New Mexico State University - Swastika Yearbook (Las Cruces, NM)

 - Class of 1952

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New Mexico State University - Swastika Yearbook (Las Cruces, NM) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 256 of the 1952 volume:

A yy A .A. ■% , ' k I: " ' ulif w ■■hiii .• ' e ?. If, 11 II IF fl i •f t ' • ' " ..d-,,.T. ■,,jr ' i ' Nk i X Vf I ;! n w w u -, K P: i p F i PF I if i -ttiA J TATE CpLLE:?.E , N t v M E X I C j SCMAFFEtt H Page Around Headquarters (Administration) 5 B Straw Bosses (Faculty) 9 Ranch Hands (Classes) 17 Top Hands (Seniors) 17 2 Wranglers (Juniors) 33 Tenderfeet (Sophomores) 45 IK Greenhorns (Freshmen) 57 Gotherin ' s an ' Meetin ' s (Clubs and Honoraries) 73 m Famous Brands (Greek Socials) 115 The Posse (R.O.T.C.) 139 J Round the Corral (Activities) 149 T Ribbon Winners (Favorites) 165 High Ridin ' (Sports) 193 Aggie Boosters (Advertising) 1 I K A t 52 ECKEW ;: . jj f.VER " ' rnAPSE ' - TedVanSo« « " 7 cuiU ta e (f u tAnxM tAc ycc oUo{4A mc 7 ! ifca 0O cUcUccUed r . i fwi ' Tfii jIB tl ' . . . past, present and prospective. It is difficult to produce such a composite person. Instead we have picked an Aggie family to represent Aggies everywhere. We feel you all know the Aggies pictured on these pages. For those new stu- dents who aren ' t familiar with the photos, let us point out that this is the I. Persh- ing lolly family. " Persh " and Lydia grew up in State College. Both attended N. M. A M, and both have settled in State College. Pershing has been the college postmaster for some years, and we present him, his wife, and his chil- dren, Barbara Ann and Sharon Kay, as our idea of the representative Aggie family. I i ' - -Jii- ' ..- fflS il rr-- ' i 1 l ' ' J ' ■•iv -.■-«■ -v -5«(kvfe,W . = ; . SJ- ' v _ J3J " « ' f3 5€tf 7fs:-!?Vv ' S ■Sr rg ?!5 79 E PB Sf sr l g- . .4 Ivr- ' • - ... - ' " Sir ' . f %• C i j- ' .. ' r l i ' -f i r ;4t(UMcC eci cl uanten (Administration) 7 c a Sectca(t XnCiHCH. ALVIN D. BOSTON Dean of Arts Sciences MELVIN A. THOMAS Dean of Engineering RUTH WESTLUND Counselor of Women ERA RENTFROW Registrar WILLIAM R. NICHOLS Dean of Agriculture . B. MUNSON Dean of Students PAUL BOUSHELLE Publicity Director f BENSON B. POIRIER Counselor for Men IN MEMORIAM W. EARL BEEM 1901-1952 — the life span of a man. These numerals tell how long he lived but nothing of why he lived, what he accom- plished, or of our loss in his passing. W. Earl Beem died in February, 1952. His title was " Head of the English Department of the New Mexico College of A SMA. " But he was a great deal more than this — for he serv- ed as one of the few real leaders we have, Mr. Beem was a progressive man. He waged continuous war on all that attempted to stop growth. He battled for progress in all fields — mental, physical, abstract, concrete — nev- er balking at the dust, dirt and unpleasantries that so often go with sweeping away the cob- webs that are barriers to progress. Mr. Beem was modern in his ideas and his actions. Never one to seek personal acclaim, he did all that he could to aid the good causes that others sought to further The minister at his funeral said that surely so many persons from so many walks of life who had come to pay their last respects to Earl Beem was as fine a tribute as any man could hope to have. Many mourn the passing of a man, the student body at New Mexico A SM mourns the passing of a friend and a leader. 8 AG ECONOMICS Left to right; P. W, Cockrill, W. D. McFadden, W. P. Stephens, H. B. Pingrey, Carl Hall. AG ENGINEERING Lett to right E. G. Hanson, Z. B. Tyson, A B Smith AG EDUCATION Carl G. Howard AGRONOMY Left to right. A. D. Dotzenko, Glen Staten, Chia Wei Chang, C. A. H. Khan, J. C. Overpeck, Marvin Wilson, G. N. Stro- man, W. P. Soppenfield, J. E. Chapman, Harold Dregne, Sherman Paur, Mrs. Elizabeth Davis. HOME ECONOMICS Mrs. Stroman Miss O ' Loughlin, head Mrs. Beaty Miss Anderson DAIRY HUSBANDRY R. M. Porter Frank Heim D. D. Miller S. R. Skaggs, head ANIMAL HUSBANDRY I- H. Knox, head; I. W. Benner, J. J. Norris, Kenneth Valentine, P. E. Neale, R. M. Durham, W. E. Watkins, I. D. Mankin. POULTRY HUSBANDRY R. T. McCorty, L. N. Berry, head. BUSINESS AD AND ECON. G. A, Lockwood W. A. Aliord J, E. Pearson Mrs. Laura Snow L. D. Haighl G. L. Guthrie, head CHEMISTRY Leit to right: A. D. Boston, head R. L. Barrett K. G. Melgaard H. O. Smith Kleim Alexander Tom Loomis L. R Evans G. R. Hamiel K R ' n ' S B n K F rvMP ' ' HL -i " !? m t ' -Jt m: -t U f M, ,„ P H D«F T j H HJ I H ART Left to right: K, R. Borrick P. W. Mannen, head BIOLOGY Leit to right: R. F. Crawlord, head Mrs. Ruth Meadows Mrs. Maud Guthrie D. B. Dunn I. R. Eyer J. E. Weiss Mrs. Florence Anderson M, G. Anderson 12 I ENGUSH Left to right: H. Zohn, P. Boushelle, L. Weber E. Beem, head, J. Forsyth, R. FrankUn Left to right; P. S. Conkhn, Mrs. Carroll, Miss Miller Mrs. Hordman, J. W. Boyd, N. T. Reed. GEOLOGY, GEOGRAPHY James Culbert FOREIGN LANGUAGES Left to right: G. D. Crow, C. A. Tyre, C. H. Stubing. 13 m ■ i ■ k. j ' ' ' ' . iHI ■ w M U-M j yBHPP y - ■B mm !%.ifl . BflMflfl BHi C 1 iHf 1 MATHEMATICS Left to right: R. L. Westhaver O. B. Ader W. E. Walden, head G. R. Goethals Max Kramer Ralph Crouch Ralph Stidham MUSIC Carl Jacobs, head K. L. Bender R. A. Montague I. M. Racz EDUCATION Left to right: Miss McMahon, Clarence Hope, W. B. O ' Donnel C. W. Thomson, Miss Johnson, C. C. Dove, head PHYSICS Lett to right: A. J. Hatch, E. L Cleveland, J. B. Williams, W. L Weeks, G. W. Gardiner, R K Sherbourne, Albert Burris, W. R Clancy, R. W. Dressel, 14 HISTORY AND SOCIAL STUDIES Left to right: P. M. Baldwin, I G Clark, S F Kropp, Sigurd Johansen, head; L. L. Blaisdell, L L. Camien. - . PHYSICAL EDUCATION Left to right: V. D. Corley. C. S, Moll, head; Mrs. Peatschman. AIR SCIENCE Left to right: Front; Maj. H. L. Gephart Copt. L C. Draper M Sgt. C. M. Cost S Sgt. S. I. Yurosek Lt. W. C. Nolan Back; M Sgt. H. O. KiUian Copt. I. R. Norris T Sgt. H. D. Nelson T Sgt. W. R. Williams Lt. J. V. Wible M Sgt. L F. Puthoff MIUTARY SCIENCE Left to right: Front: SFC F. E. Bills Capt. Smoot Lt. Col. F. H. Hartline Copt. H. Z. Moore M Sgt. J. A. Burmon SFC C. A. Kemper Back: SFC O. B. Hicks SFC J. W. Utley SFC J. R. Marshall M Sgt. C. E. Nussbaum ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Left to right, R. L. Riese M A. Thomas, head C. D. Crosno H. A. Brown CHEMICAL ENGINEERING L. B. Shires, head L. R. Evans CIVIL ENGINEERING Left to right: O. C. Payne, D. B. Jett, F. Bromilow, head; R, Pugh MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Left to right: J. P. Morgan, G, F. Panlener, A, M. Lukens, head; J. W. Fields, R E. James. 16 17 GEORGE ABERNATHY PEGGY ADAMS IRVING ALDERMAN Mills Anthony Rochester, N. Y. l ft j V ' H T istJH — M -«- -J ' ' . " ftt Ilm ' H ™kj?iL ; ..M... _£Si8 ■ .... . Mik. . JUDY ARNOLD Ysleta, Texas CAROLINE BARHAM Los Lunes CONNIE BAVOUSETT 18 VINCENT BOUDREAU Carlsbad BEN BOYKIN Mesilla Park R. S. BROOKS Melrose JERRY BROWN Tucumcari VINCENT BUDENHOTZER Helen LOUIS BUENABENTA Mountain Air 19 RAYMOND CANO Mesilla lAMES CROUCH Murray, Kentucky JOHN CUNNINGHAM Jul 20 EUGENE DEGNER Carrizozo FRED DENNEY Las Cruces lESS DICKENSON Melrose RAYMOND O. DINGER Tuchahoe, N. Y. lACK DONAHEY Texico DON DRIGGERS Santa Rosa 21 BILL DUNN Alamoqordo BOB DWYRE Santa Fe WILLIAM ECKELMANN Ridge Field Park. N I DAN FOREMAN Chickosha. Okia K. T. FROM Pennsauken, N. I. BARBARA FUNKHOUSER Fairacres LOUIS GARRETT Hatch KATHRYN GIBBS Las Cruces DONALD GHASINCJ Englewood, N I BOB GROUNDS Los Cruces 23 JOHN HAMPTON Lovington FRANK HARRINGTON Alamogordo B, K. HAWKINS Las Cruces EDWARD HICKCOX Douglas, Ariz. EVERETT C- HURT Las Cruces BOB JAMES Malaga 24 PAUL KEPNER Kokomo, Ind- DAVID KIDD Roy GERTRUDE KRETEK Deming CARLENE LAW Las Cruces 25 STANLEY H. LEWIS San Angelo, Texas HOWARD LITTLE Silver City ROBERT LOGAN FormerviIIe, Texas lAMES LONG Artesia RUPERT E. MANSELL Rocky, Okla. MARVIN MASSEY Los Cruces 26 CAHL MAYS Corona ELINOR McCAN Deming E. R. McDOWEU. Vaughn FRANK MEADOR Estancia lOE MILLER Hobbs O E. MILLER Hobbs • ROBERT MOSES Austin, Texas BETTY RUTH NEATHERY Snyder, Texas BILL MOUNCE McLean, Texas JAMES MURAOKA Albuquerque 27 MARTIN NESBITT Chihuahua, Chih., Mex. EDWARD F. OLIVER Mesilla E. L. OLIVER Ventura, Calif. lUAN ORTEGA El Valle HOYT PATTISON Clovis ROBERT RICHARDS Carlsbad 28 ANTHONY ROMO Tucumcari TOMMY ROSE Roswell WILLARD SCOTT Santa Fe BILL SHAFFER Lawton, Olcla. GLENN SNOW Carrizozo WILLIAM SMITH Hereford, Texas LOUISE SOWELL Las Cruces 29 DONALD E. STEELE Grenville J. C. STEINEPREIS Las Vegas ROBERT STOLLER Raton BILLY STONE Clovis JIM TAGKETT Vinila, OUa. THOMAS A, TARLETON Taos 30 C. A. UTTON Aztec ORION UTTON Aztec TED VAN SOELEN Santa Fe RAYMOND VIGIL Socorro SUE WALDIN Santa Fe dhiJ h DEARL WALLACE Corona EDWARD WALLACE Tucumcori CARL WILSON, JR. Cloudcroft THERESA MARY WALL El Dorado, Kan. JEAN WILLIAMS Hatch 31 DALE WILSON Las Cruces CHARLES K. WITT Santa Fe ROBERT WOOLLEY Deming HELEN CHILTON Los Cruces SENIORS SAMMY ROMERO Capitan, N. M. Too Late to Classify .yi LEMAE CUSBEE Engle PAT THOMPSON San Angelo, Texas THOMAS SCANDONE Irvington, N. J. HENRY C. SCHIPMAN Las Cruces 32 33 ROBERT BAGWELL Amislad E C. BAUGHMAN Winchester, Va. VIRGINIA BENEDICT Fort Sumner 34 DOROTHY CRIDEBRING Sacramento JOE CROCKETT Stamford, Texas LOU HELEN VON ENGELBRECHTEN Las Cruces ROBERT EURE Ft. Bayard ALFRED D. FIELDER Las Cruces 36 PAT GUTHREY Silver City YVONNE HALL Albuquerque HICHARD HARKEY Ancho 37 m A V ' ■ BOB JOHNSON Clovis GORDON JONAS Shiprock C5- ' % NOVA HUTCHISON Amarillo, Texas DARREL JOHNSON Clovis 38 PAUL B. JONES Las Cruces MARY JO KENNEDY Clayton o. - Jt t DAVID LIGLN Fort Stockton, Texas V i PAT LOGSDON Belen JAY F. LEWIS Carlsbad JUNE LOGAN Hatch FRANCISCO LOPEZ Las Cruces 39 RAYMOND MADSON Aztec !»VNf NINA McCORMACK Rogers RUTH McLaughlin Electra, Texas SOL DEL ANDE MENDEZ San Cristobal. Venezuela 40 HARRY nigh;: ' ;.-.a : T or C ALVIS PETERS Roswell lOAN OVERPECK Las Cruces 41 BETH REYNOLDS Luna EDWIN SCHMIDT Levy MARY LOU SAIS Los Lunas CANUTO SANCHEZ, IR Santa Rosa ROSS SCHMIDT Wagon Mound 42 DORIS STEELE Grenville JACK STUART EI Paso CLAY THOMASON Cloudcroft 43 5 ' V? " Pj fe raB ANN TILDEN A C. TREAT PATSY TURRIETTA ROSE MARIE VALDES BETTY VAN HUSS Stale College Demmg Albuquerque Las Cruces Santa Rosa W. R. VAN HUSS MARKA VAUGHAN MARY FRANCES VERCHER TOM WHITE DOLORES WILLIAMS Santa Rosa Santa Fe Las Cruces Albuquerque Santa Fe w PHIL WILSON Santa Fe RAMON WOODSIDE Artesia 44 TOMMY YODER Roswell NAURINE ZELLERS Gallup 46 SAM BROWN Santa Rosa GEORGE BUCHENAU Roswel! SUZANNE BRUMLEY Santa Fe C. L. BRYANT Tucamcan PAULINE BRYANT Tucumcari 1 LOUISE BUCKLEY Las Cruces ' 1 s EMMA LOU CAHOON La Mesa GILBERT GANG MesiUa CUBIA CLAYTON Tularosa BOB CALLOWAY Alamoqordo VIRGINIA CHAVEZ Ranchos de Taos ROGER CLUFF Bloomlield BONNIE COX Las Cruces MILDHED COFFEE Hoi Springs GERALD R COLE Albuquerque CARROLL COONCE Cayuqa, Indiana lANIE DALE Tucumcari STANLEY DENNIS Deming M 48 CHARLES FAIRCHILD Carlsbad HENRY FREE Kansas City, Mo. DOLORES FIELDS Santa Fe CHARLES FL OYD Estancia ANN FOREHAND Carlsbad d MIKE FRIETZE Mesilla 49 :t DOROTHY HARDIN latum CLARABELLE HART IIM HENRIE Albuquerque qfli . J M pk Santa Fe r •U L ' JB 1 ■ W . H ▼ M W- k Li 50 lOAN HOLCOMB Alamoqordo WILUAM HICKS Alamoqordo - 4 LEONE HURST Deming i- J " dl LEON JOHNSON Raton f ALBERT HUTCHINSON Mountain Air lAMES R. ISLEB Roswell GEORGIA lACQUEZ Aztec BILLIE JOHNSTON Raton lOAN lOBE Las Graces 51 PAUL LINTNER Las Cruces WALTER LOCKHART Raton 52 MABEL McCORMICK Raion JUDY NICHOLS Mesilla Park PATRICIA McMAHON Las Cruces liMMiE McMillan Los Alamos BILL DON NAVL Lovington WESLEY ;; Taos -- ' -S DERBY PARKER Estoncia LOLA PATRICK Socorro CELESTINA F QUINTANA Arroyo Seco lESS HICHARDSON Las Cruces MARGARET RiDGE La Mesa [AMES J, ROGERS Las Cruces 54 JERRY STARK Cayuga, Ind PAUL ST JOHN Lander, Wyo JOHN C SULLENS Santa Rosa ROBERT TALLEY Alamogordo RICHARD VAUGHN Mansfield, 111. HELEN TUDOR Fori Sumner f 1! - ■ f PHYLLIS WEEMS Tucumcori lO ANN WHITE Carlsbad ROBERT WHITE Las Graces CLEO WILBANKS Reserve TED WILBANKS Reserve m LAWRENCE WILLIAMS San Juan Baulista, Calif. WILLIAM WILSON Hurley RONALD WILTBANKS Albuquerque DOLORES BOMBACH Las Cruces 56 1 : M GENE ABERTA Isleta Reservation -■ ' H : . -. ii 1 » 14 DAROL ADY Slate College O WILLIAM ADAMS Central CAROL ADY State College BENIAMIN ALVAREZ Mesilla STELLA ALVAREZ Las Cruces 58 FRANK ATMORE Ute Park lOHNNIE BAGWELL Melrose BILLY RAY BAIRD Tore ERNEST S BARELA Albuquerque JANE BAKER Las Cruces AUSTIN BELL Hilo, Hawaii STANLEY BILBERRY Portales AMELIA BORREGO Santa Cruz MURLENE BOWRA Las Cruces IIMMY BRADLEY Las Cruces NINA BHKWTON Lake Arthur 59 E:LLY CAMfbLLL MARY CHACON Espanoia BILLIE CLARKSON Las Cruces FOHN COCHRAN Lordsbura LEO COMEAU Keanny. N lO ELLEN DUNCAN QUINNIE FLINT Bard GERTRUDE FIELDEr Las Cruces lOAN FAROUEK GFRALDiNE FARMER House MELINA GUTIERREZ Belen lOYCE GREEN Clovis DIANE GROSS Santa Fe DWAIN GRIGGS Portales CECIL GRAY Artesia DARLENE GRAVES Roswell DELLA GATES McAlister DALE GANTZ Pam pa, Tex y£z MITZI HANEY Carlsbad TED HARRIS Farmmgton LAWRENCE HARLON Santa Fe IIMMY HARRIS Las Cruces PAT HARWELL Las Cruces i II IIMMIE HAYES Pampa, Texas DOHOTKY HtCKMAK Albuquerque " ■- GAYLE HENNIGAN Raton DAVIS HOLT Carlsbad OMETA JOHNSON Artesia AiLEEN JOHNSTON Tucumcari BETTY JOHNSON Raton BETTY lEAN LOOMIS Las Cruces lANE LEWIS Weed REED LEWIS Carlsbad VIRGINIA LEE Endee fiS WALTER LaFLEUR Demmq m ) X A ANNA MARTIN Lordsburg EVELYN MARR Tularosa GERALD MATTHEWS Pampa, Texas BETTY RAE MEIER Hurley ROSEMARY MOEHN Las Vegas RICHARD A MOORE Santa Fe WAYNE MUNCRIEF Las duces DIANE NICHOLSON