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 - Class of 1985

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FACULTY I SENIORS I 1 ACTIVITIES I SPORTS I I UNDERCLASSMEN SENIOR PROFILES I I ADVERTISEMENTS W..-f ,,..-f ,,.-f w ww W ' ,ufzwf ,WN , ,CMH 9 fx My ' W , A f 4 A A . f Q ' h, ,ig ,Gif nf: .,., 5' 1' ,v 1 f 2 ' M A , ,.11 A 4 ' if V Af,. if m M . ' Q- W' . ..,,, ., gvfw, I ,, ,,,' gk 4 45623532 4:1 M 91 , 'L Q , 11 ,,wz,:-f ang, rm" ' , af- asm ,, - --,f f,fg,,AZ in W. , f A , . , ,Q f f Mai: 22 H- ..,,,. "JH" w . my ,f -w J ' f 'Y 4 fn Q W A If- -4,43 A K J , " ' iii, if I , , ,,,,, by 4 MMU' . ,nfl ,FQQQ Wy' yo' 4 W '47 K AIM 2 , 7 Y w xx Hum' --,K Q I 1 f P il -Q 'ct 3' q kk fi ,361 Q? is nie 'Wm f -J- ' i 4 I fi? ,,..,f u 2 3 5 1 IN MEMORIAM . The Class of 1985 would like to set this page aside in remem- brance of the four students that we have lost. They were friends as well as fellow students, and their deaths touched us all. We proudly remember Erik, Gabby, Brian, and Ray. DEDICATION Y. It is with great pride that the Class of 1985 dedicates its yearbook to Mrs. Jane Cushman. Throughout our four years, Mrs. Cushman has served as an organizer, a teacher, and especially a friend. Through her seemingly endless energy, she has helped many of us make important choices about our future. Mrs. Cushman is a very special person and we'll always remember - "There must be a pony!" 1,1 5 W Q7 at will Advanced Snoo7ing 440 Boy. l want those buns! Just call me Stevie! 'F f 7 6 ! 5 " f 1 I 2 iff? in i 2 C'mon boys! Welcome to the Wild Kingdom 'W V :PK x-J ff., .r ? ae- A Seductive Smirk i Whni the . Face il. l'm sexy! Wham rockeis'?'?'?'?'? .W x ,rg l r m, It K, nlihx Y.-J Pay Sexy . .. Scxier . .. Sexiest!!! Ir---'rx '--fr r's X1 LS Caught Red Handed Brides of Frankenstein ,Q ' ' ' I ,lf if 5- , E 3 li , 2 L ' " T A ' ""' -- ... if V 4 e 4' , K 211 ' 41 ' 54 Q lr? 94 .fi ,A I f. I ', - I ,ua - If l fiRLav Q A ' - if ' : il K I " 9 '.' QR f lla' ' I .H :ly Q Athemfs Double Ulplllg lil' ll 4' A Southern Belle M , x G Sailor Snow b. .... I WV f A .! A-.X -q f , 1' , X, Z? Y A 1 -..- .., ff. A fu Q, N35- fiifwa 4, wa.. "1- Q mx K Q 3 -.ff , WM . xx 5 .11 ' 'ff ' in, Q f C f ,L ' Q 9' N' 5 ., 7 Q I ,N , 4 f jg' 2 '- S?5,im?i?w ? ff mf.: 4.fsv-'p.-'-Nw. rf 5 , n 5 , T . WW 4 z ,' u , f,-.4 g g' K I . 4 "6 Q, i 1 'W S f'ff in ik ,qv inf Xi , ' an X. Rexx' , 'Y 'lbs H kiln' i , f 'il""Q 4' ,Qc 9 WU if aff ,,,ffJ5M1 if-Q' HL y , "-1 'x EES. 1' 1, -, ,Ms N x gy l'i ff . . if Y , lx 55? , ,Q dai. I I I I 1 3 ,u I I I I I I EI HI I I IMI III Iwi I I I III I I I I. I ,I I I I II Il , I l Iii, 'VI ' arulig I II , In I II IIl ,. I I I I fl III I, I I ' l 1 I f,:f ., ffl 4 I 'If gl- ,ff I I I' W I . f II-.jf If I I I I ' . I I I I ' I II IIII II IIIIIEI IIII - Faculty Ifak'-al-tel, n. I I III I III l. The entire teaching and adminis- Il IIIII trative force of a school II QIIII 2. A group of people crazy enough gf X1 I II .II to work for peanuts I "V II : -I If :I Is, IIIII IIII I 12" I 'I I 1 I :I 'II :I!tiYI...F,I II: I: IIN , 5 III III I I IIIIIII I , I I 'I' lug , I I' I I I I -' I I JI ' '. IX ll ,I :I 'IIII gi! 4 ,,1 - I 4 I I N I I . ,1-, PV 4?f'af:l'f"'AxX If I I, I I' f f,-' -A "Xing: -5 1 P' I -fig ff ' ff ll I 1 Mr, Murph Pryor I , I 5 I if ' i 5 1 u , i Mr. Bernard Pottenburgh - ni se X if X r I VII' 1' ' X X xx ,C 3: w XX I X X ,Ogg AMN xv :yi S' .QQ '51 5' yy K 'HQ sm If ' fl . W' 'adj x ' 4 1. rx ' I I . MOMENT OF SlL.ENT MEDLTRTION STAFF 5 mn .XxXi, ,' 5 we ' ' Mrs. Clare Raymond Mrs. Linda Biondino Mrs. Jane Marsicano AN. -- -K -,..4 Mrs. Cecile Barberio 17 Mrs. Catherine Consaga , XJ as I X 3 Mrs. Dianne Adams , 3 ,AM lx, ., V Mrs, Anne Hetzel i A ' ,A "-ffl , - ' - e ee . 2. 'Q .5 '74- vrx ,. 5 451' - ' Hf ' 'wif' ' " .. Mi. 5- ,, -1 ' Y --- "' " ' - . -w Y ,1 R XJ' rv' Mrs. Bonnie Howard Kitchen Staff - I A . GUIDANCE 'M Mr. Robert Vanderzee X WJ Mr. Gene Bernard Mlss Susan M. Fogarty Q .r..,Mv ire W G N QQGGG G G K r an t f an X r 3 a. 'G 'f .2 G U wi an Mrs. Jane F Cushman Mr. George W. Lapinsky ENGLISH , 9 1 Nr? TW," . I j X W ff W . K J . Mrs. Luise G. Stevens Mrs. Judy Leonard If X .. L Mr. Mark Iannucci Mrs. Frances Moss Mrs. Joan D. Crews 5' , X Mr. Lance D. Rogers Mrs. J0ann Lewis 16 ,. .. . 3 . 1 fvvqenwnw W..f.wwm V ' . , M M A , E T I K ' Y 4? 'X V 1 ' l J I . I fV ,,, , f Mrs. Candace A. Morgan Mr. Ronald E. Olson W- . .4 'ffXf"1 . A sf ., I 4 , , , , l , , , A, 'ff . Y A' I 12.4 ff 'v' Mrs. Barbara Reynolds Mrs. Christine Groeschner Mr. John Lee ,- , -, .11 l :X .sry 1i1 -1 , , X Vg is 4 x l 1. f? . - Q T Q .--.2 E .... V Q--J Mrs, Mary Ann Sheehy Mrs. Cynthia Cover Q. , . sa .1-L--1-1-1-l L-g1 'y f J ,U I ' BIBLE . "5 Q49 451. 1. ' 711 X xix ,m f - g1 f . 65 H Q xl 1? XX z '-A '- Mr. Alan D. Moger Mr. John Wrenn CHOMEWO 9 -. -a A-v 44 I I' 1 1 I fr 1 I N we mvwveo A Nw NUMBER! Mr. G.D.W. Ferris Mrs. Beverly Regan MATHEMATICS Mr. Donald R. Shaffer Mr. William Hibbard Mr. Kirk Edward A i,,l L V .. Mr. William Knipple, Jr. , il K M .M Mrs. Joyce Holloway Dr. Laurence I. Tripp L M do 4-rqmlii 5 .Kd r 1 1 l Mr. James Lauer Mrs. Rosemary Sutich Mr. Greg Romano Q . t mf g., A I if V V , l r Mrs. Anne Park Mr. Charles Raymond sa 1 X x I wx- Q I als i ,M sf Y , x 3' W Mr. Francis Gillespie Miss Ann M. Vallombroso SOCIAL STUDIE V AI bl not , -5 il , f,AV -, Y ANDERSON " " vwsscosnr Tl r wi Q 4 Y l'g1l'Nlsi.1.x iw ' mnpgmt H, X NOQEW. LOVERQ, 3 af- ff gg all lv . "z,', Q f. .v A fju 1 x 4 " l Mr. Robert W. Asman Miss Katherine G. Austin ws " X , . X , xxx -ei. t Mr. J. Russell Nicolas ,W t fvfffm Ty llfbxv ,.g9,qfx , . li J 1' I 3 .9 , 1112 V - K ' '41 5 J will 4' I 1 ' ' 4 Mr. Walter Kellogg f' lx fha, """""lw-. HMM s f v X XB F X xxx X I Mr. Stephen R McGrath N-RNWI - -s ii ' A it 1 ,.... SCIENCE C -5 Q no A L , ' Q is , M N Miss Nancy N. Anderson 'Q 'Ill A ggi? go , , fl, y. f f if I 1 , Mr. Jack H. Bouclier 22 , ,V .s,, - ,715 Mr. Robert D. Joy I ,H M I 3 Mr. Matt Mullen 4, M 'ez Mr. David W. Hoyt is Q T - Hg? -, , ,A Mrs. Paola DeCristofaro "QU 1-un-iilill FOREIGN LANGUAGE f ' 'li A . L. A Q or r .y , . a .Wm L, Mrs. Eleanor Castonguay Miss Barbara Coulter 1 Wil? V1 Mrs. Margaret Clark Mrs. Ernestine Clark A, 3 A Q fha kk E' ' 2-Q. . ua , ,sm Mrs. Diane Miller-Osborne . i gf i . . . iri"'f"""' . - ""'f I I K 2 ' ' lf: 4 Q, 5 W of '53 Mrs. Karen Rowland Mr. George Doring Mr. Richard Sheridan BUSINESS Mr. J. Thomas Ferrarotti Mrs. Doris Raymond We h,h ,.hh lm Mr. Gerald Castonguay a I r r v ? I Mrs. Theresa Vanasse Mr. Walter Nolan Mrs. Jerry C. Quist W Mr. Robert Brennan f is 11759 , X .l INDUSTRIAL ARTS AND HOME ECONOMICS 73054 Mr. Richard 'IT Kosier E 0 , . Mr. James Dowd I A O - X Mrs. Nadine Geyer , . 3 1 .1 Mr. Peter J. Barbero gi. 'N ff Mr. Joseph Neff ss. KX Mr. James R. Hilton Mrs. Jo-Ann Opulski Neukom 26 X Mrs. Dayle A. Elsesser is Mr. Robert H. Keck, Jr. MUSIC AND ART Mr. Albert E Bayers, Jr. Miss Donna L. Chambers LIBRARY v 'fi' sm r gg? N .S W ,gp ,.,1?'?'f is A .4 rys' il .4 X I X., Illl i lllllllim . lll' llIl '1k f A ,, N X 2:5 A 9 K f !4'3.,,W ,Iv-,f ,, 4 5 K -ii., ' 'f,fif'5gAf?1CfP'7 X' -3 f th" fffz 1" , I' as 4 lin ,yf XM, kj X A 5 !Illll4U I I III Mr. Hugh R Magoun Mrs. Theresa Burch SPECIALISTS il' Mrs. Carol Ann Ferris Mr. Donald M. Hayes Mr. Phillip Haj jar S Mrs. Dorothy Chapman Mr. Edward Masiulis f PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND HEALTH f.-If .., . 1 jig WO, .... . Mrs. Frances W. Zaloski Mr. Robert Pearson MTS- Bonnie -I0 Chefon I Mr. Michael Oshan rip, , +r9s,jj,fWG'r W rf is A A Mr. William T. Kraft Mrs. Barbara Nelson W- A I' hx fly I ' sl . X 41 ' - w A , rr , 7 Lf ,, . ,,,,, - sr' Q 'W .Q I X 7? Q Mrs. Laurette Caron 7? Am -f--L tr 'aff Z 5 X 45 ' arp f I f 1 5 W1 fn 5? X -:N as is 'PN it .3 , if 4' W E I would like to thank Mr. Nolan, Brian Hawthorne, and, our rookie advisor, Mr. Bouclier for all their help and patience this year. Anogher youvgoes to all the editors and staff who worked all of those long hours to make this book what it is. For the most gt, ,wig reallyaivadi agfun time producing our Denouement. f . Z . V, To a of the Senior class, wishgjil the luck and prosperity in the worldg you deserve it. You have much potential, so make use of it to its greatest extentiii will fiiemember all of you . . . always. F inalli, angnost importantly, I thank Mary, Theresa, and Lisa for guiding me through all the hard times and helping me ma- ture. With you goes, eternal love and gratitude. You are all very special. t Sincerely yours, Goode Eipk, 1985. y Q4"f'DJ'WWwf ff ,,,,.,, .,........ Dave Oldham, , i' Editor-in-Chief ,,,,,,,, i..a 1985 W g "'t gig, iygy Mwfwgg r I I fi my , W . . . ,ff a yf f - 1' if ni: T.. H gi? I H 2' .1 , , ...i ' 1 5 "L, ,J A-Y ,Q ,n'f'f'l""f'.. ' " . ' , ,,,, y ,.,,, ,, ,...., . .,. . t , ifiiP?,ifLY4 'J' " 2' J' Gfii f' 1 'M I "'.:Q,11 f -ft -.,, W WWW :ray af if - f I ,,,w-'- "" "' . t G .M .,,....,. . , .,,,,.g..4v, Wi., , , M, ,, ., , 19599, ,. YW "" 1Vl,:fQQQgz' ,g,,f4,4'w'1j-Q -1,ff'h. ' f' I,,,:, 0. W nf gi' W ,M .V i , "". ffif . " " ,f .... . f. 1 , . . 'Ag ,,,,,g,,,,., W ' V'-"ifffI fi " 13,51 " ,JL f If , '- if Q My .gwf ' N, i W . i . r ft i s i... it . i ' iiii 3 i . 2 ' MW 'Q -f "b.. W , ' K t " i i i ' ' ' i X it . tiis i 2 5, . f ...--'- I W i isii . 7 t f 4 . ,,, Q- . . "". - i ii"il ' Q . w ' . f'f 1 "' ' ','- , ,I 1 : - '.i.. i.i' t f if "', ',,f 'f'., f ,.,. V V, t ,,., ,A V ,, ' iiiii 13, iff' " 54- .ffzlf-K Y" ""' .'."'f: ' 57'i'f5' W 1" wwf, , f 'M' ' ' ,, Q.. Hfiifkff 'f"f"' V' 721534 lf' -V V " " ffqfifewf' "' 1' ' ' . 1 -- . 4 f - ,, ' I ' " ' 'A W , , z V,V,, , V V '. . .5 . t ? . i . 5 "" . - ' . .,,, . . " f E . VW ya ' 'mfifvf " i ' W V ' ' . Q .fi 'A 1.2Tr-'iyfriin' .4 wa' aw. s ,K . . ,. .iv HNQQ,-. 4,5 51i'w5gi,6Mg., t 'Y W! gs, 30 P 'ra 4' A535- ,Q1 P .AJ verse. Dave Oldham - Editor-in-Chief Tim Brooks - "Coordinating Editor 1985 YEARBOQK EDITOR 'M""Ulr Laura White - Photography Lisa Bartram - Business Theresa Oria - Sports Steve Toman - Sports A -,gxx 'Rf Lisa Mulhare - Advertising Mary Scrimgeour - Underclassmen Karen Holsten - Color Mary Beth O'Brien - Seniors -ir! Jill Sontag - Art Stefanie Takacs - Superlatives Lisa Castonguay - Activities Bob Ennis - Literary 'tx 'il I of' ML Sandy Dixon - Art Mary Beiter - Advertising Melanie Connors - Business Keri Hayes - Faculty 3l I . 1 . 'KX I 4 'Q . fe X X .QV , x 1 L gg, ' X ! wx X. .xx T" W--.X 'X .xy -cl 4.3 , M,-, -1- +-..,,,.. , n mm Q A I Y 51322. . ,Q K A mv , -- ,kx,, ,M .Q vs 'N J.,-V M -f' ,, ,,,,, ,. K, ,, K Ak X., X535 Svvninrz K Senlors fsen yerj n 1 a person of greater rank stand mg or length of servlce 2 someone obvlously superior Syn Awesome" Semor Cmzen see Faculty VALERIE ANN ADAMS It is a dream, when will it end When everything we've ever known Has ended and I'm all alone Where will I go, where will I be The feelings that I've never showng Maybe I'lljind the answer when you're gone. - Jef Lynne STEVEN ABDELLA BETH ABBOTT EVE A. ALTVATER Out ofthe dusk a shadow, then a sparkp Out ofthe cloud a silence, then a larkg Out ofthe heart a rapture, then a pain. Out ofthe dead, cold ashes, LU'e Again. KEITH DAVID ALEXANDER There is nothing we have to remember, But there is nothing we want to forget. DREW AQUILINA SCOTT BABIYAN WILLIAM DAVID BAHR Out with the old, in with the new. RICARDO BARONE BRYAN GUNTER BECKER Time: The only thing that seems forever, But nothing is. ,,,,.. M fjv- I ix F MARGARET ANNE BARLOW Aim for the moon, Ifyou miss All you can do is fall among the stars LISA MARIE BARTRAM A friend may well be reckoned The masterpiece of nature, - R.W Emerson E I MARY M, BEITER Think of me, you, the person next to you. All the times we've spent together happy: sad But always close --- you'1l be more than A Memory but the smile on my face. CHRISTOPHER BELLAMY TESSA J. BIGELOW JACQUELINE BERNARD I ,, Lord of Harvest, Place Your fre in me. Servant You need now 1 Servant I will be. Give me the eyes ofyour Spirit, Your Heart of compassion to know Wherever STEFANIE W. BIGELOW You lead me, Lord of Harvest, I'lI go. Peace I leave with you,' My peace I give unto you I do not give as the world givesq Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. John 14:27 'lpn I, DAVID BERGER ERIC BIRDSEYE MAYLO BIZIER "Hold onto a ray of Hope, and a promise offuture . . . and follow your dreams." - S..l.R KIMBERLY ANN BLANCHARD Pride is the downfall offools. So humble yoursem Learn from your mistakes and be wise, - A Proverb ERIC BOWMAN SCOTT BOWMAN DAVID M. BOYER "ln 20 years we'll all sit down with a cold beer and laugh about this." SANDRA BRESEE 4 :L W sn 7 ROBERTA BRYSON TIMOTHY P. BROOKS "Far better is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor sujer much, because they live in the grey twilight that knows not victory nor defeat." Theodore Roosevelt . 4 I JODI CABLE C in ,,,x lil 'lb g D AMY BUTLER BRUSH Well we're just two lost souls, swimming in afshbowl year after year. Running over the same old ground but we found the same old fears. 1 wish you were here, ln memory of Dean Brush 4f9f83 CHRYSANTHE CAPLANSON The arts are those activities whereby man would elamberfrorn the beasts to fly among the gods. Dr. Bernard I. Bell A true artist sees with the eye ofa child and thinks with the brain of a genius. WRK. Thomajan pn., LENNY CASACALENDA The Righteousness of our cause must always underlie our strength, for as was written long ago: except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain. the undelivered speech Dallas, l1f23f63 - JFK. ERIN PAIGE CARRINGTON I was born to catch dragons in their Dens and pick Howers To tell tales and laugh away the morning To drift and dream like a lazy stream, And walk barefoot against sunshine days. - James Kavanaugh 1 LAURA JEAN CAPRON Tears, idle tears, Tears from the depth of some divine despair. Rise in the heart and gather to the eyes, in looking on the happy autumn felds, and thinking of the days that are no more. -AU'red Lord Tennyson CHRIS CARLSON CHRISTOPHER H. CARLSON W ROBERT JON CASAZZA II Roll down the window And let the wind blow back your hair Well, the nights busting open these two lanes will take us anywhere A Bruce Springteen LISA KAREN CASTONGUAY "Heard melodies are sweet but those unheard are sweeter," - John Keats : "?"7 ', s, A .C S SANDRA JEAN CHARK I ...nag Looking down I watch the night Runningfrom the sun. Orphan stars and city lights Fading one by one Oh, Sweet Memories I call on you know. - Sieve' Perry TRISH CAVANAUGH When you wish upon a star, Dreams will take you very far, But when you wish upon a dream, Life isn't always what it seems. g Earth, Wind, di Fire CHRISTOPHER CATS GRACE THERESA CEA All your life you've been waiting for your ehanee to ft into the plan. But you're the master ofyour own destiny so give and take the best that you can. - Triump AN-YI CHEN K 2 tg 1 me ..w-"" ' A gossip is one who talks to you about others, A bore who talks to you about himsej And a brilliant conversationalist is one who talks to you about you. AMY RENEE CHRISTOPHERSON Its all too real these things we feel. As years go by things intensify, and l know for each life theres a reason, and l know for each time theres a season. The bridge leads on to a brighter dawn. Its waitingfor me . . , i Kansas DENISE COLEMAN There are things known and there are things unknown and in between there are the Doors. Jim Morrison 'Vi Q"""1u-' ' ,I f VR 1 . , I K gf. ' X v s- 1 Z!! and-. LINDA CHASE MELANIE JEAN CONNORS l'm shaking the past making my breaks - taking control lf thats what it takes . . . l'm free. Kenny Loggins .ff-HQ J SIR SEAN PATRICK CLARKE I The public is largely and irrevocably stupid . . . emotional rather than rational . . . a sucker for deception . . .falls for anything low-grade . , . is a bunch of sheep resisting aggressively any opportunity to think or act independently. - Howard G. Sawyer BETH YAEGER MOFFIE Oh, friend of mine, please take my hand And walk with me awhile, And we will speak of what you will Along each passing mile, l have much love within my heart And oh, it isn't fair That l should keep it all myseU And never seek to share. - Grace Easley wt f-v-XR LX "'-- 'X -s, -- CHARLES MICHAEL CONWAY Out on the border of a changing skyline We put hope in front of our fear All the heroes have gone East of Eden We all need new frontiers. - Journey GINA MARIE CORSON Time is too slow for those who wait too slow for those who fear too long for those who grieve too short for those who rejoiceg for those who love, time is eternity. - Henry Van Dyke LINA CONVERSANO 0- 'X X 1 s s J CHRYSTENE LAUREN COOK Ifl leave here tomorrow, would you still remember me? For I must be traveling on now, 'cause theres too many places I've got to see . . . 