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. M Il 1 , HI ' ' -s nu V fer' ' ix'-L -A , , ' nf" 'x , n V ff' 11 .IJ J f f' if f f ., . ' -za-g.' ,5., -,g ' ' ',:' gf, ! 1 jf A 53 WMJQXM f V ' ni A ' MJD ' M y ff' Q4 AA. . QV N I f WW wgifw W 0 Kewl Q X, 03 Mg' SH Gy y W df My Q N V wif Q ff' H I , "" I A I f' M M 1 1 PW SSL Q XX b f- . f., " ' XF! Ai' ,qfjf 09 M A135235 J ' aiiffj Mfg 1214! ,, 'giiiiiqgi' of Q Q' 4 ' 0 ' 3?'fl V' ,L a S1-X wif' , . arf' -2. 'FD ,Ay Il f 1 J- , Wifi' Q35 xi' X. 537' I fa w 359,1 9 9 .6, '.. Q U !, ,AL J JZ' We 5 Q-A Nfl' wuyw 15'-V Y a pw? 2-ff! ,gff-ir IQ N, W ww X . mx U Qf ff M NJ 45' M3 'eng J f Ugfgff N5:f"s" Y' 4 jjwjjd-L4 V xg AM1,4,, I 1 V Q ,fflwifai 4 X ' - -figzff mire fgalqfwz ...ff15 4ffLfE l A . f w 'SQ ".x X f" , q 1 , x - A, , f y yy! wfpwjfx I fc'-"""fYu,c.!2.J X MZTTTLQ W U5 Q A W3 11 'fem Mak fa tl IM if! BZgM1Tg0m2vTffM:54Qm,uQ. , .VJ QL3- Cwdhwkkl flylffbj , , G , ilk' 475 fam! g fQ'?ff? ff- "" YJ gmf I .1 ,V - . - A , - -, 27 E ' I , 4,5?'1' 1 , I- -. 'K..+,' -, Wy- A un - - -L uf , - w -f -- tn-v Y Y uv: . I. --' " -V . A , :v.,. X' L' 1 . W fu 3' U vl. lw v It Llipgl 1.2 . . l , ' 'ix .VI E l E A J V V 'N Aj, MV ' "-'S ' THE' if - I . ' ' ' M A Q fzf DR QW5 g QEWMGQ A IK ' N Y CTR! X n -fxxgk NX' 2 T5 ' 2 4' ' I N S r ,RVW4 N-7, V .' . V0 I ' f X' W W'QVamA EZQQQ 2 if , :Q f N I . W f 5 Q wyfgff f QWQ,Q Wffm .'. q i l , My , x It , .A 7,411 T 'WLWM X HMM .., 2 S 4 NG . L .fs A QS bf I' 3 . ,Qi ,I 3 ' l A ' 2 ., 'l-. , 1 Q ' mgxy vfN ify-wf+gw W L '-, ' A:-A L.. '. 1, . A, ,A-. 5.1 , ".' A',, .4 1 1 New Mexico Military Institute Roswell, New Mexico e Bron 1953 Slst YEAR Daniel E. Boyle James M. Pryor Editor-in-Chief Amt. Editor Leo P. Wollard Michael A. McBee Bustfzosr M !Z7Ztlg67' Sports Editor C'm'tooni.rts H. G. Darr J. W. Doak P. C. Zander E. E. Blair John B. Atwood S octal Editor Editing S tczff Photogmphers R. M. Adelstein R. S. Barneyback R. D. Buttolph P. S. Galligan Dedication Because lie symbolizes, for all who know him, a soldier, a gentleman, a friend to so many 5 because we 'want to express our appreciation for these things, fwe respect- fully dedicate the Bronco 1953 to Colonel O. O. Wilson, PMSGT. 4 i Colonel O. O. Wilson Joseph Gerald Govan January 7, 1930 - October' 15, 1952 MEM TO THESE FORMER CADETS WHO GAVE THEIR ALL ON THE BATTLEFIELDS OF KOREA - John Flack Burton, Jr. October 19, 1928 - October, 1952 ORIAM Thomas Neely Hairston Paul Revere Beedle March 7, 1932 - March 5, 1953 August 10, 1932 March 5 1953 IN MEMGRY OF TOM AND PAUL IN THEIR UNTIMELY DEATH The Governor ZH d The Board of Regents Edwin L. Mechem Governor of New Mexico THE BOARD OF REGENTS Mr. Clarence E. Hinkle President Nlr. B. B. Armstrong Vice-President M1-. o. R. McNally, 11-. Secretary-Treasurer Mr. C. G. Smith Member M1'. E. W. Mitchell Member ,, I , 1, ' . L. Y -. '- 1, .' ,LJ Ng ' K ., X . 1 V i The Administration ,M S ffw Colonel C. F. Ward Superintendent To the Classes of 1953: We salute you, and bid you "Godspeed," Many of you are about to commence a new phase of your life. Some of you are graduated, commissioned, and honored as the leaders of your school. You have provided the leadership for the Corps of Cadets, and those who follow you down through the years Will profit under those standards which you have helped establish and improve. Throughout the entire corps and the faculty there is pride in your accomplishment. We share this feeling with those most vitally interested in your Welfare, your parents and loved ones. Your training here Will be tested in the crucible of adult life. We feel you will meet that test, that you will have the competence, the vision and the steadfastness necessary to overcome the obstacles you meet. We hope that you return to the Institute Whenever you can, for here, like a guidon in the ranks, you have left your mark. You Will never forget the Instituteg We Will never forget you! Charles F. Ward Nine Ten THE CCLLEGE DIVISION Colonel R. Kelly Dean SOCIAL SCIENCES Captain R. R. Miller, Mrs. Myra Kelly, Lieutenant Colonel H. T. Kelly, Captain Howard G. Murphy, Colonel J. R. Kelly, Captain Irby Nichols, Captain David Clary, Captain W. H. Trumbo, Captain Merton L. Dillon. ' , HUMANITIES Major G. M. Sayre, Captain R. A. Yates, Lieutenant Colonel A. N. Carter, Captain J. Bockrnan, Captain F. T. Rice, Major P. H. Gratton, Captain E. FOX NATURAL SCIENCES AND MATHEMATICS Lieutenant Colonel V. Knapp, Major P. Mount-Campbell, Captain P. C. Campbell, Captain F. Miller, Major W. Foreman, Captain E. N. Murray, Captain W. F. Harris, Major W. C. Rouclebush, Captain H. Powell Eleven THE HIGH SCHOOL DIVISION 5 s x a SOCIAL SCIENCES Lieutenant COIoneI J. C. Kost Principal Captain E. M. Praisner, Major V. Montgomery, Major T. V. Price Twelve Captain R. E. Denney, Captain R. C. Ryde HUMANITIES Major P. Gratton, Captain J. W. Branch, Captain W. Doering, Captain N. L. Haggerson, Captain K. K. Bailey, Major V. Montgomery, Major D. H. H. Starr, Captain J. Hense, Captain R. D. Corder NATURAL SCIENCES AND MATHEMATICS 3 i s Major G. N. Nelson, Major H. D. Blake, Major C. S. Whitney, Captain P. C. Campbell, Major F. E. Hunt, Lieutenant J. R. Michlich, Captain J. W. Marberry, Captain W. C. Payne, Captain A. L. Long, Captain F. A. Miller, Major J. B. Ellis Thirteen HEADQUARTERS Lieutenant Colonel C. J. Rohr Adjutant HEADQUARTERS STAFF top going down: Mrs. Roma Hanes Mrs. Lola Evans Mrs. Betty Ross Miss Charlotte St. John Mrs. Mary Fruit Miss Laurena Peck Mrs. Helen Cookson Miss Tess Klyng Fourteen LIBRARY STAFF left to right: Miss Margaret Irby Mrs. Dollis Stephens Mrs. Frances Downes Majoi' F. E. Hunt Lieutenant James DeVoss Alumni Association Secretary Public Relations Officer lvlrs. Carolyn Gordon Mrs. Bee Reser Alumni Office Secretary Public Relations Secretary Fifteen Colonel O. O. Wilson PMSKLT MILITARY DEPARTMENT Mrs. Ora Vititow Secretary Left to right: Lt. Col. Paul C. Root, Jr. Lt. Col. Lund F. Hood Col. O. O. Wilson QPMSKLTJ Major Robert A. Humphrey Major George D. Styer Left to right-Rear Rank: MfSgt. Joseph R. Piwetz SFC Ira C. Ausborn SFC Edmon Fontenot SFC Clarence J. Shotts SFC J. W. Athey Sgt. William E. Sawyer MfSgt. Matthew C. Sauer MfSgt. Virgil VanDyne Le ft to right-Front Rcmlc' SFC Walter L. Peer MfSgt. Charles H. Brown MfSgt. Mavys Womack SFC Ralph F. Blank MfSgt. Sydney B. Hunter SFC Lawrence A. Taffe SFC Kenneth N. Corns f 1 WXLXWW' S ' fvitymiwldxfwniilfafnWZ,W51S QLKw 3ZAYxi95?kN'ZAE,Ei ..lSgf The Com mandant Sta and his ff Lt. Col. T. B. Stapp Commanolccnt I L. to R.: Lt. Col. T. B. Stapp, Major C. F. Bradley, Major R. D. Thompson, Captain R. E. Denny, Captain K. K. Bailey, First Lieutenant J. R. Michlich, First Lieutenant T. E. Brock, Second Lieutenant V. V. Verhines. Seventeen the Corps of Cadets mwwnf. "'w'fw7Q?'x Q kv . passing in review .,w,,,. W' 'H + Z ,, f .. 5y W f 1, , f 7'k " ,ish ?f'Z7f?1fg9Af ' W4 bw 71 ,Wan f l A5 www s h , z , Q M pe f fi X . ,. 4. . X wr i ffffawg ,gkyfiexxffdx ffkaw-Wffwfwv flwgfff :aff " N174 'W' r 1',127XffX'Ci?ff + 5f'ff7f7'03Qf' X1 ' f'f4wH!,X P' f f . fi - .. rw v ,i f q vw x, K, wmv -Wiz fwf6-gz,+fZwNwFivfMf 'Zgh1e,,W:vMe wiffv www, ff '55-ffygq. Hyzfwgw f, VWWZV f .4.,W,,,QQ y ' ?4 WWRQN wwfgizwsggwxv Nkpkfeswfyn if vvfwpwbwyx ya- W ,pwuwjg 4, 4, -1.-if ,,f, - 1f,1w,-ff Mffww. 7Mf'LM, ' " ff L Q : if ' " 'ffm ' ,, -, ff: :47fA'1wQsQffwkyffwwfzilgsx-Xvfvf-'lklffms-iff Q ' V 5 f -1 'W . f we hw 2' Y M f' 1, I YI::F3'?6ZJQfZ'wffSgfeW 4fgy2Z,M5j,,,: mfmzggwxiw X 1113 f , f K 'ffffgif X 'Q ff 4 3 M2 . - . , f V fkm ,www-Afvmsgx wwfx few-'A if via-San w fffw 2- ' f G" fwfW1LM:wfW'w' f -5-1-..1,,fff,w-. by j X w:f.gx5f,w ,, 'gr Ql7r'g,'W:h3W ., f fur' - my 5-,sfriygywgzhkxqygyyzf A 'xg i ww " Aifii vfffw,1f.v2: Wy X Rxzvmx-SAX.wx,X . w ig ffyhfm ' :Q fjw .K WSW ,fm-fly? QA , iffy Kwfzfwm 16. QQNAQNML-Msf .S Qzvfffgff 9X ff! 4 www, ,W mix ' - X--sf!! fl-1 ww ww, 1, ga Vffful-wfff': , , X E111 ,.pf7"2' , k MEX ' 4 "f'W4,,S,I. , H 'TMJ-'F-' f':'W'W7'E' Ulf iff V' K' f vm, - -eff! k ' x gc, ,,f,,, .vigil . ,wxwynii . ,,,, , 0.5, K ffl -- s K I f M , ' A Xi A K Z 4 E P Battalions Attention! REGIMENTAL STAFF Captain C. M. Brandt Lieutenant Colonel L. B. Mihas Colonel J. W. Elliott Master Sergeant E. W. Davenport Major R. S. Terry Major R. S. Barneyback lw entw threc yf The Regiment C'0mmzmding Colonel I. W. Elliott Spgnygr S"LU66ZfL66l7'Z Mrs. Ulla ElliOtt ' Miss Liz Wilson LII' Top: LT. COL. F. S. BRECKENRIDGE, Regimental Executive First Semester LT. COL. L. B. MIHAS, Regimental Executive Second Semester MAJOR R. S. TERRY, Regimental S-3 Bottom: MAJOR R. S. BARNEYBAOK, Regimental Adjutant CAPTAIN C. M. BRANDT, Regimental S-4 MASTER SERGEANT E. W. DAVENPORT, Regimental Sergeant Major Twenty-five Twenty SIX First Battalion Second Lieutenant L. E. Tillman Major J. B. Atwood Master Sergeant H. G. Dart' Commanding S pomov' Mrs. J. B. Atwood Major J. B. Atwood S'LU661fh6!l7'If Nliss Dena Dugger Twe tw CAPTAIN: Wollard, L. F. FIRST LIEUTENANTS: Durham, D. D., Sechrist, J. S. SECOND LIEUTENANT: Salley, R. J. FIRST SERGEANT: Taylor, C. H. MASTER SERGEANT: PRIVATES FIRST CLASS: Kemp, W. L. Baber, R. L. SERGEANTS FIRST CLASS: Eggfefjj EMD' Kelly, H. T. Edelen, B. F. Phillips, L. M. Fite, R. T. Fletcher, S. M. Gellenthein, C. W. Agnew J S Allen C M Claikson, T. Durham, C. B. SERGEANTS: A , . . A W Giinther, C. Jewel, C. B. Johnson, M. E. Kitchen, K. S Pick, W. S. Rowlands, D. Vetter, O. C. Heesch, H. J. Hilford, M. H. McGoldrick, J. Parsons, R. N. Stanford, H. B Storts, B. P. Woodard, D. G. NEW CADET PRIVATES: L. Allday, L. F. Walker, R. G. CORPORALS : Black, J. L. Gibbons, J. O. Jones, P. H. Law, L. J. Levy, W. F. Petitjean, L. Twenty-eight J. Anglin, D. L. Bicknell, A. J. Brewer, E. E. Bridges, W. R. Brockmiller, T. Brogan, C. K. Bullock, R. W. Burand, C. R. Chant, G. A. Courtright, E. Cox, S. T. Dickson, J. C. Drury, D. L. Fleig, R. B. Garcia, D. E. Garrett, D. R. Green, D. G. Gregg, D. S. Hankins, F. D. Hanzel, J. W. Heesch, T. M. A. L. Holloway, J. M. Oller, W. L. Pundt, D. J. Quigly, R. G. Schwartz, M. Scott, E. T. Strebe, G. A. Towne, J. M. Zimmerman, R. M. S pomor C ommrmafing S 'ZUCIZZZZGKLVZ Captain L. F. Wollard Nlrs. Bonnie T. Wo1la1'd M155 Sue Minton Commmzziing firxi semexier Captain E. M. Ladd COMPANY HEADQUARTERS Captain L. F. Wollard First Lt. D. D. Durham First Lt. J. S. Sechrist Second Lt. R. J. Salley First Sgt. C. H. Taylor Master Sgt. W. L. Kemp Sgt. C. B. Durham Headquarters Company .if Q Twenty-nine WMA? CAPTAIN: Smith, B. J. FIRST LIEUTENANTS: White, C. C., Leisy, R. R. FIRST SERGEANT: Childers, D. SERGEANTS FIRST CLASS: PRIVATES FIRST CLASS: NEW CADET PRIVATES Cowan, J. H. Bailey, W. S. Hallenbeck, V. M. Hayes, R. A. Sisk, R. A. Junker, R. D. SERGEANTS: Tabet, R' Andress, O. L. Bear, W. J. Pohly, G. W. Pryor, J. M. Romero, A. S. Uhli, H. H. Wages, J. S. Zander, P. C. CORPORALS : Thirty Cash, G. H. Fraek, J. C. Harmon, A. R. Pahk, J. N. Stidham, W. M. Stouse, P. Williamson, G. H. S. Bailey, J. M. Byrom, C. W. Carlisle, A. R. Carter, D. S. Cook, R. A. Ellison, C. R. Finch, A. L. Flato, C. H. Gentry, R. C. Hoffman, D. J Hunt, D. D. Hunt, J. E. Hudson, F. L. Johnson, H. K. Kerlin, G. L. Kinsel, T. A. Lusk, E. S. Mackey, B. O. Maxwell, D. O. O'Bar, J. R. Paris, A. W. Pruitt, A. A. Pyles, R. L. Rockey, J. D. Tunnel, R. Waldrip, G. E. Wright, J. R. Wunderlick, J. W Spomor I i Nfrs. L. G. Smith. COMPANY HEADQUARTERS Captain B. J. Smith First Lt. C. C. White First Lt. R. R. Leisy First Sgt. D. Childers Sgt. H. H. Uhli C ommfmding Captain B. Smith A Company Sweetfzeazrl Miss Ann Runette Crunk Thirty-one I CAPTAIN: McGee, R. L. - FIRST LIEUTENANTS: Holden, J. D., Sedillo, C. D. FIRST SERGEANT: Barrow, T. A. SERGEANTS FIRST CLASS: PRIVATES FIRST CLASS: NEW CADET PRIVATES Shoemaker, R. D. Fernandez, O-. O. Buttolph, R. D. SERGEANTS: ' Beedle, P. R. Benton, W. W. Brown, N. J. Brown, B. F.. Claffey, T. H. Dennis, E. L. Easterling, B. T Posz, J. D. Tomlinson, M. C. CORPORALS : Bray, C. F. Davis, L. L. Martinez, R. G. Marshall, J. M. Morris, J. K. Taylor, E. Z. Stauffer, J. K. Straughn, J. J. Wood, F. J. OLD CADET PRIVATE: ' Slaton, J. O. Aragon, P. E., Blackwood, H. D. Bomar, J. L. Brentari, E. G. Burdges, B. G. Calvert, J. F. Clees, H. N. Dow, A. T. Gwinn, A. L. Jones, A. M. Kimata, R. M. Kinder, N. W. King, F. B. O'Quinn, G. D. Owens, J. R. Rhodes, E. A. Rice, H. F. Saenz, M. Santiesteban, H. Sawey, W. J. Shelton, K. A. Smith, R. E. Stewart, J. E. Walker, J. S. Ware, J. W. Wensel, A. B. Williams, W. S. Witham, S. A. Wright, A. L. Little, L. T S pomor C Ommmzding S wcclfwzzrz Captain R. L. McGee Mrs. Ann McGee Niiss Sammie Joe Atkins COMPANY HEADQUARTERS Captain R. L. McGee First Lt. J. D. Holden First Lt. C. D. Sedillo First Sgt. T. A. Barrow Sgt. E. L. Dennis B Company Thirty-threw: CAPTAIN: Bilbo, C. S. FIRST LIEUTENANT: Holt, X. M. SECOND LIEUTENANT: Schrimsher, M. L. FIRST SERGEANT: Cate, H. C. SERGEANTS FIRST CLASS: CORPORALS: NEW CADET PRIVATES Gallegos, J. J. Hutter, J. L. SERGEANTS : Baca, J. J. De Amaral, F. C. Roberts, W. B. Shaw, R. D. Chamberlain, C. M. Suddath, N. D. Chrisman, P. D. Herren, R. W. Hooper, J. J. McGrath, J. R. Parnell, S. A. Reid, R. C. Weil, R. G. Fry, H. C. Thirty four Smith, A. D. Wright, J. D. OLD CADET PRIVATES Nalda, L. Spiess, B. R. Springer, G. W. Appling, C. D. Archibeck, R. P Arden, G. C. Baldwin, A. J. Brelin, S. E. Burkett, B. C. Calhoun, R. A. . J Cameron, B . Clarke, A. R. Coll, J. N. Cupp, R. C. Eastham, C. J. Farmer, R. H. Farrar, J. P. Feferman, J. S. Hermann, J. F. Ikeda, F. T. Kennedy, J. R. Llewellyn, J. L Loveless, C. W. McFadden, G. B Miller, D. D. Roy, C. D. Singh, L. G. Trotz, D. H. Wooden, C. D. Wyly, V. L. S pomof' Mrs. K. S. Bilbo COMPANY HEADQUARTERS Captain C. S. Bilbo First Lt. X. M. Holt Second Lt. M.L. Schrimsher First Sgt. H. C. Cate Sgt. R. W. Herron C Ommamdifzg Captain C. S. Bilbo C Company Sfcezeethefzrzf Miss Patricia Ann Butler Ai Thirty-five A Ihlrty sxx Second Battalion Second Lieutenant D. D. Farrand Major M. A. McBee Master Sergeant G. W. Ansted C ommfmdmg Sponsor Major M. A. McBee S fweetheczrt 44, ff. V, .. ,f .gf ' . 4, ' Mrs. W. D. MCBCS Miss Nancy Martin Thirty-seven CAPTAIN: Cooper, J. L. FIRST LIEUTENANTS: Holmes, A. K., Palmer, R. L. FIRST SERGEANT: Price, R. S. SERGEANTS FIRST CLASS: PRIVATES FIRST CLASS: NEW CADET PRIVATES Byron, R. P. Troxler, D. W. SERGEANTS : Ball, E. W. Beall, G. D. Chavez, A. M. Fitch, W. O. Hogsett, T. C. Lankford, J. E. Sharp, H. H. Threet, M. E. Thompson, C. CORPORALS : Austin, J. F. Baker, K. R. Eaton, R. C. Morris, H. C. Russell, J. H. C. Shumvvay, K. D. Thirty eight Cressman, G. C. Fiderlick, G. A. Floyd, J. E. Moore, C. D. Stokes, T. J. Speer, R. D. Stephens, J. L. Vestal, G. C. OLD CADET PRIVATES: Adelstein, R. M. Burdick, M. A. Anderson, L. R Aten, L. H. Benton, D. L. Bloomquist, W. C Birnie, C. C. Cameron, J. P. Christakis, E. C Chambers, J. S. Demos, G. T. Etz, A. N. Gibson, J. L. Hawks, W. J. Huyssoon, J. W Hyer, R. F. Lang, J. R. Leonard, J. R. MacDonald, J. D Martin, J. R. McLarry, D. Moore, E. D. Muzik, J. A. Patterson, E. E. Paul, W. K. Sherrill, R. L. Skidmore, J. D. Smith, G. A. Winn, F. D. Sponsor C Ommcmdmg Captain L. Cooper S fzezeetlwmt Mrs. H. W. Cooper Nliss Nanette Dudley COMPANY HEADQUARTERS Captain J. L. Cooper First Lt. A. K. Holmes First Lt. R. L. Palmer First Sgt. R. S. Price Sgt. H. H. Sharp E Company WB Thirty-nine CAPTAIN: Green, C. O. FIRST LIEUTENANT: Brown, C. W. SECOND LIEUTENANT: Owen, J. O. FIRST SERGEANT: Moffett, W. A. SERGEANTS FIRST CLASS: PRIVATES FIRST CLASS: Drummond, L. A. Hogsett, F. L. Haley, P. W. Hooker, J. C. SERGEANTS1 EQ Forty Akin, N. L. Andrus, L. R. Cogle, J. P. Conrace, J. C. Faris, C. W. Fields, J. M. Kay, C. M. King, W. G. McCain, J. P. Miller, L. L. Moore, H. R. Wilhite, S. L. R, oLD CADET PRIVATES: Powell, F. C. Williams, M. L. CORPORALS: NEW CADET PRIVATES: Blair, E. E. Bagley, R. F. Castelan, J. P. Bell, C. C. Grimes, G. L. Hale, A. L. Janssen, H. G. - Watkins, C. C. Wilson, T. E. Bingman, A. R. Bowman, R. D. Brown, P. R. Campbell, C. W Classen, N. W. Coffman, K. R Connery, D. B. Crosby, R. A. Eaker, J. R. Gabbert, P. L. Johnson, B. L. Keeling, C. A. Krull, H. L. Lane, C. B. Lewter, J. T. Lodewick, J. W Morris, R. E. Neal, J. L. Nokes, G. R. Petty, J. L. Ponder, H. H. Randall, J. D. Rickards, B. D Smith, T. V. Straughan, M. R Trogden, L. H. Wilt, J. D. Witwer, J. C. Zingery, G. W. Commanding Spomof' Captain C. O. Green Sweetheart M1's. f. B. Green Miss fanet Patterson COMPANY HEADQUARTERS Captain C. O. Green First Lt. C. W. Brown Second Lt. J. O. Owen First Sgt. W. A. Moffett Sgt. J. C. Conrace F Company X Forty-one CAPTAIN: Boyle, D. E. FIRST LIEUTENANT: Garcia, J. L. SECOND LIEUTENANT: Vestal, R. E. FIRST SERGEANT: Dean, J. L. SERGEANTS FIRST CLASS: PRIVATES FIRST CLASS: NEW CADET PRIVATES Gilbert, T. J. Nicholas, D. G. Norman, J. N. SERGEANTS: Collingwood, G. Converse, L. M. Harrell, A. L. Jackson, H. B. Otto, D. J. Prestridge, M. R. Shannon, E. R. Vigil, A. M. CORPORALS 2 Forty-two Beers, J. N. Cornwall, T. H. Decker, J. R. Hanawald, L. M. McLean, J. W. Stephenson, B. K. Brown, L. M. Crosby, E. F. Higgins, P. T. Hollingsworth, R. D. Manor, T. J. Momsen, L. J. Ryan, E. J. OLD CADET PRIVATES : Farr, E. H. Paoli, P. J. Pfingsten, W. F. Bogard, C. R. Brainard, S. W. Craven, R. E. Grubbs, D. R. Guerro, J. S. Hall, D. T. Hardin, D. W. Harvey, P. W. Healy, C. E. Heath, G. H. Hill, J. C. Hooker, J. L. Lott, J. F. McMasters, E. G Maloof, J. G. Mansfield, J. W. Marks, E. P. Marmon, K. G. Merritt, S. A. Parsons, R. F.. Pemberton, J. L. Rubenstein, E. J. Salem, R. M. Semple, R. C. Sullivan, W. O. Wolfe, E. J. Woodard, T. L. Yates, F. W. S pomor C ommcmding Captain D. E. Boyle S fceieetheczri Mrs. Claire M. Boyle Miss Patricia Bellamah COMPANY HEADQUARTERS Captain D. E. Boyle First Lt. J. L. Garcia Second Lt. R. E. Vestal First Sgt. J. L. Dean Sgt. L. M. Converse G Company Forty-th ree Forty four hird Battalion Second Lieutenant D. R. Carpenter Major J. F. Walker Sergeant First Class J . L. Daniels C Ommamding S pomor Mrs. A. L. Wallcer Major J. F. Walker Sweetheazft Nliss Lola VVento11 CAPTAIN: McDougal, H. A. FIRST LIEUTENANT: Fellabaum, J. N. SECOND LIEUTENANT: Dentler, P. J. FIRST SERGEANT: Olinger, H. W. SERGEANTS FIRST CLASS: PRIVATES FIRST CLASS: NEW CADET PRIVATES Buck, J. G. Abbott, P. D. Stone, F. R. Baker, D. L. SERGEANTS: Bernal, J' M' Brown, R. S. Buckly, W. D. Burkholder, M. Gray, H. J. Krause, D. F. Lane, J. J. Martinez, P. R. Smith, K. C. Smith, L. G. CORPORALS : Forty-six Bowser, D. Bradshaw, R. R Christie, J. W. A. Housman, R. W. Lovelace, J. B. Shillingberg, J. E. Brown, R. B. Edelen, B. F. Green, J. S. Mee, R. J. Raymond, J. M. Sanderford, R. M. Spencer, C. J. OLD CADET PRIVATE: Hughes, J. H. Andreson, R. K. Bills, R. J. Coll, C. H. Davies, D. A. Fabian, M. H. Friedkin, T. H. Gibson, P. H. Hartenbower, J. W Holder, J. E. Horton, J. A. Johnson, T. P. Lane, D. A. Mattox, J. H. Mays, C. C. Norman, L. R. Patterson, J. M. Rodriquez, R. H. Schwab, G. E. Stacey, J. E. Strickland, J. E. Van Arsdale, D. W Vickers, J. L. Whitaker, H. L. Whitmore, D. C. Wood, S. W. Spomor C Ommcmding S fweelhemt 19 . . . AM H . Captain H. A. McDougal Mrs. Pnrter McDougal Miss Nancy Davis C Ommrmciifzg First S emefter igf. Captain L. Chappelear COMPANY HEADQUARTERS Captain H. A. McDougal First Lt. J. N. Fellabaum Second Lt. P. J. Dentler First Sgt. H. W. Olinger Sgt. W. D. Buckley is-f-is wg: A- iw ' I Company Forty-seven CAPTAIN: Talley, J. D. Bond, J. A. FIRST LIEUTENANT: Curtis, E. M. SECOND LIEUTENANT: Mendez, J. FIRST SERGEANT: Easterling, R. E. Darrow, G. E. Daniels, J. L. Hamilton, J. S. Frazier, L. J. Hamner, W. S. SERGEANTS: ff QQ Blickenstaff, D. E. Redpath, P. B. Bowman, J. W. Shook, J. G. Caldwell, H. L. Stewart, G. R. Callahan, J. P. Fabian, J. P. Haslam, G. E. Hunt, V. D. Mainello, J. A. Staley, R. D. CORPORALS : Cimino, L. D. Hissom, R. J. Hutchings, J . H. Myrick, R. L. Veeck, W. L. Forty eight Thode, E. J. Williamson, R. R. SERGEANTS FIRST CLASS: PRIVATES FIRST CLASS: NEW CADET PRIVATES Andrews, R. L. Buxton, J. S. Crockett, W. K. Darwin, D. W. Galles, H. L. Glover, R. S. Goddard, G. Hall, J. L. Harbaugh, M. Hatfield, R. D. Hirsh, R. J. Houser, J. D. Hunt, P. M. Jeffus, D. A. Laverty, D. P. Mace, R. M. E McGinnis, C. D. McLain, R. D. McLean, G. A. Roff, T. D. Rosen, W. M. Simons, J. K. Smith, G. B. Stevens, C. L. Tinnin, C. L. Van Arsdale, D. W Webb, G. E. Spomor Mrs. W. W. Merritt COMPANY HEADQUARTERS Captain J. D. Talley First Lt. E. M. Curtis Second Lt. J. Mendez First Sgt. R. E. Easterling Sgt. J. P. Callahan Commnmzimg Captain D. Talley K Company Sfweethezzrl Miss Catherine Corn Forty-nine Fifty CAPTAIN: Laverty, W. B. FIRST LIEUTENANT: Lee, J. L. SECOND LIEUTENANT: Galligan, P. S. FIRST SERGEANT: Lodewick, R. B. SERGEANTS FIRST CLASS: PRIVATES FIRST CLASS: NEW CADET PRIVATES Barnett, R. L. Litwiller, G. D. Watts, G. L. Brown, P. S. Slatton, J. A. SERGEANTS1 Birdsall, A. K. Grace, V. M. Davis, J. H. Bradshaw, L. H. Locklar, J. L. Borenstein, D. B. McCrea, D. T. g2lYjm3lfffljgLR' M' OLD CADET PRIVATES: Bartlett, R. A. Constantin, C. J. Jelosek, R. L. Echols, H. T. Moerey, W. A. Smith, C. H. Snyder, G. A. CORPORALS: Thorne, W. E. Coors, H. G. Page, L. A. Strathearn, B. M. Samuell, M. Burkholder, L. H. Keleher, J. G. Blake, N. Brown, H. W. Broome, T. K. Branscome, D. Burge, D. A. Burns, R. W. Burris, M. O. Claunch, J. Coates, F. G. Eaton, P. I. Folsom, H. S. Fortye, W. R. Kerlin, G. L. Kingsbury, W. Miller, C. H. Orr, G. P. Poe, I. O. Sanborn, D. S Sperry, S. H. Smith, K. H. Stephenson, H Stewart, T. H Wolff, R. K. Yutz, T. W. Commfmrlifzg SPOWO7' S fweezffzerzrr Captain VV. B. Laverty lVIrs. C. G. Laverty Miss Susan Skelly L Company COMPANY HEADQUARTERS Captain W. B. Laverty First Lt. J. L. Lee Second Lt. P. S. Galligan First Sgt. R. B. Lodewick Sgt. D. B. Borenstein Fifty-one Fifty-two THE COLLEGE GRADUATES John Berry Atwood Robert Seay Barneyback Clarence Spence Bilbo Daniel Edward Boyle Clarke MaX Brandt C. A. Branum Floyd Scott Breckenridge Charles Winston Brown, Ir. Donald Ray Carpenter Louis Chappelear Ernest Malcolm Curtis Paul John Dentler fames William Elliot David Dreyer Earrand john Norris Eellabaum john Louis Garcia Crawford O'Briant Green fohn Dudley Holden Earl Milton Ladd, Ir. fames Louis Lee, Jr. Robert Roy Leisy Michael Allan McBee H. A. McDougal Robert Lee McGee Leo Bill Mihas Richard Louis Palmer John Sterling Sechrist Carl Don Sedillo Bill Joe Smith John Dee Talley, Jr. Robert Scott Terry Lewis Edward Tillman James Field Walker Charles Clinton White of 1953 Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor Bachelor Bachelor Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor Bachelor Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor Bachelor Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor Bachelor of Bachelor Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Science Science o f A rlr of Arts of Arts Science Science Science Science Science o f A rl: Science Science Science of Arif of Arts Science Science Science Science of Arty o f A riff Science Science of A rm Science Science o f A rlf Science of A rt: Science Science Science Science -THE FIRST CLASS Leo Milicis, Secretary Jim Walker, Vice Presideiit A Mike MeBee, President The future Which lies ahead of us Will be full of strife. These uncertain times have taught to each and everyone the necessity of devoting a few years of his life toward putting an end to the chaotic times and make it a brighter tomorrow for those Who follow. This is the job handed us, a job We have been equipped to handle by our years of study here at this Military Institution. Also this school has satisfied our desires for coming to college, that of an education to better prepare us to meet the business World which ensues. On behalf of the First Class, I Want to thank N MMI for the time and effort spent toward our achieve- ment of these goals. It has done Well. As We look to the future, We can't help but think of the past that is full of memories, both pleasant and unpleasant, with the unpleasant soon giving Way to the better memories of companionship and its close association Whether it be in the barracks or on the athletic field. Some special qualities have drawn us into an unbreakable bond Which Will remain joined long after graduation has made us soldiers or civilians. Mike McBee Fifty -three JCHN BERRY ATWOOD Pasadena, 'Texas Four years ago our school was greatly benefited by the inclusion on its roll of J. B. as a New Cadet. In his four years, John has made a name for himself and a record Which Will long be remembered by all of us. His great friendliness and his ability to get along With everyone has advanced him to the rank of Major, in Which capacity he has done an excellent job. J. B.'s near future is in the hands of Uncle Sam Where he receives his regular army commission in the Armor- ed Crdnance. I Fifty-four New Cadet Corporal Sergeant Sergeant First Class First Sergeant Second Lieutenant First Lieutenant Captain Major Intramurals 4, 3, 2. Best Squad DeMolay First Sergeant's Club Officer's Club 2 I. R. C. Club I. R. C. Club Vice-President Final Ball Committee Second Class Secretary Second Class Treasurer Distinguished Military Student 2 Distinguished Military Graduate Fort Knox "52" ! New Cadet Sergeant Master Sergeant Second Lieutenant First Lieutenant Captain Major Colt Football Bronco Rifle Team 6, 5, 4, 3, Assistant Coach Rifle Team Intramurals 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, Jarnbolaya 5, "I" Club 4, 3 Camera Club 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, Camera Club Secretary Camera Club President Radio Club School Movie Photographer 3 Best Dismounted Company 7,7 Bronco Staff Corporal Army Reserve Corps 3, Rifle Team Medal 5, 4, Captain James Medal 6, 5, 4 Alumni Award Fort Hood "ESO" 7 ROBERT SEAY BARNEYBACK, JR. Pleasanton, California Continually having places to go, people to see, and things to do characterizes Bob's seven years on the hill. Moving with the first bugle strains of reveille and only stopping late after taps, Bob has his share of details. Militarily minded, he is looking forward to his future life with the army, already having had a taste of it with the reserves. l"ifl,y-fix L New Cadet A Private First Class Corporal Sergeant Sergeant First Class - Regimental Sergeant Major Second Lieutenant First Lieutenant Captain Bronco Tennis 4, Bronco Basketball Intramurals 4, 3, "I" Club 3, First Sergeants' Club Officers' Club Distinguished Military Student Distinguished Military Graduate Fort Knox "52" CLARENCE SPENCE. BILBO Encinal, Texas A combination of "The Golden Smile" and "Yiiip- peee" exemplifies perfectly the boy from the Calahan Ranch. His prevailing congeniality Will be sorely missed as Clarence enters Uncle Sam's beckoning fra- ternity shortly after graduation. However, his ulti- mate goal is to be a success in the field of cattle ranch- mg. Fifty-six New Cadet Captain Bronco Football . All Conference Honorable ' Mention . Bronco Tennis "I" Club Intramurals I Jambolaya Best New Cadet Bronco Editor Dean's List Officers' Club F. D. Sellards Scholarship Distinguished Military Student Distinguished Military Graduate Fort Knox "52" 1. 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 ! 