Capulia ELEANOR NEWSOM Vado CHARLES M. NELSON Wagon Mound MARGERY NEALE Slate College VERA SCOTT Deming FRANKLIN SALAZAR Springer IVAN SALYER Ashland. Kan. CHARLES SHIRK, [R Alb-jquerque CLAUDETTE SiMNING Santa Fe fAMES SIMS Pasluro NORMAN SMITH Roswell 69 SCOTT T SPENCER Lordsburg EMMA STONEHAM Lovmglon GERALD R STRYKER Lubbock, Tex. PAT SWAIN San Jon GRETCHEN VEDDER Santa Fe BLUFORD THORNTON Pyote, Tex SHIRLXY TRIMBLE Las Cruces LACRECIA TRUITT Anthony RENNY WALDROP Grady DAVID WATT Oioa, Hawaii ELLEN WELLS PEGGY V,_ . Ft. Sumner 71 MARY SUE WHITNEY Roswell % CLABE WICKER Pecos, Texas CODY WILLIAMS Artesia lODY WILLIAMS Artesia GENE WOODARD Lovingion - i i TERRY YODER Bailinger, Texas ROBERT YOUNG Silver City EMILIO ZAMORA Lincoln 72 NATIONAL HONORARY AGRICULTURE FRATERNITY The objectives of this fraternity are to stimulate interest in the profession of agriculture, establishing and maintain- ing high standards of scholarship. Members are chosen on the basis of character and leadership from the upper two- lifths scholastically, of the sophomore, junior, and senior classes OFFICERS; EDWARD WALLACE Chancellor ROBERT JAMES Censor HOWARD LITTLE Treasurer CALVIN BURNS -. Scribe AZEL LEWIS Chronicler NEW INITIATES BACK ROW: Leit to right Wallace, Harnett, Dnggers, Hickcox, Burns, Little, Romo, Lewis, Dr, Norris, James, Dr. Durham, Mr Pingrey SECOND ROW: Prof. Evans, Prof Valentine, Goldston, Ivey. Brooks, Bonner. Morrov , Gossett, Van Huss, Smith, Thomas, Pattison, Prof Tyson FIRST ROW: Browm, Richards, Woods, Rusk, Reynolds, Kearns, Lewis, Snow Not shown Gean and GronewoUer 74 G. H ABERNATHY R. L. JAMES I F. MORROW W. F, SMITH I W BARNETT D. A. KIDD O. H. PATTISON E- R STOREY W R VAN HUSS W. C- BURNS A. G. LEWIS M. L, ROBERSON I. M, TACKETT E. H. WALLACE 75 PERCY M BALDWIN, Sponsor WILLIAM E ECKELMANN President THEODORE VAN SOELEN Vice-President KATHERINE GIBBS Sec-Treasurer Phi Mu Tou IS the Honorary Arts and Sci- ence fraternity. Candidates must have a cu- mulative overage of three point, and at least forty-eight hours of credit on record. Top Row: John T. White, George Smith, Robert L. Smith Middle Rowr: Wm. Eckelmann, Dr. Baldwin, Jerry Goring, Ered Hinchey, Ted Von Soelen, Henry George, Charles Matthews, Dan Griffith. Bottom Row: Nolo Belle Atchley, Christine Ady, Peggy Adams, Virginia Arthur, ludy Arnold, Elizabeth Blank, Don- na Holland, Mary Helen Hancock. Billie Swain, Betty Von Huss, Jade Lovell First Row, Leit to Right: Glenn R. Hare, James W. Stossinos, Clifford Ricci, Prof Glen F. Panlener, Elton L. Ol- iver, Lisle R- James, Mr. James W. Field. Second Row, Left to Right: Prof. Arch M. Lukens, Kendall T. From, John C. Jozwik, Dean W. Phillips, James A. Frye, Evert S. Simons, Francis N. Winans, Wesley D. Thatcher. Honorary Mechanical Engineering Fraternity, Tau Delta Chapter: — Chapter installed at New Mexico A M April 13, 1950 with 31 charter members. OFFICERS: President DEAN PHILLIPS Vice President KEN FROM Treasurer LISLE JAMES Recording Secretary ELTON OLIVER Corresponding Secretary JOHN JOZWIK Faculty Sponsor PROF. GLEN F. PANLENER Members not present for photograph: Prof, Morgan, Mr. Hardgrave, Mr, Smith, Charles Witt, Jock T. Watzke 77 Back Row: A. B Ennquez. M D Wallace, Mr, Howard, R E Mansell, I, H. Spikes, R, B. Harris, A. Doilchinoff, S. H. Lewis, H P. Gronewcller, T. A. Tarlton, R. Cunningham, G. H- Gabehccrl, E. R. Storey, E- Da- vila, I, C. Steinepreis Sealed: D. B, Cruce, O H, Stan- ley, H. A. Herrera, F, Valdez, T Espinose, W R. Wilson, G. Maes, R Gomez, I, C White, E, K Wallace, C Treat, R. H White D B. Cruce, O H. Stanley, H- A. Herrera, F Valdez, T. Espi- nose, W. R Wilson, G, Maes, R, Gomez, I. C, White, E. K Wallace, C. Treat, R. H. White, Alpha Tau Alpha is a National Professional-Honorary Agricultural Education Fraternity. The primary aim of the organization is to provide leadership lor prospective teachers of Vocational Agriculture. Activities this year in- cluded the initiation of a Chapter at the University ol Arizona. 78 -A-: ll MEMBERS NOT SHOWN: A. B. ENRIQUEZ T, ESPINOSA R. B. HARRIS H, A. HERRERA F VALDEZ M D. WALLACE T A. TARLTON President A. DOITCHINOFF Vice-Presidenl S H LEWIS Secretary -Treasurer E. R STOREY Sergeant at Arms 1, C STEINPREIS Parliaraenlarian CARL HOWARD Sponsor and Advisor ROBERT NICHOLS I W BRANSON P W.COCKERILL S, W JOHNSTON O, H STANLEY R E MANSELL R CUNNINGHAM H P GRONEWALLER S E DAVILA 1 F G. JONES J, C. WHITE I H SPIKES C TREAT R GOMEZ G. MAES G H GABEHART E K WALLACE R H WHITE W R WILSON 79 WILLIAM F, (BILL) SMITH, President Founded in 1905, the Ag club is the oldest organization ol its kind on the campus The club ' s purpose is to promote an interest in agriculture and Iriendships among Ag students. The annual Ag mixer was the tirst function on the calendar ol events. This mixer is given each year to welcome freshmen Ag and Home Ec majors. Other activities sponsored by the Aci club were: the Ag Bawl, the ' book exchange, cattleman dance with proceeds go- ing to livestock judging team, purchase of a Public Address system and tape recorder for use oi various events in school of Agriculture For the first time students majonhg in Home Economics were included in the Ag Club. I OFFICERS: President BILL SMITH Vice President BOB FENTON Secretary FRANK MEADOR Treasurer VICTOR G KRAMETBAUER Rep. His ROSS E. SCHMIDT Critic MARY JO KENNEDY Sgt. at Arms JOE CROCKETT Faculty Sponsors: Lef to right: Carl R Hall, Mrs Deanie Stroman, William P Stephens MEMBERS NOT SHOWN: Keith Avery, DeVon Bailey, Ernest Barela, Billy Bleiker, Leonard Bourland, Earl Carter, Joseph Downs, Bruce Edwards, Kathleen Ellis, Donald Farmer, Bob Fenton, William Ferguson, Joy Flowers, Billy Harlan, James Harris, Howard Hays, Samuel Hernandez, Jerry Higdon, Hal Hopson, John Hoskins, Bill Huey, Francis Hugunin, Kenneth Hutchins, Mario Iglesias, Raymond Kgou, Robert James, James Kelly, Stanley Lewis. William Littrell, John Mahill. William Manning, Frank Meador, Andre Melson, Rosemary Moehn, John Morrow, Hiroshi Muramoto, James Park. Donald Paschal, Jerry Porter, Henry Reed, Barbara Reynolds, James Reynolds, Elmer Rigoni, Cleo Rinker, Eleanor Rollins, Charles Shirk, Edward Sierra, Bob Stout, Cornelius Sullivan, Thomas Tarleton, Tom Toney, Thomas Valen- tine, Marka Vaughan, John Wenk, Bill Wilson, Robert Wright, Bob Colclazier. Harry Nightingale, Jo Ellen Duncan, Armando Lacayo, Joan Farquer, Rupert Mansell, W. D Conley, Bob Smith, Jack Wallace, Bud Dollahon, Roy Macan. 80 IS. T ii m Jf iafti,i Row 1 Gene Abeyta, Helen Anderson, Otis Anderson, James Brookman. Robert Brooks, Jim Brown, Marian Brown Row 2 C. L. Bryant, joe Crockett, Janie Dale, Jane Driggers. Jim Dunlap, Emerlinda Gallegos, William Gossett, Joyce Green. Row 3: Charles Greene, Henry Gronewoller, Thomas Hardy. Jim Henne, Kelly Johnson, Christine Johnston, Dick Jones, Ivalene Kemp. Row 4: Mary Jo Kennedy, David Kidd, Bruce Latham, Azei Lewis, Jane Lewis, Howard Little. Evelyn Marr, Doris Mc- Farland. Row 5 Richard Nelson, Diane Nicholson, Juan Ortega, Dee Park, Bob Rabe, Tony Romo, Retha Roundy, Bonnie Russell. Row 6; Ross Schmidt, Al Sims, Frances Stark, Jackie Stovall, Pat Thompson, A. C Treat, Patsy Turrietta, William Van Huss. Row 7: Darrell Wall, Edward Wallace, Phyllis Weems, Ellen Wells, Sue Wilbanks, Ted Wilbanks. Bill Wood, Emilio Zamora The Alpha Lambda Chapter of Al- pha Gamma Rho received its Nation- al Charter on May 19. 1951. It is the only chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho in New Mexico. We have just com- pleted our lirst year on campus as a Iraternity, Alpha Lambda novir has 28 active members and 10 pledges. SPONSORS: Mr Zariel G, Tyson Mr, Robert M. Porter Mr H B, Pingrey Mr. R. W. Ludwick Iplp (Bamma Ijo ratonttg I Group Picture ol Alpha Lambda Chapter with Installing Brothers and Alumni Faculty Sponsors: Leit to Right, Front Row — Joseph Lyon, Charlie Matthews, loe Rivera, Harry Nightingale, Robert Colclazier, Carl Treat, Willie Ashby, Burt Beasly, Second Row — Benny Lucero, Edward Loltus(Phi), John Glass, Frank Harriman, Bill Holderman, D. O. Smith. Ivan Newman Third Row — Ernest Hellwege (Pi), Paul LaVine, Al Porter, Al Sims, Les Kaiser (Phi), Bill Parsons, Zariel Tyson (Alpha Gamma). Russell Ludwick (Pi), H. B Pingrey (Rho). Fourth Row— Jake Schmilt (Eta), Don- ald Cass, Earl Carter, Clay Withrow, Marshall Wanzer (Phi) Not present BiUie C. Smith, W J Wallace. Bob White. Mario Lacayo. Frank Boca, Jim Steinepreis 82 OFFICERS 1951-1952 From Row, Leit to Hiahl Don Cass, Corresponding Secretary, Robert Colclazier. Noble Ruler, joe Ri era, Usfier Rear Carl Treat, Secretary, Harry Nightingale, Treasurer; Al Sims. Chaplain Zariel Tyson Advisor f ! k? How I — Leil to Right; Robert Colclazier, Mario Laca- yo. Carl I ' reat. Harry Nightingale, joe Rive- ra Row 2 — Al Sims, lohn Glass. Frank Baca. Charlie Matthews. Bob White Rov.- 3 — Willie Ashby. Carl Wilson. lim Steinepreis 83 Front Row Mrs Guy Winsteod, Jo Ann Garrett, Neiva Craddock, Clarice Hall, Dennis Glenn, Mary Hogg, Lacrecia Truitt, Marilyn Sweanngen, Nola Craddock Middle Row Dr Guy Winstead. Mr W, A Altord, Steve Skaggs, lack Stuart, Gene Woodard, Bill Jackson, Jim Brockman Back Row Bill Don Naul, John Rusk, Presley Donaldson, Cody Williams, Jody Williams, Buddy Petterson OFFICERS President DENNIS GLENN Devotional Chairman JACK STUART Social Chairman .JOE ANN GARRETT Enlistment Chairman DUTCH MOBBS Treasurer JOHN RUSK Music Director BILL MORGAN Publicity Director NORVAL GLENN Secretary LACRECIA TRUITT DR GUY F WINSTEAD Student Secretary 84 BSU Homecominq Float Baptist Student Center. 85 fs w?-7 RAYMOND CANO President DOLORES CHAVEZ Secretary - i GILBERT CANO Treasurer HORTENSIA SOTO Reporter MARIA SMITH Vice-President DR CHARLES H STUBING Sponsor The CONQUISTADORES CLUB was organized primarily to foster lasting Iriendship among A M students of Spanish- American descent and to support programs which pr omote inter-Amencan relations. One ° ' J " ,°,nHlnt o Tcanfsh tives of the CONQUISTADORES is the provision of a scholarship each year to a deserving A S M student o Pa " ' sn descent. The CONQUISTADORES have always participated in campus-wide activities and have become well Known m the community through their work in campaigns of public interest. Business meetings this year were well attended and productive of ideas for the raising of a scholarship fund. These Ideas were c ied out successfully through highly spirited team work. The CONQUISTADORES also displayed real al- ent in having a good time judging from the enthusiastic attendance at their socials, the annual banquet, and the spring picnic 86 i STELLA ALVAREZ WILUE FRIETZ VIRGINIA CHAVEZ JOHNNY JARAMILLO iRt SAMMY ROMERO MARY 1 BACA .1- RUBEN GOMEZ GEORGIA lACQUEZ SOL DEL ANDE MENDEZ EMILIO ZAMORA TERESA VIRAMONTES ROSA GOMEZ 87 DAVID W. WALLACE Squadron " The warrior who cultivates his mind polishes his arms " —Motto of A. AS Service, lor the luture of the United States and its Air Force. — Purpose ol ASS. Front row, lelt to right: Maj. Donald W. Weaver, Tommy L, Rose, Paul J. Koenig, Paul E. Kepner, OrviUe H. Pattison, William S. Huey. Second row: Everett C. Hurt, Jock Gaulhier, Mike M. Matula, George A. Fraley, William A. Childs. Robert L. Moses. Third row, Anthony Romo, Lisle R. James, Conrad L, Bavousett, Benny Marquez, Henry O. George, Joseph A. Smithhisler. Back row: Robert E. Grounds, George G. Wilder, Dwight W. Hughes, John C. Hampton, Harold A. Vance, Alves O. Bowen, Members not shown in picture: Benjamin M. Boykin, Roland E. Thomas, Daniel P. Svilor, James R. Crouch, Charles A. Clement. Omega J, Gonzales, Raymond L Cono OFFICERS ORVILLE H PATTISON Commander PAUL E. KEPNER Executive Officer PAUL J KOENIG Adjutant WILLIAM S, HUEY Operation Officer BENJAMIN M. BOYKIN Public Information Officer TOMMY L. ROSE Recorder MAJ, DONALD W, WEAVER Sponsor 88 u OFnCERS President DAN GRIFFITH Vice-President NOLA BELLE ATCHLEY Secretary GERALDINE KRETEK Treasurer . ' ANN FOREHAND Historian -- PAT WISWALL Faculty Sponsor RICHARD FRANKLIN Alpha Phi Gamma, National Honorary Journalism iraternity was founded December 11. 1919, at Ohio North- Nem University. The Alpha Nu chapter brought to New Mexico A SM December 16, 1947, has Been vigorously ac- tive, twice gaining the honor of receiving national presidency in the persons of Dr, Paul S. Conklin and Mr, I, Paul Boushelle. The purpose of Alpha Phi Gamma is to unite Journalism students with members of the profession, thereby giving the students a perspective of the importance and nature of their work. A M Left to Right, Seated, E Cahoon, A. Tilden. L, H, von Engelbrechten, E. Colegrove, B. Furikiioujer. A. Fore- hand, P. Henry Standing: Fi Franklin. D Griffith. PS Conklin, I P Boushelle, R Stallings, N Glenn, E. Richardson, T Van Soelen. W Ecklemann 89 NEWMAN CLUB TONY ROMO President DICK FLOYD Vice-President GERTRUDE KRETEK Treasurer NEWMAN CLUB MEMBERS Sitting: Dick Floyd, Gertrude Kretek, Esther Melendres, Patsy Turrieta, Tony Romo, Standing: Cinaco Gonzales, Rose Mary Valdez, Mario La Cayo, Gerry Kretek, Sam Romero, Pat Logsdon, Frank Baca, Georgia Jacquez, Mike Baca, Eva Salazar, Benny Marquez, Lucia Martinez, Raymond Vigil. The Newman Club, open to any student on the campus, this year was under the leadership of Tony Romo, president; Dick Floyd, vice president; Esther Melendres, secretary; Gertrude Kretek, treasurer; Patsy Turrieta, re- porter; Miss Margaret O ' Loughlin, sponsor; Mr, Lovern, Wever. sponsor; Father Kirgen, chaplain. This club, com- posed of Catholic students and those of Catholic preference, is designed to foster both their social and Christian life on the campus. The Newman Club is named in honor of Cardinal Newman. It is one of many similar organizations in colleges and universities throughout the United States and is affiliated with the National Federation of College Catholic Clubs. The Newman Club once a month receives Holy Communion in a body after Mass breakfast is served by the Catholic Women ' s Club of Las Cruces. The group received religious instructions from Father Kirgan and visiting priests during the school year. The club presented a Living Rosary during the month of October, had a Thanksgiving Party and installation of officers took place at its annual banquet. 