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X 'Tw 9 5 1-Q 1 . K+' we 'a "' .f"" Jin: ru A , I M. V V M E ' x 3 ,, NJ 1 .. VE 1 Q 7 ., . V . A iii: ,A f fy A Lf 'af ky L. 1 'N' fix-Q V ,af 2 Wx W R, L 'V' 'KM ' Ms Nw-K If L f, V W' QL . 'SQ' ,,w M, . my Muff-qweew ,QFSSY N if 1 s me H at 4 Zz, 5 " lk 1" . Xl W X ' Z fin W, in , W K ,R 'K Q2 m. -Sw k at fi I is is ,and k J m446lfvf,6Qa ,4,m,44MW54gAavv'yf,Q2zmw,-'Af,,4,z,4,,Q4f4,,awW. .- 222' 224 Wwwazyd fmz-.zp5w...:,1,e Ziwwvgfb-4mgs.,.2z7,,:,f,,,Q1,Qww Z2 z5,dz..42JAw AZ.v!e92w,wf Win ,,t?,6f-4616 W ' fwfegmmwdwwxpdpmafwmwgn unch' . 'Me EM of 1956 .-4,-QQ """'f"'f new Uzfofwi 141494 same 4 Z'17M4vf74Z.,s44l 4 aa1e'.n 74. 70 gmm ladle November 28 1937 December 24 1955 Thou rt gone the abyss of heaven Hath swallowed up thy form yet on our hearts Deeply hath sunk the memorxes thou hast gxven And shall not soon depart W C Bryant PENNSYLVANIA SCHOOL PRESS ASSOCIATION 7444 Sag EDITOR IN CHIEF Gwendolyn Freed PRODUCTION EDITOR Betty Snyder LITERARY EDITORS Nancy Sebrxght Darlene Lawver PRODUCTION STAFF Nancy Mlllar fphotogj Janet Herman Qphotogl Dor1s Bentzel Janet Flrckrnger Martha Laughman Barry Meckley Donald Stemer Nadme Costella fartj Pat Musser Shelby Hunter BUSINESS MANAGER Edwtn Starner TREASURER James Korver ADVERTISING MANAGERS Rtchard Srpe Harold Laughman ADVERTISING SALESMEN Johnny Huffman Harland Staub Arlan Reynolds Charles Sherman Welby Snyder Harry Merrel Glenn Decker Harold Mrllhrmes George Gum Wrllram Bosserrnan SUBSCRIPTION MANAGERS Ruth Mrllar Donald Wrseman SUBSCRIPTION SALESGIRLS Peggy Sentz Grace Wrnand Rose Mrllhrmes Genevleve Smrth Eva Sager Iudrth Ecker Patsy Laughman Mildred Starr Alda Stambaugh Mary Jane Yrnglrng vol.. XXI NO 1 MAY 1956 7oz 74641 744166 FOREWORD Page 4 THEME Pages 6 DEDICATION P3895 13 FACULTY Pages 21 SENIOR CLASS Pages 29 CLASSES Pages 51 Jur11or Class Pa ge 17 5 Sophomore Class Freshman Class Grade Seven Grade Erght SENIOR LIFE Dramatrcs Semor Prom Hall of Fame Class Song SCHOOL LIFE Choral Clubs F H A Club F F A C ub lndustrral Arts Sports Band Commencement May Day Page Page 5 Page Page Pages 61 '7 Pa ge Pa ge Pa ge Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page ADVERTISERS Pages 112 70 70km Ended ca Dae EDMUND S STUDIO Hanover Pa Memento 1956 Photographer DAVE S PHOTO SUPPLY Gettysburg Pa Photos Page 7 MR. EISENHOWER S SECRETARY, The Whlte House Photo Page 6 MR. H ARMSTRONG ROBERTS Phrladelphla Pa Photo Page 5 LANES STUDIO Gettysburg Pa Photo Page 17 'ide A YEARBOOK PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY The Graduatlng Class of the New Oxford Hrgh School New Oxford Adams County Pennsylvanra The Class of 1956 I . . .. -19 ' .. -28 p . -50 ' . -60 E. ' .... . 2 .. .. 54 .. . .. 6 I .. 58 , ' .. . .. 60 .. . . -3 '.. .. 62 , ' .. .. 66 .. .. 70 74 . , ,,, .. Pages75-112 . '76 .. . .. 84 ...l . .. 89 ' .. . .. . .. 92 . . . .. 94 .. 103 .. .. 106 .. 109 .1 .... .. .. -151 7ouawzd Every country possesses symbols that stand for the thtngs tt holds most dear Among Amerlca s symbols are the L1berty Bell and our Natlon s Flag. The bell rmgs U1 our 1mag1nat1on It peals out 1n honor of the freedom the people of Amertca ach1eved nearly two centurles ago The flag beslde ll IS a symbol of our country and the people s love for that country The Whlte House and the Capltol are symbols of our form of government Ul whxch the people have a say we have our natxonal shrmes our monuments our battlefields all symbohc of the struggles and the sacr1f1es and the hopes and the 1deals of the people tn a moment of cr1s1s Yet these symbols are not qulte enough They are actually bare unless they carry the story of the people who gave them S1gl'l1f1C31'lOC Always II IS THE PEOPLE for htstory after all ns the story of the people and the tncomprehenstble forces movmg under the surface that make these people conform to a pattern whose true shape they never see Yet tt IS good to remember that 1I ts THE PEOPLE who make the pattern and not the other way around everythtng f1ts tn somewhere the edttors of thts year s MEMENTO realtze that the puplls today are a part of thts conunuous day to day process and are aware that thetr task IS one of reporttng on PEOPLE what they have done 1n school are dotng and of proyectmg all thxs tnto a great unftmshed 1nsp1r1ng story of what the Amertcan people are doxng bemg and becommg, W1th thts 1n mmd the edltors have selected for the1r WE THE PEOPLE Remembermg that the consctence and character of Amertca IS tn the story oftts people the great the average the obscure. , , . . , , . . . . ' . . - . . . . ' . . . . . I . . Y Since we are taught that "the fabric of American life is a seamless web- . . . :,, , . , , . - - O . . . , . I . I ' . . . . . . D. . . I 1 ss ' ' . . . - ' . il u v Ye, 1' ' E Xiu v . I?Q 'fT If . ,mi 5 'V 7 ' . ' TQ f' 49 x ir If g D u . 1 fl' ,K , 'if ' M.- . WA y . We 7k ?eo,6le Om Homes Home has always been associated with THE PEOPLE. The first institution in our American Heritage was the home. The first thoughts of the earliest settlers were to build homes and enjoy family life free fromtyrannicalinterference. "Home is where the heart is" means a good home is where the heart is happy and the mind and the spirit are encouraged. It's THE PEOPLE in the home who are important, and who make the home a home. Home is where we have our beginning, where, in our family relationships, we learn our social conciousness, our manners, and lay the foundation for character. This belief in the home and its encouragement of the individual, whatever his origin, contributes to our cotmtry's greatness. One of the better lessons on the true meaning and worth of the home and family is being taught, through example in our neighborhood, by our nation's first family. Having established their family home in our community, the Eisenhowers have shown home to be a thing of pride, a refuge from the work- a-day world, a place toentertain friends and a haven for family life, communion, rest and relaxation. II H ll PRESIDENT AND MRS. DWIGHT DJSISENHOWER A 'f f QQ 'is ,01 0 f Home is where the heart is , E 4 a l i 'I ' We tie peofle Om chools What has been said about the home can be said with equal truth about the school. The school belongs to THE PEOPLE. The school building and plant should be as good and modern as the community can afford to make them. However, the small school that lacks some facilities may still be, like the simple home, a plaoe where children may learn as well as those learn in better buildings. Again it is THE PEOPLE who count, far more than the buildings they live in or go to sdtool in. Teachers and other school leaders, all a part of the school, are far more im- portant to the child's development than is the school house. From earliest times our people have respected education and made provisions for it. First in homes or churches, and then into buildings of their own, our schools, steeped in American tradition, have been doing their utmost to make America strong. An educated people, thus a well informed citizenry, is the best insurance for Arnerica's future. This re- spect for the schools of our nation is one of the contributing factors for our country's greatness--for a look at our schools is a look at the future of our n.ati0I1. MR. CHARLES C. TAYLOR, M. S. 8 "Education is the first and fairest thing that the best of people can ever have." fn Wade penile 6404440144 hurch The ancestors of many of us came to this country because they could not worship as they wished where they had lived. They came here be- cause this country, long before it became the United States, permitted the people to worship as they liked. Among us, the people in this country, are some who profess and practice practically every religion known to man. The democratic form of government in which we, the people, have a voice in how we shall be ruled, is based on Christian principles. Religious freedom, coupled with the religious enthusiasm and belief in the rights of free men that has always characterized this country, are the fundamentals of the American Way of Life. So long as we, THE PEOPLE, continue to operate our homes, schools, governments on these religious principles, just so long will our democracy live and flourish. For this democracy, this cherished way of life, is but a dividend from the trust fund of religious tradition. 