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essionsEXPRESSIQNDS 'U :Ta 3 5. :s U5 UTI E3 EE I UT CWD CQ CCE DNS expressions Z CWN Expressions 1983 V New Milford High School New Milford, Connecticut Cathy Sanford Copy Editor I can't live without my diet pepsi!" I A . ff' if 4 V557 Laura Buckbee Photographer "Say Cheese!" Al Koslowski Activities Editor " and you think l'm ugly!" 1983 Martha Rogg Literary Editor "What do I care!" YEARBOOK EDITGRS Suzette Burkhardt Advertising Editor "I don't care, do it that way!" 'WW' Liz Nahley Underclassmen Editor "Hey later' " Andrea Batista Advertising Editor "Hey, Wendy, let's go to Burg er King!" I Mr. Schnepf Yearbook Advisor "Basically . .. " 2 Colleen Fogarty Faculty Editor "RealIy? . . . No-0-o!" -an Sue Pitz . Rebecca Nelson Business Editor ' m4AA Deadline Editor "Oh, go jump in the lake!" "No comment." Tony Mino Vera Pizzarelli Editor-in-Chief Art Editor "Get away from mel!!" "No Probleml" Remember When . A in J.M.,D.S.,A.B.,W.B.,D.P S DI had a snowball fight after the talent show? i Q Miss Valiombroso wore two different boots to school? 3 ' S ? If I D.l2,A.B.,W.B.,G.M. S CD. got put on trial in Contemp. issues? , ,..c. SR. admitted that he hated old women? ti? NB. as AB. had a mustard fight at the Rock-A-Than? MQ " J.M.,A.B. E3 W.B. searched New York for a bathroom? M 1 J.A.,D.S.,M.G.,J.M.,M.E,A.B.,W.B. E1 H.L. went into the GM Building in N.Y. . . Doug Paskowski Boys' Sports Editor and then realized they were'nt supposed to? "Bi9hDeSl!1' 90 homelr - catc a us." Wendy Byrne Girls' Sports Editor Val Tutson "OK, Andrea, But only if we Superlatlves Editor go through the drive- "What's going on? I don't get through!" N,-6 AQ? Dana Rinehart r Mr. Nolan Senior Editor Business Advisor "I don't care!" iMqsm"W "Yea, that's fine, alright, that it sounds good!" 3 'Nl' Hs 4 X . W 5,3 Z Q5 Www, 1' N 1 ,. SS , Ks 4 k NX S W ' U 'S Ni Q. Sf 2 FX Xxx MQW' E5 H 5,5 44,9 V M ,, G Q f W , A , ff - A uf! f , ., ' -,,f,4,, ,, .ww - r - ' ,, 'Z ' x"' :E ' ' V Virzy I V if, , ,. V5i74f3,,W I I A X - ,fmwaiif M' ""' ' M24 S' X V 1 W 2 5 A . 'ff , f wuz ff if A f W VZ A 4 55 6 , , I 4 ,1 J ' Q f ff df, 52 -W. r 'if Q +112 Y,,.,m ' A? fb .... i S 6 SQ Nw K Q 1 , , wwf 5 'fwwwnd 1 X . SX: R Q 3 .S Q .Kk... Q W -- x 21137: 2 if .i .Q X X Y . - fS1fis2QifigAaYgQxA-Q3 S ' if i55g1Q.5mXQ?5i1?X2X X K 10 ix nw ,-,fXgi.fgf.-:gg-... HN? X i X ax r 'vqw ..-is ,X 'N qv mis.. 1 if in if wg, ,Q fn ww f' w wx Mi dm . ' I MW X- "" Q l A Sk gi.,,q .. 5 if w. Q X ui If , . .A I it 1 I . ' 'S X pw LA - W' N ,K -4 Principal's Message NEW MILFORD HIGH SCHOOL ss sum., v.n.y uma, New Milford, cr os-ns .-..,f' :gg 12001 354-3 06 Iolill4lohlmon,El.D.,Ivin!QJ DolnHP.YRal,YIaPvhil June' 1983 Dear Seniors: lt has been a very pleasant experlence for me as I watched you grow and mature Into ffne young men and women. You have certainly made great strides In your four years of high school as you evolved from a group of dlsorganlzed lndlvlduals Into a class with a great deal of unlty and sense of purpose. You've worked hard, both lndlvldually and as a class, to get to thls stage In your llves. However, graduatIon Is not the end of your development. On the contrary, this event In your llves marks the very beginning of your learnlng experlences. Our country Is In need of responsible young people who perhaps wlll not be presldents or governors, but who wlll possess leadershlp qualltles In everyday situations In Ilfe that Involve deallng wlth people and In belng responslble cltlzens. I belleve the members of the Class of l983 wlll be able to meet those responslbllltles and do them very well. I am proud of the growth shown by thls class over four years and I wlsh to congratulate each one of you on your graduation from New Hllford Hlgh School. I hope your future is all that you want It to be. Sincerely, r n J. obinson In Remembrance With love class. Also, notspici tured, Larry Sweet., I Dgvbpiqguil i1t2R3yfCaH ,W-H 'A We l It is with a sense of gratitude that we dedicate our yearbook to Mr. Thomas McDevitt. For the fifteen years that he was a teacher at New Milford, his pres- ence was a great asset. He loved to learn and he sought knowledge. One can easily imagine him as one of the Greek philosophers that he admired so greatly. And yet, as much as he loved to learn, he loved to teach even more. He tried to instill a sense of wonder about the world in each of his students. He saw the good in each person and he loved everyone despite any short- comings. His special qualities rubbed off on othersg he always seemed to bring out the best in everyone. Many people will remember Mr. McDevitt in many ways. He was a philosopher to some, and a teacher to others. At Christmas, he was Father Christmas and at all times, he was a friend. lf there is such a thing as immortality, Mr. McDevitt has it, for he left a part of himself with everyone he met. We mourn the death of this Rennaissance man, yet we will never lose this kind, loving, and inspiring soul as long as we have our memories of him. For this reason, the class of 1983 dedicates this book to the memory of Mr. Thomas McDevitt. tt t E Dedication X gg Q e .,.x T 1 5 S w 3 55 Yi 5 S xxx X 3 ww-.xx A K w is vi . -Si QQN.. 'R - lf , 1 Q1-,fza-. 2- WL.-N gm FACULTY FACULTY FACULTY FACULTY FACULTY FACULTY FACULTY FACULTY FACULTY FACULTY 1 Administration DR. JOHN J. ROBINSON MR. DONALD R FIFTAL MISS JOANNE M. LILLIS wffk MR. STANLEY SETEAR DR. DANIEL CENTER MR. THOMAS CORBETT 12 Guidance JANE E CUSHMAN "There Must Be A Pony!!" GENE BERNARD GEORGE W LAPINSKY ROBERT VANDERZEE X ffl' . A f SUSAN M. FOGARTY 3 13 1-,,,.w" E SE? . , f JOHN LEE CYNTHIA B. COVER JOAN D. CREWS NANCY C. CZERW "Tennis is everything." "I'II wait for you, class." 'That is an aspect of the "Who's in a tizzy?" question." E i Win s ,fin '12 L . , iff' Q-Y! y. 2 CHRISTINE GROESCHNER JLIDITH A. LEONARD JO ANN E. LEWIS RONALD E. OLSON "Remember Pink Floyd." "I'II see ya' after class." "The boss isn't always right but he's always boss." fjyf? YA .-Qs? ---......p 14 ti Iii English Ye Q . 1 N , I X 'sag W 133, If i T ' , 'N " 'f'x BARBARA REYNOLDS LANCE D. ROGERS MARY ANN SHEEHY "This is one of the best tests I've ever written." ,auf .J "Q.E.D." CHESTER SCHNEPF LLIISE STEVENS ELIZABETH THOMPSON "Open your notebooks to a "Time is the most valuable "Write cursive - it's faster." clean page. Let us begin!" thing you have - use it wise- Iy." 15 Y LAWRENCE KERSHNAR JACK H. BOLICLIER "Ba-a-a'by problem!" "You know?!" V of ffffxxx if DIANE DECRISTO PAOLA DECRISTOFARO 'What is your problem?" SOCRATIS CLONARIS "There are places for play or work - this is a place to work." PAMELA FILIPSKI "Hey, you guys be quiet!!" 2 X E R ggi f me s A K W Q Sz We Science Q. DAVID W HOYT ROBERT D. JOY BARBARA D. LANGLEY "What's a mole?" "Spell it." "Protons and electrons are chahged pahticles!" ,xx TERRE LEVIN MATT MULLEN DOUGLAS N. PACKARD "I hate cats!" "What's the magic num- "Prior proper preparation ber?" prevents disaster!" 17 LAURENCE I. TRIPP LINDA BRODEUR KIRK EDWARD "That's nice aIgebra!" X K Y! G.D.W. FERRIS WILLIAM C. HIBBARD JOYCE S. HOLLOWAY "I believe I assigned some "This stuff is puppy chow." "It's easy!" easily do-able problems last night." .If le. 18 ' Y Mathematics K: kk.. . . Ri 1? 5, ? Jw f"w.!f am Www '- . . ,IZ mi?iF5f5E57w TQ WILLIAM KNIPPLE, JR. "O.K. O.K.?" ALAN D. MOGER NANCY-MARIE VAGO "Let's recall . . . " "To all things there is a sea- son, a time to weep, to mourn . . . " DONALD J. WOODIN JOHN M. WRENN, JR. "Agreed?" "Take out your homework." 19 li' 1 5 ROBERT W, ASMAN KATHERINE G. AUSTIN FRANCIS GILLESPIE "AIIlIIll-right!" "Save the whales!" "O.K, group." WALTER KELLOGG JAMES L. LAUER STEPHEN R MCGRATH ls everything copacetic?" "There you go . , . go for it!" "Happiness is a long week- end with Kate Turabianf' 71 W' 5' I fra.. if. 'H-31 f :rw gay lit xg, ' ,.... Q, 'W Wmqsk ' ..-1-Q 4 M1 ii ocial Studies Q, L 55 X . W A n A L-KL . A 'KmA.L ..... ., ' 5 -' Q x an fn 'vWv":: W W ' RX 14,7 j, " uw A Q. , A - . SQ ' X A vf J. RUSSELL NICOLAS ANNE PARK CHARLES RAYMOND ANN M. VALLOMBROSO "Ladies and gentlemen - "We are not amused." "Oh, sure!!!" , please be quiet." 21 Foreign Language GEORGE DORING E. M. CASTONGUAY ERNESTINE S. CLARK "Mr. Cervantes says . . . "Bon appetitf' "Caramba!" 22 SUSAN CRAIG SHEILA FIONDA "C'est bien la classe de fran- cais, Non?" MARGARET MACZOKAS D. A. MILLER-OSBORNE "Buenos dias, Clase." 5 1 ll! . 441 vu: I. fvffnnn 1 u GERALD CASTONGUAY KENNETH P DOYON J. THOMAS FERRAROTTI ,J . WALTER FI NOLAN BARBARA PARADISE RICHARD SHERIDAN THERESE J. VANASSE "Give that some thought - "This is not a beauty parlor." "Rubbish, gentlemen, rub- "Eyes on the copy - Go!" never hesitate to challenge." biSh!!" Business A r'., S . N ::..,. V at My K r 3 fi es X1 X - s K X 23 SS o 0 f? Physlcal Educatlon YAY ROBERT PEARSON FRANCES W. ZALOSKI "Let's go, people!" BONNIE JO CHERON WILLIAM KRAFT KEVIN T MCGINNISS "Did Anybody see my "Play it by ear." "UnbeIievable!!" keys?" Nurse LALIRETTE CARON What another pe ex cuse9I ",,,,..--- Health BARBARA NELSON 24 Industrial Arts PETER J. BARBERO JAMES R. HILTON JAMES DOWD JOSEPH NEFF RICHARD T KOSIER "Beanhead." "Let's move on to greener "Take it home and put it on "Let's get to work!" "Go for it!" pastures." your refrigerator." M, N552 " A of I ,. , , W . r,, 'Q L ' ., -- ,hz , 1 , ' " Q Xe 25 Music -L l ALBERT E BAYERS, JR. ROBERT H. KECK, JR. -N WE 3 "Gee Whiz!" "No slouching allowed." Library 26 H.R MAGOUN THERESA BURCH "Let's get down to work, qui- "Please work quietly and in etly and independently, dependently." please." lf Home Economics Ar in '53 xw 1 NADINE D. GEYER JO-ANN H. OPULSKI DAYLE A. ELSESSER DONNA L. CHAMBERS "O.K., let's get going!" "I hear you chirping!" 'WJ' : .1 'Ed .,,, I, Office Staff And Aides i r i Catherine Consaga Anne Hetzel Bonnie Howard 'Will the following teachers please . . . ' "Invoices, please." "l'm not a short-order Cook," 5 C ii 1 Y, X Jane Moyle Clare Raymond Dianne Adams "Oh dear, oh my!" "Sign in please." "Where do you think you're going?" , ,M if M. Cecile Barberio Bernard Pottenburgh Virginia Topham "We don't give locker passes." 28 B Specialists we nf ri' ,N 1 . xl Carol Ann Ferris Philip Hajjar Every dog has his day." Adele Handlers Donald Hayes Karen Hores "A handicap is only as big as you let it be." "Quite curious." 1 4 f il' 29 V 3 i A ,A lu L fr' ' wr 2 242 K, ' Qtii 4 Elia? Q W Q Q i , WIJW , . .. , vidual ei f i , ' ..',. s V . uu.Q 30 'li , REMEMBER WHEN . . Mrs. Czerw read us poem 43? Rabid Ron was bitten by a squirrel in Boston? We drenched Dr. K with his own squirt bottles . . . twice? We were playing catch with an orange in Sr. Math and it got stuck on S.M.'s finger? Dr. Robinson told us on the first day of school that the no-homework policy would continue? Mr. Hoyt shot a plastic cup off of Mike York's head with a rubber band? Calculus was a participation sport and most of us were spectators? Slugger died? We taught Dr. Tripp the "Newer Math" in Calculus? J.M. fell asleep in Mrs. Czerw's class? We had a protest rally in front of the News-Times? PW, J.M., M.Y, and M.M. had a marshmallow roast in Chem Study? The Good Samaritan Club raised 510,000 in the Rock-a-thon? M.Y helped the cheerleaders do a pyramid? E.A. got his head stuck in his locker? Annie taped a centerfold to Mr. Rogers' chair? Mrs. Werkhoven said, "Well, not really" in Algebra ll? Somebody tried to sell drugs to Miss Val in Boston? The senior boys had sophomore toys? C.D., R.N., and C.M. sang in the Senior Play? We worried about getting cooties from Wanda Fletcher? RW and M.Y plowed right into M.H.'s car on New Year's Eve? L.A. understood something someone was trying to say to her? The band went to WC.C.'s but the football team didn't? Mr. Olson showed us the "evil eye" in Frosh English? Mr. Raymond stopped saying "Egg on Face"? Mr. Fiftal checked parking stickers? The O.M.S. followed the map and found the hidden treasure in Boston? A.K. had a "little bit too much" at the Finast x-Mas party? M.S. gave R.N. his philosophy on "What men really want"? TM. and M.E.S. threw away the brains? Mr. Hoyt meditated on the window sill? The girl's track team beat Bethel? "lt must have been the roses"? S.A. hugged C.D. and the whole cafeteria cheered? D.A. wrote "Ditto" for a term paper footnote? Mr. Fiftal said on the first day of school that he listened to Pink Floyd? SR fell off of D.l2's bed. Dr. Robinson was a student for a day? S.N.'s boat shoes were floating in J.T's toilet? D.A. almost got thrown out of the semi-formal? The two figs flooded the darkroom? We had the parties on the dock in Bermuda? Mr. Ferris showed up at B.G.'s cast party? We sold catalogues? "Frost heaves" and "pass with care" were a way of life. 3 , Qs' if 'ww' "' E' W 'W NP 'N E. 