New Milford High School - Yearbook (New Milford, CT)

 - Class of 1978

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4 New Milford High School New Milford, Connecticut Tributaries lFacultyl.. Tide lActivitiesl ...... CurnunslSponsl .... Surf 1lUnderclassmenl Crest lSeniorsl ...... Index l l 1 1 l l l 1 l l l ,Fm .W l Nl l l l i l i .. , - l I l 1 l l rl A POEM BY RON OLSON f-I "The Challenge of f-'W The Green We ve . iw! -- Under darkened clouds of Hlghlj Green Waves roll with cro wns of white f-If!! Y gmutwff -9' Surging on they swell and roam' Rushing, raging to the shore. Q Q' wif' in 14 I VVV4 I g ,g,g i Z H A ,ffl ' ff ' f "ffyjfQ-ff,:i1',, . , , f ,,,. 9, vw' .1 ip. ff if 5 35, -ii Seethlng, crashing in the sanaj vapored spectres roam the land. w"""" , 6. 4, gn Eff ww ,,, . 4 Y -.'-Q ' ' r ,Jv- 0'er the fields LF and tanks they sport s Rousihg spirit in the court. 'Wx E V Stalwart foes have vainly tried to circumvent this teeming tide FX V '1 tml mmm 1153 'iii fs- I , ggi! W av" Breakers roll - and many score ln awe shall fear the Green Waveis roar 'Kp-. W4- f 'WWW , ..,, . . , 4:51-tiZf+?:',Zv'ZMI: " ' WMM WW, ,i, V,,...,, .l DDQ 'L-.A--. N,,,,,,,4-I' k. fp N 4 W4 1 f ,V,,- F" W 5' if J,:L,15 ' Q asv .f-v 'f 1 , S412 ms , A 1,517 51:1 i' Jaculw . . . QQFEX Newry, Administration 5 xKQk John Robinson University of Scranton, B.S. Pennsylvania State University, Hofstra University, ED.D St. Joseph College, B.S. University of Hartford, M.S. ' Fairfield University, C.A.G.S. 1, Joanne M. Lillis ,f I X, 4. iw, 18 Boston College, B.A., M.A. University of Connecticut, 6th year -...... , William Brokowski Office Personnel Terry Kitney Marie Ohmen ,4-"Y fu Nh., Sandy Anderson HPWE3 be 4, Joan Squires Bonnie Howard - -an. Sandra E. Cats X, XXX 'lg 5 - f-if Guidance l , 1 fi" ,. V V Wheaton College, B.A. A ' Columbia University, M.A. Susan Fogarty Jane Cushman "" University of New Haven Eastern Connecticut State College Central Connecticut State College, B.S. y h 'G Western Connecticut State College University of Bridgeport, M.S. California State College, B.S. Y Duquesne University, M.S. X Q 1 University of Bridgeport Gene Bernard George Lapinsky South Hampton College, B.A. University of Illinois C.W. Post College, M.S. Guidance Secretary Bob Vanderzee Clare Raymond 20 il' v ,.-un 3 is XX Barbara M. Nelson , l .. .::, Q C t L' ff -, fits 3' X , 'ie 1 ' t . u S y, - , Q izsilstw-11' .a., . if ...L 1 1 A "-A Ta , Q 1 aaa l rf i. ' ,,: 1 .,,.'L iii .-':,. Hugh P. Magoun Wagner College, B.S. New York University, M.A. Our Lady of the Mts. Academy Notre Dame School of Nursing, R.N. St. Anselms College Central Connecticut State College University of Connecticut, B.A. Central Connecticut State College, M.S. Southern Connecticut State College, M.S. Assistant Librarian t , Laurette Caron Theresa Burch x uf! But little t play l E n g l is h "W University of Connecticut University of North Carolina, B.A. Western Connecticut State College, M.S. 1:4 Buzz Burhans Joanne E. Lewis University of Buffalo Western Connecticut State College, B.S. Judith A. Leonard Bowling Green State University, B.S Oxford University, M.A. New York University, M.A. Fairfield University, C.A.S. , ,,.,, ,,,,., , Mount Holyoke College, B.A. Brown University, M.A.T. Ein, Barbara Reynolds Nancy C. Czerw 22 Ria, me era: - Z-' University of Maine, B.A. Western Connecticut State College, M.S. University of Birdgeport, 6th year Smith College Central Connecticut University of New York University of Pennsylvania John Lee Luise G. Stevens Dickinson College, B.A. Lance D. Rogers Boston College seeet Fairfield university, B.A. is ' N"A D National institute for Mental Health, M.A. Western Connecticut State College, M.A. Bm Vyzg VV ,,' Q Middlebury College, A.B. y V Boston University, M. ED. Brian F. Gormley Elizabeth Thompson Wellesley College, B.A. Syracuse University, M.S. Western Connecticut State College, B.S., M.S. Cynthia Cover Ron Olson New York Institute of Technology, B.F.A. Hofstra University, M.A. Trinity College Chester Schnepf Vfk 'IC "K+ 'Z' JA we' L., 1 K4 'Hg ,K 4 P 5-. we-, y .W-Q , .f 'fi .v X .ss ,. A 'f S h. 3 4 -Q-Rx un 4 I .4-1 Ll '- ft .- X W u, 'Q , i X Ji i Z x ' x 4 S kiwi' ..' x I KARL A - -- 'H Q N f . X, ,rr LZAAA V -X A V .. L I . ' 5 i v A W ' -fu ' L f 3 Q , ,. , K , 153' X 'Sw W I . P Q , Ax - , W ,new ' W X x. k A ' A , q ' 1 41 if ,. ...A QR .E ., ' ,, W FX. fi,1,.,f' ,W -,1. IRL" Him ze' Foreign Language Ernestine S. Clark Southern Connecticut State College, A.B. Central Connecticut State College Western Connecticut State College University of Maine, B.A. I University of Rennes, France Western Connecticut State College, M. Ed. Colegio Mayor Universitario, Spain Denise Maleh 26 -t V can't tch 7 1-JE Western Connecticut State College, B.S. Brandeis University, B.A. Clark University, M.A. Eleanor M. Castonguay t W it mg. X. Q : George Doring ff' S 11 . 1. Q se- X is as xy Marge Maczokas Q'g. A 4 C Bates College, B.A. Central Connecticut State College St. Bonaventure University, B.A., M.A. Diane A. Miller-Osborne is x, CX , ll o O o X 3 . 2, g 2 ' 3 2 NF'-' b'lff ,A - - gyms Thomas F. McDevitt Juniata College, B.A. Universidad de Barcelona Southern Connecticut State College Com'ere Big ,. 1 ' I 5 ,Z 1 I fl 4 I 17 tff Art ' Southern Connecticut State College, B.S. BYAM Shaw School of Painting 5' Wagner College, B.S. Hartford Art School H! Dayle A. Elsesser Daniel J, Dudde . , ,,. 5 , w Q at at y Q e X' 2. Q, V , ft Home Economics ilu f lk iff . 58 f X 'W K' University of Connecticut, B.S. M Mmm fy' ..,. :WMM-Y Mansfield State College, B.S. Western Connecticut State College University of Connecticut JoAnn 0PUlSki Nadine D. Geyer 28 Adele Handlers 1 " 1 fgfgm WM, Q .J Don Hayes Carol Ann Ferris University of Connecticut, B.A. Columbia University Teachers College, M.A. Herbert Lehman College, M.S. University of Bridgeport, B.S. Queens College, M.S. City College of New York Southern Connecticut State College, B.S. Fairfield University, M.A. Southern Connecticut State College, 6th year Duquesne University, B.A. Southern Connecticut State College, M.S. Emmanuel College, B.A. Marquette University, M.A. Western Connecticut State College, 6th year Central Connecticut State College, M.A. Albert F. Bayers, Jr Karen Hores Physical Education 30 if Arnold College, B.S. University of Bridgeport, M.S. , wiv' West Chester State College, B.S. University of Hartford Joseph Wiser Frances W. Zaloski 1 5 Yankton College, B.A. VVV , V ,-,,W Chip Salvestrini Tarkio College, B.S. University of Tampa, B.S. Western Kentucky University f, , William Kraft Bonnie Jo Cheron C C if cf L4 Industrial Arts ii , 1 . it SN 1 Ay"'E5 New York City Community College, A.B. State University of New York, B.S. J as if .- it ws -was N YM C X , Q, Central Connecticut State College, . . Richard T. Kosier William Ticehurst s James Dowd , Q, yssartif Q ' Central Connecticut State College, Peter J. Barbero Central Connecticut State College, B.S. University of Hartford, 6th year Florida State University University of Florida Western Connecticut State College Central Connecticut State College t 'W 5 , . :WL 6' ,, , 1 . 5 rg 4 L f ijr ,t FSR, A Z 2 13,695 - vii ' 1-J' 11 4"'pd'f: X ll ' , ,st GWR . ,yn , .tit 'sign . " .ll James R. Hilton Social Studies 32 Tx J. Russell Nicolas Southern Connecticut State College, B.S., M.S. Central Connecticut State College, B.S. Western Connecticut State College, M.S. ig.-. K. In iw, f l 1 Nf ,rt . 'jf St. Louis University, B.A., M.A. 4 -4- an .gb C Q U 4 E ' Fr K C ' 4 , y . f 955 A 4 ' 553 iff -Q 32 , f f Q .T ' 93 " i W ,., 55' 1 453 S .Q .gf . Francis J. Gillespie F f E s X Z- Q. 5 if .f Q4 Q . ss. Ann Vallombroso Findlay College, A.B. University of Toledo, M.A. University of Connecticut, P.H.D. Candidate Robert W. Asman v S :S . . as M., . . " vu- . X e....,,,. .wwf f f -Hex is ,Q 'fa 'Q Western Connecticut State College, B.S. Ross Kellogg is l - gi Bluffton College, B.A. y Cortland College, M.S. , City College of New York H ' A University of Connecticut, 6th Year .X fp' " H ' i f-ff? I g 1, ta - si., ,nf X ,will ft if " 4" - s X- ' 1 ix X i 5 ,Q .:- ,V it ' A ' Q V I K N it 'P gl Sl I we . i - . ' .- a , . . , X. i c i l 5 g g -,.,,.,. K l f! L N ,,,, N 1 Western Connecticut State College, B.A. 2 -Qfwif ' Q ' uv . 4 . Hunter College S ' Katherine G. Austin Charles Raymond Central Connecticut State College, B,S. Trinity College, M.A. Stephen P. McGrath Bowling Green State University, B.A., M.Ed. EL . 1 . W S I .f"" 1 H K W Trinity College, B.A. George Washington University, M.A. University of Bridgeport, 6th year James Lauer Marco N. Psarakis ga Business i l University of Bridgeport, B.S. Central Connecticut State College North Hampton Junior College, A.S Central Connecticut State College, B.S. University of New Haven Richard Sheridan I Barbara Chernov Salem State College, B.S. Central Connecticut State College Western Connecticut State College Husson College, B.S. I X University of Maine, M.S. 2 1 -mi' Theresa Vanasse Gerald Castonguay Salem State College, B.S. Central Connecticut State College, B.S. of Southern Connecticut State College , Donna Stanley Robert Latham 34 Remember When . . Mr. Nick had an omelet party. Mr. Lee's voice kept squeaking. yy - , , Mr. Nick tried to cut afwooden cake. L ece :gf Mr. Hoyt told Bruce iBarrick to stop flowing all oversihisfchasir.. Mr. Nicolas didn't flirt. ldoes anyone?i R ' Mr. McDevitt recited The Night Before Christmas. C Mr. Doring erased his blackboard, and when he didn't. Mrs. Clark became Mommy to forty kids. Mr. Salvestrini called us "cuties", Mr. Lee didn't say okay. We lA.P. Historyl locked Miss Vallombroso out of the tent when she was in p.j.'s. Mr. Hibbard took us Christmas caroling in the halls. Mr. Hibbard would read us stories. Mr. Nick actually corrected our tests a week after we took them. Mr. Raymond hung THE FLAG on the wall. Mr. Doring and Mr. McDevitt would shout "Homerooms, people, homerooms". Mr. Ferris threw chalk at Ralph, the class, posters . . . Mr. Hoyt called Lisa Pielli an animal and told Marie Center she rotted. Mr. Olson made us write a poem on warts. Mr. Ferris showed Mrs. Cheron how to touch your feet to your chest. Mr. Devin made six mistakes in one period. Mr. Hibbard read us his new cartoon book at the NHS picnic. Mr. Kershnar would play classical music during photography. Mr. Lee locked himself in his room. Mr. Ferris wasn't insulting someone. Mr. Raymond told Sue Verba to shut up and put a pocketbook on her head and she did. Dr. Robinson decided to observe Mr. Joy and found Mr. Physics. Mr. Nick's desk was suspended from the ceiling on AprilFool's Day. Mr. Brokowski said, "Don't forget your munchie money". Mr. Rogers would say, "What a crackerjack" or "That'sesoteric". Mr. McDevitt didn't digress. ll can'tJ C Mr. Kwas' class sang Happy Birthday to Mr. Ferris. L Mr. Rogers would roll across the floor on his office chair. Mr. Nick's American Studies class turned their desks around. Mr. Bayers would always say, "Come on gang, time's awasting". Mr. Woodin referred to the white stuff on the ground and Brad Anderson asked, "You mean snow? Miss Lillis toldus to go get undressed. Mr. Doring fought with the Board of Ed. so we could go to Mexico. Mr. Asman got down on one knee and apologized to Paulette Gottlieb. The history dept. sang Happy Birthday to Mr. Asman. Mathematics l l University of Connecticut, B.A. University of Bridgeport, M.S. University of Maine, B.S. Ap ,M University of Connecticut, M.S. Nancy-Marie Vago William R. Bucknam af W Western Connecticut State College, B.S., M.S. William C. Hibbard ' '- gt, Western Connecticut State College, B.S. t .. ' ,IW Q Fairfield University, M.A.T. - M. .,t ij l I fxiw . E -1. 1 I R, l ' 1' ' W' "' , , f v' , R T 15? R, .i . ' "'l:iili i C' vw q-N-M 30 + - . byggfmy . xxw. -xxtxksxi ' WL , ' , Z i nf., x,,.,k Lx ' ,. . V: . YF L' A "gi U ll ,E . tux .t t - Western Connecticut State College, B.S., M.S. if ':,.t.:3 t. . 'it ' Centra' Connecticut . .ll 'C' ii., . f Sarah Lawrence . P A t,.,, W al i Case Western Reserve SH ' K : tp' ' ' i'i 1 .. X ' Yale ' 'ma A - UW '-' ., . . . . "' ,X Q 1 - 1 I University of Connecticut 1 - i ' 36 Catherine Robinson Donald J. Woodin ,ggi Nfl S Albany State Readers College, A.B. - S State University of New York North Adams State Readers College Alma Roberson ii G.D.W. Ferris '15 , CN' o ggqgqq 155 f if QL .Aff A United States Military Academy, B.S. 1 IF Brigham Young University, M.S. ?M,.,.,. Providence College, B.A. Villanova University, M.A. Glenn R. Schiraldi Richard Kwas Science New York University, B.S. Idaho State University, M.S. St. Joseph College, 6th year "" .li pd Canisius College, B.A. I-HWY Kershnar Harry W. Mullen ' ,ff Keene Teacher's College, B.Ed. , Rutgers University v Earlham College Western Connecticut College, M.S. lj L Socratis Clonaris Teacher's aide ff Albion College, B.A. Wesleyan University, M.A.T. Southern Connecticut State College, 6th year Doug Packard Mrs. Diemer 38 S ,fs- .QPF Mr. Physics ui' 5 N i' wefffrf Ihr: "' .Q 5-:unsung if Af' IXIQ l -4' Z i kjif? - Pg, S , 4 W 'L 1 ' ' C 9 'Y rs f , - s, t s U 'fr 451--'::"'Q , , ff atqxe 3 Wk-E?ff 'rr -HV 4 gfgsav fgiifxtl, jigf1i"X, E-2. 4 X- lf',':......-F ,,, gg4T 5 ll' Wil' f v ' 4 J,,,c , U, Rensseleer Polytechnic Institute, B.S. Western Connecticut State College, M.S. Robert D. Joy r, is -Us , ,M Helena Gorochow 'il Western Connecticut State College B S M A Southern Connecticut State College, B.S. Wesleyan University, M.A.L.S. Jack Bouclier Brigham Young University, B.S. University of Connecticut, M.A. Peter Golanski 39 Bates College B.S Western Connecticut State College M.S. ,Jw Russell L Devin David W- HOYY Bloomfield College, B.S. Danbury State College, M.S. Cornell University, M.S.T. University of Virginia Butler University I 4 ctivities A.F.S. Row 7: J. Menkes, A. Barton, J. Ferriss, C. Harkness, K. Nelson, T. Gereg, J. Talbot, B. Tryonoviech, C. Smith, M. Rogers Row 2: S NlcGuinness, B. Rylander, L. Vancoughnet, J. Storm, Yukiko Numata, C. Gray, D. Pogonowski, L. Storti, L. Miseracordia, N. Winans, E Emmons Row 3: M. Pizzo, E. Lewis, K. Tremont, L. Popovsky, J. White, L. Metcalf, L. lzzard, D. Kimberly, L. Lohmann, V. Smith, A. DeCaro E. Brenner, J. Fish, L. Correa, C. Foster, J. MacGaughlin, N. Heaton, S. Turk, J. Tolworthy, G. Damore, D. Post. Xx 4 2 n2rsrro",.?JOzt1oua' '.K I0mu Row 7: B. Skoog, T. Ellis, L. Lowell, C. Poletto, M. Hyland, C. Westfall, D. Leili, R. Zidack, C. McNiff, T. Wilson, R. Ferriss, T. Wilson, L. Hinz. How 2: P. Racz, C. Gee, C. Armstrong, D. Wharton, C. Hetzel, Y. Numata, D. Wolter, L. Gaudenzi, J. Scheaffer, J. Cameron, R. Sacchi, M. Rosen. Row 3.' Advisor: Mr. Raymond, P. Ericson, D. Dahlberg, C. Fisher, M. Russell, M. Gee, J. Nahley, A. Berrent, D. Newman, D. Wharton, S. Hetzel, N. Cignoli, K. Armstrong, M. Baxter, T. Schmal, D. Freeman, L. Shab, C. Phillipine, S. Brown, D. Aickelin, J. Randazzo, K. Muhlenbein, S. Jennings, C. Thompson, K. Caldwell. How 4: R. Hodge, D. Carrol. 