74:14 .flepeofle 42 .gs Www f'M7m One nation under God, indivisible ' 2 V. fmgin' ffm - ww , EQ 3' F , ff fm, Q. Q, 45 11 X51 ' 143214 Wade ?eo,6le Pauae 'Wasted Vocations In our country, THE PEOPLE'S ways of life are as diversified as our varying countrysides. And so do our jobs differ. In our high schools today we are striving- to offer courses to give experiences- to the youth of America who plan to continue in advanced study as well as some vocational training to the boy and girl who will terminate his education with graduation or earlier. From the beginning of our country agriculture was the people's source of wealth. In this occupation and in this way of life the people made their livings and lived their lives. Many other people earn their livings working in industrial plants. These factories, made possible by the American tradition of free and private enter- prise, have played a large part in the development of our country and its standard of living. Our people are occupied in business too, while all over the world, and notably in America, the people are devoting their energies and talents to scientific research searching continually for better methods of doing things, for better products to meet our needs, and in general, for improved ways or bringing about better living for ALL THE PEOPLE everywhere. 71. 0. 71. S. NURSERY SCHOOL VOCATIONAL HOME ECONOMICS Free enterprise. . . Individual initiative. . . Pursuit of happiness. "Train up a child in the way he should go. . ." li 1. A "2 , ,WW ,X ,Je , 1 4 ff 5 , , 0-.el H, 5 , Q 5 2 Q. J' - 3 f ' , g , 3 ' .fe i' Q . 1 Q A Jizz V -'X w 12 -iw , 7 V1 rv f?'i5'34'. -3 1 ,jjifrg , Q ' ,. 4, 1' 9 g "9 ' I , ,,,, ,V 5 Q 54? '1fggjggg,iw5zmm,X, ,Ig-i1,, ,, I 'W " , .QL fflggv. .QM '13 A ,4 1 1 Ui. i, , Wg ,, 1 11 5 wr' 'Hz V ,K -cf 5.1 , , fav 3 - M If 'iff F2 N ani? ' wif- ':,, V, ' 7 5'iT:.,. 'K' A A f"Z'3"' fi .5 2 A Ss -vff ' ,g""' E' i A , 'r , H , M, ,fhwfi H'-' V Y V 4 1 I an 13,7 2 ww wan V 2 ,4', f af 1 ., Q ' G G', f 5 , f, , L , 1 ff 1 wwf , ,,, , L , 4 , ' 9 ' , ,',ggQQ ,gi 57,1 1' , ,.., , K f Y "TWV A fa " " :fn kr Nizvfaafigww ,, . nw Z Wifi? 4' . EV I, ' , f 32 :av ' yf,,,,,'b3ff- x,,,, 3 "U ,x ,pw ,ey wi , 5, :: 2 Q1 ,I+ 'cf L.1"r'-"i n ' :mg .gp ff. , ' 4,g',',,p:, fs, 4- VN , :ff 3 A 'vw' if ,, ' '-:ii .R A vs , 1'En,jj,24-, at Wade people 041654002 Health Of the many traditions which we, the people of the New Oxford Schools, are justly proud, is our health program Basing our programonthe American principle-that a healthy people make a strong nation- our school pursues the customary health and physical education courses, complementing these programs with periodic medical and dental examinatiol1s. These carefully conducted check-ups are designed to dis- cover physical difficulties that might be hindering the proper educational advancement of pupils and to assist the parents in correcting the deficiencies. To supplement its course in foods and nutrition and to provide a well balanced diet to replenish the rapidly used-up energy of active young bodies, the school has provided amodem cafeteria, amply stocked and ably staffed. With the Pennsylvania Health Department provid- ing free chest X-ray services and the National De- partment of Health furnishing free Salk Polio Vaccine, we, the people, are assuredly practicing the old adage that "to keep well is to keep happy." Scloolnmu MRS. VESTA SMITH, R. N. E I Y f 1 We propose A strong, healthy body for that active, alert young mind. V 1 . 1 K nl f ff -Q1 I . ,. xv .Q . K. E., E? wifksf V. K' , fy X: ,. . m- we , ,f , f W if-, 9 Q V" , . , is cfcjaysa N va Ei 7k S416 Pala . .Part of the Nation's Health Habit. . Vi- Dr. John Menges, School Doctor, and nurse's aide Mrs. Winebrenner, inoc ulate Johnny Hoffnagle Donna Krour Qshown to the rightj receives her vaccine shot from Dr Kenneth Ehrhart. f' ly 9 .J . I Q School Nurse Vesta Smith and Mrs. Bre ighner sterilize equipment. 14. f L' J l f ,, Nurses Mrs. Mrs. Miss Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Dr. Menges "shoots" Scotty Alwine 3182 Noble fhiddenj Smith Eden fState Nurse, Winebrvenner Julius Bre ighner We tie people utle Communlt Yes we the people are the commun1ty The communlty IS defmed as that common bond that umtes people havmg common 1nterests and common customs and are regulated by common laws The Amerlcan commumty IS made up of people who 11ve work and share together It mcludes groups and IHSIIIUIIOHS such as scouts servxce clubs veterans orgamzatlons fxre compames churches schools etc These groups contnbute to the welfare of thelr members 1n parucular but to all the people 1n general The communlty depends for 1ts success on the sp1r1t and resoluuon of the people Commumty Splrlt IS that 1nv1s1b1e somethmg that brxngs umty to the group and puts 11fe and progress IDIO the 3CIlV1I1eS of the people encouragmg them to work together for the common good Truly we the people make the commumty a better place 1n whlch to 11VS and 1n whlch to grow up 1 I 7 X 4 x"J'Q9x '24 X xl o K EEq,xC f me :Ra Y Y IKAN1 4 Y xP.Sf N419 EGIO Q l v 'ss a A? 649 4' Com M09 IVV , fl4275:', J 9 1. ' I 5, 344, U I V v' mpg Sf 0 Z . . :. ' . .' Z Selig- .A ,gf . . , A ..u.g,Q . . . . . - ' gf A. 4? . ' , . ' ' ' E-:1..,..f455' . 1 'fxev' '9 7 .F 'of..,n. ' iii: ., M gl Sli! f -f Y R. .W W! so 9 0 , ' . Q 0 9, 16 01 ,x Q " 'vs ' E X, rw. ' I -ali D ""' ' 5 Qliui 1 'Q 1 ,, z Jigga' A ' W U 44 L B' fl , cl ' ,iff 5 I "' "' 4' 1105 5 'a ! . I 'lf fx f . I ' W , iss.. 1 Am vin, Z Q X A 'n lf. If . Y Y Biq Q -1- I K .1 I I 1' J f . ' 1 f .5 ul L N 4 I - 8 H: I ici? 4 4 Q " , Q : , .Zi xi I y V l .lg 'W' p A X I K l Q r I A N I I 6 NK If 4 .,..1 ii J fl 7 q 'fy I is N vkmi ' :kg X A 5 S- 'I ' 'I Q 3' : I I - i Q- L lu. 0.-W5 , , K a? 'if 4' -ff" MQ' jg is Q ' S i V M ,R 'Q' fgwgfx ji li , 1.-Q. c" - Q at Nfhiiqwit 'wifjgd - xl A . 'W -- x X-.,,. ew ' V- v :-lX Y I , f I I r W' 'iw 1' T' b 'rg U 1 5 Q A '2' F 'V """"" ' 1 . 1 . ' h lil' .X , as I IL , qi J F X , N, - , 1 ., ' I -- ' f' i ff , viiplygfk' f v 1 - '!,, t ' r A X: xi fs ij :J N' - 4 U x 1 -6 , Y ' 4 ' J A ,, - . A I '29 N f' '- fi' ""K-,M- J . I S I "' X L' 'Q E Vg H' x ' . . x ' I '- - 'M -Q 1. -2 In p 41- 1, A "1 e -A' V, - ' J ' my N , .. ' . yy- ,y . x was i-- I ss 8 ' 4 at . Lf- -M, r ' f F 9 ,' ' M ' . I I ' , ' an 4 Lt I Y :JN Eur: V, K ' fu J I is ' - 'ff ' f' ' ' ,, Q ,h ,.' LA Aff I I ' L A Annum T Dedication In the American Way of Life, THE PEOPLE, through their chosen representatives, have operated the political and civic instruments of government. In this same tradition, these same people, to locally elected officials, have entrusted the task of estab- lishing, operating, maintaining and improving the schools of the nation. Serving without compensation, save for the satisfaction of a job well done, these School Board Members give freely of their time and effort that all the youth of their community may have an opportunity to receive an adequate and benefi- cial education. Operating in the American scene for over 200 years and in our Commonwealth since 1834, these civic officials have been major con- tributing factors in perpetuating our American Heritage. And, because we, the students of New Oxford High School. enjoy the benefits of free public education by having provided to us buildings, books, materials, tools of education and a corps of capable instructors to guide and assist us in using these facilities: WE, THE PEOPLE-the Class of 1956- show our appreciation by dedicating our MEMENTO to the Lower Adams Joint School Board. faint 34444 ,M MR. HARRY C. BRINTON 18 'Fai The Joint School Board Harry C. Brinton . . . Clyde O. Garber . . . Philip Alwine ...... Curtis S. Sponseller . . BERWICK TOWNSHIP George Bentzel Harry C. Brinton Stuart Lucabaugh Melvin C. Nace Clyde Wagner MT. PLEASANT TOWNSHIP Joe Claybaugh Fred Hartlaub Bernard P. Murren Ray Reichart Maurice J. Smith OXFORD TOWNSHIP A. P. Markel George A. Martin Charles W. Rinehart John H. Summers Harry M. Wildasin notice Q5 ,J '. -f ax A.. '74 '7lea 704:44 Wm: I9 . . . . . President . . . Vice-President . . . . Secretary .........Treasurer HAMILTON TOWNSHIP Samuel E. Baker Clyde O. Garber Glenn M. Haar John G. Myers Norman G. Wolf NE W OXFORD BOROUGH Philip E. Alwine Raymond S. Gable Clair Slagle Charles Slaybaugh Curtis S. Sponseller TYRONE TOWNSHIP Corman Day Guy Deardorff John E. Mansberger Hiram Rex George F. Weaver X Mr. Charles C. Taylor Supervising Principal it Mr. Selon F. Dockey High School Principal Mr. Charles Hash Elementary School Supervisor ozflepeof6lec'a0afzSclool-l6fd',4vl4 As seen through the eyes of a student artist - We, the Staff of the 1956 Memento, wish to express our appreciation to the school administration for its efforts and considerations in making our school life at the New Oxford High School as pleasant and beneficial as possible. 