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I Q 'f 1 5 .I L l'.i ,s-:I 0. - I Q ' 9- fs I - y 'IE Q - Its-gf S . - 'I II: b I I 'A . ' Q' ,Ixxr if ',1'i' 'IZ' 1 I .M g,'."...uI-"IZ II. I ' '- ' ""'7 ' " fx- 2 v ww- 2 ff' 'Q H' N' L-J'-.'-"'f' 94' z' wif -1-1' ' sf. ' x QF- vii x- "s:'- "af S f .af--:, fx-tw' s-. L, "4,7+ Af' -'-. L 5 . M -x H 1' . ',.7 ,fin R ' I - ' sl-Sp . '.. '4-.' " Q-iltf' .-YII.-I n ' ' , Q'i5f'. s " L 'Q '- 'V ' ' 5 x ' . ' -' 'LS ' A - - X, - ,- .- - .Q - -r - x I .I - s M., . - Ix . I'l.I. I.I. :II ,Jn Q9 in IX 9 . Q, ,I I 3, I,.II I - -XI, I. ,J I 'x F Q - ' Tx .. -Q' - ' - L'S4N-S U' 'lt4,y 'Q x. . ' , . I - a 4 '. Q 1 U ' av ' -Q - - .- .- --u, --.' 'N - - ,at "vw-Ai- f az... 91' v' -' X g .1,.',', A g . ',.f.I.I ' ,.'. 4, '.,.I " N, .1 , I I Q I- . . - . AP--1 ,I ' .,v I... 1.4 .s,lfssx.4II . Iss. 'I . f , f 1 A " . s ' X ' s- ' J-"I'Ix i 5415 ' xp '.,'-- ,s",, Q, !?"7,1 'gin-It .VI . .II l- -, . A q,'J -MA . X wg , x aw-,., I .M I , . 3 - - I , I,I ,I 'x xx S, I ' if .Ea 'fr' H YQN, ' 4' s" 'ag ' 5 ' L' U'-'flf ' .2 '. Q ,X - ,.1. I-.-.:. gp--1..,I 1 . . r 1: I s I . x. I x . . - .1 , N' .. YZ. I. ga '. b - - '.- L .I I Q It I . -r a I, I I :.,.'xs I--s.z5I.,I . .5 .f . 4 "' .N . 'av V.. v',,l'.4:9-' Q -0 ' 1, X' . W' no ' - H' 'yur-, -.,L' ix - - f. ' ' 1 . . .A A -U -,..:. we-... .'. - ' . -' ., . , , - ,. '. . -. .I u g 1 5 -- - . ' K N ,, L.. 1 . . . U in - 5- In... - ,'--- - ,,x- .---4-, .. Ls. 4 ' X ' 5 I ' . Iv...-' A I 1 ,343 .0 y Xu Q., , . - ,'x ,Tn "5 V -' ' - --A III" ' g 'x , ' ' 'w . , G, IX' - , I u .. I -, 'ix 11' , ' . R- "fs"-".- . "' . V " I , Q I 'II .tp 1.-I I .b IIVBJJE-Z: I 1 I g 1 . u 'hs 1 If . U Y.. svn :s 'Tv' ., ' 5, . Q ,I I - I' 2 w 5 N' N Q -'- , ,- -Xfpwi ' -.Lt V , V ' - , A F , ." I I ' . It v ,,. at JIv., I " 'rg J Q- V " '. , - ,' ' ' X 4' 5, 'k.:'.fQ-'. . " , 4- 'll .' "S , 4gI'fI. I ., 'I . . ,. I. ' " MJ -"'A-."Tf"'w- . '-0- gk. - , -3,7 "' . Qt A. - I 1- I-.. IN -1 . H. tl Q, IQ' - 'I A , - I., , Q II , J ,.- ,I s . I Q. u ,I I g , . I' '- lv- -. - ,I . s I 1 Y.. N., . , - 1 X ' ' r ' u ' . I ' , . qu' V X 'T' 5 . 1 Ig. . I - , . 1 XI A tt .I ., C' - br' ' s, ,' I, f' " 'Asif' 'sa - QW. -. ' - ' . , v- I - -' '5, Isl ' I' ."1 - I I , ' . ' . lf' 1f-U. ., . . uf . A ' I- I Q v -,, 4 ' " '. , . u -'.r- .IA l, 5 , A. NLII, -I. KI. ms-I. , n Q I ' ' -'34 Iv, ., - , o, , ' '. I '..".- . '. , f.- ,I Q II, 'i ': w ' 'H .fn '54 ' ' A . ' ' ' V - - . -, .-1 .L H. - ' 0 ' "' '. 'W . " ' " ' .- J" --W 2'1.',.q 5 ' .AQ T u , ' X , ' sf- -' ',.4"-'og.A K. 0 . y , " v -j B , ' lg, 'Q' , ' 1 . Q .Q 0 .' 5 Q ' -I I . -I t f' K. x i , 4' 'J 'x'.'P .-'.'- .--'-, "" 'Q - . - . f 5 - Q n , ' - . ' ' ', 1' ' - - - ' Y. - ' , X -.- - - -' . . ., ' - . . . 0 ,,-I:- S, 4" 3?-9 ' as I', ,I ' ,A Q ' .- 2' ,aw rf- " " 5 '. 4 , - Y - .R - ' Y: . 5 3. N , -, .A - I I s . . . S fg' -, s , .1 , I ., FQ..-II-I- , . Q L- Q - I QI 5 4, I I A. . I .7 . s , I . . 5 Y , , -,- - -. ' 4, ' I' 1 .- ..s .,O's 'N III -I. INt....'N In I..,,. , 1 .5 ,M I . I,- -. .,, 3. g -. - . ,, I. v , I - 3- 1. " - , ,' - Is. ' "' I-l'.0 - r ' .-, ss J. Is. - ' b , 5 -If .Q . , S 5 N! ' ' ' '- . x Q Q -I X ' -0 3- .- -,1s .Ir'..:4' ,, 'I fx 5 7 :4' - I -I . s x N" ' -' -' "X - ,u ' ' ' ' ., , ?.-1.Q 1 - . I-N.. .xiIA ..q.. II ,II , ,4-q---f-Q-I I - u 5 '- "0 ' 'W' W, 3 9" v f -"' -. 5. .' ',.""v . ,,,'. 4 - ' 1 K. ' --F, 5 "1 .. Q x'o 5 , Z ' 4-L! E , -I - T' '-Q Ra " . -,go-f". - B ' ' ' , u ' f I' 1 lgmf'--2 Z"',"" ' , YN .. , - -. - -f-.'.-"P ' " "".m ? -.31-a.' Q: ':- .V -M . -1- ' . . - Q . "- ,I -'1fN, - , ,s.4-f,+.- gg. 4' "pp " . ' f-.f .I ' -.. 0 - ' -'-. z '.- -N, X - --A-. M. A R wi-Liiiiz--u - '-A -' - .. ' . -- 1- -.'-.4 --4-W1-24-.3Z'e1' -fl -as gk Qi I ,- ' ' ' ' ' " ,-P' 'M' k"r 4:-if" .I , if-s .SI I I , . . I I V . I ug. . ,I Q-., i.. I, A I . . -431. 60:1 . . , I I..f,,,1I..I..1.I 5-,Wt v. ' ,, .' ' . h ,!, ' f uw' qv ' '7--. ' ' I Q 1... Q . ' Q vt -g ,..'A - , " 'F -W-V -' ,.' " " s ' - Q. .' A , ' gs, 0' ,Is II "..afQI.. -vp: -, ' IIL. - I U,-B. II' Q ' , . -,I , .. I -I II u vga ,I:. I,1., gy. :..QgUpu.'-.,I5,IIIsIu.,r,g,IIg,:f. - gf l . , 1" -' .-4 .' .' , -.-A 1. 4 I s ,., .4 , . "' I InI"7'I I: JIIXQKW3 sf: aafgvl-21 f-, ' - -v M -fa 4 ' .. ' -,f - A' ' at Q O. 4 ' ' ua.-pw. - - I ,-...M X D . 'fr I .4 , ugh II ,,,,.,a'q...g,. . I - Q U U X I - 1 A n ,, . -A A , ,,I. Q' 1 ' I ' gl x it f A 9 ' -' -ual-v""'. X, , ,, aff C . -if i , 0 - 'I 1 ff , - Lv I ,Q ul- If ' '-U1 ,4-f 0 ,5 4 I. .IQJ I 5 in 1 1 ,, Q V A E ',!' l'.T'h'- Q I if " ,lg P 1' f' ,'.. . , JI 1' .' . -, , 'W ffi , f- if - g wf ff , 02 -4 ff- l 0 OW . ' I 'lf' Ja' yo' I1 I ,',' all , " 'qu-I ' J' ' al ' 1' I X4 I',y4: ,p 'l f 1 M I ' 335: 'away' "1.L"' U nn Z .- 4.1 ',' ' 4 1-fly. .1 4' ', -, -' ' 'id' v-by ." , . , , I -,. st. I- I 1 -P 0, I 1 .1 - ...J Q . .y 0 , I Z I "J . .40 ' ' '?UQI:' ', . up ,, I H ,A I, QI , .5 . ,,.I . . "....u ng' .,,,. A , ' ' vfywh -1. . .I5I,.Iit.fl" ' ' l ' .. IQ: 5, I I IQ. txgiy .,w,'.INI f H . . ' .. V ., ' -I' UQ' Ltd an C as A' Wang. " f- ' A- ,-,-,", . 'ff-,u-'1, u " 9Z"'y1l"f!f"ff fn' ,f . ..'?.,w'.'.lQ O b I ' ' f' 'f' A IZ! f . I LS w. 35' . II . x A , , " ' 'Y7"" r I X. 4 .L . 3? V ' 12. iff' ' R. fi-5'-:,W!4f f ' K ' .-3451? ' 'mail .P-,p.'2,. '-P 55 -.Q - . , . vA'Q, H m .w',. I.-X.: C t-n,.g.:,k..'.-1 7""'7'e -' 4, . -Q-+ 'F' ' ' "z .Q ' 'fir-, . f-f-:v Lv- f amL'7 -"6--ff ,fs 9 . - -Q - xpfli 'sp -Q Q g - ti Q.. Q .b,m,..-- ' M13 fr ns'-,Q-lN:s Q- -1 N all .un .Q ? 'f f ,g A a 'Fa'-'61-H 2 sfrwcz-4-P --5 -' -ff e - hx, - J' -1,'g..Qi'v??.' - gt- 'ist :"""-:- n. 'Y Q, ,rr Y 2, 'ug ' . ' hp X . U -.,r--, 5 JA - 3, ' I .M-T-rv 4 I 5 s I i ' .pwjgf , -,"fs, " 5--x::'5R"'qk.: .WJW-H 'rift X. sq: .vi 0 4- 5? J "' H 1 .":. T .Ja . K J 3. ' - X , 5 Q' - A, -4'-'v .--A ' 1. 4 , E ,, WP,-' -4 P' Q n ' - x ' 7 u - -ann S 9, . i- -' 5- , 5 'g gh' -1 ' ,Qf' ...Ou js. A 1 I-L, T 'S ,x 55. Q X' V . :Ed "TR"'X-,":af,-32,6 n ...lg ' , - y .1 .3 -5 .gy H' 'f , 5 x- ..-gg-'tg 5 sv.jg..A,. i V .., D Q Q D u ' ' ...I -. "-.--"QQ, gs!-Q ' vi' .3 'ml ' ?':.- is ' - ' ' ,. 'f'.,",?g'-4 sn , 1. ' u ' : '.r 'NEA Jw -,'.-x 5 1 - '-9. - '+ X . :- . -" "W--: 'Frm-455-,- - . ' , 'f '.", mn., v- 1-1--.Q--w . if ' s '42 ' yn?-f-f. 'a."w,S N. ax , -' Q n 7' dy f'it?'i ',sN, .".. . U 4 ,QV ' i " '50,-'I mfr: Q. 3 7.L- . V" - .135 M ar:-.OTa,'. A. M 'L 'Q,-.-.. -. ., fx I Qs r rd. . yfsbylk-gig. R .df x i mx:-I 'Q ,v A H ,I l Hg'ux:1..: P., N 'EAAA3k:,f-. ?N5'?pAAQi-. .Xiu .I 'C arg ,- vi . VKQQ- - QA. 'W W N '1 it I. .1 4 ,155 5,-,Q N, - .Q . ' if N. ,.., , , ' 5' 'Q 4- ' 'V-4 ' " fl: ' "" -':f- S-,, 'fa' J gk' '-'57 '. 1 - - 4 IDU 0 u . 9. i, ' KJ 4 ,. 1 . 34 5. .,S 16 I.. -' .. - " .-.Q ' . Ptah fly' 1351- 7. 'lim'-T. .QT ' Q' " ' Vs' " v rn ,T-1f5'.,::.,.-X .4 i- I.5"xVu' 1 .Rf '1 xx ,5 J .N ,, ..l.o N 5 I nw? X - .L A I ' lp: N. .s:4.W:J,VJ?wk1i' avg .. A x W A A ov: . .22-':-klfgq.-'g ,M-M . viii h A '. , - - . V -i AK. .gl . b . .. .EZ .4 .W Q is? I xx I A Q s YJ.. ,, wait' 5' ' i' . X , ' I AL. - 1 . ' m , A' f . D .,. P ' - , ,,,, D n O91--.ff 0-osotuv--5. " in I -Y Y' ,,.., fb-.,r:,..'3-J., . o hm t .11-Q. . Q. Ast.. -4 ' -. J' ' . M..-5 -- Q 'Y '.-' i.-'......-T....,s.g,.1.g.,f',.Lg ...:,,:.', A ,.,,h -'s'Q.L. -.?"f xii.. .. -W.. ,xg 0 i ' tfxtf' fx.. , V, , g ig 'NO I - . , ' -i""-!HQf.0I.g3.,Qsq.0 pg 1' xv ' F-. 'i . f.f"' 1 Q, A- -. 44- -. '-.:" "fs an . . Q4 , q, ' .""' 4 --.S .. ' . -QA.. ,.g". . . Nu.. ' 1 u '.w...,"!i 'ig-wi' f-ssl" Q-, . -cn-. " N-gy, Sam' Ii' 1 'Y s-,f'3'f 514 C A Y xi til',"'Y f 4' ,f v .1 Q ,, 1, an , iw? qu ' n . ' ' I y 'V gg ' , ,uim y-Lx " f' 'Z:1'iZ'n 1 ' ' , , , 1 WW".,. ,' V' V' if'-?fsw .f '- M ., ,.,, 1 U ' 'warn ' 1-1--'-G' 121551 ,, ' H: K . ,,i,,dL3, iw 231,33 VK 4- I I " ' Lai' ,' , , - go Q' - 11 'FK , I pf-A 'OIF v,!i-N L z ' P N1 1 1 ' "'-. .r ' .L . I' w 6 'I A Q 41 QA fig! .. , -D, I' S 4 1 K KW V ' '. N :A ,yi-4 Q' Q '. ' "Z, .AA , w-,, ,. 1., 9 8 r f f X . 1 M I ,QI 7 vw. .,, it , .ws Q , N s , ,, , , Y 'K ,nn J ' I . 1 1 f , f 4 mt 1 5 an I 5 1 , s A 4 ' f Q,--.. S , .ff ' E ' ry it ' 3 .Ek ig X 5 -fry we wf sf? M ' xv' T1 Y If V' yr A is ' 2 wa 1, .. g W' L l K O W , 'QM " N . , .. , ,VA WH . . 4 , 'L O, M if , -3395 Q A 3 an , 2 .,., Z iw -. 1 f .,Z, ' ' P f NEW OXFORD HIGH SCHOOL Kg, , ff B Q3 Lffg iii M wr' L Z if A by .W fav "' ,sf M M Q . . qw: f sf Iv 1'. I I I 5 W Q iff: Q fi 1 12 'E' N 'Y 1 533 NEW OXFORD PENNSYLVANIA -Q f""S anager Sandra Sipe, P reduction M and LOSS Viamick, Editor -in-Chief PRESENT E7 TKE19 ENTO sf NEW OX? ORD HGH SCHOOL NEW OX? ORD , PENNSYLV ANXA MENXENTO PLANNERS, SEATED1 San Sponseuer, L0 ST ANDXNG: Helen Stockham. Kohn Br own, Charlene Omdor 4 I X R, Sean D is vlamic ii ook?-9 X Z! M FORE ORD Lois Warnick Memento F riends: When we enter school we could be compared to glowing EMBERS, which when placed in the proper element, or climate, will glow and burst into FLAME. The glow, that the embers already possess, is that which is given by our parents and experiences at home, for it is there that we get the basic foundation upon which to build our further education. Through our years in schoolneveraday passes without offering new challenges. Some of the glowing EMBERS will meet these challenges, conquer them, and burn on increasing in brightness. Others will flicker and die out. The degree of our success depends upon the character and attitude of the individual. It is up to the individual to use the elements of Service, Scholarship, Leadership and Character, that our parents and teachers place before us, in a way that will add to the brightness of his EMBERS and make of them FLAMES. Through the picture story furnished by this yearbook, we hope you will be able to see the progress of each student, in school activities, and to what extent he has used the elements of education. May the FLAME from the lamp of learning ever brighten his life. Sincerely, Mega! LDIS WARNICK Editor -in-Chief THEME time jfalne ,y THIS IS THE WAY - - The FLAME from the lamp of learning has affected us here at the New Oxford High School, how it has kindled the spark of education, and fanned it into full flame -- and how we have worked in its warm glow and struggled in its flickering shadows. THE NEW OX FORD HXOH SCHOOL mf WK i , THE Low- ER ADAMS ELEMENTARY S CHCOL gm MOVES ,f Q 040 55" 1857 CENTENNIAI. 1957 Q NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION This is the theme of the National Education Association for its 100th birthday, An organization of teachers, it devotes its energy to guarantee equal educational oppor- tunity for all, This younglady, winner ofthe 1956 Voice of Democracy Contest, is representative of the students of America. Burning with a flaming desire to be educated, she seizes every opportunity to add toher know- ledge and skills. She patterns after the examples, strives for the ob- jectives set by and for her. If she be representative, the torch of Free- dom is secure, STUDENTS RECEIVE HERBERT E. BRYAN The typical teacher is well informed, well read, alert, active in school and commtmity affairs: interested in his pupils, their problems, their future, devoted to their well being and to their nation. A good citizen, the teacher stands as an educated person who has dedicated his life to educate the youth, and thus to move America and its freedom forward. His torch is ever burning and its light is ever guiding, Charlotte Orndorff 8 IN our English classes. . . . we learn the fundamentals of forceful expression, THE THREE WS We are drilled constantly in spelling. We stress fundamentals. "READING is the basis for our personal pro- gressg therefore, we work to improve our. . . speed, understanding. " "RITING practice and grammar study teach us to communicate our ideas accurately, clearly and effec- tively. " "RITI-IMETIC teaches us to understand the sizes, the orders and numbers of things in the world. " Dave Higinbotham .xdn gclucaleel peeing .Nofcl ,7Ae jfame of sgreezlom .HIM "WE learn to live in today's world . . . An understanding of geography and its effect on man and civilization helps us to realize the problems of our own and other nations HREASONING and discussion develop our minds and provide the foundation for clear thinking in the year ahead." SCHOOLS ARE THE FLAMES FOR A STRQNC4 AMERICA Theme for American Education Week, November 11 16 19561 jr" We learn to study we learn to bake gf """""""""'- -W---W-.V 13 -vi V,-9. tx and we learn to use 10 our hands 4 l f- flirt 7 A 4 ' ' ' 14 r f ii'iiiiia arlivt a 5 5 MSN as gg Q Q 1 QM. if fwuvg:-x7a"z113E91 Q X ' eq 5 ' 1 I was ' A' - .,,mWT.