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 l 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 DANIEL EDWARD BOYLE Pueblo, Colorado V Colorado's contribution to us in the form of Ed Boyle is one of which we can all be proud. Joining us only last year Ed leaves behind him one of the most enviable records in the annals of the school. A suc- cess at everything he has tried is a good forecast of his future. Upon graduation Ed embarks upon a mili- tary career. May success, as we know it will, follow him always. I"il'ty-seven CLARKE MAX BRANDT Coronado, California Clarke has spent his four years preparing for his commission, wishing to enter the Army Medical Ser- vice Corps. ' His ambition was fulfilled and his many hours in the Biology laboratory should pay dividends. We are sure that he will succeed in his future endeav- ors. Travel has been an obsession with him, and we believe he might find an outlet with the army. Fifty-eight New Cadet Corporal Sergeant Sergeant First Class Second Lieutenant Captain Bronco Track Intramurals 4, 3, Newman Club Newman Club Vice President International Relations Club Officers' Club 1 HI" Club 4, 3, Drill Team S Tank Crew Drill 4, Dean's List New Cadet Award Distinguished Military Student Distinguished Military Graduate Fort Hood "52", l 1 I l New Cadet 7 4 Private First Class 6 H Corporal 5 Sergeant 5 Sergeant First Class 4 Master Sergeant 3 Second Lieutenant 2 First Lieutenant 2 Major ' 1 Lieutenant Colonel 1 Intramurals 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Color Guard 5 Armoured Demonstration 4 Bronco Staff 4 Distinguished Military Student 2, 1 Distinguished Military Graduate 1' Fort Hood "50" l 1 1 4 FLOYD SCOTT BRECKENRIDGE, JR. Albuquerque, New Mexico "From the Halls of Montezumai' is the tune so often whistled by Scott as even now he is on active duty With the United States Marine Corps. Scott's graduation at semester vacated the Regimental EX- ecutive position Within the corps. He left his job Well done as he Will also leave his job With the Marine Corps. Fifty-nine CHARLES WINSTON Rushville, Nebr Claiming to be a "good ole farm boy" from Ne- braska, "Brownie" put doubt in our minds With his fine exhibition of leadership here at the Institute. Charles seems to like the fairer sex to a great extent and it only seems fair that Fort Knox should be Warn- ed in advance. Sixty New Cadet Corporal Sergeant Sergeant First Class First Lieutenant Bronco Basketball Bronco Boxing Bronco Baseball Rodeo Team Intramurals 4, 3 International Relations Club Distinguished Military Student Officers' Club Fort Knox "52" BROWN, JR. aska 32 New Cadet Private First Class Corporal Second Lieutenant First Lieutenant , Bronco Tennis Bronco Football International Relations Club Officers' Club Cotillion Club Fort Hood "50" , 1 5, 4,3 5,4 5 4 , 2 1 ,2 ,3 3 1 1 3 l l DONALD RAY CARPENTER Tulsa, Oklahoma A young lady from Oklahoma, the Cotillion club, and tennis kept Don hopping. We remember him as active in military, activities, and Within the corps. Gold bars for his shoulders is his fate for the next fevv years. Don hopes to make the United States Army his career. Sixty-om LOUIS CHAPPELEAR Maplewood, New Jersey Returning from the army to complete his formal education, Lou established a military record to be sought after by all. Commissioned second lieutenant in 1951, he returned here until receiving his degree. Finishing his schooling at semester, he has returned once again to the armed services. Soldiers of Louis caliber are few and far between. Sixty-tw0 New Cadet Private First Class Sergeant First Class First Sergeant Second Lieutenant First Lieutenant Captain Bronco Track Dean's List Athletic Board I. R. C. Club Fort Hood "51" New Cadet Corporal Sergeant Second Lieutenant First Lieutenant Intramurals Officers' Club Fort Knox "52" 4, 3, 2, 1 .,,. , ..,, P' 'wigs ,, 4 3 2 1 1 1 2 ERNEST MALCOLM CURTIS Mesa, Arizona fWi9 T1'7 ' M":d , .":'::. Q-s,:s':..::-iw 41-2:s::- 'T' ,:.'I-Ir' .. fs." -' ' """ S """ - 1 ff , 1 . .. f s 1 .,,. .Jil-if .W X Z , f i Z !I Q"'!XV X X X W a l X x ff .X ,fifty . 'X fi as-P . ', 11. ff , WRU X y fizix W s 7 9 L' f W 4 I , Rv ? X Z W, Q WK f , fx ,, x s wish Rh ff I X' ,. .L X Sf 1 so - , . e. its fl " 1. ' J ,3 ,f it ft, , ' ' fm 'V L sz 'sg s rf' sr cy . 1 V . I ' I Z 4 ws, areM-,faisiriiiizsl ,.,.. 25.51 25.,:-:,,,,1,-,,s-,If uf ' ..:sgagz,s5:5:51515:5::'-9 N,:.:.-'- ..., - " 1 Y is """""""' 3 ........... .. .:..:.: , l Eg:-if ..:.,.....:... , M - 192'-f' J fi ik .1 J Q ,,,3,1 x 1 gf? Frequent trips to Apache Junction, Arizona, and Juarez, Mexico, comprised much of Ernie's social life. Wild tales in abundance, fun loving always, even con- scientious at times, Was this Curtis lad. Army bound, Ernie should be around for a long time and that lets us all in for more stories to come. Sixty-three New Cadet Private First Class Sergeant Staff Sergeant First Sergeant Second Lieutenant Captain Colonel Pony Football Colt Boxing Colt Football Intramurals 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 Colt Football Coach Basketball Manager 'cColt" Club 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 "Colt" Club President Honor Board Choir Officers' Club 3, 2 Cotillion Club Thelin Award Huff Award Anderson Award Glass Award Distinguished Military Student Distinguished Military Graduate Fort Hood "ESI" JAMES WILLIAM ELLIOTT Roswell, New Mexico Bill entered school here seven years ago with but one goal in mind, that was to make good. He has achieved this goal with flying colors, both scholastic- ally and militarily, This his record well shows. Bill plans to make the army his career, one, we know in which he will do well. Bill's sense of fairness and friendship have carried him a long way and will be an attribute to him wherever he goes. Sixty-four New Cadet Private First Class Corporal Sergeant Second Lieutenant Polo Jumping Horse Show Winnings Officers' Club Fort Hood "51', 3, 2,1 4,3,2 4 3 3 2 1 4 1 3 DAVID DREYER FARRAND Leesburg, Georgia B , David claims that life is just plain tough going When he has to keep care of a car, horse, and a girl at the same time. It could be he has something there. We Wonlt forget Dave as being friendly and good natured, and We hope he Will be with us in our future ventures. Sixty-five 5 figs if 3.255 Q is is ' XgLas vegas New iviexico Ig 5 Q35 655333 , rg E 'F 5 D3 i - 3 wi L is Q 5 3 di ro +1 Q John set a high goal for himself years ago and since then has been steadily achieving it. An ath- g letically interested individual, he never let lessons slip by for greater interests. He is one of the ever increasing number who follovv cadets of previous years into the service of our country. Sixty-six New Cadet Private First Class Corporal Sergeant Sergeant First Class Master Sergeant First Lieutenant Bronco Football 4, 3, Bronco Baseball F Bronco Basketball Bronco Track . Intramurals 4, 3, NMMI Large Bore Rifle Match Maverick Editor Cadet Chorus - DeMolay Club 4, 3, DeMolay Club President Canterbury Club General Douglas MacArthur Scholarship 4, 3, Dean's List Distinguished Military Student Distinguished Military Graduate Fort Knox "52" ,E qi 43 Jo Nonnis ELLAB? UM X New Cadet Private First Class Sergeant Sergeant First Class First Sergeant Second Lieutenant First Lieutenant. Intramurals Newman Club Presidential Citation NMMI Scholarship Dean's List Distinguished Military Student Distinguish d Military Graduate Fjart Knofgiiii' MQ fluff 4, 3, 4, 3, 4, 3, pffffgkflyfa WW rf Emilyii Wm iii Mm Wyyyggwi 4 3 3 3 2 2 J 1 1 4 4 1 1 1 2 . P 1 JOHN LEWIS GARCIA Espanola, New Mexico The familiar honk of a "Model T" and a friendly smile which beams from ear to ear signifies the pres- ence of Juan-John in our presence. A career in the army is John's future goal. With his ability of leader- ship, we know he will be a great help in making this place fworldj a better place in which to live. His heart warming smile will always be welcome. Sixty-scw.n New Cadet Corporal Sergeant Second Lieutenant Captain Colt Football Colt Basketball Colt Swimming Bronco Swimming Intramurals 6, 5, 4 3 Jambolaya Garryowen Staff Second Class President International Relations Club I. R. C. Club President Camera Club DeMolay Cheerleader Officers' Club Co-chairman, Final Ball Drill Team Fort Hood "51" CRAWFORD C'RRIANT GREEN Hobbs, New Mexico "Good ole Budgien had one of the best records for taking his legal furloughs and somehow or other managing a few in between. A certain young lady filled a large part of his time here, and who can tell about their future plans? Company "F" prospered under his command this year and "Budgie" exercised fine leadership, which he will give to the army in the Very near future. Sixty-eight New Cadet Sergeant Sergeant First Class Master Sergeant First Lieutenant Bronco Tennis - Bronco Track Intramurals Wilmot Trophy Award "I" Club Drill Team Fort Hood "51" is 47 37 4, 3, 2, 3, 4 3 1 1 1 2 2 3 3 1 2 3 .., V. Q. f U Q 5 , A :,: 1 N ,, , 'Y 'wi will 2 as " 5 1 xiii S 1 what v ,W swf'w1s.sJ1' 1 ,Lf ws 5 .Q f-ft,-sisfeww-fyffre' Q SNWJW is - ffvwfsslwwwxss ,M- , X - ,ffm-sm in ss ww ,,f' gg f ,agw.,,Q: f,4f'wwE1f', ' ff iitisfssiifymt-, X. ?rm1,ffs-Ar ,- ,,.. z ,. -, , 4 .f .- -"------ I ' X 1 , a. N0 I Wm -. Ssfswcai 1' :XX-A 6 p ,W ,9 'iiX.."1"4f , :Q tw X if ,- sxirigL,A ff,, gxqiswff 1 '-Sayid ss:,. i i:-'-. ' a' , y:s:N- 4 XWTQQEVXZJ ' ' ' - Y A V S Cf m'wf Si 9" FR - 'L 4, 'WQQSSYIA' 5: Wi 5 to .S t ,Q , , J V gk + G W - Q- ,F ' 1 5 JOHNiDUDLEY'HOLDEN Kansas City, Missouri "Four years is a long time" so John claims, but everyone agrees that he put much of that time into sleeping, his favorite pastime. Tennis is enjoyed by him and in that sport, John is a champion. Kansas City endowed us with this fine cadet, and now regret- fully, it is time to return him. Sixty-nine EARL MILTON LADD Muleshoe, Texas Earl completely amazed everyone With his fine intellect. School books Were never an obstacle to him, nor Was his job Within the corps. Predictions are With him as to his army career which started after being graduated at semester. Earl Will be remem- bered by many for his airplane antics above school on frequent afternoons. Seventy New Cadet Corporal ' Sergeant Sergeant First Class Master Sergeant Captain Intramurals 4, 3 Harry Morrison Medal DeMolay Club 4, 3, , 3 Flying Club 4, 3 Drum and Bugle Corps 4, 3, 2 Distinguished Military Student Distinguished Military Graduate Fort Hood "51" x . V, P2 L, .,., as ,, .... ' " 4 H -f www W"'+'-f--ff La "F" ' ' af Q 1' 51: V M 3 gf S X - N f ' 3-' ' , 9':.. , .11 alll fa, SX? af-x. 5 . . . swf . wg- '- 4 K f .. I ,... -is 1 si f 53' 55 , -. .N V t .1344 ,,, ,. ' 3 3 , 1.1.1 X. xx W7 f , fl ,:.p - 0 . J T f i 9 . rt'r f Njkxvr x i.r.r . f ii' Z X ,X ,av f f f X f f Q X or f 1 f s. N f 1 4 X v ,a wi X ' f U 21 ff. ,, p , x g . C o .2 .71 at-X 1, ,f . 5.x M ,f,. x ,I A X b X A w 2 ,x x W X , X if f f f IW i s 1 , , 5. 1- if :"' Q r f 2, , 5. 7 44? 1' 1 N 7 4 1' W nj 3 . Ls A is - ' uf . X Xx f x fx, f W J New Cadet Sergeant Master Sergeant Second Lieutenant First Lieutenant Captain Rifle Team Alumni Award Harry Morrison Fort Knox "52" JAMES LOUIS LEE, JR. El Paso, Texas With an armful of books, we always see Jim head- ing for class. A soft spoken and conscientious lad, Jim always fulfills his duties well on an assignment. Jim will embark upon his two year hitch upon gradu- ation with us, then into private business down in El Paso. Jim's company will always be catered to by all. He will remain always, an asset to our school. Seventy-one 7 ROBERT RCY LEISY Pedro Miguel, Canal Zone One of the finest natural athletes the school has seen for many a year, Bob Was too busy with other things to be bothered. Intelligent, sharp Witted, easy going, the Canal Zone sent us an excellent specimen to Weld into a soldier. With assets such as these, Bob Will forge ahead through any encounter. Seventy-two New Cadet 4 Private 3 Corporal 2 Sergeant 2 Sergeant First Class 2 Second Lieutenant 1 Bronco Swimming 3 Bronco Baseball 2, 1 Co-captain Baseball Team 4 Intramurals 4, 3, 2, 1 A "I" Club 2, 1 International Relations Club 4 Enlisted Reserve Corps 4, 3, 2 DeMolay 4, 3 Drill Team 3 2 Fort Knox "52" 2 New Cadet Corporal First Sergeant Captain Major Colt Boxing 6 Bronco Football 2 Bronco Swimming 5, 3, 2 Intramurals 7, 6, 5, 3, 2 "Colt" Club 6 "Colt" Club Vice-president "I" Club 3, 2 "I" Club Secretary Jambolaya 7, 6, 5, 3, 2 Outstanding Tumbler Award 3, Outstanding Swimmer Award Samuel M. Goodwin Saber Award Cheerleader Best Dismounted Company Best Athletic Company 6 First Class President First Sergeants' Club Officers' Club Officers' Club Secretary Dean's List 2 Familiarity Board Duty Board Distinguished Military Student 2 Distinguished Military Graduate Fort Hood "5O" 7 I 7 7 , 3 2 1 1 5 1 1 1 5 5 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 5 5 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 MICHAEL ALLAN McBl-EE Dallas, Texas Six years was the extent of Mike's cadet life and all remember him as outstanding in everything he undertook. Scholastics, athletics, and social activities, all were taken into his stride and taken care of success- fully. Mike will remain a friend to all in the years to come. Sou-nty-three H. A. lVIcDOUGAL Amarillo, Texas Whether on the football field or leading troops, H. A. is among the best. His ability in these fields has been proven time and again. New cadets found him a little tough at first, but eventually even they fell into his stream of friends and admirers. H. A. received his commission in the artillery, and We hope his career Will be as successful as his stay at N.lVI.M.I. Seventy-four New Cadet Sergeant Sergeant First Class First Sergeant I First Lieutenant Captain Football 4, 3, 2 Baseball 3 Boxing 4 Intramurals 4, 3 Outstanding Bronco Lineman 3 All-Conference Football 3, 2 Captain Bronco Football "I" Club 4, 3, 2 "I" Club President International Relations Club 3 2 7 First Sergeants' Club Officers' Club Final Ball Committee Assistant Editor Bronco Best Squad Preisler Saber Award Athletic Scholarship 4, 3, 2 Distinguished Military Student 2 Distinguished Military Graduate Regular Army Commission Fort Knox "52" New Cadet Private First Class Corporal Sergeant Sergeant First Class Master Sergeant First Lieutenant Bronco Boxing Bronco Track Baseball Manager 3, 2, State Golden Gloves Intramurals ' 4, 3 "I" Club 4, 3, 2 International Relations Club 3, 2 Officers' Club First Sergeants' Club Dean's List 3 Roswell State Bank Award Honor Military Student Outstanding Military Student Military Science III Distinguished Military Student 2, Distinguished Military Graduate Fort Knox "52" l ROBERT LEE MCGEE Clovis, New Mexico With a healthy skepticism as his philosophy, Bob certainly should be well decided as to life when the time comes. The potential that he holds in abundance will be something to behold when it comes to the fore. The Army Transportation Corps claims Bob's com- mission soon after graduation ceremonies. Seventy-five LEO BILL MIHAS Deming, New Mexico With the name of Leo Mihas, We automatically connect the names of Basketball and Honor Society. Leo has been number one in both since he entered school here four years ago. The Word outstanding describes him Very Well, for this adjective is attached to everything he does. Whether he chooses a military life or one of business, you can be sure the Word "out- standing" will always follow him. Seventy-six New Cadet Corporal Sergeant First Sergeant Second Lieutenant First Lieutenant Major Lieutenant Colonel Bronco Basketball 4, 3, All Conference Basketball Intramurals 4, 3, "I" Club 4, 3, Best New Cadet Harry Morrison Company Athletic Committee Final Ball Committee Officers' Club Officers' Club Vice President Dean's List 4, NMMI Scholarship J. Ross Thomas Medal ' Distinguished Military Student Distinguished Military Graduate Fort Knox "52" A New Cadet Private First Class Corporal Sergeant Sergeant First Class Master Sergeant Second Lieutenant First Lieutenant Assistant Colt Manager Bronco Football Bronco Football Manager Intramurals 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, Jambolaya 6, 5, 4, 3, Garryowen Exchange Editor 4, 3, 2, Fort Hood "51" ivan. l 1 I ' 6 li 5 4 l Q, 3 1 I l , 1 3 1 5 3 l 1 , . 1 . 2 l I 1 l 3 1 f l 5 l l rf if D if RICHARD LOUIS PALMER Albuquerque, New Mexico Abrupt humor, a quick smile, and a slap on the l back could always be expected of Dick Palmer. Never suspecting a military future looming ahead, Dick en- tered school here 6 years ago. Now he accepts mili- tary service with his classmates this June. Seventy-seven New Cadet Private First Class Sergeant Sergeant First Class Master Sergeant Second Lieutenant First Lieutenant Intramurals 5, 4, 3 3 Jambolaya First Sergeants' Club Officers' Club DeMolay 5, 4 Knight of DeMolay Camera Club Ski Club Harry Morrison Company 5 Best Athletic Company Fort Hood "5l" JOHN STERLING SECHRIST Del Norte, Colorado The boys of "HH tower will vouch for us when we say that ole Zeke will be missed as the years pass. We will always remember John for his friendliness and helpfulness. It seems that he was always there when you needed him most. Fort Knox will be Zeke's next address where the army will entertain him for his next few years. Though. he needs it little, as he makes his own, we all wish him "Good Luck." Seventy-eight 4 3 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 New Cadet Private First Class Corporal Sergeant Second Lieutenant First Lieutenant' Intramurals 4, 3, 2, Newman Club 4, 3, President Newman Club Officers' Club Chairman Final Ball Committee Fort Knox "52" ..... W ...- , ,,,,, M. f ,,,,,, ,,,,, , """"' X , f 1 5 so , V, ,WWA ,.,. ,. , r,,. . ,.,. , , ,. ,, , 95 fr """"" ' X f' 'I 'f'4" g' ,,w.f,'f 1 g f ia fsis5a:5 ,13i A4, M 4fij l,", 5 Q W 1 or "'V- -- x f t , f fffwl ,U NSW 1 Jes., .gy ,wi 3 XF ' 1 W. 1 igg gi ss Q We Q X .A .vii riser sits . nw? f'1w:g1y,,,--1 .' . - F f' MXNV sw N irwimxs flaky . V f 9352221 fw :, V9 2. ' i ' ' " V X 1 'S , . jQ2i1y'w'Zgg: wjfxwvl s '. F ' fi F ,,.,. , A F p, ,W V ., , X ,. ' - ,,. , ,,, it J CARL DON SEDILLO Santa Fe, New Mexico Dawning from the adobes of Santa Fe, NMMI was privileged to have on its role the name of Carl Sedillo. He will long be remembered for his work in the Newman Club, in which he did so well. On the Intramural Field he was a standout for every group he represented, as we know he will be when he enrolls in Uncle Sam's class, the biggest step of all. Seventy-nine BILL JOE SMITH Santa Rosa, New "All business" is a good description of Bill Smith and as dependable a person as any of us Will ever meet. Bestowed With a boundless leadership, Bill Wasn't to be held back by anything. The years ahead Will, un- doubtedly, be mere stepping stones for this soldier. Eighty Mexico New Cadet Private First Class Corporal Sergeant Sergeant First Class First Lieutenant Captain Intramurals 4, 3, Best Dismounted Company Drill Team International Relations Club Athletic Committee Officers' Club Dean's List Distinguished Military Student Distinguished Military Graduate Fort Knox "52" New Cadet Private First Class Corporal Sergeant First Lieutenant Captain Bronco Boxing Bronco Tennis Intramurals Cadet Orchestra Cadet Combo Officers' Club Harry Morrison Best Squad Military Proficiency 4, Best Disrnounted Company Dean's List Fort Knox "52" , ,zz 2,135 sviiiiyyi Ze if wmzffifif 1 K 7 ii., yl i is n 1 .,,, , 1 , J re 7 gif -. 1, ,I 5 W7 XX 1 fm. X y ,ff ws l sry: 1? ,ff X 4 3 3 2 1 1 4 4, 3 4, 3, 2,1 4 3,2 1 2 3 3 2 ,4 2,1 2 ZNWZW .f,,!W4N x Xgis ff fi? f l 5 .af-g,..-az.: ::,1,m,- ,.., 1: X f - -1 f ? , Msg gs Zvi f,f,il-Mmm ,, ,Nts 1 ,grass sg : , ,,.,. . - .,w,v,,,g,, wgygyw as ,M .-'exe-si,' sX5,Lv','y ff'- W I5 -MM, -:: H .A,1 f,,, SN X-X11 - ' ,.V, 4 ,KX xi V75 fi N ig rg. fswrff t' gym figs-sex: W V as X., f ff A f , 2 Wig 5 Mlfxx sf rdf Q 1 1 3 f . ,, ,. M H ,,,, , . ..,. , W, :, 'bf :-1- ' Y ' N fff. fff sf f Q49 s f X Q 2,555 2 32 ' Y X , X ff W f J ffwwld, Qs! O, A 5 W ' s lg J f if f Xaf Nifty ray, s J X! N Nl f fax 4 sg W Ng, if ,NEVXQEQ 3 4 2 ,E :.- X fffisff W , ,M-,ii-wi X Ns "" f ' if X " f s X ? gf, Q in sf if 22721, -as f x sl 9 MMQN K 'f f 42 22 ' f s I fa ' 1 I f.. xg, f fe Qs, www is 4 , Q 5 W X 7 5 2 , 'mpeg-fAf,' f K f. ,E aw' ,gfyf X -' ff K Q i f Wi 11 XS, Yi 1 W f X I WEE f J, nb"O:.5L',.' 'wi X 11,1 f X 5:23 X Zn is ff QQ! x f sqm f sX wixsy f 5 M sg ! 1 sb xx , WM, ' i ,yr sg grin X f V N su , 5 1 w N201 ss f XXV K cg X fwx WWW 3 0 M SE: gf? SSW, N S lx X f ff! X N if'Xc41 43fZ'AXfiXY'g x Q40 A X ffjagl Qi W , X W X 39 O figs, L ff 5 f if lip? agx V 4 ' 'Vw w f L ,Q ! N' ' - ,dgkizf f sis fe X U ff: fxrw If if 'EEZ , nn , Jaw,-1 rf gf is X:- f ' ' , ,2,:fe:a.aa5-f'f: -V ,,+ '?J2f . sm.. :s.-:- - H wus! s ff ff :..:.:.!....,fvmlJ.f'Qwiw ' i A 2. '75 g ,, W4 , f il l I l I JOHN DEE TALLY Roswell, New Mexico All good men eventually get to the top. This point Jack has more than proved in his four year stay at the Institute. Everything he has undertaken, he has done Well. Jack, With his intense love for music, any social gathering, and just people in general Will go a longs Way in making the people he is around a little happier. We'll all miss him. Eighty-one New Cadet 4 Private 3 . Corporal 3 Sergeant 2 Master Sergeant 2 Captain 1 Maj or 1 Bronco Tennis 4, 3, 2 Bronco Basketball 4, 3, 1 Bronco Boxing 4, 3 Bron-co Track 2, 1 Intramurals 4, 3, 2, 1 First Sergeants' Club 2 Officers' Club 1 Flying Club 3, 2 Camera Club 4, 3 "I" Club 2, 1 Best Dismounted Company 3 Honor Board 1 Familiarity Board 1 Uniform Committee 1 Distinguished Military Student 2, 1 Distinguished Military Graduate 1 Fort Hood "51" 3 ROBERT SCOTT TERRY Sudan, Texas This guy, better known to you and I as the "Sudan Kid," in his five years has made a name around here that none of us will forget for a long time to come. His familiar twang, friendly slap on the back, and endless trifling will be hard to match no matter where you go. After his stay in the army, Bob will probably return to his ranch in West Texas, where branding cattle will be his national pastime. Eighty-two New Cadet Corporal Sergeant 1 Second Lieutenant Intramurals Officers' Club Library Staff Fort Knox "52" 3,2,1 3, 4 3 2 1 2 1 2 LEWIS EDWARD TILLMAN S Tularosa, New Mexico Tall, slim, unassuming, likeable fellow is Eddie as he is known to us. Extremely soft spoken, but al- ways managing to get his job done, Eddie faces the next few years of his life, along with most of his class- mates, wearing the yellow and the khaki. Eighty-three l JAMES FIELD WALKER Ephrata, Washington Herman Uhli looking for Jim, but Col. Wilson finding him Was J im's fate many a time. Jim is nick- named by many, "Gentleman Jim," and rightly so. Superb in many Ways, militarily, academically, and socially, We expect great things from him, and We refuse any other alternative. Eighty-four New Cadet Corporal Sergeant Sergeant First Class First Sergeant Second Lieutenant First ' Lieutenant Captain Major Rifle Team 4, Intramurals 4, 3, Third Class Secretary Canterbury Club 4, Honor Board 3, 2, First Sergeants' Club Officers' Club 2, Duty Board "I" Club 4, 3, 2, Best New Cadet Most Important Rifle Member James Medal I Veterans of Foreign Wars Deanis List Vice-President First Class General Douglass MacArthur Scholarship Distinguished Military Student 3, 2 Distinguished Military Graduate Fort Knox "52" New Cadet 4 Corporal 3 Sergeant 2 Sergeant First Class 2 First Sergeant 2 First Lieutenant 1 Bronco Football 3, 2, 1 Bronco Track 4, 3, 2, 1 All New Mexico Conference Defensive End 1 All New Mexico Conference High Jump Champion 3 Intramurals 4, 3, 2, 1 "1" Club 4, 3, 2, 1 First Sergeants' Club 2 Officers' Club 1 Dean's List 2 Distinguished Military Student 2, 1 Distinguished Military Graduate 1 Fort Knox "52" 2 my ., ,, . CHARLES CLINTON WHITE Wichita Falls, Texas .2 , , , E A xi ,I 1 Y' sz: A ,,. 5 ,, .. 'ml "1 - -will vi 1 Y' 1 1- I' is ' 'N il 5 1 ,gi N W.-J' ' li 1 Q N ,mag . M X Z , ill- sf- :Q f zz ,,, ,L , k!E-2 452 . 5 1 yqglgil 1. Charlie could either be found riding in, polishing, or just plain admiring his beautiful green Cadillac. One of the stalwarts of the football teams for years, he will be sorely missed. With a smiling future loom- H ing in the distance, we send our best wishes along 5 with him. ws --:s1 -': ,1,4, 1 J - ,L ll i ll , .-... . .,-.-,. c, . . ,,i-. .,-.. Q Q hu M ,E "'i, I -- . s 4 J ,N w13,s 'f 5 ss. -, f -:gms V Sfiwi 1405- Xfllf :inns , 'nw u ' ' use ,s 4 11,1S'y: is zz lg yr 3 1 If ,Q s - 1,54 msg, 1, , I.: :S ' 1' 1 gi gf li . ' 1 2,5gf1'V"' QA -ge 1,-5 , 1 1 - ggaii, , , H: ls 's fs -iii. 2: ig is' ' N w N Y, -f 5 Y 1 g 152 S 1 Q as Q , 1 - 1,15 fm: ff' VHS S: " lpn-559 4 f , " s, as 5 1? ll. :E Q glifyf 1 i A ' " Q 'f ' W 1, Jem" 211 1252 a g 2 . if - f sg is ,Mg sm ' K Q X 1 4 1 X 2 , W, s is W' , pw .'?SsSs,.m...,,,c., Q .za .-., ,,.. V '-"x,, , -. .- ' - W K li Y if f " -3' ' X -4, 1, 3,s,,,,',-1,:::,:::.: 2-'V uv, . f ,- - X-.3 H. --,i,,1.igf.f.s,::a.z,s::.::ssss-s.,.5-,,:.,,. -. , . . , .va -44,4-i-vqzmaf fs- ,, ,I 4.