43 Aeronautics . Row 7: M. McBride E. Eddie B. Hoffman D. Baisley B. Smith M. Genovese Row 2: C. McDuna A. Hoddy J. Hallock Advisor: Mr. Clonaris D. Leonard A. Chark D. Warren B. Gilante D. Hartman 44 ,,l! Auditorium gc., 'bs . ,W . we , Q Q D" -,-..., Advisor: Mr. McDevitt, J. Theriault, B. Enos, C. Ritchie, L. Pappano, D. Paskell Fx, Chess B. Siepman M. Chan J. Jordan, P. Boris H. Mullen B. Bouquillon S. Bryer T. Hehl G. Mullen Advlsor: Mr. Hoyt B. Lombardo Chanticleer . . D.E.C.A. .' 'I 5 58546 E How 7: W. Winklevoss K. Miller C. Godialis H. Bryer How 2: L. Meagan V. Duhan S. Prange A. Rebstock Row 3: D. Wolter H. Eagan R. Rinaldi L. Prause S. Godialis D. Santosaro K. Meehan M. Risato Row 4: R. Rosabella B. Kunz K. Smith J. Porwitski B. McNamee J. Rogers J. Kennedy Advisor: Mr. Sheridan J. Penniston 46 ...Y ,p l I ....,.L.dM ' A gases Row 1: C. Hehl, T. Cannon, D. Schultz, B. ROQQ, J. Cameron, C. Sawyer, A. Caplanson How 2: J Whitman, D. Croteau, S. Smith, C. Brenner, D. Bucknam, L. Biro, D. Williams, T. Sullivan, B. Brodeur Advisor: Mr. Lee, O. Hogg F.B.L.A.. 3 Row 7: G. Costa, K. Bailey, I. Titus, A. Martin, J. Nicoletti Row 2: L. Howard, P. Wooden, Advisor: Miss Chernov, D. Pare, T. Wilson, J. Bonello . F.H.A. an Q Q ga 1 r , D ix 11 ity--fe' 3 - Row I: ,...!4-1-"' "WW W Row 2: S. Stackhouse D. Bowman J. Sheaffer M. Rapelye H. Beyer L. Thompson D. Novello D. Knoche G. Meade S. Keip H. Rinehart A. Bray M. Burnette D. Foley L. Coveney D. Farnham F. Miller J. Catullo M. Rogers Advisor: Miss Opulski 47 Photography . . Rocket 'hm W' , P I - C' -""" B. Lourenco, K. Sides, W. Begasse, Advisor: Mr. Kerchnar 4: ' 91 . -1:..":. am Front: J. Sercel Back: C. Ryan P. Rowburry Advisor: Mr. Kershnar J. O'ConneII C. Sides B. Eisenberg 48 Spf .3 S . I .Lf-M ... 146 How 7: P. Keilich, M. Tomasack, R. Hastings, C. Smith, T. Tollar, G. Pete, G. Ploof Row 2.'J. Aclair, G. Kurten, Heaphy, J. Bell, E. Pitchard, B. Munson Row3.' L. Tryonoviech, J. Michelson, M. Matty, L. Pucci, L. Carmellini, C. Morrison, M. Smith, K. Throop, F. Lancaster, J. Scribner, P. Fuller, T. Wheaton. Planetarium How 7: R. Anderson M. Wooley H. Woodin C. Lourenco Row 2: J. Nelson G. Winans B. Foley Row 3: W. Metzger Y. Ferry J. Norton G. Bakewell Advisor: Mr. Daniel L. Garret G. Howard B. Pancoast J. O'Connell 49 Math . . How 7.' C. Brenner K. Boyer B. Foley I. Cetinski Raw 2: Advisor: Mr. Bucknam G. Buckbee D. Cruise A. Ganong L. Biro S. Young B. Anderson J. Brothers il 50 Medical Careers "' , 1 5 I 'ff-A, ' ff' ? Z zzifwiiiflif ' r it if i t i ' 'bi . . i Q 'W had t ' fm a. - ?"?g an ' -1-N 1 A 5 q was 3 K 'ie , 'Q' V i'i- as . xx. J, - N f f ' xn fy Left to Right: B. Theisen, B. Burch, C. Gibbon, Advisor: Mrs. Caron, A. Geo, D. Woodin, G. Meade Row 7.'G. Stone,J. Arnold, R. Stebbins, T. McBreairty How2.'R. Nicol,J. O'Connell, M. Ploch, L. Hyatt, S. Lure, M. Madden, D. Allen How 3: J. Thomas, K. Hyatt, M. Krosky, T. Conrad, T. Allen Row 4: J. Manouse, B. Clark, A. Nicol, M. Squires, D. Cruise, L. Biro, M. Kelly, L. Wochek, B. Stark, K. Malumphy, S. LaFond, S. Karpovich, M. Madden, Advisor: Mr. Barbero Row 7: N. Dealy, K. English, S. Fairclough, J. Storm, S. Basher, J. Baglia. Row 2: L. VanCoughnett, K. Moschitta, D. Neelands, R. Mallory, S. Seelye, L. Diemer, J. McBreairty, C. Poletto, M. McBreairty, M. Tovino. Row 3.'J. Corbett, S. McGuinness, S. DeCosa, A. Gutierrez, G. O'Connor, J. York, M. Hilton, T. Cusic, K. Hill, J. Lindholm, G. Pearson, S. Sweeney, B. Kovac, L. Colombo, R. Davis. Ski Club -7+ 51 V.l.C.A. . . Girls Varsity Ki B. Perreault N. Benavides B. Knott L, Grady E. Sheldon Advisor: Mrs. Zalowski 52 M' Amir . ff , Ziff! .Wi "-7.'J 5-if . M. x, D. Bowan, S. Sheaffer, S. Yoder, N. Benavides, E. Duhan, J. Sheaffer, Advisor - Mrs. Caron, Middle C. Faulenbach . X xg. ' R Student Council ,7-YS WU ill Row 7: L. Wochek, S. Frankel, W. Petitt, L. Morey Row 2: O. Rogg - Tres., C. Ross - Vice-pres., L. Murray - Sec., J. Campbell - Pres., J. Randazzo - Sec., A. Schuchat -Board of Ed. Rep. Row 3.' C. Tyrer, B. Cusic, R. Richardson, J. Baker, V. Stumpf, J. Naradzy, K. Malumphy, S. LaFond, T. McBreairty, S. Kennel, S. Fletcher, Advisor: Mr. Barbero i Row 7.'N. Lopez, M. Moclair, J. McBreairty, K. Evangelista, D. Hartman, L. Lohmann F?ow2.'K. Hill, D. Buckanm, E. Glasner, J. Hyland, C. Winans, B. Hendrix, S. Fairclough, K. Saul Row 3: K. Duhan, M. Sweeney, D. Squires, M. Post, K. Scribner, B. Anderson, N. Geisinger, S. Terry, J. Randazzo, S. Buckanm, C. Somido, D. Post 53 Y' ED, IZ fam 3-E CD QE D'-h O2 QQ. w QJ :s Q. DIRECTOR A. Baye rs CLARINETS J. Stead S. Verba K. Leavenworth K. Nelson M. Barksdale K. Anderson S. Valinaggi T. Gereg M. Post D. Owen D. Kimberly M. Hyland K. Hetzel C. Philippi L. Kolak AL T0 CLARINET C. Gray BASS CLARINET P. Racz CONTRA BASS CLARINET K. Bucknam BASSOON G. Anderson L. lzzard V. Turk AL T0 SAXOPHONE L. Morey D. Herbert B. Gregory D. Anderson D. Wasson M. Barksdale FLUTES C. Florian K. Nelson L. Pelton R. Tracy R. Tremont L. Wojciechowski N. Cignole S. Hetzel R. Karpovich J. Talbot J. Piccinini C. Sides C. Foster S. Garry C. Harpkness S. Hoburg S. Logue L. Miller PICCOLOS A. Elliott S. Smith TUBAS A. Barlow M. Gieuffe G. Gillen A. Stead S. Lewis J. Storm TENOR SAXOPHONE J. Morrison D. Woodin BARI TONE SAX OPHONE C.Gray N... FRENCH HORNS R. Larson T. Wilson P. Erickson L. Mauger J. Dantz OBOE T. Cusic TRUMPETS R. Bucknam M. Center D. Englund E. Glasner S. Barksdale P. Morasco B. Skoog S. Buddle C. Asman H. Barksdale TROMBONES A. Schuchat C. Chapin J. Morrison D. Bucknam M. Garvey J. York AT' BARITONES B. Rogg M. Rosen G. Hogan PERCUSSION B. Hogan B. Smith O. Rogg J. Marsh S. Bucknam J. Jordan C. Sawyer J. Ferris R. Hastings B. Johnson D. Maclnnis K. Saul BELLS J. Haase M. Totten B. Theisen D. Post S. Caplanson STRING BASS A. Norem Jazz Ensemble D. Wasson D. Bucknarn D. Englund C. Chapin D. Woodin P. Ericson B. Hogan A. Stead B. Smith D. Herbert E. Glasner S. Barksdale R. Bucknam J. Morrison M. Center A. Schuchat M. Gieuffre Chorus . . . Green Thumb ,4rs Row 7: M. Keip, D. Baucher, C. Haney, Row 2: Advisor: Mrs. Lewis, T. Ducey, Absent: S. Wilson, A. Schultz Row 7: Row 2: G. Anderson D. DeCaro B. Kessler R. Ouell A. Purcell S. Davis L. Hoddy G. Gillan J. Stead M. Center J. Chamberlain B. Enos J. DiFabbio S. Wallach M. Totten T. Gilchrist C. Mayers M. Hauffman E 57 National Honor Society A g t l 1 l 58 'Q argl? Q Row 7: H. Keilich, J. Bosse, J. Stead, A. Thompson, M. Center, J. Campbell, P. Daniels Row 2: Fl. Hodge, L. Szinyei, S. Larson, L. Brenner, S. Turk, K. Hasulak, L. Pielli, P. Gottleib, J. Haase, B. Kerr How 3: T. Hehl, L. Biro, B. Anderson, C. Janesky, D. Cruise, N. Heaton, C. Florian, S. Harris, D. Kimberly, D. LaMadeline, B. Lohmann, A. Ganong ff: My Row 7: S. Smith, M. Schneider, M. Gee, D. Boucher, T. Sullivan, D. Woodin, J. Bethel, C. Munch, O. Rogg Stereo Committee . . . Courtyard Clean up ug '22 xxx? is x Q 1 ,N . -A . . X, . - Q ,. -x-fp...'. Q ' Row 7.'J. Arnold, B. Conn, N. Velez, H. Heaton, J. Beard K. Henkel, B. Servie, C. Brown, D. Damore, T. Strawson Row 3: R. Baisley, G. Richman sley, C. Lourenco, P. Rowand Row 2: D. Hulton, ,K. Sabia, J. Faiola, S. Kroll, R. Seger, J. Correa M. Veltri T. Hayward L. Hawker M. Kelly R. Stebbins J. Innes D. Crane R. Rosebella D. Michalek 0 Yearbook Row 7: H. Eagan K. Camp S. Larson A. Schuchat C. Hasulak W. Petitt Row 2: C. Janesky J. Campbell A. Barlow B. Lohmann L. Pielli C. Florian 60 S xx..-, Row 7: J. Bosse, L. Corbett, T. Lee, J. Haase, K. MacDonald, L. Pelton, Advisor: Ms. Miller-Osborne, Row 2: A. Ganong, D. Kimberly, S. Harris, Advisor: Mr. Dudde, S. Reid, E. Ahern, L. Burrows, P. Burden, D. Marsicano 74.- ,X ..-CF' X 4 A-69' 43. V , 71? Vg ""27"?'a aw, 144 ...ufiiw A f .fw I ff! QA -. , ' 1 Fe, -1 Q , -f' , -9, W my .f a. , 'x ..4.,f ,K 1 WY Q C ,W f F r ff , hmm ,lf Sports Football Varsity Row 1: C. Westfall, B. Carlson, F. Hapke, G. Stone, J. Setear, T. Morasco, B. Anderson, S. Young, M. Giuffre. Row 2: D. Carlson, W. Ballard, B. Armstrong, J. Beatty, J. Hilton, T. D'Amato, C. Flynn, D. Birch, J. Purvinis. How 3: E, Johnson, B. Carlson, B. Paskowski, D. Grossenbacher, L. Colombo, S. Shiffman, P. Stewart - mgr Row 4: C. Salvestrini - coach, P. Golanski - coach, R. Kellogg - coach, F. DiFabbio, S. Bryer, G. Faolia. as Y M ,, . Q. . if fuss. SWK f f : Q X ' ' sb 1 gf' Q " - " " 'NGN -Lr- 'R' 5 r ' :si 1 65 Row 3: Coach Gillespie K. Asman M. Pignataro G. Davis J. Lindholm D. MacAvoy G. Johnson J. Rosen T. Johnston R. Devin - coach Row 2: M. Menard D. Bisceglia G. Wilson J. Gagon E. Emmons L. Leboeuf K. Mann B. Skoog 7: S. Seelye B. Johnson J. Purvinis B. Rothbart F. Lesiak K. Fletcher M. Ciferri Row ' il i ' W - K X . f K . 1 " i , K. ,,.., F gn . V ii. . A "-i- ' Q V ' T e... is " 9. 1 J K f , K he G js 5 3 " 1 X gs . . -5 1 Q- J -. iff , " Q is., L 9 g ?'57 s ' , f X" . ?" ' 15-.N FQ! f . .. . ,:52"'N:I-..1 bi: lzfi 1 :Sis-, le. 1. . ,,,f..1s2 ...f .51 , - . ,. A :sw SHN Wg - .,L. gk., .l ,Q i K .ii-i f f A - -1 . ll . a '-. sits-if S- , 4' . . 'KVM' '-1 A 'fy yi lim' kfgilfgxfw "W 0 ixlv FK 6 a Q fn .2 f ,.., , ., , 45 '4 v xa' gk vrl x14 'W .ng-I . Field Varsity How 7: L. Grady, B. Nott, E. Sheldon, J. Nahley, M. Rinaldi, K. Nott Row 2: F. Zaloski - coach, L. Webb - mgr, C. Gray, M. Schneider, K. Malumphy, L. Strelez, N. Benavides, C. Hehl, L. Pappano, D. Newman, J. Young - mgr. J.V. Row 7: L. Westfall C. Froland D. Kimberly D. Anderson V. Turk D. Post How 2: L. Correa C. Gray B. Hendrix L. Tanguay C. Fisher C. Armstrong K. Saul D. Pogonowski B. Broder M. McPhierson ...T .L L N .n . , r. Q, .. .l Q . ... f nlin . iii TQ f ' G X wr S fill 49 1 G iii if WM " ' ,, W ' WWW h X, K4 J is . K ' ,,,, mmf, Mflff S Vw, Q .1 x 1 X4 5 , V, 1 ,, V fl: I 'Mia , sv 1 W I Q? 0 'Q 8' 4 , h My V Ai K F KK . X Q 2 fm f 4 x V f Q 5 L In N, ix 'iv ,if-1 - - if f K K kk .' ' - ' f 1 i ,, A ' KN K ,f ' ' ' ff ' . A ' P - A ' Nu L -5 U - 1' -.-. .K ff sf.. fi A 4. ,.,, M, i 4' ' ff K 2 g m Q Q A ,V 7 ,, ,gh - f.4.,ff,H, gk L p x , ,, 4 fry. .nk f . . 3 . faq. 69 Soccer ,Q . 45 ,, ,,,i. 1 ,, lg . iE ,L as 4' 'F' -ff' '41 1' . wb . , wr' 'i 0 . ' - H .JV , gf A -Q ' , ,f"u, ,,,.. .4-ef , or 'X .L 1 L If , D1 - . ' V i f K K , I - - ' - we .C ' L Varsity Row 7: J. Randazzo, G. Marsan, L. Carmellini, S. Pinette, B. Bouquillon. u Row 2.' G. Gillen - mgr, L. Rogers - coach, S. Barksdale, T. Ellis, H. Ndukwu, T. Broderick, J. Dupill, M. Baxter, P. Mercer, S. Merrick, D. Lord, J. Farcas - mgr. " Sk- I f '3"E"?1'1J-:5.52- .JIS FAMCEE -:E:iE55INE?5E1'ifffffiifiiif -' :5SQ'E5551Si52?S5:!5T K .1'115f? -Q A . . .. - .Y 'N l -.- .fwfwffif ..f..,, :mu - 2 , Q-Y.. . 9 fzwmm. ...,.q..4. , . 3 .. an me X al 5 Q k,",A ,,' .. A,,. ..,. ..,: S . . . . ':" -'-b K 'T " . f . ' . . .... ff ' "1' .- if f G. Marsan, B. Bouquillon, J. Randazzo, L. Carmellini, S. Pinette, J. Dupill -S Ll Q, ff, "' 13 li .r fx I ow' " W '- E . X K K, f . 1 J.V. Row 7: D. Squires J. Hayward S. Martin S. Ridge M. Barksdale G. Hogan M. McBrierty M. Tovino J. Baglia Row 2.' J. McBrierty - mgr B. Martin J. Carmellini B. Waymouth P. Curcio T. Ouirk S. Bucknam J. Shimko C, Ryan M. Edmon N. Wynans J. Norton R. Sheridan - coach 72 Varsity Row 1: L. Burrows, S. Verba, D. Valentine, S. Schafer QAFSJ Row 2: A. DeCaro, P. Morasco, S. Valinaggi, B. Kraft- coach B. Perreault, J. Bethel, T. Zaleta .auf ' 5 '1 f K hx K gf .2 ' .fm-. 9 5 MWWQQ 'vi f A ' . . . , . , . , . , . How 2.' A. DeCaro, D. Maruszak, T. Burns, J. Murray, B. Kra B. Miltner, D. Maccariello, L. Carmellini ..-I-"""'S is S-Q Y. .,,.f 92, f f v -wfawvqcu-, " f nf 1 1 sf ,QW -nu-an--W... , , ww ,La , 322 In if in an gi: fig . i ' U J' A 1 N-ni E. Schaf5 . N."":""-.....xff-'ky inf lv' D. Valentine . Boys X-Country 52551 1... v.,, X ,.,, ., i , ii, .. , '1fiiI9T5fiS'7?5?S5 W 11 5.1.5 .. . .i3ggzg?Jm?:fwmseiwf 3: fi 5 ,, .mf -W -imwgfgm:yfmz5,.:fff:f- eiffeflf x K K X ,.o..s'f. wi442 1Rfss?i?i..'z'f gg1g?:gfZQgzs:g z. Hlzi J, gi -wig, ii mme v-wasiiifi: Qffsrwqwirgsrgfxgegfffr 'Aki iM51.ez:2i5?f yi aw' y. U, .. , .. isfi.295QfaW?Eswgeffs 4sQ15a?i0:5?LQi5g?5c3Ff.'fz51sssa efesmuwaegwzwW. 1zq,mwJg,e,4. fM,fR.M., ilma- fig,.Na5,m.'. 1 5...,.ffGau. 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K ,-1 Ji., fmfifgysy-Q . ias12z:?,zraxs4NYf2'rie WQWWNK--f me if , ...f ,LU,. ..A. , - AA.,Af'e1 W,Z, 525552755 , , , , , 2 Rm xiv -33 ww? . i, J1L,, 4 ,gm l. , , ,, , Q. , J www , Y i , P. R Varsity Row 1: C. Smith, W. Begasse, B. Hogan, C. Strobino, S. Fletcher, M. Begasse K Hill Row 2: K. Caldwell - mgr. P. Racz - mgr. R. Sacchi, D. Wharton, S. Devin, J Sercel, J Camaroon, K Hill, J Bell S Thompson C. Brenner, G, Doring - coach 76 J 5g?,ff5.a3fff'f3m' wg. freififfrf1'lFe?i5S"'7i4f' 4 gl 1 X55 gww, Q ,f-QW ,f vw 91137 ' -,M , Q W bm- hwwf ,.wFW,WW M" N - .,. gy. f ' ,-gi.-,tY1Qk' ':, - Q MJD? Avtjm T?f 9 77 'rf R 'P S5 XSL L . VE 1 A X6 '. ,V I " Girls' U cf 3 O U T1 I' Varsity left to right: N. McNiff C. McNiff M. Lambracht E. Hill C. Hasulak F. Malumphy C. Jensen D. Woodin J. Hall K. Ball Mr. Doring - coach 79 cf 54-0 if . 'DA Q J V WW A 'Qi 1, 5, f,., xKx,, . 22 Ii G fx H- my ZJ., LZZLL I , fd-wi ',"',,fg 1 L. 1 5 5- ,-4-W-Lf :,.. C' . ., , K , A ' A , f K 1' , 4 Q' ". My 'F V, yV'wV:V,,,uMlg .Qu VA ,. .. If -.fn A .x K M, -A 75.221, . -xv W "' 1 P , ,'-C511-'Y W X. . X- , ,L , 2 rg V ,T f . 1. . ' ,,,,37 24. A . W , ' ' . " ' A - . 'N A K A K kgs , ji J , mf.. A-V U l - 'Y A11 3' K' NJ' Q A Qs . ft," Mi?" ew iw ,sk sm gf. Q. , .M ...nw-we W ef- wlw - -+ - .S , . V E?1'i?s.aQ ' , 'vu Q., . ,, , T . A it ,ig ,,, ll ' ' 1 My .ww - if V . " H - H, I K W 1 V . - , bvf' 1 ' 1-1 My ., f ,, ' , .figiffl lf 2 J ,L ff? 71 iv H Nl, Mix ,Ziggy 4, Q1 . figwy A ' .. ,, V+ r. -1' , N lf" gi- .-bf, 1 - .N Q . 4?ff4i"?'1'1.,,.5l N, fu iiwlgifzeigfili ligne. l. :A Q ' T5 f f 1977 24-Hour Relay for Muscular Dystrophy Left to Right: S.Turk,C. Hasulak,S. Lambracht N Cheron C Jensen F. Malumphy, M. Lambracht L Poletto T Sullivan K Ball, M. Rinaldi. J, ' r be X X .. B a S b a I I Seniors: B. Barrick, J. Kutchera, J. Randazzo, B. Armstrong Across: D. Carlson fy y V . ,W A, i ok F! ,.,.. i TWV. , , , all . AW4hVV rs-L' Z, 1 fl A , a if 5. . ,Q Q., Varsity Row 7: G. Michalek, J. Kutchera, J. Randazzo, D. Carlson, M. Shiffman Row 2: D. Englund, C. Flynn, B. Barrick, B. Armstrong, J. Pompea, D. Murphy L.'