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New Mexico School for the Visually Handicapped - Yearbook (Alamogordo, NM) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Cover

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w A AMERICAN FOUNDATION FOR THE BUND 15 WEST 16th STREET NEW YORK, N.Y. 10011 N.M. SCHOOL FOR THE VISUALLY handicapped Z)omingue% Oil ectoi of Field services 230 Truman, NE Ph. 268-9506 Albuquerque, N«w Mexico 87108 The New Mexico School for the Visually Handicapped 1900 N. White Sands Blvd. Alamogordo, New Mexico 88310 (505) 437-3505 W hen the sun peeks in the eost windows on the NM5VH cam- pus, things begin to happen. Students roll our and start getting it together for o new doy. Morning sounds begin. Hair dryers come to life. Shirts and dresses ore selected from closets, os music filters info the hall from many directions. Thoughts turn to breakfast in the dining hall. After the morning meal ond conversa- tion with friends, the school doy begins. Each student has o course of study built around his her interests ond needs. For some, classes begin with physical therapy. Learning to prepare breakfast is first on the agendo for others. Using the broillewriter to complete assignments is an exciting challenge for many. a day at nmsvh T here ore always special projects under- way too. Making that special outfit to model in the fashion show. Learning to swim several lops in the pool without stopping, or maybe not even touching the bottom. Learn- ing to travel independently to those important places in our lives. At day ' s end it feels good to be bock in the dorms with friends. With people who shore thoughts, feelings ond experiences. It ' s o nice way to unwind ond let the day slip owoy. Tomorrow will probably be much the some, with some pleosont surprises sprinkled in; that keeps us looking forward to the beginning of o new day. a day at nmsvh 6 J erry Wotkins come ro NMSVH in 1973 ond since rhot rime hos 1 led on educational team in developing quality educational programs for blind and visually impaired children and young ; in New Mexico. His associates and the students who live on the campus will tell you that his style has created quality in others areas at NMSVH as well. A good rapport exists between staff and students. There is pride in the way things are done; people give their best. And Jerry leads vibrantly and effectively, keeping the challenges before us. Right; Jerry gives a demonstration to students in a primary class on how to ride a rocking horse. He makes frequent visits to all of the programs on campus. Below right: Jerry also spends much time in his office work- ing with educators throughout the state. " Helping visually impaired children regardless of where they attend school " has become Jerry ' s trademark. Lower left: Jerry poses with " Oso, " the great done who serves as the school mascot. " Oso " was preceded by " G.B., " another great done who lived on campus for several years. • ur school is directed by o board of regents ap- pointed by the Governor. Each member serves a six-yeor term and attends monthly meetings to monitor and set school policy. The meetings ore held at different loca- tions throughout the state. Members of the board include J. Ventura Garcia, Los Cruces, chair- man; Cipriono Esquibel, Albuquer- que, vice-chairman,- Mary Arellano, Los Alamos, secretary-treasurer; Jeon Lee, Hot Ranch, member; Victor Sar- Cipriano Esquibel, Victor Sorrocino, Jeon J. Ventura Garcia. Mary Arellano and Jeon o classroom. racino. Left: 7 superintendent regents jr 1 i. ' V 11 J j ! •4_-l 4 L 4 ' L t hi 8 i • ne of the things that we ' re most proud of ot NMSVH is our leisure program. Children of oil ages ore pro- vided with ample opportunities to try new ways of spending their leisure rime. The recreation center is open every night and serves os o gathering place for students. Good food and drink, os well os arts and crofts, television, video gomes and bowling highlights this program. But leisure time doesn ' t stop ot the campus gates. Students venture into the community to visit friends, go shopping and take in o movie. During the ski season, many students " hit the slopes " in nearby Cloudcroft ond Ruidoso. The swimming pool, used for instruction ond therapy during the doy, provides o year-round activity for many people. The older students attend music concerts in El Paso ond Los Cruces. Linda Zimmerle, recreation coordinator, works with Dione Campbell ond Carlo Horn, ensuring that there ore many fun activities for the students. " If the kids express on interest in trying something new, we try to arrange it for them, " ex- plains Zimmerle. mm ■ ; ■ : Opposite upper left ond right: recreation center. Opposite lower left: administration. Opposite lower right: infirmary. Upper left: Jock Hall Dormitory. Upper right: Harry Difzler