90 PATSY TURIETTA Reporter MISS MARGARET O ' LAUGHLIN Sponsor ESTHER MELENDRES Secretary NEW INITIATES NEWMAN CLUB SOCIAL 91 . The Double 4 Club is a combination ot the 4-H Alumni As- sociation and the Aggie 4-Square club. The club has four meetings a month, one a business meeting and the other three square dance socials Among the activities earned out by the organization are an annual week-end skiing trip to Ruidoso and participation in statewide 4-H activities. Spon- sors lor the organization are L. S. Kurtz, Travis Hughes, and Santiago Apodaca. Front Row, Left to Right: Oleta Johnson, Ann Forehand, Dolores Bombach, Doris McClish, Caroline Barnham, Bobby Gans, Virginia Chavez, Mitzie Haney, Sue Brumbley, Cleo Wil- banks, Oneta Johnson Second Row:Guber Gossett, Dick Harkey, Howard Little, Bruce Latham, Junior Sanchez, Otis Anderson, Allen Gray, Bill Wood, Janice Anderson, Don Tucker, Laurence Lu|an, W. E Nix, Dave Kidd, Charlie Ivey Third Row: Darrell Farmer, Bob Bagwell, Jay Lewis, Joan Farquer, Reno Bonomo, Bulldog Newton, Jim Dunlap, Don Steele. Fourth Row: Travis Hughes, Ellie Manning, Dorothy Hardin, Mrs. John Mayhill, John May- hill, Dick Bannon, Calvin Burns, Bill Harlin, Nina Beth McCormack, Pat Fletcher, Jo Ellen Duncan, Joyce Green, Mary Jo Kennedy. 92 Ofiicers, left to right: Ann Forehand, reporter; Jay Lewis, vice pres- ident: Don Steele, president, Dolores Bombach. president; Ernest Barela, vice president; Johnnie Lou Bagwell, secretory; not pic- tured, Oscar Carter and McCormack. GRAND MARCH 93 SPONSORS Ray Evans Jim Pollon loe Coleman Geo McCarty Pop ' Shows Pug Gabrel THE PLEDGES Standing Al DiCarlo, Orlando Cervan- tes, Frank Hill, Charles Sanford, Jim Graves, Dale Gantz, Ed Boykin, Drew Christie, John Thompson, Ronald Price, Al Herbert, Clark Presley Seated: Hugh Reddick, Buster Brown, Hal Jacobs, Jim Hayes, Gerald Mat- thews. OFFICERS BILL SHEAFFER Councilman JIMMY CROUCH Councilman BILL MOUNCE President CHARLIE STYRON Sec-Treas MIKE SVILAR Vice-President MEMBERS Dick Andrews Jimmy Blevins Ray Apodaca Dick Bowen Ben Boykin Vince Budenholzer ' 1 .1, 9 FIRST ROW: Charlie Ivy, Dave Ligon, Louie Erramouspe, Hal Hopson, Gary Thompson. SECOND ROW: Jack Stovall, Max Maes, Clay Hill. Bob Fenton, Dick " Deacon " Jones, Frank Meador, Bill Harlen, Clay Withrow. THIRD ROW: Emerson Bodan, Howard Driggers, Punk Hennigan, Ivaline Kemp, Mary Gayle Hennigan, Marka Vaughn, Elaine Brimhall, Duane Knipe, Elmer Rigoni, Al Sims TOP ROW: Dee Parks, Diane Nicholson, Jody Duncan, Ellen Wells, Janie Dale, Carol Green, Jane Ellen Driggers. Phyllis Weems, Mary Jo Kennedy 96 OFFICERS President Secretary _.. . BILL HUEY MARKA VAUGHN Vice President Treasurer FRANK MEADOR JANE ELLEN DRIGGERS SUL ROSS TEAM Leit to right: Don Dnggers, Jane Ellen Dnggers, Phyllis Weems, Frank Meodor. Not shown; Howard Driggers. Duane Knipe, Arlen Kennedy, Ralph Tixier 97 AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY STUDENT AFFILIATE CHAPTEH BACK ROW, Left to Right: Professor L. B, Shires, Morris Roberson, Phil Smith. Edward Larsen, Kenneth Barn- hill. CENTER ROW: Lewis McKinney, Professor L. R Evans. Harold Smith, Bob Neligan, Gus Gray. FRONT ROW: Charles Fairchild, Robert Steppe, John Cunningham, Jimmy Gonzales, Al Herbet, Fred Maga. Members not shown: Tommy Rapkoch, Edward Sierra. Officers: Harold Smith (Chairman), Kenneth Barnhill (Vice-Chairman), Lewis McKinney (Secretory-Treasurer), L B Shires (Sponsor), L R. Evans, K G. Melgaard, G R Hamiel (Faculty Advisors). The Mesilla Valley Student Affiliate Chapter of the American Chemical Society was organized in the fall of 1946- The purpose of the organization is to give chemistry majors and chemical engineers a broader scope of their chosen fields. Programs, featuring guest speakers, student speakers and technical movies provide information and entertainment, and contribute to the student ' s professional development. 98 AMERICAN SOCIETY of AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERS Row 1 Zanel G Tyson, Presley Donaldson, Paul Togami. Raymond Brown. Ross Schmidl, Jerry Brown Row 2: Victor Krametbauer, George Abernathy, Bob Eosley, Sanlord Evans, Parker English, Hoyt Pattison. Members not pictured Bill Bonner. Donald Steele, also Eldon G. Hanson, and Albert B Smith, sponsors OFFICERS HOYT PATTISON ■ President lERRY BROWN Vice-President PAUL TOGAMI Secretary SANFORD EVANS - Treasurer ELCON G. HANSON Sponsor ZARIEL G. TYSON Sponsor ALBERT B SMITH Sponsor HIGHLIGHTS OF THE YEAR The first big event of the year ol ASAE was the presentation of iheir all campus Annual Barn Dance in October. The Ag. En- gineers decorated Milton hall with tractors and farm machinery- Next, in early December, came a field trip to Chihuahua, Mex- ico, in March, for the Engineers Day celebration ol St. Patricks Day, ASAE members built an agricultural engineering display. Later in the spring the Ag Engineers held their annual FFA Tractor Rodeo. A PROGRESSING AGRICULTURE 6 AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING go ■HAND IN HAND- 99 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS nd M ■ ' t chine " • " " " ' ° " ' ° ' d ' ?un:°. " « ' " 9 Un,u ■ P ' ng r ■ " 5 ' in 5 rr.c r l HHS B bs aVn E 1 tfl l H Iff I ' l S |1 5 f? aB% JfS- ,, 1 li Strohm, Denny, Williams, Dold, Spring, Dwyre ob- serving Universal Testing Machine Murphy, Woodside, Farquer, Jensen, Garcia and Harrington in the Hydraulics laboratory Since the student chapter was organized in 1931, the primary purpose has been to bring stu- dent engineers in contact vvrith practicing Civil Engineers by movies, speakers and field trips to construction sites OFFICERS President DENNY Vice President MILLER Secretary-Treasurer WILDER Program Chairman SPRING Members Not Shown Rose, Alva- rez, SuUens, Wilson •DAD " lETT 100 Row L Lelt to Right. Glenn R. Hare, Tom L. Cox, Robert N Richards, CUfford Ricci, Elton L. Oliver, Lisle R. James, James W. Stassinos. Rovir 2 Left to Right: Prof, Arch M. Lukens, Jasper F. Robinson, Kendall T. From, John C. Jozwik, Dean W. Phillips, James A. Frye, Evert H. Simons, Francis N. Winans, Edwin C- Baughman, Wesley D. Thatcher, Peter S. Milan. American Society of Mechanical Engineers PROF. ARCH M. LUKENS.. _ Honorary Advisor JASPER F. ROBINSON- President JOHN C. JOZWIK Vice President LISLE R. JAMES Treasurer GLENN R. HARE Secretary M mbers not pictured: Richard M. Kellogg, Robert B. Munson, Jack T Watzke, David W T Watt, Joel Garrison, Fred F. Huston, Kenneth Bandy. 101 NATIONAL HONORARY ENGINEERING FRATERNITY The objectives ol this fraternity are the recognition ol personal attainments on the part ol engineering stu- dents, promotion of the interests of the Engineering College and encouragement of fellowship among those in training for the engineering profession Members ore chosen on the basis of scholarship, practicality and sociabil- ity from the upper one-third of the Junior and Senior classes LEFT TO RIGHT— FRONT ROW John C Joswik, Edward R McDowell, Robert Fogle, Prof D B Jett. Don T Weems, Glen Hare, Felipe Chavez SECOND ROW Kendall T From, Dean Philips, Raymond Cano, Archer G Fitch, John Cunningham, Al I Herbet, Glenn A Hughey, Don E Spring, Fred N Denney, Paul E Kepner THIRD ROW George H, Abernathy, OrviUe Hoyf Pattison. William Bonner, Frank A Harrington, Roland E Thomas. Har- old D Smith, Edward M Larsen, Ramon Woodside, Otis E Miller OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Historian OTIS E MILLER lOHN C lOSWIK ORVILLE H PATTISON ARCHER G FITCH DEAN W PHILIPS ROBERT E L FOGLE 102 Front row: Dr E L Cleveland, W F C. Smith, R. L, Smith. Second row L. Kimmons, R. Kerwin, H. Fields. Third row: P. White, P Ewalt, R Clancy. Members not shown F. Hinchey, J. Hinchey. J Garing, L Garrett, G. Hackler, A. Shorten. The local chapter of AIP was founded this spring for the purpose of furthering the interest in the Physical Sci- ences, ou tside the scope of the classroom work. The chapter sponsors such activities as the Physics display and demonstrations for Engineer ' s Day. Lectures and discussions during the year provide an insight info the application of physics to the practical research problems. At the present time, club members are engaged in the construction of a linear accelerator which will be used for the hi-intensity X-rays or nuclear transmutations. Membership is open to students majoring or minoring in Physics 103 The Resident Women ' s Executive Council was organized in 1945 It ' s function is to recommend dormitory pol- icies to the Counselor for ' Women and handles certain dormitory disciplinary problems, in addition to coordinating social and philanthropic functions of the Council The members are elected from each section in Garrett, Rhodes, and North Hall. The officers of the Council are Pot Guthrey, President, Judy Arnold, Vice-President, and Josephine Munyo, Sec- retory-Treasurer. The members are Lois Rutz, Lacrecia Truitt, Johnnie Lou Bagwell, Anilee Sabin, Charlene Stock- ton, Mable McCormick, Aileen Johnston, Anna Martin, Dee Park, Joan Holcomb, Effie Manning, Rosa Zamora, Pal Parker, and Pat Logsdon. 104 Front Row. Leone Hurst, Lola Patrick, Miss Nena Hale, Naunne Zellers, Clara Foster, Virginia Garland, Pat Parker, Beth Rhodes, Second Row: Mrs. Bancroft Smith, Rev Bancroft Smith, Mrs. W E Watkins, Mr. W. E. Watkins, Mrs. Margie Pad- dock, Joan Holcomb, Johnnie Lou Bagwell, Bonnie Russell, Bill Craig, Helen Anderson, Carl Treat, Peggy Kelly, Rosemary Moehn. OFFICERS: Naurine Zellers President Joan Holcomb Secretary Miss Nena Hale, Mr. W. E. Watkins, and Rev. Bancroft Smith-. .. Sponsors The Young Men ' s and Young Women ' s Christian Association, a non-denominational religious organization which is open to any student on campus, strives to contribute to the spiritual interest of A M students and to be of service to the campus as a whole. Some of the year ' s activities include sponsoring the All - Religious Assembly at the first of school, sponsoring the Christmas Assembly, and playing carols on campus before the Christmas holidays. A large group of students attended the New Mexico-West Texas District Conference at F ' brtales in October and several students go to the YM-YWCA Conference at Estes Park, Colorado each summer. The YM-YWCA also sponsored the Religious Empha- sis Week held March 9-15 lOS nO ' .9? ' ,A ? ti ' MRS. PEATSCHMAN Sponsor PEGGY ADAMS President PAT McMAHON Vice-President ELINOR McCAN Sec. -Treasurer JAN SMITH Intramural-manager PAT PARKER Publicity director Board of officers Front Row, left to right: Pot McMahan, Peggy Adams. Back Row, left to right Mrs Peatschman, Pat Parker, Jan Smith, Elinor McCan The Women ' s Recreation Association (formerly Women ' s Athletic Association) was reorganized this year un- der the sponsorship of Mrs. Peatschman and the direction of the Board of Officers. The main objective of the pro- gram this year has been to induce more participation in women ' s intramurals than in former years — and the pro- gress has been slow but sure. Individual trophies have been offered for participation rather than a team trophies. Aggie — Texas Western field day is the biggest day in the year for WRA. The winning team of each intramural ac- tivity competes against the Texas Western ■ teams in volleyball, Softball, tennis, table tennis and swimming. The points won by the co-eds have been the deciding factor m the Aggis victory over Texas Western for the past two Field Day contests. Professional swimmers ' ' ' ' 106 How many strikes ' Up and coming freshman team. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS INSTITUTE OF RADIO ENGINEERS ( JOINT STUDENT BRANCH ) Front Row: Everett Hurt, Edwin Schmidt, Bobby Seabaugh, James Draper, Don Weems, Mike Matula, Paul Koenig. Back Row: Robert Fogle, Archer Fitch, Edward McDowell, Harold Connell, Roland Thomas, Vincent Boudreau, Ben- jamin Boykin, Allen Dunn, Raymond Cano, Paul Kepner, OFFICERS: Chairman ROBERT E. L. FOGLE, JR. Vice-chairman RAYMOND CANO Secretary (AIEE) ARCHER FITCH Secretary (IRE) HAROLD CONNELL Treasurer EDWARD McDOWELL Sponsors DR. C. D. CROSNO PROF. H A BROWN 107 N. M. A M COLLEGIATE F. F. A. pupwy j F ' " " HH iP IRI 1 jW EshH JM If ' , - H From top left to right: Don Miller and Frank Himes (Sponsors), John Wink (Vice-Pres.), Bruce Edwards (Sec ), Jim Sims (Treas ), Dan- ny Sayles (Asst-Rep), Gene Woodard, Earl Carter (Sent), Rock Ashcraft, Billy Campbell and Duane Griggs, James Davis, Jim Brock- man, Carl Treat. Al Sims (Pres.) and Gene Abieta (Rep,). MEMBERS NOT SHOWN Eugene Sweet, Bill Dansby, and Gabriel Chavez. 1 OFFICERS BILL PARKMAN _ _ _ President PAT PARKER _ _.