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Text from Pages 1 - 312 of the 1958 volume:

•■—■ ■■ ■■- ■■■■■■■ii Miiiitiiifl THE SWASTIKA Official Yearbook New Mexico College of A M. A. Volume No. 52 Published by the Students of New Mexico A. M. Vernon Wade .... Editor Joanne Manny. . . .Business Manager Lithographed by: yn eii l eanUook Co. Topeka, Kansas Photography by: R. P. Meleski, Rives Studio Mothieu Studio, Maurice Eby Tin: s s AsriK A CONTENTS Administration 11 The College 24 R.O.T.C. 37 Favorites 47 Outstanding Students 79 Vanity Fair 91 Greeks 99 Sports 133 Organizations 161 Graduation 205 C asses 211 Advertising 259 Index 296 Summer heat begins to break. . . come to life as students return atmosphere takes WE HAVE FALL... maroon frosh beanies dot the campus. . .the dorms to campus ... classes begin and the " big business " hold... It ' s A M. . . Its Fall 1957.. . ... M WINTER . . . Football ends and basketball hits with full force. . .sweaters and coats come out of mothballs. . .it snows. . .it ' s cold out. . .it ' s winter. . . ... VM)... SIM{I (, ... The whole world turns light green. . boots and levies for Spring Rodeo ...fuzzy faces sip coffee in the canteen ... it ' s Spring ... sunbathers drape themselves around the pool ... everyone becomes a poet, or nature lover, or |ust plain lover ... fraternity finals are big news... Its A M. . . It ' s Spring 1958. . . ...ainl llir I9. " ) Swastika mi y y 1$ it possible for one person, or o smoll group of people to truly record the intangible world of nnemories thot surround each individuol during o year of his life We don f think so yet this was our |ob Our |ob to bring into permanence the elements, the certain tiny elements that weave the pottern of thoughts forming the patchwork quilt of college life It wosn t on eosy |ob, or a hosfy |ob, or even a very glamorous |ob But we love doing it It was part of the College, part of the life and thus port of us. We did it for you, and your children and your children s children We tried hord, we worked long We bring you the 1958 SWASTIKA 10 £ ADMINISTRATION iw ■ ■; " :. AW : -: ■• . .■ V-.. t- ,1 ■ifi r.T ' nl ::.«.• K V V- ' .!- i : ' h ' v irj:; " -v »- •••« ■■«,■ I ' TJ V ■ ■. ;:« ■ -r, , ■. -r ' ■■ " ' A. V- «A jr m - •V»; . : - ruisiniM () INI ( oi I i:m: Dr. I ni:ri W. rmlMll 12 IJOAI{D OF REGENTS Mr. George Ellis, Bell Ranch Mr. Delmar Roberts, Anthony, N.M. Mr. Jesse U. Richardson, President, Mesilla Park, N. M. Mrs. Earl Corn, Dexter, N. M. Mr. Horace Hubert, Secretary-Treasurer, Carlsbad, N. M. Members Ex-Officio The Honorable Edwin L. Mechem The Governor of New Mex ico The Honorable Georgis L. Lusk The State Superintendent of Public Instruction ?3 DR R H BLACK Dean of the School of Agricullurr DR. A. D. BOSTON Dean of the School of A rts Science J " NNfU Dran of the School of Education N.M. DR M A THOMA Dean of the School of Engineering U ' i fi DEAN P. S. AMBROSE Dean of Students DEAN MARTHA HALL Dean of Women A. M. DR. EARL WALDEN Dean of Graduate School MISS ERA RENTFROW Registrar 15 LT. COLONEL R. R. KEMM P.M.S T LT. COLONEL W S WALTER PAS. RICHARD CAPLE Coutiiftot fot Mm N.M. r» f MR W B WOODSON Pit f clot of AlhUlui 16 MR. S. E. SHOMER Director of Housing MR. G. H. DENNARD Director of Alumni Relntwns A. M. MR. T. R. SILER Director of Admissions MR. D. H. RODWELL Director of Publicity 17 UR C F IARLOWSKI Col Iff: ' fi •in MR. F. A. DAY I hi f I tut 0 Campus .Maiiitnuimr MRS. GOLDIE SINGERLAND Ditfdui uj PliUdnrnl StUKf MR C. H. LINSCHEID Librarian N M. A. M. MR W F WYMAN Cumplrulhr MR K. R. HAFEN f ' urihauni ' AQrnI % ASSOCIATED STUDENTS COMMISSION ' 57 ' 58 Executive Branch I THE PRESIDENT ' S CABINET— Gail Warden, Homecoming chairman; Sally Hodges, Traditions Rallies; Dean Philip Ambrose; Buck Rhodes, President; Bobbie Freeman, Chairman of the Student Publications Board; David Travis, Chairman of the Intramurals Board. VICE PRESIDENT Donovan Foster was also the President of the first Student Senate. Here he talks over Senate business with Janet Bonomo, Chief Clerk of the Senate. THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS ' COMMISSION for 1957-58 was the first ASC group to work under a system of two branches of government, as provided for in the constitution ratified by the student body in the spring of 1957. The executive branch of the ASC is made up of the several boards and committees that carry on student activities on the campus. These boards either received student funds for their operation or received support of the ASC. At any rate the president of the ASC was respon- sible for their operation. The chairmen of the boards and committees were called in frequently to advise the president on a variety of matters that came before the ASC during the year. The Vice-president carried on a dual role, he was a member of the executive branch and President of the Student Senate. A great many of the governmental activities centered around his office. 19 VS( MM I v i ' n ;m£ daily chores of the ASC v airlie loOut MooI i. Peonon, ASCSecie:aJy, Aui(. ASC Treosorer, ond William Beliois of the Student Pioss Service Tin: si;n mi: r,. t Bacon ' .nwi 1 jue Her ' _rvJ ' ' ' " i THF FIR ;t ;tiiDFNT SENATEot A M met for September 4, 1957 o» St. James Episco-Church in Mesilla Pork. Mem- bers of th. ••• were: Arts Scier ces, B. Hardman. . ams; Engmeering, J. PruiN, P Merritt, Teacher Education, S. Hendricks, ard; Agriculture, G. Tigner, Reynolds; D. Garrett, W Ferguson. Junior, C. r I » ,. .i,i .. Sophomore, T . ' ' ■• I? Bncon. ; i oggt; Ponhel- (iu Eukl«r. Associated Women A M.,._.. 90 PAT BRUMMETT SENATOR Donna Easley leads a discussion on one of the measures that came before the Student Senate. Taking part in the discussion are, Barbara WiHiams, John Pruitt, G. L. Mauldin, and Dean Reynolds. PAUL MERRITT talks over a bill with Tom Mobley, George Tigner and Robert Skaggs, before it is presented on the floor of the Senate. V ' SENATOR Brittain Hardman goes through the organization of the ASC with Don Barnett and Wolly Ferguson. RIGHT — Geraldme Stone came to the ASC late in the school year to take over the office of ASC Treasurer. She held the position until the end of the second semester. 21 ASSOCIATKI) WOMEN STl |)|:mS GENERAL COUNCIL Firti Row Deon Moriho Holl, Geroldine Stone, Sandra Roundey, Sosan Myers, Peggy Hoghei, Loura Vigil. Helen Abotkin, Alyce Siokei. Stcond Row Vicky Seligmann. Bertha Rivero, Nell Loomis, Roberto Boney, , 7A»k f ' lK Borbora Williomj, Keren Richordion, Helen M- " " y ■ , Archer Associated Womf n S uHer t consists of every womon enrolled ol New Mexico A M Its purpose of unity ond fellowship among women stu- dents and the provision oi opportunities for leadership and participation m • ' ' ' • - IS. AWS acts as the coordino ' ' • ' - oil ; the slondords for livmg and wc on compus Associoied Women Students operates under the leadership of the General ' ' ' " ' • by the wo ' ' ' H ;,...- _ _ , _ . Holl, Home ! Marn«d Women Students, Mu Beta, Ponhellemc Council, Spurs, Rhodes Hall, Tou imo. Town G«rl». Women s Recreation Association, and Zeto Tou Alpho. 23 VICKY SELIGMANN Secretary NELL LOOMIS President LAURA VIGIL Vice-President ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS EXECUTIVE COUNCIL JANET BONOMO Treasurer TERESE GILMER Reporter DEAN MARTHA HALL Sponsor 23 Ill n lUi 4- « THE . .- - • ' »• ' H •, wnsjS? •• • rv .-•i »-IU. - • - ' . •«.- •• ' ' 6, I - A0- ¥ -— . -•«% V mi . ' 7 ' i - ' » A H ' ' . 1 1 • . . Ah ' R - ' •-., ' •-: : .. T ' i- ' ' ' a. ■ k-» ■: . V J-Ng " - .•i.«= ' «r ■■ P Tin: ()N(i;i{i HWh The 75 piece concert band made a spring lour of New Mexico and Texas presenting concerts at 14 high schools, covering a total of 975 miles. The formal campus concerts hove featured outstanding ortists and original contemporory music. rili: SVMIMIOMC WIND INSIMIJIi; " j t torn the CO ' O i ' iii ijt oup ' lOi ' 1H ■ T V show in A jue on Palm Sunday lt :i horus OS well os recorded music for the Coronodo Playmokers 30 w ' .r: ,i " " " ' i,V . ' ■W " ' ?;:? ■ibfci. ' ' I I I I I I I • I r » I, • ■ 1 1 Vyt ■ . V, Hs tl y y. i .».», -r » -- . ,:. ' .1 :k» - u- l ' .» »-| «- THE MARCHING BAND The fast high stepping show band presented won- derful entertainment during all home games. For their trip to Texas Western, the band presented a " George Gershwin ' show. All music is especially arranged for each show. Band marches at 185 beat cadence. The Homecoming show was Oklahoma. «;!« » h-: . p I I 1 •■:.- iL«™- - rr --- wr T ' WP THE BRASS CH(MI{ This new ensemble is under the direction of Mr. Norbert Carnovale, brass instructor. They have presented their own concerts as well as oppearing before convention groups this year. They provided Christmas music from the Memorial Tower at Xmas time and per- formed at the Vespers Assembly. 31 Tin: A cK M (IIOKIS 1958. . Marked the end of historic Hodley Hall. In 1957 the state engineer- ing survey condemmed Hodley Holl and during the winter months. . .down she come. 33 1IOMF.COMING First Ploce Winner — Sigma Alpha Epsilon I i ' k « 0 1957 Sweepstakes Winner — Sigma Alpha Epsilon • ' ■ k ri 3 Zeta Tau Alpha 35 NANCY GRAY Military Boll Queen ROGER B. CORBETT President of N M A M 3h - R.O.T.C. at A M 37 J. VRMY tr.eOL.II.fl.KEMM IT COL ROBERT R KEMM Profvuo of Miliiory Science Toctics Above o planning conference is in progress to insure that the necessary training require- ments are included in the program for the ROTC Cadets. Records for the cadet officers ore required |ust OS for any member of the Armed Services. Right — two members of the Regular Army RC5tC stoff process student records. ROTC 1 Above — Cadets are getting acquainted with the 3.5 Rocket Launcher, a " Tank Killer " weapon, another member of the crew served weapon family. Left — Another phase of training includes map-reading. On the left we see the cadets being taught basic information on reading a map before entering into the more diffi- cult tactical training. One of the important subjects that the cadet must learn is crew-served weapons. Right, the students are receiving first-hand information on the operation of a light machine gun. leadership is one of (he prerequisites for c p ihcif lee ■ At the fight h Todies on the doy s Iroming. • ■!• r t th oipects of Iroining the codet it for him ■ how to wear the ur iform properly and ' ' ■ " " • ' 1 ' he riqKt on . ihe Cod ' - ' .mmander oi g ' gs noted durirtg 40 An impressive sight in any formation ore the colors and their guard. On the left the color — IS preparing to march m review during • the retreof porodes conducted during the I yeor. An important port cf the ROTC program is the training received at the ROTC summer camp. This phase enables the cadet to exercise his knowledge of leadership and the training received during his academic year. At the right cadets are preparing to depart for the summer camp. On the left a nevi ROTC cadet receives his v inter uniform while some of the old timers show their approval. Rifle marksmanship is an important port of o cadets training, and the top " shooters are selected to represent the College at various rifle matches throughout the South-West. Pictured at the right are some of the members of the ROTC rifle team. On the left one of the cadets instructs another in the proper use of the M-1 rifle, the basic weapon of the infantry. 41 Al UOTC D( la ]inH ' nl . " (). if- 111, It in The AFROTC DelochmenI SloH, FirsI Row: Lt. Col. Wolfers, Mo . Sparkmon, Copt. Kirltpalrick. ond Sgt OodK n Srcond Row Sgt Yolei. Sgl. PeMerson, Sgt. Toylor, ond Sgt Perkmj. Copt Burnt ond Copt Von- defb ogh ore not pictured. ll Col Woltert ond College Oigmtories watch the lost combined review of the yeor. In the review the followir g were given Distinguished AAililory Groduotes: Codel Col. Dove Hornngton, Codet Ll Billy Mc- Kibb«n Codel ll Col Jock Redding 43 Cadet Col. Dave Harrington Cadet Maj. Don Jacobs Cadet Lt. Col. Billy McKibben Cadet Mai. Warren Wolff Cadet Lt. Col. Jack Redding Cadet Capt. Richard Taylor 1 t F r I ■■ ' ■ ' The AFROTC Cadet Drill Team commanded by Cadet Lt. Martinez 43 Advanced cadeJs in the new umfnrrrn L 1 8 ouciofr This oirplone is to be used for the orientation of the basic cadets. This will give them a chonce to fly an air craft The Senior Advanced Cadets who ore quolified for • ght training receive it under the new F IP. This teaches the Cadet how ' o fly on air croft ond ceive o privote license. After graduotion these Cadets will go to Ad- vonced pilot training. )Cf i 44 Cadet Staff under fire by AFROTC Headquarters. The annual AFROTC inspection was held by two Lt. Colonels from Maxwell AFB, Alabama. This inspection is to determine the standing of the unit as compared to the other units over the United States. Two former pilots for Hitler give a discussion to the Cadet Students on the present conditions that are found in Europe. They are now jet pilots in the West German Air Force. They explained that there cross country flights were made from one Country into several countries because of the short distances of the boundaries which exist over there. 45 MILIIAK UALI 1 9r j; 4« FAVORITES 47 MOsl IMHM { n{) i ' I IS Hal Uttleit 4t MOST POPULAR GIRL Connie Vetten 49 ST. I ' M ' I so mil Qodhif ST. FAT ' S QUEEN Valecia Countneij, 51 v(.