-, , B ' U f 'mm .ff , ggi IM A W 4 . , ,Q Q 75, , 2 , ' f W f ,ff "mf "" zz, ,,4, f I W ,, 94 if 6. Iv 4 W -fy z"X OUR 1957 ff DEDICATION N55 ff IZ' MR. LEVERE A. BREIGHNER THIS IS THE WAY we, the Class of 57 w1th extended hands show our apprecmtion to our fr1e.nd and a,dv1sor whose warm DBISOUBIIIY has given us encouragement whose fum disclplme has kept our feet from straymg and whose kmdness understandmg and smcerity has stood as abright light gmdingus through our lugh school days I-hs example has been the FLAME on our lamp of Iearnmg. 1 Q-T LOWER ADAMS JOINT SCHOOL BOARD OFFICERS OF JOINT BOARD Clyde O. Garber . . . Clyde Wagner . . . Philip E. Alwine . . . Curtis S. Sponseller . BERWICK TOWNSHIP George Bentzel Harry C. Brinton Stuart Lucabaugh Melvin C. Nace Clyde Wagner MT. PLEASANT Joseph Claybaugh Fred Hartlaub Bernard P. Murren Ray Reichart Clement I-lawn OXFORD TOWNSHIP A. P. Markel George A. Martin Charles W. Rinehart John H. Summers Harry M. Wildasin . . . . . President . . . Vice-President . . . . .Secretary . . .Treasurer HA MILTON TOWNSHIP Clyde O. Garber Glenn M. Haar John G. Myers Norman G. Wolf Samuel E. Baker NEW OXFORD BOROUGH Philip E. Alwine Raymond S. Gable C1air,S1ag1e Charles Slaybaugh Curtis Sponseller TYPRONE TOWNSHIP Corman Day Guy Deardoff John Mansberger Hiram Rex George F. Weaver as n -V... ABBOTTSTOWN SCHOOL BOARD Gerald Myers, Wilmer Rodgers, Bemard Anthony. I. Faber Wildasin, George Zartman. 14 Members of the Class of 1957: You have a wonderful theme for your 1957 MEMENTO, Oir age is an age of fire--fire in the furnaces of industry, in the cylinders of powerful engines, and now the FLAME of roaring jets. But there are quieter fires--the hearth fires of home, the warm glow of friendship, the Flame of devotion to what is right. Yet, equally as powerful is the FLAME that fires the enthusiasm in youth to be educated. It is my hope that you hold this torch of education high and that you may nourish the quieter fires which make your lives happy. QLW. Cf MR. CHARLES C. TAYLOR, M. S SUIDERVISINQ PRINCIPAL MRS. VESTA SMITH, R. N. As school nurse, Mrs. Smith assists in the students physical and dental examinations. She also gives hearing tests to the students. MISS DOROTHY R. BAUGHER Miss Baugher serves in the capacity of sec- retary to the elementary school faculty. MRS. ROMAINE E. ORNDORFF Mrs, Omdorff serves in the capacity of secretary to the high school faculty, A ..... Sel1l01'S2 May I offer sincere congratulations with a fervent hope that the FLAME of educational desire might light your paths to a full realization of your hopes and plans? Remember that life is never dull for the person who starts every day with enthusiasm to do his best. May the FLAME of your desire fire the furnaces of Freedom. CHARLESW HASH,M.S.ED, ELEMENTARY SUPERVISOR ANN GOYDA, B. S, Miss Goyda serves New Oxford as well as the rest of Adams Coxmty as speech cor- rectionist. She is in the New Oxford Schools once a week. Alum MRS. RACHAEL HELDT, B. S. As supervisor of art, Mrs. Held: has art classes in the grade and Junior High SchooL She also teaches elective art to high school students. MRS. BETTY JANE MOUL, B. S. As supervisor of vocal music, Mrs. Moul directs .Tlmior and Senior Chorus. Her day includes music classes in both the grade and high schools. Class of '57 Out of sight, but definitely not out of mind, is one way of saying that our interestinyou does not end with your graduation from N,O.I-LS. We sincerely hope you will consider us a port of call in fair weather as in storms. Yes, the FLAME of our light house is always burning. Keep it in sighf. flea Krug? SELONF DOCKEY B S HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL MR. DONALD L. KEMP, B. S. As supervisor of instrnunental music, Mr. Kemp directs Junior and Senior Band, and Dance Band. He is also advisor to the Sopho- more Class. MRS. MARY L STOCK, B. S As supervisor of Vocational Home Econotrucs Mrs, Stock serves as advisor to the FJ-LA. Club. She also co-sponsors the annual mag- azine campaign and sponsors the Junior Red Cross. MR. JOHN L. KRATZERT, B. S. As supervisor of Vocadonal Agriculture, Mr. Kratzert serves as advisor to the F, F,A, Club. He also serves local farmers with his daily "Farmer John" program. MR. GEORGE R. ELBIN, B. S. Mr. Elbin serves in the .T unior High as teacher of geography and World history. MR. CHARLES L. EDWARDS, B. S. An instructor in the Business Education Department, Mr. Edwards also performs the duties of faculty Manager of Athletics, Advisor to the Business Club, and Advisor for the Yearbook MR. .TACK R. GARDNER, B. A. Citizenship, Civics, Pennsylvania History, and Junior High Americanhistory fills Mr. Gardners day, MRS. ELIZABETH M. KARSCHNER, A, B., B. S, Mrs. Karschner is a teacher in the Business Education Department, Her extra-curricular duties include ad- vising the Business Club and the newspaper, MR. LEVERE A. BREIGHNER, B. S. In addition to being Sponsor to the Senior Class, Mr. Breighner finds time to teach Industrial Arts, coach Junior High basketball and drive a bus. MR. HERBERT E. BRYAN, B. S., M. Ed.. Ed. D. Mr. Bryan is a teacher of Senior High Social Studies, Guidance Advisor, Insurance Representative and Year- book Advisor. MRS, VESTA S. COOK, B. S. Mrs. Cook serves the school in the capacity of Junior High English and Literature teacher. MR. ELLIS L, DIVINEY, B. S. Mr. Diviney is our Basketball and Baseball coach. His Scheduled assignments include Health and Physical Education. HIGH SCHOOL MISS GLORIA A. KRUG, B. S. An instructor in Physical Education and Health, Miss Krug also coaches girls' sports, directs the Cheer Leaders and manages the magazine campaigns. She is the advisor to Class of '58. MR. H, EDGAR MOUL, B. s,, M, A. Mr. Moul teaches Mathematics, is chairman of the Assembly Committee and is Activities Director. MR. CALVIN E. ROLAND, B. S. Science is his teaching field although Mr. Roland directs student plays and advises the Hi-Y club. MISS HELEN RUTH, M. A., M. S. Miss Ruth devotes her time to the Library and the Library Club. FACULTY ve sa' .. if Q if MRS. JANET M. STOKES, B. A. A teacher of Junior High School Mathematics, Mrs. Stokes also serves on the Assembly Committee. MISS D. MIRIAM TAYLOR, B. S. Senior High English, Latin, Spanish are her teaching schedule, but Miss Taylor also directs Dramatics and edits the school newspaper. MR. RICHARD P. WATKINS, B, S. Mr. Watkins teaches Driver Education, Driving and .Tunior High History. This year he is helping out as a school bus operator. MR. HERBERT G. RAAB, B. S., M. A. Mr. Raab, a former teacher at New Oxford High, is now teaching Senior High Social Studies. He is re- placing Dr. Bryan, K CONGRATULATIONS! Mr, Charles C. Taylor, Supervising Prin- cipal, extends hearty congratulations and best wishes from the Lower Adams Teachers. MRS. ESTHER ALTLAND Mrs. Altland retires after 37 years of de- voted service to the school children of this community. "Well done thy good and faithful servant, You are a true FLAME of learning. FACULTY HONORS RETIRED TEACHER Below is a scene in the Green Springs, Berwick Township, School where Mrs, Altland taught for 34 of her 37 years. 1 4... Jwyx. . ,hw . as 5,3 Q.: LLL ' X" 'sy , f ff . 1, 7 L fv5"'1 ' f fi ' A A A-Q ' : '- MA., , . w.fggfY1- , ,ww 1 ' u. 4 1 'fix I 8' ,xy 5 to 9'--. -vf 0? "1 f'1,..,f ln, l --- 4 V will Sf fi ,X ,, Y f 2 49' W fa? c Q A, 1 QQ .ff 524, , H up 1 af Q ,gif gggg. an -1Z2f' f. I x. xv Y A Q' -fa as Q W 51 V, tg? S Qf A?-135 , AQ 'L Ld 4 it , Q . Q 73' fy? ' an SCHOOL BUS OPERATORS AND CUSTODIANS John Claybaugh John Bream John Grerst Eugene Greist Charles Stough John Mellot Gene Khne M G Rouzer John Snyder Bendar Millar A .TOVIAL CAFETERIA STAFF PREPARES AND SERVES TASTY, BODY WARMING BODY BUILDING MEALS The Staff shown relaxing, Left to Right: Mrs. Verna Wolf Mrs. Dorothy Eisenhart Mrs, Mildred Baugher Mr. Ben Millar, Custodian Mrs. Faye Rife Mrs. Florence Shultz, Mgr ,frrs -S, .tvexa --fr iff' 1 f' 7, 1 sr' 7 .h ., 557' 'J 5 9 " A 4' , .Q 3, :"o 'N X 0 9 xx u 5 1931-1956 "THE FLAME OF SERVICE BRIGHTENSH CAs he looks today.l Yes, for a quarter oentury, Mr. J. L, Kratzert has served the youth of Pennsylvania in vocational agri- culture. For his faithful and effective service he has 1 received the coveted Twenty-five Year Service Medal, awarded by the Pennsylvania State University. A MR. JOHN L. KRATZERT Keystone Farmer himself, he has duringhis seventeen Graduation Day - 1931 years at N.O.H.S, seen six of his boys become Key- Pemmsylvania State University stone Farmers, and has seen two become State F.F.A, officers. Congratulations for a job well done. VO-AQ TEACHER HONORED 4 Mr. Richard Lighter, Adams County VocationalAgriculture Super- visor, awarding the service medal to Mr. Kratzert and offering con- gratulations. 23 THE FACU LTV OCTET CTHE HUNGRY EIGHT AND ONEQ THE ONE CALVIN ROWLAND Ba rltone The Faculty Male Octet selected fromamong the members of the Lower Adams Jotnt School Faculty ts an accom phshed musxcal group They have been slngmg sertous mus1c together for two years and the1r appearance ts tantamount to the success of the program The1r between acts numbers the1r contr1but1ons to P T A teacher IIISIIIUIS and other school and CIVIC programs have always been well recerved The personnel of the group are Left to Rrght Donald Kemp Barltone Edgar Moul Bass Levere Brexghner Bass John Kratzert Second Tenor Jack Gardner Bar1 tone Charles Edwards F1rst Tenor Gerald Orndorff F1rst Tenor R1chard Watkms Second Tenor and Mrs Betty Jane Moul Accompamst 7 ' n I - ' . . . . . I. 6 Q . .-W" . Z nf ' f , . n 1 p I u 5 o Q r : r ' I 9 . 2 v I Ask? ' Q I I 9 4 , . T 19 f 1 9 705 Bi' .s1-, .-,fsl3' X xx 1 95 7 1 S t , t r w I .11 i S lmlgfgif R .XQJUIYI5 DOUGLAS R, ADAMS Douglas, the artist of the Senior Class, held the position of Memento Art Editor and had a similar duty on the Silhouette Staff. The Class as well as the school is indebted to Doug for the splendid advertising work he did with posters and pictures for our many school activities. when Doug was a Junior, he also participated in the Library Club. aff? W 0l' 3 I pub? Kalmar LARRY M. BAKER larry, who has been an active mem- ber of the F.F.A. since he entered high school, served as F. F.A. Presi- dent, Class President, and President of the Student Council in his Senior year. He held a position on the Memento Staff, participated in Band, as well as being an active manager of the 1956 Magazine Campaign. In 1957, he was awarded the Key- stone Farmers Award. 26 PATSY A. BAKER Patsy, a Commercial Student, was active in the Business Club as Chair- man of the Membership Committee, during her Senior year. She served as a typist on the Silhouette staff and held a similar position on the Memento staff. She worked in the capacity of Student Secretary to the Vocal Music Department. Pat is alsoa salesgirl in the Senior Canteen. GRADU TES I , llffl0I'lCl gi MAP? sepia E QQY' ai 90411 8. MOM!!! 41' 91- - Wi l pu- xxx " Aff ff. Lb0rofAy gedeclwr 27 , "M is RAMONA E. BAKER Ramona has assisted in much of the art work and advertisinq in our Class. While a Senior she served on the Memento Staff and as Silhouette Assistant Production Manager. Ramona was also Assistant Art Editor on the Silhouette Staff as a Junior. She was active in Band, Girls' Chorus, the Choral Club, and County Chorus as well as the Business Club. JOHN E. BROWN John, a Commercial Student served as Memento Advertising Manager and typist on the Silhouette Staff. He was a member ofthe Boys' Chorus, Choral Club, County Chorus, and Operetta Cast. John joined the Bus- iness Club when a Senior as well as being a member of the Baseball Team. DOROTHY M . BIESECKER Dorothy has been an active Commer- cial Student during her four high school years. She held a position as typist on both the Memento and Silhouette Staffs. She wasa member of the Band, County Band, Girls' Chorus, the Choral Club, and Oper- etta Cast. Dot joined the Library Club and held the position of Sec- retary. When a Senior, she also became a member of the Business Club. X G X -X 'rex CLASS or , I l 5 n gborofgy meafrtcl' ary ou CAroni5fer Q ennefA .shea fricL MARY IDU CHRONISTER Mary Lou took the Home Economics Course as a Freshman and joined the F.i-l. A. Cluba year later. She held the office of Vice-President and later Secretary. Girls' Chorus and Choral Club rated high on her list ofextra activities. She was a mem- ber of the Operetta Cast and served on the Memento Staff. DOROTHY G . DEA TRICK Dorothy, who was active on both the Memento Staff and Silhouette Staff in her Senior year, also joined the Business Club, She was a member of the Operetta Cast. Dorothy was a member of the Junior Red Cross Council and held the office of Sec- retary when a Junior. She was also Student Secretary to Mr. Elbin. 