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Text from Pages 1 - 316 of the 1957 volume:

1 New Mexico College of A MA m IF % m- ' ii fi:iiliiBt ilix. ' LtumtSHmM .. ' 7 . J r . _ J; ■ ' ■■; " -. I, -C ■- ..■-. ' . ' . tR- ■ Jf " C iAyL . CJa- iyi i BOSBB ' lfCKB (f 1957 Walt O ' Brien Editor Joanne Hanny Business Manager Annual publication of the Associated Students of New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts. This is State College as seen through the camera lens and described by the pens of the 1957 Swastika. Some people have likened the editing of an an- nual to bringing up a child. Everyone likes them if they are good, has worlds of advice on how to bring them up, but no one is willing to take the time to correct them if they are bad. Such would have been the case this year, but for the large and compe- tent staff that gave freely of their time and effort in trying to publish a superior yearbook. For many of the staff this edition was a training for future years. I can only say, that if their learning was in propor- tion to their work, the A M campus can look for- ward to a series of progressively better yearbooks in the years to come. It was a distinct pleasure to have been privil- eged to direct them. Walt O ' Brien, Editor Joanne Hanny Advertising Manager Morjorie McCorkle Associate Editor Gerry Shipley Title Division Pages Roberta Clouse Cover lames Hobbs Continuity Vernon Wade Sports David Travis ROTC Terese Gilmer Oraanizations Gail Warden Classes Boots Spradlin Advertising Ass ' t Jean Skaggs Student Life Sandra Roundey Layout Ass ' t Richard Meleski Photographer Barry Weiler Photographer Ralph Raihala Photographer Sam Learned Organization Photographer CONTENTS PERSONALITIES STUDENT LIFE SPORTS ORGANIZATIONS GREEKS CLASSES ADVERTISING SWASTIKA STAFF .■ ' ' ■ ■ ■y. t " .. .1$ f " 1 A :• ■ . - ,4 ■;• 1 1 1. wmmm. v l j V ,. 1 1 m 1 Each man, each woman, laid a different brick--and the structure which stands as a result of their labors is a monument to all and not one. The tradition and the material entity of New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts have grown through the years because of the selflessness and generosity of the faculty, the student body, and the alumni. In 1908, the students of A M erected the fountain which stands south of the bus stop at the eastern end of the U -drive- When 1937 rolled around, another was constructed near the Home Economics Building. Of course the students didn ' t have to sacrifice the time and effort necessary to build the little campus land-marks. But they did! These people are a representa- tive example of many who have worked so hard to push old AdM up the ladder. Driving toward Las Cruces from the south, the portion of our college visible before all others is the tower of the football stadium-the stadium whose construction was financed by generous alums. Over the years since the founding of New Mexico State College in 1889, there has been no lack of hands ready and willing to attack the labor of making the college a better place in which to live and study. Many of these contributors are unremembered, unthanked, nameless. But the campus and its traditions stand as their monument. And every brick in every building, every club charter and grant of funds bears the marks of their fingers. Even when the buildings, and charters, and bank-notes crumble, the monument to selfless- ness will live on-for the ultimate creation and final product of these many works is the student well instructed in the arts of usefulness and good citizenship. rs PEBgEKELCl gy NEW MEXICO COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE AND MECHANIC ARTS OrnCE OF THE PRESIDENT STATE COLLEGE. NEW MEXICO December 14, 1956 TO THE STUDENT BODY Dear Aggies: Together let ' s take a look at the past, at the present and at the future of our College. But first let me tell you what sixteen months in New Mexico has done to me. I have learned to love this State of ours and to admire and respect its friendly people. There is no place I want to be other than in New Mexico and as much time as possible on the campus of our New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts. It is great to be an Aggie. In my travels over the State I have found Aggies who talk about the years gone by, of the days when there were only a handful of people at State College. Then our College was exceedingly small and the struggle to survive was great. Those were and always will remain the important days. Those folks built the foundation on which the New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts has grown and will continue to grow. Ours is still a small school. Ours is still a struggling school with much to be done. Progress is be- ing made. The recent addition of Ph. D. degrees; the addition of a Graduate School and a School of Teacher Education, are symbols of academic growth. New buildings for engineering, for chemistry and for physics and mathematics are symbols of physical growth. Yes, our College is on the move. The future holds great things. All forecasts of enrollment indicate that there will be not less than live thousand students on our campus by 1970. That means that we must have virtually twice as many teachers, nearly twice as many buildings; yes, twice as many of everything. To this end all of us must be alert; all of us must be working so that we can carry the responsibilities that go with such growth. These will be interesting, challenging years in which all of us can make a contribution to the greater New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts of the future. Together with our Alumni we can and will do the job. Sincerely, R. B. Corbett President of the College DR. ROGER B. CORBETT 1 Viewing the college expansion program from the little " tractor cart " are the Board of Regents and members of the State Board ot ri- nance. The student hears little about the Board of Regents but they are the most important single group concerned with the college. MH. JESSE U. RICHARDSON from Mesilla Park is president of the Board; HORACE HUBERT of Carlsbad is Secretary-Treasurer. Mem- bers are MRS. EARL CORN of Dexter. MR. DELMAR ROBERTS of Anthony, and MR. GEORGE ELLIS of the Bell Ranch. Ex-Officio mem- bers are the Honorable ERWIN MECHEM and the Honorable GEORGIA LUSK. MR. HAFEN, Purchasing ... In a school the size of A S M, a tremendous amount of supplies is necessary to carry on the functioning of such a complex machine. All of the work involved in the heavy job of purchasing the supplies is handled by Mr. Hafen. MRS. LEE. Editor of the " Aggie " . . . Mrs. Lee. although she is not very well known to the students on the campus, is one of the best known peoole at New Mexico ASM to all our alumni. As editor of the alumni magazine, it is her job to tell the ex-students what is going on on the campus, and what their old classmates are doing now. DR. W. B. O ' DONNELL, Dean of the School of Education . . . This is a newly formed insti tution at ASM. Dean O ' Don- nell has great practical experience with the public school system, having serv- ed as secretary to the New Mexico Education Association for several years. He thus brings to this post ex- perience both practical and academic Under his leadership, the school of ed- ucation is sure to grow and progress at A M. DR. M. A. THOMAS, Dean of the School of Engineering. . . Dean Thomas, who is a registered professional engineer, also is a professor and serves as head of the School of Engineering. Under his able guidance, the school of engi. neering on the campus of New Mexico A4M has grown to nation-wide impor- tance and has come to be the largest school in the college. • " M pf- jb; . DR. R. H. BLACK. Dean of the School of Agriculture . . . Dean Black, who came to the ASM campus in the fall is aslo head of the extension depart- ment. He has an increasingly busier school to work with, and has handled all his many tasks capably and effi- ciently. DR. A. D. BOSTON, Dean of the School of Arts and Science ... the School of Arts and Science at A M has been making a steady growth in size and accomplishments for many years. This growth for the past nine years has been under the steady hand of Dean Alvin D. Boston. Dean Boston is em inently suited for his organizational job. having served as Director of Re- search for the Clin Corp. during World War II. Dean Boston is also professor and head of the chemistry department. MISS ERA RENTFROW, Heqistiar , . . Without Miss Rentfrow and the Regis- trar ' s office, the entire school would be completely lost. It is due to her staff ' s hard work that our rapidly growing college is able tc keep track of all its students. DEAN MARTHA HALL. Dean of Wom- en ., . Although this is Mrs. Hall ' s first year with us. she has already become one of the best-known women on the campus. Through her office come all the girls looking for help and ad- vice, and she is always ready to give it to them. DR. EARL WALDEN, Dean of Graduate School . . . The graduate school is newly established and growing. The administration selected Dr. Walden as a man eminently qualified for the job of guiding the new department. All the returns are not in. but early results show that their choice was a wise one. Dr. Walden. has for several years pre- vious to his appointment as Dean of the graduate school, served as head of the math department. DEAN PHILIP S. AMBROSE, Dean of Students ... He is certainly one of the busiest men on campus, yet he is always ready to listen to anyone — if you can find him. He is a part of al- most every activity of the college, and many of the good ideas put into effect on the campus are his doing. «C f ' f MR. DENNARD, Director of Alumni Re- lations . . . His job is one that cannot be contained in an office on the camp- us. Traveling all over the state, Mr. Dennard acts as an undercover pub- licity agent selling our school to pros- pective students, ex-students, and any- one else who looks interested. DAVE RODWELL, Director of Publicity . . . The rest of the stale, and many colleges throughout the country, learn about New Mexico A M from him. What the students do on campus, how our athletic department fares, what the faculty achieves, all this goes through his office as news to the rest of the state. MR. SILER. Director of Admissions . . . Through this office come all the tests that new students take. These tests are various guidance tests which indicate the field for which the student would be best. Another job of Mr. Siler is to act as counselor to all men students living on campus. MR. SHOMER, Director of Housing. . A big job falls to him, an almost im- possible job. that of keeping all the stu- dents living on campus happy. It is his job to see that the dorms are painted, the rooms cleaned, and the buildings kept in good-and-livable condition. MR. C. H. LINSCHEID, Librarian . . . Through his efforts, our library has grown into a large reference area, where the students can find material on any subject they need. Chester Lin- scheid and his helpful assistants can easily track down any elusive bits of information. Our library is constantly growing, and its facilities are ever mul- tiplying. MR. W. F. WYMAN. Comptroller . . . In charge of our finances, and of see- ing that no one spends too much money, is the unenviable job of Mr. Wyman. In his hands, rests the job of keeping all the campus organizations in the blnck and keeping their compli- cated financial systems straight. MISS GOLDIE SLINGERLAND, Place- ment ... In June of 1947, Miss Sling- erland arrived on the campus of New Mexcio A M. In addition to her work in the permanent placement of A M graduates, she also assists the under- graduates with summer and part-time jobs. And last but not least. Miss Sling- erland assists in placing student wives in positions about town. It is impossible to say how many Aggies would not have been able to graduate without the able assistance of our placement service. MR. F. A. DAY, Director of Campus Maintenance ... It is his department that keeps our campus clean, waters the grass, and plants our flowers. Even though we may mumble occasionally when the sprinklers are set where we want to walk, we all appreciate the work Fred Day and his men do in keeping our campus beautiful. LT. COLONEL ROBERT R. KEMM, PMS5T . . . Lt. Colonel Kemm arrived at A M on July 6, 1955, following high- ly popular Lt. Colonel Noble Riggs. Colonel Kemm has since established himself on the campus not only as a true military gentleman, but also as a friend and counselor to all men. LT. COLONEL WILLARD S. WALTERS, PAS . . . Under the direction of Lt. Col- onel Walter, the AS department has begun to offer flight training to advanc- ed AFROTC students. Colonel Walter has also been instrumental in establish- ing the modern system of classroom training now in practice at A M. COACH PRESLEY ASKEW, Head of Athletics . . . The man with the big load on his shoulders. Coach Askew carries the name of our school into the newspapers on the widely-read sports page, and onto the lips of every sports fan in the state. Through his teams, and his coaching, which won him the title of Coach of the Year in the bas- ketball Coach of the Year in the Border Conference, comes the athletic fame of the school. ro DR. R. W. BRIGGS, Physician ... We are very fortunate indeed, to have such a fine doctor in our campus dispensary as Dr. Briggs. New to the campus, he has already gained a reputation of competent medical treatment that has endeared him to all Aggies with sore throats or stopped-up noses. The Student Commission President, ALAN CLOUSE. and the Vice-President, FRED WARNER, puttina their heads together over student government . . , Clouse, a senior mechanical engineer- ing major, is also secretary of Tau Kappa EpsUon, secretary of Pi Tau Sigma, and vice-president of Blue Key. He is a member of Sigma Tau. ASME, and Student Relations Committee- Warner has been president of the Inter-Religious Council, a representative to the Co-op Council, and is a member of ASME. WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES EUGENE HOLLY and ALLAN PIERCE, physics majors, solving a lab problem . . . Holly is rit- ualist of Lambda Chi Alpha, a past secretary of the Co-op Council, and a member of the American Institute of Physics, Arnold Air Socie- ty, Amateur Radio Club and Interfraternity Coun- cil. Pierce is president of Phi Mu Tau and the Physics Club, and is treasurer of Tau Kappa Epsilon. He is a member of Kappa Kappa Psi. This year ' s Swastika editor WALT O ' BRIEN com- paring problems with KERRY JOHNSON, last year ' s editor. O ' Brien, a civil engineerinq major, is a past president of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. treasurer of Blue Key and the American Society of Civil Engineers, and vice-president of the Inter- fraternity Council. He is a member of Alpha Phi Gamma, Sigma Tau. Arnold Air Society, and the past president of the Co-op Student Associa- tion. Mrs. Johnson, an English major, has served as secretary-treasurer of WRA. secretary of Zeta Tau Alpha, editor of the Round-Up, and secretary of Mu Beta. She is a member of Gamma Delta, Alpha Phi Gamma, and Phi Mu Tau, " ilH DAVID IVEY. playing the piano while ROBERT TITSWORTH adds harmony . . , Ivey is a mem- ber of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Mu Tau, Kappa Kappa Psi, Alpha Psi Omega, and the Male Quariet. Titsworth is active in Sigma Tau, Delta Pi Omega, and KNMA, He is secretary of AIEE-Ire, and serves on the Co-op Student Association Council and R. O. T. C. Association Council. DON WUNSCH, Tau Kappa Epsilon president, and MONTE SHRIVER, Sig- ma Alpha Epsilon president, discussing events of the IFC meeting . . . Wunsch has served as president of Inter-fra- ternity Council, corresponding secre- tary of Blue Key. and secretary and treasurer of Kappa Kappa Psi. He is a member of Greek Council, Sigma Tau, AIEE, Arnold Air Society, and Delta Pi Omega. Shriver, a mechanical en- gineering major, is a member