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1 1 ' 2 ' K il ,. L3- QE 11. bi 'P' 321531 Published by Class of 1949 New Paris High School 'ai' ',,f.,1 1,2 4'- Gi. U x m, 43' 'Wifg . 5 " r 1 x V' ' R - j e, 'Lv iff? ,f4?f. , U W . L ,:, h 2 M: Y , "1 iw: 's 4 E ,!'-I, 9. ' li WM a gl Q23 . Q' tiff? 1622 ,A 14 521 A "4 if . ,I Lt . si , Q2 sl: , gf I . . , , FX Af 1 'H 5.1 df. "1 H. .Y Ft, .If V 351 ff' 'n Q kg .rv .. Qi ,A .! ,,., ,gy A :p 3 ii' S 33 .Q 4 Q5 S f S if .. 4? ' 3' 4- 5 If? f Q A 2 5 We dedicate this edition of the Parisian to the memory of Carl Blosser, our class- mate, fellow sportsman, andfriend. Quiet, cheerful, friend to all, We miss this lad grown so tallg In life's memory, by His grace, We see again this missing face. XV 1 J , 4 ,ji in 'J' 'K 4. N --W f e x lmlTQXM UN ELDON EVANS B, S. Manchester College M. S. Indiana University Principal, Social Studies AGNES CRIPE A. B. Goshen College Mathematics, Library IOSEPHINE ELLIOTT B. S. Indiana State College English ROBERT HOLLAR B. S. Manchester College M. S. Indiana University Coach, Physical Ed. Social Studies, Health ALLYN W. DAWSON B. S. Purdue University Agriculture, Science VIOLET MccoLLEYj A. B. Central Normal Business FLORENCE WHEATON B. S. Indiana State College .Home Economics, Health ALLEN HARNESS B. M. DePauw University Instrumental Music JEAN PAVY A. B. Hanover College Vocal Music MABELLE I... STUMP A. B. Goshen College . M. A. Columbia U. English, Latin F. C. MISHLER B. S., B. P. Central Normal Trustee JEAN HOLLAR A. B. Hanover College Girl's Physical Ed. OTS ,arg '98 'fs x fd' OTTO BEER, JR. Class Treas. 3-4 Hi-Y 2-3-4, Hi-Y Treas. 3 F. F. A. 1-2-3-4,' Sec. Z, Pres. 4, District Sec. 3 Basketball 2, Track 2 Baseball 2-3-4 RUBY CLARK Class Vice Pres. 2. Sunshine 1-2-3-4, Treas. 4 Library Club l-2-3-4, Pres G. A. A. l-2-3-4 Cheerleader 3-4 Class Play 4 ROMA HERRINGTON Class Treas. Z Sunshine 1-2-3-4 Library Club l-2.-3-4 Ass't Librarian 4 G. A. A. l-2-3-4 Class Play 3-4, Parisian 4 VERNON DOWTY F. F. A. l-2-3-4 F. A. A. Treas. Z-3-4 Hi-Y 4 Basketball 1. RICHARD DUNLAP F. F. A. 1 Basketball l-Z-3 Baseball 1-Z-3-4 Track 1-2 Parisian 4 PHYLLIS HOWER Library Club l-2-3-4 Vocal Music Z-3-4 Parisian 4 aww WRYR! 'sw ROBERT FRENGER F. F. A. l-Z-3-4 F. F. A. Reporter 3 mmm Track 1-2 IRMYN JACKSON Library Club 1-Z-3-4 , 1 N. -' , - A WANETA JONES Sunshine 1-2-3-4 G. A. A. 1 Vocal Music 3-4 Band 2-3-4 LEROY FRYE Basketball 1 ARTHUR GALL F. F. A. 1-2 Basketball 3 Track 1-2-3 Vocal Music 3-4 Class Play 3-4 PHYLLIS JUDAY Sunshine 1-Z-3-4 Library Club 1-Z-3-4 G. A. A. 1 F. H. A. 4 N x Library Club 1-Z-3-4 I As an 1 QE' 4 " mf? Q 415 un. M X. Q High 5 '11 R sf- 559 15' 5- I PAUL HELMAN Ushers Club 2-3-4 Basketball 2-3-4 Baseball 2 Vocal Music l-2-3-4 Class Play 3 Parisian 4 DONNABELLE LANTZ Sunshine l-2-3-4 Library Club 1-2-3-4 G. A. A. l Vocal Music 1-2-3-4 Band l DORIS LEHMAN Centerville, Mich. 1 Sunshine 2-3-4 Library Club 2-3-4 Ushers Club 3-4 G. A, A. 2-3-4, F. H. A. 4 Vocal Music 2-3-4 DONALD HOOVER Class Pres. l-3-4 Hi-Y 2-3-4, Sec. 3 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Baseball 1-2-3-4, Track 1-2 Vocal Music 2-3-4, Band 1-2 Class Play 3-4, Parisian 4 WILLIS KOHLI Vocal Music 2-3-4 Band 1-2-3-4 BETTY MISHLER Class Sec. 1-2-3-4 Sunshine 1-2-3-4, Vice Pres. 3 Library Club l-2-3-4 3. A. A. 1-2-3-4 Vocal Music 1-2-3-4 Class Play 3-4, Parisian 4 lg CONRAD NEFF Class Vice Pres. 1--4 Hi-Y 2.-3-4, Sec. 4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Baseball 1-Z-3-4 Track 2-3 Band 1-Z-3-4, Parisian 4 J EAN MONEYHEFFER Library 1-2-3-4 Vocal Music 1-2-3-4 NOLA JEAN MOREHOUSE sunshine 1-2-3-4 Library Club 1-2-3-4 GENE NEFF F. F. A. 1-2-3-4 F. F. A. Sec. Z Hi-Y 2 Baseball l-Z-3-4 WILLIAM SMOKER Hi-Y Z-3-4, Pres.,-1 Basketball 1-Z-3-4 Baseball 1-Z-3-4 Track 1-Z Vocal Music 2-3-4 Class Play 3-4, Parisian 4 THYRA NEFF Sunshine 1-Z-3-4 Library Club l-Z-3-4, Sec. 2 Ass't Librarian 4 G. A. A. l-2-3 F. H. A. 4, Pres. 4 Vocal Music 1-2-3-4 Class Play 3-4 ELAINE OGLE Library Club l-Z-3-4 F. H. A. 4 Class Play 3 WILLIAM TARMAN Hi-Y 3-4 Hi-Y Vice Pres. 4 Basketball 3-4 Student Manager I-2 Track Z-3 RUSSEL VAIL F. F. A. 1-Z-3-4 JOAN PAUGH Sunshine l-Z-3-4 Library Club l-2-3-4 G. A. A. l VIRGINIA SCI-IROEDER Sunshine l-2-3-4 Library Club l-2-3-4 G. A. A. 1-Z-3-4 F. H. A. 4 Ushers Club 1-2-3-4 Vocal Music 3-4 MARILYN SHANNON Class Pres. 2, Treas. l Sunshine 1-Z-3-4 Library Club 1-Z-3-4 Treas. l, Vice Pres. 3 G. A. A. l-Z-3-4 Sec. Z, Pres. 4 Vocal Music 1-Z-3-4, Pres Class Play 3, Parisian 4 'UI' Vocal Music CARL BLOSSER MARY LOU STUCKMAN Class Vice Pres. 3 Sunshine l-2-3-4 Sec. Z, Pres. 4 G. A. A. 1-2-3-4 Vice Pres. 3 Library Club 1-2-3-4 Class Play 3-4 EVELYN VAN DIEPENBOS Concord High School 1-2 Sunshine 3-4 Library Club 3-4, Treas. 4 Parisian 4 JANET WEAVER South Bend, Ind. 1 Elberfeld, Ind. 2-3 Sunshine 4 F. H. A. 4 4 January 1, 1932 - January 8, 1949 Hi-Y 2-3-4 Hi-Y Treas. 4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Baseball 2-4 Track 2-3 ,,, .- f ,-6' W ' 'lifp N l gy W uw Q! 'K J Q fi-P di' r XF' 'n lv 'if cuss on-'loans President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Sponsors Colors Maroon and Silver Don Hoover Conrad Neff Betty Mishler .Yunlor Beer Miss Cripe Mr. Holler Flower White Ross Motto 'Not Finished, Just Begun' ANNUAL STAFF Editor-in-chief Assistant Editor Senior Editor Sports Editor Snapshots Circulation Advertising Typists Faculty Advisor Ima ul Marilyn Shannon Betty Mishler Roma Herrington Bill Smoker Richard Dunlap Paul Helmsn Conrad Neff Don Hoover Phyllis I-lower Evelyn VanDiepenbos Mrs. McCo11ey u.fQ.CT.'L XX Aix Pl-KHISIAN fl N--1-XL ' v If I N,!., fl' IFJ ff. Q- .fl - X CLASS HISTORY w ln the fall of 1945, forty-two players of the Class of '49 lined up for the X opening tip-off of a four-quarter game at New Paris High School. They knew they had four hard quarters ahead in the game of high school. Miss Agnes Cripe was elected coach of this team of '49, Don Hoover was chosen as captain with Conrad Neff as co-captain. Betty Mishler was the scorekeeper with Marilyn Shannon as financial agent. A short, much-needed rest periodwas enjoyed at the high school in the form of a backwards party on December 4. Believe us when we say the party was well named. The whistle blew and the started agpin until an automatic timeout was called for Christmas vacation. We also had a short tirneout for a kid party on March 29, 1946. The first quarter ended with the following players having fouled out: John Bleskesley, Lois Flora, Richard Wagner, and Georgia Hite. 5 The whistle started the second quarter. Our team started with Marilyn 9 Shannon leading as captain, Ruby Clark as co-captain, Betty Mishler as score- keeper, and Roma Herrington as financial agent. New teammates were: Kime L Tahara, Richard White, and Doris Lehman. The game was interrupted two times, , , 5 once for a party at the scout cabin and once for one at the gym. Seven more of r . our teammates fouled out in this quarter. They were Billy Boyer, LeRoy Grabill, N Alice Miller, Kime Tahara, Mary Wharton, and Arlen Slabaugh. , The third quarter started with Don Hoover again leading our teaxng Mary Lou Stuckxnan was his co-captain, Betty Mishler again our scorekeeper, and Junior Beer. our financial agent. Mr. Anstead was chosen as an assistant coach to Miss Cripe. New members of our team were: Evelyn VanDiepenbos, Harold Miller, ' Q I John Haville, and Phyllis Reixnschisel. After a short scrimmage we called time- "K A ,ZH out and held a box social in Betty Mishler's barn on October 16. It was one of the I 'P- J most successful class parties ever held at N. P. H. S. What other class ever V made money from a party? Bob Frenger was given some livestock besides. Mrs. V " Herrington was appointed by the PTO as class mother to act as manager. We g . added more points to our goal by selling more magazines than had ever been sold ' before. We enjoyed another tfrneout at Geyer's Dam--the occasion being an ice- skating party on January 24. After this rest period we renewed the with vigor. Automatic timeout was called so we could have our Junior-Senior Recep- tion on April 23. Our theme was 'Starlite Garden". As speaker of the evening we had Rev. Conway from Bristol who gave bird calls in the moon light. Pat Miller, harpist from Goshen, furnished dinner music. After this quarter the following players fouled out: Richard White, Arthur Hunsburger, Harold Miller, John'I-Iavflle, and Phyllis Reimschisel. We rounded out this third quarter with , I' a play called 'Aunt Tillie Goes To Town". I The fourth and last quarter brought our players back on the floor thirty- , four strong ready for the last struggle in the game. Don Hoover as captain, S Conrad Neff as his co-captain, Betty Mishler as scorekeeper, and Junior Beer as financial agent, were our leaders. Mrs. George Neff was appointed as our ' class mother to act as manager. Mr. Hollar was chosen to take the place of Mr. Anstead as he too fouled out. As seniors we fought hard until timeout was called to give our senior play, 'Spooky Junction", on October l4 and 15. We re umed play until we retired to a rest period on January 1 for a New Years Party held at the high school. On January 8 our entire school was saddened by the untimely death ofCarl Blosser, one of our faithful teammates. To honor Carl we dedicated our annual to his memory. OnApril Z9 the Class of '50 entertained us at a banquet and reception. This gave us renewed strength to complete our year with another party, a senior trip, and baccalaureate services on May 1. On May 6 comrnence- ment, the final gun, pronounced us winners in the high school game, better pre- pared for the bigger game of life, which is 'Not Finished Just Begun". I I x Q' x PAHISIAN ' ffl N ' lg-gl I X- 21 ' ggi al wg I A pg , fn Q l r 1 I . 