-, . , fQfQ,-if Eighty-five PAUL JOHN DEN TLER Odessa, Texas A blooming smile and a cheery greeting could al- ways be expected from Paul. Friend to everybody, he was just full of favors. Refusing to get angry and gracious for every good turn, Paul possesses a type of personality that is desired by many, but few ever are endowed with it. E Eighty-six New Cadet 6 Sergeant 3 Sergeant First Class 2 Master Sergeant 1 Second Lieutenant 1 Intramurals 5, 4, 3, 2 Best Dismounted Company 6, 4 C Drill Team 3 Officers' Club 1 Fort Hood "51" 3 New Cadet Corporal Sergeant First Class Master Sergeant ' Bronco Football "I" Club Fort Hood "5O" C. A. BRANUM Carrizozo, New Mexico Recently re-enrolled in our fraternal brotherhood here at school, C. A. exemplifies the fact that stray sheep always return to the fold. His generosity and colorfulness are exceeded by none, for which his friends here and in Carrizozo will vouch. C. A. will enter the service with the rest of his classmates after which he will return to cattle ranching in Western New Mexico. Eighty-seven Elghty elght THE SECCND CLASS President Alan Kaye Holmes Vice-President Joe Lane Cooper Secretary-Treasurer Pat Shannon Galligccn Wayne Genoa Ansted Richard Dwight Buttolph Robert Paul Byron Hugh Colquitt Cate, Jr. Roswell, New Mexico Atascadero, California Colorado City, Texas Los Angeles, California Jimmie Palmer Cogle Joe Lane Cooper Gary Hugh Darr Edgar Wesley Davenport Artesia, New Mexico Kenna, New Mexico Marfa, Texas Pinon, New Mexico High ly-nine Courtney Burleson Durham Donald Dene Durham Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Liberal, Kansas Xavia Milton Holt, Jr. William Lovell Kemp Wisner, Louisiana Susanville, California Ninety W9 Pat Shannon Galligan Alan Kaye Holmes Needles, California Seattle, Washington Wayne Bodine Laverty Henry Joe Leisy Albuquerque, New Mexico Pedro Miguel, Canal Zone Juan Mendez Jesse Rector O'Bar, Jr. Carlsbad, New Mexico Fred Clifford Powell, Jr. Westbrook, Texas Chickasha, Oklahoma Richard J. Salley Liberal, Kansas Robert Evans Vestal Guymon, Oklahoma Johnny Omer Owen Roswell, New Mexico Max Lynn Schrimsher Roswell, New Mexico Leo Fulton Wollard, Jr. Burbank, California Omar William Pitman, Jr Big' Spring, Texas Noel Dixon Suddath Monroe, Louisiana Ninety-one Ninety -two THE THIRD CLASS President Ross Eugene Easterling Vice-President Richard Botllotrcl Loclewiclt Secretary Max Clinton Tomlinson Treasurer Timothy Arthur Burrow Clyde Milton Allen, Jr. Kingsville, Texas Hailing from down Texas way, and darn proud of it, "Red" has become quite a legend in "H" barracks. If he con- tinues in the business world like he has here on the "Hill," success is inevitable. "Red" plans to enter SMU next year, and we all wish him the best of luck. I Kenneth N. L. Akin Roswell, New Mexico I The list of N. L.'s participations in sports and honors he has won in them, reads like "Who's Who in America." One of the state's outstanding boxers, N. L. represented, for the second time this year, the Institute at the "Tournament of Champions" at Chicago. An asset to the Institute and to Roswell, we shall be looking forward to having one of the swellest guys on the "Hill" back again next year. Ottie Levaughn Andress Dexter, New Mexico Being one of the best "round bal1ers" in the state, Ottie has carved quite a notch in the cinder path. His honesty has been shown by being chosen as a representative from his class to the Honor Board. A friend of everyone, Ottie will not only be remembered as "one of the boys" but as a top Cadet- S99 you back next year. Ninety-three Lawrence Ray Andrus Hagerman, New Mexico One of the friendliest and most enjoyable guys on the campus, Lawrence has won the respect of all. His sense of humor, generosity, and fairness will guide him down whatever path he chooses. We haven't heard for sure, but we hope to have Lawrence back next year. John Fowler Austin Roswell, New Mexico John, who hails from ole RHS, has become, in a very short time, an excellent athlete and student here at the Insti- tute. His continual pounding of the cinder path with never ending endurance is a true example of a sportsman and gentle- man. Come next year, we hope to see John steaming through Sally Port. l Richard Louis Barnett Bakersfield, California Dick not only has fulfilled in great style his athletic am- bitions, but has become one of the very few to reach Sgt. FfC during his second year. He is just that type of guy everyone wants to know and associate with. To a great friend we truly wish the best of everything wherever he goes, and in what- ever he does. N inety-four - Timothy Arthur Barrow Litchfield Park, Arizona One of the hardest things in life to do is to be outstanding in scholarships and sports at the same time. Tim has done this and done it well g he also has the precious modesty to go along with it and is destined to be one of Uncle Sam's finest officers. Thanks Tim for your helping hand and splendid co- operationg the school is deeply indebted to you. Hope tosee you next year. George Dent Beall, Jr. Sweetwater, Texas Since c'Bubba" drifted through Sally Port, from that distant town of Sweetwater two years ago, he has carved out quite a name for himself. As an excellent squad leader and wherever intramurals are going on, you can always find "Bubba" out there fighting for "E" Company. We wish him the best of luck at T. U. next year. William Jerry Bear Roswell, New Mexico From the day Jerry walked through the portals that sur- round the Commandant's Office, he has made a remarkable record ranging from participation in all intramurals to assist- ant Bronco basketball coach. Jerry, who is majoring in Busi- ness Administration, plans to graduate from here in '55. Ninety-five Paul Revere Beedle, Jr. ' White's City, New Mexico From a frightened New Cadet in '48 to Secretary of the Sackholders is an advancement few can claim. "P, R." whether he becomes the great lover, or a commissioned officer, will always remain warm in our hearts. His sense of humor, a little trifling, and friendliness go arm in arm. James Arthur Bond Albuquerque, New Mexico One of the most outstanding cadets in his class, Jim has made quite a name for himself, holder of several scholarships is just one of many honors. He plans possibly to go to U. N. M. next year, but we all would like to see him stay around - How about it Jim? . Charles Franklin Bray Dallas, Texas A top "cinder path beater," Chuck and his carefree ways will always make him a welcome member to the campus. Hard working and dependable, we know that he will achieve his goal in whatever business he selects. Chuck's many friends will be looking forward to his return next year. Ninety -six Bert Edwin Brown, Jr. Mercedes, Texas A very outstanding athlete in high school, "Buddy" has continued in an all-out-fashion by being one of the state's best golfers. You see we have our Ben Hogan too! The Institute will miss "Buddy" next year as he is planning to transfer to T. U. We all wish him the very best of luck in everything he does. T Alan Rhodes Carlisle Beaumont, Texas An immigrant from that distant land of Texas, Alan as a new cadet this year has done a very outstanding job. A very ardent participator in all the intramurals, sportsmanship has always been tops with him. Alan went last year to Lamar State College of Technology. The whole corps joins in hoping to have him back next year. George Harries Cash, Jr. Cheshire, England George is what you might say, 'tNobody's enemy and everybody's friend." He hails from England, Virginia, and Texas, all of which he calls his home. Comptroller of the Hen House in the Sackholders is just one of his many extra cur- ricular activities. The Institute is looking forward to his re- turn next year. Ninety-seven Charles Martin Chamberlain Rushville, Nebraska Charlie, whether it is in or out of ranks, is that type of guy everyone wants to know and be his friend. The right guy, for the right job, at the right time - that's Charlie. As one of the best track men around these parts, we will all be look- ing forward to Charlie's return next fall. , Dallas Childers, Jr. Lubbock, Texas As you can readily see, Pete is the all-round type of guy of whom any school can be proud. A sportsman, athlete, and a Cadet that is held in high esteem are qualities that are the pursuit of all - Dallas possesses all of these. We want to take this opportunity to wish him the Very best of luck at A. U. next year. ,. James Howard Cowan McNeal, Arizona Jim came here as a New Cadet in '49, and as you can see, he hasn't stood still for a minute. From Best Rat to the polo team has kept him going during his stay here on the "Hill" Jim plans to go to the University of Arizona next year, and when he gets through with the Army, he expects to settle down to ranching, in which we know, he will make a success. N inety-e-i ght Jon Lawrence Daniels Cloudcroft, New Mexico Dan in his four years on the "Hill" has had his "fingers in every pie," as you can see by his record. He has carried for two years the New Mexico State Flag, a familiar sight at every Sunday afternoon parade. A pre-dental student, Dan is not yet sure where he will go to school next year, but We are cer- tain success is his goal. Lloyd Leslie Davis, Jr. Fort Stockton, Texas One of the friendliest guys on the campus, Lloyd has become everybody's favorite. His outstanding work on the Garryowen would be a credit to any paper. Anyone with the smile, the patience, the personality Lloyd has, is a sure bet for success in whatever field he so chooses. T. U. is getting a good man next year and the Institute is losing one in Lloyd. Frank Charles DeAn1aral Carmel, California To witness Frank's mad dash to formation at minute call with one boot on, pants not bloused, and scarf flying in the breeze, is a sight that is familiar to all of us. Frank came back to us at semester, and we all sincerely hope he will re- main on the "Hill" until he graduates in '55. It's good to have you back Frank. See you next fall. Ninety-nine Jack Lee Dean Willard, New Mexico The tall, lanky ranch boy from Willard, New Mexico, was captain of last year's polo team which won the National Intercollegiate Polo Championship. Jack's six years stay here on the "Hill" and his familiar smile have mirrored him an untold number of friends and honors. We are all looking forward to J ack's return next year. Ross Eugene Easterling Carlsbad, New Mexico The president of this graduating class, captain of the polo team and a member of the Honor Board, "Chino" has made an outstanding record for himselfjone which the Institute and his friends will long remember. Ross plans to mix his ranching with a Law Degree from T. U. Good luck, boy! Charles Ralph Ellison, Jr. Hobbs, New Mexico A New Cadet this year, Chuck has accumulated a vast amount of respect and friends. As an active member in school activities and just one of those swell guys you like to know, we want to wish Chuck the best of luck this summer and at the U. N. M. next fall. One Hundred Julian Miller Field, Jr. Pauls Valley, Oklahoma Another boy who has completely disproved the f'Okie" theory of "No shoes and prohibition," "Ju J u"' has the per- sonality, fun and wonderful sense of humor that is so char- acteristic of those Hshoeless wonders." Everybody's friend, "J u J u" can expect nothing but success and happiness wherever he goes, of which he is so rightly deserving. Walter Oran Fitch Eagle Pass, Texas Promotions and honors have never been lacking for "Tito", Honor Military student and one of the top members of his class are just a few examples of the remarkable work he has done in these past two years. "Tito" has chosen foreign service as his career. We all want to wish him the best of luck at Georgetown University. Joseph Charles Frack Muscatini, Iowa From the land of the tall corn, '4Happy Joe," as the name implies, has established a legend here at the "Post" with that perpetual smile and sense of humor that will remain with us for a long time. He chose a rugged field, that of en- gineering, but we can't think of a man better qualified to fulill its requirements. One Hundred One Lake Jenkins Frazier, Jr. Roswell, New Mexico 1948 saw Lake make his debut here on the "Hill," For five years he has made quite a reputation for himself, his cheerful smile, sense of humor, and extreme thoroughness will long remain warm in the hearts of his many friends. Lake plans to study Law next year at U. N. M., a field in which he should do very well. Herbert Clark Fry Manchester, Tennessee From a charter member in the Royal Order of Sackholders of which he holds the distinctive office of "Pusher of the Royal Broom" to Dean's List in one semester, only a guy like Herbie could do. A student, and a darn swell friend, we wish Herb all the luck in the world, wherever he goes. Juan Jose Gallegos, Jr. Santa Fe, New Mexico "Keki" has done a lot in his three years on the "Hill," From Best New Cadet to the Commandant's Medal twice as well as the NI" Club is a record anyone could be proud of. "Keki," as a pre-law major, plans to be back with us again next year. We will be glad to have him back and know' he will be a success in his profession. One Hundred Two Teddy Jay Gilbert San Miguel, California Teddy came to the "Hill" in '49. Sin-ce then he has had his hand in just about everything possible. His work in journal- ism is something we will miss next year, when Teddy leaves us. Whatever school he goes to, or whatever he does, it will be our loss and their gain. I Patrick William Haley Albuquerque, New Mexico The space allowed here is not sufficient to print all of Pat's honors and accomplishments. He is that type of guy that is never to busy to help you in his most generous wayg always a gentleman, polite, and a warm friend. Pat, as he plans to finish his Business major at U. N. M. next year, will be sorely missed by his untold number of friends. Thanks for everything, Pat. Vernon McClung Hallenbeck Colorado Springs, Colorado "Biff" arrived on the "Hill" three years ago from Colo- rado Springs. During this time, he has accomplished many more things than most people do. He has had his hand in just about everything from athletics to the Dean's List. "Biff" plans to return here next year to finish his education. We will all welcome him back and wish a grand friend the best in his chosen field. One Hundred Three Alan Reed Harmon Hobbs, New Mexico Al came to us from the oil capital of New Mexico, Hobbs, and from the day he set foot on the "Hill," he has kept his friends and fellow cadets rolling in laughter. If you need a joke or a prank, see Al, he has plenty of them. Alis bright and humorous outlook on life will carry him over many rough spots. We will all welcome him back next fall. Virgil DeVern Hunt Kingfisher, Oklahoma ' Being an "Okie," what a -bitter disappointment to him it was, when 'iVirg" came here and found out that they do wear shoes down in this country. It wasn't long, however un- til he became one of the outstanding cadets of his class. Hav- ing chosen business as his major, we feel, "Virg" will make that quick million for which he has been hunting so desperate- ly. Our best of luck to him at O. U. James Lyle Hutter Capitan, New Mexico Need a pair of glasses? Lyle, we are sure, will be able to fix you up in a couple of years. Transferring to Ohio State University next year, Where he hopes to study Optometry, Lyle has the ability and incentive to make quite a name for himself. The "Hill" will miss you, Lyle. One Hundred Four Melvin Edward Johnson Pocahontas, Iowa Not only a leader in athletics, Waxie has also proven to us that his military ability is not lacking. He set a wicked pace for his classmates, which, along with his cool level-head- edness, will long be remembered by us here at the "Old Post." Richard Dean Junker H Varna, Illinois If everybody had the desire and the Will to do good like Dick, this World would be mighty peaceful. A native of Illi- nois, he has become a "Desert Rat" with the rest of us in a grand fashion. Keep up the good Work, Dick. Harry Thomas Kelly Monterrey, N. L., Mexico Harry, who ventured to us from south of the border Way, may someday be one of Mexico's outstanding architects. If the Way he has gone about his Work in the past here at the Institute is any indication of the future, success is yours, Harry -take it, and good luck next year at M. I. T. One Hundred Five Daniel Faulkner Krause Fort Worth, Texas "Moose" arrived at the Institute last year. In his two years he has won the highest respect of everyone. As a member of the "I" Club from the golf team, c'Moose" has compiled a record of which we could all be proud. We hope he comes back next year, but if not, we know he will be a great success no matter where he goes. Richard Ballard Lodewick Roswell, New Mexico One of our "friendliest" First Sergeants, Dick has really done an excellent job since he came on the premises way back in '48, One of the best athletes and a most qualified leader in the Corps, Dick will long be remembered for his warm smile, and his splendid cooperation as the Third Class Vice Presi- dent. Colorado University is fortunate to have Dick next year as a Geology major. Joseph Anthony Mainello Trinidad, Colorado Extremely versatile, that's J oe! A cartoonist, top student, and one of the best squad leaders in the Corps, he always goes about his work in a cheerful enthusiastic way. Joe plans to go either to D. U. or Arizona University to finish his Business and Art major. Good luck, Joe. One Hundred Six , Renato Gilbert Martinez Santa Fe, New Mexico Whefl 3 guy does things as quiet and as conscientiously as "Cookie," recognition is usually lacking. This to him though, is insignificantg his modesty and energy has lifted "Cookie" to a level that is enjoyed by only a very few today. It will be a pleasure to have him back next year. William Adger Moffet Cimarron, New Mexico V Success just about sums Bill up all the way. A leader in everything he does, whether it is sports, military work, or in the classroom, he is a whiz. A State Boxing Champion in '51, Bill, as we see it, will be remembered as a champion to us all for a long time. He transfers to O. U. next year. Joseph Kary Morris Kermit, Texas Another top notch Cadet from that far off mysterious land called Texas, Joe has been in the swing of things here with that willingness that amazes us all. A crack shot on the rifle team, Joe has made a success of everything he has tried- Come next fall we hope to see Joe coming in on one of those "dust clouds" from Kermit. One Hundred Seven Louie Nalda East Vaughn, New Mexico 'Tm a wild - son - of - a - biscuit-eater from Corona, and I don't care about anything except Rodeos and wild women," says Louis, but we all feel that his magic personality and ranching ability, along with his Les Paul Fingers, will lead him to success in any undertaking he so chooses. Louis says, "If the wind blows the right way, I'll be back." Donald Gene Nicholas Dexter, New Mexico Though Dexter is now his place of residence, "Nick" claims the ole Sunflower State as his main stomping grounds. A quiet unassuming lad, "Nick" has gone about his work in a way that captures the eyes of all of us. We want to take this opportunity to wish the best of luck to a guy who is tops on anyone's list. ' Johnny Neill Norman Roswell, New Mexico If you should ever ask "Scooter" about his nonage he would reply, "I started life at an early age in a log cabin that I built with my own hands g as a result, I expect some day to be President like 'ole Abe." Knowing "Scooters" sincerity, ini- tiative, and ability we wouldn't be at all surprised if he did. To a great guy and a friend to all of us, best of luck. One Hundred Eight Howard Ward Olinger Wichita Falls, Texas From best New Cadet in '49 to a top First Sgt. in '53, Hal has compiled a record that only a few obtain. Being a repre- sentative of his class to the Honor Board is exemplary of the high esteen in which Hal is held throughout the Corps. His leadership both on the drill field and athletic field will be sorely missed next year, when he transfers to C. U. The Corps is behind you, Hal. Adolphus William Paris Phillips, Texas "Dub," a New Cadet this year, has made an excellent start towards his future of ranching. A transfer from Baylor, where he was an outstanding member of the Rodeo Team, he used his great sense of humor and personality to win many friends. We are all behind you, 4'Dub." Sidney A. Parnell ' Canadian, Texas Sid has been at the "Hill" for four years and during that time has built quite a record. From a "Best Rat," in '50 to Vice-President of the Sackholders, Sid hasn't missed much around here. He plans to transfer next year to study agricul- ture and then settle down to ranching, in which we all know he will be a big success. One Hundred Nine Glenn William Pohly Los Angeles, California ' If in a few years you are standing around Hollywood and Vine, you see a black streak go by, chances are it will be Glen cruising along. One of the Corp's outstanding New Cadets last year, Glen, along with his great personality, promises to uphold the highest traditions of a true Californian. Joseph Daniel Posz Roswell, New Mexico "Sakie," a dilentante, never having a serious moment, of course anyone near him doesn't either, has become a fixed legend here at the school. His outlook on life is one we all at one time or another wish we had. "Sakie," whether he gets his M. T. CMaster of Triflingb or his main ambition, his com- mission, we will all be looking forward to having him back next year. Raymond Stanton Price Fillmore, California From a "Best Rat" in '51 to a First Sgt. in '58 is quite a jump for most people, but for Ray it was all in his stride. Besides being tops in ranks, Ray leavesevery little to be de- sired in athletics. At present he plans to return here next year, and then go into business. We all know he will be a success. One Hundred Ten James Milton Pryor, Jr. Houston, Texas One of the finest students the "I" has ever had, Jim has really made us sit back and take notice at his tremendous energy and workmanship. Without his splendid cooperation this annual would have been impossible. Also with the mak- ings of a top-notch officer, the future holds many unseen pleasures for Jim. See you next year, 'ole boy! A Robert Collins Reid Dexter, New Mexico Bud came to us last year from Dexter. In the past two years he has built up quite a mass of records of which anyone could be proud. From the 'T' Club to football, baseball, and basketball, Bud is always doing something in the way of athletics. He plans to return here again this fall, and we will all be glad to see him. Albert Sanchez Romero Alamogordo, New Mexico Al's popularity and leadership was Very dominant this year as Co-Captain and All-Conference back of the Bronco football team. With that perpetual smile and the will to help, Albert will go down in the books as just about tops. The Corps says, "thanks Al, for a job well done." One Hundred Eleven Hugh Henry Sharp, III El Paso, Texas "Sharpo," who came to us from down by the border, has that unceasing ambition to do good, which is a marvel to all of us. His personality, initiative, zest of spirit, and natural- ness is probably what is responsible for doing everything bet- ter than well. See you next year, "Sharpo." Ronald Zane Shoemaker Albuquerque, New Mexico Ronnie, who came to us in '49 from Roswell High School, is one of the Institute's 'ole time lovers. Though absent several semesters from the "Hill" he has returned now from U. N. M. and has decided to get a regular Army commission, and if we know Ronnie, he will receive it with flying colors in '55. Robert Alan Sisk Hurley, New Mexico A "Best Rat" his first year, Berto, has made a record that of which anyone can be proud. His outstanding work in both the military and academic fields will long be remembered by the school and his many friends. We wish Berto all the luck in the future. One Hundred Twelve John Oscar Slaton A Lubbock, Texas From the "I" Club to member of the Royal Order of the Sackholders, Jack has accomplished in his five years a great deal at the "Post" One of the best rockcrackers at the Insti- tute, we know J ack's interest in Geology will lead him to great success. Jack plans to return here next year, and we will all be glad to see him. t Richard Ray Speck Alliance, Nebraska Recovering from his disappointment of the girls found in these parts, "Mosca," or the lover as he is commonly known, has really done an outstanding job, especially scholastically. Whether he makes millions or just goes around like the rest of us, 'fM0sca" is destined to a full life of success and honors. Richard Doyle Staley El Paso, Texas A very quiet unassuming lad, but don't let that fool you because when, Dick, goes about doing a job you can always rest assured that it will be done and done right. A business major, Dick, is destined to a bright and successful future. One Hundred Thirteen John Koplin Stauffer Santa Fe, New Mexico The saying "'If at first you don't succeed, try, try again" fits John to the point. A guy with a tremendous amount of drive and the will to do good, John can expect nothing but success and praise for many years to come. We are sorry he won't be back and we wish him the best of luck. Ray Tabet b Belen, New Mexico r Everyone has outstanding characteristics and Ray has some of the nicest. Easy going, very quiet, but about the swellest attitude anyone could ask for are his features. A major in Social Science, Ray expects to return next year to graduate in '55. Carter Hudson Taylor Muleshoe, Texas U Carter's stay at the Institute has not all been wasted, having risen to the rank of First Sergeant his last year. His friendly smile and willingness to help at any time will be miss-ed next year when Carter transfers, but we all know he will be a great success wherever he is. One Hundred Fourteen Elton Zack Taylor Big Spring, Texas ' EQSY g0i1'1g, and easy to get along with, that's "E.Z." arriving here on the Post in '51, "E, Z." has become an ardent supporter of intramurals and many other school activities. We understand he will be returning next year to finish his B. A. major in '55, in which, if his past record has any bearing on it, he will do his usual "bang up" job. A Martin Edwin Threet Albuquerque, New Mexico "The Leetle Man" who frowns on anything lower than an "A" will be lodged in the minds of all as a student and a gentle- man. A versatile individual, "Ed" can be seen in the Rodeo arena or in the arena of books, the library. Planning to obtain his degree here on the "Hill," Ed will further his education at Yale. Max Clinton Tomlinson Roswell, New Mexico Max has really made the pre-engineering student sit up and take notice at his initiative and perseverance. Who knows? One of these days he might find some water in New Mexico! Max, who plans to transfer to Texas Tech next year, will be missed sorely by his many loyal friends here on the "Hill," One Hundred Fifteen Herman Howie Uhli, Jr. Silver City, New Mexico One of the "Longevity Boys" here on the "Hill," "Herman" has obtained a vast number of friends, friends that will long hold in their hearts, Hump's friendly smile and perpetual 6'Hi." After spending nearly one-third of his life here, "Hump" has decided to major in Engineering at Arizona next year, a field in which he should do very well. Otto Clarence Vetter, Jr. 1 El Paso, Texas "Soapy" has chosen a field that requires an extraordinary amount of preparation, that of a CPA for the FBI. With his initiative, honesty and ability to do the impossible, "Soapy," we are sure, will do a bang up job. A participator in many extra curricular activities, his return next year will be wel- comed by all. Andres Mariano Vigil Albuquerque, New Mexico "Andy's" outstanding progress in his Business Major, this promises for him many future advancements and awards. Hard work and his goal of success will always keep "Andy" in high esteem which has been recognized by his many friends and the faculty. It will be a pleasure to have "Andy" back next fall. One Hundred Sixteen Jerry Shaw Wages Silver City, New Mexico You name a school activity around here, and Jerry will be in it. He has excelled in all of them from intramurals to the Garryowen Staff. Jerry has that willingness, that wonderful cooperative spirit which is bound to lead him to untold suc- cess, whether it be in Uncle Sam's Armed Forces or in civilian life. , Ray Gene Walker Clovis, New Mexico All of us have probably wondered at sometime or another if "Mario Lanza" was here at school, when the musical voice of Gene's rings out through the air, either in Chapel or at a dance. Not only a singer, Gene has distinguished himself on the sports, field as well as in the classroom in a true New Mexican fashion. Success is yours, Gene, keep it up. Richard Grady Weil Monterrey N. L., Mexico An excellent example of a gentleman, model cadet, and a top student, "Reb" has really done a bang-up job in his two years at the Institute. It is guys like "Reb" who is one of the finest and most respected squad leaders in the Corps that will always be a credit to Whatever school or business he enters. One Hundred Seventeen One Hundred Eighteen George Henry Svvearingin Williamson Phoenix, Arizona Augustus 1, this is Augustus 2, over! This is Sleepy's way of saying, "I love you," of course, only to his favorite radios. "Sleepy" is quite a guy to knovv. VVhether he is talking about radios, operations, or past experiences, you can rest assured that it's correct. His honesty, initiative, and grades are a credit to any school. Paul Charles Zander, HI , Glendale, California One of the hardest Workers on the Bronco Staff, Chuck has always done his Work with a smile and cooperation that is so characteristic of a leader. His interest and ambition will keep Chuck tops on anyone's list, and the climb up the ladder of success, We hope, will be short. Thanks again, Chuck, for your support. THE FOURTH CLASS President George LeRoy Watts ' Vice-President Norman Wayne Kinder Secretary Roy Charles Gentry Treasurer Pierre Actolphe Dncros Stonse One Hundred Nineteen Top Row fleft to rightj: Robert Milten Adelstein, Jack Stanton Agnew, Louis Franklin Allday, III, Charles Dowling' Appling, Philip Edward Aragon, James Morris Bailey. William Stuart Bailey, Jr., Arthur John