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 - Class of 1961

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: m SWASTIKA! CONTENTS UNIVERSITY Page 6 ACTIVITIES Page 74 ATHLETICS Page 122 ORGANIZATIONS Page 164 CLASSES Page 242 ADVERTISING Page 272 AGGIE MEMORIAL TOWER New Mexico Mary Lee Turner State University Volume 55 Editor Sam Vaskov Business Manager Dave Rodwell Sponsor Tins TS EW ATFATCO STATE 1 Vi • ■ M Cli.m iiii: STUDENTS From Far Taipei, Taiwan Coming Here Iraq Libya From Near- Las Cruces Going Places Peace Corps Candidates LIFE Familv Mat. 1 .liK .til. ' 11 Mi ! I ' a iill .1 _. I -. I VII-,. II Guidancr ( ' duntrlinit PHASES Awards Distinguished Military Students Salt Mines Class Rooms Home Economics Student Aids Studies Infrequently TICEl; S )LLEGES: lACFUCl ' ITURE i;t ' n lENGINKKRINC fTEACHKH KDICAIION iGRADl ATE lOTC I Dr. |{n«:vr V. ( ioiLrlt 1 1 r-i l«ril m| " » s M ir.. I.ilr I lli l-il BOARD OF REGENTS New Mexico State University Mrs. Earl Corn. Delmar Roberts. D. W. Reeves. Robert 0. Anderson, Seaborn Collins. The Board of Regents of New Mexico State University is appointed by the Gov- ernor of the State of New Mexico, each member ' s term beinp a set number of years. Carry overs from and to new administrations are kept on until their terms of office expire, and the new governor appoints members to fill the expired offices. The above picture shows the regents as they prepared to take part in the spring commencement in Memorial Stadium. This was Mr. Anderson ' s first experience, as he has just recently been named to the board. MRS. EARL CORN DELMAR ROBERTS D. W. REEVES ROBERT 0. ANDERSON SEABORN COLLINS Dexter Anthony Albuquerque Rosivell Las Cruces illiatn B. () " n.,Mn.lI ii-r-l r« ' .- iii« iil of I 111 I iii t -it IMiilip S. ml) rose I )i MM i | 1 lll| Ills 10 ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF MARTHA HALL Dean of tfomen RICHARD CAPLE Counselor of Men W. I. WY. L .N Comptroller G. W. ROBERTS Auditor ERA RENTKROW Registrar GEORGE DENNARD Admissions SAMUAL SHOMER Housing KAY HA FEN Purchasing Agent FRED DAY Physical Plant ASSOCIATED STUDENTS ' COMMISSION L lXLTI fc JJVKOI ' N I ' m! JAMf K V9 . TOM (HI MK I ' miitrnl I ' Hint, I ABINCT 17 IKAN TAMOK Pirn Atml Jl PI III -Nil III Student Senate L-R: Tim Sagerty, Joyce Norman, Floyd Sirirkland, Pat Cobb. Mike Mayr, Sandra DeBiisk. John Campilcll. Silvan Crosno, Mary Jane Kennedy, scoretary, James Tigner, presiding: executive vice-president, Sam Smitli, Maxine Tliatcber, Chuck Chambers, Ron Tiirbert. Diinna Sinilli. Tom Reddin, Sandra Litth ' . The Student Senate of NMSU is composed of representatives from the four un- dergraduate lolleees. the four classes, and the various governing hodies on campus. The executive vice-president of the student body presides over the group which has as some of its duties the introduction of new legislation to help further the interests of NMSU students. COMMITTEES FINANCE BOARD: LR: Fh.yd Strickland. Alfred Vigil. John Morris, ASC Treasurer. Red Ferris. Alfred Johnson. LEADERSHIP RETREAT COMMITTEE: LR: Charles McCoy. James Tigner, Don Connors, chairman. .Sandra Thomasma, Sam Vaskov. TRADITIONS LIES : .Mary Jane chairman. AND RAL Kennedy. Pictured are some of the more important com- mittees, but only represent a few appointed by the ASC President each year. Others: STUDENT PUBLICATIONS BOARD INTRAMURALS BOARD STUDENT UNION ADVISORY ROARD SOCIAL LIFE COMMITTEE " A " DAY COMMITTEE ACTIVITIES COM.MITTEES 13 VSSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS Executive Council i I ' H l)onn« Smilii Srcrrtart Mr». Judy cnilh PrruJrni Ttraturrr Hfp tet lN-.a Mxlka lUII 14 AWS GENERAL COUNCIL LR. Is! row: Mary .ee Turner. Betty Davi . Maria Kav Herndon. Jane Williams. Carol Doyle, Dean Hall. ' JnrI roiv: Mari;aret Montgomery. Karen Burks, Janey Br ' ant, Sandra Debu?k, Nan Snow, Carolynn Todd, Carolyn Hughes, Donna Smith. 3rd row: Vernel McPherson, Judy Smith. Dorothy White. l ' at?y Owens, . myna Parker. Eileen Arnold. Ann Dixon. Diane Laird. AWS has as its purpose the promotion of unity and fellowship among women students and the provision of opportunities for leadership and participation in worthwhile activities on the campus. AWS acts as a coordinating body of all women ' s organizations in setting the standards for living and working together on campus. These women ' s organizations select a member to represent them on the General Council, while the top five officers are elected by vote of the women students. Bis-Little Sister Program Chairmen Amyna Parker. Penny Ford Startite Ball Chairman AITS Handbook Chairman Women oj Achievement Banquet Chairman Barbara Jo Easton Barbara Standhardt Nan Snow 15 BOOKSTORE «pplm arrilni. ihr KludrnU .1., 1..-.V ! Mudciil SERVICES IW) I.I (; AIJilY J I ' 11 ■! NK . rr rrjiion lull litr Im. i j! i iir» ihr iut ii-iii ' i i ■ ' -llrft on one of llir rinlil AMK Unr. of ihr N.M L ' ccnirr. In ' hrrc arr |hmiI Ijliint, pinK (hhi); lalilr . and • »nark Ixr lu «i ' itir tludenlt. r irnni t.U I 1, M«iilm " Jimmy " |iir| iir only • MT. - ' ' jdrnt rdllnit 111 llir nrM liuiMinK. AaMMaai itirvnor lUjr ' iiimnaa look on. ' " M III -I l! (l U Cn DANCE (il ' lUNN " K lllHKl TtlK« - :» «n mi|« ' ttjnl ... il m ;iidin( iKr • lUilrtil in ihrll . Jli-rl x-lr. ' lona i pl udr lr«l» and | lii ln| lr»t» nl m»ni» In •luil ' - ' ng I ' M I ARI T IUXWvKI rnllrfr pKT.Ki.n . iprr t »• N ' wfw I ' uj ap ' r a a ■ttr« fof :!. l.rr.l. , I llir lui] ' tltl. IIRRARY CHESTER LINSCHEID. college librarian, watches as an assistant checks a book out to a student, only one of the many who study through the three-story library, with thousands of reference books, magazines, films, and other aids to the student. POLICE PLACEMENT r mamiW i.. 1 f it, «« ' • ' » " ». " ; . ' ,. • , v,v -; .•- . : s MRS. GOLDIE SLINGERLAND, placement director, aids undergraduate students as well as graduates to find employment. SAMUEL JENNINGS, police chief on cam- pus, is aided by students who do part-time work while going to school. The depart- ment is equipped with a judge, radioman, and radio-equipped car used in the 24-hour patrol. POST OFFICE EARL J. COBL postiiia-l.r. has many student assistants to do the tons of work on the mail delivered each day to campus students. PUBLICITY D.WE RODWELL, publicity director, helps keep the university in the news with the many news releases and 7 pictures sent out every day to area papers. ColK ije of Ajiriculliire Aiul II E oine iLcoiiomics The Collcpc of Afirirullurr and Hume FJonomic i» a major in- Mrurlional division of NVw Mexico Slatr Inivrmily, and ha» a» iU ullimalr aim prnvidinp uridrr|. ' railualr studenlf ttilh thr trrhniral Irainin)! n«f« " ssar lo »ii|k ' with tlic prohlem of a;:riruhurr an f the home. 1 . .1 . I .r «||(1«( kr Dr. Ill (if llir ( illr«£i IB Agriciilliiral Buildings fr • P». " n mnm larav ■»■ Bna FOSTER HALL DAIRY BUILDING HOME ECONOMICS HOME MANAGEMENT HOUSE EXTENSION BUILDING jBJL » 1 ■MK 19 SOILS BUILDING ALPHA ZETA IImihh.iin Viiiirii Ii II If I r.iImiilN OFFICERS r.KK M.I) ItONUS ChanceUu, J It I ' Ki rrr ch,on,cUr JKKHY i.MW Cr ■ HOY WOOIKN . AMIIOW sANCHFy Trroiuitr ADVISORS ] V (.HW irwTKK jo t:s ItALK .INN IU.n i . Aiillii ii jiii lir . 2nd ruu . i. I!. I ' iu tl. Itt. . Iljiirr June- , Djlr nn. Alpha Z«-la i« an humirary fratrrnily for hiph ranking sludi-nt in M-h(«lar»hip, frlliiM!ihi|), character, and lfatlfr hi| in the cullepe of . prirulturc and Ilumr Economics. New mrmlMTH are receivwl in l»oth the ! prinp and the (all. thus swelling the ai- read) large niemlx-rship t include nwre of the di-x-rxing students. || »• Mi-ni Imi- 20 I.M. It ttuulf ' It. J 11 ritHll. M«lk Ul.ilf-. J«H»M IU-U(li. I -«agli, t.MfifUf r ikfi. Jim .Niitiik luni Fall, l )()() Initiates LR. ht row: Ronnie Gollelion. Marshall Scott, Gregory Griggs. 2ih! run: Diiiiii Davirs. Ralph Vanrr. Jim Siiiini Albert Carleton. 3rd row: Pat Davies, David Zartman, Donald Thigpen. AZ Spring;, 1961 Initiates L-K. 1st row: Norman Green. Kcx Hartgraves, John York, Donald Willougliby, Garey Carruther?, Jim Richardson, Robert Ohniart. 2n(l row: Andrew Cunningham, Gary Cunningham, Tom Corn, Ronnie Clark, Jim Moutray, John Thomas, Bill Kurtz. 21 ( .ollf ' lir I ' acuIlN ' ::t i( iilliii al Liuiiuinn- II It - n KV. HniJ f.KW HM.I. STKI ' HENS COLE DAWSON J A MRS KKKRMAN At:ri iilt iiral KfiL inrrr-ini: E. C. HANSON. Hfml ABF.RNATHY ntEEBlRC 31 XiirniK nil W ll ON. HfnJ DRECNE STMFN H (. KINKNKR AMtKKMiN i OOI ' KR MKDIItlX MH niN v MUl UII I IVM UllllUiililll W M - iN MR « II .SON Home Economics OPAL W. BEATY, Head MATHIEU HOVEY GARDNER MRS. BEATY D airy S. R. SKACGS, Head MILLER PORTER KEARNS MRS. UF.VW Horticulture J. V. ENZIE. Head SULLIVAN CORGAN JENSEN JONES NAKAYAMA Poultry D. W. FRANCIS, Head ROBERSON 23 1 KK HAHIt IlKK HKK Hogrlt, N. Mr! Animal HutbanJiy t.ll.HKKI 14 t A Bclrn. N. Mrl Crnrral Afncullure I ' I]. ' I I r.|. I 1 1 1 ' Karmrnillr, I-i Hotticullurr Bonrto . N. Mrs. SENIORS CKRAIJ) BONDS Kltrt. S Mrl Hottirulturr IVY. noWKN AII U |UrrilUr. N Mcl. Animal liuil anilry V()l_ M A lllANi III Socorro, N. Mri. Home Eionomifi I AHRY HROWN I J« ( III! r«. N Mrl. ,4nim iy Huihandry Agriruhuial KAutalion 34 » R(»N IK»N U S »N IVminc N Mn, 1 - ' ' BRICE EDWARDS Albuquerque. N. Mex Animal Husbandry Pre-yelerinary CARLOS GONZALEZ Guerrero, Chih, Mex. Horticulture BROOK GREENE El Paso, Texas General Agronomy JAMES GUCK Capitan. N. Mex. Range Management REX HARTGRAVES Lovington. N. Mex. Range Management SENIORS FRED MALDONADO Cimarron, N. Mex. Wildlije Management ALFRED JOHNSON Animas, N. Mex. Agricultural Economics CHARLES HODGIN Estancia, N. Mex. Range Management LARRY HENDRIX .Alameda. N. .Mex. Range Management 25 .. L luM n l-i.HU. El |-i .. Tn. ienruJlural AVonomio Tif SENIORS JAMES s| |s Stau » ' ' ■ IlKKNMdl M ' ENCE Kl l ' 4-,. Tr» Agronomy (amjrfun. N. .Mr% Aghculturai Bioiogy k TOM RI[)I»LE l » (jutr«, N. Mrl. Hortirullurr JA.Mr •. i I[ r oT MKV «iTI TTS 26 « HAHI.ES TIIM r I .. .,,„,. Mr, MAXINE THATCHER Las Vegas, N. Mcx. Food and Nutrition CHARLES THOMAS Ruidoso, N. Mex. Animal Husbandry JAMES TIGNER Deminj;. N. Mex. ■isririiltural Economics ROBERT TODD Carlsbad, N. Mex. Agricultural Economics CELL VALLES Lamesa, N. Mex. General Home Economics SENIORS JAMES YARBKOUGH Roy, N. Mex. Wildlije Management LETA WHITE Roswell. N. Mex. Home Economics DOROTHY WHITE Roswell, N. Mex. Foods and Nutrition HENRY WALTERS Scotlsdale, . riz. Range Management 27 C()]l( ii( ' of rL aiul Scieiues Tlir prupraiii of a candidalr fi«r a ilrprc- - in ihr (!ollr r ■( tl» and N irnij i iin ivl« ( a Mi-ll-liaUiuttl rnurM ' . IhiIIi «-li-«li «-« anil r( |uirrnic-nls. I ' liax-n ( »tui{ lrf- r«i «ir ihc liuinaiiilirv, llw MN-ial M-irncr«, ihr natural M-irn(r«, and iirofr tficmal pro rami . Ph »i(-al atiixilir atv iiU " •.|r«i«M- l. A. D. BOSTON I ) .III 111 iIh ( iilli-t ' r n PHI MU TAU Arts and Sciences National Honorary L-R. lit row: Mike Richards, Joanne Lawry, Nancy Anne Parsons, LaNita Amburgey, Rose Marie Wood, Margaret White, Sherry Jay Shanks, Eileen Arnold. Dean Earl Walden. 2ncl roiv: Harold Palmer. Benny Benn, Charles Stillwell, Kenneth Guthrie, Richard Swanson, Paul Lister, Ellon Mann. Rudy Apodaca. 3rd row: Thomas Tucker. Ehvin unn. Jay Amburgey, Gary Thurman, Tom Ender, Gale Harvey, Ira Clark. Not Shown: .Nat Thomas, Eugene Sandoval, Daisy Johnson, Darel Hardy. OFFICERS KENNETH GUTHRIE President Rl ' DY APOnACA Vice-PresidenI EILEE.N .ARNOLD Secretary-Treasurer DEAN EARL WALDEN Faculty Advisor PHI l IU TALI represents the achievement of the highest scholastic standards in the College of . rts and Sciences at this University. To he eligihle for memh( ' rshi|) in the honorarv organization, a student nui l have forty-eight hours on record and have an overall average of . ' i.O with a .3.0 average the semester before qualifying. 29 Art and Sri( ' n( ' ' Huihliii s I. fn " " : WIll.IAM (;VM a « 1 i 30 College Faculty Biol logy M. G. ANDERSON, Head EVER WEISS DK;K I ' EDDIE CLTHRIE STAFFELDT LANE MOIR NILES PL ANTE PUGLIESE WELSH McGUlRE MUNSON Botany J. G. WATTS, Head fM ► j: 4V PROF. WATTS Business Administration G. L. GUTHRIE. Head WILLLAM ALFORD LOVD BALDWIN FRED DOWNS LIONEL HAIGHT LAURA SMITH PAUL ZICKEFOOSE 31 PROF. COLEMAN ■il lniiii-li C B. OOIXMAN. Htad IM» « " Tc»N lUMIKI MnH HAKKKIT K N NKIt.WHIl Kl HMdt lN MJ) Kl 11 KK sHACJ HA I Mi Kll ' !li ll N. T. RKtUJ. Htad H KI)MAN il i . 1 Mil IKK «l lU.KT IKIHKI) JnNK MM Kl UN XKniKK Kl.Nt. Mr MAN IS ( »( i; r.||»ll i ( ,rol J. I. CULHKRT. Hr ,J l », Culbm l ihr only •lad m ' -inl ' r in ihi drpartmrtil. 33 lli-l »l X " Mi ' - ( IriHT M(.l RH JtilHNSr.N. w 1 MI FN • NMU.N IH I NHK I KR(H I ' I. •■ 1 in Mil I KR w II I l M i (K UtI fuHii I ' M i. liR XHIA.NSKN Mathematics R. H, CROllCH, .W JOHN CIEVEK VA1.TE[{ HEINZMAN CiOKKMAN 01. IN ADEK WALKER HALDWIN GOLDBERG G A UGH AN IRWIN THOMAS THORP CODEMAN HERSHFIELD NELSON STANLEY CARNEY LACEY LOPP AR.MIJO ENSEY JOHNSON MITCHELL PURYEAR SALAZAR Physical Education J. B. DELAMATER, Head VAUGHN CORLEY JOYCE FAUX CONRAD MOLL BURRIS DUNCAN GARDINER INGRAHAM THEIMER CLEVELAND WILLIAMS DAW COBURN FISCHER GOOD MITCHELL SOULES JAMF« AVPFRSON H Mrl. RKJIARI) IIF.AIRSTO ' . Y. Rl |)Y AI1tl» A L ' Ctvrr . N Mrl ilalkrmatir i Ell.EF.N ARN(ill) |j» ( ' turr». . Mrl. SENIORS ITRVIS ATKINS (Ulljnd. Cjlif. Cuminology SMIRIKY nOYFR N Mr». ffuimrti AJm»ittliat o» AMU I liKN » u.r U Mr.4. N. Mn. Biuiittu Adminiilralion nn fAin i 24 s. k... Huilrv V Mrt 1 Wt 11 I HI I " !|. i I - I.I Ml ■• Mr. PAUL DOUGHERTY Raton. N. Mcx. Business Administration M.M RINE GORDON Las Cruce . N. Mex. Chemistry IRArGOlT E. nER RONALD EUBANK Univ. Park, N. Mex. Carlshad. N. Mex. Physics Economics SENIORS V CHARLE.S FERRIS Tularosa, N. Mcx. Accounting RICHARD GREEN Las Cruces. N. Mex. Music WILLIAM GRAHAM Herrin, 111. Physical Education KENNETH GUTHRIE Las Cruces, N. Mex. Mathematics ROBERTA HOWELL Santa Fe, N. Mex. Chemistry PEGGY HU(;HES Roswell, N. Mex. Accounting DOUGLAS HUSTON Berkley City, .Mo. 35 Physics ALICE JOSE AUmofnrdo, N. Mm. Malkrmalin JOANN JOY AlimoKordo, N. Mci. ' Allied Education SENIORS I. KRY KKNNEDY 0 l«-«» , Trt. I ' htUci STANLEY K()SAlJCO Omaha, Nrb. Mathrmalici M I I i M( 1. " 1 i|i ! K RugrK, N r ilmlkrmolif t FREDERICK MARTIN Baytown, Tt-x. Accounting EARL MOORE Buffalo, N. Y. Business Administration JOHN OBRIEN Roswell, N. Mcx. Business Administration EDWARD G ' DONNELL Kfrmit, Tex. Physics SENIORS HAROLD PALMER Nevada, Mo. Physics NORMAN PATTON La? Cruces. N. Mex. Physical Education RICHARD OLII-LIN Los Alamos, N. Mex. Physics THO.MAS REDDIN Albuquerque, N. Mex. Business Management K. REN RICHARDSON Durango, Col. Physical Education PATRICK ROMERO Aragon, N. Mex. Spanish 37 JFRRY MIOME Ij t.lllil.Ul sWilllV. IWIm. N. Mri. B clriiologf EK.E.NE SAMMiV 1 E p«nnU, N. Mrt. Pliyuei ARTHl K F.AK |j (Jur -», N. Mn Biology SENIORS CHAIUK " Mill VI Kl I Tutumrari, N, Mr». Knfli ih wiiumh Tm»M DONALD THIKMAN Anthony, N. Mex. Foreign Languages THOMAS TUCKER Univ. Park, N. Mcx. Mathematics THOMAS WESSON El Paso, Texas Chemistry GEUKl,K WHITE Roswell, N. Mex. Accounting SENIORS TOMMY WILLIAMS Las Cruces, N. Mex. Business Administration RAYMOND WISE Lisbon, O. Physics BARBARA WITTE Alamogordo, N. Mex General Business DL ' ELL WOOD Las Cruces, N. Mex. Pre-Med. BROWNING YELVINGTON Philadelphia, Pa. General Business JUNE YURKOVICH Gallup, N. .Mex. Physical Education 39 Colh ' o; of l iiiiiiiecriiiii; riic (! ill -;;c of Kn iin-«-iiii;: i 1Tit a |ir pfaii) li-«i;;iii-«l Ici rnf -l llir ilriMiinil anil r -i|uirfrn -lils for Iraiiuil rii in T«, tthti havr a ri;:i r ius lln-nn-lii al ami | rai lii al iilin alioii in lli - |ili i(al itcirnrf anil rnnal i-ilui alion. o M. . I MOM Draii ul I III ■illi ' ;r 40 Engineering Bnildings m- iiiin ■m mill Mi n mill ill JETT HALL GODDARD HALL ENGINEERING QUADRANGLE ENGINEERING LABORATORIES 41 SIGMA TAU NalintMl lloriMi- !• ral« rnil l " i l.riiiitHrt ' ■f K " i.ifi ' ' -ii. iif ii i- ' iT- I ' ll. ii " i i«n .i ' -- «(.[! ' inrr. Mr.l. .ill. Ki.njM Krr.lrr. |)..tMl l l ' ;• .-•. i.i..-.. . ,. . . . .... ..ij|ii , I Mrrtlir i ' l llrr. Hrini (•rllllujt, Kuilrnr Mjlln.w. A .,,. .% ' •! S k»mm : Kmnrlh IU)rn«», lulsar Mr h(il(, Kuwor Allurd, I ' llrirk . Unlr), l)« iil Mrlhwin. Thuin « Slrphrn . . ' , . : ' u » J I ; » T hj foil l ro(. I.. ' i. Willrr llunnirull OKKirFRS (,()HIK)N K FKH . HOHUM M NHKU). IIVKI F - IIUIS H(.rNF M MM INK . I ' MRK K I VM 1 . I n I I i iini.. ri(OF. LU. blllKLS... Presiiieni Vict-PresitUnl Sfcrrlar Trrauirrr .Pyramiil Cnrmpondcnl Historian Sponsor l ' l«OFT.SslO AI, MfMHUtS IMTIATKI), Ml I. I ' XiO: Hr n ». Mr II, Mr I) Krf n jwi uv, I ' x.i. (.RADi n:s: Ijinrrnrr (!rou»r (•arrrll niurinan Jamr KioL K..« Hall (ioifftr Miilliiillani! llMntir Ij-fi; 43 PURPOSE: Sipma Tau is an honorary fraternity with the broad principles of scholarship, practi- cality, and sociabililv. the purpose of which is to recognize scholarship and profes- sional attainment. SIGMA TAU is a national honorary society at NMSU, open to all engineers who meet the necessary qualifications for membership. As in most organizations, pledges are required to complete a trial period before they are initiated into the regular fraternity. 1961 SPRING PLEDGES L-R. 1st row: Harold Kui-ano. Jame? Shearman. Larry- Larsen, Garn,- Royster. 2rid row: William Leisher. Lynda Fulghum, Krnni-th Lane, Joseph Nevarez, Harold Walker. 3rd row: James Bonham, Roy Woolen, Louis Fells. Earl Ealy, Dale Dickson, Bernard Stanke- vich, Larry Day. Not Shown: Larry Brannan, Richard Dickson, Gerald Holmes, David Smallwood, Ronald Torbert, James Young. 43 C()llt ' «]:;t ' Faciilt ■ CI leiiin al Fii :iiir«riiiir I. H SHIKES. cw HAYES rV ■K v — ? I J Civil Eii iiu ' fring KRWK IIK )MII()«. Hn CI ARK HI N(. IJNr.F.R H NSK)RI» MrHF.MH (.1 N JI ll MMKR iMITH IlIlllNvI K II IIHIKN KKNK WAN . SMITH TS HANT Electrical Engineering H. A. BROWN, Head CROSNO DUNCAN THOMAS WEEKS VOUNC BLACK BOULAY COLEMAN EL-MOSLIMANY MCSI ' ADDEN WHITESCARVER SOONG BEAN CHENG ENGEL Hli JONES MACIAS STANLEY Mechanical Engineering C. Q. FORD. Head LUKENS CREECH HARDGRAVE SHOI ' NL N EGERMEIER FIELD JOZWIK KLEINE PANLENER HAMILTON BOLDING FERGIN GARCIA KING NICHOLSON SZEMA 45 HKNN lt l(l( I Crurr», N. .Mr». KUdnral IHOMAS BENNETT Arlinittun, Tc« tr(ham al I.E »N AS HH HEK ( " jrl. 1.4.1 N {rx - . k 111 MMKTT H t SENIORS KK.MARl) (HAVE l • Kill UKSWX ( HK( K WjUU. WiM-. hircliiral ' VKTII -K KKNK » MHI»n lljI.Ulirllr. All 1.1 ll ii 111: VM M |i KRKII. Kl KKo« Drllrf. N. Mr KtmncaJ r.:» " » i3ar. AW RF.NCE CROUSE Electrical EDWAHIJ DAVISON Winslow, Ariz. Mechanical JERRY DEBUSK Hobbs, N. Mex. Mechanical DUANE DIETRICH Santa Paula, Calif. Mechanical SENIORS CARLTON CONNOR Las Cruces, N. Mex. Mechanical RICHARD DICKSON Oxnard. Calif. Electrical LEO DITTMER Boone. Iowa Mechanical DONALD FULGHU.M Las Cruce?, N. Mex. Electrical DAVID DONALDSON Roswell, N. Mex. Mechanical LAWRENCE FISHER Cuba, N. Mex. Electrical NEIL FRIEBAND Brooklyn, N. Y. Electrical r F. r tt ral I VNDA Fl ' l.r.HlM -.■■ K . Mci. i «. I. 1N Hn(.(.AUl) Lu Cruri-K. N Mci. SENIORS W II MAM r.lROUX V»Vta. Tri. Afrr Aan4rW «IIII M (. »OI) RT K...»rll. N. Mr. Elt lntml III I M Minis MIK IIIIM ' Kli TlUlll or ( ill»ri|urni r«, N Met. 1 ' . ' : ' n. V, I.K1) (.AI)I»I FJ l .«.. Irx. £«x ■ «■ IIKRM N HINTON Jlflnl•. Mr» - ft! CHARLES JOHNSON Big Spring. Tex. Chemical DWANE LEGG Trenton. Tex. Electrical ANTONIO JUAREZ Williams, Ariz. Electrical WILLIAM KEILL Willard, N. Y. Electrical BOYD LARE Dexter, N. Max. Civil CHARLES LEWIS Lawton, Okla. Electrical SENIORS ERNEST LIDWIG Huntington Sta., N. Y. Mechanical CALVIN LUTZ San Antonio, Tex. Electrical VIRGIL LOVITT Phoenix, Ariz. Electrical JOE MARTIN Las Cruces, N. Mex. Mechanical JEROME MACHADO Las Cruces, N. Mex. Electrical l cn»cr, tjulo. MefhanicaJ HDllFRT MARTINEZ l « Aljmo«, N. Mel. ,%lf(hanitaJ WII I ! i irn .ii(i CIST V() MORALES Rjdlord, Trt. Agncuiiuial II1I M MF.DCALF I ' ariiK Mriichl , U. Uethantcat SENIORS KK NMlMi MHKINU . " Mnij Kovi. N. Mri TONV MIFR tiuc)rtut. N. Mr». J |)A II. ■- «• f - uAin.K nn x II ll m(, Irt fr, A,.!....... ' SO JACOH I ' lVONKA l.atnr l. Kjd PALMER RANDALL Carlsbad, N. Mex. Civil LLOYD ROBINSON Carlsbad, N. Mex. Mechanical THOMAS RONALDI New York City Mechanical ERNESTO SALINAS Roswell, N. Mex. Mechanical SENIORS HUBERT PLUMLEE Tucson, Ariz. Electrical GARY ROYSTER Bowie, . riz. Electrical FIDEL SANCHEZ Las Cruces, N. Mex. Civil HANS SCHEUTER Zurich, Switz. Mechanical MARIO SCHMAL Chihuahua, Mex. Mechanical ARCHIE SEXTON Lawton, Okla. Electrical 1 51 KKI.IV Ml.VA La llrurri, N. Mci. MtchanicaJ Kl HAKIi MHH Giobr, Aru. CiW DON SHELTON Ml Vrraoo. 111. I ' AIL STAM.EY lUvird. N. Mri. Etettrical SENIORS % M.nii --IKWART Ij t.rui«-«, N. Mcx. Mr hanical J(l sT11ipMI1KK . 