11,3 X. lf, ff . lf 'Wm' 'ff .bx lf" 1 . W of Elkh We 'v SENIOR WILL e, the Class of 1949.51 the TOWN of New Phris, Township of Jackson, County art, State of Indiana, being about to pass out of this sphere of education, in full possession of a crammed mind, well-trained memory, and almost superhuman understanding, do make and publish this our last will and testament, hereby ren- dering void and of no avail any former will or wills that may have been previously made by us during a period of temporary optimism. To the Juniors we will, reluctantly, but of necessity, our mantle of dignity. To our good friends, the Sophomores, we leave our patience. lt will be found useful as the only means by which they can endure the Juniors. To the young and unsophisticated Freshmen we leave a map of the school so that they will not get lost and roarn about ln everyone's way looking for classrooms. To the Faculty as a whole, we will the amazing knowledge and information with which we have furnished them from time to time on our various exam papers. To the Faculty in part we will the followi-.5 To Miss Cripe, two extra hands to explain solid geometry theorems. To Mr. Dawson, Thirty-three chemistry students like Charles Disher. To Miss Elliott, a dictionary which upholds. our pronunciation of "just". To Mr. Evans, a warning not to fx-ighzen Freshmen while tussellng with the Senior boys. To Mr. Harness, a Monday night on which no other activities are scheduled. To Mrs. Hollar, a private taxi service between the grade and high schools. To Mr. Hollar, a bald-headed basketball team so he won't feel self-conscious. To Mrs. McColley, a high school bookkeeping class that acts like one. To Miss Pavy, an escalator to the second floor. T T o Mrs. Stump, an assembly that will keep quiet for ten minutes every day. o Miss Wheaton, a sound-proof Home Ec. room so she doesn't have to com- pete wlth the band on Thursdays. And to Mr. Krull, a capsule of atomic power to heat the building on Mondays. We, the Class of 1949, will, in thirty-three parts, the following: Otto Beer, Ir., will my list of broken hearts to Lloyd Borkholder. I. I, Ruby Clark, will my fondness for basketball aces to Lenna Wolferman. I. Vernon Dowty, will my love of the 'little girls' to Jim Snider. I, Dick Dunlap, will my college coed to Homer Bachtel. l, Bob Frenger, will my superfluous enthusiasm for commercial subjects to Lloyd Lantz. I, Leroy Frye, will my expressive surname to Scoot Burger. I. I, I. I. I. I. I. I. I. I. X. I. I. I. I. I. L 1. I. I. Arthur Gall, will my enthusiasm in the cheering section to the fans of '50, Paul Helman, will my determination to win a point to Jay Weaver. Rorna Herrington, will my expressive vocabulary to Red Stiver. Don Hoover, will my back seat in assembly to Farrel Cripe. Phyllis I-lower, will my winsome character to Joan Smoker. lrmyn Jackson, will my cheery disposition to Peggy Miller. Waneta Jones, will my man-sized drum to Shirley Helman. Phyllis Juday, will my timidity to Jo Mohler. Willis Kohli, will my shy ways with women to Harry Feaster. Donnabelle Lantz, will my diamond to Mary Lou Fisher. Doris Lehman, will my annual trips to Centerville, to Barbara Miller. Betty Mishler, will my bangs to Lloyd Karnmerdiener. J'eanMoneyheffer, will my thriving class-ring business to R. Reimschisel. Nola Jean Morehouse, will my quiet disposition to Carolyn Dunlap. Conrad Neff, will my pleasing low voice to Tommy Miller. Gene Neff, will my altitude to Patty Mishler. Thyra Neff, will my excess alumni beaux to Susie Lutes. Elaine Ogle, will my coveted seat on the bus to Mr. Dawsonfor Thursdays. Ioan Paugh, will my favorite doctor to Eleanor Mishler. Virginia Schroeder, will my smooth limousine to Francis Korenstra. I, Marilyn Shannon, will my experience as editor of the Parisian to next year's editor. I. Bill Smoker, will my "Mr, America' figure to George Losee. I, Mary Lou Stuckman, will my basketball score card to .lean Miller. I. 1. Bill Tarman, will my favorite flavor chewing gum to Clare Miller. Russell Vail, will my herd of Holsteins to Gerald Snider. I, Evelyn VanDiepenbos, will my figure to Noel Stuckman. l, .Tanet Weaver, will my waistline to Charles Lantz. To the above we now set our hand and seal on this day of our Lord, sixth day of May, one thousand, nlne hundred and forty nine A. D. Ima N., lr caan. 'ia PAHISIAN .il .X w X 551 sfx X sth X kms Z 1 I I4 1 I 29 J, I 9 fi MY-7 rv PROPHECY FOR CLASS OF 1949 W'-511' Pm finally home from another day of school. I guess I'l'l read the local paper before I do anything else. Now where is that Farmer's Exchange? It surely came today. Oh, there it is and isn't that my old classmate, Ruby Clark, staring at me? Ruby Clark, cover girl for Farmer's Exchange. But still that lsn't so fantastic. Just yesterday I heard Willis Kohli, the unmarried rninister, deliver his fiftieth sermon. But Russell Vail's newly employed housewife, Elaine Ogle, told me that Willis is still being pursued by a blonde that was a freshman when we were seniors. When I made my last visit to Chicago to see Marilyn Shannon's professional basketball tearn, the Tow Heads, defeat the Harlem Globe Trotters, I noticed Vir- ginia Schroeder on the South Shore Line. I asked her what she was doing and she informed me that she was a brakeman on the South Shore. Imagine. I asked her about Doris Lehman and what she was doing now. She told me that Doris was still keeping up the morale of the bachelors lnNew Paris who stop at Lehman's occasion- ally. lt says here that Betty Mlshler has just received the national lady's typist championship award, partially due to her experience in the office of N. P. H. S. Oh, here's an article about the wedding I attended Sunday. Did you know that Waneta Jones finally convinced Maro Myers that there's a Ford in his future? Among 'the guests present were Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Dbwty. Yesterday in church I talked with Mrs. Dowty, the former Jean Moneyheffer. She is busy rearing Ver- non, Ir. and still trying to bring up Vernon, Sr. I guess that Mary Lou Stuckman is a lifelong employee at Smokers. Right now she's working on a mural there amid the patter of the tiny feet of William and Edward, Ir. Bill Smoker, 'the peop1e's choice", is passing out second-handed Dewey buttons following the Republican landslide of 1928. Here are some articles on other 49'ers. Roma Herrington has settled near Houston, Texas, where she is working as a chemist in a petroleum laboratoryf She always did have an attraction for Texas. Otto Beer, Ir. is a bee keeper on road I6 and still trying to collect "I-Ioney". Dick Dunlap is finally a professional photo- grapher after many years of study, and as usual he's making good use of his dark room. Joan Paugh is acting as nurse-maid for her seventeen nieces and nephews. In the local news it mentions that Phyllis Hower has assumed Miss Elliott's task of teaching Public Speaking at New Paris High School. lt also says that LeRoy Frye has just received a professorship at Purdue University. fI've been told that he received it on his merits of forgetfulness.j Janet Weaver is working for House of Harter. She has recently created a new design for the Eberfeld school sweater. Here is an announcement stating that Paul I-Ielrnan has a program of his own on N. B. C. He's doing a little crooning for Ivory Flakes. Here's a headline con- cerning another local boy who is making good. Don Hoover is serving in his usual capacity as president of his class only now it's at Vassar. Donnabelle Lantz is living in Goshen. She's added the second ring to her finger since 1949 and is raising little "Sticks". Here I am in the advertising section of the Farmer's Exchange. I have a couple of minutes so I'1l read a few. Listen to this: 'Visit our magnificent Terrace Room in Hotel New Paris. The hotel with 150 rooms and 150 baths. We are now featuring the special attraction of Gene Neff, the famed movie star who has just completed another Tarzan picture. A recently added service of our fine hotel is the daily sight-seeing tour of New Paris, conducted by Conrad Neff. For luxurious living, visit Hotel New Paris owned and managed by Bill Tarman." I-Iere's another ad about a member of the class of '49, Bob Frenger wants to rent a farm near Bremen. He