28 KENNETH W, DEA TRICK Kenneth took the Commercial Course when he entered high school. He was active on the Memento Staff as an advertisement salesman and on the Silhouette Staff as a typist. Kenneth served as Student Secretary to the Art Department, which is supervised by Mrs. Heldt. 1957 Odll E 30642, .fdfzzn g0l' airy E jeejel' JOAN E, DOCKEY Hoping to become an Elementary School Teacher, Ioan took the Aca- demic Course. She was a good Memento Sales Manager, a member of Student Council and Silhouette News Editor. She has been active in Band, County Band, Dance Band, Girls' Chorus, ChoralClub, Operetta, Class Play and sports. She also attended District Chorus. Ioan was Vice- President of the Iunior Red Cross Council, anda member of the County Council. LA RRY B. FEESER Larry, who took the Agriculture Course, wasa member of the F. F. A. for three years. In his Senior year he served as Vice President of the Club. His projects for the Senior year include a dairy cow and calf, a dairy heifer, and 300 laying hens. For his field com, Larry received ninth prize at the Pennsylvania Farm Show. A LLEN L. FLICKINGER Allen, an Academic Student, was a member of the Band, Boys' Chorus, and Choral Club, from which he was a representative to County Chorus. Allen joined the Hi-Y Club during his Junior year. As a Senior, he served on the Memento staff. X xxx .45 FQ xlwyaa i SENICDR l I pafricia garreff . ,Naaf enIl0tA E QIOOJ PATRICIA A . GARRETT Patsy, who took the Home Economics Course, wasa memberfothe F. H.A. Club for three years. She also par- ticipated in the Apple Pie and Cherry Pie contests, as well as serving at the annual F.F.A. Banquets. She was active during her Senior year on the Memento Staff. 5 PEGGY I. HAAR Peggy was a member of the F. H. A. Club where she held the offices of Historian and Tr e a su re r. In the Apple Pie Baking Contest, she took first place. She was a member of the Band, Girls' Chorus, Choral Club, Operetta Cast, and County Chorus. Peg served on the Memento Staff, Basketball Team, Class Play, and was Class Secretary for two years. 30 KENNETH E. GOOD Kenneth was active on both the Me- mento Staff and Silhouette Staff. As a member of the Band, Kenneth was one of the representatives from N.O,H.S. to the County Band. In sports, he played on the Basketball Team during his Sophomore year. In his Senior year, he also became a member of the Business Club, Ken served as Student Secretary to Mr. Watkins. CLASS ixfe . JQJJO of it 5 Q .ibauial igin AofAam ,zfehda n olllu 9Aman 5.1- 31 DA VID H . HIGINBOTHA M Dave took the Academic Course so that he may fulfill his ambition to become an engineer. He was Me- mento Photo-Editor, Class Vice - President and Silhouette Feature Editor. Band, County Band, Dance Band, Boys' Chorus, Choral Club, Operetta Lead, Hi-Y Club, Class Play, Basketball and Baseball are all activities, in which he took part to make his school life more enter- taining. DIXIE L. KESSEL Dixie served on both the Memento Staff and Silhouette Staff. As a member of the Business Club, she held the office of Secretary. Dixie was a Cheerleader for three years, as well as being a member ofthe Band, County Band, Girls' Chorus, Choral Club, and Operetta Cast. She was President of the Sophomore Class and a member of the Student Council. EVELYN M. LA UGHMAN Evelyn who took the Home Economics course. wasa memberof the F.H.A. Club for three years. She was active on the Memento Staff when a Senior. Evelyn also proved herself a very faithful worker in the school cafe- teria, where she worked during all four of her high school years. 1 9 57 sei 1 I my oFau9Aman u5all - 2010100 ROY M. LA UGHMAN Roy, who took the Comme rcial Course, was active on the Memento Staff as a Senior and a typist on the Silhouette Staff as a Junior. He had a leading part in the Class Play, "Raggedy Nan, " and was a member of the Baseball Team his Senior year. He also serves as the Student Secre- tary to Mr. Roland and the Science Department. S USAN E. LEMMON Susan was active in Iunior Red Cross, serving as Pr e sid e nt of the local chapter for two years, and as Secre- tary and Vice-President ofthe County Red Cross. She was a member of the Girls' Chorus, Choral Club, County Chorus, Operetta Cast, and Library Club. Susan served on both the Me- mento staff and Silhouette Staff, attended Student Council, and acted in both class plays. 32 ee . ,Lffk LEE E. LITTLE Lee, a transfer from Delone Catholic High, took the Academic Course at N,O. H. S. He was a member of the Varsity Club of Delone and played Basketball, Football, and Baseball. He was a member of the Boys' Chorus and the Choral Club from which he was a representative to the County Chorus. Lee was also active on the Memento Staff. GRADUATES a m e5 WeArin 9 Mbfgur Wiffar, r. . u1 lil gl a mfr, g .11 33 JAMES A . MEHRING Jim who spent his high school years taking the Commercial Course, was an Ad Salesman for the Memento, and a typist on the Silhouette Staff. He was a member of the Band, ser- ved as Band President during his Sen- ior year, and participated in County Band. Business Club, Class Play, Basketball, Baseball, and other sports were all activitiesin which Jim took an active part. G. WILBUR MILLAR JR. Wishing to become an engineer Wilbur took the Academic Course. During his Senior year he was an Ad Salesman on the Memento Staff. Boys' Chorus, Choral Club, and County Chorus, were all activities in which Wilbur was found taking an active part. Having a good Bass voice, Wilbur acquired a lead part in the school operetta. He was also a member of the Hi-Y Club. PHYLLIS G. L. MOORE Phyllis, joining the class during our Senior year, became extremely in- terested in the projects of the class. She came to us from Manchester High School, where she took the Academic Course, was a member of theStamp Club and the Future Teach- ers of America Club, and the Bake- sale President. While in New Oxford , Phyllis was on the Memento Staff and a member of the Library Club. , , , 444, X ' 1 1 1 CLASS CF 1 l eorge orn in 95 fa r GEORGE M. MORNINGSTAR George, by taking the Agriculture Course, was interested in the out-of doors. As a member of the F.F. A. Club , he had v a r i ou s projects. F r e sh m a n year, broiler projectg Sophomore year, laying hens and vegetable garden, Junior yea r, broil- ers, vegetable garden and honey bees: Senior year, broilers , vegetable garden, honey bees and fattening hogs. He was on the Memento Staff, po Lerf my er.6 .Q -11 ROBERT E. MYERS Bob was always a quiet boy, and was a pretty good student in the subjects along the Commercial line. He was an Ad Salesman and a typist on the Memento staff during his Senior year, and a typist on the Silhouette Staff. Bob was also Student Secretary to Mr. Breighner. 34 orma . Wai I , NORMA I. NAILL Norma, who aspires to become a secretary, took the Commercial Course beginning in her Freshman year. Typing for the Memento and the school newspaper helped her in- crease hertyping skills. As a mem- ber of the high school band, she was an excellent bass clarinetist, and a member of the County Band. Also, during her Senior year, Norma was a charter member of the Business Club. 1957 1 CIFCQKIG. E Weullflall MARCELLA D NEWMAN As Memento Asststant Productton Manager anda typist on the Stlhou ette Staff Marcella has used many of the skills she employed by takmg the Commerc1alCourse Durtng her Sophomore year she served as Class Secretary A Me mbe r of Band County Band Gtrls Chorus Choral Club and the Bustness Club Marcella was also one of the cast in both the operetta and tn the Sen1or Play CHA RIDTTE R ORNDORFF Charlotte who asptres to be an E1 ementary School Teacher took the tor of the Memento Class Assistant Treasurer Treasurer and Silhouette Co Edltor She partictpated tn such actxvmes as Band County Band Glrls Chorus Choral Club Oper etta Class Play Iumor Red Cross Counc1l and Iuntor Red Cross County Counctl LARRY E ROHRBAUGH Du tng h1s htgh school years larry followed a course tn Commerctal work This course was a great axd to larry when he served on both the Memento Staff and the Silhouette Staff as a typist He was also an Ad Salesman for the Memento Larry served as Student Secretary to Mr Gardner of the Iuntor Hlgh Soclal Studxes Department X I . ' ' Academic Course, was Senior-Edi- aff? 8 p0Al'Lau9A 35 X SENIOR L 5 Olinda JJ. SAO!! SGHJFG A SW oan Silne LINDA H. SHOLL Beginning with the Freshman year, Linda took the Commercial Course. She was a typist on both the Silhou- ette Staff and the Memento Staff. She was active in such activities as the Girls' Chorus, Choral Club and wasacharter member of the Business Club during her Senior year. Linda served Mrs. Stock as Student Secre- tary. -el ll T SANDRA A. SIPE As Memento Production Grief, Sil' houette typist, and Production Man- ager, Sandy used the knowledge she gained in taking the Commercial Course. In Girls' Chorus, Choral Club, and County Chorus she sang alto, and during her high school years she was a Gleerleader, As one of the cast of our Junior Play, Sandy played the part of Agatha. Also, she belonged to the Business Club. 36 JOAN E. SIPE Ioan, due to her business ability and her studies in the Commercial Course, was a typist on both the Memento Staff and the Silhouette Staff. She was Class Treasurer, a member of the High School Band, County Band, Girls' Chorus and Choral Club. Joan also participated in the school Operetta. Being active in clubwork, she belonged to the Business Club and Library Club. 'II""" CLASS jan Sgponjefdr DARLENE C. SPONSELLER fit ix rdne C Csioonaefdr .1 .llezfn .S7focLAam 3- l'i. S- 37 In order that she might become a nurse. Darlene took the Academic Course. She wasAssistant Subscrip- tion Manager for the Memento, Sil- houetteCo-Editor, and a member of the Library Club. As a member of Girls' Chorus, Choral Club and County Chorus she participated in the school Operetta. Being President of the Junior Red Cross County Council, made her active in our own school club. IAN P. SPONSELLER Ian, whose chiefambition is to teach history, took the Academic Course. He was assistant Editor-in-Chief of the Memento, a reporter for the Sil- houette, a member of the Hi-Y Club, and a Band member. He participated in such activities as Boys' Chorus, Choral Club, County Chorus, Oper- etta and Class Play. Being active in sports, Ian was on both the Basket- ball and baseball Teams. HELEN L, STOCKHA M Hoping to become a teacher. Helen chose the Academic Course. She was Memento Business Manager, and a reporter for the Silhouette. Such activities as Girls' Chorus, Choral Club, County Chorus, Operetta and Class Play kept her very busy. Helen was a member of the Junior Red Cross County Council, Vice'Presi- dent of the school Junior Red Cross Council, and active in Library Club work. 1 957 i s 4,1 lr 323.4 W J... a fy UIOP 0 Rrgerf W 0I' MA RY L. SWOPE The Home Economics Course greatly benefitted Mary, who wishes to be' come a practical nurse. She was a member of both the Memento Staff and the Silhouette Staff, where she served as F. H. A. news - reporter. Since she belonged to Girls' Chorus and the Choral Club, Mary was el- igible to participate in the school operetta. She be longed to one other club. that being the F. H.A. ' DALE W. TRUMP Since he was an Ad salesman on the Memento Staff, and a typist on the Silhouette Staff, Dale used some of the skills he acquired in taking the CommercialCourse. The activities in which he was found participating all through his high school years were. Boys' Chorus, Choral Club and during his Senior Year, County Chorus. Dale was also a cast mem- ber of the school operetta. 