20 Pen and ink sketches by: Douglas Adams, N.O,H,S, '57 H. Edgar Mou1 President Miriam Kihner Vice-President Charles Edwards Secretary- Treasurer Christmas Party Sao Wane - Commencement Photo Front Row: Mr. Sohnleitner Mr. Breighner Mr. Dockey Mr. Mou1 Mr. Kratzert Mr. I-Iaar Second Row: Mr. Bryan Mrs. Stokes Miss Krug Miss Taylor Miss Ruth Mr. Edwards Rear Row: Mrs. Breighner Grove Mr. Watkins 145 2 Cafeteria Candids me penile, 744 No matter how large a physical plant it has, how many books in its library, or the size of the student population-a schoo1's ultimate test is its faculty. For, without the personal influence of a teaching staff intellectual enough to guideusthrough a program of gainful experiences and make of us useful citizens to society, the school is useless. At N.O.H.S. the faculty serves in more ways than teaching students. It bears considerable respon- ibility of the ultimate educational program lf the Administrators instructors of a school limit themselves to instruction, administering tests and giving grades, they soon lose touch with the advancement in educational theory and know-how. Our N.O.H.S. teachers avoid these stagnations by taking active interest in other school activities and civic projects, Many increase their value to us, to the school and community, by improving themselves professionally through attendance of summer classes and educational conferences, by reading, and through improved certification or an advanced degree. For, as the faculty improves, thus does the school grow and the pupil benefit. SELON F. DOCKEY, B. S. 7695 Salon! Sap E Salaam SITTING, Left to Right: Miss Miriam Kilmer . Mr. Gerald Orndorff . . . Mrs. Esther Altland . . . Mr. Charles W. Hash. . Miss Martha Henderson Mrs. Kathryn Donohue . . . as Mr. Kenneth Herrick . . . Mrs. Catherine Budd . . STANDING: Miss Ruth Hawn .... Miss Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Miss Ruth Deatrick . . Vivian Hamm . . . Arlene Kennedy . Sara Overcash . . Eva Smith .... Eva Snyder . . . Glenna Fisoel . . . Dorothy Wallace . INSET: Mrs. Mary Rudisill . . Grade School Staff . . Third Grade ........Sixth Grade ..........Third Grade . . . Elementary Supervisor ........FourthGrade . . Third Grade . . . Fifth Grade . . . Second Grade . . . . Sixth Grade . . . . Second Grade . . . Sabbatical Leave . . . . . Sixth Grade . . . . First Grade . . . Second Grade . . . Fourth Grade . . . Fifth Grade . . First Grade . . . . . First Grade 27 l Offdcm fas they approach, SECRETARY Nancy Millar HISTORIAN Elizabeth Snyder TREASURER Richard Sipe VICE-PRESIDENT Donald Wiseman PRESIDENT Arlan Reynolds Knot shownj ASSISTANT TREASURER George Grim CLASS SPONSOR Mrs. Emma V. Grove 6l444of'56 Cltfdft Q44 amen bf 2" I 1 4 1 l 1 i W! I .gat ,N -Q " , 1 ff'f . .,:x f- , :ff s f,zQ3. qz?,j.Qzy:3f,gg V 5 QF, 4 2. LQ vm 5 5 . M. 1 .,.4'-.wa-3.3. .,.4.,hm,g:g 1 A -fm 'aff -, uf' -'ig-fy.: 4 1 fist-iff, -A Q nw4gvgie -.i:s5'7':Qf.kgf-3'M' gfff' rf De- 2 wi - ' 315'fi'f'vifs'?h M - Q 'Ale-fn :- ,tu-. ipbffe, ,GA f-, 1. kf ,gan - ,Q +. , ' 4 Q.. , w X ye,,,, ,Q .,.,q. 4 .F : ,L V ., K U . ff, A JF' . v x . W. f , . ,. I5 nw cfs 5, ws ww ., xiii.: ,Q I iw l 3 wif- , 4-AA f'.,. ,f.,,. . W L, .. ,fwmr V. Vagas 34 , ,WSU x w. 4 ? 5 mf- ' ,is .wwf . iq. "Saga fliffxiigil QTL 'k' f ima?-6: R-.Z ,.,,,!,,4 RAE., Q . I :,:.zQ ,,a...,,1 I .Q -W +2 qu r ,lc , ff gains V wfr - 'QE sign' ,, vw g ,f X14 '72 'i , - sf? Jakz. . . .d ef 'ali eq. --,W .1 wif? f-. 1 leaf., A -L X X1-.:,a:i15! fe J' 9' A ff 3,4 1 ,A 6, 'W QW . ,uf f .w ' if ,., W34. x .53 ,gy gZ2g1'l,'?,f f. Jyiga ,L , J :W :M 4 . ?'fff1f"' um. , i. ' ,Zi 5 47. :M QQ! Ma Q2 ' -a 'pg4.x.g?-5, wx As Af? Y 'Z' Tift' IT1?'. L g Y www A.,,, K4 f-F' . -ww ' 'f .wh-f,1 ap' 4 , My , V, Z n 4 I ' QL Y , S ARLAN REYNOLDS President of the Class of '56 President of the Student Council President of N,O,H,S. Future Farmers President Adams-Franklin F,F,A, Pennsylvania Keystone Farmer lr" -Q rm KQ? . swift, ',, -' I I ff Ml , ffilqff ' as! ur" Q 6 AMERICAN LEGION A WARD GERALD BEAMER DARLENE BAKER The American Legton Citation is awarded annually to the boy and girl select' ed by the Junior High School teachers for outstanding contributions in school citizen- ship ! I sxxxe, R163 ' vfakt F' V 1 fl, ff QRS' so 4' f f f 5440411 Seated Gary Slonaker Secrron 7 Edwrn Starner l-hgh School Band Robert Walker Junror C lass Mr Selon Dockey Councrl Sponsor Arlan Reynolds Senlor Class F F Councrl Presrdent Noel Taylor Sophomore Class Glenn Watson Secuon 7 1 Standrng Judy Werner Freshman Class Dale Brown Sectron 8 2 Donna Sponseller Sectron 8 1 Daryl Mae Walker Secuon 7 3 Alda Stambaugh Jr. Red Cross Ruth Mrllar F H.A. Club 4 'Hi yf If '74s ' A Student Government Body composed of the presrdents ofthe several classes and the varrous clubs ofthe New Oxford Jumor and Senror Hrgh Schools. 51 S T' Y-5 bs, Q-5 'R cg. Y" l 'Qi Douglas Adams Larry Baker Patsy Baker Ramona Baker Dorothy Biesecker John Brown Mary Lou Chronrster Dorothy Deatnck Kenneth Deatrrck Ioan Dockey Larry Feeser Allen Fhckinger Shirley Foreman Patsy Garrett Kenneth Good Peggy Haar David Heginbotham Dixie Kessel Donald Kuykendall Janet Kuykendall Evelyn laughman Roy Laughman Susan Lemmon James Mehring .457 Donald Millar George Morningstar Robert Myers Norma Naill Marcella Newman Charlotte Omdorff Larry Rohrbaugh Linda Sholl Ioan Sipe Sandra Sipe Dolores Smith Darlene Sponseller Jan Sponseller Elaine Sterner Helen Stockham Mary Louise Swope Dale Trump Donald Wagner Robert Walker Edward Walton Robert wallen Lois Warnick Priscilla Yohe Eveline Heiner af '57 Offical: Q qma- if 44 'PL' Qs Z ix Q' T un. ,yin -sun., Ci T' QX bfu X X lt 'F' 3 7 17' LVL' Sophomore TOP R g enA1w1ne Donald Auchey Larry Auche Kenneth Baugher SECOND R Y OW Ptulhp Beamer Salhe Bentzel Phylhs Berwager Evelyn Bream Marlene Congleton THIRD R OW Davld Costella Donald Cromer Robert Dlehl Robert Dockey Yv onne Ecker FOURTH ROW Harold Fhckmger Charles Garrett Dolores Good Pat Groft Joan Haar BOTTOM ROW Ronald Hankey Iworma Harner Robert Haverstock Joan Humbert Betty Hoff OW Left to Rtght Barbara Xldrxd e G1 Noel Taylor Class Presxdent Ray W11d1s1n, Vtce Presldent 54 3 s -Ll 6 6 in ' 'N W hx . x S Xi Z. Qt at 1 P " I Q , W X W 'AX ' eg: 'f sth XY l X ' ' 1. .1 ' at cf' ' ld L T rf ' ' , Q , y QXXJ 7 M A V, -5 A' I it , I Q, gr- ., ,.,f-- iz ' ."" O J Q X : d N I T iifl lliny O F ll X 'fffg' ,L R ilfi I 4' O 5, O fx I E' L - A R .5 "Edt W' L 1 , t wr' 5-T G ' ffm XM E u 1 - ' f Lv Q . 1 iv K lt a L I .