of Sigma Tau, Pi Tau Sigma, and ASME. He is president of the Engineers ' Council, alumni secretary of Blue Key, vice- president of the senior class, and a member of Greek Council. At the Alpha Gamma Rho house, JOHN BURROWS and TOMMY SHELLEY, re- laxing after a day ' s classes . . . Bur- rows, an agriculture education major, is secretary of Alpha Gamma Rho. a member of Inter-fraternity council. Ag club, and the Dairy Judging Team. He is president of Greek Council, presi- dent of the senior class and senior rep- resentative to the student commission. Shelley is an agriculture major. He is president of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers, a member of Alpha Gamma Rho. and has been sec- retary of Garcia Hall, and president of Alpha Zeta. HARRY BRYAN and JOHN LANE, meeting at the fishpond on their way to a Blue Key meet, ing . . . Bryan is a member of Theta Chi. and vice president; Ag Club, Block and Bridle, Alpha Zeta, Greek Council. Inter-fraternity Council. Rodeo Club, and a past representative to the Stu- dent Commission. Lane was president of his junior class, chaplain of Phi Kappa Tau. operations officer of Arnold Air Society, vice-president of the dairy club, and a member of Alpha Zeta. and Ag Club, -■ M b}f i% JOYCE SCHNEIDER and MAR- THA OLIVER, relaxing in the small lounge . . . Miss Schneider is president of Delta Zeta, presi- dent of Panhellenic Council, and secretary of Inter-Religious Coun- cil. She is past secretary of Stu- dent Commission, and is a mem- ber of WSGB. Greek Council, and Mu Beta. Miss Oliver has been secretary of the Rodeo Club, secretary of Four Square, secretary of the dorm club, and secretary of her sophomore class. She is also a member of the Ag Club, and a past mem- ber of Gamma Delta. MIRIAM BRIGGS, Chi Omega pledge trainer, and EILEEN LOGSDON, Chi Omega president, getting ready for the next meeting. . . Miss Briggs is secretary of the senior class, and a mem- ber of Future Teachers and Mu Beta. Miss Logsdon is treasurer of Panhellenic Council, presi dent of WSGB, historian of Mu Beta, and vice-president of Future Teachers. She is a member of Greek Council, Phi Mu Tau, and has been head cheerleader. W HO ' S W HO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES GARY WALTON and JOHN DOWNS planning their homework . . . Walton has been a main- stay on the football team; he was named Great- est Aggie in 55, and has served as president of the " A " Club. He is a member of the AFHOTC Association and Alpha Zeta. Downs is treasurer of the Rodeo Club, social chairman of Theta Chi, and president of the Block and Bridle Club. He is a member of the Ag Club, Blue Key, and A) pha Zeta. MARIORIE McCORKLE, Mu Beta president, and FRANCES HAWKINSON, reporter, meet- ing in the Publicity Office . . . Miss McCorkle is secretary of Alpha Psi Omega, and a past treasurer of Gamma Delta, She is a member of Chi Omega, WSGB, Panhellenic Council, and Phi Mu Tau. Mrs. Hawkinson is vice- president of Chi Omega, and editor of the Roundup. She has been a member of Sigma Tau Delta. i JOE WALLACE and THOMAS POGUE, discussing Animal Husbandry lab on location . , . Wallace ■has served as president of the Rodeo Club and chaplain of Theta Chi. He is a member of the Ag Club, Alpha Zeta, and senior livestock judging team. Pogue has been vice-president of Alpha Tau Alphn, secretary of Blork and Bridle, vice-president of Alpha Zeta. treasurer of the Arnold Air Society and president of Alpha Gamma Rho. He is a member of the Ag Club, the livestock judging lecm c:nd R. O. T, C. ' ■ » BARBARA RAWDON, fitting a dress for NOLA CRADDICK in the Home Ec. lab. Mrs, Rawdon has served as Presi- dent of the Home Economics Club, and as president of the Stale Home Eco- nomics Club. She is past president of the WSGB and of Garrett Hall, and is a member of Delta Zeta. Miss Craddick is a member of Delta Zeta, Home Eco- n omics Club, and treasurer of Mu Beta. She has been active in Gamma Delta and Panhellenic Council. IIM QUINLAN, Blue Key President, and THURLOW CAFFEY are showing each other their new sweaters. . . Quinlan is the president of Lambda Chi Alpha, Inter-fraternity Council, and Greek Council. He is a past vice-president of Student Commission. Caffey is a past member of the Co-op Student Associa- tion, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Newman Club, and AIEE. BRUCE CASKEY and GREELEY MYERS, talking at the Lambda Chi Alpha house . , . Caskey has been president of Pi Tau Sigma, secretary of Lambda Chi Alpha, and a member of Sigma Tau, ASME, Co-op Student Association, and Kappa Kappa Psi, Myers has held offices in Lambda Chi Alpha, Dairy Club, Alpha Tan Alpha, and agriculture representative to the Student Com- mission. He is a member of Future Teachers, Ag Club, Block Bridle, and Dairy Judging Team. BUCK RHODES, Lambda Chi Al- pha president, and BILLY GAM- MILL, Theta Chi president, talk- ing over their terms of office. . . Rhodes has been secretary of the Ag Club, president of 4-H alumni association; vice-presi- dent of inter-fraternity council, secretary of Alpha Zeta. and vice-president of his sophomore class. He is a member of Greek council. Gammill is secretary of the Inter-fraternity Council, and a member of Greek Council. Co- op Association. ASME, AIEE-IRE Sigma Tau. and Delta Pi Ome- ga. Alan Clouse President Fred Warner Vice President ASSOCIATED STU .♦ Edie Hanna Secretary- Jo Gay Pearce Treasurer DENTS ' COMMISSION Greeley Myers Agriculture Representative Bobbie Freeman Arts and Science Representative Harry Bryan Senior Class Representative John Burrows Senior Class Representative Guido Zecca Junior Class Representative Paul Merritt Sophomore Class Representative Sue Hendricks Teacher Education Representative Kent Jacobs Freshman Class Representative COMMISSION vy Election Committee Edie Hanna Jo Gay Pearce Constitution Committee Bobbie Freeman Who ' s Who Greeley Myers Don Wunsch Freshman-Upperclassman Game Kent Jacobs Sue Hendricks John Burrows, Chairman Guido Zecca L Social Life Committee Seated: Nel Harris Paul Merritt, Chairman Louise Biederman Standing: Dave Hoover Bill Kersting -i . COM MITTEES Social Committee Seated: Rosalee Lucero Sammie Edmundson Verna Pettie Standing: Ina Withers Mickie McDonald Don Jennings Paul Merritt, Chairman Student Union Advisory Board Don Foster Harry Bryan Lyceum Committee Kent Jacobs Bonnie Bryant Jim Quinlan Standing: Publicity, Fred Warner Homecoming, John Paul Raney Campus Planning, John Moore Seated: Athletic Council, Jerry Simmons " A " Day, Tom Mobley Chairman, Don Forrester ' ,t Vc- K BLUE KEY How would you like to wake up at 5? New pledges Thurlow Caffey, John Lane, Harry Cook, John Downs, David Ivey, and Buck Rhodes with Dean W. B. O ' Donnell. Blue Key, the newest honorary on the campus, was organized in the spring of 1955, by many of the campus leaders. Jim Quinlan was their president. Charter members included fraternity presidents, the president of the Stu- dent Commission, and many of the men from Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities. This honorary emphasizes service to the school in whatever way is necessary. Members: Back - Buck Rhodes, John Lane, Thurlow Caffey, Allan Clouse. Front : Johnny Downs, Harry Cooke, Monte Shriver, Donald Wunsch, David Ivey. f 1 •% y •» « • in " B H W k WL - - J Last Fall, Mu Beta entertained at a coffee in honor of Blue Key. Blue Key assisted with the registration program at the ACU Convention, with Mu Beta. They have also assisted with other campus projects. Officers : President - J Quinlan Vice president - Alan Clouse Secretary, Treas- Walter O ' Brien Historian Alumni Secretary - M. Shriver D. Wunsch Norma Milikien pours Buck Rhodes some coffee. Blue Key has ninety-five chapters in thirty-six states, and it is aiming for one hundred this year. They are attempting to bring colleges and their communities closer together by their various projects, and on the national level this is succeeding very well. Blue Key is a leadership fraternity and does not permit its members to join a similar organization. Their Open Pledge binds them together, and they do not have a secret ritual. By being a member of Blue Key, the frater- nity feels he is shown as possessing the qualities of leadership and the confidence of his fellow students. At the coffee: John Lane, Monte Shriver, Tom Pogue, Walt O ' Brien, Donnie Wunsch, John Downs, Miriam Briggs. Registration at the ACU Convention MU BETA The honor sorority for senior women at New Mexico A M was organized by interested faculty women and the Dean of Women in the spring of 1954. Its constitution was model- ed after that of Mortarboard, a national honorary organ- ization for senior women, based on high standards of scho- larship, service, and leadership. Since its founding only a few years ago, the organization has grown to one of the most active groups on the campus. Mu Beta is always ready to help with campus projects. Last year, there were many conventions, and they also helped with the installation of President Corbett. This year, they took charge of the registration at the convention held by the members of Student Advisory Boards, helping the Student Commission. Mu Beta, in connection with Blue Key, furnishes the marshalls for the graduation ceremonies. Mu Beta, in its continuous encouragement of higher scholorship among women, in 1955 gave a SlOO scholarship to a deserving freshman woman. In 1956, they contributed to an emergency fund given to the Dean of Women to be used at her discretion, and gave awards at theAWS Banquet to the girl in each class with the highest grades. This fall, honoring the newly founded Blue Key, Mu Beta held a coffee honoring the stu- dents elected to membership in it. Left to Right: Dean Phillip Ambrose Allan Clouse Roberta Clouse Marjorie McCorkle Dr. Edward Garrett Mrs. Garrett Mrs. Ambrose 4f. When Mu Beta was first organized, Mrs. Guthrie was asked to be their sponsor She has served in that capa- city ever since, and has done a very wonderful job in working with the girls. Mrs. Guthrie, Sponsor, with Marjorie McCorkle, President Each year Mu Beta has one money- raising project. They make the cor- sages for homecoming, and have a big " Mum Sale " Officers of the group are: Marjorie McCorkle - President Carolyn Hartman - Vice President Frances Hawkinson - Secretary Publicity Nolo Craddick - Treasurer Eileen Logsdon - Historian Working on the Corsages Left - Right Back: Miriam Briggs, Norma Milikien, Joyce Schneider. Front: Eileen Logs- don, Carolyn Hartman, Marjorie Mc- Corkle, Nola Craddick, Frances Haw- kinson. The style in beanie changed a bit during the 17 years intervening between 1941 and 1957-but slopping white wash on the old " A " is good for kicks no matter what a fellow wears to keep the mess out of his curly locks. One can ' t help noticing that there are girls pre- sent in the second photo, indicating that the extra-cur- ricular activity potential has increased greatly in recent years. Although " A " day is but one of many activities which help to mold the student body into a smooth func- tioning whole. This distinctive feature was introduced into the traditions of A M in 1926 when the " A " was constructed-and painted for the first time. No matter what the interests of the student, some phase of the varied extra curricular program will suit his tastes. The campus has several engineering clubs and other professional societies together with a radio station, a newspaper, and a dramatic group. For the as- piring scholar, there are honorary societies to reward the accomplished in every field. The campus sports seven social fraternities and three sororities. A M has a well organized and extensive intramural sports program a- side from varsity groups. Our college seeks to produce the well rounded grad- uate, skilled in study, play, and social life. s mmm ' lcpb A " DAY ■ -• ' -- ■ " ■1. -■ ..v. • - ' - k-- •- ■ " ' Golly but it ' s a long way to the top — View is good, though , V •;,•,.- ' A ' • ' • ' , Bend over Frosh and trade a few. itt ' ' «i. ' feiS S S ' S3S ' i " isA O. K. Let ' s get started. Music?? Music?? Music?? We did get some whitewash on the " A " after all was said and done. ■ sK v:;.. V Guess anything is soft if you get tired enough. ! Homegrov n flowers: Chrysanthemums, Princess Sharon Jones, Home- coming Queen Carol McFall, Princess Jacques Ward. HOMECOMING iVliM ' " " •« ' »-» " Phi Taus rough it Little Abner style and win second place Homecoming day never fails to be a period of gaiety and pan-campus bustle and activity. The air rings with the shouts of impatient float committee chairmen. Crepe and bunting fly from every " greek temple " heavy trucks groan up driveways where float super structures loom in readiness. The coach harangues the team, the ROTC units polish their rifles and brass for the big parade, the " Queen " candidates suffer with suspense Sure, one homecoming is little different from another-but the thrill of coming back and the tang of the fall air never lose their attraction. Lambda Chi propelled Humphrey puffs down Main Street to tie second with Phi Tau. Valiant TKE ' s sail to conquest of the victory cup, their second victory in as many year s. Savage contention for the victory wreath at Homecoming. When this big, mean looking spider was illuminated by black light he looked something fierce--so the Lambda Chi ' s got first in house display division. CHORUS l i ' lfn Mf n ia ® ? The college choir had a very busy season, including the annual Christmas Vespers and a number of appearances before local clubs during the Christmas season. They appeared on the Religious Emphasis Week program in March and also in March toured Eastern New Mexico. In mid-April they were heard in the annual spring con- cert. They joined with the college community chorus in the presentation of the " Messiah " at Christmas time. The college quartet continued as a popular campus group, appearing before clubs, organizations and con- ventions on campus. A highlight for the quartet was the presentation before a homecoming audience a new Alma Mater song with words by Dr. Hardman of the English Department and music by Choral Director Oscar Butler. CONCERT BAND The concert band always strives to present contemporary band compositions. Guest soloists and conductors are featured on the band ' s excellent concerts. Last year was presented Rapheal Mendez, trumpet artist, and this year Sigurd Rascher, Saxophone virtuoso. Mr. Orlando Bar- era, of the El Paso symphony orchestra, has been guest conductor for the band on several occasions. The flute section-Virginia Frost, Don Kill- mer, Carol Wolford, and Patsy McRee. Public relations for the college were done by the band ' s ex- tensive good-will concert tour: 16 high schools, covering 1300 miles. The band presents three formal campus concerts each year. This year they were cho- sen as the band to perform for the Texas Teachers Convention in El Paso. The brass choir, a new performing group this year The formal concert band. ■ 3 xt 1_ .