, and witty to talk With, and pleasant too, to think ony every- one likes Helen. She is always dependable." Activities: Girl Reserves 3, 4, Honor Club 1, 2, 39 Class.Social Committee 25 Delphian Stai 4. - WAYNE STEVENS "Wayne seems to enjoy a little sleep now and then so he just puts his head in his hand and-the sand man comes. He enlivens Hist- ory class every so often and reports on his exploits to his neighbors in English class." Activities: Orchestra 55 Band 3, 4, 5. IE El BEATRICE URBAN "Bee" "Beatrice is one of the prettiest girls in our class. We think that in the future she will probably take the place of Anita Page or one of the other lovely blondes of moviedomf' Activities: Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4g French Club 45 Girls' Glee Club 2, 33 "Tulip Time" 3. 'lil IE CLIFTON YOUNGEN "Cliff" "'Cliif' has demonstrated his wonderful musical talent by becoming a member of the West End Saxophone Orchestra. When we see Clifton, he always seems headed for the East End. We wonder Why? ' , l929 it iv- ' -J ,, Q. ss- ' . ,Gif --new . fa r , , ,.I.f1if,. .sn-l -.N sae! Page forty-one The Delphian GGLDEN WINDOWS The sun sent its last glinnnering' glow across the western horizon. lit lighted the windows of the old deserted house. The weary traveler's eyes brightened as they lell on the bcau- tiful sight. At last he had come to the end of his journey. lle had found what he was seeking, "The llouse of the Holden lN"indows." lfle hastened his steps as the sun sank lower. E A few minutes later he opened the old rusty gate and started up the cobble-stone walk that led to the door of the house. As he reached' the door, he raised his eyes for a last look at the golden vision before entering' the house-but alas! the gold had disappeared. The windows were black and staring. There were no curtains-no shades-nothing but a black empti- ness beyond. He shook his head and sadly went away. As he reached the turn in the road that would forever blot out the scene he had just left, he turned his head to look at the house once more. The windows were again lighted as with blazing gold. The man gasped, turned as if to go back, but hesitated. The sun slowly sank behind the hills, and before the tear-dimmed eyes of the old man, the gold slowly receded from the windows. He turned wearily to continue his journey. Thus it is in life with those things that we are always want- ing and Striving lor. Wfhile we are trying to obtain some object or reaching toward some coveted goal, they appear glittering' as the Golden Wfindowsg but when they are within our reach, and we grasp them, they lose their compelling power and become as the ordinary things of life. I -N. C. '29, Page fofrty-two ' l929 QU NIU QS QQ QMS x gh h - The Delphian A Book Give me a book and 1ny cosy chziirg The wind may blow but l'll not care, For l'll follow my friend of the printed page: 'l'll follow him back to a bygone age. Give me an hour in my easy chair lVith ever a friendly book there. -Mildred Thompson 130. MY AMBHWONS O clouds that Float in a summer sky I would that my ambitions could go that high And be so clean and remain so pure. That all my hopes could then mature. O rivers that How onward to the sea I, too, would be like thee. Although you wind and turn in your course, You have your destiny before you, from your source. -Lindsay Edwzu'ds '30 Page forty-fam' 1929 ' The Delphian ELEVENTH YEAR CLASS Marian Mosher Royden Moore Madge Thomas .Toe Price .... ...... Miss Rutledge OFFICERS Class Motto-Semper Ducens. Class Flower-Vlfild Rose. Class Colors-Coral and Wfhite. FINANCE COMMITTEE Cllairman-Joe Price David Harris Paul Roth XVilliam XN'ebster SOCIAL COMMITTEE Chairman-Jolm Bebout I-Ieleu Forney Maxine Lafferty Ray I-Iyer Earl Mathias 1929 President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Adviser Page forty-five L. 15 59 'Fu j 1 'C is Rf H c V ,vi .JA If 1 M af ig ef 1? X, if H im, as If .wr ,J . -. n 1 55: 55 1? Er 4 3 2? 25 if f 35 I? EF 4 S. .ff 1? 55 1 2 13 ij, 42: 43 lr 'Q iff qi if fs?- ii if . x M fr' 4. if Ja' If 51 3 i VP ag, .Q 4 J' 3? fu . T, Eff, I 1' 59 -3 ,. , ,, , 1 w Lv' A-'M-. -f X , . 1,-L..m,,...v N RAf-:'l1:gfw-',:- fllffglzfxff5-15,-lunI, flmqlfe gilt Lfglfijgl 1:53 ,,N- 3 .592 Page forty-six I QkiiifgflfZiff:fx-2115'gjfzilri'-fg5,ff'l,L:Qj2f-13 :1Eij:,qj1Qjj:'j'jj5fLi3'Egf'g7 1 J k Rf NIL T A VWL. 'X .F JV. ,, ,- , . . 5 V-, , f "-:fww Y L Jil? -Daql,,g.u.Um1fLu L---fy Y----1'-x---, -W,-, x Rv. Page forty-se've.n - " 0 fx: +3 V -W , Ax ,- ' f f ,f...,wf.U-. .1 Q1 -J .-11 L4-' 511-,.--.-.3f-.Q , -,--,..,1141g- ,gigqg . f -V., 2 a,' 1. 53 l The Delphian ELEVENTH YEAR CLASS Adams, Ora Alexander, Robert Baker, Freda Banks, Samuel Bebout, John Bletterer, Julia Bonnell, Frank Briggs, Ruth Carnahan, Frank Casebeer, Marie Creal, Catherine Davidson, Dean Dienst, Kathryn Dotts, Kenneth Edwards, Lindsay Englehart, Elsie Everett, Eunice Exley, Elizabeth Fickes, Margaret Fiedler, Eleanor Forney, Helen Foutz, Earl Gintz, Freda ' Glauser, Mary Grosjean, Margaret Hanson, Hlilliam Harris, David Hartman, Eugene Hollingsworth, Frank Holmes, Helen i Horger, Mary Hurst, Glenn Hyer, Raymond Iavens, Paul Johnson, Helen johnson, -lames Johnson, Stella Knisely, Donald Latlerty, Maxine Landis, Vfilbur Leggett, Glen Lewis, Evan Lightel, Thelma Limbaugh, Luther Lirgg, George Mackey, john Mackintosh, Bessie Mason, Anna Mae Mathias, Earl Mathias, George Mattern, Elizabeth Mennoni, Harold Page forty-eight l,,9 2 9 ,ii Z I Q Mercer, Clancy Miller, lflob Moore, Royden M osher, Marian Mossholdcr, -I une llerkins, Leona Pollock, Ruth Price, Aloe llugh, Pearl Ren n er, Thea Rinehart, Robert Roby, Sarah Rohrbach, .lonas Rosch. 'Virg'inia Roth, Paul Russell, Charles Sanders, .Nnelite Schneiter, lll argaret Schwartz, Mary Scott, tleorgianna Scott, Homer Scott, Kenneth Sherer, Paul Shipley, Mary Shively, David Smith, Clara Souers, Jeanne Southard, Lorna Snyder, Russell Spahr, David Spiker, John Stansbury, Harold Stechow, Laura Stewart, Anna Stewart, Wlilma Sullivan, Xkfillllillll Swindcrman, Florence Thomas, M adge Thompson. Mildred Tinker, Lawrence Tope, 'XVanda Trustdorf, Charles 'l'rustdor'l, Robert Tucker, Richard l'Varner, Helen XfVebster, lvllllillll NVelling, Robert X'Venger, Ellen llfheatley, Ernest lfVhitn1er, Ruth Wfilson, Maxine Nflfinkler, ,I, lelen Page forty-ozinc The Delphian A MINUTE LATE ' Mother culled me for school :it seven thirty that mo1'nin,Q'. The bed was so nice and wzirni and the room so cold, that I decided to stop just Z1 minute longer. My eye lids felt so heavy and it was it half hour until .I need to stztrt lor school, so l just closed my eyes again and lell into a light sleep. Suddenly l l1ea1'd Mother call, "For pity's szilce, girl, it,s ten minutes till eight!" My feet hit that cold tlooi' with Il hang. I made :L dash for some clothing. A liztpliztzniwl toilet was perlorined and I found myself down stairs. I refused Notheijs kind ol'l'ei' for lJI'CIllil-Zlit and lbegzm seurcliing for my hooks. l. got my wraps on and rzleed for school. I ran most of the way and entered thelxnilding :tll out of breztth. By the time I had climlmed three llights of stairs and removecl my wraps, the bell had rung. I slowly opened the door to Mr. Findley's ofhce-just Z1 minute too late. --R Inry li uh n '29. Page fifty l 9 2 9 Scu11Q1if1Ks5Qfo EQ Q N X xrj . 1 The Delphian Autumn Autumn leaves are falling fast Glowing embers flame at lastg High above, the wild geese soar To their homes upon the moorg Soon the winter clays will comeg The x-vinter's work will have begun. -Pearl Pugh '3O. A F 45 Memories ' VVhat would this World of ours be like XN'e1'e it not for memories of the past. To cherish in our memory as long as life will last. Our happy days at "Phila High" are treasured among the rest And though you seek through all other ones, You'll End these are the best. -Sarah Roby '3O. Page fifty-two ' I 9 2 9 The Delphian TENTI-I YEAR CLASSES George Johnston Tom Douds ....... Martha Mastako OFFICERS Lillian Yaggl .....,..................... Miss Barton and N B lr. Hykes ...... Colors-Coral and Silver Flower-XVilcl Rose 'lotto-Non Sihi, Sed Aliis SOCIAL COMMITTEE President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary . ....... Advisers Grace Rogers-Chairman n Ann Cooke Paul Pfeiffer Jeanette Pearch Robert Coleman Mary Thompson Charles Gross June Romig Dale Platz Donald Laird l929 Page fifty-three "ll5V525fliiiisff-lrfrfiilifi:5:t:q1lg1,'f1.ffQffJ 'lfhg gm upvifg "'f'.-51rQ.,:g 'Jf.Lk':,1' fg,g,f,'A' f . M Tip Ef X. 5 ff P.. L' ' Q m K W s H1 ag iff f gb .7 rv! 'v f w' 'Ui Ar .'f 1 , x fs n f ' my 'TX f 1 ,YQ 1 , I If g lg H, If 55 1-J .1 fy' yr , , Ll 1: fig' 1 xi, if . j 1 ' f M fl -wi, ,W ,K 42 135 w if Q5 it? wx 5? ag ,fc I I f YI, 1 .5 'QI' " If H I -4 -if if eff '! C6 xf. ZX 'Jil I' -' 'x n '-K Q' --Ii. I, l. 5, Q' ' .1 ? ,Hb E i 13 J ' 1: 1 XJ 'x Hr ff 'fig rf Q? My ,sf ,C U . 21 ll. ' .1 J XE. wq ii, fa 45 Q? 22 sa' All . K if 3' ms 5,19 f I' KT, L 4 1, HJ 4 ' 'P F if J, my Q V, . Q, 5'-f Tlj 1" ff '55, IC' De ff if 9? ,-' L , ,J .L V., Qgj. '1 I X, - j, fl ig E+? . P,- .Lv M Hx 5 KJ Sf vi V SH. Y 1' rr S s J 52- QL lu: 1 if Q' '11 -W x3 L, A gif ., H '-nv.. , WN . . tv if Page fzfty-four UQ P ' ff . A-...fwf-2. -. --XA, ---X .-f 1-. . -x ' SL? 'mx ' ,. .r .. , U- .., - -M - S , I - , '- 'l-'P"1v'VXJ" r' LVYE ?3f'?711f1'xfWA-fu' -xi' Q75 ' X2'iTf-SJ H J .4 S, FTF'-w.f?J--- L2--np' Lv -.:'L,,- -gpg' .L -1,9-651,-Ll 2711 IN, J x... .,,.. ,. JA ESQ! xikzzqd ig J, ntl' M Gig- U 5 f ' 'frm H ' ' .ik I 1 az, O Nj V J ,. I j ff V s '-fl, fi 2, , ' U gtk , Ki W Q SZ ,WHL I fx Q . my Mi gl if my Qff CL, 43 jx. gf, ny, iii -AQ: 315, Q ck! K Eff' A S-'S N'31x 4fJ 'QJLXA . 1 L Y .. N ' 1 f , F fe., NJQ - R 'iLi1,H QVL iii, "H ,112 3-1 es, 45 li. 4, Q K : ,B 11 f if fx, JI' ' If X, g , R5 pi if ' !, c f 1' lx, 5 Iii, 'Lg 1 1 A - I EN lv ,K i I, if If Ji' , 2 ,, , , pri EVE , Ib, if, sig tix Wg 1' .ff jj SQ, Q5 if N g A' 4 cr' U fi 'P J? "xg .3 f uf i' ec SQ 23' if: fl if? LC N .Y ff sf zg 4.2 1 41 2 J' vi X X if 2 'N 4 W A N 'Qc' :Z 55' PE - - gr ff W ffl AX 1 , w Y j gr ee I '54 1" 'i, .F 53 Alix 1 1 91 I 43 A KQLQGZ ' 45 3, I .fl H-NAIA xxax rv, ' P C' v drqil 4- 1, ,, 11 1.13 H U3 9 'qs E 'v G. J J Sf '-C QQ-V .ff :'.13lfL-Nd X-gi :W - :Yi , ,R J 'Yi' . P viz n age , jj? .,' Y V. rx? fifty wg .Qfgiqlfivv '31, lg, ifq. inf gf A '14, fXCl1l11'lS, Merle Agosti, Wiilliani Ball,lVillia1n I larker, Margaret llartholow, Harold Baxter, joe Beal, Floyd Bean, Lois Becker, Robert Bigler, Wendell Bingham, Robert Blackwood, Alice Borden, l-larold Born, CZ1l'l11Ol1 Brainerd, Helen Brewer, Mabel Brown, Robert Brown, 'lklihna Bucher, Mary K. Burkhart, Lillian Byrd, Wlendell Cale, jane Clymans, Florence Coleman, Robert Conaway, Anna Mae Cooke, Ann Culbertson, Charlotte Dallas, Velma Demuth, Xvllllillll Denning, Mary Denzer, Vivian Dienst, Evelyn Douds, Tom Eckert, Charles Eckert, l-lelen Edie, john Ed wards, lrl erm an Eicher, Mary Ellis, Matthew l?.l1g'lCl'llZl.1lll,jZ1lllCS Espenschied, Anna Evans, XVendell Exley, Dorothy Fisher, Corinne Fisher, Dale Fisher, Margaret Fondriest, Emma Fowler, Eleanor Fowler, Verne Fragasse, Lewis Eage fifly-six The Delphian Tenth Year .lr G rancc, llelen arner, Alma Geis, Marie Q E G G fl ibbs, Charles intz, David oulder, Vivian raft, Glenn Ciralli, Mary C. G CS G G Ci ll ii .I-I Il I-l I-l ll l929 ray, l lelen reen, llessie llenry reen, ross, Anne ross, Charles rubb, Roscoe ulbrandson, Don all., Dorothy allett, Ruth annnond, Robert atlield, Clara Mae awk, livelyn l'lC1lllllg'C!', Evelyn I lC1'lI'lZlll, llarold I linson, Howard llolleyoak, Anna Belle llollingsworth, Lloyd l lunirighonse, Marjorie lll1llllIlCll,xvllllillll l ll1l1lplll'CVlllC, Xliilliam I lurst, Frank lnherst, Robert jaberg, Lillian j ackson, Irene jenkins, lllary Frances johnston, George johnson, Leonard jones, Robert -v jnnkins, Frank Kappeler, Albert Kennedy, Bruce King, David Kislig, M ary Korns, Mary jane Ruhns, Glen Lalnners, Earl alnners, 'Violet aird, Donald Landis, Dorothy Larilnore, Margaret Lawrence, j. li. L L The Delphian Tenth Year Lea, Margaret Leggett, Ray l.ClllZlStC1'S, Charles Qeinasters, Erscl ,ewis. Mary Lieser, Eleanor Lirgg, Marie Lohman, Mabel March, Lucille Marsh, George Mastako, Martha Mathias, Earl Matthews, Robert MC l Sride. Mary Kathryn McCartney, Merle McClelland, Raymond M cfullough, xvlllllil Mcliinley, Dorothy ll leldruin , Ada Milar, Ruth - Miller, Alva Miller, Norman Morris, Garnet Neiger, Eugenia Neiger, Florence Owens, Mildred Packer, Raymond li,2ll1llC1', Robert Patrick, Thomas l:'earch, tl can ette Vfeilter, .lfaul 'obcrt 'Dale I I l"latz, lx 1 Pollock, lllildrcd fI'ostel, Dorothy lillgll, Wiayne R ' l il" ul arns very, z 1 Rausch. Margaret Rees, Gertrude Reese, Sybil Renner, Curtis Renner, Lucerne Ress, Robert s Reynolds, Annabelle Rice, Marjorie Richmond, Pauline Rieker, Homer Ripley, Earl Ripley, Max Robb, John Rogers, Grace Rolli, Harold Roniig, J une Rosenberry, Dale 1929 Rosenberry, George Russell, Delbert Salisbury, Lucille Sanders, George Schneider, Karl Scheider, M ary .lane Schwab, Violet Schwarni, Evelyn Sellers, M ary Senhauser, Edwin Shaffer. Pauline Shank, Thelma Sherrard, XYanda Sillce, Pauline Sindlinger, Vardi Snyder, Thelma Springer, rlwl1Cllll2l. Stahl, Charles Stansbery, Bill Stansbery, l"hil Steflfey, Bernice Sterns, Evelyn Stewart, Robert' Stonebrook, Edward Stonenian, Robert Stonenian, Roberta Stucky, Gladys Swartzbaugh, Matilda Sweany, Donald Sweany, Toni Swinderinan, llazel Swindernian, Mary 'l-l1Ulll?1S, Jessie Tliomas, Rosalie rlillOllllJSOl'l, Mary 'l'org'ler, Marie Tucker, Robert Vance, Beatrice Vasbinder, Laura Ella Voshall, Dorothy lValdron, Dorothy Wfaller, Faye lVardell, Mary Wfardell, lafilliain Warner, Faye Warren, Edna XYeax'er, Dorothy Xlfeller, George XYl1itlach,George XYolfe, Dale Yaggi, Lillian Youngen, Anna Margaret Page fifty seven The Delphian HEALTH EXAMINATIGN NAME-Cliurchill Fribley Cooke. Age-4 eras and one epoch. IIEIGHT-172 centimeters. lVeig'ht--lO grams collected over water. COLOR-Orchid. I. GENERAL APPEARANCE Radiating good health and spirits ?fespecially when engagfiiig' in foodstuffs. Poise, pleasing and restful?