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gyms: 'A ' , ,.: k, A ,S YQ I I 5i3925?!i'il4?5jVJ W . ,a,MfW, Y vii f A L X L , L j V .,,,.g V,,Mf L.,gA, 0 ,X - M .. , - W 5 Q x I ,. ' K, , ,,1 ' ' " gig V V V pil, IJ S ,. K A ' , , , F, M, Azz., r .mwgalg 0 I Z W 5 It 7 Z . ,Y A 'wdfwz s w W + W . , 1 ,.f A 1 ,. ,J L 1 T, .vw W Whggm - T - VM I t M M ' . sp' X, -I fl' - - A ,W 5 A ,V WA A . L v jr 4, Mfr Q Q. 0 X . I my ,Q,.,,.TM, g, , My WW' ' ff " L P , Wm ,,,g sw, '.,f , A .gl :GTV . wiffwsfl ,.y.,,-A be ff: A .wx vx x ,rf ,JUL 4 59 -5 we .fx E . E yi: 'IK if fi .ie is fr ,-, is ,Hg fl Q2 5, vt M3 5,1 Mfg his, 5 if QE 3 K ,. 5 Nl! FOREWARD Tradition tells us that svhool :lays are the happiest period of 0ne's life. W'ith this in miml, the NIEMENTO staff has vompileel this book to show our high sehool life and spirit as it is. Ullr efforts will have been well spent and our handiwork a suecess if the turning of these pages in after years will bring the laughter and tears of fond reminiscence. lntn your hands we place this 1951 issue of MEMENTO with its mirads of memories. The Editors NEW OXFORD HIGH SCHOOL NEW OXFORD PENNSYLVANIA .-...V-. ,,.,,,....N....',. .......W.., J --- -.- 1. Ml'1MEN'I'0 ST,XFI". 'Fhvso uw Liu an dm h mds th xt budt thu pun L round Se, 1 Ivft to right. uw: .Imam Slwllgfh, X1 ux Hull lm wut 0 A. um lung 1' 111 K1 uh Hay Aidridgm-, Mildwd I-'usa .Iuyu 1 Q N S n x Imxm an 1 Gable, Alma Milhimvs. Iiulw1't Sdn 1 Ixmt Hutt 1 X Peggy Iivymdd, Mzu'gzu'et lmum Ioum Q1 min 1 x :wc 1 mul N 1 Lx I IL Kimmvmzxn amd Rodney Iluftlxckm un not cm tm plktlllt M EMENTO EDITORIAL STAFF. The hzmds that did the plzmning: bcdung' to Mr. H. Ii. Bryan, advismt Allivm' Krug, busimfss lT'I2lH2lgI0l'1 Vutric-in, Lvib, uflitur-i11-chiefgand HziyAld1'irlgv, editor. sift 4-if wwfd,-.i THE LEADERS OF THE CLASS OF 1951 relax as they discuss plans for commencement and the New York trip. Shown, left to right, are: Alma Milhimes, vice president, Patricia Miller, class president: Joyce Adams, treasurerg Mildred Fuss, secretaryg and Jane Korver, historian. QXQ , f' NA 51-'K ,W ,gr . ",' df ' Bev. ygfkkfnm Mk an I. . x yn., A - .ff f V . , fri' -M M My-,4 KJ' 1 'Q Aviv, . .. Q - I A l V fx! -:yy 92. 1 ': , 1 R 1 ' X33 wif 'g ' ' Q 'VX Y OTMED Q XQIARD or UCLAE The hands of our leaders, the Board or Education of the Lower Adams Joint School District. Standing, left to right: Charles F. Myers, Guy Deardoff, Ray Reichart, John Mansberger, Raymond S. Gable, Cover Clousher, Harry M. Wildasin, John G. Myers, Charles W. Rinehart, Glenn Haar, Selon F. hockey, high school principal. Seated: Joseph A. Chrismer, Hiram Rex, Hilbert F. Hoffman, Philip Wagaman, Philip E. Alwine, Clyde O. Garber, Harry C. Brinton, Raymond M. Baugher, Stuart Lucabaugh, Clair Slagle, Curtis S. Sponseller, Charles C. Taylor, supervising' principal, Samuel E. Baker, A. P. Markel. ,afixfivmim Mr. Charles C. Taylor, A.B., A.M. Supervising Principal As head of the Lower Adams County Joint School System, Mr. Taylor has been active in planning and executing a school program that co-ordinates the elementary schools. of the member districts with the junior and senior high schools. Although the majority of his time is consumed in administrative affairs, he still allots time to give the schools his personal supervisory attention. His are the planning and guiding hands of the school. Mr. Selon F. Dockey, B.S High School Principal Performing the dual capacity of high school principal and commercial instructor keeps Mr. Dockey in constant contact with the course of. study, curriculum, and guid- ance. Attendance and discipline problems of the school are also in his hands. His duties of faculty manager of athletics, director of extra curricular activities, and custodian of the activity funds make his a pair of busy and directive hands. Levere A. Breighner, B. S. Industrial Arts Constructive hands . . , shop, not shop- ing is his hobby Herbert E. Bryan, B.S., M.S. Ed. Social Studies, Memento Versatile hands , . . helping others . . . raconteur. Paul A. Comerer, B.S Science, Mathematics, Junior Sponsor Scientific hands . . . "Let's see what makes it tick," is his guiding light. Martin G. Flegal, B.S. Health, Physical Education, Coach Adroit hands . . . lives, eats, sleeps, dreams basketball. Betty J. Greiman, B.S. Vocal Music Supervisor, Chorus Rhythmic hands . . . when not singing songsg is singing the praises of the i'Phillies". Harriet C. Harbaugh, B.S. Health, Physical Education, Coach Agile hands . . . a roller skating fiend. Paul A. I-Iarner. Instrumental Music, Band Symphonic hands . . . his hobby seems to be winning Pennsylvania state band contests. Dorothy E. Helf er, B.S. Art Supervisor Artistic hands . . . painting fills her thoughts and her leisure time. V. I -+ve. John L. Kratzert, B.S. Vocational Agriculture, F.F.A. Productive hands . . . as "Funnel- John", he has his own daily radio pro- gram. Station W.H.V.R., Hanover, Pa. Ferne E. Moul, B.S. History and Geograph, Graceful hands . . . claims her hobby to be buying shoes and collecting salt and pepper shakers. H. Edgar Moul, B.S., M.A. Mathematics, Ninth Grade Sponsor Dexterous hands . . . officiates basket- 1 ball, operates a farm, posts a low 80 in golf. Herbert G. Raah, RS., M.Ed. English, Senior Advisor Deft hands. . . artist and gardener. His flowers are blue ribbon winners at many shows. William S. Schneider, B.S. Commercial Assistant Coach Capable hands . . . sports all the Way. Vesta Smith, R.N. School Nurse Gentle hands . . . enjoys seeing other