certainly is exact about the location. Nola Jean Morehouse must be a dress designer because here is her slogan, 'The designer of clothes for the wee tots of Bethany". Irmyn Jackson is running a convalescent home for overworked Economics students. She should make quite a profit from that enterprise. I could use a little relaxation myself. Do you remember how Phyllis Juday always enjoyed helping other people? Isee she is now managing a matrixnonial bureau. Arthur Gall is advertising his huge dairy farm south of New Paris. He's very careful to whom he sells his products, so naturally they go to the New ParisCreamery. Could he have been influenced by his father-in-law? Evelyn VanDiepenbos is now a professional paper carrier after many years of spills from her bicycle. Why is that buzzer ringing? Oh, I must have spent another sixth period dreaming. But I do wonder how much of my dream will be true in 1959? Baa all u. .QCEL , Aga PAHISIAN ,2- a,. J e gigp J If K I , ,X V ,I it X . kgs. X. x. X g X ills . N Y,-L s s J w 1 f ,M 4' Q M 2' :lp ' V X 1 1 A f w SENIOR PERSONALITIES 0 S 8 C B Ai -ll U1 P HISIAN 29" slg-Z - mil' J NAME NICKNAME FAINTS BECAUSE OF AMBITION FAVORITE SAYING FAMOUS-FOR W NESS FOR J'unior Beer Ott Being too quiet Farmer Oh, no Smiles Women K Ruby Clark Hazel Too much love College Let's really yell Cheerleading Millersburg Vernon Dowty Vernie Shrimp Dairy farmer I was robbed Sense of humor Small girls Richard Dunlap R.D.D. Bookkeeping Photographer Gee whiz Driving ability Carpentry Robert Frenger B05 Speech Class To get married Nothing Bremen Ada LeRoy Frye 'ROCKY Working too hard Mechanic Heck, no Carefreenes South Bend A rthur Gall Arkie Flying rolling pin Farmer Holy cow Golden voice Rosemary Paul Helman Big P6111 Being jilted Engineer More or less Argueing Dave Melborn A Roma Herrington F-011100 Men Teacher That kills me dead Studying Texas - Don Hoover Beezer Smart women Engineer Chicken if you donft Broken hearts That Big Buick A Phyllis Hower Jean Talking Learn to yodel Oh-h-h-h Shyness Quietness - ' Irmyn Jackson Irma Hillbilly music Nurse Quit it out Friendliness Spike Jones 9 Waneta Jones Neetie Growing too tall Nurse Beats me Her Ford Big brown eyes Phyllis Juday Phyl Nelson Beauty operator Wouldn't that frost you? Giggles Eggs Willis Kohli Willie Too many women Band leader l don't know Boogie-Woogie Freshman girls Doris Lehman DOISBY Too much ice cream Lab. Technican 'Toughy Babe' Dairy Bar Dawson Betty Mishler Betts Heart attacks Tall children For Heaven's sake I. P. C. Concord Jean Moneyheffer Jeanie Business English Opera singer Oh, well, my gosh Being faithful Dowty A Nola Jean Morehouse N016 Fright Housewife You know what I mean Height Chemistry Donnabelle Lantz Donna Shock Typist Beats me Rings Long names Conrad Neff C. Neff Too many wheaties Basketball coach Who knows? Cowboy shirts Brunettes Gene Neff Neffie A broken heart Farmer Oh, brother His little women Hollywood Thyra Neff N Thyra Hitting a wrong note Music teacher Oh, for Pete's sake Singing Florida Elaine Ogle 'Lain Timidness Run a dress shop Oh, gosh Nash Rusty Joan Paugh Joanie Riding in jeeps Nurse Oh, shucks Exercises Mice Virginia Schroeder Ginny Falling off Boss's lap Secretary .Teepers Quiet ways l..ehman's Marilyn Shannon Rosie Muscles Phy. Ed. teacher I have to study Basketball Latin Bill Smoker Biddie-BOY Stepping out on her Politician Beats the heck out of me ' Haircuts Sweater girls Mary Lou Stuckman Stuts Bill Second Rembrandt Gads Drawing ability Ski Boots ' Bill Tarman Be rt Ov rsleeping A car and a wife Rough . Being late Milford women Russell Vail Rusty Too many 'chickens' Farmer Oh, yeah Farming Nashes Evelyn VanDiepenbos Evie Doctors Nurse Oh, good heavens Paper route Library Janet Weaver J n 4 Late hours D ntist Censored Her slowness L uie rl .xx X X X Xa at ,N N V 1 w w J yi AN PAHISI ' w A tk, xx J Q ' J 1 il ' fx: E X, 'LW W' 'I' fs- f' 'X SALUTATORY aw 'R C -1 44 Y V l I f 17+ lf, Parents, Teachers, Schoolmate and Friends: We, the graduating class of 1949, are happy to welcome you tonight. Our graduatlng exercises would be incomplete without your presence, and our parting from this school would be sad without your good wishes. Our graduation from N. P. H. S. is an event that we shall always remem- ber. We term our school 'one of the best' and feel that it has been made so because of the direction of our trustee and the efforts of this fine community. The assurance of your good wishes for our future success ls a challenge to us. You who are our parents, principal, and teachers have sympathized with us in our strivings and then have let us enjoy the glory of our accomplishments. Because your friendship has been an inspiration and a comfort to us, we are looking to you for guidance in the future. Tonight we have attained the goal that we have sought since we entered high school. We feel that we have climbed a few more steps in the ladder of "Success", but we are not unmindful of the higher and more difficult steps that lie ahead. We realize that we are 'Not Finished", but 'Just Begun". Although we have completed our work here and are about to begin a new and exciting life, there lurks in the background of our minds a doubt as to our ability to do all the noble works that are expected of us. Can we make the world any better for our having lived in it? May we always remember Emer- son's thoughts: 'So nigh is grandeur to our dust, So near is God to man, When Duty whispers low, 'Thou must', The youth replies, 'l can'." Betty Mlshler iii!! REMEMBER ? ? ? ? The distinctive aroma that issued from the Chemistry Room when we made Hydrogen Sulflde? Miss Ell:lott's desire for Conrad's 'chewing gum' in Speech Class? The eleven o'clock deadline before sectional tourney? Mr. Dawson's silence bell? The seniors winning the G. A. A. tourney? Mrs. McCo1ley's son, jet-propelled Jerry? The crowning of the Basketball Queen? The 221 Star Spangled Banner at the sectional? Cold Mondays and noisy Thursdays? The junior-senior receptions? Mary Lou sitting ln the waste basket at play tryouts. Roma sitting on Arkie in the play? Our chemistry tour of Goshen College? Our 'restful' senior trip? The pretty little cards at the end of every six weeks? Aix PAHISIAN .9-we AV. ef J W 'Q 5, N A X s .. ll I S V X VX ' iffij Q, fx f-Q Vx X 0 'D w 4 A v Q? l W f f ll f. , , U If f ,j ,f X 'A f !W'y V, Y' I l . E X X WJ 7' 'W' 'Kgs VALEDICTORY Parents, Teachers, Classmates and Friends: We have looked forwaigd to this last meeting of the Class of 1949 for a long time, and we shall probably look back upon it for a long time, for we will always cherish the memories of our four years in New Paris High School where we have worked and played together. We shall miss the wise counsel of our teachers and principal. We thank them and our parents for helping us to smooth out the rough spots in the road we have traveled on our way through high school. We wish to thank the trustee and school officials for an efficiently managed school and for the excellent teachers they have provided for us. May the people of our community receive our thanks, too, for the wonderful school and the Christian atmosphere in which we have received our high school education. Now it is time to go on to our life ahead. ln 1949 as in 1849 there is a gold rush. Our rush is for the golden quality of knowledge, but we strive for it as energetically as the 49'ers strove for their gold. Knowledge, the modern gold, buys our future, makes our living pleasant, and brings understanding. Now in this time of strife throughout the world, understanding and knowledge are the irnportant factors in the much sought-for peace. As we remember the parties, basketball games, our hours in class and study hall, listening and day-dreaming, the receptions, and the planning and working together for the things we all have enjoyed, we see that they are only a foundation upon which our future is being built. We have learned co-operation and have been given guidance through these four years that will serve us the rest of our lives. Our motto, 'Not Finished, Just Begun", expresses our ideal for the future. We will not think of our graduating as finishing. Regardless of how important this night is to us, we are determined not to stop here, but to con- sider graduation as a door that has opened to admit us to adult life. We now assurne the many responsibilities of that life. We will strive to be an asset to our community and not disappoint the many of you who have faith in our generation. For some of us college will be the next step, and our high school training will seem even more valuable to us there. Wherever we go, what- ever we do in the years to come, we will always appreciate the ample founda- tion you have given us on which to build our future. For the structure that we raise, Tirne is with materials filledg Our todays and yesterdays Are the blocks with which we build. Build today, then, strong and sure, With a firm and ample base, And ascending and secure Shall tomorrow find its place. Roma Herrington