Baldwin, William Wilburn Benton, Jr., Joe Lee Bomar, Jack Wirt Bowman, Leo Herman Bradshaw, Jr. Stanton Ewing Brelin, Norman Jack Brown, Robert Stuart Brown, Johnny Gene Buck, Cedric William Byrom, Robert Andre Calhoun. , Jack Floyd Calvert, David Smith Carter, Anthony Mariano Chavez, Thomas Hall Claffey, Amand Ray Clarke, Homer Nicholas Clees. Joseph E. Cornaechione Conrace, Jr., Richard Allan Cook, Sammy Travis Cox, Elder Lee Dennis, John Charles Deckson, Arthur Thomas Dow. One Hundred Twenty Top Row Cleft to rightbz Louis Allan Drummond, Dan Lavern Drury, Bennett Thurmond Easterling, Carmal Jullian Eastham, Jr., Charles William Faris, Orlando Octiavano Fernandez. Arthur Leon Finch, Jr., Charles Henry Flato, IV, Russell Brooks Fleig, Roy Charles Gentry, Vincent MCB1-ide Grace, Harlan Joe Gray. Archer Leland Gwinn, Jr., Frederick Doyle Hankins, Larry Robert Hardison, Ralph Alonzo Hayes, John Franklyn Hermann, Don Joel Hoffman. Theodore Calvin Hogsett, Jimmy Joe Hooper, David Dwight Hunt, James Edward Hunt, Jr., Hillyer Barnett Jack- son, Jr., John Robert Jackson. Coburn Brasilio Jewell, Herbert Keith Johnson, Arthur Marshall Jones, Jackie Randall Kennedy, Raymond Manmru Kimata, Norman Wayne Kinder. One Hundred Twenty-one Top Row Qleft to rightjz Franklin Boykin King, Jr., Thomas Ashley Kinsel, Kenneth Stanley Kitchen, Laurence James Law, Lowell Little, Everett Seely Lusk. James Rosser McGrath, Jr., Billy Orville Mackey, Jon Mills Marshall, Duane Olan Maxwell, Cyrus Hapgood Miller, Linton Leevo Miller. William Abott Moery, Garland Deloid O'Quinn, Jr., James Robert Owens, Joel Nahmhay Pahk, Lynn Morton Phil- lips, Jr., Arthur Al Pruett. Richard LeeRoy Pyles, Edward Albert Rhodes, Jr., Harold Frederick Rice, Jr., James Dale Rockey, David Latimer Rowlands, Marcus Saenz, Jr. Humberto Tati Santiesteban, William James Sawey, Eddie Tolen Scott, Jr., Kenneth Austin Shelton, Ronald Ele- wood Smith, James Edmond Stewart. , One Hundred Twenty-two Top Row fleft to rightj: William Moiyry Stidham, Jr., Frank Raymond Stone, Jr., Pierre Adolphe Ducross Stouse, Jimmie Joe Straughan, Dale William Troxler, Richard Tunnell. Gordon Edwin Waldrip, John Strand Walker, Jerry Waldo Ware, George LeRoy Watts, Alejandro Bauer Wenzel, Stuart Alfred Witham. Frederick Joseph Wood, Arnold Lee Wright, John Donald Wright. Om- Hundrcrl 'I'wcniy-lhrcu THE FIFTH CLASS One Hundred Twenty-four President, Kerry Clark Smith Vice-President, Theodore M orris Kerr Secretary, Alfred Lee Harrell Treasurer, William Samuel Pick ROBERT M. ADELSTEIN Denver, Colorado Athletics: Colt, Intramurals: DeMolay EDWARD W. BALL Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Athletics: Intramurals RONALD A. BARTLETT San Antonio, Texas Honor Society JOHN N. BEERS Roswell, New Mexico Athletics: Colt, Intramurals: Letterman's Club Honor Society CHARLES C. BIRNIE Roswell, New Mexico Athletics: Colt, Intramurals: Letterman's Club DeMolay JOSEPH L. BLACK Santa Fe, New Mexico Athletics: Intramurals EDWARD E. BLAIR Fort Worth, Texas Athletics: Pony, Colt, Intramurals: Secretary of Seventh Class JOHN T. BLAKE Houston, Texas Athletics: Intramurals 'Es One Hundred Twenty-five One Hundred Twenty-six NATHAN BLAKE, JR. Manhattan, Nevada Athletics: Intramurals EUGENE D. BLICKENSTAFF Albuquerque, New Mexico Athletics: Pony, Colt, Intramurals, Letterman's Club: DeMolay WILLIAM C. BLOOMQUIST Douglas, Arizona Athletics: Intramurals DANIEL B. BORENSTEIN Silver City, New Mexico Athletics: Colt, Intramurals, Letterman's Club Honor Society JACK W. BOWMAN Tucson, Arizona Athletics: Intramurals, Colt DAVID BOWSER Dallas, Texas Athletics: Colt, Intramurals, Newman Club ROBERT R. BRADSHAW Borger, Texas Athletics: Colt, Intramurals, Honor Society STEPI-IAN W. BRAINARD Dallas, Texas Athletics: Intramurals ENOCH E. BREWER, JR. Tucumcari, New Mexico Athletics: Intramurals: DeMolay THOMAS A. BROCKMILLER San Diego, California Athletics: Colt, Intramurals LOREN M. BROWN Colorado Springs, Colorado Athletics: Intramurals PETE S. BROWN Los Angeles, California Athletics: Pony ROBERT B. BROWN Lindsay, Oklahoma Athletics: Colt, Intramuralsg DeMolay ROBERT S. BROWN Beverly Hills, California Athletics: Intramurals DANIEL W. BUCHLY Roswell, New Mexico Athletics: Pony, Colt, Intramurals 3 Letterman's Club QPresidentJg President of Sixth Class, Honor Society DYNE B. BUCKLEY Las Cruces, New Mexico Athletics: Colt, Intramurals: Honor Society One Hundred Twenty-seven One Hundred Twenty-eight LEE H. BURKHOLDER Pecos, Texas Athletics: Pony, Intramurals MICHAEL A. BURKHOLDER Barstow, Texas Athletics : Intramurals LEE H. CALDWELL Abilene, Texas Athletics: Intramurals, Honor Society PATRICK J. CALLAHAN Albuquerque, New Mexico Athletics: Pony, Colt, Intramurals: Letterman, DeMolay PETER F. CASTELAN Tucson, Arizona Athletics: Colt, Intramurals 5 Letterman PHIL D. CHRISMAN Pueblo, Colorado Athletics: Intramurals JAMES W. CHRISTIE, III Mexico, D. F. Athletics: Intramurals: Pan American Scholarship LAWRENCE D. CIMINO Albuquerque, New Mexico Athletics: Pony, Colt, Intramurals THOMAS CLARKSON San Diego, California Athletics: Pony, Colt, Intramurals, Letterman GREYSON COLLINGWOOD Wichita, Kansas K Athletics: Pony, Colt, Intramurals' Letterman, DeMolay J CHARLES J. CONSTATIN Dallas, Texas Athletics: Colt, Intramurals LANDREE M. CONVERSE Albuquerque, New Mexico Athletics: Coltg Letterman HENRY G. COORS Santa Fe, New Mexico Athletics: Pony, Colt, Intramurals 5 Letterman, Honor Society TIMOTHY H. CORNWALL Midland, Texas Athletics: Colt, Intramurals, Canterbury Club ROBERT E. CRAVEN Albuquerque, New Mexico Athletics: Colt, Intramurals jlf M! of GLENN E. DARROW Albuquerque, New Mexico Athletics: Pony, Colt, Intramurals One Hundred Twenty-nine One Hundred Thirty ROBERT M. DAVENPORT Abilene, Texas Athletics: Pony, Colt, Intramurals JAMES H. DAVIS Houston, Texas Athletics: Pony, Colt, Intramurals: International Relations Club JAMES R. DECKER Salt Lake City, Utah Athletics: Colt, Intramurals ALVAH C. DONNELY Colorado Springs, Colorado Athletics: Colt, Intramurals ROBERT C. EATON Monterrey, Mexico Athletics: Colt, Intramurals HUGH T. ECHOLS Houston, Texas Athletics: Pony, Colt, Intramurals: Letterman BYRON F. EDELEN Borger, Texas International Relations Club: DeMolay Club: Honor Society JOHN P. FABIAN, JR. Chico, California Athletics: Colt, Intramurals, Letterman, International Relations Club ROBERT H. FARMER Los Angeles, California Athletics: Intramurals GEORGE A. FEDERLICK, JR. Blairsburg, Iowa Athletics: Intramurals RICHARD T. FITE Bristow, Oklahoma Athletics: Intramurals: Honor Society DONALD R. GARRETT Plainview, Texas Athletics: Colt, Intramurals 5 Letterman CARL W. GELLENTHIEN Valrnora, New Mexico Athletics: Colt, Intramuralsg Letterman: DeMolay Club: Canterbury Club JAMES O. GIBBONS Socorro, New Mexico Athletics: Intramurals CHARLES W. GIINTHER Borger, Texas Athletics: Colt, Intramurals REED S. GLOVER Honolulu, T. H. Athletics: Colt, Intramurals One H undrcd Thirty-one One Hundred Thirty-two GARALD L. GRIMES Tucson, Arizona Athletics: Pony, Colt, Intramurals JERRY L. GOFF Apache, Oklahoma Athletics: Intramurals ANTHONY V. GRISOLANO Roswell, New Mexico Athletics: Pony, Colt, Intramurals: Letterman's Club ARCHIE L. HALE Buffalo, Oklahoma Athletics: Colt, Intramurals, Letterman's Club, Vice-President Sixth Class WALTER S. I-IAMNER Forrest, New Mexico Athletics: Pony, Colt, Intramurals LEN M. HANAWALD Albuquerque, New Mexico Athletics: Pony, Colt, Intramurals, Letterman's Club, Canterbury Club, NMMI Regional Scholarship: Alumni Scholarship DAVID W. HARDEN Santa Barbara, California Athletics: Intramurals ALFRED L. HARRELL Belen, New Mexico Athletics: Pony, Colt, Intramurals, Letterman's Club: Secretary Fifth Class GILBERT E. HASLAM Anadarko, Oklahoma Athletics: Pony, Colt, Intramurals MIKE H. HILFORD Truth or Consequences, New Mexico Athletics: Intramurals GUY H. HEATH Houston, Texas Athletics: Colt, Intramurals ROBERT J. HIRSH Tucson, Arizona Athletics: Colt, Intramurals HENRY J. HEESCH, JR. Mexico, D. F. Athletics: Colt, Intramurals ROBERT D. HOLLINGSWORTH Coronado, California Athletics: Intramurals, Flying Club RALPH W. HERREN Colorado Springs, Colorado Athletics: Pony, Intramurals JACK C. HOOKER Abilene, Texas ' Athletics: Intramurals One H undrcd Thirty-t.hrcc One Hundred Thirty-four JOHN A. HORTON Roswell, New Mexico Athletics: Intramurals JOHN W. HUYSOON, JR. Fort Bliss, Texas Athletics: Colt, Intramurals DICK W. HOUSMAN La Tella, California Athletics: Colt, Intramurals FREDERICK T. IKEDA Albany, California Athletics: Intramurals, Speech Cl Maverick Staff FRANK L. HUDSON Santa Fe, New Mexico Athletics: Intramurals RONALD L. JELOSEK Albuquerque, New Mexico Athletics: Colt, Intramurals, Letterma JOHN H. HUTCHINGS Galveston, Texas Athletics: Intramurals THOMAS P. JOHNSON Mexico, D. F. Athletics: Intramurals ub 5 n's Club PAUL H. JONES, JR. Tucson, Arizona Athletics: Intramurals GUS L. KERLIN, JR. Charlotte, North Carolina Athletics: Intramurals PHILLIP H. KABLE Mt. Morris, Illinois Athletics: Pony, Intramurals THEODORE M. KERR Midland, Texas h Athletics: Colt, Intramurals g Letterman's Club: Canterbury Club: Vice-President Sixth Class JEROME W. KARSH Denver, Colorado Athletics: Pony, Colt, Intramurals JOSEPH J. 'LANE Roswell, New Mexico Athleticsr. Colt ALLISON A. KELLY Bristow, Oklahoma Canterbury Club JAMES E. LANKFORD Hagerman, New Mexico Athletics: Pony, Colt, Intramuralsg Letterman's Club: DeMo1ay Club One Hundred Thirty-five One Hundred Thirty-six N JOHN R. LEONARD Billings, Montana Athletics: Intramurals, DeMolay Club ALVIN N. LOSKAMP Midland, Texas Athletics: Colt, Intramurals, DeMolay Club WILLIAM F. LEVY El Paso, Texas Athletics: Intramurals JOHN B. LOVELACE Bozeman, Montana Athletics: Colt, Intramurals 3 Honor Society: Outstanding Military Student M.S. 1 in .VW x eoria Illinois K0 8 if I IN D. LITWILLER W' ff ., . . VM a , jJfJg of Athletics. Pony, Colt Uiflrwffltf - it QM? N G. MALoFF,. JR. -M Fi Alt Roswell, New Mexico la ay! Athletics: Intramurals all + il vi JIMMY L. LOCKLAR PJ A Lubbock, Texas if Athletics: Colt, Intramurals, Letterma Regional Boxing Champion E. PETER MARKS Honolulu, T. H. Athletics: Intramurals n's Club P. R. P. MARTINEZ Chihuahua, Mexico DeMolay Club JOEL N. PAHK Honolulu, T. H. Athletics: Intramurals LEO J. MOMSEN, JR. El Paso, Texas Athletics: Colt, Intramurals ROBERT E. PARSONS Phoenix, Arizona Athletics: Intramurals DAVID J. OTTO Roswell, New Mexico Athletics: Intramurals, Newman Club ROGER N. PARSONS I-Iugoton, Kansas Athletics: Pony, Intramurals LEROY A. PAGE, III Wayzata, Minnesota Athletics: Pony, Colt, Vice-President Colt Club LEE J. PETITJEAN Lake Charles, Louisiana Athletics: Pony, Colt, Intramurals One Hundred Thirty-seven One Hundred Thirty-eight ,WILLIAM S. PICK Santa Fe, New'MeXico ' Athletics: Pony, Colt, Intramurals 5 Treasurer Fifth Class REX G. QUIGLEY ' I-Iobbs, New Mexico ' Athletics: Colt, Intramurals: Letterman's Club IVAN O. POE ' Peabody, Kansas Athletics: Pony, Intramurals . JAMES M. RAYMOND Santa Fe, New Mexico Athletics: Colt, Intramurals, Letterman's Club MAX R. PRESTRIDGE, JR Alamogordo, New Mexico Athletics: Pony, Colt, Intramurals, Letterman's Club 3 Newman Club PETER B. 'REDPATH Montreal, Canada Athletics: Colt, Intramurals DONALD J. PUNDT Borger, Texas Athletics: Intramurals CHARLES W. REID I Canadian, Texas Athletics: Colt, Intramurals HAROLD A. ROSS Borger, Texas Athletics: Intramurals ROBERT M. SANDERFORD Houston, Texas Athletics: Pony, Colt, Intramurals: Letterman's Club, Honor Society JAMES H. RUSSELL, JR. Denton, Texas Athletics: Colt, Intramurals ELLIS RQ SHANNON La Jolla, California Athletics: Pony, Colt, Intramurals RALPH N. SALEM Douglas, Arizona Athletics: Intramurals JAMES E. SHILLINBURG Gallup, New Mexico Athletics: Intramurals, Letterman's Club, Honor Society: Captain James Medal MURRAY SAMUELLS, JR. Dallas, Texas Athletics: Bronco, Colt: Letterman's Club JAMES G. SHOOK Las Cruces, New Mexico Athletics: Colt, Intramurals One Hundred Thirty-nine One Hundred Forty SPENCER N. SHUMWAY, JR. Glendale, Arizona Athletics: Intramurals GREGORY L. SMITH Texarkana, Texas Athletics: Colt, Intramurals .JAMES A. SLATTON San Antonio, Texas Athletics: Pony, Intramurals GUS A. SNYDER, JR. Roswell, New Mexico Athletics: Intramurals ARCHIE D. SMITH, JR. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Athletics: Bronco, Letterman's Club "I" CARLOS J. SPENCER Presidio, Texas Athletics: Colt, Intramurals, Newman Club KERRY C. SMITH Phoenix, Arizona Athletics: Colt, Intramurals, President Fifth Classg Honor Society J. L. STEPHENS Mountainair, New Mexico Athletics: Colt, Intramurals BILLY K. STEPHENSON Carrizozo, New Mexico Athletics: Intramurals JAMES F. STRICKLAND Corona, New Mexico Athletics: Colt GEORGE R. STEWART Amherst, Texas Athletics: Pony, Colt, Intramurals ERNEST J. THODE Casa Grande, Arizona Athletics: Colt, Intramurals THOMAS H. STEWART Ontario, Canada Athletics: Colt, Intramurals KERWIN B. THOMAS Monterrey, Mexico Athletics: Intramurals BRUCE M. STRATHEARN Simi, California Athletics: Pony, Colt, Intramurals: Letterman's Club CHADWICK C. THOMPSON Denver, Colorado Athletics: Colt, Intramurals, Letterman's Club One Hundred Forty-one One Hundred Forty-two ROBERT M. VAN ARSDALE Saudi, Arabia Athletics: Intramurals JOSEPH C. WITWER Galveston, Texas Athletics: Bronco, Letterman's Club "I", Captain James Medal CHARLIE C. WATKINS Albuquerque, New Mexico Athletics: Pony, Colt, Intramurals, Letterman's Club DONALD G. WOODARD Gallup, New Mexico Athletics: Colt, Intramurals, DeMolay Club Secretary-Treasurer DeMolay Clubg Canterbury Club M. L. WILLIAMS, JR. Elk City, Oklahoma Athletics: Intramurals JOHN D. WRIGHT Abilene, Texas Athletics: Intramurals ROBERT R. WILLIAMSON Phoenix, Arizona Athletics: Colt, Intramurals, Honor Society JOHN W. WUNDERLICH Palo Alto, California Athletics: Colt, Intramurals THE SIXTH CLASS President, John Gorry Koleheo' Vice-Pfres'idont, Dorsey Lynn Baker Soc'retcm'y, William Louis Veoclc,III T1'ea.9u1'or, Dole Preston Lanvorty One Hundred Forty-three Top Row Cleft to rightjz Peter D. Abbott, William R. Allison, Ronald K. Andreson, Ronald P. Archibeck, Robert L. Baber, J. Jose Baca. Dorsey L. Baker, Kent R. Baker, Reed A. Bastian, Donald L. Benton, John M. Bernet, Robert J. Bills. K Aitken Birdsall, Edward G. Brentari, Jr., Tom K. Broome, II, Harry W. Brown, III, Charles R. Burand, Billy G. Burdfes. Mario A. Burdick, Don A. Burge, Benjamin C. Burkett, Jr., John P. Cameron, John S. Chambers, Nicholas W. Classen. James J. Claunch, Francis G. Coates, Jr., Keith R. Coffman, George N. Cooper, George C. Cressman, Robert C. Cupp. One Hundred Forty-four 1 1 x f Top Row fleft to rightli Dee A. Davies, James W. Doak, Jr., Philip I. Eaton, Alva N. Etz, II, Michael H. Fabian, Sidney M. Fletcher Jay E. Floyd, Herbert S. Folsom, William R. Fortye, Thomas H. Friedkin, Herbert L. Galles, Jr., Donald E. Garcia. Paul D. Gibson, Glendower Goddard, John S. Green, James L. Hall, Jr., John S. Hamilton, Jr., Myron E. Harbaugh. Joe W. Hartenbower, Robert D. Hatfield, William J. Hawks, Theodore M. Heesch, Peter T. Higgins, Ronny J. Hissom. Freddie L. Hogsett, Joe E. Holder, Jerry D. Houser, John H. Hughes, Peter M. Hunt, Reginald F. Hyer. One I-I und red Fort y-five Top Row fleft to rightjx Howard G. Janssen, Donald A. Jeffus, Conrad M, Kay, John G. Keleher, William G. King, William G Kingsbury, Jr. Ted L. Koehler, Jr., Harvey L. Krull, Dale P. Laverty, Hollis E. Long, Clell W. Loveless, J. Peter McCain. D. T. McCrea, John D. MacDonald, Gerald B. McFadden, C. Dirk McGinnis, Jimmie R. McGoldrick, J. William McLean. Roy M. Mace, Thomas J. Manar, James R. Mee, Sylvester A. Merritt, Jr., Carver D. Moore, Hillis R. Moore. Pat H. Morgan, Jerry A. Muzik, Robert L. Myrick, II, George R. Nokes, Willard L. Oller, Jr., George P. Orr. One Hundred Forty-six Top Row fleft to rightjz Peter J. Paoli, Jr., James M. Patterson, Eben F. Phillips, III, James D. Randall, Wendell B. Roberts, William M. Rosen. Eugene J. Rubenstein, E. John Ryan, Jr., George E. Schwab, Marvin Schwartz, Rodney D. Shaw, Ralph L. Sherrill. Kenneth D. Shumway, John K. Simons, John D. Skidmore, Cloid H. Smith, George B. Smith, Kay H. Smith. Ross D. Speer, Sam H. Sperry, Jr., Benjamin R. Spiess, James E. Stacy, Hugh B. Stanford, Curtis L. Stevens, Jr. Brick P. Storts, III, T. J. Stokes, Sidney E. Tinnin, Gary R. Van Horn, William L. Veeck, Ill, George E. Webb. One Hundred Forty-seven Top Row fleft to rightjx Hiram L. Whitaker, Sampson L. Wilhite, Jr., Terrill E. Wilson, John D. Wilt, James P. Windle, F. Dal ton Winn, Jr. Samuel W. Wood, Curtis D. Woden, V. Lamar Wyly, Jr., Roger M. Zimmerman. One Hundred Forty-eight THE SEVENTH CLASS President, Wrigley Offielcl Sullivan Vice-President, James Lyle Pembeiitoii S607'6tCl1'2j-T7'6CZS'Ll'l'67', Ccwl Cecil Nlays One Hundred Iorty nme Top Rcgv glefli to igghtj: Leonard R. Anderson, Robert L. Andrews, Donald L. Anglin, Gary C. Arden, Louis H. Aten, Jr., Richard . ag ey, r. C. Clarke Bell, Albert J. Bicknell, Allen R. Bingman, Harold D. Blackwood, C. Roger Bogard, Rubel D. Bowman. Dexter A. Branscome, III, William R. Bridges, Carl K. Brogan, Jr., Peter R. Brown, Jack M. Buckler, Jr., Robert W. Bullock. Richard W. Burns, Marvin O. Burris, James S. Buxton, Jr., Bruce J. Cameron, Charles W. Campbell, George A. Chant. Charlie E. Christakis, Charles H. Coll, James N. Coll, David B. Connery, Jr., Edward L. Courtright, Jr., William K. Crockett. One Hundred Fifty Top Row Cleft to rightjz Edmond F. Crosby, Jr., Robert A. Crosby, Jr., Darius W. Darwin, Jr., Charles H. Davis, Jr., George T. Demos, John R. Eaker. Ed I-I. Farr, James P. Farrar, Jerome S. Feferman, Peter L. Gabbert, Johnnie L. Gibson, David G. Green. Douglas S. Gregg, David R. Grubbs, Johnie S. Guerro, Don T. Hall, John W. Hanzel, Phil W. Harvey. VV. Herbert Head, Charles E. Healy, Jr., James C. Hill, Jerry M. Holloway, Jim L. Hooker, Burton L. Johnson. Charles A. Keelingg, Jr., Charles B. Lane, Donald H. Lane, Jay R. Lang, James T. Lewter, James L. Llewellyn. One Hundred Fifty-one ,J Q. . ,f' 'F - J 1 137' Top Row fleft to rightj: John W. Lodewick, John F. Lott, Jr., Robert D. McLain, Denny McLarry, Gordon A. McLean, II, Elliot G. McMaster. John W. Mansfield, Kenneth G. Marrnon, Jerry R. Martin, John H. Mattox, Carl C. Mays, Jr., Cyrus H. Miller. Robert J. Miller, Elza D. Moore, Henry C. Morris, Jr., Robert E. Morris, John L. Neal, Lionel R. Norman. Edward E. Patterson, William K. Paul, James L. Pemberton, Jimmy L. Petty, W. Frederick Pfingsten, Hart H. Ponder. Byron D. Rickards, Jr., Raoul B. H. Rodriguez, Thomas D. Roff, Charles D. Roy, Donald S. Sanborn, Richard C. Semple, III. One Hundred Fifty-two ,, ,, A V H . Top Row fleft to rightjz Lucas G. Singh, Glenn A. Smith, T. Victor Smith, Guyle W. Springer, Jr., Henry B. Stephenson, Jr., Richard A. Sterkel. Marvin R. Straughan, George A. Strebe, Wrigley O. Sullivan, Warner E. Thorne, John'M. Towne, LeRoy H. Trogdon. Dorn H. Trotz, Daniel W. VanArsdale, George C. Vestal, John L. Vickers, David C. Whitmore, Ward S. Williams. Ehrich J. Wolfe, Karl R. Wolff, Thomas L. Woodard, Frank W. Yates, Thomas W. Yutz, Gordon W. Zingery. One Hundred Fifty-three . . . Eyes Right . . . tix , f ff., 1 'ff X fl J .aggggs If XMI!-, if f ' - T C5 lc X J A L ff 2 K G ' X X, - W...XNyNN't. 5 .7 I Queen of the Corps , s 51' 'WF W 2 ESQ ,ggi N w' N ' -A ,117 X 1 , , ,: 1 Wg: 1, 1 ,Q , 1 N NYS ' gm-fx , ' 551:53 . FC Q N 2 " L- 4 ' s Qs . x-45' S " Ms! , 5 ew mu sc V . his 5135 , . 'W ' s:,z?'1i. H 'ki '- YJ.: f , ii! W I' 1 M Her Highness: MISS JUNE EDGAR PASCO, WASHINGTON One II undrod Fifi y-five 1 . 1 1 6 Miss Mary Lane Miss Mary Sue McCrite Nfiss Patricia Butler Miss Janice Hart Miss Mary Ann Preston One Hundred Fifty-six X Q X as E3 i L h Miss Betty Horton Miss Bettelou Reniek Miss Anne owt er Nfiss Jackie Page Nliss Nora Roberts One Hundred I"iI'Ly-seven Homecoming Queen Hundred F fty MISS MIRIAM WILLIAMS LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS At Ease if-'ff l ' rl- D A ,ef fl 3 F F - ' 5 , nl lf al ,X .1 1 , . 3 '. I X ,I ,N..1x:. 2 ,. , - Wgim A Front Row CL. to RJ : Olinger, H. W., Holt, X. M., Terry, R. S., Elliott, J. W., Walker, J. S., Garcia J. L., Back Row: Converse, L. M., Lane, J. D., Abbott, P. D., Andress, O. L., Claffey, T. H., Mendez, J., Sullivan, W. O. R. S., Walker, J. S. WOZOI UFUJPOGJ F Cb 'Nh vs vs- O 'SU As . Q 5' eo- Sf U21 Pi 90 5 CL F' Q S UU SD N 5 CD YZ U' SD O MPT' Fl FD E! 5 . rf' gr- F 5 IT' 93 ED Pl W 'S' O UU CD SD 3 PP H CD H H 31 D U T Y B O A R D Front Row CL. to RJ : Elliott, J. W., Breckenridge, F. S., Mihas, L. B., McBee, M. A., Walker, J. F., Boyle, D. E., Laverty, W. B., Terry, R. S., Chappelear, L., Barneyback, R. S. 2nd Row: Smith, B. J., Atwood, J. B., Bilbo, C. S., Green, C. O., Brandt, C. M., Cooper, J. L., Mc- Dougal, H. A., Wollard, L. F., Talley, J. D. 3rd Row: Holden, J. D., Brown, C. W., McGee, R. L., Holmes, A. K., Ladd, E. M., Garcia, J. L., Fellabaum, J. N., White, C. C., Leisy, R. R., Sedillo, C. D., Sechrist, J. S. 4th Row: Carpenter, D. R., Owens, J. O., Schrimsher, M. L., Tilman, L. E., Palmer, R. L., Galligan, P. S., Durham, D. D., Lee, J. L., Holt, X. M., Farrand, D. D., Curtis, E. M. FIRST SERGEANTS CLUB Front Row KL. to RJ : Childers, D., Olin ger, H. W., Moffett, W. A., Dean, J L., Easterling, R. E., Lodewick, R. B Second Row: Taylor, C. H., Price, R. S. Cate, H. C., Barrow, T. A. One Hundred Sixty-one Wy' MEN RECEIVING COMMISSIONS Front Row CL. to RJ : Smith, B. J., Elliott, J. W., McGee, R. L., Mihas, L. B., McBee, M. A., Walker, J. S., Terry, R. S., Brandt, C. M. Second Row: Barneyback, R. S., Leisy, R. R., Bilbo, C. S., Palmer, R. L., Brown, C. W., McDougal, H. A., Talley, J. D., White, C. C. Third Row: Sechrist, J. S., Carpenter, D. R., Sedillo, C. D., Dentler, P. J., Fella- baum, J. N., Tilman, L. E., Lee, J. L., Curtis, E. M. Not shown: Atwood, J. B., Boyle, D. E. ' SUMMER CAMP 1952 One Hundred Sixty-two Front Row KL. to RJ : Walker, J. F., Bilbo, C. S., McGee, R. L., Smith, B. J., VVhite, C. C., Talley, J. D., Fellabaum, J. N., Brandt, C. M., Sedillo, C. D., Tilman, L. E. Second Row: Taylor, C. H., Gilbert, T. J., Dean, J. L., Easterling, R. E., McDougal, H. A., Nalda, L., Brown, C. W., Durham, D. D., Curtis, E. M. ' Third Row: Childers, D., Moffett, W. A., Olinger, H. W., DeAmaral, F. C., Lode- wick, R. B., Mihas, L. B., Holt, X. M., Leisy, R. R. Fourth Row: Fry, H. C., Parnell, S. A., Posz, J. D., Daniels, J. D., Frazier, L. J., Bond, J. A., Haley, P. W., Uhili, H. H., Barrow, T. A., Hutter, J. L. Not shown: Atwood, J. B., Boyle, D. E. mf ,f ug, v JHV JA V ,, ,,w,,g 'XJ 1 wx -41 LF' J I . rr ji vi 5 COTILLION CLUB Kemp, W. L. Elliott, J .L W. Price, R. S. Schrimsher, M. L. Carpenter, D. R. One Hundred Sixty-four CHEER LEADERS Terry, R. S. Bilbo, C. S. Green, C. O., Capt Holmes, A. K. Cooper, J. L. M iP 791'-l'W " if- W :fEMZ '5WlW'Q6ZW'd 4fWfWbB3. TMQCWZ ., KSMW NNY 424 G L E E C L U B Second Row: Walker, R. G., Burgess, B. G., Hanzel, J. W., Cox, T., Buckley, B. D., Gabbert, P. L., Schwartz, M. l"'H' 'i""7!'K' "QiVW'l".'1""?T""!'9""Tf" ' Front Row CL. to RJ: Adelstein, R. M. Brown, P. R., Bullock, R. W., Brentari, E. G. Childers, D., Grace, V. M., Slaton, J. O., San- tiesteban, H. T. .Qual Row: Ruth Owens, Rockey, J. D., Blake, N. 3rd Row: Mrs. Root, Fellaloaum, J. N., Cate H. C., Gibbons, J. O., Garrett, D. R., William- son, R. R., Jackson, H. R., Smith, A. D., Walk- er, R. G., Daniels, J. L. GLEE CLUB QUARTETTE Williamson, R. R., Childers, D., Fellaloaum J. N., Walker, R. G., Williamson, G. H. S. Front Row QL. to RJ z Towne, J. M., Heesh T. M., Bullock, R. W., Gregg, D. S., Broch- miller, T. A., Conrace, J. C., Fletcher, S. M. McGoldrick, J. R., Levy, W. F., Kemp, W. L S. T., Holloway, J. M., Heesh, H. J., Fite, R C H A P E L C H O E R . . . Chaplain Coolison Qllqzxpnl Religion to the Corps bears a deep signifi-' cance. And many are the opportunities provided us to express our devotion. Not only do We have our Sunday servi-ces to which many of our rela- tives and friends come, but vesper services are available to all regardless of faith with an out- stretched hand of unfailing help. And services are held during Lent for those who Wish to attend. All these are arranged for and conducted by Chap- lain CMajorJ Rodman Cookson, former U. S. Army Chaplain. The Chaplain is always ready with a helping hand at any time, visiting the sick, the Weary, the homesick, and those Who just need an understanding friend With Whom to talk. Several cadets assist the Chaplain in the Chapel activities such as directing the Chapel Choir, ushering, Welcoming visitors and cadet's parents. The Chaplain believes that the Corps should participate to the fullest in the religious Work on the hill. Capt Robertson One Hundred Sixty-six SUNDAY ZQWm O0 -IU1 E O UQ U1 CD EP +A Q 'rl 11 'pv +A II' P1 CD 52- S FU Q1 S59 H Q. ,sw 9-f F' P11 2 aT CT' SD C ,E P' Z w O SD VW P+ 2 From? Row QL. to RJ : Hollenbeck, V. M., Barneyback, R. S., Wollard, L. F., McBee, M. A Pryor, J. M., Boyle, D. E. 2nd Row: Zander, P. C., Buttolph, R. D., Blair, E. E., Adelstein, R. M., Doak, J. W. Not Shown: Galligan, P. S., Atwood, J. B., Darr, H. G. M A V E R I C K S T A F F 5l " '. X , - .- 'U' . . f ' 45" Q.. 'f .139 -5'7" ff -lw Zrn2O-4:v:UJaG3 f" ' 'n'nJ:f H 95 ii O js Q Qtagw 575mg Uc'E'5?:,sw .FrDE' rfiia S-+25 ami mul 559 ' HE L,U2'U 'EEE' Qs? EWU! 535. 24? HQ? L-'Zio EU? 237 C' E mmm O29 eWJ"F FUQQ 61105, Um' ga U2 ms .1-'gpg ma: EU 3 Q WF' Front Row CL. to RJ : Ikeda, F. T., Daniels, J. D., Maniello, J. A., Gilbert, T. J., Palmer, R. L., Moore, H. R., Branscome, D. A. ,Qvzd Row: Gabbert, D L., Jeffus, D. A., I-Iartenbower, J. W., Watts, G. L., Wages, J. S., Pitman, O. W., Faris, C. W. 3rd Row: Dickson, J. L., Sullivan, W. O., Anglin, D. L., Bowman, R. D., Veeck, W. L., Gib- bons, J. O., Bullock, R. W., Doak, J. W., Adlestien, R M. C A M E R A C L U B lil . '3S?!!I3E'l lI5.l1E9!I1lyWSJ l.M1.. Il i Q W SH.1':.G'1.KE Z: ' Ew5ai?1k!ll '1, HQ S iii s 5 5 ' 1 i.-11 1 Front Row CL. to RJ : Kitchens, K. S., King, W. G., Green, C. O., Atwood, J. B., Cooper, J. L., Galligan, P. S. Zncl Row: Mendez, J., Higgins, P. T., Hogsett, T. C., Threet, M. E., Sullivan, W. O., Holmes, A. K. 3rd Row: Fabian, J. P., Leisy, H. J., Cook, R. A., Thorne, W. E., Pitman, O. W., Hall, J. H., Capt Irby Nichols. Front Row QL. to RJ : Burge, D. A., Wages, J. S., Jackson, H. B., McGoldrick, J. R., Wood ard, D., Drummond, L. A., Capt. Ray Miller, Owens, J. O., Loscamp, A. M., Speiss, B. R., Gellenthien, C. W., Bullock, R. W. 2nd Row: Zimmerman, R. M., Wood, S. W., Holder, J. E., Hudson, F. L., Paul, W. K., Cam eron, J. P., Brainard, S. W., Moore, E. D., Hall, J. L., Brogan, C. K., Fellaloaum, J. N. 31"dR0w: Hisson, R. J., Litwiller, G. D., Woodard, T. L., Jeffus, D. A., Wilt, J. D., Trogdon L. H., Birnie, C. C., Anglin, D. L., Eastham, C. J., Adlestien, R., Junker, R. 4th Row: Myrick, L., Callahan, J. D., Storts, B. P., Blickenstaff, D. E., Buchly, W. D., Col- lingwood, G., Dennis, E. L., Brown, R. S., Goddard, G., Hall, D. T., Hanzel, J. W. 7 x A. V. ,g'4AXiQ.L: 4. S " f . az fx A. NAV xwgx, , .W ivl XXX x X X wax' ' K Qf's.':.LV3'Q", ww .fp r ,, y X Y .A ,wxxm wx vi.. f sex. 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V' 1 24 V 425- , 9 '- . "" f . ..-...go V, , , . :WV-. . ,. la V4 V , S V .. . - , m i- S .V .aw V f f 2 2 ...JFS .1 .Vw "Vw-fag'-f'.Vy ' V ,., f :fee fi , " ' f:w.'s'ffeV w w f. . - ff ' ..V' f-ef' ' p w .. i s-, px s Xs1V:,V: ' f Vi 2 f ' . wi Q2 .. V .M , . , ,V ,e, ., ,, g V., '. W V V, ,- rf Vg, M.:-JV.