•• ' Lw - MARCHING BAND Political Show ? Something for the Democrats. iH Wi il " V i r « t i v-it -t NrXff NrM During the marching season, Mr. Tross, band director, and Mr. Jacobs, head of the music department, presented an interesting T. V. show, depicting the makeup of a half time show. The band presented six football shows, all with specially arranged music- Finale and for the Republicans LYCEUM The Lyceum program began this year with something on the different side, the Paul Bley Jazz Trio. They have played all over the nation, and are well known record- ing stars. Their jazz was cool, and their fans among the Aggies really went wild. Second on the list was the General Platoff Don Cos- sack Chorus. An entirely male group, they were first or- ganized in 1927, in Prague, Czechoslovakia among those exiled from Russia because they fought against Com- munism. All the members are now American citizens. Dressed in the military uniform of the old Cossack sol- dier, they sang liturgical music and Russian folk songs, as well as some which have become familiar to Ameri- can audiences in an English translation. Doing the hair- raising daggar dance, which was one of the high points of the program, was Gabriel Soloduhin. The next Lyceum program was Sigurd Rasher, the internationally known saxophonist. He is the artist who has convinced musicians the world over that the saxo- phone is a beautiful instrument in its own right. When he played at A c5r M, he was accompanied by a chamber band. Scheduled for later performance in the spring were Hal Holbrook as Mark Twain, the famous humorist, and Lord ' s Puppet Review, returning from a tour of Europe- Sigurd Rasher and his Sax The Paul Bley Trio The Don Cossack Chorus, featuring Gabriel Soloduhin. In the words of the immortal bard: " Saw, saw, hickory daw, Here we paint ' n drill ' n draw " As far as the Playmakers are concerned, some walk the boards and others work the boards. Yes... things do happen back there.... CORONADO PLAYMAKERS It takes a lot of hammering to forge an actor ' s artistic weapons so they ' ll cut into the audience ' s sen- sibilities at just the right angle. The Playmakers smear nose putty on the old dramatic grindstone in this scene from the collective private lives of some of our Thespian friends. In other words man, they is rehearsing. c H E E R L E A D E R The cheerleaders are a group of four overworked but still enthusiastic Aggies, who believe that school spirit is worth a lot of time and effort. The student body of A M may well give this small band of volunteers, a rousing fifteen rahs! Maudine The head Cheer-leader is Maudine Frazier, who was elected last year in the annual student commission elections. Other cheerleaders are: Janyce Renfro, Kathy McClernon and Dick Lemon. Mascot for the quartet is Marie East, aged four years. Dick Janyce Dick fi EBw HEAD CHEERLEADER Maudine Marie P Kathy Janyce is - ' -3. 1 THE ROUND UP THE VOICE OF THE STUDENT BODY EDITOR BUSINESS MANAGER s - ■ X- Frances Hcrwkinson Hunter Geer Faculty Sponsor J. Paul Boushelle SOQETY EDITOR MAKE-UP EDITOR Wana Lewis David Travis Atlas balanced the world on his back ( or was it his nose? ) The Round-Up has supported A M for more years than you can shake a stick at. The clocks ticked on and the calendar pages flopped into their waste bas- kets for almost two quarters of a century while the Round-Up appeared regularly every week, loaded with news and student happenings of one kind and another. The Round-Up masthead with the engineers, cow- boys and luscious babe in riding breeches has become an immutable symbol of A M college. The masthead incorporates almost every phase of college lift at A M just as the paper itself carries in its columns news from every corner of the campus. The Round-Up is indeed the voice of the Student Body. SPORTS EDITOR I. Chuck Boyland F R Lt, Colonel Willard S. Walter Professor of Air Science- o T The New Mexico A M AFROTC unit spon- sors in its members, a drill team. This drill team, The SABRE FLIGHT, is shown at the left after emerging victorious in drill com- petition with a similar unit from Arizona State College, at Tempe. This competition was held at State College. 1 The steps at the administration building pro- vide a background for the Spring Semester Wing Staff. This staff, headed by Cadet Colo- nel Thomas Pogue, is part of the Air Force training for future positions of leadership. These Cadet Officers are all advanced stu- dents, and receive a small monthly pay check. Here is the aforementioned Sabre Flight in action. This flight, attired in distinctive uni- forms, makes a smart appearance in any pub- lic function. Membership in the group is de- termined by desire and ability. They are com- manded by Cadet Major Richard Taylor. M : n ft This is a shot of the AFROTC Color-Guard. This picture was taken during a formal Pass- in-Review. Perhaps one reaso n they are look- ing their best, is that they are being reviewed by the Military Ball Queen candidates. All is not study and drill in The Air ROTC- There is time found for fun too. These are the " dodos " . The do- dos are pledges to the Arnold Air Society. This society is for Junior and Senior men, and sponsors a number of social activities. COMMISSIONS - Hooray!! The final event of each semes- ter is the commissioning cere- monies. This picture shows Colonel Walter addressing the mid-term graduates. The cap- tion aptly expresses the feel- ing of each. AUDEAN KIRKPATRICK QUEEN OF THE MILITARY BALL. A V % .C ARMY Nothing is more impressive than the sight of a group of men at close-order precision drill. With the college ' s administration building as a background the ROTC unit gives a graphic picture of well-trained young men. Below we see a planning conference between training personnel and the cadet officers. As much as possible the decisions and responsi- bility is given to students. Below, left, is an illustration of only one of the many courses taught by the ROTC. This course, probably one of the most useful techniques learned by prospective officers, is that of Map-reading. Below, right, a student is just being measured for his uniform, which will stamp him as an advanced ROTC Student, and worthy of re- spect as a future officer. ROTC Every homecoming, the Army ROTC furnishes an honor guard for the Aggie Memorial Tower. This year was no exception as this excellent shot of the tower with guard indi- cates. Below is an example of one of the more pleas- ant duties of an officer-to-be-that of pinning his girl ' s corsage just prior to the Military Ball. Further below are a couple of grimmer pic- tures. The machine gun is rather grim to be facing, but the men being so trained will make it grim for any aggressors. At the lower right, we see another grim scene, or at least the inspecting officer will make things grim for the sluggard ROTC student. VANITY FAIR The Swastika was fortunate in securing three experienced members of the Donna Ana Camera Club to judge this year ' s Vanity Fair Contest. The judges, Jim Flanagen, Mrs. C. R. Miller, and Ben Shook, have been con- sistant winners in local photo contests and have gained recognition on a national scale. Jim Flanagen, the Chief Deputy Sheriff, is well known for his sport and available light photography. Mrs. Miller, a housewife, is recognized for her work in the field of color photography. Ben Shook, a local business- man, is noted for his oil painting and pastel sketching in addition to his photography talents. Each judge made his choice independant of the other two. They were unanimous in their selection of first and second places and only varied by one vote in their selection of third and fourth places. The photography for the Vanity Fair section is by Rives Studio V t 1 . ' • c t €j e z ' itc 6 e e fS Jimmy Fields t : u t i : tce i i u uot- e uot om Qi e t o e ikce s s Carol McFall Barbara Poeter o a aie e4t = C Jim Pomponi yf t cj a zt 4 oyo4 Jack Mayfield Ann Gallacher ( t ui t o4ffi Wally Ferguson ' p .t kf z ue Qeeee t m Patty Harty S . i € Que ¥ T ' m- « yJa " ' . -,-■ -.■■.■ Jerry Floyd Susie Myers It ' s been a long time since that pic up in the left hand corner of the page was snapped-but it kind of resembles the recent one which is spread over the page to the right, doesn ' t it? Two big, big, basketball players and one short coach. Brains and brawn? But there ' s a lot of resemblance ' twixt the aggies of yesteryear and those of today other than appearances. Three years running ( 1938, ' 39, and ' 40) the Aggies were conference champions- and in ' 57 our indomitable boys slaughtered an im- pressive list of opponents even though the A M ' ers had been black listed by the crystal-ball boys. Coach Presley Askew and players Duane Schell and Bob Jarrett look mighty happy don ' t they. Well why not? Everybody agrees that A M has a basketball team to be proud of-now as much as be- fore. BPEBTg Backfield coach, John Anastasia; Trainer C. S. Bickerstaff; Head coach, Tony Cavallo. Line coach, Tony Balsamo, I i r Trainer, C. S. Bickerstaff. Student trainers, Tom MacGugan Hayes Timmons, Tom Donaldson. " POP " and " Brick " The trainers in action. FOOTBALL All Border Conference Second Team. Fred Hernandez, Joe Kelly, Bill Floyd. We Opponent They 6 Tulsa 27 6 New Mexico University 14 7 California Poly. 32 7 Arizona State College 28 13 McMurray 14 West Texas State 45 7 Texas Western 51 20 Omaha 21 46 Nebraska-Wesleyan 6 19 Hardin-Simraons 38 Get ' em Aggies FOOTBALL VARSITY Fred Hernandez — Junior from Artesia, N. M. A stronghold in the Aggie forward wall. Tom Arciniega — A Sophomore from El Paso, Texas. Tom was lost to the team much of the season due to a broken leg. Armando DeLucas — Junior from Douglas, Ariz. Armando has played his last game for the N. M. Aggies. Frank Treanor — A sophomore from Maiden, Mass. Frank has held the center spot in the Aggie line for 2 years now. Kent Loud — Kent is a sophomore from Weymouth, Mass., and a very hard charging lineman. Keep it up Kent. Sam Negera — Sophomore from Sharon, Penn. Sam plays a big part in Coach Cavallo ' s plans for the future. Lee Graham — A junior from Fort Stockton, Texas. Lee was plagued by injuries last fall but in spite of this he added a great deal to the Aggie football threat. Joe Kelly — Sophomore from Carlsbad, N. M. Joe, one of the conference ' s leading ground gainers, was shifted from halfback to quarterback late in the season. Billy Ray Locklin — Freshman from Rockdale, Texas. One of the toughest frosh lineman in the conference. Don Rideau — Don is a sophomore from Phoenix, Arizona. Don was a backfield star in his first season at A M. James Worrick — Philadelphia, Penn., and a freshman. A very able understudy at the center posi- tion. Joe Valerio — A sophomore from Morristown, Penn., one of the most dependable linemen playing for the Aggies. Bill Floyd — Senior from Phoenix, Ariz. The Aggies will miss big Bill at end next fall. Joe Chavez — Freshman from El Paso, Texas. A big end who also starred on the frosh roundball squad. Wally Ferauson — A junior from Capitan, N. M., Wally, the Aggie workhorse, will be back again next fall. Clem Mancini — Freshman from El Paso, Tex. Clem has shown great promise for the future. George Melder — A sophomore from Etna, Penn. " Ducky " came into his own this fall after laying out most of last season with a broken hand. Jack Brooks — Junior from Salinas, Calif. Jack will guide the Aggies as their Captain next fall. Ben Landin — Freshman from El Paso, Tex. Another frosh lineman we can be very proud of. BASKETBALL Varsity Coach Presley Askew with his understudy, freshman coach John Paul Jones. Coach Askew holding the 2nd place trophy won by the Aggies in Kentucky Wesleyan ' s All American City Tournament. With him are All-Tourney players Duane Schell and Bob Jarrett. WE OPPONENT THEY 62 New Mexico University 64 48 NcNeese State 51 49 Hamline 58 65 New Mexico University 76 74 Western Kentucky 95 67 Murray (Ky.) 81 62 Evansville 71 64 Kentucky Wesleyan 70 81 Centenary 91 80 ' Georgetown (D. C.) 74 45 Maryland University 43 46 ' Kentucky Wesleyan 91 49 Hardin-Simmons 57 61 West Texas State 56 77 Arizona 73 61 Texas Western 74 95 Arizona State 80 47 Arizona 69 71 Arizona State 79 68 Texas Tech 59 69 Texas Western 72 68 Texas Tech 80 60 West Texas State 76 60 Hardin-Simmons 77 ' All American City Tournament AGGIE ROUNDBALLERS Roger Terrazas — Junior from Hurley, New Mexico. Roger added much experience and depth early in the season. Bob Jarrett — Bob is a junior from Drumwright, Oklahoma. During this, his third year as an Aggie ath- lete, has proved to be one of Coach Askew ' s most dependable players. Duane Schell — A sophomore from Sharon, Penn. Duane now has 2 years of Aggie basketball to his credit. He, along with Bob Jarrett, was selected to the all-tournament team of the Kentucky tourney attended by the Aggies early in the season. Harold Phillips — Junioj from Drumwright, Okla. This is Harold ' s third year as an Aggie regular. Glen Markham — Glen is from Dexter, N. M. and is a junior. Great things are expected from Glen next year, which will be his 4th at N. Mex. A M. Jim Davis — A sophomore from Clovis, N. M. Last year Jim played for the Aggie freshman team and has been a regular starter during his first year on the varsity. Wayne Yates — A freshman from North Little Rock, Arkansas. During his first year of college Bas- ketball, Wayne has shown us visions of Border Conference crowns in the near future. Ernie McGill — Ernie is a junior from Pueblo, Colo. Ernie transferred to A M from Pueblo Junior College. Good Luck Next Year. Jack Lesan — Senior from Aurora, Colo. This has been Jack ' s last and only year to play for the Aggies. Mike Briqgs — A sophomore from Phoenix, Ariz. Last year Mike played with the Aggie football squad and transferred to basketball this winter. Floyd Donham — Freshman from Hobbs, N. M. Floyd was brought up from the frosh squad for a few games during Coach Askew ' s building period early in the season. Leon Griffin — Senior from Roy, N. M. Leon also transferred to basketball after three years as a football letterman. Jimmy Oliver — A freshman from Friona, Texas, Jimmy added much depth to the Aggie squad this past season. Roy Clymer — Roy is another Drumwriqht, Okla. boy- This, his first year of college basketball, has given Roy valuable game knowledge and with 3 years of eligibility left, his future at A M looks bright. Joe Kelly — Joe is a sophomore from Carlsbad, N. M. Lost fall Joe was the guiding light of the Aggie football squad and when winter came Joe added a starting birth on the basketball team to his laurels. Dick Mound — A senior from Farmington, N. M.,, Dick added to the much needed depth earlier in the season. SPRING SPORTS A big spring sport program is in the mill for the N. M. Aggies this spring. Baseball, track, tennis, golf: complete programs are planned for each. Athletic director and basketball coach Presley Askew will assume the duties of baseball coach. Athletic trainer Bickerstaff is to handle the track and field boys. Mr. Boushelle has been designated golf coach. Tennis will be coached by Mr. Evans. This spring marks the return of spring sports to the Aggie campus af- ter a one year lay-out. Plans for the future include a fence and bleachers for the track; baseball and track meets with big name schools in the Big 10, Big 7, P. C. C. etc. Here ' s wishing the coaches and players much good luck and success in the weeks and years to come. FRF.SHMAN SQUAD Standing : Coach John Paul Jones, Neal Markham , Leonard Gonce, Leroy Glardin, Lee Bowen, Joe Clements, Charles Gibbs. Kneeling: Junior Jarvis, Roy Clymer, Ronnie Shoernaker, Sonny Young, Floyd Donham, Dickie Mon- toyo. RIFLE TEAM Standing: Capt. W. E. Little, Don Rucker, Qunnie Flint, Roy Willoughby, Lloyd Branum. Kneeling : Ralph Marsh, Bill Schwarting, Floyd Nelson. fdlln Basketball winners TKE INTRAMURAL ATHLETICS Horseshoe Winner John Gruer At presstime intramural football, basketball and horseshoes had been completed. Football 1st TKE 2nd P. V. I. 3rd Phi Tau 4th SAE Basketball 1st TKE 2nd AGR 3rd Theta Chi 4th Breland Horseshoes (singles) 1st John Gruer 2nd David Travis (doubles " ) 1st Medina Thompson AGR 2nd Hedges Thomas LCA Volleyball, Pingpong, Pool, Badminton, and Bowling were in full swing when the final deadline rolled around but none had been decided yet. Softball, tennis, and a swimming meet are planned for later in the spring. Football winners TKE 5 » ;r fit Down through the years, organizations have flour- ished on the campus of A M ; adequate proof that their value is recognized. It is through these organizations that the student gets his first insight into the true nature of the great world outside, the mighty machine with its many cogs and pulleys and driving pistons, the machine in which he must fit and function smoothly-carefully lest he throw the whole assembly awry. Only through activity in organizations can the students learn to fol- low the precepts of cooperation upon which our culture