'cause l'm as free as a bird now, and this bird you'll never change. - Lynyrd Skynyrd w"'J-.Qs 3 . DAVID COONS "3 VALERIE CONSAGA The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up. - H.M. Power SHELLY CRAWFORD The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. -f Unknown REBECCA D. COVER I live, rejoice, grieve. I am always struggling to grow up, Yet everyday because I do something that ajfects her, I hear that little girl inside me. She who long ago was me. Or who 1 thought PAUL WILLIAM CROTEAU was. I don't care where the past wasp I know where l'm going. Iron Maiden ANTHONY D'AMICO IAN DANE There is no journeys end. A BMW" my"'g KERRY LYNN CURRAN Dtferent eyes see dtjferent things 3 Diferent hearts beat on diferent Strings but there are limes for you and me when all such things agree. - Rush .jf- R BRENDA LEE DAVIS Do not linger to gather flowers to keep them but walk on, for flowers will keep themselves blooming all your way. - by Rabindranath Tagore MARCY ANN DECOSA I got this feeling down deep in my soul, that Ijust can't lose. I guess 1'm on my way. - Lionel Ritchie OLIVER DAVIS For long you live and high you fly And smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry and all you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be. - Pink Floyd JOHN D'ANNA DANIEL DANISH 'CIT' ROBERT S. DEBOY Four things come not back. The spoken word, the sped arrow, the past life, and the neglected opportunity. DAVID DEFOREST DAWN A. DELEO lfl should meet thee a ter long years, f How should I meet thee? - with silence and tears. X . MATT DEIERLEIN Born to lead At breakneek speed VWth high octane We're spitting flame! Judas Priest BRUCE DOUGLAS DIKE Time may change me, But I will change time. CARLOS DEJONGH MARGARITA DELGADO "lfyou have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost,' that it where they should be. - Now put thefoundations under them . . . " Thoreau RENE DLUGOKENCKY BRIAN DURR SCOTT DUNCAN BARBARA D. DORFSCHMIDT I shall pass through this world but once. Uf therefore, there by any kindness I can show, or any good things I can do, let me do it now,' let me not defer it or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again. - DeGrellet SANDRA ANNETTE DIXON lfnd the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving. We must sail - sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it - but we must sail, and not drift, nor lie at anchor. A Oliver Wendel Holmes JONATHON DZURKA Do not remove afly from your friends head with a hatehet. Anonymous TERRY C. ELLIS Live long and prosper. Spock ROBERT L. ENNIS, JR. "I just want to leave you with this thought, that its just been a sort of dress rehearsal . . . if any ofyou start resting on your Iaurels, I mean just forget it, because we're just getting started." Walt Disney STEFANIE EDWARDS I'm the gypsy - the Acid Queen Pay before we start the gypsy - I'm guaranteed To break your little heart. - Pete Townshend TAMMY EBERSOLE l' fb r W! PETER FARRELL JOHN FARRELL T 47 LAURIE ANN FAUCETT If the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving you. When mountains crumble to the sea, There will still be you and me. Led Zeppelin '1- , 115' . e 1 Ai .V " in , - , 1 x if ' it 'ni' but I WENDIE RENEE FINSON Looking for a wild rose the heat ofthe night - Waitingfor a show and the wild, willing the innocent. Michael Schenker - U.F0. DEBORAH FETTER Du - kommtest du schwimmen wie delphine W delphine es tun niemand gibt uns eine change doch wir konnen seigen - an deisan tag wir sind dann helden, fur eine tag. SHELDON W. FERRISS Friendship warms the heart without a word. STEVEN FISHER TAMERA SUE FISHER lfyou can trust yourseU though others doubt you, and conquer fears that limit what you dare, so you can freely give to those about you the skills and talents that are yours to share. Gale Baker Stanton LEE ANNE FLETCHER Its wondrous what a hug can do. A hug can cheer you when you're blue, A hug can say I love you so, Or gee, I hate to see you go. So without any delay, Give someone a hug today! Dean Walley CARL O. FOWLER One more time, draw the line Nothing in life is impossible Most of us know life is as good as we make it Dark reflections of the past, starting all tomorrow Time to laugh, love, and live again. Chicago JOHN D. FLAYDERMAN K ELIZABETH FINCH JOHN R. FORRESTER When lje looks like you're on easy street, Theres trouble at your door The Grateful Dead Our time is just a point along a line That runs forever with no end I never thought that we would come to find Ourselves upon these rocks again. Al Steward ..-1' '79 hx , sc-25' 'hex' 3 I' ADRIENNE LORI FINSON PANAMA Van Halen "84" JENNIFER R. FRANKS Nothing can so poignantly evoke the flavor of the receding past as some remembered tune, some melody that has caught up and woven itseU into its own unconscious fabric the very color and fragrance of a day gone by. Alexander Wolcott RICHARD J. FROHLICH "VWsdom is knowing what to do nextp Skill is knowing how to do it,' and virtue is doing it." D.S. Jordan "What is the use of running if we are not on the right road?" German Proverb PATRICIA GARCIA DONNA LYNN FREEMAN There is a road inside of you Inside of me there is one too. Sometimes a shadow dark and cold Lays like a mist across the road But be encouraged by the sight Where theres a shadow, theres ligh I . Petra CHRISTAL LEE FREDLUND A true friend is one soul in two bodies, Aristotle 'Q F 1- Ezbtr . W ,na EDWARD GEREG GLENN GILENO GREG GIROUX The Final Cut Pink Floyd NICO E. GENET Let not our babbling dreams ajright our soulsg For conscience is a word that cowards use March on, Join bravely let us to't pell mell, If not to heaven, then hand in hand to hell. WILLIAM GILLEN I ' 'Q X ug KIMBERLY A. GAYLOR Long you'll live and high you'lljly Smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry And all you touch all you see Is all your life will ever be. Pink Floyd LISBETH BARBARA GODIALIS Here I am Playing with those memories again And just when I thought time had set me free Those thoughts ofyou keep taunting me! Air Supply if 'K 'lu-"N YY 1 44 if AMY L. GOLDSTEIN "With them the seed of Wsdom did I sow And with mine own hand wrought to make it growg And this was all the Harvest that I reaped - 1 came like water, and like the wind I go." Edward Fitzgerald PAUL E. GRASSLER, JR. The Future is Hereg The Past is There Got Nothing to Fear: Times easy to bear Life is for you: Life is for me To Life be trueg And LU'e, to you will be true. RG. JOSEPH GOODELL RENE GULOTTA Don't need to wait for an invitation You gotta live like you're on vacation lt ain't a crime to be good to yourseU' Lick it up. KISS RICHARD M. GRANJA Who's gonna tell you when it's too late? Whos gonna tell you things aren't so great? You can't go on thinking nothings wrong. Whos gonna drive you home tonight? The Cars ROBERT ALLAN HAGGETT As you discover changing worlds You ean't be guessing, You must be for sure ln these ever-changing times. You must learn to stand up on your own. DEBORAH KAY HARKNESS The happiness of lU'e is made up of minute fractions - the little soon forgotten charities ofa kiss or smile, a kind look, a heartfelt compliment g countless infinitesimals of pleasure and a gentle feeling. Samuel Taylor Coleridge c""" E ,: 1: 5 fx ,, K .V Tlx XI in MICHAEL PAUL HAVAS Ng, ' AUDREY ELLEN HAVENS Iet whatever paths you travel There is one thing I knowg You seek paths that lead towards home No matter where you go. CRAIG GREENERT ELIZABETH KATHERINE HAMILTON The world is my wonder, where the wind Wanders like wind and where the rock is Rock, When on the hill top l stand in the worlds wind. And Time, a seasons chaos below. G. Barker LISA A. HARVEY Just you and I Sharing our love together And I know in time We'll build the dreams we treasure We'll be all right .lust you and I. Chrystal Gayle di Eddie Rabbit W 1 F! JODY HILLS KERI SUE HAYES Lets go fly a kite! Mary Poppins JENNIFER M. HEHL If we shadows have ojfended, Think but this, and all is mended That you have but slumber 'd here While these visions did appear. A Midsummer Nights Dream - WS. P .QW 'R Ev A. ..-H" 7 JENNIFER HENDERSON Love is Measured Not in Moments of Time But in Timeless Moments. MATTHEW HYLAND SHARRON NOELLE HELTON Love fumlls our need to be Sympathetieally understood by someone to whom we can pour out our troubles, by whom we can be comforted, with whom we can go on to fnd gladness. It's a relationship forever renewed . . . an emotional closeness which prevents a person from feeling alone inside. 9' Q +.Qr ' , . vt? fO Wy., CHRISTIAN TIMOTHY HINE lCan you hear and do you care And can't you see we must be free To teach our children what you believe in And make a world that we can believe in.j Graham NashfCSN PHILIP J. HOLLY The secret of happiness is freedom. the secret offreedom is courage, KIMBERLY ANN HOYT You might haveforgotten thejourney ends You tied your knots you made yourfriends You left the scene without a trace One hand on the ground, one hand in space. The Cars LISBIA IBARRA Thucydides Now hollow fres burn out to black, and lights our guttering low: Square your shoulders, lift your pack, And leave your friends and go. A Houseman Bye Y'all! KAREN HOLSTEN This is my turn for the taking Take it and don 't turn away l've been waiting all my lU'e Ask me and I will play All the love I have inside. Simon ci Garfunkel 'MQ . I, JOSEPH IANNOZZO BARBARA IMMLER As a girl from Germany, I would like to thank your kindness in letting me study in your country. 1 5 5 v ., X tx Q ss. , SHARI JACKSON One time for old times One kiss for the love we missed One time for old limes And for all the love We lost along the way. DIRK IZZO -38 Special CYNTHIA J. JOHNSON JAMI ANN KENNY "Nothing possessed me with power to reach my love One cheap illusion Can still be divine." Pm' Godwin STEVEN ALAN JONES Come this time tomorrow l'll be far from here. l'm gonna find me a mountain Gonna breathe the air. Rossington-Collins f. ,.,j V , SUSAN LYNN KEANE Memories may be beautUul and yet Whats too painful to remembewr We simply choose to forget So its the laughter we will remember Whenever we remember The way we were. SUSAN DORIS KERNOCHAN "You cry over losing what you really had. Just remember the good times along side the bad. Remember that real love never disappears. If it lasted a moment, it will last for years. " mv Q7--fr 5 Ja., PAMELA SUE KEANE CHRISTINA KENNEDY Imagine all that is ahead and then with those dreams, conj7dently strive to reach them. Success comes when you least expect it. Suzanne Robertson TED KIMLIN F5 'P -1- ,Q 5' I 9 .fi MARY MICHELE KELLY Fun is good, Truth is better, And love is best of all. ! Thackeray KRISTEN KING I cannot change yesterday. I can only make the most of today, And look with hope Toward tomorrow. MICHAEL R. KNAAK KIMBERLY D. KRAFT There is a beauty in the shadows as well as in light .. . there is meaning in silence as well as in words. Anonymous RICHARD KOZLOWSKI The talent of success is nothing more than doing what you can do wellg and doing well whatever you dog without a thought offame. Longfellow DENNIS KOZOLOWSKI WILLIAM LANE CRAIG LEWIS vw- 'fi ia., A-.une I i JUAN CARLOS LAVIN KIM MARIE LEONARD 'The sunshine ofa single smile brightens any day! " I X TODD LITTY DAWN MARIE LEMMON Good-bye is not forever, when you know I care. For many miles may come between us but warm thoughts are always there. Good-bye is not forever, 'cause you'llj7nd along lifes way,- within your heart you'll always have a part of yesterday. DEBRAH MAY LESCRYNSKI "Ifl only knew how I got here. " X'-Q.. LISA A. LOFTUS If I leave here tomorrow, would you still remember me, 'cause 1'm free as a bird now and this bird you cannot change. Lynyrd Skynyrd J ONATHON T. LUNING Some people look lo the sky and see stars: All I see are constellations. RICHARD A. MACIEL People try to put us down Just because we get around Things they do look awful cold Hope I die before I get old Pete Townshend . if-I g r, CHRIS MACOMBER l've spent a little time on the mountain. 1've spent a little time on the hill. Things went down we don't understand, But I think in time we will. Grateful Dead 1970 MELISSA LOBRAICO 1 , 0. ,N H... A DAWN M. MARCILLE Good-bye, Doesn't mean forever. It doesn't mean, We 'll never be together again. BRENDAN MAGUIRE SAMUEL A. MANCUSO Life is like a game of chess Crazy circles and new romance Some find happiness and some find sorrow Some find it today DAVID JAMES MARUSZAK and some find it tomorrow Bad Company For when the one Great Scorer comes, To write against your name, He writes not whether you lost or won, But how you played the game. Unknown GINA MARIE MARSICANO PA-I-RICK MAS-I-ROLLILO Life is what you make of it, so give it a chance. Everyday and one more year is just another song and dance. So you can reminisce about yesterday. 1 about all the joy and sorrow. But just remember that today will be gone tomorrow. W- Nick Marsicano l 41' LORI JEAN MAYETTE Aim for the sung you may not reach it, but you will go higher than zfyou never aimed at all. A 5 w 5, . dn BONNIE LYNN MCALLEY To be nobody but yourseU' in a world which is doing its best night and day to make you everybody else v means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight and never stop fighting. E. E. Cummings '-,..-tw-440' 'WIT' JOHN THOMAS MCGARRY Sometimes we'll look back on this and it will all seem funny. The Boss Q- fr'- EMILY J. MCBREAIRTY I don't believe the good times are over I don't believe the thrill is all gone. Real love is a mans salvation. The weak ones fall, The strong carry on. ED MCCALL "Let your light shine before men, in order that they may see your works and give glory to your Father in Heaven. " St. Matthew 5:16 SUSAN LYNN MCCOY MICHAEL MCCAFFERTY I held U dUndelf0" that said the time had come To leave upon the wind and not return . . . But thats okay, theres treasure children always seem to Hnd, And just like us you must have had A Once Upon A Time. - "Curtains" i Elton John il ' if o f H 'I L 'Q MICHAEL MEEHAN Truth and Salvation Give me a dolphin that plays the kettle drums. The moon is a bawdy thing I have but one Walrus slaying, pan-dimensional teeter-totter to givefor whom the toast tolls, it tollsfor hypersensitive kinkajous. KIMBERLY A. MICHAUD Think in terms of bridges burned Think of seasons that must end See the river rise and fall, it will rise and fall again. Everything must have an end, les, itlvjinally time to leave. Its the famous final scene. - Bob Seger DAVID MAZZARELLA MICHAEL DAVID MILLS Then it was, then again it will be. Though the course may change sometimes, Rivers always reach the sea. - Led Zeppelin MELISSA KIM MELYCHER " . . . Just remember in the winter, far beneath the bitter snow, lies the seed that with the suns love, in the spring, becomes the ROSE," qtbmf' Nuns, C019 f. , xg R at? ft, ef. l I CHRISTINE MARY MINO Soon I will bound over a new horizon - meet new people in new places and start the future. But my past will not be forgotten - there are many people here who have changed my life and, I will never forget them. HEATHER ANNE MORREN It may have all the knowledge and understand all secrets, I have all the faith needed to move mountains A but U' I have no love, I am nothing. I Corinthians 13 PATRICK ROBERT MORRIS The key to success isn't much good until one discovers the right lock to insert it in. by Teh yi Hsieh LAURIE MOORE Time is Too slow for those who wait, Too swjt for those who fear, Too long for those who grieve, Too short for those who rejoice, Butfor those who love, Time is eternity x g 5 fet A Ig vi' i KAREN MOSCHITTA The sea folds away from you like a mystery. You can look and look at it and mystery never leaves it. Carl Sandburg WILLIAM R. MURPHY, JR. JOHN E. MULLEN Malt does more than Milton can To justify Gods ways to man Ale, man, ales the stuj to drink For fellows whom it hurts to think Look into the pewter pot To see the world as the world s not. - A.E. Houseman Q LISA MARIE MULHARE So many times you were so lonely And no one seemed to care But if your hopes, for your tomorrow Are drowning in your sorrows Know your heart will show you the way Lionel Ritchie JAMES NAPALITANO CHARLES A. MOSS III Wni. Wdi, Wei AMANDA JEAN MURO You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourseU that you truly give. CORY W- NASH by Kahlil Gibran Live to understand, love to live, and give to those in need. Turn your back on no one, and as the light creeps into the darkness, you, my friend, shall never be alone. Isiah Thomas 4: -,. .. J X KELLY NOONAN Good Bye is not forever, When you know 1 care. For miles may come between us But warm thoughts are always there Good Bye is not foreverg 'Cause you'll find along lU'es way, Mthin your heart you'll always have A part of yesterday. MARY BETH O'BRIEN Now the whole Round Table is dissolved Which was an image ofthe mighty world And I go forth companionless Among new men, strange faces, other minds. The old order changeth, yielding place to new Tennyson DAVID M. OLDHAM A man is what he thinksg Not what he thinks he is. A Hubbard KATHLEEN MARY O'NEILL Cold hearted orb that rules the night, ff' md!" THERESA LYNN ORIA Your ways may not be my ways Your dreams may not be like my own. Still I can learn to know you, To see through your eyes, To understand your feelings. Our worlds can touch . . . and we can be friends. Ed Cunningham 'six tg --r JAMES OLSON Removes the colours from our sight. Red is grey and yellow white But we decide which is right And which is an illusion? The Moody Blues JOHN PALAGONIA ROBERT PARDON tty- sei SUSAN RENE PANCOAST Oh, I cannot tell you how to make up your mind and together the best ofyour kind The prophets have spoken the words of ill fate. Your childhood has ended You've taken the bait. f Kansas 'K 4-eq 'Hi' ANTHONY PALMISANI JODI LEIGH OLSEN Its only when we follow our dreams That we discover the magic within ourselves. DENNIS KEITH PANNOZZA Ifa man does not keep peace with his company, Perhaps it is because he hears a diferent drummer Let him step to the music which he hears. However measured or far away. Henry David Thoreau ANDREA LEE PARE kv-of Sometimes the lights are shining on me Other times I can barely see Maybe it occurs to me What a long strange trip its been. - The Grateful Dead PAUL RAYMOND PERREAULT You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it come true. You may have to work for it However. Richard Bach i , LISA FRANCINE PEET All these dreams I save for a rainy day they're finally comin' true I'll share them with you. Almost Paradise Ann Mlson di Mike Penn JENNIFER LYNN PHILIPPI We came, we touched, and left. Our lives crossed, precious time together So briefaflicker in life, But on that can't be erased. Remember the moments. Mth smiles and flashes of thoughts. - C. Fitterman .fy MIRIAM C. PICCININI Natures first green is gold Her hardest hue to hold. Her early leaf s a flower: But only so an hour Then leafsubsides to leaf So Eden sank to grief So dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay, Frost DARREN PIPER ROBERT PURPORA JULIE ANNE PITT Some dreams we have are nothing else but dreams unnatural, full of contradictionsg Iet others of our most romantic schemes are something more than fictions Thomas Hood fi!! an-vf' RICKY PRAUSE X Z ry, on--5 . are ALEX RASKIN ELIZABETH MARIE POPROCKI When you remember me, if you remember me, I hope you see its not the way I want to be, or l'd be with you now, but whenever you go, My love goes with you. 