1! ■ Mrl. JOHN .STICKY l t Crucc . N Mri. CArmira KOUKKT MANHELD Dcmcr. Colo. Elmtical GAROl.I) STEVENS IWK nr, ]o«« .tfrcAoiurW Will MM TH (3CKK -• A sa , GARRETT THURMAN Kansas City, Mo. Mechanical SAM VASKOV Las Cruces, N. Mex. Civil RONALD TLNSLEY Albuquerque, N. Mex. Mechanical R. V. TRAMMELL Portales, N. Mex. Civil VALENTIN VALLES Bayard, N. Mex. Civil JOSEPH WILCOX Rhinelander, Wise. Electrical SENIORS ' W CARROLL WINN Farmington, N. Mex. Electrical JACOB WOLTERBEEK Santa Clara, Calif. Electrical OTTO WILDENSTEINER Silver Springs, Md. Mechanical ROY WOOTEN Raton, N. Mex. Civil 53 Collciic Of Tcaclicr EdiK aliuii Thr college is one of the fables! prowinp at NVv» Mexico Slalr I ' niver ity. Much penrral rxpansion in all undrrpraduate lil eral e lucatif n mursrs is | lannr t. A(ie |uale | ri fr» i( nal training in general e lu ati «n ami [•« hiilog) ' courM-!» help to fill the fnur-year program for undergraduates. I). C. I{(U 11 I ) -.iii i| tin- ( !ollr«:r L-R, 1st row: Tommie Lee Lookadoo, Blaire Cooper, Loy Milikien, Shirley Dickson, Cathy Pobar, Patsy Enriquez, Babs Farmer, Ann Henry. 2nd row: Mr. Hope, Larry Borger, Morris Hodgson, Ivan Mull, Kenneth Bandy, Frank Smith, Nell Platner. Student Education Association SEA began the year ' s activities with a big hot dog supper and a square dance. Program highlights during the year included school discipline and the teaching of Spanish in all the grades. The MMSU chapter hosted the state SEA convention in April. The group discussions, the addresses, and the banquet proved to be profitable and enjoyable to the many college students who attended. Dr. Douglas, the group sponsor, left for South America early in the year, but the group continued via his planned year for the chapter. 1st row: Nell Platner, Pres. 60-61, State Sec. 60-61; Shirley Dickson, Sec- Treas., 60-61; Cathy Pobar, V. Pres., 60-61, Pres., 61-62; Patsy Enriquez, Sec- Treas., 61-62. 2n(l row: Morris Hodgson. Slate V. Pres., 61-62; Ivan Mull, State Pres., 60-61; Frank Smith, Parliamentarian, 60-61, V. Pres. 61-62. Dr. Douglas ' last meeting. Group Meeting Small Croup Discussion .c Educalion Buildings III III • kz III III II II 111 II e HRANSON HALL l.IHRARV Vital to mlurational study at NMSl ' , since much timr mu«t l r ! p -nt hfr ' in the mnnv n- J-arrh papers required in the collc(;c. NI ' R ' rRY sniooL K iuraliiin majxr fr rivr«l fuM-haml r | rrirnrr ami Iraininp in thin »u|»rr»i ' M- l trnllifr • IumiI Hr |uirp«l itrriixi of rm idr«l i l M-r atioh are part (if lltr r luralii nal prn(:ram Orlain numl rr» »( •luiirnts are liirrd to maintain titr M-h Mil. S« College Faculty D. C. ROUSH, Head and Dean. Dr. Roush serves as head and dean of the college of Teacher Education, in addition to teaching several education classes. Education and Psychology Faculty DOVE HOPE THO.MPSON DOUGLAS CROSS G. ' VRRETT McMAH. N WILLEY 57 SKMOKS n H m ' -» • H ' ' i A. r ' JANICE Bl .XNER S«rrjinmlo, N. Mrs. Uomr Et. Educauom f k A fcufe I Ml .4 1 EM MIT BROOKS Hoyd. N. Mm. AgricuJiural F.ducalion IX N M Ii M f_s r fV- ' " - s !■ ' .1 I n I . M: •. liHIdN M.I KN NoUn, Tei. Prfckolofy V. EVKI. N ((MtK AUmngnKlii, N. Met Home Ec. E Juration -. ' . 1 1)1 r N Mr . Mrt Ii V ' Ii Mr., .on 1 -• St I SENIORS ELLA HARRISON Hope. N. Mex. Elementary Education TAYLOR HEMLER Carlsbad, N. Mex. Agricultural Education TILLIE HUFF Santa Fe, N. Mex. Home Economics, Education K. THLEEN KENNEDY Las Cruces. N. Mex. Elementary Education MARY JANE KENNEDY Gallup, N. Mex. Business Education MARVIN KILLGORE Aztec, N. Mex. History Education RALPH LOPEZ Socorro, N. Mex. History Education PATRICIA KEEN Las Cruces, N. Mex. Secondary Education ROBERT LANSFORD Hatch, N. Mex. Agricultural Education 59 SENIORS «o SENIORS MARY ALICE VAl GH.N Las Cruce?. N. Mex. Secondary Education OLETA WALL Elida, N. Mex. Home Ec. Education REX WARD Loco Hills. N. Mex. History Education ROGER WILLIAMS Roswell, N. Mex. Secondary Education 61 Graduale Scliool This npM ' n t aiui m j»t rapidly growing school i» onr of thr inu»l im- (Mirtant in lh« profir - of rw Mrxim Slair rni rr»ily. An in- creasing numln-r of tu lfnt arr rrtri in Ma»lrr lrf:rrr from thr I ' nivrrsity. Now iniiudtHl in llie program if ihr I) M-|oralr program, ronitifling of much adililional Mudy in thr expanding rducational facilitir» of the I niversity. More and more graduates are now clay- ing on a« part-time and full-time »ludenl» to obtain the coveted higher dcgrcfs. All fields arc open for higher degree candidates. i: KI. W L1)1 N I • .111 III I In " ( lliml 6} Graduate School An education major receives her colors of a Master ' s degree at spring commencement after completing the requirements set up by the graduate school. All instruction beyond the bachelor ' s degree at New Mexico State University is conducted through the Graduate School. The programs of the Graduate School are Offered to serve the purposes of two distinct groups of graduate student: (1) Those who wish to become candidates for advanced degrees; (2) Those who wish to further their education without reference to a higher degree at this school. 63 Di ftirrfcc» wilh two lamiiuft j»r »plc who rrt-rivrij Imnurary ducliirjlr cjrurrf a( prin|E rommrnrcmcni. Gri ■ and Dr. SlrMrart wliu ha r conlributrd murli lo NMSl ' and In thr Mtirld in mi»ilr and ranrrr rr- M«t .i orie iriUioljr d -Mrrving of ihc dcgttr thai were runlrrrrd. Profrram lra iinp to thr ma- ' trr of art« or mastrr of »rirnrr clrfrrrr « ma purMjnl in thr firldn of: Agricultural hU ' onomic Agronomy Animal MuitltanHry iiiolopy (!hrmii trv hl iuratiiin Flntslinh liiKtor) lli»tory ami Sui ' ial Science Malhrinatim I ' hysim i ' yrholo|(y Spani»h Ih- IVprn-a of maatrr of iM-irnrr in civil rnpinrrrinp, rlr«lriral rnfiinrrrinj:. an f mrrhaniral rnxinrrnnt; arr offrrr l. A ciritrrr of ma tri of arln ii available in r iu- ration, •■ ia a profrram Iraiiinp In niuration Mirrialial. Thr (irprrr of liiMinr of philoMiphv i offrrnl in mathrmalir and in phratra. Thr lirprrr of liiMiur of iMirmr i offrrrt! in thr firl l« of ii il, mr lianiial ami rlrctrtral rnginnTin|(. Admission to the School This graduate, if he chooses, may enter the graduate school at NMSU since he has completed his basic education and has his bachelor ' s degree. REQUIREMENTS: A baccalaureate or advanced degree from any recognized college or university. A formal application, sending in transcripts. Formal requirements: 1. B average in second half of undergraduate studies. 2. Name a major field. 3. Completed an undergraduate program which is satisfactory to the de- partments in which he plans to pursue graduate study. Qualifying examinations. Approval by head of department and dean of Graduate School. 65 » r •. :? ' xJ ' ifT % •jgUADRON l Odrt car. Jtm BonnrU AIR FORCE ROTC ( iadrl S(|iia lr(His SQt ' ADRON } -Caae« Cit. Anton I rr N.M ADRON i-€»6M Cdi rtod ( ' .b.4 SQUADRON 2— Cadet GJr. Chrit C«drnhr«i SgUADRUN 4 Cadd Cdr Dan Erin. v SQUADRON fr CmIc4 Cdr. Do«c V «n :AZ AIR FORCE ROTC V- tS: Detachment Personnel LT. COL. LAMB PAS MAJ. CONVERSE MAJ. HERMES CAPT. CAMPBELL CAPT. BASQUEZ LT. COL. McKULLA " Sigma Tau l«ii lmaii and ArROTC raiJrt. " " Thai wa» prrfrcl . a lilllr belief. " nuw Irt ' t do it MILITARY " Airplanr mr lianir and haniijr jan- ilori. " ' Nm l.a llM ( r . ihU U an airpia (M " Candidates for Air Academy. ' " Staff? " LIFE " Officers? " |. iff Pi Ik % i i k Slt fvj Kp? !7? vr3 3 1 UUk nf J i s H ■•Uv- §: li .ii " i ' if.Vy ! . 4 m Eg H Hll HDi t 69 MIIJl ARY KOTC l.T. COL. ROY I ' lLLE. P.MS FACULTY AND STAFF LM. tf iwi Gal Pill . Mat S««a««. 5FC A» Jd JoIhmuni. C«p«. Yiwiic. M«| UmWt- • Mf. 5FC TIidwh. SFC lichi. MSci Qutppr. MS«« F MS«t PJA. COMPANY A COMPANY B g m tjfi COMPANY C «W!!» «- COMPANY D , % t ? f ' % ., ' % " o t ' LJH- .bir- J ; i. COMPANY E MS DRILL TEAM HAITIJ; (,H()l !• ARiMY STAFF ROTC CADET CCM. HK.HAKl) UKAl KORD Half ' ' -; " - " ' ' ■ " fnmandrr. l » ' . " . -f r. fi pj COMPANY ( ( l nMiKK.s M.i ' .n. f:: (jrlrt. F; Sagrrlv. I); I1m. : AixKl.ira, H 71 iiS I I I r .H ii I ' 1 LT. COL MII.TON. ( ni llF l MiMH. MAJOK TIURrK ARMY ROTC SPRING COLOR GUARD, ARMY ROTC. SUMMER TRAINING 73 TJAMPUS -7? ARTS 90 GREEK 96 PEOPLE 102 Tf i J ff THE LADY ' S NOT FOR BURNING " One of the four plays presented by the Playmakers this year was " The Lady ' s Not For Burning " the story of a suspected witch. SCENE: Whaddya mean? SCENE: Are you REALLY a witch? 77 ?r ALL THE KING ' S MEN " 7t x .Sk !. Julius Caesar In carrying on the tradition of the past, the Plavniakers again presented a Shalcespearean trag- edy, this time JULIUS CAESAR. The tremendous acting, costuming, and staging received high ac- claim from the community and the students. Al- ways a favorite, Capt. Rock Campbell played Brutus, the betrayer. THE FRIEND " BRUTU. ' SCENE FROM THE PLAY •BEWARE THE IDES OF MARCH " 79 TITE MATCHMAKEI Thr final | lav f:ivrn by the Pl« inakrr» mo lhi« fcrrat comrdv ciflrri prr cnirtl nn lUnmiMas. C - partly crow«U in ihr llwalrr »«%» thr Malthmalri •Irikr again and again. ' ' ) SCENES: 2: YfMi do. «nd I ' ll hil uu luck nfhl Thr Malrhnukrr in poiMm. 1: Wh«I tir ihrM- t»o pli tlin|c ' ' 3: JuU for llul 111 Iratr! f " i %i r-C - ., C?-v.-. ' - " DAY— 1060 Slartinp ihcir ratrrr ••(! tiphi »«rir i) r«r ii.-ii «tho Iwean la»l fall, ami had In (oIIum ihr I ' " " Mountain, !• rrjiaint I t • » .ill h " Tht (irU wcfr lh«-fr. too. " ifrtj »Un ■ in|ilr (ilr, pirav. " r im 4 •. t3 K»«t Irllina •• lirt »• ■» ' ' IIm- Itahiina Aaa ' HOMECOMING ' 60 Roberta Howell, Chairman, with " brains " Larr - Mahoney, San Vaskov, Barbara Wilte. THE QUEEN ' S FLOAT — Sydney Thompson and attendants. THE BONHRE, PEP RALLY, AND ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE QUEEN. 83 " N«i in PuWir " l mlxi Chi Alplid 1960 GREEK l hr rrrirtidinj? " I ' hi K |ip Tau " Thl. i. Tcko? " I u Ka| t 4 K|Mil n STUNT " King-size, please. " guess who " Just back from Juarez? " likewise ' Phi Tau Formal " obviously Militarv Ball •.»ur -n Ti ' ii Ji Jn-H.n i« rvttrd lo lirr iIkcm ' - iTtirjtli ihc ' alirr !■» .iil i l.t. Col. Fidrl Sanrhrx of ihr Air K rrr K ll .. I hr bill i« --•Dv■Ir.l )omlU b» llv Air Forrr «nd Arm 86 I ' alvv I rrn«n«HJ dt I r - M- tt 3 ? inn- Religious Emphasis Weel Earh spring, a Religious Em- phasis VI cfk is held, in which (op speakers from all over speak in classes, disrussion groups, assem- blies, and to organizations. The emphasis is put upon the spiritual side of the student. Arrangements are made hv the Inter-religious Council members, who represent the various reliiiious denomina- tions affiliated with NMSU. Miss Joan Boyett, a RE chairman, presents a New Testament to one of the speakers for his service and time given to the students. The speakers of RE Week, represent many interests, faiths, and beliefs. Many subjects are covered during the week of speeches, most special ones being given by the same man, to the various groups. Chaplains, priests, rabbis, and ministers represent the cross-sections of the people. 87 ENGINEERS (MNTESTS (iAMES MONEY ol EENS MANCE 1.-:,.: .- Milh qucciu. M ' A v««iiB ' In oif •It-I- " l ' ji(ln«rl al antli DAY The annual Engineer ' s Day was held on the ath- letic fit-Ill. over land iiO liif fish |i(iiids. atop fla;; pole , and culminated on the Millun Hall Balliuoni. All sorts of races, contests, licard judging, queen judging was hekl throujiliout the day. Events: egg toss, greased pole climb, sack race, three-legged race, piggy back race, etc., etc. A tug-of-war over the fish pond as usual nearly jnit sonicdnc out of commission. " Are ihey drunk, or jui t insane? ' " Engineer ' s come in bags nowadays??? " 89 ENGINEERS BALL Culminaliiif: ihr Annual (-jipiiirrr ' s Day wa» ihr Kn):inrrr ' » Ball with an -n ;iiir«-f (liclkitl |u -rn rripninp K rt thr Mrll-atlcii lr(i afTair. Ijrit i« St. P»l and Qurrn. Cordon K«(rr and |V|c|t IliiMrrK. «ihii t ral i ul a firld of olbrT randidalnt li lakr ihr honor . 90 ' f jiina ' a !•■ i« • (orntal at ihr Fjif inrrr ' a lUII. ' " Somehow those dont look like engineers. " " The eyes have it at the rrowning of the queen, as court looks on. " 91 Tin: III 1 1! I) WM i, I.KAUEKSIIIl RETREAT t;i,(U i)( i{()Fi i.oix.i;. (i.ot DCHoi r. . M Wr jirfitrd al ihr IxmIrc Frido ' ' ' . J Jinr . Mrm 1 .1. I(..I, • • i.ii.i Kili;i rr. roinniill ' (iir tlir r«r ffk ••n iri I . J. If f ' I.IJ. Ilr ir» .11 Virc l n-»idml 0 r nnnfll lrli»- rfrd thr lirinotr " tri- Imi; our mmljil ji , • ih«- infiiinijlion l Iw i)i-i« i- ' l in ihr Tlir | iir|H » - of the lfa l«T!»hip rrlrral wu« to pro- moll- a l»-lli-r uiiilcr-t.incliii ' iMiMifii -linli-tiN .-iml nil- mini«ltiilii n ami l i infurtn • liiilriil ' almiil tlu-ir •• lionl. Wp l»rlifvr that a p» »«i li-adrr i well informed . . I ' ' •prcrh oa ihr aarrilr qiullltr ANI i. n.H Wr (l«iMr «l n Wf li-ariiril almul lli.- S( Muilriil (Hivirn- menl. . . . s pniio; Cariii al — 1961 fAHON Ol Nc; and li ' : Miti ihr i-»trrn ianrr |ia iliiin al thi» rar » Sfirinp aini al, UrU ju«l |.. ■ ii Hrrk liriiirl|il ui alTKiUtil of MudrlilK fmni all ttxrt ihr »lalr and arra atlriidnl In Iwar " ilrlln. U ' allK maiir faniiiu b ju»l lhi» •tar. Alonp Hilh |(m (ianrr, «-am| ui cirfianiutiunK and pr(iu|i lirM IhkiiK lo ciiniiilr ' lr ihr ' carni»al " part id ihr |irin proprain. Firi t |»la r »»rnl In ihr Arnold ir l o » .ilh -Dunk lltr Oflirrn. of Air Kot.r HOTC " Thrn llirrr MB ihr iialhinp IvauU ont«-«i hrld in fotijun. Ih.ii miiIi iIu- inlra- muraU tMiinminj: and divinp mrrl. Tht- l o !. didn ' t traUu NMSl UaA »4. nian luariou gain. LEGS AND MORE LEGS— Spring carnival beauty contest. WOW!!! Winner Darlene, second Virginia, and ??? (Ronnie) JAMLj IlLt.NLK acccpla a tprctal award and M-hulan hi| for ■•ul-Uniiinv ' Mnik in .iKiirulluir n nnoiiiK AWARDS DAY ASSEMBLY Ik « w »M» allrr bviM ■•■ il •l r ouMandina |wo llrtr air MUnr ol Ihr guy Ihal aaU tail mlh all Ihal inc nct Ihal hrl|M pat lalUon. 96 OUTSTANDING FACULTY MEMBER JOHN FORSYTH of the English Faculty. He received a $500 cash award from the estate of Robert West- haver, as set up. DAVE ZARTMAN receives a special scholarship given to dairy science students. Head Dr. Skaggs is shown presenting. GARRY CUNNINGH. M receives a scholarship from the Farmers and Merchants Bank. NMSU supporters. CHRISTINE RALSTON accepts a scholarship from American Linen Supply which she won. 97 Lvceinn Projirains oi lop mmI varitrd |ir pl . ■ I.. I llir oluitrlilo of : !ir |. (ruin |itii lJlll» N-imf intluilcHl ihi year wrrr: Nrliuin anil N ' cal. Arli»l» Kai iiuiiii Jau f ' dl It.- I . li. Mu ' ic ll.t: ii- liur . nulhor ( ' hKA -ii i.illlr S inphiiny Kuhuri trin(; (, uartr{ Mel Tormc, sinftrr n 4I 1 Mi« iinr ilurlr i |iirlurr l abotr wilh Ham i n «li lHin ' njlKXulK known aulluir and « ilunini«l for tlir Nr» ork Timr«. I " | ijni jnil iIm ' Students Elections All sorts of elections take place on cam- pus, and find SOME people casting their votes. Here we caught them in the act. F E H 5 " li l IH HBH i k H - ' - HHB HBBBl HHJaC m M i Debate Team New at NMSU is the debate team, formed from interested students and people en- rolled in the debate class. ( »|tiO- I I ' l v too Al .ll SAt nil IH I WiiHIII r s|IMI Shots Across Campus HOLD IT THIS WAY, SOLDIER HIT HARD IN THE WALLET? CONGRATILATK ).%!.. P. A. THIS WILL TEACH YOL TO BE THE ONLY LOSER. 101 WHO ' S WHO AM( N(; STl DEMS IN a.mi:i{1(:a C()LLi:(,ES M) IM KIJSniES I NFW Mixiro siAri: rxTVERsn y To Ik- rlr -tp l fur mfinl««-r«hi|i m W li i- Im Amon;: Mutlt-rit in Amrriian Collrpr and I niNrr itin« i unc »if llir lii(;lK l Imnors a lud •llt can rtt« ' i r »hilc in rullcgc. Qualitirit tthirh arc ron»i lrr« d in pr«»|««Ttive nominees are: Ktcrllpncf ill M ' h lar lii| I rail -r»hi|i ami |)artiri|iali in in academic and rxtrarurricular activities Cili« ' n hi| and mt i i- to xhocil Promise of future usefulness to business and society RinV APOPACA tiiihfmatirt r ' hi Mu T«u. V. PfM.: Alpha P.i nmrKc M«lh (.tub. V. Prr..; u Mu Alpha. PUy- m«krr«; ROTC AwMiciation. FII KKN ARN(»! n talKrmtitit t I ' hi Mu T«tt. Srr.TrM..: Town Girl. ' (3uh. Pfr. ■ Nrwman Huh; Nu Mu Alpha; Mu IU-i«, V ' m ; AWS l rnrial ( unrii; Spur ; Malh Cluh. I ' lr. 102 GERALD BONDS Horticulture Alpha Zela, Chancpllor; Aprirullurc Club, V. I ' ris.; Reta Beta Bcia, Hi storian; Ar. and Home Eo. Council, Treasurer; Dairy Cluh; Pershing Rifles. LAURENCE BROWN Animal Huabnndry Agriculture Education Alpha Zeta, Scribe; Alpha Tau Alpha; Jun- ior, Senior Livestock Judging Teams; Meals Judging Team; Band. LAWRENCE CROUSE Electrical Engineering I ' hi Kappa Tau, Pres.; Student Union Ad- visory Board, Chairman; President ' s Cabinet; Si{;ma Tau; Eta Kappa Nu; Blue Key: Stu- dent Senate; Interfraternitv Council; KNMA. THOMAS CRUME Mathematics Student Body President. 1960-61; Alpha Gamma Rho. V. Pres.; Army ROTC Drill Platoon; Student Senate; Junior Class Presi- dent; Greek Council. ELIZABETH FOREHAND Physical Education ASC, Executive V. Pres.; Student Senate; Chi Omega, Pres.; .Student Cabinet; WRA; AWS; Panhellenic Council; Student Education As- sociation; Senior Class V. Pres.; Beta Beta Beta; Social Life Committee. KENNETH GUTHRIE Mathematics Playmakers; Alpha Psi Omega, Pres.; Kappa Kappa Psi, V. Pres.; Band; Phi Mu Tau, Pres.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Student Senate; Sophomore Class President. 103 KKNNKIH MM NTS fUfdtitol Knfinrrfint IU| li l Muiit-nl Inion, IjmUis hi Alph . TrraMitri, Ncm Tau; Ku ILip|M Nu. RDTC AtMirialtaa; KK W«4 Coaunillrr. ROHKRTA HOWEI.l. I hrmtitrf |)rlu A-la. Ru ii llr.i ( imun : Homfromiag " -; iiM. V. Prr«.; B«p- tiiorr. Junior (Jam ru t ..unc il ; WRA. PEi.i;v m t.nF Accounting Delia Zrl . Prr».; Panhrllrnir Oiunril. See.; Mu IWia. Trra..; WRA; Crpck Council, S«.. Trra«.: AWS Karrutitr and ( rnrral Council ; Milton Hall Projcram Council. KR N(INF. KADV Maihrmatici Angrl Hiithl, Gimplrollcr; SwaMika SlafJ; Mu IW-la. Hi-lorian; .Spur.; WRA; AWS; Plj)nialkrr ; Town GirU ' Club. MAK JANK KKNNKDY Huunrit KJuralion :. . lli . ip llrllc. ■ •• ■ .1.. 1 .ia " . tilrtaiy; KHSKST I n)WI(. Mrrkanital Kntim» tim$ nlly Counrlt. 104 MILTON MATHEWS Mechanical Engineering Amcriran Soricly of Mcdianiral Enpincers, I ' ri-i.; Sigma Alpha Epsilcm; I ' i Tail Siciiia, V. Pros.; Engineers Council, V. Prcs. ; IJlue Key; Sabre Air Command; Wesley Fellowship. CHARLES MtCOV Mathematics ASC, Executive V. Pres.; Alpha Gamma Rhi . V. Pres.; .Student . ' enale. Pres.; Studinl Union . ' dvisnrv Fioard; Millnn Hall Prnprani Council; Phi Mu Tau; lihie Key; Inlcrfrater- nity Council; Greek Council: .lunior Prcs.: Soplioniore, V. Pres. THOMAS MOBLEV Agronomy Miilia Zeta, Pres.: ASC Publications Board. Chairman; .Mpha Gamma Rho, Pres.; Student Senate; Greek Council; Interfraternity Coun- cil; k i. and Home Ec. Council; Rodeo Club; Blue Kev. V. Pres.; Dairy. Soils Jud ;ing Teams; Block and Bridle Club; Freshman Pres. HAROI.n PALMER Physics Band; Brass Choir; Wind Ensemble; Kanna Psi ; Garcia Hall Association, KN L ; Phi Mu Tau; Sigma Pi Sigma man Treasurer. Kappa Pres.; Fresh- HUBERT PLUMLEE Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu, Pres.; Sigma Tau, Sec.; En- gineer ' s Council; Flying Club; . IEE-IRE. JAMES SACHSE Animal Husbandry Lambda Chi Alpha, Pledge Trainer: .Mpha Zeta; Student .Senate; Livestock Judging Team; Greek Council; Ag. and Home Ec. Council; Milton Hall Program Council; Ro dec Club; Blo ck and Bridle Club. 105 I.r Al| lu I ' m (»mrsa. AWS. Vlr... AV Ki ' Ku.n BoaH: Hunw tlronomir Club; I ' hi Kjp|u K(»BF.KT MANHFII) KIrclntaJ Enginrrring Enicinrrf ' s Council, Pr«.; Sijma T«u. V. I ' rr. ; Kla Kapiwi u. V Prr. ; AIEF. IRF. JON STR«)MI1ER(. Chrmitiil h ' .ngtnrrring l mlida x Alpha, Pm.; A-Day Uiairman: lllii. - ' ■■ •rial I.i(r Oimmillcr; • .f ' • rnily (jiunril. I ' ir».; Ui.i, II J ..-.,■,.. I at|rr hip Rrlrrjt (Uinimillrr. JOHN STUCKY (.hrmical Enginrering Sinnia Alpha Kpnilon, (Jimnirlrr; ' -liiilri 1rr KrlloH«liip. Trra .: Anirrifan Nn iriy, V. Prc».; Enitincrt ' tj iun !iiun ' il; K(lT(; AuocUlion: Inlri-irUntuu- (uiuni ' il. I.AKKKn 1 ' fr(h inirat Anwiiran S«jrirly of Mr.liJ Pira,; M(m« Tau; Pi Tau ? i, I...,. i ' jatueU: NMsr Spi rl» (Ur ;iul . Ptr JAMUS Tl ' ■igiuullui»t .. ■., — .. . K ' ir ftr. .itl.r V Prr. Vni.j.nt Nrnatr l.A UCH«l , 106 RONALD TORHERT Merhanicnl Engineering I ' lii Kuppu Tau. Trras. ; Iiilrrtral Tnily I ' ll, Sor.Trfas. : C.riTk Cduiuil; ASd; can Socioly of Michaiiical Engineers; Association; Garcia Hall Association. !oun- ineri- ROTC THOMAS TUCKER Mathematics Phi Kappa Tau, Treas.; Math Club, I ' l Mu Tau; liel.i liila Beta: Nu Mu KNMA. ■s.; I ' hi Alpha; ALICE VALENTINE History and Social Science Spurs, Pres. ; Student Senate. Chaplain; Wes- ley Foundation; Mu Beta; Inter-religious Council, Pres.; Zeta Tau Alpha. Pres.; Greek ( ' ouncil; Panhellenic Council; Town Girls ' Club, V. Pres. OLETA WALL Home Economics Education Chi Omega, Corres. Sec; Student Senate; Rodeo Club. Treas.; Home Economics Club; AWS Fashion Board; AWS General Council; WRA. .MRS. LETA WHITE General Home Economics Business Administration Mu Beta. Pres.; Home Economics Club, Pres.; Spurs; Student Wives " Club; . ' g. and Home Ec. Council, Sec; 4-S(|uare Club; Freshman, Sophomore, highest ranking student in College of Ag. and H. E. JAMES YARBROUGH Wildlije Management Block and Bridle Club; Rodeo Club: .Alpha Zeta, V. Pres.; Ag. and Home Ec Council, Treas.; Wildlife Club; Junior, Senior Live- stock Judging Teams. 