iiikiiiii We express our thanks to the following students who have written material for the annual: Doris Lehrnan, Bill Tarman, Arthur Gall, Mary Lou Stuckman, Ruby Clark, Thyra Neff, Waneta Jones, Junior Beer, Peggy Kendall, Margaret Cline, Rosemary Reirnschisel, Bonnie Neff, Dana Snider, and Doris Iuday. Ima! Mmm. A-QL N PAHISIZLNL, gigs f- E 3 Q J SE tis rt E. 5 if Sz 57 ga li H111 2: if I Q 2 Ee if, E 4 .i ' D. , .. JUNIOR CLASS Front row: Rene Neff, Clare Miller, Maro Myers, Harry Feaster, Marie Robinson, Thelma Bachtel, Joan Smoker, Susie Lutes, Lenna Wolferman, Josephine Mohler, Mary Lou Fisher, Sylvia Yoder. Second row: Mr. Dawson, James Snider, Wayne Yoder, Homer Bachtel, Betty Shannon, Sue Ann Whetten, Virgil Blosser, Gerald Geil, Robert Frederick, Robert Miller, Dorothy Hoshaw, Peggy Kendall, Miss Wheaton. Top row: Doris Juday, Rosalyn Collins, Joan Weybright, Jay Weaver, Lloyd Lantz, Francis Korenstra, Junior Yoder, Lee Robinson, Fred Maust, Dale Aschliman, Ruth Hall, Esther Rapp, Irma Gall. The Class of '50 began its junior year with thirty-eight members but Gerald Geil and Bonnie Graff quit. Our class is represented in each of the extra curricular activities with Thelma Bachtel, Mary Lou Fisher, Irma Gall, Susie Lutes, and Clare Miller holding the vice presidencies of five of the organizations. Francis Korenstra, Lloyd Lantz, Dale Aschliman, and Jay Weaver are our contributions to varsity sports. Maro Myers was one of the soloists in the Messiah. Our candidate for Sunshine Basketball Queen, Mary Lou Fisher, was the winner and was crowned queen on February ll. As means of earning money for class activities, we kept the store during noon hours and served concessions at two basketball games. We conducted a magazine-selling campaign. Lloyd Lantz was the best sales- man of the year. We held two parties, one, a leap year party, at Rosalyn Collins', and the other at the high school. Our two "big" attractions of the year were the Junior-Senior Banquet and the Junior Class Play. "Peck's Bad Boy", directed by Mrs. Stump, was presented in April. Class officers are: Rene Neff, president, Dale Aschliman, vice president, Peggy Kendall, secretary, Joan Weybright, treasurer, Miss Wheaton and Mr. Dawson, sponsors. . 1 f L Mr is gk ?F i 2 ,, 5 9. fi is 2-I S? Ed Q 1' "" ' E n: - I -g.g:.:.:,:..i-gif ' TY" x K 6 x 'KY W . . -Q, V , .Ml Q x, an 0 . . uf-.V .:::-,- 51:-5 I 2 X . V-,, N' - , ' ' ., W mn ......,, ,,,, X Q Q fi . 'I' 'dt' ' -' V A C , . ' ' , ,. .,.:. ., ,.., , . I A 4... I -,gg V .. 1 . ',:.,., g , 6 1, . ' V :Q -V , f X ' M., 'c ,5:-".:- ' ,-,, ,,- 'ffzg 41252: g ' 1: . ' ' K 1:- '- .X ue ::- ' f- 5 5 - --1 ' -' .. -X -:- iff V- me , -43.5.-'-1. ' ., 2-' V Lif fr- ii' ' 3 V - mg., - ,my- A i 375' H1515-: '. .1 .' : s, r W -'QF:g. 4 21- -1:1 EI.. .g - 1:15 ..z:1:,, - .- . : " "' -' " A Y 4 23 S :J 5 z .5238 Q ,S 5 Yx, 3 ' 5 4 . A 1, . V . 'Vf 4 A H 4- .V.:-.- 5:2 " x Eg ..V :Qi ' 4. 32122. 5333 s' A W? 4 '- - 4 - . .sf ' ,.:V--:. Q.:-, . ' V.. . . 'V S 5,,,,. - : .iii ' Q YW ' " V Hb ,,.,,., .. 'Qi 4 'zffzki 1 .. .. 4 K ' ' Q 2, 'IV ,, ei? g,i224s?Q52:'1'1' V1" :Zgt1x , " H- - --ui.. .f--:VL , -' ..::.: ., ' ' , ..... ,.,,..., A- . ,. M, .N V "V ' .vga ' M, .- -x.- H . - ,M 'QQ wa rms N ,W- mxmmm Nq..gv?"'w -.-345 , .V 4:5--:QM ,I - xg, 1 . :J . .,.. . , ffiiii -Q.. .... 5 ' Q Q3 A ' . W., '-' ,: H15 1'-V 5 . . 'V '," 1 T:" W' , . .. ..,, , ff: XS :F if 5:35, S5 is E i sl E5 4 5 E1 it 63 Y . , ge 2. 5 li? SOPHOMORE CLASS First row: Dana Snider, Don McGowen, Robert Weybright, Theron Schlabach, Gorman Miller, Margaret Cline, Juva Gall, Doris Mock, Lucille Hoover, Margaret Morehouse, Beverly Miller, Eleanor Mishler. Second row: Karolyn Swihart, Bonnie Neff, Barbara Miller, George Losee, Keith Dunlap, James Dobb, Don Thwaits, Lloyd Borkholder, Bar- bara Beer, Dorothy Pippenger, Pauline Geil, Miss Elliott. Top row: Wallace Bollinger, Farrell Cripe, Gerald Snider, Alvin Schrnucker, Leroy Wise, Merrill Postma, Frank Gannon, Ralph Kendall, Nelson Borkholder, .Tune Maust, Cherie Dowty. The Class of '51 has thirty-six members this year. The newest member is Gene Waddell who came from Goshen High School during the second semester. Miss Elliott is the class sponsor and Mrs. Charles Cobb, the class mother. The class officers are: Dana Snider, presidentg Don Thwaits, vice presidentg Margaret Cline, secretaryg Bonnie Neff, treasurerg Lloyd Borkholder, reporter. The first class party was held November Z0 at Don Thwaits' home and the second one was heldMarch 18 at the high school. Both parties were a great success. There is class representation in each of the extra-curricular activities of the school. Alvin Schmucker was in the hospital quite awhile because of an auto accident January 8. The class sent him a sunshine box, a flower, cards, notes, and visited him regu- larly. Beveraly Jean Miller was chosen the Sophomore candidate for Sunshine Queen. E M se EG QS z i v Q Q, F. Q1 Y wi 5 H Pre sh E1 if si 1 W , , fi fe 522 54 S 35 :if f-2 ki, ii Q - Q . mi 1 S.: lla gg gg 22 gg l FRESHMAN CLASS First row: Donald Walker, Odenia Miller, Patty Mishler, Doris Mil- ler, Esther Yoder, Bonnie Shaffer, Eleanor Cobb, Noel Stuckman, Don Stiver, Robert Burger, Helen Iuday, Esther Whitehead, Shirley Hel- man, Norma Lung, Marilyn Hartman. Second row: Wayne McMar1in, Theda Snider, Ioan Clemens, Arlene Wagner, Junior Whitehead, Nelson Huitema, Lloyd i Kammerdiener, Charles Lantz, Mildred Bobeck, Dorothy Yoder, Gladys Geil, Janet Newcomer, Mrs. McCollay. Third row: Charles Disher, Janice Wise, Laura Mae Yoder, Marilyn Miller, Carolyn Dunlap, Eleanor Neff, Delores Hollar, Shirley Bauer, Patricia Highland, Bertha Martin, Rosemary Reimschisel, Helen Kiefer. Top row: Gerald Robinson, Keith Lutes, Dale Eby, Tom Miller, John Cline, Robt. Scroggins, Jack Kendall, Robt. Hedington, William Hawkins, Douglas Lockwood. On September 27, 1948, fifty-one members of our freshman class had their first class meeting. Officers were chosen for the year: Noel Stuckman, president, Douglas Lockwood, Vice president, Dale Eby, secretary, and Helen Juday, treasurer. Mrs. James Burger is our class mother and Mrs. McColley, our sponsor. Freshman mem- bers of the Ushers Club are Patty Mishler and Lloyd Kernmerdeiner. The first class Party was held on November 3, 1948, in .Terry Gannon's barn. The second was at the high school on April l, 1949. Twenty-three of our twenty-nine freshrnan girls belong to the Library Club while twenty belong to the Sunshine Society. Two girls are mem- bers of the F. H. A. and six of the G. A. A. Five boys are in the F. F. A. Two boys, Robert Burger and Dale Eby, received letters in base- ball. Four boys are members of the second basketball team. The freshmen chose Eleanor Cobb as their candidate for Sunshine Queen. as 5? 5? F: fig ii: 35 '2 -1 3 , 'Y Q 5, ,, 31 , K '1 L 5 K 1 ,. I E 5 f Q4 7 3 -A I 3 N. 1 25 S gr 'N J U N ICR P LAY AUNT TILLIE GOES TO TOWN Tillie Trask ------- Thyra Neff Lucinda Talbot- Mary Lou Stuckman Pamela Marsh ---- -Betty Mishler Lizzie Parsons - -Roma Herrington Ellen Neeland ---- Doris Lehman Ronald Howland ----- Don Hoover Luther Lorrimer ---- Paul Helman Mervin Tucker ----- Bill Smoker Charlie One Lung ---- Arthur Gall Mrs. Tillie Tucker - - - Elaine Ogle Dr. Hattie Bing - - -Marilyn Shannon SEN IO R PLAY SPOOKY JUNCTION Fran Frazer - - Jack Kaiser - - - - - Bill Smoker Kathleen Conner ----- Thyra Neff Mary Conner ------- Ruby Clark Della Delmonte - -Roma Herrington - - Betty Mishler Rex Ring ---- ---- D on Hoover Zeb Webster ------- Arthur Gall Woman in Black - Mary Lou Stuckman Ben -------- -------- ? ? F -as F V -vi-4 F. H. A. Front row: Josephine Mohler, Thelma Bachtel, Lenna Wolferman, Doris Lehman, Theda Snider, Patty Mishler, Miss Wheaton. Back row: Doris Juday, Phyllis Juday, Janet Weaver, Virginia Schroeder, Thyra Neff, Beverlv Miller, Elaine Ogle, Peggy Kendall. is kr-Sv' F. F. A. Front row: Noel Stuckman, Don Walker, Jr. Whitehead, Dana Snider, Clare Miller, Jr. Beer, Vernon Dowty, Don Thwaits, Gorman Miller Mr. Dawson. Second row: Ralph Kendall, Robt. Miller, Robt. Frenger Gene Neff, James Cobb, Fred Maust, Virgil Blosser, Robt. Frederick James Snider, Rene Neff, Top row: Russell Vail, Gerald Snider, Chas Lantz, Gerald Geil, Frank Gannon, Harry Feaster, Wayne Yoder, Don McGowen, Robert Weybright. D I D ,V,4' , Q . ff, '49 0 wi V-Y I ,, 127 JI IFJ '11 fv F.:-LA. The FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERlCA'ls a newly.organlzed club. The purpose of this club is to promote a growing appreciation of the joys and satlsfactions of homemaklng, to emphasize the importance of worthy home membership, to encourage democracy in home and community life, to work for good home and family life for all, to promote international good will. to foster the development of creative leadership in home and community life, to provide wholesome individual and group recreation, and to further interest in home economics. Our colors are red and white, symbolic of youth and purity. Our flower is the red rose, symbolic