New Mexico State University - Swastika Yearbook (Las Cruces, NM)

 - Class of 1953

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New Mexico State University - Swastika Yearbook (Las Cruces, NM) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 284 of the 1953 volume:

?. z. IV. li-S oV THE SWASTIKA VOLUME 47 £dV ° et 1953 3 . B ' Co ® ■v ' . • • • . . • • .orts 3VYva 3uVve We, the staff, present the 1953 Swastika. We have worked hard and long to make this book different and yet portray life at A M in such a manner as will make you remember this phase of your life for years to come. We have tried to cover as many phases of campus life as time permitted. Sometimes it was a pretty rugged life--plan- ning and replanning, and then burning the mid- night oil to meet the deadlines. Thanks to all the students for your patience, and we sincerely hope you like the yearbook Vke ici " il, n»fT»fcmw» I iiiijiiiifc II Hutu MISS MARGARET O ' LOUGHLIN -o 7. ep4 -;.0. , the the tir ' : ' enf. , o?n e 1 in, Sar: -1 . 9 6 - ' to ' nif e fa Sije -.»,. ' 4 ' " ' " " itai o 7;_a d e« toi, . ' ch ei, ' g c Of 0(j ei-c Son. - ' cu; o [ „. ' fee, ., " e flat; ■ ' ° ' Piete " ' ' i 924 f , ' ' ly-t. oe cff;,; ' ' fteac 250 e Ufa. H ' ac ' 936 e ft. p. o th " " ' ' irn ' ud, and «a - . ' e Sflts ed ft h, i «d ., O-j - ' •ca. iv, ' « fa Of «fa O ' f " ut ° tfae ;:° ' e £ ac °- Oi. „r " " ii 1-p t o " 5 -aged J_ ' ' ' uted -eti ,- n ■§e. lej- efl " ». " ' !S -One an y §e Op es ' tUd: nri an gam. ' " i th nts y 12 e,. . ' Cs - Of , ' iyp «soc,- - o es ° ' " af, ■ SOi- e d, epai- -tfae ' » ' 7: " - " ' Oil ghl Co ; ,• ' " ' § A.- «. •L. ou Shlin IN MEMORIAM t f f tl-, _ 1 n n t Ccst We forget Since the Korean conflict began, eleven alumni of A M have joined the ranks of scores of other Aggies who have given their lives in the service of their country. All Aggies are saddened at the death of their comrades, but they are indeed proud that the deaths were accompanied by the highest honor. We miss the smiles, the pranks, and all the characteristics which made us love our fallen comrades. We have not forgotten them, they will never be forgotten. They have notdiedinvain, butwith glory in the defense of those things which this nation holds dear-- freedom and the importance of the individual. t Gal, l4Jdllam nxzM flcpiAi r v f95f mA. WliheAi cM-(pme i JieAn mc , Oct., f950 Gofi. lank . Jiula, epi., f950 Gapi. ' darnel l uoe leake, ., J l(m., 1950 It Qm ' n :j Jl. PnUokett, ., an., f952 Gofi. ae GoaI Ulckcuuii., Manck, f952 Put Jlcmund Miller %kil Aau., 1950 Qlenn cM-owianJi lllckeltcm , an., 1952 It Vkamai A. MedincjeA., ept., 1952 It Jia i G. linxAxile , ., Oct, f952 It bcmdl 0. mdk Od., f952 oo cu . x: in In " H M U -t- OJ Li c g Q Vi 10 tn C U (U j: 00 XI -t-j 1) 3 D a Oh to d 0) C X) j 1 u a -i XI nj 1 — 1 cq tu (0 ' $ J= ' oo u 01 u ' £ Vh 1) +H (_J x do n! „ +- c a c in (0 11 2 J= E 0, • 00 0) 3 -t- C XI XI c U c C -C ol (fl ' ■+-i nj . c A H 0) 0) w OJ s u C Li v-l e -J -1 in T3 (0 U) en C Li ii a in c tn C 3 3 CQ HJ 1) 01 4: k U X " Oh 01 in 0) 1) x; in Li (0 d) -4-) -t-» m C V 3 D Li (13 T) U x: 3 01 ■a u 3 00 W l -l c t-l B s u c; m 3 ' ix ■ 01 Q — 1 X) uSKVa BiMMBC ' . tiflit ; cV- CV OV IV.VVC AV PRESIDENT J. W. BRANSON About A M NEW MEXICO COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE AND MECHANIC ARTS OTFICE OF THE PRESIDENT STATE COLLEGE, NEW MEXICO January 19, 1953 TO THE STUDENT BODY: The university which we call the New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts is, and for sometime has been, in a state of transition. For the first fifty years of its existence the College was a little local institution with only a few hundred students mostly from Dona Ana County and nearly all from New Mexico. Today there are students on the camnus from nearly every state in the union and from several foreign countries. Along with the rapid growth in enrollment in recent years, there has been, since about 19A0, a corresponding growth in the physical plant. So the transition has been from the small local institution of former years to a cosmopolitan institution no longer in the small college class. The transition also includes elanents entirely apart from growth in the number of people and buildings on the campus and in the counties of New Mexico which make up what we call the College, It includes a conscious effort to improve the educational program by constant study and revision of the curricula in the different schools. It includes an attempt to provide better and more interesting living conditions for students. It includes the beauti f ication of the campus and of the approaches to the campus. It includes the expansion and improvement of the services to the people of the state and the country through the experiment station, the extension service and the other divisions of the College. It includes a better student body to match the better facilities. All of this means not only a larger institution but also a better institution. Sijic erely urs , DiAcerely urs, J. w. Branson President of the College JwBrfh ROBERT A. NICHOLS Dean of Agriculture MELVIN A. THOMAS Dean of Engineering J. B. MUNSON Dean of Students I SARAH RUTH COOK Counselor for Women m BENSON B. POIRIER Counselor for Men ■,.■ ) ERA RENTF Registrar ROVv -e :.. .riV£y -c(o i- of H. ous; ' nc i J PAUL BOUSHELLE Publicity Director WILLIAM F. WYMAN Comptroller C. H. LINCHEID Librarian xi! B= " °=i » " :?on:;r;„.., «..- GEORGE McCARTy Athletic Di ,-«,.,_ director fiff™ ' J-T. COL. NOBLE L. RIGGS Professor of Military Science Tactics Vi|.H,irrv_I ' Cphaj { P MAJ. HARRY L. GEPHART Professor of Military Science Tactics HENRY J. GUSTAFSON Manager of Milton Hall Alumni Director JOSEPH M. ISBELL Manager of College Bookstore MARGARET JONES Manager of Colleoe Canteen acuiUf AG. ECONOMICS Left to Right: C. R. HALL, W. D. McFADDEN, P. W. COCKERILL, MAURICE EVANS. W. P. STEPHENS. AG. EDUCATION PROFESSOR CARL G. HOWARD AG. ENGINEERING Left to right: E. G. HANSON WILLIAM H. ALDRED Z. G. TYSON WILLIS C. BARRETT AGRONOMY Sitting: W. P, SAPPENFIELD G.N. STROMAN J. C. OVERPECK DOROTHY GOLDSBY Standing: M. L. WILSON P. A. FRYXELL R. R. YEO M. R. PACK H, E. DREGNE C. W. CHANG ANIMAL HUSBANDRY Left to right: Front Row: P. E. NEALE, RALPH M. DURHAM K. A. VALENTINE, J.J. NORRIS. Back Row: ESTEL COBB J. W. BENNER J. H. KNOX, Head W.E. WATKINS BUSINESS AD. AND ECON. Left to Right: Si-tting; G. L. GUTHRIE, Head; MRS. LAURA SMITH, J. E. PEARSON Standing: L. D. HAIGHT, R. Q. MASSARO, G. A. LOCKWOOD, W.A. ALFORD. DAIRY Left to Right: D.D. MILLER FRANK HEIM S. R. SKAGGS, Head R. M. PORTER BIOLOGY Left to Right: D. B. DUNN R. F. CRAWFORD, Head MRS. MAUD GUTHRIE J.R. EYER MRS. FLORENCE ANDERSON M. G. ANDERSON J. E. WEISS CHEMISTRY Left to right: L. R. EVANS, KLEIN ALEXANDER, A. D. BOSTON, Head;H. O. SMITH. G. R. HAMIEL, MRS. MARJORIE WINANS, MRS. BETTY LOCKHART, R. L. BARRETT. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Left to right: Front Row: J. M. HARDGRAVE, J. P. MORGAN, J. W. FIELDS. Back Row: A.M. LUKENS, Head; G. F. PAN- LENER. ' ijffl ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Left to right: H.A. BROWN, CD. CROSNO, M.A. THOMAS, Head; R. L. RIESE CIVIL ENGINEERING Left to Right: RICHARD PUGH, D. B. JETT, O. C. PAYNE, F. BROMILOW, Head. x . accdt FOREIGN LANGUAGES Left to right: G. D. CROW C. H. STUBING C.A. TYRE, Head ENGLISH Left to right: Front Row: C.A. GARRETT, ISABEL R. CARROLL, N. T. REED, Head; MARIAN HARDMAN. Second Row: R. A WICHERT, FREDERICK M. JAY, H. R, STOBIE, C. H. TENNEY, J. H. FORSYTH, L. WEBER, PAUL CONKLIN, H. ZOHN. HISTORY SOCIAL STUDIES Left to right: Front Row: P.M. BALDWIN, SIGURD JOHANSEN, Head; IRA G. CLARK. Second Row: S. F. KROPP, L. L. BLAISDELL, L. L. CAMIEN. PSYCHOLOGY EDUCATION Left to right: Front Row: MRS. ELIZABETH ADDINGTON, JULIA J. McMAHAN, FLOYD V. TURNER. Second Row: C. C. DOVE, Head; CLARENCE HOPE, W. B. O ' DONNELL, C. W. THOMSON. MUSIC Left to right: K. L. BENDER CARL JACOBS, Head ROMAN TROSZCZEWSKI ROBERT WHITCOMB ART Left to right: P. W. MANNEN, Head K. R, BARRICK HORTICULTURE Left to right: R. W. HENCH, J. V. ENZIE, Head; R. E. HARPER. MATHEMATICS Left to right: WALTER P. HEINZMAN, KENNETH S. SMITH, R. L. WESTHAFER. O. B. ADER, EARL WAL- DEN, Head; GEORGE R. GOETHALS, MAX KRAMER, RICHARD E. NICHOLS. acuttcf. f . PHYSICS Left to right: R. K. SHERBURNE, A.J. HATCH, A. BURRIS, E.L. CLEVELAND, G. W. GARDINER, RALPH DRESSEL, H. B. WILLIAMS, W. L. WEEKS, R, D. BARRON. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Left to right: V.D. CORLEY MISS LOMAX C. S. MOLL, Head Left to right: Front Row: LT. Back Row : W.C. NOLAN, CAPT. J. R. NORRIS, MAJOR H.L. GEPHART, MAJOR D. M. WEAVER, CAPT. E. L. KRAUSE. M SGT. H. D. NELSON, T SGT. W.R. WILLIAMS, S SGT. S. J. YUROSEK, M SGT. CM. COST, M SGT. L. F, PUTHOFF, M SGT. G. E. OLHAUSEN HOME ECONOMICS Left to right: MRS. E. STROMAN, MRS. O. BEATY, MISS M. O ' LOUGHLIN, Head; MISS H. ANDERSON. (ZCuCtCf. POULTRY HUSBANDRY L.N. BERRY, Head R. T. McCARTY GEOLOGY GEOGRAPHY JAMES CULBERT MILITARY SCIENCE Front Row, Left to Right: M SGT. RAY CHAPPELL, CAPT. ARTHUR E. SMOOT, LT. COL. NOBLE L. RIGGS, CAPT. DANIEL N. SILVERMAN, JR., M SGT. HAROLD R. REAL. Back Row, Left to Right: SFC. FRANK E. BILLS, M SGT. HARRY H. CAGLEY, SFC. JOHN W. UTELY, SFC. HAROLD J. MARCHANT, SGT. GEORGE E. O ' CONNOR. LIBRARY STAFF Left to Right: RUTH ROLLINS, WANDA TILDEN, GERALDINE FLEETWOOD, C. H. LINCHEID, Head; MILDRED A. BARRETT, WARREN POPE. e Left to Right: Dick Nelson, Vice-President; Marka Vaughan, Secretary-Treasurer; Dan Griffith, President. Satan icu O ccen . ' ,o 0 ' ' ' V . , " ' - V -tv " . : K - v ° ,. - - v v- ;.. . c.v s 50 o- " j " .V A " ; :: :c !:.i . , - O ' s " - .o r.v -- K- s- :.d C 1 ,„o. . ' ' ' . . 53 , " H . ' :; ' v ' ; ' V ' 5-; " cv % :: ' " " ' 5, ° " J 1)f5 K . cV " e ' v .sO , o c " ,V c .o • VJ, V- e N ' " gv . -t H G- % • ' CV e H v o ' ,0 , • u . ' . .X3 VC C A • Oe ' ' c,V ; - ■ ' ' vO " ' .t S .so , ' c-e - a AO V , ,a- i i ,v :so " o ' H« ' .v ,v ' vc- °..c ' . .. G ' v, V . cv- V v ' ; " i .,v ?, - : t . !. !; ' - - v ' ,c .- ;,. ' ■■ ev , ' - .- v , ,-S -CO " S° -5 v. . . . gv - o r, x . ,c ' o o ' V x .. ' . 0 « ' :. 0 $3 ■ i ' . |l . ,V y " ? V- J .o ? r ,. r. % f " S. v« C .r. ' .cv " ■t ' : c »o ,t s ' , .V ' o N ,v»- -., 6 ' ..v ,v 5 . t -- PAT LOGSDEN LEWIS Mc KINNEY Sc(tia% StucCettt yutUofi ei i Oi ' 54 LON ALEXANDER HELEN ANDERSON Electrical Eng. Home Economics Los Alamos Mesilla Park BENNY BARRAZA BENJAMIN BE. Mechanical Eng. Electrical Eng. Mesilla Park Santa Rita RAY BLACK Electrical Eng MIKE BOUVET Business Ad. Garfield Elkhart, Ind. EMERSON BODAN Animal Husbandry- Lander , Wyo. EDWARD BOYKIN Journalism Deming SUE BRIGHT Business Ad. Las Cruces SAMUEL BROWN Physical Ed. Santa Fe yci Uoft4 ' eU44 Of ' 54 MARYBELLE BRUMLEY SUZANNE BRUMLEY Home Economics Chemistry Santa Fe Santa Fe C. L. BRYANT GEORGE BUCHENAU Range Manage- Agriculture ment Roswell Tucumcari ROBERT G. BULLARD Animal Husbandry Clayton ROBERT CALLAWAY Mechanical Eng. Alamogordo GILBERT CANO DENNIS CARBINE Physics Electrical Eng. Mesilla Las Cruces VIRGINIA CHAVEZ Biology Taos GERALD REUBEN COLE Civil Engineering Albuquerque y («U» et i Oi ' 54 LEO COMEAU CARROLL A. COONCE English Mechanical Eng. Kearny, N. J. Cayuga, Ind. ELIAS DELGADO Mechanical Eng. Chihuahua, Mexico BONNIE COX LORENZO DE HERREl Biology Physics Las Cruces Antonito, Colo. STANLEY DENNIS Botony Deming JOSEPH DOWNS Soils Albuquerque JESUS ESPARZA Education La Junta, Colo. WALT ESTRADA CHARLES FAIRCHILD Geology Chemical Eng. Lordsburg Carlsbad ■• mm (oUon Ci u4. Of ' 54 JOE ANN GARRETT Elementary Ed. Deming DOLORES FIELDS GENE FINCH Home Economics Animal Husbandry Education Chillicothe, Mo. Santa Fe CHARLES FLOYD ANN FOREHAND Pre-Med Business Ad. Estancia Carlsbad CIRIACO GONZALES Biology Socorro TOM GRANGER Education Hatch ANNABEL GREEN Home Economics Des Moines, Iowa CHARLES GREENE WADE GREEN Animal Husbandry Animal Husbandry Dexter Artesia yciKio ' U ' eu Oi ' 54 IRWIN GULICK Mechanical Eng. Santa Ana, Calif. RICHARD HARKEY Electrical Eng. Ancho ; CLARABELLE HART JIM HENRIE Home Economics Animal Santa Fe Husbandry Albuque rque HENRY HERRERA Agriculture Eng. Las Vegas BOB HOWARD Agriculture Clevis EUGENE HOWELL Electrical Eng. Artesia JOAN HOLCOMB Physical Ed. Alamogordo ,4 I A ALBERT HUTCHISON LEONE HURST Physical Ed, Home Economics Las Cruces Deming yuKiot Ct i 0( ' 54 GEORGIA JACQUEZ JOAN JOBE History Psychology Aztec Las Cruces LEON JOHNSON JOHN KLAUDT Agricultural Eng. History Raton Deming JAMES LATHAM Animal Husbandry Albuquerque BONNIE LENTZ Elementary Ed. Las Cruces WALTER LOCKHART TONY LUCERO Range Management Biology Raton San Antonio BEN LUCHINl HILARIO MAES Business Ad. Agricultural Eng. Santa Fe Mora , - ' ' -«i ' y , .; . p ' UKun eu Oi ' 54 PETER MAGA Mathematics Koehler LEW MARQUEZ Biology Belen LUCIA MARTINEZ PALEMON MARTIN: Education Agriculture Truchas Arroyo Seco KIRK McCARTER Civil Engineering Artesia DORIS McCLISH Business Ad. Lovington BERNARD MENKES Electrical Eng. Beverly, Mass. REBECCA MOLINA Secondary Ed. Las Cruces CHARLES MURPHY WESLEY NILES Civil Engineering Biology Gallup Taos V 1 ' j o " (aU ((4€C(n4 1R-R i t f«w4 ' 54 BILL DON NAUL EDWARD OSBORN Agriculture Pre-Law Lovington Bellview DEE PARK LOLA PATRICK Education Home Economics Clayton Socorro JOHN E. PROVINE Civil Engineering Capitan JOHNNY RICHARDS JULIA RICHARDSON Animal Husbandry Journalism Sudan Las Cruces m MARGARET RIDGE Business Ad. La Mesa ROY RIGONI Business Ad. Roy ANN RATCLIFF Psychology Las Cruces ymUo u eu Of ' 54 . BH BK%iH B JAMES J. ROGERS RUSSELL ROBERTS Business Ad, Range Management Las Cruces El Paso, Texas 1 HARRY W. ROSE ELOY SANCHEZ Electrical Eng. Agronomy- Las Cruces Belen RITO SANDOVAL Mechanical Eng. Espanola ROGER SIDDALL KATHERINE SIMS Sociology English San Antonio, Texas Plainfield, N. J. STEPHEN L. SKAGGS Mechanical Eng. Tularosa JERRY STARK Psychology Cayuga, Ind. DANLY SAYLES Agriculture El Paso, Texas UKii eUUM4 3 €U4. Of ' 54 ROD J. STOUT JOHN C. SULLENS Agriculture Civil Engineering Las Cruces Las Vegas JUNE SUMPTER ROBERT TALLEY Elementary Ed. Civil Engineering Folsom Alamogordo PAUL TOGAMl Agriculture Detroit, Mich. HELEN TUDOR Elementary Ed. Ft. Sumner 3ILL VAN HUSS, JR. TERESA VIRAMONTES nimal Husbandry Home Economics l as Cruces Las Cruces PITA VIGIL K. D. WALL Home Economics Animal Husbandry Cundiyo Elida P i U9n4 ( Um Oi ' 54 - ;?C?1 CLARENCE WEBB JOHN C. WHITE Electrical Eng. Agriculture Ed. Las Graces Texico JO ANN WHITE CLEO WILBANKS Business Ad. Home Economics Carlsbad Reserve LAWRENCE WILLIAMS Animal Husbandry- San Juan Bautista, Calif. DOLORES BOMBACH JACK BRAMBLE Home Economics Agricultural Ed. Las Cruces El Paso, Texas BILL CRAIG Mechanical Eng. Belen HERB CUMMINGS Agriculture Roswell ROCK ASHCRAFT Agricultural Ed. Lovington UKC n4 eia 0 ' 54 BILL WILSON Agricultural Ed. Hurley LOUIS KLEINE Mechanical Eng. Las Cruces JAMES F. KERWIN RAYMOND LOPEZ Physics Electrical Eng. Hagerman Santa Fe EDWARD LUJAN Agriculture Santa Fe 19 Left to right: Norman Ribble, Pres. , Terry Yoder, Vice-Pres.; Johnnie Lou Bagwell, Sec; Hal Hopson, Treas. S( mone ( a O cen. Sofi otH ne JOSIE ABEYTA Cedarvale Home Economics i JON ADERHOLD Las Cruces Mechanical Eng. 0tau 0 ' 55 DALE ALLEN Los Alamos Business Ad. ■ . : v ' ' ' " " ' ' iK BENJAMIN ALVAREZ Mesilla Business Ad. m " WW m. - JANICE ANDERSON Albuquerque Honne Economics FRANK ATMORE Ute Park Animal Husbandry ELFEGO BACA BETTY JOE BAILEY BILLY RAY BAIRD AUSTIN BELL Belen Hobbs T or C Agana, Guam Business Education Elementary Education Art Aeronautical Eng " So t oHtcie Cl t Oi ' 55 HELENE BONOMO PAUL BOUSHELLE RAYMOND BOWERMAN JACK BOYLAND Roy State College Alamogordo Mesilla Park Secretarial Cor. Education Electrical Eng. Mechanical Eng. zzs:Slf i JIM BRADLEY Las Cruces Physical Education DEE J. BROWN Texico Animal Husbandry STANFORD BROWN T or C Electrical Eng. BILLY CAMPBELL Por tales Animal Husbandry GABRIEL CHAVEZ Taos Animal Husbandry DREW CHRISTIE Clarendon, Texas Physical Education . 