people enjoy good health. .... it is Mary Stock, B.S. ' , Home Economics, F.H.A. as Clever hands . . . she practices what 5 she preaches - home making. D. Miriam Taylor, B.A. English, Latin, Dramatics, Librarian, Newspaper, Sophmore Sponsor Busy Hands . . . hobby? - finding time to have one is her hobby. Wi . The patient hands of the teachers of the grade school centers. Seated: Sara W. Yohe, Red Hillg Kenneth Hetrick, Green Springs: lim Snyder, White Hall: M. Esther Altlund, Green Springsg Kutliryn W. Donohue, Clear View: Gerald L. Orndorff, Pine Run: Vivian M. Hamm, Green Springs. Standing: Ruth A. lleutrick, Green Ridge: Glenna K. Fiscel, New Oxford: Catherine Budd, New Oxfordg Ray J. Sponseller, Brush Rung Z. Ruth Sponruc-ller, New Oxford: Eva G. Smith, Valley: Marie G. Smith, New Oxford. The Hands We Trust. The bus drivers pie- The industrious hands of our custodian, tured ure: Charles Stuuh, M. G. Houzer, Charles Stough, are appreciated by all, John Griest, Eugene Griest, Pinky Guise. faculty and pupils alike. John Bream is not shown. f p Q - M.- LIIIIIII b -f--W'-wu.., ff XL XQygiux'i1 ihigfz ffl?-X 'W in-Qm'41ziM,YlnxI 'wiwivfkzzr Xlmmssr I ,, ..x, nw s. Unpiu su, I Jerry C. Berwager Commercial Dependable Hands Silhouette 4, Silhouette Assistant Busi- ness Manager 3g Band 2, 3, 4. John Berwager Agriculture Useful Hands F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, F. F. A. Officer 4 Joyce M. Adams Academic Creative Hands Memento, Class Treasurer 4, Historian 2 3 Silhouette 2, Editor 4, Assistant Edi- tor 3. Raymond D. Aldridge Academic Keen Hands Memento Editor, Class President 3, Vice President 23 Silhouette 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 1, Boys' Chorus 1 5 Oper- etta 1, 35 Class Play 3, 4, J. V. Basket- ball 2. s ,I s 1 D Ada L. Bowman Commercial Energetic Hands Phoenix, Ariz. 1, Tucumcari, N. Mex. 23 G. A. A. 25 Volley Ball 23 Mementog Silhouette 3, 4g F. H. A. 1, 2, Class Play 4, Junior Red Cross 3, 4. Louise Crawford Commercial Busy Hands Band 1, 2, 3, 4 5 Junior Chorus 1, Me- mento. Margaret V. Daum Academic Rhythmic Hands Memento, Band, 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4, Class Play 3, 4 5 Silhouette 2, 3, 4, Junior Chorus 1. Mildred L. Fuss Commercial Accomplished Hands Memento Advertising Manager, Class Secretary 43 Silhouette 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Band Officer 4 g Mixed Chorus 2g Girls' Chorus 25 Junior Chorus 1. Janet M. Hoffheins Commercial Agile Hands Mementog Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4, Junior Chorus 1, Operetta 3, 4 5 Varsity Bas- ketball 3, 4g J. V. Basketball 1, 2. Betty L. Kessel Commercial Dainty Hands Silhouette 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 43 Junior Chorus 1, Operetta 3, 4, Softball 33 Basketball 4, Memento. E iii Q, 4 as g Larry E. Gable Commercial Clever Hands Memento 5 Class Treasurer 2, Secretary 3, Silhouette 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Band Officer 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 1, 45 Oper- etta 4, Class Play 3, Varsity Basket- ball 3 g J. V. Basketball 1, 2, Baseball 2, Soccer 1. Rodney E. Hoffacker Commercial Industrious Hannds Silhouette 2, 3 5 Business Manager 43 Memento. Jane R. Korver General Lively Hands Fillmore, Calif. 1. Ripon, Manteca, Calif. 2, Softball 2g Memento, Class Historian 4g Silhouette 4: F. H. A. 2g Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Operetta 3, 49 Girls' Chorus 3, 4. Alliene G. Krug Commercial Ready Hands Memento Business Manager, Class Sec- retary 25 Silhouette 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 43 Mixed Chorus 2, Girls' Chorus 2, Operetta 1: Class Play 41 Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 41 J. V. Basket- ball lg Softball 2, 3. t Ethel M. Kinneman Home Economics Unfaltering Hands Memento, F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 43 Girls' Chorus 3, 4, Junior Chorus 15 Operetta 4. Gloria M. Klinefelter Home Economics Willing Hands Silhouette 4, F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Officer 4, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Operetta 3, 45 J. V. Basketball 1, 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4. 3 Patsy I. Leib Academic Tactful Hands Memento Editor-in Chief 3 Class Secre- tary 1, Treasurer 3, Silhouette 1, 2, 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 4g Jr. Chorus 13 Class Play 3, 4, Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 45 J. V. Basketball 1g Softball 2, 3, Junior Red Cross Council 3, 4. Merle L. Long Academic Willing Hands Gettiylsburg High School lg Eichelber- ger igh School 2, 35 Memento. Alma M. Milhimes Commercial Graceful Hands Memento 3 Class Vice President 4, Sil- houette 3, 45 Junior Chorus 1, Class Play 3, 4. Joel H. Miller Academic Powerful Hands Band 1, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Oper- etta 1, 3, 4: Class Play 43 Varsity Bas ketball 3, 43 J. V. Basketball 23 Base- ball 2g Soccer 1. Patricia J. Miller Commercial Directive Hands Memento: Class President 1, 4: Vice President 33 Silhouette 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 43 Junior Chorus lg Operetta 3, 4g Var- sity Basketball 4, J. V. Basketball 1, 2, 3. Gerald L. Mummert Academic Dextrous Hands Memento: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 45 Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Soccer 1. Trcva K. Myers Commercial Helpful Hands Memento, Silhouette 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 43 Junior Chorus 1, Operetta 3, 4. Barbara E. Newman Home Economics Eager Hands F. H. A. 2, 3, 4, F. H. A. Officer 3, 43 Z Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 45 Junior Chorus 1, Operetta 4. 