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AVAION y. ' 4 4 ; iV . ' mf ' ' r ' -tr ALLEN COUNTY f,V, Viniml| ' l|nl| ' || 3 1833 01827 6847 GENEALOGY 977. EOe N368NPH. 1966 The AVALON New Palestine High School, New Palestine, Indiana Published by Senior Class and Paragon Press Editors Grace Bardes Randy Smiley FOREWORD The sound of happy voices, the spirit of good sports, the molding of ideals and aspirations— all blend into our high school experiences. We, the seniors, hope that in years to come the Avalon will bring back to us memories of our apprenticeship in preparation for life. N.P.H.S. means more to us as seniors than it did as freshmen. It is more than a mere candlelight. It has become a bright and revealing beacon-light with wider beams for tomorrow. We feel that your satisfaction with this volume is our compensation for pub- lishing it. With the hope that you will enjoy the product of our efforts, we pre- sent to you the 1966 Avalon. Class Motto: We have crossed the river, but the ocean lies before us. Class Song: " You ' ll Never Walk Alone " Class Colors: Light Blue and Dark Blue Class Flower: White Rose [ 2 ] SENIOR DRAGON DOZEN CHRIS LAND RANDY SMILEY GRACE BARDES L J? JANET BULLMAN JOHN CARMICHAEL ' y f GARY BORING DARLENE WAGGONER ILA FLEENOR PENNY PLATT LINDA DAVIS PAULA BEASLEY KAREN MARSHALL [ 3 ] ' " ' i Batons Up! Forward March [ 4 ] Future NP Champs Warm Up Above: An impromptu baseball game builds future Champs and leaders of the school. To our left we have our formally directed Marching Dragons, just one of many activities in which students at NPHS partic- ipate. [ 5 ] As the fast changing world in which we live picks up speed, we are faced with many problems which, alone, we could not solve. We often turn to Mr. Rumble, our guidance counselor. To the seniors he is invaluable. He pro- vides college-bound seniors with all information concerning colleges, uni- versities, and all available scholar- ships. For those who are ending their formal education at graduation, he is an excellent source of advice concern- ing their chosen vocation. Carroll V. Rumble, Guidance Director Here we see the strength and courage of our Mr. Rumble. Although there are two seniors confronting him at the same time, which is enough to make some men run and hide, Mr. Rumble is still smiling. [ 6 ] SENIORS WELCOME FRESHMEN John Carmichael crowns Greg Klei- man and Sandie Reed King and Queen of the Freshman-Senior Dance, tradi- tionally sponsored by the senior class. Everyone enjoyed dancing to the vibra- ting beat of the " Rogues " . Although ev eryone had a fabulous time, after all of that " hopping about " to the beat, there had to be time for intermission. King Greg Kleiman and Queen Sandie Reed ||M jffl|Iii BBL HH w r ' HT HB nian B! ' ' H wMjSBtjK HH||H| P jHi H ■ ■ Hlv - ni t L. ' w Sm bbh hi phi b K ■ ' iS %M Mr. Maestro! Whee-e-e Rest Time! [ 7 ] Aah - Splat! The race is on! Pin-up Girls DRAGONS ON THE MOVE " Run, Baby, Run! [ 8 ] Did she like it, Gary? What ' s cooking, Becky? N. P. STUDENTS LEARN BY DOING Don ' t burn us, John! [ 9 ] CAFETERIA STYLE . " m Teachers grind away with grim determination. Forward through the ages! Senior Table-where plots are designed [ 10 ] Joseph Dodd, William Wickliff, Wilbur Lantz, Sam Wilson. Not pictured: John P. Hill BUILDERS FOR THE FUTURE The School Board faces many difficult situations during the school year. The deter- mining of the school budget and the implementation of plans for building additions are but a few of the vital services they render. Superintendent M. K. Holzhauzen is aided by the School Board in making important school decisions. These capable men keep the wheels of C. S. C. S. H. C. running smoothly. M. K. Holzhauzen, Superintendent Mrs. Lois Arthur, Secretary Keith R. Davis, Principal Mr. Davis, our principal, has a challenging job involving gigantic responsibilities. He pro- vides a varied curricula to prepare students for all walks of life. We, the students, are always in need of discipline and advice, and Mr. Davis is always eager to extend a friendly but firm hand to direct us along the road of education. Mrs. Basey efficiently fills the position of secretary. Everyone asks for her assistance whether it be to obtain a master copy, a lunch charge, a purchase order, or her long lost sta- pler. Mrs. Basey has proved to be invaluable to Mr. Davis, the student body, and the entire school personnel. 12 Carl H. Wilson Mrs. Joan Alexander Through their faithful service and untiring efforts, Mr. Wil- son and Mr. Mitchell, grade school principals, have guided our younger generation through their sometimes perilous first years of school. Although their problems are great and sometimes their immediate rewards are few, these capable administrators find time to give the personal touch to each student. With a bright smile, each day Mrs. Alexander faces a new scurrying throng of students waiting impatiently to buy their lunch tickets. Her calmness and patience with the some- times over-zealous students have made her popular in a too often thankless job. Clarence Mitchell HOLDERS of TOMORROW ' S LEADERS Jesse Blackwell Jerry Cain Mrs. Frances S. Campbell [ 13 ] JAY CAMPBELL MICHAEL CUPP WILLIAM DAVIS MRS. RUTH ANN GRUBER MRS. CONNIE DOYLE MRS. JUDITH HASKETT GERALD HUNTER MRS. RACHEL LANTZ MRS. SONDRA McNAMARA [ 14 ] THOMAS McNAMARA WALT MOLINDER JAMES MOORE — — MaMHJjBMi 1 GENTRY NEELEY CARROLL RUMBLE RUFUS SAYLOR PHILIP SHELTON MRS. CATHERINE THOMPSON TED THOMPSON [ 15 ] MISS MARTHA WILLIS HAROLD WRIGHT MRS. ANN LEWIS CHARLES MADDUX TIM SWEGMAN giiii MRS. MARIAN HOUSTON MRS. BETTY HUNTER MRS. ELSIE F. MEYER MRS. MARILYN SELLERS [ 16 ] w MSsms MRS. VIRGINIA M. COLLINS MRS. THELMA CONNER MRS. BEATRICE L. ESAREY RAYMOND GREGORY MRS. HELEN HASLER MRS. HARRIET BRILES MRS. TABITHA COOPER i M MRS. NANCY KAY ELLARS MRS. BETTY KRAMER [ 17 ] MRS. BESSIE WICKER MRS. ELLEN HENNIS MRS. HOPE KING A K " ' 5 i MRS. SARAH E. McMILLAN MRS. REBECCA SLACK MRS. MARY BARDONNER r MRS. INA 0. SINNOTT MRS DORIS V M)!NE MRS. DOROTHY WILKINS 18 ] ' ' .-•• • ■ ! ;V ' •• i 1 wfi ' 1 V iH PHSII B 1 Sw ' ' ' i ITK ' ' _ d Seniors push forward! VA - . .J f t Our pleasant association with Mrs. Gruber goes all the way back to our junior-high days when we entered the bewildering world of high school and graduation seemed a long way off. She helped us then to find our way and has continued through our high school years in English and Spanish classes and her sponsorship of the Pep Block and The C. M. to be very much a part of our lives. Mrs. Ruth Ann Gruber Because of Mr. Rumble ' s cheerful, understanding attitude, we always will- ingly and eagerly listen to his guiding words. To the seniors, Mr. Rumble is invaluable. He has the remarkable abil- ity to assist us in making our own deci- sions. With his witty comments and dimpled grin, Mr. Rumble has helped steer us through a very trying, but joy- ful year. We shall always remember his guidance as we go on our separate ways. Carroll V. Rumble [ 20 ] GARY LEE BORING PRESIDENT DAVID LYNN COLIP VICE-PRESIDENT JANET D. BULLMAN SECRETARY DAVID H. MATHEWS TREASURER WILLIAM L. COPPLE STUDENT COUNCIL RITA JO JOHNSON STUDENT COUNCIL JOSEPH E. SNODGRASS CONVOCATION [ 21 ] GRACE ANN BARDES 1. jiS PAULA SUE BEASLEY LEE ARTHUR BENNETT DONNA ILEEN BEST NANCY JO BROWN RAYMOND BRUNS WILLIAM R. BUNDY [ 22 ] DIANE CAIN JOHN ROBERT CARMICHAEL MICHAEL LEE CECIL MARGARET A. COLESTOCK THOMA S W. CONNER SHARON DALRYMPLE [ 23 ] LINDA L. DAVIS MIKE DELLEKAMP MARY JANE DODD ARNOLA MARIE DOST PHILIP J. ESTELLE BARBARA A. FAUT ILA CHARLENE FLEENOR [ 24 ] ROBERT E. GENTRY MICHAEL J. GRISSOM NANCY SUE GUNN LINDA LOU GUNN PATRICIA ANN HANES ALLAN LEE BARTER [ 25 ] CATHY ED DENA HOPE VIVIAN LEE JACKSON SHARYN J. KIRKPATRICK SHERYL J. KIRKPATRICK JANE KITLEY KATHERINE ANNE KOCH DAVID DALE KRACHT [ 26 ] il EDWARD C. LAND DOUGLAS H. LANTZ fife JOHN WALTER LARRABEE PATRICIA KAY LAWRENCE ROBERT D. LOWE KAREN S. MARSHALL SHARON ANN MOELLER [ 27 ] -•« « SHARON LYNN MOORE LINDA OSTERMEIER THOMAS A. OTT PENNY JO PLATT PATRICIA ANN PRUET SANDRA K. PRUNIER PATRICIA SUE RADER [ 28 ] GARY JOHNSON CARLENE ANN REED 1 DEBORAH LEE ROESENER SAUNDRA KAYE RONE PAULA DIANE SCHRAMM ANNA LEE SCOTT [ 29 ] LARRAINE A. SCOTT CARL A. SEACAT CONNIE ELAINE SHAW RANDY LYNN SMILEY BRUCE W. SNIDER KATHY S. STAPP [ 30 ] PATRICIA KAY THIE DARLENE WAGGONER REBECCA SUE WALKER RITA KAY WILKINS GLEN E. YANCY [ 31 ] PROM TIME Memories of " Rhapsody and Stardust " , 1965 Prom, will lin- ger long . . . drifting angel hair . . . dancing in the candle- light past the glimmering foun- tain to the dreamy strains of the Pastels. Queen Mary Ann Bowman King Dale DeRome ' Three Coins in the Fountain ' t 32 ] And between dances we visited. Do You Remember... t t v LJ .Hungry lunch line? r r . . .the Fearless Faculty game? Scholastic Honors convocation? •H f-- .the 8 o ' clock rush? .toot, tootle, oot toot, toot toot! JUNIORS [ 37 1 JUNIORS LOOK FORWARD TO COMING YEAR Philip Shelton, sponsor Gentry Neeley, sponsor Junior year highlights include rings, class play and the prom! Rick Walker, president Steve Jones, vice-pres. Kevin Burk, secretary Vera Copple, treasurer Mike Wilson, convo. Rhonda Lantz, S.C. Mark Simpson, S.C. David Armes Ruby Banks Kathy Barber Diana Berg Joyce Blackford Vinie Booth Joyce Boots Donna Bowman Vaughn Brown Steve Bucksot [ 38 ] kmM Gary Bullman Doug Burge Kathy Carmichael Gary Cecil Tom Clarkson Steve Cochran Richard Combs Velma Copple Doris Daniel Linda Dirr Mark Draper Linda Elliot Jim Faut Gary Frump Carolyn Haase Marilyn Haase Debbie Hall Donna Hardesty Tom Hendryx Charles Henson Wilford Hill Wayne Herman James Humble Gary Button Jane Johnson Carol Kingen Peggy Kinnaman Donna Kissell Steve Kissling Ronald Kortz [ 39 ] Melanie Larrabee Jane Lyons Royce McDougall Ellen Mangold David Meir John Merlau Faye Munday Kenny Myer Kevin O ' Dell Christy Osborne Ray Osman Judy Parker Debbie Plummer David Puree 11 Joe Schroeder Tom Schultz Charles Shaw Elaine Sims Terry Skillman Charles Sleeth Steve Stewart Jean Tevebaugh Donna Wilson John Young Sandra Young Martin Zeiling Not Pictured: Phil Sanders Dan Edwards [ 40 SOPHOMORES [ 41 ] o Ak Jesse Blackwell, sponsor Michael Cupp, sponsor Gary Bardonner, pres. Ken Faut, vice pres. Mary Ann Coffelt, sec. Dan Modlin, treas. Sally Hill, S.C. j Paul Wood, S.C. Dawn Shafer, convo. Dennis Alyea Bill Arthur Phil Bafford Bill Bardes Kenneth Bardonner Catherine Beshears Peggy Ann Bilbury Frances Brindley Ron Brown Margie Cain Sherry Cecil Becky Charnstrom Kathy Clendinnen [ 42 ] 4lVi V Mike DeWitt Myron Dixon David Dooley Judy Ellingsen David Estelle u. Gary Farmer Bill Faut Nancy Faut Patty Faut Nancy Field Charles Fleenor Mary Flowers Mary Fowler Jennifer Gentry John Lynn German Pamela Gibson Mary Haag Richard Hall Sheldon Hall Terry Barter Sam Hinson Bill Hollars Tom Hunter Pam Johnson Jean Jones Donna Kingston Eddie Koch Becky Lawrence Lesley Limbach Brenda Marsh [ 43 ] Margene Ortel James Perry Sandy Plummer Diana