- T ' Q R-My T x ' X ' C. f , I be I - -r ,x 1 X-H5 F" vi J.,.M Xs ,N tu. tx Class TOP ROW, Left to Right: Fred Holsopple, Mary Kitzmiller, Marion Krout, Fannie Laughman, Rosalie Laughman. SECOND ROW: Rita Lawver, Barbara Leese, Gloria Lockner, Elaine Luckabaugh, Darla Millhimes. THIRD ROW: Ruth Millhimes, Donna Morningstar, Janet Myers, Ruth Ann Nace, Philip Nell. FOURTH ROW: Betty Sager, Patsy Stambaugh, Reggie Stelfox, Wayne Stock, Claudia Straley. BOTTOM ROW: Noel Taylor, Fred Watson, Ronald Wentz,Ray Wildasin, Francis Yake. Elizabeth Huff, Secretary Mary Kitzmiller, Treasurer 55 1 57 7 s W- ff-fr! N S- 's C. X, , fx Betty Spence atcha? FIRST ROW Linda Berkheimer Nancy Butler Barbara Jones Dorothy Geisler Nancy Sipling Bonita laughman Sara Smeltz SECOND ROW Judith Martz Ronald Auchey Ronald Milhimes Peter Zimmerman Norman Laughman Stanley Laughman Janet Zinn Janet Day -3 THIRD ROW Lois Baugher William Rohrbaugh Jack Laughman Robert Feltch Marlyn Trimmer Gerald Beamer Lila Mae George FOU RTH ROW Barbara Helwig Ruthetta Staub Pamela Alwine Nancy Wolfe Tina Cassatt Jerisse Adams Ruth Ann Wagner Ellen Starner June Hippensteel FIUNT ROW Joyce Iocaby Pearl Geiman Nancy Cornbower Elaine Klinedinst Carol Skaggs Lois Laughman Rosalinda Stemer O SECOND ROW Kenneth Laughman Raymond Wildasin Samuel Sipling Burnell Reichart James Monath Robert Miller Larry Stover Donald Miller Charles Stambaugh Freshman ,.,7- Grade SECTION 7-l FRONT ROW: E. Emlet, G. Kiley, B. Bollinger, G. Laughman, A. Laughman, S. Berk- heimer, A. Hockensmith, G. Staub. SECOND ROW: B. Hockensmith, G. Watson, R. Noel, D. Bosserman, R. Yingling, G. Moul, R. Snyder, P. Rutter, K. Witter. THIRD ROW: W. Laughman, S. Yake, S. Miller A. Laughman, P. Laughman, B. Staub, C. Warnick, B. Hull, D. Shaffer, C. Noel, J. Mummert, C. Laughman. BACK ROW: G. Hale, C. Laughman, C. Bosserman, C. Reed, D. Rebert. SECTION 7-2 FRONT ROW: L. Harman, R. Laughman, G. Hardy, J. Smith, S. Meckley, P. Mclntyre, B. Moffelt, L. Luckenbaugh, K. Laughman. SECOND ROW: D. Sponseller, R.Bream,D.Ford, D. Baadte, F. Berwager, J. Bly, L. Hildebrand, R. Laughman, J. Hoffman, D. Wentz, M.G1adfe1ter. THIRD ROW: L. Smith, T. Korver, T, Morningstar, J. Adams, J. Baugher, M. Linebaugh, J. Martz, J. Eisenhart, T. Ferrence, G. Slonaker. BACK ROW: M. Shaffer, D. Mays, J. Pressel, M. Lippy, D. Schriver, G. Laugh- man, D. Harman, C. Reynolds, P. Wolf, R. Kuykendall, L. Duncan. SECTION 7-3 FRONT ROW: F. Trimmer, P. Fridinger, M. E. Yeagy, M. J. Gladfelter, F. Trimmer, D. Alwine, L. Sager, M. Rinehart, S. Rohrbaugh, C. Sadler. SECOND ROW: K. Sager, J. Weikert, B. Humbert, B. Zoeller, M. Herman, L.Bruner,H. Wolfe, T. Orwig, B. Groft, L. Marshall, B. Feiser. THIRD ROW: S. Hignbotham, B. Wentz, B. Wineburg, R. Beamer, H. Spangler. BACK ROW: M. L. Sponseller, T. Holsopple, R. Meckley, J. A. Rife, L. Estep, J. Brallier, A. Chislett, A. Stambaugh, D. Walker, N. Sieg, D. Mclntyre, D. Haas, Y. Mummert. 58 'saggy' J! .X fwwigf, 3 -7,7 ,353 , in fr my x' ' , 1- '. -' 2.2 wa-1 ,kfsqgz me - -' 7' if 'ff 1 mg. 1811 ki Ez' 95,1 it 'vm '- f ' is Es. IW nf-4 T . wi V ?fg32?Q TWV ...V H M-F:g'gj . x ami gg M 4s -1 K 51' 4z.:qvv1'f"' ,, ya? ,Wx ff . , as , QV iw, 'V' ' R W , , 4 , x 539 yf me W W Z ' , FRONT ROW: R. Luckenbaugh, M. Laughman, B. Harmon, P. Lucken- baugh, I. Milhimes, K. Millhimes, G. Spangler, H. Walker. SECOND ROW: S. Kuykendall, K. Bream, L. Shank, K. Baber, R. Garrett, S. Raber, W. Wallen, H. Lockner, J. Laughman. THIRD ROW: G. Beaver, S. Herring, J. Ehrhart, A. Dockey, G. Byers, J. Polhemus, R. Hockensmirh, D. Sponseller, BACK ROW: G. Ha1e,J. Duttera, R. Becker, L. Bosserman, H. Hull, G. Gladfelter, R. Starry, A. Pressel, M. Shadle, Grade Eight O em X D 2 FRONT ROW: M. Wagaman, A. Strausbaugh, N. Rohrbaugh,J. Hash, P. Yingling, M. Kiley, J. Myers, S. Kitzmiller, P. Sager. SECOND ROW: W. Baker, A. Feeser, J. Newman, S. Naylor, D. Boose, G, Wentz, J. Winebrenner, R. Millar, H. Walton. THIRD ROW: R. Diehl, P. Starry, S. A1wine,S. Zeig1er..T. Polhemus, S. Wolf, S. Bortner, K. Korver, R. Harmon. BACK ROW: F. Humbert, R. Utz, R. Fridinger, M. Lecrone, D. Alwine, M. Brendle, D. Brown, P. Nace, D. Charles, P. Jacoby. oo J 144160-6 - 1-he PM Paw Dame Sm? Wana find me Zeawvwled 'Me Zecnlooi ffwwwf MTW Grandma fDarlene Lawverj glVCS the Shy Guy fwelby Snyderj a lesson rn football 554414 Slow in "Sly gay" Qkshy if Grandma eavesdrops on a humorous powder room story 8 Y ew .5 "sa, qw," 'ma all CA ST and CHARACTERS fas shown above, left to righty Mr. Norma Haar . . Richard Sipe ..... Gwendolyn Freed . . Welby Snyder. . . . . Elizabeth Snyder. . Nancy Sebright ..... . . Ass't. director . . . Bill Slerting Gloria Patterson . . . Fred Hastings . . . . Lois Corwin . . . Nancy Graham James Korver ........ .... G ilbert Hastings Mary Jane Yingling .... . . . Julie Tucker Rowlen Huffman ..... . . . . Larry Madison Darlene Lawver ..... Arlan Reynolds . . . Ruth Miller ......... Miss Miriam Taylor .... 63 Melinda Whipple . . . . Mr. Danbury . . . Cora Hastings . . . . Director . 1 fg5g'fg5?g nw r'Jf'ff5?' 7 iliff ,fggiffia -I mf, 'fifzfg . f . ri Q 'PM 'iv' -. Q ef fwi ., . ,36- 7 M w 9 Q 'ei' I ' , V f X 1 . .. Wig 3' 3 'W f 9 rl fig' QW 4 sw ig: Q., ,i"f7 M: Q M if " I 5 U . ' E "vin mg, V I . , W wg, '. 1: W ff fbw' , fL.' , ,.,, .,,, ., i ' 3 sg-F x 2' Q- " ,- f Via 1 l 7 ,K 3 SA 3.1 S' ! 4 I W4-Iliff up ,Q , Y t ' if Q, 'fi if gp f mi 'A ft E p 1., ,F 5527? 'f 'L V W, s 4 'Q A, , 0 4 L , ,M 0 - Z. Tj' ,ff V 'M isfit x fr, 2.1: ,iv , , y, 4' " 5 - 'ish F363 ,, , , f- ' .fir 1 ffm' 33? 1' , hffffaiifg 225 3, !.1:Ef,'fi 2 5. 3, 31-qw' . , , 1,,,, 4 'C 3 f - e ., J lgmsiiwxf ' Q W vu.-.-, , ,gpwu-.W 335 5- M 4 'S' 5. 4 Lygaiy' Sf L. Lim' vw. -1, f T55 . by ffzf' :fy -', ,bw ,- . Yi' Q 7' ' ',,-4: f i a 5. 1 . 5 - . fl ' Zim? iff. my I gy' 42? :A-4,1 PROM KING AND QUEEN Bruce Anderson and Ramona Wallen ATTENDANTS James Haverstick and Pat Mummert A fr if ,f , ,hx fl ss + K 1 pun 249410 74a 3444! 4 exe '. A 66 7 4' Arlan Reynolds and Nancy Millar The Junior - Senior vv , W: 4 Darlene Nancy Sebrrght Lawvef Harold 5,1 1 ? A We tk penile af Mrllhrmes Grace W inan d Ianet Herman iw .. Y ' ' 'V,x. 1 ?"w 'if "" at 0 psvl"""' ,Q 'M I i I udith Ecker Richard Sipe Wllllam Bosserman Mary Jane r Eddie Starner Donald Steiner - Yingling l If , 99 Q ,, ,Q sq gilt? - , tw X , ' ,. U 1 h .tg elf O 42. "ff "1 f-1 J .. :-,'hh X Ao ,.. an :- 431 k 1 1' I 4 fo Martha Laughman Q James Korver , .r- r lr ,av .Q Axl- , 9.:f9Ea5" ,Q . , 'F' f , T xtwmi q 8 Harry Merrel ie Shelby Hunter Welby Snyder Lv.. tQypJ 4 5- ' 5 H Ianet Flrckrnger Gly Betty Snyder Y 0 'Kf- J' Q 4- - q', 195 6 , ' 11, gvft , 4 4 ,V 1 i , .F or I A qt 'A L I i f f 'xxx A1 41 ' ' ,serv f ". -1 ,f ' x ...Qu 'gut ffatafw Glenn Decker Darlene Lawver CY Mmm NSU cmnes Shaman W M A 1 M asm E' 6103 of X1 NMS 0099, fPennsy1vania Keystone Farmer Award Winnersj To be recognized for one's achieve- Geo,-ge G1-im - 1956 ment is commendable, but ro be A1-lan Reynoms , 1955 selected by one's peers is reward William Bosserman - 1956 indeed. wi MW as 9,e99Ox ego Aixam 199 Ft G 1.46960 1956 1 L ew! W aw S Dunal d W- Be ls ffy Snydeffnan eat Mamma E w Giendol IH Sta!-ner YH Freed Gwendolyn Frccd Edwin Smrnur Bclty Snyder eat ' Ja mes Korver Nanc y Se bright 'ia Q53 Ru a zmbfnan Tllc honomrx' awards Iistcd on tlmcsc pages are lmwd of il vote, bw sc- urul ballot, cast by Illc lllClllhL'l'S of dmc CLASS UF 'ML ,nf ff W 4 V -wg- f ' 4. W gv wf f 45:5 ,, f 311 I r 22, . -v,,,,,, , V- t- 5 9 '?-ff 'V 5 f , I .5 n . 5, if N ,rl 'swf' . uw 4- E353 ,I 1 if Wf- !j,2,i,g1ffb2 ' 2 4' A 7274? fm, f :I MW 'M ,.., 2 . '95 f .4-2 rx' ' fx 'az' , x - . 2 x QL ' u 'l Q ' Wm 537 W av vm M X5 ezddd worms AND Music BY: EDWIN STARNER, CLASS OF '56 'f El 3 -I- efw ww 5 FT Wil? fglilijfl M G W 'LF Willing or if llfiia 'A ' Q4-allllslil 4 Harl Dear Xlma Mater Wrth pralse we slng to The ln our hearts and IllCIll0I'l s You wrll ever b Thrs day we Iashron destmy Orxeboffat spn And we M111 strlve to onqu Our hopes our goals to wrn -9' flnterludej We here our homag pay Wrth thanks and loyalty W are prepared to dose tht books Our names and s al affrx Farewell to Thee Our Alma Mater e a The Cla s of 5b 74 rr FEE 425 Q r mg 5 M Will? I 5 M W l it VLFSF FT,,Z Mfg People Ewa Sfww 1-fazaaczeea ccaageldodmeoata ipowamlazew pfdltd Dammfuf! do Aff mu' SPRINGTIME IS EASTERTIME "Open up Your Hearts" - Junior Chorus Rock a My Sou1" - Senior Chorus were You There" - Senior Chorus Open Your Eyes" - Girls' Chorus "Beautiful Savior" - Senior Chorus u as an I'l1 Walk With God" - Junior Chorus SPRINGTIME IS WALTZ. TIME "Cielito Lindo" - Junior Chorus "Mexican Clap Dance" - Junior Chorus SPRINGTIME IS FUN TIME "Davy Crockett" - Junior Chorus Solo Tap Dance - Janice Myers Sisters" - Quartette and Duo Square Dance - "Country Sty1e" "Dizzy Fingers" - Edwin Starner, Organist al 59' ewmmisw 51N al aI P2 . uS3C THE PROGRAM SPRING IS TIME FOR ROMANCE "Sincerely" - Junior High Quartette Ballet - Diane Myers, Dancer "Spin My Darling Daughter" -Senior Chorus SPRINGTIME IS SURPRISE TIME "Coming up the Mountain" - Septet SPRINGTIME IS OUTDOOR TIME "Asleep in the Deep" - James Korver Mosquitos" - Boys' Chorus "The Happy Wanderer" - Senior Chorus Gandy Dancers" - Senior Chorus Rain and the River" - Senior Chorus They Call It America" - Full Choruses as u u Accompanists: Gwendolyn Freed, Edwin Starner, 76 Ellen Starner, Pam Alwine. i' yffdiagaead S pb? 0 G Mi 4, ,-1' G . it Qrl4'a4u 'Off 77 3552 5 'ff' J" , Q Ii'i5 ' , ,J ' 4 E. 5 .. 