of vibrant, glowing health. Our motto is 'Toward New Horizons". We have fourteen members, s chapter advisor, and a chapter mother. We have a meeting once each month at the home of some member. The club has sponsored several worthwhile projects: A "Courtesy Week' in the school: packed three boxes for girls overseas, and sent a CARE package to ltaly. To better serve the community attending school activities, we have a checkroom in the gym. On December 6 we had a taffy pull and had the F. F. A. boys as our guests. The officers of the F. H. A. are as follows: Thyra Neff, presldehtg Thelma Bachtel, vice president: Doris Juday, secretary: Jean Miller, treas- urer: Lenna Wolferman, reporter, Miss Wheaton, chapter advisor: and Mrs. George Neff, chapter mother. CREED We are the Future Homemakers of America. We face the future with warm courage, and high hope For we have the clear consciousness of seeking Old 'and precious values. For we are the builders of homes, Homes for America's future. Homes where living will be the expression of everything That is good and fair. Homes where truth and life and sincerity and faith Will be realities, not dreams. We are the Future Homemakers of America. We face the future with warm courage and high hope F, F, A. The FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA is a non-profit, non-political, farm youth organization of voluntary membership, designed to take its place along with other agencies striving for the development of leadership, the Iaimiilding of a more permanent agriculture, and the improvement of country e. is X x E . l Q' if Q, - k Y 5 The national emblem of the F. F. A. is significant and meaningful in Q J every detail. The owl is symbolic of wisdom and knowledgeg the plow is the symbol of labor and tillage of the soil, the rising sun is emblematic of pro- gress and the new day that will dawn when all farmers are trained and have learned to cooperateg the cross section of an ear of corn represents common agricultural interests since corn is native of America and grown in every state: and the eagle is indicative of the national scope of the organization. The club colors are 'National Blue' and 'Corn Gold". The mottols: I 'Learning to do, Doing to learn, Earning to live, Living to serve." Officers ' are Mr. Dawson, advisor, Otto Beer, Jr., president: Clare Miller, vice president, Dana Snider, secretaryg Vernon Dowty, treasurer: 'Gorman Miller, reporter, and Don Thwaits, watch dog. X On October Z5 nine 'Green Hands' were initiated. On February 8 the F. F. A. entertained the F. H. A. at a party at the school. From November 15 to January 15 there was a district pest contest. The latter part of Febru- ary there were other district contests, such as, essay, public speaking, and , .lud8in8 of POUHYY- hay and grain. and sliop items. Garden seeds'are sold X between January.and April. Candidates for the state convention to be held at Lafayette in April are Don Thwaits and Otto Beer. Martins Feed Mills donated S25 to help pay the Q If expenses to this convention. s ' , M x Q l PAHISIAN I W f 4's.,- ' Q27 f SUNSHINE SOC IETY Q, E p 1-ll-Y Front row: James Cobb, Robt. Frederick, Dale Aschilrnan, Don Mc- Gowen, Lloyd Borkholder, Farrell Cripe, Clare Miller, Rene Neff. Second row: Don Thwaits, Gene Neff, Carl Blosser, Vernon Dowty, Lloyd Lantz, Francis Korenstra, Mr. Evans. Top row: Jr. Beer, Con- rad Neff, Lee Robinson, Bill Smoker, Bill Tarman, Don Hoover. Front row: Shirley Helman, Helen Juday, Norma Lung, Theda Snider, Juva Gall, Margaret Cline, Doris Mock, Margaret Morehouse, Joan Smoker, Susie Lutes, Doris Lehman, Lenna Wolferman, Esther Whitehead, Waneta Jones, Nola Jean Morehouse. Second row: Miss Elliott, Ar- lene Wagner, Esther Yoder, Pauline Geil, Marilyn Miller, Betty Mish- ler, Mary Lou Stuckman, Marie Robinson, Betty Shannon, Sue Whetten, Esther Rapp, Ruth Hall, Dorothy Hoshaw, Eleanor Neff, Eleanor Cobb, Joan Clemens, Joan Paugh, Doris Miller, Miss Pavy. Third row: Shir- ley Bauer, Doris Juday, Rosalyn Collins, Joan Weybright, Donna Lantz, Barbara Beer, Va. Schroeder, Roma Herrington, Evelyn VanDiepenbos, Mary Lou Fisher, Irma Gall, Josephine Mohler, Dorothy Yoder, Caro- lyn Dunlap, Rosemary Reimschisel, Gladys Geil, Laura Mae Yoder, Bertha Martin, Dorothy Pippenger. Top row: Ruby Clark, Phyllis Juday, Janet Weaver, Thyra Neff, Cherie Dowty, June Maust, Mildred Bobeck, Beverly Miller, Barbara Miller, Marilyn Shanno-1, Bonnie Neff, Janet Newcomer, Janice Wise, Bonnie Shafer. 2 ' 125, A ,fr , al I 2 ,Q 3? H fu l ,f ,f ff? , Jef. ' 'L ,. ,K , S ' . X D 'I' ff' l-ll-Y The Hi-Y :ls a Christian organization for high school boys with the pur- pose to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character. A meeting was held in which all boys interested in becoming Hi-Y mem- , bers were invited. From this group twelve boys were chosenfor membership. Full membership of the club is twenty. The following boys were chosen this year: Vernon Dowty, Gene Neff, Rene Neff, Dale Aschllman, Lloyd Lantz., Robert Frederick, Clare Miller, James Cobb, Fan-el Cripe, Lloyd Bork- holder, Don Thwalts, and Don McGowan. The officers for l948-49 were the following: Bill Smoker, president: Bill Tarman, vice president, Conrad Neff, secretary: Carl Blosser, treasurer: Mr. Evans, sponsor. Don McGowan was elected to complete the term of treasurer. 0' The initiation was held on October 9 with a supper preceding the initiation services. The incoming boys .learned the twelveth chapter of Romans as one of the requirements for membership. .4 The senior members received their Hi-Y sweaters at the first of the year and are carrying on various projects to pay for them. suwsmm-: socnarry l k The Sunshine Society is an organization for girls with the motto, "Others". Our emblem is the rising sun, and our colors are yellow and white with the V A yellow rose as our flower. The Sunshine creed is: 'With love ln my heart, forgetting self, and with charity for all, I will make the object of my life helpfulness and kindness to others. I shall try to give intelligent service in making my community a safer and more beautiful place in which to live. The officers for this year are: Mary Lou Stuckman, president: Susie Lutes, vlce president: Bonnie Neff, secretaryg Margaret Morehouse, reporter, Miss Elliott and Miss Pavy, sponsors. Miss Elliott was also state chairman. We have sixty-three members in our organisation. Some of our projects for ,I Thus will my own llfe become rich and complete." X N this year have beencontrlbuting to the Riley Fund, helping present the Thanks- giving assembly program, decorating the assembly for Christmas, choosing ldeal Ladies, helping our little sisters, and sending greeting cards to the sick. This year we sponsored a 'Sunshine Basketball Queen' contest. Each class 'O selected a Sunshine girl as a candidate for queen. The girls selected were Ruby Clark, Mary Lou Fisher, Beverly Miller, and Eleanor Cobb. Votes for the candidates were in the form of money, each penny counting as one vote. The queen, Mary Lou Fisher, was crowned at the Concord-New Paris game. On October Z9 we held a candle-light initiation service for our new members. After the initiation we went to the high school for a slumber party. Several members attended the district convention at Columbia City on October 2. ln April we sponsored a tea for our Ideal Ladies when we ln- stalled our next year's officers. A big feature of our year is the annual joint mother-daughter banquet held with the three other girls clubs. The New Paris chapter of Sunshine will be hostess for the district convention next year on October l5. , X Q Xl X fit AHISI ffgf' , f 4, 1 Q5 is if 1 fi cf ! J X I , if ,6x ff , ,I 14 bfi rv LIBRARY CLUB The purpose of the Library Club is the extension of library service in Jackson Township. Through its activities we hope to promote interest in reading good literature. We have two mottoes which express our ideals: 'Forward With Books' and "Service". The Library Club had a membership this year of fifty-five. The club elected as its officer's: Ruby Clark, president: Mary Lou Fisher, vice pres- identg Margaret Morehouse, secretary: Evelyn VanDiepenbos, treasurer: and Rosemary Reimschisel, reporter. Miss Crlpe is club sponsor. Each year two senior girls are appointed as assistant librarians on the basis of their past record of library service. Thyra Neff and Roma Herrington were chosen this year because of their outstanding contributions in helping to pro- mote the surnrner library program during the past years. A new project was begun this year. Each girl received a program book in the club's colors--navy blue and white--with an outline of each meeting's program. Our library emblem is a navy blue 'L' with a narrow white border. As our part of the nation-wide celebration of Book Week, a 'Dr IQ' radio program was given in the assembly. A story telling contest was sponsoredin connection with Book Week. Due-to the large number of entrants, it was necessary to divide the contestants into two sections. The winners