-.w...qfi V ' -Vi'E- ff gd b Ve if ff. X2 si: . iw Em . .... ' f 3 1.22 ' fx ' U' v MQ V A 'V S ll l?'g S X'sV-Qi gee sh --" f ---- V ,, ' 155 ' 1 6' V 4 - i V! . V 4 Vfz 71592 2 f' ig " f' vii 'JK , Ni ZF'-'S Q A J XV ff 'A il' - M - A 'V V ' ., 5' P V A K' A an 4 T V ' V. V. 2 1 'f "" ' Va 4 , - , .. , ,V V-as WV? 3 V ' -- , W ,., ,,4g,m,gg QW.,..5,,Fi'2?T.VVQ:,c'Vy,. we QjsQ?Vw.M.e, . , .. . . .. . V. .V . V . , ,V,,,.. H . , .,,..,, ,. ... . . V .. . .. . fs- 'f . f V Wyfgf V ' , ,, V.,5i:'g,?.,,., VV,!:,Va..c3.. , kf3AQ,p Kappa. .. . ' V A X f- " V "-- -f ffif fp -f 'W - 417 f 7 .f ' - .VL - ' VV 'f W' 'flffio N .f1?1T"f.,5f:?'Q':f- V51 V 4 V fVV-.. ."2:lG V' V , ' Qi., V V Q ': " V. Q. ,. lgwisw.N..V.V.. wfgfzmgzff '..,.-ff . ., , f 4' 1p5,ZffiV" gvwff ggi -,g .',,,'n..V 65. ' , .- .r:fY W -1.4"-3-'V'-'N w '2'2 ""25 f" if ., " J N V V WW .V 'VW ww. ffnfw. M - - 'AV ,V 4 -. .42 .: V, . fialsf .sy . -. 1 13 ' AV . . flf V eV 21:-2V.s.v'4.. sl' V V1-:::-4zV'.1'rQ"f'..' V. V N . . S- - f - V " - V - -' . -' : N. + - - VV-VV- 4 " 3 X V f 4f':VV ' - 9563! 4 'fr 4'1V,.,z s.fVVe7f fy A V' X s f View V. I ww-ff .E ' 6 ff Vw? ff -"Lf -1 ' .V sf S rw? :via : VV." '- f-' ff- M' WQQG rg 'Wo ' sf' V- 'I ' ' '- V V. T -f Ve J V , V V lllll C L U B Front Row CL. to RJ : Mendez, J., Terry, R. S., Leisy, R. R., Brandt, C. M., Holden, J. D., Walker J. F., McDougal, H. A., McGee, R. L., Boyle, D. E., Palmer, R. L., Gentry, R. C. Znct Row: Bear, W. J., Chamberlin, C. M., Leisy, H. J., Owens, J. O., Austin, J. F., Fields, J. M. Olinger, H. W., Gallegos, J. J., Troxler, D W., Clees, H. N., Kennedy, J. R., Hallenbeck V. M. 3rd Row: Parnell, S. A., Brown, B. E., Schrimsher, M. L., Barnett, R. L., Romero, A. L., Wright J. R., Cate, H. C., Slaton, J. O., Taylor, C. H., Jones, A. M., Aragon, P. E., Byron, O. W. Waldrip, G. E. tth Row: Shillingburg, J. E., Hooper, J. J., Samuels, M., Easterling, R. E., Easterling, B. T., Nalda L., Weil, R. G., Gilbert, T. J., Smith, A. D., Morris, J. K., Ansted, G. W., Thompson, O. C. Dow, A. T., Kinder, N. W., Prewitt, A. R. Front Row CL. to RJ : Ball, W. E., Echols, H. T., Fabian, J. P., Buchly, W. D., Page, L. A., Watkins, C. O., Hanawald, L. M., Wilson, T. E. Second Row: Galles, H. L., Stevens, O. L., Laverty, D. P., Watts, G. L., Storts, B. P., Blickenstaff, D. E., Castelon, J. T., Kitchens, K. S. Third Row: Dennis, E. L., Garrett, D., Jelosek, R. L., Haley, P. W., Coors, H. G., Kele- her, J. G., Conrace, J. O. Fourth Row: Rowland, M. L., Kerr, T. N., Birnie, C. G., Calahan, J. P.,, Borenstein, D. B., Harrell, A. L., Abbott, P. D. C O L T C L U B s 5 S w S X S 11 2 A L: If V ii Z S S Z Q: 2 X Q i S S S 25 5 X x Q S x 3 1 1 Ek2J:,fm'1'5S"4evIe3icZ2m.ueKia4.mQ1m1ms 4.49. fwiwesssa 1pym12w:.L'2a f!?t':'x,cf:'2:3zQmvff', ,W ifii':f'awmriv224,WWAw W mv a lsx 1 Z7 ' .jul - 515' fy . 73 4 N , ., , Q , ,Nvp X, K ky! X 6 A S5 4 . w x .Y ' x. 6 J ' 6 0 ...wkcv0.X'i'.Tqo- X R ...I-w'niToMe 'Pgno-I Two 6119+ 'Q x , 1 19, A V i . V?-a"" f' f' fr V Q 92 l Q, 1,4 , .'-.'.-.2 ' ,, E i ig l,..! P -I 11-X J V! J 'V 1 1 AE -i kia C 2 , . n ' QEUU11 Hf77Q lp ,rw 1 . wgizay 5' " f'N 1' is -Q if 7, Q " " .J -' , N, , , I Ni9'TLfSg5,f F "ra J 1 J xxx. I f fx C W' 4 QQ VX A , X" f X X 1 ' A KX A f iff?-Q3-YV lr X , 471 ff . -. ' ff? 5 L' ' Xlk- j f' -fl --- W' . x l In 'su c1u:nqfiNe'l ' 'N N S' 'rx 1 nl Ll-1 N '. Y-jf "' 4, ,. 12' Q X -li -If ' fffff Q ' f fa " - A f - . 1 ' v S' ' I 14 - ,X 5' Vgfxwf 'S 'Q 3 I 1 ll if S. H Wx w Q - - f A . - ! N. X 1 , r 1 -i I X x .Sm:44"f,f W-.' X W Q I!" 2:7 I' .M 'fl A 'I ' 1" ' N Q, :1ae s3p Q S' ' Ii ' Xb ,, W' 4-4 X gr + W - E, A S' Y x X Briitffl-1.-iiviggjlly. J-A it V J ' f f P.-4 'I I 9 ' ' W 1. 115 f fl - . lx '9 "W " ' x ' Y Q ' W' 2 1 - X Q 1 4 -4' 5-'wwf X q, Qi' Slv! .f .f . f i +1 1 I JA ' Q 1 . V ,I I I , ' 1"- N .9 ' ' : 9, ,J rf I . ' .1 Q, ' 1 , -' xx ' 4. 5 -D All fr, lv, ' ,fi ,fl l . , P. 1 K " YI.. yo ,J If N .. b f .1 , it . ' f I I ,l '. I' .P 5 .. Front Row CL. to RJ : Nalda, L., Parnell, S. A., Fry, H. C., Slaton, J. O., Sally, R. J. Quo! Row: Cash, G. H., Beedle, P. R., Posz, -gg' 0.9331501333 QB if QQ? SvQClE3K?!i3QBlLZBQE3K9 Having been duly recognized as privafes of the rear ranlcs at the New Mexico Military ln-stitufe. we do hereby announce the organization of this esteemed and ex- clusive fraternity formed from four and five year men who were left holding the royal saclc. The SACKHOLDERS is a benevolent and protective order of "those wot ain'f had it so good." The names appearing below are busted troopers, being the charter members of this organization, esta blished on this twenty-first day of October in the year of our Lord. nineteen hundred and fifty-Iwo. J. D., Halrston, T. N. I lk NALDA. L. A.. PRESIDENT . . , .r ffl' The Gm' 580' of ZEZEEE?afaf'1..ZE5Q'E5-'ES5'DENT K 8 f? HAIRSTDN. T. N.. TREASURER X ' PDSZ. J. D.. HDLDER DF THE RDYAL. SHAFT ' I, I ' FRY, H. E.. PIJSHER CIF THE REIYAL ERUUM I S .Z CASH. G- H., EEIMPTRIIJLLER CIF HEN HCIUSE -. ! , . SLATUN. J. U.. CAPTAIN UF' THE LATRINES -.f,,,. " SALLEY. R. J.. DIRECTDR UF SPECIAL DISORDERS .,- ' :srBsf:vt.5:.m"m X 5 If X G I Li cCoci.L"rL'sr'djrDgg . L . . . A li r V I :Soclcholders . . 'i f' . l A , ,I ' I A' 1 . r gd " . " 1 i rf, ' . It ' ' - 'ff' 0 4, , 1 .X X I W 7.0 'All Xl I .4 IA!! ltr '953 BLOOD DONATQONS Each year the faculty and the Corps of Cadets donate to the Red Cross a substantial amount of blood to help relieve the Wounded and suffering on the battle field. This year the Institute donated almost two-hundred pints of blood for this cause, proving that We at the "hill" are supporting those at the front. One Hundred Seventy-four fy Qu fx, S. ,M w xt 15, W -,X .QM nk K E f ff S x . www, xg, . Gnggsgxxfxgw, - 4 I 0- Q X W x .5 ' Q ,iw .1 L: i If , f 5 x 5 ' 2. ffl? ,, , 73, 7 7- X' .-, 'f". , y., g ' X W- ,',, N if ,a ,sig 'i f' ' . . , I 'A viii? I Viv", fiffr' 6 bk 455: ,I wi x f Q iff ff , age.: ..... '- Q, Xaxa -aw--Y: 5 . 'lgffwg-Q " , f 4. ym , , ww W, fm, www , 'P vw ' 1, 5 :gs Y wf f-5 iz:-11321111. 4756 x Q - ' :- 5' ' -2:4-'ss' 3 Sw ff N ' x' ' ' ' 1, , , . uf fa A WJ: ,,2 , , N' "lf, 1: ESQ--SX - ---- , . f -"X ' :SW52 . ff 5 "" if ff. ,,"'Wy g VY ' Q' W iv .W -. ,- T Y ' W wi M " . f -1,1 iig u ' ? - . 15:15 -q-:4 - 1, X ' . .- ::-.:s, ' - .sl - X 1 sera -5 wx 5 " i , 2 Ti, 5 1-b if X " .V ,. Q1 N , tv V + 42' as 4 - H - ' ic y Lf 4 W 1..2-12'12zQH:fs4.-fff , ,g " ve L 1 Q -if W 0' 272 FS '1 ., ' M 5 ' " . 5. , 3 K , .L , ,, , hx 3 ,. . i , h I 6 W xr , Q .V AH .. ,S J., T, ,V X i I ' .F m m J A- -- x x ,Q . R f 1 , 5 5, p - ,. 4 'wg' ..-, "' i,.?.' W". ' F . '. f H I ' azvififffwg 153 ' 'VEA 4 yi? ' 0 S, J ' f , ' . L X :iii 51 . 1 4 . f , f X W A . . ' A Xff f ,f 35 Q 1 ' ' ,X ' . " Af., . f K '- J " gf 5 ' 1, fi ' ky. gl W in , A A N A,, ' . E . V .fi ,, V ' , - , Qwgfl W - , ,J H wr f I n . K Y , ff A Q ' J-L I . L. "ig ' X - M' , 14,""- 11,55 --r - fr. , . D. qhni-,Slit ' - . ' , ff 1' "' -- f -t . 'Q 2 . , 4 J 1- ' -"-f --1 . .r-- u. L. N P L-riuy'-1-.:y',l3. N , .R Q ,.f x MN f by . x I- n has W0 KH if X X sw x X Q Q- as . . .Where's the Ben hop? fwxxk AX NN 1 vHS'8l l Make 11: a Homberq and Loafers ...what No Exevai-or Drapes and Pegs L Twin Beds and B . C A N T E R B U R Y C L U B Front Row CL. to RJ : Flato, C. H., McGoldrick J. R., Watts, G. L., Marshall, J. M., Brain- ard, S. W., Stewart, J. E., Pitman, O. W. 2nd Row: Pryor, J. M., Wollard, L. F., Hanawald, L. M., Woodard, D. G., Allen, C. N., Bul- lock, R. W., Gellenthien, C. W. 3111 Row: Cornwall, T. H., Fellabaum, J. N., Smith, C. H., Spiess, B. R., Thompson, C. C., Woodard, T. L. ZJPZ2rrlZ ouCl'O Front Row CL. to RJ : Garcia, J. L., Claffey, T. H., Mendez, J., Sedillo, C. D., Father Juni- per, Hunt, P. D., Keleher, J. G., Prestridge, M. R., Grimes, G. L. Qnd Row: Santiesteloan, H. T., Wolfe, E. J., Chavez, A. M., Gallegos, J. J., Martinez, R. G. Harbaugh, M. E., Aragon, P. E., Kelly, H. T., Ryan, E. J. 3rd Row: Wenzel, A. B., Saenz, M., Sullivan, W. O., Stauffer, J. A., Paoli, P. J., Black, J. L. Petitjean, L. J., Baca, J. J. . .ith Row: Barnett, R. A., Chamberlain, C. M., Maniello, J. O., Tabet, P., Frack, J. C., Vetter O. C., Bloomquist, W. C. 4WW Z 1'l.H " f w,,,.x- ' ' EWG':f5"f V . ' H ' J' CADET ORCHESTRA if Kemp, W. L., Santiesteban, H. T., Levy, W. F., Hilford, M. H., Pick, W. S., Allday, L. F., Jewell, C. B., Clarkson, T. A., Fletcher, S. M., Sudduth, N. D., Bicknell, A. J., Captain Robertson . I V V ,gg.,..1,i3 "1-1 :ME . . 19, .. X. ,IH fy I .. 95, v.. ,U 4 .V . ? I A V: f , 4' 4 I , f , J ' 10, ,.,. 4' iff , 1,4 ' ff I 'I A' EI ,gl " Q1 "TQ: If 1 f ' IX ml? X I Z 4. I . . ,I 5 QW .i- lf' fl L . V M' X l, ' -1' jf" :, .. I: Q! - vi' T.. . l 'K' 57' ' VX"?l 1 hw ',. j"l! ', X I ,H " ' x .. Iii ' Q D E ga- n ' X Q' '. 5' '.' 2 U ' '-' IM 9 4' H" '- A ' 1:1 I, , il -, A . "fi gi' ' X , ,M:w" . if , f N2 I, X. 'X ,V-X - W if .x ' ,f 1' ' ' ,Li X' " Q ff, -' ' J" in-' 93 1114 ,4 ,- if 14 fl if f ' I I' 'rr .' , :J ' ' iff: '- ' V575 ..-.-35155 ,, 1144.-af:-fjgfg I . ,-1' -, L-f Eisffw' 3' " , AMN W Mix K f XIX ,-,Z .- mi , - ,- x Y KX . 'I' 1' -..- -" 7 : .L , . ' 4 r 6-1515. Gif-01 u ' 1 . '- 'M' ' -' '-2 . ' la , 43' iz.:-:a :-ff' ,:J"'1'?-f-.Ere-, -Q.-1-. :Q - R Naya-45.-b.,. h u i ..., , - g . Z --' ,fi , I 1 Q s -E XQ ,Q ' xxx -Q, 1 f H ' fa, vii 1 A I 7 P K 0 f , f W f ' ' ! 'J I CKY 2 ' 'Q 1 KS K 3 I Q X' I K Z 4 x v K I' J ' A T., I 1 A fi 9 J or 1 ,,. , ' ' f I . l 1-4 - -ig X I Q maj "' ,X "' . X X K ga X 27 I 555 5' . f f i' fjlf. r P ' ,Af 1 ' ly N. 1 p- qs I' 1 I ,I , bp ! H C! ,Q ' I u lyylu'-'VE C' X aj, ' fi 3 J wx. '0 5 fs X S44 lfs Ed ' r is ALB- N - 5- "' - ' sa XE X .- W 5- H 'I H if .1 X5 ,QNHNQ-. 5.---f E. I If ,- x ku.-vs N gf II! "fs , -X 1' NWN . - , X m X x X5XXX N N X .aa1B'4'f. K Q s."""'f.,,6 ,X V' ff... X Q Q Nik X ff K, f 1 1 4 One Hundred Eighty W A I T E R S S T A F F Front Row CL. to RJ : Gentry, R. C., Smith, R. E., Sawey, W. J., Sullivan, W. O., Clees, H. N Blair, E. E., Carter, D. S. 21162 Row: Dennis, E. L., Buttolph, R. D., Romero, A. S., Clark, A. R., Anstead, G. W., Bear, W. J Johnson, M. E. 3rd Row: Jones, A. M., Hunt, J. E., Martinez, P. R., Carlisle, A. R., Kinder, N. W., Ellison, J. R Waldrip, G. E., Martinez, R. G., Tabet, R., Saenz, M., Owens, J. O. 41511. Row: Reid, R. C., Shelton, K. A., Byrom, D. W., Pruitt, A. R., Kennedy, J. R., Akin, N. L Chamberlin, C. M., Wenzel, A. B. A Front Row CL. to RJ : Hutchins, J. H., Borenstein, D. B., Higgins, P. T., Mrs. Posz, Mrs. Price, Palmer, R. L., Heesch, H. J., Ball, E. W. Back Row: Marshall, J. M., Drummond, L. A., Cornwall, T. H., Edelen, B. F., Mc- Goldrick, J. R., Smith, A. D., Fletcher, S. M. P X S T A F F Q. 'x x 'L 0 IIZU7 --GEL' pak' C 4 PAX N NSR -1 'Nm -yt 6265? ui.. ,Q Q A .H-"P Q- G I ', kv. mai .a+ X iz E-a:5F5eYQi,,4giaf ' SQ, 553 'A O , W V . Y ' 5 5'x,i ' ' ' - ' f 6 , w Q . .,.A -Hllxul Q xx. X ' ' QQ I .mu '- mx I : N Q? X 5 we Q f ly? 'F- ,1 rpg' I X A QM' HQ' f+,f"'xe WW , 4 -5 'boo 3 PAW' xx xx vAqxe ' XX' WY 'J .'?D '-,N 'AZ I Nqyer X, 5 Q I Qwek ph 7,1 f Q g 17' . . f f 1 N W Q A mf I 1. fi, M, in K X r. XN R: --'Mk Q 1 11' 'xx Y A. X545 p xg. X 5 Nl "Km 33" Q, v 1 54:9 gf X Wg. X Q' xx gl k , !'f 'I I f X N H n GRN ' 5" . 'I Q 0 as ' 1,2925 If Z N X X X 'HEEL X N-X1 X- .. V M i 1 . xg 'iiggg-,k , payr- . XR, xx Y i Iva., XM, Q N Mxvlx 'KX ruii lq'6o Ulla 71' X.,- mx QE.: X ' wax wi 30741 W Nr-1 fa ' Q' 0' .lim XX: Nag,.sex'nDN 7 Gqqg? X1-Q A-iff 9 .QF Z XS Jwog , ,iwwa If l ' Msg' Dzs f -fQ 'QNX' Q Oo If ' A o 1 XX I V A Q H Q A . 114 x f fl if ' " IX 6 1 ex gli YL' x -Erxnlixx -ll!! AJ! 4 1 ., I QV Q 1 A' ,pf "-'E-:9,QvS 2M.'Ynas. One Hundred Eighty-two . REVIEWS Distinguished Military Students Review Reviewing Officers Boxing Team COMMENCEMENT 1952 Color Guard . . . Final Inspection Company Drill . . . The Alumni W7 VY V .V., ..., . D-.. - ...... .W ,,.. . ..,.... .M ,,., - .gy-...J ,....... ...M....,, ,,,,,., -.,,,m..WM,WWm,,, ,.., -..,ff,ff.,mm,M.Nw,,MmmMu1441,L,,,.EMMwwwfef:m,,,mnme11u:wgu,w.m' COMMENCEMENT 1952 . . . Present Arms . . . Sound Off . . . P010 . . . Across the Wide B1 2 2 iizligalldg ,, 1 NS'-S X ,. ., S- ..x V.. .Nm 12:5-M XA Ll H ff N'-A 5331-w ""w--.?'1.,xf -.., we li. 'dv-.. ZZ 1 1. x- vw, . ' ,Im-an .X 4: ff?-, 3 m WM WW .1 fi "WA 8 f Q . I 'SJR' AX 1 A. ,.,. 'b-,-.2, , N f f NV ff! ww f fy' Wf X infiim f f Hgywwywmfmg W Qf xf Kr x ,M W' f f " ff ff W X W X N 75 W , f f A 1 7 '--W'-'Hfeg .fy , f K W fxgxggaqsx QXJZSI Q IQ NRS SUMMER ...where clad rt go George 7' Q. v. . . . Hell Hunt Cl 5Wf'Wi557' uh, uh, Good HONOR GUARD First Lt. Durham, D. D., commanding Sgt. Sisk, R. A., Guard Sergeant Front Row CL. to RJ: Davis, J. H., Smith, C. H., Birdsall A. K., Veeck, W. L., Baca, J. J., Pitman, O. W., Wages J. A., Roberts, W. B. find Row: Stidham, W. M., Burkholder, L. H., Locklar, J. L. Hissom, R. J., Hamilton, J. S., McGoldrick, J. R. Krause, D. F., Loscamp, A. N. 3rd Row : Frack, J. C., Laughlin, J. G., Wright, J. D., Brad- shaw, R. R., Cimino, L. D., Brown, R. S., Stevenson B. K. mth Row: Stouse, P., Windle, J. P., Russell, J. H., Smith, L. G. Floyd, J. E., Jackson, J. R., Adlestien, R. M., Williams M. L. Wmwmgnvwmswmwwwww wmism-i.wsvv1::::w:uww4: 1 wwfmaue At Play QQ? ,ef fy 5, 533 4? 5 1 5 F , - 5, , 2 Q35 , .iw 550' 'S MSX , dis an v 5, am' ,-1 1 iw :vw f , ' M2 d 1 , . HQ 3, fx 5? fi 5Sf4??'VF.1?iWNXV 15, Q 'V - v I -, W - 12 Q 'wr-fx 'I iv ,, 'il f f' L f , G V 7 '32 2 if X' .fan X Qs 5354 E ,353 Q .I if 1,5 f KN .YM ,gtk ,qt S+ 42,4 X E 5 ghmmg ,, 4-fw Ab 5 31:14 4' Y N, Q ,W ' fi? ,MLW ,, gg K h 1 f Q .. fx ff , ' fix Qgf 4 ww .WGS Q Y M wfi W f if 1 ,,f'fP,s'11',g?lZ ff 752 ,QWQ . f -,mgjf f wfvs Aa fi - ff 'if' 91" 'U 1 'wi M N , , 2 VL 3f'f5?x5f'N'f'i" 115' A W 4 A -f , .x M 41, Q- , UM ,M ff 1 wigifww NZM sw, - iw 3 5 sv ,f ,W ff A if 'K ,rf ,ig 4' X 3 mai ' X QW X wsx, f ,fx ff S Sw 'ay ,iff ,, g Mm? M ,fqwixj , ' ww ,ff A ,V K 5' , C?" 53? M,HfQ,?" , f ,Q-Qlgisiimfel Q.. 3 7 S55 fr if X11 3 W, mf Q Q f.,, ,, Q,. 14" WW,yf' seg, gg if ' Sx M , w :f f 319' xi Q f W ,, - 1 v J, ,f M- 1 5, " Q : . ,'? Tjfgifgf' Qs 1, S 1 , ' X 'Y 6 l 555 14 -I W' , J SY' 5, f' Q. Q f 'QS V , V x I X V my Whwmujf- M. X 4 ,hi wwg 1w,.W1. .M W xr, Z ff ., 4 f K' . J wmv' A T H L E T I C D I R E C T O R Lieutenant Colonel L. T. Godfrey THE ATHLETIC COMMITTEE L. B. Minas Lt. Col. Goclf Vey COZ.KeZly Maj.Gmtt0n B. J. Smith One Hundred Ninety-thrcc BRDN V , MA. X I f . f M , f, , f ' ' Ziff? f , awp ,V x 4 f X ff .ffZf" H f f fi? . f f L7 , if 5 . X km ,V f V, ,Q . N asf .- f S .1 A M. ,fr Q, 43.1 3. w-r , +, . 1. ' I N. ,4..,1 La" 'f. FCOTB LL One Hundred Ninety-four George Irie M onroe Harrelson T H E C O A C H E S Max Schrimsher H. A. McDougal Al Romero T H E C A P T A I N S One Hundred Ninety-five U1 H WE W-WM OFFENSIVE L NE-UP Smith, Sawey, Willis, Romero Priiett, Byrom, Laoerty, Sohrimsher, Barnett, Anstecl, Boyle TEAM SQUAD Willis, Palmer, Jones, Ansted, Fellabailm, Byrom, Walclrip, Uhli, Gentry, Wright, Boyle, Biittolph, Rochey, Dow Coach foie, Aragon, Walker, Mendez, Sawey, McDougal, Schrimsher, Romero, Carter, Barnett, Pryor, Pruett, Coach Harrelson Lafoerty, McBee, Smith, K ennedy, Shelton, Kinder, White, Clees, Saenz DEFENSIVE LINE-UP Clees, Kennedy, Menolez Jones, Shelton, Kincler W alclrip, Wright, Gentry, McDougal, White One Hundred Ninety-six BRONCOS ..........................., 13 A EASTERN ARIZONA ,,,v,,,,., 0 The freshman - studded ranks of the ' Broncos marched to a 13-0 victory over the Eastern Arizona State College in our open- ing game of the season. The rugged line kept the visitors well I bottled up throughout the game. It was an N old hand, left half Albert Romero, a 1950 l letterman, who showed the way to victory. 5 Romero scored both touchdowns, both on l passes from Kenneth Willis, a freshman. l i i 1 The visitors made their deepest pene- 5 tration of the night in the third quarter 3 when they moved to the Bronco 30, but they were tossed back a total of 28 yards on the next two plays by the hard charging N. M. M. I. line and were forced to kick out. f Bill Sawey, another freshman, from Carlsbad,- N. M., made a fine showing both , I n Al SCOWS Opening TD on offensive and defensive ball-playing. BRONCOS ...... ................................ --7 WESTERN STATE l,,. .,.c,,.....,,.,c.,, . 20 Led by their big 200 pound quarterback, Virgil Stan, the Mountaineers rampaged to a the Broncos. The Mountaineers were able to score once in every quarter but the third. A 32-yard punt run-back by Sawey moved the Broncos to the Western 31 in the secor them up for their only score. Ronnie Smith reeled off four yards. Willis tossed to Smith Sawey crashed across for the six points. H. A. McDougal's kick was good. The Western State strong line proved just too much for the young and inexperienced li N. M. M. I. .................,...................... I3 PANI-IANDLE AGGIES i.,..,.,-.,,.... 48 The Panhandle Aggies could do no wrong as they crushed the Broncos 48-13. The A vantage of early shakiness on the part of the Broncos and romped to a quick 20-0 lead in Bud Rosenbaum, the Aggies great all-conference fullback, led the Goodwell club to vic A 78 yard touchdown scamper by Al Romero in the second period was the brightest s cos that dismal night. Then the second touchdown came from a Kenneth Willis pass to the end zone. Ken Willis I Roswell, N. M. Charlie Gentry Roswell, N. M. 30761 One Phil Aragon Jack Kennedy John Fellabaiwn Jim Rookey Belew, N, M, Hobbs. N. M. Las Vegas, N. M. Alliance, Neb. One Hundred Ninety-eight ...Here they eoine . .. Max Schriinsher ' Roswell, N. M. fi ,I , I 1 ,451 f ,L f fav' I 'f h 1 1 x:-1 , ,.. Ronnie Smith Carlsbad, N. M. ' r P-' . N r e1r-e ' .,.zQ . V f .,,.v is 11' N- , lsss ,,,, Pzg- fi , 4 s'- ' 523 f .' , .Q 5 'M' W J Ti. M . Q f Q T . "" ' V M' p 1 f ,,.,,.,.,.,., f s . . 1 H, ., .,.. f Q.-WS - ,, 32 4 .-11 raaaaar " .-12 M Mike M cBee Dallas, Texas Bill Sawey Carlsbad, N. M. COLORADO MINES ,.,.-..., .A,,,,,, 2 0 BRONCOS .............,,....-....,..H,,,,,,,,., 7 The Orediggers of Colorado Mines did all their scoring in the first half to drop the Broncos 20-7. N. M. M. I. came back strongly in the second half and moved to their lone tally of the game, but it was too, too little to overcome the lead the Colo- radoans had built up with their first half mastery over the Broncos. BRONCOS .,,...................c,.-............ 19 HIGHLANDS ...,,-...,...................,ii 7 Capitalizing on a pair of timely passes and an 88-yard runback of a pass interception, the Broncos erupted for 19 points in the third quarter to come from behind and spurt to the front. Highland had a 7-0 edge at the half, but then the Broncos came roaring back in the third period. Bill Sawey got it underway with his beautiful pass interception and 88 yard dash for pay dirt. Willis then hit Ronnie Smith in the end zone for the second TD. McDougal converted. The Bron- cos led 13-7 . Another Willis to Smith pass, this one good for 35 yards, accounted for the third TD. The Bronco line again in the third quarter presented its very tight style of defense to hold the Cowboys. ADAMS STATE ........................,....... 13 BRONCOS ...,,...................................., 13 After falling behind 13-0 the Broncos put to- gether a two touchdown comeback in the third quar- ter and fought off late threats by the Indians of Adams State to tie them. Sparking the Bronco's comeback in the third period were a pair of beautiful runs by Al Romero for 29 and 43 yards to set up for one, and center Max Schrimsher's 50 yard return of an intercepted pass for the other. Each team threatened once in the final quarter, but the Bronco line stopped Adams, although the Cadets were missing on too mnay of their passes to continue their own drive. BRONCOS ..................................... .27 NEW MEXICO WESTERN ...,,.., 7 Red-hot passing, rock-like defense, spelled out the victory for the Broncos. Terrific, but at times too eager and aggressive line play by the rampag- ing Broncos kept the Mustangs vaunted ground at- tack and Little All-American back, Bob White, well bottled up. Willis passed for all four of the Broncos touch- downs. His first two were to Al Romero, plays that covered 60 and 19 yards, the third quarter tally on a seven yard toss to Art Pruett and the final on a screen pass to Ronnie Smith who dashed 45 yards for the score. l . 51 fi, -' , 7 - 'Qi ' l , . .1 's Ed Boyle Pueblo, Colo. Jim Hunt Dallas, Texas One Hundred Ninety-nine 1. M . . 1 1 F av Rf 1 KY . 9, 5 V 1 14 fn - f .1 59, an A x f ni! , 1 N ff f 47 7 ws ,f K. , x. Q sw :N +94 - tiwfx.-fs' -A . f:--M-4 .f3Qf.X.fSsn9f3, fs www Y", ' X-' -.b. Mix... Wsgfzsewe ., Y Qty , . .'.' . R fs Aga .fig ,A . Hips N g ff. ,Q z nj VE, X , ' ' A. E' .' Na. - f,f4,:,-MN -. sig-iz' :ij 3 -- .f , L so . X -X N. V f-. , we xr 'I .N-.vw jj, sv of . ' f ws- 9 . 51.2. . Y Mig. Fli:i.XNffii:s'f.v" X 1 :M-.QS 1, gmc Q .3' ' X - Sis Sw' ,F N321 sr ' ' ' x- 4' - gf 7 an -I : .2 si X x 5 sg X N wgfgki Art Pruett Tack Byrom Hobbs, N. M. Hobbs, N. M Homer Clees Roswell, N. M. fo Anal he caught it too . . . Kenny Shelton Marcus Solenz Las Cruces, N. M. Dowe Carter Hobbsf N' M' Roswell, N. M Two Hundred Jack Walker Ephrata, Wash. Jim Pryor H ouston, Texas no 'ngqtllaxj X. ' , . 1 Arthur Jones Roswell, N. M. N orrnan Kincler Alarnogorclo, N. M. I 1 Wayne Lam Albuquerque, . l . i , K Wayn R os we Two H undred Don Harris Midwest City, Olcla. Herman Uliii Silver City, N. M. Dick Bnttoipli Atascaflero, California Two Hundred Two GREYHOUNDS ...v.....,...................... 13 BRONCOS ...............................,.......... 6 The Broncos closed out their conference season by finishing in a third place tie with Adams State after losing to the Greyhounds. It was a ground attack by Eastern vs. the air game of the Cadets. The Broncos tried 32 passes, completed 12 of them for 158 yards, but their lone TD came on a running play. Al Romero scored that one on a 24 yard gallop around end, shaking off half the E. N. M. U. team as he threaded his way toward the goal. It was the Bronco's game in the first quarter, with the passing of Willis making the difference, but late in the period the Greyhounds got started on the drive that carried to their first TD. The third quarter was played largely on N. M. M. I. ground and saw the winners march 33 yards to their Winning touchdown. In the last quarter, the Greyhounds were stalling out the clock and didn't succeed in getting an offensive underway. The desperate Broncos fought their way to the six, again to the 21 and still again to the 35 before they failed. Again leading the N. M. M. I. defenders and playing a fine game was defensive end Charlie White, also defensive back Juan Mendez. BRONCOS ....... ......, 2 1 SCHREINER ..i,1.....1,,.............1....... 21 The Mountaineers scored first when Sefton sneaked over from the one and went ahead 7-0 on his own point from placement, but the Broncos tied up the ball game later in the first period when Norman Kinder scored from one yard out after runs of 13 and 24 yards by Al Romero and Ronnie Smith, respectively. H. A. McDougal, kicking high and hard, made good the first of his vitally important three points after touchdown. Schreiner scored its second touchdown midway through the second quarter. The Broncos came alive after the intermission with Kinder and Ro- mero and an infuriated Bronco line leading the way, crashed to the tying touchdown and forged ahead with another in the fourth. Then Schreiner took to the air and led by the passing of Bowmer and running of Reynold made its final move. Reynold smashed over left guard for the final score to tie the game. Great defensive play was shown by senior Mike McBee of Dallas, Texas, at the halfback slot, also in the line were men like Charlie Gentry, Wayne Anstead, H. A. McDougal, who made the Bronco line like a stone wall. While on offensive the guards, Dick Barnett and Wayne Laverty, opened holes in the line that will always be remembered by the backs. . . . Looking the situation over . . . .W 5? J ohn M lclwest Gln- -A" N. 4 U f 9,9 XXX N . U I W 5 W 1 g 'XX ff W right City, Okla. X w"fwXww 46 W W f .!4 ,ff , jg ff I if! E SX X We ,kE I ..., M e l -"" ,. , . 5 4- me fA ,E 4 -A 55 - 'TW ,,,, , , Q.-- ' M "f" f M Aw... M, .... , . 5 ' -ff" I . ,' '25 "" A, . ,,.. 1 - 1 M ,Q ,N------- M- i ,,,,,,,, ..... - -- A W A -'Sy ,H my . ., .... W .,.. N-,, ,W N l M '1' , XXXAXXY " V ,: v- "'iyf'f Q X X w 4 W ,Q A . ' '- I I , . ,Z -- ' 1'----.-'?::' I 7' .. .. ' Y ---' ' ull- --" . xl . 