is built. But the club or association has another purpose, that of encouraging worthwhile activity on the parts of students and faculty members. In 1941, " Dad " Jett was elected most popular faculty member. To his left we see Jack Hardgraves, since in- structor of Mechanical Engineering and elected most popular faculty member of 1956. The engineering so- cieties, which make such awards possible have counter- parts in every school of the college. At the Student Leaders Banquet for 1956, awards were presented to outstanding students. Here we see Buck Rhodes handing an Ag club scholarship to Bob Pair. Through such ac- tivitiesas these, campus organizations have made them- selves felt as forces for progress down the years. EBEBKIJgE ' iflJBLaB GREEK STUNT NITE 1956 This probably set the legitimate theatre back thirty years--we fell right into the swing of things by getting prints of everyone but the winner. CHI OMEGA JEAN ELLIOTT PRESIDENT LAURA VIGIL SECRETARY DICK HOLMAN TREASURER TOM GRAGG VICE-PRESIDENT RELIGIOUS EMPHASIS V EEK MARCH 3-7, 1957 THEME: " ONE GOD, ONE WORLD " MEMBERS Left to right. Tom Gragg, Deanna Atchley, Drusilla Lopez Eva Jane Robeson, Jean Elliott, Vigil, Daniel Fromhoff, and Dr. W. E. Watkins, sponsor. Not shown: Neil Frieband, Dick Holman, Kenny Sauniers, Bill Barr, Eddie Arnold, Ray Frank Donna Parsons White. Laura Jones, I N T E R R E L I G I O U S C O U N C I L W. R. A. Back: Miss Marilyn Ziegler, Sponsor; Ian Hurley; Charlotte Grandi; Mary Sue Riggs; Janet Bonomo; Sue Hendricks; JohnAnn Heimann. Front: Bertha Rivera, President: JoAnn Porter, Co-Publicity Chairman; Ruth Jackson, Co-Publicity Chairman; June Yurkovich, Secretary; Lois Bradford, Treasurer. The Women ' s Recreation Association of New Mex- ico A M is an organization for the extracurricular sports for women students on campus. It is set up to further interests and activities for girls and wo- men according to the highest and soundest stan- dards of sports and recreation. They offer volley- ball, basketball and softball for teams; and Bad- minton, bowling and archery as individual sports. Watch the Birdie! KAPPA KAPPA PSI-TAU BETA SIGMA Tau Beta Sigma--Back ; Nancy Jo Archer, Virginia Frost, Marjorie Grimes, Rose- mary Brininstool, Barbara Rogers. Front: Mrs. Ray Tross, Pauline Roseberry, Anne Heltman, Betty Sheckles. Not Shown: Janie Pitman. Kappa Kappa Psi — Back: Richard Hender- son, Joe Goss, Gary Van Horn. 2nd: Ray Jones, Jim Peake. 3rd: Tom Gregg, George Anderson, Jerry Risinger. Front: Sid Gibson, Steve Park. ALPHA ZETA Alpha Zeta is a national honorary fraternity, established to promote the profession of agriculture and to enrich rural life. It is the aim of the fraternity to accomplish this by bringing together under one organization, men of high scholarship, leadership and character. Members ore elected from the upper two-fifths of the Sophomore, Junior and Senior classes. Members First Row: Thomas Shelley, lames Niner, J. V. Enzie, W. E. Watkins, Boyce Williams, Robert Black- well, Dick Cox. Second Row: Jimmy Bason, Joe Wallace, Ronnie Davenport, Norris Owen, Carl Barnes. Back Row: Lawrence Widner, C. E. Pair, Sidney Cowan, Bill Porter, John Downs. Alpha Zeta, Cont. First Row: Buck Rhodes, Gene Duke, Luther McDougal, John Wootten, James Sais. Second Row: Robert Miller, Duane Riedl, Harry Bryant, Wesley Menefee. Back Row: Terry Varnell, Jose Villalobos, LeRoy Cravens, Gary Scholothauer. OFFICERS Thomas Shelley President Thomas Pogue Vice-President Buck Rhodes Secretary Bill Porter Treasurer Harlen Messick Reporter SPONSORS J. V. Enzie W. E. Watkins Boyce C. Williams Robert L. Blackwell FOUR SQUARE Front Row: Joy Anderson, Joyce Tharp, Wana Dee Lewis, Dolores Hardesty, Maureen Barger. Back Row: Robert Horn, Davis Holdman, Tommy Perez, Dick Garrett, Miller Vernon Glenn, Denny Calhoun Four Square is an organization open to any student enrolled at A. M. who is interested in dancing, especially square dancing. WESLEY FELLOWSHIP f A P. ' Blue Moon " " Chow Time " 1 i Pi n h V 1 i " Our Heroes " Rev. Nelson Wurgler with Bill Matthews Officers : President — Bertha Rivera Vice president — Don Smith Secretary — Helen Myers Treasurer — Bill Laumbach " Growing with Wesley. ' I Go Aggies " wnui ' HOME ECONOMICS CLUB P 1 OFFICERS: Marguerite Reddin, treasurer; Jackie W. Camunez, reporter; Barbara Rawdon, president; Laura Vigil, secretary; Nola Craddick, vice-president. Back Row: Barbara Rawdon, Louise Biederman, Nolo Craddick, Marie Martinez, Helen My- ers, Billie Combest, Marguerite Reddin, Jackie Camunez. Front row: Marie Trujillo, Jerry Bonds, Louisa Rael, Marie Rodriguez, Sammie Edmonson, Laura Vigil. ALPHA PHI OMEGA National Service Fraternity- Front Row: James C. Scott, George W. Miller, Donald R. Smith, Richard D. Belian. Second Row : Jack R. Detwiler, Charles A. Steinmann, Walter Scott, Walter Guyer. Not Shown: Thomas Belian, John O ' Brien SERVICE TO THE STUDENT BODY AND FACULTY SERVICE TO YOUTH AND COMMUNITY SERVICE TO MEMBERS OF THE FRATERNITY SERVICE TO THE NATION AS PARTICIPATING CITIZENS BLOCK AND BRIDLE Wool Judging Team Proffessor P. E. Neale, Coach, Wesley Menefee, LeRoy Cravens, Sidney Cowan Officers: President — John D. Yarbrough Vice-President — Jim Niner Secretary — Jimmy Bason Treasurer — Harry Bryan Reporter — Don Thornberry Sponsors — Professor Knox, Mr. Cobb Livestock Judging Team Seated: Mr. Cobb, Walter Box, John Fredericks Standing: Warren Krause, Tom Pogue, Joe Wallace Standing: Harry Bryan, Fred Heckman, Don Thornberry, Lynn Chilton, Jimmy Bason, John Downs, Charhe Nix. Seated: John Yarbrough, Mr. Cobb, Ann Stevens, Betty Sims, Prof. Knox, Jim Niner. Not P ictured : Bill Porter, Wesley Menefee, Hunter Geer, Henry Garnenez, Gene Duke, Gary Schlethauer, Walter Box, Bill Thornton, Jack Wooten, Greeley Myers, John Pair, C. E. Pair, Ralph DeOliviera, Thomas Pogue, Eugene Felton, James Garret, Buzz Burris, Skeeter Brennand. BLOCK AND BRIDLE 1 ■ m ' Sheep judging. State F. F. A. Contest. Dodos Review Attention cP C? . $ r Congratulations Settin ' ' em straight OFFICERS 1956-57 Robert Myers - Executive Officer Major Sparkman - Sponsor Jimmy Pickens - Commander John Lane - ISO Thomas Pogue - Treas. Carl Mapes - Secretary Jerry Munn - PIO MEMBERS 1956-57 Left to right: Seated, Major Sparkman, Jimmy Pickens, Robert Myers, Johnny Lone, Thomas Pogue, Gerald Munn. Standmg, Carl Mapes, Kyle Medina, Richard Dinwiddle, Don Jacobs, Carter Taylor Bill Weir, Don Foster. ENGINEERS ' COUNCIL Front Row: Monte Shriver, President; M. A. Thomas, Dean of Engr.; John Clarke, Sponsor; Ed Bmns; Geraldine Shipley, Secretary; J. P. Klimowicz; Ben Gullispie; Evern Wall, Treasurer. Back Row: Eugene Baxter; Bob Baker; Dick Mobratten; Louis Gross; Charles Eaks; Donald Fleming; Leonard Orsak; A. H. Mactavish, Vice President; Tom Shelly; Kyle Medina. Not Present: Bill Walker PURPOSE: The purpose of the organization is to create a council of junior and senior engineering students with representatives from all departments in order that the work of the School of Engineering might be better coordinated as far as student activities are concerned and in order that the Dean of En- gineering might, through such a group, receive valuable suggestions from mature students with reference to student viewpoints and student activities. ACTIVITIES: Engineering Exposition Engineers ' Edition of the Round-Up St. Pat and Engineers ' Queen Election Engineers ' Ball AIRf SCOCE CLUB Mike Martinez Greeley Myers DAIRY CLUB Sponsors : Dr. D. D. Miller, I. V. Kearns, Dr. S. R. Skaggs Front Row: Mike Martinez, John Lane, Greeley Myers, Larry Rutherford. Back Row: Jake Barboa, Willa Hancock, James Pierce, Warren Smith, Alvin Howse, John Burrows. Dairy Myers erford. Judging Team: Dr. R. M. Porter, Greeley , Jake Barboa, John Burrows, Larry Ruth- Officers: James Pierce, Reporter; Willa Han- cock, Secretary-Treasurer; Greeley Myers, President; Warren Smith, Vice President. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Back Row, Left to Right: Mrs. Guy Winstead, Dr. Guy Winstead, Bill Dodson, Jack Howell, Bill Stevens, Don Cartlidge, Terry Hopkins, Walt Campbell, Ken Saunier, Leon Ashbacker. Middle Row, Left to Right: Jim McDonald, Don Adams, Tommy Wilkenson, Eldon Gillespie, Phil Dawes, Gene Yarboro, Henry Hamilton. Seated, Left to Right: Bob Sheriff, Louise Biederman, Jonell Sessions, Sue Abbott, Maudine Frazier, Nancy Eichholtz, Wendell King, Bob Riddle. On Floor, Left to Right: Edith Sheriff, Audene Kirkpatrick, Eva Lou Moore. The annual Fall Retreat was held this year at the Carrizo Lodge in Ruidoso, New Mexico. Approximately thirty-five students attended this three day retreat. Rev. Bob Bratcher from El Paso was the principle speaker. The B. S. U. year ' s work was planned at this retreat. This is our center! Vesper ser- vices are held here every even- ing at 5; 00. Our " Home away from Home " . Jonell, Patsy, Jerry, and Bill talk over those important plans at our Pre-school retreat in Ruidoso. tWt- ' ■»! ! ? ' ' l -:. OESUli REJiiM 3m M 1. j cr- The annual State Spring Retreat is held at Glorieta in May. Students from all over the State attend. Glorieta Baptist Assembly! Over 1,000 Students from the United States meet here for one week in August. Sigma Tau Fraternity National Honor Society For Engineers • ' ' --r . ' ., ' ' OFFICERS President Charles Eaks Bill Ficklin Vice-Pres. Monte Shriver Rec. Secy . Donald Fleming Corr. Secy. Andrew Mactavish Treasurer Walter O ' Brien Advisor Prof. L. B. Shires A FIRST ROW : Ben Gillespie, Donald Fleming, Charles Eaks, Bill Ficklin, Monte Shriver, Andrew Mactav- ish, Prof. L. B. Shires. SECOND ROW: Robert Morriss, Bill Gammill, Terrence Kirk, James Thomas, Bill Dodson, Carter Wil- liams, Bill Shriver, Bill Boyce, Lester Nemesh, Charles Sanders, Ramon Chavez. THIRD ROW: Alvin Thomas, Thomas Belian, Robert Desjardin, Richard Kohlhass, Thomas Young, Bill Walker, Leonard Orsak, Robert Lyons, Richard Custer, Robert Skaggs, Ervin McWiUiams, Robert Gurm, William Mauer. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED: Robert Baker, Eugene Baxter, Bruce Caskey, George Clifford, Alan Clouse, David Feller, John LaPrade, Walter O ' Brien, William Shaffer, Robert Titsworth, Herbert Thorpe, Pete Vance, Spurgeon Watford, Don Wunch, Claude Barrett, D. B. Jett, M. A. Thomas, A. M. Lukens, J. P. Mor- gan, H. A. Brown, Frank Bromilow, Ray Black, Louis Kleine, J. Hardgrave, M. D. Cheech. Sigma Tau ' s paramount aim has always been to encourage those qualities, activities and relation- ships which go to make up the successful engineer and the balanced development of the individuaL Selection of members from those men who rank in scholarship is made on the further basis of practically practicality and sociability. Membership means the recognition of accomplishment and work well done, and this recognition attaches itself to the individual throughout his professional life. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERS Ag Engineers sponsor State FFA Tractor Driving Contest Sir ASAE 1956 Homecoming Float LEFT TO RIGHT, Ben Baca, Bill Reynolds, Jim Thorton, Richard Dinwiddie, Fletcher Brown, Tom Shelly Kyle Medina, Les Thompson, Ed Grey, Clarance Thompson. SIGMA DELTA PI FIRST ROW: Mary Flo res, Emily Ulibarri, Mary Ellen Foster, Barbara Galletti. SECOND ROW: Richard Cruse, Armando Bernal, C. A. Tyre, Joe Romero. OFFICERS President Joe Romero Vice. Pres Barbara Galletti Secretary Mary Ann Flores Treasurer Richard Krzys Historian Emily Ulibarri Sponsor c. A. Tyre PI TAU SIGMA FIRST ROW: C. L. Bandy, E. W. Baxter, J. P. Klimowicz, R. G. Burrows, R. C. Mobraaten. SECOND ROW: J. R. Chavez, A. D. Thomas, G. F. Panlener, J. P. Morgan, L. W. Kleine. THIRD ROW: A. N. Abdulgader M., J. W. Moore, R.H. Herring, H. B. Shute, R. O. Hedges, B. A. Caskey, J. C. Steveson, E. D. Bush, B. A. Clouse. FOURTH ROW: J. W. Field, W. K. Shriver,A.H. Mactavish, D. W. Bond, H. W. Sauerhoff, F. H. Walton, L. R. Conover, A. M. Lukens. FIRST ROW: C. E. Mapes, W. C. Dix on, ?. J. Custer, W. D. Boyce, C. J. Barrett. SECOND ROW: R. O. Summerford, J. S. McCain, R. P. Pled- ger, S. R. Skaggs, D. F. X. Mclntyre. FALL OFFICERS President R. C. Mobraaten Vice-Pres J. P. Klimowicz Rec. Secy. W. K. Shriver Corr. Secy E. W. Baxter Treasurer C. L. Bandy Publicity D. W. Bond Historian H. B. Shute SPRING OFFICERS President W. K. Shriver Vice-Pres Robert Gun Rec. Secy. _ Jim Barrett Corr. Secy. C. E. Mapes Treasurer R. O. Summerford Publicity R. P. Pledger Historian F. H. Walton £ ci IPi ®i?7 FIRST ROW: Dave Feller, Donald Wunsch, Robert Titsworth, Bill Dodson, Stuart Butteriield, Thomas Belian. SECOND ROW: Charles Sanders, Terrence Kirk, Bill Ficklen, Robert Desjardin, Jack Howell, Carter Williams, Thurlow Caffey, Herbert Thorpe. THIRD ROW: Richard Kohlhaas, Charles Eaks, Donald Fleming, Leonard Orsak, Robert Frazer, Ross Smith. President Leonard Orsak Vice-Pres. Treas Donald Fleming Corr. Secy. Charles Sanders Rec. Secy Robert Titsworth Sponsor Harold A. Brown PURPOSE: The purpose shall be to bria.j into closer union, thereby deriving mutual benefits, those in the profession of Electrical Engineer- ing, who, by their attainments in college or in practice, have manifested a deep interest and marked ability in their chosen life work. NEWMAN CLUB Religious, Intellectual, Social Crowning of Queen Lydia Martinez at Cardinal Newman Ball Emily Ulibarri, Lydia Martinez, Jerry Diaz, Amy Gonzalez, Don Gunn, Rita Salazar, Dean Raccioni. Ri ti ni i - .k ■ ' i HI ' ' , } 1 i National Convention; Chevy Chase Country Club, Chicago Al Jones, Jim Peak, Kay Dave Harrington Ray Reynaud, Kayo Chacon, Ben San- doval, Mary Gomez. Enchilada Supper Picnic at White Sands Dick Turrietta, Cissy Apodaca, Dolores Zamora, Charlotte Grandi, Edward Ar- nold Ann Paxton, Marie Martinez, Vicki Seligmann, Alicia Apodaca, Lydia Martinez. NEWMAN CLUB 1: Kay Harrington, Georgia Boy land, Kate Foster, C Navora Gonzales, Mary Helen Apodaca, Rosalie G 2: Mary Ellen Foster, Margie Zamora, Lydia Martin Ann Paxton, Laura Vigil, Rita Romero, Jean Skaggs Romelia Alvarez. 3: Carl Hooten, Edward Arnold, Jerry Diaz, Fernand Harrington, C. R. Carlton, Gabe Anaya, Arturo Al tino Dunckhorst. 