Prange Mike Prunier Kent Raney Toni Ray Gary Reed Ruth Ann Rekeweg Anita Robertson Debbie Rone Jerry Salyers Lorraine Schramm ; Larry Schwier Larry Short Gary Simpson Donna Smith Jerry Strahl Patty Tucker Bill Waits Phil Walters Lee Wilson Bill Young Kathy Bruns Lewis Pope [ 44 ] FRESHMEN I 45 1 Frank Espich, pres. Greg Kleiman, v. pres. Ben Brummet, sec. Tara Brown, treas. Bob Vaughn, convo. Ken Frump, S.C. Dennis Hamilton, S.C. Lester Acree Sandy Alexander Debbie Alike Margaret Allen Pamela Allen Debra Anderson Larry Anderson Anita Andrews Karen Briles James Bank Ralph Boots Nancy Booth Marijo Bravard Joyce Brindley Cheryl Brown David Brown Jerry Bundy Kris Burk Carolyn Carmichael Wayne Caudill Sandy Cecil Russell Combs Robert Copple Loma Cottingham Marsha Crane Linda Dalrymple Jane Dersh Janet Ellingsen Steve Estelle [ 46 ] Alice Ferris Karen Frazier Donald Garriott Bill Gholson Sheryl Glascock Bill Goodman Elaine Graper Larry Grissom Thomas Grissom John Haag John Hall Thomas Barter Andy Hasler Michael Hopson Benny Hutton Betty Hutton Barbara Jocabi Tom Jones Gary Judy Ted Keller Mike Keller Randi Kirby Nona M. Kingen Robert Kissel Roberta Kitley Terry Knose Bill Kottlowski Thomas Larrabee Judy Ledford Dick Livingston Sharon Lynam Judy Lyons Brenda McDougall Dianna McGinnis Barbara Mallory Kathi Marshall Not Pictured: Bill Hardin Dan Edwards [ 47 ] Meryl Mayberry Paula Messer Diana Mitchel Patricia Mitchell Daniel Mithoefer James Moeller Judy Morgan Donald Myers Susan Osman Debby Ostermeier Gerald Ostermeier Mark Payne Lynn Qualkinbush Alexander Ray John Reed Sandy Reed David Robertson Myra Roesener Mark Roler Kevin Ruschhaupt Judy Rush Nancy Sakotos David Sanders James Schultz Ginny Schwier Paula Scott Ron Shreve Gail Snider Gale Sturm Tim Sullivan William Taylor Jacque Thompson Larry M. Turner Linda Van Scyoc Robert Vaughn Larry Waldroup Edgar Walters Paulette Weston Kenneth Wheat Loretta Whiteside John Wiedenhaupt Charles K. Williams [ 48 ] H " l ' ' ' " " i tV . EIGHTH GRADE I « 1 Denise Acree Becky Alfke Linda Allen Terry Anderson Eddie Armes Debra Arthur Sharon Arthur Jim Bardes Larry Bennett Mike Borders Sharon Boucher Debbie Bradley Kathy Brindley Kent Brosier Roseann Cecil Cindy Chandler David Conner Duane Corley Tom Cota Mike Davidson Kim Davis Carol DeWitt Bob Dotson Don Farmer Bonnie Fiedler Marvin Flowers Ronnie Fowler Ronald Frey Jeffery Gossage Doug Griffin [ 50 ] David Hulse Melody Hunter Dickie Jackson John James Marie Jones Denise Karr Debbie Keller Byron Kitley Larry Knose Joseph Kortz Jim Ledford Sandie Ledford Susan Maltby Wade McGee Debbie Mithoefer Roger Myers John Phillippe Richard Randell Debbie Rae Brenda Raney [ 51 ] Kay Rudisell Pam Samsil Bill Schilling David Scott Morris Scott Sandra Seaton Denise Shields Rick Simpson Harold Smith Sandra Stapp Paula Steuerwald Teresa Sutherland Bill Thom Becky Tucker Becky Vahle James Vandine Mike Vaughn Beverly Vile Debbie Walker Barbara Walters Larry Whiteside Marcella Whiteside Jimmy Whitton J. D. Wickliff Gary Wilkins Linda Wilson Stan Wilson Not pictured: Mike Abrams Vickie Fisk Bryan Spradley [ 52 ] SEVENTH GRADE I 53 J Jim Bill Marsh Cochran President Vice Pres. Louie Leah Carroll Qualkinbush Sec-Treas- Convocation 71 M Norman Acree Richard Adams C. Alexander Phillip Allen M. Anderson Jackie Asher Susan Avery Julia Barrett Rita Boyle Marsha Boots Karon Borgman David Brindley Mary Brosier Dennis Brown Donald Brown Fergus Brown Steve Brummett Gene Brune Michael Bryant Kent Bullman Kaye Bush Darlene Cain Linda Cain Phillip Caudill Robert Cecil Dorothy Chance Rebecca Clift Christine Coker Vickie Combs Donald Conner Donald Copple K. Dalrymple David Dismore Constance Faut Allen Fiedler Martin Flowers [ 54 ] Ted Thompson Sponsor Harold Wright Sponsor Dennis Frey Kathleen Frump Deborah Goodman Lee Gossage Kurt Graper Mark Harper Dennis Haynes Ronald Heaton R. Heffelmire S. Heffelmire D. Hemmerlein M. Holloway Dave Hunter Shelley Inglert Kenneth Johnson Ronald Johnson Ronald Judy Larry Kemerly Donald Koch Charlene Kortz George Laffin Karen Lane Mike Lane Maribeth Lantz Michael Lewis Victoria McGee Jon McGinnis Robert McMillan Billie Malone Martv Marr Russell Minneman Noble Mitchell Tyler Moore Brenda Murray Edward Murray Debra Mvers [ 55 ] Steven Neal Elizabeth Neice Linda Neice Richard Nickel Mark Oliver Audrey Parker Rick Paterson Darold Perry Artis Phillips Marsha Plummer Rick Plummer Jerry Rader Robin Reed Becky Richardson Susan Robbins Donald Rode Marcia Rush Stephen Sanford Denise Saters David Scott Donna Scott Brad Seaton Jerry Skellman Robert Skellman Cindy Smith Kathy Snodgrass Kevin Sullivan Keith Taylor Luann Tevebaugh James Timms Bruce Vahle Wilma Van Scyoc Donna Waggoner Ralph Walls Hannelia Warner Marcia Whiteside Linda Wickliff Danny Wilkins Michael Young Tom Young Not pictured: Darlene Allen Sue Kerkindaer Judy Little Rick Tumbleson [ 56 ] ACADEMICS 57 Now light it, Tom! FUTURE SCIENTISTS In this fast-moving world of rock- ets and space, the scientist holds the key to unlock the future. A deltoid or a trapezius? [ 58 ] LEARN MUCH TODAY! Our science department, under the capable leadership of Philip Shelton, is continually striving to produce some of the scientists so much in demand for future genera- tions. I ' ve heard about the " Aves, " now what about the " Apes melliferae " ? Explain it to him again, John. CELL STRUCTURE AND TISSUES - Wake up, Mr. McNamara! It ' s not that boring. [ 59 ] These fellows look as if they think English is serious business. LANGUAGE,.,, the Means to Communication Language is the basis for all of man ' s communication, for he cannot even think but in terms of words . We are stopped by the barrier from thought to clear expression. And the misunderstanding rising between different tongues and cultures is even higher. Our English Department and different language courses strive to help us break down these old walls in order to prepare us for building a world of clear, direct thought and communication. ' Relax. Speak slowly. ...Brother, I ' ll be Lucky if my knees stop knocking! ' [ 60 ] The new journalism class plugs away at work on the CM. Dave evaluates a front page. ■ -Lv Third year Spanish and second year Latin students compare verb forms. [ 61 ] Mathematics is a course involving pi, plus, minus, sets. Mathematics is a ne- education. Everything is centimeters, litters, or ab- has provided superb facil- this substantial subject. Is our artistry that bad, Mrs. McNamara? MATHEMATICS: How can you ever get the ri t answer with all those X ' s? [ 62 ] of challenge and frustration poiynominals, sets, and sub- cessity for a well-rounded measured in either feet, rods, stract numbers. Our school ities for our diligent study of ft ' Now John, if Popeye stood here- X= -b ± Vbj .4ac 2a ' Now which which is which which? ' [ 63 ] Careers in the Making A career anyone? Business courses are offered to everyone but are taken mostly by girls with plans for a future secretarial ca- reer. Many of these courses would also ben- efit the college-bound student, especially those who need to type all of their work for it to be legible. Now, do remember that two plus two equals four, or you ' ll never get the correct answer. Transcribing is really fun— Those smiles prove it. First-year typing is serious business. SOCIAL STUDIES The Thinkers - Steve, Joyce, Velma, Rhonda Social studies enables the student to understand the make-up of the economy and pol- itics of the world and how they affect us. Through the study of social sciences we de- velop the basis for becoming good American citizens by critically discussing our past and present governments. Social Studies is a necessary part of the education of to- morrow ' s responsible voters. I know I ' m half finished, Mr. Salyor, but I still have twenty pages to go! Here it is, Mr. Wright I hate to mention it, but- Christmas presents, household furniture, and per- sonal pride in one ' s work are built in Industrial Arts. Eac h boy develops his special interests and inde- pendently creates his own masterpiece. Boys gain manual skills and know-how needed by " do-it-your- self " people and household repairmen. APPRENTICES...CRAFTSMEN,„MASTERS Remember-When using a lathe, it is advisable not to put your thumb up here! [ 66 ] Larry clarifies his question in order to score well on a test. Agriculture is a course designed with the farm boy in mind. This is the next best thing to practical experience for the future farmer. Here the boys can learn so many things that their fathers can ' t teach them about farming in respect to different seeds, new types of machinery and new methods. The boy who takes these courses is truly prepared to be to- morrow ' s " professional " farmer. AG: Key to Successful Farming It is from such tiny seeds that such tall corn plants grow. N--. CREATIVE ARTS High school art classes taught by Mrs. Virginia Collins and Mrs. Rachel Lantz,have given opportunities for creative expression to sincerely interested students. Ha! Ha! Phil, you can ' t fool me. 1 know what you did! Easy with those scissors, Dan! Sharon and Barbara carefully follow direc- tions on tying threads. Each girl learns special skills to be used when she has a home of her own by carefully observing methods demonstrated, and then practicing on her own to become an accomplished homemaker. Each girl ' s ability is developed and her future is strengthened. These girls ought to be pie per- fectionists after such concentration! HOMEMAKERS OF TOMORROW Becky quickly sautes. ...what is in that skillet? DRIVERS TRAINING-PROCEED WITH CAUTION Mr. Blackwell carefully and patiently teaches the fundamentals of good driving. Melanie giggles, " I thought cars only ran on gas! " [ 70 ] SI BI USI B ; V j H w, ■ B la K i Mrs. Doyle reminds Erin to bring her book back on time. Any luck, Sandie? THE WORLD of INFORMATION Brenda McDougall, Darlene Crist, Frances Brindley, Kent Raney, Judy Lyons, Wilford Hill, Carolyn Carmichael, Ken Myers, Sandy Reed, Janie Lyons, Becky Lawrence, Pattie Lawrence, Barbara Mallory, Lee Wilson, Paulette Weston, Bren Marsh, Peg Kinnaman, Ruby Banks, Jean Jones, Sandy Cecil, Nancy Sakotas, Karen Frazier. [ 71 ] Watch the window! PHYS, ED. IS FUN Please help me- I ' m fal-1-l-ing! Don ' t Push! ! [ 72 ] ACTIVITIES I 73 1 Grace Bardes picks up forms for making out pages shipped to the printer. Randy Smiley leafs through the plan book to re- member picture layouts. V.I.P, of the Avalon Staff The AVALON is your memory book of the places, events, and people connected with the school year 1965-66- a record of sports, classes, and activities. It has been made possible by the continuous efforts of the editors, managers, and chair- men. These are the people who organized and engineered the building of your AVALON. [ 74 ] John Carmichael, Business Mgr., carefully secures the Avalon money. Donna Best, Art Editor, works on the wacky posters for book sales. Dave Colip, Picture Chairman, follows our photographer and plans groupings. Bill Copple made all those tricky