6.51, Z! -'SL x 1 ' : ' l' Gord on Wcnlclrlyo Tucumcowi, N. M. Bill Mackey Hobbs, N. M. me Wx, The Pile up . .. Two Hundred Three A AZ Romero Offensive Half Back Charlie White Defensive End ALL CONFERENCE A special Word of mention to four outstanding boys Who landed berths on the All-Conference Team this season. They include H. A. McDougal, a senior from Amarillo, Texas, Who receives this award for the second time at offensive tackle, Charlie White, a senior from Wichita Falls, Texas, at defensive end, Juan Mendez, a junior from Carlsbad, N. M., at defen- sive half back, and Al Romero, asophomore from Alamo- gordo, N. M. at offensive half back. J mm M endez Defensive Half Back H. A. McDougal Offensive Tackle Two Hundred Four THE RECORD FOR '52 NMMI 0 Artesia 27 NMMI 12 St. Michael's 7 NMMI 6 Tucumcari 7 NMMI 6 Clovis 46 NMMI 12 Portales 6 NMMI 0 Cathedral 13 N MMI 0 Roswell 20 NMMI 13 Eunice 32 NMMI 0 Lovington 30 NMMI 6 Hobbs 20 COLT FCOTBALL By Dom Buchly The Colts opened their season against the already experienced Bulldogs of Artesia. The Bulldogs passed and circled the ends four times to push the score to 27 to 0. The bright spot of the game was the scrappy hustling of the middle of the Colt defensive line. A pass from Harrell to Page, fine defensive line play, and the continued line plunges by Page and Watkins spelled out victory for the Colts over St. Michaels of Santa Fe to a tune of 12 to 7 in the Colts first win. The Colts lost a heart-breaker to Tucumcari in the third game. Although out-played the Rattlers blocked a punt to put them in the lead. The 80-yard run by Page which might have made the difference was called back on a penalty and the game ended 7-6. The Colt line, nicknamed the Stone Wall, crumbled to the Clovis offensive bunch 46-6. Fumbles and bad breaks hurt the Colts who never stopped hust- ling till the final gun. Center Dorsey Baker scored the Institute tally on a recovered fumble. Trailing 6-0 at half time, the Colts came surging back to whip the Portales Rams 12-6. Archibeck, Hale, and Page were the big guns for the Colts. The wall held the Rams to 60 yards and three first downs. Although racking up more yardage the Colts fell to Cathedral of El Paso 13-0. The defense lookedwgood, but the offense bogged down. Bunky Harrell was the Colts big gun in ground gaining. The N . M. M. I. Colts tangled with the cross-town Roswell Coyotes in a game they had pointed toward all year. The fine defense and hustling offense played the Coyotes to a 0-0 tie at half-time. In the last half the Coyotes caught fire and downed the stubborn Colts 20-0. The Eunice Cardinals rolled off four TD's in the first half due to numerous N. M. M. I. mistakes. The Colts, sparked by Pat Morgan, came back with two tallies. The game ended 32-13. The Colts fought to get out of the losing column, but the Loving- ton squad proved too much. There were numerous injuries in a game that the Corps saw the Colts go down 30-0. Scoring first and knocking the pegs from under the highly favor- ed Hobbs Eagles, the Colts gave their supporters quite a thrill. Al- though losing 20-6 the N. M. M. I. offense and defense played their best game of the year. THE CAPTA NS Ronny Jelosek Dam Buchly Archie Hale Two Hundred Five CGLT CFFENSEVE TEAM Prestrtdge Morgan Page Harrell K eleher Calahan Birnie Buchly Baker Storts Coors at C CGLT SQUAD 1. Bnrdges, Bncklg, Btrnte, Hanawalct, Watkins, D. L. Baker, Prestridge, Hale, Morgan 2. Spiess, Page, Stevens, Arokibeck, Storts, Bltckenstaff, Keleker, Harrell, Castelan, K. R. Baker, Ball 3. Coach Bynum, Coors, Sperry, Catahan, Clarkson, Garrett, G-alles, Htrsk, Stokes, J elosek, Laoerty, Darrow Coach Marberry, Manager G-eltenthein MC C C con DEFENSIVE SQUAD . Archtbeck Watkins Galles Btvlckenstaff Baker Clarkson Stevens Bnchly H ale J elosek Garrett Two H undred Six Llewellyn, J. L., Garcia, D. E., Holder, J. E. Sherrill, R. L. McLean, G. A., Burris, M. O., Hall, J. L., Horton, J. A., Fefeinnan, J. S., Woocl, S. W. SCHEDULE Ponies Roswell 0 Ponies Roswell 0 Ponies Roswell 0 Ponies Hobbs 13 Ponies Carlsbad 21 Ponies Carlsbad 32 PONY FOOTBALL One of the best seasons in quite a few years was enjoyed by our Pony football team this year. All sophomores and juniors in high school, the Ponies presented a forward wall that averaged close to 200 lbs. and a backfield with plenty of speed and deception. Early in the season the Ponies took their single wing formation well in hand to hand Roswell three defeats. The first two games were practice encounters and the Ponies won both 6-0 and 24-0 respectively. In the other game with Roswell the Ponies came through with a T. D. in the closing seconds to beat the Pups 7-0. Probably the best game of the Pony season was against Carlsbad. Trailing 21-0 the Ponies put on a real comeback in the last two quarters to be edged 21-20. The first T. D. came on a long run made by Sherrill to be followed in a few moments by another Pony score. This time Sher- rill passed to Pemberton. Trailing 21-14 in the final seconds Joe Baca plunged over for the final NMMI score. Ending the season with a .500 won lost record the prospects for a good colt team next year are looking up. The Junior team was a credit to the boys who played. lst row-Woocl, Garcia, Llewellyn, Lezoter, Gibson, Trogclon, Wooclanrcl, Loclewiclf, Mgr. 2nd row-Bnrancl, Hatfield, Horton, Sherrill, Holder, Cameron, Fefewnaln, Hall, Coach Ellison 3rd row-Coach Cifmino, Bzirris, Bizmlge, Tinnin, McLean, Wolff, Rosen, Bnrcliclc, Coach Watts Not shown, Baca, J. J. Two Hundred Seven K yu 953- 4 V .lil 3. Na 'X Two Hundred Eight ,f -3541 1-x m W 15 QWWK BRONCQ L T P 0 0 p INDOOR POLO SQUAD BRONCO POLO With Jack Dean and Ross Easterling, two members of his national championship team in 1952, returning, and the additional support of Mickey Samuels and Buzz Easterling, Coach Danny Thompson could not hope but to have a very successful outdoor and indoor polo season. Also to give much assistance to the team are Jon Marshall, Fred Rice, Lefty Converse, Reed Glover, Jack Bowman, J im Cowan and Louie Nalda. Yes the hopes for the season looked very good. With Jack Dean at the number one slot, Buzz Easterling at two, Mickey Samuels at three, and Ross at the back slot the varsity started off their season with a bang by defeating an experienced El Paso team 8-1. With this start Coach Thompson knew that he had one of the best teams he had ever coached. It had balance, power and speed. In November the team left for the West Coast to play Stanford University to defend the traveling trophy between the two schools. The Broncos defeated the Indians in both scheduled tilts 8-4 and 6-1. To run the overall total to twelve games for the Cadets and four for the Stanford team. Since the series was resumed in 1949 the Institute has never given up the trophy. To continue their college conquest, the Broncos returned home to defeat Colorado A. :iz M. in a series 7-23 and 5-3. For the annual Homecoming game the Broncos met a highly regarded Juarez team and also their first defeat of the season. Up until the last two seconds of the game the score was tied when the Broncos committed a foul. Juarez's free shot was good, ending the game 5-6 in their favor. This was both a spectators and players game, close and exciting until the bell to end the last chukker. Two Hundred Ten H l l A l l if l, l s 5 E 1? E 5 -5 fs y Z ,. ii is 5 5: Q: 31 Q. 'PJ S. Q 9 E' CN Q P U Q Q F 5? Q C5 RT' 'S 3' Q 5' E Q F 'SJ Q an Cl: H Q UD P4- Q NE 34 S. Q 3' 'S UCI 2 N N E 9 Cl: QNF cu Q 31 67. 3 CQ IOJPO0 UZ? Z-JP-I-UPG 3 Dcwfmy Thompson Ross Eccsterling S if 43" THE STARTERS Buzz Eavsterling Ross Easterlfmg Jack Dean Mickey Samuels J on Mcw'.shaRl Nalcla, Cowan, Rice, Cafr'I1f.sZc, Slarttou, Claris, Coach Tlwmpson M curshal , Dean, R. Easte1'ZR1f1zRg, R. EIlSf0I'Ii7Ifj Two Hundred Eleven THE STARTERS THE COLT POLO SQUAD Davenport, Speer, Converse, Rayinond, Glover, Myriclc Standing: Sliwartz, Speer, M artinez, M cGinnis, Hat- field, Converse, Crockett, Davenport, Myriclt, Love- lace, Hissoin, Glover, Thode. Kneeling: Towne, Harden, Blooinqiiist, Lane, Petty, Sownnels, Sinitli, Stevens, Springer, Raymond. After Christmas the Broncos started their indoor practice in preparation for defense of their National In- door Title. Coach Thompson settled on a combination of Buzz Easterling at the number one slot, his brother Ross at the number two slot, and Jack Dean working the back position. After two months of hard practice the team left for New York City. In their first game the Broncos lost to Cornell University in a rough, thrill- ing and fast game 6-3. Since their return from New York, the team has been very active in their spring outdoor season, playing Paradise Valley from Arizona, Stanford University, and an outstanding Alumni team. As we go to press they are preparing for the Border Tournament to be held in El Paso. The Broncos were runner-up in this tourney last year and will be considered very highly this year. Those receiving letters in the college division this year are: Ross and Buzz Easterling, Jack Dean, Mickey Samuels, Fred Rice, Jon Marshal, and Eddy Blair the manager. Those awarded Colt letters are: Lefty Con- verse, Ross Speer, Jim Raymond, Jack Bowman, Reed Glover, Bob Myric and Bob Davenport. THE CUP AND DEFENDING CHAMPIONS 1952-53 SEASON RECORD NMMI 8 El Paso 1 -- NMMI 8 Stanford 4 NMMI 6 Stanford 1 NMMI 5 Colorado A. Xt M. 3 NMMI 7 Colorado A. 8: M. 2 NMMI 5 El Paso 2 NMMI 5 Juarez 6 NMMI 5 La Mesa 12 f NMMI 3 La Mesa 8 NMMI 9 Peter I-Iurdt 7 NMMI 11 El Pasot 1 Q NMMI 14 El Pasoi' 1 I NMMI 11 Peter Hurdi' 8 , NMMI 4 S.A.S. CHigh Schoolj 5 2 NMMI 3 Cornellt 6 NMMI 9 Paradise Valley 0 NMMI 6 Paradise Valley 5 V NMMI 3 Alumni 4 y NMMI 4 Alumni 7 NMMI 6 Stanford 4 NMMI 7 Stanford 4 z NMMI .,,. S.A.S. CHigh Schoolj .... Border Championship S NMMI ro,, Tournament Inter-Team NMMI irr, Tournament .... NMMI .,., Colorado A. St M. C23 ..., I 3' Denotes Indoor Games. Y E 1 Z .S 2 5 2 Q A practice session . 1 ef X , ...f , -4 x s 1 11' S , ' ' ' Y , , . 1 Y Vvvuuluuvuu V ..,. "" Q ,ff ' '-ww 921111121134 " ' -- 'Q A-.Lf SYYV' -Y5'if' We ...I.fff:,....1:XxM4Q1- EQW, ,, -D-mr QMMW, 1 h NESWAS f Q! fm! 'Qi 1 1 I . . Danny shows them how . Q Z 5 e 1 5 3 3 AT THE GAME 9 Nunn' BRQNCC .. ff ff w,f..,.Wg uf 1 , 1 N, x Q li 1 , 1 ali f : 133 M E Fi . 3 ASKETBALL THE SQUAD Anclrns, Kinder, Paris, Leisy, Byroin, Chamberlain, Santiestebcin, Bear Smith, Solioeqf, Mihcis, Anclress, Johnson, Shelton, Reid, Coach Mcirberry BRONCO BASKETBALL The 1952-53 Bronco basketball team sparked by sophomore Melvin "WaXey" Johnson, and sporting a none-too-impressive conference record, finished sixth in the New Mexico Conference race. This however does not tell the complete story. The hustling "Kaydets" lost some close ones, including a 52-50 loss to powerful Hardin-Simmons, this year's Sun Bowl champions at El Paso. Another commendable game was a 57-54 loss to conference champion, New Mexico Western. This was the closest scoring game played against the champions in the conference. The Broncos, who were dubbed "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" because of their diminutive size and only seven team members, were characterized by a never-say-die style of play. They were spectacular at times and were crowd pleasers, both at home and on the road. Ottie Anclress Bill Sciioey K enny Shelton M elnin Johnson Dexter, N. M. Carlsbad, N. M. . Hobbs, N. M. Pocahontas, Ioioci W 1 1-Y- .... . img . . . Looks contagious . . . . . Captain "Mci1n1eZ" tells 'ein how Broncos Broncos Broncos Broncos Broncos Broncos Broncos Broncos Broncos Broncos Broncos Broncos Broncos Broncos Broncos Broncos Broncos Broncos Broncos 69 56 50 52 67 83 68 54 50 New Mexico Western 54 48 54 66 66 64 70 65 63 E. N. M. U. 63 Ronnie Smith Bud Reid Leo M ilicis Ccwlsbctd, N. M. Dexter, N. M. Deming, N. M. SEASONS RECORD . . . Bud Reid takes it jump shot . . V. Sul Ross 67 -ie Sul Ross . Hardin-Simmons Wayland St. Joseph St. Joseph Wayland New Mexico Western 70 52 68 38 40 70 57 61 Adams State 66 ' Adams State 67 St. Mike's 60 St. Mike's 52 Highlands Univ. 67 Highlands Univ. 80 Panhandle A. 85 M. 61 Panhandle A. XL M. 77 81 71 E. N. M. U. Two H undred Eighteen A new school scoring record was hung up by Waxey John- son, Coach Jim Marberry's ace protege. He shattered his own record of 29 points in a single game, as he recorded 30 points in leading the cadets to a 7 0- 61 victory over highly favored Panhandle A. Sz M. A quick rundown on the players gives us high hope for the future. Leo Mihas, a high scoring senior, is the only member of the squad who will be lost via graduation. Mihas scored 248 points for the Broncos this season, showing his best scor- ing night with a 21 point ef- fort against St. Mikes. ...Leo shoots . . . Ottie Andress, a sophomore, scored 225 points and poured through jump shots all night against St. J oseph's to rack' up an impressive 23 points. Waxey Johnson was high scorer for the Broncos with 282 points. His record breaking 30 points against Panhandle took the individual scoring honors for the year. He also got 29 points in the St. Mike's game. "Bud" Reed, the smallest man on the team, but also the ace floor- man, came in for 174 points. The five foot six inch guard scored 21 points against St. J oseph's, while playing the post. Bill Sawey, a freshman playing his first season with the Broncos with his fine outside shooting. Bill's 8 point effort against Eastern New Mexico was his highest of the season. Kenny Shelton, another newcomer to N.M.lVI.I. and the Broncos, scored 91 points in his first college season. Kenny's outstanding feature was free throw shooting, hitting seven out of seven against Highlands University. Ronnie Smith, rounding out the freshmen, and the squad, scored 53 . cmd Bud watches I n i points for the Broncos. He scored 11 points against Eastern New Mexico to take scoring honors in that game. Ronnie will be remembered for his spectacular passing and floor work which I 1 n aided the Broncos all season. - - - 051519 9093 high! V - - With six returning lettermen and a host of improving squadmen, we can look for great things from Coach Jim lVlarberry's charges in the future. 15 g h IOQ I 'ii Y ..,, 'eg ..,,, l NmWffffI2Z?.!,,Z1,1,,3l.l l scored 60 points during the regular season, and looked very good at times COLT BASKETBALL With a not too impressive record the Colts wound up their sea- son by defeating the strong Hagerman team in impressive style in the District tourney 55-53. To most everyone around here it was the upset of the tourney, but to the Colts it was merely that they play- ed the good ball that they were capable of. Though the season stands with more losses than wins for the Colts, it doesn't give a true picture. Against the strongest teams in the state such as Artesia, Dexter and Carlsbad, the Colts played a much better brand of ball than against weaker teams. In their first meeting, Dexter led the Colts not more than two or three points throughout the game. Carlsbad had to use a full court pressthe entire last half in order to eke out a 66-58 victory. But the spirit of athletic competition is not to be a good winner only, but a good loser as well. The Colts were both. And for this qua- lity we cannot deny them their well deserved slap onthe back. Bill "Squeaks" McLean will be the only returning letterman for the 53-54 season. Lost by graduation are Jim Davis, Bruce Stra- thern, Jim Lankford, Johnny Stephens, Max Prestridge, Sam Pick, Tom Clarkson, Gib Haslem, Loren Brown, Walt Hammer and Bob Sanderford. The team was coached this year by Captain Monroe Harrelson. IGJPOO UZ? Z-JP-'I'UZP0 9 .af ,N ,.., X., T , iw -4 C W it f aw aptaln Harrelson J lm Lanlcforol THE SQUAD Back Row: Lankforcl, McLean, Ha-slern, Sanclerforcl, Brown, Prestrflrlgc. Front Row: Coach Harrelson, Stephens, Clarkson, Davis, Stratlzern, Pick. Two Hundred Ninciccn Bruce Stfrathern . . . the hnddlell . . . Johnny Stephens Jim Davis SEASON'S RECORD Colts 42 Tatum Colts 47 Hagerman Colts 35 Roswell Colts 43 Carlsbad Colts 56 Hope Colts 54 Dexter Colts 44 Hobbs Colts 33 Capitan Colts 50 Tatum Colts 44 Dexter Colts 46 Ft. Sumner Colts 58 Artesia Colts 50 Capitan Colts 2 7 Roswell Colts 61 St. Peter's Roswell Tourney Colts 44 Dexter Maw Colts 41 Hobbs Prestnidge District 5 Tournament Colts 55 Hagerman Colts 34 Dexter Colts 33 Carlsbad 47 59 64 50 37 62 56 47 40 54 39 66 54 49 23 53 69 53 47 57 Captain J im Lankfoowcl Back Row: Courtmgltt, Hyer, M cCrect, Orr, Wolff, Folsom, Smith, Ttrmm. Second Row: Coach Ivey, W yly, Archtbeck, Smgh, M cFacZclen, Poe, Galles. First Row: Demos, Paul, Burkett, M orse, Shemll, Fabian, H older. PONY BASKETBALL The Pony basketball team had another good season again this year. They started off the year by beating the Tatum HB" team by a score of 42-22. They met with tragedy in their next game against their old rivals the Roswell Coyote "B" team and lost by a score of 30-26. The Ponies won the next two games over the Carlsbad Dawgs and the Dexter "B" team by scores of 37-32 and 42-21, respectively. The Ponies fourth game was with Roswell again and they were beaten by a score of 35-19. But they came back and won the next game against East Grand Plains by a score of 30-16. The four games that followed were also won by the NMMI Ponies. These were against Hobb's "B", Capitan "B", Carlsbad Dawgs, and the Artesia 'ABU team by scores of 37-33, 42-14, 34-31, and 62-38 respectively. Then again early in February the Ponies- fell to the Roswell "B" team and were beaten in a very close game 38-41. They won their last six games against teams such as Tatum, Dexter, St. Peter's, Artesia, Capitan and seeking revenge for other defeats by stomping Roswell by a score of 45-26. The Ponies lost only three games this season while they won 14, which is an excellent record. The top scorer for the Ponies for the year was Orr, G. P., with 98 points and Poe, I. O., running a close second with 95 pointsg third was Morris, R. E., with 90 points. Captain George Ivey did a good job of coaching the Ponies this year. Most of these boys will graduate to the Colts where we wish them all the luck next season. Two Hundred Twenty one BRQNCO . . . Clees vs. Comtois . . . Two H undred Twenty -two BRONCO BOXING TEAM BRONCO BOXING Left to right: Coach Bfynwn Gentry Carter Laverty Clees Loclewficlc Owen Akin Olinger, M gr. SEASON'S TROPHIES A bright star in our crown here at NMMI has been that of the boxing team. Coach Bynum has built up his team until it has been aclaimed the top collegiate team in the Southwest barring none. This, their record well shows. The Broncos opened their season with a 4-4 tie with C.Y.O. of El Paso, the 1952 team champion of the Texas Golden Gloves. The first fight worthy of note was N. L. Akin's loss to Pete Melendez, the Chicago Golden Gloves 1953 Champion in the 112 lb. class. It was a close decision with N. L. looking very good in his first fight of the season. The next Cadet to come to bat for the Broncos was Homer Clees who met Jack Flores, the 1953 Texas State Golden Gloves runner-up in the 147 lb. class. The decision was awarded to Clees who was aggressive all the way and a good counter punch when it was needed. Wayne Laverty, the school's representative for the 160 lb. class then met Alex Guerro another salty El Pasoan with much ring experience. In the first round Laverty ac- cumulated enough points to coast the remainder of the fight with ease, flooring Flores twice with only the bell to pre- vent a knockout. In the second round the fight was follow- ing the same trend until Flores found Laverty's chin on a lucky punch to end the fight. Being their first match, the Broncos did an excellent job of upholding the school's record. When the Regional Gloves rolled around once more they furthered a name for themselves crowning three cham- pions and two runner-ups along with the team trophy. Akin, Laverty and Clees were the champs with Gentry and Carter capturing the runner-up spots in their respective Weights. The three nights of Regional action was studded with knockouts and fine action throughout. . . . Laverty vs. Loyd . . . 'V 1'f'!l'llfl'Z f7.'!"-'EYTHISILJL UQCVF ' ifW'FfW 'l!FTt Tlflvnvrw Homer Clees N. L. Akin State Welterweight Champ, Open Division State Flyweight Champ, Open Division Two weeks later when the State tournaments were held here in Roswell, it was again three nights of full packed action. Coach Bynum's boys once more Walked away with the coveted Team Championship Trophy, and two berths on the Chicago bound State Championship team. Akin and Clees continued their undefeated streak in impressive battles to capture the state titles in their weights. Laverty, the third of the trio dropped a close decision in his semi-final bout. It was discovered after the bout that Wayne had broken his hand in the first round but Went on and finished like a champion. He received the State Sportsmanship Award. Now representing the State of New Mexico Clees and Akin went to Chicago, an accomplishment of their goals. N. L. defeated Carmen Williams, five times Ohio State Champion, in his first fight. He went on to win his second fight and losing his third one in the semi-finals. Homer, in his second trip to the Windy City, . . . The Champs in action . . . Homer Clees N. L. Akin Two Hundred Twenty-four em W, .,,r,Q,7,5i jaw s: ,M -:? 5m5:,.a6,,, if aww .ss 4 A e f : X J N XX I A 'MQ QQ., 4 M A A N X ' ' 15 sf F gg Q, gil s A! Eng, fiy tm-0--nf K iff' ,Q Q55 1, ,X wgf sir Q , IW O v Q 2 4 f I Q5 ' e N W ex S f A ' 0 My A 'AH V ,J l 'rf S ei ,,tLf U ., f 2gys.42::W- ., SQ ., . ' - f ss fry, qs. , . V X B 545 5? W N".,i',Si -we kc .1-:Ii - U , . 4-,Q f' -'iii hifi? 1 " 153115 " , Yo , l. -' fvy- L' ' . . . . ii 2 " ,Q,. , hN,, ,, . , , :.:.:, V I G-12 A f:.,sl 1z'Qi5g9z " Qs , f I z a.: ' - , I ' Q iii I ' WQX ,vers my-gr g sam. 1 , - f , we - , ,fa 5,5 I fsxfba 'Q ip -:sf Ynfmw - X f y iwts it A - , .. ' a , i , Q , I V , 'rv-f:v:::t.'is-1.-'-+2 ' X , N ' L 'f 'I .. s.:.," ,. .- f 7' ..... '1'J'25f: '1 'Lf1'.:::"?' " , VV ,,,, . . Chcwlze Gentry Dave Ccwter Heavyweight Wayne Lcwerty Middleweight State Sportsmanship Award Light Heavyweight scored a knockout and a decision to win his first two fights. He lost his third fight on a very close split decision, one which the crowd freely showed their disagreement with the judges decision. However, Homer didn't come home empty handed but brought with him the coveted "Barney Ross Sportsmanship Awardi' for the Western Division 147 lb. class. THE REGIONAL GOLDEN GLOVES CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM . . Joe Phillips presents trophy to Coach Bynum for the team . . Two Ilundrcd Twenty-fivc 5175-gl?" ' x 2 ' Q Standing: Skidmore, Moore, Quigley, Coll, Bliokeiistdff, Ab- bott, Bills, Fortye, Wood. Kneeling: Coach Bynum, Strickland, Lewter, Cupp, Litwiller, Lockldr, Baker, Wilson, Mcmdger Oliriger. COLT BOXING The high school boxing season opened in late November with a fine turnout of hard-Working boys. From this group, Coach Bynum put together one of the most well balanced Colt boxing teams in years. The Colts first match Was a real thriller with the hard hitting crew from Pampa, Texas. The team traveled to Pampa and brought back a hard won victory to the tune of six to four. After Christmas the Pampa boys came to Roswell to avenge their loss. They did exactly that by beating the Cadets seven to three. Smarting from their loss to Pampa, the Colts entered the Regional Golden Gloves with determination and lots of team spirit. Many of our glovers were successful in Winning the Regionals. Among these were Bill Fortye, Sam Wood, Ed Crosby, Dorsey Baker, Gene Blickenstaff, Jim Locklar and Ted Wilson. The runner-ups Were Chuck Coll, Bob Bills, Gavin Litvviller, Rex Quigly and Robert Cupp. The Champions Went into the State Tournament Where the competition became stiff. Of all the boys who entered the state tourney, only Sam Wood and Jim Locklar were victorious. N.M.M.I. congratulates the Colt Boxing Team of 1953. Sam Wood Jimmy Lockldr l, ' f 7 , 'j , ,, .x 3 ,J x , g , A X ,, , Na if w - Q i ww wr f f L W - A AW QMAMW?,,,..a,e,il,hg,f?ff,,pgxmas X f W as Under the excellent coaching and training of Coach Bynum and manager 4'Hal" Olinger the Broncos have chalked up in their 1953 season two team championship trophies, two sportsmanship trophies, many individual honors, and a classy team spirit that only good coaching and manage- ment can get. l to Q ff , . sf' - N ii? . X vs l 'O 1' .o4':' 1 if "'- N- - ,Q ' 0 1 ff ,' X ." 4 ' ' ' Q' 1 - e - " ,sf . IQ H XX ,. 1 ' X 'HL P- 4gF': W1 : jn' 'vu , X25 The Novvlces Scrap . . . 'F Y 'mn' N, 1 .. Coach Bynum and Manager Olinger put on Slf'FtClClCL7'LCl,S gloves sssi f ' X . P' , .V T , 3?-,f , new '- V, ,ir M- ,L 2- l,w,,,,,,e,Q, '34-., : - . . A- , 1 Y N-M., Wood and Lodewich measure arm lengths . . Lochler takes before he gives . . . Iwo H unc' 1 'l'if'en1Ly 'eight . . Dewing . Be fore , sg, '-1!-fl ' x v12.:f,L.'-13,2 C Vp' un V I I I 4 ggi? 1Wq.......Z'5 2 xx 1 The Seccsonis Rezucwd ...After f. fn, ,x4g.""I Two Hundred Twenty-nine D w Q X tx' ' ms- '53 3 sf, ,fa-. w 5 ' , ' ' xff V w IQ- 'Ah - 4 XX X '- A i W Kxf1H'lx Z f r Wy V M 9'l1L Z L .uwr V 'M gf , rg? H bi M I' :gd Q .I lt 1 0, 5 Q if W' S -L-X pt: NRS- 1 1 new 5 2 41" 5 -' !!,"!'y7Zy an 17.3 E QDQYY' X. . . . Just like Poker Chips, Huh? JAMBOLAYA Here are a few pages as a remembrance in the years to come of our fellow cadets who work so hard and long to make our Commencement a little more entertaining. Here's a tribute to the boys who gave up much of their free time during the afternoons and evenings from April to June in order to bring this tumbling exhibi- tion to you. Jambolaya is a sport for the little fellow as well as the big. It takes both to make it the success it is. The main purpose of this sport here at school is to teach the cadet better coordination and showmanship both individually and as a group. Their instructor, Captain R. C. Ryde, the man behind the scene on that final night is not to be forgotten. His rewards on his planning, patience and ability as an instructor are born on this night. ' THOSE LONG, HOT PRACTICES l . . . up cmd over! . . . ci brief 'rest - . - H1H'?'U-' Two Hundred Thirty-one McBee tries 21 barrels head first . . Nose Dive Easy way to break thy neck! Go ahead, everyone else does! Just Zthe Boohzol Which way how? Two Hundred Thirty-two Aronncl we go Looks like ct course in Judo! We'll bet Notre Dctme's "Four H orsemen" cctn't do this one!!! Looks nice All on one term too!! . . Then 21 Feet First . . . . . canal makes them both! Two Hundred 'l'hirl y-1 hrcc BRONCO Dale Troxler, Venezuela, S. A. I BASEBALL 125 V ZW-Xxx If V . 3? - ' "Kill the Umpire !" This can mean only one thing, the '53 baseball season has started with a -bang. Since the first practice back in middle of February, Captain Bynum's "swat- ters" have sparkled into a team that has a tremendous compet- itive spirit and the will to win. With a large number of re- turning lettermen, among whom are Dale Troxler, Waxy John- son, Bud Reid, Carter Taylor, "Ju Ju" Field, Biff Hallenbeck, Bob Leisy, Bob Vestal and Bob Byron. With these men form- ing the backbone of the team plus the "ole reliables" X. Holt, Hank Leisy, Gene Walker and Charlie Brown and a couple of I - Q V i f rs 4 Yu ,X ' ' , Q' 5 . 4 I 1 '75, "J, A ' f 'I ' 1 ff! -lg' 1 I ,., 3. V , V g, V 1-,,....g.. X V 9 Q , , pa , ff fff f 5 , maj. VV. Ml , 1 1 I vu ll , ' V' , V 1, .f 'ig 'X ' f The Broncos have made some excellent showings against Ros- well High School and Walker Air Force Base in numerous practice games. While losing their first conference game with ENMU from the "Tater land" by a close score, heads up ball and good hitting provided the onlookers with plenty of thrills. Captain Bynum's charges are looking forward to the other games and with May 9, the Conference Tournament here in Roswell, as their F- V, , s . Gil a If A V fyfv f frfgfg 7 fffaf. VA Q Q Q ' mag JV . J V' rf"-, . .ff f--- V- Y 1' . V. 1 .V t , new cadets, Jack Walker and Travis Cox who have gf? 1 J ,,,, Vg - m e made everyone stand up and take notice, the pros- V , , i,, V g,V WW A' 4' ff , , ' f vf,',:f:74y.fp,r,L K, X - f"' i" 7 - pect of having a success- f 1 ' b -' h u season is very 11g t. W , VV ,Y . eri k ff ' giiglilf, ,522 ',4 , v ,- ,yf'V' s' 1 2 ' ' K' Vf if V? f f f a n? V fr ,f 2. V was 5,55 f 3, I gy y W if .4 . ,f as .As X" VV yy an goal the Diamond men can be expected to be right in there towards the top when the Conference championship will be decided. t'Watch out, fellow baseballers we are coming home I" THE TEAM . ..,. i., .,,, ,.....,,.,...I.,..,V,..,..,.... V ,, V . .,,. ,, . ....., .,.V... VV W VV - f' .- ' . T'Z, 9 V -Vpl,..faf,Qf f-4 . W 'carer - V , f - 1 ri. . .f V , Xl' f.. N .,.... .4 'y-Wa Q.. VV VEM VV VV. : .. 'w r !,,74, ,4w' V 3 ' QV! V . Ve ' f .Q-V : f w t .f'7?fV er f' ' V Bn d Reid on a peg NA ,- . . - ,. r z , 9 f p .. . ' g. f-gaze., . . ef- ft ., .:. V' n .A 1, N.:-ew Q ways. ' ' - r ' s 4 fe-fQW",1 ,, . n w ' 'V be . 't - raw v'sMNWfK .l-:..- -wf 'M .-is X ' - W 2 V gf F' a f . 'V ' '- J. 3 .. , .. , . -X V f , " Yrs . r gb . 4 . 7. V . 1. .9X 4V1-W' sffsef y , v V , .f .fy-ewuw. . VV ,. .. 4 W. f, ... .... 4,-HV.-q ,,,.,.... ga? . .. . l .4 , .. -1, l , , , ,. V , , 2,4,,V,,,,,,V.5,,,.g.,V V . I. , X ...V C7 It Y- i f! ' VV ,' " " , ' 3- ' 'X V2 -. 1 .S , N ' . s"f'e 49'-effft' f' ' Q, f f fV f 'W-fwfr f' N V 5 ,. Vi V' . - 1 ' - . f' ' ' X - A - ' 3 V , 'il --J 2 , V " ' ' 'i" , . .V V- . ' V , g f' .1 I '12f,f13?3I:E5fi .V-1' " . I ., , . I ' 5 f J' f " 'f'-'i ' .fifff . " wwf' f fi' ,, V an ' G N7 V r F it " ' T i A ' V 1 , we iii . X . 'r im it 'f 'Xi ' . - ' I if ' fl 15. ff' 2 Wg A 5 V Ve-.3 -' ' V-4.7 , -J 52 218, ' off , ' , X- ,x ,pf V ,V J VH ff -ffdyfsff 1 -f 2" - vZ:,fV:VEV-V- ,V' 'wtglik -qjggm' V 45. ' Iyer- 4 " .-,'.. , ,71jVV V al- Vu, Ve ., 16, Q- K .V -es l w , , f,. if in 1 , f ix.,--, p . wg...-..,'.,,,,,4f .4 4 I rg:-.V-'V J V . WQ V 3 , . V , f .. 5 V . V V , VV -1A,f..3,..i.-:.i.. .... .. V ...fl-,,. .- -. I :V -.VV 1' . i. -sas...:. 4... .. - n-4, -me ,f S V 4.53, .. -. -V V Q V, V V 5 V V 5 Vs ff. .g:',,, V V . . 5 -star, .V .5225-:?,f V: , Y - 4 ' ' 5 ' ' 5 ' ge , . V . . , ,' ,., 1 5 .f f - lil. ' a ,. f7i?QJ'.""?'f if" 1-:.. 