(.ii; w nil nii; msi mm; - I J S3 f anfc Cu icfea CHE ATEST AGGIE fcs- 9 7ae K {{ 53 SI N (VKMN VI. I ' KINCKSS 4 S4 Sandra l ound i RODEO QUEEN Pat Jbuniqan 55 ll()Mi:(()MI (; OIF.FA I- M Ylancij Qnaij MOST POPULAR FACULTY MEMBER V -V f i CoL Ro( ent R. Kemm 57 St ' Uii ,ii rti " ' ' " ■ ' ' ■ ' ■ ' 59 1938 i JOANNE HANNY Business Manoger 60 l.ANnpA ROUNDtY Atliil — r PLEDDIE BAKER Circulation Monager Many thanks to Nancy Jo Archer, BiHie Schneider. Thomas Edward Foirless, or d Jack Doge s typr ' itpr SWASTIKA To some, all yearbooks ore the some, but each year the yearbook is a chapter in itself, filled with special meaning and excitement for those who lived it. Too, at A. M., 1958 marked a change. Foil production of the Swastika instead of the tra- ditional spring date and on individual photo index in which nearly 2000 Aggies are listed proving the wide coverage of this year s Swastika. The Swastika became a record of change, new ideas and new leadership in the athletic depart- ment. Within these pages is the feeling that New Mexico A M has entered a new era . . and that new era is recorded herein. Next year, the New Mexico State University Swastika? ( O- ) VERNON WADE Editor JOYCE MAAG Index Compiler - R. P. MELESKI Photographer 61 i The Round THt VOICt or STATt UNIVlJlilTV LLOYD FORTNEY Editor BILL FICKLIN First Semester Co-Editor " " o Zc ' Of ■ • BILL WEIR Sports Editor HARALD LEUBA Copy Editor During the past year the Round Up staff has attempted to bring to the students a newspaper which combined both information and humor. The idea was to present a newspaper easily indenti- fiable as the product of a college atmosphere. Throughout the twenty-five issues published during the 1957-58 school year many students not pictured on these pages worked hard toward the success of the publication. These include: Rueal Gates, Vicky Seligmann, Jean Skaggs, Kathryn Cox, Thomas Ronaldi, Tom Rogers, Tom Fairless, Jerry Elliott, Nat Thomas, Albert Ortega, Benny MeKeel, and Cathy Coleman. Two doubtfull individuals, known only as O. Utis and Wolfgang Gonzales, slipped their copy under the door in the dead of night. Faculty advisors for the year were Dr. Ralph Crouch, Dr. Ralph Dressel, and Dr. Jack Soules. Speaking for the entire staff, I hope the past year has been as enjoyable to you, the students, as it has to us. Lloyd Fortney - »► . MARTHA CHANDLEY Society Editor 63 Bob Jones Oscar Butler Mtt. Sh«rburn MACBETH Jack Soules Hershel Zohn Director Lillian Taylor iiii: . uw lJ % B iiii: (,i ss mi ,i ini Bob Jones Hershel Zohn THE SEA GULI Millie Hoyner 67 69 w s i;n(,im:i:i{ s day Jtm i M H STUDENT COMMISSIOTS 1958-59 A.S.C. President, Don Foster Vice-President, Charley McCoy S O AI E OLD SOME NEW SOME ' M im ' - . ■i U- 1 rs . ' M N OUTSTANDING STUDENTS I m. H ri Sf ' V .fA a BtAlfilCE APODACA Hittonon NELl I.OOMIS MA •0 Ml BETA Mo Beta wo$ orgonized by the Women ' s Self-Governmg Board and the Dean of Women m the spring of 1954. Its constitution wos modeled after thot of Motor Board, a notional honorory orgonizotion for senior women, based on high standards of scholorship, service, ond leadership. Eoch year Mu Beta, in connection with Blue Key, furnishes tfie Marshalls for the groduotion ceremonies Lost June Mu Beta ployed hostess ot a dance for the tiigh sct ool students on campus for a Science Work Shop At homecoming each year Mu Beta makes the corsoges and has o big Mum Sole. This year Mu Beta undertook o new proiect of printing and selling a Dote Book, which has been successful OS o calendar of school functions and a handy reminder of dotes and homework assignments. With the proceeds from these pro|ects, Mu Beta tries to encour- age higher scholarship, by giving awards or scholarships. bAkttAkA DAVIS SAMV UiON Sammy Edmondson places the Mu Beta pin on Nell Loomis during the formal initiation. Shirley Thomas, president, discusses the production of the Mu Beta Year Book with our sponsor, Mrs. G. L. Guthrie. 81 RU E KEY NATIONAL HONOR FRATERNITY i JAM£S BlCKei. Pretideni JOHN PAIR. Vice-President PAUL MfcRRlIi. LofJeipondmg iec. CARL BARNES. Sec.Tieoi. rs r,i MR SIIER. Spo i.A_ N(jvAN H jitk DICK SUMMERFORD WILLIAM WEIR EARL PYATT GERALD RISENGER r; K ii HAROLD PHILLIPS JACK DAGE ROBERT SKAGGS ROBERT JACOB! Not Pictured: BUCK RHODES LARRY CROUSE FRED DANIELS DOUGLAS DILLARD RICHARD DINWIDDIE G L. MAULDIN CHARLES McCOY LAWRENCE WIDNER WILLIAM HARRINGTON GARY SCHOLTHAUER 83 WHO ' S WHO M(l (. 1 I ItlM ' IN Mi.i{i(; N (;oi.i.i,(,i;s wd i mm:i:siiii:s To be flfcled for membership in Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and I ' nnersilies is one of the highest honors a student can receive. Oualifies which are considered in prospective nominees are the student ' s excellence and sincerity in scholarship; his leadership and participation in extracurricular and academic activities; his citizenship and service to the school; and his promise of future usefulness to business and society. Wr believe that these qualities are exemplified m the students who were elected this year. ■;??£2? ' " Tfsi V-J ' ' J BEATRICf l)t •«CA Animal Huibondry ROBERT BOEGLIN Psychology 1 1 I JANET BONOMO General Business Chi Omega i " — EVA NORMAN BOURGEOUS Elementary Education eta Tail Alpha JACQUELINE CAMUNEZ Home Economics Delta ela L. DOUG DILLARD Secondary Education 85 JOHN DOWNS Range Management Thfta Chi SAMMIE EDMONDSON Home Economics Education fta Tail Alpha EVELYN ( Molhemolict Drlla DON FOSTER Butmett Educoiton Alpha Gamma Rho HUNTER GEER Agricultural Education Alpha Gamma Rhn DOLORES HARDESTY Secondary Education Chi Omega DAVID HARRINGTON Animal Husbandry SUE HENDRICKS Elementary Education Delta J eta 87 f •» ROBERT JACOBI Chemicol Engineering Sterna Alpha Epsilon MARGUERITE REDDIN HUGHES Home Economics Delta fla NELL LOOMIS Elementary Education Chi Onuga BULK KMODtS BARBARA ROGERS Soili Home Economics I mhda Dflla fla MAUDINE FRAZIER SAUNIER Home Economics WILLIAM SHRIVER Mechanical Engineering Sigma Alph Epsilon BETTY SIMMS Animal Husbandry Chi Omega RICHARD SUMMERFORD Mechanical Engineering 89 SHIRLEY THOMAS Mothemalics I r DAVID TRAVIS Secondary Education Sigma Alpha Kpsilon W ' i GEORGE WIDNEK Agriculture i «0 BETTY SMITH WAUACE PtycK JOHN WOOTTEN Agricultural Economics Sigma Alpha Epuhn Mirrof from Acm« Glau Co. Vanity Fair „ I .,. 93 Oo MU Py J M M ■-m ■ ■r V. ' i 4 Ik t W Su Oa T OnibSO ! 93 94 iOuJS y UdJpuX Cui l-foka 95 k anJtlux R au cWi 96 AwiettB Aife Beatticfe AfJOclACO WawiAAtci»j5ey VohclUt Outtttey Gull DlKujlddiA Uok GoAy F eKiuj Fo ti Ve W Gtuttet klay OMftj DoWs f- (WfiSty 97 Cu ' . e ' ' UU Am. rJkodl, F y Mugktt Ma OttUl LhlUiUX d, JftA . Mojo , B:iflip CfiiMPiApK Vtdtto u t o . Coto tjn U .. BMbLj JAOA WaHxUM T v m r. 1 i ' 00Mti.M ; « ' ' ' GREEKS (;i{i;i;i an :ii. f ft,ul Row John Downi, T C: Melvin Romero. AG R.; Pool Wilcox, A G R.; Eorl PyoH, S.P.; Sid Neiljoo, " lion Oovii, L.CX; Corter Williams, L.C.A. Poul Merritt, L.C.A. Pool Boojhelle, T.K.E.; Jerry Dougherty, Alvin V. ' A E ; Don Foiier, A G R Fml Run Pool Kiunki, T K E., Hoi UMley, T K E , Don TC; v.. . .mon, CO.; Sondro Roondey, CO.; Gail Wolloce, Z T A.; Molly Williams. Z.T A. Kathleen Rhodo. CO.; Jogoy Doniols. D.Z.; Kol Cox. Z.T. A.; Buddy Ritler, S.A.E.; Fred Doniols. P.K.T. %. ' 100 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL JOANNE HANNY, President JOANNA WILLIAMS, Secretary DEAN MARTHA HALL, Sponser JEAN SKAGGS MOLLY WILLIAMS DOLORES HARDESTY PAT WEILER Not Picture: MARQUARITE HUGHES, NANCY KEDDY, DONNA RHODES, ALYCE STOKES 1 DOLORES HAROESTY PretidanI Vice Pf »id«nl Sec ' elory €4 JoANN McCUROY Pfe».d«n» BONOMO NEl JOANNA WIIUAMS Ruth Choirman DJI NANCY lO ABrHFR PAT DUNir.AN JO FliFN FNGIE MARGIE GRIMES MICKEY McDON AID . " IfY VICKY rilGAAANN BFTTY SIMS JfAN SKAGGS 107 .■» • liilurra Af-iNA AUtNUtK. NAf LT W WiUN. oERRY SMIPIEY. Ireoiu ' Cf. ond tAKUlTN iMllM CHI OMEGA I AiJ. pij:i)(;k class President This year Chi Omegas have been very active on campus. Right after fall rush we had our limit of 40 members and we got right into the swing of things. Many of our girls were elected to hon- oraries. We had one member in Mu Beta, three in Spurs and the president, a captain and a lieutenant in Pershing Rifles, four girls elected to Who s Who, one in Tri Beta and two in Phi Mu Tau. Many other girls were on the Queen ' s Courts for different events. This year the Homecoming Queen and one of the two princesses were Chi Omegas. Five of our girls were chosen to be m Angel Flight. Six were nominated for Vanity Fair, two more were in the Military Ball Court. The Engineer ' s Boll Queen and one of the Princesses were Chi Omegas. Two girls were members of the Sun Carnival Court in the Sun Bowl activities, and we hod the Rodeo Queen. We weren ' t left out of the activities either. The Art Editor of the Swastika was a Chi Omega. Our girls were represented on the Round Up m the positions of Society Editor and Assistant Business Manager. The AWS President, Secretary, and Treasurer were Chi Omegas. On the Student Senate the Chief Clerk and one Senator Were Chi Omegas. We won the basketball and badminton championships of WRA, first place in the Homecoming House Dis- play, and Honorable Mention m the Homecoming Parade for our float. During the spring semester one of our girls was elected secretary of the Greek Council and another one was elected President of Ponhellenic Council. We helped the Tuberculosis Drive and the March of Dimes Drive this year by send- ing out the seals and by having a work day to raise funds for the March of Dimes Drive. V Pictured Clockwise: ELAINE PRIESNITZ, President; ANNETTE AKE, BOBBIE BAIRD, SUE BLACKMON, NANCY BURKS, CAROLYN COOK, VALECIA COURTNEY, BETSY FOREHAND, NANCY GRAY, ANN HEDRICK, JO ANN JOY, CLAUDINE LESLIE, JoANN MAJOR, BILLIE SCHNEIDER, AND JANIE UPTON. Ml Pictured: TOOTSIE BOLES, COLLEEN BONOMO, NANCIE HART, POLLY JANEKA, and SUSIE MYERS. 103 iiniiia 1 ( M CHANOlEV G DANIELS • ERA . ■ n. S HENDRICKS J V ' J ' J ' i .Vut " 104 Delta Zeta The year 1957-1958 found the DZ ' s taking an active part in campus activities, holding major organization offices and receiv- ing top campus honors. Great moments of the year were in April v hen the House Corporation was organized and definite work was begun toward a house for Gamma Xi. Plans for a lodge to be built on the A M campus were to be realized in 1958-1959. A long time dream was, at last, about to come true! 1957 OFFICERS President MARGUERITE HUGHES Rush Chairman BEA APODACA Pledge Trainer ANN PAXTON Corresponding LYNN ESCOVER Recording KAY LIZER Treasurer JO GAY DANIELS Historian BARBARA ROGERS Chapter Director PAT GRAHAM 1958 OFFICERS President HELEN ABASKIN Rush Chairman JO GAY DANIELS Pledge Trainer LAURA VIGIL Corresponding KAY LIZER Recording ANNETTE TOMBAUGH Treasurer MARILYN PEARSON Historian ANN PAXTON Chapter Director LYNN ESCOVER M. HUGHES P. HUGHES K. LIZER P. MAURO M. PEARSON B. ROGERS M. STANKEVICH A. STOKES A. TOMBAUGH L VIGIL J. MUNOZ P. OGAS D. ORTIZ SHARON ClARKE . f ria I ail K n pha Zela Tail Alpha ANNE GAILACHER Vice-Pretident GEORGIA BOYLAND Secfeiory P ' .EDGE CLAS r Pfe»iden» Vice-President POllY BOURGEOUl Treoiuref r 1 tots ANN RICHARDS JACKIE McNEi. JNDA SCOGGINS DIANA POETER MELISSIA PIOK SARA COX • ' •■ •v -.L ' - AUCt VAltniirU oAi J S-i CAROLYN R£U LINDA f AuiK iOAIi bOjSUN 106 MOLLY WILLIAMS SHARON LITTELL SAMMIE EDMONDSON PATRICIA HARTY BARBARA STONESTREET JANYCE RENFRO HELEN MEYERS KATHRYN COX JEAN RAYROUX ROBERTA BONEY JO ANN HANNY JOYCE MAAG LOUISE SPARLIN GAIL WALLACE MAUDE PANLENER BARBARA SKAGGS TERESE GILMER KATHLEEN DAUGHERTY PATRICIA BAGLEY PAT WEILER 107 (,i{i:i:k }r r f% lonn Lli gk 4- % J ' , i ' A %» First Ploce Winner.- Zeta Tau Alpho f«f!J « l tos ' cher. Zelo prcwdeni receives the winners rom Poul Merrilt, Greek Council preiidenl. SING Second Place: Lambda Chi Alpha The Four Fifths ■k. u l i. ' i li , . " i.- -Kt .., TVri» R ■ i 1 i: 1 I ■ ' ! 4 ii ' " ' ' tWr Third Place: Delta Zeta 109 IMi:iM l{ VIKKMIV (Ol NCII. ; Rou Pool Bou heItc Melvm Romero, Vernon Wode, Don Foster, Don Rucker, Eorl PyoM. Firsi Rou Rtchofd Cople, Sonc ' ' oul Merntt, Howard Price, Buddy RiMer, Ronnie Gomes. Hermon Hmton, Jim lone HOWARD PRICE President MUCKER Vice President FRED DANIALS Secretory tto Alpha Gamma Rho MOTHER RUTH STILES Housemother Chapter Sweethearts Susan Thompson 57-58 Ethelyn Werner 56-57 S lra ajLaJipif- ' 1957- ' 58 PLEDGE CLASS DR. ROBERT PORTER Chapter Advisor Flymg Saucers!!! Homecommg Float BILL GATHER TOM CRUME BYRON DONALDSON CHARLES GLOVER HOWARD HEATH BOB MARLEY BILL PIPER DAVE THOMPSON JAMES THOMPSON HI CHARltS M COY Fi(t» Vice MELVIN fcuMfckO JIM THORNTON c_ PAUL COSTA - vc rNycr RICHARD DINWIDDIE WAILY FERGUSON RONNIE GAINES HUNTER GEER ANGEl GOMEZ • MEIVIN FERRIS EAAMETT KEllY 112 KYlE MEDINA TQM MOBlEY I y NORRIS OWEN LARRY PARADEE LEVI RIVERA LUTHER RIVERA V TOMMY SHELLEY WARREN SMITH BERNARR SPENCE JIM SWEDBERG C. (HANK) THOMPSON BILL THORNTON GEORGE TIGNER J, V BOB VILLARREAL (if - «r - STEVE VILLARREAL JOHNNY WERNER WAYNE WHEELER PAUL WILCOX 113 r P A 1 ; : ■. ' F ► ► A JtM PHv I c K H i-k M N - i f BILL DeBUSK r i M DAD Jfell DON SHE PAN o p p A DON TOLAAIE DON JENNINGS ii JAY WHlTTE H J i V i ♦%• VIK V ♦ 7 VIR ( ) t MK5. rcirtLV- H U M O T H Laiiilxia (llii Alpha Ok O WVAHS 114 BYRON BENNETT PAT BRUMMET DONALD BROWN ft iri RICHARD CHENEY Gorng for thirds ALLEN DAVIS J JERRY DeBUSK Roaring 20 s — 23 skidoo .in! GERALD GORE ALLAN J. HOLMES Per Crucem Crescens VVALTER A. GUYER HERMAN HINTON 115 m f tti iN MARDMAN n %.