„ Vice-President UBBY BLANK _... Secreton-y WILLIAM MONTAMBLE Treasurer P.E. MAJORS CLUB Billie Rae Johnston and Don Tamuty, Program Chairmen; Bo Coats and Pat Parker, Publicity Chairmen; C. S. Moll, Sponsor. DICK ANDREWS RAYMOND APODACA STAN BILBERRY IIMMY BLEVINS JAMES BRADLEY LOUIS BRADLEY ALFRED BUDENHOLZER SAMUEL BROWN ORLANDO CERVANTES DREW CHRISTIE BO COATS AL DiCARLO MAURICE DUNCAN LONNIE ESTES JOHN FLORENCE DAN FOREMAN RICARDO GUERRA FRED HAIMAN LARRY HOLCOMB BOB HUNT ALBERT HUTCHISON ELI IIMENEZ WILUAM KLEMENT JAMES LINARD JOSEPHUS MILLER BILL MOUNCE ANDY PADILLA BILL PARKMAN BEN PORTER RONALD PRICE BOB PRIDDY BOB PUFAL CHARLES SANFORD ELUS SCOTT DON TAMUTY JOHN THOMPSON EARNEST UTTER REBA WALLACE BILL MONTAMBLE WILLIAM HILL FRANK HILL JANET SMITH JEAN WILLIAMS ROSA ZAMORA JOAN HOLCOMB PAT PARKER LIBBY BLANK GERRY KRETEK CAROUNE BARHAM LaNOEL BRAZIL EUNOR McCAN BILUE RAE JOHNSTON NOVA HUTCHISON MARY BACA BETTY JO JOHNSON JO F.I.I .FN DUNCAN HELEN DAVALOS MA RY EMMA PADILLA CHARLENE STOCKTON P H Y S I C A L E D U C A T I O N WOMENS ' P.E. PROFESSIONAL CLUB OFFICERS LaNOEL BRAZIL President ROSA ZAMORA Vice-President IC ELLEN DUNCAN Secretary GERRY KRETEK Reporter LIBBY BLANK Social Chairmen 109 BLOCK M BRIDLE AND MARY GAYLE HENNIGAN Block and Bridle Queen Organized in 1922 as the " Wrangler Club " the local group later received a charter irom the National Block and Bridle Organization. The club ' s purpose is to promote a higher scholarship standing among students of Animal Husbandry, and to bring about a closer relationship among men and women pursuing this profession. Club acti- vities include a chuck wagon supper, western dance, freshman judging contest and picnic. Swift ' s essay contest, and annual honors banquet. Also assist the Animal Husbandry Dept, in Ranch Day and Feeder Day activities; and sponsor livestock and wool judging teams. EH . ' «« J M£h.%. - . Judging Team Practice. 110 I BLOCK 13 BRIDLE AND iiiMiiiiii TT " ' !! ar ii iiffrratf tttamamaBamsmmmmmamaBim MM— i«i rTjjrfrwBMiJja— BaaiM MIWBft i«b«-. =-«»=- Row 1 Seated: Dr. Ralph Durham, Prot. Kenneth Valentine, William Littrell, William Van Huss, Azel Lewis, Frank- lin Venable, Jim Brown, Phyllis Weems, Jane Ellen Driggers, Diane Nicholson, William Wood, Bill Naul, C. L. Bryant, William Smith, Edward Davis. Row 2: Standing: Jim Morgan, John Wenk, Glenn Dean, Jim Henrie, Darrell Wall, Dr. J. J. Norris, Roy Lockhart, Canute Sanchez. Bob Fenton, [ohn Morrow, Edward Wallace, Richard Bannon, Francis Hughunin William G ossett, Prof. P E. Neale. Row 3: Standing: Dr. J. W. Benner, Bruce Latham, J. O. Rusk, Jerry Highdon, John Mahill, Prof. J. D. Mankin, Cal Burns, William Cotton, Anthony Romo, Clayton Stephens, Walter Lockhart, Albert Simms, Howard Little, Carroll Womack, Bruce Edwards OFFICERS President JIM G. BROWN Vice-President ROY LOCKHART Secretary CLAYTON STEPHENS Treasurer JOHN O. RUSK Reporter JERRY HIGDON Marshall _ HOWARD LITTLE Sponsors PROF. J. H. KNOX DR. I J NORRIS PROF J D MANKIN 111 Station Manager . CLARK C. PADDOCK Continuity PEGGY KELLY Engineer _ BEN BEAN FACULTY ADVISORS W E. Beem, H. A. Brown, Joe Forsyth Verne Weber. ANNOUNCERS Ice Baca, Dick Beeman, Cubia Clayton, Tom Granger, Peggy Kelly, Jay Owens, Clark Pad- dock, Ralph Park, Scott Spencer, Tom Toney Some of the stall A view oi the " Gold-fish bowl ' . It ' s new and small, but with the campus be- hind it bigger and belter " radio " will reach the student body. This is Paddock operating the newly estab- lished radio station on the Aggie campus. I 112 HOME ECONOMIC CLUB MRS STROMAN MISS OLAUGHLIN MRS BEATY Row 1 Loia Fairick, Nina Beth McCormick, Helen Anderson, Marian Brown, Leone Hursl, Nancy Parrish, Bonnie Russell, Pat Logston. Row 2: Patsy Turrietta, Josie Abeyta, Johnnie Bagwell, Betty Jo Bailey, Dolores Bombach, Elva Buchanan, Dolores Chavez, Janie Dale. Row 3: Joan Farquer, Emerlinda Gallegos, Joyce Green, Molina Gutierrez, Oleta Johnson, Ivalene Kemp, Mary Jo Kennedy, Alice Kurtz. Row 4: Pauline Kurtz, Lupe Lucero, Fay Morley, Evelyn Marr. Mabel McCormick, Retha Roundy, Francis Stark, Doris Steele. Row 5; Guadalupe Vigil, Ellen Wells. Phyllis Weems, Sue Wilbanks. — Not Shown: Eleanor Rollins. 113 SOCIETY OF AMERICAN MILITARY ENGINEERS The newly formed New Mexico College oi A M A post of the Society of American Military Engineers, sponsored by George R- Goethals and J. B Morgan, is the only Chapter of the Society in the State of New Mexico. In the picture below George Goetthals is presenting the Charter of Incorporation to the charter members OFFICERS ROBERT C. CUNNINGHAM - President AL FARQUER Vice President ROBERT EASLEY - Secretary JOEL GARRISON Asst Secretary GEORGE ABERNATHY Treasurer VINCENT BOUDREAU Asst Treasurer Front, L to R ■ Robert Cunningham, president, receiving Charter from Col George R- Goethals, sponsor Second, L. to R I P Morgan, William Strohm, A W Farguer, Bob Richards, Ronald Dold, Jasper Robinson, George Rose Back, L. to R.: Bob Easley. Ramon Woodside, Don Spring, Ted Harris, Vince Boudreau, Bob Dwyre. Robert Williams Absent: Joel Garrison. George Abernathy and Tom Rose 114 115 GREEK COUNCIL Lett to Right, First Row BUI Strohm-S A.E , Carlene Law-Z T A , Elaine Black-D Z . Dorris Steele-ZT.A., Barbara Funk- hauser-Z.T.A— Second Row, Marjory Fraley-C O , Clay Hill-T C , Fay Marley-DZ., I L Long-A D T — Top Row: Bet- ty Netherly-CO, Iim Blevins-T K E . Cal Burns-T C , Bill Dunn-T K E , Parker English-LCA, Ted Van Soelen-S A E The Greek Council is composed ol three representatives from each ol the three Greek Sororities and six Greek Fraternities, The function of the Greek Council is to act on matters of mutual interest to the sororities and fraternities. Each year this organization sponsors an All Greek stunt night and an All Greek sing OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary -Treasurer Faculty Sponsor BILL STROHM I L, LONG CARLENE LAW SIGUARD lOHANSEN 116 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL BARBARA FUNKHOUSER President Zeta Tau Alpha BETTY NEATHERY Secretary Chi Omega FAY MARLEY Treasurer Delta Zeta The Panhellenic council, composed of delegates from the three women ' s fraternities, compiles rules governing rushing and controls the campus policies of the organization. Miss Ruth Westlund, councilor for women, is the faculty advisor. MARGIE FRALEY Chi Omega DOROTHY HARDIN Chi Omega MURLENE BOWRA Delta Zeta BILLIE SWAIN Delta Zeta EMILY COLEGROVE Zeta Tau Alpha 117 DOLORES BOMBACH Zeta Tau Alpha INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL Standing From Lett to Right Cal Burns-T C , Bill Strohm-S A E . J L Long-A D T., )im Ble- vins-TKE,, Austin Shorten-A D T , Ted Van Soelen-S, A. £.— Sitting Al Forquer-S A E . BUI Dunn-TKE, Clay Hill-TC, Morris Roberson-L C A , Charles Auther-L C,A-, Parker English- LC A The I. F. C. consists of three representatives from each of the six fraternities The group acts on matters pertaining to the fraternities as a whole. OFFICERS: President BILL STROHM Vice-President BILL DUNN Secretary-Treasurer . _ PARKER ENGLISH 118 Front Row: lelt to right, Lynnel Henry, Pat Parker, Judy Arn- old, Masie Clisbee, Middy Coffee. Back Row: left to right: Nova Hutchinson, Mary Hancoclc, Mary Magee, Libby Blank LIBBY BLANK President PAT PARKER Vice-President lUDY ARNOLD Secretary MASIE CLISBEE Treasurer MARY ELEANOR HANCOCK PAT PARKER JUDY ARNOLD MASIE CLISBEE NOVA HUTCHINSON PEGI HAIMAN MIDDY COFFEE MARY ELEANOR HANCOCK LYNNEL HENRY 119 ALPHA DELTA THETA The Alpha Delta Thela fraternity spent its thirty-first year at A and M, holding fast to its proud record of brotherhood and leadership on the campus. Sponsors; DR. M. G. ANDERSON MR. VAUGHN CORLEY 1 J it 7 A I Genius at work. Practicing- I - • ' fo i " PMMB I jgfW! VP ' ■ PViir ' B HH H V 1 Welcome- Speaks for itself 120 . ' " ■1 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Paul Kindnck, Dearl Wallace, Thomas White, Ray Dinger. Gordon Jonas, Alvin Lamb, Leo Marquez, Willard Scott. Charles K. Witt, James L. Long. OFFICERS; President AUSTIN SHORTEN Vice-President DEARL WALLACE Secretary _ ALVIN LAMB Treasurer J. L. LONG Sergeant at Arms DON TAMUTY Correspondence Secretary LEO MARQUEZ Social Chairman RAY DINGER Greek Council J. L. LONG 121 1951-52 OFFICERS President _ BETTY NEATHERY Vice-President. MARGIE DUNLAP FRALEY Secretary _ LOUISE SOWELL Treasurer ANN FOREHAND Herald MARILYN SPEIR Pi Delta of Chi Omega attained the highest scholastic record among the organizations on campus. Following the completion of the fall rush season 15 girls took the pledge of Chi Omega. Phyllis Weems was elected president of her pledge class Chi Omega is proud of its members such as Louise Sowell, Who ' s Who; Marion Brown, Who ' s Who; Elinor McCon, Homecoming Attendant; Pat Logsdon, Head Cheerleader; Dorothy Hardin and Betty Jo Johnson, Cheer- leaders; Mary Gayle Hennigan, Block and Bridle Queen; Ellen Wells, Football Sweetheart and Majorette; Kathryn Gibbs, Secretary of Phi Mu Tau and ' Vice-President of the Playmakers; Doris Howe, Secretary of the Playmakers and Society editor of KNMA; Morka Vaughn, Secretary of the Rodeo Club, Josephine Mounyo, President of Garrett Hall; Nolo Belle Atchley, Student Commission and Phi Mu Tau; Clarice Smith, Secretary of the Freshman Class; and the Kretek twins, active in sports — Gerry Secretary of Alpha Phi Gamma — Gertrude, President of the Newman Club. Pledges (Starting with back row, left to right) Pat Thomp- son, Mary Gayle Hennigan, Phyllis Weems. Ellen Wells, Ivalene Kemp, Betty Jo Johnson, Pat Fletcher, Clarice Smith, Betty Jo Bailey, Elaine Brimhall, Carol Green, Vera Jean Scott, Anilee Sabin, Joan Farquer, Josephine Mounyo. 122 BETTY RUTH NEATHERY MARJORIE FRALEY LOUISE SOWELL EUNOR McCAN ANN FOREEiAND MARGIE ROMNEY GERALDINE KRETEK GERTRUDE KRETEK EVELYN CAMPBELL MARION BROWN SARAH HAM KATHRYN GIBBS DORIS HOWE MARILYN SPEIR VIRGINIA BENEDICT NOLA BELLE ATCHLEY MARKA VAUGHN MARTHA STEWART DONNA HOLLAND PAT LOGSDON JEAN WILLIAMS DELORES FIELDS FRANCES GRAY DOROTHY HARDIN CLARABELLE HART JUDY NICHOLS 123 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA OFFICERS YEAR OF 51 " YEAR OF 52 " Morns Roberson Pres. Paul Kepner Parker English V Pres Jack Donahey Frank Harrington Secy. Lon Alexander Paul Kepner Treasurer Jay Owens Kelly Johnson Social Herb Dickenson Dale Wilson Rushing Charles Floyd John Hampton Pledge Trainer Charles McDowell SPONSORS: Ralph B. Crouch L. B. Shires D. B. Jett TOP ROW; Jim McLellcmd, Jack Gouthier, Bill Adams, Derby Parker. BOTTOM ROW: Jerry Huffman, Alvis Peters, Marvin Biederman, Joe Brown. HOUSEMOTHLH " Mom " Swcmson 124 JACK DONAHEY JOHN SULLENS PARKER ENGUSH PAUL KEPNER JAY OWENS JIM CROUCH TOM ROSE RICHARD VAUGHN DICK FLOYD CHARLES FLOYD JOHN HAMPTON HAROLD SMITH BILL ADAIR FRANK HARRINGTON EDWARD McDowell NOT PICTURED ABOVE: HERBERT DICKENSON LON ALEXANDER MORRIS ROBERSON KELLY JOHNSON GEORGE ROSE Bob Eure, Henry Free, Robert Stallings, Ken Alberson, Charles Arthur, Chuck Romney, Jerry Gordon, Bill Huey. 125 Oi % o . HENRY BORGRINK JOEL GARRISON GENE FINCH - f V ' s k LEON JOHNSON MR. PAUL BOUSHELLE li i WILLIAM BONNER President MR, RICHARD PUGH MR. JAMES WEISS J JAMES MOUTRAY CHARLIE CULPEPPER GEORGE BUCHENAU SANFORD EVANS f ' k. till i GERALD COLE JASPER ROBINSON ED HICKCOX TOMMY HOTMAN GARY CUNE ROBERT WOOLLEY JIM ISLER ROBERT STOLLLR 126 o .ciC ayitLk| v ' itv ' c " L® Twilight on the Sands. WILLIAM WII ON DALE SCARGALL LAWRENCE HARLOW LAWRENCE WILLIAMS JACK PICKENS ' I A IVAN SAYLER JOHN WHITE !n PLEDGES 127 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON NEW MEXICO PHI 3® Rush party football game on the Rio Grande River. " Mom " Stevens The S. A. E. Soup Hound. Core to play a few cards friend? ■ • o■e OFFICERS FALL •51 E. A. Bill Strohm E. D. A. Ted Van Soelen E. R. Bob James E. C. BUI Eckleman E. T. Vince Boudreau E. C. Ron Dold E. H. Don Denton E. W. Jim Morgan SPONSORS: Mr Guthrie, Dr. Johansen. Dr Leyendecker, J D Mankin 128 ' ■-»i.J ' .■ .■ J k. " " ! I y. J I I i l1 y. ' ■ » r , . i - -», .— Boudreau, Bramble, Cunningham, Childs, Denton, Dallahon, Davis, Dold, Engle, Eckleman, Farquer, Garrett, James. Johnson, Dysar, Lockhort, Lewis, Miller, Mayhill, Morgan, Newton, Pope, Porter, Strohm, Smith, Van Soelen, Tanner, Thomason, Wood, Young, Bourland, Blieker, Bindle, Estes, Cochren, Gilbert, Hubbard. Hopson, Henrie, Harris, Irwin, Jones, Parks, Still, Smith, Scott, Samson, Wall 129 Our pledges. 130 r - s « t «v l , 1 , i 1 m-.ii •J k Cal Burns, Jim Brown, lerry Higdon, George Froley, Bob Bagwell, Canto Sanchez, Jr., Charles Green. Carl Mayo, Jerry Brown, Bill Cotton, Don St eel, David Kidd, Glenn Gabehart, Jim Degner. Clay Hill, Dick Bannon, Jay Lewis, Fred Jones, Otis Anderson, Bill Wood, Howard Little. Thomas Toney, Martin Nesbitt, Ed Wallace, Don Covington, Ross Sohnnt, John Rush, Dick Horkey. Bill Stone, Darrell Famer, Don Farmer. 