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H ew , 1. 'Dfw Ckf. ,fy .U.g ,o J if Kin.-as , A wg! 'pai fcffffzf-Q'-, WWL uw .Hwvfr 'Thwfu 7, n?w4fy JW 43W , U N 33141, in t' 1 M ,lj . - y Kvfrmw mx ml? F VK: I M --.A . ' " - - E: iggf 5:51 'v E D I T O R I A L S T A F F Editor-in-Chief .,.A,. ........ M. ,..............,.......,.,..,... ........,.,...., Val Hart Business Manager N.. A.,.. .........A..,...,.,......,....,..............,., Bob Klemm Art Editors A..A...,.....,...,,...,,....4, .......,..............A..4.A Charles Ullrioh Charles Engelhardt Sports Editors 4..,4........ . .,.....,,.....,..A... ,.,.....,., H .... T0m Klemm John Kurtz Music Editors A.,.......,... .,.......4.,.............,.. Janet Oteiza Jackie Orlino News Editors V,,,",4'A4.,,.'.,L4,,.A. .'....A.,',A,,., Carole Buschbaum Activities Editors ,44A,.,,,,,, Literary Editors A,.,,,. TPGHSHPSPSJ .,4,..,......A..4......s. . Marilyn Lenoir Dorothy Prachnaik Jerry Payne uWW.Gale Wolynec Edith Sittig Gwen Michels WmWMJimmy Sanders C L A S S O F F I C E R S President ,..4.. ...............,............,,.. . .,4......... Charles Ensolhardt Vice Presidentn Sooro tary ....l..A......,..y....... A .'.'. ' Charles Lewis Carole Buschbaum Walter Spengler Treasurer ,............l..l.4.....,....l,.l,...,.,l .,..,,...,..,.4.4,... . ...,,............ ,4.. ,.,.s.l,. A H o N o R s o c 1 E T Y Jill Zimmerman Walter Spangler Claire Schatz Ronald Becker Charles Lewis' Val Hart Gale Wolynec Janet Oteiza S T U D E N T C O U N C I L Seventh Grade Carol Schramm Ronald Lawlor Barbara Herrick Robert Barton James Casey Jules Auier Evelyn E fert Eighth Grade Judy Triola June Lungren Helen Krokus Larry McKittrick Laura Klinger Judy Oehl Robert Morse Rene Vesery Paul Hartman Al Brust Warren Rybak Ninth Grade Ronald Vaz Val Hart Edith Sittig Gale Wolynec Ronald Hart Fred Eifert Charles Lewis Jill Zimmermann Charles Engelhardt B O A R D O F E D U C A T I O N Albert S. Baker, President John M. Dietz, Vice-President Pierre E. Auger John C. Best David J. Klinges Anton Busher Ernest W. Kahnberg Richard Lubben Edward E. Cuneo . Harry J. Graff, Jr., District Clerk . ,..,......... Magi ......... E6H6 ........... M aww ax I :Y . : . 5 J SME tu: X- xM..1w -,.-1 2 N '- I Q 1 5 I 4 A, , .Q a 1 9 . Q , 'X --..-- Q... -4.1 f 5,-X Lal dx x.,,,1 9 , To express appreciation for her sincere understanding during the many years she has so kindly helped us, we respectfully dedi- cate this year book to our friend and teacher, Cleora H. Stever. Cjwm g5.X'XW XX Mathema tics 19 THE ECHO 49 ,- FK ,FKA I GQ- f' 1: ,y pf ':., , v wc-7 lr! ,Qqxxywk xg Agni 2 ' 'bi 51 ' I -.1 ,J , ,lg ,gg BERT F. GIBBS VILMA VARGA c:f2g?gi2?Q C Junior Business Supervising ysical Training Principal . Education BEATRICE HOWARD L. BEATRICE THOMAS C. SCHATT CHNEIDER BARRETT REFSNYD SERIO Eg. . Music Manual Arts Home Econo c Science TERESA M. MARTIN T EILEEN CLEORA H. ENR IGHT STEVER Art ESEBQGAQ, XiDFA ..,........, THE ECHO 49 FRED EIFERT A .f f.4- f"'X... Alf -.U fp.. fp ,-5? .fQ- Bfau 1 Q Ye I 'wwf -1- XE! J 1 K , CHARLES ENGELHARDT FRED jk AN ,ff FISOHBB 7, 1 f RONALD JACK HART HAYWARD Wi CAROL NLADBLINB -A A BOBBY TOMMY HOGAN KEINDEL f KLBMM KLEMM SALLY JOHN MARILYN CHARLES KOEHL KURTZ LENOI LEWIS .wigmw THE ECHO 49 CLAIRE EDITH SCHATZ SITTIG WALTER HAROLD GLORIA ffrfy CHARLES - SPENGLER SODEUR TRIOLO ULLRICH RONALD VAZ 4 z' JIMMY BARBARA CATHERINE VANDERBEEK WINTERS WOLF I A k':' I 2, I . 1 RICHARD GA JIMMY JILL WOLF Lkxgg C YORK ZIMMERMANN X ....,.,... ..,.........A...... ,.,,,, ...,.A.....,,V ,...,,..,, ..... . THE ECHO JANET RONALD ACKERMAN BECKER EVELYN ALBERT BELLOW BOLTER BARBARA CAROLE BREECE BUSCHBAUM .1 I THERESE 44' ROBERT CANZLER cELTRicK 6HEsTER -Q f T CORDES 63 JOE DONALD EDWARD BETTY f3 Z,kX DE LUCIA DERMOND DUNAY DWYER 7 QL 1 f K I 4 iff .J 19 .........,...,.... ...,...,...,.. Egg .... E656 ..,......, EILEEN X525 LONG f WILLIAM MAYSER GWEN WARREN J ACQUEL INE gp J ANE MICHELS NEUMANN ORLINO FV OTEIZA I JERRY MARILYN DOROTHY PAYNE PELTON PRACHNAIK f BARBARAQQ- R10 HARDSONA77 H' VQJY EMMA RICHARD JIMMY RIEKEN RIEKEN SANDERS ROBERT SCAVINER .36 ..A......,..,... ,....,..,..... EEE ,.... E656 .,...A,..Q . ...., .......,...,.,. K5 CLASS k-HSTCDI Y Date: September, 1939 - Time: 9:00 A. M. - Place: New Milford Junior High-Kindergarten. There we were, eleven of us, who are now graduating, clinging to our mother's skirts and ready to burst into tears. Our first day in school, and most of us scared stiff. We were Edith Sittig, Claire Schatz, Janet Oteiza, Emma Rieken, Catherine Wolf, Janet Ackerman, Charles Ullrich, James Sanders, Jack Hayward, Gloria Triola, and Barbara Winters. Our teacher was Miss Desmond, and I donft think anyone of us can ever forget our Hbandn. What a thrill it was, especially to be the bandleader! 