'qv' 'X ll ,War e if . 'Z' 18 . DONNA LYNN PLOURDE Childhood - A dream of long ago summers in the sun. Running, Laughing - every thing was a wonderp and we were so secure in our bright worlds. But there comes a time when children must grow up. Ah, how suddenly lUe springs the trap,' And we look back to see that we are children no longer. MARY M. QUINN To see a world in a grain of sand, And a heaven in a wild flower. Hold infinity in the palm ofyour hand, And eternity in an hour. VWlIiam Blake CORTNEY REED ,Hg g Q ff,,A'. . . ,, , - ii: pk 1'-07 MICHAEL REYNOLDS FRANK RICHTER EDWARD J. RIZZA KRISTIN ELIZABETH REPPENHAGEN Kiss today good-bye, And point me t'ward tomorrow Wish me luck: the same to you. Won't forget, can't regret What I did for love. A CHORUS LINE AMANDA J. REUL You know that I care what happens to you, and I know that you care for me, so I don't feel alone, or the weight of the stone, now that I've found somewhere safe to bury my bone. Ana' anyfool knows a dog needs a home, a shelter from pigs on the wing. - Pink Floyd JEANNE-MARIE RUSK Goodbye isn't forever When you know I care For miles may come between up but warm thoughts are always there, Goodbye isn't forever, 'Cause you'llfind along lifes way,' within your heart you'll always have,' a part ofyesterday. LAURIE L. RYAN Hold onto your dreams, don't ever give in, Ifyou keep trying you're going to wing Hold onto your dreams, though sometimes its hard Just hold your head up and reach for the stars MARC ROGG JEFFERY B. ROARK Happy trails to you Until we met again Van Halen ERIC RYFFEL I WILLIAM ROODE DARRYL SCHENZER 43- Os ELLEN SENDEWICZ MICHAEL C. SAMASKA Everyday should be passed As if it were to be our last. MICHAEL ANTONE SALTER "What me worry? " MICHAEL SENSENBRENNER CHERYL LYNNE SEYMOUR 1- Our lives are so precious And time can always pass us by But you never know why So hold on, lets hold on And play for keeps with what we've got You know theres only one shot. ""'niF f SAM M. SAMUELSON You only live once, but zfyou Iive JAY SHERIDAN X X right, once is enough. DAVID SHERMAN MARY XANTHI SCRIMGEOUR "There is only one success . . . LAWRENCE SCHMITT 1 hate quotations. Emerson to be able to spend your IU'e in your own way. " , , 4 1 Christopher Morley ,,,. ,tu .- pr-f 1 . . . ggfgrzi 'n A' '15-Q.'1C'jn. - 1" . ,, s , -' Y -fn .sh ad' . at 8' 'F A . ,V A ' .1i:.v, ,,'1:5,-f" , Vg .' -'Y '. A- ." X. FLOYD SHIFFMAN NOELLE M. SIVERSTEN Listen to the musn'ts, child, Listen to the don'ts Listen tho the shouldn'ts The impossibles, the won'ts Listen to the never haves Then listen close to me - Anything can happen, child ANYTHING can be. CAROLE DENISE SMITH Accept today as it is . . . Yesterday is gone . . . Tomorrow has not come . . . CHRISTINE M..I. SNOW To accomplish great things We must not only act but also dream Not only plan but also believe. 1? SUSAN ANN STEARNS Take a chance like all dreamers Can'tj7nd another way You don't have to dream at all Just live a day. "Save a Prayer" -Y Duran Duran ,- 'Q Q33 MICHAEL STAHLY TIA STAVRAKIS PHILOMENA STIERLE I would rather attempt to do something great and fail . . . than attempt to do nothing and succeed. - Robert Schuller SEAN A. SWEENEY "It ain't always easy when the going gets rough, But when it's dead and even, you better show your swf" J KISS fi-rX CHARLES GERARD STRASSLE A birdie with a yellow bill Hopped upon the window sill Cocked his shining eye and said: 'L4in't you shamed, you sleepy-head!" Robert Louis Stevenson LYNN SULLIVAN I JILL SONTAG Make a promise take a row And trust your feelings its easy now Understand the voice within And feel the changes already beginning. Moody Blues STEFANIE LINNEA TAKACS And all about was mine, I said The little sparrows overhead, The little minnows too. This was the world and I the king For me the bees came by to sing, For me the swallows flew. R.L. Stevenson l I ,IL I RAE ELLEN TOMASCAK Over and over we call . . . no one hears And further and further we fall And though we pray that Soon we will awake It is clear, that its no dream at all Our lives are at stake. by David Gilmour fi 'Y K wcjwf' no si . CHERYL ANN THIERFELDER I am not afraid of tomorrow For I've seen yesterday and I love today. KIMBERLY TESTA 'fun-.,,.,,,..,, STEPHAN MICHAEL TOMAN "There is only one success . . . to be able to spend your life in your own way. " Christopher Morley MICHAEL THOMAS 'Inv MICHAEL TREPANIER GREGORY TYLER lv' 5 1 ' k DONALD TUTSON LOUIS MICHAEL ANTHONY VENEZIA Its not over until the ojicial lifts his cap. 451 5 EVANGELIA KIM TZENIS Yesterday is already a dream, and Tomorrow is only a vision: but Today well-lived makes every Wsterday a dream of happiness And everv tomorrow a vision of hope. HARRY VOLINSKI JANICE VOZZELLA CHRIS WAIGHT Q4 ,,4 ..-1... 9? T R we g LEIGH WALKER ff' hun' ,..-1' fm KRISTIN ANNE WALLACH Though outwardly a gloomy shroud The inner haU of every cloud ls bright and shining: I therefore turn my Clouds about And always wear them inside out To show the lining. DONNA WINKLEVOSS LEIGH ALANE WATERS Whatever will be, will be the future is ours to see. Eddie Money KENNETH BRIAN WINKLER There is a time to let things happen And a time to make things happen. - Hugh Prather 1 I ,tvs ' ' EIR-I " LAURA WHITE What lies behind you and what lies infront Of you are tiny matters compared to what lies within you. Emerson CHRISTINE WHITCOMB TINA YOBLONSKI MICHAEL F ZARBA Maximize your opportunities! E .X STEPHEN J. WOODIN if 'Inv' J... fx- JOANN ZENOBIO Cv' 5 i gif 5' .4 -ian. 'ev- Mmm! Green Dum-Dums! F A W vv? Night, Night, MBOB! Lime Drummer Boy i 'V 'Wi' i' 'X' ,' ' - af 1 ,W i I KA Ayad' , wk s , . . K Q' , . qi, V at g i fx' r 3 - ,' ki i i i Q ' 5 . Q M , s u 'H' Q ,ff Mi si Pure and Innocent Mom . . . I! Tah-Dah!! No wayl? , iw, A "1v4,QQiiifi, .'f '?f Wei: . xii wiw ii iii e we - ' If S X x if X ,ei H 1 F ' QM. Ak,,. 1 ,f I Going my way, big boy! 4 i Mi.,i,,M Joe Enthusiasm A QB's winning smile i P ' Y ui 'Ill Smpvrlniiuvz . ' VET? ,1,'7f'V.- ,1 'V "',"i51n, , lMi3a'QW,f4i Qiftl In nl -A Q - W J'zwfmfsarwa-f:.w14:44, .Q I - -if "Z, VV-N' ' Y, ff 111 V4 ff N -,ea .121 if 311 L mg,,f,,,,,.1f J: K "' if 1, ffl 1-, " 21 f4Wff,,gJ'5f14?5f 24 2: . , ' .s , fl ' X4 - .V ' , 1" 5 051. N1 N ' ' -2' fl :-fan-.ns-:ff :ff 2' -:Q 'mf ' - ,. rr f . -Mc w,,efV.u:f'w -'ww' ww , . 1 Qs ,, .ff . ,? vJ,5k.z4Y,gegf',ZZ, . ,V xg ' . 1 , iz ,gf .,-J 14 47: 1 ,,, V fu fx, W ' ' ' A K, , ,',g:zg,. Wg, ,' firm, 1' '- A, ,. 2 gr-iz.,q,fx?-f,'53fze:f , ' ,, Q Lx B ,.1..Lggg'f1,,g3.,gff'-. 4, 12 , , ,agen gif, .': , 1' '-'ugiwf Tzafq vi-.L ,.-aa aff- f. :1. ,'f:':-' ur 'Af'-i '-.3 'ff-'G 1-1 . ' 4."i",If.i 'fix ?S.,f:5fJ ' .fa ' ' " .. WA i - A ,O v 'fy-Q - LL, fzffiiifeii .3 51,5-E T13 K, wing: "".i,2Qi Ssf " s-4,5 1 Superlative fsu-per'-let-ivjn., L l. person widely recognized for and by one or more individual traits of character 2. a ham of sorts 5 I 3 41- V -- nc..-5' I f' Most Likely to Succeed: Nicest Eyes: Mary Beth O'Brien Chris Snow Bob Ennis Mike Sensenbrenner Most Artistic: Best Buddies: Quietest: Jill Sontag Rgne Dloggkencky Laura Capron John Zullo Betsy Finch David DeForest 82 :ii ii f if I ii ' 5 2 2 r fi 3 6 l 1. is 10 3? 3,i Qin izfs TIT? iff ew if ri sir s si C 4 Nicest Smile: Mary Beiter Chip Tutson Class Partiers: Amy Brush XJ Wikis? 315 2 in ' iii rig! 4 -. Y- .K - ' 1 ' , , . six x .. A C - X -' 5 S L 1 i . Q . 1 if Mike Sensenbrenner e E .ng vo- kr 9x F, 'MW f uv rr I Most Gullible: Krissy Wallach Charlie Strassle Typical Seniors: Keri Hayes Carl Fowler Most Studious: An-Yi Chen Dennis Pannozza X X X :S 83 2 at 5 5 with i ii i 1 , 5 11 Class Clowns Stefanie Bigelow Richard Kozlowski Class Musicians Stefanie Bigelow Stephen Toman Most Sophnstocated Julie Pitt Stephen Toman 84 'NA A w' ggi. ,,s:1:,w.: . .J 2 2 xl 1 6 if , L fm. -' 15W gf i lf v -5- Best Buddies: Drew Aquilina Chip Tutson Class Blushers: Mary Quinn Chris Carlson as to - :iff 0. ff VI C ff .I , Best Personality: Rene Dlugokencky Chip Tutson n ' at ,Ti B , B , J 1' Sir, ix l: 'm V K ,3ai'w'-i'f X if H , M, , -N ,af 9 .." Q aaa B e B he B 5' ,, 11 . . A JN , , , ,A, B B , 1 J if s, Most Talkative: Bonnie McAlley David Sherman NK 1 X, if H Theresa Oria of ,i,g , 5 . B i iw 42i 5 tx M DETOUR B Most Athletic: Most Intellectual Sandy Dixon Jonathon Luning Mike McCafferty Biggest B.S. er's: Stefanie Takacs Steve Abdella 85 .--HQ. 'IN s K R i Best Looking: Tina Kennedy, Mike Sensenbrenner 'Nav Nr-gr err Class Couple: Chrys Caplanson, Sean Clarke Done Most for Class: Mary Beth O'Brien, Charlie Strassle e E i 5 f Most Flirtations: Bonnie McA1ley, Keith Alexander Non-Conformists: Kim Hoyt, Craig Greenert Best Tressed: Debbie Harkness, David Maruszak 'NF' w Gllnnnir i51z15I5 nf Ihr 152151 i , , r 1 1 1 - WT, , ...rv 'J ly: W W "1 ' ex llwssi X 1 A4 -?,, xiii rs i, I ,W :Zi fl l1 'T2! ,, 1 '74 1 Q if H 1 N if 1 12' f 1,5 E igkm V 4 rf' K 1967 Q il if 1 UV qu t b blastfblastl n l me f lft e ' E: 4 9 O 1 y ff':"4i! : 3 JV u 4 I 1!f.Mf'xf'i I-5 W I 1:1 vii 4m',w,q ' I ' I 5' 1 'E I' ih IEW f if Exuwifa Q ff! ' 2 41 mf :W 'fd 'N wx 'q ' 15 " 5 '," K :- VN I 1 Jn ,J R gifs l rj N .F X " 1- 7 x nxx? ff ---'liz' Y L 4 I 3, Ll VV w1 f 4"'V-V xygj r dk' LST ' - --? i M N ' z, 87 BABY PICTURES ww ,ff lU'yU'f 19 3 L .AO 3 X n ,ff i T31 ? fi f ll , J W " H ,W f. r 1? X ? am- ,Q Q QQ Xu N4 fb ax, A! X Q25 X, Q F ME' ue1sloH uoleyl mopeg IQJEEJBW sgmzq epuslg 11933911 qog 1lne.uad med elsseng aglnaqg Kqeg K.1a1sKW sql eglg assi:-sql uugnb KJBIN UELl193.I:l euuoq eng 991219 Jnoaiwglog Knew Alley! Aww Lueqplg snag SKQSPJIH ogg uoxgq Kpueg DISMOIZOEI Ll9!H SQAHH 31951 uoslanwvg was '61 '81 'LI '91 '91 'vl '21 'zl '11 '01 '6 's AL '9 'Q 'v 'S 'z '1 SQWUQPI AP HI TCRY TRIP - MAY 17-19, 1984 W tg i ,wi ,. 1 : f' 1 9 4 Wai! Q: remember when the SA Nb AP History Class went my to Boston? Synopsis 1 Student 1: Possibly, Possibly! 1 Student 2: Yeah, they have nice woods up 5 there. ,QA Ew- 90 HOMECCMING - OCTGBER 13, 1984 Queen-Brenda Davis Candidates- Mary Beiter Erin Carrington J l' P'tt u 16 1 Cheryl Thierfelder rrr 3 r,,,, X I I 523-Q a an rw.. 1 37 ' C r WY ' ' , f 'fi 4" 7 .,T7'fi', , -ff: - Lwisinic' . , p - ,gk .QD ,sf do W Il Qin Hass af 1935 XXcii'czui's You IO! MQVAU S4 A 4 :HlT1lCffEi'OTl1" . Huy 625193 s YU ww-.Wav xxx Prom Royalty King - Marty Rosota Queen - Laura Pizzarelli Prince - Charles Strassle Princess - Stefanie Takacs ii i F i rf 7 .- X. qi-. ' if N' "ev-.. can iw.. A 1 16 L is Mx Lv: ww, ,ww ,WW a - f gz i E J M? , lin. W' N, N x- JOE WISER HOLIDAY BASKETBALL TOURNANIENT On December 27th and 28th 1984, the Green Wave boys hoop team swept past Immaculate, 46-43, and Watertown, 60-57, to secure a home- town Christmas Tournament Cham- pionship for the fourth straight sea- son. Shepaug won the inaugural tourna- ment in 1980, since then New Mil- ford has dominated. Retaining a hold on the Wiser tour- nament Championship was especially important to this year's seniors, but most of all it was an important step forward for the 84-85 boys basketball team. The tournament is held annually to honor Mr. Joe Wiser, who retired in 1980 after more than 30 years as a coach, teacher, and athletic director in New Milford Schools. All tournament team Rob Hibbard - Shepaug Ian Smith - Immaculate Mike Suab - Watertown Steve Shaw - Watertown Glenn Gileno - New Milford Most Valuable Player Sean Clarke Ag New Milford Player's Player Trophy Mike McCafferty - New Milford . - , t ,, , 0 , M TAGE D 11-12, 198 5 '55 xxx Iwi 5 fm 'S K6 clf' O W 3 5: rx . B, ff Best Overall: Time Warp Best Dance: Strut Best Music: Tim Broadly Best Comedy: Chariots of Fire f i T4-.Il Q i If! N. A 5 ww GUTSTANDI G ACADAMIA We t 2, iii H- '14 + 2 M 1 " fl ef ,, WA f . 9. 'z at - PSAT Commended Students ROW I: Lisa Bartram, Lisa Castonguay, Sandy Dixon, Cheryl Thierfelder, Mary Beth O'Brien. ROW 2: Bob Ennis, David DeForrest, Bruce Dike, Ed McCall, Lawrence Schmitt, John Zullo, Steve Fisher. 'P'-1 PSAT SemU7naIists: An-Yi Chen, .Ion Luning Science Fair Award Winners: ROW 1: Jon Luning, Sandy Dixon fWestinghouse finalistj, Lawrence Schmitt. ROW 2: Ed McCall, Bruce Dike. 98 High School Bowl Team ROW 1: O'Brien, Mr. Rogers QCoachj. John Mullen, Jon Luning, Louis Wahl. ROW 2:Dr. Tripp lCoachJ, Sandy Dixon, Michael O'Brien, Michael Meehan, Mary Beth X nz, .... .MM-to Students ofthe Month ROW McCall, Ken Winkler. WUT 1: Mary Beth O'Brien, Laurie Moore. Row 2: Ed National Writing Contest H9842 Lisa Castonguay, Susan McCoy, Stefanie Takacs. 99 AWESOME ATHLETE V,--W N. ,... ,L N..,f"" Bill Roode fall WCC and Briggs footballj, Charles Curry fSpeeial Olympicsj, Peter Velanzon iSpecial Olympicsj. Lou Venezia fall-Briggs footballj, Bruce Dike Call WCC and Briggs footballj Mi.v.ving: Dan Danish fall Briggs footballj. Alex Lincro. Craig Greenert fall slate X-countryl AQ wwf ,atb Rim' fssw' Kim Kraft fall WCC volleyballj, Kacy Cheron fall WCC 2nd field hockeyb, Karen Holsten Call WCC 2nd field hockey D Karen Smalley QSpecial Olympicsl, Laura Doria fall WCC and slate field hockeyl. Missing: Mary Scrimgeour fall WCC field hockeyj, Theresa Oria fall WCC volleyballj. IOO 1 iliall Svpnrta X LAX mx: q x -'xx A . ,NQ my ,xxx Fall Sports ffol sp6rtsJ,n. l. a form of amusement in recrea- tion, taking place in the autum- nal season 2. a time consuming activity done by persons concerned with sound minds, sound bodies, and Varsity letters ii E VAR ITY FOOTBALL I ,. .wi ROW 1: E. Gereg, S. Duncan, A. D'Amico, L. Venezio, D. Danish, B. Roode, F Shiffman, R. Pardon, B. Cassaza. P Perreault, M. Zarba. ROW 2: Coach Gillespie, T. Brooks, M. Bizicr, C. Hine, B. Dike, C. Carlson, S. Ferris, B. Purpora, J. Zullo, M. Menard, R. Penucci. ROW3: Coach Oshan, N. Brooks, D. Doychek. P Marazita, G. Pancoast, M. White, K. Sullivan, J. Lavalette, E. Rizza, K. Clark, D. Vandigrifft, R. Wilson. ROW 4: Coach Gargon, S. Fishman, S. Sweeney, H. Hansen, C. McAvoy, P Broduer, T Leahey, D. Belts, C. Healy, T. Glazer, D. Sherman, D. Cooper. ROW 5: J. Dzurka, S. Collins, D. McGuines, P. Grassler, P Bordcngcr, R. Valente, M. Thomas, M. Glander, S. Sweat, M. McBrierty, D. Fikes, J. DeVito. 1 ,ff f . . . V ff? , as :M al J l i' 102 2 ' M J if V N " J 2 L rl A I .4 of I ' - -nw, - Ni ,N . .J - .- +1 J' ,.. a A J ,,. 43.3.3 1. .f-- ...:. , N y . VV 1 of A aw ,Z 4. iid 5 , in as .HI Q 4 .. .si . , -klk -:,,. -L - . . ff 'qa' f . .Q N A x 5' X N., ,Z W x L ' QA K. fx- R X, xmxxm, 1 ..,. A A AT: 111 :A I LL ,A J x A K ,.-- K i""mW' Q i l iw, ,. A gf' Q :W f x , , hx N M , g N, f , T- 1 sf-eg""""'1Qf'w,4f? '52, lan , , A W 10 , SSL ' EX AA 2' FRESHMAN ROW I: J. Lenod, R Murphy, R Heaton, F Miller, C, Caplin. D. Juan, J. Chamero, J. Abbot. ROW 2: R. Hayatt, M. Jackson, S. Plue, G, Tevino, K, Mohan, C. Murphy, R Herring, F Smith, R, Peterson, R. Gaylor. ROW 3: R. Curry, J. Morris, J. Caneperi, S, Yocum, M. Kessler, J. Bloor, B. Doychek, R Cody, D, Federle, R Testa, R. Lynch, D. Moylc, Coach Kcllog, Coach lannucci. 