131 1951 HOLLAND THOMAS CHARLES CLEMENTS PETE MAGA BILL DUNN PAUL KOENIG IIM MUROAKA DELMAR ROBERTS lOE SMITHHISLER OFFICERS PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER HISTORIAN CHAPLAIN PLEDGE MASTER SERGEANT AT ARMS 1952 BEN BOYKIN DELMAR ROBERTS PAUL LINTNER PETE MAGA STANLEY DENNIS lOHN KLAUDT WILLIAM CRAIG WADE GREEN " The Knights of Classic Lore " was the name of a society that five men organized in 1899 at Illinois Wes- lean University, Bloomington, Illinois. The purpose of this organization was to " aid college men in mental, mor- al, and social development " Thus was the beginning of Tau Kappa Epsilon which has grown to over sixteen thousand members. The local chapter of Teke at New Mexico A, M A. was originally called " The Loyal and Ancient Order of Night Raiders " . This group grew into a local fraternity in 1921, called Gamma Sigma. Then in 1934, Gamma Sigma was granted a charter and became Alpha Omicron Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon, the first national fra- ternity of the State College campus. HOMECOMING 1951 MISSED SECOND BEST FESTIVAL OF THE RED CARNATION 1951 THERE S A TIME FOR SWEETHEARTS THERE ' S A TIME FOR DANCING 132 TAU KAPPA EPSILON ROLAND THOMAS STANLEY DENNIS BILL DUNN EDMUND SIRONI GLENN SNOW BOB CALLAWAY BEN BOYKIN WADE GREEN DELMAR ROBERTS RAYMOND VIGIL CHARLES CLEMENT PAUL KOENIG lOHN KLAUDT BENITO MARQUEZ JAMES ROGERS IIM MUROAKA CONNIE BAVOSETT BOB MOSES GERALD GARING PHIL WILSON PAUL LINTNER BILL CRAIG HOYT PATTISON CHARLES MURPHY VINCENT BUDENHOLZER 133 INTERNATIONAL WOMEN ' S FRATERNITY Founded 1898, Farmville. Virginia Chartered Beta Nu Chapter at New Mexico A M in 1928 97 Chapter on College Campuses 166 Alumnae Groups Zeta Lodge on Campus -, 1 Q ' rEmnr COFFEES o ' ,? o ' • h Oy VV 4 . -fSN Q, % % BANQUETS SCHOLARSHIP , A PV. .EDGE Ml ££t V GS • .?;, r Q ' BARBARA FUNKHOUSER President 1951 PLEDGE CLASS PAT GUTHREY Vice-President PEGGY KOENIG 2nd Vice-President 1951 PLEDGE CLASS NITA GAY DRUMMOND EVELYN MARR lANICE ANDERSON PAT HENRY BOBBIE GANN PAT HARWELL DOROTHY HECKMAN BILLIE JOHNSTON BETSY LOOMIS MARGIE NEALE FLORENCE PAXTON SHIRLEY DUITMAN MARY F- KUESTER CLAUDETTE SIMNING 134 SHIRLEY TRIMBLE NAURINE ZELLERS Secretary P L E D G E S P L E D G E S DOLORES BOMBACH lOAN HOLCOMB DORIS STEELE w PICNICS STUDY MONDAY-NITL SUPPERS lADE LOVELL Treasurer 1st PLACE HOMECOMING HOUSE DISPLAY St PLACE IN GREEK SING Bonnie Cox — A M Sun Princess Emily Colegrove — Editor of Swastika Barbara Funkhouser Round-Up Editor Dolores Bombach — Pres. 4-H Alwioni Lou Helen von Engelbrechten — Pres Sigma Delta EMILY COLEGROVE Historian BONNIE COX Rush Chairman PAT McMAHAN Rush Chairman lOAN JOBE Asst. Treasurer LANOEL BRAZIL LOUISE BUCKLEY EMMA LOU CAHOON VIRGINIA GARLAND BESSIE HALE CARLENE LAW ESTHER MELENDRES JOAN OVERPECK LOIS RUTZ KATHEfilNE SIMS ANN TILDEN MARY FRANCIS VERCHER TERESA VIRAMONTES 135 LOU HELEN VON ENGELBRECHTEN SUE WALDEN Back Row, Left to Right. Christine Johnston, Jane Lewis, Nancy Parrish, Oneta Johnson, Suzanne Brumley, Aileen Johnston, Anna Martin, Barbara Mueller, Bonnie Russell, Helen Bonomo, Dela Mae Gates Middle Row, Left to Right Geraldine Farmer. Retha Roundy, Gretchen Vedder, Emerlinda Gallegos, Eleanor Rollins, Darlene Graves Front Row, Left to Right- Oleta Johnson, Hortensia Soto, Fat Swain, Frances Stark, Betty Rae Meier Gamma Xi Chapter of Delta Zeta, installed on New Mexico A M on April 29, 1950, started this fall by moving into its new apartment, located on the Upper College Road. Delta Zeta ' s activities this year have included entertainments for various organizations, participation in Homecoming activities, and helping give an all-campus dance 136 DELTA ZETA FAY MARLEY BILLIE SWAIN MARIA SMITH OFFICERS President FAY MARLEY Vice-President BILLIE SWAIN Recording Secretary .. - - MARIA SMITH Corresponding Secretary ELAINE BLACK ' PAT SWAIN MURLENE BOWRA JUNE LOGAN ELAINE BLACK PATRICIA FISHER LEONE HURST NINA McCORMACK 137 AROUND RHODES HALL kM 139 ROTC STAFF 1H HBKj| _2 ' 1 i • M 1 11— « I ' I ■. jj 1 i LT. COL. FRANKLIN H. HARTLINE Professor of Military Science and Tactics MAJOR HARRY L. GEPHART Professor of Air Science and Tactics ARMY ROTC DETACHMENT STAFF Front Row, left to right: M S Harry H. Cagley, SFC John W. Utley, Copt. Arthur E. Smot, M S Clarence Nussbaum, SFC Harold J. Marchant. Back Row, left to right: SFC Frank E. Bills, SFC Otis E. Hicks, SFC Jack R. Marshall, SFC Chester A. Kemper, Not shown, Capf. Harold Z. Moore. AIR FORCE ROTC DETACHMENT STAFF Major Donald M. Weaver, Capt. James R. Norris, 1st Lt. John V. Wible, 1st Lt. William C. Nolan Back Row, left to right: M S Leroy F. Puthoff, T Sgt. Wilford R. Williams, T Sgt. Harley D. Nel- son, M S Chester Cost, S Sgt. Stephen J. Yurasek. REGIMENTAL STAFF Front: Cadet Col, Charles C. Matthews. Back Row, Lett to Right: Anthony Romo, Henry O. George, George H, Abernathy, Robert B Stallings, Robert E- Grounds BATTALION STAFF Front: Cadet Lt- Col. Robert R. Logan Back Row, Lelt to Right: Paul B Jones, Harry W Rose, Vincent Boudreau Front Cadet Ll. Col. Daniel P. Svilar Back Row, Left to Right: Joseph A. Smithhisler, Charles A Clement, Jr.. George R. Smith 141 SQUADRON " A ' Row 1 Left to Right, — Robert Pufai, Donald Lee Tamuty, Robert M. Fenton, John A Dampsey, Harold A Vance. Dwight W Hughes, William S Huey, and holding the Guidon is James R. Isler. Row 2 Fred G Jones, Charles J Styron, James R Morgan, James C DoUahon, Robert L Moses, George G Wilder and Vincent L Pena Row 3 Joseph D Baca, Oscar E Carter, William A Childs, Mike M Matula, Jerry D, Stark, Patrick B, Wiswall. and Frank B. Boca Row 4 James R Bean, Joseph H Guy, Jr , John C Hampton, Jim G Brown, Clay C Hill, Michael S Baca, George L Bailey a nd Robert D Colclazier Row 5: Louie J. Erramouspe, George L Dean, William L Hicks, Dee J Brown, Lowell D Covington, Row 6 Lewis C Smith, George Maes, Lawrence R Harlow, Gordon W Carlson, James W Still, Mike J Malool, Howard D Holt and Reed H Lewis Row 7 lames C Bradley, Lawrence S, Luian, Ronald D Price, James R Sims, Dawrence W Rice, Jimmy R Hays, Clark L, Presley, Bruce E Edwards Row 8 Peter S Milan, Richard E Howell, Russell L Parsons, Richard A Moore, Jack E Pickens, Charles F Dug- gins, and Raymond Lopez Row 9 Henry K Free, Jack S Boyland, William E Boy kin, Scott T Spencer, Boyd L Jones. Ivan P Salyer, Emer- son E Bodan and William D Adams 142 SQUADRON " B " Row 1 : Row 2: Row 3: Row 4 Row 5 Row 6 Row 7 Row 8 Row 9: Leit to Right— Conrad L. Bavousett, Benilo Marquez, Lewis T McKinney. Jr. Orville H Patlison, Carroll A. Coonce and holding the Guidon is Sanford B. Evans. Robert L Engle, Johnnie W Bramble, Jr , Ramon D. Woodside, Canuto Sanchez. Jr , Robert D Stuart. James F. Johnson, Eugene R Degner, Robert E Bagwell, John O Rusk, Jr , Jasper B Copelond, Kenneth C. Scoggin. Tommy J Yoder, Alfred V Budenholzer, Frank R Bannon, William A Wood Kenneth P Head William J Wallace, Robert O Eure, Truman A Marr Bernard L. Johnson. Tom R, Granger. Robert L Callaway, John M Cochran. Norman R. Smith. Eugene A. Dahl, Jerald E. Johnson, Toddy J, Leonard, Oliver H Stanley. Raul O Volenzuela, Robert S Marquez, Philip K. Trivilt, Alvis L. Peters Roy E. Osborn, Oscar D. Christie, Jimmie B Harris. Charles K Johnson, John L Florence Donaciano Lopez Elbert E. Hanson, Bobby J. Donahey. David Solopek, Raymundo A. Banegas, Joe L Ortega, Richard A. Flores. Jess H, Dickenson. Paul W Hader Gary H. Cline, Harry J. Emerson. Fidel Vaidez, Andy M. Padilla, Tony A. Espinoza, Gilbert L Cano, James A, Frye Ronald E Wiltbank Gene E Woodard, William S Weiss 143 SQUADRON " C " Row 1 Left to Right— lack Gaulhier, 1st Lt , Delmar J Roberts, Ir , 1st Sgt , Robert C Cunningham, 1st Lt Row 2 Alvis D Bowen, Edmund F Sironi, Jr , Thomas E Hotman. William P Montamble, Andrew D Moses Row 3 Paul E Kepner, Tommy L Rose, James R Hinchey, Willie R Ashby, Jr , Leo Marquez, George E Pappas Row 4 Richard A Mayfield, Raymond L Kysar. Richard L Nelson, Frank Salopek, Sammy R Romero, Paleman A Martinez Row 5 Stephen L. Skaggs, Richard D Ledger, Dan E, Virden, Duane R Wallace, Clayton M Stephens, Danly C Sayles, Robert H ToUey, Walter E Lockhart Row 6 Sammy S Montoya, Pericles Vavoudis, Joel W Muncnef, John A Jaromillo, Robert P Griftith, Leo B Gil- bert, John H Hopson, Macedonio Navar. Row 7 Emilio S Luian, Gregory D, Griggs, Walter D Scargoll, Charles C Shirk. James H Haight, Larry W Hol- comb, William F Hill, Doyle Z Pounds, John T Sweem, Row 8 Ronald R Razim, Andre J Melson, James W Davis, Howard L Hays, Teddy L Hams, Henry E Hurst, Kenneth V Hollimon 144 AIR FORCE SQUADRON " D " Row 1 Row 2. Row 3: Row 4 Row 5: Row 6: Row 7 Row 8 Row 9 Left to Right— Darrell D. Farmer, lames B Sears, Richard A Lamb, Leo O Cook. George A Fraley. Sher- man F. Hanson, Fred Haiman, Jose M. Martinez, Paul J. Koenig, Lisle R. James, Jr , Aaron S Schem, Raymond A Madson Joe I Rivera WilUam G. Cotton, Howard R. Little, Dan Griffith, Valentin Orona, Felix P SediUo, Robert E. Stoller, William C. Frietze, Robert Walton Omer C Parker Felipe Chavez, Jr. Max Maez, Alfredo Villescas, Billy D. Campbell, William T Scoggin, Jr., Bob G Howard Gerle L Buckner Phillip R. Smith, Wilbur, Benge, Tony E, Marquez, Henry J. Clouthier, Thomas R. Valentine, Louis F Smith, William E Wilson Cecil F, Gray, Clay B. Thomason, Bobby G. Thorp. Porlirio Sanchez, Charles M Nelson, Rito V. Sandoval, Louis G. Moreno. Henry A Herrera, Calvin H Ward, Gerald L. Matthews Cirico Q. Gonzales, Robert A. Wright, Kenneth T Hutchins. Terry D. Yoder. Apostle I Mehas James E Keeler, Robert W. Pickard, Wesley E. Niles. Gabriel V. Chavez, Emilio B. Zamora, Gerald R Stryker, Verble R Davis, Dave R. Hillger Austin K Bell Rock Ashcraft. Ralph K. Park, Gerald E. Sweet, David W T. Watt. Stanton G Needham, James R. Wrinkle, Dan A Lav- elett, Quinnie M Flint 145 ARMY COMPANY " A " Row 1 Lelt lo Right— Allan B Gray, Willard A Scott, Richard T. Floyd, Donald B Cruce, holding the Guidon is Wade L. Green. Row 2; George T. Jackman, Claude B Irwin, Glenn A Deen, Juan O. Borraza, Mateo ] Estrada Row 3, Robert G. Brooks, William J. Adair, Otis W Anderson, George E Rose, Oren D Knipe Row 4 Edward B. Richardson, Allen K, Trammel, Bethel L. Eiland, Arlen P Kennedy, Miguel G Frietze, Jr , Glen L, Gabehart Row 5 Lon F, Alexander, Herb L Cummings, Franklin D Venable, Rafael Gallegos, Kenneth E Bindel, Harmon Bush, Horace S. Dennis, Jr Row 6 Joe E. Brown, Benjamin A, Luchini, Roy T Rigoni, Thomas O Hardy, James R Park, Alden L Norman, John C White, Jon R Aderhold. Row 7: Evern R- Wall. Richard L. Weldon. Wayne K. Gibson. Raymond C McCaw, William F Herlihy, Howard H. Driggers, William T Jackson, Billy K Dansbee, Row 8 Elfigo P. Sanchez, Robert O. Sigmund, Cody D Williams. John O Wenk, Vernon M Duncan, Jack E Sto- vall, Robert C Rabe, George W, Buchenau 146 ARMY COMPANY " B " Row 1 Leit to Right — lames H Richards, Robert D. Williams. Cruz Martinez, Hiiario G Maes, Joel F. Garrison. Row 2. Delmor N. Pope. Phillip R Smith. Jame.s C Steinepreis. Philip C While. Alfred W Farquer. Jr. Charles C. Withrow. Row 3 Harold R Andrews. Kenneth L Newton. Leslie R.Clayshulte. Ronald A. Dold. Don E. Spring, Gleen H Green. Row 4 Harry I Nightingale, Charlie H Culpepper, Phillip L Wilson, Thomas G. White, Wm. B, Morgan Row 5 Wm. D. Montgomery, [ames W Hayes, Edward G Romero, Ross Schmidt, lay Lewis. Orlando Cervantes. Al DiCarlo. Row 6: Leonard Bourland. Bill I Bleiker. Lawrence Chaulk. Afthur R. Sena, Iim Henrie, Ralph Tixier, Rudy Desorl Row 7: Gene F Finch, Gerald R Cole, Charles I, Fairchild, Fred W. Notions. Arthur I Robertson. William B. Hursh. Ricardo M Guerra. Row 8 Billy G Vinzant. Benjamin A Bean Joseph M, Downs. Edward L, Lujon, Teleslor C, Chavez Richard M. Sidewell. Manuel B Mestas Row 9 Jerry Porter. Cleo A Rinker, Charles J Richards, Robert J. Steppe, Robert A, Smith, Celestine F Quintano, Donald Cunico 147 ARMY COMPANY " C " Row 1 Leit to Right— Bill Mounce. Iimmie L McDaniel, Kenneth G Alberson, William C Bonner, William T Stah- mann Row 2 Robert L lames, Parker F. English, Glen A Snow, James M Raprock, Don D. Denton, John St Paul. Row 3 Peter Maga, Jr . James B Latham, Robert E Johnson, Jerry Goring, William C. Stevens Row 4 Al Herbert, Clinton B Dehrkoop, Dwight Bookout, Alfred D. Fielder, Bob Easley, Pierce Hubbard Row 5 Aristotle A Boyer, Jerry L. Higdon, Bill D Farris, Johnnie W. Richards Row 6 John B Corrigan, Eloy C. Sanchez, Earl L Williams, Bepny M Barrazo, Jim T Dunlop, Lawrence P Wil- liams, Francisco L, Lopez Row 7 Guy M Biederman, Charles W Sanlord, Richard F Atmore, Lamar E Gwoltney, Glenn E McDaniel, Bill F Harlan, Marvin D Dawson Row 8 John L Hoskins, J O Hughes, Franklin G Peterson, John A Thompson, Richard D Gantz, Jody L Williams, Don D Reeves Row 9 Franklin E Solazar Edgar E Rounds, Ernest E Utter, Clabe E Wicker, Bill W Warren, Joseph Romero 148 i?w " ' m m e- - m ' ' i e SciAa tc a . k! . XaXX ' ■Km- We thought about this book for a long time, and what you have seen so far is part of the resuU of cooperation of those in- volved in making the decisions. It would have been easy to copy the form of the past years, | but it was a challenge to us to produce a book of which we could be proud. This is it. You can be sure that we are happy to have sent the last of this issue to the publisher (we made up this page last — and we ' re weary!) And we hope you find the book to your satisfac- tion EMILY and BILL — S V ■ ' CU. i All original art work for the 1952 Swastika was done by Keith Avery, shown above. Seated at right is Lou Helen von Engelbrechten as she be- gins work on the feature sec- tion. Dan Griffith ponders over the layouts for the sports section. Ted Van Soelen bangs out copy while Gerry Kretek crops pictures for the women ' s sport pages. Richard " Dick " Franklin, facul- ty sponsor, reads early proofs Tfic ( oaad-up THE VOKX OF THE STUDENT BODY J| V«L SLV. Ka. t ■ Callag . MM. WcdBHatT Oclotwi 1 ig Homecoming Crowd Expected Six Aggies Involved In Weekend Car Accidents six inidtiitii " t ihr n.lJcac wmb luHpiutiiiyl Saluniay iu(bt ui (n fl i mtlic midmi whtcb left tout of ih Hx in a nitiMl C ' Vfd ' lHin arcurdine )a Dona Am Cou l hmplul RetumtQ); tnun El P tollnwlne thr TWC itanM Saturday nUW Charbr Will, Wlllarrf Sroti, J L Ltaii. Gdirdon Jotim •Dit Al Lunb, driving a IBST moilel Chc TDlel brlr,ni;l i| ' ' " Win. niitl4F l bcMl-at} o-lth IMB Fard ilabiin w cor v t- Aceo)4io( i - iNc p t I Aut .! •.. thai t " ' :S " Cuts ' Law Announced By Deans luudr .Bj " (» i «iU. jii oj (t ra , , ,,,_ . ■ad Lkipb itwtr rWiWrI MenUf ' «IUi imly nUnu lajuako Tht nl- t ' ri irinat iha xUbi-n wacsn Aartb allrt lilin ( ■ iw |n«- Utjuna ui Un txund awiiltii " " • ' " vif aitunbt wtirn -InvEu fil w « - iIt id n al» i Qth. .:n 81 Fii») AiMl Attnntrt- , siwtniii i int U pai 1-.I en, he hit «l«j,-,;rt.fv -1 f K«Ul«4 B new Id Z: , ' - VUad b li ir a (Ttt)«i ' -. . ' B-Tt... Lortrtll tllOf. vtw- Otnl ux H.or UuitetaoD o( «h. W.