..Jf 1' 9 ,I ,. . Y .JL A k , Q ,. , R ' , - :'-f- - - . ' X x . .. wiefi.-.N.., .. , K ff W I V 'b -19' 1 i '- , 1 , 1 , R L, Q: it ' 5 , 9 5-,' st M 15 , I KMC' wh. gmfi val ELIQ Row 1: T. Sullivan J. Murray S. White S. Vallinaggi C. Froland Row 2.' P. Thurston - mgr B. Miltner P. Morasco J. Sturcke L. Tanguay J. Smith P. Nott B. Tryonovich L. Bachetti - mgr Mr. Bachetti - coach Aff' 525 TT if fl Q' , E3 t . p ff D W uul. ff . mh.. . h 1 4- pdf? .NNN vl. ..,--if V". Q I I , ,A wk I Q' ' 87 1 rim 1 Wrest Q3 , gs .,,. . Q - 1 . my , ,.. .M iff in , W '?.i.'E-... . 2 JEL? - 2 r. .5 :fi S Q . ,. . . ef, Jil? gi' . , 5 ,.,.i E5 55 in ' fa . 4 ...5 1 . ' ' ...,.,, ' , . ' Ei 3 1 iii wegaigg -W W W nw J M 1.23204 ..-gift " , iw? fa 1 ' 2, H M XF' "' W A 'Z ' A in - 5 'W W W V- lux 5 .2 .. .i-. - -1 ' 2 ' " 1 1 ' :ir W 1 ' , ' iir ' J 5 'Egg gizi ig gig? ' 3 ' -. tiff Q f ..-..t . 5?i3.iiiE? Si 5 is amaze 5 'SSQQMQSEE E! 2 g3sZgi2?sggE i 'SEQ zi ' V. " :' EifL'l E. .ir ii 'I .i "F: w ' E iiiimii iii is Q' ':2QQ- ir- Q' my 'I -JF I in i m g :.. ' W J ' WF rz. ii' L.. ..-.: W if . 55.525 ' ' X' A A . ,.:2,A . "'l ii 5 i s i 3 ,, 3 .:. f . . iq f m. 5 . -..-....y,2:::., f . -:L-.H 5 iii 2524 in IE 3 K, J 2 156 E 2 ig wi" 'ig fi .5 we .E aj., Q 1 34.5, .gf ' gi it , 5, f WH 'ii 53 3' Z . 1 E ,:, W gg i: -i tiki . 5 K .55 . VLE: . 5 ., . , si f ,. , ,, ' A. ' . A:,.21, 'A" Z.,-JV: A -EI:-T... . .. . 4 5. QC -'L Q.. G' .dv 5 E. Johnson B. Waymouth, J. Carmellini, B. Waymouth, T. Ellis Row 2.' J. Hall- mgr, B. Knipple - coach, C. Sawyer, D. Grossenbacher, D. Geyer, G. Stone, D. Adams, B. Kovacs Varsity Row 7: G. Hogan, B. Smith, G. Ferris - coach. ii J s iv an Q. 539' .SPF gig.:- P ff M? V W v 4 Seniors: J. Purvinis, B. Waymouth, J. O'ConnelI, G. Stone, J. Kernochan V,-ffT'Gn - if.. gy :fQ'2'1 .wu- IQ" 'li Ill i ,I JK is 29 Row 7: B. Johnson J. Purvinis R. Austin Nl. Heaphy K. Hill How 2.' B. Knipple coach . Barksdale . Bucknam . Edmon J. Worthington . Ferris - coach 3 ii TI X Y 'lgA.Doerwald ii in gi . 2. Vg' Seniors: Laura Pelton, Cathy Hasuiak ' k -.Y,,.1 Row 7: M. McCafferty, H. Rhinehart, B. Storti, M. Ollette, W. Meyers, S. Fairclough, D. Pognowski, C. Sides, M. Cannon Row 2: K. Jager - mgr, L. Carmeliini, L. Hungerford, L. Pielli, C. Jensen, M. McGiveny, Mrs. Cheron - coach, Miss Alex ass. coach, D. Anderson, C. Hasulak, L. Pappano, L. Diemer, L. Pelton, J. Michalson . Seniors: Nancy Anderson, Judy Hyland ,A x , K QV " ff x ' 12: , sf., - ' 4 4' 'fr CD r eadln G6 Ch Q. lllhilz:--n xx 900 U ,.. - fggun' A '5533' Varsity Row I: D. Hulton, L. Mauger, M.Squires, K. Bosse Row 2: T. Conrad, J. Gawek, J. Hyland, Mrs. Anderson - adv, N. Anderson, K. Scribner, S Westerling ll 'U' View We--M-M. .Q Qg,.: 'If Jkr ku 1 ii., Row 1.' B. Anderson K. Schindler D. Frost Row 2: K. Cassidy D. Aicklen Row 3: K. Davin, R R. Karpovich P. Leonard K.Hetzer Row 4: J. Hyland 95 -sg, Na, 1 W, -H ,f In ..A f h' ' ' 'h , Q 1 f W L- , . fs! f . ' H L' 'M ' W! ifvsil. L f' L 1 ......,..wM ' My f'V, :I WL M Yi , , , 5 m ' M H V, ff "Q LV "'-ww, o-. A , 'Vit' . Ulf V' 'I 0 , , f V 'Q w' W 1 XQ 1 .mf ' ,.., -, any-, ,., , . 4.. 'A' ,M fm, 4 'gn ,gy 1 sv :Q wa y 1 2 W4 4" Nl ,SN LED -L I ' M3753 QL f lk ,- N M. kg' ffm, , 7 4 6 ,,, H 7 1 , .. ' V. ,, E' H J 1,3-Qu A A 5' 1 A' "' W I ,, , 'W I P W S " 'F I f 5 52 Zig' 2 Q W X ,1 1 8 Ao Q r + M 2' E 3 - , X - 1 M M Y " . -lf' V A -f , 19 ' A D. 'S i 4' 44 5 lu- Q Lx M, 'JW'-W K 3 W 1' -I' 1 ,,, 4 .Y +41 1 ' Q, 'm.,V jg , 71, . , ,Q J f-,, :Lg -M ,ffwqww ,, ,Amy ,M 4, 96 ,, . 0 M, ,,M,.,f ,Tj V , 5 .A ., wa.. A A ,w:'g,,f.b sw eg, ,M ,,.,, 'mv Ma bm. X . W-If , ,,i,, V N H "' '.- 1-if M.'f K ' ' V", fx. but V, 1 2 ftirs, J 34 1 7 w. ' F X mf V K , -i7 fllnderclca ssmen Close on its wa ve behind, and again another behind embracing and lapping, everyone close Walt Whitman D9- ..,.112 ....113 ....115 .....99 ....116 ....100 ....118 ....102 ....103 ....105 ....105 ....107 ....107 fMiss, Gorochowy ........ 109 FRESHMAN rm. 1 10 fMrs. Reynoldsj 122 fMr. Ferrisl ....... 123 fMiss Austinj ..... 124 1Mr. Devinj ....... 125 fMr. Kelloggj ..... 156 fMr. Mullenj .... 127 fMr. Kwasy ..... 128 1Mr Packardj .... 130 1Mr Golanskil .... 135 UVIr Bouclierl .... 137 fMr Kosierl .... 139 fMr. Clonarisl .... 141 fMr. Hoyty .......... 143 145 1Mr. Joyj ......... ...,110 SOPHOMORES rm. pg. 103 fMrs. Geyerl ...... ...... 9 9 105 fMrs. Leonardj .... ..... 1 01 106 fMrs. Cherony ..... ..... 1 02 107 fMrs. Coverj .... 104 108 fMr. Rogersj .... 106 109 lMrs. Crews! .... 108 111 fMr. Burhansy ..... ..... 1 O9 112 fMr. McGrath1 .,... ..... 1 11 113 QMrs. Handlersy ........... 112 1 15 lMrs. Thompsony ......... 1 14 117 fMr.GiIIespie1 ..... .,... 1 15 119 QMrs. Elsesserl .... ..... 1 17 JUNIORS rm. 114 116 118 120 129 129 217 221 222 224 226 228 fMiss Vallombrosoy ...,... fMr. Raymondj .... lMr. Lauery ........ fMiss Robinsony. .. fMr. Ticehurstj .... lMrs. Vanassej .... fMr. Lathaml ...... fMrs. Robersony. .. fMr. Castonguayy.. fMiss Vagoy ....... fMr. Hibbardj ...,. fMr. Woodiny ..... 99' 100 101 103 104 106 108 110 111 113 114 116 117 Row 7: G. Anderson, J. Astor, C. Armstrong, G. Bantz, J. Barone, A. Barton Row 2: B. Anderson, D. Anderson, D. Aickerlin, C. Asman, D. Acton Row 3: N. Alfredson, D. Baisley, J. Auclair, B. Barrett, C. Barrett, S. Baisley -an .Mg . -2 js, 'J ,Q 'ri- 'QV JL. We 1. Row 1:J. Beardsley, R. Aminti, L. Belanger, M. Bernard, J. Barbee, S. Burdick, L. Ballard, C. Brown Raw2.' E. Barrett, K. Ball, M. Baxter, K. Armstrong, H. Beyer, D. Brenner, P. Bouchard, K. Beers, B. Brunner, J. Baglia, P. Beatty, S. Basher, M. Browser, B. Cass, K. Anderson, J. Brothers OO Row 7: R. Tripp, D. Bouton, B. Beatty, K. Anderson, M. Barksdale, Row 2: N. Benavides, L. Bachetti, T. Beyer, D. Boucher, K. Bosse, D. Barry How 3: D. Adams, T. Booth, J. Barnum, D. Arnold, S. Barksdale, M. Begasse, A.Berrent, J. Bethel, S. Branconnier, D. Allen gs . T n . xx. .,. . nf 1 S-'I 1 A Q 'fggifi 4--fs::...:.x f. 1 'j . V ' 1 'f' fl' f ' if ff s' . - W.. . sl' Sq-fw qv? -W . ... F S g . . g I , ' i' Q i ll E ' N I i . . . 5 J . 3 i........ TTIBT f Row l:J. Bonnello, M. Carlson, T. Cable, K. Boyer, G. Brown, Row 2: M. Cannon, B. Burnette, E. Brenner, J. J. Bell Row 3: D. Burch, S. Buddle, D. Bonn, S. Bucknam, G. Buckbee, D. Boughton, D. Betts, R. Bickford Buccellato, D. Bisceglia, Row 7.'J. Campbell, D. Carroll, J. Cameron, D. Bucknam, A. Carlie, M. Carroll F'0w2.' B. Ciferri, L. Cipolla, C. Christenson, S. Christen T. Carlson, T. Cannon Row 3: M. Burnett, S. Bryer, M. Chan, T. Burns, J. Buccellato, E. Byrne, A. Butera, C. Cimmino 'HW .Mx 'N , ,W ufrvf - - ' I I Ylgxpllr K ' -f A 'W 35'94'f" fi" ' ' -2 .3 'll in K H R I ' I Q Q 4- , 1 it MX1,..,xj?kS .k.. k ,,,. .. K A ,Q K 'N , ai .wr . . -pf.. Y 'A . , 1 , N f. 1--.QW ' 1 33, X ff .jf fffif ' 153 - "T" ,N 4 3 V L 4 1, T 5.57 sk. C 'E B I x fl Q l,.. - 'ff if x ' li A 4 3: sr . .,,,,.. QQ .lt J I K , .. , K , yxr- -if A egg. . .. J - 1. Q of ' .f ffm , .,.' - ' v '.,e vs if . 9,2 'Q' . . K f f . A . . 5,5 f - ., 4 . fy .Y 5 7 'X av' ,rf 1-'.,,"g fy '..vNv+.a6" .x A Row 7: K. Bucknam, L. Connors Raw 2: M. Cook, S. Brown, N. Cignoli, A. Bray, H. Bryer, C. Cheney ."?ow 3: S. Caplanson, K. Brown B. Cornell, J. Campbell, B. Brunner, J, Chamberlain, C. Brenner, T. Broderick, J. Carmellini, H. Bishop 0 Row 7: K. Cassidy, G. D'Amore, B. Chamberlain, P. Curcio, E. Colman How 2: P. Cumming, K. Clady, L. Coveney, J. Colepaugh, B. Collins Row 3: S. Smith, A. Conversano, B. Darrah, J. Cheney, J. Corteau Row 4: A. Cole, P. Daria fx Row I: D. Dartmall, S. Davis, S. Cote, D. Croteau Row 2.' N. Dealy, R. D'Amato, K. Davin, W. Doyle, D. D'Amore, S. Couch, K. Duhan, C. Crane Row 3: D. Delany, K. Di Sorbo, D. Eastman, K. Cruise, S. Devin, C. De Caro, R. Dunn, J. Correa, D. Eddy, R. Davison, R. Dean How 7.'J. Cavillian, B. Epperly, T. Doyle, L. Correa, T. Ducey Row 2: B. Cusic, A. Elliot, D. De Caro, B. Evanson, J. Beardsly, R. Duncan Row3:A. Davenport, E. Downs,T. D'Amato, B. Clark. D. Englund,T. Ellis, G. Easterbrook, K. Elsesser, J. D'Anna, J. DiFabbio, S. Dennis, L. Dellea an 'L - . . . fi e fx r 1., S QS' 'QV' Row 7: M. Cifferi, D. Farnham, B. Farrell, D. Doerwald, A. DeCaro, S. Davis Row 2: B. Eisemberg, M. Edman, J. Gagnon, L. Diemer, S. Fairclough, K. Evangelista How 3: E. Emmons, T. Duncan, B. Forresten, R. DiSouto, L. Eaton, E. Davis, W. DeCosa 103 O4 Row 7.- D. Flowers, P. Giufre, K. Golembeski, J. Gedney, A. Getchell Row 2: D. Frost, L. Garrett, T. Ellis, D. Foley, T. Gereg, Fl. Ferris Row 3: B. Farrell, P. Ericson, Y. Ferry, E. Glasner, D. Fernandel. K- English i ., A uit' D Row 7: D. Geyer, T. Fox, T. Farrell, J. Fish, D. Ferriss Fr'ow2: M. Gee, C. Fisher, L. Grady, L. Gaudenzi, C. Godialis, D. Freeman, M. Gari Row 3: M. Garvey, G. Gillen, C. Flynn, T. Fletcher, D. Grossernbacher, S. Hall, G. Foley, E. Geiger, S. Frankel, J. Giddings Row 7: M. Genovese, B. Galante, J. Gibbs, K. Fletcher, D. Ferry Row 2.' E. Ferrentino, M. Gagnon, P. Fuller, J. Ferriss, E. Getchell, M. Froland, A. Gero Row 3: D. Bouton, T. Gilchrist, U. Gedney, B. Geissinger, C. Foster, C. Froland Row 4: L. Faure, L. Gabriel, B. Ferrante, C. Gee Row 5.' C. Gibbon K' fxgy ...J CI! Row 7: C. Cray, D. Hartman, C. Harkness, K. Heaton, J. Hayward How 2: D. Hartman, P. Guerra, D. Helton, M. Godialis, J. Hallock, J. Hagen Row 3: B. Hastings, B. Heaphy, J. Disbury, R. Hansen, D. Hapke, G. Havas 10 O How 7: A. Hoddy, M. Guerra, L. Hinz, S. Jennings Row 2: T. Jones, C. Hills, J. Hotchkiss, S. Hill, L. Hungerford How 3: W. inness M. lrwin, K. Hansen, T. Haddad, M. Jones, G. Howard Row 4.' M. Heaphy, A. Gutierrez, E. Johnson, G. Hogan, K. Hill, J. Jordan, E Grant, J. Hall IC' Lg,- i K ,LQ QE ali ' Row 7: G. Luhmann, G. Krizan, T. Lambertson, T, Kessman Row 2: A. Lincoln, H. Heaton, K. Hendel, D. Hulton, J. Lopez, K. Leavenworth, M. Lambracht How 3: M. Larmore, M. Krosky, D. Leili, T. Broderick, S. Lurie, K. Lindholm, M. Larson, T. LeBoeuf, M. Lathrop, G. Loorman, B. Gerstenmaier Z 5 i Row 7: T. Jasmin, P. Hine, S. Haborg, L. Hoddy , S. Horton, K. lreland How 2: C. Jellen, B. Hoffman, C. Hill, M. Hilton, S. Hull Row 3: K. Hill, R. Austin, C. Hovi, B. Hendrix, J. Hyland, L. lzzard Row 4: E. Hill, N. Hulton, K. Jager, T. Haller, K. Hetzel, M. Hyland GQ1 41-vu. How 7: R. Klein, D. Kutchera, S. Keip, B. Landry, L. Kelly, R. Kunert How 2: K. Jensen, J. Krten, G. Johnson, B. Johnson, J. Joyce Row 3: L. Kennedy, K. Kelley, F. Lancaster, D. Johnson, J. Johnston, P. Keilich, Row 4: D. Kimberly, B. Kessler 107 O Row 7: D. Lee, J. Lash, K. Kelly, P. Leonard Row 2: L. Lake, D. Kroeger, Row 3: N. Lopez, B. Kovacs, R. Loftus, D. Kerr, M. Kessman, B. Kennel, ,wx WWI, Q, v I , , ,. Y ,lv ' , si.. . ' , v,-5 - . Lombardo, R. Karpovich, L. Ladd, S. Landry, D. Knoche, Lewis 'N-NJ? 4 K 34 "ew 1 A 1. H51 .. ..,. ,,,, ,,... ,,.,.,,, . MQW ---------- 1-,?,.. is . , T r s fx af 7- . - f Q1 I Row 7: M. Jajer, F. Licare, D. Lewis, K. Hyatt, M. Kelly, J. Harris, C. Hehl R0w2.' C. Haney, M. Kelp, D. Bowman, M. Krosky, G. Hovius, K. Henkel, H. Heaton, P. Kelly, C. Jensen, D. Horning, T. Janesky, D. Herbert, M. Hull Row 7: E. Lewis, A. Lillis, B. Leviness, T. Manouse, J. Lindholm, F. Lesiak Row 2: D. Maclnnis, K. Lestik, L. Leboeuf, P. Leblanc, C. Lucas Flow 3: D. Maccariello, L. Lohmann, M. Lennon, N. Lundgren, C. Marters Row 4: K. Mann, T. Lillis, W. Lutinski ,PM for WV 's Row I:J. Mangiamele, M. MacDonald, C. Lourenco, B. Miltner, M. Mercier Row 2: M. McGee, M. Mazzarella, L. Marsan, C. Moore, M. Lynch, L. Mauger, M. Moclair, M. MacPherson, L. Lowell, A. Mazzarella Row 3: P. Mercer, C. Manouse, S. Merrick, T. Mishico, M. Madden, B. Martin, M. Menard, M. McBrierty, R. Mallory, B. Mastri 109 O Row 7: C. Munch, S. Munday, K. Passarelli How 2: B. Nott, D. Newman, B. Perreault, S. Mulry, A. Norem, J. Nahley Row 3: A. Nicol, J. Morrison, R. Nicol, S. Paul, J. Hipp, L. Morrissey, J. Nelson, L. Murray, B. Munson , my 11 JS P if C 1 -CZ? .va-H WL HOW 71 G. Meade, D- lViCDOI'1ald, N. McNif'f, L. Matthers, M. Matty Row 2: C. Mayer, D. MacAvery, J. Menkes, P. Meagen, W. Matty How 3: S. Martin, M. Menard, D. McHann, D. Maruszak, M. McCafferty, J. McBreairty Row 4: M. McBride, R. McCrea, S. McGuinness, J. McLaughlin Raw 7: D. Penniston, D. Nobili, D. Nobili, J. Piccinini Row 2: L. Parker, J. Munday, D. Paskell, C. Murphy, M. Morris, S. Osuch, P. Nott L. Pappano, G. Brodeur Row 3: F. DiFabbio, D. Neelands, J. Norton, K. Moschitta, D. Owen, D. Morrissey, G. Pearson, C. Pielli, B Paskowski, M. Post, P. Morasco, C. Muehlenbein, B. Parnell 4 .ii 95. Q N is '3 Wk -AW' 2.. q Row 7: K. McGarry, D. McHann, K. McMahon, S. Mejia, L. Meagan, B. McNamee Row 2: K. Malumphy, K. Morris, G. Michalek, J Manouse, J. McKeon, L. Moneghan, D. Martel, S. McDonagh Row 7: K. O'Rourke, L. Miller, D. Novello, G. Miller, J. Olsen, J. Murray, Row 2: J. Mickelson, L. Metcalf, M. Myers, M. Ovellette, L. Misericordia, T. Norton Row3:J. O'ConneIl, B. Metzger, G. O'Connor, M. Parady, L. Murray, J. Nicoletti Row 4: D. Nieman, A. Murphy, K. Pancoast, J. Pannozza, J. Morrison .AQ 5' l T ' v mix K .,,1,,.,-A- - . ... ' A QWAQ' 'V sk., QF' W Row 7: R. Sacchi, B. Rogg, S. Ridge, J. Purvinis, K. Sabia Row 2: D. Schultz, M. Rapelye, C. Ritchie, M. Rosen, R. Ouell, M. Rinaldi, H. Rinehart Row 3: M. Rutz, T. Schoeller, M. Rosati, T. Ouirk, A. Purcell, C. Sawyer, J. Rupar, P. Rowand, D. Schroeder, L. Rice, K. Schindler Row 7: J. Perry, J. Ranslow, G. Peet, E. Pogonowski, G. Ploof Row 2.'J. Rosen, W. Plourde, L. Popovsky, B. Pitchard, L. Reierson Row 3: D. Ouirk, E. Pitcher, L. Pucci, C. Philippi, J. Randazzo Row 4: M. Pignataro, J. Purvinis, G. Pompea, A. Seligmann YE? I 'id' wwf' N! Row 7: A. Rebstock, J. Robertson, L. Prause, K. McGuinness, B. Roberts, D. Pogonowski, P. Racz Row 2: M. Roger, L. Reap, G. Pfaff, D. Lord, A. D. Poletto, J. Pompea, D. Rohr, R. Rosabello, L. Pielli, L. VanVaIkenburgh 4 Row 7: B. Seible, L. Lindner, B. Storti, K. Scribner, M. Salures, Y. Seelye, J. Talbot How2.' L. Scott, S. Stackhouse, S. Loque, U. Smith, M. Sternenberg, P. Stone How 3: T. Snelling, M. Sweeney, J. Shimko, C. Shrack, D. Stephens, T. Strawson, D. Taylor, L. Tanguay, J. Smith, J. Stuhrcke, S. Shiffman, G. Showalter we-t,.:iAw,1., 'wgggffx x it r 'Au I V. ,....,,,1,.. ..... ff-ss' Row 7.'J. Beatty, J. Smith, P. Stewart, B. Skoog, J. Sercel Row 2: C. Sides, M. Mahanor, J. Sheaffer, T. Sullivan, C. McNiff, V. Stumpf, S. Sheafter, L. Shab Row 3: M. Shiffman, A. Stead, M. Russell, H. Sterry, L. Saul, G. Shepherd, J. Schroeder, L. Strelez, D. Sherwood, S. Smith, M. Stack, M. Schneider, C. Smith Row 1: A. Schultz, C. Ryan, J. Scribner, K. Saul Row 2: L. Smith, M. Smith, T. Smith, M. Pizzo, V. Smith, J. Setear Row 3: R. Rothbart, B. Skoog, D. Squires, D. Rowand, M. Shirnko, D. Shrack Row 4: B. Siepmann, S. Seelye, C. Smith, P. Rowand, P. Rowburrey, K. Sides Row 5: D. Scott if--. S L my A t, -5 ' ami-1 M.,-'W: WZ: 5 'GI' if vcr 1 tlfnvmbt Row I: D. Warren, L. Thibodeau, M. Walberg, C. Velez, W. Walker, C. Thompson, How 2: P. Thurston, L. Thompson, J. Volinski, L. Wallach, S. Valinaggi, B. Tryonovich, L. Terrell How 3: M. Tovino, W. Tobin, B. Tremont, M. Toussaint, D. Toussaint, W. Ward, J. Tillman, W. Tuz, B. Theisen y How 7.