2 QWAW Hg' Robert Reichert Academic Steady Hands Memento, Varsitiv Basketball Manager 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseba l Manager 1, 2, 4. Peggy L. Reynold Commercial Carefree Hands East Berlin High 1, Band 1, Memento, Silhouette 43 Class Play 33 J. V. Basket- ball 2, 33 Varsity Basketball 45 Soft- ball 2, 3. Qi! Paul T. Prutzman General Playful Hands Band 1, 25 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 gOperetta 1, 4 5 Base ball 3, 45 Soccer 1. Larry R. Racey Agricullure Quick Hands Class Secretary 15 F. F, A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 2, 3. Lorene C. Segraves Home Economics Practical Hands F. H. A. 2, 3, 4. Philip E. Shadle Academic Working Hands Class Historian 3. Robert L. Sibert Academic Wise Hands Memento, Silhouette 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Play 3. Robert C. Sowers, Jr. Academic Trustworthy Hands Memento: Class President 2: Silhouette 2, 3, 45 Band 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 1, 45 Boys' Chorus 1, 4, O eretta 1, 3, 4g Class Play 3, 43 Junior gted Cross Coun- cil 1, 2, 3, 43 Vice President J. R. C. County Council 4. X wang, Walter 0. We-hler Agriculture Able Hands F. H. A. 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 4, Boys' Chorus 1, 4, Class Play 4. Mary A. Wolf Commercial Talking Hands Memento, Silhouette 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 43 Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 43 Operetta 3, 4 3 Class Play 3, 45 Varsity Basketball 4, J. V. Basketball 1, 2, 3, Softball 2, 3. 4 Pauline N. Stair Home Economics Nimble Hands F. H. A. 2, 3, 43 F. H. A. Officer 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4g Junior Chorus 13 Operetta 3, 43 Softball 25 Basketball Manager 3. ,Ioan M. Slough Home Economies Vigorous Hands Memento, Class Treasurer 15 Silhou- ette 2, 3, 43 F. H. A. 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 43 Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4: Junior Chorus lg O .eretta 3, 43 Varsity Bas- lgetfogll 3, 4, V. Basketball 1, 2, Soft- a . ii. P? wwrffw LEAVE IT T0 MOTHER CAST Mrs. Louise Prescott, an old fashioned mother ....... Stanley Prescott, her son ...........,,o...,..,,..,..,....,.,,,,,. Coral Prescott, her ambitious daughter ....ii.,... Dolly Prescott, her mischievous daughter .,..,...,, Mrs. Madge Lawton, widow l..,.,,....l......o......... Etta Ford, the Prescott maid ..,.. ...,,.., Easton Bowers, in love with Coral ........ Lucius Fowler, a business man ,...,............l.o.. Edna James, one of Coral's college chums ..,.,,.l.. Roberta Prescott, Stanley's wife .,.,,..,.....,..,,. Frederick Driscoll, Roberta's uncle .,.....,.,........ Lord Cecil Bunyon, from dear old England ....,.l. ...,,,,.,.,Ada Bowman Gerald Mummert .Margaret Daum ,.,,....Alliene Krug ..,.v..,.Jane Korver .,..,.,,Mary Wolf ,,,....Ray Aldridge ,.,,,....Robert Sowers ,,..Alma Milhimes .........Patsy Leib ....Walter Wehler .,.......Joe1 Millar a 7957 fl! E ,za Elf, 43,5 5 1 ,X I n l 1 Ii xy., vWLfff..f 11. . H X1 A f' f ' V Jumor Pla ,,, W, wav, 21 S Mr- H51 1' ffm emi x V- f HAIR Hfumir- Vfysgx Hwlnf-Ml IUMA!! lifswv-lm. hw! -lv':vf4f.n1I:1h!vr IKM IMI: lwla inlw, ,a lm uwi :suv-' Xi ssfk x Wfixivzzfil X!1!iJfYl 13-' ll ki" KV! -fK NI4UgfEf'I IIJUYU HHI1f'1'LIi 1 mul iq ml! xx :R Ninn XM-If lm--5:11 Nm sf': ly .1 +L-1-'-in-x IZ Jw! .I-xx-'rx N.wll1mzm1ln-1-,:m .mxwx ldrrx Imxfxiv fuk l'.x1gf'. l.:11s.w!1mvv Hu Xlwlrhigc' Un I 1 uw-wx I mmm Af-zlwz liwfwxi Min-rt Xuirxl l,z1N:'HP .i H1 mmm! 431112--N ily' -ir' Af-1. 4'5" THE PRCM M Y ,f U Q paw 'WN H How We Looked QV' wi' 5 xkaraqr- K" Then ..... PROPHECY As one is often apt to do When years go by and you are lonesome too, I tuned in my T. V. set to watch and listen To a Memento program called "Reminiscing". And there before my very eyes, as if it were a dream, My former classmates, one by one, appeared upon the screen, The present status of their lives and what they hoped to do, In candid shots, were shown to me, in panoramic view. Joyce Adams led off and brought to mind, That her sole ambition was to help mankind. In politics, Ray Aldridge has made his name, On the G. O. P. he has ridden to fame. Jerry was working for his Uncle Sam, In his uniform he's a handsome man. In tilling the soil, John ranks high, Bet he hibernates when winter draws nigh. Ada Bowman, a barber she'd be, A barber she is - well "Glory Be." In the role of a housewife I saw Louise, Her natural aim is to live with ease. I saw a Ian band, I watched it a while, And there was Daum and her big bass viol. That car Fuss drove was a wreck and a wrack, But I saw her today in her new Cadillac. Gable is drumming his way to fame, With the Air Corps Band I saw his name. Rodney's deft fingers flew o'er the type, As a linotype operator, he's top flight. Janet-an actress? I saw her instead, As a happy homemaker, married to Fred. Ethel Kinneman, now wouldn't you know, Is the new "Dagmar" on the "Bean Bag" show. Gloria Klinefelter was shown on the screen, In the cutest white home I ever have seen. In a white uniform jane Korver came to view, She's caring for babies and they love her too! Kessel, remember? She was still as a mouse, As a T. V. star, she brings down the house. To be a WAC or a WAVE, Krugy always aspired, I see she's a captain, and already retired. Pat Leip is a coach of a basketball team, Those