maps which we followed for our ad sales. David Kracht chairmans a record book sales drive. [ 75 ] AVALON TYPISTS Back row: Sandy Prunier, Barbara Faut, Ann Scott, Arnola Dost, Linda Gunn, Sharon Moeller, Karen Marshall, Sharon Dalrymple, John Larrabee, Chris Land, John Carmichael Front row: Karon Dalrymple, Pat Pruet, Sharyn Kirkpatrick, Sheryl Kirkpatrick, Penny Piatt, Saundra Rone, Rita Wilkins, Jaynee Dodd, Paula Beasley, Sharon Moore, Cathy Hope, Pattie Thie, Debbie Roesener. Captions Chairman Bill Copple organizes copy and starts these mindsearching sessions. Sports Statistician John Larrabee arranges the data of all those winning seasons. [ 76 ] Front row: Steve Hill, Sally Hill, Rhonda Lantz, Gary Boring, Gary Bardonner, Jim Marsh Second row: Lindy Johnson, Rita Johnson, Bill Copple, Paul Wood, Mark Simpson, Joyce Kissel Third row: Dennis Land, Dennis Hamilton, Ken Frump, Frank Espich, Rick Walker, Linda Bardonner STUDENT COUNCIL Student government has always been important in our schooL The Student Council strives to bring out the leadership qualities in the students within its body. Wanting to serve in all areas, the Council encourages the students to bring their problems and complaints to them to be aired. Principal Keith R. Davis, Sponsor Sally Hill, reporter; Rhonda Lantz, secretary-treasurer; Gary Boring, president; Gary Bardonner, Vice-president. [ 77 ] The ad staff " grins and bears it " even if there is a hole in the stencil. CM. typists gleefully accept passes to the paperroom to type dummies and utilize the " senior lounge. " MESSENGER These run those sharp copies and proudly deliver the C.M. ' s. These are the members of the feature staff that discover all those odd and amusing things to write about. HONOR SOCIETY REACHES SUBLIME Front row: Karen Marshall, H Penny Piatt, Janet Bullman, Amola Dost, Diane Cain, Chris H Land, president Second row: Karon Dalrymple, Sharyn Kirk- j patrick, Darlene Waggonner, Debbie Rosesener, secretary; Grace Bardes, John Carmichael, Randy Smiley, treasurer Third row: Kevin Burk, Steve Buckshot, Gary Bullman, Judy Parker, Kathy Barber, Marilyn Haase, Margie Cain Fourth row: Kathy Bruns, Sally Hill, Sandy Plummer, Lorraine Schramn, Margene Ortel, Diane Prange, Dan Modlin, Kenny Bardonner Fifth row: Jennifer Gentry, Jean Jones, Ruth Ann Rekeweg, Mike Prunier, Tom Hunter, Patty Tucker [ 80 ] I EIGHTS Sponsors: Keith R. Davis, Miss Martha M. Willis, Rufus Savior Sophomore members graciously serve at the reception honor- ing the new members. Proud smiles are on the faces of our newly inducted members: Kevin Burk, Steve Bucksot, Gary Bullman, Marilyn Haase, Judy Parker, Kathy Barber, John Carmichael, Sharyn Kirkpatrick, Arnola Dost, Karon Dalrymple, Diane Cain. 4 G.A.A. Officers: Carol Kingen, treasurer; Joyce Boots, vice-pres- ident; Janet Bullman, president; Kathy Barber, secretary. Sponsor, Mrs. Sondra McNamara G,A.A, • The Active Group Front row: Sharon Moore, Saundra Rone, Pat Lawrence, Vivian Jackson, Pat Rader, Janet Bullman, Sharon Moeller, Ann Scott, Karen Dalrymple, Pat Pruet, Sharon Dalrymple, Karen Marshall, Penny Piatt, Barb Faut, Linda Gunn Second row: Debbie Hall, Donna Hardesty, Kathy Barber, Velma Copple, Paula Schramm, Cathy Hope, Debbie Roesener, Linda Davis, Becky Walker, Nancy Gunn, Arnola Dost, Nancy Brown, Janie Lyons, Grace Bardes Third row: Frances Brindley, Judy Parker, Donna Wilson, Ellen Mangold, Faye Mundy, Doris Daniel, Donna Bowman, Joyce Boots, Vera Copple, Carol Kingen, Marilyn Haase, Rhonda Lantz, Elaine Sims, Carolyn Haase, Nancy Booth, Linda Dirr, Kathy Carmichael Fourth row: Frankie Haag, Darlene Crist, Mary Flowers, Mary Fowler, Pam Johnson, Donna Smith, Brenda Marsh, Becky Lawrence, Lee Wilson, Sherry Cecil, Donna Kingston, Karen Briles, Kathie Marshall, Sandy Alexander, Dede McGinnis, Nona Kingen, Nancy Sakotas Fifth row: Kathy Clendinnen, Becky Charnstrom, Karen Frazier, Debbie Alfke, Sandy Cecil, Marsha Crane, Marijo Bravard, Alice Ferris, Sandy Reed, Judy Lyons, Paula Scott, Barb Mallory, Betty Hutton, Pam Allen, Myra Roesener, Barb Jacobi, Jackie Thomas [ 82 ] Front row: Jane Kitley, Vivian Jackson, Vice-pres. Pat Rader, Ann Scott, Carlene Reed Second row: Treas. Vera Copple, Debbie Plummer, Sec. Donna Bowman, Reporter Joyce Boots, Carol Kingen, Carolyn Haase, Diana Berg, Marilyn Haase Third row: Ruby Banks, Pres. Elaine Sims, Sandy Plummer, Patty Tucker, Donna Kingston, Sally Hill, Corres. Sec. Rhonda Lantz Fourth row: Alice Ferris, Tara Brown, Sandi Reed, Barb Mallory, Paula Scott, Judy Lyons FUTURE HOME BUILDERS: Plan Ahead Officers take the lead in making plans and carrying out projects. Mrs. Fran Campbell, Sponsor, provides the leadership and restraint necessary in the club. [ 83 ] Front row: Penny Piatt, Sharon Dalrymple, Diane Cain, Carlene Reed, Ann Scott, Patti Lawrence, Vivian Jackson, Saundra Rone, Sharon Moore, Rita Wilkins, Paula Beasley Second row: Grace Bardes, Karen Dalrymple, Kathy Koch, Patty Pruet, Barbara Faut, Sheryl Kirkpatrick, Karen Marshall, Sharyn Kirkpatrick, Janet Bullman, Patty Radar, Donna Best Third Row: Diana Berg, Kathy Barber, Donna Wilson, Carol Kingen, Donna Kissel, Ellen Mangold, Joyce Boots, Debbie Plummer, Melanie Larrabee, Janie Lyons, Mrs. Campbell Fourth row: Mary Ann Cofelt, Donna Hardesty, Donna Bowman, Debbie Hall, Elaine Sims, Ruby Banks, Kathy Carmichael, Bebby Ostermeier, Ginny Schwier, Sherry Cecil Back row: Sandy Reed, Tara Brown, Alice Ferris, Myra Roesemer, Anita Andrews, Judy Lyons, Paula Scott, Barbara Mallory SUNSHINE SOCIETY Janet Bullman, sec; Sharon Dalrymple, treas.; Penny Piatt, pres.; Donna Bowman, Sponsors: Mrs. F. Campbell v-pres.; Debbie Plummer, C.S. Mrs. C. Thompson Front row: Carl Seacat, Rita Johnson, Bill Copple, Steve Cochran, Gary Bardonner Second row. Kathi Marshall, Jean Jones, Diana Prange, Margie Cain, Larraine Schramm, Sandra Plummer, Tom Clarkson, Royce McDougall Third row: Karen Briles, Ruth Ann Rekeweg, Nancy Booth, Linda Ostermier, Kenny Bardonner, Dan Modlin, Bill Bardes OUR FUTURE TEACHERS Project Study Hall, an after-school supervised study period providing individual help for low achievers, was this year ' s worthy service program of the reactivated F.T.A. To these officers the F.T.A. member- ship looks for worthy leadership. Mr. Cain, Mrs. Lantz, and Mr. Neeley, F.T.A. sponsors Front row: Sheldon Hall, treasurer; Bill Arthur, reporter; John Merlau, president; Mark Simpson, vice-president; Ken Faut, secretary; Gary Simpson, sentinel; Sharon Moore Second row: John Haag, Billy Young, Martin Zeilinga, Dave Kracht, Bruce Reed, Dave Ledford, Doug Burge Third row: Charles Henson, David Purcell, Bill Faut, Gary Bullman, Russell Combs, Mike DeWitt, Dan Mithoefer Fourth row: Bob Kissel, Jerry Strahl, Ralph Boots, Jim Messer, Larry Short, Ken Bardonner. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA With a sharp eye for order, the officers of the New Palestine F.F.A. Chapter have helped to make their club a top contender in parliamentary contests. William B. Davis, Sponsor Sharon Moore, Sweetheart [ 86 ] I ART-CAMERA CLUB Encourages Creativity Art and Camera gives its members a Club op- portunity to develop appre- ciation and skills in photog- raphy and art through satis- fying, pleasurable self ex- pression. First row: John Carmichael, Debbie Hall, Bill Copple, Linda Ostermeir, Phil Bafford Second row: Mrs. Rachel Lantz, sponsor; Ronald Kortz, Sandie Prunier, Carl Seacat, Rita Johnson, Sam Hinson Sponsors: Mrs. Lantz and Mrs. Collins Standing: Bill Copple, sec; Sandie Prunier, V. pres.; Ronald Kortz, treas. Seated: Debbie Hall, president; Linda Ostermeier, reporter [ 87 ] Front row: Dave Mathews, Dave Colip, Tom Hendryx Second row: Rick Walker, Bill Copple, Gary Button, Doug Burge, Steve Cochran, Kevin Burk, Paul Wood Third row: Ken Faut, Steve Bucksot, Gary Bullman, Royce McDougall, John Larrabee, Ron Brown Fourth row: Doug Lantz, Ken Myers, Andy Osman, Tom Clarkson, Glen Yancy, Steve Jones, and Gary Boring. N.P. LETTERMEN ' S CLUB The Lettermen of New Palestine High School are truly an elite group. Working hard and constantly training, these young men have attained what few achieve. Many do not realize the hard work and personal sacrifice of these boys. Dave Mathews, president; Dave Colip, vice- president; Tom Hendryx, secretary-treasurer Walt Molinder, Coach; Jay Campbell, Athletic Director; Tom McNamara, Assistant Coach [ 88 ] SPORTS I 89 1 Jody Hendryx Sheryl Kirkpatrick Patty Pruet Pat Faut Sandie Reed HEY FANS, CLAP YOUR HANDS! Reserve Cheerleaders: Kathv Bruns, SaUy Hill, Brenda McDougall, Rhonda Lantz A n AA ft A Joe Snodgrass, president Elaine Sims, vice president Carl Seacat, secretary Sharon Moore, treasurer KXVnMVW- . ■« Mrs. Catherine Thompson, sponsor Front row: Tom Hendryx, David Colip, Steve Bucksot, Gary Bullman, Student Manager Doug Burge Second row: Coach Walter Molinder, Royce McDougall, Gary Boring, Steve Cochran, Kevin Burk, Student Manager Bill Waits FIRST STRING DRAGONS NP OPPONENTS NP vs. Trafalagar T 82 53 NP vs. Morristown T 59 76 NP vs. Franklin Central T 54 69 NP vs . Hauser at Morris. 45 61 NP vs. Eastern Hancock T 53 69 NP vs. Milroy T 75 90 NP vs. Whiteland T 66 87 NP vs. Waldron at Morris. 80 55 NP vs. Hancock Central T 95 68 NP vs. Eastern at Hancock C. 65 74 NP vs. Eastern at Co. Tourney 69 70 NP vs. Triton Central T 65 78 NP vs. Monrovia H 76 60 NP vs. New Salem H 75 60 NP vs. Carthage T 66 67 NP vs. St. Paul T 89 68 NP vs. Morton Memorial T 76 66 NP vs. Arlington at Morris. 96 69 NP vs. Mt. Vernon T 61 78 SECTIONAL NP vs. Greenvv ' ood at Franklin 60 92 [ 92 ] v s Front row: Ken Wheat, Ron Brown, Max Mitchell, Ken Faut, Paul Wood, Kevin Burk Second row: Kent Raney, Larry Anderson, Gary Bardonner, Bob Kissel Third row: Coach Walt Molinder, Bill Hollars, Bill Arthur, Tom Hunter, Asst. Coach Tom McNamara N, P. SECONDS NP vs. Trafalgar T 61 NP vs. Morristown T 45 NP vs. Franklin Central T 44 NP vs. Hauser at Morris. 31 NP vs. Eastern Hancock T 36 NP vs. Milroy T 55 NP vs. Whiteland T 36 NP vs. Waldron at Morris. 37 NP vs. Hancock Central T 48 NP vs. Eastern T 52 NP vs. Eastern in Co. Tourney 50 NP vs. Mt. Vernon T 44 NP vs. Triton T 45 NP vs. Monrovia H 70 NP vs. New Salem H 69 NP vs. Carthage T 47 NP vs. Knightstown T 47 NP vs. St. Paul T 60 NP vs. Arlington at Morris. 