107 %J. m J.: . I f V- :i r. ' • ' -« ' r. i s James Sachse Most Popular Boy ■V I Charley Johnson Greatest Aggie I ).ii I nc M I MiiT |»riii .iriiiN .tl ,hi III Herman Hinton Aggie With the Best Line iggai,,,Mmmumttim t mmmm m BaBmmm Y •J- ; ' !■( S- I ,»i|- |{ lit ti |C Sun I ' liiK •» fir A( r wmm ms (Q 1 W f Betty Sue Pendleton Spring Rodeo Queen A. . ' M-I ' S Hl• l Drrxx.! KONMK KKKDKK Ttii rar, (nr ihr fir ! limr, ihr fnnhion Itiiarti »rln1r«l tllr ln-cil rlrr« r | niair (or IIm- laltrr IIKilllll . (!l|i M ii llir tr l WM ' ■ ' - «I r, wh " » ft» a »t lllr firM n Hf l l)n " M»l ( . M I . NANCY SIE CRAY Bc l- lr« M l co«l for f ' rbruary rcpre- viil- rw |f ir i Slair I ' liixriKil in (.I.AMOU MA«- ZI K toiiioi lo wJcci I he- Irn U- ! drr»»rd coed in America. Mi K (iray aUu ha llir (li lin -lii n of Ix-in;: fir l allcniatr lo tin- liollon Maid of 1%1. 116 Coeds of the Months - , ' ; - l] IDA SAUCEDO . . . November SADIE LAFLEUR . . . December PAT McCORNACK . . . January FRANKIE BERGER . March VERNEL Mcpherson . . . Apru MARGARET MONTGOMERY . . . May 1 1 7 Senior ( Mass ( )1 1 Icmms KENNEDY, KOKKllWh. liEDDIN. TU n IIFK iiW U i TOM lU DIMS I ' midenl iirrsv Kiitniwii 1 uc-l ' rtsident MMIY J NK Kl N »h n-rrlarv MA I K THMillin Krfitrsfniatifr In ihr •|)rin|i plr«-li«iii« la i yr«r. ihr cni ini c»f lOfifJ il •« ' t ' ' • ' ' ' ' 1 niul ir|irr««-ni ihrin in lltr M nalr ami »!• " i n 111 Women of Achievement NAN SNOW. MRS. GODD.VRD. LETA WHITE. JIDV . ' MITH At the annual Women of Achievement Banquet held April 27. 1961. in Milton Hall, rewards and recognitions were given to outstanding women of the college and the community, who work in conjunction. Miss Nan Snow served as banquet chair- man, planning all phases of the event sponsored bv Associated Women Students of New Mexico State University. Mrs. Judy Smith is president of the organization. Mrs. Elizabeth Goddard, widow of the man for whom Goddard Hall is named, was selected to top honors by being named Communitv Woman of Achievement for her outstanding service for many years to the community and to the university. Mrs. Leta T Tiite was named Outstanding Senior ' oman for the year for her service and great scholastic ability, having a 3.85 average for her four college years. 119 Mil Beta Sj)riii Pledges SHIRIJn ' VINSON. PF.(;c;V KIVCKS. M»IS MKI.TON. VEKNEI. MclMIF.RSON, MARY LEE Tl RNER. I ' E(;(;Y WHITE. (.ISA SHEI ' AN. Mu llrla. ihr itrtiior Wdiiirii ' ii liiinnrnrv nf Nrw Mrxiici Slair, r«- (i):iii rK iiul Un i ' ing iriKicriihiii, wrvicr. and itrholarohip l»y lappitif; thrnr top urnior womrn f«»r iwm- Itrrkiiip. ' Dir orfianiMlion i national, nml iit rrt-ofsni nl l top rollrjirit anil M ' hi la li ' or(. ' jini ali in». tafirr, to lie rligihlr, muol ha% ' r a 2.R. ' i avrragr for ihrrr nntl a half rar», ami ' ' ' - I " Iw n iK-ninr nt ihr romplrlinn of ilir M-mri lrr in nliirli »hr i» uin! M-riirr anii lrnilrr»liip ihrniif:!) rr iinl» of ailixilir pl.i» a larpr part m ihr •rlrrlion if ihr nrM nirinl rr». Mr I la M M-nior Muman, wn llir outvoin): prr iiiriil ihi yrar, a lr« I 1 l » ihr nrw n)rnil rii to rrplnrr hrr. 170 Outstanding Senior AT NMSU, 1961 HAROLD PALMER, NEW MEXICO SENATOR CLINTON P. ANDERSON At the 1961 summer commencement, Harold Palmer was awarded the medal annually given to the graduating senior with the highest scholastic average. Palmer took the honors with a 3.92 average in the major of physics at New Mexico State I ' niversity. He is shown above with New Mexico Senator Clinton P. Anderson, who was the commencement speaker for the 230 seniors who ' " made it. " 121 «k% .» ' rnnTOALL m CHEERLEADERS 13l PASKETBALL 13i [track 14 ' BASEBALL 14( fcOLF 141 ilFLE 151 fENNIS 75. feOUEO i:, INTRAMURALS 15i 3 w The two mlnd» Itrliind IhrlOrrfl un- defralnl NMSl (.(;|K : QuaitrrluH-k CJiarlf) JuhnMin. and Cuwh Warrm B. l.HKJwn. Y.Mir I9«». ' 6I SWAS- TIKA mIuIm u4 and ihe bM foodMll team in the nation. ' ♦ J 4M.V FOOTBALL I960 AGGIES GO UNDEFEATED THE NEW MEXICO STATE INUEKslT ' l Al,(,li:S. Front mu. L K: J.-ny (.amhatrM.. (,lr„, Mannni. I ' ,.;,.. Alki..-. I;.,l, l.aU.r-, l,..u a u vich, Charley Jiihii un, Sal Gonzalez, Ricky Alba. Bob Kelly, Jim Worrick, and E. A. Sims. 2nd row. LR: J. W. Will, Morris Hodeson. Chris Cadenhead. Ken Hays, Bob Jackson, Doug Veazey. Don Yannessa, Carl Covington, Bill Wallace, Floyd Strickland, Jack Moss, Bob Langford, and Jim Campbell. Top row. LR: Gary Hobbs, Tony Calabria, Ralph Leonard, Mike Rulherford, Dennis Ganstine. Lonnie Carter, Frank Cusenza. Charles Peltes, Allan .Sepkowitz, Ron Logback, Royce Cassell, Pete Smolanovicb, Bill Birdwell, Dave Thompson, John Shamburg, Don Rierson, and Armando Alba. AGGIE CO-CAPTAINS Zivkovich. . Charley Johnson and Lou NMSU 41 38 45 34 47 40 27 35 40 27 374 20 SEASON RECORD OPPONENTS University of Mexico University of Tulsa 18 Trinity University University of New Mexico McMurry College 17 Wichita University 8 Arizona State University 24 West Texas State 15 Hardin-Simmons University 3 Texas Western College 15 Totals 100 SUN BOWL Utah State University 13 Over-all Record: 11 wins. losses. ties The Coaches: LR: End Coach Paul .Alley, Line Coach Tom Moullon, Defensive Back Coach Howard White, and Head Coach Warren Woodson. TEAM STATISTICS Besides currently holding the longest winning streak in the nation (15 games I the 1960 Aggies led the nation in total offense (419,6 yds. per game) and scoring (37,4 pts. per game). They were third in the nation in rushing of- fense (263.9). and sixth in forward pass (155.7). Honors went to Coach Woodson (Coach of the Year I. Atkins and Gaiters ( All . merican picks I , plus six Border Conference selections. Conference Record: 4 wins, losses, ties 125 ai.i.- mi;i{|(;aa I ' « ' r I tki Ills 61. I ' M) If,,.. Kit:hl Halfhack. Oakland. Calif. iVrvi Atkino brcanir ihr fir»l All-Amrriran In r cr cumr from a New Nlrxiro M ' hool. " P. A. " was namr i in ihr first Mririf: tram i( ihr A vKinlr- l ! rr«« and ihr N H |Ja| r Knlrrpriiw Av xia- timi r » a- iuiiiumI " " AI |{ai L ■•( llir X rrk " fur ihr lrrn»-nil iu» | crf irinaii ' r lir turnrti in at lh»- Ari itia Slair ramr uhrn lh« Afifiin wrrr l»rhirul 24- It. an i hr IimiL a ki ' k-ufT and rar W1 ar(l« for a touchdown, and ihrn isrt up ihr winning »rorr with a 70 yard fiallop with finly miiiutr? remaining in ihr lilt. PrrvU Inl ihr nation in Muring and ruohing lurinp hif junior yrar, and hi (rammatr Hoh C.iiilrr took oxrr lhr two pooition thi» rar. Atkin alxi m-i a nru national rr r i ihi rar l a rra ' in;: a total of I 1.7 vard« rvrry timr hr pul hi- hand on thr lial! Thi» jirokr thr old record hrld by Glenn Davis of .Army in l ll when he M-l the record at It.. ' ) yardo. Pruhahly thr moM uuti4andin|i athlrlr to ever pla for NMSl ' . it will Ik a lonp time before area fan- foffiet the deed this . II-Amrrican in rvrry rrspett actuallv did. N All O.N A 1. LliADKK linl ( »;iilrr 5. 0. 210 Ih,. Uft Hallhark. anrtxille. Oho Bob Gailm, ihr lank on lep», iu« k over where IVrvin . lkin» Irfi off la»l yrar . . . trading! Thin apaiuin Gaiirm pained a Iota! of 1.1.18 d». in 197 rarrie for an average of 6.8 vard« |»rr rarrv. TTiii «raa flood etiou|th to lead thr nation in that drpartnirtit. but thai ' not all Mr alxi wurrd a toliil of I i ' point to trot off vtilh all llw honor llnb wa namr«i to U illinMi»on ' .Ml . niriii an Prtll. and wa a •« on l time pirk for llorder (!onfrrrn e honor • ill» .ir iiml ihrar part will never forget how ( ailrr Woulil •T ' ' ' ' lop| r f|. bul ihrti break away for lonit, long gain . A rrj.i.. ' r,,irni fi.r (Waiter will Ik- hard to fiml 13 i ALL BORDER CONFERENCE CHARLEY JOHNSON 61. 190 Ihs.. Quarterback, Bip Springs, Texas Charley Johnson has been the backbone of the Apgie attack for the past three years. Johnson was named Most Valuable Plaver in the Conference, and by his teammates. Charley has led the nation for the past two years with touchdown passes thrown, and this season he tossed 1.3. He led the Agpies by passing 199 times and completing 109 for ISll yards. This marks the third time Johnson has been named to the Border Conference first team. E. A. SIMS 6-2, 223 lbs.. Right End, Abilene, Texas E. A. Sims, better known as " Zeke. " has been outstanding at the wing for the Aggies over the past two seasons. Al- though E.A. can catch passes with the best of them, he prides himself with his great defensive play. JIMMY CAMPBELL 6-1, 204, Right Guard, Hobbs, New Mexico In his three years at NMSU, Jim has won Conference honors twice. BOB KELLY 6-4, 228, Left End. Carlsbad, N. M. Bob was a top-flight end and scorer as he tallied 53 points on his pass re- .27 ceiving and place kicking. ON THE SEASON: M W Ml lt n - I I I II I . nl Mt.Xii o II " ' " " •••vnl an ra» i l ir («.j ihr Afif irs ba the} f - I i ( the I iu«rroil nf Mr ir i. ( ai(rr! M(irr i iMirr on run oi J. ' , an l lU (!»., and Krll -atlirml in two arriaU fni Korn. Alkin M.-urnl oner on an H6 yartl hrokm firlil run. and (Ion- ialr finUhrd with a on« vard dive. i(r ' liN i|Uiirl r " : I 2 . t I..I..I I I n 7 II (I (I n 1 I II M W Ml l( n 1 Ml :m I . nl I I I -v IH in llif !-ti ond (lamr of ihr car. the Ajrjiio pulled ihr ru from Lxrnralh high flying TuIm uith a . ' M-18 ronvinring win. (laitrrtt »lolr ihr -liovs with four loul■hd pwn . on run» of ' .i, .1. 2. and I Nard«. Joluoon losonl a (i |Hiintrr lu Siin . and K -ll IxMilttt a . ' 2 ard field goal to ai ' i-ount for the iworing. A 22 jxiinl !M-«-ond quarUT dazzl«-d a r« or l crowd in TuIm and licl|M-«l ihern lo -ijx (hal the . ggir» had romr In play liall. The win hrl|M l ru - ihr inrmMr of llif 2H-27 M-tliuck at the hatuU of lhe «- ame Hurricane la»t vear. K-IK iHi in lo llrl| . " i(iri- t Hi; irti T " : 1 • A » tot.ll ( (.11 - — • »• (i .i){ III KKIl M H (1 ( (i (i IK KN Ml H n V I M I I,-, I KIM n I . (I Trinity l. ' niv«T«ily b«-amr virlim numl rr thrrv for the hungry A§ and lo whip the Tiger», NMSl. " »corr l in praiiirallv every way. Cailrr M-umi two T I). ' » on danhm of 1 an i !{; Kell , Iwing- ford, and Slrirkland raughl the Trinity i|uarterlia ' k in the end zone for two point : John tn hit Atkin with a »i( yatd M-oring Mrike; Kell% rrlurneil an inleirepied pa " for 22 d». and a More, and ih ' :r l field goal; Skeeler IVlte KWepI end on all II ' •k Mlia threw a Moring paui to Koii l ighaik lo em) the rnadlmuw Hie defeiiM- provetl aide a« they rfi ' teil |1 ' I ... i-dilih Moring drive on tli ' - ' • •• line with ihr KU ' !l " rorr |i« iiiiiirlerii : I 2 :i I . .ii •« (I |-, III 1 1 I K.I !( «l O II II IM Thai ' Mif Itoli Jarkann nn ibr lonar NEW MEXICO STATE .... 34 V. OF NEW MEXICO Vt in number four of the season, and no. eight over the last two came when the Ap ' s ajrain Humped arch- rival INM. tiiis time l)y a 34-0 count. In tnt;il yardage, the Aggies dominated (he Lohos by gaining 419 to their 207. Johnson (lipped two T.D. passes, one to Sims, and a 2.5 yarder to . tkins. Atkins, on the other hand, gave the 28,000 plus crowd something to think about by scoring three times; one on the pass, a 67 yard punt return, and a 2 yd. dive. Gaiters got into the scoring column when he tore off tackle for 71 yds. and a tallv. Score hv quarters: I 2 3 4 total A(;(;iES 14 7 13 34 LOBOS This is one thai got away. .Alkin: didn ' t sec many of Johnson ' s passes go astray. The Border Conference Championship Trophy and Coach Woodson ' s plaque for " Coach of the Year. " It ' s a big mess, but Gaiters still finds room to move. NEW IEXICO STATE 47 McMl RRY COLLEGE 17 The McMurry Indians threw a scare into the .Aggies as the underdogs led 10-0, and then again 17-14 before the Ag " s caught fire and buried victim number five of the season. Gaiters scored three times, while .Atkins hit pay dirt twice as did Jackson. Atkins ' touchdowns were of the spectacular brand as he took a Johnson pass on the 40 and raced into the end zone with seven seconds left in the half. In the third (juarter. he took the opening kick-off and scooted 77 yards untouched. McMurry played tough ball for the first half, but the Ags proved too powerful. Atkins breaks into the open, as Gon- zalez (421 looks for opponents. Score by quartt ■rs: 1 2 3 4 total AGGIES 20 20 i 47 INDIANS 10 1 17 129 HOMECOMING M W Ml l( n - I I I lO M( III! I . 8 Allh iuf:h tlir M»rr diw-Mi ' t »huM il. W irhita wait a mugh tram. Il unly goe I " hl ' V♦ xhal ihr Kfi ' f muUl (ill a aifiKl a ' tram. Xflrt allow jiij; lh«- li4K-L- ( r t ri lil |i iiril l i llir ' •mkI. Jaikixin lixik i»rr ami m .irrtl Imh fu»l |trriud lallir» ii ruii« i.f 2H ami ' . Then (iail- rr» hliciMi- l hio iiii)fht Mitli ihtrr olraiphi r.D. ' it on run of !), I, ami l«i. The clrnrhrr for llir hupr liomrtoming rr »»«i v»a! a Jnhmmn lo llkimi hravr whiili ((. rrr i 22 arii and a acorr. llir Min a r llir Aggint a oil lo U rrcord on ihc M aMin ami Urrlchcd ihcir win " -Irrak to 10. ' 4i(rr IjIU fur rtlrj jrilj(:r viilh hrlp from rntir-«.i M w ll l( n «. I TK .27 Mtl iiN V I V IE 24 Sriiri ' l v «|ii;irtir« : I 2 .{ t total M.f.II ■- II 7 12 7 to MKM M 1{ Jl (I (I II a Il l Mik yrarit ami yrar» lo i i il, l ul thr . ppir« finnllv l rat tlir Arizona Stair Sun I r il» in Mhal maii of tlir irwrr would i all tin- n- t fnunv of tlir rar. Thr (irU half rndr i in a 11-11 lraiil M-L a» thr lrn ion huill up for thr unl r!ir al lr ■— . ..rLi half. A 2 l ard firlii goal f;a r ASl ' a 171 I Irad, and thr Sun nr il» tlxii a|.).|n-»i Mhal ix-rmr ! lo br thr winning T.D. early in ihr fourth per- iod. Pervi Alkiiu re lumrd I h r rn uin|; LicL ' ofI ' HI attU for a hut ihr fi " .till Uhind 2i-20 Mtrr rii han ' iri ' furn- 1. 1 " llw , . ' ■» ntartrd il. ' It winning drive from ihr Iwo. Atkinit ' Tl «afd lofir, and Iwo I.N Krilx ' • .irid ihr NM " ! leam wa» in. ( i,,i.i..i,.l,., • It, |)|r lini. ' wa Al- " ii arul Jim f iir hi |tla ' rr- ■ • ! i ihr Urrk Srorr- li |iiiirlrr : I 2 .{ 4 total . (;(;IKS 7 7 !.{ 27 SUN DKMl-S 7 7 3 7 24 130 IVr i tkin» if-iurnr«t a k i i t:if |a 1 Iw l| rtrnliljllt ntrt NEW MEXICO STATE 35 WEST TEXAS STATE. ... 15 West Texas Slate fell as 12 previous teams fell, but not before a hard fousilit battle. Gaiters scored twice on a 2 yard dive and a 20 yard sprint. Johnson got into the act with tosses of 7 and ' .V2 yards to Kelly and .Atkins respectively, and then score l one himself on a 4 yard keeper. At one point in the contest. the Buffaloes had puilecl up to within six points of the Ag ' s (21-1.5). but once again the NMSU powerhouse rolled, and that was all. The win was number eight of the season for the undefeated Aggies. Score by quarters: 12 3 4 total AGGIES 7 7 7 14 35 BIFFALOES . 7 8 15 Bob Jackson scores the second T.D. against .Arizona State. NEW MEXICO STATE 40 HARDIN-SIMMONS IJ 3 The Hardin-Simmons Cowboys had the distinction to become NMSU ' s ninth victim of the season. After taking a tempor- ary three point lead, the Cowboys were never again in the game. Gaiters scored three times on runs of 9. .5, and 6 yards. John- son hit Kelly with a 5 yard scorer. Atkins returned a punt for 70 yards and a T.D., and Morris Hodgson returned an intercepted pass for 32 yards and a score. The win was the 13th over a two year span. A Johnson fumble in the wild game against TWC. Sims and Yennessa look on from grounded positions. Score by quarters: 1 2 3 4 total AGGIES 7 13 20 40 COWBOYS 3 3 NEW MEXICO STATE .... 27 TEXAS WESTERN 15 The final game of the season saw NMSU extend its win streak and rack up its first undefeated season in many a moon. It also saw its second straight SU.N BOWL invita tion. Gaiters and Jackson teamed up to over come an early TWC lead, and then .Sims pro vided what proved to be the clincher by gathering in a 1 I yard Johnson T.D. pass Gaiter added the insurance tally, and the Aggies hung on. The Miners were helped by the large crowd that traveled up from El Paso, but they needed more than the fans. Score by quarters: 12 3 4 total AGGIES 6 14 7 27 MINERS 7 8 15 131 THE 1960 SUN BOWT. M w Ml |i t - I I I 2n I I 1 1 - I I I I . 1 .1 Alkino ohiiMrn rrrriving ihr hrM .NM li luurhiiuwn p«u Ufiin JohnMin. r» Mrxiro Stale Univernily krpl il ' n IWiO »latp ciran with it ' s !««-iin l Mrai ht SI N HOVtL victory in ihr paM two yrar». A rar Iwfiirr ' ■ - had up»rl hi ' hlx favornl NurlJi Trxa« Slal« ' in ihr 2. " lh r«-nc »;il nf ihr Sun ( ' arnixal ( ' la»»ir. Tlir - •l»o hail ihr li . ' • ' rforin hrftirr nn unrxliniaird lrlr i«iiin iTmwiI ri rrin;: ihr ' unir for l u ifir (na-l ir»»rr a» v,i ., ..- R M ' k Mountain arra fan . Vhr win Ma a hard onr lo rnmr h a I lah Slair and ils wril lalkr i ahoul hnr h - i up lo ihrir prr»» hilling . The I tap drrw fir l hlood rarU in ihr fir t ] rrioil following a Johnvin punt vthioh Ma» rrturniti Mimr r 2 ard lo the Aggie 18. Moment later, hard running Tom Ijirwhrid • wrpt right end from 1.1 yard out lo put I ' lah Stale ahead A 2 afd Morinp pa-w from Johnvm to AlLin kmiltrd ihr gatnr hark up niidMa lhrou;;h lhi xn-nnd | «-ri Ml, liul the I ' la;: addr l nniilhrr l.illv Iw-fnrr the half rmlrd. Mnuiiili !ariitiiilli. aiilrcl l » imr finr IiIih kin;.-. ■ lip|M- i arouiiii Irfl rn l In f: r ihr visitor a 11-7 inlrrrni««ion Irnil N ' MSl " Huh ( ailrr pr " rd ju»t Imw In- Inl ihr nalinn in -oring rarl in lln- M mid half when hr found ilaNliKhl o rr Irfi larkir and ran o rr two drfrndin;; hark for a V2 ard romp. Atkin ' plarrmrni );a r ihr Ag ' » a lead lhr never lo»t ( I t-|. ' i(. Another John«on pa . lhi« liinr I " rnd K. V. ini« put ihr (.-anir a»a for the victor , hul not before the drfenae had it moment of glory toward ihr rnd of ihr niudd till. W ilh our and a half minutr remaining, the I ' lags were klopjied on ihrir dr | eralion drive on ihe Aggie 20 yard line. Jimmy ( ' amplx-ll and .Allan Sepkowil were cre«litr«l with ihe all important tarklr Tlir win rxlrnde«l the Aggie lrrak lo I ' l. prrM-nll ihr liiiigr- ! in the nation. (V • ihr hard t«ork paid off Ilir ludrnlo of NMSl ' ran rrrtninU hi- proud of ihr l r l Irani in ihr m hool long h i«lorv. .itlii back, Johnaun, rrceiveti llie MokI alualilr Player .-Xwanl for the et-ond ear running. II - I M I- I l Kimi II..V.II- Nrl il " . I( ll-lilllg l ' .l « ' i lllllpl -ll ' l I ' .i. . II. „| liilrr. Nrl iIk. l ' .i iliK U. Itiliil I fTrn»«- I ' nnliiig «K. I ' riiidlir y lllllldr I ttmt «rorr li |ii.irt ' r» : M V Ml |i n -I H I I Ml 1 Ml NM- 1 lah III 1.-. 1 1 2f.H IH2«i 1 II I ' MI u 2tM :;•:»:. .i »-.l 1 2-Ui 1 1 u: 2 2 1 2 .i » lol.ll ( 7 7 (i 2n «. II II l.t 133 , 11 Vii. ii.. u Alkil-.. if l l.u.i .fl ll r l ' -l l !.||.»!n( SIN IIIIWI. tirlMv THE SENIORS TWO REAL BIG LOSSES THE 1960 SENIORS: Kneeling. LR: Bob Kelly. Jim Worrick, Charley Johnson, Ricky Alba, and Sal Gonzalez. Back row. LR: Charles Pettes, Browning Yelvington. and Clem Mancini. Peltes will be eligible for next year. Missing from this photo is Jerry Gambatese. All of these four year men will be sorely missed in the season to come. Gaiters, Atkins, Johnson, Kelly, and Sims are headed for the pro ranks. E. A. Sims Ricky Alba— QB Ken Havs— G Rovce Cassell — RE Carl Covington — C Sal Gonzalez — FB Morris Hodgson — HB Bob Jackson — FB Bob Langford— HB 133 Ron Logback — LE ' aa» . L r L ' t 11 On ikr iinr. l.H t. A. im», l ou nkioirli, Jimmt (jmplM-ll. ijrl (jitinitlun, J. W. Will, ind IMi Krilj. .4l (. uatlfiba(k: Clurlr) JulinMin. l.H: IVr«i Alkin . S I C.unulri, and Bob h ., . Mil 1)4 i««llrt« lltppinc mn r«inrMa in 1W(. famr Bill Wallace— C Jim Worrick — C Don Yannessa — T Lou Zivkovich — T Action in the SUN BOWL sees Sal Gonzalez (45) returning a punt. Coming up is Zivkovich (73), Witt (661, Cassell 1 81 1, and Strikland (701. At the left are the 1961 Aggie Tri-Captains. LR: Coach Warren Woodson. J. W. Witt, Jim Campbell, and Bob Langford. These three outstanding players will carry all Aggie hopes into the 1961 season. Number 27 (Atkins) as seen by many opponents over the past two seasons. 