- r. «r JACK X INSON i ihi SAM scon EDWARD S KEDDY GREELEY W. MYERS c -y Ir lYNN M. MENEFEE JOHN PAUL RANEY .EUFERT CARTtr. S7UAk; A- 1 KENNETH HAYNES 116 Lotntxlo .ht Aip ia P «d9 » Vir ( iiisc|iie ir ROYD K)MNSON HOWARD PRICE Eminent ROBERT SILVER Em JOHN O BRIEN Em ALVIN SPRADLIN Em NATHEN BIFFLE Em DYNE BUCKLEY Em JOHN JONES Em VERNON WADE Em BILL WEIR Em DON JACOBS Em nent nent nent nent nent nent nent nent nent SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Archon BUDDY RinER D. Archon JACK DAGE Recorder CARL JONES Treasurer VERNON WADE Warden LEE GRAHAM Harold TOMMY SOWELL Preceptor ALVIN WATSON Chronicler JOHN STUCKY Chaplain NEIL GUM Correspondent NORMAN MATLOCK Advisors: Mr. G. L. GUTHRIE, DR. SIGRUD JOHANSEN Housemothers: MRS. EDNA STEPHENS, MRS. DORTHEY EBAUGH Dickie Montoya, Harry Trickie, Tom Donaldson, Tom Wootten, Jimmy Oliver, Jer. Jim Costigan, Dick Cox. , .c;ni, Mark Stroup, 117 d PfiM ' ' • - NichoU Booii Sprodlin Jerry DeCott Sam fcamondson Je " , Murphy " ' pddie Baker Don Jocobs Ned Holmet Dav« Trovit Kenny Gvlhnt Jim Potion Tom Sowyll Alvin Wofton Gene Jacobs J s Dennis Henry Robert Skoggs Robert Jacobi Lonnie Moore Bill Weir Jim Dougherty Buddy Ritter Lin Woodside Neil Gum Presley Askew Bill Wootten Carl Jones Jerry Dougherty John Stucky Gerald Boyd Randy Sabre Nathen Biffle Jim Nugent J. B. Blaylock Norm Mattlock Jack Wootten John Jones Pi Al - ' ( , Adv UK not p«ctur«d: DK BOYCE WILLIAMS DAVID HOOVER S«cond Countelor EARL PYATT Soge SIDNEY NIELSEN Fourth Counielo ' Not pKlurcd: KDE SLJCCI FirtI Countelof DR ANDERSON Advisor JAMES V ARD Third Counselor 130 H«fold CHARLES BARBEE Pl dg« Troift«r c iV 6 AUGUSTINE ALBA WILLIAM CHAMBERS JIMMIE GRAIN DAVID DERKSEN BOB FALT DAVID FERGUSON WILLIAM FISKE EDWARD HENRY JOHN JARMILLO ' 4 GORDEN JEFFERS VINCENT AAASTRANGEIO NATHANIEL THOMAS GUIDO ZECCA 121 vv jIM SUlkEL r.BiGG HAROLD SHEPPARD Vice-President BILL CLARK Prendent BENNY CASADOS DAN PtRRy PlClU ' r TONY JUAREZ O IJ3 " V " " Tau Kappa Epsilon f Fall initiates working at the Good Shepard Orphans Home. Gabe Anaya, pledge trainer, Bob Sue, Gary Van Horn, Neil Frieband, Floyd Mecham, Charlie Wood. OFFICERS 1957 1958 Thomas Prytanis Boushelle Marquez Epiprytanis Anaya Anaya Hegemon Uttley Kornegay Histor Carlson Risinger Grammateus Ottesen Sais Crysophylos Goldsmith Anderson Hypophetes Sue Mullins Pylortes Gam boo 123 o. f-i « " 7 4 im LJ ffs ». " D f .O a DON WUNSCH DAVE MUILINS JIM POMPONI MICKEY THOMAS JEMV RISINCER Bill HAYOU JOE TOGAMI PAUl KIUNKE ARTURO AlVAREZ RUEBAN MAROUE2 JIM SAIS GARY VAN HORN JIM DODSON SANDY POETER JACK MAYFIELD ED GAMBOA PAUl BOUSHEllE GABE ANAYA FRANCIS BURKE SID GIBSON WARREN CARISON MARTIN GOlDSMITH JIM LANE Bill AlFORD CLINT KORNEGAY GENE CUNNINGHAM DILLARD 6ULLARD H. 8 CORCORRAN CHARLES KLAUDT ERNEST FELIX BOB SUE X)N OTTESEN PAUl MULLIGAN PAUL r . AN HAl t 134 The Mob, Spring 1958 Pledges Day Laborers — ' More Mob Work Saturday yicmi Of mmnm Homecoming Float Joyous Pledges i Prcwdem S«cre«(yy ireowet 1! LAMV CaOUSE jfefttT S ill AM .HA ' -if- BEERS Aiii ecu lOM ' ' KfcSIfcR RONAlO tOWERt lAAMY LANKFORD SAM LEARNED 4 11 i: ! ikti FRED DANIELS HEINTZ GEHLHARR yi BILL CIROUX i k 136 • ' ifj tSUt! i -KI ' Mrj LOUIS LUCERO £i JACK PICKENS PETE SCOTT GARY SMITH SAM SMITH CHARLIE STEINMAN l ' S ' JOHN VAN DOLMAN JERRY WICKSTROM JIM MARTIN HAROLD CLARK TOMMY HERRELL GERALD HOLMES CHARLES HOUSER JIM LICHTY LYNN MURRAY RAY MILLER Members not pictured: BOB KIRKCONNELL DONALD SPERRY Pledges not pictured: JEFF PEARCE BOB GROSS STANLEY MILLER PAUL SPERRY ROBERT STEINBAUGH 127 Tlu ' la Clii n y y Y y V Y X Spontof tiON£i haihg; CARL MAIL 1957 OFFICERS 1958 DONALD RUCKER President BERT BLACKWELL JOHN DOWNS Vice-president AUBREY GAMMILL WARREN KRAUSE Secretary DAVIS HOLD AAN JOHN BROWN Treasurer ARTHUR MOORE LANNIE TERRY Pledge Trainer. . FRED FIELDS BOB BOYD Chaplain JOHN BROWN JOE HORTON Historian GARY BUn DAVID GOSE Librarian Pledge Class JOHN LYLE 178 BERT BLACKWELL DICK GARREH JOHN L. BROWN OCIE GRAY T H E T A C H I FRED FIELDS WARREN HARKEY AUBREY GAMMILL DAVIS HOLDMAN JOE NORTON WARREN KRAUSE BURTON LANG JOHN LYLE ARTHUR MOORE JOHN PAIR DEAN REYNOLDS DONALD RUCKER 130 FC " , • 1 1 ' L Y F E " 1 B " w ( r s p o R T S RICKY A.f-i ROBERT L ANDREWS TOM ARCINIECA JIM BICK.EL Jf f uKv v Kij DICK ClOPTON L ff, % BILL CATANESE BOB CERNY JIM COSTIGAN ROOSEVELT DAVIS 135 . lEE GRAHAM H vVAi I ¥ FERGUSON MICKEY F012 LEON GRIFFIN ! • I , FRED HERNANDEZ BOB KELLY LOUIS KELLEY BEN LANDIN 137 BiUY RAY Lw ' -. ' .D OtUKOt MtLUtx 1 BOBBY LINCOLN M GEORGE MULHOLLAND V! St V- SAM NEGRA itWAfti o CHARLES PRENTISS ED SHENK JOE VALERIO JIM WORRICK 139 POP SHOWS tquilMncnl Mitnnyri (Rfliirii) NOAH PRfSlfY ASKEW HiivlftlMill iirMi 8ow4 all JOt HYNtS Alhlflic Dopoitnit-nl Business Managei C R BICKERSTAff lioiitei 140 Warren B. Woodson Director of Athletics and Head Football Coach In January, Warren Woodson replaced Presley Askew as director of athletics. This was re- quested by Mr. Askew so that he can devote full time to basketball and baseball coaching. Woodson, former head football coach at University of Arizona and Hardin-Simmons Uni- versity, has the outstanding record m college coaching today. In his 27 years as a college coach, his teams have won 177, lost 72, and tied 16. As a Border Conference coach he has won 83, lost 36, and tied seven in 13 seasons. He was twice named Border Conference Coach of the Year, in 1946 at Hardin-Simmons and 1952 while at University of Arizona. Warren Woodson will |om New Mexico A M College with the longest experience of any coach now coaching in the Border Conference. Coach Woodson can and will win games for the Aggies this season. C ' fi i ' 4 iii ' PiM 141 I CHEERLEADERS ANNE GALLAGHER Head Cheerleader CONNIE VETTER GAY WIDNER BELLE HUFFMAN I .. C MffSlEY ASKEW J» « » " " WFN Til 144 24 j-_i vtir 1 1 X c- 1 ROY aVMER N - MAX COLE f)V li DAVIS i i f S • 4 . «r JOE KELLY ♦ ' I 1 c 1 BOB JARREH All Border Conference Cuord ERNIE McGIU 141 V V »c 4 ' v%tv ClEN MAKKHAM TERRY WASHBURN jIAAMY OLIVER ISO • 4 J ' . ; ' mL,t X 10II4 SMt n i- ilY JO PRICE BOB KELLY WAvrjl YATES 157 BASKETBALL WINS LOSSES 76 College of Pacific 74 45 Rice 72 55 Hemline 47 50 Arkansas 59 60 New Mexico 49 56 Tulsa 62 82 Middle Tennessee 71 41 St. Louis 96 71 Arizona 51 59 Vanderbilt 73 82 Arizona State 78 55 Oklahoma State 72 65 Hardin-Simmons 51 58 Texas Western 67 73 West Texas 72 66 Arizona 68 86 Peperdine 69 56 Arizona State 60 76 Pasadena 73 56 Texas Western 54 90 West Texas 65 62 Hardin-Simmons Rubber Match 48 71 Texas Western 58 Season Record: Overall 14-9, Conference 7-3 FOOTBALL 7 New Mexico 25 8 California Poly 10 32 Corpus Christi 7 West Texas State 35 12 Texas Western 42 Arizona State 21 6 McMurry 26 39 Omaha 6 26 Colorado Western 21 20 Hardin-Simmons 29 Season Record: Overall 3-7, Conference 0-4 153 Hill I, ii; M .FERENCE CHAMPIONS Copi ChorlM Lindsay. Olto Wildentleiner, Lloyd Bfonum, Thomoj Powell. Rolph Morih. SFC Poul V (,()!. I Ti: M h«ll«. Danny Sl v««n. Som • IS4 BASEBALL LEWIS KELLEY VERNON DUENAS RICKY ALBA 155 1 1 ' JIAAMY OLIVER CNV IS6 TOM ARCINIECA RICH VLOSICH 9 Colorado State 11 2 Colorado State 11 Denver University 7 1 Denver University 6 2 Denver University 5 2 N. M.M.I. 10 2 Wyoming University 9 1 Wyoming University 16 2 Wyoming University 8 1 Wyoming University 22 Colorado University 10 2 University of New Mexico 7 16 N. M.M.I. 1 7 New Mexico Western 24 New Mexico Western 5 16 White Sands 9 10 Sul Ross 3 7 Sul Ross 12 University of Arizona 10 1 University of Arizona 24 13 Tempe 12 1 Tempe 9 JACK BROOKS C. F. RANDALL CLYDE LESTER 157 Intromurols at New Mexico A M, this year under the direction of Professor Vaughn Corley, enjoyed the most successful year m history. Competition was keen and competi- tion was heavy. More than fifteen hundred (1500) mole students (o record number) took port, competed ond enjoyed one or more of the fourteen different sports thot the intro- murol Program offers the students. 1st Softball Champs T.K.E. V. , ' Freethrow Champion Dave Graham — Revlons Golf Champs T.K.E. Track Champions S.A.E. basketball Champs P.V.I. 159 The Intromural chompionship went to the T.K.E. fraternity for the second yeor in a row. The fir»t four orgonizotions in ' • ■■ ' thot they finished and the points they sc u ne ' e. T.K.E. 1938 SA.E 1738 5 P.K.T 1259 ' V ' 989.5 Smoic ond Doubles Pmgpong Chomps T.K.E. TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS INDIVIDUAL CHAMPIONSHIPS Touch • PVI. Basketball Free Throw Dave Graham, Revions V:- ■ ' ... ' Etn Beta Pi Horseshoe Smgles John Guer, Kent Hall ; Horseshoe Doubles Loran Young, Jerry Murphy; SAE S A E Tennis Doubles Jim Crain and Augustine Aibo; S.P T KE SAE Tennis Singles Dick Lemon P K T Pool Singles Pool Doubles Paul Cowan J B. Bloylock ond Jim Wilson TKE. SA.E. Swimming P V 1 Ping Pong Singles Paul Boushelle T.K.E. Gdf TKE. Ping Pong Doubles Bill Hoydu and Terry Ego T.K.E. Badminton Singles Paul Boushelle T.K.E Badminton Doubles Don Forrester and Jerry Simmons P.K.T. Golf. Don Fischer IM Football Champs PVI ORGANIZATIONS r — I -T n I THE AGGIE RODEO ASSOCIATION dedicoies ,h s fion m »he Swojfiko m memory of: CHARLES ROBERT MOODY May 8, 1935 - Oct. U, 1957 HOWARD PARDUE HEMLER JR. Feb. 22, 1936 - Oct 14, 1957 1 3 RODEO CLUB OFFICERS: Sam Elkms, Vice President; Denny Calhoun, President; Nodine Mangum, Secretary; Jim Niner, Treasurer; Jake Borboa, Reporter. RODEO CLUB BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Gary Schlothouer, Saddle Bronc Riding; Kenny Parmelee, Coif Roping, Ribbon Roping; Betty Sims, Girls Events; Gene Humphries, Steer Wrestling; Tommy Perez, Bareback Riding; not pictured — Gerald Marr, Bull Riding. 163 SPONSORS Df. R. C. DwOiv i, Dr. T. H. Belling, D.V.M. Dale Hopkins, Rex Hartgraves, Skip Prichard, Henry Holdman, Ann Stevens, Charles Grissom, Jerry Brown, Denny Calhoun, Jerry Heliums, Bill Mittag, Davis Holdman, Nadine Mangum, Pot Hamilton, Joann Ma|ors, Rita Perez, Bobbie Baird, Annett Ake, Dean Reynolds. RODEO Sam Elkins, Dick Wellborn, Gene Humphries, Jerry Townsend, Bill Danley, Jake Barboo, Alfred Johnson, Nancy Hart, Joyce Brown, Wanda Atchley, Bob Gibson, Leroy Glardin, Bill Minzenmayer, Betty Sims, Kenny Parmelee, Bill Schulte, Tom Danley, Bill Wells, Bill Dinwidde, Fred Heckman, Wes Dross, Rich Stoes, Perry Larsen, Joelen Engle, Jerry Gardner, Oletta Wall, Gerald Marr, Pat Dunnigan. AI.IMIA rSI OMEGA Batk Row: K nny Guthria, Chorlet Slillwell, Marcena Learnerd, Ann Hildrelh, Butty MouMr. Finl 7omv Ri(o Pertz. B«lty J on Gonzoles, Mr Herth«l Zohn, Diono Po«l«r. Jeon Royroux. IM ALPHA TAU ALPHA Honorary Agricultural Education Fraternity " In order to develop a true professional spirit in the teaching of Agriculture, to help tram teachers of agriculture who shall be rural leaders m their communities, and to foster fraternal spirit among students in teacher training for vocational agriculture, we bond together m this Professional honorary fraternity. NEW INITIATES PROF. CARL G. HOWARD Sponsor WARREN NOLAND President Luis Luna, Clyde Ostrander, George Chavez, Paul Wilcox, Wally Ferguson. iiiiPH First Row: James Hankins, Lawerence Widner, Gene Duke, Fred Gerk, Dick Garrett, George Chavez, Clyde Ostrander, Luis Luna. Second Rmr Mr. Howard, Homer Stewart, Warren Nolond, Darwin Crockett, George Tigner, Paul Wilcox, Donald Anderson, Walley Ferguson, G. L. Mauldin. 167 ALPHA ZETA II(i ()RAh ' } ACRICl 1. 1 1 ' RE FRMF.RMTT OFFICERS ANu i ' ' i_ ' N:. ; (i i rj ' i Dornei vice presiOent, Lorfy Widner, PrejiOcni leroy Mill«r. Treasurer; Gene Duke, Secretary Second Koiv M. B. Jonej, Boyce Williomj, Robert Blockwell W. E. Watkms ACTIVE MEMBERS Finl Row Jimmy Baton, Thomot Shelley, lynn CHillon. John Downt. Jim Nic «f. Som Elkim. tonoie Oovenport Sfttmd Rotf Jim Porki. Jim Soil, Dworte Ri dl, RobcH Ho(n, Fr»d Heckmon. J«fry Wood«.o ' d !» ! ' ■., Fr . Fran it Burke. Norrit Owen. Bui Burrii. Richord Toylof, Rob««1 Milker, i M Krtoi, Don Anor ■ . ' • ot v . Jo k Woolen. A D Jorvet 168 FALL PLEDGES: Charlie Ligocky, Warren Noland, Joe Gregory, Paul Wilcox, James Garrett. Second Row: James King, Ralph De Oliviera, Pete Stewart, Dean Reynolds. SPRING PLEDGES: Clyde Ostranger, Homer Stewart, Tom Mobly. 169 AMKHH AN CIIEMICVL SOCIETY k Fittt Fotf Bob Jocobi. Rondolph Scotl. Dave White, Tom Hughet, Bill Parker, Bob Schmid, Lester Nemesh. Irwin Smith. H P Sheng. L B Shire» SramJ Run Al Schell, Bryan Hodges. John Stocky. Doyle Wise. Don Tillion, Fred Mwlloy. Vernon Wode, Don Jocobs, Williom Holcomb, Jim Potton President BOB JACOBI VicePresidenf BILL PARKER Secrelory-Treosurer DAVE WHITE Sjjonsor PROF L B SHIRES 170 A.S.A.E. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERS STUDENT BRANCH Engineer ' s Day Champs 1958 Chapter Emblem Honorable Mention Float NEW MEXICO COLLEGE of A. MA. Left to Right: Bill Reynolds, Leroy Quintana, Z. G. Tyson, G. P. Kinard, G. H. Abernothy, E. G. Hanson, A. F.Alvarez, Ben Baca, Thomas Shelley, Ed. Grey, Juan O. Valenzuela, James King. OFFICERS President JAMES KING Vice-President A. F. ALVAREZ Secretary JIM THORNTON Treasurer PHIL LARSON Sponser G. H. ABERNATHY 171 V.S.C.E. Ar■I p. tcin Society of Civil Engineers ■„,; o. Hobvon, Lindjcy, Oodby, MiMCf. eyes. ]ryon, Jofommo Aci " Ort " iJ Pocheco, AAoi tio«2. • .. -rnon, lvi». McKiinck, Boco. Holl. Thttd Rou: Oswell, Mooer, Sonchez. Cord, Wickttrcxn, Bfoniilow. Lomdirt, Martir «z and Woodside. Teaching Staff ACTIVITIES tStov 4 A,; ' Dk 3 Bont; . jj Weilern Jon. 17 Senior Banqw«t ol Lo Potto F 1 Sonlo F« Convention (8) Feb 12 Election of OH.cpr? Hb. 26 Mov.r Mor. 12 Slud ' • matron Arrr. ' ve Mar. IS Er gine«rt Competilion A l 2 AISC R«pretenloliv« A. .l t6 Movi M9 . PocifK Sooihwett ASCE -,. . _ phocnm, Afix i) Moy Moy ■ Ooy with TeKO W» Moy 24 qu«t ? to Kighl Jennings, Donhom, Bromilow. Austin, Clark. Spring. Poyne. Wilson ASCE 0««Ma — First Semwlw: Jim Thomos, President; John lindsey. Vice Presidenl, Steworl Whiltier. Secretory; and Bill Brockmon, Treosurer f.fri r.u . f _ 5 —4 f , po„| Miller. Pr «iden», John lindsey. Vice President. Bill Cadby. S««c»e tory. oitd Conrod Keyes, Treosurer. Oroduoting Seniors B Austin. S, J Thomoi. B Silver, B Borilelt. P WiUon. R SionJord. J Porro. P Miller. J Morlioei. R Mort.nef. O Pocheco, f Pereo. G McKissu f l»mood I Grot . J Joramillo. I Diot, B Mover, J Murphy artd T Ives in A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Bottom Row, Left to Right: Professor Crosno, Elmo Gibbs, Robert Beairsto, Franklin Wingo, Marten Jensen. Second Row: Paul Mc Gahen, Richard Beairsto, James Scott, Lloyd Laritson. Third Row: Alan Swanson, Woodie Armstrong, Edward Pavelka, Robert Ferran. Fourth Row: Jock Howell, Dale Callahan, Louis Moreno. Top Row: Bill Dodson, Eugene Komtzer, George Miller, Frank Flores. OFFICERS Fall Semester Spring Semester MARTEN JENSEN Chairman DONALD A. COLEMAN ROBERT BEAIRSTO Vice-Chairman DALE H. CALLAHAN FRANKLIN J. WINGO Secretary ALLAN DAVIS ELMO GIBBS Treasurer ELMO GIBBS ROBERT FRAZER Publicity Chairman GREGORY J. NIXON 173 V.S.M E. i I ' w i ■ I truM »»u » ' rwn, , t uui AAc ilt, v onf ' K? v ooiiofi, Jtjcn JO in on, icifry Miiori Aiorii " fUi ' tmuM CofI Mope . Jomei Barrett St and Row: Loois Cord, Ron Wholen, Bill Dixon, Dick Sumnierford. VorKe Boldirtg. Bill Zifkle. John McDougol, Prof Jock Hordgrove Focolty Sponsor. Thud Hou Dick Pledger, Don — ■ ;•.. Bill Wolchler, Neil loco , Allen Smith, Corter Taylor, Bill Mockey. Prof A M Lukeni, Richard .n h ' outlh Row Charles Lmdemolder, Worren Depperman, Don Tolomie, Eli|ah Tnpletl, Bill Young jSoi f funl Alvin Thomot, Bob Skoggs, Joe Togomi, John Young, Otto Wildenttfemer, Ed Carrier, George While, John Jones, Gerald King, Weldon Maserong, Bill DeBusk, Eddie Gomboa, Louis Gomel, Carl Hom- mont. Jim Togomi, Poul Kiunke, Joe McWhortei. Bob Myers. 