41.15 951 ' NI fx Charlotte Omdorff Gwendolyn Freed Pat Mummert Lois Warnick Musicale Favorites 'Voc4lDao Charlotte Omdorff Lois Wamick 79 Dum-Saba! Diane Myers Gwendolyn Freed, Accompanist 4' N -4- I Q .U ff' 9 Junior High Chorus FRONT ROW: Kate Korver, Ronald Horman, Harold Walton, Mary Wagaman, Robert Millar, William Baker, Rosalinda Sterner. MIDDLE ROW: Shirley Bortner, Rosella Noel, Peggy Yingling, Sandra Wolfe, Nancy Wolf, Judy Polhemus, Patsy Starry. BACK ROW: Nancy Barnhart, Judy Werner,Jane Spangler, Sharon Sponseller, Debbie Bedford, Brenda Stonesifer, Sara Zeigler. LEFT SIDE STANDING, Back to Front: Susan Alwine, Gloria Spangler, Barbara Jones, Shirley Herring, Kathryn Millhimes. RIGHT SIDE STANDING, Back to Front: Norma Rohrbaugh, Sara Kitzmiller, Judy Hash, Elaine Klinedinst, Janice Myers. 80 SM' 5 Egg ig 1? 25? va' 1 Q 21 If Aga ? v Z ' 4' y A,-.2 "' f t s qt' F 1 ,qu v ' nf., 4 W . 5 V+ 3 k 3 f V . , :L if X 59 ,, f " i' 4 3 1, , , , . M, ,V Z W TH.. E, ,1 if 3.4 M1 N L 1 ,V QL 5 T ', T , '5,"ff.' A ' '4f1?'a1' ,V -. -......, -my ,, 1' hy I V f 3 , 4 " 'r -1.-.f I 1, f 14.1 V ,,,I2'?w 1.rnU,,,?, if . , .3 . , A--.-.,...n .M 4 , k '1 ' . .5 'fkfflye " V "':"w- qt . LQ ' I A ,, wig , If V1 'G WS' .N . 6 A gg' , 'Q A, , , , , QE! . if X It j X VZ he if . x Q v Senior Hi h 7100: zoww Mary Lou Chronister, Mary Kitzmiller, Dixie Kessel, Joan Dockey, .Xlda Stambaugli, Peggli Sentz, Ruth Millhimes, Sallie Bentzel, Joan Haar, Mary Jane Yingling, Darlene Spwnseller, Marcella Newman, Ruth Millar, Mary Louise Swope. I ZW: JoAnn Hiimbert, Janet Herman, Susan Lemmon, Pat Groft, Betty Sager, Rita Lawver, Marion Krout, Dorothy Deatriclt, Ruth Arm Nate, Patsy Stambaugh, Charlotte Orndorff, Dolores Good. feuealade Went C9 Q.. 4417 Girls Chorus WM zeal' Bonnie Bedford, Nancy Sebright, Barbara Aldridge, PatsyLaugjinian, Peggy l-laar, Norma Harner, Claudia Straley, Elizabeth Snyder, Nancy Millar, Lois Warnick, Dorothy Biesecker, Gwendolyn Freed, Yvonne Ecker, Sandra Sipe, Rose Millhimes, llelen Stockham, eaa' Paw. Berry Hoff, Ramona Baker, Elaine Srerner, Marlene Congleton, Darlene Lawyer, Mildred Stair, Grace Xsinand, Juan Sipe, Barbara Leese, Elaine Luckabaugh. k as 6 EE fi e Future Hom QA Z7 S? 2 ru , eo, Ai Y-' oe I X 49 443 AQ5 D NEW YI' G43 em agam Ruth MI1lar, President Rose Millhimes, Vice-Pres. Nancy Millar, Secretary Peggy I-laar, Treasurer Nancy Sebrlght, Song leader Mary Louise Swope, Reporter Mrs. Mary Stock, Advisor 7. 71. 14. SITTING: Rose Millhimes, Alda Stambaugh, Peggy Haar Nancy Sebright, Mrs. Mary Stock, Ruth Millar, Nancy Millar Mary Louise Swope, Peggy Sentz. STANDING: JoAnn Humbert, Sally Bentzel, Genevieve Smith Grace Winand, Mary Jane Yingling, Eva Sager, Norma Harner Patsy Laughman, Mary Lou Chronister, Rosalie Laughman, Evelyn Iaughman, Mildred Stair, Patsy Garrett. of manga 52421 F29 fifff' 4 4 Q, , ,g-gf' , yn, . ., ,J ,. 4 .,!,, y ND?" f Q I if :Sl Aw 4 ..v- -"' -an., LQ r-:frk We ng-A , 'f 5 '., at ,- ffwl' is fK:,iii.l ,wfwflllawf g k. ..m"A V .x wi 5 ,gy v 3. Hr , ' A xp' 'f1,,.,--""W' fgaffiilif f.. s,:s11""74 , -4,Ulib5'z.x, H,.-Aw A J fl- ,, W gufwf' A I ,,.,w-. M 4 wwf- , J' .,,puP""'W ' , , M, ,, W... M ,,,, an wwf" ' vwqilfn '43 il' 5 f '. 'Pm'-hw -..., da., V W W QW! N . igzigs ,ij D f R Salad 'Q 3 THE NURSERY SCHOOL is part of the practical experience gained by the girls in the VOCATIONAL HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT. For half a day during the short course unit on child care, the girls get valuable experience in caring for the pre-school children, feeding them, telling stories and teaching them social give-and-take and games. It Jann Al L O In Recognition of: V' -Q g g 1 ARLAN REYNOLDS Q Outstanding in his work in Vocational Agri- , culture, Arlan has distinguished himself as .mm 1.. Reynolds, New 01101113 mg, school student, was 'WMU nssov. s. sav1nssb0nd'1'1lQ'F gvenjng at the annual Bears Finn- PresidentAAdams-Franklin F. F. A. anion qkgner at Lancaster ll mg dogg:-me ben Job Of . ,W ,,,,.....A----f " President'New Oxford High F. F.A. Penna. Keystone Farmer Winner-Sears Swine Award Q RICHARD HERE? wtNNFR- XER DEGREE i v Q ' x ER AREA FAN PFNNA, KFY.TOxE FARJ lds Ai-lan Reyno Hman 1955-56 Secretary Penna, State F.F.A. wmtam BOSS George Grim 88 rs-'1 -.- ..... E glam 4553?-5 Future Farmers gf ew foam STANDING: Ray Shank, Larry Feeser, Donald Cromer, Clair Herr, Mr. John L. Kratzert, Eddie Leister, Philip Nell, George Morningstar, Ray Cooley. SITTING: Glenn Decker, Harry Merrell, Wayne Stock, Robert Diehl, Arlan Reynolds, William Bosserman, Larry Baker, Harold Millhimes, David Costella. KNEELING: Donald Geeting, Donald Miller, Raymond Wildasin, John Furhman, Robert Miller, Iames Monath, Ralph Feeser. 7l674'NlGpC0fl6f66dl4 America 60460 ' Arlan Reynolds, President Larry Baker, Vice'President William Bosserman, Secretary George Grim, Treasurer David Costella, Reporter Robert Diehl, Sentinel Philip Nell,' Chaplain John L. Kratzert, Advisor 'T-3'-TIP W3 ' ,lm 'f". xy .' fl! Zo I ' 6571 9 Q 0 " 4' 4 A 2 : ..:, 5 0' S 4- QI" 5 X , l u XJ 89 fe, Clair Herr sanding a lamp base A Sophomore group cooperate in assembling a coffee table leather Handr craft Display lv" ffm and Ronald Hankey adds a finishing touch 911.7 .Xu Juniors at work in the "Arts" Shop George Baber and Gary Cassar sanding 90 1 'Q 'Q N 20.04 WWW Senior boys in the Indas rial Arts Shop Eddie Walton checks a joint fit Kenneth Baugher uses a bar clamp Harold and Allen Flickinger team up to assemble a table David Higinbotham using a band saw Jan Sponseller glues up k 4 FA h ,ww-4mze1fJVv'9" W ff H 4 g I' 5 , 3 A ,, ,..-,,.,q W M 'P - if ,,,,, ,W .. ,,W,.N....w,n,...4afmJmg, . 5 avr .H+ 1 'J ' ' " 5 .............-u-n........ 40 1 Lllll-U L ' U11 in ,, I f s M QV Q Ja' 44 4224. L S S 4, X 4. f o. Y WSW -",af'3 AQ 1 I 4' O W. . 2'-M - "B, ! I . , o L.. F , fa Q 1 , , 8 .. 'wif Mya, an Ai 1 5 f-'bf l . nf A A V 1- -.N S" e '5-,Q it A" :QI 'Qi 11. s ir? f .f'1 -' 13.31" - 5 Squad Evelyn Bream Peggy Haar Priscilla Yohe Betty Snyder Nancy Millar Gwenny Freed Myrna Bream Rose Millhimes Ruth Ann Nace SITTING: Joan Dockey Q Gloria Krug ' CN .1 gala' Wanda, STANDING fLeft to Righty sara Kitzmilier, Mgr. Ruth Miiuumes, Mgr. Betty Snyder Gwenny Freed Nancy Millar Seadofw aaa! if Y , ,pf 1 i . 45 2 3 gi if 'Ms Jw' dx , X H , . Ji I f ,Ng . , . - Y.. ,s 1 ' ' K ,,v x 3 ff 'SHE Q f 1 I, . A 43' if A' 1 V QQQ '15 ,gm .pm if if 4 an ima vfvgm , ' ' i " 1 I V 74' ,. . -- f., K 1 f A j xxmir ww l S Sz. Wd xml XQYXW, ,wg 10" -M r':.1'i':, 1w1wo1W"':::',,ymv1fm' fa? + wsiwxwgwwd pm' oi 6:mzvWf3g5,?::Q vdgavoxggilogi, vuggiif m w"'n 'S' 'D -f1"d,.m 'Jail us 'wdsanl N946 .,,ei95:,,xc rw' 'W' mf- w dwtptivvsdbba 1-VA ram' wW':T-"'::i"'m0- 'ffwfi-v""'3v"""w rw""'vWw f"""fQ www' l aww S nw' www aw Berry Snyder ' winner of the girls' ronmey Helen Stocl-cham - runner-up "" 7411. 70.44 www George Spangler and ' Richard Herr - boys' champ 91. We Betty Sager - runner'up and Johnny Winebrenner - second place Betty Hoff ' Ir'Hi champion 99 Clair Herr ' Ir-Hi boys' winner edduu SEATED Left to Right Charlotte Orndorff Susan Lemmon, Darlene Sponseller, Secretary-Treasurerg Alda Stambaugh President Joan Dockey V1ce Presidentg Helen Stockham, Patsy Laughman. STANDING: Robert Snyder Dorothy Deatrick Mrs Mary Stock, Sponsorg Peggy Yinglirlg. Judy Hash, Janice Myers. 