Auditorium. Lower left: education. nmsvh campus KlfWilip! • ' f " f : . ■ ■ «dHNMlBp ■. ■ i obert Sucher, o mime artist, | speaking actor and playwright from Albuquerque, spent several weeks on the campus as part of . the Artists-In-Residence program spon- sored by the National Endowment for the Arts and the New Mexico Arts Divi- sion. Sucher worked with students in what he terms " movement emotions.” " This is an art form that involves people in a dramatic depiction of moving and emoting,” Sucher explains. " I try to get the students to think like playwrights . . . one of the good things about these ac- tivities is that poeple learn to accept others ' ideas over their own at times. Nothinq teaches this better than theater. " he kids gove me o sur- P ■■ prise perry when it was rime for me ro rerurn M home. They song ' for she ' s a jolly good orrisf. ' Ir was incredi- ble . . . working or NMSVH is nice. If ' s o ideal ormosphere for on arrisr ond rhe fociliries ore good. " These ore rhe words of Susan York, o ceramic arrisr from Same Fe, who spenr rime on rhe cam- pus in rhe foil. She wos here lasr year ond worked wirh srudenrs ro complere a ceramic mural for rhe educorionol building. Hoyle Osborne, a musician from Albu- querque, worked wirh srudenrs in rhe primary ond secondary program. He has on oursronding reperroire of America ' s fovorire popular songs which he ploys in a spirired, imoginorive ond melodic swing piono style. 13 artists in residence •o ' rv ' ng • leotha Dovis, David Sillers and Jody Sanchez par- ticipated in a week-long ed- cuational experience in Washington D C. in January. CLOSE UP, sponsored by a multipartisan foundation in Arl- ington, Virginia is designed to involve students in the democratic process ond give them a better understanding of our government. Fred Baker, coordinating counselor, accompanied the students to Washington. 14 otty Elliott, physicol theropist, A ond Robin Goold, occupotionol theropist, provide services to multihondicopped students eoch doy. The purpose of their progrom is to max- imize students ' performance through therapeutic intervention directed toward preventing disability, relieving pain, developing improving ond restor- ing sensory-motor functions. 15 close up ot pt 16 Robert Abeyfa, Farm- ington Robert is known around campus os the musician. He ploys guitar, boss and he sings. He enjoys computers, mexican food and the music group ' ' Green Reeper. " Jorge Avila, Sunland Park Jorge ' s favorite toy is o drum, which we ' ve been fold he ploys very well, ond VERY LOUD. Melanie Armstrong, Lovington Those of us who know Melanie, know she sings beautifully. Her favorite song is " Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. ' ' playin’ around students Jimmy Braddock, City Jimmy likes rid bike and ploying trucks. He ' s a terrific student. Lucio Boca, Los Cruces Lucio has a real talent for identi- fying musical in- struments ond animals. Becky Baca, Las Cruces Becky likes music, but we hear she really loves the air mattress. is Charlie Byars, Hobbs Charlie likes bouncing balls and the sound of churning wheels, but most of all he loves his Angel. Ian Burns, Grants Ian is 12 years old. He enjoys drawing and riding bikes. He has four dogs at home and his favorire color is blue. Kelly Burma, Las Cruces Kelly is o beautiful singer. For fun she ploys Monopoly, skates and writes stories. She likes to eot pizza and her favorite subject is moth. 19 students Lola Casares, Artesia Lola loves wearing pretty clothes and beads. One of Lola ' s trademarks is her outgoing personality. Chuck Crawford, Gallup Chuck loves swinging out- side. His very favorite snacks ore apples. Ted Crocker, Tucumcari Ted loves music and ploys the boss guitar really well. His favorite musician? Fats Domino. ru r Gabriel Evans, Newcomb Gabriel ' s favorite color is red. He ' s terrific or ploy- ing pool, and we hear he has some beautiful horses. V Conrad Davis, Old Laguna Conrod soys his hobbies ore eating ond watching TV. He enjoys rock music, the color blue ond eating pizza. rr 4 Crista Frangos, Albu- querque Crista ploys the piano and the kozoo. She loves macaroni ond cheese and hopes to become o rock ond roll star. Caleb Gaines, Alamogordo Caleb loves to play outside; he sings " Take Me Out to the Ballpark ' ' wonderfully. He ' s do- ing very well with his alphabet. v- Katrina Gould, Farm- ington Pepperoni pizza and the color purple are a couple of Katrina’s favorite things. She also likes swimming and listen- ing to Madonna. §®§f Chris Gabaldon, Alamogor- do Chris loves playing on the " Speak and Spell” and wouldn ' t you know his best subject is spelling. His favorite color is blue. Christine Grovinsky, Albu- querque Christine enjoys reading books and writing She ' s a great potter and pianist. She loves to ear steak, strawberries and popcorn. Brian