1961 SEASON SCHEDULE DATE OPPONENTS LOCATION Sept. 16 Arizona State College Las Cruces Sept. 23 Lniversity of iNew Mexico Albuquerque Sept. 30 McMurry College Las Cruces Oct. 7 North Texas State Denton Oct. U University of the Pacific (HOMECOMING) . . . . Las Cruces Oct. 21 Wichita Iniversity Wichita Oct. 28 Texas X estern College El Paso Nov. 4 Trinity Iniversity San .Antonio Nov. 18 est Texas State Las Cruces Nov. 25 Hardin-Simmons University Las Cruces 135 NNl l CHEERLEADERS MIAIioN MulU.h Heed ( hrrrtmtlrr M K MMK KK »I) Irli I mftm i %« l.Ul l h M.C.l.KHNilN -• .Ji SANDRA CI SS Front: Man- Jane Kennedy, Suzanne Burgess. Bn hu i 1 i . L ui-l MrClernon. Sandy Glass. L-R: Ann Henry, Ginnie Perkins, Peggy Graham, .Suzan Reeder. Freshman Cheerleaders 137 t BASKETBALL AG ' S TIE FOR CONFERENCE CROWN THE 1960- ' 61 NMSU AGGIES: Kneeling: Head Coach Presley Askew and Trainer C. R. " Brick " Bickerstaff. Front row. LR: Robert Bracy, Phillip Frier, Gar) Ward. David Brnwn, Ken Goodwin, Gerry Drake, Don Mullins, and Tom Pipen. Back row. LR: Russell Mathews, Bill Thornhill, David Kilburn, Bob Rogers, Tony Erirkson, Billy Joe Price, George Knighton, Ira Clark, and Vincent Knight. The Defending Border Conference Champs. (Missing is Bob Jackson and Ron Logback who were with the football team.) THE SE.ASON RECORD: OPPONENT Oregon State College 65 Hamline University 52 69 55 NMSU 57 84 82 University of New Mexico 76 St. Michaels College 87 University of Colorado (20T ' 8) 89 65 Utah State University 74 69 Brigham Young University 65 59 Idaho Stale College 58 67 Montana State College 63 84 Idaho State College 61 66 Arizona State University 86 89 l niversity of Arizona 64 95 Texas Western College 75 94 Pasadena College 66 84 College of Pacific 59 107 Texas Western College 79 93 Eastern New Mexico U 57 70 .4rizona State University 67 73 Universitv of .Arizona 68 88 West Texas Slate 63 78 Hardin-Sinimons University 59 71 West Texas State 51 88 Hardin-Sininions I ' niversity 72 72 .Arizona State University 86 Border Conference Gnmes ! CAA PUiy-Off Game OVERALL SEASON RECORD: Won 19. Lost . CONFERENCE RECORD on 9. Lost 1 Head Trainer. C. R. " Brick " RickerslaflF. This is Bricks last year at NMSU. We wish him lurk in his new posi- tion at Ipwa State. 139 ALL-BORDER CONFERENCE SFi:0 r TKAM All. IMUMJFH ( ONFKRHNCE MIIJ.V JOK i ' HICK . . . Hill aM |)lriit ,,( atlion liurinp hi» M-nior rar. Mr. I ' riir rarrini a ' ■ |Miiiiii. |»ri f:atur B rra r tlunugh 2. ' i ' amr» lliin M-AMiii. litis 6-9 four year man Mill grrati) ' br ini»ar«l. II() ()|{ HI 1 MI NTION |N( IM KNK.lir Vincr traa once again oul laixiinp frum the M-nrinf: anplr (2M in 21 gamr ), »hcMiijnp ijcrrrntagr ( Ul ' . ' I, nn l rclxtundinp point if virw (IHIt. In ihrrr or fnur panir» lhi» yrar, inrr Moulci makf l r rrurial play thai Mould rlrvair ihr Aguit ovrr ihrir i|i| oni-ntH. llV Milh Met cyr» thai Mr iirnci ihi M-nior oil. FIRST TF M All HOHUKK ( o n in (F ' " .F.OHtiK KMCHTON Hip Cctirpr led iKr ( " onfrr- rn -r in »r irinp ihio M-aiton with a total of . ' 2 ' ) fxiint and 22 | oinl prr pamr avg. Markrd imnrovrmrni w«» notnl in kniphtnn all- attiiind |i|« U ' r ' ll tr look- inp foiMard to M rinp him hark in arli in nr»t »rar. Kniphton Iradr-mark: Itip llandiL. 140 ON THE SEASON OREGON STATE 65 NEW MEXICO STATE 57 The Afrpies dropped their opener to the fast charf»- inj; Reavers from Oregon St. After holdinj; a 31-27 half-time advantage, the ' " s had trouble finding the basket in the scrond half. Knighton and Knight had 14 points. NEW MEXICO STATE 84 HAMLINE UNIVERSITY 52 NMSU evened it ' s season record with a convincing 8-1-.S2 victory over the Hamline Pipers. Big George Kniphton led the Ag scoring with 17 points. He was followed by Price with 15. and Knight with 12. NEW MEXICO STATE 82 UNIVERSITY OF NTW MEXICO. 69 The Aggies took advantage of every Lobo break to up their season record to 2 wins and 1 loss. Billy Joe Price found the range for 20 markers, while David Brown and Knighton gatliered 17 apiece. The Ag ' s netted 27 of 68 field shots, while UNM could connect on but 19 of 75. D.WID BROWN Gary Ward driving in for a lay-up against the Lobos. NE MEXICO STATE .76 ST. MICHAELS COLL 55 With the first string playing but 15 minutes of the first half, the Ag ' s buried the Knight ' s 76-55. Knighton led the scorers with 15. UNIV. OF COLORADO .... 89 NEW MEXICO STATE 87 The Aggies dropped their sec- ond game of the campaisn in a thrilling double overtime tilt again Colorado U. 89-87. Knighton had 29 pts. and Ward collected 20. VINCENT KNIGHT UTAH STATE I NIV 74 NEVi MEXICO STATE 65 Utah State gave NMSU their second straight loss on the road to the tune of 74-65. Big George pumped in 2.3 markers as Price contributed 18 for the Ag ' s. NE V MEXICO STATE 69 BRIGHAM YOl NG U 65 George Knighton ' s 26 points helped lift the .Aggies back on the winning side of the ledser as the .Aggies squeeked by the B.Y.U. Cougars 69-65. Knight added 12 points to the cause. 141 NK X MWU n -I VIK 59 ItlAlKl 1 1K (Oli X;E S8 i;i! l!.r I. .J. I jl r L ' I f-» 1 1 r - ,lr,I I. «l . •II Mith I i. Klili lil illiUlinl M U Ml H n •« I I I n lltMKi - I I I i| I I I.I (.1 IKr trtl. Im l» -«-l. Illr lUll.-.ii- of lilah.i " 1 ll»r Vjjt ' ir priiw-.l no malrit (t f ihr Mroii ' NMSl m|u« I. Kfll- ' tllxM V% .!« fllL ' M tn.lll Ull)l l ' t M W Ml l( n -I Ml ,,: MUM N x| viK r(»lJ„ i,A n .llirr ihrilirr on llir ri a l «vurrr«l ..- ihr f.n-» itiiMiM ii fiml ' up Miinlana Slair (•7 ' { knif;lil(iii ' it lii 27 (xiinio |ir iilr l ihr margin nf i(iory. Kiii hl aililr«l an I ' lhrr I 7. l!l n s| Ml I m, M.W MIAH I) 1 VIK Ml Tlir un-IV iU of ASr fomplrlrl) look ill. . . !.-« Iiy KurpriM- »ilh an H6.li6 »«in. I 111- l..«» provnl to Ik- NMSl ' V fourih of ihr M-aMin, anil fuKl in Confrrrnrr pla«. Knifshton liml pl«. M W Ml l( (» ««l II H ' l ( MM K-il (•! K1 »)N ( t The Apples took no timr rrlurninp to thi- viinninp Iriiil a they pinnni a hip KO-M lo » on the iJili-atH. Gar Ward wa hiph with 23. MW Ml h n -I | I ».-. IKX U K I KKN 7.- H ( I KK I xiiip i)all roiitriii lo th)- iiuiximuin. (.oa h A ' kcw ' x linvs ••hiiHi-il iin mrri on T X r. Kniplilon anil Knipht hail 2- ' i pl! . to leail till- MinniTH. M W Ml All n sfMi ll.W.s UKVIKUN III Kfii(hlun M-itinc ltl In one of the mo! l one »iele l pami " of the year, the Apple puf hiil pa-l thr 100 point mark. Hr " wn ' )» 21 puinl were hiph. hut fiir other Ap ' » hit the ili uhli-». M W Ml H O •»! I I n » ' MM N I n| lit, I (A Pa»a()ena C!ollepe l»e -atne victim numl er 10 of the nea on for the im- proving Aggie . KnI ■• ' •■■•• h I ' l 21 n w Mill M W Ml l( (» - I Ml K. MI l{ M W Ml |( •».5 . ' 7 rhere ' n a uying thai a giMMi team nn ' t liHik ton dharp apnin«l a poor train. Kiiiphlun Mnml a heft 2( IMiinlo n« thr ppieii i ' rui h - l INMI 9.1.. ' i7. M U Ml H n V I II 7(, UI nNv N| |K I . «,7 ' III fioiii the fi| rninp jump-hall. u-« e lpr l |i a (. ' oimI A I team ( the (lonfrrrnir title . ' pl a» Knipht ami i ' i i • ' ia lil - l l. ' t. U} Bl ss | niK«s Coach A Vr« and Mi Rr( in Hi | air NEW MEXICO STATE 73 IIMVERSITY OF ARIZONA . . 68 The V ' ildcats proved a little tougher in their second meeting with the Appies. Knighton continued to look great as he dunked 24 points. Brown followed with 13. NEW MEXICO STATE 88 WEST TEXAS STATE 6.3 The Aggies extended their winning streak to nine games with an 88-r). ' ? vic- tory over the Ruffs. Price played a bril- liant game on defense. NEW MEXICO ST. TE 78 HARDIN-SIMMONS U 59 The Ag ' s ran rough-shod over hapless HSU 78-59. Knighton hit the bucket for 2.5 points, and Knight followed with 18 markers. NEW MEXICO STATE 71 WEST TEXAS STATE .... 51 NMSU continued their winning ways with an easy 71-51 win over WT.S at Canyon. Knighton collected 34 points, his high of the season in helping the Aggies. NEW MEXICO ST. TE .88 HARDIN-SIMMONS U 72 Hardin-Simmons proved little competition for the high-flving Aggies as the winners finished their last regular game of the season. Knighton led all scorers with 22 points, and the four other starters entered into the double figures. The win gave the Ag ' s a 9 win. 1 loss record in Conference play. KEN GOODWIN Mathews in plenty of action. NCAA PLAY-OFF GAME Upon earning a share of the Border Conference crown, the Aggies then had to face .Arizona State in a NCAA play-off game to determine who would represent the conference in the regional play-offs. The Aggies were without the services of their great four- year center. Bill Price. Coach Askew ' s team did everything but blow up the ASU gym in an attempt to stop the high-scoring Sun Devils, but to no avail. Big George Knighton scored 26 points, and Knight gathered 11 for the losers. 1961-62 SEASON SCHEDULE Dec. 5 Butler I ' niversity Indianapolis. Ind. Dec. 7 Indiana Ifniversity Blooniington. Ind. Deo. 9 Oklahoma State U Stillwater. Okla. Dee. 11 Phillips 66 Las Cruces Dec. 13 Colorado State U Las Cruces Dec. 18 U. of New Mexico .Albuquerque Dec. 21 Tennessee State Nashville. Tenn. Dec. 26 U. of New Mexico Las Cruces Dec. 27 Brigham Younp U Las Cruces Dec. 28-29 . . SUN BOWL TOURNAMENT El Paso. Tex. Jan. 2 Memphis Slate Memphis. Tenn. Jan. 4 Eastern Kentucky Richmond. Ky. Jan. 6 ' estern Kentucky Bowling Green. Ky. Jan. 11 ... . University of .Arizona Las Cruces Jan. 13 ... . . rizona State U Las Cruces Jan. 27 ... . Texa8 Western El Paso. Tex. Feb. 3. . . . U. of .Arizona Tucson. Ariz. Feb. 5. . . . .4rizona State U Tempe. . riz. Feb. 17 ... . We9t Texas Stale Canyon, Tex. Feb. 19. . . . Hardin-Simmon8 U .Abilene. Tex. Feb. 24. . . . West Texas State Las Cruces Feb. 26. . . . Hardin-Simmons U. . . . Las Cruces Feb. 28 ... . Texas Western Las Cruces Mar. 6 New Mexico ' estprn Las Cruces Border Conference Cnmes Price showing the (urm that made him such an milslantl ing player. 143 TRACK ' mi iJiin II i)! (; v ] nil . .; N i i M.i.ii iii (K 11 i. ;. .. ...... ..... .;..--, .;,-. w..,.. j.- t.,.,.. fronl rot. I.R (.jr) liulilt . |{r«l l|j» Murpliy, l)« id Nrrdlum, and llharln I ' rilr . Slanding, Hrtii Cxtach Howard Whilr. jod AuiMaol I ' cnu A(kin . ON 11 IK SEAS() M l( Mi M ' KII. h— M W Ml li ti «• I U III I I - Mi- H MM{. J — 1 MM F{ n " N nr MW MIA ft (i IIM. M W Ml l( ( 1 I I JOi " , M M{ II — M MIXKn-IMI lid 2 H M. Mlt.ll J.i. » (Hi.. JO 1. 3 M U. L ' - — M W MJ l n W I V I 72 I I - W I -I lltN I.I M W MIAU «) 1 II J ' » I I « W I 11 ItN M W Ml l( n ■« I I I I !U. 144 ••M K NCI Arltoo in ihr Mllr RrU» . • |rndo«a p»— In " ' 4Vr»-lrf " IV(lr« APRn. l.T — T H: RKI.AYS 1. V. OF ARIZONA 2. TEXAS ESTERN 3. IIARDIN-SIMMONS IL 4. SI L ROSS COLL. 5. ST. MH IIVELS COLL. 6. NEW MEXICO STATE APRIL 22 — . Vi AY MEET NEW MEXICO WESTERN. .77 TEXAS WESTERN a. ' Sl , NEW MEXICO ST.4TE 171 ' WHITE SANDS 8 ' FT. BLISS 4 APRIL 29 — NEW MEXICO W ESTERN RELAYS 1. NEW MEXICO W ESTERN 2. PHOENIX COLLEGE 3. NEW MEXICO STATE 4. FT. BLISS Garcia hits the tape. MAY 12-13 BORDER CONTERENCE The Aggie track team, woefully short due to injuries, traveled to Abilene and surprised many of the viewers with their fine performance. Pettes took a second place in the Broad Jump with a leap of almost 23 feet. Garcia grabbed a second in the 2 Mile event, and a fifth in the mile although he posted an outstanding 4:30 timing. Moss captured a 4th in the shot put to give theAg ' s their total of 7 points and 5th place. The year was one of rebuilding for the Aggies, and Coach hite is looking forward to a much improved team by next spring. In the Border meet, Arizona once again showed its heels to the re- maining Conference teams. Arizona State placed second, while they w ' ere followed by Texas Western and Hardin- Simmons. W ' est Texas failed to enter in the meet. CHARLES " SKEETER " PETTES ! -ft The two rernrd holders. John France in the 880. and Rudy Hough in the Di.scu5. talk it over with Coarh White. JESS GARCIA Rl I)V HOLGH 145 BASEBALL i: l i: l I II M I- li ( II IMI1I( II) AC s POST M2 SL A () COACH PRESLEY ASKEW e , V? X ON I III 1. s() KuV) Alba luiniiii; lliiid ind hrjdinc hnmr 1 . I It ( 111 1 H fi 12 III V II 21 :k 4 II •» ( il(iriiilci ( iillr);!- I itliiriiili) I ill( ' (:i ' I ulnrailfi I tilli i c I iii -rail of I iiloi ;iilii Ni»« N| - irii •• " Icrn Nrv» %Ir iii I •lirii i. HIi . Ki. HIi.. Ki. hii.. IliuM.HKl- I IIiuIiI.mkI- I IIi;:IiI.iihI. I lli;:l.l.iin|. I Nivi %lf- irii Nr»« Mrxirii I lii«rr il o MIX 11 »il« lll 11 xjlx W -1. rii X i-»leril ( Nrw %lf irii I iiitrr»ilx of Nr»» N|rxi«o I lii rr«il of Nrv Mrxiio I iii rr il of Nrt %lr iro I iiisrrailx if ri iiwi I iiitrriiit of Vrijriilia ( «rr all Kr«-i r«l t ' « ii». 2 I nl ' I ' iiM N I 17 III t H II » I I II 1 I I •» I I II HI l ' » I I 146 Tr«m SAI. CONZAI K ON THE SEASON: Senior Ricky Alba led the Af;jiif hittinp; attack this past season with a high .39-1 avcraiio. Gary Ward, first baseman, and leading pitcher, fdilowed Alba with a .349 mark. Team Captain. Sal Gonzalez, batted a good .327. ' ard led the pitching staff with a 1-2 won- loss record and he also had an earned ruti average of 2.1 which is resjiectable in any league. .Senior Terry Washburn hurled in 9 games and compiled a 3-3 rec- ord. Gene Franzoy had a 2-3 mark for the year. As a team, the Aggies managed to hit a high .298, but the error bug hurt many chances of victory. The loss of Jim Oliver, who led the RBI department with 27. due to graduation, anil the short season for Bob Lang- ford. Ken Hayes. Royce Cassell. and others because of spring football practice put more pressure on the remaining. One of the Leading Aggies, GARY WARD The Aggie Pitching Staff, L-R: Terry Washburn, Gene Fran- zoy, Richard Vlo?ich, and pitcher-outfielder, Ricky Alba. Sal Gonzalez going into second on the fly. 147 GOLF M-i I II I i)s i()i»-i i.iGH ' i ' coi r n m IWiI NMM ' C.OI.F TK M. Knrrlmg, I. H Chjrlry JnlmMin. l-»rr» IWm. and Tom Frraandri. ?■•■ ' ' ■■■■ ' W (..r. - irri I ..jirh Tom Moullon, and Hilly William . The Asfir linkMnm i: 7 loM, 1 lir rrrord, and a (uurlh pUrr in Bordrr (j n(rimrr , f «r .1 NMSll. n NIK SEASON : M Ml I MMl III M l IK MVH J " . M ' KII M, II W I - I I ItN I I V W I 11 UN I M I ll l n »| M W Ml |( n I » II l(N M W Ml H n I I V- W I I IKN I I I M Ml l» l I ' l N I i;i nN - I I I l I oMi n ( I I M I 1( 1 n III w lMl (. I M I ii-i n (ti w MM| ». VHI nN V I VI I I M I 1( 1 I W IN W nN I n l I »» «l WON W t IN III h I •.! 148 APRIL 15 UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO LOST APRIL 22 UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA LOST APRIL 28 NEW MEXICO MILITARY INST WON APRIL 29 EASTERN NEW MEXICO LOST MAY 10 HARDIN-SIMMONS U LOST The approach LARRY BEEM TEAM CAPTAIN The down-swing A STUDY OF GOOD FORM The contact MAY 12-13 BORDER CONFERENCE Coach Moulton ' s lads journey to the Sprin? meetinfr of the Border Con- ference, and while in Abilene, the Aggie representatives walked off with fourth place. Larry Beem was once again the outstanding individual as he tied for Medalist Honors. With most of his squad returning to the links next year, Coach Moulton can count on another top team for southwestern greens. The follow-through 149 RIFLE wi -i I Ki: l ..l IN ( (»M I i;i. ( I NMSl VAKMTV RIKI.E TEAM: Standing: Tmit. 0..rh SrI. (Inan Ijuhl. (:h.rlr. Coffry. Rillv iJllWirld, jnd OlU» Wild " - " ' " --- ' Knrrltnf ()u I ' inio, n i Thi mii« I ' oorll. Miooinn i» J«nir« l -rk»lrn M-r. ON TUf. 1! )% ' : TJir Kirxl Trnin N ' nrsitv lincl nul-taiiilin;: |MTfiirmniirf» from nil «f ils tram mrnilK-r ' lhi» rar. In adual ■ om|M-liliiin, titr var»il owrpl ( n Firxl I ' lair in llii- iL ' lh Annua! Si ulliwi-«l ln il;ili al Kl P«Mi by firinK •n a rprrjialr urorr of r»723 in . ' 1 mali In-? ' in ihr Nntionnl Hiflr AKMM-iatinn IntKnir Sni«lil»iirr Hiflr ' " ' ' ;■•. fifr«i al u»lin, I ' rx.. ihr Iram |iln r l n»»ji fur Sr | I ' jai ' r honur . Thrir nnr matih lulal »«» ' ' f ll r fi p inrnilxTo. In ihr Hiirili-t (limfrrrinr MrrI llii. |in«l opiinj; in l ilrnr. ihr Irani fini lir l »«Mii i III .iiifrrrnir not «|uilr ralchinf: Arizona. llir NMsl " F ' iril and Sr« nnti Tramx sImi firr l in ihr Kl ! ' a»o |)rl Nortr l afiur, ami of 2 ' »h iulelrf lo ! ht ul- Art rnal) hr« llir fir»l Tram niil hr«l S ond I ' lair. v«liilr ihr Srron l Trnni fini ' hril a cloM Fniillh. Thi» finr rnofd rtoinU u| lo llv lirtrrminalion fli |ila r l hv all of lho»r |io " w». m| rlr.l on ihr A);):ic Hillc TcAin. A lip of ihr ll ohouhl Iw inlrrr«iin(. ' lo no|r ihal ihr NMSl ' Hiflr Ir.iiii .ij.o roni|irlril in an unu ual «vpr of «vnl tlui- inf l w )«»•» »rar; namrU l ' o«lal niali hr l Tram from all o rt ihr nation woulii fur ami rr«otii llirir Motr or l» oul lo ll»r iroin. lhr Hrrr i ■■ni|irliii) ' Milh Tlir NM l ar»il fiirii tT " III h mall l r ami v i n ' tl In rompari ' oii nilh ollirr m hool , ihi rrintil Ma onr of ihr Im-«I in llir rnlirr rounU). ISO BOWLING— FIRST YEAR Advisor A. D. ANDERSON NMSU VARSITY BOWLING TEAM: LR. Rack: Le? Daviet. Larr Harrington. Hoi) Parker. Joe Gonzales, and Ken Thomas. Front: Sherr) ' Shanks. Letlie Hubbard, Joy Miller, Fran Kady. and Luanna Bartholomew. ON THE SEASON: The NMSU Bowlinj: team made a fine showinj: for itself during its first season of com- petition. In National, the team finished 6th in the Re rion behind such schools as USC and Arizona. .At the Texas A M Invitational. Les Daviet and Jose Gonzales made the All-Tourney team. At the UNM Invitational, the team finished a hich 2nd. and Daviet was named to this All-Tourney team. The team ' s Advisor. Mr. Anderson, is to be highly congratulated. That ' s Bob Parker showing good form at the L ' NM In%ilalional in ll ii(iurr(iuf. 151 I FAMS A(,(.il. I1AM 11, AM 1 IJ. L()x L V. riK 2 Thr NMSl? Trnni M|iuid: l.-R: John ThnmaMMin. Ron RurUm. Aulirry HnldrmrM, Rirhard IJrbrrman, and l rry Hair. M«n roci idrrrd ihii tram ihr nin«l oul ' landing NMSl ' han r«rr had, and wr ' ll no along with ihal. ON illl. I.A nN NM-t I .i 3 (I (I • «i . 1, I I, II nl ' I ' OMMs . ' I I (I 2 • 1i7 ( I I ' .IMt Ifllllifi (lull I«- ii« W r«ltrii ( ollrjji- Ii .i« X 1 ••lirii ( iijjiti- Niv Mrxiin i " lrrii I ni fr»il i f Mitiiiiic I iii f-ri ilN ■•( W Miiiiiti I iii i-r«ilN of lliiii ' liiii . " oiillii ' iiolf ' rn nkl.iliiiniii ' A %Ii»»i «i|i|ii »l:ili- H I iii c ' r»il iif I cxii (i ltii liir I rii rr»il 1 I riiiil% I nit i-r il% ft I- iiKlrrn Ni-M Mrxiiii I . llilflil ' iiiil 1 iii rr il% O lr j|« U mtrril ( illi( ' c I ri iii.i ' liilr I iii rri il% II I iii« -ri iM •■( ri i ii;i . " l Nrv tr irii U •-•liTIl I Irxu W r«lrril iillrKr I il;iriliii ' iriiiii iii« I iii rr«il t I iiMrrnilt ( ri iiiiii (i I lll«•r•ll 111 N »« lr l(c■ 1 lliiii|lirr i|iii lintii ( lull riiiril: I J Will-. ' » I •• -•, 2 lir I II M II J a l)U_AM Mt K i : s ' ! BUKDEU CONFERENCE: The Borflcr Confcrrnce Meet in Abilene saw the results of the peru-ral improvement NMSU Spring Sports has undergone. Liebcrman antl HoWerness both managed to work their way into the semifinals before falling to thi- University of Arizona work-horses. The no. 1 and 2 N ' MSU men then teamed up to once again gain the semifinal bracket before losing out to the 11. of A. Burton and Hale gave creditable accounts for the school in their division. Burton will be the only graduate missed on next year ' s Aggie team; a fact that Coach Delamater is grateful for. Number 1 man. RICHARD LIEBERMAN 4 A RON BURTON taffy: ' LARRY HALE AUBREY HOLDERNESS and JOHN THOMASSON 153 RODEO NM l (OW H() . lAKI. I II I II l Kl(,l() N I 1 ItDDKu U.AM Kiirrnh i.i (.iu.Arr. AHirO J..linMin. anil Andi Nunrz. Hark rou. l.H: Dub «. Sjf (ji». ami Drnnt Ollmun. Tlir««- nii ronlr«linU |)ri»r l In lie .iinpir ridrr . ro| cr». ind l)rr». Othrr mrmlxT» o( ihr irjfn inrludrd C:h«rlr« Enslr, Jrrry Crrrn, Eddy S«nrhM, Mnnlr lirrham. Man in Sartcn. IWtly Prndlrlon. «nd Mjiko ( ii. IS4 I) i: M c ( ) w w ( ) A good toss in the Ribbon Roping event. ON THE SEASON Location NMSU Boys Girls 1. Texas Western 2nd Ist 2. New Mexico State 4th 2nd 3. West Texas State 4th 2nd 4. South Plains College 3rd 2nd 5. Hardin-Simmons U 4th 3rd 6. Texas Tech 4th 3rd 7. Sul Ro38 College 4th 2nd 8. Oklahoma State 3rd For their outstanding performance in regional meets, the NMSU Girls Team and Dub Cox from the Boys Team will represent the Aggies in the National Intercollegiate Rodeo to be held in Sacra- mento, Calif, on Sept. 1, 1961. He got up there alright, but getting down is going to be an- other problem. 155 RFCTHN I. W l.N-M-K: NMSir co rj;irl-» irrihrart. Smrt Cox. was namrti Kunnn- I ' p for iKr All Afi ' unil (! iMj:irl award in ihr Hrpinn. Shr plami •«-i n i in ihr tiplional r riil» Mntiiin, (uurth in tlw Barrri Karr r rnt, and ihu- qualifini (nr ihr Nalional F ' inaU in Ihr MKA. I,fl l« (ood to far. Tlir lunitnl right cconii knuMn lu man. TMa it how wc li« our goal . . . onr of ibr girU who partiri paird in ihr liig NSMC Kiidro. KICION I W INM.K: I)ul (!i Y. a Irani p.irtiripanl 111 r rt r Mlr.i ihal NM " l itim- | »-ir j in. Won a fir l plarr in lltr Kr innal KiMxin l ) in):. Ilr al i plarrtl ihitii in ihr liiill- mp. and l c«amr M 1 ' • : conlrManl in ihr Final ..( iIm- MHA I ' totMbly ibr mraflrwl bull in 10 .; ■ afra. I OI1II ' mil liigli and raking. ' - The biggesl horns in ihis part of the counir)-. Livestock at the NMSU Rodeo was furnished by Wall Ausbaugh. Alamosa. Colorado, and the stoclv furnished plenty of thrills for the large crowds that turned out for the four performances. Looks like the making of a good timing. We haven ' t found uur pholographcr •■!. 157 INTKAMURALS I I kl Kl r KK ( lioW N PirluiKd •bo»r i ihr ChampiKn hip TEKE Icam whirh f«plurr l ihr Intramural rrown from I ' hi Kappa Tau fralrmit . Tau Kappa EpMlon (alhcrrd 1.703 ' . puinu lo win. INDlMUl l. Milts OulManrlinfi Tram Manaprm: Kralrrnily l apur. . Il inl Cwirka — TKK InilrfM-niirnI l ai-ii ' ' Hiii lUirloli l ' IV ' I Harr J hn» in Garcia . Alhlrlr J.ff Hihtllpr. Sigma Alpha Kp«iliin I. 2 3. t. . " ». h. 7. a. u. in 1 11( 1 IKI - I - l I ' K I -l (.l( i ' itrrr llsl ■ tJ Ml .1 1 1 in I I M- Mi I ' OIM I.Til.i " I.I ' . » I . J.i. " . 