-only during calisthenic movements. Voice, well placed and sounded not high, thin, or nasal ?-has nasal twang. II. BUILD tffor age and given height see accoinpanyfng' chart?-can't Find no chart. III. POSTURE I-'Iead well poised ?-way ahead. Shoulders level and well back F-well back where? ,Back strong' and having normal curves?-under standard condi- tions. Abdomen well held-in and up toward the ribs?-time will tell. IV. FEET Toes well forward-no eversion?-only when bareiooted. Straight inner line from each heel to big' toe F--be it so. No bunions, corns, or callouses F-I advocate Clcbe Corn Pads. Transverse arch-no callous or feeling' of joints on bottom of foot ?-Nary a feel. V. SHOES Room Ior toes ?-4 rooms and a baxvth. Straight inner line?-very saponincatious. Flexible shank?-like a diving board. Low cut, broad toe P-give me the stage elIects. VI. HANDS Innnaculately clean P-at given time and place. Smooth skin ?-outrageously smooth. Nails and cuticle cared for-no extremes?-good annual crop. VII. HAIR Clean ?-a bit dusty. ' Glossy ?-several gloss. Free from oil?-I never eat oil. VIII. TEETI-I At least one thorough exam once in S nionths?-fXll modern iin- provements. Brushed twice daily?-one shot lubrication. IX. SKIN Clear and smooth P-see for yourself. Good color?-uh-huh. Tissue lirm and not flabby?--not a tlab to an inch. Clean?-when Well scrubbed. Cheeks and lips-nature color ?-at high temperatures. X. CLOTHING Adapted to the individual in line and color: suitable to the occasion and season, no binding or tight clothing?-no nooks or cran- nies. Page fifty-eight l929 AT Vjqm e Im M653 4' X i33 , - The Delphian BASEBALL Gnzldenhutten . .'.... . 7 N. P. II Newcomerstown ,...... ,...... 2 Z N. P. ll Orrville ...........,.... ....... 1 5 N. P. All Dover ..............,... 8 N. P. ll N ewcomerstowu .... ....... 1 7 N. P. I-I Coshocton ......... ..,.... 1 1 P. II G11z1dex1l1utten ..., 5 N. P. H Dover ........... .,.... 4 N. P. fll Mt. Eaton ..... 1 N. P. U Coshocton ..... 9 N. P. H Page sixty l929 The Delphian BASEBALL PLAYERS Francis Ankney "Ank" Catcher This was "Ank's" last year with us. He sure had plenty of power both in his bat and in his trusty right arm which could peg 'em to second with great ease. Lyle Gray Right Field Lyle surely will be missed on the team next year, for when he tossed them in from right Held they didn't have to be relayed. This little fact accounted for many an out. Eugene Wages "Bud" Center Field "Bud" could nab most any ily or grounder, that came his way, with one hand. And he sure swung- a mean bat which was always good for a safe hit. Doral McCartney "Mick" Pitcher "Mick" had a wicked arm and knew how to use it. He stepped into the pitcher's box and always filled it to perfection, H6l'9,S hoping we can find some one to fill his shoes next year. , Royden Moore "Horseface" Third Base Royden covered third base so well that it was useless for anyone to attempt to get his place. Two years more of play will make him eligible for the big league. Chester Jenkins "Chet" Captain "Chet" was one of the mainstays of the team. When he wasn't pitching, he played shortstop. We are sorry that the class of 1928 takes another victim. Charles Olmstead "Chuck,' Center Fielder "Chuck" was the little boy who played a big game in center Held. Besides catch- ing flies, he could also hit. We are sorry to lose him. Fred Bierie "Freddy" Left Fielder and Second Base Fred could play either in the outfield or at second base. He was good at either place because he had the best peg of any one on the team. "Freddy"' could also hit. The team will miss him. Evan Lewis "Red" Catcher "Red" was the big fellow who played behind the plate. Because of his accurate peg, few fellows ever stole base on him. Lewis was also good at hitting. We are sorry to lose him. Charles Trustdorf "Chuck" Short Stop One of the most difficult places to play was filled by this diminutive player. He was always on the job and did his part well. George Marsh "Marshie" First Base George's length was quite an asset in playing this position. We expect him to be a whiz this year. - Frank Bonnell "Bonny" Second Base Here, there, everywhere describes the way Frank covered. the territory in the vicinity of second base. When he is on the job, it is difficult to get anything past the second base. T Page sixty-one I 9 2 9 The Delphian TRACK TEAM 1928 Griffith, Richard, Mgr. Knauss, Don Downes, Bryce Sliaffer, llarley Gibson, Wfilliain lflfheatley, Ernest Born, Russell SCHEDULE In 1928 the track team took part in three meets. The lirst was at Mas- sillon, the second, at Uhrichsville, the third, at Uhrichsville. They also took part in the district meet at New Concord in which they took fifth place out of eight schools that had entered. In N. P. H. S. track work has been handicapped by the fact that We had no place to hold meets at home and no place to practice. But this year we hope for better results because we have a new track. l929 Page sixty-two .UU 3 3 jf 75 J? , km ,X H TQ 45 lr' lg. 'x Ly U Za kv cz H ', 2,- 'K 5, ,nf P! I i f! YK f. lf, m X. 4, J, Q ff X 1, 1, J, 4, Cf' ,,- lx. ,f V. :lv fy 4, .v K. ll U K2 J : V. fl IJ VI fu! H: 1, V xk RN: JJ, fi 1. my J 5, 2, I ng 4 ,. 'IVF P' I 1' 1' fx: r .f fi 2 3. Y v 'Q 7 il ll 3 ! , lyk Q 1 vxl ,J Q53-,H ggw,f.y, -.Mm L Page sixty-three ,Q ,, ,- X 1 Y, 1, .L-, ,-,. V, -MA -H. . -, ,.Xvwx--4, NJ'-,.-f nfl EL -x., .gf M' L-.ffl-'vw-Af - -ww--if-V , 1-,.,, mir w. y - ., ff Ln Lzifxfrl-'f"iWyn kL1u,L1L'.:... COA CH URATNE Coach surely mufle ll hit, with the whole squml und all thu school. Al- though it wus his first year with us, he filled his nichv with SllK'C'l'SS. We liopu llc wiil lm with us next ymir, mul with the seven letter mvn loft in the Svnim' High and thu n'mtvri:1l which will ba: nvziilulile frmu the Juninr High, hu will hnvv :1 gm-:xt yvur. DAVID 1-znwfxlclms "lJnvv" Muimger, X .gsm f:, ,?A".a5'l' 'Phu nvw Sfllliiillll guvm- i L U 'L "lmvv'i :ind his I1NNlSl' ' l - :mls plonly to mln. This ' Y - A 1 l ' fmct was Illl illIllii'llli!,'L' - ', I--jg tu the e,-ffirii-nl maxnnr-r ii ' , -'I-.. in which i'lll'y dill Hu- work. "lmvv's" willing- ,,,fN'g ' 111-ss to work, cmipli-nl with his els-siro to lizxvu Pve1'ytl1inf.: in "iip1lop" , " shape for the gunws I ,ffg.!, mzulu him :I Vflllltlllll' ,, F51 nxzxnngvr. i". "M 6 135: Page sixty-foufr 1 -,f ii, ,V q "' ,"- 3 ' h il Lv l J 1 , ,fn 1, N The Delphian FOOTBALL GAME WRITE-UPS TORONTO 12-N. P. H. S. O The first game of the season was largely a game of five lettermeu against eleven. Most of the fellows were playing their first game of football, but they surely showed plenty of fight. , VVOOSTER O-N. P. l-I. S. 6 The team came back with a bang and look what happened to XVoosterl Scrap and determination did it. EAST LIVERPOOL 18-N. P. H. S. 6 Goliath and David had a fight, but this time Goliath won. Too much avoirdupois did it. The team did its best and scored its touchdown in the last three minutes of play. COSHOCTON 21-N. P. I-l. S. O Our team was badly crippled because of injuries received at East Liver- pool's hands. It was tough luck! Coshocton made two of her touchdowns because of unavoidable fumbles by our crippled backlield. ORRVILLE O-N. P. H. Sz O Orrville was lucky to get off so easy. The team. with a crippled line, still managed to walk all over Orrville. Tough breaks for us and lucky breaks for Orrville were all that saved Orrville. Dag-nab-it! MASSILLON O-N. P. H. S. 0 VVe had our Whole team on the field for the first time this year, and Mas- sillon dicln't like it at all. Massillon made two first clowns. UHRICHSVILLE O-N. P. H. S. 6 Uhrichsville couldn't break the good old "jinx." Our tCZl.1T1 was all fight. SALEM 44-N. P. I-I. S. O Only a few of the first stringers played in this game. The second string men did their best against a strong team. DOVER 18-N. P. H. S. O Dover had a wonderful team. But wait and see what happens when We play them next year!! Page sixty-five l 9 2 9 . 43 5 ,--q- 1. .- fa -f-- -.- 4 QT ' af' J I 2 5 .ll x Eff 3' K' g? 1 I an 5? is .- J jig. 2 if ig Z .i w 3 , ii fz Ei Y 39 ff? as J. if is if r 53 Ei 1 3.5 if li is ii 7? it if ii lf Es ll it ,J li is J I K AVF: F ,f '1 lf 'vi P r 1 l l if A: N 1 1 Z. ,. .Lime W ,..,.,,,-,,., P ,ixc:,5L.::zggSg-9:13 TH-QQ IIVLQIQPHQQQU-5 L4gjlLg,:A1f. L-ze ' g1.ff5.z.-.Q Page szxty-sim -2545-keficl CHARLES BECKER "Chuck" Halfback "Charlie" played a good, consistent game and could always be counted on to take his man out of the way. It is our misfortune to lose him this year but' his excellent block- ing should be an inspiration to the man who fills his shoes next year. EEE ERNEST WHEATLEY Guard "Fear-not" Wheatley was never known to give up. Though small, he was a thorn in the fiesh of every opponent he met. Someone will be called upon to fill his place next year and it will be no small task to do so. GEORGE MARSH Tackle "Marshy" had to learn what it was all about this year. He took coaching in fine shape and proved to be a scrappy lineman. We expect to hear from him in no uncertain terms next year. IEIZIPZ3 DALLAS KEISER End "Dal" played his first year on the var- sity and gave a splendid account of him- self. He never had much to say but when the coach called on him to do his bit, he gave all he had. HAROLD SNYDER A Halfback Did you see that streak going around the end for a nice gain? Snyder was usual- ly good for one or two nice runs each game he got into. '- f- 'F fn.. ' M. .-f . -,.x'- f-'N f--.fa "--- f- - ' - "".3fCf-ZQTFQ-'2l,M'iR:r-D5-?'6i'4 ll 9 9 1..ff?f,.,?, efskxgf..-qgiegiflfscjw l The Delphian DONALD KNAUSS "Don" Halfback This was "Don's" second year as a triple threat man, and when he was called back, the opponents did not know what to ex- pect. N.P.H.S. will miss him next year, but we hope that our loss will be some college's gain. 53331531 JONAS ROHRBACH ".l0Ilie" Quarterback-Cap't.-Elect As quarterback it was up to "Jonie" to keep the team in the game. He was always cool and collected, and knew just when to call each play. He, too, will be backpwith the 1929 team and, with two years' expe- rience back of him, We are sure he will lead them through a victorious season. .IE Ellfjl CHARLES GROSS "Chuck" End "Chuck" surely has the physique for a football player, and in his first year in the Senior High he won a letter, so it is evident that he also has ability. With two years before him, "Chuck" will surely prove him- self a value to N.P.H.S. Inna V WENDELL BYRD "Windy" Back This was "Windy's" first year playing with a. Senior High football team, and he certainly has proved his ability. He is one of the sophomores to make a letter, and great things are expected of him in the next two years. El IZ! IZZI PAUL SHERER "Red" Tackle "Red" played on the line and was rather quiet in manner, but had he not been there his absence would have been quite evident. He had plenty of fightjand did his best at all times. We are sorry he won't be here next year. i A 1929 l l 1 l Page siiatgfiseven ,.,. ,, W. , A 1 as fs -., J-J 'line T1..1eln3lg,1.ali. fl Af J Page sixty-eight f...-4, - -,.. rv VN. N. -Xa'-Y-, 'Y' w' -"X-"ie I '- ww'- FRED ALEXANDER "Aleck" Center "Aleck," as center, held one of the most important positions on the team. He was greatly missed when injuries prevented him from playing in two games. We hope that he will be successful in his future football career. THOMAS DOUDS "Tom" End "Tom" entered the Senior High with a Junior High football record back of him. He started right into the fray and stayed there fighting. His injuries hindered him to some extent, but he will be back next year. IEIIZZIEEI EARL FOUTZ "F0utzy" Halfback The first part of the year "Foutzy" played tackle, and he usually got his man. However, in him Coach Craine discovered one of the fastest backfield men of the season. He has another year in high school, so we'll expect to hear from him again. IEIZJIZZI JOHN BEBOUT "Johnnie" Tackle "Johnnie" is another of our promising Juniors. Using plenty of fight and hard work, he won for himself a place on the varsity. John doesn't know the meaning of the word "quit" when he's up against a hard line. We wish him a most success- ful season in 1929. IE! ADOLPHUS HENSEL N"Dolphv" Captain--Guard N.P.H.S. was very fortunate in having "Dolphy" back again this year. Having had former experience and the good will of the fellows, he made an excellent cap- tain. We hope he may play for some college as he did for N.P.H.S, 43 V - r -X e. . .. 1 fll' 'I f' ' --A,-1.-A..f'. '-' - W- 's -' -.V -t I 0' 5, J y., ,Fish-...N:,,r-fig ..4,..., sf-My-f-S.-f-f I um w UC .J v..',.j.,.- Crum ,. -f Q 1' xv fp l A Q., If .111 , Page sixty-nine I - , ,A rUi,,,w ,,, ri,!.M,,,l U X ' ' - .. ii, 1, 251 ..'1,,...iL..L. ' l BASKETBALL Some people judge the success Of au athletic season hy the uuuiher of games lust and won. Frmu this viewpoint we cannot consider the past has- kethall season a success, There are many hases on which to figure success ill the athletic contests and we are pleased to state that ours has heeu a success lrmu every standpoint except the score. The lmys learned to play and their play improved as the season progressed. They learned to play hard even iu the face of defeat. They enjoyed the game and every player was interested in the team rather than his own glory. Page seventy A i fl: 1 i L cc. The Delphian SCH EDU LE N, P, H, S ,,,,,,,, ,,.... 3 O O 1'1' ville ....... ...... . 10 N. 11, H, S .,",,,- ,,,.,. 1 4 Massillon 37 N. P. I-I. S ....... ....... I 7 Dover .-----,,---f- -,-4-- 3 4 N, P, H, S ,,.,,,,, ..A... 1 7 Newcomerstown .. S N, P, H, S ,,,,,,,, ...... 1 7 Massillon ......, ...... 5 4 N, P, H, S ,,,,,,, ,,,,,, 1 S Akron Vvcst .... ....., 3 8 N. P. H. S ........ 