'Wada of D 7064401 CHARLOTTE ORNDORFF The Voice of Democracy Contest, an annual event sponsored by the Hanover Junior Chamber of Commerce, was won this year by Charlotte Orndorff, Class of 1957. Charlotte first competed with the members of the Junior and Senior English classes, and with Edwin Starner, Class of '56, competed against the school winners from the Hanover area. The essay, written on the topic "I Speak for Democracy" was read for broadcast over Radio Station WHVR, Hanover. The tape re- cording of Char1otte's essay has been forwarded for com- petition in the Pennsylvania State Contest. f N udidam AdV1SOI eduor Co edltor Advxsor Susan Lemmon ASSISIBDI Eduor Joan Dockey News Eduor Newspaper 5644 A ,: 55' , i ii v h 'f'Q:f44n vfff 7 a 7 m ' VAJNI I if , 35312-4 :gt-'Q-1, ,-gf, mb L A . 1 gf, if ., 'Y' ft ' Ma. vb +1 , A f W' SY 'ni Y 1 x 1 tk Us as il Q' , t . r ' Q 'L x 4 ll Q f v w 'M 4 'iff 1 5 x W Y . 2' r L 45 fb A - 1 , E 2 . 1, Q M , S I I 4 , I , ,. V , I 9 Jw' 0 V' V 5,5 BQ., ug'- 9, 4? E I' I it ' , , .tl 1 3 1 E. W M, WP' 'mi '- fi X 4, 60.5, 5 win' if V4 3 H fr T W A wus vw.- -u-up :R L M2 I f we i s . 8 ff: w v z 3 av S '3 1 sf 1 YF HM, .4-nd - The Spectators f Eg, g,t..i 744 King and Zaeav King - David Meckley Queen ' Virginia Rudisill Page ' Kenneth Simpson 7kP' Gayle Hersh Attendants: Lois Sterner Victoria Auchey "mf, va," .w an gm sea.: Gayle Hersh THE CHRISTMAS DANCER The Sun Dancers Davy Crocketts The Leaf Dancers CLASS OF '55 Back Row fleft ro rightj: Andrew Lahman Richard Herr Terrence Echer Center Row: Betty Griesr Darlene Srambaugh Ted Srough John Haverstick Diane Myers Front Row: Howard Bream Jack Chambers William Korver Boyd Sieg George Spangler Jay Dough awulaoj EDNA STAIR A Home Economics Award NFW OXFORD LIONS CLUB ANNUAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS 4 , i RICHARD HERR Agriculture Award 09Ns DORIS FA IR Commercial Award 'I 9' 107 fRllA1k09 xl pm I A 4 5 45 L' 3 Xu 6, ya , Maid of Honor QBetty Greistj Crowns the Queen I 74a Zueea 4 ecum! FRONT ROW: BACK ROW: Victoria Kline - Flower Girl Ruth Anna Roland Diane Myers Darlene Stambaugh Dick Sharrer - Crown Bearer Kathryn Costellano Edna Stair Diane Bly, Flower Girl Patricia Mummert Barbara Sipe Anna Biesecker Ramona Wallen, May Queen Betty Griest Thelma Bentzel Jean Brown WWDW7 ' 746 21660 Ramona Wallen SRM? fright half of photoj Sitting: IANET FLICKINGER NADINE COSTELLA BARRY MECKLEY Standing: SHELBY HUNTER Staff Sa Scaled BACK ROW: ROSE MILLHIMES GENEVIEVE SMITH EVA SAGER IUDIT H EC KER MIDDLE ROW: GRACE WINAND MILDRED STAIR ALDA STAMBAUGH MARY JANE YINGLING FRONT ROW: PATSY LAUGHMAN PEGGY SENTZ 'III - t Photo Editor JANET HERMAN Ass't Literary Ed. DARLENE LAWVER Literary Editor NANCY SEBRIGHT Photo Editor NANCY MILLAR 'f '1 pzaduation ELIZABETH SNYDER Sd.-dr GWENDOLYN FREED Wwe Zozo Um 1756 Edition A MEMENTO BOOSTERS K W Ehrhart New Oxford Pennsylvama John Menges New Oxford Pennsylvama Karl Hoffme1ster New Oxford Pennsylvama Rlchard B Bortner 315 Car11s1e Street Hanover Pennsylvanla J Keffel Surplus Store Hanover Pennsy1van1a Marty's Gr1l1 Hanover Pennsylvanla Bankert's Body Shop R D 5 Hanover Pennsylvanla N L Oyler Ant1ques L1nco1n Hlghway East Gettysburg Pennsylvama Gebhart's Weldmg 113 Carllsle Street New Oxford Pennsylvama East Ber11n Clothmg Store East Berhn Pennsylvama Frank1mP M111er "P1es New Chester Pennsylvama Sprlnger Motors Inc Hanover Pennsylvama Smyser's Card Shop 114 Broadway Hanover Pennsylvama Beck Barber Shop Hanover Pennsylvanla Sma11's Texaco Serv1ce Stat1on Hanover Pennsylvama GuyA Staub New Oxford Pennsylvanla Naugle's Qua11ty Frult New Oxford Pennsy1van1a Edward Baumgardner Jeweler Hanover Pennsylvama THOMPSON COLLEGE Comphments of 205 S George Street CLAUDE GRIM 81 SONS York Pennsylvarna Phone 2715 Masons Member Amerlcan Assoc1at1on of Commerc1a1 Colleges and Nat1ona1 Abbottstown Pennsy1van1a Federatlon of Pr1vate School Assoc1at1ons H2 ,I Dr. . . , , Dr. , , Dr. , , Dr' ' J : J ' ' 1 I J J I ' ' J I ' ' 3 J 1 ! i J I I . . . H - . ' D J ' I I J J J J i I ! ' 1 3 I 1 i J I I l 1 ' 1, 1 1 l . I I . RIIYALE DAIRY Home of Homogemzed VD M11k Also Chocolate Mllk Orange Drlnk Royale Ice Cream cater to School Cafeterlas Call Hanover 5163 209 I-hgh Street Hanover Pennsylvanla Comphments of FREIIF FEI ER FU ERAL IIIIME 302 Llncoln Way West New Oxford Pennsylvama WILLIAM II 'IIICK Masonry Contractor Masonry of All Klnds 118 Berlln Road New Oxford Pennsy1van1a Compllments of the EARL THEATER ' 0 We ' . and Social Affairs. O 'II3 IIIDERS LUNCH Da11y Short Orders 81 Sunday Speclaltles Comp11ments of II E WI EBIIENNEII C0 I C WIIIFSB SLI ES Motor Coach Charter Servlce for Groups and Partles to any Part 1n the Umted States Passenger Servlce Telephone 49 CIIIISS KEYS III ER Cross Keys New Oxford Pennsylvarua Good Food Servlce Cleanllness Courtesy Under same management SINCE 1937' Mr and Mrs JohnE George II4 0 0 I og o 9 0 I York Springs, 'Pennsylvania O H I . , I ' , I CONEWAGO CHAPTER FUTURE FARMER of AMERICA fr 3?-A Z op.-ng 9 S 1. X 5 ' ?"'1'-fi x x, O 0 New Oxford Hlgh School New Oxford Pennsylvama IVA C EWCRMER WHOLESALE CONFECTIONER Phone 3461 72 S Mam St Pme Grove P SPECIALISTS IN SEASONABLE ITEMS 115 'EERE' 1b:'.,',l+l.'f I.. 537: X 0 00 A B .ox 'mhbv 5 - nv . ' f 4 L 3 gag 5 J, X f - -x X ct sb L U . 1 J f x Y f JV' I ' , a. SHETTER'S DRIVE IN Root Beer Plzza P1e Under New Paper John Siam ROY M WILLIAM Ge ald Helwlg New Oxford Comphments LINCOLN SPEEDWAY Routel York Sprmgs Pennsylvarua Palntmg Floor F1l'11Sh11'1g Roofmg For Free Estunates Call Mr Roy M Wllhams Comphments of Candy IS a de11C1Ol.lS foo G eat some everyday for that Ounce HOE COMP Y New Oxford Pennsylvama .J Y- ' . I I Phone-York Springs 88r5 of I ' . . ,, . . . d ll 116 State and Interstate Charter Servlce .. -- -Q E mmmmzimaif - "'-i 'Hl"E"-use-mf Ll C0l.N BUS LINE Phone 9133 or 4500 Tours Anywhere m the Umted States or Canada Comphments of HEPPARD DIESELS D. H. HARRER and SON Dealers in Flour, Grain, Feed, Fertilizer, Cement, Bottled Gas Red Rose Hampton, Pa. Littlestown, Pa. l Guaranteed Feeds Phone 4-6872 Phone: 14 New Chester, Pa. Granite, Pa. Phone 4-6631 Phone Gettysburg 53OY 117 BECKER'S GARAGE Dealer Case Farm Equlpment General Auto Repalrmg COne Stop SGFVICC, 864 Broadway Hanover P Phone 2 2152 YORK COUNTY FARMS Quallty Pennsylvama Eggs Honegger Leghorn Chlcks Complete Feed Servlce Phone 3 5143 Hanover Pa ELMER E WENTZ SONS Square and Baltlmore Streets Hanover Pennsylvan1a Phone 9 1 72 Home Furmshlngs G1ft Items HOFFMAN S KC S Gunnett Owner! To1let Art1cles Sundr1es Candles 28 Frederlck St Hanover Pa The Prescrlptlon Store Center Square Hanover Pennsylvama NACE'S SALES AND SERVICE Hanover Pennsylvanla Ne c Chl E lna Hoover Amana B C SCHUCHART INC Mob1l Petroleum Products Phone 8212 Elm Avenue Hanover Pennsylvama SWAM ELECTRIC CO INC Electrlcal Engmeers 81 Contractors Industr1al Commerclal Domestlc 111 York St Hanover Pa , a. - - I STAUB'S DRUG STORE Hot Point-Maytag I' ' ' fl I na C -' BEEDER GARAGE Cad111ac 8t Oldsmoblle Sales 81 Serv1ce 425 East M1dd1e Street Hanover Pennsylvarna TAR ER GRAI and FEED Hampton Pennsylvanla Phone New Oxford 4 4832 Phone Resldent 4 8715 Custom Grmdlng and Mlxlng PENN MAR UPPLY Incorporated 1100 Carhsle Street Hanover Pennsylvama Phone 5995 Hanover's Most and Complete Shoppmg Stop most Everythlng for the House Inslde and Out Compllments of CRAEB 'l'Il0PlCAL TREAT Hanover Cross Keys Road Custard 8m Snack Bar T19- Q o "Full - O - Pep" - "Star Brand" Feeds H ' H HA1 ' - - ll Q For: Furniture Sr Rugs see WENTZ 'S Gettysburg GE TTYSBURG AUTO PARTS COMPANY Jobbers and Dlstrlbutors Phones 1200 1201 1202 535 York Street Gettysburg Pa BOLLINGER SHOE STORE Center Square New Oxford Pennsylvanla JOHN H HAAR Bu11der and General Contractor Free Est1mate Phone 4 7741 R D 1 New Oxford P G LINCOLN LOGS RUSTIC BAR " e Show Place of Pa 'It's Dlffere t 1zza P1e Itahan Spaghettl Rooms Food Drmks Dan W Greenewalt Proprletor ettysburg R D 5 Pennsylvanla ELLSWORTH ELECTRIC Abbottstown Pennsylvama Conte Brothers HORSE'N BUGGY MUSEUM U S Route 15 North Gettysburg Pennsylvanla Amer1ca's Fmest Collectlon of Horse Drawn V6h1C1CS Comphments of KOUNTRY KITCHEN 114 Mlles West of New Oxford Pennsylvama I . I . , I . . ., , a Th ." I - nil P. . . . I 1 ' . I 2 120 ERVICE CE TER "Fr1end1y Servlce from People You Know R D Holtry and R L Huffman T1res Tubes 434 Llncoln Way West Lubrlcatlon ACCGSSOPIGS New Oxford Pennsylvanla Washmg DILLER WIERMAN INC Plumblng Heatmg