75 NP vs. Mt. ' Vernon at Greenfield 59 27 44 36 21 55 52 59 46 41 41 51 48 46 42 48 39 37 51 40 50 [ 93 ] Dave Colip Kevin Burk DRAGONS- Gary Boring Steve Busksot Steve Cochran Royce McDougall Tom Hunter Ken Faut Bill Hollars UP AND AT EM Gary Bullman Gary Bardonner Paul Wood and Ron Brown WW VfjM Up, up, high, Gary! Yea! Rah! Dragons! LIFE AT THE Come on! On your feet, Tom! Way up and over, Steve! [ 96 ] I Get that ball, Dragons! Cheer up Sheryl— You ' re at the Sectional! SECTIONAL No shoving allowed, Gary!! fiAMj PKP %n, 1 ft. i iM M PEP BLOCK Front row: Sharon Moore, Rita Wilkins, Jaynee Dodd, Saundra Rone, Janet Bullman, Sharon Moeller, Patty Radar, Penny Piatt, Sharon Kirkpatrick, Karen Marshall, Mick Cecil, Sandy Prunier. Second row: Linda Davis, Nancy Brown, Becky Walker, Jane Kitley, Arnola Dost, Nancy Gunn, Ann Scott, Rita Johnson, Mike Grissom, Bill Bundy, Bruce Snider. Third row: Paula Schramn, Darlene Waggoner, Patty Thie, Debbie Roesener, Pat Hanes, Vivian Jackson, Patty Law- rence, Janie Lyon, Carol Kingen, Doug Lantz, John Carmichael. Fourth row: Diane Cain, Ruby Banks, Vera Copple, Debbie Hall, Donna Bowman, Elaine Sims, Donna Hardesty, Joyce Boots, Kathy Carmichael, David Kracht, Mike Delle- kamp. Fifth row: Melanie Larrabee, Margie Cain, Margene Ortel, Karen Dalrymple, Lorraine Schramn, Sandy Plummer, Brenda Marsh, Patty Tucker, Debbie Ostermeier, Donna Kingston, Barbara Mallory. Sixth row: Gerald Ostermeier, Velma Copple, Ellen Mangold, Roberta Kitley, Nona Kingen, Pam Allen, Myra Roesener, Sam Hinson, Tom Schultz, Carolyn Carmichael, Jim Faut. Seventh row: Karen Briles, Alice Ferris, Ginny Schwier, Becky Lawrence, Judy Lyons, Anita Andrews, Tara Brown. [ 98 ] Front: Tom Hendr x, Ronnie Day Row one; Steve Bucksot, Larry Anderson, Gary Bullman, Tom Clarkson, Kevin Burk, David Colip, Royce McDougall, Steve Cochran Assistant Coach Tom McNamara, Kenny Faut, Pete Sleeth, Benny Hutton, Gary Hutton, Kent Raney, Gary Judy, Bill Hollars, Coach Walter Molinder Catch that ball ! Baseball season, including the summer and fall program, offered many surprises as the Dragons won 25 and lost 12 including victories over Muncie Central and North Central. The Dragons beat Eastern Hancock 8 to as Cochran pulled an iron-man job, aided by several good defensive plays by his team. Cochran had four consecutive shutouts as the season ended, beating Morristown 7 to 0, Waldron 1 to 0, Eastern Hancock 8 to 0, and Knightstown Memorial 4 to 0. Batting leaders were Royce McDougall, 425; Gary Bullman, 411; Tom Hendryx, 358: Steve Bucksot, 333; Kevin Burk, 311; Steve Cochran, 318. The Dragon line up usually found Tom Clarkson or Pete Sleeth on first, K. Faut or S. Bucksot on second, Tom Hen- dryx, shortstop; and Royce McDougall on third; Kevin Burk, catcher; Gary Bullman, left field; Larry . nderson, center field; and Gary Hutton. right field. Pitching was handled by Steve Cochran, Bill Hollars. Pete Sleeth, Tom Hendryx. and Dave Meier. Highlight of the season was the Dragon Tourney in which New Palestine beat Waldron 1-0 on Steve Cochran ' s no-hit game and Dave Colip ' s winning triple. Hurry — Hurry.... Hurry, Gary [ 99 Row one: Bill Copple, John Larrabee, Steve Jones, Paul Wood, Dave Colip, Tom Hendryx, Max Mitchell, Kent Raney. Row two: Ken Myers, Doug Lantz, Allan Harter, Dave Mathews, Lee Bennett, Mark Roler, Gary Bardonner, Tom McNamara, assistant coach. Row three: Doug Burge, Ed Koch, Bill Waits, Glen Yancy, Alexander Ray, Andy Osman, Jerry DeRome, and Jay Campbell, coach. TRACK Tenseness grips Kicking high. Stamina and the will to win are the requisites for a winning track team. New Palestine has these. The Dragon cindermen missed placing second in a field of eight in the East-Central Con- ference by K2 point las. t year. The team trains long and hard under the capable leadership of Jay Campbell and exhibits a strong sense of competitiveness. [ 100 ] First row: Ray Osman, Ken Faut, Paul Wood, and Sandy Ray. Back row: Steve Jones, John Larrabee, Coach Jerry Cain. N.P. 19 3 i uui in.1 Hancock Central 39 N.P. 37 Morton Memorial 24 N.P. 25 Southwestern 31 N.P. 32 Whiteland 25 N.P. 22 Morristown 33 N.P. 29 Triton 27 N.P. 23 Hancock Central 32 N.P. 37 Greenfield 32 Eastern Hancock 51 N.P. 18 Mt. Vernon 39 ' Catch us if you can! " East Central Conference-placed 2nd out of 8, Morton Memorial placed first. Shortridge Invitational (at Riverside) placed 18th out of 31. Indianapolis Sectional (at Riverside) placed 12th out of 20. [ 101 Tie ' em tight! FROSH BASKETBALL Cheerleaders: Pam Allen, Paula Scott, Tara Brown, Betty Button. First row: Larry Anderson, Ken Wheat, Tom Banks, Bob Kissel, Dan Mithoefer, Ben Button. Third row: Coach McNamara, Kris Burk, Gary Judy, Greg Klieman, John Ball, Ralph Boots, Sandy Ray, Larry Waldroup. li ' Ti W tJ f A TV TK AfJ Bottom row: Don Myers, Tom Gissom, Kris Burk, Ben Button, r l .£j JlllTl ±ll 1 M ll M Dan Mithoefer, Larry Waldroup Second row: Russell Combs, Bob Vaughn, Ken Wheat, Tom Banks, Sanoy Ray, Larry Anderson FRESHMAN CROSS COUTRY Kris Burk, Larry Anderson, Coach Cain, Mark Roler, Sandy Ray Front row: Cheerleaders Becky Banks, Marcia Rush, Marsha Boots, Becky Alfke. Second row: Coach Thompson, Gene Brune, Martin Flowers, Jack Asher, Kent Bullman, Steve Sanford, Ron Johnson, Dennis Frey. Third row: Bill Cochran, Louis Carroll, Jim Marsh, Dennis Brown, Don Koch, David Hunter, Dennis Haynes, Steve Neal, JUNIOR HIGH DRAGONS The bigger they grow, the more they win. Front row: Jim Bardes, Richard Jackson, Steve Hill, Chuck Colip, Larry Knose, Gary Hough, Terry Anderson, Bob Dotson. Back row: Coach Thompson, J.D. Wickliff, Doug Griffon, Marvin Flowers, Mike Gun, Harold Smith, Tom Hill, Steve Gunn, Russel Hobbs. [ 103 ] BASEBALL Front row: Coach Molinder, Ronnie Judy, Steve BuUman, Jim Marsh, Bill Cochran, Steve Sanford, Jackie Asher Second row: Martin Flowers, Louie Carroll, John James, Alexander Ray, Terry Anderson, Jay Wickliff, David Scott Third row: Gary Judy, Benny Button, Kris Burk, Chuck Colip, Gary Hough, Mike Borders, Danny Wilkins JR. HIGH OUTDOOR SPORTS TRACK ' ■° " ' ' ' ° ' " ' Colip, Steve Hill, Harold Smith, Tom Hill, J.D . Wickliff, Jim Marsh, Terry Anderson, Gary Hough, Louie Carroll, Bill Cochran, Don Brown Second row: Steve Gunn, Larry Benett, Jim Bardes, John James, Richard Jackson, Jim Whilton, Kent Bullman Third row: Larry Knose, Bobby Dotson, Doug Griffin, David Scott, Mike Lane, Denise Hanes, Coach Cain Fourth row: Martin Flowers, David Hulse, Eddie Armes, Jack Asher, Danny Wilkins, Donald Koch, Steve Sandford, Wade Magee ; % V [ 105 ] Gerald Hunter, Band Director Mike Grissom, Drum Major LEADERSHIP-PRA C- TICE-PERFECTION Mr. Hunter, our band director, guides the band to perfection. His time and efforts are well rewarded by the per- formance of the spirited band and pre- cise majorettes. Under Mike Grissom ' s baton, the band is led through intricate maneuvers. His clear signals and peppy instructions bring about a fine performance. Sheryl Kirkpatrick, our feature twirler, imaginatively creates the half-time shows to liven up the ball games. Sheryl Kirkpatrick Feature Twirler [ 106 ] Front row: Cathy Hope, Judy Rush, Denise Shields, Cindy Johnson, Brenda McDougall, Pat Rader, Back row: Rita Johnson, Kathy Carmichael, Diana Prange, Jean Jones, Sandy Reed, Anita Andrews, Jacque Thomason, John Phillippe, Cindy Chandler, Jaynee Dodd, Melody Hunter, Barbara Jacobi, Den- nis Land, Richard Combs, Patty Thie Debbie Roesener, Frank Espich, Bill Kottlowki, David Brown, Mike Grissom, David Kracht Front row: John Carmichael, Roberta Kitley, Linda Elliott, Charles Colip, Steve Estelle, Allan Bar- ter. Back row: Mike Dellekamp, Dennis Alyea, Bryon Kitley, Doug Burge, Tom Hunter, Dennis Ham- ilton, Jim Faut. Our Finger Snappin Toe Tappin Dance Band! Front row: Rita Johnson, Kathy Carmichael, Diane Prange, Jean Jones, Dennis Hamilton, Jim Faut, Tom Hunter Second row: Linda EHiot, Charles Colip, Steve Estelle, Allan Harter, Lee Bennett Third row: Richard Combs, Barbara Jacobi, Melodv Hunter, Jaynee Dodd Fourth row: John Phillippe, Cindy Chandler, John Carmichael, Mike Dellekamp, Mike Grissom Top row: Phil Estelle, Mr. Hunter GERMAN BAND These five students make up the German Band. Mr. Hunter hopes for many performances in the future. Rita Johnson, Kathy Carmichael, Mike Dellekamp, Jim Faut, Lee Bennett [ 108 ] FLAGS BRIGHTEy HALF-TIME CEREMOMES. Sharon Moeller, Tara Brov -n, Gail Snider, Pam Allen, Viv-ian Jackson [ )09 ] Patti Lawrence TWIRLERS ADD A TOUCH Margie Cain [ 110 ] Melanie Larrabe Rhonda Lantz OF GLAMOUR TO MARCHI G BAyD M Ta Roesener [ 111 ] Music of Tomorrow Front row: Kathy Snodgrass, Artie Philips, Keith Taylor, Denise Saters, Marsha Rush, Jerry Radar, Danny Kottlowski, Dennis Brown, David Hunter Second row: Dick Hill, Susie Starcher, Sandy Henson, Debbie Brown, Paula Galloway, Mike HoUoway, Bruce Prange, David Land, Pam Claborn, Susie Meier, Raquel Parker, Donna Scoggan, Andy Cham- strom, Gene Brune Third row: Linda Wickliff, Bob Cecil, Mike Young, Steve Brummet, Steve Spencer, Larry Garriot, Jeff Perry, Vicki Combs. DOWNSTAIRS MINORITY N.P.H.S. ' s answer to the Serendipity Singers Linda Elliot, Peggy Kinneman, Mr. Hun- ter, Nona Kingen, Carlene Reed, Diana Berg, Judy Parker, Carolyn Haase, Marilyn Haase, Kathy Barber, Mrs. Lantz, Melanie Larrabee, Cathy Hope, Patti Thie, Paula Schramm, Kathy Carniichael, Ruby Banks, Ronnie Kortz, Sam Hinson, Steve Kissling, Ted Kel- ler 54-VOICE CHORUS FILLS THE AIR Front row: Sandy Cecil, Penny Piatt, Diane Berg, Carlene Reed, Dawn Shafer, Rita Wilkins, Saundra Rone, Janie Lyons, Jaynee Dodd Second row: Mrs. Rachel Lantz, accompanist; Lorna Cottingham, Paulette Weston, Karen Dal- rymple, Karen Briles, Paula Scott, Sharon Moore, Alice Ferris, Gerald Hunter, director; Third row: Shery! Brown, Donna Kingston, Sharyn Kirkpatrick, Karen Marshall, Sheryl Kirkpatrick, Sharon Dalrymple, Marsha Crane, Tara Brown, Linda Dalrymple Fourth row: Patty Pruet, Kathy Koch, Rita Johnson, Catherine Stapp, Connie Shaw, Deanna Harper, Anita Robertson, Mary Ann Coffelt, Sharon Lyman Fifth row: Jane Kitley, Barbara Faut, Debbie Rone, Patti Thie, Sherry Cecil, Sandy Alexander, Bill Bardes, Tom Grissom, Tom Larrabee, David Robertson Sixth row: Mark Draper, Kent Raney, Leon Moore, John Larrabee, Bill Copple, Doug Lantz, Sam Hinson, Ron Kortz, Louis Pope, Thomas Harter [ 113 J THE MADRIGAL SINGERS m n f 1 " j Li t 41? h Iv - ■ ■ ■ ' 9k! l ll LtS-Y g W nUmk I 1 ? I cjI L j Fl i 1 h £ f ■ !■ ■ f " ffl I M m m ' i P 1 Kw 1 •fr 9 1 i 1 1 •» ■ ill 1 J j. ' J w 1 1 Front row: Sharon Moore, Saundra Rone, Rita Wilkins, Jaynee Dodd, Rita Johnson, Donna Kingston Back row: Ron- nie Kortz, Steve Kissling, Doug Lantz, Gary Boring, Bill Copple, Sam Hinson, John Larrabee, Marvin Owens The Madrigal Singers is a select group of junior and senior students chosen to perform with all-state music students and at the County Festival and other social events of the year. 114 IS f 1 S iim. ' iim ..u 0i MM ■i PSi-w I M S£, t.