- M. Turbide, T. Tibodeau, T. Pignataro, S. Thompson How 2: S. Wallach, L. Westfall, D. Vlack, L. Vanvalkenburg, L. Storti, R Sweeney, L. Pielli, Row 3: D. Woodin, P. Wahlers, K. Weiner, J. Thomas, B. Thompson, G. Tomask . T 1 . Q Vl "E 5 2-'gg z vu ,451 k Row l.'S. Storm, L. Tryonoviech, R. Stevenson, M. Sullivan, S. Terry, D. Titus, M. Tomascak, P. Tompkins, A. Chark Row 2: D. Wasson, K. Troop, E. Trafas, V. Turk, W. Tallmadge, D. Turek, C. Taylor, L. Vancoughnett, D. St. Amand, K. Tremont, L. Wagner, D. Post, D. Muren, B. Tuz, A. Totten How 7.'J. Yeoman, M. Welch, D. Johnson, D. Wood, K. Woods, P. Wetherbee Row 2: T. Wilson, T. Whitlock, M. Wolanski, P. Westerly, M. Wojciechowoski, D. Zachry, D. Shaw, K. Wilson, L. Wodjenski .4 3 3 45, mm f " xL,,'L2,4Q. PM .. ...ff W ff k-l-um..,.--- e-... J I iios ooo , ' . i ' iw? Row 7. S. Yoder, B. Conn, J. Corbett, H. Woodin Row 2: T. Zaleta, D. Pare, L. Cornwell, T. Conrad, J. Young, S. White, D. Wyant Row 3: T. Wheaton, J. Wittman, T. Woodard, D. Wharton, M. Winklevoss, J. Loewe, D. Wolter, B. Enos 7 8 Row 1: S. Williams, S. Wright, D. Wolter, S. White, L. Webb, C. Winans, Z. Zidack, T. Wilson, A. Dennis, D. Wharton Row 2.' B. Webb B. Woodin, S. Wolanski, C. Woodin, G. Wilson, J. Welch, N. Winans, J. Worthington, J. York, L. Winklevoss, M. Watterworth, S Williams, S. Wilson If- H' f-ru ' fr' , W . . . M . W is 1 , ...,,, l.,. Q . ..,,- 1 f ,-,, , . k 2 G' A ..,.. Q-ua' lg. ,,.... .... il 'F M 3 .K Ng , . wiki ku, A . . , fl ,Q- . '4 Q 'mu W K' k r , x BR . , X f l limi . . Q K 'nk x X XS J rrr i . L ri i 1 W or 1. Q,QlQ..rL,i33' 5f - ' 5 fs . ' ,Q X, an 5, - ,- Seniors O W, , fi, I To .9317 on a dream X fefx, . "-X, ,lf ii ,,,., . lg-X W. 4 . , 1 -Je fi Eileen A. Ahern Bradford Anderson "One does not sell the earth upon which "Animals are such agreeable the people walk." they ask no questions, they pass no - Tashunka Witko lCrazy Horsel cism." - Author ..,...x. on a crystal clear ocean . GN A - ii 'Q 93 .Q X -, Q S ' R' f we , .9 g z K ' . .. N 'ii' f fs ll 'QP' Nancy Maureen Anderson And pm looking for space, and to find rut who I am. And I'm looking to know nd understand. lt's a sweet dream. Sometimes I'm almost there. Sometimes I , 'E fly like an eagle. Sometimes I'm deep in lespair." 1 1 - John Denver 22 To ride on the crest Gary Arbusto Belinda Jean Beatty ? War' Brian Edward Armstrong "It's better to have taken a chance to win a victory or suffer a defeat, than to live like others do who will never know victo- ry or defeat because they haven't had the guts to try either." - E.K. Nm 'ff7""t'f fl rf X Arthur John Antunes "lf you love someone, let her go If she comes back, she's yours, if she doesn't. she never was." -- S.W of the w17d FHQITIQ storm . Gerald Michael Campbell fi A Kathy Ann Bailey lhat need we teach a child with our oks and rules? Let him walk among the lds, gaze at the sky, love the simplicity the sky, love the simplicity of life - 1 he will have his wisdom." - Author Unknown Jeanette Elizabeth Baker Robin Renee Banzhaf "The day when we plan seriously to start "Love doesn't make the world go 'round. living either never comes or it comes too Love is what makes the ride worthwhile," late." - Author Unknown - l.A.R. Wylie 12 124 To work lh the service Dana Bowman as QM 5, Q Andrew Charles Barlow Bruce Robert Barrick Denise Robin Bauer "lt is common sense to take a method "Today is the tomorrow we worried "Live your life as if there won't be tom and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try about yesterday." row because you will never see anot another: but above all try something." - Author Unknown yesterday." - Franklin D. Roosevelt - V of life and the fl'VlhQ' . Y, ww P :fin .M ...T Wayne Begasse Dean Edward Birch Larry Louis Biro To succeed with glory, you have to give "lf your life's dull, risk it." "Don't walk in front of me-I may not fol- our best in all and each situation." - Author Unknown low. Don't walk behind me-I may not - Steve Cathy lead. Just walk beside me-and be my friend." -- Author Unknown 6 ln search of the answers Cindy Burns Brian Carlson An I BTV: su- Joanne Marie Bosse Brian Dean Bouquillon "lt's time to haul the anchor up and leave the land astern. We'll be gone before the dawn returns, like voices on the wind." Al Stewart "lf a man does not keep pace with companions, perhaps it is because hears a different drummer. Let him to the music he hears, however m sured or far away." - Henry David Thore to questions unknown . Louis Carmellini tg...- I I 17, V ! Sherry A. Brennan 'here are not strangers here just friends e haven't met yet. . Author Unknown Elizabeth Gail Brenner "Love when you can, cry when you have to. . . be who you must that's a part of the plan. Await your arrival with simple survival, and one day we'll all understand . . . there is no Eden or Heavenly gates that your gonna make it to one day, but all of the answers you seek can be found in the dreams that you dream on the way." - Dan Fogelberg William Ray Bucknam "Why is it that in this world once a per- son has reached a state of competence, that person is pushed up and up until he has reached a state of incompetence." - R.O'C. 7 1. FAVORITE PASTlME 2. SECRET AMBlTlON 3. PET PEEVES 4. WEAKNESS 5. PRIZED POSSESSION 6. YOUR BEST FEATURE 7. FAVORITE SAYlNG Eileen Ahern 1. Sleeping 2. To be last 3. Having to be first 5. My freedom 7. "What?" Brad Anderson 1. Playing sports 3. Phonies 4. My fingers Nancy Anderson 1. Acting crazy 2. To live on the ocean 3. Dirty hair 4. Bubble gum and Guy 5. Memories of my dad 3. My eyes . "l don't care, it's up to you" Art Antunes 1. Cruising 2. To go to Hawaii 3. Grubby's 4. Foxy women 5. Banana tree 6. Making out 7. D.-.n Brian Armstrong 1. Playing sports, being with Dawn 2. Playing pro sports 3. Being slapped 4. D.M.A. 5. Family Q57 l . - , X . 1 2 8 Patty Athans 1. Playing baseball with family 2. Getting a job helping people 3. People picking on others without reason 4. Food 2. Album and posters 7 . My smile . "Tell me about itl" Bob Ayres 1. Ice hockey 4. Food 5. My car, Linda Kathy Bailey 1. Sleeping, traveling, sailing on the ocean, 2. To buy 50 acres of land out west and put my house on the middle of it. 3. People who are afraid to be themselves. 4. Mint-chocolate chip ice cream 5. My downstairs room 6. My shortness 7. "Why not?" Jeanette Baker 1. Tennis, golf, bike riding 2. Wouldn't be a secret 3. Fakes 4. Food 5. My animals 6. Good humor 7. "UNBELlEVABLEl" Wayne Ballard 1. Playing sports 2. Sorry, it's a secret 3. Cigarette smoke, raggies 4. Girls 5. My car 6. My braces 7. "Hey dude" Robin Banzhaf 1. Partying 3. B.S. 5. Purse Andy Barlow 1. Reading, cruising . To become a rich, fat business executive 2 3. A.T. and math class 4. M 81 M's 6. Non-applicable 7. "Give me a break" Bruce Barrick 1. Basketball 4. Expressive eyes 5. Century resorter 6. An occasional smile 7. "Yeah, right" Denise Bauer 1. Being with Vinnie 2. Being a teacher 3. Stuck-up people 4. Vinnie 5. My necklace 6. My eyes 7. "You dummyl" Belinda Beatty 1. My saltwater aquarium 2. To blow up Mr. Hoyt's s 3 Being pushed over on t locker 4. Candy 5. My teddy bear 6. My hair 7. "AWW" Wayne Begasse 1. Skiing, skateboarding 2. Trackstar 4. Nikon Camera ,gm Y MV. ,.,, ,. LW,,.,,,: Lb it l Larry Biro 1. Skiing, skiing, skiing 2. To graduate 3. Writing stuff like this 4. Food 5. My friends 6. No comment 7. "RealIy?" Dean Birch 1. Guitar 2. Race driver 3. Nagging girls 4. Girls 5. Car 6. Feet 7. "lf your Iife's dull, risk it" Antoinette Bonumore 1. Music and records 2. Getting married 4. Boyfriend 5. Guinea pig 6. Right side 7. "Shut-up" Joanne Bosse 1. Slow dances 2. To ride the space shuttle 3. People who don't like slow dances 4. Blonde hair 81 blue eyes 5. Guitar 6. Eyes 7. "AH knowl" Brian Bouquillon 1. Supporting our local police through my own contributions to the force 2. To return to Maine forever 3. Traffic tickets 4. Being tickled S. My fleet of Volkswagons 7. "Did I do something wrong officer?" Sherry Brennan 1 . Going to Jericho's with the gang 2. Gaining 10 pounds 3. Being tickled 4. Danny 5. Friends 6. My eyelashes 7 . "Oh sh-t" Liz Brenner 1. Being with friends 2. To become an M.D. 3. Egotists Q. Concerts and cookies 6 . My friends, memories, . My hair Michael Brown 1. Girls 2. Drummer 3. Big macs, no money 4. Girls 5. Drum set 6. Eyes 7. "What's happening?" Ray Bucknam 1. Day dreaming 3. Cigarette smoke 4. Tennis ability 5. P.M., my trumpet Pam Burden 1. Sleeping 3. Being late 4. Chocolate ice cream 5. My stereo, tapes 7. "l don't know" ability to laugh Maureen Burnette 1. Painting 2. To become a Physical Therapist 3. People who won't let me be myself 4. Any chocolate ice cream 5. My bald baby chicken 6. My toes 7. "Just a minute" Lanita Burrows 1. Partying 2. Own a cabin in the woods 3. B.S'ers 4. Food 5. My friends 6. Eyes 7. "Oh really?" Dan Butterfield 1. Sleeping 2. To be rich 3. Getting up 4. Food 7. "No way!" Kathy Camp 1. Raising H1L 2. To travel the world 3. People who don't smile 4. Blue eyes 5. My saddle 6. My eyes 7. "l'm impressed" Jerry Campbell 1. Pool 2. Dropout and become a cowboy 3. Foul breath, food stains 4. Money 5. E.S.P. 6. My judgment 7. "When's lunch?" ,weft 129 O To be part of the movement fl' L 4 l u if 'W' ' Q l l f l ' :' , 'Iff wwf' U A Sgf 'TX1 f N X ' :bn 3. 'V Michael David Brown Pamela Jean Burden "So put me on a highway and show me "Kindness in words creates confidence, a sign. Then take it to the limit one more kindness in thinking creates profound- time. ness, kindness in feeling creates Iove." - Eagles - Lao Tse 1 qw Maureen Joan Burnette "And the spirit fills the darkness of heavens, it fills the endless yearning the soul it lives within a star too far dream of, it lives within each part and the whole, it's the fire and the wings t fly us home. - John Den and part of the QFOWITIQ . Q 4 y af ,fl id V 'il ' f VVL' vff '42 ' Q 'f f t cc' , an Lanita J. Burrows Dan Butterfield Kathleen Louise Camp 'Don't walk in front of me-I may not fol- "The important thing is this: to be able at "Even if I knew that tomorrow the world w. Don't walk behind me-I may not any moment to sacrifice what we are for would goto pieces, I would still plant my Ead. Just walk beside me-and be my what we could become." apple tree." riend." - Charles DuBois - Martin Luther - Author Unknown 32 Part of begmning James Eggen Brian Foley l -as-UP N x Xxx 1 Janet Campbell "Lives of great men all remind us we can make our lives sublime, and departing, leave behind us footprints on the sands of time." Henry Wadsworth Longfellow E 91 - . X.. im A L in li f if' .xi Lee D. Cannon "lt's the beginning of a new love could be an ever opening flower no hesitation when we're all about to build a shining tower no explanations, need to work it out you know we've got the power." --N ll to understand. - John Denver Stephan Fadel R :- v 1 I4 4 li, 'Q tx sim? . , X if , ' ' Ir ily 'fu . H ,, 'KW V l .QE .rg , K f x 3.3, ?fOi1 R' . I '1 X NK: f JM ,, . .gf 'Yig -2 . WL, 1 ,-.,,,'W l' Sy Jing.. In . w... x .. -. '- f.--an 3 ,sg x wt f Q- 5, Jia fa, 53 y w., 1,5-C:-' fm .. l' J r , -ti' N' 'J -4 ' ' A X -HN-. - 5 ' l K' 'W1 Q 'Ng a ' 'V-X A in .' at . it x K ,X 5 'Q ,. . if .f 4. 1 X X . N I J , K .. , If ,- ,Wwe 1 .4145 David Philip Carlson Anita J. Carter Marie Anne Center long you live and high you fly "There are two paths you can go by but "And I feel like l'm just being borng like a smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry inthe long runthere's stilltimeto change shiny light breaking in a storm." all you touch and all you see the road you're on, and it makes me won- - Joni Mitchell S all your life will ever be." der." - Pink Floyd - Led Zepplin 133 i i i We must gather all our courage 4 Thomas Gill Matt Giuffre Stephanie Godialis his gr fr rgfl. 5' Laurie Anne Corbett A QWQ3 r ff ffw ff, ,f "Today is God's gift to you, what you do with it is your gift to God." - Author Unknown sail our ships out on the open sea . Michael Harrison Q? Q' 5 I QQ Tammie Hayward Take good care of your mother Jhen you're making up your mind hould one thing or another ke you from behind ough the world may make you hard d wild nd determined how your life is styled hen you do feel that You're the only ild ke good care of your brother." - Jackson Browne Kathleen Herbert ggi! Ginger Costa "Who will reap what I have sown here in this almighty sweetland? You and l will be forgotten. Others will come and go, these, too shall pass, as you and I shall pass, and others take their places, each telling his love, as l tell you, that life is sweet!" - Jack London 'Q' 136 Cast away our fears Rex Hodge Laurie Howard Tim Ireland A X Ao My il , WSP Elizabeth Ann Cusack "You, who are on the road, must have code, one you can live by, and so t yourself, because the past is just a bye." - Crosby, Stills and Na and all the years WN! come and go . . . Robert Karp Steve Karpovich Scott Kennel . XXX.- David Cruise 'Nlever do today what you can put off ntil tomorrow." Author Unknown .fr.?'W, xr 'E' kr ,Q or f . - e U . I ,V ' , l v : ' VL I v V I, ar ' . r W of r 1 r Xa' Z-'LA A e for ff zur r Z ,MAS I, .WMA vr :JIY V , , K ,, ,,,,1 ,A, ,f' And take us up Julie Kollman Darlene LaMadeline . K Rfk' To accomplish great things, we not only act, but also dream, not plan, but also believe." 'Xl . , U .uw- Patrlcla Corme Danlels Author Unknown always up. " - Seals and Crafts Cathy Lillis Jim Marsh X 'E' e 3... ,sL,. is :gi ' E " ' Q ' 'ASV e ,W aka . W . 