'W' as Q ws vi fax +. r 42 1 A .Q 'Y Af ., xx ' 7 X 4 A P: Q iw Y XA A ,4- WH' S- Mg '1.,W-xgwiikw 'X22 1 Q K 4 .Aff N59 SQ gh f f SWE 1 Q n 'iw 'L iv A R 0 f f Junior Prom 1 55 fvv' W . ey iid? 72753 , 4 Q, Iiirirumns LUJII Q wiih in Q63nrn Arm I x I-ex The Litchfield Inn May 15, 1982 KING: Rob Hungerford QUEEN: Sue Sterile PRINCE: Mark Seifert PRINCESS: Margo Maytham "Open Arms" Lying beside you, here in the dark Feeling your heart beat with mine Softly you whisper, you're so sincere How could our love be so blind We sailed on together We drifted apart And here you are by my side So now I come to you, with open arms Nothing to hide, believe what I say So here I am with open arms Hoping you'll see what your love means to me . . . Open arms Living without you, living alone This empty house seems so cold Wanting to hold you, wanting you near How much I wanted you home But now that you've come back Turned night into day I need you to stay. Homecoming October 23, 1982 1981 Homecoming Queen Julia Rinaldi returned to crown the 1982 Queen. Homecoming Nominees: Valerie Tutson, Daria Schultz, Brenda Ol son, Wendy Cook, Jody Watkins Valerie Tutson crowned 1982 Homecoming Queen 36 .SCHU TAYLORS H-ARTS DANE LLMAN5, SEES LCV! EBOX STUAQIQ f 5 Q 5 W in Qt , 4 M, A a """ 'L'-1' 4' Q M225 f W QSM? Dirty Work ln High Places by Tim Kelly Presented by the Class CAST: Grandma - Eleanor Reid Grandpa - Rob Grenier Baby Bob - Doug Paskowski Baby Alice -- Marion Szollosy Gentle Grimes - Erik Nelson Widow Aged - Marnie Green Widow Desperate - Martha Rogg Little Saccharin - Wendy Byrne Ms. Shabby - Heidi Hetzel Ms. Yesperson - Wendy Cook Dauntless Crusader - Tom Bleakley Trickster - Chip Davin Rotten - Rebecca Nelson Sly - Chris McGarry Lady Stockholder - Renee Chailou Student No. 1 - Sue Pitz Student No. 2 - Scott Morris Student No. 3 - Valerie Tutson Madam Presidente - Heidi Cetinski Fisherman - Kevin Derby Fisherwoman - Barbara Hagner Policeman - Geoff Griffith of '83 - Dec. 17 8 18, 1982 STAGE CREW: Patty Brush Stephanie Digilio David Fisher Colleen Fogarty Jane Fredlund Beth Girardo Eileen Hyland Heather Leavenworth Lori Ludwin Lynn Pedota Rob Piscetta Vera Pizzarelli Ann Rapp Directed by: George Ferris The Time 8 Place: The present - a city under the dastardly influence of one Gentle Q 'w' 1 ,na L lah... 38 Grimes "Let's settle this like men! .55 .59 'lv "Home Sweet Home" my X Q X would caution you to be on your guard with imesf' "Pucker up or l'll "O-O-O-O! Dirty Tricks, Dirty Tricks . . . " "Oh joy, oh happiness!" ill X r, U Holy Mercurochrome' WE? ff V 35119 . e 3 le i "l have learned something of the world." "Hurrah for the Class of '83!" 39 The AES Directors 8 Masters of Ceremony Tracy Bucko 6 Carleen Murone Best Musical: Marion Szollosy Sexy Sophomore Seven Advisor: Charles Raymond Best Dance w1 wmfv1lr '-11 E The Grano inale Talent Show Chris DeVito 42nd Street Best Overall 1 Laura S Vera Pizzarelli Maple Leaf Rag Best Comedy Y REMEMBER WHEN . . . Dr. K. said, "Twang twang twang."? E.H. asked Mr. Bucknam, "Don't we have computers to do that kind of work now?" V.T embarrassed herself and Mr. Rogers at Ma Bell's We learned the difference between the "naked" and the "nude"? V.T, C.O., E.H., W.C., and R.C. picked up a guy from Thailand at the Metropolitan Museum of Art? Mrs. Thompson told J.M. to stop projecting? L.l2 could have sworn she was C.M. and J.E's sister? TM. and D.l2 played PIGS. A.B. got embarassed in Psych. fMany times.D? R.M. ate the pear that A.B. was supposed to be painting? The S.W.A.T team ran wild in Bermuda? The Advanced Writers class gave Mrs. Stevens a get well card? We went to Grandma's house after the semi-formal? Captain IGA ruled throughout the school? E.N. beat Mr. Nick in the watermelon seed spitting contest? We sang "Tea for Two" in Sr. Math? Mr. McGrath served us lemonade out of a whiskey bottle? Mr. Kellogg asked us if we wanted big quizzes or little tests? Coach Wrenn played the Pine Brothers? CWe don'tJ GC. said, "Stop in the name of the law"? D.B. and D.Z. broke the bleachers at a football game? We had Chem Study parties with Chapster? A.K. locked her keys in the car while it was still running? We went to Boston with Uncle Bob and Aunt Ann? K.M. was left on the bleachers after the pep rally because she had a cast on? Baby Alice gave the raspberry? M.S. met Superman on Jerusalem Hill? S.A. tried to join the wrestling team? C.S., TM., DR said, "3 Cokes, please? Terry decorated Mr. Nolan's grapefruit tree for Christmas? Trish did a handstand in the cafe to get money out of her pockets because her nails were wet? Mr. Chapin and Jeff tore the biology lab off the wall? We had to tell Big Al XYZ? Mr. Asman asked Steve Rupar if he always crossed his eyes when he was bored? Mrs. Hughson said, "Don't force my hand"? C.S. and TM. got lost in Geneve and never found the cathedral? Mr. Joy did the Pepsi Challenge in A.l2 Chem? M.E.S. fell in the swamp? Student Council's semi-formal was a complete success Qfinallyj English class met at the "Sign of the Whip"? Mr. Nick read the personals out of the Globe to American Studies? C.O. said to Mr. Bucknam, "l don't really understand so l'll just sit here and vege"? D.A. said WOMAN in Mrs. Stevens's class. 42 UNDERCLASSMEN if Sq Q5 Q7 X like Q0 Q9 Q X 0 Q QS , xx Q63 1---mari. null' Y I wa q.X...,.. .. . I W' X 5 . .. . lg . , ..,. Q .t N .,,, , K 'E , . - L xxffffx'F' ' .. .--- A .f-- - - MMA' E- . N . 'Q K ' .x.. W Nr..W5 rw 1' President Joe DeVito Freshmen Class Officers Treasurer Donna Heady absent from picture. Vice-President Lynn Decaro Secretary Amy Purpora XJ! ,4 XA X 1 "l'm soooo embarrassed!" l . Q 46 QA A .12 I 68 H 1 ii ll 'l ' ' f mn fy xy Alan Baglia Sevdat Bajrami Laurie Ball Joe Behari Robert Benjamin Wendy Ann Bennett Wendy Lee Bennett Amasa Bigelow Gretchen Birdseye Beth Abbott Dale Abbott Joice Abbott Cheryl Blanchard Kristine Bonner Traci Bresmon Coleen Abdella Elizabeth Adrian Danny Allen Pryce Brodeur Matthew Brothers Tammy Bruey Debra Altobelli Chris Anderson Susan Anderson Jessica Anderson Tracy Aronson Bill Ashcroft Keith Asman Margaret Austin Kami Bacon rv 1 ', , t,f,1 V ,J 4 2 i, "Don't you dare!" tl La, Ia, la, Ia! ? A' : f I V Amy Curtis Kelly Curran Danielle Dalessio Carmine Damore Amie Dane Kathleen Davies Carrie Davin David Dean Lynn DeCaro Lisa Bucko Forrest Canepari Margaret Chach Tracie Ann DeGiorgio Dennis DeMane Joe DeVito 4 all Amy Chaillou Kacy Cheron Ken Clark Steve Donnelly Laura Doria Doug Doychak -1' y x ,ax IDA l Lil Wayne Cliton Eileen Cole Rebecca Conn Victor Consaga Paul Conway Chris Copeland Tara Cosacchi Tos Crawford Joannah Cunningham Sticky flngersll 47 'sa 1 I A s fm- l 1: VI M T A5 :E ,i "Stick 'em up or l'll sm ,-1' rl H 1,4 If , l .f .I At, . , ww as V me MW In i ni g 5, r mv., Z Eg, 'Ml Q W Q is Q M ar-wmfJk1'f4W"' l .L g .:.:-4 ' 5, f!S'2g:1ge53ssw ' i. .,,z,lwfr ile" X X Gerald Ferriss Lisa Ferry Reg Ferry Delshonda Fikes Suzanne Fisher Jeffrey Fishman Candace Fitch Brian Ford Karen Ford Sherry Doyle Kathleen Dratch Roy Dreyfuss Peter Fowler Casey Frade Domingo Franciamore Julie Edman Sandra Edwards Laurie Eleck India Franks Amy Frauenhofer Daniel Fuller 1 Denise Elliot Roger Erickson Lori Faiola Wayne Faucher Noel Federie Victoria Ferguson .John Fernandes Greg Ferrari Dean Ferrentino A . lllk 5 K , l , 53" Q vs "That's the fact Jack Thomas Groeschner Greta Hagner Kristine Hall Deborah Haller Henry Hansen Ted Hansen Tina Harvey Donna Heady Valerie Helton Rhonda Ganger Patricia Gargon Colleen Garvey Aleta Henderson John Henkel Dorthy Hill Katherine Gawel Teresa Gencarelli Mark Giannone Karen Hock Lori Hoffman Patti Hoffman Ron Giroux Tamzin Giroux Jennifer Glaser Sheryl Glynn Debbie Golden Patrick Gordon John Gorman Nick Grammarico Chris Grenier www Jeff win , I QH1 17' Eiifffggwif , . , agmqw 5-new V ' .55'?H4Q'WfW" V 4 ., Wm 11 x f M 42 ' A "1 f X f Q K ff ,..,!'- ,WAN , , ,. 44 Uyjb gn .X X EXPRESSIONS ,, 1 fl v EXPRESSIONS i"' xf Wt, ,Wa . ,, ' 1, , ' ,Y ff, V y ff , yfllx L Y he "Has the plane left yet?" I ' ,n Y' Michael Kehoe Tracey Kelly Christine Kincaid Tiffany Kinney Jill Koehlert Kelly Kraemer Marni Krause Heidi Kriegl Hilary Krubsack Paul Holderman Kim Hope David Howland Lisa Kuhn Anthony Lambertson Sonia Larson Matt Hughes Tracey Hultman Lisa Hungerford Hilegard Lathrop Dawn Lathrope Kathy Leahy Jennifer lngelretsen Eric Jackson Denise Jirouaek Carolyn Johnson Laurie Johnson Michelle Johnson Linda Karasz Harold Keene Joe Kehoe Get Psyched!! l love the library!!" at i x y K A I Gail McGuinness Kerry McGuinness Jennifer Mergenthaler Mark Miele Greg Miller Andrew Mitchell Lisa Moffett , x..,,,,,..-ffx. Yvette Moffett ESX-....-ff T Tracey Moore A X---'-""'x Kim Leonard Allen Light Brenda Lillis Leean Morrell John Morris Kristine Mosher - Jennifer Lippay Todd Lobraico Donna Lopes Cindy Moskowitz Thomas Mullen Brendan Murphy Tina Lourenco David Lynch Scott Lynch Kevin MacLaren Suzanne Madden Tracey Madden L f T Donna Managan V Debbie McCaffrey Typical New Milford students Matt McDouagh ,. I "Hey big boys!!" fs VVL. ff' 4 vb, 4, 3 .. 