4: Ben Sandoval, Eddie Rael, Louis Swartz, Harry L Joe LaPointe, Jr., Gus DeHerrera, Manuel Martinez, issy Apodaca, Dolores Zamora, Earl Montoya, uerrero, Mary Gomez. ez, Marie Martinez, Alicia Apodaca, Emily Ulibarri, Luisa Rael, Emily Aguilar, Adelaide Benavides, o Solas, Ray Reynaud, Rev. Wm. H. Ryan, Dave varez, Rolando Solas, Mardoquedo Chacon, Faus- ara, Dick Turrietta, Don Gunn, Bernie Stankovich, Robert Narvaez. Marie Martinez • Historian Alicia Apodaca - Corresponding Secretary- Mary Gomez • Treasurer Dave Harrington - President Rev. Wm. H. Ryan • Chaplain Mr. C. R. Carlton - Sponsor Emily Ulibarri - Vice-President Lydia Martinez - Recording Secretary STUDENT WIVES Front Row; Ginny Gennaio, Barbara Clifford (Treasurer), Martha Hogsett (President), Sally Corley (Vice President), Betty McWilliams (Secretary), Zella Pyatt. Back Row: Mrs. Bromilow (Sponsor), Beth Menefee, Nancy Shryock, Sylvia Robbinet, Barbara McNci- lan, Joyce Whitier, Mrs. Young (Sponsor). Front Row: Doris Devenny, Janice Molina, Louise Pilley, Edna Swanson, Vera Boiler. Back Row : Beverly Mclntyre, Zella Griffin, Joyce F olley, Mazie Villalobos, Charlene Stokes. BIOLOGY CLUB FRONT ROW: Ivey, D. M. (Historian); Gennaro, T. L. (President); Hibler, D. B.; Poeter, B. E. (Sec- retary ); Dougherty, K.; Anderson, F. M.; Dr. Eyer, J. R. BACK ROW: Dr. Johnston, R. F.; Morris, J. M.; Saunders, J. L.; Dr. Anderson, M. G. (Counselor); Evans, R. H.; Hibler, C. P.; Dr. Schad, G. A.; Allen, R. W.; Dr. Watts, J. G. Organized in the fall of 1956, the Biology Club expects to become a chapter of the national honorary biological fraternity. Beta Beta Beta. It is the purpose of this fraternity to stimulate sound scholarship, to promote the dissemination of scientific truth, and to encourage investigation in the life sciences. PAN AMERICAN CLUB Front: Dr. Quino Martinez, Mary Ann Flores, Barbara Galletti, Emily Ulibarri. Middle: Ruben Marquez, Marie Martinez, Lydia Martinez, Beatrice Apodaca, Ann Paxton, Vicente Sanchez. Top: Herman Ortega, Jerry Munn, Doug Palin, Al Ortega, Enrique Naronjo. Officers; Emily Ulibarri Al Ortega Doug Palin Ann Paxton Enrique Naronjo Dr. Quino Martinez President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Historian - Reporter Sponsor 660 KC RADIO STATION KNMA Sfate College, New Mexico Any Request? Don Kassner, Glenn Ramsdale, Robert Elliott Pete Laritson, business manager; Heinz Gehlhaar; Benny MeKeel; Virginia Frost. Robert Jones; Elodia Hernandez; Walter Scott, Program Director. Pete Schneider, Chief Engineer; Bob Goss; Larry Marker; Georgia Baca. Robert Akin, Station Manager; Prof. Harold A. Brown, Sponsor. Student owned and operated, KNMA, provides entertainment and news for the student body as well as providing an opportunity for the student to become acquainted with the operation of a radio station. SiUMH StaU OtUUf QtcaLUtmlf ' WOMEN ' S RESIDENCE HALL Upperclass Officers: Bobbie Freeman, Vice President; Alyce Stokes, President; Anne Paxton, AWS Rep- resentative; JohnAnn Heimann, Treasurer. Freshman Officers: Anne Gallacher, President; Nancy Archer, Vice President; Mickey McDonald, Secretary. Advisory Board: Beverly Robison, Anne Gallacher, Mrs. Elfrank, June Yurk- ovitch, Alyce Stokes, Noel Boles. Dorm Council : Front Row : Beverly Robison, Kay Danley, Emily Aguilar, Sharon Roemersberger, Noel Boles, Patsy McRee. Second Row: June Yurkovitch, Bobbie Freeman, Nancie Hart, Beverly Randall, Gail Heebink, Marjorie Grimes, Mickey McDonald. Bock Row: Elodia Hernandez, Alyce Stokes, Nancy Archer, Anne Gallacher . GAMMA DELTA SOPHOMORE WOMEN ' S HONORARY FRATERNITY OFFICERS President Nell Loomis Vice-President Geraldine Shipley- Secretary Polly Norman Treasurer Jean Skaggs Mrs. Anderson Sponsor FIRST ROW : Mrs. Anderson, Kathleen Daugherty, Gail Warden, Eva Jane Robeson. SECOND ROW: Nell Loomis, Polly Norman, Jo Ann Nuwash, Dutchie Smith. THIRD ROW: (Top to bot- tom): Joanna Williams, Kay Lizer, Jo Gay Pierce, Pat Bagley, Bobby Freeman, Laura Vigil, Edie Hanna. LAST- ROW (Top to bottom): Alyce Stokes, Kathy Conklin, Ann Paxton, Ann Gallacher, Jean Skaggs, Carol Sweems, Geraldine Shipley. STUDENT EDUCATION ASSOCIATION Front Row: Sara Dillard, Elodia Hernandez, Barbara Poeter, Georgia Baca, JoAnn McCurdy, Sammie June Edmundson, Jon ' : Sessions, Sandra Roundey. Back Row: Don Roush, Doug Dillard, Ardelia M. Boyer, Eva Lou Moore, Gertrude S. Van Eaton, Ernes- tine Dean, Greg Chacon, Dr. Burns Young. Front Row: Gloria Garrett, Anna Mixon, Betty Sheckles, Roberta Boney, Marie Rodriguez, Emily Uli- barri. Sue Hendricks, Betty Jean Smith. Back Row : Benny Casados, Tony Gennaro, Chester J. Brown, Florentino E. Lopez, Jr., Jesus M. Gonzalez F. A. Sanchez, Benny R. James, Gabe Anaya, Jerry Moore, Bobby Riddle. AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY First Row: John La Prade, Kenneth Autrey, David White, Charles Steinman. Second Row: Bill Walker, Irvin Mc Williams, Alice Stokes, Geiry Shipley, Donna Easley, Robert Jacobi, Dr. Shires. Third Row: Jim Baker, Faustiso Dunkhorst, Bernard Guild, Tom Hughes, Hank Beers. Fourth Row: Leon Darst, Al MacKrey, Tom Young, Earl Pyatt. Fifth Row: Robert Fait, Al Shell, Bob Lyon, Charles Parsons, Lester Nemish. President - Bill Walker Vice-President - Tommy Young Secretary-Treasurer - Jim Baker Sponsor - Prof. L. B. Shires AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS D. B. JETT STUDENT CHAPTER Front Row: Andy Ortia, Larry Brockman, Phil Robinson, Adolfo Rivera, Stewart Whittier, Paul Miller, Eddie Binns, James Parra. Second Row: Bob Stanford, Ted Gonzales, Lawrence Vigil, James Thomas, Lloyd Jenkins, Mr. F. Brom- ilow, Mr. J. Clark. Third Row: Bill Brockman, Jerry Dougherty, David Jone?, Leon Livingston, Mr. R. Jennings, Bob Silver, Conrad Keys. President - Eddie Binns Vice-President - Louis Gross Secretary - Lloyd Jenkins Treasurer - Walt O ' Brien Sponsor - Mr. Frank Bromilow 9 iHHip|L Top Row; Leonard Orsak, Donald Fleming, Lloyd Laiitson, Spurgeon Watford. Middle Row: Donald Huffman, David Ferran, Benny Bennett, H. B. Corcorran, Jr., David Prado. Bottom Row: Dr. Croano, Evem Wall, Eugene Baxter, Bob Desjardin, Richard Kohlhaas. First Semester Eugene Baxter Evern Wall Robert Titsworth Robert Desjardin Richard Kohlhass OFFICERS Chairman Vice-Chairman AIEE Secretary IRE Secretary Treasurer -AIEE -IRE Second Semester Robert Desjardin John Van Dolman Robert Titsworth Leonard Orsak John Rogers Top Row: Gene Wolf, Dennis Henry, Lynn Menefee, Bill Dodson, Joe Dawson. Middle Row: Roger Herbstritt, Ronald Person, Charles Davis, John VanDolman, Glenn Williams. Bottom Row: Quinnie Flint, James McDonald, Jack Howell, Robert Ferran, Robert Beairsto. ASME Front row : Walt Campbell, Jack Hardgrave, Ramon Chavez, Wilber Sells, Leo Waskiewicz, Ben Gilles- pie, Merril Kengon, Lee Meadows. Second row ; B oyd Anderson, Bill Boyce, Calvin Guild, Horton Shute, Ed Brininstool, Harry Sauerhoff, George Hufi, Gerald King, Jerry Floyd, Aldreen Hartman. Third row: Bob Roe, Andrew Mactavish, Henry Off, Monte Shriver, Don Mclntyre, Louise Swartz, Dick Cus- ter, Bob Gunn. First Semester Officers: President, Ben Gillespie; Vice-Pres., Andrew Mactavish; Recording Sec, James Stevenson; Treas., Harry Sauerhoff; Corr. Sec, Horton Shute. Second Semester Officers: President, Harry Sauerhoff; Vice-President, Frank Walton; Recording Sec, Robert Gunn; Treasurer, Jerry Floyd; Corresponding Secretary, Robert Skaggs. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS Front row - Kaye Jenkins, Jo Gay Pearce, Donna Parsons, Fanny Billups. Back row - Henry Weinshell, Hanson Scott, Eugene Holly, Allan Pierce, William Caudle. Not pictured - Dean Pappas, Lloyd Fortney, Robert Guyer, Pleddie Baker, Thomas Ferguson, James Ward, Eugene Ward, Albert Leyendecker, Phillip Miller, J. D. Garcia. OFFICERS President Allan Pierce Vice-President Lloyd Fortney Secretary-Treasurer Jo Gay Pearce SPONSORS Dr. Ralph Dressel Dr. Horace Cobum PHI MU TAU Honorary Fraternity of th e School of Arts Sciences FIRST ROW: Beth Laiky, Morjorie McCorkle, Norma MihUen, Theodora Sehg. SECOND ROW: Shirley Thomas, Frances Howkin son, Roberta Clouse, Irene Mayfield, Barbara Poeter. THIRD ROW: Joseph J. Horton, Bonovan Foster, Jack Dage, John Lafky, Eugene Holly, Allan Pierce, Dr. Earl Walden. NOT PICTURED: Mrs. Paulyne Day, David Ivey, Eileen Logsdon, Lajuan Price, JoAnne King, J. D. Garcia, Kerry Dougherty Johnson, Frank Williams, Laura Harty, Lawrence Byrne. OFFICERS President Allan Pierce Vice-Pres Norma Milikien Secy.-Treas Beth Lafky Sponsors Dr. Earl Walden Dr. P. M. Baldwin Dr. M. P. Hardman CORONADO PLAYMAKERS Mu Delta Cast of Alpha Psi Omega To our right we observe the love element in The Inspector General. Although slightly in- ebriated , The Inspector obviously knows a good thing when he sees it... In the picture to the left are two Unregener- ate characters, although it appears that one of them is doing some regenerating now. This tearful scene occured in the playmaker production of The Inspector General. . . :L» " f For their next presentation, the Playmakers chose, Ibsen ' s Hedda Gabler. This play, which starred Mrs. Martha Gold, was the most powerful play seen here in many a day. It was directed, as usual, by Mr. Hershel Zohn... Contrary to a popular sup- position, these three are not reading dirty jokes. This is one of the lighter scenes from Hedda... The climatic incidents in Hedda Gabler are always her- aldedby the use of a gun as a prop. In this tension-locked scene, Hedda has indicated to Eilert that there is only one way out... ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS Front Row: Anne Gallacher, V. Pres.; Mary Gomez, Sec; Eileen Logsdon, Pres.; Marie Trujillo, Treas.; Dean Martha Hall, Sponsor. Back Row: Barbara Rawdon, Bertha Rivera, Margie McCorkle, Barbara Rodgers, Marge Reddin, luanel Harris, Joyce Schneider. Not Pictured: Nell Loomis. ALPHA TAU ALPHA Honorary Agricultural Education Fraternity " In order to develop a true professional spirit in the teaching of Agriculture, to help train teachers of agriculture who shall be rural leaders in their communities, and to foster fraternal spirit among stu- dents in teacher training for vocational agriculture, we band together in this Professional honorary frater- nity. " Prof. Carl G. Howard Sponsor Turnbough, Jimmie; Martinez, Palemon; Prof. Howard Petross, Eddie; Nondragon, John; Hohmann, Louis. 1st row: Eddie West, Harlan Messick, Rex Pittman, James Hankins, Thomas Pogue, Prof. Howard, John Mondragon, James Perice, George Tigner, Burton Lang. 2nd. row: Margarito Trujillo, Jimmie Turnbough, Louis Hohmann, Eddie Petross. 3rd. row: Gene Duke, Palemon Martinez, Terry Varnell, Greely Myers, Kieth Austin, Leonard Ward, G. L. Mauldin. Front Row: Joseph Kearns, Advisor; Jim Thornton; Calvin Sterrett, Treasurer; Hunter Gear, President; Kyle Medina, Secretary; Norris Owen, Vice-President; Margerite Reddin; Lanbert Wilker, Advisor. Back Row : Tom Mobley, Otto Geer, Joe Gregory, John Pair, Bernard Corley, Buck Rhodes. Members not pictured: John Burrows, Leo Thompson, Buck Smith, Hmeida Abushrierfa, Stanley Stutts, Alijareed, Mohammad Ramsdhan, Mike Martinez, Greely Myers, Jerry Donaldson, George Soence, Bob Campbell, John Lane, M. Cook, Bill Jones, Hal Whitsitt, Dick Garrett, John Yarbrough, Harry Bryan, Francis Archer Crawford, Ann Stevens, Warren Smith, Lyon Chilton. THE AG CLUB H RODEO CLUB President, Gary Sciuuihuuer; Vice-Pres., Don Thoiubeiiy; Treas., John Downs; Parli., Bill Poeter; Sec, Martha Oliver Sponsors Dr. F. S. Scott, D. V. M. Dr. R. C. Dobson Asst. Prof, of Bot. Ent. RODEO ' CLUB DIRECTORS: Bareback, Tommy Perez,- Bull Riding, Denny Calhoun; Girls Events, Martha Oliver; Saddle Bronc, Buzz Fredericks; BuUdogging, Joe Wallace: Roping, Kenny Parmalee. Fred Heckman Joe Wallace Sid Cowen Denny Calhoun Bob btout Sam Eikins lacker Glenn Miller Joyce Tharp ' lommy Perez Ted Arvizo Sue Young Martha Oliver Betty Sims Barbara Wotford Carolyn Swartz Rita Perez Joan Wilson Nadine Mangum Ann Stevens Gary Schlothauer John Downs Jim Niner Don Thornberry Warren Krause John Yarbrough Dick Wellborn Bill Crockett Kenny Parmalee Jim Eikins Robert Maese Jack Frost Gene Humphries Bill Porter Charles Nix In the year 1909, when New Mexico A and M consisted of little more than a few scattered buildings at the border of a large, dry, unexplored and otherwise forbidding desert, the first Greek letter organization sprang into existence on campus. With the passing years, the shadowy complex of ideals which motivated the campus Greeks during their early days differ- entiated into the principles that guide them today : the development of leadership, the encouragement of competition for worthwhile goals, and speeding of progress toward social maturity. The carrying out of these prin- ciples, is however, not the only worthy activity of the Greek organizations. As the Greek World of A and M matured, the idea of service projects, and of helping the unfortunate of the community took hold. One of the foremost of these charitable projects is the annual Christmas party, directed toward providing local underprivileged children with a merry yuletide. In 1940, the attitude of the campus toward the Greeks was manifested in the election of Roy Alton Young as " Most Popular Boy " . Young was also president of Phi Chi Psi, the local which blossomed into the SAE chapter a short time later. The Greeks can indeed be proud of their present position and past record crt State College. The value of their services is evident throughout the college and community. EKggKB PANHELLENIC The Panhellenic Council, composed of delegates from the women ' s fraternities, compiles rules govern- ing rushing, controls the campus policies of the Greek women ' s organizations, and endeavors to promote fraternity spirit among students on the A iS M campus. Dean Hall is the faculty sponsor. DEAN MARTHA HALL Faculty Sponsor President lOYCE SCHNEIDER Delta Zeta Secretary JUANEL HARRIS Zeta Tau Alpha Treasurer EILEEN LOGSDON Chi Omega DONNA EASLEY Delta Zeta POLL YE LUDWICK Zeta Tau Alpha NELL LOOMIS Chi Omega BEA APODACA Delta Zeta BARBARA POETER Zeta Tau Alpha MARGIE McCORKLE Chi Omega CHI OMEGA Eileen Logsdon President Chi Omega, National Women ' s Social Fraternity, was founded April 5, 1895 at the University of Arkansas. Pi Delta was chartered on this campus in 1939 and is one of the 120 active chapters in the United States. Among the many social functions Pi Delta has had during the past year are house parties, an open house honoring the pledges, slumber parties, a caroling party, a charity Christ- mas party, a spring banquet and dance, and coffees for other fraternities on the campus. Pi Delta won first place in Greek Stunt and Greek Sing during the spring of 1956, and during the fall the alumni and active chapters sponsored a Fur Fashion Show. Miriam Briggs Pledge Trainer Mrs. Beatrice Walters House Mother Mrs. F. F. Archer House Mother Edie Hanna JoAnna Williams Wanna Lewis Nell Loomis Frances Hawkinson Vice-President Carol McFall Secretary- Dolores Hardesty Janet Bonomo Betty Simms Jean Skaggs Carol Sweem Margie McCorkle Jo Ann McCurdy Kathleen Rhoda Geraldine Shipley 1956 Fall Pledge Class Shirley Evans Pledge President Marilyn Burke Elizabeth Custer Ann Heltman Betty Kaltenbach Nancy Mawson Susan Myers Kathy McClernon Martha McDonald Victoria Seligmann Linda Wood DELTA ZETA Mrs. Tom Taylor Sponsor Delta Zela was founded as a National Sorority in 1S02 on the campus of Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. Since then the membership has grown from six founders to be one of the nation ' s largest sorori- ties. Gamma Xi has been on New Mexico A M campus since April, 1950. Margaret Ridge House Mother PLEDGE CLASS Marilyn Pearson Secretary-Treasurer Sharon Roemersberger President Helen Abaskin Beverly Robison Vice-President Barbara Dillard Not shown Jane Graham Mary Sue Riggs Katherine Foster s;- Jane Pittman Alyce Stokes Laura Vigil Jayne Waggoner Joyce Schneider President Bonnie Bryant Beatrice Apodaca Nola Craddick 1st Vice-Pres. 2nd Vice-Pres. Recording Sec. Virgie Brdeko Corr. Sec. Margarite Reddin Treasurer Kay Lizer Historian Barbara Rawdon Guard Jogay Pearce Guard Lynn Escover Pauline Roseberry Sue Hendricks Mary Ellen Foster Ann Paxton Barbara Rogers Betty Sheckles Jackie Ward Emily Ulibarri Norma Milikien Juanel Harris President Roberta W. Clouse Vice-President JoAnne Hanny Secretary ZETA Molly Williams Kathryn Cox Jean Rayroux Jonyce Renfro Gail Heebink Charlene Rapkock Louise Maluf Ann Hansen PLEDGES Joan Chittick Sharon Littell Barbara Poeter Treasurer Gay Widner Terese Gilmer Maude Panlener Gail Barton ZETA TAU ALPHA Sharon Jones Jo Ann Nuwash Georgia Boyland Janice Burrows Kathy Conklin Polly Ludwick Sammie Edmundson Kerry Johnson Pat Weiler Roberta Honey Helen Hamill I. F. C Top row-C. Fincher-SAE; E. Henry-SP; C. Nix-TC; W. Box-TC; W. Lockhart-SAE; K. Medina-AGR; M. Hin- di-SP. Bottom row-J. L. Dage-SAE; F. Daniels-PKT; D. Wunsch-TKE; D. Hoover-SP; J. Burrows-AGR. OFFICERS DON WUNSCH CLIFTON FINCHER PRESIDENT SECRETARY SIGMA ALPHA FALL E. Archon W. E. LOCKHART E. A. Archon A. MACTAVISH E. Recorder J. V. WADE E. Treasurer T. W. H, CAFFEY E. Warden H. PRICE E. Herald N. G. BIFFLE E. Preceptor J. HOBBS E. Chronicler W. L. WEIR E. Chaplain :. R. E. JACOBI E. Corres ::... J. L. DAGE NEW MEXICO PHI CHAPTER MRS. EDNA STEPHENS House Mother EPSILON SPRING E. Archon W. L. WEIR E. A. Archon D. L. TRAVIS E. Recorder D. M. IVEY E. Treasurer A. L. SPRADLIN E. Warden G. BOYD E. Herald R. E. JACOBI E. Preceptor J. HOBBS E. Chronicler J. V. WADE E. Chaplain W. A. RICE E. Corres D. JACOBS MR. G. L. GUTHRIE FALL Sponsors DR. SIGRUD JOHANSEN PLEDGES FIRST ROW: Bradley, Ni.iiols, Baker SECOND ROW: Ritter, Swigert, Nugent, Haney, Jones, Short, Sells, Alexan- der THIRD ROW: Knight, Small, Kusuda, Watson, O ' Brien, Bell, Taylor, Black, Gonzales, Mattlock, LaPrade ' :ra - ( T. Caffey N. Gum N. Biffle D. Jacobs B. Silver G. Boyd W. Shriver E. Brininstool W. O ' Brien J. Hobbs C. Bandy B. Eshom J. Murphy B. Weir J. Wootten W. Lockhart L. Woodside Homecoming Float 1956 A. McTavish J. Dougherty H. Price ■p. M. Shriver D. Ivey J. Bonomo D. Henry V. Wade R. Skaggs Q. . • ' j • J. Dage C. Fincher A. Spradlin J. Simonin B. Rice D. Travis R. lacobi J. Creed J. Blaylock 1956 Jim Quinlar. Bill Walker Bill De Busk Jim Pilcher Brittain Hardman Gene Holly " Dad " Jett Richard Berlemann OFFICERS HIGH ALPHA HIGH BETA HIGH GAMMA HIGH TAU HIGH DELTA HIGH PHI HIGH PI HIGH KAPPA 1957 Richard Berlemann Bill De Busk Don Shepan Don Tolmie Paul Merritt Jay Whitte " Dad " Jett Alvin Thomas LAMBDA CHI ALPHA PLEDGES LAMBDA CHI ALPHA (Back row L. to RO John Pruitt, President, Sam Campbell, Kenneth Haines, Glenn Ramsdale, Bob Elliot, Carter Williams, Phillip Robertson, William Bellais. (2nd) Bob Shaw, Aubrey Teeter, Richard Berlemann (Kappa) Bill Moore, Jerry De Busk, Bob Schmidt. (Front) Gene Wolf, Jon Lindsay, Alan Holmes, Pat Brummett, Phil Miller. (Not Pictured: Herman Hinton) H H i g h E P 1 o n " Dad " jL-u High Pi H i g h K a P P a H i g h T a H i!Hg| i f K r r g h ■■w B QhT " " e t ■i a Ht m. Biin Valker PH V ' Iks H Bill DeBusk Jim Pilcher Brittain Hardman H " Prof " Shires H Richard Berlemann Gene Holly Buck Rhodes H o u M g LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Donald Brown Gerald Welsh " Dad " receives highest award. Jay Whitte Bob Burrows Dick Cheny (5i rL , ■ " , Bruce Caskey Allan Davis SPIDER MEN Pete Fleming HUMPHRY AND THE BOYS Dave Feller Jerry Gore Bob Hedges Mrs. Hazel Peipelman Don Jennings " Come into my parlou said the spider to the fly. ' James Lofland Lynn Menefee Humphrey goes to town. Paul Merritt Greely Mpyr- Paul McGahen Bill Parker Don Shepan Alvin D. Thomas ff Stewart Warrick Don Tolmie " We sing the Song of the Sewer ' Jim Wingo THETA CHI OFFICERS Walter Box President Charles Nix Vice-President Warren Krause Secretary Donald Rucker Treasurer Lawrence Lujan Historian Bill McKinzie Pledge Trainer Aubrey Gammill Librarian Joe Wallace Chaplain Relaxation After Finals D. Holdman S. Stutts L. Rutherford B. Lang J. Pair D. Garrett ' iLd N. H. Bryan W. Krause D. Rucker H. Chandler G. Cowart A. Gammill M. Shelton B. Stout W. Meneffee C. Nix C. E. Pair B. Gammill W. Station L. Terry A. Moore W. Box J. Horten J. Brown B. Burris S. Wallace TAU KAPPA EPSILON V -- 1956 Officers Mickey Thomas, Stu Carlson, Allan Pierce, Sandy Poeter, Jerry Risinger, Don Wunsch, Bill Haydu. Mickey Thomas Ruben Marquez Jerry Risinger Jim Sais Clint Kornegay George Anderson Gabe Anaya Dave Mullins 1956 Officers 1957 Don Wunsch Prytanis Mickey Thomas Sandy Poeter Epi-prytanis Ruben Marquez Alan Clouse Grammateus Jerry Risinger Allan Pierce Crysophylos Jim Sais Bill Haydu Histor Clint Kornegay Stu Carlson Hypophetes George Anderson Jerry Risinger Hegemon Gabe Anaya Mickey Thomas Pylortes Dave Mullins ' U Winning Teke Float o. Earl Darst John Sweem Don Wunsch Jack Mayfield Jim Dodson O I v. ' , i Wt Bill Haydu Allan Pierce Sandy Poeter Charles Sanders Joe Togami Allan Clouse Art Maringas Francis Burke Stu Carlson Warren Carlson TAU KAPPA EPSILON Dan Cossarek Sid Gibson Martin Goldsmith Jim Lane Tom Lindberg Jim Pomponi Vic Webb Dillard Bullard Ed Gamboa Charles Klaudt Steve Tomljanovich Benny Rennet Bill Alford W. Chilton R. Macias G. Cunningham B. Kennedy J. Goss A. Alvarez N. Maringas B. Cooke D. Garay E. Felix P. Mulligan J. Ottesen F. Sanchez Mom Reed B. Morris W. Whittaker Teke Intramural Football Champs Intramural Traveling Trophy Retired By Tekes UMOC Maringas Teke Intramural Basketball Champs lust A Few Johnson Scores Again lALPHA GAMMA RHO AFP Dr. Robert Porter Sponsor Mother Ruth Stiles Housemother CS3CEO Mi. Lambert H. Wilkes Sponsor AGR Sweethearts Joan Waund 1955 Gwen Gordon 1956 Say, What ' s in that punch! " Alley Oop " Homecoming Parade The Four Seniors and a freshman Thomas Pogue President Alpha Lamh ' ilct Chapter House Dick Dinwiddi First Vice f ' J m John Burrows Wally Ferguson m Don Foster Hunter Geer Charles McCoy " ♦♦ Palemon Martinez Kyle Medina Amos Melendrez Norris Owen " fr Levi Rivera Melvm Romero Tommy Shelly r " Owen Smith Calvm Sterreii Clarence Thompson r Les Thompson Bill Thornton Jim Thornton Bobby Villarreal John... ...ei ml flIB %1iiii ' Manuel Martinez G. L. Mouldin Tom Mobley Dalton Morgan Robert Narvaez Rocky Nicholson Larry Paradee Chuck Richards Jimmy Rogers George Seely Jim Swedberg George Tigner Johnny Valenzuela Paul Wilcox iV ' SECOND PLACE FLOAT HOUSE DISPLAY KT PAJAMA DANCE ...WE HATE WOMEN?? W O M E N H A T E R WEEK J. Simmons J. Stallings C. Steinman C. Superko J. Van Dolman S. Bragg D. Denham D. Fromhoff Lu , - " V- ' - • - Is ' , te ■ B. Desjardin B. Griffin r ™ ■ . L J J. Donaldson R. Herbstritt Dr. Edgar Garrett L. Grouse D. Lemmon S. Smith n II L. Johnson B. Jones B. Lorang R. Torbert Not pictured: Actives: Don Sperry, Tom Abbott, John Zingg: Pledges; Jim Riley, Dick Montoya, Jim O ' Laughlin. r ?- Elwood E. Isermann H. Rich J. Wicksfrom SIGMA PI Delta Xi Chapter Dr. M. G. Anderson Sponsor Moneer Hindi President Vernon Edde Vice-President Irvin Mac Williams Secretary- Robert Fait Treasurer Thomas Gould Historian Bill Fiske Sergeant at Arms i Gordon Jeffers G. Alba B. Anderson B. Chambers D. Coyne D. DeGraftenreid D. Derksen D. Ferguson R. Gunn Hayes D. Hoover T. Michael S. Nielson P. Robinson J. Succi L. Tauchert J. Jaramillo E. Henry G. Zecca im D. Adams D. Carillo J. Crane G. DeHerrera N. Garcia D. Gunn D. Jaramillo L. Jenkins J. Manning P. Milan E. Pyatt J. Thomas J. Togami J. Ward T. Wright 1956 National Convention Award ALL GREEK COUNCIL Top Row; J. L. Dage-SAE; C. Fincher-SAE; E. Henry-SP; C. Nix-TC; W. Box-TC; W. Lockhart-SAE; K. Medina-AGR; M. Hindi-SP; J. Burrows-AGR. Bottom Row-F. Daniels-PKT; D. Hoover-SP;V.Bedecko-DZ; R. Clouse-ZTA; E. Logsdon-CO; Janet Bonomo- CO; Joyce Schnieder-DZ; Don Wunsch-TKE; Paul Merritt-LCA. OmCERS John Burrows President Walter Box Vice-President Janet Bonomo Secretary Through the years the appearance of the young people who stand in line to be registered as students of New Mexico A and M has changed. Once the boys wore their hair parted down the middle and swathed their brawny limbs in black suit cloth, while the girls were clad in floor sweep- ing skirts, long hair and Victorian demureness. Came the day when the fellows were itching in wool knickers and school sweaters as the young ladies stood around in incredibly short skirts of flag pole silhouette, their hair bobbed just like King Tut ' s. At last taste ran to casual slacks and white dress shirts for the masculine segment of the student body while the distaff side espoused long hair, knee skirts and " bobby socks " . Today the style runs to duck tail clips, T-shirts, levi ' s with suspended slide-rule, for the laddies, squaw skirts, etc. for the girls. Yes, the clothes and hair cuts have been altered, but the people under- neath are much the same-with the same problems, the same fears, and the same feeling of slightly bewildered anticipation (obscured by a feigned air of worldlinessy When Hadley Hall was the main building on campus, the registrar ' s office housed Dean O ' Donnell, Dean of Students. He was the man who tackled the students ' problems and untangled their difficulties. Today the registration line extends down the hall of the recently con- structed Administration Building. Different people, different costumes, dif- ferent automobiles in the streets, new buildings, new faculty, a new age- the atomic-with a new challenge-but the boys and girls are here attracted by that which called their mothers and fathers a generation ago: the op portunity for education. ELKBBgB GRADUATES ABDULGADER M. ABO NABA ' A Mechanical Engineering Amir El-Taher , Nablus, Jordan ROBERT BAKER Civil Engineering Rochester, Michigan ALFRED R. MACRI Chemistry Port Jeffers, New York SENIORS ROBERT BURROWS Mechanical Engineering Colorado Springs, Colo. ROBERT O. HEDGES Mechanical Engineering Las Cruces WESLEY MENEFEE VICE-PRESIDENT MIRIAM BRIGGS SECRETARY JOHN BURROWS PRESIDENT SENIORS BENJAMIN S. BACA Agiicuhuial Engineering Santa Rosa CHARLES L. BANDY Mechanical Engineering Aztec BOYD ANDERSON Mechanical Engineering Monti, Utah ROBERT APODACA yigricui urai Engineering Garfield 5- 1 . THOMAS M. BELIAN Electrical Engineering Santa Fe EUGENE W. BAXTER Electrical Engineering Babbett, Nevada ARMANDO BERNAL Spanish Taos LOUISE BIEDERMAN Home Ec Education Fairview EDDIE BINNS Civil Engineering Portales WALTER BOX Animal Husbandry Grady ARDELIA MAE BOYER Elementary Education Vado VIRGIE BRDECKO Business Administration Deming EDWARD BRININSTOOL Mechanical Engineering Jal HARRY BRYAN Agiicuhuial Economics El Paso, Texas THURLOW CAFFEY Electrical Engineering Las Cruces BRUCE CASKEY Aeronautical Engineering Artesia RAMON CHAVEZ Mechanical Engineering Santa Rosa ALAN CLOUSE Mechanical Engineering Albuquerque GEORGE COWART History Fort Sumner NOLA CRADDICK Home Economics Las Cruces LAWRENCE DAVIS Mechanical Engineering Las Cruces EARL DARST Chemical Engineering Artesia LeROY CRAVENS Agricultural Engineering Moriarty GREGORIO CRUZ General Agriculture Guadalupe, Mexico JOE E. DAWSON Electrical Engineering Hatch DON DeGRAFTENREID Civil Engineering Melrose ROBERT DesJARDIN Electrical Engineering Albuquerque JACK R. DETWILER Electrical Engineering Tucson, Arizona JERRY DUNCAN Home Economics Albuquerque CORRINNE DURAN Elementary Education Santa Rosa TOMMY DONHAM Electrical Engineering Melrose JOHN DOWNS Range Management Albuquerque CHARLES EAKS Electrical Engineering House VERNON EDDE Chemical Engineering Santa Paula, California ROBERT M. FALT Chemistry Las duces SIEBERT FELDMAN Electrical Engineering State College DAVID L. FELLER Electrical Engineering Durango, Colorado EUGENE FELTON Agricu ure Roy BILL FICKLIN Electrical Engineering Raton CLIFTON F. FINCHER Mechanical Engineering Farmington MARY ELLEN FOSTER Spanish Las duces JOHN FREDERICKS, JR. Agriculture Economics Halliday, North Dakota DONALD R. FLEMING Electrical Engineering Las Cruces Q. M. FLINT Electrical Engineering Bard I. D. GARCIA, IR Physics Alcalde I. I. GARCIA History- Las Vegas EWARD GAMBOA Mechanical Engineering Las Cruces BILL G. GAMILL Electrical Engineering Fort Sumner GLORIA GARRETT English Mathews, Va. BEN GILLESPIE Mechanical Engineering Portales y ' " " Hi It ' ■ ■ ■ HUNTER L. GEER Aqiicultural Economics Albuquerque TONY GENNARO Zoology Raton ROBERT GUNN Mechanical Engineering Cubero FRANCES HAWKINSON Journalism Las Cruces JOHN M. HAYES Pre-Medical Puerto Rico GEORGE HEAD Agricultural Education Las Cruces JOSE F. HERNANDEZ Electrical Engineering Tortugas MONEER HINDI Electrical Engineering Duran - LOUIS E. HOHMAN Agricultural Education Albuquerque DAVID W. HOOVER Chemical Engineering Santa Fe :.M JACK HOWELL Electrical Engineering Longview, Texas DAVID IVEY Pre-Medical Las Cruces LLOYD JENKINS Civil Engineering Penrose, Colo. KERRY DAUGHERTY JOHNSON Engiish Eunice DAVID JONES Civil Engineering Las Vegas JOHN PAUL JONES Business Administration Fort Smith, Ark. ■; ' i mVIN KIMBER Electrical Engineering Denver, Colo. WARREN KRAUSE Agricultural Economics Raton BUZZY KENDRICK Physical Education El Paso, Texas MERRILL KENYON Mechanical Engineering Santa Fe BETH LAFKY Business Education State College JOHN D. LAFKY Business Education Williams, Minn. JOHN F. LANE Dairy Ysleta, Texas JOHN LaPRADE Chemical Engineering Chatham, Virginia WALTER E. LOCKHART Range Management Raton EILIEN LOGSDON Elementary Education Belen FRED LEMON, JR. Electrical Engineering Las Cruces LEON LIVINGSTON Civil Engineering Santa Fe RAUL MACIAS Business Administration Gallup ANDREW H. MACTAVISH Mechanical Engineering Clovis ARMANDO DeLUCAS Physical Education Douglas, Ariz. ROBERT LYON Chemical Engineering Silver City NADINE MANGUM Animal Husbandry Quemado MIGUEL MARTINEZ Animal Husbandry Santa Fe PALEMON A. MARTINEZ Agiicultuial Education Arroyo Seco SAMUEL MATTHEWS Electrical Engineering State College ROGER E. MAYFIELD Physics State College OMER LEE MEADOWS Mechanical Engineering State College WESLEY MENEFEE Animal Husbandry Hagerman HARLAN MESSICK Agricultural Education Abbott NORMA MILIKIEN Business Administration Anthony RICHARD C. MOBRAATEN Mechanical Engineering Forgo, N. D. MIKE MOHRHAUSER Mechanical Engineering Ysleta, Texas LEOPOLDO MOLINA Accounting Compton, Calif. JOHN MONDRAGON Agricultural Education Ranches de Toas GERARD K. MOORE Secondary Education Topeka, Kansas WAYNE MORGAN Mechanical Engineering Wichita Falls, Texas DAVID MULLINS Electrical Engineering State College JOHN W. MOORE Mechanical Engineering Los Alamos EVELYN L. MORGAN Alt Dexter !!Tij si. ;, ' ;vv iT s s) G. J. MUNN Business Administration Leland, Wash. GREELEY MYERS AgricultuTal Education Raton MARJORIE McCORKLE Business Administration Albuquerque LUTHER McDOUGAL Agricultural Engineering Deminq CAROL McFALL Business Administration Las Cruces DON F. McINTYRE Mechanical Engineering State College HORACE WILBUR McINTYRE Electrical Engineering Santa Fe GEORGE R. McKELVEY Electrical Engineering Indiana, Penn. ( I ALLAN D. PIERCE Physics Las Cruces JAMES B. PIERCE Agricultural Education Andrews, Texas ERVIN McWILLIAMS Chemical Engineering Rock Springs, Wyo. C. E. PAIR Animal Husbandry Springer CLAUDE PILLEY Civil Engineering Tucumcari REX PITTMAN Agricultural Education Tatum EDDIE PETROSS Agricultural Education Claunch THOMAS POGUE Agricultural Education Las Cruces CHARLES NIX Animal Husbandry Moriarty WALTER J. O ' BRIEN Civil Engineering Roswell MARTHA OLIVER Animal Husbandry Alamogordo CLYDE S. OSWELL Civil Engineering Edinburg, Texas LEONARD E. ORSAK Electrical Engineering Deming WILLIAM PORTER Animal Husbandry- Clarendon, Texas EARL E. PYATT Civil Engineering Albuquerque JAMES A. QUINLIN Accounting Espanola BARBARA RAWDON Home Economics Las Cruces ROBERT G. RIDDLE Secondary Education Las Cruces DUANE RIEDL Range Management Scott City, Kansas PHILLIP ROBINSON Civil Engineeiing Pueblo, Colo. PAULINE ROSEBERRY Music Education Hurley HARRY SAUERHOFF Mechanical Engineering San Juan, Puerto Rico KENNETH SAUNIER English Los Alamos G. L. SELIGMANN, JR. History Las Cruces WILBUR SELLS Mechanical Engineering Farmington ' I ROBERT SCHEAFER Electrical Engineering Pueblo, Colo. JOYCE SCHNEIDER Secondary Education El Paso, Texas THOMAS R. SHELLEY Agricultural Engineering Cliff MILTON A. SHELTON, JR. Teacher Education Santa Fe ROBERT W. SHERIFF Business Administration Las Cruces MONTE R. SHRIVER Mechanical Engineering Aztec ROBERT I. SILVER Civil Engineering Albuquerque RICHARD M. SNELL Business Administration Clovis V ;vi:-iifr. CHARLES W. STEELE Electrical Engineering Lordsburg CALVIN STERRETT General Agriculture Dexter JACK H. STALLINGS Agricultural Engineering Ysieta, Texas WESLEY STATTON General Agriculture Las Cruces 0mvM KENNETH H. STEVENS Mechanical Engineering Las Cruces JAMES C. STEVENSON Mechanical Engineering Carlsbad BOB J. STOUT General AgricultuTe Las Cruces LOUIS M. SWARTZ Mechanical Engineering Deming JOYCE THARP Business Education Cloudcroft LESLIE B. THOMPSON Agiicuhuial Engineering Durango, Colorado ROBERT TITSWORTH Electrical Engineering Elida DAVID TRAVIS Education Clovis DONALD THORNBERRY Animal Husbandry Clarendon, Texas WILLIAM THORNTON Agricultural Engineering Pyote, Texas MARIE TRUJILLO Home Economics Cimarron JAMES R. TURNBOUGH Agricultural Education State College EMILY ULIBARRI Spanish La Mesa J. M. VILLALOBOS Agronomy El Paso, Texas LEONARD WARD Agricultural Education State College FRED WARNER Mechanical Engineering St. Edwards, Neb. EVERN R. WALL Electrical Engineering Hobbs JOE D. WALLACE Animal Husbandry Cameron SPURGEON WATFORD Electrical Engineering Hagerman EDWARD WEST Agricultural Education Elida WARREN A. WOLFF Electrical Engineering Odessa, Texas JACK WOOTEN Agricultural Economics Clayton JOHN YARBROUGH Animal