27 ilfllricllsville ...... .. 23 N, P, H, S ,,,,,.,, ,.,,.. 1 1 McKinley .............. ...... 4 5 N, P, H, S .,,,,... ...... 1 3 East Liverpool ....... ...... 2 7 N, P, H. S ,,,,,,., ....,. 3 1 lXflil1e1'slJu1'g ........ ...... 2 l N, P, 1-1. S ,,,,,,,, ...... 2 7 Uhrichsville ...... ...... 3 1 N. P, 1-I. S ..,,,,.. ...... 1 7 Coshocton ...,... ...... 2 9 N. P. I-I. S ........ ...... 2 6 Orrville ............,........,... ...... 2 8 N. P. H. S .,,,,... ...... 2 5 Youngstown Chaney ...,... ...... 2 9 N. P. H. S ........ ...... 9 Dover ..,..:..................... .,..... Y 34 N. P. I-1. S ........ ...... 2 7 Coshocton 31 TOURNAMENT N. P. H. S .......A ...... 1 5 Dover ,,.,. ,,,,,, 5 3 EDWARD EICHEL C'Eddie"y, Manager "Edclie's,' smile was always in evidence and his work was well clone. A faithful student manager like "Eddie" is quite a joy to the Coach and the Faculty Manager. Page seventy-one l 9 2 9 Page seventy-two HENRY C. CRAINE Coach The basketball season was an up-hill job for the coach. This fact did not cause him to lose heart or complain. He gave his best all the time and the fruit of his labor will be evident when the team comes out to display its wares next season. ROBERT RINEHART "Bobbie" "Bobbie" showed his ability as a guard this year. By his consis- tency in every game he demon- strated his value to the team. In recognition of his play the boys elected him to be their captain for next year, Good luck to you, "Bobbie!" WENDELL BYRD "Bird" "Bird's" ability as a forward was sure helpful to our side of the score. If two points were needed, they just gave "Bird" one shoot at the hoop and the two points were had. He will be with us two more years. Hot dog! CHARLES GROSS "Chuck" "Chuck" has shown the whole school how a fellow should play basketball. His ability as a center was brought to us from the Junior High. Two more years of his centering- and scoring' ability will sure fill the center position to the utmost. ' - 7'A " J '-.f 331 If .Q if X-fl - - Y' i-I , - '---,1 . ."-QQ ,J JONAS ROHRBACH "Jonie" "Jonie" knew his stuff when it came to playing guard. The blanket-like way he covered his man was always disgusting to the poor fellow. Needless to say that "Jonie" will be with us again next year. HAROLD ROLLI "Abic" "Abie" was the fighting "Hoor- Ward" of the team. The way he went up in the air after the tip-ofi? had him fighting to get back on the fioor. He raised the score many times with his ability to hit the basket. He has two more years to keep raising the score. ERSEL LEMASTERS "Pooch" "Pooch" was called the "singing guard" and the way he sang to his opponent in a game surely kept the score down. All the fel- lows know his singing and playing will be a great help next year. DONALD KNAUSS "Big Foot" Captain "Big Foot" knows his stuff when it comes to playing center. He was the only senior on the team this year. When he wrapped those nippers of his around that basket- ball, no one ever took it from him. It is our hard luck to lose him this year and we wish him good luck. p.. ,--fs fs 5..- .,'-f ',a.W-- .-s . 'W ff ,. Page seventy--three M, . Jag-. -.,.-,' xvslg, , V-Af-.,,.,,,-, .. j,a.M The Delphizin Massillon .... Dover .......... lfassillon ......, Akron XVest .,.... Uhricllsville ....... Canton ...........,... East Liverpool Uhrichsville .,.,...... Coshocton ....... Dover . ...,,.,.. Coshocton .... Page seventy-four RESERVES 28 N. P. H. 19 N. P. H. 25 N. P. H. 28 N. V. H. 15 N. P. H. 37 N. P. H. 23 N. P. H. 22 N. P. H. 12 N. P. H. 24 N. P. H. 17 N. P. H. l929 , , ., A r W, wb ,-1,.., , -' -f' -- -lui lU'Q:LLJ'L.w31.u - , A, A. . 1 in 11:15 A h Page seventy-five , V , x 1 -, , .4 -, , ,, . , L-1 -'X-"U'w"w.f- -A 1. V .L1 gf , -'.-.31-.,,,.X, - f f I The Delphian DAILY BRGADCAST Try HEWEY 8: PODUNK Professor Mme. Skunk - 'X' MUD llealth Giving' Perfume Undertakers Bath It's XVhoozy" Try Qui' Complete Line New Process Natures Ideal Try Gm. Ads "Come in and let us measure you up" gym. Ads Bring Satisfaction Guaranteed Results Tell Send Your Friends Her head was on his breast Yillll' I-Iiuklelggmmg His hand was on her cheek C011t1'ilJl1ti011s New Skill He d1'ew her gently to him to FREE And soothing words did speak. Uf'XllJY with Although this sounds romantic, BROADCAST CVC1'YOg7Utt1ff She wished she were not thereg our special Hand Lotion ONE DAY For if you only knew it, She was in a dentist's chair. -Selected ONLY Donlt perish 'Up in the Air .Nll the Time" Foolish Ads not accepted Why can't flies see in winter? They left their specks On the Senior High windows. XVhat is a High School girl always looking for but hoping never to find? A hole in her stocking. This Station now signing' off, Page sevevzty-six l 9 2 9 having' completed its Annual Nonsense. ,. FWS A T f, f N2 K? The Delphian Jane Carr ..........,.....,....Q...,........... , ....... President Nell Cotham ..,..........,........................,...........,,.,. ,,...,., S ecretary Miss Felton and Mr. Findley ...,.......,,.......,..,..,.. .,.... A advisers 1 TXV E L FTH YEAR Brooks, Helen Carr, Jane Cotliarn, Nell Harris, Julia Kinsey, Alice Regula, Marvin ELEVENTH YEAR Harris, David I-lollingswortli, Frank i Fiedler, Eleanor Glauser, Mary Lalicerty, Maxine Sanders, Anelite Wfarner, Helen Wfinkler, l lelen TENTH Y EA R Barker, Margaret Geis, Marie Hall, Dorothy Hollingswortli, Lloyd Korns, Mary Jane Lahmers, Violet Youngei Page seventy-eight 1, Anna Mar l929 Meldrum, Ada Pfeiffer, l-'aul Schneider, Mary .lane Tlionias. Jessie Tliolnpson, Mary lNarren, Edna ' garet The Delphian Hl-Y Charles Becker ...,.. ......,......,..........................,....,.,....... I Jresident Dav1d Edwards ....... .......... ..........,..,............... V i ce-President David Harris ...............,, ....... S ecretary and Treasurer Mr Hykes .......... Q ..........,. ....,,..............,.............. A ClV1SC1 Becker, Charles Coleman, Robert Cooke, Churchill Edwards, David Edwards, Herman Ellis, Mfatthew Fisher, Dale Forster, Wfilliam Fowler, Verne Gibbs, Charles Graff, Glen Gulbrandson, Don Harris, David Hartman, Eugene Humphreville, VVilliam Jones, Robert Kislig, Paul Lawrence, I. K. Limbaugh, Luther Marsh, George Mathias, Earl l929 McCartney, Merle llilennom, Harold Murrell, Wfilliam Packer, Cyril Platz, Dale . Price, joe Rieker, Homer Ripple, Howard Robb, John Rosenberry, Dale Roth, Paul Russell, Charles Russell, Delbert Senhauser, Edwin Shearrow, Dale Stewart, Robert Stonebrook, Edwa Travis, Charles VVeller, George Vllherley, John rd Page seventy mne 1.1-3 ,- b. , W , AW., A x,f1,:K'f'fg , .A Page eighty A--f,,:-.fy-,,-Q . 1 4 .J .-Q. ., ,JH V The Delphian GIRL RESERVES ADVISERS Miss Alberson Miss Myer Miss Beaber Miss Nussdorler Miss Felton Miss Roberts E Miss Stockwell OFFICERS julia Harris ......., Eleanor Fiedler Nell Coth am .......... Kathryn Benson Baker, Freda Ball, Margaret Barker, Margaret Bean, Lois Bechtel, Ina Benson, Kathryn Bigler, Mildred Blackwood, Alice Bontrager, Mary Born, Carmon Brainerd, Helen Brewer, Elizabeth Brooks, Helen Bucher, Mary Kathryn Burkhart, Lillian Cale, Hannah Cale, Jane Campbell, Florence Cappel, Virginia Carr, jane Casebeer, Marie Clymans, Florence Clymans, Virginia Cooke, Ann Cotham, Nell Creal, Catherine Cricks, Nina Culbertson, Charlotte Dallas, Velma Denning, Mary Denzer, Vivian Dienst, Evelyn Dienst, Kathryn Earle, Mabel Early, Margaret Eckert, Helen Mae Eicher, Mary Ellwood, Virginia Emig, Clara Mae MEMBERS Englehart, Elsie Enold, Mildred Espenschiecl, Ann Evans, Regina Exley, Dorothy Exley, Elizabeth Fackler, Anna Mary Fickes, Margaret Fiedler, Eleanor Fisher, Corinne Fisher, Margaret Forney, Helen Fondriest, Emma Fowler, Eleanor . France, Helen Frew, Emma Kathryn Frey, Katherine Garner, Alma Geis, Marie Gillis, Helen Gintz, Freda Glauser, Mary Glazier, Gertrude Goulder, Vivian Graff, hlary Carolyn Green, Bessie Griffitli, Anna Mary Groff, Elsie Grosjean, hlargaret Gross, Anne Hall, Dorothy Hallett, Ruth Harris, Dorothy Harris, julia Hatfield, Clara -Mae Hawk, Evelyn Hawkins, Arline Heminger, Evelyn Hollyoak, Anna Belle 1929 President .,,....Vice- l 'resident .........,.Secretary ,,,,..,.............'l'reasurer Holmes, Helen Horger, Mary lflumrighouse, Marjorie Hurst, Mildred lllutchinson, Laverda Jaberg, Lillian jackson, Irene jenkins, Mary Frances johnson, Helen Kinsey, Alice Kislig, Mary Korns, Mary Jane Kuhn, lVlary Lailerty, Maxine Lahmers, Violet Laird, Lucille Landis, Dorothy Larimore, Margaret Larimore. Ruth Lea, Geraldine Lea, Margaret Lewis, Mary Lieser, Eleanor Lightel. Thelma Lirgg, Marie Lohman, Mabel Lohman, Wfilhelmina Mackintosh, Bessie Malinclzak, Irene Mastako, Martha Mattern, Elizabeth Maurer, Ruth McBride, Marv Kathryn McCullough, XVilma McKinley, Dorothy Meldrum, Ada Milar, Ruth Page eighty-one The Delphian GIRL RESERVES Mosher, Marian Mossholder, june Neiger, Eugenia Neiger, Florence Opp, Ruth Osgood, Thurma Owens, Mildred Pearch, Jeanette Perkins, Leona Pollock, Mildred Pollock, Ruth Postel, Dorothy Pugh, Pearl- Rausch, Margaret Rees, Gertrude Reese, Sybil Renner, Lucerne Reynolds, Annabell Rice, Marjorie Roby, Sarah Rogers, Grace Romig, June Rosch, Dorothy Rosch, Virginia Sanders, Anelite Schneider, Mary jane Schott, Marjorie Schwab, Carrie Schwab, Violet Schwarm, Evelyn ' Scott, Georgianna Sellers, Mary lane Shaffer, Pauline Shank, Thelma Sherrarcl, Wfanda Shipley, lllary Shively, jane Shonk, Martha Silke, Pauline Simpson, Maurine Sindlinger, Vardi Smith, Clara Snyder, Thelma Souers, Jeanne Page eighty-two Southard, Lorna Spies, Claudine Springer, Thelma Stechow, Laura Stelfey, I Stephon, Stewart, Stewart. Stewart, S'f0l1Clll2ll lernice M argueri tc A n na Ruth lVilm a 1, .Roberta Stucky, Gladys l929 Swartzhaugh, Matilda Swmderinan, Florence Swinderinan, llazel Swinclerman, Mary Taylor, Margaret flillen Thoinas, lessic Thomas, Rosalie Thomas, Madge rllll0ll'lPSOl1, Mary Alice 'l'hornpson, Mildred Tope, Wfanda Torgler, Marie Urban, llcatrice Vance. lieatrice Vasbinder, llelen Voshall, Dorothy lvaldron, Dorothy 'Wallet lfaye lVardell. Martha lfVardell, Mary XVarner, Faye NVarner, Irlelen XVarner, ,lane lllarren, Edna Nlfeaver, Dorothy X'vCIlQ'C1', lfllen l'Yhitmer, Ruth X-Yilson, Maxine la-'inkler, llelen XYise, Faye Yaggi, Lillian Yaggi, Isabel Youngen, Anna Margare The Delphian LITERARY SGCIETY Usborne lylercer ..... ....., .....................................,.......... l D resident Irene Malindzak ,,,,,, ,.,.,,.. V ice-President and Treasurer Vlfanda Tope .,,,,., ......,...,............................... S CC1'C'EZl.1'y Richard Tucker .... ........................ S ergeant-at-Arms Miss Baker .... Bebout. -lohn Boyd, Edward Cooke, Ann Dallas, Velma Denzer, Vivian Englehart, Elsie Goulder, Vivian Graff, Mary Carolyn Gross, Anne V Lariniore, Ruth Lohman, YVilhel1nina Malindzak, Irene Mason, Anna Mae Maurer, Robert c ' MEMBERS. Spies, Claudine Stahl, Charles Mercer, Clancy Mercer, Osborne Miller, Robert . Pollock, Mildred Rogers, Grace Roniig, June Rosch, Dorothy Schwarm, Evelyn Shank, Thelma Shonk, Martha Simpson, Maurine 1929 Snyder, Harold Stewart, Ruth Sweany, Thomas Taylor, lVIargaret Ellen Tinker, Lawrence - Tope, XVanda Travis, Charles Tucker, Richard Tucker. Robert lVarner, 'lane Wfebster, Wlilliani Yaggi, Lillian Youngen, Anna Margaret Page eighty-three The Delphian Maxine Wfilson Harry Luyster Mildred Hurst Dorothy Harris LATIN CLUB Miss Rutledge .................,...........,.i...... Beaber, Robert Bean, Lois Benson, Kathryn Blackwood, Alice Born, Carnion Cappel, Virginia Carr, Jane Eicher, Mary Fiedler, Eleanor Fisher, Corinne Fowler, Eleanor Frew, Emma Kathryn Geis, Marie Gillis, Helen Grifhtli, Anna lllary Groff, Olin Groff, Elsie Gulbrandson, Donald Hall, Dorothy Page eighty-fozvr Harris, David Harris, Dorothy Harris, julia Holmes, Helen Hurst, Mildred Hutchinson, Laverda Jenkins, Mary Frances Lafferty, Maxine Lea, Geraldine Lohman, Mabel Luyster, Harry Mackintosh, Bessie Mathias, George Maurer, Ruth McBride, Kathryn Mercer, Osborne Malindzak, Irene Miller, Robert Pugh, Pearl l929 ...........,.,.l7resident ........,Vice-President .............,.Secretary ............ 'Vreasurer .......i....,....,..,....Aclviser Ripple, Howard Schneider, Mary .lane Scliwah, Violet Schwartz, Mary Scott, l-iCOI'g'lZlllll?1 Shaffer, Pauline Sherrarcl, llfanda Souers, jeanne Taylor, Margaret Ellen Thomas, Jessie Thoinpson, Mary Thompson, Mildred Torgler, Marie lVarner, jane llfarner, Helen NVilson, Maxine Vlfinkler, Helen Yaggi, Ysaliel rg-RQ, ,X 'ii S. '. fr, .ILMQ ,,rC3..LJ..1.1le.t. DEBATING TEAM Resolved: That the United States should'cease to protect by force ot arms, capital invested 111 foreign lands. except after formal declaration of war. Affirmative Negative Mary C. Graff Margaret Ball Ruth Lariniore Dorothy Rosch Vvllllillll Forster, Captain Mildred Enold, Captain Pauline Richmond, Alternate George Johnston, Alternate Coach-Mr. Bender SCHEDULE ' In the Qhio State Debating League, N. P. l-l. S. afiirinative defeated Dover and the negative lost in a preliminary debate. In tl1e Hrst elimination debate, the affirmative defeated Rich lilillg and in the second eliniination they lost to Bellaire. This was our first year in the Ohio State Debating League. v W Page eighty-five The Delphian FRENCH CLUB Russell Born .,.... .... ..... .... ........ ' I 7 1 'esident Anna llflary Fackler ....,, ......... X fice-'President Alice Kinsey ............ .....,........,......... S ecretary jane Shively .......,.......... ....... f Xssistant Secretary - Mildred Hurst .................. ........................ ' Freasurei Margaret Ellen Taylor ....... .,....,...,...... r Xssistant rr1'Ci1Sl1l'Cl Francis Bear ,.....,...,.....,.., .................,..,.... S ergeant-at-Arilis George Lorenz ..,............. ....... 