38 ROBERT W. WALKER Bob took the Academic Course which enabled him to enter Engineering School. He was an Ad salesman on the Memento Staff, Junior Class President, Senior Class Vice Presi- dent, and a member of the Student Council. He participated in such activities as Boys' Chorus, Choral Club, County Chorus, and operetta. Bob was member of the Hi-Y Club, and a cast member of our Class Play. GRADUATES Oflafel Q. wagner ol,e5fer wagon 2 , . ofa warn ICA ridciffa y0A0 39 DONA LD R. WAGNER Donnie took the CommercialCourse during all four years of his high school education. He was a typist on both the Memento Staff, during his Senior year, and a Silhouette staff, his Junior year. Donnie was found in the sports lineup only when he was Sophomore, whenhe was out for basketball. I-le was a member of the Library Club. LESTER E, WALTON Eddie took the Academic Course during his high school years. He was an Ad salesman on the Memento Staff, and a member of the Hi-Y Club. Also he was active in Band anda cast member ofthe Class Play. Eddie was the manager of both the basketballteamand the Senior Can- teen. He handled all candy sales at both Christmas and Easter. LOIS E. WA RNICK As Memento Editor-in-Chief and typist for the Silhouette, Lois used the skills she acquired in the Com- mercial Course. Sie was Junior Class Assistant Treasurer, Student Council Secretary, Business Club President, and a member of the Li- brary Club. She was active in Band. County Band, Dance Band, Girls' Chorus. Choral Club, District Chor- us Cheerleading. Operetta Lead and Class Play. PRISC ILLA I. YOHE By taking the Commercial Course, Prescilla leamed many skills which she used in typing for the Memento and the Silhouette. She was Trea' surer of the Business Club and be- longed to the Library Club during her Junior year. Being very good in athletcis, Priscilla played on the School Basketball team and on other teams in the vicinity. She was Assis- tant Canteen Manager. D. Adams R. Laughman 1 Q . T' 1., ,Z i . , ' Q if ,x 'UH .xx 5 D. Kessel WHEN BUT R. Bakef smuzlc ..- D 'vs v S. Sipe D. Be isecker " -'- gg'..,., .- gh. N M- ,. ...M . H ,Mk ?4ff5ffei4 . ' . -Y ,Q - vw, I-eq 3 ,P. Garrett 'iff y- L. Little I mix. .g '. ' www: F, Q.. .W .Q ' ' ...Ad ' M. Chronxster 'GX L. Warmck K W A V R. Myers D. Wagner ' N Dill ' fn D n , al fg ' 1 5, 4-f' J XA VK SMH? 'T-W gf D I - ,. A D. f I 5 . i - . W 'f D. Trump P' V ".A f W f ...Q f k , ,,. : Tmfv, Y 5: L 7 ' VK A . V ze, L. Baker YA P. Baker '95 : ' R, walker -jg Q gl 6 fam .g-K i will , 3. rx V -3 D E . .ag f ,M-. A, F ickinger , - . j 'eww M , M. Swope H. Stockham i C. Orndorff S 4--.2 I Fl F 'dna' if "' 59993 M4 f If S OF, .. 57, r 0 ywisei. L goigers, D. Deanrick, V . U-Nugbman. mer, E, Ku-Nandan. C. Noel, D. Wager. G Momingsnar , H. BBCRBY. 9. vl . Sheney, O. Kxiet. A Fhcydnf , . RON: R. Via th R.DXeh1- . S. Shame, chow 'I-fz. WONT Row: 1-x. Trash, . Y 0he,vl ,Mmar ,L.Bro-an, SECOND key 3.Me,hmxg. S.sipe,3.Hocxowsmf1 . n L Shen, 3, Trimmer, L. Navman YK. SE L. vlarnick. P . D. Biginbovham, S. Doc . Auckey. BACK ROW E. wugxma . . R. v1ug31m2n. 5. Reed, P . Baker, N. vuglma -.vfk Y N Zg, al? KW. Q G. W "-Q, ' EK: , Wx , H? .,. , ' wwf 'A'-.v 1 L 3 .Q 3 save. R. L6gxm0n.B.S1oCxm2m. . ND P-Ovlz D.'Yrump. B Whedey XON 'I-1. FRONT ROW: E. Walton, N. Nam. M. Chronisxer, S, ecker, C. Omdorii, M. Swop6, Ni. Newman. D. Emlffx. SECO Kuykendau. L. Rohrbaugb, G. Mulhimes. H. wughman. F . Rodges. . ACK ROW: E. Stemer, D. Sponseller, I. Kuykendatl. I. Martel, Haan. S Baker, D. Bias ' 'nb0tham, K. Ggod, D. L. Baker, C. Buii. B Muuins, E. Hamer, P . Dji::ZE:.R.Myers.I. KSU -NTO OF T 657 vt Q., 'Uh r I 1 'JP ' c I 9 Hz A -Ole 4,69 -o ,, ' 0 W 4- I, C x 7 Q I X 5:35 U77 A ,fr A ff 532' ,,l l R. S Wa 3 4 Z Cs .S7porf.4man.4Li,a Ramona Baker I im Mehring SIURT SMANSHIP Sportsmanship is fair play - on and off the athletic field. It is winning fairly and losing graciously. Its secret lies in team play and honest competition. Sportsmanship is the reward of the gracious host and the courteous guest. It begins in the home, continues in school and is of lasting benefit in later life. Good sportsmanship begets good citizen' ship - it is the Golden Rule in action. gd' N-rg-43,-. rr'-f - 3CAOAf5Aq0 Dave Higinbotham Darlene Sponseller SCHOLARSHIP Scholarship is the power of the mind to dispel ignorance, superstition and fear through the investigation of truth. It knows the PAST, leams from the PRESENT, and makes the FUTURE more than mere chance. It is the preparation for broader ser- vice to mankind. It is experience plus - plus hard, tireless, faithful effort. as 44 CLASS OF '57 in olleazlersltqa Darlene Sponseller Larry Baker LEADERSHIP Leadership is based on personalityg it means the advancement of men. A leader must develop qualities which are useful to others, He must gain such knowledge and experiences that will enable him to act wisely in times of stress. Leadership is thinking, planning, acting, leader- ship is the seeing and doing what is best for the group, 361010 of oljearning H L L F The honorary awards listed on these pages are based on a vote, bv secret ballot, cast by the members of the Class of '57, Eu l :ba n C0125 gif Wm ician5 L? ' . ig 'os ' ' 1 rf fr t f ra fed: t ' 1-X ' ,, sw , 5 A 4 1 X 5 x l Dixie Kessel Jan Sponseller Lois Warnick Larry Baker 1514! .x4clor4 Ea! .x4lA Aiea Susan Lemmon Eddie Walton r 1 s ifdaminafea acA ieuemenl Priscilla Yohe 45 Ian Sponseller SCHOOL'S LEA DE RS 'CII SCN IOR CLASS GFFICERS Robert Walker V1ce Presldent Charlotte Omdorff Asslstant Treasurer Darlene Sponseller Histonan Larry Baker Presldent Peggy Haar Secretary Joan Slpe Treasurer M Lary Klfzmlller S iv" Cl Beam Gerald msrorlan Treasurer UCa b e Presrds ugh president Phliir e I a ry El-'ilne Ierxsse Adams S D o n s C 1 1 B I Baker enn 3 mer t Sf Went n I G1 A IWIDC T D Be V106 Preslden Shar on Pr6sid6U' D Xena Z Historian reasuref Ronald Robert Yeah' Vice uf' O Sf lor more Secfelafy LCGI5 I Cefj 0,9 0 46 V. lx K ., vu . .1 5, ,W ,M M , qu- o "AQ gi KN?- Donald Auchey Larry Auchey Barbara Aldridge 3 r AVN GLENN ei 112395 Cyass Kenneth Baugher Sallie Bentzel Phyllis Berwager Evelyn Bream Marlene Congleton David Costella :Q as l i i l 'em all Q Ee, ff i.dlifllH' Robert Diehl Robert Dockey Harold Flickinger 47 ,ff-A rr' rf' bf Q V ff V+ ' 5 L3 K I n, EAMER PHTUP B -gem ce'Y'eSx XIX D KHZMWHR M P-RY Se detail! Yvonne Ecker rw Q, , Ts yww, , I T ,, ' ,QI ffzfhf fn , ff, ,v., "if4fy?'T 27? Darla Milhimes Janet Myers Q Glorra Lockner Ruth M111h1mes Ruth Ann Nace Philip Nell Betty Spence Wayne Stock , we 2 A 'Q :. 3 ,. if I W , it Patsy Stambaugh Reggie St61fOX nr 5 , Zigafc y Q ifkiiet - ' F Ma vt,a ,...,- in ,g gg, f 5 2,15 gpwf A J5- ffwn I? 5 ' WL. 4' a MorH3972Sxat D099 , My , jg." 'gi Q 1 lx -.3 ,V r il Beiw Sage M4 aw 5" 3X3x3 , yrtqwr, ff' Q N021 THYIOT Fred Watson 50 f"Yy Francis Yake owl -rp-v it QL Ev il., Jerisse Adams Pamela Alwine Ronald Auchey Darlene Baker Secretary Lois Baugher Gerald Beamer Class President Joe Becker Linda Berkheimer SOIDHOMORES . 'F ffl, aria 1 ' ,f - .KA ZA , 'I if Am n ,-,Q 3 Xi fxsgigf J- :sg - Q ' 5. we 0 'Jw 1 ., -- A +1 1 .si s 1' has K, , NU f I f f ' All-Sli? Q- if x- ,gf ' eff! we-35 'f f J ' A Myma Lee Bream Nancy Budd Tina Cassatt Ray Cooley Elmer Crowl Janet Day Patsy Estep Robert Feltch Dorothy Geisler 2 A QM, f S1 ,ffy,:, mf ,, if A 4 em 5 'ffis 75' ' 0:3335 7 f 9-l CLASS OFFICERS Dale Brown . . , .... President Judy Hash .... .... T reasurer John Orem . . . . . . . Vioe-President Donna Sponseller . . ..... SSCFCIHFY CLASS OF '60 - JUNIOR SECTION 9 - 1 ROW ONE: Helen Walker, Sara Kitzmilzer, Carol Leedy, Donna Sponseller, Martha Laughman, Amanda Earhart, Judith I-lash, Floria Spangler. ROW TWO: Daniel Boose, Gloria Byers, Stephen Raber, Anthony Feeser, John Winebrenner, Harvey Lockner, Lewis Shank, Kenneth Bream, Harold Walton. ROW THREE: Ronald Utz, Kate Korver, Mary Stambaugh, Jill Pohhemus, Sara Ziegler, Anna Dockey, Shirley Bortner. Judy Phlhemus, Ronald Starry, Jean Laughman. ROW FOUR: Donald Charles, Dale Brown, John Orem, Gerald Hale, Linwood Bos- serman, Doug Alwine ,Clair Herr, Mark Shadle , Robert Garrett, Philip Nace, Gordon Wentz. 56 HIGH - FRESHMEN SECTION 9-2 ROW ONE: Rosalie Luckenbaughjanice Myers,Pearl Lucken- baugh, Kathryne Millhimes, Norma Rohrbaugh, Rearlie Sager, Mary Wagaman. ROW TWO: Tommy Ecker, William Wallen, Kyle Baber, Paul Jacoby, Fred Humbert,John Newman, Russell Leedy, Robert Millar, Bill Baker, ROW THREE: Ronald Fridinger, Susan Alwine, Sandra Wolf, Rosalie Hockensmith, Patricia Starry, Shirley Herring, Peggy Yingling, Stephen Naylor. ROW FOUR: John Duttera, Lester Laughman, Harry Hull, Richard Becker, Harold Elder, Homer Hafer, Clair Kling, Tom Evans, Richard Diehl. 57 9-2 CLASS OFFICERS Bill Baker . . . . . Historian Bob Miller . . . . . . Treasurer JBFUCC Myers .... ...... S ecretary Kyle Baber ...... . . . Vice-President Rosella Luckenbaugh . . . . . President GRADE EIGHT-SECTION ONE SECTION 8-1. ROW ONE: Geraldine Staub, Cindy Hockensmith, Gloria Hardy, Anna Laughman, Barbara Bollinger, Cynthia Leedy, Lorraine Harman. ROW TWO: David Bosserman, Larry Hildebrand, Ralph Yingling, Jesse Bly, Ray Bream, Thomas Orwig, Leon Smith, Dennis Wentz, ROW THREE: Patrick Rutter, Arlene Stambaugh, Betty Hull, Barbara Staub, Annette Eberhardinger, Betty Harman, Patsy Osborn, Hoyce Eisenhart, Kenneth Witter, ROW FOUR: Carrol Kibler, Michael Smith, Donald Harman, David Shaffer, Charles Reed, William Laughman, Ted Hippensteel, Robert Snellbaker, Paul Wolf. SECTION 8-2. ROW ONE: Susan Berkheimer, Rosalie Laughman, Yvonne Mummert, Colleen Mclntire, Grace Laudiman, Janet Smith, Nancy Stambaugh. ROW TWO: Gary Sloneaker, Glenn Watson, John Mummert, Glen Moul, Strayer Yake, Martin Nicholas, Fred Berwager, John Baadte, Tom Morningstar, Robert Snyder, ROW THREE: Robert Noel, Caroll Noel, Stephen Miller, Brenda Feeser, Carol Warnick, Elizabeth Hollinger, Janet Baugher, Betty Moffitt, Ronald Knott,Robert Reimard. ROW FOUR: Margaret Linebaugh, Mary Shaffer, John Pressel, Charles Reynolds, Gary Laughrnan, Robert Anthony, Paul Wolf, Linda Duncan, Patsy Laughman, Tim Korver. SECTION 8-3. ROW ONE: Shelby Rohrbaugh, Mary Yeagy, Mary Reinhart, Mary Sponseller, Kathryn Laughman, Mary Gladfelter, Louise Luckenbaugh, Phyllis Fridinger, Caro1ynSadler. ROW TWO: Florence Trimmer, J irnmy Weikert, Marlin Herman, Harold Wolf, Darla Alwine, Susan Meckley, Freda Trimmer, Bradley Groft, Bruce Zoeller, Burnell Humbert. ROW THREE: Samuel Higinbotham, Joann Rife, Joan Brallier, Daryl Mae Walker, Nancy Sieg, Barbara Wineberg, Laura Estep, Kathryn Sager, Bernard Anthony. ROW FOUR: Richard Beamer,Robert Meckley, Richard Karshner, Norman Lippy, David Shriver, David Mclntire, Herbert Spangler, Bernard Wentz, Robert Laughman, Terry Holsopple. C C 3 7 , rowing amed 58 'il tl, 'Y 'QQ' Q 5135 M n li GRADE SEVEN-ONE SECTION 'I-1: ROW ONE: Gary Forry, George Kile, Ethel Emlet, Judy Hippensteel, Merry Stambaugh, Mervin Gladfelter, Larry Keller. ROWTWO: Dale Sponseller, Wayne Bortner, David Ford, Lucille Sager, James Kibler, Larry Sipling, Ronald Bortner, Joseph Kaiser. ROW THREE: Jimmy Hoffman, Alice Laughman, Sally Noel, Judy Riddle, Shirley Gallager, Gladys Noel, Robert Laughman. ROW FOUR: Donald Brown, Sam Laughman, David Emig, Sheldon lGinefelter, Carl Laugiman, James Zerfoss, Donald Mays. SECTION 7-2. ROW ONE: Delores Walton, Gladys Millar, Audrey Chilcothe, Brenda Witters, Leah Watson, Sandra Gruver, Janet Miller. ROW TWO: Robert Weaver, Thomas Shrivert, Ronald Alwine, Gordon Hoff, Richard Higinbotham, Eugene Baugher, Terry Yealy, Mervin Laughman. ROW THREE: Brenda Wolf, John Becker, James Linebaugh, Gloria Nieman, Lavetta Hildebrand, Betty Swope, Willis Costella, James Hippensteel, Joan Hull. ROW FOUR: Edith Leister, Lois Griest, Larry Beaver, Richard Bennett, David Dawnin, Robert Walker, James Rife, Janine Baker, Rebecca Hardy, Nancy Myers. SECTION '7-3. ROW ONE: Donna Bentzel, Linda Wagner, Linda Ecker, Carolyn Utz, Nancy Wynan, Shirley Good, Brenda Shultz, Joan Wolf, Emily Robert, ROW TWO: Patsy Zirm, Kenneth Rutter, Gary Smith, Robert Flickinger, Nathan Kitzmiller, Robert Lahman, Lester Miller, Millard Garrett, Nancy Baber, Randall Herman, ROW THREE: Rosita Laughman, Judy Huffman, Veronica Congleton, Kristy Winebrenner, Susan Strambaugh, Becky Brendle, Margo Brinton, Ruth Myers, Bonnie Mummert. ROW FOUR: Lee Bible, David Warnick, Jill Zoeller, Cheryle Warnick, Jack Myers, Shirley Wolf, Betsy Budd, Kenneth Hale, Richard Boose, 6 6 jAcLering gjmgergi , , 60 1 I 's if I Hilfe 1 A 11.5 ' 'J fa ' 'W 5 1 ..-.- M . , QQ ml M if 'LAZZTSRQ7 E , 5 , . 