104 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS SENIORS: Mary Kelly-capt., Chard, Leigh Walker-Capt. gf 5' .. -6 44- s Susan McCoy, Bonnie McAlley, Kim Blan- M N wr, '55 -AMI isa 451 r ROWI: B. McAlley, C. Bonner, R Gargon, S. McCoy, J. Schab. ROW2.'G. Rinaldi, C. Blanchard, S. Callibrise, M. Kelly-Capt., L. Walker-capt., S. Waldorf, K. Blanchard, M. Peet. , - . K . .--- 'ig 'I'- ,, Q il!!-. ' A .. ,...,,,- KW-flirhl f. . rf-wr W... . ww. -,. K . K . U - , -1 3-Y-"VY -53-if '-9 v' L'-To ' 5 - ' f 2 - 1. :N 4. N - , N H .,, 0 .QI ,, . . Q . , .w A - . , .. Q G9 , ' - , ' K . fi i 1 B Q y Q .T : V N 5 Q, . 'Q 1 . K -. X, . ' ' U '49 'g. " if - fe. Q . . 1 , ft, .,-.3 .g,3- Q'-gm . eg -. gk -- A My .. ai , -yn: its '45 . v! I ' ' nv ...Sp 5 if . '-w 'ff ' ' ' J.. ':...'-:.'.Jf..,'.. - f 5-'IM .. REMEMBER WHEN . . . . . . M. K. and S. M. were on top for a pyramid? . . . everyone showed up for practice? . . . no one asked what time it was? ROW 1: J. Samuelson, M. Perreault-capt,, 'Ii KellyMcapt., L. Reynolds-capt., B. Beal. ROW 2: L. Shields, M. Kreigl, H. Kelly, H. Kelly, B. Ferrel, B. Rivenburg, C. Danish. 105 VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY X., A--ff!! -t ,jjzrf ' , i A I for of Q i t , rg M V Y 5 ' . ' T f' - 9 ' I W' W., 25 ROWI: T Reighard, K. Cheron, M. Scrimgeour, K. Holsten, B. Marsan,'I1 King. ROW 2: L. Doria, 'If Stahl, B. Finch, S. Tackas, R. Dlugokencky. ROW 3: L. Morrell, K.Chandler, M. Piccinni, K. Wheeler, J. Worthington, Coach Fran Zaloski. Q. f. ,M 4 ' 'L K M1a,,J,', " .3 In ,, V , , KA, tc .wht , v 106 . . " .ee. ' S ul 2. -Q . Q R , ,3,?1E?g.-ax: Z K 55x . X , S ' .g.. '-44' A rs-rg.a.,..,,gQ:Q ry N 5 , f , K. . -' V. ee'A - ' 6 N , S If , , J, . . 1 fr " ' 13 t I8 . N SENIORS: Stefanie Takacs, Betsy Finch, Karen Holsten, Mary Scrim- geour, Rene Dlugokencky, Miriam Piccinini. 0 O 3 I .... REMEMBER WHEN . . . we prayed to the Goddess of Field Hockey? we discovered the "slunt"'? we had a pizza party at L.D.'s'? we left our mark with balloons at Bradlees? there were 3 big birds in the tree at hockey camp? we flashed CMoo-cow's uttersj to old men? QWW'f1!Ffj ,,,, " ' 'if' f' rv-1 an - 7 - ,A k I M 5 - - A ggfyg ,W .,,,, ,,., r ,- . I . -- e- - Q - - -- l yyyyy y yytyy rlcy y . mi M ,yyhy L: gy i,t,,V W W, alum V "5 KM: 4 ' Q 'Av . ' ' ,Wg an if ,Q e -f-A , . 'X lt V, f f f' if , -'n .-' f sw f a E y- 4:1 " ' lN'7Q, '1 1 0 A' 11.1, K' I . 4 - 'ff- VT , ' ., . . , s w f tt'fe 1 H f , r ft' t za, . 4' W5 f ' W If ' . W Ze' W' Yfffy in , cf' ,, , , 12, f 2, f ' QQ., ty: 'fi W - 4 ' f A, , .- llvllh-un.-N.. t 'N fx. it -me 'fl ,W ,i at Q . tg , we A ffq' Y rl, , f 1- , A wsu, ,N Q. e , of fra-tufts. 5 NN . an V 5 'N Q' Q 5 n 59' QQ v. . Kekgijjk Q A 'F A Fa,"-Q . O8 4. 1 'J ,x JUNIOR VARSITY Q. .. . Q1 4 EU ROW I.' G. Birdseye, M. Ball, T King, S. Holsten, J. Chase, M. Ryder. ROW 2: V Tovino, C. Nadeau, D. Oshan, B. Boyle, R. Piccinni, C. Goyett. ROW 3: Coach DeCristo, A. Volinski, K. Pearson, R. Brennan, J. Worthington, K. Daddona, K. Wheel- er. SOCCER M 'yy .. J.V.-l-Freshman Soccer fja ve an fresh man sak'9rJ,n. spike-shod lads who took to the field to engage in battle with the best in the WCC JV and FRESHMEN xl i 7' , I i ff J ' 1 ' JV ROW 1: Coach Moger, G. Elder, E, Balsley, E. Brown, M. Rizzo, Coach Pearson. ROW 2: J. Burkhardt, D. Moots, B. Romaniello, T Manderbach, D. Kullgren. ROW3: K. Murray, B. Ennis, B. Webber, T Lynch, D. Stahly. ROW 4: D. Izzo, J. Carmellini, C. McCullough, J. Hyland, M. Peragine, C. McWhinnie. FRESHMEN ROWI: M. Mazzato, E. Mantion, C. Sey mour, K. Kennedy. ROW 2: D. Rizzo, J McKay, G. Adams, K. Murray, D. Kull gren. ROW 3: K. Sheridan, B. Ennis, J Saul, J. Hyland. ROW4: Coach Pearson, J Carmellini, C. McCullough, M. Peragine C. McWhinnie. VARSITY SOCCER . A V. ., X X ' 1 lf a l' 'O ' .... . X X ,-xii. i i 315 k-VLl I K,-,. 1 AQ, .Q f. ' ' ,K eg' f -ibi 1- Q ' ROWI: B. DeBoy, D. Boyer, S. Bajrami, M. Mills, M. Hyland, D. Hoffman, T. Holland, V Butera. ROW2: L. Kuhn mgr C Quinn-mgr., Coach Sheridan. 1 I 110 .,,, , rx , , 46 X 1 Ng x 9713 :fn 'W' 'Vndffx 1 5,5 xx.. C r 4. r 1. ft . 9 411' Moskowitz, L. Cetinski, B. Ashcroft,J. Sheridan, D. Izzo,G. Vaughan,M. Kim,A. Linero,C. Strassle, B. Berger K Srgrrst K . R 'x If x 'JS I X , k X N i X' 14 - s, I "4 ' s A' ' X 1 fl Q LJ 11:2 ,MV ""4 gil le J NW, gg: 6 .wx' -- -. I Q ,z a R - , fx A Q kt Rr , , Q q ,+ Y? Qki " Q1 m fx 1 .L'i X , A. my wx xi 3922? .i3?Q,3Q7x3Lw Record 14-0 WCC Champs Class L State Champs JMBW ROW I: A. Thierfelder, C. Fazzone, G. Tino, D. DeBoy. ROW 2: J. Rose, J. Morris, J. McRitchie, D. Dean, D. Juan, D. Lathrope, R Mullen. ROW 3: C. Greenert, R. Kaz, M. Slater, J. McGarry, C. Tut, D. Marujak, J. Meulen, S. McQ, Z. Spemone, Coach Devin. L, . Bl! I 3 Qs Y ' H. li' . - L'L' " g5,iQ....?Mf'flE 'WN X' svwffizfw Q J! X W Ni .5 ...Zn .45 Q.. h ,Q - L, . .5 -. vg.,',.' 1, A . ' ' . 2 J- " ...N g,,g,,,. .. '1 . .. L.. .. Q- 'QAlgf:'Hg,'-Qw1,.,..,. ...Sz 3' P 1 Q Q: 1 ,""l, 5 'a 9 I. ' V ! P2 fi" iff' 2 ' . . ,nw , , .M V ,- W- , , .. , , 4-ff ,,, b , .M V V Q , , M ,V - L.,r-Q.-.Mg A, n,1n,,,ggg,f"" Aww: M L. ' ,..,:,f ' ,. fljfggnw- W, M N' ., L,,1 A, A A ., 7 x CRGSS CGUNTRY 'W ,A vt m Hrffs gh: vang Row I: L. White. E. Carrington, D. Molinaro, D. Lillis. L. Adrian. C. Thierfelder, H. Anderson. Row 2: K. O'Neill, E. Rogg, E. Ball, C. Geren, L. Ball, J. Dixon, M. Rakowsky, A. Cardinal. T. Ross, D. Reid. Row 3: Coach "O"-Ncukom, H. Krubsack, L. lbarra, C. Eleck. S. Adrian, D. Plourdc-capt., S. Lester, S. Dixon-capt., L. Ryan. B. Bayers. H. Lathrop, V. Smith, L. Eleck. C. Bates, D. Bossers, D, Hill. .ii .W f. :fin . . 1. W sw- . :fx tw in gf-jf 'fan if .15 .W SSR.. . if ll4 REMEMBER WHEN . . . Sandy and Cheryl got lost at Immaculate? Shoe and Figment went to all of our meets? Our "Ov became "NO"'? April taught us to dance? . . . We had a beauty contest and the scandel afterwards? fu. id 5 'I 'S ww gg i kilk Q S Irsittx -K VY i -K wav-H f Af K Q ini! x 0 M 'vi bt' ' Q ,f. . .h , fm X I A 115 VARSITY VOLLEYB LL ROW 1: K. Kraft, T. Oria-capt., L. Bartram-capt., C. Fredlund-capt. ROW 2: M. Hayesgmgr., J. Pasciak, L. Shapiro, Coach Kraft, J. Renniger, H, Kreigl, 'Ii Benson, M. Holburg-mgr. 'tx , 1 M 1'V A L. V .gr a 32- 21 A 12 A V .,, ' A . I . v . VQE. ' 1 ,, A A . 'zgwm ' ' "H K . ,.. A .. KW-.df TNT' T' 'Y' SENIORS: Kim Kraft, Christal Fredlund, Theresa Oria, Lrsa Bartram UW' El 6 Ll ww M? Z, 1 16 A '93 P :Q gtx X! E X REMEMBER WHEN . . . . . . C. F, K. K., L. B., and T. O. went into the boys' locker room at Barlow Freshman year? . . . K. K. said "Whenever I leave practice I always feel like QQ"'!gt"? . . . C. F remembered her socks? . . . L. S. and H. K. didn't fight? . . . Mr. Kraft directed the bus under the bridge and we got stuck? N ,ihlhu " Y, 'K vi' '?'- , .0 A -., 117 4--N-v-wnrnww PWM L .SX Q 1 , V . W . . ff in 1 . I an -gi , Q... L rr: - 1:--,N ,A 'rf ,',,,,., 118 5 .. ' N., f ' 2 9 , af --af V v 'Yum bf 1 'IAS .... 0' JUNIOR VARSITY . '- ROW I : A. Washay, M. Paskowski, S. Manotti, J. Kraft, J. Bourdillon. ROW 2: Coach Barb Coulter, M. Hayes-mgr. L. Delgado, G. Williams, J. Sheppard, C. McCormick, N. Cahill, G. Daddona, M. Holburg-mgr. intvr Svpnria X' f ' 4 ,M Wlnter Sports twm ter sports! n a form of amusement and re creatlon taklng place durmg the coldest of the four seasons a season of Indoor actlvltles symbollzed by the bouncing of basketballs and the rolllng of thlck green mats ET- - 1- BOY'S VARSITY BASKETBALL Q' :A SA y H 2. iqx N. t C' ' fi 'N ROW 1: T. Groeschner, C, Copeland, J. Scrimgeour. J. Henkel, B. Parzuchowski, J. Phillips, E. Jackson. ROW 2: Coach Hibbard, C. Raymond, R. Haggett, E. McCall, G. Gilcno, S. Clarke, D. Sherman, M. McCaffcrly, R, Pcnnuici - mgr., trainer. .ka W V.nEVl V l in ,. , , it V . x lv s , . 1 ff , W , . ' . 5, . U .-,. . ff f fi - , h:5WW"f7?3f" fi J .mmf A Q 5 sg X -. l fs . qt . X, V l Y W ly . . 1- ' I aff, If f M C I , ' v A Q ' V' Q: , L' x , A 12m ff 6, l A .. ., if W Q . il A . A Qt? C ' ukhh 1 ,ilr jtvvj .. kkk, Nh, in my , i, . 3 1' is - . S' N A 5 ,BBB L J... 1 H' YN A Q , 'JN 1 v-A! f'- -3' ' Q- sb J X 3 E Q ,. V, -- 1 1 3 3 R X RQ . ' 45 4 'vw Q X Wm. ultra '-': L all 120 1 Y, , i H VME 'V.....,3 5 as f is .1 '12 Q,-kskijp 'F f-7 if X, 'Y .41 I. f,,, GIRL'S VARSITY BASKETBALL ROWI: L. Hoffman, T Benson. T. Oria A Capt., C. Mino - Capt., L. Doria, T Reighurd. D. Davies. ROW 2: C. Eleck - Mgr., D. Lopes - Mgr., P Hoffman, D. Lillis, L. Kinney, N. Cahill. J. Shcppurde, S. Doyle, B. Dorfschmidl - Mgr., Coach Bouclier. camera shy - Tyler Bergman - Mgr. 11' X H A .. A . Wa 'W J Ri E 4 3,2 , lil. 21 4 iHiN"Y . Q A f b umm 7. 4 FX . .. .. N "M . Y we .bf A i:4LIi'l1 X QQ A 12 3 sg ,la w ' ' .J la X f. yi -3 XXX SVN A 122 l SENIORS: Theresa Oria, Christine Mino . ,. x af' S -. ..s., 'vm vkzz .- W ..... L: .... . if Y. ,, . .l L - . .1 . . Lil., C... -335 a .V... yjgit . " . .. .,... :iQ dip -.W K ? Q v . X' . wb C7 img i . Qtr? sss N 'Q ax Q! if ' w ' 4. ,, an Fr fini J1 1 mg " f A, A.XA,.. .t e W ' Q be fffl A V3 H i it l , g ef 1,.,. ig .eWx P Eixlz V I ivan-2 S Q I VVVV 1 225 A ' , ii 'I I Q . 01" 22 Y "W ii u C .av.g,Qgy .V .V ' r-A --f- " .,: l - . "M: ---aun..,,,, 2 .., i r a K. , A." A t N 'ek -ff Q 6 gg X ,fs fi. ,, 'F .. 35' t. W t s- Q antig- ' H so on ru Y aww. an vous Nami , r- 1- ,ri - A. f if .mb I y s 'J A U . f, . ,E ,,., I fgnki ggi, ,,,,, , tt ' g f ' 3 I PPE7s , , 5 i -. l 1 'Y 'Y . . '1 alfa fi' Q , t ' 2 A i -ff! -W b fe lg 1 X 'I 4 E ,YI ,ir 2 h as .. Q K REMEMBER WHEN . . . N.C. remembered all of her uni- form? L.D. passed the ball? T.O. got some recognition? CI don'tJ We had two starters and almost won the game? Bouc made towels for us? CThanks Boucl S.D. took the blame for something? . J.S. and T.O. discovered the broken bus window, "butt" didnat know what happened? Nanci , ua A. .sw 4, , AXS iid -..,, , or-1i ,. . , V ' iii v . . 3 .YE 123 Junior Varsity Boys .5 ILF27 Q X niL,e0 ag nfipom fi: fs 441 . L:mA it is M, Row 1. J. Byrne, R Mamma, A. McBrearity, D. Fikes, B. Murphy, s. Mecan. ROW 2: Coach Pearson C J A Kaplan, J. Scrimgeour, J. Woods, N. Brooks - Capt., S. Klepping, J. Rose, E Gifford, D. Pruchnik Freshmen Boys ii f',Qao,-Q . 21 15 ROW 1: C. McCullough, J. Janesky, L. McCafferty, R Heaton, M. Evans, D. Fucs, K. Kennedy Row 2: T. Fatigate, S. Yoakum, S. Kincaid, C. Laplan, J. King, M. Kessler, J. Sneider, Coach Ryder, C. Hart. 124 s jg K I K kkvh . . 1 Junior Varsity Girls J r 2 1 Q' . Q ? W -V-Q.-A-. :Few i -Q A All ..... C S 'SQL Q SX A 14 riir .-fi: W A "'A -CMN, . rw g is B fr Y ' , X i ff Q L- ' wwe N T " r- -. --,-- s. ROWI: B. Marsan, K. VanDerzee, D. Braueisen, J. Kraft, J. Pasciak. ROW 2: L. Delgado, A. Englund, C. McCormack, J. Angelic, M. Justs, L. Kinney, Coach Kellogg. Freshmen Girls ROW1: E. Brooks, S. Schroeder, T. Mayette, A. Harker, R. Fleming. Row 2: E. Schnezer, L. Schiel, H. Szymczak, K. Ford, D. Webber, C. Bates, Coach VanDerzee. I .iq -Ii . ue 3 1 -A 1: il- -9' 'Xl 12 'J ' 'f... . 'Wa ,,,....,.,....m...,. 'Br iffy 3 if I 4.7. 4 V 321 . Q M' M Ynbnme .... . . GYMNASTICS ROW I: S. Hillard, C. Danish. ROW 2: A. Olander, J. Chase, K. Pearson. .l. Murphy. ROW 3: M. Hayes, Coach Cheron, D. Molinro, Asst. Coach Krubsack. P. Hixon. ROW 4: B. Rivenbug. K. Holsten - Capt., C. Fredlund - Capt., A. Christophcrsen - Capt., K. Kraft - Capt., J. Foupil. A T xx -F: ... 4 f Q 1 . 1 t f 126 . . J .. -' . f wwf A SENIORS: Amy Christophersen, Karen Holstcn, Christal Fredlund, Kim Kraft. 'D- H" A ai X ,f-' REMEMBER WHEN . . . . . . Christal learned to breakdance? . . . Mike found his true love? . . .Amy and Karen weren't being loud and obnoxious? ... Kim got a 7.85 on beam?!! . . . Cheron wore band-aids? 127 VARSITY WRESTLI ROW l: R Burns A capt., T. Brooks - Capt., D. Aquilina f Capt. ROW2: B. Bowman, D. Cooper, C. Carlson, J. Theison. ROW 3: P Mullen, J. Sullivan, Coach Knipple, S. Nelson, S. Coville. ls. 1 .AL ...-if ...wan-H" WJ. ,ha ,W 2 'll ,rv 'K J ,V , Q N A.. l28 Q if X A , - .I N N X -. , illlllllllll C ,,. U 4 , I 1 .,VV win ,, I' :V at ' A 'V ,.-ff -f' R ony,- ix 2 3' ,,,, ,. . .,.,. L-ff' Wai' Z" 42" ff- , f , N J C , 72- ' f' ,,.. ll ll a lll H .,,1ff' ,f'-.,,,:W V nw 99" Junior Varsity ROW 1: D. Cherniske, V Consag, J. DeVito, M. Barberio. ROW 2: M. Pryor, N. Falciano, P Eden, D. Stahly, S. Poethke, V Furio, C. laia. ROW3: J. Carmellini, J. Callaghan, E. Langley, S. Castle, Coach Knipple, E. Bouzakis, E. Mantion, S. Rushworth. VARSITY CHEERLEADER REMEMBER WHEN . . . . . The Little fishy break danced? . . Davida boogied for us? . . . We all showed up for practice on time? CI don'tJ . . Bonnie cheered? CI don'tJ . . C.C. became a secret cheerleader? . . . The Crowd "begged to differ"? ' "Uia.. ROW I: S. Waldorf, S. Holsten, D. Reid, B. McCally, D. Joroudek. ROW 2: S. Callibrise, J Koehlert, S. McCoy, D. Harkness, K. Leonard f capt., C. Rinaldi, fMissing, L. Walker - capt. T. Ross, L. Reynoldsj. Junior Varsity ROW 1: H. Kelly - capt., T. Kelly - capt., H. Kelly f capt. ROW2.' B. Beal, M. Perrault. A. Torres, J. Samuelson. ROW3.' S. Angelovich, J. Martin, B. Ferrell, S. Minotti, K. Severance. 130 - . A 2 if X Q V 1 R A Jil K4 Xl k33a9 "gifs 5' 4 , fi M .ff . r 1 Dk A ., L ,z A m ,f-- 1 . . .. .A K. 4, i ' S: """"5i , 9 F D .. l 1 R 'Ts Artiuiiivn V' f K., Activity tak tiwiat ein., 1. any time consuming function or club 2. vigorous or energetic action ie backgammon z2f, 5 , fi '-ix ff -f 1: X- ff! ix, u i n , '-9 X!! If kgfzffiiz nag I CLASS OFFICER X t- exif 'h if X E455 ,-15 President: Charles Strussle E-fri Vice President: .lohn Mullen Secretary: Valerie Consaga 132 2'-5? S 1 Treasurer: Kristin Reppcnhagen UNIOR 1 5 1 President: Victoria Smith Vice President: John Russi Secretary: Denise Jiroudek OPHOMORE 1 1' .s K . N WN ' X I i . 3 's 1 President: Jack Lavalette Vice President: Scott Banks Secretary: Michelle Rakowsky F RESHMAN Hisff' 1 President: Linda Steam Vice President: Sherry Dewitt Secretary: Cathy Ford 1 Treasurer: Gail McGuinness ' Treasurer: Stephanie Adrian W lg' Treasurer: Peter Toman 1985 Advisors: M rs. Clark Mr. Hajjar Ricky Barone l.isa Castonguay Amy Chrislopherson Valerie Consaga Beth Hamilton Rich Kozlowski John Mullen Mandy Nluro Mary Beth O'Brian Kristin Reppenhagen Mare Rogg Charlie Strassle Chip Tutson Chrissie Whitcomb ,s ' tklfi. ,sfidiigigttf es .gr 'MM Qs' V7 986 Advisors: Mrs. Park M r. Knipple Amy Chaillou Ken Clark Rebecca Conn Chris Copeland Tara Cosacehi Joe DeVito Laura Doria Sandy Edwards Noel Federle Tom Groesehncr Greta Hagner John Henkel Eric Jackson Tracey Kelly Denise .liroudek Heidi Kriegl Hilary Krubsack Dawn Lathrope Gail McGuinness Marc Miele 134 ill!!! Tracey Moore Paige O'Brien Bret Parzuchowski Stephen Patrick Jeff Philips Kathy Quinn Rosie Quinn John Russi Michelle Sager Lori Shapiro Vicky Smith Cindy Steward Kim Wheeler EXECUTI E Q . COMMITTEE 1987 Advisors: Miss Anderson Mr, Kosier Stephanie Adrian Heike Anderson Scott Banks Lisa Bienvenu Marsha Bonjornio Neil Brooks Kathy Chandler Judy Dunn Monica Harrington Tina King .lack Lavalette Paul Marazita Nikki Newman George Poodiak Maggie Purvinis Michelle Rakowski Jill Washay Rich Valente Terri Ross Charlotte Rinaldi Michelle Wall Carrie Waldman Tom Spano so at - sres r N w-w"f""' ill : A l zll C i 1 5 -9 A Q B llll Advisors: k Mrs. Morgan J . Mr. Romano L ,, wa s A Beth Bayers Meg Conn Sherry Dewitt Kathlenn Ford Margaret Hine Dina Jones Colleen McCormack Wendy Milds Kelly O'Brien Ray Smith rx Linda Stewart Peter Toman 135 AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE 3' l Advisor: Mrs. Levin Co President: Chris Mino Vice President: Lisbeth Godialis Treasurer Jennifer Philipi Co President: Dennis Pannona Secretary: Meredith Cimmino Deena Adams Liz Fumal Suzanne Madden Tina Altobelli James Anderson Audrey Havens Tracey Madden Valerie HCllOrt Colleen Mahon Peter Anderson Kim Hope Melissa Melyeher April Austin Pilm HOPC Karen Mosehitta Kathy Bluestein Tracey HU Kim Newman Traci Bresman Pillly Hu .loelle Osborne Laura Capron Cyndi Johnson Kim Pawloski Sue Keane Missy Peet Sandeigh Chark Valerie Consaga Kim Kflllll Karen Perlman Marcy DeCosa JHUH 1-Llvifl Regina Piecinini Margarita Delgado DHWH LCIUIUOI1 Liz Poproeki Beverly Ferguson Colleen I-l'nCh Cilldy Post Donna Freeman Cl'l2ll'lOllC Rinaldi 136 Leanne Saunders lillen Sendevniez Joe Severance Lisbia Sharra Kelly Smith Sue Stearns Heather Synnezak Amanda Vadas Leigh Walker Kristin Wallaeh Leigh Waters Jennifer Wediek Jim Williams EW MILFORD HIGH SCHOOL STUDE T COUNCIL 'i"'5 Louis Wahl Krissy Wallach Dana Webber Keri Wheeler Anna Harker Laurie Ryan Paul Mullen John Scott Nikki Newnam Chris Snow Theresa Orlandi Stephanie Takacs Charlotte Rinaldi Dave Toman Advisor: Mr. Barbero President: Steve Toman Vice President: Cheryl Thierfelder Vice President: D. G. Izzo Secretary: Kathleen O Neill Treasurer: John Sullivin Gina Aumiller April Austin Elaine Balsley Tammi Benson Cathy Bethuren Lisa Bienvenu Jonathan Bigelow Stephanie Bigelow Danielle Brauneisen Robert Brenner Ellen Brooks Forrest Canepari Chrys Caplanson Susan Consaga Chrystene Cook Debbie Davis Laura DeSalvo Julie Dixon Brenda Ericson Carl Fowler Glen