1 4 BETA BETA BETA National Honorary Biological Fraternity Front Row: Ann Paxton, President; Carlee Boggess, Barbara Stonestreet, Rufhie Watson, Annette Tombaughi, Jean Rcyroux, Kathleen Dougherty, Secretary; Mrs. Florence Anderson. Second Row: Dr. M. G. Anderson, Counselor; Leroy Miller, Luz Candelaria, Ben Guild, Dr. James Weiss, Jim Lane, Cubia Clayton, Historian; Byron Alexander, Vice President; John Granger. Last Row Dr. Eugene Staffeldt, Charles Campbell, Mr. Ralph Raitt, Dr. Wil liam Dick-Pedie, Aaron Wolgin, Edwin Brooking, Arthur Sears, Presley Askew, Tom Gragg, Jerry Salome, Jerry Reid, James Prichard, Bill Weir, Kent Jacobs, Edwin Walrath, Stanley Dennis. The purpose of this organization is to strengthen and encourage investigation in the life sciences, to stimulate sound scholarship, promote the dissemination of scientific truth. 175 BAI»TIST STIDENT I NTON President VicePreiidenf Enlijfmane ' ' ' ;i Devotional :n Misfiont Chairman Publicity Chairman Stewordship Chairmen Social Choirmon Music Chairman Secretary Intramural Representative OFFICERS FOR 1957-58 EVA LOU MOORE MAUDINE SAUNIER ;n PHIL DAWES SUE ABBOn JONELL SESSIONS JIM SIKES RODNEY CHAMNESS EDITY SHERIFF BILL RICHARDSON CLARIECE HALL DON CARTLIDGE Sunday School and Trommg Union Representative EUGENE YARBRO Church Representatives: First Boptist, Los Cruces First Baptist. Mesillo Pork Foiracres Boptist Grondview Boptis t Faculty Advisor Pastor Advisor TERRY HOPKINS GENE YARBRO BILL BROCKMAN DON ADAMS . C. R. BICKERSTAFF ALVIN SWEARENGEN EVA LOU MOORE Prejident, 1957-58 174 ■i»v»o». Tommy Weuon. ■ . Noncy EichtH llz. Clori«(« Holl. Jooen ScUMXM. o Velter, Joo«t Johnson, Edity Sheriff, Sue Abbott Ft mi Row Eugene Yorbro. Jock OeVore, Jr , Bill " tt. lorry Bfockmon. Phil OowM. Kirby Torry, Bryce Sondlin IN MEMORIAM DR. GUY WINSTEAD B.S.U. Director • Bible Teocher, New Mexico A and M, 1949- 1957 Born March 30, 1893 Died September 20, 1957 JAMES ARTHUR McDONALD Chandler, Arizona Junior Electrical Engineering Student. Born February 11, 1936 Died November 10, 1957 HONORS GIVEN THREE MEMBERS OF B.S.U. Maudine Saunier was elected to ' Who s Who ; Joe Kelley was voted Greatest Aggie; Connie Vetter voted Most Popular Girl. 177 DA { s(:ii:n(:i: ( ixb Of S R Skoggt, Norni Owen, Fred Girk, Gerald Boyd. Jonette Peterson. FredHeckmon. Jock Giegofy, Warren Smith, George Chovei. Burton long, Robert Home. JUDGING TEAM t( d H« kmon. Frad Oirk. kooert no r DELTA PI OMEGA Honorary Electrical Engineering Society Standing, Left to Right: Stuart Butterfield, James Winn, Martin Goldsmith, Robert Fraiser, Dale Callahan, Woodie Armstrong. Sealed, Left to Right: Robert Scrten, Terrance Kirk, Glenn Williams, Bill Donson, Donald Huffman. Absent: Douq a% Browne, Ross Smith. 179 HL()( K HHIDLi: (LI H ' yw ' ii- DoAtit, jirii r 4iiiei, juliii lo i. r-JuJiiic Moiijjum, Ann Sleveni. Belly Simi " ■ ! -,i. ■jint, Oick Gorreft, Dick Pork . Jimmy BaK n. Howell Whiijift Ihird H oif Skeeier Brc • ■ :. ►olph D« Oliv)«ro. Cory Butt. Fourth How Fred Heckman, Gary Schlothouer, Lynn Chilton, tt HortgrovM. JVof Shoiiyi ' ■ ' ■ Bornj, Fred Moldonodo. lorry Rolhef ord, Som Elkmi, Ronnie Dovenport. Jim Billmgt, ' . ' ' Vonce Soge, Kenny Pormelee, Phil Smith, Virginia Lir dermuth, Bill Wootao, iohnny Yorbrough and J J Nornt, SponK r. 1M Left to Right: Gary Schlothauer, Vice-President, Dick Parks, Treasurer; Ann Stevens, Secretary; and John Pair, President. .Not shown: Jim Richards, Reporter and J. J. Norris, Sponsor. LIVESTOCK JUDGING TEAM Lefl to Right: Dale Zinn, Sponsor, John Yarbrough, Ronnie Davenport, Lynn Chilton, Sam Elkins, Gory Schlothauer, Fred Heckman, and Robert Home. The team |udged at Denver and at the Southwestern Exposition and Fat Stock Show in Ft. Worth, where they competed in both livestock and meats judging. 181 THE ENGINEER S COl NCIL ■ivnl A ' uu. Jomet Kiny, Bill Oixon, Bill Parker, Robert Jocobi, Jon Lmdio , Cloude J Borrelt, Carl Mopes Bad Rou Oick Summerford, Don Jennings, Arturo Alvorez, Morlin Jensen, Stuorl. Butterfield. Bill Zirkle, Ifo A Hortmon, Poul Miller. Ao Ptdured Eli|oh Tnplett, Professor J W Clork OFFICERS President DICK SUMMERFORD Vice-President IRA A HARTMAN Treasurer CLAUDE J BARRETT Secretary CARL MAPES Faculty Advisor PROF J W CLARK EXOFFICIO MEMBERS OF COUNCIL PROF. M A. THOMAS Dean of Engineering PROF. D. 8. JETT Dean Emeritus of Engineering MEMBER SOCIETIES American Society of Agriculture Engineers American Society of Civil Engineers Amencon Society of Mechomcol Engineers American Institute of Electrical Engineers and Institute of Radio Engineers American Chemicol Society Pi Tau Sigma Sigma Tau Delta Pi Omego 187 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB President LAURA VIGIL Vice-President. . JOAN JOHNSON Secretary JERRY BONDS Treasurer.. . .MARIE RODRIGUEZ Historian BILLIE COMBEST Reporter MARIE SERRANO Sponsor MRS. V ICHERT Home Economics Club is an organization for students interested in home economics. It is affiliated with the New Mexico Home Economics Association and the American Home Economics Association. Purposes of the club are the promotion of high standards of living and encouragement of interests in home ec. The members seek to advance and promote home economics as their profession and to establish and strengthen friendships among fellow students. Outstanding activities and programs: Freshmen Get Acquainted Picnic, Xmos Corsage Sale, Sweetheart Banquet, Xmas Decorations, Fashion Plate, Family Life Abroad. Seated: Mary Lou Maxwell, Charlotte Brenard, Leto White, Tonito Davis, Marie Rodriquez, Alice Mavis, Marie Martinez. Standing: Morie Serrano, Tina Chavez, Billie Combest, Jeanne Linder, Jerry Bonds, Joan Johnson, Laura Vigil, Bodria Hindi, Phyllis Caywood, Jackie McNeil, Penny Fort, Georgia Boyland, Moble Martinez. 183 LMKK RELI(,l()l S COINCIL RELIGIOUS EMPHASIS WEEK Morch 2-6, 1958 Religion in o Power World " Sponior JERRY BONDS Pfeiident AlBfcRI OKItUA Vice Pretideni tvA LuU MOORE Secretory NEIL FRIEBAND Treasurer y J ' Participating Groups: Baptist Student Union Canterbury Club Christian Youth Fellowship Jewish Newmon Club Wesley Fellowship Westminister Fellowship Not Pictured: ROBERT JACOBI RAY FRANK JONES CHARLOTTE BELLAIS ROLANDO SAIAS n Ig4 FRANCIS BURKE IVNN MtNtm Disk Jockey at work. Ylewa SfiontA }Veathen YYlu ic Excellent News coverage and good music make up most of our programmg. Preventive maintainance like this keeps KNMA on the air. RADIO STATION KNMA THE VOICE OF STATE COLLEGE KNMA, the student owned and operated radio station, is making steady progress in its service to the students. Filing new records is a big job. KNMA has one of the largest and best collections in this area. MAKKIKI) WOMKN STIULMS CLl B Molly Widnef. Leio White, Jogay Domelj, Shirley Thomoi, Cofolyn Widner, Pot Engliih, Co ' ol Deppecmon, Joyce Jomet, Sondy JeHut, Charlotte Brenrvond President Vice-Pretident Secretory Treasurer Sponsor KAY GOMEZ PAT BAGLEY CAROL DEPPERMAN SHIRLEY THOAAAS MRS. SIGURD JOHANSEN IM PAN-AMERICAN CLUB Back Row: Edward Fernandez, George Jenks, Charles Stillwell, Albert Ortega. Front Row: Joseph Horton, Rebecca Espinozo, Enriques Noranjo, Mrs. Jenks, Edward Arnold. OFFICERS President ENRIQUES NARANJO Vice-President JOSEPH HORTON Secretary EDWARD ARNOLD Treasurer CHARLES STILLWELL Sponsor GEORGE JENKS PURPOSE: To promote a student interest m Hispanic and Ibero-Americanic culture and history through films, talks, social meetings and scholarships. 187 AEW MAN CLl B REI.ICIOI S, IMELIECH ' AL. SOCIAL fntnt Aoa-. Mobet Martinez. Mone Rodriguez Bad Row Alfonio Zamarripo, Jerry Boca, Rudy Carnllo, Erneil i- -■ -jii Borno, Al Ortega, Joe Anoyo, Eddie A :. Villoreol. Dovid Apodoca. Ruben Morqwez. Anthony Sonchez. ond Greg Chacon. •, r Ap-v} lomot. Rilo Romero. Mone Martinez HaU Hmir Jo nny Vig ' - 1 • , ! ' ■ i-ti . B4M3 AfMwloCO, ■ Ftonk ■-. Vincenie Sanchez. Clarence Arch uleto. . «...« T . L f .. 1 it _ c . -.1 lONY BAlSAMO EOOIE RAEl ' ATHER RVAN MARY GOMEZ NAVORA GONZAIES ANN PAXTON lYDIA MARTINEZ EMILY AGUILAR SILVERE C VANDECAVEYE (not pictured) EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE " ifjontOl CKopioin Vice ' ■ Coftei • Recording Secretory Historian Reporter Treasurer Sponsor ■ ' roni Rou: Pauline Lopez, Consuelo Ramirez, Elodio Hernandez. Yolondo Bionchi. Lydia Lopez. Dorothy Ortiz, Corlee BoguJ. Eileen Arnold Baik Ron Rito Bass. Tom Reddin, Georgio Boylond, Bob Skoggs, Jon Hurley. Arturo Alvorez. Charlotte Grondi, Jur e Yurltovich. Bill Snyder. Volelio Courlrtey, Bodria Hindi, Tom Robinson, and Pete Dienler. NEWMAN CLUB INSTALLATION OF OFFICERS Christmas Party: Ali Apodaca, Tom Robinson, Reni Martinez, Cissie Apodaca. Picnic at White Sands Boys clearing yard at the new Newman center. Editor Don Perry and Tom Reddin on the trail for a hot story. Enchilada Supper: Father Ryan on Kitchen Duty?? 189 AG CLl B zalion in the School of Agncollore for the purpose of fostering ond promoting omong tfie ■ in oil motters pertoming to agriculture, to encouroge cooperation ond :jers ond ' o promote social events and programs for the development ond ?nl of the members. ft C fiord. sponMr, Roy Com, Potncio Arnold, Jimmy Sto», Jovcph Kcc - Heni, Chuck Sundl, Chofl«v i- ' . Jo« Gregory, reporter LA t . I — . 190 Honorary Fraternity of the School of Arts and Sciences First Row: Eva Jane Robeson, Gory Van Horn, Kathleen Dougherty, Jon Ottsen. Second Row: Roy Sprneill, Joanna Williams, Frank Williams, Jack Dage. 191 PI T Al SIGMA NATIONAL HONORARY MECHANICAL ENGINEERING FRATERNITY Rotf: Connie Coolson, Paul M«rritt, Ass t. Prof. G. F. Ponlener, Jock Johnson, Lorry Mixon, Asst. Pro ' James Field, Jim Barrett, Carl Mopes. Second Ron-: Warren Deppermon, Richord Pledgi- " ' v-alin. Williom Dixon, Vonce Bolding, Asst. Prof. J. M. Hordgrove, Asst. Prof. J M ck Summerford. fhird Row E. V. Tripleti, Charles Lindemolder, Don Jennings, Don Totmie, WiMiam Young, Richard Berlemonn, Prof. A. M. Lukens, Ass t. L. W. Kleine, Focully Advisor. Fall 1957 DICK SUMMERFORD BILL DIXON CONNIE COALSON .£ OFFICE Presider f Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretory Treasurer Focutty Advisor Spring 1958 ELIJAH TRIPLEH DON JENNINGS PAUL MERRin LARRY MIXON RONALD WHALIN LOUIS KLEINE The obiecfive of Pi Tou Sigma are to encourage and recognize scholastic achievement of undergroduole students m Mechanical Engineering and to honor practicing engineers for distinguished lechnico ' 192 SIGMA DELTA PI Slfindiri Mis. K. Laabs, Horacio Echevarna, Jesus M. Diaz, George Jenks, Rebecca Espinoza, James Colbert, Emily Outwoter, Enriques Naran|o, Mike Milam. Sta ed: Mrs. E. Moore, Porfirio Sanchez. OFFICERS President PORFIRIO SANCHEZ Vice-President EMILY OUTWATER Secretary REBECCA ESPINOZA Treasurer ENRIQUES NARANJO Historian JESUS DIAZ Sponsor C. A. TYRE 193 SIGMA TAL FRATERiMTY NAiio.VAi. ii(). ()R sociKD FOR k (:im:i:rs SCHOLARSHIP SOCIABII ITY PRACTICALITY FntI How A D Thomot, lorry Miaon, John ion«t. Jim BorrctI, Icilcr N m««h, Jam«t King. Dovid While • ' «n Shnv«r. Dick Swmmcrford, CoMvr Williomi, Tsrrcnc Ktrk, Jom«t Thomot. 194 First Row: Richard Glaze, Richard Barnett, Robert Sortin, Richard Pledger, Paul Merritt, Woody Armstrong, Wm. Dodson. Second Row: Martin Goldsmith, Jack Johnson, Ronald Whalm, Morlin Aker, David Methvin, Randolph Scott. Third Row: Kenneth Haynes, Don Jennmgs, Don Tolmie, Charles Lmdemuler, Professor L. B. Shires, Assoc. Professor Jock Hardgrave, E. V. Triplett, Earl Pyatt, _,-,-. J -- ' % w . i 195 SPIRS StcUd Conni V«tl«r, Mcrelory; Teret Gilmer, president; Emily Aguilor, vice-president. Fttil HtKv Mrs. Florence Anderson, sponsor, Annolee York; Geroldmg Stone, Nancy Knight Wright, treosurer. Maude Pon- Wner. Evo Jorte Robeson, senior odvisor Snond fiuu Vicky Seligmonn, historian, Molly Williams, Sharon Irtlell, AWS repreMntolive, Roberta Boney; Sandra Roundey. Spurt, nolior al sophomore women s honorary fraternity, consists of girls who mode a 2 8 or belter gracie overage and who participated in two or more acliviliet. The motto is " ot your service . and each fall Spurs is At your service with the BigLittle Sister Program. 