5 A, awww" William Lee Darrah Give the kid a break" 'a - Alice Cooper 139 140 On the road of experience Baron Stark ff"""" he X- Y. 1 'nz ' Frank Pentlarge Dealy Valerie Lynn Duhan "This above all, to thine own self be true, "We're free to go where we wish and be and it must follow, as the night the day, what we are." thou canst not then be false to any man." - Jonathan Livingston Seagull - Shakespeare Holly Marie Egan "Life is no brief candle to me. lt is a did torch which I have got hold of for moment and l want to make it burn bright as possible before handing it on future generations." - George Bernard Sf lg, 1 1 I 'm trylhg to flhd my own way . -'Q Wm Korth Elsesser 'Xdventure is not found in books. Beauty not found on maps. Seek and you shall 1d. - Author Unknown Carol Ann Faulenbach 3 5 'fl if s N ,,.,, W ,i.,, J? i x 1, . 6 W A . Q Wm- I . . . ,, , . YW' W:-www .1 1 . my 6 ,sl "And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make." Beatles l'm f00kll7Q for space 4 v 4-ll Q, Denise Colleen Ferry Scott Thomas Fletcher Claudia Florian "When someone needs a helping handp reach out and touch them will all your kindness and that small gesture will make their largest problems easier to take: because when two people take the load of worry upon their shoulders it somehow makes the load seem a great deal Iighter." - L.W. "True greatness, "Happiness makes up in height wl like a river, lacks in length." The deeper it is, - Robert I the less noise it makes." Author Unknown and to find out who I am. " - John Denver Eva Christine Foss Cindy Ann Fredlund Abigail Susan Ganong A friend is one who knows you as you "AlI I have seen teaches me to trust the "Aim at the sun and you may not reach it: re, understands where you've been, ac- creator for all I have not seen." but your arrow will fly far higher than if epts who you've become and still, gen- - Author Unknown aimed at an object on a level with your- y invites you to grow." self." -- Author Unknown - Joel Hawes 14 Janet Campbell 2. To be famous 3. Being told I'm quiet 4. Chocolate 5. My driver's license 7. "Why me?" Lee Cannon 1. Partying 2. lt's a secret 3. Getting up in the morning 4. Being tickled 5. Berney 6. My dimple 7. "Ya!" Dave Carlson 1. Being with Robin 2. Baseball star 3. People who are fake 4. Robin 5. My basketball 6. My nose Anita Carter 1. Coon hunting and walking in the woods 2. To have a log cabin surrounded by pine trees 3. Two-faced people 4. Terry 5. T. McB. 6. Smile 7. "l don't know" Marie Center 1. Thinking 2. To be a nun 3. The trumpet section 4. Food 5. Brains 6. Height 7. "l love itl" Denise Colombo 1. Laughing, goofing on Mr. Nick 2. To go to Colorado, be a professional dancer 3. Mr. Raymond 4. Wintergreen lifesavers, being tickled 5. John 6. My eyes and feet Laurie Corbett 2. lt's a secret 3. Cigarette smoke 4. Food 5. Class ring 6. Smile 7. "I don't know" Ginger Costa 1. Being the yankee traveler 2. To travel all over and meet foxy guys 3. People who can't accept others for what they are 4. Being very gullible 5. My 1966 white Mustang 6. My personality 7. "Really!" B.J. Costello 1. The races 2. To get fast 3. No fun 4. School 5. My bikes 6. My leather cons 7. "What?" David Crane 1. Ski, party 2. Wouldn't you like to know? 3. School 4. Ski, party 5. My skis 6. Bare feet 7. "Wanna go skiing and whatever?" Dave Cruise 1. Sailing 2. Not having to work in the summer 3. Marineland 5. Cremated remains of the note- book from Devin's chem. class Liz Cusack 1. Partying 7. "Alright!" Patty Daniels 1. Sleeping 2. To tour America on a Kawasaki 3. Two-faced people 4. Michelob 5. My animals 7. "Whoal" Billy Darrah 1. Playing and listening to rock 3. Unnecessary noises 5. My lbaniz Frank Dealy 1. Skiing 2. To become a ski bum 3. Ice cream that has no bones 4. Cute girls 5. My friends 6. My hair 7. "Go for itl" Frank Difabbio 1. Weight lifting 2. To become a monk 3. People blowing smoke at me 4. Kielbasa 5. Size 14 cleats 144 1, 6. My feet 7. "Keep plugging" Val Duhan 1. Being with Lewie 2. To become a fashion merchandiser 3. Being tickled 4. Big brown eyes 5. Lewie 6. "Look on the bright side . . .' Cindy Eaton 1. Being with David 2. To become a famous writer 3. Dirt 4. Food 5. Engagement ring 6. Hair 7. "Take care" Holly Egan 1. Cruising with Meags and partying 2. To skydive 3. Being tickled 4. Most guys with blond hair 5. My Siamese cat, Buffy 6. My smile and thin fingers 7. "Where are my car keys?!?" Kory Elsesser 1. Hiking 2. To sail around the world 3. Raggies 4. Blue eyes 5. Camera 6. Hair 7. "W-h-a-o-t" Carol Faulenbach 1. Partying 2. To be a registered nurse 3. People who take advantage of others 5. My albums 6. My teeth Denise Ferry 1. Being with Manny 2. To own a cottage by the ocean 3. B.S'ers 4. Manny 5. My dreams, poems 6. My eyes Scott Fletcher 1. Skiing 2. To play football 3. Fake people 4. Parties 5. My skis 6. My bod 7. "Wad" Claudia Florian 1. Thinking 2. To be a piano player in a sleazy bar 3. Cheering for the football team 4. Blue-eyed English teachers 5. My parents 6. My height 7. "l don't know, it's up to you" Brian Foley 1. Hiking 2. To be a millionaire 5. My family Eva Foss 1. Partying 5. Wayne Cindy Fredlund 1. Being with friends 2. To skydive 3. Getting up for work 4. Spending money 5. A certain someone ...Q-, a R X Abigail Ganong 1. Swimming 3. Cigarette smoke 4. Eclairs 5. My calculator 6. My eyes 7. "Tacky" Melissa Gassett 1. Partying 2. To leave New Milford 3. B.S'ers 6. Eyes 7. "You'll get over it" Brett Gibbon 1. Sitting on a rock at Steep Rock 2. To get Underwoods Challenger 4. Miller on tap 5. My rifle lBritish Mouserl 6. Football 7, "Really?" Stephanie Godialis 1. Partying 2. To travel 3. Snobs 4. Robert 7. "Well?" Paulette Gottlieb 1. Listening to music 2. To live in England and meet Monty Python 3. Dieting 4. A certain redhead 5. Elton John and Beatles record collection 6. My eyes 7. "Well, I look at it like this. . . Terry Grady 1, Shopping 14 46 ln the time of your life, ,-. II ,MN-av' Md! V ,f Melissa Gassett Amy Jo Gerstenmaier Brett Douglas Gibbon "We promise according to our hopes and "The joy of your life lies in the hands of "Each hour seems to slip right by, perform according to our fears." the ones you Iove." There is so much to do before I die - Francois, Duc de Ia Rochefoucauld - Amy Gerstenmaier So much to see, someone to be, I hope I can fuIfiII the wanted me." - Thea Murray 90 Sylvia Reid, Bob Waymouth DONE MOST FOR CLASS ...J CLASS MUSICIANS Brian Hogan, Jennifer Stead BEST ATHLETES Cathy Hasulak, Dave Carlson Mrs. Lewis, Mr. Nicolas FAVORITE TEACHERS Bob Waymouth, Amy Thompson APPLE POLISHERS Val Duhan, Louie Rebstock - CLASS COUPLE BEST BUDDIES Connie Ross, Jennifer Stead, Lynne Wojciechowski TALLEST AND SHORTEST Kathy Bailey, Steve Fadel, Marie Center SUPERLATIVES cLAss OF 1978 Sue Verba, Greg Marsan VMOST MISCHIEVOUS CLASS BLUSHERS AND CLASS FLIRTS Betty-Ann O'Brien, Mark Squires Doug Minck, Liana Hyatt few W l i .l iif Co glioqifayily Dinners in American Studies? ilsifj TheifBand placed Second among 75 bands at Naugatuck? q 5f ' b and origin and said, 'i'virgin"? at the Lsinduholms? i y t ,Q Aa aiaia i a i the and BB-I D-M-I J-R-I BA- Wefeiinel ly i Q aiia "oiif Q il it k??? nia A V ll aaai Y iai i l iiiii and ortily 1 person i ?i se Pauleue are 3 mfwfliful Of MQ?XiC0?' ' u ioi' at 5 ", i S it is get e r s i r The science wingrsrnelled alright? , y i Mr. Kwas' senior math class sang Happy Birthday to Mr. Ferriss? lt snowed in May? Zl,,, Beth Lowell ggg broke her hockey stick during a varsity game? ,yop Y ,yoyyit o ottiooyo yidi i had Ourclass Meditation in Mrs. Hughson's class Amy punched Mr. Ferris in the mouth during Lynne ran around at basketball games saying, "l know you L' P'u'bkivlAm'm- v r ISE le I FO 9 F. S an S OVIS SCFSGIW. ' Marie had wall attacks? M , I , V ' Af Graduation seemed so far away? .i'i:fkf97'- f .gijjlx gf-JL i J-ij,: ' V Y . - , -, - it , L lf.. levi nf- A '. fi , - A f iw in I ty WV,.:pi , .Ai if 1 , y - - r wilt 'W' 1, 'ff.:,f:f'F' A fiiifwf-ia.. , 1, I, f-!"4lf1fl'.35"1f,- ifwif,'xs1w'RFf?ge:,,..:f7f91.ffs1 -5 K, 1: 6. fl i, B flare- J-IW , ,rr -1 ' Y'- ?' L I . A r WT if fi t is .si f' W 'iii b it ' i j a g, me K . ...A 43:1-2 ip'!J1, -,.'. ,ifig w w e ? Sri' 1 - f'5:1Tf:ff:13e3F:i5-msg?-,5g,4:1sq'.j.f?i-5 ,.l'g--If, 17:7-1 ,1J-jjlt'-'PPE'-,' is, ,-,. - 1 - .. . u r s it l 1 M ' F L i i ' i, y hen... pilot's license? p pack and was suspended? ' ff something that l wasn't supposed to? 4O'X: or better? d e a nine foot banana tree down the hall? ssi Mr. Nick s blackboard? S . ppppp y heck? W s c . by Dave Cranel ' W S flagpole? ? .reDditi.Q.n on the theory of theta omg to have the Eagles for our prom? ry faggots" in Chem Study? We had Western Civ. digs? H Scott had goldle locks? istory class had its own "Apathy Corner" lwho cares?i reg Greg Marsan and Lou We had a head count of 46 in the girls lav.? John thought Cat Stevens was a quarterback? We had a live turkey on our Sophomore float? Greg told us the "Tiz Bottle" joke so we shouldn't have Math class, or English class or History, or . . .? in tne Band? .. . fm I as ships that SE-717 upon the sea . . . uh: NZ I.-2 Tammy Leah McBreairty this is wisdom, to love, to live. To what fate, or the gods, may give. ask no question, to make no prayer. kiss the lips and caress the hair. eed passion's ebb as you greet its w. To have, -to hold, - and, - in e, - let go!" - Laurence Hope 66- Shanna Raye McKee "If you smile at me I will understand, 'cause that is something everybody everywhere does in the same language." - Crosby, Stills, 81 Nash Dawn Elizabeth Michalek "What I feel - I can't say - But my love is there for you anytime of day. But if it's not love -that you need -then l'II try my best to make everything succeed." - George Harrison 4 in it IZS we who pass upon its surface Jay Peniston Lee Parker if ft 5 T ,X ...,.,s. ., . W Qi A ' .. . fiififff ff' - fa: -. 3 Lorraine M. Parsons Laura Caroline Pelton Caroline Germaine Parker "What everitis you think you might have, "Live for today, dream for tomorrow, and "l don't know where I'm going but I'm you have nothing to lose, for every dead love forever. Remember to share your day, on my way." and living thing,time runslikeafuse,and your dream and your love. Then and only - Author Unknown the fuse is burnin'." then will you be loved." - Jackson Browne - L.C.P. l I 11' IS motionless . Stephanie Jayne Smith Melanie M. Totten Christopher A. Tyler Q? Renee Zielke Q yactldon't have thingsto remem- xg have things to do. ln fact, I don't have an act. I just act like l do." V 'ii t N I 3 as f. hw' t. i 3 Q 5 , I -Author Unknown H ,Ng it, L, Q, 2' Q-fri ,935 ,lf 'Q L fl ww Q SY' 3 Dhve does not pass James Setear Henry Marshall .gs if 7 i i 'mv ff 31.9 W fi 511 . K K laugh." p X Cynthia L. Janesky Denise Elizabeth Columbo "Among those whom I like, I can find no "So let the ashes fall and lay wher common denominator: but among those they will One last time, sing that ol whom I love, I can: all of them make me song we used to know, but this time little more slowly." - W.G. Auden - Daniel Fogelburg 2. W.A.L. 3. Crosstown 4. Marbledale 5. My stereo 6. My eyes 7. "Peace" Sue Verba 1. Checking out guys 2. To be "Somebody" 3. McDonald's, dull people 5. My car 6. l wasn't given onel 7. "Ya wanna get lucky?" Jim Ward 1. Going to parties 2. To fix up my truck 4. School 5. My truck 7. "Yaaaal" Bob Waymouth 1. Water skiing 2. Translator for ldi Amin 3. Filling out forms 4. Saying no 6. Modesty and laconic speed 7. "This is the bloody pitsl" Mark Weiss 1. Bootleg radio broadcasting 2. To be a concert organist 4. Girls 5. The stereo system 6. My talent in speaking 7. "One in the sack is worth a hundred in the face" Cary Westfall 1. Being with Donna 2. Football practice and raquet club 4. Chevy ll 6. Me Glen Winans 1. Listening to music and sports 2. To get through life ALlVEl 3. Stuck-up people 4. Judy 5. Judy, stereo 6. My eyes 7. "What's happening?" Wendy Winkelvoss 1. Spending it with people lFriendsl 2. Professional dancer 3. Two-faced people 4. Guys with blonde hair and blue eyes 5. My car and E.L. 6. My hair, eyes, smile 7. "You're kidding" Marian Whitmann 1. Checking out guys 3. Winter 4. Peppermints 5. Dusty 7. "Shut upl" Lynne Wojciechowski 1. Being with my good friends, writing songs 2. Receiving my doctorate in marine biology 3. Phoney people, French 4. Marine biology 5. My two best friends Robyn Woods 1. Being with my friends 2. To make an important discovery 3. People who walk slowly down the hall 4. Food 5. My friends 6. My personality 7. "Thanks a lotl" Marie Wooley 1. Being with friends 2. To take the 'vet and run 3. Ronald M.'s immature comments 4. Koala bears 5. Lee Scott 7. "Terrible situationI" Kathie Wright 1. Playing guitar and writing songs 2. To be a famous singer, songwriter 3. Stuck-up people 4. M 81 M's 5. My guitar 6. my eyes 7. "Hey, Jackson, what's that you say?" Steven Young 1. Traveling 2. To do it all 3. Phoney people 4. Putting things off 5. My life 6. My eyes Robin Zidack 1. Playing football 2. To be a radio disc jockey 3. lnconsiderate people 4. Food 5. My Chicago albums and class ring 6. My hair and eyes 7. "Could be brutall" Renee Zielke 1. Dancing 2. To run my own dancing school 3. "Cliques" 4. J.W. 5. My gold heart 7. "Who, me?" 4. Bob, pizza 5. Bob 6. My hair 7. "Oh come on" Guy Stone 1. Causing trouble 2. Can't tell, it's a secret 3. People saying, "I don't care" 4. Girls 5. My skis 6. "What'S me deal here?" Gary Strobino 1. Listening to music 2. To get out of Conn. 3. Filling out papers 4. Food 5. My woman 7. "Who gives a s -" Laura Szinyei 1. Playing my guitar 2. To play the piano 3. Spiders 4. Good music 5. Guitar 6. My eyes Janine Theriauit 1. Drama 2. To be important 3. Narrow minded people 4. Older men, food 5. My guitar 6. My smile 7. "Yeah, reaIlyI" Mary Lou Thomas 1. Parties 2. To have horses 4. Cigarettes and candy 5. Ben 7. "How bizarre!" Irene Titus 1. Just having a good time, all the time 2. To own a '67 Chevelle and move to Florida 3. The word "ain't" 5. Allen 6. My eyes 7. "Wise. . Dina Tobin 1. Dale and hanging around 2. To be a hairdresser 3. People who lie all the time 4. "CheveIIes" and buying clothes 5. Dale and my diamond 6. My laugh 7. "Hi, what are you doing?" Janet Tolworthy 1. Shopping 2. To successfully finish all my future years of school 3. lmmaturity 4. Spending money 5. A certain German Shepherd dog 6. Dark hair and eyes Melanie Totten 1. Playing baseball 3. Two-faced people 4. Boys 5. Autographed baseball 6. My eyes 7. "What'S it to you?" Robin Tracy 1. Checking out guys 2. To be "Somebody" 3. Phonies and being skinny 4. Food 5. My class ring 6. My dimple 7. "What a hassIeI" 180 ...ani Robin Tremont 1. Eating and being with Mark 2. To meet B.C.R. 3. Stuck-up people 4. Mark 5. My albums, Mark 6. My smile 7. "I don't knowI" Kirk Sides 5. My camera 7. "Say what?" Sharon Turk 1. Writing poetry and partying 3. To publish my own book 3. Bossy or gossipy people 4. Cigarettes and food 5. Track flats 6. My eyes 7. "What a dragl" Chris Tyler 1. Raising h - Il 2. To steal a helicoptor 3. Backstabbers 4. My toe nails 5. My motorcycle 6. My earlobes 7. "Aaay, ya know what I mean? Floyd Valentine 1. Working on cars 2. Becoming a race driver 3. Working 4. Girls 5. My car 6. Driving fast 7. "Bandit" Michelle Veltri 1. Partying with M.S., Y.J., and Cardinal Puff wif ii 2TV Waking up Cute girls My cassette recorder My nose "Any way" John Randazzo Sports To succeed in everything Driving tickets Spending what you don't have Lori My felt "What?" Sylvia Reid Playing the piano Shh Liars, backstabbers, people with bad breath Good looking fellas with nicely developed muscles My boyfriend, my clothes My smile "That's a bug out" Robert Roache 1 Watching a Red Sox baseball game 2 To be a Red Sox 3 New York Yankees 5 My car Jason Roberts Frisbee To be someone important People in bad or sad moods My ten-speed No belly button "Frisbee to air is divine" Jessica Roger 1 Daydreaming an il a'j:iM'7 gat 1 kai' W Nw 4 .1 f , E p wr., f . 