___, " !W JHjJI H - " • « " IHWWBB iss GRADES I 115 ] SIXTH GRADE Sixth graders begin to feel the atmosphere of high school by changing teachers for different classes. The girls ' health class with an extensive study of foods included a field trip to a Supermarket, feeding white mice a poor diet and a proper diet, viewing films, and a pup- petshow summarizing important findings. Scholastic achievement was encouraged with awards of books and pamphlets for high test scores and a used set of encyclopedias for the highest grade average. The sixth grade basketball team lost four games to other schools. Front row: Homer Fowler, Rod Sanford, Dick Hill, Byron Adkins, Alice Burgess, Debbie Randall, Terry Marr Raquel Parker, Mrs. Ann Lewis Second row: Susie Meier, Paula Galloway, Linda Sutherland, Jan Vandine, Julie Roler, Donna Scoggan, Diana Waddell, Jenifer Barber Third row:, Patti Chase, Linda Draper, David Land, Dick Knose, Larry Stapp Terry Anderson, Dan Shields Absent: Bill Henderson ' [ 116 ] Front row: James Barrett, Bruce Prange, Kathy Ostermyer, Jeff Perry, Wayne Osman, Danny Kirby, Steve Farris, Roger Haynes, Brenda Henderson, Charles Maddux Second row: Karen Starcher, Sandra ' Hinson, Christine Johnson, Timmy Myers, Patricia Weston, Mark Miller, Cathy Wesley, Robin Walker Third row: Debbie Boots, Pamela Bowman, Gerald Brown, Larry Garriott, Brenda Bowman, Elizabeth Young, Theresa Arthur, Steve Spencer, Andrew Charnstrom Front row: Fred Rittenberry, Rick Stogsdill, Bill Campbell, Jim Reed, Sue Means, Junior Stickford, Beverly Evans, Dan Kottlowski, Tim Swegman Second row: Pam Clabom, Don Biron, Jim Viles, Pat Lowder, Debra Sutherland, Lorraine Neal, Sue Offenbaker, Bill Alfke Third row: John Lowe, Linda Brown, Debra Brown, Kreg Waits, Boug Yancy, Alice Marsh, Karen Patterson, Kathy Faut Front row: Donald Reed, Douglas Carroll, Paul Sims, Cody Bixler, Sandra Thie, Sharon Scott, Wanda Rudesel, Glenda Spradlin, Mrs. Betty Hunter Second row: Dan Hall, Gregory Vagle, David Saters, Billy Espich, Mike Cagle, Vicky Goodman, Kathy Morgan, Debbie Elson, Judy Spivey, Marsha Bergman Third row: Eddie Harter, Terry Vaughn, Mike Jarrett, Larry Hough, Tommy Spiker, David Farris, Mike Milligan, Tonya Ercole, Jennifer Fidler, Cynthia Osbourne FIFTH GRADE Front row: Beth McDougall, Kathy Bradley, Jimmy Jordan, Greg Gillon, Dennis Litson, Alex Sutherland, Steve Smith, Mike Sakotas, Donald Ray Second row: Brenda Hancock, Patty Cecil, Nancy Thompson, Peggy Dunn, Jim Gunn, Christy DeWitt, Karen Leek, Debra Hauger, Larry Myers Third row: Billy Crist, Billy Hopson, Eric Taylor, Charles Hough, Stacy Roler, Vanessa Hardesty, Stephanie Walker, Arlene Phillips, Mrs. Marion Houston, teacher Front row: Gerald Bucksot, Dale Brackin, Larry Farley, Wayne Snodgrass, Yvonne Adkins, Cathy Daringer, Charles Field, Michael Short Second row: Dawn Sillery, Debra Shank , Julie Kennedy, Patty Bogle, Devin Thorn, Douglas Minneman, Michael Vaughn, Claudia Curry, Lynn Banks, Ronald Gholson, Mrs. Elsie Meyer Third row: Tina Laffin, Debra McDaniel, Rebecca Estelle, Brenda Knose, Connie Allen,. Stephen Hulse, Nena Shaw, Mark Galloway Front row: David Grooms, David Faut, Connie Acree, Dayna Neal, Denise Moore, Anthony Putty, Edison Perry, Dennis Hemmerlein, Mrs. Marilyn Sellers Second row: Steve Wood, Nettie Waldroup, Peggy Seaton, Melynda Gorman, Jim Bilbrey, Roy Westcott, Larry Walters, Nancy Browning, Paula Holden Third row: Ricky Shank, Kathy Walls, Becky Wampner, Myla Flowers, Sara Carmichael, Larry Marr, Patti Asher, Duane McKay FOURTH GRADE Fourth graders ' interest was caught by an essay-report contest sponsored by Mr. Wilson. Use of resource material to obtain information for their reports became an incen- tive to gain additional information in other subjects. They also did research in science. The children collected soil samples for their first year of geography and spelled away February and March in preparation for the County Spelling Bee. Front row: Alice McGee, Michael Haynes, David Westcott, Dennis Clark, Randy Barrett, Tracey Brown, Alan Franklin, Suzanne Taylor, Mrs. Helen Hasler Second row: Michael Hitch, Kathy Draper, Sharon Grigsby, Joella Hawkins, Larry Spradlin, Theresa Stogsdill, Jimmy Murray, Brenda Davis, Robert McGinnis Third row: Ronald Wilson, Don Kemplen, Karen Pruet, Sandra Carl, Morris Campbell, W.O. Fiedler, Ricky Goodman, Steven Flowers, Mike Johnson Absent: Don Campbell [ 120 ] Front row: Randy Frey, Mark Garriott, Randy Arthur, Mark Brown, Beth Keller, Linda Hill, Barbara Murray, Joe Web- ster, Mrs. Thelma Conner Second row: Mike Maltby, Dennis Robbins, David Daringer, Jeff Lantz, Chris Keller, David Prunier, Larry Lee, James Allen, Loretta Henderson Third row: Pat Halloway, Karen Donovan, Nancy Scott, Vanessa Harris, Sharlyn Spradley, Estell Wesley, Lorna Yeager, Mark Means Absent: Rusty Haines, Andy Bullman, Christina Daniel Front row: Debby Beyers, Teresa Cota, Tina Alfke, Joyce Perry, Sherrill Barbier, Gary Gregg, Wayne Crist, Mrs. Beatrice Esarey Second row: Connie Borgmann, Marlon Corwin, Carolyn Murray, Steven Daugherty, Kevin Lowder, Rhonda Gorman, Keith Wilson, Robert Spiker, Don Neice Third row: Michael Hawkins, Jeffery Anderson, Eddie Parker, Melody Herbin, Kent Grabhorn, Scott Oliver, Charlotte Brindley, Deborah Viles, Linda Henderson Absent: Thomas Greenslade, Suzanne Spencer [ 121 ] Front row: Deana Oakes, Dawn Saters, Pamela Lovette, Kandy Johnson, Marty Fulmer, Dixie Wilkins, Dennis Ulrey, David Beasley, Mrs. Nancy Ellars Second row: Mark Steuerwald, Mark Oberholtzer, Brian Snider, Dennis Garriott, Richard Barter, Beverly Young, Lillie Kitley Third row: Jeffrey Flowers, Phyllis Tevebaugh, Jerri Knose, Cheryl Yancy, Sharon Shank, Kevin Wood, Jeffrey Samsil, John Stewart Absent: Janie Grissom THIRD Front row: Mark Smith, Donna Shields, Sheila Haynes, Diane Clark, Mike McConnell, Nikki Pressel, Jerry Watkins, Janice Esary, Mrs. Harriet Briles Second row: Billy Trout, Mike McAhren, Brian Sanford, Anita Bundy, Patricia Judkins, Robby Raney, Steve Milligan, Rebecca Rittenberry Third row: Michael Bradley, Tom Jordon, Jeffrie Moore, David McKay, Beth Alexander, Kimber Ahrendts, Phillip Tevebaugh I G Q f ft i% m ' Mmm Front row; Robin Oliver, Cindy Myers, Vickie Fleming, Anna Laffin, Robin Cagle, Diane Wilson, Jennifer Wilson, Janet Brackin, Mrs. Tabitha Cooper Second row: Mona Neal, Marja Smith, Bonnie Marr, Steve Bradley, David Highfill, Gary Sanders, Steven Tucker, Joe Barber Third row: Tom Vaugn, Barry Spiker, Don Fox, Sheila Bowman, Mike Bogle, Keene Vibbert, Jeff Kottkamp, Matt Gunn, George Allen Absent: Pam Kirby GRADE Front row: Tony Button, Ronald Cota, Robin Bixler, Jane Barber, Yvonne Lee, Steven Thorn, Diane Todd, Mrs. Betty Kramer Second row; Sheila Waldroup, Kathy Glascock, Thomas Phillippe, Carol Hale, Roger Kottlowski, Jerry Null- iner, Diana Rode, Jimmy Judkins Third row: Bruce Allen, Sandra Starcher, Johnny Gunn, David Little, Darla Pruet, John Land, Randy Kottlowski, Matthew Wible o n 1 n SECOND GRADE Second graders learn about growing that goes on out doors by watching in doors how bean seeds, sunflower seeds, oat seeds, and garden seeds grow in and out of sunshine, with and without water, or on cotton around the top of a jar. A mature field hike takes the children to see near by crops and the biggest magnolia tree in town. A thrilling excursion to the Riley Home in Greenfield is a good look into history. [ 124 ] i Front row: Teresa Loflin, Lisa Brown, Jean Simmons, Belinda Modlin, Darlinda Grissom, Carla Trueblood, Debhie Browning, Cindy Brown, Jeff Daugherty, Mrs. Rebecca Slack Second row: Ken Mohr, Tim Sillery, Ricky Harrison, Don Clark, Brent Davis, Ronnie McDonald, John Spradlin, Susan Lowe, Kris Harris Third row: Karl Sutherland, Frank Giles, Matt Lane, Jeff Webster, Jeff Lovett, Tom Cole, Clint Dennemann, Carol Johnson, Regina Patterson Front row: Kathy Mithoefer, Sandra Griffin, Janice Maupin, Anita Osman, Jeffrey Frey, Robert Murray, Pamela Keller, Diana Doll, Mrs. Hope King Second row: George Brown, Gregory Hallgarth, Karla Sutherland, Jeffrey Hesterly, Justy Crowder, LuAnn Cones, Jackie McDaniel, Jeffrey Harmon Third row: Jinimy Ercole, Kevin Miller, David Sellers, David Harmon, Billy Breier, Donnie Cole, Gary Borgman, Billy Boruff [ ' 25 ] FIRST GRADE :z Beg inning school is a major undertaking for all first graders. A fascinating new world is open to them when they learn to read, and when the hours between recesses pass quickly and when it is Very Best Printing Day or when in reading, they can explore supplementary books. Front row: Tommy Galloway, Debra Cochran, Billy Burgess, Terri DeWitt, Ricky Cook, Susan Cagle, Cheryl Franklin, Mike Grissom Second row: Steve Beyer, Gary Corwin, Devon Davis, Tammy Denneman, Bruce Draper, Carrie Ahrendts, Diana Griffith, Tim Gunn, Mrs. Mary Bardonner Third row: Teresa Allen, Mide Evans, Randy Colip, Theresa Grabhorn, Mide Borgman, Donalee Davis, Greg Flowers Absent: Mike Collins, Leigh Ann Fansler, Jaunita Burtan, Nancy Banfill, Brett Dennemann [ 126 ] Front row: Diana Minneman, Mary Beth Meredith, Jean Marie Hartman, Jo Ann Hendryx, Lisa Haymaker, Reba Fay Judkins, Dennis McAhern, Sharon Harmon, Kevin Johnson, Mrs. Ina Sinnott Second row: Melanie Herbin, Steve Kirby, Irene Henderson, Kimberly Hartman, Kathy MiUigan, Barbara Moon, Deborah Johnson, Micharl MiHer, Debra Jane Knose, Deena Marsh Third row: David McGinnis, Edward Leek, Gary NuUiner, Micharl Little, Jackie KeHy, Eric Morton, Judy Kelley, Dean Hensley, Donna Herterly, Teresa Martin Front row: Henry Wescott, Mike Spiker, Anita Schweitzer, BiUy Parker, Madonna Polly, Peggy Quinlin, Pamela Vaughn, Brian Young, Brice Fleckenstein Second row: Ricky Short, Mike Parks, Douglas Ray, Scott Wilson, Teresa Wilson, Lorrie Swegman, David Retherford, David Steiner, David Thie, Mark Seaton Third row: Tommy Revolt, William Watkins, Vicki Staggs, Brenda Maupin, Teresa Short, Meredith Wible, Teresa Rogers, Rhonda Sellers, Ricky Maddux, Mrs. Dorothy Wilkins [ 127 ] ,5i.A.-f ii ijr tX-rl M-J £j Front row: Daryl Davis, Catherine Messer, Linda Clift, Marilyn Kirkendall, Sharon Cecil, Joseph Rea, Pamela Harper, Jerry Crosby, Peggy Dotson Second row: Bobby Walters, David Carlton, George Combs, Pamela EUingsen, Linda Divilbiss, Steven Smith, Terry Johnson, George Leffler, Clarence Mitchell Third row: Larry Hall, Carol Kracht, Jackie Goodloe, Rebecca Sullivan, Mike Copple, Steve Caudill, Alan Hamilton, Mark Swain Fourth row: Ronnie Boucher, John Webb, Susan Wilfong, Rebecca Runion, Janis Lynam, Teresa Blackford, Linda Bryant, Rickey Hewson, Randy Davis r0LJI l H F It 1 ti Tl .A.ijbjO Front row: Myron Applegate, John Thompson, Stea Rea, Robert Kxacht, Mickey Hewson, Gary Halliburton, James Scott Second row: Steven Sturn, Renita Messer, Lori Jessup, Blanche Avery, Susan Hobbs, Nancy Hill, Debra Young, Pam Mattox, Vicki Timms, Joyce EUingsen Third row: Timmy Plummer, Dale Ramsey, Eugene Snider, Philip Plummer, Philip Hamilton, David Robb, Charles Hatcher, Jerry Dalton Fourth row: David Low, Ralph Gossage, Ronald Mitchel, Thomas Tucker, Kevin Doss, Carol Scott, Karla Schilling, Ralph Best, Michael Inman Absent: Larry Renolds Raymond Gregory—Teacher N -.. A ii !! ' !! " « ii«iiiat mS7fY f- i . f f • II i O OC iVi XtMxAIJEj Front row: Debby Tucker, Susan Eubank, Sue Henson, Patty Dotson, Melvin Combs, Kenneth Rea, Mary Messer, Rhona Kracht Second row: Teresa Jessup, Ken Hewson, Rebecca Dewhurst, Tina Thomp- son, Greg Dye, Nelson Hastings, Pean Couch, Beverly Kirkendall, Mrs. Sarah McNillan Third row: Carl Lynch, Gary Davis, Louis Sams, Johnny Mattingly, Wesley Hollis, Deborah Duncan Absent; David Caudill, Teresa Harper 1. tUtvU XifIXAUmjj Front row: DeWayne Jessup, Dianna