5 'Q i 3 Inga Olson , ,Y Patricia O'Neill Jeffrey Osborne Nola Overhoiser Tammy Owen Gary Pancoast Andrea Pappano Stephen Partrick Bret Parzuchowdki Shari Murphy William Murray Greg Myhill Kim Pawloski Shawn Penniston Laura Pennucci Laura Nadeau Lauren Nagle Carman Navid Mark Peragallo Jeff Phillips Dominick Picchione Lori Nelson Scott Nelson Joseph Nolet Kevin Noonan Christine Novak Michael O'Brien Paige O'Brien Richard O'Dell Tracy O'Hara ,L 1 ff. "We're hummin 1: 1j,'f,I,Q---M' . ff - J. .Q See frosh think ' W N af l f 1 A li Ja Ellen Robertson Dave Robles Joann Rodriquez Jeffery Russell John Russi John Ryerson Michelle Sager Dondi Salas Leanne Saunders Tony Pichico John Piscetta Peter Plevka Dana Scarpone Waldmar Schirmer Stacey Schmidlin Raymond Ploof Stephen Poethke Becky Pryor Anthony Scott Eric Scranton Joseph Severance Amy Purpora Kathleen Quinn Rosie Quinn Valerie Quinn Craig Raymond Amanda Reul Lynn Richardson Tim Richardson Where am I? Shelly Roark Heave Ho!!" ' f ,. tex S so 1 Cindy Steward Sherri Stoelzel Linda Strid John Sullivan Kyle Sullivan Peter Szolagyi Robert Taggart Michelle Talaska Lorena Taylor Jennifer Shab Steve Shanks Kevin Sheehan John Theisen Christine Thurston Michael Tracy Barbara Shields Sandy Simoes Mark Slauson Missy Trager Thomas Tremont Mike Triscari Karen Smalley Lillian Smart Vicky Smith Margaret Smyrski Mark Solomon Heidy Spadaccini Edwin Stemler Stacy Stemler Susan Sterns "COSMIC "One mo' time!" gigs, ,,,,,, V' Kim Wheeler Danielle White Bernadette Willis , Tod Wilson Kenneth Winkelstern Kim Wojciechowski Brett Woodin Susan Worth Doreen Wyant ,Q ..i, Kimberly Tucci Lisa Vakassian David Vandigrifft Catherine Zarczunski V V Scott Zucca Robin Vanegas Isabelle Vanpottelsberghe L aaKaaxa,, ,MW 6 Ktxf mvAA Leanne Vaughan A un , Gareth Vaughan Mike Vaughn Joline Vielleux Susan Vhay Andrea Volinski Louis Wahl Michelle Walter -1 DOOM Went we "l'm on the five year plan." Laura Went 5 " 59 W X N"Mv-v...,,K,, .. Ak... ...fa .JS Sophomore Class Officers s ,UF L President Vice-President Mary Scrimgeour John Mullen 9' g f Secretary Treasurer Karen HOISICD Melissa Melycher X 1 X L- Macho Man 3 1 , xl' fl! 62 ,xl S ff l , 5 ii Tessa Bigelow Jody Billingham Eric Birdseye Maylo Blzler Kim Blanchard Eric Bowman Scott M. Bowman David Boyer Warren Bremer Stephen Abdella Valerie Adams Keith Alexander Stephen Broeder Timothy Brooks Mike Burns Drew Aquilina Scott Babiyan Bill Bahr Patrick Burns Chrysanthe Caplanson Laura Capron Laurie Baisley Margaret Barlow Ricardo Barone Lisa Bartram Jamie Beatty Mary Beiter Chris Bellamy Jackie Bernard Stephanie Bigelow J is lyrl , L f 'tv ' gn x M., 5 ." N ,, K ,M QX i l,r Q "Let's design a micro-chip." an ,IH "Which way to Greece?" Fi X. ,.I?i ., I' ,J f f - if ---..,,,-1 fi 1 A.. My Sheila Cohen Denise Coleman Malanie Conners Valerie Consaga Lina Conversano Charlie Conway Chris Cook David A. Coons Gina Corson Chris Carlson Erin Carrington Kelly Carter Regina Cox Michelle Crawford Paul Croteau Lenny Casacalenda Robert Casazza Lisa Castonguay Kerry Curan Karen Cole Jack D'Anna Christopher Cats Rob Cavanaugh Trisha Cavanaugh Grace Cea Sandra Chark Amy Christopherson Meredith Cimmino Alexander Citron Sean Clarke if 1 .Q Umm-....... -X 1 sw ff f ,,,iW.1YC , r wi , Q J es, .g V . 6, V, a Vi- 4 if iw ex ssh 4. '. Q Hi 75 E45 was Qzif 4 4 fl ".' ' 'fm . .o.c. at w,3pm. if A, Q 'i x,x o if ' 1 6 fn a o o , . 2 f""" ., 5 , gl ij l fi? Q ,ln .4 - 5 ,tvlgf K 412 ' , 'lpflhf .gi v P ' 1 fi Q '1 ' 1 , 1 - f in wf- 9 It ' ' n Q4 ' 'f' Q '-IT'7"' , V ' ', f 0 ' ' ' ' f 1 lo 1 '12 v f , k q?fq?,f my Q o Ov' - , V 4 1:5 Q ' gf 4 Q :NJ ipijj 2, J f , Later . . . Much!! 4-E ll ,V Q. i O fa 63 m i nd S.S.S. 64 Barbara Dorfschmidt Phyllis Drake Tammy Draper Scott Duncan Kathy Dunn Jon Dzurka Stepanie Edwards Terry Ellis Robert Ennis Tony Damico lan Dane Daniel Danish John Farrell Peter Farrell Sheldon Ferriss Brenda Davis Oliver Davis Robert DeBoy Betsy Finch Wendy Finson Steven Fisher Marcy DeCosa Dave DaForest Matt Deierlein Margarita Delgard Stacie Devine Brian Dickey Bruce Dike Sandy Dixon Rene Dlugokencky V 1 1 ,f 5 fl , , You are what you eat!! l 2 "Umm, Umm, good!!" 1 1 f. mm f R' ' if' Lisabeth Godialis Joseph Goodell Richard Granja Paul Grassker Craig Greenert Rene Gulotta Robert Haggett Beth Hamilton Juli Hannigan Tamera Fisher Leanne Fletcher John Forrester Debbie Harkness Lisa Harvey Audrey Havens Carl Fowler Jennifer Franks Christal Fredlund Keri Hayes Jeni Hehl Sharon Heltor' Donna Freeman Richard Frohlick Patricia Garcia Kimberly Gaylord Nico Genet Ed Gereg Glenn Gileno Greg Giroux Ron Glander x "lt's a bit windy around here! Wouldn't you like to be a pepper too? I l 0 I J! X 3, r il S i Susan Keane Christine Kennedy Jami Ann Kenny Susan Kernochan Ted Kimlin Kristen King Michael Knaak Dennis Kozlowski Richard Kozlowski Rich Hetzel Jody Hills Chris Hine Kim Kraft Jody LaRusso Cheryl Leahy Charlene Hodge Karen Holsten Kim Hoyt Sean Lee Dawn Limmon Kim Leonard Matthew Hyland Joseph lannazzo Dirk lzzo Allison Jerrom Larry Johnson Peter Jones Steven Jones Pam Keane Mary Kelly I lail Pielli Pose Lori Mayette Bonnie McAlley Emily McBreairty Ken McBreairty Michael McCafferty Ed McCall Susan McCoy John McGarry Michael Meehan Debbie Lescrynski Craig Lewis Alex Linero Melissa Melycher Kimberly Michaud Michael Mills Todd Litty Missy Lobraico Tracey Lobraico Christine Mino Laurie Ann Moore Heather Morren Lisa Loftus Steve Ludwin John Luning Chris Macomber Brendan Maguire Dawn Marcille Gina Marsicano David Maruszak Patricia Mastrolillo QQ. XSS 9? -w.,,,, ..,NNMhNw N.. , ,, :Q ,, . 1 fi if K! M 1. 'X'K",g NNQKNMA 'N-Q-. , ' Y- W we .-. ,,-"' EXPRESSICNS A ix L, I, 5 L, ,pw weigg' Qxj1N" KN- ..: fkf -Q SQA isa-AXP' - X XS 'W l Smile . . . You're on N.M.H.S. camera!!" '3 Q , 5 " 5 4 .l Theresa Oria John Palagonia Anthony Palmisani Susan Pancoast Robert Pardon Andrea L. Pare YAY David Peet Lisa Peet 2 s Paul Perreault i Pat Morris Karen Moschitta Lisa Mulhare Jennifer Philippi Miriam Piccinini Lisa Pitcher John Mullen Amanda Muro William Murphy Julie Pitt Donna Plourde I Richard Prause Jim Napolitano Cory Nash Kelly Noonan -5 wut L!!! W Becky Norman "' ' MaryBeth O'Brien David Oldham ,,-JV'f,.:'3 James Olsen Jodie Olsen Homecoming Queen Nominees Kathleen O'NeiIl l'm always prepared for those Killer Bees!" ff Q, W if A all 3' lk-3,11 5 I l ., Wi' X w v Ji 'ff 1? Mike Samoska Sam Samuelson Lawrence Schmitt Christine Schuster Mary Scrimgeour S Ellen Sendewicz l Mike Sensenbrenner Cheryl Seymour , Jay Sheridan Nathaniel Prentice Mary Quinn Sansy Rainville David Sherman Floyd Shiffman Noell Sivertsen Alex Raskln Cortney Reed Kristin Reppenhagen Carol Smith Meri Jo Smith Christine Snow Heather Reynolds Frank Richter Ed Rizza Jeff Roark Tamara Rogers Jeanne Marie Rusk X Sl Laurie Ryan .Z Eric Ryffel ,. "ltQhie Owie" Michael Salter A 73 Doug Townsend Nicola Trepanler Michael Trepanier Chip Tutson Kim Tzenis Steve Vadas Louis Venezia Harry Volinski Chris Waight Jill Sontag Michael Stahly Philomena Stierle Leigh Walker Kristine Wallach Leigh Waters Charles Strassle Lynn Sullivan Sean Sweeney Joanna Webb Chris Weight Sue Wellons Kathy Sweeny Stefanie Takacs Ray Tallimadge Kim Testa Cheryl Thierfelder Jennifer Thomas Mickey Thomas Stephen Toman Rae Ellen Tomascak ,iF 1... ,I Mike Zarba Joann Zenobio Chris Whitcomb Tracey Wilmot Donna Winkelvoss Ken Winkler Eddie Woods Tina Yoblonski 'Ei' K .:--5 155 f iy u Mkmahmun, ,,,, . xii QQ, fi 5 'Wm Y F N:,, MF- Q A Q 1 N N S52 X , X gi XWSQ s3 N Nxiwt ,E fix K :M A fx N15 wwwwm' Hmwamw- 4 an-X if 555 95 mmm? Q. .. .. X ,fri X S if ,Lip 1. 3. .rw wk in Junior Class Gfficers President Vice-President Peter Bayers Mary Beth Mullen Secretary Maura McGuinness Treasurer Carmen Cardinal N31 F I Lisa Birdseye Carol Blessing Matthew Bobertz Kevin Bonner Barbara Bossers Kenneth Bouquillon Peter Polyester Steven Bower Gregg Brauneisen Shelia Bremer Tammy Albert Becky Alexander Cindy Alger Sue Brenner Maureen Brooks Sandra Bryson Eric Anderson Brett Aquilina Ken Arnott Mike Butera Jason Canepari Peter Carabillo F Andy Baglia is Stephanie Barksdale ' Bonnie Bauer Peter Bayers Sue Begasse Stephen Berger Dean Bernard , . f 5 Colleen Best f Andrew Bienvenu sexi ig S3 . .. . 7 1 f 3? . R ...,,Nww-. "Am l in Hollywood yet?" W-'f-mwmfs, Annette DeVoe Marie Dixon I'm baby soft" Michelle Dlugokencky Elizabeth Dratch Bonnie Dreher Sam Dreyfuss i Susan Dubois Todd Durr Jenny Eastman Carmen Cardinal Kathy J. Carlson Helen Carr Peter Eaton Karen Edwards Mark Eichin Francis Chach Marion Cooper Lynn Culbert Michele Eleck Stacie Ellis Kurt Elsesser Chris D'Amato Peter Daher Julie Davin Joanne DeBetta Janese DeGiorgio Jose Delgardo Corey Derby Carole DeVietro Christine DeVito ,I if K .i- M . ,we f?2:.aQ.s:ff-fm i' "l'm an Ivory girl!" ..-47' "Juniors are you with us?" 4 , if Q? l V x W. yw-, W ALQ,., new ,-M' .-Wwfivr Ft.. Royce Ann Fries Jeff Fuller Allison Gee Lisa Geissinger Larry Genova Laura Genovese Susan Getchell Becky Geyer Steven Giuffre Kim English Dawn Espitee Dorothy Esposito Amy Goodbou Susan Grady Mandie Green Lynda Farrell Jim Fernandez Julie Ferry Michelle Griffin Pam Grolljahn Arleen Gutierrez Rich Fevang Ann Fisher Brian Fitzgerald Susan Fitzgerald Annette Flannery Keith Fogarty Kevin Fogarty David Ford Marlise Frauenhofer gy, Q x A k i , "What do you want me to do now Liz?" Sharon Jerrom Jennifer Jones Len Jones Michael L. Jones Andy Jordan Joe Kelly Jonathan Kessler Sandi Kessman Ted Klose Jennifer Haase John Hagner David Hansen Patty Klous Debbie Knipe Larry Knowlton Jim Hartman Louis Heaton Cheryl Hess Karolyn Koenig David Koslowski Chris Kraemer Carman Hill Tracy Hoffman Mary Holsten Kristen Horgan Dawn Hough Chris HueER John Hughes Beth Jager l X Robert Jennings David Lynch Michele Lynch Scott MacDonald Ginny Mackey Pat Maguire Nazy Maiwandi Ruby Maiwandi Judi Mann Carol Marois Keryn Kriegl Heather Kroeger Stacy Krubsack Jeff Mathews Chris Mazuros Pat McArdle Scott Kuhn John Kutchera Eiko Kuwana Carl McBreairty Stacey McCarthy Jeanne Mercier Julie Lake Jeffrey Landry Robin Lash James Leavenworth Anna Lemos Donna Lemos Bob Lewis Eric Lippay Lisa Lourenco st SW? b-f."i-' i wif' JS mit? fgQ.'g s. - 51 fi Dawn Nagle John Ndukwo Tammy Newnam Chris Nicosta Bryan Noonan Cindy Norcross Robin O'Brien C.J. Osborne Kristeen Osborne Diane Merrick Ann Meyer Kevin Miller Jill Oshan Sharon Owen Nancy Owens Michele Miller Pam Miner Sherri Mishico Dante Pappano Annette Parker Chris Payne Darci Mlaker Andrew Morehouse Tracey Morrell Kevin Mullen Mary Beth Mullen Bob Muro April Myers David Mygatt ' Eric Myhill A .W -M :rs gs 'QS fL'A'u.A .. f . 4--. .. "Zf!'I3Z'Z 6525234 ...... .. - . , . A -:.:-:':f:w f TM'-"f' ff"f' 'WF:-2 f 232, H , :ix-:' - SM WX 1355+fvf:fff+,f, . A , , , iffigigs - N LQQWQN -is 5-Bti-Z-ZCQSL is 5 --f .M W EXPRESSIONS ,xr .4,K,.,.mW-ax-Q -W 4 . .. QS Aifgx Q f -' 91, A VM" ' A SV ! I J 4 1 gblmn. , My EXPRESSIGNS Wifi Z N Q :L 4 ffn.f sl 1' fl! fray ? f. , , 'V if I ,MM EXPRESSIONS Rx V- 'QQ -k ww " 'HUA' Q ASH?" -an Mary Sarsfield Eric Sawyer David Scheef Lewis Schirloff Kristine Schmidlin Mark Scholer Cathy Scott Lisa Seidl Lisa Serra Anita Peale Mike Pearson Amy Peck Lynda Servoss Lisa Simo Colette Smith Brandi Peet Matt Penn Jenni Phillips Toni Smyrski Shelley Sommerville Michael Stefani Laura Pizzarelli Fay Pollack Gail Pond Tina Pond Jon Raymond Lori Redfern Kevin Regan xiii -. Lori Richardson "Over, under or maybe it's Under, over?" Steven Rountos What's that smell?" v Paige Twohey Donald Llkers Valerie Vandergrifft Gavin Vaughan Lisa Ventrudo Scott Walton David Ward Michael Webster Karen Went William Stephen Greg Stewart James Stoelzel Mike Went Page Westervelt Carol Sheeler Linda Storm Sarah Sullivan Sandy Szinyei Keith Wheeler Luci Whitcomb Astrid Wilkens Steven Talaska Stacey Talbot Susan Taylor Mary Tencza Amy Tishion Diane Tlasky Kim Tobin Peter Trafas Tom Trager 5 I 7' t 1 "Where's the sport section? Brian Wilcox Brenda Williamson Faye Wilson Brian Wirtz Susan York Kenneth Zarba . . N, Q Ax 'Q 'K 'PDX xy Y X Qs Q. v9' w, ,S Nina X iii X X VX g E 4 Y K rQ ur- M Q' R xl' Ni ,i n i W i M' 40 I "wig 4' s 4 ,Af 4 54 33 . K K K i 92 ,ffl my M 4: 1 .W 4 nf' R . fir, , " K wi f vim mf eggs, 'ifwrf 1 1 fi. i? ' 5 S . li. , W: J. X k . X3 wx' -' .. ga kg M. nf. uf xx N E ' 4 X I 3 NN: i X iw M, f .am....4 Q A 'Q J S s.Q,j' "-51 G L is has f 25... my il A. J. C. M C. E. M 'II L. C. E. L. S. S. M V. R. K. 