'Christmas time in the kindergarten was wonderful! We set up our manger and trimmed our Christmas Tree. The upper grade children came down to visit our room and sang christmas carols for us. Time passed rapidly and before we knew it we were promoted into the first grade where we started to read and write. One of our favorite stories was uJim and Judyu. Our teacher was Mrs. Deutsch and we received our first report cards from her. In the second grade we started that one subject we did not like too well--Arithmetic. Our teacher, Miss Dugan, used to let us play a game called eraser tag. In the third grade we had Miss Williamson. This year was full of different activities. The Easter clay, the Ha1lowe'en party and the masquerade parade were all fun. , At Christmas time we had to have the biggest Christmas Tree in the school. We made our own decorations and decorated the beautiful tree ourselves. The fourth grade took us to Miss Brown and those awful fractions! We remember many weary drill sessions before we absorbed that math. In the fifth grade, while we were busily learning our lessons with Miss Stoffer, the children from Steuben School went on different trips. One of them was to the Steuben House. The class was accom- panied by Mrs. Vanderbeck. At the end of June we received our report cards, and on them was that little word, Upromotedn. We were so happy. There were two sixth grades, and the teachers were Mrs. Skidmore and Mr. Albinson. In September of this year, children from Steuben School Joined us. They were Gale wolynec, Jill Zimmermann, Dorothy Prachnaik, Jaqueline Orlino, Barbara Breece, Charles Engelhardt, Donald Dermond, Ronald Becker, James Vanderbeck, Harold Sodeur, 19 THE ECHO NME? CLASS HISTORY fCOntinuedl Charles Ullrich, Gloria Triola, Carole Buschbaum, Janet Oteiza, and Walter Spengler. While in the sixth grades we went on several trips, including the Bronx Zoo, Museum of Natural History, and the Planetarium. This was our big year, for in June we graduated from sixth grade into the Junior High School departmental work. Starting in the seventh grade under the guidance of Mrs. Stever and Miss Enright, we had to acquaint ourselves with new rules and regulations, changing of classes and getting used to having gym three times a week. We enjoyed being in the seventh grade because there was an assembly every Friday. This year we could join a club, and besides this, there were many other school activities, Our teachers in the eighth grade were Miss Enright and Mr. Spinelli. During this year we could join the Dancing Class with the ninth grade and we enjoyed our Thursday evenings very much. Some of the girls felt greatly honored to be chosen by Miss Refsnyder to cook and serve the Board of Education dinner in April, and also some of the girls were chosen as cheerleaders for the school. f Our boys were active in sports and at the end of the year, seven of our members were inducted into the Honor Society. Time has passed quickly since we entered Junior High School and now we are in ninth grade where we have had many pleasant times. A few new pupils--Madeline Kendel, Marilyn Pelton, Albert Bolter, Warren Neumann, Fred Fischer, George Celtrick, Jerry Payne, May Sisco, and Therese Canzler joined our group in September and we have 56 members in our class. Our homeroom teachers are Mrs. Martin and Mr. Serio. Our Class -- "The Forty-Niners" 1--have tried to tell you of the interesting events of this year as you read through this book and we hope that you will enjoy them with us. WMWWMMWWMMWWW. Wwmlg THE ECHO 'V'W fi ff QAJ FAQ 6? 55 sw: KV f- and ,Z .iii J I-rlww iw Nh? . , .i Is - Hopes to be a - Likes CAROLE BUSCHBAUM CLAIRE SCHATZ VAL HART MARILYN LENOIR JACKIE ORLINO BARBARA BREECE BETTY DWYER JILL ZIMMERMAN EVELYN BELLOW EMMA RIEKEN GALE WOLYNEC JANET ACKERMAN EDITH SITTIG BARBARA RICHARDSON CATHERINE WOLF LYNN KENDEL SALLY KOEHL JANET OTEIZA EILEEN LONG DOROTHY PRACHNAIK GLORIA TRIOLO THERESA CANZLER BARBARA WINTERS MARILYN PELTON CAROL HOGAN GWEN MICH LS DICK WOLF RONALD HART RICHARD RIEKEN RONALD BECKER WALTER SPENGLER CHARLES ENGELHARDT CHARLES LEWIS JIM VANDERBEEK JIM SANDERS JERRY PAYNE WARREN NEUMANN EDWARD DUNAY JIMMY YORK HAROLD SODEUR JOE DELUCIA ROBERT SCAVINER ROBERT CORDES DONALD DERMOND BILL MAYSER BOB CHESTER JOHN KURTZ RONALD VAZ FRED EIFERT TOM KLEMM JACK HAYWARD CHARLES ULLRICH Red head-Millionaire-Horses. Blonde-F.B.I. agent-The radio. Studious-Lawyer-Reading. French-Success-Dancing. Talkative-Nurse-Having fun. All smiles-Model-Swimming. Helpful-Nurse-Dogs. Dainty-Prima ballerina-Cats. Artistic-Cartoonist-Drawing. Chatterbox-Doctor-Red roses. Wholesome-A teacher-Sports. Witty-Bookkeeper-Roller skating. Talented-Dietician-Acting. PrettysBeautician-Candy. Shy-Secretary-Cooking. ' Pleasant-Professional