7 . ,,, ,, N,., an up , MQW av 3 A 35. N Zi VOICE OF DEMOCRACY CONTEST WINNERS Eu, JJ f FIRST PLACE WINNER Excerpts from winning essay We all have wonderful privileges here tn the United States that cannot be obtained in the other countries of the world One is the Right of Suffrage the right to vote the way we choose and for whom we choose This right is too precious a privilege not to be used by all eligible voters Some Amerr can citizens neglect to take advantage of this prxv rlege and yet it is one of the ways the people have of determining how they shall be governed We have been striving for peace for so long ln order to acquire thlscondltion it takes the duty of every citizen to share 1n keeping peace W must stay united and work together to show the rest of the world how well we can get along under a democratic government So let us prove ourselves good American crti zens and dedicate ourselves to our democratic way of 11fe which we freely can enyoy The Hanover Area Contest was sponsored by the Pennsylvania Iunior Chamber of Commerce. Radio station WHVR, Hanover, taped and broadcast all of the essays entered in the contest. A transcription of the first place winner's essay was entered in the Pennsylvania State Contest. alll-0 05,1160 aug THIRD PLACE WINNER Excerpts from third place essay That nation doesn t know those scores of un knowns who he beneath the green turf but the Flag knows its dead' Wasnt lt there as they fell m the fields of Saratoga? Wasn t rt there with countrymen in the bloody burrows of the fields of Gettysburg? Didn t it fltng 1ts Shadow over them in the trenches on Dead Man s H1119 Wasn t rt in the thick of the strrfe at the Bulge as they strained and died? Didn t rt weep at Heartbreak Ridge as its men struggled up the rocky slopes? It was there' It was battered and stained but still it rose and gleamedl lt gave cour age todying men to fight their final battles It gave hope to those still living It caused the able-bodied to press forward Yes the Flag knows its deadl' A A- -g t af- 4 4 ,-+,,,, 1 'ff If 'N "xx 'N Helen Stockham Business Manager Marcella Newman Assistant Business Manager YEARBOOK 1957 Business sTAFP 5,64 ,7Wni.4f5 FIRST ROW: Joan Sipe, Norma Naill. SECOND ROW: Ramona Baker, Linda Sholl. THIRD ROW: Priscilla Yohe, Dorothy Biesecker. TOP ROW: Dorothy Deatrick. SITTING: Robert Walker, Darlene Sponseller, Dixie Kessel. STANDING: Ioan Dockey. John Brown. .fdaluerfb bl 9 Left Hand Side of Photo: Lee Little, Kenneth Deatrick, James Mehring, Kenneth Good, Wilbur Millar, Robert Myers. STAFF MEMENTO .. mas-A f .. , W 7 ' , O'-35" l . L Silk . I T T I 2 1 gg-Y 5: ig ' 7' Ian Sponseller Assistant Editor H2 Lois Warnick Editor-in-Chief proclucfion SM!! SITTING: Charlotte Omdorff, Sandy Sipe, David Higinbotham. STANDING: Douglas Adams, Patsy Baker. Sa Lam en Right Hand Side of Photo: Roy Laughman, Allen Flickinger, larry Baker, larry Rohrbaugh, Eddie Walton, George Morningstar, larry Feeser. EDITORIAL STAFF Su Lacrqafion Sa A5 FIRST ROW: Mary Swope, Mary Lou Chronister SECOND ROW: Peggy Haar, Susan Lemmon. THIRD ROW: Evelyn Laughman, Phyllis Moore, TOP ROW Patsy Garrett. 65 'W W f5 xx- e 7' N' 5. ,V 7 -v 1 . fi 9 1 be 'J - 4 1 ' , an 0 Can' of H Raggedy Wan H SITTING: Dave Higinbotham, Ioan Dockey, Susan Lemmon, Sandy Sipe, Charlotte Omdorff, Bob Walker. STANDING: Darlene Sponseller, Marcella Newman, Helen Stockham, Peggy Haar, Allen Flickinger, Jim Mehring, Ian Saonseller, Roy Laughman, Larry Baker, Lois Wamick, Dorothy Biesecker, Dixie Kessel, Miss D. Miriam Taylor, Director. K6 F0050 SENIOR PLAY " if ' - f! 2252 xzixilil 1 . Ye Gadsl It's a girl. " RAGQEDY NAN " fn SPRING PLAY "fl 1, hook Out! Broken Leg Coming Up. in -... Ah! Sweetie Pie air!!! Star of the Show Isn't she fhe - Eddie Waltonj a Pretty Girl. 68 'S THE CAST OF "QUIT YOUR KIDDINH SITTING: Charlotte Omdorff, Helen Stockham, Lois Warnick, Darlene Sponseller, Ioan Dockey. Marcella Newman. STANDING: Susan Lemmon, Dorothy Biesecker, Jan Sponseller, Bob Walker, Jim Mehring, Dave Higinborham, Larry Baker, Eddie Walton, Ramona Baker, Priscilla Yohe, Mr. Calvin Roland , Director "QUIT YOUR KIDDINH Cell 2 Sfea A124 Susie Lemmon, the unpredictable maid, Camilla. Eddie Walton, the erstwhile twin fgirlify Winnie. F LL PLAY me galld ,7Ae Gown in 9 HOST AND HOSTESS: David Higinbotham and Peggy Haar crowning the king and queen. NEW OXFORD HIGH INNER CIRCLE: Charlotte Omdorff, Lois Warnick, Joan Sipe, Betty Hoff, Ruth Milhimes, Dixie Kassel, Dorothy Biesecker, Norma Naill, June Hippensteel, Patsy Estep. SECOND CIRCLE: Robert Dockey, Anna Dockey. .Till Polhemus, Linda Berkheimer, Nancy Budd, Lois Baugher, Patsy Groft. Linda Wagner, Dorothy Geisler, Ruth Arm Wagner, Joan Dockey, Gerald Myers, E11 Starner, David Wamick, Philip Nace, Darryl walker, Darlene Baker. Sallie BentmL THIRD CIRCLE: Daniel Boose, Fred Humbert, Judy Polhemus, Freda Trimmer, Florence Trimmer, John Orme, Scott Rinehart, Douglas Alwine, Edward Walton, Harold wolf, Marlyn Z '7 if 'ru 1 H XS. I? 15 m iii xg L ' ri. x-, X 'Hr , V54 ,t ' 45 1. ,Q 1 ' , l.lf,, 72 SENIOR BAND Trimmer, Shelby Rohrbaugh, Jim Weikert, Samuel Hlginbotham, Bradley Groft, Richard Karsdmer, Thomas Ecker, Richard Boose, Noel Taylor, Rona1dUtz, Delores Good, Allen Flickinger, Marcella Newman, Barbara Leese, Larry Baker, Ruth Ann Nace. FOURTH CIRCLE: Bonnie Mummert, Brenda Schultz, Judy Hoffman, Carolyn Utz, Mary Rinehart, Burnell Humbert, Darla Alwine, Janice Myers, Bernie Anthony, William Weikert, william Rohr- baugh, J arnes Mehring, Dale Brown. STANDING: Gerald Beamer, Peggy Haar, Jan Sponseller, David I-liginbotham, William Baker, Mr. Donald L, Kemp, Director. WWW, A fi 'nf'- if will 1 ,f " "N-, ,.-....,,N . . .us va- .,, ff Ng -p -am.-Y ev' "! .--4-f-,.N. .-" - V... -. z -Us SCAOO! LHC? KCLIIJ FRONT ROW: Saxophones: Gerald Myers, Ellen Starner, Sallie Bentzel, Darlene Baker. French Horn: Joan Dockey. Trombones: Larry Baker, Ruth Ann Nace, Alla: Flicldnger. Soloist: Betty Huff, Pianist: Lois Warnick. BACK ROW: Traps: David Higlnbothaxn. Trumpets: Doug Alwine, John Orem, Scott Reinhart, Bass: Bill Weikaert. Director. Mr. Dona1dKemp. aforeffedi Yvonne Ecker, Captain June Hippensteel Darlene Baker Janice Myers ,f , sq puvh-ure., db in-fU'fx1l"4fk,m 4,1 4 52 Q 2 0 , 'AO' 'TE vm' ' 1 "4 if.. N3 fs. ,,,,,-...W , lf.w..u, ,f, w..u, :fi gi S , ,, ' ' f .?ffM .K 7, JUNIOR HIGH CHORUS SENIOR HIGH WGLEE GIRLS" ROW ONE: M. L. Chronister, M, Kitzrniller, D. Kessel, J. Dockey, L. Berkheimer, B. Laughman, B. Reimard, J Harr, D. Sponseller, M. Newman, M. Swope. ROW TWO: S. Lemmon, D. Morningstar, S. Bentzel, R. A, Nace, J Humbert, D. Good, R. Baker, P. Groft, E. Lucabaugh, R. Millhimes, C. Orndorff, P. Stambaugh. ROW THREE: E, Starner, M, Congleton, R. Lawver, B. Hoff, D. Baker, P. Alwine, N. Budd, B. Sager, J, Wildasin, M. Krout, L Baugher, J. Myers, B. Leese. ROW FOUR: Y. Ecker, P. Estep, P. Haar. L. Warnick, H. Stockham, N. Harner, D Biesecker, J, Spangler, C. Straley, R, Wagner, S. Sponseller, S. Sipe, N. Wolf, B. Aldridge. ROW ONE: N. Kitzmiller, J. Hippensteel, R. Lahman, H. Spangler, K. Simpson, R. Alwine. ROW TWO: D. Walton E. Roberts, P. Fridinger, L. Harman, M. Wagaman, S. Good, N. Stambaugi, M. Yeagy, L. Ecker, C. Sadler, S. Gruver, D. Bentzel, C. Sager. ROW THREE: M. Brinton, S, Berkheimer, B. Swope, S, Kitzmiller, S. Meckley, B, Bollinger, V. Congleton, M. Sponseller, C. Leedy, G. Neiman, P. Zinn, N. Wagner. ROW FOUR: J. Baugher, C, Leedy, J. Zoeler, B. Budd, S. Stambaugh, S. Herring, M. Linbaugh, J. Brallier, B. Brendle. J. Eisenhart, R. Myers, R. Laughman. J. Hash, B. Muffett. ROW FIVE: C. Warnick, D. Sponseller, S. Alwine, B. Wineberg. K Korver, S. Bortner, A. Eberhardinger, S. Wolf, S, Ziegler, C. Warnick, L. Griest, N, Seig. M. Shaffer, B. Hollinger, G. Laugh- man, P. Yingling. BOYS' CHORAL CLUB STANDING: Robert Felch Kenneth Baugher Allen F lickinger W'1b M'11ar 1 ur 1 Glenn Alwine Harold Flickinger Lee Little David Higinbotham Robert Walker J an Sponseller Ronald Wentz John Brown Robert Yealey Charles Stambaugh Stanley Lauguman SITTING: Robert Dockey Charlotte Orndorff QAccompanistj Mrs. Betty Jane Moul DIRECTOR VOCAL MUSIC k Li TV . gil i 'f,ix,. 5532 f s 7 w fm, gf 355, I, J 1. , ' fwfr! 310- t JA . . Z E Lv D ' My H - H -,,-,erfmswfezseig ' , yi, " sf ff! 1 3 ,. 1 3 im- -? ww .V 1 H., Wm' NIY , '."2.. , ...Q- - ,an u f f ! fN 4 gm L f F M z' Q ,, lg! Q. V Q' A, 5 ,H . ,D fl-. xa 'Q LA? -bpd . v 4 65111 -. N-Q.. . qu Ill Q T ll- , U 4 fs 7 2? ', - " vga 5' 1' 0-D M15 .sw f W AQQVQH K 2 if I : A 3: Z g , -F - 75 ., Qfff-f . , - f" - ya H4 , ,.,,,,Y,M , Y v,g,"til":?-,..N. :fig M ..- ' . ... -'-,' L, vc' +1-Lf .4 U W- mn, ,. ,gn-Qu.. 0 Nfm I 1 A, -5 Q' -4 5 -al Gul' of H mef .xdrizona H SITTING: B. Dockey, D. Trump, S. Rinehart, J. Hur, J. Sipe, C. Omdorff, M. Newman, D. Sponseller, B. Snyder, P, Sentz, D. Kessel, R Nace, M, Kitzmiller, B. Sager. B. Yealy, F. Humbert, J. Beamer. SECOND ROW: J. Dockey. J. Humbert, D. Good. E. Lucabaugh, M. Congelton, S. Lemmon, P. Groft, P. Stambaugh, K Ecker, I-L Stockham, S, Bmtzel, R Milhimes, R. Lawver. B. Aldridge, C. Straley, D. Deatrick, FL Millar, D, Lawver, I. Herman. THIRD ROW: J. Brown, W, Millar, D. Higinbotham, K. Baugher, B. Leese, H. Flickinger, G. Freed, L. Warnick, J. Korver, E. Starner, N. Sebright, J. Sponseller, C. Sherman, R. Hufman, R. Sipe, B, Walker, D. Wiseman. FOURTH ROW: P. Hint, B. Weikert, N. Millar, H. Staub, N. Hamer. D. Deatrick, W. Snyder. R. Milhimes. UA. OZLMA I U G x , 'X , Y. N ln 21' 'fn 4 , "' 1 . - 79 34. .z'....1. ,gif 73 L"' L A 114:41 1 -WJ' k 'Yi NN QU 'M' 'ag f " W. -11 -bmw ,aa ' Q, Y THE SENIOR CHORUS FIRST ROW: Mrs, Moul, Director: J. Dockey, D, Sponseller, P. Stambaugh, B, Sager, M. Congleton, H. Stockham, P. Haar, M. Chronister, R. Baker, D. Kessel. SECOND ROW: N, Harrier, B, Hoff, M, Kitzmiller, D. Good, S. Bentzel, S, Bedford, C, Straley, E, Sterner, D. Deatrick, M. Swope, P, Zimmerman, C. Stambaugh. A. Stambaugh, M, Krout, J. Humbert, G. Freed, L. Warnick. THIRD ROW: P. Groft, B. Aldridge, B. Snyder, Y, Ecker, B. Leese, E. Luca- bauih. .T. Haar, C. Sherman, H. Staub, R. Sipe, F. Watson, D, Trunp, W. Weikert, P, Stambaugh, R. Mil- himes. FOURTH ROW: N. Sebright, N, Millar, S, Lemmon, C. Orndorff, G, Winand, P, Sentz, R. Huff- man, R, Walker, W. Millar, S, Rinehart, R. Yealy, D. Biesecker, S, Sipe, R. Milhimes. FIFTH ROW: J, Sponseller, D. Higinbotham, J. Korver, W. Snyder, W. Rohrbaugh, G. Beamer, J. Brown, H. Flickinger, K. Baugher, R. Dockey. MRS. BETTY J' ANE MOUL, Director E Sexfef Nancy Millar, Betty Snyder, Nancy Sebrighl. Joan Dockey Gwen Freed, Rose Milhimes. s , 11: ,' GRADE EIGHT WINNERS Fred Humbert Q13 Book Shelf Harry Hull 125 Table Aaron Pressel Q15 Stand Daniel Boose Q23 Table GRADE SEVEN WINNERS KNEELING: Glenn Watson Q15 Lamp Leon Smith Q13 Lazy Susan John Presself3J Lamp STANDING: Sam Higinbotham QSQ Stand Robert Meckley Q23 Lazy Susan Charles Reynolds Q25 Stand L P W, I UP? if ...A GRADE TWELVE WINNERS Charles Sherman Q15 Tables Richard sipe 429 Bed Welby Snyder Q31 Cabinet sf .X M GRADE NINE WINNERS KNEELING: Herb Ferrence ily Bench Sam Sipling Q33 Table STANDING: George Baber fly Desk Gerald Myers C23 Book Case Clyde Kopp fly Table Norman Laughman Q33 Table GRADE ELEVEN WINNERS Eddie Walton Q21 Cabinet Wilbur Millar Q31 Hang Bag Bob Walker My Wallet Allen Flickinger Q13 Cabinet ff GRADE TEN WINNERS Ronnie Hankey 44p Desk Phil Nell CSI Cabinet Harold Flickinger Q55 Table IDR I ZE WIN NERS i2i,.'Z3fdSZQT'g,illf3IbE1Sk ANNUAL INDUSTRIAL ARTS CONTEST I xv, Aff Q- L. J F 2'- if 1 f . M. .. -1 u .f 'f fs., - -Ny -np--nl""? un 4. If J W .-.15-1...-A .-t. v ,fi w ,M h V I' K, 5, 5 ,vk A , we Q' , A : .1 ,S ff 2 'ff' ini 2? 'f 1 ? , Lt aim? E AQ? 'EY gg! 5 V sy K Q 5 5 -S55 ei 2 E A an . 'awww "' Q QE ' 5 V 1 ff .. V. 1 ,wg . 