'lf S. B. M T E. E. G. A. D. K. M J. M. K. American Field Service Meyer - Pres. Canepari - W2 Thierfelder - Sec. O'Brien - Treasurer Mino - Historian Abdella Barlow Bigelow Bucko Caplanson Carrington Castonguay Clark Cook Cimmino Consaga Cover Davies DeGiorgio Dixon Dorfschmidt Elick Fisher Godalis Groll Hagner Fraunhofer Golden Hayes Holsten Jones Kelly Kraemer Mona Forsberg Elizabeth Groll Eiko Kuwana Katya Villareces H. Kriegl E. Kuwana C. Murone B. Murphy L. Nadeau K. O'Neill R O'NeilI D. Pannozza J. Phillippi l. vanPottIesburg K. Rappenhagen M. Sager L. Saunders E. Sendewicz J. Severance S, Takas K. Wallach L. Walker L. Waters M. Forsberg L. Buckbee K. Villacreces C. Garvey L. Sullivan R. Giroux Mr. Raymond - advisor Aerobics gmiiziii, 0 5213 . ,L Lili Chanticleer ws:-f il 42? R7 42. Y ,Aisha A. Dane D. DeFonce K. Dratch L. Fletcher J. Franks P1 Gargon T Giroux L. Karasy S. Keane S. Larson R. Norman L. Pitcher J. Rodriguez S. Vhay J. Zenobio Mrs. Broeder - advisor Mrs. Krewzweiser - advisor A. Clifford - editor H. Hetzel R. Lillis Mr. Schnepl - advisor MHS Marching Band T Aronson K. Asaman A. Bigelow L. Bucko V. Consaga C. Damore A. Dane L. DeCaro L. Dreyfuss V. Furguson D. Ferrentino C. Grenier T Hanson D. Heady H. Krubsack L. Kuhn L. VanValkenburgh D. Lathrope D. Maclnnes T Madden L. Morrell L. Nagel R. Quinn D. Robles M. Sager L. Saunders D. Scarpone S. Simoes R. Vanegas L. Wahl S. Zucca R. Alexander K. Alexander S. Barksdale M. Barlow N Barlow R. Barone P Bayers S. Bigelow T Bigelow S. Bower D Boyer S. Brenner T Brooks T Bucko C Caplanson K Carlson E Carrington C Casper R. Chaillou W Christopherson M Cimmino V. Consaga C. Cook W. Cook M. Crawford S. Davis B. Dickey B. Durp T Durp K. Edwards R. Innes A. Fisher C. Fogarty C. Fowler A. Fredlund D. Freeman B. Geyer M. Forsberg fab Godalis Greene Greene Haggett Hagner Hess Hine Hoffman Holsten Hyland Hyland Izzo Johnson Jones King Knaak Knight Kuhn Lemos Lewis Lovell Lucas Mayette McCoy Moskowitz Mullen Mullen Nahley Nelson O'Brien Olson O'Neill O'Neill D. Oria S. Owen N. Owens S. Pancoast D. Pappano A. Parker 'II Pucci A. Rapp J. Raymond E. Reid M. Rogg E. Samuelson M. Sarsfield E. Sawyer E. Sendewicz M. Stefani C. Strassle S. Sullivan R. Szarka S. Taylor C. Thierfelder A. Tishion S. Toman M. Turk V. Tutson L. Venezia K. Wallach L. Westfall S. Woodin P Wright M. York 'li Kinney N. Barlow S. Maiwandi T' Mino D. Paskowski C. Sanford 1983 Executive Committee I n A mwww Miwmiww. K B Girardo x S. Barksdale R Bayers G. Brauneisen C. Cardinal C. Blessing M. Brooks C. Horgen N. Maiwandi R. Maiwandi M. McGinnes B. Muro E Pollack P Twohey Miss Austin - Advisor 98 Mrs. Sheehy D. Shultz M. Szollosy L. Westfall Missing: L. Nahley S. Tillman vi' Mr. Laurer - Advisor .,LQ, Q. If ..f' Q 1984 Executive Committee 1985 Executive Committee R. C. L. T K. M M J. K. S. L. M M C. J. S. K. C. M 1986 Executive Committee Barone Caplanson Conversano Fisher Holsten . McCafferty . Melycher Mullen O'NeiIl Pancost Ryan . Salter . Scrimgeour Snow Sontag Takacs Tsenis Whitcomb r. Hajjar - Advisor E Canepari 'lf Cosacchi L. DeCaro J. DeVito D. Holden C. Johnson C. Moskowitz A. Rupora 1 Mr. Magoun - Advisor Mrs. Park - Advisor .li ?l-N Chess Club Anderson Aquilina Bowman Fisher Grassler Scott Slauson Woodin Mr. Olson - Advisor O0 Brothers Cable Camp Crawford D'Amore Davis Edelson Fogarty Ford Kozlowski Kozlowski Kozlowski Lewis Lynch Mullen Murray Myhill Nolet Oldham Osborne Rupar . Ryan Tierney Mr. Hoyt - Advisor DECA L. Aikelin 'II Bahr D. Barboe B. Bartrom B. Bauer C. Best G. Best M. Buccellato M. Burns J. Cannon C. Cea N. Coullard 'lf Covello L. Culbert J. Davin J. DeBetto 'li Deitz C. Doychak K. English S. Faure M. Garcia J. Gargon S. Grady B. Holler J. Klein C. Kramer D. Kunz S. Sommerville Mr. Nolan - Advisor C. Leahy L. Lourenco G. Mackey C. Marois K. McHann T Mitchell R. Ness R. Oulette H. Penniston E. Perrin T Pond K. Richter J. Smith D. Sterns T Sterns M. Tencza S. Tomascak L. Ventrudo K. Went C. Wheeler B. Williamson D. Wilson J. Wochek D. Zenobio Courtyard Cleanup S. Burkhardt - Pres. H. Cetinski R. Chaillou J. Delgado C. Derby K. Derby S. Donnelly R. Ericson P Jones J. Kessler L. Ludwin A. Morehouse S. Morris C. Norcross M. Rogg M. Webster Mr. McGrath - Advisor 102 Debate K. Arnott J. Bernard J. Broadbrook D. Coons D. Cullmer J. D'Anna C. DeVietro M. Dlugokencky G. Fernandez R. Ferry W Finson A. Gee R. Glander B. Goldie A. Goodbou T Gordon L. Harrison L. Harvey A. Henderson C. Hueck C. Kraemer M. Kelly T Kimlin H. Kroeger E. Lillis T Lobraico D. Marcille E. McBreairty M. Menard M. Owen T Owen D. Pasquarella T Picheco M. Rosato L. Seidl L. Storm S. Szinyei K. Testa L. Ventrudo L. Whitcomb A. Wilkens M. Williams K. Woodin T Yoblonski G. Cheney Mr. Fiftal - Advisor M r. Clonaris - Advisor FBLA Bacon Bennett Berger Daniels Davin Ferris Franciamore Gerber Iannazzo Johnson Koehlert Loyruico Mazuros McCaffrey Moffett Murray Paskel Piccinni Prause Pryor Purpora Raymond Schroeder Shapiro Tishion Van Derzee Vaughn Vozzella Vozzella Waldman Mr. Hibbard - Advisor ga-f ,,,, Fire Fighter Training R. Confortini - Pres. C. Chach B. Lewis D. Nagel T Raymunt S. Robertson G. Stewart 'lf Walker E. Woods Mrs. Paradise - Advisor ','..a:rlf-sf 4 fx! -4 103 FHA H. Hetzel - Pres. H. Hansen - Sec. J. Watkins - Pres. C, Ogden - VP A. Pizzo - Sec. M. Muro -- PR. Officer D. Ashcroft S. Brazel S. Brenner K. Bonner C. Castle R. Cavanaugh W Cook B. Davis B. DeBoy S. Ellis K. Ford B. Hamilton A. Kelly D. Lemmon D. Lemos B. McAlley C. Minck C. Morrissey K. Wojciechowski Mr. Mullen - Advisor C. Mosher M. Nolet B. Olson D. Oria A. Pane J. Pitt V. Quinn H. Reynolds J. Roark L. Smart S. Smart T Stahl S. Talbot M. Trager K. Tucci K. Tzenis E Wilson B. Yeager C. Alger M. Dixon L. Donskey S. McCarthy S. Mishico A. Myers A. Myers L. Rice L. Rice Good Samaritan Club Gymnastics J. Behari P Brush C. Carlson R Conway D. Dean P Messer 'li Morrell M. Reynolds Mr. Dowd - Advisor Industrial Arts Club D. Altobelli R, Conn J. Cunningham S. Davis J. Edman D. Fikes R. Ganger K. Hock L. Hungerford J. Mann S. Murphy R. Olson N. Overholser L. Pennucci E. Reid B. Shields S. Stemler J. Veilleux Mrs. Cherone - Advisor 105 Macrame Club f ii '3 g E H. Cetinski R. Confortini K. Edwards M. Eichen C. Fogarty M. Griffin B. Hagner J. Kessler K. Koenig D. Lynch 'lf Keane T Mino S. Morris M. Mullen B. Murray P O'Brien S. Pitz D. Pappano M. Rogg M, Sarsfield K. Smead V. Tutson V. Vandigrifft Mr. Packard - Advisor Miss Vallombroso - Advisor 106 National Honor Society B. Bartram L. Bartram S. Bremer W. Bremer 'Ii Madden 'lf Oria N. Treloar L. Went Mrs. Leonard Advisor Piper A. Fredlund - Editor M. Koulak A. Lillis A. Volinski Mrs. Geyer - Advisor R. Evans - Asst. Editor S. Bower A. Crawford 11, J. Foster M. Greene l S. Mark N. Prentice S. Sullivan Mrs. Czerw - Advisor . il 1 it W si g RV hw. ua, -1 Sewing Club Nl ? 1... UN R , 107 Ski Club B. Benjamin J. Brauneisen S. Broeder C. Davin E. Gereg K. Golembeski S. Kuhn G. McChesney G. Miller E. Muttilainen C. Nash G. Pannozza M. Penn R. Piscetta M. Zarba Mr. Wrenn - Advisor 108 World Series Club D. Keane - Pres. J. Abbott V Adams D. Allen B. Ashcroft E. Anderson A. Baglia J. Cippay K. Elsessor D. Ford J. Forrester R, Haggett K. Hoyt D. Izzo S. MacDonald G. Marsicano J. Matthews A. Mitchell C. J. Osborne G. Pancakes M . Pearson K. Regan M. Rogg D. Scarpone M. Scholer J. Sheridan M. Solomon R. Tomascak J. Webb S. Zucca Mr. Barbero - Advisor l Weightlifting NL Consaga R. Cover B. de la Vega 'E Ellis C. Fogarty J. Fredlund M Greene E. Hansen C. Hess C. Hoffman 'li Klaus A. Lovell C. McGarry N. Owen A. Rapp J. Sullivan S. Toman M. Turk V Tutson R Wright M. York Mr. Barbero - Advisor Student Council B. Bochn B. Coons 'lf Deitz S. Duncan R. Fletcher W. Foucher 'lf Gorman N. Grammatico H. Hansen D. Kunz A. Lamberton 'lf Rinaldi D. Theisen R. Toggart 'IT Toussaint 'II Tremont Mr. Pearson - AdViS0f 109 1 f f A, ,,. , Xws X R, Ss If .SE S f we .. Q X2 Q, if .. ' fs- X '1:- W q XXX X Q X 5 ., , Q up W til' . Ms"-. I 1 NJ' . T' -N 1 ' 'W' . , x..N. .. . 5 , . . X X Q X X Q s 5 .. .tk NF: X X N --'Q' 6396 E 5 SQ f W Y fb XX Um X .i 4 N X ' ! .Jl. E?zrt3t?,Hf?Rf Y Q -,uf Vwmrw Q :wx 'WM g f Mfg . ,X , H 2 ,- gf ,X A XJ , ,mmm, 5z?vf .f1f??v2f. X ,,,c,f'5:?w:- A 1 :-- fewm,49:11a' 5 r..:1LF2,1. . - .f'f"'w. , -v ff! zggggf 41 up V 3 1-in A A if ff ey. 953-1 :-.L ,X ., ,N ,aw Q 952 : K Y fin 1 'I' 7 Nw F 7f"W vw CHEERLEADI G MVP: Dawn Espitee MIP: Mary Nolet SENIORS: Jody Watkins, Donna Zenobio, Dawn Frost mf .., .- .-.H , .... ,.... J ROW 1: K. Noonan, B. McAlIey, K. Leonard, A, Christopherson. ROW 2: S. Begasse, ' D. Espitee, co-cap, I2 Klous. ROW 3: J. Watkins, D. Zenobio, D. Frost. Missing, M. Nolet. I Ni ' lu. Wil-f . -. ,.,,..M.----if -,....-was-ll ,, pl f 4. . '-Ui 114 N, 4 EXPRESSIONS: "Hojo's!" "Hey, let's do a pyramid with Mike York." "Whats wrong now Jody?" "O.K. Kelly, who is she?" 'Y"""1J "Nu-.L MV' 7' It 'O-.. , QWMA VVIV iiii 'J' ""Nn..,, ROW 1: M. Beiter, co-cap., J. Shab, Coach Frost, M. Muro. ROW 2: I2 Gargon, M. Kelly, D. Harkness, S. Murphy, L. Loftus, C. Hess, K. Bonner, L. Pennucci. H5 TOP: S. Stemler. BOYS' CROSS COUNTRY MVR - John McCafferty MIR - Mike McCafferty SENIORS: Dave Albright, John Mc:Cafferty, captain W V k , , -,., ROW 1: D. Albright, J. McCafferty. ROW 2: D. Pappano, K Elsesser C Tutson J McGarry, J. Morris, M. Penn, B. Dickey. ROW 3: P Twohey stats M McCafferty C Greenert, M. Salter, J. Mullen, D. Marusak, R. Barone, Coach Devin missing Maura McGuiness, stats. if 5 , wg fs... ,. . ef-'SSE 5 W Q ...fl 116 ' PQ!!! , ip an ' E- i5'?V 'A Y if ' Em' lib t .. - 13 -fi 'g 'Q I ' 5 ,, s h I , -vm """lf MVP: Mary Beth Mullen MIP: Amy Peck we' A l. 1 GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY SENIORS: Elinor Reed, Eileen Hyland, Valerie Tutson. in 'R ROW 1: D. Plourde, A. Peck, M. Mullen, C. Garvey, G. Mc:Ginness. ROW 2: C Whitcomb, H. Lathrope, L. Eleck, C. Thiefelder, S. Dixon, E. Carrington. ROW 3 Coach M. Eleck, E. Reed, CAP, E. Hyland, CAP, V. Tutson, CAP, A. Parker, J Jones. .. . . Qi 118 M-Tb. ,-'fn' w w? EQ: K 5 51. H. ,gf 5 J - T ee "" W e 'll-K, W 9 1' ,.-' NAP A I' N, r .x. . X .P bs , W 5 E' XG-x'1o e x 1 Q1-H md' ew QXYILPDA- a 34 5 ,ao , -My EXPRESSIONS: "Hey Coach!" "Whatever you say coach . . . ' "You bet." "One two, buckle my shoe Wi e XX .H ' A. - A mn," Q 1-gpwle ff e ry'-1'5.Q'f' JW " ' mi: W , ,, V' Z - 'fi X 1 DNN EN ., l,,.ff5, Wm '00 --:JU -if ,,,- f,'- 119 FOOTBALL MVP: Jim Gargon MIP: John Zullo MVP-back: Lou Heaton MIP-back: Joe Gargon SENIORS: Ed Abdella, Kirk Englund, Don Federle, co- captain, Jim Gargon, Joe Gargon, Kevin Golembeski, Glen McChesney, Joe Mercer, Rob Morrissey, Mike Schultz, co- captain ROW l: K. Englund, J. Mercer, M. Schultz, L. Heaton, D. Federle, J. Gargon, G McChesney, R. Morrissey. ROW 2: S. Rountos, A. D'Amico, R. Purpora, E Shiffman P Perreautt, J. Fernandez, S. Ferriss, J. Shrack, K. Bonner. ROW 3: K. Golembeski C. J. Osborne, R, Casazza, M. Scholar, S. Duncan, D. Danish, B. Roode, S. Broeder, R Pardon, J. Zullo. ROW 4: R. Pennucci, mgr., D. Schenzer, 'li Durr, 'lf Brooks, L Venezia, C. Carlson, M. Thomas, B. Dike, M. Zarba. ROW 5: 'If Dzurka, mgr., A Raskin, mgr., Coach Fletcher, Coach M, Oshan, Coach Gillespie, Coach DiMarco missing: E. Abdella, J. Hughes. 20 EXPRESSIONS: "Ya Ya!" "Ice lt." "H.C., we're losing again ROW lg J. Fishman, R. O'Dell, H. Hansen, J. Gorman, K. Clark, J. Russi, C. Grenier, D. Vandigrifft, P Eden. ROW 2: A Baglia, J. Kehoe, W Faucher, R. Colp, 'lf Lamberton, A. Light, K. Sullivan, D. Wilson. ROW 3: 'lf Tremont, R. Giroux, I2 Brodeur, co-captain, D. Ganion, D. Doychak, R Holderman, B. Ford, 'IT Wilson, co-captain. ROW 4: A. Raskin, mgr., Coach Travis, Coach Kellogg, Coach Maclnnis. MVP: Vera Pizzareili .L FIELD HOCKEY MIP: Lynn Pedota SENIORS: Vera Pizzareili, Monica Piccinini, Nancy Barlow, Sue Woodin, Liz Nahley, Lynn Pedota if . . Learn ,.. ' 7 f1' Q Q , yy a ff. Laya R rr FRONT: V. Pizzarelli. ROW 1: K. O'Neil, J. Oshan, D. Merrick, S. Owen, K. Carlson R. O'Brien, D. Hough. ROW 2: M. Hoisten, mgr., L. Pedota, M. Piccinini, N. Barlow, S Woodin, L. Nahley, V. Vandigrifft, Coach 'S' D QD., D A A f fk A Zi!! 122 9 wr.. 1. EXPRESSIONS: "Hey, there's Lewey Linguini!" "McTavish is dead!" Our first annual Field Hockey night "Air Raid! . . . Flood!" 