1.122 I . »:if 1.021 ' 2» n:.: 7U. Ill II! ililTrrrni i«l »rar Of llii loial. i Vi.i mair otiKlmU rnlrrrH in fMM or morr a livi llr- IS! Muih n( ihr crndll tnt (ikIi a •ur r lut Inlramtttll ptastam •K»uM go If) ihr | iri Tiot, Vauchn Cotlrt. Ili inlrtr ! ha« aH lrH EVENTS AND WINNERS Badminton: Singles Parah Sandu —Pacers Doubles Dan Villanueva and Rodney I{olli — TKE ' S Table Tennis: Singles George Williams. .Independent Doubles Fred Mess and Rrownie Yelvington — VAST Tennis: Singles Hal Voda— PVFs Doubles Lee Smith and Bill Goodman — TKE ' s Pool: Singles Dave Graham — PVTs Doubles Bob Kelly and Don Standridge — PVI ' s Cross Country Jess Garcia — PVI ' s Touch Football PVI ' s Bowling VAST Gymnastics TKE s Softball CE ' s Track PVI ' s Horse Shoes: Singles James McGreif— BSU Doubles Sandy Poeter and Bob Berry — TKE ' s Volleyball ' . ' . . . -CE ' s Weight Lifting TKE ' s Basketball PVI ' s Basketball Free Throw Lee Palmer — Sigma Pi Swimming TKE ' s Golf. . .Bill Hicks, John Allen. John Merchant. Carter Jordan — Hotshots Rifle Meet VAST Coach CorlfV willi Jeff Hilii-llrr. All ( anipii- Inlr.uiniral .■ tlilete. It looks good from here. Fast action in the Independent Basketliall League. That ' no foul . . . yet! 159 Kni Tbo iu and Inlramur ! Bonl- The thiuw Mj Ijlr lu cjlili ita »(Mc i) Ljm- luiincl. Parak Sandu . . . Intramural Badminlon Champ Sirikr ihrr . . . like, jrou ' rr oul! IN lit MI It l lit VI K Itli nlU) s IJd .1 ! .». Ili.r.ll.. 1 t 1 1 lii kii ' |l■,,l■l a (SAE) : ii .1. 1 ».•.!• .»..» Jii„ nlix.r (S E) KMI ,1. | ;,.l, m.u sk««lir r«lli-B (USD 22n .l I).,.|, 22.1 Siir,, |l,i,ii ' iin (B !) t til .l KiiM .- ».- S:ii,, ll,,iiiiin (Il» l ) lutii .l KiiM 2 1 » » Ji,,, 1 .,• k 11 ( ( Inl.) M.I. Id,., .- :l.t.H J, II, I.kUiII ( V lull) unit ,i H, i,s 1 :tlMI 1 Iriiirnlo. l(ot;rr , (ire I ' ll. r..ri •r ( IKK) no .l It. 1.1% Ui.H liirpln . W ilxiii. i|. • II. nlix, •r ( « l ) 2 II. s|,„, IX (1. 1 ill. lt..l. HomI (I ' M) 1 t,«4 l|» n: fi. H in. llil.rlir.iiiil (N Hr) l(.« l.all ll,r..v. IHJ fi, h in. Jill, 1 .MIIIliK ( Mull) !((•• Ill J,,ii,|i I ' ll fi -, in. | ( III. t.i ( lii 1 1 1 1 L ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 . ' . fl 1 1 in. III J nil 1 lillluio 1 itirk Joliiixiii 1 iini i .mu lit I S « lulu (TKE) (BSD I ' ll). ..„ll Ill II ) in. liiin 1 l.iiiiiliUiin ( (luh) ll lll " »l. Il Jlllllll .«: II. . ' • ir,. 11. II 1 ... kliii (IISI ) " »H H n n .1 .1 -.1 n X.I X.I . I X.I X.I . " .I. 160 INTKAMIRAL SWIMMING RP:r( RnS MEVS KKCOKDS: Mo ll« ' v Hrlay 60.8 sec. N« ' il Frirltaiul Dirk Joliiisoii Paul Roil lirllf- 2 LiMiplhs Free Slvle 38.5 sec. Oiok Jolim-on I I.on ' lli Bark Slrok.- 19.8 s«c C«ii«- Kauh 1 I iifilh Bnasi Stroke 19.7 »vc. I i«k J liii! (m 1 Lenplh Vrcv Slvle 16.7 sec. Jerry McCoy 3 Leiifiitlis Free Style 62.1 sec. Al Seliell 4 Man Kelav Free Slvle 69.7 sec. Randall. Diller. Melfi VtOMKNS KKCORDS: ' I I.«iistli Free Slvle 22.9 see. Mary Holmes 1 Lenfilli Breast Stroke 33.1 sec. Sandy Tlioniasma 1 I.enfilh Back Stroke 28.7 sec. Dianne Porter 4 omen Relay Free Style 1 .49 sec. Sandy Tliomasma Emily Sahre Judy Basquez Louise McClernon Bonev (TKE) 19. ' 8 (TKE) 19. ' 56 (BSU) 1961 (TKE) 1961 (Ind.) 1 956 (PVI) 19.-»8 (S. Hall) 1961 (ZTA) 1960 (Chi O) I960 (Ind.) I960 (Chi O) 1960 Diving Champ . . . Carlos Rodrequez (PKTl nmji mt t - fe — J i ■k " 1 The jump ihat starts the anchor lap. Pool Champs . . . Bob Kelly and Don Stand- ridge. They know how to make ' em sing. The moment of decision; to swing or not to swing. 161 GIRTS IM |{ Ml KALS Carrrll-ll.imirl I hi I tinr .i HIkhI.. li.ill -|.l I :lll M|ill.l Ik-Ill .I.I Muilriil i r! TnlM 21 16 I r. U ' nmc ' k IntramuraU fall undrr thr hracling of ihr ninrn ' Hr -rrali« n A»fto- rialiiin )l innrr " f ihr Oul taixiinp WRA Mrmlwr a»«ar l f " r lh«- m hc.i.l par I ' XiO- 111 v«a« Ro alrt- IVrra. Mi»» IVrra rrprr- urnlrti Rh ' Hin Hall. Tli r " tii flm v • »imming learn ami ihrir Miiinini: Hnpliir I. H K " Kmnrd . I iiuiM- Mr(3rrni n, Sandy Tttomauna, and S i an .» ••• Krr )rr. - f II l UAIU» Vollrvl.ali Rh.Mr Hall na»krl|.all Slu.lrnl Wivn. Snflliall. A-la Tau Mpha Ira. k Kirl.l ( " hi Omrpa « Mimmini; ., Chi Ontrpa h " - » L !i1 INDIVIDtVI WWHDS 1 llaiimiiilnn : Sinjjlm Junr Yurkovich- IUhmIch Hall Dimlilr I jnda |Vlrr»« n, r Marilvn Norlhrull. i ' — CarrrlllUmipl ■j ■ Taltir Trtinia: »iri(;lr« . Junr YurVovirh IUi ' ilr» Hall I)..ul |r9 CaroUn (.illrlt ami I Urn l i har i (.artrllllamiri 1., Vtrr Tin.. . MatiNii ..rlhcuU r.afrrllHamirl tilirry Karrn I ou U Rhodr Hall V.tiv; loo lal Mith thr ihliiw 163 Smy . loD Ulr wiih ikr ihroii. . : U The Chi O ' s and the Zeta ' in a Classic struggle. THE BATTLE OF THE CENTURY How to tie up your opponent . . . they ' re all tigers. COME JOIN THE FUN! A mighty swing . . . it ' s going, going 163 lONORARlES HBLICATIONS U REEKS ■AGRICULTURAL MVIILITARY ■NGINEERING LRTS I6t 17C 17 i 191 206 2U 22i J GROUPS SPURS UKKK ERS: I.H: M«r( rrt MonlKomrr . AWS Rr|i.: Jr«n Ta lnr, Editor: Barlxra La l»n. Hi l run: Scndi M fk«, WrPrr . ; Shiflry Dirkton, Edilot; K«) lUrrick. 1 ' rr.idcnl; (jri l Doylr. Trr4»urrr. " At Your Senicc " — ihc motto of SPl ' RS. national sophomorr womi-nV honorary, is tin- forcnioM aim of ihr New Mrxico State I ' nivrrsity Chapter. Thry »« ' k to as iM olh«•r in rcatlinp to liliiul Mudciil . u h€-rinf; al Lyceum and I ' laymakrr rvcnts, ami ci«- -oralinf: for dani-« " ». Thry also extend a helping hand to di-MT inf; fam- ilies in thi area with va u nal haokrl of food or armloads of rlotliin for finaiirialK-liandii ap|M-d children. SIM HS ha» s u::hl tops in all this year- -the cream of the crop for the new acti e chapter and national honors The TION AL SI ' IRS. official puhliratiim of the SE ' l ' KS ha.H rarried pictures and nlorie from N »» Mrxicii Stale e erv issUC. 1,1 ' ..» „r .ll».fir!.| r.J tt . r I .,,tr ;„,,„ f ,..,,.. K . Itl.tlV M..- I ' ll. ' I Illai J r.lrl «-,,tll. O, t , . K:.l.l..r.. I ..lll Ru I ..... ,, 1, ,. I ' ...» IUiInii 64 SOPHOMORE WOMEN ' S HONORARY Dr. Dave Fcllman of MeniDrial Ccnoral Hospital explains to SPIIRS Prrsidcnl Kay Rarrirk ihr (unrlions of this hoavy-duty tape recorder. Dr. Feltnian donaird llie rerorder to tile chapter for use in the program for reading to blind students. Also to aid blind students was The SPURS slide rule raffle. The money was used for tapes for the recorder and other equipment. Hubert Plumlee won the post slide rule, while Russell Miller received the Kueffel and Essel. (5S Voting for the ICLIEST M. N ON C.AMPl ' S. Here Don Vanessa casts his vote, with the money being used to aid deserving families in the Las Cruces area. THE WIN.NERI!! Larry Milton, by majority vote became the 1961 UMOC. Here Janey Bryant and Sheri Hewitt cast admiring glances his way. 167 Ml i5i:rA I Ml Mv W M l| - llnNti!! !M IJCTA VI HI IK Span tor MRS. MAI I)E (U THRIE Srrrflary n i nTII I HfFF KII.KKN AKNOI.I) Trraiwrt In srmriter I 68 DOHoiin UIIITE mv M»v GROUP LR: Peggy Hughes, Tillic Huff, Eileen Arnold. Dorothy White, Fran Kady, Leta White. Not shown: Alice Valentine, Mrs. Guthrie. Mu Beta, the senior women ' s honorary fraternity on the NMSU campus leads a calendar filled schedule from September to June. Selection of members is based on the qualities of Scholarship. Leadership, and Character. The organization aims to promote distinction through honor, honor through scholarship, and scholarship through distinction. To further these goals. Mu Beta presents an award to the highest ranking woman in each of the four classes. Mu Beta traditionally handles the Homecoming mum sale, and this year ' s efforts were more successful than all previous sales. Also sponsored by Mu Beta is a series of panel discussions of contemporary interest to the school and community. This year ' s series included " Latin America: Its Environment and Relations With the U. S., " moderated by Dr. Miller of the history department, and ' ' Morals and the Student, " moderated by Dr. Garrett of the Education department. An active question and answer session followed each discussion. Mu Beta annually handles the programs for the Associated Women Students banquet at the close of the year. Here, not only do the girls have their last activity of the year, but also the first — the tapping of members for the following year. 169 ' 61 Swastika Staff This wan a rnr for somr rrorpaniealiun for ihr SwaoliLa, t) lh in lUaff, and in ihr " buok. " The bifipc t attrmpi Mat to get th faculty in ihr annual, (•irici- it hadn ' t rrn done before. U ith a few eMeption . the miMion was acxom- |)li h - l. M RY I VF. TI RNKK I ' ol iuuitUu tditvr. A lot of thankik po nut to »omr l eh ind-lhe-«rene t people, who hel| ed to pet out this Ixiok. I ' d like to include: Paul l)arnrll. uhn did ihr ii rr. printing ' picluri- , and layiul; Kalh I ' uliar. who •■larird ihr i |.iv» -», hut ua un- able lo finish, nilh ihr same Ix-inp true for ihr vniors and Jan nodliurii. I rant name all ihr |M-.ip|r who hrl|M-d with schedule , pictures, ideas, and advice, but thank. , all of you! TTien hrrr ' s ihr book and a few mcmorirs. mil in in IxMc hoar , bad •rhnluln. cad Ixd dtipmllian . rliT DAN I ' FRRV Spofll r.(i(i r K ad! Vr h«%m ' l muf trttan tttnlt ' 170 THE STAFF Sam Vaskov, as Business Manager, sold S2,000 of adver- tising to Las Cruces businesses and firms doing work or business with the University. Considering that the Swastika began th;it much in the reil. tiie final score shows some left in the kitt). (rood Job! MARY ANNE BURKE Classes Editor SAM VASKOV— Business Manager KAREN BURKS Greek Editor JUDY SMITH Activities Editor CELIA JAMESON Layout Artist 171 ®to m0unO il oij mi; li NEW MEXICO STATE UNIVERSITY (). 2 ' ) KUV MU) IJ. LUCAS Editor HON (.. (.»)NNKI{ liiisinrss Manager UlE R(U. l) I r Tnr R. .iM. I r . ir sru ir ii HI IslllH »tlKI V I I I kt t I lU n» Ki K I rc-vs I) 1 I I li iVI I ' VI IV I K IlKOWMN . • IK f i III- " l ir f lj " 7-i ) 1 1 I I 1 1 , ■ • 11 . . , , • , u.. LONME 1. ( Mill li Circulation anil Inlramurals JAMES L. (;()N I Spnrts f.ililiii SAM)Ii DKIU SK The 1%0-61 school par could licsl l)c dcscrilted as a rel.uil.liiig year for ' The ROUXI) UP. As is the tradition of the ROl ' ND UP. its editors have kept Ajigies up to date on what ' s happening and offered their views on a wide varietv of suhjects. Hiiiiiliulil of the year for The ROUND UP was its being awarded Second Place for the best editorial in a national safety contest for college news()apers. The contest was sponsored h I umlicrniiris Mutual Cas- ualty Company of Chicago. The Associated Collesiate Press was high in its praise of The ROUND UP being changed to a tabloid. The ACP commented that it is basically a good news- paper and needs primarilv a little " ijolishing. " Vi e II leave it to next year ' s staff to finish the polishing. Good Luck. 1!K() VN[ G YEI.VINGTON Advertising Manaser ERNE.V1 K. TEKEZ Stall Writer " We won ' t si ' t anylliiii;; ili.tu ' lliil uvn Dave " " II nni l I " - p.iV(l.i " " I ilon ' l lliink Ed «ill lii iiu- pill .ids ■ m ' li. ' Iii ' iil ' . io -ir. " 660 KIN MA 630 Al N ' rM Mr«ir i Slstr I ' nivrritily. il ' KNM for li»l nini: In all Mirl» of mu«ir. Thr radio Malion lafTr«l l v oludrni . vthn prrparr and ici all of ihr |iropram» for ihr otuiirlllx. Tlir tiinr lo HotL arr rt |i ihr oluilrnlK. hIui Murk »lirn lhr h« «- ihr limr. Vartuu» prnpratiM arr ofTcrrd: W« «Tn, popular, jaaui. rla wiral. daiur mu it ' . MainUininc thr •UlUm r |ui|)mrnt l a largr U k. «hirh itrnrratK (all nn MMitnmr willi lltr kao kott and training. Manv of itw •luilrni who o|irtalr K Mi pn on lo larftrr rilv hrnadranlinp •nal jol «. Tlir linirii ' ' ■ from | i ' i Tainminp. r juipinrnt • i« a P mmI bit of rx| ■ I llir iri|rtr lr | ntilKHIIirrr . I ' ' ' -t r, a flalinn manaprr lhi« vrar, »hilr a k " " " ' ru«n MudrrjU did I ' il llir iiiikr. pla lli(: llir l |ir of niu«li lUr Mrtr and tlirV lll U). ' lil ihr Mutlriili Hrir inlrrmlnl in. 174 PUSKZO DSjC SOjC l» 4 David Denzler and Penny Ford are shown workin ; over copy foi ll magazine. ' J Dr. Tom Erhard of the English Depl. faculty sponsor, makes final corrections on page proofs of the first issue. Newlv organized this school year was the campus magazine. PUERTO DEL SOL, which used as its lead article an account of buried treasure in the Organ Mountains. The magazine, featuring student short stories, articles, humor, and poems, will appear twice a year beginning with the fall of 196L Staff members shown checking layout are: John Campitell. Dennis Ail.inis. Dr. Erhard. Frank Thayer. First editor of the magazine is FRANK D. THAYER. JR. journal- ism major from Hurley. New Mex- ico. 175 ruinan Bridsr . Mark Whitr, Sara Curry GREEK COUNCIL OFFICERS I HK UHITF Pretideni I HI l N lllUIKiF VicePreudrnl - |{ (.l { { Sec.Treai. Each Greek orpanizalinn i enlitird to mpmb«T»hip in (he council whirh sponsors the an- nual all-tirr-rk rvrnls: ihr pirnir, Grit-k Sinf;. (irc«-k W fk. Gr fk Stunl. jimi othrr a ' ti i(ie». The Council i organize l to promote the conslructivr activities of fraternities and so- rorities, to advance the education and social goals of all students in ways proper and consistent with the |Ht|i( ' i(-i and rr;. ' ulations of the rniversity, and to act on questions of mutual interest to member organizations. GENERAL COUNCIL K 1,1 ' ,.» K- 11, r... M.,, , , n,, ll.i.i.,, k..,gh| Sandra ThnmaMna. Judv StoH. I ' ru tUii»ip«lrn ' rv lloffrr. |K.u( llolluvay, imy Molmm. irti roa 176 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Panhellenic Council is the governing body, in which members from each sororitv on campus are represented. Its main function is to govern formal and informal rush. Panhellenic Council sponsors a " Workshop, " in which all sorority members on campus attend. This past year, members of Panhellenic represented us at the Tri-State Panhellenic Convention at Canyon, Texas. Panhellenic, also, gives an annual award to a Freshman girl attaining high scholarship. Martha . nderson, 13etsy Forehand, Ruth Ann Donaldson, Amyna Parker, Barbara Witte, Sandra Thomasma, Penny Ford, Mary Anne Burke, Mary Kay Holmes. President, Mary Holmes Sponsor, Dean Hall Vice-Presiden t Barbara Witte Secretary- Treasurer Sandra Thomasma 177 TNTER-rRATERNITY COUNCIL OFUCKRS H K rWIFK Prrstdrnt MIKK 111 II M VicePrrsuUnt ( II MU KS (;i.() RR Sec-Treasurer DK ( M ' l.K Sponsor HANK i.VlIKK„ Prtudml The Inlcr-F ' ralcrnil) Council govcrn» the eight fratrrnitic$ on the New Mrxiro Stnlt- I ni- vrrtiity campu! . The council in composed of two representatives and the pre«idenl of each fraternity. The IFC works toward helter fraternity relations and a l»elter NMSl ' . The IFC spjinstirs x-vrral »tMial fun tion a; well a a fruternity workshop which bene- fit!) the entire fraternit y system as well as relations with iNMSl ' as a whole. Mikr Ounlwtm. N ( Smith, PHI KAPPA TAU Fall President Dick Ludwig Sharon Moree Phi Kappa Tau Sweetheart Spring President Jerry Holmes beta zeta chapter of PHI KAPPA TAU OFFICERS President JERRY HOLMES Vice-President ART BELL Secretary DAVID SMITH Treasurer TIM DAVIDSON Chaplain JOHN SCRUGGS Sergeant-at-Arms JOHN BURNS House Manager DAVE BROWN Phi Kappa Tau was founded on March 17, 1906, at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. One of the largest young fraternities today it is still growing steadily and has its headquarters in Oxford. Beta Zeta Chapter, founded in 1948 on the campus of N.M.S.U. has enjoyed a progress equal to that of the National Organization. Top row: Tom Bennett, Coy Brown, Dave Brown, John Burns, Wallace Bryd, Gary Conrady. Middle row: Tim Davidson. Larry Grouse, Heinz Gehlhaar. Bill Giroux. Tom Hamilton, Ed Johnson, Ray .Miller, Carlos Rodriguez. Bottom row: Jack Sellers, John Scruggs, David Smith, Ralph Tolbert, Ronald Torbert, Tom Tucker, Jerry Wickstrom, Wayne Williams. 179 Rliubnh Korrhand andra I honuiMnj pi driu chopirr ..( (Ill ( MK(;A CHJ ito I •trlllr V Hurl ni Sinitli Chi Omega Dmim Man OMEGA OFFICERS Prendent SANDRA THOMASMA Vice-President CAROL HAFK OLIVER Secretary CLAIHK KILGORE Treasurer CAROLYN ANTES Pledge Trainer PAT COBB Herald JO ANN DAVIS Rush Chairman CATHY MYERS Recommendation NAN SNOW Chairman Chi Omega was founded April 5, 1895, at the Univer- sity of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas. Since this time, Chi Omega has grown to 127 chapters throughout the United States. Chi came to N.M.S.U. Decemher 9, 1939. Through the years we have achieved many honors which exemplify our purposes: high scholarship. Home- coming Queens, Most Popular Girls, First Place in Greek Sing and Stunt, Rodeo Queens, and donations to the mental health program. Carolvn . ntes Carol Baer Mar - E. Clements Pat Cobb Sarah Curr ' Jo Ann Davis Pennv Ford Karen Fowler Ann Henry Sandy Hille Nancv Jones Jo Ann Joy Kit Milam Joyce Norman Ann Parks Susan Reader Lois Richie Emily Sabre 181 1 Fall PrraJrtit Spring PrtiiJrni Kuliby Knighl fsamma «i rl,,j.i., ,.i DKI.IA ZhT DELTA Sh,,, . t»., I ' m 1 1 l Uf 1 J Jof Mlllrr Kylb Tarkrt Judy Pailon Muron Waldm lrTT Ann Knbin Adrtroor Vood OFFICERS President [JOBBY KNIGHT Secretary SUSAN CROSNO Treasurer PAULINE LANIER Pledf e Trainer PAT KEELING Rush CAa rman... .BARBARA JO EASTON Delta Zeta was founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, on October 24. 1902. and Gamma Xi chapter was founded at N.M.S.U. April 29. 1919. Delta Zeta now has l. ' . ' chapters throughout the United Slates. Gamma Xi is proud of the goals and honors attained during the past year of 1960-61. Ross Gil Delia Zeta Dream Man ZETA Susan Crosno Barbara Jo Easlon Lvnn Holman Connie . dams Martha .Anderson Karen liurk Diane Laird Joan Ross Sue Satlerfield Roberta Howell Peggy Hughes Celia Jameson Ida Saucedo Eugenia Shepan Mary . nn .Sherman 183 Abrr Vu i b«u M cImbIot oI ZETA TAl ' AIJ ' MA ZETA M. jifrl ' ■ % OFFICERS Prendcnl MAHY ANNF BURKF. y ice-President SARA COX Secretary AMYNA I ' AHKKR Treasurer CAROLYN TODD llisiorian MARLA KAYK MKRNDON Reporter MARY CAROL HIJLLARD Membership Chairman KAY HAF{RI( K Rcta Nu Chapter of Z :ta ' I ' au Alpha was charlcred on the New Mexico StaU; University campus in 1928. ZTA an international women ' s fraternity founclcfl in 1898, now has W. ' t chartered chapters. Beta Nu is proud of its members as it looks hack with pleasure and pride on its many achievements and honors of 1960-61. Joe Bechlol Zeta Man for 1960 TAU ALPHA Sandra Clasa Carlene (jomian Judy . rmstrong Kay Barrick Kalhy Bridges Janie Bryant Suzanne Milton Darlene Moore Judy Fahrenbruch Sharon Harrison Maria Kaye Hemdon Sheri Dauna Newell Amyna Parker Carol Pamell Hewitt Sharon Parnott 185 ' y I Sohle Rutrr Bill i ' lprr In iiir Vo ir KuJrr Tctm (juinc 3nJ I R»irr J t Maik Ulalr Trtmtarer Ourin Frrri alpha lamUia c haptrr n( MIMIX CAMMA ItllO ALPHA GAMM 1 6 »i«ak KaiHUIl Jim I ' oarll Rmurr Sfmtt llirr Tr«-1 H«l|»h V«ii«- • ' Irir V»IUrtr«l Advisor Dr. Por ter Alpha Gamma Rho Sweetheart Lois Richie Housemother Mother Ruth Stiles RHO The Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity is similar in organization to other social fraternities except its membership is restricted to stu- dents in agriculture and related subjects. It was founded in 1904 at Ohio State University and presently consists of .39 chapters. The local chapter was chartered in April of 19.51. f Charles Glover Mick Cuck John Aufnisline Jess Hanks Tom Com Bill Minzenmayer Jack Gardner Tom Mobley 187 Nick PliMD ) Iff I ' rruJrnI Ki«nk Hmn It ■■ iIk- .mil " i • ' III fruU-riiil to fl ll• n |)irit •( mutual ron- iiirrali n. rr!»|Min iliilit , m nilil . inlrfjrity, aiul tolrrutn« among men »»hi !M ••x|MTirnri ' has uln-ailN f: ' i rn tln-m an u| | rc iation o) ihrM- virlUf A to thr puint Mlicrc tlu- arc rcaiU to ronunil tlirm- •rivrs to livinp thi-m. ALPHA KAPPA k 1M It. . 1 - I Secretary Richard Libernian Treasurer Neel Store Alpha Kappa Lambda Stveelhearl Judy FalirL-nbruch History of Alpha Kappa Lamhda Alpha Kappa Lambda has been called the first college established on the Pacific Coast. It is the only national fraternity now active that was founded west of the Missouri. It beuan as " Los Amigos " at the Univer- sity of California at Berkeley. California, in 1907. The chance from a local House Club to a Greek Letter . " luietv with national aspirations was cele- brated at a formation ban(]uet in the Shattuck Hold, Berkeley. On April 22. 1914. LAMBDA ISJiM Larry Borger Martin Fagot Don St. John Robert Hracey Jerry Gambatese Dave Thompson Mike Hosier Dick Wiggs Dave Wilkison Dave Williams 189 LAMBDA cm ALPHA H M ( rir«li;f-., | iiii|:, l ' ' ! tela fsamma «-la rhapler n( l inlMla Chi Alpha 4 1? 