3, . ' eu Of ' 55 - ■ cr ir ' ltsa ' il HENRY CLOUTHIER JACK COCHRAN SHERMAN COCKRELL MICKEY COLBURN Wagon Mound Lordsburg Melrose Las Cruces Business Ad. Business Ad. Secondary Education Business Ad. SK -J ) R. L. CORRELL Hobbs Mechanical Eng. DONALD CUNICO Chico Animal Husbandry HARRY DALE O. D. DAVIS LESTER DAWSON MARVIN DAWSON Alamogordo ■Roy Estancia Estancia Electrical Eng. Mechanical Eng. General Agriculture Business Ad. ,.,, et i Oi ' 55 IVAN DODSON PRESLEY DONALDSON VOIT DRANKHAN JO ELLEN DUNCAN Encino Anthony Hamburg, N. J. Clayton Range Management General Agriculture Electrical Eng. Physical Education A. GEORGE ELLIS ELLEN ELLISON Bell Ranch Clovis Animal Husbandry Aninnal Husbandry J.R. ELLISON JACK EWING GERRY FARMER BILL FERGUSON Clevis Lordsburg House Capitan Animal Husbandry Animal Husbandry Pre -Med. Range Management Sofo otKonc Uu 01 ' 55 GERTRUDE FIELDER Las Cruces Elementary Education QUINNIE FLINT Bard Mechanical Eng. f tr iV- J • RAFAEL GALLEGOS Santa Fe Civil Engineering - i DALE GANTZ Pampa, Texas History DELLA GATES McAlister Elementary Education DARLENE GRAVES Roswell Unclassified JOYCE GREEN Clovis Unclassified SUE GRIFFITH Green Tree Unclassified DIANE GROSS Santa Fe Art MELINA GUTIERREZ Belen Home Economics i ' ■» 4. SofiAomon U Of ' 55 PAUL HADER Las Cruces Unclassified JIMMY HAIGHT State College Journalism MITZl HANEY Carlsbad Pre-Med. BURT HANSON Clayton Chemical Eng. NT ' J V THOMAS HARDY El Paso, Texas Aninnal Husbandry BILL HARLAN Bueyeros Animal Husbandry JIMMY HARRIS Las Cruces Animal Husbandry ft k TED HARRIS Farmington Electrical Enc A JAMES W. HAYES Springer Ag. Education w JIMMIE HAYES Pampa, Texas Mechanical Eng. I v Sofo otfuncti Ci !U4. 0 ' , DOROTHY HECKMAN PAT HENRY DAVE HOLT RAYMOND IGOU Albuquerque Santa Fe Carlsbad Anthony Home Economics Journalism Electrical Eng. Botany [k WILLIAM A. JACKSON Carlsbad Chemical Eng. DICK JONES Roswell Animal Husbandry J.H. JONES Artesia General Agriculture RICHARD JUEN El Paso, Texas General Agriculture PEGGY KELLY Tucumcari Business Ad. KENNY KLEYPAS Hobbs Business Ad. l So t « K ne t W 0 ' 55 FRANCES KUESTER Mesilla Park Elementary Education ALICE KURTZ Las Cruces Home Economics WALTER LA FLEUR Deming Math. FRED LANDAVAZO, JR. Belen Education TED LEONARD JANE LEWIS Farmington Weed Business Ad. Animal Husbandry CHRISTINE J. LITTLE Tucumcari Home Economics EMELIO LUJAN Wagon Mound Animal Husbandry LAWRENCE LUJAN Clayton Animal Husbandry MARIE MAJOR Walsenburg, Colo. Animal Husbandry So t oHiote 6 ci Oi ' 55 ANNA MARTIN Lordsburg History GERALD MATTHEWS Pampa, Texas Business Ad. BETTY RAE MEIER Hurley Business Ad. AGUST MILLER Laurel, Miss. Physics JIM MILLER Viola, 111. Mechanical Eng. JOHN MILLS Cresson, Texas Animal Husbandry RICHARD MOORE Santa Fe Physics JOSEPHINE MOUNYO Polvadera Business Ad. ROBERT MUNSON Las Cruces Mechanical Eng. M. NAVAR El Paso, Texas General Agriculture ' :t. Sop omane eu Of ' 55 MARGERY NEALE State College Elementary Education STANTON NEEDHAM Las Cruces Civil Engineering CHARLES NELSON Wagon Mound Mechanical Eng. ELEANOR NEWSOM Vado Business Ad. •«»» VALENTIN ORENA Los Lunas Electrical Eng. ' B . 1 ANDY PADILLA Las Cruces Physical Education SWANN PARKS Murray, Ky. Mechanical Eng. ( Z JUNE PHILLIPS Las Cruces Home Economics ROBERT RABE El Paso, Texas Animal Husbandry - BARBARA REYNOLDS Taos Art 4t Safn otKote eU4 Of ' 55 RALPH REYNOLDS BETH RHODES ARTIE ROBERTSON DWIGHT ROSE Luna Park View Las Cruces Clovis Ag. Education Honne Economics Journalism Agriculture EDGAR ROUNDS Alamogordo Mechanical Eng. BONNIE RUSSELL Presidio, Texas Home Economics Ed, DAVID SALOPEK ELFIGO SANCHEZ CHARLES SANFORD VERA SCOTT Las Cruces Santa Fe Santa Rosa Deming Pre-Law Pre -Law Business Ad. Math. SofiAotHOfie4 ec i Of ' 55 CHARLES SHIRK Albuquerque Animal Husbandry JAMES SIMS Pastura Animal Husbandry PAUL SMITH Plainview, Texas Ag. Education FRANCES STARK Hurley Home Economics DAN STEFANEK Baberton, Ohio Chemical Eng. ELEANOR STEPHENSON Las Cruces Biology JOYCE STEWART CHARLENE STOCKTON EMMA LOU STONEHAM Albuquerque Hobbs Lovington Elementary Education Physical Education Unclassified JOHN SWEEM Las Cruces Math. ' ■A A So iAotHone eu Of ' 55 GERALD SWEET ROGER TERRAZAS JAMES L. THOMAS BLUFORD THORTON Portales Hurley Carlsbad Pyote, Texas Animal Husbandry Business Ad. Civil Engineering Animal Husbandry SHIRLEY TRIMBLE Las Graces Pre-Med. DAN TUCKER Murray, Ky. Animal Husbandry PAULINA UTZ RAUL VALENZUELA MARY SUE WHITNEY CLABE WICKER Huntington, W. Va. Lake Arthur Ro swell Pecos, Texas Business Ad. Civil Engineering Math, Civil Engineering y ' ; 1 u So iAa»n6fic CU Of ' 55 CODY WILLIAMS Artesia Mechanical Eng. JODY WILLIAMS Artesia Business Ad. CLARA WILLIAMSON Fence Lake Business Ad. FRANK WALKER Hatch Biology 1iir BEN F. WALDROP Grady Ag. Education JOHN WENK Albuquerque Horticulture ROBERT YOUNG BRUCE EDWARDS BILL HERLIHY JOHNNIE MATHIS Farmington Albuquerque Las Cruces Artesia Physics Animal Husbandry Business Ad. Civil Engineering -«t I ' Sofijlto Mn FRANK SILVA Las Cruces Business Ad. ei i 0( ' 55 tt r tw " ' " " ' " ' - - " °-ce Band beat out Aggies crowd M aton Hall ballroom to dance to Tex ' s music. a loH luod i442, lo i tlie vo ■.mmam mt ' jS " " " »» %€4A»MH CAROLYN SUE ALLAN Elementary Ed. Hanover ROSELLA ALLEN Home Eco. Ed. Ft. Sumner MARY LOU AMESQUITA Business Ad. Las Cruces JERRY ARMIJO Agricultural Eng. Bosque ROY ANGELINI Mathematics Durango, Colo. ( ta4 0{ ' 56 DOYLE VAN ARSDALE Mechanical Eng. Farmington R. L. ATCHISON Chemical Eng. Aztec EVANGELINE BACA Business Ad. Belen ALBERT BACH Agricultural Ed. Artesia IMOGENE BAGLEY Elementary Ed. Tucumcari yri. ■ ♦) 1 .«; - r kii V CHARLES L. BANDY Mechanical Eng. Aztec C i 0 ' 56 NEIL BEARD Mechanical Eng. Santa Fe LOLA BARRE SALLY BEAVERS English Pre-Med. Socorro Belen -- iO-r( i i i i HENRY L. BARRETT, JR. Aninnal Husbandry El Paso, Texas JIMMIE BASON Electrical Eng. Mesilla Park DOROTHY BEARD Pre-Med. Mesilla Park THOMAS M. BELIAN Electrical Eng. Santa Fe MARY SUE BELL Business Ad. Belen JOHN BENEDICT Journalism Ft. Sumner ■ 5 -im fe " v ' f%eAAmeH ' 3( z 0 ' 56 FLOYD B. BENNETT Civil Engineering Oakland, Calif. BARBARA BONBAM Home Economics Albuquerque c::: CHARLES W. BENTLEY Electrical Eng. Artesia JOE BLACKLOCK Civil Engineering Aztec CYNTHIA BIFFLE Home Economics Clayton DOW BOND Civil Engineering Taos JEAN BO WEN Music Las Cruces WALTER BOX Animal Husbandry Grady PEGGY BROOKS Business Ad. Clovis SHIRLEY BREWTON Business Ad. Lake Arthur ' pne AmeK Ciaa OfSe ' ■ T " ' V ■ " ' .vs ' KEN BRYAN Business Ad. Hurley JOY BUNTIN Languages Yuma, Ariz. GLENDA BURNS Business Ad. Tatum ROBERT G. BURROWS Mechanical Eng. Springfield, Colo. HOLM BURSUM Animal Husbandry Socorro ELIZABETH CALLAHAN Business Ad. Clayton JOHN CALKINS Mechanical Eng. Albuquerque HAROLD GARNER Business Ad. Grants NOLAN CHANDLER Animal Husbandry Hellene MARY JANE CHAVEZ Business Ad. Tularosa f %!) !■ yf cd tmcK RAMON CHAVEZ Electrical Eng. Santa Rosa . V Ti jai - HARRY N. CHESSER Electrical Eng. Roswell CAROL CHITTICK Business Ad. Las Cruces WALTER CLEVELAND Mechanical Eng. Albuquerque JAMES COFFIELD Arts Sciences Lovington w Of ' 56 JIM COLE Electrical Eng. Carlsbad REX COLE Business Ad. Garrison, Utah JIM CONNOR Unclassified Los Alamos JERRY COOPER Physics Lovington H. B. CORCORRAN, JR. Electrical Eng. Albuquerque K ' pte i6»Ke»t eUi4, Oi S6 wIS r GEORGE COWART Civil Engineering Ft. Sumner NELVA CRADDICK Home Economics Las Graces ALBERT CRUZ Physics Mora MARGIE DALY Mathematics Tucumcari EARL DARST Business Ad, Artesia EDDY CRAIG PEGGY DAVIS Electrical Eng. Secretarial Hobbs Ft. Sumner JOYCE CRANE CHARLES DAVIS Unclassified Mechanical Eng. Santa Fe Los Alamos TELFORD A. DAVIS Biology Las Cruces ! ' P%€4 tH€K CU44. 0( ' 56 • L J9 1 . I WILLIAM DAVIS Civil Engineering Las Cruces ZELLA DELCURTO Home Economics Socorro THOMAS DETWILER Agriculture Waukegan, 111. TOMMY DICKSON Business Ad. Las Cruces MARIE DINGEE Unclassified Santa Fe MELVIN DAYBELL VERNA DONLIN Physics Art Tesuque Santa Fe EARL M. DOWNING Mechanical Eng. Magdalena CHARLES A. EAKS Electrical Eng. House SHIRLEY EARHART Business Ad. Carlsbad Nt tC i tttCtt Cla Of 56 PATSY EILAND Home Economics Socorro f Brv ■- MARY EWING Mathematics Lordsburg DAVID FELLER Chemical Eng. Durango, Colo. BETTY JEAN FIELDS Journalism El Paso, Texas CLIFTON FINCHER Mechanical Eng. Farmington BOB ELDER MARY ANN FLORES Agriculture Education Albuquerque Taos GRETCHEN FLOYD Home Economics Estancia JERRY FORBES Civil Engineering Hobbs JAMES FRANKLIN Electrical Eng. Artesia ' 1 « f -% %€4AlHeK RALPH FRESQUEZ Animal Husbandry Roswell TONY GENNARC Arts Sciences Raton ELMO GIBBS Electrical Eng. Roswell Ci i 0f56 WILLIAM GONZALES Electrical Eng. Santa Fe CHARLES GOOD Animal Husbandry Kenna DORIS GOOD Teacher Ed. Kenna RICHARD B. GIBBERS GAYLE GRANGER Horticulture Education Ysleta, Texas Hatch » - •- » %- SKIP GLOME Animal Husbandry Cody, Wyo. JOAN GREENWALD Home Economics Socorro ' pie Atttut ei M4. Of 56 ARTHUR HABERL Electrical Eng. Las Vegas, N. M. i9: f HELEN HAMILL Business Ad. Las Cruces GRADY HARLAN Pre-Vet. Capitan WILLIAM HARRIS Mechanical Eng. Orange, N. J. JOAN HART Unclassified Santa Fe ROBERT HART Business Ad. Shoshoni, Wyo. BRUCE HARE ALDEAN HART MAN Mechanical Eng. Physics Bloomfield Hatch STANLEY HAWKINSON Electrical Eng. Kirtland JOE HELPER Animal Husbandry Carlsbad " m ji) l , xe AmcK % A ROBERT HERRON Electrical Eng. Las Cruces CHARLES HIBLER Geology Vaughn EDWARD HOLGUIN Business Ad. Carrizozo EVAN HOLT Business Ad. Lander, Wyo. DIANA HUBERT Pre-Med. Carlsbad CU 0( ' 56 PHILLIP HUNT Agriculture Santa Fe JO IRVING History Las Cruces DELLA IRWIN Biology Grenville TRAVIS IVES Unclassified Carlsbad JO ANN KEITH Art Roswell f. ' ' z ' P%e Ante»t C ci 0( ' 56 - w y MAUDEANE KEMP Unclassified Tucumcari CHARLES KINCAID Physics Las Vegas RAE KINDEL Music Education Carlsbad BENNIE KIRKSEY Agriculture Roy RICHARD KOCH Business Ad. Houston, Texas DICK KOHLHAAS Electrical Eng. Albuquerque LORA MAY KULL Business Ad. La Mesa REX KIPP WILFRED R. LANFORD Agriculture Industrial Eng. Lordsburg Lovington DAN LEE Chemical Eng. Clovis h. 1 ■ »v h ' f Jt. ' m ' pn mett Oi ' 56 V JANE ANN LITTLE NELL MARSHALL Education English Silver City Tucunncari DWAYNE LONGENBAUGH Chemical Eng. Albuquerque FAY LUNSFORD Business Ad. Truth or Consequences RONALD T. MACY Physics Durango, Colo. CARLOS MADRID Civil Engineering Bernalillo LARRY MARTIN Agriculture Odessa, Texas ROSE MARIE MARTINEZ Business Ad. Santa Fe RONNIE MAURO Animal Husbandry Ojo Caliente LOUDELL MAYS Home Economics Corona ' piciAtKett 0iM Of ' 56 FRANKLIN Mc ANALLY Animal Husbandry Artesia BARBARA McCANTS Home Economics Lordsburg FAY McCARLEY Physical Ed. Quemada KATHLEEN McCORMACK Business Ad. Rogers JIM McDERMAID Arts Sciences Carlsbad RICHARD McDonald Mechanical Eng. Albuquerque DELL McFARLAND Pre-Law Dallas, Texas SHERRIE McGILLIVRAY Home Economics Los Alamos RONNIE McDANIEL Chemical Eng. Ysleta, Texas MARTHA McGRANAHAN Business Ad. Roswell P%MAMieiit ( jUu 0 ' 56 j . :% ii ' %v ; ' - WILLIAM McKINZIE Animal Husbandry Tucson, Ariz. EARL Mclaughlin Business Ad. Hatch ANNE MEEK Music Las Cruces BETTY MICHAEL Home Economics Sammatoe PAUL MILAN Agriculture Grants GEORGE W. MILLER Chemical Eng. Columbus JOY MILLER Business Ad. Capitan SHIRLEY MITCHELL Home Economics Dallas, Texas MARY LYNN MONCUS English Tucumcari DICK MULLINS Drama State College " " I ' ? ! 4 ' pne AfiKCH ' 6i u4.0f56 JIM NEWTON Physics Albuquerque MAXINE NUCKOLS Physical Ed. Elida LARRY NUNEZ Agriculture Eng. Picacho CLYDE OSWELL Chemical Eng. Edinburgh RICHARD PACKERT Unclassified East Vaughn MIQUETTE PADILLA Business Ad. Socorro ■ " »■ ■SrW - r-. WALTER O ' BRIEN RUTH PAGE ■ fc k Chemical Eng. Economics Roswell Bent i! LUCILLE ORTIZ BILL PARKER ' Elementary Ed. Chemical Eng. Taos Clovis w ' ptc miCH ' ei t Oi ' 56 DAVID B, PARKER Aeronautical Eng. Las Vegas -1 W WANDA PARTEN Biology Las Cruces PATSY PATTON Business Ad. Carlsbad CAROLYN PECK Secretarial Deming HOMER PICKENS Business Ad. Santa Fe CLAUDE PILLEY Civil Engineering Tucumcari JEANNE PLOCAR Horne Economics El Paso, Texas CORA MARIE PORTER Physical Ed. White Water GENE PRIESTLEY Business Ad. Las Cruces JOYCE RAGSDALE Arts Sciences Magdalena 7 . ) ' fne4 uHe»t ' ei i Of ' 56 t NORMA JEAN REDHAGE Secretarial Tucumcari MARGARET RICHARDS Music Education Lordsburg IRA RICHARDSON J.ournalism Las Cruces MARIE RICHARDSON Literature Las Cruces MAUREEN RINEHART Home Economics Education RITA ROACH Drama Truth or Consequences JOE R. RODRIGUEZ Electrical Eng. Columbus FERNANDO SALAZ Agric ultural Ed. Belen DAVID SANFORD Agriculture Taos PATRICIA ANN SEILER Elementary Ed. Hatch ■11 .ift 1 t . ' pte tKCH ' 6t M4 Of ' 56 SALLY SHARP Physical Ed. Anthony DIANA SHERWOOD Elementary Ed. Las Cruces WESLEY STATTON Animal Husbandry Las Cruces CHARLES STEINMANN Chemical Eng. El Paso, Texas " FREDERICKA SIMS Home Economiics Huntington, W. Va. ERNEST SMITH Unclassified Hagerman ROBERT STARKEY Mechanical Eng. Portales KENNETH STEVENS Mechanical Eng. Carlsbad DEE STOTTS Business Ad. Hatch DAWN STOUT Unclassified Santa Fe ' p ' l€4J tM»V CC t 0( ' 56 i- f i ARTHUR M. SUTTON Electrical Eng. Alamogordo LOUIS SWARTZ Mechanical Eng. Denning PAT TALLEY Mathematics Las Cruces NANCY TARLETON Electrical Eng. Taos MILLARD TULK Unclassified Hagerman VIRGIL TORBERT, JR. Engineering Santa Fe MARDAIR TRAVIS Business Ad. Roswell PHYLLIS VAUGHAN Home Economics Santa Fe MARGUERITE MARIAN VINYARD TILLINGHAST Journalism Psychology Forrest Elida i ' 4.1 f V ' P%eA Mt t ' CU 0( ' 56 " 5rTi DURWARD WOFFORD Agriculture Las Cruces SHIRLEY WALKER Business Ad. Hatch FRANK WALTON Mechanical Ed. Socorro SPURGEON WATFORD Electrical Eng. Hagerman MAURICE WENGERT Range Management Wagon Mound GENEVA WALL EDDIE WEST Elementary Ed. Animal Husbandry Elida Elida JACKIE WILBUR Home Economics Las Cruces -, FRED W. WARNER Mechanical Eng. Carlsbad MARY LOU WILKISON Business Ad. Carlsbad " pxc mett eu Oi ' 56 DENNIS WILLIAMSON Electrical Eng. Clovis ' W% ' ' » » JACK WINTER Business Ad. Roswell WALTER WOLFE Electrical Eng. Silver City JANET WOMELSDUFF Chemistry Santa Fe JANELLE WOODWARD English Anthony MARGUERITE WOODWELL Civil Engineering Farmington PATRICIA WRIGHT Home Economics Silver City