college co-eds are sure on the beam. I saw Merle Long mid test tubes and flasks, As a lab technician she had many tasks. Joel in Hollywood is another Clark Gable, To play any role, he is willing and able. Ballet intrigued Patsy in school days, New her T. V. dance is a national craze. As a television model, Alma is solidly booked, Remember how neat her hair always looked? A sports program came, I tuned out the snow, And there was G. Mummert the star of the show Treva's blond curls were as pretty as ever, The man that gets her, will have to be clever. Newman's appetizing cherry pies, Are still winning contests and the prizes. As proprietor of a modern garage, Prutzman's day dreams were no mirage. Larry Racey has skyrocketed to fame, Flew round the world in a jet propelled plane. That camera of Ileichart's, remember its flash? Its magical lens has put Bob in the cash. Peggy so lively, so pert, and petite, Showed howto keep an apartment neat. A homemaker's duties had become Lorene's, She got her man while still in her teens. A shoe shine parlor is Phil Shadle's abode, But now he's the owner, so I was told. Robert Sibert, a professor is he, Has a Phys Ed class on the morning T. V. "Bell bottom trousers and coat of navy blue," And they've got Bob Sowers singing it too. Nursing is Pauline's lifelong career, This humane profession she holds very dear. Joan Slough, you recall, a salesman supreme, She directed this program, a beautiful dream. Walter Wehler reached his goal in life, He now has a farm, three sons, and a wife. A Wolf she was born, a Wolf she be, She's the toast of the town on color T. V. And as the show ended, Each one a success, I was glad I had known them, In New Oxford H. S. UKM1'rIns-5n1r11 ,,l.,t fqfzauncf 7!L6 0am4.w4 'X Junior Class JUNIOR CLASS. Left to right: First row: C. Naill, P. Newman, D. Dauin, M. Small, R. Smith, Y. Richstine, G. Sewers, P. Stair, N. Lahman: Second row: P. Keith, E. Hankey, S. Meekley, D. lflline, H. Myers, M. Reineeker, A. Baker, B. Mauss, F. Laughman: Third row: ll. Kennedy, ll. Lauglnnan, IC. lleatriek, J. Kratzert, P. Mehring, E. Miller. C. Frankenfeild, B. Millar, H. Costella: Forth row: C. Markel, L. Wentz, E. Knepper, D. Naee, G. Fridinger, C. Wiseman, H. Millhimes, W. Snyder, D. Stout, D. Taughinbaugh, M. Yohe. 1952 MEMENTO PLANNERS. Carol Naill, t business manager, chats with Nancy Lah- man, editor, and Charles Marlcel who will handle the business and advertising chores of the 1952 yearbook. JUNIOR ADMINISTRATORS. Merrill Yohe, vice president: William Snyder, class president: Edgar Knepper, historian: Shir- ley Meekley, treasurer: and Yvonne Rich- stine, secretary: watch the commencement procession, which is to make them seniors. Sophomore Class The Sophomore Class Officers make plans as they head for a class meeting. Fred Richstein, secretary, talks with vice-president Kenneth Eckerg while Robert Baker, treasurer, chats with the Sophomore president John Kratzert. Their Classmates, reading left to right, front row, are: Doris Millar, Eileen Myers, Shirley Sebright, Janet Benedict, Sally Keith, Delores Baker, Myrna Rohrbaugh. Second row, Kath- leen Breighner, Shirley Hoffacker, Joan Sponseller, Jeanine Adams, Shirley Wolf, Phyllis Alwine, Norma Jean Spangler. Third row, Larry Laughman, Glenn Myers, Robert Baker, Larry Duncan, William Yingling, Ernest Walker. Back row, James Kime, Fred Richstein, John Anthony, John Kratzert, Dean Deihl, John Herman, Kenneth Ecker, John West. Freshman Class. Front row, left to right: P. Kessel, B. Smith, M. Herman, F. Costellu, M Nance, C. Weaver, N. Myers, M. Holirbuugli, ll. Griffin, J. Myers, J. Admins. Second row: S Yohe, N. Starner, S. Decker, N. Bortner, ll. Crusliong, M. Cassatt, IJ. Stair, D. Wagner, I, Carper, E. Congleton. Third row: J. Holcomb, C. Harxnon, G. Stzxznluzxilgh, G. Costvllu, K Benedict, J. Herman, IJ. l'l'Ul.Z!ll2tIl, I". Willwni, li. lloover, ll. lientzel, J. lirown, Buck row J. Haverstiek, E. Kuykemlall, L. llouser, ll. Wilclusin, C. Stoner, J. Holcomb, C. Beaver, IZ Fuss, R. Bream. JUNIOR HIGH Eight Graders. First row, left to right: W. Szneuk. J. Brown, li. Stair, J. Jacoby, M. Stout. S. Heiner, R. Roland, D. Fair, B. Griest, R. Truznp, IJ. Stziinlmilgli, Second row: J. Aucliy, T. Esker, W. Bosserman, J. Ilysert, J. llaverstiek, N. liline, llumbert, ll. lgl'l'illll, ll. Jacoby, D. Poller, l'. Lough, A. Lzihmun. Third row: ll. Lzzwyer, 'l'. Stough, B. Sine, Y. Trimnier, I". Laughmun, S. Lauglnnan, l". Munimert, A. Hieseeker, ll. lleuver, 'l'. lientzel, J. Collins, IG. Anthony, J. lluff. Back row: T. Sehriver, T. Young, li. Stzxulw, A. Czzrper, G. Spangler, W. Korver, G. Duttera, E. Wolf, R. Huff,, G. Harrier, B. Sieg, J. Luuglnnun, R. llaverstiek. Section One members are: front row, le-ft to right: l'. Laugrhmzm, A. Stambaugh, M. Ying- ling, J. licker, lfl. Iiziuglimzm, J. lloclwrxsmith, J. lflippensteel, N. Sehright, E. Snyder, N Costella, H. Millar. Second row: li. lleatricli, ll. Wiseman, W. Baker, E. Sager, S. Bly, L Masenhimer, N. Emig, G. lfreecl, S. Som-i's, G. Staub, ll. Jones, J. Huffman. Third row: J Wherley, U. Stiener, W. Wherley, H. Laughman, C. Emlet,, B. Riddle, H. Merrel, R. Mill- himes, S. lilummert, C. Reynold, C. Sherman. SEVENTH GRADE Section Two members ure: front row, left to right: IJ. Bentzel, N. Millar, S. Foreman, J. Foreman, M. Laughman, G. Winand, R. Millhimes, M. Stair, J. Hippensteel, J. Runk. Second row: Il. Lauglumm, G. Decker, F. Mummert, J. Korver, S. Shadle, N. Hull, S. Emig, V. Bowling, R. Sager, R. lieynolrl, ll. Sipe, H. Stziuh, R. Croft. Third row: K. Smith, K. Yingling, R. Laughman, J. Huff, li. Baker, L. Sterner, ll. Luughman, G. Duncan, R. Eisennhart, W. Snyder, J. Merrel, A. Reynolds, li. Sturner, B. Meckley. lfflllf 4' 5 5-. W , ""4P"' I ,I -94 'BW' 11'-.ff M Ri.. A X A423 -3,1 YOU work with your Hmm rw-4 ' 1 .5 'W 4, 5, 5 ,ring Festival ,ff ff i ff 1 Q' 23f'3 M-K. e --1. --f? i , ki V v Vx , . g k .. f 5 K K? J Kan di, - V . ' " Y -Q ii ff Y W 1' yi' 'P W Mtv ' 1 f . +4 "? 