'fi 655255 73' ' . ..... V .. . V ' First Row: Taylor, Walker, R. G., Johnson, Reid, Walker, J. S., Elliott. Second Row: Byron, Brown, Cow, Vestal, Trorcler, Lusk. Third Row: Hallenbeck, Leisy, H. J., Field, Cook. Fourth Row: Holt, Eastham, Coach Bynum, Finch, Drummond, Bond, Salley, Leisy, R. R. Two Hundred Thirty-five Melvin CWclaseyJ Johnson Bob Vestal Bob Leisy The Eye Without fail The Power Gawler Taylor Eoeifitt Lnslc Clicwlie Brown Biff H allenbeek Jiininie Boncl P I T C H I N G Two Hundred Thirty-six S T A F F I 4 r 1 ! COLT BASEBALL Although this is the first year there has been a Colt baseball team along with getting off to a late start, the boys have represented the Insti- tute very Well, both in games away and at home. The team has a very capable coach in Lieutenant Brock. The captain of this year's team is Tommy Clarkson. Although a majority of the players on this year's team . are seniors, the Colts plan to field another fine team next year. We also hope there will be better cadet representation at next year's games, be- cause that really makes the boys do their best. The boys who did most of the playing this year were Huyssoon, J. W., Page, L. A., Jones, P. H., Clarkson, T. A., Heath, G. H., Sherril, R. L., Heech, T. M., and Morris, R. E., in the infield, with Ball, E. W., Spencer, C. J., Levvter, J. T., Bagley, R. F., and Winn, F. D., in the outfield. The outstanding members of this year's team were Huyssoon, J. W., and Clarkson, T. A. THE H!GH SCHOOL TEAM Top Row: H eecli, T. M., Morris, R., Sherrill, Winn, Clarkson, Bowser, Sanclerforcl, Coach Brock Second Row: Russell, H onser, Bogarcl, Moore, Leioter, Clcissen, M cinsfielcl, Branscoone, Morris, H . First Row: Heath, Bagley, Gibson, Jones, Spencer, Ball, Heecli, H. J. Two Hundred Thirty-sewn ACT I ON I N A This year's Intramural Football Championship was Won I by "A" Company, the Winners of the American League, by "downing" "E" Company,.the champs of the National League, in a three game series. Congratulations "A" Co. WHEN l '3Kli21EJ11EH 'lii'BEdMi"li!lil! K1 i!,3?b1Eiil S FLE ,mm : ?4Sf.",E'72 , X we , , ww 55. 4' f f f ,lf f W f 1 if f aw , ,gf M ,f ff i I 3: si. H 25? ' 'i 51, I ' 1 1 1 E if r Y , w B, El 1 "V: Two Hundred Thirty-nine IJ Standing: Barheybach,PhilZips,Mariar,Dm4ry, Thompson, Lt. Col. L. F. Hood, coach, Hooper, Smith, Jones Chressmcm, Shillifhgburg. Kneeling: Ferhcmdez, Kay, M orris, Witwer, Braihctrd, Ateh. THE BRONCO RIFLE TEAM Once again this year the Bronco Rifle team proved it was one of the better teams in the Southwest. After losing all but two members of the 51-52 team, the outlook was rather bleak. However, under the very able coaching of Lt. Col. Hood the team shaped into one of the better of their usually superior teams of the last few years. The addition of several new and old cadets aided them greatly. The team's victories far outnumbered their losses. Their victories were over such teams as Texas University, Georgia University, Montana University, California A. Sc M., Arizona University and Texas Western College. This year at the Southwest Invitational matches held at El Paso, the team was outstanding as they won all four of their matches something few schools are able to do. With a full year's experience behind them and all the members returning next year, they are looking for- ward to a bright and victorious season next fall. Chad Thompson Denver, Colorado E 2 U Y T H E C O A C H E S Bob Barneybaoic Ll. Col. L. F. Hoocl x l l . l k, Z, , A wg,-7 N , EK- NMI Joe Wilweo' J lmmy H oopefr Jim Shllllngburg Galveston, Teaas Roswell, N. M. Gallup, N. M. r'1?h5:h-hL!3I.- .., Nkbmw ,kK, T, 1-5. K' ., 5 M-'fmxsi 'z yw BRONCO TRACK With just about all of the last year's team back to don track togs once again and a few young hopefuls, Coach Monroe Harrelson set the team to pace for the oncoming season with very high hopes of capturing the conference track crown. The thin-clad men returning from last year's squad include: Bob Terry, Albert Romero, Ray Price, Charlie White, John Austin, Gary Darr, Ottie Andress, Dick Barnett, Charles Chamberlain, Wayne Anstead and Chuck Bray, with the spot of manager being filled by Art Dow. The young hopefuls who are trying to fill a spot on the track team are Bill Sawey, Ronnie Smith, Norman Kinder, Tati Santiesteban, Charles Gentry, Duane Max- well and Adolph Paris. With the first meet under the bridge in which the cadets bowed to Texas Western College of El Paso a highly favored team with the score of 63-61, the cindermen set out to capture the conference crown. The teams that will pit their skills against ours are Eastern New Mexico University, Adams State, New Mexico Western College, Highlands University and Panhandle A. SL M. With strong contenders like-Terry, Andress, Romero, Price being the iron men of the team plus the other men trying for positions, the spirit of the team over the preceding days has been high from start to finish. In the mile we have Austin and Paris going the distance with Austin also going the two mile route. For the 440 yd. dash we have Maxwell, Sawey and Santiesteban holding the job down while in the 100 yd. dash we THE BRONCO CINDER MEN -.LJ 'fl 'Q-Va'-592 . , Standing: Watts, Pcahlc, Chccmberlaih, Baxrnett, Andress, Romero, Darr, Bray, M cmalger Paris, Coach H czrrelsoil. Kneeling: Smiztiestcbcm, Sawey, Bomar, Iifimler, Austin, Nicholas, Smith. Two Hundred Forty-thrcc T H E S P R I N T Two Hundred Forty-four Santiesteban Romero Smith Sdwey Dcwr have at the head of the list Romero, closely followed by Smith and Darr. On the high and lovv hurdles Terry is again given the nod to go the dis- tance With Price right on his heels. In the 880 We are calling on Andress and Chamberlain to do the chores and the 220 yd. dash We again call on Romero, Smith and Darr. The mile relay team is composed of Sawey, San- tiesteban, Chamberlain and Andress Who are called on to carry the bacon. In the field events Price Will hold down the pole vault along With Bray and Kinder also clearing the cross bar. In the broad jump We have Price, Romero, Darr to do the sailing through the air. The high jumping will be taken care by by "Big Charlie" White and Ray Price. In the three re- maining events We have Gentry and Ansted putting the shot While the discus Will be handled by Barnett and Ansted. Andress will toss the javelin to round out a strong and high spirited Institute track team that any school would be proud of. .57 f i i 1' I .-8 ,:' -:il 'x l .. :spam ' ' -ua A ' " 'I in ,. - ,., -S5 , - 1? . - 1'5" , '7 I: X3 X ' A ',f,,.g,.x :. ' X , K '- Us .-L 5 gag. t N Agn . V' I Qs gi- A 'iIk3. Ns?n X 1 ..f' '-,.--4.1: . N , ' V .I 1: , .h vm Q9 . TQ, . il i ,qi Q7 an CULT TRACK 5 X . x ll ,, i 1. Top Row: Brockvniller, Long, Coors, Keleher, J elosek, Callahan, Reclpath, Neal, Troclgon, Galles, Coach Marberry Middle Row: Stranghn, Hill, Ryan, Fabian, Rickarol, Watkins, Blickenstaff, Harrell, Eaton, Sperry, M aronon. Front Row: Garcia, Craven, Wood, M cCrea, Fabian, Prestridge, Buckley, Christie, Bulloch, Gabbert, Bicrancl. Although few of the men of last year's team are back, the future looks bright for this year's team. The team has taken part in three meets so far this year. The best showing being at Albuquerque, where their two mile relay team, consisting of Fabian, Coors, Garcia and Keleher, cracked the meet record. Last year's men include-John Fabian, John Keleher, Ronnie Jelosek, Henry Coors and Bob Eaton. The young hopefuls who are trying to fill a spot on the track team are Sam Sperry, Jack Simons, Don Garcia, Karl Wolff, Peter Redpath, Gene Blickenstaff, Max Prestridge, Gordon McLean, Bill Hawks, Bunky Har- rell, Don Garrett, Roy Straughan, Bob Bullock, Squeaky McLean and Kenneth Shumway. Petey Redpath In the mile we have John Fabian and Don Garcia who both have plenty of experience and a bright future. For the 440 yd. dash we have Coors and Keleher and for the 220 we have Sperry, Harrell, Eaton and Simons carrying the bacon. In the 880 we have Fabian, Coors and Keleher. To run the 100 yd. dash there are Eaton, Sperry, Simons and Harrell. On the high hurdles Keleher and Benton show much promise with still another year to go. In the field we have Redpath and Callahan on the discus and Callahan and McCrea throwing the javelin. Throwing the shot are Jelosek and Wolff, and Prestridge and McLean pole vaulting. We are very proud of our track team and wish them the best of luck in the coming track meets. . f"'U' I l. Sf. -'LJ' Ill -U" iii Pi 1 W, Q f ' r I - 'I 1, 1' "' '- : if f A 4 6 '1!5,lv1IiI.u The Dash In'luu IH r'vl.'f'JlezI4rff Hpvrryf llrr v'a'ull The 880 Turn ill. Mrhmn lwlvlwr Hrwlrlfl J. If'fvln'ern t.'ev -wif: 3 X Q wx V315 N , ' I H ' .' :Ama-Zwlxx X X H :MQ I x 'V xx I 'NV fuk-,'E5.5 A ,, 1, , M g , " be ' 'll 4,1 zxufa ' . r 'Atl 11. 1 ' an V, X h w. 5 A V V .. M, , W l 2 X K " , -1-fm . --QL?-Ff -XM W' gg' if 5 vm . ' -,,, I mf ,vv M-' ,.,f W fl., M vb X X m A . , ,Q , , ,W . , HY ,mx 1 ,yy gfkxfflly . . . i 2 ' 'L' Q HKSQ if 'J 1 1 1' ' "Fl J "fy 1 mx 6' P' ' 'A' g'WH-S L F 'f Y v Um ' - Si? SQ' ? -'Ax 5'f A' I ' W I ,. EWW- 1 X 'X 'W' UI' ,mr V If u , Mx' 5 ll va. V J 4' 1 4 ' ix Q IV. J , 8 X . 1 ! K ..?, I A '- Ii, , X P 1 f JE W VW Q ' Q4 R - U ' V Q' yx 4 Q , A x N mf il x,. fa, ' if 'N V v 5 f ' V ' Y . L ' : - , 1 w Q pls I 'HI' Z V J 1 mm gn- i. I slr A I' ' si .Q ' Ex 's I ! l . I , , , 1 , , 5 , an x '. V " - uh- "' 4 ,' . ., X "" 3 A Q n"'9"'i1. -- w-Q .. "'7'1"Hr,f..'L ... ' w-' ,, 'w'a 1 Mk 'nlhl I1.1l'lEillT'P'X My ww 'Sun 3. :bg my 5 -: my X Wx ms- ff 44 'F' M SWIMMIN The swimming team, lacking in quantity, but not quality, had but two scheduled meets with Texas Tech of Lubbock this season. Hampered by the multitude of other spring sports in action at the same time, it has had a difficult time getting a suffi- cient number of boys out for the squad. With but two returning lettermen, Mike Mc- Bee and Ted Gilbert, and thin reserves backing them up, Captain George Ivie has done an excellent job in fielding a team. So win lose or draw, the school is behind you one hundred percent. No one ever frowned upon a team as long as they gave it all they had and tried as hard as they could. That's what counts in everyone's books. In meeting the Raiders from Tech, the Broncos were downed in both encounters decisively. Mike McBee and Ted Gilbert were the only two to nab first places in the encounters, Mike in the diving event and Ted in the 200 yard backstroke. Stuart Witham took second in both the 220 and 440 to add his share of points to the total. Jerry THE SWIMMING TEAM Standing M cBee, Gilbert, Veech, Darrow, Kingsbury, Wright, Withcirh, Wimolerlich, Biittolph, Coach Ivey Kneeling Smith, Shclrwiorl, M cLecm, H dtfielcl, Laxuerty, Scieriz, Little, Ariclriis. - Sitting Hughes, Zirigery, Aclelsteirl, Vickers, Whittiker, Blackwood, McGinnis, O'Quinii, Wenzel. Two Hundred Forty-eight I M lice M cBee Dallas, Texas ff " .w , - Y QQ. 5 dd f, 41,xffV'.w" lu h ' '- I a4w,11'..0 xr !QV aw 4,1 pull' 1' , U , -"' 'I fx. If , f "lu k U XY w XX X X f--,,. XY- V.-xx -X X-X r. ............,4... ..,...,-LXf...... 1 .. ,W , I - . t- ............,, X 'VII in 'li . . h ,5 N f '-K 3 X X I Q fixzf Hx I xxx xx 9 X , 2, s 1 guy, ' ' I ,4 1 f fy' 1,7 , ,,,,, ,ff A Q 411' ""f"" , 14l"y"' 1 .ff ,lf Johnny Hughes Cushing, Oklahoma X li. ll lf . . . on your mwrlc . . . get set . . . V , A Bear and Jack Agnew accomplished their chores very well for being on such short notice for the trip. A. B. Wenzel joined Stuart Witham in gathering points for the squad, along with Garland O'Quinn who took second in the breaststroke. In the high school division they had an outstanding display of both power and depth as was Well shown in their single meet against Albuquerque, Highlands and Saint Mary's all of Albuquerque. The Colts were in command of the whole meet led by the able Bill Veeck and John Wunderlick in the high scoring department. Also mak- ing the trip and making a fine showing in their respective events were Johnney Hughes, Hiram Whitaker, Clifford McGinnis, Harold Blackwood, Bob McLain, Gordan Zingery, Bob Farmer and John Vickers. The squads next encounter was with Arizona University who was pass- ing through and put on an exhibition meet with both the high school and col- lege teams. Arizona, who were cham- pions of the Border Conference last year and favored to repeat this year were too much for them. N.M.M.I. had to settle mostly for seconds and thirds with Mike McBee being the only Cadet to capture a first which was in the springboard event. He was closely followed by Johnney Hughes and Bob Farmer, giving the boys a clean sweep in diving. As we go to press, the Cadets have only two tentative meets remaining with the Odessa Independents which they will swim as a combined team, and will strengthen the squad very much. The present aim of Coach Ivie is to build up the team to its former stand- T ing of the years past. With the team as young as it is the prospects look very it good. We wish him luck. Coach Ivie's 1 able assistant coach and manager was Dick Buttolph. l Two Hundred Fifty TH E INTRAMU RAL CHAMPIONSHIP TEAMS COMPANY HK" COMPANY "A" WATER POLO VOLLEY BALL COMPANY "AH COMPANY "AH BAKETBALL TOUCH FOOTBALL It is the boys who participate in Intramural Athletics who do so much toward bettering our Athletic program. It is on this field Where every cadet learns a sense Of fair play and ac- quires a quality Of sportsmanship that is hard to match. 'l'wO Hundred Fi fty-one BRONCO Joe Gray Roswell, N. M. 'WBEZQPQYZZI Z BRONCO GOLF As the spring sports get under way our fancies lightly turn to thoughts of golf. And it's well they should as the Institute has, without a doubt, the finest team in the New Mexico Conference. The Bronco Linksmen have been crowned Conference Champions for the last two years and prospects looking bright for another repeat this year. There are three returning lettermen, Burt Brown, Danny Krause and Mike McBee plus the addition of Joe Gray, who graduated into the college ranks last June to replace Phelps White, last year's Conference medalist in the number one spot. Scheduled along with the Conference Match to be played in May are matches with New Mexico Univer- sity and Texas Western College. Coach George Ivie, who replaced Major Nelson who was unable to do the chores due to a recent illness, is confident of a third Conference pennant this year. We know they will up- hold their record. Daxrmy Krause BMW? Brown Ft. W meth, Texas M ereedee, T ewes K X' 'QA .2 fn I . N . .cgi F -5 V9 . f Q -la' ,5 aan! -Xlrvnf I 'FZ R f . 1 1.9 -'I 0 - MX ox X . . ,VK lx U I, high.- vuiijljjcz .1-ZIV.. lp , ,hi 1 e A U i fu xJo,o I 1 Q - : ' E 3, bean - 1 - '-33153 7' Anti kg if'-ap 4 -nf? f A QM? .WW if -"cvs ' - K ' . ,.kLL 'sf Q E: I :fig u I E VEQLEQ5' :I 'vt Z h 'sa h e. . . 5 H iff.. SC "2-1 ' gfqafef- N " .. ..... , 7. W., ., ,. , .? , f ., ., f ef F A f ,ff A I ..., ' ..., e 'Fv1f"X L-I:LJ:"i.aQiQfLcazi,J ff w. ' 'U X' 'A I ,.. f 2 J me J 4 gas- is 1- ' 3 5 h ey yy ,gm .EMSTZX3 ,L ,- ,fi X , P , j-.-,'1-ef.,,,,1- ,g , ,gf-.1f,, , T. f, api? f wr? ,517 ,M 9 .- if 9 3 2 'SV f .4 rf n t 9 J J' N W' ' I ,SX n Z -,fir 5: in "" 0 fb L .,4- 1? .. - f. 1 +7 ig " , " x -- . , Y, A, f,g..- ., I . M- A H1 fe, fw fa 'X -f -' ' ' Li" 2-gg-e" . V. ,393 L. 11' 2 ' .. '1 ' " A3 -4- -Q' gl: .- 315.153 " 6 x- -:- 'Ee' 1 - , 2- -1 " e. -f '. e Q .fa -' , -.. , , . 1 - - ' -'ie 705 F fin-rt L. rf-51 ef .'.' Yifif' f 5::1i' ii im .1 45" '-J' 4'2" ' gp nf ' A - ,,',, ef 'w f f i" .- ."', p' L. 6 I y 9 X A 10 X X , w 1 f N 1 . fx e e N M ,. 5 5 ,V f ee V 1 "4 1 ' f V K 1 7 f 4 , 7 A ,Q -5 f agen' we 9 ' ,L f Q X 4 f A f fmt y . K f s I f .... . ,. ...W . f - , ,, 'V .. AW, . ,K 3 4 -'ye ' f t Y"-W' 'W ' - .V I ffv 4 W as .- ., .f. .. ., ls . 1. 1. fy 1 if . .fm ,- a-1 1 1 . .525 j 'L ,fe f' ffi' YQ - A' ,- ,f ,- -.,. i 2. w..-..:,.,1,fz, Q " -' f gy ei? C ., .4 .aw - f 4as-:-:-'v.-.- ..e:'- f -Y 4,7 . -ec . V- ,. , 5 iffcyfe f 45- , f 4 4 Q 1 , ew X " fi y , ' , , f My fa-.I ,, J- ' if ' Q 47 ,J A xv Qeq Wy X 4 Q, ,Kwai X., ,,,3,,M , 5, 1 u f I Q' ,4 vm f ,Pg gr , - ,Sl .Mg 5 Wt f A X ,. . - . , ee fy! X , Qff'!W,fffe,f ,f ,' . ., V :- f , e, ,if ef e ' w , - s me X f 7 f 1 , W v ff' ff , , V yew? f 'W . -- , rx w X P , , W 12? ,yy W ,. , ,, . , , if f J gf ,ml f . ' Sf? . Ni' feffe f V ,Q WS, ,yeas ,W L., ,c ,fe V 0 Q f 2 aw , 4 "Ta, 'H '- - ' X, , f f f , A! 4-v Q., f A , ,, ,V - , is 4 f 4 . ' - , , 1 4 ,,, t f , , I ,, . -Z, X Q ,' W ff 7 5 ' f ff- 'ei'-'f1,ef.zfe,f,f' . - 4?7fV 7 5 I I A ks ,W f re' ffm 4' C - 'W .. 1 if A gf W , ,f 72 MK, 2 W .,',,,ff,,.r,-we , ' . W f we ' ,we j en' ff fe gf !ff.?j,Qgg5fffif:?. 32 7 W , 4 Wg, ...V 3, yi Q , ,. , 'g f el ,X , W if 57552 ef 1e3'2ef'3Vfg"f1 ' . V D 2, wg J r f f J if ,yfue P' ' ' - f M- ff ff ff. . Q!! ag., J 5 . if me +4 .A H, : . , , 4' , W, 9 'N :NZM 1 'fgfQ',,", .. ' 'Zta eg , f ,av M' fg.. af' 4, 55. 3' . . A .1 ,- Vw - " - V J . ' - . . ' ,. ' M W fl an if . .. If ff -,,.1'1j.-"2' '. . V . '- I f. .1 uf ,."'.,.-j1.a ' .- ,"'J ,Iris "MFL iflfm. " am-n".4: ' -' f . I Two Hundred Fifty-three uv If Q? ,Y -P e S NNN! Bronco Team Colt H as lam Wright Docllc K ew Coach I vie M CF clclclin Decker Bridge Collingwood K mosh H cull Gray M cBee Coach, Ivie Brown Krause Team ""f' YWZZ' 'iV'7i M h THE COLT GOLF TEAM The Colt greensmen are confident of a good season this year. Although they suffered a loss at the hands of Roswell and Carlsbad in their first outing of the year. They bounced back the next week, defeating Albuquerque High School on the Roswell Country Club course, 1115 points to 3 points. These two matches being the only two played before press time. The Colts have matches planned with Artesia, Highland High School of Albuquerque and return matches with the Cavern City and -Roswell. In addition to these the Colts will attend the Amarillo High School Sandies relays. Here the linksman will come in contact with the best of teams, from all over Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. The team is composed of Burket, Haslam, Hall, Constantin, Kerr, Wright, Decker, McFadden, Bridges, Karsh, Collingwood, Wolfe and Stewart. With Burkett, Kerr, Haslam, Hall, Constantin, and McFadden seeing action in the first encounter of the year. Much action, however, is expected from the men who were not able to participate in the first two matches. The team of this year is under the coaching of Captain George Ivey. Major G. N. Nelson, the coach in years past and coach of the team at the first part of the year has been forced to retire from this practice after a serious heart ailment. wr" -in .uf Teddy KQT7. HCL,glgq7Z I J't7'7'I, DI3Clu7Cl Midland, Texas Avtaclcwlco, Olclahomct Salt Lake Crit!! Ufflll Two Hundred l'1ft5 fue BRONCO Ed Boyle Pueblo, Colorado TENNIS Two Hundred Fifty-six Joe Gallegos Santa Fe, N. M. BRONCO TENNIS College tennis has a bright outlook this year with Major Foreman having arranged five tentatively scheduled encount- ers against Panhandle A. Sz M., New Mexico A. Sz M., and Eastern New Mexico. The season will then be topped off with the Conference tournament. Major Foreman has the following boys listed as leading contenders for berths on the team. Returning lettermen are Don Carpenter and J. J. Gal- legos. Don was one of the top team members last year and is expected to repeat his performance this year. Gallegos is the continual "slicer" from last season and can't help but be an asset this season. High school lettermen from the Hill are C. B. Jewell and J. C. Conrace. They were the two top men of a fine high school team and are welcomed additions to Bronco tennis. Upper classmen Jon Marshall and Ed Boyle are giving a good showing in the competition. Marshall is laying down his polo mallet for the time being to give tennis its fling, and Boyle lettered previously in college tennis elsewhere. Roswell High School lettermen are top competitors this year in the form of Jerry Ware and Bob Calhoun. They are both turning in fine performances and will be in the struggle for the five team positions. Major Foreman expects a fine showing this season with such participants. As we go to press, the results unknown but we know they will do well. COLT TENNIS The N.M.M.I. net men started off their season playing Roswell in a practice match. The Colts took every game. Major Foreman, tennis coach, has arranged other matches with Albuquerque, Carlsbad, Artesia and has been thinking about a match with El Paso. This would be the first time the Colt Tennis Team would have played an out of state team. Returning lettermen are Dan Borenstein, Hugh Echols, and Ronny Mee. Out of this group Dan Borenstein was elected to captain the team. Reid Shannon is back with the net men this year after a knee injury which kept him from playing last year. The new contenders this year are Orr, Strathearn, Wyly, Coates, Mar- tin and Zimmerman. At the present time Bruce Strathearn and Hugh Echols are the strongest contenders for the state doubles championship. As a whole this year's team appears much stronger than those of the past and should offer good compe- tition to any opposing team. " 4 s ff . sk I ' be F 961 'N ' -l V Lf VX u" in .x "W, i .T -..- ..,L-.,l.x R 4 401 . - . I fl, Xl' I - .sx'x!"w0 Two Hundred Fifty-seven Bob Joe Coburn Joe Ed Coach Calhoun Conraoe Jewell -Gallegos Boyle M aj . W. F ofrman BRONCO TENNIS TEAM ir COLT TENNIS TEAM Standing: Svnith, OW, Slrathern, Coates, Jones, Major W. Foreman, Coach Kneeling: Borenstein, Wiley, Loclewich, Johnson, Glinther, Braclshaw if P as ' mf 4? ffz ., f '52 1 -. 4 'Y 1 f . i - 4 ,, f f l ga -, .. . J' . i n i K 'gr .- -e f f . '. ' ' Q :: ' ,. I ' ' 1 ' 'Q ' 1 f f l r l i , f i ,- ' A 4 - w i Mine rva , , fiat. f ' . , , aw sz ' if sl . vm, Q-,HO X e,-wax:f3,'slfe:,3iX .fra-,f . f, , .:.tsfq- ff,e,,.l ,L I , A l , W . f r - , V mir: --4-5, '2syeff3:2S 'Wa' sit' . W m. .A . Aw 'e-sm J- vm' f--. I .-25 , ew. ' an 1- .. N MVA ,- PS 5 34454, Y 'QV MS-: Ars. A wf,rv"4,, - .:::. 1 sms :N f f ff' H , . ' ' if : ,- . ' F . s . was .uw - ---. - A lei?" s- Y X. 'P 1 1 1.2-:-:Iv-:fs 1- "ss-45 Y :is a W Z,.a,.W t , s f V f. . we-: ...... -- , 5' 0 ww- ggi 1.. 1 il' 115 V79 5 .2 ..., w -it ---4' 'WM ' " QA sgwfw e rwsngff ' ww wi ,ef - l vs 1 i , 1" 251 I X . :. 'A' , f ',f: .-i .fp ' wer: K 23 i , it we X is ,. A rings:-1 gf" and '4 V 'r sf ' 'f r 2 -' , - V W -----,T fy E "" ,waz ' .ffafai K ' 9 .1 Thorn, Mgr., Bell, Dilrhoim, Bailey, Secretary. Dixon, Piles, Troxler, Vice-President, Snyder, Presicleiit, Corlrcice Not shown, Fitch, W. O., Smith, C. H., Wright, A. L. FENCING CLUB After a period of several years of dormancy, the Fencing Club has again come into existence this year. It was reformed by Cadets Snyder and Troxler in September. The faculty sponsor for the past year has been Captain E. N. Murray who has not only sponsored the club but has coached it. It is through his efforts that the members of the club have learned the true meaning of fencing as a competitive sport and the recreation of an officer and a gentleman. Although the club has suffered the usual han- dicaps encountered by any new organization such l as lack of equipment and lack of outside compe- tition, the members thereof have worked consis- tently and evinced an admirable spirit through- out the year. In April, having received an invitation to attend the Border International Matches at El Paso as spectators, six members of the club rep- resenting all weaponsg foil, epee, and sabre 5 spent an interesting and instructive two days witnessing some of the best fencing competition in the West- ern Hemisphere. An invitation to compete in those matches has been extended to the club for the spring of 1954. We hope that we will be ready and able! Snyder and Troxler putting on a demonstra- tion between halves of a basketball game. Two H undred Fifty-nine fbi? ls L 1. X-. L?- Q.. 4 1 I , 4, ,f D . J M , ' :, A A 'V 4 ff if 1' ' ' 'V '4",'f!,, 'VS-.' V' V,, , 7 ,, Q . , A ' X,.:: ,X 5,15 ,ha gy, 7, 1 wg , my ,g Vip. X, W ,Q , , Q ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: I would like to thank the following, Without Whose aid, the publication of the Sports Section of your Bronco could not have been possible: Bunky Harrell, typistg Garry Darr, cartoonistg Dave Adelstein, photographerg Max Schrimsher, Footballg Ross Easterling, Polog Wayne Laverty, Boxingg "Biff,' Hallenbeck, Baseballg Ronny Smith and Kenny Shelton, Basketballg Chad Thompson, Rifle Teamg Bob Terry, Trackg and Ed Boyle, Tennis. And in their respective Colt and Pony Sports: Dan Buchly, Jim Lankford, Hal Olinger, Ben Burkett, Ted Kerr, Dan Borenstein and Guy Heath, my sincere thanks. M. A. McBee, Sports Editor Two Hundred Sixty-one O AIMED AT TOMORROW-shown above is guided missile tak- ing off from White Sands-New Mexico's natural 140,000 acre L proving ground for rockets and jets. "SOURDOUGH" T953-he's a modern prospector looking for uranium ore. There's plenty of hidden wealth in mineral deposits still awaiting discovery beneath New Mexico's vast ranges. '0"'1 "IRONING" ON THE RANGE-a healthy climate means healthy THE "GALLOWS" . . . in mining vocabulary refers to a mine A cattle. This strong, fat steer about to be branded is typical of shaft headframe, such as this one, pictured below, located at I many thousands raised yearly on New Mexico's grazing lands. the modern U. S. Potash Mine near Carlsbad. c . . . T l I t , n 0 on 1 0.7 0 ,Q 70, or 0 0 an u to ,o . 1 r n ..T..-gi,-g YOUNG STATE.. .BRIGHT FUTURE Sm From the Carlsbad Caverns in the southeast to the Aztec National Monument in the 619 T5- 55 A02 northwest, New Mexico is a land of wide open opportunity and development. 47th 'li State to Join the Union, she has assumed her role quickly in keeping pace with progress 0 0"o,,,Ew,.w"o in this age of the atom. Rez. U, S. Put. Off. UNITED STATES POTASH COMPANY Carlsbad, New Mexico Young citizens with new ideas are finding this truly a place where opportunities are unlimited. As one of New MeXico's leading industries, we know that she lives up to her name, Sunshine State, in every reality . . . with the promise of an even brighter future. Two Hundred Sixty-two cIo-IIn- - - - - - - - - 1 - - - -- - -IIII-IIII-iq. Qui-IIII-IIII-IIII-IIII-IIII-IIII-Im-IIII-.III-.III-IIII-mI-IIII-Im-lin-.III-Im-III--iq. I Equitable Building 85 Loan Prescriptions Fine Cosmetics Association LOANS ON HOMES INSURED SAVINGS ASSETS 5IS2,712,017.30 I I DIRECTORS' I I I . I I H'SiVIP.D.iiOV1liNSON 220 North Main ' I DAN H. WILMOT 1 J. W. MINTON I I E. G. MINTON - I 1U ----1-----1----1 "" -" "" - Hi' 301 fll' 1' --11--- Iill -- Illr -- IIII ------- I I II- - '--- - "-- - '-" - 'I" - "'- - '--- - '--' - '--' - '--- - "-- - --I- - ---- - "-' - '-'- - ---- -'-I- ---- - f'-- ---g fr' ------------------ --H- - I i I CONGRATULATIONS TO TI-IE T i L A C CLASSES Or I953 I I OWTCY UU? 0- The Fdrm Eqlllpmenl' CO. I Plymouth - Chrysler Sales and Service Ford Tractors -- Dearborn Equipment IZOI s. Atkinson Ph. 4362 ROSWELB NEW MEXW0 I 'i'-IIII-IIII- IIII - IIII 1 Ill' 1I -111111-- "" 1 "" 1 "" 1 ""1"'ti' E"-" "" "-"1 1 '1 "" 1 "" 1 "" 1 "" 1 "" 1 "" 1"'I1 "" 1, "" 1""1 1 -""'1""1 1,,,,,.,,,...,1....,,,,,-.111L1111,1,1lllilllllilllll "USH" The Symbol of Fine Entertainment Says- HYOUR PATROIXIAGE HAS BEEN APPRECIATEDH ,I 'III 'A' if A uk ir Your Friendly Roswell Tnecitres PLAINS YUCCA CHIEF PECOS Bringing YOO the Best in Enterteinrnentn if STAR-LITE DRIVE-IN -,If JINGLEBOB DRIVE-IN if BALLOJAK DRIVE-IN - Yecir In And Yeor Gut - I ,,, ------ --.. .. ------ .... ..--.---.--------I--+ IHddStlh -.111-1111-...iliili....-.1i..--.-.1.11.-.i11111,1,.y....,,,11,I in -n-H-,,-,, -------,- --...... ......... ...... . . .. ,....,!, I I I I 1 I I I I I I I T eomerafxtotfmoms I I tothe... First Closs ot '53 I I E I I . I I I I WItIte's Auto Stores extends wormest congrotulohorts on the occosion ot your groduotion ond I sincere best wishes tor the tuture. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Serving The Great Southwest! I I I I I I I 'P tyf 1 .-111:11 1nn1nn1 inn-ll We wish every member of the GRADUATIBG CLASS . . . a very successful life. CIDQCUA CUCLQQELQ SIDTLLLC2 CU. Save With Safety at Your Rexall Store 3I2 North Main Phone I I ' I ofa 1nu1nn1nu--un f11-1------- llilln-nu-:sofa :ie 111:11 inn- vx-url--nii-nu- u--nu-nu-:uni ni -un1nn1-I inn-nn-n,i, RosweII's Newest Military Supply Store ROSWELL GI FT SHOP I00 South Main Phone 3437 Complete Lines of Military Supplies, Uniforms, Shoes All Cadets and Officers 1.11.1 1 1 1 ....mi1.,m1,m1 1mr1m,1,,,1 1 1 1 1m,1un..n 114,11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -nn-nu1n AMBULANCE SERVICE 511, n1nn1,,,,1nn1,, -g----u- - -A- INVESTMENT CO. Best Wishes to Class of '53 I 1nu-a-vm-.nri1nn1 1 1 1 1 1.1 1 1m..im1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -nu.1u--nn-u li-nu-Inav:iii-:uni-1111111111im1m1 1 1 1 -in-nu-r ' H-E I FOUNDATION T I I zo5V2 West 3rd Sr. I I LOANS - INSURANCE 'j REAL ESTATE T I I I , I -1- 'I' I CONGRATULATIONS -'N X, I :- f QQBJLJIYJ 1.-.11111111111,.41..ll1lg I ' T STORE FOR MEN I ROSWELLSS STORE FOR MEN Second and Main -nn-nn1un1.nll-nu1nu1nn...iili1nu1uu-nn-iin1nn1-inn-rule 'I' I 2 I OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC .SQSICT ' 'I ' "" - fr" --ga 5: . Q Il I? Q45 f 'bl ' ,1 Ei - I I I I orton otor Co. 1 I 119 SOUTH MAIN STREET e PHONE 786 I MURTUAITIY I I ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO Sales and Service I 2 Our Paint and Body Shop Facilities 414 N. Penn Phone 8 Are Unexcelled I 1 I ..T..-, ......-..-- ---- ...T - .... - . T4- +A- '-.- -- ------ ------ - - -T-T'--H+ Two Hundred Sixty-fivc 1..1.'1 .1uu1.,1nn1un1nn1uu1nu1u'- 1 1 1 1 1 1, .l.-......- ... ....-..-...............-...,.-..........-...... 14. 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Sth Street Phone 796 I I -r------- ------- --------- - - -- - - --1. 1Hd1St5 111111.-.111111111-nn1,,. , sfo nfs -nn-III riiii 1-111 iiii, 1 , ,,,1,,+ I I 1 1 1 : Z l Valley BU.1lCl1Dg Company 3 qfauqhan JSLUSQHM GENERAL CONTRACTORS YQIIR TIME IS OUR BUSINESS 131 West Walnut - Phone 127 i 107 E. Third SI, - Roswell, N. M. T Roswell, New Mexico Phone 164 ' 1 l I -"" 1--""---"'-'- "" "' """"f' 4'-'-' "" -""' --------------- -'IH-Inf- - I-'- ----------------- f--- - - 4- e-----"- f--- -'--I-f---- I--- - f--- - "'- - --'- - -"' - - --" - "-- ---'-- ---- ------ I--- --------I---ef Best Wishes T T to the T WVlllL,lLl1S lFCUJlRlDJ AGENCY Gmduatlng C1353 1 l 1 General IrISIIrc1rIce and Surely Bonds T 1 1 1 302 North Richardson IzoswELL, New Mexico STATRONERY Co' 1 320 North Richardson si Phone 166 -1.-.I ---------------- --I- - --,- - --4 s------- ---- ------ ---- - ---- - ---- - ---- - ,--- - ---- - ---- - ---- - --r- ------ ---- - ---I -------------------s - I-.. ------------------ - -I- - I- I--I ---------------- - --I'--g l l New Mexico Transportation Co., Inc. ' M e ""' ""' 'S'fS 2 '7I'S' T if 1 swi m w e a r r ...,4V A4 E ' I , ..,,r . .,... ,,r,.,,,l ,..rr..:rr1:..,,,,.I,I, .n1, :,:S,r,Q1, , I,,, ,S,V, L 1 l SAFE - EAST - SERVICE I l . . 1 Servmg All Amermo 7 Charter or Regular l3LISeS 1 CALL 222 T 1 1 .,.-,,,, ............ ....-.. ------- ------- ----- - I - 1 -I+ Two H undrcd Si xly-seven 4,-H1 -, -, 1,,,1,,,-,,, iiii ,iliii ,111 II .- ,III 11111 111-- I iI-IIII-IIii-IIII-IIII-IIII-IIII1II1IIII1I+ I I . Just North of the I PIt Barbeque Institute I X D or I I N - ucvewfrgff I ff-if R f I' if . A I 11 eq f i' I " ' C' 'ag psig XX 2 f A ' Ib ,at.lID.IIIIII:iIIIIIIfn!I1I , is , A ex l 5 4 - i. 'i5'IdS I x ' X A I Fw' DJAWQSQ ' A " P SWE I I '1t'i 35 NEW MEX I C O "" I - - ' 1 1- .. 441 . 0 ' --190' ,,. ' , i.-...I --------- I...-............-...I-....-....-....- ...-.. .-II-I--.I..-I..-I..-I...-...I-...I-...I-....-..i.-....-....-.I-...I-I... ----- .-.....- ,fn...nII 11111 1-iL-11-i--- I III-I+ clan-IIII+IIII 11--11111i1-11- III-IIII1 51, I .. . . 2 Unexcellecl facIlItIes for private partIes, luncheons and dinners. I I Open 6:00 A. M. - Il:0O P. M. For Reservations Phone 4635 I I Hichsnn flinffee Shop I AND DINING RooMs I FINE BREAD I' YOUR DAILY BREAD Il H 'LITNN -r----:----------- Ii 'S' I I I I I Ceeillli 5 I EL RANCHO I Coffee Shop - Cocktail Lounge I i -.,4gHg,,.- I I I Delicious Food Deliantfully I I Served in Pleasant Surroundings I -...,5Hge..- I I 2100 N. Main Phone 2736 I n..m,-.1.11.-...-11111..-1--IIIILI Jack and Marie Cummins ROSWELL, N. M. IILIIIiiIIII1IIIIiIIII.-mi.-IIII....I 1 i -. -. .- 1 .. 1. -. .1 nirmi Hin...-.I,II.-,,1IIII1IIi 1 1IIII1IIII1II1IIII1 1IIIIi .. 1IIIIiIIII..mI... Supreme Radio Supply ELECTRONIC SPECIALISTS Television - Radio Sound Systems "JlMMlE ROGERS" I29 West Second Street Roswell, N. M. I 4-..-....-.... --...........-. ..-..,.- 4. +I.-IIII-.III ----- IIII-,III --------- II-.III- up Ulieriifieil Clnnizrizie UID, Pueblo, Colorado I I I 'l"""" iiii iiili iilll '1 1 I"'1""1'l'f' lf4II-IIiI-IIII- - -IIII--IIII--IIII--IIII- -I -II 1----1L Ilii- Two Hundred Sixty-eight 'Visa Simi It Takes More Than Houses To Make An American Community How much more? To begin wifh, if fakes fhriffy, healfhy, happy people who love and value freedom. Then, if fakes good schools, playgrounds for fhe children, public libraries, hospifals and churches. If fakes felephones, elecfricify, plenfy of pure wafer and all fhe ofher ufilifies essenfial fo modern comforf and healfh. lf falces firemen and fraf- fic cops. lf fakes shops and sfores where all fhe producfs of fhis rich counfry are sold. Behind all fhis sfands indusfry. Manufacfure and marlcefing of useful producfs from raw or semi-processed maferials provide economic bone and sinew of every communify-large or small. Foresl' indusfries perform fhis vifal economic role in more fhan 60,- OOO fowns and cifies around fhe Unifed Sfafes. M. R. PRESTRIDGE LUMBER CO. ALAMoGoRDo, N. M. Two Hundred Sixty + -. 111111 m1 n1w1nn-nn-1 1 -uM1MM1lni4 olnvi1lui- 1 1111111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ui. Indian Grill Speciolizing in Fine Steaks, Seo Food, Mexicon Dinners, ltalion Dishes and Chinese Foods 505 North Main ........-....-................1.-..-.11.ni1nu1n .- i ... ,u-i,n1nn1 1 1 , .1 .. ... .1,,,,1,,,,1,, - Furniture with M-f i " 'l' Cll- l i i :is gi ll 5 I f i x American Flair ij i 1-2 i'--'J i71?7? . runnlrunn HI' 1lni1nn1nni i 1 1 inu.-nu-iiii1iiiiiuii,un1IIN1inf' ig 111111447741-L.-.NHTIHITUUI4 Corcoran, lnc. 'k Suppliers ot Boots tor New Mexico Military Institute ir Factory and Office Stoughton, Massachusetts ,-,wL1,1.g-..1....i1Li.--.111 iiiiiii-11111,.1-...11111-. To the Class of 1953 - - l l Congratulations zz.. 1 l Mt h ut' l l 1 C C3 S T i PHARMACY i i We wish to congratulate lk me graduates cmd entire "In Business for Your H eo,lth" student body for their successful year, and loolc forward to your return i next fall . . . when we will again be waiting to Roswellf serve yon! L L ir l l l l C1 6 aj , , T i Phone 416 CLQTHIERS If i I i i 4' -i"- "" - i"' - -i" - "" - iii' -i-H-N-I-ri ---- ii- '--' -H-S -i--- .... ------ .. - - .. - - - - - -....- Two Hundred Seventy .fo 1un-ini1uii1ini-ini-iiii-mi-iiii-im-uninu-nu-nu--iiii-iiiiLiiii1iiii-iiii--inf, Quilun...lmilln.-,,,,..,,,,.. 1, .- . . i I 1 l 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -iii'--Irie FINAL BALL FLOWERS e OF DISTINCTION gg . Orchids, Rosebuds, Gardenias, . Carnations, Camellias Beautiful Corsages ' Costume Styled and Custom Made 1 For HER from YOU! A - Q , ,F , r ew . 9 . Q r' I gn l , Z FFLOVV RZSQ, and i 1 - 405 W, Alameda Phone 275 All NEl-ll Beverages E 1 "" 1 "" 1 "" 1 "" 1 "" 1 "" "-'i 11111-1 "'1 "" 1 '1" 1 'llf 1 "" 1" i1 I"' 1'1 "" 1 I'II 1 'II' -- Illl 1 Ilrv 1 Ivll 1i- Iill - IIII - rlll - llll - uirv - ruuv - ivuu - --ii -nn-noi. - "" - "" - - "" - "" - "" ----------- ' '- "" -' +"- "" ------------ ----- "" - ' ' -in Featu ' g U. S. ' - Cora Qged Beef, . Kaiser Frazer A Sea Foods Henry J Z ' l Co lete Se ' F 'l't' LA CIMA STEAK HOUSE Ponlpono Boflfieolilneeff 1 COCKTAIL LOUNGE IN A Good Selection of Used Cars CONNECWON HAI RSTON MOTOR CO. l Phone 3380 o. G. Johnson Bid and Virginia Roswell Q i - .... ---------------- - - i-i- --I -- -i-- -- ---------------- ..i. - np - i--- ---------------- - -- ii-i --i i- iii- ---------------- iii- - ii-i - I -g- o Letterpress , 9 0 Ottset ' Litrtogrdpriy i ' Ofiemme CREAMERIES, INC. F Corbori Forms ' -.,,,5iL.l5,,,,, - Monutoctured in Roswell U - Protected Ddiry Products , Milk Z The E- Quality I C Sign of Printing Ce Vegm - Frosted Foods . For 38 years T l . l-lall-Poorbauglw Press 'I S rtoswiaii, New Mexico iioi so Mmm sr Piiohif too f i i .4.- .... ----------------- ii-i - i iq- -i-.- i-i- -it --------- - - -'------ i-i- -or----in Two Hundrccl Seven! y-one +o.-..1. 1 1. iiiiiii . 111111- ith-.T-4, .i.h1h.. 1-11111 11-111111 i :Quin-hi, T I T l T l , T . . T I The Denver Fire Cla Co. T Mitchell Seed :Sv Grain Co. y Manufacturers - Dealers - Exporters l T T l.e Roy G. l-letriclq District Manager l Tel. 65 P. O. Box l8 T T We supplied the new Bacteriological Research E Roswell, New Mexico E i Laboratory with Kewaunee Furniture l309 Texas St, El Paso, Texas l T T- iii. -ri --------------- 1 irii 11+ i'1"'I1i --------------- I'1I'H1 .2 T T. ,!,,,1,,,,1,,1 1 1 ,,1 ,,,, 1 1,,.,1 141 1 iiii 1 iiii 1nh1r 1 iiii 1 iiii 1 iiii -1-,!, 0!vn1nii-- 1 1 iiii 1 iiii 1 iwll 1 illi 1 iiii 111111 iiii 1 Iiii 111111 iiri 1-uiii-1-IIII1 1ii1nii1 l l l l l l T THE ADET P Russell, Bacon 6' Hood T C S OWN MNST Corsages of Distinction T Tlnsurance, Real Estate T Cut mowers That Lost T Mortgage Loans T T T T THE Bi.ossoM SHOP 206 w. Third si. Phone 2414 T Roswell, New Mexico 707 5- l-90 Phone 33 T i 4011 iiii 1-ni 1111111111111111 iiil 1 :init +ii1 Iill --I 111111111111111 i1iiii-- fr- rrrr -r-- - - '-'-r- '-" - -rfr - --rr - rrrr - --'- - rrrr - rrf- - '-'- ---- -rrr - ' -g er- '-" -- ------------- r- -'------- T l T l T l T A M 0 N E T T T T :Z - Safet Lane Bod Sho Y Y P l . I l T 316 N. Rrohordooh Phone 203 T I t 4 T Cour s T - Roswell's Finest - A M 0 N E T T 6 Blocks tram the center of Town T SADDLERY i T R To TAT C dw g 207 W. 3rd Phone 410 o .eggggcerimatieigm ir on itioning 0 Garages .1.i-i,,- ,... - ----- ---------- ,,,, - , mg, 0 Telephones o Tile Showers and Tubs -i----H---rr ------ ---------- i--- - - 1+ T T I . T i T Recommended by Duncan l-lines T hiwo Li. T T --1 309-106 North Virginia Street Owners 6 Managers Roswell, New Mexico l T201 N. Mmm "Your Comfort ls Our Business" T On Highways 70 6 285 205 - Phones - 206 - 207 5 Lennox Central Heating Air Conditioning l L l l l 'iw-mitnu1'nniu"i""-""'1""T lll' in 11T'i "" 1 "" 1 "" 1 "" ' "" 1 'Wi' 'im'-' "" 1 Il'I 1 II" 1 I1II -- 1 IIII 1 IIII 1 IIII 111 1 1 iiii 1 1 1-iii1iiii1 111111 Two Hundred Seventy-two 11111111,11111111111111n1111111111111111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11111111 VALLIANT PRI NTI NG COMPANY 'A' New lVIexico's Quality Printers tor more than a third ot a century. 611-615 Gold Ave., S.W. Albuquerque, New Mexico I -1.-.......... - -1...-....-....-....- -..........-....-.....-. - - - ........-...p 41 11111111 1111111 11111111 1 111111-uf. George Glass Electric 107 East Seventh - Rh. 907 Roswell, New Mexico I .iq 111111111 11111111111111 1 1-1111-1144 aio 11111111 1111111111 11111 1 1-1111-:mfs I Read The QIIIUE-ifucll Bailg BEUIII ROSWELL'S LEADING NEWSPAPER 'A' 1, MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS 111111111 .1 1 11 1 11 1 1 1. 11 1 11111111.11 111 1111111111111 1 1 1 11111111-.11..11111y 'E' I I CALLENS Associated Flying Service I I CHARTER SERVICE I FLIGHT TRAINING CROP DUSTING 1 AMBULANCE SERVICE 1 I I '-U"-' "" -111-1----- 1---- Ilvl - 1 1 ofa "- "" " "" - "" - "" - "" - "" -" ----------- H"-'ii' AIR CONDITIONED I ALL TILE BATH Q 5 New Mexicds Newest and Finest Spanish Design I , LA CIMA COURT 1 I PHONE 1893 7 ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO T 25 Ultra Modern I, 2, and 3 Bed Suites E REASONABLE RATES I STEAKHOUSE IN CONNECTION I North City Limits U. S. Highways 70 - 111111111111.11111111111111,,,111111-1 1 1 1 1 11111-1111111111111111111111111I -.111....1111-..1-.1111111 I 285 Wm. Colligan, Mgr. I I -1- -1- I 1 I Portraits with T National Recognition E I I I . I i I I I 112 'S 133 West Fourth St. Phone 562 Leading A Quarter Century X I I I -.,s3Hg4.I.- I I I Photographers For Over I I I I +11-1111-1111 -.------ ---- - - - -----1 Two Hundred Seventy-three .i..,1...1,.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -1 1 1 1 1 1 1nu-mi1,m1,,n1im1mi1 1iin--im.1.mr1,m1 gl. i l. N.M.M.i. - A Leader since 1898! T Since l909, the highest honors oworded by the Wor Department. Q l-lighest rciting ot o Senior unit in the Armored Covcilry brcinch ot the RO.-l'.C. i T Reddy Kilowott, cilso on old-tirne Roswell 7 resident, hos eorned leodershio, too, through 1 dependcihle, etticient, cind economicol elec- WWEEQ ll S f . e . Ii, 1 ' if E rrlr or v .,rr ,Eb EE.. 55 uh, , :V 1 V - 0 Nl ffl!! . J l l X X I F 1 X i all X V.. lhuil ,I JL' La, r u I Q , if - J gi Nwx9yx1o If o A , ,, 0. 7 8 Saw A f at S4 1, ' A Q e if f i r , A , ' " wry Vgf' 'qi Zi. I L' N 1' I NW f - '13 .Wir 5 ,X .me 1- of , f , ,J . , . ll WI l tric se rvice. ee l..f : .4,. I .'v' t e - E soU'r1-1wz:s'rr:RN c o M P A N Y T 1 28 YEARS OF GOOD CITIZENSHIP AND PUBLlC SERVICE -1-i-- iiii ------------------ ..-- - - i- .... ------------.--- - '!"'-' "" - "" --- "" -' "" - "" ----------- "" - ' 'Q' ii- "" - "" --------- - ---- L L L 2 E X3 How Neat 7 ' . X ls A McNally-Hall Motor Co i f t e t i 4 E CADETV g f ' t g CHEVROLET - eoici4 I . As Neat Q e .1 ' l , il , A5 A l QQ I ' V - i i I E WZ Plnl T i i ' - t t S Sales and Service g And. we are proudlof the fact that our laundry and cleaning 5 g T ienilzlge has contributed to the smart appearance of the T T . . . N V' V' i Slllfeliildll 222piZ'lanJ23efZi1lLTi 'S y""'2Wf 55 X l e I i I 1 Roswell Laundry l And Cleaning Coimpany U Sixth and Main Phone 4400 515 N. virginia Phone is Sl' 3' T T .g.u1,...1.,.,1....1.,..1 1 1 1 1 1 1.. 1 1....1....1, 1 1 1....1..' ' .1..,,1,,.. Two Hundred Seventy-four I I 1 4- 4- ---e ------ ------ .-illriiiiiirr-.nn1,llg1ui 1 -mi-im-iiriirln-'minH1 -..nIl...m, in -I+ lgviiiiiniinl 111--1i-1i .... 1,i, ,,,, 1 ,,,,1,.l. I I I I Roswell, New Mexico IO5 West Third lnsurance L. Gardner, Jr. Bonds Jim Markl Real Estate ALLEY BOOK STALL Books - Greeting Cards - Rental Library Gifts - Art Gallery 314 N. Richardson Ave. -1. ....---I ii.i - ..ii - .iii - .i.. - ii.. - i,.i - iiii - i.ii -M .-.- ,.ii - .W-nl 4- - iifl - iii- - '-" - ---' - "-- - i--' - 1--1 - --ii - '-'- - ---1 - ---' - '--- - 1'-' - --ii - ---- - ---' - --i- -1+ H I NKLE MOTOR CO. Wholesale Automotive Parts And Equipment Serving Southeastern New Mexico Since l920 -1- -. --.... .. - -....-.... ---..- in ... .. .1 1 1 .-.n1mi, 1 L .- .- 1 .1 .1Hn1m,T, Best Wishes To The Cadet Corps KEMP LUMBER CO. Telephone ll36 Roswell, New Mexico 1.4, 11i1111i1111i1- un--niiinufe vI0i-xin-un- 11111 -111 -- -- 1 "- 1""""1' FOSTER GROCERY CO. E Quality Groceries 8 Meats Since l908 l ll9 W. 4th Phone 444 '-' "" 1 "" -11---1--1--- - - Iiii - iiii -nl "- "" -' "" -" "" " "" - "" - "" -' "" - "" - "" "' "" -""-' "" - "" '- "" - "" - "" - "" -'Q' l HIGHWAYS ARE THE ARTERIES or THE NATION We Build Them I Northwestern Engineering Company I Morris E. Adelstein, President 5 l ,- ii,. - iiii .............-- .iii - I .i-.i.l. "- "" - "" - "" -' "" - "" "' "" '-""- "" -' "" - "" -' "" -""- "" -""- "" " "" - "" -""'-'Q' l Champion Knitwear Company ROCHESTER 4, NEW YORK I Suppliers at Cadets T-Shirts Sweat Shirts and Athletic Equipment li Illl 1 lll' lTi l"' T llll i llll T llll 1 llll T' llll 1' llll "' llll i "l' i"""'1' "" "'-'ll""g' H- "" - "" ------------- - -H"-""-"Q' 1 4 - f-:A I ' " JDE' r I E, eff I HEASTUN ' IIUMPANIES E T I n --' ' I Two Hundred Seventy-five 4..-..-.---- ---- - ------ ---- - -----------'-'-' I l i 1 E L l l I .g.-....-. - - - - - Two Hundred Seventy-six -1.21 .eM-,:fQ.:.- .2 .re-.1 . f1,::5:,:.:.-:fine . S: 1 ' ,. Y . ," -'IE -34: i 55:59 -. "f'5R3:7:T55.EP?:i1.:. :EEZ-?2:E.:3fi:lf5:2filfzixiif' 1' ,- ,.- 3959224-::', "' W" 1 . . "1-:.a-1-:-5-.-Iv ,-1 e.1:'..- .ser N P-1.'-:rugs -,-:.1,1.,,,..,.--535,52 ' :fif1':"'ffr"f' "" vm: c, K . , ' , 415. -...Qtr :-:1 J V. '-eg-f-,-g.1f:::r5:a:z51::i :Ar-:msi5:i'3' . . wi are A. Wg., W4 .i-wif..V:--M.--., 2,21 :fs -1133 P isp 1:21.1- ff J 11 ' ' .Ti:Q..,L.w .+ 1.vB3A- v i- - if f. SERVI Southeastern New Mexico and the Southwest For More Than 63 Years I ii me i M Roswell, New Mexico Member-Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Member-Federal Reserve Bank - OFFICERS - J. E. MOORE, President FLOYD CHILDRESS, Vice President F. VV. BLOCKSOM, Vice President E. R, KAIN, Vice President D. E. KESTER, Vice President J. H. VVYLY, Assistant Vice President O. H, COOKSON, Assistant Vice President GRADY SOUTHWORTH, Asst. Vice President FRANK YOUNG, JR., Cashier HILTON P, COX, Assistant Cashier ERVIN MARSH, Assistant Cashier VV. H. WHITSON, Assistant Cashier Roswell I5 Built Around M I We're proud of what New Mexico Military Institute is doing for the young men of America - and we do what- ever we can to help in the good work. Through the years we have seen the transformation in these boys from everywhere - from California to New York - and all Roswell works hand in hand with the institute. Recrea- tion facilities-good up-to-the-minute shops and stores for their convenience-city beautification to provide at- tractive surroundings - that's what you have in Ros- well-plus the finest climate in the United States which helps tremendously in their well being. Cadets May Play Golf o Municipal Course a few blocks from the campus Chamber of Commerce is at the service of the Cadets and Patrons of the school-ask us for what you want- and We have a copy of The Roswell Way for you, if you're interested in knowing more about the community which is "built around N. M. M. I." Roswell Chamber of Commerce Box 692 Roswell - New Mexico e Two H d d S t ,P Ulm- lunluu.-.nulnnlliui 1Iln1iu1uu...i. .1 -.i .1 .1 1 1nn,,m..,,,.1nxi1xin1iur.-Hu.1nn1uii1uq.-Hu-.Im1itH1un-,m1lni.1,iu-..,m... ..- 1ml1nu + CADETS-YOUR HEALTH IS OUR CONCERN! Duriria 952-53 our Pharmacists supplied your medical heeds. We hope ih our small way We have contributed to your vveltare ahd good health. YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT OUR STORES Platt Drug Company Your Home Owned Drug Stores INO. I-317-319 N. Main I No. Z-2nd 6' Missouri lNo. 3-The Roswell Drug! 1 1 1 1' 1nn1un1m1nii1rn-1 1:11 1 ... 1 1. 1 11m 111.1111li..--.1111-.111.....-1.111111111111.1.-.1-.i..11,,,,i,,, A. E. Anderson Construction Corporation Fire Brick Construction CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1953 I720 MILITARY ROAD P. O. Station B, BOX 36 BUFFALO, N. Y. T Haas tyght 1,m111111111111 11.41111111111111111iiii1uii if -'fl' 'Inn-wr-ill ---------- - ---- ...,1,..,1 MYERS CO., INC. McCormick-Deering Farm Equipment And The Famous Farmall Tractors General Hardware Pumps And Windmills Complete Shop and Repair Service IOS-I0 South Main Telephone 360 1m.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1un1un1, SEE IT. . . VALUE CHECK IT. . TEST DRIVE IT! IN '53 .f"'-T uennou, THE NEW STANDARD OF THE AMERICAN ROAD! . Roswell Auto Co. l26 W. 2nd Phone I89 1 1 1 ...m1l.,.1,, J'IoII1.Ium Uflalfzing QU. I 'I' Best Wishes and i Congratulations trorn I f -TTR . 'm1w'5"'i -A I . ,LY Mmdsx-wh' - I E Ibm -lr 'I I -K if I fr I 1 fmimi f 5 . I 723 N. Main sneer Phone 4000 I -........ , ........ ..i-...f. n1nn1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,1nu1..,l1..,l1,,,,1,,,,1iiii1r i -- .. V-igigfgses., g I S fseaisfsfsf--ate.. 'I' I I I I I I 'L 0 gud fl x 4x bn' X N is-335: ' he as Ii! Eq U ipmenf 1. 1 I :ff of Winning Quality .H 1 : ' I I There's nothing but winners in I our huge line-up ot sporting I goods. Our famous brands are I known by athletes everywhere. I When you want the best to play a better game . . . you'II find it I at- I eg:-innnwnne coi- I "Hardware Depa rfment Store" I -nu 1111111111 111111 u u--un--uni: olu1nu ---11-i-1 n i--11-- lvl:-ul-H+ Two Hundred Seventy-nine .5..-..-......-..----------- ---- -------'--'---"'-""--'- 4' 1 L L L L L L L L L L L L L L COMPLIMENTS OF Rcuhv LVLc1Lti,1fLg Monnovvoe, Wisconsin +,,1,,,,1,,,,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1nn.-.nn--nn-nu1m1 1 1 .g...-....-....- ---- - -------- ------ ------ - - -u- - - - - -1- L + Hundred E ghty PDCLLJLOJUCL LZZILYLQUCLL L-LOYYLQ -..-ggi ign- Dedicoted To Those Whom We Hove Served -..ggi Eggs.- 910 South Moin Phone 400 + 11m-1 1 - -unvnu--IIli-nil-Inu-Till-uiiinniun-nn- 1 vlan-ini--lui. +n1,,,,- -. -. 1 1 limi-.m,1nii-,,, .-i...-im-im-im-mi-llii-in-mi-iq, L L L L I Always - - A Complete L S i I 1' Selection of Wanted L - - D E I I i . l While Th School T L i n 'ARTIST SUPPLIES T i I X ' ea 9c'5lf2fChB0i5'JflZ i ohcl ' ' . : l l X aa Brliishqsi L After Groduotioh L ' Oils I i 5 i ' for those who sliietcih or point fqi g un OF OS Cl FO QSSIOVI . . . OU Huffas Jewelry Store i - gi find on yowpneedg here. V i L L ' ' I Next To The First National Bank 208 NDignhleL Palnt 6' Glass 39 - . IC ar son one -s------- - - --II ----I---'-- ---- ---------- "-' - '--' - - Rf- -i--- ---1 - ---- - --.- - ---- - ,--- - ---. - --.. - ..-. - ---- -... - .... - -... - --.- - --I---I-E -1- --'--- ---- - --'- - "'- - ---- - "-- ------- - -- ---- - 1x-- -H - "-' -H"-'-L -L---- -'-- ----- - - ---1 ---------- -1-- - - -I---Rr L L L Allis Chalmers Peerless ' Tractors and Equipment Turbine Pumps Compllmelfll-S , , L L NICOLAI-BOND co. L Smith Machinery Company T T , 5 I i PAINTS WALLPAPER ncorporated 5 1 5 ARTIST SUPPLIES L L Roswell, N. M. Phone 3980 620 Central S.W. Albuquerque, N. M. i i i - -"' - "-' - "-' - f-" - '-'1 - "-- -------- ' H- "'- - "'- - "" - "" -H-5' iw- IIII -------- ------- -"' - "-- - - ' -f- -H" ---------- '-"- "" - "" - "" -"'- "" -' "" -"'!' '!"'- "" ---- "" - "" -' "" - "" - "" - "" - "" - "" - "" - "" - -' - "" -""-"'!' L L L ' L L L Valley Oil Company - L K N A D L E ' 5 1 L L L lOl5 South Atkinson Roswell, N. M. Distinctive Feminine Fcgiiioms QE i 1 ZZI North Main Street i I L L ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO CITIES SERVICE DISTRIBUTORS T f I B. F. Goodrich Tires and Batteries LEONQSSSVLNADLE PHONE W9 - ..,. - - .... -L.-,.- .... -L-....- III. - IILI - .III .. .III - ...I - .III - .LII -TL-i- .III -LL LL- .rrr - IIII - .III - 4 ------------ T-I-1-T-I 1'll' ------1-- 'Ill' "" ------ "" 1 "" 1 "" 1 "" - - 1 "" 1 "" 1 "" 1 '1 "" 1 "" 1 "" 1 "" 1"" -1""'-- "" " """'!' .Sacna Clinot hem Co. L l306 East 2nd St. Phone 2200 Roswell, New Mexico R CALL US FOR YOUR BUTANE - PROPANE GASES El . O AND E UIPMENT A P RANGES Q WATER T L E WE ARE DISTRIBUTORS FOR if - ANHYDROUS AMMONIA FERTILIZER 8245 NITROGEN S .l.1.,..1i. 11111111 im1m.1 .... 1 iiii 1 iiii - iiii 1 iiii 1 iiin 1 ilui - iiiu 1 :uxi -- :uui 1 uwiu 1 invr 1 ruvs - rrll -nu-uu- rlfr --M11 Ilfl - vvlf 111111 1 "" 1' W'-""""g' Two Hundred Eighty-one l I l l .-.,i.,....1n.-..1ni..1nilgigllglllgl ,,ni,ll.,1n..l.-01.11ll1l'iu1lpi,l1l.1u.1u1.l1.l.... if------------------H 'P T 'I' - Gross, Kelly 81 Company, Inc ' T i WHOLESALE GROCERIES S N UD USR N Roswell, New Mexico : I rzov Monro N-ow N E I2 --w-fZl'l?-B-- ' Serving oll of New Mexico 1 Sreom Heor - Flower Shop -,W5W,a.- l 9 S BGGUJW PGVIOV AlbuquerquemGollup-Los Vegos : Roswel I, New Mexico ROW" SWG Fe -2------in-i------M--i-ii--i-i------- K--- -i-- -.'. -m--u---.-i-m-- ---- --I+ -i---H---me -i-w-M-'i-- - - - ----i--i-'-i- - ----if -g-'-- '-" -M-ii--'i- --ll -i-- "-' -in--ii-ii-N-f-iu--m---i-----ii- - '-" -ii- '-'- ---i-ii-i--- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -H-H l S China Figurines , -OF i 1104 CHESTNUT - BURBANK, CALIFORNIA .g-i-i. ......... 4 ........................... M-.. 4. Q-M-M-M ------------------ -- ----- f ------------ --i-M -x- l Congratulatlons i TO THE GRADUATES OF l9S3 S lr is our sirieere hope Trier every member 1 or This closs will reocli The ulrimore in l success ond ocriievemerit l MALCO REFINERIES, Inc. ' Petroleum - Producers - Refiners - Marketers f Roswell, .New Mexico -i-.----..-..-..-.. -....... - - - - H undred Ei ghty -two 1 1 1 -- 1 111:11-ruin:-11111.-I..-.ppl 1.,1.l1l..1 1- .- 1 india. The N ickson RoswelI's Finest Hotel QE Welcomes the Parents and Cadets of N. M M I. EE VISIT OUR COMPLETELY NEW COFFEE SI-IOP AND DINING ROOMS 111111111111111-iiii1,, 1 1 1 1 1 1,.H1lm1.m,.1m,1mi1nu1m.1.m1.,m...ii.11ii.i I nn1lm-v 1nn1un1nn-.-iiii1ini--nn-uii-un-un1nn1unix:H1nn-ml-nu1nn-ini-1 - 1- 1 1 --uni' ,IIIIL I i n Ili, S zz I II P Cl y ' I H A 0 r t ma ffiiff , aa A . vo.. ff ' I I auI1:I'xaf::'Q':z:.I.u.e 'Y 'I I I I TO THE CLASS or 1953 I 1 THE NATIONAL ALUMNI I ASSQQIMIQN oFN.M,Mu, EXTENDS ITS SINCERE I I I CONGRATULATIONS AND i I A MOST I-IEARTY WELCOME I - INTO YOUR ASSOCIATION I , I 'P' -5- .1411111111111-.11111,,,,1,, 'I' I I ,I ROSWELL'S DOWNTOWN CADET'S STORE T S May we extend our Best Wishes to you Graduates of l953 and also you younger Cadets I As the years roll by we hope you will remember us as your Favorite downtown store. I C56 ITIODEL B. F. FIELDS JR. ED WILLIAMS FOSTER KARINS 1 1,,.,1m,1 1 1 1ii1 1 ..-.,1.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -nn-un-n I I 4- I' II d dE1.,ht th i,,,,,.1,,1,,-, ,,11,i1 i.11i 1 nu1m11l.!. 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CARS STUDEBAKER TRUCKS l SAl.ES 8 SERVICE TEXACO PRODUCTS l 82l North Main Phone 463 l Roswell, New Mexico qu - -.iH-....-....-....-....-....-.. ...-- ...........-...g. i1nu1,,,,1 1 ag. 111-1---1i-v1 uii1riii-up ,r1,,,,1,,, 1 1 I I 1 1 I i I I I 'P civil-renin: 1 1 S S n1.,m1ml.- 1 . 7 MQUULEE S Ladies Ready-to-Wear QE Furnishing Magazines to Your E Favorite Newstands in Roswell QQ wii.i.iAMs News AGENCY Wholesale Retail l 4'1- Hundred Eig 1nr,1n,,1 1 212 North Richardson hty-six Fine Fountain Service Magazines - Gifts Pangburn's Cancly Prescription Service PALACE DRUG STORE Phone 51 3rd G Richardson Ave. Roswell, New Mexico i-iiu--rin1iin1uii1un1ni1iii1iin1 1 -iiii1iiii-un1iiu1irii1iiri1uiiinn- iiliiii-mi-1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1iin-xiu- FURR'S Super Market ,i1im1iiii1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1uii1nn1 ir1iiii1,,.l1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1iin.-.im1 Tl-lE SOUTHWEST'S GREATEST DEPARTMENT STGRE ' --" or ""' - 'E li 'T El' '1 rt'I'irF ld M -l 'l'll . rl if 5 1- rlr" l' - -: ---' f si' , T i - i T! 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Roswell, New Mexico I -1' -...... .. - -. - - - - - - - - - - -....-..........g. .g.I.-....- - - - -....-...,-....-....-....-....-...- .. - - - ... .-.. -lm11,iiiT11111,-111-nn.1rur--1nu11,111,11111-....-lllnlr SERVING NEW MEXICO ITS OWN BEEF AND PORK Glover Packing Company H. E. Glover ond Raymond I-lorrls Owners Roswell, New Mexico 'I' I Z T I I I 4. ... - -..I-...g. 'I Hundre d Eighty Photographs by RODDEN STUDIO Roswell, New Mexico Engravings by SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVING CO. Fort Worth, Texas Covers by AMERICAN BEAUTY COVER CO. Dallas, Texas Printing by HALL-POORBAUGH PRESS Roswell, New Mexico M I "K M' 625, QM " 1 , , N513 .Q R , , Qi Q? G3 " cf' V .x ,,6,x Q f WR , gimp 1:3 iran , f K 2' 'Sic Q LQ if 11 we J M' V' gk' ,f K4 Zia 1, 6 jc' Oavf.-1, 4' ' ff Q ,MM f ,JL My ff' 5-' - 4 f W ' - 3 ff Jima MQ ,Wg MMMWAMMMM' 5 V' EMM WM' AZ gaff 944243 is WM, f7 Wi WWWMW 1 YE. -ff Wffg' . 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