GEORGE CHAVEZ Agriculture Ed. Belen . s- B ' t JOAN WOODALL DON STRANE Psychology Mechanical Eng. Belen Silver City — v ' pIC AuiM ' U 0 ' 56 GEORGE BAKER Business Ad. Rochester, Mich. WARREN SMITH Animal Husbandry Roswell MARVIN GATES Givil Engineering Ysleta, Texas BOBBY BOYD Animal Husbandry Artesia RICHARD HOLMES Mechanical Eng. El Paso, Texas PATTY SUE HUGHES Business Ad. Las Cruces WALTER BRININSTOOL BEN CLAYTON Agriculture Zoology Car rizozo Ysleta, Texas ROBERT BAKER Civil Engineering Rochester, Mich. L ( n icUccite STEWART FLOYD Estancia A. H. KENNETH NICHOLSON Omeoa Biology RICHARD E. NICHOLS Warren, Arizona Mathematics KENNETH E. SMITH Silver City- Mathematics " Tw cUe ta ia44c % -r- — " f I ' - x4 ROBERT ASHCRAFT Junior Agriculture Ed. Lovington JOAN CARBINE Senior Home Economics Las Cruces WILBUR CONLEY Senior Animal Husbandry Roswell BOB EASLEY Junior Agri. Engineer Farmington JUAN BARRAZA Junior Business Ad. Mesilla MILDRED COFFEE Junior Business Ad. Truth or Consequences ROBERT CUNNINGHAM Senior Mech. Engineer S. A. E. , A. S. M. E. , Engine Council, Pi Tau Sigma it- w. BOB EURE Senior Business Ad. B. S. U. , Lambda Chi Alpha Fort Bayard ROBERT ENGLE Senior Business Ad. Secretary, S. A. E. Mountainair ALFRED FIELDER Senior Secretarial Ed. Las Cruces %a cite U ( Coddc JOEL GARRISON Junior Mech. Engineer Belen CHARLES GOLDSTON Senior Horticulture Alpha Zeta Roswell BOB HOWARD Junior Agriculture Friona, Texas JAMES JOHNSON Junior Agriculture Magdalena NORVAL GLENN Junior History Caprock BILL HICKS Junior Botany Grand Canyon, Ariz. PIERCE HUBBARD Senior Business Ad. S. A, E. , Band, Dance Band Las Cruces •sap m i ■rm I. ' .ff t ■ • ■■ -m PAUL JONES Senior Civil Engineer Sigma Tau, A. S. C. E. Las Cruces CHARLES E. JONES Civil Engineer Senior Sigma Tau Truth or Consequences DUANE KNIPE Junior Agriculture Belen V Hk ( a atc ta ( a44c RAYMOND KYSAR Senior Business Ad. Farmington MARY MARTIN Junior Elementary Ed. Big Spring, Texas JAY OWENS Junior Business Ad. Espanola JOHN R. PRICE Senior Ag. and Dairy Dairy Club Eureka, Calif. PAUL ST. JOHN Junior Lander, Wyo. Mech. Engineer MIKE MALOOF Junior Business Ad. Las Vegas SOL DE ANDE MENDEZ Senior Biology San Cristobal, Venezuela VICENTE PENA Senior Biology Ag. Club, Conquista- dores Las Cruces FRANK RADOWSKI Senior History Wabifield, Mich. FRANK SALOPEK Junior .- griculture Las Cruces aa ate ta ia tf PHIL SMITH Junior Business Ad. Las Graces i r ■: » E,K. WALLACE Junior Agriculture Ed. Tucumcari BOB WALTON Junior Animal Husbandry Raton JOHN WHITE, JR. Junior Civil Engineer Clovis TOM WHITE Senior Horticulture Albuquerque RAYMOND D. TAYLOR Senior Agronomy Anthony WILLIAM WALLACE Senior Zoology Las Cruces BOBBY D. W ' HITE Junior Education Clovis ROBERT WHITE Junior Agriculture Ed. Las Cruces TOMMY JOE YODER Senior Animal Husbandry Roswell i %a ate to ( ici dc JIMMY VAN DYKE Freshman Music Carlyle PHIL STITT Freshman Drama Cayuga, Ind. MARJORIE PAIZ Freshman HomeEconomics Las Vegas HELEN GONZALES Freshman Business Ad. Clayton CARROLL KYSAR Freshman Music Farmington KENNETH SAUNIER Freshman Mech. Engineer Fairview DAN COOK Freshman Animal Husbandry Ysleta, Texas MIKE MOHRHAUSER Freshman Chem. Engineer Ysleta, Texas WAYNE MORGAN Freshman Mech. Engineer Wichita Falls, Texas WIL.LA HANCOCK Freshman Elen.entary Ed. Las Cruces aa ixte ta cu i L. H, BRADLEY Senior Physical Ed. Las Cruces JACK STALLINGS Freshman Ag. Engineer Ysleta, Texas BETTY BOYCE Freshman Home Economics San Patricio RUDY GARCIA Freshman Animal Husbandry Albuquerque BILL JONES Freshman Animal Husbandry El Paso NEAL MILLER Freshman Pre-Veterinary Roswell NAIDA ELLIS Freshman Elementary Ed. Clayton WILLIAM FUNK Fre shman Elec. Engineer Brunswick, Md. ZINAIDA TRUJILLO Freshman Secretarial Roy BILL, BECKHAM Freshman Mech. Engineer Ysleta, Texas ' Tw !UC U i l i4cfy MARIONNE McDADE Sophomore Biology El Paso, Texas JIM GIBSON Freshman Agriculture Carlsbad CHARLES DAVIS Freshman Mech. Engineer Los Alamos BETH WOHLERS Freshnnan Animal Husbandry DatU OLYMPIA LANDAVAZO Freshman Music Belen FLOYD JOHNSON Freshnnan Engineering Clovis DOLORES HICKMAN Freshman Art Las Cruces DAN ARCHER Freshman Business Ad. Hatch DONN MATHIS Freshman Agriculture Carlsbad BOB BRUCE Freshman Engineering Las Cruces 7 w ' dcite U C cu4i{tf SCOTT SPENCER Sophomore Pre-Med. Lordsburg NORMAN RIBBLE Sophomore Ag. Engineer Albuquerque EUGENE E. SCHAFER Junior Business Ad. Milwaukee, Wise. BILL BLEIKER Sophomore Animal Husbandry Texline, Texas SHIRLEY ALFORD Sophomore Music Las Cruces BOB STEPPE Sophomore Chem. Engineer Silver City DAYLE POUNDS Sophomore Agriculture Dexter EMILIO ZAMORA Sophomore Agriculture Lincoln i » CLARICE HALL Sophonnore Home Economics J.O. HUGHES Sophomore Elec. Engineer Las Cruces f % ' K ' %d (sUc to icuiif V . vf JOE VISCARRA Sophomore Music Ed. Las Cruces JOHNNY GREENWALD ! tf ' . Sophomore f ; Range Management w.v .-JH •ii GARY CLARK Sophomore Music - i Raton 4, DAVID WATT Sophomore Elec. Engineer Olaa, Hawaii » D. RICHARD ARELLANO Sophomore Business Ad. Santa Rita PHI MU TAU Honorary Arts and Sciences Society TOP ROW: MIDDLE ROW: BOTTOM ROW: John Pearson, guest speaker; Dr. P. M. Baldwin, sponsor; Dan Griffith; Robert L. Smith; J ay Owens; Robert E. Martia Katherine Black, Elaine Black, Refugio Barraza, Rebecca Molina, Mrs. P. M. Baldwin, Roy E. Gilmore, James R. Hinchey. Virginia Arthur, Pauline Bryant, Betty Van Huss, Joanna Amastae, Francisco Lopez, Andrew Moses, Gilbert Cano. Members not shown too numerous to list. ROY E. GILMORE DAN GRIFFITH VIRGINIA ARTHUR DR. P.M. BALDWIN OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Sponsor ALPHA ZETA NATIONAL HONORARY AGRICULTURE FRATERNITY The objectives of this fraternity are to stimulate interest in the profession of agriculture establishing and maintaining higVi standards of scholarship. Men.- bers are chosen on the basis of character and lead- ership from the upper two -fifths scholastically, of the sophomore, junior, and senior classes. New Initiates Officers JAMES BARNETT Chancellor GLENN DEEN Censor JAMES RICHARDS Treasurer JOHN RUSK Scribe JAMES ANDERSON Chronicler Members ■m W- • :. tt A ift M " mJjf •£■ n ' -» 7 r 4 jL V ' .. n f •• K -- f K i J. E. Anderson J. vV. Barne tt J. Donahey G. Gabehart c Gonzales C Greene J. Lewis J. Reynolds J. Richards J. O. Rusk W Vanhuss W. Wood c Goldston T White J. Tackett b -cVl EJVr ss ' o 4 C ' - Executive Committee Representative Council STANDING: Watford. Holly, Gibbs, Caffey. Walker, Starkey, Thomas. SITTING: Shriver, Thomas, Feller, Scheafer, Haberl. This year ' s SWASTIKA marks the beginning of the Co-operative Student-Trainee Program and the on-campus Co-op government, the Co-operative Student Asso- ciation. The C. S. A. , tlirough its executive Committee and Representative Council, governs the Co-ops and represents them here at New Mexico A. M. , and at the White Sands Proving Ground. We wish to thank our sponsors, Mr. M. A. Thomas and Mr. J. Linard, and our many campus frjends for the advice, assistance, and support that they have given us. NEWMAN CLUB Cor Ad Cor Loquitur The Newman Club, active on the campus for twenty-three years, is a Catholic club, formed to foster Catholic Culture and Catholic fellow- ship. Newmanites are proud of the fact that their club is named for and founded upon the principles set forth by the noted 19th century religious teacher and intellectual, John Henry (Cardinal) Newman. The club strives to assist the college and students whenever pos- sible, and provides religious, intellectual and social activities for all Catholic students of New Mexico A» M. These pages are respectfully dedicated to Miss Margaret OLough- lin, truly a loyal Newmanite who has been the club ' s sponsor since its organization in 1930. MARGARET O ' LOUGHLIN Sponsor LAVERNE WEBER Sponsor OFFICERS NEWMAN CLUB OFFICERS GEORGE BACA President PAT LOGSDON Vice-President LUPE STOREY Secretary LUCIA MARTINEZ Treasurer DOLORES LUCERO Corresponding Sec ROSEMARIE VALDEZ Historian REV. DAVID KIRGAN Chaplain Newanites OLD MEMBERS: Joe Downs, Frank Ortiz, Bob Grounds, Wes Niles, Gabriel Chavez, Lewis Smith, Tony Lucero, Ciriaco Gonzales, Sam Romero, Raul Valenzuela, Eloy San- chez, Richard Arellano, Dick Ledger, Rose Marie Valdez, Lupe Storey, John Jaramillo, La Verne Weber, Margaret O ' Loughlin, Esther Marquez, Melina Gutierrez, Porfirio Sanchez, George Baca, Jose Abeyta. NEW MEMBERS: Walter Brininstool, Ralph Fresquez, George Chavez, Walter O ' Brien, Hilario Maes, John Kerr, Carlos Madrid, Louis Swartz, Joe Viscarra, Palemon Mar- tinez, Josephine Munyo, Olympia Landavazo, Helen Gonzales, Evangeline Baca, Larry DeHerrera, Zinaida Trujillo, Betty Micheal, Rose Marie Martinez. THE CORONADO PLAYMAKERS MU DELTA CHAPTER OF ALPHA PSI OMEGA On December 7, 1952, the Coronado Playmakers of the New Mexico A M College underwent initiation into the honorary dramatics fraternity of Alpha Psi Omega to become the Mu Delta « chapter. Our purpose in this is to stimulate interest in dramatic activities in New Mexico A M College, to secure for the college all the advantages, and mutual helpfulness provided by a large national honorary fraternity, and by the means of electing students to membership, serve as a reward for their worthy efforts in participating in the plays staged by the dramatic organ- zations of the college. The name and traditions of the Coronado Playmakers are in no way changed by this merger. OFFICERS AND MEMBERS EDNA MANDELL LEO COMEAU LA NOEL BRAZIL HERSHEL ZOHN, Director VERN WEBER, Technical Director President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Faculty Advisor Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Barbara Reynolds, Doris Steele, John Stevens, Pauline Plumbley, Ann Brazil, Shirley Trimble William Beem Ben Bean Kathryn Black La Noel Brazil Leo Comeau Louise Coonce Pat Coonce Don Davison Kathy Davison Henry Fielder Doris Howe Danny Jett Tom Loomis Ray Madson Edna Mandell Claude Pilley THE HASTY HEART Pauline Plumbley, Bill Wilson, Leo Comeau, Ralph Herring, Clay Ellison, Dwayne Longenbaugh, Jimmy Reynolds. THE HASTY HEART Leo Comeau, Dwayne Longenbaugh, Alfred Fielder, Clay Ellison, Bill vVilson, Jimmy Reynolds. ANGEL STREET Kathy Davison, Truman Marr, Tom Loomis, Larry Williams, Leo Covneau. THE MADWOMAN OF CHAILLOT Clay Ellison, George Mabie, Joy Buntin, John Finley, Tom Hotman, Bill Montamble, Ralph Herring, Tom Loomis, Norman Stark, Pat Coonce, Phil Stitt, Pauline Plumbley, Kathey Davison. 1 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW: Johnnie Lou Bagwell, Patsy Sevier, Joe Ann Garrett, Delia Gates, Joyce Ragsdale, Connie Eichholtz. Lacretia Rusk, Barbara Bonham, June Phillips, Shirley Alford, Helene Bonomo, Barbara McCants, Janelle Woodward, Margaret Ridge, Mary Hogg. Durwood Wofford, Clay Thomason, Kenneth Saunier, Raymond Correll, Bill Jack- son, Jim Brockman, Kenneth Nicholson, Steve Skaggs, Terry Crider, Buddy Peterson. Edward Osborn, Jack Bramble, Cody Williams, Jody Williams, Presley Donald- son, Bill Don Naul, Bob Deitz, Everett Vikery, John Rusk, Jerry Mayfield, Don Archer. OFFICERS JOHN RUSK President STEVE SKAGGS Devotional Chairman JOE ANN GARRETT Social Chai rman RAYMOND CORRELL Treasurer DON ARCHER Music Director BILLY JOE WALLACE Publicity Director MARY HOGG Secretary B S U Activities Retreat Thanksgiving Breakfast Daily Devotional ■J».- " . Albuquerque Bound Relaxation BLOCK 1 BRIDLE AND The local chapter of Block Bridle Club was organized in 192Z as the " Wrangler Club " which later received its charter from the National Block and Bridle Club. The club ' s purpose is to promote a higher scholarship standing among students of Animal Husbandry, and to bring about a closer re- lationship among men and women pursuing this profession. Club activities include a western dance, freshmen picnic. Swift ' s essay contest, annual honors banquet, freshmen judging contest, and a chuck wagon supper. The club also assists the Animal Husbandry Dept. in its Ranch Day and Feeder Day activities, and sponsors the livestock and wool judging teams. V; LIVESTOCK JUDGING TEAM SITTING: Clayton Stephens, Bobby Boles, Darrell Farmer, John Hampton, Fred Jones, Johnny Richards (absent). STANDING: Coach Estel Cobb. The New Mexico Aggie Livestock Judging team had a very successful year under the leadership of Prof. Cobb. They placed second in the collegiate judging at Denver, Colo. , with Bobby Boles taking honors as highest individual at Denver, while at the Ft. Worth contest they tied with Kansas State Col- lege for fifth place. BLOCK BRIDLE AND ROW 1: SEATED: Bill Wood, Jim Sours, Rudy Garcia, Ronnie Morrow, Bill Blieker, Larry Leach, John Wenk, C. L. Bryant, Johnny Richards, Dick Park, Jim Ivey, Dr. Benner, Jim Mc - Cellan. ROW 2: STANDING: Fred Vickers, Prof. Cobb, Charles Green, Richard Nelson, J. D. Mankin, Canuto Sanchez, Jim Henrie, Benjamin Waldrop, Bill Naul, Prof. Knox, Neil McCleary, Prof. Neale, Hal Hopson, Prof. Watkins. ROW 3: STANDING: Jim Harris, Bruce Latham, Jess Richardson, George Ellis, Jim Brown, Bruce Edwards, Carl Bayler, Clay Stephens, Darrell Wall, Holm Bursum, Joe Crockett, Reno Bonomo. OFFICERS DARRELL WALL President WALTER LOCKHART Vice-Pres. CHARLES GREEN Secretary CANUTO SANCHEZ --- Treasurer ROY LOCKHART Marshal PROF. KNOX Sponsors DR. NORRIS PROF. COBB AG CLUB L. toR.: Joe Crockett, Pres.; Jim Henrie, V-Pres. ; Ellen Ellison, Sec. ; Clayton Stephens, Treas. Back Row: Charles Greene, Pres. ; J. R. Ellison, V-Pres. ; Jim Brown, Sgt.-at- Arms. Front Row: G. L. Bryant, Treas. ; Barbara Bonham, Sec. ; John Wank, Student Critic. Officers MR. BILL STEPHENS- Ag Economics MISS DEANE STROMAN- Home Economics Not Shown: DR. ROBERT McCARTY- Poultry Husbandry Sponsors MR. WAYNE WHITWORTH- Agronomy MISS DEANE STROMAN- Home Economics Not Shown: DR. ROBERT McCARTY- Poultry Husbandry Fall Semester Spring Semester -J mtwmmi Rock Ashcraft Bill Bleiker Betty Boyce W. Brininstool Don Cook Bruce Edwards Bob Elder Rudy Garcia Richard Gilbert Bill Jones Fred Jones Marie Major Donn Mathis Ronnie Mauro Paul Milan Ralph Fresquez Warren Smith Bill Van Huss Willa Withrow Beth Wohlers ;EMBERS not shown: Rosella Allen, Roy Anderson, Charles Arthur, Edward Baca, Carl Bayler, lackburn Biffle, Barbara Bonham, Holm Bursum, Walter Box, Jim Brown, C. L. Bryant, Theo. urt, Jr., Nolan Chandler, Ed Davila, Lester Dawson, Carrol Beal, Thomas Detwiler, Joe Downs, obert Edwards, George Ellis, J. R. Ellison, Don Farmer, Raymond Gallegod, Jim Gibson, Ciriaco onzales, Charles Greene, Joan Greenwald, J. O. Hall, Thomas Hardy, Jimmy Harris, Clay Hill, al Hopson, Frank Hudson, Phil Hunt, Jim Ivey, Dick Jones, Richard Juen, James Kelly, John err, Bonnie Kirksey, James Latham, Roy Lockhart, Slim Lockhart, Laudell Mays, H. Muramoto, arbara McCants, Bud Mcintosh, William McKinzie, Tony Navar, Joe N.