Thompson, Scott Walker, Doug Johnson, Cindy Timms, Keith Young, Rhonda Whiteside, Mrs. Bessie Wicker Second row: Greg Combs, Mark Judy, Tina Cain, Angela Harper, Ronnie Dotson, Keith Dismore, Sandy Mattox, Tim McCoy Third row: Jenny Davis, Kathy Tucker, Robert Doss, Ned Arthur, Johnny Bradley, Anne Hamilton, Jean Wilfong ri % tm .t- " " h k ■ ' - ' -• ' 5 ' iy -KAUlL Front row: Mark McCord, Janice Hallibuton, Brad Plumraer, Cindy Duncan, Pam Divilbiss, Jackie Snider, Jeff Dye, Bill Avery, Mrs. Doris Vandine Second row: Chris Messer, Dana Hamilton, De Ann McCoy, Kevin Kasey, Ricky Crosby, Mike Wolf, Tim Lyneh, Joe Lynam Third row: Doug Pugh, Terry Toon, Cathy Griffith, Mark Bonham, Patty Sullivan, John Hall, Jill Rhoderick, Joe Allan Farrh Absent: Cathy Timms, Douglas Armes, Ricky Carlton, Greg Jackson, Maurice Dewhurst First graders learn to print, use counting men, and write stories in their new adventures in school. Second graders learn by applying what they know to supplementary reading books and extra activities in arithmetic. Third grade projects include acting out learning projects in play form. The classroom is decorated with students ' work for special holidays. Fourth grade begins adventures in geography and history. Eager, interested students study and report on our country ' s heroes and land formations. Fifth and sixth grades enjoy library books and share their reading experiences by reviewing books for the class. New areas of agriculture are opened to all boys and girls as a beginning for vocational training. [ 130 ] Front row: Leatha Jacobi, Mike Wood, Paul Horman, Nathan Kottlowski, Debbie Dunaway, Roger Schwier, Dennis Sparks, Timmy Ortel, Debby Burns Second row: Richard Reese, Cheryl Laufer, Douglas Deskins, Cathy Irick, Diana Sparks, Mike Mathews, Tom Kracht, Cindy Schwier, Tonya Henderson, Brenda Schwier, Peggy Ostermeier, Teresa Rasener ZION ' S LUTHERAN Front row: Terri Kleiman, Christopher Koons, Merri Kay Ostermeier, Jerry Rippy, Cathy Bowen, Mark Schaekel, Mark Ortel, Kevin Carter, Rhonda Bowen, Kathy Koons, Lynette Hefflemire Second row: Pam Wood, Tami Kleiman, Sherree Murray, Sherri Waterman, Chris Laufer, Dean Ostermeier, Susan Rasener, Mike Dunaway, Tommy Ortel, Bruce Sparks, Nancy Farthing, Shelly Huffman, Judy Folkening Third row: Mrs. Ruth Ortel, Randy Schwier, William Farthing, Brian Kottlowski, Cindy Morris, Timmy Lyons, Mark Dunaway, Denny Rippy, Bruce Ortel, Lynda Folkening, Janice Moeller, Sarah Kottlowski, Mike Dirr, Sherry Scott, Mark Bruns Absent: David Bruns [ 131 ] Top row: Mrs. Steiner, Mrs. Banks, Mrs. Frye, Liza Leisure, Kevin McAhren, Barbara Smith, Kevin Browne, Karmen Carter, John Kennedy, Sheryle Poer Second row: Adalea England, Mark Snider, Louann Smith, Greg Ramsey, Jana Frye, David Wheatley, Tina Toon, Billy Mitchum, Eric Hodson Third row: Kevin King, Lisa Bea Guy, Jerry Hickman, Jes- sica Reid, Stuart Cagle, Lorri Kennedy Fourth row: Nancy Jo Kuhns, Eric Norris, Kim Weiler, Mike Sillery, Carol Walker, Trey Barbier, Jodel Schneider, Joe Glenn, Rhonda Williams, Tim Raun Fifth row: Mark Leffler, Beth Ann Manche, Barry Faulkner, Tami Ayres, Billy Short, Nikki Bardonner, Bryan Harper, Deana Borden, Patricia Moore, Jed Crowder Sixth row: Beverly Plummer, Mark Allen Coker, Donna Bixler, Dougie Shipp, Patty Jones, Roy Hardwick, Janice Polly, Jimmy Doll, Laurie Davis, Bruce Nulliner Seventh row: Larry James, Pam Hobbs, Kenny Trout, Darlene Polly, Micheal Schaekel, Michelle Miller, Mike Parks, Angela Ahrendts, Mark Low, Amy Groce Eighth row: Jan Will- iams, Jeff Mangold, Lisa Kuppler, David Kitley, Becky Harris, Dennis Sleeth, Debbie Gannon, David Merlau, Belinda Liebrandt, Theresa Curry Ninth row: Scott Wilson, Christina Hancock, Ylonda Hallgarth, Denise Timm, Debbie Ellis, Jenny Galloway, Denise Seifert, Kay Simpson, Cindy Eubank, Kimberlie Meyer [ 132 ] n ■ M iiawiMiMi 1 ••■iiinimiiwiwnn 1 fT « 3 . J •J 6: MAINTENANCE Don Revolt, Ferris Johnson, William Short, Don Short, custodians IMPORTANT PEOPLE BEHIND Mesdames Mary Thorns, Ruth Gordon, Ruth Perry, Ruth Brown, Eva Shaw, Laura Dragoo, Isabelle Poe, cooks [ 134 ] " ss- wmi New Palestine Drivers - Front row: Lester Poe, Erwin Kottlowski, Paul Dodd, Robert Kottlowski, Marvin Ortel, Gordon Grabhom, Victor Boring Back row: Eugene Morris, Donald Kitley, Paul Lawrence, Raymond Moeller, Charles Sanford, John Crane, Michael Larrabee Not Pictured: Arthur Pullman, Paul Briles, Bob Glenn Brandywine Drivers - Clarence Jonas, Carl Schilling, Harold Hill, Edgar Lingenfelter THE SCENES Gray Ladies - Mrs. Mary Hamilton, Mrs. Delores Yancy, Mrs. E arnes- tine Seacat, Mrs. Louise Cones [ 135 ] BRANDYWINE MAINTENANCE Cooks - Mrs. Lucille Jonas and Mrs. Ruth Brown, Custodian - Tom Pope Compliments of MERLAU TRUCKING SERVICE New Palestine, Indiana [ 136 ] ADVERTISEMENTS 1 137 ] Compliments of BOB YOUNG ' S CRYSTAL FLASH 800 North Harrison Shelbyville, Indiana 398-9108 Compliments of DAILEY OIL INC. m m 66 Greenfield, DAKE FARM SERVICE Ford Tractor and Implements Genuine Ford Parts - Batteries Fairland, Ind. 835-2436 JIM DANDY DRIVE-IN Greenfield, Indiana Entrance to Riley Park Good Food Fast Service Congratulations Seniors of ' 66! DANNER ' S 5c - 10c TO ( 20 East Main Street Greenfield, Indiana F M OIL CO. Your ENCO Dealer Friendly and Dependable Service Finly, Indiana 861-4997 Thanks for Your Patronage FURNACE-VAC POWER CLEANING and FAMILY CUE W PADDLE Family Recreation Room Herman and Frances White Greenfield, Indiana DALE R. FAUT AGENCY INSURANCE New Palestine, Indiana 861-4587 ii " . UI H CLASS OF 1%6 73 Wonderful Reasons for Saying Congratulations and Our Sincerest Best Wishes to Each of You BRADLEY HALL Quality Home Furnishings Greenfield, Indiana 462-4488 [ 139 ] Congratulations, Seniors From HOWARD JOHNSON ' S MOTOR LODGE 356-2458 7339 East Washington Street Indianapolis, Ind. Coma Mitchell Manager Beverly C. Rudmon General Manager [ 140 ] ALMAE FLORAL AND BRIDAL SHOP Flowers for All Occasions Complete Wedding Service Flowers, Gowns, Invitations, Catering and Photographs Men ' s Formal Wear Rental 894-7473 or 894-3534 Road 40 - Gem P.O. Box 29187 Indiana Cumberland LIFE JOHN BURK YOUR STUDENT INSURANCE AGENT New Palestine, Indiana SAVINGS [ 141 ] EDUCATIONAL DAJO STUDIO 429 East Main Street Greenfield, Indiana Phone 462-5719 By Appointment Only Announcing A New and Complete Bridal Service Dougherty ' s 3rd Location DAUGHERTTS BRIDAL SHOPPE COMPLETE WEDDING SERVICE Hours: Mon., Wed., Thurs. 12-9 P.M. Tues., Fri., Sat. 10-5 P.M. Tuxedo Rental We Now Offer FULL SERVICE BANKING At Two Convenient Locations FAIRLAND and PLEASANT VIEW Indiana FULL UkSERVICE ■ % BANK ON US FOR THE SERVICE YOU NEED Member F.D.LC. Compliments of H. C. FOLKENING AGENCY Insurance and Real Estate New Palestine, Indiana 861-4411 [ M3 ] HOUGH DRYWALL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 881-6438 Swirl Ceilings Laminations Work Guaranteed Workmen Insured 6353 Margaret Court Indianapolis, Indiana I An Institution Specializing in Training Young Men and Young Women for Business Employment and Advancement PREPARATION CREATES OPPORTUNITY 802 N. Meridian Indianapolis, Indiana [ 144 ] MASE JEWELRY CO. 2125 N. Post Road Indianapolis, Indiana 898-5782 Jewelry, Diamonds, Watches, Charms Repair, Engraving Sporting Goods, Gifts Pleasingly Posed, Popular Priced Photos Please Particular People PORTER STUDIO 1909 Illinois Building Indianapolis, Indiana Stokely ' s finest Fruits Vegetables Picked and Packed... at the Peak of Flavor Van Camp ' s Pork Beans Everybody ' s Favorite! STOKELY-VAN CAMP, INC. " rn cTiaZ ' nr VEAL INSURANCE AGENCY 862-6641 ■•UN UIMUS MUTU kl INSUIANCi COdPAMr " Life, Hospitalization, Automobile, Fire, Boat, Disability etc. " ONE-STOP INSURANCE HEADQUARTERS 11333 Southeastern Avenue Indianapolis, Indiana 46259 NO MEMORY COURSE NEEDED.... WITH INDIANA FARMERS Mfigf ] Why worry about several different farm iMoniM policies and a number of premiunt noticea co tni iig da at different times when you can package aB «f yo«r farm insurance, including auto and fans tcock aami age in our new " Select-O-Matic " policy. Srta h» coverages you want or take all of them and cfaoeas the way you want to pay— quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Ask your Indiana Farmers Mutual agent right away for a quotation on your failn. Yeu ' U be glad you did! Congratulations, Seniors! W, C. Reed Construction Co. R.R. 4, Greenfield, Indiana 462-4922 Congratulations, Seniors! THE SHAMBLES ANTIQUES Fine Domestic Import We Buy Sell On U.S. 40 - Vi Mi. East of Cumberland, Indiana CAROLE DUANE MALTBY R.R. 11, Box 706 Indianapolis, Indiana 894-7075 Closed Mondays WOODS ELECTRIC ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR W. Gene Young Lighting Fixtures - Appliances - Lamps Repair Work - Old Wiring Modernized Licensed - Bonded - Insured 5534 East Washington St. 357-6700 THE WURLITZER COMPANY World ' s Largest Builders of Pianos and Organs 114 N. Pennsylvania St. Indianapolis, Indiana 632-3426 [ 148 ] BANQUET ICE CREAM COMPANY Herb E. Zike, Distributor Morristown, Indiana Compliments of ANDIS MOTORS Your Friendly DODGE-CHRYSLER Dealer Weston Village Greenfield Indiana W CHRYSLER CORPORATION BARRETTS GREENHOUSE Complete Floral Service 681-4231 R.R. 1 New Palestine, Indiana Potted Plants Funeral Bouquets Corsages Wedding a Specialty GO TEXACO BLACKFORD ' S 1017 West Main St. Greenfield, Indiana 462-9075 Motor Tune-Up Repair Minor Major CARTER ' S GROCERY Pleasant View, Indiana Old Road 421 GROCERIES - MEATS - NOTIONS Open 6:30 A.M. - 9:00 P.M. - Week Days Sunday - 7:30 A.M. - 12 Noon CITIZENS FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Glendale Shopping Center Indianapolis, Indiana 9:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M. - Mon. - Thur. 9:00 A.M. -8:00 P.M. Friday Financial SERVICE HANCOCK COUNTY FARM BUREAU CO-OP ASS ' N, INC P.O. Box 278 230 W. Osage Greenfield, Indiana 462-5551 fiMM BRANCH ELEVATORS: Finly -861-5080 McCordsvi lie -335-2611 Charlottesville -936-5513 CRANES ' S GULF SERVICE Will Keep You On The Go With Complete Garage Service Wrecker Service New Palestine, Indiana 861-4646 GO! SENIORS! , tppiBii JCycrM i l J ' s H o I DORTHA ' S STYLE SHOP Northgate Shopping Center Greenfield, Indiana Complete Apparel for Girls from Birth to 99 years Boys to 12 years Free Parking 6 days 9:00 " 9:00 EASTGATE SHOPPING CENTER 7150 E. Washington St. Indianapolis, Indiana DUNLAP BARBER SHOP " Indiana ' s Leading Sporting Goods Store " EM-ROE SPORTING GOODS COMPANY 209 West Washington Street Indianapolis, Indiana Take The Whole Family To Dinner At FRISCWS BIG BOY! 540 East Hendricks 398-9725 GENTRTS WELDING SHOP In Rear 1701 Montcalm Street Indianapolis, Indiana 637-3976 or 861-5325 EARL GENTRY Prop. Compliments of GEM ELEVATOR CUMBERLAND COAL AND FEED CO. R.R, 4, Greenfield Gem, Indiana 894-7659 ompliments of GOFFS ROLLER RINK 4K2Mi. North of Greenfield, Indiana State Road 9 GREENFIELD BANKING COMPANY . Member of the Federal Reserve System Established in 1871 Greenfield, Indiana GREENFIELD PIZZA HOUSE 1224 West Main Greenfield, Indiana Breasted Chicken TIIUE 11 P.M.