5 wg X K ,lk , 'gnu Tiki k -. .. V . ' , 4, fd f ff ' G. , - , V Q' mi QY:f 5 F' 5 0-. Mi' -.f Q 5 ,Q Q Q. 1 ,X s 1, J, i , a n .1 Q.. V' , ,A J A 5 , it aw ,, .wav , ., W v 2 5 T, 1-4, f ' ' in is y f A? Wim IFN K 1. Q 8 V . ' lg A -qrrmifi ig 6 I SM, ,W ,,, ., ,V .Ly 1 . J Y, 'V 'f-1 'Q fs- K 'xv wi 4 X ,u 5 - f X31-'M' , Y . , 1 l n g ' 1 N by ran- QHERRV Duc QUEEN 7' 1956 CONTEST Cr, p LAR RUNNER Peggy Sentz nd RUTH Mu' ung HE QUEEN 3 up CBS T Queen and he' runner :me UP The s at one Nome' S P admxrms Elance mmm,s THE QUEEN THE COMPETITION 'kfffi' DGE5 The Competitors, all seniors, were: Ruth Q35 gguysbm-gg Mrs. C1368 Millar, Nancy Sebrighr, Peggy Semz, Patsy Miss MarYwSOxfO,:d- Mr. Charles C.Tay Of- Laughman and Alda Srambaugh, Garber. Ne Lower Adams Schoo 86 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA SITTING: Betty Spence, JoAnn Humbert Mrs. Mary Stock, Normalslarner, Mary Lou Chronister, Mary Louise Swope. STANDING: Sally Bentzel, Rosalie Laughman, Peggy Haar, Evelyn Laughman, Patsy Garret. June Hippensteel. nm, 0,g,,,1 6AClpt0l' cm Ofgw, President, Norma Hamer NNEMAKERS. Vice-President and Secretary, Mary Lou Chronister Q50 on Treasurer, JoAnn Humbert Af, ' 'Q Historian, Betty Spence E K ' Q Reporter, Mary Louise Swope : F3 Advisor, Mrs. Mary Stock Z S " 3' o ... 5' 44 o 44,0 'WAN Nfw YW Our aim is symbolized by the house in the center sup- ported by two hands, which means that the future homes of America are in the hands of its youth. 87 THE CONTESTANTS AT LEFT. LEFT TO RIGHT Patsy Garrett Mary Lou Chronister Evelyn Laughman Peggy Haar Mary Louise Swope Betty Spence r Q ! , E. v 3 W 3 5 '. ,.', 4 -- v I was f fi U 5 tif Q THE QUEEN and RUNNER-UP Peggy Haar and Mary Louise Swope. Both girls are members of the Twelfth Grade Home Economics Class. G"--k,..,N 34.9 Qu em Peggl' Haar APPLE DESSERT QUEEN This is an annual affair sponsored by the Adams County Apple Growers Associa- THE JUDGES tion. The winner is eligible to compete in the county contest and, if a winner there, in Mrs. Mary Stock, recorder Mr. Selon Dockey Miss Doris Millar Miss Mary Skelly the Pennsylvania Contest, 88 CGUNCIL OF STUDENT GOVERNMENT The Student Council, the regulating body of the Student Government, is composed of the president of - the various classes and clubs. Its primary functions are to establish the calendar of student activities and to supervise these activities. In addition it acts as a cabinet to discuss student problems and student government policy with the Council Advisor. COUNCIL PERSONNEL. SITTING: Philip Beamer, Susan Lemmon, Robert Walker, Lois Warnick, Larry Baker, Elaine Lucabaugh, Mr. Selon Dockey, Norma Harner, Johnny Winebrenner. STANDING: Jimmy Weikert, Brenda Shultz, Lester M.i1lar, Carol Warnick, Kyle Baber, Robert Yealy, Gerry Beamer, Richard Karshner, James Mehring, Dale Brown, Martin Nicholas, Mike Smith, Larry Beaver, David Bosserman, James Kibler, Rosella Lucabaugh, George Kile. "IN SCHCXJL ACTIVITIES WE SUPPLY THE FUEL, TRIM THE WICKS AND LIGHT THE LAMP" 89 iii! a .ii LIIBR RY CLUB Phyllis Moore, Judy Martz, Margaret Linebaugh, Darlene Sponseller, Helen Stockham, Barbara Aldridge. Fannie laughman, Dorothy Biesecker, Betty Hoff, Pat Groft, Susan Meckley, Susan Lemmon, Betty Moffett, Jo Ann Rife, Sara Kitzmillar, Tim Korver, Gordon Wentz, Robert Feltch, Nancy Sieg, Miss Helen Ruth, Elaine Lucabaugh, Lorraine Harman, Janet Zinn. JR. RED CROSS COUNCIL SITTING: Secretary -- Charlotte Omdorff Darlene Sponseller President -- Susan Lemmon Advisor -- Mrs. Stock Vice-President -- Helen Stockham STANDING: Assistant Secretary -- Lorraine Harman Carroll Ann Utz Betty Harman Jane Earhart Geraldine Staub Linda Wagner 90 BUSINESS CLUB SITTING: Priscilla Yohe, Mrs. Lester Karschner, Sandy Sipe, Kenneth Baugher, Lois Wamick, Patsy Baker. Mr. Charles Edwards, Dixie Kessel. STANDING: Norma Naill, Dorothy Deatrick, Joan Sipe Barbara Aldridge, Linda Sholl, Claudia Straley, Dorothy Biesecker, Fannie Laughman, Ronald Hankey Larry Auchey, Robert Dockey, Ruth Millhimes, Yvonne Boker, Patsy Stambaugh, Betty Hoff, Betty Sager Janet Myers, Patsy Groft, Donna Momingstar, Marcella Newman. OFFICERS BUSINESS CLUB OFFICERS Treasurer -- Priscilla Yohe Advisor -- Mrs. Lester Karschner Vice'President -- Kenneth Baugher President-- Lois Warnick Advisor -- Mr. Charles Edwards Secretary -- Dixie Kessel 91 1 nw-M L, gm-73. ' vi ef 451-ff . F ,KM 1,4 W' gf' 1 my if 'Sf 1 40 1s V 0 ff f .rf fig ' kk Q N- , fi ,. ff 'Wff,,f,f'fV? " f,M'+5Wk' s 11' ww J Y EA' 3 i Simi' SA pai t,,f4aw M , ,Z , xy ,q gh Ewa will Q' Q' m"L.-'r-W 'fx-J L . Wwwwm., Mun Jfff-f W XY.: 9 Q lf: .. ' A oi 5 A , if' ,ff 1 H Wag 4, -ff . .' - f . pf, , w Q' S f f Qffh' , wg, A N ww " vw J 1 'S ,z X if A ,E A ! W ' ' 332115. M . ,.,. 33' f gif, fy 4 l 5 F fy ,wx 'H . T7 VW . I , L L 3, 33521 bel 4 ,Q-Hg V 543.1 - g1'n,'. U ,gf ' ,, wf,,,4gf,,afv -H 5? W , it ff ewd Sl srr aff TING: Marcella Newman, Ruth Ann Nace, Elaine Lucabaugh, Florence Trimmer, Betty Hoff, Robert Weaver, Susan Lemmon, Darlene Sponseller, Mary Swope. STANDING: Barbara Bollinger, Bonnie Mummert, Patsy Groft, Marlene Congelton, John Winebrenner, Patsy Estep, Philip Nace, Ronald Wentz, Francis Yake, Philip Beamer, Susan Alwine, bee Bream, Pammona Baker, Judy Hippensteel. " .STfA0ueffe H As !'!"'9! gzhforia f Sfaf! SITTING: Production Chief -- Sandy Sipe Advisor -- Mrs. Lester Karschner Editor '- Glenn Alwine Assistant Editor -- Norma Hamer Business Manager -- Barbara Aldridge STANDING: Advisor -- Miss Miriam Taylor Advisor -- Mr. Charles Edwards V s 9 W L -, ...AM an if S5 , W 'W' an -, -,"- uhrz if Hg wif , im i aww ' ' H"?1K. Q M W 2 EW S X 5 g Q1 ir I EZ 3,2 L A A 0 g,'.X'4fQMm nf- "!v QRM? m Q K gg f ' WA. Yr Q 1 y-, I I v 5 5 Q 1, 'Y' 5' in f 3' at ,. 1v?"'fgnl1if'i' 0 l Y if 1 FWS! . J Q x Q ', 3' Q ,H X 41" ia ,wwf x 6 MI' if 'Q M K f' ' 35 Q " Q V L' A we ,. 4 4 V Q ? 37224 ' ,jk if ' hp- , H' ' Y 1 Q I Q. ua avail wi ,. 3. Q A Y fi g ,W K ff ,W sg Q, , M s' , ffl' Ay' gb -Q A ' x WW '12 V MAY QUEEN AND COURT SITTING: Eva Sager Gwendolyn Freed Barbara Millar -- Flower girl Allen Harbaugh -- crown bearer Jenifer Allamong -- flower girl Rose Milhimes Berry Snyder STA NDING: Janet Herman Ruth Millar Nancy Sebright Nancy Millar '- May Queen Peggy Sentz Genevieve Smith Doris Bentzel Shelby Hunter AT RIGHT: Peggy Sentz fMaid of Honorj crowns the Oueen ofthe May. THE CRC NING X 5, nd' W .. mf 1, 'fx 12 MQ, M" 1 Q QW W V 0 'Ki QW' W' P' , 1 433' ' 1 i 2 e iv K , I A -kg.: vt W , M V' . ' 1 V 1 A I wg-f 'kewl , 5 W F W if . R.. if if we 1-an A , K , av up A ,422 swf 'lf' W- we W DONALD WISEMAN Babe Ruth Award BETTY SNYDER Babe Ruth Award Robert C Mackley Mathematics A RLA N REYNOLD S Agrrculture Award ANNUAL COMMENCENIENT AWARDS 1956 G WENDOLYN FREED Becky R1fe Social Studles Llons Club Scrence 97 EDWIN STA RNER Llons Club English Muslc Award GRACE WINAND Home Economics Award a 5'- 1 7 I THE LESSER LIGHTS PRESENT ANNUAL GRADE SCHOOL MAY DAY This pictorial spread depicts the annual grade school May Day which is presented each year by the pupils in Mrs. Snyder's Fourth Grade home room solely for the entertainment of the THE MAY POLE DANCERS grade school pupils and their parents. With this event a tradition is born which culminates in the higi school May Day Exercises. THE QUEEN and her MAID OF HONOR Jane Weikert and Bonita Snyder, THE QUEEN THE COURT .TESTER William Dubbs THE MAY COURT BACK ROW: Sandra Richardson, Attendantg Jane Weikert, May Queeng Bonita Snyder, Maid of Honor, FRONT ROW: Jenny I-limes, Flower Girlg Allen Kitzmiller, Ring Bearer. if 1 A. W, -. 4 M S3 W ,ff 1 4 Lv" f ww f M , V ' 45 1 , A w 4, v M J' 'Nr Af I g 1 M Q s,1ic'm,, L ir, fy X ' ,pg t W ff ky. yu W WS5 'asa 'ff' A W va. - ., 1 'Y gf Lf. 6343 F i C 4 . 4, Q. nn- A ,f V 'aww wiv A gg Wi, y ffyfm 4, , . fa? -. ' by . g s- ,,. Q, wk ,EWR .J 5 iwff jfygff , " 722'-1 '. fzggfg f K V ,. K 'ff 7 ' '- " , ,,., , 7- ., , ig I ,L 7 fi. X ,M W K I M- A ,Q .fi E W 'gy' Q, M . :asv U M Wil A- . fi W ,L K ,M , 55? Q? I 551 ff: ff mn , f .,,, , ix.: if E 'Q 4' 3 si .f A A , Qi, . i 1 IW V3 Q ' 2 is Bill Baker Stan Laughman Bob Millar Bob Yealy Ray Cooley Dave Shuff Gerry Beamer Ron Fridinger Dick Diehl Aaron Pressel Bill Weikert Gerry Meyers JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL SQUAD FIRST ROW: Gary Forry, Ken Watson, Dick Beamer, Brad Groft, Bumel1Humbert, Jim Weikert. SEC- OND ROW: Mr. Breighner, Dick Higinbotham, Robert Leedy, Mike Smith, Norman Lippy, Bernie Anthony, Ray Bream, Dale Brown, Ron Utz, Mr, Moul. THIRD ROW: Ken Witter, Dave Ford, Bruce Zoeller, Qteve Naylor, Homer Hafer, Dave Mclntire, Dan Boose Ken Helwig, Tom Ecker. 102 .luv P' -2, ' i fi 13 -M at '57 E si an x K I ,A VX: EFI 1 E L53 5, u. 6 , an M4154 LM' 6 Q 5 am 14 ' W zo 4 2 in HM x f ,j::,,'gs KWH wifi A UWM YT! 'fs 5 Q Q H 3 5 ' Q.. BBSCA'S STANDING: Sha ron Sponseller Myrna Lee Bream Darlene Baker SITTING: Patsy Estep Nancy Budd Elaine Klinedinst AT LEFT, SITTING: Donna Sponseller Ann Dockey J ill Polhemus Judy Polhemus STANDING: Kathryn Milhimes Helen Walker Gladys Beaver AT THE RIGHT, SITTING: W Betty Hoff Pat Groft Donna Morningstar STANDING: Marion Krout Betty Sager Ruth Millhimes THE BOBCATS U FRONT ROW: Darla Alwine, Flo Trimmer. Nancy Seig. SECOND ROW: Shelby Rohrbaugh, Daryl Mae Walker. BACK ROW: Freda Trim- mer, Catherine Sager, Colleen Mc- Intyre. MAROON Ttcrrrs fm Lefty Joyce Eisenhart Linda Duncan Carol warnick Mary Shaffer Gloria Hardy Janet Bly EL DURADOS QAt Righty Barbara Jones Dorothy Geisler Debbie Bedford Pam Alwine Judy Martz .Time Hippensteel 'IO4 THE BRA VES MAROON and GREY FRONT ROW: Judy Hash Betty Harman Sara Kitzmiller STANDING: Sandy Wolf Susan Alwine Sara Zeigler gs L ST A . 11-KE AL mbauQ31.M11 S9 ydef' 1 ROW ASE- B66 S2 Wu FRON TAND1 ' ehgos xair 5 Eva Sag S . Y 0 3 ncbi ache higgsa me THE EAGLES. SITTING: Dixie Kessel Priscilla Yohe, Lois Warnick. STANDING Peg Haar, Helen Stockham, Sandy Sipe GIRLS' INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL 1 OOCHERS THE SM Swope. RGVJZ 0539 D' il9P:Ngarr0u' Scharlolie Bilge S1 ANDXTEQS wagnlflkn ii. iofd. 340 punnerd-up THE GLOBE TROTTERS. SITTING: Barb Leese, Sallie Bentzel, Evelyn Bream. STANDING: Dolores Good, Marlene '05 Congleton, Norma Harner, Ruth Ann Nace, JoAnn Humbert. THE VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Delores Good. Mary Kitzmiller, Yvonne Ecker, Dixie Kessel, Captaing Lois Warnick, Sandy Sipe, Barbara Leese. " FIGHT TEAM FIGHT" Fight team fight Fight team fight Fight team, Fight team Fight, fight, fight Sis Boom Bah Sis Boom Bah New Oxford High School Rah, rah, rah, "BEA T ME DADDY' Beat me daddy Ace to the bar we got a team That's goin' far Beat me daddy with a boggie beat We got a team That can't be beat l A X A i W, WMM 106 "F-1-G-H-T-' We're gonna F-I-G-H-T We're gonna F-I-G-H-T We're gonna F-I-G-H-T We're gonna fight We're gonna fight We're gonna F-I-G-H-T We're gonna F-I-G-H-T We're gonna F-I-G-H-T We're gonna fight To win " MAROON AND GRAY' For the maroon Fight, fight And the gray Fight, fight For the maroon and the gray we will fight. X 1 4 M,.f' I X , Ti ig COMMITTEE Mrs. Stokes and Miss Baugher Pour. fBe1owj MR. KEMP CAKE CUTTER X4 11 - THE SMALL FRY set up the hue and cry "when do we eat?" They are, Left to Right: Craig Breighner, David Edwards, Jimmie Kemp and THE CHOW LINE Debbie Breighner. . . and what is your wish folks?" itva Mr, Dockey, Mr. Taylor and Miss Baugher helping themselves. THE ANNUAL FACULTY IDICNIC THE MAIN EVENT seven years of service. FRIENDSHIP FLAME The annual teachers' picnic was held to honor Mrs. Altland who was retiring from teaching after thirty- FROLICKING IN THE WARM GLOW OF THE MEME TO Boosmz Gerald Krebbs 130 Broadway Hanover P and Mrs Karl S Hoffrneister New Oxford Pa R1chard B Bortner 315 Car11s1e St Hanover P John Menges, L1ncolnway East New Oxford Pa K W Ehrhart L1ncolnway East New Oxford Pa Dr G F Landls Optometrlst Hanover Pa Grove s Men 8: Boy s Wear Hanover Pa McCory s 50 104 and 254 Store, Hanover, Pa Grove s Ta11or Shop 118 Broadway Hanover Pa Bean1e s Shoe Store 118 Broadway, Hanover Pa Naugle s Fru1t Market Lmcolnway East, New Oxford P Kunkel s Apphances West Kmg St East Ber11n P Schr1ver s Auto Sales Car11s1e St , Hanover Pa Roth Bros Jewelers Hanover Pa Kopman 727 Broadway Hanover Pa Shearer s F1OF1St 121 Centenn1a1 Ave Hanover P M111ard Klunk 120 East Hanover St Hanover Pa Knaubs Pastry Shop 416 York St Hanover P Chlldren s Shoes Factory to You Hanover P Ant1ques On The Square New Oxford Pa See the Stars under the stars 1n nature s own a1r cond1t1oned Compllments of CROSS KEYS OXFORD CONTAINER CO DRIVE IN THEATER One M11e East of New Oxford New Oxford Pennsy1van1a on Route 3G The Trl County Fanuly Theater 110 Dr- . . , 21- Dr. . . , , . Dr. ' . , ' ., , a. Dr' l J 1 ' Dr. . . , ' , , . 0 0 0 -, . , , o I I I I ' I I I ' , . I I I ' '9 I I ' , . , . , a. , . , . U ., a. . , . I ' I ' . , , . I I I ' , . 