-lson, Richard Nelson, Mar- n Nesbitt, Wesley Niles, Dick Parks, Jeanne Plocar, Bob Rabe, Ralph Reynolds, Maureen Rine- irt, Russell Roberts, Fernando Salaz, Alex Sanchez, Eloy Sanchez, Ramon Sanchez, Danly Sayles, ubert Sills, Jr., James Sims, Mrs. James Sims, Paul Smith, Ronald Steward, Billy Stone, Bob ;out, Eugene Sweet, Bluford Thornton, Howard Turner, Pauline Utz, Gilbert Vigil, Dearl Wallace, lerle Wallace, Wayne Webber, John Wenk, Sue Wilbanks, Clay Withrow, Terry Yoder. ISTORY: Founded in 1905, the Ag. Club is the oldest organization of its kind on the campus. The lub ' s purpose is to promote an interest in agriculture and friendship among Ag. students. he Annual Ag. Smoker was the first function on the calendar of events. This smoker is put on each ;ar to welcome freshman Ag. majors. Other activities sponsored by the Ag. Club are: Ag. Open- 3use, Ag. Hayride, and the Ag. Brawl. ew activities of the Ag. Club are the Ag. Book Exchange and printed postcards of scenes on the cam- iS. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS MR. H . B. WILLIAMS MR. W.H. WEEKS ROW 1: Left to right; Les Fields, Fred Hinchey, Paul Ewalt, Gus Lunsford, George Smith. ROW 2: Roger Ratliff, James Kerwin, August Miller, Tedrow B. Frizzel, W.F.C. Smith, Arthur Morse. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED: Louis Brandtner, R. V. Gaertner, George Hackles, Gerry Garing, Gilbert Moore, Keith Hennigh, August Shorten, James Hinchey, Gilbert Cano. AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY STUDENT AFFILIATE CHAPTER BACK ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: Ciay Ihomason, Bill Kunkel, John Davis, Jim Gonzales, Morris Rober- son. Professor L. B. Shires. FRONT ROW: Ed. Sierra, Jack Lockhart, Phil Smith, Charles Fairchild, Al Herbet. ja ' s Mmmuml Athletics j ieH ' s Jfttramural Commission .H. BRADLEY DAVID COATS ED BOYKIN C.S. MOLL SAM BROWN Student Commissioner Commissioner Faculty Commissioner Intramural " A " Club TKE Intramural Theta Chi Director Director HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Mrs. Opal Beaty Miss Hildure Anderson Miss Margaret O ' Loughlin Miss Deane Stron-iar ROW 1 ROW 2 ROW 3 Dolores Bombach, Melina Gutierrez, Josie Abeyta, Lola Patrick, Bonnie Russell, Alice Kurtz. Annabe 11 Green, Rosemary Valdez, Joan Greenwald, Dolores Chavez, Dolores Fie Ids, June Phillips . Betty Michael, Mary Lou Sais, Leone Hurst, Cleo Wilbanks, Beth Rhodes, Helen Anderson AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS INSTITUTE OF RADIO ENGINEERS JOINT STUDENT BRANCH 1ST ROW: 2ND, ROW: 3RD ROW: James Draper, £ldwin Schmidt, Bernie Menkes, Raymond Lopez, Don T. Weems, Dean M. A. Thomas. George Bailey, Merrill Smith, Eugene Howell, Ted Harris, Bud Derh- koop, William " Smokey " Harris. Everett Hurt, Raymond Black, Richard Leger, Vincent Boudreau, Allen Dunn, Raymond Cano. OFFICERS DON T. WEEMS Chairman JAMES DRAPER Vice -Chairman JOE PROVINCIO Secretary (A. I.E. E.) MERRILL SMITH Secretary (1. R. E. ) RAYMOND LOPEZ Treasurer DR. CD. CROSNO JVdvisor (A. I. E. E. ) HAROLD A. BROWN Advisor (I. R. E. ) American Society Of Mechanical Engineers The objectives of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers are to promote the art and science of mechanical engineering and the allied arts and sciences. To encourage original research. To fos- ter engineering education. To advance the standards of engineering, and to broaden the usefulness of the engineering profession. ROW 4: Hardgrave, Davis, Parks, Cunningham, Smithhisler, Munson, Nelson, Chavez. ROW 3: Sandoval, Bush, Aderhold, Steinman, Stuart, Boyland, Winans, Gulick. ROW 2: Garrison, Baughman, Richards, Allen Abo Naba ' a, Bujac. ROW 1: Stassinos, Kinney, Coonce, Craig, James, Robinson, G. Hare. MEMBERS Abdulqader Abo Naba ' a, Jon R. Aderhold, William L. Allen, Benjamin M. Barraza, Edwin C. Baughman, Earl N. Beard, John S. Boyland, Patrick D. Bradley, Jamies N. Bujac, Jr. , Edgar D. Bush, Jr. , Felipe Chavez, Jr., Carroll A. Coonce, Raymond Correll, William H. Craig, Rob- ert C. Cunninghann, Verble R. Davis, Elias Delgado, Joel F. Garrison, Thomas W. Gould, Irvin V. Gulick, Raymond N. Flowers, Bruce L. Hare, Glenn R. Hare, William P. Harris, Lisle R. James, Bernard W. Kinney, James E. Lambert, Robert L. Laney, James K. Miller, Rob- ert B. Munson, Charles M. Nelson, George E. Pappas, Swann, E. Parks, Richard K. Place, Robert N. Richards, Jasper F. Robinson, Rito V. Sandoval, Joseph A. Smithhisler, James W. Stassinos, Charles A. Steinman, Jack M. Stuart, Louis M. Swartz, Francis N. Winans, Mr. Jack Hardgrave. OFFICERS JAMES W. STASSINOS President JASPER F. ROBINSON Vice-President WILLIAM H. CRAIG Secretary VERBLE DAVIS Treasurer PROF. ARCH M. LUKENS Advisor Engineers Council of The School of Engineering The Engineers Council is the engineering student government of the school of engineering. Member- ship on the Council is composed of the president and vice-president of each engineering society on the campus or their duly appointed representatives and the Dean of Engineering. The powers of the Engin- eers Council are to exercise general control over all School of Engineering student body functions. To exercise ultimate control over all engineering student organizations in so far as they enter into activities outside the organization itself but still within the scope of the engineering student body. ROW 3 ROW 2 ROW 1 Garrison, Jett, Hare, SuUens, Smith. Thomas, Sergeant, Robinson, Boudreau, Bailey. Stassinos, Craig, Talley, Cunningham, OFFICERS JAMES W. STASSINOS President ROBERT TALLEY Vice-President WILLIAM H. CRAIG Secretary ROBERT C. CUNNINGHAM Treasurer AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS AND INSTITUTE OF RADIO ENGINEERS AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY AMERICAN SOCIETY OF AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERS PI TAU SIGMA MECH. ENGINEERING FRATERNITY SIGMA TAU ENGINEERING FRATERNITY SOCIETY OF AMERICAN MILITARY ENGINEERS COOPERATIVE STUDENT ASSOCIATION REPRESENTATIVES George Bailey, Vincent Boudreau, William H. Craig, Carroll A. Coonce, Robert C. Cunningham, Robert Easley, Joel Garrison, Glenn R. Hare, Dwaine Longenbaugh, Walter O ' Brien, Delmar Roberts, Jasper Robinson, Paul Togami, Dwaine Sergent, Phillip Smith, James W. Stassinos, Robert Steppe, John SuUens, Robert Talley. EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS OF THE COUNCIL PROF. M. A. THOMAS, Dean of Engineering PROF. D. B. JETT, Dean Emeritus of Engineering Pi Tau Sigma NATIONAL HONORARY MECHANICAL ENGINEERING FRATERNITY The objectives of Pi Tau Sigma are to encourage and recognize scholastic achievement of under- graduate students in Mechanical Engineering and to honor practicing engineers for distinguished technical attainments. Membership is limited to senior mechanical engineering students who rank a- mong the highest 33 per cent in scholarship for all courses to date of election, and to juniors who rank in the highest 25 per cent of their class. ROW 3: Morgan, Hardgrave, Cunningham, Smithhisler, Callaway, Chavez. ROW 2: St. John, Kinney, Kleine, Craig, Pappas, Gulick. ROW 1: Stassinos, Coonce, Robinson, James, Winans, Hare. , ACTIVE MEMBERS Robert L. Callaway, Felipe Chavez, Jr., William H. Craig, Carroll A. Coonce, Robert C. Cunning- ham, James A. Frye, Mr. James W. Field, Mr. Jack Hardgrave, Irvin V. Gulick, Glenn R. Hare, Lisle R. James, Bernard W. Kinney, Louis W. Kleine, George E. Pappas, Prof. Arch M. Lukens , Prof. Jesse P. Morgan, Jasper F. Robinson, Joseph A. Smithhisler, James W. Stassinos, C. Paul St. John, Francis N. Winans, Prof. Glenn Panlener. OFFICERS JAMES W. STASSINOS President CARROLL A. COONCE Vice-President JAMES A. FRYE Recording Secretary JOSEPH A. SMITHHISLER Corresponding Secretary PROF. JESSE P. MORGAN Fraternity Advisor Sigma Tau NATIONAL HONORARY ENGINEERING FRATERNITY The objectives of Sigma Tau are to provide specific recognition and encouragement to advanced en- gineering students distinguished for their superior scholarship and promise of professional attain- ment, and that this recognition should take into account such qualities as personality, character, leadership, resourcefulness, and creative ability. Eligibility is extended to those who attain a su- perior rank in scholarship among the men in the junior and senior classes, and further selection is made on the basis of practicality and sociability. ROW 4 ROW 3 ROW 2 ROW 1 Thomas, C. Jones, Smithhisler, Soltero, Chavez. Lopez, Morgan, Kleine. Rose, Cano, Gardner. Fairchild, Herbet, Cole, McDowell, James, Gonzales, Leger. Coonce, Stassinos, Jett, Hare, Cunningham, Spring, Woodside. OFFICERS GLENN R. HARE President JAMES W. STASSINOS Vice-President DON T. WEEMS Recording-Secretary RAMON WOODSIDE Corresponding-Secretary ROBERT C. CUNNINGHAM Treasurer DON SPRING Historian PROF. DANIEL B. JETT Fraternity Advisor MEMBERS Raymond L. Cano, Felipe Chavez, Jr., Gerald R. Cole, Carroll A. Coonce, Robert C. Cunningham, Robert L. Easley, Charles I. Fairchild, Hugh R. Gardner, Omega J. Gonzales, Glenn R. Hare, Al- bert J. Herbet, Charles E. Jones, Paul B. Jones, Lisle R. James, Paul F. Kepner, Louis W. Kleine, Edward Larsen, Richard D. Leger, Ramon D. Woodside, Raymond J. Lopez, Jose M. Martinez, Edward McDowell, Harry W. Rose, Joseph A. Smithhisler, Fred Soltero, Don Spring, James W. Stassinos, Don T. Weems, Prof. C. E. Bromilow, Prof. H. A. Brown, Prof. D. B. Jett, Prof A. M. Lukens, Prof. M. A. Thomas, Prof. J. P. Morgan, Prof. L. B. Shires. 4 ' H Alumni Association The4-HAlumni Association is composed of active and former 4-H club miemibers who are now enrolled at New Mexico A. M. College. Among the activities carried out by the organization are varied recreational activities and participation in state -wide 4-H activities. Sponsors for the organization are L. S. Kurtz, Tiny Faye Jones, Geronimo Chavez, and Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Dawson. Barbara Funkhouser George Baca Dove Kidd Pictured above are former 4-H Alumni members who have represented New Mexico on the International Farm Youth Exchange Program in countries abroad. This ex- change program is for the purpose of promoting good will and furthering the under- standing among the rural people of the world. Sigma Delta Pi FRONT ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: Lou Helen Von Engelbrechten, president, Maryetta Tyler, Secretary, Mary Eleanor Hancock, Vice-President. BACK ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: Francisco Lopez, treasurer, Dr. Sigurd Johansen. Honorary member, George D. Crow, sponsor. In October a reception and initiation were held for Armando Lacayo, Paul Taylor, Ray Veitch, Joanna Amastae, Dr. Sigurd Johansen, Maria Smith, Theresa Alexander, and Mabel Blackmon. Pro- ceeds from the tea were placed in a scholarship fund for language students at A. M. Mrs. Velora Reed, recently returned from Spain, discussed her journey. The next month Dr. James O. Swain, National Executive Secretary of Sigma Delta Pi, gave a slide lecture, " Adventures in Chile. " A January initiation was held for Felicitas Fernandez, Mr. and Mrs. Verdis Mays, and Elizabeth Hor- casitas. The chapter then presented its own " Information Please " program. In February, the chapter visited the Escuela Particular de Agricultura (Junior College) in Juarez, and presented a prize to the best English student. In March, Mrs. Carl A. Tyre supervised a " Spanish Fiesta " including Spanish songs, skits and novelty acts. Honorary, alumni, and associate members as well as active members participated. During the Easter holidays the chapter made a trip to Chi- huahua City to visit schools and other points of interest. The last meeting of the semester was a banquet in May honoring many friends of the chapter from Me xico. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERS BACK ROW: Zariel G. Tyson, Howard Vance, Ross Schmidt, Eldon G. Hanson. FRONT ROW: John Kerr, Paul Togami, Victor Krametbauer, Constantin Arghy riadis. NOT PICTURED: Delmar Roberts, Jr. , Bob Easley, Norman Ribble, Jack Stallings, Everett Vickery, James Hayes, Dale Wilson, Felix Sedillo, Amando Lacayo, James Reeves, and William Aldred, sponsor. AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING This branch of engineering began at New Mexico College of A M in 1948. In its curriculum of rural electrification, irrigation and drainage, farm nnachinery and power, and farm structures lies a vast knowledge of the requirements of agriculture engineering men of today. OFFICERS PAUL TOGAMI BOB EASLEY ROSS SCHMIDT DELMAR ROBERTS, JR. ZARIEL G. TYSON ELDON G. HANSON WILLIAM H. ALDRED President Vice-President Engrs. Council Secretary-Treasurer Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor ALPHA TAU ALPHA STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: E.K. Wallace M. D. Wallace, E. Davila, J. C. White, G. L. Gabehart, W. Wilson, R. H. White, P. W. Cockerill, E.G. Jones, K.A. Nichols, J. B. Hamilton. D. R. Cruce, H.A.Herrera. H. G. Maes, J. C. Steinepreis. SITTING, LEFT TO RIGHT: J.J. Bramble, A. A. Sanchez, J. Dunlap, R. T. Sanchez, R. Ashcraft, C. C. Arthur, B. L. Johnson, L. B. Porter, J. Porter. Alpha Tau Alpha is a national honorary, professional education fraternity. New Mexico Pi chapter was installed on the A. M. campus April 4, 1940. Some of its purposes are to develop a true profession of education in communities, and to foster a fraternal spirit among teachers of vocational agriculture who shall be rural leaders in their communities, and to foster a fraternal spirit among students in teacher training for vocational agriculture. Agricultural education students evaluating the vocational agriculture program at Deming, N. M. Left to Right: Merle Wallace, Jim Hamilton, Carl Howard. Teacher trainer, Ed Davila; Leon Wagley, vocational agriculture teacher ALPHA TAU ALPHA M. D. Wallace President J. C. Steinepreis, Vice -President J. C. White, Sec retary- Treas- urer H. G. Maes, Reporter H. A. Herrera, Serge ant -at -Arms C. G. Howard, Sponsor and Advisor J. B. Hamilton E. Davila G. L. Gabeliart F. C. Jones E. K. Wallace R. H. White R. Ashcraft J. Dunlap J. Porter C. Treat D. B. Cruce J. J. Bramble •N , Wilson B. L. Johnson J . . Branson R. A. Nichols P. W. Cockerill L. C. Dalton Not shown; C. C. Arthur, T. E. Es- pinosa, L. B. Porter, R. T. Sanchez, A. A. Sanchez, R. D. Taylor. A CLUB O ? LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Presley, secretary; B. Pufal, president; B. Coate: Adjutant, D. Andrews, vice-president. Jim Blevins V«. ' Bill Klement 1 Buster Brown Drew Christie Alfred Cordova Al DiCarlo Jesus Esparza r Jim Frye Dale Gantz Fred Haiman Jim Hayes Al Herbet Dick Holmes Al Hutchinson Fred Jones Larry Martin Gerald Mathews Clark Presley Charles Sanford Ellis Scott Roger Siddall Dick Vaughn Clabe Wicker Alp d PlilQa nid OFFICERS ANN FOREHAND EDDIE RICHARDSON NOLA BELLE ATCHLEY PAT WISWALL PAUL S. CONKLIN President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Historian Faculty Sponsor Alpha Nu is A M ' s chapter of Alpha Phi Gamma, the national honorary journalism fraternity. To become a member, a student must have participated in the production of one of the two campus publications and be recommended for membership by the faculty advisors or the editors. The Alpha Nu chapter has been active on the campus since 1947. The purpose of Alpha Phi Gamma is to unite journalism students with members of the profession, thereby giving the students a pers pective of the importance and nature of their work. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Paul S. Conklin, Eddie Richardson, Dan Gr iffith, Ed Boy- kin, Roger Siddall, Mike Maloof. SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Nola Belle Atchley, Doris Steele, Nell Marshall, Betty Jo Bailey, Ann Forehand. S. A.M. E. SOCIETY OF AMERICAN MILITARY ENGINEERS FIRST ROW: Joel Garrison, Jim Isler, Bob Cunningham, Ed. Sergent, Ed Bush. SECOND ROW: Jimmie Fields, Jerry Cole, Jasper Robinson Colonel Free- man, Jesse Morgan. THIRD ROW: Colonel Goethals , Vincent Boudreau, Joseph Smithhisler. OFFICERS JOEL GARRISON President BOB EASLEY Vice-President TED HARRIS Secretary EUGENE HOWELL Assist. Secretary VINCENT BOUDREAU Treasurer COLONEL GOETHALS Directors MR. MORGAN WOMEN ' S RECREATION ASSOCIATION WOMEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS PROFESSIONAL CLUB ABOVE, BACK ROW: Marguerite Woodwell, Char- lene Stockton, Pat Parker, Margery Neale, Nova Hutchinson. FRONT ROW: Cora Marie Porter C larabelle Hart, Miss Mary H elen Lomax, Joyce Stewart, Jo Ellen Duncan. The Women ' s Recreation Association includes all girls who participate in the intramural program and is governed by a board composed of represen- tatives of all teams. The purpose of WRA is to promote interest and participation in intramurals, to provide recreation and fellowship, to provide an opportunity for all girls to gain knowledge and ex- perience in all sports, and to promote sportsman- ship. This year WRA has offered intramurals in volley- ball, basketball, softball, tennis, badminton, ping- pong, bowling, swimming, and archerv. Winners participate in Aggie-Mines Field Day. WRA has also sponsored co-recreational nights in Williams Gym at which boys and girls played volleyball, ping- pong, cards, danced, and enjoyed refreshments. The Women ' s Physical Education Club was organized for the pur- pose of bringing the women majors closer togethej ' ' i i-cuss p s- ical education as a profession which aids and instructs young people and adults in the development of skills and abilities which they can put to use for enjoyment of their leisure time. The club participates in sports and field days at other colleges in the state and has held several parties and outings during the year. RIGHT, BACK ROW: Pat Parker, Charlene Stock- ton, Joan Holcombe, Nova Hutchiston. FRONT ROW: La Noel Brazil, Cora Marie Porter, Jo Ellen Duncan. NOT PICTURED: Raquel Torrez, Faye McCarley. Young Men ' s-Young Women ' s Ckristian Association STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: W. E. Watkins, Advisor; Johnnie L ou Bagwell, president; Jon Aderhold, vice-president; Leone Hurst, Raymond Bowerman, Peggy Kelly, Secretary; James Lary. SITTING LEFT TO RIGHT: Nena Hale, Advisor; Bonnie Russell, program chairman; Alice Kurtz, worship chairman; Marion Vineyard, Beth Rhodes, and Diana Hu- bert. The Christian Association is a community of stu- dents and faculty members in which the Christian faith is central. Its program and fellowship are open to all persons on the campus. The Christian Association uses the methods of worship, study, and action to follow God ' s purpose for all areas of individual and common life. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS D.B. Jett AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ' ENGINEERS FOUNDED . 1652 Student Chapter FRONT ROW: Don Spring; John White; John Provine, Vice-Pres. ; Jerry Cole; Dwaine Sergent, President; D. B. Jett, Advisor. SECOND ROW: Robert Joe, Sec. -Treas. ; Ray Dinger; John Sullins, Program Chair- man; Clyde Willyard; Bill Acklin. TOP ROW: Frank Bromilow, Dean of Civil Engineering; Charles Jones; Robert Williams; Fred Soltero; Ramon Woodside; Robert Talley. NOT PICTURED: Robert Baker; Floyd Bennett; Don Degraftenried; Don Evans; Paris Jordan; Thomas McCarter; Paul Miller, George Rose; and Walter Terry, Jr. D. B. " DAD " JETT Advisor to Student Chapter of ASCE FRANK BROMILOW Dean of Civil Engineering Q eeh Gouncll BACK ROW; LEFT TO RIGHT: Kenneth Kleypas-SAE; Mr. Pearson-sponsor; Leone Hurst-DZ; Clay Hill-TC; Paul Koenig-TKE; Bill Craig-TKE: Jay Owens-LKA; Frances Stark-DZ; Leo Marquez-ADT; Sam Brown-TC. FRONT ROW: Pat Guthrey-ZTA; Virginia Benedict-CO; Marka Vaughn-CO; Bonnie Rus- sel-DZ; Bessie Hale-ZTA; Nola Belle Atchley-CO. The Greek Council is composed of i-ep esentatives from each of the three Greek sororities and six Greek fraternities. The function of the Greek Council is to act on mat- ters of mutual interest to the sororities and fraternities. Each year this organization spon- sors an All Greek Stunt Night and an All Greek Sing. OFFICERS LEO MARQUEZ President RONNIE DOLD Vice-President BESSIE HALE Secretary-Treasurer JOHN PEARSON Faculty Sponsor PANHELLENIC The Panhellenic council, composed of delegates from the three women ' s fraternities, connpiles rules governing rushing and controls the campus policies of the organi- zation. Miss Sarah Ruth Cook, councilor for women, is faculty sponsor. LEONE HURST Secretary Delta Zeta PAT GUTHREY Treasuere Zeta Tau Alpha VIRGINIA BENEDICT President Chi Omega FRANCES STARK Delta Zeta JUDY NICHOLS Chi Omega DOLORES BOMBACH Zeta Tau Alpha BONNIE RUSSELL Delta Zeta CLARABELLE HART Chi Omega JANICE ANDERSON Zeta Tau Alpha " wfp fir0 PU lUppm Tm OFFICERS President Jasper Robinson Vice -President Leon Johnson Secretary Henry Borgrink Treasurer Ben Luchini Chaplain George Buchenau Sgt.-at-Arms Herb Cummings Rushing Larry Williams Pledge Master Tom Hotman Athletic Director Bill Wilson ' It ' s In The Book " , 1st Place TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ted Leonard, Leon Johnson, Larry Williams, Dave Smouse, Henry Borgrink, Bill Wilson. SECOND: Jim Isler, Herb Cummings, Jasper Robinson, Ben Luchini, Dick Moore. THIRD: James Weiss, Larry Harlow, Joel Garrison, George Buchenau, Jerry Cole, Gene Finch. KNEELING: John White, Ray Lopez, Tom Hotman, Edward Lujan, Richard Pugh, Ivan Salyer. Fair Acres--More Fun! Still Standing ? PLEDGES If: STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mike Mohrhauser, Ronald McDaniel, Jack Stallings. SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dan Cook, Bill Beckham, Bill Jones, Dick Gilbert, Al Sanchez. NOT PRESENT: Douglas Slade, Marvin Gates eUa eia Officers for 1952 LEONE HURST FRANCES STARK BONNIE RUSSELL ANNA MARTIN CHRISTINE LITTLE ELAINE BLACK NINA BETH McCORMACK MARIA SMITH President Rush Chairman Secretary Treasurer Pledge Trainer Scholarship Chairman Activities Chairman Historian ACTIVES: Leone Hurst, Frances Stark, Bonnie Russell, Anna Martin, Christine Little, Elaine Black, Nina Beth McCormack, Maria Smith, Delia Mae Gates, Geraldine Farme; Betty Rae Meier, Annabel Green, Suzanne Brumley, and Marybelle Brumley. Barbara Mueller is not shown. PLEDGES: Joy Miller, President; Darlene Graves, Carolyn Sue Allan, Helene Bonomo, Margaret Richards, Shirley Walker, Marguerite Woodwell, Gretchen Floyd, Rebecca Molina, Dorothy Beard, Pat Tally, Sally Beavers, Joy Buntin, and Patsy Patton. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON New Mexico Phi ; i " .f;ii;i-.!» ;.. -Ilifinii The Punch Bowl. S. A. E. House Party. FALL OFFICERS E. A. Ronald Dold E. D. A. Barrel Johnson E. R. Ted Harris E. T. Bob Engle E. C. Ray Kysar E. Cr. Kay Sampson E. W. Bill Bleiker E. H. Buck Young E. P. Scott Spencer E. Ch. Dick Jones SPRING OFFICERS E. A. Vince Boudreau E.D.A. ' Walter Lockhart E. R. Kay Sampson E. T. Tom Hardy E. C. Ted Harris E. Cr. Jerry Porter E. W. Jim Henrie E. H. Mike Maloof E. P. Scott Spencer E. Ch. Dick Jones Homecoming. r u , - 1 r i w f ROW 1. -- ROW 2. -- ROW 3. -- ROW 4. -- ROW 5. - Doyle Van Arsdale, Kay Sampson, Ronald Dold, Clifton Fincher, Pierce Hubbard, Jim Newton, Scott Spencer. Dave Parker, Darrel Johnson, Vince Boudreau, Ray Kysar, Rock Ash- craft, Bill Bleiker, Robert Engle. Frank Ortiz, Buck Young, Carroll Kysar, Dwayne Longenbaugh, Mike Maloof, Joe Crockett, K. D. Wall. Eugene Howell, Ted Harris, D. N. Pope, Tom Hardy, Charles Sanford, Joe Blacklock, Ken Kleypas. Walter Lockhart, Dick Jones, Ken Newton, Dan Stefanek, Jack Bramble, Jim Henrie. ZETA TAU ALPHA Beta Nu chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha, an international women ' s fraternity, was chartered at A. M. in 1929. It now has 97 chapters on college cam- puses and 166 alumnae groups. ZTA is very proud of its members, such as Pat Guthrey and Lou Helen von Engelbrechten, who have been named to Who ' s Who; Pat Henry, Stu- dent Commission secretary; Joan Holcomb, president of Women ' s Dorm- itory council; Lora Mae KuU, president of Garrett Hall; Bessie Hale, sec- retary of Greek Council; Pat Henry, Round-Up staff, Lou Helen von Engel- brechten, president of Sigma Delta Pi; and La Noel Brazil and Joan Jobe who hold second and third places in Vanity Fair. PLEDGES sS- -t- vivL .; , ■ " ; . fiL " ?!ai: PLEDGES Jo Ann Keith President Ann Meek Vice -President Wanda Parten Secretary Mary Sue Bell Barbara Bonham Carol Chittick Gayle Granger Helen Hamill Lora Mae KuU Shirley Mitchell Diana Sherwood ZETA TAU ALPHA Bessie Hale Historian Dolores Bombach Rush Chairman Margery Neal Asst. Rush Chairman Dee Park Asst. Treasurer Pat Guthrey L. H. V. Engelbrechten Ann Tilden Mary F. Vercher Joan Jobe President Vice -President 2nd V. President Secretary Treasurer Bonnie Cox Social Chairman Janice Anderson La Noel Brazil Maurine Carter Katherine Davison Dorothy Heckmar onnie Henderson Pat Henry Joan Holcomb Frances Kuester Esther Marquez Joan Overpeck Lola Patrick Shirley Trimble Doris Steel Mary Sue Whitney T H E T A FRONT ROW: Ray Fulmer Govan N. Stroman Curtis Wright OFFICERS President Clay Hill Vice-Pres. C. Sanchez, Jr. Secretary Richard Nelson Treasurer Charles Greene Chaplain Jim Brown Historian Martin Nesbitt 1st Guard J. B. Copeland 2nd Guard Bill Wood Pledge Trainer Glen Gabehart Librarian Sam Brown c H BACK ROW Carl Hall Gene Nix Lionel D. Haight Manuel Gonzalez Sponsors and Alumni ,ll M«»lar r Tnb flp -Itf — ' £ mi iSHB 2 t3 1 |w jIS IU ]u S K Our Pledges Lotta ' work-Wha ' hoppen? i ' 1 i Bill Montamble Les Fields Bill Stone Dick Harkey Ivan Dodson Don Covington Canuto Sanchez, Jr. Charles Greene Martin Nesbitt J. B. Copeland Otis Anderson Fred Jones Jim Brown 1 James Latham l i Bill Hicks Jay Lewis Jim Dunlap Clay Hill Glen Gabehart Bob Johnson Roy Rigoni f? , Ross Schmidt Raymond Igou Sam Brown Richard Nelson Elgin Carey Bob Bagwell Bill Wood Gene Degner Bob Smith Jimmy Ivey Officers 1952 1953 Ben Boykin Prytanis Peter Maga Delmar Roberts Epi Prytanis Bill Craig Paul Lintner Grammateus Jack Boyland Peter Maga Crysophylos Bob Callaway Stanley Dennis His tor Ed Boykin John Klaudt Hypophetes John Sweem Bill Craig Hegemon Wade Green Wade Green Pylortes Charles Murphey Teke Sweetheart Smile, boys, Smile. Where ya ' all going? Champs ! F. W alton G. Haste F. McAnally H. Bursum B. Bickel T. Dicke rson R. Lacey B. Ellis J. Bason P. To garni R. Siddall A. Mayfield J. Yates R. Joe R. Koch P. Evans G. Baker G. Cano H. Vance F. Evans D. Bryce T. Davis J. Jones J. Cochran D. Sergent L. Darst G. Smith B. Olson L. DeHerrera E. Wayne Q. Jackson G. Priestly B. Laney J. Young B. Klement D. Mullens B. Baird TAU KAPPA EPSl Tom Medinger Whether on scaffold high. Or in the battle van, The fittest place where man can die Is where he dies for man I Joseph Barry Buddy Bradley iPVH Jim Blevins Paul Boushelle Ben Boykin Ed Boykin Jack Boyland K i l r m Bill Craig Harry Dale Bud Dehrkoop Stanley Dennis Allen Dunn i mM Jim Gonzales Glenn Green Wade Green Everett Hurt John Klaudt ft ' " C ' m ' r MM Peter Maga Mike Matula Jim Miller Bob Munson Charles Murphey Phil Smith Joe Smithhilser Jack Stuart John Sween Allen Trammeil ego Baca Bob Callaway mond Cano Hugh Gardner ry Garing Paul Koenig :d Maga Delmar Roberts nes J. Rogers Don Tucker be Wicker Phil Wilson o f lc Glu AlpJta r . f r .1 t TOP ROW: 2ND ROW: 3RD ROW: 4TH ROW: 1952 Paul Kepner Jack Donahey Lon Alexander Jay R. Owens Herb Dickenson Charles Floyd Edward McDowell Ike Pittman, Eddie Thomas, Dick Packart, Aldean Hartman, Bill Allen. Clarence Rehorn, Charles Davis, Wayne Wolfe, Lester Daw- son, Frank Walker. Donald Cunico, Carroll Deal, Dee Stotts, Charles Steinman, Dennis Williamson, Dan Lee. Charles Hibler, Bob Smith, Harold Wuest, Jim Connor. Not Pictured, Eddie Keddy. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Social Rushing Ritualist Pledge Trainer SPONSORS D. B. Jett L. B. Shires Frank Bromi- low George Lock- wood R. K. Sher- burne. 1953 Jay R. Owens Charles Floyd Joe E. Brown Marvin Dawson John SuUens Robert Steppe David Watt Lon Alexander ' liHtM i t A X A NOT PICTURED: Charles Arthur Joe Brown Robert Sigmund Lon Alexander Marvin Dawson John Dernpsey Jack Donahey Bob Eure Charles Floyd Steward Floyd Henry Free Jack Hampton Paul Kepner Jim McClellanc Edward McDowell Jay R. Owens Morris Roberson George Rose Tom Rose Bob Steppe Paul St. John John SuUens Richard Vauohn David Watt Mrs. Sara Gushing, Housemother QlU OifveKfa Virginia Benedict President Hi Judy Nichols Vice-President Ann Forehand Treasurer Marka Vaughan Secretary iiMiifiMb Pat Lopsdon Betty Jo Bailey Evelyn Dodson Anilee Dunlap Dolores Fields Carol Green Clarabelle Hart Donna Holland Nola Belle Atchley Pledge Trainer Ellen Ellison Bonnie Lentz Josephine Mounyo Vera Jean Scott Joan Shaffer Martha Stewart Pat Thompson Chi Omega was founded in 1905, and there are now 112 active chapters in the United States. Pi Delta was chartered at A. M. in 1939. The proceeds of Chi Omega ' s annual money-raising project, the second annual.fur show, were used for the purchase of a resuscitator which was donated to the Memorial General Hospital. FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW: Imogene Bagley, Peggy Brooks, Betty Callahan, Joyce Crane, Marie Dingee, Verna Donlin. Jo Ellen Duncan, Shirley Earhart, Joyce Green, Joan Hart, Joe Irving, Maudeane Kemp. Martha McGranahan, Maxine Nuckols, Ann Ratcliff, Sally Sharp, Dawn Stout, June Sumpter. Mardair Travis, Phyllis Vaughan, Geneva Wall, Jo Ann White, Mary Lou Wilki- son, Joan Woodall. The Alpha Lambda Chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho received its National Charter on May 19, 1951. It is the only chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho in New Mexico. UAXOqli roMMa Ifp fl J ADVISORS Mr. Zariel G. Tyson Mr. Robert M. Porter Mr. H. B. Pingrey Mr. R.W. Ludwick Iplja (Bamma Ijn rat rnitg iriRtiT ROW: Norman Ribble, Frank Baca, Emilio Zamora, Joe Rivera (Pres. )Nick Muramoto, Bluford Thornton. SECOND RO ' : Mr. Tyson (Advisor) Harry Nightingale, Carl Treat, Armando Lacayo, James Davis, Bill H. Fergurson. PLEDGES: Eloy Sanchez, Sam R. Romero, Jimi Miller, Herb Ward, missing: Fred Landavazo, Rex King, Phil Hunt, Fernando Castanada. ■ : ' Ribble. (Master of Ceremonies at his best). Emilio brings home the bacon. Pledge Herbecous Ward passing pledge physical. COLOR GUARD CHARLES K. JOHNSON WILLIAM L. HICKS SAMUEL HERNANDEZ JOHN A. MATHIS Cadet Sergeant Cadet Master Sergeant Cadet Master Sergeant Cadet Sergeant HOZe hstmct ' m Staff AIR FORCE STAFF: FRONT, LEFT TO RIGHT: Lt. William C. Nolan, Capt. J. J. Norris, Harry L. Gephart, PAS T; Maj. Donald M. Weaver, Capt. Elmer L. Krause. BACK, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sgt. Harley P. Nelson, Sgt. Wilford R. Williams, Sgt. Ste- phen J. Yurasek, M Sgt. Chester M. Cost, Sgt. Leroy F. Puthoff, M Sgt. Gerald E. Oldhausen. INFANTRY STAFF: BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: SFC Frank E. Bills, M Sgt. Har H. Cagley, SFC Jack R. Marshall, SFC John Utley, SFC Harold J. Marchant, Sgt. Geor E. O ' Connor. SEATED: M Sgt. Ray Chappell, Capt. Arthur E. Smoot, Lt. Col. Noble L. Riggs, Ca Daniel N. Silverman, M Sgt. Harold R. Real. ' ' W M Hib CORPS OF CADET STAFF Front: Ramon D. Woodside, Cadet Colonel Left to Right: Bill D. Farris, Cadet M Sgt. ; William J. Scott, Cadet Lt. Col. ; Phillip L. Wilson, Cadet Major; Dan Griffith, Cadet Captain; Andrew D. Moses, Cadet Major. GROUP STAFF Front: Lowell D. Covington, Cadet Lt. Col. Left to Right: James R. Hinchey, Cadet Major; Truman A. Marr, Cadet Captain; William P. Montamble, Cadet Captain; Gerle L. Buckner, Cadet Captain; Donald L. Tamuty, Cadet 2nd Lieutenant. BATTALLION STAFF Front: Arlen P. Kennedy Battalion Commander Left to Right: Glen L. Gabe - hart, William B. Morgan, Fred A. Hinchey, Leslie R. Clayshulte, Ross E. Schmidt. ♦yft v.