196 WILLIAM O ' DONNELL CHAPTER STUDENT EDUCATION ASSOCIATION Top Row, Left to Right: Charles Stephens, Ivan Mull, Darryl Gentry, Dr. Leonard Douglas, advisor; Levi Rivera, Dean O Donnell, Doug Diilard, Clarence Smith, Joe Horton, Tino Lopez, Bob Jarret. Front Row, Left to Right: Jo Ann McCurdy, Nell Loomis, Sara Diilard, Sue Handchy, Ivogene Woods, Connie Vetter. OFFICERS President DOUG DILLARD Vice-President TINO LOPEZ Secretary SARA DILLARD Parliamentarion SUE HANDSCHY Historian GERTRUDE VAN EATON State Secretary JO ANN McCURDY Members not shown: Gabe Anaya, Romelia Alverez, Bob Boeglin, Charles Bannister, Rita Boss, Paula Bour- geous, Betty Campbell, Don Campbell, Lucile Chondley, Joyce Crowder, Bill Drummond, Betty GoTizales, Leon Griffin, Sue Hendricks, Carolyn Humphrey, Leo Lato, Ruben Marquis, Ruth Martin, Rolando Solos, Felix Sonchez, Barbara Stonestreet, Joan Stewart. The SEA is an organization of persons planning to enter the teaching profession. The stated purpose of SEA is to promote professionalism among its members. SEA is affiliated with the New Mexico Educational Association and the National Education Association. 197 SPORTS CAR CLIB BEETLE S BUG TUNE UP GEORGE WOOD AT WORK JUST STAr Pi 3I L.-, - — ... . .■.. I . I . ,.«, I,. W N 1 . . . 5,, , Pofki. C«oro« Hockir- » ' wonwn. Dick CvMt. MILTON HALL STUDENT PROGRAM COUNCIL LeJ to Right: Gertrude Van Eaton, Tonita Davis, Jon Lindsey, Rita Perez, Bob Bogelin, Geraldme Stone, Mike, Barbara Williams. Not pictured: Lynn Chilton, Benny James, Ray Miller, Allan Smith, Billy Baird. DESCRIPTION OF COUNCIL: The Program Council was organized for the first time in A M history this year. Its purposes were to help all students get more use and enjoyment out of their student union building at a minimum of cost, namely, that part paid by them at registration which is included in their activity cards. Some of the various functions of the Council were: That responsibility given it by the Student Commis- sion of putting on all-campus dances except Homecoming and Spring Carnival, that of arranging an enter- taining and worthwhile weekly movie, that of organizing game tournaments and teaching the fundamentals of games to others, and that of organizing various other socials such as the all-campus style show and the Halloween party, both held in the Fail. And it is agreed by all that attended these functions that the Coun- cil has certainly been successful. The Council ' s members gained valuable knowledge as to how their student union building functions, the responsibilities of handling social affairs, and too, they gained the satisfaction of knowing that they had a part in providing the fun shared by their fellow students. The Council, although new, expects to develop into one of A M s most worthy and active organizations. I Al lU r SI(,M V A.,., itci ' . i, Vwv Roy TfOit (tponjor), Virginia Hoydo. Joan Boston. Moriory Grimes. JoAnn Joy. Barbara Rogers. Sue Haley kvri ' A kAiMvv rsi p P A TOO iiip I Heftd«r»on. Ken CwHtne SLEY FELLOWSHIP Part of the group gathered together in the Wesley Chapel in St. Paul ' s Methodist Church before the Sunday evening pro- gram. A casualty during a Wesley party. Bill Matthews advisor to Wesley Fel- lowship, on the left, and Rev. Nelson Wurgler minister of St. Paul ' s Methodist Church, on the right. Singing together at the end of the Christmas Party. 201 WOMEN S RESIDENCE HALL UPPERCLASS OFFICERS Borboro Williomj, AWS Representotive; Mor|one Grime . Vice-Pre»ident; Mane Rodriguez, Secretory; Tonito Oovit, Reporter, Joar Johnson, President; Mrs. Elfrank. 303 FRESHMAN OFFICERS Mor|0 i« Cnmot. President, Oorolhy Ortii. Secrelory, lee Rutho Watson, Vice President, lydio lopM. -- • " " - - ' otive P .•■ •!. L,m " - ii A ADVISORY BOARD Standing: Carlee Boggess, Barbara Williams, Bertha Rivera. Seated: Patty Melendez, Joan Johnson, Mrs. Elfrank, Roberta Howell. DORM COUNCIL Standing, First Row: Lee Rutha Watson, Dorothy Ortiz, Barbara Williams, Johnann Heimonn, Morjorie Grimes, Nora Hervol, Alyce Stokes. Second Row: Patty Melendez, Jo Ann Joy, Lydia Lopez, Katherine Dur- bin, Suzanne Handschey, Jackie McNeil. Seated: Maxine Thatcher, Bertha Rivera, Sue Abbott, Yolanda Bianchi, Nancy Burks. 203 W. R. A COUNCIL -ecilio Romoj. June turttovich, Karen Richordson, Johnonn Heimonn, Goy Widnet, Rilo Tofrei Nell Dovii, Po» Dunigon, Miss Clydesdole. Linda Lauder, Bertha Rivera. Prmdsnt Vic»Pr«tdeni Secretory TrMHwrer Publicity Ovvj.. Spomor OFFICERS JOHNANN HEIMANN JUNE YURKOVICH NELL DAVIS GAY WIDNER BERTHA RIVERA MISS CLYDESDALE SPORTS Volleyball boikeiboll ' Sofiball Tdminton bowling orchr- The Womens Recreotion Association of New Mexico A M is on organization for •he extracurricular sports for women students on campus. It is designed to organize and promote recreational activities through clubs, tournaments, special events and intercollegiate activity. JC- ' . Smoih it, Jonell Jump high ' ' ' jh7(? ?rii2?- T.:! 4 ;, Uv ,r V 1 GRADUATION 1958 205 A perfect fit One last look Another line If seems like only yesterday M I 706 It sure It hot § Im going to miss you A visit to the memorial museum A toast to the class of 1958 All together. . .smile 207 Hello, Dr. Morgan The lost meal before groduotion Lonyiotulotionj licuicnant 20t Here it is folks Good Luck, Doug 209 Mr CLASSES .1. L :,;H;!j «!i HB ii M f I DON ADAMS EJtttntmJ UnftiuntiiK HouK. N M NORMAN ADAMS ElftlTual Knfinffunf Cjtriibtd. N M SENIORS z ARITJRO AIAARKZ Ai riiultwt Enginfrnng Las Cruccs, N. M. NAHIDA Al. BAI)K lUAIRICK APODACA H ' liiit F.iiinomta Att Baghdati. Iraq Las Crun- , N M SUSAN A BAKKI I.A F.t • ' ■nm M M CILAUDK J BAKkKII f hinital • ' ngintt ' inf AiiiImidv, N M )LM. n BAM)N Anim il I luithttuin McmIU Park. N M K(K;KK BANNKII Flf.ttu,]! f ' lx iitni» i i lo 713 WALLY FERGUSON President ARLENE BARNCASTLE KENNETH AUTRY Elementary Education Chemical Engineering Las Cruces, N. M. Carlsbad, N. M. EDWARD BACA Range Management Santa Fe, N. M. ROBERT BEAIRSTO Electrical Engineering Yonkers, N. Y. JAMES BEAL Electrical Engineering Albuquerque, N. M. WILLARD BELLAIS Journalism Oxnard, California ' fM VICTOR BIAD Agriculture Garfield, N. M. 213 jFRKV ML kl ' HN I 1. 1 ' ' rtiiimi JANKl IM)N()M() POl-LY BOLRGtOUS FAfmrnlary Edutation Dcming. N. M BOB 1M)VI) Rani r Manaffmrnt Ancsia. N. M. t.KRAl.l) B )Vl) Animal Hinh ti%dn l B AlaiiHn. N M 314 CI-ARKNCK (;AH( ). JAC ilKI.INK CAMUNKZ GREC;ORI() CHACXiN tUftttual hlnfiiunin Ham Etonomu i Hulmy I J Mri.1 N M Sji, MiKurl. M PCfUUDO. N M C.FXIRC.F. (.MA K Agitmllute Eihuolitm lirJcn. N M LOUISE BIEDERMAN BERT BLACKWELL Home Economics Education Business Administration Espanola, N. M. Clayton, N. M. ROBERT BO EG LIN Psychology Carlsbad, N. M. JANET BONOMO General Business Roy, N. M. I WVRENCE BROCKMAN lOLET BROCKMAN WILLIAM BROCKMAN Civil Engineering Home Economics Education Civil Engineering Mills, N. M. Mt. Dora, N. M. Mills, N. M. CLASS OF 58 DICK GARRETT Representative 215 CONNIE C»ALSON DOUGLAS COBB E 1- J C1 RL (XX)PtR Ro« %di. N M a I DARWIN CROCKETT ■l — I.-U.. ' ll ' 1 ' S Itii. ' !. JACK DACE fatJ» Erud. Ok GEORGE DE. N Bi: . BILL DrBLSK SENIORS 316 Ronvrik. N M vi- ' ' iM I. K1) I ' M Rut fli M CLASS OF 58 R. LPH DeOLI IER. VILLL x I DEVENNY JESUS DIAS Animal Husbandry Business Civil Engineering Ft. Sumner, N. M. Mesilla Park. N. M. Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico JIM DODSON Business Administration Las Cruces. N. M. JOHN DOWNS Range Management Albuquerque, N. M. WILLIAM DRUMMOND Secondary Education Santa Rita, N. M. GENE DUKE Agricultural Education San Jon, N. M. 217 SAMMIK KlJM(iMJSt .N .J M IKRtO tJLAJ EUitTual En inemn Frnno, Cl.ilirunu.i DAl.h KMHKKl. Kiftlnml En mrriint; L.iks Crutrs, N M WII.Hl RN t-SSAKV t.ltiliual Enetntrtin( San Anjjclij, I rvat IX)N() AN FOSTKK Busuusi and Math Edutation Silver Citv, N M l.Akl.os (.AI.l.Kc;OS RICHARD CARRKTI Aceoun ing Agnadttaal EAualwm S.ilila Fr. N M ' slrl.i. Tr uu SENIORS }!• CLASS OF 58 GREGORY EVANISKO ROBERT FERRAN Mfchanical Enginefring Electrical Engineering Lackawanna 18, N. Y. Santa Fe, N. M. HUNTER GEER Agriculture Economics . lbuquerque, N. M. FRED GERK Agricultural Education Las Vegas, N. M. ELMO GIBBS Electrical Engineering Roswell, N. M. GUILLERMO GONZALES KAY GOMEZ Physical Education History Alamogordo, N. M. Las Cruces, N. M. MARY GOMEZ English Las Cruces, N. M. 219 him ARl) C.Kl. ' i Agfuuitufai hngintffing Tucumcari, N. M. Han t .Kfaruigrmmt MaKtlalriia, N M JOHN (;R Nf;KR hamiinglim, N M S Al.lhK C;lVKR Mf.hanual En mrning Piiisburg, Frnnrx ' lvanu JOANNE HANNY Sfcundan Edutatwn I-is drill c-s N M. IX)1.()RK.S MARDKSIV HANK HARRINCnX)N Sfcundiiti Eduttilwn Animal Huihandn Carbbad, N. M, AII)U()iirn)ur. N M CLASS OF 58 770 CLARIECE HALL Home Economics La Mesa, N. M. V JAMES HANKING Agricultural Education Roswell, N. M. SENIORS IRA HARTMAN Mechanical Engineering Hatch, N. M. PATRICIA HARTY Foods Nutrition Carlsbad, N. M. FRED HECKMAN Animal Husbandry Albuquerque, N. M. GAIL HEN1)RK:K.S Agriculture Fort Hancock, Texas SUE HENDRICKS Elementary Education Fort Hancock, Texas DENNIS HENRY Electrical Engineering Las Cruces, N. M. 2 ' loSF. MKRNANDF-Z itl Engimmng ROBKRl H()R.Nh AgfioiUutal Ethualion Siinjtin, N M C.Ll.N HOHTOV Agronomt Portals, N M JOShl ' H lUJRlDN Hutory Huda. Trxas JOHN JARAMILl.O ROHl.KI jAKRI. n DAM. JKNMNt.S Cn tl Eniiinffiin Edui alum HuMtUii Bclcn. N M I umright, Oklahonia Clovu. N M SENIORS 377 CLASS OF 58 WILLIAM HOWE Physics Ontario, Canada TR.AVIS IVES Civil Engineering Carlsbad, N. M. MARTEN JENSEN Electrical Engineering New York, N. Y. FLOMD JOHNSON Electrical Engineering Hobbs, N. M. WARREN KRAUSE Agricultural Ecanomics Raton, N. M. GERALD KING Mechanical Engineering Carrizozo, N. M. PAUL KIUNKE Mechanical Engineering Ventura, California BURTON LANG Poultry Albuquerque, N. M. 223 NULL UX)MIS FU)RKNriN() I.OI ' KZ NKIL l.L ' Cl S Meilumual F.ngintmng li.ii;riiii.iii. N M. Al.KRKU LLJAN Mciquitc. N M. (;krari) mariinkz marik Martinez Cntl Kn infrring Homt Eionomia Sania Fc. N. M. laos. N. M. RALI. MARIINEZ Chi Hn(infnirui Las educes. N. M CLASS OF 58 374 JOSEPH LuJAN Cwil Enginemng Espanola, N. M. CARL MAPES Mechanical Enginemng Coolidge, Arizona SENIORS RUBEN MARQUEZ WILLIAM MAUER Secondary Education Civil Engineering Belen, N. M. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania LYNN MENEFEE Electrical Engineering Artesia, N. M. PAUL MILLER CLYDE MILLER ROBERT MILLER Civil Engineering Horticulture Range Management Royenford, Pennsylvania Portales, N. M. Scott City, Kansas 225 r L. RRV MIXON SittKanual Etiginfntng Ra«%»cll. N M (.II.BKRI MONTt-S Gfograpfn San Miguel, N M D.WIl) Mll.l.lNS HUctrual Enguierring Stale Cxillcgc, N M CKI.IA Ml NOZ Hujin M Edutaliam Anthon . N M LESTER NEMF SH Chrmual Kngintnin Las Cruces, N . M JAMES NINER Animal Hmhandn Las Lunii-N, N M. n (;re(; )RV nixon KUitrual Knftn rtjnf Mcsill.i Park. N M SENIORS 376 JO ANN McCURDY Secondan Education Midland, Texas ERNIE McGlLL Psychology Pueblo, Colorado CLASS OF 58 WARREN NOLAND RAYMOND ORMSBEE Agncullural Education Mechanical Engineering Aztec, N. M. Montrose, Colorado ALBERT ORTEGA Gfivernment Belen, N. M. MARY PADILLA Business Education Salen, N. M. ORLANDO PACHECO Civil Engineering San Patricio, N. M. BILLY PARKER Chemical Engineering Clovis, N. M. 227 DMJ.R I ' AkKI K Aztec, N M t.OUAkl) l ' A l.l.KA EUclntal Enfinfrrmg Chicago, Illinuu iku ri.Ki.A Citil En intnmi ' 1-. Mriii. N M t i K« 1. M V IX Ki ■ .iM, Cruccf, N. M. RONALD PERSON Elfdrual Enginrrnng Prrv (lit, Ari ori.i KARL P Ari Chtmual Enginemng Albuquerque. N M RAYMOND RLVN l |i .Uath Albuqurrquc, N M, CLASS OF 58 378 JAMES PILCHER Mechanical Engineering Tempe, Arizona DAVID PRADO Electrical Engineering Roswell, N. M. SENIORS DEAN REYNOLDS WILLIAM RICHARDSON CHARLES RITTER Agricultural Education Electrical Engineering Business Hagerman, N. M. Longview, Texas Mesilla Park, N. M. DONALD RUCKER Accounting Rosedale, N. M. JIM SAIS Horticulture Los Lunas, N. M. ALBERT SCHKLL Chemical Engineering Los Cruces, N. M. 229 GARY M.m.DlllAl l.K Aiunuil Jiiiitiandn LasCrucet. N. M. koHIKl SCHMII) ( hfninlf, Rib well, N M J Mh . tlH I KUittual Knginrrtint: Clruces. N M J Will i it »N.s Edtunlion Santa Rita. N N« ROBKRT SILVER ClPl Engirumni: Albuqurrtjuc. N M BKTn ' SIMS Animal Huihandry Sania Rova. N M ROBERT SKACK. Stt tumHal Etifttuntn. 