1 Xssistant Se1'gea11t-at-fX1'1ns Miss Beaber .,..... . Bear, Francis Bechtel, Ina Born, Russell Cotham, Nell Ellwood, Virginia Fackler, Anna Mary Fair, Robert Frey, Katherine Gillis, Helen Groff, Elsie Hawkins, Arline Page eighty-six Hurst, Mildred Hutchinson, Laverda Kinsey, Alice Kislig, Paul Larimore, Ruth Lorenz, George Mackintosh, Bessie Malindzak, Irene Marsh, George Maurer, Robert Osgood, Thurma l929 4 AX d V i s ci Regula, Marvin Rosch, llorothy Roscli, Virginia Schwab, Carrie Sliearrow, Dale Shively, jane Simpson, Maurinc Taylor, Margaret Urban. Beatrice XVise. ,Faye Yaggi, Ysalmcl if .1-,LU ,N :WWA G Ty 'Hwy 'D ,W -limo .G liu.Hliici1L -N -f N.,-sg. ,..',fxa, -L Ji A JQHIR GIRLS' GLEEL CLUB Miss Glauser .........Q...,......,.. ...........,..... ...............,..,............ D i rector Helen Gillis ....,............................................... ............,.... f Xccompanist Ball, Margaret Bigler, Mildred Cappel, Virginia Carr, Jane Cooke, Ann Dallas, Velma Denzer, Vivian Emig, Clara Mae Englehart, Elsie Enold, Mildred Exley, Dorothy Exley, Elizabeth Fiedler, Eleanor Erew, Eniina Kathryn Gillis, Helen Gintz, Freda Goulder, Vivian Graff, Mary C3.1'OlyIl Grolf, Elsie ,sn-gs-17 V ,-e, Grosjean, Margaret Harris, Julia Hawkins, Arline jenkins, Mary Frances Korns, lllary Jane Kuhn, Mary Lafferty, Maxine Laird, Lucille Landis, Dorothy Larimore, Ruth Lea, Geraldine Lea, Margaret Lewis, Mary Lieser, Eleanor Mackintosh, Bessie Mastako, Martha Malindzak, Irene Milar, Ruth Mossholder, June fi ,-fy if in -2Q5ilJlg'.-1'-rflff 143 il 231 511127 Osgood, Thurma Rice, Marjorie Roniig, June Schott, Marjorie Schwab, Carrie Silke, Pauline Simpson, Maurine Sindlinger, Varcli Spies, Claudine Stewart, Ruth Taylor, Margaret E lVardell, Martha lVeaver, Dorothy NVhitnier, Ruth Xfllise, Faye Yaggi, Ysabel Yaggi, Lillian Youngen, Anna Margaret llen ' Page eighty-seven The Delphian BOYS Miss Glauser ..... Helen Gillis ,...... Bebout, John Becker, Charles Binghani, Robert Byrd, Vlfenclell Carnahan, Frank Cooke, Churchill Davidson, Dean ' Edwards, David Ellis, Matthew Forster, W'illiam Foutz, Earl Gross, Charles I-lensel, Adolplmus I-lummell, 'lhfilliam Hurst, Glen Keiser, Dallas Page eighty-eight 5 . GLEE l929 CLUB .......,,...l....Director ......v.......:.......flxCCOllllJZllllSlI Kennedy, Bruce Kislig, .Paul Lewis, Evan Luyster, Harry Marsh, George Mathias, Earl Mathias, George Mennom, lil arolcl Mercer, Clancy Miller, Paul Moore, Royclen Packer, Cyril Senhauser, Edwin Shcrer, Paul Tinker, Lawrence X 1 A V 1 ..,, I , " - --f -'- 'Af lb'-'w!,fwL1r"1 '--'N QE? inf 1 1 , 1, M, , 5m,f,,,. ww H 12415 5552 X , Y E Kal W WW wu wggrfv , ,M H :A 5 fl ,, , H 23, , in Wgfw , , 5? il ai? 11 H K 8 . . , K TV xr H2 w uw rx' , :mam W ,mgaag Z" gag Page eighty-nine ,-. 3- , LZ' -ZA Qi, fi Jw 117, g. 'f , ' " ' ' 1 X L -. . .,. .. - ,, - ., , N, . . The Delphian Page ninety l929 lil arty Schenk ....... Banks, Sam Bingham, Robert Borden, fl'-larold lloyd, Edward Coleman, Robert Creal, Catherine Creal, Myron Davidson, Dean Eckert, Charles Edwards, David Edwards, I-lernian Edwards, Lindsay . Ellis, Mathew Gibbs, Charles Glauser, Mary Gulbrandson, Donald H anson, Vlfilliani l'-luinphreville, Nvllllillll Lahniers, Earl Laird, Donald l.eMasters, Charles The Delphian BAND ..,.,,Director Lirgg, George Luyster, Harry M athews, Robert Mathias, Earl Mathias, George Miller, Robert Moore. Royden Mosher, Marian Price, joe Rieker, l-lonier Rinehart, Robert Robb, John lulenry Russell, Delbert Slierer, Paul Snyder, Russell Soutliard, Lorna Stevens, Wlayne Stewart, Robert Stoneman, Robert Stonenian, Roberta lllardell, lllilliani Do you hear that music down the street? Do you hear that thunderous drunnners' beat? 'l'hey're coming! see that Hash of red Vrancing up the road'.aliead Of the neatest band' in any town? Colne on, let's follow them around! They're going out to the football gaine- Gee, that red sure niakes 'em plain! Between the halves you'll get a thrill llecause they always march and drill. l-flurry up! I'd like to see How tickled all the kids will be To spy that steady marching' line Playing for 'em f'Philly NN-'ill Shine!" l929 Page 'niizqtiy-one The Delphian ORCHESTRA Harry Schenk ......, Helen Gillis .. Banks, Sam Born, Carmon Boyd, Edward Brewer, Elizabeth Coleman, Robert Creal, Myron Edwards, David Forster, Wfilliam Gillis, Helen Glauser, Mary Page ninety-two l929 ............D11ector .....................fXCCO1'I1lJ'l1'll'alI Lahmers, Earl Lirgg, George Luyster, Harry Platz, Dale Pugh, Pearl Rieker, Homer Robb, John Henry Schwab, Violet Sherer, Paul Stevens, XAIZIYIIC The Delphian School Days Happy school days all gone by, Good old times in Phila Higlig Wfhere we laughed and thought and played, Wlhere we labored for a grade. Maybe some day we may see just what school to us would be, If we'd come back and see in our place Many a strange and staring face. How we'd miss' Russ l3orn's bright face! ji. Spiker and Stevens to fill up space. And perhaps Our Kaylor would not be there, Having' gone away with some lady fair. Miss Helmiek we know would still be preaching On getting fun out of her teaching A class to grow both strong and wise- How to make muscles by exercise. W'e'd always go to a football game, Shouting' for Phila just the sameg Never forgetting to thoughtfully look back And see our days of the dear Red and Black. -Katherine Frey, '29 Page 'ninety-three I 9 2 9 The Delphian THE SUNBGNNET GIRL Presented by Girl Reserves, Hi-Y, Glee Clubs and Orchestra CHARACTERS Ezra McSpavin, the village constable ................ Reuben McSpavin. the constable's son ........, Mrs. Coleman, a wealthy patron of lllUSlC....,. Bob Coleman, her son .............................,......... Barbara Coleman, her daughter ............., ..... Jerry jackson, Bob's chum ..........,.., ........... ....... .... Susan Clifton, the Sunbonnet Girl .......................... Abijah Scroggs, the Sunbonnet Gn'l's guardian ...... Mrs. Scroggs, Abijah Scroggs' better half .......... ........,.....,George Marsh .......,.,,..........i.lJaul Kislig ......Mary lfrances jenkins ...............llruce Kennedy ....,..Mary Carolyn Graft .,......,.Royrlen Moore ,.,....Clara Mae Emig lfoutz ,..,..,llr-ssie Mackintosh Evalina, Abijali and Mrs. Scroggs' daughter ........ ..............,.. I luth Milar Hiram Meadows, a kindly farmer .,.................... ......,..........,... L fharles Gross Mrs. Meadows, his Wife ..,...........,.........,.............,...... .........,..,..... l Dorothy X'Veax-'er Miranda, Hiram and Mrs. Meadows' daughter ..............l. Margaret Ellen Taylor Luella Lumpton, a Village maiden ....,.........,........ ......,...................,. l ,illian Yaggi Sadie Simpkins, another village maiden ....i.................... -'Xnna Margaret Youngen Calico Girl ...,.................,.................................................................. julia Lynn llarris and chorus of village boys and girls. Directors: Miss Felton, Miss Roberts, Miss Glauser, Mr. Schenk Page ninety-four , I 9 2 9 T i QWWS L Q . 0 Pifev The Delphian JOKES Miss Stockwell: Xvllilt is the name of :1 kitchen utensil in which we fry things? Ersel Lenizistersz A kettle. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Vivian Denzer inn El picture shoxvj : XfX"lIZlt is this ice jzun they are always talking about? Ed. Boyd: Oh, that is what the Eskimos put on their bread. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' A George Marsh: Bob, why don't you play l'ootb:1ll? Bob H.: I would, only I :un left handed. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Abie Rolli: Wfhat did your girl give you for Cll1'IStll1Zl.S? Jonas R.: A carving set. Abie R.: A carving set? Jonas R.: Yes, Z1 safety razor. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Church Cooke ftranslating' Vergilj: "All the gods have gone out :md seem to have left us." 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' IX'Iarvin ReQ'ulz1: XAHIZIII is 21 sinkinff fund? 1 RJ .ri - . - "left " Lea: A sum of mone f raised for buildine' submarines. . Y 5 s 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Miss I-Ielmick Cin Biolj: Wfhat do the mandibles of Z1 grussliopper look like? : Helen Gillis: They're close together, only they come apart. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Chas. Russell: Wlhzlt is light? Joe Price: A piece of ether. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Miss Nussdorfer: 'Hztve you some gum in your mouth, john? John Wfherleyz INhy-21-er-yes, b11t not a whole stick. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Margaret Lea Cin Ancient I'Iist.j: The Greeks didn't have any hztrum. Their harum was Hades. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Mr. Kaylor: This has been the worst reeit:1tion I have ever heard. Bierie: You have done most of it yourself. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Mr. Bender Cin Ancient Histj: Describe the men oi the Early Stone Age, 'VVilliam. Bill Demuth: They wear shoes, size 1112, und their egg-sllapecl heads were hard to Ht. u . 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' r. Kaylor fin Hist. Class after 21 student had recitedj: I.ueille. any thing' else? Lucille C.: I donit have unvthiug' to add. M Mr. Kaylor: Do you have dnything to subtract? Page 'ninety-six 1929 ' 1 XX 111He1d DCIIIIISOI1 St1 "l.Sb1.1I', S1I1'lSbl11, Stoneuecl I 01111 -X11d1ex1 Q 'Xhdx 'Llc De11111So11 LOYIII A11d1c-:us Edmund Io11eQ U1d1'11e Q1 II1ReQe1xes S1 H1ReQe11e's Co'1Ll1 NX 11111111 BASKETBALL XX eltx W eliy YVe1ts XX elty XX eltw NX elty XX eltx XVeltx NVeltx 'XVelty XVelt5 NVeltx XX eltx TOU RN XMEW1 Lonbfelloxx 73 XVe1tx IO funk Nf'l11l.Dl D111 I1'1f1Lr IEITIQR NILN C len T1j1C71 C"LlJJE'1l11 M11le1 qhoul Lu11Bx1cl QJLOI Se P01161 Dc 111 Ixulm To:,epl1 LL11LhC1' I 1111 Olmbtu Ld PCtQ'C one lLlUldlCfl tlmty .seven 1 ff ,,,,.,,,.1,.,.,,,1,,,,,,4.,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,, 24 1 I ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,1,1,,,,1 ,1,,,,,,,, 3 6 ' ,,,,..1.....,.......,.....,,........ .... 2 O f ' ' ....,,...,,...,.,,......,..,..............,.....,. 8 I UA ...,.......,.,......,,............,....... 6 f f .............,........,......,.,.....,............ 26 . 'C 'ff ......................,..,...,.......,.... 9 1' f .........,...,V..,.... . .....1...,,,......,....... . 63 ' ' ' c ...,.......,.,..,..............,....1w.. 15 7 ' j ........... .......1..1...,... .....,....,......... . 5 6 , -' - rg .,,,.,,,.,.,,,,.,,,,,,,.,...,, 39 7 .,...,.,......,.............,.,,..,..,...,........ 39 if ' Vc ..,...........,..............,.,............ 25 17 ' ' ......,..w....,..,.,...............,.............. 24 '. ......,..,.......,...,..,...,....,,....... 10 ' j ......,.....,...,.,,.......,..,....,,,........,..1 Stonecreek .... ...................,...........,.. 1 6 XVelty ......,......V...v1...............,...,,..,..,.... 29 ' Q - ,,.,....,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,..,..,V 21 A f .,.....,,.,...,..,.,.........,...,,,.,..,,,.....,. 29 . .....1..,,........,....,.....1.. 22 f ' .,,......,1.,,.....,.,,....,..,...,......,.,,..... 25 if' 1. ..,,,,,,....,.......,,,.....,..,.,,,..,, 24 1 ' ...............,........ ,..........,.....,.,...,,, Z 5 -2 4' . " : .........,.,.,..,.......,.,... 25 1 j, .........,.............1,., ,.....,.......... ..... ' 2 5 '. -g' . ...,..,,.,,,,,,,..,..,,.....,. 9 ff j ........,..,..,,......,.....,.,.,......,........ ,.26 . A E' 1X1 I L 1 0' y H : nf r .1-ff' 1 '. I' 11.1 IFC'-."i 71:3 A 4 " . A 41' T 3 I Y .T L C . . ' ' L c . F r' f J' - Q' 1 -U' " ' V 42 Y . 7 ' . . J, A ,.,. h C C --.J-.?., 1x:.. , -,- Y V. , ia- -Q - -A - - - ' . ,gA 'V . , The Delphian TRACK 1928 XX11l1'1m llshel Coaeh P1111 Pluffu M1111ge1 Lette1 Men fL11LhC,1, 7XI1Tx111ght Ixeunecly IfuFfe1 M1l1lQC1 Tumeet 'lt M'1ss1llo11 Lonotellow -H Lorm fX11rl1c.1vs 47 NVelty 41 Trick trams fOl othu S1JOllS' OUP '1 EAM The 11111101 Hlgh of the county Se lt II'1s got a te l1T1 tl'l'l.t IS h ud to beat In b'1sketh'11l they lI'11H them '1Il Thex 11e1e1 neue OI get sore They just Jump m und sco1e md Seme They 11eve1 thmk the wmcl deEc1t Thwt s why the 011161 tC'l111 gets bert me M ush 79 Page one hzmdo ed thuty ezght l929 r 1 f J' 'C 'r' - . C fry- Z 2-- ' . , ' ' :Q " 1f"'r'j , ' A ,We-" 'f 1 ' '- 1 L." : S3 f,"'g . ,"-gf ', . 1 ' c ' ' 1 ' J' U . 1 X i 4 1 I . 1 A. i I - .. z 1 ' z " ' '. . c ,c ' ' L 1 Lean ones :md fat ones, short ones and tall. V' 7 ' C 'li' ' ' J A ' - 1 , ' 4. , V ' f - - 1 1 - C C an s. L - . -T' 1 U , i . L .. . '-f--gg,f'-f:.Q.'-.Lsaif ,- Y.-4: ., Ju., , B- - 4 - me 51 ua.:-f 'L-at.a.-.1 i-fi" 1-r"..a-nf The Delphian Mr. Kaylor: XVhy did A1 Smith go to Omaha instead of Lincoln? Izzy Yaggi: I don't know: I thought Lincoln was a man. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Miss I-lelmick: W'hat age is the one in which we are living? Church C.: The fast age. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Chuck Travis fspeaking of the hurricane disasterj: People up North who weren't affected by the storm will suiifer too. Nr. Kaylor: In what way? Chuck: Willy, they're dependent on the Wiest Indies for-er-ah-food and-wire netting. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Va. Cappel fseeing Nick stop out in frontj : Hello, Epidemic! Nick: How do you get that? Va.: Oh, you're always coming around. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Church Qtranslating Vergilj : "This one's neck and hair were being blown about." 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Mr. Kaylor: Wfhat do they do in the Senate after they call the roll? Hazel Haney fatter long silencel: They answer. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Mildred Bigler Ceyeing sweater disgustedlyil 1 Oh, it sags up in the back. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Miss Helmick: There was a very learned teacher who came hack from Italy with an old Latin recipe for making cake. The juniors in the college made this cake and it was soggy, bitter and sticky. They gave it to us Seniors for a trea-t. Church C.: Oh, yesg that's the kind my sister makes all the time. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' , C. Travis: Wfhat is an eight day clock, Mr. Kaylor? Mr. Kaylor: VVhy, a clock that will run eight days without winding it. Chuck: Good-night! I-low long would it run if you do wind it? 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' ' Mr. Craine: I had lunch with Mr. Rudy this noon. Say, I didn't know that he is Scotch. Mr. Zwick: How do you know that he is? Mr. Craine: After he ate his grapefruit, he licked off his spectacles. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Dallas Rickard: Myron, what part would you like to play on a football team? . Myron Creal: First base. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Mr. Cross fin studioj: Look pleasant, please. . Bob Maurer: I guess that You will 'have to remove that "Terms Cash" sign. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Chas. Becker Cin Current Events Classj: Is there any question about the lesson? ' Don Knauss: Yes, what was it about? - ' Page niizety-seven I 9 2 9 The Delphian Miss Stockwell Cin Macbeth Classlz W'hat was the diH'erencc in the way in which King Duncan received Macbeth and the way in which he rc- ceived Banquo? David Shively: I-Ie didn't hug' Banquo. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' - june Mossholder: He said that the Thane of Cawdor had died a noble life. '!"!"!"!' ' Economics Class was discussing mints and coinage- .lohn Sp1ker: Do they have mints in Canada? Mr. Ka flor: Yes, Je J Jermmts. 5 +'!-'P+ Ufendell Byrdr, IfVhere are your picture proofs? johnny B.: I put them in the joke box. -!"i"!"I' Question: IN'hat is the difference between a hill and a pill? Answer: A hill is hard to get up and a pill is hard to get down. '!"l"l"I' Mr. Findley Cin Chapelj : Please fill up these four seats. Miss Alberson: I intend to. 'I' 'I' 4' 'I' Mary C. Graff Cin Ancient Histj : King 'lfhilip was killed at the daughter of his wedding. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Miss lflelmick fin Biol, Classl: Give the formula for water. Glenn Groff: H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O. Miss Helmick: WVhat? Glenn: VVell, you said H to O. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Bob Tucker: How long' could I live without brains? Miss Barton: That remains to be seen. 'l"l"l'-1' Miss Barton: Give me a sentence using' pasture, Charles. Charles Stahl: I went past your house last night. 'I"!'-!"!' Drowning' Man: Uh-glub-eep-lnb-ublubs. Drowsy Bystander: You said a mouthful, brother. '!"!"X"!' Mr. Kaylor: I-Iow is it that you and Smith have handed in the identical answers in this history quiz, Fred? Bierie: I-Iave you never heard that history repeats itself? '!"!'+'!' Mr. Baker: Out all night, I suppose? - A. Staley Qafter being absent that A. MQ: No just this morning. Page ninety-eight l 9 2 9 "' --I 1' 3. . The Delphian Wfood Humphreville fatter Ray I-Iyer has recited on the laws of capil- lary actionfpz XfVhat are these laws of caterpillar action? 'X' 'P 'I' 'P Lloyd I-I ' On my unclels farm ne had e six inches long.. , , f . if g Margaret Barker: Willy, I can beat those. L. I-I.: I-low? A M. B.: Wiith an egg beater. 'X"X'+'I' Mr. Kaylor fin Sociologyj: XfVhat would you do to punish a child who had gotten into the jam? RI. Schott: I donlt know, I never had any experience. 'P-I-'!"!' Miss Stockwell: Name a love song. Bob Miller "Let Me Call You Sweetheartf, Miss Stockwell: Say it again. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Kathryn llenson: I believe something is eating Paul's mind. Maxine L.: Don't worry: it will soon die of starvation. -1- -1- -1- -1- V Thea Renner Ctalking about the battle of Alamo in historyj: All the men were killed but six and they were murdered. 'I' '!' 'I' 'I' Mr. Kaylor: I'l1 not go on with the lesson till the room settles down. C. Traxfs: lletter go home and sleep it oif, old man. -!"!'-Pei' Dal R.: My girl is a decided blonde, is11't she? Kay Frew: Yes, I was with her when she decided. '!"1"!"!' Jonas Rohrbach: Hello, john, how are you? john lileboutz I feel like a window. .lonas R.: l:Iow's that? John U.: Full of pains. 'l"!"I"!- Scenario XVriter: Two burglars enter: the clock strikes one. Actor: 'XfVliicl1 one? 'X-+'l"X' Miss Felton: Images formed on the retina of the eye are interpreted by the brain as being erect. "Jerry" Lea tto june MJ: Maybe our brains are upside down. 'X-'X"!'+ I-Ielen Brooks Cat G. R. Meetingfj : I need six girls to buy gifts for a pair of twins. Both are ten years old. l929 Page ninety-nine The Delphian TI-IE MEDITATION OF A YVORM There's a little green worm Wliiicliiig' over the hill, At sight of an auto Its poor heart stands still. But it wiggles along Till it reaches the top And beneath a great leaf Its tired self does Hop. ' It crawls to the edge Of a great hanging rock And Sees that the river Its own self does mock. The worm stares in awe At the winding' road And the railroad tracks That squirm below. It joyously wriggles Wfith the greatest glee For itthinks "The WVorld Looks much like mell' -J. C., '29 +'I"l"1' Dave Edwards: England was stirring up the Indians in the Northxvest Territory. Mr. Kaylor: How? Dave: By telling them stories. 'X' 'I' 'I' 'I' Clancy Mercer Cat 11:45 A. MQ: Hey, Osborne, did l wear a hat this morning? 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Mr. Hykes: VVhen a man dies, what does his family do? George R.: They bury him. 'I"X"!"l' Bob Stoneman: lN'hat's all the excitement down the street? Don: A scout did so many good turns that he got dizzy. 'X--!"!"I' Proprietor Cto Bill NVebster at Newberry'siJ : llill, go down into the cellar and get some ammonia, but be careful not to get pneumonia. Bill: But. sir, how can I tell the new from the old?. 'I' 'l' 'I' 'I' -Iulia I-I.: Marjorie Schott took some kind of' correspondence course and learned to speak French in two weeks. just two weeks-I can't understand it. E. Fiedler: I bet the French can't either. Page gme hundred I 9 2 9 The Delphian Miss Helmicks: VVhat do you know about skunk fur? I . T. Douds: The more fur away from it you are, the better it is fur you. '!"!"l"!' john Bebout fin Algebra classj: May I ask a question, Mr. Rudy? Mr. Rudy: lVhat is it? - I John B. "Do x and y stand for the same thing this year that they did in Freshman Algebra? 'I' 'I' 'Pl 'I' Bob Tucker: I have an honest face. Chuck Stahl: Vlfhat do ya 1nean? Bob Tucker: I-lonest to goodness, it's a face. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Mr. I-lykes: Name an adaptation of plants. Bill Stansberry: A polar bear has heavy fur to keep it warm. 'I' -'!' 'I' 'I' Miss Baker Cin Bus. Engjz lllhich would you rather be: pretty, beau- tiful or handsome? Myron C.: Handsome. Miss Baker: VVhy? Myron: Because it means graceful. . 'X' 'I' 'I' 'I' Joe Price: Say, Dave, she's got too hot a temper for me. Dave Harris: Oh, I don't know, I think hot-tempered women make good housewives. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Mr. Bender: How mucl1 time did you spend studying this lesson? Geo. Johnson: One hour railroad time. Mr. Bender: One hour not counting' stops and delays. '!"I"l"I' Mr. Kaylor: All articles must be written in ink. Bill Murrell: Does that mean liquid ink? '!"!"l"!' Mr. Kaylor Cin Economics Classj: Vtfhat did you have for breakfast? Mary I-lorger: I didn't have any: it's too fattening. 'I' 'I' 'I' '!' Miss Alberson: In which battle was Alexander the Great killed? Johnny Robb: I think it was his last. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'Z' Mr. Baker: lNhen you hand in your note books, please remove all notes because I hate to read them. '!"I"!"!' Mr. Kaylor CI11 Econj: Name the eight largest cities in Ohio. Paul Kislig: Cleveland, Detroit ........ " 'I"X"I"!' Church, C.: Say, whois this guy Teucri? Miss Rutledge: They are the Trojans. Page one hzmdred one l 9 2 9 The Delphian Mr. Kaylor: Can a person be intelligent and he happy? Dorothy R.: Sure, I'm happy right now. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Dave Edwards broke a poisonous gas generator at his desk in Chemistry laboratory. Church Cooke: Oooo! lLreryhody get under the hood. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Mr. Becker: Say, can you carry a tune? Chas. B.: Yes, father. Mr. Becker: Then Carry that one you are whistling hack in the garden somewhere and bury it. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Mr. Kaylori W'hat relation was this man to you? Geo. Lorenz: l don't know-some sort of grandpa. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' K. Benson: The Erie Canal goes from Toledo to Cincinnati. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' D. Harris Ctranslating Vergilj: She hung on the tale from his mouth. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Miss Beaber: I can't understand why you Seniors are so noisy. H. Snyder: Itls because we have such large vocabularies. 'I' 'I' .'I' 'I' Maxine Lafferty: Kay serves over at the Cozy Corner. I. Yaggi: Carries soup to nuts, eh! 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' XK7hat Seniors Say in Examinations The early Anglo-Saxons lived by the survival of the httest. Chaucer died comfortably in 1400. The Anglo-Saxons were made very resistant to the cold and irregular a - n , rs climate by nature through a long system ot the revival of the fittest. The earliest Anglo-Saxon literature were stories that had been pasted down through the ages. The poetry of the early Saxons was 'Very crisp. You will enjoy a good radio that changes the human voice from soprano to bass. The fact that they were so strong was that they lived where the weather was so severe that the weaker sex died. lVhen the Normans came into England and mixed with the Anglo- Saxons the result was ver f Ofood. The Normans were ver f intellectual Jeo- ' . . 6 . . 5 e l ple and their intellect along with the physic ol the Anglo-baxons made a very strong people. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Mr. Kaylor: Do married men live longer than single men? Mr. l-Tykes: No! It just seems longer. Page one hzmdred two I 9 2 9 The Delphian Iohn Bebout: My dog can jump high as VVashington's monument. Lawrence Tinker: I don't believe it. John B.: IVell, how high can XVashington s monument Jump? 'l"1"l"I' He: My ancestors were all people of brains. She: Too bad you were disinherited. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Sign on Store: Don't go other places to be robbed. Come in here. 'I' 'I' 'X' 'I' Miss Baker: Spell wrong, lloe. Joe Fragasse: R-o-n-g. Miss Baker: That's wrong. .loe F.: Isn't that what you asked me? 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Myron Creal: I was born in Kentucky. Marvin Regula: I-Vhat part? Myron Creal: All of me. A -2- -1- -1- -x- Albert S.: They say Arthur is very low this morning, Miss Nussdorfer: Arthur who? A. S.: Our thermometer. '!"!"!"!' John Bebout: I'rn a self-made man. Bob Tucker: You knocked off work too soon. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'X' Miss Baker: XVhat is a pioneer, james? Jim Johnson: A pioneer is one who plays a piano. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Mrs. Findley: You promised to give me a quarter of your salary each week for pin money. Mr. Findley: IVell, here you are. Heres twenty-five cents. 'I' 'I' 'X' 'I' Mr. Kaylor: 'XVhy are you late for class? Bierie: Wlell, my socks are guaranteed against running. 'I' 'I' 'X' 'I' First Neighbor: I should think you would have named the boy flannel, Second Neighbor: Vllhy? First Neighbor: Because he shrinks from Washing. -x--1--1-gr Roscoe Grub: VVhy was Adam created first? Mr. Bender: To ffive him a chance to sav somethino' vb . b' 'I"l"!"l' George Lorenz: So shefs :1 business woman. IVliat business has she entered. 5 jerry Lea: Everybody s. A Page one hzmdrecl three l 9 2 9 The Delphian lane Cale: .Xren't those stockings rather loud? Thelma Shank: That's the reason l wear them. 'l hey keep my feet from going' to sleep. 'I' 'X' 'I' 'I' Mr. Rudy: Xvllflt are the effects of heat and cold? Fiedler: Heat expands and cold contracts. Mr. Rudy: Give examples. 191. Fiedler: ln summer days are long' and in winter they are very short. 'Z' 'I' 'I' 'I' Lady tin AXXVZITIIIIS Drug' Storey: Now how do you apply this insect powder? P Chuck Travis tahsentlyj: Oh, give them a teaspoonful every hour. 'I' 'X' 'X' 'I' llr. Rudy: XX-'here did you get that hump on your head? Geo. Marsh: Oh, that is where an idea struck nie. 'I' '!' 'I' 'I' Clancev Mercer: As I was saying-- Some One Else: You mean as you were talking. You never say anything. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'P N. P. lrl. S. Library The Crisis"-Final Exams. Vanity Fair"-The girls' compacts. l7reckles"-Mildrecl lligler. Innocents Abroad"-Freshmen. A lflunian Dictionary"-Nlr. Kaylor. The llowers that Be"-Mr. Findlay and Mr. Geiger. The Right to Happiness"-Senior Class. "The Great Question"-"Did I pass ?" 5. an nr A. f. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'X' lf there are no -leivs in Alaska, how about that guy "lceberg'?' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Moral-Never run alter a woman or a street car: there will he another along' in a few minutes. 'I"I"!"l' Lost-All hopes of passing' this term. Any teacher who will return this hope will be liberally rewarded. "Dumb-hells" in general. 'I' 'I' 'P 'l' lYanted-To know how to run an Auhurn with one hand on liriday and Sunday nights. -F1-Q11 Bigi-ie, '!' 