- ARMY COMPANY " A ' ■ . ' ig i:i ! ' Pi . " ' t ' :. S :? ' - FIRSTROW: Glenn H. Green, Mateo Estrada, Gerald W. Mayfield, Fred D. Maga, Reno J. Bonomo, Al J. Di Carlo, Oren D. Knipe, Roy T. Rigoni. SECOND ROW: Lon Alexander, Herb Cummings, James F. Kerwin, George Buchenau, George Rose, Otis Anderson, William D. Montgomery, Kary D. Wall, John C. White. THIRD ROW: William McKinzie, Darrell Norman, Jon R. Aderhold, Eddy L. Braig, James Coffield, Edward Sanchez, Travers Waltrip, Edward C. Baca, Robert Pavia. FOURTH ROW: Ralph Glomb, Joe E. Brown, Jack B. Robertson, Dan L. quez, George O. Chavez, John Young, Cody Williams, R. L. Buresh. FIFTH ROW: Louis M. Swartz, Eddie Fields, John U. Miller, Bill L. Marvin Gates, Maurice Wengert, Thomas Detwiler. SIXTH ROW: Claude Pilley, Jr., Milton Garcia, Jr., Charles Hawkins, W. King, Clarence J. Mascarenas, Wm. F. Herlihy, Grady Harlan. SEVENTH ROW: E. B. Sanchez, Wall Evern, Robert Sigmund, Fred Stone, J. K. Miller, Ralph Gal- legos, Wayne Wolfe, Robert Biskel, Joe Foster. EIGHTH ROW: Bob Robe, John Wenk, Bill Griffin, Ralph Kelley, David M. Telles, L. F. Manker, Jr. , Bobby Lowell Pittman, Ralph Herring, Jr. NINTH ROW: Melvin Daybell, Hoy Anderson, Raymond A. Igou, Jr., Dick MuUins, Clarence Reborn, Dow Bond, Jim Bandy, Wayne Weber, Ramon Chacon. Maestas, RalphE.Fres- Walker, James R. Park, Frank F. Varela, Martin ARMY COMPANY " B FIRST ROW: H. R. Andres, D. E. Spring, C. C. Withrow, H.I. Nightingale, R. M. Siddall. SECOND ROW: Charlie H. Culpepper, Thomas G. White, Charlie Floyd, John D. Klaudt, T. C. Chavez, Stanley Dennis, Bob Stout, Frank Bailey. THIRD ROW: B. J. Bleiker, Ben Bean, Gerald R. Cole, Edward L. Lujan, Carl Steinepreis, Ben A. Luchini, Gene Finch. FOURTH ROW: Bob Sanford, Bob Smith, Fillio Vigil, Howard Raley, Burl Farris, Ronald Mauro, Jerry Porter, William Tucker, Spurgeon Watford, FIFTH ROW: Leonard Bourland, Homer Pickens, H. E. Thomas, Dick Clopton, Joseph Downs, Larry Martin, Thomas H. Williams, Joe Hepler, Jerry Cooper. SIXTH ROW: Harold Wuest, Johnnie J. Molina, James R. Sours, Charles Broyles, John E. Giles, Robert R. Hunt, Irvin Kimber, Harry Tan, Robert Barber. SEVENTH ROW: O. D. Davis, Jr., Donald E. Cunico, Floyd D. Johnson, Elmo Gibbs, Robert Lee Deitz, Wayne McKinley, John O. Hall, Jerry Armijo, Alfred Diaz. EIGHTH ROW: John Benedict, Don Archer, Dennis Williamson, Billy Vinzant, Jesse Harrison, Au- gust Miller, Virgil Torbert, Jim Rice, Jim Connor ARMY COMPANY " C FIRST ROW: Bob Easley, Wm. C. Stevens, Al Herbet, Bud Dehrkoop, Alfred D. Fielder, Peter L. Maga, Jr. , J. R. Ellison, Franklin 5. Peterson. SECOND ROW: Allen K. Trammell, James B. Latham, Telford A. Davis, James J. Rogers, Pierce Hubbard, Mike Bouvet, Norvall Glenn. THIRD ROW: Dale Gantz, Earl Williams, J. R. Owens, Lawrence Williams, Sam R. Romero, Boyer A. Amisfotle, Benny M. Barraza. FOURTH ROW: Ernest Smith, Gilbert Vigil, Ernest Utter, Lonnie Estes, Dalton Byerley, Kirk Mc- Carter, John Miles, Bill Harlan, Charles Sanford, John Neighbors, Guido E. Zecca. FIFTH ROW: Dale Jones, James L. Thomas, James D, Newton, Ray Cooper, Elie Gutierrez, Millard Tulk, Jody L. Williams, Juan G. Rios, R. A. Boyer, W. G. Jordan. SIXTH ROW: J. C. Sanderson, Arthur L. Morse, Frank Atmore, George Cowart, Clabe Wicker, Jack Mathers, Gus Gomez, Quinton L. Jackson, Donaldo Archuleta, C. W. Pohl. SEVENTH ROW: Pat CarriUo, Jim Vogel, T. A. Crider, Charles Kincaid, Bill Gammil, A n to n A. Bodecko, Neal Flowers, J. O. Hughes, Ed. Fogleman, Richard Packert. EIGHTH ROW: James R. Gibson, David B. Parker, Albert P. Bach, Edgar Rounds, Stanley G. Hawk- inson. Clay Ellison, Jr., Franklin Mc Anally, John S. Gianardi, David W. Hoover, Jack E. Win- ter. SQUADRON " A FIRST ROW: Darrell D. Farmer, Frederick G. Jones, Jasper B. Copeland, Squadron Commanding Officer; William A. Wood, James A. Blevins, William E. Boykin , Apostole J. Mehas. SECOND ROW: Clay B. Thomason, Robert E. Harris, James A. Frye. THIRD ROW: Duane R. Wallace; Emerson E. Bodan, Robert O. Eure, Antonio H. Lucero, Louis G. Moreno, Robert A. Wright, Rock Ashcraft. FOURTH ROW: Thomas vv. Cowart, Dewitt T. Swanson, Edwin R. tVayne, Kenneth R. Bryan, Jose D. Garcia, Jr. , Herbert J. Sills, Jr. , Jack E. Pickens, Elfego G. Baca, Jr. , James G. Brown. FIFTH ROW: Lawrence S. Lujan, James B. Harris, George F. Ellis, Leopoldo Molina, Leon Wheel- er , William L. Allen, Alex A. Sanchez, Ivan P. Salyer, Clark L. Presley, Gerald L. Matthews. SIXTH ROW: Keith O. Tyler, Lewis D. Latham, Charles E. Craddock, Wayne D. Tate, Terry Q Yoder, Theodore J. Leonard, Rex H. Cole, Rolando A. Salas, Arnulfo A. Maynes. SEVENTH ROW: Edward M. Henry, Earl N. Beard, James H. Brown, Richard P. Juen, Louis Brandtner, Richard B. Gilbert, Ronald J. McDaniel, Robert E. O ' Kelley, Donald R. Tucker. EIGHTH ROW: Robert E. Hook, Emilio S. Lujan, Rudy J. Garcia, Robert G. BuUard, Norman M. Davis, Presley Donaldson, Frank L. Alexander, William A. Jackson, Bluford A. Thornton, NINTH ROW: Irvin D. Longenbaugh, Raymond R. Gallegos, Lewis C. Smith, William A. Jones, Earl L. Darst, J. H. Jones, Patrick D. Bradley, Earl F. McLaughlin. SQUADRON " B ' i5ir " ' " r ' i|r " T - «ir ' » ' ;-.- ' " FIRST ROW; Frank B. Baca, Robert E. Bagwell, Joseph H. Guy, John A. Dempsey, Squadron Com- mander; Delmar Roberts, Jr., Raymond A. Madson, Bernard L. Johnson, John L. Greenwald. SECOND ROW: Wade L. Green, Roy E. Osborn, Bob R. Marker, Kenneth C. Scoggin, Robert L. Cal- loway, Richard E. Howell, David H. Coats Thomas E. Hotman, Robert G. Walton, Edward P. Sierra. THIRD ROW: Emilio B. Zamora, Ramon J. Chavez, Eddie D. West, Swann E. Parks, David R. Glass, Phillip C. Hunt, Fred W. Warner, Robert E. Olson, Jimmie R. Hayes, Alfredo R. Villes- cas. FOURTH ROW: Benjamin C. Clayton, Robert G. Burrows, Robert L. Elder, Jr., Norman L. Cur- ran, Raymond L. Atchison, William D. Adams, Austin K. Bell, Oscar D. Christie, Kenneth M. Chew, Edward D. Brininstool FIFTH ROW: Macedonio Navar, Roger D. Terrazas, Carl I. Baylor, John H. Hicks, Norman H. Stratton, Donald E. Marr, Mervin K. Saunier, Ira A. Hartman, Edward A . Griffeth. SIXTH ROW: Ramon T. Sanchez, Richard K. Place, Charles K. Johnson, James L. Field, John T. Sweem, Michael J. Mohrhauser, Willie S. Beckham, Rex Kipp, Jr. , Wi lliam L. Gonzales, Thomas W. Smith. SEVENTH ROW: Richard L. Kohlhaas, Daniel A. Malone, Henry J. Clouthier, Elbert B. Kirksey, Larry W. Leach, John E. Anderson, Thomas W. Dickson, Albert K. Hutchinson, Teddy L. Harris. SQUADRON " C ' i z; ' ' " Tr ' ' " ' " ' ' A " T ? ■ H ' i;i- FIRST ROW: Richard A. Mayfield, David R. Ligon, Johnnie W. Brannble, Tommy J. Yoder, Bobby J. Donahey, Felipe Chavez, Jr. , Gilbert L. Cano, Howard D. Holt. SECOND ROW: Dennis D. Carbine, William R. Wilson, James R. Isler, Henry A. Herrera, Danly C. Sayles, Stephen L. Skaggs, Elbert E. Hanson, James F. Johnson, Raymond L. Kysar. THIRD ROW: William C. Deal, Jack H. Stallings, David Salopek, Franklin D. Walker, Franklin D. Stotts, Holm O. Bursum, Paul W. Hader, Travis O. Ives. FOURTH ROW: Edward N. Holquin, Joe F. Blacklock, Alfredo Cordova, Jimmy G. Dowell, James W. Davis, John H. Hopson, George M. Smith. FIFTH ROW: Scott T. Spencer, John R. Jackson, Jose F. Hernandez, Glenn R. Haste, Jr. , Ismael C. Orona, Richard F. McDonald, Richard A. Flores, Raymond J. Lopez, John J. Schaller. SIXTH ROW: Quinnie M. Flint, Louis R. Lama, Burleigh B. Wood, John L. Anderson, Thomas R. Valentine, Jimmie J. Miller, Richard E. Holmes, Marion D. Cook, Jr. , Walter R. Box, Nolan L. Chandler. SEVENTH ROW: Charles L. Bandy, Richard A. Koch, Raul O. . Valenzuela, Orville E. Priestley, Jr. , Robert J. Young, Harold L. Jacobs, Robert W. Concho, John A. Jaramillo. EIGHTH ROW: Robert L. Elder, Jr., Gerald L. Mundell, Billy D. Campbell, Durward N. WofCord, John T. Calkins, James E. Lambert, Jerry M. Forbes, Charles C. Shirk, Jess W. Statton , Thomas L. Wright. SQUADRON " D- i FIRST ROW: Robert L. Engle, Joe I. Rivera, Jr. , Richard L. Nelson, Clay H. Hill, James R. Bean, Robert H. White, Kenneth A. Kleypas. SECOND ROW: Felix J. Sedillo, Fred Haiman, Eugene R. Degner, Leo Marquez, John C. SuUens . THIRD ROW: Melquiades R. Holquin, Bruce L. Hare, Charles M. Nelson, Dave R. Hillger, Doyle Z. Pounds, Oliver H. Stanley, Bob R. Howard, Phillip R. Smith, Richard D. Leger. FOURTH ROW: H. B. Corcoran, Jr. , Lyle A. Barron, Charles W. Steele, Robert F. Laney, Francis E. Holly, Bobby G. Byrd, Howard W. Eppers, Frank H. Walton, Bruce E. Edwards, Joe L. Ortega. FIFTH ROW: James W. Cole, Otis D. Embree, Ira V. Richardson, David L. Feller, John S. Boy- land, Russell L. Parsons, Gary K. Walton, Asa B. Carr, Gary H. Leonard. SIXTH ROW: Calvin H. Ward, Fernando M. Salaz, Emerenciano P. Mascarenas, Richard A. Moore, Joe Nelson, Thomas W. Gould, Darel M. Ray, Dee J. Brown, Stanton G. Needham, James G. Johnson. SEVENTH ROW: Norman R. Stark, Raymond L. Correll, Wayne M. Jones, Robert P. Moleres, Paul E. Rector, Bert R. Lindsey, Harry Rose, Ernesto C. Mendosa, John W. Cleveland. Actluitie ■■ ' rttwi ffiRwflS pif ««« V , V . IN •■ t Geo rge - c-T TO RlGBT V. rt. Cnr.sune The " Big wheels " of the Associated Students, self-governing body of New Mexico A. M. , are the members of the Student Commission. Associated Students claim every Aggie as a member. The Stu- dent Commission is the governing body of the Associated Students and is composed of elected student representatives. AH acts of the commission are subject to referendum petition and vote of the Asso- ciated Students. reS vAe ..t e, ' ;.. ° .ea3 vite - c ■ Vx ' . ew STUDENT COMMISSION Members " ' -■4? ' .. George Buchenau, Charles Arthur, Junior Representatives s w A S T I K A Eddie Richardson, Editor and chief burner of mid- night oil. Ed Boykin, Sports Editor Editing a college annual requires little ability and much work. It requires a Simon Legree attitude to get organizations to turn in their copy on tim.e and to persuade staff members to process the copy. And at all times the terrible menace of deadlines is with us. Lou Helen Von Engle- brechten, feature editor. Ann Tilden, staff Julie Silva, staff Henry Schipman, cover Frederick Jay, faculty sponsor ROUND-UP li ' i.T-l ' .-U ' W.SMB EDITOR NORVAL GLENN The Round-Up is the weekly publication of the students of New Mexico A M. Through its columns, campus activities are publicized, while the staff is trained in journalism. Assistant Editor Pat Henry and Society Editor Doris Steele check to see that no etoin shrdlu ' s are in the copy. Left; Sports tvditor Buddy Bradly and Staffer Janet Womelsduff make a galley proof. Faculty Spon- sor Paul Boushelle. A-DAY Early morning: sophomores mix whitewash for " A " . Freshmen start the trek up the mountain. The last relay team carries wash to the juniors. A couple of juniors heave-ho. " ■ ' -•V:»- Frosh exchange swats with upper classmen. After work is completed the Frosh get served first. jt0ifteCO4fl44Uj, I Homecoming Queen Jo Ellen Duncan and her court, Princesses Barbara Muel- ler and Joan Jobe. Below: Phi Kappa Tau ' s winning float. MditaA f, Ball Cadet Col. Raymond D. Woodside and Queen Jo Ann Keith. President J. W. Branson crowns the queen. QoHce Ba4id QiAh ' Se xiette to R, : Gayle Granger, Shirley Alford, Rae Kindel, Joyce Stewart, Carol Green, Joan Carbine. JO IRVING, Sun Carnival Queen GARY CLARK, Most Popular Boy AL HERBET, Greatest Aggie PAT HENRY, Most Popular Girl JOAN WOODALL, Engineers ' Queen RALPH DURHAM, Most Popular Faculty M e n-i b c r . AL DICARLO, Fellow with the Best Line DIANA SHERWOOD, Spring Carnival Queen Vamti Mr Cartoonist E. Simms Campbell, when 11 years old, painted a " Get Your Turkey Here " sign for a grocer in Chicago. That was in 1920, and Campbell has had few turkeys since then. He worked- -and worked hard- -before he got a job as a commercial artist. In 1928 he achieved what few cartoonists do--a Pulitzer prize. He went to New York City and the big time just as the Great Depression arrived. Nothing daunted, he began drawing, first for Judge and Life, then New Yorker, Ballyhoo, Saturday Evening Post, Cosmopolitan, Redbook, and Colliers. Campbell developed the series of cartoons, " The Sultan ' s Harem " , for Esquire, and he still draws for Esquire. He also draws a daily cartoon " Cutie " for the King Features Syndicate. Campbell was born in St. Louis, Mo. His family moved to Chicago, and later he moved to New York City. Now he resides in an eight-room fieldstone house in Westchester County, New York. He is married and has a 12-year-old daughter. SiM M s Ca S A w A1 i Or f V PR R o A D " " ' y ...ej-e ? " ere f f t fo„ " ite beau Yp " " e o. ' e .e.,|«-ao c,,- ! 3exeet " e ' , « butr youri i schoof! i very , Sj-asn;.. : ' ■ s■ ' ■;.S;■ ' ■: v " :-?j ' i; PAT THOMPSON JOAN JOBE I LANOEL BRAZIL REBECCA MOLINA MARKA VAUGHN DOROTHY BEARD MARTHA McGRANAHAN SALLY BEAVERS MARIA SMITH DOLORES CHAVEZ LORA MAY KULL MARGUERITE WOODWELL WHO ' S WHO . » i , t ' o _, ■, Oa- .1 T a- v?. . 3- -pVv - Av o ) tt i S? OT ,s ?LO ut c - 3? • o ,v ' Si lP ' o w• ,.5 ? ° ° , 3? N v A ' ' cs- A ' tvo .viV Aa- ' f Co- . , SO do ' c ' V ' . i- ¥.0 i ' WHO ' S WHO v.v. cv Va- V.a IfO bda Ct uc or£ vc e-e= A i:a ,oRO a S°:,.:.batvA °a ta r: " ' ' Vi.o ' . -■ - ' c: . „• e C ' ee T. ez WHO ' S WHO S ' vS toa- NSC " - T " ; ' ' .vv - ? .tc.