2. To be the greatest pianist that ever lived 3. People who say they'll do some- thing, then don't 5. His ring 6. My eyes 7. "Are you mad at me?" Oskar Rogg 1. Playing tennis 2. To be president fnot very secretl 3. Bird, J.M., attendance policy and schedule, French 4. Les belles femmes 5. My drum set 6. Non-applicable 7. "Joke!" Eileen Ryan 1. Drawing and sleeping late 2. To live in Colorado 3. Phoney people 4. Plants and animals 7. "For sure" Angela Santella 1. Partying 2. To travel all through Europe 3. Phonies 4. Being asked to skip school 5. Love 6. My eyes 7. "That's the pits" Sabine Schafer 1. Playing guitar and singing, discussions 2. To be independent in every case 4. Following Mr. Rogers' American Studies 5. My friends and my guitar 7. "That was fun!" or "I didn't understand anything" Amy Schuchat 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 . Reading Camus . To be as funny as Woody Allen . Mean people . A funny joke . My statue of Beethoven . My big toenail . "Death is an acquired trait" James Setear 1. Being with Beth 2. To settle down 3. Court yarders 4. Beth Karen Smith 1 Being with Red 2 To go cross country any way possible 3. Two-faced and phoney people 4 Red hair and brown eyes and permanently bumped hands 5 My "cuda and driver" 6 My teeth 7 "Really, wow!" Stephanie Smith 4. M 81 M's Jennifer Stead 1 Songwriting, being with good friends 2. To succeed in one of the arts 3 lnsincerity 4 Poor struggling artists 5 My two best friends 6 My baby blues Robin Stebbins 1. Going to the Edgewood with friends, Bob 2. To be a disc jockey for WPLR 3. School wa. 4 17 ,. v Kai? il S , ' i will , , 1 ww f 5. A pearl 6. Able to get a good tan 7. "Maybe . . . on your birthday" Lorraine Parsons 1. Listening to the radio 2. To be a pop rock singer 3. Phoney or fake people 4. Boys with dark hair and dark eyes 5. My two best friends 6. My eyes 7. "UMM!" Laura Pelton 1. Being with good friends 2. To be a writer 3. Being a flag 4. Cute male tennis players 5. Lassie, Starr 6. My red hair and freckles 7. "l don't care, it's up to you" Wendy Petitt 1. Goofing 2. To work for United Artists Productions 3. Gossipers and Iron Kettles 4. Sylvester Stallone 5. My stereo and my good times 6. My sense of humor 7. "Hot Stuffl" Lisa Pielli 1. Kissing 2. To paint a masterpiece 3. Teachers who butt to the front of the lunch line 4. M 81 M's 5. Stuart 6. My hair 7. "You piiiigI" . fgu 178 . , f 'R .42 ark , ' ' N - Q Al' 1 Vi- -' p -f'::iffj 3 . f'fi . 5 1 4, - + -ef 5 M N s 6 1 1 ss. G, t is f : 1 g S in Stuart Pinette 1 Playing soccer and going to concerts 2 To live a long, happy, healthy life 3 Ego trips 4 Junk food, American Studies 5 Lisa 6 My eyes 7 "Later!" Michael Ploch 1 It's a secret 3 Hugh M. 5. My hats Kim Nelson 1 Causing trouble 2 lt's a secret 3 Two-faced and snobby people 4 Cute, tall, broad-shouldered guys 5 My friends 6 My eyes 7 "Hil" Rosalie Nieman 1 Watching TV 2 To travel around the world 3 Work 4 Food 5 My friends 6 My smile 7 "What?" Kim Nott 1 Being with Rich 2 To travel around the world 3 Phonies 4 A certain Italian guy 5 7 My ring "What a rush!" fab? Yukiko Numata 1. Listening to music 2. To be a great secretary, to be married 3. Homework 4. Going to parties 5. My sister 6. My way of being 7. "You're clumsy" Jackie Olsen 1. Living 2. To race at Limerock 3. Breaking a fingernail 4. Getting anywhere on time 5. My jewelry, friends 6. My insanity Carolyn Parker 1. Riding 3. My sinuses, socks with holes 4. Vance's eyes 5. Chiquita and Bojo 7. "l need a cup of coffee," Cherie Prange 1. Playing old songs 2. To be happy in the future life 3. TV 4. D.C. 5. My stereo 7. "Get bentl" Manny Prange 1. Being with my friends 2. To be a master chef 4. Understanding some people 5. My room 6. When l'm in a good mood 7. "RealIyl" James Purvinis 1. Sleeping Q , Liars, stuck-up people, gossip Ice Cream Stereo, my friends My personality "Later much" Tammy McBreairty Thoughtful analyzing To do everything at least once Havoc Iof Lifel You knowl My friendship with Guy Stuck in mud, B.J. "Fantasticl" Shanna McKee To race in the streets of Monte Carlo Volkswagons Tall dark-haired chefs Sheba lmy catl My art work "Oh yeah?" Chris Merkling Doing as little as possible To be like Mr. Salvestrini Boo Smith's temper My sanity My nose "Five dollars says you can't5 no, I don't have it on me" Goung to the Edgewood Jerico s Sportsman s Marbledale and Stockyard with Flip and all our friends To marry a wealthy guy Certain people and this school Pizza and Flip I My hair Will you look at theml sew its wk Douglas Minck 1 Waterskiing 2 To make a millionl 3 Tall people 4 Girls 7 "Ohl Natalie Misericordia 1 Lying in the sun 2 3 4 7 To marry a rich man Two-faced people Nice looking guys "l don't care" Tony Morasco 1 2 3 4 5 6 Thinking about how productive I could be, and how lazy I am To find contentment, Jacqueline Bisset, and a million dollars People clipping their finger nails I don't know, I haven't found any yet My Mustang Convertible and my wit and good taste There's not enough room to fill them all in 7 "He's better off under the ground inspiring the cabbages" Lisa Morey 1 Partying with friends 2 To alwavs be happy Pessimists Pizza My car OK?" Beth Morren .fe . .,.. A as -- I Partying To drive across the country People who drop off animals Tall gorgeous guys Green V.W. 3. Dawn Michalek 4. . I . , 5- ' , 7. 1. ' ' 2. ' ' 3. Fl'p 4. ' 5. s - a.-. ,. 4 ,'rs ,s... t ,. ' f-,- , -- H . ...Y 5 ., .... 1 3 Y 5 " v as ri V an gig. I A-:-" ..'.L' i ig' Ie QQ: K. b 11 5 X ,IW a ,B , ,K 'in 97 ef I? I ' fi 1 . QI ' rg Q an , U I X Y' 'SEI I' ' ' v an ' " ,sf ' N X L . ii A 1 ik Y, , .ax J Q., I, . . I 6. My eyes, dimples 7. "Far outI" John Morrison 1. Restoring a 411 2. To draw a moustache on the Mona Lisa 4. Being gullible 5. My running shoes 7. "Nuts" Margaret Murphy 1. Going to Conn's with Elly 2. To live in California with Ed and Elly 3. Lateness 4. Ed 5. Ed 6. My eyes 7 "Elly, I don't knowl" Patty Murphy 1. Being initiated into N.M.H.S. 2. To see everything there is to see 3. Getting up in the morning 4. Talking too much 5. My baby blue Nova 6. My smile 7. "Only kidding" Janet Murray 1. Partying 2. Parachute jumping 3. Short pants with white socks 4. Chocolate 5. My mobiles and stuffed animals 7. "You loose BuckwheatI" Jerry Naradzay 1. Lying in the sun 2. To own a 280 Z 3. Being the butt of a practical joke 'U EY, .1 ml .vig 7 1 "W xr! 177 and M - Tracy Lee 1. Going to the beach, day dreaming 2. To always stay happy 3. Backstabbers 4. Ice cream, animals 7. "ReaIIy!" Denis Leonard 1. Hunting 2. To fly 3. B.S'ers 5. My motor cycle 7- ,.Hey,, Barbara Lohmann 1. Skiing, going to the ocean 2. A chalet in the Alps 3. Making decisions 4. Frogurt 5. Memories 6. My smile 7. "What's your problem?" Paul Loormann 1. Smoking a bowl 3. The administration 5. My truck 6. My freckles Beth Lowell 1. Silver Lake Conference Center 2. To travel and be successful 3. Phonies 4. Greg 5. G.C.W., The Prophet 6. My hair, eyes 7. "You're terrible" Kelly MacDonald 1. Swimming 2. Goto Scotland and own a Newfoundland 3. Forms 7 ., K. .. I 4. Books 5. My owls 6. My freckles 7. "Hit the ceiling" Mary Madden 1. Skiing 2. To travel around the world 3. Non-partiers 4. Ice Cream 7. "Buzz off" David Malumphy 1. Laying in the sun 2. Living in a beach house on the ocean 3. Seeing the lake get dirty 4. Blondes 5. My boat 6. My big toe 7. "Oh man" Faye Malumphy 1. Writing, listening to music 2. To travel around the US in a van 3. Cigarette smoking 4. Food 5. My friends 7. "Oh dear" Kevin Marcy 1. Riding bikes late at night and early in the morning 2. To win the SDOCC motorcycle World Championship 3. People who walk around in a daze all day 4. Spending money on foolish things 5. My Ducati 250 Gregory Marsan 1. Contemplating .QE 1 . J ' is 'I' kv? . .SQL I 5 Fl LV K 5' , M. 'iff .ix r x :M t 2. To be a Pre-Calculus teacher in high school 3. Habituary dogmatic mentors 4. Where? 5. The knowledge of the sea, thus 3 knowledge of life I 6. My hair 7. "Right-teeoo Batman" James Marsh 1. Theatre 2. To live forever 3. Working too much 4. I can't stop listening to music 5. My car 6. My morals and arrogance 7. "lf you know how to live, you know how to die, and if you know how to die, you know how to live!" Darlene Marsicano 1. Being with my friends 2. To be famous 3. Cruelty 4. Food 5. My friends, family 6. My dimples 7. "I don't believe you" Andrea Martin 1. Listening to my stereo 2. To have beautiful fingernails 3. Twovfaced people 4. Good looking guys 5. Our cottage in Rhode Island 6. My smile 7. "You're going to get it, you just wait!" Pam McBreairty 1. Shopping, partying, sleeping 2. Social worker 176 thither they return agelh. - Ecclesiastes "Together we've climbed hills and trees, learned of love and ABC's skinned our hearts and skinned our knees." -Terry Jacks "Do not follow where the path leads, sy Rather go where there is no path and leave a trail. - Author Unknown 4 , QfR'A"i'k 4. , Ulkl . Steven John Young Yukiko Numata Martines William Robin Zidack ho can say more than this rich praise, "Love means never having to say l'm sor- "May the Force be with you." t you alone are you." ry." - Star Wars - William Shakespeare - Eric Segal 4 from whence the rivers come "The soul can rise from the earth into the sky like a bird aware of its freedom not feeling the barriers of man but the beauty of love which is eternal." U fb Walter Kinder Marian Susan Wittmann "Lose your dreams and you may lose your mind." Rolling Stones Wendy Louise Winkelvoss Priscilla Wooden -'P l Lynne Katherine Wojciechowski "And the chords struck at birth grow more distant yet, we strike them again and again." - Dan Fogelberg Robyn Margaret Woods There is society, where none intrudes, by the deep sea and music in its roar." - Byron unto the place . X f ' I' I+ , LA , ..., H V N X fi, , W , -1,L1 N I 1 , I I l"'5if ff' Robert Mebane Waymouth Cary Newton Westfall he autocrat of Russia is the most "Oh I'm on my way I know I am some- werful man on earth, but even he where not so far from here all I know is nnot stop a sneeze." all I feel right now." - Mark Twain - Cat Stevens jg: ali' inn... we-sux 'Q I Glen Richard Winans Il "lf it's getting harder to face everyday, don't let it show, don't let it show. Though it's getting harder to take what they say just let it go, just let it go - Woolfson!Parsons yet the sea IS not fully ,Qf f ,ff 5 'VT' We xx Michelle Leigh Veltri "There's a life full of pain and a life full of glee. So you see that the rain doesn't mean much to me, for I know that it pays making light of living's tragedies make your days be as bright. Take a few of these, the sweeter memories." - Todd Rundgren All rivers run into the sea, "For you, there'II be no more crying, for you, the sun will be shining, and I feel that when I'm with you, It's all right, I know it's right and I wish you all the love in the world, but most of all, I wish it from myself." - Christine McVie "lf you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost, that is where they should be. Now put foun- dations under them." - Henry David Thoreau 40N 5 Rgbin Denise Tracy Robin-Ann Tremont Sharon Lee Turk t stop thinking about tomorrow "When we were young,we had ourtimeg "For long you live and high you fly and tstop, it'Il seen be here l'll be here, and we would drink sweet talking wine. smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry and than before yesterdays ggnel yes- But now that it's over all the songs sound all you touch and all you see, is all your may s gone," out the rhyme." life will ever be." .. Fleetwood Mac - Eric Faulkner and Stuart Wood - Pink Floyd I L O it IZS of eternity. - Vlhhston Abbott Laura Jean Szinyei 95 'Q Mary Lou Thomas "What life means to us is determined not so much by what life brings to us as by , the attitude we bring to life: not so much by what happens to us as by our reaction to what happens." - Lewis L. Dunnington "Still around the corner there may wait, a new road or secret gait, and though I oft passed them by, a day will come at least when I shall take the hidden paths that run, west of the moon, east of the sun." - J.R.R. Tolkien "Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player, That struts and frets his hour upon the stage, And then is heard no more: it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing." Janine R. Theriault f Heir. 'f , 'F Wffilggg - Shakespeare " , T"r""'-Q'T"' if Amy Thompson "Yet I cannot tary longer, the sea that calls all things unto her calls me and I must embark. For to stay, though the hours burn in the night, is to freeze and crystallize and be bound in a mould. Fain would I take with me all that is here. But how shall I? - Kahlil Gibran kk. Irene Titus 'F "And when I'm on my last go-round I c stand another test because I've made before . . . and I can make it son more." Jim Pri it IZS timeless . Mark Squires Jennifer Stead "Beware the wheel that ever turnsg which grinds us, and leaves us behind in its wake. The freedom for which our society yearns is not easily given, and harder to take." 