Gileno Dianne Hessian Dave Hoffman Tricia Johnson David Lathrope Michelle Lapenna Colleen Maguire Advisor Mrs. Lewis Rich Frolich Beth Abbott Margaret Chach Lauren Frolich Tessa Bigelow Andrea Volinski An-wan Chen Laurel Samuelson Aileen Ball Gail Williams Sandy Dixon Beth Marsan Donna Freeman Pam Gallagher Celeste Bantz THE CHANTICLEER 1 l THE PIPER Advisor Mrs. Morgan Editor Tim Brooks Mike Meehan Jon Luning Bob Casazza Mike Knaak Mary Scrimgeour Susan Pancoast Karen Holsten Keri Hayes Wendy Bellion Susan McCoy Beth Hamilton Bob Ennis Terry Ellis Glen Gilono Marc Rogg , , T if NMHS Chess Team 1. Dave Oldham 2. Tos Crawford 3. Dave Berger 4. Ed Langley 5. Brian Hlavac CHESS Advisors Mr. Hoyt Mr. Edwards Brad Abbot Mike Austin Leo Cetinski David DeBoy Jon Dzurka John Farrell Peter Genet Chris Lobraico Andrew Mitchell Ferris Mitchell Dave Robles Timothy Shea Steve Vadas Peter Ciccone Richard Kraska Vijaya Reddy Paul Biondino Joey Chemero E' NK BACKGAMM N Advisor Mr. Magoun Phil Holly Liz Tishion Mike Armstrong Richard Tyte April Gunnershaug Sonya Mitchell Scott Campbell My y4za,,,i ,. A Ah-yi Chen Margarita Delgado Sandy Dixon Terrry Ellis Steven Fisher Michael Knaak Christine Mino Edward McCall Michael McCaf'ferty Lauri Moore l 40 4? NATIONAL HC OR SCCIETY President: Bob Ennis Co-Vice Presidents: Lisa Castonguay - Theresa Oria Secretary: Lisa Bartram Treasurer: Jon Luning Historian: Barb Dorfschmidt Advisors Miss Vallombroso - Mr. Packard Susan McCoy Mary Beth O'Brien Kathleen O'Neil Dennis Pannozza Kristin Reppenhagen Marc Rogg Laurie Ryan Lawrence Schmidt Charles Strassle Cheryl Thierfeldcr Stephen Toman Kenneth Winkler David DeForest Marni Krause Tara Cossacchi Seudat Bajrami Lynn DeCaro Laura Doria Carolyn Johnson Christine Kincaid i f Scott Zucca John Sullivan David Vandigrifft Eric Scranton Lori Shapiro Roger Erickson Candace Fitch David Drazul Jim Blessing Diane Bossers Rocl Brennen Mike Buccellato Trish Cavannaugh Joe Coleman Charles Conway Paul Croteau Oliver Davis Jennie Dean Bob Deboy Dawn Deleo Janice Deluca Michelle Dudley Katie Edmonds Bill Eichen Bobbie-Jo Ellis Danielle Endress Colleen English Pam Evans Vikki Ferguson Roseanne Ferretti Steven Fisher Kelly Fleming Stephen Fletcher Leeanne Fletcher THE GOOD SAMARITAN CLUB Kim Gerzimbke Katie Glaser Amy Goldstein Rich Granja Jason Hartlieb Tina Harvey Ian Holmes Traci Horgen Judy Horn Lisa Hungerford Joe Iannazzo Mary Justs Chris Kincaid Debbie Kitchens Robyn Lamb Rachel Landgrebe Chris Lieberum Michelle Lisi Kevin MacLaren Lynne McAlley Val Metz Shari Michaud Kim Michaud Donna Miller Lisa Moots Debbie Morehouse John Morris Laura Nadeau Lisa Partrick Vikki Perkowski Joy Phillips Mary Pigott Darren Piper Leah Pitt Eliza Pollack Sharon Proebster Jenny Putnam Gail Ransom Lisa Reed Susan Rizza Dawn Rottenberg Laurel Samuelson Ellen Schenzer Stacey Schmidlin Andrea Schmidlin Kathy Severance Jenny Shab Karen Smalley Chris Smith Chris Snyder Deanne Sommerville Carolyn Staib OFFICERS President: Brenda Davis Vice President: Bonnie McAlley Vice President: Erin Carrington Secretary: Susan McCoy Secretary: Lisa Kuhn Lorena Taylor Karin Vanderzee L. Vanvalkenbergh Carrie Waldman Jennifer Henderson Jenny Goupil Katryn Wey Kathy O'Connell Gina Mandrachia Myra Rothe Erica Risberg Kendra Bowman Michelle Conkey Anna Harker Ellen Healy Anthony Scott Susan Watkins Sondae Waldorf l4l DECA Advisor: Mr. Nolan Joyce Abbot Yvonne Barron Jacqui Bernard Eileen Cole Valerie Connors Jeff Fishman Jenny Franks Joe Goodell Ron Giroux Craig Greenert Lisa Harvey Sharon Helton Chris Hine Lisa Hungerford Jill Koehlert Kelly Kramer Bill Lane Kathy Leahy Lisa Loftus Gina Marcicano Chris Mosher Lisa Mulhare John Palagonia President: Greg Giroux Secretary Debbie Fetter Historian Miriam Picemmi Vice President Grace Cea Treasurer Mary Better Reporter Rae Ellen Tomasack Lisa Peet Corrie Radeschi Mike Trepanier Tracey Wilmont Sue Worth Valerie Quinn Lynn Sullivan Kim T7enis Chrisste Whrtcomb Doreen Wyant FHA fHERO 142 Lauren Naple Shelley Roarke Philomena Stierle Laura White Joanne Zenobia f, ox Tl? le M' fxeiffk M 's 1, 14 'L in f 'Fings s. lc gf X g L ORNING ANNOUN EM B DEB TE CLUB - a 'lie I 99 Advisor: Mr. Fiftal 'Dua Cosacchi Bob Ennis Tamara Fisher John Mullen Louis Wahl Vijaya Reddy Chris Lobdell Monica Harrington John Celli Tracey Aronson Advisor: Lawrence Schmitt Michael Meehan Carolyn Johnson Colleen English Carla Bates MTS. MOSS Greg Tyler Cyndi Moskowitz Peter Jones Roger Erickson Billy Webber Judie Moss Sarah Lester Tamera Fisher Beth Riveflbllfgh Emilie Rogg Laura Pennucci Beth Conkeb' Christal Fredlund Shari Murphy Kathb' MUFPIJY Laura Garten Bev Beall Advisor Sherry Ca1abl'CSC Mari Perrault Lisa Drazul Mrs. Cheron Jenny Chase Renee Raymond Amy Olander Gretchen Sontag Julie Murphy Barbara Kent Debra Altobelli Kimet Bajrami Pam Ruotolo Marnie Hayes Debbie Oshon Holly Kelly Melyssa Kriegl Donna M Robin Seymour Lynn Schiel Kacy Cheron Tina DiMarco Sara Hilliard Dawn Wojciechowski Brenda Farrell Cindy Danish Jody Samuelson Jenny Goupil BREAK DANCE CLUB Advisor Mr. Ianucci Harry Volinski Steve Woodin Dan Robinson Jeff Roma Jake Mallory Judd Canepari Delshonda Fikes Lynn Pollak Scott White Bill Wright Troy Canton Denice Wittman Jackie Martin Angie Moffett Danny Quinn John Blare Heather Quinaver Bryan Becker John Hansen Carlos deJongh Darnell Fikes Chris Moffett Jim Hodey Brendon Murphy Robert Harvey Advisor Mr. Neff WRESTLI G CLUB Drew Aquilina Pat Burns Tim Brooks Alex Raskin Matt Brothers Vic Consaga Joe DeVito Scott Nelson Mike O'Brien John Theisen Scott Zucca Phil Bordinger Blake Bowman Steve Colville Vinny D'Amorr Barry Edman Scott Rushworth Dave Stahly Kevin Sullivan Mike Barberio Jim Callaghan Vito Furio Pete Grenier Nick Falciano Jody Humiston Criag Iaia Mike Leturno John Lukse Eric Manton Kevin Mohan Mike Sera Al Theirfelder Charlie Healey AdV.sM,r Om WEIGHT TRAINING CLUB Marc Bennett Pryce Brodeur Jim Coma N Eric Corson l Todd Defreu Scott Duncan Tom Fatigate Joe Fernandes Jeff Fishman Rich Fletcher Peter Grasseler Henry Hansen Fred Hathaway Jesse Hicks Steve Houi Corey Kaplan Linda Karasz Mike Kessler Scott Kincaid James King Lonnie LeBlanc Jason Leonard Chris McAvoy Bryan McBriearty Marc McBriearty David McLendon Maury Menard Frank Miller Patrick Murphy J. Palagonia Paul Perreault Scott Phillips Chris Radeschi Kevin Reynolds John Ryerson Bill Roode Gary Stein Warner Steirl Sean Sweeney Aaron Swift Pat Testa Guy Tino Lisa Vakassian J. Wagenbrenner Mike White --Sq -. -sa.. MHS MARCHI G BAND we Xi ' " it Keith Alexander Tracey Aronson Keith Asman Margaret Barlow Tessa Bigelow Marsha Bongiorno Davis Boyer Karen Burrows An-Yi Chen Meredith Rebecca Conn Valerie Consaga 146 Ls Director: Albert Bayers Drum Major: Steph Bigelow Victor Consaga Chrystene Cook Shelly Crawford Kelly Curran Vincent Damore Amie Dane Lynn DeCaro Lourdes Delgado Robert Dempster Leroy Dreyfuss William Eidhin Roberto Ennis Greg Ferrari y. l I Laura Fogarty Carl Fowler Victoria Fucs Pam Gallagher Debbie Golden Chris Grenier Bobby Griffin Greta Hagner Elissa Hattman Donna Heady Karen Heady Susan Hilliard Pamela I-lixon Mary Hoburg Matt Hyland Dirk Izzo l , Drew Izzo Carolyn Johnson Steven Jomes Michael Kime Kristen King Tina King Hilary Krubsack Dawn Lathrope David Lathrope Pamela Leary Doug Maclnnis Joel MacRitchie Gina Mandracchia Susan McCoy Andrew Mitchell Donna Molinaro Cynthia Moskowitz John Mullen Paul Mullen Lauren Nagle Mary Beth O'Brien Kathleen O'Connell Ronald Okpych Eliza Pollack Kathleen Quinn Rosie Quinn Craig Raymond Arlene Reid Erica Risberg Dave Robles Monica Ryder Michelle Sager Ernest Samuelson Leanne Saunders Dana Scarpone John Scott Charlie Strassle Lorena Taylor Cheryl Thierfelder Stephen Toman Richard Tyte Robin Vanegas Lea VanValkenburgh Louis Wahl Michelle Wall Kristin Wallach Julie Wasson Kathryn Wey Jenny Worthingtoin Scott Zucca Judy Dunn James Abbott Eileen Ball Carla Bates Beth Bayers Jonathan Bigelow Robert Brenner Lrg. FLAGS FLAGS CAPTAINS Cheryl Theirfelder Erin Carrington Elizabet Poprocki Mary Quinn Lori Mayette Kristin Reppenhagen Dawn DeLeo Rebecca Cover Suzanne Madden Laurie Ball Trish Johnson Cathy Zarchinsky Debbie McCaffery Sarah Hilliard Michelle Dudley Tracey Mayette Dawn Wojechowski Paige Cook Shawn Carrington Peter Ciccone Paige Cook Cindy Danish Beverly Fergason Carrie Geren Fred Hathaway Diane Hession Margaret Hine Robert King Laura Kinney Michelle LaPenna Sarah Lester Mark Lewis Colleen McCormack William McKay Sonya Mitchell Gina Palmisani Kimberlee Pearson Debra Piper Daniel Robinson Joseph Rondini lan Rowburrey Lauren Saplio Robin Semour Lisa Stahl Liz Tishion Peter Toman Mike Crawford Sarah Hillard 14 Cl1nton Blckford Darrel Chernaske Gma Daddona Tammy Flsher Jenmfer Kraft Suzanne Madden Tracey Madden Jenny Pascrak Klm Pawloski Carol Smlth Sue Stearns Audra Washay Advrsorz Mrss Coulter Geri Azary Noreen Celello Therea Cyr Carolyn Elelck Carrie Geren Lori Hoffman Marni Krause Kim Pearson Amie Ramsey Suc Rottenberg Lauren Saplio Sandy Schroeder Chris Schuster Robin Vanegas Advlsorz Mrs. Clark AVIATIO S9 Dan Anderson Ch21flCS Curry Karl Hermonat Rob Lodsin Mike Pryor Kyle Sullivan Jeffrey Bailey TOITI Damico Jennifer Henderson Adam Marcus Ian Rowburrey Chris Tuck Paul Blankenship Brendan Dineen Patrick Herring Greg Nequist Eric Scranton Jon Vakassian Brian Burch Glen Gileno Kevin Kennedy Jason Payne Craig Simo Y t ,3 'S K L X.-Nffg mn. was nxt C, 1 mTt,..,,,, i k wma, '7 no Qwmvvllfnan mit. COMIC BGOK CLUB Micah Cover Mike Crawford Paul Grasseler Chris Litty Kerry Ryberg Steve Tucker Advisor: Mr. Olson Advisor: Mr. Pearson 149 Colleen Abdella Steve Abdella Doug Adamson Billy Bahr Dave Bennett Jenni Bollow Roberta Bryson Lynn A. Cable Lynn M. Cable Kevin Cellelo Lynda Chase Dave Coons George Curry Jack D'Anna Mike Elliot C0 RTYARD CLEAN-UP CLUB Laurie Faucett Sue Fisher Ed Fortunato Wayne Faucher Bob Glander Bill Goldie Nick Grammatico John Hartman Karen Heady Sue Hueck Shari Jackson Michelle Johnson Holly Kelly Tina Kennedy Debbie Kronfeld Tony Lamberson Ed Lillis Todd Litty Missy Lobraico Tina Louranco Sharon Mackey Sam Mancuso Mark Maters Danielle Matzger Dave Mazzarella Jim Mitchell Holly Murphy Jim Napolitano Tracey Nelson Rich O'Dell Tom Owen Stephen Poethke Tammy Reiske Lori Rothe Dana Scarpone Robin Shirloff Elaine Sensenbrenner Steve Shanks Renee Sieber Mark Slauson Chris Stavrakis Linda Strid Cheryl Swett Kim Testa Arianet Valentin Sue Vhay Tina Yoblonski Valerio Yoblonski Cathy Zarczynski 150 l OUTDOOR ADVENTURE CLUB A,N,.2 , Carla Bates Tammi Benson Erie Brown John Carmellini 1 ,L ,an f - Noel Castle Leo Cetinski Kerri Daddona Bruce Dike Brian Ennis Mark Evans Betsy Finch Sue Fisher Laura Fogarty Kathleen Ford ,., 12153 W I 5. f UW f,,-,, -f , f ay f3,,,:' K Advisor: Mr. Barbero Libby Goldstein Peter Grassler Rob Haggett Audrey Havens Chris Hine Margaret Hine Pam Hixon Tim Holland Dirk Izzo Drew Izzo Trisha Johnson David Lathrope .lack Lavalette Sarah Lester Dawn Lillis Jen Lippay John Lowe John Lukse Tim Lynch Beth Marsan Gina Marsicano Traci Mayette Shari Murphy Carolyn Nadeau Bob Pardon Jen Pasciak Amy Purpora Bob Purpora Tammy Reighard David Rizzo Mark Rizzo Liz Rogg Emile Rogg Mike Schulta Darryl Schenzer John Scott Keith Sheridan Floyd Shiffman Russ Smith Joe Snow Dave Stahly Rich Valente Lou Venezia Jon Winkler Chris Daher Tara Durr Chris Faz7one Dennis Fedcrle Doris Film Justine Fisher Ray Hyatt Diane Kozlowski Craig Mills Patti Murphy Kevin Murray Ted Nelson Shane Newman Tracey White Advisor: Mr. Lee WIMBLEDGN SOCIETY ww. ' 4 ,Ja ,sw M. fr tw . . f I-,Avg -, A'lm0'2MfS'Za'0Skl fQThf'Q',Qj,Qj,jj, GIRL VARSITY CLUB Lourdes Delgado WORLD SERIES CLUB Mike Serra Bob Purpora Cory Nash David Melycher John Tomascak Bill Romaniello Corey Niemiec Brian Miller George Webster Dondi Salas Jeff Osborne Scott Morrell Mike Zarba Bob Scribner Ray Pennicci Paul Murray -t l Mike Kelly Tom Kouloganes Dennis Kozlowski Dave Maruszak I DOOR SOCCER Phil Geisel Ed Gereg Mike Glander Chris Grenier Ad i isor: M George Adams Sevdat Bajrami i Erik Brown Vic Butera David Dean Dennis Demane Gary Elder Chris Hanny Pat Heaton Dave Hoffman Tim Holland Scott Hornecker John Hyland Mike Kime Dave Kullgren Tim Manderbach I'. Advisor: Mr. Wrenn Doug Doychak Mike Dubc Mark Evans Louis Fox Moger Chris McCullough Jason McKay Chad McWhinnie Mark Peragine Shannon Plue Marc Rizzo Rich Samoska Mark Shanko Kelly Sigrist Jill Sontag Rich Strid Russ Turner Gareth Vaughan Jimmy Wood Shawn Yoakum 153 FBLA Wendy Bennett Brian Durr Tom Mullen Patricia O'Neill Mike Vaughn Melanie Connors Jami Kenny Lauren Nagle Tammy Stahl Donna Winklevoss Advisors: Treasurer: Margaret Barlow Mrs. Caron Mr. Brennan Historian: President: Yvette Mary Kelly Moffett V. President: Reporter: Leeanne Charles Fletcher Moss Secretary: l Tessa J. Bigelow VICA Advisor: Mr. Sheridan President: Susan Kernochan Donna Allen Cheryl Blanchard Lisa Buck Trish Cavanaugh Vice President: Pam Keane Secretary: Laurie Moore Treasurer: Heather Morren J f Kathy George Dratch Gudauskas Julie RCFIC Edman Dlugokencky Jeni Hehl Joe Donna lannozzo Freeman Katie Glkaser Patricia Julie Garcia Pitt S Mary Quinn Kim Tzenis CERAMICS CLUB 'Ib Cathy Oria Karen Talaska Jennifer Walker RN-,,r - Susi Knack Amie Dane Wendy Bennett Valerie Adams Advisor: Richard Maciel Peter Genet Christine Chrisman Kristina Albright Miss Chambers Lori Mayette Dorothy Hill Danielle D'Alessio Debbie Aumiller Peter Velanzon Janice Vozzella Julie Wasson Katie Webster Tim Wesson Scott Wesson Greg Miller Rich Prause Art Randall Craig Raymand Bryan McBrearity Bo Curry Keith Asman Ronald Cyr Robert Belcourt John Dicesare Scott Bennett Gerry Ferris Chris Breunig Ted Kimlin Brenda Clinton John Klous Peter Cote Kent Tomascak Advisor: Mr. Hibbard l55 Mike Armstrong Scott Campbell Dave King Rich LaRusse Brian Maciel Don Waterworth Walter White Advisor: Mr. Edward 156 Mtv ADVANCED COMPUTE Advisor: Charlie Burrows Bruce Dike Dave Lynch Sam Samuelson Tony Scott Dr. Kershnar Carmine D'Amore Jonathan Luning Tom Russel Lawrence Schmitt K 3 TERMEDIATE COMP TERS ,, ,,,,.-5--if , F W I it ,511 F! 'Qfff 17,5 COMPUTER PROGRAMMING Advisor: Dr. Tripp This Club is open to any math student who wishes to work on computer programming skills outside of class. 157 Advisor: Mr, Keck Sopranos Sandeigh Chark Beth Conkey Rebecca Cover Tina Dihflarco Nancy Frank Tammy Fisher Aleta Henderson Trisha Johnson Colleen Ludwig Li? Poprocki Kristin Reppenhagen Jeanne-Marie Rusk Cheryl Seymour Karen Smalley Denise Whittman Beth Yaeger Altos Stephanie Bigelow Kathy Bluestein Shelley Crawford Katie Edmonds Kathy Favoccia Melissa Melychcr Yvette Moffett Shelly Roark Sondae Waldorf 158 EW ILFORD HIGH SCHOOL CHGRUS Basses Sextet Bill Eichin Stephanie Bigelow Melissa Melycher Bob Griffin Rebecca Cover Kristin Reppenhagen Jon Saul Trisha Johnson Jeanne-Marie Rusk Jluninrzi rf!-I Junior ijli' nyarln.. 1. student in the third year of high school or college one of lower position, rank, or 2. standingg one who is more recent person who will soon be superi- 3. or-no longer second class Dale Abbott Joice Abbott Colleen Abdella Douglas Adamson Elizabeth Adrian Daniel Allen Debra Altobelli James Andersen Christopher Anderson Peter Anderson Susan Anderson Jessica Arnau Tracy Aronson William Ashcroft Keith Asman Alan Baglia Sevdat Bajrami Laurie Ball Yvonne Barron Wendy A. Bennett Wendy L. Bennett Gretchen Birdseye Cheryl Blanchard Jennifer Bollow Kristine Bonner Gary Brady Pryce Brodeur Matthew Brothers Lisa Bucko Amy Chaillou Kacy Cheron Kenneth Clark Beth Conkey Rebecca Conn Yicktor Consaga Christopher Copeland Tara Cosacchi Tos Crawford Joannah Cunningham Kelly Curran Danielle D'Alessio Amie Dane Kathleen Davies Carrie Davin David Dean Tracie DeGiorgio Dennis DeMane Joseph DeSalvo Joseph DeVito Laura Doria Douglas Doychak Sherry Doyle Kathleen Dratch David Drazul Rhonda Dunn Paul Eden Julie Eclman Sandra Edwards Laurie Eleck Denise Elliot Bobbijo Ellis Roger Erickson Dolores Faiola Kathleen Favoccia Noel Federle Gregory Ferrari Gerald Ferriss Delshonda Fikes Suzanne Fisher Candace Fitch Richard Fletcher Karen Ford xg, Q nr ,s S w .Q .5'+w,' ,- 4 6 .ff-. gn! 5 E mam- Eric Jackson Denise Jiroudek Michelle Johns Carolyn Johnson Michelle Johnson Patricia Johnson Peter Jones Kinda Karasz Tracy Kelly Christine Kincaid Jill Koehlert Kelly Kraemer Marni Krause Heidi Kriegl Hilary Krubsack Lisa Kuhn Sonia Larson Hildegard Lathrop Dawn Lathrope Kathleen Leahy Jennifer Lippay Todd Lobraido Donna Lopes Jacquelyn Lunich David Lynch Douglas Maclnnis Kevin MacLaren Suzanne Madden Tracey Madden Donna Managan Mark Martens Debbie McCaffrey Gail McGuinness Marc Miele Dewitt Miles Kerry McGuinness fo I 'fd it W I Gregory Miller Andrew Mitchell Lisa Moffett Yvette Moffett Tracey Moore Leean Morrell John Morris Christine Mosher Cynthia Moskowitz Thomas Mullen Brendan Murphy Shari Murphy William Murray Laura Nadeau Lauren Nagle Carman Navid Scott Nelson Shayne Newman Joseph Nolet Kevin Noonan Michael O'Brien Paige O'Brien Inga Olson Patricia O'Neill Jeffrey Osborne Gary Pancoast Andrea Pappano Stephen Partrick Bret Parzuchowski Kim Pawloski Laura Pennucci Jeffrey Phillips Dominick Picchione John Pischetta Raymond Ploof Stephan Poethke SN -mf' .