«IAI . na ■ «!-««« uanct- U««« -on «ltl (rftwally J p m FnAiy. OM, 1. JudsUIC ot ««• dl.- ,1. . .n d m!l 4» TV Jl.- «■» Kl-nut, hwiif and 11 Oviu . ) il!V«. Ml All R !. It •dgftay Irnohl it ms ( rou i U I ill One I ()liMat iii tnftK ircirlmU dunu III Alpha Dalla TlMIt i I sui iahi»« bf otlHi. A VW- Control Room • R«a«l m: HnrnKDBiinc l r.A .t of •.- -.1,., G .. r " Wfllay. fl ™il .MW vote 4(-l Jwly Ar- ahi win Ui« Otic lrnH nm.v H. OL.r. lu •«.( iddM ih.t Ml MtliUit • ! Queen tiui inceH Ir, U . i:»minl ' " ' ■■ ■■ ' - " -■■- ■■ ' ■■ 4e xcMcC-u Editor BARBARA FUNKHOUSER Business Manager CLARICE SMITH Assistant Editor DAN GRIFFITH Sports JOHN LEDBETTER Society PAT HENRY Make-up BOB STALLINGS Traffic Rules HOK aim. To Be Issued ' mU t O ficcrx Playmakers ' First Play To Be Friday ■Hly (Of irj-ii. TMImMcd tOlAlo KlatMA ftom Whiir SarvU From a recipe for mustard butter (a last desperate measure to fill space) to articles on the Student Commission, the Round- Up staff has worked hard to re- port all of interest happening on campus. Despite advertising difficulties and frayed tempers in the small hours of the morning, the staff, under Barbara Funkhouser, has turned out a good " sheet " , full of good reading, good reporting and good pictures. Mr. " B " , Barbara and Dan consider a front page make-up prob- lem. Something like the final results appear above. 152 STUDENT COMMISSION Front Row; Fraley, Little, Green, Dwyre, Tacketl. Wall, Bagwell Back Row Atchley. Johnston, Cox STUDENT BODY OFFICERS BOB DWYRE President JIM TACKETT Vice-President BONNIE COX Secretary-Treasurer 154 SENIORS STUDENT COMMISSION JUNIORS HOWARD LITTLE GEORGE FRALEY SOPHOMORES BOB BAGWELL NOLA BELLE ATCHLEY CHARLIE GREEN DARRELL WALL OFFICERS CHRISTINE lOHNSTON - i t 1 hH 1 m lim Tackett. Vice-Prciident, Bonnie Cox. Sec.-Treas Bob Dwyre, President CORONADO PLAYMAKERS THE CORONADO PLAYMAKERS STAFF HERSHEL ZOHN, Director President DUKE SIRONI Vice-President KATHRYN GIBBS Secretary-Treasurer DORIS HOWE Technical Assistant DUKE SIRONI Properties and Make-up LEO COMEAU Electrician DICK KELLOGG Costumes DORIS STEELE BILL BEEM VERNE WEBER, Technical Director PYGMALION Left to right: Leo Comeau, Kathryn Gibbs, Ramona Garcia, La Noel Brazil, Evelyn Marr, Doris Howe, Perry Vavoudis, Ray Madson, Bernice Beenhouwer, Lawrence Williams. i i A- THE SILVER WHISTLE Standing: Actors: Man- dell, Weber, Tech, Ass ' t, Clayton, Boca, Pappos, Graves, Vavoudis, Kel- logg, Park. Seated on bench: Sims. Fandey, Brazil, Seem, Howe, Comeau. Seated on floor: Been- houwer, Stephens, Trim- ble, Zohn, Director, Sir- oni, Steele. THE DRUNKARD Actors: Smith, George, Morrison, Arnold, Tem- ple, Hoyt, Sims, Clayton. CANDIDA Actors: Richardson, Beem, Sironi, Gibbs, Howe, Cameau . mec»«pUtta Y ' A i»v Reigning over the 1951 Homecoming activities was Queen Judy Arnold. Attending Queen ludy were Billie Swain, Jane Ellen Driggers, Elinor McCan, and Emma Lou Cahoun. Passing in review, the Queen and her court 158 HOMECOMING PRIZE WINNERS P H I K A P P A ■ T 1 A 1 U 1 F BH L jj O «i- ' E A m T ' m z E T A T A U A L P H A H O U S E D I S P L A Y 159 A DAY ACTIVITIES Here lies Joe Freshman c ' .-f .r ' w. ' The night befcre in Garrett hali a long way up Dinner on top Some of the faculty tried it ;•»« ■ ■» ■ !ff! " i fr - ■3m- MUSIC DEPARTMENT Avt»wVVVi i n ii The College Mixed Chorus presented a Christmas broadcast this holiday season. The chorus this year has been studying standard contemporary choral music under the direction of Mr. Carl Jacobs. Much time has been spent in the preparation of Fred Waring arraignments, oratorios and cantatas. GIRLS SEXTETTE Left to Right; Judy Arnold, lohnnie Lou Bagwell, Pat McMahan Joyce Stewart, Lemae Clisbee. and Carol Green. MEN ' S QUARTETTE Left to Right; Dave Holt, Ray Madson, Ed Boykin, and Stanley Dennis. 162 THE CONCERT BAND Under the direction of Richard Montague the Aggie band has turned out stellar performances. The band has added much of the color and spark to the campus. We regret that we were unable to obtain a picture of the march- ing bond. HIGH STEPPERS Phylis Long well, Ellen Wells, David Kidd, Pat Harwell, and Georgia Jacques. STRING ENSEMBLE Providing music ol distinction has been the String Ensemble. 163 CHEERLEADERS Left to Right. Pat Logsdon, Helen Tudor, Judy Arnold Leit to Right: Peggy West, Dorothy Hardin, Betty Jo Johnston, 164 cutctcf. acn. Mrs. Frederick Carrol, well known in Southwestern and European art circles, was this year ' s Vantiy Fair judge. Mrs, Carrol, born m New York, studied art with the Royal Draw- ing Society in London, England and the British Academy in Rome, Italy. In England she took prizes for figure and animal drawing and for four consecutive years was the recipient of the Chalderon prize for figure drawing. Mrs. Carrol has exhibited her work in many shows m England. Since coming to the Southwest eight years ago, she has exhibited m most of the Southwestern shows. 166 r : v w w 9 ucUf TfceAaU Ct lftCd (Z lC (€cC % ■Sb ' I aticf M cu 172 » ' x .y ' 173 THE MILITARY BALL 1 1 (• 1 4 r:I V kJ r i i liT ' JlT- and Queen Betty Jo Johnson %• 176 177 178 0 ; -. 179 180 181 .f,»jfll 182 ■■. ' , . " St las y 4 7 t Ki( P iuiafi ' pacuCtcf TK m 183 184 185 186 ' " V WHO ' S WHO " ■ Ks Dean W. Phillips, Long Beach, California, is a mechanical en- gineering student. He is presi- dent of Pi Tau Sigma, treasur- er of Sigma Tau and a mem- ber of ASME. William F. Smith is a general agriculture major from Snyder, Texas. He is president of the Ag and Home Ec Club and a member of Alpha Zeta. m William Strohm, Jr., Santa Fe, IS a civil engineering major. He is president of Sigma Al- pha Epsilon Fraternity and a member of ASCE. Peggy Adams is a language major from Anthony, She is president of the Women ' s Re- creation Association, treasurer of the 4-H alumni, vice-presi- dent Women ' s Resident Execu- tive Council 4-Square CD, and the band. Ted Van Soelen, Tesuque, is a business administration stu- dent. He is vice - president of SAE, vice-president of Phi Mu Tau and a past member of the student commission, rodeo club. Greek council and inter- fratemity council, ► Robert Dwyre, Santa Fe, is a civil engineering student. He is president of the student commission, secretary-treasur- er of ASCE and a member of the Barbs, Engineer ' s Council and was member of the foot- ball squad. John C. Jozwik, Racine, Wis- consin, is a mechanical engi- neering major. He is vice-pres- ident of Sigma Tau, vice-pres- ident of ASME and secretary of Pi Tau Sigma. Judy Arnold. El Paso, is a his- tory and social science stu- dent. She is a cheerleader and a member of the band, wo- men ' s sextette, and dorm council. 187 j k. WHO ' S WHO Marion Broiwn is a home eco- nomics major from Tucumcari. She is a member of Chi Ome- ga, Phi Mu Tau and the Ag and Home Ec club. Calvin Burns is a range ani- mal husbandry major from Fencelake, N- Mex. He is pres- ident of Theta Chi fraternity, secretary of Alpha Zeta and a member of Block and Bridle. rn- Fred N. Denney, Las Cruces, is a civil engineering major. Fred is president of the Amer- ican Society ol Civil Engineers and a member of Sigma Tau Edward H. Wallace is a range animal husbandry student from Tucumcari. He is a mem- ber of Theta Chi, Alpha Zeta and Block Bridle. 188 WHO ' S WHO Bill Dunn, Alamogordo, is a business administration stu- dent. He is a mennber of Tau Kappa Epsilon, " A " Club and the basketball team. Kenneth S. Barnhill, Jr., Las Cruces, is a chemical engineer. He is vice-president of the American Chemical Society, treasurer of the Engineering council and a member of Sig- ma Tau. David Kidd from Roy is an an- imal husbandry major. He is a member of the Student Com- mission, 4-H Club, 4 -Square, Theta Chi, Greek Council, Al- pha Zeta and is drum major for the band. Louise Sowell, Las Cruces, is a biology major. She is secre- tary of Chi Omega and a member of SCA, Phi Mu Tau and Coronado Playmakers. Morris Roberson is a dairy major from Carlsbad. He has been president of Lambda Chi, president of the Ag Council, president of the Dairy Club and a member of Alpha Zeta. 189 WHO ' S WHO Barbara Funkhouaer, Las Cru- ces, is a journalism major. She is president oi Panhellenic. president of Zeta Tau Alpha, editor of .the Round-Up and a member of Greek Council and Alpha Phi Gamma. She has been business manager and class editor of the Swastika, vice-president and secretary oi Alpha Phi Gamma, secretary of the 4-H alumni, vice-presi- dent of the sophomore class, historian of Zeta Tau Alpha, circulation manager of The Round-Up and a member of the Rodeo Association, English Club and AWS. Bill Mounce, McLean, Texas, is a physical education major. He is president of the Barbs and a member of the football, and baseball teams and the " A " Club. f -%.. Jim Tackett of Venita, Okla., is an agriculture major. He is a member of Alpha Zeta, out- standing basketball player, and Vice-president of Student Commission. George Abemathy, Mills, is an agriculture engineering stu- dent. He is a member of Sig- ma Tau and Alpha Zeta. 190 WHO ' S WHO 1 Hoyt Pattison, Clovis, is an agriculture engineering stu- dent. He is president of the A- merican Society oi Agricultur- al Engineers, secretary of Sig- ma Tau, president of the Arn- old Air Society, Engineering Editor of the Round-Up and a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon and Alpha Zeta. Robert L. lames, Jr., agronomy student from Malaga. He is a member of Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon fraternity and Alpha Zeta. Aiol Lewis, from Grants, is a husbandry major. He is a member of Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon, Alpha Zeta, Block and Bridle and the stock judging team. John F. Mahill is an animal husbandry student from May- hill. He has been president of the sophomore class, vice- president of the student com- mission and is a member of SAE, Ag Club, 4-Square, and Block Bridle. 191 193 acMciufi a 52 Sea ( (t Al DiCarlo, Aggies Leading Ground Gainer Charlie Sanford, ace passer for A M team nG ' o J tD ' ,c -v OV i oe, -r;eat - .! ' . .ea . e !t ' s..-,. 3.op det t: e, - !: .. i:. l.vs CO ' a - rv.- .o-p !°:. °- o ose Vbe t e :% 3 let :nce ' d - g- •- ' ..e.P-- ,, . - ;, ed Beg ' eosv ,es .be P " " s Z J ' ' : ;!- 01-1. " ■ t be .YD eS_ - p,gg — otAfcCO 3 es. as Y d . t o os s?o iot ,vfl ;d 000 " " w V ..d ® ' ' , UUU -, .w VJCi " t-, nVV 3 K " °r„d tw-itr iJris °i «, - Ed Boykin, end and loremost pass catcher. Al Herbert, starting Aggie halfback 194 7-0, fJ V vV e e dP- oT .d " ■.UcVvdO ' ' ' ' Btci ' ■ 46-0- ca ® " ,oc- ' _ xo -;;oi - ie, d ot tt o- 0T dP K Vl t) f Yl ' GS- N a■ 3i e sea ' son ihe Kg 3 ' ,es « f«,. ° ™ Vaev . en ' .aU es ,i .be sed ' ,sot . r e a pW l-5??i£S f-! iS: ;,;r. evet, ' ' ;d o f a;; t.pen ' ' {ex iav ec SV a " ' vJ-itvnv ' . - Q seas- ' - pavg - isotvs coy ,e ea a o .Y e BILL SHAFFER — a top guard, played his last season. JOHN THOMPSON — played a rough tackle for the Aggies. FRED HAIMAN — one of leading ground-gainers. BOB PUFAL— hard hitting center lor A M. • BILL PARKMAN — regular tackle lor the Aggies DICK ANDREWS— 60 minute line- man. Haiman breaks away tor a gain against the Lobos. BILL MOUNCE— 2nd string Bord- er Conference guard RONALD PRICE — played guard tor the Aggies 196 HAROLD JACOBS — small, but fast halfback for the Aggies FRED JONES — played his last season as end this year. Those members of the team shown above played their last season on the ' 51 squad. They ore: Bill Mounce, who was elected by the team as the most conscientious player; Bill Parkman; Fred Jones; Bob Pufal; Don Tamuty; Bill Shaffer and Fred Haiman, not shown. JIMMY GRAVES — a fine tackle, playing his first year of the Ag- gies. DALE GANTZ— another first year man, played guard for the Ag- gies. Aggies in action chalk up a gain via the airways. 