Hillis, Alamogordo Brian enjoys music and puzzles and adores being spoiled by his grandmother Marye. Nina Guerro, Alamogordo Nina is doing great rhis year with her braille. She loves counting and listening to the " ABC " song. 20 Christine Tsethlikia, Zuni Christine likes to save her pennies and do puzzles. She enjoys ploying goal boll and shooting baskets. She loves enchiladas and the music group, Loverboy. David Sillers, Farm- ington David is 19 years old. His hobbies include skiing, wrestl- ing ond fly tying. He likes cheesecake ond the color red. David hopes one day to become a psychologist. Steve Robertson, Delen Steve is terrific boss guitar player and enjoys snow skiing. He likes to get together with his friends ond ploy music. Jody Sanchez, Albu- querque Jody ' s favorite music is from the 70 ' s. He likes the color blue ond eating corned beef and cab- bage. He enjoys ski- ing, skateboarding ond the subject he is best at is science. 24 . Oleatho Davis, Farmington Olearha enjoys drawing, reading and bicycling. She attended the Close Up ' 87 program in Washington D.C. this year. Oleatha ' s favorite subject is art. Shawn Martin, Albuquer- que Shawn hopes to ma- jor in psychology. He likes bowling, running and eating steak. His best sub- ject is history and his favorite color is turquoise. Joseph Lopez, El Paso Joseph likes hanging out ond listening to music. He also enjoys swing- ing outside. He worked in the prevocotionol workshop this year. He likes to give big " bear hugs.” 25 Denise Huettel, Albuquerque Denise likes horseback riding, collecting stuffed animals and eating pizza. She says she " ab- solutely can ' t live” without her music. Denise is a Capricorn. Joshua Killian, Albuquerque Josh enjoys long walks out- side and playing on the playground. His foster grand- mas say he is a good napper. James Landers, Clovis James has a flair for remembering and reciting poetry. His best subject is English and he has earned 55 merit badges in the Boys Scouts of America. 26 Andrea Lavine, Alamogordo Andrea loves to run and ploy everywhere. She especially likes the oir mattress in therapy Eric Lopez, El Paso Everyone who knows Eric, knows he loves to donee and listen to music. His teachers soy he is a very hard worker. 27 students Donald Lucero, Bos- que Farms Donald remembers songs very well. He loves to horse around and ploy gomes. Jubal Mann, Clovis Jubal excels in science, which is also his favorite sub- ject. He en- joys working with cloy and making pottery. Frankie Mares, Wagon Mound Frank ' s favorite music is country music. He spends his spore time hanging our with friends and snow skiing. Sonjo Martinez, Tucumcari Sonja enjoys skating and reading; her favorite colors ore pink and turquoise. She hopes one day to become o veterinarian. Kenny Mays, Alamogor- do This school year Kenny got o brand new baby brother. Mrs. Kuhre soys that Kenny is terrific on the computer, and his favorite color is green. Frankie McMurdie, Alamogordo Fronkie likes to design computer programs. He enjoys eating Italian food and listening to ZZ Top. He soys os he gets older, he wonts to be a better person. 29 students Juana Morales, Chamberino Juana is the education aide. Her favorite subject is home ec. She also likes watching MTV and drinking cokes. Lee Moore, La Luz Lee worked as a media aide this year. He says he likes to " hang out " at the recreation center with his friends. Peter Najar, Reserve " I ' m so proud of you. " Thar ' s what we think of when we think of Peter. He loves to play ball and he ' s a whiz at naming NFL teams. Darlene Ortiz, Alamogordo Darlene collects teddy bears. Her best school sub- ject is Algebra. She likes rock music and her favorite color is blue. . Robert Ortiz, Albu- querque Robert is 17 years old; he en- joys running, bowl- ing and chasing girls. His favorite foods ore ham- burgers and french fries. Merlin Ortiz, Alamogordo Merlin is info BMX bike racing. He likes the rock group AC DC and ploy- ing video gomes. Block, gray ond white ore among his favorite colors. - " V ' . £ 31 students m Lawrence Otero, Los Lunas Lawrence is very athletic and enjoys weight lifting, wrestling and judo. His favorite subject is math and he loves to eat pizza. Mark Palmer, Jemez Springs Mark says his favorite sub- ject is recess. He also enjoys swimming and playing video games. Leonel Parks, Alamogor- do Leonel ' s favorite color is green. He likes playing at recess and his best sub- ject is math. 32 Wayne Penick, Hobbs Woyne is always asking everyone what their name is. He loves the TV show " The Fall Guy,” and for some reason enjoys teasing Chuck! Angie Pena, Alamogordo Angie loves to skate and swim. She very much enjoys the time she spends playing with her sister. The subject she ' s best at is spelling. Corey Patricio, Acoma Pueblo Corey makes beautiful pots in pottery class. He’s very witty, always happy, and enjoys having " friends” of the op- posite sex. 03 students Gerald Peralta, Santa Fe Gerald has great rhythm. He doesn ' t care much for vegtables, but he really enjoys eating meat. Drenda Platero, Alamogordo Brenda has a true " green thumb " when it comes to growing plants. She collects address books and claims she ' s a Coca Colo addict. Brenda adores Michael J. Fox and Davey Jones. Gerald Platero, Alamogordo Gerald, believe it or nor, loves to watch cartoons! He plays the piano and sings. His favorite things to munch on are hamburgers and pizza. 