-vt-111. Amy Purpora Kathleen Quinn Rosie Quinn Valerie Quinn Corrie Radesehi Leslie Ruskin Craig Raymond 'Rtmmy Reiske Lynn Richardson Shelley Roark David Robles Jeffrey Russell John Russi John Ryerson Michelle Sager Leanne Saunders Dana Scarpone Stacey Schmidlin Anthony Scott Eric Scranton Jennifer Shab Steven Shanks Lori Shapiro Kevin Sheehan Mark Slauson Karen Smalley Lillian Smart Victoria Smith Margaret Smyrski Thomas Smyth Mark Solomon Tamila Stahl Cynthia Steward Linda Strid John Sullivan Kyle Sullivan David Vandigrifft Lex VanValkenburgh Gareth Vaughn Michael Vaughn Joline Veilleux Andrea Volinski Louis Wahl Sondae Waldorf Michelle Walter Donna Went Karen Went Kimmy Wheeler Danielle White Michael White Tracey Wilmot H X rw, N X X Y 3 x 3 . 'Wu- z ,xi Vs vu ,wa , 1 'IJ ...K QQ 'Q ff' Ziff Atl, 5, ,W I N H f Z V, K .wx ,UG f k" A , H 1 :wh - 35 . , JZ H " A All, ' -,V ' V et, R , 'ff ' 'X . ' .. 'i: 'x 4 1 I .- V . Q f , .V ..-fhnffgi. Q .Ar , -' V f' A , at -3 -',j",,, " 3- ',, wwf. rv " ' ' if? -. i A' L .mwifww ff 167 I 'fx mx rn- ,L .1- X J' SV' ,Si 'ti Svnphnmnrvz A Sophomore lsof a mor in l student ln the second year of hugh school or college someone who thmks the world IS square Person fhopefullyl to gam mo desty and respect through the process of becoming an upper classman 'QS-N g 25 --x fiiix ff? S fffags X I gr Q f Qi 5.- X5 if A-QYR5, s gB f my 2 "',f-7 2? 'L sp Q m I - 1 1 1 ' 'H I . . , 1 Q ' n ,sf - ,' X. 2 ' ' V . i W l I ! . ' ' . A , . ee.o o . g a iw. -K K I , 1 T I , ' ,r' +- r 1 I - 'e Y 4, rg, , , X e s,pff,ffg .Qf X --K , ' ,Q Lf " gre 'X' ., lr- 2171 . NP-S W, f X w lg A Q i' ye., W 'Xe X ,N Vs., 9-fi? , ik XXX "7 iK2: X42 . T-X-, Il xv "-fff' X,,7f" -' 1 4 Q X , F r "' , , - i , , " 2 V -,,, , , ,,. , f. ,. ,4 ,gk X ,f f L - , ,. ,, - ,, - .. Y-f . - , K , V 7,4 f'-is.: .f 1" gg -.X A rf-fig: Y Y Q vt S- , I ,, - ,- -i fff,- ', f': -- v 1 , " Y --i-ax , 'll K 1 f - i K, Vf,,,,-- X K, p , i N., -R - v :pf -if , V , -' 15' f,Lf' lf- !,gf'1f"4' v 1 - , , -4 "W 1 5' 1 . A ' -Qilif-zf -. - N. . 1 'lf ff' fy rr' " ' -, me . f " ' i --, "N"----sf.: -- - .7 O 'VUOPQ 'Tux N 5 W Q .- 'Q iw -sc'-,b 1.4 'S 4 x Q 1 fi. J' iyx 'Ex CNR Q55 0,5 r v ,,,2 H ',' L g", I , ' W . ' ,,,' E ' " f h A , , ',', ,. - ', 'f M 7 My if ww , V X lu.-.ww --,, J A, ai, Jw - - .x ,. .,E, 1 .. W . M 3, .,,, 37 ,-.. Q n 'V' .W M ..N.. x K My Q X Nw Q N ff ,. w K S Q2 Q X , N QNX, E X 4 X f lm fy 1 M j S i if 449 f Q X fig li im 4 M f an Q . 'EX 14? 445 , M 'F' K X Ei von: 'Z' 3 'WP 97" XNNNQ' Q. .-2?-Ai' ' I M x ,A V"' my Ja.. Q ' ' 1 W, X if SAW fir? I 5 Gilr-,KVQJI v 3 V, A, Elf 1 1 ks- . f :- A - , ,. WA A x fv 'f FQ x Elizabeth Marsan Christopher MeAvoy Adam McBreairty Vallic Metz Shari Miehaud Craig Mills Sherry Minotti Donna Mlaker Angela Moffett Christopher Moffett Donna Molinaro Derek Moots Sean Moran Debra Morehouse Michael Morris Judith Moss Paul Mullen Bonnie Murone Holly Murphy Robert Murphy Carolyn Nadeau Katayone Navid Charles Nelson Tracy Nelson Nicole Newnam Kathleen O'Connell Ronald Okpych Catherine Oria Robert Orlandi Joelle Osborne John Palmisani Jennifer Pasciak Melodie Paskowski Kathryne Peet Melissa Peet Harry Penner Melanie Pennington Victoria Perkowski Karen Perlman Renee Perrone Joy Phillips Gregory Pieck John Piper Tonia Pitchard Eliza Pollack Lynn Pollak George Poodiack Cynthia Post Sharon Proebster Denis Pruchnik Margaret Purvinis Daniel Quinn Michelle Rakowski Gail Ransom Deborah Reed Lisa Reed Arlene Reid Tammy Reighard Jennifer Renninger Lisa Reynolds Wendy Rice Timothy Richardson Shana Richmond Charlotte Rinaldi Erica Risberg Susan Rizza Mark Rizzo Charles Robinson Elizabeth Rogg William Romaniello Jeffrey Rose Terri Ross :Q vs X .. A mI"'f A x t . me Mu-ww Pxfl, X, . X , ff? --.. -fm .- ' E3 i W L' . A ' X ' J Q f N -- --.- i A: ' ,K x . ' K . , ,inWQ',, Q 'if' 1, :R L x a gag! x Randolph Stone Richard Strid Kevin Sullivan Michelle Talaska Theodore Thomas Christine Thurston Kent Tomascak Thomas Tremont Russell Turner Richard Tyte Richard Valente Karin Vanderzec Karen Vozzella Joseph Wagenbrenner Carol Waldmann Michelle Wall Audra Washay Jill Washay Julie Wasson William Webber Katherine Webster Kathryn Wcy Michael Whitcomb Keith Willcox Gail Williams Jonathon Winkler James Wood Jennifer Worthington Kevin Wright Valerie Yoblonski Dina Zullo fifix Q7-4 i ,lui 3 V L I X51 ,, .- ,ff '.....,,,..,- '5 ,N iff'-ff-"' U I I, I , . L- 4 people who End hugh school hard W W I J wr H 'A o t' 4 4 James Abbott George Adams Jenny Alger Tina Altobelli Britt Amunsen Daniel Anderson Joanna Angelic Stephanie Angelovich Michael Armstrong Kimberly Arndt Regina Aumiller April Austin Geraldine Azary Jettrey Bailey Kimet Bajrami liileen Ball Michelle Ball Michael Barberio Carla Bates Beth Bayers Beverly Beall Kevin Becker Robert Beleourt John Bennett Marc Bennett Tyler Bergeman Cathy Bethurem Clinton Biekforcl Jonathan Bigelow Paul Biondino Barbara Blanchard Kristin Blanchard Paul Blankenship Kimberly Bohlig Russell Bonn Jennifer Bourdillon Elias Bouzakis Philip Bower Kendra Bowman Danielle Brauneisen Robert Brenner Christopher Breunig Ellen Brooks Jennifer Burke Amy Burkey Victor Butera James Callaghan Alyssa Camm Scott Campbell Judd Canepari John Carmellini Shawn Carrington Kim Celello Patricia Chandler Jeannie Chase Jennifer Chase Joseph Chemero An-Wen Chen Darrell Cherniske Brenda Clinton Joseph Coleman Ronald Colp George Confere Michelle Conkey Margaret Conn Susan Consaga Paige Cook April Coons Vicky Cordeiro James Corna Peter Cote Lisa Courtney , ,s Q" 0-'.4-A ...asv , ,.,,,Q, -if 2 s if w 63 I bg 249 5 fi , X: nv fl " SN , 1 x Timothy Frade Nancy Frank Donald Fucs Rosemaria Furio Vito Furio Laura Gage Christine Garcia Laura Garten Robert Gaylor Michele Genestra Carrie Geren Kim Gerzimbke Samantha Gibbons Bryan Gingrich Jennifer Goupil Christine Goyette Peter Grenier April Gunnarshaug Christian Hanny Anna Harka Jason Hartlieb Thomas Hartman Robert Harvey Michael Harvey Fred Hathaway Ellen Healey Patrick Heaton Henry Henderson Karl Hermonat Patrick Herring Diane Hession Jesse Hicks Edward Hill Susan Hill Sara Hilliard Lisa Hilyard Margaret Hine Brian Hlavak David Hoffman Kelly Holly lan Holmes Pamela Hope Scott Hornecker Patty Hu Jody Humiston Lynn Hungerford Robert Hutchings Raymond Hyatt John Hyland Craig laia Jason Janesky Jennifer Jennings Diana Jones Maryfanees Justs Corey Kaplan Kristine Kehoe Michacl Kelly Molly Kelly Kevin Kennedy Barbara Kent Michael Kessler Scott Kincaid David King James King Robert King Laura Kinney Deborah Kitchens John Klous Jennifer Knoerl Diane Kozlowski Leigh Kraemer Jennifer Kraft f""...."'.:n Richard Kraska Mclyssa Kriegl Leann Kriston David Kullgren Rachel Landgrebe Edward Langley Caroline Langlois Michelle LaPenna Richard LaRusso Sharon Lathrope Lonnie LeBlanc Jason Leonard Sarah Lester Michael LeTourneau Mark Lewis Christopher Litty Robert Lodsin John Lowe Colleen Ludwig John Lukse Keith Luning Cheryl Lutinski Brian Maciel Alix Macomber Colleen Maguire Cheryl Maleski Jacob Mallory Eric Mantion Adam Marcus Eric Marquad Jacqueline Martin Patricia Mascio Traci Mayette Marco Mazzotta Jacqueline McAlley Bryan McBreairty wr: M 45 ,y . gym WJ H 'KA , , ,KLY 3' ,, 5. V V I .J kv! 4' xr Kevin Murray Paul Murray Jeanine Napolitano Gregory Nequist Corey Niemiee Kelly O'Brien Amy Olander Debra Olsen Theresa Orlandi Jennifer Osborne Debra Oshan Sylvia Oyola Gina Palmisani Lisa Partrick John Pawlowski Andrew Payne Kiniberlee Pearson Rachel Peick Lyle Pelkey Emilie Penner Mark Peragine Mari Perrault Kevin Perrin Regina Piccinini Cynthia Pindcr Beth Pingleton Debra Piper Leah Pitt Shannon Plue Michael Pryor Jennifer Putnam Lloyd Radeschi Amie Ramsey Renee Raymond Vijaya Reddy Kevin Reynolds Beth Revenburgh David Rizzo Daniel Robinson Niargarethe Rogg Jeffrey Roma Andrew Romanoff Joseph Rondini Myra Rothe Susan Rottenburg lan Rowburrey Pamela Routolo Barbara Russell Scott Russell Channon Salas Valerie Salembier Jody Samuclsin Lauren Saplio Jonathon Saul Ellen Schenzer Elizabeth Schiel Andrea Schmidlin Gregory Schmitt Sandra Schroeder Daryl Schultz Rhonda Scribner Robert Scribner Michael Serra Kathy Severance Robin Seymour Johanna Shepherd Keith Sheridan Craig Simo Michael Slocum James Smith Raymind Smith Lillian Smyth If We Dean Soloman Dana Solomom Gretchen Sontag Lisa Stahl Linda Steward Julie Stewart Werner Stierle Dawn Sullivan Lisa Sundling Kelly Sweet Lori Swett Aaron Swift Heather Szmczak Karen Talaska Michele Taylor Patrick Testa Albert Thierfelder Guy Tino Elizabeth Tishion David Toman Peter Toman John Tomascak Arlene Torres Gene Tovino Vera Tovino William Trabold Donna Tracy Christopher Tuck John Turciano Amanda Vadas Jonathon Vakassian Shannon VanVlett Peter Velanzon Jennifer Walker Jeanne Warde Susan Watkins X a FV 3 E 5: X .t Q.. Sheldon Watson Donald Watterworth Kimberly Webb Dana Webber George Webster Jennifer Wedick Keri Wheeler Tracey White Walter White Deborah Whittington Jamie Wilcox James Williams Kristin Winkelstern Denise Wittmann Dawn Wojciechowski Shawn Yoakum if - ,,rr , J ,J it - ' -Mfr 8 4 ? 5 I 3 5 , Vzk. i T55 ','- 571' .. KK i W' ' Q W '- ' i i-...M Y 'x 151' Svvninr rnfilvn 'S , A 15? ' f 4f f vi 1' l A, Ili' 1 ht s ls It K V 4 i I Senior Profile lsen-yer pro' fill l. a concise auto-biographical sketch of a Senior 'L 2. how the Class of 1985 views l themselves ll I Q r I 4 l In 'I I i fl r I Iii 1. , ef ei r of r i 7 Q5 . , " ' ' " - ??gei5i'f-if 'X in of-s i A f fi 1,1 fi .vii Yf- - xy Q f K . - fr f J :L fifsijgi-is-9' - in ' '-EA' 'f - 3, ,li- "f"1,,e1 iqhf e s s S' l wufiffyg " ee- we e- ee l-I , " . . r ' - . ' i i.',..,i- , - .- ' 'l' 'Z' BETH ABBOTT 1. skeptical 2. to live in a white house wf fence 3. cheese, weak people 4. red hair 5. Jim 6. Hiya! Howaya'?g I love Jim 7. Maybelle Cartright 8. May 25 VALERIE ADAMS 1. honest, friendly 2. to be rich and travel 3. two-faced people 4. Tom 5. my smile 6. What! 7. Val 8. April 14 KEITH ALEXANDER 1. one of a kind 2. to be all I can be 3, hypocrits 4. puppy dog eyes 5. the Big Green Party Machine 6. Oh well! 7. Keifers 8. December 18 DREW AQUILINA l. cute tRene and Juliue said sol 2. to be the state champ 3. 121 plus 4. tootsie rolls and "please" 5. dieting and the green grunt 6. Dirt ball 7. Drewper 8. July 7 LISA BARTRAM 1. talkative, easily amused 2. to have a chauffeured limousine 3. favoritism, hard rock 4. nice eyes, nice smile, W.J. 5. 413 6. isn't he a fox, Theresa 7. Dear Ope 8. July 12 STEFANIE BIGELOW 1. conservative 2. to become the US President in 2012 3. people who say "Which one are you?" 4. roses 5. hiccups 6. What a goof! Duckie! 7. Stef, Steffie 8. December 29 TESSA BIGELOW 1. empathetic 2. to be the keeper of the lighthouse 3. people who say-"Where's your other half?" 4. Lochinvar types 5. 6. No, I am not Brooke Shields! 7. Tess 8. November 27 MARY BEITER 1. friendly 2. to be happy and wealthy 3. they think they're the hottest in NMHS 4. shopping 5. "Aviance night musk", my dimples 6. Who? 7. Spyder 8. February 8 DAVID BERGER 1. flashy 2. to become rich and move to New 3. the speed bump 4. pizza 5. my van 6. It ain't over till it's over. 7. 8. October 16 MAYLO BIZIER l. drunk bum 2. to play with Montreal Canadians 3. waiting for people 4. palying varsity football 5. my car 6. Let's go out and "pound" 7. May-Hi 8. July 24 SCOTT BOWMAN 1. destructive 2. to get a real car 3. old people and neighbors 4. an unprotected mailbox 5. RV. 6. Your mother 7. Scoop 8. December 3 DAVID BOYER 1. fun 2. to beat Arnold Palmer in golf 3. liars 4. money 5. woodstock 6. How ya doing! 7. Billy 8. July 15 SANDRA BRESEE 1. quiet 2. to become wealthy 3. people who think theyire tough 4. puppy eyes from guys 5. blue clothes 6. You should have seen! 7. Sandy 8. January 16 TIMOTHY BROOKS 1. 2. to become a state champion 3. misplacing things 4. 300 pound defensive tackles 71473 5. 6. So what? 7. Chief 8. July 24 CHRYS CAPLANSON 1. exotic 2. to live in an igloo, ride an elephant 3. people who change name to copy me 4. sourcream8Lonion p.c., Cokes, Sean 5. black hair, black witch shoes 6. Hey son! 7. Son, Quis 8. July 9 LAURA CAPRON 1. soundless 2. to be heard by everyone 3. people who don't stick to own opinion 4. chocolate licorice 5. Sandy's Dee pictures 6. You pig! I couldn't believe it! 7. Laurie 8. July 15 LENNY CASACALENDA 1. intense, tame 2. to own a pink house and a pink Porshe 3. heavy metal 4. music 5. my car, detentions 6. Cool 7. Honda Fred 8. August 7 ROBERT CASAZZA 1. laid back 2. to play guitar with Springsteen 3. waiting in line 4. an ice cold mug 5. 5451 6. Bascially 7. Caspazz 8. August 31 if - LISA CASTONGUAY I. potentially marinated 2, to write the "Great American Novel' 3. waiting!!! 4. Adam, Duran, Doritoes 5. my smiley-face man 6. Guess what? 7. Lise Cey 8. Apirl 8 GRACE CEA I. sweet, honest, cute 2. to be five feet tall and own NYC 3. phony people 4. Italian food 5. my height, my red sneakers 6. Get me out of this place! 7. Jace 8. November I4 SANDEIGH CHARK I. humorously wild 2. to meet RMc.C., J.L., S.P. B.S. 3. people who get Ns and still complain 4. chocolate chip cookies, music 5. my black satin jacket with pins 6. Oh, no . .. What eez eet! 7. Jorgina Christina Kastleburi Duke 8. February I0 AMY CHRISTOPHERSEN I. bubbly 2. to deflate all airheads 3. when men leave the toilet seat up 4. PJ.L. 5. my hair, laugh, shoes 6. 50 million and EEEEE . . .!! 7. Flamin' Ami 8. August I9 MEREDITH CIMMINO I. dramatic 2. to find my spine 3. people who interrupt 4. gorgeous eyes 5. salad dressing on the side 6, It makes a good sandwich. 7. Mere-ding 8. July 3I SEAN CLARKE I. gelatinous 2. to be in cauliflowerthrowing contest 3. death 4. anything with a nice veneer finish 5. the rumble pump dunk 6. Booga! Booga! 7. Mr. Caulking Adhesive and bean 8. February 28 1 DENISE COLEMAN I. unique 2. to meet and marry J. Morrison 3. they tell me Jim Morrison is dead 4. Jim Morrison 5. my walk, the "Doors" 6. Later days!! 7. Denise "hips" 8. November I9 VALERIE CONSAGA I. intrigued 2. to become a Hawaii beach bum 3. people who make me feel inferior 4. kangaroos with big blue eyes 5. my hair 6. That's ridiculous 7. Val 8. September 29 CHRYSTENE COOK I. versitile 2. to own an island in the Carribean 3. being told what to do 4. big, brown eyes 5. my laugh, my handwriting 6. 7. Cookie 8. May I GINA CORSON I. wild but moody 2. to join the circus 3. phonics 4. spending money 5. my curls 6. Hey son, what's up! 7. Son Ji'na 8. April 5 REBECCA COVER I. ineffable 2. to become independently, wealthy 3. superficiality, self-righteousness 4. lifeguards 5. mother 6. Relax, Beth 7. Nastassia 8. October 28 SHELLY CRAWFORD I. subtly convivial 2. to be a motorcross wife 3. pickles, traffic, band camp 4. Jim, peanuts, m8Lm's 5. Jim Heinz, the Crawfmobile 6. Oh well, I'll get over it!! 7. Shel, Crawf, Kraut 8. January I5 Vwqk PAUL CROTEAU I. 2. to be an engineer 3. wise guys 4. keeping my mouth shut 5. uncombed hair 6. I didn't do it! 7. Gil Nipper 8. October 29 KERRY CURRAN l. impulsive 2. to live happily ever after with C.K. 3. guys who think they drive better 4. Chris, champagne, water beds 5. the horse on the hood of my car 6. 7. Thumper 8. June I3 ANTHONY D'AMICO I. quarrelsome 2. to be humble but own a Porshe 3. 4. Kim 5. G'mobile 6. Oohhh!! my God! 7. Ant 8. April I3 PETER DAHER I. unpredictable, spontaneous 2. to become a successful musician 3. open doors 4. saying goodbye 5. my guitar, I3, skateboards 6. What are we going to do this weekend 7, Dare 8. March I3 IAN DANE I. arrogant 2. to own a 9llc 3. black loafer and neighbors 4. monetary greed 5. P.C. 6. Big Guy 7. 8. Decmeber 28 ROBERT DEBOY I. short 2. to succeed in life 3. getting up 4. junk food 5. my nervous twitch 6. I don't know 7. Kidd 8. August 22 'I ,asm-frffn-Q .-1-1. - 1 l1 1 1 4 V MARCY DECOSA l. gullible, paranoid 2. to make lots of money, marry Scott 3, slow people, bad drivers 4. Scott D.l, my nephew David 5, Scotts rin 6. Hey cutie. 7, Boo-Boo 8. March I6 B v MATT DEIERLEIN l. deceitfully unobtrusive 2. to be Engineerf Heavy-metal Guitarist 3. New wave 4. If you know me, you don't have to ask 5. Strat guitar pin 6, Yeah . .. right here 7. Rolf 8. January 22 DAWN DELEO l. frivolous 2. to marry an athlete 3. liars, my brothers 4. blue eyes 5. my Immaculate class ring 6. Ya know? Such is life! 7. 8. March 6 MARGARITA DELGADO l. neat 2. to own Mark Twain's house 3. fractions, application forms 4. junk food 5. my accent 6. Excellent! 7. 8. March I6 BRUCE DIKE l. academic animal 2. to bootleg moonshine 3. democrats, humanities 4. wind 5. 423 6. It's good. 7. A.H.S. 8. May 23 SANDY DIXON l. spastic 2. to play the drums for a spastic band 3. when your chair gets kicked at movies 4. oatmeal cookies with raisins 5. my doodles, my dumb jokes 6. Fascinating 7. 