Husbandry Las Cruces THOMAS J. YOUNG Chemical Engineering Farmington WILLIAM L. WALKER Chemical Engineering Clovis VICTOR C. WEBB Electrical Engineering Las Cruces i: JERRY SIMMONS PRESIDENT JANET BONOMO SECRETARY SANDY POETER VICE-PRESIDENT JUNIORS ( , DON ADAMS House RICHARD ADAMS Gallup TF THALIA ARMSTRONG Carlsbad EDWARD C. BACA Santa Fe WILLIAM G. BARTLETT, JR. Washington, D. C. CLAUDE J. BARRETT Anthony CHARLES BATES Denver, Colo. JAMES BEAL Albuquerque V MARVIN GATES Ysleta, Texas NOLAN CHANDLER Clovis LARRY BROCKMAN Mills JOHN L. BROWN State College BONNIE BRYANT State College STU CARLSON Las Cruces DOUGLAS COBB Alamogordo H. B. CORCORRAN Albuquerque RICHARD COYNE Maywood. Calif. JOE L. CREED Alius. Okla. AUGUSTINE I. DeHERRERA Anionilo. Colo. RALPH DeOLIVIERA Ft. Sumner RICHARD B. DINWIDDIE Clill JAMES DIVER Taos BILL R. DODSON Hagerman JIM DODSON Las duces f ' SAMMIE EDMONSON Clayton WILLIAM F. ELWOOD Tucson, Arizona - ?I4 LYNN ESCOVER Austin, Minn. WILBURN D. ESSARY San Angelo, Texas WALLY FERGUSON Hondo DAVID FERRAN Abiquiu GILBERT FERRAN Santa Fe ROBERT FERRAN Santa Fe PETER A. FLEMING Mt. Home. Ark. KATHERINE FLETCHER Portales FRANK E. FLORES Deming DON FOSTER Silver City MARIA GOMEZ Las duces KAY GOMEZ Las duces THOMAS GOULD HoUoman A. F. B. EDWARD G. GREY Roswell WALTER A. GUYER Pittsburgh, Pa. JOE HAND, JR. Huntsville, Ala. JOANNE HANNY Las Cruces TOM HUGHES Lubbock, Texas BOB JARRETT Drumwright. Okla. ROBERT E. lACOBI State College DON E. JACOBS Hurley FRED HECKMAN Albuquerque JETHROE HILLS Chicago, 111. ROBERT HORNE Bard JOE HORTON Buda, Texas V GORDON W. lEFFEHS Primghar, Iowa WILLIAM JONES El Paso, Texas WILLIAM KERSTING Santa Fe W. L. KING Dexter f BURTON LANG Albuquerque CONSUELO LA PIERRE Tatum THEODORE H. LEHMAN Bridger. Montana JAMES LOFLAND Hobbs MARIE MARTINEZ Taos JACK ALLEN MAYFIELD Las Cruces AUBREY LEWIS Carlsbad JOHN LINDSAY Santa Fe CARL E, MAPES State College ARTHUR H. MARINGAS Franklin, Mass. KYLE MEDINA Santa Cruz CLYDE MILLER Porlales SIDNEY NIELSEN Canon City. Colo. WARREN NOLAND Aztec J BILLY R. PARKER Clovis RONALD D. PERSON Prescott, Ariz. ANDY ORTIZ Pecos ALBERT ORTEGA Belen NORRIS OWEN Grady MARY LUCY PADILLA Salem v ; » JACK PICKENS Santa Fe JIM PILCHER Tempe, Ariz. RICHARD PLEDGER Carlsbad SANDY POETER Las Cruces JIM POMPONI Gallup HOWARD PRICE Artesia DAVID PRADO Roswell JOHN RAY PRUITT PrescotI, Ariz. HAROLD RICH Fort Sumner WILLIAM M. RICHARDSON Longview, Texas MELVIN ROMERO Capitan DONAL H. RUCKER Bellview GERALD SANDERS Springfield, Colo. JIM SAIS Los Lunas GERALD RISINGER Ferguson. Mo. ADOLFO RIVERA, IR. Santa Fe NORMAN A. ROBINET Phoenix, Ariz. BARBARA ROGERS Artesia JOSEPH L. SAUNDERS Portales GARY SCHLOTHAUER Las Cruces JONELI, SESSIONS Sanla Rita JERRY SIMMONS Artesia BETTY SIMS Santa Rosa ROBERT SKAGGS Las Cruces BETTY lEAN SMITH Ft. Bayard CLARENCE SMITH Artesia W. T. STEVENS Las Cruces JOE SUCCI Phoenix, Ariz. JAMES SWEDBERG Kaneohe, Hawaii ALVIN D. THOMAS Gallup GARY SMITH So. Charlesto n, W. Va. WARREN SMITH Roswell ALVIN L. SPRADLIN Clayton CHARLES STEINMANN El Paso, Texas MICKEY THOMAS Las Cruces JOE TOGAMI Albuquerque HOBERT VILLARREAL Gila JACQUELINE WARD San Miguel JIM WINGO Baton GENE WOLF Foswell GERALD WOODWARD Las Cruces IVOGENE STOUT WOODS Las Cruces PHIL WOOLFORD Elephante Butte JESS W. YOUNG Raton GUIDO E. ZECCA Gallup MARGUERITE REDDIN Albuquerque CHARLES McCOY VICE PRESIDENT DON FORRESTER PRESIDENT JONNA WILLIAMS SECRETARY SOPHOMORES MAUREEN E. BARGER Reserve WILLIAM BARR Phoenix, Ariz. ION BATISTIC Phoenix, Ariz. BENNY BENNETT Carlsbad RICHARD BERLEMANN Phoenix, Ariz. JOHN BONOMO Miami, Fla. NATHAN BIFFLE Olayton EDNA BOURGUET Las Cruces GLENN BINNS Portales BESSIE BOYER Vado ROBERTA BONEY Las Cruces GEORGIA BOYLAND Mesilla Park EARL BRIGGS Glendale, Ariz. PAT BROWN Ruidoso MIQUEL BURBERG Tamuin San Luis Potosi, Mexico DALE BURLESON Fort Stockton, Texas BUZZ BURRIS Dcrtil JOHNNY CALLAHAN Artesia JANICE BURROWS Las Cruces WARREN CARLSON Las Cruces JOHN BEYERS Meyersdale, Pa. DON CARTLIDGE Eunice MEL CALDERON Deming CHARLES CHAMBERS Roswell JOSE A. CHAVEZ Santa Fe RICHARD CHENEY Clovis rs ' y LYNN CHILTON Mountainair ' Srf - « KATHARINE CONKLIN Las Cruces BERNARD R. CORLEY El Paso, Texas JAMES G. CHAIN Midland, Texas HARRY COSSAREK Long Beach, Calif. LARRY CHOUSE Hobbs PAUL COSTA Springer NIEL CURRAN Raton LARRY COVINGTON Grand Falls. Texas FRED DANIELS Phoenix, Ariz. t ' W S ' « ALLAN DAVIS Silver City DAVID DERKSEN Memphis, Tenn. ADOLFO DIAZ Las Cruces JAMES DODD Mesquite, Nev. JERRY DOUGHERTY Artesia ERNEST E. FELIX Santa Rita CECIL EARS House DAVID FERGUSON Phoenix, Ariz. JEAN ELLIOTT Hagerman WILLIAM FISKE, JR. El Paso, Texas ROBERT ESHOM Tesuque RUBEN FLORES Wilmington, Calif. DON FORRESTER Ln: Cruces KATHERINE FOSTER Las Cruces BOBBIE FREEMAN Artesia JACK FROST Anthony VIRGINIA FROST Gallup ANNE GALLAGHER Carrizozo LARRY FULTON Los Alamos HEINZ G. GEHLHAAR La Luz RONNIE GAINES Springer FRED GERK Las Vegas GILDARDO GALINDO Mexicali, Mexico SID GIBSON Salina, Kansas MARY GILLILAND Carlsbad CORINE GIRON Las Cruces GERALD GORE Artesia CHARLOTTE GRANDI Carlsbad TOM GUCK VAUGHN GUM LOLO GUTIERREZ EDIE HANNA Capitan Williams, Ariz. Lemilar Las Cruces BRITTAIN HA ROMAN KENNETH HAYNES JOHNANN HEIMANN LEONARD HERBSTRITT Las Cruces Clovis Hayden St. Marys, Penn. ,, 11 ' ELODIA HERNANDEZ Albuquerque BILL HESS Van Nuys, Calif. JAMES HILL Roswell Vk ' JAMES HOBBS Las Cruces DAVIS LEE HOLDMAN Fabens, Texas RICHARD HOLMAN Las Cruces PAUL T. HOPKINS McNeal, Ariz. WAYNE HUFFMAN Phoenix, Ariz. CLYDE P. IMAGNA Palo Alto, Calif. DON ROY JENNINGS Wilmington, Del. LOUIS C. JOHNSON Albuquerque ROBERT B. JOHNSON Las Cruces , -. PHILLIP E. KENNEDY Globe, Ariz. " y , CONRAD KEYES. JR. Roswell CHARLES L. KLAUDT Deming ;s PAUL KLOPFER La Luf EUGENE W. KONITZER Appleton. Wis. SAMUEL M. LEARNED Las Cruces CLINTON KORNEGAY Carlsbad BETH LEDBETTER Orinda, Calif. JAMES D. LANE Las Cruces RICHARD LEMMON Ysleta, Texas JAMES LANKFORD Carlsbad WALT LIMACHER Hondo CHARLES LINDEMULDER Phoenix, Ariz. KAY LIZER Santa Fe NELL LOOMIS Las Cruces DRUSILLA LOPEZ Reserve JOHN LOPEZ Deming LOUISE McKINLEY Quemado ROSALEE LUCERO Santa Rosa WILLIAM McNEILAND Aztec CHARLES McCOY Gainesville, Texas FRED MALDONADO Cimarron PAUL McGAHAN State College VICTOR MALONE Caraway, Arkansas STANLEY MANNING San Francisco, Calil. i ' A -• ' r GERALD MARR Tularosa tj J, , . I G. L. MAULDIN Deming m JOHN D. MARTIN House LYDIA MARTINEZ Chimayo PETER S. MILAN Grants PAUL MERRITT Silver City BILL MITTAG Eunice DAVID METHVIN Roswell JANICE MOLINA Linhart, Penn. THOMAS MICHAEL | Phoenix, Ariz. ' i i BEATRICE MONTESTRUC | El Paso, Texas H i ARTHUR MOORE Carlsbad EVA LOU MOORE Las Cruces ANN MORGAN Albuquerque HENRY NARANIO Reserve JAMES NUGENT Comstock, Minn. RAY S. PAGE Hurley JACK NEWMAN Albuquerque JOHN PAIR Springer POLLY NORMAN Deming DEAN A. PAPPAS Albuquerque JO ANN NUWASH Ceylon, Minn. XENNY PARMELEE Ysleta, Texas V. - v y r ' J ROBERT PATTERSON Phoenix, Ariz. ANN PAXTON Albuquerque JO GAY PEARCE Hobbs TOMMY PEREZ EI Paso, Texas VERNA PETTY Carrizozo JO ANN PORTER Grants JOHN C. PIERCE Hurley PATRICK QUINLAN Long Beach, Cal. ' 1. JANIE PITTMAN Truth or Consequences LUISA RAEL Questa - im : ' ' A DICK PLASTER Clovis EDDIE RAEL Santa Fe f» i a i »a J LARRY RUTHERFORD Broadview PALMER RANDALL Carlsbad «5 J2 ., JOHN PAUL RANEY Wello. Nev. ' —mmr . KATHLEEN RHODA Santa Fe WILLIAM RICE Lordsburg MARIE RODRIGUEZ Espanola ROBERT RILEY Carlsbad SALLY ROSE Albuquerque BERTHA RIVERA Des Moines MARVIN ROWE Eunice EVA JANE ROBESON Boulder City, Nev. GARY ROYSTER Bowie, Ariz. .4 1 ■ as . W i MARGARET SALAZAR Belen VICENTE R. SANCHEZ Los Lunas BILL SCHWARTING Phoenix, Ariz. SAMUEL SCOTT Las Cruces BETTY DEE SHECKLES Cailsbad DON SHEPAN Los Alamos GERALDINE SHIPLEY Las Cruces JAMES A. SIMONIN Alomogordo THOMAS E. SINDBERG Fannington JEAN SKAGGS Las Cruces BART SMITH Van Horn, Texas DAVID SLAUGHTER Van Horn, Texas SAMUEL SMITH Santa Fe VALDON SMITH Roswell ANN STEVENS Las Cruces SIDNEY H. STEWART Phoenix ALYCE STOKES Anthony RICHARD TAYLOR Roswell BARBARA STONESTREET Las Cruces JAMES TOGAMI Albuquerque CHARLES D. SUPERKO Nanticoke. Pa. LANNIE ROSS TERRY Forrest CAROL DENNIS SWEEM Las Cruces GEORGE TIGNER Doming JAMES E. THOMAS Herlong, Cal. CLARENCE N. THOMPSON Springer JIM THORNTON Pyote, Texas DON E. TOLMIE Albuquerque LAURA VIGIL Espanola JAMES WARD HoUoman AFB VERNON WADE Corona GAIL WARDEN Las Cruces PAUL F. WAHL Las Cruces STUART C. WARRICK Silver City EUGENE WARD Las Cruces RONALD WHALIN Phoenix - :.! .v r ' t. Jfo 7 Mtt IME T. AGUILAR ROBERT AKIN WILLIAM R. ALFORD GABE ANAYA Casas Grandes Leavenworth, Kansas Syracuse, N. Y. Moriarty Chih, Mexico GEORGE ANDERSON Las Cruces GEORGIA MARIE BACA Tucumcari JOY ANDERSON Clines Corners MARY BADSGARD Los Alamos ALICIA APODACA Las Cruces EVA BAILEY Tularosa ROBERT ASHh Phoenix, Ariz. JACOB BARBOA Albuquerque JERRY WICKSTROM Carlsbad PAUL WILCOX Deming JOANNA WILLIAMS Dugway, Utah INA WITHERS CarrizozG JAY B. WITTE Estancia JUNE YURKOVICH Gallup DONALD H. WOOD Santa Fe ROBERT ZAMORA Santa Fe LINTON W. WOODSIDE Artesia TOMMY L. WRIGHT Tucumcari TOM MOBLEY PRESIDENT MICKY McDonald SECRETARY JOHN GRUER VICE-PRESIDENT FRESHMEN HELEN ABASKIN Albuquerque MARY HELEN APODACA La Mesa NANCY JO ARCHER Socorro BOBBY ADEE Seneca EMILY AGUILAR East Vaughn GAIL BARTON Ft. Sumner -— r " • ' H V « 9 • ' V; Uii; rf» BRUCE BAXTER Honolula, Hawaii FANNY BELL BILLUPS Alamogordo NOEL BOLES Trutri or Consequences JERRY ANN BONDS Tucumcari SANDRA BROCAW Las duces CHARLETTE A. BROWN Las Cruces LARRY BROWN Las Cruces MARLYN BURKE Las Cruces CLIFF CARLSON Buhl Idaho DANIEL CARRIL New Hyde Park, N. Y. ERNEST M. CASAUS Santa Rosa JOHNNY CAVINESS Carlsbad SUE CLARDY Roswell HAROLD E. CLARK, JR, Sacramento GEORGE W, CLEMENTS Quemado JOE CLEMENTS Albuquerque RON CRAWFORD Santa Fe BILLIE L, COMBEST Raton KATHRYN COX Las Cruces CARLOS J. CRAIG Santa Fe WaLIAM K. CROCKETT Hope ELIZABETH CUSTER Las Cruces TONITA LEE DAVIS Hobbs MIKE DELANCEY Hurley RICHARD L. DENHAM Los Angeles, Calif. VIRGINIA DENNY Grants BARBARA D. DILLARD San Patricio BILLY W. DINWIDDIE Jal BYRON R. DONALDSON Deming JERRY DONALDSON Ysleta, Texas NOLA KAY DONLEY Magdalena HAROLD E. DURBIN Douglas. Arizona JOHN A. DZURENDA Pennsburg, Pa. ROBERT R. ELLIOTT El Paso. Texas SHIRLEY EVANS Las Cruces JOSEPHINE FRANZOY Salem :: - NEIL FRIEBAND Brooklyn, New York DANIEL B. FROMHOFF San Antonio BARBARA FUNK Garlield ROSEANNA GAETJENS Carlsbad ANTONIO GALLEGOS Garfield JOE GARAY, JR. Derry JOSE M. GARCIA Santa Fe OTTO GEER Albuquerque GUILLERMO GONZALEZ Chihuahua, Mexico NAVORA GONZALES Taiban DICK GORAY Las Cruces BOB GRIFFIN Inglewood. Calif. 0 " •J % .-► .4 MYRA GRANATH Hobbs MARJORIE GRIMES Socorro CHARLES GRISSOM Moriarty DONALD GUNN Cubero CARLOS I. GUTIERREZ Deming HENRY HAMILTON Carlsbad HAROLD H. HARRISON Tucumcari NANCIE ANN HART Van Horn, Texas GAIL HEEBINK Albuquerque HERMAN HINTON Encino CARL HOOTEN Deming ANN HANSEN Las Cruces ELIZABETH HOWE Ontario, Canada RONALD HUCKABAY Espanola PEGGY HUGHES Roswell CLAYTON ISERMAN Kinsley. Kansas BILL ISLER Roswell DANIEL JARAMILLO Belen tl ' ■ L , ALFRED JOHNSON Animas BETTY KALTENBACH Las Cruces EMMETT KELLY Grants WILLIAM KENNEDY Las Cruces ROBERT KIRKCONNELL Tequceqalpa, Honduras EVELYN R, KLOPFER. La Luz NANCY SUE KNIGHT Hobbs ARNOLD LADWIG Deming FOO LAM New York. New York AUBREY M. LEE Helena. Montana DONALD B. LEWIS Artesia JEANNE LINDER Roy tr . SHARON LITTELL Hoswell HAZEL MAE LOGAN Las Cruces CESARIO LUJAN Taos LUIS LUNA Belen LINDA McCONNEL Las Cruces MARTHA McDonald Silver City ANN McINTYRE El Paso. Texas PATSY McHEE Truth or Consequences FRANK MAES Las Vegas CICILIO MARTINEZ Santa Cruz DON MASON Maljamar NANCY MAWSON Las Cruces BOBBIE JEAN MAXWELL Las Cruces JOHN MITCHELL House TROYCE MITCHELL House THOMAS MOBLEY Artesia MERLINDA MORALES Hatch TERRALL MORGAN Dexter HELEN ALICE MYERS Raton SUSAN ANN MYERS Fallbrook. Calif. KAY NORDES Albuquerque ROBERT G NARVAEZ Socorro RODERICK NICHOLSON Prlmgher, Iowa BENJAMIN A. NUNEZ Picacho JOHN O ' BRIEN Roswell HERMAN R. ORTEGA Belen LARRY PARADEE Deming MAUDE PANLENER Las Cruces DONA B. PARSONS Las Cruces JIM PEAKE Phoenix, Ariz. MARILYN PEARSON Hurley RITA PEREZ EI Paso, Texas CHARLOTTE PIERCE Andrews, Texas ARTHUR M. PRELL Amistad ORLANDO F. RAEL Questa MARY CHARLENE RAPKOCH Las Cruces SANDRA ROUNDEY Phoenix, Ariz. GLENN L. RAMSDALE, JR. El Paso, Texas JANYCE RENFRO Albuquerque CHARLES P. RICHARDS Albuquerque BEVERLY ROBISON Socorro SHARON ROEMERSBERGER State College JAMES ROGERS Roswell RITA E. ROMERO Capitan ERNESTO SALINAS Roswell LORENZO SANCHEZ Santa Rosa JACK BROWN SCHULTE Havana, Illinois DELTON D. SCHULZ Golden Valley, N. D. DONALD SMITH Newpon, Pa. ROBERT C. SMITH Hereford, Ariz. GERALDINE P. STONE Stale College STANLEY STUTTS House ARTHUR SCOTT Santa Fe CHARLES W. TAYLOR Maria, Texas - ? CAROLYN SCHWARTZ Springer GEORGE SEELY Magdelena VICKEY SELIGMANN Las Cruces RONALD LOUIS TORBERT Santa Fe DAVID A TRACY Las Cruces AUBREY TEETER Lovington LARRY UNDERWOOD Deming JOHNNY VALENZUELA Lake Arthur GERTRUDE L. VAN EATON Roswell 7 • CONNIE VETTER Hatch ROBERT VILLARREAL Gila STEVE VILLARREAL Gila JAYNE WAGGONER Las Lunas DICK WELLBORN Socorro TOMMY WILKINSON Mesilla Park J BARBARA ANN WILLIAMS Montebello, California MOLLY WILLIAMS Las Cruces JIMMY D. WILLIS Roswell MARTHA JOAN WILSON El Paso, Texas CARROLL F. WINN Farminglon ROY WOODARD Lovinglon LINDA WOOD Albuquerque RICHARD ROBERT WOODS Hatch EUGENE YARBRO Lovington SUE FRANCES YOUNG Cerillo ANNALEE YORK Deny ZIGMUND ZALEWSKI Pittsburgh, Pa. UNCLASSIFIED Too Late To Classify LAWRENCE VIGIL Senior Civil Engineering Santa Fe, New Mexico GEORGE BAKER Senior Business Administration Rochester, Michigan PATSY SNYDER Freshman Tucumcari, New Mexico Main Street. LAS CRUCliS, N. M. [ I , A.. ,JM -r ..f«»- ■-■ " - ••- ..... ' -; ' ;:. ■4 ' : A r% - i ' In the last half-century, the city of Las Cruces and the surrounding communities have grown with incredible vigor — and with them has grown A and M. A never ending flow of support, in terms of money, time, and spirit has issued from the people of the neighboring areas, making our school what it is — and what it will be tomor- row and the day after. Some of State Col- lege ' s most enthusiastic and interested alumni are residents of Las Cruces. The majority of the graduates of Las Cruces High School turn their thoughts toward the nearby college, al- ready familiar to them (and their families) as a result of football games, music and drama programs, conclaves of various sorts, and opento-the-public recreation facilities. Thus college and community form a sound and unified whole — a whole not only econom- ic, but social, cultural, and recreational as well. By supporting the community, the student supports his school. Buy from the merchants of Las Cruces! Remember, they are fellow workers in the struggle to build the New Mexi- co A and M of the future. BE ! gBrCBgM[iCS ' [ B Campus Footwear Featuring Famous Shoe Brands De Liso Debs TH£ FASHION SHOE STORE 109 N. MAIN PHONE JA 6-9422 GOOD LUCK AGGIES serving Chicken in the Rough " V:: ' • ■■ - ■ «• .t.i -- ' fr -■ " ■ ' ( f ypte ' Y tou rr Xhe Music ofc n .HOP J Ph. Jo. 66731 206 South Main Los Cruces, N. M. Da Vinci Berktowne SPORT SHIRTS Jayson Essley Timley SUITS Stylemart SPORT COATS Louart JAY DRUXMAN MEN ' S APPAREL Ph. Ja 6-6131 113 Norfh Main Las Cruces, N. M. Excello Van Heusen DRESS SHIRTS Stetson HATS Hickock BELTS d JEWELRY Swank LAS CRUCES FURNITURE COMPANY A complete line of Home Furnishings Westlnghouse Appliances Zenl+h - Crosley Radios - Television Kroehler Living Room Furnishings 207 Soufh Main Los Cruces, New Mexico BERKLEY ' S THE COMMUNITY DRUG STORE SCHOOL SUPPLIES TOILETRIES PRESCRIPTIONS GIFT ITEMS Ph. Jo 6-6281 WE GIVE S H GREEN STAMPS At the bus stop-Mesillo Pork »» ' i3 Lines-Lines-Lines TRIANGLE EQUIPMENT COMPANY Allis-Chalmers Tractors Farm Machinery G M C Trucks 137 South Church Street Congratulations to the Class of ' 57 VALLEY LOAN