190 ki ( . .n.l It. Samffl Va«V n (.rarfr Walliri Fall President Jon Stromherg Patsy Byars Lambda Chi Crescent Girl Spring President Pat Brummelt OFFICERS President PAT BRl ' MMETT Vice-President CRAIG MEHRENS Secretary FRANK LOVELADY Treasurer VALROY MAUDLIN Rush Chairman RONNIE GOLLEHON Social Chairman JOHN MORRIS Ritualist GARY GALBRAITH Pledire Trainer J. B. ALEXANDER Chancellor PROFESSOR SHIRES Lambda Chi Alpha was founded at Boston I ' niversity on November 2, 1909. Chapters of Lambda Chi Alpha exist in both the United States and Canada, making it an international fraternity. Zeta Gamma Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha was chartered on April 27, 1916, at New Mexico State University. umAk Jerry DeBusk Duane Dietrich J. B. Alexander Thomas Bonhani Donald Brown Paul Brune Frank Lovelady Valroy Maudlin r.arv- Galbraitli Riinnic Golli-hon Michael Greenslate James Grote Craig Mfhrrns John Morris Dcin Ragland Jim Sachse 191 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Housrmolhrr Dorolhjr " Mora " Wright Spring Ptrudent Dan Uej new mc«ic i phi chapter of SIGMA Al.F ' UA KPSIIX)N This vear S.A.E. ha l rrn very »ucrcs»ful in many school aclivilie«: BesI Homecoming Floal. ' ■••J Sw -«-p»tak»-» trriphv. and Apfiie with the H -J Line. ju»t lo name a few. Thr Mii . .. and Munini ha e hrljK-it us grealls in ihi- n-ditiiralion of ihr houx- and an- alMav wiliin ' I " li.irk u . Durinf; ihe car » • ha e had tnanv succj kful hi UM- partie . the ttiimp Hat. hunrral. New Year ' s. Klondike and Roman Holiday Party are a few of the many. The »ocial year wan climaxed by the Kinal Hall which was held in El Pa»o. Bill Mrr hon Bm Brnn Jrd Illlirlirr I on llruomr 192 I ' )• {.MMtmb Jua ii (3rtn Manrlnl John tliiitm Jamr I ' lllcw |l««r i ' mton Spring Pledge Class of ' 61 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sweetheart Caspar Ghost OFFICERS Eminent Archon DAN IVEY Eminent Deputy Archon JERRY DeCOSTE Eminent Recorder CARL FANKERSLEY Eminent Treasurer HARRY VAIL Eminent Warden TOM GOTTEN Eminent Herald BEN BENN Eminent Chronicler JEFF BIHELLER Eminent Preceptor KEN GUTHRIE Eminent Correspondent JIM ILSON Rush Chairman JIMMY BROWN Pled-e Trainer TRUMAN BRIDGES f k 11 Tony Treat Harrj- Vail John Wilt Jimmy Brown Truman Bridges Carl Covington Ken Gu ' hrie David Handle Jim Wilson Tom Wootten Krnnv W nn 193 f ' ltti I ouHteilor Jt hii Kranrr t . !-.. i ' ring I ' rrudrnt Run ( otl SrconJ ( ounirtlof Bill Kl ir Third (.oun%rlloi Ton Jiurr fourth (.ounsrtior Km IJuviJ iirraid hiix IVrr) beta »i ha| ter of SIC.MA IM SIGMA PI ACTIVES 194 I.,., . 1 .. IKtfi llrntlriKin i PHOTO vw. ' ii.iiL.iiiu: OFFICERS Saf e W) (XriT 1st Counselor JOHN II! WCK 2n(l Counselor PVJK I (;R AM 3rd Counselor KK I.I.OVD 4th Counselor CHARIJ S 15 MiliKK llernM DAN l ' Kl!l!Y Sigma I ' i Sweetheart Barbara Clark Beta Ni Chapter of Si;ima Pi has altat-hcd to its naiiif tu(j unique honors . . . the oldest, and the newest on the campus of N.M.S.H. Sigma Pi, formerly Alpha Delta Thetn. has been active in all campus activities since it was founded in 1921. The strong local went national in 19.S.S and since then the Sisma Pi Alumni Association, which is composed of many ADTs has worked hand in hand with the active eroup. The three major social functions of the frateniit) are Homecoming. Founder ' s Day. and the Orchid Formal. Also, various informal parties, rush futu lions, stag parties, and picnics are held throusihout the year. The Sigma Pi ' s have excelled in intramural sports and at the same time have rated at the top schohistically throughout their long history. The fraternity ' s aim is to foster a spirit of 2ood fellowship among its members and between its members and other groups on the cam- pus. For this reason. Sigma Pi pledges are selected primarilv on their abilit to get along with others. PLEDGES Bill Allen Ron Holiday Hikinat AIRoumi Bob Hume Garv Garlic Dan Miller .lim Grcely Leonard Owensby David Hand John Tallman Jess Wahlenmaier 195 au Au ' m hi ' ulon Surri . Ann Murrrll Htiuirniulhrr Mr». CroM TAIT KAPPA EPSILON alpha umcfia rhaplcr ..f TM KM ' I ' I I ' lloN 196 I .!• Mlkr %hHr lirttr JU OFFICERS Presidenl lUl.l, W HKKLKR Vice President HANK CWIFKA Secretary CHICK Ml RFiKlX Treasurer DICK M, I.KAN Pledi e Trainer Ci:0|{(;K NKWMAN Chaplain DIFIJ. WOOD Serjeant-at-Arms i-FK CURVES Historian DON Ml LLINS Bill Wheeler Presiden t 1960-61 The Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity was founded upon the cornerstones of charity, esteem, and love. All members strive to make these essential elements of true brotherhood their dally jroals. and only when these goals are fulfilled is true fraternalism existent. In the fall of 1921. a local fra- ternitv. Gamma Sipma. was organized on campus. Thirteen years later, after much iirowth and ex- pansion. Gamma Sigma petitioned Tau Kappa Epsilon and was granted a charter on March 2.5. 1934, as Alpha Omicron Chapter. Neil Frieband Ernest Perez Clarence Gabaldon Harvev Pirkel Bob B erry James Heatliman Russell PlatI Dave Brilo Phil Kaltenbach Garv Preston Warren Bush Vern Malec Rodney Rolh Joe Caniunez Edward .Mathis Ronnie Reeder 197 xcRTCTTTiRr m) ii »mi. kconomk corxcii. LK. In row: Hrx iljricram. AnlhnnT Sjnrhrt. Chirlr rhamlx-ni. Sandra Marko. Mr«. Hrirn Mii r», l u W Inlr : ' fii rnm (Jiarir (.luvrf. duilrt Tt- ' i M. " tti.r, l,,.l,j|| Voii. I)r. Ij- i» Holland. Advi.or. Iril roH J. H. I ' rurit. Iloli Adrr. Jim arlicou(ih. Ihili Cm. Di«t warlman. I ' J «- Tj lor. Andy Nunri, Pal Cobb, I ' aul Krrkovirh, LawMin ounp. ' .rnr Kranmy. Mr. Qarrncr Vilioa. Dr. J V. I k -i. S|HinM r». Thr .Aprirullurr anil Mornr Kx-onomirn Couriril i» ihr riwirdinalinp utA for ihr S hool of • ;;ric-ullurr nnil Ilomr K ' nniinii ' «. Thr ruiiniil |iiin« ir« lltr j:. ami Ht rnr ■ . Mixrr. llir annual , f;. Ua l, ihr . ;i. rdilimi nf thr Itnutxl-l p. ihr conlr ! for NMSt V iHil i ' rimrMt, anil nuinrriiu ulhrr all-M ' hiHil activilir thtnughout ihr vrar. MFMIIIH CHOII ' v OF TIIK rOlNCII. Agrirullural Kronomir Cluh Aitrirullural Knpinrrr Club A|tronomy (!lub Alpha ia Alpha Tau Alpha niiMk llriiilr Cluh Dairy Srirnrr ( " luh Home Krimnniirn ( " luh Rodeo Quh WiMlifr Cluh OFFICERS Front: Rex Harlgraves. President; Leta While. Secretary. Hurl,: Jim Yarhrnufili. Treasurer; Dub Cox. Vice-Presi- dent; Sandra Marks. Reporter. NMSU WOOL PRINCESSES L-R: Margaret Montgomery: placed second in New Mexico Stale Wool Queen Cnntesl in Roswell; Svlvia Lvdick. seiond NMSII Wool Princess. 199 HLOCK AND BRIDLE CLUB II i, ir pTMiiinii : Br» Hail(ratr«. Ag ( " jiunril Rrp.; Dtililiy Adrc. Ag Cxiunril Rep.; Brurr FUiturds Kail N • ' ■ -irr; Dr. J. J «. • - • ■ • ' i ' ' . K ■ " ■ " ■ 11, Jim Sarh " ' ' II. i , .1 I iii.t. i..i. iirjl, S| lin|: .Sri.i.-... ....•.■■. (,rnr I ' jrirr. Danny MiiriaMv. W« nr I ' nirlt. I illlr " Miil liw r-l»rti " liuw| W iiiiK-r TOO I I ,n.j.,. c, l.., . ■■I. .. NMSU Livestock Judging Teams L-R: James Sarlise, Larry Brown, Taylor Hemler. Jerry (Ireen, Tony Treat, Stanley Stutls, Mr. Dale Zinn. Coach. JUNIOR LIXESTOCK JUDGING TEAM The junior livestock juelging team competed in two contests, placing 12th at hutii the National estern at Denver and the Southwestern Exposition at Fort Worth. There were 17 and 20 teams re- spectively, in these contests. L-R: Ted Montgomery, . Iike Schneider, alternate, James Yarbrough, Ronald Boyetl, Mr. Dale Zinn, Coach. WOOL JUDGING TEA.M The wool judging team placed 6th at the Na- tional Western in Denver. Rex Hartgraves was 4th high individual of the contest. SENIOR LIVESTOCK JUDGING TEAM The senior livestock judging team concluded its collegiate judging competition by winning first place honors at the Grand National Livestock Ex- position in San Francisco on October 22. 1960. Competing with teams from ten other western states, the NMSL ' judges also won first place honors in sheep judging. James Sachse was second high individual in the contest, scoring 711 out of a pos- sible 800 points. LR. 1st row: J. B. Pruett, Ronnie Gollehon, Mr. Zinn, Coach. 2nd ruic: Dub Cox, Pete Tatschl, Donavan Dellinger, Clarence . rchulela, allernate and absent. MEATS JUDGING TEAM The meat judging team placed 8th out of 11 teams entered in the Meats Judging Contest in Fort orth on January 31. 1961. James Yar- brough was high individual in beef judging and 8th high individual in the contest. The team placed second in beef judging. LR: Hubby Adre. alli-rnatf. Rex Harlgra c», Tony Treat, James ar 201 brough, Dr. W. D. .McFaddin, Coach. Aiiiiit Rodro AssocMalioii I):. J. J N. , -... i» II.... . . .! :. J.iM 1....... .... ■.. ford JnhnM n, l rr«nirni; Dub (Un, Virr l ' rr«i lrnl; llrlty Sur IVmilrlon. Kr|Kirlrr; Carl Hall, Spontor. Vol ihoun: Drno) Cjiboun. iiull Ki(iin( Uitrrtur: Bill Thumpoon. Bull Dukkidk Dirrrtur; Sidny Tho mpMin. CirU Dirrclor; Andy NuDci. Saddir Bronr Dirrclor; Tom IVndlrlon, Calf KupinR Dirrrlor; Jack Ruttlr. Sponwr. 1 )()(M»I H.wlrn Irani Tlir Apgir R lc . k!t( riali in »n» firM nrpaniird in ' )Ui and hn ):r(iMn lo Ix- thr lar -rM oludrnl organi alion at NMSL ' , with nirnil rr hi| fmm all collrprs. Tlir n»!«Kialinn AiiniialK iinxlurr two r Klr»»» — nnr a rlovd NMSI «ltiilrnt rixlr.i in thr (all and ihr otlu-r nti NIH n| |itn rtl Ii im in thr i«|»rinf;. Hnlli »lii »»» arr lirlJ in the Aggin» " »»n arrna. Thr iirf:anizali(in aUn iirnd« a tram In romprlr in all NIK r Hlr in thi tr);ion. Sl« ' ' f ui ( It. Vjra t t t l rnny ( alK Hin StItiHf mI t f«i«rr. Alltnd JnU— . Aa4r NuH- 703 f! ' w! . I960 .-A ' , I ■.! . ( . i;,i Wiilff. lirlU Sill ' I ' lTul ' fliin. Rilly Prallii-r, Alfred .|iilin .(in, Sandy Hillr. Carolyn Antes, Sydney Thompson. Slianm Wid " er, Sue Widner, Katliy Myers. 2ncl row: Tom Pen llel(in. Harry Teel, Rod Hille, Dub Cox, Denny Calhoun, Mark While, Ralph Vance, Norman Green, Sandy Turner, Joyce Shelly. Aggie Rodeo Association Members I960 L-R, 1st row. Kneeling: Royce Washburn, Monty Beckham. Jerry (,reen, Andy Nunez, Bill Thompson. 2nd row: Sara Cox, Johnny Browning, Barry Slambaugh, Monte Lope. Anthony Sanchez, Bobby AraB(m, Buff Zabriskie, Tom Standefcr, Doug Baird. Srd row: Marvin Sarlin, Bernie Ealy, Dale Hopkins, Eddie Sanchez, Jake Barboa, Frank Elliott, Harris Arthur. 203 ALPHA TAU ALPHA I idiioi aiN uii ' ii It II imI i ' .diK ' iit lull I latmii t J N M i hall .Voll PrruJrnI i ' rol. (jrl C. Howard SpoHtor I)EDu:atiu. In recognition nf o rr 12 yran of ron»cirntiuus rfforl to cn- li):htrn thov in rtlucalion, wc dedicair our pagr to F ' KOKLsSOH CARL i.. MOW AHD. om- of the Inilrd Stair. " Jx- t iiulhiiritirs on agricultural rducation. I 304 Mitilnr . l rtT ilioarn, I ' mt Howani, Mat«hall !v«Hi. ind r«v Jimmi N|m . Knhrri Home Economics Club OFFICERS DOROTHY WHITE President CAROL DOYLE Vice-President EVA HERNANDEZ Secretary LOIS MELTON Treasurer HELEN HOVEY Sponsor The Home Economics Club of New Mexico State University is open to all Home Eco- nomics majors, and any other interested persons. The group meets for one big, well-planned meeting each month. This year ' s projects included many: 1. All meetings were conducted to include an international scope, so that members could get an idea of various countries in the world. When pos- sible, speakers who were natives of a certain country, or who had been to that country, were invited to speak and show slides of their country. Re- freshments were usually native of the country studied at the meeting. 2. The annual Sweetheart Banquet was held in February, and was also on an international scope, with many parts being representative of many countries. Approximately 60 people attended the banquet. .3. Members of the club, being home economics students, participated in the annual Home Economics Style Show in March. 4. At Christmas time, the group prepared a tree and presents to give to a needy family in Las Cruces. The affair is an annual project. 5, The Home Economics Club sent two delegates, Sandra Marks and Carol Doyle to the State convention held at New Mexico Highlands University. Sandra and the group had the honor of her selection to be State President for the coming year. Our apologies, since a group picture uas unavailable al press lime. 205 LR, lu row: Dr. Skau . I fry Rulhrrfurd, Carl Jonn , Mr. inn. 2nd row: Uavr Zarlman. Jor Taylur, Darrrl JurtUn. Daii ' N Science Club Hir Dairy Srirnrr Cluli i» rom|»i»r«l of nirmlxT! of ihi- »luilrnl |io K mIio arr I in ihr (Inirv liu»inn» i. ' I hi- - tnrmlwr miikr main firlil lri| » lo MuHv ihr I 111 all il» a«|K- l». a« in !»onii- of ihr major lairic- in llir Soutli»%r ' «l. Ihr mrmhrnt aliui iwrvr on lli - Dairv Ju l(:in ' Tram " . Mliich ' oni| -l - in llir many r ni|irlilion in the l ' nili " «l Stali-t.. ' Ihr Kf " " ! ' « ' " patli i|i,(t ' ' ■ " i ' - ■•• -nv ■firirullural rvrni al Nrw Mrtiro Slalr. Jor Taylor M-r r l ihr proiip a» | rr«iilrnl ihr |i.i- 706 American Society of Agricultural Engineers LR. Lst row: Juan Valenzue]a. Calvin Parnell, Gus Morales, Francisco Borquez, Phil Jones. 2nd row: Mr. E. G. Hanson, sponsor. Tommy Standefer, Gene Franzoy, John Downey, Harold Payne, Lane Paltison, G. Abernathy. OFFICERS GUS MORALES President LANE PATTISON Vice-President CALVIN PARNELL Secretary PHIL JONES Treasurer The purpose of this organization is to promote tech- nical competence and fellowship among agricultural en- gineers. Activities during the year include field trips, picnics, and sponsoring delegates to regional meetings. 207 r« L It ttr row Fil Tarlnr Cihr Ntivr. )u»n Vcl»M|ur«. Bill Vi|K.n l. Dirk Coyne. Fr«nk Herbert. Teddy Morv. 2nd row: Bill Joe, Fred He»». Brownie Y. ■. I ' ll Mariiur«. AUrn Crawford. Raymond Kin(!. 3rd rou : Maurv Hamillon. Jim Alri»ndrr. Bohliv Be«n. P, .. Kuu Dow. Dill Weed. ol ihoun: Richard Eldrcdpr. Tom Rolirrlwn, Krink .Nederotick, Bob Hamblrl. OryHyJKS: lU r v. Maury llamillon. Adir.; Bill Vipond. Pi. • ' ••■••• ' ..4 ,om Teddy Mor«e. S|tl Al A V Prr«.: IVr it Alkin . I ' ubl.: fi... .. . ...... - Vrirraiw o( All Sm-im ToftHhrr i a xiriaj aiui ara- rpani alion (or cx.«Fn ' icr mm (rom all hranchru nf »»• a •■ firoitrain • ■ iIk ri|. I. lie nr I ' ■ at tlir ' in Ihr lliimrr»min)( I ' araHr, gavr uui •«» »ery ariivr in ihr intramuraU ■ ' --r for llir r« . ' initinn «raa awardrtl ihr plaoue (nr oul ' •tamlinit trfvicv lo VAST al iU (onnal diniwr (or ihr y«ar. A Clcraiis l All Srf icrs VAST " ..J ▼ parade .ir fc. • (! imbinr 1.. .| - ' if...n " r pvv . Bill Vipond prevrnl •nniul VAST •rkcUai •ilip lo C. I ' Maii|ue . • o f. v. I " 70« J L-R, 1st row: Foster, Garrett, Stewart — 1st sergeant. 2nd row: Bruce, Reese, Wells, Trimble, Huff, O ' Laughlin. 3rd row: Quin- tanilla, Segar. Coddard, Spanog ' e, Hall, Goss. 4th row: Color Guard: Schoonover, Melson, Waters, Richie. 5th row: Officers: Buscemi, 2nd Lt.: Caslleberry, Capt.; Walker, 1st Lt. Not shown: Frederick, 2nd Lt., Mealing, 2nd Lt., Harmison, Hartney, Nelson, and Sobertson. PERSHING RIFLES , O ' Laughlin. Wells, and Mealing were pari of the Persh- ing Rifles Sabre Team at the Cinderella Belli, Ft. Bliss. Posting of the Honor Guard at the Aggie Memorial Tower. 209 ea(.jj: FLIGHT Tuland. l.rvtur I ' rin. I-««t» IVIu.n. Mikr rjrljril, (;iijflr« Slillwcll, Bob i . UjMd Mi-jn. Itill UrlU. J iiurn. Larn Smiili. Djn KinK. tt l b W lkcr. OFFICERS Commander lUCII ltl) MIT1I Ofxralions Officer MIKK HI NDI.K Maintenance Officer lUlM lU.AMON Comptroller CHICK kKNNKDY Injormalion Officer HIl.L KI.LS Detachment Sponsor. CAI ' T JOK U ASUlEZ " Oub f i1ol filing V-tf r CIl Kt pUnr fffl rffi r tun The Eapir Flipht, NMSl ' s flvinp club. i» a flipht o( llir |)a i l . Wallace S |ua lr ti of Arnuld Air S« cirt . The ilul» i sponsoritl liy AFHOTC. (Irpani nl in l ' ' .V . the conMrurliun ( a light airplanr brcamr ihr rlub ' » firM projwt, Hhich Ka» um I in (hinp in«lrut-li in after r iii| li-ti n. Kr -rnll , thr cluh miKI i(.« uripinal planr anil puriliavd a (.«- »«na I 10. I hi- rlul i |iri-M-nll Mrixinp to aid it.« mrmlxT in hr -iiminp limi-x-il prixalc piioly li pro iiiing rronumi- cal in tru iiorl Mithin ihr club. ffi«Al " Mnabvr aad ftaar afirt ■ il 710 LR, 1st row: Tony Dorr, P ' edge Trainer; Richard Smith. Eagle Flight Commander; Mike Rundle. Information Officer; Bill Pritchett, Deputy Commander. Jim Zumwalt, Commander: Fidel Sanchez, Operation-; Officer; Boh Nichols, Adjutant Recorder: Dan King, Comptroller: Fred E ' egante. Past Commander. ot shown: Larry Jones, , ngel Flight Liaison Officer. 2nd row: Jim Miller, Jim Bunnell, George Tavlor, .W McCain, Leonard Owensby, Joe Tilley. 3rd row: Mike Packard, Chuck Kennedy, Gary McPherson, Doug Rierson. 4th row: Bill Toland, Bill Wells, George Murphy, David Mason. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY The Arnold Air Society ' s purpose is to further the mis- sion, the tradition, and con- cept of the Air Force. The Society sponsors the " Anjrel Flight " and Facie Flight flving club, while giv- ing instructions to the Civil Air Patrol and the Explorer Scouts. " Where shall I put this one? " " Look what I got. Ma. " " Chaplain, Fred instructs two members in the art of self defense. " 211 ANCEL FLTGTTT ■ . I rllu k, Infiirmiliun Offirrr; F. Kji l , Ail)uljnl; l K. Mulmro. (U mm«ndrr ; F. Svilifr, Dcp. r. 2nd rou H. Fatlon. S. Hrwill. S. Thiima«nia, J l 4 M|urit. (!. Anlr». I. Rirhir. Ifrf foir; l_ riM.f; M I Tufnrf S ItiFt . (! Ho Ir, N!ji»ir R. Hrrnir . S[M)nvir. ot hovn S, l-illlr. TTw purp« «c o( n;. ' ' " l Hif:hl i » tn |ir( miilr ihr «ilijc iiv - « of Arni l(l ir SiMJrlx, Niw Mi- ho Slair I nivrrsily. ami ihr I nitrd Slalr Mr Furcp. This vfar. uinlrr thr lra liT«hip of Miir Kay H lm«-«. ihr flight pnrlii i|i,il - l in niam iniivilic . nhich imluilol: ili«tril ulin (!hri»lma» fuixl ha - krl», wrxirif Ira In HOT( ' huiinr fli;:hl. ' . plus making a vcr) fine showing for lhcra!«-l -» « ' " ihr drill firl.l |- ' ♦prirg k rtigr ahitfl ftlaA mr«-ltn( ' 713 " How ' s that for precision. ' " Time out for a picturo Presentation of drill competition trophy. Major Hermes points out features of the F-lOO Fishpond Detail 213 ENCnEER ' S COUNCIL ff III ni!I I«-i.tirr Ijrn Kicihrr. Alir«him AlUwi. B li Ijnilrrlh 2nJ row: ( " .u Morale.. I ilr Pirk in. Brmard Slanknirh, l x Caddie. Jfrf tou C ordon Kalrt, l .itni ind Kinit. Ronald Torlx-rl. jKin Hociiard. William Pallium. Oonald Fullcf. Abtml. ■ . lUtuld Foirman. Milli.n Mallirw . ( arrrll Thurnuii, ( Mulholland, J " - Mi VHIi.iftrt OmCFRS l ' rru.lrnl . . WM T M If " ! I I ,rr I ' rrMilrnI Mil lON M M I IF W Srrrrlary HI HUM I ' M MI VV. Trraturrr I.AHHY KISIIKH Adx t,„r . WII-I.IAM M sI ' M)IU:N 714 ETA KAPPA NU National Honorary Elt ' clrical Kii !;iiH ' Min i Society L-R. 1st row: Dale Holden. Charles Lewi?, Virpil Lovitt. James Bonham, David Nagy. Eugene Martinez. 2nd row: Richard Dickson, William Vipond, Johfl Stanley, Lawrence Fisher, Hubert Plumlee, Dale Dickson, William Fischer, Otis Davenport, Samuel Scott, Paul Stanley. 3rr! row: Fred Engelhardt, Wayne Harper, Joseph Nevarez, Heinz Gehlhaar, Harold Walker, Bernard Stankevich, Gordon Kafer. Nol shown. Bob Stanfield. OFFICERS HUBERT PLUMLEE President ROBERT STANFIELD Vice-President D. LE DICKSON Secretary PAUL STANLEY Treasurer GORDON KAFER Corres. Secretary LA S ' RENCE FISHER. .Bridge Correspondent PURPOSE: That those in the profession of electrical engineering, who. by their attainments in college or practice, have manifested a deep interest and marked ability in their chosen life work, may be brought into closer union. L-R, I si row: Prof. McSpadden. Larry Brannan. Gary Royster, Jack Donham. Larry Ancell, Sammy Drake, Ronald Reeder. 2n(f row: William Joe. Dr. Duncan, Donald Severson, Donald DeMoulin. John Chapin. 3rd row: Danny Schnell, Walter Hunnicutt, Larry Day, Joel Sanders. Not shown: Dr. Weeks. 215 PI TVr SIGMA Nalioual ll(»nt»rai MtMliaiiit al Kiij inrfrin Fral iiiil L-R. Itl K ' u 1 -.ui KIrinr. Sponwr. OHo WiMrn»lrinrr. I)a»i l iiialU K«l. U ' lllMrn Mrdialf. Wallrr Str»»rt. Rolx-rl Walker, Rirlurd r»llar(l, Han Srhriirr. 2nJ row: Ln (■aildi . William Ij-ithrr, Hoydr Adam . Raymond KinR. Loui Coi. Wilburn South. Abtrnl. Millun Malhcwt. 716 AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY LR. 1st row: Jerry Landrum. Bruce Valentine. Maurine Gordon. Mike Spence. Chester Robinson. 2nd row: Professor Shires, Abraham Allawi. Raul Valenzuela, Bill Wallace, Charles Mazac. 3rd row: Gerald Harral, Jerry Prioste, Tom Stephens. Harry Johnson, James Anderson. OFFICERS JAMES AXDERSOX President . BR. HAM ALLAWI Vice-President TOM STEPHENS Secretary-Treasurer PROF. L. B. SHIRES .Sponsor The purpose of the NMSU chapter of the American Chemical Society is to promote association of students of chemistry and chemical engineering and to provide a means of contact with the chemical industry. The chapter sponsors two field trips every year which brings the students in closer contact with the industrial application of their respective fields. 217 • A. ... .... 