'qw P ,...... FX! l i l , , si 1 ilfll 4 We 3 1 N ROW 1: A. Pappano, I. Olson, A. Gutierrez, L. Doria. ROW 2: K. Wheeler, 'lf Kennedy, K. Holsten, M. Scrimgeour, K. Cheron, V. Adams. ROW 3: P O'Neil, mgr., Coach Armstrong, L. Morrell, M. Piccinini, J. Hehl, R. Dlugokencky, B. Finch, S. Tackas, K. O'NeiI, C. Caplanson, mgr., S. 12 Kernochan. VOLLEYBALL MVP: Brenda Bartram MIP: Tracey Hoffman SENIORS: Suzette Burkhardt, Brenda Bartram, Wendy Byrne, Dana Rinehart ROW 1: S. Burkhardt, B. Bartram, co-captain, W. Byrne, co-captain, D. Rinehart. ROW 2: L. Peragine, 'li Hoffman, C. Cardinal. ROW 3g K. Horgen, mgr., N. DeGiorgio, mgr., H. Kroeger, A. Fisher, Coach Kraft, Coach Alger, M. Sarsfield, C. Blessings, mgr., missing: M. Forshberg, 126 E .VV E I, G ,f ff f I v V ' Y 'x X 2: S. n, B. rg, R. ir., S. l annual paula: his 3. ill! X lung r- x. . . eve--R. EXPRESSIGNS: "lt's not over until it's over." "The hunkiest coach." "The masked grape." "Are we wearing shirts tomorrow or not? ROW 1: K. Kriegl, C. Fredlund, L. Bartram, co-captain, T Oria, co-captain, L. Shapiro, H. Kriegl. ROW 2: J. DeGiorgio, C. Blessing, K. Kraft, C. Thurston, Coach Kraft, I. VanPottelsberghe, J. Edman, 'Ii Rogers, K. riorgen, mgr. K 127 hi ! E 2 E 3 1-4 F 1? Q www-ww mwmw W . . -- ,. M, wmv-,mwfWw.wNw.wmm-w,,L,fh, W ,, . . f - f. -I X x . . , .wf,1f,fJm f wwf iff-fr . v ,wg wa! L a r ,,, ?' . '31 TL, . QM: , , 3? fy. f? Wg ?k f MQ- - BUYS' BASKETBALL SENIORS: Danny McCormack, Kevin Golembeski, Rob Piscetta, Eric Muttilainen ROW 1: D. McCormack, K. Golembeski, R. Piscetta, E. Muttilainen. ROW 2: J. Kessler, mgr., M Highsmith, B. Murray, E. McCall, B. Noonan, G. Gileno, J. Ndukwu, captain, L. Heaton, R Haggett, D. Hansen, A. Pennucci, mgr., Coach Hibbard. Q 130 EXPRESSIONS: "NFA" "Cut the sitski!" "Ya, see ya later." ROW l: B. Parzuchowski, D. Doychak, C. Copeland, J. Henkel, M. Hughes, E RQW 1: R. Haggett' D, Izzo, E Shiffmany M. Mccaffertyy D. Jackson. ROW 2: Coach Pearson, R. Norman, mgr., C. Grenier, R. Taggart, J Sherman. ROW 2: Q. Nash, S. Clarke, G- Gilenov E' Macally Phillips,'If Lobraico, K. VanDerzee,C. Raymond, mgr., R. Penucci,mgr.,missing captain, Coach Bouclier. T Gloeschnef- 131 GIRLS' BASKETBALL SENIORS: Leslie Westfall, Laura Buckbee, Margo Maytham ROW 1: L. Westfall, Tri-captain, L. Buckbee, Tri-captain, M. Maytham, Tri-captain. ROW 2: L Storm, mgr., A. Peck, L. Bartram, C. Carlson, A. Fisher, 'li Oria, C. Mino, Coach Bachetti 5 ,tm if '1-'Cris I x 132 , , . x N . Y. . f iam f E: 4 EXPRESSIONS: "Go for the berries!" "Dewey!l" "Margo's doind it again." "Mr, 'Bee' " "We're slow as Gin: but made of STEEL! J LL .fs W A ROW 1: K. Hayes, H. Kriegl, S. Edwards. ROW 2: Coach Kellogg, N. Federle, mgr., L. Strid, mgr., S. Doyle, L. Dorla, I. VanPottelsberghe, V. Consaga, mgr., Coach Hajjar 133 WRESTLING SENIORS: Rob Ouellette, Frank Misercordia, Rob Grenier, Eugene Huggins, David Dunn, Jason Naradzay ROW 1: M. Beiter, mgr., D. Aqulina, A. Baglia, S. Talaska, M. Stefani, R. Ouellette, A. Raskin mgr. ROW 2: Coach Knipple, E Misercordia, R. Grenier, E. Huggins, D. Dunn, D. Warde, L Johnson, Coach Neff. 134 , x +A. xg f i 5 3 ff-Sf EXPRESSIONS: "Whatsup?!" . -ff M' "X' ..f'f :':. :f,. . ':": ' Y S .1Q, Q . L , . ROW 1: M. Beiter, C. Carlson, V. Consaga, E. Bowman, R. Barone, A. Raskin, mgr. ROW 2: Coach Knipple, T Brooks, C. Menkes, J. Theisen, J. Naradzay, P Burns, M. O'Brien, Coach Neff. lr ,. ,vff ,W GYMNASTICS SENIORS: E. Reid, S. Davis ROW 1: L. Pennucci, C. Fredlund, Coach Filipski, K. Holsten, M. Melycher. ROW 2 A. Raskin, mgr., B. Peet, S. Davis, co-captain, E. Reid, co-captain, S. Krubasack, A Christopherson. .,.-of' ,-r' -Q i 136 EXPRESSIONS "Rut-row" X Q ...- CHEERLEADING SENIORS: Jody Watkins, Donna Zenobio EXPRESSIONS: We love you Mr. Hibbard. Just go for it. Party, "Excellent!" Oh buzzard. 'Cl BACK: D. Espitee, B. Geyer, C. Hess, D. Zenobio, J. Watkins, B. McAIley, D. Harkness, S. McCoy, BOTTOM: K. Leonard df? ,w.,4 . N 138 ,V ZAA Z ., yxw- J., W wt' A x 7 iffy ,pm ff fx ff'-N. Q N i P 3 KW: A N S if49 ww , 51 A mAh A a5EMLS TMHK vf!5F .fl fkuimi 1 Q6 4 M, J' N 1 Y W A Q Ls , - '-, Ny. 9 W VX-'ir 5 . Ex X Q QQ' '- ll V 4 ,aw-., V ,A ,M . ,, M my 'V , 1, F , EEST 3. ' ' ' 5' rv? , K - s gg, ft 5 , 'Z 5 sW .QQ ,.. Q Y W . ,..., d w K lg 5 Q.-Q x A ihii 'mvilb mAQfAi- - W' L A , , X , . ' 1, QWUYW ' iff " , ,411-I-'5 .5 .,uM:m at ,J 25. , I it Q biRlF IRACK U A 1 - V 2, We Aja il f -f', ' I A A' 4' 1 0 Wu! mi mg,-,A S N: Ab X 1 hx f A A as Z' gg V 'Y f 5 W? iv 1 U ' fi 195 U :il Af ' ' f' A V. 1, . fa I I .W A A' ,Q -I Af A Q ' KW 4 A A h A A -' A A ' 1-W -I 4 ' ff ' 1 ' QA A,,A, 1 15' 2. A V V 1 .h H wwfW""f 4' A A ,,,. , A ., , A . Ash ,W YA AA h W NA Ag ' .lfv h + - 3 ,' 'f f h ? A,M6AA,W A - ,. --zz f. ' .AAA 'A .' ' ff ,ff ' , " " ,, " ' W H f.. " M U f I 'M' -f ' Q, ' , ' 1.1 J 7 mm. 'gig W N 1 ,WWA -"4 ,A D, ' ag 4 Q -f K A 'f A,A. 2-A: dia A Z AQ ff' 4 A 'A f H ,J '47 AA f- N - f h ffl' W' 4 H . 1 1 A h 9 f'AW Q " Al ' ,,,,A A 'Y J H V-19' W' M 11.'1f'v A ' A 4' ffl ' A f h Sfffif f --MW ' M " ' f' f A 5 A2 W , K ,M fy, Q h-.',H, V K Z K .,,, I AWAAAA AV' VW R A ' if W ' 'W 'z - . 4 ,V M A' 7'l.m'i4A 2.31" A,mgLm A A X3 " I 33? L1f4V':' T ri? 'Pali I' ff ' A 1 M , M 4 4, P' A A lr, NA -A. ff W 'A A A' A . W 9 M I 'T I . - f AAA gk 1 . ef 1 -V ,W aff W I rw A 4 M -. gtg. A I I Af .I fl! I . , fi .I A 5 A X ,vt-E. X., I V VV A..,A .A ' A 't' V, ' " AAA A 1 V W ' A V' h f if Y if Q 49: and they say I don't do any work. This is what I get paid for. 141 REMEMBER WHEN . . . Scott passed out in Anatomy and Physiology? TM. was Dr. Mino in Anatomy and Physiology? J.T had nerd parties? The still created a sauna in AP Chem.? Mr. Nick said, "Deep Thought, wasn't that a movie?" We had four lunches? Mr. Nolan forgot his l.D. and his wallet at home when we went to Canada? We fit 19 people into the elevator at the stock exchange? E.A. and RC. had parties at the cabin? Mr. Schnepf's room was organized? C.Ff wore a dunce cap? Dr. K. brought in his toys? RP snorted sweet tarts in Bible Lit.? Dan LaRose wore a tie? We had Candlewood campouts? A.C. and S.M. fell out of A.K.'s car into L.G.'s driveway? The BOWL family ruled? C.S. and TM.'s cat had 5 kittens in Anatomy? Water guns were the big thrill for us and taking them away was the big thrill for them? C.M., R.N., and J.E wanted to be rah-rahs? M.N. and R.N. went swimming in Mud Pond . . . with M.N.'s car? Doug used baking soda instead of baking powder in Beg. Chefs? S.T thought there was kitty litter all over the floor at H.C.'s party? Half days were really half days? We tested physics principles in the elevator at the Hancock Building? Jason got his MANIAC haircut? Mr. Mullen put a dead crab in A.P's purse? The class president got stopped by the police after the Junior Prom? H.H. said she was "average"? S.M. made a new off-ramp in Pennsylvania? D.P's Hornet beat S.M.'s TIOOO on 67? Mr. Lee wore "Scenic America" ties? W.B. said, "l know nothing of the world"? We cut up Mr. Nolans yearbook? E.A. stripped at the talent show? We asked Doug's dad if he wanted any cider? Dunkin Munchkins was an approved tardy? We had popcorn in Mr. Joy's class? Bob didn't take any? D.P "hit the bag" in Advanced Writers' Workshop? TM., A.B., M.S., and C.S. came to school during vacation for a deadline? DE danced with the broom at the Cabana party? DP and TM. met up with a Mack truck on 84 on the way to New Hampshire? Graduation seemed so far away? X 142 SENICDRS A336 L X A 55 A 5 ff Q' Q 33? FN -4:',,Sf X Q7 2-'S Q2 SQ ji l ..,, , W Q BABY PICTURES Doug Paskowski in Diane Barboe i 3 . vii' W M 0 Mike York Jane Fredlund , 1 ij' ff! k 1 'M sk , 'Q' 7 ri ,Q M4 40: ' if K fixing Beth Glrardo ,V v 2 . r,'2,ZL. a el 2 , e , i Vera Pizzarelli N '9'w7ml:, Renee Chaillou Liz Nahley '- ' A' , AK? V7 .vv, -'L 5 I -1 S ' up i W Mike Schultz Bryan Ridge Susan Pitz Dawn Russi 44 President - Doug Paskowski Vice President - Liz Nahley Secretary - Leslie Westfall Treasurer - Sinead Tillman Senior Class Gfficers 145 EDWARD ABDELLA Think big and your deeds will grow, think small and you'll fall behind. Think that you can and you willy it's all in the state of mind. DAVID ALBRIGHT Unknown 46 LISA AICKELIN SHERI-LYNN ACKERMAN Don't walk in front of me -l may not follow. Don't walk behind me - l may not lead. Just walk beside me - and be my friend. Unknown 3' JONI ANDERSON gl The world is full of kings and queens who blind your eyes and steal your dreams - it's heaven and u. wiLLlAM ANDERsoN he DAVID CLARK ASHCROFT DEWAH LEE BATES I am not afraid of tomorrow for I have seen yesterday and love today. is JAY ARONSON This is not the end, it is the beginning. Live it up now. because you only pass this way once. .l.A DIANE MARIE BARBOE Yesterday is already a dream, and tomorrow is only a visiong but today well-lived makes every yesterday a dream of happinessg and every tomorrow a vision of hope. Unknown BRENDA BARTRAM There is nothing better than seeing love in a smile knowing that smile is for you. NANCY ELIZABETH BARLOW . - .K 147 GREG BENNETT JIM BEST ANDREA BATISTA Life to me is not measured in years, instead, it's measured in smiles, laughter and tears. Unknown JUDI JEAN BONGIORNO l've been to paradise but l've never been to me. Charlene . QW f "firm T, S . A A f " K1 A if K GEORGE W. BEST THOMAS E. BLEAKLEY PETER BOWMAN Someday we'll look back at this, and it will all seem funny. Bruce Springsteen MARK BLICCELLATO CHARLES BRISSETT JR. There are three types of people: the will's, the won'ts and the can'ts. The wills accomplish everything, the won'ts oppose everything, and the can'ts won't try anything. The Black Hole PATRICIA BRUSH Don't walk in front of me, l may not follow. Don't walk behind me, l may not lead. Walk beside me and just be my friend. Camus JlM BRALINEISEN A ' 5 - 'Mmm LAURA L. BUCKBEE Somewhere ages and ages hence: two roads diverged in a wood, and l f- l took the one less traveled by. and that has made all the difference. 14 0 W 1 TRACEY ANNE BLICKO Don't be dismayed at goodbyes, A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends. Illusions Richard Bach KERRY BLIRROLIGHS The secret of happiness is to be content with what you've got so . . . GET ENOUGH!! TIMOTHY MICHAEL BYRNE lt's a high time to fight, when the walls are closing in, call it what you Iikeg it is time you've got to win. WENDY SUSAN BYRNE 1' Y ALICIA LEE BLIRDEN Good things come to those who wait but not to those who wait too late. SLIZANNE JEANETTE BLIRKHARDT Aim at the sun, you may not reach it but you will fly higher if you had never aimed at all. than MILES CAMP 'ff' W KIMBERLY J. CASTLE I'll get by with a little help from my friends. I'm gonna get by with a little help from my friends. Lennon and McCartney w JENNIFER CANNON HEIDI CETINSKI I CYNTHIA MARIE CASPER The mark of ignorance is the depth of belief in injustice. What the cater calls the end of the world, the master calls the butterfly. CATHERINE CHACH It just amazes me that I can be part of the energy it takes to serve each other. And I wonder what am I going to do, what can one do except be one - each of us is one - all of us are one. By Carole King REP-IEE CHAILLOU 4 4 4.3 H iii 1. wi . , 1..,,.,M,. .. ROBERTA CONFORTINI '33 yv IN ,O A .44 N X O, 5 -.vm , JIMMY COLVILLE WENDY JOAN CHRISTOPHERSEN To love greatly is to live greatly and to love forever is to live forever. il TOM COLBERT I jj ANNE MARGARET CLIFFORD You say the hill's too steep to climb you say you'd like to see me tryg you pick the place and l'll choose the time and l'll climb the hill in my OWU Way. Pink Floyd I f WENDY COOK si.: ! 