34 Sill Vanessa Plafero, Alamogor- do Vanessa is an " oce” pool player. She enjoys reading and her favorite color is blue. Adam Renner, Grants Adam loves watching TV and go- ing on walks outside. He ' s got a beautiful smile. (Don ' t you agree?!) Adrian Rodriquez, El Paso Adrian is a very friendly person who enjoys music. He loves just about any toy you give him, os long os it makes a lot of noise. 35 students Jo© Roy Saavedra, Albuqer- que Joe likes to listen to the music groups Deep Purple and Ozzy Osborne. His best subject is math and block, blue ond red ore among his favorite colors. Martin Samora, Albuquer que Martin enjoys weightlifting, wrestling and running. His best sub- ject is moth ond his favorite color is block. : Gee Gee Samora, Roswell Gee Gee is well known around the campus as well as the city for her singing capabilities. This summer she compered in the gymnastics portion of the International Special Olympics. 36 Cheryl Smith, Los Cruces Cheryl enjoys gomes, reoding ond collecting buttons ond stickers. She soid she likes every food except sweet potatoes. Josie Sena, Grants Josie ' sfavortie music groups ore Europe ond Bon Jovi. She likes the colors block, purple, blue and pink. Josie hopes to become o lawyer. Trocy Sanchez, Belen Trocy loves to slide on the playground ond play boll. We ' re pretty certain, however more than anything she enjoys teasing Gerald! 07 students Celena Tekala, Zuni Celeno likes to write letters and spend time with Gerald. Her favorite food is steak ond her best subject is home ec. Nafhanial Swanson, Raton Nathonial loves to look at bright lights. He really enjoys therapy and getting his pic- ture token. Steve Ulrich, Alamogordo Stevie ' s favorite drink is tea. He is very sociable ond handsome (os you con see), ond he enjoys swimming. Lisa Wade, Alamogordo Lisa is o big fan of game shows as well as Saturday sir-coms. Her favorite colors are pink and blue, and she collects stickers and buttons. Clorisso White, Espanolo Clarissa ' s favorite toy is a squeaky porcupine. She also likes the merry-go-round. Woody Williams, Los Cruces Woody loves to play " The Marble Game. " He ' s gotten really quick with his braille this year, and his favorite color is blue. 39 e students och spring, staff and students gather for " Rowdy O,” a full day of sports competition. The day is con- cluded with o tug-of-war, which the staff managed to win in 1987. Upper left: Competition was fierce in the three-legged race. Upper right: The banana-eating con- test attracted young and old. Left: Jody Sanchez was feeling good after the relay race, which the students won. Opposite upper left: Heather Carr lets the frisbee fly during the morn- ing competition. Opposite upper right: Chris Gabaldon and Eileen Kuhre pause during the busy day. Oppo site lower left: Kevin Eoff passes the baton to Kenny Lindsey during the relay race. Opposite lower right: This crowd was waiting for something more exciting to begin. 40 41 S •••52S ormifories at NM5VH are KA manned by dorm counselors who spend rime interacting and educating the children during the after-school hours. Upper left: Teresa Russell spends a moment with Adrian Rodriguez in Garrett East Dormitory. Dorm counselors provide guidance for the students in many areas. Upper right: Trish Gallegos (right) sirs with Corey Patricio and Charlie Dyers dur- ing a music program. Lower left: Lola Casares, Sonja Martinez, and Katrina Gould enjoy a television program in Garrett dorm after school. W | It T [Wk primary dorm counselors Upper left: The photographer ' s roving eye captured a geologic-like formation behind the maintenance buildings. Spanish cloy tiles awaiting future use created this interesting design. Upper right: Par Woodle, media center secretary, beckoned visitors to have their fortune read at the Halloween Carnival. Lower right: Par Kraft and Alicia McAninch were eager participants in the stu- dent council sponsored " Hat Day. ' ' Lower right: Carol Kasai found things " just the way she didn ' t leave them " on her birthday. Seems like associate Dill Muir decided Carol should " view her world from a different vantage point " on her special day. M any students ore provided instruction in orientation and mobility, where they leorn skills in independent