Contractor Sheetmetal Work Phone 3871 Hanover Pennsylvanla P RK H0'l'EL Enjoy the Food at Our New Lounge Flne Foods and DFIHKS 'Sea Food 1S Our Specla y" Phone 4 8781 Comphments of your TEXACO DEALER Mc .l0H F DUTTERA ,. Telephone 4 7261 228 L1nco1n Way East New Oxford Pennsylvama 121 I - - vu Q I On The Square New Oxford, Pennsylvania ' ' ' 1t - i I ANTHONY'S SHOE STORE Red Cross S1I'I'1pl9X Flexles Shoes for Chlldren 18 Balt1more Street Hanover Pennsylvama Queen Quallty Cobblers E A SMITH OCCO Dlstrlbutor Mlnerals Llvecell Yeast Culture V1t B 12 Complex for all L1VeStOCk Hanover R D 4 Pennsylvan1a Phone 5 0832 Hanover's Oldest Radlo SL Electrlc Store E J J GOBRECHT Hanover Pennsylvama 1203 Chestnut Street Phone 9129 Records and Hobbles 41 Frederlck Street Phone 29125 Comphrnents WEISHAAR BROS Electrlc Appllances 37 Balt1more Street Gettysburg Pennsylvarua Phone 125 Compllrnents of W R BURNS 81 SON EHRHART CONRAD CO INC Wholesale Grocerles Hanover Pennsylvanla Phones 3830 and 3839 DUNCAN S PHARMACY Center Square New Oxford "The Rexall Store" Heatlng Plurnblng A1r Cond1t1on1ng 240 Thlrd Street Hanover Pennsylvanla Eugene Grle st CONTRACT 81 CHARTERED BUS SERVICES Phone 4 6745 New Oxford, Pennsylvama -L I ll - - ll - ' ' ' of T. V. -Photo-Electric Supplies - ' ' I . - . , . I . I P . I I - 3 122 R ADAMS COUNTY FARM BUREAU U0-UP ASS'N Feeds, Seeds, FeI't1l1Z9I" Petroleum Products FARMERS and MERUHANTS RANK AERU UIL UUMPANY of 9 9 ' Y 3 1 1 Oxford, nia THELMA'S CANDY SHOP 102 Broadway Hanover Pa WENTZ OIL SERVICE INC Heatmg Plumbmg Electrlcal Heatlng O11s 111 Baltlmore St Hanover Pa Phone 5911 BOOK MART STATIONERS Plaza Restaurant Gettysburg Pennsylvanla HANOVER MOTOR CO 519 Broadway Phone 9241 Hanover A A A Towmg W111yS Jeep Agent Dellard W Relchart Proprletor Dan1e1L Balr MGIVIHM Balr Manager Phone 4151 HANOVER JUNK COMPANY Secondary and Useable Raw Mater1a1s Hanover Pennsylvama MELVIN J SHEFFER INC Estabhshed 1893 Farmmg Equlprnent and Refrlgeratlon Hanover P Llttlestown P EARL SL BILL MOTOR CO 'The Cleanest Cars 1n Town 317 Car11s1e Street Hanover Pennsylvama Comphrnents of GROFT AND HULL Agrlcultural Llmestone Hanover R D 5 Pennsylvama Earl W Phone 5 0164 , . ' I , . Sn I , Pa F I ' .Y . 1 , . , . . , a. ' , a. I I 1 I - I ' ll I D ' 1 ' ' 1 " 124 WEEE and WOLFE SCORE HIGH Yes Webb 8: Wolfe sportmg goods scores hlgh everywhere on the d1amond gr1d1ron courts or l1nks all year round And here s why' When top qual1ty nat1ona1ly adver t1sed sportmg goods 1S comblned outf1tt1ng teams and 1ndiv1duals w1th equxprnent and clothmg for the1r favor1te sport the result 1S a host of sat1sf1ed customers Rely with conf1dence on WEBB 8: WOLFE York Pennsylvama See the STARS Under the Stars NATURE S OWN AIR CONDITIONED CROSS KEYS DRIVE I THEATER One M1le East of New Oxford OnU S 30 'kB98Ut1fUI Woodland Sett1ng W'Largest Screen 1n the State 14'Latest R C A ProJect1on 4fModern Cafeterla THE TRI COUNTY FAMILY THEATRE Compllments MCCLARI PLA TIC PLEXIGLAS DISTRIBUTORS or Schools Industry Plex1glas Sheets Rods Tubes Phone 4 7241 R.D. 1 New Oxford, Pa. PEOPLES EA K HA 0VER THE BANK FOR THE PEOPLE COMMERCIAL AND SAVINGS ACCOUNTS Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Depos1t Insurance Corp. Center Square Hanover, Pa. A IN with over 15 years of experience in - - of E V' H f I25 ADAMS COUNTY MOTORS Your Adams County Ford Dealer A Good Place To Deal Gettysburg Pennsylvama Phone 273 Open ' 11 9 HANOVE R CONC RETE PRODUCTS CO Manufacturers of Concrete Blocks A E Chromster Offlce Phone 4272 R D 5 Hanover Pa Phone 4 7723 RICHARD L CRABBS GENERAL HAULING Llme Crushed Stone Sand Cement D New Oxford HANOVER BUILDING SUPPLY COMPANY INC Translt Mlxed Concrete Phone 5125 THE COFFMAN FISHER CO DEPARTMENT STORE L1nco1n Square Gettysburg Pa CENTRAL CHEMICAL CORP "Farm R1te Fert111zer Phone 514 Gettysburg Pennsylvanla MC DERNHTT BROS Ready Mlxed Concrete Concrete Dram Plpe General Concrete Work Phone 1043 llf no Answer Call 8361 Box 231 Gettysburg P E DONALD SCOTT John Deere Farm Machlnery Sales 81 Serv1ce Gettysburg Pennsylvanla Phone 322W Rear 223 Baltlmore St H H . ti R. . 1 , P . . a Box 156 Hanover, Pennsylvanla . . . yy I , ' , 3- u I 4 w 126 SCHMUCK CRMPA Y A QAM Lumber Bu11d1ng Matemals Rallroad Street Hanover Perma Estabhshed 1852 NUNDA FRUIT FARM THE HOME OF FINE FRUIT "An apple a day 1S ea1th's best way Hanove r P R 5 Cornphments HA 0VER HARDWARE C0 SPORTING GOODS DUPONT PAINTS RRRERT L D0 RRUE JEWELER Tunely G1fts for all Occas1ons KEEPSAKE DIAMONDS HAMILTON AND ELGIN WATCHES Phone 4 8981 14 Center Square Hanove I' Peflflsywaflia New Oxford P ennsylvanla 1. - l U. vu ru . h .ll STUART A. LUCABAUGH, Prop. , H., . 0 of 0 127 F Compliments of ARTHUR MYERS JR. Floor Cleaning and Waxing Service Residential Commercial Industrial Phone 4-6936 209 Carlisle St. New Oxford CONNIE'S RESTAURANT Home Cooking 61 Short Orders New Oxford FIDELIS LINGG Plumbing and Heating New Oxford Pennsylvania SMITH'S AUTO SALES High Street New Oxford Pa Compliments of S SL S SUNOCO Phone 4 7191 New Oxford Compliments of COULSON'S RESTAURANT 336 Popular Street Hanover O SAGE ORANGE NOVELTY SHOP Birdhouses Wall Shelves Lawn Ornaments Window Boxes Small Reed Baskets Hot Pads John H Winand Route 5 Hanover Pa CClosed Sundays! Good Wishes From HJOh.I'11E Funk BAR 30 RANCH R 1 New Oxford Pa I "" I I . , Pa , Pa Y - Z , . ' fl , - D. , 129 D K HER HEY CRUSHED STONE SAND CONCRETE BLOCKS Carhse St Ext'd Hanover P THE ETTLI EGINDCERY CUMPA Y I C SUPPLIES or HOTELS RESTAURANTS INSTITUTIONS BAKERIES and DAIRIES 21 23 West Phlladelphla Street York, Pennsylvarua O O FILL GROUND -- TOP SOIL -- COAL -- CINDERS I - 1 a 9 f i l l 1 L. D. SLOTHOUR Plumbing and Heating Roofing and Spoutmg Phone 2517 East Berlin MUMMERT'S GARAGE Chrysler SL Plymouth Dodge Trucks Phone 2771 East Berlin Pa In East Berlin 1t's LAU S CUT RATE and VARIETY STORE For All Your Shopping Needs HOME SERVICE SL SUPPLY CO East Berlin Admiral Gt Zenith T V NE LL 'S FOOD MARKET " ome Dresse Meats SlVHTH'S CLEANERS Phone 2361 East Berlin Pa Lint free cling free cleaning All Work Done ln our own Plant Pick up and Delivery WEAVER HARDWARE your Pittsburg Paint Dealer Complete Line of Hardware Houseware Guns and Ammunltion next to Post Office Phone 2592 East Berlin DANNER'S INSURANCE SL REAL ESTATE SERVICE Nothing too big or too small for us to Insure or Sell East Berlin Pa Phone 2336 ' , Pa. ' I H d ll , . East Berlin, Pennsylvania , , . . H D ' ll ' , Pa. I 130 THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR QUALITY l.ElGH'l'ER'S FURNITURE - FLOOR COVERING L1nco1n Way West Phone 4 6231 New Oxford Pa COMPLIMENTS C LIVI G T0 LEI HARDT BRO Your Favor1te Furnlture Store SIMMONS BEAUTYREST MATTRESSES 28 Baltlmore St 1n Hanover Near the Square MARKEL TYPEWRITER ERVICE TYPEWRITE RS ADDING MACHINES OFFICE EQUIPMENT For the Best m Sales and SEFVICG Call 4 6281 Lmcolnway East KExtendedD New Oxford Pa 31 of E. . N, INC. KELVINATOR REFRIGERATORS I Q T i HEUSNER'S Servlce Statlon and Restaurant One M11e North of Hampton Route 94 Atlantlc Products Wolf'S Head O1l Phone New Oxford 4 4831 SHULTZ'S DELICATESSEN Stands at Markets 1n Hanover Sl York CROSS KEYS FURNITURE CO AND CROSS KEYS CARPET CO "H1gh Quallty Furnlture and Carpets at Low PTICCS Compl1ments of Your Bulck Dealer CM M Mountjoyl MELHORN BUICK INC 316 Broadway Bu1ck Better Buy Used Cars HANOVER CLOTHING CO 42 44 Carllsle Street Phoenlx Hose Champ Hats Saxon Slacks Bud Cooper Hanes JIM'S FROZEN CUSTARD Frozen Custard Mllk Shakes Sodas Cones Quarts Pmts Gallons Hampton Pa Comphrnents FEESERS TAVERN Hanover R D 5 BECKY'S BEAUTY SHOPPE Rebecca R1fe Propr1etor 6 Hanover Street New Oxford Telephone 4 4551 Speclallzlng 1n Breck an Helene Curtls Permaments 4C1osed Mondays! 0 I . ' ll - ll ll Cupper Clothes--Essley shirts Plgles of ' ' - H . . . . d , . 