skater-Horses. Peppy-Florist-Sail boats. Musical-Nurse-Sports. Tiny-Doctor-Ice skating. W Good company-Pediatrician-Convertibles Effieient-Secretary-Popular Music. Jolly-Housewife-Photography. Stylish-Career girl-Tyrone Power. Often absent-Nurse-Roller skating. Slim-Secretary-Dogs. Cheerful-Career girl-People. Serious-Forest ranger-Guns. Swell-Air forge man-Fishing. A tease-Ranch owner-Planes. B Mathematician-Baseball Coach-Basketbal Fun-Naval Officer-Basketball. A good sport-Singerfsports. Capable-College boy-Music. Shy-Baseball Player-Sports. Smart-Mining engineer-Sailing. Serious-A machinist-Swimming. Mischievous-A good student-Farm work. Manly-Own a new car-Roller-skating. Reliable-Dentist-Fishing. Happy-Architect-Music. e Absent-minded-To be tall-Sports. Original-A machinist-Art. Obliging-Electrioian-Railroad modeling A skater-Linoleum mechanic-Food. A regular fellow-Electrical Engineer- The girls. Friendly-Auto mechanic-Basketball. Full of fun-Mechanic-Rifle Club, 1 Considerate-Mechanical Engineer-Soccer. Bashful-Business man-Television. Full of peg-Forester-Dodgers. A dreamer- armer-Readin ' A good Suudenu-Horticulfhrist-F1sh1ng. FRED FISHER Unpredictable-Millionaire4Comics. BOB KLEMM Good natured-Photographer-Girls. GEDRGE CELTRICK Witty-Prgfesiional Basketball player- por s. THE ECHO MOST ATTRACTIVE, .......... , STYLISH .... A ....... ,,.,. CHEERFUL ,.,4........ - ..,....A......4,....4..4....,4..4A..,.....,...4., STUDIOUSL ..4.,.....,,4A..,.....,..i.,,..,.....A...,.,...,. MW AM ITIOUS ,,,......Q...4....A.,A,....,,.,....,..A....... ......QA L LIKELY TO SUCCEED ABSENT MINDED ,...,..,..4,....,..... .,,..,... , ,.., TALKATIVEH, ......,....,,.,....,....,.,...,............,,..W M ATHLETIC ,,................,,. MUSICAL ...,A....A.,4,,,A...,.,....,.4.. RESPONSIBLE ,,.. ....,..,.. GOURAGEOUS ,,,,Q,...A,A, HELPFUL L,.,.,....E..,,........A COURTEOUS ....,...4......,,. VERSATILE ,,,,4,,,Q4,,4,,, POISED ...., ,...ALA,...,L SERIOUS .,,,..,.,,.. ...4.,. CAREFHEEH .,,L...,A E CRITICAL .... ... L..., NOISIEST .,.....,.,, ,..L., ,.,.,.L..... QUIETIST WITTIEST PEPPIESTL ....,...,,..... SHYEST ,..,.,...........,, TALLEST, SHORTEST ,,,,,,,.,..,,,A.,, NEATEST. YOUNGEST OLDEST .,,,,, ,.QlIIffffffffffffffflffQflff1ffffQffffQfQfQfff'fffflQQffff'ffffff.QQQ,,. Y Val Hart Jill Zimmerman Gwen Michels Val Hart Val Hart Val Hart mwmnhg Ronald Becker Ronald Hart Tom Klemm Jim Sanders Charles Lewis Walter Spengler Marilyn Lenoir Charles Engelhardt Marilyn Lenoir Gale Wolynec Janet Oteiza Val Hart Eileen Long Jack Hayward Ronald Vaz Charles Lewis Jim Sanders Warren Neumann Carole Buschbaum Ronald Hart Val Hart Val Hart Jill Zimmerman Val Hart Claire Schatz Sally Koehl Emma Rieken Gloria Triola Jackie Orlino Gwen Michels Evelyn Bellow Madeline Kendel Eileen Long Jill Zimmerman Gale Wolynec Barbara Breece cuwscumm, ',VQnMgm-1-IDQQSH ,,1, LEADER ...,............ 7 ....... ............,..4,.,,....A...............,, TEASE ,,.,..,.........4........4......................,.............,........ GIGGLER ..,,..,.,Ar,.. ....,.. BEST DANCER ,,,.,A.,.......,..,.....,............, BEST PERSONALITY ,444,,,,..,-,.A Val Hart Emma Rieken Ronald Vaz Walter Spengler Ronald Becker Jerry Payne Charles Engelhardt Richard Rieken Jack Hayward Jerry Payne George Celtrick Al Bolter James Vanderbeek George Celtrick Jim Sanders Ronald Hart Walter Spangler Bob Cordes George Celtrick walter Spengler Richard Rieken Barbara Richardson Jack Hayward Sally Koehl Ronald Vaz Gwen Michele Charles Engelhardt 9- --4 ' 11" 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 THE ECHO SCHCEDL fXCTlWTi ES Val Hart has two poems published in National High School Poetry Association. Jill Zimmerman, a member of the New York City Ballet Co., has her picture in HYoung American. Ninth grade Parents' Tea - February 10, 1949. New Milford Junior High School Field Day - June 3, 1949. Airplane crashes in empty field, back of Steuben School - December 13, 1948. Music Festival in New Milford School-May ll, 1949. Bergen County Music Festival - April 9, 1949. Ten ninth graders participate in Chorus, one in Band, two 1 in Orchestra, in County Festival on April 8th and 9th, 1949. Junior High basketball team and cheerleaders enter State Tournament at Englewood - February 26, 1949. Open House - Safety theme - May 3, 1949. New teachers welcomed in eighth and ninth grades - howdy Mr. Smith and Mr. Serio. March 30th and 31st, 1949 - nAn Old Spanish Customu in Junior High. Visit to inauguration of President Truman by television, January 2O, 1949. Eyeryday Card Sale in February - a big success for graduating c ass. woman's Club of New Milford sponsors art contest for ninth grade. Fire Prevention Assembly program - October 8, 1948. Interesting dog show assembly - October 19, 