1 ....1. ul»l um. Kunild Hmln, Julin C rrick, .Nril Krirluml. Vircil U »ill. Krank NV.Iri...ii L. I)i Kl Mo«lim«in. Di I-jomi.. JmJ rem J " n IVin. (jKin ll..i;itjii|. | ..n Kultilium. Ijirnill U inn. Kirlunl Ijinr. Jik-I Sanilrr.. l«-»rrnr Chriilv, Cordon Kalrr. Vrf rou : D«n Qkrrk. Hulartt I ' tunilrr, Don lirnioulin. FrjnLlin ( ' .«»•. Hrini Olillujr. I-irry l(j , Karl I rM-n. Bern- ' . I tinkc«Kh. Ijrry Kl»hcT. Alchlr Proruir. OFFICERS CM IN IIOf;(; RD Chairman 1 MUJV FI IIKR yice-Chairman NKIl. 1 lUFH M) Treasiirrr JOKl. S WDFRS Secretary— Alt t DON HFMOI I. IN Secretary- I Rf DR. C. 1). (:iU) 0 Councilor— tlfh PROF. MOW ARI) C:OI,FMAN Councilor— IKf AIEE-IRE Itf rmm Ja l %»m4rr». N 4I Frtvlwiid. I nci Itrmaulln JmJ roir (.altin Ma|««r J. I rrr flArt Ml i Vat pittmt 4 l rvf. Ilsaard. Dt. Cr«Ho« 711 Field trip to Sun Spot, New Mexico, solar obser atory. The joint student branch of .the AIEE-IRE is an integral part of an international organization of electrical engineers and scientists dedicated to stimulate technical communication by the many varied specialties of elec- trical engineering, and to strengthen the position of electrical engineering in the echelons of science. The stu- dent branches were organized to provide opportunities for the student to develop social and technical bonds with his teachers and his classmates, and to provide an organization in which the student can gain some administra- tive experience and a closer acquaintance with the engineering world of his professional brothers. It should be pointed out that there are two international organizations, the Institute of Radio Engineers and the American Institute of Electrical Engineers. These are integrated into the one joint student branch at NMSU for the utmost efficiency, coordination and benefit. Membership is open to students and professors of all branches of science and engineering. Field trip to the Santa Rita Open Pit Copper Mine. More scenes at Santa Rita Copper Pit. 219 AnuMlcaii S Mi(M ol (li il P n !:inrrrs id Knadlr. P«rkrr BrII, Rirlurd Wrrd, R. V. Tr mmrll. Don KulVr. Bob Link, Bob Landrrlh. PjuI Bninr. Bob Miwn. C Shrllon. init. KtinV HrrbcTl. I ' ll Sunlcr. Elxin Mallorr. fJitl Woflor.l. H. W. Fornnan. J«mr» Shrarman. Cabrirl Mavr. J. V. l.unWord. Palmn Thr Anirrirnii SM-iriv i«f C ' wW Fnpinrrr al NMSl i« (ini|M M-il iif Muilrnl aixl (n ' iill nx-mlwin who arr itilrrrMr ! in ihr | ri fr»»ii n. Ai ' li ilir in thr paot rar inc-|u(ir {; firici iri|M in rrlalion l i ihr profrwiiiin. i |Hin»orin|: iiiM UKrii n» in ihr ilrpartntrnl. and harking Knginrrr ' a Day h |»ar- lii ' i|ialinf; in nil ihr rxrnt llaroM ■ ■• . -ml. (ill 1.1 Ml fr«nk BkhhiIo la bH •rmcv •• AMX laratir adttMif. 770 Fall, 1960 Officers HAROLD FOREMAN President PAT STANLEY Vice-President BOB LANDRETH Secretary DOUG SHELTON Treasurer Spring, 1961 Officers DON FULLER President BOB LANDRETH Vice-President PARKER BELL ' .Secretary R. V. TRAMMELL Treasurer ENGINEERS DAY SHOTS " He may not be ours, but isn ' t he beautiful? Now could this be OURS? ' 221 AxMEHlCAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS LK. Ui i u. Jmt i; M. W: Jitd low Kufuld Tuil«-ri. 1 : M ».iii. U iliiaiii lji lir(, I ' didiii J. . dii jliu, l Hirixr llaiiin||lun, liirhatd immrfman, l ci Latmhi. Ilu X) Mouxri. Jini Kulirr, K. I). KiiiK. Prof. Efrfmrirr. JOE B M. « HOin KH Chairman HON l I) KHUIKHT Fice-Chairman JIM II I.I IH Trrautrrr KKN K I I.I.F.H Cormpontlinfi Secrrlary I)A K DONALDSON Keronlmn Srrrelar ' r UII.IUHV SMITII Proftam Chairman I ' ltdlK.ntMIMK Uxisor r liiilml litnii ' li i.( iIm iti ' .M irl ■■( Mn h.iiiii nl Kii ;inr«T« i« mailr ii| n( iimlrrpriiH- U«lr •luilrni of Mr. Ii.iiiii .il I ■ will! Iikr In (fH ju»l n lilllr rilnir klMMlrii -r limn i« jiixrn in Ml llir •itnlrnl mttirwhal Mill) iiiiiuoln Hir-M- pro- ■ •-•I »| » ' alirt» mHci air r(| ril in llirir firlii . ASMK alati hsa MM lal and bark Knginrrni ' Day m ' cry yvmt. 717 WESLEY " Mom and Dad Kurtz " Sponsors FELLOW SHIP Taking it easy. Baj)li l Sliidciil I iiion EXFCITIVE COINCIU I ' MMA NANCY FICHUOLTZ. . . Preudfnt STAN NINNKLKY VicePrrsuUm IMIIt |) N|.rV Enlistmrnt Chairman 111 (.11 ( ()N Y .Sfx-.a Chairman rilll. lUn NNKU Drxolu.nal Chairman 1 F M 1 1 M.K ' fru arJship Chairman mKIllV JAtOHS Secretary H MiH K - lONE Puhliritr Chairman KlNNini 111 KkFrrr Music Chairman H HHM W Al.KKH Miiuom Chairman I)W H;Hr W l KKK Christian Cilizcnxhip Chairman IMItl in I MOHMON Pastor .hhi or Hon H(»HH{ ()N Faculty Advisor BRYCE SANDLIN Director-Teacher NuK-t tUrhholli PrtuJrmi Brjrrf Sindlin DirmorTraehrf The Bapli l Sludcnl I ' nion xi l.•• l rrmind ihr ( ' .hri»lian sluilrnl of his r(-«piin ihililv to Christ and to puidr him thniuphdul hi» rolltrgc carter as hr Mrivr to maki- Christ the crnt«T of his life. BSl ' i not meant to take thr plaie of thr rhurrh, hul to tirrvp as a link Ix-lwM-n ihr uni rr«ilv ami the church. BSl ' in composed of every Bap- tist sludenl on campus who chooses to ! ■ part of a lixul Baptist church. The FJSr program consists of vesper services each week-day afternoon at 5:30 at the Baptist Student Center. »• well as varied » xial activities. Several Bihlr courv« are also taupht each s,.niesler the director-teacher. Or Hmr Sandlin. Si» hours of Bible may he appiicti toward a degree from NMSl ' . EXECUTIVE COUNCIL 2M Staa NBBtt»l T. II ih. ). r oh rl I U kri HI |i wmma Pictured above is the new S90.000 Baptist Student Center. Construction began in May, 1960, and was completed in mid-October. Dedication services were held in February. The recreation facilities, library-, study rooms, and large kitchen provide a " home away from home " for many students. Paul Klopfer served as master of ceremonies at the spring banquet held at the YMCA in El Paso last April. This was the big day when the new building was first occupied. Several students help with the moving. The BSl pntn,- in the Homecoming parade, hiiltim ' s steam boat " won fourth place. Officers and active members participated in the pre- 225 school retreat held just prior to fall registration at As- pendale Ranch in Cloudcroft. Orlando Onr|ta, V. i ' rp«.; alhrr Btsu Schaurr, Chaplain; I mny Davm, I ' rr.j.lrnl NEWMAN CI. IB w " H " 1 X ttiHt KKS Br4l« RiVrf Hiitr.rljn: i M .tl ■ llrrnrrlinf; S« rpUo : Bill FJM-hrr, I •orial hall. alurday work parlT-Str ol futurr rluprl ami •orul ball. TJir r»mnn O-nlrr. .1 nm|ni orpani nlion for Calholir ami intrrr«lr l non-Calholir . provide a ihrrrfi.ld |ir )}:ram for NMSl ' Kluilmlst — ikiM-ial, inlrllwlual, and rr-lijiinu . Thr M- Nrwman mrr of Srhaurr. • iiiiriara, hool v. ' ar of VkilUi] mm ihf ( rfilrt rndoMni Mill) ihr | r« - a full ' lintf • lin|ihiin. Kalhrr Mr Iirl|ir4l prrwlil dlM u liiuni , , lhp do,iy M ' orfc«ho|t«, and daily Mrml rii of Si. AIIwM ihr Ctral Nrwinan ( nlr». irtry 1 4ir£]il, ) ' »»■« r«lf,| 216 SOCIAL V y f rNTELLECTUAI. White Sands Picnic Library consisting of hooks and periodicals on theolopy and sarrrd art. SPIRITUAL Daily Mass is offered in the Newman Center Chapel. A THREE-FOLD NEWMANITE LIFE Kalher Schauer — preparing talk for daii disrii- ion Women ' s Guild Sponsored foreign students liani|uel. 227 ALJMl A PSI OMEGA National llniiorarN 1 )i amal ir-« 1 " ral« i nils Alpha ' i Otnrga i a national h»nurar ciramatu fralrrnil) mKom- mrml rr» arr rhoM-n on aclin): aliilil , parliripalion in |ila K. ami i-haraclrr. K.a li rar. in conjunrtion »ilh ihr Pla - inalirr . thr mup |ir«-» -nt« l rlv rrn (our and fi c pla) . u inp the I n4 (foin comnK and lraf. ' r(l . rlawir and modrrn prudurtiuns. I hrrr ate aUo ariou so ial function of ihr (.T ' lUp. Till- aim of the fralrrnil in to rrto nitr anil ftu oura;. ' r llir ait of drama on thr ram- pus unii to pi r lioth thr Mudmlit on campu and till- | « oplr of I » (!ru( ' r an opportunil) to tfy drama at ib l r»t. OFFICFRS KFN (UTIIHIt Prfsident hOM JO F VicePrfudfni l{()t K ( MI ' RFI.I Secretary Tfraiur ft lltK HFL (»H Sponsor i H KikI ( mpl rll, llrf lirl oliii. M J iir . Krn l.ullirir. lUi Ul I liUiin. Uh. itut. I u44 l i..i UiI. ii ii. Anor ■ .iM Mull, riulij. Vrtidmc Uial Mikp Moor, r«l S-Molrf. Ami Shook. . Htrkaiii SwaDMin. llot liurir 77% X A 1 New Mexico State University Symphonic Wind Ensemble The Symphonic Wind Ensemble, under the direction of Ray Tross, is a select group of 50 mu- sicians from the ranks of the large University concert band. The program features works of major difficulty. Several Sunday afternoon symphonic concerts were presented throughout the year to students and interested community musicians, many of whom have participated in the similar community or- chestra concerts. These students are also eligible to participate. 229 it Univcrsily CoiUMM ' l Hand l .i I I •--. I hi • | ii 330 «w . f . ( ' M The concert band this year played to a total of 15,000 students, and traveled 1500 miles on their annual band tour of New Mexico, playing in the high schools of the state. They had the honor of premiering 7 original band manuscripts. Ray Tross, Associate Professor of Music, directed the large band of over 60 students of music. 231 1h h ' % Uni crsily Marcliiiio Band Ftlic I ,r I-. I )in r|(»| 233 The Marching Band had another busy season as al- ways. With Mr. I wis as director of the band, the 90- piece group presented 6 original half-lime shows at the Aggie home games, as well as the Sunbowl classic for the second straight year. The band ' s snappy cadence helped to show off the tricks, lights, stunts, and student programs of the or- iginal compositions of the shows. Above is shown the biggeM Aggie band production, that of script writing " . GGIES " across Memorial Stadium at a special half-time show. The precision movement carried out exactly as Aggie fans saw the name written out across the gridiron. This is only a sample of the precision formations done by the band. " .My Fair Lady " was presented as a home half-lime show in .Memorial Stadium. 233 MAJORETTES 1 h - j. ' t.Mr M;ij. rr||i-« arr nti inl - -ral pari nf thr Marrhinp Band at N ' MSl ' . Thry taVr part in all • ( llir li.ilftiinr «IiiiM! , Mliicli iiu luilnl llir |m- iai SuhIximI (!las»ir thi« rar. Thr bImi Irad thr liaml in parades Hht-nrver th marching! band parliripatr«. Ji ' Ann J iv. ■wniiir from Alamn ninlo. Nrw Mrxiin. Ic l th»- proup a» hrad major- rttr ihi i yrar, ha in;: Int-n a parlii ipant tlirou ' lmut lii-r ((illfZf carrrr. Thr nutnlxT of majorrttrs Ka» expanded this year over previous year». «» the pirU were BM-ardrif i |)e«-ia! band M-holarohip!) for their pa»t | Tf«rmance record . I r.,, t , l.on M 234 Vi K V r SUSAN NEI.I.IS ll.ivil.iiul. Kansas, S(i|)!i. MARY ELLA . r VI ILL!) Las Cruces, Fresh. ' lirfc ; ' . JOAN MrELROY Van Horn, Tex., Fresh. ELSIE HARTOG Carlsbad, Fresh. JOANN JOY Alamogordo, Senior 235 TJIE C .oiiciriaiirt Th«? " UniviTBily Collrginnn. " uniirr ihr dirrrtion of Bnl) U ' illin. havr rompilrti on nmacing rec- ord of | rrf " rmnnrr» and " firotn " lhi« vmr. Th«-v apitrarnl «• (:ur l arti! t« »»ith llir Fl P«»« Sym- phony n Marrli 7, VMt], playinft tin- " l.irl rrmnn Jaw (!onri-rt for Ju Unnd and S niphnnv Or- chnrfra. Mr| Tormr »»a» isurM nrli»l wilh ihrm for I lir Vnniinl ]arr Ciinrrrl. Thrv l ai-kr l ihr " Four I ' al itir niililart liall. l ' hr liavr plavrd l a lulnl ■ ( 2 I,(IIK) ktudrni and liaxr tra rlr«i ap- i-. ' ' ' iiiiaai mile ihi« yrar. pla ing prom ami ullirr dntr lhi ii puldir rrlatii ni ai il iir i. Thr I ■ i a Ifi-pirrr liand llial »a» futmr ! in Friiruary. l ' Xi(l. ' Hir muvit- library con- lain ivrr ' ■■ .itranitrmrnl fur danrinp a» wril a» rtincrrtit. 736 ?r A ) ) A " CLUB L-R. Isi row: Frank Burton. Alfred Johnson, Frank Randall, Doug Veazey, Chris Cadenhead, Robert Langford. 2nd row: Pervis Atkins. Floyd Strickland. Ken Hays. John Shanibourg, Jim Campbell. Allen Sepkowitz, Ron Logback. .9rrf roiv: Robert Jackson, Robert Kelly, Gary Ward. Billv Jo Price. David Brown, Clem Mancini, Vincent Knight. OFFICERS PERVIS ATKINS President CHARLES JOHNSON Vice-President KEN HAYS Sergeant-at-Arms CLEM MANCINI BILL WALLACE Treasurer DA E BROWN Secretary FRANK BURTON Chaplain The " A " Club, just formed at New Mexico State, includes all lettermen. past and present, who wish to participate. The group promotes participation in and support of athletics in all forms at NMSU. 237 I ' Arriil i r mi IK 1 1 w onuMi s H cereal ion Assoeialioii Jl r VI RKOVK H Vr.;Jrn l«X.(M.l Juiir ' kuilkutKh, Miiiio K i ll ii.J ' i4, Im.i: ut I ' luil Mrnil " I ' tiij. Ml iiii- U.MMii " - |{i- Traliiin A!»«oriation i» i |H ' ri l i any woman ? luilrnt at Ni-u Mr - ico SUI«- I ni «T! il whn i inl Ti- lril in ihr promotion of allili-lio. Thf l K-nl organization taki-« part in Matr and l K ' nl pla iia s. Tlir Moment inlramuraU program has iM-f-n tremendously fXpan J« ' l in the pa l two ycar» lo inrluiir moM of thr sport or sulistilutrs tlicreforf, that art- int-ludinJ in the Min " - Intramurals Pro- f» f i rti l Mll»t|- Mi iKtuii . KoMirr I ' ltm. imd iwm: bun Caa. Can4r " Oillcil. 33t L-R. 1st row: Gilbert Sanchez, Gerald Bonds, Mary Kay Holmes, Robert Stewart, Mrs. Anderson. 2nd row: Tom Veal, Duell Wood, Charles Mur- rell, Mr. Sandoval, Frank Chavez, Sydney MrGuire. Kay Samson, Frank Pugliese. 3rd row: John York, Ron GoUehon, Dwight Walker, Ben Terry, Michael Stone, Clarence Gabaldon, Ellon Mann, George Mauldin. Dr. Dick-Peddie, John Lyle, Dr. Staffeldt. Dr. .Anderson. Beta Beta Beta HO OR. RY BIOLOGICAL SOCIETY OFFICERS DUELL 00D President GERALD BONDS Vice-President MARY KAY HOLMES Secrelary DR. M. G. ANDERSON Sponsor 239 Si rnia Delia Pi HONOR RY SPANISH S(K IHY Sif-Tiia Drlla I ' i i a nalional honorary frnlrrnily i " T iIiom- mIui profn an inlrr«-»t in S|iarii»li am) niaiiilain a grade | oinl of 2 . ' for on«- M-mr»lrr. Hir Muilml mu»l ha»r al M complrlrti iw- rral hour» in u|i|mt (li i«ion S|iani h rourM . Tlirrr arr 115 (haptrrR on tampuM in lUv I ' nilp ! Sinir . Dr. (larl T rr. of Nrw Mrxini Stair I ' nivrriiilv, i» a paM prt idrnl of ihr organitatiun. anil »lill dr« ' otc» a grral tral of linir lo it a mcII ait to ihr local proup. For tlir pa«l two par», w « ral tinl« nt», undrr thr dirrrlion of Dr. Flmmon . an honor.-irv njrnilwr. have put oti Spani»li pla»» for ilir pulilir. Thi» yrar th« proup ha- mrl inforniallv mi I ridaN tiij:lit« to m- - Spani h movirs and to diMUM tljcm aftrrMard. ovrr roflr - hitudenl J«rk Quirk Vict-Prtudtnl MiLr DjUithrf i»taAuate 240 I ' lTliii ll «lon Sfcrrlary I tilia lartinrx Trtviurrr Mary Alirr Vaufhan CnJualf Mkkr Milan Kll Milam Ourlf S«lllwrll KonaM |la«r on Student Wives Club LR. 1st row: Margaret Scotr, Rita Watkin, Martha Scheuter. Marilyn Graham. Lois Stephens, Mrs. G. H. Dennard, Mrs. J. J. Norris. 2nd row: Leone Peters. Tern.- Vipond. Gayle Page. Kathee Mazac. Patsy Belcher. Sandv Trout. Annette Willouehby. Margaret White, Callie Mitchell. Jean DeLucia. Meridel Pivonka. Srti roic: Mar ' Beth Christy. Barbara Brown, Kathr n 0 " Donnell. Ruth Tucker, Joyce Hodgin, Pat .Mien, Betty Wooten. Betty Miller. .Ann Ferkovich. Judy Walters. Lynne Gohn, Roberta Clark, Leonora Welsher, Phyllis Egan, Geri Holden, Winona McGriff. OFFICERS MARG. RET SCOTT President LOIS STEPHEiNS Vice-President MARTHA SCHEUTER Secretary MARIL T ' GRAHAM Treasurer RITA WATKIX Social Chairman MRS. G. H. DEWARD MRS. J. J. MORRIS Sponsors Student Wives ' Club is composed of wives of NMSU students. Programs on homemaking are presented at the bi-monthly meetings held in the campus club house. Objectives of the club are to give members a varied social program and an opportunity to get acquainted with other wives. Hamiel Hall Association Freshman Dorm 241 FUNIORS [SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN CLASSES LJ ■ rn, " , ' t 44 ilk ' a. i Ltt Cruen ' c ja Ska Joe Alriandrc MiriKa Aniimun Alhuqurrquf Hikmal Al-Rounii Amatah, Iraq (Urulvn Anlr« Las (.rucri Jawid Aluhlani Sajal. Iraq Ouillrrmr ArnniriiJ F.I Paio. Tri JUNIORS— CLASS OF ' 62 V ayd Amburgry l oi Cruert All rrt« Avala rAiAudAua. Mrt. Rnlirtt lljnm 4:ir, Ijrrr Anrrll Lot nglon (-harirt lUrhmar Kaniai (iM, Ma. ( iiarl -« Bartwv Etpmnola OKHCIHS KIOM) STHICkl.WK I N IVKY . SANDHV l)FIU K I ' reudent . . I ' ier-PreiiAtnl RrpmrntaUxf 244 Richard Beauford Clinton Bell Santa Rosa Alamogordo Joan Boyotl Truman Bridges Los Lunas Abilene. Tex. Casey Burns James Calhoun Nara Visa Las Cruces (K-orgf Bell Die Benz Larry Border Carlsbad Warwick, N. Y. El Dorado, Kan David Brito Mary Ann Burke Otis Burkett Grants Las Cruces Vernon, Tex. — ■ 4 ' -A Norma Boycr Vado w Glenn Carter Las Cruces John Campitell Windber, Pa. Frank Chavez San Antonio Las Cruces Eslella Carrasco Carlsbad Alvin Cook Tularosa VUliam Vt kr El I- Jacob CoE John Co» ClouJeroll Dfiirr Vrfgy ( :um|»lrn John Dale Hagrtman Alamogordo MargarrI Cmx »n Coi arliliad Loj Cnirrt 1 ur J l jt 1 Sandij IVHu h l.uiir.g Hobbi Oonnj l rnni Anl in IKxr Sania Fr Flrmmtlon V John Foley (rniral Point. Orr I ., J. Ji ' r (.«b«ldaa HatmnncI (.ac ir I oughn m Richard Hunsun Las Cruces Ronnie GoUehon House John Hay Las Cruces Ronald Gott Carrizozo Frank Herbert Carlsbad Dale Holden Glendale. Calif. Letitia Huhbard Univ. Park Harry Johnson Las Vegas Wanda Gattis Charles Glover El Paso. Tex. Roswell Dare! Hardy Robert Harrison Montrose, Colo. Cheyenne. Wyo. Maria Kay Herndon Gail Hill Cloudcroft Santa Fe Douglas Holloway Las Vegas, Nev. Daniel Ivey Las Cruces Dorothy Hughes Lubbock, Tex. I ' lllllip Jn riiilip Kaltrnlurli rio d Ims Crurri Arnold LidwiK Kubrrt Landrrlli Demtng Bayard QlM Maaa CW ap Robrrl M M Q Hotmrll Valrov Maudlin V ■, rr City • If If Maiac Williain Kinx Albuqurrquf Donald I roiMid Drnirr. Colo. Krjink l i«rUd)r Los Alamot William Kuru L« Alamot Sandra Ijttir t nil Park Pi-nald I ficrro Raton I ' lhn Mralins I ' -.ntI ' M ' gh fa Cnig Mrhrrn i Sharon Muirheac Roswell Federico Morales Redjord. Tex. Sharon Parriott Las Cruces Billy Powell Grady Ted Queener Grady Lois Richie Las Cruces Donald Metcalf Salt Lake City. Utah Vernel McPherson TorC William Patlison Clovis Joy Miller Albuquerque Lloyd Palmer Nei-ada. Mo. Dan Perry Albuquerque n " ' -T. f I • Kttir lUrWr HJJrr CUy. Ht . Jutr, o?n -nbrT( ff Lr ' ( p 9 .fl t Alirr Rinr f Joan Rou Wiami. .• fii. Mar.lull Scolt Drming novd Sthrkland Hobh, Mat u Sitirtip Jrm SuUr % (i W Mirharl Rundlr j Crucfi Naoma ScaM- Lot Cruen Bobby Shao . ' , ,r Tin Emily Sabrr S« i r Tin Saniiri Sc Lat Crucrt Julia Smith rimii Atlhur Tarkrll Earl Tankcrsle) George Taylor Roswell Clovis Lynda] Valentine Donald Vance Clovis Raton Lucille Veronen Alfred Vigil Hobbi Springer Betty Thomas Sandra Thuniasma Ruidoso Albuquerque Ralph Vance Felipe Veloz Capilun Morgan Hill, Calif Barbara Walker Clayton Douglas Welsher Las Cruces Richard Zimmerman Carlsbad Michael Walker El Paso, Tex. Rose Marie Wood Webb City Mo. Mark White Ozona, Tex. Wayne Williams Grand Junction, Colo. L SOPHOMORES CLASS OF 1963 Jo Abb Akala Drmi ' t Robrrto Anrhondo El f ' aio. Trt VirfitiK Armriroac JoKa BrsloB lUtd Muiirl Akiiiun Gallup Frn — I Hloomrr V J ! F 1 ) OFFICERS MERRI IT TAYLOR Prtstdmi Jl I)Y I ' .WTGN Vice-Frfsidtm SUSAN CROSNO Representative David Brown f ' Park Jane Bnant Columbus John Hums Hobbs C.arry Carrulhers Aztec Kenneth Christensen Pocalello, Idaho Mary Carol Bullard Las Cruces Paula Butler Bayard Carroll Carter Las Cruces Nathan Cleek Los Cruces Sharon Briggs Albuquerque James Brown Artesia Henry Calderon Deming Jerry Chandler Springfield, Colo. Mary Clements Carlsbad Clinton Brown Denver City, Tex. Paul Brune Enid, Okla. Karen Burks T orC Joseph Cortese Fort Sumner 253 ■i ' -. ' i lr■ i fSiuaESf 6i ' ;SiliaB(W :: :i■ gi lx:ss7 EiS SS: Jo Ana Ua«i» n«rc rrt. Aiur 1 mmI 1m« jf» Djvid lirnilct AltiuqurtQue K y Diilrrline • lurlr ni»ncy Hoibi Carol Doyle F.CJ. Iji Tuna, Tex. KjrlMra Flj«lun on Bayard .. 