travel. Upper left: Carol Kasoi helps GeeGee Somora study o tactile mop of the NMSVH compus. Upper right: Dill Muir follows James Landers during o mobility lesson on campus. Lower left: Carol Kasai works with Christo Frangos on a lesson during the school doy. Lower right: Ted Crocker ventured downtown with Bill Muir to sharpen his travel skills. what’s kickin’ mobility tudenr government members help provide input into policy-setring procedures which ef- fect student life at NM5VH. Upper left: Students displayed their new banner before raking o council trip. Upper right: Shown Mortin (center) leads a student council meeting. Jody San- chez, ond Martin Samoro. Lower: Council members in- cluded: (front row) Christine Tserhlikoi, Oleotho Davis, GeeGee Samoro, Juana Morales, Darlene Ortiz, Jody Sanchez, Martin Samoro. David Sillers (who took this photo) is also a member of student council, (back row) sponsors Kevin Allen, Kathy Davis and Fred Baker; Shawn Martin, Merlin Ortiz. f ittrds h 1 FAIR BUCK I Mountain Spring Water Hour lor till a Each foil students ore treated to the Otero County Fair in Alamogordo and the Store Fair in Albuquerque. Upper left: Scott Kyle visited the poultry exhibits with Lolo Cosores or the county fair. Upper right: Experienc- ing the various rides is always an important port of visiting the fair. Lower right: The roller coaster is on at- traction that always gets your attention, especially if you’re not sure where the next curve is. Lower left: Lorry Meir and his food services staff always prepare delicious food for sole or the county fair. M 1 1 j 1 1 1 1 j u | The media staff tackles a varie- ty of projects during the course of the year. Services range from providing materials and equipment to students in public schools to designing and pro- ducing printed materials about NM5VH. Upper left: Larry Clark and Pat Woodle trim printed materials prior to distribution. Upper center: Lee Rohovec wheels Alicia McAninch into the Bert Reeves Learning Center. One can only assume that there was no mail on this day. Upper right: Ruthie Ford checks a book copyright before shipp- ing a textbook for student use. Lower left: Ed Ekman flashes a sly smile during a printing job. Lower right: Pat Woodle serves as media secretary and assists many people in the deport- ment. Lower center: Media Coordinator Bill Davis spends much of his time working with computers in various projects. He headed on advisory com- mittee which dealt with pro- viding input and monitoring the installation of an electronic data base for educational materials for the visually impaired. i m T here is on enormous amount of clerical work that accom- panies the management of o school. The administration staff is comprised of competent ond dedicated individuals who work " behind the scenes " to keep day-to- day activities running smoothly. Upper left: Helen MacNeill is usually the first person one sees or folks to when visiting or colling the campus. Helen serves os the PBX operator ond works in the bookkeeping deportment also. Upper right: Retha Swinford is everyone ' s favorite person twice o month — when payday rolls around. She works with Deo Moya in the business office. Lower: Koye Baker serves os the director of personnel of NMSVH. One of her main respon- sibilities is keeping each staff member’s file up to dote. 49 media center administration Upper left: Wanda Vest presents a book to students in Eileen Kuhre ' s primory class. On Friday afternoons, Vanda plans and presents special topics of interest to students. Upper right: Pat Kraft is the education secretary. She keeps things scheduled and organized in the education building. Lower left: Barbara McDonald shows Chris Gobaldon some new techniques with play dough. Lower right: Bea Valle also provides help with clerical work and dealing with students each day in the education building. 50 education library stuff T he home economics deport- ment, under the direction of Wanda McLain, is geared towards helping students leorn practical skills such os cooking, sewing, grooming themselves and managing o checkbook. 1986-87 was the eleventh consecutive year that the home ec. doss sponsored a style show. Upper left: David Sillers landed first place in the competition by creating a lined courduroy jacket. Upper right: The manager of a local clothing store presented on award to Christine Tsethlikoi during the show. Lower: Pot Woodle, medio secretory, handed out a cash prize to Celeno Tekela during the evening. Wondo McLain served os master of ceremonies. 