0 - ll I. I 132 Always Ask For PHOT0 UPPLY DELVALE 52 Chambersburg Street MA AGE T C0 Phone 175 tt 1 Ge Ysburg Pennsy Varna Gettysburg Pennsylvama Comphments GCMRPYO 133 L DAVE' The Complete Camera Service 'Always Good Tasten of I O H G I GEO W LILLICH 8: SON Feed Gram Fert111zer Cement Phones East Ber11n 28 R 3 New Oxford 4 2171 York Sprmgs 3 R 1 Comphrnents GEORGE H ALLAMONG AGENT Prudent1a1 Insurance Co Arnerlca 100 Llncolnway West New Oxford Pa Phone 4 7521 KLUNK S HARDWARE Pamt Hardware Houseware 545 Ma1n Street McSherrystown P Etc Comphm ents HENRY E LANDIS Kasco Feeds Abbottstown Pa East Ber11n 28 R 4 Comphments J J BAKER Insurance Agency East Ber11n Pa Phone 2527 KUHN AUTO SALES 8: SERVICE Dodge Cars Job Rated Trucks Plymouth Cars 765 Car11s1e Street Hanover P Phone 3705 Cornphrnents NELL S MEATS Rear 9 Hlgh Street HIGH STREET MARKET GFOCCPIGS Meats Vegetables Frults Frosted Goods and Assorted Cand1es W G Sxmpson Prop Phone 4 8946 New Oxford Pa Phone 4 8941 New Oxford . . of of ' I of , a. ' Phone: Hanover 5400 Of . 1 a- of . ' I . . ' , . I I Il34 ' RICHARD F FEESER FRED W BOWMAN Owner Owner Everythlng Muslcal STENGER MUSIC HRU E 110 Baltlmore Street Hanover Pennsylvarua Phone 3 6243 Complete Repalr Department STENGER BAND INSTRUMENT REPAIR SERVICE CLEANING POLISHING RE PAIRING OVERHAULING REBUILDING A11 Types Band Instruments 15E Walnut St Hanover Pa LAU DRY CLEANING TRRAGE JRR EGGS POULTRY Phone 4 8331 New Oxford, Pa. 135 TEELE' R. . EDLE GREENEBAUM'S The Home of Good Clothes nce 1910 Hanover Pa RRIS St S Pheasant Farm Gettysburg Pa ROHRBAUGH GENERAL STORE Phone 4 8961 Car11s1e Street New Oxford G1ve Glfts That Last from MARKE TRONE JEWELER 44 Baltunore Street FOR A REAL TREAT EAT U T Z S Potato Ch1ps Hanover Pa Phone 4210 O L D M I L L I N N Spec1a11z1ng Fr1ed Sprmg Ch1cken Country Ham Also Noon Day Speclals New Oxford P W E SELL SPORTING GOODS 210 W Chestnut St Compllrnents Hanover Pa I BLOUGH MANUFACTURING CO I H A T I P E Si I ' , Pa. l Hanover, Penna. in : ' I ai o f 136 SHEETS RRUS and SHEETS TRUCK CENTER JUHN S TEETER and SUN INC NEW UXEURU ALUMINUM CUMPANY MANUFACTURERS OF FINE ALUMINUM, BRASS AND BRONZE CASTING O Farm Equipment Motor Trucks Refrigeration SALES 8: SERVICE C O M P L I M E N T S ROND SANITARY PRUDUCTS CU. York, Pa. MANAGER, Box 23, Gettysburg, Pa. 0 Q 0 Crushed Stone A11 Sizes COMPLIM of I ..I 137 Compliments of Compliments SHERMANS CLOTHING STORE Outfitters For The Entire Family 32-34 Carlisle Street Hanover Pa of. MYERS DRUG STORE on the square Hanover P Compliments OLD QUAKER PRE TZEL Lincoln Way East New Oxford Pa Phone 4 6411 Fred G Klunk Prop O B 8: S DEPARTMENT and 5 81 0 STORE The Store That Has Everything n the Square New Oxford Pa C ompliments O BRIEN DAIRY Homogenized Milk Phone 4 4156 New Oxford Pa LINCOLN WAY SALES Sn SERVICE C R Chubb Proprietor General Auto and Truck Repairs Phone New Oxford 4 4023 MASEMER S CUSTOM FLOORS Formica Sink Tops Plastic Wall Tile Linoleum and Floor Tile Carpets 515 Baltimore Street Phone 3 3262 Hanover Pa MENCHEY MUSIC SERVICE 18 York Street Hanover Pa Menchey Means Music 1 - , H. of I co. 1 - I of Chocolate Milk Cream Gasoline or Diesel Engines D ll ' ll L L.- I 138 HPORTRAITS OF DISTINCTIONH EDMU ITS STUHIO 25 York Street Hangver P Telephone 71165 Off1c1a1 Photographer OI' 1956 MEMENTO EW HXFHHII HIGH CHAPTER MAKERS nm A N g YI Our a1rn 1S symbo11zed by the house ln the center sup ported by two hands whlch means that the future homes of Amer1ca are ln the hands of 1ts youth COMPLIMENTS NEW OXFORD ATHLETIC CLUB I39 , 3. f O F 92 Q0 1 only 5? 2 S, E, za W !:Iv ' I Q fj :nu . X Q wp, ocm Itfatlfx A d il H SHULLEY AND WILLIAMS WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS Compliments of Fresh Fru1ts Vegetables FARMER S STATE BANK Sea Food Phone 1 235 Gettysburg Pennsylvama Hanover Pennsylvama Compllments RIDDLE S APPLIANCE G E Dealer Hanover Pennsylvan1a Compllments TOOTS SERVICE STATION Abbottstown Pennsylvanl GENTZLER GRAIN 8: FEED CO Dealers Gram Feed Fert1l1zer Cement Pamt and Lumber Phone 2672 East Berlm STERNERS GROCERY Inc Spec1a11z1ng 455 Carllsle St Hanover Pa C o m pl 1 m e nts F E CREMER FLORIST Hanover Pa LOOKENBILL GROCERY Phone 46141 Lmcoln Way West New Oxford Pennsylvama I . I D of of I 1 I 0 I in ln Fresh Meats and Groceries . , , . . , . . s 3 o ' ,Pa, l 1 140 UNION EMBLEM COMPA Y HIGH SCHOOL AND FRATERNITY JEWELRY FELT GOODS AND COMMENCEMENT STATIONERY Palmyra Pennsylvanla 141 P, H, NISSLEY, Manager I 1 ROYAL JEWELERS On the Square, Hanover, Pa. Use Your Credit Open an Account PROWELL'S MILLINERY "Hats 8: Handbags of Distinction" 5 1 Frederick Street Phone 6 115 Hanover P ABBOTTSTOWN GRAIN FEED STORE Manufacturers of Dairy St Poultry Feeds Abbottstown P Phone E B 29 R 6 16 C ornpliments BENNS MEN 8: BOYS SHOP Baltimore St Hanover Pa STOUGH 8: LINGG MOTORS 1 8 Sales and Service C ROSS KE YS ATLANTIC SERVICE H O Callohan Prop Welding and General Repair Compliments VICTORY RESTAURANT 112 Broadway Hanover Penna Compliments WINTER GARDENS New Oxford Pa , 3. KL . I of , a. 4 G . . , . ll ' ' of of , L . t l 142 C omphrnents Contractor 8: Bullder Phone 4341 4531 Taneytown Maryland 143 ALLE F. FEE ER Your store of excluswe fash1ons 1 10 B roadway Hanover Dancmg P1CI'11C Grove Roller Skatmg R1des FOREST PARK A Karst Manager Hanover Pennsylvama Reduced Rates for Plcmcs and Outmgs Phone 3 5286 RENOVAH HOME SUPPLY Crosley Apphances Sylvan1a Televlslon 27 York Street COLUMBIA JEWELRY CO Center Square St Broadway Hanover P W M Nace Mana er Compllments of WALTERSDORF FURNITURE 219 Balto St Hanover Pa Hanover s Most Modern Furn1ture as Apphance Store Comphments SAMEUL SHIRK 8: SONS Hardware Pa1nts Sportmg Goods 40 Broadway Hanover Pa NEW OXFORD FURNITURE STORE G E Apphances 333 Llncoln Way West New Oxford, Pennsylvama Phone 4 7781 GLENN L BREAM Oldsmoblle Cadlllac G M C Trucks 100 Buford Ave Gettysburg, Pa, at - 1 8: 1 3-- Phone 4566 Hanover, Pa, ' - 1 g CO. Of ' I I 4 144 Ln--af'--'-"""' l-4 S - -8 ',4, f -f ,A X 'lah 66. MX X 'W'-f AM 1 f-f ,ff 3 ab f X I f.f,u X "'14,4a-A'!'fq'- lib qi-if IK! i' x. vi' THEL P KO0KE CUMPA Y Archltect Engmeers New Oxford, Permsylvama 145 . ,Al . j ' f ' - . . , ... 47 ff ' " - --L' f-F5 , N, - ' DFA J ,x 'X' 'im ' 4 --- ' ,.v ' . 1 Rhgf,-is 'K Y, ,fzf , 1 , 1' .,: xi K xx - Jigs' . -::.,:. " MSX, ix ' .. 4 -'Z 4-yi' Xxx M -YM-- 1 ,-4,.g- 5. 1 X- X'- V--"' V 15-2? -' 111.- - - 'w-- X ' ,,' " ' I 1' . - ,- ' .:.' ,Y ' 1 F 1,-L. I ,4 ' Q.. V .K ' ' "' ,' v 1: 11 7, - - A . . i-1 ' 4--'.. ' ,l . , 4 ,-,:5E!1 1 1 - fd. . A , , A A, , , . . - 7:5 X , . -1' 4 "', - Q-4' -ff" X ,,-. , , , . ., ,- 5 ,,,,, -, ,W X - . g - g,'- .-, V ,- -x,x 1,6 'E -'- Q. I - 4 A of '4 , - , . , 1 4 - 4 , ,- . . ' -. -g A 4 , f '-' ,, X K , . ENN., :T , . f, 1, L N T -14, ,ff ' ' x 5 ,g lg' ,X , X X, , I O When ln Hanover shop at 33 BALTIMORE STREET The Home of Famous Labels C ompllrn ents ATLANTIC SERVICE STATION G1z Kalser Prop Cornpllments NOELS MEAT MARKET Self SCPVICG Regma Noel Prop Carllsle Street New Oxford An Exclus1ve Selectlon GIFTS Make Your Shopplng NEW OXFORD GIFT SHOP ALLEN S PRESSELL FLORISTS Flowers are Fashlonable Always 637 Broadway Hanover P We Telegraph Flowers Phone 3 5277 CLAIR W ROHRBAUGH Heatmg Plumbmg Spoutmg Phone 4 7712 New Oxford P LLOYD S OF HANOVER Men s Women s and Chlldren s Wear Jewelry 10 Carllsle Street Hanover Penna Compllments BITTINGER S MARKET 101 East Chestnut St SAM M KRAMER, Proprletor HaHOve12P Q s Q 1 I . of of ' ' Of I . , I I A Pleasure At The I . . 1 av . - , a. ' f of - a. ' A . .I . I 'I46 COMPLIMENTS ALWI E BRICK CUMPA Y BRICKMAKERS SINCE 1851 New Oxford Pa 147 OF "OUR SECOND CENTURY" I J Typewrite rs L' Adding Machines C, L. EICHOLTZ CO. 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Suggestions in the New Oxford High School - Memento Yearbook (New Oxford, PA) collection:

New Oxford High School - Memento Yearbook (New Oxford, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


New Oxford High School - Memento Yearbook (New Oxford, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


New Oxford High School - Memento Yearbook (New Oxford, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


New Oxford High School - Memento Yearbook (New Oxford, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


New Oxford High School - Memento Yearbook (New Oxford, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


New Oxford High School - Memento Yearbook (New Oxford, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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