1 Q ., 1, A- fm - , ' ,Q wr. ' A - .X K lt- xxwqg . . iii., , , J 1, w . A 1 1 , L Q H .. 1, ,gk ?gpvif.,e,.f 1, f M in ggi V ,. Q 4. . Q-1 Q 1 V I., E , im- ,, f - -,aug . ,, 4 qt 5 ,h Q, , 3 gg, PM A, is, , 0 'Ja-, . :M ii- A f. 'f 1' 1 faff, ' f"'z , , as 11 A - ,Q wiv' ., X .- "., "' ff .1 ' " ' L 'N '- 1 . f '4' i5 J 596 A Q' ya, nntp? A M i 5 Tm x 'sv-Ti ' gal, ? V L -Q, V Q K. Q 'xv . 5 it ylxg -Q if -, 2 N A Q Ai , ,- . , f Y, Q H- fy , 1 ' ' tl f - 'vig f z A 1 - , A f - ' ":' L AA Ki: Y'-Q ,gr if 1 ,ZX .Q , K K T116 SlYl1?1,0nf, Edna JI thc! . S I-'. w I , A rj' M I.-ll Asfdff 15 ,Nady dbh 1z7ml.Zw.Y 4 fJO1'5-S fe':1I111'v - K A 'UW UM !I'17'g6,3. ' 'md +'Pf'c'1:z!Qy Q-SAK , Y xv? Q0 veg e AN? ow A K 'dx '-X0 0 ' x QNX N X9 .gxwg e 1 QV - 41.6 .awk A 9 . ex N . XSL' XOX? XX 9309 TI' ,L 'Nui' ww, Qllho ue! 0 Fdltor nous W Joyce s 1 nm ICIQYIF W-W r zms up: 1 UNM orn cz It Dmoz 5 Jzum ey Holfzc 01' '11 of U' W' 'bay' Id 'I' Q' . 1 151127 c mid- zu IA I. 'fri' 'ay or faculty 'ulvzisorv listen in. ""'f "" 4"" l w Future Farmers of America 1 7'w"1i""M' ' , ...- ae Ribbons won at the Adams York County Fairs are udly displayed by: Glenn tzel, James Houser, Earl qkendall, Dean Nace, Larry lean, Roy Fuss. Standing: n Herman, Walter Wehler, I Frankenfield. F. F. A. Club Members, with the officers holding the symbol of their office, are: seated, J. Kime, E. Walker, H. Milhimes, D. Nace, E. Kuykendall. Standing: J. Houser, J. Herman, C. Har- man, D. Kennedy, B. Millar, C. Frankenfield, H. Costella, W. Wehler, J. Berwager, L. Racey, R. Fuss, L. Duncan, F. Wilhelm, G. Bentzel. Family Banquet KEYS-TONE FARMERS. The highest degree that can be earned in Pennsylvania Future Farmer activities was awarded to Dean Nace and Glenn Herr at the 1951 Pennsylvania Farm Show. Congratulations. 'X rv ,K 5251! lm, , Home Economics Cooking Class prepares to serve the school clirectors banquet. These Kitchenetts are: Lorene Segraves, Ruthetta Bly, Mrs. lVlu1"y Stock, Ethel Kinneman, Dolores Baker, Doris Miller, Pauline Stair, Joan Stough, Barbara N ewman. JOINT SCHOOL BOARD BANQUET Future Homemakers of America qv ' ,rum H-M '4"'FQ l ,nl ff. rw 2 s will: iz an W, I, V' Deft hands result from careful instruction. The sewing class of: Dorothy Eline, and Doris Miller, seated. Joan Siough, Ruthetla Bly, Lorene Segraves fluidclenl, Barbara Newman, Pauline Stair, Peggy Stair, Dolores Baker, Ethel Kinneman, Martha Small, and Kathleen Breighner receive instructions from Mrs. lvlary Stock, Home Economics teacher. 'M . Er - - 5 91216. ' A iw Junior Red Cross Council advisor, Mrs. Mury Stock, is announcing to the council members that Robert Sowers had been selected as Aclums County Junior Rc-cl Cross Vice President, Members are: Norma Jean Spangler, John Anthony, Merrill Yohe, Marcella Rohrbuugh, Sylvia Yohe, Vutsy l.e-ib, Seated: Jo Ann K1'zitzort, Carolyn Sowers, llobert Sowers, Ada Bowman, Yvonne Hickstine. 4 L 5 L V I o Q' sy if nf .QQ . -at uf X 15 H? as i ! 9' ,, ff. S Uri 'Ji .X . -4 Ear I mi. f IUNHA , J' A SAD I Z f l L f Y 5 , Q ? i , ,, A Q 1 i .Q2l N 12' f 21 ww all' W A if M ' Q, . - .-2, 4? Q fini -Q X ' iigbiuiig ' X fifffv ii '54 1+ if? 4-23:3 lmxa 'xi 1 ff! '-'P' ' If aim-'V M""ns' W W 47 I ,AW f ff X 1' aff fy 17 'vf A "'f ix ,ff 'IA ,if fl :gif .X . ' x Q .. s.. GIRIXS l'Il0Rl'S. llpwvtlsi, Chriftrmms px'ug'1':1111, Spring Music-ul, County Vunu-sts, Assmubly mul Sgwvizil I'1'ug1'zunszwctllc zzvtivitivs of this gruup . . , .. ,.. . . ui snug buds, Pmm mxxt V, Ixc-uh, H. Xlyurs, 5. N1h1'xgg'ht, M. lluum, X. '.!H,r,,::L, . - . .- . . , . X ., , . v nj'-,..-f-""""" R1l'hSUl1L', ll, Sillllh. C . huxxvrs, 13, Mzmfs, ,l. frl'Ilt'lill'f. Sc-L-mls! nm: l'. ' wmm f m if X No 4 , H. Ne-wmzm. H. Ke-swvl, .l. St nigh, M. l'ci 'vim-1', H. Myvrs, A. Hulwr, M. HUh1'hllllQh, S. Kvilh, J. limw-f', P. Stair: Thi'l rnwi if fuill, IJ. llzzum. V. S1:1i1'.'I', Nlymw, N. 5fD2lllj1'It'l', X. IAKIIYHZIH, V, Alwim-, S. Medi- AHH,M l. Ivy. li. Kimwmzm, I'. Milh-V, I"mn'Lh ww: -I. Kl42XlZl'1'l, J. Iluf1'heimfs, M. 'fj':"WN'wrMn VVulf,I'.Muh1'ing,li.i1ax1kuy,J.Spfmwllur. .1 . ' , A3 ff ,mv .-PQ 4v'.',: ,M RA , IN 1 W BOYS' CHORVS. AS pzirt of thv Mixofl f1i'x0l'US, tho bwys' Clmrzll wmllm -f-A--H" ' -M---M--...--,,lxAN 152111 xrutxvgzxl K.'UlIlIN!lli'I1l, ui :all rmxsn-all zwtxvllws. lfmm nm: I.. Lnuglx wg mzm,, G. lioovy-1', K, Iimlvriict, Il. I3zxkc1', IJ. KUIJIWCIX, J. IIzu'u1'stiuk, IJ lwutzmzm, R. Bu-zxm, fl. Costcfllu. S1-mzul row: U. Num-, W. We-hlvr, Bl Miller, L. Gublv, P. I,l'l.llZlN2iIl, I.. Mummcrt, J. K1'z1tzm't, Ii. Sum-rs. Thirrl an ww: K. l'1C1il'l', I". Hichstim-, if Wisvzuzm, Bl. Yuhv, J. Miller, ll, Millhimvs its W. Snyder, C. Markel. .,, - .. QE K ff by WA A km Q' QV. .gf Q .. ,g 2... ' 'Sr .AY W ' Y , v yr . k f W? All M L . 