- ,U oi Va rf )Av tvo d S ' v? ra SO c ' 1 f t 3 . a€.s N 3 K -tiS ' -l- a6 ' et ctv ■p.a _ le ? ,Yva ?V o ' Vio ' " " a a « AU-Go4 e ie Mce i952-53 DREW CHRISTIE -defensive second team Cs 17 ' yBHf " AL HERBET -defensive second team s p o R T S , Cfit». -„ 56832 35 9 la 40 22 13 2PI FIRST ROW: Charles Sanford, Clark Presley, Harold Jacobs, Jim Bradley, Al Herbet, Harry Wille, John Ed Giles. SECOND ROW: Paul Miller, Jimmy Hayes, Gerald Matthews, Calvin Ward, Larry Martin, Dale Gantz, Al Di Carlo, Alfredo Cordova, Henry Barrett. THIRD ROW: Dalton Byerly, Bill Irvine, Buster Brown, Bill Klement, Lonnie Estes, John Salvo,, John Young, Joe Blanchard, Kenneth Wheeler. FOURTH ROW: Charles Broyles, Drew Christie, Dick Clopton, Ed Brininstool, Jim Frye, Ed Boy- kin, Jesus Esparza, Dick Holmes, Clabe Wicker; Roger Siddall, not shown. SEASON RECORD Aggies Opp Dnent Aggies Oppo aent 20 7 Howard -Payne 33 9 Flagstaff 12 62 Arizona University 14 27 McMurry 23 New Mexico University 6 28 Midwestern University 7 45 West Texas State 6 34 Wichita University 20 20 Texas Western nn Charlie Sanford Dick Holmes Clark Presley OQ Clabe Wicker Aggie fans were treated to some thrilling football this year by a team made up of 1 senior, 6 juniors, 13 sophomores, and 14 freshmen. Un- der Coach Joe Coleman, who is in his second year of coaching at Aggie- land, the young Farmers won 2, dropped 6, and tied 1 during the regular season. In conference play, the Maroon and White took 1, lost 2, and gained that all-important tie witli Texas Western. Meeting Howard Payne in the season opener, the Aggies had no trouble downing the Yellow - Jackets, 20-7. Jimmy Hayes opened the season strongly by scoring two of the touch- downs via the rushing route. cy Kenneth heeler Jim Bradley Arizona ' s 60-man squad proved too much for the small Coleman crew and swamped them, 62-lZ. Al DiCarlo and Lonnie Estes did the scoring for the outmanned New Mexicans. In an old rivalry at Albuquerque, the Lobos of the university came back after a 0-0 score at half-time to tally 23 points in nine minutes and shut out tiie Aggies completely. Playing out of town for the third straight week, the Aggie met an aroused team of West Texas State Buffaloes and dropped a 45-7 verdict to the Texans on their homecoming day. , ■amft ' i Q in 11 ffli Harry Wille Joe Blanchard V ' = fi t JEtf ' ri - Bill Irvine Gerald Matthews MINERS TIE AGGIES ON HOMECOMING After a two week rest the Aggies came back powerfully and forced a highly favored Miner team to settle for a 20-20 tie. Before a capacity homecoming crowd the inspired Farmers led all the way, never being headed or tied until the last three minutes of the contest. Jinnmy Hayes, Al Di Carlo, and Jimmy Bradley scored for the Aggies in that order, Hayes on a run of 76 yards. The brilliantly playing Maroon team had the full house of fans standing up through the entire last quarter. An unimpressive 33-9 win from Arizona State of Flagstaff was next on the agenda as the coaches cleared the bench in the second half of play. A second half let-down, noticeable in several of the Aggie contests, took effect again as the McMurry Indians chopped a 27-14 win from the locals. It was the last home game of the season. n4 John Edd Giles W - V 4, C. ' Larry Martin .; 1 O 4 9 J f " ir? Alfredo Cordova Al DlCarlo John Young Paul Miller At Wichita Falls, Texas, Midwestern University took advantage of the second half fade to gain a 28-6 homecoming victory. Dick Holmes scored for the Aggies on a beautiful 89 -yard pant return. A sparse crowd in a snow-filled stadium in Wichita, Kan. , watched the University of Wichita score twice in the opening minutes, then bog down before a stiffened Aggie defensive team until the last six minutes. Until then the score was 13-7, with Charlie Sanford scoring the Aggie six-pointer. The final minutes proved too much for the Aggies as six inches of snow and extreme cold took their toll. The Shockers scored three quick TD ' s to make the final score 34-6. With 28 lettermen returning to the gridiron next year, all of them with much experience, a success- ful season should be forthcoming. ■ ' 4 •imm ' tmttmm ' uv xana ' timuikt John Harold Salvo Jacobs Lonnie Dale Estes Gantz Bill Calvin Ward Klement Henry Richard Clopton Barrett J immie Hayes .0, Jt C K , ' ' SW ssKT if ' •miKK C James Brown Ed Boykin Leon " Pop " Shows Athletic Department Storekeeper James Frye Ed Brininstool c;r Dalton Byerley Charles Broyles Jesus Esparza Ik .M r r JOE T. COLEMAN, A M ' s head football coach, came to the Aggies from Odessa, Texas, where he coached the always -powerful Odessa High School team since 1938. His teams there won six district championships, five bi-district titles, and the st;ate championship in 1946. A graduate of TCU, he earned three varsity letters as a quarterback and was captain of the 1934 team as a senior. He played on the undefeated 1932 team which went on to take the Southwest Conference title. During his two seasons at Aggieland he has won respect and admiration of both fans and player JAMES PATTONcame to A M in the fall of 1950 and was an immediate favorite with the Aggie for- ward wall prospects. An Oklahoma A M graduate, he played football for those Aggies and for the Great Lakes Naval Training Station in their great years in the early forties. He came here from Cameron Junior College in Oklahoma and at the present time is teaching the end candidates along with his team trainer duties. . . . RAY EVANS, very popular line coach, serves both as football assistant and as head track coach. One of the Texas Western all-time great tackles, he also played two seasons with the San Francisco Forty-Niners. He gained All-Border Conference honors two years and Little All-American notice one year. This is his first coaching job and he is making a definite success of it HARVEY " PUG " GABREL came to A M immediately after being graduated from Texas Western in 1950. He was an outstanding halfback for the Miners, being named to the All-Conference team two years in a row. In addition to his backfield coaching duties which he is performing very creditably, he is also baseball coach. JOE COLEMAN JIM PATTON RAY EVANS HARVEY GABREL HBliH HB B l g J B .. ' ■• ' -. . ' rv ' .i ' ' . ft 1 B To l I V ' " _ li y v |d| K K B , BASKETBALL Aggie cheerleaders inspiring both the crowd and the team. HARRY GUTHMULl.ER All- Conference Second Team ijS TO? r Head Basketball Coach and Athletic Director GEORGE c. Mccarty A resume of the Aggie basketball season would have to include a remark about how weak the Ags showed during the season. With only seven wins to their credit against 1 7 defeats, the season couldn ' t be called even fair. The one consolation is that nearly all the boys will be back next year, sowe are looking forward to a successful season. Lack of experience and a natural roughness made ' ' it hard for the Aggie five to keep up with opponents who had, for the most part, a smoother working combination. Fouls, and an inability to hit foul shots, lost more games for the Farmers than did being outscored by field goals. In several cases the McCarty men scored nnore field goals, but were outscored from the free throw line. The words " hot and cold running " have been used to describe many things. In this case they can be used very aptly. In games against West Texas and Texas Tech at Aggie land, the Aggie hard-wooders ran, passed, ana shot like a team of so many pro- fessionals. No amount of height could overcome their teamwork and general cooperation. On the other hand, in games against Tempe and Pepperdine at State College, they were beaten by their own sluggishness and inability to find the hoop. Nights like that aren ' t unusual for aggregations made up of relatively inexperienced individuals. One time they can be on and the next they can be off. The team is losing only three men- -two players and one coach. The two who have played out their elgibility are Albert Hutchison and Ellis Scott, both veterans of college play. Coach McCarty is leaving A M to journey 40 miles south to take over basketball nnentoring at Texas iVestern. He has been head basketball coach of the Aggies for three years, having previously been freshman coach for both major sports and coach at McLean High School, McLean, Tex. Fans and players alike are extremely sorry to see McCarty leave and want to wish him the best of luck. However, circumstances being what they are, there are nnany varied feelings and confused wishes about McCarty ' s future. [aggies SEATED: STANDING: John Huffmyer, Bob Hart, Ellis Scott, Buck Young, Paul St. John. Harry GuthmuUer, Roger Terrazas, Don Tucker, Al Hutchison, Jim Brock- man, Dick Juen, Dick Vaughn. AGGIE SEASON RECORD Aggies Opponent 29 Okla. A M 55 39 Okla. A M 54 44 Tulsa 56 49 Bradley 68 40 Okla. City U. 74 54 Wichita 80 66 NMU 61 59 Pepperdine 62 51 Pepperdine 54 67 TWC 62 46 Arizona 51 67 West Texas 61 66 Texas Tech 58 48 HSU 61 62 Texas Tech 83 67 West Texas 72 56 Tempe 68 68 Flagstaff 58 52 HSU 58 65 TWC 56 72 NMU 69 HOW THEY SCORED Name Games FG FTA FTM PF TP Huffmyer 13 67 74 50 81 208 Vaughn 13 67 50 44 87 184 Hutchison 13 38 68 31 62 144 Scott 13 51 31 16 41 133 Young 13 69 59 30 89 197 Guthmuller 13 63 85 44 96 211 Name Games FG FTA FTM PF TP Terrazas 13 36 57 54 81 129 Hart 13 15 17 8 29 38 Juen 13 18 15 U 21 51 Brockman 13 4 3 6 4 St. John 13 8 11 6 16 27 Tucker 13 1 1 1 2 3 Parks 13 TOTALS FOR 14 GAMES Team Games FG FTA FTM PF TP AVG. N. M. A M 24 422 463 307 611 1329 59 Opponents 24 457 612 314 503 1526 64.3 Border Conference --Won 5, Lost 9 Complete Season Won 7, Lost 17 INTRAMURALS A well-rounded program of intramural athletics kept energetic students from all walks of school life entertained this year. Close competition in all sports was the rule as 10 or 12 teams were entered in all events. The unusually large number of participants definitely benefited from the program as ar- ranged by Bud Bradly, intramural director for the second year in a row. Bradly and the Physical Education Department can be congratulated on doing such a fine job. As we went to press, the intra- mural champion had not been determined, but the TKEs were ahead by virtue of their winning both football and basketball. Aduie UliUui OLDEST and LARGEST BANK ( (Mf tafcc a d t CLASS OF ' 53 Albuquerque Rational Bank i TOTAL RESOURCES . over -r-z: |75,000,000: =:(Asof Dec. 31, 1952)- MAIN BANK EAST CENTRAL BRANCH SECOND CENTRAL 4021 CENTRAL AVE. NE MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION DALE The Dale Belk Mexico, Builders o day and Every Da lure. " The Chanci Too, Will Some Da mah Home. LAS CRUCES ALBUQUERQUE LLAMAH HOMES h Companies of New ommunities, Offer To- The Home of the Fu- Are Good That You, Live In A Dale Bella- LAS VEGAS HOBBS Zhe South west ' s Q teat est T)epartmeHt Store FOR MORE THAN 50 YEARS! POPULAR DRY GOODS CO EL PASO, TEXAS mOLLy ' S DIOER Steaks-Chicken-Hamburgers Mexican Food South on 80 and 85 At the Mission Motel LAS CRUCES NEW MEXICO Compliments of NORTON BROTHERS Books Stationery Duplication Supplies EL PASO, TEXAS ' S €C7mo s •V RICHMORTAR PORTLAND CEMENT SPECIAL CEMENT When you watch a workman with a trowel of El Tore Richmortar, it doesn ' t look as if it would ever become a building . . . but persistence, coupled with the high quality of El Tore, eventually wins, and there ' s a completed building. El Toro Rich- mortar is the ideal masonry cement — o product worthy of the efforts of the finest craftsmen poRfinnD cEmEnT lo. mPKERS OF EL TORO (EmEiiTS ELPRSO, TEKRS A modern " Up-to-the- Minute " plant, with plenty of " Know How " isn ' t necessarily hound to succeed in any field. It Still Takes FAITH In God In Ourselves In Our Fellow Beings In Freedom To Insure Success. KENNECOTT COPPER CORPORATION CHINO MINES DIVISION Santa Rita New Mexico Hurley FREEDOM-An Ideal and a Heritage When you are free, the liuman desire for self-improvement asserts itself. To improve your own lot, you must do something better than others do it. If you succeed you benefit, and deserve it. If you do not succeed, you can always try again, if you have the character, because we do not face a firing squad when we fail. Freedom underlies all of our great efforts, that lead to achievement, suc- cess, and wealth. And our wealth is not taken from us and distributed like a pack of playing cards. Without freedom, incentive dies, and we reach a poverty of spirit as well as accomplishment. Freedom is the cherished Ideal and Heritage we must never lose. GREETINGS BEST WISHES TO THE STUDENT BODY FACULTY C. H. LfflVRL S White Scmds, Mesilla Park, Los Alamos, Holloman AFB, Alamogordo, and Clo- vis, New Mexico, Pueblo, Colorado; Fort Bliss, Texas, and Camden, Arkansas GENERAL OFFICES 1 900 Wyoming Street El Paso, Texas CONGRATULATIONS Class of ' 53 SOUTHWESTERN MILL DIST. 216 North Campbell El Paso, Texas Wholesale Distributors of Leadings Lines of: Electrical Materials Plumbing and Heating Equipment Building Materials and Equipment Builders Hardware ELECTRicni mECHnniMi suppl¥ CO., inc. EL PASO ROSWELL ODESSA SANTA FE Reynolds Electrical and Engineering Co., Inc. Electrical and Construction Engineers EL PASO HOUSTON ALBUQUERQUE SANTA FE AN ORGANIZATION OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS TRAINED TO THE INTRICATE NEEDS OF THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY ROBERT E. McKEE GENERAL CONTRACTOR. INC. • EL PASO, TEXAS • SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO • LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA • ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA • DALLAS, TEXAS BRONSON PRINTING COMPANY PRINTERS PUBLISHERS STATIONERS 129 S. CHURCH ST. PHONE 14 LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO iJ- xorEfiiionaL s.xuic£. Serving Mesilla Valley for 20 Years NELSON ' S FUNERAL HOME Phone 166 MEMORIAL CHAPEL IN LAS CRUCES Compliments of THE PERFECT TRIBUTE QVithLn tks. M£.ani. of EL exu ' J-amitu El PASO TEXAS The Fulmer Memorial Chapel Mortuary Truly The Kindlier, More Reverent Way 1492 NORTH MAIN CALL 1200 Congratulations Class of ' 53 MALCO REFINERIES, fNC. PETROLEUM PROPUCEBS. REFINERS . MARKETERS ' 1 ' . Mfe mtimm Compliments of pflfiK OIL cofnpflfiy Union Oil Products MESILLA PARK, NEW MEXICO Congratulations to the Class of ' 53 ROBBIE ' S PLACE Thank you for your patronage Down the street from Kent A for a finer education look to NEW MEXICO College of AGRICULTURE and MECHANIC ARTS for your finer needs in the department store line . . . look to EL PASO. TEXAS Your Fashion Store Since 1 00! J Congratulations Class of ' 53 Phillip F. Maloof § Company rPaia Ribbon. Americas Fine Light Beer Distributor for LAS CRUCES NEW MEXICO Congratuations Class ' 53 Las Cruces Laundry-American Linen Supply We sell cleanliness 500 N. MAIN Phones 405 and 373 LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO THE HOME OF ROBERTS REALTY LAS CRUCES, N. M. i. i.iii- • li:. ' " " c HOTEL HERNDON CLEAN COURTEOUS FRIENDLY Mttsumam MESILLA MOTOR COMPANY SALES and SERVICE FORD — MERCURY — FORD TRUCKS GENERAL TIRES Phone 203 and 1026 — — — , rr-, 600 N. Main St. MESILLA ' ' SALES m Las Cruces, N. M. Complete line of home furnishings WESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCES ZENITH CROSLEY RADIOS TELEVISION KROEHLER LIVING ROOM FURNISHINGS LAS CRUCES FURNITURE COMPANY 207 S. Main LAS CRUCES NEW MEXICO WARREN LUMBER For the finest in PAINT CO. photographic equipment, Lumber, Building Materials Supplies and Kodak finishing. Sherwin Williams Pain+s BALLARD ' S PHOTO SHOP 119 S. Main St. PHONE 29 Phone 183-W Griggs and Water Street BERKLEY ' S The Community Drug Store 1 CO N oco H ▼ Gatton Martin SCHOOL SUPPLIES TOILETRIES Conoco Distributors DRUGS PRESCRIPTIONS GASOLINE - KEROSENE GIFT ITEMS H-D SUPER MOTOR OILS ■ ■ Phone 480-R— 1119 801 