of the junior-senior section were Evelyn VanDiepenbos, Betty Mishler, and Mary Lou Stuckman, Eleanor Cobb, Marilyn Miller, and Rosemary Reim- schisel won the freshman-sophomore division. The winners were presented with pins signifying their accomplishrnent. Also to commemorate Book Week, special story hours were held in each room of the Bethany and New Paris Grade Schools. The Library Club sponsored a movie 'Swiss Family Robin- son' on November 16. ln order to raise funds to carry on the activities oi the organization the following projects were undertaken: selling desserts and spices, con- cessions for the Leesburg basketball game and the second-teanftournament. Each year our club gives a worthwhile gift to the school. This year our pro- ject was to install four flourescent lights in the library. I At the annual Mother-Daughter Banquet .awards were presented to the senior girls who had met the requirements stated in our constitution. The award is an appropriate medal and is given if the girl has completed seventy- five hours of library work, attended ninety percent of the meetings, upheld the club's ideals and standards, and been in the club two-thirds of the years enrolled in school, The awards for this year were presented to the following senior members: Ruby Clark, Roma Herrington, Phyllis Hower, lrmyn Jack- son, Waneta Jones, Phyllis Juday, Donnabelle Lantz, Doris Lehman, Betty Mishler, Iean Moneyheffer, Nola Jean Morehouse, Thyra Neff, Elaine Ogle, Ioan Paugh, Virginia Schroeder, Marilyn Shannon, Mary Lou Stuckman, and Evelyn VanDiepenbos. USHERS CLUB The Ushers Club of New Paris High School which was organized in 1941 has gradually added services of various kinds to its list of activities. Their regular services consist of ushering for the junior and senior plays. This year the- club has also ushered for movies, the Christmas Messiah, and a musical prograrn sponsored by the music department. The Ushers Club members have purple sweaters. The sweaters have a large 'U' inscribed with a small 'NP' in it. Miss Cripe and Mr. Hollar are club sponsors. Two students from the freshman and sophomore classes and three students from the upper classes are selected as members of the Ushers Club. This year members are: seniors, Virginia Schroeder, Paul Heli-nan, and Doris Lehman: juniors, Doris Iuday, James Snider and Wayne Yoder, sophomores, Gerald Snider and Barbara Beer: freshrnen, Patty Mishler and Lloyd Kammerdeiner. BBQ .Me u. QCEL g is PAHISIAN 72' .ea le w Ape s f s J S I 1 iv R. N G. A. A. Front row: Mrs. Hollar, Betty Mishler, Mary Lou Stuckman, Margare1 Cline, Joan Clemens, Arlene Wagner, Marilyn Hartman, Helen Keifer, Patricia Highland. Second row: Ruby Clark, Marilyn Shannon, Roma Herrington, Cherie Dowty, Sue Ann Whetteri, Betty Shannon, Esther Rapp, Irma Gall, Bonnie Neff. Top row: Delores Hollar, Barbara Beer, Vir- ginia Schroeder, Barbara Miller, Eleanor Neff, Susie Lutes, Lenna Wolferman, Doris Lehman. The New Paris Girls Athletic Association, a member of the state association, was organized in the New Paris High School on March 1, 1945. The organization was founded for the purpose of encouraging social activity in the field of sports and sportsmanship. The officers for this year are: Marilyn Shannon, president, Irma Gall, vice president: Bonnie Neff, secretary, Susie Lutes, treasurer, and Mrs. Hollar, sponsor. On November 24 we sponsored a G. A. A. skating party. Some of our projects were selling concessions at the Jefferson and Wakarusa basketball games, and selling basketball pins. We have a system of earning points which enables us to earn our school letters. The points are earned by individual activities and attend- ing play nights which are held at the high school once each week. The senior members also receive an award at the Mother-Daughter Banquet. A tourney was held between the four classes. The sophomores and seniors met in the finals, the seniors being the victors. 1 1 MIXED CHORUS I Front row: J. Smoker, M. L. Fisher, S. Lutes, T. Neff, V. Schroeder, .T Weaver, B. Mishler, L. Wolferman, D. Lehman, W. Jones. Second row E.. Rapp, B. Shannon, R. Collins, M. Shannon, I. Moneyheffer, R. Hall P. Hower, D. Lantz, I. Gall,Miss Pavy. Third row: R. Kendall, R. Fre- derick, W. Yoder, H. Feaster, J. Snider, M. Myers, R. Neff. Top row' D. Hoover, B. Smoker, A. Gall, J. Yoder, L, Wise, W. Kohli, P, Hel- man, D. Thwaits. GLh.h1 CLUBS Front row: P. Mishler, H. Juday, E. Whitehead, El. Cobb, M. Morehouse, .T. Clemens, M. Cline, J. Gall, D. Mock, B. Martin, L. Hoover, D. Mil- ler, P. Highland. Second row: S. Helman, N. Lung, E. Mishler, C. Dun- lap, B. Miller, B. Beer, J. Miller, A. Wagner, I. Wise, T. Snider, R. Reimschisel, B. Shafer, Miss Pavy. Third row: R. Burger, D. Walker, M. Miller, C. Dowty, D. Hollar, E. Yoder, D. Thwaits, G. Snider, F. Gannon, E. Neff, B. Neff, N. Borkholder, H. Kiefer. Top row: M. Bo- beck, K. Swihart, D. Snider, R. Weybright, C. Lantz, A. Schmucker, .T. Kendall, D. McGowen. 2 Ydph VOCAL MUSIC Miss Jean Pavy is instructor of our music department. We have three organizations--the mixed chorus, largely for juniors and seniors, and the boys' and girls' glee clubs, for freshmen and sophomores. In mixed chorus there are thirty five members with Thyra Neff as accompanist. This year the chorus was organized. Marilyn Shannon was president: Susie Lutes, secretary and treasurer, Virginia Schroeder and Bfll Smoker, librarians. On December 3 the mixed chorus had concessions at the Bristol basketball game and made S34 for the music department. The girls' glee club has thirty four members, and the boys' glee club has fourteen members. 0nDecember Z3 these two groups combined and sang Christmas Carols with Doris Mock accompanying. Several members of the speech class gave stories at this program. On December ZZ Handel's 'Messiah' was presented by sixty seven members of the robed choir. Accompanists were Marietta Smoker and Thyra Neff. Tenof the members were alumni. This is the second year the 'Messiah' had been presented and each year we hope to continue it, letting all alumni chorus members come back to help sing. Those who sang solos were. Arthur Gall, Paul Heh-nan, Don Hoover, Doris Lehman, Marc Myers, Thyra Neff, Marilyn Shannon, and Janet Weaver. The boys' quartet made up of Bill Smoker, Paul Helman, Arthur Gall, and Don Hoover sang special music for church and community programs. The girls' quartet composed of Doris Lehman, Thyra Neff, Betty Mlshler, and Marilyn Shannon sang for library club program. Those who won superior at the state solo and ensemble contest at Fort Wayne on February 10 were Don Hoover, Shirley I-lelman, Doris Mock, and the mixed quartet composed of Doris Mock, J'uva Gall, Don McGowen and Jack Kendall. Those who had excellent ratings were Marc Myers, Thyra Neff, Paul Helman, Doris Mock and the boys' quartet composed of Arthur Gall, Paul Helman, Don Hoover, and Bill Smoker. Juva Gall and Bob Fred- erick had good ratings. On March ll a musical program was given by the mixed chorus ln the High School Auditoriurn. The mixed chorus and the boys' quartet each pre- sented a special number at the County Spring Festival on March 31 at Elk- hart. BAND The high school band under the direction of Allen Harness has thirty two members. Fifteen of these are in the county band. Fifteen members are in the county reserve band. Conrad Neff and Willis Kohli received sweaters from the county band organization. The county band gave concerts ln each county school. The first concert in this series was held at Millersburg on Sunday afternoon, February 27. The county band played in the County Music Festival and the state band con- tests. This year the high school band organized withConrad Neff as president, and Doris Mock as secretary and treasurer. We also have student directory as Mr. Harness gives the members an opportunity to direct the band from time to time. Doris Mock and Homer Bachtel have directed the band several times at basketball games. On December 14 the band played for the P. To.O. Several beginners from the' grade school also played in this program. 'Mr. Harness has thirty two beginners from the grade school so he expects to have a larger band next year. We also hope to have new uniforms soon. The New Paris Band Boosters Club was organized to sponsor the high school band. Ima ul IL asm. 44 PAHISIAN 55 X YQ l J C' 3 it X Y. 5 gl N xii X UN, sg, ,X 1 . ii E 4 5 Lf if k f 1. Q: . 5 s 3 4 4 X A W . tw.. lv ' ' . Q 1 awww 1 f E ,Q ff W- f .ff ' - fy N, 1 ' W3 1, VR Q 'M 'Rf 1 X . .mow Af. fit 6 .. w R, E , 5. ? , X"""'v 1 7 7 TK -LX fx ix f Q wi J I XR i R FV -v ...!'2"" F, J y Alhl ' 21 ICS A fy X 5 any . 