- 11 A.M. Fri. Sat.- 11 P.M.- 1 A.M. 462-2659 HANCOCK _ COUNTY BANK Greenfield, Ind. With Branches At Willow Branch, Mohawk, and Center Full Service Banking All Accounts Insured To $10,000.00 By F.D.I.C. HARLIN BROTHERS 359 North Illinois Indianapolis, Indiana Hula-Tap-Accordian-Hawaiian Guitars Home of The Multi-Cord We Sell Fender-Gibson — all famous Guitars Exclusive Slingerland Drums HAWK FARM SUPPLY South Side of U.S. 40 Gem, Indiana 894-1206 E.H. Weston, Manager HENDRYX MORTUARIES 3 Convenient Chapels Cumberland New Palestine Greenfield 24-hour Ambulance Service Congratulations From P. N. HIRSCH CO. 2 West Main Street Greenfield, Indiana Clothing For The Entire Family RALPH HOCKETT Buick-Oldsmobile-Pontiac-GMC Indiana ' s Wildest Trader!!! Hancock County ' s Largest GM Dealer Finest Selection of New and Used Cars 1102 W. Main St. Greenfield, Indiana KINGSTON MOTEL LEE HOWELL BODY SHOP 894-0063 462-6737 On U.S. 40 " When We ' re Through, 8 Miles East of Indianapolis It Looks Like New " R.R. 4, Box 172 21 West North Street Greenfield, Indiana Greenfield, Indiana Charles Kingston, Owner KROETZ DRUGS " The Sign of Service " Compliments Comolete Prescriotion Service McCLARNON ' S DRIVE-IN Free Prescription Delivery 894-7688 11819 E. Washington Street Cumberland, Indiana Free Customer Parking Greenfield, Indiana U.S. 40 West 462-5073 McCULLERS MEAT MARKET RALPH MACKEY 700 E. Park Ave. INSURANCE 11 W. Main St. Greenfield, Indiana 804 East 38th Street Indianapolis, Indiana jk Congratulations, Seniors 0 ' St Q 462-2622 Well Drilling MILLER ' S JEWELRY a A. MARTIN CONTRACTORS 28 West Main Pump Soles Greenfield, Indiana and Service Bulova-Wittnauer-Longines Watches Acton, Indiano Diamonds- Jewelry-Gifts 262-4057 262-4645 MODERN SHOE REBUILDING VICTOR DE MARCO fit( ! ! 20 N. State Street Greenfield, Indiana To Save For The Future See NEW PALESTINE BANK " THE FRIENDLY BANK " Complete Banking Service Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Large Enough To Serve You Small Enough To Know You NEW PALESTINE ELEVATOR CO. Grain - Feed Seed - Fertilizer 861-4567 NEW PALESTINE HARDWARE Housewares-Gifts-Toys Garden Supplies Paints FRANK DOTSON 861-4597 New Palestine, Indiana NEW PALESTINE LUMBER CO., INC. Your Perfection Paint Dealer 861-4414 Mill Depot Streets LetUsHelp You With Your Building Remodeling Needs Home Planning Free Estimates N. P. SUPERMARKET Complete Line of Groceries, Meats Produce New Palestine, Indiana PRINCELL OIL CO. I PRODUCTS Fuel Oil Gasoline Motor Oil Budget Plan or Regular terms Keep Full Services DON W. PRINCELL 861-5212 P.O. Box 29237 Cumberland, Indiana Compliments jf KENNETH E. RAESNER GENERAL CONTRACTOR 861-4205 If no answer, call 861-4777 REYNOLDS FARM EQUIPMENT Fishers, Indiana Congratulations, Seniors ROBERTSON ' S NEW PALESTINE DRUGS 861-4571 New Palestine, Indiana 9:30 -9:00 Daily 12:00 -4:00 Sunday Free Delivery RODYS MEN ' S - BOYS ' State and North 462-2862 Greenfield, Indiana SIMS STANDARD SERVICE Intersection Road 40 and Gem Road R.R. 4, Greenfield Indiana STANDARD R.R. 6, Greenfield, Indiana THE TACK ROOM Horse Equipment Riding Apparel 4-H Supplies Tex Tan Saddles Boots and Clothing For the Whole Family On Rt. 40 in Philadelphia Store hrs. 9:00 A.M. to 10:30 P.M. 7 Days Weekly 115 E.Main St. Greenfield, Indiana 462-5387 J. R. D, UPHOLSTERY and AUTO TRIM 1060 N. Anderson St. Elwood, Indiana 332-7641 WESTERN AUTO 1252 West Main St. Greenfield, Indiana 462-2575 , WESTERN ]T0 1 ASSOOMl SIOM TV Congratulations, Seniors of ' 66 WOODS MOTEL and RESTAURANT Air conditioned - TV - Phones U.S. 40, 6 Mi. East Indianapolis 894-3391 R.R. 4, Box 72, Bill Amy Grissom Greenfield, Ind. b2-llll ALLDREDGE TRACTOR SALES, INC. 725 East Main St. Greenfield, Indiana FLINT AND WALLING PUMPS SALES AND SERVICE Whitey Allen New Palestine, Indiana ALLIED APPLIANCES CO, ALLIED ALLISON ' S TOOL BOX 862-2401 U-HAUL Rental Trailers 862-6618 862-6653 Wanamoker Indiana SOUTHEAST 7637 Southeastern Ave. Complete Line Of Tool Rental HAROLD ASH DODGE SALES New Used Cars Trucks 326 E. Broadway Shelbyville, Indiana 392-2841 Compliments of THE BABY-TEEN SHOP and MARLISA FASHION SHOP 19 and 21 North State Street Greenfield, Indiana B AKER COAL ICE =SHELLAN£ OTTLE SAS GREENFIELD, IND. Best Wishes, Seniors! DALE M. BEAGLE FURNITURE CO. 112 West Main Street Greenfield, Indiana Compliments of BETS BEAUTY SHOPPE Main Street, New Palestine, Ind. 861-4268 Congratulations, Seniors BEAUTY BY BEULAH Latest Hair Styles Bittner Road, New Palestine, Ind. Call 861-5256 For Appointment BOB ' S GARAGE R.R. 1, New Palestine, Indiana General Repair BOB ' S MARATHON Shelbyville, Indiana 398-9036 BONNIE ' S RESTAURANT Home Cooked Food at Moderate Prices GEO. A. BO WEN INSURANCE AGENCIES Package Plans Our Specialty New Palestine, Indiana Wanamaker, Indiana 862-6639 BRADBURY SERVICE Automotive Parts General Repair 24-Hour Wrecker Service 520 E. Main St. Mip 66 Greenfield, Indiana 462-9006 BRANDING IRON CAFE U.S. 40 West of Greenfield, Indiana Steaks, Chops, Chicken and Sea Food Private Parties 462-6863 BROWN ' S POULTRY MARKET Quality Watch Repair Service BROWN ' S WATCH REPAIR SERVICE Wholesale ,• JK Certified Master Watchmaker Watches and Bands 1 Live-Dressed Morristown, ind. 763-3211 862-4574 1633 S. Post Rd. R. R. No. 10, Box 482 Indianapolis 19, Indiana CHRISTIAN CARR-MACS INC. QUALITY CHEVROLET Ladies ' and Men ' s Wear Your Friendly Chevy Dealer 6 East Main Street 219 East Main Street Greenfield, Indiana 462-4372 . liMtl l4llfi:fil%i Greenfield, Indiana ' i%lvi 462-5515 CLARK ' S SUPERETTE U.S. Custom Cut Meats COIFFURES-PETITE p Barbara McConnell 9M Owner and Operator C!9 BSUt Route 6 Greenfield ' i 462-4066 U.S. 52 and Post Road Indianapolis, Indiana 862-4562 COUNTRY TOWN SHOP The Finest in Food New Palestine 861-4123 Inside or Outside Service General Electric Appliances CRIDER ' S DRIVE-IN Sales and Service 1309 East Main Street The long-legged salesman Greenfield, Indiana . WATER - WELL DRILLING Frank Randolph 704 S. State St. Greenfield, Indiana Vacuum Cleaners New - Used - Rebuilt Repairing on All Makes New and Used Parts - Hoses - Bags 2 - Year Guarantee Bond On All Rebuilt Cleaners PHILLY SWEEPER SERVICE Mr. and Mrs. Frank Randolph 704 S. State St. Greenfield, Ind. SPENCER PUBLISHING COMPANY " 200,000 People Read The Greenfield Reporter, The Only Daily Newspaper in Hancock County " 462-5528 212 East Main, Greenfield, Indiana SUTHERLAND SON Quality and Price and General Merchandise 461-4595 New Palestine, Indiana W. T. Sutherland D. A. Sutherland SUGAR CREEK PARK Where U.S. 40 Crosses Sugar Creek Camping Picnics - Reunions 462-5901 Greenfield, Ind. 894-3405 SUGAR CREEK NURSERIES Landscaping - Spray Service Peat Moss - Grass Seed Evergreens - Shrubs F. E. Estelle New Palestine " Beautiful Plants For Beautiful Homes " HAIR STYLES BY SYLVIA B South Bittner Road PV Call Sylvia Claborn By Appointment TASTEE J FREEZ p Vine Street . ' _ Shelbyville Where the Crowd is 398-4717 FINLY CAFE Open 5 A.M. - 9:30 P.M. Mon. - Fri. Saturdays 5 A.M. - 2 P.M. Closed Sundays Finly, Ind. 861-0408 Paul and Ruth Gossage Plumbing Spetic Tanks Cleaned and installed Sewers Cleaned and Installed JEEP TRENCHER FISK SANITATION SERVICE Greenfield, Indiana 462-6626 Congratulations, Seniors , FLOYD ' S AUTO SALES Good Used Cars and LaRue ' s Mobile Home Park 1 Mi. West of Philadephia on U.S. 40 462-6801 FREY SALES AND SERVICE Distributor of Elgin Water Conditioners 861-5359 GEM DANDY BEAUTY NOOK For Beautiful Hair Styles Gem Road 894-7612 Compliments of THE GIFT TREE 8855 Southeastern Avenue Wonamaker, Ind. 46239 862-2742 GOBLE PRINTING COMPANY Greenfield, Indiana 462-4461 GRABHORN GENERAL STORE Custom Cuts For Freezers Quality Meats and Groceries Philadelphia Indiana GREENFIELD COUNTRY CLUB Joseph and Phyllis Atherton, Managers Congratulations, Seniors GREENFIELD ' GAS COMPANY 112 West South Street Greenfield, Indiana 462-5519 GREENFIELD LANES INC. Wayne E. Circle, Owner POWER MOWER REPAIR 862-4702 Cecil Hanson HARTER ' S SHOP WELDING and REPAIRING SIGN PAINTING Philadelphia, Indiana HOLLARS REALTY 894-3236 861-4009 REAL ESTATE-INSURANCE Builders of Quality Homes 11624 E. Wash. Cumberland HOPPER ' S SALES SERVICE FRIGIDAIRE PRODUCTS ZENITH T.V. RADIOS 861-4762 New Palestine, Ind. £NiTH Congratulations, Seniors Compliments Of INDIANAPOLIS ELECTRIC CO. 241 South State Indianapolis, Indiana 636-3391 INSKEEP FORD SALES New and Used Cars and Trucks 2250 West Main Greenfield, Indiana 462-7731 IRVING MATERIALS Box 369 Greenfield, Indiana Ready-mixed Concrete We Deliver To Your Door JACK ' S BARBER SHOP U.S. 52 and Post Road We ' re Specialists in Hair Cutting JIM ' S HILL-TOP GROCERY 1002 East Main Greenfield, Indiana 462-9063 ' ' ff m JOHNNY ' S GULF SERVICE Complete Car Service 8720 Southeastern Ave. Wanamaker, Indiana KEGLEY REALTY 7809 Southeastern Avenue Indianapolis, Indiana 46239 862-4384 KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN of Greenfield Be$rm$Ht$foii Dependable Service KITLEY POST ROAD PHARMACY ESSEffl 862-4 194 Best Of Luck, Class Of ' 66 Post Road U. S. 52 Bulk Hauling Spreading Fertilizer Limestone KOTTLOWSKI SPREADING SERVICE LIQUID NITROGEN Custom Crop Spraying New Palestine, Indiana 861-4227 WEBB LAMB STANDARD WRECKER SERVICE STANDARD 462-9026 LAWSON ' S PAINT and APPAREL U.S. Road 40 3) 2 Miles East of Greenfield PAINT Greenfield, Indiana 462-9093 Compliments of LEARTS BOTTLE GAS 209 West Main Street Greenfield, Indiana 462-5555 LIBERTY MOTEL 1039 East Main Street East National Rd. U.S. 40 84 LUMBER CO. Cash Carry R.R. 6, Rt. 40 Greenfield, Indiana Greenfield, Indiana Alto E. Murdock Owner— Manager ( m Week Days 8:00 to 9:00 Sat. 8:00 to 5:00 462-5557 McCALIP ' S PURE OIL Pleasant View, Indiana For Beautiful Hair Styles MARJORIE ' S BEAUTY SALON PURE 862-4684 New Palestine 861-4352 Compliments of MATTINGLY SHELL SERVICE 861-0402 New Palestine, Indiana MILDRED ' S BEAUTY SHOP R.R. 1, New Palestine, Indiana t By appointments only 861-4601 Mildred Dost MOHR DEVELOPMENT CO. INC. " Residential Lots " Earl Mohr New Palestine, Ind. MORRISTOWN LANES Open 12 Noon - 12 Midnight Billiard Tables Open Bowling Sat. Sun. Morristown, Indiana MAXWELL HOUSE Short Orders Dinners and Pizza 326-3672 Maxwell, Indiana Snack, Anyone? MILDRED ' S CAFE Exchange Street Acton, Indiana 862-2118 GUY S. MOORE INSURANCE REAL ESTATE MUELLER ' S AUTO BODY SHOP and GLASS SHOP 1020 East Main Street Greenfield, Indiana Glass Paint Custom Wrecks 462-5159 THE MYERS-ELLIS INSURANCE AGENCY 11926 E. Washington St. Indianapolis, Ind. Auto-Homeowners- Fire- Life 24-Hour Service Charles F. Ellis Office 894-3394 Home 881-6255 NEW PALESTINE BARBER SHOP New Palestine, Indiana Jerrel K. Shaw OLGA ' S BEAUTY SHOP 11821 East Washington Street Cumberland, Indiana 894-7532 " Good Luck, Seniors " ORTEVS UPHOLSTERY New Palestine, Indiana " Pick-up and Delivery " 861-4678 P AND D GRILL Trailer Court and Standard Service 3 Miles East of Cumberland on U.S. 