'qxzzv xzff Robin Marie Stebbins Guy Stone Gary Paul Strobino change, snow men melt Days "There is something for all who look, "ln the game of silent searching, the cost times unfelt We pass by, there's a story in every book. All of the of love is rising." And l'm just now realiz- snowmen melt Got my love for pages, between the lines so much that ing l'd be better off with you." " you can find." - Kansas - Bob Lebel - Kansas 169 it 119 of the moment Sabine Schafer Larry Smith ., I 'writ , ,V .V ,- "Don't forget, you help your fellow man if you listen to him instead of speaking your- se - Johanna Margarete Riedel L .IP tn --, -... . , .-,, ,4v'. . 6-"7 W7 Amy Diane Schuchat Angela Marie Santella Kirk Walter Sides "Of all the wonders of nature, a tree in summer is perhaps the most remarkable, with the possible exception of a moose singing "Embraceable You" in spats." - Woody Allen "For love and understanding to find a quiet place, for silent understanding, a living touch, come to me when things go wrong and there's no love to light the way, let me be the one you run to when you need someone to run to let me be the one." - Paul Williams yesterday's gone." - I-leetwood lvlac it is fleeting . Andrea Lee Martin Still crazy after all these years. - Paul Simon "Who walks a road with a smile will never walk alone. - Author Unknown 56--A Lisa Morey Anthony Joseph Morasco, Jr. elf trust is the first secret of success." Committee: a group of men who individu- - Ralph Waldo Emerson ally can do nothing, but collectively meet and decide nothing can be done." Elizabeth Walker Morren "Do you ever loose something that you thought you knew. Did you ever loose someone who was close to you. Well I lost my lover and my summer too." - Edgar Winter upon the shlhmg waters Stacie Pratt Wayne Purdy it, 435132: James Anthony Purvinis "l think, therefore I am." Rene Descartes " X . it John S.P. Randazzo "Time does not pass - it is motionless. It is we who pass upon its surface - as ships that sail upon the sea from harbor to harbor and after a little rest embark upon another voyage." - Winston O. Abbott K I , Alf ,f ...W if it -.41 V ff ,--, I N I A , ,. Sylvia Denise Reid "Love is in the need of love today." -- Stevie Wonda a reflection of sunlight . Kimberly Joyce Nott Rosalie E. Nieman "ln the sweetness of friendship, let there by laughter and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning." an was made from the rib of She was not created from his -to top him. Not from his feet- o be stepped on. She was made from is side-to be equal to him. From ben- ath his arm -to be protected by him, ear his heart - to be loved by him." - Author Unknown - Zahlil Gibran J "Life rushes on like a crystal mountain stream. Hours slip like sand in an hour glass dream. Yet my love for the past will go on always, praying for all to have memories of our golden days." - Author Unknown Jacqueline Ann Olsen "Love doesn't make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile." - Franklin P. Jones 165 64 it l19 a bit of the rushlhg tide In David Michael Malumphy Faye Ellen Malumphy Kevin Lee Marcy "To have a friend is great, but to have a "After all it's what we've donethat makes "live and let die." real friend is the best thing a man could us what we are." - Author ever have." - Jim Croce Unknown - David Malumply that my life IS not a solitary thing UU 'Z-37 Jessica Frances Roger "Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man's heart, and the fall through the air of the wise, true friend called Piggy." - William Golding 6 Let me remember always Margaret Mary Murphy "Experience is what helps one to make the same mistake. . .different- ly. - Author Unknown "In a word there are three things that last forever: faith hope and love. But the greatest of them is love. Love is patient, kind and envies no one. There is no limit to its faith, hope, and endur- ance." - St. Paul Patricia A. Murphy Janet Ann Murray "lttakes only 17 muscles to smile. . .43 Life is too short to dwell on another's muscles to frown. Conserve energy." weaknesses. Concentrate on his - Author Unknown strengths." - Author Unknown S I fs Z 1 I 4 ' X ,I v 4 Jerome Francis Xavier Naradzay "Once in a vision, I came on some woods and stood at a fork in the road, my choices were clear, yet I froze with the fear of not knowing which way to go, one road was simple aspect of life. The othei road offered sweet peace. When I made my decision, my vision became my re lease." - Dan Fogelberg Herman Keilich 1. Red Sox, slalom water and snow skiing 2. To become a Physics major 3. Double periods and freshmen 4. Hot lunch 5. Life and friends 6. Some intelligence 7. "Come on Larry, huh!" Jean Kennedy 1. Partying 2. To be in a rock group 3. Term papers 4. Food 5. Record collection 7. "Go for it!" John Kernochan 3. Phonies 4. Any type of food 5. My comics 7. "You meatball!" Beth Kerr 1. Sleeping 2. To have F. Lee Bailey work for me 3. My Hoyt's Chemistry tests 4. My sweet tooth 5. My chartreuse orangutan 6. My hair 7. "Ohl gross me outl" Joann Kilian 1. Partying 2. To be an Fl.N. 3. Backstabbers and "Ma's dog" 4. Motorcycles 5. My big kiss and my car 6. My dimples 7. "Anytime as long as l'm able." WT, 'llfl LL!-l .JI FII fair' WIIMM 1 AVON gi , M. - ' .,, I 1 7 l D 'lr Donna Kimberly 1. Sleeping 2. To tour the world 3. Waiting 4. French fries 5. Jenny 7. "l don't knowI" Elly Koegler 1. Day dreaming, bowling 2. To vacation in Maine 3. People who don't honestly express their feelings 4. Fried chicken 5. Late Augy 6. Hair 7. "Are you married?" Barbara Kunz 1. Camping at "Prospect Lake Park" 2. To go to California in a van 3. Being stared at 4. Big muscled, blonde haired guys 5. Paul Streamen 6. My fingernails, and my eyes 7. "Tough Tush!" Joe Kutchera 1. Being with Janet 2. Pro basketball 4. Saying yes to my brother 5. Janet 7. "Ah shucksl" Scott LaFond 1: Hockey 2. lt's a secret! 3. Work 4. Ya-ya, food 5. My skates 6. My blonde hair 7. "ReaIlyl" 1. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Chip Lake Going out, goofing around 2. To see the Beatles reunite Anybody who says, "lt can't be done" P.G. My record collection My smile "That's true, y'know, absolutely rightl" Brenda Lane 1. Camping 2. To live in Colorado 3. Accounting 4. Buying clothes Lorraine Lapinsky 1. Horseback riding 2. To be a race horse tr 3. C.B. radios 4. Horses 5. Astrology book 6. Smile 7. "Oh! Come onl" Sue Larson 1. Gymnastics 2. To always be happy 3. People who have bra don't use them 4. Ev's eyes 5. My car 6. My smile 7. "Catch ya later" Michael LaSagna 1. Watching TV 2. To live a long life 3. 4. 5. 7. Stuck up people Good Italian food Life "Why me?" you're ainer ins but 2. Modeling 3. Backstabbers 4. Nice looking guys 5. Sam 6. My hair 7. "You dummy" Jeremy Haase 1. Talking 2. Live on Nantucket Island 3. Backstabbers 4. Apples 5. Leon my lion 6. My hair 7. "Well, la-dee-da" Fran Hapke 1. Partying 2, To have enough money to keep me satisfied 3. Raggies 4. My car Randy Hastings 1. Driving around 2. To win the lottery 3. Little brother 4. Doritos Nacho cheese chips 5. License 6. Have none Cathy Hasulak 1. Boy watching 2. To weigh 115 lbs. 3. Gossip and the grapevine 4. Too many to mention 5. Duchess 6. My a - 7. "Wait-a-hold-it" Lisa Hawker 1. Sun bathing 3. Cigarette smoking 4. Studying 5. Peter and my stereo 6. My feet 7. "Don't worry about it" Tammie Hayward 1. Concerts 2. To live on Malibu Beach 3. Loud music and winter 4. The sun 5. My albums and a Steven Stills Heinekin bottle 6. Ha Ha Ha 7. "This is sick" Nancy Heaton 1. Reading, thinking, and swimming 2. To be a beach bum and travel everywhere 3. Telephones 4. Food 5. All the memories 6. My smile 7. "Sure" lwith a Bronx accentl Tony Hehl 2. To make the U.S. table tennis team 3. Pseudo-socialites 4. Day dreaming 6. My laugh 7. "F0oll" Brian Hogan 1. Playing drums 2. Developing a chest 5. Buddy Rich Brushes 6. Legs? 7. "Oh, why don't you shove it" Laurie Howard 1. Partying 2. Travel 3. Two-faced people 5. Otto 7. "Oh, dear" Liana Hyatt 1. Driving Danny home and being with M.T.A.D.P. 3. This town 4. Blowing my horn 5. My memories of Mel 6. My mouth 7. "Ter-rif-ic"' Joan lnness 1. Playing with Ezra 2. To be successful 3. People, school 4. Mrs. "B's" cooking 5. My car Marcie Jajer 1. Flirting 2. To go to England with Paulette 3. Cliques 4. Cute guys 5. All my friends 6. My eyes 7. "Yeah, right" Cindy Janesky 1. Going to the movies 2. Take a trip around the world 3. Mr. Hoyt's Chem. tests 4. Blue eyes 5. Fl.B.'s autograph 6. My hair Joel Johnson 1. Eating 2. Kim 5. Match box 6. My molecules, according to Mr. Devin 160 and face another da y. - Joni Mitchell Beth Ellen Lowell Kelly MacDonald isa road,no simple highway be- "Lord Grant that I may always desire een the down and the dark of night more that I can accomplish." . and if you go no one may follow, - Michelangelo at path is for your steps alone. . - Grateful Dead Mary Cathrine Madden "My choices were clear Yet I froze with the fear of not knowing which way to go, one road was simple, the other road off- ered sweet peace. When I make my deci- sion, my vision became my reIease." - Dan Fogelberg 9 5 So lmusz' be on my way 'lux' i S' NE fy 1 Nw VAmmA E e 1 11 'Q' fem . uf' . ffl, l a s wwf ', 5,57 ..,t.,is Barbara Lohmann "The hidden well-spring of your soul must needs rise and run murmuring to the seap And the treasure of your infinite depths would be revealed to your eyes. But let there by no scales to weigh your unknown treasure . . . for self is a sea boundless and measureless." - Kahlil Gibran Denis Michael Leonard "Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars." Kasey Kasim Paul Arthur Loormann, Jr. Tell me who you know and l'll tell who to go see. My friend he'll set you free, tell me what you need and maybe l can go too. No one knows the way but baby me." - Aerosmith None of life 's strings can last . E Q QW x , ix ,X , , W as A. ' "R -. Susan Diane Larson you love someone, let them go. lf come back, they're yours, if they t they never were." - Author Unknown ...K Michael Gene LaSagna "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are the meek, for they shall possess the earth Blessed are the clean of heart, for they shall see God. Blessed are the peacemak- ers, for they shall be called children of God. . - Holy Bible w 'I k lll l r K i in .4 ' is l is ' 'A ',, .MQRQ Q ' - X 'f'5'1?"5'?""2i"?'f?'E' fi? sf, ff. t' I t,,.tf ' is t Tracey Ann Lee "Born on the first warm winds of feelings newly found, don't look down. Take as much as you think you ought to give as much as you can. Don't forget what your failures have taught you or you'Il learn them all over again." - Dan Fogelberg XQJS' 'S'-C Q, 52,5 1 All things must pass, . V 5 ssfs rim W " Z E sg , 1 F W R 5 2 . 5 . Q X ' J .1 S , if E N as F as , 2 1 5 1 K , Q ff. 'A' t, 3 yf ' 5 "' N rr,-P.. ,sss ,.,., ,fffjj I if Leonard J. Lake Brenda Lee Lane Lorraine Renee Lapinsky "Yesterday, today was tomorrow and to- "l exist as I am and that is enough." "The young child is looking in the world morrow, today will be yesterday." - Walt Whitman to find himself - reflected in a mirron - George Harrison with a thousand faces." l -- Maria Montessori if All thmgs must pass away . Y .. gAL, W y. L A WVgL .R K V -1- ,,,L . - i Y sf f ' fi L it " '35 i .. ' aff , ' .Q . ,J K 4 A Q - Q I .i Ax 5- .swf S i .L f sf' F vp! Barbara Louise Kunz Joseph Francis Kutchera Scott Rowe LaFond 'l've shut the door on yesterday "Life is too short for worries, so enjoy it." "Just remember love is life and hate is nd thrown the key away - - Joe Kutchera living death. Treat your life for what it's omorrow holds no fears for me worth and live for every breath." Dnce I have found today." - Black Sabbath - Vivian Laramore ss 5 for the one that's going to last - Cat Stevens 4 s .r or if st- frogs: .9 L K if W' ' ,1 " it i gg ,, ffl, Q? JDM rw if Z W If 1' Q5 ,2 A fl ' ', ' . 5 Q MVWL' f bl YS S .. f' 1 eeeee t V A . Lx iikk , 1 eeee i eeee ' t , . ,,,u,55:?f i :: ii. 'S 2 ,I , 3 Jo-Ann Kilian "God grant me the serenity to accept the things l cannot change . . . Courage to change those things I can and wisdom to know the difference . . . Amen." - Author Unknown Donna Elizabeth Kimberly "What would we do in this world of ours were it not for the dreams ahead? For thorns are mixed with the blooming flow- ers, no matter which path we tread." -- Edwin Charlie Litsey awww si' E i Eleonora Wilhelmina Koegler "Yesterday's hurt is today's under- standing rewoven into tomorrow's love." - Walter Rinder Now let's all start the fl'Vl77-Q . A hu... 'Wiz ,:. ,, H ,' -xi I , 'f' L . I A 1 if if-' it V- V V' V I VVV VZVL f rllt ltltly or " i f"l " if J ,..',. , '.- Qi' . ' , ,tf,,,gff5y -M f - , 4,3 J v ' :..- A ' ' , L .::. . K ,i by ., IIAA 5 5.111- jf 995 ,45 Jf 9 at 'Q if S M Q iii , aft V, g , K i N ,W ,,:v, I TM 5 9. ,,,' Q V ,,.V t , gt' 4 3 ,J f- mth tt are e 'Q' ' V 1.11, 4 4 l 'V i i f a t sa t - , ' ,':V . dub, I it , I rf 1 ., Jean Marie Kennedy Don't it always seem to go, that you on't know what you've got 'til it's one?" - Joni Mitchell .o 2. 