8. July I4 - Bastille Day RENE DLUGOKENCKY l. yholky 2. to travel around the world 3. cigars 4. chocolate 5. moo-cow and Betsy 6. I'm sooo embarrassed 7. Renoo 8, January 24 BARBARA DORFSCHMIDT l. 2. to live in Boston 3. Ozzy Osborne 4, chocolate 5. camera and box 6. Huh? What? 7. Barbie, Bab 8. May 12 TAMMY EBERSOLE l. wild and crazy partier 2. to be rich, marry Matt Carolan 3. tough men, liars 4. Matt Carolan 5. my dirty mind 6. 7. Blondie 8. July 24 STEPHANIE EDWARDS l. strange 2. to wreck hotel rooms 3. Kenney Jones 4. musicians, hockey players 5. Acid Queen, Gretzky 6. Bottoms up 7. Stef, Moonie 8. Keith Moon's TERRY ELLIS l. serendipitive 2. to kill all the losers in the world 3. bleeding heart liberals 4. McDonald's nut hot fudge sundaes 5. RV, blue Honda 6. Who did the homework? 7. Fudd 8. July 26 BOB ENNIS l. emotil seeking 2. to become chairman of the board 3. wombats, scan-tron tests, Stripe 4. solos, double cheese 5. red back pack 6. Yeah, right 7. Boob 8. January 6 BETSY FINCH l. friendly 2. to be successful 3. 4. roses, nice eyes 5. my giggle, Rene 6. I don't want to hear it! 7. Bets, Bootsy 8. March 4 ADRIENNE FINSON l. vivacious 2. to be Mrs. D.J. Lynch, Jr. 3. New Milford Police 4. D,J. Lynch, puppies 5. Springsteen, Van Halen 6, How do ya figure? 7. Mrs. Lynch 8, October 2l WENDIE FINSON l. wild, willing and innocent 2. if I told it wouldn't be a secret 3. New Milford 4. beaches, boys 5. my hair 6. 7. Strawberry Shortcake 8. October 31 STEVEN FISHER l. sarcastic 2. 3. liberals 4. sad eyes 5. chauvinism 6. Now, wait a minute .. . 7. Steve 8. November 6 TAMERA FISHER l. original, initiating 2. to lose weight 3. cliques and waiting on line 4. buttercream, guys with cute grins 5. my pruple room, clothes, etc . . . 6. Profound: These are the morning 7. Tami, W,B. 8. September 2 JOHN FLAYDERMAN l. indifferent 2. to become rich and famous 3. plastic people 4. exotic European cars 5. my jeep 6. lt's cool 7. Flayderman 8. December 23 - la.. 4g CARL FOWLER I. lost, nocturnal 2. to own a Porshe 3. late people fC.S.j, loud chewers 4. pieces of cork, corruptors CSTJ 5. olds 'fscreamer" 88 6. . . , whatever 7. Fowlface 8. August 9 CHRISTAL FREDLUND I, optimistic 2. to hang glide and travel the world 3. chalk, when people chew ice 4. L.D., nice smile, food 5. 6. What?'? Really?! No way!! NICO GENET I. congenial 2. to meet Card Shelby 3. RK. and ST f Chevy's 4. champagne B's - high heels 5. my mustang 6. Don't leave home without it. 7. Chico 8, October 7 GLENN GILENO I. omnipotent 2. to be Master of Time Space Dimension 3. guards 4. wooden stakes, holy water, kryptonite 5. being strange 6. Makes a nice sandwich. LISA HARVEY I. sweet 2. to marry Derek 3. two-faced friends 4. Derek Cjealousyj 5. being short 6. Man!! 7. Shorty 8. October I5 AUDREY HAVENS I. wry 2. to be James Herriot's associate 3. two-faced people 4. chocolate September 24 DONNA FREEMAN amiable to find my BBA crowded hallways food crunching on ice cubes 5. 6. Is my locker locked? 7. Auddy 8. April 26 KERI HAYES l. 2. to be just like Mrs. Mateer 3. underclassmen, waiting 4. Jon, Chinese food, eyes 5. my Wizard of Oz pin 6. I suppose so. 7. DF 8. January I9 RICHARD FROHLICH I. relaxed. creative, genius 2. to be a great writer 3. liberal, hypocrisy 4. peanut m8Lm's, coral reefs 5. aliunde remarks 6. Sorry about that . . . 7. Rich 8. February I0 PATRICIA GARCIA I. friendly 2. to be a model 3. being talked about 4. always worrying 5. my eyes 6. Hi kids! 7. Trish 8. December 8 KYM GAYLOR I. different 2. to be rich 3. people who say "I'm sorry" 4. big brown eyes 5. being short 6. You're really erking me. 7. Lilliputian 8. July 28 Big guy May I0 LISBETH GODIALIS obnoxious M.D.T. people who are stuck-up D.T.'s eyes being loud 6. What? 7. Buzzberrie, Tuna 8. April I9 ROBERT HAGGETT I. 2. to ski Bottomless Powder 3. speedbumps, 8:00 PM. deadline 4. black Porshe 9Il SC with gold rims 5. trialbuster 6. Sorry I'm late 7. Nuggett 8. January 26 BETH HAMILTON I. eccentric 2. to win the Noble Peace Prize 3. pious people 4. Matt, beautiful music 5. being myself 6. Don't even! 7. Pavlova 8. September 5 DEBORAH HARKNESS I. friendly 2. he already knows . . . 3. heartbreakers 4. Steve fthe candlej 5. harlequins and my hair 6. I 'miss Steve 7. Debs 8. October I8 6. You're such a silly! 7. Keru 8. March I8 JENNIFER HEHL l. unique 2. to own a horse 3. underlcassmen 4. spaghetti 5. smiles 6. babes 7. Jeni, Ref 8. June 21 JODY HILLS I. understanding, caring 2. to play the drums, have 3. Patti Klous 4. Dean 5. my Nova 6. Bite the big one! 7. Jod 8. February 22 KAREN HOLSTEN I. obnoxious 2. to understand and pass 3. when people don't flush 4. fermented juices 5. frogs 6. I think I'II stay home to 7. Duck 8. December I4 31352 H KIM HOYT l. lazy 2. to be rich and famous 3. the group 4. .l.B.'s smile, ice cream 5. yellow Subaru 6. Peachy Keeno 7. Kimbo 8. October 27 MATT HYLAND l. humble 2. to perform in the Olympics 3. conceited people 4. Dawn 5. soft hair 6. 7. Rock 8. September 22 JOE IANNAZZO l. outgoing 2. to make my first million 3. speedbumps 4. Lynn M. 5. my Honda 6. 7. Jose 8. January I7 BARBARA IMMLER l. 2. it's a secret 3. prejudice 4. cakes 5. my German accent 6. lt's different. 7. Barb 8. September 27 DIRK IZZO I. 2. to bike across America 3. conceited people 4. skiing 5. 16411 6. Sorry I'm late 7. D.G. 8. June 10 CYNDI JOHNSON I. loquacious 2. 3. drunk drivers, my sister 4. punky, funky music A Adam! 5. my non-stop chatter 6. Funky 7. Cyndi 8. February 4 STEVEN JONES I. understanding 2. to be a famous inventor 3. people who say that word 4. Italian food 5. Southern rock 6. You got that right 7. Jose 8. September 26 PAM KEANE 1. outgoing 2. to be very successful 3. stuck-up people 4. tall, good-looking, well-built guys 5. my boots 6. Oh, beat! 7. Poomberry 8. June 28 SUE KEANE I. moody 2. to own a Porshe 3. freshmen, pushy people 4. Italian guys 5. my moods 6. Suz 7. That's cool 8. May 27 MARY KELLY I. effervesent 2. wouldn't you like to know! 3. immature guys and snobs 4. tacos and people in need 5. my smile 6. Don't worry about it! 7. M.K. 8. May I KRISTEN KING l. moody, crazy 2. to marry a disc jockey 3. Junior "squad leaders", Senior Math 4. older men, sweets 5. Bob Gerathy 6. I don't get it! What? Huh? 7. Kris 8. December 18 MICHAEL KNAAK 1. ambitious 2. to travel the world 3. fake people 4. having a good time 5. helping others 6. You only live once. 7. Mike 8. March 28 RICH KOZOLOWSKI 1. better than you 2. it's none of your business 3. dumb people 4. g's, t, and A 5. icy road accident 6. Come on bhole 7. Koz 8. December 14 DENNIS KOZLOWSKI 1. outrageous 2. to turn pro 3. my locker 4. Pauli Girl 5. money 6. I don't know 7. Looper 8. December ll KIM KRAFT l. 2. 3. crowded hallways 4. chocolate 5. rainbow 6. What? 7. Krafty 8. November 2 DAWN LEMMON l. bubbly 2. to be an actress 3. waiting!! 4. being gullible, Oreos 5. my eyes, constantly talking 6. Seriously'?! 7. Dawni 8. March I4 KIM LEONARD l. 2. to succeed 3. conceited people 4. chocolate 5. my smile 6. 7. Kimmy 8. September 1 DEBBIE LESCRYNSKI 1. stacked 2. braces 3. work 4. Garfield and Eddy Van 5. my rings and make-up 6. Oh! Baby! 7. Hey Metal 8. February I1 TODD LITTY l. unsociable 2. to be an astronaut 3. mindless idiots 4. fast girls 5. meanness 6. Yee Hah 7. blue eyes 8. November 25 MELISSA LOBRAICO I. friendly, having a good time 2. to live in Hawaii wf my Italian guy 3. people with accents 4. Italian guy in shorts 5. hair dryer 6. You're a liar 7. Missy 8. June I3 JONATHON LUNING l. humorously-uncommon 2. to make everyone I meet smile 3. extremist who take himself seriously 4. people who care 5. luggage 6. Sure, why not? 7. Jon 8. January I8 DAWN MARCILLE I. trusting 2. to marry Steve 3. two-faced friends 4. Steve, jealousy 5. Red hair 6. Stupid idiot! 7. Fire Beaver 8. September I8 CHRIS MACOMBER l. energetic 2. to see the world 3. phonies 4. Ganja 5. Grateful Dead 6. 7. 8. October I8 GINA MARSICANO l. spoiled 2. to meet Bruce Springsteen 3. alarm clocks, Mondays, B.V. 4. Donnie G. Qnice hineyj, Italian food 5. raised eyebrows 6. It's an "oooo" 7. Ask the Bradlees crew 8. April 30 DAVID MARUSZAK sports enthusiast to be a professional hockey player sophomore float a snowy evening by the fire my charm and good looks What's going on tonight? Zak March 44 LORI MAYETTE cuddly to be a model male chauvinists spending money my eyes Hey, what's up? Lor, Spaz May 27 BONNIE MCALLEY optimistic to be happy! two-faced people, fake friends baby blues, chocolate my nails and my smile Let's go on a picnic! Bonzo, IOK March 3 EMILY MCBREAIRTY friendly to marry Scott two-faced friends Scott fjealousyj hickeys 6. Oh, Dawn 7,fNEm 8. June 30 MCIHAEL McCAFFERTY easy-going to live in mansion wfpartying friends S.B. Michelle Toyota Turbo Come on guys Spike January 6 ED MCCALL herculean to be Master of the Universe I-95 none known to humans recumbent speed demon You hoser, oukla, mock! Fast Eddie, EC September 22 I 4 1' . 1 SUSAN MCCOY 1. versitile 2. to play field hockey 3. bleached blonds, fake South accents 4. hot fudge and Richard Gere 5. my accent, Betsy 6. You're my hero! 7. Sue - and I hate it! 8. April 24 MICHAEL MEEHAN I. pseudo-liberal 2. for my novel to out-sell the Bible 3. Republican break dancers 4. deep, dark forests 5. my conceited sneer 6. Ride the tiger 7. Lord God 8. December 27 KIM MICHAUD I. moody 2. to live happily ever after 3. Stop-n-Shop 4. my teddy bear, chocolate kidd 5. kidd 6. wild 7. Chipmunk 8. January 6 CHRIS MINO l. lilliputian 2. to be 5 feet, 6 inches tall 3. male chauvinists 4. a game of golf 5. 44 6. Really! 7. Plopper of Little Fish 8. Feburary I2 LAURIE MOORE I. dependable 2. to meet Kenny Rogers 3. two-faced back stabbers 4. red roses and Mr. H. 5. 6. Let's go down the hall!! 7. Lor 8. June I7 HEATHER MORREN l. boisterous 2. to live in California 3. snobbish, egotistical cliques 4. guys wf nice buns and blue eyes 5. my laugh 6. dirtbag 7. Leather 8. February I KAREN MOSCHITTA l. quiet 2. to travel around the world 3. snobs, Mondays 4. Mr. July 5. my height, my "sister" 6. You have and ugh in your hair! 7. Shorty 8. June I LISA MULHARE I. gullible, talkative 2. to live in Florida and be successful 3. people who act superior 4. guys with blue eyes who play baseball 5. my green tank, blushing 6. I don't know! 7. Lis . . . 8. April I3 JOHN MULLEN I. progressively pragmatic 2. to be chief surgeon at Johns Hopkins 3. sophomore float, M.W.'s fine tuning 4. out of town girls 5. my Bean's Norwegian Sweater 6. These are the announcements for . . . 7. .lake 8. November 2 MANDY MURO I. air ball 2. to reach 5 foot, 2 inches 3. two-faced people 4. weakness? what's that? 5. my Italian hands 6. Buzzoff! Chow Baby! 7. Mandylee 8. August 20 PAT MORRIS I. 2. to breed stuffed animals for blind 3. Monday mornings, starchy underwear 4. snowy slopes on weekdays 5. Arrow shirts 6. Throw me a shovel-it's getting deep 7. Mr. Morri 8. May I6 JIM NAPOLITANO I, obnoxious but understanding 2. I promised not to tell 3. Journalism I Cand studentsj 4. money 5. my little gray Monzce 6. l'm awake 7. Bubba, Sammy 8. August I5 CORY NASH I. genuine 2. to marry the girl of my dreams 3. New Wave 4. ??? 5. 32 6. I love you, Ber 7. Ber 8. November I0 KELLY NOONAN I. indecisive 2. to never have to cook in my life 3. D.S. and self-centered people 4. spending money 5. my attitude 6. I'm leaving. Bye!! 7. Rock 8. April L7 MARY BETH O'BRIEN I. fiesty 2. for Cheryl and me to marry royalty 3. in-class essays, neon clothing 4. over-volunteering, Carvel cakes 5. being a lefty, my sarcastic wit 6. Should I be impressed? 7. M'Bob, M.B. 8. May 2 DAVE OLDHAM I. unrelenting, generally weird 2. to be a Chess Grand Master 3. liberal Democrats 4. white fuzzy sweaters 5. Blue VW Bug 6. No way! Seriously! 7. Dill 8. August II JODI OLSEN I. lazy 2. to be a singer 3. inconsiderate people 4. Jim Fernandez 5. my old blue bg 6. Eat my sneaker! 7. ldoj, Nonie 8. December 7 THERESA ORIA I. 2. to be on Olympic Volleyball team 3. favoritism, being called "Teri" 4. nice eyes, nice smile, K.E. 5. 5412 6. he's gorgeous, Lisa 7. Tee 8. January 3 KATHLEEN O'NElLL I. capricious 2. to survive 3. loud freshmen, lack of courtesy 4. chocolate, A.B.'s eyes 5. my expression 6. Yeah right 7. Tootie 8. June 29 SUSAN PANCOAST I. lazy 2. to go on a Carribean cruise 3. irritating people 4. monkeys, food 5. the Cruisemobile 6. 7. Suzy Q 8. June 8 ROBERT PARDON l. laid back, copecetie 2. to be an economist for IBM 3. ineonsiderater people, thieves 4. girls, Animal House the movie 5. Subaru 6. What's going on tonight? 7. Bobo 8. January I7 ANDREA PARE I. casual 2. to take another shower 3. work, cold mornings in the "yard" 4. real men and good parties 5. the "rolled out of bed" look 6. Hey baby! 7. Andi, Ang 8. March I4 PAUL PERREAULT I. lazy and active 2. 3. no parking in front of lockerroom 4. Uncle Sam and the killer B's 5. ME - 484 6. Weeper and I don't know 7. Plunky Monkey 8. May I9 LISA PEET I. sympathetic 2. to be successful and date a musician 3. stuck-up people 4. A.R.A. 5. purple 6. Hardly 7. Shortly 8. August 7 Q? 5 wr ' ""'xL JENNIFER PHILIPPI l. original 2. to go to California 3. snobs 4. vacations 5. AFS. 6. Oh well! 7. Jenn 8. October 28 DARREN PIPER l. quiet 2. it I said it wouldn't be a secret 3. none 4. none 5. ripped shorts 6. What do ya what? 7. Piper 8. June 26 JULIE PITT l. impatient 2. to go skydiving over the Carribean 3. Jill K. 4. Dean 5. spending my free time wf Dean 6. Just shut-up 7. Jule 8. February 26 DONNA PLOURDE l. misinterpreted 2. to design Sylvester Stallone's 3. waiting, peas, boring parties 4. "promises" 5. my smile, laugh 6. I can't even believe it! 7. 8. June 16 ELIZABETH POPROCKI l. perky 2. to shop for a day in NYC at home no cost 3. two-faced people, "musicians" 4. dark brown eyes and a smile 5. my heart-shaped locket 6. Life's tough 7. Liz 8. November I2 BOB PURPORA l. mysterious 2. to be a millionaire 3. sophisticated people 4. Laura 5. O I nullset 6. No way, really? 7. D.D. Bobby 8. June 20 MARY QUINN l. sensitive 2. to marry Prince Andrew 3. freshmen 4. tall, dark, and handsome guys 5. my laugh 6. Do I match? 7. Mamie 8. July 5 KRISTIN REPPEN HAGEN l. fashionably quixotic 2. to be rich, British, 5 feet tall 3. waiting, non-believers 4. m8Lm's, malls, Duran, tall men, 5. my height, my car 6. We're Seniors! Who cares! 7. Repp 8. October 26 ED RIZZA l. mangler 2. grow a few inches, gain some w 3. 4. 5. being short 6. I don't believe it. 7. Riz 8. July 29 JEFF ROARK l. overly friendly 2. to party with David Lee Roth 3. Surfer boys 4. Rene G. 5. Van Halen symbol 6. Van Halen rules. 7. Jeffy 8. January I4 BILL ROODE 1. outgoing, athletic 2. to be a computer technician 3. M.T., freshmen 4. Uncle Sam and the killer B's 5. my trunk, 19474 6. Crispy critter 7. Billy Boy 8. May 21 LAURIE RYAN l. personable 2. to have a happy, successful life 3. two-faced beings 4. Cory 'and food 5. my laugh 6. I love you, Ber 7. Lore 8. June 22 J.T. eight ERIC RYFFEL l. diligent 2. to be successful 3. loud music 4. Caro 5. the Big brown bomb 6. Oh really 7. Winchester, Kawasaki Joe 8. March 30 MARC ROGG I . mischievious 2. to race Lemans 3. floats 4. nice cars 5. my Red BMW 6. Don't worry about it! 7. Sterg 8. September 22 MICHAEL SAMOSKA l. aggressive 2. to visit REH with PFK next year 3. big mouths and wise guys 4. laughter 5. blond hair, bei 6. Hey!! 7. Dutch Boy! 8. December I8 ng a cop's son! CHERYL SEYMOUR I. ambitious 2. to spend my li 3. being tickled, Cindy Laup fe with Jon 4. Jon, jellybeans, Prince 5. Jon, my French hat 6. Do with me what you will 7. Cher, Panther 8. October 28 SAM SAMUELSON l. I'm fine, thank you 2. to win a cannonball run 3. obnoxious underclassmen 4. the EEF in '8 5. broken drum s 6. Yeah . . . right 7. Yammy 8. May 8 MIKE SALTER I. lazy 3-84 ticks 2. l:4l:0O. Porshe 9ll Targa, success 3. prude boot 4. hot chicks, fas 5. the thing 6. 7. Slater 8. February 3 l CHYS Ns' . er, Madonna 1 pf ' . Q . I i i iii 3' I .fl ,aw- ...X nf' E 'W Q LAWRENCE SCHMITT I. independent 2. to get rich 3. authority 4. pizza 5. my notebook 6. 7. Larry 8. July 25 MARY SCRIMGEOUR I. vivacious 2. to eliminate ignorance tRepublicansJ 3. razors, Mike 4. D.M., traditionial religious B.S. 5. my hairy legs 6. Double wham 7. Oscar 8. May I6 ELLEN SENDEWICZ I. normal 2. to marry someone rich 3. S.S.S.'s 4. guys 5. my friends 6. GNICE 7. Ellie May, Ellis Child 8. May 3l JAY SHERIDAN I. indecisive 2. to be a success 3. Cheryl Yoder 4. freshly fallen snow 5. 7949 6. If it walks, don't fix it. 7. Joey 8. October I MIKE SENSENBRENNER I. thirsty 2. to be a Sumo wrestler 3. "after 8:00 blues" 4. April 5. redbeard 6. 7. Sense 8. August 24 FLOYD SHIFFMAN I. moody 2. to play for the Giants 3. Bob 4. food 5. my smile and my curles 6. I'll go but I'm not drinking 7. Floody 8. October 2 CAROL SMITH l. spaz 2. it's a secret 3. users, two-faced people 4. chocolate chip muffins, root beer 5. hiccups, warm soda 6. Smile! 7. Spazzy Frog 8. July 27 CHRISTINE SNOW l. psychodelic 2. to find Vanessa 3. fuzzy dice, Jerry Lewis movies 4. dark hair, dark eyes 5. Walbo T-shirts, my eyes 6. Walbo!! 7. Snowball 8. August I8 JILL SONTAG l. esoteric 2. to live in an exotic country 3. losers 4. real men - Luigi 5. drawing and painting 6. 