1948. Real Dutch people present assembly program - November 9, 1948. Lecture and movies on Safety given by the Erie Railroad - March 23, 1949. .gn , , Movies and lecture by Mr. Howard Cleaves, HAnimals at Nightm- April 6, 1949. gundleugay in New Milford Junior High School-November 22 and 3, 19 . On March 2, 1949 - Benefit basketball games for Red Cross. Dancing class annual Party - March 31, 1949. Heavy snow storms - December 19, 1948 and March ll, 1949. Daniele LaLevee, a French war orphan is adopted by New Milford Junior High School. ' Freedom Train visits Hackensack - October 17, 1948. Freedom Train Assembly Program - October 22, 1948. Picture taking day for ninth graders - March 15, 1949. Talent show is given by the students of New Milford Junior High School in March. Charles Lewis made State Orchestra for the second time. Janet Oteiza made State Orchestra. Mmwng 19 THE ECHO .N ...... H... ..- - ,,.. ,.,- -, X . X . , -N V '11 , , .,,, -' 'A . figs , s 2,55 my Q59 l Y 1 ' I 7 X, ' -. ,,f -.. :NJ L...,1 -, L I B R A R Y C O U N C I L The Library Council, under the guidance of Mrs. Stever, our English teacher, met every Monday during the first period. This club consisted of both boys and girls from the seventh to ninth grades. The duties of the council are to check books in and out of the library, mend all books that are damaged in any way, and to show the sixth graders how to use the library as a helpful source of information. Every year the members pick out a number of books which they sort, mark, record the names, and place on their proper book shelves. The members of the council are: Carol Hogan, Barbara Winters, Janet Ackerman, Joann Shook, Arthur Lumb, Barbara Gerken, James Casey, and Robert Barton. STUDENT coUNc1L The Student Council is made up of two elected students from each seventh, eighth and ninth grade homerooms. It meets every Wednesday morning under the guidance of Mrs. Stever, Miss Enright, and Mr. Serio. It helps to solve some of the problems which face the BQXJJ school and homerooms. One of the problems facing the X!! student council and this year was the bus problem, and, after being discussed a long while, it was turned over rf to Mr. Gibbs for solution. ,,f' The Council sponsored a talent show to raise money to ,JJ,fv' adopt a child from a foreign country, and voluntary ,fv"' contributions were also asked from the children to help with this project. with all the money taken in, a little French girl named Daniele LaLevee, was adopted and some money was left over to be used next year. The members of the student council were: From the seventh grade - Robert Barton, James Casey, Evelyn Eifert, Barbara Herrick, Jules Auger, Ronald Lawlor, and Carol Schrammg from the eighth grade - Judy Triolo, Judy Oehl, Laura Klinger, Albert Brust, Helen Krokus, Rene Vesery, Warren Rybak, June Lungren, Larry McKittrick, Robert Morse, and Paul Hartmann, from the ninth grade - Ronald Hart, Jill Zimmermann, Charles Engelhardt, Ronald Vaz, Charles Lewis, Fred Eifert, Gale Wolynec, Val Hart, and Edith Sittig. O R C H E S T R A This year the practice periods for the orchestra, led by Mrs. Schattschneider were changed to Tuesday and Friday mornings from 7:30 A. M. to 8:15 A, M. The instruments and orchestra members were as follows: Violins-- Laura Klinger, John LaPorta, Penny Oteiza, Valerie Berman, Ronald 9 THE ECHO 49 ACTIVITIES fcontinuedj o R c H E s T R A fcontfd.J Lawlor, Ester Speck, Cellos--Janet Oteiza, Jules Auger, Patricia Harpster, Harold Kimble, Viola - Russell Dermondg Bass - Charles Lewisg Clarinets - Marion Jalbert, Marie Kahnberg, Danny Dransfield, James Casey, Donald Lubbeng Saxophones - walter Spengler, Ronald Lawlor, Trumpets - Harold Sodeurg John Ragusin, Arthur Lumbg Piano - Gale Wolynec, Judy-Oehl, Mellophones - Mary Ellen Altemose, Barbara gergickg Trombone - Frank Altemoseg Drums - Charles Loughman, Harry ea e. The orchestra played at all assemblies and two of the big occasions were at Christmas and the Operetta. Everyone in the orchestra enjoyed working with Mrs. Schattschneider andtwe hope more people will become interested in playing instruments nex year. R I F L E C L U B -,ggpfif Mr. Howard L. Barrett supervised the Qhrvdgziigldliljf' rifle club, which was made up of thirty- two members: Ronald Lawlor, Robert Hartmann, Paul Brimo, George Klinger, Robert Morse, Russell Weber, Melvin Streeter, John Kurtz, Harold Scharmer, Donald Lubben, Vincent Jodice, John Harnett, Paul Hartmann, Charles Lewis, Frank Altemose, Robert Cordes, Gerry Edwards, Roy Blomquist, Fred Fischer, Larry McKittrick, Donald Riemann, John Maziot, Jules Auger, June Lungren, Lenora Egli, Shirley Van Hoven, Joan Natirboff, Judy Oehl, and Janet Seitz. Three boys were members last year also, and they are: Richard Rieken, Walter