52 r or several years now several students at NM5VH have elected to take some of their classes in the Alamorgordo Public School system. This program re- quires support from several staff members. Dill Muir served os the liaison person between NM5VH and teachers in the local school system. Perhaps no one served o greater role than Dora Vaughns and Lucy Chovez in making the mainstreaming effort successful. Upper left: Doro Vaughns transcribes on assignment from o teacher into braille so that it con be used by o student from NMSVH. Rapid turn around (usual- ly overnight) is vital to the success of this educa- tional experience. Upper right: Lucy Chovez tackles some lessons for a secondary student. Lower: Every morning the von deports at 7:45 delivering students to the various schools in the community. Lucy Chovez handles the driving chores. home ec adapted materials tech usic is on important part of the curriculum of NMSVH, for both primary and secondary students. Instruction is offered on several in- m . w struments, os well os voice. Upper left: Ted Crocker practices the guitar before o morning lesson with Scott Kyle. Upper right: Scott Kyle (bock) en- courages Trocy Sanchez and Wayne Pennick during o music performance put on by o primary music class. Lower: Marilyn Woods held o full-scale music produc- tion for the staff and students prior to school ending in May. Jackie Gonzales Michelle Lopez Joe Dominguez Maranda LoCourse Henry Roy Dorros Sandro Dodd Derry Dominguez Robby Maurer Melissa Mocon Nicholas Saavedra m Krisrin Rodriquez ■ Sronron Nelson Sobrino Monroya Porriko Griego Helena Travis Donald Greiss Sreven Gurierrez music preschool The preschool is located in Albu- querque and serves children from birth through age six. Joe Dom- inguez, field services director and Betty J. Dominguez, pre-school director operate out of the school which is located at 230 Truman N.E. Students ore provided o busy schedule; each student has o pro- gram that is tailored to meet his her specific needs. The center- based program is a sensory- enriched environment. Its cur- riculum is designed to meet the needs of each child, which is deter- mined after o complete evalua- tion. The pre-school staff is parent oriented and belives that the parents are the long-term ad- vocates and best teachers for their child These two pages show the many activities encountered dur- ing a school day. 56 preschool T he maintenance and housekeeping departments are kept busy year ' round with a full schedule of work in the 18 buildings on the 35 acre campus. During the summer months the campus is the " showcase of Otero County. " Upper left: The maintenance crew takes a break to enjoy a lunch in the dining hall. Upper right: Estella Telles gets some laundry go- ing in Jack Hall dorm. Estella is one of many housekeepers who arrives on the campus in the early morning and begins c leaning the buildings. Lower left: David Soto trims grass on a warm spring morn- ing. Lower right: This pile of junk in the old cart behind the garage offers testimonial to the fact that maintenance works hard enough to wear out some equipment. 58 Upper left: Joe Dominguez, field ser- vices director, was on hand at the " Ice Capades” in Albuquerque. Here Joe gets a " bear hug” from students Moris Palmer, Michelle Lopez and a bear Upper right: Jody Sanchez was captured by the camera os he awoke one school morning. At this moment Jody might not agree with the old saying " a picture is worth o thousand words.” Lower: Lorry Clark was one of several staff members who demonstrated his sewing abilities while putting together tote bogs for the AEP, convention which wos hosted by NM5VH during the summer. maintenance candids Pom Briggs Linda Brubaker Rosie Clark Jackie Daniels Bill Davis Argelia Duron Ed Ekmon Parry Elliorr Kevin Eoff Rurhie Ford Sandra Fumerola t Lorino Margrer Annie Gomez Gomez Graham Marry Love Bridgerre Lynch Alicia McAninch 61 staff Katie Deo Helen Joe Brenda Lorry McMurtrey McNeely McNeill Maes Martin Meier Sandy Paulson Alice Orona Niro Morris Pita Quintana Berry Pruier Robert Pollack Prewitt Prescilla Riley Lee Rohovec Lupe Romero In El Vl n t i t • 1 i Theresa Russell Debbie Sanderson Cheryl Schultz Red Soisrman Retha Swinford Cleo Torres Wanda West Suson Wride Lois Topic Jerry Watkins Marilyn Woods Dora Vaughns Pat Woodle Diane Woreman staff 64 T he mulrihondicopped pro- gram is housed in the Jock Holl Building; students attend classes as well os reside in the dorm Opposite upper left: Lupe Romero works with Jorge Avila in the classroom. Opposite upper right: An- drea Lavine spends o quiet moment with a favorite toy. Opposite lower left: October brought o fine Hallo- ween celebration to the campus. Opposite lower right: Lola Casares " cuts a rug ' ' with Jim O ' Brien. Upper: Dione Boker ond her class put the finishing touches on on art project. Lower left: Eric Lopez " whips up o snack” during a cooking lesson. Lower right: Gerald Peralta visits with Corey Patricio ond Frank Mores. Bot- tom right: Foster Grandmother Odessa Thatch was on hand for the Easter Parade, which wos sponsored by the Jock Hall group. jack hall building 66 B