'P 'P 'I' XVanted-A Freshman class with at least a reseinlalance of intelligence. Page one hundred four l929 The Delphian Trials of a Principal Yesterday in Geometry class I grew exceedingly tired. I slept, and I dreamed that From high school, Mr, Findley had been fired. I was appointed the principal My duty-peace and order to keep. This job was not at all easyq And in trouble I sank very deep. The boys and girls all were angels llut the teachers roused my ire. Baker and Stockwell were having' a race To see which could throw erasers the higher. Such a terrible noise from the auditorium rose I walked in to see what was wrong. They were having' chapel and to my surprise Mr. Rudy was singing' a song. That noisy Florence Ileaber lVas pretending she was a bea1', Russell Bender was cruelly pulling Stella Rutledges beautiful hair. Mae Baker was chewing a wad ol gum It must have been five or six sticksg Jessie Alberson, eating' an all-day sucker, Made faces at me between licks. Little Henry Craine had a terrible time lkfith biology which he could not understand, And Eddie Kaylor, to save his life, could not think Xllhen and where the Pilgrims did land. Sunny Schenk played a trumpet Right in his history class, Wfhile Leila Helmick for biology Vilas dissecting' a very large bass. Big blustering Elmer I-Iykes Brought to school his dog, Towscr, NVl1ich bit very badly Little Etta Glauser. Frances Myer did a nature dance On the auditorium stageg Miss Furbay scratched Anna Nussdorfer lN'ho was in a terrible rage. Page one hu'ndred five l 9 2 9 The Delphian Sue Felton, the Girl Reserves leader, I caught her stealing' chalkg Anne Roberts did tactics around the roomg Beulah .Barton persisted in talk. W'hen I awoke, Mr. Rudy W'as shouting in 1ny ear, "Explain the proposition And be sure to make it clear." -E. F. '30. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' PROVERBS TRIED AND TRUE "A stitch in time saves embarrassing situations." "Fine feathers make fine featherbedsf' A word to the wise is usclessf' Wfhere there is a will there is a lawsuit." "People who live in glass houses should dress in the dark." "Soap long' deferred maketh the dirt stick." 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' As he told her of his love The color left her cheeks, But on the shoulder of his coat It showed up plain for weeks. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' ' APOLOGIES TQ SENIOR GIRLS I like to lie And watch the sky Indulge in dreams and wishes And while away A pleasant day VVhile others wash the dishes. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' She looked around to see if we I-Iad looked around to sec if she .Had looked around to see if we Wiere looking back at her. 1. na 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Mr. Kaylor: NVhere do we ind the Nullihcationist Party? Va. Cappel Ceagerlyj: Oh on page 111! 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Bob Tucker: NVIICII I get niarriedl my wife has to cook plenty of chicken! Chuck Stahl: .But why are you thinkin' of gettin' married, Bob? Bob Tucker: Wfell, because my girl's Dad bought a shot gun the other day. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' On a Biology Paper: Protoplasm is the cell like covering of a bacterias body. - 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Mr. Kaylor Cspeaking of the Civil XYar Debtj: Wfhat is the logical thing for a man to do when he contracts a debt? Ichabod Crealz Commit suicide. Page one himdred six l 9 2 9 The Delphian i lei L 1 'ei E . I I I . 8 040 1929 MARCH 21 and 22-"The Sunbonnet Girl." Girl Reserves-Hi-Y-Glee Club Operetta. APRIL 12-Banquet for all Tuscarawas County High MAY 10-Girl Reserves Mother and Daughter Tea. 17-Junior-Senior Reception. 24-Senior Banquet. 31--Commenceinent Play. JUNE 2-Baccalaureate Sermon. ' 4-Senior High Coniinencement. l929 1928 NOVEMBER 9-Girl Reserves recog- nition Service. 22-"The Three Graces Eleventh Year Play DECEMBER 7 -"Mrs, Te1nple's Tele- gram" Twelfth Year Play. 19-The Girl Reserves Christmas Party. School Seniors. Page one hundred seven H The Delphian 1928-1929 CALENDAR SlE,l7TEMBER 5-Hurrah! School begins with a bang-the poor Sophomores are lost in such company. 6-Not so much hurrah-books-stacks of 'em! 7--Someone was overheard to say of lemme Souers. "'l'here goes the splinter !" 10-'VVe extend our sympathy to those who try to get books at the book stall. ll-Goody, goody! we get off for the Fair. Band gets 3rd prize. Never mind! 'l'here's more room for direction in our director than all the rest together! 12-First football practice. 13-Another half day off to ride the merry-go-rcumd. 14-Miss Felton makes a nice speech to the girls. Booster Club is organized with Russ Born as leader. 17-Senior class meeting. Dave Edwards elected president and Fred Bierie cheer leader. No more vacations in sight. 18-Coach calls class for football squad. First, one must learn. 20-Dolphy Hensel elected football captain. Booster chapel arouses us.'s pay for the new fence! 21-Glee Club try-outs. WVe certainly ought to have some singers when they're through. Senator Nickels speaks in chapel. 24-Too bad. Toronto defeats N. l'. l-l. Sz 12-O. Where's our school spirit??? 25-Special chapel announcing VVooster-Booster Day. Vlfhat a nice sun- shiny day! 26-G. R. has hrst meeting. 100 new members present. Some club! Football squad shows big improvement. 274Our new music teacher, Miss Glauser, is introduced in chapel. lt's about time-such singing! 28-Big rally, that is, in comparison. NVe're waiting grimly for Wooster. OCTOBER 1-Eleventh year class meeting. Marian Mosher elected president. livery- one in good humor. NVhy? NVooster-O: N. P. H. S.-O! 2-Great groans. Rudy gives the juniors an Algebra test. Olfice filled to capacity. Rain caused tardiness. 3-Bad luck and worse-Byrd, Douds, Alexander, Bebout, and Snyder all disabled. Hensel tries hard to convince M r. Kaylor be's wrong. 4-Eleventh year class meeting. Eleanor Fiedler becomes Ass't Editor of Delphian. 5-Big rally and snake dance. At last some sparks of enthusiasm ! S-E. Liverpool won 18-6. They didn't expect us to score at all. Goody! Snyder knocked out! 9-Tests and detests! juniors abuse Cicero some more. 10-Delphian Staff has hrst meeting. ll-Judge Lamneck speaks in chapel. Rain makes squad look soggy. 12-Booster Club meets. Wlio will sell hot dogs? 15-Coshocton wins. Bah, this rain makes us all grouchy. 16-More rain. VVhat does sunshine look like anyway? Paige one h,zmc1v'ed eight l 9 2 9 The Delphian 17-Everybody and everything all washed out. Report cards. 18-Great big rally. Real pep steams out. Come on, Orrville. Z2-Everyone satisfied. Held Orrville O-O. 23-Thunder? No, just the two glee clubs. Z5-Wfheel Three days' vacation. The faculty goes visiting. 29-Back under fire! Parts given out for Play. Team drills hard for Massillon. 31-Sh! so this accounts for all the silence. It's Hallowe'en. NOVEMBER 1-Band gives a real musical program in chapel. First junior play practice. Z-Mr. Garver, an Ace in the VVorld Wlar, demonstrates part of it in special assembly. He pleads for VVorld Peace. Huge rally. Everybody peppy. 5-VVhoopee! Held Massillon to scoreless tie! Seniors decide who will be President. 6-Hoover wins! Julia Harris is instructed to write a letter congratulating him in behalf of Senior History classes. 7-Mrs. Cartwright talks to us. She knows all about us! Hi-Y holds father and son banquet. 8-Brr! Cold weather is here. Get out your red Hannels, children. 12-N. P. H. S. 6-Uhrichsville O. VVhee! 13-Juniors and Seniors busy on class plays. The beginning of a great ro- mance! Y 14-G. R. Initiation. 16-Professor Dana gives a lecture on music in chapel. 19-Salem walloped us. VVe don't care but we must beat Dover! Ask Jane Warner about changing tires! 20-Someone tried to smash up the Junior I-li. Careful, children! 22-juniors give matinee. 23-junior play, "The Three Gracesf' was tip-top. How Fiedler can lithp! Z6-Reserves play Newcomerstown. Becker plays some game! 28-Big snake dance, rally, speeches, and gun Firing! "Beat Dover' is the battle cry. Excitement and Thanksgiving vacation. Hurrah! 29-The best team had to win. Cheer up! DECEMBER 3+Three weeks until Christmas-save the pennies. 4-Club pictures taken. Many faces stood the strain! 5-Sonny asks the orchestra if it ever saw music before. 6-Mlss Alberson sprung a delightful surprise again. This time a play called "Mother Historyi' by the history students. Senior play, "Mrs, Temple's Telegram." went over big with an all star cast! Now we know what Miss Helmick has been chuckling about for some time! 10-Girls' basketball teams organized. 11-Wl1e1'e was the mixed chorus after school? 13-Entertained ourselves singing carols in chapel. 14-French Club Christmas exchange. Many suitable gifts received! Kaylor is quite a novice as a pancake Hopper! 17-Dean Davidson ran all the way to school today and fell exhausted after A the long endurance! T Page one hundred nine: l 9 2 9 I The Delphian 19-G. R. gives party for the little girls in the grade schools. Santa Claus was there in full regalia. 20-Glee Clubs present their Christmas program. The tenors sang gloriously! 21-VVhat could be sweeter? Vacation at last! Everybody radiates "Merry Christmas !" JANUARY 7-Santa didn't forget anyone. Ankle sox back in style. 8-Loud groans issue from Physics lab. Juniors must have 20 experiments done or Hunk the Erst semester. 9--Mentioning exams freezes many a careless grin. 10-Dover affirmative wins debate. 11-Basketball game lost 34-17 to Dover. . 14-Our doom is nigh! Dates, formulas, figures, typexvriters, and idioms crowded in small skulls! Best of luck to everyone! 15-Kaylor keeps his promise. 16-More misery. Charlie Stahl draws Caesar's portrait in his blue book. 17-Exams are over. Vile celebrate-some feebly. 21-Mr. Rudy tried to sing in assembly but got cold feet. He gave us a proposition instead! 22--Come on, everybody! VVhich class is going to win the contest and sell the most season tickets for basketball? 23-Sighs, tears, and report card! Wfhat did you Hunk?? 24-Wfish this weather would brighten up. 'Everyone makes those second semester resolutions. 25-Excitement runs high because N. P. H. S. beats Uhrichsville 27-23. 28-Senior girls receive invitations to the College Club Reception. King WVinter returns-xve're all frozen. 29-Skating and coasting are dandy. Come on out! Kaylor doesn't care for a pocket full of pennies it seems! 30-Today we say goodbye to Helen Gillis, who leaves for Brockton High. Wfe all miss Miss Helmick, who has been absent for several days. 31-Phila affirmative debaters beat Rich Hill. VVe have a band worth hear- ing! FEBRUARY 1-Three Juniors move to the Library. Several alumni wander back to visit us. 4-Kiddie Carr is quite masculine wearing her papais sox. 5-Contributions to the Delphian desired. All you "litcraryish" people please contribute. 6-Literary Society discusses Abraham T.incoln. 7-Mrs. Overturf, Dean of VV'omen at Ghio Vvesleyan, speaks in chapel and at the College Club Reception. S-Kaylor introduces 6th period class to an onion factory. Uhrichsville wins 31-27. Tough! 11-Miss Glauser tells us the operetta will be "The Sunbonnet Girl." 12-Miss Felton holds conferences with girls about wearing G. R. rings. 14-Mr. Korns talks about Lincoln in chapel. 15-Miss Beaber tries to reform our youthful smokers. Bob lV!aurer must be broke-he hasn't smoked for 3 days! 16-XYe sure make whoopee at Chaney .High game. 18-Marjorie Schott has had no experience in punishing in fauts! Page one lnmdred ten l 9 2 9 The Delphian 19-Mr. Kaylor looks dizzy in the 7th period class. 21-The Kaylor Klasses in History present play about George Rogers Clark. 22-Too bad VVashington wasn't twins so we could have two holidays. 25--Fiedler declares she has her Dad's long underwear on! Operetta must get started-will be given in 4 weeks. 26-Small section of the Library falls on WValter Lorenz! 27-Bob Maurer thought Jeanne diArc was dead. 28-"Sonny,' and the boys put on some scenes from the Band Minstrel. Boys' Glee Club warbles several times for us. Kaylor can't find his 7th finger! MARCH 1-Poor Thanatopsis! It died at the age of 29. Minstrel given tonight. 2-Basketball tournament at Dennison. 4-Heard Hoover speak in the auditorium-through radio. 6-Report cards. Nuff sed. 7-Never leave a sentence in mid air. It might fall down.-A Kaylorism. First operetta practice. 8-Memories of war days come back as we hear the French students sing- ing "-Ieanne d'Arc." 11-Operetta going strong.. Must be pretty good. 12-Everybody yawns. These "late practices." 13-Another ticket sale begins. G. R. makes posters for "Sunbonnet Girl." 14-Mr. Bender and Forster are great pushers for Phila. High! Debate team runs out of gas. For the hrst time in history a back seat driver is suc- cessful! 18-Great splashes of paint greet us advertising the Delphian. 19-Fiedler ate too much and is absent today! ' 21-The big night! Gperetta goes off splendidly. 22-"Must we stand all night?" we wondered when Mr. Cross took pictures of the operetta. Second period study hall awakened by great air current from the vacuum plug. 25-Listen! Glee Clubs planning Commencement music. Oh, they're start- ing Delphian stubbing. 26-Everybody got a whiff of chemical action today! - 27-Stub sale fast and furious. Evelyn Schwarm tells a salesman she can't buy a Delphian because her picture isn't any good! 28-Second period study hall ,watches great battle-Harris vs. Byrd. Miss Helmick and Fred A. talk in terms of "goofy" and "woozie." Sophomore Class Meeting. 29-The 4th period English class reads about the Cow Country. Every teacher considers it a duty to get ns well tested up for vacation. Three cheers as the bell rings! l, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 days of freedom! APRIL 8-All shuffle back looking sleepy. Teachers, don't expect so much! Bob Coleman asks when Spring vacation was ! ! ? ! - 9-Numerous sufferers from Spring fever in spite of the cold day. 10--Rain! .Money, money! Pay this and buy that! 11-Look at the iish in the fountain! Hi-Y initiation we're told. 12-This Delphian, midst great rejoicing, goes to press! VVhoopee! Page one hundred eleven I 9 2 9 V- ----f- e 1 2 I I 1 - Y ' L. x i Ng wi 4V- Ez ff M . a Q . 3 , , 1 r wf 1. Rf J.: X . 1 Qi 'x A W xy' .N ' 1 ,L .J , 4 LW Ni M .Y X -I Z g If A ,U :jf 4. V, ik K Jw L, l fr ,A , 'J w x I V my 'If lvl, KK, A , xl, NL. 11 5 Tj xx ' ? '1. 