7 ' 754 J amps Flack Kirlland Rayniond Franks Las Cruces Richard Garcia TorC Storm Gcrliarl Raton Norman Green C.louiirrolt Gail Fisher Los Alamos Gary Foote Tucumcari jii-i-pli I ' itch Grants John France Las Cruces Gary Galbraith Brownwood, Tex. Hrtl ' M i ,UI„fU Ijat i fucrt llrrbrtl InKfam Itrmimt Kird Klinliir ( latloH M«n I aud Lt Cncn hjlinrr Mjrltiijii |jii« Hrndrii iMt Ctucri :r-v " -u (.rii 7 6 l ndiir Hinr- CailtbaA Nrwion Hum Drming I ' jiririj Krrlin): lj i Crurrs Kubrri K lr Calluft ThrtMjiirr Hall llbut urrqur Krrllij Jurobo L ii Lunat [)an Kniirr Arlrtia Morris Lee Gallup Frank Lisowski Hamburg. N. Y. Gary Lovctt Clovis Henry Mathis Las Cruces Kenneth Melendrez Pecos Kenneth Lloyd Albuquerque Elgin Mallory Portales Phillup Medica Flushing. .V. Y. Alfred Mcndez Las Cruces Eva Lanier Aztec Wanda Lewis Eslancia James Matthews Gallup William Meeks Vaughn John Milton Hillsboro S- 51 I Charles Lavatt Levittown, Penn. Thomas Linton Las Cruces Charles Lockhart Aztec Sandra Meharg La Mesa Margaret Montgomery TorC 257 » Cru €t 3St • .,» U. . ir Uillum Udui,. Lat (. rum Kir jtlj I ' rrry r - Jane Nrith Raton Robrn Nickol (,uiinon Odom Lot (rucri ON in i ' .rnrll Ceorgr Newman Lot Cructi Mary O ' Brien Cristobal , Canal Zone Ann Park« GoUup Sunlry Nunnrlry C.handirt, Am jer I ' almrr Atlrr A I Adelaide Powcy ITilliamsburg Virpinia Raap Grants Jerr ' Reid l.eielland, Tex. Carlos Rodriquez San la Fe Frami ScotI Denting ¥ C- ' - ' : Kodprr Rix.l ll ' i KirtlanrI Don Rapland Albuquerque John Riddle Artesia Chri? Sanchez San la Fe Sara Scott La Mesa, Calif. Truett Pope Roswell Nancy Ann Prichard Las Cruces Penny Powers Las Cruces Harold Prilchelt Mesquite Christine Ralston Reserve Suleiman Seyed Horns, Syria O 259 ttoana Soiilh ' i«n rl I»t1 Rirlurd Smith Tu- ..n Ariz K l-rr( Slrtijn -;. ■- A jnd William Sirphcnwn iliimofiofdo ll.irn Stralry .115 I. rum Hol.l.y Trrrrll Wichila, Kan. -itrm Siuak ' ■ f-fc. •d Kalhalrrn Sluul llhuqurrqur Uty Trlln jivB Tsflor 360 Kiiliby Tucker Lovinglon Ricardo Valen uelu Carlsbad (liorgf Walkrr I ' ucdiellu, Idaho Troy West Cloud croft Shirley Will.anks Mnljnmar Juan Vcla i|Urz El Valle Ronnie Wariiiulli San Jon Hal Welter Concord, N. C. Jolin Wilson Belen Mike irujiiio El Rito Michael Tucker Farmington Robert Tsiosdia Fort Wingate Jorge Valenzuela Carlsbad Curtis Vincent TorC FRESHMEN Class of 1964 Bra AtluBt I. ' - . . , • ■ Junr A l«m« (kl Vt»ndc» rrhulci« iUiUiM Kailry Arlrna Tanry Alrxindcr 1 1 Crum Juililh Arm Iron|c Imi ( ' rurrs Janri lUiley ilbuquftque OFFICERS CHARl.F-S CHAMHKRS.. GKRALI) (.LOVKR JOYCE NORMAN Prfsident . I ice-Presidenl Representative J.iim r Arniild llohhi Waller lUini Odfita, Trx. Iljtiura Alkinmn Kulutd llrunrc Cata GranJf, Ahi. ! ' - « 1. . :- Drniei, Colo. tinr llr ' rn lirtiloa -. .1.; AV l t Ciuctt i iii Joan Bt-rlelle Cloudcrojt Donna Brown Richard Bruner Bernie Buchenau Anthony Casa Grande. Ariz. Roswell Patsv Bvars Wallace Byrd Carolyn Cahalan Hobbs Hayuard. Calif. Santa Fe Ysabel Campbell Micheal Carlisle Patricia Carlson Silver City Las I ' egas. A ' er. Alamogordo Charles Chambers Kenneth Chapman Betty Chatfield Alamogordo Carlsbad Deming Kenneth Boatright Mary Bogan Hobbs Hobbs Sandy J. Boren Peggy Bowers Fallbrook, Calif. Alamogordo Alberta Bonds Tucumcari Beverly Bowman Beino James W. Bowman Clevis Carol A. Bonnell Capitan Henry Boyer yado Larry Brewster Odessa, Texas John J. Bridges Las Cruces Hoiurll Cttr9 t l)«ria« I l . — i Cmrri .rnr IV4I KosHrll N|.injulj DrMan ru Drihi. India i r Durio Im% (rum D il im FrirKr Tartu ta I Mart l r«n Si, 1... Slevt DrRoM ru York I ' liillip l u|iuy ( ' .rum llarl Kil |ulrirli dull up Truiirliw DunUp f:i I ' au,. Trx ..iiiucli l tty Krliii 1.. t ulirU liiiry ( arlick Albuquerque I ' liillip C.iegory Car .shad S.iliino Guaderraina Diming ( !,irol Hage Tiicumcari ii ann Harris McAlister Riiborl Gross Socorro Margaret Guerrero Las Cruces Mark Haley Clayton Sharon Harrison Hobbs James Grote San Antonio, Tex. Warren Gustafson Duliilh. Minnesota Margie Hall Las Cruces Kalhryn Harry Las Cruces Vickie Giel Albuquerque Joan Giovengo Loving Donald Giles Albuquerque Sandra Glass Anthony Carolyn Gillctt Lovington Lily Gomez Denting Franklin Goss Belen Jack Harrington Carlsbad Charles Henderson Anthony Billy Gilliland Ro swell Carlene Gorman Chama Margaret Graham Albuquerque James Greeley Alamogordo Jrrry Hulnuat Ra Hile ' ■:■■■■ I ly.CtlU lludKroot . .._ r tlonjid Humphrin Huiut. Ark. K- ■ H-- {all I ' aflaict Sl. Hrtrrthmrg. Ha. - Ann liiiir ui C.rucri ( tulyn lluichr Hobbt l t Cructi Loh Huglir Clarion Mirtlia Iniclutn Junr Inmon Olu Jamnoo Las i rgas F.I I ' au). Trx. Casts RIanca I ' aUy Johnton (Jiarlc Jonr tnr Jt««-» Las Cruets Ro ' urll Roiurfl ' r|i(i Kriley Chatlr Krnn rd» Ih-nnj Kni(hl l s Crucet SafiM l onira. CaJil Rlo m rlA Willum Lark Rolx-rt IjTiirrnir I ' aliKta IjTurvr Ralon El faia. Tex Rostrll Krrida Jolinxm Clayton Jamr Kcllcy Eslancia I ' hilip I nrr m K.i 1 .lumharli Las truces Carole Matthews Hurley Karen Mehrens Gallup Daniel Miller Aaron Lacy Moore Loiington Mary Mayfield Las Cruces Shirley Menini Gallup Jim Miller Las Cruces Thomas Moreharl Hobbs Roseiiiaric Maynez Las Cruces Kathy Merry Gallup Ovana Milton Hempstead. .V. Y. Forreft Moreland Lovington RolKTt Link Rosivell Thomas Ludwick Las Cruces Hilda Lithgow Santa Fe Joyce Magruder Mesilla Park Tommie Lookad Mesilla Park Loy Dell Milikien Allen Mall Anthony Carlsbad Sieg Montano Robert Marshal Gallup Hobbs Clark Mount-Campbell Rosuell Darlene Moore Navajo Dam George Murphy El Paso. Tex. Sharon Loraas Gallup Kaye Marshall Tucumcari Michael Martii Clevis David Mason Las Vegas Carl McClair Roswell ' L - o fr2 K jil M .iriru CorUbaJ Lu Lnu«t Umfum Hoiht Ji rr Numun Drming Cirard O ' Brirn Call up Pj|» Owm Cailibad Citolc Parnrll Anlhony ( ' r ritr Petty Carlsbad ( ■ ■ .■ I " i, il.l Parrioll . ji ( ructt Crotcr Pijuan f.,..„... „ Ourln n ' N ' ed A Ri.haid P - kr A «l ' tnria MrCornark Williiim O ' Rear Antiia Walter Parkrr Houte Karm Pclctt Lai C.rucet Irmtuta, Ala • td Albuquriqur llauk l.innir Prtkiti Raturll )68 I).irri-ll I ' op ( iinipbell, Calij. Joe Reeves Corona Ellen Richard Loiinglon Elizabeth Riker Alamogordo Frances Romero Belen William Reichenborn Las I ' egas Donald Rickey Artesia Eddie Robinson Loiinglon Helen Romig Las Cruces MaryHn Reynolds Las Cruces Ralph Rierson .V. Carolina Steve Robinson Hobbs Rodney Roth Portland, Ore. Donald Rigney Las Cruces Valle Rol)inson Lovington Ronald Roth Tiicumrnri Harold Pniett Raton Stephen Ratliff Fort Sumner Robert Rauh Artesia Phillip Roether Ralph Rogers Hobbs Carlsbad John Ruminer Rhea Russell Los Alamos Hatch Dionicii) Quintanilla San Antonio. Tex. Eugene Raub Los Alamos Judith Ray Las Cruces Suzan Reeder Santa Fe Asencion Salazar An thorn 269 4r. r 4ikiiM£ mW I : ' ' U£fj fmmama, Panama JiflMWf Ttl( i ' ft Thomo Spcrr Deming (Jrliin Munr Urxtrr Suostn Tabrr Hobbt (•Inrij Turrr Ormin ! Kd«iin Smilli Hj ii...T..i prntrt (Uro Sluut Alhuqurrqur Sandra Turnrr Knglr Arthur Spcocrr AlamogorJo IJo d SuiK San la Fr Eixt Ta lor Lai Crucn Qurtr ToMntcnil htpanala Mire II. .i. I., I li. Mr Suminrr Mrsilla X ' i Kutli rr |uidrz Carlsbad .Charles Ward Virginia Watson Gary Webster Carlsbad Carlsbad Alamogordo Robert Welch William Wells Susie Widn ' er Hobbs Las Vegas Melrose Larrv Willard David Williams Le Roy Williams Roswell Gallup Hobbs Janet Woodburn Judith Woodrow Laura Woodward Alamogordo Cliff Fort Sumner Yuvonne Wilburn El Paso, Tex. Wayne Williams Gallup Kenneth Wynn Farmington Sharon Vanderwagen Zuni Hal Voda Las Vegas Bobby Walker Texico Manuel Velasquez Univ. Park Jess Wahlenmaier Albuquerque Duncan Walker Holloman AF Base James Wolfe Magdalena Sharon Yeager Artesia Kenneth Vernon Carlsbad Sharon Waldon Corona Mary Walker Cloudcrolt Donald Walling Las Graces DVERTISING THANKS Our lii-arlfi-|| thanks n t all of lli - |M-ii|ilf vslm Iii-||i ( i iiiak. - all tiiiilrrliikin K al N n Mi ii h ' laii- I niM-r il .1 liii ' ir iir« ' « i»». I III- I IK I II 1 1 1 ' - I In- IliailV |ii-ii|ii - s III! .|it irtl rd 111 (ill- »i W A 1 I K . in all tin- i MM- of tin l ' M Nl ' l I ' , in 1 In I .i rin ••. it |ia|i -r fur the uni i-r-il . ii -i till ' r.KJici i.itii ii . .mil ulin .iIIimiIiiI In i.iiiacitx. in iim t in lailri--. ail nf I In- .n 1 1 il ■• ' .mil r cnl t.ikiii |iLi c .il i v Mi n Ma If. Ill llii« ail i-rli-in .•.••clinii. tin- ri-.iilfr n»iII fiini lli - ii.iiii - .iinl .nK f all till ' |ifii|ili ' %liii ,ir|i i-l ;:a i- llii-ir «ii|i| itrt In llir iiiiiN -r it . ami ulm ri-ifivi- rrrilil III [irml. I In- :;n- him-ii-r |ia;:r riinlain tin- nani(- nf ihi- | cu|l|r l|ii rnlllnlnili ' il lllnlli-N allil IIIIK ' In lllltMirl NM I In lllc flllli- l. Slinl -iu» lake lirfd: ' rin-» - |ii-n|i|«- .iri- lii-liiii l nu all tin- ua . Sli » nur a|t| rc(-ialiitn. i{ -||li-|lll iT. Inn. tills -crllnll iliit- lint mlltain .ill nf ill)- Ii -nli|c lin arc li.H ' kinti .ill nf tlir Xfifiir- in r fr »a : Tlirrj- ar«- a jiriMl iii.ins % lin rliiMtxc til ln ' l|i in nilirr ua «. aiiil till- -liii|i-iit mii-t In- .i .iri- nf [ i . NMSU ran oiilv -linv it- aniin-i ' Inn li |i.ilri iii iii;: llii-- «: l»a«k«-r«. ami h ilnintr tin- rr hr»t pn«iiiblr in all iinili-rtakin s. IMNNK- «. IN Wli t, l l I oi n I ' MU ' ll Wllti U . »ll ' l ' n|(llN . Mil .i.ll - M) M W Ml l((» - 1 11 I M I l( - l n In I III Mil I • W I I |)(i I I W I I imi I III • 374 UNIVERSITY FOOD SERVICE Canteen Services - Banquet Facilities Milton Student Center Las Cruces Citizen Publishing Company Since 1902 Owned and Operated By Ex-Aggies We print Everything but MONEY from an invitation to THE ROUND UP Special Discounts To All Aggies on All Printing LAS CRUCES CITIZEN JA 6-5575 Publisher of " Wind Sand " Commercial Printing Since 1902 114 S. Church Street JA 6-5576 275 Conqnatulatiom and Best U isHea 7o Ihe C aii oj ' 6 1 UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE " Self-Service for Your Convenience " MILTON STUDENT CENTER EXT 438 176 UNIVERSITY BARBER SHOP " Nothing like a clipping at State University Barber- shop. On campus to serve you — Milton Student Center. " Tomniv Cook, Prop. UNIVERSITY RECREATION CENTER Bowling Ping Pong Snooker Billiards Straight Rail Milton Student Center COMPLIMENTS OF 139 N. Main Street 277 I 1 cX:0 ' UNITED FASHION J M ll{ X 11.1. in i n»i. HATS JnN | II I (M, N I.K I IH l SS I III I Ml I.I) DI.I ' MMMIM sroKK 101 N Ma.n 77a iMi..i.r ) ( n IJ l « ( ,rurr«. N M Campus Footweor Featuring Famous Sho« Brandt 111 I ' 1 K( S liiW N ( (U NTRY KHij H IHs HU hM N -II .S I ' UIM l Ni INi. W I VH I ' I i. MA II NM- -Mill - lllL 1 III( N iioi sroin 109 N Moin Phono JA 6 9422 Lot Cru(«». N M 1 k WHITFIELD TRANSPORTATION BUS LINE COMPANY -imk ft %f)m 6 ( . JiVSLJlAiVC 214 South Woter Street — Las Cruces, New Mexico P.O. Box 71 1 Telephone JA 6-5571 ' INSURING THE GROWTH OF THE SOUTHWEST SINCE 1888 ' S M iA O ' . ap evv C y. 279 Compltmtnti o Conqiatulationi to the Clan o 1961 VALLEY INSURANCE AGENCY THE BUDGET SHOP L E FREUDfNTHAl and • • STORK CENTER Ladies ' and Children ' s Wear Masonic Temple Building • PHONE JA 6-9241 Las Cruces J A 6-2231 JA 40931 135 N. Mom 217 N. Mom Complete Insuronce Service LAS CRUCES BAKER DRUG STORES -INC.- OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY CirrK A Pi irnif 1 1 ra — - xiJl ' t PHURMBCV . Office ond School Supply W P H " " " " I 5 J " ' . ' ' J ' J - Engineering ond Artists Supplies IP : ■ ROYAL i i 10 Portobles ond Office Typewriters r X - VICTOR ' ' ' i H t Adders ond Colculotors 514 North Main JA 6-2426 316 N Mam Las Crucos Midway Shopping Center DRIVE-IN PHARMACY 200 South Water 380 Las Cruces COMPLIMENTS OF NEW MEXICO FARM LIVESTOCK BUREAU AND WESTERN FARM BUREAU MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY For the Best in Commerciol Printing And Lifhogrophy Try Las Cruces Newest and Best ABC PRINTING PH. JA 6-9283 134 N. Church St. Los Cruces, N. M. Sprrial price to Sororities. Frater- nitieh. jikI lhrr (!(illr|:( Organiza- tions. Ballard ' s Photo Shop CAMERAS Eastman Bell Howell Graflex Polaroid Bolex Kodak Ftfushm Color Finishing 119 South Moin Las Cruces Congratulations Class of 1961 v I W l-i 1 W I S .. K ' I, 31] FARMERS MERCHANTS BANK ' The Friendly Bank " 41 I North Main MEMBER F.D.I.C. LAS CRUCES, N. M. UNIVIRSITY HIIGHTS Bronch Cornar Fotlor A Solano YTleet Ihe iqqiei it Brdcaw ' b Restaurant DRIVE - IN U. 5. aD-B5. By-Pass South df Las Cruces, N. Mex. WE SERVE SPANISH AMERICAN FOOD Phone JA. 6-9B62 MESILLA MOTOR CO. Sales — Service Ford Cars — Ford Trucks 600 NORTH MAIN 701 NORTH MAIN Las Cruces DIAL JA 6-5531 IKARD NEWSOM Butane Propane Gas Appliances RUI UE-PROP 7Ke Yflodein luel Beyond the Qai Ynain Serving Southern New Mexico Anthony — Los Cruces — Deming T or C Hatch LAS CRUCES REXALL DRUG COMPANY Prescription — Drugs Cosmetics — Fountain Corner Main and Griggs SERVING AGGIES FOR OVER 50 YEARS Phone JA 6-6141 Las Cruces, New Mexico Corner Main Griggs " We Leliv n " AMKIUCW I.IMN riM ' LY 525 N. luir li «lr «i LAS (HUCES LAUNDRY X CLEANERS I.ah Cruffft. Ni-w M. i ii T- " W II 384 COMPLETE ENGINEERING SUPPLY DEPARTMENT AUTHORIZED UNDERWOOD DEALER THE MILL OFFICE supplies FURNITURE MACHINES PLANNING Phone 524-2866 Savings mean a secure future! PLAN AHEAD TODAY WITH A REGULAR SAVINGS ACCOUNT. Since 1905 IRST ATIONAL ANK of Las Cruces LAS CRUCES • WSMR • MEMBER FDIC rOARk CHEVROLET-OLDS CO. Where the Best Deals Are Consistently Made 2301 SOUTH MAIN JA 6-5595 Las Cruces, New Mexico 285 OLDSMOBILE ROUNTREE COTTON COMPANY INC. Buyers and Financcrs COTTON Corner Water and Las Cruces Aves. Ja. 6-2477 LAS CRUCES NEW MEXICO ( n in l ll M - i| :il)(t N. Main Ir.fl !riii- -«. N N N1i- ii-(i FOUNTAIN SUPPLY COMPANY ' ' - , ' -- T r ' 4 k " ■ ' ■ f t 118 South Church Dial JA 6 674 I HARRY L. DOOLiniE Lat Crucet, New M«iico 386 DAIRY MART BroilA ' Burger A Meal In Itself 137S S Solano lot Crucvt, N«w Manico LAS CRUCES FURNITURE COMPANY " Complete 7uiniahcia ofc Hapfiif Hornet " 207 S. Main Las Cruces Crop and Livestock Loans LAS CRUCES PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION Manager RICHARD R. JEWKES South Truck Bypass Ja. 6-9722 Assistant Manager ARTHUR E. MAHRES ppore 106 SOUTH MAIN LAS CRUCES, N.M. Exclusively Ladies Fashion Footwear For the Young and the Young at Heart 108 S. Main Next to Georjess Footwear Style Center 287 SUMNER cS: MOLESWORTll I ' (• li..x I ' .l lin-W III, M W Ml |t n ( .■ il !{.i-li. i r..j -. t Maiia rr for nil IK II -I - .,1 h i l M »|; I I II (.i: and ol IK I A W i;i IK »l -I I.. I I ' ll -K l I ' l N I Dl I " i; I Ml I 3B8 IMF. HKSr DHKSSKl) ACiMI.S SIKH ' T nux(4UUt ' MEN ' S APPAREL FOR THE MAN WHO CARES ESSENTIAL VITAMINS Ml RAINDO ,«» ■ RAINBO BAKING COMPANY El Paso, Texas Congratulations To The Class of ' 61 WEINREICH BUICK-PONTIAC COMPANY JA 6-2437 848 N. 7th Las Cruces, N.M. Buick - Pontiac - Opel - Tempest - GMC Trucks Salei Senvice 289 Roherl E. McKee General Conlraclor Iiicorporaled - an- | ri ii i i li.m- Ii.kI .i |t.irl in the -i)n»lriirliuii nf the lii-aiitiful liiiililiii ri M iitili - l l till- ' Imli-nl . f.ii ' iili . .mil -I. iff of c » Mcviin MjIi- I iii -r il |{iiililiii : a niMiii-: I iiiMr-il v illi Jilt il.ill. .ir liiii-r Mall. I In- ( li(-iiii tr Hiiilii- III;:. .iikI iimvs iI|4 ' MiIiiiii iiiiIi ' iii ( I ' liiir .iilililimi. Milton Student Center Addition m Research Center I I I ' . 1-11. I i- .i- l)dllii In- lljjfl«-» .ilil.i Yr IIdikiIuIii. IIumjii (liilnr.iilii |iriii):f 290 THE PRUDENTIAL believes that every individual is the best judge of his own life insurance needs. THE DOLLAR GUIDE mokes it easy for you to determine how many life insurance dollars you and your family will need. TO SEE HOW THE DOLLAR GUIDE WORKS, CALL (name, address and teleplione number) The PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA a mutuiil life insurance company (namr of your home office, city and state) Bob Schatzabel Jerry Moore 118 S. Main Las Cnices Phone JA 4-7703 Southwestern Home Office Houston 1. Texas FASHION cSt O ' NEILS YOUR FAMILY FASHION STOKE 22S N. MAIN . I ' HONK 521 .}171 PAISANO PLYMOUTH CENTER Valiant - Plymouth - Chrysler - Imperial Home Of Top Values Highway 28 - Truck By Pass Las Cruces, New Mexico 291 MUTUAL BUILDING LOAN ASSOCIATION OF LAS CRUCES Loans for All Purposes Including Additions, Repairs, New Consfruc+ion and Purchasing Real Estate We also solicit savings accounts and pay liberal dividends. All S«vir 9t Accounh Insured Up to $10,000. 720 N Chofch JA 6-5577 ART ;...... Flowers CfNllKPliCIS DiSn URMNS C. JA4-0031V nti DtUVHY ,■ ( ( n l( k Si:i{ ICK I. l M)in CLKANKHS . h. LI HANK- Tailoring liji iiloi kitiK Moth i ' roiifiti h ur lora|;i- I 11 N «alrr I KIT U I ' l. 4. 1... I ' huac J V ».Min IMiniir J A vim 1 110 S„Unn l n%r I ' J A f Mil 797 rA- ccS. Wo ' ' 3ni« ■ M " St on« 260 STORES IN 20 STATES ¥ QUALITY! . SERVICE ' . PRICE! • Poy Coi i oncl bovc Af Anthony $ Cook Better. Electrically us CMCtS ■ IITMMT • FlIENS ■ NiTCH • SlfRRi iLUCl VU HOn • TSUTt ■ CHllHOHI 4 DOWNTOWN EL ?m MOTT ' S VARIETY STORES MOTT ' S No. 12 Midway Shopping Center MOTT ' S No. 16 Downtown Las Cruces MOTT ' S No. 34 University Heights Shopping Center ' Congratulations To The Class of ' 61 " . . . v J. Q fr. ' BETTER HOMES " " Better Prices " 120 S. WATER PHONE JA 6-5411 Las Cruces, New Mexico ' Aggie Boosters Always " OLSON ' S JEWELRY 545 N. Main Street Home Of Gorham of Towle Sterling Fostoria - Lenox of Royal Doulton China Keepsake Rings 293 R. E. BONEY General Insurance Bonds Save With Safeco Auto Insurance 100 N. CHURCH ST. Las Crucei New Mexico JAckson 6-2491 Savings Up to 15% on Fire Insurance Till (,()l I) KFY m ■0 I.iilif- " ltirr Marn- H kitip Phone JA 4-1731 Los Cruces, N M 1 18 S Main Arcade No 2 t.u.Niri.lMI.N J nl HiMiM - ROOM ii{ wr f- CITY flower shoi ' •ornrr of Luliiiun X ulttriu La Crurr . N -h M «ico i t.iliiri. Frnnijll 2. I. A- • riirf " vr. 794 CompUntentix oj oun Qulfc Diatiil utoi and Quit Seivice Stationi in the Lai Ciucea ?iea Congiatulationl to the Clan oj ' 6 295 n u to 1 1 TDaN a k VALLEY LOAN and FINANCE CO. " It ' s easy to pay OUR Finance Way ' Phone JA 4-1996 P.O. Box 1069 122 West Griggs Ave. LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO Say It With Flowers " . t. ® " Sine 1945 " " W« T«l«groph Flow«rt Anywhart FREE DELIVERY SERMCI DIAL— DiHlrilMilnr of I t ,iro l ' 1 1 l iiiii I ' loiimi- " T »» ' lvr Xrx fn I)r4lrr» In «T ' iiii " Mr.illj Park. N H NIrxico JA 6-6685 - Nightt D ol iA «.604« KMH c. nrzfAntiCK. ( «»• College Florist m So MAIN LAS CRUCES 796 DYAL TRAVEL SERVICE Agents For Airlines - Steamships - Tours - Hotels Let Us Arrange Your Trip Home - To Europe Mexico - Hawaii 1 06 S. Water Las Cruces Phone JA 4-1943 THE MYERS COMPANY Headquarters for New Mexico State University Students Sporting Goods Gifts Hardware Special discount to all student organizations 116 South Main Las Cruces, N.M. jlii ' i hh hi ' : ' ' j;:,J ' ' ' ' ' i ' For Every Purpose STORE FRONTS AUTO SAFETY GLASS PICTURE WINDOWS DESK TABLE TOP GLASS WINDOW GLASS GLASS BLOCKS TUB SHOWER ENCLOSURES MIRRORS -DIAL JA 6-9122 ACME GLASS MIRROR CO. 124 W. BOWMAN AV. TOP HAT BARBER SHOI 1410 Solano Drive Las Cruces, N.M. 297 WRTCHT (,l N( IN l l{ (K Dial JA 6-6231 H. P. Dermody J. Roy Wright 220 S Mam St Las Cruces, N.M. I )i--lriliiitiir Sr M) I{l) (ML coMi v or riA J2 ' i iim|iti-»« Hiijil I ' ( » Mn HHH I. a- ri N »s Mi-xiro i;m-i ij()N(,s iN(;()i{i»()K ' : ) Featuring. Goodyear Tires General Electric Applioncct Wcil Picocho Lot Crucas, NM Telephone JA 6-3439 791 The House of CoJor IIIH s..|jn.. I .1. nurv N M IMi r 2i.770. ' ; Compliments of RIVES STUDIO HENRY BERROTERAN PHOTOGRAPHER I 1 C f TF ROr IQTIh R ( " J T Ti Al l lll ijl M r 1 il(j I .LjUij tnnnv rtmuM. « iilai • - ' II L «u (.(a II Rlli M. ' TItlrY Mk M R Rt ' n4R! lS • Ma VlliJtM til l«MlM.ia R J ■ -»Ii W . lit rf«S Ml I til ■4Ml« 41 J N ' «ikaiia « - »il»l» Rl •. 1 t I Hull I ' -ii MR II v i h 1 li|i k i ' { TIM, III • T • r MJk!n»- M iiR imis II M-mivtM. , l» ll» llR 1 1 tvM M ll tl t V H R 1 M kll 1 ii 1RI ITH % 111 - 1 ca 1 « MR 1 II M.kll • i . Mr MR RliRIIT M.MIIIIN t M 11 F •. ' 1 ri 1 IB « H » MR R 1 H« «m Rl U m MRIM. 1 11 1 1 ' llR I II M4l ' tN. 1 «• k Rl ni Ilk . KtMi l«Ui« M.IHiRIU. MR k ' ■••• ■•■ Hk tiK.ii III i iim l.aiRIiiiN H.ll 4M «4k- ■ ■ «■ « 1 HIM IIM M.UI 1 1 (N MR l ' • M a MR 1 II lloVI K- Ml RRI1 M«l i.lUH Wh 1 . k. Ml II « IHsM l« R ' iRIRI MiRMtN V 1 l«lll-« »llli|S . nilllJI ' 1 MtliNil A . 1. k. M II 1 )«• k • M«R«II y. • MI lulls « l.«l Hi Mk MMi 1 MtRns. ja MR ) II|R H » 1.»1M.» mi ll 1 M4KIIN nil m. •4M ' - HI It ■■ M«l|»» Mk 41 M4IIIIII (1 ■ .u 1 « - »l B |RB MtHlllil w 1 ■ iimMm i.iii tiiKii Mlkl 1 mi l l MR L 1. MtlHIUI MR R4« M« HIUl r t . »|. ■.. Mll «IN 111 NMi.» R »N kHI in u» UK 1 MiiRRiMiN -rti ui n ' k W t I MK RlllJtM Mill • 1 • 1 llx nlJ 1 Ml millJtM 1l« tRT 11; -.J .« - t. Ml Mk II MIIR IIIIUT MR 41 iil.Mkt ;m MC IMN Mk -11 »RI MIIR ' llllirr « ' ll l R Mk UkHHl ' . U lilimtMt MI«IH 4 MiiTnk 1 iiMI " N H4Rk klUIR MR MlW«lli i.l TIIIIIII7 MR I HM MiiN IMIR MR . H -4IITH M 1. 1 I.l iiimi MM 111 MioMI Mk . 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I.4MN Hk 41 ' ' 11 -BfTT Mf M» .»H k»»MiiMi nr HH 1 • lit iiRMIll r4RIIN , ., , »|, Mf 1 Mini 1 1 1 rtkki k I % !«■ 1 Rl H !■ !■ J- ' M -. iS Mk T M I ' IkkIR MR l« k H l ' «RklR IRM ' I 11 Ml M «HI 11 kll M (N K 4 |l R 1 t ) R lin Ik Mk 1 «ki i« iiRi 11 11 Rvj 11 UHI R 1 II Mk 11 ■ It iiiiiN rii iitRii««Ri R Mmii • IRI Kill 1 «» ' in Mil n ' ! ».« Mk ■ ■ , . -. . MR .1 41 , „ « ' 1 • TTTU ill M» 1 It HI liU niisii R 1 iiN tki 1 Til IS 1 11 f ' V 4 » I«»ll MIRi lUVTIli H« 1 i ' Nl«k r .. ■ ■• . . t . ' 1 1 • 11 is ' i Miin 4.1... v . 1 . Hi.M «l l II 1 ■ .. ' ¥ L» " •!» Mk ■mikitm rm ' • I " U )i.i. iiii ' MR 1.1 ■• ' .H .■» 1 • ««.1 • TTTI ' dl U4 ' 1.. IJ- MRIR III 1 1 1 k Ik • .!•«.. r UL I Rl 1 !.! l-aillM I TIUM I3«MT VI ISS 4 • •■ uuia III 4Mia MR « 1 MKTta R4MIIJ ' X ■ - ■ «■ r»i.tnft% in nil 1 ft III R4rr i ' »• 1 Mk til R ttllSI.« 1 » .KMtT M 1 H Ikl l 1 Rl SS I M Mk « kii Rirv V »» ; . 1 • ;! MR 1 IITI 1 MR 4 II RI4II 1 «lll» isti M»t I Bi MUl% «■ 1 1 •M4i« .(a ta Hiiai BtlSKI BtklM. lO niRk M4RIIB IRI 1 300 I

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