0 JUNIOR HIGH CHORUS: Left to right: A. Stambaugh, D. Bentzel Y. Yingling, J. Eeker J. Herman, S. Foreman, M. Laughmzm, E. Lziughman, N. Costello, J. Hunk, P. Laughman P. Kessel, D. Stambziugh. Second row, ll. Beaver, Stair, M. Stair, J. Hoekensmitli, J Jacoby, J. Brown, R. Trump, S. Heiner, C. Weaver, N. Myers, B. Smith, R. Millhimes, S, Bly, Jllippensteel. Third row, S. Shadle, D. Wagner, Y. Trimmer, N. Starner, J. Holcomb, N. 1 v Bortner, L. Mase-nheimer, V. Bowling, ll. Stair, S. Decker, ll Mummert, J. Brown, F. Cos- tella, Fourth row, E. Baker, N. Humbert, W, Snyder, B. Seig, H. Laughmun, C. Sherinun S. Mummert, H. Laughman, W. Baker, E. Starner. Back row: K. Deatrick, C. Decker, K Smith, A. Laxhman, R. Sipe, D. Wiseman, J. Hoffman, K. Croft, L. Laughman. 1 5 Z SPRING "Sailor Maids" Singing leads are: Nancy Gable, Paul Prutzman, Mildred Baugrher, Robert Aldridge, Charles Markel, Merrill Yoke, Bill Snyder, Joel Millar, Larry Laughman, Janet Miller, Elwood Miller and Ethel Miller. Miss Betty Jane Grieman, operetta director is at the piano. ln Mr. Paul A. Harner, Band Director The New Oxford High School Band, 1950 Penn- sylvania State Class "C" Band Champions, was organized in 1932 by Mr. Harner, and under his direction, has been declared the Adams County winner for 18 years, Southern Pennsylvania District titlists 10 times and have won the state crown 8 times. In national contests, the band received honor rating in 1936, while taking the national title in 1941. Miss Betty Jane Greiman, Music Supervisor As director of vocal music in the New Oxford High School, Miss Greiman has presented her choral groups in local, county and district musical activities. Among these are school operettas, Christmas cantatas, special and assembly programs, county music festivals and forensic competitions. Miss Greiman is also the supervisor of music in the elementary schools of the Lower Adams County School District. District representatives Shirley Meckley, Joanne Kratzert, Elwood Miller talk over a musical score. Shirley and Elwood participated in the district chorus at Columbia in January: while Joanne played in the district band at Delone High School, l1IcSherrystown, in Feb- ruary. 1950 PENNSYLVANIA CLASS "ff" CHAMPIONSHIP BAND The New Oxford High School Band. Center semi-circle: A. Krug, P. Alwine, M, Sehright, J. Kratzert, Second row: C. Sowers, C. Ormlorfl', J. Berwager. B. Sipe, A. Biesceker, C. Stoner, J. Hockey, T. Iicker, Il. Millar, L. Ceirper, Nl. I'lUllI'l.7Z1lIg'l1, N. Spangler, Third ure: li. Miller. B. Greist, S. Hoffacker, R. Fuss, J. Collins, Y. lilcker, Ii. Walton, R. Roland, T, Bent- zel, Il. Staub, J. Lough, J. lluverstick, M. Name, Il. Sihert, J. Haverstick, J. Kline, C. Murkel, E, Congleton, P. Newman, G. Rentzel, II. Griffin, Rear row: I.. I.:iughm:1n, L. Cruwfoi-fl, I'. Leib, J Jloffhoins, L. Gahle, M. Wolf, G. Munnnert, R. Sowers, F. Ilichstein, Km-pper, M. Daum, J. Kratzert, Mr. Paul A. Ilarner, Director. The Twirling Batons, The Clever Hands, snappy costumes, and high stepping of Yvonne Rickstine, B21l'bElI'H Mauss, Pat Mehringg Nadine Bortner and Rachel Smith add Color to every band appearance. F S 'A .ff i i , ,L S :- lg fljlffifff 1 Girls Basketball Team S ' lzf Nw Varsity Squad Gia x 51 ,571- C t Junior Varsity Basketball Team. Coached by Mr. William Schneider, play ed in the Adams County J, V. League. Kneeling are: Ernest Walker, Bob Baker, Fred Richstein Pichaid Bream, Larry Laughman. Standing: Coach William Schneider, Larry ll1Ul'l'lIIl81f, John Kratzert, Dean Deihl, Dave Taughinbaugh, Kenneth Eeker, Henry Costella Girl's Varsity Squad Starting at lower left: Alliene Krug l,.,,,,l....e.... W, ,. 'ol '51 Janet Hoffheins Y Jane Stough ..,. ,A ., ,A , , Shirley Meckley .i,,,. i,..i, ' 52 Pat Mehring ..,,..,t.t i,,.,...,, ' 52 Peggy Reynold Coach Harbaugh Betty Kessel .t.L.,.... ...ww, Mary Wolf v,,v.,,,..., , 7.31 '53 Phyllis Alwine Nancy Lahman .,,.., , . V . X vonne Riehstlne ........t .t...,.,., ' 52 Joan Kratzert ......i. l.,,.. Patsy Miller ..... . Patsy Leib t.,,.. Boy's Varsity Team Cloclgwise from top: Gerald Mummert Gilbert Fridinger 1 1 Bender Miller ,e,. '52 Leonard Wentz , .,ii. . ..,, '52 Kenneth Ecker ,,,,,t ,t,..i, . '53 Joel Millar ,,e,, .,..e.l, ...t,.,,t ' 5 1 Charles Wiseman ,, .....,.e e'52 Dean Naee ,.ti,t....,y. Attt, ' 52 Elwood Miller ,.,,,. ..,.,..i. ' 52 Eddie Knepper w.w, . , , , ,'52 Coach Flegal Bob Reichart ,.tv,i,a we .a.l Mgr CHEER LEADERS. fOpposite page? Left to right, Caroline Sewers, Eileen Myers, Janet Benedict, Marcella Rohrbaugh, Sally Keith and Anna Mae Baker. 51 '52 CAN YOU FINDYOURSELF HERE? Class of 1951 in 1947 Indentification HOW WE LOUKEII THEN - Kids Picture - Page 24, Top line: Ada Bmriuuu, Alma Blilliimus, Betty Kessel. Lcwrcnc Segiuwes, .lirycs Adams. Juam Swugli. Sclcuncl line: :lvl2il'Qlll'Ul llzium :incl sistrr, Holwrt Reichert. Mary Wolf and sistcr, Hubert Siburt. Third limi: Aclzi llmvmzm, l'uLriciu Miller. lk-ggy Ilcynulil, Ethel Kiimemzm. Fourth line: Roliwit Smwis, Vziulirw Stair, Slildrucl Fuss, Gerald Mummcrt, Joel Millar, Joyce Adams. Page 25, Top line: Louisa' Cruwforml, li'vg:gy HPf,'lll'llfl, Hay Alclriclgv. Gerald Mummert, l-lthi-1 Kiunemaui. Sccfoml line: Paul l'1'UiZlIlLlll, Trcvzi Myers, Alliciie Krug, .lorry Berwzlgvr. Third line: Huy Alrlriclgo, Patsy Leila, ,lame Kurvcr. lfourth lime: Mc-rlc Long, Larry Rmcey. Larry Gable, Robert Sibert, Gloria Klinefelter, Louise Crawford, Janet Hoffheins. -,x I' M " , , lg' I 1 , , 4 I 9 'W-21.2 . ' , 4953 , M" V . fZ"fzf,2iQ'3? .f , ,Til 5' 5 .-ag? ss- fb aAQ a4 9 'V if 4 J, f W . VA" 7'-be QQ W 9 A fl - fl."i.. 2, .. 