1-is Cruirs, N M SENIORS 330 CLASS OF 58 WILLIAM SHRIXER JOSEPH SIDMAN Mechanical Engirtfcring Electrical Engineering Augusta, Kansas Hollywood, Florida CLARENCE SMITH IRWIN SMITH ROSS SMITH Education Chemical Engineering Electrical Engineering Artesia, N. M. Belen, N. M. Hagerman, N. M. WARREN SMITH Dairy Roswell, N. M. WILLIAM SNYDER Range Management Reserve, N. M. ROBERT STANFORD Civil Engineering Portales, N. M. 231 NVAVNK STEPHKNS l!u. ■.:, ' ' N M KhNNKIH STKXKNS trJuiiiiitil Fnginfning WILLIAM STKVENa (.III Fn irumnf I.JLS Clrucci, N M WALItR blXJKES Viuhonv, N. M. JAMtS SWtUBERG Phyucs Honolula, Hawaii K. Y SWKDFiKRC; Edtualian Kailua, li.iwaii ALVIN THOMAS tfchanual Enfin mng C;allup. N M CLASS OF 58 i V: JOK n K.AM I AllMiqum]ue, N M m SENIORS ROBERT SUE DICK SUMMERFORD Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering San Francisco, California El Paso, Texas J. MES THOMAS Civil Engineering Carlsbad, N. M. SHIRLEY THOMAS Math Carlsbad, N. M. DONALD TILLIAN Chemical Engineering Gamerco, N. M. DAVID TRANIS Secondary Education Clevis, N. M. MORRIS TRUJILLO Education Apache Creek, N. M. JOHN AN DOLMAN Electrical Engineering Chicago, Illinois GARY VanHORN Physics Bellingham, Wjishington 233 THRR-i . RNhLL JiJHN K.ll. I.KON W.VSK1KWIC:Z WILLIAM WEIR Afnniltutal HJiuatum Fotftgn Lattguagt Mtihanual Hnj intfring -oofcp l». nalrs. N M Clayton, N M N Btii.iin, C ' -onncciicui McdIU Park. N. M HOWELL WHITSHT Ran f Mana rmmt San Angclo, Trxiis l.XWRENCE WIDNER CARTER WILLLAMS Aii ' U-ultuie Elrtttual t ' nftnfrttnf Mrlr «-. N M Mountainair, N M 1 SENIORS ' I JOHN JA( K ... H UILN AfTuulrutal h ' ltfuimui CUayinn. N M lU DAVE WHITE STEWART WHITTIER Chemical Engineering Ciril Engineering Dcming, N. M. Montoursville, Pa. JAMES WINN Electrical Engineering Dexter, N. M. GENE WOLF Electrical Engineering Roswell, N. M. IVOGENE WOODS Music Education Las Cruces, N. M. GERALD WOODWARD Agriculture Las Cruces, N. M. CLASS OF 58 235 G L Mauldin Nijrtin Cf j|dMiii(h {fprftrn aliiy Sfctflary I ' ttiidrnl I ' lu-Pffsidml ALICIA AKJDACA WUOniF. ARMSTRONt; FA A BMU:V union KOBI-RTA ROMA « Kc.iA BOM.WI) SIIIKI M IMiVKH w JOHN BROWN Suit I fllr(t IRAN IN HI RM SUE ABBcriT Los Alamos ANN! ADAMS RoswfU unioni MARLIN AKER Espanola o y BILLIE AKER Clovis GABE ANAYA Mmiarly IXJNAl.U ANDERSON FrancfSiiltf. Indiana Claiid ot 1 958 PLEDDIE BAKER Las Cruces BlI.l.V BAIRD 7. or C. ALLAN BARRET Silver City KATHERINE BEAL PorlaUs RICHARD BERLEMAN Phoenix, Ar ona NANCY BLRKS Snamo BUZZ BURRIS Dalil RONALD BURTON Raton MEL CALDERON Demmg JAMES CALHOUN ' as Cruces JOHNNY CALLAHEN A rtesia SAM CAMPBELL Hobbs T r jo pjiintj •■ ' S-.t i H II • HAl 1 INIGAN DON CARnifX.F. KICHAKO CHKM GEORGE OAIXAS JERRY DOUGHERTY ERNEST FEUX I Aim unioiA MI I I VM MOUOMII A X t 3 BKKNAKI) CX RLEY DAMS III i| DM AN -«Arai flat :■ JERRY DLTt HOVER iVJKS ELUull BUTCH GAM Ml IX ft ALLAN HDLMES AnHimt. ■(( IKJNAU) i;LNMN(.MAM LWSRKMJ: GARCIA Ln Atmmi PAIL HOPKINS 4 FRED FIELDS Tiuiimcan SID GIBSON Saltna. Kansas JAN HURLEY El Paso, Texas RUBEN FLORES W ' llmm lm. Calijomia uniou , f- ' m , R RVEY GILBERT St. Lotus. Missoun RICHARD ISLER Roswell I CHARLES FREDERICK Los Alamos BOBBIE FREEMAN A rusia WILLIAM FRIETZ Mesilla ANNE GALLAGHER Cam ozfi union CHARLOTTE GRANDI Carlsbad DON JENNINGS Wilmington, Delaware BRITTAIN HARDMAN Seattle, Washington THOMAS JOE A::Uc WARREN HARKEY Cam:io:io JACK JOHNSON Tucumari JOAN JOHNSON Gladstone n .4 O WII.IJ.VM KERSTING Ft JON UNIISKV RKX K.1PH l dttktrf JOYCE MAAC Lu Cntti .ni €r PAUL KUOPFER At TOM MACCUGAN SHAJION JONES Lu Own ROBERT l NSFORD VICTOR MA1X NE NORRU OME.N 9 X EDWARD KKDDY U AI, PARRY I.ARSEN GERAI.I) MARR 7»Ut»m JOHN PAIR JACK NK %M N JOH.N PIKR( K CRADV Ml lli l.M i A ' mmt IHUM n mt DICK Plv STKR Ctmnt union Kl -NNY PARMKI.KK JANH fH :R. »(»N Ttlrta. Ittai es I.VDIA MARTINEZ Chtmayo MABEL MARTINEZ Park Vuw union. JOHNNY MOBLEY Carlsbad TOM MOBLEY Hobbs EARL MONTOYA Silver City ARTHUR MO(JRE Carlsbad EVA LOU MOORE Las Cruces ROBERT PLESE Panorama, California JOHN RAY PRUirr Prrscotl, Arizona PATRICK QUINLIN Long Beach, California EDDIE RAEL Santa Fe LOUISA RAEL Qiusta CECILIA RAMOS Chambermo WAl.T».K --,. f v 1 ' JOHN PAUL RANKN Ull I I M RKVNOUXS DEANNA RICHARDSON l»r,., Kt.fU Ml Df EVA JANE ROBESON MARIE RODRIClLEZ SAMUEL SOOTT " ' • ' a Htpanota St L mtt. Mtaavti l. ICWUAU. PAl-MLR RANIMLL BrjlTli Klw( KMMIi.EN RMODA On Wmwi ' vMld ft BILL m:hwar liNc; jA.Mf hk;ami jA wrni union, v t WARRICK OERAU) WEtX:n |()ANNA WII.IJAMs 1 4 I i ' .; Jtt liON TOLMIL VILl-IAM Mt.Ntll. . U n.WU) Ml 11 1 IN Rasiifll uniou iiu.i. Mirr.M. Eunuf BARBAR.A SLAUGHTER A Ibuquerque ANN STEVENS Las Cruces DONALD THIMSEN Ventura, Cahfomia Cla a o JUNE YURKOVICH Gallup WALLY I IT Honolulu, T. H. LAURA VIGIL Espanola VERNON WADE Corona EUGENE WARD • Las Cruces v J 4 59 O li rs i M i.i v. .. , liiuiniiiiti. I ' laiilrnt, Naiii J " Anli l in Walion, ' Hr I ' ttuitrnt Sophamoici l,11 R • n - ll Kl ii M.tRn.R kobkrt bancf.rttk KM I II ( «)MIU-Sl JAC:K tlXiPKR v ' l ' i SiA»» f jfi III CriU.SNF.Y V RR».N MII.ION JOAN taiimf-K r o A A HKl.K.N ABASKIN . lhu(futiipu HolUU ADKE ' f r K R Al.H)Rl) A rtfsut hMll. ' l AC.LIl.AK East Vaughn ANNA Al.l.hNDlK .di Atamoi NAM;V jo AK( 1 1 IK So(ono LEON ASCHBACKER WANDA ATCHLEY Carkbad Albuqurrqui SUE BLACKMAN BtUn O sy m. JERRY ANN BONDS Tucumcan Cla i afc 60 JOSEPH BACA Los Alamos PAT BRLMMETT Hobbs ROBERTA BAIRD Gallup ERNEST CASAUS Santa Rosa BYRON BENNETT . h an. Oregon KATHRT.S COX Las Cruets CARLOS CRAIG Santa Ft fs D p O r f M RAY IX)NAUXV)N UROV GLARDON TOSrTA DAMS ND M JUIKV CXJRK Alum JERRY DrBLSK I(;ML ' M PAIkK.IA IIAMII.ION .0 ' llSDfR W:KN( K»N li»PI. imiN nil g t s m CHARLES KKRRIS TaUmm I VNRKNCE USHER Cat BETTY " JEAN GON JVLES NAVORA GONZALES Gatluf, Juka» ALKRKI) JOHNSON Amtmv Jo. NN MAJOR WILMA JONF Stmnt ROBERT MNRI-EN MtlAlN HAMM Raton ROBERT HIGHTOWER HERMAN HINTON Silver City Encmo ELIZABETH HOWE BELLE HUFFMAN Ontario, Canada Alamogordo SALLY HODGES Las Crxuts CALVIN HOGGARD Et Past, Texas PEGGY HUGHES ALI JAREED Rosuell Tripol. Libya Sofihomone JUDY KIGHT Lovington NANCY KNIGHT HMs BOYD LARE Dexter CHARLEY LIGOCKY Demwg VIRGINIA LINDEMUTH Queen, , ' ew York EDWIN MARTIN Las Cruces DICKIE MONTOYA Santa Fe BABES MOAR A Ibuquerqiu CICILIO MARTINEZ Santa Cruz HELEN MYERS Raton SUSIE MYERS Fatlbrook, California o JlllXV M-t-VSl. ND Obcu M LI K PAMXNE.R hu Crmn GU.NN RAMSDAIX J wJ- Mr ' WfT l iri ftb UJL ' IS McCORMACK MVRII.VN Pt ARSON M1c:KKV M. 1) )NAI.I) Sibft Citi Rll A I ' KREZ El fata, TiiOi U RRY MrCAW K JAMKS PKAKfc IWflUi, Aftrtma JtAN R.NM«)I — Sopfiomaici ooKNie vrm.R TlUJt Vll.IL JON OTTtSF.N FRANK PLGUESE UONAI.I) SMIIH II ' ikc;k spknce JOHN STANIJ.Y .Vrti fi, Vnni» i iiiii 5i t T Ci » OLE! A WAl.l. DICK WKI.I.KOKN CAROI.VN WIDNKK FJkU .Wofff « ' o D «w « ' i n 1 4 RICHARD Slu» GAV WIDNKR c JANVCE RENFRO Atbuqunqiu PHILLIP ROBERTSON Sitver City RITA ROMERO Capilan SANDRA ROUNDY Phoenix, Arizona RANDY SABRE Siber City FIDEL SANCHEZ Las Cruets MARELYN SCHULTZ Las Vegas VICKY SELIGMANN Las Cruces BOBBY SHAW Silver City HARRY SHAW Artesia HAROLD SHEPARD Dumas, Texas Clann o 60 GER. LDINE STONE STANLEY STUTTS Slalt Collfg House SUSAN THOMPSON Tsleta, Texas DAVID TRACY Las Cruces GERTRUDE AN EATON Rosudl B. RBAR. WILLIAMS MOLLY WILLIAMS JOHN WILT Montebello, Caitfomia Las Cruces Las Cruces RICHARD WOODS Hatch ROY WOOTEN Raton ANNALEE YORK Hatch ft V. Don Barncit Alice alcntinr Charles Thiirp RcilK-rt Bacon HffiTeitnlatwt Sf, trinry I . tl ' rfudfnt I ' lf iuleut Not Piclurcd nenhmen ANNF-TIT. AKE Smwm EONA AIA lURKs RCX;ER ANDERSON Romttl patricia arnold robert bac:on c:hari -s barbef harkkr Rmu II ■ KStfl.Ii 3 SO DON BARNKTI I.Ai Cnuri GLENN BE :AY Cmfm ROBERI BI ' JARANO fUiutll. (niARUJTTE BKLIvMS tju Cnttn C-IIAKLKS BKRIRAND YOLANDA »L M III I IKD C4 I.I.U..N ItCiNOSIO JOAN KKTON 4 iD neihmen I JAKK BOX c;nARi.o ' rrE brennand Rnrnt CYNTHIA BRKWER llauh JOSETTE BROOKS Ruiiioi " DON BROOME Hurley JERRY BROWN A ihuquerquf JOYCE ANN BROWN Las Cnicfi BILL BUTT Clayton ROY VON CAIN Mountainatt DA ' ID CALDARELLl Raton BETTY CAMPBELL Hobbs CARREY CARRUTHERS VMLLIAM CATHER Pte Town PHYLLIS CAYVVOOD Vaughn CHARLES CHAMBERS Clouis MARTHA CHA.NDLEY Las Cruets NANCY CHESSER Roswell ANN COLE TorC MAX COLE Boca Raton, Florida CATHERLNE COLEMAN Hobbs RICHARD COLEMAN KnoxvtlU, Tennessee ne hmen •Ht Mff JAXItlS I)KKX1.KK MHKRINK DtKBIN S M KDMONIJSON ( ..;l.■- ROY (; fi)X R nl.I (;aiXEGOS IXS UU)VE.R AN.N hl lNE GLf CK NKLl. I)A I.S r.Jadlmi t u:wis DArroN II KKV IV(t S1T. IX). AI.I) IkrMOlUN SKnntd llltmu JtRRY KLUori LINDA FALLK IjOi Crwft IJVWRENCE KOl.l.MKK Anita, AliiM«rt KUAABETH FOREHAND ■tVKlilNf (XNtHI.R JO CK (ROWDKR Arin ' (URTNEY IHOMAS CRIME tnOam DENNIS C;i KKhl.L tM ICKROL ANN CX R1X)N MAI RINE E GORDON ELEANOR GOSE £.«j Cnut NANf: ' CJRAY ne hmen JAMtS ULCK Ctlpttiin SUE HALEY Las Crucfs I INK VI UN III INN SUZANNE HANDSCHY AV Poiu, Texas Carlsbad ELMA CJUNTER CHARLES HARIX.RAX ES h " rl Suinnti Lunn ton KENNETH (lUIHRIE HOWARD HEATH Ims Crucfs I ' u Park 0(1 MAURICE HKRBSIRIII Si .l r ri v. PfUitwliiinnt ANN HI.I)RI( K Las Cruets NORA IHERESA HI.KVOL Lieminii TOMMll. HLKKl.l.L A tamti firdo BADKI HINDI Ihttiiit JOHN HOBSON Rusufll SAMMY HOI.(;l IN llurin ROBERIA HOWELL Santa Fe DAN IVEY Las Cntces EMILIO JACQUES Chamhennn POLLY JANECKA Drmirt ELOYD JENNINGS Eunicf DAIS JOHNSON Las Cruets JOHN JOHNSON Las Vegas ROLAND JOHNSON Patfuate OWEN JONES Sneorro JoANN JO Atamognrdo DANNY KIN(; Tulorosa WILLIAM KINC. AlhutfUert ue MARVIN KINO Roiuell JAMF LAC:KEN Carlsbad s I f e ql rs WK V? ne hmen imuy LANURi vf i i vl lilM I K_SME U»AN IVAN LAVSKY SVl. • 0 IAX1ESE M RSHM I J K MAIUKWS U)NNIE MATXEWS TOMMV MIt.lXR Mtii ■ IJlRtM Si- ■ i i It,, 4 mw EARL E M(K)Rt UfSTANO MORALES An9W TtM», M K I I I I K Sms hi M RV UX)MIS LVDIA LOPEZ K. l i.l I ri SlKl ' MtN M MA IV3N PHYLLIS MACRO MYRLM MAYKIKLI) MAIILDA NIELENin. . 3 (v 7S4 v « JA K MORir KY GAYLA SL ' K MORliAN Aliat KKSNTIH . MORRIS RONALD MORRIS r Cift I ( I. v - ne hmen JOSEFA MUNOZ Anthony JAYNE McFARl-AM) Dallas, Tfxas DARLENE McADOO JOE McWHORTEN Hohbs Las Cruces WILLIAM McCLOUGHAM JACKIE McNEIL Silver City Artesta DOLORES McCOWN Las Crui-fs GER.ALD McNEILAND Aztec f V k WALTER NELSON Ijii ' tngton PATRIC:iA OGAS Slllri Cily UOROIHY cmilZ Santa Fe ROMAN PACIHLCO San RalTuio ARTHUR PAGE Santa Rosa HAROLD PALMER et ' aih, Xtissouri LLOYD PALMER Xevada, Xfissnuri TOM PENDLETON Animas DAN PERRY A Ibutjuertjue PIERRE LOAYZA CtLZco, Peru MELESSIA PIOR Tatum BILL PIPER Cimarron DIANA POETOR Las Cruces JAMES PRICHARD Las Cruces ELAINE PRIESNITZ Carlsbad CONSUELA RAMIREZ Santa Fe MARTHA R.ANDALL Las Cruces CAROLYN REEL Las Cruces PATRICIA RHODES Lordsburg ELTON RICHARDSON Las Cruces LOIS ANN RICHARDS Animas nenhmen f) Ji k K s RU-NE. ROBINSON -IKIN . RICKEN H« hHVJAC3t UJARU.S R(K;ER.S UNDA i cxxx;iN LA WANNA SCOTT 7«fC ROSAUC SKI-IJlMiK MARIK SKRRANO W.r y K.Kt. SMITH lURIXN SSlim CmUtmd LELA SMrni «mbW I RRY JOHN SHK. RS JAMES SACHSE Fmir, MANUEL SAUNAS Kif-mfU AVI HONY SANCHEZ lUIn RICHARD S :iU I.MKIMKK ROBERT SHt ' NK Jm«t C-i ARU:S SKELTON RICHARD SKACX;S L i Ctwtt DAN ' ID SMALLWOOD Faiau. Jtiai JKAN SIIVN KI CHARIJ S STIIXWEU. Tmumttn JON STROM BERG .Ml RAYMOND SLTTON J ming lARLES THARl ' D.W 11) lllOMPSON ANNE TANNICH N A. THOMAS Tucson. An ' onti I Cruc€S AXINE lATCHER s Vegas 3N THOEN larttto, Texas Hawaii TON - TREAT Rosuell JANIE UFrON Rm ALICE VALENTINE Ims CrUifi ALFRED VALLES Ei Paso, Texas VALENTIN VALLES Bayard SAMMY VASKOW Las Cnues CHARLES VIGIL lalman JOE WALKER Roswell MARK WAl.nRirH Denver, Colorado ALVIN WARDEN Las Cnues DAVE WATSON Physics RUTH WATSON Houston, Texas MARY JO WERHEIM Clint, Texas ANN WELSH Santa Rita WILLIAM WHEELER Roswell GEORGE WHITE Roswell HARRY WHITECROSS Bloomfield, New Jersey LETA FERN WHITE Roswell HARVEY WIDNER Melrose JAMES WILBORN Las Cruets JIM WILLIS Roswell JIMMY WILSON Rosuell CARL WOFFORD Las Cruces n 1 . 5 JAMI ' K L ' MAI 1.T o Al 1 IX Ml. W(X 0 " • " M s WOOTEN sMit WOKKl.l 1. I ' ■K ;K YAMANOIO STFA K YAKBRUUGH I.VM)A RAE YORK Sm A ttU, Ttuu RUniARI) ZIMMKKM S Keiihrmn 2SI i- ' T-V ... - SA.. ot the 1958 Swastika janoudlLf. fineiient thein Calendan Qinl Pat Loomi who nemlnd i ou that Lad Cnuceo. ( a qood place to ahofi i ean nound V I.OOMIS Xke Mtislc k OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY Hi-Fi l oui 7niendln O tice Suppli Stole Records Radios Pianos DIETZEN ENGINEERING SUPPLIES ALL MAKES PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS TYPEWRITER REPAIR Ph. Ja. 66731 206 South Main Las Cruces, N. M. Phone Jo-6-2426 We Qiue S €i H Qneen Stampi 316 North Main Lot Crucat GOOD LUCK Congratulations to AGGIES the Class of ' 58 Af.e f. VALLEY LOAN and FINANCE CO. 9le tau attt " It ' s easy to pay OUR Finance Way " Phone JA 6-5731 serving P.O. Box 1069 ttllCKfNmmltSUfitt 122 West Griggs Ave. LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO 261 Compos FootwAOf F atuf nq Famoua Sho Bionda De Luo D»b« THE FASHION SHOE STORE 109 N AAAIN PHONE JA 6-9422 WARREN LUMBER PAINT CO. Lumber, Building Materiols and Sherwin Williams Paints PHONE JA 6-5528 Griggs and Water Street The Kindlier More Reverent Way FULITIER mEmORIRL mORTURRY FUNKRAL DIRCCTORS 14 ' i H KIM MAIM COMI ' LIMLNTS OK Valley Insurance Agency L E Fr«ud«nlhal Moionic Tempi Building Phon JA 6 924) lot Cruc«t Cotttplciv Insurance Srriicr 262 FOOD MART SAVE WHILE YOU SPEND WE GIVE S H GREEN STAMPS TWO CONVENIENT LOCATIONS IN LAS CRUCES 550 N. MAIN 180 W. PICACHO CONGRATULATIONS Class of 1958 FARMERS AND MERCHANTS BANK " The Friendly Bank " Member F. D. I. C. 41 1 North Main Street Las Cruces, New Mexico 263 JAM ARY All Makes Typewriters and Adding Machines Repaired CRUCES TYPEWRITER AND EQUIPMENT SALES AND SERVICE Portables All Makes New Underwood Typewriters 129 W. Las Cruces Avenue Dial JA 66460 Congratulations to the Class of 58 E. M. SILVER CcMieral Contractor Albuquerque, N. M. Compliments of FRIENDLY PHARMACY MESILLA MOTOR CO. • Fountain Service Factory Authorized • Prescriptions • Cosmetics Sales - Service Phone Ja 6-8412 Ford Cars - Ford Trucks Lai Cruot Naw Mexico 600 North Main Loj Crucei Dial JA 6-5531 Congratulations Rountree Cotton Company, Inc. Class of 58 Buyers and Financers COTTON Mwm GfiocfRy lie Cor. Water and Las Cruces Aves. PHONE JA 6-2477 NO. 1 NO. 2 LAS CRUCES NEW MEXICO MESILLA PARK NORTH OF LAS CRUCES 265 CAMPBELL HOTEL Rooms by day or week 307 South Main Las Cruccs Compliments of THRIFT GROCERY STORE 116 Laa CrucM Av« Phon ]A 6-2445 LAS CRLCES. NEVV MEXICO For the Best in Commercial Printing And Lithography Try Las Cruces ' Newest ABC PRINTING PH JA 6-9283 134 N. Church Sf. Los Cruces, N. M. Sprrial prirr to Snrorilir . Krairr nitie . aii ' l ollirr ullrf r Orgaiuy - tinn MUTUAL BUILDING LOAN ASSOCIATION OF LAS CRUCES Loans for all purix)scs Including Additions. Ropairs. New Constnution. and Purchasing Real Estate Wc also solicit sat irigs accounts ami pay liberal dividends. All Savings Accounts Insured I ' p To $10,000 766 SOUTH HIGHWAY SO TRUCK BY-PASS Everybody Ooes DRIVE -IN iTiJi: to JaL cl 9le tau%ant G.ttd DUNLAP ' S Las Cruces ' Complete Clothing And Piece Goods Store Corner of Main and Los Cruces Avenues 267 THE STONE YOU CAN MOLD For clmoif vvvry typ« of job . . . Ur9t or wn ll . . . EJ Toro C«mon4 it ih« pr»- (•rrvd buildin9 material. SOUTHWESTERN PORTIAND CEMENT CO. MMItS