1 BRIAN CORBETT You know that I Care what happens to you and I know that you care for me. So I don't feel alone or the weight of the stone, now that I've found somewhere to bury my bones. F ,B NANCY COLIILLARD ANNE K. CRAWFORD For me it is to laugh. O'Henry DLIANE DAVIN To dream the impossible dream is to bring that dream one step closer to reality. William Arthur Ward ADAM COLITO 4 DAWN MARIE De FONCE TRISH DAVIS STEPHANIE J. DIGILIO So you feel like it's the end of the story. Find it all pretty satisfactory? Well, l'll tell you my friend, this might seem like the end but the continuation is yours for the making. Queen BILL de la VEGA Everything our society breeds: Fascism, Racism, Sexism . . . Must End. SMASH IT LIP Code of Honor in KEVIN DERBY ..-nd' SUSAN DAVIS Along the land of memories the blossoms never fade, for near and far, still cherished are the friendships we have made. CHERYL DOYCHAK SCOTT L. EDELSON The woods are lovely, dark and deep. but I have promises to keep and miles to go before l sleep. Robert Frost TOM EISENBERG MATTHEW A. DEVOE STEVEN M. DORIA Let us endeavor to live that when we come to die, even the undertaker will be sorry. Mark Twain DAVID DUNN KIRK ENOLUND PETER EVANGELISTA -df .4-09' JOHN ANDREW ENNES SHARON KAY FAURE LJ RONALD WARREN EVANS . . . the Universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose. J.B.S. Haldane GALE FERNANDEZ Perhaps a better world is drawing near. Just as easy it Could all disappear along with whatever meaning you might have found . . . Don't let the uncertainty turn you around. Jackson Browne 'M s A Qi LIZ FERRY True, I speak of dreams, which are the children of an idle brain. begot of nothing but vain fantasy. Shakespeare DONNA MARIE FLECKENSTEIN Run for the roses as fast as you can, your fate is delivered, your moments at hand. lt's the chance of a lifetime in a lifetime of Chance. lt's high time you joined in the dance. Dan Fogelberg KELLI RENEE FISH Time goes by leaving me helpless. Just to reach and try to live my life. These are my reasons why. So here I stand so patiently. DAVID FISHER Journey -'lx-u ,nnnu Nil" xvlwtlfi U, 4' Huw' slant' ,,u, fl Q- l,,,4. ,. ,ts V , ,lil ' 'U A 1 5: wxfaltlf fuses: , ,N 'fssasse t fx, l::uxn..,," tp, . ,,f la.,-. ' 4 uns . l"' ,Wwvuncx 'miie W . ., , -2. nr s , .I "H-:gms HQ. DONALD FEDERLE II COLLEEN T FOGARTY The distant hills and mountains high The rolling clouds and bright blue sky No one can take these views from me As long as I have eyes to see. Ray Zaner 157 X MONA FORSBERG Du vet ikke hva du har for du har, mistet det du - hadde. You' dont know what you have APRIL A. FREDI-UND until you ve lost it. MARY A. GARCIA But there still must be a way to have our children say, "There are so many colors in the rainbow, so many colors in the morning sun, so many colors in the flower and I see every one." Harry Chapin Wayne... You are my knight in shining armor and I love you. 158 X , wi , , , I 'iig V ig . DAWN FROST JANE ELIZABETH FREDLLIND We must gather all of our courage, sail our ships out on the open sea, cast away our fears, and all the years will come and go and take us up... always up. Seals and Croft J ox' it JIM GARGOINI You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find a way! The Stones JOE GARGON Born to be wild. ELIZABETH ANN GIRARDO Take it to the max in pink and green dreams. CAROLYN E. GENET The dreams were never over. The dreams have just begun. Fleetwood Mac NICOLE GLANDER LORRAINE C. GLASER Capture the moment, carry the day. Stay with the dream as long as you may. PETER GILLEN Dan Fogelberg 159 STEPHEN C. GLYNN 1-1. .... 1 ...fn MARNIE MARGOT GREEN You, who are on the road must have a code that you can live by. And so, become yourself because the past is just a goodbye. CSNSY l ROBERT GRENIER 160 COLLEEN HEFFERNAN l will not criticize my neighbor until I have walked a mile in his moccasins. An lndian Prayer GEOFFREY J. GRIFFITH HElDl L, HETZEL Let me go into tomorrow one day at a time. Unknown 2? A S 1 3. . ii . -f' 3' LEE ANN HILLS Just remember love is life and hate is living death. Treat your life for what it's worth and live for every breath. Looking back l've lived and learnedg what this life will bring. Black Sabbath l LISA MARIE HARRISON When the wires are all down and all the central place of your heart is covered with the snows of pessimism and the ice of cynicism, then you are grown old indeed and may God have mercy on your soul. KEVIN GOLEMBESKI You hope in this life that you grow and don't always repeat your mistakes. Tony Dorsett BARBARA HAGNER , A W Q ,IH 4 P' ,gi I if A 2. J HEIDI LYNN HANSEN MARK HAGEN Don't be dismayed at goodbyes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends. Richard Bach Q . A xg. V , X I Q KATHLEEN HOOLEY RICH JIROLIDEK EUGENE P HUGGINS DEBORAH KEANE It matters not how straight the gate, how charged with punishment the scroll, I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul. William Ernest Henley EILEEN HYLAND JENNIFER JOHNSON Friends we knew followed us through all the days of our lives. Love we shared waits for us there, where our wishes forever reside. Dan Fogelberg PAT JOHNSON I W TAMMY KEANE I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving - we must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it, but we must sail, and not drift, nor lie at anchor. ROBERT KENNEY CONNIE KELLY Remember me smiling, for that is how l shall remember you. Unknown ANDREA KELLY MAUREEN FRANCES KELLY 3 JUDY KLEIN PAMELA L KLEPPIN Think in terms of bridges burned, think of seasons that must end, see the rivers rise and fall, they will rise and fall again. Everything must have an end. Bob Seger ANNE M. KLOLIS Nfif' We ALAN KOZLOWSKI 4 KEN LASKOWSKI 1 m fn , ., '-ff" . If HEATHER LEAVENWORTH Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans. Unknown 4 CONNIE KLINERT ffl KELLEY ANN LEONARD For as long as you live and as high as you fly, for smiles you give and tears that you cry, for all that you do and all that you see, is all your life will ever be. Pink Floyd 5 " if ,N- is LORINE ELLEN KRIZAN When l approach a child, he inspires in me two sentiments: tenderness for what he is, and respect for what he may become. Louis Pasteur DANIEL MICHAEL LeROSE Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. und' MELISSA KLILAK SHARON MARIE LILLIS SUSAN LOPEZ As a lamp gives forth light so let your heart give forth love, never asking upon which life its illumination may fall. Joan Walsh Anglund KAREN LUCAS lt's not time to make a change just relax and take it easy. Take your time, and think a lot. You will still be here tomorrow - but your dreams may not. 166 Jail, SUSAN LOTOCKI Life is too short to think of what you've done, or what you're going to do, so live for the day. S.L. DANIEL MaclNNlS l ,k v , ALLISON GRAY LOVELL l've finally decided my future lies Beyond The Yellow Brick Road. Elton John LORI ANNE LUDWIN Decisions are what lead us to our goals - some we regret, some we are proud of. AARON MANDERBACH Here we are again, the start of the end, but there's more. Wait another year, LITOPIA is here, but there's always more. "Todd is God" '73 i W l STEVEN MARK You know l've always been a dreamer, and it's so hard to change The Eagles - "Take lt To The Limit" SABRINA W. MAlWAlNlDl JOHN MCCAFFERTY E , T ,f SX V lx A 'ili RUSS MacLAREN E GLENN MCCHESNEY Don't look back - a new day is breakin'. lt's been too long since l felt this way. I don't mind where l get taken, The road is callin' - today is the day. Boston KIMBERLY ANN MCHANN Goin' through all the Changes I made so many mistakes, tryin' to leave behind the heartaches and sometimes I think I was a little bit crazy, but I just keep pushin' on! REO Speedwagon TONY MARICI If God is so mighty and powerful, can He make a rock heavy enough that He can't lift it? ,-159 ,ar 168 CHRISTINE MARIE MCGARRY To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan but also believe. Author Unknown JOSEPH MERCER DANIEL MCCORMACK DAWN MARSICANO When the lessons on life are over, when the class at school is missed, may we all meet in Heaven and none of our members be missed. Unknown MICHELE LaNAE MAYER 'Q F 'QT' I-e' I QQ' .. - Q E 9' MARY C. MENARD "lil , I' We can't direct the winds, but we "iff I ' -L can adjust our sails. JEFF MARTIN Sweet memories, flashing very quickly by - reminding me, giving me a reason why - I know that my goal is more than a thought - l'Il be there when I teach what I've been taught. Rush 'til 1- in A MARGO MAYTHAM PETER E MESSER, JR. The talent of success is nothing more than doing what you can do wellg and doing well whatever you do, without a thought of fame Longfellow KATHY MINICK Q 'xx 24, CARLEEN MARIE CATHERYN MURONE You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true. Richard Bach ANTHONY PAUL MINO The best of times are yet to come. Go for it! ROBERT M. MOREHOUSE APM. 'Q E SCOTT MORRIS Who cares? X' Joseph Stalin TAMI MOFFETT BRUCE MLINSON Stand up for the flag, all ring the liberty bell. Make a Ford and a Chevy that'll still last ten years like they should, the best of the free life is still to come. The good times ain't over for good. V EDWARD K. MORRIS KENNETH MOSCHITTA It's a new horizon and l'm awakin' now, oh I see myself in a brand new way. The sun is shinin' - The clouds are breakin' cause I can't lose now - There's no game to play. Tom Scholz THERESA MITCHELL I will be your knight in shining armor coming to your emotional rescue. The Rolling Stones DONNA MAE ELIZABETH ft JANET MORTON With the guidance and love of a few people . . . I've made it down the road of life this far with thanks to Mom, Dad and Paul. MLIEHLENBEIN Just on the border of your waking mind, there lies another time where darkness and light are one, and as you tread the halls of sanity you feel so glad to be unable to go beyond. ERIC MLITTILAINEN STEVEN NOACK X REBECCA ANN NELSON ,half Then as it was, then again it will be - though the course may change sometimes, rivers always reach the sea. JASON NARADZAY il RODNEV NESS 172 ARTHUR NAPOLITANO ERIK JOHN NELSON Leave but don't leave me. Pink Floyd X SCOTT NICOLSON 'I X f ELIZABETH SARAH NAHLEY We go through so many changes as we learn to grow. - Earth Wind and Fire CHRISTINE A. O'NEILL If I could make days last forever, words could make wishes come trueg I'd save every day like a treasure and then again I would spend them with you. Jim Croce BRENDA MARIE OLSON I 5 , w L 2 MARY BETH NOLET .,.k CHRISTINE M. OGDEN M, DEBRA ANNE ORIA Hold on to sixteen as long as you can, changes come around real soon to make us women and men. John Cougar . Q . XA ..?. . if 4, at ROBERT PEDOTA The world is full of kings and queens who blind your eyes and steal your dreams. lt's heaven and hell. 4 BRYAN PASTERNACK When you live your life to its fullest, no one can stand in your way. DOUGLAS J. PASKOWSKI Tis not whether you win or lose in life, it's what you obtain, what you achieve, and the people you've met along the way. GREG PANNOZZA ROBERTA LYNN PEDOTA School and work l will forget, it's leaving friends that l'll regret. avi '-'xv ig J i 2 ' X KATHIE LYNN PILLO When you remember me, if you remember me, I hope you see it's not the way I want it to be,or