eing owoy from home con sometimes be a scary thing, especially if it ' s your first time. To help alleviate the home-sickness that some kids ex- perience, we participate in the Foster Grandparent program. The grandmothers ' duties range from helping the kids with their education to giving hugs and love when need- ed. The students leorn to love their " grandma " os if she were their own. Upper left: Sarah Simpson helps Clorriso White leorn to tie her shoelaces. Upper right: Grandma Susie Smith tries to persuade Charlie Byars into taking his afternoon nop. Middle: Odessa Thatch and Nathaniel Swanson take o little rest after lunch time. Lower right: Grandma Pearl (Hilliard) watches over Nina Guerra as she practices spelling on her Braille writer. E ach year many NMSVH students com- pere in Special Olympics, which has been held on the campus the lost two years. Upper left: Christine Tsethlikai gives en- couragement to Robert Ortiz prior to his relay race. Upper right: GeeGee Somoro reacts to the gun at the beginning of the swimming competition. Lower left: Team members display the banner with the school ' s nome. Lower right: Orion Hillis was awesome in his first wheelchair roce. Bottom: Eoch participant hos a coach who works with them to improve their athletic skills. 67 grandmas special Olympics P hysical education is included in the curriculum for each child, including children in the multihandicapped program. Programs are designed to provide maximum benefit for each individual. Upper left: Nova Hutchison helps Cor- ey Patricio get started in a training program on the track. Upper right: Eric Lopez fires the goal ball to the other end of the court in an attempt to score, Kenny Lindsey coaches and officiates the games. Dottom: Peter Najar gets some special attention from Marilyn Woods during a physical education class. F or several years now, NM5VH has operated a prevocational workshop which allows multihan- dicapped students an opportunity to learn skills necessary to obtain and hold a job. Students are involved in many tasks including making wooden toys for Christmas and processing pecans grown on the campus. Students are taught by Jim O ' Brien and Joe Maes. Upper left: Steve Robertson repairs a bicycle during a class in the prevocational workshop. Upper right: The class assembles prior to Christmas to put the finishing touches on wooden toys. Bottom: Corey Potrico gets instruction from Joe Moes on how to moke note pods. The class markets items mode in the doss. bUNO PPPEE physical education workshop Upper left: Kevin Eoff wqs " true to his word " or the end of trock season, when he cut his hair into o mohawk as he fold track team members he would do if any of them qualified for the state champion- ships. David Sillers (left) did just that and Kevin, with the help of Carla Horn, lived up his promise. Upper right: The hot of Raymond Welch created this interesting illusion during a coke break in the spring. Lower left: Alicio McAninch and Kelle Renteria presented the latest in fashion wear to the media staff each morning in the fall. Lower right: Joe Ray Saavedra hod the opportunity to meet U.S. Senator Jeff Dingamon on a visit to the campus in May. Superintendent Jerry Watkins made the introduction. S tudents of NMSVH con select from o wide ronge of sports octivities to compete in during the course of o school year. Golden Dear athletes participate in wrestling, cross-country; gym- nastics, goal boll ond frock ond field. Op- posite upper left: Froncine Lifflehot was o standout on the gymnastics team which is coached by Pita Quintana ond Novo Hut- chison. Opposite upper right: Denise Huet- tel concludes o floor exercise routine during a workout in Quimby Gymnasium. Op- posite lower left: Juono Morales, Froncine Lifflehot, GeeGee Somoro ond Kotrino Gould pose for o picture before o week- day practice. Opposite lower right: Paul Topio (left), who coached wrestling of NMSVH for many years, visits with student Lawrence Otero ond his father during o wrestling match held on the campus. Op- posite bottom: Cooch Kevin Eoff ond the frock team posed for o rather unconven- tional team photo or the conclusion of track season. Upper: Lawrence Otero, Dovid Sillers ond Martin Somoro comprised the 1987 Golden Dear wrestling team. David Sillers quolified for the store cham- pionships in his weight class. Lower: Jody Sonchez gave if oil he hod during long jump competition of Tuloroso High School in May. 0 " D O Lower: Verno Lorette offers Nathoniol Swonson some breakfast during o brief stay in the infirmary. Students also receive special medico tion and other medical care through the infirmary. Special diets are also planned and coordinated with the food service staff. Upper left: Katie McMurtrey serves as the school family liason counselor. She olso coordinates all activities between the school and