Spengler, and Fred Eifert. The highest boy scorer was Robert Morse and the highest girl scorer was June Lungren. During October, November, December and January, the club members participated in the N. R. A. Postal Matches here in Junior High. On March 22nd, the members shot in the Hearst Postal Match. May 7th, rifle club members competed in the Teaneck Rifle and Pistol Club Match. In Paterson, members participated in the P. B. A. Match on June 4. On April 13th, the entire club competed in the N. R. A. Club Match. Fred Eifert came out the highest scorer with 186 out of 200. Paul Hartman, Walter Spangler, and Ronald Lawlor, tied for second place. The club had a four position match held in our school. Also, the club match for prone shooting was fired in our gym. 19 THE ECHO A9 ACTIVITIES fContinuedD R I F L E C L U B fcont'd.J This year, the Hearst Match'was held in the 69th Armory in New York City. The president of the Rifle Club was Walter Spenglerg Secretary, June Lungreng Range Officer, Richard Riekeng and Assistant Range Officer, Don Riemann. S O C C E R The soccer team, under the direction of Mr. Wolynec, had a very successful season. The boys had a lot of spirit and they played well. The team remained undefeated until the last game, in which they were defeated 2-l, by Teaneck. The members of the squad were Walter Spengler, Charles Engelhardt, Donald Riemann, John LaBarbera, Joe DeLucia, Richard Rieken, Donald Dermond, Jerry Payne, Melvin Streeter, Robert Morse, Albert Graef, Ronald Vaz, Ronald Hart, Walter Knorr, Harry Meade, Charles Loughman, Charles Lewis, and Harold Scharmer. The high scorers were Joe DeLucia and Donald Dermond. C H E E R L E A D I N G Yes, we had a good cheerleading squad! The girls worked hard one their cheers, and attended every game to back up the team. They prac- ticed with Mrs. Shattschneider every Tuesday noon during soccer and basketball seasons. hx Five out of the six regular cheerleaders were Jgarwmnf ninth graders. There were: Gwen Michels, Claire Naagfllighpf Schatz, Gale Wolynec, Jill Zimmermann and Val Hart. ':'l QQ.f lt- ,pfij The other cheerleader was an eighth grader, Janet 'I' M555 Seitz. The substitutes were Arline Blunt, Audrey .QQEW Locher and Laura Klinger. 'M Together with the team, the squad entered a tournament held in Dwight Morrow High School in Englewood in February. The boys entered a basketball competition and the cheerleaders cheered for them while in a contest with other squads from different schools. Mrs. Shattschneider accompanied us to most of the games and we are grateful to her for her time and patience with us. B A S K E T B A L L QQEEWZQEQQEQQE The basketball team was coached by Mr. Wolynec, ,gflj Iyugg ,Vw and, although the boys tried hard, it just fda'-1 'AA' ,.,,,.,.,. Maman .,.,. seemed as if luck was not with New Milford .. X "1+111'ff'f:':f".e:1:s:sfz:f:1' 1 thi S yea In 0 it Ill' i ,.....,...... 9 THE ECHO U9 ACTIVITIES fCohtinuedD B A s K E T B A L L qconc1d.J The members of the team were: walter Spengler, Ronald Becker, Charles Engelhardt, Ronald Vaz, Harry Meade, Melvin Streeter, and Charles Loughman. The manager was Jimmy Vanderbeek, and Dick wolf was the Assistant Manager. B A S E B A L L a This year our new teacher, Mr. Smith, directed . A the baseball team. s js gf ., fjfgiw Fffyf The boys had lots of spirit and played well. '., 'T' ,af Members of the squad were Ronald Becker, Albert 1. ,f' Bolter, Robert Chester, Joe DeLucia, Ronald Hart, 'ff' Robert Scaviner, Bill Mayser, Ronald Vaz, Harry dffixb Meade, John LaBarbara, Charles Loughman, Dwight I QD .. Reading, Warren Rybak, Harold Scharmer, Melvin J T Streeter, and Albert Graef. N E W S P A P E R C L U B The newspaper club, under the direction of Miss Enright, met on Monday mornings to gather and put together the news of the school. Due to the rising price of paper, the price of HTenshunN had to be raised to five cents. During this year we learned that some of the students were not very prompt and the paper was not always out on time. We were sorry! Some of the columns that were in the HTenshunu were the Spotlight, Gossip, Sports, Inquiring Reporter, and Assembly. The staff this year included: Jill Zimmermann, John Lensi, Dwight Reading, Ronald Becker, Catherine Wolf, Ronald Johnson. Eileen Long, James 0uHara, Dorothy Donnelly, Louise Grieco, Evelyn Bellow, James Sanders, and Eleanor Monson. G L E E C L U B If you heard strange sounds coming from the auditorium on Monday mornings you should have known that the Glee Club was meeting there. is This group had forty-five girls in it, twelve - in of whom were ninth graders. qw They participated in the Thanksgiving program, as Christmas program, and the New Milford Junior High music festival. The girls also did a wonderful Job in the operetta, 'An Old Spanish Customn, given for the benefit of the music fund. Half of the club girls were dancers in the operetta, and the others composed the chorus. The Glee Club officers are: President-Claire Schatz, Librarian - Carole Schramm, Secretary - Barbara Herrick, and Treasurer - Mary Altemose. 