0 . fa 9 a' ' I 'I I ' I 'I I a' I ' ' 1 .0 a' U - ' ' 3 1 ' ll I! . , . .. ll I! 9 n EDMLIND'S STUDIO 25 York Street Hanover Telephone 7 1 16 5 Off1c1a1 Photographer OI' 1957 MEMENTO NEW OXFORD HIGH CHAPTER O9QMAKERs N1 43 X Nfw Hog Our a1m IS syrnbohzed by the house 1n the center sup ported by two hands whlch means that the future homes of Amer1ca are 1n the hands of 1ts youth Comphments NEW OXFORD SOCIAL an ATHLETIC CLU B New Oxford Pennsylvama III , Pa. f of I o .ef ' '11, . K 2 A o ... 5' 4 o 4 0 I' d . .. . I , . I MARTIE S BEAUTY SHOP SpeC13.11Z1l'1g ln Halr Cuttmg 900 Elm Ave Hanover Pa Phone 35134 BENFORD S INC Furmture of Qual1ty s1nce 1832 136 Carllsle St Hanover Pa Compllrnents of SHORTY S MOBIL SERVICE Your Fr1endly MOb11gaS Dealer 211 Lmcolnway West New Oxford Pa Phone 4 702 1 TOPIC S FURNITURE Uncla1med Frelght KESS BODY SHOP Harry Kessel J 81 Ne1l Kessel Props Complete Body and Fender Repa1rs Pa1nt1ng Thlrd Street Hanover P Telephone 32200 The Place to Stop 1n Hanove S A 8: W DRIVE IN 991 Carllsle Street Servmg a selectlon of Sandw1ches and Dr1nks Curb Servlce or Engoy our Pat1o Cornplunents of BARTER BAZAAR Complunents of GREENHOLTZ S RESTAURANT 907 Elm Ave Hanover Pa Phone 72724 9 , . . . . . . . , Il ' ' ' ns -2 a ' I . I, , 0 ! 9 t I . ,, . . ' ' Hanover, Pa. ' ri 1 rf - , . . I u u 22 ' , , a. ' . . . 9 ., , . 112 DuTTERA's SERVICE STATION NACO your Texaco B F Goodrlch Dealer Phone 4 7261 New Oxford PARK HOTEL On the Square New Oxford Pennsylvanla Enjoy the Food at Our New Lounge F1ne Foods and Drmks Our Food IS Our Spec1alty Phone 4 8781 snuuano SERVICE CENTER Esso STATIONS R D Holtry and R L Huffman Tlres Tubes Accessor1es Washmg Lubrlcatlon 434 Lmcoln Way West New Oxford P ADAMS COUNTY FARM BUREAU CO OP ASSN Feeds Seeds Fertlllzer Petroleum Products Farm Freezers General Farm Supplles Gettysburg P New Oxford P 113 xc ' ' r! "Friendly Service from People You Know" . I a. 9 , a. , a. DITZLER S MOBILE HOME SALES York Sprmgs, P 112 Mile South on Route 15 C H REED 129 Broadway Hanover, Pa Industrial Supplies and Equipment Automotive Supplies and Equipment Telephone 2 4261 Phone 4 6705 CHARLES E MILHIMES Trucking, Saw Milling and Lumber D New Oxford Pa GUY HOLLINGER 8: BRO Real Estate and Real Insurance 207 Frederick Street Hanover, Pa W C WENTZ SPORTING GOODS Hunting and Fishing Equipment Baseball Supplies 1X4 Mile South of Cross Keys D New Oxford, P Agent for Hunting 8: Fishing License LOI LENE KIDDIE SHOP Infant and Children s apparel from Infant sizes to 6X for Boys and Girls 120 Centennial Ave Hanover P HANOVER CONSTRUCTION COMPANY INC Road and Excavating Contractors 1112 Baltimore St Hanover, Pa Phone 7 1 178 Phone SHEPHERD S WASHATERIA Sanitary Family Style Laundry Quick Service Bendix Automatic Washers 216 Carlisle St Hanover P 3 5215 , I 0 I 1 ' ' I . . . . al. 0 I " I D. . R. . 2 . , . - - - - - i Specializing in R. . 1 a. . . . . . I , a, , I . l 0: a a' I . 'I14 CCNEWAGO CHAPTER FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA I-4"'? 'f"""i ?'?f'35" gnc 9 3 Q1 QQ U 0 New Oxford H1gh School New Oxford Pennsylvanla IVAN C NEWCCMER Wholesale Confecuoner Phone F1res1de 5 2211 72 S Mam St P1ne Grove, Pa. Spec1a11sts 1n Seasonable Items u .J H5 ,:g-242-Qi. 5 P fn' ' I x ".,-j i. JZY' fail' X A A U U0 G gll'o'N Q-Pr N' 5 R' + 75 -- A O k .7 'X -f--A f N. ,. E ox XJ .XJ , J, . , - Q BAIRS CABINET SHOP Authent1c Reproductmns Abbottstown Pennsylvanla Cross Keys Restaurant Servmg the Best of Food from 7 A M to M1dn1ght DISTELFINK Solf Ice Cream Lmcoln H1ghway East of Cross Keys STRICKLER S HOBBY HOUSE L1one1 A F and HO Scale Trams A1rp1anes Boats and Cars 512 Broadway Hanover Pa KEHM S BARBER SHOP Ha1r Sty11st for MEN Appomtments Monday thru Fr-1day Saturday Open 0 L1nden Ave York Phone 20854 York Street Hanover Pa Exc1us1ve1y ours Naturahzers Joyce Capez1o Arthur Murray, Trampeze, Accent Cot1111on Remember Ours MURRAY S GREENHOUSE 8: FLOWER SHOP D Gettysburg, P Phone 1 110 Mr and Mrs Frank Murray Props SHULTZ INSURANC E AGENCY INC Phone 22210 or 5210 555 Car11s1e St Hanover Pa DTIVC up w1ndow Comphments of BANGE S SHOE STORE 18 York Street Hanover Pa 8 3 ' ., , Pa. COLONIAL SHOE HOUSE "When it's Flowers . 1 1 i 1 R' v 4 a' I 116 Always Ask for . . . Quatre ICE CREIM 'Always Good Taste" DELVALE MANAGEMENT CORPORATION Phone 1 '75 Gettysburg Pennsylvama PEOPLES BANK OF HANOVER 'The Bank For The People" Commerc1al and Savmgs Accounts Member Federal Reserve Member Federal Deposlt Insurance Corp Center Square Hanover Pa D K HERSHEY Crushed Stone Sand Concrete Blocks F111 Ground Top S011 Coal Cmders Carlxsle St Extended Hanover P II7 Cornplunents of MCCLARIN PLASTICS PLEXIGLAS DISTRIBUTORS OI' P1ex1glas Sheets Rods and Tubes Phone 4 7241 New Oxford Pa ' f I ' I Schools ---- Industry 1 a' R. D . 1 , , BECKER S GARAGE Dealer Case FarmEqu1prnent General Auto Repa1r1ng lOne Stop SGFVICC, 864 Broadway Hanover Pa Phone 2 2152 B C SCHUCHART, INC Elm Ave Hanover Day Phone 8212 N1ght 24106 21254 Mob11 Products D1str1butor 24 Hour Heatlng 8: Plumbmg SEPVICB Qua11ty by Socony Servlce by Schuchart ELMER E WENTZ SONS Square and Ba1t1more Streets Hanover P Phone 9172 Home Furmshmgs G1ft Items Complunents of THELMAS CANDY SHOP STAUB S DRUG STORE The Prescr1pt1on Store Center Square Hanover P HOT POINT MAYTAG APPLIANCES NACE S APPLIANCE Sales and Servlce Phone 5203 Hanover Pa Necch1 Elna Sew1ng Machmes Comphments of the EARL THEATRE New Oxford Penna SWAM ELECTRIC CO INC E1ectr1ca1 Engmeers Contractors Industr1a1 Corr1rnerc1a1 Domest1c 111 York St Hanover P , , Pa. I 3 a' - U . 102 Broadway Hanover, Pa I , . , a. I .- . . 8: D ' . . , 3. H8 ROYALE DAIRY Home of Homogen1zed VD M1lk also Chocolate M1lk Orange Dr1nk Royale Ice Cream Cater to School Cafeter1as and Soc1a1 Affa1rs Call Hanover 5163 209 H1gh St Hanover Pa Compliments of FR D F FE ER Funeral Home 302 Lmcoln Way West New Oxford Pa WILLIAM D STOCK Masonry Contractor Masonry of All K1nds 118 Berl1n Road New Oxford Penna Paper Hangmg ROY M WILLIAMS Pamtmg Floor F1n1sh1ng ROOf1Hg Phone York Sprmgs 88R5 For Free Est1mates Call Mr Roy M WlL1lamS - . ' E . IS I - I 1 We ' , . Ia I e?:-3:55-igggfgzgig y Route 1, York Springs, Pa. A K F I - a I - . , . I I I I II9 Compliments of OLD QUAKER PRETZEL L1ncoln Way East New Oxford, P Fred G Klunk, Prop Compliments LINCOLN MANOR MOTEL New Oxford, Pa NORTHERN HOMES 70 d1fferent types to choose from Sp11t Level Homes Ranch Homes Two story Homes Also to your plans Glenn E Slmpson Route 4 Gettysburg P Phone l284R22 Dan1el L Ba1r Melvm M Ba1r, Mgr Phone 4151 HANOVER JUNK COMPANY Secondary and Usable Raw Mater1a1s Hanover Penna ALUMINUM SALES T J Shepherd 261 Prmcess St Hanover 2 0193 Awmngs Doors W1ndows Enclosures Ra1l1ngs BAUMGARDNER S JEWELRY Hanover, Pa Keepsake D1amond R1ngs Phone 4838 Compl1ments of BALDWIN MEHRING E SSO STAT ION 1201 Broadway Hanover, Pa Phone 3 1278 Leo J Markle T1le Contractor Ceram1c Plast1c Quarry Cork Rubber Asphalt T1le Phone 4149 128 Baltlmore St , Hanover Pa Co, of a. I I . . . . I 1 s a' ' ' ' 100 Baltimore street ' I . 120 Dealer 1n Hay Straw and Gra1n E G LEMMON Prop Whlte Horse R1d1ng Stables R D 2 East Berlln Pa Telephone New Oxford 4 4838 C ornphments of HANOVER BUILDING SUPPLY Locat1on Bethlehem Quarry KESS AUTO SALES The B1ggest L1ttle Used Car Dealer ln Amer1ca We Fmance on Easy Bank Terms A Wayne Kessel Owner See Kess and Buy the Best for Less 950 Carl1sle St Hanover P Phone 71572 REA and DERICK INC Clearvlew Shoppmg Center 1000 Carl1sle Street Hanover Pa 121 I O I , . , D , - Hanover, Pennsylvania ' D Cl ID ' . , , a. , 0 . , , . Comphrnents of the DRYV IN RESTAURANT and HANOVER MINIATURE GOLF COURSE 356 Th1rd St Hanover Pa BOWMAN S CLEANERS 8: DYERS Ta11ors Dyers Fur Storage 505 Ba1t1more St Hanover Pa Phone 22125 G D GEISELMAN P1oneer Seed Corn There s no crop 11ke corn No corn 11ke P1oneer Phone 2 8576 HOFFHEIN S BROS General Contractors 639 Frederlck St THE PINK POODLE DRIVE IN Fme foods Prompt and courteous serv1ce Curb and counter Corner of Oxford Road 8: Maln Street McSherrytown Pa SULLIVAN S GROCERY Everythmg from soup to nuts Corner Hlgh 8: Th1rd Streets Hanover Pa Phone 2 1230 Comphments of ADAMS AGSTONE INC Agr1cu1tura1 L1mestone Hanover R D 5 Pa Phone 8175 AL S BARBER SHOP 3 Barbers No one can olease everybody but we try 104 Ba1t1rnore St Hanover Pa Prop A R Mehrmg 3 , 0 . 'D I ' ' 9 I Il I ' -- I . . ,, . . Hanover, R.D. 4, Pa. Hanover, Pa. I . ' - cl ' i , 0 , 0 9 . ll D! , u o , a . 'J l 122 THE ETTLI E GRCDCERY CCDMPANY INC Supplles or Hotels Restaurants Inst1tut1ons Bakemes and Da1r1es 21 23 West Ph11ade1ph1a Street iq GRCDVE and SECHRI T Sportmg Goods Spec1a11sts Phone 77 North Mam St Red Llon 369 5 Red L1on Penna 123 9 Q f D I . . I . York, Pennsylvania I I ' ' ' i I C ompliments B LOUGH MANUFAC T URING Good Wishes From John1e Funk BAR 30 RANCH R D 1 New Oxford, P W R BURNS 8: SON Phone 5282 Heat1ng Plumblng A1r Cond1t1on1ng 240 Thlrd Street Hanover Pennsylvama GEO W LILLICH 8: SON Feed Gram Fert111zer Cement Phones East Berlm 28 R 3 New Oxford 4 2171 York Sprmgs 3 R 1 SERVICE STATION and RESTAURANT One M11e North of Hampton on Route 94 At1ant1c Products Wolf s Head O11 Phone New Oxford 4 4831 HOFFMANS C S Gunnett, Owner To11et Art1c1es Sundr1es Cand1es 28 Freder1ck St Hanover, Pa Comphrnents of O BRIEN DAIRY Homogemzed M1lk Chocolate M11k Cream Phone 4 4156 New Oxford P CROSS KEYS FURNITURE and CROSS KEYS CARPET CO H1gh Quahty Furn1ture and Carpets at Low Prlces of cc ' n CO. 4 0 9 a' HEUSNERUS I - CO. " 3 as ' an 124 Compl1ments HANOVER HARDWARE CO Sportmg Goods DuPont Pa1nts Hanover Pennsylvama ROBERT L. DONOHUE JEWELER Tlmely G1fts for all occaslons Keep Sake Dxamonds Harrulton and Elgm Watches Phone 4 89 81 14 Center Square New Oxford Pa SCHMUCK COMPANY NUNDA FRUIT FARM NC The Home of Fme Frult Lumber An Apple a Day IS Bu1ld1ng Matemals Rallroad Street Hanover Pa E stabllshed 1852 Health s Best Way Stuart A Lucabaugh Prop Hanover R 5 Telephone 2 8532 I , . , - ll ' 1 no 0 , Q . I I ' I 1 Pa'v 0 I 125 WOLF S FURNITURE STORE L1ttle overhead means better prlces always on complete home furmshlngs Two Taverns Llttlestown P Phone 269J2 SANDER S RESTAURANT Servmg the fmest 1n home cooked meals every day except Monday East of Hunterstown R D 4 Gettysburg, P HAGERMAN S BOWLING CENTER GAS STATION Route 94 3 m11es North of Cross Keys Phone New Oxford 44507 ANDERSON S JOLLY DIP DRIVE IN Frozen Custard G Subs Country Ham Milkshakes ar B For the best 1n records Bach to Bop stop at DICKS RECORD SHOP 41 Frederlck St Hanover, P Phone 2 9102 Phonographs Needles Compllments of SMYSERS CARD SHOP Greet1ng Cards for all Occas1ons Pens G1fts 114 Broadway Hanover Pa JACKS SUB BAR 103 E Walnut St Hanover Pa Phone 7 1018 Spec1al1z1ng 1n Submar1nes P1zza Ital1an Steaks Compllments of DRESS SHOP Center Square, New Oxford 6 I' I l I ' , a. . . , a. I - - I .. - B - - Q HWe1C0me" Lincolnway East, New Oxford, Pa a.. - ' ' I . . . . , Pa. R..L BRENDLE Buyer of Eggs Poultry Phone 4 8331 New Oxford Pa STEELE S Laundry Cleamng Storage 110 H1gh Street D1a1 Hanover 3747 SHEETS BROS and SHEETS TRUCK CENTER Motor Trucks Farm Equlpment Refr1gerat1on Sales 8: Serv1ce D1a1 26232 or 25251 Phone 16R 11 Cornplunents BOND SANHARY PRODUCTS CO York Pa D1str1ct Manager S C Hoy Box 23 Gettysburg Pennsylvama 127 ' .0 9 Hanover, Pa. Stewartstown, Pa. , . , . . I Compliments of WINTER GARDENS New Oxford, Pa. ABBOTTSTOWN GRAIN 8: FEED STORE Manufacturers of Dairy and Poultry Feeds Abbottstown, Pa. Phone E. B. 2246 WALTERSDORF FURNITURE 219 Ba1t1more St Hanover Pa Hanover s Most Modern Furnlture 8: Apphance Store Comphrnents of VIC TORY RE STAURANT 918 Car11s1e St Hanover Pa Your Cred1t IS Good COLUMBIA JEWELRY CO Center Square 8: Broadway Hanover Pa CROSS KEYS ATLANTIC SERVICE H O Callohan Prop Weldmg and General Repa1rs GLENN L BREAM O1ds1'nob11e Cad111ac G M C Trucks Compllments of 16 Ba1t1more Street 100 Buford Avenue Hanover Pa Gettysburg Pa I Co . . . . I ' - ' ' At I 0 Q a I ... I u C BENN'S MEN 8: BOYS SHOP BORDER S GARAGE Cad111ac 8: Oldsmoblle Sales 8: SSFVICG 425 East M1dd1e Street Hanover Pa STARNERS GRAIN and FEED Hampton Pa Phone New Oxford 4 4832 Phone Resldent 4 8715 Custom Grmdlng and M1X1Hg PENN MAR SUPPLY Incorporated 1100 Car11s1e Street Hanover Pa Phone 5995 Hanover s Most and Complete Shoppmg Stop Almost Everythlng for the House Ins1de and Out Comp11ments of FARMERS and MERCHANTS BANK NewOxford 129 9 9 "Full - O - Pep" - "Star Brand" Feeds 9 i LOOKENBILL GROCERY Phone 46141 Lincolnway West New Oxford, Pennsylvania Compliments of FARMER'S STATE BANK Hanover Pennsylvania Compllments of RIDDLE S APPLIANCE 134 Balt1more St G E Dealer Hanover Penna Phone 242 7 8 Compl1ments of TOOTS SERVICE STATION Abbottstown Pennsylvanla GENTZLER FEED 8: GRAIN CO Dealers 1n Gram, Feed Fert1l1zer Cement Pa1nt and Lumber Phone 2672 East Berlm P ROYAL JEWELERS On the Square Hanover Pa Use Our Cred1t Open an Account CRE MER FLORIST INC Frank R We11he1m Pres Hanover, Pa Flowers for Graclous L1v1ng 8: G1v1ng We Telegraph Flowers Anywhere Phone 3791 3792 3793 PROWELL S MILLINE RY Hats 81 Handbags of D1st1nct1on 51 Frederlck Street Phone 6115 Hanover, Pa I , . l I I 9 . 