the Parents Who Care. PWC is the parent support group at NMSVH. Upper right: Fred Baker is the coor dinating counselor; he frequently provides guidance to students in a variety of areas. i n early May of this year, Party Har- mon and Alicia McAninch, coor- dinators for the BRAVI (Braillists and Recordists Aiding the Visually Impaired) volunteer program, were one of fourteen recipients of the " Governor ' s Volunteer Ser- vice Award.” The award wos given for " outstanding statewide community service.” The BRAVI program has approximately 40 volunteers. Their services range from transcrib- ing printed books ond materials into braille to tope recording educational textbooks. Above left to right: Morgret Bloke, Bob Martin, Potty Hormon, Alicio McAninch ond Noel Brewer ex- amine o certificate from the Governor ' s office noting their award. 75 health services counselors bravi mmssm • . a ,, ; 2 ; Lower right: Dr. Dovid Townsend, professor ot New Mexico Store University of Alomogordo, oddressed the graduating senior class of 1987 on Friday, May 29 at 7:30 p.m. in Harry Ditzler Auditorium. Townsend quoted Shakespeare saying that " ' parting is such sweet sorrow ' " and added " we love you, but it ' s time to deport. ' ' Lower left: Mike Julian entertain- ed guests by dedicating the song, " Yester- day, ' ' to the graduates. Upper: The 1987 graduating class: (front row, left to right) Shown Martin, Gloria Lopez (Gloria receiv- ed on honorary degree from the board of regents. She attended NMSVH for several years, before graduating from Carlsbad Senior High in May), Steve Robertson, Jody Sanchez, Dovid Sillers (valedictorian). (bock row) Oleafha Dovis, Christine Tsethlikai, Joseph Lopez. 76 T he 1986-87 PWC awards program was presented to the staff and students in May of this year. Among those awarded were Up- per left: Kevin Eoff who was named " staf- fer of the year” and was presented with a plaque by Debbie Wade PWC president. Eileen Kuhre was awarded " teacher of the year " Upper right middle: The student of the year was given to Shawn Martin. Christine Tsethlikai received the Jonathan Chavez award which is given by the Stu- dent Council Lower left. Other awards given this year were: The PWC award to an NM5VH Student: Olearho Davis The PWC award of special recognition: An- nalore Welch (parent of student Raymond Welch) Doth Shawn Martin and David Sillers were presented with EXCEL Scholar- ships to the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. Jody Sanchez received a scholarship to N.M. Institute of Mining and Technology. 77 what a night! parents who care T he second week in May, seniors from NMSVH Traveled to Southern California for a week- long stay. The group toured the major attractions in the Anaheim and San Diego area Opposite upper left: Shawn Martin and Steve Robertson stole a page from the ol ' west. Op- posite upper right: Oletha Davis cruises the race track at Knott ' s Derry Farm. Opposite lower left: The group pauses to enjoy the lion exhibit at San Diego Zoo. Opposite lower right: Senior Joseph Lopez helps Barbara McDonald cut the cake at a reception for him dur- ing " Joseph Lopez Week. " Upper left: Joseph Lopez enjoys a soda at a picnic in his honor. Joseph was a student at NMSVH for many years. Upper right: The desert near Tucson provided on in- teresting backdrop for a rest on the trip home. Lower left: While in Los Angeles it was discovered that Alicia McAninch was selected for the cover of " Car and Driver " magazine. Shown Martin presented the cover to her for her scrap- book. Lower right: Jospeh Lopez was also treated to a horseback ride during senior week. senior fun Upper left: The 1987 Golden Bear Year- book is dedicated to Bill Steele, Margie Myers and Paul Tapia. Between them they put in 74 years working at NMSVH. Margie Myers began working at the school 27 years ago. Most of those years were spent working in or supervising other people working in the housekeeping department. Lower Paul Tapia (right) come to NMSVH os o student and become on outstanding wrestler while being coached by Neil Quimby. Paul came bock to NMSVH os o teacher and wrestling coach and continued the winning tradition established by Quim- by. Paul logged 30 years at our school and influenced the lives of mony of his students. Upper right: Bill Steele also turned in 27 years of quality service to the school before retiring in May. Bill worked as department head in maintenance for many of those years; evidence of his work is everywhere. He has built countless parti- tions, cabinets and other furnishings over the years, and has helped develop the campus into one of the nicest in the Southwest. nvi i N42 1987 New Mexico School for the Visually Handicapped - 1987 Golden Bear . DATE DUE 1 ! 15 WEST ]6th STREET NEW YORK, N.Y. JOOII

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