197 1 199 COACH COLEMAN 6 COMPANY Al DiCarlo, Aggies leading ground gainer, gets through McMurroy ' s hne ior important yardage A • 9- Ed Boykin is finally hauled down after snaring one of the Sonfords passes 200 ' €t the evi,J] rnp Cops for A f° ' -der Sam, trjr 12 ■°nfere ' eflce on y. - mp Pt-y Over the Pped ett " T ' fh ' pJ en, M do ? ino ' " -i ' 1 . the a " ' ' " " - " ' " ond Pe L " " S?,44 thet ' a]h ' " " ' r t ! youn f ' nal Pad th ' ey l,pP c «cor. hit mg or, the th. M a r t, cin Put ' S th p Or the ter. " " ' y fo f ' - eV ' f! ' k ' e rrie, sger to • at Jight 54-4 ■i9 yea airj We h fs. at ' o,:jTe as in rn N - ' ore " ■ " as Te . ' ion. " ' ti ' ' ' ' ' ' tea 1 tn S(Z t (i.... Blevms scores irom the iloor against the Lobos. BASKETBALL AT A M had more of everything this year. There were more thrills, more fouls, more excitement and the Crimson team won more games and glory than pre-season prophets predicted. THE OPENING GUN The Aggies gave their first night spectators no glimpse of the form they displayed later in the season, when they opened the year with a 50-47 loss to New Mexico Western. The next three home games, however, gave the fans a chance to smile again. The McCartymen scored at will, and the season ' s prospects seemed brighter. And then .... THEPIE WAS OKLAHOMA . . . . . . what Aggie could express his feelings that night? Won- derment, the tense excitement, the depths of despair — we felt them all. The Cowboys apparently had no respect for the national reputation of Hank Iba ' s " wonder boys " . Taking an early lead over the Oklahoma A M quintet, the scrappy squad led throughout the first half. And then, with the score tied 39-39 and only seconds to go, the Crimson team missed the winning layup. Two overtimes later the New Mexico five were out-scored 4-2, and lost the contest, 45-43. Rubbing in the bitterness of defeat, Missouri U and Murray State edged out the Aggies in the remaining two games of the road trip. (Continued on page 204) Mike Svilar, the Aggie ' s all-conference captain for the year, sparked the Aggie team from the pivot slot. Mike " Hook Shot " Svilar, voted most valuable player in the Bor- der Conlerence, nominated to Border Conlerence first team and elected captain ol the Aggie squad r Charlie Clement outstanding ol- lensive-defensive guard for the Aggie quintet. George McCarty, Aggie mentor lor the Border Conference Co- champions, voted outstanding BC coach ol the year. Jim Blevins. sharp shooter guard on A M first string lor the past two years A THE LONG STRETCH (Continued from page 202) Back home from their first road trip, the Aggies began the drive which landed them on top of the Border Confer- ence. They had the ability, now they found the will to win. With Mike Svilar and Jim Blevins sparking the team the A M five defeated powerful West Texas and then North Texas to win the New Year ' s Sun Bowl tourney in El Paso. After vacations, Texas Tech and West Texas easily de- feated an Aggie team that temporarily lost its stride. Then the championship - bound quintet won twelve consecutive games in a blazing drive that took them to the BC co-cham- pionship. Ending conference play with a victorious Arizona road trip, the first one for a Border Conference team in 10 years, the Aggies returned home to meet ENMU for an NAIB berth. The A6rM quintet outstalled the stubborn Grayhounds, 34-27. In an anti-climatic non-conference tilt, the lowly University of New Mexico Lobos played over their heads, won 40-38. The same night the West Texas Buffs dropped their final game to Texas Tech, bursting their hopes for a single crown, and A M was co-champion of the Border Conference. The play-off with West Texas for an NCAA berth— not the championship — was a moral victory for the Aggies, as they defeated the Buffs for the third time in four contests, 62-51 Mike Svilar. hook shot artist and pivot man for the Crim- son team was elected most valuable player in the confer- ence and named to the BC first team George McCarty was elected the conference coach of the year. Bob Priddy earned a berth on the first team for his re- bounding and scoring punch, while lim Tackett, a repeater from last year, made it a trio of Aggies on the front line of the Border Conference first five. TOURNAMENT PLAY Ai the NAIB meet in Kansas City, the Aggies, led by Jim Tackett ' s 31 points, won their first game handily over Missis- sippi Southern, 86-70. The next afternoon, despite Priddys 20 counters, the Aggie hopes were quelched, when the team bowed to undefeated Southwest Texas As this book goes to press, the team leaves for the NCAA tournament in Kansas City, where they will meet St. Louis in their first gome. However the season may end. it ' s been a great year and a great team, reminding Aggies of other great years and fine players. Jim Tackett, who has been named to the Border Conference first team for the past two years, was a big factor in the Ag- gie ' s successful season. BORDER CONFERENCE CO-CHAMPIONS Opposite page. David Coats, Alfred Budenholzer, Charles Clement, Richard Vaughn, Bob Hunt, Albert Hutchison, Bill Dunn, Bob Priddy, Jim Tackett, Mike Suilar, Ellis Scott, Leo Cook, Raymond Apodaca. Center: Jim Blevms, Coach George McCarty, Jim Crouch. 204 00m. en ISS tf f M c I ■ o m i ' - " -mm . m,.,-.:: 1 K y l t Km 1 1 _ " Bo " and Mike lollow-up a shot Charlie makes one from the floor against the Lobos, Aggies lose anyway, 40-38 " Big Bob ■ Priddy did his best work off the boards, proved a steady, consistant player throughout the season, named to the Border Conference first team. 206 mai ' Ptac a d Succe ui Sc oh Secu IReco cC — SUN BOWL TOURNEY • t VVWt T» ' w fc v fv •V Opponent Aggies West Texas State 57 72 North Texas State (Final) 54 55 New Mexico Western Oppon 50 ent Aggies 47 Texas Western Hardin-Simmons 53 53 71 62 Texas Western 48 65 Texas Tech 62 50 N. M. U. 47 57 West Texas 49 35 Nebraska State Teachers 54 67 West Texas 44 49 Oklahoma A M 45 43 Arizona University 50 59 Missouri University Murry State College 43 59 38 51 Texas Tech Hardin-Simmons - Flagstaff Tempe Texas Western Arizona University New Mexico Western Tempe 41 42 42 52 44 55 44 44 47 51 61 74 53 65 52 I ■1 57 ■ H l Flagstaff 49 54 I A %tv i79 l_ H Eastern New Mexico 27 34 ■ra ll 1 H N. M. U. West Texas State 40 51 38 62 I H NAIB TOURNEY HH Mississippi Southern 70 86 B jSUzi 1 Southwest Texas 69 52 i r NCAA TOURNEY Statistics for the NCAA tourney in Kansas City were not available at the publication date of this book The first game was with St Louis. Mike tries for a tip-in Tackett screens, Charlie shoots, two points. Bob goes up for a rebound. limmy Crouch, flashy ball handler, scored when it counted most, starred in A M ' s last minute stalls. 208 tfukd ( deo ccMt That ' s alotta bull! CA 209 ai j[ . Another cowboy gone wrong! Finishing second last year in the National Inter- collegiate Rodeo Association standings, the Cow- boys stand to figure near the top again when the season closes with the National Meet in Dallas on May 8. Competing in nine rodeos this year at Sul Ross, Sam Houston State Teachers College, Baylor, Arlington State, Oklahoma ASM, Colorado A IA, University of Wyoming and the Notional Intercol- legiate Championship Rodeo at Dallas, the Aggie Cowboys will rely on veteran top - hands F. C. Stover and Don Dnggers for outstanding perform- ances. Stover took, first m the season ' s calf roping last year and is currently tops in the field for the pre- sent semester. Driggers is near the top in bull dogging for the year. The team last year sponsored one of the big- gest shows on campus when they put on an In- tercollegiate Rodeo in the Memorial Stadium. The only shows planne d for this year at State College are small events with local clubs. The Rodeo Association, through which the team works, was headed by Bill Huey. Frank Mead- ors was vice president, Marka Vaughn was sec- retary and lane Ellen Driggers was treasurer. Another cowboy gone wrong! The steer gets a head start. The steer gets a head start. 210 ' . - - V . - r. Look Ma! No hands High riders at last years Intercollegiate Rodeo at State College 211 n i di Left to right: S. E. Parks, W. R. Hursh, R. L. Moses, M, Nesbitt, R. W. Concho, W. D. Montgomery, D. R Tucker, A. Aboud, B. J. Stout, Coach Evans, O. H. Pattison, W. Morgan, W. R. Wilson, J. K. Miller. Stu- dents on the team not shown above are }. E. Giles, H. Jacobs, R. Price, Klements, A. Robertson, J. Brad- ley, T. Harvey and L. Bourland, Aggie cinder men suffered a poor season last year, ending with the conference meet in Tucson in which only one man qualified for competition. Lacking experience, the squad never mustered enough strength to place consistently in the field in any of their matches lost season. Without the services of Roger Siddall, who placed fourth in the conference meet last year in broad- jumping. Coach Ray Evans still expects to moke an improved showing, although the squad will be ham- pered by the late season start and consequent lack of conditioning. ■ T fff. lK« hat shelf ' s it on ' ? 212 Pdc Ted Wilbanks, Henry McKinley, Emerson Bodan, Ray Trujillo. Team men not shown: John Sullivan, Bill Ferris, Wayne McKinley, Dick Bannon, Dutch Heringa. The Polo Club, one of the newest on campus, got off to a slow start this year. However, the boys ' tied several games and put up a good show against some of the crack teams in the country. Led by Coach and Captain " Hank " McKinley, the team developed to a hard-riding, hard-hitting squad, which should come into its own next season. McKinley is the only member graduating. TED WILBANKS RAY TRUJILLO EMERSON BODAN HENRY McKINLEY 213 ( d Jim Linard, Bill Wilson, Dirx Stuart, Alden Norman, Dick Bowen, Ralph Milley, and Coach Hartlme. Aggie Imkmen, headed by Lt. Col. Hartlme, are again fac- ing a strong schedule of Border Conference opponents. Led by top golfers Ralph Milley and Dick Bowen, the squad made several road trips during the season. One swing through Arizona pitted the team against the strong University of Arizona golfers. Later in the season, they met other Border Conference teams in a trip through Texas, Since the baseball squad had not yet been chosen when this went to press, players shown above are only those trying out for the sport. Names therefore, are not given. Many play- ers are not shown. Intercollegiate baseball became a reality at A M this year for the first time since the war, as Coach " Pug " Gabrel assem- bled an untried crew for a helter-skelter season which brings promise to campus sports fans for a strong spring sport in the future. Games scheduled for the first season include contests with the El Paso high schools and Las Cruces, Border Conference games have been hard to schedule because of the late start However, the team hoped to meet Texas Western twice, and other clubs in the conference, if possible. Scud di 214 S %fr aaten The New Mexico AcSM Air and Infantry ROTC rifle team. First Row: Sgt. Jack Marshall, coach, Billy Huey. Phillip Wilson, Willard Scott, Sgt, Harry Cagley, assistant coach. Back Row; Austin Bell, Arvel Thomas, David Watt, Bob Rabe and Bob Rickard Manager Capt. Moore is not shown Aggie varsity rifle squad. Standing; Willard Scott, James Lee, David Watt and Bill Huey. Kneeling: Austin Bell and Arvel Thomas. Above is the Wallace trophy which is awarded to the best ROTC squadron or company team 215 eu i lody Williams, Bob Howard, Cody Williams, Wilbur Conley, Ed Lockhart, Coach Latimer Evans. Prospects for the Aggie netmen brightened this season. Be- sides returning veterans Lockhart, Howard and Conley, Coach Latimer Evans ' squad was bolstered by freshmen Jody and Cody Williams, winners of the state doubles a year ago. Jody currently ranks 9th in the Southwest standings of players un- der 18 and is number one man on the squad. Schedule for the season throws the racketeers against a strong Texas Tech team, Arizona U. and other non-conference teams in the state. Jim Brockman, Don Tucker, Swarm Parks, Paul Bou- shelle, Roger Terrazas, Bob Concho, Jim Miller. Frosh hoopsters, under Coach Jim Patton, finished a strong schedule chalking up 17 wins out of 26 games played. Led in scoring by Roger Teerrazas — who maintained a 12 point average — the team scored 1200 points to their opponents 1020. It promises a source of assistance for the varsity squad next year. Ending the season ' s play m the district AAU tourney, the top seeded frosh were upset in their second game when they bowed to Valley Drug, 39-36. 216 I A couple of tennis stars 7iJ(Mte(t Sfixnt . Freshmen intraclass volleybaii Help!!! Chi Omega teams toolc first in softball, volley- ball, badminton, table tennis. Oh boyi It ' s a strike]! t Gerry and Gert Rhodes hall team Zelas That ' s hittin ' . Toots Carol, single table tennis champ, Peggy took second. 218 ;4cUAe%ti M( • lUc •A. INDEX OF ADVERTISERS Alameda Furniture Co 12 Albuquerque National Bank _ 9 Anthony ' s _ 6 Armendariz Studio 16 Baker Drug 7 Ballards 24 Berkeley Drug 27 Big Jo Lumber Co. (Santa Fe) _ 30 Boney, R. E 13 Bronson Printing Co _ 4 Budget Shop _ 18 Burn, P. R _ 15 Cactus Motor Co 27 Campbell, Pat 6 College Florist 22 College Inn _ 26 Conoco No. 1 „.. 25 Cullom Buick Co 10 Dr. Pepper 20 Drum Electric Co _ „ 17 Dunlap ' s White House 20 Embree ' s 12 Eubanks 10 Fashion Shoe Store _ „ 4 First Nat ' l. Bank of Las Cruces 5 First Nat ' l, Bank of Santa Fe _._ 28 Flowers, J. D. Thelma D ....._ 17 Fox Theaters _ 4 Fulmer Mortuary 6 Gatton Martin _ 21 Gene Autry Camera Shop (Santa Fe) 28 Georjess 24 Gil Fincke Motor Co. (Santa Fe) 29 H. 6c K. Truck Lines _ _ 21 J. C. Penny „ 4 Kennecott Copper 1 2 La Fonda Hotel (Santa Fe) _ 30 Las Cruces Abstract Title Co 17 Las Cruces Citizen _ :.._ 10 Las Cruces Furniture Co 25 Las Cruces Laundry 20 Las Cruces Lumber Co 10 Las Cruces Rexall Drug 26 Malone Drug 22 Mesilla Motor Co 19 Mesilla Valley Bank 5 Moore ' s, Inc. (Santa Fe) 29 Music Box 24 Myers Co 21 McKee, Robert E _.. 