3 I ' I I . , a. ' .9 0 1 ' . D ' ll I , . . . ,, . . . . I 5 130 Compliments of G. C. M U RPHY CCD. Hanover Pennsy1van1a Comphments of SH EPPARD DIESELS Hanover P D H SHARRER and ON Dealers 1n Flour Gra1n Feed, Fert1l1zer Cement Bottled Gas Hampton P Phone 4 6872 N Chester Pa Phone 4 6631 ew L1tt1estown Pa Phone Gramte Pa Phone Gettysburg 530Y , . 8 a' 9 ' I . . I D Red Rose - Guaranteed Feeds I a' ' n v ' ' , . 14 . , . ' I T I l 131 's "l Typewriters and I y L EICHOLTZ CO Phone 4 7131 New Oxford Pennsylvania CLAIR W ROHRBAUGH Heating Plumb ing Spoutmg Phone 4 7712 New Oxford Pa Compliments of SMITHS BARBER SHOP New Oxford Pennsylvania Have your ha1r cut with or without appointments Thursdays LLOYD S OF HANOVER Men s Women s and Chlldren s Wear Jewelry Carlisle St Hanover Pa Sam M Kramer, Proprietor JAMES L MYERS Hardware Paints Glass Phone 4 6211 New Oxford Pennsylvania W L STERNER 516 18 Freder1ck Street Hanover P John Deere Farm Equipment Hardware Farm Supplies One Stop Shopping Purchase your supplies, feed, fertllizer, spray materials, motor oil, field and vegetable seed, palnt, roofing mater1a1s through your EASTERN STATES FARMERS' EXCHANGE, INC. 201 Park Ave. Hanover, Pa. Apples 'FSweet Cider 4'New Apple Butter 4fHoney BRINTON FRUIT FARM Hanover Abbottstown Highway Phone Hanover 2 8531 L I L XA , Adding Machines X Q" ' - C. . . ' "' ' 1 1 ' . l 3 7 I . D . . 0 3 D 0 I - , - , a. 132 MARKELS TYPEWRITER SERVICE Typewrlters Addlng Machmes Offlce E qu1pment For the Best in Sales and Serv1ce Ca 1 4 6281 Llncoln Way East QExtended7 New Oxford Pa There 1S no Substltute for Qua11ty S L E IG H T E R S L1nco1n Way West New Oxford Pa Phone 4 6231 Cornphments E C LIVINGSTON NC Shoe Manufacturers DAVES PHCDTO SUPPLY The Complete Camera Servlce 52 Chambersburg Street Gettysburg, Pennsy1van1a 9 1 - I ? Furniture - Floor Covering , . ' of . . , I . ! m Compliments of HENRY E. LANDIS Kasco Feeds Abbottstown Pa Phone - East Berlin 2094 Life Insurance Sickness and Accident Protection Annuities, Group Insurance Group Pensions GEORGE H ALLAMONG agent Residence 100 Lincoln Way West New Oxford The Prudential Ins Co of America SHERMAN S CLOTHING STORE Outfitters for Men and Boys 32 34 Carlisle St Hanover P KLUNK S HARDWARE Paint Hardware Houseware Etc 539 Main Street McSherrystown Pa Phone Hanover 5400 Compliments of MYERS DRUG STORE on the square Hanover Pa NELL S MEATS Rear 9 High Street New Oxford Pa Phone 4 8946 MASEMER S CUSTOM FLOORS Formica Sink Tops Plastic Wall Tile Linoleum and Floor Tile Carpets 515 Baltimore Street Phone 3 3262 Hanover Pa B 8: S DEPARTMENT STORE and 8: The Store that Has Everything On the Square New Oxford Pa , a. 0 Compliments of 5 10 134 State License KUHN CONVALESCENT HOME L1nco1n Way West New Oxford P Phone 4 4561 Accomrnodat1ons Prxvate Serm Prwate Ward Mrs J S Kuhn Owner Operator Reasonable Rates DITZLER S FURNITURE 8: APPLIANCE STORE Your Authorlzed Fr1g1da1re Adm1ra1 and Ph11co Dealer RD 2 York Sprmgs Penna CROSS KEYS SERVICE and RESTAURANT New Oxford Pa Phone 4 7101 Moore Bros Props Ke1v1nator Refr1gerators LEINHARDT BROS Your Favor1te Furmture Store S1rnmons Beautyrest Mattresses 28 Baltlmore St Hanover Pa THE NEW OXFORD ITEM CO Prmters and Pubhshers Makers of Cornmerc1a1 Pr1nt1ng of F1nest Qua11ty Pub1shers of NEW OXFORD ITEM EASTBERLIN COMET New Oxford Pa BUILDER Hanover Pennsylvama Phone 2 9153 - - I L. G. MUMMERT I - I I 135 Your store of exclus1ve fa shlons R J Broadway 10 Hanover RE VONAH HO ME SUPPLY Kelv1nator Apphances and Sylvama Telev1s1on 27 York Street Phone 4566 Hanover P Compllments of NOELS MEAT MARKET Self Servlce Regma Noel Prop Carllsle Street New Oxford P Complunents of SAMUEL SHIRK 8: SONS Hardware Pamts Sportmg Goods 40 Broadway Hanover P FLORISTS Flowers are Fashlonable Always 637 Broadway Hanover Pa Phone 3 5277 We Telegraph Flowers ATLANTIC SERVICE STATION Lmcoln Way East G1z Kalser Prop When 1n Hanover shop at 33 Balt1more Street The Home of Famous Labels An Excluslve Selectlorx of G1fts Makes Your Shoppmg a Pleasure at the NEW OXFORD GIFT SHOP at . . . - , a. ' I - - I , a. . , a. ALLEN S. PRESSEL . I Compllments of 136 MENCHEY MUSIC SERVICE 430 Car11s1e Street Hanover Pennsy1van1a Da11y Servlce 1n Mus1c repalrs and adgustments to your mstruments Menchey Means Muslc Makers of the Standard Class Rlng U I0 EMBLEM COMPAN H1gh School and Fraternlty Jewelry Felt Goods and Commencement Stat1onery Palmyra Pennsylvama P H Nlssley Manager 137 0 . . . . . 2 I 14 ' 99 . . I a n Q ANTHONY S SHOE STORE Red Cross Slmplex F1ex1es Shoes for Chlldren 18 Baltunore Street Hanover P Queen Qual1ty Cobblers E A SMITH OCCO D1str1butor Mmerals Llvecell Yeast Culture V1t B 12 Complex for all L1vestock Sm1th s Pa1nts and O1ls Hanover R D 4 P Phone 5 0832 Hanover s Oldest Rad1o 8: Electr1c Store V Photo Electr1c Suppl1es 120 Chestnut St Hanover Pa Phone 9129 Compllments of WEISHAAR BROS 37 Ba1t1more St Gettysburg P Phone 12 5 Plumb mg Heatmg Cornpllrnents FEESER S TAVERN Hanover R D 5 Comp11ments of CRABBS TROPICAL TREAT DUNCAN S PHARMACY Center Square New Oxford Prescr1pt1on serv1ce Let us plan your senlor tr1p by Greyhound Eugene Grelst CONTRACT 8: CHARTERED BUS SERVICES Phone 4 6745 New Oxford, Pa. L J u u I o u , a. . , . . ll ' - sl , . - , a. E, J, J, GOBRECHT Electric Appliances T. .- - ' ' ' . 0 a' I ... ' I of I . 3 o Q I I ..... ... 1 138 ' RIDER'S LUNCH Da11y Short Orders 8: Sunday Spec1a1t1es Compllments of D E WINEBRENNER CO NC Hanover Pennsylvanla JO N S TEETER and SON NC Phone 696 Gettysburg Pennsylvama CROSS KEYS DINER Cross Keys New Oxford Pa Good Food Servlce Cleanhness Courtesy Under Same management smce 1937 Mr and Mrs JohnE George 139 . . ., I . H . , I . Crushed Stone, A11 Sizes 1 I I ' I . O . I -Q WENTZ S FURNITURE Serv1ng You Smce 22 Gettysburg Pa GETTYSBURG AUTO PARTS COMPANY Jobbers and D1StF1bUtOFS Phones 1200 1201 1202 535 York St Gettysburg Pa BOLLINGER SHOE STORE Center Square New Oxford Pa JOHN H HAAR Bu11der and General Contractor Free Est1mate Phone 4 7741 D New Oxford LINCOLN LOGS HOTEL The Show Place of Pa Rust1c Bar P1zza P1e Ch1cken 1n the Basket Rooms Food Drmks D1n1ng Room Open 5 2 a rn Da11y Four M11es East of Gettysburg on Route 30 Phone 716W Abbottstown Penna HORSE N BUGGY MUSEUM U S Route 15 North Gettysburg P World s Largest Co11ect1on of Horse Drawn Veh1C18S Ch11dren Under 12 Free Brmg Your Camera Comphments KOUNTRY KITCHEN 1 114 M11es West of New Oxford Pa ' ' R. . 1 , Pa. --ws Different" ELLSWORTH ELECTRIC ' of u 0 , a. 140 State and 1nterstate charter service i S 1- s...4-1 mmmmzimmf "" -:m"EL'-1-fn! LINCQL BUS LINES 215 Poplar Street Hanover Pennsylvania Phone 9133 or 4500 Tours Anywhere in the United States or Canada Compliments NEW OXFCRD ALUMINUM COMPANY Manufacturers of Fine Aluminum Brass and Bronze Casting FOREST PARK SKATING RINK Hanover, Pa. Skating - Wed. 8: Sun. - 8 to 11 P. M. Sun. Aft. 2 to 5 P. M. Hold Your Skating Parties here A. Karst, Prop. Phone 3-5286 J Jn w IM Compllments of PENN WOOD HEEL CO East Berlln Pa Henry J Stock Berl1n Road New Oxford Pa ATIONWIDE Mutual Insurance Co Mutual F1re Insurance Co L1fe Insurance Co Home 0ff1CE Columbus Oh1o Manufacturer and Dlstrlbutor of Concrete Lawn Ornaments Play Yard Equ1pment Lawn Furmture R D l Abbottstown Pa Phone East Berl1n 2214 BUPP S DAIRY INC York and Adams Count1es Most Honored M1lk 877 York St Hanover Save money on all s1zes 81 makes ABBOTTSTOWN MOBILE HO MES SALES Clalr Trlsh Mgr On H1ghWay 30 Abbottstown Pa Phone East Berlm 2096 ROY B BOYER Westlnghouse Apphances Furnlture Abbottstown Street East Berlm P Phone 3021 Comphments of BETTY'S BEAUTY SHOP Abbottstown, Pa. El1zabeth Hollmger, Owner Berl1n Feeds EAST BERLIN FLOUR 8: FEED MILLS, INC. Phone 3921 -Q.- , ' - ' , 0 I D D, P, NEFF , Q U . ll ' ,Y . . , , . - . . , Pa. ' ' , a. , . 142 THE L P KCDOKEN p0MPANY 43 L D SLOTHOUR Plumbmg and Heatmg Roofmg and Spoutmg Phone 2517 East Berlm P MUMMERT'S GARAGE Chrysler 8: Plymouth Dodge Trucks Phone 2771 East Berlln P In East Berlln It s LAUS CUT RATE and VARIETY STORE For all your Shopplng Needs HOME SERVICE 8: SUPPLY East Berlm Adnural 8: Zen1th T V NELL S FOOD MARKET Home Dressed Meats East Berlm P SMITH S CLEANERS Phone 2361 East Berlm Pa L1nt free clmg free cleanmg All Work Done ln our own Plant Plck up and De11Very SMITH S AUTO SALES H1gh Street New Oxford P DANNERS INSURANCE 8: REAL ESTATE SERVICE Nothmg too blg or too small for us to INSURE or SELL East Ber11n Pa Phone 2336 . , an. . , a. CO. I . , a. I . U ' Cl ' ' 91 1 a' , 0 144 LWI E BRICK COMPAN New Oxford P 145 of Brickmakers Since 185 1 3 a' WENTZ OIL SERVICE, INC Heatmg Plumblng Electr1cal Gulf Solar Heat Balt1more St Hanover Pa Phone 5911 THOMPSON COLLEGE 205 S George St York Pa Phone 2715 Member Amer1carr ASSOC1at10U of Commerc1a1 Colleges and Nat1onal Federat1on of Pr1vate School Assoc1at1ons Phone 4 7723 RICHARD L CRABBS General Haulmg Lune Crushed Stone Sand Cement D New Oxford BECKYS BEAUTY SHOPPE Rebecca R1fe Proprletor 6 Hanover Street New Oxford Telephone 4 4551 Spec1al1z1ng 1n Breck and Helene Curt1s Permanents lClosed Mondays! THE COFFMAN FISHER CO DEPARTMENT STORE L1nco1n Square Gettysburg Pa Comphments of DONALD B SIVIITH Roof1ng Contractor Phone 22100 Hanover P MC DERMITT BROS Ready M1xed Concrete Concrete Dra1n P1pe General Concrete Work Plant and Off1ce Phone 1043 or 836 Box 231 Gettysburg Pa MELVIN J SHEFFER INC Establlshed 1893 Farmlng Eqmprnent and Refr1gerat1on Hanover Pa L1ttlestown . - . - . . D, , ll as I 111 ' ., , . ' 1 2 - I ' . s R. . 1 , Pa. . I I ' , a. . . ' ,Pa 'I46 Fresh Fruit and Vegetables R M SIPE GRCJCERY Free Delivery Phone 4 8161 Center Square New Oxford Pa ANGE Phone Hanover 71263 Authorized Frigidaire Dealer 577 Broadway Hanover P New Oxford Representative FFHHCIS Rabine Phone 4 8881 and 4 6931 147 O O O O Heating - Electrical Contracting - Plumbing 1 .v a' GREENEBAUM'S The Horne of Good Clothes Smce 1910 Hanover Pa HARRIS 8: STIPE Pheasant Farm Gettysburg Pennsylvama ROHRBAUGH GENERAL STORE Phone 4 8961 Carhsle Street New Oxford Pa G1ve G1ftS That Last from MARK E TRONE JEWELER 44 Baltunore Street Hanover Pa For a Real Treat ea Hanover Pa Phone 3 848 OLD MILL INN Speclallzmg 1n Frled Spr1ng Chlcken Country Ham Also Noon Day Speclals New Oxford P W E SELL SPORT GOODS 210 W Chestnut St Hanover P STAUB CHEVROLET SALES INC Chevrolet Cars New Chevrolet Trucks OK Used Cars OK Used Trucks Genu1ne Parts and Accessorles 105 Lmcoln Way East New Oxford Pa Phone 4 4291 I t . . . UTZ'S POTATO CHIPS , a. , a. ' 148 W' '42, . 4 AERO OIL COMPANY 1929 AERO OIL COMPANY 1957 ATLANTIC PETROLEU PRODUCTS Throughout York and Adams Count1es Telephone 4 4311 New Oxford P 149 T Distributors of ' 9 ,ffl-1+ ffxil jf 'vvlr 8 Kill? 1" 511' 'Quin SCHOOL S OUT 341100 of ofearning urn.4 ow 150 59 J NN..,f INTER COLLEGIATE PRESS Kansas Cnty Pub1'a?'e'2 fofe' MD'WU'DfYJYE", Boil Bwvdfi FACTORY HOME UFFIU 5. M . .I o I v ' ' ff-1'+':'a:. 5' ', QV ,V. Egg!! fl 1 - X 1 'fb S Vs ' 1- ft' -- Vxw,,. ,3 4,5 K .f1,g: .pw 5 2. -411 - Sag, I gxf ', X3 ' 0- 1 Q ' . -ff-.A 1- V .. "2 Q. V. - H' V ,- .".-V. f.,' Q .A , Xi ' J f Av . . 'iq' , .f-"'!'f- 'Q :ig , xi A -ar-:Q - Q .-'."' . ' s L Sli vu f ' V ' 'ff .YQQ 'sf"'A .T ' f' f 1- I V 1 I" ,'. 1 Q 'Ziyi H .44 Lv , R, 4 ' CRA: V, -. V 1 , - ' , Vfffrr' V V-, . :Q -' Lx.: V 33' V kv ' . 'fs' 4, V ,X 2 . . 1 , - . . Q.. s. V.V 4 V I 'LV . 4' -' ' 1 I 'V ..- f , V A '.. , .r , " I x' '. 'L' sf .1 H - , , - 4,1 :"r u "5 ' '. 1 .Q , V , .,- V . V - I Q Vx., ,, . 'X '. I4 A .' 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Suggestions in the New Oxford High School - Memento Yearbook (New Oxford, PA) collection:

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