15 ....,...,.,..... .,.,...........,... wah .,........ E556 ...,..........W.... mania ACTIVITIES CContinuedJ G L E E c L U B fcont'd.J The ninth grade girls in the Glee Club were Janet Oteiza, Edith Sittig, Gloria Triola, Marilyn Lenoir, Jackie Orlino, Claire Schatz, Betty Dwyer, Dorothy Prachnaik, Emma Rieken, Barbara Richardson, and Gale Wolynec. O P E R E T T A The New Milford Junior High presented an operetta entitled uAn Old Spanish Customn, under the direction of Mrs. Shattschneider, on March 30, l9M9 for the benefit of the Music Fund. The entire cast was composed of Junior high students. Sixteen out of a cast of sixty-three were ninth graders. They were: Charles Engelhardt as HDon Josen, Edith Sittig as NBilly Dayu, Gale Wolynec as HMaggie Murphyn, Charles Lewis as 'Stan Darlingu, Carole Hogan as HKit Darlingu. The ninth graders who participated in the chorus were: Gloria Triola, Janet Oteiza, Jackie Orlino, Emma Rieken and Betty Dwyer,f The ninth grade dancers in the operetta were: Gwen Michels, Jill Zimmerman, Dorothy Prachnaik, Carole Buschbaum, Marilyn Lenoir and Evelyn Bellow. B E R G E N C O U N T Y M U S I C F E S T I V A L The fifteenth annual Bergen County Music Festival, held on April 8th and 9th at Teaneck High School, was a decided success. New Milford was well represented on both nights. In the High School Festival on April 8th, the pupils participating were all in the orchestra. They were as follows: Violins - Laura Klinger and John La Porta, Cellos - Janet Oteiza and Jules Augerg Bass - Charles Lewis. On April 9th, in the Junior High Festival, New Milford had many ninth grade people in the chorus. They were: Gale Wolynec, Edith Sittig, Gloria Triola, Dorothy Prachnaik, Charles Engelhardt, Ronald Vaz, Jimmy York and Ronald Johnson C A M E R A C L U B The Camera Club was started in January under the supervision of Mr. Serio. There were eleven members who tried to learn the funda- mentals of photography and experimented in taking pictures. The officers were: President, Le Roy Dietyg Secretary and Treasurer, Barbara Dermondg and the membership included Albert Bolter, Warren Neumann, Bob Chester, Albert Brust, Shirley VanHoven, Marilyn Pelton, Robert Lyle, Edward Dunay and Rene Vesery. 19 THE ECHO 49 ACTIVTTIES fcontinuedy H A L L P A T R O L The Hall Patrol members were chosen three .dl Adhd times during the year. The homeroom teacher gyms - "mc U?4fEf. selected two people from the class, and then ,,. 2? the class voted for the one who would serve. Gigigia The main purpose of having this patrol was W.amf f7gM3,. for the safety of the people walking in the halls. The Hall Patrol did a good job in eliminating much of the confusion such as running in the halls, skipping steps, shouting, slamming lockers and dropping waste paper, which not only spoils the standard of good conduct and appearance, but safety for themselves as well. O U T S I D E P A T R O L The Outside Patrol certainly deserves a hand. Gwen Michels, Gale Wolynec, James Demarest, Robert Barton, Peter Blattner, Ronald Hart, and Richard Rieken patroled out of doors in all kinds of weather, and gave up a lot of their time and extra activ- ities to do this. These boys and girls supervised the grades and made sure that everyone obeyed the outside school rules. They kept the kindergarten people out of danger and trouble and tried to keep traffic running smoothly. There were supervised by Ronald Vaz, chairman and Mr. Serio, sponsor. T H E D R A M A T I C C L U B The sponsor of the dramatic club was Mr. Smith, and his helpers in this club were the officers. First term: Val Hart, President A and Sally Koehl, Vice President. Second term: Frank DiMinno, Presi- p dent and Russell Dermond, Vice President. Third Term: Madeline Kendel, President, Barbara Breece, Vice Presidentg Helen Garefelo, Secretary and Jean Chester, Treasurer, Some of the members of the club went into New York on March 19, 191-L9 and saw the show "Little women". The whole club sponsored the Election Day Assembly by presenting a convention with the speeches by the nominees and the band-wagon and everything else connected with a convention. The ninth graders in the club were: Val Hart, Gwen Michels, Carole Buschbaum, Madeline Kendel, Barbara Breece and SallyXNoeh1.a?gW K 1 : ' O U R N A M E N T ' . , S ETH. Y 1?',IQ:' The tournaments were a result of a series was H5 U CJ of ping pong and badminton games that were ,gagsas 'gan played in April. The people who took part in may these games were slowly eliminated until there 'X l 19 THE ECHO U9 ACTIVITIES J qcontinuedb TOURNAMENTS qcontvmb were two boys, and two girls for each game. These two played each other for a winner, so that finally there was a boy and a girl winner from the ping pong and badminton. The winners of the ping pong were Jimmy Vanderbeek and Judy Oehl. The winners of the badminton were Don Dermond and Gale Wolynec. F IgE L D A N D S T R E A M C L U B A227 The Field and Stream Club was sponsored by Mr. Wolynec, who obtained a variety of movies which were in color and sound. The pictures were free J D except for postage. These films were about W QJ.