1 :H Q! 1. ik JI! V1 fn ff V1 1 il A ,1 U 1 sl" 1 , , A If , X U ff L- JI 0 F' X U ,R F 1, x -, .Iv f x 1 fl nv cu, ff' xxx Hi - 1 1 1 3 ,ar ,W - ,V vmtw, .f . v., L fN'ff4-"f4- -V--f -r--' 'X--'WA ,, .. 5 ,x fs '1.'-LALCMLIL A J J-fwf -'f-1 Page one hzmdrecl thirteevz ,W X,-.,A, .qv N-,-...X ,:,.,x,,f,i -,, ,..,-. ,--V.-.-,H g cy Q, Q' fv,X,-,f..f,,-..,-'---,xv V.,-., ,,,,,..N,f,, . ..-.L',- The Delphian JUNIOR STAFF Francis Randall '29 Margaret Koontz '30 ...,... Miller Shonk '29 ........ Vtfarren Scott ,SO .............. .,....... A ssistant Mr. Snyder, Miss Phares ....... Pauline O'Guin 329 ....,... Iohn VVinters '29 ........ Gladys Youngen '29 ...,, ASSOCIATE l'iDl.'l'ORS John Stone '29 ...,...,.........,.... Mary Alice Everhard '31 The Junior section a great invention The school gets a lot of fame The printer gets the money And the staff gets all the blame. Page one hundred fourteen l929 ...............,.......'Editor ...Assistant liclitor Business Manager Business Manager ..Faculty Advisers .....l1ltCl'Z11'-Y lfclitor . ..,... Athletic liclitor .......l.Art liclitor ...,.,....joke .Editor .......,.1l6l701'tCl' -f--, .f 1, My ,.i,w,flJ1,,r4,-,,Q-,,,. - J --.-V , , f V , , IXCCUILWVY l 1 ! X i F Cora Schwab j 1, Sewing U I W i il R If I xl" 13 William Fishel A.B. 0- E- Snyder AB- I Wittenberg Ohio University Algebra Principal , 1 I Q .lil ci l I i l ,J ,' l Y ' Edgar B. Nixon A.B. Helen Phares A.B. Frlieda Pfeiffer Miami University Western College Kent State College General Science English English Page one hundred sixteen , ,, Y , I i D 'H if ' , ' K, y-,f, '--',J-.-f-ww--gf-. J il -of . I EL- I , , A, , ., , "gn, ir- ,, w 3 J Vfffrllff If'Ji'1Aif'J r,1i1rN!t2 ,liJ'f'3iig515lilLriii:1Y. 1 1 , Mary Webster B.S. in Ed., Pauline Shumaker A.B. 1 Edith Milfll' . Ohio State University Ohio Wesleyan University 01110 S?-IPetULl1Ve1'S1tY ' ' 1S or, General Science-Civics EHS' 11511 I "E: i U.. I f 29 Pearson Pugh B.S. in Ag. I Ohio State University AIR, B-S. Ohio State University English and History Helen Pinsenschaum Manual Training - Florence McLean Leiliia Culby A.B. Western Reserve Ashland College English - English and History , ,. f A U .Y fi rf, ,.zg.f-,'f'-,-.,gf,A ' f4,..e43,s-q ,X 1, 5, .-A , Clemence W. Zwick A.B. ' Oberlin College Civics-Geography-Coach Y Bertha Frank B.Ph. Denison University Cooking Page one hzmdrecl seventeen -V---, -Y.-WV., -,ff-.IW ,,v,-',,i V . , .. , ,----, Mary Jane Nickles A.B. Western Reserve University A1'ithmetic-Geography Flora Gintz Ohio -State Univeusity Arithmetic Helen L. Wilson A.B. Ohio University Latin Page one hundred eighteen . 4iii"',tL TJ5mZlH'i311ieN1'1 i' - nv ,Q n, i. ,...,.l, . V V Dorcas M. Wehr B.S. in Ed. Ohio State University Mathematics Lillian Shanlcy A.B. Ohio Wesleyan University History Ernest Leeka B.S. in Ed. Ohio State University Mechanical Drawing Estella Robb Ohio State University Physiology Mildred Mitchell B.S. in Ed. Ohio State University Arithmetic Rhea K. Flynn Ohio State University Geography-Physiology --gf+..:.'--4-V.,-..f-XL, -gf v-Y-.,-',,1-.-,f.,f.,-Q , is .51 . F -- - ' - " , -.. v.l. .o., ii fm ei -o a 04 I i 'ff1:1--511,'-,Lg--A., V- rw., 'Vw ,5,.'. r X. ., 'V " 'W W X f-ff'-ww--f inline U+cLpl.m1.1: ml Page one hunclred twenty i:L'3-SN54.f:S2plg ilQi41"r:lti-i'A'--1:3 ':-"f:--:-- H CH '72 U - H .A-, H.. 1 , . X, ,. . ,Mu U A U. ,,,,.,,w,vRfvW K 7 1 in 'z 0 , ,W ,Q ,V , A 1.-A, . ,. .D W ., V N N, -fl IFILM J 21gp1m11a1211 -- rf' Qiqazfisaz 1 9 .Z 59 Lf4I,ll'-iii.Lg,7fI,QF13vi.Ll3ig:'j.,L'lJ1f:lI'1f1l!5-ll1- 'S " fr' f . A. ,,, ,mm Dx V kr, ,Q . , X ,, .,,, 4 f y VN 1, X1 :H :rr XF' iv' My .i , in L" ,M W ,ff ,Vx L ff ,, ff' ' L If If .E ' Hg! -, if . ln J jf, xx, .H FQ' . gif? if K? 51" QQZJUD S Nvixr x n 'ii fl 41, IJ, Af Hn f 9 rg- f , ,f f xx. M il 151 Ck, 11, If 3. fi ii, K, Ci H il? I f' , . -C fs Lsy 454i fl ' A X M 1 il! c 1' , . ef- J., f' 5 H L1 1 I. Page one hzmdred twenty-one ,lx '-.fl X, ,X The Delphian NINTH YEAR STUDENTS Adelstein, Joe Aebersold, Albert Angel, Dorothy Angus, Marion Ankney, Alma Ball, Dorothy Ball, Gladys Barnes, Maurine Barnett, Dorothy Barnish, Tony Bartholomew, Irene Bartholow, Virgil Baumer, Glenn Bean, Jean Bean, Nellie Beethel, Olive Beers, Della Belknap, VVillia1n Bender, Vllilliam Bialota, Thomas Biehsel, Helen Bigler, Charles Bigler, Raymond Bippus, Carl Blair, Bradford Boltz, Janice Bowers, Byron J Brady, Robert Briggs, Edna Britt, Percy Brown, Christina Brown, Donald Brown, Joe Bucher, James Burri, Evelyn Burris, Ruby Butler, Ellen Byrd, Cecil Campbell, Albert Campbell, Thomas Cappel, Matie Carpenter, Melvin Carrothers, Albert Christy, Emmett Collins, Mary Colvin, Earle Page one hzmdrecl twenty-two ' Cordray, Jeanette Creal, l-lelen Crossley, Madge Derr, Robert Dienst, NVarren Dixon, Ronald Dudley, Joseph Eagan, Eva Edie, Bernice Edie, Mary Jane Edie, Vtfihna Edwards, Jimmy Eggan, Treva Eiehel, James Elsaesser, Algie Emig, Errol Englehart, Maxine Ernest, George Espensehied, Charles Everhart, Carl , Faekler, Edwin Ferehill, Joseph Ferris, Roy Fisehio, Amico Fishel, Adam Fishel, Grace Fisher, George Fisher, Glen Fisher, Marjorie Forney, Betty Frazier, Fichard Freshwater, Ruth Freshwater, VVillian1 Fulmer, David Garabrandt, Thomas Garner, Evelyn Getz, George Gibbs, Mildred Gibbs, Ralph Gibbs, Raymond Gibbens, Mary Gibson, Charles Gintz, John Gintz, Ladd Glazer, Lester Goettge, Eva l929 Goshorn, Hazel Gowins, Helen Graff, Curtis Green, Edgar Green, Richard Grimm, Erma Haakinson, llflary Jane Hammond, Robert Heck, Mildred Heinlen, Beatrice Henderson, Dorothy Henderson, Leone Herron, Charles l-lines, Clifford l-linig, Robert Hixon, Robert, Holmes, lXi'lildred Horn, Dale Hull, Carl Huff, Ralph Hunnnell, Virginia l-lumrighouse, Eugene lekes, Lillian Jarvis, Glenn Jarvis, Nl-fanda Johns, John Johnson, Virginia Johnston, Kathryn Johnston, Velma Journey, Sophia Kaser, Edwin Keenan, Vena Keller, Donald Kennedy, Ruth Keriakis, Lucille Kerr, Mary Kinsey, Ella Mae Kinsey, Ethel Kirkpatrick, Roy Kislig, Max Knisely, Katherine Knisely, Max Knisely, Edison Kuhn, Dean Kuhns, lsauretta Kurtz, Kathryn The Delphian NINTH YEAR STUDENTS Kutcher, Oliver Ladrach, Arline Ladrach, Lucille Ladrach, Thelma Lahmers, Donald Lawrence, Florence Leatherman, Dean Lemasters, Francis Logsdon, Harold Lomax, Joe Lorenz, Irene McClellan, Elizabeth McKnight, Carl Mardyla, John Marsh, jane Meese, David Meese, Harry Meese, Helen Meese, Wilina Menges, Carl Metzger, Harry Miles, Mary Helen Miller, Rldir Miller, June Miller, Ledra Mitchell, Ruth Morris, Ray Mosely, Geneva Murphy, Mildred Noble, Roy 0,Guin, Pauline Packer, Charles Perkins, Therma Phillips, Harry Pollock, Curtis Porter, George Raiff, Franklin Randall, Francis Reed, Mildred Reese, Edna Reidenbaugh, john Renneker, Dee Rennels, Hal Ress, Betty Lou Rice, Robert Riggle, Eugene Riley, Olive Robb, Edward Robb, Mary Jane Robson, Margaret Romig, Anne Rosch, Ruth Rosenberry, Annable Rosenberry, Ruby Saam, Mildred Schlegel, Helen Schwab, Helen Schweitzer, Joy Scott, Betty Scott, Donald Seabrook, VVilliam Severn, Mary Sexton, Eugene Shonk, Miller Shipley, Alice Shively, Irvin Sloe, Leroy Smith, Darline Smith, Karl Snyder, Robert FWD ffiilfffv 1929 Springer, Esther Stecho, Robert Steinbaugh, Rose Stemple, Mildred Stone, John Strawn, Roland Strimbu, Sylvia Sweeley, Helen Sxvisshelm, Doris Swisshelm, Edith Tate, Elizabeth Thomas, Betty Thomas, Elizabeth Thomas, Jane Thompson, Guy Tidrich, Doris Torgler, Charles Tricoma, Frank Ulrich, Arthur Vance, Charles Van Duesen, Kenneth Vogt, Pauline Von, Bergen Jack Wfatson, james Weave1', Kenneth VVeller, Imogene NVenger, Sylvia VViegel, Robert VVilliams, Ruth Wlilliams, Virginia Wiiiters, John Wforner, Fritz Youngen, Gladys Zurcher, Eunice Page one hundred twenty-tho ee . 4, The Delphian Ninth Year Section Presidents 1. Jeannette Cordray 5. Miller Shonk 2. John XYinters 6. Marian :Xngus 3. Raymond Gibbs 7. Albert Carrothers 4. Beatrice l-leinlen S. Matie Cappel Faculty Advisers-M'r. Fishel, Mr. Nixon, and Miss 1'hares. Ninth Year Reception The students of the Ninth Year entertained their parents and teachers in the junior High lluilding' on Friday evening, October 26, 1928. The pro- gram consisted of music by the Ninth Year Chorus. a mock wedding given by Ninth Year students, and a one act play, "O judge," given in ragtime talk. The play was taken from the "Cohan Revue" of 1916. Luncheon was served in the cafeteria. The remainder ol the evening was enlivened by basketball games played between Ninth Year students. -Pauline Utitiiii 29. Troubled Waters It seems a dreadful shame to have to graduate. llere in XVelty we "l7reshies" are somewhat important personagesg but next year when we pass. slip, or fall into that deep abyss called Senior High, where we have to go sooner or later-probably later-it will seem like starting over again. And we must mingle with those arrogant. awe-inspiring Seniors who try to make one think they are so dignihed. hvllllt if they should fall over backwards! But before we can slide peacefully or battle stormily into Senior lligh, we must graduate. Perhaps the graduation itself is not so bad. but looking for- ward-the agonizing picture of exams looms up like a mighty barrier. And we know that either we leave some of our best friends at this turning' point or they leave us. Even though we all pass the exams safely, there is the ordeal oi graduation dayg and the waters are still troubled with blurrc-fl faces and a dizzy platform. -Elizabeth Thomas '29 Page one himdred twenty-four I 9 2 9 foam ,f ABQ . - u x W' C! A XV, L11 if Q 'S If I -. dj fiif. vf! l ' ff. --fx.-,-,,.rA V -, - ,-,., - .. ww . 1 2- - . L ' 'Vk.o.g3 11' WIkf'31'11M , f Jw. X. -X. --,ry V-'N...u,,.',Y-, - ,,-,. I V L ,Ll 'Ll ,X Page one hundred twenty-six . ..-. r,,,. . -,K f-'- - ,-, J--, , f M7 . ,, 5' U 'W' V" . -,zf-rug., i,1-1,4-SL.-,hyf---,.--,-Ly.,-.:, N.,-,P-3,-,-'gf'.,,q X' Mini J , i f ' ' ' :2 ffflij---1'1v The Belmlwzvin 1: - fag-2 1:s1ff:Q.f ':,:-:Q1:: 4 Page one hundred twenty-seven A ,. . ...., -f, .,.,--.. I Q1 'ga ug' ,f,,--,-,-x..,,,-Af.- ..N- .'f,N.-.h.,.-., ,.-,f , K .fVx,n,f.:p-..5,--.fw.,..-X: L J .J J V --f-'vw-.f-.vf-ff-.ff-.1-f,,..tY1,w 'A --'w '- The Delphian Eighth Year Section Presidents 1. Bernice Henderson 4. Glen 'lfaylor 2. Dale Jenkins 5. Lucille Russell 3. Paul Steehow 6. Ralph Taylor 7. George Stahl Faculty Advisers-Miss lll'eiFl'er and Mr. Leeka. Eighth Year Party The students of the Eighth Year entertained their parents and teachers at a party in the junior l--ligh lluilding on Friday, October 19, 1928. A mis- cellaneous program of music, readings, and a one act play, "Mr, flood Eng'- lishn was given by the students. After the program, refreshments were served in the cafeteria. A social hour completed the evening"s entertainment. -Margaret Koontz '3O. A POPULAR STUDENT A popular student must first of all have a pleasing' personality. She will, of course, have her likes and dislikes and her ambitions. As to her likes, I would, I think, have her fond of her teachers, and surely fond of her studies and all kind of sports. She must he honorable, trustworthy, and reliable-a g'ood'loser as well as a winner. She must get good grades in all of her studies. She must have a sense of humor, take delight in all school activities, and he a good cook. Her highest ambition should he a determination to learn how to manage a husband or he successful in any other career she might choose. -lilelen Phipps '30, Page one lmndred twenty-eight l929- ' T I Sens: Bib V gi V an J Q YL . .iQm A . 4, . X K s I li, E1 Th mae, X. GX. is L Jw- -ww' ff"-'u'fvHv.-3.--bf' -ww' lla? Li'65llp1f-L1.1,:1 'Ass-v -'-fnft.---f,'x'-'LJPf-f'::'::..: Page one hmzdrecl thirty :ru A , . , , " --.,g, ,.,, ,,.-, M , ,..,, ,x--,,, X-- ,159-.,:?N.'1.1'.9fL1I':+-:gp-.-v.,f1,-,,-,,.,-L,-,,.nxmg H fl gl L V ,H ' ' WL J 1 C, .W :f 'ff gl 'Il llf I XX If J, ,Hg 'x 1 , '1 F .N 'J 1 , xr Ay ,f V, '. iq U fl :JJ - , J, .il 1, J V1 'I Q I . :L- if I, 0 I 5" Iv , , tl 1" nl, 'wi ax, H .M .fa ,xg W I 'Y - , Xu 91 if Ai H ,,- -X ! .EQ F6 11 3 1 I 1 . , 'Qi I V K 'K - s LA 1 5 9 Zz ff 3 ,N ' r Y . X ,ln ft' x ,r ' 1 y ff 'nl 1' F 0 :-, N 431, :Q , ! J? k v H if EP' ii H 11 12 H 45, au 1 1, ,A-3 W A ff .. A Y er' ,.. V- f f ., , -,h--,,.-.-- X F1-, ,, -W -.JM -4 . . , ,.- ., f ,cf:Q:,fggff--.-qfs-vzgf.,,f-WU-.N.-:Q ,Qu MvQip.lggLfl,,lL ,-f-..,-V .,,.-.,,,'M-ww., N-Vf , . L, Page one hundred thirty-gnc . ..7,,,,, ..,W.-X A-, ' fu, qv 13 f-,.--,,,-,. ZM.-.,,., ,A,-.,,.,,,.AW.,x-.T-.m,5,-. r ,- ,.-,-, -. 7,--fqf:-Y'-.K,4'--N4---L, --:.-- -X,-.,xH.,-..,.:,,-AV-,vf,,..,-.,5 L ,J rj .J I-X-f.-'N,,,-1,1 -, f.,---4.,-1,w,f--'..-1,-.x,-fxlvf-V., V.-A. The Delphian Seventh Year Presidents 1. Mary Alice Everhard 4. Gerald Spahr 2. Kathryn Rolli 5. Edith lllinor 3. Jane Robson 6. Ruth Baker 7. Paul Geis Seventh Year Party The Seventh Year students entertained their parents and teachers in the junior High Building October 12, 1928. The entertainment consisted of songs, readings, piano solos, and a play, "Kill or Cure" by the students. Re- freshments were served in the cafeteria. -Mary Alice Everhard '31, Spring Flowers are opening, bees are buzzing Birds are coming back once more. Crickets cheeping, sunlight peeping- Signs of spring are at our door. -Betty Lahiner '31. Clouds Clouds, why don't you stand still Instead of changing all the while? Quietly I stand on the hill And watch you turn from snowy white To crimson ray. In purple and lilac hue Your beautiful colors softly steal away And leave me there in the soft twilight, Wfondering how God paints the everchanging sight. - -Mary Alice Everhard. Page one hzwzdred tlvirty two I 9 2 9 AQ UW IUES U f f f A E H EB U58 , f A Aim Q f KQTQ Z S M f X A Q.. I -. -:'4 5 Gif. The Delphian BASEBALL Cozlch-Eclgar Nixon Tuscarawas . .......... Dennison ................... Port XVashington ,..... Miclvale .................... Justus ............... f1wllSC2lI'Z1XVZ1.S .,...... Dennison .,..............A.. Port xv21S1111'lg1IOl1 ...... Justus .................,... Miclvale .... .......... ..... GQ. '1q11Ol'l1l7SO11 M. Shonk XV. Byrd E. Stemple Page one hmzclrecl tl1.irty-four 1Vf:L11ag'c1'-C,lco1'gc Wfeller SCH ED L' LE . 