2 BASKETBALL, FIRST TEAM Seated: Mgr. James Snider, Don Hoover, Bill Smoker, Carl Blosser Conrad Neff, Bill Tarman, Mgr. Gorman Miller. Standing: Mgr. James Cobb, Dale Aschliman, Lloyd Lantz, Francis Korenstra, Don Thwaits Coach Robert I-Iollar. SEASON SCHEDULE TOURNE-YS NPHS OPP. NPI-15 Qpp Af NaPPanee 50 41 County at Goshen At Wakarusa 51 31 Af Goshen 45 36 Wakarusa fOvertimej 20 21 Middlebury 45 33 At Concord 34 41 Bristol 64 34 Jarnestown 37 38 At Syracuse 32 45 Sectional at Nappanee Millersburg 44 30 Jefferson 44 28 Elkhart 33 17 Wakarusa 31 29 Wakarusa 30 17 Syracuse QOvertimej 52 54 Nappanee 43 30 At Milford 45 33 Cvncord 25 42 Leesburg 54 40 At Jamestown 33 26 At Bremen 32 35 Concord 26 45 Akron 58 42 vo Lawn L kwa V ff X Li u 2- 1 :ft nf' f Q9 'Q A ' f?'awff-f'G1e- , , gl 'r-.3 ,J X cuss Rosrsn Name Position Year Total Points Smoker Guard Senior 316 Neff Guard Senior l 53 Hoover Forward Senior 128 Blosser Center Senior 123 Twaits Forward Sophomore 92 Korenstra Center Junior 69 Tarman F orward Senior 21 5 Lantz Center Junior 20 Aschliman Guard Junior' 6 5, Helman Guard Senior 0 When Coach Bob Hollar issued the first call for basketball practice fifty five young aspirants turned out in hope of a place on the A or B squads. After ten practices the team was cut to twenty two"boys. 'This squad went through intensive drills ln preparing for the first game with the Nappanee Bulldogs. ' ' Showing unusual finesse and scoring punch for so early in the season, ,QU the Cubs, led by Smoker's twenty two points, took an early lead and coasted A1 home to victory, 50-41. This lag the first win over the Bulldogs in eight KN, Q, years. The next three opponents, Wakaruse, Goshen, and Middlebury, were Q7 ' cut down in that order by cornfortable margins. Concord's great team put the ' skids under the Cubs in the Nappanee and New Paris lost its first game, k 41 W 41-34. Coming into the county tourney, 'it looked as if the Cubs with eight game won and three lost would have a good chance of defending the title won by the 1947-48 team. Just before the county tourney the school was shocked by the terrible accident which took Carl Blosser frorn our midst. Carl was one of the out- standing athletes to ever wear the purple and gold, and his- loss was keenly felt by all who knew him. The Cubs lost their 'initial game ln the county tourney to Wakarusa, 21-20, in an overtixne. The boyswere fighting every minute but inability to hit cost us the gaxne. The remaining' games of the season resulted in vic- tories over Milford, Leesburg, Iimtown, and Akron, and defeats by Syracuse J fovertlmej, Bremen, and Concord. Our first game in the sectional tourney was against Elkhart. Not having forgotten the 51-50 loss last year, the Cubs were determined this yeax-'s game would end differently. After a defensive battle the first half the Cubs went to the dressing roan with a 14-ll lead. The second half was all New Paris. with Neff leading the way nineteen points were racked up in the second half against six for the Blazzers, and the Cubs were going away, 33-17 when the gun sounded. Our next foe was Wakarusa, an old traditional rival. Again our zone defensewas at its best and in this game the Indians were held to just three field goals. Hoover led the scoring with ten points. Entering the semi-finals, the Cubs were rated slight favorites over Doc Mummert's Sophomores. The Cubs, with a blistering first quarter, poured in nineteen , points to the B'ulldog's seven. Once in the lead, the determined Bubs were ' never surpassed as Thwalts and Smoker poured in twelve points each. In the final game Concord's mighty Minutemen showed too much punch against the tiring Cubs and won 42-25. Thwalts again led New Paris with eleven points. The rebounding work of Korenstra and Thwaits was outstanding all f ' during the tourney. All five of the regulars were mentioned on the all-tourney teams. I -1479 .- .- I Pi-l HIS I AN I e-,Y J ll ig-9 1 x ff? ,f V, V ,f . "N, Q,.,, , I, ' rx X rf ,4 W Iv D . N 1 . X 0 1 I ,S 5- ff ,-5 J 1. X f fy f' I f ,-' ,f ' , if , ,ATB K N ln summarizing the abilities of the graduating seniors, it might be said all truly exemplified those traits which make a good team great. Billy Smoker was leader in county scoring, set a new scoring mark for the school with 316 points, served as co-captain, received a free throw trophy for having the best free throw percentage during the past two years, and was in there scrapping every minute of the game. Don Hoover also served as co-captain, was a great feeder, ball handler, and play-maker deluxe. Conrad Neff could be counted upon for both offensive and defensive help and was the steadying influence of the team. He was chosen by the Goshen News-Democrat as the best sectional tourney player. Billy Tarman was also a reliable member of the varsity. Paul Helman, lost to the team because of illness, contributed to the team's success. For going so far in the sectional and for the great season we had, much of the credit should go to Coach Bob Hollar. He worked tirelessly with the boys to get them into the playing form they showed. ln spite of last year's graduating seniors, illness, and injuries, the Cubs won fifteen games out of X -be .X f KS' N , l the twenty three played and were ranked second in the county by the Elkhart r Truth. During the season all schools in the county were defeated with the exception of Concord. X , is r 289 w be X 4 G .nm f K5 J Q.. ay I ab Y J xxx' If a If Ex, k , ' gg 5 425 A' QW.. f ' ' T I BASEBALL Hard hit by graduation, the baseball team fell below the 500 mark for the second season in a row,wlnning only one of nine games. The team showed improvement as the season progressed and reached its peak in the final game against Concord, Aschliman pitching one hit ball for the first seven innings. The following boys received letters and three chevrons: Don Hoover, Conrad Neff, and Bill Smokerg two chevrons: Dale Aschliman, Junior Beer, and Dick Dunlap, one chevron: Robert Burger, Dale Eby, Lloyd Lantz, Gene Neff, Alvin Schmucker, Don Thwaits, and Jay Weaver. gpm bf, f X e U AL ul e PAHISIAN 12' .Q-as-, N 1 es 2 X . X xg: AX, QQ W 'BF BASKETBALL, SECOND TEAM Front row: Mgr. James Snider, Robert Burger, Don Stiver, Thomas Miller, Dale Eby, Robert Weybright, Gerald Snider, Mgr. Gorman Mil- 1er'. Back row: Mgr. James Cobb, Wallace Bollinger, Lloyd Burkholder, Jay Weaver, Paul Helman, Keith Dunlap, Lee Robinson, George Losee, Dana Snider, Coach Robert Hollar. .f if? we J? ,ly fgmxjggs' ' i B Y l 1 A .ft av f 4 aff, X s., A 'W,g.5, rage s quam N u ,A Mi, K 3 M, . 2 v Hn' Lg ,2 glial-2. n 1- lf -1 ,fi ' H .1 x ' ' 'ge' Z XSY' ' W 1 W Q53 is BASEBALL Front row: Mgr. James Snider, Don Hoover, Junior Beer, Bill bmoxer, Gene Neff, Dale Aschilman, Alvin Schmucker, Dick Dunlap, Don Stiver, Mgr. Gorman Miller. Back row: Mgr. James Cobb, Robert Burger, Thomas Miller, Don Thwaits, Carl Blosser, Lloyd Lantz, Conrad Neff, Dale Eby, Junior Whitehead, Jay Weaver, Coach Robert Hollar. YELL LEADERS ' Rosemary Reimschisel RubY Clark Susle Lutes SUNSHINE BASKETBALL QUEEN Eleanor Cobb, Freshmang Beverly Miller Sophomore- Queen Mar 1 1 y Lou Fisher, .Tuniorg Ruby Clark, Senior 1 1 Q ff 1: Q. 5 43 it 1 1 . X x 4? a L X Q iv.: .. ' -QR 2? aL ? , 51 -lv-ww-A----vw -ww-fr-W--1-v -- ----V - - ' 45 1 A 4 , L J!! 9 I . 4 fi! 1 'VIN ' f 'yy ---V v-...U . .,,.v---.--Y - - -7--- Q -f ' -mf -- ---v---vw--f-Yf-f-Y---y -f---. dei- - 4 -5 xr- 9. -Ti? DS HON ORS Mine honor is my life: both grow in oneg Take honor from me and my life is done. VALEDIC TORIAN Roma He rrlngton SALUTATORIAN ' Betty Mishler IDEAL SUNSHINE GIRL Mary Lou Stuckman --Shakespeare LIBRARY CLUB HONOR AWARDS Ruby Clark Roma Herrington Phyllis Hower Irmyn Jackson Waneta Jones Phyllis Iuday Donnabelle Lantz Doris Lehman : 'BX ,Q - ix.. W-, 5 Q. Xa- 5.54.3 1 ,QNY 'X" N 1 J ASSISTANT LIBRARIANS Betty Mishler Roma Herrington Jean Moneyheffer Thyra Neff Nola Jean Morehouse p Thyra Neff COUNTY BAND AWARDS Elaine Ogle Willis Kohli Ioan Paugh Conrad Neff Virginia Schroeder , Marilyn Shannon ' BASKETBALL AWARDS Mary Lou Stuckman -'K Capt. Don Hoover Evelyn VanDiepenbos p. Capt. William Smoker ' Paul Helman MUSIC CONTEST AWARDS 4- Conrad Neff Superior , William Tarman Don Hoover Excellent I BASEBALL AWARDS Thyra Neff A Otto Beer, Ir. Paul Helman Richard Dunlap Boys Quartet Don Hoover Arthur Gall Conrad Neff Paul Helman Gene Neff Don Hoover William Smoker William Smoker YELL LEADER AWARD VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE DEPT. I Ruby Clark DeKalb Award Otto Beer, Ir. Q G. A. A. AWARDS F. F. A. Honor Sweaters Ruby Clark Otto Beer, Jr. Roma Herrington Vernon Dowty Doris Lehman Russell Vail Betty Mishler F. F. A. Letter Awards Virginia Schroeder Robert Frenger Marilyn Shannon Gene Neff Mary Lou Stuckman Our own heart, and not other men's opinion, forms our true honor. --Coleridge P X SR? . 4 ,.' V . iilrxxq x PAHISIAN e z fn - .r-1. V J - 1 Q27 ' ' gr ii ?' E, ifd 'f 1 . 5 is E In Q , fv we ki' " 5 x W' XL i s a Q 21 2 3 '? K is Fi 'i 1, gn 4 . 21 Pi F .- T . 