W. Organ I,as Cruces, N. M. At the Bus Stop-Mesilla Park PHONE 97 We want to offer our congratulations to the Class of ' 53, and our best wishes to you for the future. May your passage through life ' s fields and along its high- ways he filled with hai)i)iness and contentment. May the memories of your collei»e life remain pleasant throughout the future. GOOD LUCK! GREEN ' S JEWELRY ' Where Quality Reigns " 136 N. Main Las Cruces, New Mexico fflfiui suppLy CO-OP The farmers ' store by farmers ' choice. Las Cruces Anthony -,■--; ;. . ' f 0 Ar Y occAS or MEEK ' S FLOWER SHOP LAS CRUCES NEW MEXICO Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of ' 53 P. R. BURN General Contractor Construction Engineer Carver Building Las Cruces, New Mexico Congratulations Class ' 53 S NO. 1 MESILLA PARK NO. 2 NORTH OF LAS CRUCES MALONE DRUG STORE Phone 1127 555 N. Main — Las Cruces, N. M. J. D. MALONE A Drug Store for Everyone Open 7 Days a Week 8 a. m. to II p. m. FREE DELIVERY COMPLIMENTS of DISTRIBUTORS FOR BLEND STRAIGHT WHISKIES LORD CALVERT AND RESERVE KING BLACK LABEL EARLY TIMES OLD FORESTER SCOTCH CANADIAN HAIG HAIG - TEACHERS BALLANTINE - HAKWOODS WINES LA COPITA - PETRI - TAYLOR seers ale amm ' s - ballantine ;anadian ace CARTA BLANCA GINS CALVERT - GORDON RUMS RIONDO - DON Q BRANDIES HENNESSY ■ REMY MARTIN COMPLETE LINE OF DOMESTIC AND IMPORTED CORDIALS, BAR SUPPLIES AND GLASa VARE SOUTHWEST DISTRIBUTING LAS CRUCES ALBUQUERQUE COMPANY ROSWELL SANTA FE Catering Service Dinner House Where Dining is an Adventure VONNIE LEE ' S Luncheon Hours 12 Noon to 2 P. M. Dinner Hours — Sunday — 12 Noon to 9 P. M. Week Days— 5 P. M. to 9 P. M. LAVONNE and LEE H. MILLER Phone 1188 331 W. Las Cruces Las Cruces, New Mexico ROMNEY MOTOR CO. • Dodge Passenger Cars • Plymouth Passenger Cars • Dodge Job-Rated Trucks BODY— FENDER REPAIR WRECKER SERVICE AUTOMOBILE PAINTING 401 S. Alameda Las Cruces, New Mexico Phone 244 Compliments of DEFEE ' S JEWELRY Next to the Cliamber of Commerce 515 N. MAIN LAS CRUCES, NEW MEX Congratulations to the Class of 1953 BARBECUE PIT Sandwiches — Dinners — Fountain Service 429 S. Main Phone 533 LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO TRUCKING LOCAL -LONG DISTANCE MOVING whatever the job, call 260 TRUCK LINE PACKING AND CRATING Agents AERO MAYFLOWER TRANSIT CO. 225 So. Church EUBANKS CLEANERS Mothproofing • Alterations PICK-UP AND DELIVERY Phone 1469 134-138 N. Church St. Las Cnices, N. M. (Between City Hall and Post Office) ROBERT PORTER AND SONS, INC. BUILDING SUPPLIES Lumber — Sash — Doors Paints — Glass Venetian Blinds Picture Framing LAS CRUCES PHONE 92 HATCH PHONE 3511 Congratulations Compliments of to the Class of ' 53 CAMPBELL HOTEL IKARD NEWSOM, Inc. Reasonable Rates Butane Gas Air Cooled SteamHeated Exclusive Las Cruces, New Mexico MAYTAG Dealer LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO VflLLfy PRODUCTS CO., OC. Wholesale Grocers COMPLIMENTS OF PHILLIP ' S Conoco Station CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 53 Phone 99 Goodyear Tires and Batteries CONOCO PRODUCTS LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO Complete Car Servicing 240 S. Main LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of ' 53 WESTERN COTTON OIL CO, Division of ANDERSON, CLAYTON CO., Inc. LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO BETTER PHOTOGRAPHY For that extra special portrait Aggies go to RIVES STUDIO 314 N. MAIN Phone 338 LESILIE DRUM, Owner 123 W. Las Cruces Las Cruces, New Mexico Compliments of THRIFT GROCERY STORES SXore No. 1 1 16 Las Cruces Ave. Phones 70 and 71 Store No. 2 123 N. Main St. Phones 88 and 89 LAS CKL CE-S, NEW MEXICO Central Square Cafe for The Best In Mexican Food Phone 296 M 107 E. Mountain Ave. Las Cruces, New Mexico We have enjoyed making your corsages. COLLEGE FLORIST Phone 1007 LAS CRUCES, N. MEX. WHITFIELD TRANSPORTATION, Inc. Serving West Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado I J n WHITFIELD BUS LINES, Inc. Serving State College, Las Cruces ar.J Vicinity Cactus Motor Company ::: ji PONTIAC CADILLAC k«fc« » p o V T- -A € Z)o ar or Dollar you can ' t beat a PONTIAC. 338 North Maine Las Cruces, N. Mex. CURB SERVICE FOUNTAIN SERVICE CUSTARD 12 Noon Till 1 5 P.M. - 11 P.M. BAR-B-Q HAMBURGERS ROCKY ' S f ' WEST OF TOWN HI-WAYS 80 and 70 Las Cruces, N. Mex. mm wm ■mnnmiaM ACRES LAUNDROMAT Aggies relax while waiting for laundry. LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO HOME OF THE FIGHTING AGGIES Let us take care of your cor. WASHING-GREASING V PARKER ' S CHEVRON STATION TONY PARKER 700 N. Main St. Prop. Las duces. New Mexico Sanchez Hardware Co. Eagle Picher Paint Varnish Exclusive Distributor for PRISCILLA WARE — unconditional Guaranteed Aluminum. Carlos C. Sanchez, Prop. Phone 1340 334 North Church Street Las Cruces, New Mexico You can depend on any drug product that bears the name REXALL. 4 LAS CRUCES REXALL DRUG A friendly meeting place. 103 S. Main Las Cruces, New Mexico LENOX JEWELERS Virginia eyeing Lenox ' s wide selection of distinctive jewelry. 211 North Main LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO NATIONALLY ADVERTISED BRANDS Van Huesen Shirts Stetson Hats Style Mart Suits Campus Wear Catalina Sports Wear Holeproof Hosiery Hickok Belts 8e Jewelry REISEL ' S The Men ' s Store of Las Cruces 113 N. Main Las Cruces, N. Mex. BRUCE MOTEL close in on Highways 80 and 85 South Wi ■-. i gr-sir AIR CONDITIONED — PANEL RAY HEAT Mr. Mrs. Jim Clampitt Phone 1168 Las Cruces, N. Mex. Soulhweslern Lumber Builders Supply Company, Inc. MtSILU i ' AKK Southwestern Lumber rBuilders Supply Mesilla Park, N. Mex. DICKSON Conoco Service Station No. 1 Kelly Tires Wheel Balancing Brake and Light Inspection Pickup and Deliveiy Service Visit our new station, the most modern service equipment in town. On the corner of Maine and Las Cruces Avenue Phone 108-W C. O. Dickson Rod Bason POPULAR DRY GOODS Lupe and Becky agree... for quality and style it ' s the POPULAR. S «WSlg Las Cruces ' Most Progressive Department Store PHONE 597 K I L B Y OURT Clean — Quiet — Comfortable reservations welcomed Aroys Jack Davis, Operating Owners SOUTH CN U- S. 80-3S LAS C» ' JCE5. S, M ==ii..i: .f ' .x4 t» tS m VILLA MOTEL AAA Air Conditioned - Newest Accommodations South on Highways 80 85 Las Cruces, N. Mex. THE MYERS COMPANY Kermit Laabs is always ready to help in your selection of the BEST IN SPORTING GOODS. Student Headquarters for Sporting Goods 116 South Main Las duces, New Mexico Maynez Block Company Build ivith Maynez insulating blocks. " BEST IN THE SOUTHWEST BY TEST " ' Las Cruces New Mexico RUIZ PLUMBING COMPANY Designers Builders of Ruiz " Prefab " Plumbing Install it yourself and save. Heating — Air Conditioning 440 N. Main Ph. 1446 LAS CRUCES, N. MEX. LAS CRUCES BEAUTY SHOP If your hair isn ' t becoming to you. . . You should be coming to us. 437 W. Griggs Ave. Phone 142 Juanita Sanchez, Prop. Compliments of the First National Bank Las Cruces New Mexico HANDMADE TON COWBOY BOOTS 1093 East Overland St. El Paso, Texas R. E. BONEY GENERAL INSURANCE BONDS 118 E. GRIGGS AVENUE LAS CKUCES, NEW MEXICO PUEBLO COURTS Friendliness - Comfort and Cleanliness TILE BATHS - GARAGES Individually Controlled Heat - Some Kitchenettes South on Highways 80-85 CLOSE IN - LAS CRUCES, N. M. PHONE 508 ZmM Zalk FAMILY STYLE RESTAURANT GRADE A Compliments of J. C. PENNEY CO. 203 North Main come in and see our complete line of clothes men ' s women ' s work or play Breakfast - Lunch ■ Dinner Best in Steaks ■ Chicken and Sea Foods Wide Variety of Mexican Foods OPEN 5 A. M. - 8;30 P. M, IN THE CENTER OF TOWN 120 N. MAIN STREET PHONE 526 LAS CRUCES. NEW MEXICO MR. MRS. R. L. LUCERO DrPeppei Congratulations to the Class of ' 53 MESILLA VALLEY BANK Las Cruces New Mexico LA POSTA Rancho Pete, he loves to eat, you ' ll find him mosta at cafe LA POSTA. Mesilla Park New Mexico Farmers Market Supply Company " The Checkerdale Store " Phone 333 Las Cruces, New Mexico Congrafulafions to the Class of 1953 PAT F. CAMPBELL, Jr. Insurance Agent COMPLETE INSURANCE COVERAGE p. O. Box 231 111 W. Griggs Ph. 948 LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO QUICK SERVICE CLEANERS 131 No. Water — Phone 402 1307 W. Picacho — Phone 1331 LAS CRUCES l-M Right! Clothes get cleaner, brighter and fresher than ever before! Colors really sparkle. • SPOTS OUT • PERSPIRATION GONE • NO ODOR • BETTER PRESS Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of ' 53 J. D. Tiielmfi D. Flowers Distributors of PHILLIPS 66 PRODUCTS Phone 87 Las Cruces, New Mexico EMBREE ' S SEWING MACHINES DOMESTIC AND COMMERCIAL SALES — SERVICE — RENTALS COVERED BUTTONS — BELTS — BUCKLES SEWING SUPPLIES UNDERWOOD PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS VICTOR ADDING MACHINES SALES — RENTALS 432 N. CHURCH — PHONE 855-W LAS CRUCES, N. . IEX. Congialulatioiis and Best Wishes to tho Class of 1953 from Alameda Furniture Company fine furnishings for better homes. Exclusive but not expensive AND Slorlz Nursery Nook Everything for the Kiddies, horn Bibs to Cribs Alameda at Amador Phone 881 W Las Cruces, N. Mex. Congratulations Class of ' 53 Wright In$«uranee Agency J. ROY WRIGHT H. P. DERMODY 220 S, Main St. Las Cruces, N. M. PHONE 1106 Headquarters for Melody Congratulations to the Class of ' 53 R.C.A. AND ZENITH RADIOS Phone 824 206 S. Main Las Cruces, N. M. The Budget Shop 135 N. Main St. Las Cruces, N. M. PHONE 744 CAMPUS FOOTWEAR Fea+uring Famous Shoe Brands Prima Ballet Jolene Life Stride Freeman Men ' s Fine Shoes THE FASHION SHOE STORE 109 N. Main Ph. 752-W Congratulations to the Class of ' 53 Valley Loan and Finance Co. ' It ' s easy to pay our Finance Way " Phone 818 P. O. Box 1069 122 West Griggs Ave. LAS CRUCES, NEW. MEXICO Rountree Cotton Company, Ino. Buyers and Financers COTTON 2 TRIANGLE EQUIPMENT CO. Allls-Chalmers Tractors and Farm Machinery GMC Trucks m Cor. Water and Las Cruces Aves. LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO 137 South Church Street Las Cruces, New Mexico Phone 168 P. O. Box 228 AIMED AT TOMORROW-shown above is guided missile tak ing off from White Sands— New Mexico ' s natural 140,000 acre proving ground for rockets and jets. " IRONING " ON THE RANGE-a healthy cUmate means healthy cattle. This strong, fat steer about to be branded is typical of many thousands raised yearly on New Mexico ' s grazing lands. SOURDOUGH 1953 — he ' s a modern prospector looking for uranium ore. There ' s plenty of hidden wealth in mineral deposits still awaiting discovery beneath New Mexico ' s vast ranges. THE uALLOWo ... in mining vocabulary refers to a mine shaft headframe, such as this one, pictured below, located at the modern U. S. Potash Mine near Carlsbad. YOUNG STATE... BRIGHT FUTURE ,xs ?;? ' . R«ir. U. S. Pat. Oir. From the Carlsbad Caverns in the southeast to the Aztec National Monument in the northwest, New Mexico is a land of wide open opportunity and development. 47th State to join the Union, she has assumed her role quickly in keeping pace with progress in this age of the atom. UNITED STATES Young citizens with new ideas are finding this truly a place where opportunities are POTASH COMPANY unlimited. As one of New Mexico ' s leading industries, we know that she lives up to her Carlsbad, New Mexico name. Sunshine State, in every reality . . . with the promise of an even brighter future. THE I EW MEXICAN Founded 1849 SANTA FE NEW MEXICO LA FONDA The Inn af the end of the Trail in Old Santa Fe DINNER DANCING MEXICAN ORCHESTRA LA CANTINA — LA CANTINITA NEWS STAND RESTAURANT DAVID L. COLE, Manager " FOR BRANDS YOU KNOW- IN QUALITY MEN ' S WEAR IT ' S OF SANTA FE ON THE PLAZA SINCE 1913 LITTLE ' S Gulf Service Station Upper College Road MISSION Gulf Service Station South Hi-Way 80 DAVIS Gulf Service Station West Hi-Way 80 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF ' 53 FRANK 0. PAPEN COMPANY Insurance, Engineering and Surveying Las Crucesj New Mexico g - mmaasoBi GEORJESS The Home of Distinctive Ladies Apparel 106 S. Main Las duces, New Mexico FOUNTAIN SERVICE FOR YOUR HEALTH Phone 120 Baker Drug Store Inc. Las Cruces, N. M. COMPETENT COSMETICIAN COLLEGE INN Across from Kent College Inn Tortugas Trading Post Where all AGGIES meet. - TORTUGAS TRADING POST ' ' As .- and GREYHOUND BUS STATION Las Cruces Citizen Printers-Publishers The House of Good Impressions Phone 10 114 S. Main St. Working on the Round-Up Las Cruces, N. Mex. South Side Highway 80 85 Las Cruces, N. Mex. Yours, THE MISSION MOTEL Ernie Bruce, Lavi Bruce, Bob Bruce TURRENTINE CHEVROLET COMPANY L CHEVROLET These girls agree that the 1953 Chevrolet is beautiful Comer of Griggs Alameda Las Cruces, N. Mex. For that real Mexican food try the SPANISH KITCHEN. SPANISH KITCHEN 402 S. Main Las Cruces, N. M. .looking for REAL ENTERTAINMENT? FOR MOVIE ENJOYMENT AT IT ' S BEST Rio Grande - State - Plaza No. 1 525 North Main MEET THE MIGHTY ATOM REDDY KILOWATT Your electrical servant of the 20th Century . . . making your lives easier, brighter, more en- joyable. Ever on the job to administer comfort, protection and pleasure, Reddy Kilowatt heralds the Atomic Age! EL PASO ELECTRIC CO. MESILLA VALLEY DIVISION A TAX-PAYING PUBLIC UTILITY STULL LIQUORS Las Cruces, New Mexico No. 2 1402 West Picacho Coronado Courts Perry L. Watson Chevron Station Auto Supplies Hardware Sporting Goods AGGIES let us service your car. SPECIALIZING IN LUBRICATIONS WE CARRY ALL KINDS OF OILS CALL AND DELIVERY SERVICE Mesilla Park NEW MEXICO Congratulations Class ' 53 Las Cruces, New Mexico COMPLIMENTS OF Prichard Book Stationery Co. Your Friendly Office Supply Store 312 N. Main Phone 1800 LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO THIS ftombrc . , ran wild over the ranges of the Southwest before any bank opened in the territory. Now his favorite stamping ground is the movies, where the hero overcomes him much more often than he did during the roaring last half of the 1 9th century. Law and order soon followed in the wake of the establishment of this bank in 1870 by Lucien B. Maxwell, famous frontiers- man. In those rough and ready times, as well as today, we served our customers in city, country and community with the most mod- ern equipment available. The FIRST NATIONAL BANK of Santa Fe ' Olili ' st Band in ihp CAPITAL AND SURPLUS $], 000,000.00 F.D.LC. SANTE FE LOS ALAMOS CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 53 THE RYDAL PRESS, INC, SANTA FE NEW MEXICO NEFF COURT and RESTAURANT " Where Your Food Dollar Has More Sense. " V. S. Hi-Ways 70, 80 and 85 W. Las Cruces, N. Mex. BOB TEARNAN MOTORS, INC. ALL AGGIES extra welcome. 1953 STLDEBAKER CORPORATION ' S x Bk 101st year on the highways of the world Phone 846-847 W 620 N. Main Las Cruces, N. M. WM. P. BIXLER, PRESIDEWT J. GLENN BIXLER, vice phesident LOT ' I8 M. BURLESON, secretaht ABSTRACTS TITLE INSURANCE PHOTOSTAT COPIES LAS CRUCES ABSTRACT AND TITLE COMPANY ABSTRACTS OF TITLE OF LANDS IN DONA ANA 129 South Maut Stheet p. O. BOX 103 2 LAS CRUCES. N. M. raB E For a Coke and a snack after the game or the movie. Shamrock " Drive Jm Complete Line of Sandwiches and Fountain Service Aggie hangout

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