7. Jiller 8. June I8 SUSAN STEARNS I. unusual 2. to become a model 3. D.W. 4. gorgeous guys 5. my earrings 6. S.T. rules 7. Tigger 8. March 2I MIKE STAHLY l. abstract 2. to own a sports shop 3. Mist Hill 4. Mary, waves, and snow 5. squintics, hot waves, and a cool buzz 6. What? 7. Mike 8. October 9 PHILOMENA STIERLE I. spaz, daring 2. not to drive like Julie Ferry 3. school 4. Cold Duck 5. my jokes, my mirror 6. What seems to be the problem here? 7. Phyl 8. October 6 CHARLIE STRASSLE I. aryan 2. to grow up 3. brown nosers who say they failed 4. pistachios 5. Dodge fart 6. Oh decent 7. Chucky 8. December 26 LYNN SULLIVAN I. sweet 2. wouldn't be a secret if I told 3. stuck-up people 4. 5. my little yellow Fiesta, my nails 6, 7. Sully 8. August I9 SEAN SWEENEY I. impossible 2. 3. stuck-up people, Boston Celtics 4. Uncle Sam and the killer B's 5. trouble 6. 7. Weeney 8. September I9 STEFANIE TAKACS I. perfectly pensive 2. to be a fairly princess 3. Charlie's white socks 4. chocolate, eyes that twinkle 5. whistling 6. Just listen. 7. Stef 8. June 18 CHERYL THIERFELDER I. busy, tired 2. for me and M'Bob to marry royalty 3. freshman 4. chocolate 5. "26" 6. Oh well! 7. Cherry Treefelder 8. October 6 STEPHEN TOMAN l. traditional 2. to climb El Cap 3. ignorance 4. Andrea, wine 5. my car of "unknown" color 6. Je pense donc je suis 7. Stephen 8. May 9 -vmvzimv' .QW . 1 RAE ELLEN TOMASCAK l. loud not as loud as Laurie F 2. to be surrounded by people I love 3. rude and snotty people 4. athletic guys with brown eyes 5. my T-bird 6. Hey man 7. Rae 8. June 22 CHIP TUTSON l. versimilitude 2. l'm not telling 3. Christina Albright 4. a well-rounded buxom 5. my l3Vz" 6. Ya right . . . You pooh-butt 7. Tut 8. May 16 GREG TYLER l. slow talking 2. to become a political assasin 3. people who insult my Chevette 4. Coor's, Led Zeppelin 5. West Virginia University Fan 6. See y'alI later 7. none yet 8, May 8 LOU VENEZIA 1. inexorable 2. to play pro football 3. guys with earrings 4. Rene's cheeks 5. "Blue Moon" 6. What are you, a gavone? 7. Luigi, poo-bah 8. October I6 KRISTIN WALLACH l. inenarrable 2. to fly, skydive 3. obnoxious underclassmen 4. crushes Cguysj 5. my voice, clouds 6. Look at the sky! 7 Wally 8. July 28 LEIGH WATERS I. pleasant 2. to travel to England, be successful 3. snobs, waking up early, b.b.y. 4. c.g., spending money, popcorn 5. blushing, my boots 6. Oh my God! Really!'? 7. 8. March I4 KEN WINKLER I. diligent 2. to build a hot rod 3. wearing new sneakers A they'll get dirty 4. pizza 5. sweatshirts 6. Let's go 7. Wink 8. June I4 DONNA WINKLEVOSS I. impatient 2. to go into acting 3. stuck-up guys 4. tall, dark, handsome men 5. high heeled shoes 6. Lest la vie Lthat's lifej 7. Wink 8. September 5 KIM TZENIS I. indulgent 2. to own a small Greek island 3. K.B. and her side kick 4. Anthony 5. my nose and my attitude 6. Nooo, I don't think so. 7. Kimbo 8. October 2 CHRISSY WHITCOMB I. impulsive 2. to take an African safari 3. waiting in lines 4. men's tan backs 5. leaving things behind 6. Oh my God! I lost my purse! 7. Chissy 8. November 8 LAURA WHITE I. frustrated 2. if I said it wouldn't be a secret 3. my brother 4. guys with nice eyes and smiles 5. being Mike White's sister 6. Why me? 7. Laur 8. September I3 STEPHEN WOODIN I. friendly 2. to own my own business 3. English 4. Donna 5. detentions 6. Are you serious? 7. Woody 8. March 31 MIKE ZARBA l. loveable 2. to be six feet tall 3. curve balls 4. Lori 5. being short 6. I love it! 7. Zarb 8, July 16 - -H Y. Lal Remem bomb cork in his spent all those late nights we IC to write a Madame C.? gave Lisa and presents? returned 208 up? team lost? the Month"? Cha! hall by a vacuum cleaner after every weekend? throat on the morning announcements? "you see' instead of listening to his lectures? Matter!" il tise e it 1 - "'1ii'f don't!J s the together? ieiltenel . 7 P rf , . , , A . .K 4wW? -fm 2 5 .kffaffg Efifm I nl. ,. x ' j X 91, - , 26, fm 1,492 ,f,fA,,-, M, :Mil 'K - '-,,,., ,P . a WI ' 'ff - 2' ,- .1 ,J ,A V" ,fffff A .Mm ,I-,A , ,,.wzft,.,, ff X 5 t . 'ff' I I 'aw' 7? ' f W fix, Y E 2, la , 1121 gg A ff' 49'ers Destroy Dolphins Tigers Win Series VM iq, nf 'Q Mlliq x W 'mv M . -, ,, 4 - 1 .Q ' V il .ii I , "Zi WM, . 'f " , "E: ', w-,f ' . Ly , , fr f - 1 ' . A ',-c. ha . 7 'X m XI M---n.f:--f,m:.:::1.,1:-,,Y:1: ,.,:N ..., ,. . . ,., , VW. -,,Y,,..Y ugw, 'Q ff' , fi !j XX 'In rx Remember When . . . Mr. Sheridan said, "Turn to worksh-t ' M 3 ,gf-a3 g :fan f1" 4 . . . We played thumbs-up in Semor ath . . . JS didn't get into trouble and we . . . Everyone thought . . . The Girl Scouts of '84 . . . Kflf had a "real . . . Karen got "taped by . . . M.I.A.B. . . . Stef got . . . Randy . . . Mary thing to do? to the courtyard? in French? deer? sat behind " in the with no clothes the in Psych class? when wejwent to Boston? his f1rst gusto slarli? s pulled a fly out of her ear? Q'-' . . . Mrs. Stevens tripped to Yale? i . . . Charlie asked if moths mate? ln s . . . Mr. Romano "busted his hump" and Lisa B. laughed? . . . Krissy thought Val was pregnant? . . . Mr. Fiftal asked, "Is it live or is it Memorex?" . . . CS and CC went 4-wheeling and burnt out the clutch? . . . We had parties at Clatter Valley and Misthill? . . . Mike Salter and Steve Toman sculpted bananas in lunch? . . . We painted the locker room during class? . . . Laurie was the Ghost of Nathan Hale? . . . Sophomore skip day at Chrissy W's house? . . . Mr. Fiftal told us he was a "nice . . . Lori M., Trish C and . . . the disco ball fell at the . . . .lay and Mike taught us . . . Chrissy W's chest grew . . . Mike McCafferty lost it? . . . April 29, 1983 - We love her? ,AW 55 the 'ww 1101 I fu Q. fi!! 2 214 f!" 4' aw, lynx' Y:,.q8U uv all G SC TN ? 15.1 1 .L sm"- if 1 1 if 'N is sf, f I . ' 1 E F an .Q Q ' 1 Q E X........,.,-Q--"'f 'E . s 5 5 X A R J-' ' X vw if?ff'E ,wg 5 3 1' 2-fl xv wg in MMV iff EN' f ' hw Q H E 'KLM ,Q ff, .0-A. 2 GTD 7 :Tw Q 2 'S 1 'hw S-.17 1 ... A 2 IAWNI 1 R 1 1 , 1-1. 1 L 45 fi x? 9 f 1 . 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AA.A. . . 1 : . ., - m A M '. 8 4: r 5 . g K' H n x 7 5 9 I , A EW .Q 1 ul 5, ,- - g'f 31- 555, V' M ' ffwaw W Q HW Q Q, 'Uh' iW : am Q A 1 uw 1 asmmwfmmsnmwwsunmmmmmmwmmmwwmwmwnew 1. v- PS1 'Ms sill: -- ,M 1 Q QHL BUMP sLow H- Z A---....,..,,,,, .,......... I w-f-fl 224 ' Q56 ii :Vg -wg, 'U iv ,,, 4. WSE is inf , 4 M, fd' 'H ,Q ,Www H I 44" L, - 1 fs-pw ,Q In WV' 'V ff. N A , ww as ' , ,ff ,,h: wg, -M nw f--- mg ,myffiffa-W 4- ,,, 3 ,, 4, ,.,1.,fi3,,,,, , MW Vyggzv, :1g3,"g,f,,,,,1ffVff f . VMW ,' fb ,, wr--.R wwf-W ff' nf 555 g, M 'W WA I J , ., K, 1' , ,f ',-v 'B fx! Y xx' if Fa .... , I A ff Wh R! 'L an .Y Q.. 'Wax 'w k . , 1 .QR X ik f I Ahuvriiavmvnta lf 4A..- 1, , , , .ff ':-- - , 4'5" " ' x fl, .1..--1- L 1 .- 1-V Y , advertisement fad' var ti'z' mantj, n. 1. a printed announcement, as of goods for sale, in a newspaper, magazine, etc. 2. generous donation by people who feel sorry for an over-budgeted year- book. 3. a seductive method of showing off one's body syn. flirting George -l- Dianne Adams and Family Tawny Randall Barbara Mitchell David and Marie Oldham Rolf, Janet and Lorelei Kluever Irene M. Donohoe Patrick and Norma Novak Charlie and Julie Reppenhagen The Toman Family Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mulhare and Family Mrs. Pauline Stachelczyk Mrs. Anna Gerle FRIENDS OF TH1 Mr. and Mrs. Ira C. Waters Sr. The Waters Family - Ira Jr., Patty, Abby, and Sara Joe and Chris Quartien and Kelly Round The Daniel Kelly Family The Piccinini Family Mr. and Mrs. William D. Crotea Don and Marie Goodell Mr. and Mrs. Victor Consaga, Jr The Alexander Family Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Samuelson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Snow Scott and Amy Konzelmann Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Quinn Kim E. Pawloski Carol and Paul Voorhees Theodore and Joyce Booth Barbara and Calvin Eells The Doctors and Roxanne Larry Bird 79433 Mrs. Beiter Mr. and Mrs. Noonan LASS OF 1985 H8LR Block New Milford Music Center Bank Street Theater Nordica Inc., Bank Street Carvel Ice Cream, Route 7 Atelier, Church Street Turnover Bakery f Restaurant Marathon Pizza 355-3027 Barbara Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Geyer Nancy Anderson Diana Wright Joan D. Crews William Kraft Jeri Quist Mr. Robert P. Brennan Stephen P. McGrath Qaurette Caron Quise G. Stevens Bill Knipple Don Fiftal Don and Lynn Hayes Laurence I. Tripp Ann Vallombroso Diane deCristo Mrs. Jane Marsicano Edward J. Masiulis Bob Van Derzee Therese Vanasse Mrs. R. F. Hetzel Bob Pearson Walter Nolan J. Russell Nicolas Greg Romano Ernestine Clark Cynthia Cover Mary Ann Sheehy Candace Morgan Chanticleer Susan Fogarty Donald Woodin Beverly Regan Ron Olson Jane Cushman Alan Moger Jack Bouclier 'W V , 52 Railroad Street New Mittord.Ct.O6776 Tel t203l 356-1613 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF "85,, Compliments of ACHoR LIQUOR iii YYYY "" " " " "' N M' " W k ,I , 4 . ,4,. ,. -K 4,. tr i- 1 , jfs Y-, -l -ilu S e S e . eS S Take a Good Look at our New Look. Bartons on the Green in New Milford Open Mon.-Sat. 9:30-5:30 f N Cfiurcft Street! Trading Co. You'll find more of us to love! Two floors of Clothing and Home Accessories On the Lower Level... ffl? N . Great Spring Clothes and Accessories for Women and Men Cotton sweaters, linen pants, khaki shirts, On the Upper Level... Hand-loomed Rugs. Large selection of area and room-sized N rugs - many .made Y - especially for us! Exotic Soaps 81 Bath Products.. from England, France, Switzerland. - 2 Loofas 81 soap dishes tool U nique Home Accessories. Everything new and exciting for your home - pottery and china.,.tablewear.., ' VM window shadesmlighting... ' unusual giftsmcotton upholstery fabric and New more. Y sundresses, City Shopping in the Country! 354-4418 leather shoes, , remarkable ' ' jewelry and 4 f Rlgx Mon-Sat 105:30 so much more! 115 eil 5' e Visit our new 355-2790 Men's Corner EE PEE 'fi 19 Church St., New Milford 'es'-' 65, G 9 lr R , , Q MOREY'S 40 East Street New Milford, CT 354-9900 Smart, BEST U OF LUCK Slmple, TO THE Sensible CLASS OF '85 Banking. NOW YOU'RE GETTING SOMEWHERE STORE Colonial Bank Joe 8L Nancy 445 Danbury Road Iannazzo New Milford, CT MemberFDIC. 06776 LENNIE'S FLOWER SHOP ,-stage-L 12 Elm St., New Milford 354-3903 Distinctive Floral Decorating for Home 8: Business. - Around the Corner or Around the World . . . Teleflora 0 Teleflora Inc. 1983 Lennie Lillis, OWnerfDesigner Patsy Tompkins -- Designer fDiagonally Across from the Hospitalj Mon.-Fri. 10-6 Sat. 10-5 H. TAYLGR and SCN, Inc. 85 Railroad Street New Milford, CT Best of Luck in the Future Graduating Class of 1985 Congratulations and Best Wishes To the Class of '85 Compliments of the New Milford P.T.O. I OSBORNE, LANE 8: MCGILL Hardware - Paints 77 Railroad St. New Milford, Conn. Phone 354-3939 BOBBITT'S HEALTH FOOD STORE Bank Street New Milford, Ct. 06776 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Graduating class of 1985 Route 202 New Milford, CT 355-2667 PRICED SUPERMARKET In Beautiful Northville THE ENCHANTED FOREST Card and Party Boutique Party goods for Graduation Parties Cards and Gifts for that Someone Special Route 202, Northville Center 354-6877 Monday-Saturday 9:30-6:00, Sunday l-5 A Friendly Gift Shoppe The Sweet Tooth 43 Main Street On the Green New Milford, CT Custom Cakes made to order Novelty - Birthday Wedding - All Occasions Candy Making Supplies Cake Decorating Supplies Party Supplies Retail Candy Classes and Demonstrations Telephone C2035 354-3460 Dorothy and Joe Darnel and GROVE OFFICE PRODUCTS Bank Street, New Milford, CT Best Wishes to Class of '85 YY-IE ONEIPHICE SHOE STORE All LEi-TTER BELTS It to S9 99 umcf SELECTION FASHIONIEWELRY KS gg 85 STEVE'S DINER A Open 6 am-10 pm Weekdays 6 am-11pm Weekends Breakfast Lunch Dinner The lowest price and the best food in town OLYMPIC PIZZA Open 11 am-12 pm 'Try it you'll like it" 355-3027 We're all the bank'you'II everneed! UCI , ewf' C-914 ilfofd CBan1g L l 1 8JCTrust Company' Member FDIC WE EEIEILJ SAIYHXRIT mm Nfw Mliluun Nunn sfuuul BRENDA DAVIS, PRESIDENT LISA KUHN, SECRETARY BONNIE MCALLEY, VICE PRESIDENT SUSAN MCCOXC SECRETARY ERIN CARRINGTON, VICE PRESIDENT MR. MATT MULLEN, ADVISOR Congratulations to the Senior Class of 1985 CAPPIELLO BROTHERS JEWELERS, INC. Diamonds - Diamond Jewelry - Watches Rings - Jewelry - Gifts New Milford CT CAPPIELLO BROS JEWELERS VICA Amer1ca's New Professionals ay? M lag-Yfffg 'U is vldfii Preparing for leadership ln the new world of work. THE GOOD SPORT 12 Bank Street New Milford, Conn. 06776 203-354-0710 Quality Sporting Goods The Latest in Sportswear PUMA CONVERSE ADIDAS SPOT-BILT ARENA WILSON PONY SPALDING SPEEDO YOUR COMPLETE SPORT SHOP,, OUTFITTERS Ted 8:'Sue Vozzella Tel. 354-7333 Owners T T o0 T 0 Family Clothing 0 gil- Q9 Sports Equipment Sports ,Wear ,I The ave Custom Screening 13 MAIN STREET ' NEW MILFORD, CT 06776 - -Q, ,,,.t. Xt Good Luck Seniors ifWf4t-gf, SUE KERNoCHAN JAMI KENNY LAURIE MOORE TOM MULLEN PAM KEANE PATRICIA 0'NEILL HEATHER IvIoRREN MIKE VAUGHN BRIAN DURR l4 A DONNA WINKLEVOSS GRETCHEN BIRDSEYE LAUREN NAGLE KIM GAYIJOR G KATHY FAUOCCIA TAIvIIvIY STAHL WENDY BENNETT IVIELANIE CONNORS JESSICA ARNAU LAUTIER'S PHARMACY Bank Street, New Milford, Ct. Congratulations and the Best of Luck to the Class of '85! Future Business Leaders of America Phi Beta Lambda, Inc. 97 is fggivy., k S -QRANC in 'r , S f , l BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF 385 HARTS 20 Bank Street New Milford, cr. 06776 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1985 I serving the greater New Milford P0 area with Quality Name Brands C Appliances and reliable service. 45 Danbury Rd. New Milford 355-3116 Mon.-Thurs. 8:30-5:30, Friday 8:30-8:00, Saturday 9-5:00 Connecticut Army National Guard Would You Like To Get Your Degree TUITION FREE'?! A Special Thanks To New Milford High School for their warm support over the past year. X QE It QV For More Information - Contact: Sgt. Warren E. Barton Ill 54 West Street Danbury, CT 06810 I 1-800-842-2274 4 i g?rs 773 1' I ll . 1.f.?'-f ifTS1 lil- X X I5 'g Q, . hi E Q, 5 3 ! Q fi GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 1985 CONNECTICUT MEMORIES "There's no other shop quite like it anywherel' Antiques - Gifts Q0 Thrlfts WM R rl' ' y 6 am Street Village Green Mall New Milford, CT 06776 354-8338 Q -S' .9 'K ull . 4 ...ULN 41 M ' Affllliy xvw' A unique large shop fully stocked with a multitude of varied items of interest. There are things handmade like dolls and toys, pillows and decorative things for the walls. There are things that are old, and some that are new, and many are one- of-a-kind, collectibles and items of nostalgia, too. So perhaps our trinkets can become your treasures and our handcrafts your heirlooms. BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1985 Formal Wear Rental Available TOMMY'S CLEANERS 78 Railroad sr., New Milford, CT 06776 203-354-5635 800 Federal Rd., Brookfield, CT 06804 203-775-5003 O4 1 Congratulations to the graduating class of 1985 Best wishes to the graduating class of 1985 I ie on 3 - T O z A M f, I" U, 3' 2 P2 6 E I 5 33 gg 5' 2 Sw S A sr? cn on CD W 3 Q Z 8 X Q U1 z 5 U1 5 A 0 U1 if 3 m A Q. 5 Q A g Q -4 O 2 U' 53' is 5 cr 2 I5 E Q0 U F11 W M :T 3 9 15 'U Fm Z 5 O 3 fi.-j 303 4 "" 2 7.1 E 3 FL an 53 2 Z 0252 O Q-'cn 2 A Q 5' Di lj'-1 W :r " "' 'I Q O O- can O Q3 Z rg H :. C H 5 O 3 g 7' E m Cn Ui m CD 4 . FJ 45 i 3 W O F' PU 0 u 'T' , N 31, ca ,1 m U' xl U3 Z . Q O' A 'fo ' 2 I 1 111 it 3 W In 7, QQ 2-uv' un xi N , s W Os Z Federal Road E gf S Eng U 4 - l 2 aa Q12 5 5 3 gg ig . Q H T E. 3 E. Z RL! ,HE 23' Vi 2 at 2 DJ I W -1 , ' if N55 ""' -kay:-,'aq: A Q 11.4-iss, aa 5 s 5 ' rf- Q f wget.. V t I N 035.4 X1 W X 1 5 L :. 5 'X f' D f G , if E' W - me 2 5 tg .. 2- K . g X -:-lx m K f ID .Q ,gf vig? H Vim 5 5 f-Q ' t -:new E l'f TV A A M, 5 N . vm i' .N F 3- El X5 F '+H?42E?,E '19 5145.2 'D at u g JP 352 2135 it 3255 E 3 ESS? S Brookf ld, C necticu 068 243 SLONE PHARMACY 2 Bank St. New Milford, Ct. I ACTION GLASS CO., INC. of New Milford Railroad Street New Milford, CT Tom Ledan Jerry Ledan Tel. 355-0929 OSBORNE, LANE 8z New Milford Mens Factory Outlet MCGILL Hardware - Paints 77 Railroad St, "The Everybody-Loves-A-Bargain Store New Mi1f0l'd, CT NAME BRANDS FOR LESS Phone 354-3939 57 Bank Street New Milford, CT 06776 C2085 354-8695 BEST OF LUCK FOR A HAPPY FUTURE " -if o ' if tg, DAVIS STUDIO PHCTOGRAPHERS 329 Mamaroneck A Mamaroneck N Y 10543 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF FROM THE MARKETING DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLASSES AND DECA CLUB ,, ,. ,,., U H uf 11" 0 P gr 9'0- D9- nw- ll' DIV N!- if New Milford Llons Club Congratulatlons and the Best of QW 97905 'f ' E Huw U fy 0014659 denouement fda'-mir-man'J, n. 1. any final revelation or outcome 2. a fitting conclusion to a seemingly endless drama 3. graduation

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