40 We Specialize in Good Food At Moderate Prices 894-3175 Paul and Doris Stanley PARKER ' S BAKERY Complete Bakery Goods Sandwiches and Coffee New Palestine 861-4845 PETE ' S RADIO T. V. Color Black White (We Service Only The Color We Sell) 28 S. State Greenfield, Indiana PETE ' S SHOE SHOP New Palestine, Indiana " Both Style and Comfort ' " Shoe Repair " Concrete Ornaments Greenfield Sacco - Nutro PHILLY LAWN GARDEN CENTER Ortho Bob Williams Rural Route 6 Philadelphia, Indiana PICKETTS Friendly Downtown Hardware 10 West Main Street Greenfield, Indiana RAFFERTY WILLIAMS INSURANCE AGENCY New Palestine, Indiana 861-4652 Watches Diamonds Clocks ROBERTS JEWELERS Excellent Watch Jewelry Repairing 100 W. Main Street Greenfield, Ind. Jim Roberts 462-6395 SCHAEKEL HOME IMPROVEMENT Floyd Schaekel General Repair, Remodeling and Concrete Work New Palestine, Indiana 8 61-5190 Oliver Farm Machinery SCHMIDT SALES SERVICE Hilltop - East Road 40 Greenfield, Indiana SHELBTS Gasoline - Fuel - Oil - Lubricants Firestone Tires Compliments of Greenfield Indiana SMITHERMAN HATCHERIES Greenfield, Indiana Compliments of TOWN AND COUNTRY MOTEL U.S. 40 Greenfield, Indiana COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE REPAIRS U-HAUL TRAILERS 1 Fuel Oil Ice-Charcoal VANETS TEXACO SERVICE Post Road U.S. 52 JOHN DEERE Quality Farm Equipment Boiens Lawn Garden Equipment VAN METRE IMPL. INC. Greenfield, Indiana 462-5585 QUALITY FARM EQUIPMENT VILLAGE BEAUTY SALON 8810 Southeastern Avenue Wanamaker, Indiana 862-4303 Open Evenings WHITSEVS STORE Gilbert Geneve Whitsel Groceries-Lunch Meats Marathon Gas Oil 861-5020 Finly, Indiana Congratulations, Seniors of ' 66 WILKINS STANDARD SERVICE Gas-Oil New Palestine, ind. Tires-Batteries 861-4256 Ernest Tracy D B A Charles Elsbury THE LAWRENCE WOOD AGENCY " Insurance is our only business " Greenfield, Indiana 462-2166 DONATIONS Anonymous Geise ' s Phillips 66 Morristown Body Shop Chris Land Mr. Mrs. Gerald Brown Paul Harris Charles R. Burres Craig Trucking John Carlton Shamrock Motel Ruth Elliot Noble Snodgrass Hub ' s Shoes David Kracht Jim ' s Marathon Dr. Lewis Snider Charles Phillips 66 Lennis Bakery Dobbins Cleaners Laundromat Mr. Mrs. Marion Quinlin Bardes, Grace-F.T.A. Reporter, Chorus 1-2, Class Play 3-4, Honor Society Play 3, G.A.A. 1-2-34, Sun- shine Society 3-4, F.T.A. 3, Art Camera 4, Editor of the Avalon 4, Pep. for CM. 3-4, Alternate for Girls ' State, American Co-operate Institute contestant, 12-year student Beasley, Paula-Whiteland 1-2, Chorus 3, Majorette 1-2, Class Plays 3-4, G.A.A. 1-2-3-4, Latin Club 1-2, Sunshine Society 1-2-3-4, Pep Block 1-2-3-4, Avalon Staff 4, CM. 4, Spring National Baton Twirling Contest 1 Bennett, Lee Arthur—Band 1-2-3-4, Dance Band 1, Pep Band 3-4, Class Plays 3-4, Cross Country 1, Track 1-4, F.T.A. 3, Avalon 4, Patriotic Service Award 3, 12-yr. student Best, Donna Illeen-Class Plays 3-4, S.S.S. 2-3-4, G.A.A. 1, Avalon Art Editor 4, CM. 2-3 Boring, Gary— President of Class 3-4, Student Council Pres. 4, Student Council 3-4, Letterman ' s Club 4, Chorus 2-3-4, Madrigal 2-3-4, Band 1-2-3-4, Band solo contest 1, Vocal solo contest 4, Class Plays 3-4, Basketball 1-2-34, Track 1-2-3, Cross Country 1-2-3, Avalon 4, 1st runner-up for Boys ' State 3, U.S. Senate Youth Prog. 4, Youth Leadership Conf. 4, Youth Power Conf. 4 Brown, Nancy Jo-Class Play 3-4, Pep Club 4, Avalon 4, 12-yr. student Bruns, Ray-Class Play 3-4, Pep Club 3, Avalon Staff 4 BuUman, Janet-Class Pres. 1, Treas. 3, Sec 4, S.S.S. Sec. 4, Class Plays 3-4, Honor Society Play 3, Fresh Cheerleader, G.A.A. 1-2-3-4, Pres. 3-4, S.S.S. 2-3-4, Pep Club 1-2-3-4, Honor Society 2-3-4, Avalon 4, CM. 3-4, Lib. 1-2-3, Girls ' State 3, D.A.R. Good Citizen Award 4, Gov. Leadership Conf. 4, Student Council 1 Bundy, William-Class Play 4, Baseball 1-2, Basketball 1, Track 2, Avalon 4, CM. 3-4, 12-yr. student Cain, Diane Beth-Student Council 1-2, Majorette 1-2-3-4, Class Plays 3-4, Latin Club 2, F.H.A. 2, Pep Club 1-2-3-4, S.S.S. 2-3-4, Honor Society 1-4, Lib. 1, Eighty word Shorthand Pin 3, Dragon Dozen, Honor Society Play 4, Plainfield 1-2 Carmichael, John-Band Vice-Pres. 4, Band 1-2-3-4, Pep Band 3-4, Dance Band 4, Class Plays 3-4, Honor Society Play 4, Basketball 1-2, Track 1-2, Baseball 1-2, Volleyball 2-3-4, March of Dime Dist. Chair. 3, Avalon 4, CM. 3-4, Honor Society 4, Pep Club 2-34, Art Camera Club 4, CM. 4, 12-yr. student Colestock, Maragaret-Class Play 3, G.A.A. 1-2-3, Lib. 1-2, 12-yr. student Colip, Dave— Class Sec. 1, Class Pres. 2, Student Council 2-3, Pres. 3, Lettermen ' s Club Sec. 4, Band 1, Chorus 2-3, Class Play 3-4, Basketball 1-2-34, Baseball 1-2-34, Track 2-34, Volleyball 2-34, March of Dimes Dist. Chair. 3, Avalon 4, CM. 34 Conner, Tom— Avalon 4, 12-yr. student Copple, Bill-F.T.A. Pres. 4, Honor Society 3, Art Camera Sec. 4, Madrigal 4, Chorus 3-4, Class Play 3, Honor Society Play 3, Basketball 1, Track 34, Cross Country 1-2-34, Pep Club 2-34, Lettermen ' s Club 4, Avalon 4, CM. 34, Lib. 1-2-3, 12-yr. student Dalrymple, Karon-Chorus 4, Class Play 4, B.A.A. 1-24, Pep Club 2-34, S.S.S. 2-34, Honor Society 4, Avalon 4, Band 1-2, 12-yr. student Dalrymple, Sharon-S.S.S. Treas. 4, Band 1-2, Class Play 34, G.A.A. 2-3, Avalon 4, 12-yr. stud ent Davis, Linda-Class Play 34, G.A.A. 14, 12-yr. student Dodd, Jaynee-Band 1-2-34, Chorus 1-2-3-4, Madrigal 1-2-34, Dance Band 1-2-3, Pep Band 1-2-34, Class Play 34, G.A.A. 1-2-3, Pep Club 1-2-34, S.S.S. 4, 12-yr. student Dost, Arnola-Chorus 1-2, Class Play 34, G.A.A. 1-2-34, Pep Club 1-2-34, Honor Society 4, Avalon 4, CM. 34, Co-ed Assist. 4, 12-yr. student [ 173 ] Estelle, Philip--Band Mgr. 1-2-3-4, Chorus 4, Class Play 3, " Downstairs Minority " 4 Faut, Barb-Chorus 4, Class Play 4, G.A.A. 1-2-3-4, S.S.S. 4, Pep Club 1-2-3, Avalon 4, CM. 4, Lib. 1-3 Gentry, Robert— Class Play 3-4, Cross Country 1, Ping Pong 3, Avalon 4 Gunn, Linda-Class Play 3-4, G.A.A. 1-2-3-4, Pep Club 1-3-4, Avalon 4, CM. 4, 12-yr. student Gunn, Nancy-Class Play 3-4, G.A.A. 1-2-3 , Pep Club 1-3-4, Avalon 4, CM. 4, 12-yr. student Hanes, Pat-Class Play 3-4, Pep Club 1-4, Avalon 4, CM. 4, 12-yr. student Harper, Deanna— Chorus 4, 12-yr. student Hope, Cathy-Chorus 1-4, Band 1-2-3-4, Downstairs Minority 4, Class Play 3-4, G.A.A. 1-2-3-4, 12-yr. student Jackson, Vivian-Flags 4, Class Play 3-4, G.A.A. 4, F.H.B. 3-4, S.S.S. 2-3-4, Pep Club 1-2-34, Avalon 4, CM. 34, Lib. 1, 12-yr. student Johnson, Rita-F.T.A. Sec. 4, Band 1-2-3-4, Pep Club 1-2-3-4, Chorus 2-3-4, Class Play 3-4, Student Coun- cil 4, G.A.A. 1-2-34, Honor Society 3, F.T.A. 4, Art Camera Club 4, S.S.S. 2, Avalon 4 Kitley, Jane Ann-Chorus 4, Class Play 3-4, F.H.B. 3-4, Avalon 4, CM. 4, 12-yr. student. Pep Block 2-3-4 Kirkpatrick, Sharyn-Band 1-2-3, Chorus 3-4, Class Play 3-4, G.A.A. 1, S.S.S. 2-3-4, Honor Society 4, Pep Club 1-2-3-4, Avalon 4, CM. 3-4, 12-yr. student Kirkpatrick, Sheryl— Majorette 1-2, Feature Twirler 3-4, Fresh. Cheerleader 1, Varsity Cheerleader 3-4, G.A.A. 1, S.S.S. 14, Pep Club 1-2, Avalon 4, CM. 3-4, Chorus 1-2-34, 12-yr. student Koch, Kathie-Band 1-2-3, Chorus 2-34, Madrigal 4, Class Play 34, G.A.A. 1, S.S.S. 1-4, Pep Club 1-2-34, Avalon 4, CM. 34 Kracht, David-Band 1-2-34, Chorus 1-3, Class Play 34, Pep Club 1-2-34, F.F.A. 1-2-34, CM. 2-34, Avalon 4, 12-yr. student Land, Chris— Student Council 1-2-3, Pres. of Honor Society 4, Band 1, Dance Band 1, Class Play 34, Honor Society Play 3, Honor Society 2-34, Pep Club 2, Avalon 4, CM. 4, Boys ' State 3 Lantz, Doug-Lettermen ' s Club 4, Pep Club 34, Madrigal 4, Chorus 4, Class Play 34, CM. 3, Track 1-2-3-4, Cross Country 1-2-34, Basketball 1-2, Avalon 4, 12-yr. student Lawrence, Patti-Majorette 1-2-34, Class Play 34, G.A.A. 1-2-34, S.S.S. 2-34, CM. 4, Lib. 4, 12-yr. student Lowe, Bob— Class Play 34, Avalon 4, 12-yr. student Mathews, Dave-Vice-Pres. 3, Treasurer 4, Track 2-34, King P.T.O. Carnival 2-3, CM. 4, Arsenal Tech. High School 1 Marshall, Karen-Chorus 2-34, Class Play 34, Honor Society 2-34, Pep Club 1-2-34, Avalon 4, CM. 34, Honor Society Play 3, 12-yr. student Moeller, Sharon-Chorus 4, Class Play 34, Flag Twirler 1-2-34, G.A.A. 1-2-34, Avalon 4, CM. 2-34, 12-yr. student Moore, Sharon-Pep Club 4, Chorus 4, Class Play 34, G.A.A. 1-2-34, S.S.S. 2-34, Fresh. Cheerleader 1, Twirler 1-2, Avalon 4, CM. 2-3-4, F.F.A. Sweetheart 4, 12-yr. student Ostermeier, Linda— Art Camera Club Reporter 4, Class Play 4, Art. Asst. 34, Pep Club 2-3, Avalon 4, 12-yr. student Piatt, Penny-President of S.S.S. 4, Chorus 3-4, Honor Society 34, G.A.A. 1-2-34, S.S.S. 2-34, Avalon Staff 4, CM. Staff 4, Candidate for Girls ' State 3, Freshman Queen of P.T.O. Carnival 1, 12-yr. student Pruet, Pat— Class Secretary 2-3, G.A.A. 1-2-34, Treasurer 2-3, Chorus 4, Class Play 34, Varsity Cheer- leader 1-2-34, Avalon 4, CM. 2-34, Lib. 3, Freshman Senior Dance Queen 1, Class Queen [ 174 ] Rader, Pat-F.H.B. 3-4, Vice-President 4, Band 1-2-3-4, Chorus 4, Class Play 3-4, Avalon 4, CM. 4, G. A.A. 14, S.S.S. 2-3-4, Pep Block 1-2-3-4 Reed, Carlene Ann-Chorus 3-4, Downstairs Minority 4, Class Play 3, Pep Block 2-3, S.S.S. 2-3-4, F.H.B. 3-4, G.A.A. 1, 12-yr. student Roesener, Deborah-Honor Society 2-3-4, Secretary 4, G.A.A. 1-2-3-4, Pep Block 1-2-3-4, Chorus 1, Band 1-2-3-4, Class Play 3-4, CM. 3, Girls ' State Alternate 3, 12-yr. student Rone, Sundra-Chorus 3-4, Class Play 3-4, G.A.A. 1-2-3-4, Pep Block 1-2-3-4, S.S.S. 3-4, Honor Society 3, Avalon 4, CM. 4 Schramm, Paula-G.A.A. 1-2-3-4, Pep Block 1-4, CM. 4, Class Play 4, Downstairs Minority 4, Band 2, 12-yr. student Scott, Ann-G.A.A. 1-2-3-4, S.S.S. 4, F.H.B. 4, Pep Block 4, Avalon 4, CM. 4 Scott, Larraine-CM. 2-3-4, Editor 4, Band 1-2, Chorus 4, Class Plays 3-4, Debate Club 2, G.A.A. 1-3, Avalon 4, Lib. 3, Press Conf. 4, 12-yr. student Seacat, Carl-Pep Block 1 -3-4, Treasurer 3, Secretary 4, Art Camera 4, F.T.A. 3-4, Parliamentarian 4, Class Play 3-4, Track 1, Cross Country 1-2, Baseball 2, Avalon 4, CM. 3-4, Business Manager 4 Shaw, Connie— Chorus 4, Avalon 4 Stapp, Kathy— Chorus 4, Avalon 4, 12-yr. student Snider, Bruce— Convocation Leader 3, Class Plays 3-4, Track 3, Cross-Country 2, Avalon 4, CM. 4, 12-yr. student Snodgrass, Joe— Convocation Leader 4, Pep Block Pres. 4, Pep Block 1-2-3-4, Class Plays 3-4, Avalon 4, CM. Editor 4, CM. 1-2-3-4, 12-yr. student, P.T.O. Carnival King 1 Smiley, Randy— Leslie, Arkansas 1-2, Honor Society Treasurer 4, Honor Society 3-4, Class Play 3-4, Bas- ketball 1-2, Avalon Editor 4, CM. 4, Scholastic Award 4, Chemistry Award Thie, Patti-Band 1-2-3-4, Chorus 1-2-3-4, Downstairs Minority 4, G.A.A. 1-3, Class Play 3-4, Pep Block 1-2-3-4, Avalon 4, CM. 4, 12-yr. student Walker, Becky-Class Plays 3-4, G.A.A. 3-4, Pep Block 1-2-3-4, Avalon 4, CM. 4, S.S.S. 1, 12-yr. student Waggoner, Darlene-Class Plays 3-4, G.A.A. 1, Honor Society 2-3-4, Pep Block 4, 12-yr. student Wilking, Rita— Chorus 1-2-3-4, Class Plays 3-4, Freshmen Cheerleader, G.A.A. 1, Sunshine Society 1-2-3, Pep Block 2-3-4, Avalon 4, CM. 2-3-4, 12-yr. student [ 175 ]

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