9" - Ll , 206444 of l75fHi 22 COMMENCEMENT 'rn-is 1950 GnAnuATn-:G CLASS Left to right, First row: Iris Kinneman, Gwendolyn Hamm, Ruth Kime, Madeline Stam- baugh, Louise Demarest, Pauline Sterner, Delores Croft, Joan Srneltz, Betty Hoffacker, Virginia Smith, Wilma Brown, Bernice Laughman. Second row: Jean Haar, Janet Miller, lfllizabeth Nnill, Marian Draper, Ethel Miller, Dorothy Fuss, Nancy Gable, Beulah Chron- ister, Kathleen Shriver, Susan Berwager, Dolores Crawford, Margaret Hankey, Mildred Baugher, Elsie Decker, Pauline Harman. Third row: Donald Meekley, William Weigle, Robert Aldridge, Joel Korver, Kenneth Naee, John Noble, Wayde Stover, Eugene Jones, Edwin Trimmer, John Berwager, Glenn Cooley. 1950 CLASS OFFICERS Eugene Jones , ll,,,. ,,.,,.l l,,l,l P 1 'esident Robert Aldridge ,l.l,.,, Vice President Nancy Gable ,..,,.e, l.e,l.,,,,... S ecretary Mildred Baugher ,,,,.., ,,,...... T reasurer Marian Draper ,,,.... l..e..l H istorian in n' A -.. -v Q 'A' G' ATLANTIC PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Distributed by AERO OIL COMPANY Phone: New Oxford 123 New Oxford, Pennsylvania Q 1? 'D lnlaid 6? Felt Base Linoleum SLElGHTER'S Center Square PHONE: NEW OXFORD 63-R-2 nv Venetian Blinds 6' Fine Furniture Koroseal - Rubber 6? Asphalt Tile Compliments Of FARMER'S and MERCI-IANT'S BANK New Oxford, Pa. Makers of The Standard Class Ring UNION EMBLEM COMPANY HIGH SCHOOL AND FRATERNITY JEWELRY FELT GOOD AND COMMENCEMENT STATIONERY PALIVIYRA, PENNSYLVANIA P H NISSI EY MANAGER 17 19: 'A' Compliments R of ALWINE BRICK CO. BRICKMAKERS SINCE 1851 NEW OXFORD, PA. Q- -rf -tr ROYAL TYPEWRITERS All Makes Sold, Rented, Repoirod ADDING MACHINES C. L. EICHOLTZ New Oxford, Po. EDWIN SNYDER GENERAL MERCHANDISE GAS 0 OIL Phone 'I34-R-3 R D. 2, New Cluster, Po. KUHN AUTO SALES 8. SERVICE Dodge Cars - Job-Rated Trucks Plymouth Cars 765 Carlisle Street, Hanover, Po. Phone 3705 Compliments vf HENRY E. LANDIS Kuco Feeds Abbottstoavn, Pa. Typenvriters, Adding Machines Compliments and Office Equipment of MARKEL'S Tvrzwrursn lsnor Inoue 174-R-4 CROSS KEYIS DINER Lincoln Woy Eost New Oxford, Po. lExtendedl MYERS ICE CREAM CO. Makers of OXFORD ICE CREAM Wholesale and Retail Phone 'IIB-R-4 Center Squore New Oxford, Po. JOHN DEERE SALES AND SERVICE VERNON RIFE, Proprietor Farm Supplies - Goodyear Tires Lincolnwoy West Phone 3-R-4 New Oxford, Penno. Compliments of C0mplimgnf5 ARTHUR NOEL gf Fresh Meats and Provisions HEMMINGERIS REXALL PEIOIIO 8-R-3 1 New Oxford, Pd. "Good Health To All From Rexall' YOUR TEXACO DEALER Where Service 6' Products Are Tops PHONE 144 JOHN F. DUTTERA, Proprietor Class of "34" Compliments of E. C. LIVINGSTON, INC. Shoe Manufacturers Compliments of NEW OXFORD ALUMINUM COMPANY Manufacturers of Fine Aluminum, Brass and Bronze Casting STAUB CHEVROLET SALES, INC. Auto Repairing - All Types Chevrolet Cars - Trucks - Ser-vice A.A.A., Dunlop Tires - Keystone Genuine Parts and Accessories Service - Gulf Gas and Oils Rototillers and Equipment Washing, Waxing, and Lubricating A Specialty 105 LINCOLN WAY EAST NEW OXFORD, PA PHONE 27-R-11 Gi-ve Gifts That Last from MARK E. TRONE .IEWELER 44 Batlimore Street Hanover, Penna. Redu Dancing - Picnic Grove Roller Skating - Ride, FOREST PARK A. KARST, Manager Hanover, Pennsylvania Ced Rates for Picnics and Outings Phone 3-5286 Kel-vinator Refrigerators LEINHARDT BROS. Hanover, Pa. Your Favorite Furniture Store LLOYD'S OF HANOVER Men's, Women's, and Children's Wear Jewelry 18 Carlisle Street, Hanover, Penna. SAM M. KRAMER, Proprietor THOMPSON COLLEGE 205 S. George Street 18 N. Fourth Street Phone 2715 - York, Pa. Phone 4-0258 - Harrisburg, Po. Member of The American Association of Commercial Colleges and National Federation of Private School Associations COLUMBIA JEWELERS 18 Center Square Hanover, Pa. SHAFFER'S Quality Outfitters to Men I Boys Since 1895 HARMAN W. DELL, Owner Hanover, Pennsylvania BOLLlNGER'S SHOE STORE Center Square, New Oxford, Pa. Shoes - Rubber Footwear - House Slippers for the Entire Family MOORE'S CROSS KEYS SERVICE STATION Amoco Gas and Oil PARK HOTEL On The Square Regular Dinners Served JOHN C. MYERS Quality Groceries Since 1911 New Oxford, Pa. - Phone 79-R-2 STOUGH 8. LINGG MOTORS Sales and Service Compliments of FRED F. FEISER Funeral Home 302 Lincolnway West New Oxford, Pa. Best Wishes To You All THELMA'S CANDY SHOP 102 Broadway :Street Hanover, Penna. ROYAL JEWELERS On the Square, Hanover, Pa. Use Your Credit Open an Account Compliments of THE HOTPOINT STORE I4-18 W. Chestnut Street, Hanover, P Phone 5203 BAKER 8. NACE "Headquarters for Quality Electrical Merchandise" HILLEN V. RIFE West End Garage New and Used Cars Phone 3-R-2 MENCHEY'S 18 York Street, Hanover, Pa "Menchey Means Music" Compliments of R. H. SMITH ffkafef, PLAY Mons S H E N K LIVE LONGER 81 TITTLE "Everything For Sport" 313 MARKET STREET HARRISBURG, PA B 8 S DEPARTMENT sa. I0 Store The Store That Has Everything ON THE SQUARE NEW OXFORD PA Compliments of WINTER GARDENS New Oxford, Pa. 4 4 SUNOCO GARDENS Complete A to Z Service 4 4 ELMER E. WENTZ SONS House Furnishings Floor Coverings - Gift Items Hanover, Penna. HANOVER HARDWARE Sporting Goods and DuPont Paints Hanover, Penna. "BLUE COAL" J. H. DUTTERA leeds - Cement - Fertilizer Grinding and Mixing Phone 82-R-2 - New Oxford, Pa. Compliments of O'BRIEN DAIRY Homogenized Milk 150 S. Peters St., New Oxford, Pa. D. H. SHARRER 8. SON "ESHELMAN" RED ROSE Guaranteed Feed Branch - Orrtonna, Pa. Phone: Fairfield 20-R-4 Branch - Hampton, Pa. - Phone H4-R-2 Branch - Litflestown, Pa. - Phone 14 ABBOTTSTOWN GRAIN 81 FEED STORE Manufacturers of Dairy L Poultry Feeds Abboffsfown, Pa. - Phone E. B. 29-R-6 Compliments vf EA RL TH EATER ROHRBAUGH GENERAL STORE Phone 25-R-3 Carlisle Street, New Oxford, Pa. FOR A REAL TREAT EAT