OF El TORO CEMEMT • El PASO, TiXkS U9 Mm { Tomorrow ' s Success is Made Today . . . Never before in the history of the world has it been so necessary for men who want to succeed to equip themselves with the best possible education. The frontiers of human knowledge are being pushed back so fast that only the well-educated man can hope to keep up with the demands of science, business or the professions. The classes you attend each day are the bricks with which you build the structure of your future. Each one should be strong and firmly placed. Albuquerque National Bank Albuquerque ' s oldest and largest I HEAD OFFICE - SECOND AND CENTRAL EAST CENTRAL OFFICE - 4021 CENTRAL AVE. NE NORTH FOURTH OFFICE- 1610 FOURTH ST. NW DRIVE-IN - SECOND COPPER SIMAAS BLDG. OFFICE - FOURTH GOLD MEMBER FDIC 269 COMPLIMENTS OF J.B.RITTER DISTRIBUTING COMPANY YOUR LOCAL TEXACO DISTRIBUTORS " Mcsilla Pork, New Mexico Ph. Jo 6-8481 2 0 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of ' 58 FRANK 0. PAPEN COMPANY Insurance Engineering and Surveying 137 South Main Street 223 Cathedral Los Cruces, New Mexico Santa Fe, New Mexico Phone JA 65571 Phone 39174 271 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of ' 58 COLLEGE BOOK STORE ' Self Service for your convenience " MILTON HALL EXT 253 771 Solano 3lo Afen Shop. 820 Solano Drive Phone JA 4-0921 MARCH 273 Jay Druxman 1 3 North Main Las Cruces WHITFIELD BUS LINE . S. - . Ride a Bus - If ' j a Safe. Economical Moans of Transportation Compliments oj Rives Studios HENRY BERROTERAN PHOTOGRAPHER 275 Complimenfj to the Class of 58 " rrom THE A W DRIVE IN Root Beer Sandwiches ON NORTH MAIN STREET LAS CRUCES LIVE BETTER Electrically It ' s easy and economical ' ' 7 lAB-rAtlMC ' WtilC Vlltlll Congratulations To Tha Claji of 1958 THE BUDGET SHOP ix ix it Ladies ' and Children ' s Wear DIAL JA 6-2231 135 N. MAIN LAS CRUCES H-K Mayflower Movins and Storage Moving -Packing -Crating Loco! or Long Distance Ph. JA 6-9761 225 South Church - Los Cruccs, N. M. BERKLEY ' S THE COMMUNITY DRUG STORE SCHOOL SUPPLIES TOILETRIES PRESCRIPTIONS GIFT ITEMS Ph. Ja 6-6281 WE GIVE S H GREEN STAMPS At the bus stop-Mesilla Park Ballard ' s Photo Shop CAMERAS PwOTO EQjlPMEh.T ANO SUPPLIES ;[- : All Makes Eas+man Bell Howell Graflex Polaroid Boiex Kodak Fiyiishins Color Finishing 119 South Main Las Cruces APRIL 277 STfiYfiE rS CARPETS FLOOR COVERINGS PAINTS PHONE JAckAon 6-2601 HIS SOLANO LAS CRUCES. NEW MEXICO FOUM AIN SUPPLY COMPANY 1 18 South Church Dial JA 6-6741 Lot Crucct. New Mexico HROXSON FRlNTIiNC; COMPANY 77 Greetings and Best Wishes to the Students and Faculty of New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts We cordially invite you to visit us when you are in the State Capital SANTA FE NATIONAL BANK Santa Pe. New Mexico Washington Avenue Cordova Shopping Center Member P D I C. LAS CRUCES FURNITURE COMPANY A complete line of Home Furnishings Westi nghouse Appliances Zenith Radios - Television Kroehler Living Room Furnishings 207 Soufh Main Los Cruces, New Mexico ' Xomfilete lunnUhen aj Happij, Home!i " LAS CRUCES REXALL DRUG COMPANY Perscription - Druggists Cosmetics - Fountain Corner Main and Griggs Las Cruces ' Senmnq Iqqied, Jon aucn 50 ijeani ' 279 R.E. BONEY General Insurance Bonds Save with Safeco Auto Insurance 100 N. Church St. Las Cruces New Mexico Srriing The Southucsl incc 1912 Savings up to 15 on fire insttrnnrc Dial KE 3-3611 OREGON AT TEXAS EL PASO TEXAS BROCAW ' S RESTAURANT AND DRIVE-IN ' We Serve Fine Food " FRIED CHICKEN STEAKS MEXICAN FOOD TRIANGLE EQUIPMENT COMPANY Allis-Chalmers Tractors Farm Mach inery 117 Sw th Church StrMt 7S0 M 6.347I ON THUCK BY PASS JUNCTION OF HIWAYS SOUTH or JUST WEST or THE 8045 LAS CRUCES COLLEGE BARBER SHOP TOM COOK, PROP. MILTON HALL BUILDING CAMPUS SERVICE STATION SKELLY GASOLINE Corner Upper College and Mountain MAY THE UNITED CAROLE KING JONATHAN LOGAN RESISTOL HATS LEVI STRAUSS 101 NORTH MAIN LAS CRUCES SHAMROCK DRIVE IN t ' Drop By For a Snack After thp Game W JINE 550 North Church COMPLIMENT OF ROBERT E. McKEE GENERAL CONTRACTOR, INC. EL PASO, TEXAS DALLAS, TEXAS LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO HONOLULU, T.H. 283 Dial KE 2-7755 [ ' L l r-rmf r 1 ' tL. ' i f . - :u: ' CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1958 OF NEW MEXICO A M COLLEGE Southu ' fst s Grrntcst Department Store El Paso. Texas Poole Motor Company rv r- rOfyq, ©- nOO North Main IJncnln - Mtrrnry DtiiLr Safe Buy Ujod Carj Los Cruccs JULY ■i.(; Citif Shop. JOHN L. FREEMAN, JR. Charge It By Phone. . .On Your Word Alone Phone JA 4-7731 123 E. LAS CRUCES LAS CRUCES, N. M. LAS CRUCES CITIZEN Ihf Colltgf Woman wants the finest when it cumes to wedding announcements and invitations. I hat ' s why she thinks first of the Ci izfi. l ' e invite you to discuss your stationery needs uith us. Infurmals, " Mr. and Mrs. " Cards, (. ' ailing Cards, printed or engraved. Publisher - Commercial Printing p..i.!..i,.j, }„n, l{„und-l fi 1 14 South Church Las Cruccs, New Mexico DICKSON ' S CONOCO SERVICE hi I ' 305 North Moin Dial JA 6-2522 Las Cruccs fr» : adies JJfs nctiv e Dpare 106 South Main Las Cruces, N. M. AUGUST Look kead with the FIRST NATIONAL BANK the bank that ' s fjianninq ahead for YOU WHEN you f»««d bonking mtvko ..v.I TK« FIRST NATIONAL BANK Me how •ntoyaW« bonkmg con br Fo» The HRST NATIONAL n o friwtdly bonk ond o mod« n bonk. Hcfc, yog II find oHered all lh« mtvicm you n9u6 lo ' dp yo« Irontod your doily (inonciol buiinett Th« FIRST NATIONAL li o fowordlooking bonk, loo evef alert to ■ oy» to verve yoo better So — for friendly bonkir g in rt rt i» moke tfie FIRST NATIONAL BANK tout bonk center We re looking forword to your vitit. •AiMUt FOCI una 1»0S irst ational ank Of us ClUCiS CENTRAL SQUARi: CAFE for the best in Mexican Food Italian Food Pizza 107 E. Mountain Avenue Jack D. Malone Piopnjetoi MALONE DRUG c. omplete Prescription and Fountain Service Phone JA 6 2581 555 North Moin Los Cruccs COLLEGE FLORIST FLOWERS Say itScr A Better -r m . 1 15 South Main Dial JA 6-6685 SEPTEMBER 289 The Paper Mill Engineering Art School Supplies " } ' uur most intfTf sling place to shop " 132 W La» Cruce Ave Lot Crucei Ki» ' . 1 Atir Dave Sims ' Sinclair Service Station Corner Solano Lohmon " We giue S H Qneen Stamps " rw n RRENTINE CHEVROLET IKARD NEWSOM Butane Propane Gas Appliances Serving Southern New Mexico Anthony — Las Cruces — Deming T or C Hatch BAKER DRUG STORES NC. T:«4 [t,[.:ii;i: rt. 514 North Main Midway Shopping Center Las Cruces OCTOBER 291 Popular Dry Goods Company 139 North Main Street Las Cruces " Most Progressive Department Store Los Cruces SW 11% ' ftt e O Ci4 fpif0 zytY PH. JA 6-2437 " ' 848 N. SEVENTH LAS CRUCES Following is on alphabetical listing of our Ad- vertisers. We appreciate their support. ABC PRINTING COMPANY ALBUQUERQUE NATIONAL BANK AMERICAN Fl RNITURE CO. EL PASO A ROOT BEER BAKER DRUG STORE BALLARDS PHOTO SHOP BERKLEY DRUG STORE R. E BONEY, INSURANCE BROCA S BRONSON PRINTING COMPANY BUDGET SHOP CAMPBELL HOTEL CAMPUS SERVICE STATION CENTRAL SQUARE C4FE CITY FLOW ER SHOP COLLEGE BARBER SHOP NOVEMBER COII.Kc.K nook sioHK II K lin ( K I INK OI I K .K I I HHI I IK l{|) M» M W ( M HH i nriwKJiiH. ' i I(HII ' mi:m ((► } innxMw hVM IM IN I IK MM ION I in i ni KN ) i K oN « nNO( ( sr riHN I V (HI ( KS n HMll Ki: IM M l ' I (HI (Is KIWI I IHU (. (()MI» NV KI. IV ( I.I l.( IHK ( (►MI ' VN ' MVI.ONK DKI (. Kl roHO ( I MINI (OMTAN . KL PASO MKSIM.A MOIOK (( MI N 1 HMI.Ks M) MIKCIIA.MS lUNK Ml SIC liO FA ' -III( N sIlOK SrOHK Ml Tl AL HI 1I.I)IN(. Nh IA) KIHM NMIONM. lUNK OF LAS CKl CKS MC MNNK (,HO( 1 lO M) MVKKKT FL MIN(,0 m ICK COMPANY NKFF KKSTAl HAM FOOD M Hr OFFK i: SI PPLV FOl MAIN SI PPI mi; p iM H Mill, FHANK O I ' VPI N. INSl H NCF POPl lAH inn (.OODS. Kl. P SO IHII. Nin PMM{M ( POPll. H DHV coons. I. (HICKS i I I.Mi H M(»IM I H IMKH.K MorOH ( (niP N (.KOH JKss v||(H ' J H HiriKH M ( OMP M M4 RIVES STl UIO ROBEK T E. MC: KEE, EL PASO ROINDTREE COTTON COMPANY SAFARI RESTAURANT AND DRIVE IN SANTA FE NATIONAL BANK, SANTA FE THE SHAMROCK E. M. SILVER. CONTRACTOR ALBIQIERQIT SOLANO FLOWER SHOP STRYKER ' S THRIFT GROCERY TRIANGLE EQUIPMENT COMPANY TURRENTINE CHEVROLET THE UNITED VALLEY INSURANCE AGENCY VALLEY LOAN AND FINANCE WARREN LUMBER COMPANY WHITFIELD BUS LINES DECEMBER INDEX Aboihm. H W« y 7i ' ; Abbon.Sw ' Ado- - ., ' Adc .12 Adorn; :.: . 114 Adof l " Qn 212 Adr- 245 Agu 188.196.245 Ai«. Annette 97. 1 03. 1 65.250 on 175 AKord. Bill 124 Alfofd. R R 245 Allandtr. Anno 245 Alvor«2. Arluro AlvKJfM. Edna 250 AmbfOM. DMn P S. 13.17 Anoyo, Cobe 237 Andefvon, Florence 175.196 Anderion. Oooold 167.168.237 Andefvxi. Or 120 And«f ton. Dr M G 175 Andefton. Roger 250 Andrewj. Robert 134 Apodoco, Alicio 188.189,236 Apodoco. Beo Apodoco. Cecelto 1 89 Archer. Noncy io Arcintego. Tom 134 ArmUrong Woodie 173.179,236 A nc ! 187,188 A nc 188,250 A nolO, f otfico 162.250 Aschbocker. Leon 245 Aikew. Presley 119.144,175 Atchley. Wondo 97,245.165 Aolrv. Kenneth 213 idie It - . 18b -rly 244 -rt 244 •. 120 ' 163.165 : ' 2 213 r?7 4.182.212 q4 ioo I 212 »12I2 Bmo. Honk 126 BmI. Kotherine 237 Begoy. Glen 250 Beiorno. Robert 250 Bell. AM 126 Bellois. Charlotte 104,250 Belloit. William 18.213 Belling, Or T H 164 BenneM, Bryon 1 1 5.245 Berlemon. Richard 144.174,192,237 Bertrond. Chorlet 250 Biod. Victor 213 Bionchi, Yolondo 188.203.250 Bickle, Jim 122,134 Biede rmon, Louise 215 Biffle, Nathan 119 Binns. Glen 236 Bird. Terrell 250 Block, Or. R. H 12 Blackmon. Sue 103,245 Blockwell, Bert 129.215 Blockwell, Robert 168 Bloylock. J B 119 Boeglem. Robert 84.215 Boggess. Corlee,250 Bolding, Bonce 174,192 Boney. Roberto 20.107.196,236 Bonds. Jerry Ann 183,184,245 Bonomo, Coleen 250 Bonomo, Jonet 17.20,21.102,214.215 Boston, Joan 106.200.250 Boston. Or. AD 12 Bourgeoos, Polly 106,214 Boushelle, Paul 110,124,100 Bowen, Lee 144 Box, Joke 251 Boyd, Bob 214 Boyd, Gerald 119.178,214 Boyer, Shirley 236 Boylond, Georgio 106,183,188.236 Brennond, Charlotte 183.186.251 Brewer, Cynthia 251 Brockman. Lorry 176,215 Brockmon, Violet 215 Brockman, William 215 Br ' ooking, Edwin 175 Brooks. Jock 134 Brooks. Josette 104.251 Broome. Oon 251 Brown, Donald 115 Brown, Jerry 165,251 Brown. John 129.235 Brown. Joyce Ann 165,251 Br ummelt. Pol 1 8. 1 1 5.244,245 Bullord. Dillord 124 Burke. Froncis 124,168.174.236 Burks. Noncy 103.203.237 Burnt. BuZ2 168 Burnt, Froncit 237 Burton. Froncit 237 Busk. Bill 114 Butt. Bill 251 Bu " ' I ,_i-i C....,,. 1 7Q 1 QT B. ' W6 encc 214 Com, Roy Von 162.176,251 Coldorelli. Oov d 251 Colderon, Mel 237 Collohon, Dole Callohen. John 237 Co. . 117 Co -ty 251 Compbeii. Charles 175 Compbell. Som 237 Comunez. Jocqueliite 104.214 Condelorio. Luz 175 Cople, Richord 14,110 Cord. Lewit 174 Corlson, Worren 124 Corruthert. Garry 251 Cortlidge, Don 238 Cosodos, Benny 122 Cosaus, Ernest 245 Cotonese, Bill 135 Colher. William 251 Covineso, Walter 244 Coywood. Phyllis 183,251 Cerny, Bob 135 Chocon. Gregorio 188.214 Chombert, Charles 251 Chambers. Williom 121 Chomness, Rodney 176 Chondley, Martha 63,104.251 Chovez, George 167.178.214 Chavez, Tino 183 Cheney, Rich 1 1 5,238 Chesney, JoBeth 244 Chester, Noncy 251 Chilton. Lynn 162.168,238 Chilton. Worren 188.244 Chittock, Joon 244 Clark. Bill 122 Clork, Charley 144 Clark. Harold 127 Clark, Shoron 106 Clayton, Lubio 175 Clopton, Dick 134 Clover, Charles 1 1 1 Clymer. Roy 146 Coolion, Connie 174.192.216 Cobb, Douglas 216 Cole. Ann 251 Cole. Max 146.251 Colemon. Cotherii e 251 Coleman, Richard 251 Combert. Billie 183.244 Cook, Carolyn 103 Cooper, Corl 216 Cooper, Jock 118,244 Cooper, Moxine 252 Corbett, Or Roger B. 12.36 Corcorron, H 8 124 Corley. Bernord 168.238 Corn, Mrs Eorl 13 Correll. Roy 176 Cotto, Poul 112 Coiiigon. Jim 117.135 Courtney. VolecKi 51,97.188.252 Cowon. Powl 124 Co.. 117 Cox, Kolhryn 100.245 Cox. Soro 252 Croig, Corlot 245 396 Croin, Jimmy 121 Crause, Larry 127 Crockett, Dorwin 167,216 Crosno, Prof. 173 Crowder, Joyce 104,252 Crume, Thomas 1 1 1 ,252 Cwicko, Hank 48,200 Culbert, James 192 Cunnmgham, Donald 238 Cunnmgham, Gene 124 Currell, Dennis 252 Custer, Dick 198 Doge, Jack 62,118 191,216 Dallas, George 238 Denials, Fred 126,100 Daniels, Jogay 100,104,186 Donley, Bill 165 Danley, Tom 165 Davenport, Ronnie 168 Davis, Allan 100,115 Davis, Barbara 80 Davis, Jim 146 Davis, Nell 152,188 Davis, Tonita 176,183,202,246 Davis, Phil 176 Davis, Roosevelt 135 Day, F. A. 16 Dayton, Lewis 252 Dean, George 216 DeBusk, Bill 216 DeBusk, Jerry 115 DeCosto, Jerry 246,252,118 DeMoulin, Donald 252 Dennord, G. H. 15 Dennis, Stanley 175 DeOhvera, Mary Ann 104,252 DeOlivera, Ralph 169,217 Derksen, David 121 Deppermon, Carol 186 Depperman, Warren 174,192 Devenny, Bill 217 DeVore, Jack 1 76 Dias, Jesus 192,217 Dillard, Douglas 18,197,216 Dillard, Sara 197,216 Dinwiddie, Bill 165 Dinwiddie, Gail 97 Dinwiddie, Richard 112 Dixon, Bill 174,182,192 Dobson, Dr. R. C. 164 Dodson, Jim 124,217 Donaldson, Byron 111 Donaldson, Tom 117 Donson, Bill 179 Dougherty, Jerry 1 00,1 1 9,238 Dougherty, Jim 1 19 Dougherty, Kathleen 107,175,191 Douglas, Leonard 197 Dowell, Elta 176 Downs, John 86,100,168,217 Drexler, James 188,252 Dross, Wes 165 Drummond, William 217 Duke, Gene 167,168,217 Dunigan, Pat 55,204,238,165,102 Durben, Catherine 203,252 Dutchover, Jerry 238 Eaks, Cecil 176 Echevarria, Horocio 192 Edmundson, Sam 252,118 Edmundson, Sammie 20,80,81,107,218,86 Ego, Teruo 218 Eichholtz, Nancy 176 Elfrank, Mrs. 202,203 Elkins, Sam 168,163,165 Elliot, Jean 238 Elliot, Jerry 252 Ellis, Mrs. George 13 Embree, Dole 218 Engle, Jo 102,165,238 English, Mary 186 Escover, L. 86,104 Espinoza, Rebecca 187,192 Essary, Wilburn 218 Estes, Lonnie 136 Evanisko, Gregory 219 Fait, Bob 121 Fauld, Linda 106,252 Felix, Ernest 124,238 Ferguson, Dove 121 Ferguson, Wally 