AND FINANCE CO. " It ' s easy to pay OUR Finance Way " Phone JA 6-5731 P.O. Box 1069 122 West Griggs Ave. LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO (Compliments ot Penney ' s ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY PHONE JA 4-4731 203 North Main Las Cruces FOUNTAIN SUPPLY COMPANY 1 18 South Church Dial JA 6-6741 Las Cruces, New Mexico Compliments of Valley Insurance Agency L. E. Freudenthol Masonic Temple Building Phone JA 6-9241 Los Cruces Complete Insurance Service Zke South west ' s Qr eat est Department Store FOR MORE THAN 57 YEARS! POPULAR DRY GOODS CO. EL PASO, TEXAS Compliments of eampJ eit Cieanc ' Cii. TOM CARR GARAGE Quickest and Best • Pick Up and Del Ivery Service Wheel Balancing Tune-Up and Brakes • Dial JA 6 9423 320 SOUTH MAIN LAS CRUCES I)ialJA(;-2741 Mesilia Park N. Mex. COLLEGE FLORIS ' 1 .4H ai Ctf k i H I FIOWERS I I 15 South Main Dial JA 6 6851 Ihe uihile house For the Best in Commercial Printing And Lithography Try Las Cruces ' Newest ABC PRINTING 132N. Church St. Las Cruces, N. M. Special prices to Sororities, Frater- nities, and other CloUege Organiza- tions MUTUAL BUILDING LOAN ASSOCIATION OF LAS CRUCES Loans for all purposes Including Additions, Repairs, New Construction, and Purchasing Real Estate We also solicit savings accounts and pay liberal dividends. All Savings Accounts Insured Up To $10,000. And then ? COMPLIMENTS OF J.B.RITTER DISTRIBUTING COMPANY YOUR LOCAL TEXACO DISTRIBUTORS " Mesilla Pork, New Mexico Ph. Ja 6-8481 DUTCH ' S MEAT MARKET Cuf fhe high cost- of eating Ask about our Food Freezer Thrift Plan Bar-B-Que chicken to go Fresh meats, fish, poultry 400 North Main Las Cruces, N. M. Ph. Ja 6-5761 ' Now, go out there and - " Compliments of RIVES STUDIO PORTRAITS WEDDINGS COMMERCIAL Photographer- Henry Berroteron Ph. Ja 6-5661 314 North Main Las Cruces, New Mexico R.E.BONEY General Insurance Bonds Save with Safeco Auto Insurance 100 N. Church St. Las Cruces New Mexico Savings up to 15 ' ' on jirc insiirnnrc Serving The SoutJiwest since 1912 Dial 3-3611 OREGON AT TEXAS EL PASO TEXAS H-K Mayflower Moving and Storage Moving -Packing -Crating Local or Long Distance 225 South Church - Las Cruces, N. M. Things are tough all over! GeprJ«: ' adies JJistincTiv ' e 3pare 106 South Main Las Cruces, New Mexico STMMWS CARPETS FLOOR COVERINGS PAINTS PHONE JAckson 6-2601 1418 SOLANO LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO This Had to be Posed ' Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of ' 57 FRANK 0. PAPEN COMPANY Insurance, Engineering and Surveying 137 South Main Street Las Cruces, New Mexico Phone JA 65571 223 Cathedral Santa Fe, New Mexico Phone 39174 Cosmefics Fountain Prescription Druggists _jtt . BiK--. . .£i ik.. . LAS CRUCES REXALL DRUG COMPANY " Serving Aggies for over 50 years " Corner Main and Griggs Las Cruces, New Mexico Dress and Gift Shop ' Just a Little Different " Phone J A 6-2221 Las Cruces New Mexico El Paso ' s Oldest and Finest Shoe Store Florsheim Jarman Winthror Shoes for men Mademoiselle Valley Arthur Murray Shoes for women ' Darn U ' Vic-Tone Dry Cleaning with a Beautiful Difference MODEL CLEANERS 127 West Griggs Ave. Las Cruces, New Mexico Smile m BAKER DRUG STORE INC. Registered PhoDiuicist on duty at all times Phone JA 6-5556 514 North Main Las Cruces Fast, Dependable car and truck service Dial JA 4-4201 401 South Alameda LAS CRUCES Ballard ' s Photo Shop CAMERAS Phot AN Photo equipment and supplies . ' AiiMake Eastman Bell Howell Graflex Polaroid Bolex Kodak Finishing Color Finishing 119 South Main Las Cruces CENTRAL SQUARE CAFE FOR THE BEST IN MEXICAN FOOD 107 E. Mountain Ave. ■ 550 North Church SHAMROCK DRIVE IN Drop By For a Snack After theG ame DUNLAP ' S has Cnices ' Complete Clothing And Piece Goods Store Corner of Main and Las Cruces Avenues Congratulations to Class of ' 57 K m H AARONSON BROS. m jm h M m Men ' s, Ladles ' and Children ' s Wear Cash • Charge • Layaway 108 N. Main Las Cruces New Mexico Htt M Bi B FIGH ' l!!! White ' s Auto Stores RATORS ■■■ ■■1 w i» 435 North Main TIRES SEAT C n Las Cruces Complete Prescription and Fountain Service Phone JA 6-2581 MALONE DRUG 555 Norfh Main Las Cruces BUMPERS ' . GROCERY A five minufe drive fo where you can save 10 to 25 c on your grocery needs. Open 7 a. m. fo 6:15 p. m. Weekdays 7 to 7 on Saturday FREE PARKING Mesilla Park, N. M. Ph. Jo 6-9132 UH-HUH ' ! SOUTH HIGHWAY SO TRUCK BY-PASS Everybody boes to JAe ditd THE PAPER MILL Office Supplies and Equipment Your Underwood Agency 132 W. Las Cruces Avenue Free Customer Parking NEW ASMOLIAN CHEESECAKE!! SOLANO FOOD MARKET Fancy Foods Fresh Vegetables BRONSON Choice Meats 900 Solano Drive Ph. Ja 6-9812 PRINTING COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS Class of 1957 FARMERS AND MERCHANTS BANK " The Friendly Bank " Member F. D. I. C. 41 1 North Main Street Las Cruces, New Mexico Alameda Laundry and Cleaners One Day Service Free PIck-Up and Delivery Wet Wash Rough Dry 452 South Alameda Las Cruces ' ' ■ n... What ' s the matter, Betty " M THE STONE YOU CAN MOLD For almost every type of job . . . large or small . . . El Toro Cement is the pre- ferred building material. j SOUTHWESTERN PORTLAND CEMENT CO. MAKERS OF EL TORO CEMEHT • EL PASO, TEXAS IstRcv.— 1-23-57A R your success story. Class of 57 PO 4865 Ad 540B Men and women of all background? and all skills are needed for vital jobs in every pbase of our economy. The demand is big. The rewards are greater than ever. Doctors, physicists, teachers, farmers, mining engineers, agronomists — people with college training, people with youth, energy and foresight — all are needed. There arc big problems to be solved and un- dreamed of discoveries to be made. These are things young Americans have always done in a hie wav. Good luck. Class of " ST! ' .sP lf S. jf llll . UNITED STATES POTASH COMPANY DIVISION OF UNITED STATES BORAX CHEMICAL CORPORATION (larlsliad. New Mexico LAS CRUCES CITIZEN Puhlis iifii, ' - Your Roiuid-Up The College Woman wants the finest when it comes to wedding announcements and invitations. That ' s why she thinks first of the Citizen. We invite you to discuss your statione ry needs with us. Informals, " Mr. and Mrs. " Cards, Calling Cards, printed or engraved. Publisher - Commercial Printing 114 South Church Los Cruces, New Mexico Congratulations to Class of ' 57 COLLEGE GROCERY L. V. Pictor, Prop. Milton Hall Building The Last Day! JOE JARAMILLO ' S " 66 " SERVICE AAA Dial JA 6-9986 339 S. Main Las Cruces CAMPBELL HOTEL Rooms by day or week 307 South Main Las Cruces Popular Dry Goods Company Las Cruces ' Most Progressive Department Store 139 North Moin Street Las Cruces Congratulations and Best Wishes to The Class of ' 57 COLLEGE BOOK STORE " Self Service for your convenience ' MILTON HALL EXT 253 Fox Tiffany Austin Studios OF LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA Serving Las Cruces and the Southwest with the latest modes of photography 822 S. Western Ave. Los Angeles, California " In business since 1925 " J. ie M. e ' co. Comp.atty Congratulations Class of ' 57 IN THE NEW MYERS COMPANY ARCADE BUILDING Student Headquarters For Sporting Equipment of All Types M onfy efiocffiy S Hit Phone J A 6-6651 118 South Main NO. 1 NO. 2 MESILLA PARK NOR TH OF Las Cruces LAS CRUCES tm Poole Motor Company Lnicohi - Mercury Dealer Safe Buy Used Cars 1100 North Main Las Cruces City Drug Restaurant OPEN 5:30 AM :00 PM Valley Drug Fountain OPEN 7:30 AM -9:00 PM Aggie Drug Headquarters Drugs Cosmetics Sundries Congratulations To The Class of 1957 THE BUDGET SHOP iV Ladies ' and Children ' s Wear T DIAL JA 6-2231 135 N. MAIN LAS CRUCES A CONTINUING PROCESS . . . A B ' s and B S ' s have come to many. But with the attainment of one degree should come the desire to progress with further study — and another degr ee. American industry looks to the schools to train and develop your interests; and industry offers you the opportunity to put these interests into practice to make them work for the betterment of a free America. _id Kennecott Copper Corporation SANTA RfT HURLEY A Good Neighbor Helping to Build a Better New Mexico Greetings and Best Wishes to the Students and Faculty of Ul ' cLg fii (Zg ettc New Mexico College of Agriculture J. tt ».u caace and Mechanic Arts We cordially invite you to visit us when you are in the State Capital Dial JA 6-6231 SANTA FE NATIONAL BANK Santa Fe, New Mexico H. P. Dermody J. Roy Wright Washington Avenue Cordova Shopping Center 220 S. Main St. Member F. D. I. C. Las Cruces Compliments of MESILLA MOTOR CO. Sales - Service Ford Cars - Ford Trucks General Tires 600 North Main Las Cruces Dial JA 6-5531 Compliments of STULL ENTERPRISES 523 N. Main JA 62761 Las Cmces Compliments of THRIFT GROCERY STORES 1 16 Las Cruces Ave. Phone JA 6-2445 LAS CRLCES, NEW MEXICO cUn4f. 2.uee Va • • L-l The Cone With The Curl On Top 640 South Main Las Cruces Tomorrow ' s Success is Made Today . . . Never before in the history of the world has it been so necessary for men who want to succ.- ' ed to equip themselves with the best possible education. The frontiers of human knowledge are being pushed back so fast that only the well-educated man can hope to keep up with the demands of science, business or the professions. The classes you attend each day are the bricks with which you build the structure of your future. Each one should be strong and firmly placed. Albuquerque TioNAL Bank Albu(]uerf]u ' ' s ulilrst iimi largest I All Makes Typewriters and Adding Machines Repaired CRUCES TYPEWRITER AND EQUIPMENT :::■ m ■?- ■ SALES AND SERVICE Portables All Makes New Underwood Typewriters 129 W. Las Cruces Avenue Dial JA 66460 Compliments of GLOVER PLUMBING CO. YOUR COMPLETE PLUMBING DEALER! We install all kinds of Cooling Stjstems 317 NORTH CHURCH PHONE JA 6-9101 Compliments to the Class of " 57 " from THE A W DRIVE IN Root Beer Sandwiches ON NORTH MAIN STREET LAS CRUCES PRICHARD STATIONERY COMPANY Your Friendly Office Supply Store PHONE JA 6-2426 312 NORTH MAIN LAS CRUCES Eubanks Cleaners A . Laundry and Cleaning DrIve-in Service Telephone JA 6-5321 Las Cruces Avenue at Church Congratulations to the Class of ' 57 rom PAT F. CAMPBELL, Jr. Insurance Agency COMPLETE INSURANCE COVERAGE 111 WEST GRIGGS PHONE JA 6-5579 LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO DICKSON ' S CONOCO SERVICE !(■ i n% Dial J A 6-2522 305 North Main Las Cruces Rountree Cotton Company, Inc. Buyers and Financers COTTON Cor. Water and Las Cruces Aves. PHONE JA 6-2477 LAS CRUCES NEW MEXICO FRIENDLY PHARMACY Fountain Service • Prescriptions Cosmetics Phone Ja 6-8412 Las Cruces New Mexico The MISSION THEATRE MESILLA PARK The place of comfort and the best in entertainment - fjui AUYSM-JOM COtUBS -tm MilER . -mt OPPOSITE SET ■ ■«■ 1 M-f Best iris lies Grndudtcs of 1957 A Cordial Welcome at MURRELL ' S CONOCO SERVICE Main and Picacho IFc Give SkH Green Stamps " Business Is Good " ■I ' hl-ii ' ' ' t ' " Beaten only by a technicality . . . ? " FOOD MART SAVE WHILE YOU SPEND WE GIVE S H GREEN STAMPS TWO CONVENIENT LOCATIONS IN LAS CRUCES 550 N. MAIN 180 W. PICACHO COMPLIMENTS OF STAHMANN FARMS LASCRUCES NEW MEXICO Compliments of the FIRST NATIONAL BANK ' Everybody ' s Bank " - Since 1905 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation LAS CRUCES NEW MEXICO COLLEGE BARBER SHOP MJ h Tom Cook, Prop. Milton Hall Building ARCADE SHOE STORE 118 S. Main J A 6-9771 Myers Arcade John C. Roberts Kingsway Grace Walker Yanigans BILL PETTY - MANAGER lAX-PATINC rUllIC El DON MOTEL Swimming Pool Room TV Panel Heat Tile Baths South on Highway 80 85 Mr. and Mrs. Santos Lara Owners Ok O ' NEILS IIEPARTMENT STORE O ' NEILS DEPARTMENT STORE " h is a pleasure to serve you. " 225 N. MAIN LAS CRUCES Mission Gulf Service South Hi-Way 80 WASHING C-l!lFtEX GULF COMPLIMENTS OF ROBERT E. McKEE GENERAL CONTRACTOR INC TEXAS NEW MEXICO CALIFORNIA 5 «ft : u €ue PH. JA 6-2437 848 N. SEVENTH LAS CRUCES K. G. R. T. 570 on your dial Mutual Broadcasting System " First in Las Cruces with mobile news! " SEABORN P. COLLINS AGENCY Rentals Real Estate Loans Realtors Builders Insurance Dial JA 6-6661 886 N. Main Las Cruces Cot)ipIimcnts of JIM ' S TEXACO SERVICE Chilton Loan And Insurance Company Service With A Smile Dial JA 62365 Phone JA 4-4232 123 North Church Las Cruces 1701 N. Main Los Cruces 1 FOX TIFFANY AUSTIN STUDIOS ' OF LOS ANGEIES AND THE SOUTHWEST Aggies! May we have the opportunity to serve you in Photography. Why not have the best. The Kindlier More Reverent Way FULITIER mEITIDRIflL mORTUflRY FUNERAL DIRECTORS 14-92 NOR.TH MAIN WARREN LUMBER PAINT CO. Lumber, Building Materials and Sherwin Williams Paints PHONE JA 6-5528 Griggs and Wafer Street BROCAW ' S RESTAURANT AND DRIVE-IN " We Serve Fine Food " -, , FRIED CHICKEN STEAKS MEXICAN FOOD 1r- •1 ON TRUCK BY-PASS JUST WEST OF THE JUNCTION OF HIWAYS 80-85 .... SOUTH OF LAS CRUCES IKARD NEWSOM A Complete Line of PHILCO-G. E. SUNBEAM -MAYTAG APPLIANCES 141 South Main Las Cruces WHITFIELD BUS LINE Ride a Bus - l+ ' s a Safe, Economical Means of Transportation EARL ' S CHUCK WAGON AND CORRAL 66 COURT HOME OF THE $3.50 T-BONE FOR $1.50 Open: 6:00 A. M. to 9:00 P. M. Seven Days A Week 705 N. Main Street Phone JA 6-6323 EARL FOUTZ FARNEY INSURANCE AGENCY Complete - Courteous Insurance Coverage 107 W.Griggs Ave. Las Cruces THE UNITED CAROLE KING JONATHAN LOGAN 101 NORTH MAIN RESISTOL HATS LEVI STRAUSS LAS CRUCES MAIN GULF SERVICE 1493 N. MAIN lKjJfct,... a p H Tl I! " " ! « 91 II IIB GLIF LAS CRUCES COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY South Truck By-Pass Las Cruces New Mexico Wm. P. Bixler, President J. Glenn Bixler, Vice President Louis M. Burleson, Treasurer Mary Lou Alveraz, Secretary ABSTRACTS TITLE INSURANCE PHOTOSTAT COPIES LAS CRUCES ABSTRACT AND TITLE COMPANY ABSTRACTS OF TITLE Of Lands in Dona Ana County Professional S Business Center 215 West Griggs Avenue P. O. Box 1032 Las Cruces, N. M. LEE ROY ' S AT DONA ANA Mixed Drinks Dancing " Jm ON BAR J. W. TAYLOR, President W. H. FUTHEY, Vice-President W. P. THORPE, Sec.-Treas. Dona Ana Gin Company, Inc. " A FARMERS COOPERATIVE " R. A. CARTER. Manager DIAL JA 6-6242 LAS CRUCES. NEW MEXICO ROUTE ONE MR. AND MRS. PHOTOGRAPHERS= Member of Professional Photographers Association of America Stafe College, N. M. P. O. Box 1 088 Directors j. w. taylor W. p. THORPE JESS E. RHODES W. H. FUTHEY A. F. ALVILLAR A. A. CALHOUN JIM H. SMITH D II INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER VALLEY SALES SERVICE COMPANY Farmall Tractors McCormick Equipment International Motor Trucks 650 South Main P. O. Box 992 Las Cruces, New Mexico GRAMARC APPLIANCE 138 S. MAIN STREET DIAL JA 6-8331 LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO SALES SERVICE APPLIANCES AND TELEVISION QULF Payne ' s Gulf Service New El Paso Hi-Way Shook Tire Company JJWPPl 717 N. Main ' jtjtbW JEVA ELRY and HOMZ OPERATED ■FORMERLY GREEN ' S " Dial JA 4-4512 Watch Repairing By Ceitiiied Watch Master 211 N. Main SOUTHWESTERN LUMBER BUILDERS SUPPLY COMPANY, INC. Quality Building Supplies at the Lowest Possible Prices Mesilla Park Phone JA 6- 5421 New Mexico 1. and 1 Excellent accommodations for banquets, receptions, conventions, and club luncheons of all group sizes. Large banquet halls. 1400 NORTH MAIN STREET LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO COMPLIMENTS OF CARPENTER ' S GARAGE COMPLETE AUTOMOBILE REPAIRING MESILLA PARK, N. M. The Cv R Border City ' s sts Best! % HILTON ' STEAKHOTJSE open from 5 to 12 every evening at the famous EL PASO James E. Murphy — Manager 1 MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT THE - ' PARADISE BOWLING LANES FOUNTAIN COFFEE SHOP 227 SOUTH MAIN LAS CRUCES SWASTIKA Valt O ' Brien Editor Joanne Hanny Business Manafjer mmm Richard Melcski Photographer STAFF ' crnon Wade Sports Editor Jean Ska.CTgs Gerry Shipley Margie McCorkle } James Hobbs Copy Editor Sam Learned Photographer Terese Gilmer Staff Gail Warden Staff David Tra is Staff n V I

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