1 i 3 I 2 3 i iiiiiii THANK YOU, ADVERTISERS! -ii We Appreciate Your Cooperation I fs I CLASS OF 1949, NEW PARIS HIGH SCHOOL 5 I 9 'I' I E E ., REED'S CAFE 2' 'I' I Ogle 85 Hawkins, Managers E E CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS Home Cooked Meals and Short Orders E 4, Home Made Pie Soda Fountain Service 5 5 Maple Grove Aplary Phone 522 New Paris Q E PRODUCERS OF PURE HONEY 4 9 OTTO BEER 8, SO-N REED S PRODUCTS I Wholesale - Retail 2 Phone 299 New Paris, Ind- GREETING CARDS SPECIALTIES 2 AIRE FRESH FOOD PRODUCTS Phone 100 New Paris, Ind. iiiiiiiiiiiiiibikiQiiiiiiiiwiiiikiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiw+4+i++4iQii+iiQiQ6 0 1 H as Q 2: 2: 2 if 5 E E at Z E E i 3 -E- z 313 -1- E E 5 up 33 2 "' 3 E fx- : E B Q 33 513 9 iiiiii iiiiii 22 SMOKER LUMBER COMPANY is Q 4 I E 2 Manufacturers Of -1- -x-40x0x-40x-++x--x0x--x-4-'x--x-'x--x--x-+x--x0w+-x--xf-x-4- O IP DU CD U Z5 U U T' E U1 ':-'x--z-x-'x0:--x--r-x+'x--x-x+'x--x- 4wxwr4wx-+a-'afx--x-40x0p-x0x-4f-x-f:+4-.z0z-4-Mef4--x--x-4- E+ 244644QiikiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiQiiiiiiiiiiiiibikiiikiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiik4kiiiiiiiikiiiiiiiikiiiiiiiiiii 2+ 'l"Z"!' iiiiikiiiiiiiiiii FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Choice Cut Flowers and Potted Plants Corsages and Boutonniers - Funeral Designs HENRY BEER, FLORIST Phone 277 Milford, Ind. MOBILE SERVICE GENERAL AUTO REPAIR CAR WASHING GREASE TIRES - TUBES - BATTERIES PAUL IMMEL Phone 68 New Paris Compliments of TRUMP CLEANERS Nappanee Phone 16 20th CENTURY Restaurant and Service Station BILL and BUD 6-15 Phone 49F21 Milford iiiii 2 2 5 2 3 2 2 2 2 2 I 5 2 2 2 5 2 2 I 2 2 2 2 2 Q 2 2 2 2 2 + 2 2 4 2 2 2 2 9 2 2 1 2 2 4 2 i i i Q iikiii 94+ Pki Qiii' 0 V44 E I E 5 af 2 2 33 E i 5 ai I 5 5 + iii I I 5 : i Q CITY DAIRY E 4, , 1 Compliments of 'I' I All Grade A Dairy Products 5 HGUSE OF HARTER 3 I Homogenized Vitamin "DH Milk I E WE DELIVER IN GOSl'1eI1, Indiana E E Millershurg Milford Y Syracuse I 4. L1g01116I' Goshen Vv akarusa I 9 4 Q 9 Q Q +B6+?+494+4++ iiiiiiiiiiii -1- In-we v W I, I ,, -, I i,,,:,, , .. -.-........-..,rrr.r ,lr Z I 5 2 3 complfmems of LAKE TRAILS CAFE 5, 5? E Q Blanchard's Beauty Shop 6 and 15 3 31 EI 1231 MABLE BLANCHARD Where Good Food Is Cheerfully Served E E 35 Q Phone 7711 New Paris Phone New Paris 535 'X' Ir .- r,-w..rnrr r,.... Ir...,r I ...- .Lt-- .... ..- .ML P r.,-.r-L -,-- L.. Q 33 I I Stop Mineral Starvation by Adding I i "OCCO" MINERAL COMPOUND to your Compliments of fi E Livestock and Poultry Ration E 9 . 4 Your "OCCO" Servlceman HUFFMAN BAKERY E LAUREN CE BEER I Nappanee I ole E Milford, Indiana E 33 QQQQQQQQ iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiii bkibiiiiiiii ?ii+iii?iii+++i++4+i+++iiiiiiii +i+4 EUREKA SILO AND BLOCK INC. iiiiiiiiii QUALITY CONCRETE PRODUCTS 1- BUILDERS OF CONCRETE STAVE AND MONOLITHIS SILOS New Paris, Indiana Phone 50 iii? E 4 --z- i ii 2 I E E 33 5 5 E Z E E Z 5 Z 2 3 HERFFJONESCO. Designers and Manufacturers of SCHOOL AND COLLEGE JEWELRY GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS MEDALS, CUPS, and TROPHIES E Jewelers to New Paris High School M. J. Vogel, Representative Indianapolis, Indiana 'l0!"l"X"l' 2 NEW PARIS LUMBER COMPANY Inc. as Home Lumber and Supply Co. MUSSER BROTHERS EVERYTHING IN THE BUILDING LINE New Paris, Indiana 'IMI' '!'+!vl0l"l"l' 'I' 'l"I"l"!"l"l' .g..g.4..g.q..1.q..p4. 'lvl-'If-X'-lvl-ft-I-'l"I'+I-+.'+'l' f 'l"l"l"I"l"I"l' 'l"l"I"l"l"l"l"l' GOOD LUCK, SENIORS - FROM , Your Kaiser-Frazer Dealer BLANCHARUS CIGAR. STORE ' and LETHERMAN SALES and SERVICE H SANDWICH SHOP Phone 831 New Paris, Ind New Paris, Indiana I COMPLIMENTS OF 2 TARMAN'S GROCERY 8a MARKET BUYERS OF LIVE STOCK Leland Tarmau -:- Edwin Tarman New Paris, Ind. Phone 862 Q'Pi'i'i"P+++'P4'i'i'i'4'+4"Pi'4'4'+4'+4'4'4'4'4'4+4"X'+F4' 69564041 'iii Compliment 01 MARTIN 'S FEED MILLS 2 MARTIN'S Hog, Dairy, Poultry Yeast Feeds FEED - :- GRAIN - :- COAL - :- SEED Phone 712 New Paris Phone Benton Mill: 131 New Paris .g..,..1..,..1..,..g. -x-n-n.-x.-x.-x.-x--x-1-x-xf-x-u--x-x-z-x-.x- iiiiibii Q iiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiii v 9646+ ii CONGRATULATIONS FROM METHOD SERVICE Radio and Television iii R. A. Reynolds Drug Store 4 2 Sales and Service On The Corner Phone L-104 New Paris, Ind. -2+ -In Z "We Try To Be A Good D1ugsf1ore" i si fl- Q , YY Y Y 2 '-- it 3? Kaser Plumbing 85 Heating Co. Sclilosser's Ice Cream Myers Water Systems - DuPont Paints FOUNTAIN SERVICE I , , , , SANDWICHES and LIGHT LUNCH 5 Luxaxre Furnaces - VVe1l-McLain Boilers Distributor Raub "Red Star" Fertilizer 1 Phone 990 New Paris, Ind. New Paris, Indiana Sherman's Shell Service Quality Candy - Confections GENERAL MERCHANDISE Z COMPLETE GARAGE SERVICE High Pressure Lubrication - Tires - Batteries Glu-Parsons Wholesale CO' I Phone 5211 New Paris, Ind. Benton, Ind. Phone Millersburig 13 on 93 iiiiiiiiiiiiiibiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiii+446++++i++iii+i+++6i++++ 5 2 2 2 i , i 144 ' 444444. " P 2 E 2 I 2 2 i i i iiiiiiiiii i iiiiii iii ii iiiii F iii 694594 +4 iiiiikiiiiiiiiiiii?6+++++ 44+ Wifi? E ii 44 iiii iiiiii ibiikiii iiiii WHERE FRIENDSHIP LINGERS BEST WISHES TO ROHRER FURNITURE THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1949 From HOME OUTFITTER and FUNERAL DIRECTOR Stiver Bros. Hardware 8z Garage PROMPT AMBULANCE SERVICE 4+i++++++i iii 16+ 4 4+ +6464 iiii iiiiiiii +4 4+ 4414+ 4464++++++iiii++++QiQ+++ I 2 ii P f 3 i 3 2 E 3 3 is is Ph s f 5'2 R 'd 642 Ones S ore ' es! ence Phone 892 New Paris, Ind. New Paris, Indiana EXCHANGE PUBLISHING CORP. New Paris, Indiana Publishers of THE FARMER'S EXCHANGE JOB PRINTING STATIONERS Office Supplies -:- Books - :- Greeting Cards -:- Rubber Stamps - :- Sales Books VVR-ITE, CALL OR PHONE 738 2 2 iii THIS BANK CONGRATULATES THE N. P. H. S. CLASS OF' 1949 ON ITS GRADUATION 'l"I"l' Let Us Help You Commence Your Life Work On Solid Bed Rock Foundations With Our Various Services and Impartial Advice. OUR SUCCESS IS BUILT ON COURTEOUS, CONFIDENTIAL SERVICE. WE INVITE YOUR INQUIRIES AND YOUR BUSINESS. NEW PARIS STATE BANK Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation In fl m , 'lHlMlHl 'lvl' vlvlwlwhlvlv 'K' 'X' 'X' 'B Oz'-x--x-x-Q -x--x--x--x--z-1--x--1--x--x--x-1--x-M -x--x--x--z--x--:--z-4--x--x--z--x--z--x--x-x--z--x--x--x--:--x--x--x--x--x--x--:--x--z-a-x--x- -x--1--x--x--x--x--M-x--x--x-x--z-x-x--z-z--z--x--x--:--z-x-z--x--x-x--x--x--1--x--1--x-x--1--x-1--x--x-xy? U S fi' 5 E 5 5 2 7 ,H A . H. Q' 2 ' 2- Q O S Q 11 2 3 Sf" E 2: 5 V S g 5 ff 2 ff 5 Z Z3 Uv EF Z 1 Q ' Q 'El 0 5' :I 2 E Q , lc P9 v-4. CD Q 4. F-1 1 -+ 4-D U' Q cz: Q.. -1+ '13 'Q Q- E. Qi 0 2 5 E 33 Z 0 S ' Q 5 9 E es E Q "5 'I' m 5 2 5 "" 3 4 3 3' Q U2 3 D- 1: fb E' 3 " it H 5 Q 2? Z rr! '41 :: 14 rf nv' P-4 -X- F' 3 U- Q 2 O O 'g o O -1- 5 '11 g P 5. 2 ff -2 a E -'I 5 2 is F 5 f UQ Q 5 P- M 5 'E E ? O 3 5 W U5 Q 5 fl 3' so Iii 31 '11 -'- s U Q S - 5 Q 5 H Z -1- -x- ' .- H' ff ' H- , 1 gg ED j 1 90 5' S 9 ga an is 5 -1- S ' 2 U2 5 9 4 S. cn K1 m -2- ,., l f: Q U, O -Q 'D as fb fb '4 3 I 5-1 5 3 5 fs Eff 5 5 'i 3. 93 Q 5 ' U2 U2 21 U3 Q :S pa Q: O 9: 2 Q2 E i P' 5' 3 E 3 5 ra 'X' Z Z z W 2 4- 2 2 U Z 4- Z .4 -1- 'I' 'U CD Q r-U ' 'Z' 5 S CJ no E1 Z 5' H- 07.4 '1' E :U 'X' 51 in 5 5 4 'X' ' r-4 PU A Q M 5: 'I' fs an PU H pu H fs. If Q- +-s V 5 'U -4 L-4 .15 We ' D-lv P3 Q' Q -' U1 G' ' ga 'B C-lj 52 3: F1 m 3, 2 2. r- - E S 4 df Q3 lj E Q :U 'X' I-g Q 'L 'X' pf' . Z P1 5 'lf E 21 ff 2 S E 3: U2 gg SP3 O -1- -x- 29 5 1 F4 :U O 'X' + P, r' 5 w 5 z E 'X-S r 2 O l W, 51- v-U -1- 5' Q W- 5 gg- F' P 5. 'D cb -- S -i- ff 5 E 'D Z '2 'X' O cn F4 :ff -x- O - no -5- 014 on -1--9 -x--x--x--:--z--x--x--x-a-:-4-4-4wx-4-r-x--r4--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x-40x- -1--x--1--s-z--x-4--x--x--x-4--x-x0p-x--x-:--z--z-1--x--x--z--z--:--x-e-4nx--x--:--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--1--1--x--M-x-x--x-awx-e--xnx--m--x-40x--s-x--z--r-r-:-r4--a-2-x-a-a-'f' GOOD LUCK SENIORS NEW PARIS CREAMERY CG if 1? ii Q. Ef 5? YS 36 55 ,g if U Si A1110 vhs 2 . A M "W-.. 5 we' 5 Q, A xi V -ww R ,W fe: X , YA- ff Q .ww N, , K QR ff ' L- , f Wg x ' , N, Q - .N x K, ' VN Q. 'x xxx: 'fs I e ,Nw 1 -4 'xx . 1.41 'f , A , ,E R W-. ze X ' - '- . ,mf 'X 'K - H , S-ff I: '. If x 1 5 -f' . f 1 2 X. "f. N L.' 1,7 ,A . 'B'-M.-.V N f PV , Z, , . -, .W if 4 . 'Q ,f - X N 4 ,A X x ' A' X EU' ' - 5 Q ' W-.A-V , -'ff x WV: ' J f I 1 'I '- uxx, R ' X nh-Ak! ' - V I nw XX m ,... Q- xl X , 'A ,' Yf I - - F , 1 x v N, , -, 2' 4- A " Q, -, Q: ,.... lg.: f i , ., ,I ,e,ls.- ., . 5- L: ' - MNA ,pg - . - Q 1-mlwxfwk - Q,-1 W :if ,Zig f , ASX? , Q X X W Wi rw 8 1 W. a""',?,"f'-VL'-ff if fxe, Ik I S Kw xr ami?-?f I - 7"":vQZE yi Q 0'94fQ"95fg7gXQ1Efw,,f'Fwi H3322 E ' Mjy Vf k W f x fi W' Qjilfi' ,vii im A-WOW E AE Q Ugfww ff jimi' 5 IX 19 . 69.9 'S' fo - Ng 1 UW Wwgyjmwfmigf 1 AW My Wm gy WML' Cw71w,,.,4,!o Qmoffw G,wrf1, R aizffgfazfxwmwj, if-Q gjfiwww w, 'ff ?fiaiiifg,gZrfW Q Q, ,WQQWQQTQQWQ MMWWQMJ, X-5' X. 'E F Vi ' Q w,,gif?wf7Wgg WjiKfQQ21?lQ! ?'f"j' m"LUW M Rm NLM Wi-Www mWffmffffffsfWsw2M B X4 , cn , 1, cdw- X l bwmgwmwjg 6FZgfQi3jM5f3,Q2XgWg Q dwlii 41 . 05052 ' ww 5 W RQ-KHLISIQNA A e Qs Q: -x 3 2 2 Q 2 -6 5 'e E Y I3 ,E xi f 1 9 E gm wi fffqwik- .7 flfmltk' ' A 11" - 'Sf-F'-51-1135141F32-L4Ln6:hHLE ZQt?wiasBlEWST'xF92IENZ'ii Ei?H-Zfif

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