19,112,136,167,213 Fernandez, Edward 187 Ferron, Robert 173,219 Ferris, Charles 112,246 Ficklin, Bill 62,86 Fields, Fred 129,239 Fields, James 192 Fisher, Lawrence 246 Fiske, William 121 Flores, Frank 173 Flores, Ruben 239 Follmer, Lawrence 252 Foltz, Mickey 136 Forehand, Elizabeth 252,103 Fort, Penny 97,183 Fortney, Lloyd 62 Foster, Don 17,112,218,110,86 Fox, Roy 252 Froiser, Robert 179 Fredrick, Charles 239 Freeman, Bobbie 239 Fnebrand, Neil 123,184,245 Frietz, William 239 Fulghum, Don 246 Gams, Ronny 112,110 Gallacher, Ann 106,108,239 Gallegos, Arnold 252 Gallegos, Carlos 218 Gomboo, Ed 124 Gammill, Butch 129,238 Garcia, Lawrence 238 Gardner, Jerry 165 Garrett, Richard 129,215,218 Geer, Hunter 112,219,87 Gehlharr, Heintz 126 Gentry, Darryl 197 Gerk, Fred 167,219 Germ, Neil 119 Ghick, Ann Elaine 252 Gibbs, Elmo 173,219 Gibson, Bob 165 Gibson, Sid 124,239,200 Gilbert, Harvey 239 Gilmer, Terese 20,21,107,196 Girk, Fred 178 Giroux, Bill 126 Glordon, LeRoy 165,245 Glover, Charles 252 Goldsmith, Martin 124,179,236 Gomez, Angel 1 12 Gomez, Frank Gomez, Kay 97,186,219 Gomez, Mary 219 Gonzales, Betty Jean 166,246 Gonzoles, Guillermo 219 Gonzales, Navoro 246 Goodby, Bill 50 Gordon, Korol 252 Gordon, Murine 252 Gore, Gerald 115,246 Gose, Eleanor 252 Gragg, Tom 175 Graham, Lee 136 Grondi, Chorlotte 188,239 Granger, John 175 Gray, Leah 97 Gray, Nancy 36,56,103,252 Gray, Ocie 129,220 Gregory, Jack 178 Gregory, Joe 162,169 Grey, Edword 220 Granger, John 220 Griffin, Bob 126 Griffin, Leon 136 Grigg, Don 122 Grimes, Morjorie 202,203,200,102 Grisson, Charles 165 Gross, Bob 1 27 Guck, James 253 Guild, Ben 175 Guinn, Timnthy 253 Gulfer, Walter 220 Gunter, Velmo 97,253 Guthrie, Kenneth 118,116,253,200 Guthrie, Mrs. G. L. 81 Guyer, Walter A. 115 Hockler, George 198 Hafen, K. R. 16 Haley, Sue 95,106,200,253 Hall, Carl 128 Hall, Clariece 176,221 Hall, Dean Martha 13,20,21 Hamilton, Pat 165,246 Hamm, Melvin 247 Handschey, Suzanne 197,203,253 Honkins, James 167,221 Hanny, Joanne 107,220,87 Hordesty, Dolores 97,220,87,102 Hardgraves, Jack 174,192 Hordmon, Brittoin 19,116,239 Harkey, Warren 129,239 ' Horrell, Tommy 127,253 Harrington, Dave 220,87,43 Hart, Noncie 247,165 Hortgraves, Charles 253 Hortgraves, Rex 165 Hortman, Aldeon 174 Hartman, Ira 182,221 Harty, Patricio 107,221 Hauser, Charles 127 Hoydu, Bill 124 Hoydu, Virginia 200 Haynes, Kennith 116,238 Heath, Howard 111,253 Heckman, Fred 168,178,221,165 Hednck, Ann 253,103 Hoight, Lionel 128 Heiman, Johnonn 203,204,238 Heltman, Ann 200 Heliums, Jerry 165 Hemler, Pardue 162 Henderson, Richard 200 Hendricks, Sue 1 8,98,1 04,1 86,221 ,87 Henry, Dennis 221,119 Henry, Edward 121 Hinton, Herman 115,247,110 297 HwtM- H h h HotMC H Hogg. H h HotOK Hoi... H Hopkint. Dal« Hopkmt. Pool ■■ ' 1 7.247 65 . 253 115,238 " 8 12 120 165 238 176 168.178,222 ??2 129.187.197,222 H H H h . Howe Hc r Rob«fto 104,203,253 nuL»- ' i, Mr Horace 13 HuHmon. B«ll« 176.247 H •: 179 H • 104.88 H M 04,247 y ■ ■■ 163.165 176 H Jon 188,239 K : , 39 Iv. ??•? ' . i ' 6,4 19 175 ir ir 121,222 3 . 192 65 Johnton. Jonei. A Jones, Con I IV Jone». Gweo 253 iooei, John 119 I M B 168 . 200 Joy, Jo Ann 203.253,200.103 ' ieph 162 ord 116.240 on 200 137.152 -iM 112 53.148.136,177 Kcnj, ivuH 137 Kemm. Lt Col R R 14,57 Kersting. William 240 Kighl, Jody 247 Kmord, G P 162 King. Donny 253 King, Gerald 223 King. Jomej 169.171,182 King. Marvin 253 King, Williom 253 Kipp. Rex 240 Kirk. Terronce 179 Kiunke, Pool 100.124.223 Kioudt. Charles 124 Kline. L W. 192 Klopper. Poul 240 Knight. Noncie 247 Knox, J H 168 Konilzer, Eugene 173 Kornegoy, Clml 124 Krouse. Warren 129.223 Loobs, Mrs. K. 192 Lockey. James 253 Londin, Ben 137 Londrum, Jerry 254 Lone. Jim 110J24.175 Long, Burton 129,178,223 Lonkford, Jimmy 126 Lonjford. Robert 240 lore, Boyd 247 Lorsen, Perry 165,240 Louder, Linda 188,254 Lowry. Deon 254 Leorned, Som 126 Learned, Morceno 166,98 Leisher, William 198,200 Lemmon, Dick 126 Lendemulder, Charles 174 19? Leonord, Don 254 Leslie, Cloudine 103,254 Leubo, Harold 63 iKhiy, Jim 127 I J eke V Charley 169,247 , 254 138 10 ;54 ,197,224 Lopei, Pouline 168 Lopez. Rofoel 254 Luco. Neil 174,224 Lucf " . R.--if. e 254 Lutr -i 104 Luct-.- ..I " i 127 Ludwg, Dick 127 lu|Oo, Allied 224 Lu|on. Joseph 225 Lukins, A M 174,192 LurKJ, Lewis 167 Lyie, John 129.246 Moog. Joyce 107.240 Mocgugon. Tom 240 Mockey, 8ill 174 Moese, Mary Ann 246 AAoiors. Jo Ann 103,165.98.246 Molec, Vern 200 Molone, Victor 240 Mongum, Nodine 163,165 Mopes, Carl 174.182,192,225 Morkhom, Glen 150 Morley, Bob 111,246 Morr, Gerold 165.240 Morsholl. Jomes 254 Mothews. J R. 254 Mothews. Lonnie 254 Mortin. Edwin 247 Mortin. Jim 127 Moriinez, CeliC ' O Morlinez, Gerard Moble Monny Morie Raul Morlinez Martinez Mortinez Morfinez Mortinez, Rene Marquez, Ruben 247 188 224 183,188,224 112 183,188,224 224 189,241 124,225,188 39 Mostfongelo, Vince 121 MoJson, Stephen 254 Matthews. Bill 201 Mattlock. Norm 119 AAovis. Alice 183 Mouer, Williom 225 Mouldm, G. L. 19,167.236 Mouro, Phyllis 104.256 Maxwell. Mary Lou 183 Moyfield, Jock 124 Moyfield, Myrum 254 AA:Adoo. Dorlene 255 McCoslond. Billy 248 McCow, Lorry 200 McCloughom, Williom 255 McCormock. Louis 248 McCowon, Dolores 255 McCoy, Charles 18.112,236 McCufdy. Jo Ann 102,197 McDonald, Jomes McDonoid. Mickey McDougol. 174 McForlond, Jonie McGahen, Poul 173 McG.M f " «. 148,227 Mc e 43 Mcr, . . McNpMona. Bill 243 McNeilond. Gerold 255 McWhofion, Joe 255 AAechom, Floyd 123 Medina. Kyle 112 M-i--. .TOf e 138.241 ;, Amos 241 •■■• ' ■ : ' 4 .03 ' .84,225 19,100.110,114.174,192.241 177 102,248 255 798 Methvin, David 243 Milam, Mike 192 Miller, Clyde 225 Miller, George 173 Miller, Leroy 175 Miller, Paul 182,225 Miller, Ray 127 Miller, Stanley 127 Miller, Tommy 254 Menzenmayer, Bill 165,243 Mixon, Larry 174,192,226 Moor, Bobs 247 Mobley, Johnny 241 Mobley, Tom 19,112,162,169,241,244 Mommy, Dody 104 Montes, Gilbert 226 Montoya, Dickie 117,247 Montoya, Earl 241 Montoya, Leroy 254 Moody, Charles Robert 162 Moore, Arthur 129,241 Moore, Earl 254 Moore, Eleanor 176 Moore, Eva Lou 176,184,241 Moore, Lonnie 1 19 Moore, Mrs. E. 192 Morales, Gustamo 254 Moren, Lewis 173 Moritzky, Jack 254 Morgan, Gayla Sue 106,254 Morns, Kenneth 254 Morris, Ronald 254 Mouser, Buzzy 166 Mulholland, George 138 Mull, Ivan 197 Mulligan, Paul 1 24 Mullins, David 124,226 Mulloy, Fred 170 Munoz, Celio 226 Munoz, Josefa 104,188,255 Murphy, Jerry 118,214 Murray, Lynn 127 Jyers, Greeley 1 16 Myers, Helen 20,107,247 Myers, Susie 20,247 Naran|o, Enrique 187,192 Negrea, Sam 138 Nelson, Walter ' 255 Nemish, Lester 170,226 Neven, Norns 162,168,240 Newman, Jack 240 Nichols, Dale 118 Nicholson, Grady 240,200 Neilsen, Sidney 120,100 Niner, James 163,169,227 Nixon, Gregory 226 Noland, Warren 167,169,227 Nugent, Jim 1 19 ODonnell, Dr. W. B. 12 Ogos, Patricia 104,255 Oliver, Jim 117,150 Ormsbee, Raymond 227 Ortega, Albert 184,187,188,227 Ortiz, Dorothy 104,188,202,203,255 Ostronder, Claude 167,169 Otteson, Jon 124,248,200,191 Outwater, Emily 192 Owen, Norns 113,178 Pacheco, Orlando 227 Pocheco, Roman 255 Podilla, Mary 227 Page, Arthur 255 Pahelka, Edward 174 Pair, John 129,240 Palmer, Harold 200,255 Polmer, Lloyd 55 Panlener, G. F. " 92 Panlener, Maude 107,196,248 Poradee, Larry 1 13 Parker, Billy 170,182,227 Porker, Omer 228 Parks, Jim 168 Parks, Steve 198,200 Parmelee, Kenny 163,165,240 Patterson, Bob 126 Patton, Jim 118,170 Povelka, Edward 228 Paxton, Ann 188 Peake, James 200,248 Pearson, Marilyn 18,104,248 Peipleman, Mrs. 1 14 Pendleton, Tom 255 Perea, Fred 228 Perez, Rita 166,248 Perez, Tommy 163,165 Perkins, Roland 228 Perry, Dan 122,189,255 Person, Donald 228 Peterson, Jannette 178 Peterson, Kenny 240 Petty, Dick 175 Pledger, Dick 174,192 Pickens, Jack 127 Pierce, John 240 Pilder, James 114,229 Piper, Bill 111,255 Pior, Melissa 106,255 Plese, Robert 241 Plastir, Dick 240 Poeter, Diana 106,166,255 Poeter, Sandy 110,124 Pompom, Jim 124 Porter, Dr. Robert 1 1 1 Prado, David 229 Prentiss, Charles 139 Price, Billy Joe 152 Price, Howard 110,118 Prichard, Skip 165,175,255 Pnesnitz, Elaine 103,255 Pruitt, John Roy 19,241 Pugliese, Frank 248 Pyatt, Earl 100,116,120,228 Quinlan, Pat 241 Qumtana, Leroy 1 71 Rael, Eddie 188,241 Roel, Louisa 241 Ramirez, Consuelo 188,255 Ramos, Cecilia 188,204,241 Ramsdale, Glenn 248 Randall, Drusilla 242 Randall, Martha 96,255 Randall, Palmer 242 Raney, John Paul 116,242 Royroux, Jean 107,166,175,248 Reddin, Tom 188,189 Redding, Jack 43 Reel, Carolyn 106,255 Reid, Jerry 175 Renfro, Janyce 107,249 Renfrew, Mrs. Era 13 Reynaud, Raymond 228 Reynolds, Dean 1 9, 1 29, 1 65, 1 69,229 Reynolds, William 177,242 Rhodo, Kathleen 242,100,102 Rhodes, Buck 17,88,168 Rhodes, Donna 19 Rhodes, Patricia 255 Rice, Bill 118 Richards, Lois An n 98,106,255 _Richardson, Deanne 242 Richordson, Elton 255 Richardson, Karen 20,104,255 Richardson, Mr. Jesse U 13 Richardson, William 229 Ricken, Heing 256 Ridgill, Bobby Jack 256 Riedl, Dwoyne 168 Risinger, Gerry 124,200 Ritter, Charles 100,110.119,229 Rivera, Bertha 20,203,204,242 Rivera, Levi 113,197 Rivera, Luther 1 13 Roberts, Mr. Delmar 13 Robertson, Phillip 249 Robeson, Eva Jane 191,196,242 Robinson, Arlene 256 Robinson, Tom 188,189 Rodriquez, Mane 183,188,202,242 Rodwell, D. H. 15 Rogers, Barbara 86,88,104,200 Rogers, Bill 122 Rogers, Charles 122,188,256 Rogers, Corinne 92,256 Romero, Melvin 100,110,112 Romero, Rita 188,249 Roundy, Sandra 20,100,102,196,249 Rucker, Donald 100,110,129,229 Ryan, Father 188,189 Sabre, Randy 119,249 Sachse, James 256 Sais, Jim 124,162,168,229 Salazar, Toley 188 Salinas, Manuel 256 Salome, Jerry 175 Sanchez, Anthony 188,256 Sanchez, Fidel 249 Sanchez, Porfirio 192 Sanchez, Vincente 188 Sandovall, Eugene 188 Sarten, Robert 179 Saunier, Ken 176 Saunier, Maudine 89 Schell, Al 170,229 Schlothouer, Gary 163,230 Schmid, Robert 170,230 Schneider, Billie 98,103 Schulmeister, Richard 256 Schulte, Bill 165 Schluter, Pat 104 Schultz, Marilyn 249 Schwarting, Bill 242 Scoggin, Linda 107,256 Scott, James 173,230 Scott, LaWanna 256 Scott, Pete 1 27 Scott, Randolph 170 Scott, Samuel 116,242 Scott, Walter 242 Sears, Arthur 175 Seligman, Vicky 20,21,98,102,196,249 Seelback, Rosalie 256 Serrano, Mane 183,188,256 Sessions, Jonell 176,230 Seufort, Frank 243 Show, Bobby 249 Shaw, Harry 249 Shelly, Tommy 1 1 3 Sheng, H. P. 170 Shenk, Ed 139 Shepan, Don 243 Shepord, Harold 122,249 Shires, Prof. L. B. 114 Shomer, S. E. 15 Shriver, William 89,118,231 Shunk, Robert 256 299 IW. T R IS J6 6 248 2r. 177 ?56 Sperry. r Siooley. John 248 •h 176.232 Sie.ef.k. A 176.232 S ' ewcrt Hcnf 167.169 -7256 127 117,196.249 232 ?57 T. ' . .i. jyjinti 233 Thomoi. Or M. A. 12 T ' V ckey 124 . A 257 186,233 i;;.257 111 93,111.106,249 Thunipvoo, Swion Thof ton. Bill 113 Thorton. Jim 112 Tign«r. Jomet 1 1 1 Tigner . G«orge 1 9, 1 1 3, 1 67 Tillion, Oonold 170,233 ToQomi, Jamet 124,242 ToQomi, Jo« 232 Tolmie. Don 114,174.192.242 Tombough. Annette 104,179 Torbert. Ronold 126 Tofrej. Rita 203 Townsend, Jerry 165 Trocy. David 249 Travis. Dovid 17,118,233 Trcet, Tony 118,257 Tfick.e. Harry 117 TroM, Mr Ray 200 Trupllo, Morris 233 Tyson. EG 171 Upton, Jonie 103,257 Utfley. Hal 52,100.124 Valentine, Alice 106,250,257 Volenzuela, Juon 188 Valerio. Joe 139 Voiles, Alfred 257 Voiles. Valentin 257 VonDolmon. John 127 233 VonEolon, Gertrude 249 VonHorn, Gary 123,124,233,191 Vcrnell, Terry 234 Voskov, Sommy 18,257 Vetter. Connie 49,176,177,196,197,248 Vigil, Charles 257 Vigil, John 188.234 Vigil. Laura 20,21,104,183.236,243 Villoreol. Bob 113.188 Villareol. Steve 113 Vivil, Wolly 243 Wode, Vernon 1 1 0, 1 1 9, 1 70,243 Wolden, Dr. Earl 13 Waldrilh. Edwin 175 V aldrith. Mork 257 Wolgin, Aaron 175 Walker. Dwighl 176 Walker. Joe 257 Wall, Oleto 165.248 Wolloce. Betty Jean 90,98.180 WfMrr It Col W S 14 .»»f. 2i ' d ' 4,182,192,233 ne 243 V. ..» 120 Warden. Alvin 257 Woiden, Goil 17,34,100 107 7 Wornck, Stuort 116,242 - « W •• Terry 150 V. . Leon 174,234 V. . bill 174 Wotkins, W E 168.184 V. ' • " .in 100 ' " V : e 257 WuSiu- ' i, Kulh ■ ■■ J,» ' 5 WoH» Or G ' . V. V. W«.L,o« , DK.k 16:»,242 w vh. Ceroid 116.242 ■. Bill 165 • - 257 Mary io 257 ■■-,n 111 , 113 mmy 176 " 174,192 e 113 ;rT, 257 While, Dove 170,235 While. George • 257 White, lelo fern 183,186.257 Whitecross. Horry 257 Whickstrooi, Jerry 127 Whitsitt, Howell 234 Whittier, Stewart 235 Wickert, Mrs. 183 Widner, Corolyn 98,186,248 Widner. Gay 106.204,248 Widner. Gene 257 Widner. George 90 Widner, Lowrence 162,167,168,234 Widner, Molly 186 Wilborn, Jimmy 257 Wilcox. Paul 100.113.167,169 Willioms. Borboro,204.249 Williams. Boyce 168 Williams. Carter 100,116,234 Willioms. Fronk 191 Willioms. Glen 179 Williams. Joanna 18,102.191.242 Williams. Molly 20,100,107,19 ' 749 Willis, Jim 257 Wilson, Jimmy 118,257 Wilt, John 249 Wingo. Jim 173 Wise. Doyle 170 Winn, Jomes 179,235 Winn, Robert 122 Winsteod. Guy 177 Witte, Joy 242 Wofford, Carl 257 WoHord, Durword 176 Wood. Charley 123 Wood. Tommy 258 Woods. Ivogene 197,235 Woods, Richard 249 Wolf, Gene 235 Wolffe, Warren 43 Woodside. Lin 119 Woodward. Gerald 168,235 Wooten, Bill 119 Woolen, Jock 90,119,168.234 Woolen, Roy 249 Woolen. Tom 117,258 w-v. ii Wode 258 ■yy 139 .n 1 24 Wright. Noncie 196 Wymon. W F 16 Yamoroto. G«Org« 258 V . i .n Eugene 176 ugh. Stev 258 ■ Woyne 152 York. Annalee 196.249 York. Lyndo Roe 258 Young. Bill 174,192 Alfonso 188 Jo 121 258 Zurooll, iun «t 2M YEARIOOKS

Suggestions in the New Mexico State University - Swastika Yearbook (Las Cruces, NM) collection:

New Mexico State University - Swastika Yearbook (Las Cruces, NM) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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New Mexico State University - Swastika Yearbook (Las Cruces, NM) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


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