UTZ'S Potato Chips Hanover, Pa. Phone 4210 Compliments Of BLOUGH MANUFACTURING CO CON N I E'S RESTAU RANT Home Cooking Lunches 4 Dinners - Soda Fountain Lincoln Way West, New Oxford, Pa. R. J. BRENDLE Eggs - Poultry Wholesale 6? Retail Phone 'I40 New Oxford, Pa OLD MILL INN Specializing In Fried Spring Chicken Country Ham New Oxford, Pa. Compliments of X CANNON SHOE COMPANY ALLEN S. PRESSELL HIPPENSTEEL GARAGE FLORISTS General Auto Repairing say It with Howersu Gas, Oils and Accessories 637 Broadway Hanover, Pa. 736 Carlisle Street Hanover, Pa. We telegraph flowers Phone 3-4252 Phone 3-5277 LOCUST INN W. E. SELL Cometo SPORTING GOODS open 6 days G week Dancing Friday and Saturday Nights 210 W. Chestnut St. Hanover, Pa. A. N. Draper, Proprietor Peterman Pontiac Sales 8- Service 720 Carlisle Street Telephone 3811 Hanover, Pa. DR. FLOYD JAMES CARTER Chiropractic Physician 4 Magnolia Parkway Chevy Chase, Maryland By Appointment Only - Wisconsin 4944 HARRIS 81 STIPE Pheasant Farm Gettysburg, Pa. Compliments of Hanover Concrete Products Co Manufacturers of Concrete Blocks Office: R. D. 3 Hanover Phone 4272 ADAMS COUNTY FARM BUREAU COOPERATIVE Feed - Seeds - Fertilizer Grinding and Mixing Miscellaneous Farm Supplies Compliments of TEXAS LUNCH B""'l"' Richard A. Smith Tele. Na. New Oxford 42 Gettysburg 390 Compliments of SHERMAN CLOTHING STORE Outfitters For The Entire Family GLENN I. MYERS Electrical Appliances sz-34 Carlisle sum Hanover, ra. mmbing H"'dw"'e GEO. W. LILLICH 81 SON Compliments of Feed - Grain - Fertilizer - Cement KIDDIE KORNER Phones: sm Berlin za-n-3 New oxford 154 CGM" 51"-'01 NW Oxford York Springs 3-R-I Compliments of P. J. SMITH Jeweler Musical Supplies and Repairs Stenger Music House IIO Baltimore St. and Stenger Band Instruments Repair Service I5 E. Walnut St. Hanover, Pa. - Owners - R. Feeser F. Bowman Compliments of BOWEN 81 MCLAUGHLIN Transportation Division New Oxford STEELE'S LAUNDRY CLEANING STORAGE IIO High Street Dial 3747 ROYALE DAIRY Home of Homogenized Vitamin D Milk Ice Cream Chocolate Milk 'Cater to Schools Cafeteria Picnics and Clubs 209 Hight Street, Hanover, Pa. Phono 5163 Wholesale Distributors C. H. STALLMAN 8- SON, INC. Candy -- Cigars - Tobaccos 31 W. Philadelphia St. York, Pa. Call: Compliments CROSS KEYS HOTEL of N" 0""""9"9 ou: QUAKER Pmarzzl. co For - Banquets, Private Parties I-i"C0l" WUY East New Oxford, Pa. Our Specialty u I Fred G. Klunk, Prop. Steaks - Seafood - Italian Spaghetti Chicken In The Basket Phone 35-R-3 Compliments of EHRHART-CONRAD COMPANY, INC. Wholesale Groceries Hanover, Pennsylvania Phone: 3830 and 3839 Distributors of Sweet Clover and Ecco Brands KESSEL AUTO SALES A. Wayne Kessel, Prop. New and Used Cars Bought, Sold and Exchanged 120-I24 Third Street Hanover, Pa. Phone 3-4269 Res. New Oxford Phone 62-R-31 Phone 2-4111 Complimentary ELM AVENUE SERVICE Donations Royal Jewelers, Hanover Roth Bros., Hanover Schue's Trucking Stop, Hanover Auto Body Repairing and Radiator Service Elm Avenue Frank Warnick, Hanover ily-pass between McSherrystown Gebhdrf Weilding Shop, New OXf0I'd and Carlisle Street K. W. Ehrhart, M.D., New Oxford Hanover, Pa. J. C. Menges, M.D., New Oxford NoeI's Variety Shop, New Oxford Reds Nace, Proprietor M. C. Nace, Hanover WEBB 81 WOLFE SPORTING GOODS SCORES HIGH Yes, Webb 81 Wolfe sporting goods scores high everywhere . . . on the diamond, grid- iron, courts or links . . . all year round . . . for baseball, fishing, golf, hunting, football, bcasketbal land winter sports, too. And here's w y! When top-quality, nationally advertised sporting goods is combined with over I3 years of experience in outfitting teams and in- dividuals with equipment and clothing for their favorite sport, the result is a host of satisfied customers. Rely with confidence on . . . Webb 81 Wolfe I5 East Market Street basketball and winter sports, too. And here's Compliments of New Oxford Social and Athletic Club New Oxford, Pennsylvania "Portraits of Distinction" EDMUND'S STUDIO 25 York Street Hanover, Pa Telephone 7165 Official Photographer for l95l MEMENTO QGRAP 50 OUR YEARBOOK WAS SUPPLIED BY THE INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS KANSAS clTY DIPLQMAS M 5WWW YEAREOOKS ANNOUNCEMENTS gcfmoa 4 ,qwm PERSONAL CARDS CAPS AND GovvNS 0WL4WfW4 TREA SURY OF WISDOM STATIONERY F5 gs gxw isi iff: m-...N it A ag A: , ,. 3 gl - V Q A ,,,-f mf, ,. Si ' 9, i Q Hg, .W i X A fa,- nk 4-wow M. MW ,M 4 2? 1 W wgigs Nw vw . A af' -i , W is V ,. .. , wi Q ,, . . Q ilfw - " N Fsggkfwwkf .gn M: Qbggggsfh -sg sf- A X WW Miki? bww? A I'- f, - 5: 1 gf- A S341 sg. K fig. I 'wmv Ngexu- . Aff' W 'H' . , ai, , , 1 mm X - ' 415, . 9 . 1 ' '-nw 2 ff J' Z Lfaiiwl' sw.-f 'S M 4 'A . 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Suggestions in the New Oxford High School - Memento Yearbook (New Oxford, PA) collection:

New Oxford High School - Memento Yearbook (New Oxford, PA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


New Oxford High School - Memento Yearbook (New Oxford, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


New Oxford High School - Memento Yearbook (New Oxford, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


New Oxford High School - Memento Yearbook (New Oxford, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


New Oxford High School - Memento Yearbook (New Oxford, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


New Oxford High School - Memento Yearbook (New Oxford, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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