6 XVelty....,. 3 18 NVcl1y......... 3 15 XVelty...... 7 12 NVe1ty...,.. 3 8 XVe1ty,...., 2 18 XVelty...... 5 9 XVelty..,... 3 2 X-Vcltym... 19 7 XVelty....., 10 32 2 LETTER MEN C. Byrd Ci. Fisher T. Doucls C. Gross l929 .IT -5 7 1 . .. V w , . ,, ' ' .N G ..-will ..w.1-.W .A .... ., A, U.. , .. .,.. ,,.,.,. E FGQTBALL LETTER MEN Carl McKnight CC21Pt21i1'lDCr'CO1'Q'C Fisher Dean Kuhn R. Givens G. Taylor E. Exnig C. Byrd K. Van Duesen R. XViege1 Paul Olmstead V A A .. W, J, A V ' .. H - Q1 L-' ,Q ,fjl L ,S l 1 Coach-NYilliam Zwiclc-"Bill" M'zmage1'-101111 NWnte1's-".Toh11ny" R. Hui? J. Ferchill T. 1'3Zl1'1liSh R. Hixon R. Frazier Page one hundred thirty-five .--. -f,. Y. -.--,,-Ni-,-X,..,--V .i,-,vq k -,,,,., V1. rv. 1 'A'----we-1 Mme l'rff31pfi11mr. FOQTBALL SCHEDULE Delroy ......... Longfellow ........ Lorin Andrews Senior High Reserves Longfellow .................. Lorin Andrews Reserves .......... Dennison Page one hundred sri, V-4,-V+ ,N-Q.: -My. thirty-sig f.-fe,-XY,--'k..' -- , -x, ,-1 VVelty 'Wfelty NVelty VVe1ty VVelty VVelty VVelty. Wfelty Q, U .,. The Delphian- HONGR STUDENTS Advisers: Miss Shuinaker, Miss Milar, and Miss Shanlcy. Boltz, Janice C+'-PJ Cordray, Jeanette Eagan, Eva Q55 Forney, Betty Henderson, Leone Q31 Avon, Rose Bitternian, Edith Buckley, Ruth Crossley, Mildred Dessecker, Lillian Dickinan, Kathryn Abbuhl, David Everhard, Mary Alice Frew, Eugena Geis, Paul ,NINTI-I YEAR Ickes, Lillian Q52 Ladrach, Arline C35 Randall, Francis HJ Reed, Mildred HJ Robb, Mary Jane EIGHTH YEAR Fisher, Helen Garner, Celia . Henderson, Bernice Henderson, Elizabeth Lanineck, M artha Peacock, Thelma . SEVENTH YEAR Gray, Gladys Kuenzli, Mary Frances Lainneck, John Nixon, Donald Rosch, Ruth C3J Sweeley, Helen f'5j Thomas, Betty Q4J Thomas, Elizabeth MJ Phipps, I-1 elen Roth, Ruth Snyder, Pauline Swinderinan, Frieda W'eaver, Mary Shively, James Rolli, Kathryn Wfesley. Florence Wfright, Barbara i l Page one hundred thirty-'rzfine ,I l929 - 4 J i i The Delphian NINTI-l YEAR GLEE CLUB Ball, Dorothy Barnes, Maurine Blair, Bradford Boltz, Janice Burri, Evelyn Butler, Ellen Collins, Mary Creal, Helen Edie, Mary Jane Englehart, Maxine Elnig, Errol Everhart, Carl Fischio, Amico Fishel, Adam Forney, Betty Freshwater, Ruth Gibbs, Raymond Gibson, Charles Goshorn, Hazel Page one hundred forty Director-Miss Glau Gowins, l-lelen Grimm, Erma Heck, Mildred Heinlen, Beatrice l'lenderson, Dorothy Herron, Charles I-lolines, Mildred I-Iunnnell, Virginia l-Iuinrighouse, Eugene Jarvis, Wfancla Journey, Sophia Rose Keenan, Vena Kennedy, Ruth Kinsey, Ella Mae Knisely, Katherine Marsh, Jane Metzger, l-larry Miles, Mary Helen Miller, Ledra l929 SCI' Noble, Roy O'Guin, Pauline Packer, Charles Porter, Ciieorge Randall, Francis Reese, Edna Rennels, Hal Ress, Betty Lou Romig, Anne Sexton, Eugene Schlegel, Helen Snyder, Robert T Strawn, Roland Tliompson, Guy Von Bergen, .lack lfVeller, Imogene Wfeigel, Robert NVinters, john R. The Delphian C6732 lb TY EN E 05 1211 ,fg- ' f MN 0, I LU f 217- : ,ff i V if P q hmdred I 9 2 9 B The Delphian O Sl'lRlT.0l" W'IEl,'l'Y O Spirit of NVelty, strong' and true, XYhen your loundations first were laid: Our drooping' spirits in quest of something new Found thee in answer to the prayer that We had niztde. The builders huilt this school-yours and mine :Xn altar for our sacrifice. ' Of life Zll1LlASC1'Vi-CC-lOYC and truth divine, The gifts of God in man who knows thegrezltest price. -Gladys Youngen and lirzmneis Rnndzill '29 THE IIOUSIE ON THE IIll'.l', The snow lay cold upon the ground 3' On it our footsteps inude no sound. The hill rose high and rough and steep: On the slopes, the drifts were deep. An old house stood along the way- The windows were broken, the walls were gray. The open door showed the dark inside: , The old house looked like zi home that had died. -Donald Nixon '5l. LEGEND Ol? Till If I1lGSl'RING ln S'CDtC1Nl3Cl', l782, 'four hundred warriors from the Northwest, on their way to the Ohio River, eneznnped ut Sehoenhrnnn. They eznne hack from :in unsuccessful raid on XVheeling and along' the horder. As they stooped to drink at the Zeisherger Spring, with the tongues of their victims tied to their necks as trophies of war, they utter unezirthly inozins, and the water east hack at reHection of the laces ol their Victims. This horrified the super- stitious lndians so that they llll1l1CIli?llLCly gzllloped zrwzty on their horses. After that, the people believed that in time the spring' would shrink from human sight. After Zeisherger died the water did, in part, shrink from human sight, as the legend goes, and has reinziined nnht for use since. -'Bernice lflenderson 330. Page one hzmdred forty-two l929 The Delphiian ' THE MINSTREL The Band Minstrel was a great success, The songs and jokes were the very best. There was singing and dancing galore, Surprises, and tableaux four ,,.- A ventriloquist, fireman, and orchestra, too. XVhat clever things these boys can do! Hurrah for Sunny 'and his band! The minstrel show was surely grand! -Max Ross ,SL I XV,l.lY? V711 I studv when there are other thinfrs to do? 5 , as NVhy get your lessons when you aren't compelled to? VVhy waste your time on that simple patent Cf which some guy mixed his A.B.C.'s around and called it Latin? lNhy waste your time writing' a theme lVhen itis lots more fun to sit and dream? W'hy waste your time discussing what Science means When you can be picturing yourself as Clara Bow in the show called "lVings"? Wihy do they have school to take up our times W'hen there're more important things to occupy our minds? -Geneva Mosely '29. THE FIREMAN Look out! The siren! Clear the street! - See the horses, big and strong! ' Hook and ladder, truck and hose, Following fast the engine goes. Holding' on as best he can Rides the daring fireman. Wfasting' not a bit of time Up the burning house he'll climb, Till we see his helmet red At some window overhead. Oh, how wonderful to be Such a hero man as he! -Opal Frye '3l. Page one hzmclred forty-three I 9 2 9 The Delphiian NINTH Yli.-XR t'ONS'l'l'l'L"l'lUN NYe, the Ninth Year students of XYelty .lunior lligh. in order to make life more endurable, establish justice, insure student government, provide for the weak, promote the ignorant, and secure the blessings ol' freedom to our- selves and our disciples do ordain and establish this constitution for the XVelty junior lligh of New l'hiladelphia. Article 1-Concerning Studies Section 1-Algebraic unknowns shall remain unknown: know-nothings shall remain know-nothings. Section 2-Verbs shall be abolished from the Latin tcxt hook. Section 5-Novels. censored by students, shall replace "Macmillan Pocket Classics." i Section 4-Dihcicult courses shall' be reported to Governing Hody. Teachers of said courses shall be interviewed by said liody and classified in section merited. . Article 2-Concerning Athletics Section l-tliades shall prevent no student 'lrom playing in a game. Section 2-A student becomes ineligible il found in hed early the night before a big game. The Coach and his girl friend shall enforce this laxv. Article 3-The Governing Body The Legislative, Executive, and .Iudicial powers of this organization are entrusted to the following worthies: john Stone, tlrace liishel, Dick lirazier, and Hazel Goshorn. The powers of said governing body shall be unlimited, unrestricted, unquestioned, and ungainsaid. Certified and sealed on the second day of liehruary in the year oi our Lord, nineteen hundred and twenty-nine. Signed and approved by all except the School Iloard and Faculty. P. S. Ile it suggested-Miss lfisher shall dispense with the customary Friday reimbursement to teachers. -Olive Riley '2'J. NINTH YEAR CIRKXDLH-'X'l'lON Wll,.l. Now it's the custom lor each class tl mean the ones that are lucky enough to passj To make a will and each bequeath A little talent to the class beneath So when graduation day dawns nigh The rest will have something to remember us by As we're all in our right mind sale, and sane Cin graduation day we do ordain To junior lirihley we leave -Iohn Stone's wit To use as he himself sees lit Harold Adams we leave Charles l5igler's place lloping he will do justice to the case So in this way we leave the throne And take one step into the unknown. To -C iladys Youngen '29, ' Page one hzmdred forty-four l 9 2 9 The Delphian V f s 'Egg Y' 4 A' I V f A a Q J Af- Oli X, 6 U . . L L. ?' 0050 Vee -. 1 i f X Q f 2 ek l-lelen G7-Did you ever take chloroform? jerry F.-No, Wfho teaches it? A 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Visitor Cin study hallj-My, what a large room! I-low many pupils are studyine' here? . Mis I'feilre1--About two 01- tm-ee. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Mr. Zwiclc--I think we teachers ought to form a Miss Pinsenschauni-Oh! This is so sudden. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Miss Robb-IN'hat causes sleeping' sickness? Clarence Coffey-Bed bugs. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Mother-You dreadful boy! You stuck your tongue out at the minister. union. Now, don't deny it. I saw you as I entered the room. Eugene H.-IVhy, Mother. .l just 'showed it to him. He said, "Little man, how do you feel ?" and I thought he was a doctor. will and 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Max K.-XVhat is most liable to get broke about a machine? Dean Kuhn-The owner. -1- -1. -x- 4- ' Miss Pfeiffer fbetore Tlianlcsgivingil-l hope that during vacation you get this foolishness out of your systems. Students-Same to you. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Miss Shanley-This coffee is good to the last drop. Miss Nickles-XVhat is wrong with the last drop? 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Miss 'Webster fin Science classfl-'lflow does the body regulate its heat? Kenneth V.-Vlfhy, by a thermometer. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Betty L.-lyliat was your sister angry about? Donald l.l.+'Why! She sent me to the druggist to get some cold cream, I got ice cream, It was the coldest they had. ' Page one hmidrecl forty-five l 9 2 9 S' The Delphian Mr. Nixon-W'hat is electricity, Betty? Betty Scott fwho was busily sketching Mr. Nixonj-l-T did know but I forget. Mr. Nixon ffgravelyj-lrlow unfortunate, the only person living who knows, and she has forgotten. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Miss Robb-H ow does the blood circulate from the arteries to the veins? Russell S.-Through caterpillars. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' I-lere's to our teachers-Long may they live! Even as long as the lessons they give. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Miss Shanley-All the dumb-bells in this room, stand up. CBlacky stanclsfh. NVhy Blacky, do you consider yourself a dumb-bell? Blacky-Not exactly teacher, but I hated to see you standing alone. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Miss Wfehr foyer the telephonej-Wfho is this, please? Miss Phares-I can't remember. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Mr. Fishel-If there were Mrs. Jones, Mr. jones, and the baby coming down the street, how many were there? Bradford B.-There were two and one to carry. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Jimmy E.-O, Doctor, l feel sick! ls my tongue coated? Doctor-Cf Course not. Grass never grows on a race track. time. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Bob Vleigel---Tl1e1'els something been preying on my mind for a long Mary Gibbens-Poor thing. How hungry it must be! 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Mr. Nixon-Wfhat happens when the barometer falls? Dean K.-It breaks. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Miss Xvebster-Wfhy swat the Hy? VVillian1 S.-To kill it. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' ' TI-IE LATEST IN FOOT NVEAR Manufacturers are now making use of banana skins. 'l'hey make fine slippers. , , 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' loaliing girLs pictUre shows 1nacl1iNes srnoKing 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Max Knisely Cin English classj-ljessica threw three thousand ducats out the window, and they eloped. 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Edna R.-Wfhy is it always so windy and cold on the football bleachers? Guy T.-Because there are so many fans all ffoinff at once. U b mf' Prwe one hundred forty-sim I 9 2 9 The Delphian f , AUTOGRAPHS J f I ,ix Jilf, ll b Rf:1lEV!Nx?.,' fy 1' 'WY , NX W '- Qzbzfq I v X 1 ajax! X. I. ff fhjfld ' , Q I X r . - N ', N fx ' 1 ' 5 9, .. ,ww f , LA, Q M , , ' , g A I I - ,AUM V ,v, L .. ,ff ' WK NLR' 1 7 1 93 r my "ll A by IVV' , l f xl : I Y lf W 1 1 I , i X fy! J I I I -vpvx , ' I", CN X X px, 'fly HQ xi .lx X L75 :Q I- k' Aj- lf' f xv- , Q , SSP-, N X, 5 fs 'X UK' - I 1 , VC! . xJ,xj.j-K 5. A' I V- wk X .,-X qv, nj! E' , K , J . - ' fx f L I 9 2 9 Page one hzmdred forty-seven X Jo x J I 'Y I L V . I Q iw if -if ' " JQQ JH X 1 E, dw 2 f N . x NU s xxx K 'ij s 171 Lfbmk. x , 1,1 H P . , W Xxx EVM My PM '91 7 MM VLA We fb Q Q 9 x K I N I 1 I ' .- -'1 E .wi J ' .1 C rr-my -i-I L,-J f' lf Ag. , .1 . - 'U J K 1 1 , N f SA F .3 E. 1 34 'Fx ' J Y vi J J .7 1 'Lp f, 'P' ,LN ff! 'ff , -,mf ff . ,X F f A 'W' I . 1 s 1 L N x . . A X X. -J f P I 6 BENTON 'Nfl-9-De, X 2 1 2 E :QM lhgf E 2 Ielzvnaw SHOP E E Fgwlor. Ind. ' Ei E 1 S ': A :I 4? , ' J - ' 'W , , " ' ,:, , ,,,,' Wg , , , 1- 'JW ,A ,- ,V . Jammu, - - -axial-3i:3, L,7 - il I ., .. 44. . Q 1 Y 1 , Vlrmlf K . . , w 3 , , V . I , - fi W , Y, , .MH ' ,N ,, qu., . 1 . -' -"'i' '..g:.-I4Bv1Wf' 'Jr , -4 ' 1, ' , ...... N , -m Wm, -' . ' ,H zg.',,,z11',r',' 'r " ' V' " " ' ' V , ,. V+ -- VV W .. 'vf,'5rs,111.Q:1.efm. A f 1 .ll wha. ,dw-1.

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