l'd be with you now, but wherever you go, my love goes with you. DD, KE CS, DS fffff' ,e J' Q' fel' if ff' , 171' ' -,f MONICA C. PICCININI If you've built your castles in the air, your work need not be lost, that is where they should be - now put the foundations under them. H. D. Thoreau EILEEN MARIE PERRIN You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you just might find - you've got what ya need. - Rolling Stones FRANK EDWARD PERAGINE 'VL Q 3. ,X S . HEIDI LYN PENNISTON There in the sunshine are my highest aspirations . . . I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead. Louisa May Alcott ROBERT ANTHONY PISCETTA I am not immortal. Whatever I put off till tomorrow, may never be. Whoever does not know by now, how much I really care, may never find out. 175 I 19 A KARI LYNN PITT As time goes by, I realize, just what you mean to me. And now that you're near, promise your love that l've waited to share, and dream of our moments together, color my world with hope of loving you. ANN R. RAPP FSA SLISAN MARIE PITZ Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. I Corinthians l3:7 I may not be totally perfect, but parts of me are exc -will 176 ellent. Ashleigh Brilliant ERNEST L. RAYMOND BRYAN RIDGE ADA TERESA PIZZO And I'm looking for space, and to find out who l am. And I'm looking to know and understand. lt's a sweet dream, sometimes I'm almost there. Sometimes l fly like an eagle, sometimes I'm deep in despair. ELEANOR R. REID ff 3 - - .,,,,,, I-'I , LORI RICE If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, then it is yours. If it doesn't, then it never was. TREVOR R. REYNOLDS You will see light in the darkness, You will make some sense of this, When you make your secret journey, You will find it's love you miss. - The Police KIM RICHTER TERESA L. RAYMLINT Simple things of Earth don't die, they just grow and changes as time goes by. There are no questions without answers. l've found my answer to life is living - the secret of living is life. Carole King VERA PIZZARELLI Great it is to believe the dream when we stand in youth by the starry streamg but a greater thing is to fight life through and say at the end, "The Dream was true." Edwin Markham , , ! R' 177 CINDY R. SABIA SHARON ROBERTSON I love you Jim lsberg not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you. Well those drifters days all passed me now, l've got so much more to think about, deadlines and Commitments, ones you leave in, ones you leave out. Bob Seger STEPHEN RLIPAR 178 gr .vip -www may .W V -...f - ,:Qi3,gii QQ I , ,sw-C A A W ff . f'1'f."fff,,,,,..-. ' m W ,QQ ,V DAWN MARIE RUSSI l've been looking too hard, l've been waiting too long. Sometimes I don't know what I will find, I only know it's a matter of time . . . - Foreigner - TRACY SCHMAHL DANA LINDSAY RINEHART Capture the moment, carry the day, stay with the chase as long as you may. Follow the dreamer, the fool, and the sage, back to the day of the innocent age. Dan Fogelberg JOSEPH SAMOSKA MARTHA ANNE ROGG To live your life in your own way . . . to reach for the goals you have set for yourself . . . to be the you that you want to be - that is success. k , MICHAEL SCHLILTZ Born to run. - Bruce Springsteen DARIA SCHLILTZ See me as I am and not as you think l should be. CATHERINE E. SANFORD lt is gonna happen. Just decide where you're going. Get out in the open, and start blazin' your own trail again. REO Speedwagon ROBERT SCHROEDER SHEILA SCOTT I am not mad. I am interested in freedom. Go out in a blaze of glory . . . Lucifer. Jim Morrison DEBRA ANN SEIDL I see my future at the rainbows end. Happy hours, timeless friends . . . and if I ever chance to find my way rest assured . . . l will stay. Billy Squire GAIL SERVOSS O BRENDAN SHEPPARD MARK SEIFERT DENEEN STERNS Live your life so well that when you die . . . even the undertaker will cry. - Richard "DimpIes" Fields MICHAEL R. SONTAG W STEPHANIE S, SHIPLEY Here's to all the hard times we survived together. They served to make our love stronger, and thus, gave us the good times. EVER FAITHFLIL . . . STEPH KIMBERLY MAE SMEAD Don't look for beauty or whiteness of skin but look for a heart that is loyal within for beauty will fade and skin grows but a heart that's loyal is better than gold. O JANE MARIE SMITH Xt ', PATTY SHERWOOD TERRY STERNS lx, fi f' , A. I. MONICA ROSE STIERLE LISA LYNN TAGGART All your life you've been waiting for your chance to fit into the plan. But you're the master of your own destiny so give and take the best that you can. - Triumph ROBYN DAYLE SZARKA Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans. - John Winston Lennon NICOLE THIBODEALI MARION E. SZOLLOSY So if you want to go, let me go along. l'd never walk that road alone. I heard it was hard, I heard it was long. But we'll Come back alive, cause only the strong survive! REO Speedwagon JEFF TELLER Then as it was, then again it will be. Though the Course may change sometimes, rivers always reach the sea. - Led Zeppelin SALLY ANN TOMASCAK On the pathway of life, wherever you are, may hope fill your heart as you reach for a star, and may you remember as each day goes by no dream is too lofty - no goal is too high. MALIREEN ELLEN TURK Tomorrow is the sunrise of our futureg We can't sit back and watch it set. Know yourself enough to enjoy life, but always keep an open door to your heart and mind for all who-may want to enter. M.E.T JAMES WILLIAM TISHION Cling to your memories, dream your dreams, but prize nothing more than the value of each day. - Anonymous DAVID THEISEN TERRY TIERNEY 5 it Ri SINEAD TILLMAN VALERIE TUTSON You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true. - Richard Bach . 3 aw it LESLIE ORAEL WESTFALL 4 CAROL WAGENBRENNER The world is full of kings and queens - who blind your eyes and steal your dreams. lt's Heaven and Hell. - Black Sabbath XA l . LAURA J. VHAY All day long wearing a mask of false bravado, tryin' to keep up the smile to hide the tears - But when the mornin' comes, l get the empty feelin' again. Tryin' to forget you is just a waste of time. Baby come back. f E113 l ,wt LISA VOZZELLA HElDl WALDMANN Each one of us observes this life in his own special way. Two people looking at one thing have different things to say. Some folks can never see the good no matter how they try. And there are those who find the sun however dark the sky. PETER WETHERBEE -QF' ...ff sl JEFFREY A. wALToN Don't look back - a new day is breakinf It's been too long since I felt this way. I don't mind where I get taken, the road is callin' - today is the day - Boston JODY L. WATKIINIS Slow down you're doing fine, you can't be everything you wanna be before your time. - Billy Joel ffm REIINIA WILLIAMS History doesn't repeat itself, men just make the same mistakes. TRACY WALKER We thought we could change this world with words like love and freedom. - Eagles r- wg if .e.t.l.K 1 s.. . - iy.I MELINDA JEAN WILLIAMS SHARON ANN WILMOT Young love - so strong, has never been a part of me, young love - hold on, we're feeling it now, is this the way it's meant to be? DONNA ELIZABETH WILSON l SUSAN LYNN WOODIN If I leave here tomorrow would you still remember me? For I must be traveling on now, cause theres too many places l've got to see. - Lynyrd Skynard -wr-'L 186 MARLA DIANNE WOOLEY Love is more than simply being open to experiencing the anguish of another person's suffering. lt is the willingness to live with the helpless knowing that we can do nothing to save the other from pain. PETER A. WRIGHT This is the end, beautiful friend, the end of laughter and soft lies. The end of nights we tried to die. Can you picture what it will be, so limitless and free, desperately in need of some strangers hand, in a desperate land. - The Doors I I MICHAEL JOHN YORK Sometimes I look to the future Hoping to relive the past Even though we won't be together Our memories will always last. MJY KELLY LEE ZARGO One day far from now, we'll look back through times blur, we'lI remember yesterdays and the way we were. - Carolina Dreams: Central Cabarrus DONNA MARIE ZENOBIO A smile is such a little thing and yet it means so much. H dDart h yb... B g arvar , 88 Senior Class 66 77 Expressions add A With a steady hand . . . Take the picture already! 'Z mor ' S' e Tell me more. a eaada Wm ddd 1 O JN . if 'lily' ul' Avyhm Come on, hurry up! Oh, no! Not again V. l E Work quietly and independently. bn..-L, Slaarwir ..-fm". J Aff' Vg, ,NW A - Don't you understand? 15'f1!Wwm4m!lw!M'i -an Yeah, l'm listening. Wait a minute. l'lI look Wm Who took 'I ami' I know!!! ,Nm 35 M - p 4 I N , A these pictures??? M, NxNsx , B1 QM' Don't you dare! Okayyyyy we'Il smile, I guess. 'vfwvevfiifblt We-WD - M , ,, MWMVQK , i , Eff 3 , ish-52' "-V 4' Do I have to . . . P ShouIdn't this be straight!?! I is-1 WHL W 3 2, , iw X Monica Stierle Kelli Fish Kathy Pillo Tracey Bucko 2 r ,gg is V K V V , nm ,L I xr wk ,N K AWK W ,,. N ' 2 i ' ,, ,,,, I f LZ, 2 Y' , Y , ' 3, V QQ , . J" W, , , rf" ,,ii , 3 iiiii ' ,,,. , , f--, ' ' " -' I ' Arthur Napolitono 194 Christine O'Neill Anne Clifford Tammy Keane if .wg-V Dawn Frost Leslie Westfall g ,, ff fy. Mmwfwfwww Q N s 12214 Nancy Barlow 0 S Sabrina Mawandi X, ' '7' iii ,. Y, ma ,,, A L39-M ,W Vyyy Q if r ff Melisa Karlak Barbara Hagner Marnie Green 1 J - I H,-w 2 V .1 , 'if- 'E Marion Szollosy Joy Wochek Dana Rinehart 196 Ann Rapp i . ,Aa Cathy Sanford Erik Nelson i Brenda Olson Collen Fogarty Amber Myers 1,J'f'4 f ,wiv K v ' 2 'T N., ,v,, . V f , 'if 'MQ ,A G 9 , .Q Q fig 1 f W 4 Ven V .V,,,.,., i n ?'3'ff V .A i i I J, ,gg , A , ' wif 4 if an ,K :Z : 1 If ,wg Lori Rice ,Ml , , i Ax -- ,,.,, H" :-f , wiyigi, f ii 1 ff Q Hz ri Kim McHann Heidi Pennlston Cindy Casper ---...... -Q Best Dressed: 9- in 2 Daf1:is:':,z':: f E JJ 'ff Xl Class Couple: Mark Seifert Margo Maytham .W C 5 :mf in E Best Looking: Sue Davis Erik Nelson Class Flirtsg Class Blushers: Whendi Cook John McCafferty Ed Abdella Roberta Confortini f i 0 0 E? Q 'J X Ez' Best Buddies: Carleen Murone Tracey Bucko wt-- Class Athletes: John McCafferty MW Maytham SLIPERLATIVES , SLIPERLATIVES N- Q G A -f 5 f E J X, SLIPERLATIVES Best Tressed: Rob Oulette Sue Davis Mark Hagen f ' f Bruce Munson 1'A 199 Class Preps: Class Artists: Scott Nicolso Beth Girard fl O E af' l L 9 2 fi I M. r An 'ns F. H, Q4 af Kathy Hooley Rob Morrissey ,ww 4 ,, 5, . wil i ll 1 5 vi K l.L l ,Qi Class Musicians: Chris O'Neill Erik Nelson 200 Done Most For Class: Sinead Tillman Doug Paskowski 1, X: ' I is Friendliest and Most School Spirit: 45 il 3 l Class Partiers: Class Gigglers: Debbie Keane Ada Pizzo John Heaton Bryan Pasternak -5, N ... . X I -g. W f -....,,,..f ff' ww., It I -.uf ' '-4.4440-va ,a,,xN:w-W-....,,,-.., "-,Ms-MMV, x..,w .rf -.,., ,., 'M -Q., C s""+-..,g.s,,M - T' 'MWA w-, 'N "www, C "W-w-f--..., 3,1-f' Y. QI? E Q Class Clowns. Annie Crawford Jason Naradzy Jody Watkins Doug Paskowskn DOG K oflgilnfiilg l-X .W-M-f 5 . e 202 i Most Intellectual: Nicest Smile: Nancy Barlow Ron Evans Martha Rogg David AShCf0fi llllllllm F Brown Nosers: Marnie Green Ed Abdella 5 Non Conformists: Bill de la Vega Stephanie Shipley Typical Seniors: Bryan Ridge Sinead Tillman Most z E Nicest Eyes: Biggest B.S.ers: Sue Davis Frank Misericordia David Theisen Mary Nolet Favorite Teachers: Miss Austin Mr. Bouc Most Likely to Succeed: Valerie Tutson Doug Paskowski Kerry Burroughs Kari Pitt Y4' Most Gulliblez Ed Abdella Most Talkative: Marnie Green Rob Piscetta Quietest: Donna Muhlenbein 203 O4 I wish to extend my personal thanks to Mr. Schnepf, Mr. Nolan and Brian Hawthorne for their individual and sincere help this year. Another round of thanks goes to all of the editors whose help has been greatly appreciated for making EXPRESSIONS the best yearbook yet. Also, a speci thanks goes to Laura Buckbee and Dav Theisen for all of their help. Congratulations are also in order for the Senior Class of 1983 for all of their accomplishments through the years. To all of my friends and classmates I wish the best of luck and happiness in the future. X rl' M. WG Ton Mino Editor-in-Chief 1983 Yearbook Yearbook Remember Whens . . . Wendy spent the night before her deadline at Doug's. 4:30 A.M. - sports section completed 2:30 A.M. - senior section completed Wendy said, "Tony you had better sit down!" Well I didn't take any .... "Yes sir", was the correct response. Andrea told Bob to TRY! Cathy was home sick on her deadline with her pages. fLlrge to Doug's picture had a spot on it and he yelled. Tony kicked the cabinet twice. We TRIED to sell ads for the yearbook? A.B. and WB. stalled out at the Burger King drive-through and then the money blew out the window? Andi, Marnie, and Wendy stopped traffic on Railroad Street? 