1 John Michael Kernochan Beth Ellen Marie Kerr "Though l've belted and flayed you, by "True friendshipislike phosphorescence the living God that made you, you're a - it glows best when the world around better man than I am." you goes dark." - Rudyard Kipling - Denise Martin 153 52 Yesterday has past 3 ff ww Marcie Ann Jajer "Making friends for the world to see, let the people know you've got what you need, with a friend at hand you will see the light if your friends are there, then everything's alright" - Bernie Taupin Joel Everett Johnson "And if I claim to be a wise man, it surely means that I don't know" Kansas Hermann Rudolf Keilich "lf something takes too long, happens to you, you become all only the thing you wanted and else, for you have paid too much for too much in wanting, too much in w ing, and too long in getting." - Robert Penn Warrer And we all know it's better. r ,rf "wif f,1 ."f Liana Leigh Hyatt Ships that pass in the night, and speak each other in passing. Only a signal own, and a distant voice in the dark- ess, so on the ocean of life we pass 81 eak to one another. Only a look and voice then darkness again and si- noe." - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Judith Marie Hyland "I do my thing and you do yourthing. I am not in this world to live up to your expec- tations and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am l and if by chance we find each other it's beautiful." - Fredericks Peris Joan Marie lnness "l shall be telling this with a sigh, some- where ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference." - Robert Frost and mystery of it. - VWl19m Saroyan 50 " x""llnn-....,. Sai X 'Q' kt WL Anthony Louis Hehl, Jr. "The wild and windy night that the rain washed away, has left a pool of tears cry- ing forthe day, why leave me standing here? Let me know the way." - Lennon 81 McCartney Melanie Joy Hoffmann Brian John Hogan "Be your best, the worst disappointment "lf a man does not keep his pace witl you can experience is disappointment in his companions, perhaps it is becausj yourseIf." he hears a different drummer. Let hi -Author Unknown step to the music he hears, howeve measured or far away." - Henry David Thoreat to the 177 fl77l'f6 delight . .mf .4-. Nl. . ,. M., Cathleen Hasulak doesn't make the world go Love is what makes the ride - Franklin P. Jones Lisa Ann Hawker "Now you've got to run, now you've got to hide. Don't know who to follow, who is on you're side. Don't know where you're going, Don't know where you've been, And I may see you tomorrow. Never more again. . . - Steve Stills Nancy Louise Heaton "Reach for the heaven, hope for the fu- ture, and all that we can be, not what we are." - John Denver sf f or 149 4 you shall smile 1 if 1 ,, .l si, SP9 sf Null , 'WN' Wg-v' ' lx Q 7,6 ff 'l iff 4- ll i Francis M. Hapke Susan Vivian Harris Randall William Hastings "There is nothing so far removed from us "lf you love something set it free, if it "And there we were all in one place, a as to be beyond our reach, or so hidden comes back its yours, if it doesn't it never generation lost in space, with no time that we cannot discover it." was." left to start again." - Descartes - Author Unknown - D. McLean live - so lh that wondrous time . fig , sz. V ,I I 1- f, a ssi ' r it , ggg ii Firilfgl ' A Q' 1 , ,. . it V53 Cf' J it 'W i Paulette Gottlieb to me a crime that we should These fragile times should never us by. A time we never can or shall as friends together watch their ldhood fly." - Bernie Taupin Teresa Louise Grady Jeremy Ann Haase "For long you live and high you fly, and "If you wake up, and don't want to smile, smilesyou'IIgive and tears you'llcry,and if it takes just a little while open your all you touch and all you see is all your eyes, and look at the day, you'll see life will ever be." things in a different way." - Pink Floyd - Fleetwood Mac 14 Liana Hyatt, Missy Veltri, Mark Rosato BIGGEST B.Sers Qifiiff f V QW 3 is x ' ix Q Jim serear, Robin Stebbins f' 1 '43, ' ' BEST LOOKING, BEST DRESSED 3 T? I ,Mk 5 CLASS PARTIERS Betty-Ann O'Brien, Mike Harrison 92 Janet Campbell, Ray Bucknam OUIETEST Bob Ayres, Sue Verba MOST TALKATIVE Brad Anderson, Denise Bauer MOST GULLIBLE ,Nfei IN, ,if 5 W? BEST BUDDIES Jim Stack, Jim Ward MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Nancy Anderson, Bob Waymouth Amy Thompson, Bob Waymouth MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Betty-Ann O'Brien, Dave Crane NONCONFORMISTS CLASS ARTISTS Shanna McKee, Greg Marsan, Lisa Pielli MOST STUDIOUS Abigail Ganong, Oskar Rogg 193 Robert Roache Chris Miller ww hg, ,A W f i 4? if M ,Q- 'V'-I Natalie Kim Misericordia "lf you love something, set it free, if it comes back, it's yours, if not it never was." - Author Unknown and after a little rest . f .fi li Q Y i ,,,.. 4 s . 1 x t Q4 3-Q 4 - I A "" ' -3 .lfr x' ' ,4 x 9 l Darlene Regina Marsicano .ook not for beauty or whiteness of :in but look for a heart that is loyal ithin, for beauty will fade and skin 'ow old but a heart that's loyal is bet- r than gold." - Author Unknown Gregory Matthew Marsan "TV dinners by the pool I'm so glad I finished school." - Frank Zappa F ff l I Af " Q: A I' ll? "' ei ,, -Z k ,ww f Y' x X 'B CLASS DIRECTORY E. Ahern T. Allen B. Anderson N. Anderson A. Antunes G. Arbusto V. Arciola B. Armstrong P. Athans R. Ayres K. Bailey J. Baker W. Ballard R. Banzhaf A. Barlow B. Barrick D. Bauer B. Beatty W. Begasse D. Birch L. Biro J. Bosse B. Bouquillon D. Bowman S. Brennan E. Brenner M. Brown W. Buckman P. Burden M. Burnette C. Burns L. Burrows D. Butterfield C. Camp G. Campbell J. Campbell L. Cannon L. Carmellini B. Carlson D. Carlson A. Carter -M. Center L. Corbett C. Coma G. Costa E. Cusack P. Daniels W. Darrah F. Dealy V. Duhan H. Egan K. Elsesser 196 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 121 121 121 121 122 122 122 122 122 123 123 123 123 123 123 124 124 124 124 124 125 125 125 125 125 125 126 126 126 126 126 129 129 129 129 129 129 130 130 130 130 130 130 131 131 Fadel Faulenbach Fletcher Florian Foley Foss Fredlund Ganong Gassett . Gerstenmaier B. Gibbon Gill Giuffre Godialis Gottlieb Grady Haase Hapke Harris Harrison Hastings Hasulak Hawker Hayward Heaton Hehl Herbert Hodge Hoffman Hogan Howard Hyatt Hyland J. lnness lreland Jajer J. Johnson Keilich J. Kennedy Kernochan Kerr Kilian Kimberly Koegler Kolman Kunz Kutchera Lafond Lake Lane LaMadeleine Lapinsky 131 131 138 138 138 138 138 143 146 146 146 134 134 134 147 147 147 148 148 135 148 149 149 135 149 150 '135 136 150 150 136 151 151 151 136 152 152 152 153 153 153 154 154 154 138 155 155 155 155 156 138 156 S. Larson M Lasagna T. Lee D. Leonard K. Lillis B. Lohmann B. Lowell P. Loormann M. Madden D. Malumphy F. Malumphy K. Marcy G Marsan J. Marsh D. Marsicano A. Martin P. McBriearty T. McBriearty K. McDonald S. McKee A. Morasco L. Morey F. Morren J. Morrison D Michalek D. Minck N. Misericordia M Murphy P. Murphy J. Murray J. Naradzay 1 R. Nieman K. Nelson K. Not! B. 0'Brien J. Olsen C. Parker L. Parker L. Parsons L. Pelton W. Petitt L. Pielli S. Pinette M. Ploch C. Prange C. Prange S. Pratt W. Purdy J. Purvinis J. Rsandazzog 1g S. Reid R. Richardson 157 157 157 158 139 158 159 159 159 164 164 164 195 139 167 167 167 185 159 185 167 167 167 162 185 194 194 162 162 162 162 165 165 165 165 165 184 184 184 184 197 197 197 19.7 197 140 166 166 166 166 166 163 R. J. 0. C. E. A. J. A. K. S. L. S. B. J. R. G. G. M L1 J. M. 6 Q Floache Rogers R099 Ross Ryan Santella Setear Schuchat Sides Schafer Smith Smith Stark Stead Stebbins Stone Strobino Squires Szinyei Theriault Thomas A. Thompson I. Titus D. J. M R. R. S. C. D. F. K. M Tobin Tolworthy 1 Totten Tracy Tremont Turk Tyler Valentine Valentine VanValkenburg . Veltri S. Verba J. R. C. Ward Waymouth Westfall K. White G. Winans - HW. Win1gelyos1sffg . 1 M. Wittnnann ' K. wragm L. . P' R. Wogcgechowsigi Wooden B B Woods M. Wooley . S. Young W. Z1d3Ck Zielkeg 194 163 163 163 163 168 182 168 168 168 168 183 140 169 169 169 169 169 170 170 170 170 170 171 171 183 171 171 171 183 172 172 172 172 172 173 173 173 173 173 1741 174 174 175. 1745 174 1751 175 175 was embark upon another voyage. -- Vlhhston Abbott Wendy Kim Petitt "I'm the Master Magician. Who'll help Lisa Marie Pielli 'rx Stuart Harold Pinette Jh very young - what will you leave us is time - you're only dancing on this irth for a short while - and though your 'eams may toss and turn you now - ey will vanish away like your Dad's best ans." - Cat Stevens you escape from the lies you've been told. When they're breaking your back bring the last straw to me. I turn straw into gold. I break chains made of boredom that others have lived with for years. I leave good news on doorsteps and laughs where there used to be tears." - Kenny Ascher 84 Paul Williams "I want to learn what life is for I don t want much, I just want more. Ask what I want, and I will sing I want everything feverythmgl - RH. 81 P.W. , :i-JM iw, k"ir"' .. f' rf IW I lI I. g,i,f 'w' If ." Michael Joseph Ploch "All great man are dead, and l'm not feel- ing so well myself." - Author Unknown Cherie L. Prange "Touch me and let me know how much you are. Feel me and let me sense the emotions of being explored. Hold me and let me examine the warmth of your body, against mine, kiss me and let me taste the wonderful thing that are with held within you. Love me. . .and let me feel secure." - Author Unknown 197 E VFWIVQFUAV I' 'I gi? V! 5 fl 1 Q Y J s-. i A, sw, XAILXJ, f , R X 4 rr nuff' 50s-Q., 'Www ....v"" ggfh... sb: f x 'MQ I ' 4 Q Q gk 'gr s ' s Nix ' fi nl .. , ?Hi.,,Q?.,Y:t,, Q Q ,X ,E c J U Q 9 nv' H! ' X 9 Q - -54 X .Q 257' il any - ' fy, " I N n ' BW., Q 'ii f 5 y- . "ful .L 'Xi ----'A' ,Q s i 'Eli' P :QI 3 UU 91 5 I if fi K I , v L. V ggffjw f"!lQa I um ,rg 79 Railroad Street New Milford, Ct. 354-5635 Dave and Thomas Scozzafava TOM MY'S CLEANERS INC. WNK "The Department Store That Offers More" ON THE GREEN NEW MILFORD, CONNECTICUT We 5ANDWlcH suopi VILLAGE SANDWICH SHOPPE "Fine Food and Good Coffee" 47 Main Street New Milford, Ct. gi! if VI' Nav' nn :- 202 IVIOREY'S IGA 40 East Street New Milford, Connecticut 354-9900 CROSS-TOWN IGA 132 Danbury Road New Milford, Connecticut 354-0921 ,ti IRON :nu Annum RESTMRAIT THE IRON KETTLE RESTAURANT Lunch - Dinner - Cocktails "One Mile North of the Bridge" New Milford, Ct. l354-18091 Closed Tuesdays " 'e X K ii' Q M i xxx x 4 QPR :wif t ' ii ci T 1 D 81 G ARMY NAVY OUTLET Village Green Mall 41 Main Street New Milford, Ct. ' u. is Good Luck to the Class of '78 HARTS 20-24 Bank Street New Milford, Ct. CHAILLOU FLORIST SHOPPE 16 Bank Street New Milford, Ct. Nw .41 up 'V' 1-,' F 3 I BOBBITTS EIVIPORIUM ei "Herbs and Spices" 10 Bank Street New Milford, Ct. Sf. Q. , ZH 'V Q Mi - ONS Lwi-J .uf L. v-T 1' W . ?I:1sl".f7I ,J ' "' 'UQ 1.qn-l- Compliments of SLONES Mobil Service 'F'- OLD TOWN CAFE 40 Bank Street New Milford, Ct. Compliments of MAIN AND BRIDGE MOBIL STATION . l-.wfimewg -L ff f-f Q 4 Q . A 1 fig Qxxxm N A :tx VILLAGE HARDWARE 3 12 Main Street g V New Milford, Ct. b x i ' A K- 4 I 2 3 ,W s E 1 , THE POWERHOUSE 'vf'gQ,xf'f'T General Electric Appliances CQ- z,"-sri , . , 5, e':,': 'QQJ ' 45 Danbury Road ff ' Y Q' I Jr N su.,-f New Milford, Ct. feany. 354-3442 .g N also - - KN .sl.v- or L, XL ff: I' NEW MILFORD SPOR'lNG GOODS "CompIete Athletic Footwear and Sporting Goods" 245 Danbury Road New Milford, Ct. 354-4013 WX 'W L, QNHMMK , . ,, 'S -X Good Luck to the Class of '78 MR. AND MRS. I. E. SCHUCHAT A he ........ ...dl-I I' .ff ' x Good Luck to the Class of 78 BARLOW S VARIETY 53 Locust Avenue n Danbury, Ct. 5 ' --qi l Congratulations to the Class of 78 WOODLAND LUMBER CO. Front Street Bethel, Ct. . . . .N Q F1 .s f Q 'Q e , .,:s. N. 5.- Best of Luck LAuTlER's firm-wt + y if '- al N 1 f 78 HUMPHREY BROS. AUTOMOTIVE F Compliments of xwxpr HOLIDAY RESTAU RANT ..-.--o ,-.fmfffffff M A R K ET E A-.,. .V ,,T,. . Q PUDELK'S MARKET ' M d .I T... R 1 2 MA """"'- -- ZELLER TIRE COMPANY D ew I ord, 354-2248 X 77 161 Danbury Road New Milford, Ct. 354-6810 P alll!!! SIIENII ,!,Qilil Ili IV DELOHERY'S SPIRIT SHOP N A Congratulations to the Class of '78 HIS-N-HERS HAIRSTYLISTS Danbury Road New Milford, Ct. NS AUTO SALES nib- M ,a OSBORNE, LANE, MCGILL, INC. S Moore Paints - Hardware Rail d St et New Milf d Ct. DAN S AUTO SALES 227 D b y R d New Milford, Ct. 354-3569 ,pr- AUTO STORE S ff' ff4f11ffff?If'4, ssiiafshftt-Issgtgtffxi AID AUTO STORES ew Mllford, Ct 354-1147 06203 AUTO SERVICE Compliments of LEO'S AUTO SERVICE 3' . - Q.. W .A VILLA MARIA RESTAURANT New Milford, Ct. 354-2222 SIG! 312 Congratulations to the Class of '78 CHARLES J. OSBORN 312 brat minhm in the .fizzg Vg 3 'A V av hx. S f or iyflal f 2 A lti 1iQ lbA xi? I f i i l Qil 5 X 5, 4 ll M S liz SCC f of ll C ig WEVOE REALTY CGMPA ,090-6 b6'6,L OFFICE: C9 V992 'lly Company Q, 09 wx 158 CORNWALI. OFFICE: DeVoe Realty of Comwall Cornwall Bridge Cornwall, Conn. 06754 Tel. l203l 672-6621 SHARON OFFICE: The DeVoe Realty Company Sharon Shopping Center Sharon, Conn. 06069 Tel. 12031 364-5571 -www . . f .,yxg'e'.. v , X kK1fiQ,,. FABRIOUE Route 7 New Milford, Ct. K 1 ,M-,!,, fi K +9 X.. -fm. VAN DYKE PHOTO STUDIO AND CAMERA SHOP 20 Railroad Street New Milford, Ct. .-V,-jr! I .. fl , ........':- if ' os 6 : 11, f 5 1 I I A Sf! I Tear! xi -H em 0 I 1 Ui1f:'f4 te 0 4 in I .'ffI!n- wx Bridge z Q CEDO B O Cedoma . Flanders V A' Lake Waraug South ent Marble t Dae o Gaylords e O hvl 51101111 ' wi? 1' 1 W OI' Route V41. Sharon Shoppxr' Sharon. Ct 0611 364-5546 Bridge Street Kent, Ct, 06757 927-3526 PO, Box 209 Sherman. Ct. 06784 355-0953 19 Main Street New Milford. Ct. 06776 354-4411 53 Main Street New Milford. Ct. 06776 Cto open soon! T252 4 I 1 1 1-iw u E051 B rznrh 5 6 I ill Plain Y If F 2' 20 -be anhury G I S I " - l 1 19... ,K GB EQ Dfw 'Y X I I 1-ILL ., do ' ,W 02 Ir ' mfr WAMWUGQ N4 V ,fini 1 1 1 soswvrr U : ! 1 7690 Ia s ' 4' lf 4 I D f i 1nHNlt llq 6 Q 1 1 , J I 3 1 .fp ' ' ' -, 1 5.3 1 R x X1 1 .K 9 -.X XS 7 .: 0 1 fs Xxx? I sQPuA:rz C316 Ri E. K'-, 0 . 9 1 f, .ku eld I Q' L1 , , . , . 0 . I . e W . 6 ' F79 9 Q 31- ' A I i er-rimlr XC 3 1 ff! 1 .- Q 84, sinus 219 mai Routes 37 arid 39 New Fairfield. Ct. 06810 746-2441 Route ff7 Brookfie1d.Ct. 06804 775-2506 7 Miliggs 'Bank mmm JACK W. STRAUB INC. Plumbing - Heating Pump Installations 29 Bridge Street New Milford, Ct. AGWA 141 Housatonic Avenue New Milford, Ct. ourvull Line ' SBl'ViCBS YOU ASW Ahead Of e Rest. ' Savings Accounts ' Checking Accounts ' Loans ' PrimeLineC'9 ' Draft SavingsQ'3 - Travelers' Checks - Safe Deposit Boxes - Money Orders ' N.O.W. Accounts - Vacation Clubs ' Christmas Clubs Colonial Banks The Colonial Bank and Trust Company - Constitution Bank and Trust Company The Plaunville Trust Company - Second New Haven Bank 66 offices to serve you throughout Connecticut. Members FDIC 411 Danbury Road New'Milford, CT 203 - 354-2295 E+. REAL ESTATE, INC. 99 Lake Avenue Ext. Danbury, CT 203 - 792-5506 WLS' Iumh laun--.-.T.,,...g THE BOOKWORM Best Sellers in Hardcover and Paperback Books Cards for all occasions Village Green Mall Carol and Ed 41 Main Street Sheehan , New Milford, Ct. l203l 355-0448 ' 8 R X QB 'hw N . ,xi .... ,fig-:,,t::-3:31 I H 4 S ' 'l' . 'G Lnf li . , A 5, so W ,e lle,e 4 Q it srle as is F 5 L, :fs 'FH e. .-, KM F5 ' K v s 1 - ' - -T - is gg, 1 . ,B Cow. fat I l 9 .lg ,l,. -F' I 4, A, . Vg Q ,, . '4 W' U' SWEENEY'S PUB 46 Railroad Street New Milford, Ct. . 5? l.l lc , 4 .1 EM' it fe al 1. Your Hometown Bank! Nlevtf' C914 ilford "Ban1g 8 "7?ust Company' 'Qfffqv za 14 the off'78, ' I would like to extend our sincere thanks to: u Mr. Daniel Dudde Mrs. Joanne Lewis Mr. Thomas McDevitt l Mrs. Diane Miller-Osborne Morey's l.G.A. o New Milford Booster Club Mr. Richard Sheridan Mrs. Joseph Wiser 1i1ss oooosoo o . . . and to all of the businesses and people off New Milford oor which have supported us at the High School. We would also to llll lll Mr. Robert Piellig our official yearbook photographer. pppr r'r s ii :vi aluinnos que Q r i 5 fs SE: i i 4 .P E TF? Hlfriwi riil,,e1z5Ei2l4u

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