- hunting, fishing, hiking, and boating. They 1 were shown every other Monday during club period - Ag4QhOn the other Mondays, Mr. Wolynec demonstrated C::EEELEEgfIj'3fly tying, rifle techniques, first aid, and help for various snake bites, fundamental care of fishing rods and so forth. 53.1, q Xxxu fxgfff :p,:":. ssgg ' H The club members attended the Sportsmen's Show given in New York, February 18, 1949. There were fifth-six members in the Field and Stream Club. The president was Ronald Hart, vice president, Charles Engelhardtg treasurer, John LaBarbarag and secretary, Ronald Vaz. The ninth grade members were: Charles Engelhardt, Bob Klemm, Tomm Klemm, Joe DeLucia, Jerry Payne, Ronald Hart, James York, James Vanderbeek, george Celtrick, Ronald Vaz, Bob Chester, Charles Ullrich, and Dick 0 . H O N O R S O C I E T Y This year's honor society had the largest membership in a long while. It consisted of seven members. There were: Walter Spengler, Ronald Becker, Charles Lewis, Gale Wolynec, Claire Schatz, Val Hart and Jill Zimmermann. The Honor Society sponsored two assemblies. The main project for the group was to publish a handbook to be given to all new Junior High pupils. It contains the rules and regulations governing fire drills and study halls in our school, and tells what is expected of the students in Junior High School. The president of the Honor Society was Val Hart, vice president, Charles Lewis and secretary Gale Wolynec. The organization met with Mrs. Martin almost every two weeks to outline and write up the booklet which we hope to have published by September, 1949. 19 THE ECHO WW CHEERLEADERS swag .............,1..-.-1-1-11- C C E R T E ..i...............-i.q---1--- ,i F L E C L . 15 ................. ..A..........,.,. EEE ......,, E656 .,..,.......,.. ALMA MATER Our strong band can ne'er be broken, Formed in Junior High. Far surpassing wealth unspoken, Sealed by friendships tie. Alma Mater, Alma Mater, deep graven on each heart, Shall be found unwavering true, when we from life shall part. DOSEY DOE Dosey Doe, and around we go New Milford, New Milford's on the go. Swing your partners Hit 'em high, We can beat them if we try. STEP ON THE STARTER Step on the starter Crank up the lizzie C'mon boys, Let's get busy. SUSIE "Q" Let's shuffle on up And truck on down, 'Cause New Milford's team comin' to town Susie "Q" to the left, Susie "Q" to the right, C'mon New Milford Fight, Fight, Fight. C O U N C I B R A R C H E S T THE ECHO T U D E N U N C --i.l....1...i MMMTHEwEdH6WMW BCZDSTERS 19 Edward Scrivani Judy Raff Edith Mucke Kareen Mucke Sharon Enoch Mr. M Mrs. W. Fischer Mrs. G. Celtrick Tommy M Joey Buschbaum Mr.k Mrs. J. Buschbaum Beatrice Refsnyder Mrs. 8 Mrs. J. Coulon Mr. H Mrs. J. Thies Mr. M Mrs. R. Klinger Laura B. Klinger Carol Bell Mrs. S. Cracolice Mrs. M. DiMinno Mrs. G. Oteiza Mr. G. Oteiza Penny Oteiza Mr.a Mrs. J. Hayward A friend. Mr. F. B. Hart Mrs. F. B. Hart Mr.a Mrs. T. B. Winters Compliments of a friend. Mrs. Leo M. Martin Mr. Leo N. Martin Dorothy M. Courtright G. Thomas Baeli Stena Skidmore Frank J. Greber Margaret A. Julien Mildred A. Desmond Elizabeth Rittger Lillian Williamson Mary S. Brown Mr. R Mrs. Del Kerber Mr. M Mrs. B.J. Brazaitis Ferrn and Ed Milldr Mr.a Mrs. Henry Wyssling Tina and John Charles W. Tent Richard and Grampa Thomas C. Serio Merna Hotson Mrs. J. Patterson Bob and Dave Dora and Ray Muriel and Bill Mr.a Mrs. Harold Sodeur Mrs. Malvina Bosco Mary S. Foster Frances Engelhardt Charles H. Engelhardt Mr. H Mrs. M. Breece Frederick L. Eifert Mrs. Frederick Eifert Frederick L. Eifert,Jr. Evelyn Linda Eifert Ruth Patricia Eifert Joseph N. Culver Mr.h Mrs. R. Lawlor Mr.a Mrs. B.R. Buffett Mr. 8 Mrs. Paul Hegi Mr. M Mrs. A. Geils H. C. Hauser Edlen's General Store Mr. Q Mrs. W. A. Wolf Charlotte Wolf Mr. 8 Mrs. A. Klemm Mmaugmmm Mr. Edwin Oehl Mrs. Edwin Oehl Bill Hahn Mr. M Mrs. Hahn Ronald Becker Mr. G. Becker Mrs. G. Becker Mrs. F. Crawley Mr. J. H. Schatz Mrs. T. Moore Honorine Christensen Sandra Eichmeyer Mr.a Mrs. A. Cassidy Mr.8 Mrs. F. Adams Mr. Carl Bachmann Mrs. Carl Bachmann Mrs. George Niebler Lorraine Bachmann Mr. Q Mrs. J. Schran