2:00 A.M. - advertising section completed kim 3610! glue Cjfarm 1983 " .fave 014 Sfioes ' Jwfe 94 Dewar ak wofffbwff 4 f6ZMJf7 QAM ware ,Zhang MMWSS ff QQBQQSQKSQQ5 2 4 bf? Uwwfy WM 203 357 M253 05,0 fly Owner rc Kmb MK Ng f I . f YQSIJUJE 5 M340 M f 2 Of' - - A 4 . I I LITCHFIELD C OUN TY'S LARGEST SA VINGS BANK ,w.,-.- - . -.-. -,,-,- r i lnmstern I l g I noun. ax v-mn sn.,ppWm.M. X n L I :mow I 2 . Sh f J y . I 1 4 I I 5 I V Kem ' 6 I I New ,, , Preston 7 4 , Q ' R ' New I M1 and Sherman I0 md 63 06163 06752 I 4 5 a5.4,mm , for you, your family, r 211, ammna I 7- and your business NEVV MILFORD SAVINGS Member Corwnectucut Mutual Savungs Banks Assoc Federal Deposn Insurance Corp Q 1858 - 1983 Best of luck to the class of '83, 206 D 8 G ARMY 8 NAVY Main Street, New Milford, Ct. Levi's ' Lee ' DeeCee Congratulations Class of '83 Telephone: 354-0424 jfair for .Hair SALON Bfsf wishff fo Mr 50155 of 1985. Hom WDM lzzfwzfizzzzf CWM wifh ,SIJFCIUK 1454221165 fo Mcfffo my 5c'11ivr5 Mo Hrgvfdfa Oypmizc fic ffubumf 571053615 if To uivcfgve info fha fm' 501.9 if 13 g - Wg Mqtkinsfg :i7Zlmz2'1ry'Kf' ,f Cgyqjyknf AOCGf?220 GROVE OFFICE PRODUCTS Bank Street, New Milford, Ct. 207 lJoR'rgfVl SAVE! OPGN 7 DAYS A NeEK W' r Wynn'-ww Q 3 ,G " 5" f av ' we ,, M' ,L kg H ,J .H-,M-if 1 wm i 4 ' 'aff A L 4 ,Ili 3 YNY -- , " Q V ,N ' , ' 208 NATIONAL WISHES HONOR SOCIETY SUCCESS AND HAPWNESS W To The G d t g Class Of 1983 Wishes Of Success , Good Fortune and H pp CONGRATULATIONSH!!! WE MADE IT!!!!! Love Wendy Byrne, Andrea Batista Tony Mino 8 Doug Paskowski TCDTHE CLASS OF 1983 X X TT , W , 5' Y , , A gig ,wwf M Q4 M f W? , t ,L we fs ' W J' 'Z' t Q al , i 1' TOMMY'S CLEANERS 78 Railroad St. New Milford W , VV,iV,,i ,, ,i, A Danbury Rd, 6 de rl V ' , fi 'fjigfyf f' ' f, I , , gr , W Q mr, ' . ,A , f f' Q. ,"'5Y4JM I ' ' A . 5 ' i af New Milford, Cr. J 4' 1 X 5- ,mu Q 2 i .Ms 11, ' , . X ,, , ,qi I JV . , V , I Int, , ' 5 5 A V Ai ttf' ' at 4 is .fav I W, , , fx ' ggi r ,f 5 A if My . VA V,' ' H r 1 r W ' i , N, ww to xxx? Congratulations to the Class 1983 Y 12 fr NCWWX is wnnyff , f M of NWCSin-ff.srswsrfsffsssawwvfwws CN. , 1.wfv-aww-sriir. ox i l Bobbit's Emporium Te. 3544827 Bank St. 3 Emer Tel 748 4214 New Milford, Ct. - f ACTION GLASS CO. INC. of New Milford Railroad Street New Milford, CT Tom Ledan Jerry Ledan X K K , ,,. C .khk X wwf 1 w e. Qb, 1 Xlsfk Congratulations to the Class ' ' jg of '83! N 'X s fifkiists 1 JCNL A my I X I fs kiggtg 210 MARTIN PLUMBING Danbury Rd. New Milford, Ct. Congratulations Graduating Class of '83 14? -1- a. Best Wishes and Good Luck to the Class f '83!!! THE WINDMILL DINER Rte. 7, New Milford We make things happen --: Ev SJ 5 fb e 3 ... -1 4llnn---- ' 1 I I 1 I l -,....,.. lu :na X I -n uisj I ll W "Ze 'IE'-'E l ll. w I-1 V 4 JEIIF' Colonial QD Bank 67012094 Jae ffzeafm Jim All Hard S Soft lce Cream Made Fresh Daily On Premises NWAAJ' 7123 447 M - it r Ice Cream Cakes For All AMERlCA'S OCC5Si0l'lS FRESHEST ICE CREAM 14 Danbury Rd. New Milford, Ct. Q1 Klfgip Hgocivn, Q CN qe Hard 4815 in Wafe On the I Qreen i l M k-2,159 QM ro sms! sox 479 New MILFORD. corwscricur oevve TOM and BARBARA LEAHEY 354 5549 0' Mit APLWHKDN 'ig' mm INN ANI? Risrflnnieflwr 'gf Egkv 0Pil1g7s ws AwtiK :gi -Egg Q i ,, ll iv 'rv FOR biLlClOLl2Nl-lET3l?EZAt5 i OUT ORMRS it T3 I mvoure PIZMW IT? vom RUNING For LIT R' if D l l ' 'lm ' LA IE s ,wi ,Q PHARMACY Bank Street, New Milford, Ct. Congratualtions and the Best of Luck to the Class of '83l Full Liquor Assortment -Also Specializing in Steaks and Seafood 213 5 GREY? jtwwrwtw r,Q'Hf 3 MOREY'S 40 East Street New Milford 354-9900 CROSS-TOWN 132 Danbury Road New Milford 354-0921 214 OLD TGWN CAFE 40 Bank St. New Milford, Ct. - TEL. 135 gacg gfzaug, dna. Pl.uMB1NG - HEATING 81 PUMP lNsTALL.ATiDN5 PRES. W. STRAUB ,ff z no g l M 4 x 4 ,I 1 B RoBERTsoN's .JEWELERS CHRYSLER Main sr. New Milford, ct. RENAULT PEUGEOT 354-5524 5 Danbury Rd. New Milford fRte. 7 - At The Bridgej Professional Service Since 1952 SOC.lTHWORTH'S W C7 5f'fefVQ'f4ffin99O 5 '905 soufuusnoxco RO. Box 96 Elmwood Place Danbury, Ct. 06810 203-744-461 1 'I nu Ig gf f ' ' ' 1 A I BHC! Dvmil Women's Clothing k Accessories Crafts 81 Gifts Gaye Parise Joanna Seitz 19 Church Street P.O. Box 1672 New Milford, CT 06776 12031 355-2790 Congratulations to the Senior Class of 1983 CAPPIELLO BROTHERS JEWELERS INC. Diamonds - Diamond Jewelry - Watches Rings - Jewelry - Gifts Girard Perregauz ' Rolex Watches Accutron By Bulova Exclusive Agents For KeZi'pu"s'alre DIAMOND IINOI Gerber Cutlery 0 Royal Worcester China ' Lenox China 1 S Crystal 14K s 18K cold Jewelry XM df Jewelry and Estate Appraisers 'X' Expert Watch 8 Jewelry Repairing 2 Convenient Locations to Serve You 424 Main St. 15 Main St. Ridgefield New Milford 438-0006 354-7212 E titlltmgrm ctassizgg ll il ' i 7 xnhing 216 CHARISMA! Qlassic Vlfllagfi Open Wednesday - Sunday ,Cl0fh1f1g from 6:00 - 11:00 62 f3ll!'03d St- Congratulations and the Best new mllford Ct- of Luck to the Class of '83! 355-2459 belinda C!l51R15?'iA atasx-sift vintage ciothing 7 HARDWARE STORES GP HARTS 20 Bank St Ylzae Maha st H. H. TAYLOR 8 SON INC. 85 Railroad St. New Milford, Ct. Best of Luck in the Future Graduating Class of 1983. HONAN'S MARKET E1 LIQLIOR STORE Telephone New Milford 354-4048 Est. 1896 Gaylordsville, Connecticut 06755 SLONE PHARMACY 2 Bank St. New Milford, Ct. 218 Congratulations To The Graduating Class Of 1983! Compliments Of KURLASHXDIAMOND DEB, mp. Rochestetg N.K 14604 fl fXl QQ N QQ BN PETER RABBIT NURSERY SCHOOL 29 Terrace Place Ext. New Milford, Conn. 06776 354-7673 354-9010 Best Wishes to the Class of '8 YOUR HOMETOWN BANK Il TWO CONVENIENT LOCATIONS THE NEW MILFORD BANK S TRUST COMPANY 55 Main Street New Milford, Con t' t 06776 Telephone 203-355 1171 now open for your convenience a south 7 branch 220 'Wo FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA EB.L.A. Congratulations to the Senior Class . Y V 5' , .. I I Ff 'Cf ,w' 'V f ""' . ....-. , u -. 1 New Milford Lion's Club Congratulations and the Best of Luck to the Class of '83! 751 3 5060255 rljizzm Mfafff- " 56Jf70Z7f'1g Qmc cw 7llz'W21f0C:" i N 917871 athzg' 7 -it C J aaa' cf: .cfnoffe Complete Headquarters 'Smoking Acc Conn Lottery Sunday Boston Globe on request 30-32 Railroad Street New Milford CT 06776 7 we T "' Q 7 E 4 355-1551 Open: 77 ' Mon-Sot. 6-8 ifiasf- sun. 6-1 Books , 5 C2033 355-0448 and g Cards Uhr llinnkmnrm Carol and Ed Sheehan 41 Main Street Village Green Market New Milford, Conn. 06776 222 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1983 MARKETING DISTRIBLITIVE EDUCATION CLASSES ,,II . Nov. 1982 - Niagara Falls 6 O E O Z O 0 I B U 7-,pa . 66 J., 4-.uw ITP- -jf. "'-Lg .-fl N' A 0 Q 60 FROM THE 5 XST R U F3 P5 pc: C ED bv 'HB 0 8 Canada North Atlantic Regional Conference Nov. - 1982 DECA's Foster Child - llian Aponte ruff, Marketing ll Class School Store DECA S1 15 ' f - i fl i 'S ' I I S I P I 4 I - 2 iff it .. -- - ccii C I I vs VICA Volleyball Wall Street - New York City 223 224 Dr. Ms Friends of the Class of '83 Donna Dacey Mario and Linda Batista The Batista Family Mr. and Mrs. Robert DeBoy Mabel A. Honan Mr. and Mrs. David Cook and Family Mr. and Mrs. Donald P Tutson Liz and Howard Wallack LouAnn laia and Sons Barbara Mitchell and Tawny John Robinson . Joanne Lillis Mr. Donald Fiftal Mr. Bob Asman Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bouclier Bonnie Jo Cheron Socratis Clonaris Joan D. Crews Jane Cushman Mr. Ken Doyon Mr. 8 Mrs. George D. W. Ferris ll Mr s. C. Groeschner Philip G. Hajjar Ad ele Handlers Mr. 8 Mrs. Rudolph E Hetzel James R. Hilton Larry Kershnar Bill Knipple Ge orge W Lapinsky James L. Lauer Judy Leonard Terre Levin Stephen P McGrath Alan Moger Matt Mullen Mr. 8 Mrs. John Nelson J. Russell Nicolas Mr. W Nolan Ron Olson Jo-Ann H. Opulski Douglas N. Packard Bob Pearson Mr. Sheridan Luise G. Stevens Elizabeth N. Thompson Laurence l. Tripp Ann Vallambroso Bob VanDerzee Mr. 8 Mrs. Donald Woodin Mr. 8 Mrs. Angelo Leone Ev Family Mr. 6 Mrs. Quinn Sowell 8 Family Peaches and Herb New Milford Music Center Chaillou Flower Shop A Little Witchery Michael and Lisa Triscari Mike Sweeney -- Class of '80 The Allan's, Jim and Mary The MacNeal Family: Arnold, Betty, and Arnold Jr. Angela Drollette Mrs. Ernistine Clark Mrs. Maytham and Family Slush, Doc, Buns, and "The Big Guy" Mr. and Mrs. Jon L. Clow and Family Mr. Peter Horeyseck Phyllis Guerra The Bossers Family Mr. 8 Mrs. Charles Hawley John Flynn LeRoy Booth Maggie Bartlett Mr. S Mrs. John Lindholm Francine Bachman Kenneth Grant Jr. Doris Pick Al S Jake Ade Mr. S Mrs. George Sterry Mr. 6 Mrs. Merle D. Bailey Ruth J. Helmus Bob 8 Jane Dixon Mr. 8 Mrs. Paul J. Mino Casey Drummond Mr. 5 Mrs. Lowell Hendrix Frank Smith Mr. 8 Mrs. Richard Bouton Filomena A. Genna Mr. S Mrs. Dallas Reed Mr. 6 Mrs. Robert Turhune Dorothy Johnston Mrs. Peter Flynn Mr. 8 Mrs. David Jalbert Jean 5 Larry Buoy Bob S Vivian Cornell Mr. 8 Mrs. George Haase 6 Family Mr. 8 Mrs. Thomas Knoerl 8 Family Mr. Glen R. Reynolds 8 Family Mr. 6 Mrs. Gary Larson 6 Family Mr. S Mrs. Anthony Rizzo 6 Family Mr. 5 Mrs. Robert Stuart E1 Family Ralph C. Craft Joan Griblin Mr. S Mrs. Robert Pitchard Mr. S Mrs. Donna Pratt Dawn Penniston Mr. S Mrs. Adolph Burkhardt Drew S Kathy Gocken Mr. S Mrs. Glenn E. Renzulli Brenda S Christine Fried Bob 8 Mandy Muro Eric, Joy, 5 Jason Seibold Michael 8 Donna Paribello Amy Sue Peterman Kerrie S Todd Tinelli The Dodd Family Bob 8 Donna Muro Frank McEntee Rich S Elaine Pasqua Richard, Carol, S Eileen Mulhare Wayne, Lynn, Joey, 8 Terry Dave, Pat, Kevin, 8 Caroline Jane, Terry, Kristin, 8 Scott Hickey The Pekar Family Tae Mercer Family Gary, Mary, Ann, Donna, 8 Cheryl The Lurkins Congradulations Class of '83: Sherry S Tod Wheeler William R. Johnston Mrs. Merwyn Kraft Sadler Aircraft Service Mr. S Mrs. Shiffman Mr. S Mrs. Stanley Kuzia, Jr. Mr. S Mrs. Curtis J. Saari Mr. 8 Mrs. Raymond E. McLaughlin Jack S Cynthia Cover Mary Jane de Boubon 8 Ferdinand The Fetter Family The Reeves The Aquilina Family Bonnie 8 James Hill Aunt Lillian 8 Uncle Ronnie Nancy Davis 8 Family Mr. S Mrs. Gerald J. Nahley The Watkins Family Mrs. Maytham 8 Family Hungerford Family The Burkhardt Family Mr. 8 Mrs. William Penniston Mr. 8 Mrs. Walker Johnson expressions 40 Ll-I Exmrassmvcosnws ex, ggx V3 if K J F SSI R . 'essions EXPRESSIQNDS X 'U 1 CD en 2. C 3 cn EFL X E 5 MJ 111 UD Q Z DNSGXPYGSSIUUS W

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