5 Nash Motor Co 16 Nelson Mortuary 13 Porter, Robt. Sons 23 Prichard Book Stationery Co 14 Quick Service Cleaners 22 Reynolds Electrical Engineering Co 1 1 Rives Studio 18 Romney Motors 7 Roundtree Cotton Co., Inc _ 19 Southwestern Portland Cement _ 13 Sprouse-Reitz Co _ 8 Stull Enterprises 7 The New Mexican (Santa Fe) 29 Triangle Equipment Co _ 27 Turrentine Chevrolet 23 Underwood Corp „ 8 United States Potash Co 3 Valley Loan Finance Co 19 Warren Lumber Co 6 Weisenhorn-Papen Agency 14 Whitfield Bus Lines 16 Wright Insurance Agency 18 HE CAME FOR GOLD ...and missed it. Funny, isn ' t it . . . that the greatest of all " Conquista- dores " considered his life a failure. That he rode thousands of miles on the strength of wild tales told him by Pecos Indians . . . conquered a vast empire for " the New Spain " and considered it nothing . . . be- cause the gold he wanted so badly always eluded him. It was ironic . . . because this man, Francisco Coronado, rode right over untold riches and did not see them. Now the real treasure this great explorer missed 400 years ago has been found. We see it being won from the earth he passed over in the form of oil, coal, and copper. We see it in strong New Mexico cattle. We see it in the shrines of Inscription Rock, Old Mesilla, the White Sands, the Carlsbad Caverns . . . in the pines, and the wealth of mineral deposits our state holds. And it is you, the younger citizens of New Mexico, to whom the riches that Coronado sought must now be trusted. Speaking as one of New Mexico ' s leading industries, we ' ve found it a truly wonderful land. We hope you will, too. ' °i ' Mwi» ' . UNITED STATES POTASH COMPANY CARLSBAD, NEW MEXICO CAMPUS FOOTWEAR Featuring Famous Shoe Brands Freeman Men ' s Fine Shoes THE FASHION SHOE STORE 109 N. Main Ph. 752-W GO TO A MOVIE THEATRE TODAY At The Friendly RIO GRANDE STATE PLAZA — Fox Theatres — BRONSON PRINTING COMPANY PRINTERS PUBLISHERS STATIONERS 129 S. CHURCH ST. PHONE 14 LAS CRUCES. NEW MEXICO Compliments of J. C. PENNEY CO. 203 North Main come In and see ' our complete line of clothes MEN ' S WOMEN ' S WORK OR PLAY ROBERT E. McKEE GENERAL CONTRACTOR, INC. • EL PASO, TEXAS • SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO • ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO • LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA • OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA • DALLAS, TEXAS Complimer i+s of FIRST MGSlLLi MTIOML • VALLEY BMK BMK LAS CRUCES MEMBERS OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION i Congratula+ions to the Class of 1952 PAT F. CAMPBELL, Jr. Insurance Agent COMPLETE INSURANCE COVERAGE p. O. Box 231 111 W. Griggs Ph. 948 LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO WARREN LUMBER PAINT CO. Lumber, Building Materials and Sherwin Williams Paints PHONE 29 Griggs and Water Street First Shop ANTHONY S The C. R. Anthony Co. Las Cruces Your Friendly Department Store THE PERFECT TRIBUTE Vitnin tns. I ' Uani of Sulzu jamiLu -,,iggS The Fulmer Memorial Chapel Mor tuary Truly The Kindlier, More Reverent Way Hy2 NORTH MAIN CALL 1200 ROMNEY MOTOR CO • Dodge Passenger Cars • Plymouth Passenger Cars • Dodge Job-Rated Trucks BODY— FENDER REPAIR WRECKER SERVICE Al ' TOMOBILE PAINTING 401 S. Alameda Las Cruces, New Mexico PHONE 244 Compliments of STULL ENTERPRISES 425 N. Main St. Las Cruces, New Mexico A Favorite Spot for Shopping and Relaxing Ls the Baker Drug store — luxurious, large and modern BAKER DRUG CO. ihiki N. MAIN ST. LAS CRUCES, N. M. FOR YOUR THE UNDERWOOD , ,y 7 . , CHAMPION . . . Finest Portable Moc ef ■ll. ' l.l4 , l ' . ' M.n What more deserving gift for that fine family of yours than the Under- wood Finger-Flite Champion! The portable with all the features of the Standard typewriter! Mother, Dad, Sister, Brother... everybody will love its big typewriter " feel " and performance! You ' ll find every control right before your eyes, in plain sight. New Key-set tabulation! New See-Set Margins! Instantly set both left and right margins, without delay in the selection of any width writing line. Standard-spaced keyboard . . . full visibility . . . perfect alignment . . . noiseless action! Get your " family " the Underwood Finger-Flite Champion today. Underwood Portables are sold through Typewriter Dealers, De- partment Stores and Jewelers. On easy terms, too — if you like. Underwood Corporation Pofioble Typewriter Dtvision One Park Avenue, New York 16, N. Y. Spronse-Reitz Co., Inc. 239 N. Main Street Las Cruces, N. M. Las Cruces ' only SELF-SERVICE Variety Store Perpetual LAY-A WAY-PLAN OLDEST and LARGEST BANK oHmatulcitc t CLASS OF ' SI Albuquerque National Bank RESOURCES over $68,000,000 rL(As of Dec. 31, 1951) MAIN BANK EAST CENTRAL BRANCH SECOND 6- CENTRAL 402I EAST CENTRAL MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 9 m mm mum Printers • Publishers The House of Good Impressions 114 S. Church St. Phone 10 Compliments of LAS CRUCES LUMBER COMPANY West Griggs St. Phone 86 LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO EUBANKS CLEANERS Mothproofing • Alterations PICK-UP AND DELIVERY Phone 1469 134-138 N. Church St. Las Cruces, N. M. (Between City Hall and Post Office) Congratulations to the Class of ' 52 OULLOU BOOK 00., Inc. Buick Sales and Service TELE. 1016 315 S. Main LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO 10 Reynolds Electrical and Engineering Co., Inc. Electrical and Construction Engineers EL PASO HOUSTON ALBUQUERQUE SANTA FE AN ORGANIZATION OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS TRAINED TO THE INTRICATE NEEDS OF THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY 11 Have You Even Seen 394,000,000,000 Pennies? Neither Have We, But We ' ve Produced Enough Copper From the Above Pit to Make That Many KENNECOTT COPPER CORPORATION Hurley Chino Mines Division Grant County, New Mexico Santa Rita J. N. GREEN Connpliments to the Class of 1952 Alameda Furniture Company AND Stortz Nursery Nook 390 South Alameda Boulevard (At Corner of Amador) LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO EMBREE ' S SEWING MACHINES DOMESTIC AND COMMERCIAL SALES — SERVICE — RENTALS COVERED BUTTONS — BELTS — BUCKLES SEWING SUPPLIES UNDERWOOD PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS VICTOR ADDING MACHINES SALES — RENTALS 432 N. CHURCH — PHONE 855-W LAS CRUCES, N. MEX. 12 £P, IS. ror£.±±LonaL . siKjLCE Serving Mesilla Valley for 19 Years NELSON ' S FUNERAL HOME MEMORIAL CHAPEL IN LAS CRUCES R. E. BONEY GENERAL INSURANCE BONDS " 118 E. GRIGGS AVENUE LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO ' S ■ m? ■V RICHMORTAR PORTLAND CEMENT SPECIAL CEMENT When you watch a workman with a trowel of El Toro Richmortar, it doesn ' t look as if it would ever become a building . . . but persistence, coupled with the high quality of El Toro, eventually wins, and there ' s a completed building. El Toro Rich- mortar is the ideal mosonry cement — a product worthy of the efforts of the finest croftsmen. poRTinnD cEmcnT co. niRKERS OF EL TORO [EmEHTS ELPnSO, TEKHS 13 The Weisenhorn-Papen Agency has always been a strong Aggie supporter friendly, courteous and ready to help you with your insurance problems. WEISENHORN- PAPEN AGENCY Insurance Phone 600 137 S, Main LAS CRUCES, N. M. YOUR FRIENDLY OFFICE SUPPLY STORE Prichard Book Stationary Co. 302 N. Main Phone IbUU FILES ARTIST SUPPLIES SAFES GIFTS TYPEWRITERS GREETING CARDS ADDING MACHINES FOUNTAIN PENS and PENCILS DESKS SOCIAL STATIONERY CHAIRS SAMSON TABLES and CHAIRS H Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of ' 52 P. R. BURN General Contractor Construction Engineer Carver Building Las Cruces, New Mexico 15 The Rambler — Then and Now —This is the 1902 Rambler, fiisl lo be offered for sale by Nash Motors ' predecessor, the Thomas B. Jeffcry Company of Kenosha, Wiscon- sin. It was a one-cylinder, 12-horsepower " runabout. " More than 1,500 were sold in the first year, representing one-sixth of all cars built by the industry in 1902. — Today, the Nash Rambler carries on the tradition of a great car introduced 50 years ago. This new type car was first introduced b Nash Motors in 1950. Shown is the Rambler " Country Club " hardtop convertible, the latest in a series which now includes a convertible, a station wagon, a Suburban, a Greenbrier, and a Deliveryman. NASH MOTOR SERVICE CO. S. Main St. Las Cruces, N. M. FOR QUALITY PICTURES rvnendarii QJ ludio 328 N. Main Las Cruces, New Mexico Whitfield Bus Lines serving the land of the sun . . . and clear skies . . . LAS CRUCES STATE COLLEGE MESILLA PARK and MESILLA with safe, dependable and courteous bus service 16 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of ' 52 J. D. Thelma D. Flowers Distributors of PHILLIPS 66 PRODUCTS Phone 87 Las Cruces, New Mexico Wnu p. Blxler, Pres. Louis M. Burleson, Sec. Photostat Copies Maps Las Cruces Abstract and Title Companq ABSTRACTS of TITLE of LAND in Dona Ana County Phone 408 P. O. Box 271 DEMING, NEW MEXICO Phone 444 P. O. Box 1032 LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO Peggy and Fred look over the newest model Frlgidaire range — the best in refrigerators. Drum Electric has a sales, ser ice and repair department to solve any electrical problem. DRUM ELECTRIC CO. 123 W. Las Cruces Ave. Las Cruces, N. M. 17 Congratulations Class of ' 52 Wright Insiiirance Agency J. ROY WRIGHT H. P. DERMODY 220 S. Main St. Las Cruces, N. M. PHONE 1106 Congratulations to the Class of " 52 The Budget Shop 135 N. Main St. Las Cruces, N. M. PHONE 744 BETTER PHOTOGRAPHY For that extra special portrait Aggies go to RIVES STUDIO 314 N. MAIN Phone 338 18 A r GENERAL TIRES SALES and SERVICE uitsiLLO noioR conpfliiy JUJIIMI LA M0T 2cn:0 . %t BXCI MESIL la u WH ' KiifciiSi Dm " ■ " -- mERCURY Phone 203 and 1026 600 N. Main St. Las Cruces, N. M. Rountree Cotton Company, Inc. Buyers and Financers COTTON " Cor. Water and Las Cruces Aves. LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO Congratulations to the Class of ' 52 Vdlly Loan and Finance Co. " It ' s easy to pay our Finance Way " Phone 818 P. O. Box 1069 122 West Griggs Ave. LAS CRUCES, NEW. MEXICO 19 Compliments DrPepper ' r. Cyepper ' JoUlinu Ot y o. Las Cruces, N. M. Phone 1024 Congratulations to the Class of ' 52 Las Cruces Laundry and Cleaners AMERICAN LINEN SUPPLY " We Sell Cleanliness ' Phones 373 and 405 500 North Main LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO DUNLAP ' S %l ie ouse ' i ' ib N. Main LAS CRUCES, N. M. 91 e entrance io ike 20 STUDENT HEADQUARTERS FOR SPORTING GOODS Kennit Laabs is always ready to help in your selection of the best in SPORTING GOODS. The MYER!$ Company 116 S. Main Las Cruces, N. M. w CONOCO w Gatton k Martin Conoco Distributors GASOLINE — KEROSENE SUPER MOTOR OILS 801 W. Organ Las Cruces, N. M. PHONE 97 TRUCKING LOCAL -LONG DISTANCE MOVING whatever the job, call 260 TRUCK LINE PACKING AND CRATING Agents AERO MAYFLOWER TRANSIT CO. 225 So. Church 21 QUICK SERVICE CLEANERS 131 No. Water — Phone 402 1307 VV. Picacho — Phone 1331 LAS CRIICES Right! Clothes get cleaner, brighter and fresher than ever before! Colors really sparkle. l-M • SPOTS OUT • NO ODOR • PERSPIRATION GONE • BETTER PRESS MALONE DRUG STORE Phone 1127 555 N. Main — Las Cruces, N. M. J. D. MALONE A Drug Store for Everyone Open 7 Days a Week 8 a. nn. to II p. m. FREE DELIVERY The girls approve of the best . . . found in the College Florist. ELMER G. FITZPATRICK CoLUaE fioXLit " SAY IT WITH FLOWERS " We Telegraph Flowers Anywhere DAY PHONE 1007 115 S. Main St. LAS CRUCES, N. M. 22 It I 1 Let ' s Get Going " TURRENTINE Chevrolet Co. Corner Griggs and Alameda LAS CRUCES, N. M. For Beauty and Economy . . . ROBERT PORTER AND SONS, INC. BUILDING SUPPLIES Lumber — Sash — Doors Paints — Glass Venetian Blinds Picture Framing - LAS CRUCES % HATCH PHONE 92 PHONE 2581 23 eorjess 106 S. Main LAS CRUCES, N. M. For distinctiveness in the college wardrobe, coeds shop for the latest in women ' s apparel at Georjess. C_y ie Qflus c o.r Headq uarters for Melody ■ ■ 1 - r " Radios Records J L }?[ " t Freezers Album.-. V n w , y y ' t . Refrigerators Instruments m j £ y immli tJi ' Appliances Gifts ' f 8 f f% Phone 824 206 S. Main 1 -as Cruces, N. M. For the finest in photographic equipment, Supplies and Kodak finishing. bauakd ' s photo shop 119 S. Main St. Phone 183-W 24 THE MOST MODERN FURNITURE STORE IN LAS CRUCES. HANDLING THE VERY BEST IN HOME FURNISHINGS. Las Cruces Furniture Co. 207 S. Main Las Cruces, N. M. C. O. Dickson Rod Bason Visit our new Station — Most modern service equipment in town PICKUP AND DELIVERY SERVICE DICKSON Conoco Service Station Alo. I Corner Main Street and Las Cruces Ave. Phone 108-W 25 A friendly meeting place where all AGGIES meet for good sandwiches, drinks, service and all drug supplies. Las Cruces Drug 103 S. Main Corner Main and Griggs Las Cruces, N. M. Congratulations to the Class of ' 52 from 7 ( Mefc " Jkk 7 «fc %tu Opposite Kent Hall S. Main Street STATE COLLEGE, N. M. LAS CRUCES, N. M. 5 Our Menus are p anne d to fit your taste. EAT WHERE THE " AGGIES " MEET Recreation Room 26 TRIANGLE EQUIPMENT CO. Allis-Chalmers Tractors and Farm Machinery ' Ss TS. GMC Trucks (CM ) 137 South Church Street Las Cruces, New Mexico Phone 168 P. O. Box 228 BERKLEY ' S The Connmunity Drug Store SCHOO L SUPPLIES TOILETRIES DRUGS PRESCRIPTIONS GIFT ITEMS DAY PHONE 517 NITE PHONE 782-Kl At the Bus Stop-Mesilla Park The Cactus Motor is the Authorized Sales and Service Agency for Pontiac and Cadillac in Las Cruces. 1h mm Cactns Motor Co. N. Main St. Las Cruces, N. M. 27 Sa5sJ__ f k-t- A -- Before the arrival of banks in the South- west " Grub-Stal{ing " by most anybody who had money, and in particular by the Gen- eral Stores of a community was the only method of borrowing money. THE OLDEST BANK IN THE SOUTHWEST On December 13, 1870, Charter No. 1750 was issued to The First National Bank of Santa Fe. The currency for the bank was sent from Washington in charge of " three gentlemen connected with the Treasury " with an escort of 25 soldiers. The party was ten days on the road between Fort Lyons and Fort Union, and arrived in San- ta Fe on the 20th. of February, 1871. On the night of their arrival the temjierature was ten degrees below zero. It was not until April 20th., 1871, that the bank open- ed its doors for deposits. At that time it was the only bank within 400 miles of Santa Fe. 7 First National Bank of Santa Fe SANTA FE Capital and Surplus $1,000,000 Member F.D.I.C. LOS ALAMOS IK old Sunt a e On San Francisco Santa Fe New Mexico 28 THE NEW MEXICAN Okc x 4w€ncc ' A Founded 1849 - U Ti e A OUc SANTA FE NEW MEXICO " FOR BRANDS YOU KNOW " IN QUALITY MEN ' S WEAR IT ' S JKoc t6 OF SANTA FE ON THE PLAZA SINCE 1913 Compliments of Gil Fincke Motor Co. STUDEBAKER Sales and Service Santa Fe, N. M. 29 LA FONDA The Inn af the end of the Trail in Old Santa Fe DINNER DANCING MEXICAN ORCHESTRA LA CANTINA LA CANTINITA NEWS STAND RESTAURANT DAVID L. COLE, Manager BICJO LUMBER CO. • BUILDERS ' SUPPLIES • LUMBER • PAINTS • GLASS " H? 309 San Francisco St. SANTA FE NEW MEXICO 30 [ .. x l u Si .4 t,t 1 I? - 5«»?a i. . :j •It T -p -vM ot ; ' H I. " « f i_ js-iBLiKwawwnn

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