Catherine Reighard Julius Henning Bruno Juestel Engel Family June Lungren Mr.kMrs.Robert Jaeger Mr.kMrs.Joseph Stavola Mr.k Mrs. Matthew Pianfetti A friend. Madeline Helen Kendel Paul Brennan Johnny Madsen Mary Anne McKinney James J. Casey Sam Kutikoff New Milford Hardware Co. Robert Bachmann Kerberfs Bakery Miss E. Enright Mr.a Mrs. Harold Hollis Mr.m Mrs. Louis Orban Mr. Walter G. Knorr Mr.d Mrs. William Dwyer Mr.k Mrs. C.W.Richardson Lester G. Michels Ruth E. DeVries Mr. M Mrs. Wm. Kendel Miss Carole Buschbaum Mrs. David Ammean Mr.k Mrs. A. Dittrich Arline Dittrich Marie Dittrich Mr.k Mrs.P.Hengemuh1e Mr.k Mrs. R.C.Morgan Mrs. R.P. Hamilton Mr. R Mrs. J. Green I. Giuricich J. Ragusin Mr. M Mrs. L. Fortik Marjorie E. DeSnoo Mrs. W. Wilson Mr.a Mrs. E. Sonageri Joan Wilson Mrs. E. S. Clark James B. Ricardo Mmigmm Wmgggwgbgwm B O O S T E R S QContinuedD .WMXQWM Rodefs Service Station Sylvia's Beauty Salon Mr. M. Triolo Mrs Anna Tallarico Roy L. Covi Mr. Q Mrs. Meyer Mr. Q Mrs. J. Muggeo Mrs Ann Wenderoth Mrs Virginia Grube Suzi Markey Mr. Gellrich Mr. Q Mrs. W.G. Norton Mrs. F. Webster Mr. Q Mrs. C.L. Lumb Mrs. E. Dowsett Mr. Q Mrs. Al Witte Mrs. H. Metz A wellwisher Mrs. J. Pearson Mrs. M. Pollard Mrs. w. smitnvf' Mrs. W. H. Ahrensvff Ellen vernuist .X Mrs. W. Trensch Mildred Cring Mr. Q Mrs. R. Riegert Jack Hayward Rev. Q MrS. W. Welsh Mr. Q Mrs. A.M. Salomon Mrs C. Kuchenmeister Mrs Thomas Walsh Mrs Mr. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs R. Weber Q Mrs. Ed.Barnett E. Cosney R. Hahn, Jr.vf J. J. Quinn Andrew McLaren Mr David Carl Sattely Pat Smith Mrs. Ernest Steinel Mrs. E. Spengler Charles Loughman Mrs. M. Triolo Mr. Q Mrs. William Schoonmakersf Rosemary Q James W. Madden The Lawrence A. Hardy Family Judy Triolo V' Carol Triolovf' Judy Hettinger Ralph W. Wolf Doris R. Stanley Louis Schabilon Mr. Q Mrs. E, Robinson Mr. Q Mrs. E. Gibson Pat and Jimmy Ellmers Renee Bechtold V' Pam Q Bobby Dartley Mr. Q Mrs. A.B. Dowsett Mrs. J. H. Schatz John Schnackenberg Schneemann Mrs. R. Barratt Elsie Mr. Q Mr. Q Mrs. Hermanns Mr. Q Mrs. G. H. Shader Mr, Q Mrs. W. B. Brown Mr. Q Mrs. K. Berthold Mrs. L. Hargreaves Mr. Q Mrs. L.A. Fuente Mr. Q Mrs. Knier Dr. B. K. Bradford Mr. Q Mrs. McKee Mr, Q Mrs. Duffy Mr, Q Mrs. Clegg Mr. Raymond Gross Mr. Q Mrs. H. Loughman Mr. Q Mrs. J. Hansen Mr. Q Mrs. N. Briasco Mr. Q Mrs. P. Fostvedt Mr. Q Mrs. A. Federico Mr. Q Mrs. E. Orlino V' Mon and Jim Harry Meadef A Peggy Michels " Mrs. Elizabeth Drake Oser's Farm Mr. Q Mrs. C. W. Lewis Chud Joan Q Martin Riefner Mr. Q Mrs. R. J. Pelton Mr. Q Mrs. J. Roberts Jackie Roberts Madiline Williams Mr. O. J. Springel Mr. Q Mrs. A. Springel,Jr Mr. Q Mrs. H. Sisco Mrs. W. Faessinger Mr. W. Faessinger Mr. Q Mrs. D. Dransfield Mr. Q Mrs. W. Vetter Mr. Q Mrs. H. Dickinson Mr. Q Mrs. F. Wolf Mrs. V. Vanderbeek V. Vanderbeek Mr. Mrs. K. McKenna Mrs. L. Schoefield W. Schoefield Mr. Mrs. D. Catania S. Catania Mr. Miss C. McKenna Mr. Q Mrs. M. Sittig Edith Sittig Mr. Walter Raska Mr. H. Hansen Miss E. Brown E. I. Cooper Mr. Q Mrs. John Bubb Albert Bolter Mr. Q Mr. Q Mrs. G. Lenoir Mr. G. Lenoir The Earl Harpster Family The Donald Rijdeu Family Mr. George A. Lobb, Jr. Mr. Q Mrs. Fred Hayward Mr. Q Mrs. D.R. Ackerman Mr. Q Mrs. J. A. Degnen Mrs. Josephine Springel Mrs. James T. Herson Mrs J. Schnackenberg Jr. F, W Brandt, Mr. Q Mrs. George W. Kopp Mr, Q Mrs. Frank E. Conlon vf Mr. Q Mrs. Everett I. Manning Mr. Q Mrs. Walter L. Wright Mrs. Arthur J. Oakes, Sr. Mr. Arthur J. Oakes, Sr. Mr. Q Mrs. George M. Naughton Mr. Q Mrs. Robert Bell Mr. Q Mrs. Dan Cosney Mr. Q Mrs. Ernest Diem Mr. Q s. . Cheryl Jean Le Pelletier Mr. Q Mrs. A. B. Buschke Melvin C. Streeter, Jr. Mrs. George W. Pressier Mr. Q Mrs. K. Schneemann Mrs. Kathryn M. Holland Mr. Sam Cosney, Bob Ennis Kennedy's S. S. Mrs. Cucchia Sr. , X -. .I .Xlq Q, 'QMHK My ,Lb 1 Hx Wim V q"b 5? X 19 ffwwf f H 'fgffce UMM? Wwaw WW? oi: g VCWWL' WJ ,Mn-W f!,,A,y,4f,f-ffl" 'Aww' U7 1 ei ' QIEAVIQ4 pE,fPf UMR' QQ, W Wfvw In www fm WW W f of . QAM Q-fr! is p 91fMfMffU ffUf,,,1Qz,,Q ,, R x 1.Y?L2 Q Q5 WW G LQ EW' W Wixgiixi K my x'A 'AY' ' 1 O W of Mg Mjgfwz W X UM A M fQTiEz3Z Y qggfww Civgj6ywQwQ Li ia My My Fiji? S :jig-dj . W W MW A ,f QQQ Qc-W Aff is 5335 fgiww

Suggestions in the New Milford Junior High School - Echo Yearbook (New Milford, NJ) collection:

New Milford Junior High School - Echo Yearbook (New Milford, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 35

1949, pg 35

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1949, pg 43

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1949, pg 36

New Milford Junior High School - Echo Yearbook (New Milford, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 9

1949, pg 9

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